*t ruann filth fIN par
-. .....* I3$ rtentfhrU.. an4 tne. .8ft."'" veteran. I i! here. Park program. I> I *.*(__ J I I S J D.5.,_.It 4/ J 1 I Remodeled s Mite so ahoot at and the h.4-
J I' R e<*.M 4 I 1 I 4 W.ltk..JII. 4 1 I J' S .
..... tsiplr a4)eb .4MI eakWr.iottode. "We're playing six home games j i Bewitch running with her Calumet Cards Capture HiwllfTwtor. .. 4. S I I Y..M t 5 5 J J eat httton hUb uv I* M

i ar .traa --- Getrfil lieaa W Mason Leeper. Oaines- this Fall because we want to get ;1 i stablemate Whirlsome. was 1J: .. 4551 I aN4.4... 15555'tan. BOSTON rAP Front row pew- there to two ..... ttwe .v tftodtnt

....$ ....... .. mistsdm ......... h.res Avtm Origgers of 'Central Florida football fans acclimated to 2 favorite and picked up $16.700 I I 1, ':- : : : 1 S : holders wont have to "look up ..r...u phvws hf Of saw,
1.. .. .. asta... t1111tm .. to the type of footballwe >, for She victory. Augustus and (11AM.1'.11 hill" any more to watch ball games them haw to lit at to ....
gtt11 .Madf4 ,
piteMnc honors go Nahm's Loujac half .r,., I .
w It .. ..,.r t.ltof Unaiisig. iMldeauJbr is a M 1 hitter to were playing just before war length ahead was of second Norman W.a Fifth in Row i.1 i.......' . S5555i at While Braves the Field. too.birdie If .they but aM putty Wir eyes an IMIM 411
interrupted athletics. And I ----- ----- Tnbe. in the national
ire fw.lw ""- .ia wi>er we Church's May reward. i I II T*.l S3 1 .%1 tit Toot" 211 6 27 Itttnrk Will .be stet d the ( .
lead MiL
realize that we weren't in a posi-1 i .... since Sunday. Is on its pres- green
... I -- mt for
llreth.lI .1 Utka, NkBer. ..vtfkUer with a JM lion to do that last year since we I I Bewitch's time of 1:05 for the I saaM fur L4e- III dt.la i cut Western Journey, GroundsKeeper BmTaUly diuan. 'M .......
,1s ....... tow a ail* a* !*. ttttty .... |;i i were just starting out from I\1 five and one-half furlongs was ST. LOUIS IAPJ Those rejuvenated e-tutted far *tor MB and left at plats. ...*. i Al Oliver and a force of hacked .. I. .well, ...

hWlYI.=... rasa trlsh gr reat4el aM retinas wHl be someBm scratch after the war," he added. 't only four-fifths of a second off the : their st. Louis Redbirds continued B'.Irs..aught- __ _fteiBni_ for_third__ lie MBrankln Ill Ma-! I 130 men are cutting away the built wu *n the *..*.. ear .......

t2aer ..... asugswa m 1M nra that Saint Augustine The Tars last year > four of !, track record. j I winning ways last night as I Ckir: is* '** M*-i ', up diamond and resodding nearly. day ntornlg. fee a ....pass ...
7 i won
they .
: t The Calumet I grabbed a 4-to-3 10-inning '' : Waltkas X. Unas batted la: Rabin*
entry paid $3.00.
.asrs Istr ...... ... Aa4en Is a rather talented !their seven regular season games : decision from the Polder. i."fnI.. Two .bu MMW slier. Juniti I 1 the entire playing field. t and rammed heat M
..... ...........'a '. tal4 4lwt14 .... ; and then dropped a decision to i $2.20 and $2.20. Loujac] returned Philadelphia ,!i! .. IHItauiKlra. -=. Wilker.. Dw64 I, A level field, with the pitching .ral.h& "' ..... *.. .f retie ea

t a e ; Delaware's unbeaten Blue Hens I paid$3.80$4.40 and for$3.20.show.and May reward j vie-I (| plv-R....11a KMM.It. funky Cki......and.. BOMe-a. balk Left:0.Ltd tars S.: I I mound the only elevated spot win' par 2 ....ts. He 4M MO Mn11 r
3 .... -.n. in the Cigar Bowl at Tampa New'Yur'a I I Kw I. Tutor 3. MrlkMMf.: I. stew WMM. The I >
wWUntlal barricade With winning run came when
the Bewitch's victory the i Hitsiff Lad 6 to T Inolno: Vnk 1 U J. BHky Officiate Mid that .ers tat
.. 4ua..a iw..lrtLits. Day. Calumet Farm's total Red Schoendienst singled and i pltrlHT. by lima Snider Wild .Itdl: Tarlm. i home-still In first place, we
I Ir I I winnings for : half the AeU of 111 n... .. .
The schedule: iMlni yitHwr: Lsd* I'BRim: Jorda Barr '[ trust, said General Manager John .
.,Ate si11M ..lyArsd le es ......... task: U was hard to put Oct. 4Uninrsitof Richmond the year are expected to exceed the scored all the.way. from.first when i; Sad 3..see+. T...: 2:12.AllStar Quinn. the. first rMBd. ef B> ;N.tar .....

.r .... ea ...... trHilY fieslsai .r dog of mognlced and out i[here. record for one stable set in 1944' jonn vvyrostet iuinoleuterry : -Quinn explained that over the ifylg test Wttafaeetty ...... ton

.... k'ri tgiat = fee .... *4 Ih*.|eta pooHkca. Sclectkn of Oct. 11-University of Georgia. Calumet In 1944. Warren Wright's : Moore's single to right field. I course of years the "turtle-backed hand. moan her' ....Jf

.. .... .mm.w pMa. wfi ft fyvwHtfl., nOv vvr, xWctioo of \Savannah branch here. racers the Calumet won 601660. This Game infield with its crest at the pitch tfrom the sti.tiutd Asa tLode.

ae, 8. ;-t wlwstt MS* cop .... ep to stem because there'soxi Oct. University of Miami speedsters season.1 Grace I er's mound has become 18 inches I .
ready picked about
.. .. .. up $ LenczykMedalist Lew Wi.... the
J1M w tds64r of Ml* led*ef. Miami. I higher than the outfield or the

*.* %*'* o....,*. tb..4r ttMivwHi was nidere4 a I Oct Z4-Presbyterisn College, area between the base lines and ,. Is here frsgt hs AM

WIt 0.*.!* *f Hs..b te smiting tk* *qa U together Clinton.Nov. Stetson 8. C. University,here. } Riggs Opens !In Plans Mapped I the stands." tunf I Porky* 1 over Oliver..aid..... tllebW......

aaausptirs shat the .
Mf! wU a.r like to Nor. 7 I INor. the Smith African wit pwt ttl
eN ..*. .... *4r$. .. la. plat AM ,..11 have to 15-Open.Murray State Teachers Western Open f CHICAGO TAP Baseball officials : Bromwich Quits his Amenc stajr t* atrtstsa

.M4. ponds 1s .ww. ........ College, here. I: I here. Ottver s4. L.c..e Sw
met yesterday to outline
Nor. 23-Otterbein College,here. I! Title Defense !i ATLANTA TAP] Grace Lenczyk.a rules for the annual all-star baseball .;London Tourney third pINe m the effu. ..

Nor. 28-Ohio Wesleyan University iI smooth-stroking youngster from game to be played in Wrigley I LONDON [TAP John Brom1rlch"i I hole scans of IN.Oliver. .
Slaughter Wrests National here.Boudreau. Newington, Conn. showed rMMr-489 u
Loop I way Field July 8. and came up with i Australia's No. 1 net star withdrew year at PuUlMi. Ore 3*
to the
top women golfers nearly the same set of rules that .
FOREST HU.r.S.: N. Y. TAP] without explanation from the
i i i, maret who Is a !....
here yesterday for medalist
Bobby Riggs, the defending honorsin has covered previous contests. singles of the London Grass Courts i low pro and knows the mmmmW*.
Lead the women's
From Western
fatting Open golf
Harry Walke Paces Starting players being named
Tennis Championships late ,,
champion; swung into action yes- I tournament with one-over-par 77. I by the fans in nationwide balloting | after beating India'sGhaus yesterday ,! NrnL than at ,.. ere tIR ...
... "*. f fAP J With IM SI Lwm Cardinals finally terday the opening round of the j Miss Lenczk whose previous I will remain in the game at I Mohammed. 6-1. 6-3, in i chokes. assent she (1at1. Ilk
National Professional claim to fame was a first-round least three innings the officials ,
Lawn Ten-
!wagt-f" .. .-- iu ui..r awsl, ..'. Wit natural that j i 'I first round play. --- -- -
nis Championships and easily' victory over Mrs. Babe Didrikson decided. After three innings the 1
8 .. .:...:ue tier led ...' .I.* fi W Has AL Swatsmen Bob Falkenburg of Los Angeles I
P .. taken over eliminated his first round opponent :, Zaharias in the National Open managers-Eddie Dyer of St Louis defeated W. Skoneckl of Poland. DUTCH-LAP
... iyew teutsm halt wtHi a 319 average. Igor de Nissoff Stratford last year had a one-stroke advan- : for the National League and Joe 16-3, 6-0. in the first round of
o tits Jar | Conn in straight sets. 6-1, -1. i tage over defending Western Cronin of Boston for the American the
M a ...w t !! a heme DlateSCHENlEY CHICAGO rAP] Lou Boudreau.Clnelt.nd' regarded as a Asbestos
en1 -,. ..... -- MIlM t 6-2. i champion Louise Suggs of Lithia '' League-may after the lineup at dress rehearsal for next week's RHfIIc
; manager Another former Californian Springs Ga.. and three other'their discretion. '
40. '""'r Wimbledon meet. ASBESTOS! 5f Iii
fpm 1tMt1/1 tsad ....... far this backed Into the lead in shortstop'l fifth-seeded favorites. : Only the starting !
M Van players pitchers
season.M Welby Horn who I -
The four
,. ... j American ASPHALT
.. .. .. women en rfHTfA4..Alr
... ... lean League batting
i Tied for
/ adfatri a ""q"nrbtte&'N.. good played alongside Riggs when they second place at 78 were excepted. are being named by tries-Margaret Osborne. Louise
.adaN d .... veek. i' captured the pro doubles title last Suggs. Polly Riley of Fort Worth, the poll. Other players on the 25 I OITTE8aM
> Brough. Doris
asp .....t place, nine Hart and Mrs.i .
In statistics through Sunday's
... ...... bfiay I year, defeated Harry Kenney with'the Trans-Mississippi champion; Bet- man squads will be named by the Patricia Todd-all won their DOWN 1t"M"r.L .
arist..Mad .f Bo ton Bob games Boudreau was hitting at a i i first
.. .5 thin Alttlfltd teat 1 same straight set scores. ty Jameson of San Antonio 8fld managers with approval of the I!, round matches without
"" .". ... .... -.a. Aga at ,>1Mt .330 pace-a drop of six points I Elwood Cooke of New York, : Dot Kirby. Atlanta. league presidents. j'la I set Miss Hart who dropping had T.
,, I from the last mark that gave him '> of the Pitchers will be limited to three not JERNI8AHRo
-..- -- ".., ** I making his initial appearance'with Patty Berg Minneapolis, played on grass before this
........ ..... CIwt.-.. tktcKM e.et4a44/. a tie with Joe DiMaggio of New'I the play-for-pay boys, set the National Open champion. Jired a innings of work except that if the |1 I i was within a point of losing season the I ... !Meet Metal
York for the lead last week. Dur- by moving into the third 79 over the Capital Cit course game goes into extra innings the
tw 1ts1 .K tri Hie OAI pace j first set against Mrs. N. W Blair 'tI Alexander'
i I
.- ..4t 41ta11C *l | .tftl ID-. bag this week, however. DiMaegio ''hound with a 6-2. 6-4. 6-2 triumph after having trouble on the greens. ninth inning pitcher may be used !!t of England but came back to win TeiNEtfHHTIHB 115

s .... .... ... a 4u4ft .*Q 1C had slipped 23 points to fifth' over George Hudson. She required 40 putts. Jo Anne as long as the team managers de- j j! easily. S--6, 6-1. :

I..... ....4 .as..e. ....ty 50to .sa.I. Wadd at t prate.George. In the foreign draw top-seeded Whitaker, Bartow, Fla. carded an sires. '1----- -- --
t .. 459 At 4 es hi 'tIr'fWft' ass McQuinn. Yankee first i, George Lyttleton-Rogers, former i 87. ,. The National League will serve -------

bws 4 .f'- = ..... 4bi411 .lsa9 islet III at pc::b: tR baseman who held the lead twoweeks !I Irish Davis Cupper and second- ]!! A field of 110 was entered with as host team. The National League 1{I
,talent ... .'* sad ago but slipped to fourth'seeded Estaben Reyes, Mexico the top 32 forming the championship I:' ball will be used. Two umpires '
pawlerr/ .1 place last week, boosted his mark ( City were eliminated. Rogers flight. Match play in all from each league will be assigned '

i. .M .o.wle.> tlptisl I 13 points to claim second place ,. bowed to Bill Crosby in straight flights begins today, with 18 holes by Baseball Com. A. B. "Happy"
:' Iil.Si M the with a 348 average. Stan Spence : !sets 6-4. 6-2, 6-2. while Reyes ;; in each round except the championship Chandler. I PflINCJj
'I' I.MC. 'n *.ek of Washington held third place defaulted to Roger Stubbs Miami I final which is set for The game will start at 1:30 pjn.
.2 bask Ou with a .338 total and George Kell I, Fla., in a second round match. Saturday over 36 holes. [Central Daylight Time. If

.. .. : 'It.c1I .. af rut L of Detroit was fourth with 337. {i weather should force a postponement ends the up-and-down *
'" ... Y Ywp1/16 Cempietlng tbe top ten were: the game would start at 1 { temperatures yo get (* *
,- \ ..'HI- ffltrd -- Sara Mel*. Boston .321: Luke Williams Leads All-Star Poll p.m. COT on Jul19. Tickets for : conventional thermostattcolIy r AppUni Chingo.314; Pat Mnl- the game have been sold but decision n.gs
M totIMr M w.! ala.."." '
-- : .
tin Detroit. J1C Jeff Heath St.I made
laid ManHall af ..'.. Tort J1C, ; Wash-' CHICAGO [TAP Ted Williams, !f ler. New Tork. 35.864: Blnks. Philadelphia. yesterday to offer'standing ,

# trnt. f.rtaii ef Phttadetehla, ..21J.t. Leak! ,11': Buddyts. Newtits' the star of last year's All-Star I 113.273.. : Wakefleld.. 4.105: Phllley Detroit.Cb csEo.13.052 3.486.: Heatn. room. i

1 TMMBllotom .f Boston. '. baseball show but a disappointment !1 I Centerfleld DiUatfto. New Tork. ;
j in the World Series 63.104. Spence. Washlntton. 32.729: Me- I Hen's
is stilla Dial 2-3743
Ted Williams of Boston replaced korich. Clerelaod. 12.658.: Lebner. St.
!diet hit a.. haws. daring Charier Keller of New York as darling of the fans. Louis. 10.736: D. DiMitflo. Boston. 10.427
Its* **.l ltotal..... .... "esga. leading scorer with 41 runs. Keller In the All-Star classic last year !,1 Tucker.1.782. Chicato. 3.SM. Even. Detroit. I

Data. to IT ..Mrt.. In.tl4Marlr retained leadership In the home Williams hit two home runs, two j Catcher Rosar. Philadelphia. 50.642: A. !j EST.19/S 1CONTRACTORS t
... H five behind run department with 13 and runs singles and drew a walk In five : Robinson. New York. 32.787: Bet an. CJe.,,- I i
land. 19.034: Tebbetts. Boston 14963:
A.be Aalh'i tfe.rd ItU pare. batted in with 36. trips to the plate. Perhaps with Early. St. Louis. 7672: Swift Detroit !
.t... ...u.... to find with 11p's. McQuinn was new leader In total this in mind the fans balloting to 9.106: Wagner Detroit. 4.854. S E OCR FIXTURE DISPLAY tXCWS'

s wand tad 4. ran. batted. hits with IS, replacing DiMaggio. pick the starting lineups for this I NATIONAL LEAGUE I tl. MILLS ST. COLOMALTOWN I' SF ,

t ti I*. and Mullin continued to season's contest, have installedthe ', First[ Batt--Snce. New Tork. 57.627: MoslaU !1 ctQ' 7
r-fcft* 9omheU ef CioetnnaUrsg Pace the double-hitters with 17. lanky Boston outfielder as the 16.852 St. Louis. 19351. Haas.. Cincinnati. i.
; Torceson. Boston. 16 481. Oreenberf. -
13 'JAI plate tn the total Paul Lehner of St. Louis. Dave leading vote-getter of either, Pittsburgh. 10.064: i. Robinson.i i i
[ "i rU..fit'tttM with M and PhHley of Chicago' and Tommy league. !i Brooklyn. 8.253: Wattt_ Chicago. "408.I .
Second Base Philadelphia. $30.00 .
I -Verban. 44.
'aefit UW d.iibs eadenbip with Henrtch of New York had five'' The latest tabulation of votes. 372: Stanky. Brooklyn. 37.417: Srhoendlenst scc i
i Drt hit ass .f rtito4elphia. Eachr triples.In I Williams has been selected on St. tone 31.483: Ryan. Boston. utcx a
P. -... to <4 t...bsgger. Walter the pitching department the 65418 ballots to replace Joe Di- 9208.;Cincinnati.D. Johnson.5.724.Chicago. 6446; Zientsra. I f You can now exterminate Q Np,1AEpt

: r s-s t- Ia4' rlraee f"hal'01' ef Brook.4W Yankees' freshman Frank Shea. Maggio of New York as the indi- Third Base-KorowskL St. roots 34.194: t:
4end u htr 1ft Bed wit h lost one game during the week ;,I Is vidual leader. DiMaggio has re- R. Elliott.. 25.394 Boston.: Back.32063 Cbk.:,.Oustlne.. 16527:Pittsbore. RiI-- I the termites in your: house tI i iI

: t 4t trtpea aN Jarfete Rebtaltln'saeil but still was listed as top hurler ceived 63404 votes. ney. New York. 10,618: Batton. Cincinnati. I or building at the low cost I
..... faun Mickey Vernon of 8423: Jornnsen. Brooklyn 7.80i of ANTICIPATING
ref Brooklyn with a 7.2 mach Bobby Feller of >! Washington Shortstop Miller. Cincinnati. 4795S; $30. :
i a. 1 _.4 tt tee* Cleveland was unmatched with his slipped ahead of Rudy York new- : ...rio... SI Z-'". 34.473, Kerr. New Tort I No THERMOSTAT
25846: Reese. Brooklyn. 20,958! WenUo.Chk. :alterpriceLow large the
ly ; or IIIWJ.
tfe acquired by the Chicago White
*tntemt rM ftedt Qtwtotwet 17 strikeouts. | .,.. '.all.. I si ns .
''as' ) .M,%..f. MI tn front Sox. as second choice in the ; Right Fieltf-D. Walker, Brooklyn. 42v Mattn4l labor and
C ta.t41ts>trt to N tor Brooklyn Gain Zone American League balloting for.261: .Marshall.Cincinnati.New 25.752 Tort.: Bolmes.34494: Boston.Baumholtx. I i keep, incblded. ruaraneed vp.I
Yugoslavs II
1.1.. lrraaes first base. Neither Is in a positionto ,
AJtbwch IUac'kc 18.417: Nicholson. Chlcsio. 11 84; Nortaey. -
I hit UM >-f wall and to l Davis Cup Finals threaten the leader. George Mc- ', St. Loois. 2.836. ,I PAY NO MORE tta, .xcI./ ... 4.1...,. c......... ern? r.. rL
Louis. 61.738 _
Left Reid St. w
i : .0tIf. 8SwpMatw6 -,.' M
-ttI. It.. j Quinn of New York however. .
yMdviAff 'M t CaTarretta. CnirafO. 28.592: Kiner. Plttsbanh. o- 'flab
I 6t .
ZAGREB (API Yugoslavia yesterday + i We C T r Florida-Cm Writ.IJOYTE 'inert'wiflw, .. _
I M 6 .
;I't r ..... .f PMiatfelphU 'I' The standings: 22 174: Cnnis. Philadelphia. 18.637; I 1111 ... .........
IRfYtiel. .. ..
a Ifii 3p. tau conquered South Africa. AMERICA LEAGUE Knrillo. Brooklyn. 3948i TM pt a"Mii2 b'1or
: sea euttt 6mhrt 411
and rod i it.r. I rn.+
one.M First B&H-McQu1DIL New York 55.407: Center Field-N. Philadelphia. etwyw r..
and ad- C4eMwM
to two SS
matches ,
if tom. ew un ...atMd Turs. three : Vernoa. Wasbincton. 29.184: Tork. Chtraco. 49.442. Reiser. Brooklyn. 32.316: ThtN.eoaNew i IorariSrlely few ire ..
sheer h* war Nt vanced' to the final round of the I; 28.956. Fain. Philadelphia 10.214: : York. 24.98: Pafko. ChicafO, 19.254: i -.uief Mw tt.py ah sty
., en the
.. European Zone Davis Cup com i Cuilfnbtme Detroit. tv378; Jones, Baton Moore, St. Loois. 5.697; Bopp Boston. I II i I
Sl 1* *? '**** ** 8tn 4.115.. 3405.
#fit! I .*.l. Jwt bii br Rose petition. The Yugoslavs will meet I Second Base-Gordon, Cleveland 53.583: 1 Catcher-Cooper. New Tork. 53,993: Edwards. -
..*. earn Czechoslovakia in an all-Slavs !Doerr. Boston. 28.204: Stirnweisa. Ken Brooklyn. 27J41.: Maat_ Boston. EXTERMINATING CO. '
to t. '
SUIHU warren I York 28.096: Priddy Washincton. 15.377 23J36: Lamanmo. Cinclnnaa 126O4 Hooded DooiHERM
; PPSM II botan. the hs led for be t- f-ftve series for the Euro* Michaels.. Chtrato. 4.713: Bersrdino. St.: SchelTln Chicsto. 1J7S. SenunJct. and laivretl ::LCFU[
vestal' .eel's' s4 ... back t peas title next month.HEAVYWEIGHT Lasts 3.346: Kolloway. Chlcaa. 3.114. '!deipiuai. 4.732: McCttUoatb CbJcai I'1Il1a-1 Phone 9532 221 S. Main st.JACKSON'S NACES
YS Peg I Third Base-Kelt Detroit. ...258; W. KUnttx. PltUbunb.,1.504. I '
fcf p tw* !*. **rt ocu dating I Johnson. New Tork. 35.562: DUUnfer. Si. '
MM .*** He t* UM tint 19-game FIGHT SET Louis 23.706; Keltaer. Clereiand 15.143 I oat IN AND fit iseMFALKNERSS.INCOR'PORATEI
..., to th* maters wtth hu 10-2 PHILADELPHIA API] Bill ,i PhiL Baker.1.093Shomto Chic.. ... 11.334: Uajeski Philadel l Af"I

.0. .... retard' i Chicken Thompson and Wylie Bondreao. ClereUnd. S8.S43: SPORT SHOP<< I II
Burns Philadelphia heavyweights Appliat Chlcaco. 30.114: Pesky. Boston. .
21.762; Rraato. Hew York 1L338, SUo j 2S L Oorch St. "StonewalT Joclsoa
bare been signed for a June 23 phens. St. lads 6.947 OWMT rltoM 7044
51,1 tam Ia IN late Ikh Ooturr.' Peter t ght-round bout. The winner will RUM Field-sfnllin. Detroit. 39.066: I 20% DISCOUNT coPUtt
tit ffit tp fII! ?-....g.,tyx ..., .. ..m, .eat t* Englandta meet Billy Fox another PhiladeKphian. Lewis York, I3JJ58.Washincton.Kennedy.31.297' Chfarato Henrfch.21.643 New REPAIR ,, 10% .DISCOUNT0 I II

,. ,- lL.tJ7 u4 .t H ahq+rartU to learn la a late 1947 outdoor Peck. OtTeUmd. 13.107; MeJe. Baton On AD Wilson *- :Rode AD Standard :
"t .. "" .kc<< J --.-.-: ...' it ltd taq. match. '''Leftfield 21. -WQliaau. Boston. M.31; Kd- I Sporting Goods aA4 ..., Bicycles I I I .

: ;T f Ir.wa ..... .... .

f 9

-E k .II

1 c.- -- r___ __ .". _. _., -- .... .... -- o




>tyiapfc. Group Definition Grapples, '52 Bids WithlMt.ur Pirates Trim I Senators ; Meet Here Toniahk :1 t

(tt. a itM,...J4T1 I t A cwwitms ts..t had struggled forreport 1947. .. flf .1
q- .t .... Tuesday: June 17 fflrlatiftit fitarttittd ftmtfaa .iiii 't
-. wen ......Made its Leesburg lakes I t *!
ta -
r =
.u.nt bat k fI
.... werk .last Rahby the t Playgrounds.jOpen I -
f> r r tl I
"'4. '''' -' ( H.e4Al tats sttrndtr4, Mae meetings of the I I I Semi-pro Player I Gw Grirf MltOpm

.... c-.UH. 353 Eleven CrewsI Saints Club /I's
's a4-. .. r1.... ._-_. 8-3 Decision 1 ;
I -- 4.-...... ad ..lr KJT ill..... ; Shines in Queer ; 21,11t
I ... 'IIf ... ...... I wMMt.1 made a tfeiatted reporter Kids .

wrao.e al jl...... at the eemiof games. RegisterAn Home Run Streak a MNsa l srt. .rrtaw1k .
Is'., ... .> ....d Hyde aggregate total of 353 grade =
; ; .
rhMliMt c.ir would have ROME. Ga. [API Shorty HaD tress tullMrhi. .... t d 1*
t. school
.... -.= oar tttwrt in operation youngsters registered des- third baseman forLindale in the Cer* Ka1 ...- Tl+..edaa...
4 ...... .Kit tMMt this year and that some pite bad weather yesterday as theCity's Northwest Georgia Textile League far NM fcMttatt *wt.....
MM .. 4tipa won!* be used a* floating f5N"to? Of'cn'fe! Morning Se*' "el IJLEESBURG ( eight playgrounds openeda Poughkeepsie I Sunday hit four consecutive Hold FSL Lead 'be ..sr11t WIAM. ..., .

......:. tra1Y, -The Leesburg Pirates special Summer recreational pro- ;; I home runs in four consecutive Ughlg sa1tIM .......... a1.drts. ;

.I a .. r OM W the Mcmt detlsi.ns rapped Southpaw Tommy ,Recreation gram under Dept.direction of the City'' I innings off four different pitchers. .......d tar .* 1.. 'I I

tar.. .- ., 41is !*. .....'dn alit nuke chile Hyde for 14 hits and an 8.3 decision -, City Rec. Supt. C. L. Varner N. Y. API] ,, 1 I r tSpe-id f TO O''-do Mrer. r: WwHDAYTOKA ... J.- tttft ..... -rirri.. 511t ;
His team defeated Tubize i Ida puss ,j.. .....- t4rPVrrl .
heir fa ....'uUa<< the Ute of over the Orlando Senators said Princeton playground with 71 With' the arrival of the Wisconsin I! BEACH The 8MM I
4 ..... Rayon 25 to 4. ...ba .
fe tfM ith title contingent late yesterday, all 11 t t
goat even led in
registrants activity, with
.' sir here last night to draw two games | I i Hall climaxed the day with a + ,. t7W t4ilr11p1t i
11 a1aeuMMt1
..* .t Ih.| M la the I'nitrd Delaney and Grand Ave. vleing for i i colleges which will compete in
!. ahead of Orlando and solidify 1 single to give him five safetiesin tore t o11a .. _.
----- Mt.* bidding atrf'nuellJ.! honors with 69 regis Saturday's renewal of the Pough- i : fir oJ
If ll ..., 1... rfciUArlphU defecation ar- their fourth-place in league stand- trants.runner-up keepsie Regatta were on the scene six trips to the plate and a I hits and an 1-3 victory hef hit lilt t41I aaraN: I"

.... M atrial! rtn4 r r+ler4T t* join those tow. Registration at other playgrounds and ready to buckle down to hard base total of 17. night behind DId HAllMMt _
The two teams
e.tit. ... ''' .....**...ttn. Minneapolis. De- Tinker Field in Orlando meet again at 8:15 at : Colonialtown, 60: Exposition work. steady nine-hit hurling to w..!m. W... To c..,...
..a. l" fTal. s'S. t'"'-. !... Aiurto. and Chirac. Park, 30: Trailer Park 24; Twenty-nine crews are due to tain their auw-...., ftnt-ptew
..... .- MN4 H......... hkh was ta have scheduled p.m. today to with hurl big for the Gene Senators Major Reeves Terrace 18, and Marks St. drill today on the Hudson river, Red Hats TopPalatka,74 position ta Plortd flute League I. Reno 0,... Meet 7Rt1.c

L.s .f 4e. 4t41i11t Ni ttee He .( the eu-tan- 12. scene of the annual rowing classic standings.lalaoder. f' .
: )
Ile 4a/t.ylA. .,sN tie tYN ...... and Jack Baumgarner the Pirates o L'g"
HI C BM* and Sloek- Varner said swimming baseball which will be reviewed after a ntcter Paul OIMB ,
Idf .. "l'
league-leading rm.J" rWo
righthander, the "'1'
t1 ti.l1a art the !.. European el- likely Leesburg hurler. and softball schedules would open ',, six-year wartime lapse. was jested after three toning tar i -f

R'.S..t Tat .., The Senators drew first blood next Monday and that Friday' Taking advantages of good riv- Herb Meadows who lasted fowframes. (o. 11t r

dot The Otyadelecates shovednaMtrrasjjt in the scoring last night but Mgr.\ would be "hobby day" at each er conditions coaches sent their Jack Pinch came on lathe i ...., 'f .. <
elair I... interest to a Detroit playground. Remainder of the'; crews through long four or five- j : eighth to ftoiafe the 5s.f . 1yr
Good's Pirates back ;: 'H ; A '
.. came ,
-- 4tr .. I
-- ;; ; A. ... fcraaliiSM. which atewed plans (orHUM will devoted i IT. AVtUBTHM eAt..A
week be to organizational -> mile workouts I : .
yesterday morningand
___ __ .- a WM activities. .
: : :
.. .... uo.. .. and sew up the game. Irving Boin ti followed up with another stint PALATKA Bill Strfnecke returned (a s I 1..A !, 1. 1lirhtlwit '.. i "' .
MM* a .ir aDd a HrtmmlngMM
;, i later in the day,the busiest on the s : SUTMib 2.mb.la 4
settled to shackle the Orlando offensive to his of the .
job piloting .
ltlll s.lil, ra Ira tfatt e'a' HM. handle crowds ,. Matter 4 1 1 1. nay. r.a. I 1 7aMIAty
with .seven-hit Hudson since June 25, 1941 date DeLand Red Hats with bang last I 1 t 1 l -.u. Ii
... pitching. a -- -- -
wyr allrrd. tales-;: w *Iw t the* .ate JM jam Bath*.world be built Legion Baseball i': of the last race.California's o night engineering his charges to a j =er : ; I 1: a.a.i' "pA.n; .IS '! ; aI .'1"1; .. '

,, ; undefeated Bears 7-4 win over the Azaleas on seven' i It.ih' : .R.a t 14 J ",.-2', 7Lad.M JW'II ill II am
The Detratt nctrrstnUtives.harf Phillies .
figured to be '
: = SignSchoolboy an important factor 4Tltan."s" ,
hits and seven Palatka boots. > !1l f\l e<1 h II
tlwD.ar hy West "artS Jeffries.Md '!lin nal1a., 3 1 :f. Air u dI I
the three-mile grind, attracted Each club sent three hurlers to i 1'1.-' a.a 1': Ii' a..r.....- -,.. sa111r
rs,. a.tgr r1MMtt.the afcw .wauld which provide would an be Ace Season !considerable attention. The Bear the mound with Alonzo. Red Hat r-.ap. I.. ., ead 1 ti-i H a 11
rat. Opens )10. ::1 :
Varsity has yet to match strokes ..
starter, getting credit for the win I leafs-ohaa .... }
--- .... .- .Ills a netdtnttal. district i!' with the strong Eastern eights of and Theobold _____ aat III lea. apart
$ 1141 .. t r7 v lam Ia1ekhannon PHILADELPHIA [UP CUrt i I Johnny being .... peneslt"
: ]Navy, Cornell and Princeton. The charged with the loss. M tttJlir T n. a7; : -.-
Simmons All-America Boys' game, Eight of the 10 Sixth District f a-sea lit 1tsi.e \II raw
< .
j are light averaging ... .
I -
Mario I'S aamow"
I'' Perez was thrown out of IlL .IM I ..!
star of 1945. who became the most American Legion Junior Baseball ;175 pounds, but -- .
I cherished schoolboy pitching prizeof t teams are scheduled to swing into :: l those they impressed the game in the seventh for arguing z.-: *...,. Mtn.-rl. ft--------..i Jw"b .
Stewart Paired On who watched from the shore on a decision by Umpire Tay- I .,... 1. Rn..n t r'- w', *.. a.
Major League scouts this seai i action today in a race for Cen- with their speed. C-.rata. Tor'... w. I..7 II or..1. w., erat.
lor at second !
base.! . ...... .. .
I son yesterday signed a Philadel-t tral Florida honors and a shot Coach Al Ulbrickson and the DUUD I PALATeS Mbas ea" aaple.kl ,.. F t
legion Fight Card Next Week phia Phillies contract. at the State championship. Washington Huskies were on hand at a '' .1 as C ,. .I.I/I I.. tar aeje.w.out-f. ...Left a.m"'A.1',. ea III .
I The 18-year-old southpaw sensation I Four teams are set for play in 1 but their shells and other equipment e1a.lf.d : : 1.qL L,1rrea s' 10s15r..r ;j fie k.e 3. HiiiM C. + -V *, ". .
11 .
from Egypt, Pa.. was paida 1 the Southern zone, with a like i R.a.st 2 1 4 1 1 MradMM J. HiUmm t t Urt .
were delayed in Ir.iuMi. ..
v. Chicago.GMen : = = in i icfimo i I nr 'F
f I. for .
'f" two more bouts on the Amer- "sizeable cash bonus" to pitch I p..1.11 1 2 A sisalNe.ri.e 1 .'
]number of squads poised for action I maws : mM Hn *t n< )
itr -. R. "tt.r r.. .ft Mhedulcd for next Monday was for' Wilmington the Phils inter? i in the Northern zone. One ..1"-:11.: 4 t I I a I s J a.....I5.yS..... l 11"a 1 1 .1 JI ''Wlnn.it mm .iMHlrjthi., beg..""...>...."li "_r :1.. f
.. .. Chin state League farm club which he t team in each zone is idle today. 'I W"oto-II..Jr .le .....id.. 1 1 1 4 at-nr: R I5 It
IU M r -.tn.4bv Dom B rne of the LegionI I ] ... ... :nteam: 1.0.11 uj Caat T"w '
will in Topple ''' .ffA 5 I J ilWdaslr' 11 aT. .< :
join I
I Harrisburg ;1"
'H... i m."tw .*Mt u Mrviag as matchmaker for the today. Southern zone games send Witer 21 I.raeMet a 1Ala. i--
I However, Phillies Pres. Bob Carpenter (Garden to Kissimmee and Larry 1 1 sail.ie .
r-.... 1 1i and General Mgr. Herb I'I (Chubb's Winter Park club against .,......,.... a a 1 I _..... 3 1112 1 "Promoter i To Try For )
i .....i Mid Tray Bohannon. Pennock refused even a hint of!Tom Gannarelli's Saint Cloud 1
Class A CkibsPteyloniohl Maria O ras taffoaat from Win- the bonus amount paid the school- ,,nine.] Orlando is idle. I Sanford 10-7 Total34 mftrr tar; T Doeeol.TI7Rj 'ftItaIo lit a.. :a" 4 L 15 Louis-Baski; Fight

tar Mr. ai Joe Stewart, a 155- !boy, who was propositioned by 10 i In the Northern zone, Mount IkUadratatk m 421! 1--7 NEW YORK I IAPI Lew B 10 !

........ fraca Klainnmee would big league clubs. Dora] goes to Sanford and Eustistravels ,, Saw filii !al-1. who handles moat of the u: .1.:. 14Irisj.i
stoat a i a .....round middle- Two weeks ago. Curt demon- | to Apopka. Leesburg which [Spea: to OfioTCc: Vor :.ng Sentinel] p.trTW... Turn.: tuba.KM. DMHB 711.t.. CMvk.S. Cotter*,..3.hM.vd X involving European boxers: j:, )
..... strated his major league stuff by won their third straight exhibition SANFORD-The Gainesville G- ... Is,,... miliMUBt: Tor late I....: rmt. 20th Century Sporting C' .'J; ..:11j
.rr. ....... .... .
.... 1J5. fanning 11 Phillies in exhibi- > i 1 loMi." Tim hit: Piffle BUM.nm. ..
I Orlando an '
| by dumping Clermont, 11-9, Men registered a 10-7 victory over f: wales tor: p.eeVlea: .&--. ...... i yesterday he would leave ft: '1"
SM. Jaai11 Richard. 136 Orlando. tion game with his high school yesterday, is idle. I the Sanford Celery Feds in a wild v,.., a.salt.. DiaJ'o: 'ha,..if Las... :' land tomorrow and woi d i i r'r-
.... ,, _
nine.The Phillies earned a 4-4 tie. rlolk. IIIId ?P WIt w M : o.I..s o .
i contest with no holds barred here ... __ with Joe Kaksi of Kulprr ;n: 1 s
Meeh e. r 11 Rae w "Ibo: dt A C. ...
., ....... ... ... ledft' Commission :mainly because Simmons' jittery last night. 1 limlmM t. Dnnf1i rt I. SrkutH 2. ftntknit regarding a bout with b. 'I I II ..
....O fli r 1w. recently appointed City teammates made five errors. NCAA Golf Tourney I A Gainesville player was removed : In Alauo .. TbmboM 2. nonflli iT 1H" i I Champion Joe Louis r: .a' :

I tMtet $.%..g (....luI." ..-iIIlD..1 at Dates Are AlteredANN from the contest in the last .off.". A rff!<*: Tkntold n Ul !fa'.3 4".'11I.1_teahw.sRan 1Ban
t Mhtil ':11 ..... trial at Dash Armory Pirates Give of the sixth canto by Mgr. Myrt la 1 1 larva. *.*. How err DonTtmrr June bout.
lt$ to prepare the final draft of the UpOn ARBOR. Mich. [tAPJ) Because i Hoag for using profane language 101 in+3 I. 1 1IIPTflmvr 1 imitiui J Salk 1 .:.n a'..WINTh... Empire: Wls- ----- -

r ..4trrMa ...p ed sew city boxing rode Hank Behrman : : of a record-breaking Individual I to spectators in the stands. ..nn awl Titter [Tijior put Fern out Ia 7tfel. It is estimated: that the U- ..ta
.. lor I and team entry list the nac da.e.. S,4a.
+etltatl.o to the City
tg11 pre
-- Mason Leeper was relieved in States has a minimum n*eti l In!
.. ....... O eniu. Umorrow nornlnf.llonre PITTSBURGH TAP The Pitts- 50th National Collegiate Athletic the second frame after issuing 252.000 tons of natural rubber pt-
.-.iN .. ttd6b Chapman. R, E. Ilin- I Association Golf Championships Ensign Hanover Entered
rr j burgh Pirates yesterday gave upon seven fre ducats and forcing! four year.
es 47,. nand. .Its *... and Jimmy llarrrll are Pitcher Hank Behrman part beginning June 23 on the Univer- runs across the platter with the In Rich Harness Race !9 t
pi.pib.rt of the commission. ,of the.five-player "prize package"obtained sity of Michigan course will be extended ; free tickets.

l .*hs .Kh .tar. in a deal with the Brook- ;; one day with finals June! Mgr. Hoag held the Feds at bay '. WESTBURY. N. Y. TAP1 Jimmy
tsrel M another 29th.
holder of the track recordfor
tape .I+..Irsorb at lyn' Dodgers and returned the j with eight scattered bingles to
OM otlwt four-round prelimi-
..r 4natattrl. ,t1* .Qt6M slim the mile at Roosevelt Raceway. t fr -
righthander to Brooklyn.Behrman's register his fifth State League Vic
n.r? acid atohaoly a battle royal Boxing Bribe Inquiry I and Ensign Hanover' world's' leading -
return under an tory.
sill ..* tat\wtii\ on the card. :' j' money-winning harness horse.
Wdlaasrpsasl agreement made at the time of
Ise ttr.Nt MUjr fQMkrd of Sanford and the deal 'I Hears Carbo Testimony Cowrie shells have been used[ have been entered in the Invita- tz
was announced bY'
-_ ,flan, 8va.e of Orkndo tangle !Pirate' General Mgr. Roy Hamey. j NEW YORK lAP Paul J.. for centuries as money in remote: tional $25,000 National Derb at
m a alavmarf middleweight fight The Pirates will obtain Frankie Carbo. 42yearoldi areas of the globe. the raceways the night of July 3.
a \ .
taM r Klut u a co-main event.HM .-. n -
.! ,., Pfci Orr of Winter Park and ;not! announced but estimated at i i i figure in' the inquiry< into underworld -
Fine 50000. Behrman appeared in 10 influences !in boxing was
ftat Ofmtad of Orlando meet
j joofeatured
Pirate games pitched 24 2/3 innings I questioned for about an hour by
Ib t.. ...... r till sixround gave 33 hits and 17 walks i the Grand Jury yestrrday. It was
Iio dlat. ..... t HhXiHtht crap :and was charged with two losses I' his second appearance before the
Batees!. said the fighters would
.rlrt ... .1 against no wins. i Grand Jury.
,0.. -" ...... work out at t pm. today at Dash The Brooklyn "package" brought j! .
Amory. and that the City BoxingCWMMMton
a.e.a ad talia -
phyaMan would be to the Pirates was said to have Blind Bogie Contest
swstlrtuq Itt1adl1P1. cost in the neighborhood of
$20<1.I .-
.... .erglttaf 0 a welt .a. bead to aamteteter preliminaryMlrmcM .I 000. It also included pitchers, '. Set for Ladies' Day
examiaaUens.. I i iako
MM rtMft stMal. .. mi '
r tm
j i Kirby Higbe and Cal McLish. In-
W t Vaw tea 9t. BlBW* Rapes asked that weight l 'j Ladies Day play at
.b. P fielder Gene
Mauch and Catcher
rWi !............. i etuec masts meet at the Homer HowelL Country Club today will feature
Arwt1 to formulate plans for a Only Higbe blind bogie contests for both nine-
..... ufURf exhibition immediprwe4tef Howell and Mauch remain. Mc- and 18-hole players, as well as
''''t l..boll Game"tIJt .WIT the boxing how, Lish was sent to Albany under low putting contests for both

'1s Fatal LI .isenll. in the activity permits. option groups Pro Denny champagne an-
V __ .___ i i nounced yesterday.
telfl, r ltiltMIe.a Johnny Gee
Plans To
Czechs Lead FrenchIn I TEXAS TOURNEY PLANNED I 3 ?

Davis Cup Play i iPftACMJE Rejoin New York Club SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (AP] A II M

trtre1S$ -- i' SYRACUSE N. Y. [rAP Johnny $3.000 Open Golf tournament for A smart buy 6ca.rdmI
... 1111 rht ksleOa (API J Czechoslovakia t Gee towering southpaw pitcher'! women will be held here Oct. 19-

tit N -. pMM. .tats s} M FVwwe 2-0 in the European' owned by the New York Giants. i 25. M. P. Wilson president of the I
4r .... w rs ew4rtails Sane Dam Cup play armi-finals said yesterday that he isnt suffer- San Antonio Golf Man, announced NEW PRICE ato _
1M lie AItIrMt1M. ....... ay after the first day's playwhw ing from arthritis, and that he is 1'!s erday. HOMPS0IM
.. ar ..It --4 litMS teemed likely to assure the hoping to rejoin the Giants late ,.
v.satl W. tasr. Ca-ch two-man team of a place; this month.

Mra.dIl1i = m tne finals. j I Gee. now teaching and coaching EXPERT a J 1 The pre-war straight fektiw{" QtII'aT' ...
... lit Catcl Mar Jaroslar de- ""'
... r .. at nearby Waterloo. N. Y, is on REPAIRINGCrystals 1,3 gc'AEt ----= '
/llw r a ...... Maw Hat. Prance's Bernard Destre- the voluntary retired list because WATCH 5, 6 and 7 years old.*,
ana la straight sets '.2. 6-0, 6-1. to lit any watch
.. .p=. = fsilld so : he preferred teaching to reporting
lilt lilt .laktoc only 40 minutes but It was >
the weaker Czech No.2 player tirement for Spring period training.expires His June 60-day 28.re- BLOCK'S JEWELRY + 2 Old Thompson is rich aDd f4lH'. "_. r
....... Pt T
Cernik. who upset Ft ance's '
I if..," tat Too Fast _. hy ftghtlnc out a hard-earn- IS West Church Street I j, I 1 32/z e/ of these straight ,"hW..1es..

'tr Simth Starter Gate ed vtetwr over Marcel Bernard. j When Blanchard Had ,

I 12.1.. ..4, 4-6, ....
Notre Dame Rooter
... 111M' Tie !
The same formula that has mar 01
-t lisp.4w1 NOTRE DAME. Ind.-Pete Ash- I 3 tb.;
.. ...... =Mest Midget Auto Racer Dies; baugh will probably always be remembered -
famous is used
__ .d In Track Accident by Felix Blanchard.The \ today,
+- w w- dean at I In- diminutive Ashbaugh whose

rHBEPORT. N. Y. (API TJuke" college career was delayed four- TOYLAND I '
-l S .... tileE IIIIMII& West Hrmpstead. N. Y. and-a-half years while he served "', 4 Old Thompson is sfBeetfwr am --.tJI-I

... Its//' n. lam ........ auto racer, was killed last as a reserve pilot in the Army Air I '
twNa.o son/ pawls It MtM when his vehicle turned Forces was the defending back as it's \YEDaJ aTHE WQOD.

....... sie..K ..... own twice and dragged him along 'Doc Blanchard went' down for a

.... tarn and a .. the. traek at the Freeport Municipal long pass In the shadow of Notre 4 4 I fir
Old is tltnied allis .
( Thompson hf _
n- a1Ia 1NS Ia ab- Stadium before a crowd oft Dame's goal posts in last Fall's 1 SK DwAiTf 5
La '
af.r.lri.gp'; StMO.I memorable scoreless tie at Yankee l R ( 'c.V.rIr-
'z< -- I 'I'M accident occurred within 15 Stadium. Alf FA IIK ; Clenmore'si l Kentucky.

f ttliSeltba ll Games fee of t*e spot where Alvin 1 Running beside the Army full- CGxjLJu aoi>'
,,Ttaffy.. of Mineola N. V. anothermhtfft back, he shouted: "Catch it. Doc! i
Wet Field hurtTuesday 6 Old Thompson now cases to ywi itV a M ....,
[f mud fey auto racer was fatally Catch it! Blanchard caught the i iI I6.ITSa.a, .-.. trelrl.r 1

.' fb i MLICa****** rvlaa .. night.Graziano I j ball but as he did Ashbaugh said: | OLD
W.. :! -Nic, catch. Doc. Too bad you're !
""' M M. ........ out of bounds." .
'- III Li Stops Training KILL HISFLEAS iOMPSOSBlended
f r.=..J To Visit Sick Daughter Hampton Pool AddedTo I II i*;*' .

t ; 1IIIf .n .. ..... Mw ......... NEW. maaacer YORK of(rAP Rocky Irlrlng Graziano.COSMO Rocket Staff Torment Dust ,.:< : ,. BRAND ;I i! ;,1}

_a, It ...... is"7be said .tat night the middleweighteeoateeder CHICAGO [UP] The Chicago will kill the fleas '
parr "- .r. et rtw..tCONDgD had suspended trainingM Rockets,yesterday added Hampton : <..... bed 1 y '
CMeafO for his July 18 title Pool one of professional football's on your dog in pfHCY fl 'I
fteht with Tony Zale to rush to greatest ends, to their coaching 30 secondS-if it fails it // M, ,
*I.. tM bedside of his daughter, who staff. ,
7 WillS underwent. an operation here yes- The acquisition of Pool as end is free! Harmless to the 11'i.

4. coach was announced by Jim :
araR7nM1. .i.4Rdna &<< dog.
" OrazUno was scheduled to fightJerry Crowley. head Rocket coach. Pool flat7wtubV tJ
ItlA 1l SHOP norelto' in Toledo Monday. was assistant coach last season 1 Ib. box $1.00 T

r .t ........ rrt ... :with the .Miami Seahawks of the V lb. box _..30c
ha4i11 1... .... ;All-America conference.
752 Enroll for Summer j I. Sold by Feed, Seed and d, ,, tl

r Session at Stetson POTTS. CHAPMAN FINALISTS Hardware Stores. I ,

H jttWvfM.- .' .... 'k". '1Q cen'rillDy.AND.SWdents SYLACAUGA. Ala. lAP Top Patented !
seeded Steve Potts of Memphis I
TKKNOXTICICNOX registered moved into the finals with third I IWIWAMS' x,111 I 7I
for the first day of Summer seeded Jack Chapman of Birming-
school at Stetson University yes- ham in the Junior division of the. MAXCTACTUBEBS
lordly totaled 782. according. to Cotton States Tennis Tourna- j 208 South Parramore St. Whiskey 86.8 Proof. The Straight Whiskies: *&!L-itjnli-tH'

t I1* m1stJU', report, ment here yesterday. I ORLANDORADIO in this product are 5years or more end.32tf%Straight '
There are others sun COIJlinZhi. t Fine old Glenmdre whiskies are bltodcd .11'-. ,,Ie ..I.-.ror t
and it is anticipated I Whiskies; 674/ Cnia Neutral Spirits. 2J4! %

tale. hosettt total enrollment will reach at REPAIRING Straight Whiskey Years Old;5%Straight Whiskey grain neutral sprits aad tim WED IN .nHo' 4'

j least MO before matriculation I 6 Tears Old 25 Straight Whiskey 5 Years Old ...put back into bands nmtrt m joghci ws.- <; :f
I __ ttt 4S nicians.Hr. Service by .5 Qualified Tech GLENMORE' DISTILLERIES COMPANY: famous. distillation That's what Bakes Old r Sa t:w z

NFiMi CU T3.2,6,10H.P. Lowest Rates-AH Work Guaranteed. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY smoother taste bettce..wawwI .

j Pick-op and Delivery Service [N*
r41.i11.1 r.qe I Can Asoeiate4 JIM Whe t* Need of Radios er Fkoac Repairs

See XS' W RA, ........IIILGOOD.I'h.9661 fat or1asd. 1I"ddiall 113 N ASSOCIATED STORES PHONE I AB iT 't BUMP F
esf pill,N,+ea axe t.p1 0 (..arils pepsin Oa AO Maul ORANGE 5300 -....,.. -


-- .. 6 -Y .-_ ____.... -- .. .. ,. -. 'U -
". "'::' ...-- ._ '! : .

--- -- .. ,-" _. =-,:_-- < .. ..;: -.:. ..... .' .",. -.;. :: ...:...: ......... -. .--:. "'-. ;..,


....". ;;=-1 .'- ';;.;:': "---J"1'- ., --- """'Il'I,,!,. ,"_. .. ;.... "' ;: ,l!:!, I f8' ,;<:. < .:. 4l'rl:: ..do --..,


{ .... '- arlanb! fSirrntna &rnllnrl, Tuesday, June 17, 1947 -

.:" f., For Awnings of Best Quality and Mfg. in Orlando by a Company f It's VOGUE and YOWELL-DREW-IVEY' in Orlando '_< ,

. with 22 years experience. Call"Mr. L L McGee at the : .

