hrtal .. 4ptib.eIlLS. ft* ft IftfefMt MBpiM of waur, from the dt)'. Legation I rF ffil Emergency Radio r 4 I .... fII ..

IwSk t screens and open seven and returned -' rwii at I rains .... t_ 1a 1 d
: i .
..l ........ csbb Mi4 l11s1 I to New York to make Against run MIAMI IUPJ Vandals over the I "tends saMlse 4th .. -
analyses. weekend wrecked valuable emergency -
__ tN aaessrdv PrM M 'I MOISSON, France [ U P ] I radio communications! 1 PETROPOUS, Brazil' [UPS) I. dea.

.. ..itHII1. ., r-..i taros" VIENNA rAP] American equipment of the Red Cross here I Twoof the Western Hemli
Scouts ... .
New'Ditching'Plane Ten Belgian Boy were i Truffle ts- -> .
W Is s5f.athin w. stood guard I I officials of the agency reported
MI 4ts51el5r security troops .
.. Delivered in Florida injured, three seriously: as the hurricane I II phere's leading statesmen 1)1... ...... 8lJ 1 !& 0OMmI
.... M ,.,.,4 I. Pay fnfsee.14 at four buildings in the j I yesterday
whole heartedly endorsed Ilse! .. .. its most dangerous -
1 s1t Mai Itts& ...... ., pal.g : NEW YORK rAP CurtisWrttht I when two tiny trains on the i I season entered : y
American of Vienna I
said It zone yesterday the United State: a4 bind W tMtR r
aM ,4w "ut lu ore Corp. yesterday was miniature railway in the International Don Graham chairman of the '
j tauter contract to convert 10 Bt7sInto early yesterday [Tuesday] i ]! afttHMM *.**
proposal that the inter-Americ i
_.. eo4 .Iti Iwe .1a fafohsr. I If specially designed drones for I Scout Jamboree Camp Red Cross disaster committee reported -
as the result of a telephoned tip stolen defense treaty contain: no vru
that some parts were is
f\fM?\! JW4 trader eM rsftrtraenul landings at sea. and that Irgun Zvai Leumi.Jewish underground -.: here An collided official yesterday.casualty list released !:l from the communications truck collective action against an &I- nil
tM Us Urn that en had already been deUrerrd organization would attempt i/s
-F M&rir I I by the chief of the Belgian dele and others were broken. gressor.
...... ..... ..i to Ut* air materiel command. to blow up the buildings but gation said three of the Scouts Alberto Ueras Canargo.: new' stet .

aY .. ...... Ml .s 1aeaflrt 8. Army. Alrforces.. at Eglin at 1 aon. no sign of any attackers,;, suffered double leg fractures and, director general of the Pan-Amer- Wed. ... a ..
had been
seen. lean union. and CuUlenno BeltCuban ... ....
described their condition as "moreor U. S. The 1s S.but
w Wes ChargesTire
esittttbel Austrian
Fri sppt I An anonymous call to an authorities -I ambassador to Washington s6telntlt
serious. Hospital
.... be the p..** tit Jf4daJ 1t Firemen Practice, civilian policeman said Ir- less said. however that after gave vigorous approval to UH
I, gun members planned to plant "under I, proposal by Sec of State Marshal.
operations cases were CheatingNEW
For Show Both Hurt explosives In the United States N
." that all American republics
t .f tfe* aalettsttadenteet4tteft control.I Wane
NEW YORK rAP Two firemen legation and two power stationsin I bound short of providing actual! Hope
i. The accident first to mar theweeklong YORK TAP The Federal
ails ftMttvt of. American of the
M the lOne city
act forthe armed forces bra two-third vote
practicing a rope rescue I jamboree by Scouts Government charging a 12-year-
Zffeietot4 w '':'' t' ltih'1C fin department's annual show and minutes to discharge after midnight.them at- five from more than 42 nations old conspiracy to fix tire prices In what was expected to be a For
j Fh* Midnight Alarm were injured came as Scout leaders assembledfor and limit production filed a criminal purely formal speech Liens Ca-
Notification of military police .
when lost his former President of Colombia :
yesterday one grip against mango
the first International con information yesterday .
guard those ) 4111be
\ ..... AteiMt SteelIiiuitiy and they plunged 60 feet to the buildings brought a and heavy to the home to of U. S. ference'since 1939. 19 defendants. Including the nation's said to the inter-American t. aar-MuI1 u sbls
I Floor of Madison Square Garden. conference on peace and secwtu"Here
the tire manufacturers -
Col. John S. Wilson head of principal
Minister John Q. Erhardt an hour ."a1ta1 r {wtlMaiteRltet
'. they were Oustare Mifle. 22. and I International Bureau said that the i In Petnpolis we mat .
before the reported deadline. -
William Gibson 23. I would be "important" The information filed In Fed- I give shape to a security cytUMdevoid ..
.11v1 To Aft.Uft'"ded'l conference .(the vet, WIllI ..... .a ea
the danger
I because so much time has elapsed eral District Court by the Justice of
til., WesM Dutch Report Strong Russia Blackballs since the last conference and because Department's anti-trust division, and must accept the dmmU" bediM-

1.1 tAW i+Merd. +1 that I I Ireland From UN the war has raised new said the 'defendants eliminated : criterion of the majority.the Americans A......r.J: ...
Indonesian AttacktiATAVIA. which -
.. hrffrsl Trad OaauBlaatonlito I problems. price competition agreeing "on "The treaty ..4W ...
LAKE SUCCESS IUP1 Russia prices discounts allowances, bonuses are framing. here most to
The Dutch
*.to. tM' .Weta etm setteae I cast her 12th and 13th vetoes in: II classification of customers clear and precise and mutt to Asel/ erv5rutlt
Army reported yesterday that the
IU t pviecs were esI Indonesians made a strong night the United Nations Security Council Chain of ExplosionsRock uniform warranties guarantees without escape clauses" Belt said -- *., LJM __

,'- ..... MM .. VMM made attack against Pameksan. on Ma- yesterday to blackball the UN Spanish Port and adjustment policies alloca- in. endorsing the Marshall pre. ab.lwett ettlett fill .....

1 ***..** fMB. ..r tiit r mmII-, dura Island beginning Friday membership applications of Ire- DE LA FRONTERA tion of sales to State county and posaL bEM ... 4.. lyw ....,
land and Trans-Jordan after the JEREZ .
J [MQ 5*.4 -h**. a* time butt of md were driven back only after Western powers had rejected So I Spain IUP1 A chain explosion described municipal government of several of agencies"Officials the defendant 911r. ... .....
Heads .
fighting right in the town Wave 4'atRBilbv
heavy Heat
fee* at to. la*,* viet-supported Albania and outer as a "catastrophe" Jolted firms quickly denied the
tt.seU.Tbe Dutch admitted "some
Mongolia. I the great southern Spanish Port Government allegations and declared -
rasualties. of Cadiz at 9:30 last night, reportedly they would contest the suit East to Atlantic
it..ttculion. . kits Case deaths and
causing many
Cubans Silent on War l' vigorously. CHICAGO (UP! Midwestcraen After i its
War Vet Spends Last filling hospitals to nrflowinl.Tonight's I Millet
j''h V..4ett Deaths sweltered yesterday a scorching
Charge by Dominica I .fiR salllhiatMr / "
Dollar Suicide HaltedNEW Movies British Lay Facts heat wave that pushed tempera
MtVTA AJ'A fM. lUfl After ,
I -
HAVANA. Cuba UPI Pres. Ra- Into the high 90s.
_4 tMteoo7. the YORK r API A Jobless warveteran BEACHAM: C rniTtl la Cats P1ta.11l, tures up = :
t !... L MMMI to tU fto Rudolfo Costello. spent mon Grau he had San"no Martin comment"said *yesterday on:- 3:29.ROXT S.33.? CkrniT'rD.31.*] .la Cato Rick. 1:1)), Before U.S. on Loan ;, belt The from heat Kansas wave blanketed and Nebraskato a wide j.... ::& g _
.... iia*. < HtlrtM BeuUhNw nil last 11.20 for admission to theobservatory Dominican Government J:2J2i.. 1:2L J1.. : It -
the chargethat WASHINGTON tUPJ British and Ohio. was
Michigan :
too. 4.50 1:40: == .
tomt COLONY:
& H. and Oeort of the Empire State .
.... ., Cuba Is permitting an Inter- 10'23: Oiacer. 3:40.: 5:30.5.20.: experts laid the facts of Britain'seconomic t moving slowly eastward and was
ffe.. Cto m. !l, her rum*. were Bldg. yesterday and 30 minutes national ,brigade to form on its GRAND- Th ant Tears of Oar UTVI. crisis before United 'expected to reach the Atlantic r ...
t ""' ttil .... i
... t trod faced treaded but later seized by guards he Doots OIleD 11U: reitam. 12:00 ,
IZm ** a was as soil for the purpose of overthrowing States officials yesterday at the Coast States today. However, th* ...
3.00.00 9.00. '
j. ss4wti5r Itw <*aH y p<'AS&' started to leap to the street 86 the Government of Pres. Raf-, RIALTO: MJ: Pa..ri Breoettc. IMJ50. ; I opening of a conference called to ,U. S. Weather Bureau In Cb>ag. Three Will" r
tilt, .4 ln Whf Om.UL floors below, police reported. 40 530. iJO. 10:10. i
, : _-_ _-_ ___n _n_ _ ___ ael Leonidas Trujillo.Governor's !t VOQCZ 4 TtM TnrUixt 32S.. 4.45. 7:09. I consider revision of the $3,7$0I ; said ocean winds would hold down' In Multi fe* ...
Im..f "I:2S.:: million Anglo-American loan the mercury in the East tsttt
Daughter DRT7T-CT Afltln.. '"f 8nuD.APOPKA. agreement. ,Thursday or rrtc1a1.I riatas ,
: r Alan Loved Tott.CLXRMOMT
Stine Heads Seal Sale I : Th RMT Edt. I An announcement issued at the tr4tebetM
.LrU,+.... Disclaims RomanceSANTA wan DZLAND Loved: Lad1ea Y m.rurns Htm. ORZKA: r?. Al close of the opening session said I Hindus, Moslems Join I wi ie..1I tw .,
.. the British delegates "sketched ingeneral" +Rsse1M
t& MONICA. Calif. tAPl : um- Daabtn and Danger sat IsglsgN t----
OIP Money.HADiES. r the troubles that have In Peaceful Celebration iris
.. i.>mut *f hot J. Btln U Ury Club governor Virginia Warren 18. daughter of Crrr: Tours Widow.]fen!' Sm
'" s tf>..iwsa *f UM OraAtt County The Orange County Tuberculosis California's Governor said yesterday :00as I I beset Great Britain and all but CALCUTTA India (ICP1 Thou: w ..
... t her since the ...
James E. Polsom oi : Ianle. exhausted reserves and Moslems Jeto- men 9t
.... AMOCta1nisli I I Gov. sands of Hindus
MMl Hltt and Health Assn. provides a WALKS.Tb. Lat. OMn Aster
loan pact was signed in Ju1y,1945. ... .
.. 1 MM I Math .
west for 1M
rind Sate e4a..I in was program of service to the community Alabama was flying a LCKSBUBO: TkrwB aM UM HaaWt. td yesterday in celebrating
vacation and she planned to see aAnt: TbOM Indf rtn Torn Chcrmt.MOUKT ; Moslem festival of Idul t1r..NeII .., liar frrrlrsMlDAYTI -
14a.nr5d Mat ni ht at tto*I I in which an can partIci- DORA It Happened on $Uk An ...
a. sirarsidy Mw4tea .of th* pate. he said in accepting the him. but disclaimed: any romance. O... ; 4,000 Chrysler Workers Out marks the end of Ramadan tfe*I 0dt im"
1 tteft )M.f4 *( artera NIOda-1 appointment I"My goodness" she exclaimed 8ANTORDThat War With W.m fl. DETROIT IUP1 More than 4.000 Moslem month of strict fasting, enCalcullfs
..*. Mrt coMtMtM "It is an active porgram of protection -,' Tve only seen him three times.* HoUdar.LAKXLAItD ST. CLOUD. ;: Lady la.the Lakt. Bloodte Chrysler employes were sent home streets which only it I

**... M. ..... who Mid the I by prevention of the -rOLK:. Bedtba. FALAC1: yesterday after 60 welders walked days ago were the scene of bloody wlasednaadsse

tiE as 1- .w+.d bee ...... I discovered and properly treated'I 1947 111,', Bia- Moment Nifsssti411

I,.1l l.... .... '"'. may Wt save will someone need the dear you. AM part Tw. 1M TV Jrt SJ II Fish in Fresh Water! t8.e.4st5Ii..lr1
Jelly +sW t
... -.t et port not only of the members of 1920212223 AINT IT WONDERFULthat :Mtlarda *1a.b.tolt
mt taat, MM! *. this association but also of every Orlando and Central

a r.wii .t hop person in the county if we are 24252627282930 such a- :: Florida he had a.ett5elwsss
Central never
.. 4MIt' Florida folks have Jelly fish. hitherto understoodto ups eu
to accomplish our objective. I
J. MHl A.fWtetftaiat held in the. %! wonderful medium to trade exist only In salt water turnedup :; seen the like. Ponder repe M. Airs M egielrHSf455
The meeting asso
31 I yesterday on the outskirts of CoL V. W. King of the O. &
"?.1! ciation's office on W. Washington unwanted articles for cash Bureau of Entomology passed the .
....,> ..*. I.. : St. was attended by three '\ I is the Sentinel-Star Want- to Dr. Carroll N
a alasatlt Ray Ponder Uaitland. broughtin problem on
..... 47SeptembewjDirt
t 1 sentatives of the State repre'I.'I. Ads offer to anyone at any- a Jarful ranging in size froma Smith, who after examination said
IiI I,..%liMiy* ,.. Leu.j jtilt. ment. of A.Health.Dr. V. Hardy' : sin 1Mw, 71s'3 JW Jl < time. scooped dime up to -while a quarter fishing which In Lake he I right the creatures of the hydrovoa were Jelly group fish and all I "

I .. *"' i. State laboratories reported that 0023456i l !I ,
:6' i Dial 4161 Sybelia. where he said he saw a'.[that by rights they should be iaI '
i .. the main problem holding up es school about 20 yards long and salt water. ... I; _
1t tablishment a branch labora.CeMtMana4 Ask for Want-Ads I :
i 8MMo Ciutmbeea1 i 7 8910111211 five wide. .I Transparent the Jelly fish hire ..... -
After 20 yean el-fishinr ia. characteristic tentacle.
.. a Its ao-. .. m lap t-Oat 4] .. '
<< ''- .

4 - .J., -



e. .. : _

--" - = - ::: -- -,


.. -
- .1- "

: -: _ tfJ 'r ., .e. .........e- :, .. : : _ .: _


,. .

RftOdin', Writ in', And Spellin', To Be Stressed in Schadb :

> .- ... ,

,.. ... Labor Council i rI r Walker Wants Holly HillGroup Page 2 Wr1anh fQrmtlng Smiinrl T...... A.jMf tfc tikV_- --. I

JliliStll Htars Merger Okays Mr. Nelson, Merchants\[ Map Seminole Board Rejects

Sfaff To Curb
TalkbyCobb Racing Track Miss ,Florey +

b trUM4 taw r Ue i] !fSoedel to Ortondo Morning Sentinen I' jSales l Campaign Increase in Tax
4- DAYTONA BEACH Pres. Wfl- Married j Millage \

lam. CW* otese4 out that be: : Extra Activity Ham Jelen of the Holly Hia Business |

*.,dtt .t* sweated/ kr Uw county Men's Assn. said yesterday Special! to Orlando: Morning STtrmeH+ r I [Specie! to Or'ando' Mom."" Sentinel I I ''f *- ")r>v- VV"V -
OttMl ewe r HM. Beard. the wemberi of i that his organization had gone on Belle SMYRNA BEACH-MIss f DAYTONA BEACH -The promotion SANFORD-The Seminole County CnartmtySAM t
MOUISON C Plorey of <
record favoring establishment of a r; Augustine well i tn I
e .... ire+*a be pailS 110 per month 11 I (fOrVsndo Morning Sent tl@I! Staff: Writer] dog racing track In Volusla Coun- known here where she has been a !. chants Assn.committee met yesterday of the in Mer-the :ningOct7iiW7iirTuihS yesterday and adopted; budget ft* tr hMaI{ ,..

far iMr MrvteM instead of the Extrs-curriculsr activities that ty. frequent visitor of Mr. and Mrs. I organization's business offices to 38.1t4I A!tt'$ h 11 C'

f ti $dfa0. titrg 11Mw Ind .1arr Of tlM.W interfere The action was taken at a Royce Desk became the bride of map final plans for Daytona Beach with increases in cost of labor a" motonauTr-. ,
with class-room .
work Thomas -
st M meeting Saturday night following Nelson also of St. Augustine : ers planned to -
t.. pp.rl.t.lei..t +asM &be Days Aug. 29-30. operate withe" an ter .
were condemned by County Sup!. which: Jelen said that some at the St. Augustine Trinity r tw.tlar..
rt*.sr.4 to Uri eerUla ta lbs1M Judson B. I 54 members signed the petition Episcopal Church Friday. The two-day sale event is annual I. .......... ....
d!$ .. $ .. .ttk" the lfke ..... Walker yesterday at a pledging support t. the track. Mr. and Mrs. Delk and the lat- affair with local merchants. Iv... was $sied sMaMng :a
aye tia.d}. ii# conference with Orange Coun Plans include besides the offering New ....
I The petition signed by 54 ter's brother James ETlls attended Residence r .. .....
4 .*. ,UN. members { .
.+tbpbet! M /Heat re ty's school principals., j reads* "We the ceremony and the of merchandise athletic con- I. .... r"" we eiMi II

# eat H* .*..Aied that the eombin- I Walker Instructed the principals 'Holly Hill Business undersignedw. ,, followed. Mrs.Delk reception presldI test. AAU swimming and diving TJae P*.--z" s1ah4
iN of Mw ui assessor's and UzMbntert meet and runs into Planned At fir
a three-day th.
fathered in the Courthouse for hereby indorse and will ed" at the punch bowl at the; et b..ra;:
support reception
.. .. would I I I I -
a+ office mean & follow-up of the Labor sad .
program ItH .
f.3 ..
the first of a aeries of meetings the Volusia County Kennel Club I i i at the Marion HoteL 'N J. {.
uvte, of" trout $11000 annually. that will keep them and their in the referendum election to be 'Day committee. It ... .. 4.. .
New 1
Ins 9*+ tote sans of tome clerical held Thursday Aug. 28. The committee voted to place Smyrna t ..titl4 e( . h r amt
). tnnaiKB M the same clerks Cafeteria advertisements in out-of-town i t>:L
w9 busy
"We wtJl M h. - .
are the firm opinion and Grocery a iI. .
e* i4 to teH dariai the rush sea- belief that newspapers and copy will be I :Spe'd to Or'iorxto Me -0 C See tight' stead of .... .
far fcatfe aMeasaecti and col school I term dog racing win furnish i mailed at NEW SMYRNA a st a
MI ': high class I'Sales I once.Attending BEACH A Khat'S.t' .
......... opens Sept. 8. to community entertainment increase for I Reported i I yesterday's meeting :$20,000 residence is to be erected <

!! Ir Ob+taSahtttWtg, the offices of the |I plan their' programs our business give employment our tourist to- 'soeiai to Orlando Morning Sentinel J were Marvin Thomas chairman, ;soon by John A..Schults in the

dNltan of registration. and so that our returned veterans create ),' NEW SMYRNA BEACH- Paul A. Guthrie George Schmidt. Florida Gun Rib Corp. SubdMsJoa
*iru of the. Oou&ty Criminal and devoted more time can be 'I and increasing pay roll for our! Transftrs of two local business Fred DeMotte. A. E. Hubbard. J. 1 ;on North Faulkner St. a city hall
Chnratl 0IIW1a weu14! also mean a to academic county, Increase the old houses has been announced here. H. McFarland. Alvin Shepard and I permit showed yesterday
.. of lt..M be said adding work age pen-I Other city hall
sion fund and Increase the teach They include the cafeteria on Ca Melvin Debrow. permits issued
Ii?* f U M stew oputiei would not be "We have not I i ers' salary fund." reel St. formerly owned by George went to S. A. Frame to band a t
a..ac4 tewauich M each office been stressing ,Rawls which has been purchased Volusia; County \house and garage costing ...000
f.kM tBBU&te with the same dept : spelLng. writing I by W. T. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. in the Colin Park Subdivision P

i dirt at the same aalary.tiHAty k and fundamental Stine I I C. H. Varian have bought the Instruments Filed !i!.iH. Read garage and apartmentat

A# CemioliiUam. lieMM. subjects Heads i grocery store at 308 Mary Ave.. Glen F. Montgomery to C. O, Go dr1ch. 309 Murray St.. $800, Bet Ardd
r ttysl ...14 b. MM. UUTMU4 la I enouzh." he said 1 formerly owned and 110 -d I i iBerUia 612 Downing St. repairs. $500; H
.4**** MM test Interests *f the Walker HeeiPlatned i I T. L. Walker. managed by ,110. ad.Robert. F. Smith to WtUiaii R. Smith. I|' L. Evans 511 Falkner St, repair usiREFMIN "

l .*..{>, ........4 ., the torrent that last Fan the County Board I I 1 w. Lotto et an to Prank W. roof: and garage 300.

Ware .. HW ...w,. they of Public Instruction conducted a 47 Seal Sale Banks Haul S900 UcCammoa vdI to Dr. Treads M.

tee $ $Ittom ...t4 tray o MnUi tee far each t surrey of extra-curricular activi Mrs. Osban I 1, w'J(10 cd ,I Youth Center Slates
ea.4 .......... ties and that the board as well :. Niaile ct ax to Jo* X.!!fftIIo '

TM appemtmeat of a secretary [ as many parents felt there were [Continued from Page 1] Sio.UUdred wll. L. Reed and Wade H. Reed Jr- Pre-School Party
... handle detail work ands too many. Plans husband and sue to John K- Clark. SIO
to I Irhe tory in Orlando Is obtaining adequate Trip i iwd I iSpc 1J1 to Orlando Mer-. ytMNt D.
:. ,.imtM methods of road 1m- public rightly criticizes the ;
e schools quarters and essential status Bight to Henry X. Btrtley et u. NEW SMYRNA BEACH A
p.aas.ttu would save another for turning out graduates equipment. [Isrel> *o Offends Morning Sentinel II!). Td I!pre-school party for members of !

twtta !tere tMU... Cat* estimated. who are poorly equipped from an He said the department's entomological j I NEW SMYRNA BEACH-Mrs. 110 Amy. .cdfiord Stewart. et air to Harold T Botta I j the Youth Center is on the schedule -

He .l} ex&Utaed that collection academic viewpoint he said. bureau is also considering I Buster Osban will leave this week ': A. Bond et U to John T Bill Mrs. S. M. Veronee. director Mr .scat -+ em
of ivsfcK&af toys by the county\ "Now that more money is being locating In Orlando : to visit in tt u 110..d. I
if Brainbridge Ga. announced
Jack CaHlsher et u to X. Barry Bean yesterday. Date win be DsN -
tot ofltcer uld sate another spent on education than ever space is available. I Leaving for Orlando Sunday et u. 110 wd : announced later. There .ere rem :: ,.
......: I before. the public is going to expect At McJordan's suggestion. Dr.,|was Miss Ruth'Belote who plansto Isadore X Simpson. Jack U. Simpsonand J about 60 people attending the
more from the schools. George R 6mpeoD.: executors and ...... tit .. ..... _
Hardy agreed to remain here to- < enter nurses training at the Isadore X. Simpson individually and t dance at the center Saturday: .. ,
1 ..1f. "To this end we have reorgan day to inspect several buildings j Orange Memorial Hospital Goons R. Simpson et vx and Jack MI night. 1M i '7t ;
* ized Simpson et u to Ruasen E. ,
our staff I, Osbora Jr et
supervisory and the I I -fi -
% **** l *Sa s **. fMl RttS H. PADGETTT county board has at O. AB which the city may be : Philip Jones principal of theFaulkner u. SIO. wd I
employed an extra able to obtain from the War Assets St.School this year returned Robert U Blackwood to Elisabeth B.
mi. a.ouo-Wt. Charles H. i iM supervisor to assist In the Improvement Cra&am and Neill X. Graham. 110..4. :
Administration to house both t last week from
Pad.sttr died Sunday at his ,
i ] of classroom Instruc- '
.-4 *m& itef ala_ sA .... ste,. foQowtnf a Inuring'. !tlon." the branch laboratory and the 'State University after a Sum I Causeway Repair; jaiiao

I***** He had lived in OsceoUG Walker said that entomological bureau. mer school course.
**** ( a&v an ha. life.fteMrml Klpp would continue R.as1 Earl McJordan said he had appeared, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Keesey have I; Work Under Wayi oarsarier roe lla..
general before the City Commissioners la returned from Michigan.R. Matto M1a11Mat1
*f <** services win be held
(Spe Kit
supervisor Orlando
but would : to
devote Morning Sentinel]
: .. regard to the project. A. Fleener has been called .gas
**U t',.. lfty a| I .. a. from BselsteinfV&ertl his fall time to supervision I NEW SMYRNA BEACH Crewmen
01'I -
ere $# Oat w'.. tate n Home. Inter- ,', the count?, Junior and senior' '.I "We have at present a modest I to Richmond Ga.* by the serious I ;' for the county were working SECREIEERtw..w

a dt l.. ..... W1JI; be to Hose Hill Ceme- high schools. 1 i I budget adequate for the operation Illness of his grandfather.Mr. on the Washington Ave. causeway' ....,..c......, _
'! of a amt!) branch laboratory in and Mrs.Philip Man Tyson
tr? M Mao .
+ The i yesterday err
new supervisor William E. putting in a new piling
Me nrrmd' tor sis sons. Henry Orlando. Dr. Hardy said. "'The',and Janyce Man and Jerry My- ..- revue .taw N ,.. -
: j and braces
.! i Kellar. will have charge of In- t i equipment we Will need is on order -f ers of Orlando spent Sunday here ]I which were knocked ..........fae..a.Moray H
Ps fti. MI Forrest of
N ...... t3.ud. I(,Structlon in the elementary ;: < but it may not be delivered for with relatives. 'i out on the pier about 150 feet west S--w Mse'a..,.....--
U.*... Bemie* and Walter. ,schools he announced.I'I several 'j of the draw when a Northbound ....pI.OfH Alaw.... N
,... ""hnl J*temTtBe; .,.... Vein :Beach. KeDar. principal of Belle Glade 1 months yet. Navy boat drifted against the ..y..... aerrta.twaw.osy .
s1 a.4 CS+rte of UteaesoU: five ]High School last year holds a BS I: made He in said assembling progress was staff being:i, Three] Bonds Estreated pier. It was not necessary to close n rwr harry ............ p pwa.eb0.t..bps.NI.rb
_.? if-$= % Vei,"1 Hi i att 94.Mert.Mrs.Urs.MOM Addl.Bass.Lost Orlando.St. ,degree from East Stroudsburg., : the laboratory. a |In New Smyrna Court the bridge during repairs. w.I .. w --.. ,..bdM..oM -
r- E AC 9'' .. ]Pa. State Teachers College and .
a t Dr. C. M. Sharp director of d..4r a d.y.
its Ltmt Barber, Miami, Mrs. j 1peciol! to Orlando Sentinel Cub Meet Postponed
r --. .. ;MA degree from Columbia Unlterslty. the bureau of tuberculosis I Morning ]
; eon- | -- -- ----------- "' .-ii
f'MIJie Dvvu. fie and NEW i
: .. ..., tatr i trot spoke of the of SMYRNA BEACH-Three i :Speed: to Orlando Mot ng Sent nelJ r
... $71. JItWt 8u 1nD. Okeechobee; I I desirability bonds all for reckless driving SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION AT CIGA.
j-" 4' .. ... i "Our major aim this year in the chest X-ray examinations for ; NEW SMYRNA BEACH-A ..OOTeES.
; .. .... se 5*4 .. 11IIWr. Mrs. Johanna HarMftl. i ,county school system is improvement patients admitted were entreated In municipal court pack meeting for the local Cub
.e to
.... ......... general yesterday- They for A WEDAta 1Kb aM ***
s. -_ 3Ii : 4S'r. 1l .&. q.. of Instruction on all levels, t hospitals. were Anna Scout troop has been postponed
Hi a J ..... from the first grade through the! "The Lou Vordman,,, Lake Worth. 810; from this month until the last' G. LESLIE LOIROTU. A.NGEMIT Ht'Tt
> .M :::1..Ir CAKMC StUDtLbLMIDhnaal \ 12th grade." Walker raids incidence of tuberculosis 1 Mary Reutfliesch Buffalo. $15; week in September.. Scout officials+! (OpcvJac sr ....... .-... .-
i among general admissions is four Orlando. DarMM Mats .. pesent
> E / A roe : services for It U costing taxpayers from j Claude. Moon Atlanta. $25. 1 said yesterday. i
cent-that is
-j.- ---l Mrt. Carrie Wtteean II. who among patients
$140 to $150 for each student
admitted for other diseases si
"lIt. Monday at DeLand
: In
school almost double what
against one, per cent tti general
itfMBttrial H ptUl where she had
9t ; It was last and I feel
year we "
e **m a flet for three days win ... it to the 'Jo do< ater'iob" bet population surreys._he said. ; .. ( .
ke NM at i ,a.Tuesday in Oatdate publics I "Any hospital with as many as V I"';: > _
,. ,,,,, 4+lMis OMBeterr, She was born in *y '.. 75 admissions a day would be Jusft ft i t f I 'j l :\ '
o .. The county superintendent did I i "'
. Dorft but had resided here for tified in investing in this service.
I < .A. not mention any specific activity :
; The third
State Health Dept. ,
It ,cut. making her home at 134K.
in his
bit Ate. condemnation but left it t :; representative; : Dr. George Dame ,
up to the principals to weed out i'
director of local
< health service.
# fuse te turrtved by four sons I 1"
. Eal OUt and Clarence. DeLand tial.those they considered non-essen-i reported on the Orlando health ',
-- , i survey presented at the recent ,
1M W J of Dayton Beach: a
... .U'*", Mrs. W. C Po nds. De- school 1 would suggest that high :Blue Ridge. N. C.' Institute for ,
principals confine athletic
.44. t brother and four sisters.T ;Southern Social Work Executives
events to weekends, rather than
B Bi '%* Her Key 0. Respell will of- which he attended. IrLI
Ktte.nv during the week so as to allowstudents He said that while more was
Bi more time to study" he :spent for health in Orlando thanin

i II IIt *..a fCRnccstf said. i I ; 11 other comparable Southern

.r Edwin w McTureous. ST.mMr&t I He also suggested that no school I i cities It still' did not meet the
programs such u plays or enter-
. U .- ? """ ? t rst1iM05rsi: of Altoona who died at :minimum standards recommended
tainments. be
scheduled on Wed by the U. S. of Health.
fill Rasa there win be Dept.
1 L tt.... I Sunday 1
nesday nights when they will
,, Mid from bas home in Altoona 1 sometimes wonder if you
terfere with midweek church serv- folks grasp the fact that
Tfeedy all p. m. with the Rev ices. you are
vr, J. Hanoa, pastor of the Uma- without competition as the central -
"The schools have been ,critl- city of Florida" he said. "You
jo"r t&* VapUrt Church assisted by
the flee, L B. Johnson formerv.wna [ dud for letting students runaround ,, have a wonderful future and I
too much-all over the
pastor officiating. Interg.Mt I hope your health program will
State for all sorts of events" he'said. -
keep pace with it.
JIlt 'I"'IJII. win be to the Oleadale Cemetery I .
: | Wider direction 01 :&tr'dt.tmi ers JI j j The board also received a re- - - -- ERa ;
Elementary school principals port from Dr. R. D. Thompson
i ,. .,.. Nt- Meae. i I win meet again today at 10 a.m. 'superintendent of the nearby F

at the Courthouse for a confer State Tuberculosis Sanatorium. T 1

.. . ... PUiYIOLEMWATERFMNT ence on with matters grade primarily schools. concerned State who represented associations the the county National and

t -'" d( ... .".. Teachers win report for work Tuberculosis and Health Assn. /Ke

Friday and will be assigned rooms i convention in San Francisco.

A.aMe Growtli BesveredA Next Monday they will attend a He said Streptomyocin had received .
tr'1 .rwbereftAU i countywide teachers meeting be 'I a great deal of attention
ff TtlAJMCAIl held at 9 am. at the _
SWWS I HwWw loaf ., O,SNC A... n. 3415. "not a miracle drug" and Its use 0i

I Shower is recommended in only three
fetes types of tuberculosis. .
... ... ..... INUsMfO AOUTHSf I .

...a. f.. Muir Recent BrideSoecwl !I
to .. ... LMIIM* LINCOLN
t .. -- as ......... Hera. [ 10 Orlando Morning Sentinel] WELLS DRILLED I / Ar4.idP

.... OMA1M07W411 NEW SMYRNA BEACH Mrs. t

.. Oi STvRAVft W.flu. William Hesselton. a recent bride anywhereIN AND
tam was honoree at a kitchen shower
------ ------- FLORIDA
Friday night given by Miss Kathleen -
-- Ernst and Miss Dorothy Am- I

mons at the Ernst home. Any she-Any r/ukAil; % MERCURYSERVICI

Mrs. William Ellis, '
NILE: UPEMETI Mrs. John i depth-for ,
Caldwen. and Miss Mildred Taylor for Home. Grove
were winners of prizes. Others or Commercialuse. ,vwvw1r

MIl WEEKS! there were Mrs. Philip Col- ,I ,
born. Miss Martha Wilcox. Miss i I
Judy Lyons Mrs. S. J. Colee Mrs.

_ __ TlUTIIEIIM' W.mons M.and Hesselton.Mrs. Lee Mrs.Hageman.L. W Am- We Water guarantee i

"J. 'Ii.t Ir wet .... I.Mt ....iltt.. ante To Lincoln and Mercury owners in -
< ..1 ,. .. .. ,......, .,..II It &c Court House Records S. Job too .
'!' i.. ... h ttsa. a Mr. Urge or too
j 3 c -. .!..!II. !. ... ::Z.. . Listed sit .
.. .... W4 ha Hen at DeLandSMrW small. this area we offer the advantages of modem service facilities . MSS
< .
,- r : dI ere oe. 510$ . ... sas
.fJ' -
1 Tr.J.'" Armt4 Ivtbcr. Falthnm .ud Cla react ....
: ss.laWkh .
; ; .y a.u. charted W1Ua
'-' t tit : sea I C1mc Xtrkm. charted with intoxication drirtnf; precision equipment. . M mechanics trained in the best service MJJf M
::: ..
: .. ....
; : Jt. 5siaap 1 : Retort L. Mists and Albert WU- r .
'- ::"c +y: b tbs I lua .. _rid camp; Clareoct Meade
-- f : .... .... S I ... Clan-e' Bollard bond
- ... .. .,, ... Suit Started + these all together they mean faster better service for Lincoln and Mu J"
P-tHtM for
=: ..., ... "... sin k7 f unnamed babr .
William A..nd Alice P. Reynold
.le. Marriat U con,.* LIBBY & FREEMAN

.... t.... ....iWlw Martha' Ttard An T. Gordaa.Laery New 3d. JacUoBTfll Smyrna Beach and, . service that saves time and !'#
... .... n., .... mint I. .ltllkl_ coke Point. Va. and 711 W. Church St. money ,
... --.... aM .... PaabM II Tibhiu. Kmraaiovr Uiddleacx.
rtMf' .., .. .. Nit.... tat:and: .Crant.,.. U Uelomj and UUdred i iI I TeL 9869
,, Brn. $ beta of DtLaad. I
ere r1M1 of IIP* a "
.. .. I
. "
1 ers# ... ... ........ .a wnrpae : I When the time comes for a regular check-up for your Lined* t*'' .HI l
k .M .... ..... 111W,.
t et ... e. dare ..... M I..... :

t W M1bu .... .... ? motor car remember- gjJFJn when think of service think of ml I
w ... ... aa,1 I t f7vII ; you

Al ; ': .
c- anuvuenxr run : .

: .., # wjfiK isj t to :;::-J. I ODF
'."_'<: + l ttYSiW* # M..e Mh15pfM ? / U U U! -<' '

=j > ,.- Central Florida Motors Co.

Exterminators of Termites and Pests -a, ;.:-:'.;" ;'t EXCLUSIVE
t tt ,
..:'. r i4 > t. "
s $30 . : 100 W. JEFFERSON PHONE 2.24241r 4 :

.e Maser .\.. : : .
i 224 S. Main St. :
: TeK 9532
_ _. .

r I II J. --


".--nom - -
> -
.. -.t

.' - ,. .!!> '- f" -- : ).", ,r "T' '", '\.",:,,- .., >r' -. q . __=-- 2 :,-'"

; '_ ,; .

-.. jt'hc1' : Salary Fees Tuesday. Auaust. 1 19.1947 < r1ad. ....It.... .ssrar
1IyS4y / -

--- t/ sr ptJ 1(To Clerks Set 'Negroes Plan.

$;,. u inOrr By State LawBelow JOB WA$ *

[ Is the third in a seriesof _
t> our ,articles prepared for the I Housing Survey
Orlando Sentinel by The League I j Desire ton estM; <" ., .....
of Women Voters. The articles j! Ranch Maw. .+
eesaSt ( .rI
A housing and .
fife. OiJt.*. Mralar Sentinel wffl print letters for and explain the, various functions of* t ej business survey .
eoee. Ik. sreyned eeaaty consolidation bins scheduled for a I county:officers,their fees and salaries of,the city's Negro population win Cottage Mswj.uaRespomibk i
.tit *. *.t.S. TIle letters should stkk to the facts of the conttttf j and other pertinent infer- \be undertaken in the near future ) ,....... __
t.tee,. ate U tell 'why consolidation win be rood for'theor oration relative to their offices. A $ 'by the Orlando Negro Chamberof j ernmtnt A9ritwlM.M
wf tft,vffl to detrimental. Those dealing in penooaliSM4 I fourth article will be published. & Aa 4I T .Commerce. Z. L. Riley, president I Jy.r
bri trlF e. SM4 to ,.ta..... Keep the letters shorC-Ed]. morrow. Ed.: Note. 0-1 said
The clerk pf the Circuit :Ark ', yesterday. lOX ,ss Ktl1t
l maximum compensation fixed Forms for the survey, first of
E.a.eltet Against For j' by act of the Legislature 7.500 its kind to be conducted here have :I
I'fer annum.. This Is 1. ,been mimeographed :;:
steer, ftrUm Yarning Sentinel: Editor Orlando ; deducted from I. by the Or- _
Morning Sentinel
: the
net fee receipts of his office ange County Chamber of Com
9 tick Meyl I
At* twtftftHAl eofuenraUre.'. Being young enough to feel that; | after expenses are paid and Is calculated merce. .
s.ilrut- Mur hunted eb&n&elln old if a locality or the world Is to improve on the general percentage a. Riley said It would take several I I
Mo ML&L and. tfeertfort opposed it can only do so by chang schedule'set by the Legislature for months to compile and tab- STAINLEaI-.,
M s-a.. ._a W U* Orange County ing. I would like to askwhetheropponent all fee officers to-wit: aU of the i ulate the information but that IIWUW'ft. of Orange County consolidation first $5,000,60 per cent of the next, i iI i I it was hoped to hare It
H tees isnwd twa an old Tory' are not mostly people 1 $3,000. and 40 per cent of the next Dieted before the Winter_ eomI.**_. I TABLE TOP 3irlMiOi4ELECTRIC
fcwm, **. .*& makes some, who) object to any change? 1 $2,000. .1,' RAYMER F. MAGUIRE, lo son. n n
s+e ai fMft .. tab. -arterlea and j Personally: u an advocate of all : cal-attorney and University of I "The information will be made
*.**, M aea that. both>> the pros six of the measures which will be ; Among the fee receipts of the Florida alumnus, will be main :available to the Greater Orlando WATER HEAT8RSNow
ag tt*MM haft a whole-hoc aU voted upon Sept. 9. tm willing i office $1,800 received from the speaker at the Chamber of Commerce he said. I
bayde. TNat county as clerk of the board and testimonial
*feo hart opened agree that some of them may not I
their at+iifti atta U be for com- produce all of the advantage i ttwu undgteo. or against claimed for ,them. The clerk of the Criminal and T i g e r t, retiring University Screening for Negro In Sleek
lalts ..,. So what? What even if one or County Court is paid on the same president,'at the Air Base Of- Teachers Set Monday
I 811.-. M ... maa'B fancy.!I two of the changes are found to percentage basis with a maximumsalary ficers' Club tomorrow at 7:15 I A
tort m seesu t*was tttat people had be detrimental. There will be of 7500. The special clinic for screening of
t ... jfciriSMaitMa; when I wa a.1.I nothing to prevent us as citizens by diligent attention present Incumbent to p.m. Negro teachers will be held Mon' 5
I y rt WML I. from trying a still further experiment details and doing a major share of I I Ebenezer Church from 1am
**a mel ttfwar to some that I"" at a later date or going the work personally and not was $36.758.24: officer's portion to noon and from 2 to 4 pm* '
ftf MI of character back to what I Miss Madge Bartlett, executive ORUNN APPL1ANGE! QIH {INC.
Cpa fl u a we have now. if experience through deputies was able to pay was 7.500 and 29258.24 was returned secretary of the
[Lett I wtatert that this shows that nothing better back into the county general fund County
ee+o. == partfcaa attttede be can be found. some excess fees during the past to the 'county excess fee j i Tuberculosis and Health ASSIL, Till UotpeJrA
sew.a said
a r" a4 each bHl ronald- But It Is a horrifying thought. two years the first time that such fund. !;i yesterday.
a4 ie melt MI M. **. a>etw. But realMiMtYUMH unless you believe that all is for has been done in this office since ,I In 1946 the clerk of the Criminal til N. OmIt Ave. f.. .
e.ort u ta thooalnc I IA I the best in the best of all possi 1934. Fees in the Criminal Court | Court and County Court had total J,Stine, Lawton on Radioi woo W l NNIMfON1d
Iptia# re t9issIt | Meta'" of Uw whole Pu,,. I ble worlds,' that a majority will are received from the costs of receipts of $8,992.27; expenses
sf iftodo Tt* .teOH fiffliminlon bet haaiKfl 1:take the attitude of opposing any cases coming before that court were, $1, income was $'7'I''I''I'i ''i Health Program Today
a ..peal U aa aeti-radkal Governmental Change whatever. ,I I which costs contains every fee of i' 579.26 officer's portion was $6, Paul J. Stine. as a director of
i1M (..WISH* it yt'iMhlM' a thick against I i HYPERION. ,547.56 did not receive maximum I'Orange, County Tuberculosis and
were ia..M tiiffa. The fact I I I I of $7300 and $1,031.70 was returned i tiwrt. M.*. lyuaagred by Ben.Walter :,' i to the county excess fee ;, ton. characterizing an announcer
W, Ross . al- M don .{ .y roeraUoo. |I I retary-engineer seem,to me to set I The supervisor of registration over WLOF in the last of the 10- l It ...
ftet for > up machinery which at some time
appetotaacot of week Hu Chain health
.... aofcorf aMwrtaieode&t prorideaHM4 I In the future could be seized upon 'f received a salary of $3600. The series. education Aoywtot
county also paid his rmployps'laIarlesunountiDr s..iM
lie UMMM a* a man of edueai -. by some political gang. Assuming -
.... 1M i .. ,lid lots attatfar aaeurance:, Ideal sooner or later a "TweedI I r One consolidation bill to be voted -
ta +d a-ealt Mattes achool board I IUD,"might get control of this in- upon Sept.9 proposes combining -
.. aslulrews I strument. and perpetuate itself in 'I these three offices under one EitNATURAL III
. .us. rse! IVit I see ne wine la tom[Hain[, office thus squeezing the Orange officer to 'be called; the clerk of
... +1lrllret.mod tbs. atwtilna" of the various; (county dry. I;i Orange County whose salary
: ...1: esedM 1'I. IM Wf>mrUor of ref As to combining the offices of the office connected with any par : would be $'7.500 per annum pay GM !fit
a d +4Mesa. ......... 1M 1Mha& matt f to: assessor and tax collector. It titular case. In the County Court able in equal monthly Installments
--. [ .as" ... b doubtful whether this would j the plaintiff in civil from the keep your
soviets could to actom result cases is required county general fund. An Or\il\ YOUR HOME OR
--- _e. ., P.tiPl each clerk notawi In any real savings for the I to pay all costs when the fees collected by this office would let buy\Idit19 _
Ohre h. ta worth with a reasons given in my discussion of case is started so taxpayers are be the property and money of the destfUdrte 1taf
*.a ......Ury centrel" on the the clerkship bffl. absolved from any costs in that county and would be turned into free 0b f. ienfLfi rxsrn
aeaslteas be may tab for e may* If for no other reason I wouldoppose court. 'i the general fund promptly upon Gael SILENT SUVH
... It** la .. form U*, wiatdran the bin providing for the The supervisor of registration; collection. Office expenses would I. *
reesal **ac*. and eternalBeeefsanr assessing and collection of municipal receives no fees. His salary is3: ,- not exceed the limits fixed there- RATA ea.pp1R p9IING. CCOHOMICAtMODiRN
vIi...,. .. be >to anynr r rOb. taxes by county officers because 600?per annum which is paid by for in the county budget. oayiss AIRCLEAN
of the'eclous argument the county, as are .his approved 5&1 t'. -
M .. ,*... to IM a used that a vote for It is not final i budgeted- expenses. LOWER ., It ItY ae fyht phon' 1f.S66 M
,I arerlai i fee saJtftoa of tae+mty eooi- and that a further referendum I The budgets of all three of I COST !' Tiny W! 1901
arrleesra B veid 11eE1g eluiMa will be called for. If this plan I these offices must be approved LOANS Fin. Since
ltesi Dept. af tctttec ceaUeto carries the county: ,it probably will by the County Budget Commis- !I It Natural In mlOSLAKDO .
4 sties rwa w...out thought off carry most municipalities. sion. 'II 1 1M 1c
.*.... I would faror Anyhow with regard to all of},I In 1946 the clerk of the Circuit awnn a 1M itegts1 tWonstbBlti's the bills why should Orange Court had total receipts amount DrS. 4th Flaer 1ICS
'I N. Cvtuf* Ate. wbes.
County be so far ahead of the ing to 63027.02; expenses of the
rest of the State If office FIRST NATIONAL lANK 411 J
these proposals were$26,268.78; net Income
xeaper ,
FIdaal n.p.\ rre.n Gewy'....
are good why not let other .
.;:. ... counties try them out first, and --
rN I prove that they are? .
It is my understanding that the
,... BAR only suggestion that has been tried
... collection out la Florida.and assessment is that for of county municipal .

taxes in Hillsborough .... ..f
: turdtM e County. Why does not somebody ( .... ...
ir [five[[ go there and give us a detailed t
H J Hana: report on how the business men
+Ne AK wed a&7 I&. and landowners like it?

orer H


1.1- L ... 117 S. Risaliri p. ek JI1ft"

mew S *4 TWf Fritndi Home Controlled

< lrjTL:1Jr:! :: 11 . I t W
N. LlttaAtlLB I

: 1'flTaui t- * *....a I*%* SAUCE 2 fer 25c p v w WYv ..... ....

.la.Oa. Mfraele Whip

< rr I' u........ 3fc =ALA! MESSING 2*
: tfeek Bea Converted

MI. 1kb111IMi RICE _PHIJ 15c

Ke I StandardTtNATOES

'rIDr aUl' 4T SAlI 2 fir 25c Few would listen to him..YET-

U-Ot. XatUa Bread Batter
,.m-vr. -far too man j people depend on Given
2Jc .1 tofeatfMtMi&i
---------- sources of financial information mation,it .

WH-O. Glass Reins Cooked which are no more reliable than the 6oand.l; w. ,.
: ,.11"1': ..) .. .... SPAGHETTI..15cKe. I the fortune-teller! pan ita sp.r.... .... *

t Tan Ga.BtDe Sliced rerio.lBACHSS2fer25c. These are the people who accept comptUUrtpecta '1J 1' II. ..[ 1

11rlrl..IJc j : worthless'tipl"'from well . ." M ;.w1i m *

I meaning friends-even from reasoaed fatwM r-: 'T'Ihe

--IAN. X...ITrtBUPEAS. who
not be
. may so New V. Nwl- j

____ItcK : l __ wellmeaning.They .
---------- baa let
; ; fraf MN. III _

'. : *. 14 Glue Dd Monte -7 ; .... cchlUiUd ....... .
Prepared J ; act .._
....... f :i...-: ::... .;. upon "tip sheet"lures
'"" - -- PRUNES ----______25c I -s .. qyg .. of self'styledexperta."who lntwauYsr ,ILnl. .IIr .

