of the two record breakers : Snatnlck. Gilbert.) RUM batted la: Gil- minute neared its end. Melio roll- offer by Anton Hulman Jr., theSpeedway Dviak. Te baae .blta: Mnlal. Diiaak. KunwkL -
Hjampalgn stopped the Red Sox two-hit Job with a 5-0 over Detroit came Dick Metz. and a local pride. 'I ...... Wjroitek. $emnltk) !''ift_. Edwirdi, ed over on his back half out on to out of his Double ..1_. C.,.. Schoendlinel and .-
Yaufh I. ." _. Fartlle. ''I'wa"_ hit.: Gtl- owner, pay alal; Bice and Bcboandlewt. Left en _.. Ptttabarfa -
Hn two blows had no-hitter Wednesday D1iht. Matt Kowal. of Philmont. Pa., the apron of the ring half Inside .. Be to visit
a un- lien Handler. Barrinm: Gtanmddo, Km*. DMbl I own pocket extra money as prizes I. 8k Loala le. a. eel bella: Roe 4. sure
BOsTON (A .1 I IIEW VK (A' with 67s. George Schnelter. Ogden. plan: T.rb.... >.*_ and rVbnltx: Bmr.Rojek and Referee Frankie Fullam didn't Munier 1. rUrtkeonta: Bne 2. Uanier. 1 Htia:
I Bill Goodman led for the ASPAR drivers who qual-
pinch-hitter ebrh. Irh.s and Roblnon: RMM and ......1tAr.. off Roe I la T Inntnit; Bafbr' t la 1 twine WildpItch
ff the sixth with .u.D I I I 11..1I..n. 4 I 1 I 1 Utah., and Bobby Locke. Johnan- I. aim: Philadelphia '. Brooklyn ,. BtrtkeouU: even bother to count as he calledan ify for next Friday's race. : ...,.... Ix lni pltrber: 1.... Iniplraf: ORANGEFISHING
Inning single.
a D. IUlo.tf. S S 1 Ron.ld'.rf 4 1 1 3 IWIlIt.MJjt nesburg. South Africa had 68s Bnnrt S. Leonard S. Binwy 1. Hughes, 1. CIMT immediate halt to the proceedIngs "All ASPAR drivers releasedto Gore. Plmlll and Batllfk. Tine: S.L Atttml-
Batcher Birdie Tebbetts beat out I I I I JK.II".1f! I I I I I and paired at 69 were John Palm L BeMe en bat): B.... 4. Leonard t. Borne I are awe: n.': .
Y.t.1b I I15IDtW4.ef 411)0 1. Hetnuelaua 1. HufhM. 1. Hlu: eft Leonard enter the 500-mile race May
grounder In the eighth to ac- D..n.2b 4 I I I IMQutm.lb, 4 I 11. I er and Vic Ghezzl. T la I 1-' Ionian: Helnuelaua S I. 1-'; Husbw. It was revealed that Bettina 30," Hepburn said."That's FROM COLLEGE TO PRO LODGELOCATED
U.)..,, 4 I I 1 .,B..S1t I. 1 I I Besides these front la 1.'; Schina. t la 1: B..... T In I I.'; Tutor suffered a brain concussion that "
ount for the .1..Iu. I I I 1 lIRobI_.. I I I I runners 1 .. S-*; B....., I .. .. Hit br pitcher: .krBarMf fine was the brief PHILADELPHIA API) The
,ther Boston T..tU. I Ii I bLl..wU 1110111M five golfers clipped one stroke off (Semlnlek). Pined btlli: Bemlnlck. Ed- kept him in a coma for a half comment of Wilbur Shaw. Speedway Philadelphia Eagles of the Na-
t..p I' I I J'H....... I I I I SsO..da. regulation figures for the 6,573- ....... Winning pitcher. : B....,'. Loelnf pltrher: hour after the bout although he ON LAKE
fety Reynolds .. lIlIIRIziuieu 41511 .......4. Vaiptree: Bur. BO.._ end J....... HIM: I president when informed of tional Football League yesterday
'alked four. j I r-u.. 1IlS1R.ym.i1s.p 41111 yard par 71 layout. t:47. Altendanre: :S3.13 pal4.I was able to walk to his dressingroom Hepburn's announcement. announced the signing of two APOPKA BETWEEN
Rookie -----1 ----- The group was E. J. Dutch and gropingly climb Into his former Big Six Conference grid PCOEE AND APOPKA
Harry Totals It. 1SI1TI ToUlt U. lilT J1 I
j -elntted. (or Hort>h In .ik. Harrison: Jack Grout. Harrisburg. clothing. Lesnevich also disclosed stars-fullback Ray Ary and
nab Injured Fighter
kept even I I b-hit law t doable. pl.7 for Kablneoa .. 6th.B.t. Pa.; Jimmy Demaret; U. S. Open that he injured his right wrist tackle Homer Simmons both Here In a bcsutlful setting of palms
'ith ..
kntll the Reynolds fifth New Tor -._- .. _--_-_- -__-__--__-_-_-. 546- .n S0I IU-t Ill-I Champion Lloyd Mangrum, and Seeks when he floored Mello the third : USLIA Selects Oklahoma City University alumni. fisherman'a ls a Lodge heart.that WlU No excite every has

I Errar: : T........ Kano batted ,.: Henrtra S. Ellsworth Vines.Parshooters Damages time. Examination disclosed it to been spared to provld expeni the newest
ling when the: I Keller: S. R_ Hook 1 Tea bill hlu: Keller.
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Ilk 1. Brraoldi .. ?.... L Bill: off DorUb' Tla I Orlando. Florida; Ed Furgol. Pontiac Crowd cooling. Can't overheat.
licked up anothr I 1..1....: r...... I la S. Hit kr pitcher: br Mich.; Ed [Porky Oliver: says that Injuries received in the PLAY today-PAY tomorrowWYCKOFF'S 0 EXCELLENT FISHING
run in the I, PeraeU itt....,. Wild pltrh: PimelL ...1... ring last February at Rochester
lath and four pltrberOorleh.. Tainlree: Mrflowaa. UcKlnler.Urlera Joe Klrkwood Jim Turnesa.- and !i ended his fighting career has filed I NEW YORK rAP Four West C NEW BOATS AND MOTORS
and 1TI : t:M. Attondtar: S1.4M. Jim Ferrier.
ore in the .,J notice of Intent to sue the. State Coast tennis start National Champion "Where Merchandise Moves" 0 EXPERIENCED GUIDES
lighth at the '- I for damages. See I Jack Kramer. Tom Brown. 2524 5. Kohl Are. Ph. 2-2S21
expense j Kent Peterson. Cincinnati COLLEGE BASIBALLaaortla. Browns Win
I .
of Relief Reynolds I Tech I. Vandarailt 1.Clamaon The notice received by the Court i Jr., Margaret Osborne and Louise NEW ,TACKLE
southpaw. rang up eight no-hit 17. South Carolina J. I'Brough, have been chosen by the
Ucher Mel Parnell. The of Claims Mazzanoble will
victory ters while hurling; for an Army ottan Collava 5, motion U. *. says ''u. 0 NEW ULTRA-MODERN
las the Yanks' second straight via I Mains 2, Bate 0. charge negligence on the part of CLEVELAND API S. Lawn Tennis Association as TERMITE CONTROL COTTAGES
team In the Philippines but his Detroit 11. Michigan) Normal. (. the State Athletic Commission. I ) The St. its official representatives In the I
he whitewash route. recruit 'greatest thrill was striking out Colgate S. P.n" Stats 4.li I Louis Browns came up with two WITH
All England Championships ALL-ELECTRIC
.. because one of its "duly licensed"referees
rank Shea perceding Reynolds'WANTED > pary Hock Teh. .> Allaghany .. in the i
Ted Williams on three pitches runs 12th Inning to defeat '
I Latayatta 1. Lahigh) 1. "neglected to end the bout j:I Wimbledon June 23-July 5. KITCHENS
this Spring. Georgetown S. St. Josephs I. when the claimant was In unfit I. the Cleveland Indians 5 to 3 last I I I Kramer and Brown won the :
I Yale 3-1. Cornell)) 12. night before ''i NEW RESTAURANT
Connecticut S. Wetloyan 1. condition to continue x x x." 61,227 largest major men's doubles at Wimbledon last
( SPECIALTY SALESMANMUST I' The Shop Well Groomed Men St. Lawrence 4. e......... I. Mazzanoble suffered a concus- league baseball crowd of the season ,l i Summer. Misses Osborne and II 0 NEW PACKAGE STORE
Walker Chemical
radley U. 11. Iowa U. T.MauachuMtta &
HAVE CAR Prefer 12. kVorcheeter Tech t. sion Feb; 17 in a bout with Ed I I Brough won the women's doubles ; NEW
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I I EOLA Oklahoma. 4. Miuouri 1. physicians have told him he will Ber-dlaelb 4 I I I 'lr.u.'IrlIrf. I I 3 I I1.a1n.r.ef States. Brown and Miss Brough Bonded-Free Inspections: H CAMP GROUNDS
From 8 to 830: AM & 430: to 5:30: 'M BARBER SHOP S11ISIPe.t.y.It' $5555Hooth.
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M.n.Mla.r Poly >. Union 0. Inefficiency and inexperience .e IiMralll I : 1 : .. I : : ; ; I!'pect to compete at Wimbledon in- 3210 Clay St. Orlando. Flo. I Its kind tn the U. S. Mop by and
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.. Orlando Cops Opener; Saints Take Nightcap

--- .
HEtl I -- -- -
I SorurdoyMay24.947 1 (Drlanfo fit rn ttg Stutlutl! Page 7 i IBurns'

of the commer ial fishing legislation recently Zedalis Hurls ._ :

Tossed by the Legislature-taking the penalties! off seining Release

opbrations in Lake Okeechobee and the St. Johns Riveris -

still in doubt. There is plenty of reason to believe that

the State Legislature did not have the authority to take 4-3 Triumph Valdes

these penalties off-some very smart lawyers are of the opinion that Delayed

the Legislature! was just wasting time their own time everybody's : p ,

time in passing this legislation! :

Since the Commission of Game and Fresh Water Fish operates I Payne Beaten ClubThe
under authority of a Constitutional amendment-which Is superior to I '

aU ordinary legislation-It Just may possibly be that the Supreme '

Court would hold this "legislation" to be of no effect. Just as It was The Orlando Senators halveda reporting of Bud Burns

held that the legislative act of '45. calling Okeechobee "salt water" was doubleheader with the Saint star first baseman last year to
Ineffective. Augustine Saints here at Tinker the Orlando
Senators has been indefinitely
It does'look like the fresh water fishing! situation In any case Field last night. winning the first delayed by the Charlotte

would find Itself In the courts, for months to come. game 4.3 and dropping the sec Hornets. Bus. Mgr. John oanzel
ond. 61. to maintain their half- announced
game advantage over the Saints I I
The ruling of the Supreme Court of Florida was that the fish and retain possession of second b4 Ganzel said he had been advisedby

commission, operating under a Constitutional amendment has full authority place 'in Florida State League Mgr Spencer Abbott of Washington's

over all fresh water fish "Where Ever Found." The amend- standings. Class B Tri-State League
I Club that Burns would continue
dent also give the commission the power to set penalties for viola- .\. The Senators came from behind \C CI CI playing first base for Charlotte

Uons. to score two runs in the final _ 4s54s.iur
until a suitable replacement had
Sportsmen should not lose heart. The Supreme Court has come inning of the seven-inning opener been obtained.

to their rescue several times already. Doubtless the picture Is not as to hang up their 4-3 win In I
one of the best games played here Abbott at the same time advised -
black as it has been painted In some quarters. Ganzel
this season. ; that Catcher Roc
There Is excellent reason for believing that the Legislators Valdes. who had been ordered

overstepped their authority In trying to make nnl and void a Con- The Saints came back to peck assigned to Orlando by Pre*.

stitutional amendment of the State of Florida! The selfish commercial away at Jim Payne's knncklers Clark Griffith of the parent

fishing Interests have not yet seen the last card played In for an even dozen safeties In fl1 Washington Nationals, had refused -

this game of trying to help themselves to the fish which really belong -the second game which meshed : r4:? k to report here to the Senators -
t defensive -
with loose early-Inning ____
and had jumped the Char-
to the people of Florida. The commission. and the sportsmen support well enough to
still hold card-the Constitutional Amendment. lotte club.Ganzel .
a trump net the Saints a 6-1 win.
I had announced acquisition
"Adventuress." which *! The Saints and the Senators of Burns and Valdes
Capt. Bob Halnes of the the boat so many battleat upon receipt -
continue their second place
Orlando anglers have used while Gulf Stream fishing-well, Capt. where of a telegram from Griffith
( Saint Augustine
Bob keeps bringing. in the big Marlin swordfish. His parties catch a either Lefty Tommy Hyde or Joe Thursday advising that orders for
assignment of the two players hadbeen
MarlIn almost every trip! New to let Capt. Bob tell about fishing Jones is expected to hurl for Or- Issued to Charlotte.

prospects for the near future ,ln Gulf Stream waters: : lando and Jim Ketcher. the big

A -Folks don't realize, evidently that the best fishing of the year Indian righthander slated to "I am certain we will get Bums
I in time, but the circumstances
'Whes In May June and July" Capt. Bob began. "For some strange j I pitch for Saint Augustine. which prevented his reporting yesterday

'reason people seem to think you've got to catch sailfish. for instance I i Jerry Manning delivered the as expected was a disappointing

in the Winter time. Nothing couid be farther from the truth. The telling blow in Orlando's seventh I blow to me." he ex

sailfishing right now is better than it was last Winter and I honestly : inning rally that meant the ball plalned.

believe we have the finest sailfishing of the year during the Sum- game when he singled Craig Ly- I ii 4 "Abbott assured me that Burns
brand home from third with the ; would come on down just as soon

mer"Marlin months.swordfish. of course, are most plentiful In the early Summer winning run. I, ." __ '.' .' n-.... .....v......_,woo. .....M.-<,...:.:._ ..... >"'n=- ...,>, _...".;o:;......"" }. ';a:. as .he could find a suitable first

-no one disputes that. What folks don't realize however Is that Rex Throop had Just bounced a I:I THE ROLLINS COLLEGE TENNIS SQUAD, which concludes I I Herman Peterson, Winter Pork, coaching aide. Front row, left j baseman for Charlotte" he continued -

the Marlin will continue off Florida's East Coast!' through June and single son's shoulder over Shortstop to score Don Ty Ander-Braziel i their J 1947 schedule on the college courts at 2 p.m. today by to right, Gus Peeples Palm Beach; Billy Windham, Orlando. he, "but had signed that the originally first baseman as a

Into July. Ira true these fish migrate up to Maryland waters. but | with the tying run when Man- playing the Stetson Hatters, is shown here. From left to right, Norman Copeland, Daytona Beach, and Enrique Buse, Lima, I replacement for Burns had failed

we have plenty of them off Florida well into the Summer. Another ning clinched the game. Peru. Buse, former singles champion of Peru, is undefeated in : to measure up to expectations and

thing-a Marlin is to my way of thinking the grandest prize of them Jack Wilkes' error on a rollerto back row, is Coach Eddie Copeland of Daytona Beach; Jim the squad's nine intercollegiate matches to date, and the squad had already been released."It .

all. A tarpon is a wonderful fish. so Is the sallfish-but the Marlinis third by Ty Braziel opened the Robinson, Syracuse, N. Y.; Eddie Burke, Rego Park, L l.and; I I itself has won seven of nine matches. I is. probable that Valdes will

superior to either or both! two-run seventh. After Abreu had -- never report. Abbott said the Cuban

Capt. Halnes had some smoked marlln swordfish on board. > fanned and Hyde, pinch-hitting I catcher. after jumping the
another point viz. that smoked j for Pitcher Stan Zedalis had popped I I II I Charlotte club, had presumably
during these discussions, to prove -
I uP. Lybrand walked to put Blasts Lights FailAs July Fourth returned to his home In Cuba" he
Marlin Is even better than smoked iwordfish. Yet sailfish. smoked. Daytona [
the two scores on base. added saying he would continueto
Is of the world's greatest delicacies. So If this column takes
one I outfield
Poor visibility in the press for the assignment of
Capt. Halnes' advice we'll troll some for Marlin. during the next few accounted for the first two runs G-Men Lead Regatta. Plans.Announced Burns and an experienced receiver.

days! Orlando's Bill Jayne by the way knows where to locate CaptHalnes. scored by both teams. Lou Bevil I I FLORIDA STATS LEAGUE 'I
I Sanford 11-2 ,... W L Pet. GliTaa I W L Pet. Pit.
dropped a two-run double Into DeLand 12-0 eLand ts 14 C. _. Hantord, J. It.111' I. I FSL Roster I II
centerfield in the first inning for I Orlaaaa U l II .SM I jOalnaaT'la It It,5a 4'' Changes
would Ot. Aut.1 I* 7t 1% Palalka. 14 II ,J7* tLMatxirf
the Senators ordinarily [Soeelcl Orlando Morning Sentinel
Rollins Crew I Denmark Whips have been caught. And Pitcher [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel] [Spec iol! to Orlondo Morning Sentinel) 2* JT .Ml Maaultt* |II"Vaatartfay" a B. It r ITS 11 [Spe iol to Orlando Morning Sentinel] I OCALA-to Florid* State L.liut h &dqu$r-

GAINESVILLE Gainesville I ORLANDO. 8U Aatnalln 1.(. I ten hrre last nlcht announced the follow.
I Rocky Rotunno dropped a two- DAYTONA BEACH Led by was MOUNT DORA-The annual
I D.'...... NestS 11. Sanford LPaiaiki ins purer roller ehaniti reported: durincthe
Bumby; JayCees ; run single into center In the second second baseman Hal Shiles who out front. 120. on DeLand here al Ixntwrf. ,pd.. sit trnunibI Fourth of July Regatta of the i day
j jr that Throop lost in the over- I tt n.I..tlle-JI.IIII fallrd la ItS li>. DELANO-: mined Umtttd Mrvle OtraldOnrdntr
Enters Dad pounded a towering three-run last night when the local park's all,. sIll.. aln.a r cast to knot; the count. I !I the dlubled list
O'Brien from that point at lataf dill.
Topple ] Frank Krlstle singled Rotunno homer to right center the Day- I lighting system failed at the startof ,....,'. fla.M Clubs will be held at Forrestwood PALATKA: Shoed limited ser-vtc. OeorttOlfft

Vail Regatta The Denmark Sporting Goods home after two were away in fifth I I tons Beach Islanders overpowered the seventh inning and League I ORLANDO I..Mbutf at at Palaika.f ".. AufualliM.. i. Sportsman's Lodge at Welaka. 'I pitcher en Euiene:a flT-d DoerfUncer'7 triaL signed and placed rookla

nine last night banged out a 12 I for the Saints third ,run. the Sanford Celery Peds 112. for j I i Pres. Al Combs who witnessedthe >ariimi. IWarh it Hanfard.OilmirUI as they go after their 15th and 16th LUt.rookie Idmund Xmertou on tae disabled

[Special! to Orlando Morning Sentinel hit. 13-5 victory over the Bumby I sibel..n&NATIONAL. I. '
Zedalis scattered eight hits their second straight victory here game tentatively ruled the announced yesterday. II
Rollins College'seightoared softballers in the first
striking out three and walkingtwo at City Island Park last night. incomplete game "no contest" and W I. Pit. 6B Turn W L Pit SINew I Swift said the pleasure expressed Concrete Brick or Block
varsity which of twinbill of Class A soft-
crew game a while Rotunno turned in a ordered it continued at a later TorIf II .J.l... |PlttitHirb II II .SM 1% by outboard racing enthusiasts
arrived yesterday by plane from ball at Exposition Park. In the Herman Meadows, Islet right Chlraia IT It .SX4' Pbilspsia U IT .SItS I1.Hraukly I' FROM
five-hitter whiffing five and :: : after the May 14 regatta staged at
K 11.:.1I 1 ICInriuall 11 I* .41t S
Orlando will compete with four the edged out date.The :
,, nightcap JayCees walking four. hander who relieved Ralph Finch decision by Combs ruling Koala II ll .S3J1% KU 1-auH lilt.3I"1i Welaka on the St. Johns River influenced Foundation to Chimney Top
Eastern Colleges here today in the team 4-3 In
the O'Brien Pharmacy 'in the third received credit the ,Rawlti Yntar.ayw the federation in award-
I inning incomplete and
I game ordering ALLARDICE CO. INC
annual Dad Vail Regatta. : over-innings contest. JayCee In the second game the Saints TMk f. KaalM I.
an for the win. He allowed six lit played out the next time De- Braalilji t. rhllidalphli I (nIght. ). ing the event this year.
.1 Coach U. T. Bradley. veteran I i Third Baseman McKinney blasted went ahead 2-0 in the first on hits and ".. Ixwli J, ritliDtirfk I Ulibil.ClnclnnaU I Masonry Contractor aid Builders
single in the Land
six Gainesville
a run enabledthe
Zfo crew coach. and his nine I a home run in the ninth' inning two infield hits. an error a walk U 1111'... pod. rala.Tadiy'l Swift also said that ForrestG. Est. 1919! TeL X-1593
two thirds frames
he worked. Red Hats to maintain their fiaaiaaPrababla
crewmen went through a final with on base or out to and an error added a third marker Wood owner of Forrestwood
no one
pUrSe and list raeordl Uparanlbaiifi
: (waa
The I's made 10 of their first in
place position the
workout yesterday on the Charles break the tie and win the ball in the third two more in the runs I I leagueby ); Sportsm n', Lodge was planning -
and 13 hits off lefthander John a one-game margin. >r> Turk at BoaIC.II..C-KllllIIdJ. ) (I'Dn ) I of
River regatta course in preparation game. ,eighth and one in the ninth. Tomat before he was relieved by Hpaha I*'11. an all-day program RECORDSCLASSICALHILLBILLY
for the meet. The Class B Newman's Insur- Payne although he was nicked George Green in the seventh. The game as far as it went rtttladflphla ., Brooklyn-Ka i ((-*) n. Grtu events in connection with the

In addition to Rollins, crews ance nine will meet the O'Brien's for 12 singles pitched creditableball I'' sANFORD DAYTONA was one of the wierdcst ever 41-11.ClnrlonaU it Cblraio-Blarkotll (5-2)) ... WJMJ holiday regatta, Including an
from Boston University. Dart- Pharmacy team of the Class A for the Senators. $5 p ps' .5 rh psI played here. Start of the contest ( --). old-fashionrd open pit barbecue POPULAR
League in a double header practice Dick Hallman pitched eight- Bryant. t S 1 I 1''Oralll.1II I I 1 I f was delayed 45 minutes by rituHurih. it 81 Ixwil-(BlihO-Oitarnuallar and a fireworks program.
mouth. American International MMaun.b4Il3SZaod..11 42251 ... .
((1-1) l>lrk w (I-SI) ar Brail n.ll.
College, and Marietta will compete session tomorrow night at 7:45: at hit ball for the Saints with Brlda.rf 531INn.rner.lf $2225 rain. and Mgr. Bill Steinecke I The racing program is expectedto COOPER'S MUSIC STORE
LanialAn.rf t I 1 I Wwt.t 1 I I S I
admission will Braziel stroking triple. and. of DeLand AMERICAN LEACUET
here this afternoon. : Exposition Park. No a Lake If IIIIIT.trnult.s 11511 lodged a protest overplaying W L Pat. 6B Taaia W L Pit.Dalmlt attract many of the South- BO W. Church St. FL 4652
I be chanted.UMBY. two singles in as many official $thsr's.lb 4 I 1 S I,"IIM.III 4 I I 1 2 the game after the I 1531.521 |N*> Tart I4t. :<4 east's best racing drivers and will
The Dad Vail Regatta for colleges | DENMARKCaldotll trips to pace the assault.Orlando.s 1..1. 4 5 1 S 1 ,rillpikl S 1 J I 3RkAstusuS lengthy delay. I Rust,,. ? It 1H Phlla:phla IS I IS.M* I1.On.land .
was first staged in 1939. honoring I Sb r .. alI SI Iwilisi .. 1 I I 2 Rodnern 4. I S I 4 : II ::::IV..Waak |ta. III IS..4071Chlraja include several pilots from the
the late Dad Vail former ..... 4 1 1 !;Har.tlt.rf I 1 1 I IA. lone run came In the T.I" I" S I I'rinford.rf S I 1 I I The wet condition of the field K U .!IM I'S Hi. lM\t\ 11 It.26? Itt i Orlanda ar a. Events are plannedfor
II ......... t' I 1 I.)t'CaUai.Sb t I I I I third. when Justice beat out an .Zuba 1 1 .'Flnrk.p 11153 Raavlt TMtaMiyXfW
Wisconsin crew coach. It is row- B.-.I' 4S141HkkLb: $3255 Infield hit with two and G,...., l' I S IM., .......> 4 ....I.. I J1 made it necessary to burn gasoline T..fk t. Boo... t.Imrolt every type outboard racing ROSECLEANERS"
S S I I 1 li.hma..1b t I I I S away -----1 -- -- boat.
s.tts.t f. rhlrata 1
ed over the Henley distance of one on the infield area before it was
Ib1fnrd.p.tb S I Barkar.pt 2 1 scored on Catcher Ernie Mot- Totals IS 211.11-1? T....,. III 11 HIT II I PhIladelphia 5. WwhlnUm. 1 nIght).
and five-sixteenths miles. I : : : litUdaoauf I : : 1 : 1u teler's single. tlnftat. Inr Zubi la Ilk ruled playable, and Lee Turney. $L Loan S. Clnrland 1 III irmlnii. sight)
Bradley's Tar boat for the meet I \\ .Lp.b I 5 5 !John.Mc( 4 1 1 1 5rrprn..IrSSSeSH.'y. naafnrd ].. .*i me- 1paTtona I bus driver for the G-Men. was Ta<.,'. Caiaat COLLEGE TENNIS
.. 3 S 152 MMT CAME) _. ____ lie m tli-11Emra .WiKontin S Chicago 4.
I Prababla pltclxn. sea and tat rtrardi Upamiihaan *
Includes Western Emery coxswain M.r...." I 1 1 1 lIBI.n.1t$ I' 1 S I IT. AUGUSTINE I ORLANDO : MrGraik. fnnford. Brrant. Lan.._ : trapped in the flames and hospi- ): ( I Col.*.te 7. Syracuse. 2.
1 S S N I sIrS. slrhpusZuiIi.2b Rum kitted IB- *hll. 4. Plllp kt *. Lui.ts.I. '. i Cer9ia 5, Emory U. 2.Tr.nton .
; Dick Yard. captain and AftrssLIf > talized with severe burns. I hlraf at 0.1..11-6" (S I) 'L Trout (4-!) .
I I II SI 2-bru.J... MontcUir Tchr 1.
I I I I 4 ... llrGmk.! 11M...... Tw. ku* bin: Brrint Tchp 5
stroke; George Franklin No. 7; ToUliBuabr t$ i"llj"5\| 'atali ISlllitl f Andtrt'a 4 I 1 I 1 Thraop.rf I 1 I t i 2. Milnrmn.. ThrM ku. hit: JIne._. Ban. nw: I IIIbll. Combs ruled after conferringwith J-SI.Bwiaa it Mo Tn.k-Fsnmltu tl-S> n. Chundir.WuhlII.s Oklahoma 4. Oklahoma A. anti! M. 2.
Krtitta.Ik 1 I 1 4 1 Mannlat.Sb 3 I I 1 1 .. ,.... ( Virginia; ; (. Maryland 1.iitint. DELIVERY SSBVIce
Henry Moody. No. 8: Peter Schol- __ __ ___ __ SIIS31S-I Hloleo : Khllrt. FJllr>>tl. frinford. Umpires Cooper and Lavely. it _>hUadalphli-Nawioa (1-1) n.Clrn _
Danaurk ______ %M HI -u \\llkaa.lkItllwall.i I" I 1 1 Barll.ll I I I IIi Zander. B.,.... Vnubi plays: MrCritk ,. KhllnM .
I II-!>
ley. No. 5; Palmer Tuthlll No. 4 1 1 I that the would be played I
; );"...: Araold. B.-.. Batti. CildwalUlard. Lan.- I "G.rr'-.It I' 1 I I Zander; Bodnrr I. Mhlln I* Zindtr. IA'ft.. game (only ana* Khadulrdl.INTERNATIONAL.
Mel! Graham, No. 3; Sam MtCuU.... Vlahmaa Barker. Blanlo. KuM Karp.kl.ir I I 1 I 1'JuttlcaJb' I" S 11Ju.n.s.d ..._: P.nfnrd le. DlYt..... T. Bio Mi k.lU: fit I I from a point in the seventh Inning (
No. and Calvin Burch-I|kaUad I.: Bra... Marrlaa B...... Haary. "...- ISI11Su.lu1rf 31135 rinrk I. M....... .. Tomt 1. (Or... mmrk .M: with LEAGUE :
ers. 2. !ala. Hfrk,. II..... T.. kaa bill. Smas.Ann.id. Moaaba.rf 31121Abr...tHuihM 31132 hr )1.._. 4. Tomat I. Hlu: ul ff StarS .. the count two and two ,... W L Pet I Taaia W L Pet = ''faiMVESMERCHOLSE
The Tar oarsmen will return to ilkkt. '.1....... In_ baa kit Cald- ...If.I I 5 S I IZ.4.lI..p I" S 1 1 111 tnnlnii I. 1 ran: Tonal. la I lInIngs 11. 1*. on Emerson first Red Hat batter. j ..., City II 11 .JIRnrhMtac| ISIS .50 : KILL HIS
the campus by plane tomorrow. .ilt atulM baaa: WIW.... Hiroill. Harrlflca: BoIun. .' 3 1 1 I tiHjda 1 I I t I'auad bull.: Klrkcuw 1. *tualni purSer Mnd- Mgr. Myril Hoag of the G-Men Muntml 1IH .10411 B.llh...... II I' ...rfrricuaa
Hanir. Lift aa kaM: Bu-br 4. r-...... It.I 2i it ii iiHde awL LMtni. plttlMr; TIMUL faplret: CliMrk I lilt .34'\|Buffalo II U .45 T I
.. .. ToUli XT < $ lTI Tot.ll' 4 S ._ had tossed three-hit ball at De- *
I B. balls: err Birker 1. Uinraferd t Wil- .. and JHfU. 2' : t:IS. twark IS 13 .i>eToroni| 11 II ..IIIII..ull. FLEflSTorment r
li... 1. struck nut: .b, Barkar T. WUIIaaw L. .. poppad._up for ZKlalla Tib.. I Land while his charges were lambasting 1 YssiSriapMontrasi
SEC CommitteeTo -t wit winning run tewed.U '
tunIng IUKwt: Barfcar. Laaln pltebar: Lu.- ___ ____ I 13. Buffalo I.RorlKMar Dust : '
Local Softball .
111 1-1 Dick Bob
AilItuUM 525 Squad Farkas. Hare 42.016 :44
lard laplraa: UmllN and Lartna. I _.. April Average I ,
: T IKrraeuaa
Orlando _._ ___ _._.....__. lot M* 2-4Ernr
Amtorm... hittad la 1\nll Hal'vraa and Red Gardner for their 12 4, Newark I 111 Ijinissal.Baliimsr. will kill the fleas
: : 2.
Meet Today i O'lKltNuadar r hp.aj! JAVCEESk ii r b. pa 1. '.....111. B ultl. ) .... ... Tw ..... kit: I i Meets DeLand SundayThe I runs over six innings of play. I' II. Jrnry Ctty a. J'-L4'J
..... BrtL Rtoln .....: Throop. Bitririr Minnlnf.Ufl I Ik' \\v&tf JZr'
KNOXVILLE API A special Ik I 1 S S .I\\'I.. .- 3 S S I 2G.uld.u Orlando Sales and ServiceCo. I I FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE on your dog
kawv: M. Auriutlm S. Orl.ncta ( Butaa SHOW CASESNew
I' I V lV>iliao.cf 4 5 S I Slasa&It 'I
Southeastern Conference Committee ) ISS3s.t.td.f| seui :.: an Salsils J. Kixunn' 4. SIns[ S *ut: softball team will play Olsen i, Fletcher Motors Meets Turn W L PctTu| W L Pet 30 seconds-if it fails it
.... ..
., Ha 14 6 .5551W.| Brh. :10 U ,4tS ,
W Cadalla 1. Kotvnm i. Hit nr pitcher: hKammw
will here to selectan I Brui I' I 1 lJahiMa.lkS 4 211 1lIkkIn..rt : Marine Co. of Deland here at Exposition I 6 ft. Light Wood I
meet today .. Taaip IU ,7t.tUkrlind| 13 Dt .141Miami
In""" I. tmplm. : Moblrj ud WtaIIM. .
I' ,
S 4 I I S S There the
'ILawt e Waverly Tonight Harmless
acting commissioner to replace BaIr..of.3' 4 I 1 I llBnmnliif(, I 1 I 1 I : TIM of jams: 13I.SECOND Park at 2:30: p.m. tomorrow Befc. 141 .SVlini. r* nban 14 M .121 I at $98.00 each is to
Uady.,f 4 1 I .''M.IU..11I I 2 J 2 2rsub..11.Ib in a softball exhibition game. j I II With Ollie Barker scheduled to Miami 1121 .475!Y.ntn.dy IX L'drrdil IIII .135Raaaltl i Mlg. by Hockberg Broi. fSwtrU, dog.
I 4 1 1 S alN; -um.U I S S 3 I I
IT. AUGUSTINE ORLANDO Orlando Sales and Service Co. hurl the Fletcher Motors of Orlando Ta.pi t. Ml I.
Simla 1 J I
7.1s I 1 1 S lIt Slade-Booth Show Case Co.
INDUSTRIAL ._ ..! 115n.n..P I us rill" .5 r SpusJud32b is sponsoring the Orlando Post Office softball team an all-star I Miami Bark i. Palanburt. LLakrland I 1 lb. box $1.00
I TaUlt U I r 32441& \! ToUU !T 412713 I t tit 3 Lbrsnd.. I' I I 5 I I I t. Watt Palm Bmrk L 11C Reed Alley Phono 24271
: O Brlea __ _____ *M all i -aJuVaaa And'rucs.ss51124T5.prf" 45515KrinU nine. a Class B League entry, aggregation meet the Waverly I Hatana. 11. IX Lavdardala 4. I 1/4 Ib. box 30c
: __ ____-'. a** 525 HI-4I '.1b 3 I 1 1 .I..ln..lb, 4 I 5 5 I11..3. in exhibition contests. Packers' at 8 p.m. today in Waverly.
ENGINEREPAIR I I Lmn: Buodv. c....... Johnawt. ...._... BrmnIRI \\" .. I I 3 I I "lUll S I'I If 1i ;, SOUTH ATLANTIC LEAGUE :'LOWU 1# It'. B.uIt Sold by Feed, Seed and
Suns ballad U: Himday. Gould. Horn nuE1kkI. i Rll1wlI.' I' I I 1.0.1'. I. 5 5 5 i Tun WL PetlTaa.) WI. PelColumbui COST 0 Thn* W.
-,. Hacrtftm Wlmlow.. 11..11.... Lrtt Karpihl.It I 1 I I J..IIra.:1I, 1 1 1 J I 14 IS .IIVMarM IIM ..4SIAucuatft Hardware Stores.
; !I! buss: UBlIM 12. JwCta .. Ba.. aa kalla. art _bee.of 1 1 I I Brul.1.., 5 5 3 1 SIEhn..r II IT .aukasrtn.'s.| IIII .4lJirkmarUl LOANS rica;::
I BHrw :. Jtruco J. Struck out; by Bam 4. ) ( I' I 2 11)lou.l.r.. I' 1 1 IHaIIs Peace Reigns Once Again Over MIT .MllGmnrllto) IT M 4.T4 PatentedWILLIAMS'
SERVICE I JII_ 2.Mike. I ... AII11PSvn..p 35151 P a..gna S 1011 .IU,;<'elumhu 15 M .J JRtmiti
I S 1 I I TMtcrdiyCrwarlU
I I l .. I. tliirmtim 1. i Inttallment Loan _ _ CHEMICAL CO.
Yralnoo Mochanlca TMilt S* tl.7 111 ToUll 14 1.;iiI Turbulent JirkaoarllUi I. MIMB LAttiuMa
Factory I Yankee Ball Doot. 4th Floor MANUFACTURERS
Conner. who has been granted t- lnt!>4 far FayM la fth.U FamilyNEW X. ColuiiMi" I.
o.....-. Continental Parts I a leave of absence because of I Avmstiao .___ ___. III Ill IU-t Kitinnik I. Columbui t. 208 South Parramore St.
Urltndo too !.' m- FIRST NATIONAL BANK
----- -- 1Erron ORLANDO
I Illness. : B.il. Juatlt. Lrbraad. And.-... Russ YORK [UP] A threatened revolt by New York AMERICAN AI80CIATIONRaaulti MtBbor TtOenl DaoMlt laaaranaa Carvantleo
Dean N. W. Dougherty chairman k..... ta: WIlIr... Kar.ln.kl 1. $tIIl..It" MoteInHullass. ; VMtardayIndlinipolii
Yankee players appeared to have been averted last night.A I
Jttdr. Tkraa ka kitBraalaL Blolao 1 Tolada J-L
of the University of Tennessee
I bama.tll: ..ll. KarplnakL Sarrlflrat Hn kw. Doaklo of the ('ItIu._ 3. ""' 1.11. T.Ullvaukr I
Athletic Council and memberof 'r plug Lrkrand. Joatlro and BasiL Lift ao secret meeting players with Mgr. Bucky S. MlnrxapoJIl S first ,._).

the committee, said the committee .Susie: HU Auftutlnc I. Orlaadt 11, J\tH.. balls: Harris and a change of heart. on the part of Pres. Larry HU full T. K..... flljr S.
ft Para 1 Ballaiaa 5. ""wll.t: It, Pajna SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION
had received "a few recommendations. 1. Ballaiao ,. iMpLnt: )lobi.1B11..... l cleared the before yesterday's I Rawlti VaatardiyAtlanta
!: atmosphere
." but declined to disclose TIM at ....: l.ii. !. '. Mnhlla 1.Nrw .
t ata IMS next**-SM.CMUJKM j against .Boston. Orlaani I. Rlrvlnibaa L
-- their identity.ATTENTION I While Harris and the players I rhatuimoia ,. Utlla Bark S tint fiaiat.ilemphli NOW \i.
: Suit Brought Against refused to comment on what known that a movement was started I I. ,...11,11I. ]. \

the Yankee players before
Gulfstream Park Prexy I went on In the pre. ame meet
the night game against Detroit Cynthia Bryant Wins I !
the later issued
GROVE OWNERS ing manager a !
MIAMI rAP Suit againstthe Wednesday to go on a gen 'f11k1.4

Oulfstream Park Racing Association statement denying that signed the by club 28 had players attempted eral strike because of fines Mac- I In Mixed Doubles Play IS THE

JUST RECEIVED and James Dorm, track' Phail Imposed on six players for [SPt'lol to Orlando Morning Sentinel)
to force them to fly on ,
president was filed in Dade their forthcoming Western trip. allegedly refusing to participate in PALM BEACH-Cynthia Anne L !) '
County Circuit Court
Carload: 1 Ft. John Deere Off-Set Grove Harrows by Harold A. Clark seeking yesterday to MacPhail earlier had denied Issuing the club's promotional activities. Bryant daughter of Allen L. c

Outfielder Joe DiMaggio. who Bryant 1615 Rid ewood Ave.. Orlando TIMETO
an ultimatum that players
S John Deere Tree Dusters with Platform Trailers force delivery of 1,200 shares of
the track's common stock to who did not take the club's special was fined SI00 for refusing to was one of the winners of

Clark. plane would have to pay their pose for Army Signal Corps mixed doubles intramural doubles i JlJ<

ORLANDO FARM EQUIPMENT STORE Clark resident of Miami Beach own train fare. He also denied photographers and Outfielder tennis championship at the Gra- Z-1f

and Chalmette. La.. alleged in the that he had deducted from their 'Charley Keller who was assessed I ham-Eckes School here and received J f.f 5j

701 West Robinson suit that he paid $30.000 for the pay checks the train fare of the $50 for the same thing, were a cup presented by JamesA. tI

Ave. I stock In 1944 but that "Dorm has players and coaches who took the said to have talked the players : Pressley. former president of

Orlando. Florida: I r refused to deliver the stock and' train on the Yankees first West- out of the strike idea. 'the Professional Lawn Tennis j :

rI continues voting it although it era trip this season. .1 I Despite MacPhail's denial on his Assn.
.I belongs to the plaintiff." At the same time it became ultimatum reports etill persisted i
---- --
that he told the players Tuesday !

OVE WHOSE I THOUGHT IT IP RlT THSZE; O.R VU pPtr USE INE? that If they did not fly they would I MhH

50CCE5TVON WON CUT. QjTQkWI.EAD.'fllNl ) I 03FY. dAgE. Ai'M&V sc&mt&r have to pay their own train fare. t



a ItSTISSSaJL5Sua(5g5 (
and Radio I

: Service--Competent Personnel The Trailer t we have been waiting AT

to serve you! for and tbe Trailer you baYs been

Work Guaranteed looking Built for right, priced right<< I

Better than anything we have seen THOMAS LUMBER CO.