FLORIDA AWNING CO. to Aid 1 You in Your "WEEK-END PLANS" s.rv' -
Fa 411 L IlBtber SL Phone tlZGe

1 i "Week ends are summer's saving race" '
s .-so wherever you choose to go 1J 1
UTILITY SPAR VARNISHA choose simple proven lines -
versatile clothes'that
MHO KNOW THE PALVT BUSINESS I quickly as the weather ,



i II I

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MAR PM1f'1 I \ 1i -- -

.+1rit COOPU PLAYS the I for going anywtart.
.. ,', 'i k'* ,* The Ai =a .
*' \*om Wd
r.. .
J"o4Wo edit
..., I Ada bA&i&ti
y\/\ \ CASUALS
-- y" F v I '

'Four Named To i I

, .
I it's pockobte. Ws i.u.I ..a
SMf> into a smeoth, .
SWe TB Board
Iw..waY stretch, 'I iv i I itv.il take.ItfIIII..t.

wr ... .." t.Nr uwwr c-.. ckditc et"lnaetty t cround the geM cell ..... .
F" "v ....... ., ........ ., Pasta"Araitcc
t = .,J <01Ie ... .. /Y I awl fc* '* iLdU /:_ AWWHIHE, ... .. .l1111r..
.. \
ash" .' 4 a -r 11 tsaw Kant to look .= fgI G
4< Uw i. lfarsaa
**.".. *..| ......... rain reWul best I 1-il
: .t -- Tieuiaa.., Y
,.. *.... ,MI >.}... x
.. ,__ N t. tit.. aM $11.500I
** ,> ThMJHI ur.s. Matt 4 1 Rayon shantung in pink. aqua or

........ ..h J.s .1 N 1 yellow. Buttons down the ftoat,
-- 1'."". &.... eIe ...,r Ail 6.rtwned with tie belt Sizes IS to 41
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,. ......:. else Ur. .5' \ $17.95
+1 +s I+r.. ... w"N"' .. SIN
.. .. I
ia' III -n at Maus i iYxowLcu
........ u.-. be&_ti
.. .
f. w laalaae
..... .
I lMR.
...... *'.. .. 2TM \ S 1 'round and romd HWe ........_
la.. ... set/ 1 a\ crepe romalet ... ___
,. ...J M ...... ......1lfii ... I \ coral piak '.... ... .rG ..
... !It.... .. AMa.Lm \
....iS .... -S -
-.- w w ....... Fathlea and Quality Store Since 1834 \ w $-
.... .... wetsataU fir ... .'. ,, t.I.
x M
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I E \ I." ...


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-1 PICNIC t #### "
:4 P f... .

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( f LINENS I II } .

.,,: <'.f. 7 '
i ,.
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I re .th.-.1 l I'
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rstye .> if''
... .. \ 1 /gLIA
... 0"* S kn VHVltt -
.... _It,ntt ft I : : week ending -
W .pI.di I .
....n .. ... %ttSPLASH" t -
... ( .
at the beach k..

I II Ii I ; -

i .s". :

54-ioch CLOTH I I.i In the water. by the water /. I: :\., -

to get a tan or show it off'what '. '. '" ".,: ;
I Solid borders frame a
floral print in color- better medium than a stunning

Eastwashablema terial that's ifa rayon, new bathing suit from Ivey's..,-. .- .. IM

it cotton. Rose and .
blue white back- .
on .
., .
y. ground., :
I '- '*::lJ' -

$2.50 '!.:.i: f9.

\ a "SEA GODDESS" s- ; ,

+ T ; "ARTISTIC" original I :....:,.;.... "- '.' -" -;..-
: ,;..:
I ; ; Floral and fruit de'

''I ; signs in rose and blue Streamlined and, lovely in ....... : a elaHt c ftr ,..,
I color-fast and easily satin lastex. Choice of black "FR ISUVIP
laundered.Original de- by I;; :
or regal, royal blue. Sizes 32 -
sign of Vicray hand '
to 38. .
"" print-53" x 53". -

i $4.35 $10.00 .a # lkstgntd k
1 1l t d r talOtt "te!"
r 1 rrytttual'E
Il 4C _
;k and
i : i FLORAL 7PieceLUNCHEON + Situ I$ toT

l k [ ; ,$...
+ "!! r'Narwz a AH SET f A1 !
I ; &".&-a- Jrt" laandered.x ;0.- ,
__ __ __
Six people going? Choose a set :: .
$5.50 with blue dimity checks bordering > .\ r _
t an ever-popular white
I renter. The 6 napkins are bordered \
by matching blue thread. "
.. S3* x 70" Is the cloth size. / ,. CATALINA designs
( *ln Colored Linen Crash" Color.fast. launderable. S
:i for the large woman
' .
... ..R ........ tMse stUmarbebfcewfth4 .-, ,y>d.t 5 Beautiful jersey print styled
y S .y.yNR. -7 to be your second.tIn. It's
W N .... er jersey lined
i .. \ ...Ir1IM i-1IIJIlM.twb eehtJ) t to a set fers it forhrcy'sproudly of'VOWELL
i c irdMs. sq are. aMaWel? r g signed by catalina to fit
: 1 ant at. I Ij >t those ires. Sizes gracious from larger 38 to figDREW. .
i= j $3.95 Set o>uwI 'a.. I IJ .10.00

J .. I i
1 x
y .
1 IIII@I AMYrw41 tM1fIi Sportswear Ivor's '
s.' Air-COflditfoned ruhion rtoor,.
U I.' ..;. ., _

f The Fashion and Quality,Store Since': 1894" ;. 4- 5- : The Fashion and QeM, ai.. ..... ea

.>- __ ... ,x '.. ,.' .. "- .
: '. A ...' "


----- -- -- .J


.- y

r .' -- ----: .':":' .- -
s, ... .- ';. -;.,:: ::;- _-=- .-__. '-' ___.. -f --"--_-_. .:.. -r.- __- .....-.,...,._ .. ,__: ', ,


,1i1417e 1947' rlantm BUtrntng Stttttntl Page 11 U .N1.tM ClUfY
-- This Vet Wants a JOb!1' FOUND 1 1POATMU

AJWALT, RUBIER 8 CORK TIiE1 [EDITOR'S NOTE-To rive employers an opportunity to provide A Refrigerator Place to Hare Fixed You! I 1MU* sp

UMIUIIM. AW BMAWRT flOOR COVERING iWU.K will publish work for,.in disabled co-operation war veterans with the the Florida Orlando State Morning Employment Sentinel PromptEfflcientReasonab1eDomestiCCOmmercial p t All.... $1117

U WRIGHT TILE CO x DIAPER SERVICEFor Service case histories of qualified ex-GIs seeking employment]. Refrigeration GCS MADDENS'Service I t tat
lmnwdiate.Dafa 223 lapoJia A venueDOVT I
ItM M, MO ftt. OrUnd Phone 5216 tl'r Rtwnratient PHONE or 2-3357 FUSS CflllC 779fi .....
.. Loss of in the final
a leg phases of the invasion of GUS rune
1T l 1 i= "-- 5t41t
Saipan by Jap machine-gun fire when his platoon at- P"Hatted by 28 Tears l tHECltWl11l U .. MIla .. _
i tempted to take the machine-gun nest has not proven a
great handicap to this veteran of the 23rd Marines and the
---- -------- --- ----
I IILL FLOYD'S famous 4th Marine Division.He .
is married and has no children : Experteftce"l
but needs a Job badly.
I He walks without difficulty with

_lOA T RESTAURANT, COCKTAIL his crutches.artificial leg. He uses no canesor ICE CREAM

He can drive a car or truck

BAR AND PACKAGE} STORE and skills.has His education proven mechanical was halted

after one year of high schooL COMES TO YOU -fetf &ff& fit**
What, he wants most is a job
Conforming with the Government Request to Reduce Prices, ditioning where he can and learn refrigeration.about air-con
If you have a job for this veteran -
Present This Week's SpecialWHISKEY notify the Florida state.Em- e
ployment Service 22 E. Pine St.
or telephone 7178. I
\( you've heard of and ILl/iJ L-r
( course new won. i
Cripple AssociationSets derful LADY BORDEN ICE CREAM *V( ?> ?*?*-.. -J:
I II II the almost unbelievable amoothDcu W,KWW l iss"VlilllB par..-
Initial MeetingCompletion and richness of it! package fcr ,.* ... ......'

of formation of the I AI LADY 1tORo.J I'" ... .>4
Central District Florida Associa- Of course, you're impatient to get your
I not it MtttwsJ CM ....
'I JM i
tion of Crippled Children and first taste of the superb treat that's made
Adults will be accomplished at a AMERICAN BORN Jap Tom- from thick,golden cream the choicest fruits AM! .Mb te m+. ew 0 _;
All SiMfcri tori Grain Whiskey. Reg. Price $4.15. Sale $3.45 bilt meeting Hotel.Saturday John Crank.at the district Ange- oya Kawakita [above] yester- and berries,flavorings of rare excellence! mew ;,.... .., fir M t
day said in Los Angeles he
M MMfari kaRl Gin, Reg. Price $3.40. ________Sale $2.69 director* skeleton announced of the yesterday.The organiza-. would demand a Tokyo trial on And we want you to enjoy this great n.
tion has been set up and details. I treason charges. perience in ce. ream eating soon u you can.
including election of officers will ,
SUPER SPECIAL be worked out at this meeting I But we also want you to be sure you get
I Crank said.Members. I PR. P. D. NAPIER the authentic LADY BORDEN.For there r.
of civic welfare and I II no ice cream quite.like it.

DOMESTIC SCOTCH ::i.k5? 1.99 I I new attend educational association the initial clubs which meeting are invited covers of the 12 to I II I NERVE CHIROPRACTOR SPECIALIST So,do, please look at the package.

I counties in Central Florida. I II Complete X-ray Laboratory LADY BORDEN exclusively packagedin
I SIl Catheart St. Phone 2-457C a Burgundy-colored container, decoratedand
f U-it ftU vhUkrr .ne raw to each iust mer. None sold to dealers or for resale] I .
Vocational Teachers topped with gleaming white..

We ore not closing for the summer season. Summer Bar Pricesnow I Class MOTH DAMAGE
Get Training I STOP 7
in effect. All Blends 40c. Bourbon-Scotch-Brandy 50c. I Orange County Vocational I FOR 5 YEARS .
School directors and instructors I oi 0mou Mrs rot nc OAMACIModnprar
i are attending two-hour classes in Bcdou h Guaranteed to wrttIn!.K
SPECIAL SALE Different Brands Every Week. their respective fields being'conducted protect your furniture.njs.blankets dothms, tat
1.IIOIh djoiae for five Bcrloitwyt
fun ran or
here by W. J. Hodges
for the d..ee. 41e will protoct..w'
Check Our Prices to Save State co-ordinator trades and industrial wit for five.,uq-GIlly 8c.yt rj other rtfclequ4Hytow.

education.Jess 1 Buy tfiii ... ettaprjy' tnfar (n. *oudcpi
R. Leach director of the dew ....
tutdrmrt *
IM Mil PACKAGE SALES 10 A.M. UNTIL MIDNIGHT vocational school said that the 1 Ictdlfif itvcnt'I.' dAes..nd dry de.nefl ei DAIRY PRODUCTS ***
extra-session classes for instruc- I your ddM.&I. Uwlcti" rugs end]ogee e. I
permanent program of improving I
instruction methods.




i s

j44 f --t
i \ You be the judge! You have driven and ridden in a lot of cars. You
, know how they ride. Now, get in a Kaiser or a Frazer and compare -
l the ride You're In for a pleasant surprise. For all your present standards f V

of riding quality will become obsolete before you have gone a -- -- _--

mile! You will agree that no car designed before the war can even __ '. __.J ( \ : -

compete with the Kaiser or the Frazer-for there never was a ride like I;, _... : dt

this! You drift over rough roads. You glide along the pavement. It's a -'- _

horizontal ride-with the up and down travel removed. 0 '-- rV JJJjJ --t
t i t _

It'a not just a matter of spring design and shock absorbers. Power, s agti / ,

t brakes, and easet>f steering, all play a part. So do superior roominess .- y., 11 [ a ]! La

extraordinary visibility and extra-low center of gravity-with -. .- r t. ,

all the weight of passengers between the wheels But what's the use e

of telling you how it's done!You are interested in the ride. That can't '
f er.
be described. It must be experienced. So, before you buy any car-



i I .7 VV _. *: FRJ4ZEJ1' i-- '0 .\


t\ Y' Both cart are 100pottwor..ln body and Y' Both can an bunt by Kaltf
-t .ric design...in engineering as well u la poratlon orftanlaaUoa el sa**.rna-
l' ::+ ::-:.- beauty of line..in color and upholstery, in ereryplu..ottMeetottsobitelnde. r
.4 appointments...In every detail! by Henry 3.abet aDd Jowpla W f,...,. i

J. t. Both can are built In America1 only\W% JI' Both can have UaammU. spcUI f.*. F
postwar automobile plant...Willow Run U iota like built-la vtattiitloa **.**
? ---1 ;' l, the last word in production efficiency.. more than Meet wide...eitroortioarf*fat.. I
w h .. equipped with war-developed tools and methIn all directions.,27 m.1 1.*f lottH*M4f_ _
t.. ; .. ods for high-precision, quality manufacture. under rear deck..safety ...*..-..H.. *#
Chasses and bodies are built complete on the openers...(pedal buuUUoa..fr*.>st i
:; industry's longest newest production lines. ...unusual scrrice accessibility' ..""** ..e
c llJ471 _____ ______
R' jX Both carfare' serviced with genuine factory parts I J
1 _V -awu.di V SERvIcE .. wherever you&o. ..by one of the/our largest I :
automobile dealer organizations la the world. !

I ''g .. i,t1s0 l




308 DtUndr Are.COCOA 100 E.Main] St. eatsWaSbIUAve! j
4 T t ..


11th and Mac Arcs.- ,- EUSTIS OCOEE L
V -- -
V -j L j-

: I


__ ...... .. __ .. ,.,. ,_ .. ... .. .- ...... ." ..-. ..., "'"
""'". V'--J.. ....- -.::::._-..... ": ---=- --- _. ,, '-' -<-...-' -'-' : -...".. '-' '- --'--- ---- ---1'r ----- -- ------ :--: :: :: : :: :::-: ': : ;;; :=: :: ::: :; f

P? = ...F",7.., .. -- -::=::-, -_ - _.. .

I F'

| r AAA* CJrlanba: morning frfnltarl! Tuesday June 17 1947 '
SBfe t. ': Miss\ Garris Becomes Bride ; The Trail Beauty Snim


llA" Duggins I I Party' Feted IVincents L I Of Mr.\ Sheets at Church HereIn I 9 A.M.OPEN Ills B. FOR OfM< fCMam BUSINESS* I ,RM

Will Move From an impressive candlelight er. the bride wore a gray linen Audrey Giddings hr....t> .. 1M *..ww __ _
Marry FollolVillgRehearsal ceremony Sunday at 4 p.m. at the I suit cut on dressmaker lines with
I College Park Baptist Church Miss ft. small lack straw hat Her other 1 Marie Oglesby' ."" u PaN *.. .... .'

)\\1. Drumb I Mount Dora Margaret Elizabeth Garris. daughter -I accessories were black also and' I IOItl
o1 Mr and Mrs. D. M. Garrisof she wore an orchid corsage. -

a ..str a e.rieetteNitItir 'V* -i In <"'> *-,* J [Speool to Orlando Morning Sent'nel'] this city became the bride of t i| Her honor attendant. Miss Carolyn -
Ivyle Jack Sheets of
Eustis. I
son Il
; tmm oaai4t4er.w and Mrs. Morgan chose an aqua tailored
Mrs. W. E. West of Denver /
I suit, and matching off-the-
r "T site, ofd wnMtar rttiearMl of Miss Ltonna Robert Vincent have moved to De- Colo,. and Vern T. Sheets of Em- I face straw wore hat a with other r r/luy.

.... R! eatf Or.... (Ctolr TerrtU' and Mr. John Grist Land where they will continue mitt Idaho. sories of white, and a corsage acces-of
members of the bridal their studies at Stetson Univer-
4 rr'Met. tit Moejr The Eliminate Bilk of OeM
6 r e 11iIt Rev. Fayette L. Hall min-i pink carnations. Carrrle
fie*.*.M ... loots. err0nr p ny. wl-ef-to'sn gueU. and sity. They were married June 3. ister of the church performed the 1 1 ,
William Wilcox of Eustis actedas Open "Special" CheckingAccount.
.,' A *b .... d d misahifs of the Immediate families. She Is the daughter of Mr. and In 'i a
aslset ceremony a setting of
*. a ___ tf !far nMtB.e>. ante tatenained. by Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee. and he is son of ments of white gladioli, with arrange-lighted best man for the bridegroom Only Cost I IGc kf
x iMMMeieMftie Ura Ctwries M OrUt.O Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vincent. tapers in branched candelabra |, and ushers included two uncles of Each Check Written!
the bride. B. Isbell and
'II' .J --. total Mtf tor ert* tnrhtded Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall and ", flanked by tall palms in the back- I James H. Isbell both of Eustis.
.........., st rr ...raga Malt Htrrr T WUluaM Mrs P. K. Wal-! family are moving to New Smyrna ground. A program of nuptial music I,, THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORIANM
r- '. hM h. .. lit .triaewa lse Mrs Leonard Cox. Mrs. Ben where he has accepted a positionas was rendered by Mrs. Fayette i[ The bride's mother wore an aqua
..".. rrtsr. Mrs. Deoald Simons. MrMl school athletics coach. p y >' L. Hall, pianist and Miss Virginia I I crepe afternoon dress with white Capitol. ,*4 Sw>l lai 0.. M4ia .a.. .
MM. ClArk Sn th. Mn George Carter hat which featured an aqua veil, KDOU J'U&UL Daee1R fOL.u. .e
III elI Mrs. Ethyl Zell and sister Mrs. soloist.
:: .. ___. .Ilia Kalhertne Wallace. Given in and other accessolies of white. Her
s;:: 5 I tiC Hubbard. will leave this month marriage by her fatnNew -
was of pink carnations.
** *.- Mlaaa Acnee J rtaseo. Mr. Peter for Washington D. C. and New BETTY JANE TURVILLE
-c" .ar tie we81e Itllsbesa ..... Mr. and Mn J. V. Brice.Fteeewe York. where they will spend two MISS I Following the ceremony, the I Ibride'a
..... Pool. Mr. Jack months. They will visit Mr. and niece of Mrs. E M. Coleman, Pastor parents entertained witha
.* aenep .* *. M _MM ef ....... Mr. W. D. Laws Mr and Mrs. Fred McMahon in Washington. of Clermont, whose engage- I II reception for the wedding party
F- w-. '- ft M I MB. atr ..... Arttor OIllf' U1er, the Rev. to James Richard Jemi- I I and relatives at their home on
iT&t littata Bobry and Capt. George men Arlington St, which was attrac- Bring on the !
# MfMft OMB Aege i I 1 Miss Betty Cooper, of the Federal I gan of Ocala is being announced : Welcomed I I tively decorated with masses of : gu.w

Reserve Bank. Jacksonville is Plans for the weddmg II white gladioli and greenery. The
-- -- I
spending a vacation with her parents will be announced later To Montverde I bride's table centered with a
l4a.w 44** e.r.- Ococc VFVAuxiliary :, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cooper. [ I three-tiered wedding cake flankedby .

&!:e .lIatW.- Mrs. Wilson Smith is spendingthe ly MRS. J. W. HUNZIKCK lighted candles in candelabra t
.......... tataN Mat with Mrs. Charles i
Summer was covered with a lace cloth.
(Special to Orlando Sentinel
: OsteenVMS Morning
Conn. j
Leach of Noroton Heights. I Assisting Mrs. Garris in servingthe
She will visit in Long Island before CommunityClub i iI guests the Mmes.
were J. H
1 returning home. I FormedBy 'I with Phil Arey presiding Isbell. C. S. West. W. B. Isbell. R I
Has had a business session and -
Meeting Group songfest }
WAtCH I Mrs Blanche Tate of Mount 'I 1, Friday night. New Methodist M. Rogers. W. S. Malcolm, and -'ed r
Dora is matron of the girls' dormitory I T. E. Isbell. i
lr I MILDRED GEORGE [pastor the Rev. Vernon Sandersonwas
l i at Montverde School for their welcomed by the 30 I Mr_ Sheets graduated from Or-
n in" Morning Sentinel] Summer camp and W. J. Barker ISpeziol to Orlando Morning Sentinel) t, persons lando Senior High School with

cvftX + OCOCE:- Regular meeting of executive director of the Lake i OSTEEN Mrs. Fred Hill of present. this year's class. Mr. Sheets who
; Mrs. M. M. Morrison called
Lubes Auxiliary West Orange County Chapter of the Red Cross, : Titusville, president of the Woman's -' was I served for four and a half years in
to Bartow last week by the illness
Port 4369 Veteran of Foreign is in charge of the life saving i Missionary Society was here I the Army Air Forces one of
> L of her brother Claude King. Mr. year
Wart held at Radar
Tirfiil-iT was course. I last week to reorganize this society which was spent in the European
Morrison Miss Emma Morrison
wrrr w aw 1ww Mildred Mark presided. Fifteen I Prof. and Mrs. D. D. Rosebor- : at the Baptist Church. She was and Jack joined her at the funer- I Theater, i 14 now advertising man-
Bfl.fem were present, three being ough and family have gone to i i accompanied by Mrs. L. Whittaker lal services Sunday. ager of the Eustis Lake Region forty dessert's no piaoMmAVOSET MIl
Iee and initiated. They were their Summer home in Jonesboro,'and Mrs. C. Colon of Titusville. Mrs. L. H. Graham of Sand- I News in Eustis. The couple will
Miriam Lovell I
Btfabrth Thorn
Tenn. who installed new officers. reside at 1900 Bay St, Eustis.
'born, Ind, is spending a few weeks
and ABene Methvin. Mr. and Mrs. J. 1..Mills left last t They are Mrs. Matina Dunning ;with her and daughter and family. I -
FLY Mr and Mrs. R. E. Starlingand I week for Toledo, Ohio; for the president; Mrs. G Hosack. first I the J. W. Moons
daughter Alison. Mr. and Summer.Mr. ''I vice-president; Mrs. C. Crissey, I Mrs. Clyde rorterfield and I
Mn. J. L Starling. Mr. and Mrs.Lowell and Mrs. Guy Chapman left I I second vice-president: Mrs. George 'daughter, Donna Jean of' Mas- RUGSBEAUTIFULLY I wbiihest
Gordon and family of Miami this week for Tampa where they I I Hirt. third vice-president; Mrs. R.
her Mr.
cotte ,
picnicked at Rock Springs home. N McCullough. secretary and
have purchased a
and Mrs. 1. P. McQuaig. CLEANEDand
Sunday. :, treasurer Mrs. A. Haught is corresponding ,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Starr have M
Mr, *. C. O Hull Mr. and Mrs. : secretary, Mrs. C. Tyson j I( N. C, visitingher
visiting S/Sgt and Mrs. Ben Fur- gone to Islington. rilited
George Mock Mrs. J. L. Barren 'I' mission chairman Mrs. R. I brother Bill Walsh. {) cream -tfafrkwfc
J P. Spradley and childrenO j'j'Wra. long.Mrs. Williams stewardship chairman.
Woodrow Lindsey has returned : Virginia and Vivian Cox. daughters -
Glenn Tyler and grandson Glen
.to4 tyn and Jack Martha I of Savan-
from Orange Memorial of Edwin Cox
.I Lee Blocker left for -:
Tuesday Tiger
Jean Goodman June Barron until XT
I Hospital.Mr. Ga. I inah. Ga.. are with their grandparents you n
I tn\'l'C Berrljr. Sue. and Wayne Dann and Mrs. Sidney West Jr. Mrs Lewis Noel and daughter I Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cox.
pMBttked at Daytona Beach have returned to Chapel Hill i Montverde School Summer
Beverly, who have spent the Win- I
--. .1ACEQmut I Ir Sunday.nKuril\ I N. C., after a visit with Mr. and ter with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I I Camp opened Friday with 120 en.i The FLOORMASTER Delicious ulifftJ ",.. ..."' -
-14 .TALUHAISK.UKIOTT Odum J 1& alowly recovering Mrs. S. D. West and Mr. and Mrs.D. Harvey Veino, returned to Gulf- i rolled. new. vbtmrrtT 1..tuml/**.Tfafi MM*
4 I at Orange Memorial Hospital L.'Keller. port. N. H. machine which removes all you 'fC.'lda Avettr w-MirnNCt ikt
--. I stoee hu serious burns Thursday Mrs. Sam Humphries and chil-'I Mrs. Roe Beaner and family and went to Daytona Beach last week dirt grease germs and sand. sterilized crew tlut keeps t*ett t
I from a gasoline explosion. dren of Bowling Green Ky. I Mrs. King Allman and sons were with Mr. and Mrs.Beuf ord CarrolL for months u your fcfijJHMn*-..J
-p c.w.-UvtW Mr and Mrs. C. W. Lane and visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs.R. I at Daytona Beach Sunday.Mr. I Mrs. Mattie Peem entertainedher f for a week or mon alter fftmut .

-it.--Y. .OCAU I eon. Rudy, of Charleston 8. C. I A. Rewis. and Mrs Edward Pen returned daughters Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Reweaving Purifies P.S.Look for Avotir .NW..M4 M
peat I the week-end with their Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Home of from their honeymoon and Wells of Largo last week. your grocer's rctaftt...,.
-. ,wm I daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and I Altamonte Springs and house left for Gainesville where he will Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burch of Binding Beautifies

-- 9 'Mr W. R. Coste Jr. i guest Mrs. Etta Home of Plant attend the university.Miss i Jacksonville spent Sunday with Moth Proofing Sterilizes
u'Ccmq; i Mn. Atwater of Key West Is City visited at the R. A. Rewis Alice Williams and Miss Mr. and Mrs. Joe Masters. I

-, .DE turn Hitting her niece, Mn. Ben Fur- home Sunday. Margaret Brooks are attending Miss Mabel Piety visited Mr.
(]lone and family. Miss Ruby Ricketts has return. Training Union Assembly at Stet- and Mrs. C. Carmichael Orlando PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 4
I .14.\10'0 I ed from DeLand where she attended son University this week. Il.l5teek..
Lt. Cot Sam T. Salisbury !is attending school; the past term. Millard Tyson of Key West vis Mr. and Mrs. John Moore and Orlando Winter Park '
the VFW Convention at Robert Rewis will spend the ited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mr; and Mrs.P.-N. George attended 5460<< 648-R '1Hp1IWtt'
II St. Petersburg.Mr. next two weeks with his parents Claude Tyson several days. the wedding of B. B. Franklinof I -
and Mrs. Jimmy Williamsand for wonf,,htITENCOBE t
f I before leaving for the North. Major James Friend of Lansing. Osteen to Mrs. Lulu Cox of t
Ctltett1ag tilt" Mike of Winter Garden FIOORMASTER CLEANERS i ftIII
I eon. Miss Barbara' of ,
Humphries Mictu spent week with Mr. and Lake Mary at Sanford Saturday. I
-WI( Airline Ieniq gin,were 0.dinner T. guests Sunday.of Mr. and Bowling Green Ky.. spent the I:, Mrs. Russ DeWitt. 1 I I Mr. and Mrs. Franklin will reside 323 E. KING AVE. I
'I flue WetMa1ft1 Upshaw weekend with Faith Rewis. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mattair at Lake Mary.
Capt and Mrs. B. F. Edwards .-
have rturned to Key West after

J .U IIDSf .&aNi Worry of


n.IRIDA AMWAYSULANDO Slipping or Irritating? I II
Dial b. -mbsrnned by Joe.. tali I
r :..ta sags. g wobbling I MAGIC FOR FLOORS
:: r a Mt Ulk er suit!. Just iprtn- ;
I* Labs rASTECTU en lour plates.
N.aWp.I Airport Tfcn pt*.MM pnwd.r ftro a rem.rk.I I
t' 1a9 sins. ** added comfort and iccu.my 1
: IT feoMtnf+ ptat.a men firmly.. Nofunuar. i ,
.me 4U? |oo/. DMtr taste or I ?k ,}
i ; I ps_ .I!k I.iiM (MO-tcid). Get lAS. II IIETH s
I : : at sal vug .tar*. (Adv.. I


"Make over your room for

i it summer" with Dickson & Ives '

!. colorful floor ovcerings! s-
I"x6" Block w

i '. 1H# pm, S-16" thick

1tQa Lay-It-Yourself Package 25.95 ff

includes Amtico Panolene Type

40 sq. ft tile .Wax-: RUBBER TILE '
V'V "
Cement Spreader

Brads r Beautiful Quiet Easy under foot

Cork the to easy for you to layl! For a floor that's y x yt thick

comfortable safe, quiet dry, resilient and insulating. In .
natural cork colors.

"The Aristocrat of Floors is Rubber.

'. Cover your floors with rubber tile so

t colorful so comfortable to walk on! In s ; V

I:} black. and white; red, grey, and black; and

: sand

: V .

? -
V . "
--' 4 ," lI rte ...

1 I .

ItPE elEST 0 d '

ij 1"-\-\ .. Asphalt tee. ttlll...s

-, i WALNUT CEDAR CHESTS eieaaed, safe ..... =

"7 **** 'JR. C. A. SHEET RUBBER :' ) ,> 'feced cefefs teBUtk b, .::. .....

L : f ftiy Reduced to 34-. I II -i

36" wide 3.50 .
I .' r sq. yd. JrIltgr.
.i &*to tats frta 49.95 opFl'iNITCRE a T.. (1. elM _

rI Red 1Iii IJ

INLAID LINOLEUM : < Sheet rubber. so versatile and durable. Gtttm _

: '. Plain and marble patterns in black red, -- ,:
Armstrong Pabco
grey, green, or blue. rJn.IJJ

',..if d- Nairn Sloane .' x- )
j C- ; IFVf
.. Jt l
.' -. tduo -
I f
+ ,
ORANGE AVE Standard gauge inlaid linoleum for any room in the house. : : )
403 Beautiful neutral tones and bright designs. Easy to clean ,. .
PHONE 2-1173 6" wide.
F r ;:: c :::;-,,'-% *' :, _-:\

t1I I 2.49 sq.yd. Floor t Coverings Third Floor V Orlando Bern.
I trlettii.6iwa OllR ........ ......

Ii >.} "--I:. -..:" = -- ... ....----.,,,,, .. 1'P2 "



"" -,""", ._""" '" 1 .. """" ...._-_._..--- "?! "!' -, ---"'-" '... ......... '"-- -
.. -- -- ". --



'=.- .' ,,_ I

Tuesday, June 17, 1947 rlan&a .tInrnhtg Sraltnrl Page_ 1 13 I Dr. Fletcher > DICKSON&IYCSWiLLIE
I I Ic. Revival Miss Edith Knox Becomes Gives Sermon'At ;
f) r Sl m.. Set i t .

I ... wl tt Itmmu Pricn Service OpensAt Bride of George Sibthorp Eustis 1 i t

.,.... ,,",.w 1 fChit .ooh. t..... _tese W c. .... i f

--.. .. ..... WINTER PAIR [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel] lj GRACE EGAN I '
"- ,
-.. -. .. Canada are Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeD. EUSTIS-At the First Methodist
e..... ,,- t !' ....3f1l;;aNN I lr AGNES BERRY I Sibthorp,'whose marriage was Church Sunday morning Dr.I
:":'*: ol to Orlando Mom ng Sentinel] solemnized June 14 at 4 p.m. in Paul Fletcher district superintendent -

I APOPKA-Revival services opened the Westover Episcopal Church II was welcomed to the pul- I
'= Sunday at the First Baptist Charles City County, Va. x pit in the absence of the pastor
( ROW; OPENHZZfRiA It Church and will continue through -The Rev. J. Hubard Lloyd officiated the Rev, Ralph W. Todd will be I 1-
next Sunday with services every at the single ring ceremony. away for the next two weeks rv-I I I
= a YM .ISisala I night at 8. The Rev. Harry M. Magnolias and other white flowers ing with the Navy on a training i '" 1

Now e Leichty is the speaker and the : were used as decorations throughout I cruise.Lucretia. I 3
Rev. Roland Jarrard is song leader. Woman's Society
the church. Miss Wilma Clark Circle -
I ... i 1
aksra..4rr. .
M tInlllllfE -
Showing Mrs. Paul Ostler has sent out invitations ''organist played nuptial music of Christian Service will meet 1

PAT II IMetta Teal riiiht for a party Thursday throughout the ceremony. in the new parsonage at 426 Lem- i I

I .. honoring her daughter Gayle, at : The bride. the former Miss Edith I on Ave. Tuesday at 8 p.m. Mrs.1 I
1 -
*4 MM
** -r.--! : : ? Farmer's Daughter' the D. W Mitchell home Ocoee. i I Knox,-daughter of Mrs. Robert L. Olive Rupert will assist as -
tk..a. ... .... Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fly and' ess. ,
j t..asee $h Knox and the late Dr. Knox of I

-... ..... .......... Ltao Star Moonlight"N daughter Janice left Friday to DeLand was given in marriage by Representatives from the Meth- ij i
I...... LPs '...... 1........ Mi Lea Carts spend a vacation in the mountains. her uncle. David L. Oliver. odist Church will attend the iI j
i ,*** ..* Mrs. Lucy Wolfe accompaniedthem I Maid of honor was Miss Pene- a Young Adult District covered-dish
; tttldlit era *.'*. .....R Ktt to Ware Shoals, S. C. to ; lope Knox. sister of the bride. She I supper and rally Friday at 6:45 I I

I _. -r!!! -rirN ......,1I I.D04O I. visit the Raymond Goolsbys. i chose a dress of aqua and her cor- IJ p.m at the First Methodist
I Miss Anne Wagner and her I sage was of pink rosebuds. / .'. Church of Orlando. James MaI I
mother have moved to Orlando. The bridegroom son of Mr. and > son conference president will be
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Spence have Mrs. John W.Sibthorp of Orlando L speaker.

1*$eM COCKTAa LOi NG1- PACKAGE GOODS moved to the Conway cottage had as best man James Werden of __- n_ n____._ __m. --w.__ __ J The Three CTs Class of the First
formerly occupied by the Wagners. Dunn Loring Va. : ,Presbyterian Church will meet In
PATIO A. A. Snowden. who has been' Mrs. Knox wore a gray dress. the Florida Power Lounge Thurs-
Itf..EL Picnics here on citrus inspection- work. 'I Her gray hat was topped with pink- wed in Virginia. day at 8 p.m. Mrs. R. H. Schott
has re-enlisted in the United roses- and her corsage also was< and Mrs. Dean S. Danalds will be FOR TUESDAY ONLY1
"Dancing under the stars" States Army and with Mrs. Snow- pink roses. hostesses.

I .. .. den and son. left Sunday for Elgin Mrs. Sibthorp's printed dress Grist-Terrell Lorna Cowle, Janice Sheffield
bos.. .. k- .. ,. sad SaIV'an f Field where he will be sta was of soft rose and gray with a
**. Venorah Williams and Charlotte
ttmO)| TRAIL orL DAILY 11 A. 3LW tioned. matching hat of rose. Her corsage
I I Williams. delegates from the First -
I The John Ustlers have returned. ;was of white gardenias.The Nuptials Held Presbyterian Church of Eustis. will O
from West. bride was lovely in a soft CLAIRE CURTIS COTTONS. JIH f MP J_ A
Wrt J1m..l.. ; Peof/e/ Go* t+* Key leave Tuesday to attend the Young
I Leo Tyler, who has been seri- rose dress with matching hat (Special to Orloncb Morning Sentinel] People's Conference at Indian River
ously ill at Orange General Hos- which was trimmed with roses and CLERMONT The marriage I Hotel, Rockledge which will
pital, was reported Sunday to be rose illusion veiling. She carried a ceremony of Miss Leonna Clair l be 'in session until June 23.
prayer book and wore a corsageof JUNIOR DRESSESRegularly
improved. Terrell to Mr. John March Grist
IQUNGECLllj white roses and lilies of the Vacation Bible School. First
i I valley. was solemnized Tuesday June 3, fl Baptist Church takes precedence'
COCKTAIL I Seminole/ I informal at 8 pjn, at the First Methodist ;over all other meetings scheduledfor
.. bU.MMMri .... ...... tlW ......4 Acts_sTel_ w. .. CountyInstruments Following. reception the ceremony for members an of- Church here, the Rev. Hugh\Em- i' this week except for the YWA 7.95 5.95One

--' 1171-.1 FiledFlorida I the immediate family was held at bry officiating. |I.j girls. who will hold their regular

State Bank Co Ann T Allen sat i imu. the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. The bride Is the daughter of':]meeting Tuesday.

I i John Marshall Danthat. i Mr. and :Mrs. Harry Taylor Wil- j and two-piece ..... a. 1Curtis
iltaninjo Club I Aaron Davis to Robert Rembert mU. Mr. and Mrs. Sibthorp left later' llama and was given in marriage Obituaries '" -
May, H S: Turner to L U Anders sat I for a honeymoon in Canada after II I. by her father. The bridegroom is' 'fa ed.. ....
mtg.D the of Mr and Mrs. Charles I MRS. MARIE \UMGAKTXER i iEUSTIS pink or yeltew Me. K .
CHENEY HIGHWAY C Brock to U Carey deed which they will reside in Arlington son I green,
C L F Woodward deed for Mrs. Marie j
tie Wolskl to E M. Grist. His father acted as best i; -Services
r AMOIM. FOR FINE Fed Farm Utg Corp to Norman S DeForest who died
FOOD FOR 20 YEARS part mtc j man. I j p: Baumgartner, 76, i
H James Grf to F; B Ashdovn QC deecLl i I i The performed! Sunday in a local hospital will be ; Junior 5Mp 5o11Mt AIeP
Frank Chester K T Ward Earknes to C sto H Sams Guy LmliumaD I I Store Group i' before an improvised altar amidst held at 3 pjn. Tuesday in Reh- I
ft* *"" M )1__.M Cirrpt Sat 5'e deed a decoration of palms baskets of baum' Funeral Home. The Rev.
Guy L .Shuman to Chester T Barkness j Plans Clermont Unit I I'George Gibson will'officiate..
Ptit1 MHS CLOSED SUNDAYS i mts gladioli and lighted tapers in tall -
United i State to C A Farina sat lien. I candelabra. Mrs. Baumgartner has been a O
Mrs C D Bnunley to Ralph A Smith [Speciol to Overdo K':::m;ig SentinetlCLERMONTAccording I I j resident of Mount Dora and vicinity MAWNSOH"I
deed A of nuptial music :
I | to information program
.: Family Loan Co to Horace L King sat I i 'preceded the ceremony with Miss i for 50 years.
received through the I She Is survived by a son. Roy
local Chamber of Commerce, the I Agnes Johnson, organist, and Mrs. Baumgartner: three sisters, Mrs.
I Rousch's Interstate Department Stores of J. V. Brice, soloist. !:Hattie Wynne and Miss Eliza Or- MIAMI CREPE

BILL FLOYD'S f Homogenized PasteurizedGOAT New York have leased the Simon I The bride wore a dress of dusty ton.Miami and Mrs.Mary Snyderof
I Kessler Bldg.. in which they win ; rose with a transparent halo hat, Pennsylvania, and a niece, Mrs.
w MILKCALL operate a modern department with shoulder-length veil of the ;Mae Fenton Mount Dora.
I Ij i store to be known as Carroll I same shade. She carried a white Regularly 1.19 yard 100Mallinson'f
0-10AT RESTAURANT DATSOX DAIRIES House of Clermont. prayer book covered with an arrangement CARD OF THANKS .. _
Phone 9835 Alterations and placing of modem of white' bride's roses, I .wish relatives to thank pallbearers an of mj fn and nd Reverend Btichbor -
'GN I equipment is contemplated'soon with a cascade of the same flowers ROT: Douberlr for their many cU of kindness -
# Of flOItOA'S? EETTER DINING PLACES"I I that the I white ribbon and tulle. expressions of sympathy and condolence Miami Crepe i.. __
j and it is expected
and for their floral oflerinci at i dresses and Wati...
store will be open for business not I I Her attendant. Mrs. Ben Fork1 1 the lose of my beloved husband. Alex. sport3wear.in
1 M M M4ti wi Orisut BtoiMia Trail -tO later than September or October.It ner of Fort. Pierce was gowned in Mrs. Benlah Bronson. dot, floral or scroll patten .
I is stated that Clermont residents I pale aqua, with which she wore a ,
BESSER'S RESTAURANT will be employed in all de- crownless aqua hat trimmed with ABCDIAPER a
Fabric CeaterBETTER SWN ..
I i Siesta Poultry Cold Cuts Sour partments.The I shaded pink roses. Her corsage I
Cream. Cheeses Mayonnaise. sweetheart SERVICENew
Interstate Department was roses.
4P.M. UNTIL 12 A.M. Pumpernickel Bye, and Rolls I i Ushers were W. D. Laws, uncle
I 119 W. Chuck St. TeL 2-2228 Stores organization has 16 storesin Accounts and Future es.rawrlrs
II' iJOYCE'S j process of remodeling with expectations of the bridegroom and Arthur Reservations Are Solicited : 1:
of opening in the early '% O
i I' Following: the ceremony, a small Telephone117'
in Florida cities, it .
Fall various
Y oorf FH A DRIVS-'N' reception was given at the homeof
t orRD.1ST King" i ir ii ALL BEEF HAMBCBGERSCHEESEBURGER I is Contemplated asserted. locations in the the bride's parents. Guests included DRESSESRegularly

i SCPREME Central Florida area are at Win- the bridal party, membersof
r I tUMBCRGEB ROYAL ter Garden. Arcadia, Titusville, the immediate families and IFSHOES'IBURN''FEET
: i!))fJ} SELF [Chef daily special] Highway 17-92 MAITLAND I and other cities. It is said that out-of-town guests. ,
i iC Open Daily r.m--l a.m.. Sundays 5-12 These were Mrs. P. K. Wallace
the engineers are workIng HERE'S 19.75 22.75 10.00
kQIST TIRKCV I Closed Mondays company of Birmingham Ala., Mr. and Mrs. FAST RELIEF: to
t" on the plans and that ulti- J. I.. Freeman of Hastings Fin. Just Jo this if feet hurt Tab 11
CHICKE.X mately they expect to have 30 :Mrs. Leonard Cox of Jacksonville '*H5 seconds to apply Menu aledu
'I I I stores in the State and a central sated Powder Wocdertulir., apeedilr ....
I' Capt. George Gogle of Leesburg. relieves chafed itching; IWTMC '
II RAPETTIFOR warehouse probably in Central Mr. and Mrs. Mason Nagel of Or- absorbs clammy feet.Pleasant Dries BP looi ffloUtnc.->C Some outstanding styles. .hr ..

A aHNWQ PLACE OF REFINEMENT Florida. I lando and Mrs. Donald Simon. of odors. Feet feel more b-- rayon, crepe and mesh Mitm -f ....
comfortable for boars
a i'' SPAGHETTIServed I II I I Baltimore.Assisting Mrs. Williams In sere Voconditional back varantee.mgner Ak styles. Light and dark .*... StaM M I* .
5 to 9 P.M.-> 1 Tirtsema tb Cent Fia Prod Credit r: ing were Miss Katherine Wallace. P.ader-at drill '
Ru 17-92 Winter Park Assn crop lien i,: Mrs. Leonard Cox. Mrs. Charles eoenteI. enrJW htIe,
City of Sanford to M G Lofton deed! I lot Better Dresset Saten S+ownli tiilatlt
"DUCK IN I City of Sanford to If G Lofton deed. I Mrs. Marie Eldred and Mrs. '
"'" MNsyT 1as. :: \ Dan 8 Jones to Charles T Reese deed. .: Donald Simon of Baltimore.
{ Gentle B Starke to Jessie Godskin
1. -e t"* d that Cofield to William Fields i Mrs. Travis Cork registered the a
The Hotel Startn
Tropical dHd.1.
J W UcKennon to H R Spencer guests in the prayer book used in :-
tf "Central Florida's Finest George H Starke to Lens Norris the ceremony. O
JlMHsi i w
1 r MP$1.25 of nil' !I,
; KISSEtlMEE, FLORIDA U 8 Nan to James Brondle lion dis Mr. and Mrs. Grist are making WHITE COTTON
trader New Maaatement Thomas A Mara to Amer Tel 4s Tell their home in Knoxville Tenn.
f 11 Dmi.l .... 0aIf' 1 Open Year Bound Co Z easement E Smith to Amer Tel and Tel Co t

Loncheon Cocktail 12-2 Lounge Dinner *-JOpe I easement.A Jack.King to Ruby N Jones fled. I Negro Baptists Urge SUMMER BLOUSESRegularly
s A Beaaclaire Robinson to A Jack King i'
Stiff U.S.
deedDeForettSanf S''I Lynch
Realty Co to Genres
Witmvr deed. i i OAKLAND CaL f APJ Some 10-
J .William Martin to W T Walker sat': 000 delegates to the National
Negro -
nits 350 '
sIII J D Owen to Dewey B Gammaie sat Baptist Sunday School s
r 1 mtt and Congress voted yesterday to urge
Atlantic Coast line to J U Payne

mrSu t tA Sons Sanford lease Atl Nat Bank to Autnstus C I I: sage Pres.by Truman the current to recommend Congress pas-of a A group of new blouses 1fT" ... ...

Rolando.Watson U J Reel.E Terrllleter W C Coleman D K McNab.Winter Federal anti-lynching law. provid- Ask Your Grocer cotton with eyelet or lace. tt..m .. ... 1111 A if
Park Fern Corp Carl R Branson to V M ing the death penalty for con- for Summer. Sizes 32 to M.

Tburtton A D Rosier Farms to sat LaTerne mts L Worley claimof 1, victed lynchers and a $15,000 fine
UeD.I j I against the County for the benefit Need= b composed. of pun aoIoM
I of the victim's family.The resolu- coffee and added carbohydrate Blouses SeesAd 1bs*
I i Motorists! Please drive carefully tion was proposed by the Convention (dextrin, maltose and dextrow)
Restaurant II ] Remember children 'I president the Rev. W. H. added Kdaly to protect the flmnr.
II forget-but motorists most not! i Jemagin Washington. 1
O $ Open I

# A ikl ei"bN 6 P.M. Till o

In Restaurant I lr Z FLOOR TILE rfOOF TELE I'I't

-- --- -- - -
= > -


1 4. 1oN VACATION SPECIAL I Value buys in budget dresaeaf Msitlild e4

1:4S 12:4s-t.f: Don Pre-trip tune-up as low M 95.00 Brakes made safe I colors in crepe, rayon Jem .*4 _t..... t r. ,
LAST TUOS TODAY as low as $1.75 Wheels balanced $1 JO DP- Wheels
...... .>,... .'. Jane Fraree M ..' aligned as low as $1.50-"Spray WUpohsh Job$15.00.Free shades suitable for travel .to bf..uu ttSlrt
GIRL"Saorpe lubrication.:
.. :
e ::: CALENDAR ::..
"K Is i Heaven .
,t ..: David ia' : .
....: ; :. ; STIVERSPONTIACa '
Budget Shep ffewtfc ..
..... .-' 4.. dr 0.f / "SILVER STALLION" ::=
tiasl. .. "Ti'' AH"9.Of '.::. .: W. Coloilal We can for art dearer Phone Z-ZHt
G.r.Uiiit" '..:.'..
"'Mo tk.tri.f AM.ttNrR hae Wftart :

.'ate t$...... T-Mere TOMORROW


.5 ofs Ta-Tone and 18th Century Floral; 9 ft and 12 ft widths.

:; .... e ASPHALT TILE s

I ; :. lnetestON seWap t Group "B" and Group "C" colors. Regularly 5.98 2.98'

;';:: ef Stock and Custom Made Venetian Blinds NO DULL

4 "Calkernia" .:. aMCrific...' DRAB HAIR Heavy mesh cottage eurtala.* Rfi .... ..

a M lsd'.a se J' .ad CNflict!. .' AMERICAN RUG AND LINOLEUM GO. wr-..u..T isA.miip 1 i I green polka dots also {Q .. ..... -- ..

d $ t 863 North Orange Ave. Phone 2-2188 4 Rinse i iIOYALOi1 styles. to brighten reur kKi*. I r 1
r } F r Y t/ o r atJL.1 Purpose I I
...pIe and quick 10 .. .
ISSEUKKOX after a rfwwpoo,docs f Mae tangs/ to Curtains ,.Mitt Arlt
a. Girls! Women! Who Suffer Distress i Of give YOUI heir glamour' 0fId bovtyi
1 1 hOte.1:45
'' 1. out lustrous hlghDglits.Z .
,. : I II Brings
Adds a rkh, natural tM to Mob.
: '1 : )JSJJi.i. PRID lC fEMALE WEAKNESSwith a. Jftesowaylhcnapooorpfil-.
M ::
kOwlATthr.. : 4. te.hir",emf IaII" All soles final! ''utJlI

I !I I. :;'s tt. T Its table Compound to relieve such LOVALON does net permanently rfy*
THE PERFECT : nervOUS *ftanmt far helping or bieoch Merely find lh.hair es I
'': <. cranky feelings. &** ad women m ***** Way! tins*.OHMS h 12 ilaflerlng shades. '
MARRIAGE"writ r a Taken regularly-Plnkbam'y Try tovofan.U : .
70$ De W Ne I:. 4( DEAN JA66ER Da femal*fnru onal man f d? Compound helps bufld up resist- ilra.*d sa w.l1oM.
.' turbances make yon feel nerrous such distress. Just -
ante against
I s -.ha- : 1f0 ::t; jkS1th
I 1 i fidgety cranky so tired and see If you too don remarkably s.u1031
f ltxd fY VACATION DAYS "uraggedoot'- tsnchtimesThen benefit. Also a great ttrmiKhiff j _
a rRu stead AS:'; f [ DIN6lE :: do try Lydia E. Pinkham1 Veget nlr-. Worth trying .

!**. fietatr ) -../!au&LRJ..__ LL ____,.. VEGETABLE t.M i.abCtlK J





J l ..,.f '- "" ..........."..;,.- e>_ ........ .......... .........__: :. ..;..,...._. ..:...,:: .o' ::'_" ; -:. -. .:...--""' --- .:._", ..\ .. i c_. ;.;--; ; -....?A.-.: .:, fi' t ': ,r =".;:_- ". .'"-- "" ." ..