'T I : are willing to predict the futon weuly wf......

fIe j r course of almost everything--including be ,..... toft* .*.

: p the prices of securities. CHI....... .. .. _-S

1 / i Such tipsters may promise you New y-, lWa4W

:. ; ....( .. .... Iceberg quick, easy riches something U.Slleesrilh.

r no responsible adviser would do G.ti..IL rp. ..

-TflldI" f 2 II. Ltttice ea. 15c ; A iY w under any circumstances. .,a .. tilt .e IT

;e :,, 4Y 1M .... M 7isi., .. -

.. On what, then, should the thy Euluge: .

: :"" ( ....-t M' % I I person who seeks a legitimate

J investment depend?On facts.On Wt VTff fM* H 1. &. ..

- '\ good judgment, based upon fps WI ........

Ii I -[: Lt I, :1 MME ftM L NIIIEIN___ : :: I NEW YORK STOCKMi ErctMuD


.. 'ilia )

: : : :



- --- Ti. . :-l ': : - -I

.. -,. ::." = I -

v ". ",':I... '!. -

-,"''' .
:";" '-- ' ',




Page 4 : rlanhaFlorida mcrntn i'tttttml
II ... ..
StcM "'"
Security r l'

at Y+ on the Danube! Clan For AH Pry.NyI

i' fcttfHsToJd A Florida beachhead} is being I i The letter was received by H. .15 I#II FRENCH MiftiOl! PUT .

established on the Blue Danube by Stuart Johnston secretary of the I DlstribaUr eWntef ft***itl44.1( i
PMt IL ****** neuter, of the
te awe ttt* oC U* Bodtl the Chamber of Commerce thanksto county chamber, who said he I I is w. HIM" tLcoNCaaruus*. .i I
CoL Samuel Williams' for- would be delighted to send the
B...., Ass ktittsUcgt dfceuasedtM
desired material together with
mer mayor of Maitland and mem- : i iI I
fce&Aii rf wcUl weurtty at a r I several photographs of Orlando
..... $wo.. cf ftuptoTM 01 the ber of the Orange, County Boardof for which Col. Williams asked. I
.... "..... Bnk at Orlando Public Instruction I, A

'I It tai > CoL Williams resigned both pos- BEST WtSHfil
_' .
tw ertMHM offlet haI justcldw II we ARE
It mare eC atUTtU and itions recently to accept appoint- AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS FOR TeSMITTY'S
: ... sda **stfdM ment as chief of i Rees lUpaira W e 1t1 a t Equipment ;and

and teas tawraaul. and ire the education di- Acetylene and Electric Are Welding SUN>_
rfmi *ian to ap- vlslon. Head- Supplies
*** agar fct&lBff .
Weldin Cutting Cam and Carbide
tt ietero rfrwrnutirc groups quarters U. s. NATIONAL GASES A 'STAVES SUNOCO
iwwiM. OtBtrU florldt in oa> Forces in Aus- / } WELDING 8CPPUES 3SftiMIqCongratulations
*.. M RM tartel wnirttr bene- tria.Ten s' .0 5Q \1514 Brookhavea Dr. "... MJJJ !. c-:....,....

,it ..4. NMt eBMTt eadrrsUndMi days ago ,
Mi tvai ; Wnirvr Mid.A he wrote to the ,. ..' -.. -." . '
vesF.thn hat ,.new" hit Orange County -- __ "
.FelilC+e4 .sp aniUN et the Chamber of Com-r ; -

pveeirdss of the att. merce as follows: ai
ft* *. totrwiurrd by Union E. "It .was some- ,
Alt. tit ef Uw bank, whoM KIDS-IN I what disappointing 'a.
SIX A' ON E.MAN BOAT-When the War Department -
.t1! tl* rwttoii for its to me to discover '
4..... .f Kw Crou hwplUllMM. approved specifications for this rubber life raft, they.contemplated a minimumof

HI. gad acttsent Insurance one distressed aviator putting it to good use. Thesekids __ Florida _litj__>_r_*. \

........! twitfftu. and Federal hove other Ideas. Left to right, Polly Gouck, Jerry Scriven, :I I ture in the Unit- Williamfl ,
eel States Information Center here cnj
Jf y *t>*.rrtf bfTrfflU. f Clark Allen and Peter Gouck float
.. Carol Bailey, Jimmy Johnny : in Vienna.I I I
, ,' . -" ----- I on Lake Estelle. All are from Orlando except Johnny Allen, whois would greatly appreciate It '

from Inverness.. If you could tend me a quantity
of available J Best Wishes
illustrated publicity I II
lisra FlO'-;et :;claim of Iltn. I for educational purposes here."
NI..ICMOOLcJ. Orange County Lotta C. Hathaway to Edward I. 8aHl- f
/ van et nx fled $29.
Court Records \ Ella M. Kellogg ct al to A. L. Babcock I I I i iI
ct nx wd $10 OIL
COURT HOUSE RECORDS Home Otners Loan Corp to Rosa '

Instrument Filed Ring John am.8. Ferry ct ux to Bam N. Pruden SPACE HEATERS I' to MITTY1
of KM fiord Uonttomer et u to Earl et vx emits jolt $1(2) QUAKER COLEMAN SUPEHFlAMt {
Miller tt we wd $10 Clarence H. Brown Jr tt u to Trartl-
Ttvm ef Apopk CUT to Garrett L Gll- ers Ins Co. mtc 182U 58. 30-Gol T4le-Top ,
Slew ae1 SI. Mst Znclish: to Lillian R- Johnson I
Electric Water HeatersOil I
WASHABLEDRESSES Otmtt L OlDltra et u to Town of wd $10. I
Aixwka'Oty .cd $1. Charles R. Bilpert tt vx to Fla Citrus Floor Furnaces
Oa,,"" L omi.m et nx to Town of' Prod Cred Awn crop lien. eh. and real mtc. I City Gas Floor Furnaces
AXPkt City .cd SI. I Stanley H. Scott tt vx to Fir Mat Bank
James L Wilson! et U to Poly DafisU W Garden sits 1500. Immediate Delivery/
$1000 George M. Painter to J. B. Thompsonet I Colonial
Orlaade Flumbinc and Bealth Co. claim ux sm I Liquors and
I I I1111
at Itrm. J. B. Thompson et nx to Konstantia ORLANDOAPPLIANCE
nora Lockvood to Fir' Fed ear and ; Skrepnek wd $10. ,
LME Aa mtt 12000. I Ham M. Smith ct al to hoots Gnacna- CO., INC.
w. a. Hoeut ct BX to John T. Oober I relll et al cm. Authorised Hot Print Sato. 6 IIrriee
datwd$10. W. J. Quisler to W. F. Roper mtc f
Jeha T. OottfT to Fir Fed SaY and Loan $1$1T13. tit N. Orute AT*.
j ANa mt$ $7153. Marred D. Quigley et vx to W. J..QulcIty Phones 4537 and HOW - .
Ud Boy Lou Blue Ann Barber mtc*$8450.t n to Fir' Fed SIT wd $1. -...-- -__ _' _:_-:::=,_::.. ,-:_'- _" _- t
Fir rod Say and Loan Ann to Benjamin
F. Hjr t tt u pan rel mtt. t
Fir' Ted BaY and Loan Awn to Walter 1
D. Halronoa Fir Fed Say and Loan Assn to Jack
Banby tt sox am.
Doyle If. Wrr et n to Fir Feel Say and

Lon Doyle al mt ANn N.( $430 Wrrt mitt $ u to A. G. BarnhiHrt ,' LUCKY STRIKE presents THE MAN WHO KNOW

A. O. BiroMU et al to Doric N. Wire
It alwd$10.
John N. CmUln ct n to George L. Vie-
ktn-Smith ct nx wd $10. . - .. .
William C. Coleman Jr to Emma K.Mirphr -

C. M. skis Jones tiMO.Mr Ira A. WeHer claim of THE TOBACCO, AUCTIONEER J T.!-'. .'. .: tf ': _

Den.Klrby U. Hancock tt nx to D. P. Uadttoa t it:(,:..:,.,;.,:,; (: 't. ;: '. J f' >. i1
tt ox wd $10 ..,< "' \: ">"> '1>< ,f. ._ ...., "' .......
Jets Allen McGraw et vx to Fir Fed t.(. :.' P '", 'f.; ,
la9 and Lora Asm mtf "380.
data C. M.of Jones lien. to Zthtl Remington Howard m "I'VE SOLD more than 240 millionpounds'

T. Sherman Ptnney .t u to Prudential
Ins Co. mti 10400.
Lean Jack Asm Bomby sits et HIM.nx to Fir Fed. Say and .o -= of tobacco, and at every

Later Lty Ball tt al to W. Xd Rhyno !,,-:.. .
it tl std $10. ".: '
C. Thompton, Jr to Charlie Edward I auction I've attended I've
F Clifton .t as wd $200. seen
Jams X. Haiti et ax to Fir Feel Bay and
Lose Aun mtt $2273. .
C. W. Irrtant Jr tt u to Jamts X. Ease]
ct H wd $10. the makers of Lucky Strike buy
611. (10 Nods$10.Kenny to GUT Belden et u wd' f+t f. : "'

Prudential Ins Co. to Wilma Jamison i
ZInc tt Tlr am. fine quality tobacco. . that'fine, ; '., . _
I. C. Hunter et nz to B. Minerva Morgan

site William$1000.C. Owen et vx to Fir Fed Bay I ''

and Lean Lain and mtc Bolanl$7175.Carman Ine. to K. L.MUll t' ripe-smokm leaf that makes. a Jr: j . _

ct u wd $10. 'srY .
f f ' < 8j
Claude A. Allison et ux to Prudential t .
$6000. ,+ smooth mild smoke. : : ,
Ins Co. mtc .+ !
Orattan Hammond Jr et ux to L. R.Krdecrer + '
+ ''es
lets $1500.
Adeline Frerkinc to Adam L. Smith ctox .y r.Fr 11J ,-<: 't : ai '
_d $10. : s' .
Charlotte Frerkinc to Adeline! Tracking ,1 n= .' . ,, .
.. to Adeline Tracking rel rty. .;
W. C. Spin ct u to Frank C. Ukas
Carrltan and Boland Inc to auto W.
Ltanlli rt ox wd $10. of Sprinxneld Kentucky I
Sari Warren Huenefeld et u to FredW. 1 (M TEAKS A LCCKT STRIKE SMOKER) r' -
Holder et vx wd $10. :;
41ti NeU 8. Kapp to James L West ct nx
claim of lien. +NY
George V. Freeman et ux to Fred Troll
ct U& a tg $5000. +: .1
Fred Troclin et ux to Goons V. Freeman S S .
ct vx wd $10. y. .: 1E1'
William G. Hempstetd to Central Title .
and Trust Co. mtc $2000.
Central Title and Trust Co. to William I
i O. Hempstead sm.
Wallace E. Davis et al to C. H. Fltchett

i wd .$400.C. H. .ntchett et 8.Uinerva. Mor-. ; r
sin mtf $923
I. ,
EW.S" Harcld X. Htbbard et al to Barry Hood ,dl
I r-e : et vx '111. '
1 H. J. Williams tt ux Tt Fianki T. Be! :-- ,J' ";J? 5.
ton Hicks valet title. '
John L Flint to R. L., Howard eUS : : "

.* .. SI..p wd $1.O.ore.. Marion Smith ct u to Xllsabtth ." :: :
Hue: Miller wd $10. I
Gordon ,, ', ... .. a.'S
Joseph 1: Dcveraux ct vx to 555.:::. : -
..... YtJH Never Herd to Fit T.Reginald Wood Hiscott et vx '111.ux to William Leonard e 11;
Moore tt BX wd $10.
Charlotte L 1. Williams to Hush 8.Branach .
111M.IUJ+lAVL et 'vx am.
Mrs. Ida B. Cooper et vir to Xdward L
SulllTan ct ox fled $23.
Orlando Woodcraft Industries to WIt

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.. ; 6c
l : (:;<;: ... ., ,; .. -

::0' g'V....... ... ae.vys..,....... l:f / :, : %5.F .
t Announcing : ._.........".:._.vw._......---..,"" .. <. a + !

,> : ; .. '

....,. A ".'.<' N. ,. ;; ){,. '4 .
I'fa : ',. ,, : \tjY: rI -
( ;
the : :
l re-opening 0 . .N ..FALTE..:,.;,.., '. .'. ,. :.'/./ ...%} S5 - .



FINE TOBACCO is what counts in a



j \I _ _ :

; i*)>own at 1113 E. Colonial Dr. : scores of other experts. who really know . 1

tobacco..have seen the makers of Lucky 5. 1. 11 j

I Strike buy "fine quality tobacco. '

FEATURINGPlate : After all,that's what you want in a cigarette i< _

.e e the honest, deep-down enjoymentof ... t

\ .
I fine tobacco. :
Lunches Short tM e
Orders I lr5

So remember... > 1_ r

: : WI suntir Service; Home Made Pies t 45 .. e

{tfo.ft z ; _
gj 4 ya qY J;


1.0 .. .ear re


: . .
4118 : t

l l So Round, So Firm, So Fully Pjacked So Free and Easy on the a..W'. !




.' .

.6, -_ ... _ _.... __ >

,0- -.-_ '-, ---"' "' -"' -
.. _. 0' ? _.

4 I
Tuesday, August 19, 1 1947 0.0; : ( rlaaAa ntIng etllltnrl f

. ,... r
_rats SB*** MerrMt rlral.eae

PNjId ,.. State Research Work Explained.. I 't..u- "J"- L

... t 4ll .. .. ... ___ __
a w trr e a
". "Research is, the life blood of gan said. True it.does research, they can get as adequate sewerage : \
... tf;
i"" any industry and without it no Industry with State funds on problems of disposal as the largest and most
....-. tab} I modern of plants.and continuanceof LI
Statewide ,importance, but more
can survive, Dr. Ralph ;
., .'- .;. d work on the VT fuse program
sit Morgan director of the University important from your individual !' and atmospheric disturbance
; of Florida Engineering and Indus- standpoint is that this station can which proved highly valuable dur-
.... i for .the .
, trial Experiment Station said here : do sponsored research you ing the war.
4 business man. on your own par- Dr. also said the University
"--. ".-1 ,., yesterday. i ticular problems. Morgan -
was experimentmg with
: Speaking at the luncheon meeting '
"Industry in Florida should
the extraction of tannin from the
_, U of the Junior Chamber of Com- Flor ,
have its research done by a
bark of oak trees for use in tan-
I merce. Dr..Morgan said "It is deplorable ida organization because the spe- ,
ning leather and the developmentof
r t to note that more researchhas I cialty of the University of Floridais
tile from Florida clay with the
.i been sponsored at the Experi-
Florida problems.
hope that sufficient progress will
ment Station by firms outside of "In this day of increasing costs,
be made in the next year to justi-
Florida than by firms inside the there is only one way for indus- ,
fy the building of A new brick
State. try to reduce costs in increasing plant in the State. !
e ,' "Yet. the primary objective of I I production per:man hour and thatis
T F7FiP! 4 M that Station Is to be of serviceto attained by spending some mon- I
er the industries of l1orlda.I .- '.ey for research."
There are now about 50 projectsin Research Dr. Morgan said, is YOWtLLf) /' \
progress at the station, Dr. being conducted in every depart- r ei+ i
= ft I Morgan said.Urging ment of the College of Engineering. DREW LOI "- _.S -
business men to take advantage 'I
of the facilities of the He listed a few-of the projectsnow
",* ::A<' ,. I station on their problems Dr.Mor- ]" being studied as follows:

Better road stabilization by im- I -
: provement of road subbases which An enchanting gev
Teachers' Safety I would give a continuous smooth :' Vr4W. I lavteh vial. tw, ;-
i surface, sanitary waste disposal
Class Is StartedA with the hope of developing a sweeping in skirt . a*

class in safety and first aid plant""packaged which sewerage smaller communities disposal tied up with rabe& i.r !

for Orange County's public school can install with assurance that i iI Bur- [i1- crepe 81M.
teachers was started yesterday at
4I E t Memorial Junior High School by 0 I plat ad I tMw
Alva Huffman. Red Cross instructor. The Finest To Be Had Sizes 32 to 49.
Enrolled in the class 15 .
WTtN ttTTY. Surrounded by her millions Miss Kathryn teachers, with room for 10 more.
(t..9t cf Orlando sets soil for the Never-Never land where eventjir "The class carries two quarter "for that NEW JONES CAR LOOK"SAM $7.95

? money will buy dreams. However, being more practical, hours of college credit and countsas PAINT AND BOOT SHOP, re
Junior Chamber of Commerce one course in the county's pro- JettersraPboae
Mtt Gray plait to attend the SW. Cor. Garlaad and =

M**'-in OoH r Boll at the Coliseum next Saturday night, where fessional Klpp. general supervisor" R. Earl COS She Her is figure no longer has been tat.slimmed down. tmieentver's

I** ptany mittens will circulate as legal tender for the evening. said. It is more elegant,more graceful. 11Mf ilrrr #' ,
There renewed eelfeonndena-
I, Aluminum or PlasticWALL more buoyant is spirits. $ ; 1-

Eta I tt.a tried to trade t1l"0' live sent here by the FHA Gardner Aboard USS Boxer TILE I Learn bow many have found in this

M. to Onrte Manor' with pared which grants loans for Washington :, Signalman Third Class Arthur J. amazing new candy plan solution _
Gardner Jr. 1802 Hollenbeck Dr; to their overweight problem. -
ti{<..4 A4 tidcwmSu. for M-foot Shores homes. Graham U, Color Combination Batk

m ta ...* fUtt la the area Mid: "After bearing them talk Tier 1s serving USS Boxer aboard, which the aircraft is operating car- I room complete as low as 196 Since overeating.most overweight the most direct is caused: answer by to

sis *" rf'**. Nothing doinf they made me realize some !i off the West Coast it was announced SCHERFER TILE CO. the problem is bow to eat less-safelj- F1a

1 W H ts *. the Mayer and facts. !I yesterday by the Fleet L S25 N. orange Prow 2-2517 effectively.a satisfactory Thousands answer in have the AYD3 found T
fc::* MW N .had bw tryint to find I They said we had no big trou- Home Town News Center. I Vitamin Candy Reducing Plan.
. .._
..t .ft* tad vouktal I help ble here like they are having in I 1 I
m J* tittl preset.* i ir i the North. . That the people'of I New Candy Plan Slims Down Figure
liter tWMresilonal Record Orlando were curbing their troubles OI7oure6e/ With this plan you take AYDS Vitamin .I fc.t...4 .. "
'tit.: ...* a (prfch by Rrp.Prwu at the right time, that we Candy as directed which dulls the MADtMQtMUtEXCLUSIVE rr
I It.;aamluti i who said: "A would not be troubled with any appetite making it easier to eat less. 7'
of swims*) leaders In Or- Isms' and our labor troubles We pay interest on savings! You don't cat out any meals or all the
t stdl fla rfpraottint Rotary.sLteaat would be over. I It's thrifty to save a part I things)'OIIlike-yeujaat cut them down.
and real estate tntfrtsUsi They also explained to the Ne- I -
Clinical tests by medical doctors
heat *.. a ftoo-pront torporat groes what their duties were as j of each dollar you earn. Make prove the AYDS Candy Plan effective ..... ,:
tlI .. fcrtp ratord titUtni ac- citizens. They said the citizensof -this bank your savings home! I yet harmless. -

t- ta4 and o>vrtep a modern Orlando were doing something 1 Get AYDS today.Regular size 123S.: -
r ...'_i wrrtrh w. beliere .,, for their race that no other town I Triple size$5.50.Call or phone
ca hM the IIMI\ ouuundlns at- in the country was doing and they THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORLANDO ,
Cosmetics Street Floor I
tssapt ta nirt thta problem ever should appreciate it. Many other Capital and Surplus Out Million Dollar '
ttatde M iht eew try towns are watching what Orlandois louse rtDnuL DEPOSIT cciriAXCK 'CORPO ATIO\ ,.YOWELL DREW IVEY CO.
tt..udlt. 1\..,. ,",,"",U- doing.*
-- -- ---

4 WITH YowaL

t Town & Country:1.: '

a t ""

V .. 1".s.

.. s4 FALL BLACK : ::

+ < .

s .. f .
,. ..:... ;:; :
.. .. ,' "
r't "
.. .. : .

f : 1

.. .
yY t

.. w., .... ,.,..- .. <"1 r.: !. _

I .$ w ( -

2.41 L-1 I II I

2.11 >tr t


= .2.11 L 3'I

.4.11a.MI There's se'" -rl \ I

2M ." '

,:- ., stare and iIsaM. iI1M .. ... J Jcf

__ nil ai4Slf 1.11 Hz' .

1.41 good ... .... .. .. ... ii i

1.11 EpeaoUy.good ffcnS $se. .. "-' ,
+"L4 ..w

_ ..: r- smart fix Ifw (''Y. sc c 4

.IUI end cdfegtd for .* taw M.

.1-L1I '3'
. .
: ,
And so 4. lihs. QJ' ,.,
?.FoW ctetfcc NIle p ....

_ u941.11 1 freec-i txeps .... .. '" the same. 7.95 ffct 0t ....

7.11 ft leaf: (JMvM. buttons downWfefle $7.95 : ;.: :''- :;; '__I. ,
treN .
. \ ..
-: +:" ., Women's lnestw d s/b dlr.aaltee ... :;
b s
___ L1I and wined '
prey free* luggage r.o g
:r..e1o. '

.12.11 d **/ II to 44. &ui1l ; L LjJ'r :: '
.+ts < if* to wii.! -sr "J

IJI rv 'j
.t4 artl tstspesstve Dresses-Ivys Air-Conditioned Fashion Floor I >

4 4a -
tist. t t r+tau _....................................... % '
"" Y" ..... IWtr ' -,
'e.tt7 tH .:. , ?- '.
I i : 'rovsoz. DREW tvzr'co. ORLANDO. FLORIDA : -c 1\1 1

r .l .... \?
i : also_ available ia other i
JJJI"If S I***. Mad me at $US j ,
/ ;; styles and colors.
1 OderKaa Size : !
.... .... / r-
/ ____ :
.i ,
.. ..... / AttrtttC ... ,, i

L I ; y State _ _ : /
Mtlfl.: **. t YOWELL .
:: I JOiargt t ] Cash .'E ]'COD [ ] Check :
: : -

!i., ; . : .

,: fJr a

,............ .......,... ." I
The Fashion and Quality Eton Ence 1894 -,,. 'if'


,ae.r.-. _,_.. ., -,;.:;;:;..:._--."_ -_ r'_- ;;:-:., -f' ,_i.- -: '::J_ r :;' ,' -. .....- -1" ---. .... - -& ,:'" ;;'.:o. ,.." -.;; -- _lilt i

Jt -Ill


t - -.. ........ .-:. .- .

r1 .

\ submit that in many of our stores, filling THEY WILL DO IT EVERY TIME By Hallo THE PUBLIC
, I stations restaurants and other places i THOUGHT
j'a-.xLra where immediate cash transactions are the 7 I4 AMIVE'GONE mfl CANTVOU REMEMBER ? NERVE TRO UeI t? ZEAL
order it's lackadaisical attitude on the Official
..... ..... five ,
of clerks which
Ne a
part many year V

?" war period, still irks- AND JCAMT FINDORDERED FCR MY NERVE NO THING WpON3 Here 'Good For Operaf,1M, (
_a-IM. .... IM I

..... a.... ..... ........ .r...,. The Truman-Pepper Conference WANT RFFI LLED. WHAT tDRER 1 Na DoC !:Editor Orlando Morning $etttiel.
.. AI tsa t, t..eea .... h.E' KIND OF PILLS DID I Our attention hat beta taW
r tMlst ..... Mrglrv Wes taaaeaer I ITS GOOD MEDICINE to clear the atmosphere SHOI QA to an editorial m the Orlando

/s ...... ....ew.. SIC. leaf of rumors and gossip every BO ybu sAy -n Ey ' SFESA for CF ORDFRED, Morning Sentinel ef July. H rrta- w
4w t muu M.%... PnI s..t. I often. wE AGAIN? tILPtoNlYwD SOMET
t I Iso
tive to the .
z EHiss present airport faa- .. .
... 4i t, . DER -L
T'r -- kata-{ Two $ 1 That's what Sen. Claude Pepper did the ABOUT 10,000 PI2E5CRIPTIOKS ybU, DEAR MiNp- ties at Orlando. It to not our d.*

+ ... ..tA+ntMk/ canes other day when he came out for Pres. Tru- $ R5R.IJTTLEROONDy. a' mu. sire to become involved in aa? local .

444 ire t1 !b.qt lrM..., ..k rsiass tr it tug manes renominatibn. CP NUh'E+ controversy however I vfcfei
_..f epllwAr b .. M to advise that insofar u tatum:
R There had been talk that Sen. Pepper WHITE
.. o.......... M caw pse v sad PiLIS Air lines is concerned, the pmtwi
It PNL. .... plaeels4 Ienat, would bolt the Democratic.Party to support IN Orlando
air field
, =* .e..lite............NiMa.I SI ...... : a Henry Wallace third party ticket. 0 $_ _! .,..P I every way, U adequate at

) 0481 ___ j Those close to Sen. Pepper knew the = Q i The runways are of artTletetst

TI T..At'o. 1.. 'n t rumors were straight from the propaganda i i length to take care of our present. w r ,.+aae .... x ,:
-- - i mill of his enemies. The shrewd Florida I twin-engine and fov...... r paled .et ".
= equipment and. in addtttoa IA.
t .Mr t c'fHtr se -- + p.---
political tactician waited' until all the are two sets of paraSel rvia..,. .... ,
** *. ** *** Mf to UMM things If God ... -
f' evidence was on the table and then / 't which allow simultaneous lake ..... ... .
'>M .t.. *** III ***.*. w> ftoman I.Ji. enemy i t I5VVp
00 t brushed it to the floor with an aggressiveblast __ ._ ( offs and landings during pfrirt 'I5.-twe :f.
I V' 7 \ of heavy traffic. The C'ttMa aiI .. .. ... ..
the .
t04b at Republicans.
** .
. t" a tt* tN whole nl.p / I I I visibility requirements at Hut a*. .
1 II' u.p .**! 0* Dante* spate af ft tutikatrwstreb..anr' There are those who believe that Pres. q ti b 1He port are as good u at any rein ---..-. .t..e.. '.. .:5. #
Truman will need a liberal of the Pepper {IS : that we serve on our k prntt *.*. .. ........ .... -
I type as his running mate in 1948 to attract OWN BEST CUSTOMER tern. This of course make Nt s ar.rir.--e-.VV. ... _

H I'A ". .Hs4t 7S THey I the labor and independent vote of the : 1 a a FOR HEADACHE REMEDIES: 'I good operation.The ausl ....... $''- >
present airport to also *ttf __ 14... .. ......
- ft .. War Between the t tfttf4 nation. ".5 TftAMKTO: MORRIS CREte ,, desirable due to the fan Hut r 11IM ..... I. _,
- w.... jttit short time Perhaps that was the purpose of th / s e CENTBALTRUST EBIO Q.t .. is located only a short dtttaa* atone .sts r .- 5e..

KH appeared on theM Truman-Pepper White House conference. : saw. JEFFERSON CRy w. I from the city which main ft m. aw.P tests .. pus -

convenient paatntr MTMM .. lsI' .. .. -
Our understanding to Hut Pia.
S t Must .
. fie ft rntury once THE MERRY-GO-ROUND WESTBROOK PEGLER SAYS Castle Field referred U to t*.. *4itorlal - M --I' .-
E sad fight for the is tpproxtoauijr 18 rletea :ta

. t1w peace of the 'i New Hush Hush' Quiz i by town road Orlando.from the This crater field of b e...wtt tltsi I sue..ue saewer .

Military Honors for i only be used in good wtttferr .* ... Y ... .
iertrrA ... wire the side of I II' {EDITOR'S NOTE: While Drew Pearson Is on Royalty I at present it has no radio t... else ....' ..yr}J

tilt wjrrn We at'esnhmentst a brief vacation the Merry-Go-Round is being I I facilities which would mean Dreg ht iiI! .. ... ... "

.. . written by his old partner.. Robert.S. Allen. ly WESTUOOK PEGLER present cabinet members as well as several heads i'' contact our airplanes between would Plntrmif' have V..... .... ." -a

.=,.Tye r ifl with his ly ROBERT S. ALLEN NEW YORK-In view of the fact that most of his of agencies and the secretaries who had served with the Orlando range .ta ea.. .11M.

fI wtr Dr.ltolt, WASHINGTON-Latest mystery flustering inner statements were self-serving the citizen sitting as my husband In the White House an were would. naturally have an a...... tt.

...... /N *f ..ppy returns.m I Capital circles is a very hush-hush Federal juror in the case of Elliott Roosevelt must take a In other words a political rally. infited.1 effect on our operattee aart

C .. ., .e I4i4 a *.4 men are .itNwf I grand jury in New York that is apparently probing skeptical attitude. When Elliott testified that The recurrence of the phrase "my would not be in the best taUr.,. ,
another New Deal trail. This much has been in a certain period of five days, he could not have be noted. in answer to those who cry out of the traveling public I errrar11tsa

..-8 .fee-f of past definitely learned: been a guest of the vicarious hospitality of Howard let him lie. He Is dead but the, family and the I In view of the coodHiona M4l ,.. .... tit

:: st 4eMrtflg avwlar for to. I The jury is made up of a highly select group Hughes through Johnny Meyer because he was politic ghouls who roll their eyes and moan his i i above. Eastern Air lines bclttvwi ...tfI -.
.. fe* rtt ..K...h hat made that Orlando would be Mtft .
ep .
Two Justice Department attorneys are directing then overseas "flying combat missions counsel for name with deep abdominal reverence continue to served .ootaltgr .-
by retaining OrUnd* Air
'1 the proeff'dlnp.I the other side will move to strike out this. gratuitous parade his image wired for sound by selections port No. 1 as its commercial at'- .t.. . --...

dreams fr RollinsUw I one than 25 witnesses have already been inter- tribute to himself as irrelevant unsupported and from his old speeches to retain some shadow of port. You may be Interested M fetus a. fast)

.. AI flerfte *. I rot prejudicialThe their power and their counterfeit prestige. j know that our Division Operation 1hesla rtBtealt -

.. I Practically all these witnesses are Government true combat missions of the photorecon- "This medal" Eleanor the Great wrote "is j Manager wrote Mr O 1. Bana -I : -- re0igggre. r
J. IMlf.. emDlores or former employes connected with the i Inaisance men were swift and given only to soldiers on the field of battle. I Director of Aviation. Orlando. Irta- z"
.., Frtficsf i quick. Some of know husband I der date of June 20 along atmitatI ::'I: I
., !.Treasury Foreign Economic Administration [ the little juniors my would hue prized it highly, be e .. .:, .
.* ari Orte. County I ,, and the Office of [who did fly combat missions have and there in that remark you hate a true meas- j I lines. ...1 as ..

= et .M.f fete 1M State Road 8rategic Services. [[explained that pilots. In their line are of the appalling ethics and the' honor of this j I I wish As to mentioned become involved before we in a do local cot tearM. .. .. .
.: "> M' &. f oHnt tax I The Investigation has nothingto [didn't score any hours of combat breed. controversy,but do feel you should c.e !

Mf = te f tfn+ M the way do with the atomic bomb. ;;time for prolonged shaping up for Without a doubt, "my husband would have be informed of our thinking hlls :
Significant clue on the big- I::bombing trips or by skirting coon prized it highly" even though its presentation to I am taking the liberty of send .... ..t.c"M

|tit , name individuals the grand Jury :: 3|try where the enemy was tech- him was a profanation of the purity of a medal for lag a copy of this communication .. II
CfUtefl the
_1 went on is interested In i is indicated by- [!nlcally! in charge but minding his valor which soldiers rate even above our own precious to Hon. William BeardaU. Mayor I Not .
iff hare fefta loeklngtocomt some of the questions tossed at ;:manners to fly home a case, of Congressional Medal of Honor. The Medal of of Orlando and the Orlando wen tesrt/t .r .....

I witnesses. They have been asked: booze for a party. It took a lot Honor unfortunately, has been cheapened by hysterical Chamber of Commerce. immtditesr't.ent .e II Set W..lit..

m e resn b abut "Do you know Henry: Mor- t ,of,real combat reconnaisance missions bestowals but not the French Military M. M. FROST. ../ter. Trot. M .tJ- I

-- genthau?" [Former secretary of i to mount up to a very' few Medal. And a man who spoke today for the Consul New York. Vice President. I hit II> **** *..*.- [ .

4.rray t b Wider con -- the Treasury and close intimate [hours and the combat time that General of France explained, rather uncomfortably. M rust w veto ... ..

r- I r *1thd* thts route as a Alter of the late Pres. Roosevelt.1 I|I Pegler was reported as Elliott Roosevelt's I thought, that the award of this honor to Roosevelt ; Reader Mtn of' Soon w1ateelitg AI tf m. M4
tws4 OrU I "Do you know Gen Donovan?" [Congressional I|I total has evoked admiration of his arithmetic.. If and Winston Churchill civilians by the con I by *..tei
L. *p Ui budding I Medal' of Honor winner In World War I. founder : he got combat time for his flying over Greenland fused and shaky post-war government of Franc i!Keep Their Women From foils 1 Weft t ask*.**WttD4MU

; = .iIPIvIi I and commander of the OSS in World War U. ands 1 I before the United States was at war that of course each case "exceptionally exceptional. This Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: feted *t fcf.V ii
.keidy to I trusted Roosevelt adviser on foreign problems. ;} would be an error. is a great medal, exclusively for men at arms who I 1, So you think women should run out M ttte lr tlltri.MMrtesrwt ..

"Do you know Bernard Baruch?" World War Now in view of Elliott's bad record where his are not commissioned officers, except generals!' for office! I, read the article in aM '* set

w ?tft.?H wet te route' will I producUon czar, close Roosevelt friend and ad- : honor was relied on, as for example when he Civilians never were eligible and It never was given the McCaD's magazine and a trite. but vet to* brtt to* tfgaity .

i It riser, and author of the U. S. plan for international [:promised to deliver 2,500 shares of stock to John as a political award before. I I am a little ashamed of our poor hat rgert a IM.H I ..Nil& i
showing here in America, I do feel
e tttdifAfarSy contttl of the A-bomb. i i Hartford but actually delivered only 2,000 and in Yet Mrs. Roosevelt said her late husband I that in spite of our privileges of WIMM f <*rrwn4r Mrs :w

.r .. trite tMoua" Or- I Do' you know Harry White?" [Assistant \'ie.01 fallibility of his memory as when he "would have been grateful to the people of France i, being well-fed. pampered wires. tf ore e..

"e by a mat- ury Secretary under Morgenthau. brilliant Treas-I couldn't recall whether the Harwood touch of for wanting"-get this part-"for wanting" she I i: we have a real handicap which efcai I *.sit atl .....sMa
\ tart expert and master-mind of the Bretton $25,000 was a loan or a sale the cause of truth deserves says, "to give him this most precious decoration." those women in other parts of tht .... MIl _..
Conference that resulted in the the most practical treatment of the issues. Who dares to say that the wretched people of world do not have. American hut- ., tlilMrsIItaM ...
, ...1R .....b to i ruled thatf' the World Bank Nothing will be conceded, nothing assumed. The France degraded polluted depressed and demoralized : bands will give us anything; ta "sedate tie rs Iwo

w1tf city limits f I! Another mysterious question asked witnesses citizen has nothing against Elliott. He just wants though they were were so hopelessly lost to creature comforts so long u wt *V7 .. ..

r'V the tttf rather than I f who were former OSS men was: "Did Gen. I to know. He must not be expected to listen to Influential honor and ethics that they "wanted" to give this : allow them to continue to beam vIw wM1t ere .-.......u I

Donovan ever warn you that you might be investigated remarks about combat missions unverified unmitigated civilian this precious medal of theirs? : that this is a man's world feet seta w w

__ ... Dspertment attorneys tome time and tell you never to by reliable witnesses. ,Long ago another Roosevelt Theodore connived that It is they unfortunately are the ones true to run that tt*t ....,
ilvalgt anything about the OSS?" and lobbied to get medal of
Now come will that it a honor which .
say were unthinkablethat ; American women have ben spoiled
.1&. a4 eat, mtkstl a law Most of the witnesses have departed from the any person of the proud name of Roosevelt he had never earned from a Republican President and weakened by luxury aad 1144p 1..

"'ttm U fffting tot Jury room knowing little more than when they would accept a decoration for valor which had McKinley who seems however to have had the j that we dread the cold winter of
entered a* to Just what is being probed. However not been honorably earned. decency to stand off this clamoring glory-hunter. husband's displeasure M wt "ritt! II _
I I not all of lOur
S Court.I ns
the flume several have reached this conclusion: are that innocent so let us consider In the correspondence between T. R. and his friend., pretend not to be interaud IB HM Mw''+ tlttf/.
some records.
i t I' e... CIIWt mtntt Judge That the investigation is directed at the Morgen- Henry Cabot Lodge at this time 1898 Roosevelt I!I affairs of our country and ..** 3 +.ty+elr _

, __aair. of glsmaaatkm should than Plan under which Germany's industry [and Recently Elliott's mother Eleanor the Great. claimed this honor as a right for a cheap aIn skirmish.;away endless hours at trlwtttttM ....... .... ...
a, ..# tK* tae Road Depart war potential would be cut to the bone and the wrote in one of her journals that she wanted to tell CUba And Lodge; in a letter to McKinley had 1 f I pastimes. Meanwhile. ..**as plat

mod t14 C&mty Commitf country's economy put on an agricultural basis. the about French a "simple Embassy"but very where beautiful Pres. ceremony at the ugly candor to say that it "would have a very; I I really kidding ountlvtt. wt fca*. ................. w.....- --
Truman should be doing ft trttt MM*
i 1: ...... 44 f financing which Roosevelt approved this plan over the oppositionof French ambassador and many others who "worked the important meaning and value and put at rest many,I. we things that we dart not des bye M ... ..... ... i" "'
the State'Department and powerful business political stories which are being circulated
N by .
0 tats structure with
tviwcy a my husband" gathered to observe the solemn keep our boyish husbands afft w -
and banking interests. in
a political fight. .
degradation of and pleased with us. wt rilpifc. -.If..otetaNw
one of the
few severely military T.R. didn't .. ..
get it because he hadn't earned it aetg -1"
II t1t41! .. medals for valor and pretend to be diliMffutt.
: with by
cwrt' rule a posthumous
I Secret Service head presentation to but his brave .
I Bluest in and
ache. guarding the late noble son Theodore Jr., the fIneat Why are the men Itk* t111a C e M srlrtiRSB
' ..res'. tfi t4 W a delay In Pin Truman is his insistence on traveling by could have Franklin D. Roosevelt. These busy men of' the lot did earn his in the Normandy invasion Mainly" because they art ...
! < !: rt wig at*** that the city oft ,I piant. The Secret Service is very uneasy about better employed. Roosevelt never in 1944. He truly earned it, but his cousin. ture. They lack H llt1J! 1 w...
: ., '""l .. jl i| Bfea to dif down this; constantly 1 is trying to figure out ways to keep he was a soldier or sailor under arms in all his life and Franklin obstructed the award until young Ted enough to admit that tugg, teat ..

= III..e tt 1M rt&hI.f.watut ,. Truman on the ground. Reason they've had no War.ducked For his chance to be one in the first World had laid him down and died of total exhaustion far be both charming and wereewaa .... -,
this '
I luck Is his fatalism. presentation the French Embassy, above and beyond the call of and that a woman ea bees ..
: MW I .t hop. the legal | "The duty in the service of
Justices of the
Supreme Court the cabinet his mind of her own and ai tAt t
I country in the face of the
*K It tflspntfd of In a !exit members who served with my husband and the most formidable I time be a good wife and + e
enemy In an l ltorr.KING'S tare11g .
_J4 3.aip$ .at mttt trill stall the con- I In some sections of fIIIIt .
When your number's up. the President said. tit .....
.. M4 I overcoming Utt asMr1swgr/
ifCtiori of the men are
smiling "it makes no difference whether you are RANSOM FOR CELERY STALKS but here in the South to '
} in a plane, a train an auto or a skiff.*If it's up. I Liquor i Dealers Vote difficult for women t. M .... ;:,.
M Its kepottaat to Central it's up and that's that. f successful ea.op ...' .
thing -
car s4.o4a that any delays I Never Forgetthe Texas Fair Trade Practice the flower very of Southern wtellae4< ...., ..

TaU. friendly Atty. Gen. Tom Clark 'got himself I hood", and while mu h .reA = ::fir
Opposition to cutting of
J! I .
his announcement of a Justice Department probe ,,increase sales of whisky was ; one of protection for w.AMI 4B ... -
,' lirtllr.It Mi... a C.meback ef hub prices. But the moot question arises when Redhead Callico Learns voted by Orange County and Or ; really is nothing mere er MM ... .,. ..

R___ *4W4 HAS recently been I the amiable Texan win find the time to make,this lando liquor dealers at a meeting I I protection of their own *... < ..- !
s .... .' ... pdttee to business probe yesterday in,the Angebilt Hotel. Of course there art *. s.Dtions. I.f1 L. f......
but the Amer** *.r
II f1. fit 4at N t preach he I I I. recent weeks,he has spent much of his time I trust that If PAUL GALlICO trade Caning attention to the fair will not. feel comfortable m IMproper r ... ..
I trailing about the country making speeches. the expense accounts of Brother practices act. Dick PickeriU .. m'
.. .. .. iwer ... its chaotic W president of the position of cMlnniaftj -
The following a partial list of Clark's talks: Meyer, the Elsa Maxwell of the Howard city association wllas as --
Hughes Aircraft American men grow rat rrM
aMlrrr u "-tf. .eurtcs Y. and A. B. Taylor head of the tit
The Rotary International convention in San Pran- [ Co., have proved as fascinating reading for maturity sufficient M .*. ** er/tar .... ..
** *f 4 fR HtM, should btMr you as they county group asked dealers to .
..., dice: Virginia Military Institute at Lexington. Va.: have for me. I understand there is quite a. to-do in the boycott manufacturers who permit women can serve their le..1 oai IM 'as' ANaI
ft. National 4-H Clubs citizenship ceremonies in Senate over the their U creditably as men _B-tl.t
: I scratch it appeared products to be. sold at less
necessarY to invest
t '" ... M# IoH Bab WOUAM etle/ltr d11tri
V Washington, Elks' National convention in Portland, than cost. A SUBMISSIVE .
in .
entertainment .
.... __ .. eleb khtM thee Ort.: International Sunday School convention in to land a $40't ;.ed.- a erne ,"s .. .. r

rsereda $4w3. W. do '11*'. Da Motoes. Iowa. million As one contract.who from time ,i some of the Joints but manyof I I lug in New York. If Chic pulled"Woman Reader fVomt'stsTo ; ...sete., : W'swy' *, et.Mrt etrtba. ..
.... - ... .w gartkntltse Invests time,'- that off for $50 it goes down as Study Up on PoliticsEditor. ........1 s.tylttlel . :
It. t M necessary Kim Ho. leader of the Korean Legislative As- i a king's ransom for a stalkof '5 dinner for five the neatest trick of the year. Orlando Morning &' 4 .. INt a/1M r f ta Redrsrlel :
0 rnUy, has made a profound discovery. He has celery in several of the self- persons at -j a.1 r M false I-
... 4 i-I will the I Rothman's Restaurantat Believe me, my dear Government After reading your waifs teesas
uncovered what makes governments go round. He same traps men I Oyster Bay for fatheads about the article in DM A.... wan ..tM eMtMraw
lii/t '41.'" este leg to the tioned Brother $38 was a steal that isn't any I I
on I
explained It to Maj. Gen. Archer yAre M .- ' r
Lerch U. entnled
in McCall's magazine
5.1 Meyer's inventory - \ and $252 for a dinner for 14, persons dough those joints. They : .c tP IIWI1A
Military Governor of Korea. I must all have,, been taking tea Losing Ground by Alice ft** !:_
I must at Bollywoods j .
.! for say Mocambo is ,
a #ptwet&Uoat a -
-- -
I have learned. said Kim Ho "that it takes I and toast' or ginger ale with
__ *** tM4+ ttH but we 'I not find the : I j nothing to cause anyone to faint. lemon
t ft lot of talk to run a government. charges exorbitant peel Any time nine people OUR BOARDING HOVftC
._. ._ --- I the boys were really of a mind can from El
escape Morocco

I: .... Morning+ + Sentinel Radio Program I I0. fact in view,that particularly the of boys, the I could run Not up have long some told bills them for where groceries and for is suffering a mere 68 from bucks malnutrition.somebody 1 CAM U GEIITS Tat[ ii aw4T Mf, IT HME AMR

. Ever-
.. lot the ago my own It sure isn't worth patting into WFIEtifP Xf5 P oF+ Z11WtiP
west Aesee.1..a lb..e tSMt W\.OIf (1230) WORZ C740 I Not contract.infre Loving felt we ought to do a little the papers. I IS'fMAX FAX guNDt6 .. Flt} UPt t
_9 a CM.. eM Tate _. hl WbIWmaa Charlie Btrnttt I entertaining and so we invited an- r SOLD THE TUCWiYdF 1>*T MaR
quently i invite
r -t ... t other couple to enjoy a cozy little Nevertheless, I regret seeing
N Part Peal Wbftcnun _New __ TO VESTOOY H6 ALAS 1
run 4w ...... hru Paul Whitman Studio Party_ some_ party I snack with us In a modest bistro those expense accounts exposed to :
4* t, hal _' Ootnf to Cone. Studio Party _._ wish to soften to---,.- over on Third Ave. unde the ele public gaze. From time to time I I SAID F1ET5 Gt'J6 S1AT14inp6 M4'beSM&
k..* OHrrtk *r ate----T_ N1yStudio Party ..._. .wards a ripe Gallic vated which goes by the r name of will be wooed by an editor'and fed:. A CHECK FER t Os 1OME tu&.4JA&tMt
!os ('%* :tWiuiiyd Terry Pirates studio piece of literary IT CCME6T&.tHIltl ts'Kt 1 ttsq,6B ili MittL lt r
ft || TMM Out tar Mix Sky lint ___Studio Party---_ Comembert I Chambord and which, apparentlY. a meal in one of those higbbat'huhhouses.
u IM Uaa aM Atarr Jrk Arnitronf Radio Rodeo -- have Just perpetrated to one of I is one Brother Meyer missed.' I I find this enjoy! ., I
i t Ctrl BMUkrt run Oi Cb. Ambai. Planing Men = these glitter joints. Priming him do not recall that we had more to able nutritive and relaxing, especially I'
: IT -TM t AP ..... "'iton Uwta. Jr. Supper Club .-- I with Russian buckshot cold-cream eat than you could put into your when the bill is proposed''
f l 3 M..rk. hate . I>tDvr Muse ._In the Sportlltt tttiG4t'r
V ,soup 'pheasants stuffed with filet, and the \
hip editor's
e M 'Mrw .... W Air Arttaf Bale ..,Mope for Oialac \ pocket along with a couple of upper lip and
e 4*..*...Tr .&. News ap "- hra" ._ Henry Cmldy : mignons, and those four-alarm flasks of vintage vinegar The bite brow break out in a mild sweat
,.. *}*. INI-Tr.. .. nd1is1 Bdhloi B b'* Record Shop pancakes they set fire to in frontof was $110 and no entertainment But it will take a good deal of

... 't-n M >Mr. T.*_ .Port-._*_ :n Tb.,r Pmlcoa Darin.._.._ Bobs Tb. B Record rmontre Shop'I : your table all washed down except the merry sounds of the the pleasure out of it if I must .......
a+ 4*t odd::_ --. The r lcon ..=Bob'i Record Shop with flagons of Dago-red or screams of pure anguish torn from look forward some day to seeing
.. 1l*f ..the. hate-ChuBbl Ree Sh. Bob i Record Shop Kraut-white with a bottle of bubbly -j me when the bad news was presented. in print the financial memoirs of
_# 4 il !a M rwt .: CebaMs :::.ra8A. Bob:t Record Shop to top it off I have handed I guess maybe the Senators mine host with a note indicatingthat r
ae.w .t m mX V4l;: >* = ...-?. Aowrtraa AJMHOB pram__ Your Bobs Bn Record lji Btptrrhi Shop I over half a C, for two people, only just do not know the facts :I It took $85 of the firm's money 7c.
,.... w....... '.. .'Forum Symphony Hari-- ; to have the guy hold his nose and of life yet with regard to face- to fill Galileo op with lunch.It . .
.i..f..*.i Abort Yews Symphony Ball _?_ I murmur."Phoooey" when he reads feeding in New York if they are did. but it was all quality rater I Il
a Caat rmM Slekdkere'g with Rombert the I
*M CtUttttU Melodlnae'g with Romben piece. raising a stink over some of the than quantity. But when set 4I
rice ._. hen: and Sports So I don't know what the modest fees recorded by Brother I in cold type and in the light of a
.w O9ns Oar Orc&.BartBea* at Wath.imrt boys are hollering about. Brother Meyer as paid out for sustenance I Senatorial investigation, I supposeit
Plea Orca. Bob a Record: Shop for business win look a little odd. One has
..._,Ocihheq ".j.. Bobt Record Shop Meyer got results. Maybe the clients. I
U-trl' per4XMq Farad* ...If._, _____ mistake I made was in omitting I For instance there is listed an to understand such little Items.I I
.ew '. Oreh. Elliott Roosevelt for nine
Deafen for Urten'i a redhead model from the party :
car fait tFa.4.y Is t ....,..... On&'Htvt> auc...'s.Orek..:.Peartn Onus for for Listen Ltoten.I. State of Texas. I guess I'm naire. |t people at the Stork for $94 another ! Billy Rose . \ '
--- Inner thought of at El Morocco for $68, plus an : t
V sew.e'4 s al Ntw'' == tai OK Ne.g aad Sin Off Meyer
IV J at 0.I ..-'", '. did. interesting item of $50 to Chic . < U on vacation. His column -
: _,.. I:; etas. oetk. Farmer public relations counsel will be resumed his ; !
V ere.. ..:::: i upon ;
TI a. I don't know whether brother; of the zebra-striped. bolts, to stop.I return I !
-h. Oft I
V rot Meyer was getting wholesale at j+ publicity on Elliott Roosevelt's b!-V _


;.. ": 0 ,. . .. .. ;..... .,. .. .. . -- .... --... ,;
._ "'- --.-_... - ,. -... .- ; --' __ A _..


tior/s, Count. Big Financial Setback From 'Red Tide'

Tuesday, August 19, 1947 Qrlmtlui jgomutg Sfnltorl Page 7' -4IBa

L ... ...;. PIt i Probtrs Link State Newsprint -. --- I I ,. ..