PHONE 5136 since n the it.war -use

U alit.ft. -42.395 t2.CU I GORE AVE. & RAILROAD PHONE 4107
I Stop in and look this Trailer over. i Gore Ave. at Railroad Phone 4107,

Nerge and Phil co Dealer YOUNGS' TRAILER SALES rorutrudlon.Outcome .
We will help you on financing either repairs or new
Vopo Tkeater Block-Colonlaltowa Orange Bloiwrn Iran at Amelia I


r.'r .. -



page 8 (grlanftfl fronting frrnttnrl Saturday, May 24, 1947 Citrus ReportCARLOT

-- i Cattle Sales Hit $72,244 ; SHIPMENTS REPORTED FOR

Eggs and Poultry THE U. S. FOR THURSDAY

Daily Citrus Auctions Commodity Fla.l CaMArxJ La. |T1s10ndtaicars (
Profit Cashing JACKSONVILLE AP) Florida aearbffreih cant! car car toUIor.D.
...* __/ 230| 221 i
ORANGES AU sales cue:to rttallen [Speciol to Orlando Morning Sentinel! cows. $46529; Turkey Lake Ranch I cow. $104: W. C. Alpprer Estate. ,:Grapefruit-_ 55 5 III I.I ''s I"
Fiends 0(4.! IIl1u. Tanis.Ste. I
KISSIMMEE Mixed citrus 30 2. I
Doses Wirebd. led. P.).. CaUl. .11 Bu. Net WU fclkt.Cur. A total numberof Orlando. 7 steers. $836.23; Clar- ] Lake Wales 3 bulls. $262.63; MIrror :>I Unr.portf'd-Nu 21: California. 17' oranges
Grads A 4
A. Csn A.. Cars sole.A. Per ds. Per di.L.rge 1290 head brought receipts to ence Ziegler. Orlando. 2 cows, I Lake Farm. Dade City 5 steers l i! ; Texas. 1 orantes; Texas 38 trap,-
Stocks CITT-Jilerke' term Can A. Carl A. Can 24 tt $72,244.52 at the Livestock auction fruit Texas. I mixed citrus. Ma*} 20:
Checks Pew York CUr ftrrelUlar) __ 1 2.112 10 3 11 I 3.28 It 4 91Phlledelphl& $249.51; W. F. Bronson, Orlando I 1 California. 10 .rena..,
heifer $376.07 John
higher) ___ __ 3 3.22 2 3 10 __ Medium _____ 21 83 sale here Wednesday.Top ; C. Hall
__ __n_ 2 2'8 0 3 3.31 4 310 Small _______ 18 47 10 cows. $710.52. Clewiston. 7 $314.12 R. J. SUMMARY OF PASSINGS THROl
Boatoa (lower deals included the sale of cows. ;
u lart. ,_. _____.______ 36 68 I
Ptttabur.h laDchannc1) ___ I 308 __ ___ 4 11.20 Extra H. C. Buck. Orlando, 1 calf, 1 Ryals Eagle Lake. 1 THE FLORIDA GATEWAYS
DOW-JONES AVERAGES Clnel.ad feb.41) ______ I 3.01 __ __ 4 3.04 Sues direct to eonraraers two steers by U. S. Sugar Corp.of hog $91.53; J. H. Gunnies Haines' cow. $75.65: at Savannah
NEW YOU UP) Chlrno flower) __ ____ II 3.41 12 3.7Z -- Net Per Clewiston to Phillip A. Edwardsof H. P. Suhl Kissimmee 1 COW 2 Including diversion anti
OloM Net C... I u Orad A Wt. Doi. City. 2 cows. $106.94; M. M. Over- Atlanta for 24-hour period ending 6 ajn:
Stock 0on KiN Low BL Laala (dec47) .______ 2 1111 7 3.11' ) yearlings. $144.66 Frank: Spiller.
Sarasota at ; West South Total
JO lAds 166.J3 167.68 1404 l4.9f v. 6.22 I ctDeinnaU Ilrrnalar) _______ 1 3.48 3 3.31 Per di. In Cr1start. $20.50 per poundfor street. Kissimmee, 15 calves. Cast:
42.S9 42.8T u 6 JO 3.7Z . .. 34 M 85 i Winter Haven. 1 calf. $9.24 Hill- Oranges __ 110 67 26 203
M Nails 42 Tl 42.18 ''Detro" (IslPad t _________ .. 1 4.01 __ _e. S a total of $362.44. Glen Hen- ; nu
IZ." 3J.1T ua 0.22 1 3.. Medium __ 21 60 $715.58: G. W. Mann, Bartow. 26 i Gr.pefruit __, 27 4 2 33
JJ-23 n
It Utila' 13 62 Bettmore! higher) _________ __ 2 308 --- crest Dairy. Moore Haven. 8 !
41 .fk* 58." 89.145 .$1 S8.84 M.O.M Totals _____ 1 2.112- 31 331 I 3.31 III ,..08 '_ Small u n_-_ _-_ -. .. 18 83 sen of Orlando sold 4 calves cows 1235.82 Joe Overstreet, I cows Mixed citrus __._ 12 S 6 23
.end*: CI_ Net C... unn Extra tarn _---_____ 26 68Balea weighing 992 pounds to Swift and ': $772.05. i I I Total car held 8am. mterdar-19orantea
Kissimee. 12 calves.
'.M GRAPF0U11S to Bale to 'I $490.89: O. T. ] : 1 mixed citrus.PASSINGS .
.. 102.11 u.
40 I Oscar Johns: Groveland. 3 hogs. ,
Co. of Ocala for $248.
li "ail -------------0.4 > (Seeded) Retailer Container Bryan. Lake Wales. 3 calves
10 lit 2nd : If. --- OJ.M: ": :." Plorlda 1544. Riv.5t4. .' UT. Dressed UTC Dressed Of the total sold there were 380 I' $146.31; Artie Hush $3.91: W. F. Fussell. Polk City. 11 i I POTOMAC YARD AND PASS
10 u --- _s> Ill Boles Wlrelld. Bon.I Plarlda Dressed & Dr'wn ft Or'wn Fellsmere 6 hog. $9.80: Sampson and Son. Mi- INGS AND DIVERSIONS: AT CINCINNATIfor
ii bids =------= = 104.19 y. 6.81: crrY-"arkd term Carl A" cars A' Carl A' men 2.] I lb. 38 57 41 63Brollen calves 316 cows, 283 steers 213' calves. $191.15; Mrs. Dan Keene. !. 24-hour period iodine II .m. yesterday:
TraMMctiwi-( sticks uM4 hiit.rdav1 avorao** I New York Clt Irregular) 1 2.05 -- --- ... -- under I yearlings 34 heifers 40 bulls. and | Kissimmee. 1 cow, 3 calves $97.44 ami. 68 yearlings. $2,111.09; Tan.
.. Iwduatrial*. 62,1061 rail. 29> PlI1ladelph1. (hither) --- -- .7Brnton - 211. 38 87 43 63 24 hogs. Bill ; Sebring Cattle Co., Sebring. 33 Or. Grape oee. Mtmedane
TTOi utilitMt. 45.2001 toUl 137.176. I lower) _- _. ___-_.. .. __ _' -- -- Hen heavibreed. I Bass Kissimmee 1 calf. 1 F. fruit toss Citrv.
PtUlbanb (aMh.altd) -_- -- ____ --- -- -- 36 81 4<<\ 80 SELLERS: Datson Brothers, i cow, 1 yearling, $137.12; Fred Bal- calves. $261.66; H. Williams. Baltimore: _______ S I -_ __

MARKETS AT A GLANCE Cleveland ____n_______ .-..__-_--_- __ -- Ben llgBt breed 38 43 32 49 Orlando 1 cow 3 steers. 1 bull. lanrd. Melbourne. 2 cows, $184.35 Stuart. 9 cows. 2 steers. $409.06; 1 Bonton uun_____ 4 4 .. 3
NEW: YORK CBlcsoOower--- -__-. -- - L. D. ; Irlo Bronson. Kissimmee 7 year [ Buffalo ___--?____ -6 -- __
Stoadyl recovery ( at. Loch $505.84; Datson Dairy Orlando 2 Burgner Fellsmere. 3 calves ;
STOCKS: Chicato ._ ___ I _
ONOft: Hubert f."o..... rails' u.. CincinnatI 1 (hlghN i" === = == = = = = COTTON CLOSING cows. $216.61: T. B. Hendrix $110.08: T. W. Smith. Tampa_ 3 lings 5 cows $853.63; C. L. Norton Cleveland n_ __un__ 3 -- .
COTTONi Steady mill tuyin DetroIt higher _______ __ -- -- - -- NEW YOU CAP) Cotton future ... ; Lakeland. 7 calves $370.64 J. W. I O. _____ 2 _
$169.96 J. -
CHICAGO BllUmon _____ __ _____:- 1 2.01 firmer in lat ....Ii".. "..t..y, Estate. Lakeland. 15 steers. 4 cows. cows : C. Slone. Center Columb._ ._ ___ 1 __ _. ..
WHEATi: Strono; ahort eov rl-.. IS (. 85 cents a bas( high.r. A tu..j $1,201.37; Carrolton Ranch. Deer Hill 4 bulls 300.61; E. C. Lear, I Coggman. Orlando 4 hogs. 119. New Haven ___on 2 -- _. ._

CORN: Stronvi *ma rt hou*** buylnfl.. GIIA"UIIUITI(5M.......) flurry of mill buyln and hrt Park. 1 cow. 20 calves.. $704.89; Orlando 1 calf, $21.61; Paco Land 32; U.s. Sugar Corp.. Clearwater. 8 New York City ... 57 12 _. I
OATS: Stronvi <* *> price firm.HOGS I nwt a scarcity of offcrln Philadelphia ___ 4 __
174. RI'. Tn. -
: tady' to a smarter lowor to* W..bd. BO"1 Bonl Additi.n.l( uidatin.. in July' 1MT future I Oliver Redditt. Christmas. 1 calf. Co.. DeLand. 1 cow. 5 steers steers, $1,392.19; A. 'B. Smith. Pittsburgh .n .. 1 __ __
124.50. CITT-Marke' term 5d. 501cc attributed partly to selling bymerchant. I $364.38. Lakeland. 1 COW $114.26; J. M. Providence ___ 2 __ 1
3.U 2 2.01 wa $20.57 Aaron Canada. Christmas On
4.fl ;
CATTLE; Attire, firm. Y** IUS. Pew York CItY dtrrerulsr) : : g .1 against urcha.*. of soot cot'ton. Waihintton. D C. 1. _
Phll.delphls (higher) -----=_ -- I I 4 cows. 6 yearlings. $307.74; Ken- Sam McMillan. Kissimmee, 1 Kicklighter. DeLand. 1 hog. $36.- for reconcilement. Potomac-- -
NEW YORK [tAP stocks were 5091.1 PIttsburgh(lower(snehariged) ) = = I 2 2.13 91 _1- 2.07-- :: ::: i iCI.nl&l1d Private advice noted may bill continued neth Prince. Vero Beach, 1 calf. 9 COW $52.30: L. M. Johnson. ,I 82; L. C. Granger. Tampa 26 I Hele. yesterday u.lrui. Tad

restrained by profit cashing yesterday u_ _____- -_ -.-_- few 2JI0 -- -. 4 1.10 I to Mil *ur.lu* cotton .t....*. I cows $592.76: R. J. Addison, KtsI ', Stuart 1 calf, 1 yearling $51.96: i cows. 1706.33; Lawrence Silas, 4
Hi.h Low Last
Chlcno (lower) ___ .. __ 1 1.11 _. 2 1 538&Loula I Open Lon Tyson Stuart 11 steers 5 bulls. $880 Mack FLORIDA FRUIT
although offerings were 3 200Cincinosti July' 34.11 ,..z7 34.83 34.20-31 UP 7. 5 simmee. 3 yearlings. $147.76: John yearlings, 1 i ; Weaver.

exceptionally light and a little (bisher) = = 1 207 :: = Z 1 09 Oct. .24.43 2*.M 29.37 M.5S-41 ..1S-17 I Thornhill, Winter Haven, 1 cow cow. $516.07; B. A. Beck San- : Kissimmee. 88 yearlings 2 bulls. k.JACSNVI
together DetroIt Umber) _____ __ 1 2.31 2 2.11 Dae. 28.47 28.7S 28.41 28.88-61 up 18-lt i ford. 4 hogs. $77.48; Oliver Red- $3.524; H. L .Lyons. Pompano 4 Florida fruit and .
further short covering: __ ___ __ 1 2.05 March 28.09 28.24 28.03 28.20e UP II 2 bulls $320.55; George Macy I .tabl.
Baltimore --- -- Beans bnnhela few scattered isles
with timid investment buying. Totala _--_on____n--_________---_--- --- 2 --.11 12 U. 9 3.70 21 1.11 I May 27.61 27.84 27.11 27.77n up 16 I Pine Castle. 2 cows $242.38. ditt, Christmas, 1 cow, 1 steer bulls, 21 steers 208283. generally Snap poor ordinary quality few fate

kept many leaders in the plus I J July MddIing_ 27.16"t 27.10 H.7.27.10 u.JT.OSn 1.p.nmninal. up 8 Alton Braddock. Ona. 11 yearlings i I $94.81; John Redditt. Christmas; ; Buyers: Lawrence Silas. Kis Plentiful few 1 50. Strlntless Black Valentine -

1 steer. $53.42: Mrs. J. R. Reddit i iI simmee. 27 cattle 1101.01: Mc-I few .50-100. Florida Belles few

column.The recent rally. one of the II I Stock Quotations I 11 : Land., $442.20 9 cows.;7 Beacon calves. $824.09 Farm. ;De-H. Christmas. 6 steers, $20726; C. L. : Kinley-Winter Co.. La Junta. 21 1.502 00.Beu BounUful few. Irretular 1.50. ualltr
Closing ORLEANS 'AP) Cotton futurw. ad- Barker.
Orlando. 5
best for the year to date served to vaneod hers yMt.rday on trad buying and L. Lyons. Pompano 4 cows 8 year- I hogs. 14 calves cows. bull 3 cattle. 109 calves 13453.01: and Cabbate condition 50 pound 1.7S-500.sacks Domestic Round
inspire professional contingentswith II STOCKS IM THE: SPOTLIGHT H.... NIsh Low La.tl w*.h.nd .K.rt cornring. Cl *in. price* lings. $573.78; Minor Platt. Mel ; H. R. 'I Jones-Chambliss. Jacksonville. 59 typo Irregular quality and condition com
wr t.ady SO t* 75 .cent a bate higher. Redditt. Christmas 5 steers, cattle 3267.45 Tom Lamb. Or- puffy best 3.00-3.25. IV, bushel
caution on the idea the re- NEW YORK AP) I..... cl..I.| .rlco .Jones &I L au __u 111 29' 293, 211"1 Opn Hioh Low Ciii.July I bourne. 1 cow, 2 steers. $420.84; $234.80; Empire Cattle Co. De- ; 1-325.2.50.

vival was of normal technical pro- and lOOt ch.ni. of. the IS mt active K ? .33.91 34.12 31 88 34.07-08 up 10 Roy and Minor Platt. Melbourne. I lando. 22 cattle 24 calves. $3.- bamlrs. 16 Inch crates Goldcnhiwrt 3 do_>
and that the list would *lck: pm.rdayl. lCu City South! u_ I 183' 11". 1534KentcOtt Oct. 29.37 29.62 29.M 29.SS-S8 UP 23 Land. 13 calves 8 cows. $711.11: I 315.51: Swift and Co.. OCala 42 en mostly 7 00. 1 mark 8 00. 4 dozen 7.00800. -
portions CoP ____ 2. 441. 438k .4.% I __ ... IS I 2 steers $282.85; Roy Platt, Melbourne -
P..*.! Cola 17MO-2*4 u. IV* Dec: 2. 28.72 28.42 28 64 UP Walter S. Marsh DeLand 3 1 mark 9 00. 6 dozen S5O-7.00. 1
now have to contend with news Clew LI.. Ilium 1I.MO-M u* Vi. Kro.er Co uu_ 4 42' 42 42Laclede March 1804 2111 2804 38.12b up 14 5 steers $611.02: Cecil steers 1 cattle. 83 calves. $4.511.50: Farris mark T.SO. 1 mark 0 00. 8 dozen

flevelopments. A string of pleasing Comwlth 4. .... U.2OO-JV4 u. V*. L May ..._ .27.80 27.43 27.80 27.70b up 15NEW Platt. Melbourne. 27 cow $229.43. and Co. Jacksonville, 69 cattle, 6.00. 1 mark 6 00. 10 dozen 3 -.5.: .
c-. lE..i_ .200-U' u. Oas ____ 10. 4". SLohish tt-I IIII. cows. $1.020.62 James D. Ballentine DeLand. 8 7 calves L. C. Gordon. 1 mark 700. Pascal type 2'," 4 dosen
dividends propped sentiment and let T.I _. T.I tA00.lt <.. iy_. C.- N _____ 13 10 99. 0" ; L. R. Bronson. Clermont 2 cows. $353.02; E. L. Yates. Orlando 4788.04; .511-7.00.. few 3 doxen high as 7.SO. .
Individual favorites with purchasing Colum Ga 4V El: 6.8OO-10Vk Vi.Schenlty Ub 0 P Ohs. ____ lxd 411 41 U ORLEANS AP) Spot cotton closed cows, $121.41; J. J. Bronson Cler Orlando. 5 cattle, $382.89; W. S. Corn wtrrbound crates Yellow s dozen
Diet 6.600-24 V4 WAnaconda Libby McN &I L 18 "'4 5 5 toady 25 cent S bale hiqher. Sale, 750; 2 cows $141.51; Allen Combs St. Cloud. 1 steer $169. 9: 3.75. 4 S '
for yields in evidehce. _. *_. middling 31.30 middling 3S.BO; flood mont. 1 bull. 7 2 steers l\hr bnlore -
4.2OO-1S Lockheed Lire h__ 22 U'. 11". U% 1 low : cows. Yates Orlando, 4 cows, $276.04; clppp
Business uncertainties remained Socny Va S.6OO-14V. up V*. 5.ocw. Inc _nu.1- 211. 20... 209.LortUard middling. 36.40; rcipt 3.3S8; stocks 106949. .- $482.50: R. Rolls. Kissimmee. 6 M. Tomkow Jr.. Lakeland. 2 Joseph Daly. Orlando. 1 calf. ,7V100. J.03.7
...,* Roebuck S.5OO-32V4 u. Vfc.8td (P) :3 1I 1I'fa 1531Mack cows, $30.53: C. H. Gilliam, Amarillo 86 Cucumbers bushels fair to good i'li10m.
as a flaw in the market Oas El $4 M S.400-19V4 1%. cows. $351.55; Mrs. Pauline Tan- 5 yearlings $370.84; Hilda Dun- 4 00-6 00. ordinary to fair quality

picture and some brokerage Am Avco Fow Mf.&S.200-8 Lt 8-KW-104.no.Wntlnth up V.. M: Trucks I 4T U 4T middling NEW. ORLEANS IS/ltth In(AP cotton) Avra at..16 Price South-of nero Eustis. 1 calf. $44.45.H. ham. Kissimmee Park. 2 calves cattle. $2.182.40. 4 00. few 4.25. poor to ordinary

clients again trimmed account' Elao 8400-2S up "'. Mid (Jun ______ 1 32". 32". 32". sm. pot markt yesterday was 30 .cent A. Tanner, Eustis. 4 yearlings. $73.76; King Kong Smith. Wau- I I H. O. Hutcheson. Cocoa, 1 cow I. 1.752.5.Enplall' bushels 4 10. few .

because of persistent doubts regarding Am Rid a> ltd San 4tOO-13V4 UP %_. M.rtn.Marshall Midland Pt.ld ___ 0 I 253'9%. 24"II", 24"II",. a bal h!.hr at 3407 cent a pound: $218.52; L. H. Thornhfll. Winter chula steers, 4 cows $722.80; El-1 I $46.28; V. E. Douglas. Sanford 9 som low as 3 SO. t size 3.03.10
market 3S.63.
for the patt 30 day
taxes and the labor Bow York (AP) acting stocks: M.rtft( 'OU nn__ 13 16'. 15". U'. avrag Middlmo. ". inch average 34.52. Haven 1 cow. 1 bull. $147.53: B. vin Thomas St. Cloud. 1 cow : cattle 7 calves. $956.07; Gus Peed. -I' poorer Eacarole quality bushel 1.50-250.* 2 50-3 OO few f .

outlook. Hd*. High Low Last Mo Mid Kin Coos Tn.Pet _n_ 4 6 31'4lt, 353.4'. 31'43.Montiom E. Bennett. Oak Hill. 10 steers. $33.56; J. E. Wooten. Lake Wales, ':I St. Cloud. 20 cattle, 1335.79; I Limn 1. 5 bushel cartons :. small

wentto ACF-Brill Mot ___ 3 7V* 7V I 7'* Ward un_ 21 52 5131 513'. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK: $887.45; L. K. Bronson. Orlo Vista 2 cows. $155.80: Len Tyner, Kis Cecil Platt Melbourne 1 steer, lla 3.25-3.SO. medium .I .' 00. 2 5

The ticker tape virtually Air Reduction ____ 6 31 V 30S 31V MUXTSY. Corp ___ 4 1034 103'. 10Y. CHICAGO AP) USDA) Salable bon 2 cows. $116.36; Carl Barber simee. 1 cow, $71.12; L. 1. Ben- I $114.86: F. M. Fussell. Polk City. I bUlhe.: e.rl medium to siz. 4 00-
sleep after a fairly active opening Alaska Juneau un 6 4V* 4V* 4V* 3.000. total 1.000: slow weights under 240-
Advances of fractions to a Alletbany Corp __ 31 3V 3V. 3VAllec NN.bKrlvln.tor 11 151,1. 14';; 15 Ibi. .te.dr over 240-lb. steady to a quarter Christmas. 2 bulls. 6 cows. $287.11: bry. Lake Wales. 1 calf $12.92: '!12 cattle 1 calf. $165.38; J. G. Okra bushels fair to tood quality 10

In Lud Bll ____ 11 34V 33V 34V Na' AlrU.... ____ I 133' 131,1', 133' lower: some 325-lb and over fully aquarter John Nettles. Christmas. 2 steers Sebrin Cattle Co.. Sebring 14 Slone. Leesburg. 1 cow. $83.51: I 12 00. poor to ordinary Cu.lt, and lr.
well distributed .._
point or more Al Chem ft DM 2 166 165 166 or more lower: sows Heady; top 6 cattle. I 3.06-11.0.
10 10 0'. I"Na'RIlCul calves. $591.40.Laughton Cox's Market. Apopka.
N. Auto Blackeyed
> nU $136.86 William : types
AllS-Cb Mu------- 19 32 32 32.4Am 50: food and choice 170-260 Ibi.. 23.25- ; Hamrick. Apop- 1.520
the forenoon. were reduced or _____ 12'
27 27
Airlines = ===- 26 9 5'. l'. (! .\____ 11 27.. I% 24.25: 270-290 lb>.. 21.75-23.25: 300-3JO ka. 1 cow 2 calves. $11222 Car- Wall. Stuart 1 calf, $323.91; T. W. Smith Tampa 1 I Peppers bushels California 0
2 I I ;
in at the NU Can I 50. jew 900. fair quality: 600-850.
cancelled cases *
many Am Cable ft Rad 13 4 4 4 207521.75 350-400 Ib .. 18.751950.mo fH
Ibs. : ; $22.37
__ 3:1: 34' 35 ; J. P. Padgett. St. 1 calf $117.14; A. H. Nelson. '
Hal Cash Re. 3 Cloud. cow. ,
close and the minus division was Am Can .. .._. 6 89S 89V 89V, : t lood and cholre sews 17.75-18.SO. roll Hamrick. Apopka. 1 cow. 6 7.0. ordinary quality 400. Buln.
Am Car ft Fdy u u 6 38V'. 38V* 38S Nat Dalr DIstIllers Prod__n___ 31 32 JO 11% 29"19''.' JO 111"i. Salable cattle 1.500; total 1.800: salable calves. $251.14: S. A. Holland. Bar- 1 bull 2 calves, $131.07; Jack Bushnell.3 calves, $140; Raymond aome wasty: Irretular CUaU&r: .:
well populated. Transfers of 680.- Net
.. S 00. few high **
Por Pow 26 3 3Ya
Am 3V.
steer in Skipper
total 500 heavy
N.' Oplum ___ 6 173'. 16k. 159. calve 500. no Sebring, 14 yearlings I Kirkland. Lakeland. 1 cow. $70.00;
with Am&PP2Pf... 6 16V 16 11 u tow. 6 bulls $1.071.17; Barber and Potatoes 100 pound sacks 8ebSfO-Katah
000 shares 950.000
compared and yearllnn
but medium food very
run I
Am Locomotiv ._ 20 20S 20H lOW Nat Lead ______ 14 273. 21 27'. $481.40; C. L. Chancy. Jupiter 15 E. C. Eubanks Sebring, 3 calves. din typo US One A washed 4.00-2S.
active: firm at week's full advance; medium Peppercorn Christmas. 3 .I
Thursday and were a low for a Net Pow k Lt ___ 1 IV. It" 11/. cows. i 1.25-2.:50. 2.75.
Am Pew ft Lt _.,. 53 10*, 10V, 10H .25 calves $646.51 L. One B 11. som
and rood trades 22 50-22.21; top 823 ; R. Bronson. $62.30. I t I 40
.___ 11 2034 19'. 2034
Corp $141.40. Yellow 3OO
hampers >
full stretch since 8. Ratf ft 81 8 80 13V 12V, 13V.
May Am '
paid for food 1020-1073 Ib iTerates; tood Clermont 8 Suul
Am Roll Mill __ 26 26'. 36>. 36V Newport Indutt ____ 2 2AI. 2111. 2AII.NT to cholre heifer 24 00 and 34.SO: medium Jack Graves. DeLand. 6 year- calves, $266.12; D. F. I A. B. Westcott. Orlando. 8 I 3. fH 3 75. few low a* 2.50. Coeozelles
Associated Press 60-stock Am Smelt ft R __ n 13 53': 82>4 S2". Cntrsl RR __ 311 13!. 13', 13% trades 23.00 down: rows moderately active. Lawson, Kissimmee 1 steer calves. $298.41; W. P. Teal. Winter I 1206-2.5. few 150. Acorn typo 00-2.25.: ,
NY Chi &I II' L Pf 2 112 112 112 lines. $397.33 Mrs.
Jt of Am Bll Fdr S 28'. 28V. 28>. beef 14 50-17.00. tood olferint. : Mary Bunch. $69.95 J J. Zuchani few 1.52.50.
composite wu np a pointat ? n mot rows ; Bronson, Clermont
A.I.Uon 12 7' 7" 7% C. H.
No Am 5 cattle $250.23:
Ref .._._ 2 31'JI: 35: u I Garden -- -
Am !
Sugar to 1800. Canners 1000-1175. and cutters Orlando. 5 cows. 5 calves. $407.02:
60.3. Its fifth successive up- Am Tel .ft Tel ___... 29 163'. 162 162. North Am.r Co ____ I 24'. 24'. 2434 1325-1375: ; bulls slow steady at 1650 15 calves $528.71; Glenn Henson. .'I Jenkins. Orlando. 46 cattle 2 j
Am Tob B .__ 13 66H 65_i 66'. Northern Plelfle 2:1: 15. 15 15". Chastain Farms. Canal Point. 30 Orlando. 20 calves i
turn. down but strictly good weighty kinds absent $1,023: F. H. 2157.45 Melvin Johnson. ; C. L. Brown Orlando
Am Viscose ___ 4 44V, 44 44V 0Ohio heifers. 1083.81 Sam Chastain. I calves. ; $6.840.8
I ; vealers steady with weejt's sharp decline : Williams
It was the narrowest 5-hour Am Wit Wkt 17 13V 13V' 13>, Oil ____ II 22". 22W. 22'. at 211 00 down. Canal Point. 10 Stuart. 7 calves $253.93; I Kissimmee. 9 cattle. $467.41: Cecil i $643.92; I. C. Allew. Bal
market since May 12. Of 015 issues Am Woolen --_____ 31 33 1232,. OmnIbus Corp ___ I .'. II'. I'. Salable sheep SOO. total 2.000: steady: cows. $60723: S. Fred Joss. Stuart, 3 cows. 7 cal- 4 $615.49; timore. 27 cattle. $1.737.33: Mc-
I Anaconda COD n_ 62 35'.. 34 If. 35: Otla 1I:1..atCIr: ___ I 2A. 211 2634Ow' I load tood and choice 112-lb fed wooled E, Bowen. Davenport. 8 calves. ves. $570.70; Joe Daley. Yates. Kissimmee. cattle i 1 4 ,
appearing. 450 rose and 265 Armour ft Co -- 32 10'a lOW 10'i Ill 01w __ 5 72k, 12 .12 lambs with muddy p its 22.00: short load $10124: Murry Bass. St. Cloud. 3 3 Orlando Southern Packing Tallahassee,:. -Winter Co.. La Junta,
Ad Dry Ooods .=. 1 IS1. 1SH 15V I p tood to choice 99-lb clipped lamb. No. 12 cows calves, $244.73; H. H. 45 cattle 11 hogs $3 43.04; Dan cattle. 94 calves $3,681.02.SPECIAL .
fell.Brightening Atcb T ft --.16 72V* 71 71 I P.e '.5 k Elm __ 31 35-' 335"! 1 and No.2 pelts 21.75; fewtood and cows. 3 calves, 3 heifers. $333.63: i Smith. Bassenger 12 cows ,
prospects for sugar Atl Coast "t.s.--... 7 46V, 45H 46 Par Tin COlli ___u 10 4 3'. 4 choice shorn sled ewes 9 00-0.50.CUHB Earl Gunnly. Winter Haven. 1 $660.69.N. Smith. Narcossee 8 caltes, $430.08: I
supplies lifted Coca.Cola 6 pointsto All Refining ____._ I 33V 33V 33V* :. Packerd Motor ____ 35 53'. 53' 5". Roll's Market. Kissimirjee. 2 calves. I
Atlas Corp -__ 6 22!. 22V. PaD Am AIr".,. __ 111 10". 10'4 1034Psrsin steer. $49.93; Mrs. Ray Snell. Win- I Ray Carroll, Kissimmee, 3
151 and Pepsi-Cola Ui to 29%. I Pictures ___ 11 2431 24V. 2491 STOCK LIST ter Haven. 1 cow, 1 yearling 1 cows .$157.21; Carrolton $135.80; T. C. Shupe,) Orlando. 2
Cheering dividends put up Spald- Bald Loco ..__ 10 18 Vi 18 22'1.1. Pick Utah Coo ( 8 2'2Ya 23' Furnished through courtesy Merrill Ranch calves $74.53; Cecil" Platt. Melbourne -
Bait ft Ohio 26 9 i% PiTh Dnla 3 381,1. 311 38 Lynch. PiercePenner and Beane: calf, $210.70; Frank Cunning. Or- Deer Park. 2 cows. $96.17: John
Ing 1% at 17%. General Refrac- I Barnsdall OU 18 23>4 33V %J3S PilinG Mines n___ 2 10V. 1034{ 10'4 Aluminum Co. of Amer. __, S3 lando. 2 calves $65.45: Tom Addi- I Carroll. Deer Park 7 cows $340.80 2 hogs, $29.70: J. C. Kick-
tories 1% at 20%. Inspiration Bell Alre ______ 2 11'. 11H 11 ViBendlX Fennel 'JC) __-.__ 13 .0" 39'. 40 Amer. Cyanamld Co. B. _.__..-. 41% Marbrook ; I lighter. DeLand 2 hogs $35.75.J. SAND AND MUCK
An.' ___ 2 39S 39V 29V Penn Cent Aid 2 8'1, ..111/, Amer. Oas .ft El... ___--_ 39 son. Kissimmee. 3 calves. $62.08.M. Dairy Haines City. 2
Copper % at 14}; and National Bet Foods _n__ 11 22V 22 22 Penn RR ____ uO 31 11 11". tII'. Ark. Nat! Oas A. ___n_____-_-___ 4'% M. Overstreet. Kissimmee. 5 cows. $153.96; T. C. Shupe Kissimmee B. Dens OCala 27 cattle $1.- TIRES
Supply at 14%. Woodward Iron Beth Steel __u____ 15 79V 78"i 79 P..i-Col. .-_____ .175 21". 211' 29". Aihland Oil *. Reft. _--_ 10'. I 1 864.80; Riverside Packing Co..
added 3 at 48. Caterpillar Tractor Blaw Knot ___n_ '4 14*. 14V 14H Ptlnr Chu &I Co I 41 40'. 40'. Atl. Fisheries .._____ 6% steers 5 cows. $755.25; Dan cow, $81.14; B. K. Hendrix -
': Boeing Airplane ._ 8 15V 15 15V4 Phelps Dodge _un 5 3111,1. 311J8", Brewster Aeronautical _._________ 4% Smith. Narccssee. 6 cows 6 calves, Stuart 1 cow. $14426; King I Allendale. 19 cattle 1806.91; W. For Spray Machines. Supply Track,
1V_ at 52 Vi and Union Carbide Borden Co -- 8 41'4 401 41V. Phil II..c: _nn 17 23'e 23'-w 23Pbllco '. Barium Steel __:_____-- 4% $408.33 Leslie Sullivan. Lough- Kong Smith. Wauchula. 10 ''F. Fussell. Polk City. 2 cattle 3 All type of Grove Trucks, Trailers
1% at 9Hi.Lesser i I Bort-Wamer ::'::= 3 40V, 40V, 40V Corp ____n 5 24'. 249. 243' Creole Pet. Corp. ________- 29'. : calves. II
I IBranUt Airy +_--- 3 8% SV. 8*. Philip Norris _n__ to 285.'. 27", 283'. Cities Service ._u-__ 29'. man 1 cow. 7 steers. $528.85: Irlo $399.72; S. M. Smith. Lakeland, 8 calves $333.40; L. H. Thornhill. and Fertilizer DItlbator.c.
gainers included Youngs- [ Brl.g. Mft 3 3.V 32 32 Phillips Pet __ __n 21 II 53 51 Colt Patent Arm __Ud___ 29% Bronson. Kissimmee. 1 I cows, 6 calves $29324 Winter Haven 6 cattle. 1 calf.
town Sheet Chrysler. Sears Roe- RoOd Co -=====- 25 10V. 9% 10 Premed. 8t Car I' 10'.', 10 10 Elee.: Bond Share Co. _________ 10% steer. ; W. S. Aik for .trial d.mODlfrtol for
I Rule,. Watch ---_ 4 38 2H. 27% Procter Ie O.m _n 111 5934 SlI;, 59"" I Pali-child Znt. & Airplane Corp. __ 3\. $58.17; Carl Tyson. St. Cloud 1 I Marsh. DeLand. 1 bull. 9 calves, $347.75; A. B. Smith Lakeland, t absolutely BO obUiriotojro.
buck. Sperry. American Telephone Burling Mills __ 34 15V, 15 13 Pub S.c N.I. ___n__ 22 24 2311 24 Glen Alden Coal Co-----------_, 17% calf 1 cow. $107.73: Mrs. G. G. $587.71; Frank O'Halloran Winter 4 cattle. 3 hogs. $264.18; W. S. .I a
Consolidated Edison. Anaconda Burr Add Mach. __ 16 U'. 1-T. 133'sC.Uf Pullns. _____n_ I 5694 11111. 1111" Hecla Mmlnt Co-----------___ 11 I ..
___ __ Jacobs. Chuluota. 5 steers. $347.- Haven. 3 calves. $140.88 Archie Moore. Dundee. 14 cattle 7 calves,
C ...r. OU ____ 1 23'1, 23Y 23P54(0 Hubbell IncKaiserFraser. -- nnu -._ 32 ;
Kennecott American Can. Packing ___ 13 37'., 37V. 27 iIt ._____n_____ 6V* 47; Maurice Jacobs. Chuluota 1 Bass Indian Town. 11 calves I $924.14: Har.-y Lively Kissimmee I WE GUARANTEE! SATISFACTION
Westinghouse Johns Manville. Callahan Z-Lead 13 3Vk 3V* 3V. ( CorP ___ 211 I 1'. i'" tons Star Oa Co. _______ 18% OR NO PAT
Deere Philip Morris N. Y. Cen- Can Dry 0 Ala 32 14V U'. 14V.Canad Radio K 0"" I 11-' 11'. 11". Nlatara Hudson Pw. Corp. ______ 8 bull, 1 steer. $121.42: Nolan Fore $380.70; R. I. Hamrick. Indian 2 cattle, $285.68; John Thompson. I
I Paelfle 38 IDS 10 V 10 V4 Remllli Rand ___ 13 27'28* 27'. NU.i-Beement-Pend Co. 10%! Christmas. 6 steers. $41528: G. W. Town 15 calves. $511.19; W. C. St. Cloud. 2 cattle, $200.34; Ralph Thousands of Brand New
t r a 1. Pennsylvania Railroad. Carrier Core 0 13% 1JV 13>* Repub A.la __ 21 41'. 4% 4% Ptntepee Oil of Yen. ___- I Yates. Kissimmee. 1 calf. $6026 I
Southern Pacific. Northern Paci Casa (JD Co ___ 3 32t 32V: 32SCtttrpU Rpalt Steel! u___ 23 2411 2424'-' Sherwln-WUilamt! ______ 10%! Coward, Christmas, 4 bulls, 4 cows, Kissimmee 2 horses, $94.15. ; Tires Oar Warehouse
Tractor I 352 82 ViCelane R.ter COO & Jlr 11 11"/. 16's 111-' Sonotone Corp. ____._....-.... 3*, $499.53; Emma Sweat. Christmas. O. W. Wilson. Orlando. 3 hogs. E. C. Edwards, Sarasota 11. cattle
fie Sun OUr Texas Pacific Land *. Corp __. 16 18H 18V* 19>. Reynolds Tob B 'l 38 37'. 38 Schulte Ine. _______ ?____- 4 2 $102.71 C. B. I 3 hogs $1.506.89.Kingan DUDA -
Trust and Armour. Cent Foundry .. n_ 4 "'. 8S 8'/'sCe. I0ttwsy Stand. Pw. ft Light ___?..-. 1% cows $87.36.Turner : Hunt City.
.'?. de Pa _____ 7 30V 30V 30. Btores u_ 10 21% 211i, 21% St. Ruts Paper Co. ? 8% and Gee Orlando. 1 cow ..6 cows. 2 hogs. $296.91; A. M.Chlsholm I I. and Co.. Bartow 8 cattle
Homestake Mining was down 1 Certain Teed Prod 39 13V* 13V 13>. Savage Arm. ___ 1. 5 5Schenln Technicolor _. _______ 12'. 1 69 II TIRE SALES
at 43V' and Douglas Aircraft 1 at Che .ft Ohio -.u_ 13 44 V- 43 43 V, DI.tU 05 2734 2634 28'. TMtron _____ _n____, 12% steer. $109.53: G. W. Coward I St. Cloud. 3 calves. i calves. 2345.75; Quaker-
48. Fractional recessions ChMS.kPssi. .y. 8 8V. Sears Roebuck: 60 32% 32'1, 32'. United Oa Corp. _____ ..... 14% Christmas, 4 calves. $162.54; C. H.Drigge i $27.69; J. S. Stokes. Lake Wales. 7 I town Sales Co.. Quakertown. 56 OVIEDO
were Chi .ft MW -__ 8 17 14x* 18%. Scrod Inc ____ 3 113. 10', 11 W. Va. Coal A Cok. _____ 10% "
Kissimmee 2 calves 3 calves 1, H. 11 Allen
shown for U. fl. Steel, General I Chrysler Corp _-. 25 98% 67V 98 SbeD Union on __ 17 25% 25V 2S% cows, $44525; I cattle calves. C. Driver I W. P. 1ZS-M. Orleda 2151l
Motors. Goodyear. Goodrich. CTT Flnaa 8 '0 V. 40 40 I SimmonS Co __ 3 30 .293'. 30 $64.50: J. V. Varnadore, Bartow. 6 Thornhill. Winter Haven 1 bull 1 I Baltimore. 60 cattle, 94 calves.
__. 147 151 GRAIN RANGE __ _
Coca Cola 6 151 IIlndalr! Oil __. 3. 14"i. .14114% ----- -- -- -- ----- --- -- -- -- u
Montgomery Ward. Woolworth. I Colgate Palm P 20 39Vi 38', 39Vi 8ocODJ-Vaeaam __ 1111 14". 14'. 14". CHICAGO UPI
Glenn Martin. North American. Dli Fuel &I Ir 10 149. It 14 I 800AmO& P __ 4 3.. 39. 3l'Iou '. Open huh Low Clos. ,.
Colons 0 ok El ___ 1111 10 1034 10"ComI Cal Edison __ 13 31". 313' 31'. WHEAT- cELL i THIN I U.! JVTF)1OIIE11EPAPEZ THINK WEYE EMOOOrl 5EE7HATIT$
Phelps Dodge. J. C. Penney SantaFe. CredIt u_. __ II J8 31'fa 3n. Southern Pulflc( __ 20 363. JII'. JII', June _____ _____ _n__ 2.10". SpA
southern Railway. Standard Corn Solvents! __ I 22V. 21' 22 Southern Ry __&_ S 31 301. 309. .JuIJ __uu 2.31" 2.n2.31'1.. 2.3". C I WA5 E0INNIT VWl'E RAllieR EE ) wNTriLt.'EZATThECOUHTY ) FCC A WHILE,petiaj! TWUM.WHO PVZTYZ
I Comwtth Edls _____ 2. 2'% 211 Southern Ri pf _:... I 61 61 59SosrI. eep\ u___ 2.222 25'. 2.22 2.243. 4 O-O
Oil [NJ1. Texas Co. and International I ok South .110 21", 2" 2'V'I.Comwllli Wlthlll 7 4". 4'1. 4% Dee------- 219 222 2111 22H.Wu V14Ar KIP c scriP THEY &1A Ot.p 6LACK'5 )HER CHECK1CLEA3$ I OIK HOTEL COOMA INHEfctEP TH'" Bl L0OKI1BLk

Harvester. CODe Edl... ___ U 2'24". Sperry Corp ___ 3 1834 11 111Spln.l '48 __ 2.11 2.11 2.1734 2.17", VNI'EgT)4ENEW) MAHAEMEITOUT LOCAL. KIN Nz SEAT..PUBLICITY OF / J t> SET LOADER- THAT CANYON .ouuv 6NE]F'J.'THATCCCOMTA
I CODe V1te ______ 2 12.. 1234 12' Inc ____ I I". 9". 9". CORN- '
Bonds generally Improved. At Coot Sal I 13', U'. *3' Stand Brsnds 30 2$'. 211'. 211', July: ___ 1.70%' 1.75 1.70 1.741,1.BPp ,. AT TU SLAcK CRAMF'A5NE Oil.REiD POE5IOM OCT THI KIND[ WILL BE COMES MOOUIUG AKOUNP VOUIU ,.-' NYAM'HER csni!