.! ; '

-- -- -
-- -- -
- --
- :: :----i


I .

t t. !

x C9rlinbo! gbrnlng &rtitlnrl! Tuesday June 19471 j Citrus Report .

fL _- .. _- _ H ___ __u ___ State Group Lauded Maitland -

Eggs and Poultry Commodity SATURDAY I Fla.| Cat AND.I lArxj SUNDAY La.'I7e |Q nd I c*,

l 3Stcadyvw : I I (total,car*cars! car car*.total
iI Closing Stock Quotations JACXSO2TTILLS AF) Florida warty Oranges i 2751/ 429 ll I 4l? 'ItsOr."frlll For 'Show of
treib eggt. -J I 59)) JOt| 48| I f 179 Democracy1Br Quits Two Jobs J
All gales Rtailsn I I 47Unrenoited
Mixed I 32| 11.1| I
Tax I'II I'I-
tlte Tw* t M TNI MOTU0NTt lat Hsrvester 29 89-4 87'. 1'7% sit Cur 12
California 2
June oranges -
.. toss tAP. tale.. c.*.... .rtca lat Nick CIa __ IS 31S. 30V 30N Orsd A WU MtI \.I Arizona.- 1 grspefruit.Florida : ,
... ass -.*.. *4 t** It IMM actra) lat Paper ___ 17 45V 44S 44Slat I Psrdz.PsrdzLAFIS -- ; MAYME HODGKIN
...... .. ,.. .. Tel Tel tl US US IU 34 ea It truck moTcmenb out Friday Co!. **. WI.JUT. M* .* I
Vato News ..**.c... |......|... I*. I Medium -.. ..,.,- 21 53 17 SUMMARY oranges: 3 OP grapefruit PASSINGS THROUGH [Our Own Sfoff Correspondent MaiOtvM ..o MMOTaBf -*.- f..*.*
: ..* c M .. ii-*..u.. .. v*. Johas-Maavin 10 43V, 41H 42SJoac ,Small. _____- 18 47 FLORIDA GATEWAYS SANFORD-A. Reid Mann American Legion depart. :
..... THE CtJUf** .tw. aV ... tjg.
> VM I1-4. a L 8U __ 48 31S 3030"4" ; ntra lane __?______ 28 68alg and 1
*. ... U .-.....!.>. ** ... Joy Ms -uu_, 14 32S 31' 32% dlmt. to eoagnmtrs Atlanta Including tot 72 diversions-hour period at Savannah ending t a m.: ment adjutant, reports a show of real democracy by American re.tga.d both i ipotU .
t -- .* *?*. .
.. .... ... .awe) *Ml l**** .4l. %.. I.S I -Kl'Uftot'- Cop __ 41 44S 44 4435'Larl.d. I I and A Ret Wt. Doc.Pet ____ East: Wnt 98 South SO TotalOranges 397'','I youth at Boys' State at Tallahassee when Ed Gong a .. ..'ttoaect I

( ... I .au "- ,. ... aa-a... 'I -L- Per di la CroLn Grapefruit ______ 249 59 15 S 86 Peter Kato- $ as asoiss- i
Chinese of Miami elected Governor and
Ii was
1 ._
V aweral I.* !)- 0. 4 S I I I 24 eg 6S : __ __ I ITotal I ii
Mixed citrus 39 10 t 58 I IMftI ......... 1
...*. ..* ftMl .. > Uhlgh* C N __. t 10 10 10
\ ..... ::: I Medium 31 M I Greek Winter Haven of State. IC
held 6am resterday46
.. ... .. .. ,. ran gndis, Secretary wMl -
I llea f t* i '.' Lib 0 P Olsss u_ t 53V* 524 82 Small ._ __- _____ 18 $3. : It grapefruit 3 mixed citrus wiwee M i .
M ..,*. ... I JkM.t** .*. Ubby UrN L n_ 17 IS tS ISUggett Extra Urn __-_n-_- 2. Maleg orsnees PASSINGS POTOMAC YARD AND PASS- i I -..ssS else fn>* ** ,.. Myerg __ 1 118 88 88 $ to Bales M ;
:ai a.- (. f t*..ll.* **. Lockheed Abc __ 31 12 IIS 12Loews Retailers Coasumers I. INCS.AND DIVERSIONS AT CINCINNATI. I, Edward Marshall, Francis Wilson porta.M. ......
: Pvb ,..* *** i*. Inc ____ 18 22 21** 22 I Lire Dressed LIT Dressed for 72 hour period ending 8 ajn Tan.yestecday: and Simon Dingfelder. counselors Mrs. u.w _
Cb.vs rjt it*** *. a. 'Lori-lam! (P) s it u it Florid Dressed Or'WB Or waPrysrs Or- Gra_ Mixed I Ian. and Porter Lansing Bobby Parks! Johnson
.... I gor- The ..... of
3-3 lbs 31 57 43 fti I
... Y tt Aft Ceaugat $arts: Maek Trucks 1 MS 80S MVUcy ; Broilers tutder __ fruit Sues Ctrus'' Bobby Pullen. Lewis Reynolds and .his s.u11'UIwkos ,
**. H.**> tow. La.t'p I (RH' ..___ 8 )5.. 35 35Marl Sib. 31 17 43 551 Baltimore__:=:. 11 18 3 ?. : I Kay Shoemaker. Mann said he ReturnsTo .
Boston 8
I.Si..mS I* ,. Midland 7 ani
39 31 32' 7S 7 7S Hen bossybreeds i
I' ___ _____ __
r? I MsrshaU field ___ 21 21'. 28 '. Buffalo n 7 1 I was told by the director and assistant -
is ist S 28 38 II 40 MBto ____ __ .... ....,. ...
Chic 1 1
3'. I'. 33. I Martin? COLt ___ It 15U 15S ; n director of the entire
Unt breed 28 42 93 49 i _. I project I
, ar 14 M'. la II Mo Kan Texas 12 4S 4S .'. I Cleveland IS 3 I -.==.. ,
fry* t III 11. .M'. I Moasant Cb.... u_ 8 60V. 59S 80V4 Columbus o-:=:: 2 2 that if all counselers were of Home A SI ..
____ I ee'.
i t 4. MK 35S I Moatgom Wart. 41 SI 56". 57V Detroit u 10 __ the caliber of Edward Marshall
U' I'. S Murray Cora ,_ T 12 US 12 I NEW YORK (Aft Cotton.future* turned New Haven ._.n 4 1 I t.,...... e1uaoftMscd
New York City ___ 103 28 ._ 13 the entire affair would be of ;nl t Or'ondo! Momtng 5nteveil" !) I
A Ka4 W 4Stt 41 4't ---- I, firm ,*.terC.I'. following ocrly e..i..**.. .s [Sper to o
.5 t*<* .3 $3. I Maaa-Kelvtnator ... 70 UV. 15'15% snort coverinf and mill buying met limit I Philadelphia u___ 35 21Pittsbnrah greater success. Mrs. Hilda Bly- -
Is'SP*' W 41 *0 40.. Nat Airline* _h_ t 11>. 11'. US ..d offorinf*. Fm r trices wer* 20 tents I u 18 3 Mann said that there were 311 triIt 1M.. !
$ pp4q .. I 1>. 2.. Nat Ant Plk ?? 11 II' 10II : to 81 a balo higher than the areviou* Providence u. 2 .__ .1- denstein Johnson has returned to. $1. piapst.. .. ..eaeso
& $, P1W 24.. 24 2.'. Nat Blsc.i __? 18 28 U 27S 21 cl_. : Washington D C. 11 S boys attending and it was. the OCsi .
M 11S IISt 21'" Nat Caa ._ _____ 3 IS tS t*. Early selling wa Influenced by favorable Held for reconsignment. Potomac T.rd.I final decision of the leaders that her home Lagomar on Lake Grif a leesi. ..- to -
: I4 $ II' II.. lot; I Nat Cash Kef *_ 21 40'. 40S 40V>, i cotton croa weather. There waa further '.m. yesterday oranges: 14 l siI t. :;; ,--' .
*44aS 1& U'. n.. 14 Nat Container It 31S 3131 i evening.uo In nearby July futures anticiaatmt citrus. ; this is too large a number. Here- fin after a sojourn at the Lake I WIS SI e.
: n34e I Nat Dairy Prod 23 31S 30'30% first nottc day. I' I after the number will be limitedto tN .fl
: $4': $4 04I Hat DurUlera _u_. 47 20 ItS lt'. foreign advweo said that Jatan will CHICAGO LIVESTOCK: Medical Center in Eusttl.I hams.ml
n.. :I" :I.,. I Nat Oypaum .-_ 38 ItS 17S 17'. curtail textile. output to conserve 'wind CHICAGO (UPI (VSDA HOGS' 7300 not over 300. preferably 250 Blydenstem. ceI. .'SwhIdi
John .
a ,i'. ,... 31" Nat Leaf. _____ 10 31 30V* )0'. line cotton Details' on the resumption Early trade active and 25-5Oc higher oa I Mr. and Mrs .
1. is.'. Ill'. 117' Nat Pew U 8 1%* IV?, IS of cotton trading with Germanywer weights under 240 lb. hut late dealings boys.One all-day legislative session, who have recently returned from .,........ .'... ....
a ii 11 11'. 11'. f Nat Supply __ nil'. 18 11V* agreed upon by officials in the Brit duU and bids steady Top 2S 60 for short rtMfU.._. tpi'ovI __
I. IS 4. 4s .... ".ltl Corp u______ 11 23 S 22 S 23 ,! tsh and American: tones of that countryit : losd Earl salea good and choice 170-240 he said was very interesting and Holland. visited Mrs. Hilda Bljr-
*. wu 4. .'. 14'. U'. Newport Indust __ 9 29 18 V. 28S I was reported! brighteningprospects for lbs 24.75-25 50: virtually no salra ea heavier heavily packed with business. The I .. MaIIftIII \- ..
: -CIIe r. r." 31' NT Central RR __ 80 14V 13S 13*. American shippers entering that field toon weights bidding 23002450 on 250- : denstein Johnson at Lafomar a.te. .. *'* -
: bills
= 34. : "TCJU.'LPf 2 85 85 85 Open High Low Last 280 lb. and 2150-23: on 290-330 Ibs. two main were one on fraternities
( .. Ii U'. II'. II'. No Am Avia'ton n_ S 7S 71'. 74 July _.34.02 3t.13 3S.*T 3t.It.12 UP It-20 Sows bids steady in high school. which was : while en route to West PalmBeach t.. ciI of '1wAkWi ,
f if b L* = re.... I" S I" IS'.. North Amer Co __ 42 23'. 23S 33V ', Oct. .31.02 31.It 30.IS 3t.IT.10 W* 10.13Dec. CATTLE:: 18.000: calves: 1.200. Uneven.. defeated 32 to 28. and the other They were accompanied by ...... I. ..t.. .. r
P e .. nOw ,. Norther Pacific 32 17%* 17 17HOhla .n.1I n.t? 2t.74 21.M i's 4 Choice steers and heifers steady; medium
i .. ... _.._ $4'. 10'. II I -0- March M 20 I JS OT W 3n up f and good grades 25-50e lower cows mostlySOc was on lowering voting age to 18 Mrs. Blydenstein's father. Dr. L. t ti
*M.t a 34 13" 34'. OU __u_ 2. 24", 23% 23'. I May ,21:70 28.57: 21:42 21:Tin up 7 tower: bulls and vealers steady' Five which --
_.. : .. 4 .1's llLi 2)at -. Oil Elevator __ 4 2734 21Y. July 27.70 2742 2745 27.12 up IS loads strictly choice 1.171-1.314 Ib steers years was approved by a i DeBeaufort of Buenos Aires. Argentina Un.Bible
... ___.... 1'. 1 ... Midd"nw lost Ja-U. UP 11. I 29 25; more than a load higher Several I very large majority. r
-.- Pg Os Elee -_ 48 38 S 37 2n.1 I __i".I. loads 28.75-29 00: most good and choice I Majority of these boys Mann j I i Scboob 1
._ .. .. Is II II I Pe TI. COBS ____ 4 4S: 4V4 fed steers 25.110-211.50: medium to .-
S 54 W'. II'. 10'. Packard Motor ___ 84 SS IV* NEW ORLEANS: AP) Cotton futures advanced I good grades 23.00-25.00. Load strictly declared. really take Boys' State : Miss Alice L. Nemttt has returned I
H ZS. 23'. 2ssJOS P.. Am AIr..,. __ -- 10'. 10'. 103. her yesterday on trado buying' and choice 974 Ibs fed heifers 28 00. Fed good seriously and settle right down to home to spend the Summer I II
S I .u. 3$ 31 P535.041. P A R 21 7\a II'. '7 short covering Closing prices wer .'.a ". beef cows 19.00-21 00; bulk beef cows 14 00- I : Mr. and Mrs. ; Give
I II S3 23 Parsm PIctures ___ '70 26'\re'\ 2.n. :. 211!. : IS t* 8S cents a bale higher. i it 17 50; canners and cutters t.50-13.50. Ton business. Twenty-two towns were with her parents. Prognaa
... 1S : US II Sus Psi?.. Min" uu T 12 1134 12 I Open Nigh Low Close It.00 on good heavy saussge bulls. Good set UP. on of which was namedfor i Arthur W. Newett after completI I ...
IS us i h.., UCI ____ I. 43'. 4231 42". I IP. 't July ____ .3S.M 35.t* 35'71 3S. 1.tl u* It and choice "vealrr 25.00-26.110. I Mann as Mannville ing her junior at Florida I
year I i if
4 U'. Ill. us40S ... eMU Alrl ___ I II
SwS.a. 23 small
VS I 73. 7"-? Oct. .31.02 31.12 SasS II.oS.t7 u* 13 SHEEP: : About steady en At Urn lla

S 1.1 S I'. 41 tsus !, P.P.O... Pwr Rft ._$____ :: 20 183: u.. :% I I Dec.MarchMil_.u,-.2t.ll 30 24.2S.03 2t 21...0 74* 29 2*..3t M up up 17 14 I II I II supply of weak ctit: Load and good spring cUpped lambs lambs Undertone State University.

$I.II csm -. : 14'. : us32S i h.-IoCGI.! __...... .143 32\a 31 31" !I I May '___.28.70 28.80 28.SI 28.80 UP 18 with No. 1 pelt 22.00: deck medium sod WatsonsEntertain Paul E. Ne ett has returned f f4w1"4' _....
33', 33S P..IPI DOd.. __ 23 31"31'", 38'. :, I good with No 1 pelts 2100 Few good home after a combined busintM
MfflMMMMIM 01. 'J IllS its in* Phts? ZI.c .__ S 23". 23" 23". and choice native Spring lambs 26 00 I Ipart UUAT1U-A .*.. SI
.... 31 MS 31 P0.s Corp _______ 10 25"2' 2a I. NEW ORLEANS (AP Soot cotton ctow deck medium to good 25.23. gugntcr and pleasure trip to New York.
IIII It II'. IS'. us Philip Worrta _____ I 305 *03. 3034 I steady. 25 cents a IsIs higher tale* 153. scarce: and nominally' steady. : Washington D. C.. and Pensaeot OWw 4-t CkrtB t-e* t
... I U its ns PbiJUPI P.1 ______ 28 II" N 68'\.c' I- Low middling 32.SO: middling 37.20: goo*) ewes 'ThuiS ..
IIN2.MS4 Stock 11.. which he made after the close of slam
: Pnu.d atJ Car n_ 13 10'. I' l'a I middling 37.80. Receipts none :
P'454S tit" 31' 37'J: Procter O.m _h 10 60'. 110'1. 503. I--3. MARKETS AT A GLANCE I his college year at the University I Kid a BMbtJC ftjf Ml*
g Sd 4 23, 2" P.b Soc lJ 24?. 23', 24 New' York B, MUS W. F. LEWTER stii c.. 1M ......sMr.
; A II"' II IIt.i Pull,,.. _-== ; 653, 85'5535 j NEW ORLEANS: lAP) Average Price of STOCKS: Steady Industrial in de (S 0'-'or' to Orando! Momng' Sentinel) I of Florida. ,
II: ::' II Pan Oil 13 2'%' 243. U middling IS/llths inch cotton at It South- mandONDS Mrs. A. A. Park has been undergoing I aM Mn. 0 Wand .....
SI .. : 11341IS I markets SS cents GOTHA-Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
S -8RI4IS j- .r" soot yesterday was ; H,9her: 'late upturn in rails
s. ... I.. 34'. 3J I Coip ____ 38 $34 I S I- a bale. hioh.r at 37.34 cent a pound: aver.ago e COTTON: Irmular liouidation. mill I Watson entertained a group of I treatment at the Orange Wtsa.. = SI
......, S W.. $434 S4'. I R.dle I[ Orph 28 12. II'. 12 for the past 30 market days 34.34 buying Memorial Hospital Orlando.Mr. TsstaP1e ...
p, = .... 44 2U. 211. ; IleGIIII Rand 21 33.. 32\ 32'. ,.1 middling 71$ inch average 35.71 cent a 1 Chicago I their friends Saturday with a i i 01 MI. 1M ... ... ...
n JI' n 33' 1tI1I. A.. __u___ I 4'. 4'. 4'. POIInd.I WHEAT: Eased, hedging preuur buffet supper and dance. Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Moore
a S'S 5'. 5' .: Sipii.$ *t,1 _.__.__ II 212..'. 24'. j.I CORN: Broke sharply. weather improve 0MIa .SSd ., I V.. 35
II 313, II', 1tI.. COP A Br __ 13 18" 183. 18" FOREIGN EXCHANGE *. Watson was assisted by her mother. and daughter Miss Marcia Moore '- tend aaL .....
ew-..,... "" It'" I. 14'. Ri8oId Tub>> a 21 405 39'0'. NEW YORK lAP) Closing foreign ex* OATS: Broke. sharply with corn. Mrs. Lu Flewelling.Mr. i of Chicago, have been visiting )..If. eB
43' I change rates follow (Great Britain in dollars HOGS: Steady to SO cent higher topS2SM and Mrs. Grover LaFlower 'and Mrs. Jack Monroe. 8cMII .. ..
la. ..f..., '
$tore S 23\10 233'. 23'. I .
.... 81 2. 8.8 PrS. 1$ 734 J 7; ,, Canadian. others dollar In cents la):New York open market I CATTLE Unevenly steady to SO cent Among the guests were Mr. I I Miss Betty Ann BuUer has returned CMfda h.. ...W ... ---rm
105' $.b.gl.v DhtiZ _:_ $2 2-. % 27': cent discount 91.62V D S. lower to. 539.25 nqMo 11ia ..s .. 1I
*mII .s. a.4SI n.. (.ab Al RR ____. 10 11%.. 15 15' 8' per or and Mrs. C. V. Roberts. Mr from Daytona Beach after
of cent UsoMrs
IiU' down 0 .
3534 ...rt Roebuck ___ 7t 37 36'. 36S I, cents Europe: Great 4 Britain 84 02%. unchang- and Mrs. Grover LaFlower. I visiting Mr. and Mrs Carter devil SStSSI

ssw 175 408. S hU.r,.|UBW.B lac ,.011-._____ 26 13 29S 12V4 28S uv4 12..1 jed: France (Franc .84V* of a cent. soehang.d ,I ClermontChurch Mrs. Elva Youngblood, Mr. and I Quint. I H. .td.y .. ::1

U Simmon* Co --- II 31% 31 31S ; Switzerland: Sweden(Frond(Krone(com 2785'U 23 unrhsnced .40. noI I Mrs. A. L. Mize. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred i Miss Blanche Bosanquet daughter I. C1..a'.. I C' ...
10'. taclalr OU __-,_ 36 US 15S 15V4 I bet ... 5 See .so54K
.... changed Tracy. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Bo- with s.sai.m
U 4134 __ I
It aMoay.Vacaaa
110 18 15S 16 : Latin-America? Argentina Ire 24 46 unchanged I has returned to. her home H. wa ..... .. !
r.p: a U' 24'. 3434 I SosAmOkP.10 4% 4.. 4S : Emil free S.50. unchanged.! Mes- Groups Lewter. Mr. and Mrs. George anquet ,
m343I',30 wthni PaeUia 45 40S lOu 40S8o here after her ... ISS .. ..
=: ,,Ics 2062. anch'nged. Kock. Mr. and Mrs. F. Sloat and completing junior $005.
.... .. 2' 3'S .Uwrn Rj ___._ 32 34 V4. 33 S 33 S
fl'. 21'. nile'c. etwrrr Corp 10 Its 11' lI',. I DUN AND ADSTMEtrr: : Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Siedel year at Florida State University !diM MIlt ..

-..... = It I'$3'.. 1J 1434 1 Uc ... .SpUMl*aad Br.nd lac ___ 41 6 2IS US 28S US 28S US I NEW YORK (UP) Dun and Brsdstre.t Have Picnic Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Newell were The Misses Barbara Hunter ;_j1 ... II IIij -

fl'rSIwy tl 31 34 3;'. St4 O I ___,... 135 24 S 22S 23 S dally weighted compiled price Index for United of 30 Press bssie called to Fort Pierce by the deathof Joanne Ferguson. Marian Ed I' 1M has ...... __
l : ..t 734 13. Staid Oil Cl 44 SIS >7H II ((1830-32 commodities equals .00:) I, MRS V. W. KELLY And his mother.is munds. Sarah Moore. Joan MeClenithan. thlIwliarry
;t1 $3 4." 4I" 'I'" at.... OU lad ?_ 31 41S '0"0". avnai_ __ ._ 257 tl MRS J. KONSLER I ',
I. ,44. $4 14 I SUBd Oil tij '70 76S 75S '71'? I Yesterday .__--_- -_--- === 25830 and Murray Browning w.u a. ...
P. lit .... "l01I 5334IS uad OU Ohl4 ?. T 27S 27S 27S Week Saturday ago ____u-.-.....,----_ 25740 ; l$ *c*of to Orlando Morning Sentinel.) visiting his sister Mrs. Jim I Tommy McEaddy and Bobb Mer- teinai iil -:-It.4 ij
III U 313iS I Irf9 ltd SU Srra __ 8 13 v. 12% 13S I of the '
253 50 CLERMONT-Members been
Month : rell have attending the Presbyterian
S J'I 21 21 "ttrUiM Dmf ____ ago i Swearineen tnCI1kass&t ..
t t I 40S 3t .0.. I Tear _____.____ .. 19880 I -
t J ,. 5'. 5$. 51$ !Stok4r.Vaa Camp 10 16S 16S 16S IOn high ago "(March 11) _____-_-_ 28'.25 Ruth Thurmond and the Louise Mrs. Travis Daleymple is visit- : Young Peoples' Confer1 r rf

= 7'1 4'. 4',. 434 atoM Wfbtur __ 4 I2V4 12S 1235$4sd.b.A.r 1947 low (Jan. 23) _----___...--- 232.80 Moncrief Circles of the Grace : ing her mother in Lakeland. 1! ence at the Florida Military Acad a r = -"
....... a 3$ 8's 3$. Corp __ 78 IBS US It Un.Ka.TTtlM4r s;: .
_.4 ISIt.N i ....nr OU ..,____ 35 tS tS IS I ;' Baptist Church held a picnic at I Mr. and Mrs. Walton Fisher I, emy. St. Petersburg I
5$1 MS JI 1so'IseMu.11 tS Louis Tiffany invented favrile.a Postal Picnic Grounds I Ia. ...
ibsI.SpkUSe. IS IS i the Colony have moved to Tampa. I Miss Rosa Lee Wilson accompanied
.... .15 t 3. 5'. t ...", Ce 4
33S 32S 32% .
$ ...... $ *3.23's J]', u variety of irridescent enameled' Thursday. Thirty-five were present Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Powell and Mrs. C. Eby and daughter f

ISIosb.sh.I ......... U'. us 13sM TeiM Co ______. 32 13%' 62". 63'., I glass, in 1894. Out-of-town visitors were children have returned to Georgia.Mr. Mary Clare of Winter Garden to I 1 I Or [
;" X$ ** MS 2tSt T.... Ovlf Rulphr 1 OS MS. 50S I Ruth Thurmond missionary rfl.....aM":5:
:1 ; Miss Atlanta last week where they attended
:. WS tl I3S T.zPSCk01$ 30V, 29 S 29% I I and Mrs. C. A. Bennett have
kSuSI n ns ns ns T.> P.c L TFq t ... 20 23V, 23S 33Vd from India Miss Dorothy Wiley. returned to Indiana for the Sum I the graduation exercises vtttiv
.. ..111$4 IMS 18* TMo Traa.am.Ttr W., A OU_____ at US 19 S US Open Monday Evenings missionary for India. Mrs. Malcolm j : I at Emory University. DHMJ ..... SI ...... .....
3 12S< US 13S
..,....aAll L u.. M MS ItS 11% Tran w." Air* 10 14S 14 14 MacAdams and children of i mer.Miss Sara Coggshall has returned Miss Beatrice Johnson. who has iRe Of, flUSW s is-- --
.... ..... __ 34 4.S 44'. 44 Sn ,TtVCOBl Corp __ 10 IS' 6S 6S Sebring. Mrs. A. K. Tucker and ntaI7.
: :: to Groton. N. Y.. from completed her freshman year at
s .. 5' us i sits C-Poi It 21,. 38S'\ 29 WARREN'SWinter
= Ii iii 4 u 11% -u- Miss Mildred Kuester of Henderson. : Minneola.Mr. Duke University. Is arriving this Mr. s.d *5 -r eet.ad.dtJw

F tk IMtlMt* ...... .5% Sa.. M MIf .. Bit P __ 38 31S, 31 31" Ky.Junior. I and Mrs. M. V. Coggshall week to visit Mrs. Hilda Blyden- :: I II IS'
,:. MRSSTn .15 'Ioe 5'. 514'I05 UclOB Cuba! -. IS 104% 104 V 104S" Park Phone 68 .
w 1W I II 14',. II I iDaloaOUCal __ I Jl', J1S 2n.0.1e. Chamber of Commerce : and son David have returned to stein Johnson at Lagomar n james M E"-
s' Pacific __, 4 130% 130 130 I elected .its board of directors for Groton. N Y4 Mrs. A. H. Irwin Peggy sandra I, Haf'Mfe.'

f -iThri--- g. y.,Tea$5-4 I Its s'. 48 S 45 I I;'Oattod Calttd Aircraft Air UBM__..w 42 35 US 21'21. 18S SIS 18S i the coming year at the last meeting Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bostick and and Stevie Lee, are visiting Mrs. wr : .5.

S MSt 34'. 2ISUS '': Vm CU-WB Sin _? t 5V''' 5 SValUd at the Gables. New board Is daughter Sandra have moved to Irwin's parents In Bradentown. a. sms ... M35 .. ..

I : .. usV 1414' Corp Pratt u._____ 36 42 49 3% 41 2% 49 3V.ks.4 Morgan Norris. D. J. Hatcher I' Orlando.Mr. Jeanne Hopson daughter of ),(r. James' W Mnt lie lit ..
; j ftORENCE8CAUTY ._.. Itflei .S It V..... Oaa Imp 3 21 20% 20% Oakley Seaver R. L Coon. Charles I IKansler. and Mrs. W. T. Heddon left and Mrs. Howell C. Hopson. and J. T Tin SI ...... Is.. I C!
: ,... ,... 31S3S Caittd M. M S 14Vi U 14 N. N. Hugh Embry ; I I .
? Thursday for Pork Rapids, Minn.. Billy and Gene Brown sons of Mr.I, TIM 4 $ .. ... NSJa-4
SHOP ... t 453.. .tSMS I U a OTPMBI ___ a 101 101 101 PRICKLYHEAT
!! M MSt ITS .D a ladM Chem 1 47S 47% 47S W. B. Harmon John Boyette and ; for the Summer.Mr. and Mrs. Uoyd Brown and Mimi IMrt .1W_ I C "'-"

,. .. M M. U-w IMw US IISMS O a Rubber 34 44s 42% 43S I George NageL I and Mrs. Vic Ovennlller and I Lassiter. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charm .a.. D.. ....
._ ... ... S MStt s31S O S *.*l -.=====_ 44 68 U 66 Vk 67 U Clermont students home from
.o .... _. SIS 2234 I IIIS son Donald Kiscaden left last | J. Paul Lassiter are attending the 143114ky ....., ..
t ..... ... n. ... ..r' M ..J.,. I2S VII ChgTwt* Pf .20 104 104 104Walker college are Jack Sayers and How' :week for Texas to reside. I Montverde Summer camp 1 : Tha OllIIa.A. .
,iir tS a .. ItSIt us us4S ? -w- ard Walters from Rollins College. .....
tkS05Ps4s MMft 4S 4SMS Ri 0 W IS 20... 30 20 I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Longstreetof Roger Brannon is In Norfolk Va. is
Part**) ft. ft S SI 41IS Walvorth Co ____ 31 t% tS tS Jack Gaddy from Marion Military Charleston. S. C.. are visiting Mrs. Sterling L. Hunter Is undergoing of Atlmtn
iwa05 t>% S l lMS Wtrner Broa rid ._ 34 ..111"- 15S Institute In Alabama. Red Mc- ',
1-1' tl*.I I Weat In* 8u( .___. 11 SS", 3S 25V4Writ Mr. and Mrs. George Kise and I treatment at the Mayo
.-.-. Ua Tel A __348 20'". 20 30 S. Careary and Donald Johnson from : family In Minneola. Clinic in Rochester. Minn. I .
N,05M15 tl tS 8% IS4IS Weetlaa Air Br 14 31V4 30% 31V Norman Park College: Dick Stokes. !' Presbyterian j
*, r.4. ... 5.1 41tt tISS2S WMtlBI lie __ 77 3SS 28S 28S Bill Lorenz. Bill Lee Maurice
..... .." (3*' .34 2JSus Wht linf hell 2 37V 36 S 36 S
__ ""'- 1$.,. isM whIle Meter _-._ 4 22; 32V 22S CooledSoothed-At! Fletcher Pete Causey. Tommy
.., .4. WUl7-O..rUD4 I' IS IS SwIl. Fleming, Clifton Bailey Jack Daily Citrus Auctions 'Youth G,
... ...
-.. t.+ '.. .. ? i'.suM f3S 31S I3Su Cot __ t 13S 12S US ,
k'44I bus us us us Woelverta Inn _- 11 tII', 48* 41% 1. Fail 2-way rttltf I Firtt,new Gaines. Jimmy Htnson and Pete
.. .. .... .. w.rtSffiPmM 3 2H 51V. 82S Burtis from University of Florida; ORANGES .
-Y- Johnton'i Prickly Heat Powder florida Std. Boxes ,.....
$ *l 4 Ys53bk..4S 12 1V4 11% Audrey Hunt from Florida. State I std.Bona WIr'bd. Sod.PJ,'. Ca1t. 4'S ... Returns IiIIIe
a I ;* -zZealll gires you soothing refreshing University Emilie Moore, Gene I .....
Product .._. I 5'. ts 6VApprejiUaate relief-instantly! and Carol Gaines from CTIT-Muttt term Cars AY. Cars A1'' C.n A1'' carr A1'' CaN A.. fsie. so (5ed ..... .......... j jW
l '11EE' tlnal tout today 190 000 Cantwell New York City Iblher) ______ 1 3.85 31. GO 7 4 n 41 2 n .. _
Philadelphia hither) ____ ___ 15 J 12 tIa"AM.
IfrPdmaPdrd4' ELECTRICAL 2. teal Southern. I' n 1 4 n. II 4 .IS .. _
GRAIN HANOI SpMdl xiling Prickly I'BOton (hlgher3 3.731 2 4.23 14 762 ]
.S gb ; CHICAGO'(UP) beat rAh thrives in moitrure. The Rev. Hugh Embry and Oak- : Fittaburib ( tr----- = = ; 3.57 _. ... 11 s St = = .....

.....,, .... Open High Low. Close. ley Seaver have returned from St. ; Clnelend steady) __ 9 4 lIT __ __ 4 n _. .. ,..,.... ...
i--- WKIAT Johruon't Heat attendedthe Chicago ..... ." 4i EQUIPMENT -.a. _uu 223V. ____. ____. 228S Only Prickly Petersburg where they st. Loula (hisher -- 2 4.' 1 ._. &'- Pr'n 1 ...
July 2.IOS 2 IOS 2.072.0'%. Powder coaUint aup r- baort>- Methodist Conference. i Cincinnati Cstroll,) ___ 4 3 12 4 I. ._ .. ft"tafff
. _-...... ...... r Be4. -.--- -I08S- 309V. 208V* 2074 ent J-toftite.: So this powder Mrs. John Ard underwent an Detroit (hither) _._ __. .3 4.11' __ ___ 1. M,
Dos.205% 209S OtS 207 Biltimore .. ...
-------- -- 3 253
: : = SHARES My ___.__. 2.OSS 2.06 204V 2.0n. quickly absorb perspiration... operation in Eustis last week. I Totals ____- 1 iii ii iii 10 4.14130 356 :: = JtN. : W :""II r: :at.
..' CORN Dr. M. B. Prentiss is visiting in GRAPgFRUITU.sU a ('
__:_ helps keep kin dry-ipeedt
July 1 87V 1 88 1 82'. 1.8543.p I
! J .... Af/fIIf t. o. _.u_ ..11"'. ..'Jt 187 ..19.* healin,.TfJ it today 1 1JOHNSON'S Oklahoma. Mrs. M. B. Prentiss is Ploilda. N... IsMrs. ..

1 ... .. OlOU* $ICUITIIS., INC. Dee. _.u.___ 15tVk' .15tVa UI 1S3S in Miami. 1 CTIT-I.fartd term Std.so.es W1ftW. Ia'sss.s 1U1''. .... .. .. krDS
My Ul .I1% 149 1.49Vl .
OATS-- Malcolm MacAdams arrived Friday I New York ___ Can A. Can A. Cur A' c:. W ........ .... Iko ...
CU Ibllher) _
Jml r .tlS 92 ."... _89>. from Sebring to join his family I _-- __ 1 J 12 4 2 II a 2." 0IMIe -. : ..
nuh Phlladclphia (higher) &i.-s.
V4e ...... Sept. ___ .834 .'3% 80'* .80'.. ., who are visiting Mrs. Mac- Bosto. ihisher. u === 1 n _1 2.55_ :: =
---- -- =
_._ -- -
De '
.. ... .... n_ .79 81S S. .T9S 1'-2.71.'78 S 77 78SMarck PRICKLY HEAT Adams' parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cleveland PllUblinh ((loweT bllbn) )_____, ___ __ -1_ ._. 1.10_ .,..,. .... to ........
._. '
W., .77V .T7V .74U .75 ViBARLXT -5 ScO
?- B Roe. I ChIc."o (higheri __ _ for a i'sIS.Mt. ..

Dee. uu.. --_-_ ___ _____ 1.3634 POWDERLvs4vn Miss Ruth Thurmond has returned I; Cincinnati St.Iauis '(-lower-----)---_- -- ==== = = = = = ::: s.. *a .. __ ...4rtIoIlwd

7& JflNMhia CHICAGO PRODUCE from Nashville. Tenn.. Detroit lower) _______ __ ___ __ _. II ;_I. t' ...

,, c& A notricTui OM IIQUIST tCRICACO (AP) CU8DA) Butter about where she had been attending Baltimore Totals ----------- ________-_____.----.----. :::::::= 3 3ii 1 2.17 3 J."ti bem& sSIhm .. Ie *. .........

: ..f DII 1M'lilt. "-.s pM ......... d.sIw. Steady. .I AA 13 ft score not.lliteft- A 82 63.2S3.7 -. school and Miss Dorothy Wiley of GRAPEFRUIT I I tanesa fit .... ..... ... f
$ tO. 7142.25 C 81 '5956025Eggs
.,... Milwaukee, Wis, arrived this heedless)) Dkk 0e9tI ..
c-.4 ateady to firm. Ian Mo. 1 and 2 .. __ e ;
!!! !;ii! >. 1t .... .. nUN 44-4. medium tztrai 41-419, staodarda week. :Miss Thurmond and :Miss I, Jn4. 1U1''. Tnaa .. '
Bert Bsb- I
tjk *
o \ :I ... ...., 4U Wt........... Ttrt X K T. 40 1-41: current receipt: :395-40. dlrUa CTIT-llartd tena ste.nies WinK Asses Sexos I .. *
? c.'f111-. *nd eaotkg 37-37J' Wiley are missionaries on furlough I New York CItY higher') h_____ 1 1.12 11 J 01 2 4 n __ ... end a* D.fls I l"
w.........._..... L!' MU .4 1 from India. I Philadelphia ehishec' ---__ __ ___ 3.11 1 160 _. ._ Y(.... -
gwcrsafoo by Ike ateikers..1Johss. Boston ___ .
(higher 2 __
I -- 1.01 2 :3 I' __ __
SletorbU! Please drive Mr. and Mrs. Jim Heddon and .
1 care- ..' Powder .I Pittsburgh Ibaher) -- .-. few 271 I ofMr.&i.. '"
fulljr! Remember children s lobv family of Lakeland visited Mr. and I,.I Cleveland flower) -- Sew 4.01 4 2tO: _. _-. a *u .homet1Nso4r. Se.

fortet-bat motorists mast not Mrs. W. T. Heddon. I:I ISt.I.ouia Chicago hllber_ .) -- -_- -_- -_-___ 2_ 3.01 ._. -_-- isis i II I jHt i ....B rMtm te Ws-.... .MS

Mrs. Nellie Godwin has returned I CincinnatI Qo..er) _- 4 221 -- q 3 I" ''f1emIb. .,. wtfl fii ,. t.e

to Georgia. : Detroit Baltimore lower_. -)-__-__--________-__ ___ -__. 1 2.40. I a.a I i i'Mr.sMWnl. ..
j Junior Jefferies of Plant City :I' Totals ___--_____--_________--____--_ 34.67212.50 h 567213210 Inveesois .... I,.. .

' c.*. M end gst a LOAN x7S > -- ---- _
% -
&kAl AUCTIONTJust : QApt-MS- IS A : -p -nit BE A ONCri 10 PEDDLfi PI 44uA.. P5N 91$

!* 311 } qllAt, IF H6 THINK* A COUPLE OP TrlEC PfTMU CACtitS ThI PTCOI4 .1 I

1, .0. ** lM'! COINS* TO! PUN WIR pEgAMeIucg5.Os BUT UTOE

; : $* P.isoot r TI41c I4O1.CA fMo! Ci.A.idAIN8 1 If O1N6 10 Iup II I

,, : : OF 6.iTlEFgocEEps-1 y3ps .

( .MlIIWIIteIIIk'kI .j: I 'k N04'PUTl! -A,

; k
. -. the things you've
-- L1 2134 I
1 riftll! been looking for I
JLJ&*** A. II II _

_ '
IiI1LN-S.. The. entire furnishings of this beautiful I C

; i 14 room home at 131 Park Lake Ave. I
___ 1 are for sale, including antiques and

I I household appliances.
o.-r. fOt1Ct
px.xrn i
i I'I'i' For additional information Phone 2-3836
TITLE MSMAMCE, 'bu ... .... ,... : I
....... .... ..... .... = t
.. 11a Baylarian

= -. : u: == : I I 'l1Ir.! ,' -

*..., Tewr to OS knvwm atitogt : I
4 w. Itr notj bnri-ct. I 1 Auctioneer I i i'I
-.,. 1 WOW OLD oces 00 J I

I I Open house for your convenience, in I

It c.e1ITrust. .: 'I selecting and inspection of these articles IE

i Monday and Tuesday 10 A.M. to 12 *, : cH 8

I Noon and 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.
2Tr..citrIflaIl I / i


,.... SsorITI.. iow.-.stss sr 'ritz.pn.Uni i I i


TIlle lIIa.r.I'1 ltraliHaIt1tHOS 10 A.M. IIL

. ,'A., Come early/ these/ articles will/ sell// very fast. Ii ,.. L

.' :- .- -. --- :- --- 1 ,.. J


--- .-
- ---- -- -- -- ----- -- -- .
------ ---- ---------- --- -- -- ---

-- : a: ,""= ..-,.:-. -,,-._ ". ,"" :' .!; _. ',- - : :=::- -> J""'e"S5'< : -'" J '-- I' .''I- .,- ... -. -, ... .. .....
T ;.:0 ,.- _J. -- ,- = ;;.. :: "" ,,J$, ""- ... ..


I-*. Bah Ut.f -.Child Car I I' 14. Beauty Parlor I 17. Hauling and Moving : 19. Service Offered 19. Services Offered ,,19.i Services. Offered 19. Service Offered M/IIniI1 .PeItlrlVW 1
e '
Me'nI' OP gilder rar* aU. VISDr AUK&ICAX. BEAUTY 8ALOK-44$, i AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO CONCRET* FLOORS. *U. We fora FLOOR SA.'fDL"fO-Piatshlni. ck*. I LOTS CLEAVED' Prompt service T8fi IZMO8a8i1 ua11Ml aaS ) .,.fl It 41P6- '
..w 1st ui7s w ..... ... ,, W. Church eppotit Ri lto Theo -Lont distance movlnt CaU Jom- pour and finish concrete noon tug waxing Exclusive agent for Free estimates any USB. 111 Irvin m. Pall itt.ar nr. J as .* "
m ......... Wia..r Park. I III. i{ tor. BoD.... formerly with KUubeth er Tan and Storage service for free driveways walks and step For Flor-Co Sealer which guarantee perfect phone 2-117 Jofca Newton.F ten .2$H S gtaMeriia F* amj ,
.....1-1_ I I' 'IeIL Wtlcoau her ptren mafriend. estimate, also local movlB tome. price estimate all 2-0256. Dunham satisfaction to Ton who desire F PLUMBIC RJPAIRS-B1U KIN fori j I SEPTIC TANKS- CUMNwafc -evgeytateg $ _f.IIMIt.. t I
IIIN'riat' NMIns .. F'r tppolntmtnt ph. 6931AiniZIUUH packlnt. erattn and thipplat. 1400 Concrete Co.CLAY I Quality Lasting Floors. Estimate. { pamp4 **4 aaatoa. F 4Buk
..4M a411sM j S. Division; ph. 1988.I free. Orlando Floor Surface Co. 'i I' promt guaranteed repairs Plant *. Pnaamtt figHial. .aaastt Ditmr a at11AL'WA'50toU
AMANDA MABP01UWraJ rtdJM .1 I -30 X. Fine. Mildred | ROADS BUILT-Also Ilm rock : Established sine 1925. 1809 N. Orange ''I i I' 5059 Residence 1729 Grand i Mgd. 16. Baa m. a-aiii >; : PS-. ::; "
,u. i. > Wr. 717**. Prances Rhotdes. Betty I ALLIED VAN UNES. iiiCrMason'slargest paving with surface treatment. : Ave_ phon 7836.FURN1TUKR I PLASTER: PATCHING by an es *rt Parfib.- .M a
... .. ... Ml West Caldwell X: Dorothy ot houshold foods Work guaranteed. Bumby 8imp ; TRACTOR SERVICE .
,b* AN Me.. I Dora Phillips and movers Alao minor repair* Orlando Baw grave* at a*
..s.a..a ....... ... 't 7-2371__ i! Claaea All hUhly efficient withy can Fidelity Stories & Warchoiu son. Inc. Phone t-437.: I Maintenance; dial W4 : groaad .... ... Uia Insist .... rash v.... a*.
-. .. ... a.&au Old grocery. ears *f trptrlente. Phone 4462. I Co, for free estimates on your ton '! CONTRACT BUHDING of new lahed. Slip t1PHOIBI'EREDRefta'I'I PLUMBINGSERVICE-West Casttral : ties or hag- rax Fit. 2-TW. <)-*..*, sVdlkMl --. t 4
%*. ear.** OMe.S4-&. IAtri.a..sgMst dtetanc movlnc. 5 -6t W. Jackson 418 W. TRIES-PALMS' ftas ." ...
-- ...... IM orxrs BEAtrrr SHOP-sprint nwciU. I 1 I homes and repair to homes and I Plunking Beating Co. 1} N IY
***... Barker, E. ,,5t Phone a-3184. .. wi h.c, i- aMn
a. BK reduction la heat .aea. I buildings of any kind. Repairs fin- HOMES Brvan Day 2-2236.. Nwht 7534.I removed Bmafi I
M 0I-: Mga 1.wags. Cold .**.. a peciaUy. :204 8. Main 1 FULFORD VAN &: STORAGE COi !e anced. Se! T. P. FuEard. 39 L Amelia I aide and out. Licensed and bond- I m Irrta 8tt..4, Fieaat t tCTHOtSTESWO .ire..ae. a.seas. .
aMB.fti* navies dally. ''PIloN 661e. i CaD handle part loads to Pitts- I ; phone 24032. ed. pale phone 2-2037. I TaUared ga sea .
N edvl Tae*. av Taw, 2:JOi ,, burh and Cleveland June 20th Ph. IIWGBETS era wear .ad fit wets**. MvelMrtcr am '41i If
i 0 *m 441 W. Caarca. Km. SPRING PERMANENTS Machine or I K86 for free estimat 133 N. Main. CARPENTRY RD'AIRS-No lob too HOME REPAIRS-Trvn (I paturms t* CMM trwaa lias
r to.. .... -. __ 'fOIl I rhtneleu M liP phone 8964J (i small. Prompt serrlc. Can Don- front to back. front roof to cellar PUMP SERVICE- MattraasC HO w Cst.ftsi; SVJETJ 31. (1aa. i*>*. M 14dAaaDw.
.% l Charm Salon. SM W. Amelia. : GENERAL HATJUNO-m-ton truck nelly 21239.CONCESTS i Including heating and ventilating I -
keatiYc. .Q'or I I available Telephone! 5567. All work guaranteed Can 502*. Installed immediately and serviced J CPROLSTCKINU m < .i Ie .
*** a.--4 .,.. CHARLOTTE-KAY BEAUTY Salon. 8ERVICZ: Floors i
Hrs pnoaptlr Urns Ageacy. Tracy's. 2SPlsat I iahtag W* eU wjiigt S .. I
U Cratte. art*. svUtBtn* It.. ', Ph. 4014. Jnvtu TOO t. uc them I EKOLLENBXRO8 Local movlnc roofs, driveways step and walks. I St.. WtnUr Gardes ptMo* 331 i Call Ingrao-Bmwa. 41* W.metro. idNai. '
sir It .*. A*** 11. open M 'f.r _a lit, culture. Hilda Monet. storage! cratini. pactinf. Also The best in engineering, workmanship or Oath Dial IIS. ask fee 1919,113.PAIRTL4GWaiarPrafintl 2-GOOe ... J3.. 95. no...._ I
Thaw* .*** An Vivian Lawrence. Marcaret Whlddeo. Delcber' Lone Distance and mal riaL Free estimate BOMB GAS SERVICE tr.tae .
,W as/1sus4ts tr swst via McCrory Bldi_. 9Pstatrs. agent for 508 Macy St. Dial 486S. i For concrete work of all kinds call I T lrl1D _._ ... R 4-2.; ... j jAbgo j
IIJW..JC .5..e I RAYS BAOTY SALONMS Movlnt. | 67BO or 8530. Buchanan Concrete Co.DRY Self service gas units new in stock I tr...... .... .....Mrepairiae. I. 'isAibip I

liitt .rnc&di.#.... X. Waihlncton Ph. 9725., ?erunent LONG DISTANCE: MOVING Ail i i Email Initial cost. Call Libby & II "rill Upb.V 0551. .. ...ay.0e :.
I i
ready U '
I points. Packinc. crmtlnj. local movinc. CLEANING W* employ only Freeman. 711 W. Church. ; aU mar i mf.I 4 5.e
tpetialu e 90
-a7 to pw wna sat eftststat setv. : $ WP. Suddath Movlnc Storage Co J i killed, experienced help: and I GDI7 nrface. 'hero' system I VZHZTIAK AEI t-t"aa 4 7 .
I:.. IM **.* MM. We elt at 9.33 : RATS BEAUTY PA.'tLOR-AlI types I US W. Columbia. Pbon 8154. modern machinery Try ms. MacDuff Forcbes.: doors, windows screened. !: Special Sasiater .tm.as of SN .....- .. !
fr law* E CB,rchi Heeded tos rtd. N. J. Barnes. 7432
as ia/ar : Cleaner. 204 Rldsewood, corner
NNa/ tlt.P. r. : permanent YlYe. Pre-heat and 1 I 15.U i reflauaa ra-tssa stir wart.Oruada .
M il- illfa. -se.a.* t., raid wares a .r>ec1alt Dial 4232. 18. Laundry Work T I Rotalind Phone 2106Q.'DIDn" HOUSES: WASHED with steam. I PAINTING of any kind, oar work I VeaiUaa faced kilt Ca .. AItWN s..6aVU.Se i
...sd 4-b '= but *M bn. M fait Pine. On place only : I Harmless to paint and flowers |i guaranteed Banded and licensed. I 173 Kuhl Av... 8 aw !.
M .. c* rt s.1WIWJi TRUCK SERVICE-Shredded Steam House Washing Co. Ph. Term if desired: free estimates, Bel- .
'Nat r AV ...... l.nM. FOR QUICK DEPENDALBX service peat, top soil fill dirt. E. L. Shtrley. 2-3625 I I VENaTU.1 BfOJBW--ana* like *.. ida u.Mw
.4 15. Schools and Instruction ': bring your laundry to 710 & Jer- Winter Garden. Ph. 149 Black. 'fand._2-4287.__ Lowest prlres Best servM-as CaU .''.5.a' i .
11VW/8.13'tU. eau' niaa St. HOUSECT-EANINQ: SERVICE Oener-1 1 i PAINTINO To .
r : preserve that nee Adam Pb 955 919 W Oatral Oflanao. -
Tss *e lavrty .u la her '' ACCOUNTING CONCRETE WORK; drl..us-atc.*. ..4 a68i- I
ps Cnslneerlnc. HUhSchool. : aU spring. Fast work. neat strvlc |]I Jeo<<. let us paint for you BOW. Pea
bra 44-.. ewt.Md, pW..et Iarsa laurnauonal. Correspond : Offered I I walks floor septic tonka, licensed We clean eeliinc walls woodworkfloors Stanley P. Curti. Bonded. Contra.I .1. A. ,
I.... .. 19. Services bonded Southern States Floor :i VKTS7T1AN Walib' aiiAJ ..- .. "..... ; I
SchooU. .
.. .. r : Veteran approved. LO. and furniture. Service is managed 2-JIJO.
I: 1 Stats r....... wllh ........
2-2206 for estimates. i
I Co8714
.aur.-a.'C. -
.. Ros. P. O Box 2974 ptl. 282. I br old experienced janitor .
( ? Otd at 4*: : ALARM CLOCKS REPAIRED: Any : ROOF REPAIRISa-Kew roofs In- i O *raateed let *a pool fist ar ckapi 9aM. asu4w
...l ran year tssse601 HIGH SCHOOL-Complete ihiib kind of clock or electric equip DRESSMAKING Alterations men Housekeeping made easy. For the stalled. Patching and painting i For any kiaa af .Msaa. Mg aw w 6' .*. .4.. >> ....
... 414 IMMN TMii TMu ... a, bootes school: at home to spars tun with ment. W* fix everything. Barker Repair : and women Cotton print for Summer !> best call 2-3245. !|I Red the Roofer" Phone 2-1255. ft. at caa.A.. '* ems.
=, ala raauta' vlumin Aauricaft School. Teat turnlshed. .. Shop 48 W. Central Ph. 7696. Call ),Ir.. Wells 6958. or :2520E HOME SERVICE General repairs. I! ,' pairs fMtel7.ft FLOXW M'< 't f
t. MMb.N' wtth aewack N. d...... Diploma. Free booklet. Robinson. New construction. Window screens I RADIO INTERCOMMUNICATION.: Orlanaa :. tax woW .
Venetian I, Installatloa and repalrt Also
M. glwge AI.. dnssiM Writ. American School Dept O. C.. AWNINGS porch curtain I ELECTRICAL REPAIRING and house and caulking service Licensed and home reo 1733 S. KBhl. .*). $*" -H4. .
Pull line of LMlrs all and car radios.Puller !!
.. Uo P. O. Box 3111. Orlando.PIANO i bllods slider coverings wiring. Call 4S14. Miller Willis. bonded OowswtU. Phone 9332. on -
Bros, 114-B Park Av_ 8- 1WASRTNQ MAcOust NLPA0s PMOS1 ... .. '
I material. Phone 9826. Florida Awning j .* >
... II... Mm I.e& SSONS--Bestn or continue Co. 432 S. Hughey Electrical Contractor LETTER WRITING and public ctenocr j i Winter Park: ph '1". Service oa ail auk**. *4J wwM ,Ins'. J '
'. Laetl Janis I ; FURNITURE: Ul'BOLSTm'-ReflD-' phr. mail and phone ...
yur itndy. Sue Dunnaian. servic RADIO REPAIRING Factory n Al WMsM. >H S. I. '!-
a ..... Part rail 2-0077 |t APPL1AJ.CB SERVICE )llreawo- Uhlng. .4 piece bedroom suit Parker Business Service; 2-1287 I -- trained 1 Kaley Ate. ph.a. ttfl
teehniciars I plus genuine a E .
'IiWa1a i ancrs terricef (no radios! ) parts iMves r
142 50 2 piece living room salt (61
.rr T1 I.. *ohs.Complete. i I tble Work fuarirueed R. N. Med- P ul'. Repair Shop Ph. 2-1168 LAWN ) REPAIREDanndsharpened. I assure highest aality service at low- WELL BRlLt 0-V aN.llgsifllU N Iae lee I ..+ Ita r
feu tai 16. Trawl Information i'ltn. ph. 7364 or 23021._ i up 1 24 hour service. Work est coct Britt' G E:. Radio Service drill loll.. a4 dal wsa* Itto .. .-.. <- _"
... II t.3OO be.uU f', : APPLIANCE SERVICE-Ranges, fans. !I 1 FURNITURE REPAIRED Fever picked np and delivered. Atomic Machine 384) K Oranse. phone 81142. sis VP t* (. .laca as water ..V8e5W .. .j/ *. .:: .
EDINBURGH International Music Upholstery Shop. Reasonable. Expert & Welding Co, 1166 8. ...
Orange .. .
0s.. red C7.O washers, radios. AH appliances. RADIO-Electrical aervtco wlrtegHome p31ey yA M Nt ...... a 4 '. es-.
and Dram Festival An escorted workmanship. Work guaranteed. Ave, Winter Park. Win
.. 1113 ..... bit, or auto radio industrial electrons Wei PwstSwnly ,. .
'..imaieeMAUOEFoe I Adapting oil lamps to electric a Y. rwMM> in -
: TLtks l lass.1 Europe. Drpartlnc Aucuit b.r t specialty. Pick up servic CaldweU lith via Queen Elizabeth. Orlando 8895.lURJli1TUR&. MATTRESSES Road. Orl...... Ma ft WIt
and Harris 2213 Edgewater Dry College i, RENOVATED and re- 2303: E. W&aaa1llPOD.431%. fhoew"uI. .
rtbriw; Travel Service. Ill X. Central dial REPAIRED and refinisbed covered The Russ WAMACHDAll t
Mattress intern .
sYM.r...: Mu OUM" '504. I Park. Phone 21972._ .,[ ROOFISQ-Free esumites. 3 years -'!! .' W .
like Cabinets give better
made look.
new. to and better
comfort main 24 hr ...we 551
JaJe A'.. I-nla. .JCY Nashville.. '"Memphis.vicinity ALU3 CHALMERS SERVICE and order. TindiU Furniture Co.. 2323 N Call os 2-2213. 1122 W. Churn shingles to pay Work guaranteed. Roll Pick up armee Calwvel arf salk tit.r4a a ,.
and units.. or liP and asbestos PSMW 5..e
or ea rout. Want ride: parts tractors power Orange Call e54l.I St rts. 2211 Cdsewatcr Be Cuss fSk.219T2 .
fadMdaa I I Stan- Smith A: Son. ..US.BOOP .
vacation bectn July I. Reference Farm and Home Machinery Co., 40 Tbot tawta < stmu.e ...
1202. W. Robinson: phone = .
Call Ills Brown 4161 or 2-OOS3. I dallied. All American floor fI' service + -
with .
... I-JiOe 2.JOU guaranteed. Check WAsano MAcmrc .
ar .
HAVANA and Nassau by boat or ACETYLENk and electric welding Modern, dustless equipment. Work George Stuart. 13 8. Main, St* phone ; promptly; male*. Martag Nfklal inks 95 10 ow 5.r .
22223. .
'U- *. Dally tom marbles work on pump saw mills MI.r Ca -
plan*. Call Orlando Travel Service I guaranteed. Licensed, bonded Prompt 8158 !1 Barton's next U Cuss Taeawst.: '
Ie 1 W Or Allr Ortttft O. D. and road construction machinery 87 Wssua.fl. .
lit I:. Central dial 95O4 I! service Bus Floor Surfacing co.. Wink Park 93
o Ely W Cant Ph**. M37 aluminum and brau caUac. McKiaj ph. 21370.FLOOR RUGS OPHOLBTEBy CLEA.1ED. _
...Maclhavt, r W P IMtty INdMerM 'a.neir.I NEW YORK-leaving before June (j Machin Works. 131 W. Kale,. I Expert workmanship, fast service ; WELL= DEUflo-W. gaavtlssai si Atik/s. ..W .....
21. Desire reliable driver. Preferrldd'e SANDING Ftalihln Bpe1 "
small diameter %. ftS
M **. w
Cleves 4 ADVICE : 1 Guaranteed mothproofing Ph --
U ta AiMte. rtMM TO BtTu.DiRS-Allei Supply dalix service.
sled Pentra-Seal treatment.
man Expenses paid 20 PLUMBING SERVICE- and Caa laataU wear
:: quotations. Se* Mr. Uou at Mills 2-290. Kleenlse Co. of Orlando FfJ MS fix Mav4 it s. Amm.
Mr Loasvine. Raab'i Caraie. 37 L yrs. experience. Modern equipment. : en plan. Calla Mat FtFreadi ,
IIms latgr i South. 11 to 1 dally i and Nebraska. 'Work guaranteed. Licensed. Prompt Prompt service and supplies. Standard REFRIGERATION SERVICE: : Commercial t. esed.] "... Pasts aIF .. a .- ,i.e....
= lL lAst and Found CABINET AND MILWORK to special service C. R. Burke 7851. Arencr Call Tracy's 28 Plant i 1 18t sad household repairs 1T'S Ntle1R8-Wa' "UM-cw. Maas .
.rr .a. 15. Schools and Instruction order. Central Florida Lumber FLOOR .' AND FINISHING .. Winter Garden, phone 331 or Good work, charge: reasonable. Fer- W : BHagaey ca. i I.! n' in. I
peatry re-rooilag. etc
IDOO LOST-bid sad .1U band.W Co. Mills and Nebraska. nun Betrtgeratten Service: f h. t'l52? 05.95 "!
Prompt service. Modern equipment Gotha Dial 116. ask for 191""-J-13. .