Dtuble Death I Independent Grocers i DeLand PickedAs At Least He

[ '- 'With Slaying Plant BoostedTALLAHASSEE Didn't Bring Bids ....,

Pool Power Factory Site
. MJ.CtM I ACItTflLZ CAP, anal CAP] State Buying Any Saucers!
f.aft.? MUMrttte Mid mtertertfcf Forester C. Huxley Coulter said .
l lois pttiac tok between yesterday many Florida newspapers fSpecW Orkanfo Morning SenfineH [Specie! to Orlando Morning Sentinel] MIAMI (API )(no t7lleei.n Br ....
"have advised me they OCALA-Independent retail of Ocala Gainesville \ Longwell wasnti art ya.r tt
; Net .11 9t two nra to Xassan would sign long-term contracts for. grocers DELAND-Negotiations for a i she had hit a streak .< p... into
R +....., .sM tl.#* u4 the death newsprint produced locally if a I j Leesburg, and Wildwood have pooled their garment factory to be located in i or was victim of a bagglatl M ..-
.f *.... C ItaSLlty JutsanrilSit newsprint mill were established Inlatch. I buying power and through a newly formed corporation will DeLand have been completed I verse. *** It..a61os ** *
__ ? ." I seek to give their customers better values and Walter Lahrman, secretary of the
..-.. .. .wt ,..,.., .t+eae I improvedservices. Mrs. anteri UM dM.6Mlaa I '..
I ta. l... ftortft of Heck- The forestry committee of the Chamber.of Commerce, announced she went U work M ..... OM. ...
I .. .. ..ffDrf Florida Bankers' Assn. early I The Marion Co-operative Gro- yesterday.The Thursday, and retained ..... M .. ...
[ .. ... tl this month urged establishment 1 cery Inc. is the result of unpublicized -j industry which will usual that aftrm***. .
.. ft* Mir .M j .. = lei ass shoots dt6.hsed tbeyIwtfffck 60 cent of 1 of several months. C. J. Lively of j will convert one of the buildingsat had unhooked t win/nn or.m ..

W .... ......i ... sago enans. America's Estimating newsprint per comes from Ocala is president of the group.; the municipal airport and !' gone through the i bolnn tr elitlPS .<
* fts* ......, -.4 h ikmdag Canada. Coulter said a Florida: N 'nn Directors include Preston Mills| will utilize approximately 14,000 ed the back .... *.*..! .ting sal
and Emmett Ocala C.
..lMH ala,., .( Jthaf4 Stephens. ; square feet of floor space. anrtbDIt, bawrt tt!. /* "
t mill could put out a high quality I :
a4 Crtte ny Crafern. product at a lower labor cost and A. Johnson. Sparr; and Edward Lahrman said the payroll of the intruder moved r aM .>...... kamMBUo 1111.mil1smmppmmF *
... Lopez Leesburg. organization is expected to reach One blend mepe .Mla. W '- '" "-
tt"i lisprild+ t*** m. tar rmaa. under less rigorous conditions
Meetings hate been held < $2,000 weekly within six months 1{ placed In the dung 1S. ... '. ,, 1IJ!'
**4 N.. ........* M MIeqtw1n.It&&n than In the Northern forests.He I H ,
II I icy M ]fait.Nihsali predicted such a project weekly, Lively revealed yesterday after operation is begun ; cJiesU:. of can.... ... er ... < ,,;i. ..
during speakers .
II I would be profitable 'and added a Tampa Cooperativeand I The factory is a branch of a living room: nano -r ..... p
I alterywurtay Florida pines replace themselves t =. !'New York firm Lahrman stated 1 on a couth ta UK ftrog ... 4r ---
1IO! ..paths that an other co-operatives In the .
I .
occasional dwur ate M WIt 1_ -
six times fast the trees usedto but name of the organization was
II ash.p.y M the body of Nun disfc as as State were held. 1
i! manufacture Canadian not revealed at request of the room. .-
r newsprint
bad twea shot once 5 Lively also revealed that a ..
P .
been j company officials who are awaiting "Everythiiic ... .
*ermA Uw bead and that be warehouse has secured anda I .
I $04 Metre dad about five day ''I Coulter reported a mill at purchasing agent employed. I; the results of an employment was wrapped op eao$ ..
tlfc OrtfcasM .frt IbM but Tuet49 'i Lufkin Tens, ,Is the only one While the organization of inde- 1, survey. Cards were recently sent I and the chair" )I"". -r........ -
%*****tn **4 tltrtr bode It ft ia thftrhM In operation in the South at pendent retail grocery co-opera- out to those who desired employ- reported. ex '"
* all 0 bleb.., about filM present and added "up until 10 tives in Florida is comparativelynew ment at the industry. She said she 4MB t __ area 100aiFo. .
te 131 s4 ueiroted + _few melt ItrouMttna." yean ago people didn't think he said they have been oper- I Leases were signed for the use the furnMor art but W ... .-
j drift .M armtd Bear Jest pines here were suitable for ating successfuly Georgia. California of the building Saturday, and this whom it was nM11i1p1 slid er ... ,, "
.. O* teM Wednesday follow- newsprint.'' and other States for several -, marked the end of several monthsof plained that ... oeMed fret. " ".
oval to* nwUe .f UM bodies of the He said experiments had proved I I.S. years. Many of the plans and negotiation. Owners have been Thursday until dMr M ....... .... ".. -,
1 tii1 10at Orates. brothers ef OrUf is' f or- Southern pines were usable for r r ideas used by these co-operatives in contact with the Chamber of it. thinking a. the IMr ..' .. t .
.w .lIe StwrUf a. K. Warren newsprint after being treated to KENDRICK GUERNSEY ,|I are being used in the Florida or- Commerce Industrial Committee 1 someone ..... a.... r laglt. ..,.... -" "
,|J.irltty, Mid be found a .45 call- remove a high gum content. .-. hears ganization. headed by Max Acree Jr. and his mistake. .. "IJ' ."-'!.
lee fatal a UM tar uwd: by Ortft protests I I A meeting in whic hthe corporation John Gravlee. A. H. Bruning of I Detectives sold. *. !*M.. In** ; :
s and law identified u belonga ,, MeAd ExtraditionStruggle expects to increase its mem- the industrial department of the : reported mfratnt a ..a4 .fture. 0nese. o.
bership is slated Ocala Florida assisted -
a* IttlLgyresrs for tonight. Power Corp. also .

F Abandoned Super Highway Threatened Cruiser i i with ments.the preliminary arrange-I 'Glades Waterway eC,....- ..". .to.. -roo-.-- ..-.... ..

Hunting CHICAGO (AP) Pearl !McAden .... "'- .; -..... -'
+ St-J Extended 53. former Tampa Negro policeman I Gets Towed to Port: Negro's Arraignment i! Reopening Slated ,6..rl.... .,. . +' .
n t yesterday abandoned his .
M IIR i rs -
Branch MIAMI TAP] The 32-foot cabin Slated This
extradition to Florida Sought. !
Ins4k TUtAKAMnC: CAPI Ninety;i ifctaim fight against cruiser Vixen JACKSONVILLE IA4M I lien a' 4ttMatlbw-
lONwet *ttl .. given opportunity:,, to serve out a life sentence for West Palm Beach was being after towed into all- j" [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel! 'terway from the AIM .. ... .. .
t* I"T Wwrtr lurk for bear to the murder. an j, DELAND-Aaron Quince.Negro Gulf through Lkt 0lastbarla. ter r.aY: -",
o Ai i* fcte I Xtlkmal Form this I,I The escaped convict whom the JACKSONVILLE: [UP) A State night the craft rescue effort during which i youth indicted for first degree will reopen to navCoL ...... 1t11 4S. a <"'; ,..4
blown 60 miles
hat Criminal Court ordered removedto Road Department report that ex- was I murder in the slaying of Mrs. Willis E TMlt elf tote Mrly I* '4'.

e4sole 1. IUi.were. forest wu Florida July 1. dropped efforts I j pected traffic and financing plans 1 northeastward. by 40mileanhoursqualls. Leona C. Sparkman of Holly Hill ; Engineers in Jactamvlftt .... aawifr ..... .
'::: to appeal the order and signed a 1 July 24, will be arraigned todayat yesterday.
jfOTti to Mar but year1IN
tau htutUnc .tiros.
aM favored ,omission of a branch artery The Vixen out of West Palm
t1 the fart Us* la 19 J an. Di- waiver of extradition proceedings.I I 10 am. before Judge GeorgeW. Government leek isoalad M
Beach for help at 5:15
w** r hen C Mama of Ute State!i leAden was sentenced to prison of a proposed super highway while miles Jackson. L. E. Thomas. Negro Moore Haven GII the CiMIIIIta-
Ga and. hub Water rub Com- ', Jan. .15. 1944. and escaped froma system here was met with aroused Sunday only seven :, attorney from Miami,is representing hatchee Canal and the M UM O
Biminl. in the Bahamas. The
alH10 MMk eMpmttef with the U. road camp near Brownsville, opposition yesterday.A Quince and has Indicated he lock on the St. [Mete Cum Mat
fw lmre la planning the Fla. in March. 1946. FBI recaptured Coast Guard sent an 83-foot patrol would attack the validity of the miles west of Strait ... ypr.t.
*.*...&. Mid the aaon will be extoa him in Chicago. 22,500,000 project for a single boat from Miami, but dark- grand jury indictment. If so. the from 8 to 10 .. and t.ri4wa
I I artery bringing traffic fromU. : ness had fallen and high winds scheduled I .. .
set Tt
..< trial date may not be as pm daHy. wtlr s l r
II ian tni ran because
S. Highway Nos. 1 and 17 swept the Vixen out into the Gulf 25. t Ortona ..
tt rti damege to bOP and Franchise; Dispute Stream. i for the week of Aug. 1 near reswHM mraul -
through Jacksonville, across the I Itlnuous operaUen fnsaa 0 a a Ie
ae serwe 1Ry beara. Stalled at DeLand St. Johns River and down the i Oil Drivers :110 pjn. datty. Col Tale s.tJ. m*
=""'"' Beach Counts' Company
East Coast of Florida already paytona navigation locks ha<* lute. ..Mi
Mid CMYrntonsW"fIt ; [Social DELAND> to Orlando- Mayor Morning Leo Sentinel Pugle. had been approved by State 156,120 During Week : Ask Union Recognition i since July 11 to pen** ..,Man m
agencies and the ; of .
Duval CountyCommission discharge water less the IMP
$1 Mill .n who Thursday night stated be here. :i [Soec al; to Orlando Mofnlnq ent"ie'J' 1' MIAMI [AP Peter G. Pemberton. to relieve the ,fM9...., tte.d
would veto the offer of the Florida State Oil Co. official said
MIAMI MEACtf lAP Qnren- DAYTONA BEACH-Don Kirk- conditions In the Efttfta n o...
... parr krwtht. this city IT Power Corp. for a franchise election W. M. Parker. division engineerof wood captain of the local Life- that 15 company driver had
.... a Uw pan MS months.yvderday still has not officially taken the State Road Department, guard Corps announced yesterday walked off their jobs yesterday In Lazarus Gets Assistant tai
lttsa ow tiptoe J at'obs rs- action. The veto requires his signature told the commissioners yesterday ': that 156,120 bathers took advantage -, a bid for union recognition. Pern- c pgg k
o 1rIt t Jacobs Mid otherwise an election will that expected travel did not justify of the good weather to swimat I berton said he had received no TALLAHASSEE I API I Otto 1k a
-I aMia tacit treat SO100 toarrnUon be held. He did not disclose when immediate construction of the beach during the week of notice of the driver's desire for Jordan, former ....... tat air
t w. Mar the bare baa he would act officially. proposed Arlington Bridge to divert i Ausr.! 1117. union affiliation "until this morning Atlanta aircraft UMnMsw rtn* Ids
traffic from the downtownarea. ; when they presented a petl1 yesterday was appnmml SMMMM
"a M..d to IMS and repre entedif The guards alfso made eight
t ,
Your Club Today lion." to Aviation SupmtMir W C" U
titmoaunm booked ADd held rescues and gave first aid to 312 1 :
IhM tine. OKLAJIDO: Exchinc: Club. CoJC Bide. State Sen. John E. Mathews led I persons during the..same period. saris of the SlaW InMr.rtNwsrCommisslOtL I
ass IS M CM.aasvow..m.. Optimist- Club. Lamar Hotel. commissioners. and other,spokes- Guards credited with rescues were St. Johns Dredging MM ..
ktl l YifU. .. Yeytk's Body I : Lions Club. Gilbert Oak Ho- men for the project in denouncing I Hugh Parker Worley Brown Billy ,
,.... 11 noonCLERMOHT. the validity of the SDR's pro- j Thomas, Sunny Keating. Rudy i Operations Launched i LAKE LAWSOWADtaan ILL Ililitr0I
wuttf Muai. ru. IAPI DeL :Klvanis Club the Cables.DAYTONA phesy that only 10 .... ... tM-
12.11 .... per cent of the Thompson and Billy Willitts. JACKSONVILLE rAP Dredg- -' a b e..Tt.C
HM*! Hwrteen Mid yesterday BEACH: Elks. Elks': Club- super highway's traffic would be
..... ... ing has begun to enlarge the St. : :!DIN: rt
.*. ilwty al r youth IdtnUaauU1ttrf *. I Lions Club. WlUltmi Hotel. through traffic." I SWCaterbig
taco .NI. M Wttuni 23.lisMtt un pm.DLLAND. Transit Firm Files Johns River navigation channel i 1. 13smpreMM -, i.

earn, had been found by RalL 12 OS:p m.Klvtnls Junior Club.Chamber Hutchinson ot Coma their The pledge commissioners of revenue from renewed thecounty's | Suit m Bankruptcy I between Palatka and Astor Bridge I sad WedlMysLeneanw be .
I fob third M. W Cvaaa la theMf _. cox Auditorium. 12:1 p.m. Lions I the office of the corps of engineers I C a
.. .Club. Hntehliuoa Hall. 6:45: p.m. revenue from its two- \ MIAMI AP Metropolitan Tran- here said yesterday. The work 1201 E. Jtk.. f* 1 saeo
Thtrd Bt. --i iH 1 I I'1.30 EUST13: Lions Club. Grand View Hotel. cent share of gasoline tax to sit Co. Inc. yesterday filed a vol- I calls for deepening the channel FEEK OCLITtat s

:i OROVELAND pm. : Groveland Business Men's I' finance building of "the entire untary bankruptcy petition in U.S. from 8 to 10 feet with ample over- -- -- -
[ M ....<4 far Kute or Federal ''a... Broadstreet Cafe 12 noon. project or none at alL"S. District Court'and stockholderssaid I depth to minimize future mainten-
.4 n .. ..... : Klvanis Club. Arcade HoI i I I partment member said the department meet current operating: expenses. i iI TOWN NOISE
11... lute loon ae rues .feattar tL *JO P.m., Bebekan. Lodge. Fraternity would continue however { Federal Judge John W. Holland I II Thread designated as "200" ..
Ball. S j Formerly Sta* A 0 C'III'I
............ "... Slob at i I I p.m.LAKL WALES: Rotary Club. Walesbltt I'to support the project in any appointed L. M. Gerstell as receiver < means that the thread is 200 times .....
.... e.....,.w a" sports "< Het L 12:15 PJn. form that was locally-approved. for the company. i> 840 yards to the pound of cotton. Bar Now Open-DinlafSo
.."'..... iMf steered clear .f ;' LEESBORO: Kivanis Club. Leesbnrf -- n!
........ JUrraation Center. 12:15 p.m. i Watch for Formal Op.nhse
I! ST. CLOUD: Lions Club. St. Cloud Din-
-.WfttaI fishermen hare repretfuction tot Room. 7 p.m. PISCATORIAL PARADOX EXPLAINS WOES S. ORANGE BLOSSOM rut
WINTER GARDES: Rotary Club. Hart -
off u much UI t nil's Cafe 12:30 p.m.
d0 .. tint tent and buataeta down. WINTER HAVEN: Klvanis Club. Harea
It ttb>itaae frm fort llyen to Tar- Hotel. 11.IS p 11'I.I WARD'S HOLIDAY INN
tit $!ttt4L ''I*.WETTER 112. Cora PARS Bids:,American 6 p.m: Legion. Post Fish Population Hurts SportTAMPA Located midway b...t... ....."...
- '--- and Orlando o. Ki gh_.. .11 NOPEN .

[AP Perhaps one of conservation agents went to lace's lakes will-be restocked with and MONDJtTttSTEAK CIUCKCXDLVXERS .:. -

the reasons you've not been catch- work this past week. I bream and bass and will be fer- I
OPENING SALE Ing fish .from your lake this year They put applications 'of' rote- tilized at about 1,000 pounds an I .
is-there are too many fish in it. none and derris powder in Her acre a year. I We Pkoait eater U W.aprttal r. J-tMI.......
This, paradoxically, is the truth man's; lake and 14.000 bream and I In a year. Bissland says bream --- --
take it from Howard Bissland. perch were killed in one day. Nota should weigh at least eight ounces
biologist and D. D. Pitt naIlr dis- bass floated to the top. and bass a'pound.. Within 18 .
CHOKE! IMPROVED HOMESITES trict conservationist of Lakeland None of the. IJ16h weighed over months he says Herman's little
who have showed two HOlsborough six ounces [an average year- lake should yield him from 300 to
County men just what they meant. old bream weighs a pound]; and I 400 pounds of usable fish a year.
Fred Herman meat products the average size was ZVx ounces.
M+.utiftil L* t Kfttwtes. Section of Winter Park manufacturer at Six sole Creek, the Now a e'
and Stanley Wallace. Lutz Three to four days later t

.4h H to It ...* frtat and -136 to 200 feet in depth. citrus grower, were having no-soil floated hardier,op preying-bullheads types, mudfish of fish ShowingTop
troubles; so the U. S. I
and suckers. There were no gars. Western twa. 6 > e d1 r s ,
Wallace's lake said Bissland, 1
: $295 to $765. wasloaded with gars," with a TONIGHT "CALIFORNIA"via "'" .... ''''''''
of catfish. 5hsrn
sprinkling "AFFAIRS OF SUSAN"Fred t1 Teckaicda
Trouble. Bissland says. Is this: with Rsy )chard .
"A certain acreage of water will Mac Murray"CARTTON" Barbara suawyra

i (fY'1YATiR: I1CCTRIC LIGHTS PAVED STREETS e produce only a certain poundageof LATEST WORLD KEWS --.
fish. If. as at Herman's lake rift ChiMrM. 511e.II.7:3t*.. 12 C,*.,Care.... aa.Mmin. T..FIM.Ills
the poundage is there in small .
r fish the fish are going to stay ..
i ,/i Htv C% tat Strtke soon to start. small. : 'w.uIuI Where Distriminatia Pea r. G."s. r'

hare found that fish
,: Tg* .. ThW tarn, Three Years to Pay Balance. won't"And grow we unless the fertility .

is increased [fertilizing the CL'I

J t i+ I rri r iHnlrnt 9ft< Trib. {ktfttr&ftce Furnished with each purchase. pond duced.]"or the population re- ,;.,, ,"" ,

In 30 days Herman and Wal- COCKTAIL LOUNGE .'"
OId OAaa4FieMwd Kl.ay apt.lmr 1khIMrI..6wd Ntl .. .-'hI. W. P. W2S-.
MUSIC; Yes music tonight and every
taw ENJOY week day evemng at Orlando's popular :

t r Fort Gatlin Cocktail Lounge. Joe The question isn't DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LOUNGE PACKAGE GOODS ; ;: r :
f McLees is at the console piano from whether you need m. _,

a i*+ lr r1 tp.wl iw. Radio's Top Notch Hill Billy eight till closing. :Liability Insurance but EL PATIO

: a +p lM p.iN Bonds Prairie Drifters and "How Much" and "What Barbecues picnics .l ;
TAVERN: AI Rousch .and: Peck Morin Kind?" Our experience is .i -I,
; k4 Dixie Land Buckaroos ON behind the bar win mix your favorite j ready to supply the RIGHT "Dancing under the stars" .. :
from noon tits micVvght answer! Can us without obligation stab 0.uult
: MW PROPERTY WEDNESDAY 2 to Walter Johnwm and Has Royal Dictators WedaesdeY. a a* aattfffeM
; to buy. 1 S. ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL OPEN DAILY 11 A. M. ....' ...
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j i r adjoining the lounge serves dinner mmmmGENERAL .[ ..... r
1 from 530:: till 9. Miss Rossie Crispe I Gary DUCK IN 311& a. Orange ;

i ; -. bJil rrMre II Ala IN.i ..rItrs f M property receptionist bids you welcome. INSURANCE : Starling KOSSOBI Trail ..t-
tO s OM4
w. serve the cam deBdonx foods from auto W

i j J E -.... NIt M1 M..s.lh JlTvt: "iq SaleX114 It's a- dote-See you tonight. ., French Fried J 'M"BOsiiiiM, $1.25

. r1.Md iKrecw while Forll! Gallin Hotel We Construct Eta loom ail]
: "otau'
tw ,.., '. .. you pay .. """ .., """'" - --
:: M ,wrlM.s New Cocktail And Erect i.TT7: J;

.. All Types Of ;: : '

}s t-zi1 II WIIft f.t 'ADVANCE INFORMATION LOUNGEAir.Conditioned STEEL STACKS \1 : z *9r. : {

Serving Noon Till :Midnight Consult

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x r

e. .

- -,

;' l'J, 'BJJ_ fifo \:? :; >::<:>?{ : '", -

. .... .
T = =::: .-;.:..:: ;:;,';:: -:: -z- --,-- < : : - '


.. .lit
. 1 .

'Dodgers Blast Card Hopes With Dual W. 1

- -

Brooklyn Lead I Page, 8 Orlanin Earning{ 0nttinrl Taw ..... i I

-- lit ... ..........1M'**(...e. rvmMtftit. that the Softballers Open State Meet Tomerfw I

,. .
.":. ... .. Jt t ,3ittilfi4 tukteg tu cUHliicttiontfi&ef Extended In -

,' = '." ...*. f |**pJ tiling the South action the in Florida-October !4 ::fi Pre-'.....

... *tt* .r ...* a WI. : 7-5,12-3 Tilts Enraged Frick Defending -

.. taaa .. ..** U.,.. will .. thIa4 _

0 ..... ce. sad .*. nfUa lBtrrea- BROOKLYN rAP The lagueleading Calls for ReplayOf

.. # t..fcrt.!B4 .*. a..*at4> .*. other- club DocefmPkh

$*+. ft* teM. ..** a Ate* at CUM B kaB. 1 Brooklyn Dodgers threw TiltNEW Champs WinIn
: back the Louis Sunday
runner-up St. Cardinals -
.. A
u4 aline tat tit r cf*>brf aking at-
.. ... ..J* 1 teethe ta jumptnc to. a twice yesterday walloping YORK (API An angry

the Cards 12-3 in a night game Pro. Ford Frick of the National' ; L.jT ..

i"" '" fJ f5 that 'bN 1 W MM halt pit,, But how'after clipping! them 'I-5iD the day-I League yesterday ordered that I' Doubles MeetCHESTNUT
... ''ftM- llcht. The double win stretchedthe
j iIIIIl I .caa that dcfM answer at Sunday's second game between the
V I. .i .. tM Ks. Mftia i- WMcfar M lumping to Class' C Brooks margin to 6 1-2 games '
Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia .
over the Cards and assured them I' I HILL Mass. (UP]

ft of at least a split in the vital four- Phillies at Shibe Park be replayed Two upsets highlighted the playas

*#* If fed* tft** at..tJ mutimg hire *omtw game series. as a "suspended game," i more than 350 top-notch tennis :.
Before a sellout crowd of 33723.
: .. !*.*** dew tt that .... U Urk with the the Brooks blasted Harry The starting at the last half of the )i players from 15 nations began the _

4i %w e "...*
p > 4 *# et ft* tfetytt. tread. to abide strictly the third Inning of the night affair leading 5.4.Seething j Tournament yesterday with seven

.M teitff hoist rtralauoes preacrlbed fore with a four-hit, five run spurt after receiving a report titles at stake on Longwood Cricket _
that gave them a 7-1 lead and from his umpires Frick called the

tit ,'p., f4 ...... ttko .... Brrtt Melt after the Cards got two runs in game which was halted by the ?- Club's ivy-covered courts. Three K ,

..... 1M ..... 1M"........ Ne tanskatd, Ia the sixth on Country Slaughter's o'clock Pennsylvania curfew a defending champions made successful .:

: .. twf. ft** A I dMa a.**** year If the homer the Brooks collected one "farcical exhibition which was a debuts.
& tally in the sixth three in the disgrace to baseball and a complete The men's and women's doubles 3
!$ ***. .. tefmttx CtM D ,.... with (Iron -
seventh and the 12th in the eighth travesty of all the rules of
II- _|w. .* tit ale M4rr .. ... feat to the If..... to ice the tilt. sportsmanship." j produced one upset each and the -- .--- f.- ..

-. -.'. .. :; j i.tM Iww that eta .f the Uht dubs In the day game played beI(i I I second-seeded foreign pair.of Bo- SANDY DEAS HERBERT ....... ... .-

_. W N W easry 1_ ed than D baseball1.E4 fore 32.781 customer*-a total of hous Cernik and Jaroslav Drobnyof I f . always dangerous . .highly' I.,Ifdld ., 0'tom. .. ,.,..
1 !- 1 ft **.* 4ft4sf salary payorata. nnder- W04 for the two contests-the Arena Scene Czechoslovakia withdrew de- .. .....
:. = ta.. ** Brooks ..-
*** atan sad other aide disheaI walloped the Cards ace
faulting their first match to Larry
....... -.... .....w. tMeaa. lefty Howie PoIIet. In the fifth ; >
4a .... ..... of oMtea tlue1fk.u. Aare Inning and scored five runs to Dee and Jack Tuero of New Or- Eight Enter Revamped Lions L .
..... .. i.e.Iiwe ss.... beh aatn. .... virtually sew .up that contest Of Mat leans.The -a A ..

!!II lit... be.. ........ .... the spirit ., Me Lombard wo nthat game Action men' doubles saw tap-
for the Dodgers with an eight- seeded Jack Kramer and Ted P.., v '<
I. AI."f.... 0.... U UtrbaU. I

_' ?..1ft. IQ T. t ..r.l.a1 hit.we/ OHanda Is not walking off hit needed performance help from although Hugh Casey be'I I 1 Al Massey vs. Bill Steddlum a Steele Schroeder and R.easily P. Stewart beat Channcy of Boston At o0Vandalia Eye NFL Crowi :: 4s .

lAW tbsl ts IB fact 1$1 lanl rrrn a com- when the Cards got the first two matching Orlando grunt-and- 6-4, 6-1. 63. SecondseededFrank ;

... isi 04 has .fcat even" baseball man conojpiiajy men on base. Casey retired the groan fans have been sweating out i I Parker of Los Angeles ... ..
VANDALIA Ohio (AP] Eight of DETROIT ATI( tlas--
***** ***., iNKut side while ever since these i .. .
tfirfcten--taow to be facing only one bat- two bitter rivals and Gardnar MnDoy of Coral n'" """
36 State champions broke 100 tar- ball toabue cluk eprtusB u. sup .4 .
ter. Bernie Creger being picked nearly decapitated one another Gables Fla. whipped Nick Car- ' -
off second base and Red Schoendlenst a recent outing here, heads the ter and Ed Moylan of San Francisco gets in a row at 16 yards yesterday Mta this ..... vttst a > ., -tar '

hitting Into a double AmVet-sponsored wrestling card 6-3, 6-4. 62. in the feature event of the troit Lfcm eleven IbM well -l I-

,'1M i *# _*S ... Mas*t 1M HAM C wait sale than play. at the Legion Aerena tonight. Lone upset in the men's division 48th Grand American Trapshoot's once la II MMMO a y..r .*.. ISO I -..

__ ... ft t......< MX solaria legHimaUIy Lombard then returned in the I Rollend Klrchmeyer, Southern'I came when Robert Abdesselamand opening day, and .-ent.lnto a shoot heed the atom ........ .f ....* Y
seventh inning of the heavyweight -
.. .... Mtn ...... .................. after Starter Harry arclight Taylor contest to third man this wrestling three-fall champ meetIng is- I! Bernard Destremau of France 'off for the "champion of champions mannered Osswh Ctnr.. .' ''' > '
late fourth-
rush the
held off a by Doraia who rf ttlll iI
MV rnottt
tIIJIIiI! It "'*' like law hilt. Landls inspired
was sidelined with a strained In which the fur is i "
ligament expected to seeded foreign team of Roland title.Registering. i I
MFL baMtMtat U lew taw nTTw
wee .t teal ..* much to eiders today, in his left elbow and held fly from the opening gong. CUr- McKenzie of New Zealand and : perfect scores were*I I Ltas. are ihnasfh a.a..ii t

41taP. ...t. 1I4t.. ftttala, more particularly the Cards to one-hit-a single by tain time is 830.: Torsten Johansson of Sweden for I II Mercer Tennffle of Shreveport. dead for the rot el teV \.....

.- ... saw a..... !. ... Mi how far they can go Stan Musial in the eighth-in his Jax yeteran George Romanoff '', victory 3-6.-12-10.6-1, 5-7 6-2. I La.; Vic Reinders of Waukesha. Dorala docliMal yaat. ..*.a siSt* 4btsPr.
are ..aiHP94 d ferr their club three inning stint. Taylor will try to up-end Mysterious Wis. Julius of England T
sws f rtfidly and other gave Mr. I! A 1946 co-champion. Bill Tal- : Petty body who tMss wl h she
x teen> +** .**!* A4 ID* kiln af ba* ball law, ''up five hits in winning his 10th X in a one-fall one hour limit tilt bert and his new partner Bin :' Ark.; H. L. Cheek of Clinton. Ind.; touch Wt pWWvl. .9 Vv oral IsVsVsW f . We.Ie ra

game of the year. and Johnny Carling Is billed to Sidwell of Australia rallied to win Grant Usenl of Waco, Tex.; RoyG. can roll nit MB alsaws aM lit' ..:
Brooklyn collected 14 hits. face Bill Richards: in a similar Cole of Hamilton Ont. Herb '
1 -- l n * over Dick Savitt of East Orange.N. for a tewDoraKfort a.eear
i a. M GaattTi threat Uat If UM |I I FintT SANE contest. HI. and Joe Hie- +.e e
I Bush of
... .;* tl.t ........ .ten would halt this mockery f, ST. LOUIS (N) I MOOKLVN ell) J. and Hugh Stewart of San Canton : Reinderswon .... .. w Aso
stand Ohio.
.. 4haw, fe*1 ***4 flea run Art aDd Import a rip- I.r.......... M.0 1 : : ::1'1 7.A tl 5114 r l. ; Marino Cal 2-6,6-3,6-4.8-6,and the of event Hillsboro a year ago. or tMke tm4 to t.s_ -..
o.-.If 4 I I I IIa.b. -.1 Three AA fourth ranking National player a. oat MM. UMa ... tell"geed
I I 111 I
.. taeft tt BM M it* Wasatettoa farm system at .... PlayersGet Youngsters the big stars
"' .n 1 I I U l'a.11' 3S1 1/ Bob Falkenburg of Los Angeles has eeme ua MII a ..... ...
.it m. ff MM twrtM tnmtfQ with his thrrat. a..u,1141. 21 llr.rlll..rr41111 and Tom Brown Junior, of San of the earlier events as 1100 ..
attack fr H4Itr .. _
ewel Jt 4 1 1 I 1\\\tiuii.i 4 1 I Merit
4 1
4 Nt ally r m tad t lump laM year bunvd up the Awards I I' ousted Jaquls Peten shooters from all parts of the
N.s'sg I. 1 1 Ii Wtlkir.ifII 4 I I 1Rt. I Francisco lf" ... A. &. ff
.. ..... b... ... la Oat B ball But teams like !I! =- i i i SI Jars BMW Ma MJ .Ika 4 1 1 1 1 COLUMBUS 0. [API American and Armando Vieiia of Brazil 6-2. country 16-yard events.fired in the 100-tartet t. a.-T"..a.. .,. II CIS awl

.. 40i #.1! : II"I 1 0 1 II a-bar< .
... Jir! J .-. ....*, AM....* ad Sanferd ,. .1r\1IMr.., 1 1 1 I 11a.ap 11111 terday listed three players to The leading foreign team of Ohio into a T" Ltllrtt.a Dial 'a) .

....... fi.ffi ] .., data a tts f&>>We. and err- I I lw Sells\ ceive the newly inaugurated re-I John Bromwic and Colin Long of cracked dusky,100 in a win the thatDaratBret Minn alt .... t1... -- .
..... a row
I 0 1 1 certificate of Australia had little trouble whipping at tr* .leapt tabP r1NS4.1 Ir ...
I.IM I*** C fteka, They slat loaded with"HftUHswn'a kM4lrtrDMrlBf 1 I e I 'I merit for their Junior championship for marks- '" 4 Ar
'U and
111111wtlw. season performances. Dick Hart of I under caw It the "ftoWatt T- a !'"
.. 1 1 1 Ill I George Pero of Coral Gables, 6-2. men 18. brevity sW. ISM-D-l eswunvi111osd ."' .
_.. hiss t4 V... wM UDdtm&nd1DI.c .nafTMato 1111 I! They were: The sub-Junior race, for kids a .
...! 6-2. .tt'S :s4 *' .
Carl a
-c Derose of the Kansas City : under 15 wound in deadlock SfMMM
14 *H lf et salary Ill .lt Infraction Is all up a
U S lltl*) TMala II r SITU I Blues who will receive the new with 12-year-old Clarence P. Mrt- put MW isft a LJB ....... 'd'
a aeiHt. .. .f tIN fNM tart IrrtM when some el Washwd a-na tor Bin to Ttk BROOKLINE Mass. [rAP Apparently .
f *
awar dbecause of his hunt had fMSth a 'M a > -
..... .5 s*slbaNs a.**4 H4 JessJ UM colorful Amerit .--4M IMB tor M tan#*rkk I Uy la for Ttk Berfchart. to Ttk.TM run game pitched against no-hit Minneapolis no-- : still shaken from Brit i year-old tinger of David Ohio City Lee Ohio Cook and of Coal 14- NFL titM r__.Hi tar I I' iISe.Pn .
I e41.a1 a "alt.- ....<> e-n. tar "liter la atk. ain's complete setback in the .
June 26. In retlrn 27 $ Iglnetta. w .r Ir -soanced
batters Valley. HL, breaking 97 each to tor Witts ta
t1 ......i hw 1mtiM ....... Xrtr bear of aMMSMH Iwie _. __Itb.II ._ an toe 111-t I in order the big righthander Wightman Cup matches Mrs. pace the pack. 1M ts4la1 ...... tL e#

.....I $W' t".. wills the talk. 1U either anntlya _ . . 10* IM IesTan.n :. pitched the first perfect game in Jean Bostock and Mrs. Betty Ni- The veterans' scrap, for shootersover and Ilk ......... esrpb ee 'wvbseed

k &ft.....:I.Jer.a lWte_.sea *u.d Rats Ia:,.Briilma.Karankl. Association history. coil Hilton top-seeded foreign en- 70. also wound up in a tie will 1nIII ... s..w ,- .... ..
1"p.w. ...... Tai b.. kits Koramki. Danny try in the women's division were
a a a : r..nle.l Murtaugh Milwaukee H. B. Greenmyer of Piqua. Ohio, J'\IDIIIq "taft.
... i
Tkn* klu: E4wuih X. liuit B eliminated the Mrs.
r. by experienced
._ daetMabls tie 8'.4.tftC.. a .o CUM C league BiHmia. mU. hm: taritau. Stank? aadB second baseman handled 101 putouts and Herman ZiUgett of Milwaukee. -- -
-' ..,. n tf.* t.4 UwtttttTM to lUck rigidly by the .*lam; r *,. BOTM sad Ruben.,.. LmMM s. I II 130 assists and aided in,36 Marjorie Gladman Buck of New WIs.. powdering 99 of the flying Nats in ExhMaitilfl 'F
PL Lau s. BnokJja a. BMW a* bath: double plays while York and Mrs. Magda Rurac of
alii rattai' .. Barkhart 1. Lombintt C Btrlkmwa: playing 42 errorless discs. The father-son attraction .-'
.., I rIM L Bntturt ItUks Lmturdl S. Bits: games between June 4 and Romania. went to the Homer Clarks, senior ..
4iia a aMmsUan tab tabs arent .
a n year .: .IB. Win Over PI Ik.WAIIHIMOTf. .
*T FMM 11.1 1 toatno ta I 11. July 6. Fred Maguire of Toledoset Those British girls beaten by 1; and Junior of East Alton. Ill. the > I
3 4tl tfcrf taBBKsHn b 4.Ma< B..W U alert the iweolty Wllkt e ta I: L..b.tdl S ta I: Caxjr 11. L America's best Louise Brough and I
the previous record of 36 elder 100 and the Z
BIk: UetbardL Wlaalnf IxmbirdLU error- getting young- ;
....a .... a4 ....... ball dabs 1st the lean ... pitelwr: Osborne'in sets .. AP w. ; '
> | las "., : PallK. l..plrw: riiwlll B r1tflt less games in 1925. Margaret straight ster 99 for a 199 off 200 total /tiddN.... '
ten dtfntfH tin '" -
. .. Cn. TIM: tM. Atuaduo*: 32.711 .).. In the International wind- -
e. ..., M nbsX11 Steve Trophy
"" Gerkin Minneapolis' automaton l\1rs.1I. B. Rader of Jeffcnon- Philltn Jhvr* ,.......e. ; c ,'" C ." .
.. belokstUi It player traffic and the un- I (SECOND SANE) relief pitcher, had worked up play at Forest Hills Sunday vile, Ohio, outshot her husband .

r .. '" bell... *s4 >rtt f-.aa4 higher classification t, IT. 1OUIs ab IS(II)II I) iHOOKLT alylea CII) :in 71 games this season by Aug. managed to win the first set before 99 to 98, but their 197 of 200 was proceeds exmbltloe tnm brsehap l !Jw used LMts anIS, -. :. ..- I I I.

'. I leash! MIr ........ t.tal. 9t 113 players traced the i M..n I I' I tftankrla 3$214 13, 10 more than the previous AA.I I bowing before the Inspired i rood for the husband-wife title briDe OOTMIMI MttM l WD.a S*- .ate 4&I
lS-uUve- I... .... 4 1. g 'I"'I'-.n.! 1 1 1 1 I record set by St. Paul's Walter play of Mrs.' Rurac.'4-6, 6-2. 61. while Walter and Stanley Wardof :
--ajf 4 lilt ". tclCPkte ,
jracr .*an 9 iffti V1lOlal.1. 1 1 1 1 lE| lMC.1f I 1 1 3 I I I tl yea Meokmlisl Ctov Pleatsiloadu .
win pIM/l rN 4 1. 1 elmuiojfllEdwMtb.e Tauscher in 1945. He passed the McKeesport: Pa. crabbed the .. .. .,. 1
44 ft. a fat, tt that IN tread go by S I 3 1 1 The Mattaaaai +a :
. 1 ASHI Wall) opening day estas.d 1 I' 41211 I major league record of 65. established -I Hold brother-brother act with 199 .f off >Bra Cns ir.. ", ... -
I f ; as.4e pare III.1f 1. I a I;HaiktriflIRmeia I I 1 I I by Ace Adams of Youngsters %00. Walter retting 100 In a row. runs :: rJ'
the NewYork
... alerg t gtst .* ibM a Marprtftt to la store for you. aeIIa 4 1 1 1 $1212NabgN I the etathth MBMM J<4M. shwa err' awe "
end of the
ids. *1 _II **4 ............ .f ,Um eats dabs . 1 S 1 I'1 $limtMK.3 IlTirloraiUaibardl.. 11 21121 I I 1N. I all-time Giants record in 1945.of and the Pod-old Swimming TryoutsPreparing competition The 'professional finished In a three- van dss...... mt ........ .dam R -,
Johnny ,
I.rsW.,1. I 1 I 3 Eddie Tart ....... eM ... w.., I e
. 1 I 11 I
Ah 4pa) 4MMay4 .( resells, .. ... ff slgBing In tie with John Jahn of Spirit
1 11I 1'- I I I IIMrewe gajny of Baltimore, also set in way .,
tomorrow's first .
.. tsawllset. 4w ...... espws.s I 411111' I 1945. Lake Iowa: J. B. Grier of WUm- scored after Ithern ReaI1 t; i
... ** *.. | /: : : ; ming Meet at Winter Garden'si 1M..lss'a. IrMY. .
$ iiiicf HM>-****&,, V* sUrllM and stopping point on IbNdiN ;Joe Louis Own Municipal Swimming Pool at 1:30 Glasboro N. J, going straight Hudson 1M TiMe
111111e I the center. In all. 37 of
aallt .abtsaf 1est+ sliLI (MM11111hrtlart.p pjn.. city youngsters in the nine through ,.......... t)1) .. i.e err :
the 1100 entrants' broke 100 ........ .. .
- - 1 I 1111sDIs T4 I .r 'L
f $ 1 1 1 II 1 Tourney Medalist to 17-year-old group have stagedan straight one of the greatest scorIng .ags.ajjjfl:
: -----I 1I --___ .1 : elimination tourney to decide alass:: M : R.trsa I IIt
of the
"roaring grand"has .
Speed Trials H.T iwo U)\ -U 1 .-111._T_.ula fia"Ml lilt Iel-If 11 S DETROIT [AP Heavyweight their neighborhood's representatives -i sprees ever witnessed.Ham :''I'hc''r twleew C1aIsaI ( ......., ..b..

ar.klr* _-_ $2S Nl Ili-ll I boxing champion Joe Louis today; in the county.wamplon.shipmeet.
Stein: BrMrkM. Jorw_ ItuM kitud 1.: set the pace for his own golf tournament .
Moved Back Kwa.kL KdviMt. fcrsroMB 2. Fortll. s. EMM medal hon- Divided into two squads (North: -, J.- .
t. lankr .. MMSktnr 2. XOOHIML T.. ku. kilt: by capturing I Miami
u.. Jtt'E Moor at Rackham Course in the Replaces Scrap rOn
t. rurillo. Brae, IW>- I ors the and South playgrounds results .
& IMM. Tkn kM .kit! 5Iit* RUM tmt: E.- I the amateur division. 1 I of the tourney and their
ItOOfftMU,. 8ALT FLATS. f-rtU III..eIK. Mriricet, age
: BoMiwn .
'%a* lArl Baresaire moisture on I.... DniM fttt: ftunkj. XnM ud .....1 j i The Brown Bomber, who sponsors : groups:. -- .
UMf a... track yesterday forced I Lift ktllf- kM. <.,H. .LNU T, BnoklTB (. Buaai the Joe Louis open here annually North plmrooad 25 T*. Free Still AmVet Program Tursy/? /
M anr WUta I. Bart- Slrls. (9-10-11 aft troop: 1. Vlnlnl liorItn .
Drfrwt John Cobb of London and art 1. Ttrtor i. LMkwdi t.1. Dtrlkwrtc Brat i collected birdies on the 2. Made Strain 3. Jean PI d1er. .... .. -
aa JmiMii of tilt Lake City to *... XIIftIOI' l WilU L Twter t LMferdi 14th and 15th: holes to lead a' 25 rd Back Stroke!: t. VlrtlnU Morgan I Promoter Temple Mason yesterday rmnum4 _
''I. III: flit Bnrhm T la 11.3 2. Jean rtedter. X Ntner Morrow
Inalnji: Mar field of 52 amateurs with 37-35
tte lass pUns for assaults on te 1 U I 1.1; Witts It. t; BwUiart S 152.: SO rd ReIn two girls) von tr Ylr1 Oliver Hamlan Arkansas club-fighter. vtasM rcptar _
.rW iityimoblie speed record 'Twl I ta I. 1 ta S., Hit kr littler: 1 slots Morgue and Madge Strain -
by Wtki; Tyler(. WUialnf Mtchar Tutor. La 72.Buster Cooper of Pontiac Mich, One Dire (plain. Mad Strain. 2. i Spangler of Miami as Johnny North's opponent in tin "
Coal)" ftMM t to shatter'his .. .
; ta* ..: BncbeM. ['.11...: B.rt..... lion Nancy Morrow: 3. Nancy Rideont. round semi-final bout at the AmVrt huM
rM lead sid record of 3697 aid n.ttH. TI.,: t:U. .An.....: U.I% "paid Dollar Sanders of Memphis TeniL, 25 ,d. me Style boys): 1. John Cooler I emt4 v
as tr hour was tentatively and Tut Holmes of Detroit tied for 2. ROM Peeler 3. Billy Chamberlla.i f! night at Tinker Field. .
i 25 yd Back Stroke 1. Billy cnambcr-
taHiilMii4 J for Saturday. He had| Bear Hunters GetChanceat'Least second place with 73's.The : lID: 2. Bill cooper. I Mason said "Doc" Bradley "
Na4. to t. t hSI ear early this professional bracket of the 50 yd. Relay two boys. ) won by John : Spangler's manager, had advised
[ y run 1 Dtvef plain and alternate); 1 an --
: :" __ ., A ., Rhodes of Nashville, Term. Conley: 2. ROM Peeler injured hand and would be unableto

: ....... Ntas1 car. driven by First 90 Do in the favorite's role. I I, trouD 25 )):"d.1.Pre Joanne Style Cooper(rlrl,*. Pat Day ate 3. meet the Frostproof slugger I ... hhhl ex..I

041111i Osw.N .. WteAeld of La Can-: Shirley Morrow I Bradley is also handling Ham CALL FdR- ...... -.

aa*, c.t. fuf,.sMd the American i TALLAHASSEE [UP Bear Rippey Sets Mark ; 2.25 Dorothy yd Back Bender Stroke: 3.: 1 Joanne. Shirley COoper.Morrow the replacement fighter, and reI -

!_ Nr the kttometer on its in- hunters get ready! 100 yd Relay(four ,tria. 25 yds each) I ported that Ham had looked -

a .Mal Met ran Sunday, was forced t : The State Game and Fish Com- In Taking Feature won by Joanne and Eleanor Cooper.Darts Fat Day, ShirleyMorrow :; rugged and Impressive in 3Iiami

la ioatmsMi Ms IBM distance real mission is,going to let 90 nimrodsi Two DtTes plain and alternateShir- : appearances
eaf. ftwsls today until probe CHICAGO' IAPJ William Hells' ley Miller >. Pat Day 3. Barbara Watmn. I The North-Ham backs .
track down the bruins In Apalachicola 1$. yd Free Style (boys>-. 1. John Hol- scrap up
.., .dexN.y I National Forest for 18- Rippey at odds of 7 to 2, won the >I man: 2. Lap Crane; 3. Alton Parker the 10-round main-go attraction ill -
>aaDH* Meail Special, with a> day period this FalL an $25.000 added Great Western 1, 2.25 L ')4.Crane Back Stroke 1. John Holmaa. between Juan Villaba of Cuba and -

Hf M ..*.... was efawked at 1(3 J4 i But the odds are 30 to 1 against Handicap at Washington Park I 100 roy yd Relay. (four boys 25 yds each) : Irish Jackie Hogan of Miami on
tit aced with the old mark: killing one. I yesterday, setting a new track record won by John Holman. Leroy Crane. Altoa l the 42-round boxing card. : BEER

e,( Ml .M ... bf George Barrtngeraa The bear season will be divided of 1:09 2/5 for six furlongs I i Parker Three and Dives Dean(plain Mink.and two alternates): i Mason also announced that both ... .... *tM
tae ft*** lams .ta 1144.IM i into six three-day hunts beginning I Spy Song 1 to 3 favorite from 1 1. Leroy Crane; 2. Alton Parker; 3. Baddy Villaba and Hogan would arrive

L Oct. 8. Others will follow at one- the Dixiana Stable weighed down Pettigrew.50 yd Free Style girls 15-16-17 are ''r here tomorrow In time to work out
a*.rt taaa 56 per cent of week Intervals ending Nov. 19. I with 129 pounds was second and group): 1. Sherille TUner. 2. Claire Def late tomorrow at Davis Armory in .. .
fcrvay Quick Reward, owned by Norman erable. 3. Jeanttte BaitinisSO final drill for
( H fiaastfir as habitable. Only 99 special hunting per- yd. Back stroke 1. Sherin TUner a tune-up the bene-
mits will be issued and W. Church, was third in the feature 2. Claire Deserable. 3. Jrenette Baxtinis I fit of curious local fight fans. .
applica for three year olds and up. Three DiTU (plain and two alternates Reserved seat tickets at S3 a
should be mailed to the 1. BhtrUl. TUner. 2. Claire Dcserable.
JttlCUEK district ranger United States Rippey paid 920. 3. Jeanette Baatints. throw, and general admission tickets ,- 1
North playtroanda. 2S yd, Free Style at II each went on sale do1i'Utown -
rarest Service Wilma I
Fla (rirls. 9-10-11, ate troop: TUka Mickler.
: KICKS Open season on bear in the Fed : 'B' Softballers Play 1 2. Marylia Culpeppen :X Betty Ann SpeU- yesterday morning and Ma- -
m.n. son said about 100 of the 250
..1! eral refuge was declared last year : Doubleheader i I 50 yd. Relay two iris. 25 ydseach) available
t for the first time in 10 years but Tonight l I woo by TUb Stickler: and Marylia Cul-! ringside reserved seats
rs1'aw'and4'zs'xt6" lasted only six Class B Softball League gameson pepper. had been sold by noon. Tinker Tiit JAttWH ..
days. Sixty era
II 25 )"d. Free Style boys: 1 Lloyd SUtn, 1 Field I
grandstand box
**.*. ttwfcs. . mad here mits were issued and two bears I tap today pit Eelbeck Milling 2. Claude 8andae: 3. Ben Ranter seat tickets .
were killed. Co. against Burch's Restaurant at 25 yd Back Stroke. Ben Hunter: 2. I at $2 each will be sold at the ballpark I Gel y. eeToley's H -

b Orkado.a.wJO.. Game and Fish Dir.Ben Morgan 7:45 pjn. and First Presbyterian *, Claude 50 yd sands Relay;,.; two X Lloyd bora.Stlth.25 ,ds each) i ticket office during tomorrow Chapter .