Chicago wheat was up 2Vi to I Cont Can n____ 12 37 311'8 37 IItaad! Oil C.I __ 11 553. 14'. $5' \, _____ 1.59' 1.113"'" 1.5934 1.621s WHEN M CAME THE NEWOWVJEC AMP 116E TUAJJ A 6OOP FCKTHE BANK!' PACT HIS WkILEFT7D BfiKT.!' AUNTMHCflV ME
Cost Motors _____ 6 73's ,% 734. Stand! OIL IDd 1 351. 38'. JII'. Dee ______ 1.44 1411'. 1.44 1.48 C .
3 cents a bushel corn 1% to (}i Coat OU Df'1 _n 10 311. 31 311'. Stand Oil NJ __ 35 '70 69.. 69".' Mu '48 1.433' l.443s 1.429. 1.43 I TIE AUNT WHO UANtE6 UER F25ZNE NIECE WUO INYBTbATETHATS

and oats 1U to 3. Cora Ezch.nse __ I 5234 5234 U'fa 8taad Oil Ohio __ 21 27"i. 211", 2794Stsnd OAT&- z AFFAIZ5-TIIEY CPENcP A NICE, LEFT I4EaEOIs TU)550ME)
Corn I'rodIKU __ I 114"6 84'" .4% 8t! 8pr n_ 1 12", 12'. 1214 .July __ .111'1..11 .111 ...II'BPp& -
Cotton was ahead 35 cents to Crass Co .' _____ II 21128 29 Sterling Druc u__ 4 37% 3791 37'fa __ .'77'. .7I1i, .'71% .71. ; fAr ACCOUNT... l.ONi3 MO!
95 cents a bale. i Crucible IIt.el! 3 2531 21 2534 Stokel-Va., C.mD I 11 111 11 Dee. ___. .7H. .78 .'7I ..7634N.y
Forward Curb movers American : Curtis PublIsh. __ 23 7% 'Ii, 7'fa Stone Ik Webltet II 11% 11"" 11'.. '48 __ .13 .'7. ,13 ..733.BARLEY
were Studebat..r Corp __ 22 111% 17% 17"
C1a".Wrt.b' ::10 43's 4% 43. -
Gas. Cities Service Clark CaUrr Raam.r I 22 20 Ii, 22 Sunny Oil _____ U 9 I I If.8unhlln. Dee _n___ _u_ n__ 1.3634
Controller ( D Nfl 3 I'. 5". 57.SwUl& aI
on a resumed dividend
D..rshco ____ 1 33n 33% Co 'l 31' 31 31'T "OIlEION EXCHANGE: rr-vl.
and Creole Petroleum. Del Lack ft West 13: 6% 6% 6% :
Semler Common was off on a reduced Detroit( Edison: _u_ IS 23% 23', 23% Tun Co ____ 12 603' 110 60Tess. NEW YORK (AP) Closing forel.n n-
blat Coro au, :It 12', 12'. UDom. % ug Iulph : 4$ 473' 47 Ii, chant rates follow (Great Britain in dollars -
payment. Atlas Plywood Mines ____ U 153. 153'_ IIDou.la. Tes Pse 0 -= 2$ 2$ 2$ others In cents):
slipped. Turnover here was 220.000 Atrcra" U 453. 41 41 Tn Pee L Trust 211 20.. 20 20 Canadian dollar In Mw Tork open market -
Dresser Iadu" 11 14 14"i. 14% Tide Wit A OU 4 II% 1111% 7% per cent discount or 82.50 U. B. I -
shares versus 260.000 Thursday.DUN duhn' d. 1C I 1763's 1733. 1'Jllli, Trsnssmerica ___._ 11 I2Ye 1111. 12 cent oft 1/16 of a cent. ''iL.
I Trans &I West Air I 1494 14.% 1494' Europe: Great Britain It 02 13/16. off \L. \ 'I
AND KADSTKECT E'ltem Air L It 1I% 1934 1IEI % TI1-Con' Corp ____ 111 II I!. 6Twent 1/16 of a cent; Prance (Franc) .84% of a .
slEw YORK UP. ) Dun .nd Bradatroofa hwn .. IA ___ 1 U% 333. 13' C-Po. ___ 21 2." 21Ye 2."i. cent off 00%; Sweden Krona> 27 55. Unchanged -
dally .labted w... Index of 30 ...... com EDI Pull llenleo __ 211 26' 211 36'. Twin Coach __ 11% UI % : Switzerland (Franc) (comb) 23.40.nnchansed. .
modities. romolled for Called Press (1930- Erie RR __hn_ 20 I% 9 $3.P.rnaTe1P.a413 I U QUICK! C pars WEAPoiwerKS! ) t.oat MY ,E HT UAf \'-
92 arrrsta equals 100); p Bat k P 4 253' 2$ Latin-America: Arsentlna free 24.45; oft 0) AM KMT'S ItL \ '
Yesterday _- 35409 8% 8% 8% I gl:: Carbid. _-= 22 0731 953' in: .01 of a cent: Brazil Ire S.:50. unchanged w TiiEg'4 T U/f ; 'a.0E P REt
: NO OOi51' ... ANP iF.73'I. DOWN $
Thursday __ __== < THEM.
_.. _, _._ 254.30 20" 20 TAI
Firestone T ft B 3 48% 46% 46% Union OU Cal 10 209' % : Mexico 2062. unehansed.CYPRESS 4 R6 At FW \ N A
We** ego 254.35: nintkot _____u_n 25 36% 25% 36i I Union Pselfe( _== 2 127': 127 127% OF fl' EZP.WJL'4 OM HE. w4Te'o1N to A \'WOI'rA TE T
I Month aid __==- imi'." 25015 G UnIted Air Ullr. ,- 35 22.. 21"i. 21.. < wsv. wuoic rgiviN& gjpg, TtAT'4 AIii .
Year ceo .-____ 1943 Gen Elee n_-_____ 32 33% 31: 33% I United Alr.a" 11 U. U'. 15". CIS 4 ThAT CA T1MEt' ))1J AZZIVAL. WT.O S.3&6A'6 1C L OOr ,
1J47 hlih ( CMarrh: 18) ---.= 2K92S Gea Poods 1t.0 39% 39% United Corp 22 2'-w 2'. 2--.
nuu 9. 7DF1CKUEVPA414Lw
low Uaa. 23) 23280 flee Motors __u__ 48 55 64'. 84% I United Pnllt n __ 211 4734 40' 473. TANKS 1
Otis Pub Utll '_nu 30 13% 13% 13% I United 0.. Imp 4 22 21a 22 Tc.Avcz. 5f'C6411.' -
Olllett Sat R ____ 39 25% 25'. 25% U B Gypsum _. __ 4 9191 eo'. II
Goodrich __u 10 82% 81% 51% U II! Rubber _____ S 43'. 43 43 and TOWERSAll
DUTCH.LAP Ooodyear T ft R __ 10 44% 44'. 44'. U 8 Steel __ 31 653. tit 6434 d
Oraham Pals. Mot 35 3% 3% 3.%. V ; %. _
Ot North Ry Tl :3 36% 36% 36% Vie Chem Wks __ 7 31V. 31% 3Iv.. sizes hand. ) ,.
Asbestos Roofing Oreyhoand Corp __ 35 39%. 28% 2.'. WWalworth on
Oram Lire En ._.. 1 18% 18V* 18'. Co ____ I 0 5 0'4 '
ASBESTOS SIDING Gulf Mob ft Ohio S S 7% 8 Warner Broa Ptd 4. 15 If. 14% 15'1, I
Gulf OU ___ 10 61% 41% 61% West hid 'BuS __ 2S 2712S'fa 2631 ,
ASPHALT SHINGLES HHart West Uli Tel A __ 11 U". 11'1. II". %_
Sch ft M ___ 4 30 39% 30 WPlUn Air IIr 7 21 253. 28Weitin -
GUTTER H.," Mrs u____ 1 6% 8% 8% ElM _____ 12 2'1,1,, 24' 24" Everything (2
& Remestak Mia ____ 10 44 43%. 43% Wheeling Steel __ 4 34". 3391 3334Whito -A :=J --
Houston OU _u__ 11 20 19% 19% Motor ____ 3 21'. 21*. 213.WiIlys.Overl.nd for kLh -
DOWN SPOUTS Hudson Motor 10 14%, 14% 14% I __- 11 7. 7'. 7. needed
I Wilson ok Co ____ It 11' 113. 11'fa '
I Illinois Central 25 90% 20% 90% Woolworth I'W) ._ 31 U'fa 4. 44Younvst water supply % -J'I :; 7fGASt.Tll ;
L. T. JERNIGAN Interlak Iron ___ 4 10% 10% 10% Y : -_ .
sat Harvester _____ 8 81% 80% 80'. 8h &I T 10 I'l% n 573' and Irritation.
Int Nick Can __ __ 23 31 30% 30% I Z r '
Roofing and. Sheet Metal Int Psror nuu_ 36 41% 41% 41% Zenith Radio ____ 2 16% 16% 16% WILL IS MY FALSE Tu1 TWIS
70 Alexander PL TeL 7427 \ InS Salt ________ 1 48 48 48 Zonlt Products _._ 3 7% 7'. 7V MtlT INTO A SOGGV,SHAPELESS MESS-AT 500 AWFUL?' tt ''r GENTLEIIZNrJ0ULD -
-'II let Tel ft Tel 79 11% 10%, 11 Approitmat final total today 680.000. DEGREES OF HEAT//-DESPITE.\ :. HIS CLEVER iT j.gUu IS P1T.1.TTD.?' ITS IIERE.L'i'BE
JehnManvffl _... 1 111%, 111% 111% Pumps LEGAL Lb. gJ3.r fi' DOES ISO DECRELS.
In forest and wood fires HEAT
1946 IS

destroyed more than $30 million THIS) INFERMO-UNTIL) SOMEBODY MELTS .''T MY RED API r C-COUNT? GETTING -

I worth of Umber-enough to build & ___________ FLANNELS. WARfl!'.'
In the Growing Up-town Business District more than 215,000 five room Wells FOSDICI.- 3

homes. ,



0' ORLANDO Fireproof stance .
I Movers of fine furniture I

;j!| Member Federal Reserve System Member F..Dl.C.Eo ORLANDOTRANSFER I '

Robinson at Court St. Dial 7141 : & STORAGE CO. LIBBY & FREEMAN ( '

c TEL. 7516 711 W Church St. Tel. 9869 : ; ) yL (4 1

.L .


rMe cor 0001? ) GREAT.
rOsElc3Th '4 I THOuGHT WOV! -
IT -

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.4.-- 008-SAi/IUC A BOVS LiFE

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14 Beauty Parlors 19. Serrleen Offered 19. aertlceti Offered For You Too I 130._Good Places to Eat 33. Articles for Sale 33. Articles for Sale I (Srlanbn;;;

Ph. 4014. InvItes you t. see them Prompt service. Modern equipment CLOVER GRILL-Excellent food. mings. Also sink rims. Standard 2-burner. 613.23. Knox SAT..MAY 24. I
for beauty culture. Hilda lioneL APPLIANCES SERVICED Washing ; portsble power nnlt. Establlah- A Reasonable prices prevail at this sizes JO* off. Southeast Steel Sale, Store Co. 25 E. Pine. Phone 1-3163. '
VlTtan Lawrence. Margaret Whldden. | machines serviced. Prompt. ..IbI ed 1935. Skilled workman: licensed; high class restaurant. "The best Co.. 100 W.' Amelia Av*.. downstairs. I 33. Articles for Sale
McCrory Bldg apstalrs. | dent repair on all make We bays bonded Insured. Steven Floor Surfacing The food In town." The customer say. Phon 2.1442.ALUMINUM COAL OIL RANGE-Also whit gas

Sentln.1-Star the part Brltta. General Electrl Co. Phone 6582. if- \ Try til. 7 8. Court. range. "0. _817 West Central Ave. ELECTRIC FANS-A selection.
OENE'8: BEAUTY SHOP-Sprint *peiali. *- WINDOWS -. Double .0
J Franchise Dealer. 356 N. Orangs.Phone CEMENT
TJPHOLSTERt Refln-j -"Miracle" for repairing popular $ and
Want-Ad Bates Big reduction la beat wave hung. Cost less than steel windows. .
$942.APPLIAItCE. 4 plec bedroom suit CERVANTES SPANISH restaurant. anything. Bumby Hardware Co. Knox Store 2 X. Fin*. Phone
lining. ,
I Cold wave a specialty: 204 S. Main. ServiceThousands\ Never nEeds paint. They wont warp. I 102 W. :
2Sa *.r In* Phon 6888. I 842.50. 2 Piece living room suit 867 Spanish bean soup. Cuban sandwiches Price reduced 20*. Southeast SteelSales Church 81.I 2-36.
up. Paul's Repair Shop.Ph. 21165.j1UPHOL8TEREDRefIn. yellow rice and chicken. Real I Co.. 100 W. Amelia Ave, downstair I a QUiT8IT81neludtotI.DS. : inatrue-
(Minimum char** TScXOe RAre BEAUTY PARLOR-AH type I SERVICE-Ranteg. fan*. : Italian spaghetti and sauces; 16 X. *. Phone'21442.APARTMENT i \ 88 45. Knox Stores Co. 25 ENGINES Onan light welgnt air
.... permanent ware. Pre-heat and Church. I. Pin*. Phone 2-3163. cooled for dependable power, 2 to
IvncIQ per washer*, radio All appllsnces.AdapUni I ished. Slip cover Ingram-Brown. KITCHENS" -Complete 18 H.P. In stock. Conoon MsttlnaryCo.
Minimum chars tOo cold I wave' a specialty. Dial 4222. oil lamps to electric a 418 W. Central: 2-0006 or 2.2353.SBOMEPA3 M'CLAMMT'S RESTAURANT-Where with electric refrigerator range CLOTHES: LINE=stranded or solid .. 138 W. South.
38 East Pins. On plate only. : speciality. Pick up service. CaldweU the finest food are served In an wire galvanized ___
: -From sink and cabinets. A few for Immediate 354 and up. Knox
3 Consecutive Day 18* Ha a duI SPRING PERMANENT!)-Machine oraehiaeleM and Harris. 2213 Edgewater Dr. front to back from roof to cellar. Rely On atmosphere of cool comfort. Seafood delivery. Modern Appliance Stores Co. 25 1:. Pine. Phone 2-3163. ELECTRIC FANS-Several tn at
Consecutlv Dan 15* lin a day 88 up: phone 9964. College Park phon* 3-1973.: Including heating and ventilating.All steaks prepared to suit the Inc.. 428 N. Orange; 2-2514.: CARPET SWEEPERS: -Genuine Bls Kelvinator Dept. Bumby Hea..ar..
(Count I v.rl.as word 1 liDs) most discriminating tastes. Desserts 102 W. Cburcb.nCIC .
Jewel Charm Salon. SOl W. Amelia. ALTERTIONSDreamaklng. but- work .u.rantftel. Can :5026. sells "New Grand
autwnal Out of State) RatMBind that satisfy the sweetest tooth I BEDROOM SUITE 7-plece. HotPoint Rapids" 87.23.
InerUona :300 per Us* tonholes. Ferris Faanionett 54Edgewater I' HOUSES WASHED-Looks like paint BEFORE VACATION refrigerator. 2 week old. Knox Stores Co, 25 E. Pin. Phone IRONS-Automat!'e con
3 Consecutive Day 25o Un a day 15. Schools and Instruction Dr. i lob. BungaloWa 815. 2 tory 830. MARIE'S RESTAURANT* specialize Apex washing machine new. Dinette 2-3163. UDlnn Proctor Sa

'1 conMcutiv Dan 20o liDs a day AWNINGS vorca curtains. Venetian Waxing floor' our specialty. All work ** In Southern Fried Chick Suit. table. 6 chairs. Lamp dishes CAN OPENERS-Hand and wall type. Bumby 102 W C :, '_
Open 11 :
en. -Midnight. Except
Minimum 3 Un**) ACCOUNTXNO Engineering. HUh blinds gilder covering. Full liDs cf guaranteed. C.U_6328.I ..... TIME Tuea. Then 4 -Midnight.a 1647 8. cooking utensils. 405 W. Concord. 20e andup., Knox Store Co. 25 I. ELECTRIC FANS- School. International Correspondent material -Phone 9826. Florida AvoiDs Did neighbor BARBECUE GRILLS Pin. Phone 23163.COMMERCItTiND. 5. Orlando FnrnUur
tart la th. OrlanoV HOUSES WASHED your Orange Blossom Trail. I Camp stools. model. 810 *
AU Want-Ad
Moraine Sentinel and ar* printed School. Veteran approved. U I Co.. 432 S. Hughey. I spend 8400 or 8500 to paint I II picnic Ice boxes thermos jugs. etc. I : UTILITY steel Co. 141 and 6U W Chard
O. Row. P. O. Box 2974. Ph. 8282. I -
la both the Sentinel and Th ALLIS CHALMERS, SERVICE and his house-Not He had It steam Check Classification ROXT GRILLE Good coffee and a Mills and- Nebraska.BICYCLEiBoys windows. In stock. All sizes. Price FENCE PTS Cypress: ,01. :
Orlando Star on th* urns dst. HIGH SCHOOL-Complete your hub ', parts; tractor and power units. I cleaned by the Steam House CleanIng hearty breakfast-- starts day : Victory. 812.50. See reduced 20*. Southeast Steel Sale 3 t 4 I butt$15 per 100. 4
Department 1* open school at bom in .pars time with ,I Farm and Borne Machinery Co. 430 Co, at the small fraction of the healthy Try your We at 746 Magnolia Av*._Ph. 22993. Co. downstairs. 100 W. Amelia Av*. I 1 100. LUU Tree
Want-Ad 73. way. us. specialize
American School. Texts furalthed.No W. Robinson; phone 2-2713. the' cost of a paint Job. That' whyit phone 21442.CASh Winter Park 898.
from 8:30 Jn. to S PJ*. dally. newt W* also restore In breakfast menu. 212 W. BEDS-Hollywood. Red Cross Supreme __
Sunday from to 12 a-m. classe Diploma. Free booklet. I ALARM CLOCKS REPAIRED, looks ute colors to dirty asbestos Church. box springs and mattress. REGISTER tLarse (lsa>-.Meat FLOOR cviRO-I. and
Writ American School. Dept. O. C.. kind of clock or electric equip- the original Apply at 1229 Mercedes. sllcer; heavy Iron safe; large waUglass i printed k. ruaners -
Deadline for Sunday Paper P. O. Box 3161. Orlando. i ment. W* fix everything. Barker Re- roofs. Call 23625. drive an unsafecar. showcase: air compressor metal _and broadtelt at OUdd.ns.FANBFansFansExceUent .
day ItOOILAdyerUM" pair Shop. 48 W. Central. Ph. 7696.ACETYLEN HOMES CLEANED and repaired Inside lathe: porch swing: gilder: musical Instruments '
to notify REAL ESTATE LAW and practice. out. Licensed and bond- Check with one of an atmosphere of air-conditioned price this week. Bumby selee.
ar requested I and electric welding: and revolvers; cameras; pressure I I1h4Ip. 8" to 1$".
in Preparation for broker and salesman 2-2037. cleanliness and charm. Reduced Hardware. 102 W. Church. tf small fans from
n* Immediately of any error machine work on pumps saw mills ed. Oale. phone the advertisers cooker; waffle Iron; tool for tea. 210
week. 139 under Co.
Classes start each prices. "Don't forget our good 89 HP. Orlando
Sentinel-Star will BATHROOM CABINETS AppUa
their ad a* th -Large assortment. lawn plumber and machinist
AU kinds. Estimates -
machinery REPAIRING- ;
and road construction ; HOUSE ..
steaks. Southland N. Orang Av
E. Pin. St. Phone 6586. Restaurant nextto
b* responsible for only on .Incorrect aluminum and bras casting. McKinney given without chars Ph. the above classification. Fla. Bank. I Bumby Hardware Co.. on. rack men's suit. 81 98: ice boxes: 453.
Insertion. BUMMER SCHOOL and readint Machine Work 131 W. Kaley. Camp Winter Park. 15$. 102 W. Church. luggage; kitchen cabinets; living FtJR."rRWlclr ..t 4 piece;
croup for children aces S to 6. BICYCLE WHIZZER MOTORS room suite: radios: players. Large selection IDDe spring
You Can' Place Tour June 6th to Aut. 1st. Ph. 4233. BUILDING. repairing and painting. HOME: SERVICE -Windows General repair 31. Good Things to Eat_ 897.55 pin tax and frejiht. ComeIn : new and used item found only 1 mattress. Chest ot drawers: dresser

Want-Ad by Telephone Prompt service. Licensed and bond New construction. screen DIAL 4161 and see the new 1947 modeL I In a pawn shop and second hand 1408 E. _J.Herf
service. Licensed andbonded.
18. Travel Information_ I ed Superior Builder" ph. 20123. and caulking. Dowswell.Phons 9522. HONEY-It's Orange Blossom b.n.,1PI Cheapest transportation known. store. All priced to selL We buy. : SPECIALS-Co-:.nen-

Dial 4161 BEAD AND PEARL STRINGING :lh't Writ W. K. Wilder. I Whlzzer Motor Sales. 602 N. Orson trade and sell most anything. Maekoya. PIUUTRI suite reflhe In
AIR RESERVATIONS and ticket an jewelry and watch repair; guaranteed LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED and Fla. Ave Phone 2-4687. 406 W. Church. maple bdrm bed. Ya and

lines. Bunnlland Travel Bureau. 30 Norgrady'g. 11 Magruder Are. sharpened. 24 hour service. Atomic 19. Services Offered VALENCIA ORANGES The best to CAMERA-Ansco. prea-ar. 33UM. single bench prewar coil springs new

E. Pine. Phone 5301. BOOKKEEPING SERVICE-Monthly Machine Welding Co. 1166 8. ship. We have them! Also for BICYCLE-Racing. Ph. 2-8772. frame. F 3.5 I..... Rans finder felt ..tr.1139 S.p VwteManlave
I 1 Orang Ave.. Winter Park. Writ or RADIO INTERCOMMUNICATION. home n... 11. 0 buthel. Grapefruit Sl.ov
CARIBBEAN-GUATEMALAN cruises. statements tax[ returns system filters and spare cartridges A. .h.I "I.S.
lL'6pec:1a1: Notices phone Winter Park 472. I Installation and repairs. Also JSc<< busheL King Fruit Co.. 1401 W. Jraklna h irs
Orlando Travel Service 118 1:. Installed. Moderate ,.... Leo A. Wide- repairs Bond. 1900 8. Ferncreek. Ph. 9473.
man phone 5905. LAWN MOWING-WIth power mower i on all home and car radio Washington: 7267. BOAT-Speedliner. Johnson 22 h.p. Value Jenkins Furniture Xxchau
ADVICE-Psychic reading '.11'. Central: dial 9504.: 81 for 1000 square ft. Estimate Fuller Bros.. 114-B Park AveS_ motor wish tr.U..r. Ph. 2-8772. CONOOLEUM stOOd:: in aU sixes. 229 Boone St.. ph. 2.319. _
1 circle Tuea. 8 pm. Thurs 2:30: CALIFORNIA-Leaving within week. CLEANING AND PRESSING: Cash for complete garden care by season. winter Park; ph. 619. 32. Articles for Rent BED. SOFA-Heavy duty spring Special prices on aU furniture.
44% W. Church. Rm. Take 2 passengers (bar* expense and carry prices will says you Slaunhter' 48 West Central Ave.
flMn I pm. W. C. Prase landscaping. 2-4409. walnut arm resu. Practically
office phone 708$. 613 Wyoming Av*. St. Cloud. money. Bring us your clothes. 8u- :_ ROOF LEAKS: REPAIRED: -Will give new. ItL Cblf.mb.
12. Rev. Cherry pertor Cleaners. 214 Boone 6t. LETTER ri'INo-PvbUe stenog FLOOR SANDER Edger and polisher. 845 300-4> E. HazeL CARD TABLE SET-Mahogany. Whit couch. 832. .
prompt service. For Information UI1
ADVICE BT MEDITJU RaT M. I HAVANA and Hassan by boat or form raphy. Mail and phone service. telephone 2-2223. All new. Arnold Paint Store 407 BOATS-10 and 12 ft.; complexly collaptlble leather inlaid; with chair to match. 50; dining table. 824 UU
Thrash. Christian Light Church. I plane. Call Orlando Travel Service. CONCRETE: FLOORS etc. We Parker Business Service; 21287. I 8. Oranse. 2-3786 Parking In rear. ; perfect for quick and easy 1249 Mercedes Av*. between 9 a.m. can bottom eh.1 1 9-pleri caning
lbs E. Central; dial 9504. pour and finish concrete floors ROOFING BERVICE! :-Let the man and 7pm.CAMP Uatner ..fOrl.Ddo
Tun. 2:30 Tbur. I pm. 24626. FLOOR SANDER. edger and polisherfor handllng.Mllls and Nebraska. room .ul.
Circle! : : driveway walk and step. For LAWNS GRADED. grassed; topsoiL _
who knows how. do your roofingfor -
HAVANA. CUBA-Allipene tours. rent. Johns Hardware. 2208Edgewater -lft STOVES-Just received a 56 Church.
price estimate call 2-0256. Dunham All lawn work. Free estimates. EllI BATHROOM TILE: rustproof
I Its just call L. T. Jer-
ALICE CARUN-koom 504. Florida Lanier Travel Service. 30 E. PIIt.St. yon. easy Drive telephone 20915.: large shipment. Bumby Hard.are.I .
Co.CONCRETE erhardt. Permatlle.
hair Concrete nlgan. 7427 stop by and us at AU colon: low eo Bank Building. Superfluous I Phone 5301. __ I or see FLOOR SANDERS American : estimate. Bob 102 Church.:. _ _ FURNITURE-New and "Pay
permanently removed. Ph. 4406. : : WUKK; driveways: step WTS CLEARED: Prompt service. 70 Alexander Place. New Sweeney ph I uS
NORTH EAST-Leavinc May 28. walks floors septic tanks; licensed Fre estimate any time. 116 Irvln. I II '8" new edger. Reasonable rates.C. 2-4632. I CAMERA EQUIPMENT Contact cash and ...It to cent
AMANDA BHADFORD-PtyehU read- Would like on. or two passencers. bonded; Southern States Floor phone 21147. John Newton. I SEPTIC; eel.-r INSTALLED and R. Burke. 1805 S. Bumby. 7851. BEDROOM: SUITE Child's. Youth I printer with reostat control, 820. 2 on your purchase Bass Furniture
Ave. State approved. 20 yearsin dark timers. 84 each. Ph. 8510. 625 W. Church 8t. Phone M2J>.
Wed. 861 Writ Col- R.: M. Thompson. 1212 Illinois room Co.
toe; elrel 3'30: Co. 8714 or 2-2,406: forestimates.CONCRETfERV1CE LANDSCAPING and peat pulverised. i business; Altermatt. Call 6730 or h.OORBANDERandedger; also cabinet bed. chest of drawer and wardrobe. "
mbla AT*.; ph. 22331. Orlando sander and floor Good condition. 1124 W. Smith Ave.LOGINLady's DOORS; 'windoai.; screens custom FURNITURE-'"Try befor Ton buy
Floors.roofs. Fill in dirt and black dirt. Call 7571foraervlce. polisherWyckoffs
CITY Leavlnt Sunday. I __________________ built. Furniture store fixtures. aU At Moore Furniture Co. Edg-
KANSAS Hdw. 2824: Kuhl. a-2821 2.0
20620.MATTRESsES Br.wnrMlL"i
walks.The .
chairs readyto drlTcwayi. steps and 9926 or _
"Want to share expenses I classes of mlllwork. Look for sign water Drive In College PakFRTUR"MI
passenger ,
efficient best In engineering workmanship FLOOR SANDERS=Two Two style. Size 4. Like Price SIS.
aero you with faa Bulck. Phone 8188. RENOVATED Sterilised pumped and hauled I ; P. J. : new. new. on Winter Garden Rd.. Garden Road
Prlvlnc 47
vie*. All Union ibop. W* clo4 : and material. Free estimate recovered with strong attractive -*' Burke. Permanent resident; bonded. edgers and two polishers for rent can 28101. Cabinet Shop- ph. 2-2017. -Warei F
10Cburrh. RIDE RESERVATION. BUSES: Sunnlland For concrete work of all kinds call at reasonable rates. Smyth LumberCo. S.
8:30. East Bid Barter Shop. ticking. Comfort 1* our objective. lnsured.RouteJ9.Box[ 231; 2-O878. :
Travel Bureau. 30 East 6780.or 9530. Buchanan Concrete Co. RUM Mattress Co.. 1122: W. TREES PALMS TRIMMED--a d .. N. Orange and Railroad DEEP FI1EEZER-Victor-1O: cu. ft. before buying usedfurnltnre653.FURNITURE .

Dlxl- Pine Phone :3301. ___ Church: 22213. BATH TUBS- capacity. Orlando Appliance Co. 84950;
LAUDE VAUGHN and His I removed. Bonded. John Newton' 210 N. Orange 4537. iourhn
land Boekeroo .IU appear at SIOUX CITY. IOWA-Leaving Bun. CARPENTRY REPAIR-Ph. 1420.I 116 Irvin Street. Pleas phone 2-1147. mattresses 81285 810;
Frank Barbeane. 1163 Orante Ave.. a m. Room for 2 riders Ph. ClydeBunhneU. PAINT ESTIMATES: Color suggestions. TOOl. RENTAL SERVICE- Carload castiron enameled bath tuba utility cabinets 814.95: chairs 81 95.Whltmlre .
TRACTOR SERVICE-Grove* or new 306 W.
night 8.30 111? Winter Park. 483. just received. Other fixtures DRINKING FOUNTAIN. electrl: Irnlure. rhnri-Jl.
Winter' Park. $at. CONTRACT BUILDING new Reliable painters recom ground plowed. Lot cleared. leveled -- on
No cover charge SPRINGFIELD. MASS.-Leavlna May I home and repairs u> boCe.: and mended. Hatch. 6001. At Glldden'a. I Contract or hour rate Ph. Paint prayers; .kn-....; bench- hand. Including: toilet seats. Nothing Good 8371. FUT JUICERS .ood-stie-uon.
C.-R- 5TEVLN8DrotsT-l have 30th. returning June 10th; take 2 I buildings of any kind. Repairs fin 2-7283. I' saws: power mowers; flooring dcwn. 36 months to pay. Libby Jc up. Knox Store Co.. 25 X.
moved my Real Estate and Incur or 3. Telephone 2-7372. I anced. Bee T. P. Fullard. 39 L Amelia OFFICE MACHINES REPAIRED-Our equipment and misc. Young's Tool Freeman. 711 W. Church. DELCO PUMP3-Shallow well. 25 Pin.. Phone 2311.rBUlINO
TREES DEMOSSED. trimmed taken Rental 100 W. Washington St. 8434. and 42-gaL tank Installed. Easy Hendrtck'l
from 114 N. Court 81. ; phone 24032. -37.
abcs business service guaranteed. Check witn down. Full 1 insurance. J. B Haughton.S25 -
payments. Wyckotf Hdw 2524 KuhL Sizes
to 307 W. Par Av*. Phone a-3554. 17. Hanlinr and Movinr I CLAY ROADS BUILT-Also lime rock George Stuart. 13 8. Main 8U phone I S S. Summerlln. Ph. 9777. I Sbrtn. .
paving with surface 8158. ---- BEDS Two. full size coil springs DOORS- of 25 51 ft. and 2 The bul
motors. ; treatment. 8."bd. wbtD.
LIVE BAlT-ehlDn. boats _ _ .
Klllarney Fishing ALLIED VAN LINES.: INC.-Nation's I Work guaranteed. Bumby & Simp UPHOLSTERY-Robert 8Bro. TYPEWRITERS-Rental machines and good mattress. I SO and 8SS: Screen loss are storm .bHW
and cabin Inside and out. Licensed -
Gourd heck Springs on laTent movers of household foods I son. Ine. Phone 5437. PAINTINU- 21111 N. Orange Aw.. offers finestIn for Immediate delivery. Office complete. Also modern dressing table type of wood work. Orlando Wootlctaft and all have windows.Steal
Camp near and bonded eon tractor. Freeestimates
fabrics and workmanshIp.UPHOLNTERINGSflp Equipment : with large round : 1 W. Washluc bsiilillngi to sell. Also
Lake ApOpka. Call Fidelity Storage At WarehouseCo. : AiiUU-TAlUi-rILLWORK; call 2-3066. I '"" Ksihans Smith-Corona mirror. 825. lodu.tte. : pried
ion to apeclal : A..M. 220 8. SlaIn 8t.. Tel BSO. 1300 K Rainy Ave. ton air Comp.te with
.. for free estimate on your order. Central covers refln- I 110 b'
Florida LumberCo. =
Bait Dlseovenr esch.Ibis .
NIWSULPHUft BATH distance movlns. 56-61 W. JacksonPhone Mills and Nebraska PAINTING Brush or spray. Indus Ishing. We call without obligation. TYPEWRITER"RINTALS": -:- special i FOUNTAIN-Klvintor. pip. all duct. P. 8-30
-Relief for arthrttla. rheumatism trial or resldentlaL Water proofIng DRNKNG price 1* pipe alone
St 2-3184. I Call Icsram-Brown. 41S W. C.IlU..1.2oOQ8 .
monthly and quarterly rates Check BOATS-12 ft moth sailboat. ISO.
neuritis sciatica and lumbaio. CONCRETE thrmot. J. R.
FLOORS Exteriors 144C cost.
Drive-ways. I specialty. 14
Bend for free pamphlet on AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO.- steps llagstoae. Reasonable.- Thirty ft. 40.000 our so. ft. ar over. Anywherein I or 2-23 3.UPHOL8fiRJNOhperU. with George Stuart. 13 8. Main fit-. 12 ft., mahogany moth 8150. 16 ft. Hardware. 102 Cburcb w.u City. Fla-. phone 411.W.w..o
Call Joiner deilsned phone 81S8.; new custom sail 8225 14 ft. mahogany
relief or money back. "8ocaUedBop.l.is Lone distance moving. year In business. Free estimate State. Free estimates. Best in ref new DEW ALT POWER SAW8A Park
Case Welcome. TyndallLaboratories. Van and Storage service for free upholstery. Many choice' pattern row-boat 8150. Call Winter planer Mall Logan
C. W. Nldy. Winter Park 469. erences. Ph. 4951. Rt 1. Box 95. drl.
Belmar. N. J. estimates; also local moving storage. !I i Klastmroee Fla. T. K. 0.11.",.,. to choose from. Russ Mattress Co.. 33. Articles for SaleARMY' Park 145 Charles Whltnv. 2 to 6\ p.m.BICYCLESMans metal lathes. J. D. .. FR SAMPLE BALE-Sale* final.
.... Scaly studio divan
packing crating and shipping. 1400' -Clay roads 1122 W. Church: 2-2213. Mount Dora
ROOM. board. Purling car In prt- fill shredded 375.mU. regular 8107.50. sal.' 879.95: Carolina
8. Division: ph. 79t$. i dirt. peat. Edgar I'.AINTINo-Whpa Its painting you .
_ VENETIAN BLINDS REPAIRED- GOODS-:900 khaki shirts on and lady's large
vat bom for iemHnvalld lady. gal. studio ,divan regular
Shirley phon 240. Winter Garden- need. call 2-3930. Brush or spray. TAK-3f Parlor.
4281.. DEEM'a DELIVERYSrvlcy. phone Stanley P. Curtis licensed and bonded Slats replaced with aluminum. sale. 81; raincoats and panchos; tires. Office swivel chair. Dresser 41} tlOS.IS. sal. 88450; 2-plec mohair
7673: light moving and hauling. DRY C'LEANINo-W. employ only Guaranteed not to peel rust or chip. largest stock of tents' and tarpaulinsin white. Good condition reasonable. W. Robinson Avenue. C. tries living room suit. regular,
BUMMER SCHOOL and reading every load Insured; reasonable rates. i skilled experienced help; anelmocl.ra contractor. For any kind of blind 20c per .... the State. High quality and low Phone 6078. 817995; ;pler.. fin
sToop for children aiei 5 to I.June MacDuffCleaners. I'LUMBlNabd.: Thompson repair prices. Morgan's Salvage ELECTRIC RANGES-Immediate de 13611.1. .a.
machinery. Try na. ft at factory. Refinishing and Store. 46
FULFORD VAN & STORAGE CO.- BID-Iron frame coil spring and doubt coll spring
livery. Also original Deep Freeiers.Chtlton
6th to Aug. lit. Ph. 4233. 4789.
204 work. 24 hour service. Ph. E. Church St. ere.
Rldrewood. corner by factory trained employee.Orisndo. ,
Can handle part load to Jack innersprln mattress. 639 N. Wflt.morpl.nd & Wiggins. Ine. 105 N. Gar living mom *. retular. 829850.
SWEDISH MASSAGE-For arthritis: Ronaltnd. Phone 2-1060. Residence 12iO Eastln St. Venetian BUnd Mfg Co..
AQUELLA Controls kneehole
aonvlll Pla. May 29 Also part water leakage Drive. land. Ph. 7125. sale blond maple
neuritis: slenderizing: MU Gil load. to Syracuse and Rochester. M. ELECTRICAL: REPAIRING and house PLASTER PATCHING by an expert. 1739 8. Kuhl; 8059. dampness or seepage on brick concrete Single and double with desk. 1198.. .. 8S9: solid mahogany
bert. 1206 W. Tale AT*. 2-2918. Y. Ph. 82R6. 133 N. Main.KNOLLENBERO'S I wiring. Call 4514. Miner Willis Also minor repairs. Orlando Horn WASHING MACHINES REPAIREDAU and stucco. Any kind of ma springs- and mattress: dining room FANS To..ten grills frame Duncan Phyf sofa. 8119.50.
Ladle only.BFENCER Maintenance; dial 9948 sonry. Smyth Lumber Co percolators; ice cream freezers.. Fair
Local moving; Eleetrlral Contractor. makes. 24 hr. service and N. Orange gnlte: portable Remlnston Noiselesstypewriter sal. 14.1 5-plee refectory
SUPPORTS Individually storage crating: pscking. Also I PAINTING-Quality material Horn pick UP service. Caldwell and Barris. and Railroad ; Emerson table radio: 39 Store 10 W. Church. 16.1. aale. 84995;
deitined. Mn. Warren. 1202 .E.Waahtncton. a.*nt for Delcher'l Lone Dlrtanc I : and business. Your ideas in color. 2213 Edgewater Dr. College Park. ATTIC FANS-AU slses from 30 to Ford auto radio Very reasonable. ELECTRIC RANGE: In excellent 5-piece black and enamel dlnnett -
Phone 2-3506 or 2-308S )Movln 506 Mary St. Dial 4969. FLOOR BANDING-Finishing and 'Immediate service. Ed Curtis ph. 2-1972. 48 in. We will make survey and 1261 Arlington Place. Winter Park. condition. For Information tale- *. regular. 873.78. sale. 844.50; I

W. P. Kelly. Registered Surveyor.S LONG DISTANCE: MOVING rAll i laying. Modern floors with modern 9724. VENETIAN BLINDS MADE-Best estimate of complete installation at Ph. 664R.BFDROOM. phone 8505.: ple aluminum bu dinette r.