O M gt .
M eta.0a
i R M .
drM .
q eee ... .., .. .tttr. CUmd D REAL ESTATE LAW and practice. CONCRETE FLOORS Driveways.steps. : portable power unit Established RUGS AND UPHOLSTERY cleaned ATTIC: *a* ..
'Ua. n: W tonlerd ..
w., 5.a.4 .s5. "" I ... Preparation for Broker and Salesman. flagstone Reasonable I 1935.! Skilled workman: licensed I la your own home. Approved 43o.t Good flares m a. a
r ... S. w- Hit .TOO LOIT-Cdv. braw. led ... Home study courses now avallabl Thirty years in business Free estl- bonded Insured. Stevens Floor Surfacing SMthod Moth proofing. Prices red In fjjt -- M s .
...... *. -.....k. Ctt J-711L *. Major Crank. 139 E. Pine; 6566. mates C. N. NldY. Winter Park 489 Co. Phone 8582. ced. Dixie Rag Cleaners Ph. 7642. a.ass "tw*

a ... g*..t TEACHER of voice and pl.no.peelll- CLEANING AND PRESSING Cash !! FURNITURE REPAIRED and recon- PAINT ESTIMATES Color: 'U SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED and !> CLOVER 0rU tMlctgej ..** MfgCemaal.a... .-
:. -i .., wi rhtn with i Islni la students of Junior and and carry prices will save you dltloned for longer wear and better tions. Reliable painters le"l cleaned. State approved. :20 yean "Country fried cbtcaca Hk s.**sv
..E'r.. .. .."... e.u.. ru.t 1211 w PrieI i Sealer huh school axe. Mrs. Julia money. Brine us your clothes. SU- looks. Russ Mattress Co. 1122 W. mended. Hatch. 6001. At '. la business: AltermsU. Call 6730 or i always cwk4" f .. Cr ,
.. .1...... at.id.. K. Campbell, phone 2-7112. perior Cleaners 214 Boone St. I Church, dial 2-2213. i 7571 for service. I I' : (I"I" r r.. .... PHr -



+ a NJ 'CP WT THE Wi6D EYTItIiL6 II S.AND BE R7 AOY i +, __ "
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b k AZ+.l.? t$4'1.T QPkz. NAND T41E,4i OIEC TIE L t7NT WE'>.E pOK74... -i1O ME/ IAWYREFIKE Ts. MARRY 'tATTALOTTAc

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I 6 4-\r t, TNlhfUN OFCyIYIN I NRY4h
r sr S E Til BRUSHOFF, aR.f C O a 0Fa ><

REMEMBEit 2 N\i a
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T i :: : - : -- :: c :_ _.- -. .' .-' ". : .:

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13 Articles top Sale 51. Homes for Sale 81_ Boa for Sate 11. fl.-- .
iIznua rnItnr1 I i IIArtklM for SaloKLSxmiC 13. Article for Sale POOR PAHazel AUNT HET

!c H atL U. 47 WATER BEATTRS-30M PIPE_*;- black. lie per foot. 31 VENETIAN BUNDS-Fetory nd* It CLAUDE CAI.LAN Ir ROBERT QUILLEN AA construction.SECTION Concrt tad COLLEGE excellent PARC-Prewar S busgalee
I aluminum P. 3 elu -
W offer
-**Uei. S.S 15* 30-altoa __Eat Church Ph. 2-3736 production. "e exquisitely nook
slat blind six Soc per so.. hm. 1UI ,I
water ". Baaiby .. 102 any
75 X 150 Owaer
t, r..mi.s Ps.i 00.. PLYWOOD Mahogany marlDe.DoG.t ft. kt factory. Immediate delivery. fr. Well landscaped. f with small casa aepaeK..n r
___ use .ubstitutn-buUd your Also wooden available. W* mail w f
KUCTIUC ntOfW--tl. K". -rM- boat with the best. Mills and Nebbraska. estimate at no obligation. Orlando CITY'LIMITS-Hew 2-bedroom- bungalow dll Georgia voa Bcafflrr .. .

4 tar. "Cal,en.r. Ala travel Venetian Blind MTg. Co. 1739 8.Kuhl ; lot 100x137. C to Bui i: Tle R

Kwaa. eVhaaeatoclrto Ca.. U B.Ctawra ;' 8059.VDE'IU1f and lake. 85750. 81250 Ulb DELANEY 11 \
--- Pa. 814. 'AJULIG-Wblte knotty pine pan Call JO with Estate ,. AY J- 1 1 .
Bo-a eling. V.JolnIdeal for wall and BLINDS The best cost Agency; 29 8. Court 2-441. Property h tw
-. ** MMft4 ELECTRIC raOHS-Aatoau'te coarei. fellings. Mills and Nebraska.PUMPS no more at Adams. 919 W. Central Management h. waited for. 1. 2-bedrew i

a ***** MM. ..& Proctor. Saauoa.ayw.br For the Mum or home. Big Orlando. Ph. 9558. home with peyeaea 944.month I II.
lovely loot toea w
.. Hardware. 162 W. Church.MEFRIGEIUTOR. and mile new and used. Be our WASHING MACHINES for immediate AVALON t. w home.L'- m :I. deaL .pum.1 ye* will eaJe.* I !

.s_ nuTaJC 7 ruble Stock. Farm & Horn Machinery Co. delivery. Also-Electric tronera.Chilton com.'ruction & exclusive Cull for .. appointment .'I. KrttMMoffat .

,, % tee Prtgttfalre. practically new 430 W. Robinson. ft Wiggins. Inc. 102 N. Gar tion 3 bedrooms It baths. with O. P. ._. &I
I-- Patferd ).... Ce IM .._M.la.titCTlUC PIANO-Warlitser spinet new; used land. garage and lOO-ft landscaped lot Phone 8812 er 8,28 after bo s.5
dSs *. .. q MOTOIU .. ed. .. only 3 mo. Cost 8750; wU sacrifice Priced below replacement cost a<, : I aeseW -s.-I
Meek ilosNo
for 8600. loIs Inn 55 E. Washington. WATERLESS CLEANER Wiles.Chins $14.860 with excellent Biappointment I I DUBSDREAO-New eeeteret : :
> 20 at P. Ouareateed ***d eeadittoaO any surface Will not hurt only. Ross tl. asphalt tile floor 2 ... 5.55 a t'tI
.M CwaMrwrtt* C* 19 RutlaadIM P14OTOOR.iiCZQUIPMENT-2V4 Lumber .ele- Nu I .
hands. 25c. SOc and 81. Smyth Broker. 375 N. Oranse: des; tr
raay till __ s 3" enlarger. tray etc. OH I Co.. N. Orange and Railroad. 1. 1 j I maa 11,4 .. Broker; ITI 1. ..s.as
: I kABUaoTircXlAi real bertaln; Tommy Hubers. 4161. 9 til 5 P.M.! __ I AVALON BLVD.-Southwest cornel i Orange: ,.9855__ Ii .

'I ... at 8Ac. *al.ee t* U.' PIANOS-.Studio* and uprights; 6125 WATER COOLER-Halsey and Tay ..*. New erO. moder' I. .

b. $. .,s.. H re..*. Leea 0"_. 27 W. Cbvrth.PVSWTTVRE. and up Will rent. Robinson Music I lor. 825950. 31 1. Church. Ph. masonry Ol fo DUX-hr wed located Ae4e,
a : C. 531 N Orange: 6303 23736. spectionBRTN p .11 |
'Is.. I Ot ID-I I' .with Su.te...
.g -.NUalhRM I WASHING MACHDJS 4 HP. motor I- 6.11 a MAWR AYE.-Modern calf Bldg AI.
-I Nfl I .new._. 1L31$1; 4 cabinet I perfect condition except wringer room bungalow of individual Ca, Ii
$I rtdiea. 124 $0 .. ma; **vr.l clatwe PUMPS FUMPB. PUMPS need repairs; 835. *. and t. H.P. has been a "I 1 wasn't surprised when sign offering spacious rooms .pe'' DURa1 31805.-he
S *. s&4 80aaigaj Una room I for .
*M aree BMC* motors: kerosene water heater com go closet space oversized lot. I red' e. .
*. Pjae.l wMa. 6M IS aad ea: ercastonal See the latest In shallow wen pumps. I plete: 820 Exhaust fan and floor wife since she I: I heard that girl had gone privileges and the best in neighborhood civilian .. ]I
:1rkeir*. 6. II sad a.. trailer eats Th. Rabbits and Myers engineering models; $35. Ice refrigerator; Romex construction and convenience "large bedrooms. apaeteM lists r I
**MLM, raaeea, be*. III H. kill tree. 8195; aid marvel. Wg have them in stock. Dealer 2-14 6f. PrldetT 1280 20th St. I poor man! Bill earns lit I to the bad. We've got to 811,500. tel.available. Allen John dining alcove acreeaed a rea. ,, LAX! -

*H., ... t reer dreaaer. targ mirror. w.nted. Ltbby *nd Freeman. 711 1 gallon sixe. Insulated s 14O N. Orange; 8612"Specialising : steel easement window 25 year .tt
umjt ...d rfkljjaa. a* *$. tUtaer hrUtM X. W. Church. WATER, with JUGS or-without faucet. HartStores I tle money that Hazel can'tget I stop proucin' morons It 1 Homer." t mortgage. Telephone Wish Part $ I ues.es.bs. -

1 I. I C'.. Co. 25 E. Pin. Phone 2.1 out an' buy any wickedness I ain't smar ones that COLLEGE PARA Modern 9-roon I I o come 05 t to "9 Harmeei AN .- asesse 5w -
3163. DELANEY 8T. '

'ijflt.u $ .-. wlckr POWER UNITS.-Continental engines I worth havin'. go wrong. I Including frame house.all gas completely kitchen appliances furnished ho.new concrete block .I.I kseoss eM -seesI _
6-n, Mttee. rtentl throw agricultural and industrial in- .. I
I| *r SWil. for Screened porchattached israge.Large UII n. .. a
I**. .*.*ay diaiag reeea ,&Ita.ren. stlltMns Florida Pipe A Supply 13e Qia88 Itfwn ana S a -
WELDING Rent ADen Red t ocnP. 00.
I,I 8-baraer eil rang add Co. 130 W. Church St. Phone 111$. 8U1'PLI3I I 41. Poultry and Supplies 47. Rooms for lot. 88950. Joha R.- 1 Mala2M775 I

S .'S % waurat .". .ea **ny aecntary. Something new. Something outfit I tor. 140 N. Orange" ; 151 ... 5.05W PIa 515. laS O' a.t _
SP welding
,1 .,_ Eieaaas*. 22S PIANOS- 200 Amp portable : : I LAKE ADAIR SECTIONCornerroom Inc in Homes. ______
AwkM different. New tiny studio model Complete welding supplies in stock TDYS- "Uender .el.bl. In private EAST SIDE Near RUB IcleseS-
i if U' $-'** with volume and ton. that will surprise Distributor of Lincoln welding* machines .1 D Wilder l.. Pnita acl 6913.C home. optional: 3-3493. but attrac. Frame house 4 .t
it f : ri1iOlt FIXTURES Bto.j you. Outstanding value at 8675. rods H. R. WIlliams Trk F.r. Me.1 b1.'I. front porch garage shady .
iI t ,-w. .... j I .- $-. watt ,**ell 83.95 each.Pe I Com and try It. Miller the WestInghouse -, eanI11 N. Beach B_ Daytona I TURKEYS-30c Ib. Hatching eggs, MARIPOSA ST. 315-Nicely larl IOLNITW-.n fk.l and 86500 King Reel a.tate. J .

I ILb : r 8.ee*. 10 w.PlftsAcIPT.sd. Chirck. p maa at 145 Fairbanks Beach. 51*. Ph. 2220. 20c. Poult SOc. FalrviU poultry ed single loom; pre 84200. Mr Church 8435. "Op** Sunday "

I sSM | kebiart *utomaIK Whiter Park.PLYWoonW.terproof. Farm; dial 592. ferred. Bryant Inc.. I East-3-bedTOom fra. a ea ILoWII'T

I 44 S : SWitSild I id furaaee With Inj fir. available I ORDER YOUR CHICKS now. Special JAMES HOTEL-South and I Broker. 677 N Orange: 9655. shady 1 82500. 8 j I. 4 e"r Bee effef Pnone 4432. la U-ln. X 4 z 16 ft. 5 X 14 and WINDOWS-85.75 per pair. AH summer price Lake O* The Wood S. Summer rate H! will want to Realtor. 3 Pine a pRods_$545

M 1 yTSiltTC lI-JII'. aad ased. Pay I B 16 Pin Cartle Boat ft Construction cypress: standard size. Prompt I ChIck Co. *.4 mil North of Malt week up: double CU 15J.811 I COLE PARK-five You I EAST aZDC- 4 blecksOTsse Ave

ea .. his II to 25 per cent Co. phone 2-2465 service on all type of made to lad. en R 1.92 I .U.Inb rl you bun.ll. : 2-bedrooai ham and garst writ'I

aII se pear parea***. "' "* PLASTERING TROWELS-Genuine order frame window and picture IAt Al SECTION-Cenvenlen In fie. lisa I put al I Immediate _
I price
C* 625W Oiurea St. Steno 5820.j "Marshalltown" ZtraUte. life and j window 17th St. BUlwark 1120 45. Apartments for Rent ; .lnrl bed. NoDmoke a You b1 yen flle. L. A. .

j i pC6oi- iaj3 a laiaid and 4>4. Knox Store Co. 25 1. Pin*. I I 17th St. phone 9732. please: 56.WODt I 5 pre t'In. as this.fnd. MrWindham I.Pe. 15.. Tr S\ pfc. 7683 I I
AMELIA AVENUE. 28 1.-Apartment -
I rnated Jlaee4eaaw rakber-Uke rua- Phone 2-3163. WATER CONDITIONERS olll I 'N.a Diane:, with O. P. Swop*. Realtor f :, ;"BOL* IttJfSfc.1" -
for the Summer.
seas sid areadfelt at Olldaena. PIPE for rove and farm irrIlI&uo..j I troubled with Red Water?" \ available Monday S. opton.L 60 East Pine Street. Phone 5812._ &T.Up .' em .
1 Florida Pipe ft Supply Co. met clears rusty water. For detailssee !I CARLTON DR.-2 rooms. Complete 8110' Rm m..1 I lal. .10 eO.1. JefterwM.
:: la yaarewa LiALTOwN-An appealing -
PAN* Free ataeartrattoa fa Church St. Ph 6116. Crhoon Machinery Co. 138 W. furnished. 835. Telephone 7289. YMCA-Attractive room for young ePlc.IJ twi tx. 'er. :.-
ko. *< wiaeew eshauet I South St.WATER and block EAST SIDE-Ctos*
Free MikB t. aa attto .5N PUMPS-AU types, irritation. IndustrUL. -' CLOSE IN-3-roora efficiency apart men. angle or doubl 18 a. bedroom and larxe sleeping ph furnished hone sT.. (

atelebr tat0rd. Medera Appttaace*. domestic Florida pipe ft I I HEATERS-Electric. .2-1972.1" ment. Screened front porch. Phone Call 80.NC handsomely furnished with distaste of Lake Kola. 17500 iob. s.eto rI
U 42a M. OilieSt 2-2514. Supply Co. 630 W. Church; ph. 6118.TYPEWRnXR. oil automatic. CaldweU ft 2-1522. COOL 17 week-Wi. quality. New gag .\n. Urge refrigerator. with liberal Una P. A. III II sesuadis.
RM. .
2213 Edgewater Drive dial
pplTfTTRE MlUs-Wrd Furni- Underwood Regular : CLOSE IN-.Garage apt. nicely fur- b.clt. riding hor Venetian throughout- I ReaKer. ::1 W. Washlngtea..1.I' ar

I tar Ca.. IB*., 109 8 ."-- .. Good condition. 106 8. Eels WATER SYSTEMS-Completq tock nlshed: clean: Summer rental ou; and orange Juice lr for your nut special laundry and shower room off EAST CITY UMry83et.e71Attractive -
sad aeve en <*** ,.It.,: 7653. Drive. Phone 2-7011. I for farm or home. Farm ft Horn Adults no pets. Call at 473 8. Orange 1401 west Washington. of garage. A genuine brs.1 .t t aew luralsbla $ .
Machinery Co.. 430 W. Robinson Ave. 811.500. Call O'Ba. "ore. ,.. I ---r -
filTiAMUEO CX51P-7Ut. capMWy PICNIC BOXES-Tackle boxes thermos i .. Pine. Phone 2-0836. with tow Soul peyaaeat.Buyer' .
109 I' _.
rait few* $4 U. 62J5. Granite iv.. rods and reels. WyckoffgHdw. ,, BAR-VEY SLIDING CLOSET door CLOSE IN-3 rooms bath fule 47-1. Rental Agencies Broker.BaMlnga.. 1. -
r* etoftMa* *a eer jry t-H'w. 2524 KuhL&U 2534 ltuliLuvr.odel hardware. Complete. Make your 2 porches. Couple only "Ulu' COLONIALTOWN Carafe apart 625b Ceatral fAn'_ j u' 'f
closet larger. Southeast Steel Sale win supply you ment. 3-car garage with 2-bed
car No pets 645. P. O Box il.
IUUK1E* Oraad. AXB 35 gallons per 24. LAHLRDS EAST SIDE-Convealeat te rterfthing. '
Co. downstairs. 100 W. Amelia Av*. free of chartS room apartment above Paved str. c m.as
taadrd da BOWeieCekle cash. 2 Niagara JEFFERSON COURT and 2-bedreoa feeate. bb
8350 Nice
fiaMa. mists Friend I phone 21442. BOl close to business section. 1 !
*l Baaiby Hardware. 102 Duster 8150 each. 1 Schnarr 2-room apartment .nUabl. Summer and obll.tID. Jut phone at Agent7. JOB- P. Shumway 140 1$50.. C. Ufuny furalabed. tovely knrkea atgaa :' = :-t. I
p. each. I COME TO THE STORE next to Post vacancy. Vetern'R.l E.te Re.tor refrtrerater. MM i1
2 discs. 8100 rates.
I.I caaivadALfAHUEO_ _ Duster case i .
8. .a se S .u
Ms Office.
w Beta Bill Fruit Product. Inc. Mitlnd for most everything 2 Cort 2.8.WE 2-328. I Jameraca did CaiJ-
WARE Wash tub ST. 1509 ef
new and used. China clocks.linens. iEN E.-I-r find a rental CONWAY six room lurac. P.Csrter lie II .
Davenport. Fl*. HELP you SEON-Ne. 70 E. CeatraL Cafl I"
water furnished. : er. A
c. W
crab car*** silverware jewelry curio on o Teterani home alt '
Ml for service moder connn1nces.
.. 2524 KuhLOM two adults.LAKE ch.re. : 1.-
barM Wyckeff e- 11aI
Jr.l antiques electrical and auto supplies Real Estate s Couc. such as gas I I
: >Vt THACTOB-.ad due. Inter- baby carriages musical lastruments. DOT CIRCLE. 639-5 rooms built home Just finished, ,etbr _
aarteael ia-20: *B shield**. Writ PUMPS. WELLS. WATER SYSTEMS etc. and bath: screened porch; fun Hotel Rooms with five acres excellent l.nd I BIDI-WesrlS J .
.. Uhed with 81000 2 Double let IP.STSWT.
mam ** KC 3. FOR HOUSE PLANS. building be handled dOW payment LaI -

.' 41MI1DOOftS-W..G1a. aiuaaiaae Complete.month to No py.down William payment.Okley. 36 59 and answers to your build-suggestions I i LAKE ST. 223-3-room apt.: number LAKE LOLA HOTEL-Summer rate and S home.monthly.McKelvey.Dent 64 min K. I month.with 1.0 na.. 841* *.I a sI ..

sad Meet. Be* * N.
; 8521 1907-J-Z
Central phone
; or ,
taatbe Ca. M. Oraage Ave. Owner. forid. Sanitarium room Dining room open all neaU; 2-191 Orange dial 6188.It -1
lad P.W.sd. 229. R.lJ.COLNI .* I vaarM ea AH a
iiirs Orlaaw
BUILDING and financing great to
UKAOE' Overhead type.a I I Morse Rentals SECTION-New, 2 lar. .. t> W 5bsse-
DOOM: bouse paint from advice you wantCall at Mills LINCOLN APARTMENTS 48-1. Beach I
bun Lake
.isi Marked ... Oaipleteua and Nebraka.FOR Blvd.. Winter 1 and II.
Pak. 2- SIms
tain Dry I.
$3.90 gallon. Shingle ( Price EAST SZDE-5.r.ern
Very cool. Ready Into.
,. aad
S e< balMiat aer Mill .. eelort. Arnold Paint Store. 407 8. QUICK SALE-Electric range rom apartments. Janitor service COCOA BEC REAL- Hotel terms. Llndberg m0a Broker. 911 bungalow. Jr ,. .1 05Til. .
heat. round
water steam Year M week. 189.
1IftneI. room 'M .
Orange 23786PLUMBING In excellent condition. Can 5571 E phone 20818. ly corner I P1 "nM. 05NNoss .1
OftASB 8MEA8- 8everal If" terai.i. after 6pm.CENTRAL Stunner rnt Adult only. WinterPuck ropeen plan. 2-bedroom fu Mil I Equipped sood
1 : 4 kb.it .. 6128 and a.. KaexwWre 'U51."I cottages I block from lt( COLE PARK 3-bedroom. 2 i Narthwest- IS.* 8wfe. f .

*ft .. C. n K. Piae. Pfceae 2-3163. HARDWARE big clearancesale ST.. 1206 II.-m.n **rag* week or (150 mo. Call or writ I living room with fpl 'and living reoat fraaM baa = & .t
SUPPLIES aU this. week. Bargains ga
1 burner.eeet for workln couple. Ocean Lodge.CORONADO dining rn oak fon 4 bedrooms ParuaBy terEsbeS 1
dIOUl STOTfA *ad lore. COme and see Clocks fans. j rage tubs for quid .I _. _4 _.
lre. 81678 sad 8I3J5.BBM H*. **-. 1" galvanized pipe. Toilets paints etc. 2222 W. Central 2-2317. NEBRASKA AVE. 1226 near Mill*. I BEACH room sale. Hampton. Broker. 531 II. Orante. rage. 67.600... .441.EDGEWATER tena. .
Store C28 E. Pine. Phone bathtub lavatories sinks. AU Furnished 3 room. sleeping pnh'T ntshed apt. S20 ;See : SOU.COLNTWN. tern. 628 : .

.ti IJ _ completely trimmed Harper Plumbing 34. Articles Wanted twin beds private b.t.r.e. 521 Maripoca St. SECTION 3-bed MANOR-2
IIOU 0-ft .tlla; Co. Utea. 1137 8. Orlando Ave. floor bus line. July Ot 1st. I Corner- tot- and glassed la leeplac -'L-.

kwevy waif greea. 8aeclal ILlS. Winter Park. Phone 498-M. AIZS-Furniture of all kinds: sewing 850 per month Mrs Bill.OCOEE 49. Business _rm garage,fum1e SeeH.mpt living room with fireplace sat 'C

S a J aervir ceraer Booae sad machines, anything you have to i I -3-room furnished apt Also RntsJUILDtNG.O .Broker 531 rellced.. thr.lLa". tot *M *S9L_

*; Jeckte*. sell. Sewell-Thunnond Furniture Co. ', 2-room furnished ..pV.. T. Marvin. iq. feet for itor Or. tree CoselseiSfursishod .
aa4 IMM, SSLf elria-JefcBay B. aiatch- PUMPS electric deep and shallow 72 W. Pine St. Dial 4070. M.RBtNSN or wholesale and $1 141 8at*>Orr .
.t wt IwMVjnje *4 ev > wee**. > tree. bg. weJL Easy payments nothing down DIAMONDS. watches. Jewelry old I I AVE- 202 E.-Bed. liv. basinets. Small manufacturing rooms and sleeping porch, Ing neighborhood. 88850.boo 64000 set's.SMWVgage. : "

I > i Uk* ae*. $' U4 E. Pta St. PhOAAOU.1B sad a* little 5. 85 per month. BeJ- gold. Highest cash price. M M, kitchen dinette. Suitablefor plant o p.ck.house. Excellent to furnished screened porches, I ; 11*
Well Drilling ft Pump Supply room ration Are. Winter Park a .ubl.L"a & JI.e.
NSW winy Segal._ Jeweler. 32 W. Church. .m.1 child. shade citrus trees I I
!* awe T Winter Garden Rd. 1 mile east of Owner. Phone 4878. lrr. RobIIIOI
88.750. '
Clintoa Hampton.
K .
*r afs LW.Mt'SS" FURNITURE stoves; Ice boxes; SUBURBAN duple. modern new. 2 I Broke. HARWOOD AYE.--3-be4IO51I.
It-P .cei6 all aarpe o eaglae Otto Vista. Orlando; ph. 7087. Sewing machines. Call before yon rooms porches. DES SPACE WANTED by pa! Orange. $1.'COuGE porch-* bungalow =
Ptonaa Pipe Supply Ca.. 830 W selL We P'top" price SeweUThurmond Completely furnished. Utilities : "T'w concern. With New. 2-bedroom t errne fr* tone

.. Cfewrvb SI-. yaaae Sill.SIDG ._ Furnltur Co. 72 W. Pin 855 month. Tel. Longwoed 23. p.d ro MHannitan.. P.O. :1 ho.. PA Lake privileges. covered .et tree $1 .I
_* > *r WS 1 T b.U -
#W Ae b- TR1MMERB-Piacar .lectric PLUMBING FIXTURESAn St. Dial 470.FUNE SANITARIUM AVE.. 2706 2-room 2. Lth.rt.GRt I Something Reasonableterms. Immediate peMtmsa. J .!

a.* A mIWf..d is.. Toss bodes better far ton COM. WANTED! G and furnished; 13$. 4-room furnished.. FLOOR" ROOM 12x20 11 I Roper Realty Church and 1)J. Moc*. Broker, I "Y
ACM PM4 8tor 3OO W. RobisiseLis. types and stylet. Bath tubs lavatories ; : '
quantity. Fur-
,.. $ ist is.i bd. 845 II.ne acnt MIn 2-343. .
water closets inks white .
ant etc. 423 8. -
10M' toilet seat, colored toilet .e.. copper call 2-0931 or 2-2367. I I WINTER occu 571.i CLOSE IN-This Is a buy! l 1 HARRISON 1f.-A eaarala DM**

T1ATER8-00 berala AH dsea. pip end fittings soil pipe end pancy. PAR-erm.nen& apartment ORANGE AVE. 42 South-Holln< ed. electric kitchen. 2 colonIal BOB*. eavtfenaMy ,.
t PIN 6T8 a* OrUade Appllaae fittings. Nothing down 36 month to FURNITURE WANTED-If Its furniture and 4r. Winter Arcade. 240 of floor space 1. Urge living room and dining room slaked and located ea ids *|
Cw tlO .. Or ag. Ave. Paeae 4537.IIiD Os,. LIbby and Freeman. 711 w. I I 9168. Pb P.rk suitable for high class profession : Urge screened front porch fireplace IO' beautiful street 3 bed .

-iA. *- e M. 24". $ .. Church.PHCUEU. well buy It. Rather of or- reasonable rent to responsible party loll heat laundry trays, r.rr. .1. *. room. m beta*. .
I I 1'1' weal of city limits 85 to .
J 507 MetcaL ft. lot. walking distance. 100x150 ft. There
Phon Pink Ceb. Rultor. Lot.
IBM are C*. 25 E. Pin* Babies Dial w ..
S. HI& :lando. 58 Church BU Phone 12 .eleome. handle Ropr Realty Church I thing to compare with tklr fw .
E 238 a fc for 1919-M-I
_I I Main: I O Term available W* 4jJ
; NEW FIVE ROOM duplex well fur I "a I
i I CITY LIMITS Paved street. .
Potssm.. I aad pnated OFFICE MACHINES and 4.I A.o.
*1 WP LW. futur. nished. 8100 per July let to 05 .
eecipleto wiia cable PUMPS I Get our prices. Check DO.from ;ORANGE A V.- rooms. 2 sleeping prchea. -I Orangey. IU I
-S 1W4 Oct. Block
I Co'oll. .
lt. Adut Large Ho.
** sad tower sad ra be Stuart. 1 S Main St. phone 8158. la'I' rer. I..d
town Phone '0. Storeroom about feet. Ideal scaped. 89000. 83000 cash LAKE aMderaacre ferlisliel J
*wMie4. I Itot. Relate 9195. Baiter Qlefnoi"UOa 1 ton. 205'
W have them and ether billow OLD GOLD We price FJ.
many pay
blhel COMPLETELY including loc. Per 2000 feel f Realty.: Church and Main 23433. .
UI 5. Ceatral. and deep weU jet pump Nothing for diamonds old all FtS. I north tlf ntr" D.. ; : I front. *Really.J Mf & .ite
atltP. Unen .Ienn CITY street New
down. 36 months to pay. Ubby broken Jewelry teeth .t'1 LSBr .
8HBAR8 -TrsT.per'bedos and Freeman. 711 W. Church. Beckman ft Son 139 N. rfrer.ton. per bm.. Built-in bath Gsrd.s.LAX __ ; ..
only. 733 S. Orlando Han Bros 112 N.
pIee. Asne. Reltn Its a the price. $ .lCTlOJe-i
eaeer* 83 96. Knex OFFICE .. Winter P.rk.FNISHIncudlne Orance d.nd LA.ICAnJ
i ( CIt 1* P ae. Pbeaf 9013 adding EQUIPME-Tr.rlk. $8' S1500 bal.D.to suit. Rr I lovely bvaeatow, Tfi
e.lc an utlUtie -.\ : 2-343._ roof, teaat a.t. A real ellis el $5.- i
Equipment C.lTb an
; IT wtaaew 4.
i fc. Smltb *
per 800 O KJrtre*
j 'e **
220 mo'b f.r 'as
It Caeea Pta ea.. BtMM A enta. 8. Main; ,
8 Adult only. 733 S. Orlando A. SPACE ana telephone i "'
omC sn.te. 1. .I Lae p
L..o aaI. 8.C fm
STUDIO 6717 alterS Winter Centrally COLNTW2-kr
... Prk.fNtH I.P. FAIRVILLA .' lreylg
f tI IWLi ae RADIO BATH- p.m. ca. AARTMEN Winter en Serrice. 32 Pe 2127I electric washing machine incc. block buMatow.1.--- .., eei
AUt CUPPtfta PrefeMVmal. head WE BU used furniture. Can us be Combn.ton room andbedroom. OPPICK SPACE-2 rooms fully I er. Fruit trees. Close to store. floor Over aces of Pfegnltf wtsUfruit. rr1
tree aalr d'". 8275. Barney i Orlando Co.. kitchen. Dishe I equipped. Must bur fixtures. t) and Owner leavingI 8eHa w*5 .
W hv a number of used radio ta RUr. Flu'nUv. "hOI bl. De. M.
1.1 "
r; z ..,ware. 102 W. Caurcb._ I good plyabl condition. Each carr7. I No. 2 615 W. Church phone linens and silverware Utilities fur Box 589 S-Star. .I for a $7.800. terns. B.n' lmn. 1. Mill
24883.. nished. Summer 813.50 week W. B. Realtor. 14 *
aOLlUUU-.lvtcatns. now 10 Priced fromIII renta. REAL ESTATE I NldobD LAKE VIEW HOME New >-* .
a guarantee.
..ttbl. at .., "arC.. ., Kelvirexe -. to 1'0.APed.ted I WE PAY hhe cash prices for old ly. A. C. 12 Orlando private offce.OFC.ptID.n txtures. lIU. Main; beta garage aid breeseway. Rear : = :
C1I.nlt.i Near '
102 A.e.
5SrisIe1.- I diamond Jewelryla I >. .Dde.P. and .. 59 I bus and -W.
_. .a 6. M. 39. condition. City Luggage and F' Winter Park S"r. 6fWs. '
naU3. Store 143 M. Orange Ave. any SUITE OP for business CEK PAK-T to 11 an addlttoo. ; =
rooms :
t 0.. s 30 *M 40 elItes capacity. Orlando Phone 5300.RANGE6ai.. :Jewelry Co. cor. Orange at Church. FURNISHED 5-ROOM APARTMENT. for RMS3 at 1023 with C. U. .,
WW.S'is ApW.srs C* Ill *. OrBg WE old gold gar AU electric kitchen. 200 ft. lakefront r.nt IDQue 3 bearooms. hardwood 5644
Wen Central
iJ' I
Ax Pbe BU DAMOND. .. HoeUke'8. I beach for swimming b.ti. Annu.SIOL i roof large porsh. Loren = -. LAKE FIIONT-AThss 1MB 1550.5.05. ta.Rl
l.t fishing etc. All utilities OFFICE In new office build- "i 6 N. Brown; 2-1269. I
'I 24 r I .
8TSTEM8 sad nppUMter
Orange lu.lahpc
tlUkKUTIOM I Buy aew
8100 per month. space. No lease re I tr. 5154 .. 5
Parkle 05.
._. |*na*. ..*. Florida 1. COLLEGE PARK bunsa- Bra.
ia -i PW 9) Pli Ca. 630 W. Church; 4 humeri. Also dbmsroom 35. Fuel Oil and Wood I Phone Orlando. 9S11. auled. E. PeaoD. 16 t| low. Masonry construction wood P. "ll.t WI. _f. 555058 eM' II s 5

ai aMaejMlj_____________ fllmlture. Telephone 2-2461. 1 GARAGE APT. 4 rooms furnished. 2 pr.lolth.. R. Or.n.C.rnn. C.r..D. I i floors._Price 810 000. FRONT-78 f Me4M .
: OtTEIt-COM SYSTEM.-Oive* yea latM --ROOF VENTILATORS Aluminum FUEL OIL-A fun tank Is safer. I brm b.U 850 mo.U 917 82 Also :2-bedroom- frame beta f '.

awatrat af every aepartawateasele plated with screen. 12.50. Phone 802. Rave your tank filled.A St j 50. Wanted to Rent L bucislow. garage h.rd i =*. ebo.
wood floors.
yea to aaced .. areducttoaKH Southeast Steel Sale Co.. 100 W larger insures beat on coldest I, I r,[ O..e want I t t.k. w* .
able offer.
re work aea*. Fl*. Busiae Amelia Ave. phone 21442. mornings. McGraw Fuel Oil Service. 46. Houses for Rent $l be
I OR HOUSE Two-bedroom
I APT. ;; Realty ..
392 North _
Co. __
C*. >90 N. OnuS Los. 8454. oak I COnf a to Qwaet |.Ta
FUEL pin and Mother and son. For Bummer .
ROOF COATING-Give your roof anew OIerJe. 2-2471. "
BUSINESS WOMAN will share home 41.1
a : LAlFllK6I-tm: Installed M leas ea 111*. 82.50 per S gal.ci. wood b ft can Lambs : months. Boa 600 g-Star. I .ne LAKE SUE-Medera I.tUmaTftaaxbungatow.
Avdeyaa. At Fuel Oil and 2-0979. with couple or 110" lady untaQec COLEI PAboom til* IS beta, tor** '
O"ri't !I Olldden I 1st. Ph. APARTMENT "Ulne. .ll. 2 rooms.private oDceblok '
I I ROOFING AND SIDING-W* have CITY RD.-34 miles entrance. B 5618Star. I I porches. ael.room big beach screened lauaeeiate aRh. Oa .
frt atTCHKM CABIKETS BuTJt by -* I 1000 sq. Nu-Brick and Nu-Stone 37. Fertilizers and SoD I FRT 5-room block out I and Harvard. 87850. 10' O.. I' Sandy M i .I

ter etafVMMa. 632JO eaca. Free fall S Insulated brick type siding. I land. 860 lumlhe. APARTMENT-Small. for i Cobol Construction C 13.0"" w
wS., MIa.te* ea *ay awecial weed &*>*. I Modernistic red and buff. Nu-Stone CL SMOKE-Keep your garden .cr.Estate. moth Chr. business : refne. ae. .. .

Oaeee* ftaU Cablart Bhoa. Call I Pearl gray. E. Hart Wholehtle Rooting lawn Pt free and healthy. I 2411.I I least acceptable..0m'l Box 599 6-Sttr. I CEE1-BQUl fu'U7.I _
: taan.Efrmtll. ft Siding Co. 2058 Phoenix Ave. The safe .,. 508 BrU..e JAMAJO DISTRICT rooms fur LANCASTER CXCTTON
j Dr. 6314. I July 1st. $65; xeil- HOUSE. 2 or 3 bedroom tion. 2 bedrooms. Near lake. I ui
twTVp .7.1 btocka. New
515.I unurle
Ph. 5-1780 W. Ihe O.P.
CANS Kitchea stop. aee I
Hibbard Casselberry. Phone I
.. .L salvaaised la> I COW MANURE-By yd. or 100-Ib. Ph. 5862. \ I Prefer kitchen fule4. .wtat struetloa. 3
elttte aUOs. IrIS heavy felt base; 8tar.I Park 783. Brokers Invited. =rn.
-.-. flTe, KB* c.. 29 E. All metal Ice refrigerator; bag deU.r. Top IOn M. AKnight LAKE DORA-Furnished 2-bedroom I .. I.
wil t ; 7551.5 u' II Special on. week. Economy 8. : 192DITRc -"' louu. Adult only: prl.nt I ROUSE-Prefer 3 lrmr unfurnished I,i Iwd' ... .al' .. .1-
r pwMt t CLOSE possession. 3 S
I tn-UIO ftcMb.4raS.. sad Nod- 332 W. Church; 9217. 110..5'j black top soil fill and Sbo between Mt. .D I o p.rlall s. p.rman'lt:: I-Imm.dl.t. Wr I. "o .
large *
ra ciBtef reee pots *ad ftll. S RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT full loads. Write Tavaces. F. Write Box 22. TT I couple 6 "''' R.ID.bl.i I 1 In '41. Best of 10m. hardwood _ _
tjla.T i.i Please can I
R. A. Bray. P.O. Box 102. LOW RENT Enjoy country during i 2-692. m.tent LAKE
Concord -
r* lv Pruleetr. au E. At low prices. Apply at 48 Lthr floors ; perfect I FKll..
04 Af* traL phone 2-4142.. F.. Phone Co. 33-R-12. hot months. Cabins with cookingprivileges. :, HOUSE Completely flrlahe by I' condition. Completely ..I nicely acre* c"n. ..t
S10 and 112 per week. July 5th or Aug. bedroom cia
LAWIJ'AND OARDCM 8UPPUE8tewa FILL -Good black top golL muck .iJ furnished. well kept
-- RADIOS- Crosley and Fada. Console Pine Grove Motor Corfrt 6 miles bating mlddleaged Lar I nac*. brbqe ewes. -
and dairy fertilizer. "usn"cple. You'll home. :
-jSQCI wj ewer*, bee*, tprinklcrs.eai typ and table model Also portable I DeI.er I
: north of Orlando on D. 8. 17-92. Prefer on lake !
.l ka at bead tool H. B. *. Bumby Hardware. 102 Telephone 24053. BoeitS Jea Mr. Ferreola 2-0642 for Iplnt..t 1..7. Ilaaa.
MM RjfeMtatM Wii* aaectee. PerrMi Barqeer* Cw. 120 8. Crass e Church. 11"1 POULTRY MANURE-815 per ton. 81 J LADY WILL SHR 5-room house I Orlando. Utl. to show. J. A 1 Ohio, Ral &te.I 'f2'LNcAsa _
{ fMN *** feek. I Are. a.is.z.U1tTgruo. sack with business ; kitchen privilege -i HOUSE-Three or four furnished A be .
IK* i ntMk ** *< < SEWING Factory rebuilt I per dell.re.) F.IU. Poultry I broom PA kwaeatow
vB _vJ3 i ,. ESlib Farm: Inquire 511 Avalon Blvd.FURNISHED or Dnurlhed. 80ute..1I I lode
ti cheatel .
MM s $4 '
t_ P* ***** new; port- I '. .raiseer e *
IL fS I drawer ",-: 8-wc. ereakteet .M. and cenaole. Al Wiggins; 8247.ala1.LAcAkohoi. I PEAT-Daetwyler shredded peat 1 U I 3-bedroom. sleeping I. section prfpT. C.1 COUNTRY CU SECTION On* af tdow klh Buful toeO>. .
'.0 ws PnSP.W.'S *M. 8 16.80. trlat chair and much better. Phone County 1905- porch. on Lake Jessup. 860 monthly HOUSE OR AFT.2 bedrooma. furnished the few p..r cOct homeaavailable. .1.. tasurtBy Aa 1-
II 9* Waiusu PuraHur JOt W. turpentine J-L Daetwyler Nursery. to November 1J J. Mow. or partially. Father and 2 Onrlokln. Gl course. ,..
Oafta.CTill amoral Lumber spirit*Co.. AH N.paint CeasEs suppliesSmyth and I Broker. 132 S. 1.7. girls in high school and .Uea. Per- I' On large corner lot 2 bm I George unusual Palater buy so etch Asks? I***.

$W. sst MOWER*_A **od wlecttoaBee4 Railroad. 38. Plants, Flowers and Seeds LADE WILL SHARE modern Suburban -I I mtnent. Phone 2-201. 'I MuD.with tile.rl, fire and ot noon. ReaXer. to K c-.atrat Mg"
,,ise, 5. N05WS larlarttag UM well r home with business couple and place 'fiOlItla gei
*aaBcapw' wit ebsrpeslng.bass SAW MILL In excellent condition cut flower artistic give partial care to will behaved :, HOUSE-Harry Radclltte; 4149; 5324.I : patio are some of Its a"rt. LAKE 8ILTE lo ..1iIMdroo& -'055,0 05,5.555 -.
A. &bl orchard steae
with bali bearing edger. power Furnished crab
Stares Cw. X$ E. ?lS. Phoa *. We wire Jo child: 6955. or .Ilre. tvs bOOM. kOSO
unit and abed can be- seen operating I Haey with with
'.;,... is.. N,,. : MI6IQrMBCa producing four. thousandfeet Anne Florist. (Formerly Kittlnger'a), SM HOUSE furnished. Prl 825 HOUSE. 2 bo unfurnished ft W. Washington.R T.Ralw.I Lou *f etoeete Etortrt *+* &* .05 s. i
S i -Cyaree*. nakbed. 1 year per day. $ .. 64 E. Central; 4M3.AUST m01tlt. Adults only. Ca 6223after partially ; 5413 1 11t gas gtev lactoded. T$ few M I -

.V wneC 8l,*>. 1(2. 1x3. 1x4. 2x2. New Pulp Saw with 32 Inch blade. PINES-25c each; Peat 6 pjn.. Box 159 8-Star. I 000. lastly flaed. "ScSI 0

., 1.5 8 Wiener F fk. H*. Llttletree c. ga* driven. 8275. Jo container shrub HOUSE Clo*. In. unfurnished. Tear I COLLEGE PAKhe. BpteeeLWhUney 8 l lUe l 'I $5J

S t's WlW.W. LAW* MOWER* -P aad W. arevea Two OX AU steel bodies good for plants. Sunday Colonial 47. Rooms for Rent round basis. Phone 2-1214 a to abrml. fruit.partly Garage. Only 88. ,. 1'Smith Realtors. It* 55815U Me 5I

aueaty, Wt Stark lbs part BaosH dumper 850 each. Nursery. 1506 E. Colonial.DREAM with Henry w.. 12 LAKE LANCASTER .
... j 7I .*".*". 102 W. Church. Mew John Deer 0, Farm Tractor. NAVEL ORANGE-Most BROWN ST. 103 8.-Lane. windows HOUSE WANTED-Unfurnlsbed But I ed. 2 ttOTT. 3-Hdfwaav I bstk. .
SN UWM new rubber to good condition.124X10. October ever deU on 3 sides. Private bath twin beds.Innmprlng Settled S I Nail 210.CE residence Screened per*. Al bee
N$$ r. t.. sow stomus.-s.w. electric. MS. A. j. MAcdonell. Rout 1. clou. Wonderful or.Oe .I mattresses. 1 or 2 gentle- bm.. or per.nen' references. IN-You Will b 1PI! room Oa Urge tot bertta us us :

$ is. .th.a w x saeha L ** noise L Bteet ewer C*.*.44i 6125M 5 GroveUnd.' Fl*. I Juicy. Every home should rpl. ::men. chtdrn Box Pt G I' 5-room charm bungalow and sitting t' tokr 820 100. Ja** .** M 6 I II

I i *VS*. Paeete V03J1 er 984.CtM SCREEN DOOR LATCHES Many 87.50 to $10.50 sixes. Royal I BROADWAY 816-Comfortable: m HOUSE. 3 bedrooms unfurnished. mod.r on a 75-U lot. You will I "- Broker. 132 8. 3158. he05 :

ata tverythiai la building popular types. 81 and ap. Knox Citrus Research Nursery Phone 5461 t ner springs. Convenient to b.t. neighborhood. Suburban or lns.p oak steel 6977. __ -

'. .ke* sad weed. Colonial IAaa- Stores Co. 25 1. Pine. Phone 2-3163. I, 122> Palmer St. Business man preferred. Bus. 1411. Ifl. Prefer yearly lease. W. P. .windows with tile 811 foor.bUdlt :, LA crtI I

a .N 1b WtjyTjtt ".'y. Pn. 2-7143. SILHOUETTES-Decoration silhouette MONSTERA DELICIOSA Artc : Sins. Angebilt Hotel. ctoset 'P.c. floor fur. I. I, hoaee.
S tKiu-ri&-Three lid, finished black. Many design .101. funeral designs CLOSE IN-Coot Prlbate b.U Near I Nicely furnished 2 or 3 aeeDe tiled I sad .. > tor** ti.*ae4 seethes :,
; aewk4. .IM numeral to match. Knox Stores Peggy Gardens. 644 WAN Johnson. large avtag reeea. teree
Grill Reasonable.
wedlnl. 00" M..nolCE T conveniently 11. A.
bte ill belt*. Just wver Co. 25 E. Pin. Phone 2-3163. 2319 bm hou t.t I dining reoov targe k". ***4 t4 I
ka. Vry toed eaadittoa. Price On. 2-17. e l n.t and clean. Reat. 10 I. On.e 81Sp Let. 68148 55445 5ms.
; .tee 11. .H- Oa,.. Fl*.___ SPRINKLING CANS Heavy galvanIxed --PAPAYA PLANTS and ito ap. P IN-Lovely front room. Ex- U Expecting child ia. July. I c.I.I. HO. ,, bcd l ae ,.
tprinklln 8175 and vines. No limit. Ph. 4330. furnish full Information andaddress. COLLEGE PARK Owner .C' I
ttl ia :: AH kind* ct.*atoa* at can* tato J. windows fireplace. Single. Please transferredand I l.m..t. ) *e<4.
91 15. Knox Stores Co. 25 L Pin;. 200 E. PlneIocb.I per week No Summer rentals, please. aa excellent opportunity inc Pw> .
rat poe** AIM slab *a4 dglag S : Jim M. Catdwell witS AMer I II' I
it* N la w. W.ohlngtoe.I Phone 2-3163. I SHRUBBERY-Large selection to CLOSE IN-500 South Main St Box 5. lentln.lta. someone to buy a prewar 2-bcdroooi Realtor eer. Ceatral aM ... *
I i SHOT GUNS.-.22 rifle*. Remington beautify your home. Mussclwhlto rooms at Summer rte. AP and sleeping porch 11'1 completely 97M.