I said the season was extended this i Church against George Machine won by Lloyd Stith and Claude Sands... night's Orlando Daytona I ..... .... ___ ._''lJ

iNaIi year because the bears had been Co. at 9 p.m. on the No .2 Exposition -' Welaa Two Sunlipo.Dim (plain 2. Billy and Bowen alternate X lea 1.i Beach ball game and the night of SalerM, fla Hati.l

killing hogs and apiaries in the Park diamond. i: Banter I the fight. I -
forest. I I 25 yd Free Styli (rtrl*. 12-13-14 ate
troop): 1. Melba Man 2. Barbara Nettles
11541. ... Sale of cotton goods was forbidden 3. Elaine Mickler.
TeL ,
At St. Helena lives a tortoise I in England in 1700 because 1t1, 2,25 Alice yd. Lane Back:Stroke 3. Elmlne: 1. Mary Mickler Loa. Shyer CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH ..
which probably saw Napoleon. competed with native wooL 100 yd Relay (four elrla. 25 yds. each)
won by Mary Loll Shiver Melba Mays .

M -- '" i A 17' Barbara Two Dins Nettles(plain end Elaine and Mickler alternate): 1. PAINT GOING TO ''TN# s a::I
Mary Lou Shiver 2. Barbara Held... -
IInIIWII KUflKT SERVICE 25 yd Free Style (boys). 1. Nelson Morris I T DOGS" ... alN fIr:
2. Bill Gerald Rooks.
: Shombert: 3.
.'.. Am K. Soft Drink or Beer delivered WATCH 25 "4. Back Stroke: 1. Nelson Coma .J. Let us 91. ,.., tan

..IIIL .mt to four door In case lots. X 100 Bill yd.Sbomber Relay four: 3. Bob boys.Bates.25 ids each) h rj r.\ paint pr.Mn'tet .t au1 ... ...L '"

;, fat*, Te' .}, RC eta IL1I per case deUvered.Vf& Oerald woo by Rooks Nelson and' NorrU.'Dick SeweO.Bin Shomber polish Job.A.P.CLARKMOTOKSt.

.. .' JI" tewrtte Beer from I3.M per ease delivered. 'coifTftxv Three Dies (plain and two alternated
t. Gerald Roo"a.. Allen Boleomb: 3. Dick .1111
-- ... mars SewelL IM.8X9
.u 1 ,. PHONE 9173 ( \ | The peak wartime average out- MUJ411II
I I 1945 N\BA.' GE rife s-454. I .
of crude oil in reached
-all.g XLII () 1.t51 M.af1 i put 4,695,000 barrels a day. J +' :; <"", Ili .

. .. .;.. '. '
- -' J "" "-- 1'--" -
-- - .:....;..: :::: "-' '

- -- -- '
-- -- .
- -- -
- -- - --- -- --- --- -S-.:
-- -- - - --- -
---- :


. I
-- -. I
; i -

t !

; jI = ,.V, fs:4 Bevil-Lybrand Combine Whips P/rafaf/

Senators Thump Tuesdoy, August. 19, 947 (grlanbn gaming3K graitltrlr .. i

Lake Countians I fk ... il

} r In 5-4 Tussle > lose .11I i


Mgr Lou Bevil broke up his own I

ball game with the aid of Craig FourM9lvfttrf .
t tr
Lybrand here last night as Orlando -

defeated Leesburg.! 5-4'before 35ii $< ***.**. ** mm

an estimated 850 fans at Tinker "'.., 'a -- y. ......

Field. .. ....
ea.-e .
4 %.
Bevil. who relieved Stan Zedalison
the mound in the third inning ii: : : J' -- A NA. .41 i1NH. -

and tossed two-hit ball the rest SpPv *"-l -
I of the way smashed a single to =-: :....-:.- : =

left in the bottom half of the ,I SET FOR GATOR ARRIVALS IN TWO WEEKS Buster Brannon Head Coach R.y WoM Line _.r .. .

ninth inning to score Lybrand t -When Septqjnber comes strolling down the : Coach Ted Twomey, and End Co: .di **><' tit r -.- ...

. _w ( with Lybrand the winning, who run.recovered along I pike two weeks from Monday, these four University i Severin. Until the launching of ...... K>< "i'ti +---. -. .. r'- .....
of Florida football .
lost batting eye last night brain-trusters will the combined Freshman-Wrwty 8 .... eft .h a

had a perfect "four for four" be awaiting the arrival of some 65 candidates II sistant coaches Sam McAHfetef. Dire fvtterI Mar *- .*- tit -,

Y night at the plate scoring three j for the 47 edition of the Gotors. The and Mush Battista will work with Nile R sn .- -- < '

runs and including a double In varsity staff left to I -
his list of safeties. I, right: Backfield Coach squad. Mt41111. alp.a .
I -- ---
Paul Gormish Pirate lefthander i 3
was the losing hurler. being I i 5

touched for 11 hits and giving up DeLand Fetes StandingsI Palaika a aqt
one unearned run in the opening Wings + + + t4tl
ts t.:..... .c.w.: .!". &W frame.
";: 1i'j-- = Steinecke,1hursday
;- I, .t Own Staff Proto: Barnes Zedalis started for Orlando and FLOiIDA STATE LEAGUE

.- .. tt ()..". man fallback l last year, end Copt. Art Ross i, after getting by two innings; lost "TMB'-. AU./. W .L .Prt..n SI 1 HUnfcrri,TUB W MU.MI1I l..... II>* DeLand ]74DELAXDH .4t
all of his stuff in the third and
AetTtlto n 31.115 4 iPateika 5.IT .... 11'.
ort 16s. ound standout last Fall who will Night
was chased to the showers by the IVLwd nil.SU T Lnrton 17 n IM M ,
Mff 170- .. I Ori.... 14$I.US IZ imn-i a. II tl.J:111
fW. ot a bock this year, right now hove pesky Pirates who scored all their .
..xrto Orlando MorrMnq Sentinel aura t.awr
IN toiKfe track three of the four runs. ORLANDO S. Lmtan 4. ... .... 1 .-.
on starting I
IL.a DELAND-In honor of.the popular
= :: .
; :. :: bockfield: jobs. Bevil who had been playing DeLand baseball manager. GalaarlU T. lUnt S. RAIN 1St. d i.PaloU ..

,, center field In place of Rex Bill Steinecke. officials of the Red AifutlM. J-fL PvtaM Buck t-1nRLATIO lashed O. ... Ian f. tilt # A 6111e.
IT X Throop. relieved Zedalis with the TMQ'1 c... night to i aeew. wee ... 111x11.1altithe .
Hats have designated Thursdaynight's at D aJtCIU fndLNATKNAL ! .
bases jammed three runs in and St. P8. Minutiae lit Lrfthr&. a coBHfcaftJBM fc4l + -
here with
1.; Plan Drills gave uP. the fourth run on a bit as "Bill game Steinecke Night"Augustine with- i D.I.N Ga1.15.U1 r FaNaa. Ii tro Ktd ttM* l ..r.-. leas
$ Twice-Daily a I1..r.d. I
of risky playing by Third Base- the entire proceeds of the game tO 4.
man Gerry Manning. LIAISE Joe Vmr. .... Ht .Sf Irr
for Red Hat '
into fund the
going a T M W L Hi. CO TOT W t P.3.15 ... .. ..
a, ... .-M wt TWOiiNU ..... VM .ho von honorable mention in all- manager After that hurled the brilliant stocky Senator two-hit mentor. have admired .i JlI.Br+NIT.1au1.54;tl II>.oUl.U 14'f IflmiMU' )..... M".m.II II.1SI1fla. extend singled' MB la. t4 ttt1M11 ueillr. Itriat 1_tttttlrla2J 1. ....... --. h- -
Individuals who
... .11A plr4t ttwgM and Btat selections last season and ball walking three and strikingout Sir 13 IS.sU T trutftafh I.M..!/n Trc,311Sts., .
Steinecke throughout the season \..TA C ,1f\M' tt ..
Ala .. now operating at the halfback four. SIM SIlttttlFhita.. .. UUJMtl illllpM,1y .. """'I'-': NFL...
:& ft odes. whom Jot hit mviTfrs consistently in Orlando assumed a two-run lead are expected to shower the man- :, B..ra RiMlts M. LM V!.tar i-X yMl N : ; T r : ; r ,"' 4rTas !' _

n ....ltey tift ......., Wt the passing. workouts. in the first inning as Gormish'I ager with a number of personal are, pat15 .r.wulfdl I .ire.... 11 -, Yh11r n-

.... d- _.e/11aon fem Coach O"NelUho anticipatesa I walked Manning and Lybrand. Ty gifts. He was voted by Florida I IVotaU p.tcbm TNq'1:' (.*c.ud. l..t __ .in I 1 ata ta t .. r. ,. .s-- E1
lnaMM ". twit.twiEltl turnout of 140 candidates State League fans as the best 1."atk.evl 11/tNad I I t AI.aTNNA. .
:= :. Braziel rapped a grounder to ,. a S I I .4.74431-., -'atx r 3 x5r "
the manager of the loop in the all- M. Lana at Broo Oj.-K_ [1d.r. .. .... ..
-r pblpll in next few days requests all Charlie Ridgeway at second who : Bntl. |tJ n B,tu. |1XCinciuat -'|. .. 4 1 I ,. -
: M ardA rath.MMI > junior varsity aspirants to report forced Lybrand. but Shortstop Bill star balloting.The M 7ie. .T..-t J/kt}-TwrfwJI idif1A11.. .1 .I a 1 I I r:.: 'A ,I a5(774-*,.
e week following on August "rr It-Ill) n Kmto n'-;L =
pt Art Row. tomorrow at 9:30 am. I' Zeloznock threw wildly to first 1. I I I 1t4.1N y e
I I CUnra at ftIJaIooI\lIIIa--UJ-1-7 I .
28. "Player Appreciation Nlght7will : .e: 1
allowing Manning to score. ;Bra mmn t.e.a. |"-*' n ( t) ... I .
be held. At this time the gate ,
aiia S-SJ ar ckau (2.41.
i Itw1.eNat
You ziel. who had gone to second on proceeds will go into a pool to be I Fttttkwth at -..+{aidot dMae..BN i ,s .. car If L4.
No-Stoop No-Squat on Me the throw and third on Bevil's infield divided among the players. The la-Ij n Bairn (WI- .. ASaar .eta
I ' ,
out scored when First Base- i a,1.C
G-Men from Gainesville have 1 AMfftlCAN LIAISE =: = .
I man Al Grunwald attempted to |IT.. W L Pet. CB TkM W l PH CB a. 1 t tstpr
their final tilt with the Red Hatson -
I Upsy-Downsy With You Bud! pick him off third but threw wildly that night.W. '' 'Naafrt 3,5.11 "N.nit .IJJ>>U-' iriataM)IOI"""., 111.4 M 54I".*1.i IT*"" I .:. -- ..:: t

s i the ball getting away from J. Uncle Bill Page marked IXtratt 2121.33i7hiw.M.. .. ... M'1..5*.SFmia. I:. =- 'Ir.r-&. ,
: MM.SM ...'\It. L.:. f1 tI .alf M .
Jai tt1e0 h Charlie Smart. ... ,,
'IItIH&Y Pa | API) Coach Cliff Battles and his Brooke his 56th birthday here yesterday ._Ih y..117 1515. -.i- ...
thirdon 5 IN11 eyAaa 1 (Ai 1117
led off the I
P ( fi (j. the Alt- merican Football Conference Jay Zedalis Stebbins by singling to center. with an appeal to the local fans to S.. luxa acktduted.T...,'. CianaFntiakl > Mw ...... ..R II 4---+ fir. : :off

4 t1ab M.. Mete iWNitMfi, no-fquat line-the Baltimore Colts are Zeloznock drew a base on balls these two occasions "a great success .itehna: lees sad ... maili M '', = 15.1N 11 1 trN'Al t
for each and for Bill paramanU) ,
player .
...-- to nt a rent one called the 1upsy-downsy". and Smart was safe on a bunt i, : se. lark at Octrat*-Kr .elda f IM) at 1.!i iumtiM A.. N.rlry,...... ..... _'" .r. +r4lusa. tit. _
Gth. Cwtt lWii. at present whipping. the newest mem- when Zedalis chose to play for Steinpcke. % I o..raLN (7.41) Cl.telade.BytrnaMl ........ ,AaN. I a... 474.e ,It--kB *.s --

... Q .. ........... 1111 spa k' Stebbins at third only to find.that Radon tmi J :. Vaxmaa. tt-lt) w a.,1A. NN -' w 5 a 1. 3"lwte
i Is-I! M : |STkUwlrtpbUi -*| (= g= -5-
... ..Y gefAi Ie Mow Manning was off the base. Hubbell Views < ate Chkaiv-(al tJ-",", JJ-UI
ill t.. r t113.ball .lwnnblet With the. bases loaded. Zedalis Rama (7.15.Bean. I II S- "
t : Heiner HurlsNoHitter I- a Ik, t.iealPtJ.H) uainesvilleiBesfs tT
.. walked Dee Salter forcing in the
.. .. 11M 8lff.)0 B I&J!t n UoaMtr [4SOUTH"],
.. ,...i>mntt naw( M Henley ; first Pirater un. Dave Bell then Sanford Site I

...... f"f'Wa'" .ktatitft. I 1 punche'da, two-run single to right I W L ATLANTIC, LUlU I IT I II
y...r ......., I..>, and that was all for Zedalis. Spec ol I to Orlando Morning Sentinel l] I 51 j Ptt.T> ,(...aai.iiii II WJ.K PAn .a**
/ ..... n. Ridgeway popped up to Manning SANFORD Carl HubbeUtormer -, rkarMMa T* W .l:Jarkmttlla M n MlM Sanford
\ t. .-* -nl! a Orlando Morning 5 nf ien8T --ala M ..!. .. I
= :U w IT n ''
..., Mere ....., tie, who attempted to pick Salter big league pitcher and present ; A.wta 57 M .nttr, ....... M Tl :JaI 1 1
.. it a aWL hi Take aM 1ew. AUOUSTINE-Hal Heiner. I off first. The throw was wild and Farm Director ,of the New York I Rnalta Vartartay

Ja t.t4 eU b.h.e el eeid MaataU. young rookie St. Augustine right :: before Doug Robertson could re- Giants was here last week confer- I J.-t.lotU.Cataaiko I.I.GnnriHa CalaaiMa 4.L r I',. 10.- : Yt ..4GALNMVIU. .-. ,. r

Ir .: .... ...., L1a. u. hander hurled a no run. no hitter!: cover. Salter had raced home with ring with city officials and the ,i Other ttmn p4.. r.taINTERNATIONAL I I .& t- IStM 1.4 .
.... 1M w IiME .. : the fourth tally. Sanford Baseball Club reagrding I'' .
= : = her last night before 1.246 paid i I LIAISE broke a sta .... I Saar .... ,
e .. ale Orlando got one run back in the location of a large school farm Taaia W L Ptt.TMai| W L hlB.seal here last Me11e Y tt11f Massa .4r r. -
fans as the pennant-bound St.I I the third when Lybrand led off for players here. Tl It ..1 li ..... IT Tl .Ill a-a.--5 Rq
daws.4.4 a 4t114urb the Saafct*
imtr Cltj Tl M .5M,_-., IT Tt ._ J-t.
abd s. ...... itormen.ofbidt Augustine Saints copped both., with a double and finally scored Hubbell was conducted on a touro 1'"...... 7117 .>U'BantMi' MHO* 'nw 0..1.. b11i ill
Ii( ) ..... ... U ends of a double bill for Daytona i I l on Beril's infield out. fthe Sanford Naval Air Stationby Banal" II M .$H4T_ M 19 M* aN else lane. w...A" .4W
... ', in the of Raiaitt VaitarlayBaltiaOT
The seventh committee
tying run came a composed Mayor -
1M &ttfiIL Beach 2 to 0 and 14 to 2. S. Ijfaian .. ton mare al Is Ifl1e t1Ris -
i l..-........tfc *. cootrol the Heiner became the first saint! when Lybrand punched another H. James Gut City Commissioner JCTWT CItE L [..... *. tkeir Pica !IB site 6N1r1Y( f-.JiM!! q

...... te..f . In the hurler to reach the dream of all I single to center moved to I,, Andrew Carraway, Edward Rorkntn I.2.Toraw Boffal. I.1.Jlootml and tout 1-0f tlndkNN Tam ..
.... .. .r atttral Unemen ,1'hurlers this when he second on Bell's error to third on Higgins manager of the Chamberof gain rte di Ni,.

_ tvslq .... dm Nix ..V-eortay buatness.kUhi blanked the Islanders season in the seven -1 I a passed bal land scored on JohnGarrison's Commerce, George Stine. presi- I SOUTHERN Ranlti AISOCIATION VattartayNa HMe"" the tmiu m ta. u ; 6"r

+ et51err .... ...... bt up. and inning opener without a hit. fly to Centerfield/ dent of the Sanford Baseball Assru h.iDa S. "' 1_. L Men tie JUt v H| t1M et 1stn .
.H,* .*., .r IM town aDd raise He walked two men and another Bell. and John Krider. manager of the Birmlttchaw at frttw..d4. rai*. the .....
-, ,1 .. ...... tlit orthodox reached first Lybrand particularly rough on Sanford Baseball Club.A j I rLl>A INTERNATIONAL.....11 Varttra'ay LIAIIIt T...rr I. .4 -. '- -
an error.. Only -
0 -
cracked M r 1 M '''.
the offense last night a tentative agreement was 1 .. .
.l/I NI4 May IMI way until IIN.I I. LM! M L T ... .. ,
one runner advanced as far as NN.-I" .I Ma
M> fcM* W . sec single to left to start the ninth. reached but final decision rests ; 1'1. rM.*b.r/ 11. ft. laadtHai I.I "'-'" 1 )1eJ I ,-.. ,
ond. '
,* it .. B. nruua that an Braziel dropped his escond sacri until plans can be presented to the I Kla.l.. Hiraaa i. I Ii t I I aw.r.p. .-., . ' '' 4
.....m>ii< >..!< !blare rut and to!- The Saints hounded two Daytona fice of the evening to advance the board of directors of the New York ... BftUk Y..t I f I 4 IM$i % i: '
.. Beach hurlers for 15 hits and Senator shortstop to second. i t Giants. for approval before presentation i Softball Play Ends **>* S 9 I I 11nMwr '_ cJltf4. 'tl
-. t.atI. tfet only trouble Is a 14 to 2 win in the nightcap. winning Then came Bevil and his hits 1 to the City Commissionhere. I Y.1M. t. I /. ;I. \ -

/ iMes 00 ferft* cswUmcN hare, easily behind Johnny Theo- smashing drive between third '!At New Smyrna ..._.. I .1. aU.I. 4'

; : .11,4. 0't. Illrea.he. with the bold four FIRST hit hurl11i SAME). v and short and the ball game was 15oeciol to Orlando Morning SrtttnplJ i .. a I i. N d ...., : t. i c__, _
I iegnrlM It Bevil's fourth mound Orlandoan EnteredIn "" _ .
... 4tt4tit IiasntpulaUoaa. lIe ATTONA ST. AUGUSTINE over. was NEW SMYRNA BEACH-Tonight I7. -
IM. to fear tt mastered i' .br INaI ab r INst- victory of the season. will be the last scheduled --- NI. -
1 1R 1Y ... ; ... Itr
.M 110 1 I S S athdb all
I I Checker
-5,5.'. b.t111 .,. Rib .. ".!1 I I S t JI.hdmn') 1 1 I S 1 Tonight Orlando goes to Day- Tourney softball game for the local league .. .. = :.
'"' tans baMus tbeti I.hltdle.p.. 1- ,a I" S I S1..Ilrt.rf I I 1 < 1aaM tona Beach where either Joe Jonesor MOBILE. Ala. rAP] Some 50 or before the new Fall schedule be- ...........11ra. 1..w. .... '

p..lty ...... ksTe berm nW -... .If 3 I.5 5 1 1 5/.t..arpI..ur tit .Llf I I'. I I 1 I 5a t Ed Davis. will face the Islanders. 60 checker players from several gins the first of next month. The lr --.R..15I.. \t.iS -+-

cab ... tM t.!.. Mjr Mlhtag. _.N.r J" 1 1 Il IKri.Ie.I' 2 S s t States are expected here for the game tonight will be at 6 pjn. : 11I-.11 ... ..... t _

( i...4 Iota EI4+.r-d.4rawY. tllotnea, t .ntIpotUf........ I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 S'GnMbtrfc IMa.M. 1 I'I 5 I 5 S 1 1 Emilo Ippolito. a brother to the annual tournament of the South- between the Lions" Club and Sun- ," -- -- ...- -- -- .

!**** .... I ---... I. 1 1 I\B\ __.. t. 1 I 1Td.Y former Senator catcher seven ern States Checker Assn. begin- crest Dairy. I The .. r t ,
Itew...a ItBraMra are trading -----. ---,-- years ago. made his initial ap- ning today. League! officials hope to play at''I II large asp0 ..tIGr. ;
**** r...ati |. ;nut thttr hands on I Pas >.at 11.lINN.III Tl Total 2(2 !! I pearance of the season last night Lloyd W. Taylor of Birming- least one out-of-town team in addition _es et '

<**.* 1a.*% aM laWn believe I a> A...._ __ __ __ lit Ill a-I when he took over Ure centerfield ham is defending Southern cham to four local games each i -- .. ........
.. ,, .Inter .......1. duties when Bevil relieved Zedalis. Other players week. Several rained out
Hat. Ikicli l prmtts his player s.- ...-.-. ia..lrkl ar "tt" pion. outstanding games
.. .allt... taMee and ttt down-! .... .: __._ .. 2a.d.rt Scott Cary ace southpaw with slated to compete include W. M. are on the calendar for the rest!'
... .ur I_BIN, r rim: NI .usAy I. B..-. t. St- the Orlando Senators in the Class BARLOW of ORLANDO. FLA. of this month. I
I kr IMaw L rMIl: Gnaben lavpkna
_._ I ; U<... aad ltit..r. Tlan af ....: 111.atc1. D Florida State League last year
trews. ..He11 of ac-adA tier' pro- I(started for the Nab and gave up

( 3teI1 .* usb/e/ lATTaNA A( INst.I, SANE IT. )AUCUSTINEs5 II F Nt I i Innings! !;\Walker, Boudreau Still Leading I

1aMrr" $1 5 5 ItS_.!" 22235I ,! Hudson in the.seventh.
..... .... I I I N A.dr..a3b 5 t 3 t tto. LCCSBURC | ORLANDO i CHICAGO [API Despite a seven- NEW YORK [AP The PhUadel- !'
a 4 l t 1lrwlkk.d 511. ... . I
rSNai' ab.r. >point slump last week. Mgr.- !
__ phia Phil I1es are going nowhere In
rt s 1. 1 a.-.It 212515NN at.bbia.N. I I I 1 .'K.n t 1 5 3 1
1. I I I I Ita".tur I t I I 1F 2e1.r'R. 4 I 1 I liL"I 4 I ItIIII..u. j t Shortstop Lou Boudreau of Cleveland the N&tional1Aague! pennant race i<
tMI I" 1 d I I crtt.1..1b 1 3 311 tNaNuus I 1 5 1 lllkaalPl.lf 51511.Itsd yesterday clung to the American '
S S I t........ 11312 I 1 I "jJl ,........ I' I 3' I'IIttUwelh 1 1 1 I 1L.N. B.0cf 4 1 I I .!G....... 4 1 5 I 1: League batting leadership but: i
ll nRS 2111 Thaeb.ld.411 51 Bdtw'jJ I. I 'fjJlIOItft.tII S 1 III faced a threat from Luke Appling' with the taflenders is wen on his
.: HaO : : I 141R.l'tar.1D 2 1315 : 38-year-old Chicago White Sox I way to bringing the batting championship -
.-- I. S e N ..'& 11S 2tAkraa.aItlrdaUa. 5 3 5 ;
... E 1 ----- GN.1.4/ 1 1 1 ; .* 1 5 5 . shortstop who was only four points I to the Quaker City ax a' s
... W.CfNTRAl AYI.iHw1Iu '. T..ah M tint Taa If illS IT II (lIppaUMtCTalaJa behind. consolation prize.Collecting ,
! !2.!
___ .
afife* N He x.... to ttk.fayaiM = I .
Boudreau 12 hits in 31 times at
held the with
I11 aw ttt-1 2I 11*S. gj| T.ala II 111 IT ULmkWf top .333 .
k Anna __ ._ Ill 1W n*-HBMW 1-1 .tt sea waaIaa rr -.. I while Appling, seeking his third bat during the week ended Sunday,
r TornR. ...... !avlar. Mirtan. BanataM4 _ _____ ISM lilt M*-IIM league batting the Philly Hychaser pulled his average -I
ka: Tb u>il>. ..-.- Lads t. Mr.harm Oft_ III fill -i crown seven
t --- -
.**!. KrtW* J. ___. FtUiMU. ....0.:. S.TV t' Emn: Cofeam G....-.... B'IL Kan katUd points last week to a runner-up up three points to .347 and i'
i .* aaa* ail*: TaaaMaV Aadanoai Tteaa ... to: 1IaJt*<. BH S. Bnil J. Gem'he- i l mark of 329.Meanwhile. I increased his margin over the run ,
MIll IEIYIIEAU In wtai ton: Mr t. AaAnnavUn '' SIN hits: Ufcrud. Stem ban: RvriL SaertHCM YOU DON'T HAfl\ .
.. ,Third Backer ner-up Augie Galan of Cincinnati.!I
a* : IWrtaa T. M. ....u. W. BaM. : Suit BruM J. BWWaaa. Dmto pU, : George
( a* .... art edit ,. "...,. .. Morta .. '''Zo'-' < .._. aat: to Badlaa S. Tkaabald X. M rta S. .. 4: .......14. Left aa kaaaa: Lmbun 1 Cooper of New York second
shared! the lead with Boudreau was
at I
- -
If' art 1IaC. to I 11 lualan t. 1* rraw ., Ortaad 111 Ban aa b.D.-vfr: Matta I.
i TD i3II 4 *.*..: Miiiaa X. Bal: '"... ..... Ganiak L Btftt t. Btnck 1r. ky Malla L .340. collected only six hits in 33 with .325 but the Giants catcher I
>al ,...... Lmlft" iUder: Bgdia*. Uaqiina: Beds 4. Hit d(: ZodaIia X la t ..... 4 trips to tumble 13 points to fifth faded to third on a .315 mark as KEEP Y0M FINGEK __
tr .t ... ..... TIM at (DM f-.S. I Ira Nit kr Biubrr fcr IwUlta blurt I,
--- -- --- ....., kUa: Ball 1. Wtaala Bttchar Dell spot with .327 ,I, Galan moved up with .322. I
I lBina: Datta *: BaaO. Tbaa at piM tai Tied for third place a point I' Fourth and sixth places were
behind Appling with .328 wen ; taken over by newcomers Pete I
Football Officials Joe DiMaggio of New York and Reiser of Brooklyn and Ralph
Ted Williams of Boston the latter Kiner of Pittsburgh. Reiser got When you buy ot .... R..il1i' C.

WRESTLING I Postpone Meeting climbing 12 points daring the the necessary 250 times at bat !

I week. and moved Into fourth place you KNOW that '" 7iup .... r
.1 r > I The meeting of the Central Other leaden through Sunday's with .315 while Kiner flashed a :

Florida Officials Assn.. called for I games Included Barney McCosky. Jit mark. Frankle Gostine of sold by us ore .bo.U4 y p.wr+ .
; tonight, has been postponed until Philadelphia. .322; Hal Peck. Cleveland Pittsburgh Is fifth with oJ!!. :

LEGION ARENA next Tuesday night at the Orlando i e I .307; Johnny Pesky Boston, The rest of the Big Ten madeup well the m..u.
as M *. *
Tennis Club at 7:45 pm because .306; George McQuinn. New York, of Phil Cavarretta Chicago _

of the opening of the State ,.298: and Bob Dillinger.( St. Louis JOS; Tommy Holmes Boston J08; i
HONKXED BY AMVETS POST NO. 13 ball tournament here today.soft-I .297. and Grady Hatton. Cincinnati and 1 1I pended upon to f*1.. Tmservice. M nM/M.r +

All Central Florida high Boston's Bobby Doerr was the I I Andy Polio Chicago each with I

OtUKE MATCH coaches or principals who., only new leader in the specialized ..301.I Come in M4 ftA w. ,., __
terested and especially those'' departments wresting the runs- I Besides advancing into the list of I
t4 S tot If S r&Jb-Nothing Barred schools not having officials scheduled batted-in lead from teammate I top batsmen. Kiner poled out a : improvement plain" irMi M .. .. r

MANET .rs STEDDLUNHKMiYEX and desiring to make arrangements -i I Williams with 78. I bushel of homers during the week.

............................................. are invited to attend 1 Williams however continued to ,I His tremendous clouting: soared :I glad to help you M Mf *.. *. w
set the him into second
this meeting. A thorough discussion pace In home runs vita 25 place In the
Ys MYSTERIIUS MR. X of new rules changes will betaken I and runs scored with 88. Pesky'j home run chase with 35 against' ,

. .. ....................................... up at that time. was tops In hits with 139. while 38 for New York's Johnny ).{1ze. I
Boudreau led hi doubles with 35; I and advanced him into a tie for

=3 JIIIIIIIY ... rs1 BILL RICIlIRDS Approximately 75 minion Amer- Mickey Vernon of Washington was second place hi the runs batted in''J ...
...................................k..rz. icans are church members. 1-enrietonangiuscd I i department with 91 to 97 for Mize. <--- "= "-

: WILL REFEREE ahead in triples with 11: and DU-j I Willard Marshall of the Giants H"ltDJ <
linger continued as the pace-setter also had 91 RBIs. I .
AssemUy'of God hi stolen bases with 29 Other department leaders include -
4.e.. Vie Raschl of New York main- : : Mize. 103 runs; Frankie J z. :

.. ; :, MOMC-MADE CANDIES TENT REVIVALThru tamed the percentage lead in Baumholtz Cincinnati 144 hits; I ..,
.J. IJJI fTax: tail pitching with .857 on a 6-1 record;; Holmes 26 doubles: Harry Walker :- -
s E ...... _. .It (Tn beL August 31st .i followed by his Yankee teammate J, 13 triples; Jackie Robinson. Brook ... . z

_ .51 (Tax lacLly 8 PJH. Dally Except Sat. Frank Shea, with 114. Bob Feller lyn. 20 stolen bases; EweQ - .- .- '. -- = --..- -<
. ; ;.._ tote Milt it, Rise acrnapkley adatts FREE: 18th Strand Oraaj Blossom Trait: ,lof Cleveland kept his ctnkeout :well Cincinnati 159) maet-j -

:- lead with H3." I,a 19-5. pitching recold. ,,,..-


.. .. ,- ---' -Jeer-T.---- ' ', - -
: "
:- rp .
. 1 :...,...
. "d. __. ,_ .. .. :-. 4'. it&"''-So -- - -"- __"- -' _ ___ _. ___ L Af __ _
r _ ..:::: _

'. -.' ,, ."... ,,-'. .' _.

." ;-... -.. '"-----.,; ...... .. . ; -
.. = ;
... ., .., -'; -" ...,......- ..- - .. .
-- -
,- : : r' .: .-. ., ,,,... r..,-"r--- - --' '::.:",_-. '';-/,",_-,::::::,-._-o .-,
,. -


,.. .



..-: -" 1.... 11 dauh ttrtthtg tttbttl Tuesday, August. 19, 1947 Earl Waldins Auxiliary wa.

;;; 0 c ., ,

: : : Plan Visit Convention I i 11 _:

t.ptJ To Miami New York '

) -'" ",, ; L & (Speckrf to Orlando Morning entire U Mrs Mildred Me4 ISrM\ ..... eaaa ]]1N a' -

i \ 'riflJJ 1t :1-\ DELAND Mr. and Mrs. Earl Idtn\of the Amertealfflary L *s A IO- taw Iwaaas a a t.... ..

,41 : .II>t. Waldin will leave this week to Unit No. It. H a..ua4wr ..- w 0digit -. .... ",. ..
visit Miami.The Information she has wrl/M.4 _
.- ..
I I Over 111I& 111 -- dbelell
." __ tit...... I Rev. and Mrs.Arthur Char- cerninc the NatJefiaJ C-=I == .., -- .. ..... ..
t.. +" 'lesworth left yesterday for Jack- of the American Legit Ati-tr .... . .

... ... J fiJ f1I_ h sonville. | which sill be heW mJ Iles 1Ml s .M/b ....' att,.. ra
; :' tiW: . .. ..... .. .p Miss Loretta Steinmeyer is Expected J City beginning At*. Jf..... t .ta.a. .. ... .-....".
home this week from Texas. I Headquartrn: far tfct ulrsltMrU 141 .. 1. e ... .. ..r.tom. .
W. K. Garvin. who has accepteda will be the HatH . ... -..
; position with Jacobs Motor Serv The detailed pfoenm M ai n. ewe "IiIII tua - a4 _
:t Ice.. has been joined by his wife i; the hands of the saws .......... -...,.-, '" -
"_ and three children. Grace. Johnny ; taxies and the UMII .rjua I II ......' .,. ......
and Bill Jr., of Ocala. They are I I boob are being peeped. MHl .. ... ., }-*- .
making their home in Lake Helen. I be available at COOMB*& 1re/. }.....Jo.Iiof..f.,;;.- .. r;
Mrs. Edna Jones is on a two quarters ......... : ...4 .
; weeks vacation from her duties in Among trht&M oeesr i 11SI ."sin .,... ..
1\ } xpa Margie's Beauty Shop. !, be a dinner pars peer lit 1Mt tae -- <- national president M(ft yeeeel ,.. .
t' Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Dillard and _art t. fii: ".
l r daughter Anne are expected home Hotel on Au*. 21 tine ham .- ... .....
Sept. 1 from North Georgia. .> al president's tfmeer .i ... alas t ..
itt4 Florence Martin and her five- the Ritz Carlton. aM a MM _
: 1 k\ I months-old daughter Janice have; by the Pepsi-Cola OB M *. ...

,--... ..' ---,,r"' '' ,<<.- - .... . -- returned to DeLand from Richmond more Hotel on Au*. M terf .- '-IIt.t .-
I :: Va.Gordon. t presidents frpartram pa.I a 1 .. .
i : HUITIHC THC ALPHA'CHI OMEGA rush party held Saturdoy.nw.e tOur Own Staff Photo: McCbHum Kipp left yesterday for', and the national eateaewe eels. : :: : .
: ;plinghoff, Betty Land, end Judy Rhodes DeLand., Thepattywasan 10-day vacation in New York mittee. The' States i d4ate, .. i. .
]in the Summer.House of the Amherst A ts..cre a ,
informal buffet 'supper with Miss Jessie Mc- State. held at the Cbmasedw. .. ..

ffgup of nahee*-.end octives. iThey ere:ftom:Heft tto-Tight, (Calla --m cchargeofarrangements.. ':tShe was assisted by:the j i Clifford Virginia:3&umgardner.TCane 'Mabel"MarilynJpan Riffle ,29.The oprateff wartm at UK .r +

itw! +aa t*. Mien Hosorme Gray,.JanetRcbertson: : Jacksonville: I ,tMmes.'7['.tE Triplet, :IHarry'W.:BowerEo: A (Patter,end.the Smith and Mrs.Daisy.Bolger venison wffl COMfM isOM iMta

,wttrra Ittfy Ann>"tLd........,:EIemmTONIelIanis. 'W ..:'IrnnfflhTSe i ,'Misses' iminio;Bennett cnndMary: Jean Sounders.i I IiAlaD.oIZ were recipients: birthday greetings ; but win recess to tMIIIIt taM e ate"
yesterday. TTbdayls rso 'to I lary: to to toKafenej t..aasf .<
I I Thrrts Sing, !IP. !& "Wellmaker.Jftdrian j den and Join the Aries. .....
MsmmI I' M i !IRobert (Carlton CGaDvis.Reba'AIartinXennethx1m m the open&g ....,..... 3Wa -...
y .. IJ.. s.. Hughes'SSSHSJSi : : It Is :hoped giant ?tea lliaii' a
*ssy.3r.mad lEstslis Tr1bbie.113rdf. TTrunnE wtfl HItPNa tilt eta Li .:tNf :
.liMJtTroI' "Home ; N To A I aced urn warfnmve :sctunz :tton. Saturde3' :a.. A .S it7mracte
: tthsswezek ffornowa. da;. :ftI! ....... we i.
I i&IIInws the Jb1I =-
.j mr.amttalr..1RQymnm : C s a1M irrt.rsuf -
(To Szrforf I Mr. FlIleJ! l1JlmvllIi ,, wn9f1tIOO' I rolll IteaiE anon to salsa:mew'fflrife off sufifdlMh .1m .
Ails : i i1lBW Iss&tte. !2 !!r5rnaanisuwentam ..

w ntret1JDX234 I rail I too0i otr' S ntfrI 19Aig'1BI I Ii I :E ail tin c k& : \'Jmmt1Ihdt; : 'ttJCOOrr:&' 1J !I' Mir.amH2ls.II1ixilimHm. :r.Ja....a 1 .".,

1IIIMBI- II pto -: -TCTIT, amfl Tartrs. EAUsom a I' T4rss. BEMZHI 90s. mrstfilltleaetiiellstth'1 oB tthca go; lpaiblp aNripterA wi e. r
ve 4 ffur ccInrvatisr. mm.. aUnnwfiicb memtisn* to> .... os f" asmnfc .
..- IUata8Ir arm-813U6Nlit 'v. m lime rctiimgfl flnm2Hjt ;i tmmitfK its rtinigftttg!'oil:mss.'WiiIarm If:. m.Jhrccih, Etllm aztcih. sgpattfcB Uhw will l sgemti tssoo: wesils: ; : Imo MlCTHt qg .. _.....

L > PauD mm: minthnandlnnnnn. s. of:' Gilu1m IIbl 1, 64ID 33. tt11 wcetcmll wftb Mlz.aurl Mhn.J1. im ITnfn 4nirdlnm. news; ojj tilt a411aMlusUE ..
flamy! SttS* James L Gr.mtt .
LEI.: ,Jtt.situa at XI': amtmsPaut West Bftlmi!scl spentt the: wed 'md&ewomi1 AV .. was; HlT7ffiti: tftTiWebsterr Hhgti> s. MIQm-'Ir: .EhcoxJfsmnofM7t -" -
: and!MIs.'I: &.T ti:c'M*liaVft anind
L Lsay ot:Yaktoasu.aa.. has bran end! wittto Hfc. ands Mrs.: Eawartt! : :Kles: Enenwomi:, som off Est.axtti:3tls.ffi.Slviney5'aterpasonin
: off ai son..term Sunday at tttesStmny home?fitinp Kj'irpg| where Hcc spent I }
-I """ br bet parents.. 1kEh. HIggimJl; Mtss.Eemn Elenw Mr:. ami: Mss Jonm R:. Higgins
test idr3r. Chri 8L Wlsenbakerto : and Charles mettar AVe..Saturday//afternoon:at Helen:Tiomasdaughter of, tar: Government Acimimstrationi 1 ,
and c11ldr'ere.rahImT
... 'I : ;
K Cas4irr .Oa. on..id1nC IIi returned:: from a:. week at: Silver Mrs.Holmes home with: the Rev Mfc and; Mrs., C: w; Thomas off His wife and: daughter will: loin: s
e AAfti. i tek piac. next Monday to.Val- Glen John:Ewers'Tourist Church..of: Oak: TTm;, is= ar medical patient; at i him: here: after Sept. L: They are !!
; -- ... ........ datNi. Mr. Lilly has been living Dn and Mrs George MIyakawa. Sunny South HospitaL visiting: her parents irt; Wilming I "' li..r-.! .. .[1
IWia! ia Dayton Beach since June; He and Miss Agnes Miyakawa- ficiating. Mrs C;: E;: Anderson. has been: ton. N. C: nttirt l.a'Ha' : ..,.tln L '-: 't.
Uede4 Oeortia Military Acadey Charleston. W: Va.,, are visiting : The bride was given in marriage -. detained in Ashtabula. Ohio by, Mary Katherine Cosmini. is in -
.. ta Atlanta and South Georgia with Mrs. Mlyakawa's parents, !.{rand .- by her stepfather. Miss Sue the death of her mother-in-law. :: Jacksonville; i : u. iXJ!(
O 0tt ta Bout la*. Mrs. C E. Anderson. Year A1tSTEAMGREASBD.
.. I,. +t....... Bsi+. Mrs. Andrew Stine. xfnhar. was her sister's maid of' : a ..... -
t The roupto pin to reside here. 'Emily Bowers who has been
Mrs J. L. Laney and Mrs. Ruth honor and Neil Pooser served as Beach OES .
I I Scott returned from New Orleans. best man. visiting Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Burrows -:I .....-.......... -
;;Wyeeff.Johnson Mrs. Scott remained in Jacksonville At the reception which followed has been called to her home I tram M l c and eeased tba+sis sad 1 rl j1] U .-:.
:: in Ft. Lauderdale by the illness of ; .
with her mother and brother. the ceremony Mrs. Mifflin Wash- Sets Ceremony ..
l j iNufttals Set Friday Mrs. T. Bradford Byrd left lor burn Jr. helped serve the cake and her mother. Mrs. V. B. Bowers. !I labriraW _-.... I

i I MM Barbara Wycof daughter New York. Chicago and Canada Miss Bette Adams was at the Mrs. Edna Castetter left recently -j IScecial to Oriondo Morning Sent+rel J AUTO* SUN V5SOI j: lea....a s .r .. .,
1 let Mr td Mr*. E.! B. Wycoff Jr.ol for several weeks. '. punch bowL Assisting In serving for her home in Monticello Ark.II NEW SMYRNA BEACHRobert ,# -. ...
: this ctty. rift become the bride The D. L. Thrashers have re i I were Miss Carol Coates. Miss Lou- ., after a visit with her son Billy Morris Day win be observed n.u tir- aweb s-att
Mr. turned from New York. ella WIlls and Gene Hague and family, on the : CLLVTONT srI tT R I4N
'el DanaM A. Johnson son of Miss Helen Ledger- by members of the Eastern Star .j
of'' Judge James G. Sharon and 1 1I beachsid i ..... ANY CUE
j i t MNd >>n. A. B. Johnson also I I ;Chapter and their families witha j
1 f tnu eay. on Firday at 8 pm. at Mrs. Sharon returned after several,I ton.Outoftown guests Included I' covered dish supper at 6 pjn. lads Tee Clew fwMt 1 earirll.rir 4
th ran Bapt1lChurch.. I weeks In Washington.D. C.where I Mr.and Mrs. C. H.Turner grand- gomery: W. A. Carlton and Miss !'Aug. 27 at the Masonic Temple. 1 1I
t flO fti c- I FoHovinc. the ceremony, the they visited their son and daugh- parents-of the bride Myron Turner Marie Dare of Jacksonville.The Mrs. Theo Jernigan and Mrs. R : Ed Mayo'j iaaar iMlt '

.. It IIMeMe A.e.alR' i btth-ekct s'parents will entertain ter-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. James uncleof the bride. Mrs. J. D. newlyweds are spending a R. Vrooman will be in charge of 111 N. Mala 5L f%. NN ; . dtr + d11s
t with a reception at their home.onWetmlarter ,Q. Sharon Jr.. and their daughter ;'I Fail aunt of the bride all of Mont-, honeymoon in New York. |I arrangements. I
I .. \ Are. and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Ster-
.. ... ,ling Bolling.