Church and Main Arcade. Phone points. Packing eratl *. local moving. methods: modern dustless eClupmeDLFre. PAINTING-Waterproofing; aU masonry workmanship materials. CompleterecondItioning no cost. Terms up to 36 months. SUITE-4-plece blonde ECIC RANGES Apartment lar. 810373. sectional. 84950 Spiecehish
\ 6346. Suddath Moving it Storage Co. estimates. Specialising in Pene- surfaces. Thoro system. shop. Adams. 919 W. Willard it Reiser. Vogue TheaterBlock.Coionlaltown 87950. 10* discount this month full sised., For immediate spring grade construction web. dobl.
: 115 W. Columbia. Phone 8154. tre-lae finish. Price 6e per ft. fin- Porches doors windows Central. 11558.WASHING ; dial 8136. Orlsndo Furniture Co. 141 and 615 delivery. Modern .Appliances Inc. regular. $425.56. sal*. btom
12. Lost and Found ished. Modern Floor Surfacing Co. 428 N. Orange Ave. I li8.5 6
Bonded. Insured. N. J.
LOADS WANTED to Jacksonville and .er..ned.1 MACHINE: REPAIRS AIRPLANE MODELS Complete stock W. Cbur b.BEDSPREADS. piers aU solid wood
Phone 24150. BUI Service en all make all work models and accessories. HO-Q Railroad : : APPLIANCE- pay ). at
, CAR KITS LOST-4 ken on aI point In between and return. for PLUMBINGREPAIRS- HobnaU. full size ECTRICA only one regular. 8239 50. ,
chain. With llcenae number. the week of May 26th. Fidelity Stor- prompt guaranteed repairs. Phone guaranteed. Av "' 2014 X. boat*. racing cars. Model sup only in assorted colors 87.59. Orlando ., .' you i 8149.SO; aloderoma storage ahett
: Pleat. can 9512 If found.BILLFOLD ass & Warehouse Co.. dial 2-3184. 5059. Residence. 1729 Grand. Kaley Ave.. phon? 6247. plies. Haley. 214 N. Orange. 6668. Furniture Co.. 141 W. Church. want and need under Firestone Easy: regular. 859.95. sal. 829.95; twin
FANS REPAIRED Cleaning and 'I Budet Plan. Ladles see the new Firestone Hollywood beds. 1 box springs and 3Innersprlnt
SERVICE West Central ATTIC FANS-AU size. Complete
: LOST-Laely'. bin. containing 18. servicing; expert electricians. John election of small fan*. Orlando or radios toasters vacuum el..a regular,
Laundry Work I Plumbing & Heating Co. 15 N. size. Orlando Furniture Co, 141 m.ttr.n.
,, money. Left In publle telephone son Electric: Co.. 23 E. Church. Ph. ''Bryan. Day 2.2238. Night 753$. WELL DRILLING- Appliance Co. Inc., 210 N. Oranie W. Church.BOATtichardson. ers etc. Firestone. Orange and Con- $204 50. sale 614995; .Pr. cat
lobby Angebllt. Can operator 5186. Ave Phone 4537. cord. boudoir chair. ; 2-
: Anifbilt Hotel. Re.ard.CLASSES PAINTING-9x12 rooms; ceiling and Sport Fisherman. 128.S.
ELECTRIC: SWEEPER Sweeper-Va* piece living room
I hOME: LAUNDRY. 2030 W. Church FURNITURE REPAIRED-Made to Guaranteed well*. Any size yon re AERIAL mod.r
WIRE-CoPlH'r. stranded.aerial .
walls. 812 including flat oil. 1941. single cabin sleep! 4. 33
suite regular. 8341.15. sal .
LOST-D.rk rimsFjold with attachments. SIS Good condltlon *
: 21342. look like new. Old pieces restoredto rates exteriors. 2-4287. I.o"1 i quire. SterilIzed and tested. Nothing wire. 60c. Knox Stores Co.. 25 ft. X 10 ft. 10 In. drawa 111.
Helfand. : : 21 in. X.
Slather ol Orlando. .
, ear piece. Green tinted. Between their natural beauty. Russ Mat- ,I down. 36 months to pay. Libby 11:. Pine. Phone 2-3163. Large fishing cockpit; live well. : 3330-N. OraD.. OI.lldO. I P.
Colonlaltown and City Auditorium. tree Co.. 1122: W. Church; 2-2213.: REFRIGERATION SERVICE A Freeman. 711 W. Church. I --- | ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Also
: 7386.HORSI: WASHING-It cost (o Hills and it'io mercial and household repair AUTOMATIC WATER: HEATERS. Leather swivel chair 2 Chris-
Popular slses.' select your pine gyp and lap.
40 FLOOR BANDINO-Finishing. cleaning Electric Craft marine motors. 130 H-P each. gas.
minimum. A 10
easy. cool Good work charges reasonable. Ferguson ; 30 and 40 gallon.
Walter J. Wlleox Ine. 61 thl'l and abet rock. Lorn Smart.
: : FOUND--Am ttoldinaBan* clean comfortable laundry for your waxing; modern equipment. All Refrigeration Service Ph. 9752. ,I -MertlandLimited quantity but Ship-to-shore radio approximately week. e
, for owner. Rev Zeky"" McQullla; cototed. convenience. New modern equipment.Playgrounds work guaranteed. Licensed bonded. I WASHING MACHINE: REPAIRS AU I Immediate Installation. Convenient 82000 In extras. Guaranteed new Robinson. Founded 1936.ELECTRICWATER way Road car ot Bpr'_ .

; / ----.' Oakland. Fla. for the children 10 yrs. experience. For prompt service I ROOF REPAIRING", roof In- make Maytac official: service. : terms. Willard tc Ktl.vr. Vogue condition. Reduced from 89850 to HEATERS-30 mile East ot Lanr..te Park.
, LlTD HORSE: MULE: LOST Small. Strack's Self-service Laundry. 316 i phone 21370. Basa Floor stalled. Patching and painting.Red Barton' next to Colony Theater I Theater Block Colonlaltown; dial 86500. Phone 5206. Orlando. and 40-gallon: also gas 30-gallon FURSrTUKE, 3 piece Hr.br
7 1 NotUy E. A. Murray Ocoee. Flor- W. Washington cor. Washington i in* Co.FLOOR. the Roofer.- Phone 2-1255. I I Winter Park 93. &136.I BEVERAGE: --COOLER-, ::;-Brunswick water beater Bndlby Hardware 102 maple living room suit 111.101

, tda. and Hughey. phone 6924. No appointments SANDING SDrf.O-I 1, RADIO SERVICE See Central Flor- '' WELDING: -Acetylene and electric I ACCESSORIES for Whlzzer motors Blue-Flash. Liquid and solid food W. !Iur h.ECTRIC I piece Inman maple it.

necessary. Hour 7.30 I cially. Pentra-Seal I' Ida' most complete radio service portable outfits. Keep machinery In i new type generator light sets large refrigeration. Easy access: greiter RA8TN.I. aut twin. bd.8224_ Inman mapl
a m. until 8 lI.m. Open Mon. Wed. I shop. Quality service at lowest cost. 859 50 mapl night stand
14. Beauty Parlors yrs. experience. Modern O< operation by welding broken and leather seats windshields statlon- storage capacity: faster cooling. Immediate eontr.l .
\ and Fri. evening until 9 p.m. I'Work guaranteed. Licensed. Prompt Brltts OE. Radio Service. 356 N. worn part Cohoon Machinery Co.. wagon-capacity 200 pounds also delivery easy terms. Orlando Kelvinator Bumby Hard..ar II.I Lenta Liberty mapl maple ccfle desk ahalr table

AMMZRUAN X. Pine. Mildred service. C. R. Burke. 7851. Orange phone 8942. 138 W. South St. I I I complete bicycle part and supplies.Whizzer Appliance Co.. IDe.. 210 N. 102 W. Church.ELECTRIC 819.231 2 Lents tabl!

Flynn. France Rhoadet. Betty 19. Services Offered I IAT'nC FLOOR SANDING-Finishing. cleaning I RUGS AND UPHOLSTERY: cleanedin WELL DRILLING-Let B* drill your 1 Motor Sales. 602 N. Orange Orange. dial_4531. WEER2 Amp. 837; Lents mapl* lp m.pl. rD ;
CaldweU. TClnora Phillip and Dorothy waxing. Exclusive agent for your own home. Approved well and install your pump for I Ave Phone 2-4687. CASEMENT T ADJUSTERS-Door clos One O. E, PrrU .UJ' Rats mapl. lamp 81925;.S
Clement. All highly efficient with FANS-See this before you Flor-Co Sealer which guarantee perfect methods.. Moth proofing. Prices re- horn or irritation. Easy: payments ATTIC PANs-American Blower and ers; door chimes: lock set of aU new. Florida Iron Works 170 N. I lamp 819c .b. leaf maple
yean of experience. Phone 6482. buy. Installed in any position. Ph. istlBfsctlon to you who desire duced. Dixie Rug Cleaners. Ph. 7642. nothing down. 36 month to pay. I Century-Hunter. 36. 42. 48- In. Installed kinds. Smith Lumber Co, JII. Oran I Orange. AI.dl tabl aD 4 ci Will .1

, AMERICAN BEAUTY SALON 44 H 2-0346. 513 VrgI&Drivs._ Quality Lasting Floor Estimate RUGS UPHOLSTERY: CLEANED"Expert : Belmany Well Drilling and Pump Convenient term Wyckotf Ave.and R.Urd.CASHRroISTERS ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR N.",. all or part .. V.d 2 t
C W. Church oppoilte Rialto Theater. ADVICk; TO Bun.DERS-ADd Supply free. Orlando Floor Surfacing Co., I workmanship fast service.' Supply. Winter Garden Rd. 1 mile Hd.... 2524 Kllhl.AUTOMATICWAn". -=-Florida Cash I Coldspot. S250. 410 West Concord. week Reduction. C. Mr.h
Bonnie formerly with Elltabeth quotations. Be* Mr. Itou at Mill Established since 1925. 1809 N. Orange Guaranteed mothproofing service. Ph. can of Orlo Vista. Orlando 7081.I Register. Ohner Agents sale .. ?- = Westinchousc -I 509 Rugby Av*. College
Salon. Welcome her patrons and and Nebraska. Ave.. ph. 7836. 2-4318. Kleenlxe Co. of Orlando. WELL DRILLING Ice. supplies 220 8. Main 8850. ilJ
-W* specialize in Westlnsbouse. Cordley. Sun roc:. ; : Federal vacuum eleaner FURNITOlUe-* m. worn. SilO
friend-- For appointment- ph. 8931. APPLIANCE SERVICE-All appliances FURNITURE REPAIRED and ref in- ROOFING-Free estimates. 3 year I I small diameter deep wells. 2". 2'4" Change dead eipense COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATORS 26" easy ironer 4. inaersprinc good ru*. Straight back IhOa
. .JUT'S UTOPIA BEAUTY SALONBOS services (no radio); reaeon- Island like new. Cabinet made to I to pay. Work guaranteed. Roll and ]". Can install well and pump !. Into a ff'r[ r :;t. Terms if de- S 42 ru ft. capacity. 1947 model for mattress. All in good .condition and 'I ehalr. Dresser Deneh. 816 .. C.ntal.

E. Washington. 10% off on aD able. Work auaranteed. R. N. Med- order. Tlndall Furniture Co. 2323 N. shingles or built up and asbestos I of FHA plan. Call or writ P. F. ;, sired. Walter J. WIl OI[. Inc., 61 11:. i Immediate delivery. Walter J. Wllcox very reaaonable. Call Winter Park [Continued On Next
. permanent Phon 9723. lln. ph. 7364 or 23021.:


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WrIanb &rntfnrl I 33. Articles for Sale I, 33. Articles for Sale I 134. Arice Wanted AUNT HETBy POOR PABy 51. houses for SaleCLNLTWN1O Houses for Sale''I 51. Rouses for Sale

PAGE 10. SAT. MAY 24. i iCont. and colors BLINDS Factory under TABLES. ChaIn and miscellaneous ROBERT QUILLEH CALLAN down moves 15. _
1947I PAINT-Outside white !f VENETIAN restaurant equipment Box 411 CLAUDE PAK SECTION A I WINTER: PARX-2-bedroozs house
I I From 83.90 a gallon. Parking larear proacUoa We offer aluminum S-Star. home .Balance furnished lake .I bungalow ef close to High School and bus linv.

{ from Preceding Pac,) I off South St. We deliver. ArnoldPaint i I bld. DJ size Me per sq. Mathews. with J.Ik. rent. 8e Wm blok. Tile bath and dr.l''' $10.500 furnished. Ask for E. H.
8. Orange 2-3786. ft. Immediate foot Broker i ,
Store. 407 ; futn. deln" WHEE CWlt "nloD i b.rd fon. aluminum case- 1 Shannon wIth Ray Greene. Realtor
208 S. Main .
j Also available. Run.ble. Pi.. : 7811.COLLEGE I Priced the 112 Park Ava. S.. Winter Park.
blo. I:
Articles for Sale PIANOS -Knable console 8895. New i; estimates .ta no obligation. Orlando telephone 2O964.WE PARK-Just a short dls- :'' present m.rk.t'2.1 Phone 620.tjflTER .

rS. I and b.utlal .Joseph Bailey. 736 !' Venetian Blind Mfg Co* 13 .. BUY used IUI Dtur. Call us lance off Edgewater Drive. Handy 838 per H.r7 He.th Broker I PARK-Aloina. See this

; TN3-3. I8-ln pdnta ventilating'fans. W.nol.. 2201.I j) Kuhl; 8059. I fore uJI. bj' to Princeton School for the d i la Coloataltewa. 6253. ',. beautiful new ranch-type bungalow.

G cOd1\o. Vi > P.Io. PIANOS For ..Oa.UA new VEE BLINDS d.,delivery. I No. 2 615 W. Church We have a real bargain In this 3 : I I Large corner. No city taxes. 82.0f>

b MD U S. Or- I spInet Light mahogany dark : cheap 2-4883. room concrete bungalow. 1.0 I LAKE FRONT-2-story modern brick ,I cash balance financed ea deep tmI

.n. .. price for quick ... I mahogany or walnut. 8525 to 81.075. I get the beat for c.uDO I WE PAY highest caaa pncea for ole will handle this so H H Wb"le, home. Te rf 3 bedrooms sad i price. Come to 360 Edinburg DrivV
FREEZERS 3 slsee In latest models. I I Joseph Bailey. 736)Aano1la. 2-201. more* Made la diamonds and diamond J..el I with Harold Shepherd R'.lt Co. 2 2 to tile : tile floors Automatic We will show you. Mrs. B. O. HenkeL
From 824950 up. Prompt delivery.Walter j j at 1802 Edl..tn Dr. ph. 2-55. any condition. City E. Washington St. :12.. I I ICITY oil furnace. Nice sand peach
J. Wllcox Inc. PUMPS-AH types; Irrigation Indus- j| VENETIAN BLINDS Custom built. Jewelry Co.. cor. Orange at Church. LIMITS-Russell St. 3. 4 '\ and dock. Located eo large lake Bear WINTER PARK This Is a family home
1 Z Rbia domestic. Florida Pipe i block from I city limits Owner wants of 4 bedrooms 2V* baths beautiful
son. Founded 1935.iXiit.at tl.l o. i I Special Sac per sq. ft. Flveay corner Conway road. 4 t r.ta.Nor
Co.. 630 W. Church: ph. 111 Co 35. and bath furnished account of business. living room with Sircplace and picky
: models. 10 Inch diameter I delivery. Radblll Venetian Bld. Fuel Oil and Wood rom tra.hou. hr
Large lot. T W. B. cypress trim a rosy den arl large
trees. 83500
inch attle f. POWER UNITS Continental engines 1838 Hellenbeck 2-UI7. & r. HIIJ
UP 36 D. screened The furnishings
14 porch.
t cash or Ph. 8. are
FUEL OIL-A full tank Is safer. trm. Ratr.
W.1 2-11.
in- and
Emerson. for agricultural and VACUUM tank 2345.COLGE
Wutmdiou. Rbb1a Idu.trl.1 CERBt good and Included at the low figure
J. s Florida I upright r that's Phone 8021. Have your tank filled.A block
taU.Uo. SUPII PAK-Ne. of (22.500. Call Dana BumpIer
8 L 1.n.. Founded 116.1 .. Church St. Ph. r.U1 a .oeL T. e. Orlando larger tank Insures heat oa coldest bdrom.. tile hom"j LX FRONT-S large ro and I O-Barra-Moore. 2-238O 109 B. Floe.with
Service. O8 N. Orange; moraines. ItcOraw Fuel Oil Servica. tile b.t. floors: many b.t fully furnished. ,
FLUO; nl J1 PISTOL-German Mauser asthmatIc -, j and oak fe.ture. privileges. (3000 cash I i fP.lr. With boat house WASHINGTON ST. E.-Double house
., FUEL OII.-Kcroscne. pine Lke
I M.M. with 45. Excellent 2"51. dock; 1-car garage. types of like new. Large 4 rooms and bath
Fir Store. 10 W. Cbnrth.1.OQftftUNNZRIAk. condition. A holte., aluminum t I VENETIAN BLINDS. Aluminum out- wood: 12 in. to ..f.. call Iamb'sFuel and Main: Ropr. Realty. Church '. valuable shrubbery A I; each. Nicely furnished. Kxcelleat buy.
rubber. I perfect condition with side and inside blinds. Rustproofsteel Oil and Wood 2-1'1. this. Mr. Busch a.MI."U.a' Fred Oarrels. Broker exclusive aseat.
... yard. Cut to any 1 oars bt carrier Included.Blxheat and wood inside b:: F.H.A. I COLLEGE PARK-Modern 9-room 206 8. Main. wt. .Huth.'I 118 E. Central Ave. 8561.
Bmyta H. Jn ia-tp It. Mali post-1 I I terms quick I deliveries. :Venetian 37. Fertilizers and SoD frame house completely furnished.Screened I'
Lbr C. Or.a. aD porch attractive.
Blinds Service. 919 attached garage. VIEW-Brand new bungalow
Railroad.GARDEN. I card to P.O. Box 858. Leesburg. Florldeforappointment. LJ ; .
: 3 baths.
I Breeseway.
HOSE 60-foot I I Orlando 9558 or Winter 845. ii BLACK DIET-Peat. myrtle. Shrubbery "Amy didn't enjoy the, You should avoid the Realtor.Large lot.140 (8.950.N. Orange Allen 8612.Johnson.'Specializing I bedrooms.floors Oaly: fruit 89800.treea. 2 very large porch. Oil space heater Screened 8 acres
of all kinds. Courtney
B heavy it J Service duty green.corner Special Boon. :, ; PWERLWICWOWEN..e. 125.Will i VACUUM CEF.ctr 8lnlr. Rm 27,Church reeoodltloned -i j, and all yard work. Ph. 2-4U.Tr.D.pl.DUn movie a bit last night. She' first false step. Minnie j i: in Homes." Realty.392N. O.D"tr.; 2-24'.j I good(14.500.bearing lIllian assorted with Howard.varieties.306N.

Jackson. (65 28th St. Aagebtlt Repair Shop. 1 aqd Main .._________________._. |l BROWN BEETLES Have startedeating stole Henry from his first CLOSE IN-2-story. 8 rooms. 2 baths. LAKE FRONT-Suburban. 3 acres I Main: 7325.

OARAGE DOOR all colors dry !j WATER-HEATER-Ruud. and 30-faL I I I Asaleas and Camellias. Stop I said the actin' was good, I Pone oak eochere.floors throughout.2-car Tile roof. I with m.'On conlree home >' CEMENT BLOCK HOUSE-2 bed
OPEEAuk.U I PAIN-d.I-Ton. I,' them now with Cold Smoke the easy j'j'I wife on' she went from garage and lYa. dining
Bryant Lam- With rom rooms, beautifully constructed.
You SOc ,
open .ld a t.Dk ftl.G I laundry. Large lob well landscaped I
Brook- 2
Cold Smoke. 508 but she didn't shed
don without touching them. her Co.. 1220 Spur 5L21022.deep .. 1:: D.IWATRcNDmOJE concta1 I I sate haven way.Dr. 6314. a single I bad to worse until she stole Modern kitchen. Completely furle br.rom It.a. 101 I.rl.. P.rrh b.tb< Very Corner neat.lot. Won't Klttiager last Realty.long at 5454 86950.or
display at our yard.
Lumber Co II. Orange Af.Smnl I PuJ-lte and .b.l. '? Micro|I DITRrb black top IOU. fill and tear." I a pair of Including ver washing linens bddll.. dle. I Real_!!tate. 36 E. Pine; ILIFN | 2-0074.

Railroad.GOLF m.DU For I I Ouaant ed full loads. Write I stockings. less. Most m.cbD. ret Riparian right*. 5 I NEW
I aad little aa month. d.t.l. II III j Weir SMALL COTTAGE Bear nice
pr Bl j R. A Bray P. O- Box 102. LockharUFla. Plte sand larse
CUB.Pt. S irons. 3 many Well Drilling Pump utfo Co. 18 I Phone Co. 33-R-12. System. 628 E. Pine: .141 fishing lake nice b.ch I j lake. 2 miles out. 0 Iota. Good

wo. lUr I. Oolf a Winter Garden Rd. 1 mile east o StWINDOWS._______________________ 45. Apartments for Rent 48-1. Beach Rentals I oaka. shade etc- miles out. garden toll. S3.0OO. some terms.
Orb Vista. Orlandoph. 7087. pair.' black top soil muck COLLEGE PARK 1 Howard. Broker: 306 N. Main: 7325.
1a \ 1: C.1 2171.IRra -85.75 per A FJo of town owner cheap for cash. 1..1'
I Delivered.Telephone DAYTONA BEACH-Beautiful furnished Jobntol
1 % POSTURE CARl upholstered cypress: standard sJi.. J I ferWlr. 2 furnished apartment. 820 4-room apartment. Room .. .Loa '.r go! S-room bungalow Broker. 6 W. NEW 5-ROOM HOUSE Can be purchased -

r hp box seat adjustable. rk. on aU types of made to %-0:3. ROM Place for garden ..adchlcken. and ocean front. For part practically furnished. Ik. lt LITTLE LAKE CONWAY- under O I. bill or otherwise.
spring studio washing machine. 825.75. Limited stock. BmlthWlUon order frames windows and Picturewindows. MUCK-Peat.. and top soil. Elmer X. Inquire at 1310 40th SU or all b.th'O r. H. Williamion. paved .tret shade and frlt tr.. home. Laundry work shop See owner at 436 Raeha Ava* or

paint .D couc.. Ins boxes.pitcher .. Co.. 401 W. Central: 9759. ,I 17th St. Wi.ork. 1120 Jones Magnolia F.rm. Lock Hgts. bus line. 1016 N. Atlantic Are.L. Dayton For see or call Mar- I age. Oa 2Vi acres. Plenty of shade gar Phone 2-1751.
gas and electric 17th St.. phone 9732. hsrt.MANURE. | tie Williams. Realtor. W. Wash- I
lamP.1 Beach phone 488-R. 2 and some fruit. Priced to sell BOW.
water cabinets. muck. Delivered. i Ingtoa Phone 8106.
heatr. I dirt. \ 32 E. Pine.LOCKHART .
seal*. I.. deu. beveragebox. PLUMBING SUPPLIES I Full .fl lu.rntHd. Shader's APARTMENT-Ph. 8583. FOR RENT OR LEHote dining SI.1.R.ltor. SPECIAL
I Iapproximately
I room: lei; SECTION 1-bedroom !
water pump. BarneS |
elt WELDING SUPPLIES Rt. 3. Box 514. 7033. COLLEGE PARK Large 3-bedroom
D.I" 1h 60 miles from Orlando. i I I and steeping porch cottsge well
2. .. 14 wire 1 per tot tuba toilet KITCHENETTE AATNENS- I i 2-story furnished home. Close la. easy walking distance.
2/1. mos. or
B.t lntl. tl.t. For writ P. O. Box furnished. cash ,
1280 20th St._ N.U.. ..tr 200 Amp portable welding outfits. 38. Plants, Flowers and Seeds Now available I I Clrrmont. Fla. 72 ]i year's lease with option to buy and C. C. 110. 1m.. 2-1747. tem.: Spacious 8-room. 1-story Meai1 -
Matched set. 3 pip and flttiaca. copper Complete welding supplies la stock.Distributor r.t KU.m 7 Corner Tourist CoW will apply rent on sales price. O.rl.tt I terranean type house on large well
OL CUB.P.10 Bbbl Jones., pil and fittings. Libby A Free. of Lincoln welding machines AZALEAS cut flowers artistic table P.lrb.nk Orlando Ave.. WI r TWO ROOMS-On* *1S. other 820 I ner. 403 N. Shine. O.D I I LAKE LUCERNE CIRCLE Exceptionally landscaped corner. Easily converted

lrn. once. 'm.a W. Church. and r. H. R. Williams decorations. We wire JoAnn's I week, near oe.a Three bedroom I CLOSE IN-2 blocks from attractive 2-bedroom home. i Into duplex. Also 2 garage apart
(85. 51 1 Church. 3.4013.OASOt.UEZNOINEClintOn. Supplies. 811 Beach St. Daytona Florist. .n.he..). P.rk.LK O' THE WOODS APTS Ef, hoture. June to Ot. 10th. Nice i Avenue. 3 bedrooms Or.a.,. modern improvements, completely I' ments now rented with room for
1H I Beach P.. Ph 2220.WASHINOM.AC1IINC. E. Central: (ormel Kttlu' fcenc, 'P.rm.Dt. Adult. not. grounds l a ocean. for entire I living all on extra furnished. Walking distance to town {i more. A real bargain la home and
one New
41U. W. Prlo. Must hare careful rom. flor. 89500. lnaar. between 9 and 12 am. Income property. Completely
H-P air-cooled all purpose engines., I PORTABLE and 2-burner > pople. roof and improvements. furnished
OVE&1 I I" PEPPERS Coo plu- reservations .. : 618 Circle. 1 1LAKE
Florida Pp it Supply Co. I W. .11. WUD Hardware.,. moses palma. gardenias blom. home. ,ou beautiful (round I I nicely landscaped with 14 large citrus I and available for immediate
CTurch et. phone 311$. 42 W. Phone Like new; Any amount. SOC up. Ph. 8937. C. W. FURNISHED APT.-Consisting of. 4 t I sale Idrom.. B. H trees and plenty of shade. Ample LANCASTER-One block from occupancy. Price reduced from $23.-

STftEFRIOERATOR-New 8-ft., I PIANO-Used. modern.2-211.bleached Firestone make. See at 239 WestOrlando Jones 1 mile out of city on Winter large rooms and b.t at 810 per j I k.rn4 tenon ... U:: I room for .r Ut.1 garage apartmentor low.Lake.Living Nice 2rol frame bunta- I| 000 Huckel-O'Neal.to 819.000.Realtors Exclusive with
: ; 118 E. Robiason
Ave.. Orlando. Garden Rd. week. For quick so to 1104 Price terms. .IU flepl.ce.FODt -
ServeL 8325. 1117 Xa.P Avenue.Winter Steinway spinet with bench. Term.'I Beach. Phone 183J-W. 7 to 8 eourt. 110:0. screened porch ; dial 23753.NEW .
Park. If desired. Robinson's. 831 WATER COOLERS faucets azaleas Atlanta Ave. McNutt-Heasley. Re.1 nlnu.I J.m Carter 70 E. Dco.d 1
wt meta ; palms; land Lot
Or .
I. CAME. Central. Phone terms.Lorraine
GAREN HJ2 and Ifo' once: phone 6303. 3 to -.. CP.ct Knox ; tropics plants.Musselwhlte tn. 601.I I 5516. A T. Butter) Cate. Hofm.a l0xl& 190.. Boland

price PICNIC ICE BOXES Thermos Ju. Stores Co.. 25 E. Pine. PbOB 2311.I Nurseries. X. Prineetoa.MONSTERA I Realtor: Bldg. 172 N. Orange 5 room modern
Knox Stores Co. 25 z Pint. Phone large .Arm.at Bumby Hardware., .WNDOWibit. pine; factory built. DELICIOSA African A.FrDlbe 2 bedroom bath OSCEOLA CASSELBERRY-Beautifully; furnished : 24551. lot. 4800. (1000 house. Large
2-3 153.HOT 102 W. I Cheap. Can seen at 933 West I w.n. of Tinker Field I HOT hOUB. Concrete block construeIon. cash balances
b funeral designs LAKE DOT SECTION monthly 6 room. 4 bedroom. AA
.Iolet. cors.e. road.Us. ( 2 bedrooms. Near lake. I -Lovely bunga.low moder34
WATE HT.8. 10. 30 PUMPS-For the farm or home. Big 23rd St. .. dln. Pen Jo's Gad n.j I Daytona Beach. Florida Hibbard Casselberry. Phone 1.1. I I I with large living room and tile houses furnished; 2 large lots gsrsissal87500 /
and Orlando I and tittle new and used. See CANS-Wash tubs 2319 N. fireplace with 81500 balance
.0 ou .r Or.n. 2177.OROS I i Park. 783. Brokers Invited. ; dining down. t
Appliance Co. 1 390 N. Orange Stock. Farm Home Machinery Co. WATEING Bumby Hardware. 102 fine large Houses for Rent I' Low summer ..ekl rates. f 25 double i | breakfast rom. .nl rom.. kiten monthly Possession at once. Close V.

Ave. Phone 430 W. Robinson.PLUMBING W. Church. TEE7S. years 1 I with b.th B..utlu Bar and Cof.|i i COLLEGE PARK-Frame 2-bedroom I j sun two 14'xlC prch. to bus and school Shrubbery and
I Bro.a I I house. Large '
PARK Larse living
room with fire-
W modeL Just old. must moved CLOE 3-bdrol glasaed-la sleeping porch and rm"1 fruit. See Owner. L. J. Yager. 1411
HOIST-2 2 band I AHEAp.rt.n le.lnd .bpment 53 street. U.O b each as .ubl'I.loI. I furnished home. 1130 Ridgewood Ave. Charles Dn, I 11.1., sleeping porch and oak floors All rom. extra large. Oak non. I Grand Ave.
bD oprt SUP years lease with option to buy and equipment Included I
with Way. 953. American National M.nalr. a Floor furnace This house is in I
.u c.lle. apply rent on sales price. Own- 87.500. Allen Johnson. Realtor. (1000 and (45 month buys a new 2-
rl. and lower and b; Toilets bath tb. 1..tle.. sinks, WALL BOARD For purposes. Bank Bldg.. Winter H.na I'W I 403 N. Shine. N. Orange; 8612. "Specialising lent condition and la one of uUlj I bedroom bungalow. Lot 100x137.
.. 8195. Holler Curo .ho.e b..tr and Tekwood. Palmetex. a Homes. 1 buys la the city. Priced r.ht G. Immediate possession.

let. 115 W. CentraL pipe. Harpers Plumbing Co. 1137 S. Orlando Winter ; I I double bedrooms cool. airy. Prt- Phone 2-3155.
Ave. Pak I Agency 29 8. Court; 2-4481. Property -
: V SYSTEMS-Complete stock HORSE-One mare 3 old. ( 4Ule .tHt Summer. Adults. Dial II I rate bath and entrance. el.ctrlcII.te. DUBSDREAD CUT CLUB LOREN AVE. Management .
HEDGE TRIMMERS-Piacor .ltrl Ph UIM farm or home. Farm it Home years te mattresses. Four I Practically n. -Winter Park. 3 bedrooms Department. ____.,
hedges for Born one colt. 890. Forrest Lake '83.. Innerspring m.lan coa.tret front
T. bte I. Machinery Co.. W. Robinson A'.. I I from ocean at bandsiteli.Suitable ed bungalow. gsrage. large lr.el SOUTHEAST-Completely furnished
RobinsonAve. 40 Academy. Ph. Winter Park 483. Lr.lot Col I
Alco Stre. JO W. ROOFING-210 lb. thick butt shingles. Per MARKS ST. Our 2 story Winter home {i for small vacationing family Summer ". JUt prth. 3 extra house lots. On fully modern 8-room frame bunga
5663. C.lo. .r. red. red baD WATE-CL.- r. JERSEY and Guernsey cows for le. until 1st. 875 a month. no ob-l i for any of the Summer. $25 the place been Wla"r. for. : down. No city A. C. low. Large screened porch; electric

i uoioKS with tl.I.D 816 95.: I Slate bl.ad also roll roofing all Mitchell. For office or home (395. Large size clean up to third jectlon Ot. baby. Choice residential' |' seek. lf. N. Hollywood Avenue, I I 89.750* r Cbd"r will sell unfurnished. n. Broker. 1121 N. Orlando kitchen: hsand new roof: double ga
Co 2 Phone i i I.J felt. McCormIck Rfn I r.1 to freshen .Ithl 30 days. C.re i this one over and A.. (Near W.IU.ae Underpass). rage. Reduced to (5950 terms. Wilma
Stre. :Z 1. Orlando Appliance Co. lac. 210 HOranse j section. References required. Write i 1 D.lon. Bp.cb I Winter Park. .
.. 915 8. St. Ph. delivery ,
3O163. i DI'IID :: Ave. Phone 4537. I own aemitraller. Box 421 j jj will buy it. Martle Williams. Realtor March with Ben Rodgers, Broker 64
HAIR cu.iPuts.-roreulona1. hand j RADIOS-New and 'used. Gldl O. R. Mashburn. Wedowee. 8ta.10RL I 49. Business Rentals'BUILDING | 21 W. Washington St. Phone 8108. LAKE HOLDEN-1-block from lake. N. Court 7990.

type hair clippers. 82.75. BumbyHardware. I buht. Rdl and WASHING WCHIs- Firestone.Used Blossom I Alabama. j VISTA 31 Hart Blvd.. furnj j I Aa ultra modern concrete block I DICK'S HOUSE'-'Only (1100 down
I Henry only Orn. MILS f bouse. S rooms 2 porches., !I I bungalow. V acre lot.
102 W. Church. BUtr RP.1 Trailer Park phone 9363. I GOAT-2 kids. 3 months old. i -'0.000 sq. feet for slot- DUBSDREAD SECTION Will carry corner Lovely balance monthly. New block 3-bed
HOUSE best brooms I i Shop. Ph. 2-124. I B.nlr Peel Ave. 91 mile 8 bath electricity water. | ate warehouse or wholesale and I 1001 loan. New 2-bedroom living room with fireplace and dining room house. Fireplace. No city taxes.

la 'BRMT.Bumlr H.nw.r. Co. 102 .' RADIOS-Crosley and Fada. Console, WATER.HEATER-Ruud. 2. IloD: l I ON CHENEY HGHWAY-7-rom retail business. Sm.1 manufacturing [ un Ihl concrete block house. room. Completely furnished Includingnew Immediate occupancy. Price. 5500.

W. Church. I type and table models. Also portables. City .utm.Uc. f. MARE-5 year old plDt. 1 year old house and 4-rom Pi.. plant or packing hou. Excellent Joi i: Oak nor.. garsge outside city llmI I' washer dishwasher and electric A. C. Golden. Broker 1121 N. Orlando
HOME FREEZERS Kelvlnator. now Bumby Hardware. 102 W WATER HEATER-New Came. Automatic colt. Bin Ktmber. Road. telephone 1315-W. Winter Park. I ration Orlando .. Winter I: Its. 7500. Ask for H-857. Harold V. sink. A fin. home. 'UI.O. terms. Ave., (Near Maltland Underpass
Le P.rk .
available at Bumby H.rd..r. Kelvlnator I Church. (75. 1223 Storage.Formosa 30 St.gaL Bottled gas. j Park. 4 mile W. Winte. j SUMMER; MONTIRI.h couple no Owner. Phone 4878. 1 I Condlct. Realtor: 37 E. Central. 6137. Lrrln. Carrisan Hoffman Bidg .873. Boland ). Winter Park. Open Sun.

Dp.rtm.nt 102 W. Church. I TORo, Bhelvador. STALLION-Palomino. Ph. 8818 or objeton ,b.b Ph. 7929. GROUND FLOOR ROOM 12x20. I I'Professional. DUPLEX rooms: 2 b.tl. 2-a ange; 24551. DO YOU HAVE (3450T Can you pay
8130. S condition. WINDOW-Double. with sash. Iron ." garage. Double lot. (46 a month for a beautiful J-
HOUSE- rooms; to be f. lo can b at 1723 West Gore S-ROOM furnished (65 per: 423 South Orange |I t
offer. Please telephone IO'N.W.k 1427 Baltimore bed. *4 spring and mattress; chaadelier. Ave. month or (300 for hous.months. Utilities Avenue; Phone 5761. shopping center. Walking distance MILLS ST.-Route 17-92. Corner. 3- bedroom home with full tile bath
712. 2304 Ave Winter : I everything. $16.500. Here la bedroom guest house or tearoom hardwood floors, extra large rooms?
Parb'Dk I year
HOT WATERHZA1tBS-Ilectrle ..0 I Park. I WORK WUL30. Milk cow. $9alhorses. 3 paid. Winter P.rl 8-49. OFFICE SPACE and telephone wr- chance to make an offer and get and other business. Good condition. In a good section of Orlando: pear
city gas hot water heaters. Knl, WATER HEATERS .Electric. and or.r. Berry's Station. FURNISHED-2-bedroom. Exceptionally j j ice. Centrally located. P.rk. bargain. Herman Goodwin. Inc.I (10.00. Loren O. Dunn. Broker; 8 bus and shopping renter. Contact
Scores Co. 2 E. Pine. Phone gas Winter Garden. cool. From June 12th Sept. :i Buln.s Service. 32 E. Pine: 2-1287. I.Broker N. Brown: 2-1269.
: automatic. Caldwell I I : 877 N. Orange; 9855. Vie Van lioten with Clyde McKengle,
HOUSE- .To be moved or wrecked.: I SALE- el Drive: dial, H.rl 6th. Adults only. Call 2-4274. | MARION ST. 2618-New block bunga 12 5. MaIn; 34715.

1: blol West on I I RIO ad..tr 2-112. 40. Pet Stock and Supplies 1-bedroom. I DUBDREA. SCION-Nea. 2-bed low. Sacrifice 82000.NORTH NEW 2-BEDROOM HOME ia Colon
AUan HALLETT I C'AGEnfurnlhe. I furnished -
: ,
A. I JWe II I have a number of used la DIE ENGINEel COCKER SPANIEL Merd- rom. kitchen on nice corner lot. Owner goIng ,- SDL-.3 bedrooms. 4 lots, laltown. 7500. only (3000 cown.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS supplies I : playable condition. Ero. Mt mare and dlesel dtel enlts. Btt" wood Kennels. puppl.. .. West Couple only. Box 104. Winter Park. |{ Up to five years. story frame bulldi I Nor and anxious to sell. Im neat and coot. Plenty garden space, White Bros.. 824 rT. Mills.

for groves farms .'' Florida I rye a 90 day lua.Dte. Pced I' Florida Distributors. 1st St. Watch for yellow al... I 4-ROOM HOUSE-Also tltchen.te i iI i lug for olllces:or small business. Priced at (5.500. chicken runs pasture. 85000. Sammte YOU FIND THE GIRL-We Will find
Pp& Supply Co. 13 Church 818 t(40.Associated Steel Sales Co. 100 W. Amelia Ave 'I I apartments. Reduced Get details at- C.I Peter Breen with O'Harre- Francisco. Realtor; Central Arcade. the home. Clyde McKenile. Broker.
611.. phone 2-1442. DALMATIAN PUPPIES-Male. reglstered. Klllarney Corner Tourist Cour. Fairbanks | :: 109 E. Pine._ 7407. 122 8. Main. Phone 2-4775.
Stores. 143 N. Orange Are. Telephone 8215: for appoint- and Orlando Ave .... i "
ICE CREAM FF.ZEZZP5-Whlti CLOSE OUT-Electric. gas and oil m at. Hall Bros. Arnl Realtors. 112 N. ; 'O'8 New. Asbes- NORTH-Owner leaving) Must sell CORNER NASHVILLE and 23rd St.
\ Mountain." 2. 3. 4 and -quart.. .a 8300.REFRIGERATOR. water heaters gas floor furnaces.All 'I I Park. ;' Or.DI Ave. TeL 5189. I rot. bath attic fan. I this completely furnished 2-bedroom 8. Orange Blossom Trail. 1 homes.
Knox stores Co. 2 Z Pine. Phone 15* off. Also radios at co.t Chil- DOG FOODS-Perfection. Kibbles. ONE BEDROOM-House. completely l I asbestos siding. Clean bungalow on corner lot. 67x100: paved 24 lots. 270* highway frontsge. Rea
3.3 103. ton Wlnl Inc 105 N. O.rlae Granulated puppy food biscuits : furnished; every convenience: June |! and substantial. 2 bedrooms. A good street. ftSOO. C. P. Shumway Realtor; sonable. H. Parley.McNVTTIIEASLZT..
XNTER-COM SYSTIM-flecutons.- Ph. j charcoal biscuits and Meat-meal I iota to Sept. 4th. $80 per month.Clarence buy at 8000. easy terms. liuckelO'Neal. I 140 N. Orange; 2-3282.
71: cereal. One pound to a carload.BrownIes Thunander PERMANENT RESIDENT desires office Realtors: n> E. Robinson
Gives you Instant control of every WALKERTURNIR Radial saw-3 B Kennel Shop. Marks and 1 1f I J.nl'o.NEW. i I and warehouse space with I dial 2-3753. ; NORTH SIDE-Frame: 2 bedrooms.
department -enables you to speed op Excellent condition. P. (225: Power hack saw Magnolia.DOG MODERN 3 room house fur- truck loading facilities. Appron.te I Close to Orange Ave. 5300. some REALTORS-
production get more work done. Fla., 8100. 2639 Jt.bt lt.I (100; Sklllsaw portable saw (80; P f I sighed or unfurnished. Geo. King ly 2,000 aq. ft. needed. DtBDRE SECTION-New 5-room terms. Mr. Bane with Herman Good

Ba. Equip. Co. 390 N. Orange I ROOF COATING -Give Fur roof anew & H gasoline drive 300 amp. portable FOOD. Kbble and Z-cel; dog 1401 W. Washington.i such space in edge of city, ordowntown concrete block bungalow. I win Ine* Broken 677 N. Orange; Present these three homes so different -

15.n I lease oa life. $ r 8 gaL welder (500: 2" Rex self priming I X-cel remedies Store. .uppl... Orlando I i I VACANT 6 room cottage near,, Industrial .re will be interested I I sa.la: bath paved street: $1.100 9855. In style setting and appeal,

can._At Gldd.n. pump (753" Marlow portable dlapbragm D.I store, bus. Colonlaltown. 840 per or willing to share buildingand : (53 month. 4* mort I NORTHWEST 6SCTION-2-bedroora but all so right In Its own field.
LOU Installed on PINS Hardwood rolling pump (100: 3" Marlow self POINTER PUP7 wks. old bid month. Write B. H. Coolidge. .'Home rent. Write Box 423 S-Sta. Realtor for H-1027. Harold V. home. 2 years old. Large lot.