N I MtKMS. LOOOACS _k-, ar Winchester. Shells. 12. 16. 20 I Nurseries. 1 E. Itoa.j' pl Hl". 5L. Houses for Sale fa and I I. condi and I' I
S.... sekjMviy at ._.. Tt sad. 410 gue. 22-tong rifle. Wyckefr IN-Desirable room. Near tla. Let b. 10 cch. LAKE ADAIR $8ECTJOW t towfw***,
W Rdw. 2524 Kuhl.'INKS j'39. Livestock and CE todayat u Mor *
Qefta.iIO'td Supple and shopping. Apply EAST have you buy. P. Brass classed netoed leewM parx a
,& AND CABINETS-Single and 39 East_Amelia. i ANDERSON. -house We ta 19 E. Central.CHEROKEE B Co furptehed. Per tmaiedrtte sole. 88*WBe
here 2 excellent
p.m a
double drain with or without fixture BULL SERVICE-We also : k wna MarM W%>
the i.. R. Pa- RAN COLONIAL DR. 730 Ws-Room with The L. A. Bryacl
PARK This beautiful
I fou
Wyekoff Hdw. 2524 KnhLSOLAR Winter Park brm ... 11 Suet VasAUaftMBU
raw*. ... travel comic o.Phn. 1C. private entrance private home. make It a 3-bedroom home
.-. Ca.-ts Shell 1031 .. phone for guest if buyer exquisitely Fhea 6106.LANCASTER .
as. .. Of...; .I """. paired.Manufactured D'Orssy-Craig Installed Solar and System re Pet Stock and Supplies 593.CLNTOWN 712 HUlcrert. I small r. Ic.hO.furnishedand prle.eond1Uoa $17.500. fa1 I

oat c* sbishow._ breakfast privileges can bought of Architectural design sad con rA8Z-l1.se.liariISi. ,
dud 1808 8. Bumby. Ph. 8749. l oneU I
$115. CUeec .. -nr 11 hisS sad :; I I DOG FOOD Kibble : : :: bus. grill theater. Lady only. I cash at price of struction. Part cash and win finance facia toae. OM *4 Orlea4eMM
VALUES *t ?irestone.-Elec- remedies and Xti Realtor W. Wash beautiful btiaaaJewa. Shows afaetatsoeat.
; '1". Coo 1 n. 4 "cUss ; 1647 E. Attractive Jut&Besey. 1 balance. C..en.u.1 4J 1 '
1S4* $4 e4rai dta t ute fans for home; 8"; 8495. ; IceiStore. Dial CONCORD AV SPho 5106. Rtors. 1' Mr. Ayes wlta UPryde.
,., 4I ..* barrow 61ZJ. AH averjj 'Knapp-Monarcb mixer. 829 95. Lady I PET SHAMPOOS-Guaranteed to rm.he .tm0h. Reaaoa- 1 COLNTW SECTION-1626. Realtor 848 *. 01455BeyWlth
paiaux. B. _
O t Very beautiful3bedreoni
|. PIa. Dover Toaater special at 83 29 Roller I flea and ticks: Pubes dry e1ae rt. $91. VeD I 2-45M.
o skates for the kids. 8395 and Brownies Kennel Shop CLOSE IN-Large cool ropm. running concrete, oak floor home.COLONIALTOWN CamfUear MI wft*
b'Iad ler eate.ee.. 8 eck toeJaars IS 95. Firestone. Orange and Con I Marks.I ..01. Summer r tes. Phone 8202. 3-bedroom furnished I "Pryde."
.te. HEIGHTS-Nice high loca
.a.!!..sad.. In S.sbaa.r w. Church.dTh0 uW. 5ua57 cord. I POINTER PUPS b.h c. reason I COLl'TOWN N. Hyer. At AA. 9 rooms and bath lurhe home. Best prewar cypr.esaiding. i LOC1tKdT-hrs1aIiIe4 be**. rant
I Oak
SOUND SYSTEM with "G-E. mpli-J able. Pore yard tW b I Oarage. Only 86JOO. Bee wth f Laadp at catug*. *ad 1 acv predaria **-
MOTORS Several eleel flee and two 12** _.lrer.. Electric and treatment of aU Also single room. Near I Louis Realtor, 143 rus. Garage. ar P.! sage grove; rhkkra kw w* *4 r***.
low evtbeaed Noises et loss tbea record chancer. Herman' Loan Office. tr.I' 1a I O. I IBrke. :*
Tom *4dbson. CHURCH ST. 430 room* Malar IRnr et Priced for qalrk *lear 55W
wholes13 2-18 _
a. sad B-Nle Church; '
Bobby 27 W. ChulTh.IICRXU .
Fla. I CB Mr icwwrey
Ti;: Ills 1. ChiosasIaifip KlHlmme next to bath. rI *. for city prewertf
GRILLS-.Screen doors.screen TROPICAL FISH -A ale assortment !I CASSELBERRY Asatee Lodce.I COLI GARDENS Aa attractive! with Line Real SMaie M 5. Cawrtfc.ffc. .
MsriNci; N. screen adjuster and of Aquarium aad I bunga 1941 frame, 3-bedreom 8438_ .. I
plant I horse
American Plan Hotel riding
t* U_ rn> .. .taDd AA L 80. home oak floor -
*MH* Ceqalaa. 88 nrtas. Smith Lumber Cow M. or- Wb.sa *
food. C. BUI. 133 fishing in season. Winter llb fure LAD FROirr-WeJ4 yea *ehtU
fee yerd pk. Sat Bhtotey Orls.a4.Perk *I ande end Railroed. hunt COD.e water best-
er WMM e $ a.wB. cAL FISH-Largest selection Pak. .14W. t K., .2362 bU attached garage. ...aJew. e,0 6v "a
TILE.01ll' bath and kitchen ia rutPermttU T Orlndo I CLOSE IN Double 8 fees the C1t. halts od lose vale. I' r 1 T ,
a aea AQu.num room private ei- living Prb metal awnings. blta beach. Lascacased sad as.modiste .
I 55W pump*, foods. trance shower. Reasonable right Terms '
. 11I *i'Ct. Florida. 2323 H.Oranse all auppliM. Harry Cotter 138 "around 1 to desirable tenant.J..r 622.E. ALTAMONTE SPRINGS t ba" Pd Phone S159, Audrey peUsUiea. 0.15 5155055 311 sezeellent
: 1544.TTPIWRITES A. off Lawrence A.. 1 weal.
wood "
Etimpaoa-Statoa. j
= ,I Wulnla pb 53. wth O P. Swewe, IS Is.
Underwood. Juntoverhauled. Lake frontage; 2 kr cottage Bide.COLONIAl. i I with Ba"Rf\M
te P'i.I GORE AVE. 17 .-Nlc* cool corner, 3 )ett.1 Pine Phone 8812
ar Best offer take it. 1023 I PAY market for next to bath Very reasonable. llle er 5.0. !I Ir.
lisp ThuS WiniiisPr1:3L WI hl' P be<
DR W (W ate
Elmwood Phone 4686. few vabed 1.aw W LAKEIVAVROK- *
M.PLt'J I. Adulta. Ph 2-38 IV, elec := .
b.t Men ceactracttoa.
; Balthasser Vet Clinic, Pre c4U '' Maaoary
SsisW.I.f TARPAULINS ex cenv** specially young 0. A'
FRANKLIN ST. 730-Very neat. kt Ie dl.l. home U3x20 dtaeticn kiv-w a. i iKreeaed
I treated. SUes 1'salo; Sill.flail "or Lauderdtle. Fla. Ideal for : 1. Room Good very .
i comfortable. salesman. Retaun&tc 4e' vercfe. *tel wlMees. tfce j -
; 15x16. B. P. Goodrich. Garland from extra rooms. Kitchen
working man 86 week. 82500. will SmaSh57.900 to
Mile 81400 *
and Robinson.*. and Supplies ment $11,600 with 85.500 I
41. Poultry
Can at oar Altamoate Office bllde 1
f =55'r *=I44 ?' VACUUM CLEANERS "UniverteJ" Gore Convenient Ave. 1 Ial. AttU.. r see Homer an Ipn M. nab l.n. 860 See .. tact Eel price.aorta *f Lake tvaakea we ela*)
Peed Store.U. lotD. 8uer Harold Shepherd Realty
with all attachment Bumby Hardware. BABY CHICKS-Tuxedo Kitchen 1 Call Winter Park 1K hv a **aary aeeae.. Ltetaf loss I
w4 102 West Church. 8. approved Pultorium tested prt.ne. VO. Rob Co. 2 E. Washington St. P 6124. ([ ). locus living aarrkTI
Bute'el Rwn 11 Z
.l__ .wrua- VENETIAN, BUNDS day delivery. o.W. Church phone 2-2821 of HARWOOD AVE 412-Twin bed*. I 4 25 DUPLEX C In. 10 rooms 2 room. ".150. terau. P w..c.1
SN' CM Why buy cheap blind when yea Also m pRi J HU Look ibis sect Keaitor. Crrise Btf .. 6U .
Va4fr k"Ie1r II 8142.Wir sea get the beet for Just a few clots BABY CHC U. 8. Pultorum tested women o e .11 offer. Berman Ooedwia sass -$$.
.. pip fttUaga. Tracy Nor, Mad* la Orlando by Cbarle .tl er future delivery. HJLLCREST AVE. 6373 co house. Inc.. Ill IT. Orange; 9855 or 666O. LAD DAVIS BUCC11OX PiraMUet3be4reea

I *, arisywr Oerdea. pheae 33L 0.- at 1602 KdgewatCT Dr. ph. 2-0455. d* and poultry .upp *. able rm with bU CJ PAf de dinIng DUPLEX ttory. eloee-la ..s aide. "... Lane eseas

ta*, .a u. art for 1$19-J-U. VENETIAN BLINDS Custom built. Orlando Z-Cel Store. Dial 2-3534. phD'44. rl b kteD oak floors porte- La rooms and porches: M. Reeea fer tddltleaul aeeae O**.I

Special See per sq. ft. Five-day Ib. Pullet N. H. Red. LVG AVE. 620 E.-Attrac 3 Ita. with .1 r. good at t .500. Mr. it leevla citY. Mea eOw A 51 K.
'e ***'. &a4hm Venetian Blinds Co. F Y5 Pb. 4756 er'see at 1906 with c. Real Estate. 3 with Henry Barch. Broker 12 1066. Hareld V. Caadtot. .. W

U36 Honenbeek Drj pRos 3-4167. Monte l. Phone kitchen and 11.IleJa. Church. 8435.Open *anday." Mala 1-10 L Central. .UT. I *.t. .


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., :1 4s.. -

AIL' I fi .- -'r i .c.% -----i--, ..*. .r ------. ms.-

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JI- : "l.---- !;__.. :L:. JV ,-" ill -, .< ,. o. --- "

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T4 .. '-"f, HCtrwvra: __ fartlJWtABI "ale $t. Lots for Sale 87. Real Estate EichaJiifdBEAUTTFCL I Mister Bregcr ., 65. Help Wanted-Male_ tranba! trrnttnrlTUZS IS' i

T l IIIfb""tI ( ) 140MB -4t acre ... KIACTI7UI. HIGH CORSER lake LAKE FRONT Incomo. I: '. .m.wins ..csesI COUNTER MAN and salad m..Experienced. -I JUKE IT. 47 PAGE I hAIR epe.e 1
f eq| nB* Bearia* *rw\e Vex.Pplt. *.-I frat loC Restricted ar a. :I Close iii ea acre of land. 11t JOO. I U LimIt at the Oyster
.. sad tIaufla.L tata Iarl SSninon e'o Bar Crttne.R Owner wIll tak hem valued up tt i I ".e. 360 N. Orange Ave. 71. 1j

nu ssd hi .i!t tC aaar 112 Park AT. S. WlnutPart. 110,000 *a xchanse. Whit Bros. WANTED-Only those who Aut.1raDfnfa& j
.M rJ .. ;sI i daaiat*-.**ry warm Plans 4JO. Broken 124 N. Millt; 3-1488 :I DRIVE familiar nrtth o to *
i D.
A- $ De .
wwta a**** sad M I. lando streets qualify. Apply & .

10.5. ftrtIt de.d at t. 1M A._'. .in__*..* f I 54. Country Property for Sale r 57-1. Beach Property : ( -5' Mr HoweU. City C.1 CeoKJCAN1xprlDc I I prtcet aat* Immediately Br IX Var pap.? ..

l&.'- I Sad 3 'S.t. Work .0. Studebaker Bale sad ImltB. JM
.n U hut Poor Of .
-0 W. Central Av PbM
-r J M.ii.s. 145 m Maia.B4e I wide In finest residential I _
IiiJt I Iay kale Peter, Realtor. li. them. SO Central Florida Motors. W.
BT.**>ty tnowt- Central and Ualn._ I section. lOll 13: 50. half I Jefferson; Ph. 2-2424. Mr. Collin ar DONT LOSt MOWED Ws w p., .#esr..PT :

nit ssaos _I" cash ba'ance six months lisa next Mr. Flynn. I i full value tot yaar cat DrV I S _
% aNI ., WCTTtR GARDEN ROAD SECTION door asks almost double. Probably I 1 see a* ... Otta tWd Car*. -
.Ii .... experienced In dressing htll\at
r 3 W4roia !r.m. buatalow la toad 18J5 I IT.o. -t4
r : aw m .w..es .atMa M.d.ri I .U tell this week. Phone me hat health no Orange Ave Paw tee
cOB4uiaa with bath and 2 porches. Beach. Fred B. Houea- Ilu ur.
W. Daytona
= Pevad ,..4 p. Doable iara.. CUT water. V block other Orlando \ IPoultry. I
> 1.
.. L.as 1.Aau.at off but line dote t* town. Prompt ton 61 W. Cljureh. ?
J I Il ?
h" I .. EVANS PAYS '
I paaamtlya Only 45940 with 1-3 cath. I MAN U you arc willing to work MD '
RG1. sad it.,.. a i Ri-UcOII Realtor 123 N. Orance.Paa have a pleasIng personality win I ..a.t C.
4147.iiiI314. ANOTHER I accept responsibility want a permanent -, Drod sale sIP BB ..S Ortydl*
a**** bearlB 'H1L
**>e. 404) ft beaa- ; About I miles from : apartment hotel: fuH year 1 position 1 i future untie I locations ee .Nw
:S '.. ".. "raa. .... 'o mhlu sand bottom lets I 60 round.room Price 45.000. down payment 'H ,i and under 30. ..M.. Phillips.78 N BaileyMotorgqulpmeng :t

.A***, tf W. WaaaAP wKh 145 oot treaties and riparian I 445,000. 10 years on balance | G.I.ne. I

.** _ ninu. Approxlaatclr 400 feet deep This 1* a big money maker. Close I I. .
M!ra 2-wc1r_ h.... fomltbed. beach. MECHANIC-Experienced. For work on AN D I Mtrrrw *
.AU *BVABBW "e )4-aee i all efectnc kiuhea. 48250. can buy : 10 Also the live rooms tw* bedroom house .n & and Old.mobl.. Applyat mak I. B>* **-.I.
.* PMMB Brawa : Ceml. I A
r9wt Ml **
adjataia land Jtmerion and Carter, for rent (500. now until Sept. 15 .. Mo.o J.
all HoUe '
at* Ttt to a warn altn. 70 K. CenuaL Phone A. T i .
20. -
Mr : Ur a S,' r' :: I c.ner. 511.______ or Also for talc beach front home furnished I I BADLY IN HEED at PM4 *..:
'- TRVCK'PAR1I-2-acres and S-room I 120'500. Another 538.000. I utomoOilet tad *Mt e*. ..

home. la Saalord i cows: 4 hoes this on has 99 ft. of ocean front. I PUMP MECHANIC-First e:. A-I. I,I _tdi.orU>. Ill P. Of I at* At

I chirkeai and present crop Included ; Also a delux six room ocean front I Must have turbine m and>catr. phone 1597 -
Oair 45500 Harrtn Howard. Broker horn furnished for 130,000. Thu fugal experience Good "-
1I0on .
., : air** ud ?15P.MtlIs 81. phone 4354. is a beautiful home pay Libby t 71 W. iH! aa. ... e",,:; .r.51=
nll4MB-M I i P.lDe.
BUBWt** : Ala ocean o13.2M each St. Apt 4. Ja*.
'M aWl well located I Cud -
: Last below 15000 as 1l tset
"*... kilL TCRKKT LAKK 8ECTION-M acres I See Fred B. Houthton Broker. 403 I I aedaa far la4TM Mi I
V tr .. ,-rwaai km 'I at land. ."00" hous partly fur- I Lenox Ate. Daytona Beach. Phone I i home Close M OrBa. .:
*. IMJow Tied* *hKeaW Biatied. Including gas stove refri- 1535 W. PLUMBER-Experienced only. Raymond I i Mathews. 7111
.1 aral and hot water heater. Deep Dlckson. 136 W. Plant BU ,

'- T1.11.4fl.:6 wU with electric pump; larit thIck'U I Winter Garden. Offic phone a 75. Used _Cars for ialttS I
e.." hut brooder tool louis and phone 309 _
...r Prle 17000. terms. Jan I ,.Id"t
.; ..::4r1r; I Brcthert. 205 ?4. Main. 7558.LAJCI IF INTERESTED In selling or IIamlC.ntr.l OPENING ON-THX-JOB O I. training I 71 & \ diet Sedal. II
program for six married .t I I
Bretard Coastal properties
H I II I i .RONT-Z-bedroom block bun- probably U will pay you to contactme teran Field foreman. Chance T .'Illk.l. I..

.s. uma.sHU- I salow. lIsts root til* floors. Oa Realtor. P. at.. Cocoa G. Pulsipher Beach.57'L. The oath ,' build Florida a Stat home. Employment Contact Immediately Se.l., see Fl. L\ .e

I 't acre plot. lamedlat possession. 112 N. Park Ave. Sanford. 4-awar
4. M>. C. I F. laser .
P. Snumwar. BUC-I4
,. .... Realtor bar, 1 BM4MOwat r.
U. N. Orsais: dial 3-3262. "I'm bunion!" MAN AND WIFE to manate
..- 1.7. S-ROOM Beach Property I expectin' I I package store and Must be Orland WWI Park _P>. _
s. ... Ma., HOUSE with electricity and i experienced have good references be

R- ....W.rw aaJe.ee Lke Cal balance a acres.bile 13.500.rent. W.4500 A. licKenntr.down and COCOA BEACH. 3 bedroom furnished I 60. Business OpportunitiesCLOSE I 60. Business Opportunities_ i 1, reliable. Box 2 S-Star. j

Re I house 250' from ocean. Sell or ex. IBUICK-1947 lUadmastt
Ier; 4850 Cheney Hiway. .
I IaMALt. chant. for small house ia Orlando. IN-17-92. Tourist court and I THE FRENCH hate a word for ItMsgniflqael |i 66. Sales Help Wanted BetuUftl *
ISM I F. O. Box 3824. Or:ando. ;I excellent court locations. Betty Ustnllicent.-truly the pd with : "le. r**.
a J AaetMV. Braltarg, 111 *. PARU BOMB-Approxlmat- 1 Iii I Treat Evans. Broker 349 N. Orlando, proper word for tIe many dependable -; SALES KEPttESENTATTVE-OptnlDf tabsrdipe .j *. uee6

.... At*. !, PUinksoed ail miles souteeast. Pt,. acre*. I, 58. Real Estate Wanted I IACRU. i Ave. WInter Park. 61$. proflm.k1 basD. of for A-l experienced salesman, capable heaters tad .' .
fr.m. _
bUngalow with live at ar I
of earning 113000 year Drives uly 17 O atawa-
1'1&4" rcms. balh two screened porches. i' :' CROSS HIGHWAY-Clot* In. \for :
businesses andtroves. STAT the otrlce of Prescott V. Steele more, in protected Southern .trade. *rra *
WH9" alvcute pump. On paved bush".,. homes. 14 fa .e. ia producing trove. Placing you In the .& you territory National 4OO N. T.f Oraag Av Pleas 471%.
< C.r
% lIulln
*" ... Priced at 44 500 with terms for quick: Buyers wtltmt. CourtneyRealty 1100 frontage mote .lib .
1IIrox.tel f.e prefer is my Must .
.r rtO. sal ; 392 N. Orsntt.: dial 2-2471. uaday.BUICK
ktcNatt-Heatler. I electric pump. "A good: tII
Realtors. 1J hous. West Central. Dial 21008. I siastie and ewa model e.tht
sad ,. 4
W. ashiMtoa and
St. Fbon j bet for business
5106. BUNGALOW LISTINGS Any ..IR.Prlc.d .ublvIIOI" unJrrs can
-a BeacaerMM I i not apply you
:r. 'I to sell. Prospects waiting.Wilbur : homes. with J prMA'n0R" woman res for giving
: tolll .llnt.ni fnI ar rt ll9
i Church ... 'Wrt 1449
Henry. Broker W St. -
I OULD YOU LlKi 23 o.r .a.b letter.
Broker lI&
a good 6-roon Strickland. It*
W'I I .olpl.te d.t.1 II' P.-
.. ...-.. eel I Iram bunsalow with 3 ale screened Church 6475 _,__,, i 1 GAS STATION-Main Highway. Goodbusiness. led Employment romans a.10p. G Box '5._ J I eelleal original I Ck'C .
.S ..... pannes in a 3 acts big beartni i iIf' ,
Greasing : womaaI
AT or '
I III .. _. PrM_ e *a a blab beaU erlootlns DUPL&X-Modn. 2' rooms IIcla.partment. eum.DI' September 10th. Opportunity given WANTED ONCE".a famous 1239 B CI. 2 LOAM .
w From Writ Box '15 after 6 months to purchase I to service 4-dar e.daa.
... wi "PI aa- Lab, Olivia la CothaT Th.r..n owner. iDter.t 14M .t
; Veterans Real EstateAgency
with WatkIns products ta Established BmCI
600 S-Star. last week la June. Orl.ndo 414 CTtfw
plat of houses for lntnl. I I.a wner
chickens '
rab weeklyaverate.
= 29 8. Court 2-4481 Property business business br. Pn'tl
Ad ? 1l1ta. etc Ixcellent ithborhood. tf lclrou I ,. HoI BUICK-l$41 I t
Department starting "
U S ... .adIkW .iWj Quick ..14I1L 18500. U. J. Mot*. : GROVSS-HOMES-BUSDiESSES your property with aiiresslv i' Management ; 575 SSte.SXA J'I large Call In person. 920 : I'I" 4 I I .

I DavId Lapa Broker 133 B. Main: phone 6ar Realtors Chenault Jennlnts Inc. 'I HABERDASHERY-Honett and ambitious i GOING BUSINESS Real I i I W. IDttlst.m& Frank O'NeaL '. e\ *. I
W. jN. ,.. S. VOC'V* Wi&mol--n-1 a I 7234. young man wanted I p.n maker win On. .IEd. Delue .
;_ 472 N. prang At* Phone ; 1.0 h.llde WANTED Man to R. Simmons . .
modern raaiblinc ranch style ban-I ncr in going business. 10.0 ra I It. C.I 2-121. for .urc Business owner snip. n.t ,
sales of 3-bedrooms and 2 baths tilecoutrucUoa. OROVES. homes business propertywanted. .1 quired to c* Into new profi.lt. R..lel,1. 1500 N. Oral. -. -. .

.1 .. .. OWllla.tRIP11III. *a a big lake. Then I If you want to tell call formation ia office only. Courtney I 61. Bank I families la Product.told 20 years. Mast $ esavgrtee--- .. .

are S airet and it fronts on Highway me I have buyers waiting. Richard Realty. 392_N. Or.nr. I Lan.SerlceISTA b* satisfied with good living at 18tICI-l lIke IS ',
.. I*. Af.r- .,I 17. There Is ample room for cabins I Ktiarot. Realtor; 172 N. Orange: dial I AND INCOME-6-unlt I Write .. s. Dept. .t.n D"A ''
'I 'P.n, PAP11We..plll 'w
2-O 98HOUSB HOW -i
r other
-- : two cJ busuuas Sea our sisnB i tram Close In I LOANS cost yon 1018. Tens .M CEZVROIIT-1134
BM this property S mUet north of I WARTED-Pnefer close In. I 11.lte.meDt apt. now ... ,. CaJ National Bank. Compare 1 Nc.I. 21 East Livingston.. 2- MT "d.......A- I
I-- .Msluand. 421500. terms. 11. J. Must b* reasonable price low down Lola Royal. 2-OSl2for details these costs. When the loan Is for Ildl 1.. Kohl asd .. I I
WsrW Or.r. ... Broker 132 S. Main: phone I payment 610 W. Grand. I I 100. you I 93-Payments I 134I I 0 Club

a.1 344LrTM ;' .m. t i! I 200.150 yon get le 139-Paimrnta 16 13.50I ..: 67. Employment Agencies I CHJR-IH2 w imteit.thrmthMt .0fIC LSA COIIP4JIffhfI
t S6. Business Property for Sale HOUSES WANTED-We have prospects MOTOR COUT-IO rental units. 10 I > 300. get 1IP8mCLI 25.00 'I .Ul Cu .
I for 2. 3 and 4bedroomhome. 4 acres yon BROWN'S DY AGENCY 1. M .eeI .
? C if (ran* ,, In good locations Call W. B. Thbtt location; &etr 130.000 c i I 400. '0 get 372-Paytnenti 33.34I 1 I And Nun. Rbm. you wantI I 12._ _Cola.1 cwW9B MM
r'1s HMtf Coa\ran APARTMENTS lult clot t* Nicholson. Realtor. 2-1619. 14 500. you get. 465-Payment* 41 67 I work com to $ CeDtal. U 1 CHRYSLER-1M f
.. I.I I shopplns district and lak. Lari I .It 'UU'D''r 11000. you get I 34 I want can .! new 5545 VMM MI _. .
I tot. Keatal 1110 Maia 8kHOUSE Petr. R.ltor. UOPlm.IIU htlp 16. I a j iM MIB I I I- -
per month besides Above monthly H.n .
.t .Kevt-jM4- *Tvtiw swains apartment. Fries 414.000 In- I I 70 E. Central 20786.NEIGHBORHOOD Payments for 15 months are IOtl.Ue.{I COLS DYME SERVICE .. .. .1 .

Part .. will lie elude all furniture. Mr. Lyte with WANTED-We have prospect Figures include life Insurance to pay I Nua' Re.lter. In. busiI I rl..a trade 22485CIIIVROtXT
M.N <. $p. M> Betntirr Herman Goodwin Inc. Broker 477 N. I for modern ft and 0-room homes.If loan I case of death. The Fn I Inforlt 7228.I 41 t* A *HW

e aMa sa.,,-'c"' *"*.'. *. Grant 9853.A.4XDgAL .___ your house U for sale call Allen : grocery and meat N.Uoa Bank at Orlando. 4th fr. I I PAK BUSINESS SERVICE OJ- I one with radio n.I- -

MAm .. _ Contalesceat horn or Johnson. Realtor. 140 N. Orange market. New equipment, good stock professional titdct- )o.n 700 I MfStCHXVROLZT
'i completely furnished. 8413 "Specialising la Homes. 15 year leas*. 150 Per month. PrIce I men. 3 E PIne 2-1287 -
lIp 1A. I Peas IO' 'i.o I II Hall cash. If the price is not FIRST NATIONAL BAN loans may I lu r
Wp tr..4 .=. I. set.. bedroom approximately 140x 15000. be Insured t* pay balance ctcao. R dl* c aIel.r ASKOKTWK
Exclusive with 69. Work Wanted
540. backs to cash late. 437.500.Urmt. I right make an offer : -Female Uvtori. Osralod.iot.gt .
IV toBtlM IMP .U BB4MM I II 677 M. ef the loan la case of death of theborrower .
Ve* Van Hot,. with Potter. Herman I
KlBIBJ, U tM HU. WUilWM. I Glide McKensl LISTINGS WANTED W* hat awaiting 0.1 .
I I *. 12 S Ualn: 2-4775 I II Rot for desirable proper Orange .8:$. COLLEGE GRAT with 3 yean 1541 14.45

I CLO8B El-Apartment boui 4 units : ties. Rou Kay Anderson. Broker. Ii I 6 Loans Up to $300 11 fficc np.Dc.. d..te. a@rte. mtltM. Cratral PtorM M

.____ Acr,.i. fw pals I I I repair.aictly Always tarnished.rented.In Gross first Iwrom class i 375 N. Orates 6823. i NUIG OR 17,500 GUEST gives HOME pea opper'ult. : AUTO.% Diamond loans- 8lar.job. Jxc.UeD' rl.rDca. I j.ffersn ii aleC 0.rle.4 OIl I 1t..1

...,-.. B TB4 lead s.sd Ieee- 14 040 annually. Price 132 500. P. A. I IAllison. I oa terms. 26 roo .btl Econ.Fllr. Company .. P. I '. .

M PIM .UOO'.1. Realtor.31 W. Washington j LISTINGS WANTED-Homes, grates. Clot Lennon in with location.Jo Large G. ao. Realtor lurlr. Manager. 1006 )et.1 Build PRACTICAL NURSE-1131; R 471. CHRYSLER Twa tad

.rc. .s Ie-__ 't.DOWMTOWIf. rentals. Let us help you sell your 6633. I 3-0339. LCNRY" I Ihom. Coaterubl Speckles = WP-C -
GUEST ___t41ti1 property. Hall Bros. Agency. 112 M. BRING YOUR ). my Geld n.laJa.a5" s.d i
.aI. tHOHWAT IAIT-l' MI CASS LOANS-Quickly m.de oa fur .. '
I tate utraaccs. S rental units plus Orange dial 5189 749 WI& LYUatm Avenue. beaitttal .,. Sqatpaed; .
l..se Ma 41J$4. Co" and Or-
.. H6 B. Jttltnoa.CW4MI kitchea and room for wner. Lovely I I ORANGE AVE RTAt- Dllar. .ut. d..ond 314 rUG LADY neat appearing for tportUghU. sewS .T V'"I .
Stole porch. WANTED Clients wait In'D' C.
I rA On cores landscaped LISTINGS year : i Metcaif Bldg.. Dial travel office b.l day ; rtdlo better sad ftlrYW.t
ilL Pamlshed throughout i K. F. Slayton. Realtor. 32 B. 2-3. I I !
: with new ing. tion. Move la and tttrt :: five a week. See B.rke sell below :
oa. aiOUO. .ad substantial '1U'.latuD". bed linens I Fine St.. phone ml 47.500 cash Mr. BGnte QUICK CASH LOANS Furniture Room 11 Central Arcade. Evn tOO N. Or..* Ave Pa***

.. .. .racta asses's Ortssdsr and blankets Included. A good' NOTICE-Price It to sell and caHClaybautb Henry Burch Brokr. )aU not and auto loans. 2-hour service. 477L Open Sunday.CNITROLZt1S11.

lacoa Pries 'I17.SOO. S** Ve Via Realtor. 1613. ,tm old 2-10. Family Loss Co.. 501 Florida 70. Work Wanted-Male_ j jI \ Jl
Hua with Clyde McKcnxi, 12
I... J$ IL Cs4.sUt a. Bank Bid.. W. manager. I
4 ..t.. estee WilL -775.- I I ring since 23.I ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL-Larte Phone 2-18.J Ca I II I HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE-18. t 4 1.51 t4I IU M .

SM M_ 147t DAIRY 360 acre* en pared hUhwtT.I WANTED TO BUT-10-20 acres of close in sit*. suitable for stores. I wants Summer job. Excellent i I New um. rr1_ r4M. sew 9d MIMJi.
w. ap. UOMDM THAIU-i.M, I houses. 2 cow barns one dairy : firit-clau bearing grot Cite fuJ lourl cbl1 trailer park. Property I LOANS MADE from 810 to Family 1300: knowledge of radio, drivers 11m i OUn't Vied Can. IU 5. OTM44AT
ktBBr. Sisal I b., Coolini Cistern and equipment. detail In first letters. H. P. Boland *, and fully equipped strict privacy: f.s&enl., Central typist Wnte Box 595 8..1'. I, PIous -4414
,* _. k Prtt swo.IUrM 4150 per acr*. Ask for C-249. Harold Realtor Carman Bide, 672 M. Or- for 50 trailers. This Is big opportunity Finance Ate Phone Service.9857.ID. 3 "o i iI CADILLAC-'41. 'U" 4-40. 4iila
w. as 5Mpe:4r T. Coadlcb Realtor 37 K. Central !' tnge: dial 2-4551. for home income and Invest 11. Airplane Sales Service I' earellest _. SsEpsed \

Iv.I Wessesslee.p dial 4137 __ I I I APPRAISALS your home ment. It Is priced right and terms I LOANS ON HOUSES- Get a small & I! with r.dle .a' heater n.. *t-
HIGHWAY 17- Close Winter to responsible party. Call Mr. 0110 I.n OB your property for fixing I kTiyl Mo',. "Ge IIi
to i ft* will site you an estimate free Credit. 21 W. Pine. 1st CUB J2. CIDt.11 AAJPh QUALITY **
*uIi-_. Park; lane horn. 2 apts to-I of charge on lbs current markeltain I 2-0642 for .PIIDlm.Dt to 10. of Crack Theater. Airport. 1"1I CHXVHOLKT-I aee4J -
i ii it ,s. less 5.4 rB4. u.*l lrIt tetaer with $-roo' buns alow. 240 of your property. No obliga .J.A.L... Ghio. Ral !t 1.lna tl I flyin this Is H Sell I trad i.> udor M4**, =te. ..
H2; .. Ws ft as SUe 11.11'. All kinds *f fruit I WIlL Mathews with 4 OUT OF I who ask for a loan hen "2DOOO<tO .
iI P. st ss4 MM tB*> T. J. tion. Ph. 7811. TWIN ratings en Orummaa 111105 II OOP Call -
I ... ue L. M. pleas ..4 f1e... ,ether with asahi busiswts I, .. Daniel Kolar. Broker. PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Completely -'get ..Personal Finance Co. 24B.Oranl. BOI tea and D.Lsud-destssdU 4441 -r---- tir
st .m Plenty .f room for S or 5relies. equipped dark room. Cam Room r., Phone 3-3148 WI.ID l.ad btme'
.. and beautiful setting. See CLIENTS WAITTNa for modern a light and Wolfe Mtr. I Uaq. II R.. sew ... a.w ...1 j .
flood .
aa "-M' 1. Mr. Fla m. with Harold Shepherd I I I and 6 room houset. If yours is tot .r.. For sal at*a dloun&photo.phoIpi. Country Cal Winter Park IU Cl..n tree.lIoN& Co5sehat ., ..i .w
Mesa Bt Ca.asp IT.BB4f BBV4 II .. call today. RIng Real Estate J. 113 a. CsIaaka& Dr" 3-0313. _'
.IU. 20 t Wsohlnston.Pb.5124. tale us Interests.
J to business the Cash
& M W Orla4* 1ass. E. Church 8435. ca FaL LA8' 7 Autos & For Rent lendape.PORDl535. '. .
= 30
w isi f see e.t HIM prBrt. kay "LUCERNE SECTI ii"Outstaadlnf H. Pr\ 26.R&TACR n.Y.n' .ten I % Trek s.daa. .stie
vw Pee I.'.. ptvliu A T Dse. ascot boms. 10 fin CALL US-W* win come see that G. Itl your. Horn income. Ac'DI.nc. N Corporation Oraatila I CAR-RENTAL INC.-High grade s I" sad .'. '.". M.ataI 5 .
." kMM, 11 S. MUA. Pleas I'I I rooms. 4Vi bsths. Excellent larse house you hate for sale. Large 01 411 .UI. 4. sured ear by week .r season IU' S. ala' Dr 14911PORDl$40
tot only a blocks from City Hall. 30. small. Howard. Broker. 30* K. Mala .... M. Smith with Henry Orlando. Office tl responsible popl .ta _
Cocoa. Winter Haven and Cal 'UJ 3 esseerta... $.w 55'eI
000. H eash. Rex-UcOUl 7325. 1 8. MaIn 2109.RAURAI'iTIO &Ct Livlngtten At*. W'I I
; tens. 12t N. Orante. Phone un.I in. New Same ttrvietl top; 3 tatied pit Par *bB* 555averse. '
U.I. .IN.
Wad Thawrlaad' wilt LISTINGS WANTED-Gront, homes eWP D. VARKER U-ORIVE-IT-Driv* .. Have i* a. tile .. ) 4, fit'. S Itla
HIQHWAT- ft. IronUte.Price ,
I under 49.000. C. B. Davit, Realtor, 4 yourself, low .by I'r really tepreclai It Mtrua led
144 ACRO M EVes has OrlBBd I 15000. Laa with HermaaGoodwin. W. Concord; 2-0074 or 5454. 234
D. Varotr .
104 1. Jefferson 2-1649 63. Mortgage U.Dy.n Ctr*. 101 K._Mala I4aw '11 11111. .
I ITT ) Or
,... R.sals .ese. 1 a.s Intw Broke RESTAURANT rent desirable LansP.Jlnt.r Central At*. 2-313. 1'1
BM4 **4 Irwtttt.. ruu claw lee I aate: 885_. CUSTOMERS WAiTING for bomei party the Flight Dk t Restaurant HERTZ BTSTEMTmekt FOr.a
,.. HIM Pt sueS Akt. I TRAIL Best List the Dl.uJ
ORANGE BLOSSOM and Income properties OQrwledayl and cocktail .
ue.t .. ast1tst .* CBUU I set-up trailer eourt. Splendid motor Lockwood Associates 60 W. Sanlori Municipal Ar This location lOW-f.t for fey hoar day or week. Low rat'o**. 314 I. Colonial Dr. 1-03IJ. spes lee- 'tmtaIIxe

ses Weis $47es. aoart possibilities. Most prominent Robinson phone 2-1574 ia the COI, recreational N. Orange. phone dirt
raresT with more highway frontat and industrial area in Central building buying or FORD-IV' 0..11. 4.4.5 se4
I .
U. .u far BateAV9flULT4w.fi. I than any .., tract e. the OUR LOCATION brings ms manybuyer. Florida. R. H. Browning Airport or see Joe O Myers. Realtor. 29 ;! JIM CUMBIK C-DJE-I radIo eriulnat qy pop
I Best location Central Florida. Tran.j for GUilt house and homesboth Manager.8 Municipal Airport.avice W.sto. St. Phone 88SU modal ..n week Central Floi3ds ':: JeSse..
large and smaU. Call as If you .aflrt f rate. 904 M, sod Oerl."d 41.1 34434
M 5. rU (.. i rit ht. terms rlsht interest rat STATION-100 ft. frontag* 1'1'1 CmlUtl :
4** ea.I'M& JUaU r, ala I Jua U. CaUwcU with Axher Peter. wish to selL Whit Bros.. Brokers an 17-12. New .. HOME LOANS- W* want &help ,. 2-452. 'O.I" 4 deee mdcc e.d s-
: Realur.I Central and Main 2- 124 N. Mill.: 3-148. PIUIIN .leU a horn build new one INC. New car J. .. _
SI II ... 11 4BBa4trtMetlBa cor. ; i drink, box, stock I lIu1 w OLtN C-DiI. dlUoa. sew tart. (*M O5 .
I mi 1. : 0744 WB HAVE BUYERS wanting groves win*. place for hamburger gite you prompt service. Office for & rate per day. Used Cars 142 .. Ceases AM
: WODeierlu hour 4 to 2 during week: S t* week Open evening vs. .
oRANGE or Phone 2-4114 I
TRAIL 441 and
e estees belles tie, eev W.s Iata BLOSSOM business properties and home Pot IIri..1 Price Includes I Saturdays. First Federal Savin 10DII. .
w Bay yr tot I n2 Hlah."" 24 tots. 270 ft.hltbway Immedfat sal list with P. A. AJ- 2 extra lot 1. Yes Van 112 I Loan Association of ., 900. 242 2-4.14 FORI>- 1MO Deluge 4 Ieee .*\

& sWas 'leMi bsesLIIs are anU- frontal. 2 eottates All for I lison. Realtor. 3T W. Washington. Hotea with IIc.D 12 S. i B Fin* St.. Orl. 6 Rtdl CeMlrtto to 9rttH |M(. MI L. All .
.*** Waiter W. lees lavettaieai c*. 4000. BUyton. Realtor. 32 I. Pin. Male 2-4775. i Orl.ndo 1. 73. Auto Service Oust IRe iu o nM tv I
4t B, > Maser aflljf 1451ORAXOB. I OCR PROSPECTS kr looking for for I I Phone J-4347.
SAW MILL-planer and dry kiln
7'a home and Income property. What i an type of long
I >1M BLOSSOsf TRAIL 1 block sale or leas*. between OrI.Ddo LAN prPr F lPU.L J'OJlD-l. Cesvertibhe 'ala ew.
hare yen? Clyde IlrK DI1.. Broker. 1.t terms; low repair
&*iUJ. -1aD-.U oath of city limits *a west side. 12 S Main. PIous 2-4775. I and Portable sawmill i I ate Im. Harlow O. r.t m.df I Pomp enTice 1"at 11t Oh lied C rPORD I
en-top m"
.tI rfnui.. Ian MS ire*. rt>rtv* but *e. my slin). 3 L1 acres. for .1 or leas Oabel Construction i N. Orange Ave. Phone d I .1a. Servlee.300 N Oranse Q. 5. c-.s-'te. _p''. 1.4416.
court 111 71" IEV
and dry. Ideal for motor Rutland Bldg. Fhon
PS hlfh I'
.1 -1IJ4 4 elf *>
; If trailer park. Non-resMtnt ner your property with Oo. H. Xlt&rldn. I' I f AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Expert-
i i.utheriae.
COt'imit cw-. s special price and terms. Realtor 17 X. Central AT*. 18. MORTGAGE LOANS-On home and prompt service a pe. MM OUa*. tlM.. IU MO .
Lart Mel tow a* ... easy Ask Asher Peter Realtor cor. Central Phone 2-317. TOURIST COURT modern aalU I clDm.cl businesses. Low 1"r Ice ml.DC accessor!** and .rl.< at.4W,

I Pay aeatAli. Bav* 14 paid and Main; 2-0744._ DON'T LIST your property with BM 20 It. frontat OD U. S. P'J'Dt tow tries. .tk.. V.rr.pr. 234 W. Central FORD lHl 4-Ieee sedea Pea
t Sb.a .aae Satetlals bscessesIssli 300 ft. unless you want to ten. Henry I Winter Park. Best buy *n today'smarket. i I Guernsey Real- I : PIli" vyy ghea" said soschankal DALY
'4.4 ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL Price 125000. Terms Exclusively -' 2-313. "
Prprty iu bIll clu I, Bun". Broker. 12 8. MaIn: 2-1090. ( 21 E. Central4194, wheel 1IdS"- seed hIM
bungaloW and
... with S-room :
JttLr besad Ia Iscreses isls with Potter with Herman ACBR.B 6980. 8eI .t IUD Cosu's 54Lincot.s
.1 M.
... PU Islet slesd 01 U '_pJ.wl, furnished. Best bay on LJSTBiGS WANTED-W* feat the -. 171 N. Orangg; .U'I'DL .c. Wl, I
N IBBMtM. W. bats BBBM bsssW01a's. the Trail St 49850. C. P. Shamway.Rultor. buyers If you hat the property. Gooct1. lc. I REAL rSTATB LA- Law cost balanced wIlls you ., ziy.f,1.stiseell.st ,
i ItO N. Oraote. 3-3342_ Call A. T. Carter. 1516: Jamtrsoa To buy build ref.n home i Frans* Bone 1010 W. Church i I ceaditle. 0504 P* a
lbs tell
pal VIeWS *S
** I ENTER THE tending machine busi UTM. Raise ...
.. 4 Itu 5Sllebls.heed. ST. K.-Ahot Pet- Carter Main and central. and business prPen1' T. Trust I BODY AND FENDER repairing aadpaIntIng. eloe'tete I..
", IM B> PARRAUORB ness. W* are distributor for automatic of : '. 20. H Qr An
Csrv.ss pslsa 0.. : Lot Income or speculation. Corner OUR SALES FORCE aterat 25 yean pop nut, vitamin razor I Department at Orlando, P N.ta Bank Estimate gladly give* I'I I" B tm Hit It ,. -s., .
3- lot. 2-story rooms BOOT*. Stores be- I selling Orang County real susie blade c. also cola f. Satisfaction guaranteed. D. ".r. LINCOLN &&PNTB-1531 wit-ii:
i r.aoru&lI: 112.750. eillPeIr OP 234 W. Central Ave. Phone !, des. fIne gesdltlee even 'seas..
".. Income. 11400 aanually. I qualifies us as experts. List you .,. win ,
BM* hi O*, tlAM as t rwu. Central and MaIn: 2-07..._ 30 E. Church. Pb 4767. Distributers. Ine3128 J.3d. : INTEREFT RATES A SLOW AS 4* your auto .l .1 tires las O rUa4 .. aledlal i Or _ Ml .

I r B*>*B4. ..Ur. CarrUaa Kdf.U I "COTT APARTMINT HOUSE dON I Avenue, 1l1.1i Florid I oa Improved Park.properties In Orlando and oil DIMS Sales Servica W. I II MOTOaacuIJ'O'*.*.. 4* .
and Winter No
P Oi's. HSII. Ate. Very deep lot for brokers South at Boone_St. I II Ilotor to1Q.te17 rtMh.
t* Orange ITS IT 8 I .
f additional apartmentt. Present tai- GOLDEN HEEDS HOUSES to sell- NE! 10DEl I. prof' Bettt Investment CIII..', 25 W. CAB WASHINO and polishing by ap-!,I whMU. sued On*. At .= S .
Washington 8u Phone I
.l ntCMTr tOT-b *_PU.BBICB cass 55.000 yearly. ThiS t* cimimsiaBces --I would like to lie independent and 513. For prompt and expert laroutbrnit. Pin 4oe U*. d .1&1' .
.Id.stl& Sf55 05 sI. Vitals wner will telL It will. lie I Becaus I hat told most of the 2 own your own low cost business withsPectacular I peIDttlDt B ft J ServIce Station. I I: CKM 351 U rur I *JB. AM IM

0.W. Cal ee a.. Mnrtr wnktt wnh your Urn to tevestltate. Also and 3-bedroom house listed witH profit pOllIWtl you ,comer Boon and J'CItI" j Glens lees.PAcXARD1531_
I ether lacier apartmeatt and hotels. I m. within 30 days of listing date will lie interested 61. Help WantedFemsleCASKIVRSTENOGRAPHIR I sodas.eeudItiql7l OA
O .''. .... M W. .ab- Intestment mF op LUBRICATION 4-40W ,.,, -- Na .
.. flieS M41.PARK. I W* spertalii In real estata Why not git m* your selling lob lot IrtaDU presented by -Mighty all.U.lm.1 1. Meetase Ave .
Carlisle R Stephenson. 145 N.I I I the alt I
I quick action Phone winter Park. sandwich booth.
K. ef car iils
Every nook and crul' your PACKARD-1 4 1 CJ _*enei
I Main Ph. 3-1372_ I 111 or call at office. complete; only ODe operator W.mt .
Lia'iiit -10* leeldeVI. I' ad. he:nfal but I or truck U touched. Smooth runningmechanical and ktnatab. SeswuWsi r.L.
HEW buildlnt. 1150 a Ooldtn. 1121 K. Orlando needed. model en display ElllritlD. e. .: .f7
S-apartment a."p.
Broke. Bale
stases ITM .'. M J. of person 32 W. Central p.r assured you. C MtMl Mr .
terms ( under- corner
Income. 110. 00. Ate. near Orange Ave. and Livingston .
I Br* *t, 1X1 8, Male pleas I C.monthly C. Glfl tta. Broken 112 North I& Winter Park. St. Can allocate .nea unit or..D A..API I response and, prolODI hardtoreplaceparts easy Mf Co at.l Dr : H31J o..e $5SPLYMOUTPl547 .

II U1I3S- 21747.ILDROOMB.. do territory In t.nlL 5 d.lII...
&1WEThCWPART-I AB labs frBtMm I Place your ede now. & D. aged; 1' a PJ..I. Ofd IU.1
lane V.me !
baths den
2 Stores.
110.. Bl 4100 tor**. S I Courtney. HOU6EKEElddl. Or.aer 2IP V1Lym.
I 1'ij:7 porches. Suitable for guest bouse. HOME Northern buyers D"lbat. a- .PII Cl home of wldewer. male
ISil elsA sad M>.BC. IM per Good location fruit. lane rounds and WA Inquiring daily for Bro..r Sales Representatives. chlr.1 B 1 8-8tar. RADIATOR IAo Ccipc M iP4 .

_.. McKnr *4 B. CtBUBl.UK with sift shop en corner: 11 E, business homes and fa atO'Re.lt 392 Ort.* Ave. REGISTERED KURSK .D.- cn. Compl.t I.for replacement cap Bolt .a4 .tI$ 3.I

M Princeton- 1454_ ,. 3141. W. WE HAVE FOUR exceptionally good doctor Bfflc*. Call C. T. .cor. 631 Caartetw Ivory .
2-7 .
a .p ct will t'a M
grocery from
ltor. 45999 to 87. polotment.STENOGRAPRZR.CLZRKWlth. dial 5933. .r.a
W. : W.
00000 I Ctln&r1 .11I... .. II lIt
P O -. Bf rB4 2451AM 3-BEDROOM with [ can be easily financed. Rsnt.
A GOOD BaDI1. experience BUCKET GAB.AOZ'-l317 W. Grand .h. .
e.n..! tat MB* 43taw Speak to Spited Whitney Spiegel .
OOLDEN HAS IT- 2 is our If I to assist purchasing agent Blossom Trail I"
IU A..t :
late a Realty
Jar* Co. Metcaif .
MM try I. O.II"
.. a' realms r4.prwrtr you one f.r & *, u Bldg 2-3369 Btor70 la punh.a. expediting and general Pb. 2-0237. ell
= IB** amuK CIty as pared Park section of Hithwsy 8513, Belies Investment I not weU l.cIIJr. I
W.14 make Winter c cleal. .X.do mate c.ra. Ant bodywork POXTIAC itn.C 3-deer ... U.dIe rill tt.P.
17-M New block buildiet. 40 z 40 with t* Must have connection. Get
I la BUT price
.aaD baste 10.000.0 '11' .. .t II' IPLTKovru
heel IMTIM *r > M sees
a. lets 115.00000 I' '
ft. deep lot. Good for retail business .I *r See Mr. American MachineryI .
Hal Oral withtovwMMa *n SMALL HOME-W* are already rereiving moe c. I d'n for a complete 353I
d.-'s'S8. or chain crocery. Low price for many Inquiries for these I me ." partner building tow priced I .. 6 miles Hwy 441. i
amws C. 21 W. wulesess .nick sal Terms. A. C. Golden I houas. Big demand good profit '
Several buyers
84000 to 110000.
UIJ.I | STENOGRAPHER-CLERK expcricnce I I 73-1. Auto Pecerdi .
Broker. 1121 N. Orlando Ate. (NearMaitland waiting now U. &a'o quick 2 hat been but !| to assist purchasing agent
underpass). Winter Park. I sold within 6 months. .
R. Broker. .n I& and
amali re.ult St..r the land ia punh..I. t1lt. general FRONT END REPAIR PARTS sew '*,
6* LOTS at tar* BWBPMIU. Hotel : 7152. and eulmDt 33 J-doori IMS. V I
sad M .ir Ueot ..- Buldl. i, If yon hate & money ,! cr.L no.eli riellce avalltbl fo almost aay mak ..1asia. 31 lod_. 44 H. 3I d-455e aDi
: do A. 1010 W.Church. ,
T BtMte. Broker. I me for a proposition 11111m. II.. c.I C. Pri. 81 Also-"31 Ca* t )!*4 -.e. IIH "fl .
6* Badness lo one Eee Mr I
.a'I : Opportunities I- I phen
t 6Uta
W.Mt.aUs1.ee. I, 1401 Wahto St. Corp. miles north Hwy. M.d Olds t-d_. I29S A* Ut *4 .