{ a I Bocaned flying squirrels do not i Mr. and Mrs.Frank L. Miller Jr.
t '.. fly. but merely glide from one I and children of Montgomery Ala.
;i'{ I ...
KM to Mother.: are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. DURING THE .
!' ilNe+.. 4 .... I White rider U the juice of theeei Miller. / i""' ,.n _
'I son /
.. verjuice is a beverage made Mrs. George 9frttlMalls
Jimmy have returned from Alder-
from crab-apple Juice SHORTAGE
-...."'--.., - ..-..- son W. Va. .where they spent ,-i ........
three weeks vacationing with her I LEARNED FROMEXPERIENCE .
parents.Mr. and Mrs.J. L. George. WITH 1 .
u1mLJ.AJtT 111 Mrs. Merriam Russell left last \.. .. -- -
week for New York where she will MANY BRANDS j / # E
stay for six weeks. TNATCAMELSSUIT .
1N. O .> ..
Miss Lenabelle Hagan has re- ME BEST!
turned' from visiting the R. F. ;
Symes In Tryon N, C.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Douglas of x
St. Petersburg visited Mr. and
' Mrs. L. P. Hagan over the week
" than
a end.Mr.. and Mrs. Robert H, Reely

..... . and son Bobby have returned from
... .
:, Georgia and North Carolina. Cecelia Garland.Bank Teller !rind D. ... i rtr
Mrs. Ralph Satterfield and son i ij i
I Billy went to Columbus. Ga.. to
cut pound ; visit her parents and have returned -
a here to be with Ralph Sat-
: terfield while he finishes the sea-
son with the Celeryfeds.Mr. /MOREPEOPLEARETbt''p
and Mrs. L. P. Hagan Jr. -
and family of Orlando visited Mr.
and Mrs. L. P. Hagan this week-

end.Miss\ Dahlquist

Becomes Bride SMOKING G4MELS

{Specinl to Orlando Morning Sentinel]
Mrs: John Dahlquist of Bunnell
have announced the marriage of :
their.daughter. Ruby Christine !
Dahlquist. to Richard Walter than ever be/ore/
Cody. Dr. Lindsay per-
.r rr ...... *.... Mceta M .8 enough to formed the ceremonz...Aug. 9 in

rf ... ......hi ......,'. average net the First Presbyterian Church in

4 i.t .... "Ilik. clwftfs hat been leu Orlando.Mrs. Cody former mathematics- >. t r

teacher at Seabreeze High School
came here from Illinois where she n The experience of smoking-and comparing-man j
...... tl. Mi ywH. ...Wr al uptaxi) U /... received: a B A'degree at the University WHENCIGARETTES
,. of Illinois. Her masters degree WERE different brands during the wartime shortage taught
.. ... t .*.*tf yu inf ttt W averse family University
was obtained at the '
i? ..... .. i1 ...w 1M.t ...... mpeniea' I, of Florida in Gainesville. K, < SCARCE, I SMOKED I Dons the differences in cigarette quality

;; t .... ..... M ii tt Wit mrk to jrou and Mr. Cody ha lived in Flagler MANY BRANDS. I .
County for m&D11ears and is engaged LEARNED CAMELS
k VTOTJ KNOW what it was like during that
In the agricultural: and -
business. After an extended X wartime shortage. You had to smoke one :

: } 11t ri.4 wprfr. wt aiiiiss. of trip through North Carolina and : 4 brand one day...another brand the next. And

.. .. to be at New home Orleans in Bunnell.Sorority, the .couple will z, e' Y whether you intended to or not; yon compared.That's ... -
yvx. tour
isxd how so many people became real judges .
...... Ir.ilirlll" aM "mmt
of cigarette quality. will tdI1M... f fThat's
Mrf M M1.lt1f pifes peepk). Sets
how smokers everywhere discovered the

,' J ... MM!. .... i full meaning of the phrase, "Camels suit my T FOIt TASTE

-. ..... .. Costume Dance Hon.Tan n d. h .? T-Zone to a T".that's why now, when T FOR THItOA'smokerscangeunyaguettetheywant..Camels -

[Soeciol to Orlando Morning Sentinel] T 4.uhstAtess to .
t 1 ..t .iu Mj.Kse. a kw11ws Aj
DAYTONA BEACH-A costume 4i; or any other brand...the demand for Camels is 1115 )Y.2!!!' fVf f ,
.... . .. J .... to Itere.a .
1 r J'8IIf dance will be given the Daytona 5iii .
the greatest in the 34-year history of this famous (or !I
Beach chapter of Beta Sigma Phi .r
= ., ..r... ..... w appreda9/e/ Saturday, Aug. 30. at Osceola HoteL : brand. 1k iF Cj", tIt1ttt :

-q t...ICI Jw. DINt. couple Each and member the newly is formed to Invite De-ft Try Camels today. Let your own taste and suit i mu'T.ZH'"

throat . T-Zone". . tell withmillro '
has your yon why :=
Land chapter of the sorority
..-+uidnt a r.t...... 1ft cIetenBiatd byrn accepted an Invitation to attend ; ns of smokers Camels are the "bout of W ,

1 vb ,.f Y .. Mv.llHHi ..... Mf.,*.toe. the affair.. experience1 ?/ -
In charge of the dance are Mrs. j
... u-i'" R *jttO n44> tMh other In Mara Rowell and Mrs...Kay Bo- -

.... ..... .... . .. .... of gart. Mrs. William Stone is re- ,

... ....., rws ... ...... nppIr. freshment committee Mrs.chairman John 7
and will be assisted by
Gibson and Miss Betty Thompson.Mrs. THE MORE
... ... ie .rd. .... .... .ws w IeIe w17. Ed Williams assisted by Mrs. I SMOKED OTHER IVE TRIED -' -
......War we.h iskd spp1y.wM Ralph Richards Jr.and Mrs.James BRANDS THEM ALL- ,
Spencer Jr, are to be in chargeof DURING THE .SCARCITY r-4
ee.yytuw games and prizes are to be .
15 b ww.W rewlss 1a awarded for funniest prettiest and THE MORE I xk. t f = 1
most criminal costumes. APPRECIATED *
..... CAMELS TO AT i t.I .

. I.tit.fe SET e
OPEN STOCK HelenTully, i i

t 11 -. t ........ '" ....UM S. S.Q $4.95 Secretarynd -'' <. Donald
THE CIIIIIAIIIART Receptionist StuderJ T

Ul-441K40Taa An. Tai 2-Z2M
i' .. '

..... ..-.- -._ ..._.... '"
..... .
:: f .. :: : ': .
--= '
- ''' ;'""
:: : ::?: :: _.__ '

t ,1Mu MM Wed I I T.".."f August 19, 1947

. .MIl.. .. CINJI1."y I False Teaching forand about forth a llfairin. DICKSON. & IVES WILL BE

0s vU : Of Love
g w .... IfH ..... *

t .. 1.... we elBtt WRIBy ()
i Is Incredible
... .."... I

... If DOROTHY DIX I KITTY. HENRY, Society Editor !

S fastl.eNM. WITH stAN YOTHERSAdrtoory I Now about this thing called love. MISS NANCY TRIBBLE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Tribble aLi'a
; -
lOb [d.1Or) One of the greatest catastrophiesthat Tallahassee, Is In Orlando now serving as a swimming instructor -
.&l has ever befallen civilized at Sanlando Springs for a short period of time. Miss Tribble
... .... ae4 Council meeting of the peoples Is that we get all of our a student at Leon High School in Tallahassee is 'a swimmer of some I
S$5 TM4 WMBta't Cnunnnlty dab I 1
JIf'&Ia. ideals about love from the movies i note being a member of Newton PelT)"'* swimming team The Aqua- ,
MilAM 1tlis MIlr. .. will be held today at 10.30 am. at I the poets and the novelists. They maids at Wakulla Springs.The' Aojtanuids have an enviable I
-- the ctubheuM annex on Wall SUlUthertn have sold us the belief that love !record, having participated in the Underwater Fashion Show held at I
r : ::.. And JlcDtr u>U. executive is a state of hysteria in which Marineland this Summer. The. group has made several movie shortsat
..M tP0 S.I obithNMra.. Mtrtiary, fea announced. : you have thrills and heart at- Wakulla. one of which was the Underwater Beauty Contest which
00 O tacks, tremble at the
I sound of a
attracted national interest. Miss Tribble has taken a part In all
btcttUvt board of the WeklwaM I footstep and have hallucinations'
the activities of the Aquamalds for the three with
past years some
in which
..... MlMtoiury t.'nIon will I you see a perfectly ordinary -
the First girl or boy as beauty 30 hours a week of swimming and practice to her credit. Shespecializes
hI mm today at 10 am. at raving -
fi-;* tuptiu Church . AH officers of I or a fairy prince. I II in underwater ballet and Will leave soon to participatein
:, local unions art urged to attend. I That, they teach us, is love and Newton Perry's
I-&: .s ashv, on O if you don't have these symptoms. underwater theater -

. .... ..... ".. ...... CMMQ N.. zJ. Degree you are.out of luck and out of which will av
.... 1itv7 .I caiMBUt.. will meet today at love. But according to these senftimental I,:open in Wewa-
E r"'idJf1tt ....... NMre1 I pa. at the Fraternal Bldg.Then I oracles, there is nothing hitchka in De-
o you can do about the case. Youcan't
eM et." f..tHe I cember. Mr. Perry
will b mixed bridge In make
< yourself fall in love is world famous
; 1 tw the satin lounge of the Officers' i,land you can't keep yourself from a '
: ::Ir..e fA Ct.k for members and their guests falling out of love. An you can do swimmer + Ta
tMfve .M. tMay at I p-m. is just to sit helplessly around and I having won several j
01C'-. .l0 fFRRAtrleei 000The 1 take your chances on being struck .I champion-
alum at the Unity Cbweh j i by the divine lightning. ,,ships. Blonde t
'*. =,;"a.c: :: today at 10 a.mW be Watt Your r Probably no other false doctrine tanned Nancyis i
f 10. Life Worths that has ever been preached has enthusiasticabout ,
MrL.J.Jt = ;:: led ', brought about so much misery and her work i

..-.. Itll Jfft b,&.ra.. .f rereiga Wan Am-(so many tragedies as this propaganda and plans a future Special/ V"4
.., ..." r*.4 SMI will meet today at that love is something out in swimming
; *. M4* **.*. *. I lUlL al the >Bfcs Club . The I lof this world over which we have although it is not
= =r SO'strM acxOiary will bold a rummage sale no more control than we do over FOR TUESDAY O+ V#
.._ [ J'JJ : M= .0 fttturtfay, and all members are :any other convulsion of nature. a definite one yet,
afce< to bring rummage to this(For we all crave to love and to be for she is 17 years
....UW ea..uq . Those unable to con-''loved, and it is a bitter disappointment old and plans to --
'Ir MM* .... n tribute may can either Mrs.. Dorothy when we never have enter Florida 0.

... ... ,.... ewfctft t* eat* Parruh or Mrs. Alice HalL {any of the soul-shaking experiences State Universityafter Dorothy ...,
9L*.> O O OUrabm that are popularly supposed her gradua-
of the Alpha XI Delta j I to be the real test of love tion from high
.. .
-- -1 j "- "" -- -- I AtMMM C1.b met Saturday at j r FALSE DOCTRINEi school next ;: LEG SHOW
I lit* Great Court Hotel for their
After her
I MAthly luncheon meeting . The harm that has been donei Spring.
by this false teaching of what love interview had
Rtthtei plans were discussed dur-
mii. t- r..WpW tn< the meeting .,Those Reg. 1.00 plus .tw 1h tillTry
were the Mmes. A. D. Palmer.I iit Is responsible for most'of the I she shyly admit- ,

TJ f *MN| W.*..d"J.. Hal rrtre. I.. F Kite Otis Lund- i old maids and old bachelors-men ted to being co-
uiM, Jack Lfle.J. 8.13umbr..Tom i, and women who longed for. mates coach of the Wa- :i
i@t rt .. J. and who were capable of a deep = --tfN
P MB M8Mp Osnaartili. and Wesley Fly. I kulla Aauamaids.
and lasting devotion, but not of
.. ..... I Mrs. H. having hysteria. They respected quite a Dorothy Grat'lle Stew uuiljui i __
Rally Trope. secretary
.I the Winter Park chapter of the ,each other's characters. They were ,tribute to her . expert swimmer. I f ul tan and keeps yeti; sift Lb .....-w

I.*tt.4 W..... Federalists has been I congenial companions who never ability as a swimmer. * this wonderf J leg sites It...t
M.E 7.75 appointed delegate of the United talked out. But because they did j
Th 'not thrill at each other's approach I ATTRACTIVE event of the past weekend was the miscellaneous
World Federalists In the United AN Cosmetic Bar 4#... Now
States ta the International con- ,they never even suspected that shower given by Miss Joy Johnson hnoring Miss Helen Dodd
<< '1." rrcuoa of the World Movement they were to }Jove with each other. Winter Park bride-elect.. Guests, in addition to the honoree were:
I J- I for Federal World Government. .. Worse stilL it is this crazy idea the Mmes. Bud DuBois, Wayne Lauderberg,Gordon Johnson Rodney
The convention will be held In that love must always be bonbons I Howard: and the Misses Joyce Luther. Burma Evans Mary Peters -
l Uentrtaox. Switzerland, and Mrs. wrapped tip in pink paper instead Virginia Richmond, Billie Stipic. and Vera Donaldson. Several parties :
h I O
\\ 'o( plain bread and butter Limited Sup" tl
IJII. Trope left New York on the liner have been planned for Miss Dodd, whose marriage to Larry Condict of I
area Mary. Au,. S for Europe that makes so many middle-aged
husbands and take to the Winter Park will be an event of Aug. 29. Last week Mrs. E. W.
-- vhert she win fill the assignment wives
J'I . lira. Trope Is the daughter of primrose path that ends in the divorce Wheeler entertained with' a linen shower at the home of Mrs. S. C. CARPET SWEEPS

".. .....-. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Ham- I court. The husband decides Dodd, 439 W.Colonial Dr. in honor of Miss Dodd.
....... mend of Winter Park and Watch that he no longer loves his Maria *
"Y-. - Hill R. LClassroom because he doesn't have hot and Tlf RS. WILLIAM ROYAL assistant instructor of dancing at the
cold flashes and palpitation of the { Ebsen School of Dancing has returned from New York City. . .1 Values 7.98 and 8.9*
;0f -'" Special a
time he looks at her.
heart every I
Mr. and Mrs. S.Y. Way have as their houseguests their daughter Mrs.I
and Maria is sure she has lost her
William Lazarus and her daughter Suzan Lazarus. They will be here ,
'taste no longer for her feels John romantic because about she M' for a week. . Conrad Stewart leaves tomorrow for North Carolina" For better, easier ffcfc 1 T . IR .....

him and sees him as just a tried I where he will enter the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill comb brush carpet tmtjff ''k.-... el
business man instead of a great I I in"the Fall. ..In Hartford, Conn. on a business trip is A. W Roberts. I Milwaukeean. Ne MN BP* .rllelrs' 41w
lover. |I. . Miss Harriet Sipple is at Daytona Beach visiting the E. G Rich' brush care rrqyfc. "Vlpi .s __
So they part because they i family....Delaney Way has as his houseguest, Bob Phillips of Indianapolis II I
thought they had ceased to love Ind. who is .a former Orlando resident.. Tommy Gilliam of 4 4Statesville only
Q ;, each other, and neither one knows N C. is also visiting Delaney Way. House Fnnslaitl .. tAres, I.Y
.f that what they felt for each other ;i I
r was the greatest of all love. -the Tl TR. AND :MRS STANLEY FOSGATE and daU&htff. Barbara and
love that is founded on their
visited in Orlando this weekend. They former residents!
Betty are
knowledge of each other's worth, .
I "AWe elflaI the work they had done together, of this city.. .Miss Mary Bartlum has returned to the University o(, :
the sorrows and joys they had Florida after spending the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. 0
known the cradles they had : W. L. Bartlum. . Mr. and Mrs. C. C Coleman and daughter, Jane MEN'S UMBMi&lft 4
I ., watched over and the little coffins I Coleman of Bowling Green. Ky.. are visiting Mr Coleman's mother
they had wept over. I Mrs. W. F. Coleman.on E. Colonial Dr., .,Mrs. O. II Buckmastec is
1'\ / The marriage of convenience, I expected to return the last of the month from a vacation spent in New .
I which to successful abroad is not Orleans and Texas. She is now in Wichita Falls and will later go to ..
popular'with us, for we are a nation I St. Louis. I Regularly 7.. .
slopping over with sentimentality _.
- -
t and demand that our brides

and bridegrooms should be madly BE m Tic1u Just the nececttgr ,.,W .. j ,.
and frantically in love when they rou'1L p /
Classics marry. Nevertheless, it has its men's black cotton tail lily .gat +wt

points. Respect congeniality mu- pi'I handles! Come in Meted Mil MMs fiAlip
tual helpfulness, and a determination .iIJliJiFY&t1iIj4JjIJ I

.... W..... CATAlot. .. ceess,to make make a pretty a marriage safe platform a suc- from these Tuerff ..........

to marry on. After all every hap-
... .T py marriage settles down in time Notions I4Het ..
to being a beautiful friendship. t- t ... . jl'tIERi
1- ....... elsa.... .1 sins % i Pity we don't use more common
sense and less romance about love. _
t. !t T TA 'J 1flI,. AI we p

.t..evtl' V r'i...*W I(1// Dial 2.3148y % O

.... 9m wM pHm COTTON t Helen Cw*
1. pWW9 I 1I y Sere ices :i .
.. .... ;..., ...JlJIAJ i ottss.s x I: ; : :

... .... w..w, ,OO Orludo'i PIOBMI 'K : : Suave Hair Drefn

...... S I

; 111<11 .W.It..c. .. . Reg. 300, pluitM 1.50
;. _.. ..... .... W'-- i4 i\ BED LAMPS TABLE LAMPS I : i4 a err ...

is alt .x. 15...1 tlFberk WI.i ELECTRIC RANGES
i .. '" 1& ., ... ....tIdy. WATER HEATERS 2t i iI Helene Curtis Scare . le+al* ... .4 ...

f ._4 .SC.....e.........1." 'r aOUSl..1tt SCB: 01R CONTRACTORS FIXTURE DISPLAYN. ,; This preparation -hIr IItt .l.. _
; stilt 4.9f MILLS IT. COLOMALTOWNIT'S Ingredients and I* the ... .. ..... MM

f >ei U noel fca. *
successfully be W 9
.... .... ......., 11t I

[ ..irelt ...,. TRUEWA Limited supply!

Beauty SalooNEEDLEPOINT......dta
f '-_.u.................I." I
I J :
! 7a TCH I I

-. ...... ..... AI 1.v .... I MUST HAVE The National Cutest Kiddie Search Is 1 1Z5.

.. ... .. ..., .&N5. I ( )O simple to enter. . easy to win Just bring I O lucitl. 1..4
t I kiddie studio; make :
your to our ;: w*
f' .14. ..c...."' ''.

....-.. :.;............1.d OfiIrM I CRYSTALTi I, III I a poifrad.yov select the cutest pot .:: I '
}! PRItES. we enter it in the Search. Thai's oil It's i

HAYEU REPLACE VJI / ;:: absolutely obligation.Enter NOW

IJ.l ISI.e'sMGnr I I
M' x M Ret 4M
t arc k a la i I lutes
... 1 -
JEWELRY .I. A' dAd, c .... tit s IIi U., ReI, *dPS sad 404

**K lilt g.N I U Wed Church Street I GRAND. NATIONAL PRIZE: y an y.bas'of age, to tow or ir z II*. lUc iM.4iil 1st t.

,)3.T! - $1,000.00 in Cash 2. take Entry pho at =mud Ab.b o-. IS- x ir. Bef IN ... $ .

Id Ural Prizes $50 U.S.S..Ufft Bond lut"iy fr...No obSsufion.

i DoToaSaffirDwtrmOfFEMALE> tad loot Mast$21 U.S.Son 9 Bond 3. Preefi Mbimtttd ... ,; Imported I e .. "-
IJI .1
.1.t7$ I 21 o... 1 pleas of,,""10 Petit PoiM.. a.. -'
W tunnlnf >> *"" ...
@atitt.I I Y Into a bea.... :
...'.'..... .ellft THEirs A fOITUNE TO WIN duplicate pruM wit b. i

............eb. LN COMPLAINTS I 5. Contest_UA.O0 fii Tbxrwloy, Att XaS.. __ tip

$1.Wi&ek C ee.iJ. 26.1 947.and doses
,With Uncomfortable Remember! Tfci Cvtest Not The Sot,Sept.13. tvu.Most .....
......,...t.. i.
t JM fullce$1 Ieaetifsl.i. Kiddie Will Win
sa rsusi AM you tttrabi 6ydutrtM ., r All Soles Finol-
1 at lemale! ,'
unetioBkl BionUilrlstt NoA.e./J./pa Year-.s-lie eM 1-
G rt nc ? Doe .a seas cud radio,Play Siagfetoe Mid Artfcor UU.
tail mil you tuner c _
.from.""hI.pain r.feel stlm Free ;; jJI

i:1 .1t..IUI.. t1i1 1' LOUNGEASi1.39l : Lydia Weak-eS x. Pinkbami tucB umctt Tegeu&la Then PO Como try !A GMNT 3-FOOT BALLOON TO EVERY CONTESTANT ,,

pou&d to teller. fucB tymptomsl
tit L i... + J1 e. Compound In ft recent proved medical remarkably: teat Piakhaas helpful TOOLEY-MYRON STUDIO t

to women troubled this way.It's what
Doctor call a nurln trdatiT It baa 203 N. Orange Ave. .
a gnut. toothtof effect on OIN o/ax>mt .-
.s gnat tJnporUiii orpans.
Taken tenlarty-Plnk&aml Cten- No Appointment Necessary M
.. help*oulM up resistance tai e otULM lots .. __ ...1- "'
A1IO. &rat K

: ',." .; <,. : ,. j i
; frets PIHKHAM'S tOMts S
_ _'_ __ _
. (

<---=: -,: """ ..". - .- ._-.. -4 _--'II!''I

.' .- . .. '.' ..'-J'< _...k_...... ...,. ... ._ -
;: '""- .;..j...........J-"lIi.. .:. p.----- "" -' --- -- ---.L--" - _0 '" -

- "


. "' - -
r r r "- -06.x. - -'

-- -- -



.,. "
1'0 .. .' _.. _,. ,. \ _. Ir .-- p' l
c' . -
..L 'IL' (.k -., ,',l:" ,; : : }<,' : '. ..
.. .* '
.JI. < -* '\ fJLfc ;/: r j
: : '
o* \ ? "> ; < f ,
: V : ? '
: .. !
j r "",. . .. J"A
: F '," "
\ ', ; '.
; f. : : \ ,
; ; .
... .."", '
' \ : y '
.: ", ;!J ,1 :
' 0' '. .' .;'. :' .
,, '
. c '
: :
,:-, a d ; i
Announcing. the Merger o.'f. '. v t. : -

= '. i ii
z say .


t with}

!: DAIRIES INC. e:' a a ..
: r
FOREMOST ''0. % I '4L a'r

and the formation of .the '" 1 1It '

I : rsv
S. A. WEI ,


T s
,; -


t (
....... .l.11 -..--- ., Y

1 1 J A handclasp Between Paul i Reinhold, (center tires of ShcaM-BaHwIi f.*.*. I < 0...... ,
j 0 0 right) president of! Foremost Dairies:.and Stephen A. hirers of lh. f IamtM JiVandertoH ... ; _ii> <> __ ,
Freel! cements the merger of! S. A. Freel & Company.. Sh* M..OTIM.. ... + ............-
Inc.with Foremost:Dairies.: Looking on are two execu- extreme I.&. )o. T. let .**. ... .- -- ;t:

: 0' .. . '. ''. .. ,: .'. .. .,; .,<>r..' I."' r- i.''''(. A"",_..' f :,;:{''_..,...,....C.iI.AI __b._. _<
: ; i:;; !i < .- 'V JiK"'W ;;

i "WI Great Names Join/ 10 FAMOUS KEYKO FOB QUALITY y ....'.:....- t I

Famous for quality and .....r.... .:' ,
.. Fresher farm fresh" flavor.. KEYKO ids
,. You Finer is an ALL-purpose margarine -

FOOds table for use.spreads Available cooking colored and ''

or white. Always Factory- q s -



i ilO HUNG you fresher, tastier foods, S. A. Freel & ,Com-

a per, Inc., hca merged with Foremost Dairies" and formed- .. ', .-

: f : tee So A. Freel Distributing Division Foremost Foods.

FRECL is a name 'known' well, and favorably, to

_lID} every food merchant in the South. , :FRENCH_kN4: }

S1iA0b '

"- FOREMOST is a name recognised for FOREMOST .
... e.rt ....... ....- --
; tii? l 7*:._: ... .... quality and service in 34 Southern cities. w9 s d

TOGETHER they mean better,more reliable service< FAMOUS SHEDD DRESSINGSUnexcelled I t

in quality and fine flavor. Shedd's dressing oht ft: I-IM
. !te merchants and FRESHER, FINER TASTING foods for adventure in good taste. Remember. they reach You ......, ...
: '....
.. ........ .....
A delightfully different Th "jolad dressing An French: Unjuvd o.d ftfi. ...
tovorfvl .,r,04. with: a flavor." drttima el a "odtr- ly Ih* finttt fre4c" ,eit> It.. Hate .
pricy Crttimg thai cm M n.IMN* A t
.. ..
d U.tb rt "* -

,, 9'e44 KEEP this word in mind whenever you '

i ": _-_ see any of the brands displayed on this _

1 I,:, ""e. FOREMOST FOODS has adopted a strict policy of

tlietributing one Y the freshest tastiest foods. Foremost has f11 9i1 ff6 ppSt ffaelft "

arranged with its manufacturers for shipments
: factory-fresh:
r ,
TIR .asr
_t'al rate- f .. .. foltErst IEMro
I!n J k k e rushed to the stores while the food is at the height of fly +non .rFOREMOST'S

...-\....... aver. .
' L + ... ..... FOREMOST has developed" a daily store door delivery .
... .. ..... .... .
....'- system that gets these finer foods to the stores quickly: FINE JAMS AND JELUBI

you buy these brands you can always be sure t "Another delightful toste-experienct cwcdts you la For..' ..f...*H.--.

foods as fine and fresh and delicious as the made in Jacksonville and always shipped iaetefl fci+

ice creana for which Foremost is famous. FOREMOST FEACHPRESERVES KASHERRT FOREMOST JAM RED FOREMOST JELLY) AIM ............... :at
... . .. "
liiilicit. A
Al foil of goodntu cs a Asp ciolfy pleating qvotity. With .ac. *?<
rip. peach: cer. ...-. 1III
0s ... ...,. .
toftffying'y Iud right.flowfvl on* Unvwol and flavor I X>VTK juofi y, tick: with Ivxiew: *g.odens. th1.1*N.3i.,... s =s

J't! k .

.. tat.tlea.dCries d raate S. A. FREEt
dlMter; ng. ".

.- \ 1r

rdrra.. Wtitte ..... 'E"ST' NCO
1Ii.iMis.R. s...-.4 he NitJ LE S
..MI't. t. ..... loco egg noo4Te....1MwelII..cllpog'.tli.rid_
J .
\ Made
.1.1fI., tv.ryt..d/: C.c.e .tf NtH. V' .| fast; iagre4;etlfl by .ofodww **- JACKSONVILLE MIAMI TAMPA ORLANDO $*vf0al
4eIitIIIM CkocetBte Mon I.' who IPMWCIH to tight i r ,
;. .,. "

\ .
. ,
,.,., --" r- -
--"ii1I. {:- ':r ':':" _< cl' .< =- = -

. ""




Servki Offered 133.| Articles for Sale I 33.- Arttnn far fcocrrnu. 1 T 1'J J

i MACHINE REPAIRS-AQiMaytac ,' ATTIC FANS-A3 Lowest east a*.*i ... .4 ... i tJiIj II8
l .ffidal ..cross.e Free esUmates. I1aU.I I Sims .-*, 88*.
Ka..T ,J .rlaub jfiarnten &rnitel Page ;;13 .. : M Colony Theater. I peered installation. Britt "General I II locker S4Jdir
k 9X Electric" 3S6 N. Orante. Phone 8942. board 1" Uutb tst
t i
Ore*** aieaaoM., _. Six

II !I IJ.A 0. PARSONS . |too Places to Eat I AIR condition banks-Mont.CONDITIONER cuaranteed.Used only SL2JO.ton.1 aeasoa Phase Pair- cams .alsM.A a--..usEaMut ......t.tare. ....11 JVtI. :. ,

: AWNING a banquet wed- I I 2-1809. $ 436 en- b5
1 eption. birthday or dinnerLor.nrood 24575.COMPlM. .
Hotel. Lootwood.lestion AIRPLANE' J.lODtLS-Complel.t: stock it. 55 a.. ..".. .
and prices. model and accessories HO-Q .. -.Jt.. ....,... ,
3&4 Y 29.aSI t5aa -
I Dn-i Andrews'I' Railroad boat, racing ran. Model .. ..
Vacation ed sad -
Fades tod'Things t. Eat supplies. Haley's. 214 N. prune. 6 M, PIN Peed A : lMAI ell ... .. -awl,,

: ALLIS-CHAtMERS> Power unit BOWvailable. CAMf TAJOJr*-, P. 1D'< __ Sf
Orcnte OransesI Plenty Immediate delivery. Complete r...... ..... J?a
.............. pit, what t thrillu East: and wm co on the road with I ness making: handpainted furni 8. W* deUrer. Chose 4332. Also Farm stack from Tracton.smallest General to laciest Track 11... Or'-Attse: A....*. fk '

14 Y aid I dITV ttf TIIi lid I itraL Co- 2319 McRae: MOt. Ore** Aft f1>..j .pPI .
Jtiat A Equipment .
eaanotIl. I the State of the Union company. ture for children at her home, and Finest onallty. SOe Ib. ia iti.1Iiiy ... .... "

.M+ IL j lout> 1ndm& the .i Ralph Bellamy however is not in Gall Patrick's shop is handling it. j Poultry Ptrm Phone 8927.: ANTIQUES plate.-Estate Jer and 11 pieces.Ran Mao- to ardor I* big ...._.. .-. ... 4.

...*, *.. f) TtogKjr, UK moro. the cut. The first sale was to Betty Hut- Articles for Rent ,. grader Arcade._ Dial short 41/T Mtlts' ahIM& .." --- .

as7tltll eeg Mrtmtf i II ton. With four children and another AMMVNI770N--Shat (an shells: 12 COalcitug- '.;;.: :
a character.tea
| Speaking of Ralph his estrang- one on the way Maureen, iNDER Edier and poUsn- 16.20, lon and 410 and lawe.snort 22 rate Herman'cartridges * a..5..... sS6sts. ... :;, .. - "
tftai t ;
Bnlortettabie. It < Arnold Paint Store. eie Tk* MMltsr
ed !new.
Ethel Just
Smith doesn't
I wife. swing organ- have time. to be an Loan OfHce. 27 W. CbllrclLBEDROOaI .
Ilk inee 2-3788. .e>rAr !I
r 4 **wt TO "' of men 7f1l1'J1"1IL lat. has taken uP playing: the actress. I SUITE-S-pler*. Cas be D .> .... .. in-IB! *- -$ t
Joan Crawford 1NDaRS.New Americanr ;| seen at 115 East Harvard bona lap ...... 11IM """"> !-,r.r
i came all by her- derJlesonble ratea. .. -,",,' .,.
... Spanish guitar as a hobby butshe'll t -
"" i i self to BE1>MetaL double. Complete. 82 a..t SMr.abININ0 5.w . ""
the S.BumbT.'tsi.&DER $ x
t *,, party that she. Dana "e. 180 I -' '"
cleaner cendttlon.
Q.E. vacuum good .
't I I undoubtedly] be breaking Andrews and Otto Prexninger co- and edger also cab- I I 125. 1509 E. Jefferson.BARB a66ti..... R. :_0 .:
&1 !;t to to MoUyvoodi I never forth professionally with herOeetar. I hosted for the Daisy Kenyon Company fader Hdw.and 2524 floor KuhL polisher.22821.: AND WOVEN WIRE fenrtec. ...amiss.. salsa I S ,... 1. "' .,.
Mfftf* Nt iN ni u then our : at the Also fencinr staples. Amco Feed ayrvaw A.. ..
: f completion of the pic skiltenchsaws ... .. ... ,.
Ma d -Paint sprayers; RobinsonpneoM -
r Ida vouU attend a ; Johnny O'Connor.- former New ture. tIT i Store. 300 West DOORS: spaere0. a6 ...s .. ... -
Everybody mawerEelpmenn ,
was waiting to ; power 5663. r-
: ****.. bew acd :. I:
wear dinner York fan
reporter and &, concrete mixer ,.
a pal of Genefowler's see who =
I tae U. too. But Uufs would escort Joan--but [ Tonne's Tool Rental 100 : BOAT-16 foot Chris Crag Ford .1 trw err a gym' a '- i.i;
exactly arrives here this week fast. 11290.i .
to she was too busy being a. hostess 7323. V-8 Very ....ra" IMellg4.t
*Ml Ssi; *aed at the John fi confer with Genes on the life of i Writ Boa 424 S-Siar. 1.5560.
to bother with N'is 4z
any boy friends. ITEES For Rent--by day or
.; feat optl ..Ql. ot eourie. Jimmy Walker. That's an Office Equipment Exchanre.fona Dona wYi' : ,4 ", ,
**? tftt bate too beautiful cele-l Carole Landis writes today. See you to- asenu. 220 8. Main: i 1 w .p
from Bal- :
morrow. I =l-L; J ?
aSM' M Modek. tha Young *U- timore that Izzy Rappaport own- BETERACE C'OOLI'-4-n : s .-.tI I.- -

11fL1 Vii. R+Uy Blaine aDd oeorg tacna ': er of the Hippodrome where she's ,FTEH and quarterly RENTALS rate- special Check I sUlnJrss pissed Mee .... -,

II &.Mi&&. .bo ft Un. Rkardo MooU3MA. i i I made a personal appearance, practically / To Protest M.n. Stuart 13 8. Mala 6V I Polished steel trim aluminum for lasttnc with beauty sad m.tsl156555.M tiersD "' P.M5 ... f..tit .._oI7- ,+ ':a.i .
i .' : lone wear. Disappearinc doers that .
gave the to
i Ftitardo the Telephone Route slide into the cabinet out *f U* way
-, OQ aa aisle beaming city. Well. Izzy is a. wonderful'host. Change ArtIcles for Sale I I or can be removed completely teci
with ,,11M. and among thOM WbO i cleaning or loading. Two extremely ...... eY
orIle IENs.
Ira A mass meeting in front of the lENIlLATIOH HTSTEMy : -I I lane heavy duty coppf eoUa wits dli!<
I 4 her ,
ft nx .,. Oarter
: Cucat Ferry Cummins has to .... ..... ...
: a: to 1N$ al1eIl gone Longwood Town Han has been Cooleire. Completely tat :i I' -hI. centers and aluminum Lisa to
.vas to* fbuK Lorraine ).(ID<<. Knab. Utah, for additional called for your home with no down treater teat absorption elves malt- bse es Yw
tpe'e t
today at 8
1141 Aa Haste pjn. to pro- Modern to all of the >> Cal9I0.KMea15119Orase
I'j I'- and John Uodiak. CeIbMer I cen. of Green 86.80 per month. mum coollnc part u -
s7Mt41x4 slut . rttt Mra., Zathary' Grass.of WyomInr. test a proposed change routing: n. 428 N. Orange 22514. ,; net quickly and economically. A"
j **M"Zcii .M on toeatton. Mr.l While Maureen telephone exchange service ;7M MOULDINGS trimming Walter J. WUcoi. Inc.. (1 E. Roblsvson.
O'Sullivan off. Southeast
is in nk rims. 20'
1)1 e +ti a seed 5(rs. tea through Sanford instead of Or- Amelia Founded 1936. blui=-II.. i.
I Wiiwn. the Ruben retirement she has into busi- lando. tie Co.. 100 W. ;
I ht&awlaamu, I 6171. tie .
Cobuia Wrtfht, and i I si .. aNDtJEttt
UM GARAGE Or utility
W atber& BATHROOM TILE la RuM-Proot Ffmstile. > MM
... 12x20. Aluminum frame
his h. Mldam attn auch e&thutlM ANalrcr t. ......... Pout PC. Overhead door. Special I I All colon. Low reel, fees
seat LM Chief >ne only. Mill tad Nebraska |:I: estlmaM Central Florid Sale UU .Jt
I Justice
b UcCarey expreues I 5'M" DiF.Vl W. Orange; dial 6546. "fI, ..... III .g4trMM1MV.
: (trill "'u.I...... is SIDING and root thinpn -
eeee Utama ...
Urcwa who lIT[ .
goes all '\\EJ:: IA I I F 'F"C"N' roafinc aK asphalt abiDe BOAT-12 ft. row boat. Muse611aTelephone Islas
tm..ti the ptcturt Oood 8am and : t \lAIIII l them >t Mill and Kebruk 24503. U W. WtahiM- MrobMf 1" 11N-15

dtelee k fUft a wil, of a real estate agent :i HORIZONTAL Notion N :: ,II I II DM AWNINGS Poldin too. aP M1M
t M _. 1t different. llihtwel ht- BOAT-Mota sailboat; A-1. *n. Rat .e 595lo :'
iffy 4P LA thteU be Ian another Marie 1.3 Pictured 7 Negative rn= 'FM11iLR todem.! for year-round sernce.a 2535. Lake Sue Drive ...... d_ aA >
+9+ 4 0....,, tie sale ahe'a been I U. S. Justice 8 Foreign agent II A SNDly let in the '..... keep out I i I Part: 6527. M ... -

ewye ta taia amuDd UoUrwood for 20 11 Lifting devices Indian O u I .e and drrrint rain Avall- i BABY CAR SEATS-Oood .**kty w hs0a
all 51i[. Ild1e E NL W1U2 ') variety of colon. Whitney Reenter (3.9S.: ebbing out ., sa M $ ss c. M "' 9
l .t. *ahe t anyone gitta her a 13 Naturalized 10 Roman +trrg:! I. N \ I'JDlstriboUnC Co.. Inc.. 2623tr 1 I Kncx Stores. Co. 25. L Pine. P5... bIiDIilJlla .,_
MYabl emperor 'A M Drive. Telephone 8913. I. 23163. ........ 5'f
+e' 161 ek lj NIL If ke eWc 'W her what ,I 18 Gaelic, 11 Weep 'g 5 IC A e, WO,. N. ito. MIC WATER HEATERS I'BOAT-18' Inboard. V-8 _,__... -... w .

% j g .M..i elf a. 4M. tae Brrr llUccrald itt : IS Time long. past 12 Observe SET T L. :I ...''C '5 E ISI R int le and oil *beaters.a*. 10-l Hone-30-40-caL and BATH Phone TUB 2-3788 JJew aftn S ft.II built. ..!. trpe: sewii. at. .,... c

pe1r1N ... a. k4. M4 U lM4a U BMwy I 19 Still U Low haunt I From :37.00O to 70.000 ,, left band. 859,30. 1510. 1a4aaao .. M _.a ftaesM'

a ( yen aa U he mlchC I Utt : 20 Lariats 17 Sun god 28 Rodent 45 Symbol for from. 30 t* 48 to. Silent phone 2.2037.BOATCollapsible. IJ. c'nte ...- l Iq -

U tQ theme Mtte. ab .t alder :' 22 Eternity 20 Compunction 30 Roof finial Iridium [fan.I 1 : Plywood.. 10 sad was Ma9 11r1a. MMseNaspp :aa.
ldd4a. Ssap M
> 12 ft. boat Selling coat MJH
Pea a ,rwr, a&4 It's always a* : 23 Musical note 21 He is chief 31 Beverage 46 Corded fabrt Installation:, make immediate on all delivery of the I and Nebraska.* at' _.- --- ek

rattlttoc waste they flaaUy lei 24 Note inGuide's justice of the 32 Morindin dyes 47 Observed m.. I BOOKCASES mad to your order.
a fcrtaa, see th..(.ti It does scale U. S.Court. .- 39 Russian 48 Canvas shelter and Keiser. Vocne Theater either moveable type or for per'
e P, sa CoIonitHown. Phone $136.tTU manent Installation to fit any Sill n .AasY-sw wee
. L
* ... i* lift. 28 Billiard shot =
Iib4k communities Altitude Cab.) I SCREEN WIRE-Number or shops .f opening. Mutual Mill.
w1 eras Ida Ku__-.and his the lucky 29 Mourning 23'Native of 40 Incite 51 Courtesy title I, ah. 32 Inch. M IDe'". 48 I I work Co. Dial 4127.
.fe Virgin nome Bivalve kmtheait Steel Sale C.. 100teL I BEDROOM SUITE 3-piore. oeeapieU -
sltr rue' fu? a s tearried to Marie WllasA Priority I
a: with mattress and nrina
'Lad big foot on the train and 3S Poplar 25 Rows mollusk (prefix) CLOCKS: electric clock. with stool. For sal* *hea .a.JaIl aerate \1'J .
already to to to New York to doS i i 34 Repulse Casimir (ab.) 43 Require 55 Symbol for CL roller skates hoes rake Long St. mernln**. ,IY56 & tIT <
33 Oriental 27 Fourth 44 Ocean wood rantea. Economy rar BATTERnS-ouaruiH4: a3,: 1 -
tai M ob/io .,..4.*., play ben he waa sodium .
132 W. Church. 8217.iDITIONC4O .
chant batteries repaired. We bar M r vas
41 .apitl+ caa 1ft y' load part la Brock guitar Arabian caliph movement ST While UNIT 3 port- old batteries. 17th and aorta Or4 -en.r-: .

4at es 5tti(4a4t1i9ibi ... ,.',..'. gore. on "'" rtY-1'I 38 Silkworms It i 1 .. S rJ a 'i 1sb. Carrier and Kelvlnator. Suit- Blossom. Phone 7544. l
37 Nova Scotia it. cooling office. Priced rea- boa aorlw
,,.. tag AO, which at BED: -Maple twin its*
opens ( .) Phone S294 or M33. and mattress complete. Resa ...... aA r
*!*at. Cnt II. It it I Il ... 311 E. Pine. Apt. He. 4. .tf e.

her riff Tile pUyvrUbL Ralph Rose, has i I M Manuscript CHAIN--Several trpe Ie and wtx 9155 151dp .
m gt4w eras eo1 n4 hm et communism to Free t! (an.) .s '*' i II. 1 % Ii ms-I.Dco FleetveMETtrythlnc Knox Store CoeapanT. U IsM iIf n
; 39 : for the w !iin.; Pin Street. Phone 2-3 U3.
I tTe(1 *. f. Alt which will ro to New York Chart Williams Supplier H N. nie 5a N1a.e.I .
k-- 1 afu a Me iu trroyt bert. Brock f f 42 AU 1\ I lO I' f'$; Z it. Daytona Bears: FJa. Pb.01INT CAMP large STOVES shipment.-Bomb Just recetevvf Bardwar ::')1 a:."it..:. S I

tts resj&frton tt coming here from 47 Station (ab.) i, 102 w. Cburch.
Z. 25 IIUl ..
\N !Fist.iellnk. OW.dJnlbIrd CAMERA Buper-IkonU JI Laleot. taiC )... .. .

- *fcgt I* tit Ireland y" n 11 L'f u. COTTAGE equipment. New.Pnotocraphlc tell for dlaeount.Enlarser.nJJ9I D, Jvr ..

**** *+bdtt t ts ef HoDyrooi collected S3 Pare .fletc kitchen and cabinet with relrUerttor.Water CHAIRS-20 blond mspia. leery ,7f-

4tio ez and ..yw. IMM at randans: Fretted J1 1m 14 !Slink system both *aa leather<< colored. Same aa .... Spit-
vPra .4 &s 68 Mother cr 1 Appliance In... 428 able for home or ,1.0&8 .*.. ****. 41l ...
JM& Prtert U over the flue but father { 3. pee 2-2J1C.: able. The Shoe Box. 13 1'. Or****, .
ah# UI tat welL The cash she ;a.--- .
58 --
Screed -
rM4 tort to. her aide Is Ewing her trou- ; 1 3a

4 M W a4 ah* may have to hare a 59 Dispatched .

14 f flee tDe.e19 fcawr apraUon. i,; VERTICAL 1s. oO .. ,1x'It '4$ w ioii 4.' 41 Nft tl

41jtl.Sill .*. ry TI<<. wh. sang In 1 Release'$0 51 'i. Si 51. I Lower Levels/ ;in Price I

Ir1 tie Gee. ,* Tears will sing, at 2 Rave. 'J'I;.1 .

k* ..,.... !. New Yak when 3 Entomology S'f' 15" 51

4c.. .ebea. *MT e4 MM Tale Man ape&s (ab.) .- ---- _.-

ltrb t11rtBCAt fraoeia U remaining In the I"{ 5 4 Huge From r' 51 1"1" CNNDaN tlwletlitStrtcAtlo -, ,,- -

--=- _____ "bt I Eggs and Poultry 1n kilter/ 46.500. .. .. Iraregi
j; JACKSONVILLE (AP Florida nearby Wet a sit laedre9or .;iNr! t. .- -

M1w10i ttETT M5G : ARS yw.Ks fresh vas: pay market; bUUwncent Wee ... M .
oToeit : Intl ; AU sales t* retailers: ,i tower aeoeeefCvaeraBy wegb1a ..aM... ., ,.
Net Wt Cur.
Grade A Net do*. laCTt*. I IS cM Near .... /eN. rM .. .

/ Lane _n -, -- __ 240* M u ..kllen... 55551 sews a "Ii
a t Off Medium j_. +, ..r- 21a M M i real Maims .e. $5 .. .., '"
Snail ..___unn__. 180 47 48 all efcotre I****** 8
-t Extra lane --- :< oi9 6* 10 280 56 SS TS-Nkf* .15 II asp '
.a Sale i.i.l 1 a : bvwhen n OS**. o4 Pfd
+ sale3-per-1 Netwt. Cwt Mkt. 1_ u ...,. a* t.. ** {*
Orade A Per dI. crta.Larve MM: 440-40 Ik.1S4V00 lT .at tLt
N \ the Georgia j I 24 os 78 TJ : ana.818t K iI. Ii -
r) belt will be i; Medium I --:T.:===- 210* 87 III I *.s It *w-n i* t
d/t Small lees 54 M I561aM. NSaW SINS '
local market Ixtnlarge.un_ 24 OS... 78 80 I. bl* catve. 1.*** term ,2: ::
the action as I Florida dressed sale to retailers t* coo and betfen as sop t* nly Nu 1eNe
..M m turners; IS loe.r ---- Mill tJ
Dressed Ltv* ,I rent dew*; IBM****** 84) ..wM
of r only a slightons I and DrawnFryer I I fMieI att.w ... Nas1e
39 47 toP 34 IS paid N, I** MMe
had been I R'd ell
I Broilers e U .- lbs-- ::::== 39 47 I I I toM yeartlM >>... (..r
J' L ( t could catch Hen heavy u .un._ 35 41 I 24 an **. mod**** *4S4 w NS.
) Jr ting tonnage. Men Itiht .._____.-_____h 28 33Roosters ... u 16 MX efeoaro *M *
du.- ___,_u_. 20 2J (e*. sad. csiow Ma.<.r. at**..
1 .f Belt Ware- qws aa..y M sere .0..*OI 51
1 I IIt' 1 gales commit- CLOSINQ) COTTON yew .... .._ ._ 4aalesae t
I NEW YORK (AP Cetten futures ImBoed : wsMM. sIS Y
strictions.plaining .
((1 IW3NPER.WAJ5 83.48 t. 83-tS a b.te yesterday a* tk. a wr- I| eealerb raree a4. needs' aiI smj
BEYONDWTPENDUP offl- i I bet exoertenced H* first real pressure of j I Meek coiUe very ..**., ..sam. ...*
"opCABiOSr push farther Aed,in' aiaintt the asp ere* nio sm .t ..
which i* new beiiitnine; t* exoaod rat.*Vly. Salable *.*.*> >) lit total ......
n '- Spiraling Considerable sellind also*id ill I ter lamb lw ..a.r>ltf w: at ...
+ let dealings on*priests advice indwatin lower: yetrttn aft-84) ..1aesa ***** ... $766e1
then were falHy widesoreod beneficial ** t..... M""** apM lewy .* ]*>
1 There the sales I shower* i* Tex* and a toed rain to th* 14.>>; th* tot >..* Sr ajatdecka e 1.8g .
: 1 -i01ATs e at week-end Lubbock are. Crest eoverver there" *.. ..... .* .... M **. .. e roc aA' rd
this eared Nan entmisti over the dew itt very e ims. doe M 18. *w iRR (
ter morn- I 1 conditmii in T...*. ..5,5 yearlHM 18 ow! taod .i.n* IT*
t : leaf [cigarette One private wire said the Lwbbeck .... teed aad cheat. si **> ... ..
.t for 32 to 41 I ritery should produce tOO.OM bale of cotton > their **.. rvarUft** ..II. *.ft 1 ..
t comoared with 200.," bale lst year .o* fnlly ee.*Us....dklndai ..... Lap
; eveo without additional rain. few ...-. N 5e4 .... .... 15

1 ? prices ranged The ere in the ,.lain* section of Tease I _. __ f lr
C ass reoorted in oeod condition and H wa* I NI *
I i cents to a top ;; said that a tood oeneral rain there by CUi. sv.te ant

i 9 y Se.l ds.l I I\. Lynck.Fwraiab.4 rtn**,'= .a4a6e 5.ttt. tdeeAa
IOOUCEh Itedoe Mlline emanated from Mem*>M*> i I. Alamlaeai Co .f Am** l
3 36 tracks steady Dallas and mouth Texas awnta. Amer Gal lies .
1 1i ken 24: hen 25: I Oaon Mieh Law Last Amer. UlM fillies I
i .32-35: broUtr 34- Oct. 32 JO 32. 1 32.11 32.4143 off U-H '; Ark. NaIl: O*( A .
M f: Plymouth Rock Dec. 32.38 32.SO 31.M I1.ST.12.M off Tl-T I I IMch. I Ashiand CM ..,..
t Springs Jl; aid J2.2 M.JT Jl.TT 31.17-78 off T4-7I ; AUntM rieAerie .
dntklinn 14: torn Ma,.. 31.90 13.00 JLaI 31.1 off 71 >I i Banam ISIS .