A'doJ.a 2501 I RING. .. Knot Stre Co. 2 priming pump portable 150. O.bl i i PUPS. Brownies acres. RFD. Winter Park. r.. WANTED-Suit Condit. : 37 E. Central 6137 $3.000. Henry M. Bnrch. Broker: 12 Number one Is an absolutely new

Sdsewater Dr. Call 2-11. P... Phone 23163.ROLL : 1 Construction Co. Phone 4073. ] SrI Shop; phone 4239. 1 I, NEW 6-ROOM HOUSE from June 10 I STRInG luncheonette. I I EST SIDE-0. i. Blot bunl- 8. Main: 2.1090.NORTHWEST bungalow of broad expanse. The

I ROOFING s45; 65 lb. A SACRIFICE-Lady's diamond wrist '!TOY POMERANIAN PUPPIES. ''I to Sept. 1st. Completely furnished mall building desired. Ph. 2-2403. loW built In J 1M2 tral 10n SECTION-New 2- beautiful oak floors two gleaming
INNERSPRINQ MATTRESSES Orbs smooth and 90 lb. 1 surface. watch. Bulova 24 diamonds platinum .k recistered. Old Apopka Road For appointment call Mt. Dora 3932. I tie bath: attic f1- A ." bedroom house. Total price 1700. bath rooms three bedrooms, living

IPr.at 829.50 each: ..I Oct at Mills and Nebraska.RZRIOERATOR&Zc. top solid gold case. 17 Je.e'I I at ? St. D.a Dubsdread; I : 50. Wanted to Rent (Ilab with with' electric' kltc.n Call Mr. Smith with Henry M. room dining room kitchen and cen-fly.
or Furniture I 250. Box 8Star.BUSTSELLMake ( I 10,5 Imm.dla. Burch tral heater room and a fireplace.
; Broker; 12 Main; 2-1090.
.I. f .. white .01 47. Rooms for Rent Shum.
make the
too price of 816.000 quite
ColonlaltoW. flies 65-pound capacity. 849.50. 10% us an offer. TROPICAL FISH aquanlums.iij- I! APT. or house: modern; permanent Orange: 2-3282.. a..ltr 10 NORTHEAST-Here la one of our reasonable $10.500 la already
ICE CHESTS-Fits In the back of C discount this month. Orlando Furniture Steno swivel chair with cushion: 3 I pumps pl.nu.apPI' Harry Cos AMELIA AVE.. 704 E. Sleeping business couple. Rent (50. Phone EAST. best valuea. A beautifully kept five financed so only (5.500 cash Is required.
car for picnics and fishing. 8850. piece lime colored settee; V ter 138 ; oft Lawrence 24689. 10 BLOCK-New Iii. bungalow
Co. 141 and .1 W. Church. moer Rd..P rom; private entrance. N.a bus clean room with handsome oak The attached garage is
Bmyth Lumber Co. K. *Orange andRailroad. ROOFING-Galvanised. ton conditioner unit office I A. WIDtr Park. rates. Phone ] HOUSE-Settled business woman will know it had ever new been pin you would not floors attractively decorated Interior large.
lived In.
28 and 29 :Vorla. style completely reconditioned; CLOSE IN-Large cool Single take lease and be responsible for living room with large attached garage, wide land
108ULAT1ON-Baleam WooL Money I t. 10. 11 ft. la. Lalth. 29ga. desk bleached oak knee hole with 41. Poultry and Supple and double. Summer rom.rates.. 26 W. 2 or 3 bedroom home. Call late alternoona room modern kitchen fireplace hall, dining scaped yard a front screened terrace Number two Is a suburban home ef

bark guarantee. Hot weather will I n.''; 28 ... 88.32 per square. chair to match. Ph. 5510.STORVANDCLARK Concord Ave. or evenings; 2-7671. furnace all tile bath and ess floor for much less than today's exceptional comfort. The second

be her, keep your house up to IS I I ).Uona Pressed Steel Co.. 1601 antique parlor BABT CHICKS. O. S. Pullorlum tested 802 E. Bedroom I, HOUSE. 2 bedrooms; unfurnished or I bedrooms attached shower. 2 costs. Price (8.950. Call Peter Breen floor has three bedrooms and bath.
degrees cooler. Smyth Lumber Co. Ave. P.O. Box 3351. organ walaut. good condition excellent stock. Immediate for future de CLNIAL DR. partially so. Reasonable or re. unfurnlhed. with O'Harra-Moorf, 2-2380 109 E. The round floor has living room
and Railroad. Orlando. Jb finish. Stool Included. Price livery. Feeds and windows Is equipped I i :41 .KDfr Ipllnl etJ. Price 110.- Pine. library
I. Or.n. '.1 pult Supplt. with 2-burner electric plate In very Box 159 ,8-SUr. are In need or sun room dining room and
Orlando .
KITCHEN Sml:4-J double drain I I ROOPINO-Dutcls-Lap asbestos roof 100. Msdsme Haderer's Antique Exrhsnit. X-Cel Str. small kitchenette. 19 minute bus I permanent : ot a lure home you will find It in NORTHWEST SECTION-Kletly fornlsbed kitchen all lam. A screened living
with IUIle. trap In,. Siding and shinties. Gutterand 306 Sixth St.. N.W. Winter BABY CHICKS-TnxeJo Peed Store. service. REPNSIBL CUPU fur- :1 this property F.nl Crebs. Realtor 2-bedroom bungalow. Well porch 12 feet deep and extending
and cabinet. lor dowa spouts. L. T. 70 Haven. Fla. Phone 22-665. U. 8. approved Pullorlum tested 507 Metcalt : phone 2.1710EDGEWATER built. Offered for (10.000 for quick across the front of the house receives
met or Compl.t.. 1 Place. 7427. rn.n EQUIPMENT at 906 W. Church. phone 2-2821 or 7336 CLOSE IN-Pint floor. Good bed I Dished house or apartment located sale. Walter W. Rose Investment Co. wonderful breezes from the
11.1 A.de r.ln.bl in desirable section. be neat.clean. ,
87.48 per month. '. .a. I, One 4x5 FRYERS for sale to only. Adioinlng b.th Cool comfortable Will 1at 49 N. Orange Ave. Orwla Manor of- lake across the street. The screened
maintain that .
Plntn pbot
MACHINES Factory cOlum. way.ExpectIng HEIOHTS-Spaclonsly
2524 Kuhl.KITCHEN ref graphic enlarger I lice 3356 N. Orange Ave. breezeway from house to garage iaas
1 f I built, guaranteed like new portable aln. PrlDcp.1 only. 140 WOlt CaloT.I. child. Ph. 5061. dulrned for large
; living
127MM Apos enlarging lena and CLOSE LCoL pleE.nt. single I this' comfor.ble Is NORTH CITY LIMITS elTa.Pin. as a good sized apartment.
bedroom. "Neat
SINK New 54 InchYoungstowa I ?. andconsols. Al Wiggins: 6247. 3 n.1 425 negatIve ranters. room Private home DENTIST WANTS to rent 2 or 3 home. I.o- ." This This property with the furniture
sink. "Kitchen Alder"; : SHEET METAL EQUIPMENT .x41. FRYERS-Nice and clean. See what (15 month.Jr 7435 or bedroom apartment or house unfurnished rated on high new 2-bedroom frame that U Included la tn the (20.000class
Complete ready to go to work. 8125. .I-I.nd.P home
and 36 Inch Youngstown ..I I I sheet metal brake. 3 ft. .. .tt you buy. This week only. Phone C.I 2-8931 preferred; small P.O.Box grounds. Oak flooring. Plc. pavement. Only (4.500 but the owner anticipates lower
One 4x5 Model
Anniversary SpeedGraphic cbe Other good
inet still la crate: 24779.KELVINATOR 6430.PULLLTS35. I I CLOSE IN-Lakelola. Air condl- sale with buys on our list.C.. U
sheer. Pipe a.2.0 Inspection offers because ef the
I'm r. Open 'unday.. 4x5 camera complete with I tloned. twin rooms. laundry I' 326. by Taylor. Broker; 2516 N. Orange.NORTH distance
electric rel.r.t ISt. i '0 S. 14th St. L.bu, F.. I..range finder peed gun. 6 cut Auatra White bred phone. 208 E. Robinson Ave.. [ LOCAL BUSINESS COUPLE wouldlike Jr. wIth> Robert only. H. C. B. ok 5644. miles due north of The Orlando Post
price 8100. 8 1.0 SCREEN WIRE. 36": galvanised. Also holders on. l.ct adapter lebs from Ajax Hatchery. Quincy IllBeginning I I to rent home. ifnfurnhahed.Month I .W. R. Tyre. ." Office.
Livingston. CATHCART ST. 335-Cool double 1 Washington.-. SIDE-In a delightful nelgh-
i screen doors grills and hardware. shade carrying 8225 complet. t lay. Can be seea at 625 I or year. Phone 5617. -
Kiii"8COOTtR-194e. i Raleigh St.TRY8O. room for light housekeeping. Single borhood; modern. 2-bedroom bun Number three Is convenient to
One Model 40 Multilith aa
Le new Mills and Nebraska.SCAFFOLD _ I ARMY OFFICER and wife desire modem galow, select
I machine lom. Laundry SIDE-Just 2 miles hardwood floors, central Orlando gulf course. It Is
8145. Used Car W. just been factory overhauled lb. prl'I..p. I EST New of
SJba. BRACKETS-Don't little Hatching eggs. vats entrance. 1 blot 2 bedroam furnished hOU5. located 2 bedroom oat I heat attic fao. attached garage with masonry construction.
Washington 8t. Open .t complete ready U. bun rambling
Sundays. poe 2-28.2 j I tl. and lumber building I.Uold go. and will Include heck In" t Farm: dial 5927.TURKEYSYoung. Fairvllla Poultry Lola Ph. 2-1. PlI, in .desirable leUOD..Pder.blr.uburb.n. gala.. Large screened Centraloil laundry facilities. If Interested la a ranch type bungalow and It really
at 1 Must be neat porch lovely home
yours Mills and N don't fan I
Gt factory man to your office for only CLOSE IN-500 South Main cle.D heat. Automatic hut r. to inspect this. does ramble with Its three large
LADDERS Step. ut Doa.trl.ht DOOR CLOSERS High phone or wire-first tender; llht Nice rooms Summer rates. Apply Will pay up to S100 per mont on Garage and workroom. .t.Paved road. Price (10.750. liberal terms. Jamerson bedrooms two baths and another
I BRE Wri.
Kitchen stools and 10. 10 to 20 lb. and a ,ea lease. Box 412 S-ta. and Carter. Realtors. 70 E. CentraL room usable
cha. toldl
Prompt as
screen door closers 82.45 .t valuable Poalt I now. possession. A real value at a sun. play or bed
chairs. & .Qulpm.nt
"W. and D. Wld.r Jr. Farm: 6913. Phone A. T. Buster) Carter. 951(. room la addition
and 82.75. Knox Str. Co* 2 1 to The Porld. Ctr. Reprtr. WI.r I Trkp 87900. ax-Mel. a.ltr. 128 N.Or.n. to the usual rooms
LUMBER and building m.tr.1 I Pine. Phone 2.3163.5IN H..n. Flold.. 2-1481. WANTED-Hens and fryers. Will I IN Private bath. Near; 51. Houses for Sale Phln. OHIO VISTA-2-bedroom bungalaw. of a well planned home. The lot Is

Naturally mull call M aD N. RIMS-AH standard sizes SURVEYOR'S Ilk up and pay cash. Orlando C81. Reasonable.- 644 EAST SIDE-New brick home. 2 bedrooms 3500. (350 cash balance (35 per large with many native trees, fruit
braska for yours. .It LVE RDP.cU- Poultry Co. 609 W. Church. ADAIR LAKE SECTION-New bun- month. and sppropnste landscaping.
Why The
trtmmlagg. Southeast Steel cally new. and garage. You will like It pay rent W. K. Price.
LAWN MOWER Extension. ladder I Co.. do.n.ta 100 W. Amelia: dial I Reasonable.; Ph. Leesburg.Ie. 5503 montl Ph. 4717. I. CLOSE at 117 2-3623.galow. 100% G.'L.a Telephone a S8.SOO. Henry M. Burch. Broken Real Estate. 246 8. Orange Ave. price unfurnished.furnished is (25,000 or (22.000

Plow Screen wi .D .1a Mrs. J. B. Schaller.Okahumpha._ Fla. I 3B LAYING HENS-81.75 each. I I-L. .. 1.lnOla'l 8. Main: 21090. Phone 6385.
and of
,. 313 ADAIR PARK Rent
JnNu 8'4. SAIL BAT-llft For further In HAR-VEY SLIDING CE door 2-1027. Phillips 721 Anderson ph. Summer rate. Phone 8202. room tile or sell.. 3-bed- EST SIDE-A 2-bedroom home for OHIO VISTA-Furnished 3-bedroom Phone Sloe or see us at IS W.

LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLD I o Winter Park. hardware. ..k your 1203 b.t bUDllo.. Sacr1e. .. Owning your own home Is home. Electric kltch.en; large lot: Washington St.. for appointment.
Lawn mowers, h_. .prtkl., t.. Sat. or Bua. or after S p.m closet larger. Southeast S.le SEE US ABOUT Started Chicks-Any -Large double. 8umme GanDa .ftr depression lnur.nce. H. A. Jones. oa paved street. 86.750. 83.000 cash

completeline of hand t. H SCA.LE-Computln. 24lb. capacity. Co.. downstairs. 10 W. Amelia Ave. age up to 3 weeks. Lake O' The I rates. 25 West Livingston I p.m. -on premises d., I Broker; 211 Cnoway Rd. phone balance monthly. Call Mr. Mowrey
Parrlah Hardware. 220 8 '.. N... Dial 2-4302. phone 21442.COME Woods Chick Co. *,*' miles Dort of CLOSE IN-Desirable cool corner BENJAMIN .-Winter Park. New 5744. with King Real Estate, 30 X.
Phon. 2-1841. Maltland on Route room. ConnectIng bath. I 3-bedroom block house partly fur- Church. 8435. "Open Sunday."
I TO THE STORK next to PoStOffice. 1-1. 51-1.
SOLAR HOT WATER Summer rates. 332 E. South Lake County Property
large electric refrigerator. ORWLH
LUMBEREverything la building HTR Maltland. for SPECIAL and why Venezuellan Dlbedi EAST SECTION New. 2-bedroom MANOR SECTION-Exceptional -
lumber and wood. Colonial Lum M.Dufatu"d. ttn.d china antque., PRICE aeleeted Parkastrsln CLOSE IN 206 Hillerest. Rooms, sold wt business lot. SO ft. bungalow Just 2-bedroom home, completely
completed. WE
ber. Cheney Highway.I Ph. 2-7142. 1 I I P.le... D'Or.-.I.8. Bumby. Blr'Systems. eul0., ,Ulea.od. furniture electrical Barred Rok for foundationatocklng. single or double. In privste apart. frontage on 17-92. all for 16850 red tile brick tile oak Built floors ef I fut nished. Nicely shrubbed. Fruit homes HAVE and SB huainaaa excellent lee selection'isle, it
lSI Ph and .. ment. Semi-private and show House and lot on Benjamin steel bath trees. Attached garage. Bargain for '
LAWN CHI and tables all metaL I supplies tools new sink t. ship by Pan b.L cacement windowsills you wish to purchase
Hardware. 42 W.I I SCREENS-For all kinds of metalcasement lavatory. Many other items. American Pen pedigreed pullet er. Meals. without bu.lnea lot. only $5250. A. plastered walls. tl. screened quick aale. Lee Crawford with Robt. property
WUD. Ln.rd I Aluminum roof- ..2.00 C. Oolden. Broker. N. OrlandoAve. L. Pryda. Realtor. 668 N. Orange priced rlxht see us. W. J. Klstler.
.mdw. chicks These porches :
high class 12 garage with hot
::: i Ins and aluminum CASSEERY Al. Lodge .. Near Underpass). and cold Realtor. Tavarrs. Florida.
I 2-4596.
ga- i
LOCK SETS- :7p. non-rust-> '' rase doors. Automatic 33-1. Graduation Gifts Cockerels from old old hen esgg we Hotel rdln. horses.fUhlng. I I ste! Close t* stares and bus serv- -
brass finish lost aliaj j: east Steel Sales Co. t71.. Buth. offer at lie each; 1010. We pay hunting i season. Winter winter pak. open _. r I ice. Price (8500 Will stand veteran PRINCETON AVI. 400 W.-CloM U 52. Groves for Sale

tl :1 S1.7J. Knox Stores Co. 25 5. I I I I Ave.. downstairs. O 21442.SAFES COMPACTS-Jewelry. lingerie .d Un" and la.r.nte arrival Park. 114W. CONWAY SECION-. ana loan. Call W. B. Brldl" with Jo shopping center and schooL Completely ,
io ho.le C.O.D. Joe bath; screened G. Mnr. 8581.
Phone 2-31._ _ _. i -Heavy. all medium ry for graduates. Featured at "h A Sons. West Palm lk. Florida.Pak. I DELNEY ST. 507-Close In. Cozy porches. City la.water. Close bus. on luo-ft.furnished corner lot.8-roora Spacious bungalow CONTACT C. B. DAVIS for groves
LIVING ROOM 8tlln.tt set I I else. Orlando Co I Hosiery Shop. &N. Orange bc. tnnersprlng mattresses Call 2-3919. t rooms In the famous Indian River district.
12. throughout. Including the 3 nice bed-
8 t lrtur I Reasonable. 104 .
pieces E.
nor p i j 141 W. I private Jeffersoa. 2-1649.
fllb real bargain 45.
and unfurnished of drawers I I I lI JIG 8EC.A : Apartments for Rent CLOSE IN-If you are looking tor rooms. Hollow tile construction with
; SCOOTER to 750. FRANKLIN ST. 730-Single. neat: tile roof. GROVE-Producing. 13 acres 9 la
Cushman Price $11.000. ;
priced 8135 for all. 2100 1946. trana- 5c. a beautiful home with Income GLASS LAKE Mr. Bryant
; I'I. ..Ioa sidecar and .Indsbl.ld Herman's Loan .. 27 W. Church. AMERICA ST. 120-Beautiful apart Ideal for working man; sslesmsn. I here It is. Owners apartment of 6 HOt with Herman Goodwin Inc, Broken grove.
IDOER3PUnUr" wheel ; GRADUATION Wristwatches ment. 2 water per week. loom and bath. Exquisitely furnished open for $7T N. Orange; 9859.ROSEMERK Cottage with bath, (7,700 terms.
'' end1t0n Ulht.
type. '2.$ Kssg Stern Co* 2: twecn 1: rh 2-388 b ; GIns er.Irl' pearls: fnierstlon.rom... I'. Couple. r.I ORJVZ. 1 East. Attractive rooms. with 2 completely furnished apartments Bun. King Real Estate 30 Z. Church.

P.. 2-311. I: STVEPU"W top with ovea. bracelets: pln: Humans I COLONIAL DRIVE. 802 E.-Bedroom r double. Semi-Private b.t with wp.r.t entrD t.Owner 2002 Vine, corner of Terrace Drive. SECTION-Very nice 3- (435. "Open Sunday," '

)RanD d 1. 2 and 4- !j: r.t..r.D&Can Loan .. 27 W. Church. with : windows: Is equipped with 1 Kitchen privileges. Phone 9708. will .. 10 and give Immediate Cozy. 2-bedroom. frame insulated bedroom. masonry bungalow oa a LAKE COUNTY Irrigated grove.

\ : : : 1 i i be_seen at 1029 N. Or.ne A. GRADUATION G1. boys'-Wristwatches 2-burner electric plate la very ] liTER ST. 623 N.-Attractive double _e.lo.. P. Shuinray.Realtor home. 8 yearg old: unfurnished. Vacant large corner lot. Tile bath; tile drain 2000 oranges, all buds heavy to
. x:'" CL. : X. Pine. ;j SPEED new Hlcseaa : ... Val-A- kitchenette: 15 minutes bus .r1e..m.1. I room. beds also single room. : 140 N. Oranret 2-3282. at present. See Mr. Chsbot on boards In kitchen etc. Completely Valencies, steady producer good

taken BAT17 you ; I Pak: tie sets: key chains mlt." CLOSE -IN-Private bath. Refrigera Near bus Tin Grill. premises or cl :&21. Mike Flower. and nicely furnished. Priced to selL crop set. (28.000. H cash. C. W. Wal-

MOTOR-.Jeep. Stationery pump. On I speed boat at a price ': I I hair brushes. Herman's Loan tar and automatic hot water. First LAKE IVANHOE SECTION CHEROKEE PARK-2 .tolt. 3 bedrooms Broker 22 8..Ia Retire Investment Co. 25 W. Wash lers. Realtor. 672 N. Orange; 9616.

ton nitrate of soda. Berry's St. to the Saaford :Works at 27 W. Church. 'I I floor. 122 Grace. I' corner bedroom la nice Font oak floors. la.l. ington Phone 8513. LAKE COUNTY-30 acres grove bor

tion. Winter Oarden. .. Phone 13. Smith. JCIC CK Telechroa CONCORD AVE Close on Orange home. Steady buslaeu man er tr.ln Comfortable home. Owner 1..lal I dering on south side 2 lakes. 12
MOTOR SCOOTER A-I Shape. 1948 f' used Toledo onC"j colors tand Small apt.: reasonable. Mlddleaged ed nurse preferred. T.lepho2821.. town. For quirk sale. $1,00..t.n. IVANHOE SECTION-Furnished 2- SUBURBAN-We have 8 homes. Different -' years eld consisting of the following

; model. $150. 136 Harding Ave. !'SCAl.hU.1..ae or special designs. Johnson Electric Co. 2 1 couple with good references. Box 413 I LIVINGSTON AVE. 620 tf.-Double 2-1619.W. B. Nicholson. R.ltr. 1 : story frame house with 3 bdrom. parts of town for (1000 14)65 fruit.) 144 Temples tangerines.144 Duncan ZOO grape
't Church. IVi sun 2 down; balance like rent. See Wm. Valeneias.
METAL CHAIRS Red or green: .W. A. phone -. I I 8-ta. beds; Klth.n ..ndlandry b.th. rom. < Temples alone worth asking
inne.pln. Lou Mathews with Daniel Kolar. Broker price.
84.95 chaise tongue all metal, ELIZABETH new fitted 10:15. (13.500. terms
j SCREEN DOOR SETS-81 and UD. ARE'S FURNISHED APARTMENT Winter 107. .1 Excellent terms to responsible
pl.l.n. and 206
t CLOSE IN-Duplex. completely able. the ,. Allen 8. Main. 7811. party
rubber : tnnersprinc mat, Knox Stores Company 2 EastPine. ki black or I I Park. Combination room and AVE.. 473 5.-LIving-bed- John Louis 8. Dolive. Broker 27
: I IfCsxl Small _. '' 1.1. nicely neighbor son. Realtor. 140 N.
trees i sail I Phone 2-3163. and to be used Electric furnlhed G O.D.; 811.8p.d.U.ln. SOUTHEAST SECTION-3-bedroom Washington: dial 8412.
t nicely furnished. "
.75. hand bag 'bdrom. I Dh.. room pr'.teb.tb. hood. Hat in Hom
$29 1 tIC Is 5Cololilaltowli. aa well .roomy for silverware. In 1.7& tt house furnished: large grounds: '
r Tackle or tool the of eDou.1 nlshed.n Bn.k. 11.I.e rom. Realtor. Blvd.. "O t JAMAJO-Deluxe new model 6 bus stop on corner; overlooking EIXTY ACRES or more of nice erOrlande. -
lDeru. IPI I i I Summer rental.
e- (20
and sizes. Knox .. weekly. 714 Beautiful ACLRR Depot." dial 7588. I rom anis groves for $750
h (8.25. Mc- DRIVE room house Lot 100x135. beautiful lake. Clean and comfort an acre; near
MYERS PUMPS AND TANKS 340 I Stores Co.. 2 E. Pine. Phone 23163. CODt.l. I I A. C Golden. Broker 1121 Orl.adoI PAL home. bath al- .aal. Agent P.O. Box 2.
$114 50. 800 gaL 8182.25: H : Elroy's Pharmacy. Ora... I Ave. (Near Maltland underpass Plnt COLONIALTOWN Furnished 2-d' from buld.r O. Ph. 2-2840. able. Price 89.500. Jamerson and I Fla.li.
: .1& t. 165. U h p. working TURPENTINE-Pure gum; bring your LAMPS-All types. 1130ff on aDlamps. I: Winter Park. ) way cool. Summer rnt.l. room house with glassed-in Carter. 70 E. CentraL Phone A. T.

W. A. Jon Jt Co i container. Very special new price. Johnson Electric Co 23 I SOUTH ST. 26 E.-Close In. twin or tog porch screened front and servIce Carter 9515.SUBURBANNew. ACRE GROVE-10 acre 20 yr,
rdwl1 'I j| (1.25 per 222 E Roblojon Ave.MOTOir8o5TzR194s. .ID W. C Dt.1 Church. j double beds. C..a hol .te.Work prc.' KALXY A 'SCHOOL DISTRICT masonry home. 2 acres young Valeaclas. -
I Hardware: 2-231. i< couple d. .: 2 Nr., bath; utilities fur- I. people. ter. Allen ohnson. Real V bedrooms and sleeping porch. Also 3 acres 20 yr. Hamttn 2 acres
Cgssrnan1! top: extension 4ch.ln PNO&rr .r.du.Uo. a new nl I tor. 140 N. Or.ln; 8612. "5 cl1 Ideal garage apartment furnished and Hsmlia. Vslenclas and Temples mrx-
8 weeks eld. S7S under originalcost. TABLtll.. : mahogany dark ST. JAMES ROTEouth and R.I for a large family, 2-story ed. Located
Phone 2-02M. condition. 30. a. satIn 1 mahosaay Llh' 8525 to (1075. JEIERN ST. 1509 E..Efficiency ,: lind. InS In Homr. frame home. 2 bdrom. and bath rented. Price 86650. Terms. WIlbur l excellent near Winter Garden Ia
fl I.Ur. (15. Phone | Joseph ,. 736 Masaolia. I far.c 88 weekly. week up: doubles. Call 9253. two bath up. Strickland. Broker; 23 W, Church i condition. Last year's pro
MOVIES lor the a_.. Kews P 4 2-1:4. B.I 2-209. ; Utilities farlled.I house don Hdrom.. 6675. duction 4.333 boxes Price 117.000.
rada. adventure travel PARK-500 Cnase. Single COLNTWN-2-bro. ; Lt 7'zl: The most you can L. A. Grimes.> Broker
Bowxtead'a Camera Shop; com I TPIW1UTIl DESK chair. (128. 'J34. Articles Wanted |I JEFFERSON HOTEL-1 and WINE rooms. baths and dining- 1.0 cash or (7.500. SOUTHEAST-3-bedroom home. Neatly Garden. Phone 2. Winhr -
Orange; can 2-1515. 101 ut 2L i| I I I 2-room a :available. Bummer showers. Sun deck P..t onrlklnl lake.Summer room: living-room and kitchen. Nearshopping with H e.h. furnished. Gsrage. large separate
rates. I Best buy
I Colonl.1 work shop; fruit beautiful shade 53. '
AXES Furniture of aU kinds: sew- j' I rate Acreage for
MENDEL LUOOAOZ-Eielusllp at I TAP AND DI SET-Greenfield. !i lag machines anything you have ,.It i'LNCL APARTMENTS Morse i T.W.C.A. 311 Magnolia Ave.. offers town. Owner be.,sell $8.00.00, H.1 Bros.. A.n. aeltn. 112 W. trees, 85800 takes sll. Sammle Fran- j Sale
selL Sewell-Thurmond 'I f I .. Park. 1 and 2-bed tr. can .r.nl.d. Or.nl cuco. Realtor; Central Arcade. 7407. 70 FT.
Herman's. 27 West Church Street. Complt dri t.p and die Furniture Winte I single rooms for working men or with Marti Williams. Realtor. 111. I Fronting Lake Irma and hard
l_ 1*. tcludlD, .. 72 W. Pine St. Dial 4070. room .1.rm.Dt Janitor service hot students. (6 weekly. Phone 80O6. B".n. Washington Street. 8100. SOUTH SECTION-2-bedroom furnished I road. 8700 cash. TJ.. Undorff.l .
MOTORETTI 1 in. Suitable for machine ''1: AUCTION GOODS WANTED Still ', water a Year round or 2 Ph home. Tile bath: solar heat: i Realtor 438 N. halo phone 23983i
1M6. ROOMS Washing. Ironing cooking
I good condition. .. Ph 2-2873. 1617 New York 1 time to send valuables to the Slmme rnta Adults only. Winter RALLY SOL 7 fruit trees. (9.500. Call Mr. Boerstler i 2-4737.
'22' Used Euh.a. 219 S a Pak I|I privileges; home e Former- CITY LIMITS-* with 50 eitrua SECON- with
Henry M. Burch. Broker 12
W Bt. .. TYPEWRITER Unde.o auction for Thursdays sale. Call I Ii 'UI. I ly Dixie House, 420 8. Ave. 2-bedroom ar. modern rol. ; 10 ACRES of good land oo Maitlaad
W.ala.toa IWl trees. 6. Main i
2-288 2-0156 for free ST. 440 S Clean cool 1- gi lt 76x150. Sure bargaIn.17.000 : 2-1090
Please i appraisal.
OPa mower. | Denting ; WIN Road off 17-92. 300 ft. on highway
t1 For
18. frame price and
8ad. TILE-Your bath and kitchen la Auction Sales Co.733 W. Church St. j rom efficiency. lt h.n.te. shower. I I ROM with Adlnlnl terms lunl.lo.. Realtor. 37 W.Washington. price Don Ddl., Realtor 2- SOUTHEAST SECTION-This home and 1294 ft. on two other roads. Bar-
45. rustproof I screened porch ,! Oarace. Near bus. 4UD 4745.
iORYC'1 idi. G j btb. Wt A has 3 bedrooms. 2 baths and large ,
i Permatlle. Free estimates. 1 DIAMOND WANTED H to 4s UtlU. S88-J. gala only (1,500 terms. A. C Golden
rage. Winter Park J I, Bob Sweeney. Phone 2-4632. i cacao perfect privateewner. OSCEOLA ST- 43 s.-nnt floor; ]: Pak i KY SCHOOL SECTION-Bunga Sun room. Exceptionally good. (8500 Broker. 1121 N. Orlando Ave.. near
_ _ .A-r COLLEGE 'PAKm "
Address cool and 2 rooms corn- I Nor farl.e 2 Ndrom.screened easily financed.Speak to SpIegel.Whitney Maltland underpass! Winter Park
i-BXEt,. 40e and $1.50; I TYPIWa- ml model 'I I Orl.ado 1 : pistol equipped. Utilities Included.RIDGrWOOD' 47-1. Rental Arencies I Owner : h la. 2 lots: Spiegel Realty Co* Realtors, Open Sunday.
Stores Co 835.: Call R K. haute and sell furniture for near school and stores. 706 Metcalf Bid*. 2-326O-
K. P1. Pon. 2-11. :I Bandar._416*. I I I DUO *. ..t b.. jewelry 11'1 AVE-13 -Furnished i LANDLORDS will supply you $800. Total 81300 cash balance like I terms. Sam Johnson Co. 208 S. IS.O
I Unbent rash price. 3 roma 865: rent. Exclusive. W.IA WEST SIDE-4-bedroom home. Pretty 54. Lots for Sale
prfa desirable tenants free of chargeand
OVENS foe eli stoves. Stock Includes TARAULN912- spe 1 Segal. Jeweler. 32 W. year I WI.m M.te. LAKE CONWAY well furnished. S8.0OO. V, cash.
one and two-burner type Bumby c.n tr.t 11 x : 5 I Cbanh run.TAMPA obligation. .Just phone as your with J. D.ll Kola. ; cI frame home on SEONm. Call Mr. Boerstler with Henry M. ALTAMOim STRINGS-Lake front
; x 15 1$. FURNITURsV AVE. 308 S.-Unfurnished3room Real Estate 7811. : lot
Hardware 102 W. Church. : x B. Goodrich. WANE Good-I vacancy. Ypte.n' 29 large bearing fruit large Burch. Broker 12 8. Main: 21090. business and residential lots. Owner
2a and Robinson I bad. Any apartment. Lights 1 S. 24481.WE AI.n.j I te
Ave. Furniture and c
Cohra' COLLEGE for
iFIC& 4uaUt7.
FURNITURE Reception call or 22367. I! water paid. I 2 Ph PAR SECIONPumlh. shade, 16 palms l.nd road; WINTER PARK '- Several miles Homer Sewetl. Winter Park 8-8394.
and genuine leattier. TRACTORS and 2-J WILL HELP you find a ed r near three lakes 4 miles
Orl.ndo north. One of the best buys
rO t the
Cme on
Equip. 390 Model M oa .t..uI.DtP.rm.1 i i WlmR-PAR-W.nt elderly lady to for a 83 service charge. Veterans'Real I kitchen :-a garage. Onl 87450 See Mr. Martin with O. Swope market today Attractive frame BEVERLY SHORES Let us show
, N. Flolda. Bu.IDC e rubber oa treat; Case 11b& FURNITURE WANTED-If It's fur- ,I' .parm.nt Or would rent !, Estate Agency. 29 S. Court. terms. Real 3.E.Church. Realtor 60 E. Pine. Phone 5812. with 3 bedrooms. 1 bath house you a very desirable lot today In
upstairs. 1
54. Woe
, rubber: John Deere D one with kitchen I, 8435. 'Qpp n ,. this beautiful section. Walter W
Ol SOVER.D. 3 burner at Fordsoa tractor both steel oa I Blture well buy Orlando. Prtvlle ea.207W.Park_ Ave. 4$. Hotel Rooms I COLONIALTOWN SECTION&- Frame LAKE VIEW-Brick veaeer bungalow bedroom. IS baths downstairs all Rote Investment Co. 49 N Orange
; .50. Limited \ .tHI IL W.the o on three It. Exceptionally electric kltchea. large screened Ave. Orwla Manor office 3356, K.
camber Powell Furalture InColonlalto .ae rblr TomHoustoa and ,| WOE-PARK. 2032 Harmon Ave. bungalow. 3 bdrom. new furniture furnished .ld the pink of .1 I porch. 3-car gsrsge. guest house. 4'/s Orange Ave.COLONIAL .
C aDmp or log skldder. 90 HPR 98 E. Church St, Phone 2-30 lum apt. Nice. No LAKE LOLA HOTEL-Summer rates oak nor. .. bUDd tion. If you want a small condl' acres of grove. Call Sam Wright
a mot 1932 Diamond T tic ton tmuc$. children: .t. bll bus line.WERBRS I BOW prevaiL Complete hotel electric D. ..r.... la it for only (10.500-approximately with David Andrews. Realtor. Winter GARDENS Corner lot.
.. UA -E,lnrud. rb heavy crabber plows: disc ..: Ice boxes ,I CORNER. Oraase Blossom Dining room open all meals: 2- ; with fruit trees. 88.750 terms. King V4 cb. Park. 659.WINTER 64x120. two paved street fully

, Town canoea. various remiveO."n.th Ala and Old h.ro.a fo. Jun small la.tl. .Must sac be aa sold b. I FRIRUN S.ID'. m.ehIDN.t. before. ; I Trail.335 3 onerom apt*. Butane ST. .AWE HOTEL-South R.1" Etate.5ud".3 J Church. .t Bldg.. Pln 8tmplat.tn 511. Wet.1 I PARK CIRCLE-New house. Call landscaped owner:, excellent ph. 4247. neighborhood.

models. Castle Coastinrttoa pay "top- pr I rates. 86 LAKE (4 town- Large screened porch automatic
Pe Mower 1517 7th Bt. St. I I Thurmond Kurnlture W. ,011 Smme. 81 CANNON MILLS 9th house FN mfr CANNON MILLS ROAD-Larse lot
.. Ph. 2.24.3.OAK Cloud. Fla. C "IlTE-PARK 420 S. Orlando I up: 12: RA. hot water heater. Butane gas. hardwood -
_ fJiai 4O70. ban.ao. rm an 90x250 ft.
TABLE-Rouixl. 810. 2 I))8t.I 1 .. private bath gas Sot of Airport. rm.a mod b.t. It"D porch floors. Lot 50x183 ft. Only Electricity and phone
chairs UPJOLTfY Above ,, OLD GOLD We n ._ 83750. Easy 14500. A. C. avaIlable Price 8500. on easy terms.
83; kitchen cabinet 810: metaletipboard PARC Pay hlxhrat eoulPpedkq.enCldeirorne3ROOM 48-1. Bath Rentals I tr. I.t. Ik well landscaped yard terms. Oolden. Broker
i W
(10' .t.J.rd 41.11'. New l.t.te. I for dlDa old watches. CONWAYOwner : .r 30 fruit t 1121 N. Orlando Ave., (near Malt- A. McKenaey Broken 4950
gas water Rp.l
81* .od. APARTMENT, ocupl. S-ro
Cheney Highway.
'*2 W Amelia. b.tr colon. R Browa. 21 broken < iompiete furl COCOA lEAC RENAL- Hotel i and b.t p.rlll a buy at '8.': $4.000 and underpass Winter Park. Open 2-7144.

PIPE for ero.e and Urn N.Orense.VARNISH_ ._ i Berkina_Sons._I39Jt' a..r.. j' Mrs. Wcber, 1.trlra klth.D. .Appl rooms 'fk. European Ilae elKtl kitchen. Real bl.t. 3 E. r.A. 435. Sunday._ _ DUBSDREAD' One of choice loU
ir1ltton I -Utility Spar varnish O'FFICE I plan. 2-bedroom decorated "Open left. T5-ft. frontage. Owner. Please
spe MACHnfuriiltj ip tall eapbrd. WINTER PARK -185O Indiana Ave.
Pip ft -
Plorl. Supply Co* 1 W. nat price this Bumby Hard I t' RnUN: Trailer type PuH .. 1 block from i floors Nine fruit trees phone 2-2709.
Oet |
Ph. 511.. .t our prices. Ch.1 with I A bah .4 r.fn"h VIEW-Small new frame Poor health will sell my home aUfaralahed.
8 ware. 102 W CD h j I Stuart 1 S. S. phone 0.. IlhN In.t l Telephone I:, week or (150 "0 Call P.u poultry. : half cs Inqu. 718 I IFranklin hOUB. Cash S39OO. Harry H.t 2 bedrooms living room.
1 i
2-372. I Ocean Lodge. St. City. Broker ia Coloa.1ow.8253. kitchen and bath. i [Continued On Next Pare:

,,_ ,... ". ... .- .r ... T ". '.' : ".-.-_- o .c.
< "; .
1.<'1: <:'-, ", --. '';"' r : III. .-'-:! : .'. "; ." :; 'o' .. ,7 ;! ,

: .

J .