&-.-.-iotTpleDrtft GOLDEN HAS IT- FRANCHISE for sale OWN AND n"rout 0T I PERMANENT 4 ORLANDO woman re- I 74. Wanted taod rwnBoi eaa UU* L WjUff

" Wiaur Patk Jmn sstlds till B- AtKOBn T.I Inl of cars shop show SIC stamp I I Ident, over 23. to manage established -j ADto.TrDer I Motors. TOe B. MIC

Ha. PM4 mat I hat* UtmMlnfM Tourist court sit* on H.,. 17-92. other pressing busi- I Orlando Small capital required. For local woman's AUTOS WASTED-HIghest BrleM a. I

**.. WM for Mk-dl'tdiM, For per- I Over 215-ft. frontal en highway ; c:'tto Writ Box 3 S-6tr. information Write Box 596 S-Star1_ salary. Employment .a Iop G: paid for used car*. See L. P. Hagtn. .'
Mi .tenW. taB VUt** Park SM.B with over on dirt road Can I I I WILL BELL half interest ef my new September Interview last week Motors. Garland IT"'TIOM WAGON. l$4iP11
f B. Pastas hell, 104 X. Park lie sold In part or In vIol Priced tourist of 10 C'Dtll. Good all.". ... LinWtnier i I
12 I
; : since i court anita and June. r state business 22424. Klxhtl. Ii.
A'. .tI1H Para _ I tow for aulck sal. Terms A C, Golden. -I BUU OPPRT W. i| Ins quarter for manager. D t !575 ue .Jeenoza.. Ph GardenSTIYDZNAXI.41 i. .jwee:: .
: 'Ck'fD4
1121 N Orlando At ., 2-10. R. 1.4 &u. I ,
IAXB PHOJn i.ciiiiate:1akte. Broker. CenuaL I and storage reams Also I WAITRESSES WANTED-Win buy C_BB f4V
Vss..s2. ctt, ..nlncn. (near MslUand Underpass Winter St. sleeping rooms with bath. I win at WAEPer AUOOBI AuUa door aedaa. Oerm I ar* Mr eI1XI9S. ..
ed. Apply sell your .
2 gM4. ,yd.,. In. c. lOt a.1 Part.QOLDCf. BATTERY SHOP for sale at Inven-I', good deal t* raaa with experience ; H Orange Ave te OI Bo. at suction every Thursday.c. B Wykygyl M4r TM II ""Jmrt: :
i 904* manage Must be and Mill
tory. a growing business Ins growing good It .$ale : WOMAN for draperies and aUpcoverg. Robsoat lot AuUou 21 -

UT Ie_ M.DRITI$..-..CMiwUW Pleas and colt.,. just 0 fs.right Owner for selling father good term Owner G l.b.Dc! ,, permanent. Experienced detaLs.d.l4bl. Orangg WANTED T.IL Th later and 7L. Tra r..Tnek. for Sato
''W.1 BUIcK -
.** _._,r __ t. lOa health Writ w can C. T.Da : W.sulL_ _ _ SentlTKl-Star.P B 1 I cJramr $ Better. Might bay OMs 'I
, Tw adMalat lots HAS IT- prot 97 A LITTLE grocery sod market Pvatlac, 62 W. II ALMA 1942. 21' IWBtl IIB4HHB :u-
ORW1M ktAKOR- la.i or
I "Rtor. Ph &n. I PuDt.1a. heaps 4. Rateatly ,aszk.4 ps.8We
KotUMban i A..tI.'I at : .
Ill fait rascals CBCM 4IVUBtAWO Tourist horn on Us?. 17-02. Close t* Euosm t! 15 withlY qu.r.n. 19.5 65 Help Wanted-Male I ed Bow aofa-d IL* 1)44 W
: r-- I CAr. I Winter Park. Larte 0-room. bouM.nsn. I a .0 in l.al. to make t CADtLUSCST Chevrolet ind Bther IftB St.DIAMOND. .
IIOes5L I r frontate .a highway, 575ft.deep I Headquarters." ill N. I I better lr. .1 I AUTO BOOT MEN-2. A-I needed at Prtc secondary & ewndittoa.Wykygyl : T Hav* Bk. Brw inR :. .
U Mills.
:_ proper.1.de
e-wu : JT B>* DlCuac( I A money maker this comlnieaten. CITRUS PACKING HOUSE- and has Easier Paint & Body Won 3 Motors. TOO I. 2. 3 teL wit* wtarane A4 BM
: as C%.wrt r Mfr: ia I Only $ ... Term A. C. capacity, coloring room capacity phone c.1 "Let'a talk oven." N. Oraiue B.be ...t FRANK REED really knows bow t* ,; dlKcMlnt. Call ..1.I .
Is .qasT neee.-MOI. tin B.fALM Golden. Broker. 1121 N. Orlando I 5000 boxes. Fully equipped with machinery Broker,1 45-West 'I FAINTER who can get the lush dollar for your carr
1 1'IasSS. _ At.. Near UalUaod nnderpaw 3 sizers. 2 half slzers. main Central_ !Stl. AtXOBI m."b First class only. equity. Cash ta five ...te.. W i iI I CAR TRAILER-CaD al 4rVAt** : 0 .e
_ _ I cora. 34) 'l.3.EVAN'
I CBloniBl Drive aft.? I av
Winter Park. Box Works. Park.
nauca-a..UfaI: MU41Da I building approximately 80x325. FOR : SI.t Au B' Wrntf glv 'em away' Give
of Sub ;
one the beat .
let tot* WW sad itok. rati shed 30x80 garage 20x20. separateboiler PROF aoi K. Onsets B I"D; :Kmm.n ;sleevE .. .

lrw w PTV. Cart TrtdBT. Dnd- room Ud5 4-room caretakerscOttUe. I "ar'D ntuDt..e 1. th! AUTO FAINT-BOOT MAN-Mast lie WB BUY USED CARS-Any !I ply tire*. '41 Ik IBM. bWiP .

as' II H,oesas.34443._ 200 PT RAILWAY FRONTAGE-.Sidta IID& S ..n t ac.I Is i 54.000 J Pu phone sober experienced and steady An any modrt-any year-aay J:I teriBT. aleep* 4. teas etoBtu. Fif*< .

vim PWS (** E"i-| In. ready for buildint. 5 miles land. Johut Henry, Broker. .rlulP me fare .I r on thIs excellent CODDI. Holler Chevro OUns Used Cars. 142 N. Oa 1 I .**..1111. Owar ladies' Pbiav I "
BWUBB from Orland Lockhart. Fla. Address one" Prtsrott 115 2-4347 2-4414. Trailer ..
Ton. : Calh S I V. Steele Since 1920. 'lI Ct.L Phone or_ i ion '
hs bt2d.'s thesIs see ; Box IM. Leekhafl.I 45- West Central TOP PRICE toe your "LKT-IM7, PtwtBjw t W
A.llve. _
: .: Park tow. M tow I CAH model. C e sedan and Bpariaa Msaog aB
IAse ASSISTANT lie eipert- make or
s. ,1M. I'J .. P.IBBT* la mall 57._Real Estate Exehanprd CITRUS PACKCTO HOUSB-12 ears !. SPEcOFa money. my I CK-Ku B.* or ,.rln e 21> W. Washington VIsas trailer TIle *xftl to *
.eatAty M OUtttte ataUw3la I I per day capacity. Located ta the Poultry farm. .D Orange Phone 2282ONTEESPOT tteaUy new
900 beat
BOW TratI =
lf*. rarrtea Ipeheed. 8
Sb),. A last heart of the citrus belt. Completely in> 1 of pu tanks traitor ancb.
I. owB''. Canuaa BM.. COmIty HOME- ?. 8roomfram quipped with modern machine Including I; 118 per ease case on etts the P dY. a a I AUTO TRIMMER Body- Apply Orl"I CAB. PAID Cambi for ,o. sad sissy ether aeeourr rrtraa. A* .. ...,

*tl V Or 1-451_ field boxes. Ofc buildIngwith leg pullets Caring pl month 10.. A I, BIT Wab 35 d.a.Orange Avenue. Phone excepuooal bay at .. WrwJt .
t N. BI T t J. 209. Mtaae*. F1a. __
14sfltxl7$5 LOT on B. house. S acres partly cultivated. t cilices b..c1al i modern home. 4 completely I
-' ,. leaky SL 12400.M. brm AUTO BRAKE MAN and front end 2-45L aJ 99B wThAa .
.. SI m.ntor.POI'IIm Loui furnished 2H aM Bae >
e wtU J- Irate Utht .'WI'. Completely '. Brokr Z aofl. 3 newly built. pracUy man-experienced. Good salary. 6- SPOT CASH PAID for v.sued car. 44 WIach ." .ai* *4 S
f** i. S tBMK 4 T7. SU "11 Bceoauaodatlnc 500 pODm I fey .* Great Southern Stores.cli B J." C. MKI.o Packard basheS to** '100. A J MarwaatlCHEVROLETOa .

I izjliia LOT: *__ .l'it peat Ia.. fttrclshed. Bell w trade *quy la rage, YG I.rw e I N Orante 0.1. 3 1. Or. Rat 1. 0.. Pto.

I di* .W M la* atUacUr Ouba- room .b. e' large bearingcit AU'IOBODT REPAIRMAN-Only 51' II .. 0.11 C. loW _
dread Cees-'P 'tala Eats : Orlando ricinltr..property But S55 11o.ne and meat ..r rus traits. Takesdvtntac A-I. sober and reliable need. ap- AMY MAKE 1944 ar '47 ear. age, with IIJ1C1O. Na Me
$$5. BUM csMalo I.. sad C& 128. I. SM ef this swell opportunity. ply. Good wates. ateady work : pay on u 4U>00 for th both Bipwed ff atawbl
I Prv 4 raMaaly Caik tr B-SUT. 16000 A.O. b.. Quick buyer get aB for .1s Dial I 1 ten Fender ft Body 'Works, I :New cars mrt-ntly 1P. Martins i 1200. A. t .: SoNS I. ,

I_ /as BTB*. an .. Mala 7Si J. Co. ?1U'd and : 2-JU. 9723. H... C Winter lno 2- Used Care. 101 M.t lf I GrwvelaiMl Fla



-- --- "" : : .- :: -"' .-' .. -::- U.I or:>;-_",, _.A;; : '
.. : .. : : ___ __ _,_ ; -:::.....:: ,.
.. 3.
.- -. ,-. ..0i _._ _ ._'..::_ ,'_ --- ----'- --;-::;- .-- ---:'., -- '. .- :-- -;-.. "...--...:.:fJ! r'0' .


i .r.. 'I Q(Drlanba Scratarj &mlUirt Tuesday, June 17, 19471 I i Council Names Holland faces Dr. Branscomb Maps1Juvenile


........' ,'... YMCA Readies INDEED,MR.BIRCI4BARKttr&t JUSTvJ P-r-r IS COUNTRY Second ChargeLester Crime WarA
....... Here TomorrowAnnouncement
f. ...-- pREPAR .D f0 FtG141 AU NEEDS,MA3OR- -A SUREUMME -
.........-. ... t i f0 PROVE 'r p-r FIRE TEST CASE vie I
-a For Camp Wewa JuDC'>E RENCI tY'S MIGl4T DOES CAN GO KI6UT Oi OP TO of the Boy Scout Holland 37. acquitted on A positive approach that will 13or..... ui.. ttllt.,

MOT MAKE R16KT IN HSHAWDEO I4tGNAt;SUPREME COt) I who will represent the Central a charge of second degree murder I quency was advocated by Dr. John W ..- .l....
t r. OP- \AND X DOT CARS IP IT I In Criminal Court of Record on of the First Methodist
1R ANT Florida Boy Scout Council at the r bound over Church w aa .tftrws .k.*.* per,
RqUtraUGnl continue to be re- SLt6I T 1RAFFCTRANSES1NREE% V P.Rs- World Jamboree in M 0 18 son, to May that 27,court yesterday by Peace was Justice Eugene I day at the monthly luncheon of tlMCeMNI.......... "......
I rl\o'd! for Camp Wewa which will RE55i0N5AS AN FaCf'ERIENCED France Aug. 9 to 22, will be madeat G. Duckworth following a i{ tion of Social Yorkers. ,- -
<* nprrated by the Orange County BARQISTER a reception to be held here tomorrow hearing on a warrant charging ; He said he hat:I In mind such'Dr. IFVtTAftHMftcom
YMCA July 13 to Aug. 10 Leonard 8 SO the assault and battery. i' activities as ra-
1Af 4S TO by council's Orange Sheriff Jim Black
M Amutth. tamp director, an- Meanwhile jcation Bible I IKK "'If
: i9it District for Ernest C. Hogan Jr., said his deputies are investigatingan schools, city recreation -
u.-4 leaterd V. i :new Scout executive. attempt to shoot up Holland's i IffWILS9H f..".. iMii
I programsand "
Mid that Robert A. Cran-
.*II.H Jr. M IS S. Dtlaney St, had I Hogan, former assistant Scout :i place last investigation Saturday night., the Sheriff A preliminary Summer day M.-ww',.-..a_s.I' "
Wn added U the staff as aewtwl.r. |executive of the North Florida that load of i camps. .. ..
disclosed a
I j said had ..
i "We are united '''V .
w w ; -:=- .-.- ... s Mr. J R. Butler camp cook. Is : Council, will be introduced by II shot had been fired through a :on service in the ". "..::.-= ...
Lacy G. Thomas president at a screen window of the small beer field of human ..... 1tIII .
KIttI ALL SUC t1 drnna food and I
-- -- i buffet supper to be served at 6 tavern. ,welfare." he told ,
4E !p.m. at Troop 31's meeting place The Sheriff said the attack I the social workI --
THEY'RE SCARCE! on Lake Lorna Doone. He reported -I probably occurred shortly after I ers, meeting in
WELLS HILLED for duty here yesterdaY. midnight when the establishment !I the YMCA dining il LEMMI
Brtlrr gel ,eu r elrenlatlng i I District candidates for the I had been closed.No arrests : room.
World Jamboree trip-a trip have been made. I :Branscomb Dr.Branx-emfc
-4I .1 .. ....m n.w. They will be scarce HARDWAREELBCTMC
made possible through a $1,000 Holland appeared before Judge i:was introduced by Mr Sarah MrIntosh
? IfcbfaB. award from the Florida Chain Duckworth on a warrant I' ....................M
b KMIMIdir Oil Burning Circulating I Store Assn.-will be Interviewed Vern Dale Drake,who Holland admitted program chairman. Wni
I ( Yr, I ,,IIIND at 4 p.m. by a committee bead- during the trial had been !!i Georgia F. Hammond, prmdtu"I ,
... IlK HEATERS $74 'J SD: ed by Orville R. Davis,, principal i struck over the head with the I presided.Mrs. .
OF AN I of Memorial Junior High SchooL barrel of his shotgun. the Same
Olivia Todd.
f --U Ik. f.sr' IastaUN .... I EXPcN6Nl}( : = eE The boy selected to make the one which later caused the deathof I chairman. reported mtmbenM the fedtn I.11s/1 e11B
I KICKOrF :: 0I trip will be announced following I Jordan Basil McLeod on April tion has 51 meabcn.
lrfl 10il0! ... ORLANDOAPPLIANCE I -- l the by Chester B. Tread- 11, 1947. I
CO. I I way,supper managing director of the Appearing against Holland Mrs. Anna MaynMd Last'president ......................
-.- Johnson camp nurse, Is preparing Larry Deane. John M. Conley. I FCSA. v yesterday were Drake and J. T. j i of the Plartd M.tti '
4tI1i401E tM st Or&*|. Art. !'Mae 4337Apartment to send medical examination I j Pierce Penberthy Jr..John Schultz \ Claude H. Wolfe Orange Dis- Coe, witnesses for the State i:Federation of Social Worters. ati : m---:
n ;Richard Shader, Ralph A. Halmo- [trict chairman will preside. Arrangements during the murder trial I i tended and said she bamd to IBM 10111M.
blanks to parents of registered witz. Robert Clark. Jimmy Smith are in charge of JackH. Holland was represented by 'enough, chapters ornnlmt "w *
Ss4..wM.t Range t boys. I and Robert P. Elliott. Kline, chairman; A. J. Floyd Charles R. Cambron. who successfully there will be on acewrtM. to .t
..... ,.. I "A medical examination is reQuired !land James B. Keith Jr. Orange defended him in court. every paid social worker ia Ftar- .Ir.la Ai ark 1rHiNe
... Available Now of all boys within a week I Pine Castle Youth ''District Scout leaders together ida." There are now 15. #
prior to the opening of camp." I [with World Jamboree candidatesand I Life Saving Courses .
$85.00 ,Asquith said. "Parents are urged I the chairmen of the six other Motorists! Pleas drive ean-
Visits Greek Port
-1 >x dI .re N1 [ to register their sons as soon as districts, have been invited to ate, Start Here ThursdayArt fully! Remember eMitt..e CLOrt
,t. .... I''ltll Oven Tncrmostatl i possible 1f.tty: are to be sure of [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel] I tend. Heil safety services director forget-but rotrtsU gist aft Mt Alt ..
p..4 -
f --
'I I. r.t. i a place. \
for the Orange County Chapter I
.,._" ORLANDO The camp is for boys 8 to 12 'Mitchell 19. fireman second class. I tunity to visit the famous land- American Red Cross announced i c--. ...
I|Iears old. USN, son of Mrs. P. R. Cantrill of marks of the ancient Athenian yesterday that a course in senior :! .. lit.... __
BUTANE GASSERVICE Boys who have registered during -I Matchett Rd., Pine Castle, has civilization, including the Acropolis life saving for persons 16 and older \\ t Jl _....
1. h. the past week include Grady I visited Piraeus, the Port of Athens, the Olympic Stadium and the would be started here Thursday .........s.......
I Hadden Clifton Hubbard. Harry Greece while serving aboard the Parthenon. Highlight of the stay I under instruction of Mrs. Marion HK'KESOUTHERN I
x & FREEMAN Iae.rp.wte4ISN !I Hodgson, James and Bobby Connell !light cruiser USS Providence, flag- was a visit to the Providence by Howard. Classes will be held at MUSIC Ma1A1 aI pt3N I
Samuel George Robert Ferris iship of Cruiser Division 10. the King and Queen of Greece j Lake Estelle from 10 a.m. to 12
t ,- .. >. \\ Beblasoa Ph. 2-1733 I 232 N. Oraift ''I'". MH l. 41si0 I
I William Lanier Randy and Crew members had the oppor- King Paul I and Queen Frederica. noon Monday through .Friday. '
-- I --- -- -- -- --





j : 4+I .
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'>t f. l':: -V f" .E.;
I f; :. j.W': '. t ?wrc .,.:,r '. 9,d '.___ ".. .. "_". ", <.,-
': : : when I -- .... ,... ...
: "I 1 SPEAK as an eye-witness '"
ri:: .!: .;, : : .f t:1.1t :. a:: -

i ;f:. # f & : J. a.- : ; .

I r: :._s:idf.H: say th. after season, I've it.y.: ', '.);;%,__ J r- '-: I
ti ,, { : ..i.i2.: ;>;;:.. ..*., <':,': .. 1..;<<, :1* ...:0. { .: ,r.
1 j I ;,/ : '<' seen the makers of Lucky Strike .,ijf.. It
I f t { : : :;.: W' : .; J i i'f. -: r

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: & >k-, a swell smoke." t, > :.: ;U1 I ." I :r., !t i t

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.1 l 11 t> II -wlttnr, Blab haspremier II t.r.,?Jj,: ;': < : yui" iV, ,. .,. 't I' -- -'

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f ,I... f'.'e t fIL1I1. r : : : ..... "I /7--- 1'''.'} .' t 1 J4' ,- ,
t 'UI} tri
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.hf faftfel far Iu : ::' 'fit ?;i a"r -""
1 rr ( i i rrv1b
of Wiortoo&lem Nods Cardin.
__ SMOKES) x ;' : \ \ 1ir -
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IIat& : ..
tti", Tiy tot :er1 \.1 h.. ... ,_ '
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..._ ..w'" Ie 1111. ,.. ... .. S" > t' V
t L. : : )g 1 t ,W': :: ... -i-: 'f7 f4k't; ; v 7" _

..... .... sswe 1851 f rli j t., .'.'t. ...L.. <... ,:.., .. .,, ,' ". -<; -
/ ..
:Ji# :fI!' ""'I' =- 1 l Ni J T -
.+ """ t.
a..6'baM ....t if*. better teer.jtm ; : '
1 w a : 1'. ;
i'- ; f"' 1_
: :i'I: : I \
-------------- j ; tj. I" ., -

r"'H .. f 1 _,
+ .
_, : ,v.......' ". ._\ ,...:... I'j,( \i I. & .. '> *""'S, I \ -' ,tt < "

t .,.... :, ,'i-, fr-,', -:':J >:;; -,' r'>"o"" .:: .. ft.., If,Il' ."" .'.:,.:"...-,--_" .
r '!r Y. .
,' .....'A... :=0-: J 1._ Jtj 1 :"Jr, .. ._-..... -. .
I ... A ""t'" : ,r. t I't. _. ,_ "I
... .... II I
,.... : .
r .J-- ; M" r-.; .:... a. : 'J ::: : Dbr"a
11':; ,
...: ..,; .., 1 .... $/:' ; ,:..,... .. .: '

';A iI--,:... t..r ..,.".'... .)11' 11O. "" ..,. .. ,
_. f
-= .. \ -
p.'Iio-<, .. ;J'. ''\ ''R j "" ., ;'""" ,
It :::4', ."' : ,' ,,, .;. s. '" ::.:::'. :.,.' ; IW ,-: .: ,.. .t'' iF
"" ". If' r X "
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''; !''< ,4 .. '" *->- 'f.11'r. ..
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:"1 y '." >f' J ,. -
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; r :: 1 .' "" : : ;, --: / t :
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T' ...'\ '\ 1 f." ; "' ....<- J .
L": ... .J& Ir; \ ./ ,,' .
!.JI- t .. /-1' .. : ,
: ), .. .. .. ,. ...,.:!I..--.. + F
t 'V I > : :- .1' :t.II J
"'\; l. ': '; L''! .[J r* '., ........"....., : ';. ..,.-"'" .. / ,
I lU .." .. -':>' ..,,/ ... r / ,
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f ,, :;;: ., .
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i" "lh t '''I.. N .r re. =-
.l ? .' : "'If.'o! :' /' / :.'''''' ....... / ... -
x 1T : !'If.1 &""'. t.: &i ";: ....,.... \. ,,,,"_ : .... / -"... '" _
t. t "Y z --" :7 '" .,-, -. ._;; ._.,.M.C.3.. .. __-'- .

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1 of fine tobacco.

taint try tMm belter brew _

4 4' it So remember..i ; S I

i: t Wats beer trill 9e Flrnt. with yen: : : C

/IA.rt 7j ___

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t "' ...............
-$.......-IUIi"v.--- ""- S : So. Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed-So. Free and Easy en the DrawYT.


J J'f

1\\ ....-' :: "" :: ;._ :"Z'v- : ; "";'3i,.". .......-"-__ ______ -- =

Orlando morning sentinel
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Title: Orlando morning sentinel
Alternate title: Orlando Sunday sentinel
New year sentinel=star
Sunday sentinel=star
Orlando Sunday sentinel=star
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 60 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Creation Date: June 17, 1947
Publication Date: 1918-1953
Frequency: daily[<1926>-1953]
daily (except monday)[ former 1918-]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Orlando (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division, and the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 6, no. 94 (June 1, 1918)-v. 64, no. 32 (July 27, 1953).
General Note: "Inland Florida's greatest newspaper."
General Note: "Independent Democratic." Cf. Ayer, 1946.
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Source Institution: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
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jutf.'!! A.wut l'' e trh now,. d OrIg1 uvt ,,
rlsl t .N01 24 H tat ;
i wisi k+aa! ro/at.a, Ss loer.ee 1

**f ** *f

'Tis a Privilege to Live in Central Florida-The Worlfs Most Beautiful Place for Abundant Living t1r0i. ..

.. XXIH H0. 91894 * ORLANDO. FLORIDA. TUESDAY JUNE 17. 1947 r i v F .. IIILlI.-
-- -

Override Truman Tax Florida, Texas 48 ,. Third Party Battle

I'Truck MarketingHarmony

Cut Veto GOP Cries

UrgedFVC Threatened by Wallac

4 -- --

.............................................. ,
: Top RepublicansCite Gathers Here I .

For Meet

: II L Doing Nicely Thank You! 11 11I Truman Sitfci I
'BusinessSetback' j Rose Predicts $2Y2 Million : Stepped up co-operation ,

between Florida and Texasin

I Threat j State Surplus With 'Little ;, vegetables the marketing produced of by fresh the cwtlA1 r 'Peace'In Parby I

two areas was predicted by (
\ Business Administration : LaMonte Grew manager of the

Tfumon Brands Levy ,Florida Vegetable Committee as I I 0 tot A cx T Berlin lqeaI I

I MIAMI [AP] State Sen. Walter W. Rose of Orlando, I the growers and shippers of Flor- I -
Inflationary I predicted yesterday that the State of Florida "witha little ida's $110 million-a-year vegetablecrop ..
.. I F",,* ... "hl.ll
gathered here for a three-day I
s 111I1 M fur) ivw. bt4ness administration" would show a surplus of at least :

I f f_ '.'! w a veto en $2+ million by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 1949. I discussion of industry problems. : HIM AID (. II
Several hundred and
.... growers SAyS4
.... ---_ ia.nani4'1 1ft. Rose, speaking before the afternoon session of the first :shippers were expected to attend I II WANNINOTQM I 'P t

a .. w t1tM bsUyeseerday. annual convention of the Florida ;opening business sessions of the a.a, tIN _. ....

I ..4 ILiirtit MrttnMfetf Armed Reds 1 I I Retailers Assn. told 250 delegates!J convention, which marks the _, ft** 10 1815 f ..

Mr+ ...... Ml 00ft that in his 16 years service'a$ a i.fourth annual meeting of the o..n.'k Adams.s"t ....

.... .. ........ "%. ft*** aIaR4r State Senator he had never seen Florida Vegetable Committee.Convention ..
.... .Mnlb Raid 'Hungary the "pressure" applied for new j i headquarters and sessions t,...... its ...-4ie. *

t'Ms t.rt ...... d We Ben.Ore. taxes as in the recent session of ,i are at the Angebilt Hotel. Dane lNtl A faN.. __

lt1eyW ate a.ertedw Party MeetingSZEGED the Legislature. 1|I I An Informal gathering of mostof tell a1 thsa r't11. ,' ?wgt.i lrlt.

..-. fI ...... "The 1947 Legislative session the convention group was held ..nt ]Res.. M. +iwl dl

-. .Ar' 10 eM.w aced of'N1. Hungary [AP] will go down in history as sound at 'the Angebilt roof last night, Jr Meta. tilt .4..0 -- + ,

p MMM II 1... t3s1 Nearly 150 Communists, constructive and certainly one ,and business sessions will occupy ... MAl .... IIIfJ I 'a,:= ......

armed with weighted rubber in which a majority of the today and Wednesday morning. rat
OfftorfePaff 4) hose brass knuckles and members had the courage of t,'I, Meeting newly-elected directors r w....... .......____ <, .. ..,.

,I'll IftH {r'oe.s[ 4 d .A ...
their convictions to to tax
.. refuse : : tomorrow afternoon, after *
.... hatchet like
**** *. r"tt<*4Dt PHe Hungarian
..... the already overburdened tax- i I conclusion of the convention ', Wt'11"-
'r f A.r.a tea n/wlNn oslt "tokos" broke up a Szabadsag
.. .tl. dW LbPa. Lined Mara I freedom 1 Party meeting here ,I' payers of the State an additional I II sessions, will be featured by elecI Ina M art..0
... I $34 million. j I tion of officers for 1947-48. mare erne
0 AswMe M -.a.. tN yesterday which had been called I (4l .:.:.. .
.. -- ..... 1M .....,.. expressly to determine whether i "In the face of the greatest'J'II Austin Anson executive man- 4 q 1st..... M .

fHtp Mad.rs to4aet4,4 there was freedom of speech and I pressure ever brought against any ager of Texas Citrus and Vegetable 9s tt .i.

.1.1/, *...... That the assembly in Hungary. I Legislature in my time the request! Growers and Shippers, will rep- te.l.etHet .
: for more taxes was turned down.: resent his State in the discussion
*tiJtfi af awtmmM rvve h IM. In a bloody brawl during which r I /
| $bal I** **.. k.1 fluIec.i11 approximately 700 resentful Hun- :' "As a matter of fact" he de- ,1: of closer marketing co-operation G/ LAX N r 14... NMI
ail .. ; Glared "the action has already re- between Texas and Florida Graw -
af *J Hlinf intki- tirlan men and women fought I I DA1lrc = = "
AMIAeb. ... ndretlats .* back with their fists and wooden ceived a certain amount of Justt-j said. 1A..iIs. .. .
.. fication to the extent that .. K INbefo ......
d\aln-and will feature
even pushed one Com- Anson be speakerat

11.aui,. i.e tMc.d the MUla tmtaUt out of a second floor win- been shown that $23 millions of'I the annual dinner of the FV'C F flt ... T... ,.... .......

.astM alA-111aa.'Y aof waste dew-an undetermined number of the $34 million originally request-: tonlfht. j saw ,, a as "'..-..- a +MM.a

a. hsaM Bs. M persons mas injured. I ed is present and the deficit figure 'I General discussion of the prob- s ..... ... car.-. r... t.toa .
....... .. wI.n "Me nlhttsdrMle has been revised to $9 Y2 mil- .
... _. at 0w IteM gray-clad policemen who lion." lems of the vegetable industry ---1\" .tar.
4F. wen assigned to watch the meet- |during the two days of business It M..4--'aese. ...
..... .0d ellber GOP to*. !held in the second-floor ball-1 i Rose who was scheduled to [meetings will cover such subjects a wt\fnJlM 15-4k' ....._ _."
'++ it! 111.1 ao WSt eetulnt room of the Tisu Hotel here :: speak before the group last night,\\u I new merchandising methods II'C lea. 'us. llsll, rrri.....
". .r MtMN-bed but agreed to address the mer- pre-packaging of vegetables by
in with rifles and broke I .. A 'ftflllf
--- .... tAe pow-Crushed'", up h.a= l.
........ file rllieopphy"ltht the ficht- fter it definitely had I j [Continued on Fare 5, CoL J] J [Continued oa .Pace 2. CoL 11 Il I aft.. tr4.. ___ 1_
car ti lad beta won by the Freedom Party 1 11l.IMU. Ari IMS_
.apgtl eptpd. 1 11' "
:;& n-: ]and declared the mating ad- : / uiEiio1iety: 1. r 'r 'g 'VQfF : ,Tour Witnesses aM r eta'' nahai:; '
ta.nt.l steamed
el Ilon- :Jowntd. 4 r 1 Maritime 4Sitdowns I Alumni To Hear .d. .......

.. .. .......... tbbe ; Nonrrcui tmaD fights broke I j jMt i ... .... ..rI ..rr.....

et4+'sw'a *wII ttaawrblMHl ..- In the square facing the ho- I! NEW YORK [UP] The Govern-' varied. The CIO said at least 100- i Herlong Tonight 0 _.- : J iv 1... twLew ....
car MMl ...... ptego4ed "art tL Police mashed their rifleI I ment flew top-rank troubleshooters 000 men were out yesterday and : Drive Need Cited I IJ Set in Papy Case N --- ttala ..
: ....... tllar n c.$ blene belts Inte the faces of ben er- to San Francisco and New, predicted that 245,000 would be off Judge Sid Herlong Jr. of Lees- 05* 1M ...... ...
,... .M.s: h. haauate4, York yesterday as the Maritime the Job within a week, tying up J burg, president-elect of the University -
t<..jn Ml tVarir that ih. du.s. rnt perMai who would not move strike idled 700 ships in the na- more than 2,000 boats of U. S.i i If DOYLE CUT I TALLAHASSEE f UP JState's OsAAathetlt 4...
; .. S. l4. (Oik ...... fcTMkrUireaiir hack at the flnt order i tion's ports and brought a warn- registry i I lOrlondo Morn ng Sentinel Staff Writer] '.i; of Florida Alumni Assn. *I ,II. aw atMua l..trMices
.... .tm4at I I of 1 Orlando's I will be principal speaker at the annual Atty. Orion C. Parker -
.w ** ing from the railroads that they The American Association Cuba lottery j jI i *MMli#! M a
: -=.....-- at .id The because disturbance action came by the as a Communist surprise -- I I: would halt shipments to harbors Railroads said it would be forcedto i racket can be wiped out only I I meeting of the Orange County -; yesterday listed three Lei a* treat. sl4 1 f11IIIII tit
*#* fc.. tor.*.*.* within 48 hours if the strike was order a freight embargo to prevent -; Chapter of the association at
considered by the arrest and subsequent lators and the Chief Clef .
tfcattfecBrnmuth had been bound for overseas destinations of blab ... 4ele 4 IeAad illhlaJax.tli
{ : =::: doubtful In view of the presence ; not settled. I cargo I of the II III 7 o'clock tonight at the YMCA.
w .... "by :' Seaman sprawled idly on freighters from overtaxing storage' prosecution alleged '''the House of Representative !' +aWSIll.
-. ... .. eegrurr4 ....tbb1I| of British a number reporters of American and in the great ports in the CIO : facilities in harbor terminals. i! violators of the Florida lot-I I alumni Pres. Pat organization Patillo of said the plans local ''as the principal witnesse he wfB ttttlN b.o+ .. Ottr
.ea. National Maritime Union's unique"sitdown" I itery law, a State witness ,
ftrrllt a
' Shouts of lone live Stalin" al- I JACKSONVILLE: UPI There(1 would be formu- use July 21 in the trial of lamer = tttN.us ens ..
walk- day told
D. 1 WatMnftenpMrd : strategy of not a Criminal Court of Record ulated at the rtpltt d t11t. ...... f -rl
1'ht' ..... and WIlt most shook the rafters ing off the job but instead of I was no work stoppage here yester-,' jury. meeting for t Rep. Bernie C. Papy on leftetettre J refit es .. -- alts ts.stNift w
,: !.. .. *. HMM a U1I.4M.OOO i (The United Press reporting camping on deck and refusing to day among members of CIO Na- He was Police Officer S. C. the MiamiFlorida bribe charges. i Ala tail teas d trl4ertfs i r.i .
]iiamat] D.pat4nae1 appropriatioa L from Budapest quoted political work on the grounds of "no contract tional Maritime Union despite "sit i Crenshaw, who made his flat declaration "B" squad Parker said he would RHJwaen ',.,.. Qtl.1awN.
tat ......._!. ft 21 per cent cut circle as saying CoU tvan Zeroes, no work.toEstimates \down strikes" by members at other while being cross examined football game Reps. J. Bailey Odham. Saafard. t-r.. strut .
Mert t11ue. 11 eeUmatet.A. wartime resistance leader hasbeen of the number of idle ports. __ I i bY- Atty. W.... R. -Smith- of-- which the local and Clarence Camp Ocala original a15 M )1S-ilM 4stlglM ,... ...
? ...... oltsitrn M ,,4.1.1,000 I arrested as a conspirator. defense counsel group is sponsor- accusers of the Key Wet j par1r htse II th +4rasillorwltt .....
a.... ..... l... Hc..c billf1t1 Political Informants also said six: I Orders Death for Vernon W. ing Oct. 16.An lawmaker House Speaker Thorn ,. .-. .... .....
1M p......i. of veto the or seven additional members of Soviets Slow Talks Court 'Chapman and entire new Beasley and Clerk Mrs.. Lamar ,UW pnaa0s. st ltrr .*4I ...
... WU empoertnruto r the Smallholder Party of former Robert T. Shaw I y
a ; slate of officers Bledsoe. Other witnesses may be
l.. PI I ftt ftneu* on wodMpini I Premier Ferene Nagy would be expelled ; On Lend-Lease Pact For Irgun Members I' being tried on will be electedfor called later, he said I Cawrit4 eft llblr t f. .
bmH tariff when be i by the party today. charges of keeping -
1947-48 at
rm* ftMHiii. ..ai I* taterferinc I WASHINGTON tAP Lend- : JERUSALEM UPI A, British ,I a gambling the county-wide. Henong I The attorney also filed a bill

glee ..... pt4trd< 'Cat Burglars' Get i Lease settlement discussions with court sentenced three Jewish un- I house the and violatIng dinner meeting. i iI of particular, place and naming those present the lb.M.day ftl, The W.a f"""
all Inu lottery
8.4.L41 .tUat have been slowed down by : derground members to death yes- 1 I
Russia Patillo said tickets for the din-
;I the alleged attempt .f ran to
Ilk ..4*, the f.l IWI .t IU..te Loot Worth 180,000 : terday as the UN Special Committee law.Smith could be obtained from 6K.UiNh'
Mined the Soviets' failure to funish a first ner today bribe Odham and Camp .. defeat .
ta In elf ..
1.IbMi hhi mU>$ *
It RINQWOOD. Hampshire. Eng- complete inventory*f American opened its hearings on Pales- told Crenshaw, Jimmy: Evans at the Angebilt the bookie wim enrtee M& <
...$ .. alter AM. was .cab *
1..-.4 N ,M ltestsh.. land (AP Jewels and paintings I goods in their possession, diplo- tine under an Arab boycott and: "you are an experienced i i Pharmacy I'I'i The bill aver a number of persons :tarsCrocL.t:3w. =""Z
stolen early
valued $80,000 were '
A M to .wM indefinitely thee at matic officials said yesterday. general strike throughout the Holy officer Crenshawyou witnessed Papy offer k4
Aftw vdwBtafy enl atment ucI yesterday ancestral home from Somerley of the Earl House of Soviets say that it is physically Land. know how to handle crime. New Leads Checked! the State has "no knowledge tf JIM 5 tla
If aM otNtwlM tlmuIkiWHi and criminals. who actually heard Hie
1 IM* I person
isa t.s.Wttat ra passed by>> the Normanton here police reported. impossible for them to do so, of- j' While the 11 committee members -Don't you believe that this In Solon I conversation between the defendant I.re d .... ..i tAg'Ieta ...
sad ftfl* !. this Senate for Police said "cat burglars" ransacked |,' ficials report.Meanwhile. met for their first session in Cuba lottery could have been : Slaying and the witness." ... .. a efit1..
..- the house of its treasures while' plans for American the heavily-guarded YMCA Building stopped without arrests by simply : MERIDIAN [UPI Dist.-Atty. M.11ft1a_ ... ... fholbar ...

......... Ia.-N.D.) ..ake4N. servants slept. ]I, relief to Hungary are going ahead a military court decreed death telling the altered operatorsto Jack Lobrano hinted yesterday 'II..
....&e f. $U.SN tot mfer '::'to three of the five Irgun Zval shut down." that a new development in the Rent Bonus Brings terribly ..
-....,..wk'... .....t4albs *f Auto Workers' Strike I despite the Communist seizure of "You want my honest to God I mystery stabbing of State Sen. ...... ,. 11M
h Naat.rA ......t....... : the Government. Richard F Allen : Leumi underground members cap- opinion of that?" Crenshaw asked Emmett Buckley near his home Landlord $1,600 Fine 110 esas _
W-gap .ppropT1&tioD of Idles Three Plants said yesterday as he was sworn ; tured during the bold May 4 attack the defense attorney. at Enterprise. Miss., Sunday, may CHICAGO (API A fine of lljWO tba ..,. .. s 1
Voic of Alntr- I on ancient Acre prison. "Yes. (snapped Smith. be announced within 24 hours. Lo- beep .... !+ttml
so Rd..0 HM DETROIT tAP Chrysler CorporaUon' in as administrator of the $350million I was imposed yesterday on the Ant
,P. h.l4i0 lioadrasts while the DeSoto-Wyoming plant I' relief I\ I "No" answered Crenshaw, "they brano would not discuss its nature, Chicago landlord named in erta- ssa.
the State Dep.rya.illi walk- program. I would not have closed down.* but said the "new leads" were being .: 105. .... --
anal of
...... .. spa was closed yesterday by a charges taking boned
glt tmattm aDd eul.a out of 2,560 CIO workers protest- ; Oregon Police Seek i This declaration came as the : checked carefully :from renters in violation of Fed at this Wit

..l ...... was reported teedT1M1 Ins the disciplinary layoff of a Nanking Supply Lines ; Attacker of Baby Girl State pressed for its third con 'eral law Judge Igoe assessed: tx .flies*** M tec Iu.A M elf aas
... support in both The corporation said the I Reynolds Plans Global fine Mrs. Florence Trltt
Nl.i ttft worker. ; upon i. ,.
Hit by CommunistsNANKING ; [Continued on Pare 2, CoL 4] lea ... r.e ". ".
Ueup resulted in partial KLAMATH FAlLS Ore. tAPl named in a criminal fnformahn'alleging
DeSoto ,
Around Poles % ... .
ftt ..... patNd lAd tent to shutdowns at the two other Chrysler [AP] Chinese Communists Police yesterday began search fora ': Flight she accepted bonus payments dee'* taw.. rMl +9.thetB
.... llOMe a bill. to let Puerto plants. ,idUng approximately struck at many points in man believed to have left a tiny Newly-Wed June Haver CHICAGO tAP Milton S. Reynolds of as much as $350 from & We. I.1 par eA 4 e.II' nil tIIS11.R d .. 1fl..r

Hit* .fc..i. IM osn Oorernor : 1.000 more workers. North China and Manchuria yes- blonde girl about three years old I To Seek Divorce Soon who flew around the world I tenants. ...... w 1r a '... tnRrlpM1
IA ..... unconscious and badly beaten ina in April yesterday announced jI j
..,. I lit ... -
...... ........, Jame. E. Webb Near |terday. concentrating .on rail lines clump of bushes at. Weed Calif. HOLLYWOOD tAPl Actress ,plans for a scientific globe-girdling Movies I i.--a tfIII .aMta Pith
set 4 Welauhi 411. of 2..nrU Woman Attacked i needed by hard-pressed Govern- Deputy Sheriff Dan Bennett. June Haver 21, announced yester- flight around both poles "about I Tonight's '..... ..>....
"if..".' tpt for Attempt Scene :ment garrisons for supply and re- Weed said the girl had been attacked day that she and her musician- I Aug. 1.It would be nonstop.The BtACRAU: Mr. DUtrtot. AM r***. lAS
4a Lynch 34054074040
..10 tlai4 of UW pew nxa& Sinfxcement. Peiping and Tientsin Bennett said Weed resi- husband Jimmy Zito. 23, whom plane will carry 10 or 12 ROXT: Ur Dutrtet AttCTMy. I'* x4..1 j
410. July L I! WELDON, N. C. (UPJ Mrs. Bessie were forced to resort to plane shut- dents saw the man and girl get offa she married three months ago in scientists. Caps William Odom. 940 740. 940COLOVT .
.H 1rM'1. Dunlow, attractive waitress tle service after Communist raid- bus at 2 27 An Las have and first will be : The PtrfMt MtlflMf *ja
- --- : am. yesterday. Vegas separated skipper of the trip, 4 45 7 JO. 1*:15: TMttM Dar,. J9*. Mfti
touched off ft manhunt yesterday ers blew railway bridges betweenthe hour later the man returned to the that she expects to files divorce pilot Reynolds said he did not :18. .
New Record Crests the scene of a recent attempted citiesATLANTA I I bus i I, GRAND- Calendar Owl JY. /
near told two station alone. \suit shortly plan to go. 10:1*' Silver 8uia.. 1'11. *M.RULTO it: tar,
when she --------- .
lynching : CtllI rBl 1JO. 2 J rtr
Seen lot Mississippi officers a man bound and gagged ,745.; 0 43.VOGUZ.
.....JC. t1ui.UtPpt her in her bed and started to carryher FAMILY BLASTS POLICE IN 'DRESDEN DOLL' SLAYING PROBE >20; Tb;AUain Rap .t<,C Bra,ri4iM***. .**;at.m *.**>i. e -
sate.. of Uw away before he became frightened ISO; 1041
". Indus DRIVE-LH sail Carnll" .....> sass
dlief root Sheriff : .
$ Ked eM and fled. Harry I' ... u
..e4 p101. 10 ,11001rat4atr hers JfI\frc1a1. House said she told him the intruder '|'I CIXRMONT-.::=, i fTf'
tsurram pnc1kWd her in a sheet and 'I DELANO; Tll. sass Oft DfttXA. The
.. rolled 4
... t.. ., tfIIte daJl n00dr1 carried her downstairs and when Refoule 'Railroading' Charged 1 EttVnS. Utah ftdbMl nee. Tea X<. N I
errata ', Case Ut'
rtCOfd ton
1M coming,droppedher
he heard someone ; .
.Iu& stet. "ytcta" here aDd and fled. ...... [ HAINE8 CTTT: XK pUM. KM Xi s :
fill alssno/LR: liMa cer N.. GttMi'Coo e
.... II. I UPI The family o{ "We are still looking for sus- ,I however, issued a statement Implying Refoule is convinced that Paul i''i Wild i ItiM
-----I II I 1'1 3im 7 ,slain Peggy"Dresden Don- Refoule I peels Ellis declared. | that authorities were concentrating Refoule is entirely innocent of her 'I: IJEESBCRO LAKE WALES: U: Pass a.. to.....*.*...... tAA: :.:.

TIME I 1: charged yesterday that Fulton "But If we had evidence I their investigation sole- t murder," the statement said.. 5o '
i : .
VACATION : J.. 9M *e T** 1a. JW s.t. I II I MOUNT DORA Ante H4 the ** **
I 17 181 19 201=] :, County police were trying to '"rail- enough to show that Refoule ly on Refoule. whose innocence in r It added "The family of Mrs. j I 8T CANTORD-, CLOUD8mMk urn was..OotId,,*.

._ Tte* Or4*ftdo Moreta road an Innocent man to the electric I killed his wife we would ask ,the murder they steadfastly main- Refoole knows that the police 'I WETTER GARDEN LM W.:4 to..M'.. f*. W
........ fritor rod em 1** ZZ 23 24 25 26 2128 chair"" through the arrest of for a murder indictment" tained.SlmultaneOk. t bave not conducted a complete I| LAKELAND WINTER HAVEN--POLK.: Tfc O h..Ie.1UM .*fL-O I. + ,drof
cnn your I her husband artist Paul Refoule. I As it was he said the evidence JACK: N, Lease. K. Lrr LAKE. Tta( ?%
W1w.A fO'I the family pasted and impartial I .,
lMa1a I for I j Brauu Girt HIS Parade 1M7
who faces indictment today : of Refoule's sex life-which he t
,.p.r e..... .t ****. 1d toNles 2930 sodomy. !described as the most lurid and a $1,000 reward for the arrest I Now they know the police have j M,4

rhtr! 19* u.D' It .D' 1947 Judy J9t1 County Police Chief G. Neal orgiastic imaginable-had been r and conviction of the person who not tried to find the murderer. Don't Fuss-R de the Bus 'i

fait M* *ts *r. 'Ibe ram I bypa I Ellis stung by the rebuke from turned up during the early stagesof attacked Mrs. Refoule, strangledher An indictment against a young
tr aant and U you' Jim are 11M 14 ft. I** &t the dead woman's family, emphasized the murder probe. He indicated with a length of clotheslineand art student with whom Refoule REDUCED RATES !
... WflU that the lodging of sex per-: he had been forced into bringingit tossed her nude body into allegedly had unnatural relations Six Rides 50c
Et.ec1. }ash Mal pay rour 123-5 version charges against Refouledid to light by the unwillingness of shallow Peachtree Creek a ahodistance might be sought later; authoritiessaid. ere-4
eben .. ntv1I. not mean that his men were the murdered woman's{ family to, from the. picturesque Georgia law holds both 1* PU .
Sentinel 6 7 8 9.1011'12 "lying down" in their murder in- co-operate with "police.The Refoule studio-home. parties guilty 'on a sodomy.con-, 1 PM D&- lL4MsatAn Saadar 4i F 3e

kf 4o 1 Mamteg vestigation. i family of tyn. Ssfoulc, 'The family. of Peggy Aon- _viction. 1t



A ... -

. I.- ---


f !t"j / ( rfzitbss j flamtng &mltnrl! Tuesday, June 17, 1947I Court Halts Wallace Hints

[ L r3:;
I I'

I I FVC GathersI Boston's Mayor Curley/ Loses Tight Lottery : Attack Aimed _s Third Party War

Second Time in Supreme Court At House Body

ForMeetHre [Gnt4oede.s fe e II
Drive Need Cited I 1
By Associated Press WASHINGTON [AP Justice

,I The Supreme Court yesterday: ;I Richmond B. Keech of U. S. District tin D. Roosevelt Mev Mat ..
Turned down for the second II I jl Court refused yesterday to I
time a petition for review of the mail beralism
III.d heats Nat I]
II Contimued from Pare 1] allow the attorney for 16 membersof
fraud conviction of Mayor Curley of Boston. I I the joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Wallace aIM ......... tfktt q5r.
........ liifamtB pycMtau.+ far. Agreed to hear a case testing constitutionality of the wartime viction in the fourth of six lot- Committee to attack the activities ala should he amo) a aha** 4M

.... .mtl ....... teee"e4441eq. U- !! contracts renegotiation act. j tery' cases scheduled for trial 'I' of the House Committee on Un- cast oU tnourose of the 11.15

tot ... mfeMbtf and Decided that the degree of control workers have over their opera- i in the current term of the court. : American Activities. now cen1ntbd M *

.... "' _ILl tfeci determines whether they are "employes". for purposes of social I Initial witnesses for the State The 16. members of the boardof State tad BItIiIia: ... ... ...
MeWtt, taxation. I were Deputy Sheriff H. W. Houck I the anti-Fascist Committee ed State shosM prepsr apiece ...
MNHfo **+**. |.Uy te1N toft t'and Robert C. Barron. State beverage are charged with contempt of baa on uN r4uttaa.l. ....
to. M ..*... Ml Btfto kith told the
WASHINGTON inspector who of 'Congress. It Is alleged they refused in munitions and otfcrr r.grgrs
rbI./gM rlae4b Ygetattlees [AP] The Supreme Court threw out an :purchase of lottery tickets at the I to produce records of the of war a* a root .... tllrid

I A Mow ........., ad. appeal by Mayor Curley of Boston for the second time yesterday Shaw Service Station 16-18 N. {I group's activities. ? r agreement vtta .... e. aMr1
leaving probation or executive clemency as his Parramore St. I Justice Keech stopped Defense control that all Aaa rtee.a __
11.15. II eiM mnrtii and chief hope for avoiding a jail sentence of six to 18 months : They were followed by Deputy '; Atty. O. John Rogge shortly aft plant a4tst51d 1e oat_..rImmt'diatfi
1 Ml If N44 f. tl* UAA tell mail fraud. 'Sheriff M. W. Lucas who headed er he had launched into a 15- .......... III S

..s4ia.. 1t "/VVWv Technically.. Curley could apply Officer Crenshaw at the time jury. In a 50-minute bench con- .
..Ie a.+la.us flit nit man&ifAM to to .d ** aM !tI 411s
high court again for reconsideration
..... .. .MeMdthear but auch petitions have Shaw and Chapman were arrested.On I I ference he ruled out most of the Soviet pIappe4. I.e .....
ftt o..w"r.ttA."IITe the witness stand Lucas pro- speech. Rogge told reporters w t to V 8 ./rUPr aM s tttpget_
II M oa kern Ai' "
AM ktatttt4tat' bi granted very rarely ,,:i; duced a large cardboard box fill- I "There is very little left. He did programin t. ..ee ct aattaa. .I..
Petitions have been circulated ed with lottery tally sheets; originals get to tell the jury that none of the U 8pro iswacratt etrelM
AlMa 1Ht'ftaI1. ta Boston and Massachusetts for of'e) the defendants, headed by Dr.
I w ... and carbon copies of lot- de better hot
WMlftaIt .
probation for the 72-year-old : Edward K. Barsky. chairman of +
.... ...... ... ..$.--. DIN potttteal veteran who was sentenced {.? tery tickets and a box containingmore the Anti-Fascist Committee could t r and health ttetlttiN. 5.j
than in whichhe
.J *a ,. DCt.f to jail and a 1.000 fine In $700 currency have produced the records. pcU: U* a 4econom tltalirst
; .......-. "' ........islttg connection with the operations ofminters' said had been identified by the \ *.... the
..... Seth Also T Bate .****. ( Group. Inc. defendants as Cuba money. i Then he started a description another deprmsioat
.. On cross-examination. Lucas I of tbe nature of the Anti-Fas-
I 0 f. W1r.l. J.fV Dhkl.a. aV1N0 It will to iparioat-d t4ta
There .... has been discost admitted to Defense .CounselG. i tilt Committee itself.
pp_ fvaiw rude sad hl.- Democratic part areWail .
t N *. ..asA4ae4at. *f a. plea t* Pres. Truman B. Fishbaek that he had not i The court broke in again to StreH dsleat.ateesss- t1e1

w cal. ruuLtredc fee elsaeney.CUTley warned the defendants of their say it was not interested in what a new. part Ie w N ga1t rt51o
..Iattafl.1 U la a hospital In ScituaU constitutional rights after he the committee was doing. the world Ia.s OW tlsggt
Mass. blood a had arrested them. j -'
suffering high
Nl fIIftWf taeetl- believe tn peae ontt.r.M..
... pressure from hardening of the Later on re-direct examinationby t I HER POINT OF VIEW: Mary l Kirk Brown, 33, actress and ing Mitt haw sa.e saga fI eA
hM t'nllll" asrl epnt .... arunes. County Solicitor O. Raymond Cff1TRAl fl RIDAS Patrol. preactonEarttrr." W...... dst4loed
model! formerly of Atlanta, tells her side of the story to
Among other decisions was one EUars. Lucas declared he had madeno ,
-::= = Id bear a suit which may test the threats against the prisoners' man Brian McDermott after her arrest in New York on disorderly Dr. OM' .......

-" -V eonsUtuUonality of the War Cen and that he had made them no I conduct charges. She was held for a hearinQ after a I t.afrfftlft iteeM.ss1, read ..