[ : 1 .Ttiy a S 31 SO: cainea dos; flacks 25: I: Dc July. 28JO 31:J* 31 28JO:JO 30.U. ::**: off off 79 TI I,I Our Crests.Pet . a YHI 1 !

I 37H; single daisies i I Middlin s*ot 34.7111 off, 89.i Elec Bed At a*$* C*. r-.u.
i nominal. I rlrtbiM' EM. At AkTtva _
j (a 'I I I!Olen Aided Coot Cs.-..
knsetUed: score
score et; II scont I[ NEW ORLEANS .. .. .
II score 67. Ices: broke 84 to *4- O a bale here yesterday Rumble OU *
i Needs lent roalixin and hedoo NSIIiM. Iberia Mlnlnc Co. _
1\ rrevlan ectra 11
S2: 3 and 4: 44-4" ,, Trading i was quiet during the greater CYerFrs'", .. ..._ e i
1I I s si ,; ,: 3 and 4: 41: nr- I I part *f the sessiofl The telling yesterday. !. Lone- Star O*. Cw. DV$ Ift
!S Medae* Pw \
Urtfe 34H: cntck which dropped prices was stimulated br Nissan >rsNUeeaeemeosPwod
"; I 1 isoxu of ahewer in section of the belt CVPtaupe
I I j.a i i where ._.01. OU of tea
I f ,ici.lf..calb of Mews for Texa Shtrvin-wnum ..
i: .Is* influenced some liouidatien.. The selteff Birock a- C. .
38 3t H
40 H 1
met only an indifferent demand with Bontoa Cor*. ..
i l 11 lab 1IH rice fixing aaainst ides to the ae sr>. .-...1r_ .
12 H 12" 12't.2ew2'4r' ment also' _.. Th Utter w** 5 sustaining TfchatcoiorTenroo . ...-. . -. _. WIll
1 factor in last week trading.eVMlirwd p' --. '..-..
e..t estt.n W-SO a bale, witsm.iddlin. van..c. au Crew --- ,
J 59'u say 5)1 IS/lCth inch e..t..d at 4-t W. YL Cent c.u .
any 4oy 40V. coot pound, lalee... the day amounted i
} 78 H 7*'. n.. a I:.
1472 bale DUll lies aRAtItRItT '
to -
j 31HI 31V 31"1 Ooe High Low Clote KEW YORE iCPl O *l .*4 I r -- ;'
13'. 13,
jI I. I 31'" 39 ; Oct. .32.84 32.93 J2.3e 32JO-32 off 81 !: dlly weKbud prwe bM of Wmoditie ..... '... I 20 ItVi II' I Dec. ._ ..W.J 12... 114 11.4-87 Off 8O *. ea.fwd& fee l.... Fell
I 13% lJk 13> I March ..- .32 JO 32J 3t.7S 21.... off 90 32 ever*** **"!* 1-.
lRtl, l sew Q!CF 'TIE tmlEFtti .1AGFrG FtX1N TIE NAY ficfT orIE9lou rfr.JFfdt'i t 22', 23Lt 22 SIIS k May _ .11.., 12-Ot 11 Jl JUt "off MJuly Yesterday . 3p ;
v 'f) 'JOEQT11t33 Ca ei? S At'o His ''lK 5 Olrr SOQIcaY'IC i im 11 Vi33H i: _31 JS 314S 341M 2I. -U off 80 8*tartar .__. .. .. ALIK c.

eoetts fT11ADHiaE1l4c1S 6W'Eiseo Rt1Pt 114S'aCNJrt T11rxs aR r+K ( 34 34 NEW ORLEANS CAP Spot ct_ eloped Week' usMstb1o .. I
>>> 23'*. S3S. 33S10S steady. --M.S a baM still feed middling I -
;; a Tic P60Rig 81140 riirt REt 11'3 TN4E SO5'IEBOrX E.a>; IDS 10H ,' 34.8S. H.cept* *.-; Stock S3.779. j>, Tear aw ... a
1847 huh ex to T1eS c uNr1''rills PRM DTETRtf1tt1aROCD- 'B4 'I s.5. S3 n.
: 1847 tow cjao.
ONE I 63 S3MS I rOKCICN EXCHANGE .... ..-* 147 >.b.i .
C3H NEW YORK CAP> Closing fore. nI -
OF ? M M chants rate follow (Great BrtUla la dot -
r 36H 33 S 3* erA I Ian. others la cents. Canadian dollar la i Misuse'of electric tram: t* *.. :.wr:

0 28 HS14H I Mew Tork open market 7H per cent di- sporulWe for neaity forty N... fie _
1 ll'" court er IUZ'fa U. S. cent, down H II
f t .... 14SS 14S27H :r a cent. Europe: Great Britain 84 02% *.- 'day in the United EUU*
:z 28 21" '' changed Fnnce (Tranct ....,. of a cent. -- -
t 'I'I.acshated I' : Sweden iKreaa :27A$. ..-
34% 34 H 14< changed; Switzerland Franc) fcomll 23 40. i
a 142 142 142 i I uncbanced. Latln-Amerlc: Artentinn fro* HEADACHIS
9 20V.J 19% 204IfH 'I I 24.82. up .02 ot a cent: Brazil tree S.SO. :
19'. 13V unchanced; Mexico 20.63. ueJlaUell.I .
a GRAY! 2 0 b 4H *
:1 is ,5.ettM < 3V, 3'fa 2... I

8 3 54H 21H 53 live H 21H18V. 5JH QnMclr tilfeviJ IWrt (..

i .1 163'. .. 16H >. I Irrigation Equipment N.w

- -- --- -, .....- . 2 n WV. 99Va

cut qtrAt p3iNT ABLE, ...PtEATalNV .1 II IS 46'l 45 46' 45 46'4 I PIPESPRINKLERSPUMPS I

tP.N6StiiD lt$Si2:1'g: Z.7.. .. 53 1'fa 72?. 72VH ftBCRP.wr TI

bh D91E1D'S.- :I fin tin ENGINESFOR
let : -
:3 21 20H 21 ... s
I 10*. 10H 104 GROVES AND FARMSFree I Now when roes hart a **i .,.. ;$of :

.., 21 1JU 14". 14>423S when the Iff' .....,. .. .. ,< ..,. .,
A 1 3 23* 23H Service ache, or P-ww' .
1 k kf 30 23< 224 23 EartHerlac... Desig.EE neuralgia mk JOG f eel m*.> ilea ......... lllig5'[ '" "1 ( .
5 :36% 36 36

1i I.k I.r I.r I. < H 12 28H 43 Ht 2$4.28'5 42 42 erablc get quit "lid ..*.% % = -

r? 26tfc 26% either "BCT headache hw- ea..rflrli

is 9 15 1% 144' 14'1 den or "BC" Ilta4fh Ttk ........

S 48l' 48 48 lets. Tablet or powdfs-VI ... -.IE. .
1 M4 5155 '5555is
z \ get the game famous f rmjft*, dill i*
68!, 68S gale 1 =
pmeM t ,1 tH-
1 63: 15: l's I



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i .. .;X "''.,' $\- ; FOR TILE PIA T:NE fCtAtf
.' ;': -IFTHEws'NAS
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: )


( Announc g. the L L

: I : & CO i THO MOWS.&. r.I .
with 4 Q QgICE OF A TinYiMO
TO OM1ti .
t MtJ.p

3 FOREMOST : : : % V V

!I i and the formation 03N ; / ]


S. A. WIEL HO',POISON I/I I' 4SpIrTMV M .. ,,--
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'i: Great : SHOP BEFORE ',

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: I Bonus Page -- - l 1 I!

tral Florida and-Mu.II .... 3 I
Even though tha altl.. -- dlr ism. *-" Is I
money than the .le,. ii.f !rfe .>.... I. ....
ro ask "Then why. rre .. -..;: ....... -. ..........
BRING you fresher is that we Niles ..., rrerr..". .." eee ...... V .- ,
f ,1'f' paper to meet ow .J ...d w to- tII'' ___
I pony, Inc., has merged with -- .-
i I n i it"
;i t the S. A. Freel! Distributing ,

RilL is a name ,

; very food merchant in the

'> m F m 0q II
FOREMOST: is a "
f ..... ... .. ....- ,
t- .- :''.:' .... ... quality a and service in 34 < + 1 t t"

I TOf ETHER they } -CERTAIN FcRciGN ITc iUT'I WD&+iAD .. :' ; $- 1 I S
". .RY 'A j a... iLJ::
M : ..r ..,
; A IS \ .
te merchants and.FRESHER VERY PRICE NGI1 S CIMUTY .tea ,.... .,
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1P1e44 KEEP this :
see any of I

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engaged with its manufa !

1f/IIl ,ESLER S te be rushed to the stores. i w

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r""" I
-:-=: :: FOREMOST ,;

-I F tlelltI ltEi
....= try t system that gets these

i .o when you buy these .
.. ... 1!
.. v at *""fIrI s4 .
ft'r. getting foods fine W LA::
Ytlu as PLACE, i 4 .. .i ..t 5.I ..
!! r; --
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and ice cream for (' ; I *i .. .....a.. $ $\ ..:..-e...
: { { *! I::' .
,CANDY :x k k ia
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-- -_ .. 4_;;' ._ _.... . '0 __ : -


; '_ _.- .,. o- _



t u: Pi Lt- ; tnd Services OfferedFLOOR 19. Serrices Offered -Services Offered I 33. Artltles for Sale 1.L ArtWW fat4iCULVIIRA.
t 'Jt..a:. __ !RAuUnr Mofinr 19. I .119. I I' III" t .

IiH. II Vt-FOtD VAN BTORAGK ou- SANIWia-PUI1Ih1na. Specialize ROOFDIO Pitjo esUmatea. 3 years WASRZNO UACB-IKX RIPATSS-A3aiakea. .'ATTIC FANS-AB ntket. all glut. I M A' < "tiiiit .
a.iIIIIt . ran ssadt: waa**d ta stasoscbascuie -al tnctnent. 20 I to pay. Wk gaaraateed. Roll I Manu official ..entct.Bane. . Free estimates. Lowest cost engineered *+t jo-gt -'
. S4 a.-a *a raai*. AIM M ar from Atlanta.Oa rrt. experience. Modern "1I1pmeDt.I shingles or built up and ttboitos .',. next to Colony Theater. Installation. BrtttsGeneral i lockers 14aJaa1;
: 11.. _ pa*** S284 to* free estiffiate Work utrtateed. Licensed. Prompt I siding. Smith A Sons 46M. I Winter Park 9X I I Electric- 356 N. Orange. Phone 1942. board I" thwl
\ im N. Mta I terrlcc. C. R. Barke. '$. 1 Ortag ftiasaaai
atectJ I J30. AIR CONDITIONER tea. ?-
'9 &,$ moving: FLOOR 8A3DINO. Caixnln Best I jnercial and household repairs. r Good Places to Eat banks-Morse. Used only 1 season : CR385 $1mKIMosI -

.. .lit .. otar***. ertttB packing. A.Uraaea i material ued. AD work intrtateed .: Good work charges reasonable Per- : condition guaranteed. 11.250. Phono anues- ..I/i
. . DtkMr'e Lot* Dlstaac lieented: bonded: Bus Floor Sor- gusoa Refrigeration Service. Pb. 9752. WHO PLANNING a banquet wed- 2-1809 St. 1M B. $
i : s.d .. 90O Mary *. Dial 496S. : farIng Co. Ph. '"._ ding reception birthday o? dinner -..
RADIO radios ... Hotel. Len.oo4.U
SERVICE Auto repaired party call Loc AIRPLANE MODELS-Complet* stock
J I .J .. LOWO PiaTANCT MOTtNO AHpotato. FLOOR. SANDING, .-Fiaunillf. cletn- while you wait or shop. Or- for suggestions and prices. models tad accessories. HOQRtilroad. CQMR0A- .
.. .. PackiBa. cr Um(. local BMVt .I I Int. vtzlnc. Excluslre atent for lando's largest auto repair station. bo. racing cars. Model 3u Y . op.
. fd.r. ** MUt Movtao Stont* Call Ftor-Co Sealer wblca tnartnteet perfect Approved United Motors service oa 3L. Good-ThIngs to Eat supplies Haley 214 N. 1. 0115 .eth a" Mmpsp.s.
= .. *'* Si . w. e..IU.. MUsftctlon to xoa vno desire all General Motors tutos Parking lot ALLIS-CHALMERS Power C.a.units BOW P.-Ph --. a.W
P UJ Quality Lastlnc Floor Sarlace co. entrance on But St. Britts ""Gen AJU- ..-
4 : EMPTY VAB rttaralM K. T. polnUa Esttbliibcd Since 1925. 1809 N. Ottntt ecu Electric* store. 356 N. Orange ORANGES. Oranges. Oranges Plenty available. Immediate delivery. Complete P'tnI..v 55 aa.
root*. BetarB load redact Are. phone 7836. Ave. at Leon's. W* deliver. Phoa 4332. stock from smallest to largest.
.i 1i.m Or. _
MIH . Also Farm Tractors. Ovceral Track -.
50 W. CeDtralTURKEYSPlnest .
rat**. Can**. 141 W. 10th. L. T. RIFDnSHED and '
re. .
Commercial tc Equipment Co2319 M Rte; 9809. ,
.- -.. .. cut* 1-3191_ I built. Mew condition wear beautyand and domestic 12 years in ontllty. SOc Ib.FslrrlUa nQ : i. .-''

'.im *.m ". comfort our special object!**. Orlando. Work guaranteed. A. T. Poultry Farm. Phone S927. .Rare E-Et and Per ILrfitesseedtebe 551 .. i .
.Mfr.Ii. IL Laundry Work Open for inspection- our men .
Blast, phon. 2-74S2. shot 5.4.51 to. '
i Co.. 1122 W. gruder : ;
i at work. Rues Mattress Arrad. .- I
3% Articles for Rent Dial .11'1 -
CWTAfM I..4LO4. starched sod Church. 22213.'PuR.'UTtTRE _. : RUasUPHOLSTERY CLEANED. gun sheQs 12. '. .- I"
ttrvtcbod Pal Me pair. rattled : Expert workmanship fast service. AUNmON-b. osfs4eese ;. .
22 rifle cartridges f.
REPAIRED: reflnlshed. tk
FLOOR SANDER Edeer and polish U1
*.f1iBTt r. I** pair 137 IrvPs M. ffc. 8S8LIt. Bpholstered. Pick dellTtry. I Guaranteed mothproofing service. Pb. long short . rn : 11I'
I 2-2990. Kleeaize Co.. of Orlando. er. AD new. Arnold Paint Store. Loan Office. 21 W Church.HeD' Mr. . Iird.r
Paul's Repair Shop, 2611 Wub.lnItOo -- 407 8. Orsnte. 2-3716 .
M S f>.S II* hines
t- ftmlcr* Offered i Street; dial 2-1168._ RADIO INTERCOMMUNICATION BEDROOM SUITE 4-plece. Can bo
*s *oa .. Installation and repairs. Also repairs I FLOOR SANDERS New American DUE :!
DOWNSPOUTS mat.ned. seen at 115 EastHarvard Avenu
&* -" aaoraioya. Aw.D O -stoO twUlm* aad Venelia AIM sheet metal work of on all home and car radios. -S" new tdgerJletsontble rates. chair Yi.r 7. .
*) attad audi I* order. Free ventilators, chimney hoods. Puller Bros. 114-B Park Ave. S. C. R- Burke. 180S S.Bumby.7851. BE"et double. Complete. 820. mosu ; <- : I

.. P..Mii-ii ***taat *. c.IMUa1 AwalBt C*. &21 etc.any Phono kind Winter Ptrk 409 day. Orlando Winter Park: ph. 119. . FLOOR SANDER and edser also cabinet tion- .825 all 1509 cleaner E Jefferson.good w.d 6m wo I-" : ; .

.. MUtewM: Av Paon 1-4411. 3-0077 nicht. Dunnacaa Metal SEPTIC TANKS-.Instated. State tp- sander aad floor polisher. mod,?. P p."! 113 ? .; jJc
S I.4I ALARM CLOCK REPAIRED ASTkMd Co. 100 W. Fairbanks. Winter Park. proved 600 (tl. captclty. See our WyckOtts Hdw. 2524 KOhL 2-2821. BARB AND WOVEN WIRE fe. sol.. value 1. -
. ., ttnks on 17th St. West of OrtngoBlossom Also fenclcsstaples.. sylvtata A** _
1 II aloe W loctric etnlpmeat.e BOUSES WASHED by Steam-Lax Tr.i 2-4519 Hsgen-Mueller. TOOL RENTAL-Paint sprayers: skll- Store. 300 West Robinson. Phone ?
__ Mi 'MlW iLo- bl .vrything. Barker Repair process look different. Call Steam saws beach-saws power mowers 5663. DOOM. eash $1 .
t $a**. M W. OsatrtL Pa. 7696.AmlACE Bouse Waiting Co. 2-3625. and lets SEPTIC TANKje CLEANED everything flooring equipment. concrete mixer I scrta <_ M.. :j.l
= .a > REPAIRED Fans 0 teU you why. Estimates free. pumped and hauled./ P. J. and misc. Tonne's Tool Rental. 100 : BOAT-18 foot Chris e Pre 51 ; I.
'..UIII' Burke permanent resident bonded. V-l Conversion Very ladawufro. V
W. Washlneton.7323. 'u ll Wodctaf|
.. rn. 116. Screens -
., trans tad HOUSES WASHED and : Write Box 424 I
insured. 80678.SEPTIC
Rout 19. Box 231 ,
Eioetn Co. 13 E. Church TYPEWRITERS For Rent by day or SSta. .
Jiaoiaa. i windows. Look like paint lobs. I I. -a-
M&It a - TANKS INSTALLED and Ezch.a,.. I !; :
A V1CS TO HCTtnrmi m1 $opp.OsaU Free estimates: work guaranteed. month. Office Equipment i .
= ..s $ 5' Mr. Uea M Mill Call Autrey. 6326 cleaned. Stat approved. 20 yean Smith-Corona agents. 220 S. Main I door .. ., I
_4 ta business. Altermttt. Can 1730 or '! 88SO. I I r I Store Co -to. ff -;
7571 for service BEVERAGE COOLER-t-FV
ACETTLKAE& and ttocut* wilding; front to back. from roof to cellar. TYPEWRITE RENTALS Special \D WA "
.. TRACTOR WORK New ground monthly and quarterly rates. Check I Ji1
. smachiM work .$ pup saw miiuM Including beating and rentQaUnc. Polished aluminum platers
road eoastraeuea machinery.tiassJais. All work rutranteed. Can 5026. plowed harrowing leveling aDd I with Georg Stuart. 13 S Ella SU I steel trim for testing\ eta metal la< > .;
--Ift i trading. Winter Part Nursery andLtndsctpteg phone $ b&t Mount Does MBA f .
McAUas long _
II-a.. tad bras catum. Roles 5EBTICK aeneral repaIrs : wear. Disappearing that t .
Co. Ph. Winter Park 35.I
4 .- L Macain w.n.ui w. Kaiey.ALtta Mew eonstrncUoo. Windows, screens I I I slid Into the cabinet out of th* way
.. r,- u4A4 -CHALMERS-IERVICE- and caulking serrtce. Licensed andbonded.Dowzweli. TRACTOR WORK New ground 33. .Articles for Sale I or eta be removed completely for
pant troeuft tad power units.Patta Phone 9523.i :, plowed dirt moving landscaping. : cleaning or ladl Two extremely DESK Mthotaao . .
4 lft-
4i.a aad Moia Machinery Ca. 40AwKistOsL Ph. 1106 or Winter Park. 1304-W I ATTIC VENTTLAT1OS 8TSTEJ large heavy with 60". left dsw .)*5 Z4 -
Sharp ?
._ pIMM l-nl1 i Hanson TREES DEMOSSED. trimmed. taken Cool by Cooleaire. Completely tal 1 -1 centers and fm.> tlv* ,. praaka OVtMsklag '
4 "" w. ened. Band and power. stalled in home with no down heat ; -
I your absorption gives PS*
down. Full Insurance J. B. Btugh- I
venetiu 2309 K Orantt ATO. :
pYi"7artala Dlurler Co. : .l-
I.tI1 I ton 52S', 8. Summerlin. Ph 9777. .f P'TIDeD16 80 per month. Modem mum cooling all part of the cabt- Can $ to* a '
. MUM glr _ft1a... PvH laDe of MATTRESSES RENOVATED b7h.* Appliances 428 N. Orange: 2-2514. net *.uickly 'economically. Ortag At*. "
T __ t_ *>* *nl. PIMM MM. Florida AwainfC RusS Method. Latest equipment to !I TREE SURGERY-An kind Palms

**Ja .. riI 411 a Moshry- ._ _ _ t I Itni.recondition"Open your for ptddinc eCtlon.Ra.New des-. |I trees trimmed our specialty.or removed.Pine Dangerous trees removed ALUMINUM and sink rims.MOULDINGS 201 off. SoutheastSteel trimming Walter. J. Wlrol. Ine.1 L RoblBsoo. iiIOI'
SERVICE ciesring.
100 W. Amelia P'.Wded
$1 Sales Co. 131 DUES-New a"
cheap Lots cleared. Licensed
Mattress Co. 1122 W. Church: 2-
vad grading. Alto pan
$1504401 .
21442.ALUMINUM IJ7SOEvtipmeu Is 11$ h.
2213. bonded J. P. Newton. Ill Irvin .
.or* sod palmetto tako. Phone c. JII
Phone GARAGE Or utility
.i 5-44:?. .. T ...IL 1 OFFICE MACHINES REPAIRED Our
I BATHROOM TILE in Rust-Proof Per- S4S4DbiETTE.
. building. 12x20. Aluminum 'c-
also have
... _Ia--.J1Dc. reptlriiK.MUtrttr. i service guaranteed. Check with I tad siding. Overhead door Special mstile. An colors. Low tree uiiaps.. B- t z
.- I caterpillar. Call for quick cot .
us servtee.
lie' Ps Si4 >..d.J D. D. Rlddl.i, Oeone Stuart 13 S. Main 6U phone { Phone '13. t price In one only. Mills and Nebraska I estimates. Central Ina 3323 say: breakfast.buffs . iftf.Craawra. .. I -. -
n 5. e
r.:1:7' .: t lYLcriuff4c5 of at* bomrt PAINT ESTIMATES-Color raKna- TRACTOR plowed lots SERVICE leveled.- New Contract ground or : roll roofing and asphalt shin- BOAT-12 ft. row boat. Raabl. bedroon .ar* *kaw

; I .. sad isputn to SOLeS tad buUdintof tions.. Hetch.Reliable 6001.painters At Olldden's.PAINTING recommendrd hourly rates. Phone 2-7283. .I gies. Get them at Mills and Nebraska Telephone 2-4503.- 91 W'a- I, MesSIer 1223_IllSSI._ .
M' M4- .osbo flataeed. T. P. i ton.
*. i I ALUMINUM AWNINGS Folding DROP a.oTlIs-ta melins. .
r Bord. 3$ K. Ala: ph.. -4032.. AND ROOFING-.Writ* to UPHOLSTERING-Deluxe equipmenttffords I -
S. s1r&Il .. I new. modern. different. lUhlwetgbt- BOAT-Mota sailboat, A-i 875. s I" I. $1954 .-
a aS 'UNcaan-f' Dr-w r*. I Box 1291. Orlando or telephone selection yea a of superlative newest designs lob. Special In i durable for year-round service. at 2535 Lake Sue Drive.. I'c.. 14' Oi'sae.ed . .. .

flttno n. ._. 2-3785 material Russ Mattress Co. 1122W. Styled ta let In the 'air. keep out I Pat; 6527.I : 5$ I m -
L Thnp poses Mi ..- FTM r tSC Church; 2-2213. i the glare and driving rains. Available I SLUT CAR Quality DXetlmN .
. .. .MY. LIsto? Park_46e. t I f la variety of colors. Whitney RenIe S3.ST-G Ct 82 95 Stores c. 21 I PIne ." -
dAT'COAIM.:t- rock I PLtnlBINo INSTALLATION UPHOLSTERING ishing. We can without covers obligation.ref In- Gay Distributing Co.. Inc- 262SEdtewtter lCl Stores Co.eOI. Pine. Phone DRINKING rnniTim+itutmaatonou ,
... : Drive. Telephone 8913. 1,
U otM rh Sorts tfl&tmentVoel -
i Arteraft Interior Decorators. 418 W 2.316.'JAT1' tbenaootot. 55mW *
r 1''. L na.... Bamkr 8Um>. And Material Complete stock of I' Cectrtl. 2-0006 or 22353.VZNZTIA.N AUTOMATIC WATER HEATERS inboard. V-8 I war. 107 W n.". rtoot
. . 1M. '14'. I ronthint materials and fixtures.We Electric _nd gas. IO-l -30-40-taL after 6 CIYe.. ;
Installation BLINDS-Made Pboe 2-378 P. DISHES-3S t* 12 ptco sat*, taw
aiF guarantee prompt no like new 1 I Circulating oil he.ten. Nom tad !
U. Wt form waiting for scarce materials. Estimates -I I Lowest priees. Best services. Call BATH TUB-New 5 ft. built la type; pattern AIM ttfl $sue. Fww
Spark. Prom 37.000 to 70000
. . f.. Rt tad toota eoaertU Ooors.d I left hand. Store. 10 We t Cave
Call 1510
cheerfully given. 9869. Adams Ph. 9558-919 W. Central. OrUndo. Indlanalphone
,. ae.
B.T.U. apadt
S .. .an. otUt tad tups. For i J -lrM'N
711 W. Church.POWER . 2-2037.
Libby & Freeman. Pta.WASHING WVLblHO
Attic from 30 to 48 la. Silent ELECTRIC HILMfTl
.. p. tel .., dto caD a-02M. DnohaoOo. fans ,I. I
c-w MACHINE IW'AIRS- | breeze fan. BOAT-Collapsible: P.o 10 and l with lena prtrrd *l M$5 .
..tft t- Service oa an makes all work 1 We can mate Immediate delivery 2SeW aJ Ct K, Machinery Coapaay. 1M Wsot I '
cwm !
*tanc noon, roof I LAWN MOWERS repairedadd guaranteed. Al Wiggins..2014 E. Haley tnd installation on all of the and I, Street. I .
... tad Tb I
olepo I
..-.tM sharpened. Hanson DIn Ave., phone 6247. I above I BOOKCASES made to order,
flttteKelarr. your i
bus la oactoMrlac. vorkmtashlp ; _
?I- Co. 2308 N. Orange. 971. I Vogue Theater I
WELL DRILLING- Wo spocialiso m either moveable or for permanent
tad auttorltl Fro Mtlmttct. Forooarm
-* p' -. 1.1I. . eon o( an klaOt eaO t7Mo PLASTER PATCHING by tn expert. small diameter deep well. 2". 2H- I block. Colonlsttown Phone S13 I installation b fit say sag ELECTRIC RAXCES-.Ftf SessisIM 4- .1

.. Ir.. MlO .erll... Coacr t. Co. I Also minor repairs Orlando. Borne tad 3" Can Install well and pump i ALUMINUM SCREEN WIRE-Number ; or ab.p .( epeD. Mutual MiU- I| delivery.
fUW GA Maintenance: dial 9948 i on FBA plan. Call or Write F. F.Frertch. 16 mesh. 32 Inch. 36 Inch. 48i I . D 42. i
nassata cua PLUMBING; REPAIRED-BUI King for Lengwoed. Fla. Phone .. i Inch. Southeast Steel Sales C.. 100 I BEDROOM SUITE-3-pface. eomplet ;i Electric cooklaw al ks 5.0. ra* wi
tad tarr arteM via 'U' youLOu7.
W cletB. tt fwa .
i W. Amelia: teL 21442. thrifty aw
*rta M ISO clotliM. Bn- prompt guaranteed repairs. Phone WASHING MACHINES REPAIRED-- with mattress and springs vtnlty ,
All makes. 24 hr. service and ALARM CLOCKS, electric clocks. with stooL For sale 334 W. teals IB cool tosafon tish aa e*a
5059 Residence. 1729 Orand. i ehetp.
Otoatrt. ll4Boop I St.
... .,w. &At" I' I| trio lMt ifcHrtt a *l
pick up service. Caldwell and Bar1 Roofing roller skates hoes rakes. Long St. mornings nJ.rj
.: 4rl".a78 PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING Us. 2213 Edgewater College shovels wood 1 cooks tao u.S.I rIL m"I' I
-TJ. coacarrtBoon. Quality materials and work Dr. Park. ranges. Economy Fur- BA'riIRIES-GuraD&ee4 8900. Exchange -j _
w SPOtIS UakK il-
nttnre. 132 W Church 9217.
,. .IWM t' 4.4.e 14t4.4. bss4.d: .tAra Sttu Floor men. Immediate service references. ((2-1972. batteries repaired We bay I Walter J. WUrat.o' U C. koMaysea.
reo .T1I 1.22M for .UmateL furnished. Call 9724. Ed Curtis i> WELL DRILLING-We are equipped AIR CONDITIONING UNITS.-2 port old batteries. 17th tad South Orange roandod 134.
: ? PAINTERS A1LABLE-f"re. eitinatev I to drill shallow and deep wens. Any able. Carrier and Kelvlnttor. Suitable Blossom. Phone 7564 I i ii
4 P0sS .O-"ui.wOR to .
tit..L. P- size up to I Inch. No water no pay. for rooting offICe. Priced reasonable -. "
Arnold Pint Store. 407 5. BED-Maple twin size box spring t
. 0* Ml order. ,trtl FterUa Lamber .
Phone S29 M33
C.. MUM .ad H.bruks.DYa4.AJ111Q ._ oran*: phone 23786. I I I : :7.cau.d"Pump pay or aDd mattress complete. Reasonable. ELECTRIC RAXOE-4 ovrtwr ail -
..L.1w.i. 311 E Pine Apt No. 4. ft. O K. ._. lei
-w. employ oolvMited. PLUMBING SERVICE-West Central Supply. Route 3. Winter Garden I heel
e ... cc oswrttaecd blip; tad Plumbing Beating Co. 15 N. i I 1, Road. Orlando. Pla. Ph. 7087. WELDERS-Lincoln CHAIN Several types. 5c and up. .' 1150. 211' J waed.eb*
'ARC PJeetweld
.b. 4 onaira aMcaiacry..Try oa. lltcOotlCWoan. Bryan. Day 2-2236. Night 7538. I j. Knox Stores Company. 29 East ELECTRIC WATER BEAtUt-4Vt4
WATCH AND JEWELS REPAIR de- I Everything for the weiiei.
-. . 104 lltdrtvood. corner PAINTINO-9H2 rooms cetlir-g and ptrtment. Pickup and delivery i 1 H.rodJt WilUsms Supplies. .11 N. Pine Street Phone 2-3163. This UI-U aataaats aaus wot
-: Hot Bud Foa 1100.ttCf I walls. $12. including flat c4L Low service. Reasonable price. Another i Beach St. Dayton Beacj Fla. Ph. CAMP STOVES Just received a < meet needs al o assal ojgge
fii-- i' .' & *CAL RXrMKIMO tad hovse1irtai rates exteriors Terms If desired licensed. I service at MrElroy't Pharmacy. 123 2220. I! large shipment. Bumby Hardware. 844.IS. *ear* ueoel, e.. .

call 4JU. Uffitr WWle.IloetlirtI . M. Belfand: 2-4287. 8. Orange. Phone 2-3IM W Church I 11113.I .
41 . Coatrartor1AJIDDIO PAINTING-House painting is aa li 1102 Super-tkonta B. Latest. I ELECTRIC FAM-*rvwral Ipse s4

. I nooa AKDatrrlro. PIN2SKZNGF art. conserve your money. Improveyour APARTMENT COTTAGE equipment. Enitrter De Jar | Kelviaator DewV. Bassb ..
a rsi..b4I ,- ?.... afeatra .qolpMt home paint safe with Stanley 5 ROVE DRY CLEANING with delivery Complete kitchen with refrigerator New. sell for discount. Phone 2-3291 102 W. CourtS.ZNOfleLSOa..iiu..

-" wa,. -.a : a nikl* .. salt. bUbUib- P. Curtis. Call 2-3930 for estimates. service Peck Quality I range sink and cabinets. Water I CHAIRS-20 blond maple. Ivory .
rwa4 .f. A- .d lilt. killed orkaua: liceoied.iad ROOF REPAIRING-New roots Installed Cleaners. Ph. 6059.Hd betters. Heating systems both gas I leather colored. Same as new. Suitable Diesel *ntla f. *aj'
., 0rtt1- .d. *$.. Slrr u Floor Sura patching and painting.1 I t and OIL Modern Appliances Inc.. 424 I for horns or store use. Reason Industrial lateHiti .
> 4B. Co. Fkoao tiU. Tied.the Roofer.- Phone 2-1255. I N. Orange; 2-2S14. / able. The Shoo Box. 12 N. Orange. I" Supply C.. 130 W. l 1 .


! Leading: Stocks Generally Seek Lower Levels in pi-bl-

,, -

[ Mr .w4MB.Mtsw| ftt tht clone CHICAGO I LIVISTOCS = \-
II ; Eggs and Poultry \ CHICAGO (API H7KOA* *.._ .I .

ft4 if* ftf lltMw shares COta. : I Closing Stock Quotations If Leaf Market JACKSONVILLE (UP Florida nearby 1.500 total I 000 *ly aoHw S'S 5P .

M fti ..H IM J04 C4> ItldAT'l fw> fresh MS: i>, pay Market butchers ma** HO 5 ..
II All sties to retailers:
*** I TCKK* IM THC SPOTLIGHT !! *. Mliii Low Last > Net Wt Car. Mkt. I cents lower heavier -'lIMe 5.4 .

CltwH atiU VM In ft emu- HEW VOKK (lAP Salo*. CI_.. once Firestone T & R .. 10 51% SIS SIS i I Grade A Net dot III CrW. I generally 2S seats 5i*. essu 5. 41 .1
a**) itt .... al the 15 most active : FUntkote .________ 12 39S 34V 34S Large ____i _.24. 56 68 batchers tad heavy :
- . kftii.M of unrerulnTsUUQDAl ... .1'1 i Florida Pow _____ 10 15S 15S- 15V. Limits Are Off Medium _ _ __ 21 os 58 60 cent hither tap 173 Sme -
I6tA fti. P.r.. Flit U.50 2J. down ''. PruelisufTra..I5 at ft 231 2344'! Small ..____h______ 18 ot 47 49 aM choir Ia-3S4) I 5 .

ft*** 14 KsM gpUctim hEel and c-ttta d 12JW MH a*. --G- I Extra large ___n____ lIneup 61 70 280 Ib 2S7S-2ISO .
Am AirliM* a.M ZVk dowa .. Sales direct to consumers: butchers 22 00-23.n. .1.1.
OeD Cable 24 11%! 11H IIS e* <
. U* wMUiUfUOc AM Wules 8.. 4SVt wa %*. OeD Ski __ 34 37 36S 36i l' VALDOSTA ITJP) Salcs-per-1! ICM Wt. Cur.Mkt.Grtde i Ib 23.- few -
*l wWwa*.a ItlftlUa at hoen taUrtaf FuSsed I4M st4 dowa Vs.4VM .- Oen Foods 9 39% 3IS 39 A Per dOl111 Cits. 23.23: 400-4V tb 19
hour limitations in
the Georgia .
s'sid PADS 1115.. Large ________ 24 OS 75 77
II50-20 .
Den Motors .__ __ 69 60 59 S 59S : .
.4 con and Motors T. 58'w dwn IA.BotaN Con Pub Utll ___ 14 14 H 14 14 bright leaf tobacco belt will be'I Medina h________ 21 OS 67 69 Stats 1500-1754 I It4
tf''it_ SS3f ftl tute. Dew* .700 n* down ",. Gillette Sal R 32 27S 26' 27 l i junked tomorrow and local market i Small ..______u___ 18 ot 54 56 Salable cattle 140OO. lw>al 144bl
TWJS ssatafoUMt nport ptctur Colum Oat A Cl &MO tlH dews Vs.CBTIM Glmbel Broil _--7.... IS 24V, 2324 I I Extra large _un_ 26 ot UP 78 80 I calve 1.000 total sj.. tI.
Pus 1401 it we V*. i. Goodrich BF> 11 5151 SIS officials condemned the action 151 Florida dressed sales ta retailers. to con and toilers steady to ttly .
as a atlUlBft\L Ckrytlor aJM 80'5 dowa LI.MuutMolm Goodyear T R h__ 45S 45<; 45V a rat race close-out. I. sumers. 25 lower, sMdlsusi s* 9955 t

A I** *.io .kU corned iocooy Vat*SAM,909 14H 11%*.*down. %. Grthtm. Palee Ry Mot PI 13 2 43 4 42H 4 42ViGreyhound 4 I IOt.Northn The officials said only a slight Dressed sod Drawn.i j cent choir down steer; lnetase.e aad ytarttaa$5 subS ti

otaH tnAJKMtHA *r boutht u.- 60r0 Ba l.tog ii+ OLOs H. Corp ..77 10V4 10% 10S relaxation of limitations had been j Fryers up 39 47 top 34.25 pold lor two taaae gintm

mt m tt* niwft ft ria rftUr could boot SrM 4514 dowa Vi. Gulf Mob & Ohio .- 30 12% 12S 12S asked so the market could catch I Broilers RRllr- 1bi'=:-::: 39 47 i ton yttrUaas 33JM tmat .55 _

"> B> iw *Ied II ta* cogs wax Hew York UP Cluing stocks: Gulf-H-011 .Un_ 5 72S 72S 72S j up with accumulating tonnage.1 I Hens Hens light heavy .-::::::- =:::::: 39 28 41 33 I I 24 down 50-29 to 00 II 00 sodIum eaotr iraA MO 5 gcan k 4tjpt at z

Hds. Hi9h Low Last Hart Srb & U __ 2 3333, 334 I IBsyes But the Bright Leaf Belt Warehouse Roosters --:- = 20 29 t i good and ehotro hafr Slw-r4 _

A.sicaId rtr** IOea&tS1'fJ ACF-BrUl Mot 7., 8V aoe'' Mfg 1 6. 6% 6% j sales cows steady to wag.; lyLe Sf _----N.-
Association's committee
Air Hoawettoa 13 30 S 50 30 Homestate MID .._ 8 47 4SS 47 \I CLOSING COTTON few good cows abavo It 00 995 .
-- '
r*N *. ttt J 01 ft point at Alaska Jaaeaa ._ 21 Ji. 9. 5<4AUeohaay ::, Houston OU _h___ 4 23% 23'. 23% kicked off all restrictions. MEW YORk (lAP Cotton futures lumped stront. weighty saasa aff rsavot "

11Wiojkaanowidt.NO Corp .. t JS m 3SAUet Hudlt'n Motor ___ H 17S 17S 17S The action complaining offi- S1.4S to tJ-M a bale yesterday a* the market \ vealen tearro asS steady at MM i :I : : .
Lad 8U .. 10 37'. 35>. 35>. I -1i exswnencod its first real preisura o* stack cattle very wins, ..
wtkstfc tU f.a and 111IMrtUu. n ;
Altto-Ck Mfg HP.. 18 37'4 38 S 37 !i Illinois Central ... 42 n21., 27S : cials said might push farther ficdamt against th. sow croo mov irj t narrow. fl
# .' Ala AtrUarn .. '. 78 IN I'. 84 ,! Interlace Iron _u__ I 13S 13 13S the current down- spiraling which n now .illllini) to exoand rapid Salable she** 2 SO*, total :": f Wit
p. .M up 2 12 A. Bank Not ._. 1 24 S 24 S 24 1. I Int Harvester ---- I 87S 86% 87 S ly. Contiovrabt soiling also developed m ter laaat stow; stunk slower 8* 9Jg|*
,' __ prices. late doatmas on*ornate advwaa indicating ; yetrnats as-ao ** ** taaaay -
I 0d A4B Caaie Rod 19 4H 4H 4V, lot Nick Can n 28 29S 29S 29S .
ft M4MU .btar I tt I and A. Las _ _.. 1 87N 87% 87>. I I lot Paper .-__ tt 48% 48S 48S Quotations here. where the sales : then* wsrs fairly w.donrud ben.ficisi I good sad c.aaitv awmM s

P5WO I M II M. BsuUer i lm LCarAPdy... t 50>. 50*, 50 SAM 'Ins Tel Tel 33 US US US will be almost over at week-end shewon in Teats and a wood ram in tile 24.35; th* UK _. sasS "'. .
Far Pow _.._ 3 3H 3S 3SAM Lubbock area. Crop obsorvcrt there aocondition decks medlaa. ta good $115.51very g 1: a&crwti far Oaodmh. South- MOMS Prod .__ 10 54 H S4S 24 UAM Johns )MsnvtU 11 43 42S 4JSi were slightly stronger this morn- i' plerod less p.saimsstM ever tile drought cosssna d*.. to 1.55. ..

811uUWfa Rags-i. LoeOMoUve .u 12 22' 22 22 i Jones ft L SU ___ 20 33 S 32'33 ing.. Fair lemon leaf [cigarette In T*>aa. shorn yetrlingt 11 Ie load
> ___ I I I One arivato wire said tno Lubbock terttoey > good and cheSs littnnit aaaa ojst
.4lre csIn IMrTIILUOB&1sr'.b.c. Lp.wu u- 26 Il 11H !!. Joy Mfg n 11 38S 38S 31SKnuweott
aaRa1s5 33 14'U 14H -K- I quality was selling for 32 to 41 should produco 6OO.9OO aalo of cot choir. 96-lb yetrUatt 19 la. Maatnn> **
A .vk* rn.lUng.s4 AlB II'eII..UI __ St 32 H 32", 32' Cap _u 87 IS4S\ 45VUontgon cents a pound. ton comotrod with 200.101 hoSes .st pose not filly esttbUthod amass **** lat spy TEMSIt
a.ttan .. -L_ 050 Wlt000I 5dd4w.a5 rain.Tb. : _, low modsu OS SL 5555 .
CWUIWWaiDt.. Du AM SU Fen _..15.824._ S 314 eiii 3m ei 31SAM Laclede Gas __n_ 15 5'. a- 5% : Lire Oak. Fla. prices ranged ere Ml tile plain Mttin *f Tas ;I iI 8.50-9.SO. M . a.Ll J lI"i Jbf

P601 bad J C 1017. Utm A .ar Ref 1 39H 39S 39teAM Ubldl C H __ 10 Ua U 11 I from an average 32 cents to a top :I was rooorted in pood condition and it was *# a .
tUepprtl S 1.1 at Tel Til .... 29 156H 155S 158 Lib 0 r 01.51 _. 3 55'. 5414 5314Ubby of 41. I said that a good general ram there by 'Ii cuss stoca U$T
LT.5S I 75S 75' 75'AM ).Lc'4 3 '554 554Ubby i i S.tS would prbbly intaa bumper FurnIshed thre.e_ eeLineS. .
U I I m tlt Vftkt fA omitted Ylaros t MS 84', 54*. SOCK :t : 16 54: S 54.Usett :I ... CI Fterte. Feaaor aad ..