[Coat Iron Preeediar P reJ 51 Business Property far Sale' Real Estate Wanted_ I P.- Mister Breger I 72. Autos ft Tracks For Rent Used Car for Sale 78. Trailers-Track for Sale ( r1attbu fcrottarl

BLOCK BUU.DINO-New1 APPRAISALS your bom i HERTZ DRTV-UR-SELF SYSTEM -1948 4 door aedan. I, BUS-Chevreleil will trade
M. Lots for Sale Brewing'TfJ.llbbbo Must ell. will gus you *n estimate Truck and passenger cars for rent 1'5. .pUI.ht On ol the !d' pickup truck. ".. S n' 1314 Indiana fo SAT, MAY 24. 947. PAGE 11

Pull late mod. cha. oa the current market by hour, day or week. Reasonablsrates. care Special at 8995. ,. AV*. Orlando. .
DPWDREAD COUNTRY' Ct S.U.a. 140.I .rl.* terms. Mr.Pirst.nt.r. nll. ou,roHn,. No .bll' W* furnish .."tbln but th* 8. Zvani. 400 N. Orans* P.
Larg lot lev as .t. .. Rt. 2. los. j I Ph 7811. Wm. .. .lt driver, 904 N, Ora. Pbon 4771. A".j BTAIU. Vh toa an tteel.
terms Pay monthly. Have paid ". Daniel Kolaroker. 9 ,r. 2-4064. I trler. Fit* any ca. Listprice WYKYGYL MOTORS
C1N&ALAViProP.rt1 suitablefor DODGE-1941 ceup..Clean. $
for when building material* becom '25. .pl.1 eler.ar. price
Property 1 U thU his* .1. bualnsss. 67x308. Duples I I FARM wanted. Northern buy. iJ Used Car [ICI.I. 219 W. Washington I UU '. a cur I Inl. 101 W. Central
.U.b. to increase *., [ room and bath 40." 3 room and )AL, Investors Inquiring dally I ., I.i 73, Auto Service I St. 2-2882 Open 8un- I'' Ave.CABIN. OpenSundaysToo
I'm 1 buM ahead of thisI bath up. Income tol for .nd ,.. daya.DODQE. I
J kncrtcM.vsln Ba& duplex $ Only '11.0 I ., 11.la..., hom.' W. fa. -.i- c ALIGNMENT Fn Inspection. CAR TRAILERS-1947. Very |I, *38 Plymouth 4-door ,.,_ 5353
I H"'U.Il term Kin Reel 1st*!.. Y Colonil. Prompt byXpert mechanics. I -1947 coup 300 actual miles. I!I attractive plywood construction. I II '40 Ford 2doer60", .
I 17$3
IOU 31 rp.1
Tr ,
1.U right! bus tu.' Church. 543$. .'Open Spndsy.COTTAO5TANDTRAILIRSIT. WANTED FROM OWNEB 'oO ;__ ._ )A service at Will trade. Used Car Exchange. 119 I I I Flu any car. Sleeps t... Equipped for "39 Plrmeuth Coup, .5193
Uihu IM and house and a, least 5 acre O. W. St. stove and refrigerator Ideal tourIng -
Wa" ,.u' son N. Orange Wlhlllt. Ihoa. 2-2882 I I I to 39 Olds
.nle. .
Boland. Owr .5545
Carrlga I Must b* accessible to Orlando IU.t I Open I,I fishing and hunting .. Built '
,. 872 N. orsns} 1 460 ft. 830 Pr ft. Highway and School. All 39 Buick 4-door .58,5
crrtis Iid $ each I priced right !! .. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Experienced to sell for Have 3 left aad "
lake A dandy location. .0. i 38 LaSsOs .
41..5151s. 2.2U. front en 1. prompt servee: DESOTO-1941 coupe. Like ne. will Convert. $eSS
; at
Your last chants for tract leh."lc. .1 I. a Evana. '41 Chevrolet Coup .
a lk. good accessories and 31.293. Used Car Exchange. lit W 101 .51095
*.*. sits thl*. fPI Realty Church 3-BEDROOU Modern bunsslow with .tol. pat. Washington St. Phone Open An.CRLDn '41 Chevrolet Club .. ,___. -Stie$
stlssi 234
tire* W, Cen. .2a. I
ELLs-Wiel full ilae
living '
and dining
PflT Fries M.U0. Malm room tral: Jc. Sundays. and Ford truck i 41 Packard 4-door ... .. $llCS
UI Lss u. Immedlatily. Roaemer section pre- 2.313.I '41 .
Call IU7 Lennea wlU Jo* a. Mrere.ftealter CLED.r".a' tt. 8 units ferred. Call Mr. Pharr *t 1frNutt.Header. > I bOE-19394doerdeluxe sedan. ..sues and type || Chrysler Convert. $14.1
6638. tlrtl. clasa Realtor, AtO.BR. JOBS and wheel Perfect condition. 8O.OOO actual We have 29 truck tn stock and are TRADE-ITNANCX
a W. Wliblnslon
Income 1 1- service. Wheels See on Winter Gardenoad.. discontinuing this department.
St. 5106 I WU See these then
cars Compare these
reetrteted 14.080 annually, Price 12.10. P. A.Alluon blued you wait. C. opposite WORZ. At Richter Door !I sell for eiaetly half o! regular prices.
UKI JT-l0 I* Un- Realtor J7 W 1, Son, 1010 W. Church. Shop I I price. Come to look around No rea1sonable |

.. LS Crs.fsrd wtt ; st. WL PAY CASH for good alus. 2- I BODY FENDER repairing and DODGE 1940 coup*. Radio and ,' offer reua. R. 8. Evana. I 700 N. MILLS.
auI. I
"* AN
Realtor. .1*. Or- QUEST HOME-Match for b.drol. horn. Lake front prefer I .t8.t. gladly "na original green linlsh Good rubber, i cor. Garland LCOR. COLONIAL

.I.: 2-4596. ._.- i structure, pric end t About i letter. Sex full 414 Pltlcll.n. 1 firs : I I Satisfaction lu.rDted_ D. V.me. 8845. R. 8. Evans. 60 W. !I DODGE-1941 H ton Army surplus

CONWAYulheni exposure.llela 15 years old. recently redecorated I 234_W. C."t.1 2-313. I| 4231. .i I Weapons Carrier. Excellent enndi-
Isle. 75' wide to Ukt. Pvd Inside and .ut 2 apartmint with WE BRING BUYERS not lookers: list BRAKE aH I 4 door sedan.-R.dlo: tlim and Ideal for plek-up truck '
.t w.r *l.e0Dial M33.P. Summer of S8S per month with us. C U. Taylor. Bro"el) 3516 .REAISW' supply. DDElt. .r.la.1 and .s.l.ll SS9S SI.I"-AI.u"d.Meters Ill 1
1.54 r k ; I I both Mated pin flee tueit room K. Orang 1644 and your oiL Dixie a.d.Sale .10 Service.tire gas W. I lent tlrea. 'rr.d ftl at I I N. Orn. Phln. LOANS LOANS LOANS

LANCASTER"" rnf. House sompletely furnished laeudla. ] RAVE I South Boon St.' | R. 1. ".. W. C.nrl 1101'1 DODGE 1941 114-ton. No mileage
BUYER for -
AKl0f., corner. .ew furniture linen. dish**. 3-bedroom 3 b.th : a I |I
.1. tr ti. cellar with furnace hardwood lake front home. Large lot, CAR WASHING and polishing by S.Bpolntment. I rlD1Ua 83 Tudor. C.a since overhauled by Orlando Meter
,, *10. lHtlk* I throughout; Iltl with 10eUoa. C U. Taylor, Broker;choi. I For prompt and expert I Florida Je(. i itersen I I *. 1' with bottler rack body. BORROW BY PHONKI
front! ll. .Broker. for for .. .laa..bo.j Ornn. 5844. service call I & J Service Station. and Garland ph. 32424.RDlI34eoupeNlcecondi ', 8800 body 1940 1 ton Dodi

.. ijj j. phone This I* a real buy at a51'1 corner Bon. and Jackson.CONVERTIBLZTOPSHead ". I I pick-up, '6. 1938 1 ton I"te.a. CALL US-THEN STOP
hish lot. Ex- Jamersoa and 2.00n.h. AC NOW-Lt your country 8293 Colonial Motors. 123 t to".1 bottler rck body. IK THE SAME HOUR FOR
Yw..u".1 2 C.re. TI Illn. body Seven Up Bottling
** Central. Phone .It'O' d.I. Door panela. Tailor-made Colonial. .lhout 'THE CASH
$50 ta $300
1'1 ,
A (U e knferg waiting. .
Co392 xf.Orange ", tor .e' eo. Co.
Realty ; -
.. OI.ndo P.
Uke Courtney I '1" ISIS.tOM5AND 30 E. Church. e.. West Aut Trim Shop, 641 LexIncten. FORD-1937. 2"or aed.&Newrings. I
: dial' 23471. ) INCOME-Excellent eon- -yrt. C.I 012. 'scat covers. Price 8443. 842 00E141 I1* tea Ion* wheel

;iWiy itcTIO-. IoU a dltlon. Beautifully furnished. Nice Business Opportunities I RADIATOR REPAIRING-AU makecara. N. Westmoreland Drive. cb chassis; good cendUtlon. Tea! O>t eh qqlekly s8 peer llgna

Ld.. 2 lake I.knl.w.. em p.e, a.l.hlrb. ID.... 83OOO a year IS. Complete new stock all copper FORD 114 2-door. Just ...rh.u.1tr I New Dodge engine also avail tur. Auto or Fvrnltur Call today!
Mad; takt all oli partmnt. Pnc. 11. (2). and horn. r.dl.t.r cores for rpl.em.at.C.U ed. 8. Evans W. able Mr. Knight or Thompson.
. Heal Es at*. o rOh. 000 term Call Brock a.el! i, Oa excellent tourist .u. I C. T. Walker Av*., phone 4231. 8 c.a.j| 310 W. South St.

OK1 oSL-Wla Chenault It "e"nDI.. Inc.. 172 N. I Presently hewing- eod Income.-court .I.,I _.1* _.-.._. -__ 1947.__ kiss_ _oe__ .fralu._ Ie._W..i___ _..... W. Ce"trl: dial 193. FORD-1940 2 door sedan. Clean. I PORD..-146 pick-up. Low mlleag;
lines aeetloa. ,- Orange; dial 73. 816500, terms. Wilbur Strickland. to the witness"ii. \ LUBRICATION .Shellubricatiea U sound and the best buy I like new, 81395. Used Car GFC LOAN COMPANY
"I Intimidating
and must .lo.1 Zuh.a.
beat warn
Dock lad you '
INCOME PROPIRTY-Absut 2 block Boke; 2 W. Church: 6675.BARCOCKTAIL the thorough iclentlft lubrication 8795. R. B. 400 211 W. Washington Bt *

Prie batatas".no.beach. W"Lr np.ur fol North Orange Avenue ea East LOUNGE Well Iffcatsd Every "no k and cranny*' of your Ave._Phon* 4771., .1\, Sunday_ a"88.Opa Tl lait Robinson Phono I7U
C..a.ulh R.ltr. .. very spacious 8-bdreem house Bank LoansServicesINSTAU.MENT car truck touched. Smooth running
a. end doing excellent buslnes o I FORD-1941 business roupsi. S89S"
4308.fjLKE I '.fHt lot. excellent for guest new and .. .. 65. Help lech.alcl part assured ,au. Used (19 W. Wash.ingtoa FORD.- 1946 I ton pick-up. 4 ipeed.
rBOJT LOTS 1 J"rlla I bu. 12.10. good term*. Jasner- Pbtur.. This 1*.tretl.Investigat. Wantrd1aleADITEIETOATR2J Sal response prolong tard.l.r.' Ca Phoa.sl.n. Open SUBPORD 730 tire. 7000 true mile Jim
, Unusual City r Care.Realtor. 76 .. Central. ing. Il"rat Rail Estate, 30 .. Church LOANS sos' you I'' to place part and makes days.P'OttD104. as 2.711. Cumble Car*. BO4 N. Oran452t..
itrteted. Jfydegger lay, Co.. MS Phone 9516. 8435. Bank. Compare safe and k plsur. Great Southern Dual
I, C.re. Sunday. I at First National 2. 10a. com 1. door FORD TUCJ- 1941 m-ten.
Colonial Pr 1 dial J84J.OeCZOLA ORANO8BL.O&SOTRAUW.Id.tag BUSINESS LISTINGS these costs. When the loan for Salary and ear allowance. Store 692 Orange; dial i3 suosrdeiuss y speed rear axle, toed

COURT. Wit Park-70 : bid,. paint ahep. with .r Harlow o. ? NUJo. 8 100. you get 8 83..Payraenta 5.34 Alert, hard .or"e. Will h... &I.tltur. 2.1880. Ph. 2.11. I mechanical .0a4&lo.. '10 ewnerPisore LUMBER
ft. fronting Walklntdistance without Good b.la. for 8 150 you get 12.SO ed all In -141 coo deluxe eedan.
Headquarters. d.tat
lk .aul"t 116 N. Or *. 1-I..at. l".r. .,
*. eoU. SJ.OOO. P.O. right pat'. Coast toCeast ng I 200. you get U8pa..at. 1..1 Box 8-Star. 731. Auto Parts-.-Accessories Original finish In very good me I GLIDES--Sleeps 4. Coleman stove
Box 332. _. > Welding Body and PaintWork 8 300 eh.alcl 8793. R. 8 Evans MfRECKING A.T.U.
e.adltoa with HANGAR
18th St.. Corner 8. BUSINESS line ou.e 372 Paymenta 33.34 BLOCK LAYER-First class Apply 2925511e5 FRONT Truck Lot cor. Garland ona J.ctre brakes. Very
TERRACE: :;;:Beautiful building Ora. OPPRTt S 40. J KE'AI PARTS new Ba.11 NO. 210
1920. 43 W. I north of underpass Hwy. 17- eomp.c. PI. 12-
A vltw and laka frenti. At Blossom T.u Orlando. nord. I you set 455-PIDeat. 41 67 any make ef and AI.I. 2.102.
lk Central. Prescott V. Steel. 61000. 930- 83.34Above auto. C. A. & 1010 HOUSE TRAfl.Eft-.dmalll2 Pt. Reasonable.
D W.
Carl Tndtr. (Hlahway 441) Pra.
TMtlv ou.e
2623 Ave
Pc. 12 months. Church
8-0441. 4 unit furnished. payment j class. KII.or
Mf. 31 ; .0IPI.tl Al monthJ For laf.rm. 11.'i.
WDrtZR lot*. cottage fe .ae. 10 aerea. l..tF 13 month ar* .".le. BUCHEl'_toa laqulr at Ferris and PORDS-Model A'*, V-.'.. Big possum HOUSE TRAILER With porch. For
aatb pAra ,lautll ihad; rol for f.nloa or trailer. Priced CnHOHAYol In. Will FUures include of 1U. Insursnr The tp First Gore Avenue. O.or. Antos.TraUer Wanted walks just 'for day. Stomp sale or r.nt Carolina Moon Camp.Let 1x4, 1x6, lxR
I 1.1 view .( t.r Ilm.dl.t Be* Mr. Mawrey. 30 I. frat loan In eas deth down good one from 8133 to 8250. 26
'Mtrta frvlt *, WOd.ru. liMbO .ah l"e with Estate 30 X. Church. ., age. Perfect location trailer park. National Bank at 4th floor. COLORED COOK-Experienced. Mutt CHEVROLET WANTED...1937 ta 1947. J. R. Smith. 33 t. Robinson. HOUETSAILKR.26' Liberty and 2x4 to 2x10
& .ld..I. Open ,." Call Ray Lennon witH Jo*'O. b* sober. Apply to McCiammysRestaurant Ford Plymouth.
11. or A. Woodward. 45. alnd. 111. 01 o pay 15x23 addition. New refrigerator.
/>r Wl
bth. Realtor. 563$.
84 North Ave.
. f ,13* I. Ntw Winter Park; '' TOURIST COURT-No. 1 Highway. 52. Loans Up to $300 Orange or trade for older car n.b butane circulating oil heat A

phone II double eotlr. ill room apart [ DRIVIRS WANTED-Only these who Bllvers POIU.e. 63 W. Colon '. PORD-1838 2 door sedan.New paint real home. No reasonable efe refused Timber, Sash, Pipe, etc

MUST SILL Vtritnla Heights tot enQltnco 'I ..aL .ulppe restaurantwith CLOSE IN-Ready-to-wear atere. Will AUTO. Plsmond JO'DI are thoroughly t.mla with Or. PRANK RED really know how t. and seat cover Good U.*. perfectmotor. 2509 8. Lee. Ph. 2-11" .
beer and station. sell for 83900 er tax inventoryplus Prlur. set th for At Real Savings
toad. 103 z 725 ft. Cafl 6810 ,. Undo streets will Apply dola your .a 8593. R. 8. N. or. HOUUTAIE for ealeor rent.
home- Nicely furnished cottages wt tile fixtures. Roper Realty, Church Manager 1006 Build- Mr. Howell. City Cab Co. & or equity. Cash minute Ave Phone 4771.PQRD1530 Ho.le Pak, 22nd
IUIIG lT01.c our bath*. Aprnll.t.l" 22 land and 1.111; 2-3433. Ing.Bune. "* 3-0339. >etc.1 gIve '*m away? Olv .* a thence, condition. I, and M. T.le
Dub I with This court I CLERK.TYPI8T WANE_ Duties 201 N. Oran.Blossom ; 7883. Enel.nt 8. H. Tubers It Co.
dread Country Club aeetloa. Lt provides view .rl Indian I River and will 'consist keeping T.I Radio hn't. Indi KIT KAMPER 1947 all aluminum
Cle e b. MONEY WHEN YOU NEED IT- office records prlaU payrolls GET TOP CASH.PRICE for yire&r I .ldu.1 _c.n.:1 trailers. Ideal for traveling. buntIng Contractors
.1 .. t th1 I. plenty of room for trUe camp CITRUS PACKING HOUSE-12 ears m..lnl etc. of make withrefrigerator
rle.d Cash or I additional At Aeccpt.ae Corporation. Home Young man lived In Orlando f.rdle. or model. Reed FORD-. 1836 4-door touring Id.a.1 and fishing trips. Equipped
... SAils 755$. cottage Pic 11.0 per day np.cl,. in the 319 W. Washington and many extras Have U.S.N. Base
"r." Braa 23S ; rash. Exclusive with 54?. I heart of th L.ted office at 480 N. Or.a. Avenue in for years Apply Esh.a. 8343. Used Car Exchange. w. ,
l.a St.
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j jIf. I Harold Shepherd Realty ". cUu. bel. Orlando. Phone 711. Offleea at to Mr. ,.. City 2.288. Waehlngton. St. Phone Open four left at bargain price 3495.
equipped with C.1 2-211.
River Fla.Stazdard
Including R. 8 Evana. 101 W. Central. .
Property for SaleCTTUT j I Washington St. Phone 5124. I field .0..m.chlDer Cocoa. Winter St. Cloud. USED CARS WAHED.atrl nor Sundays.
_Cantl 9 office b...Otee. budl. Sam Service) CARPENTER-First class only. Telephone Ida Iotr. Gal.ad PORD good rubber, LIBERTY-Lat* model. 2T tandem
.t I : or 2-7102. ferson. JIEPl4
solid I For details 2.191 S. P. H..a, Pi 2-2424; good electric brk..; neel.a' condition
BUILDING BITTS Slave a .etu.IIDnatr. ace Louie I nights, 33071.SPOT m.ch.nt.U' Hrf.e .
block of with a lot of Dln. Broke 27 W, Washington I MONLfFOILBICKNESS-Ort cash LOCAL GENERAL AGENT for Accident $645. 1021 Pak 11' : sleep .IUI heatad -
FORD ROAD hom.at. to pay. the doctor or CASH PAID for used two ton latelor. twin
fruit trees. ClosI. adjoining St.; 142. hl1.1 and H .ttl Insurance Com. your ear. FORD-1941 'Station Wagon5545. for. .
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Florida Credit 21 W. Pine, J. c. ", dr Mo
of our finest nlldlDt.1 sections.Someone I 1.t.lr. pany. complete unusual opportunity Packard Used 219 W. Washington .lal t
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.e. vision can develop this a worthwhile CLOSE IN-Suburban Highway. 44. 5. Pa. S4. days. 1. Motors
room houaa. IsraeL outbulldln on QUICK CASH LAS Furniture W. side ., back ofAttamonta
'n.loPI.D' For full parlcu Modern first class np-to-dat restaurant I note and 10.n. 2-hour serv, MECHANICS WANTED.-.2. Must b* STANDARD MOTORS INC. will buy FORD-1941 aedan $l.045Uaed Sprint H.t.l.WOTORYCEBrad .
.1 .b late *. .rl. WtI._ a..lor.. .D bar. Nets S400 weekly. ice. Family .. 501 Florida I fast and reliable. Plenty ef work good clean used cars and will pay Car Exchange. 219 W. Washington new Reyal

.aU Broa. Anae. .In 112 M.Oranaa 2 W. Wal.ta at This. U 14,10.. good t.r1 Hihton. i Bank Phone Bldg.21661.. R W. Call!*. l.a"e name your price. Richards Auto the." right Ave prIce Phone for 2-4Ml.them. 373 .N. Or. St. Phone 2-28. Open Sundays. 123 CC. 100 I Offers these
Re.ltr; 10 Clinic: 119 W. Wsihlnston.PLUMBER .
11. RbIDD.I I.ASALLE-l037 sedan Clean 869S. miles on 11 gas. Fully equipped. 39
INVEST of YOUR MONEY In a good I CASH LOANS-Quickly made on fur WE BUY USE CARS-Any make- Used Car Exchange. 219 W. Washington I left at $ off regular prIce. Special
piece business property. Steel CHILDREN'S SHOP-On* of Orlan mtur. autos and 41.monda Or -Experienced oal, Raymond cay year-any Urn. 5 t. Phone 2-2882. Open Sundty 8225. terms. R. 8. Evsns 101 W. QUALITYAUTOMOBILES
and eoaert. bldlDI. Star with dos heat. Excellent lo.Uoa 1. own Horn Fa.ac. Co.. Deuoa. 136 W. Plant St. tHins Used C.l. 142 N. Garland Av*. *. Central Ave.TRAILEitFucnIghed..
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apartment Exen.a' location. Winter phon 95, resident Phone
.b. Includes Metcalf Bldg. Ote. er 2-4814.
whets .. to Increase. tnDtor. futur. I D.I 23.LAN& phone 301.PLSEE 2.34 LASALLB-Model 1940-30 4-door Se I $25eCan l
ALTAUOim $BPRWO8 Bee Martle Williams Realtor. year le.. Informationplease. MADE from 810 to 130; dan. Radio. 3 excellent overslaedtires. seen .t 1f: South Bumby.
disclose all facts to privacy; fast service. WANTED Experienced .
W. Washington St. Phone 8108. Mechanical condition and paint 35'Onod
Two II houses 1..packafe WELL 2 qualified buyer. Ask for Joe Thompson !I! Finance Service Inc.. 3 W. Central P.,. no lay off. On SUCCESS T FIRST TIME like new B.n.11 price cash or TCOa.teDla D Fruit Ce.phone
for LT ralo.d propr with Mania Williams, Realtor, Ave. Phone 9857. year work ahead. A. I. SnodsrauConstruction terms 307 W. Par Ave. 2-3554 '4: PLYMOUTH 2-door sedan
Wtw houte-S roonu; loris 'T A.I. .D aA r.ld. G. 2 W. Washington St. Ihoa. 8106. 4 OUT OP I who ask for a loan her Co., Winter Prk. 621. Yes. getting top price for your ear 4 doorsedan. Less I Winter P.rl. 15f.
floors I8.J50. Wi I from R. S. Evans "World's iiRRV-lt TRAILER.-Utitlty. An Ilk* neT
; -get Finance .tl '
build Louis Z. on* Pe.D.1 Co. STATION ATTENDANT Must b L.r. equipped 41 FORD 2-door sedan
: price $7 wa.hu. I. DEPARTMENT experienced Dealer" takes only one trip Compl.tlF List price 8237. $200.Conneil's
lrlepd hm. beU Building. STOREma N.a. S. Orl. Rom Phone 2314.Rolrn with radio heater ate. sell tradeor
OWDe. 1 auUad Ph by town: Wolfe. Mgr. l.rh.nle.U Incll.d.oune lots. Save yourself turhe rounds Paint Shop 1380 17th 1.
Cl'l luato" ,
8383. and R. S. Evans. N, 0 '
Call at oar AlUmmU priaie OW force ale. Coatc' B. Davis by selling t ug todsy.Drtv 1..ac.. 40 TRAILER- -4-wheel: light weight S 41 CHEVROLET Club Coup
Homer Bewell. :BUY ON ,LRm4'a ) Street. Realtor; 104 E. st Sho tln' Oul Station. Apopka. an coed tires New Paint with hitch
.dle"ol. 63.
ter Park 81394.BvekelOT'eaU Highway 0. 17-92. FISH AND POULTRY Market for Mortgage Loans Fla, Hwy. la to any ef our S Orlando MERCURY-II" Coupe. Beautilul 878 6 N. Brown; 21269.TBAILIRS '
R.ltr lit X. a With or without building. Whit SHEET SHOP FOREMAN lo.tol or phone 520$. dark green finish. All deluxe 41 PLYMOUTH 2-door sedan
moon: dial Bros-. Broker; 824 N. Mill .Ie. 0 lo.Uoa. Et.blh.d Must MAL to lay out work and eaulpment-radte. heater and new .-New aad used; 1947Amerlcin.
a'3'53 bu.le. C.1 ".B.A.-Lnl.ten low-rate. Govern handle men. Also need a good all seat covers t match ..1.,. Special at 81893 up. Elrctrio yef rig- '41 PONTIAC Club Coupe
I 57. Real Estate EEehanred GAS STATION-With sandwich ihOD. morile loans for around outside Sheet metal worker. 9220S R. Evans 400 N. Orange orator optional. Accessories Coleman
Also beer and wine license. Oa ,. Call INC. want to buy your and prswsr stove parts: awning
COUNTRY PROPERTY "Sine* I heavily traveled State highway. I luldlal. bu"U.. ,. refl.lel, 29 WWashington Must be reliable and ef coed moral .ut o truck and will pay \1 Ave Phone 4'7. rtnllles. fsns. bottle gas tsnks. gte '40 CHRYSLER Windsor 4.
ills.Ask Aaher Peter. "He prt DUPLEX or S room each. Close to 6 bedroom for tourist .e BU Phone 8881. character. Good wages and working immediately. D. V.re .. MERRY 1942 Convertible club South Orange Blossom Trsll. DB .
ably knewa.. Cor. C."trl and W.i. grocery .tr and bu. HamptonBroker upstairs I conditions. Apply Frank E. Helzel & Studeb"e Sale* and .1.1. 234 I.dl. all accessorIes exeellent 17-92, Ankney Trailer Sales. door sedan.
; 831 Orange. 5013. I Only 85500 down, balance 863 Son. P. O. BoX 433. 1100 N. Grove Phone ." .. Ine. 142
COMBINATION ORVE. small dairy monthly. A.; C. Ooldea. Broker. 1121N. HOME LOAN*-WI want to help you Ft Gainesville Florida. A. 2-35. Ur. tOi. OUI' VAN TYPE TRAII.ER-l5' 5" X 7'S"x
and chtekea chicken TRADE 8-ROOM unfinished hens Orlando Av ( Maltland I DONT iozMONEY1 I W will N. Oal.ld Ave. 2-3. msnufsctured by Stsndsrd
r.Dh Baa near underpass buy a home er build a new pay 6' 6" | J7S
1 ... P.ace Hi. bm.. extra for late model coup. Charlie Morgan. ), Winter Psrk.Open.fiun.GENERATO3iARTER will give you prompt service.one.W. YOUNG MAN-Married. With aome full value for your car. Don't MOTORCYCLE 1944 Hale, David- Auto Body Co. Los Angeles. Model N. Orange Avt. Phone 3-4401
flying West grove experience who U able to hesitate (e* u* now, Olm' Used 43. A-I. North
.par. b.t. 1 Curl and fire hour t to 3 during week; 9 to Ca. ion E004023. Metal body slaa wool insulation
Treat Xvana.Braker. Eleeti operate grove machinery. Will furnish N. Orange Ay .
.. ahop. See Hall 710 S. 12 Saturday First Savings 24 Phone Priced for quick aal Richard Pou- ; detachable 4-wheel dolly S
N. Orlando Are-. Winter 57-1. Bh Propertr I .11 and Loan Association Ped.rl OrUndo. SO house. mUch cow. garden and ANY'MAKE, or '47 car. I lln. Spinning Wheel. Tavare. P.. almost new Cooper 759 I 20 tire*.
Park. .18. E. Pins St.. Orlando. P.. pay 8100 per month to tan. Chancefor .up to 65.000. for the right .1. Indian 4. Also full Ttmkea axle*, air brake, hydraulic
CONWAY 8ICTION-.Country home EAST C'OAT-' .. sun prel advancement. C.rl..a & Bolsnd. New car urgently needed MOTORYC.accessorlea. Some Indian self-levellng Jacks. Light Used little
2 Facing MANUFACTURING R.ltor 672 N. Ave.. Carrie Used M.r. First S8V cash. Frank P. QUALITY CARS
lainilla all year deelrea. JH acre JOt BUSINESW.I LOANS all C.n. 101 Main. 8409. and Harley parts. Greasing and
..f Near coastal highway. known product. on types property; long an .. phone 24551. Phone 2701. Tau Oallle. Pta
i productive Akaadan olbearlat oil evenlnga. AU day
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Ph. 2-0331. Orlando.IF ritory. Including Orlando Tamp or abort terms; low rat; Immedlst I I MED of end 1947
eltna t. and many otheraubtrookal .10. and Dayton Good service. Harlow G. and Sat and Sunday. Casselberry' Motor- PICK UP Truck, 1941. H ton. la good
Two weU built YOU ARE LOOKINO for good locations equipment. Bech., le...m.Uro.lt and Orange Av*. Pbon 1188 Prdrlc" 1.N. 66. Sales Help Wanted W.d..orh..utomobU.11 olde. nr. Hal.Avg. rrrle l.nlr. Rt. 17. Casselberry.MOTORCYCLE condition. A Bargain. Ph 2-0346 'it BUICK SUPER SEDAN
poultry houses including .
en the East Coast see Veto 813 Virginia Drive.A .
MO laying and tkb' ,. Will consider horns In. an. i 38 Indian 43. Good Almost ne r.
Oaraie. .large work shop : Beach W* have for sale business, a, com la trad*. 6c*or Mark ON-THB-SPOT CASH PAID for I condition. Guy Ellis, College Canst. BARGAIN-Cle n hous* trailer.

.hb. roomy blocks, apartment buildings also homes well with tr'. ., Realtor, 143 M. APPLIANCE SALESMAN Cover clean used cars. Jim Cumbl IG' Winter Park furnished. New radIo: heater and '48 CADILLAC M SEDAN
.. r-. groves highway frontage 904 Orange NASH 1838 3 Opera coupi. hot plat*. 8473. See at Scotty *
1.'nctl.modem and located lots near the beach and in W.I MORTGAGE LOANS Central Florida for new content 3-4 ,Norl Avenue. Pbon 'I passenger Bon. S05 8. Orange Blossom Trail. HTdramatie. radio heater
Original finish good mechanical
All this handling nationally known lines. Not
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11..0 prlt." t cannot ote p.r Bee wl. b Residential or Commercial properties.Low over 40 year ef see. Must hays car. CUT CASH IN S UINUTES ;;;-Any rOldlUoa. good nbbe. 8598. R. 8. IN RESPONSE Government appeal This car practically new.

d'lll IS IUt in- .0 t..tmea.Beach. A. ORANGE AVENUE CAFE-Completely rate of Interest prompt and Stat all qualifications and experi m.k or model. BtarUng.Alexaader Tck Lot. eor. to Join la patriot campaigning
suet I"na Ru H block Rulor. Veo on highwayNo. and nicely equipped; doing seed courteous service. ences. Box 427 a-lt. 801 N. Orang An. phone .ld Amelia, 1-102. to lower prices, so aa to avoid a future 'U BtriCK SEDAN
ter. St. PhoBp Iu a a Dullness 757 recession all house
1. Churb '11 1. ; .o lease. Owner called $ OLDSMOBILE-1940 sportylubcoupe traIlers new Koadmaiter
PAKU AND HOME | acrei. Just front Jor r..D for selling. For quick Startle WiUUmi-Hargla Acne,. 21 4 new tires: radio; heater; and used, reduced 10* effective Im Radio heater. This car like kew.
outalde City Limit Irol frame O PNT-Pe.lc ocean now available ii. pie reduced from ".500 to W. Washington St. '5. Used Cars for Sale twin spot lights fog lights .te. Orange mediately. Frank Reed Trailer Bales.
kouae. had better 201 N. orange Blossom Trail.
Electricity city a food 1.1 BlossomTraller Park. '
to Orlandoan or Central lurr. 42 lORD J-DOOR SEDAN
For good buy. 3d,. Simmons
buy at 1,50. L A. arUaea. folks .lt BAG SALESMAN AUTO AUCTION Every 1933 2 door sedan.New .
Phone Garden. Broke. Idlana at prices ordinary I J. P. M.tts. 145 N. Main; $ Everybody Thnraday. OLDSMOBILE- New Urea mechanically OX.U .
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handle. Her 1* our chance to getsomething Prle. good. rbb.r. overhauled Sound .
PARU-40 acres cud land with nearest to a PACKAGE STORE Over S40XMOgrosa R ESTATE LOANS Low costl Open mesh bag manufacturer has I I Holljr-Robtotr .t.r 2120 a dola. R. 8. Evans M.
small bouae. on lad road lands at beutiul within last year. Building and prop 'Lb build or refinance home I opening for salesman conversant ,
Ky. etc. Owner let H.ltt .1.rle.O'B.-woor $593. 109 Burch.erty Included at 814000. H.I bu.lna. property. The Trust i with citrus trade. Apply Box 415. 8- '|I the day "76- 2 door se- Radio heater. This car
1.0. 81.500 cash and balance 81S ; 2-10D. First N.tlona Bank Star. BUIC-U4 4 door sedan rung like new. COMPLETECITRUS very cleaa.U .
,. McKiUty. Real la. SANDWICH at Orlando second M.rol d.a Lh
Zatate. 64 STAND-CeotraFT .- flor. Used Car. H'I Usd Car Exchange. W,
a.a Central tlon. Going at ".000. Pine Orange Ave. 21
SS. Real Estate Wanted 'I 3-4814. Washington St. Phone '
wsuein ler. ESTATE ,
REAL BUICK 1940 Sundays
RA ker Burch 8MN-spn- I"or sedan. Original -
atructed fr Id room horns BUNGALOW LISTINGS Any *tx* ; 1 ; 21090. INTEREST RATES AS LOW AS 4* enced with leen. paint; very clean car. (893. 1940 4-door sedan! Convertible coup
,.rant and .Iett and any location. Furnished or un SERVICE STATION-Doing goodj' oa Improved properties la Orlandoand car. Excellent opportunity well R..Evans. 60 W. Central, 4231. OLSMOBI shape- ; very clean Hydramatle. radio heater
". real aatato to sell. Prospect tablished Winter Park. H F. Boland.Realtor r..Uelt i Almost new
acres .0 furnished. Priced commercial business. No brokeraie. established efflce. ,I i I throughout. 81095 R. 8. Evan. 60 Two Washers .
thO baa. .u. tJMO. Wilbur Battery and tire Bettes Investment Company 23 Csrrttsa Bids. N. IUCKInor sedan.
UcKelrtr. watting. service. Opportunity W. ; 672 OrlllD
!trckl'D4 Jrok.r W. Central Ave: phone 4231. I Grading Table
Central I evening 1901J2 W. 8 for increase. Ph. 6888. Mr. Faaon. Washington SU Phone 8513. Orange; 2.4551.SALESMAN I|| .e cleD car, 11. A '43 53 CADILLAC SEDAN
J Clrh 1 !!.sns.50_ W. Central: OLDSMOBLE1i36. 6 : 2. C Salt Water Tank
I I PNT-I aa42 guest PARK-Home with Income. SUNDRY STORE AW) QROCEKYcombination. for wholesale distributor i BUICK door sedan Rebuilt ."lnd"out.Radio. Radio heater, extra dean.U .
lola and rental cow Must b* good IO'UO and fairly Excellent Prefer one between ages of 22 and I I -1840 ao..e 4 door *e- : Rinse Tank
t. A4dUoaa buldl. fo laeome Priced. Courtney R.I"; 392 M. Or Selling on account ef lo.tol. 64. Help Wanted-Female 35. Familiar with retail trad la' dan. Rdio. new tire, beau Unusual heater.buy Perf.e oudlt"Ph.' 0 Elevator to '
POI tiDal party. juice machine
Canlo.14"1 rtIDe.- 2-J4T1. particular call Mr. Smith with and around Orlando. Must hue u,. fll.b. Week-end special at Pr.at. II 61 CADILLAC SEDAXETTZ
lisa "I. M. HeDr AVON PRODUCTS INC. has giving full detailsof 8993. R. 400 M. Orange 5365 or 111.OLMOBI C Juice Machine
, bo. DUB8DREAD OR OOLFVIEW-Proe- Bureh Broker; 1 8. prollt Apply by lte. nl" Radio heater bydramatlo
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ettnu U. Wondtrtul soil waiting for 3-bedroom homo 01. able open territories tn references to P.O. A. 1936 .ea. Look Separator
for nursery. Nearly 400 It. on I... In pet subdivision. U you want to SUBDIVISION for and surrounding towns. Writ immediately Box 552. Orlando. Pta.HOWWOUI.DYOU I IUICK-ln 7 passenger limousine. .d ll. new. family '
Better cheek thin today with H. er In..t' Naomi DUlmaa. lie good 84M. 8 Evana. 400 N. Orange I Preheating Tank 41 BUICK SPECIAL SEDAN
sell call P. Car-
like 820
or.1 Beautifully to
von Schiller. Rtalten 7116. rtaan .BI.ad.. la a.ltr.N Orange; ; l.at.. 74 iota near .Jo.td.(center Broadway Orlando Fla. i to 840 a day and establish earn an Income Interior la no ship.l.ch.lr.IF.'SD. 1 A... Phone 4771.. Pasteurizer Radio heater a very nice

SUBURBAN.-About 8 mile front 2-55. '' tbol country club border on BiUTIClN-Wlb following. Far for life relllng for only 85 a : Evans L' I OLDS-1942 elation wagon Perfect I Can Filler clean car.
town en white aand bottom las GROVE WANTED 10to 20 acre residential section needs Please Phone year a 82.500 accident policy* Every Garland and .Amelia 2-1033. condition New ttree. One owner
with nu. frontage and ripaflanlights. bearing grove. Client waiting If 1, Improvements in city limits good 4026 today.COLORED accident covered from the first day. BUICK-1941 aedanette. car. 3100 Edgewater Dr. I Can Cooler '41 CHEVROLET SPECIAL
Modern. Approximately t feet deep. Price U right. Courtney Realty; 392 1 buy. Louts E. O.b.1 Oe. 1 Rut: MAID-Some cooking experience. Bnrl hundred plehold.r Or. car. Original paint. Central Flor PLYMOUTI(1940. Tudor sedan. 6 Labelling Machln DeLuxe aedan. Radio. This
2-bedroom .
electric furnished.'If N. Orange. 3-2471. ,, iaitdBuilding. Ph. for Summer.Che.rful. territory for rfe'Dc. ida Wotor Jefferson and Garland Nice conditIon 8895. Colonial 0 Hand Boxer car extra clean la every way.
kltehea88250; can buy and renewal. Weekly guarantee. Ph .
TOURIST jjjo 1239 Colonial Dr.
adjoining led. Jale. and Cur GRVZHO.U-BUSIES LInt '|| eery itor; filling station cabin 40: .:r Phone Mt.lea. room or writ and P.bath.O. Writ 8t.t Manager Horh.r Plot.Ida. BUICK ; i Motor. 1. 1937 4-door dan. Elevator to Refuse Bin '
'0 aggressiveBrokers. : :I" 205 .ECI.13.Hr covertlble PLYMOUTH ** 41 PACKARD CLIPPER
f.ltr Mutual Com .
CaUr. .1 C..tra PI A .ropr .lh J.allll. Inc. |i of land; a three room and a Box 729. Mt. lotor; nice Good rnnnlni condition. 8250 Private Conveyor to Refuse Bin
P.O. Leesburg.
II. Box 531.
872 N. C'D'u' room bou. Main Highway In South ELDERLY WOMAN Wanted pany. top. A good looking car. Orand II Party. 2658 X. Jefferson. Phone I Refuse Bin 4-Door Sedan
ida. 13
acre ef flae solL Or.a. 2. t Ave. Radio. Nester Overdrive
. aCBCRIAN-2' Milk cow and sad GROVE WANTED-B. II or 20 acre All 9.t Ifta-furnished for year round business. I I la horn Room board and $ HI I C.1 between 8 and 3-0549.