A4naeert.a aleae at tauMt Waits RenetotiaUoa Act promises. I i- fight with Betty Bunetta of Passaic, N. J., secretary the I H.Nik1d. HMM. tIl.dl1a. )J. =I

.. .. ... I'Ve .. The General Products Company That deputy sheriffs ars wearyof i: Passaic Public Safety Commissioner, during the Charley Fusan Committee pa-tfN.S re.ee5 ..
.. .... ..... .. tilt 8\aM 01 v appealing a Government suit to bmg called names came forci- I .1a.... s1dMS.R .
.. ,.,... IolleMtt. ....... recover' 111).709 of alleged excess bly to the fore at another pointin I Tony Pellone fight in Madison Square Garden .afH"and'" ..as.04........ :
s s
.. ..... HatAIN most profits on I'Uat contract Lucas testimony.
,.., er .. advaant The concern denied the profits Fishback addressing Lucas call JftIIdMM road the trWa. 41 ,
.d fort txreativ and attacked thettttttleetaUoa loses court appeal. ed him -Mr. Expert." I I, HANLFf POGUE I War Department, Jap Beetle Threat the Ho*"* aeX He -

1M t .rrw. ....ei4 oil lair en IS constitu4tieoal I Lucas promptly exploded: "Your eemaMae .eaten 1..Ji
.... M. otw. ...... tnlil tt.r .fA rounds. The Government ] .Honor." he said addressing JudgeW. j! THE QUESTION House Aid Cupid Brings Spray Plan I that the **** .-**.!"* .
J I!r........ ha recovered many millions of I I Reform Plans M. Murphy. "I object to the Do you think Florida residents : I the oess. I War oWo I
>.. ...... of tM deSar under the renegotiation counsel's tone and intention." should observe a siesta | WASHINGTON [tAP The War WASHINGTON API Th Agrl- rUakia W a 'M r 7 ..aMwalls.
.... .. law Fishback Immediately changed i hour daring the Summer I was tauel.sM ,, _
n2_. N IUJWr .
.. ., It BrevicVfl far reea 1aM I the aid of Cupid yesterday. The its fight to eradicate the destructive I etepgtl ttM .
..... Maase4stati .f the price charted en war orders "I didn't mean to hurt your THE ANSWERS i| "It Ie sMetaa .
a.. fW ...... rot attic the ceatracter's prel. feelings." !I Mrs. Frank J. Helder. housewife department suspended a restric : Japanese beetle and is now 4 1111! t f'==

.... eex ta.risry ........ ... It. taB he Mhfr court ruling yesterday told Shaw that he had only scot H'" eslht d fII
.+eilt.tasltal by -Yes I think it would be a fine
Jff. .", set a d1 dn11JDe between workers I, RUSSELL BRINES 'i i"been back in the Cuba business I idea. When I finish with my a year the marriage of second from spreading to new areas. and .....eaef. M tMrd i
ft**** eTet*. rat** who are employes' for purposes KYOTO Japan AP] Reform ,three weeks" and that he had returned 'housework eachday lieutenants commissioned in the i S. A. Rohwer chief of plant be cMIM mte t. Mituba .i'
ire ia...._.A W W9 Jkift ffr MMB 'rf social security taxation and has touched only lightly on popu- to It over the objections I usuallytake : Army after July 1. 1949. 1 quarantine and 'entomology, told a apeahs .. .SPW A i ira .
i ...... ... ...*fcU ..*4 IMIJ these who are nest It depends, the II lous Southwestern Japan. Thorough i of his wife.Closing a nap and a t "The House passed and sent to Senate Appropriation Subcommittee ., na.hu. D HrrlrtwouM t
mitt held on how much control Allied surveillance will be I the State's case .was testimony rest in the middle JlJ I the Senate for action a bill which of the be 1M A.eovla.. .- ,;
Us* nun have over their own necessary' for years-maybe a generation I by Sheriff Jim Black of the day yesterday department'spolicy ..... ..... pe.aigtt NSr .. .
--- CHI.. 111ft and whether they can be -to insure the permanenceof :and Police Chief Roy Larson both and it always : would extend from July 1 to Dec. change but expressed fear

matt successful through Independ- occupation alterations. 'of whom appeared over the obJec- I' helps me to finish 31, 1947. the time in which alien that the airplane might serve to
3 eat Judgment and tmtative. f This is the unanimous opinionof tions of the defense. with the afternoon II fiances may come to this countryto 1! spread the pest. Plans are underway 1'M'" .... ;
R I The court held 1-4 that truckersr.rkuu I American Military' Government ; The case is expected to go to i work. It 2yY. Another.bill would make he said to spray outbound tires.. II ...... j
for the Albert Silk Coal r II officials who administer the occupation the Jury sometime today. is usually pretty marry. I planes from infested areas and ayues4ed .w.
c. a Topeka. Kana, retail deal-'I across a 2,000-mile hot in mid-dav :jit legal for brides now ineligible I to inspect passengers when the ., =

er .er* Independent contractor by Vtttroaa Administration ]mander of the 1st Corps which i three of 12 persons killed in the -AMrs. -
controls this southern half of the I'I
U' Uk ft Tb.ne Uti Archipelago. crash of a B-29 near. Springfield. Louise Walker, clerk. Conway .-
Ftth Vt.. had. been identified. Their,, Rd.:
"These people have chanted
-- names were given as Staff SgLIJohn I I "A restful break during the
considerably since In,
we came
J. O'Toole and Staff Sgt. mid-day
heat would be good forI
After JIM 1stttttt
but in essentials they haven'tbroken
i Oliver Hartwell of Davis-Monthan I Ii I everybody and I
OW tNMo ace. IMatlu Eas with the totalitarian
Field and Pfc. R. M. Stewart of I I
i would certainly You Can't MatchGRVHOUND
W located at past said one officer, voicing
1 Mass.
Westover Field. j t favor the inaugtiratiqn -
.tt W. CENTRAL AVE.itnt i a consensus.. "U we palled oat Six men believed to have been, 0 f the
they would go rijht back to
but whose bodies 4v
II... 6-6 .ew CHI Co.pa. where they were un u' control aboard the plane program here. I
have not been definitely find that when I
.... Cttw.lLOUNGE .... I of their former masters." listed as 1st Lt. Robert Fess- take a nap or
I Kyushu is the most feudalistic
ler. 2d Lt. Wilfred E. Gassett. 2d have a rest early
of all the main islands. We found
Lt. Oscar P. Fontana Tech. Sgt. in the afternoon
ixtrrr av"QUALITY evidences of this in visiting MIlItary Staff Sgt. Sylvester :,'; ,
I Paul H. Fetterhoff. >: I feel more like .
Government teams in an .
1* .aetstwl TASTE"BAKCO k
C. Michalae and Tech. Sgt. w working tM re-
: GOODS seven of the island's prefectures. Clayton K. Knight. Hometowns of Mrs. Walker matador of
t+Fi9! Nr.. A rraftMt ttKMMttH I The men running the show here
KItet the men were not available. !day. It would break the monotony
agree Japan must be freed from
BAKEftY of the work,
day's besides being
44isI Isle --.. *.., Wtetov PartO..AM.N5P.M. Cncertainty economic before recovery.it can makesignificant This School Heads Discuss beneficial to the health of the
ptaM oiwSecldnger !workers. I believe it would be ad- "
means a quick solution of the Education Budget j
vantageous to the merchants to
and clarification -
reparations question a
tare n 4tstie4e of .what economic level GAINESVILLE (UP] Florida's have the siesta hour"I ,
1 school budget was leading discus- 1 For Comfort
Japan will be permitted to main f
_"rlHi IItIiH :tain. sion topic yesterday at opening Miss Elsie Lorraine Brinkman,
sessions here of a three-day con- clerk. College Park:
First UN Meet in Asia I ference of school superintendents "I think it would be a good idea 1
.* ... ...... ctrl .17 .....' I i Colin English State Superintendent and I would: certainly favor the 4
.. pse esl M Gsesao's 1s.. k : led
Names Chinese Head of Public Instruction, plan. It would $
fi* .... .. ... 1.- $..NrMS 1
of school finaces the clerks
discussions in
.oi. era estee.... .. ... N. I wace Agency I SHANGHAI CAP) First regional actionon the i
and of recent Legislative stores
.... i. _ao4 W ... ....... UN Commission meeting ever held bills that concerned chance a MODERN LUXURY CO ACHES it{
tii 8 ..... .... ..... es.to >N.! ...t. II in Asia opened yesterday and proposed to rest t
M .... .... bs ....... M1R. elected a Chinese delegate as education. from the morning (::1. AiMr* y tli. comfort.. nJ Rict* cyof

A.+94. II tlet.at+ses Sw .... U I NMki(4'NHl( WE. I chairman over strenuous opposition Gandhi Will ObserveNo ,'would work make and afternoon : woro tho 100 iwprtvtmtBt.
.. .. i
..ates pre 5wlee''. i from Russia. Sixty delegates .
s... .4 ........ ..... ere.eol Ill C. >ROBINSON ATE.raoxv 'from 10 nations gathered. Chinese Borders in India much easier.labors It ....., -
N. ... ... _... :
i M.tint. delegate T. P.Tsiang 4s the chair .
.. Is.. s. .ls .... 1te ... MI man. NEW DELHI [API India may be would also make. .4
...... I partitioned into Hindu and Mos- the daTsorlt- i
i Violinist Hubermon Dies lem States but Mohandas K. seem much Miss Brinkman For
Gandhi served notice last night shorter to have a siesta hour. I DependobXity
GENEVA. Switzerland [ API .that he will consider himself a do not think it .would bun the .
Bronislaw Huberman 64. Internationally citizen of both and as such "I will trade of the merchants if they t
POISON known master and teacher go freely to all parts of India both would all close at the same time.
IVY of the violin died yesterday.AWNINGS Hindustan and Pakistan, withouta The public would rest at that tI

I j passport j i time and it might. improve every-
I t body's temper. I
A l. i GOYHW4HWT MTMUU REPORT *.*o.iKt* Georgia Tech Radio I

". din...., tI a ... la.. MY treatMfltt for Ivy pol. i ALL ALUMINUM 1 B. L. Davis, service station attendant T.i... ,.... .. ,
I Gains Court Order Y.t.g tII. ...
......... 1M .catoa' .4tt 1u bonc. tented nftllRt) I It Is SELECTED IRA FINANCING COLORS I Winter Park: .....,.,-.,. .f Ma ......,.mti.J. paST" j
ATLANTA [TIP The Georgia -The heat in the middle of the
fad &at .. tenon .. ,.. WWtn 1
I .
a'ArprishaCItal. T1te.r. DON GRACE Board of Regents granted a day makes a lazy and
was person a ,
_t t>Iaa0 ... .K... 2& .. TkIe I o ,.
t...... a" .......,.,.... IOTmalmt ITU N. Mms FkOBC T(7S 2-4CZI i Court temporary yesterday injunction to prevent in Federal alleged I rest one hour penoa wouldbe or : ; i

tilt tt. Mw ,.?ptKt .-IVY..DRY LOWea -U tr..wet efforts of the Columbia Broad-I wonderful for L

At y w .*.$***., &$+e. con .n Time W casting System to change its outlet all concerned. _
LOANS here from Radio Station WGST For Convenience -
Finams employes
tsMSsoP.e4 It" >_.,........ ,... .....__ erIm.tate."M to Station WAGA. Station WGST : would feel better -

.L.. is the property of Georgia Tech a and their
9OOOOOOOOOCX>OOOOOOOOOOC Lan State institution. work .would Improve 7kf4&

I art. ear n | with the :a -
6MIST Third Man Arrested mid-day rest

RemodlingSALE NATIONAL SANK i i#.. break There is _
tl..o.e r.dw r Dq.sa 2w. C.r.a.I F In Narcotics Probe I II I Davis usually very lit TO All AMERICA

JACKSONVILLE [API A Jack- tle business around that time and VI. G.y........
Best Trailer I sonville taxi driver was arrestedby I do not think a siesta would be a fe.I..1J.Post p..MtiMC....., .nwt.t..r ..-
Shop w.7tW
agents of the State Narcotics financial loss to the merchants.

Trail R-Coat Paints I Bureau yesterday and placed in People working on an hourly basis f
: s jail on a charge of illegal possession I might kick, but the remainder of
I" 2225 W. WashingtonDial of narcotics. !:the workers .would be for the plan."
6894 Inspector M. H. Doss identified j I *
I Ion Winter Garden Road the man the third taken in cuetody L. B. Wilson student Colonial- For Real Tr.vellc..oIIIY
Wt .r. .aT >4U9 one flew spate end rtmodtlU within the past several days, !j j town:

.*f iur f....t R.tk. than mor stocks as Frank Morgan. 26. Bond was I>I i i "It would be all right for the JACKSONVILLE _
tsp.t.Ise'we wnW r tkr TOM mort It cut.AR INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU BUY fixed at 2000. !Ij '!clerks and ...workers but the mef- $ 2.40 NASHVILLE ___... ..

,prawtr,4, I chants could not WASHINGTON 12.25
j PROSE 1-1SU I I afford to close PENSACOLA __._ 7.
T s\ cAs i their stores for a o NEW ORLEANS 10.05
Dunning an hour. Physicians .__. JJt
; ...b"'4 cW U "rk. e.c.pt NaUonally edverU r.wMenw t w.ArMt t CSS N. Oraite Are. ,I n 0 doubt CINCINNATI L. 1225 DETROIT

!"f ..... f.111 ItMtt.7LILAMP. PrescriptionsOnly would hail the .-.... at"
Immediate' it as a health C. __'_" CJI
MMUGT a Fret Delivery
7-WAY I meaasure especially NEW YORK 15.00
< MOVING ? during the INDIANAPOLIS _..___ y WI

Fireproof storage hot weather MONTGOMERYBIRMINGHAM 6.40
Movers of fiDe furniture I TERMITE CONTROL However,I do not Wilson RICHMOND _.__ ...

ORLANDO'TRANSFER II TEAKS OF DEPENDABILITYCALL I for think the the idea business as it men would would disrupt go til 7.70 ST. LOUISGREYHOUND...____. MAl
& STORAGE CO. i PHONE oa wants
I business schedules. The public

$13:95Sluifhter TEU Till H. L COX j.would complain about the stores PIUS is% mEW TAX 10% itwenoN ON tow taw
being closed for an hour in the
: 4 .- tls4IRP4' ST. middle of the daY5tntintI," L FLORIDA GREYHOUND LINES, INC.


Furniture Co.

<. usm Expert record changer service work
JnRS ( ,
f guaranteed ,- pickup and Delivery .

; .. Wtit C.*k.1-, rt-t Off Of&nge Ave.aoooccooococoooocoooooot. Economy Auto Supply Store
500 CENTRAL AVE. tti _. April Average (%,.011f'
,[ Oruf Are. Pkow MU I
j l f' !


'. -.......- .J. .K- "''' ''' 0 .." .. -. _. ... .. .. -. I.0
t -.. dO.-
_. .. .- .-.k' _.... -.;: '.-'",-- .
--- -



,Tuesday, June 17, 1947 t<9r1anbD S rutng fcrnttarl rttJ J .. f
Blast'Marshall I'Miss Quick Freeze, Mr. America I-World Police I .

II I Error of Pilot May Have Brought -- ......-
I Wed He's To Be King at Homer .... & ..
Asked ..... ..... .
Plan : GAIDINEK I. JONES I Study I Disaster to Airliner ..... ... a
MINNEAPOLIS [UP] Miss Quick Freeze and Mr. !! Capital --..... .....
I ..u.t.. ,....... ........ fvtta. i America' became just plain Mr. and Mrs. yesterday. J LAKE SUCCESS API Russiaproposed : WASHINGTON [AP] A terrifying picture pf a Capital
... ....... little the : yesterday that the entire I Ic
.... ...... Attired in a light tan suit just a tight across Airlines plane-in normal flying position all control sur- FL
....- *."..* Matt ..t he-t. muscular Alan Stephan, 23, recited wedding vowsw question of aorld police forcebe faces in place, power on-and of possible human error, I
salsa'..e aeon .tucb th y 'ace Pomazel 20,, at St. Mary's Basilica. tossed back to the United Na- suddenly ramming a moutain in zero visibility emerged _
bought the suit especially lor tions Military Staff Committee for official _
: yesterday investigations. j
wedding," he said "but they further study as soon as the Security Tne pilot or the snip which! t
# : a little trouble fitting me.The Council completes its discussions crashed Friday night killing all U> to -- -
five-member group
you know." : of the committee's report. aboard was coming down from I.'I study the safety problem and recommend -
pretty blonde wile wore a The Soviet proposal, made by '3.000 feet to fly into Washington I what ought to be done I
: suit that did not completely Mm. Gromyko. was coupled withan "under the weather. reported I I by the Government It will hold
the shapely figure that indirect warning that any vote James M. Landis chairman of the I I I its first meeting today.Rep. 24 Hour 6*
her such titles Miss'' controversial parts of the report Civil Aeronautics Board. ,
won as on Crawford R.-Micb.] told
at this time might bring into Disclosing these details. Landis Service StttttN
and Miss Legion- I i the House that "bad personnel"I
; as veil as Miss Quick Freeze. play the Big Power veto. said it is a supposition but only'I chiefly responsible for recent Since I *W-B.JlWV .w
: that that the pilot miscalculated I I
said they hoped to jGrorajko told the conned ,1 travel accidents.
I I his position when he hit the last I IIi 1932 AAphtttBRINGS
a lure family of boys. ;I that if a showdown is attemptednow Blue Ridge Mountain barrier on He said there has been "too
if they can't chin them- "we might not be able to ,his flight from Chicago. much carelessness and too much,
by one arm by the time take a positive decision on the Ii inattention" among those operat-:
military The bodies of 12 of the victims
most important parts of the -
a year old he said. flex- ing passenger travel facilities
in 20 by
staff report. were buried yesterday a I .
his 18-inch biceps "Ill give ground as well as air.Motorists'
taken 20-foot grave in Fairfax Cemeteryat .J NATURAL GAS
Although no decision was
Va. Ten could not be '
on the Soviet proposal it appeared Please drive carefully -
she bride will said be she called was now.not"But sure likely that it would be accepted. identified. Among these was the Remember children TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS
The Economic and Employment body of Mrs. John R. Dewar not
but motorists must
won't be Mrs. Amer- :
Ambridge. Pa. so the identified
Commission voted down a Russian
j calling for withholding body of her husband was interred F.tFASTER
Tm not Mr. Quick-Freeze.;proposal INDUSTRIAL
1 approval of foreign loans such as in the same grave COOKING
added. "Let's just
Stephan those the United States made to The other identified body buried -
Greece and Turkey. I there was that of Miss! Minnie ENGINEREPAIR
who operates a health : Harman Washington Identified ECONOMICAL WATER HEAT 1N4
when they
here said that
.:, DEWING GOES TO PANAMA: at the last moment.
from their honeymoon he CLEAN HOME HEATING
being "the ideal hus--I Pfc. John A. Denning 1012 E. Meanwhile. Rep. Bender IR- SERVICE
practice Jackson St.. has sailed from New J, in
Ohio) introduced a
His Trailed MrcbaiirtCenu :
: Factory
program Orleans for the Panama Canal I the House which would require Continental PartspUQl..IXI."OOSl
smoking nor drinking; eight >nc
Zone to with the Corozal Natural Gas and Ct
s.erve Appliance
sleep; four eggs cereal ba the Civil Aeronautics Administration ,
General Depot administrativeunit. to install radar altimeter gyp. Ope ,
a quart of milk and a stack .crcLOS
for breakfast; increase the I I equipment in an licensed commercial DA PIPE ORLANDO sAxre a
planes ground control approach State B .**..
: of food to include steak 1249 N. Orong. AT. Fla. **
bread and more milk dur- hands lifting bar bells and a$ all airports. and direc- : t&SO PLY-Cd Phone 4678 Ph... IfH
the day.BdwHD. tumbling. ,tional rac'o; beam systems on all .s8 oRi ltOp;
lunches: ,he will spend That ought to make a man commercial airways
,s ; hours standing on his I king in his own home' he said. Pres Truman has appointed a
--- ---- -- .
-- --- -
-- -
-- ----

I :_ T m tIl-_ I

___ .





+ .." ....., .'
: .

$ _"'. ." '..;'- f ,00 ; ., .:....' .._ ', ..J'I'.,., ,,., ":,. : .;_.,.. .C.-.:" '_"" "'-. I,
". .. .'-r -
; 7,30L
:S .. .' .
J -it: -: : ,
". ,
Institute"I ; "
; ; II
'-' 1,,." P. M 4'

I .
'.. i ,- :


: t







$300,000.00: STOCK -

I I -, ,;, .

I t > : 2:00: P.M; TWICE DAILY 730; p. M.


r .


i L -- \(


,, J I ,,_ -4-0> _._ 4i-1 .1. :

i I .. _
,.' { ; .. .
.: i ii ii

,.,- < ,. .. ... m i -
'i''z' :. ...._ -- .. .,' --- -..-------'..-- -- --
'", < ., ,- ., -- \


. ,


t. (tfrlauto Hinthm 9rtttiurl 1 1.q. THE MERRYGOROUNDOn THEY WILL DO IT EVERY TIME By Hatlo

."#.t t.4.f. NOW Ytr Di". rove r --- Get
.f tI. Tt" *"iu'nrwc sad Ckratnui. by DURING THE BUT WE CANY SIT IN EVERY Vl NWXJLDNT DREAM OPPtrr Letter Writers Panning .
t 0. *.iWPK1. lae,) at 131 Tax Control! THAT EXPENSE
t ...,.r al e* Peat Offic* at AND TAKING N A SHOW TOMGHT?A WORMVOOD.DEAR.I GUESS (: Who./ Letter Wrfttr
O* Art It March ad. 1111. NATURALLY c. .,, iupcc
f V-l .

t ............ .......&.-4I. Pw o.-m....0%+..MJ... 4m POT M* it comes to taxes, the I ONE MINOR BITE AT EL'GyPPEROOVj! \TOUQAL. SET AS J Orlando/ Mornint sentinel:

big-business lobby never chang A peek behind- i AGREEMENT-- r WE l /T W004 PLEASJ P I have
...s.e.s* Pb.aew .a.t iMca, IWTMUI DoucmMAO I SPENDING \THERE IMAGES/ | /.1t't' flgg&JFyociN For" the put fit* yean
Na-. c.-. tinier .... ** T. LA..... AM. Da.w the-scenes with the House Ways and Means Committee HIS DOUGH-x t been a reader of thin column todthis f

i ..... .... ..... gene P, WMTM, QAM MM.CWMMM shows that the same group of wire-pullers <3 MAN Sip time I find little If ant

""' ......... No. f*rM Hee.ety Set. TlUX. who have tried to mould taxes in the past are more SAVE HIS MONEY,W In constructive thought that bU been
...a H...*.., C,a. ...... CMOUI i iH Meal.! fun Sun.Ow fi RASE Ht: MIGHT offered: by those whO waste postage
11f H.ro. C* M... 1 T Wius Toys fcrt.fe In the saddle than ever today. EVEID6CIDETO writing you. For tnt moletun &

Here .is' how they operate: Three ago. art rtt-
...... M et. ltaul a.1 h. years 0 d part these many pttU
rb..e r .uaaoly ... Randolph Paul, then Counsel of the Treasury Department i isK ten py people who have some
tar .. ..... M all gripe or art blown up by their own
......=.. w ... waa asked to meet with five men Much of thin column

+. a MM MiM aaaoe '. e described to him as "controlling the tax policy of is tmport&l1U.given' over to thaw who doct'

.. =:.:i I the United States." When he sat down with them. Orlando or feel thai *. ate

.. '.. ...'..... he found that these five were: AKD APTER A HATS DCESSES.SHOES,FACIALS, PERMANENTS: OldWNATAFOOLIWAs! Jar behind the uma.Southerner AH X doat haw t hs Ia+en LtrealI d aril

-tgilKUT- JVHE I?: 1147TUU4t .'. 1. Wall Street banker John W. THE WEDDING( IS THATALLYOG EVER THINK ABOUT? ALL 1t)MARRYA PENNY PINCHER to say is if these thing are dOne Of If Ne.rowwt N /

Hanes chief owner of the Martin BELLS-WELLV. i GET OVJTOP LIFE IS WRITER'S CRAMP BUT VtX/RE NOT(3O1N3 like the the Yankees way dont like It hm j .rw WS*rO tl.a lAaj traatl t

*$ THOrCHTSnvfMth Aviation Co.. investor in various THEY STILLte jr(n S3t FROM MAKING OUT TO DENY ME THE BARE either why not arrange a Wf oem ntai Ms efut .s1 rso
big tobacco companies and the DISAGREE.W 5 CHECKS. NECESSITIES OF UPE! party for the whole -
l A 01s tI1.ess t the thole Jump.f .- A.t goiag-away M .tr
,.JII" e largest orchid-grower in the world. t IlLBUVWHATrWANT. < kit and kaboodle and leave a tted
f 2. J, Cheever Cowdin. head of i .. t .WHEN, I for uY who do feel this .U U* 71teAwleosets_ tree!. M

f .e tblrabtrg4 MdvMual> exert some influence, the National Association of Manu- J ''' I WHERE AND greatest spot on from earth. a A.crowded form*, sad M a hrN-.e4

i W for nU. upon othervKenry facturers' tax committee chair-I / HOW Z PLEASE! I came here city where mydidnt kids be d fwsetM M
a northern fw qr e
man of Universal Pictures and FURTHERMORE- hare made
I ITrar.s \ v: have a chance I
director of \ 4. mad HJb 1sea as5daiiN
World Airlines; Orlando
money to
lr NK u much or ,more al1 stte a ell
Curtiss-Wright, Douglas Aircraft, hrMrFI7 than any pie I hart rrtr
Mr. Truman and the Tax Bill Veto ad tM.ew ale
4.ICL' Sperry Gyroscope: Ford Instrument worked in the North. and heaven r
a Waterbury Tool and half LfS; UllLI opportunity stars UI antothefaci
f 16OK A IfN' deal of political courage knownI eNala CM
Pearson a dozen others. if we will but take. would .. tM
it t>'sea. Truman to veto the tax slashtaking 3. Ellsworth Alvord. tax lobbyist for the U. S. : + t rr..a ar.Mf rt vantage of It here. The thing darn M the pu....a slistllV

111.11"". Chamber of Commerce and former tax lawyer for that Georgia bum Cracker me up and 1* to a hear bunch these ot amts .lsaet w tlbsr
.... money from the Andrew W. Mellon. HORSESHOES chiseling Yankees bum-rapptnt sat w
PITCHING Mar (Merv1ha1
MMtrf ancan'
_I ...., man, woman and child, 4. Lewis\ Brown of the Johns-Manville Co. this .ection. just because night they The yiree a wek
rich over
.a ... M business In America for 5. Roswell Magill Wall Street tax lawyer. become I bar ever received teWp Peat 5 r0
weer deals
which described themselves only bum
This is the little group Birthmark and ScarI wesbet, it M (1eMN1/
o I. sltsi4ning the veto is almost all -controlling U. S. tax policy." And while A a here Forget are these from grip rajr ktun oil a dot tit a rtla

had little luck with Randolph Paul, today abeNha W tse+r tlr
...... If 1l1h.11lJlft. they and the rest ot the tout

.. er KIM btlleve the President vetoed they have, finally come into their own. It Chm.has BILLY ROSE little hitch on a Midwestern daily he went on. "In, pusses Pegler and give us the additional l tat terse iN the w i esr Wr t1tdov M
discovered that Republican
.... Ml M a p.rt*san ba.is. Certainly I recently Knutson of the House Ways and Means Committee Tve got an Idea for one of your little pieces. addition to the salary.I made a little extra because space. in world news.EX-YAN1t. to Its rgiieetuiaMtaaasMRB

of the above- announced Timothy Morgan. Its fora some nf the boys fancied themselves pretty fair at tr>1rt
B. M1NlA 1llsswt ticked that here is polititIll has now actually appointed three Maj. yours ----- ,
I Cheever Con din, John Hanes and Roswell Magmas slIght consideration." draw poker. I might still be living there. if it hadn't Reader for Meaty Aged 't i .....t- theealrrnasataM
fit tMnslq
..r $ ol the. atomic bomb caliber how to I .
a tax committee to advise Congress on ,"Sorry. I said. "My right arm if not detach- been for EtheL""Why wbs. nseY gMl1 .
m &* lm.4t .i Kta rival for 1948.9MMt write the tax law. I Rather than f o Europe
I said. .bath M&r BM
I able. Try some other columnist. Maybe Eleanor Major i Sentinel: .
4fc' **** President knows more In other words. Mr. Cowdin a multimillionaireand Editor. Orlando Mi trod. MA miUM Tr1
Mr. Hanes. another multimillionaire together Roosevelt. "This"wai 20 years ago said Morgan, i The party who aimed his letter .
I set Mo* *..
t... .. fimni pnbHc about international i with Mr. Magill an attorney. for several million i iI The sight of the self commissioned Major filled hastily. "I was much thinner then. Ethel was a in the Sentinel June t as Tab atthese C.ojM .* faVWalMftia Msbftees
CoetlrlAgr tones in Europe look I aires now are given the official right to help fix the room with Essence de Bourbon. "I have no waitress-and as well-stacked as the wheateake j said. "I folk have who to laugh still believe or you kMetUN M

4*.k Md fereboding. the nation's taxes. designs on your right arm." he pouted. "This transaction she used to set before me. can get something for nothing to tad .tfgtadtBlr.
.. veto was signed because let this. old ] a* ....... 4
Baseball Commissioner Happy Chandler, once a involves but a five-pound note. And to think "Our romance had the great drama of the Mon- ,this world. billions of AMa MT. I Hata rs. e.i
at .... Scrooge look a\ tad
I .. have trimmed our defense versatile Senate debater, has been on a lot of hotspots only yesterday I nearly brought off a $40,000 deaL" tagues and the Capulets-only in ,this case it was.X American dollar being shoveled n wwtiM rtxrs snsrAar

t f lee ..... in his day. But it took the 9-year-old son ofBroadway Take It easy,Morgan"I who was opposed to the marriage. It was a doleful out to every nation to the world eLI. tI
.11I 111 I.
Leonard to put him on offered by our
columnist Lyons said. tour is and apologia being
; name
day when she threw me over and married the staff and eiawRMlal ... -
another. Timothy not J,Pierpont"By top crackpot Government official
1 UTTLE doubt that photographer on the gazette for which I was setting -I shovel mocey Ms1.Ut w ...
TItIIIttIIi everyone Having heard that Leonard Lyons' two sons the beard of the 14prophet that they cant our

&amt tax relief. were up in arms over the suspension of Brooklyn ." boomed the type. Of course, I never let this lensman knowof to them faster and more of it to telllwag Mi"""-JMtwly osabsAeaaNnta

in particular has need of help Dodgers' manager Leo Durocher Happy sent thetwo mountebank. "I was involved a my affectionate regard for Ethel. i stop inflation In America. Our If of 31M110 tdBlo?

l f attif 9 bait ef paying through the nose boys a note which read: in a $40.000 project "Good background stuff. Timothy. I remarked.' million old people entitled ever U to yean receive elf

fer 9* .It grieves me to know that you do not approveof resterday.OutatJamaica. "- \ "But when does the story get started?" this age are money more than art these dirty :=:a..: r .

selling.w my action in suspending Leo Durocher. But I am My seven-horse parlaywas fr "A few months later. said the confidence man. enemies of ours across the sea. MI'M wlaibisMn

sure that if you were familiar with all the facts.! like money in the "A bunch of nature lovers set up a nudist camp in Well old Scrooge you don'tsmile towed is. w t'eesle
dt... .i. oat of dollar to \
es every that action in the interestof woods back of town. people. They ate .. tM t
you would agree my was bank, until a thieving the Strange at our old people who w Wand knee i
baseball. I have no other interest except to jockey pulled my horseIn Dandelions and wrote letters to the paper telling need help. No. you fun have the. ss ertlee M eel.. rtll: :;:'f.

""t 1"Osts weed! tn rehabilitate its own preserve the integrity of our national pastime." the first race ,and how good it felt to go barefoot all over. The editor a dirty grin while you pinch your wota tM t$1r1thsd M8abusa. &

.. 9ffttiatton in buildings and To which Oeorge Lyons wrote back: wiped out my two-dollar decided a few good pictures,plus a stern editorial dirty money. Your 79 year are ttissftt ere a -. -> ..

i .t ...... aver these years demand that t "Poppa was right in telling you that we dontthink Investment. would be a cinch to sell out the edition. surely a rich memory of how *u*. 18ft ., tttrer. t-l- ... :.

1 t1__ b* spent W brtog things up to postrte I you did right in suspending Leo Durocher.I Thins are tough all, \ "He sent for the staff photographer and told ceuful cent you tightwad.have been Not u all a these 100 New -d..... .-. ti awiMds ttvttMS .-.--..

mutt be I Poppa explained to us the part of your letter where ever," I consoled. "Now \ him to loin the colony for a week. And. of course, per
i Ripaiiaton must paid for, I old people have a tttUe became r --- .. t J
it Alt etesaASretsinl you said 'I am sure that if you were familiar with I what's this notion you sneak in his click-box. of feeble strength trymt to find that ..... VMS 1s0 ,
;: all the facts that you would agree that my action i "The photographer took his wife Ethel along on
i let defeated in their have for a column food other than in the garbMt meets ... ,Mtbla .. -
I Btpybfctans was in the interest of baseball.' I this assignment. Figured It would be easier to crash cans. And these old people could w bubow __ ,
, ivkr .! lax> Santa Claus, we noalettatr old. brother Warren. is 7.' "It's a true story said the Major emptying a : "
"I am ftli-years By the colony that way. shame the daylights out of you btseflit enti ttlttetsre ...
M .* Jed br Pr .. Truman, \ We lJ).l.T bajebai: : ) ant} 'o1)ow1 the K, TU., VTitomeUzaes packet of Sen-Sen on his tongue. "I ts the tale of "When begot back to the office a. week later. because you are. such a penny neseawt+.)< ,; :

r 4Aeutt4en the way to greener tax tee games and root for Joe Dft&aggio, and how I got the scar" behind my left ear. Ycu'wnoticed the whole staff knocked off and waited lor Mat to pincher and UM? wails %.ci t-* .. .Ae! x taseNS M I

for the'Dodgers. So according to how Poppa explained It,no doubt. ', develop .the fUm. When he came up trozn the such criminal Nobody stilt acre tow to tgta.+w ewer

I $ .. eerHe Party Is to continue what you said.I think we are the,Interest of "Yea" I aid. "But I .always thoughC'that was darkroom in the basement, we all clustered aroundto with you that to retire ibo It .tIbw aM
e .' baseball and the future of baseball. So could you where the bearded lady had kicked )'OU," look at. the pictures. The first half dozen photos million old people win not cauM mow r "-", ''E.,.

r more than say >>0" please send us a few facts that maybe'would tell "Ah. memories that bless and burn" mused were quite disappointing. Not a good-looking sal these lOW to dry rot. You tm -tow" ,.
.eellt to hare gotten a prttty tacky break .been. Keats 1..
MS why you were right in suspending Leo Morgan. "But that's not how I got this scar. This in the lot. And then he showed us an artistic
:! the Republican plan with a "New Deal PwtUon' that eeieM.., ...... so silt r
Durocher. little memento was left there by a Graflez camera. shot of a buxom lady looking at a sunset. I couldn't feet at 10
put you on your yean -a- tMrw+s.r w tei0
....... MM! iHHigerous. It Is up tot "Maybe' you should have punished him only with One of the few scars of its kind in existence. I got help noticing the birthmark on the small of her of age. 01 ..A. tM is .. 0ae

i .... i4w us tit sound and safe a money fine. We dont know the facts unless you 120 years back when' 1VU working on a back. I Bob Trout announced today M (h :r.m tiM .

give us some" newspaper." June 12, that Government experts. uerrt t4r inar.. h4.Tsaii .
'Jumping Jehosophat I npl&lmed.That..
J 114. .... .- that burden upon him. The Lyons boys have not yet received a reply "You on a newspaper!" I hollered. "What were Ethel'"The! like :yourself say the Europeanmess peel B. seAtbM
.e.wa..e.a.na... from Happy Chandler. will require 24 billion dollars \me D s .. whslef iJE-
*. you doing-posing for Major Hoople cartoons? photographer considered my outburst fora American money to put Europe *I !1eetttrrsss

Th AvioJion Crash InquiryHUVBUNQ "A little for Union if moment.Then he on 1U feet, beside the IS btiUon t
John L. Lewis who has tried to swing the miners respect a typesetter, you stopped considering and hit me '
has to the Republican party during! every election don't mind. chided Timothy. "I used to roam with his Graflex camera. And that's the story of already "wasted on them.The JT8BJ S
its Townsend two rent
'I'M !!.ng. since 1938... now faces an interesting situation at around the country setting type, before I took up the scar behind the left ear. Is it worth 20) ,, per Y_ tt I
-- ---- ------- -- transaction plan which
aftt"eell tai that Pres. Tru- talUU in ..UV1t __
I. tH feepe* the hands of his Republican-friends. The question my present vocation", email dollars deductible on the income tax?" the House Committee file should ;

twig aialkvn disaster investigating is: Will the Republicans give him the mine-safety "Which is what?" I demanded.I "Here. the 20. I said. "but T can't use the I' be enacted into law at once to it -

> M0 fold the answer to the series bill he has been demanding guess the Major didn't hear me. "I was doing a story.It s much too racy for_ .my family circulation_ "I would supply enough money &0' NT.iCUTaGJI :

For a good many years Lewis has been tryingto give every penon over 10 years' .

i ed tfc* committee U top. pass an adequate mine-safety bill-without success. WESTBROOK PEGLER SAYS'Porooma' of age a pension of |190 eaefe

'a,. tote knew-how on flying About once a year public indignation gets i billion month Income u that for tax the en year the would in b Mwcorrs

tBtt.$4 ( experience to do the aroused over a horrible mine tragedy, after which produce Ml billion tax

public apathy seta in and no mine-safety bill is Sent Love and Kisses and paying the estimated. 14 money ma-

dew Ash Ut tt, would do well passed lion old people would require 124 '' ....-........
Real fact is that most of the mine operators billion for a year with 12T bulled 11M. asst a.. raTb
M -tit. twlr award Hughes dont want Federal inspection of their mines or a left to finance the Oorernment
seerasel M would have I Itaeut really airtight mine-safety bin. I, WESTIKOOK PEGLEK I visited an establishment called the Arcane School A 2 per cent transaction tax to e

4 tot t4x disasters of the NEW YORK Yesterday's discussion of the'OOf7 at 11 W. 42nd SU and up so high that the elevator j small amount of tax for anyone ,

ttlNtA At this Congressional session, however definite Guru letters which were offered as political don't go all the ..ayand, you have to walk the ,, to pay. Of course you could not )

tint .she 4.,4e* which flashes a I action was hoped for. material against Henry Wallace in the 1940 cam- last flight There I interviewed a white-haired party I' You afford put to a high contribute premium your value shj on% 't* ?.
Three mine-safety bills have been introduced
torn when a plane gets : paign closed on the subject of Oriental pseudonyms.Such about say, 60. named Foster Bailey the head man. yourself which when scaled down
two by Republican Gerald Landis of I
.I Ain bctacJe pseudonyms were used by the elect in the And he said Wallace had made inquiries about their would mean zero Pawl ttaa.. ..
Indiana a former coal miner by Democratic 1 w ...
igllr M : one A barking doc never bites, but .
vi* prevent a plane Sen Harley Kilgore of West Virginia, long known philosophical or pseudo-philosophical circle of Wallace philosophy or religion some years ago. Then later,I bowls like sin. Money U ctunatc4 fi'iiIi ...

.ice tlsahMa4n 4dps.. as. four I as the miners' best friend in Congress. As a reward '. friend and teacher.Prof. Nicholas Konstantin Mr. Bailey said, wfien apparently some of the to circulate an average of U times --- -

hips tae for his friendship however. Kilgore was vigorously Roerich., the Russian you-name-it with the sub members of the faith got to bragging that Wallacewas I so try that on your harp. .1 1
ilerloll $* L. a gA4 and undoubted opposed by Lewis at the last election. I ULABNER tkp rtJ.,.
1 gum whiskers and the squint eyes. one of them, Henry wrote him to ask that they I _
o tbl $st$ w. mast explain the When the two Landis bills came before Republican BINI.r; '- .
btla.gte er Ade wMdt have been Congressman Max Schwabe of Missouri. I! One letter was quoted from the record of a stop saying that because he wasn't. He had just OtpforeMf Conrf/fJoai '

Mfr ;t=_ M t eee daMee tones. chairman of a labor subcommittee however. he : New York trial over a disputed lamasery of the made inquiries like any spiritual window shopper Seen ;in Cefiarfar C&Mff I "e} -

M a tote btl peobiein. decided to consult Speaker Joe Martin and GOP; !I cult in court this letter was identified and passed on by. It would be just crazy to try to Editor, Orlando -- -
$ Morning Scntint
explain the Arcane School in a few words,. but In at.
# leader Charley Halleck of Indiana. They hesitated.. written from
, i ; ane as one Calendar rrriskm has
: Th coal operators' lobby is strong and one of their I Claridge Hotel in Paris on Sept. outline it seems to be another- one'of- those- which. the front again. Two proposals come to ea.t ...w1 :. -

{ A Growing Town arguments incidentally. is that used by the Demo-' 2, 1923, by someone who signed hold that Christ was a. very decent chap in fact a I : -- -- n WiI

: CllAMBM Of OMnmer. erata interference in States rights. himself "Logvan," and said in a Master,but of course not a God.

runs off So despite the public outcry during the Cen-I |postscript that '"Porooma" sent In this way most of the Ismatkts of the I ass+wt M lrtaeltr /
j _kf,.., abeut the tralia tragedy it doesn't minutely I Award Winner )
likely that a f f love and kisses. confidential or restricted religions enable themselves -
I ...... !. fee malted{ prostMya bill wffl, be passed by the House.In I An appendix- the court record to say that they are not anti-Chrbtian '!

--- the Senate, there is a better chance. # y I I said these and other pseudonyms but actually Christian.
MIM ., ..wth I Dwonhak of Idaho and Cordon : of HORIZONTAL YIXTtCAt
,r ft today's of Oregon. Sens'l were used by specific members I
Well. I said of the goofy Guru letters
some Pictured
4litltsditre -. but diec also is an cans both indicate support for Kilgore's *the circle, cult or group and that as I Shack! i
were signed "G" and I suspect that some layman in award winner 2 Gitfy
e1 ite4tt safety billHowever '"Lopanand "Log Odomar" were I A
atwI |
,. ItMr
transcribing the interpretive notes made a mistake Dr.-- STOecUkil wit
I one interesting political question mark I I of Louis 1,. Horch.
the t.
Sheol ft book pseudonyms
in ... Ies than
< in writing that the "G" stood for "Gallahad. I 14RellefRemove
.Hr toftai ..... .held Mk .3&3 has arisen. "If John L. Lewis fought the re-election t I at present the regional director because 5 Withered:
suspect that the pseudonym really was "Galad. !
popu- of Sen. 11 Puff ,
Kilgore. the man who has done most for Pegler Of the U.:S. Department of Com- upU
ft* MMmte tt 59.000. I when one of the lawyers asked a witness in ICenu. *f i
> mine safety, ask tome Republicans "what is: the merce for New York and New 'Jersey. He was appointed t Royal ltaUa... shrub
Ii *tettMIR fc .br.f about Ute of going down the was the trial "Who war Galad There was discussion i
line for him by when he fv&flyntict
___ I to this job Henry Wallace 1 T Parent 2l 1lPIo :
----._ _---- off the record. Then the stipulation was entered.It 1' "'''v 'g.
"Porooma the record &said -ULcarnmfII ICreeklettat
Secretary of Commerce. agreed to that the witness had testified : It 2 Koh .
was assume ....
lJ ndo was the pseudonym of Mrs. Nettie Horch. his wife. Poker stake. t Melt down 8 AMes* ii
Morning Sentinel Radio that fictitious names were: used by person of I try
Program Below this appendix in the record we find this international prominence without naming the per Decay tl Work wits eeneltT

_ 4! .411 nut ) ( ") statement: sons or giving their pseudonyms. 1 cant see why :0 Seat ants 13 classify 31 realak seen. ag

f : \K; g: efts \:t4 a.w .....ST.J_ Tab -- .rs.rL..r" -: "At the trial it was stipulated that similarly fic- the judge let them identify the other persons with 22IadIaa timber tioatm IT Story jd eeM($ ) $
I ._ ., 100 *..*. Pin Skip r irtH studio Party ind internationally Itbe
-- given to prominent their pseudonyms but wouldn't let this witness t"
o..ta._....._. 1 u ROHM tans -_ Studio Tow ...-r Studio Party __ titious names were I lIFormef M(h.gssr,. fti -
1 1 ........ p,.. 4 :M Dr MtttM -- Cttlf dwardk-N audio' Party known persons who were referred to in the identify "Galad." f 23 Swimmiaj 29 RecUner ?1 tMer ,
f I yN
I'l. tetu ...... 4 Uo cferofe of air = Tan Party = between the parties which names, bird M .
communications 21 Perfidy H
.. Saareld Patti authority these M l 3
seat'e ib 0 trt T.rn.le Pirate Studio I Possibly some on religion
I t' Cu eM I U Eddy H.*ard Orch Sky Kln Studio Party in some instances were suggested by those very 2S Staffers
tell whether "Galad" had
I ..... ...., AkMV Jut Ara.trone Rdia Rode I will me any special i, Leather thong fZt
mop_Trout.. Bob N I same persons. meaning.
:: .;... == BamntoaJTrto eWI ----- Heron
F&e. D.raeby U. Parka Paitoa' Lewio.,..wear club f Some of the goofy Guru letters that were offered -
$ : ,. Mtocfca Barr Dinner _In the Soortiita and to pub- Incidentally, many of them have been helpful. Universal!
0 M aprt. Paca at ait Arthur &J4. .. Mutts for Dlalna4o to the Republicans newspaper :
'T.u. language
M CP-AP lleot Sparta Parmda atfton I Henrj Wallacewas They have written me several hundred letter on
campaliDwhen :
17ob :=: ---- .. ushers in-the 1940 i
I Rou W.yt* *."lui Tewa __,-_.. Rradliaa tdltlom Meet thr:land._- I the candidate for Vice-President on Roosevelt the subject of Mr. Wallace's philosophy as revealedin 30 Continually>
,. wer31, i U ftic Tav spy lOTotKator Meet tha Band i his books and but I find that SlBeaumbs34Pasumt
pamphlets they
.... t.M Met Kaaa= The Polcaa ...,.. Treacara Chest J coattails, are signed with the initital 0. are
PI'i- Jij. 1I A..aw..t asuea..4 t u_Kill ararf ----- 'IbeI'! oa ...-._ Ifi Dance Time..-:.. no less sectarian than Christiana They denounce n:
sows 554 SC oadlm Tat Soot Cankide of liar Kudeol ShoveoMU I The formation of the "G" seems to my' Uy rival masters as fakers and charlatans and claim 38 Taut
P4... Y PPS 0 Oodirey Tot Scout teal Stortn ?_ Muieol Sboveai Wallace's. veritable handwriting 29Uutclint
1r.a.c.. eM Kew M MadM Oa --.-, Aawrica Forma Utuicol Stwwcoia, eye to be similar that Khismaterian [homemade word apostates are
, i $....... := aN lee- 0 U........ 0- _____Americas_Porua Markel. -Sbowcaae and three handwriting experts have freed raining beautiful truths with quackery. They come mammal
40 Bitter
-=..beef == := == :et 1* St.dto**4>a O.OM. Ceatt Sonar at f Canada Canada :::::.. Modern Modem Ud Ud with this impression of a layman. hard-shell and soft-shell total-unmersionists. foot-I 41 Allotment vetch
wabef .... --- --- 9 M ,,_. Melody Rr Songs at Canada Red Skeltoa washers and Catholic f
t M... Or .U..Assert. Metody Ef ienaa of Canada Red Sfceltaa -.. However that does not prove identity of the sprinklers. N. E, A. M. E. 46 Fish
m6 .... ".. Myttcry ii"Wick-New* _._.___ Newt t-Sport* .handwriting because such experts can disagree as Episcopal High-Church. Low-Church and Camp- 47 Fillip
--- -$-'._II o. It it Jack avUk -=. Dun Orch. Renders Eu-kneu of Rhytha Wash. tenaciously as alienists or the official scorers at a Meeting Hallelujah and an seem agreed that some 'DiHmbazt+k
urea Dane Orch.T
1:.Maf.w.......:; luo.- Orth. .--- OrdL.lttn === Ra.detri Rhythm world series.The key to the goofy Guru letters that very high-class masters have appeared to mankind SOAeeoraplbfaHSlHeitan
1ft: ryo.. ..... .......... 11 0 3eeat "..___ Sporta Pumda _-)News ..'_-_ came with them when they were made available as since ,we crawled out of the primeval slime'but ,_
*00.0 c. ....40 II.I t..... __: Dmmt Oreh. Data tor LtafM expert
It M Dun Orrh. Joe Hatel Desita far LtefM political material said Wallace had the pseudonymof that none of them really was God. Then they fan on
: r-Ys.r===' 11 a. Daoco Orck. ='Qonu-Orch. ::::: I>ti n for LUfnt- "Gallahad" in this cult or circle of the old boy to scrapping as angrily as the sects of Christians malariaS3 _
IfIt :: item .- .. .lea OH ......... *.fYI.BIi.-, Platform ,
1:1 t=I |IL.f DaOeel Otth. from the Himalayas. and inner Mongolia. and about the worst thing in their vocabulary is 55 Expunat "., ,
: Now there is absolutely no doubt that Wallacedid "table-tapper., which seems to mean a quack 55 Cut'Be II'r
play around with this culL And only yesterday spiritualist. ,

( k



1i"IJIo". n _.......__. ; .;.. --......------ ---- -- ,, -- -___ _..:._ .JI--, '- --- i ,:;' :; -- -
r----o- -- y, : :::;" :(;:- -,,;!# : d .
= '" .
:. -- / ; --. _' '
-- ------ -- -


.. .
- --
". .

t i '19 Tu. .dayJun.17.; 1947 ,'tiitfl iHomtng Jrrnttnrl ;-1

City, County Bills Rose Sees State '

Clear Caldwell Tree Farm Plan I Governor Vetoes 10',Accident' Fund r.