.. fcfetl ft nvMstioo la earnihAA AM Wat WM .n'n__.. 14 1'H 1.H 16HAM "nn 2.5 a IS CHICAGO PRODUCE I Hd9t sellint emanated from Memphis.. Aluminum Ca. of AmAmer . 1l.1a..11
rwtfi W.*4 fn oa cooced- WaoleB __ 10. 47H "' Lockheed Lire _____ 31 13. 134 134.l.Olw CHICAGO UP) Poultry: 26 trucks, steady Oilltt and South T... . Oas ft tlc ..._
unsettled, black chickens 24. hens 85, j I I On Lw Last Aater. Lltht TttfUoa .
AaarwUa Can ___ 25 37 H 38 S 37 Inc 31 204. 3044 304.1.crlilard ; J
lit f l-t M M. UBton P-tUw I .-4 Aratoor Ca __..S3 14S 1414 (P)uh 5 1544 II" 1544me f Leghorn heat 25: fryers 32-15: broiler 34I I I Oct. 32 JO 32.41 32.4141 afut-n,'i iI Ark. Ktf Oas A. ... ._ --n." I'-- mm
*4 1O. &VMDU r. 1 I.. fti 14 12. Lied Dry OoodS ... a 17'. 16*. 164 !. - I 38. colored Springs 27; Plymouth Rock ,I Doc. 32.31 U.SO U N 11.97.1240 Off 71-74. Ashland Oil Iteff.AUaotM ._ *
Spring 31 Whit Rock Springs Jl old., aich. JXM WJT Oft ... _. . ..
$e5TF.... 4 MS ft4" 84SAU Mack Trucks __ I $4'4 141.\1 U\to : : ; M.yy 31.77-71 Y47SMy I FMierm -- -
POtl1M Srttjrw. ,-, ftl 23 1.2 Reflaiac .._ 10 3tH 374. 374 Stacy (RH) u 34s 35 roosters II; sees 15. ducklings 24 tom 11." MM 31.41 M tl off r* <: Barium let .-. ___..-_....
ammsa oslk ,., ftt 44 M Alias Carp _-_. 14 2SS JJV, 2SHAveo : Marine ldlaDr:: I 3111; 7'.. 74 turkeys 22: hen turkeys 31. guineas 29. : July U4I 11 JO M:S8 M sa, eMil Creol Pet. Corp. -- 82 Yettrs
Mfg ._. 30 "'. SU 5Haldloea Marshall Field __ 5 16'. 16' 16' common barn pigeons 2.50 dot. ducks I I Oct. n jo sjo ay o 27:MM eMil I Cities Service __, __.._ ..
.. a. aau-1ttII& wit filed Mid Coat h' __n___ 5 44 13' 435. I 11-16 Cheeoec Twins 36-37S: single daisies39S40. !I Middling toot 34.71a off 19. ,,1M. Bond afctre Ca ._ .

fte 1M.aI and ttchnl ..__ 10 im 17% 17% Mo Han Texas _n_ 5 5" 5' 544Mon.ant Swiss 5054Butter i. I'tftelftl11al.I I I Ftirrhild EM. Aw4aa Corp. .
M4aOhle..4S 13S 13H 13S Chem __ 15 eo 5844 511" : : 709.835 Ibs unsettled: 13 SCOT CHea AIdes Coal Ca. ... _.
Canadaa OU .4 28S 2.. 25*, I| Ward 31 61S 60S 61 : TSS: 82 score 73S: 10 score 69. 89 SCOT I NEW ORLEANS (tAP Cotton frturo ''or. *41. APa*. Tea Oo. ..S' nintorrntiDividends$
11LU L -. : :i U. tM lwttcoUnl aide were *adlt Aviat _- II 32 S 31 S 32 SP n 67. Ctrlotj. 90 score 70. 89 SCOT 67. Eggs: ,: be**. S4 t. (4.M a bl Slots rntertfayTradtn Humble Oil lUtg .... __ I
0eMnJ Motors. U.A..Itbt ui aXel 'hh.I1" M 88 Slaw I Nash-Kelvtnttor ___ 15 17S 17S 17% j i 18.380 esses firm to Irregular extras 11 !, unone .. Pa1imn aid 9iedoe .lIi_ Hecla Mlalag Co un> . I
Kaot ..._,. I 1SS IIS 1SH Nat Airlines _____ 1 11'. 11% 11% unquoted, extras 2: 50-52: 3 and 4: 44-46c I 1 was quiet _.ri. the aratr XaMft-",*? h.__._. u .
W.*rts. lIMn Rot- BUM Airpltao _.. a 17 18. 17 Nsl Auto Fib 3 US: 10% 10% sundards 1 and 2: 43 S: 3 and 4: II: current :i I part of the wMOfW Th oHItno. yotterday. : La* STtr Oas Ca.Nlattra . _. .. I

MI* *IimIi, Sperry $ord **Co -- II 44 43t. 43V, lost Biscuit ._____ 7 31S. 30% 30'. receipts 38-38S; dirties 34S; checks ,I| which drooocd pncn. was sttmult by 11.4... Pw Cora.KU .
CooAftaCOOdw B eo-wanir :.-.- IS 51 SOS 5044Iraa1flLw. Nat Can _________ 4 10 10 10 3304. .1tWts at .. he eect.eng at tile bolt -B* **aa.pBd Ca.
opg. .,tuG TftfphcIM. 3 l. 8S ISKrMeeoon Nat Cash Ret _-- 12 39% 39% 39S ws' Paateaee OU of Tea -
.. CcTTO BTM I 14 14 14 lIst Container n__ 46 1SS lIt, 1SS Official forecasts of showort for Tnas SherwiawtuiaaitBtrack ___.__ Ii
PbSb can WrtOf > rltts, Mfg t 35 34S 34 Had Nat Dairy Prod ___ 3xdllS 31S 31S j Southern Ry .._._. 20 40 39S 39 H tlot influenced I some The toll I Ca ____n_. .. I
.. Co ...-_ 24 12 US USBorllM Hal Distillers 38 20% 20S 20S Sporty Corp _____ I 19 18S US off met only an indifferent demand with 8oacw. ...hn_._. .
*iM. *l Bertflc. VAOf Mill _._._ II 1SS US 18S Nat Gypsum ___ 21 21 20 S 20. Spited lac __,.__. 14 12S US 12S prtc* futina aaainst sales t* till O* *in- Srhalt. One __ u_. _. .,? RIlia.
Ma.rtuli* Uwrot tt. T tHe Bon A4d Mae ___ 8 13V. 13 V* 13V. I Nat Lead _u____ 3 32% 32 S 32S I Staid Brands ____ 9 31S 31 31 AmeS also absoat. Tn latter wit a Sos- Tethalealor. ___._. .___ I
- -c- Hat Pow A Lt ___ I IS IS 1'. StdO&E$4flSt 28S 27S 27% tainino factor ill last weok't trading. Textroa .. h .____..._-
::. ar.&t Jf.DrUwnI RaUWU.AlW'f1Aa Coot Packiaa- 3 32 31H 31HCaAtaaa i Nat Supply.______ 2S 19% 19S 19% Stand Oil Cal _u_ 22 S9S S8S SIS Soot cotton oclu>od SJJO a bole with Called Oas Carp ____ . .
W. 4 Standardb,4. -wa' _.. 1 24 2S JlCaa Kcvport Indust ._ 12 26 2S 23% Bund Oil Ind ___u 27 40S 40' 40S I nwcMltna 154655s inch otd tt 84ASI W.T..CsaISCohe .
1" ..t Dry O Ale n-_ II 1SS 1SS 1SSCtaaa I'i NT Central RR -..43 US IS 1SS Stand Oa NJ ?_.._ 25 78 S 74% 77S I 1 toots a _. Sal** for the day amount1 AwCTwIlT1KtW
p. 01& Paclfla ___ 41 US US 11* NYCbIOS4LPt. 4 120S 119 119 Stan Oil Ohio 11 31S 31S 31S I.. t* *ar O--M DUN AIlS '.
tlJ \ ramtr Corp ...__ M 15'. 1SS 1SS i No Am Aviation .. 10 7% 7% 7% Std Stl Sort 12 13% 13S 13SSterUn h Low CIM YORK CF1 Dole a4 -r-u* .
At Ctipra 'ID.C.
were .. Cam lit Ca -__ 32 40'. 39S 40 I North Amer Co .._ 24 2SS 2S 25 Drug ___. 2 39 S 39 39 i Oct. __ .1284 12.93 32JO lUO-U of f II ally weighted pm la***JL>* It lit a'.iiipWu -
., f |ft>|gn t*| aw&ka. OarmM Cil._ Core _. 23 24" 34W 24\ : Northern Pacific 50 21 20 S 2O0 SI tokeiy-Vsn Camp 13 20 19S 19'. __ ..12J 32.. 11A4 11J4-8T Off SOI .lItlK. complied t. 51555 .
stastt .t I eats O Me* Corp .. 34 29S 29 29 : Stoa* 0 Webster 4 13S 1J H 13 HStudebsker I I Merck .. .M J* XI.30 II_TS 21.t**> eM t* If **mi. n toTetterday lOeI
ijdilltt 1
tint Pooadry I 10S 10 leVi I Ohio Oil __ ___ 86 26% 28S 26S Corp 42 22% 22'. 22 S May . .M. 1241 MJ1 11-11 'off 96 -.. .- ._ MI
IsfellM fti :-d> U.. ftBtl ended Corro d* Pas -- 3 3OS 3Oli 3OW Otis Elevator __h_ 2 28S 28; 28S Sunray OH _______ 42 114 IIS IIS July ..11JS ILlS ... M.6O-61 off M Saturday __.u-. _ -

*>w4 I t. I eea$& Wheat fteUedt Ortsoa-Tred Prod 11 11'. 17S 17SCkrt Owens Ill Glass __ 1 74S 74S 74S Swift at Ca _h__ 34 53% 34 NEW ORLEANS CAP) SM cotton slmdttedy i Week ago ..n'. ._ ALUIH C.IM.&J
Ilnf . 01.U 29 47S 47S 47 S ftPae Swift Intl __n_ 10 23. 23S 23S a bM with **.1 middling i I Month ago . ... I .
$4In3aadsatal3-4In C55.Pss---l3 9S 9S 9SCM Gas Eee 7 41 40S 40Si St Regis Paper C* .. IOS 10% IOSRexall 14.15. Rctt none:.Stock 53,779. Pest as* .
I t.L rs>tt4 list H.4S to SIS* I MW n.... I 20'_ 20S 20S i' Pac Tin Cons __ 3 4% 4S 4S Drug ____ 7S 1 7STesta 1947 kith '1AM UiMT ._. .
Chrysler Carp __ 14 SO $' S9S Packard Motor '6 SS SS SS - FOREIGN EXCHANGE low (2.. u1M7 > - Wrqt.
p S lisle.tcsied. CIT Ftaaa -_.-_. T 44 S 43S 43S I Pan Am Airvtys .. 10 IIS IOS 10% Co ______u_ I 63 S 63 13 !1 NEW YORK (AP) CluIng foreitn exchange ,: C&-M. ..
clew U Blaai ___ ( 41% 41S u!. Panhandle P Ac R 9 7S T 7S 'Texas Gal Sulph S $8 55" SI : rates follow Great Britain la 4.1I I ---
ta the curb were HIfi44 Coca-Celt 1 112 182 182 Param Pictures ....1U 24S 22% 23% TexPaeC024 36S 33S 36S I| tars others cents. Canadian dollar tn I I Misuse of electric troe N MsponsiW > .'iF:
Ob ialjw.a Corp, U. 8. CttgtlO Pate P ._ 1) 44S 45% 45*', Patiao Mines ----- I IOS IOS IOS > Tex Pac X. Trust ? 10 28 MS 27 i New York .Q market 7% per cent discount for nearly lorlt MM ft
dividend Cat rs.l11r21l544 IS 15 i Penney UO ...... I 4SS 4SS 4SS < Transamerica _n__ I 11% 11'. 11% or 2.12' U S. cents dots S of -
Orfeit* IM a faxial CattM O El .._ M 11*, 11H USCoau Peon-Cent' Alit .._ 7 7S IS T i Twin Coach ___ __ 14% 14S 14S a cent. Earopo Great Britain 84 02S unchanged day in the United $taI.HEADACHIS* n..41514 --
Ck4.sju.vt .. Ccctrte Bead ATKhEOceior Crvdtt n. 0 44S 43S 43SCaatl Peaa Pw Ac Lt u_ 6 20S IOS 20'4'' Tweat C-Fo __ 27 28 27S 27S : France (Frtact84 S of a cent.i --- -

and *deuru4'1a. Sarwata ..._ 11 28V 25'. 25% Pena RR _.n__ 29 19S 11". 18% -0- !i uacthnted. Sweden iKrona 27.85. unchanged
COMWIU Kd'11 30 29S 29SCwMWtta Pepsi-Cola _------- 47 32% Union Bag P 8 34% 34% 34S : Swttxeriaad OTrancI J cosali 23 40.
iag.Mfri were Cora South, 122 JH 3S 3SCaa Pfizer Chts Co 1 44% .Union Carbide 2 142S 142 142 .... LatinAmericaArgentina free
Inc.-. D rtrf OU. creole IVtrolnanIVMt UlNa ._ 21 2SS 25S 2SS < Pbelp Dodge __ 21 43 S 3333"1 United Air Lines .. 45 20S US 20S ,,2t 82. ap .02 of a cent. Braid free 5,50.
CouValtes. 9 13S 13S 13S j Phils Site u__ 7 24; United Aircraft 13 11'. 19% US unchanged. Mexico 30.63. unchanged.
*0OPrn aM thr.t '. Turnover Coat Bak __n__ 2 15S L5S 15S Philco Corp .___ 3 28V 28 n UnO.sWbStr1.12 SS 4% 9
*M 1__ sAAfTn til* SUM'Coat Caa ,_-._ 4 MS MS 38 S i I plump Morri ___ 9 31 30% 3O% United Corp ___ 46 3'. 3S 3S
MUl0pi cas Motors -__ 54 7% 7V4 7SCwM I PtuUiptTtt ____on 2"1 MS II i United Fruit ___ 18 54S S3S S3S I
M_m _tM fntrtax .1\I Od Dl T 47 S 4IS 4644 I 1. Pressed SU Car __ 7 ii*411 Ii US United Gas Imp .. 3 21S 21'. 21S ] KtlltvtJ Mill ,
_ !Cora Kxcaaag __JO 57S 57 S 57U ,' Procter At Gam I 66S M 66 !'United M At M __ It 16S 16S IISU Irrigation; Equipment New QuIckly
..__ 65 S Gypsum __ 3 99S 99S 99S
,Cora Products I I5S IS Pub Sec 1U ____ 7 23 22% 22% u
I CraaeC __ 24 35S 35 35 SCrarIM ( Pullman ____- .... 3 17 MS MS U S Indus Chem __ 1 4S 45 49
:. ii CMpet SlOTS .___ 2 26' 2C>4 2IVCanta 1 Pure OU ---- M. 26! 26S U s Rubber __n_ I "S "v, 46" PIPESPRINKLERSPUMPS
$32.11 Pwailahc __ M ios 9'. 10 -a- 211"1 U S Steel _u_ 93 73S 72% 72' "SC"Pow.
CoflluWrlsl44 4S 4S % II Radio Corp __ 23 .. IS I : .
I II- : 2r Tie Ski ___ t 4IS 49 i 43S
pr sed H' numz r. CatlerHaMSter 3 2T 27 Radio KOrph -_ 34 12, US US OMjiT ENGINES'FOR
.r -isrleLOc.- Homing Rand dn- 19 US II IIS I --
_.. 11 41S 41S 414 Repae Aria ----- I SS 'SS SS i Walker ell G W 3 21 20S 21 I
. . tate. CoL& n 1 IS S'. IS !I Repub Steelr 40 77S 27S 27S '*Wtlworth Co ... I 19% IOS IOS GROVES AND FARMS Now when you hav a Kt** . ""
Detroit Edison 1 23S 73S 23S Revere 2 20S 20S 20% jRcfBOldt j Warner Blot PIn .. SI IS'. 14S 14S
DIM Craes .... II 1SS 1V 1SS Tub B __ 10 40S 39S 4O | West lad Sue ---- 1 23S 23S 23% Free Entaerln Service ache or when the P JM .4 ro'-r ..-,. -,
.___ West Un Tel A . 90 23 S 12 S 23
; DOM Mine 12 20S 20 20 S sSale..u -
j. West Air Br ____ 9. 36S 36 36 ..d Desipt neuralgia nuke f *4 . .
Doatlts Alreratt -, 1 57 S 57 S 97SPriMir Stores ___ 4 24 S 24' 24 S you ,
:1u..Itw& induS 15 18S 18S 18Scwrwas StL8supran23 9% 9S 1'i Iet I Westing Eke 26 28'. 28 2tI S erable 'get quick rtIiet ..4 sir- .'
we M 1 IMS 19OS 1 OS Reel PaP *4 its lIsa tan Wheeling Steel 12 42S 42 42
Schealey DistIl 40 30% 30 30 White Motor 'In 2644 MSWillysOverland either BC" HeadacB Iv. W" Lt

ahetfta Air L 13 ... 19>4 19. t IseabAlPJt -__:== 4 17S 17S 17Si ___ la 9S 9 9 ( : _-_ _- _- ,
tatmaa.da8 21 45 44S 44Si Sears Roebuck _u_ 58 39S 39S 39SIServellac Wilson Ac Co ___h_ P 15 14S 14% __ r '.-0 ders or MBT( Headit ?. .. .. .
Power U II 17S I7S 17SKMersOB I _____ 18 12 11% 11% Woolwortft _____ 9 48S 48 48Worthing IH ". .
----MMmuusUuNN. D M .__ 3 12S 12S. 12 S Shell Union Oil -- 2S 33S 32% 33S P tt M 1 IIS 58S '58SToas lets Tablet or powdtt. i******' -

ana RR ___-.-j,__ 12 IOS 10 10 I Sinclair 'Oil ____ 19 US US US I -Y- i the f amooi f. fIMB* -*** -
I get sane
-------i .J i Evenharp 4 US US 13HParM i __ 58 16% US USISovAmOesP >t Sa Is Y1S 68% 68 S 68% I
: .
4. . -c-s ( 1 4% 4S 44* -5- ---- -- the f uyr ltft .
I Trt *. Bad 1 IU $. .. 'fiovthern Pacllie IS 44 44% U Zoaito ProdaeU 1 6S I*i I 4 I gang

-:--- Ir


.. .
- -
--- --- ---- __ -. _. _. 'i ._ ., _.
_ .- C-_' - - '- -'-- -- -
-' -"y .--"- '. : . Tp. ft'j ; : '- -

'. .. .. ." ); f .. -

4. ........ -:--.. .:-=__.... -= _._ .-:...;;,... .. .'. .oo .-'. 4 -.- 'p


; ; . & 1w "'" __ *1. Article Wanted 1 t 47. Rooms for Rent I AUNT HET POOR PAI. 51. Houses for Sale I IEIBE I 5L H..,for *iItii! :

t CLOSE IS-310 S. Lake 5'. AUrae- It tOIERT QUILLENI I riAUDE CAUAN ST. 18U-oDfl
N.1 OLD OOtD W. **, hlghert prices <**** *
It .. tar aiaaMMU. aid (..14.dIu.. tiva *uite. first noor. prIvate en- 0I bDialw. .
- -, : i: 0au. I bus. with doble clt and corner window I LAKE TOW:
Near town .
: : brat.. .. *F7. Ueth silversuls.Sulks. trance. *, tile ba toilet aM .
_.. ..... 13* K. Orange.WE K. Thornton Cool. t.1. ma. i
.. ...... ". .... CLOSE IN-16_ double. teml-privat 1&I asking (.. -but own L'1 r :

-bum ...... 4 I .. IUS .... SOT aa4 ranitar Can a* be1eN..n&ac bath sIngle private nd-home. Ph. 23364. win be glad to submit your offer.w* j I I al : .
... Mn. Ortoada Furniture Co. I I e.r Mr
Exclusive with Frank Crebs. 507
_"' .. i .... III W. Church phone IN Desirable room. Hear "..
_......._ ... CLOSE todayat | Metcalf Building phone 2-1710 ar !
.. .. ..... ....... $4343. Grill and shopping. Apply' any: Broker. j i I su

... I.... L Or...up I.. AJtx ta ad at omt good fur- I 39 East Amelia. EAST SIDE-A roomy and
attar* *M aietal bed*. What have CORE: A VJ:.. 1 East Attractive American type frame pleua{II LANCASTER t>*** -

,.at Caearaa Furalture Ca. 1015 W. rooms. Convenient location. Summer I (7500. There are five large room 1 I Mart J .

.. LtfR. ........... USL Cbvv5 .... pa. 20931. rate Kitchen privilege; 9708. large front screened porch aM I bata aM .. .
I JACKSON ST. 1201 E.-Room with screened service porch. Lars well- '! ft. tot SXTB. : ;
DIAMONDS aid gold (graft
meal Lake front. Phone 2-0906. i shaded tot. House could readily b* I .
aM aatwues. Hoettke's. 75. Ii
jewelry .
: I' I I .
=: ST. 560 E.-Single room. mad into two units. Call OlfarraI
.. -p i.* 'tiD's.... uptt'lrt._ JACKSON .a- .
..* *,4 ( : : f constant hot water. $3. Working Uor. Realtors. 2-2. 109 E.- P.I,I LANCASTER 7. -: ;
p.. 4L | WIlL BUT. reaiwv* or aw your young man preferred. EAST SIDE cottage. I room 5 .

l7jIIj .PSI. trrea.('s.av Call:King telephone Building 7267.WC and. JEFFERSON ST. 1509 1.-Single floors five large Jr O,I I doss M'r.'
., ?!! room. $$ weekly. Constant bot wa- ochere. 'i Joaa a-;

4 -1 =".:'" ...... say aa4 .....ltUf. Can as be- ter. Innerspring mattress. Near bu*. and ( .O. Lot, .tree\. Variety {I 1 8. Mate .
.: far* SitlIng. Orlando Furniture Co. ORANGE AVE. 473 S.-Large living of fruu trees ideal for ..rd or i!I II --

4- :- iai: == .. 1 .... III W, Church phone bedroom. 4 window beantUuUy .. --- chickens. : I LAKE FRONT
- : N .. 1-483. furnished. Private bath. Get awn I'1500 'llhs terms. Weir :1 I 15055. 'u he a ,
-.. """" -. ..., breakfast in room. Lovely quiet home. I bear a little dust Uncle Ben prayed in tem. 628 E Pne Ph. 4641. ,' alas less "

I _'P ... .. ... on. siP 35. Fuel OU and Wood ROBINSON AVE. 211 E.-2 corner I can I broad EAST SIDE-Convenient to school. ,, l.ul _. .... 1
church when .
: room Permanent residents. Attractive while I'm doin' my own they I stores and block . c _
,. a .... red. on A faD tank I* safer.S I I I II ..
rate through season. Ben'srelatives I bungalow situated hundred .1 .
; work but if I had a servant cast the services on a I .
I flied.A sfU
.... tIM 5a. Pkaaa' 8021. I ; I s i .
I.t. foot lot represents the there I II :
.... -... ...- I-'u. gaarala larger tank McOraw Fuel Oil OB Senric coldest SMITH with breakfast.ST. 631 W&1:tr bus. Private room I I like Amy, I wouldn't stand :I are sain' that at I;I iii good construction. .I 'J .:

...... s- .....AI' family. Prefer 2: 2-6231. bunting a bungalow with extra sized I.P
1 -. w. for a smidgeon o dirt in last one of prayers got I rooms here It is: bedroom 14x17. I I
17. Fnilbaen and Soils ST. JA1O2 HOTEL: South and I' LIe e 4 _
big fine
.1; Rosalind. Summer rate Slocte. M the house. outside the building. j room bath and klthea. screened terrace I L. .

l & COLD SMOKE-Keep your gardesaM week up; double Can_9253TMCA I that U comfort personified. T =r- 6 :
! lass pest (re* and healthy. -Attractive room for young metal '
p.4 p.. ..4..n; grill work awnings
.... .p..... au TV. 131'toQvD&.f. stay ..,. (08 BrookhaveaOr. men. Single. or double. (6 and up. 51. Houses for Sale I ISL Houses for Sale I sparingly. Price (14.000. lls .1, w&iof __.
Call 8006.SUMMER
Reese with O'Harra-Moore. i
'AiraTUT $
: RATES Daily .weekly ANDERSON ST.-Masonry constructed I 10 E Pie 8%. sully ress = = '
i..iUL SHELLS OU dirt: 733. 2 bedrooms. .
; monthly. Beautiful rooms. single or tariff apartment. EAST-4 rooms. 2 screened porches. Large tot . J'
double. privat bath living room. bath. kitchen. Lot 601. COLONIALTOWN HalT cash wffl i bath breezeway. storage room: I i I ettns. ptMiT t "w
Ill:: 554154 rtch lop soil. Deliver- Lake Virginia near onrlookID'l 150. Located close to bus and school. buy this three bedroom' home with !I pre-war construction. 2628 X. JeuerI505. age i. iiilnl
...... ... ,
... p5ss 2-400. 500 Chase Avenue. Phone I Price. IM>OO. Jamerson and Carter decorations to suit your taste. 100 I with UTWM TOTMk* :
0. W.Ia.... ..... ROOM AND BOARD at 700 Woodruff Realtors. 70 E. CentraL Phone A. T. feet corner loS two car garage excellent i ,834 N VMM -.

4 ...NMsIar I It. riaats. Flowers and Seedssvrns Street and West Agnes. I "Buster" Carter 8516. neighborhood. Pled.t (..- !! EAST SIDE-3 bedrooms. completelyand :I'I 7iORTHZ1T.-es.e so _.

Tv I LARGE DOUBLE ROOM-(10 week I.I A2SGEBILT-$2500 cash and more 000.00 with no utU. EclulnwtUl beautifully furnished. Cornerlot gaily 2 be _. asI fI.
: O. P. Ewope. I
--- GUARANTEED garden Ph. 7664. ., Into completely furnished 2-bed- Fo with garage and laundry room. A psty .leerp
... ftowwr .*.ds. Cheeks Feed and5014..r. room modern bunsalow. On paved spection call Boggle! Moffat. Phone very comfortable home in excellent ,i U ...-is
.. Kl' B. Ferncreek.CALJLADtVM. NICE LARGE COOL ROOM for 7.00 ; street. Balance parable like rent. 5812.. After office hours can 240.COtE Screened .ln n . _
j a week. Private Beach. Riding i:!, Real Estate. :30 E. Church. 8133.I condtlol pOrh. "I
HIBISCUS King blind B'
... Surimamarry. I
5- I Horse and orange juice provided ,
p.. .. atarttolds. giania C. 1.VMiarat !! free for guest 1401 W, Washing-I 'Open Sunday. pit. Terms. Call Lee Crawford J.. .

.... : :,..1411_B._Cord AT*. !Hon St. I I I PARK-New 3 bedroom Robt. L. Pryde Realtor. 668 N. Or- .r -.
: .... hardwood floors floor ange; 2-4596. g*> _
FV*ntAL OE&1ONS a tpaoalty. Cat j I lrm.
:c.:: NICE ROOM with kitchen prtv-
ftowvra. anae* aM weddings. some ALTAMONTE: SPRINGS- furnace tiled bath .n drains. 2 gatow '0'
B -4 J*'* Oardea. 2319 H. Orang:I lieges. A business couple or gentleman I scre-ned porches. landscaped frame; small frcta a, .gqfwM qg*>_ Jo

...... .. a ...... ....._1-IT2T._ _ _ ;, preferred. Mrs. A. M. Price 131 2-Bedroom home. well built; large lot. ot. 115.0.$5500. dow balance I i FAIBVI.roomL. Ireelled porches. Venetian .
s ....... 1M .. .... ,, KYBTLB 3.DoL3Fne.: : estImates.wsi.v I Hibiscus Court. 100x147: It. On pavement tome ciigus before you buy. StrIp 1 2 ltL 1 bearing trees. Tool hoU.I Only= wish . .
) fruit. $9000. termi. ting with M0 Broker. S 2 to acOo ::" . ., i i.
M | hou. Hoe
.. It.. ......... Ca.' Park Fbaa*Nursery Winter and Part Landrf4aa 35.: 47-1. Rental Arencies I'I Call Sewell.our Manager Altamonte; call Office.Winter Homer Park Main: ', I I ard. Broker 306 $. ) trs_ S W M Ski. .. !-. i

nM'l PLANTS: lor .. .. Cal Won- I LANDLORDS win supply you 8-8394. COLNTOW-Ne... 3 bedroom I FLORIDA SANITARIUM SECTIONOlder KORTHtAtTklteaem. > '
ti- .1 I *er vamty, L. B. Mann. Lake desirable tenant free of charge Exclusive with Huckel-O'NeaL Realtor lot. Hard cypress shingle 2 story i .. .. lo ',

. ... I I M*****._ "... t and obligation. Just phone us your *; 118 E. Robinson dial 2-37S3.: wood central heat tUe bath home. R a living room. dining I I . :: .- .
.. . p.. ..I.M Real Estate Agen foor. .. kitchen with breakfast trl _. :
IJ. W........... U4..L ..C..Uy Vim Large. selection Musselwhit takwaauty cy.vacancy.29 S.Gardner Court St. Phone 24481. I 500. porcJ. double, with 12.-. i;I :r down. 3 bedrooms and bath up.Basement . J: 05inralihed : ,. '
1:..... ... yaar I with oil Priced at Nardmsed e : .
Dw--- 11 E. Pr lcetoa.i WE HAVE RENTALS (3 service Broker. 132 S Main; phone frce. 1 'b >
Mo stfM keax .
Harlow +
. .... charge. Gardner Real Estate. 29 ANDERSON ST.Twton.bed- I (10.000. O. frk. 118 .N.Orange t .
room home for only 9500. Plot 197. AreDial garage Price *.* . 1F"
-ni i H. Umtork and Supplies South Court Street. 100x138 ft. Let us *h,w yon this. : COLONIALTOWN 2-bedroom I "rt's Great to Lye i Orlando" Carte *

.. Oeo. F. Brass Realty Co. 19 E. Cen : prewar frame. Well furnished. V Realtor 7 t OgfcMg* .- ..
... 0.1M 48. Hotel Rooms. FORREST SECTION I an _
53.053 BULL BDna.-We also Landscaped. II
I traL Ph. 2.3153.ANDERSON blinds. City sewerage. proud and .
OIUMIui. I I feaal ewwa. Pleas p one Winter j Garage. Corner lot. 10500. reomm.D i' io hess.heagabew
1 Par M2.OEXTLB. LAKE EOLA HOTEL-Summer rate ST. Completely furnished Exclusive. For P. t this new concrete block. bedn' :
Modem ta :
now prevail. Complete service. bunealo. every .
'UIL YOUNG small horse Telephone 2-1903. ; 7 rooms. 2 baths. Can use Wilbur Strickland. Broker 2 i steel re5, .
: as 2-Ismily home or one. For quick Church: 6675. I ICOLE cumn1dowL do' .5 .
bests for riding.
ass lulls ,
n'iSlrtlf.* .y is lla (..t1s. *..d sso.oo.t. 48-1. Beach Rentals 'I salt $8,500. ft cash. Loren Dunn. PARK-Modern 3 bedroom i itfe cloU., alt. Ton win attached agree garage the- I,i = 501134 = = f I
I I Broker; 6 N. Brown; 2-1269. I I w Rtar. L
/ W Cntfata r* gear*. $71 00. 1401 w. bll.lo.. on large lot. Central n' workmanship, and general | .
.. la MI CANAVERAL HARBOR room and [ ADAIR KiRK Pram 3-bedroom f Tiled bath. I far exceeds the average I 64 B. -a .
Akin Pleas i 1941- But service. : home. Occupancy In approximately -I I "i.t
I I Mliii3. Ry bath furnished cottage. Fishing and home that was built In 2 cDsl f'
.... 1-..... I b. ,. 3.50 daily; (21 weekly; (50 I I screened porches attached garage ter. . terms. Can be pur I, 2 weeks Price (7.750. terms .1 -

........ >>. monthly. Ph. 2-3315 or 9798. J JI larie lot. (12.000. Allen Johnson. furnished. Stripling with M. : arranged. Don't miss this one. POI'': SORTS "
fct Stock and Supplies I Realtor. 140 N. Orange .8612 ""Spe J. Broker. 132 3.. M.i; phone i I A. -Buster" Carter. 9516. ,>, l 1 .
ft. M0 d- DAYTONA BEACH-Desirable. Twin I !,
;g.1I..:. asi a. ...:. I I I beds near shopping center beach i iI I cializing In Homes." 697 I son tral..n Car. Realt 70 X. .* .- ..tMk c -- .. 0.-
BOARD TOOK DOG at Cricket ACT Line -room 9
Seabreeze bus
and restaurants on 8. Near Lake '
i BROWN ST. 2830 ==
: k>*al. LMgwood. Fla. A home 900 N. Oleander. TeL 879-R. lake frame house on corner lot. Good I C1 I. P555 i
r.:1 I l.! 'I Pineloch. SmaU cottage near ; :
.*., his-.s... Dalmatian- Puppies.cork I OCEAN SERENADE at Coronado full bath. lane screened porch. 83700I repair. Sammie Convenient Francisco.location.Realtor.Price GOLDEN ROD SECTION: .r 1 t

-__ -. 15.s ..p.s.Ma4 cm SPANIEL PUPPIES-7w Beach. New modern efficiency: ;I with terms. Exclusive with Sammie 15. Central Arcade: 7407. ; is. <
.L Orr ****. AKC registered. Reasonable I I apartment on ocean. Weekly 27.50'! Francisco. Realtor room 4. Central 4 i 20 acres of land cleared two N=* : < .
p I... ..... a artc* PS. .)ell. and up. One-half mile north of Flas- j i Arcade; 1401.BEEiT *. COLON AREA Prewar i I bouses needs .I, has tears s345ere = o. .
I... ......... DOO POOtX-Krlbble aM X-ceU dog i ben Street on Peninsula! Avenue to five room and sleeping I electric light. For anyone some let .844 1 ,

p ,_ tut. t....m ... supplies Orlando l, sign. [ SHORES-cemen\ cootraction. DOr Offered furnished or unfur I Jkln lo with ,
Hardwood floors. 3 large selL Quick a place in the country a a -. .
Anxious to occu h. .
pt- 6... ...&.., I I l-ert OKT-. Dial_1-3524. ; ( 2 : paved road. f I .5515. 'o,4e. 'is-
bedrooms. 2 tile bath ar garage. Walter W. Rose InvestmentCo. ,
I .
I pancy.
= 6M DALMATIAN at stud. Ch Junior 49. Easiness Rentals I 1 Offered furnished or unfurnished. 49 N. Orange Ave. Manor HaU Bros.. Agency. Realtor Resa. :. "
I II III 0 --I
: I' Mil .. Btwk-DL Cricket Acre About V cash. Robt. L. Pryde Real- office 3356 N. Orange 112 N. Orange Are- Te 11. Ill .
.JlJs.. ..-.;;. Keaart... P. O. B*. .:3. Lontwood Fla.PVPFT OFFICE: AVAILABLE In new office tor. 668 N. Orange; 2-4596.: NEAR 6-room frame I -
; ___ building second floor. Prominent CLEAR LAK 5oRTlwes '
0. -Part ac.&t,. 1021 Shady I; .
\i taa. Drive. .,: lease required.Pinking Carrigan In rear. Only Bldg.(45 672N. BACKSPIN and LANK hobby No.New or child's 2 room.bedroom screened front ph bath.large 3 garate. GRAND AVENUE SCHOOL SECTION .. 'u . .; : .

.* t..t sit TBOnCAL FISH-HOB tetras. CoIr : Orange ph. 24551. I nice kitchen and bath equipped I' 16 fruit trees I'rtc. only $4.750 Frame 2 bedroom and .leP tea. . ; "
jWqss.e p..I4 ...... $34. artal ptattlr each. $2.50: dos- I kitchen. 86.150. and worth it. Act now. P. Mattox. 'porch bungalow Nice 1 ett fn Lara' :, '-St
.... I OFFICES Centrally located (25 per trees and chicken .: .. ,
z. IL LisIs. .a C. 5th._1225 Mebratka.tftOFICAL :i L 1 Broker. 145 N. Main; 50. . .
igsIPZsPlh month. D. D. Riddle. 21 Central. to stores and bus. \ S5
I FISH tartest selection Phone 2-4631 or 7560. | COLONIAL DR.. X.:-Close to Colon- ".'Ihol .Pt$ M. Martartr she -
i'I ., ..;; .., r. rWi tn Oriaaaa .15&. ....rllIms. ialtown. Lars bungalow. 3 bedrooms 75. Avenue. Phone 4147. ML Fla "
:::: OUT OP STATE: party desire location -
05.4 ..... ...tsw4es *- attaa. Barry Cotter. 1 M, up-I I and sleeping porch 2 bath, large COLLEGE PARK ,
...... .. .. for a small office supply HOMELAND AVE. 109-Just Off 11 .
134 o De. aft Lawreac Av*. Winter in Central 1 dining room kitchen and *paclous > .
gift shop any good town dei.r E. Michigan. 2-bedroom bom Jf.i;: 5a$3.2i S -
55Yp&uti front porch. Furnished 2 bedroom ready to .
..---- Florida. Will pay normal rent on hoU large tots, fruit tree (3000. .
_.. ...... 4L Fonltry and Supplies 4 lots ample boose "
I I term less Give fall particulars.Box Kitchen equipment. ,0 there I* garage Half cash. Miss W. Hick w.
s.t5.. ..... ut L 351 S-Star. I!I room for expansion. $17300.: terms. oak floors. 8900. t.&k :
=r::..... BAIT OnCKS Taiedo Feed Store.V. W. B. Nicholson Realtor. 14 8. Maim Hall Bros Agency. HIGHWAY 441-Near Leonard : ,
STORE SPACE wanted. All or part I Reeltot. .
__ itMis: 1 B. aaarwtv Pultorum 8.w.ted.1iiITJiIC1tL suitable for shop. I 2-1619. 112 N..Orange 58 Corner. 4 rooms and bat E .
BB4. W. O rta. 2-n71 or I of small store pet ity. jet pump. 2 acres ..
Jlal ot.AT.
tea* **. gte4 taaM In Colonlaltown center of .
= > or near dry. (1200 dora ,
: U. S. test-; Pe 1450. <
s.** tn aM racaa. Pullorum Orlando. Box 457 S-Star. COLLEGE: PARK Modern 3-bedroom .
Ph. -
......... .< .... ta*. ta '... .. atark. Isuwdiat Sr titers home of cement block construction payment. a ,
WAREHOUSE BASE for lease. Lumber Wilcoxen. 8080 or 515 N. Garland. :
____ Or.... Seer,,. F4 sad poultry I 2-car :. ...
de-I shed fenced yard Clos in. located on 100-ft. lot. garage. -
OrlaM Z-ealt! ..*. Dial 23524. I Telephone 22831. Asbestos roof. Owner leaving city. S CLOSE IN-Near Lak Eola. Down I I K SCHOOL-Newly Iu. .... "
fciAt eT i ir if***" W aTg .zsesi.o FRYERS wanted. 111.000.Allen.. Johnson. Realtor. 140 I Ital living dining room. I good l1- "z I. "
I ...H* ........ ..... Ptaa ... h t". sos West Church WILL BUILD to suit tenant. Ideal N. Orange 8512. -Specialising in large screened la living I Owner ..7 Ia for only 8700 UI.I'

..r: ::::: I""4. I I manufacturers location for representative's doctor. dentist office.or Homes.COLONIALTOWNNew." porc. Vpst.1.2 broom{I I Term Broker.can RI. b. arn.eeL. Mclll.I : 0'i
___ -r ;;;& *IBSW .lfPin fuI .
BAMP8HIRE: CRICKS IVmw On space suitable for 11'hOIea&le.or redecorated 1 .
... ...... hSeI k* a)4 22e. FairvUl Poultry S-room concrete Ihe throulhut. Just RALlY SOLIEO -New t i -,
I retail specialty business. Apply PaulP. cf '
.. ....... t.... s'. .s, p.. .... farm, ..1'MM..121.: I Sanford. 1217 N. Orange Ave. Not block.suite Tile completed.bath. 2-car$11.500 garage. -,1 $9,000.00'nlde will surely move firm this pn quickly. I \ Asphalt t. = "? j.

j- iusPb..t 11a va. ....1!' BT ART FALL FRYERS NOW. Good Ph._2-1203, between 9, anU- with (2500 cash. White Bros. Broker . Vt cash balance $50.00 month. Corer coDractoD Might tl. L -
'I Jt. 180.
| wtorUMi .. *.. and br* d* at I AVAILABLE LOCATIONS in the -100 S24 N. Mills: 21688.COLONIALTOWN Immediate possession. Exclusive. Gardner Agency 2t . I
I, Ut a Tb WeodI Chick Co.. ** % Blocks oa Orange Ave. for Court: Dial 24481. L
...... .... PsIs $54 sue TMrta .t Maitland. Hwy. 1T-8. Chain Store Units. Can Paul )(. SECTION-Close into HaU Bros Agency Realtors. ;
; o $... __ .. A. Wsps Pa. Whilst Park. 2-2961. Van Cleve. 2-3155 with George F. I shopping center. S-room home 112 N. Orange Ate. Tel. 5189. SALlY COL SECTION bungalow- New.well Slarge '
# .. --.- INS I5454, I t Brass Realty Co. 19 E. CentraL with 2 porches. Stucco on steel lath lrme e -

< 4.' __ ...,. .... ....w.f1 4S. Apartments for Rent construction. Priced for Immediatesale. _ _ __ rooms and bath. CO Ya
;[ .' -.....- ... 810.500.: Ask for H-1126. Harold .n 1 UO lake bnez. t : '
ft$4t 50. Wanted to Rent from make
corner *
?s bIS -..s AMELIA AYK 28 B.-Large 2-bed- V. Condtct. Realtor :37 E. Central COLONTWN-Ne1 fur-&. for Icbo .i.M -.1

I ... 1M a.etaI ........,. ,, raaai garag apartment. Can rentaatu APARTMENT or house unfurnished : dial 6137. IOD, on bunaalo1.lot 50x180 ft. Garage with j fal: .ppr.1 childra.for 0.Laaa. o.m' ,: .

% Ini. .t1t4T4.d.b_;. K**. tst.CLOaE or furnished. or 3 bedroom. COLON OAEMO\- laundry tubs Extra large kitchen. I I Price ( : Prancisc Re*> .

if #1* a**> **... >.nart. ***. rat : IJI-AP& IH1IL 3 room, fur- : Northeast permanent. Man wife, aMj moden buealow. 2 Gas range and refrigerator. Close to i i lor room 4. Central Arcade: 7407.KALET .
*.. *.* *** WM. .. fcs4 S **. _te< ana* : .electrl refrigerator. Tele- j lIOn 16. Good references. Ph. 21725. bedrooms. Furnished or unfurnished. I movies IhooL market and stores. SCHOOL SECTION-8-roaai
$s#' ..... aps n.,.. .b*. i-4656.: I APARTMENT-Couple with a mo. Screened living porch and attached Price $ terms. C. R. Em- !I bungalow furnished. 2 bedrawaia. -.4.c6
.....- r ... I.4.& COLOX1AL: DR.| sot W..-.4 rooms and T baby. Permanent residents. Call I' garage. Beautifully landscaped, spa-i erlck. Realtor. 610 N. Orange: 7348. j screened front DOrc Cams It :.l. :: :

t 5 $ tt.-: V.uAs31' bata. fwraiated. N. children or Geo. Wood. :538 E. Washington 24573.APTBmpLoye I grounds. Not a thing to COLLEGE PARK-Lovely landscaped j; large citrus. Jaw aarmb- :
.. .;< tiIIft ..a......a*, .... .....1 I m*. $72. Phon 2-3922. of Sentinel-Star I Ineeds : .out but to move in. Call on' corner. Prewar modern bungalow I herr and shade. .store *& ( 'N
: M .. s *O tL 3iglheFrh.hed efficiency apartment. Adult couple. Permanent Realor 2-4745. Including Chinese Oriental rugs and 1 Owner moving to Ocala. wants t
...._ 3-bec1rOOI beautiful furnishings. Has attic fan. I mediate sale. 5250. term Sam .
r ",. aaartaMnt. aew. 75. No utUltle reliable. Pleas call Mrs. COLON OAS y
... ; A rare find for $14.500. Call Hastings.Realtor i son Co.. Main.KISSIMMEE m 1"
Afjt > til W cs.tsa.'jIY14i4. tM 2-7(13. Moon. 4161 Ext. 14. .le 1 I 2 6 &D .
trio kitchen and tile bath. I
5r14' Rue 62tt Central Arcade); -4 room "am** wit
I' CLOSE: IN-223 Late 8t- 6 rooms fur- APT. OR HOUSE furnished for young to 810.000. Courtney E
: ....... 43 I bath water and light 3 black ..ffhighway.
. saL first floor. (65. Adult business couple. Permanent. About i I N. Orange; dial 22471. ,
I- ......SIS 0.- ?**** at 416 1. Oeceola Street. (60 per month. Phone 4239. r '; Tt. 1.0 c'l .0.. .-
COLLEGE PARK This 5-room bungalow at 120
DELANTY Beyond city limits. Good
=::5'pa:5P; c. $34 .. OtussI BPOHET COURT. 325:-Living rooawwearaafa. APT. OR HOUSE-S.E. Section is modern and frame residence- with generous ', Strt\ aad : !
kitchea and bath. ntiliIM ferred. Orlando ...ter.n.Ife aur.cuv'l .io LAKEFRONT HOME-Puraisnw.
pre-I bas stationary laundry
I rooms. The two bedroom each |I 2 rental cottage Additional o4A ,
iz- s.55d.4 at (11JO week. .
per 5-year-old daughter. Brokaw.
....... . Pvaak Creaa. 507 Metcalf porch and attached 1'1' 1895. a screened pOrh Large high lot has i t Inn for Income ) . ..' '- "
.... $. .. .. . Broker. APT. OR HOCSE-2 sleeping Allen Johnn. Realtr. more fruit family can 400 ft. lake front.c.nwt' *. .
s. 5434ksis4 BatMiag' : afcoa 2-1710._ Couple with 11-year-old daughter. ange: In Home. use. City water and electricity. Bus I tifuDr 100 a, *.. Q'

T1 JmlUOx COURT HOTEL and Limit 60. Permanent reliable. Employe JOu' service. The price furniture Included.Is For lalldaP. von fkJUEet, ,. ," ,, "
.. ...4 ...... 5... a-- apartment available. Bumat of Sentinel-star call Bob COLONIALTOWNua\. ,. $8,500. McNutt-Heasley. Realtor. cU. ol. I. -
.... fin... f_rates.BJMIMMEE. Mills. 4161. all modem. Laundry facilities in garage. 1 W. Washington \Phone Bealtn.1 : .

.# .... ..., I -Beautiful 2 bedroom APT. for bride and groom; pay rent $9500 unfurnished. $4500 cash LKE-ns HGH. A . *cE s'y"e" : _5-l. <
...., ..... .1 -s.l Per .. .. -- tokefrwat apartment. .Call 7284 Or- now. Limit about 850. S-Star Em' required. Harry Heath Broker Ph. from Orange porch Kfo lot. garas f llv '
., *, 4* W -- .... ...*. alter a .- ployee. MacLelsh 4161. Ext. 2. I 8253 Colonlaltown. DUblocu AY.. bath each side. I 6950. (3500 a.n Iallc.P (40 .
ch. :
....... aiDoT-c1ftcl1. 633 3-room HOUSE WANTED Small. 4 or S COLLEGE PARK-Older 3-bed One furnished. Immediate; I Mr. HarmO C. B. ... *
".5." Is,, I.' _w \ *fttrteacy apartment Utilities room or ..p.nmenluro15hed .or room home that is la 7 session both unit $5500. $2000 c:tor. Washington. U. &f -". ..
1s. .#ps'u C. 3.34k's .ratal***). 89 axonth until Oct. 1st. unfurnished. For couple with clean I tion. Screened porch breakfast crOC I balance monthly Kin Real nines c .. ', .
5t31.S **. tot*. Adult aeilyi Phone 2-1( 3.'HiicOUi pet. Will pay up to 75.: References. service porch. 1-tar garage. $ :30 E. Church: 8435. "Open LAKE 225.FNT1 r a 2. CT W ,--". --ic -. -
-- .... APARTMENTS' More Box 451 S-Star. Allen Johnson. Realtor 140 DELANEY ST.. S.-Beautlu built r tfutaae :
OMB. Blva. Winter Park. 1 and 2-bed- HOUSS 4 unfurnished loge: 8612. "Specializing In Homes.. and new with of Orlando.
4 t* a*** lbOaa4* or 5 room. bua.lo" dOItoS I. aeW
1% >tetw 5 ,1 ,.. apartment Janitor service. bath. electricity water with 1 to CLOSE IN-Court of S well built asbestos siding. Roomy convenient- for a large family *r 1.1 rnase. .t._ : : P _:.
) aat water "' .. beat. Year round S acre within 10 miles. Reliable I homes. All furnished. Large plot eompr An excellent 2-bedroom home. It ha au Id . . .c-e 4.s
.* BwataMT rcatal. Adult only. Win- couple. Yearly lease with or without of ground. Garage for each house. tile bath central heating. large tot .(!(.- -
.. ,p I Uf Park 9161.i option to buy. Reasonable Write Storage and laundry building. I Immediate possession. $10.800. 000. with Herman . P& ; $
""" .,. Nor LIe A
Huckel-OTIeal. Realtors 118 E. .
i PIM 5il.& Furnished aparti Box 422 S-Star. r e. ofer entire prope1ty ; : 677 N. Oraa : tal M r4

,.. ....... *..***,. ..* *.. i . 82> aM 830 per month. HOUSE-2 or 3 bedroom needed for t .\ *9.0 per house. Exclusive inson: dial 23753.DUo LAKX EL sEoN.n.J bee r "
!!I ....II .wJt--..* ata aM ataMr.r T i**>naa* 4012._. Mother and two sets of twin with Geo. Realty Co. 19 X. I' : ass.. _.
fotII >a raaa* xaaaarft BOYAL PALMS APARTMENTS 6 daughter in High SchooL Will pay CentraL Phone 2-31S5. closet space. Convenient to -i .

C *...**; a.. .aafiM taaat Laecra Circle. Luxurious new 100. Please phone 2-3842. I CENTRAL AVE.: E.-Just Off. New in. east side. Rntal and shopping C'ltt. I Ile.J. 'a s .
**a1ai wa4 $1 tarn- apartment available taI 2-bedroom. only $3850. 15 $160 lower. fi An Goodwin .. .
HOUSE 2-bedroom.
I =.. Ms ii pIssilIss4 Jaa. 1.tArf.44.uses.. or apartment. College Park-3 bedrooms. A lovely lot double garage but .. Broker; 677 M. Orange;
I furnished. Couple with 8-year-old e
home. little attention but that 1* allowedfor 9655.:
Only $10.500.
!f5. .. .. iS ........ s. rN apartment reason-. daughter. Yearly up to 8100. Tel. t E. F. Slarun. Realtor. 32 3.. Pine; in the low price of 12500. Your LEWIS AVE.-2-year-old, : L
Mr. 20119. crartot.
of Thrower.
n. I miles South Orlando
.. .... be.mst demands yon .
aM phone 6651.
U Kitchen eVtrtrte .}
:: Ms55s : ba amie Node... Box: 145: Tatt. t HOUSE-3 bedroom unfurnished or CONWAY SECTION-New S at once. Trade with Swald. 13lO.. I.electricrange . -,
room I -
.P ATMDTa-OD. 2-room and one I duplex ..p.rtmenm Winter Parkor Geeslin. Realtor. 14 N. Main; Wft.b .
.. p5p. .s.... .sl As. I-raar. Adult only. Phone 6995.IFlRTMENT north side of town. Phone col. t .bungalow.K. Price.Fruit trf.15.. 246 termLW. 2-1464. 5 beater. Living and bedroom waist I Ii I A :

_. 0.; 5Mw. ......... .. -Efficiency. Nicely fur.: I Buck 2-0761 Extension 1312 between Orange Ave. Phone 838:1.I : 8. i ed-in and screened room sleeping I I -. ,

j jtr t jp.Is atelwd. SU-privat* bath. TJtllltie 3 and 4 n.m.blOUSEor I All nicely furnished. Only =I II I -

lf rj..... Mr*. Brownley; Ph. 9363. downstairs apt. 2 bed- I I 000 down. Look this aver I II % .it 2.