.. horse. Electricity. Bua. tangerine grove in bearing. Dlrect Payment 815.000 t.only 10.00. Down month. C.r for 2 chldrl 11 evening : 67. Employment Agencies BUICK-1939 Special 8895. I III PONTIAC-1939 4-door sedan. Price

el.a Oowa Inc.. 1.. from owner. Give full particular ,, B. Hou.htl 403' Lenox B. Fred. .. Rot I Used Car Exchange 2iidw" 10. 100 West Livingston Avenue. The above- items conitttuto. e eompleto These ears laid with a 304rtuarantee.
II. Av*., phone 2-1796. ,ton St. Phone .
Or".: P5S. Box 417 8. Star. I I Datn. Florida. 'on BROWN'S EM'LYEN AGENCY days. 2-21. Opa M Put.r.PLY.0t1D plant with the exception ef .
TttRxly LAKX acre ROME-Cash and late model trailer | ,I FOUNTAIN GIRL-No night or Sun f And Nur. you want 4or sedan hailer and can closer. Capacity
10 de" I-r &ICON-O for well located hem*. Give par-I I BUSIES SPECLBee. win. and day work. God houf and no work coma to SIS W. CentraL If you CHEVROLET-1939 2 door sedan CI.a. Used Exchanee. SOO Field boxes daily.

lou. tl p.r. .b fralh.4 bou. titular*. Box 425 l-ta. : u IUDch. Also additional S-room. Including fur- Pay. Th Oal.. 10 1. Av want help call 6328. I I Clesa 8845. Used Car EXC"'II. 219 W. Washington !t Phone 2-28. We pay Cash for Bd Can.

with a wathlni .. I nlihjd bungalow Call Paul i I HAIR STYLIST for Earssots. PerI COLLINS EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 219 W. Washington 8t. 2-282 Open Sundays. WRITE BOX 434 8-STAR
Large chicken bou. and brooder WANTED-W* hays Pree- hery with Parrtsh Real Estate. :'I I manent plUOD Write for application and Nurses Registry. Open Pundar. PONTIAC 1935 2-door sedan. One
.. .Tractor Price 700Q. BOUE for 2. 3 and 4bedroomhome Fine; 3-1040. bl'Dk Lou's Brut, I era. typists lteao.r.Ph.1 I owner 43.OOO miles. Colonial Motor J. C. MCKELLAR. INC
\I 'Jaas' Bro..233 N. Main; 7588.WDTDERMERE In good location Call W. B.Ntbol.oa SPECIALIZE Salon Orll' Yent I.D"e. 30 help c.1 7228. 6 W. *. 1231 E ColonIal.FLYMOUTHl942 .
on Lake Realtor. ; 14 WJ IN ..Ulng'aU tyi M.II .. 5'8t.. Fla.i Churl' at CREVROLZT-193S. An steel Excellent "YOUR PACKARD DEALER

Bute. 2. a-Ull a businesses. If you are Interested I PARKER BUSINESS SERVICi I II i 2-or. Original
foot lake frot Unvn" Wa asHOCD iDo any business see us. "Spetk to I I i HOUSEKEEPER white for working I firs, sales, professional U.dellca motor, good rubber.'r8s. J. finish. Ntw motor. S. mile: 342 X. Orange AT*. Phone 1147
bedroom. : J.I. Spiegel. Whitney Co couple. .la. share home. C.r 32 E. Pine; R Smith 3 E. Robl.oa radio h..tr. perfect meh.Dlc.I,,
t June lat. Price have Realtor. 70S .i of 2 Reasonable ". 2-11. toed and ..
13,0. WAN1ED-W* prospect _. I ehUdra .I. 10"la.
Broker. 3 B. 83297ARM for modern I and 8-room nomea.. tJ..rd.J j! Phone 8 or write P.O. 69. Work Wanted-Female I 81.200 C.I -.mot FLOOR

AND HOME Nice Tt your bones U for aale call Alien WHOLA *. I KCHE HELP-White. Espreno CHEVROLET-1947 Fleetmaiter 9 PACKARD-1942. Clipper: beautiful
dwelling. Shrubbery; f.w.n 2bdr..bae Johnson. Realtor. 140 N. O.a. $..ISJutear plus Inventory.Small .rr.1 .0 Sunday work COLORED GIRL desires part time or door sedan with radio. 01 UsedCars. 4-door sedan: 81.6OO. Win trade for
Saras; outbUdlDI; bbw. 8812. "Bpeelallxlnl to Home Call Jo* with Veteran Real Estate 'I Plckard's Coffee EloD. 1125 SUihBlvd. I day work. 655 Railroad Av*. Winter 242 N. Orange 1 late eoupe. Telephone 2-MM.

w.te..IHtrUF. 1 aerea fI LISTINGS WANTED-W* hav th* Agency; 29 8. Court: 2-4481. I Park.CASHIEREvening. I 2-4814. PLYMOUTH 4-door ..d.n. Lessthan SAMPLE TRUCKS
11 fenced. buyers U you have the property.Call cOy Management Department. MATRON dietician experience hour P. B. mile guaranteed.

from & llmlu. 8600.. some A T. Carter. Isle; Jamerson A WILL INVEST up to 82000 for PODj for .It operated rte&rla. and stenographl experience. X, CHRYSL14p..n.e. 1.0. Look ."44.0 1' lIke new 6V Origin

"rl Wa. J.W.. In. Wit'R.n.N. Q I C.re liSTINGS Main and Central magaxin rlgar. and sundry a ; S.la. 13. 6., .ek. DesirableI I Box 399 6Sla.PRCCA ch.a. 219 Open W..hln.t.s.r"l *! ..1.1. P.2-0079 or 6106 R. S. EVANS
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of any
W.Dro. ness.phonel30: ask to Apt. 141AMAZINO tloa I NURSE 2-2112. PLYMOUTH-1937. 4 door. Ran*
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working hard. Grocery business for NURSES Institutional work; experienced I PB.ACTICAiJURSE with hospital ; I. FOKO-1940 Semi eompteU with 19wheats.
On 3 ft .10.0. LISTINGS W A.." waiting. ... for Owners la mental and nervous training CHEVROLET 1942 Arro $693.CREVEOLET1947..
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E. P. 32 E. Pino cam orders. WrIte P. O. Box 1461.
and spacious grounds overlooking al.toa R.ltr. lo tem. .9 week and your home or mine. Mra. George L.Brewer. Radio and heae. Looks Ilk. coupe. Radio. good lOfc TODISCOUNT 25%
Lake Conway. Make offer. lt. el5. prf .a... 83.300 rash SALESLADY with ability t meet 4'39.DEPEDAB car. 11395. E.aa 8 W. Cen 8263. J. R. Lent wheel
. Speak t Spiegel" Whitney Spiegel LISTINGS WADHom. groves.rsntala. down. Guernsey and Green Inc. public and sell fine Idl.Red. WOMAN I tral Ave.. phone Smith. 33 X. Robinson.PLYMOUTH bae: cab and ehaiiia. Dual
, Realty Co, 706 your Relt 21 1 Central Aye te-Wear. Simpson'. 16 : CHRIT CHRYSLER 1939 4-door
MctcalX Bids. L 01 Ph .: i; or chil sedan. wheels. Wo ntllasgS. 11(99.
3-3269. property. BP Agency 112 H. STENOGRAPHER experienced .I. Please telephone 2-O004. I Oood clean car. 8595 R. 8. Evans .

LARGE HEW BLOCK I room Orange dial ANON GROVE OWNRNe" rapid seeurat possess initiative i 60 w. Central Ave.; 4231. 1947. blue CHEVKOLET eah and body.

and bath: hit .IOU.. ,. PROPERTY you want t seU. buyer on bl and able assume r.pDbl.Ite. 70. Work Wantrd-Uale CHEVROLET- aedan: for deluxe coupe ...pla 1 ten. 6 wheel, perfect mechanically -
m acres of good truck farm land: rent trade right Hsstlnrs.Realtor. you srow. Best set-up I Florida. .5'"" eek. i I .ult, la hou. Charlie Only 21 cub. 8180 extras, this. Include 1885.
82 E. (Arcade). Bu.IDe. already I: Ph. 2-4591 for 5.1 ON THESE ITEMS.
on State Highway. ; near school; 4J37. C'Dtra concrete! block .t.bl.he. Modern ment.oa app BOOKKEEPER year experience aa. 5 W. I r 8100 radio. Make me an offtr,
elath "o. Bus eP at dol. .Ih'' of small loan company CADILLAC 194161" Box 407 Very
fln. station In conjunction m'D..r 4 door aedan. I I 811. CHEVROLET-1041 pick-up.
If. I. FOR IMMEDIATE RESULTS-Ust railroad D.I. TYPIST and office clerk for engineer- prm.a.a resident STaUabl now e Ollns I Used 1939 4-door. New food mechanically Rood rubber
10 MINUTES from Peat Office. Mew your property .U Oee. H. XUt feet V'with. land .Idl. loo i lag department. Shorthand desirable. 13.CNCOK 12UN.'g:*:e Ave. Phone lf.f. I I PLYMOU eo..r and tires 8693. A perfect buy for 8893.
( r.des. Resltor 'd.ceD' week for 5-day week. JUST
block per R 8. Evans W. Central
Ian 1 C.atra Ay. trOI eeate of Actual 13 WANT WORK-New CHRYSLR- 1942 New Yij- 8 An.
Wail ( Oabr Phone 2-3178. I t. Glv experience and references. phone

ere*. 0 ; .: : C8TME WAITING for home price ". are asking. Pfpr. .Or" Write P. O Box 3 48. ground; : Material' any kinds.Reasonable. onthe dor. .d.n. 11-equipped' tires ;81350.very U3.PLT"OtII1 2-d0or for sale DODGE-1940 panel delivery. New

i r.h' 10. l.nD", ..cl..I. properties. List your Ishe "llae. thrown la. WOMEN 18 to 45 years of a". f111 R.Ie Box 51.Zrllwood. R..8. Wt" W. Central: 4231. I mechanical motor, food tire and body, E>-

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atart. Easy coupe; like
2-1374. to
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WASHED cleaned. I
PA. .prme Floors with '
new finish
2) CR (N..I Lake Conway WE HAVE BUYERS wanting grove i :z&'ES&iSnFiR Six-day week. Uniforms HOUSE We use Sherwin-I i 82295. new bl.cl 82195.; old price her Major engine repair la 1946. FORD-1940 S yard dump fueL I
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I Oldd : very clean
Ck.a stock clonb" 7- sale list with P. A. AJUMUI. 1ilcOneideraeiUngcnu IDtrnt TOI Caeur. home mixture. prouet., or throughout 4-or: old 1 I Price 8390. See owner at 1014 a.I 54- 0-72 Inch
bOI.. fnhed. P. 185 Realtor. 37 W. Wwhlncten. Wrt 8s 1teeL Central. 3-3098. B.mbn 21 I 149 Chevrolet Inr. : new pn. Division daring office hour. Priced New
I panel.
I Coure. Rtlt 312 J. OrD" 2 PONT LIST your property with m* I FEES AUTO PARKING' for customer's WES WANrEDEapertrfl. MECHANICAL ENGINEER with design -i I tires; as U for I19S. Oldsmobile! 1940..od under market for quick ..I. paint. A food bur for most any

unless you want to aeO. Henry of First National Bank at East and pay. Zack' PI.c. production 4-01 8 cylinder with radio; look I I PONTIAC-1936 4 door sedan New serviee. SS9S.
\IazL1.. OR TRAD!-Large equity Incounty Burch. Broker 1 8. Main: 2-10. Churchat_ end of Court St.t Pine Castle. Blag plant and 'D.IMrU. e.I'ex- I 1.. new Inside and new I glistening blue finish good rubber, delivery
homo and 25 acre for THOSE 65LDEN W Apply to Desires price 81295. oat IOtOr', perfect mechanically Priced at
FOR COURTEOUS position la price
kens trailer and car. and quicker sales oa IptD .nl t.' you are PPRTI I AITSEpr.nc4 Cofe SoD. 485 North pr.e. B. 388 01 D.r Dodge 1937: new motor. paint, 11.. low figure for quick sale. 3350. R thl B ATTIC FANS DODGE 1940 'i-ton pick-up. A
water school tp.
bua. 2 brom property call Roe Kay profit arT i Orange A. .. YOUNG VETERAN. tires; with radio and h.tr reduced Evans Truck and Bargain Lot very food runningtruck for $493

Scre'n'dporch. Box 42 8ta. I Broker. 375_N.:. Oranae: Aadaa. I I may uau:u3T*oiZe 'i :1 YOUNG LADY for credit investigator ble e"pr AID. Plumbing cp.aalea. price S9S. Jeep 1948: 10.0 actual ,I' Garland' and Amelia 2-102. 36-.-.42-.-43 Inch

It1H RI-. and sleeping I WE HAVE B waiUir I Praou V. 8t.. For i and sencrsl office work In credit shlPPII. receiving. BOX 408 me color red: ... run'SrEiKERlt1- a DODGE.-1840 32-psssenr.er bus.
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A:: palms; thicken :and quirk tale call eo"t"Richard Is my 2-5008. I Peri : I through Monday.,. Martin's Jim Cumbl 904 N. A
H. Kaiaros.j for
43 MI converted purposes.
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H eash. per : Central all:: : D.I West I t ; I Cars. 101 N. Main. Or a.
Furnished. 85000. Realtor; 672 N. Oran**: 3-099O. : i euaon PearsRoebuck.YOUNGLADYI0r i I 71. Airplane. Sale& Service 84. I 2-52. food buy for (895.

.oat.Wtb _. YOU a business for tale? A.u.a Show general offIce CADICl. town .1.1: good 8TUDEBAKER.-1940 Champion 2
II. Orange 0w.; lac. Bro"e .VI horn o apartment house 11..I"7 bualnee. building WJS work. Must b* permanently located I TWIN ENGINE rating on Grumman I rblr; I. battery. 195. O.ae. deer sedan Very ecoaomlcaL T. HOME FREEZERS TRAILER-1942 2 wheel pole. Perfect
ll: PrDlhe or unfurnished homer List 1na. Osarters. grand .thIs will be a permanent Widgeon; land, sea and Irltns ".a. 211.CEVRL190. price I 8393 before we wash It food condition
.f l.tOle. h able to take Vetersn's Evan. 101 W. 5296.I very
the .
58. O. .nr R.I.r. 29 I ISf.i. bm K*. on IUt pll U.IIn. AYI.&nn. 2-door C.trL

APARTILZNT_BanK P r,for Sale W. Washington. D.l 11 13.. bl..Pred highway 1 rht out of constructed Orlando I phone and calls.public Mis Apply Fersuson.in Country Cub. Ph Winter Prl.16 I Stune. Call 442.Id.a"n I i 'f1iD"URCa 6 and 12 feet for $123.TRUCK.

lovely BOU&E. aid. 6 FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION and lines right. I. many e9I90ROOM Roebuck CO.YOUNIIADY.Oeneral. 72. Autos & Trucks For Rent CHEVROLET-1940 2 door sedan 1295. Used Car Exchanse. 219 W. BARGAIN
J"4 aal.a" AU furnlahed. result list your property ble For sale by Ouner office clerical Original s Washington Phone Open AND
Box 2-212
Wal. Ilt.pr eh In. M.r Wt.1 Realtor 3.IU. I 426 8tar. I supervisor. Capableof handlingclerical CAR-RENTAL INC.-High grade ea Dlus.. ". flal quick Sunday LOT
month. nt ID Ph.8106. HOT- Four 4-room Hnl and ct office cured car by week or season .1 sale at 8445. R B. Evan Truck and STUDEBAKER 141

.P. invited. 132.6. ..8,. .pa.at lI tlor stores. 2 ware- rot.. llm S rspaii people Call 6159. 36 Bail Lot. cor. Garland .a tlrea. lotr.CI..de.New heter. ASSOCIATED STORES
Spin 461. WANTED TO BUY- :I I I uST-trSSSSaFSHf3SK day wet 283.iDDL U.IRtn Avo. 21023.DEOGI92. clean. 81020. 10 10. Corner Garland and Amelia
AP N-HOuz first-rial bearing : 1 AGED .'ht woman com- D. VARNER U-DRIV-IT-Drlye It 4-door aedan. Radio S p.m.
modem ldedea' I, detail In first P. f'f to.a Bunt at coat of 1200. Of. to do .-and light yourself: low rate: by mile or day 41.OOO mile*. Tar 1 I STUDEBAKER-1941 Commander 143 North Orange Ave.
.DU! ; tub 'and shower baths 3ro.i, Realtor.*Carrie lttr,H'2 completely i housekeeping, for 2. COlt Borne. D. Varner -D 234 1 perfect C.url Florida Motors. Jelferton door aedan. Used Car OPEN SUNDAY
r 4- I BI ating for Revenue from op.' no no Winter Central Ave. : "s23nl W'j 14.
IUa XMdern penthouse ange; dial 11.0. (tr dIJ.n. JaWd" Cal 3 ? Gal.ad. ph. 2-2424. charge 219 8t
'"Re.s A Laro corner j I r.nt.1 .IO' 10. Per this Prk 2212_for further Inon.tJf OLIN I Phone 2-2682. Open W..hln.t..
I. eIU.. I SELLERS. BUYERS Set j]I U-DRIVZr.INC.- 'j ji bET Club Coupe. Phone 5300
H*. P. t yield { Realtor Metcalf Bldg. Clabalh: Ih.1 pr\r.see MIDDLED AGE Woman t alt :i for rL rate per day I FOR SALE trade lot Phone: J-102J.
OwnerS 418 Pbo. O. Rencher Broker Ru..ll. ta.h ecptoa.\ or fol er acre-
BI.. I I same old ri. aine 23. 13|I : 2 Wu.I, Jltog.." a.alnt 1..I[ week 1:0.: 94] moafl j. Orl"(. 2-4814.evening til I 1 dua. 2-52.Jim Cmbl. Ca.1. j. Itihlng ate. Plymouth car. 1013(Wilkinson. .k...0


r 4. ,




24 1947 .,... .. .,.. .... "
Saturday May
Page 12 OOrIttnb fHnrtttng &tnttnrl I > '': "' ""'d. + Junior College


Academy SetsBaccalaureate -. ; .: ,...... :. .t..11 I Service To BeHeldTomorro
County Budget :' .:f : t t :; 1: ;

f5. ,

StartedWith r '.< Baccalaureate services for Oms
Study For TomorrowZELLWOOD .... .:w. lando Junior College graduates
I S ,: % will be held at 11 am tomorrowat
Baccalaureate the Central Christian Church.
pencils sharpened. Orange [The Orlando Morning Sentinel will print letters for and service at the Hampden DuBose .(i<>.:.>.....: : 331 Cathcart St., with Dr. Paul C
County's budget commission! went against parking meter Installation by: the city: up for a vote June 3. Academy here will be held tomor- > Carpenter pastor delivering the
through the un-41 budget on an The letters should stick to the facts of the controversy. They should row at 11.30: am. in the school sermon it was announced yester

Item by item basis yesterday but tell why: the meters will be good for the city: and Its business or why chapel day.Graduation
The sermon will be preached by exercises will be
will be detrimental. Those dealing in personalities will not be
made it clear they they
were :
promptly the Rev. Fred O. Lasse. missionary held at Sorosis. 108 Liberty St. at
immediately to I printed. Keep the letters short-Ed]. '
not ready gay to Belgian Congo under the 8 pm. Wednesday.Dr. .
which if any items will be pruned Africian Inland Mission, who with I James F. Hosle of Winter
or slashed. Against for I his family has been spending his ; Park will deliver the graduation
Immediately before them, however Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel: Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel: furlough in Orlando. av. address.
was the prospect of a total I It seems that every subject in Surely most Orlando voters are f This will be the Rev. Lasses Candidates for graduation Include
mfllage for the county ranging these hectic days is controversial. not so old and set In their ways last message to students before Elaine Akin. Eugene Brown.
upwards from 32& to 34 Vi mills and now it is whether the city that they: can't stand more progress. : leaving for deputation work Frank Burch. Nelda Corbett. Pierre -
unless something gives. This was "streets belong to the citizens-the I. at one time, was very I preparatory to his return to the DuBosc. Elizabeth Foshee. Car-
revealed during a county commission taxpayers or to a small group of"iDs" much against parking meters. I field In the Fall. olyn Fried. Donald Hendrix Ruth
session one week ago. who. for their own greed Having moved to a smaller town A of sacred music will :Jernigan.. Neta Kenneday. Elisabeth
The 1947-48 budget currently I want to put in parking meters recently that has parking meters, be presented program at the school at 8:15: Kuhn J. Louis Lamberton.
stands at $1.411.393 as submitted against the wishes of the whole I'see that they really are a help- pm. The public Is cordially: invite .'wt. James Leggett Frank Marshall.
to the budget commission by the shopping public. believe it or not! to attend both services. Janette Russell Lois Williams
county board. That figure com- i The new subject [even taking MRS. H. J, A. ; Margaret Young, all of Orlando:
pares with $1,008,995 for 1948-47. precedence over the curb bandits] I ; ..... t 4e .! Rosemary Dudley Ocoee: David
!is the so-called one-armed ban- Optimists Learn t.: .:, ; +: .: Lardin. Cornwall. N. Y.: William
T. this must be added the Morning Sentinel: '
dits. They are most certainly in R. Wilson. New York. N. Y.
school bndret. In which officials at this issue as { 1f\\
Now let's look /
the same category as the parking More About TheirFellowMembers : ; ;. i.
likelihood of a
say there Is little I I a progressive one. Orlando is Central -I
redactions If minimum needs meters. Both are supposed to Florida's trading center so' .i
I bring in revenue but the slot machines : TOOLSLathes
are met. friends all modern
use is optional. In other let's give our
Chm. Clarence Zelgler said that words If you have a spare nickel conveniences.We Optimist Club inaugurated a \ti <
none of the changes in the budget burning your pocket you drop it can remember back and new type of program at luncheon
will be open for discussion until I in the slot and 'maybe get some- not far back-when our pioneer yesterday that of having one ot < >'L Table Top Saws
after the budget commission and merchants during the horse-and- I
thing back. But with the curb its members briefly outline l\ls
thecounty board hold a Joint bandits, you drop your money in I buggy: and wagon days, erected type of business or profession for J4"2": Electric Drills

meeting over the figures. whether you want to or not. in the front and rear of their the benefit of club members. i :.:: '. ...... ..f Disston Hand Sawsy4"
You get no returns on :your establishments hitching posts. Cliff Cashion. program chairman I
A pleasing treat I money and you are forced to I i watering troughs, and even places said programs of this type HERE TO LOOK OVER Orlando and Central [seated], McCants and Carrigan; [standing] tol"S. A. E. Bolt Dies
for Itching feet pay: for the use of public streets to feed the horse to encourage would be presented at intervals Florida for investments is C. E. McCants of i Portable Welding Sets
hus- John W. Boone who
I business. In those days the public accountant recently
which are supported by: the with various club members par- the Public Savings Life Insurance Co.
DANCERSoothes band brought the entire family Stanley Bit Braces
j 1. same And people who gets who the pay revenue taxes. (if to town to trade. ticipating. Charleston, S. C., a guest of Col. R. E. Corri- moved to Orlando, and Judge H. E. ]Y2-2-Ton Yale Chain

as It removes any?]. Who got It when we had Now the housewife drives her spoke Clyde briefly Huber: on the vice-president subject of gan. In the above photo are, left to right Bailey, FHA director for South Carolina. Hoists"If
CORNS-CALLUSES the meters before and voted them car to town to do the familyshopping meat. Huber Is a meat salesman .

CaD yew Drvcclit for Dues New out? During that time Winter 10 let's give her a and former market operator. Orlandoan Made Officer neering fraternity, and officers E. Floyd Neptune Beach, record- It's Hardware See Us First"
break that she park near
may i
Park did whale of a mer-
sure a All Optimists wire urged to attend -
the establishment she wishes to elected for next year at a meeting ing secretary; Eugene L. Williams,
cantile business. I had my bank the Orange District Court of In UofF
The only answer Is- FraternitySpecial here this week of the Upsilon St. Petersburg,
BabeeTendaSafety account: there and did all of my patronize. : Honor to be held at the Grand secretary H. H. PARRISH
shopping where they showed en- parking meters. I [ to Orlando Morning Sentinel]] Chapter. ; William J. Steed Jr., Orlando i
Ave. school Tuesday at 7:30 .
Chair; pjn. GAINESVILLE-Nineteen engineering Officers for 1947-48 include I ,treasurer David W. Spauld-
tough appreciation of my businessnot Now let's get out and vote for with Troop 29, which is sponsoredby ; HARDWARE
students at the University James J. Berry Jacksonville, ing. Jacksonville historian and
to charge me for stopping to parking meters. It's usually the the club, as host to the court. pres- ; i
pJW1 Ivan R. Brown do it. And every trip showed hun- misinformed and the uninformed of Florida were initiated into Sig- ident; James P. Ramsey Jr., Professor: Ford L. Prescott faculty 220 S. Orange Ave.
ot.trltut r dreds of Orlando people doing who by vote driest lots of good Missionary to Speak na Tau. national honorary: engi- Gainesville vice president: Linton advisor.
IM Nlltermt Av.. Eh. t-8321 business in Winter Park. causes. I
The so-called representative Get out and e vote for parking At Gideons' BreakfastThe

citizens who are lauding the me- meters.
Rev. Fred Lasse.
C. D. VARNER. missionaryto SATURDAY STORE HOURS 9:30 to 6:00
ters either have a selfish interest X French West Africa under the
Open Monday Evenings or just want the publicity. Africa Inland Mission will address -
I have expressed my opinion
the Orlando Gideons at
Orlando Morning Sentinel:
and that of the majority of Or- Editor
WARREN'SWinter their breakfast meeting Mondayat
not entitled
Perhaps I am
lando citizens but whether the the park- 7:30: ajn. in the YMCA. Pres.A. .
opinion on
Park Phone 68 paper publishes it or not is some- ing express meter my question as I am not P. Swaidmark said yesterday. Bobbie Brooks
thing else again.
Rev. Lasse will return to Africain
living in Orlando. But I think the .
WARREN BICKFORD. matter affects the people that go the Fall. His sons. Dick and
to Orlando from out of town. Phillip will remain in this country Fashions are
isle the artlrl tUrtiir so I
to complete their
Pit I, Jm Readers Direst Editor, Orlando Morning Sentinel: I see that some object to the I education. .
Dick Is
attending Hampden Du rH
People for parking meters keep revenue part. If they: will produce -
"WHENWill clicking their false teeth over one revenue and not affect Bose Academy in Zellwood and Exclusive With IVEY'SJunior
another but I have not I Phillip goes to Memorial Junior =
reason or I traffic anyway I say let's have
. I You Be SlIed1"See been able to see where meters will them. No city ever has too High School.
us forComprehensive make more parking spaces. The I much money: and it violates no ;' Miss[ Shop
police are supposed to check the i law. It is honest revenue.I spend as much time looking afterit
Personal cars now. and all downtown I I' I had much rather see the city as I think they will. have to do. off
Liability places are one hour or less. If the get its revenue that way as by then they will have the revenue .,
$10.000 for $1100 police are on the job now. I can legalizing gambling or any other from the meters to pay for this "
see no difference with or without I expense which they don't have
$50,000 for $13.50 law violation-Just making a farceof
$100.000 for $14.00 meters.I our laws encouraging violations now with free parking. Easy to look at :
may be a nickel nurser, but it Trying it will it.
If all gambling were cut prove :- .I
Hall Bros. Agency seems to me someone is trying C. M. CHAPMAN. launder. .
awfully hard to nurse those out in our county, money wouldbe easy to .
112 N. Orange TeL 5189 turned to honest industry. furnishing .
nickels for me. plenty of employment and live in and love
E. O. S. revenue too. On the matter of DR. P. D. NAPIER easy to .,

... traffic. I can't see how meters NERVE SPECIALIST
Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: would help congestion, unless they I CHIROPRACTOR ,4..:_: ;:
Having watched Orlando grow
will automatically crank up the
for the last 30 years into the car and drive it out of the way Complete X-ray Laboratory "'" \
Why City Beautiful I cannot but won- at the proper time. 331 Cttteirt St. Plao... 1-4571
der what is the matter with peo- On the other hand if the police if/N ua ,anann'n, nnunu, 'nnnUI
ple who want to fence it in with I II
: those hideous meters. Going
I| through Sanford and Daytona I
Sweat it Beach Sunday, I thought what an
ugly sight the meters there were.I The Flattering Gift fora Girl Graduate
though how the late S. S. Sad-
ler. a Commissioner fought to I II

eradicate. the hideous signboardsto I I
Fashion TakesIts
out thisSummer make Orlando beautiful. !
Bigger cities have got along
without them and worked out I I Cue '
better methods of easing eon- II '
gestion. They are just a new I From These ) \ /
? method of taking a free man's + t
You might park at one end of
I Orange Ave.. and about time your SIDE
S r
parking limit is up. find yourselfat /I + 1
the other end of the street
No ttoamlng hHl, ,, and have to lope all the way back. POCKETS
just to put more money in the

no Itkky hUM IcIfty meter.It .
will, of course help to fill
the city coffers but so would the I
wlth.100M a now fj present method if everyone getting Set.I IC
a parking ticket was madeto
Air CondtTlonor pay a fine and not let off every I {
time. It won't help the stores.
because It would only be fate that
'hi your office you could park near the store you
wish to patronize. Orlando got
and homo along during the heavy traffic of
your war years and can do as well now,
for parking meters win keep the
streets congested with cars drlv- V
ing around hoping to find a park- /1

1 big stall. MRS. EVA DAVES. -J/Ae ( .

I I r

.t A piece of adhesive tape on the '
end of a curtain rod will make it l
easier to run the rod through the '

hem curtain.and prevent tearing of the NYLON I II :: ... I '

i. I I No-Seam \

+ e i



A fashion winner for summer this Bobby:
I 500 W. CENTRAL AVE.COLD Brooks one-piecer, with a swinging wrap-
around skirt that boasts two big pockets.In .
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I r.
- .

Orlando morning sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: Orlando morning sentinel
Alternate title: Orlando Sunday sentinel
New year sentinel=star
Sunday sentinel=star
Orlando Sunday sentinel=star
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 60 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Creation Date: May 24, 1947
Publication Date: 1918-1953
Frequency: daily[<1926>-1953]
daily (except monday)[ former 1918-]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Orlando (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division, and the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 6, no. 94 (June 1, 1918)-v. 64, no. 32 (July 27, 1953).
General Note: "Inland Florida's greatest newspaper."
General Note: "Independent Democratic." Cf. Ayer, 1946.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Holding Location: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 02734467
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lccn - sn 83016284
System ID: UF00079944:00052
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Preceded by: Morning sentinel
Succeeded by: Orlando sentinel (Orlando, Fla. : 1953)

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"7 .. ..... - -"- ...... 'r. T.1t--/.ft"r.. "''.?",", .. E.'T.r4'J. ., -:. '':',\7 ;cf'<,', """ ,, "" ''''':rr --._ ....... '- 'Y' :" -.7"f.r'\1": :"' 'J. "" 1 --


.! ithui. HALF.A 75-mil MILLION rarfrot PEOrU af Orlaafo.LIVE IN YOUR SENTINEL TODAY

tilt ono which. creotM 24 pr w_lef Florida's buttock product**. 56 g Churckct _.. rog. 3 Sport* Pogei 6-7Radio
p'r ccit of rloricl..f..cI"ltt.II" : ...__. Pogt 4 Financial; Pag* 8
crop, 92 pi r Cllt of Ftondo'i ahus. SHU .---- Pegt 5 Comict. Pages S.9

\ 'Tis a Privilege in Live in Central Florida-The Worlds Most Beautiful Place for Abundant Living __ __ _

.. ..

Democrats Vow Fight I i Negro SeizedIn Grand Jury Subpoenas

Jail by Mob

. On USDA Funds Slash 'Feared LynchedArmed 15 in Capital Bribe Quiz

_._ _._
.------------------------- -------------

Anderson Cites I: ROLLINS COLLEGE HOST AT CEREMONY North Carolina t

,\ Parade/ Impressive Fete JACKSON, N. C. [UP] A L The House Cleaning! Odham Heard

Peril to. Farms band of white men armed ;

with revolvers and
I To Launch Orlando Hall
white masks seized Godwin Witnesses
General Welfare [Buddy] Bush 24, a Negro

\ Construction This Morning from the county jail yesterdayand

were believed to have lynched

Committee Orders Orlando will present a new classroom building to Rol- him only 28 hours after a self- Mum on Talks

Trim lins College this morning at a ground-breaking ceremonyfor confessed lynch mob was acquit-
4 32 Per Cent ted in a South Carolina court.
Orlando Hall starting at 10:40: o'clock. I
'last Spread of SpecialInvestigation
Sheriff .1 C. Stephenson
WASHINGTON [AP] The Over' 1,000 persons including Orlando civic leaders, I
said he against
night was "up a
House Appropriations Committee members of the Rollins student body, staff faculty and stone wall" after an all-day fruit- I Hinted

recommended a '32 others will participate in and attend I less search for the mob and a Ne- -I- TALLAHASSEE [ U P ] A

... ,Jyer cent cut in Departmentf the program. I gro.Gov. Leon County grand jury,
: Auto Jeep A parade in celebration of the I Cherry in Raleigh directed -
f Agriculture
called reports
especially to probe -
Immediate event will start from Orlando City I the State Bureau of Investigation -

yesterday, bringing an Collide Here Hall at 10 ajn., and proceed along to "spare no effort" to bring lty44 I3 of bribery in the State
outcry from Secretary
Anderson and from Democratswho Orange Ave. to the Rollins Cam- I the mob to justice and ordered 44 11551 I _____ ,, '; e r 'iI House of Representatives,

pus where the program will be every agent "if necessary" to workon yesterday summoned 12 Legislators -
vowed to fight it. r
Committee Republicans lined up Injured held.Mayor the case. and three other persons to
to William Beardall: Paul J. Jailer A. W. Edwards said the testify.
behind a slash of 1383,427,742, Six
f persons were injuredlate Stine president, Orlando Greater gang banged on his door and that There were reports that the

give the USDAP05.143,576 instead I last night in a spectacular Orlando Chamber 'of Commerce; three armed men ordered him to jury was taking full advantage of

collision between an auto I II : Walter L. Hays general chairman instructions from the presiding:

188.571.318 of the asked$1.- ''and a jeep at W. Church st.1 of the Rollins Victory-Expansion Killing Suspect Arraigned I judge that it could go beyond the

Garland FORREST CITY. Ark. [UP] single case involving Rep. Bernie
Pres. S. Ave.
for .it by
First degree murder charges Papy, Key West, who was namedas
Truman. Four of the injured were passen- | were filed yesterday against
a bribe-offerer on the House
House Demo- gers in the vehicles while the other William L. Dukes 40, a Negro
crats aid they two suffered injuries as the auto accused of the attark.sla.lnrof ,floor earlier this week.
I Mrs. Frank Boyd. blonde taxicab Among witnesses called to' the
will fight the reportedly} struck them while they
driver. Strong forces of jury room were I:. P. Owens,.executive -
proposed cut were standing on the Garland State troopers kept an angry secretary of the Florida
right up to next Ave. sidewalk following the crash. crowd away from the Negro.
i League of Municipalities: Ralph
rear's elections. Orange Memorial Hospital at- I ,

l If necessary. Anderson taches identified the injured as: I I surrender Godwin arrested four Kiwanians Laud Camp

Anderson protested that the George C. Parker Jr.. 21. of 1123 :. hours earlier at Rich Square. on OCALA [AT] Ocala, Kiwanis

reduction "direct a sharp cutS Shady Lane Dr. charges of trying to attack a t -"wiA Club yesterday unanimously

at the Interests of the American His wife Elizabeth. 20. I young white woman, Mrs. Dorothy ) \ passed a resolution commendingRep.
Allen Clarence Camp of Marion
the general John 20 of 200 E. Holt Bryant. .
farm family and Mendenhall.. Coleman County for his "frankness and
well***." Jackson St. Edwards was unarmed. "When nii\: fearlessness" in the bribery investigation -

, S If sustained by the House ItS Miss Janette Osteen. 15. of 1442 program the Orlando Hall Committee they told me I had to open the \ ) at Tallahassee.
and the
Orlando High
door, there was nothing else I :-pciczl64'ce:
Palm Ave.. Winter Park, daughterof
wlQ boost to approximately $2.- Police Officer Enoch Osteen. I School Band will lead the procession. could do," he said. t\, fJj4h 6 65 j A Scott, Public Relations man for
033.000,000 the reductions : Also Invited to participateare -" the Florida Power and Light Co..
. S House far its economy Carl Emerson, '40. 24 N. Sum- He unlocked the cell door and xv7tTW /
the so
by heads and members of .30 Or- and Tommy Shands employe
drive to cut $8 billion below Pres. merlin Bt I lando civic clubs. I the men took Bush away. State insurance Department..
Truman's spending estimate for I. D. Harris. 446 S. Mason st. ; I The jailer said he was not sure. ...... .. -
1. According to Patrolmen J. W. : Pres. Hamilton Holt of Rollins I but thought he heard a shot or The first witness heard yesterday
beginning July -
the .
year Rep.J Brallcy
{\ Durant and D.L. Strickland Park.: and Maxor: P.. B. Coleman. backfire as the several autos drove; was young
Sanford veteran
Other Capitol Hill develop- 1 Odham. war
,.s menta: er and bLs'wife were" riding in an I [Continued on Page 2. Col., 1] 'away He would'not estimate.how 'City \ President Reports i Record Florida serving his first term.