Desk' Surplus in'1949

d .Oi., .taTi.iV"rollll, yballeuigri %veMerday and City of Became Orlando bills pass-: (Continued from Page 1] w Called! Success I ITAILAHASSEEFlorida'a Acts of Legislature Pay Hikes Told

law ..ubjectMillardCald
........... .. chants when another speaker did ,
.... the 1
ItCH'ure- of Gov I AP Gov. Caldwell yesterday vetoed' t, MUM tlrhtiTMA
.. not appear declared that unless | [Specie! to Orfando Momlig Sentinel .TALLAHASSEE [ ] ...
there is an unforeseen depression. tree 10 more acts of the 1947 Legislature but allowed about TW &- 'i"
l.. .. ... __
"h -turd J 1k. a tm were those pertalnParades or exceptionally large expense farm system launched to encourage other measures-most of them of local application be- fee slety/ .. utseleeau1Wrt ::71

t -- 1' during the next two years with 4. .) landowners to grow more timber come laws without his approval. .... oeire .
::=l lI.t. a little business administration"i and the public to cooperatewith Und__ the Constitution the Gavel nor is allowed t. da.. 1 J-J1.1
VFW i State budget will prove to'be conservation programs was '; UA -- :'=''::'' bttaeba
'' of the< 1
more than: balanced and win showa yesterday declared an ""unquali after final adjournment .
Is, ...., (''
et ...... surplus of approximately" $2' fled success" after its first year of Legislature to either veto or these sign =' ;tt
Hears million or more. operation. Legislative acts. Otherwise Montverde Oar .. ofueu
\ r ... Reports laws without his approval. Void 0 M
He said that revenue was now 'kst s become
W. y.: "We are very pleased with the sine .. tlaer ... .ter
.. actually 10 per cent more than received from both The 1947 session adjourned .. .,.
il/ttsN ult Ui..p response it has lift a heel
June 6.Among. School
in 1945.A
At Convention was Estimated Opens
1M ...ebk.4 landowners and large com
tax budget similar to the C ._"'-. mercial it was declaredby the acts which became 1 Tb. ... ..
$ARA4OTA "API fromfefMrtnent one turned down in the 1947 SYLVESTER R. SMITH ., 1M 1t
Reports State Forester C. H. Coulter. law without his approval yesterday Term
officers and a parade session of the Legislature was sets stage for meet. "We feel that the system is now were those providing licensing Summer mad -wheat'
M. e Mal ales tI\ which several hundred persons prepared and presented In 1945. on a conservative sound basis that and more stringent regulations ,i iMONTVERDE tl.eks..4e'1.I :3i1
-tc Spe. Cr JOO V ''> Se .
'r'' a, orlonttt "When the bill introduced. & ;.9 $
w ******* topped yesterday'a activlIM was will produce worthwhile results." on insurance agents
rw to Mrta.a- at the Veterans of a minority group prepared figures -With a eapaeMf .. .Je. .
Foreign Citrus he said "and that it will continue real estate broken liquefied ru
Wn a mmul encampment to ahow that if no new taxes were Foreign dealers Insect and pest eradi- enrollment of 120 the McMveede ... ptt e.aI.
to expand as more and more people ,
....... .
4011 tM as.uI added and the race tracks failedto
Wrtewtog tW parade were learn of the benefits it brings"The eators and private employment 1 School Summer Comp got uaelff.
.... .....
open by June 30. 946 the Statewould "
Mal Cea. agencies licensing of private
Oral Aadenon of Conference ; this weekend under dinettes
I way
>I tttile.eegatrrs Mat*.U I>.W. Ala. Brig Gen. still show a surplus."I system sponsored Jointlyby airports and of hospitals to A. R. McCausLn. dean The Cnrtmmrei WOT Movm et SOTJJJcf ijgf
a Me.bON DMUU R. tUUkioMa of Mae- am pleased to see that the the Florida Forest Service j jI allow tbe State to participate lof will through July 21. alsSMWv win .MH ftt

pent|rU at Tampa and State State Budget Commission has Slated Today I and the State Chamber of Com' ,t I In the Federal Hospital-aid act camp Karl Lehman run Tarares. school 1.17 .. m.iii: *.. .1. m

60 ttaassA.srM %I W eM ..*...er Gilbert Worm.Raatfs adopted a suggestion made in a ,I meree, was officially put into ;. president,. said yesterday the enrollment $7 711
bills providefor
bill prepared by me in which all IBv( Assoc ioted Press effect by GOT. Caldwell June 16, Many of the other : Pea.M d Mv.rM. ..
included -
New 4st once servll.etr from UacDiQ Field and requests for appropriations with Representatives of citrus inter- 1948. In ceremonies here he minor changes in workmen'scompensation .... f. pani& peg :r;
All chained Nigaar rmaoo i MXh School marched in the exception of school and educa- ests of Florida. Texas and California presented a certificate to Elbert laws and insurance from young 39FlOI1tL&communities people aMII'v iw .... .a ter

eeey slpitiat the paradeAm.ee tion appropriations and a few have arranged to confer in Kuhn of the Weaver-Lonjh- premium rates schedules and ... f,.. .11 qe.. t. tw
+digs .. the speakers yesterday other agencies reduce their requests Washington today with Agriculture ridge Lumber Co.:of Boyd. Identifying Among other general acts which from Georgia 1 dtvla 1. ..... M ...-i
R r DttkensheetJ. regional by 10 cent," he told the some 70.000 acres of thefirm's allowed to become
per the Governor ..
Department officials with a frtw I. ks N t 11 ..
iiM 1. 4 db+..4..d.iett .. .
( the Pau-A OrUle Vet.i.aa
ta. -
merchants. view to possible use of their prod woodlands as. the State'sfirst law authorize: vania pennarl-I ijcs frees \IM ...., to IAThe
!!iDi A&atnfeirauon Office. Earlier C. Gordon Anderson, ucts in foreign relief. tree farm. A Statewide closed season on the ..... ....
Om Andersen the
of Miami depart- Dec. 10 to
president a of mullet from
Sylvester R. Smith director of taking
pkrr at the rocampment'iaa Since then the number of participants York. Maryland. 1 ..,anti N I InkU.
_4la M 1041.O.iw. >aa u Dlabt.CIR.6dnatoQ ment store told the delegate the fruit and vegetable branch of has grdwn to 27; and the Jan. 20; compulsory participation Tennessee and \ .'. ...... _
+ fie O.i N.M of resolutions and that foreign markets which production and marketing admin'istratfon. -1 certified land to 679.552 acres, or in State and county employes retirement ..Cuba.I i imsr .... N N (1
bVing higher prices on Americanproduced said he expected possiblyas cent 01 system; increasing the I Orlando and owed .... ii
tat..b.1k. tnree
...ii... .;rotten of officers will approximately per from threeto uI per.age
bless 1nlOt ii the h,,. tip MOMrrvws butiness.rara are many as four Florida citrus the cause of high prcies: on the California five members; a $4,500 a year
.p*eiit delegates talked domestic market. men. one representing from the system landowner must pro- for Dr. John J. Tigert .1 seven each had the largest number Tin ...........,. ... .
and pension
maybe as as
.I rwtUag down the e.aenll.n'st.wgth tect his woodlands by approved of students at camp. .. ftMI tilt M
era1 dNaalod said the consumer 1 president of pail.
He average :j Texas to attend the meeting. ,> who retires Sept. as Central Florida towns
methods, Other
.-- m NN.a. U leer days ky roadens- 1 I was "bewildered and confused and Uncertain as to just who may forest fire prevention the University of Florida: re-en- Montverde. six 1s1t Monti paM ig..s. f
estlesy tag CMkiMM and eading the en- cannot understand why prices. attend. Smith said he thought and follow modern planting grow- actment of the seventh-cent gasoline represented were Braefe.; M tacit .. Iilli iii
six Dayton
... ing and cutting practices. Leesbnrg. :
pm'M tottliht rather than have not lowered noticeably more tax the Improvement Commission NetMulpe... / tsar
those would include Rob- ;
present :
:: of treesis five; DeLand and Eustts. tfer**
tlNa..dsr. While planned growing nr U4N1.. .
..J..JdMltM two after the war""lac issue revenue certificates sa
than of to
Ship years ert C. Evans general manager ancient practice the term each: Winter Garden, Gravtlaad
The medal' an
vrw ehrg..ie
CiUienship an -
i wrongly blames enable cities to match
consumer the Florida Citrus CommisSion
Lw ... V.Joge MM*** award, was presented to I the retailer when the blame actually -, ; Marion H. Walker sec-- '' "tree farm" is believed only a few State funds for construction of armories and man Howie and Mineola two each, one, and each Lottfh- .. .t/tia ... a lip
old. It first received public
J H years if ftum trtMt
.. Cfemu&btrry. contact rep.reeeettatlve lies with the manufacturerand sttlrlr
of .
M fr..lfrtt+p. i retary-manager the Florida ;
..r tit .... ...... for the VA teelonaluftire the Government"Manufacturers I.' Citrus Producers Trade Assn.; recognition when a timber com- Changing tie name of Veterans Ur.gllee---" AtW ".",
the State of Washington. I .
in Carlisle Announces .
wQ w .
FaM-A-OrtDe. pany M
at get high Commission to the State Depart-
4M. iM ..erne.Iet ...... can i C. C. Rathbun secretary of
enlist .
to public assistance
ubttle T=.... M14rt prices for their goods from abroad the Florida Canners Assn.; Dr. endeavoring ment of Veteran Affairs and Candidacy tttl-alMM I lie f ., rb. _
in growing a new of Treasury .. .....
.... ssstsagtbe S676I04( High Bid and sell to them even if American; Wayne Reitz Orlando economic!!I crop changing name of the Railroad I *
..... alai. are |j, retailers refused to pay those high, counsel to the United Growers and trees on a logged-over area coined Commission to the Florida Rail- JACKSONVILLE (iUPI R. T. r- w tegei
-M9rt41/e.. ..... rrlwe. .. .. On Pipeline PurchaseJAC !,prices" he declared. Shippers Assn.; P. R. Wilcox assistant ; the name and applied it to dedicatedto a 100.- road and Public Service Commission Carlisle Jacksonville businessman.today A.issls
000-acre tarct that was ..
wriest atiooe 1 Lloyd F. Gahr of Orlando of the three-year drivers' licenses; announced his tandkf-. bee
r lithe aM. n- !{ ONYILLZ (API The War general manager ; '
.. association, said a pioneer logger. touting and bookmak- for State treasurer subject to tin 0. tM ..rap0leeaetrtkiols
nine '. AMH AdaunistraUon here yestert9 president of the California. Fruit Growers, Exchange j prohibiting
Publicity given the system was ..... ...
..... ,. ... ,. opened' U bids for purchase he planned to appoint a committee ; and A. L Cramer of the ing at race tracks and Jai alai ,Democratic primary next Sprteg.
........ so favorable that it was extendedto suits to He was an attache of that office male ...... sti.Waws.r
Statetax. escheatment recover
/ of W* 200-mU Carrabeile toatklOMllJe to investigate the Texas Co-operative Marketing i|I : frontons;
/ pipeline built during structure as it relates to thei Assn. i other parts of the country.Florida funds posted by Florida from 1941 to 194$._ ..t .at
12th State to adopt, ....
the rata OeLiaO Indsevntk
/ tM .ar to help defeat the submarine :i I. consumer and retailer. 1 Evans told a reporter that the I I was firms with the Federal Govern- per
f/ menace to fuel-laden ships Gahr commended Florida mer- citrus industry feels especially j jI I the system. i iI ment: assessment of personal !! omitted in a Senate rtrbUa of Tbt ..artt.rpesths tta44bs a.

/ oo tic AtianUe coot I i j chants for their work in support I that canned and processed citrus I property taxes on house trailers the bilLCaldwell ,I
alb.T .
/ Ht h bidder was the Sampson I of a campaign against the State t I fruits, requiring little refrigeration i II Your Club/ Today 'I that do not have current automobile I' also vetoed measure .

/ LtaeM&ery and Supply Co. of :( sales tax which came before the and easy to handle while I Ij I ORLANDO: txclunft Club, core Bldf- license tags. 1! which would have: e lit. .dasratMeng .. _
/ State Legislature. 1 being healthful and nutritious, 12:30: lUlL Optimist Club. Lalllar Motel State Board of .s. _
H. ... Tows, with an offer of ;recent j 8:30 pm.BARrOW. I The Governor also allowed to f Established a V. riderS. tit tell/
/ Mtt.WOt. It cost the OovernSM I 1 He urged Florida retailers to cooperate -,: should be used in relief supplies i I. ; UOBI ante Gilbert Ok Haul. : become laws measures appropriating 'Watchmaker Examiners; created ,... eate un .M.
/ .I approximately $4.200.000 to with a Legislative com- ,, He said that Austin Anson: gen- 11.CURMONT. ; Kiwinto CUrt the Gable $275,00* a year for forestry the occupation of public bookkeeping Ruin_i1.N iN .sdafsui a
itttHCNIW I MM UM Itoe. including seven mittee hi forming the future political -, eral manager of the Texas Fresh ,I Ii 12 15 ,mDAYTONA conservation $100,000 for '' ; revised regulations for registering $9 tathea
et pwrtptng statloosBrotherinlaw, policy.of the association. !i Fruit Shippers and Growers Assn. ,,.t BEACH: Eli. CkJ dub- oyster cultivation and another of birth certificates: .
boo Lloiu Hotel. -- -- -
/ > or someone from his organization ;, S P.B.. anb.rWtutame million granted World War veteran
i 12 IS pm.DLLAND which transferred $1
/ probably will also be present. Klwiaii Club. Hutchinson public lands Officers Seek Two
MUtEST HeldIn Tampa'' NMU Members : from the Internal Improvement homestead rights on
I Hall. 12:04: p m. Junior Chamber ol Com
IMi Lion fund to the General Revenue In Escambia and Palm Beach
'I merce. CotC Amditortum. : PA. Escaped CM. tl1YO
Gainesville Shooting Await Strike Orders FLORIDA NEWS BRIEFS Cteb. Roubliuoa RalL I'U II m. fond. Counties; reduced the mileage tax
I. tUSTIS- Lion Club. Grand View Ho i' three T MY
t 1MIftI..... MATTMSJttDOtNG I 'on commercial trucks from
Local members of i iI i 1-30 .
He vetoed act which, he said ,
an eliminated Seers c.'gWl
: Oroteland Boslne creel .fourths to one-half cent; iesmvttts
4s JfHMf 0. AJIfI : ..*ft. -year-old Gainesville I the National Maritime Union were ; Coast Guard Fails Club. Broaditreet Cat. 12 noon. because of "Inadvertent error, nine counties from certain dip. w4ei ...'Wj
k Inessman. bed here Sunday of '| ready yesterday to can a work > 'r 1 12 BADGES'IS .CITY; auvani Club. Hotel Polk. or oversight" would have repealed, ping provisions of the cattle tenet fro. ... PMe ...

l r not ounds said by Sheriff stoppage on the only vessel in To Locate Missing pm.KISSDCUXX: Klvaai Club. Arcade Be the State's 11300,000 annual documentary -, tick eradication law: and acts I 'white. tinttsb
.I .ees.t MaHomao to have been inflictedby port which would be affected by tel. 1.30 II m. Rebekab. Lodge rraternltyHall. stamp on transac.
tax ; eliminating Okeechobee Count $M
.. -- ... ............ R W Andrews, a brother-in- the nationwide strike if NMUi i Men Aboard Yacht I LAKE I par.WALKS: Rotary Club WatetbOt I, tions.i from'the Everglades Drainage Din:' The p.ir "
word.S. ....
the .
.a aaustt la..f IUkh.HoIIoIDoD headquarters gives ]', Hotel 12.IS I tract and cancelling L L Boart!i pnIM ywd IWi
f el.al, .... taii said he was holding S. Gaillard. general manager 1 1I I pOAST Guard at Miami said lasti LIZSBCRO Crnter: aUvanl 12:15 p.m.Clab. LHMva'ltftn."oll ;; The measure t. defer originally taxation was of I: oil and mineral reservations oc 1 TWbt ....... Ms
..... Aadrtws pending a full inmtigaUo i for the Lykea Brothers Line said v night that "negative results", ST. CLOUD: LtOM Club &&. Cloud Dla- | designed lands within- the City of Oket- netlon. .t a ......iI
i 1 deeds and agreements
Shooting reportedly took I the Cape LUibeo. loading for London ] leg Room. 7 p.m. escrow
I and Rotterdam.. scheduled -,I{were reported from an extensive WINTER GARDEN: RotatT Clab. Har- : until their final delivery to the :; chobee. wnt 'fetesTntbei
! .- i Mac* Raturday afternoon while was : ,rell'a Cale. 12:30 pawnvrxa 1lyrd
i U ,
air search for vetoes win be presented
missing The
'I : men Hareo"HoUL < purchaser property However;
Klwaait Club.
: lUttit with other members of his to leave today .but would i : 1
i )I| for six days aboard the yacht Poor the 1949 Legislature to be sustain yean M a i
-' ; family sad friends were on an sail. Seamen on the LUibeo work- 12:1: J p.m. the amount of the tax: of II I'j M.riai
CO.: i Poppy en route from Miami to Cat 1 wnrTCH FARM America Lrcfen. Pw I ed overridden. eMrie N
i > cent MS*eaeh $100 of value was or .
lr : eating at a nearby lake. ed.yesterday. 1 II No, 112, CofC BMt4 pa
.- g.ae e.asa M I I'Isr I, Cay_Bahamas. Army Navyand I I I
..,. I i '
: Coast Guard aircraft
I Raitin vineyards are planted It is estimated that about 300
... +.t tae III" .: blast to west so that sunshine can million people throughout the the area from Southern Florida to 1 5 BIG DAYS and 4 BIG NIGHTS
Ii 9 till ft% .!...% ... 1 I South Carolina but no trace of.
.. .................... Tenth------the-grapes- all day. world have malaria in some years. the missing craft was found the ; WIDE] t 11

f'' Coast Guard said. Search 11'' STORE
to be extended today to the SOuth-
ern corner of North Carolina and

I ".. t. .1 .1'IiJ' : east to the Bahamas. i
H ,.; *

Rent Suits Filed

f LOW I'J1WO tenants yesterday filed '

.L triple damage suits against I

..3 Vincent S. Halt of West Palm j TUES1AY
Beach in U. S. District Court I

&wZIV'EXCURSION alleging rent overcharges. Furniture THRU SftTMMY
I George E.Hulse said In suit that I

FARES he paid$125 $200 a month a month and insteadof asked t'' 9 A.H. T I P.M.

judgment for $%.55'. S. W.
Gladstone asserted he paid $250a i
month instead $160 a month I

and asks judgment of $%.tlU,. t !

THROUGHOUTALL Conoy'o's Brother Mourned I

Tl f ANY residents friends of then .." ....." ..'........
Canova family when it resided FURNITUREWas f" :

here joined 'yesterday in funeral JUVENILE I an hated mcrckudU nkjeet prier Mb I '
FLORIDA services here for Harry' Leroy NOW mot--a-kiB4 Mama they early ...

(Pete] Canova. 42. brother and Screened: Cribs ..... ._$34.50 $2430 ': -lor many tine kmm4r.ds of "rcaJu. : Occasional Chain i s... $ -

one-time business manager of Simmons Maple Crib _. 28.5022.5A .,., ,.... .., ,: 2-Pe. Living .*... l..hrt .. III
Screen and Radio Star Judy Ca Kantwet Crib Mattresses ._ 14.95 :".,."..,"."." '
nova. A man. identified by Jack 'n*Jill High Chairs ........ 29.50 %%.5& ten Seats (IS Gabl .. ... IWt.

Deputy Sheriff John Medaglia as; Maple High Chair .. m 1455 3.5&a PUtows ..- .-. .11 >...

offers William B. Coffee 30. of Atlanta t' Nursery Seats Maple A Ivory 6.9S << .... Sofas -.- ..... M
Eastern Air Lines youa was drowned yesterday while 1 Baby Swings Steel Frame 7.95 435 Was NOW BedeWaee *M -

swimming alone at a lake near: Kiddie Kar Strollers ._.... .._. 9.95 7.95 Mahogany 4-Pe. Suite ___. $24930 $151." Sofa tliii

all Florida at the here. ... George Crawford, injured I SulHt Carriages ... ...._... 7.95 435SJ5 Walnut S-Pe. Suite ....._- 229.50 11'." Chesterfield sass .... -' .$
chance to visit late Sunday hi a motorcycle accident Rocket Swings for the yard.. 15.95 Light Oak 5-P4a Suite .... ... 239.50 11'."

in which his brother Millard Solid Oak Night Commodes DINETTE FURNHWE

lowest fares in airline history. I. was killed, was reported in good I PORCH-LAWN FURNITURE [With J drawers] 49.50 2931

condition yesterday at Lee Memo NOW Simmons and Malone Box- .. .."
.._ .. 39.50 2930
i rial__ Hospital._ _Fort_ Myers._. :, Arrln Steel Chairs .... .. $ 9.95 $ CJ5 springs and Malone' Inner- Chrome $-P*. r wrtlaha T.. OOIA ..

Stop-evrr prfvilefci are available! with each ticket .,. u Bunting Spring Steel Chairs. 22.50 11.00 Simmons spring Mattresses. 45.00 34.00 White Solid Wood S F*. .N II

return portion of ticket Banting Plastic Steel Simmons Coil Springs ...-.. 15.50 11." Solid Limed Oak S fa I.
wherever desired. provided Chairs ......_..... 22.50 1C.OO 7930 :I.
Folding Lawn Chain ....._ .._ S.95 <4.00< Odd Drnsen-WaIn.t m. 49.5Kurhae DooUn S r** .. .
of issue.
of .... 1C30Metal
original 29.50
U used within 30 days : Simmons Felt Mattresses .. ..
.... 535 .
Aluminum Folding Chairs Chrome Chain
11.00 -
Beds ...___...___.-.....- 1935
a available basis. I Folding Yacht Chairs _... ...... 6J5 339 16.00
Bookinff are on space Maple Chests ...... ". -..-.. 2435
.. Cypress Chain U enly ...... 3930 20.00 Unfinished Dressing Tables 12.50 C35 LAMPS
fun Simmons Chaise Lo1lnfe-
...... j*# ntr airline .- innerspring Pad ...... 39.50 3230 CABINETS
.. Florid
ttwUpoint* aped by it in All Steel Gliders .. 39.50 21.so' -

Goshen 2-Passenger Gliders. 24.50 1930 Was NOW One Group TsMeFtoor 1&_" 0.4..I'
ReVN..TIIP EQSU31OM FARO'6raRi11 Goshen Loafer Chain AH Steel 2-Door Utility ... .$ 26.50 $ 1930
Adjustable Backs .... 29.50 1930 Solid Wood China Cabinets 3935 25.04 Lutys -

/ Jrk.r,,, Mled CIrWt craw Taw. Tara ivra1 taa11-

swat s See the HOME STORE before buying any furniture for your home.

.... .... Ur I1UI
.... Nse pea ,
............_ its .... .... rase It"t PRICES SLASHED
..... u.
____ ......_. gar itr to SHQliSfftH
.... lass $1tr rase
....... ..........-. Kr $15 .... ..... .... &1ilr ALL -
............. p tar .... ... .... 1
.. ....
t.-- .... .... .... .._ .... .... SALES 25/ TO 51% I mm
,..... .__ .... &.II O
.. ... &II .._ .- 4vae.}
t .....e.,.a..1.....:-......; /as I'M ... hue ._. tr .... .-', FINAL ON HUNDREDS OF FURNITURE ITEMS! :::. .. a iltta

.nw tab Yald.1.I % uncorking( campaign
Tomorrow at 9 aon. the Home Store Is a
r I : &. bring prices DOWN! We have simply disregarded eets .._ ......dap
travel this sale-are hoping oar costs will tome down sooneror s s.
I 2-2427 agent stage
Call/ or your later. Obviously no store could long stay In business at Co r .:

i EASY prices like these but we are strong financially and we feel the

I satrifiee is well worth the satisfaction yea will have and -wt

TERMS will have 1n getting back to more sensible price levels. .salttf

laSTIRNI i AL EMOFF.. Gen. Mgr m i .esa ...

s k0M L I




t f1.lit 4 f"...,..


1; 1
w i
-.e.rbaslas/pt ;,


--- -.------ --.--. '. '. ,,. _-,_ d' __ ___ .._ .
. -'. -. < --

-- <
.-- .
> --


f "

Kwrtr. (* ".,.. .MwtMdef

u.P6 (frlanfco fHornlng 9rtttinrl Tuesday, June 17,1947DcLznd i J Seminole 4-H i Snyder-Bluke ..N aM ateh,,..III. rialfu' wit

f I I rr rrrr ...... .. ..
1 !. II HeldISpecwl IiN& e.& w Sd ......
Krwjn/s Rotary Hears Rev. Caldwell i i'Arrives i Girls Return : Nuptials I Mme ...... '
I I -
To Hear 4.H lays I I I to Or'ando'( Mom>no Sen"1] II I,

-40;" .. 1f,. Young Sanford AtEnterprise : From' CourseI I LEESBURG-Miss Elma Hake. PH.wflWa'I'M'.- .
.. r and Theodore S. Snyder were married -( .. -
l.sMi twit uen.r I Or'ondo f.'or-inq{ Sen'rfn : : .
... fraftit* rtporU Residents SANFORD Seminole County during a double ring ceremony, = ... -;;"; .
t.p ('** tan wN rrMM 4-H rills under direction of Mrs. at the bride's home on MacKenzie lr LA _A
4-H Ctab that '." ..,. ... ".. N +- .." ..., Sen""Ie11 I ly HELEN SNODGRASS I Ouida Wilson and their leader, St. June 5 by the RCT. Stertef L.i'I'able eereesls..
_" .... 1'N...,. art SANFORD-Young Sanford men I I [Sr:"2l t to Orlando "Mom.rg :Sc"' ." 1 tTHELMA Mrs. Ola Cochran returned here ----- -
who hare been out of town for A- ENTERPRISE-The Rev. and Saturday after a week of intensive
one time in school and in the Mrs. R. T. Caldwell and son Roy. q study at Tallahassee at the annual
hi YNTMU INte mttt told Rotarians yesterdayof arrived Wednesday from Tavares.He I short course.
their reaction on returning. will be patsor here at the Bar-I t f The 700 girls attending from 42
Businm construction underwayand nett MemoriaL Church. The Rev. i counties studied clothing, self .
to ... ilia IU..UrM the expansion of Sanford a Caldwell was pastor here. some 12 I .improvement, 4-H organization ,
sI.r .kU **, X. loomed large in their remarks. j years ago. I II exterior and interior home m-
Ui ."ar. Out *f tress George A. Spcer Jr. pre- i Dr. and Mrs. Hugh West of De- ;provement poultry, recreation and ', I
.... ......... Ut4 enr the meeting and they Land were visitors Thursday. :canning, as wen as enjoying music
.*.f men, lntrdnced by Dr. and .
,. .... C. W.JUker. chairman. George Ryan of Elizabethton : J "
.) t1s averts ttf Ham plans program Term.-and Earl Stallard and son Miss Francis LeFils received the
Mlle INI&d Sere B.k Cnmle,. Bill Hatchi-
Belt sit
< t.Pik.
George, of Pennington, Va., visit blue ribbon in the dress review
-- ava, Bill Brvmlcy and Herman tif ..D 1 .HII ed Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. RyanI I .when she modeled a wool suit she ,.. -
flrvmlty Wednesday. I LEE, daughter of Mr. ,had made as one of her projects.
SlA !. sso..*. AU commented on the enlivened !
lIMN of the people, and the bust- MRS. ALLEN YOUNG DE-1 Miss Pat Tyler is visiting Mr. : and Mrs. C. S. Lee of Oviedo, Attending from Sanford were:
... I IM. it Regular tini of business in the downtown. LANEY, recent bride: She is and Mrs. Thomas Rivers In Green 'i has returned from Emory University Geneva. Francis LeFUs, Harriett .
--.. traa tar lArMtamKLSIMSNT This they felt brooked well for the former Miss Marguerite i Cove Springs this week. {I I where she received her Geiger, June and Florence Mc- .
tfc* future of the town's )'oungmm Miss Doris Faber was joined by \'master's degree in Laboratory (Gill Florence Gatlin. Shirley TIME t
Duncan of Mr. and TEST OF
Comment was made on the daughter i her sisters. Miss Euretta Faber. 1 Thomas: Sanford,Penroee Hutchison THE
Ill.. recreation, facilities here now but Mrs. Grady Duncan of San- and Mrs. G. G. McAlexander, ort Technology. Johnnie Mae Jones; Long- I
uftetuoa was made that these ford; and became the bride [DeLand. for a visit Saturday, toi I wood, Doris Thompson. .Janet
M.H b* enlarged and that the swim- of Dr. DeLaney son of Dr. i i Cocoa to see their father E. W. I Shaw Shirley Grant; Lake Monroe I
mine pool should be erected as Faber, and their grandmother. I I Mrs. Rogers : Lois Muse, Shirley Hamilton: Ii
and Mrs. of i
i! Joseph DeLaney ,Lake Mary. Barbara Eubanks.
KMQ as poulble.atresa .
*<.*. ".... tutHI. Mr. and Mrs. Hassell Brown and
was laid on the value of Fayetteville, Ark., May 31, at daughter. Barbara, of Orlando, Dorothy Teslo. and Dorothy I
......-- mating the whole community at- Prescidio Chapel in San Fran-I visited Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hiers Leaves For Burke.Achievement. material/
iraettvt to its. young men so they cisco. Wednesday.Miss / buying building )1n i
would wish to become residents
IF TWITCH when they hare completed various I tona Beach Mary and Ann her Gatch mother of Day-Mrs.E. P-TA: Meeting merchandise that is time-testee' M ..r.

*types. of training. 1942 ClassHas B. Gatch, fcf DeLand, were visitors [Sae-'',-' '? Or'oncte Mom ng Sentinel] .
ttoB made that the
MSr was
nmNiBts try t. provide an oc- Friday afternoon.Mrs. I SANFORD-Mrs. John Rogers Day ProgramSet ice. Handley Lumber Co. stock: ...., ...e
Cnc'IrG i R.J..,., ptlnl. clearing house Reunion I Mabel Piety of Osteen vis- 'left this morning' for Tallahasseeto
thrash kich young men might ited Mrs. Sam Lawson and Mrs. attend the four-day Parent- BEST whether it's for csadtr
'UCII'Nfff wwk daring the Summer and fSjc-io';:: to Orc"tb! Morning Sentinel I Ida Hasleden on Stone Island Fri I Teacher Institute. She is president by Clubs new
t" put InU practical use the type S.ANFORD-A large of i! of the Seminole County P-TA.
... flnendttUl1HJI .f training' they might he stady- 1942 classmates, with Miss group Betty day.Ed L. Cunningham of Benson j j 'Mrs. John Schroeder Jr. is here [S',? rat' *3 Orljryjn Morning Ser'n+!n or repair work. And we can ar.,.,. 11r w
lag white at .cb...ls. Wilkenson acting as hostess, en- Junction was a caller Friday. visiting her husband. SANFORD-Members of the
Alt rtM invitation of W. A. Lef- Joyed a get-together, swimmingand Mrs. A. P. Hedge and daughter I Mrs. C. W. Appleby of Ocala was Home Demonstration Clubs of payments to suit your budget C. ..s
,a ".n out the Rotarians meet at dancing and a picnic: supperat of Jacksonville are visiting guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Seminole County will hold their
the Lttfltf Lake Camp, it was Sanlando Springs Friday. Mrs. A. E. Harris this week. I. T. Stringer for the weekend. first achievement day Thursdayat
k ATIL ['S TNT agreed to forego the June 30 meeting Leaving late Friday afternoon i I Miss Janet Hetzel will go to the Chamber of Commerce tion is our motto.
for a picnic there Wednesday. the prepared their supper Charleston S. C., to attend the when there will be exhibited all I .
t ."... 1 It... p41.f .. eMties. JM1y LEdward I on the group outdoor fireplace after Harry LeesEntertain i,Citadel Hop June 20. phases of homemaking including;
.+1rrwN.W. pia MttAi.g. |swimming, and spent the evening I Mrs. John M. Morgan Jr.. Miss projects such as poultry. garden
;J.1 -M beg. as em ....tugl wNdev Mayfield of Seville and recounting old stories of high I Sara Newbern of Atlanta and Miss: ing. dairying and canning Mrs.
Mme l.. .... M .... Leon Braddock of P eraoa. both of school days.Attending. I Ruth Mettmger of Jacksonville. Ouida Wilson agent, announced
i.irr 3 ......... w. .... ...Nwp.m whom were sent by the Kiwanis were Mr. and Mrs. spent the weekend, here visiting :yesterday.
..... r.. .. ..... .......... Chtb scholarship. Ben Currie, Mr and Mrs. Douglass Wedding I I Walter Morgan at the Valdez Ho- Exhibits win be arranged between -
1 County Agent W.J.Platt Jr. will Stenstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Party: I tel. 9:30 a.m. and 2 pjn. At 2.
lw ti pas .a+d Mrt.a. 4Ie" -- a. Eire a report to the organiza Brown Miss Martha Wight Bob- I Mrs. Raymond Lundquist and Mrs. Roy Tillis, County Council
........ tad. td .... ..,ats.4. tion. The bore won their trips be- bie Newman Mack Cleveland. Miss rpe-3f' to Orloo/fe! Vrnirvi' Srn'-eIl] 'children left Saturday for Day- president will: be in charge of the
., soap der ....... tat cauft of outstanding achievements Joyce Hetzel Mr. and Mrs. Bill SANFORD-Mr. and Mrs. Harry tona Beach for a week. program when exhibits will be WUHffHjf40
sod M Mai tl.tAiwM. with their livestock. 1 White Mr. and Mrs. James Lee, Lee entertained with a boat party :judged, a dress review presented, AND tUUWMO
late Saturday honoring Miss Jean
\{ ..{!... R1ieet 'Kirby Fite Harry Lee, McKay Tru- and Donald Jones. and new officers installed.
t Whigham ,,
'1 Walter Smith | This club numbers 120 active S* HwgK
luck. Mr. and Mrs.Otis Jones Miss .
t ........ p;.. a Est IIl whose marriage will take place i i members and approximately 60
.Katherine Spencer Bob Beasley.
June 25, and their wedding, at-
members inactive. Latter group is
Mr. and Mrs. David Gatchel, Miss t
( tEg- Betty Wilkenson and Walter tendants. Takes Course mainly Winter visitors who are
Haynes. After cruising on the St Johns, j I I now out of the County. Mrs. Wil-
J a chicken pilau supper was served. I
A bet ..... ..... DACH son said.
a I with the hostess assisted by Miss,Jn -Aquatics
t .,.....tit....... W. J. Barker Returns Jean Harper. i
1 .....apvlgt r II. F'ard. .. From Red Cross Meet The bride-elect was presentedwith I [Scec-sl::! +T) O'cndo' Sentir !It I
Ii : ........ an antique china cake plate SANFORD Walter Meads
f J ... .... ,............ goer "' to Or'&vio Mom ng Sentinel] by her hostess. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph .. OUR SECOND SHIPMENT AMIYBS
.- ...... ltd It ........ MOUNT DORA-W. J. Barker. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. James Austin Smith left Sunday for 1 !
.... .. .ad .w director of the Lake County Chap- Crapps. Mir}and Mrs. Gene Harrison Pine Mountain State Park near
Y .. ..a.1. 5mar. .y.Rab/. ter, American Red Cross, returned Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes Chipley. Ga., to take a 10-weeks' _i
; ........ yesterday from the American National Miss Elizabeth Fite, Miss Kath- instructor's course at the Ameri- I .4. a COME IN NOW AND GET YMMiirn
: 1 J ..... Red Cross convention In erine Wiggins Miss Jean Harper. can Red Cross Aquatic SchooL I
i- M s Cleveland. During the afternoon.he Miss Martha Wight, Bobby Newman j i Upon completion of the course ., 1
f J ... .. .. began a six weeks' course for
and Mrs.
> Cullen Wright Mr. : he will porceed to Ridgecrest, N.
t a+ I-S-E; ; : r a Junior the Montverde and senior School lifeguards Summer at Raymond Kader. Mack Cleveland. C.. where he will be counselor at
Jack Woodruff. Tommy Huddles- the Rid ecrest Boys Camp for sev-
6 ..... ... Ca.m.1J< ''too. bit last Mr. Q\c.fc Bwwro, ectCweeis, to charge af(tie rater- .r
I j; > N --. Miss Ebza.te.th WWtbam, Lester Cr mt. Sdft/i, student at the Ual- t I
f ipy"af'igaat' """l>.i?"*?,W leery ApeQ lea &l sittess Mores f Outtvrte. l&s& VTWhca, &&. 9M|.. ......,. pfcrtBt PW... HHfeNEIIAIALH "Soto Orfesvfe MpmhQ Ssntmefl Jones Mrs. Porter Whigham. Mr. at the university pool through a 1
APOPKA-Bruce.Stephens has and Mrs Harry Lee and Harry Jr. Summer.ELECTRO: I'} I M 3f Malt
moved his garage to the new building -
u ri
: on the highway west of the I {
city Shopkins' Service will
.... ..... occupy I i; car 1t
O S1i Nell S e i.tinI. CAUTION: the Womble Bids formerly occu- .jJ .
... e4s.5,....., onty A'1 OIRECTEO I II t U. Ntllff1
,, ., ... ,, pied by Stephens. ... i irl
---- I
b -_. I a 4
j1 { It "l1'i !
i 'a11M

it Now Available for Ittll

LUX '" For JHI'' tW fa-It filar_ -.

L... ASHCiilt4 will pay In $41. 18

1 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY i :1k; I' yea CM af?!y Oft a fist, ",1"7 1

COilIUM Mala II fca
i 4 I } ? by CJKJ H-

tea's b1 i, ...rlCtlrersl


I ; -- .---


''r : 1
i Also/ '

sill", ueaw w w
;: RANGES __ .
: a fi .-.V
1, 'j 1

j and ; T t' } w. .IMO. ..,nf. fII! .

+ \\ wa kg ... aM ...i t\\ t. j

{ I f l 1 't, calla gwet ....
t ', .. t Illt'tg' t+rlt. e>ilwtlplsleig4f { I I IA.

+ \\f; t/ewer J't '" .... tIIIf
fJa '
1 1I I
1i : / .. MWJ.4 .'

s .- ..... .........t t I

Ja ii I I IQTLMtiOa 1hltii'. I h tN .... ..

I 1ft" uttMi t Jte two ; \:' '' UA ..... ,.,..

?' trio susrrat aAefATa I m t 1 r. 'f l F JMlemtt. 2N't

WASHINGMACHINES ; II I I rlaaarlslg T.K anal nee I #rt 'N ow Yew 1M" ......

nears serest
I Met saint ii m AmJeI GLeM

J I j I, .... ......... 1M"


... ....... pv..IoIY1. tJ.. .

1tu4rJ ".w.... Mea, JM" of dec Phone for 2 4406 II r -

c;....... _rice. r.ufHrt..L Fm Howe DenonsiraiioR! S TUBE f)

Closed/ of Noon Saturday W ii.y


"MN WEN I- It'



MEItaANDn or .RTU) i ,
I <4> H OftCEJ
31 I L CHtHfcCH ST.-ORLANDO. 2-3736 I I


I I "

- -
-- --
.. ....J l' 1 I : ,...... ..-.....-.-:.. .... "' ..: >?' ItJ.'... ..a....._.,. -_.-- -- _-or -"-- -- .-- -- -- ---- ..- -- .'-- :- ..
1IiE sI : : .. .II
.. .. ..
--- -- -- :. .. = ,,,-........,,. ..
:....- -"'"


-. I .
T JII..17 1947 .
frrnltnrl "
--- Orlanfco fHorohig. > Page 71
1 t .

Unless You Have Your a" +. 'a G MIDSUMMER I

Car Checked for That SE-5y s -c : AA'A11iotd
I r

, A. P. CLARK Vacation MOTORS Trip Inc. .*E s f I H 'I I r

$u 9f, nlttlrt+L niOXE 2-I7IC ;

... 4 t BEER g4r __ )

-- ......" / e4frOFI I



NON-OBJECTIVE v A'RT: Mrs. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy [Deft],
widow of the artist, and Hilla Rebay, curator of Museum of
Non-Objective Painting in New York, examine a painting in
I Moholy-Nagy memorial exhibit at museum. I

Children's Home SocietyTo

Open Office Here Aug.1An 1 Regularly $220.00

('ii. $$99.50
iI1 office for the new Central Florida Division of the NOW aid
Children's Home Society of Florida will be opened Aug. 1
at 423 S. Orange Ave., Marcus C. Flagg, Jacksonville, the Wrought iron painted
r society's State superintendent, announced yesterday. white. Set includes full -
Fagg was in Orlando to- sin a. lease-..-- for--- the office andto length settee arm chair '- ,
-Th address the Junior Chamber of4 f- and arm rocker has reversible '".
Commerce. During the day. he I i cushions of blue '
conferred with Linton E Allen, I Marcus Fagg I aai1 1oth.i .
I I who was elected president at the
time of the division's organization I i

May 29. JayCeeSpeaker I
The office will be in charge of i;; 6 OnlyWROUGHT
Mrs. Willard Jones Garrett division Itt
superintendent who is i "The only hope for the future IRON '
r i now in New York: taking a sixweek's 1 in the world today is for the children -
i course in adoption procedure who come after us to be better
at the New York Schoolof qualified to meet the problemswe CHAIRSRegufady -
i Social Work. are facing" :Marcus C. l'agg.
iOf Jacksonville superintendent of '
Mrs. Garrett has had 10 years' $47,50
ll3t of
A'P CoffecisHO the Children's Home Society
,& experience in child welfare work
Florida, said here yesterday.
; I in Alabama and Florida. For the
1 meeting _
Speaking at the luncheon -
last year she has been with the I of the Junior Chamber of $$24.50 __
:t ,Children's Home Society as its Commerce. Fagg said, "There are NOW _
field In Central
,six character qualities which have
i.. Florida. .something to do with being a successful White finish with reversible -
II I Fagg said the society hopes
father and they are more I loose seats and backs.I .
1 receiving
establish o
eventually to a
'important today than ever be-
home here similar to the ones it
j operates in Jacksonville, Miami, I fore.Revolving his talk around the !
/Y ,t jPensacola and Lakeland. I theme of Father's Day he listed i
M14 .t M.n. j-Cfl iI
"Receiving are tempo- the characteristic qualities as;
OTHER COFFH BYES YOU MORE rary shelters to which children faith in children ambition for 3-HKf
are brought when they are com- children trustworthiness, heroism.
IU role AND MOil FOR TOUR MONTY 1< 4" 73cMb. > .,fE mitted to us by the courts," he enthusiasm, reverence and re Slut.... ......
explained. They are kept in spect.
it *.!. r.Ad twp of eofft.. you mist start with, 1 Bag 37cMb. them until they -are ready for |, "One of the tragedies In the.

j|"* *.*.*. W'| *.fcy AlP CoH. Is ,elected I by adoptive"Until we homes.are able to get a receiving many State of children Florid.who is there cant are have so SUNROOMSET

.1d L ITMI Hx pick of South American :yrya home in Orlando Central faith in their fathers or the fathers -
Florida children will be cared for lack faith in their children -
Vt. .h and out. b. s e.n s.ei.e
teat you con suro 4Rj at the Lakeland and Jacksonville ." he said.
*..**| M few C ff*. .kl any pcK ag. at ony homes." I I In commemoration of the occa-:

"+k I.t. W c:... ,."il'. Araerico's favorite by. uss l1C are Between referred 200 to and the society 300 children each 1 sion members. several attended fathers the of luncheon JayCee sa..>>

(...... .. Bag 39c > year from this area, he said. along with the five Ail-American I New _
Fathers chosen in Orlando since
Virgil Estes PromotedBy j the Innovation ot the annual elee-
Southern i tion under the sponsorship of Rut- r.- +rNi wbwnis filAr .
Railway 1 land's Men's Store in 1943.
YI, .w ..1 Wlntt ttlr. tits- -
\ father of seven
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I II 'Rollins Lists Six Home Grid Games for 47 !

I <- ""

, Presbyterian An Page 8. Orlanim touig grnlinrl Twits. Just I',.......,... i

By too HAYES r I

. iwt U< M4 League lana two weeks hence will chose i I Miami Foes F n'Sf Yankees Trim Dodgers Shade I Pistol Pete Reiser Long Hills

ft. ... HMM UttK MIl meet in the league's annual All Only f Hurt Just 'Minding

..1 ,ssM __ $2.
Chisox 4-3
i t .**. rte....., Bl4H4.. Saint Augustine and Gaines. l ; His Own Business'CHICAGO Rate Nod F ForPGATourr

*4ft* .* 4. **r wMM. on the wght of July 3. Fans at the i; Not on Home Ca Stretch LeadNEW Cubs; Taylor I II IAP1 EverrthlB

tffcs* MW MOV psc- wt.**. Jvty 4. They will vote for "Rookie" happens to Pete Reiser.

e 1.rtan.a.ar t.ewts" tom The team meet July 13 at the home YORK TAP The New The Brooklyn Dodfers' battered

a !.tae w .real ttr ..... at ntstffttfM. July 4.Mrtiig Athletic Dir. Jack McDowall outfielder, who recently wI-
.. taunt .Is..'. has .... atta bed. however. Only the yesterday released an eight-game York Yankees defeated the Chi- Gives Six Hits fered a head concussion In a tIII- (f

.. itltleweM ........ pith .f the- b>*SM '. tight parks will 1947 schedule for his Rollins ColI I cago White Sox 4-3 last night I, lision with an Ebett Field was,

MI p tit iti IalIMlag. TIM IM baHote will t* kaaded.ut at the 'lege< Tars. scoring the winning run in the'' was standing In the outfield yesterday If Nam gMlllM

__ silt iii ..... ........ .... sea. night The deal of the Six schedule of the eight are home games games listed on to ninth inning on a perfectly executed CHICAGO [TAP Brooklyn streak during his batting business practice.when t DATA )ST > AF'I ... m* ..
losing own
_IW p**% to *.. *..... .ort *l H ure* off the balloting on an I IMH be played here at Greater Orlando squeeze bunt by Phil Riz- cracked and elbowed a five-game Chicago out of a Pitcher Clyde King caught a fly faraur a rw rat TiIMilW .. ...

-- |Stadium. zuto which enabled Joe DiMaggioto ball on the run bounced into Was* M hot pre 84ttNMi t.. ...
life grMUM ....w fr eight regulars for two left- !:1 The Tar gridders will open the cross the plate.A chance to tie Boston for the Na- i',i carl Furillo and spun IBM fOA 01 Ctpl L Pesadelg

gtiebw Ilk -wr.t. manager and a utility player. season here Oct. 4 against the tional League lead yesterday with Reiser.
I a I University of Richmond a Southern kees crowd stretch of their 52,633 American saw the Yan-Lea- a thinly-sliced 2-1 victory over the ', Purillo. who saw King eemtef. here mamrni M .I I14ei1nr ..

..... *.....'......... .. |h* Uoksc" All-Stars baa, yard- Conference foe beaten only l gue lead to a game and a half Cubs on Rookie Harry Taylor's was merely side-swiped. ReteerI Mf ClM .* ...8nMIM tM
I twice last season. Other home I took the impact and went dews rag MNs nil .., the
elN alt trio sees shuns Mail liar tfcea them hare a rough time over the idle Detroit Tigers and six-hit pitching. I I
games are with the University of shaken. wes1Mlit Mi th. al*"\sel-41.9
wIw.41. .-.. -reN Wise tlwrrri I nun.InrKng garae. It's a tough job Boston Red Sox. |i !''badly .
Georgia at Savannah Stetson, Both Dodger runt were unearned practice was halted and ..-.. 0" r Pt_pas
trr.rlily t/e.4. wettw Ir 1wr11/alYett pajtlnoiarty since a lot of the A two-run triple by Tommy gW
Murray State Teachers Otterbein 1! coming as a result of er- i j Dodgers raced out to the pee- PPV liWIssC ''A I, !MV..
Ilaltlla. "..- .NeR -- eM Irtle M a "her today gone tomorrow" and Ohio Wesleyan. Henrich which chased two Yan- Ed Watkins trate Reiser hi short left &*d. L---U: 1 tar Ill ti sw Baseman
__ Il.rte .. t.... .rs wit ter BAkAg their first: round of the Only two foes, the Universityof : kees sent over the the teams'plate into in the the eighth ninth, :> in rors the y First second( and fifth innings. Reiser finally got up and wafted i Us* uuiikrJtl .IeeMln.trt.s

4.. SieatM : Miami and Presbyterian College 1. ''Those two boots were enough to off the field under his own **r. .tilt ftae
..pstS ...... sit *4 UM Roosts team with their batting will be played away from opened deadlocked the at ninth 3-3.with Joe a DiMagrgio double.j| give Taylor his fourth win at the power. par *', Masl .* two o .sito ....11lt

..... M expense
III!; ...... tSt114aa ...... (I.MIJ tint IUM: John )Idlaaus.Pr : In releasing the schedule McDowall CONDITION OF Col. Matt J. passed.George McQuinn Bill Johnson was sacrificed purposely
twit iWtrk niae.vUI .%CI third .Winn, 85 [above] veteran i' tour of whu'h are t''1imer .a. cia .
*. ( ) bate; said "none too happy over whereupon Larry Berra drew an- crowd of 20,097 was present. Graziano Stops .
tM A.sesUae. thortao-i. AI Ptnle. Palatka one or two of the new additions horse racing promoter, was reported other intentional pass setting up Chicago scored first in the with one of..UtMI. p.ttUffOBSjM

Min IWwp. llttasWto l.Jttl J erBttrfleU: Ty BratieU to the home schedule but we got : "very good" yesterday I the squeeze. Rizzto's bunt toward i initial inning when Don Johnson IJth J \0'lKI ass"It's .,

figbltild, tad Br& Ui4 flU DtLaad UJI] !: the strongest teams that we could by attendants at first went for a hit as no play I doubled down the left field line ofuutiv" :neu'. !ire .9
'I possibly schedule. Lukes I and scored on Phil Cavarretta's lens ........, sHrd dwuirwi .**-
could be made. j
"That's I've I Hospital, Chicago. Winn was single to center. Jerry Fiorello treat t ..511111ally -
one reason why CHICAGO (Al I NEW YORK t 1ADDHIU.M .
4tlwpw 69tw41Mle al. ___ rxiKer than picking the "Rookie" waited so long to release the taken to the hospital I' abrbCd,I ibvb.S Johnny Jorgensen beat out a .....1"SeM. -
Friday .
..l a ..... ... a ttittn/r. IteM Ftm. Demand's lefthander is a schedule. We've tried I RatRSb I' I I 2lRr1.",L.,2b, 4 I 1 I 1Pbllbf.R bunt for a hit and went around to ....,.. -D
every meansat night suffering from cold and : 4 I I' I IIH..rIrII.11! 4 I J 4 5
vast r .ttlb r tha .iiMn t : T*. Note kft-hander U a puzzler. our command to bring the best 4 : : 2 UM.UJt : : : : : ; third on Pee Wee Reese's single TOLEDO Ohio TAP) Middleweight i to hew W r hsWTiIB

5. awdawlse nazi ll/.r m .MM. Attftfotto* at good a guess as any : caliber of football that we couldto i fever.Bewitch j Iw&lrv.3 Trt.lb 4 4. S 2nMuai&rf S tlM'Qnl..I", I 1 I 7 5 Ion a hit-and-run play. Gilhodges Contender Rocky Grazteoe, the Natsmui
... n f. .tL. tlMwti te* Itsinn of Orlando and-here's a Orlando. The schedule is not I""_Y.rf 4 I I 1 S1J.hn'0..3b a I 1 J 1 was called out on strikes and when .of New York won a technical 1 Open: ... H-

stn Ii.- .. tJ Lev.** has torn fast these past few I,I altogether satisfactory but it's j MD.b PM-kPJ.e 4 J"1 t 1 8 51RiinM.ar 4!'RR..S 3s145 4 I J 1 5Ravna.1 I Taylor tapped to Lade Jorgensenwas knockout over Jerry Fiorello of, f.n, UMto ,' "

r: rte S I .. tl..ttaae. .4M get the big over Sanford's ; the best we could do under the !,: Takes I I. .S S tI'Ma.! J 1 I 1 1Catd.e0.1 trapped off third and run Brooklyn In the fifth round o fan iii-pwad k''r
1 1 1 s'R'.a.s I. 5 5 5 I w/hhe the ri-
circumstances." I down. Ed had life when scheduled 10-rounded before
Stanky I
.... .... tMM M1.a.w, flak skew, awarded this '> I Ir..... S 1 1 I a PO <
4- a...*.... .. tt McDowall pointed out that his'! .. Waitkus fumbled his grounder estimated 6.000 fans at Swayne I fending
I U J> M 1H Touts M" r..s. 5aa. el..psora. a :.
Tars Park Totals the bases. Jackie
this would meet two"rough" Arlington loading Robinson Field last night. Graziano weigh
1 rare armor off>ljitd teams a* the best bet to manage i year ., _, ..... ........ r.m -.. I' Jrtwy OMB-
.. I| foes Miami and Richmond __ rhM out (or Shea In elcfcta.rhtr walked forcing in Reese with the ed 159 Ss; Fiorello 1584.
i ... *. He's food wtth young and said the Stetson. Ohio 1 ... 1M Mt *.1I *-. tying run.Waitkus'. Referee Barney Rosa feme. tile cr.. ain t <
Feature EventCHICAGO :*rv vat nn.a' 111-4 It*** whu: -
Wesleyan and fumble of Gene Her-
i Presbyterian games welterweight champion,
I Error: UodeH. BUDS tattd in: WirtwK WVtttm. .
e ep I[have always represented interest- 1\.0_. Hemirk X. HmV Two hoe manski's; grounder with one out stopped the fight at 1:30 of the; rwtly_ to at tJ.( .
__ .
....... a it1.Raai Lau Is ear/.. aI....... 1& will pr.bably I pr-- ing games. He described as "un- CAP ] Calumet!; bit....-I>y. .n Hoo... Tbmr nm- :boa W.il.hitu,:..B.*9tel.....KfniMdT.B b..e: I in the fifth set, up the winningrun. Earn irame. ruling urn we top OT DM ..* a ..+ali,

..wwl. .. tIMIMN LAM ... re11ht1 ..if'f *-became there's sevat known" quantities Otterbein.'Murray Farm's unbeaten two-year-old i j I M<....... fSKiVkn: r.Wwfd W. -. Dm- Dixie Walker singled to left Brooklyn battler would be unable "On a ton* iMMfe (tattwp. -.r,.
...... .. bit pl.- JIa....... Mirharto ...d T.rk X. Left w I and Duke Snider scored Hermanski M UU a., ,j nvlawi
.i4e -31a ttflrail ..* mm fctegpuis in their respective | IKy.J State Teachers andGeorgia's i filly Bewitch yesterday ran her I to continue because of a deep cut
: bass: (]iraaa T: > Tork R Bnrs sells: .
.. sY4r. with
..... I with a single to center. aMe a. art r
Savannah branch. his left .
*- --- I Ij victory string to four straight with 8hea 1. Pus I. CaUrU X. fUnkmuu: Pbn over ere.Braves

t .... tile'. E a...4 !.)Ifa. ftn& ten.1: J.* J*,tk*. OrUndoa i j i In addition to the eight var- !| an eight length win in the $20,000 X..hi Haw.8 lBiim. 4. :Tara PM 1 S. fa rsld 1: HITBM ell L T Hlu in:T papaS I.';I BROOKLYN ail t INCHICAGO 558': al r'N.) a a the sand paver hut\e reads reaMffJi .th..* _iaw
.. .wr.wrf .. fkw4 r. ... sit, games he said he expected: > i I TaldweO. X la 2S. Whining dviwr: Fai. Ifin IIIIM>!T.II> 4. t t IHsrklb I' I 1 I
a : WiA Unowg I.ISI] third bate: ', where an hutr s. g/Ml
added 4 assess.
to announce a Rollins-Auburn Hyde Park stakes feature pHcfc : /- ld IL rmvirM: Pawarella. Borer 5041'5..16 1111 1leba.an.b 4 I 1 J 1 FieldIs /
-1" t fw'utt ...... I .*t1, klMrUtop: G4 rg* Boeraer Oaytona "B" and RmnrL Time X.M. -I',: Rer".kl.1f 4 J S S S IU..aruf. 4. 1 I 1 another IBM
.. squad game In the near i event on the opening Arlington,, Wtlkn.rf 2 5 J I 'rnl1"\t..d" 4 1 J 1 I
.. -----
1. a IAsa1. sift. oast. cw..riIIe fJttJ ttnt'rfkld: IIII { future which will be played I I Pnid.r. .d 4. I S Sesm.s., 45553 i "T