4t K4t 4* BOBLCT ,. retponsibl adults my room By responsible adults. Call I CLOSE IN-EAST SIDE- I kuy. A. C. Golden. Broker. 1131 H. $ : epe - _1
.34." ,4 S sass.0S ....-.. S weeks Aug. 20th. 5352 Sun. or after 5pm. DEN PARK SECTION Two Orlando Ave.. near MaUn aader. I,I .'. . '.
... ...... ts.'us5 ps. (104 lacladins atlliUes. Phone 892-J HOUSE-2 bedroom in desirable Preparing to build immediately 2 and five room house. Excl pan>. Winter Park. ;I, -- awa -- "

.... IsMs'.s0Is.j. W utter Park. neighborhood by responsible fam- I 3-bedroom homes. One under construction lent neighborhood on bus line near LUCERNE SECTION- (ran* ** .- .*<'-

t-. ..:-- iiiTlit1rT-UnIurnIahe& $45 lly. (80 limit. Please call 2-2917. now. Concrete oak school screened porch high landscaped guest home. ( 3t' I I I. !? alS1-! . .
.. ..i ........ ...... Far caapto only. 2322 perfAaata. 3.. HOUSE OR APT.-P'urnish close floors metal sash asbestos t. tile lot. Bun in 19 good as large living room rO, : .I '
..... au .... .. W....... S*. In. by permanent business couple. bath. A-l construction. Large lot new Price reduced sale. kitchen, gas equipped Basement illfurnace. I' tJJrTs; .-
.. ... I Have resided in Orlando 11 years lake frontage.2Bedroom First tie offered at (8.00000. Call I Double garage effIciency I : .e .4 t ***** .

tf.r.... .... .... .. 4'.uses for Rent with one daughter in College. Must homes priced under the I with O. P. Swop I ..p.nenwlUa ower. 8.-- I I J "
o w. w.5t.t ....... have 2 bedrooms and garage. No liQuor price of $10.000. Re.lo. 60 East Pine: phone 5812. (700 I .. .
_as ..... .... a" .... OOBI AYE. 32S ..-2 bedroom parties; church member. Best local 3-Bedroom hoe priced under U.ft hours call 2DUBRA I : furnished. (30.000. ( Ic I.- "' "< .
-. .14 p.,.. as ....*. laralhd. (60 month. Baby references. Contact by P. O. price of IU.O. ). You will b nrr.'I I.i. - #
.t4.4 a* avail child accepted. Box: 2084 or phone 8481. See us at we wO build according little cash will I i. a-. -

-- s.r. ..: .. ORLO YITh-3 room furnished cot- HOUSE OR APARTMENT Middle- u lpiCUOD. New .n moderoJ Mr.tor. 41 Wheeler W. with C. B Davla Real I I. .se.. . .... '_0

5 4. eqs -.... la**. aau. 1 block from bus and j aged couple. daughter 15. Prefer I Realtor Rob : h I 'Wunat 18. : .
$134 .. (-...... 916 Vas lures.I unfurnished 2 bedrooms In. or U on inson; dial 237:13.CLNlTOW: See Marvin Howard LAKE DAVIS SECTION Her J s. .
:fVdIhM a:1IOO.--.t1XOALOW-Completel I bus line. near Orlando. Limit. (45' 716 N. Mills: Ph. 4354. what we been bunting; aT .

.5 raraMMi.. 860 per month oa 1- I month. Phone 7912. Writ P. O. Box: EAST-OS blocks). 88500 buys 4 sleeping three boom lOU I a good aelab/.3. .** atMe#ctP '
1;: I 3351.: Orlando. Convenient t* Good income MM. I' riiI .
room brbo .Dde 18. -
.'... VIsI ytar IMS Available Sept. 1st. James bun..lo1. T1 : $
... I HarteU. Realtor. 1317 lUsh Blvd YOUNG COUPLS: want completely bus. Move rightInto property now showing (50 per month .tuco C BunkerS I 01(6MO. . "
t tr: '&i... "OPSSSII._ACtJtRbeoot." dial : 58&WILl. furnished apartment. Permanent. this furnished 2-bedroom cot- G terms t.e Buyers Can.O'Hara-Mor. 2-2. 109 J I c. e. .. .. ''i
Can Mr. Orleft. Morrison's Cafeteria. I tase. Screened porch crano 87950. . 62 la X. Central Pin* Raltor.LHART3bed. ..... .
.. ... EZCRANOE RENT-Modern -
Ita I Allen N. Orange i fArradete 4237.
Jobnn : ;
MAi. t ... ... beogalow ia Miami or HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER wants 3 : 862. Specialising in Homes.. I fra M: : Jp ,
...-. riT.i ,li ain rat taallar famished house la I or 4-bedroom house for Sept. L.J. 11 cl. poof. Pu.: 4. .- "
.. .as.4 Orla.... Caa pay 8100. Ph. 2-4347. R. Marcellu 55-2 Polnciana, Key I EAST SIDE Roomy 2-bedroom, .tr Few feet from bas .. P r. .
.4. La .
. S 34 .. 1 p .. West. Flonids.PERMANENT frame bungalow in excellent condition e.raee chicken peas. .I .
_ _ I -
. r-- Si* 5345, i CAEYI on paved street. Spacious living to". Ba'll at price. Harry BeetS, 'I 1M M. . .. .
asa* 0.551..t l i1icrUs.2sB1D HOUSE. No RESIDENT desire 2 or room and dining room combined la _. kiss neass. .
** ...... 555 aajvrttaa t* child. 8100 per month. : 3 bedroom house or apartment Just finished. 2-bedroom concrete large kitchen with breakfast room. I Brolr. 8253 Cllto .
-.t,:: T........ 2-1532. furnished unfurnished. LANCASTER PARR-Beautiful .- '
$. s. Pass or Excellent block home complete with all electric Front and rear screen porches. Immediate _.,
3-bedroom .
hi care guaranteed. References fur kltcDen FHA I masonry bom T lU .
$sl4tsM. : financed; For quick sale' 6i4rumen'
1869. and floor furnace.
4t<. Rooms for Rent nished. Phone 2-3101 Po 1 d.lo
.. ... or 5321. Another-With breexeway
555134. ,34* s$ .priced at 17.6.00. Financed. Bettes 75 z 150. Ski ** .
4 4 e t .... ...,.. P5555P4 ANDERSON ST.. (01-Deatrabto room FATHER of well behaved 4 yr. aid rage; ready for Gi; 89840. Investment Co. 2 W. Washington (13.750 (4150 balance I be- r
I ..455. 55's.' fttS. 4 Ie.. attraetiv horn Reasonable daughter desperately needs room Another-With 2 bg screenedporches Phone 8513. month. cu .2 : .. 5.1 -$ ... .
-. ,", and board for child in Christian home : priced at 89440. tae.r .el .,5.a-
.- ... r yar araaM rat. Kitchea and lauary See these new homes System. 628 E Pine; 41. e. ..
5.5,555s.s prtvUvgea. Walking distance of In or near Orlando. preferably where Road in on Sannrtown EAST SIDE CLOSE IN-I have a 2- LANCASTER PARS = ?! .. ,
s4. 'Si teass. asia achaoL Delaney aM Cherokee. there are children. Write Box 44( salberrr. C.siber. Hibba. Cu bedroom. frame home built just spactou Bviac- r :. .

5 3.14 $4 .... Or.- "**r wae._ _ _ _ S-Star. prior to the war has been redecorated CoioD kitchen nice r c. !
YOUNG WOMAN-Desires to board Inside and out It room $* .-' "
... AIfUI1CAT.Ui-f&ks Lucerne. ha bentl porch. Up..t 3 bedroom 2 .
with Christian for W ao isd-ed1w -
a good family gui hardwood
: 2
atwactira. laaenprings.. (7JO and ''l1x months. Write U. VUell 1207 COLLEGE PARK Completely farnlabed and tile fr screen son I bath .crale Furnace. La. . 4. *
>!" modern frame. 2 bedrooms . dran hah. J t . i t
1zszt Salem Ave. Hillside. N. J. porch and nrle. Alzo the lake. Well .
AOXBB IT. 221-Twin bed*. 2 cloaW1ndo. i 2 sleeping porch living room with fireplace equipped with central STMem. .1 Al 4 '
3 bedroom unfurnished I
... Also smaller or house or electrta kitchen ucln"DU P.ll: at : t.
Ste. I room. .apartment. good neighborhood: lar4wo Price IJ2.o. s it today. Phone : 5 : -
nail:.attvat* bath.CAJrmllRRY by permanent resident. No children floors garage and rm A. T and to .. terl.. Ba'e".Lr. .1 $34.55. 5- :
i Axalea Lodge.Aawnraa references furnished. Ph. 5618. Nicely landscaped .r. P Carter. Realtors. 70 E C.ntr 9516.: LAKE Ibllln di 2JJ .II *
horses.ftaaiM. Open for realnabl. Real PNT-bedroom *r pooslbly I ,,
Plea Botek riding ofer. I
FURNISHED guest home enacts Estate. room kitchea. .
i 3 U1 -
ta WinterCOLOX1AL 3
busting season. house good location by reliable EDGEWATER' HEIGHTS-Excellently bath ap. then la a I ..
I hta._.n..w. resident' On or before November L Snda7. built. IP.ctou home. Large living I .t apan Detn. teems : iiii_ .' .
ORn-E. 115 E.-Desirable R. H. Crist. 1918 Rowena Avenue. CONWAY SECTION Paved road. room din' room. electric kitchen. bath only (3-OM .I 68' _
Michigan tog Electricity. Four 2 A real COPlt. . .
i rai la attractive home. newly b.t wall: easy. .u o :
I ,
r. .
MorwL taacnpruv Summer 1340 81000 ca la an exclusive R. C Bb' this property .. -
i 51. Houses for Sale .l " '
e '
unfinished block cock Jr. with Robert R. .
around it. U -- -
RaJ- dettrt. Th
lataCATMCABT I T you so <
bungalow. ... : :
I' Heavy duty tor 13 W. Washington.
stress 701 Terrace Blvd.. 1 C
ST.. S3S-t&n. room. I ADAIR-IV ANBOI: SECTION-Duplex. S acres good land. Last cllt., I 4- -
radpwa. Saulpped for llghv'houig4al. *- Two story. Each side bas 2 large must leave. Reduced to $ ca. 01er I from t Highland Lake ApartavataIt ; IB
WOE OF TOWN Frame cottage to to in. please ran f** 0
Htoa :
Lab Eola. 1'11.ue. bedrooms sleeping porch livingroom 70
** 1 Mack from Realtor. 150 3.. Robinson: ( I '
% ; : va>. .. ...* Phone 2-6001. dining room. kitchen front w Prlenc yard, f1le. appointment. William Matbews. I ..
and rear porches. One side completely CHEROKEE PARK-Nicely furnished .1 ret couple .110 wan 4388 or 7811. J. Daniel X. i- '5' "
b.oe&JOt Rilkrest Avenue. furnished. Both sides vacant. M 2 story l'Uc 3 bedroom den. m 110 pets or rai I elusive AeIL 206 S. f
$5... SItS ateal*. Adjoining or quarters. in. bit*. Price 5100. will LAKE IOtA
to suit. 2-car bUIL
buyer can arrange garage C 15 han Si'BrTir.S
attvat. bataa available. fruit trees lake view. 3 large . term Jne i Cal Nora Taylor 'th I 2 bedroom SCONTw.btl SI ew.. ; -

COMORO AVE 1647 E.-Privat* lots for development. Best of location. Moss. Broker, 13 S Main; phone 88. 109 E. Pine 6 come property far .
...,...*. geail-prtvat bath laundry Terms to responsible .party.Immediate 1' EAST SIDE-This home large family. Exceptional.I a : . Ti
Paa (901.CtOBt \a b (14.000. Ro lstoaeRealtor. .
privilege possession. This Is exclusive COLON SECTION 3-oeiroom needs redecorating I well I-u -.
:: IN-190 ft. from Orange listing can Mr. Ohio. 20642. hoe. kitchen. 2-car garage built and has large shady Seasonable LO'AC8- hems P..
A... Detlrtal tnnertprtng. slngl have the keys and will gladly show nicely landscaped lot. dose In. terms. Pe (9500. Cou t .55 54INesmse .
flSSr ,M 34uS.. (6 and w. 25 W. UvKwitaa I II give details. J.A.L. Ohio Real Es: 12Per cash: balance term ney Real392 Orange; 41 : tlx46. 17115 Una KitUagcr a f 1,. _
i : .: AT*. 108 8. Court. C C Glt R.9-1747. :n ty. 4 ; 2-0074. .. 0..e..

J .

-. i *i'4 li- ---' -........ ..-. -W" 1 1.p --. < '. -. -

, ._--- "'

.. ,
:. k1 _
M. B.*w<9 fra-pefty far Sale I Si. Real Estate Wanted Mister Breger f 71. Allt.Trueb for Rent u. Cat .Cn f. b4PORD15)0 .- t tl 'RI !

_. n .
., .. OTirr HO* *. MM aaaat .- DOWT LIST TOUR PROPERTY with D. VAR.VTR o-vaITS-IT- ni : 0.405IWterK tI i1:4 2ia0r
4 w.IS !5 tra.tlN 'es Oriand .1IIatte farIMtwMv m. anles yoa want to tell Henry i yoonelf: tow rata by mCa or 4sT. seAled _

IMo5ma tort Uarure tnsid and Barch. Broker. 12 8. Main; 2-1090. ''nYr.V D. Tcrner U-Drtte-It. Ine. 334 W I I dlulral17 1.01 955spOorses : It.I&qA.

fra ; eoA aood bM eao Dent paw seincMHI Central Ave. Phone 3-31S3. 55eab
a**, w. sswrtaiia* la Real Eviato '8. Business Opportanitiea ... 000 Nt 5551s
*,,'.o* Carbal M .*phaa HERTZ DRIY-UR-atLF 1 A.: T8T9FO&D1M4
l u X. Mss .l. Phone BAR AND POOL ROOM-trc* stock 1 I, Trucks and Passenger car for rent S-daf wji4by 66 .
rl Y by hoar day or week. Low rates. 31*
: and win. Nice
t of whiskey, beer +
a W N. Prance phone 3-4064. !.I ...
pool '
back bar and beer dispensers. 4 Fwfw. IM naMaa waaa* T. s'00
*wae011 TKAIL H.H ,
table and an equipment. Excellent .
JIM cuitBix u-DRi7i-rr -47, ei.**, MFrd. .
1 0l.wAlMSess *4ta toesusislv = I baslness. moderate rent well located. modal cars By day. week or IoU s-des' 4.6w eete10 a
0e. + 1 MMBX Het..a Price 812-OOO. L. A. Grimes Broker, 1
month. Com rate KM *. Cd ,...
be .Ie M 4sI. mm** ...*. task cad ..u winter Garden: Phone 2.
.f 155 dtot awM C U Tarwr. Brok- I Prance; dial 3-4521. Far* IMt da* IsisYs' p.1e
1 BEAUTY PARLOR-Choice location. : Ooad ..
Ml* R Oraa.. 15 44. loLDi-S
M _._ New equipment. Lone lease. Good TJ-DRTTE IT ntc.-ft.un CVa eats *4 5 ohtaa wittaa
aaCJSA IRDIST0e-Os *>*- opportunity for operator to own sodoperate lot rent by day week or _.L Cord Cart 566 1tIL

Ma tt bsr4 botwvra orland* and Apop-' baslness for sell Price. ,J. \; No nd 'p.. a locations. 8:J *, :'| Av ___
I. 000. WUbar Strickland Broker. 23 Orange 3-4114. and 1 1 5. "
:ree..ej j Garland. Pa. 2-4347. roxoB__i9T sad
Mtw Ii W. Church: 6675. Y I = :
%.*. wna taps OoeaBa. ..81. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES since I I 75. Auto Serrlce ;>, tumW4Co 7 t ,
OM 5
., 'a tN ?L MJ.5-I"'***.. 1920. Phone 21008. Room 5. 45 WCentral. -jp. t
.8111-1 ..
-1 504 Hs h Nf4. Tnr PARK aad alrelr Prescott T. Steel I AUTO alignment.- BRAKK 1-day JOBS serrlct.and Whee4 wheat tetedr-oN . : ,

astaa amwo, sal balanced while jn wait C. A.Pranae ..- ..
4F .. ***a* H* ortiro sad ( '. A BUSINESS LISTINGS' NEEDED-see Sens. 101 W. .- 5 $4016
: Or***
i Barbs O. Fredrick. 'BusinessHeadquarters.
maw* t arros. with aboat ft .
M tsnaliM aa BV Or sat. Blossom I ." 118 N. Oranca. i BRAKES RZTAIXO W* SVPPly aH ro o-T 4ltsm "MPr Wel 0.T ;

0dN 'T>*. TIP 84 .. Bay this BEAUTY SHOP-Centrally located in your auto need also tire*, ta **i vkna i L.

a4 b* an an wtth a homo and I heart of downtown chopping dis /t and oiL Dixie SUN Scrvlco. W .. C Mesa mOt : *. :

buoasn .Ma F.a Owner asklnc tract Parting space alongside. Now tl (V S SM South at Boone St. 9aM*
t",M rR Aadrey Pitman with dome good business operated by em BODY AND riXDEB rrpatrtn and .-ii. :; w.rt t

1 dN/tl.$4.iee& .. atabMU Metals Bld*. I 9107,. Any buyer who will operate I palntlnc. Estimate cladly clveoSatiafaction two its** aw WrY "was r "iIIIII'iir. E 1

tIM '!Htot11T _..... H himself can make real money here. cvaranteed. D. ".,.. Jim CwaM taft Ill ., .
-J. COCWT- ..ral nle Low rent rood leas*. Priced at actual 234 W. Central AT*. Phono 30153. 3-4SI1 1 1i
value of equipment-83150--Oood
M15od1 1 ******. Clam ta. fftartiac at 82SMf. <> terms. C. W. Walters Realtor. 672N. AUTOMOTIVE BERTICB Experienced
1W. .. Hwrnaa Ooodwin. UiUmr.
Orance: 6509. mechanic; prompt **me*.
PM IsIs, 6TT x. Oraatt; 9855iPACt good stock part accessories) .. :
:k1 !. i iPf BAR AND RESTAURANTPsekate 'K a tiiea. D. Varner. Inc. 234 W Can- 9 s.rse. -
store combination of Orlando'sbest 1W1UuTr-r1a wPa
one aaaa
trsL 2-3153.
..4 soots. A coin business for 14 't i{ 1

ba years, now crossing ever (150.000 -
f a1I50C11 I Mri
e/ + per year seed nine-year lease. Own 73-L. Auto ParU-Accessoriea
r MRrSt.. I er's other business Interest demands I i bah* A Mlo .
It ad40 frt Orlando 11.000 M *r* his presence oat of town and he instructs AUTO FLOOR MATS-Hich ..m,. Stiehl ksws fM 5 F

toot, w* mak aa Meal ns to seU at the .... felt back to fit most tart IJ Nand Mncnr* f .

b..o, wets slats on both P.catD'l i price *f 832.500. Pin stock. 825.000 op. Goodyear Service 300 H. Orange Farmer Caa b* as** N M
LiW .ad *aboard MIL Tho .. tail win handle. s. Mr. Little with I- Ave. Phone 4113. Churl tfOt r !
M 8 ptopeny bctns 1M a I I -
0A ..It' vavra for 1-3 of tho Harold Shepherd Realty Co. 20 Z.Washlnrtoa Faaer3w.a.a : .. FRONT END REPAIR PARTS Sw OID.MOtSi 1541.risottos "

i3 r iw prlc i* St. Phone 5124. 'Uh, on--it's tne landlady hinting about the rent again!' available for almost any make 550.< ..
r.Mta1 CENTRALLY LOCATED-WeU pstro- I aato. a A. Prance & Son*. 1010 .. AM Cua.*** Ca. 1M

0A, Nei Ml ftfw. A...'. p ahra. nixed grocery business. Low rental. I Church phone 8811. MJaliDSiI rftV
40d 9) TL 1151.p Accruing 12.000 a week. (22000.Csvenuch.Realtors. I -fiii( at.I 6
I III ). Ors.. An. 4308. 60. Business Opportunities 1 65. Help Wanted-Male SPRINGS for all can and 'track! .
p dan. Cteoa n *
"-.n5 Complete snag service Raymond r.'B.
E DRIVE Cf-Rertaurant, beer Auto Part Co. Telephone 2-M34. s. c MM***. iaiW\
--- SMALL CASH needed to stan you in DRIVERS WANTET>-Only those who Opt. $ .
8* Ann< -- Or... Blossom Trail.Mtaor of parting curb service This now Is bat really plenty a a rood business. Beer..Tine, trailer are thoroughly familiar with Orlando SEAT COVERS-Quality materials, "W 1
wart JOt n on aichway.ttoat space. park end fifing ttauou. Good buhT. street will qualily. Apply to for coupes and sedans. SOS and PLf
50 '
-w A 1* 54)tH a tfwl tak* MOM and bustMM coM mine for someone: It seat .. Lone leiie. Owner need teat Mr. Ho.tU, City Cab Co.iUIUGmPurcllaallll BP. Goodyear Service. 300 M. Oranc ..
: I people sad Is only 3 blocks from Ortnte 1 M_ U1
Write i fttft i -5d 0
1lMte property Tads week only.aaaaa Boa 433 S-BUr. Ave. Phone 4113. I
and Central w* lists summed Dept. Vat I i
A real bay. Jtm M. Caldwell i nYftos
l 1ts9wplf f.e t6a16 .m A.a.* Potw.. Rwc tar. *r. Ceumt exclusive on this property 30 and daysOwner It i WX ARE OFFdUNQ several food I be experienced. Prefer good knowledge :. Antos-TraUern WantedI 4-door
mast b* disposed of within automotive part specialty and i ,
\ a < Matsu-8-aTa_ .' Is now doing about (800 week small bBslDtKti. CBS G* for floUll I I source knowledge. Unlimited opportcmty II I- -
-. cat wB Co r6t It i25J>oo for a 4 trail; exclusive of punch board pta . Sammie Frtncisco. Realtor with crowjn National firm. I AUTOS WANTED-Any make any : 5 CIn t

k.i. 1 fsr.tws swnar.a retoa- ball and music I n. WOO will han | roam 4 Central Anacie; 7407.i owe full details. an. experience. model. More cash __"u. Wettest iOrn.
411w'i 4 *a* !Joss 4.s5.Ut, at eelUne rates dle. Total price 87400. Includes equipment I etc. P. O. Boa 2928. Orlando. j' Motors. 7S1 N. Mills 2-2174. V., W s

4 65 .1 Rt tan b* baestvd. Worth nor stock etc. Broken invited Tot I AUTOS WASTED Will pay htahoat ngsee.
ape ss eatw5 Se5 nna r Jan with M. t. Moss. Era fun Information- Wm. Mathew. !i 61. Bank Loans-Services I JaCJL\1ll.CS. Welder and Helpers,, cash price for yoar car. Olins Inc. {I Grasso 34324nMN . 1'
46 0 p4 iq a. Mala phon a 77.H. I with J Daniel Kolar 206 8. Main. ', Experienced to caterpillar tractors. 142 M. Garland. 3-4347 or 342 X. Oraa i 660 .
",' 46 94 556 MNS.ISiuWs I IIJfm"WTUAL 7811 or 24381. FIRST RATIONAL BANK bins mar Oniy first class man need apply. e. 34814.BUICS f5 4."".

"., Real EaiaU Ext hanged FELUNO STATION AND Bentaorant.Oasolino 'I be Inaored.10 ply the entire b.l- ; Good opportunity for richt marL Ap- WANTED Tbe later and _
I ail 15.000 canons per sure ol the loan in can ol death eX Pit Caterpillar place In Maltland. Fla.I cleaner the better. Might bar OMa nYMoerrww ttN rUse Poe l< ** -

fi'.$ 4{ oYty101s. CORNEA LOT t. COB- month restaurant receipts (4500 per !i I U e Insured. _ MODEL VAXERS-A.r. yon a person or Pentiae. Silvers PoaUac. (2 W. III sosIs t2 ..549 -
ttatta wba .\.1& baild M my eoaMvto .
this Is
lwi month. Price 7700. Perhaps i preferably one disabled or retired. Colonial. ce.. $14f.A7
L4 tJ' tarmfartle 3-rooM aad bath the best snot Oranr Blossom DfSTALLMTNT LOANS fen
en cost Ton with encineerlnc or model baiidrnti r"c.
; BADLY IN KEED of IMS and 147
IWMO M sa.lar 14. Boa 455 aat.r TnK. Exerastv with E. 8. Burnett. I at Pint national Bank. Com- I i /. ". plus tmacination. who automobiles and older car Barley u.Wp.S.Cl 015 = cm LOA" 1t J. .
tM _5d.4ms Broker. 37 8. Mtln. Phone 1-3063. these costs. When the loan to lor ,
4 11* Interested ta working tone hours
Wadsworth. N. A ..
615 Orsno .aeSsaI a4f a iawa
.' tJIi" 1e'e i-tLLINO STATION-New block rosstmction. -f t 100. yon get S 3-Parmenu 1.3. I for low pay but participating in anew phone 8587. O4 cvu. ptk. W I a .- riih.
.7.1. Beach Property 200 ft. on main hlehday. .1 150. Ton ret 13>-ParmenU 12MIS business which has an excellenti
aoeSSCt 600 ft. deep. Top value at 813.500 P I 200. you get 1M Paymenta 14.67 chance of growing Into something CARS WANTED Any make or model. PLYMOUTH-
..,. MAKB01U- room and Terms. Georc Painter with Asher I i 300 JOB set 27 Parmenu 25.00 really cood. with you as pan owner 1. I need 50 to 100 cars each Thara- Wes tow *> >a* D\I'
: 100.K ba>h. taralakwd .n... Flshls I Peter. Realtor. TO E. Central; 2-0786. S 400. Ton get 377--Pmjmtnu 33 J4 f and with no investment required? If day. Best price art paid. Bring yoar sad a Mesa wMl
batntna. **oap 3-3315 orji7 a.CtXtM ,t 500. you get 465-Pannenta 41.67 ; this program appeals to yea, send car Thursday to BoI-"* Car W c--.a be

M BXACH'Orlaado' beach.M I I100O. ran get 3O-Payment* 8334l 1 your name, address telephone number Motor Auction. 2120 8. Orate Bloo- haUJUi 1'- 4 40good . .
', I1t ptl tW rwUipter. Uk* only realtor FTSHTNO business.CAMP-With-Goat opportunity*! profitable for l Abort monthly payment 12 month and description of technical or tom TraiL Ph. 7349 for particulars 55545100 flIN . *uvwAp .. i

"jlftI.t1 00.5.ee1 a** peen NIl tot and hovs fai I lane UII.I1I101lLot.t.d on largest 1 I Payment for IS months an cmmller.Flcvrea i practical backcroond and any other t FILLET MOTORS INC. will bw. tell All

.xW > at 4. t a .aaly prterd.DATTO.1A i lk near Orlando. Oa hlch wooded include life insurance to pay qaahficaUons to Box 414 8Star.i i or trade year car for tho lick Y1IOUn.--- 1RtUp .
loan in rase of death. The First < doliar. See at Central .I- j
us 200 W. or
f 10-acre tract consist of rottace i Tilted 4s eel.I .r..tA-
kKACH--Apartmeat I Rational Bank at Orlando. 4th Door i RIGHT COOK; and waitress--Chef Phone 5416.
alao or..a beach .. Won i boats outboard motors boat sheds. I ; arms Cal.. corner Broadway I %_ Jdf naa

i54et1a54Itrgf dovti pan** proposition. Term boat hove with workshop tackle and Emmett Klsaimaaee. Fia.I . SELL OR TRADE v> you car. Or- 14424 "tl r 4 tl6db.15Wa "
PIMM tna. W. P. .... P. 0. store dock and bait business. Cl I ante BuIck Co- B. Dean Ron. S3* .
t'a its nu Oebdw > health tome owner to sea. Price 62. Loans Up to $309 PLASTEB R-T1J wages for mecbastte. ., N. Orance Ave. Phone 5410 after l 4..50110ae.5 .t 4111 '
1 828.000(15.000 cash required balI Ko apprentice wanted CaD p m. call 4646. t ,
nt n.raPrieM It Plies /f9sr Os5 0
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Pick 32923.ROOFERS3 -
.' -1' ATJTO. Fornnsre. Diamond loans- at
financed at 5%. Detail ta of-
.w- C-- C B Dart*. Beattor I sacs HIGHEST CASH Paid for food clean Saturday
sw ia Economy Fiaaac Company .. f. ..
q w 1 tic*. Robs s. Bury with Roberts H, experienced composition
sled Winter loa Ilk .
i. g5'SM 41 W Wail mc >* Bafldto -i; carL Park Motors. - +
e-vTat Barter a.1006 lletcall -
. Ire Realtor 13 W. WashUwton. shmcle roofers wanted. Apply
Fairbanks and New York: lib lOG !
< I iTtiDDun-.1Mi
lfdk rCaUAAXT THIUE bedroom fanushd (174. Phone 3-0331. 1400 W. Tale AYe 3-C93. 1t'
IISMI wtthm nor handrcd feet 1 Met A .M 0/W ore .
iil51I 1 CASH LOASS-OalciOy made OB fiat SALESMAN One experienced ta B. s. ETAXS. -WarUl Larrest Ails se0s. Trade sad aa= .
. l.75t ce *Ma* Cwn Bracto S7J09. 81 .5
... FROZEN CUSTARD DRIVE-IN 1 Bttaie. and diamonda. Or- dried .mnc E elates Ipphasces.Willard .
". a.* and balaara less than rent.p i autos Dealer- a elF sainted in bay- S Gras's Teat Sae 54w
.; +.. ka..+.s. 3toss. <+i>s>bis, luafiar, Cocoa Beach.M. I location. Newly' and fully equipped lando's 0" Homo Finance Ca, 314 & Keiser. Tocve Theatre log th finest. Win outclass anyvear. STTDCXAKE*-t4I b5.SW w9Oumpiia
\[ i i Solos & ," lea. 19 year leas Metcatt BIdr. Dial 3-0304. Block. Colnmartowic FB. 513S. snake or model and pay an wnbeKrrable lie 0
I I at ressoaabty monthly rental XveryI SHOaT ORDER ... Ate .
i COOK ere the taB
KM Estate Wasted WARS os HOUSES. Get a small cm spa car Oaa ear
thing (5500 Best reason II
40sBee.t i I far = se : eorc. SofakSmtth. i-.Joa 0n your property lee tune. Attll'VUlkcr Street. Apply Buti'B OTflV X4IWafl 43n or 4771. I = _. H.4 ,

ACltii buds'..' sad Seal Estate 134 S. Mala I -ns Credit. 21 W. PIne 1st CWU Ave 0 "
$ .te.15 sus's CasrtaqM.ML. 6811.CHOCTHT. ': aralrway eat d Grand Tby atre.UXAXS tr'irtOTcif HTB--First Mast wvcfeaian. FBAXK BEER rusty Earn bow M I stAlrlthit rr5 6 ..1"
octal w.11. T. wq_ permanent. Lobed the hsh dolor for *
919 11 41510. MAPS tram sa w $3WtctJAd CM yaw ** *oor _
STOBZ-Ooce xn _tiNt .rnJ&
0rru. 8. Bicws. 2(11 X. Orange Arc ar eesXy. Cash ta flit wrti ftn- Wh-v lah. dks-s "
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51 Ps' s'P1. 'trade. Bet pmlil aloe g MOO P'aa.1Dc. 33 W. Central 7r-T-
5 . asst' sM bot M WQ Goose awatlOy. Wca w oil the Urseonaked. A Phone SII57. .. TDCMi MAX WASTED far Damiat1 < 381 HOraBCT m1 *

.a sass.iWgp IrOa4d5S . 5obm. 11 Eau i nth w3 0.C. W Water oncx CASH! uuxs Futatucs. sten rwea ware. Mat have Iud O- TA.-Un.C. waxa bwy raw as. teem Nit { 5. MIRI t
'f B' __ RcalMr. r.2 X. Cnavv 63D9.JOOS aco* sod wta tax S-iwsr aovV 1dtMiIU edwa 1. Zi rs .mver2nso- sat ojr trace; and wan pay tap M 5 00

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+ 4 Saks' 5i d ms ,& 441Es ms1s ODP $3010 hwSQDa. Bark EldK. B. W. (1i acaxa *r. CLGJU.i Otacral AK Baia Fhaa aad 331535POT Serv**.. ZMW. =-tp1 $ .
it no Neat M 5.7 tl14. I6de.. S- 0twet, Brae liewt.1Wul Pbeme 1-1. 0th etmrrm 4 dra Mso M I
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0 .... 51. 1.-tI. 55% W !4T W rlac 2-3Cn. brine sal camE7 CASH PAID tar vas toss car I' AI Em: NA -.1.-- _
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Grouse Is Or1mf.. n 0131.Orr ess0 M. geed toy br e0.d a a adeL etmsLrsaAisaos.Mss. .
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As he5ws. 4w Sea ..5W.LIO.gM .33 E. Par: jSSX. U=tOVE 10&5.41 -9 years- s- +:. )+7CCAITats mat ow- OS-TES-SOT CA S PAID far seed TOeer ..
t.s9 tT:3f1@CTN foes Pr.nir1L Bet 31i. Ski t. ad a 4050 aC Moe ad mc is ccu. sods M. MW
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First free lot used n.DOI'T
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..r5f sad JewnlBc Benltara. (72 X. Or1 OBLAXDO B >.!.!ia i SALZSMAXj many others bane Mat a1ICra1 Floe0. DOOi7i- M- 1 ,-t5 'WR .

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RADIO SHOP Caoniete and fatty
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( p 11"aw aj,. Wl iaa. 6247.R2TAt3.Sr. and Business yioueitj. The Trusts or pottage nodS experiescc ear frog prime party. Bw dcoJem onc d caw I4a axSt. ."e.5 fm **. i U'1ma '| !s Department at Pint XaSooal Baat prTterabie. Beaty Bat 459 S-Scar. ixa EaiTtsoa St.PHITATE PwoU.7
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CWteo fat H r'a. prtasd arawadt Twit a nic piiweiu. Betty Treat PARTY WILL FAT s mIW 0004 5w P
L1 Evan Brcker. 349 S. Orlando .. : man. Plenty Demon Howard.Breken for pod late model car from sear 04. 7,5 054 sad 954504
X. O aM 4v,, 9612 ""SBKiaTI water Park. 618. ATAZLABLX At tow tntcreit 306 11. Main 7325._ Telepbs. 3142 cal 50 .
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stSLtt GET TOP CASH PRICE for car r
test 10321313 SOS .
ItSSTAt'RA.'n'-a- C3.OOO cash and kosinesa pre rrtles la Orland .
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Car Exchanc 319 W. WsiUfnslosiSt. ,
tw4 tnms 8-bath koaw dSirs Mr. Potter with Herman Iesoameni 25 W. Vastticctea. and SaecAaa prwperurc. Cal per $s.d ,
p..soSl, s.fH O). Moan Uy Aadarpoa Goodwin. lac. Broken S77 X. Grooms I I Pboni (3I3. sonaBy. Gew. H. KittreCre Jt Son n Phono 3-3882._ B Prra sa1 11e f1t 1ft W. Orsa'Id23.l An. aass or 666O. E. Central t M tfMMiUS
:b. Csed Can fur Sale
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0%t _" 8V T K lUsUnrs. Brat- of the city greasing S100JW per day. tsar on home. Let First ttf eai.ea. 42 X. GertmdK a* hat cnita ASSR
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s. # sea w teat .Owtral tAfrxWte 4237. Excellent investment at 8104)0000. .j Federal Savings and Loan Asaooattoa *
R. Dean Rare 530 X- Orson Aw - -
and terms. Zassman
83.000.00 cash f7S.SALES1iLUi
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- ,
---------- --- - -


4. M d lt n\ttJ btntttui . Tuesday, August 19, 19471 --" ,,, :"'- ...... .

11 n n ._ .;-' .. -,YQ.WELL DREW IVEY CO. IN OIKW IM -

Fttitht Derailment/ Halts Traffic Here f l RIDAS t ':;C,,' ..
i if .
p..1i9 trifftc WM tip !. .......* arty today following aald. Passenger traffic. was :.... .
tf>t.K *m *t sat fnitht can last not affected.: n' \ .. ,.
i tb t eaattf .tM ewpaii* the Coliseum at I Because so many drivers stopped gcfo1 fW' .41_ .
fe* IUUMBI Bufldfrl Supply spur to dew the scene.police sent a pa- ;., _
-- trol car to keep traffic moving. I IS
Exact cause of the derailment /
l sen !sI HntK Carolina Escapee was. not known but. a cave-in due \

R5.- FttH Return to Prison J i to continued a possibility.wet weather One was freight considered IT HANLEY POGUE I

ItUMt HACK UP DonaldW 1 train was sent back to Sanford. THE QUESTION
06tsi 0t and another, arriving from Lakeland Do you think the Florida divorce The 1946 Silhouette ,
Krmaa. U. escaped North .was prevented from continu- law requiring 69-day residence This is Hie FALL lo
Mato wavkt\ ",, via bt returned ing beyond Orlando. is good or bad? I is Out of Date. :f
I* garth Carolina Prison to con THE
ANSWERS :ifTo :-
__ amtef a fir* to **vtn yeartfttttkr Auto Injuries Fatal -
Miss Frances Wages clerk MLDora
J tJUIUU 'tIt armed robbery. ).[1- MIAMI rAP Norman Lock I : 4A. ;

. seat Ankh rcUc Set George I wood 63. died here yesterday from l "I believe the residence TeQU1reT -
> ftr..* sLId ,""rda,. Newman injuries received when struck by T menIs good
.. j auto while walking along a' and the
arwud bm last week on a an 'I time
.. .sash ..... ..... toatarttl chart Brown said. dark highway Sunday. limit should not
-- ------
be shorter.
any s
-- -- The 60 day
' limitation gives I
( ) the divorce Ii i
seekers time to
change their The isiiV
HOLLYWOOD YOUTH ., minds and their reconsider : : .

PANTIE GIRDLE action. It is Miss Wages
long enough to prevent too hasty :
action. I believe there are too
many divorces, but I believe they ::
for the ; are caused by hasty marriages,
rather :than quick and easy di- J
smallerwaistline vorces." I .>
I .i-
Boyd homer barber 'Eustis:

"I am not in favor of divorcesof
. ..
.. .":- ,-: any kind. The laws are far too
(' lenient and encourage divorces.of .
: 1: I any kind. The I
laws are far too \ \ \
'..'<' lenient and en- I \ Most lIcit"> "" t; I 1l. fJII-
courage divorces.
Let these pantie girdles cultivate curves t" There should be .
sit ...,. ,. ..
and a tiny waistline for that newest of ; one national divorce \ IIPI

figures-the Figure 8. Made of nylon law gov-
lace lastex with satin lastex front and' erning all of the iaiawr\ rn. WWL. ..r1J.> _
states and the
back. Stay up tops. 4 hose supporters. ground.should
Small, medium, and large 'sizes. -' I be very stringent I 1jfik\.I1 b jJIl11i .. lLA- .. ..
Horner. and awaiting minimum
: period of one year shouldbe / "'rovn4H
1 $7.50. S required before the divorce is v \ v IT" '"
t considered. The acceptable
."\ ..... divorce.grounds should be real causes" for .. .. Jl1 1m LwIC

; * I

CemU-Third floor C. A. Yarboroufh merchant \\ \ ... .. A II .f. .
-1 think that it is a good law. I. ,
However, the w \ (ftfffttf lit.o ....

() 1'. .. waiting could to six be period months movedup ,: -

I"/ YOWEIIOREW without workingany
(,(1 hardship on Sr
anyone. I do not I.

Y limitshould believe the time be

nt Fashion and Quality Store Since 1894 shorter than \ "
that., as it .would \ ; vv \ v a
give time for the Yarborough I
affected married couples to think
over the differences and effect a I
reconciliation if they regret their
Co-ordinates Your Flannels hasty actions. Some couples mightgo
..,.. back together again if they I T2

were forced to take more time fora
divorce." 7
* *
Mrs. Jean Shiver clerk. Winter
Park: .
"1 believe that it is a good law. .
There are some

cases would where probably it I S'c' t !

t help if the time A. (-
-r limit was shorter. :;., ;: ".: -: j
When two people
4a. cannot get along \sSs./
and they make : :-.' :.. :. .
.. .
': up their minds to -, .
i geta divorce . '.,
.5 k f 5 there is no sense _
Mrs. Shiver in dragging it I
out. They should be able to get it _
over with in a hurry so they can i
start rebuilding their lives again. I A Joselli Suit and matching topcoat _
Divorce is not. good but it should . the smartest couple anywhere. -_ :
not be made worse by more
rigid laws." I Made of Milliken's 100% wool covert.

L ,* * Quality lined with Earl-glo. In
Miss Anna Lee Reynolds clerk Brown Forest Green, and Wine. Sizes
Sanford: 'I 12 to 16.SUIT.
"I think the time limit should I .
be shorter.Whena
couple can not S E!

live happily together $35 COAT $35 ,
then they :<
should be able to -. __
fyy get a divorce and -
not be held up bya r.1r" !
lot of laws that
will not benefit. .. ,.
; :
anybody. If they; X.1.. #. -
rr ' -
divorces ; . ; '-' ; I
can get .5 :; : ' '
in a hurry, a lot Miss Reynolds
of bitterness will be avoided and i B. : :
\ :
both parties will be better off. t S LS
A dress up suit . young, new, :<-s __ _
trend-setting-the cutaway jacket -

i that hugs the hipline, new length I
skirt. Made of wool Pacific crepe in

IF TOES ITCHiEIEISA I Black, Mint Green, and Powder Blue. ,
Sizes 10 to

51ill Cracks,Gets Rei BITlIs '$39.75

"' -

'c. .

:- ,.

S S |-n.m boh* acts prwnptly to re C.The

S R.T. xcrvdatiag pain .. Itch... I little rounded suit with bib front : .,-
2-ft kills .n riYI of Hi*F-si wMchswDr i
. such a tiny Peter Pan collar . .
AH l. .'. Feet l
t "-
caw OIl c* 8.
y tact. 3-tt ....,,.. the hot, exec cuffs on sleeves. Made of 100% wool
sk. pcnpirtrtU* .. which AtU.f.'. gabardine in Grey, Brown, and Black.
$4''J' CAS r... hel ...... eN tints 4-* On, it gives you this year's tiny indented -

ADYE1TiSED INLii "....... Iwclbif. .f rww, crackttf waistline. Sizes 12 to 18.
........ *r **sffr skill bttwcca tea $45.00'YOWELL
J tt.d .a tile reset
: .
The realm Neu-n-liaIm is r3 eject rein IS.
relieving Athlete's Foot is that is -
gets at the seat of the trouble by hll*t ..
IIA'-' JIJr M FIVE of the common fungi .* I
+ toUft These highly infectious plant I[
molds and parasites grow and thrive I .. .
';. '!( "- )
on hot perspiring feet. So here, too, : : ."
Neunbaim is tftttivt in helping keep : 'jt: .- 1 _
down excessive penpmuoo. Further I
its soothing analgesic ingredients .
Tt work FAST to relieve)pain and itching.H.Ips ...

Ml_ I aMelta s** aad Cued Against I4nftcH IraI | ." ,-.J..htr''
Foallltaewty dyed'M tab with N cabals M
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OOT r.N.i ON contact .60. S
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-. - 1 _. _> _..," ,J. -----. - ._ ___ _.-----'- -C'.a.. .- .:;

Group Title: Orlando Morning Sentinal
Title: Orlando Morning Sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: Orlando Morning Sentinel
Uniform Title: Orlando Morning Sentinel
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando, Fla.
Publication Date: August 19, 1947
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00079944
Volume ID: VID00281
Source Institution: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Holding Location: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 2734467
alephbibnum - 002075053

Full Text
-- :- ; ,$ --.'- .- -' --- - "" -: :"" .
J. :" "" c : -i .- ; ---7.-; --f 1 ;. :,
Y-- .

s roti$ t te =


Tar a Privilege to Live in Central Florida-The _World's Most Beautiful Place for Abundant Living t tiiIMI

* * ORLANDO. FLORIDA.TUESDAY. AUGUST 19. 1947 / O . :" l.

Daytona Bond Issue Higher Prices' Florida Vi [eDeathi ; ,

Of: $1350,000" Asked Seen Citrus Canning in Late I Toll 11 in T iree" Day

t: i -
......... ww... UvfM. With Ntro Art Ousted

,... ".. rol&WIUs'S. C [AP] Sheriff Ray Cahoon said yester- Wholesale Juice Many Glorious Returns of the Day! Four Drowning t :

$*. tt&** ft freup of 369 or more white men had ordered six

iMBir. | rfctt4 mfeiutf with a Nero to leave town. He said Market Strong

"...OM: I 4M rem tfttfetolifif' the wile of one, had left. Prospects for a late starts Cases Listed

of law white folks from ,
1 |f 'l IINW any preventing in the Florida citrus canning}
.. legdr! big s ds kaswt : / A

.. .. i -- _1 INM Isusrla offs Ufht of TjrmO, which raisedP1.000 industry daily grow more;
I 74y
".it 0' oMe, .aa"rg. uu.e1 from Negroes to purchase probable, fruit me nsaid yes Three Shooting

1-. .***..** lens wk* toad vhfch wu refold to Negro terday.In .

; !_ewd+5_ _- "!)tel. uw i fannm.H addition to the scattered

........................................... .., bloom situation and the anticipated -I Two Victims
k shorter orange crop, canners t

OM1HCN TWO ADULTS STRICKEN claim that growers plan to hold Die in TrctiicTM

.__.___1-----, !i fruit on the trees as long as pos- I t .- s.e SI5iV'IoleM

lIitliIWMt Polio/ Cases i Idaho Fights Disease I 1ee .ts of ...
BOISE. Idaho [AP] Medical .
day Y4W. ..
resources of Idaho and the National petted Is ..

:==-sMItit Foundation for Infantile at tMtt II "JJtJJ" ae sled

= t 'AWft Epidemic Stage'; night Paralysis to fight were an mobilized outbreak last of is I / 'L ;:::2 parts d a .... ItiI ......

e the disease which officials say \ and a ntrl4a... -... 5..t .. $

S.ts Ordered Closedi4.MftTON / i has tions reached in :southwestern epidemic Idaho.propor- -v---S ire tel

TM 41.M .. =45rlar -

Dot |UP) Thtrty- even cases of I infan- sible with the expectation of higher ....... ... et5.vdtls ...jtbeoliap

... paiFt**ni were ported In Delaware yesterday ahd prices in the late Fall.. It.+s1 I.- teetseR ..... -

tip ....1I l termed the outbreak 'Veil above" the Low prices for citrus Jokes on At st1MM lA tab .......

ff'h! 1f'M etsle.1e the retail shelves are being reflected Motet -
in heavy sales throughout : TM _.tljnh a5WIWa .*.
******** r.swuatratknn of polio cases was in Wil-
the nation."Housewives bWI.
h+tte4 where the Part Commia- .
1 alee rdr4 rave public swimming are taking advantage t..s1 tlastl i = .,

UiWc Ctimcilby posts operated br the city closed. of the attractive prices, to I Miami two4i s1We 41rir.atieweb ,

0 I W\1m1Aftolf. YMCA and YWCA accummulate household stocks agree sM assts -

M.rttr t8uaH1&tll1 closed their pool citrus men claim.Meanwh11e Sf? sM .. __ it -.

..Usmtarny to a concerted effort the. wholesale Juice of beet bMeitw ..., .. ...

I II to NIt 1M outbreak.FUtera markets continue strong and mastic .u. = .. tilt

3 u'4_ :T" Cobb ehlldim stricken with] prices remained firm. a u5wd.d -a. Set

UW disease art from the WUmlnj Orange Juice was bringing from AifrU n lbN15 .-..

at I t 0f t fly CootoUd ton West End district where polio $k10 to $lay In No. 2 cans and the ha yrn ... .-.

.. Pd U apptt4 1 h the' from $2.65 to $2.70 in 46-ounce
PtniMi open) sewers In the areas t tettla5 !SS

ftff Mi Jk JpftUi refereoI "prmnt youfctsters' from wading., cans.Blended I The ft+5ttesa .....,

.. I .. Juice was in strong ii.I .w" bhrtM. ..ISSr
d ,. mean ai Tkt SI ease, all but two 0' :
demand with No. 2s bringing 7110 .. -- ---- i
-I uvtag of .104,940S"jrs tuna (MUrrn. an the hlrhest
from IS to $1 and 4-omnce
? tell ..mtor to the hisUry tl the wet! we u es alwse 41.Evb.
t. from $%.11 to $%.t5. (See Editorial Page 6)
.4ts rr541 fd err CwSsl t tl rww. Stars. 0.1... aaUU 'Tb previous pa H .

ssit-1 l Mir* *.**.*** .4 trsett$, 141 was H rate la 1941. Grapefruit demand was growing I 1 aua. '" ""I.
with, No. 2s bringing from 65 to ac'T ... .. ... .sr. a
: :; .err .ea
fl i 4 .. g.e ,$, '........ .. thee several days ago city health / Ae .
: .70 cents and 46-ounce from ,,.,.. .MltMr
... tf
4 IN OfT. rrictatt appealed to the ,Nation

......... ...., ..beM foundation for Infantile Paralysis to $1.70. tstsfM 111th.

.MI *e04 M alrot .. t dt.. Re arth for aid when It appeared .etge t

MlilJlf1! ... lit IN ...... .. eel the number of cases was rising Troops Guard 10 Boy Scouts I Vandals Destroy 1 Marshall PeacePlan.'Endorsed .kMa... t51r.$ --fj+

I Ihi Th foundation sent Dr. Robert
Cross \ +
wounded aer
t ,e.* frtelis Ward New York University b&cJ, *
i rMt
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