S Sen. White R-Mel and Rep. auto driven by Mendenhall traveling -' many men were in the group but Employe Mother Truman Is He said Monday that Papy offered -
, Wolverton R-NJ1] Introduced south on Garland. A jeep said he had seen none of them be- ; him $500 and a case cf

identical bills to bar political said by police to have been driven Red Balkan QuizVt fore. 1 'A Little Weaker'GRANDVIEW i whisky for his absence when a
Stephenson bill aimed at bookmaking came to
broadcasts on election day and by Bertel Leonard. 18. of Sanford.i immediately organized E ElectrocutedJoseph Fund Bill Passes the floor. Odham said he refused
Mo. [UP] Pres.
the day before and make other was approaching Garland on a posse and combed the surrounding .I Truman reported last night his i I II and voted for the bill but it was
Church at the time of the accident. farmlands and woods I beaten by a narrow mari1D-
sweeping! changes In radio regulations. Threatened ailing mother. Mrs. Martha Tru :
) along the Roanoke River bottomlands A. Kelly I 33, of Rt. |I TALLAHASSEE [ A P ]
Miss Osteen and her sister, man.as growing 'a little Rep. Clarence Camp. Ocala,
but failed to turn up the City Engineering Dept.I weaker." ; Freest-spending Florida Leg-I also came forward to add hU
The House voted 151 to 65 Lucille 16, and Larry Lowing, 119. .
LAKE SUCCESS warry. 'Sheas resting well when I story to Odham's. lie said he
to require Import fees on 17. Sanford High School: student [ ] Sheriff's deputies were rein- I employe since i February,I'I'I I left and that's about all I can islature in history wrote a I was offered $100.

foreign wool whenever imports also were in the jeep. Lucille Threat of a Russian veto forced by SBI agents rushed from was killed yesterday by high- say." he added at the Hotel Mue- $63,100,000 check yesterdayfor The House members who talked

threaten the price-support program Osteen Leonard and Losslng popped up last night over a Raleigh and a handful of State voltage electricity w.hi i 1 e hleback Mr. Truman in Kansas talked City.in a low operation of the institutions to the jury remained silent
for domestic escaped Injury. UN highway patrolmen. I Others besides and Od
wooLA Balkans Camp
investigation working with a dragline crew on i grave voice which reflected his major departments and
House-Senate Conference Emerson and Harris reportedlywere commission's report criticizing sewer lines in the 1300 block of intense concern over his 94-year- services. ham. who House were Speaker subpoenaed Thomas Included -

Committee seeking a new soft struck by the Mendenhall three Soviet satellites for ArgentinaChases E. South St. I old tion.mothers. deteriorating condi- Compromise version of the huge I Beasley and Reps. Richard'Simpson -

coal strike possible July 1, agreedto car.Extent of the accident victims' their part; in the trouble along Evan H. Cherry. 618 N. Mills biennial general appropriationsact I Monticello; Jerry Collins
make a provision to prevent It, injuries could not be determined Greece's northern border. St.. and Hobson D. Fields. 1020 I Mr. Truman's staff was cryptic more than double the I Sarasota; James A. McClure Jr..
NaziBUENOS and a trifle gloomy last night I St. Petersburg: Russell Morrow,
effective immediately. if the early today. All but Harris 'ere The commission completedwork S. Hughey St. sustained shock I as another day of vigil came to amount of the largest in previous Lake Worth; Bourke Floyd Apalachicola -

President signs the bill. It would admitted to. the hospitals emer- on its report yesterday in AIRES [UP] Johann i from the same 2.300 volt distribution I an end. j h1tol'J-'as pushed through the ; Charles Usina. St.

authorize Government injunctions gency room.Prison Geneva and the United Nations Hamish rated as the most Important -: line. Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham. House without debate and sent Augustine: Farris Bryant, Ocala:

Against national emergency looked to a battle I Axis agent in South Presidential physician, reported to Gov. Caldwell. Marvin Howell Stuart; George
expected begin
Patrolman J. W. l'rIehard.I .
Tapper, Post St. Joe.
strikes. Sentence America was' deported two days Mother Truman's heart action The $63,100,000 was a top limit .
here in the
Security Council ago with seven other German I who Investigated with Patrol- seemed "a little more regular" McClure said he would tell the
Sen. McCIeUan (ID-Ark], pro- Handed about June 9. I agents. Foreign Minister Juan A. : man J. A. Pitts said Kelly was since she has been in an oscillating Included was about $5,300,000 in jury the names of several other
posed that income taxes be cut to Romney The United Press reported from Bramuglia announced today. killed when bed.High. contingent funds to be spent only I members who told him they were
by boosting personal exemptions I Geneva that the commission yes- I The announcement was believed attempted to with permission of the Cabinet offered cash bribes for votes
terday aid Hobson who had alreadybeen against the bookie
and by allowing all husbands to officially charged Yugoslavia to have paved the way for the Court Orders Budget Commission or State bill.
Federal Judge yesterday
-and to a lesser extent Al- calling of the muchpostponedRio chocked by the crane '
split their incomes with wives sentenced Kenneth Romney 63, banla and Bulgaria-with recruit- Board of Control. The WeatherORLANDO
1 de Janeiro conference of which was touching the wires Cross Creek Retrial
for tax purposes. former House Sergeant-at-Arms, ing, arming and training Greek,American foreign ministers to consider 23 feet 9 inches above the j I i| Rep. Simpson. House Appropriations -
The Senate Armed Services to one to three years in prison guerrillas for civil war aimed at a continental defense plan I TALLAHASSEE APJ The Supreme : Committee head, said AND VICINITY:
Committee wrote Into the proposed overthrow of the Athens Govern since it removed the chief and ground. I I Court yesterday reversed I the contingent fund plan adopted Partly cloudy, continued warm
in connection with $143.863 shortages I
military unification bill a ment.] last of three obstacles against Prichard said the crew was layIng !Alachua County Court's acquittal this year on a large scale for through tomorrow: scattered
guarantee that the Marines and In his accounts dating backto Soviet Russia's! Council Delegate I U. S. participation hi the meet-I steel mats in front of the I of novelist Marjorie Kinnan Raw- I the first time "provides a brakeon showers mostly during after

Naval aviation would retain the 1920s. Andrei A. Gromyko. has Ing.The machine 1 j: lings in an invasion of privacy I II public spending: that I thinkis noon.
J their present staIn,. Justice Alexander Holtzoff, who maintained throughout' debateon other two obstacles-elimination wheels to prevent the I suit brought by Zelma Cason and good." -It

Pres. Truman asked Congress to allowed him freedom on bond the Balkans problem that of Axis schools and propaganda I from becoming stuck at the time ordered a new trial. I Passage of the bin two weeks, : Cracker Jim Sez:

change its mind and grant him pending appeal, said he was deal- I Ynroslarla, Albania and BuiI iI I sources and control, or I the crane touched; the wires. I Miss Cason charging the novelist I I II before scheduled adjournmentgives Them there vegetables Is shorea
ing "leniently" because the offense gaits have elimination of Axis commercial ; had held her up to ridicule as
authority to keep some of his war I nothing to warrant ; the House and Senate more l growin today, an that corn of
and financial Interests the character My Friend Zelma in
powers to control was committed many years criticism by the council. already time than it has had in
scarce items f I Retail Food Prices I many Squire Larkin's has done got tassels -
ago and because two associateswho ,have been removed to the satis- the best-seller Cross Creek, had II.
until next II.i to to find to make
year.Otherwise try a way It.
His declarations I years on Jed
Rus- i asked
faction of damages of 100000.
should stand with this defendant Washington. 1
his message said, the sia would not permit the I Decline I I the budget balance. Prod says that
flow of foods and goods to friend- "Ex-Rep. H. Smithwick. to council i Show Slight |I The court majority, however I I Caldwel nas declared $12' jest dont
/ guy
[D.Fla], and Frank J. Mahoney. approve any report blaming' I I I stipulated she be entitled to "re-
ly nations oveseas may be ham- II those countries. j Paraguay Claims, Gains WASHINGTON rAP ] Retail nominal million a year extra in taxes is know how lucky
only damages and I
pered and. his foreign policy endangered not one-time now House be prosecuted-Smith-bookkeeper. can- I Meantime. Russia was defeated\Along Northern FrontI food prices dropped 0.8 per cent I', all costs of the litigation" upon re- I necessary but the Legislature has he is. All the rest
S wick is in an attempt to prevent UN con- I:. between mid-March and mid- trial. I shown no enthusiasm over any of them folks
critically ill and '
And the Senate passed and sent Mahoney slderatlon of eliminating worldwide I ASUNCION [tAP The Paraguayan April the Bureau of Labor Statis- plan suggested so far to raise it. aroun here has
is in -'
to the House legislation to permit Hawaii.Strike peacetime of i Government said last I.tics reported last night. I [Other Florida legislative developments been plumb worried -
former Sen. Wheeler [D-MontJ. to I censorship news.I, night its forces smashed the In-I Retail .food price index stood ,; Girl/ Stowaways Face appear on Page 51. I' on accountof

serve as special counsel for the Fails to Cut Malaria Transferred"i surgents'! lines all along the I April 1 at 188 per cent of the 1935- Move their corn ,
Senate War Investigating Committee i i northern front and seized a rail I 139': average, and was slightly higher ; Deportation I Bridges Flays Kaiser i aint knee high i i'I
in its Inquiry into the price Ford ; In Blood Transfusion \ point which had supplied rebel than the November 1946 leveL !, NEW ORLEANS [UP] Three because of the dry weather an the
the Navy paid for Arabian oH Plants'Output positions throughout the 12-I I It was below the record high of pretty Australian girls who reached I For 'Unutterable Gall'// 'I Squire's jest grows an grows no
without giving up his private law DETROIT TAP! The three-day,I PHILADELPHIA (IUPJ A seven- weeks-old civil war. mid-March however.UNNERVES I New Orleans Thursday as stowaways WASHINGTON [ API Sen. I matter what happens. Miz. Prod
ractice. month-old boy has contracted -- hoping to find their American
malaria -- Bridges [R.-NH1 yesterday accused says that them that has pits while
strike of 3,800 foremen still has through a blood transfusion boy friends were in Federal I '
Henry J. Kaiser of "unut I them that don t has is jest plumb
Tonight's Movies failed to slow production at the donated by a Pacific war veteran. FRAUD PROSECUTOR EX-SOLON custody; yesterday and 0 faced de- tenable Ball" for his request that j onlucky. Hits a goto to rain some

'Ford Motor Co.. the company reported Dr. Angelo M. Perri. head of the I portation. the Reconstruction Finance Corp. i more rite soon. but it is a goin to
1:30.:5L&CHW 7:30: :30.:: 5tr.i. Womsa. 1:30 3:30: yesterday as union leaders' department of health's division of The young 1'10' men Norma I reduce Indebtedness on his Fon- II come near sundown when its
ROXT:.Striot Wom.... 1:30.3:30. 1:313: : communicable diseases! revealed May Admits Paying Personal Hughes 22, Sanda Sauderian. 19, tana. Calif., steel plant about $85 needed the bestist
7:30. S 30.CAMEO yesterday. Perri made the disclo- ,i and Sandra Lee. 20, arrived here I million. Kaiser termed Bridges'
: DttffT'i Tnen. 2.00, 3:55. i:w. I See I TODAY1 TIDIS
.SO. 9 4S.coLoNy. ( Picture Page 2) sure while repeating a warning to' aboard the freighter Ephrim Brev- : remarks a "distortion of the facts." Dayton had, Vid*. Huh 1082 5 m4
3:18.: 1 511. :7.54.Mt S"nortt.e 52. JlnafUe, 2:00.: I II i doctors and hospitals against accepting Bills With Garssons' Check ard 40 days out of Sydney. ,I 11:20 p m- Low 4'40 am 4 44 pm.Coc.a ,
GRAND Wild BUI Rlckek Ride*. J:II. accused Ford of strike-breaking' suspected; malaria victimsas I' I 'Veteran Actress Dies SMCh Ti4m. HJh. 1102. sm-I
4 54 in
11 30 mLow 4 SO a m; : p
4:JS. 1:00. ':M. Dirk .. blood donors. p
; Trter Cu Ball. .
1:00. 3'25. 9:SO. 1:10: 10:33. I tactics. Day's output in the affected ; WASHINGTON [UP] Andrew May at times nervous French Premier Plans I NEW YORK [AP Minnie Du- 11:25 S6M: P m: Low Into 4.VidM.43 ',m.HUH; 4:4t: 10 P ST.m. .n 4

1:30.RULLTODrifttac S:10. 10:50: Out RlYtr CalUoraU 11:45. W 2'U..". Detroit area plants was GOP and ill at ease admitted under cross-examination yester- 'I Power Plant Seizure pree. stage, film and radio actress sue pn....: lUttf TCMPCIIATUftCSytxlmnm S:31: CU 11X
Dewey Upholds
10:30.: 1:30. 4:20. 7 00. 40 about normal a company spokes I day that he paid personal bills with an $1,850 check from died yesterday. LOCAL It: Minimum 70
P VOOUK: Th. Pllcrlm Ladr. 200. 4'40. PARIS [UP Premier Paul Ra- __ ___
1:10.720. I 1000 50. ; Last Frontier UprUtni. Jjg.DRIVEIN men FAA said.Pres. Robert H. Keys said For Moral Standards I the Garsson Munitions Combine although it supposedly was I, madier announced last night that !:,the She age began of 12 her as stage Little career Willie in at 1 2 .s.m--------.... ___-____ 71 71 I,)f 2 1 p Cm.m.ft ___h_.-__ II IT

: Dart of Buffalo BUL Acc_ the union "will not be responsible 'I SCHROON LAKE. N. Y. [UP] given him_for operation of the Cumberland Lumber Co., a I I the Government will take over East Lynne. 4 3 :tn.. -::-_::: 71ra. 71m. ,i' 1 pm.p.m--------:::::,::: $3S a4
pUr Gov. Dewey last | the nation's electric .. -__-_-___ ___ '71II
CUZRMONT: Tb. Bwrr. for any violence or disorder that' night declared uarsson suosiaiary. 5 I gas and plants I 71 | I P-rn.
I ...... ___un" I II p.m.C "
that the Republican Party is "the I I forcibly if Communist-dominated ------
I may occur" as a result of what |1 1 This development at the 71- firm was a blind to conceal these ..m. __ n 7 p-rn. ___--_ 'faI
he called the company' tactics. only party that has not sunk to I union workers carry out their m .:._____ '4 I pm. __-_ "
19+7 IDav year-old former Democratic Con- payments.The BLOOD DONORS ______. 79 I Spm.-----12
1947 bargaining public office for support threat to shut off power by striking -I IJH.
I I defense contends the firm : 110 .... ______ 83 I 1? p mi _____ n
of the enemies of our gressman's war fraud trial cameas 28. Ramadler replied .._____
: society ; May Him.ffoon ________ 11 11 pm. "4
he "'" 714 1IW iii M Baptists Urge Efforts speaking at the 15th annual convention Government Prosecutor WilliamA. was owned by the Garssons and I I within minutes after he got the j 'NEEDED AT ONCE __n______ >S I Midnight' ._---. 2TEMPC.ATUSrStLSCWHCRC
that May served only as its unpaid '
of the Young Republican workers' ultimatum at special
a '
242526272829B31 For Red Understanding : Clubs. I Paisley hammered away point- fiscal agent.May i!' cabinet meeting just before mid I Mi.1 L*. I Hi..N Lw
I by-point at Mar'sitorr that there admitted that he spent this is important to you AiheTlB U M I Memphis (4 ST

Northern ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. IAPJ Economy Ax SetWASHINGTON was nothing remiss in his dealing the $1,850 on himself but said 'night. and all members of your AUUe Atlanta City _88_ 54 39 Meridian, 8 U' 73 S8MiAml

1947 une.47 I ed on Its Baptist members Convention In a resolution call- I: [ U P 3 Chm. with the Garsson brothers. Murray behalf he spent of an the equal lumber amount firm by in r Hindus Organize Protests I family that the Central lIuffalo Boston 64 SO S3It t Mobil Mlnn.-8tn 83 60 41 63Mentcomtry

yesterday to make every effort George A. Dondero R-Micb] of and Henry who are on trial with checking against other accounts I NEW DELHI [UP Holy Hindu Florida Blood Bank have BarllnttonChlc coOnclnnaU 78 eo 44 u I .w Orleans It 86 61N 67Kcv
fn atftTWWW" V* IK JW I to rsetore a spirit of friendly cooperation the House Public Works Committee he had. messengers sped through India 80 S3 I York 7> 34KOrfOlk
1234567 between Russia and the served notice yesterdaythat him.May Is being tried on charges I He testified that he drew checkson yesterday to organize mass protestby sufficient blood and plasmato Dallas 41 73 40 66 77 79 63rtniadelphl 33PhocBtl
:' rest of the world by interpreting he will keep on swinging the that he accepted more than $53,000 I both his account and the company Swamis and priests against meet any emergency. I DetroitDulutb Denver 741 3 4 93 *9
8 K) 11 12 13 14 I all international agreements upon. economy ax at flood control, rivera I In bribes for wartime services rendered -II .s-"whichever was available Government interference with un- I 77 58 3tS3 4LM Portia Richmond. Mt. 63 84 M 64t
9 '
Ten Worth
I ja Christian basis of brotherhood 1 1I and harbors and -age-old I 4268 for I : .
navigational the Garssons. The Government but it all was checked out" for the touchability and other Call appointment. An**let 71 38LoulirlU Lout 76 38WMhlattoa
i and the desire for world peace." I provement projects. charm the Cumberland Garssons' benefit.: : Hindu religious practices. 82 79 10r

I \. t ., .'
s4 ... S < ..,-< .rh ., ., ". or - .

t} tnrntng &rntlnrl Saturday, May 24, 1947
Page 2 10,000 German Police SnaredBy

Fete to Start 4./

Orlando Hall iNd rcI iIi Workers Strike i I Thief TrapATLANTA

tgryU DUESSEUXJRP [uP] An estimated -
Today t !r 1 10,000 German workers in t (UPI] Atlanta
Project 1. three cities and towns of the Brit- Rr got a tip that a laundry por-C'i
'f' dada.,, ish-occupied Ruhr went on four- to be burglarized early
[Continued from Page ] hour general strikes yesterday and r and laid a neat trap to catch tl.,

r. WInter Park will meet the pro- demonstrated without violence b thieves-but found themselves the
against their starvation diet. stars of a Keystone Kops script
< win Manor. Transportation and factories T4:
stopped In Remscheid. Lemet : i. The officer posted men
An impressive but brief program and Luttringhansen. while the around the safe and awaited theburrlan'

will start when the group reaches strikes and demonstrations were arrival. The proprietor,
.S to be doubly safe, had attached
the Rollins campus. wa e roan on. Some 5,000 struck at ta.
Funds for Orlando Hall were Remseheld: remainder were tear gas bombs to the Inside of
the committee of about the safe door, but the policedidn't
.raised by prominent equally divided between Tr
Orlandoans headed by James ,Lemet and Luttrinrhausen. know this.
'B. Keith. Other membera of the 0.N )Ta When the thieves broke in and
committee are Mrs. Louis OrT. The workers carried signs: "We S went to work on the cafe, the police -
Walton McJordan, Lloyd Gahr" are starving-we must eat toI crept up. were practically
I work" and marched to the central breathing: down their necks when
and Robert S. Carr 500
Orlando citizens and Almost firms con- parts of the towns where they were the burglars jimmied open the

tributed.It ( addressed by union leaders. At 1 door-and flash, tear-gas spurtedout
p.m., demonstrations broke up, F ,.E .1y 1 4 all over everybody.
Is the third building under .f and Germans straggled back to 1 aa Burglars and officers began
the Rollins Victory-Expansion their Jobs. b banging away with shotguns and
'program on which construction | Gen. Lucius D. Clay American pistols and burglars escaped in the
has been started. zone governor said in Berlin that smoke cloud. One man John
German food stocks had reached Schmidt. 32. was later arrested by
When it will house six
complete an all-thne low, but Mould not an officer who said he had recognized -
classrooms and 12 offices. It will sink lover, and an immediate improvement .w him-
fcr occupied: by the English De-
could be expected. L..-. ,', j .
partment.The I I

ground-breaking ceremony: I MEMBERS OF Foreman's Association of bargaining rights and contract terms. There I TOKYO SCHOOL CHILDREN toke turns before spray gun '

'1, Orl Processional 4e__Hap from path Ie fit of America, working in the Ford Motor Co., left j I ore 3,700 men in the Association at the Ford :I Atlantic GulfOperators loaded with DDT powder as health authorities take steps to / Summer Set

2.3. Mute Qrecttntt from Orlando Orlando Ritl BcJioel Band their jobs to strike against the company for I plant in Detroit. [Story on Page 1.] check epidemic of lice. Here small boys, whose heads are Good Feed ot Summer traces >
Hon. William Bcardall. Mayor, Cltj ofOrUBd shaved ,
according to
an age-old custom back
I Get fight sneezes Lunch. Dinner and Curb Mrvlw
Paul J. Stln. prriidenU Orlando ChamMr while bushy-haired girls, usually the worst carriers dusted.
Of Commerce get n
4 AnBouacwntnt ef elf I Materials WINTER PARK
Relief for Building Britain To Get
Walt* U Ha,.. general chairman. RobUa Union DemandsNEW SIS Orlan4 A**. U7-S2) KIII.- Kr***$]
Victory ICE
Expansion CampaignPrettntatloa BOX GOES PLASTIC

.James. B. Keith of ehalnpaa.Orlando Hall OrlaaJo Ban Near Future I YORK TAP] A 64-page I Bureau Favors CHICAGO, ITJPJ Prom. three to -- --
Committee and the membera ef thetemmltlee I Shortage Seen in document listing demands Includ- 12 parts of new home refriger-

6. Acceptance of the kundloi U.S. Greek Cash ing "substantial" wage Increases. ators turned out by seven leading
Dr Hamilton Holt prtaldeat Rolllaa "Indications are that within 60 to 90 days building ma- a 40-hour week and six weeks annual manufacturers are made of plasi i
Copes.Rewtoa P. YaweB. trustee, Romeo Cob terials will be more plentiful," Mrs. Marie M. Bennett, vacation with pay, was pre- Secretary PlanOrange i tic. Such parts include doors door

7. let Uuale Orlando High School Band. I secretary-treasurer of the Florida Lumber and Millwork WASHINGTON [APJ UnderSecretary 1 sented time Union by the yesterday'CIO National to representatives Mari- ,'The handles plastic clock parts faces! and are lid tasteless liners., 0

6. Appreciation for the building Asjsn.. said vesterdaI ,. of State Dean Acheson I TODAY
of 39 and non-italninsr,
Or Wendell C Btena. dean of th* eel- hip owning greaseproof, save
lilt I- She based hr' statemen it on information obtained disclosed yesterday that some of operating companies on the At- County Farm Bureau I weight and provide excellent in*
Prof.Faculty Charles AdmlniitmiM a Mender Board chairman. through attendance at recent' I the dollars going to aid Greece lantic and Gulf coasts. last voted at a in membership the meeting I sulation. according to the manu ONLY
night Chamber of
Walter Richard Every preaident. Student facturers.
Council meetings of the National Retail Test-Fires may be spent on British goods, Demands are sought by the Commerce Bldg. here, to recommend -I Top Western Thrula
Robert Aaan.t M. Hay**, preaident. Alumni Lumber Dealers }.ssn.'. board of Army particularly military equipment. union for inclusion in a new that its board of directors "Santa Fe Uprising"

Description of Orlando! Pall directors in Washington, D. C., out '"kick- contract at the June 15 expira- Join with the Lake and Polk Coun- JOYCE'S DRIVE.INClllcknD.terlllhrtmp | Blake
But he ruled
U.S.-Built RocketWHITE any Anne Lane-Bobby
Oeorc. U..p.bo the arrhitectJO tion of the present one. ty bureaus in hiring an executive' w
rreaeatation the KaUin spade and the Southern Woodwork
back" to the British for the funds "15 Rue
D. A. Cntr. aulataat t* the president The secretary to serve the three coun. Tomorrow -
SANDS, N. M. [SAP Simultaneously NMU Treas. M. -
II Th bleailnf of tb* I pads Mane in Charlotte, N,C. they put Into Greece after the ties, with particular reference to Madeleine
all Beef
RCT. Johnaon. D Army announced yesterday thatit Hedley Stone announced the un- Hamburgers
floe (C* drat Cburctt ef it.. "Building material manufacturers March 31 deadline they originally ion had rejected requests of the the citrus industry I.ad.le.ee-Soft Drink "Mldnieht Menace"

U. The Luke breckini of round are In full production and test fired a new American-. set for their economic withdrawal. employer negotiating committee Action was taken following a Highway IT.12 MAITLAND
Or HamUton Holt preiideat. KolUna are rapidly catching up on their built rocket successfully at the that.the present contract be ex report by John Ford executive I Open D.iI/ >."'--l..nM Sunday SI.It
Collet*In backlog of orders." she ex- White Sands Proving Ground Acheson explained the British tended to Sept 30. "There 1s no secretary of the Florida Farm
Asiatd the order above 'r oath
wen ea the rroiram and any other ; plalned. Thursday. put these funds into Greece on need for the extension. Stone Bureau Federation, who said that

; 13. Alma who nay Mat.so r-*th>*.lr.audiene. led by the I I Mrs. Bennett said reports But the announcement left it their own responsibility and this eaid. "We feel negotiations can creation been of the post had already I
Orlando Hlth- School Band showed there is still a shortage of was clearly understood by the be concluded by June 15" authorized by bureau direc- DANCING.orTONIGHT
,II. The benediction still unnamed, gave no indicationof tors in the other two counties. He
Very Re*. Uelvllle X. Jehnton. DD-, gypsum products, stock millwork, State Department and the British
8t Lut.'. Cathedral nails roofing? screen cloth and size or construction, and with- Surplus Radar Tower laid someone was needed to do LAKESIDE PARK
JS. The national AnlheMPlant plywood in the East. held performance details. Government. the "leg work" for committee

"Inventories of lumber dealers| Army described it as "the largest Acheson said flatly that the Offered to PublicJACKSONVILLE chairmen bureau's, and to help organizethe KNOWLTON'a 1:10 P.M.LAKESIDE to It P.M.ORCHESTRA

City MarketTo are unbalanced but low grades of ,I and first controlled rocket to U. S. will not reimburse Britain [AP Among drive. annual membership ZH Mile Sooth of Orlando on Old Dixie Highway

Break All RecordsPLANT lumber are plentiful with a con- be completely designed developedand for these funds. the whitest of "white elephants"the
sequent decrease U price." she successfully fired in this coun Most of the meeting was takenup
CITY TAP All records I try. He added that Britain is the War Assets Administration has with a report by Ford on

for Spring tales at the State said.Members of the Southern Woodwork only place where the U. 8. can on its hands in Florida Is a surplus legislative matters In which the Ii Flaming Club

Farmers Market will be broken Assn., she said, are "giving Lewis Southern I get certain things required in Army ;radar tower describedas bureau Is interested, among
this Mgr. ft. :E. Johnson
them the water conservation
serious consideration to
I, importing Greece. He mentioned bullets to "pretty well in the woods" near CHENEY HIGHWAY
predicted yesterday. high grade lumber from Mexico bill it sponsors, and its fight to
Sale to date total $1,216,109,1and !I i and South America because of prohibitive Operators to Huddle : fit Greek Army rifles of British I Ocala.,All! raaar equipment is gone. butthe obtain for farmers a five-cent FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD FOR 20 YEARS
Johnson said he confi : I
was : freight rates on West WASHINGTON UPJ John L. manufacture. refund on the State's seven II
I tower remains steel struc-
dent by the time the market closes
;I Coast lumber." Lewis and the heretofore defiant cents per gallon gas tax.
j ture 218 feet high set in a 40-
late In June the record they will of have$1,664,480 surpassed I As for housing, she said reI Southern Coal Producers As.sn.1 Greek Claims Rebel I foot square cement base. At about As for citrus. Ford said "It appears Cover or Minimum Except Sat. SOe

set in 1048. i I ports indicated that in some sec- yesterday agreed to meet $20 a ton for scrap its 28 tons : now that nothing further PHONE 5910 CLOSED SUNDAYS
Although prices are higher and 'j dons of the nation many houses I Wednesday to begin negotiations Forces Sharply Cut of steel would bring $560Justhalf will be accomplished citruswisein
gross revenue to growers win be I II I in the $7,000 to $10,000 class r Ion a separate AFL United MineWorkers' I the cost of dismantling the this Legislature.
wage contract. ATHENS TAP! Brig. Stylianos I L. W, Tilden vice-president,
greater, profits for many farmers were not selling and were "hay. I tower.
will be low, he said.! Some lost I ing to be reduced in price." II already The United discussing Mine Workers' boss, Manldakls. Greek war ministry Right now. the WAA is looking presided In the absence of Pees 1

large parts of their crops to the "There was no indication thata Northern and Western terms producers with, r spokesman told a news confer- for a radio station or anyone who'' Arthur Karst.MacArthur. I ,
cold weather and heavy ;rains and Ii can use the structure, the purchaser -: CLUB CABANAS
buyers' strike is In progress, although recognized grounds for the Southern ence yesterday that guerrilla Praises
: to take it "as.Is, where is.
others sustained heavy costs In dealers from all sections of group's refusal to Join in In- forces in Greece had been chopped
I replanting damaged crops, the the country said some buyers' resistance I dustry-wide bargaining and agreedto New Jap Premier S :\ NORTH OF ORLANDO CITY LIMITS [U.!. 411 J
I drastically since major
market manager explained. Is being felt," she said. meet with them separately. Army Pie-Throwing Waitress TOKYO GOOD FOOD DANCINGBILLY
operations were started against APJ) Moderate Tetsu
3 Y them seven weeks ago. Gets Pardon From Boss Katayama elected Japan's first ARNOLD AND HIS ORCHESTRAOPEN
Socialist premier, was hailed by SOc COVER
He said the original strength of JACKSON Miss. [API Diana Gen. MacArthur
yesterday as thenatlon's
ai Gaunce. 30, waitress who slapped I AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES OR BANQUETSFOR
the guerrillas was 11,000 to 12.000. initial "Christian leader.
a chocolate pie In the boss' face, : RESERVATION: PHONE WINTER PARK 8164
He praised the Japanese for striking -
and that this had been cut to
was freed of an assault charge in j
a middle course in politics.BIAPETTI.
.. j 8,000 or 9,000. city court yesterday, dropped on

.' \I. From May 6 to May 21, he recommendation of attorneys
rd added, 415 guerrillas had been when the bos, Chris Costas failed
killed 218 wounded 446 capturedand to appear in court saying "every- I
half-jwicc- '{ 224 voluntarily surrendered thing is forgiven."
under amnesty conditions Miss Gaunce said Monday T ;
tf considered it for several days, and Served 5 to ,t P.M.-Cloied Monday TONIGHT"DAYS
};. Orn*. Memorial H**.iUI
; then I got the Impelling urge. I I
eH Victim of Steel Shalt Help l Bull. Tk* Mm BuildlMRU '

I Has. Only 'Slight' Ache Mrs. Roscoe O'Bryne J CARSON"ACCOMPLICE"

5f NEW YORK APJ George Duel- Takes DAR Presidency ----Also---

fer, 22. shipping clerk whose head I .
H I was pierced by a steel rod two I WASHINGTON APJ Mrs. Roscoe 'iO'W. i Richard Arleg

weeks ago as he stood talking to.'f C. O'Bryne. took office yesterday Show 7.10 "LATEST WORLD NEWS"Flnt Complete Show Item IIH
a friend on the street left Bellevue I j'I as President General of BESSER'S RESTAURANT
1 W I
the Daughters of the American
except Hospital for yesterday a slight headache."feeling fine He Revolution and pledged herself to Masts Cream.Poultry Chiet.Cold Mayonnaise Cuts Iou

.1 will report to the hospital strengthen the organization to Pumpernickel Rye and Rolla
SI U 0 every i i meet America's "need for strong
COLOGHU S St. I two or three weeks for treatments, a 111 W. Church 1C Tel. z.ms 2.DEACHAM .
he said and In about three months,I society as ours. ; .:
a steel plate will be Inserted In
his head. I w Where Discriminating Peoplt Gem
I Open 12:45 .
LAST TIMES TODAY :::: Op* 1245-No :.;
Southeast Rent Controls :' I Hedy to..rr :. Hed7 USTRANGE *

Z '/ Eased in Three Sections]'I, Strange Woman"Cr .., WOMAN ,

1 ; ATLANTA SAP] ,Rent controls COCKTAIL LOUNGE ,* Sesden

i., will be totally or partially removed I II ON OrUntf-aaef.rd Mlway kctwwn Haitian'end AJtamwKe_Tet W. P. tin- TOMORROW '
I from three areas in the Southeast)I : TOMORROW

effective June I, Kenneth A. Moneys

I Campbell, regional rent administrator h'sthe..J,,- .t itt

\ ", announced here yesterday.Slated I... .HrMICOT .> fancily .."itat! .: :
p for complete freedom are V DANCINGEVERY { :
5r.- the Brunswick Ga., area, and the i. a bro.d'aew
Lamar Miss., area. Controls will I M.SOlion!

$1...... also be removed from part of the 1
St. Petersburg Fla.. area, the : t t e ,

: Large & bottle, now onl : h Gulf Beaches.Woman I THURSDAY and SATURDAY a

Seeking To Save ; Latest Hit Tunes

Cat Rescued From Well :

Think of hI! Ton can DVJ these CHARLES CITY, la. AP] Mrs. AMERICAN LEGION HOME -

Bert Dawley, 72, was rescued yes- 8:30 Till ? Admission SOc LEWiS .
exquisite TUMT cologne at half price! terday after spending 40 hours In A0ONEY'STQNEV V
a 12-foot dry well into which she
Delightful after-bath luxury iparkling i.x,* had descended In an attempt to
rescue her pet cat Wednesday.
refreshment morning, noon and ni b ht d Firemen said Mrs. Dawley had Gary DUCK IN 3974 S. Orange
ladder into the veil but Starlings Blossom Trail
And these beautiful placed a
big, 8-ounce had either fallen as she descended W. serve the same delicious foods from noon till 6 that / / 1 IS
during the
sizes make wonderful or been unable to get out again. evening.French
presents e JUMBO Opts U.45
SHRIMP $1.25In W Opts 145: LAST OAT Opt* 145
for birthdaja, graduations, Two of Girl Fried
your TripletsDie LAST CAY Irvct Cabot LAST OAT
weekend hostess. Buy them DOW and r 3>' .r > Third Still Lives [ Dining Room Onfy] lr Hopi -Wdd Opp All ste.?
"MY Hclok i.dee"
CHESTER. Pa. [API Two. of the "DUFFY'S
save half. In 3 t
enchanting new scents: $ FAVORITEBRUNETTE' Alt-0ick T..cy TAVERN"
triplet girls born three months
I I vs c. t..tr
Summer Lilac Bouquet Moonvine > prematurely In Chester Hospitalto Tmrr
Mr. and Mrs.Robert Smith, died Tomorrow Tows"- te.r. Ha
Bouquet, Floral Spice I Heat tend ace the following ague Tiusy Ce! gneiI I II yesterday less than 24 hours after I b "..,e I.Hc..c. "Gi.gee". T* H.*'.' .

11 e cA: I their birth.The other child largestof I ." 'SsipeseaOpen
I I II the three and weighing two I

Cosmetics Street Floor I ___SLMMU: LILAC BOUQCTT I 4 i pounds two and one-half ounces t x>'s

.._Moo:'(Twt BOCQVXTr.r..r is being kept in an incubator.
: I
I Check I Auto Price Cut Asked J
I diarce _Money Order _COD.AOOttSS .
. I ,......w lrz,.... r I II WASHINGTON tAP National
: I I. I Used Car Dealers Assn. officers 1245 0*.. MS: ....
'; S. //tJJ I BLBV !last night urged dealers to reduce LAST TIMES TODAY LAST TIMES TODAY

. : l I used car prices 10 per cent. I Bar Restaurant EMx. Dew M Lr*.* loMrtl ..

.7rihps4. fL I I Open Open .;: "DRIFTIN( RIVER" "THE PILGRIM LADY". {

'$ ,. ,,. 9 A.M. 'Til.A 6 P.M. 'Till ) _- .. --I l 0- .}...
; :
j) S I em JACK ,LORD { "Out California Way" '... "Lost Frontier Uprising"SUrrmg
." "'&P Midnight MidnightDrive :. MOllie Hl
t *
p i : Tonarr**-"TW T_. Ta. :
------- JI In Restaurant :::: floe cad Tli* CTx. T__"T. ve.d ci"
COMM- IOAL.AElIAl..nOOIN-_ MI..1e Must'" .:: "C..K*<* Of L.Hic"
---- -- DRIVE IN CITY LIMITS DRIVE IN ...::... :.-:..::.-.' -. ..,.... -". .. y vs.. ... ': ., .:; .:(;"'::.'.. yt


.. t



'''Block I Saturday, May 24, 1947 rlattfcn l Page 3
I : I
iltt TIt Orlando Church Sunday

..'....,.:.,...:. .>. .

Kiwanis Fetes

Adventist I it I m. la the chttrth. Confusions Sstnrjday. Rn. Robert M. Blaekbnra. associate mtn-I i Sues for $$40,000A :
I .-. and 7.30- Pm.Congregational 'Uier. Church School at 9:45 ajn. 8un- .
WINTIR PARK SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST I I dar moraine worship at 11 a.m. O.H.B.
I Senior Recognition senrlce Service broad- .
-R. A. Vsndemsn. pastor. No I east over WLOF. Youth Fellowship meet- |I
,_ Saturday services this week at toe Womsn's log: Seniors and Older Young People meet damage suit for $40.000 was C'fs t. Award WinnersAbout

Club BId,. AH service transferred Tier CONONEGATIObIAL-Winter Interlaenen and New Eniland Park Aves.eor- at S:30 for a Fellowship Supper In the I filed in Circuit Court yesterday by
to the annual Camp Meeting DOW In The RILoull Schuls S.T.D.. minister. dining In their room department.: Intermediates Zrenlnc: meet worship at at I Robert W. Davis doing business :
Church school t:45 a m. Morning worship as the Bradley Concrete Products
Ik Academy 17 JO
session at toe p m. I
11 o'clock. Sermon br the Rev. Edwin 60 Kiwanis service award
grounds. The public U welcome. The Roy Holden. nest minister. Pilgrim Fellowship Co., against the F. C. George ;
COLUOI: PARK MTNODIST-Prtll I Machine :: winners from Memorial and
Voice of Prophecy Group from Los Angeles 7 pm. I I Co.
I ton at Zdiewater: Dr. The Rev. O. f-
will be at the camp. I I Oraden. pastor. Church School at 14a : Clark Jennings. attorney for Cherokee Junior High Schools
Church of Christ m. Morning worship beclns at 10:45a : Davis said the George firm.
I m. The MY?. meet at 6.45 pm.. and I were entertained yesterday at the
Baptist CHURCH OF CHRIST-118 Z. Jefferson the evening worship service start at manufacturers of concrete block luncheon meeting of the Orlando |
St. Gilbert E. Bhaifer. minister rest- \
HOLDEN HEIGHTS aAP'TIIT-WoocIa ,7JO: p m.HOLDEN making machinery had sold some _
I denee 1521 Plaecrest Ave.. phone I Kiwanis Club.
of the
L. Brown pastor. equipment to Davis. which
and 39th Sta. Oeorge and
|Sunday Bible study 10 a m. Preaching: METHODIST 26th
Morning worship 1[communion 11 Preaching and HEIGHTS :! the latter claims The students selected for |
Sunday ichool 10 am. j a.m. com- St. at Orange Blossom Trail-441. J.10l1nr turned out an were
Baptist Training Union i iniunton I PJB. I II ) Carder minister. Church School J imperfect
service 11 am. I product resultedin the awards on the basis of out.
at 10. Scripture lesson 2 Kings: 1-12 & ..
Servlcs S:45 pm. Evening worship service I CHURCH or cttii'iiT-oe_, Fla. Alden 22-23 Morning: worship at 11. KTenlnc considerable harm to his newly \. i." standing service to their schools I
Norton. Sunday Bible study 10
minister. : -
lam. i worship at 7:30. established business. .
a m. Preaching and communion 11. '.11I. ,, I and not on grades or other fac-
FIRST aAP'TIIT-M.tJ and Fine OIL machine and communion I p.... !I I COSS MEMORIAL METHODIST-30S J:. .;tif.; : :

1. Powell Tucker. DD. pastor. Sunday 1 Jackson St. The Rev. John T. Dlntler. i Orange ,. ..An. .. ", tors. O. R. Davis. Memorial principal -
school at 930: a m. Morning worship at CHURCH Or CHRIST-Winter. Garden.Fla. minister. Sunday school beclns at :45.Clastes declared.

U special am. proeram Dr. Tucker hag will been have.planned charge. to A .and Sunday communion: Bible 11 study a...10. Preaching am.: Preaching and- the church for all at"11 1'10 o'clock.Uornlnc: The worship pastor in I Court Records : KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS honored Orlando and ,I grand chancellor, Grand Lodge of Florida, Memorial students who took I

recognize and women and honor and all a memorial of our servicemen plaaue i communion I PJO. preachlnc. Intermediate and Senior MYFellowship Suit l.. ChanceryCharles Winter Park High School graduating classes Knights of Pythias; E. M. Ivey, Chancellor part in the program included Jack
meet at 6.45.: The eve-
wW be presented by the Gold Star Mothers I CHURCH OF CHRIST Apopka. Fla. nine service croups begins at 7.30: Jerome Butler vs. Pauline-.Anna last I I commdnder of the Orlando lodge; Con cad Loveless who played a trumpetsolo
and fathers In memory of.their sons Kenneth Piety minister. Sunday: Biblestudy Butler. divorce. at a banquet night. to right [above], 'i, ; Charles KnIght. who discussed -
and daughter who lost their lives in the 10 a m Preaching and communion REEVES MEMORIAL METHODIST I Hush A. Waterman et al vs. Walter E. Stewart, treasurer OHS senior class; and the
work of the
communion Rev. school'sprojection
11 '.JIII. Preaching and 8 p.m. J. Powell Tucker First
the choir and pastor Baptist
war. Special music by 1116 N. Fern Creek Ave. The Rer. B. Smith et ox bill abate a nuisance. Julian
Id'a Granberry
Virginia Carter Baptist Training Union I si. Palmer. pastor. Church school 9:45I I Fannie C. vs. Lyle W. Holden. president Winter Park crew; Hardy Tyler the
at 6:30 p.m. Evening worship at 7.30: Church of Christ Scientist I I a.m. MornJni worship 11 ajn. Service I divorce. Church; Roger J. Waybright, Jacksonville, j I graduating class stage crew and George Nipper
11 m. Dr. Tucker will bring an j County Home 3 D.ID. Youth Fellowship Suits In Common Law
1 FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST. la':45 p.ra. Evening worship JO p.m. F. L. Bailer ".. Louis J:. Oabel et aL .;." .V..*. -L I the sergeant force.
Rosalind ATS- and Wall St. Sunday divorce damages 82000.
FORT CNRIST..u P'TISTChrtat- service at 11 am. Subject: Sou and I|, WALKER MEMORIAL METHODIST Robert W. Davis vs. F. C. Oeorge. damages J. B. Bookhardt Cherokee
mae Fla. Bible school 11 ,.11I. Worship Body. Sunday school at 11 a m. Wednesday CHURCH-2200 B. Fern Creek Ave. The I principal introduced
every first Sunday 3 p m. All servicesare I evening testimonial meeting at 8 Rev. o. C. Howell. pastor. Morning wer 840.000County Judge's Cm': KofP program
held IIIh.* Christmas School h_. o'clock. Free reading room in the Ar- ship service at 11 o'clock and Methodist Theodore Albion Bailey Jr. et al. letters Honor GraduatesLodge | participants from his schooL
Public always Invited. Visitors welcome. cade. 120 N. Orange Ave. open daily. Youth Fellowship at 6:30 p.m. of discharge, estate of Theodore Al- I Ann Holbrook sang vocal solo
except Sundays and legal holidays from
bion Bailey.
DCLANEY STREET BAPTIST-Delaney I In the morning until S in th. afternoon. 1 i iI' CONCORD PARK METHODIST W. Instruments Filed I You Keep Coming Back Like m
at Esther Sts. Mahrin C. Swlcegood. 'I Telephone S768. Radio program every Concord Ay. at Parramore. William M. Jail Yann to Zeddl Harris et a][. wd I Approximately 125 graduating:' of Florida Knights of Pyth- Park school: Conrad Stewart Song accompanied by Gay
pastor. Bible school 9:45 '.11I. with I'Saturday afternoon at 5.45 over station Irwln. pastor. Church meets 9:45 am. students of Orlando Senior and ias. Jacksonville made the Pythian treasurer of OHS senior class and Hoffner.
classes for an age*. Morning worship I WDBO. JKorntng worship 11 o'clock. Youth Fellowship tlOHarold D. Harris et u to Raymond O. ;
11 with message bh.* pastor. BTU 6:45 p.m. Evening worship ':45 Miller et ox.: mtc SHOO. Winter Park High Schools were address. I Julian Cranberry presldnet of the |
6:45 p.m. with unions for all ices Evening Christian I o'clock. Raymond O. Miller et ox: to Harold D. honored last night at a banquet! The students and their teachers Winter.Park senior class. Jimmy Hale discussed activities
evangelistic service 8 pjn.. with Harris et U][. wd S10. of the Cherokee student council
given by Welcome No.
CHURCH Cath- Lodge 9. were welcomed by E. M. her I This marks the sixth that
message by the pastor I CENTRAL CHRISTIAN THE: WINTER PARK METHODIST William Hetzel et ux to Franklin Life year 1 Cherokee
cart at Rldgewood Ave.. Dr. Paul C. Carpenter { CHURCH.-Corner Interlachen and Morse In> Co. mtg $10.000. Knights of Pythias 236 S. Orange chancellor commander of the the lodge has given banquets for boys quartet, composed -
WINTER PARK BAPTIST-Interlachenat pastor. Worship services: 9:45am. I Blvd. The Rev. Kenneth O. Rogers minister Carrie Thomas to Claudia M. Farrtah..m. Ave. I Orlando of Hale. Louvon Austin. Roy
lodge. W. O. Powell
ComeoCt.hI: Rev. Raymond P. IngersoU. Bible school assembly. 11 am. mornIng : Howard Oross. Sunday school: supt. I was OHS graduates and the first year Lewis and Bill
pastor. 9:45 ..m. Bible school'I worship service. ':30 p.m. evening 9.45 a m. Church school: 11am. MornIng Claudia M. Parrlsh Riley to Joseph Le- The Rev. J. Powell Tucker pastor -' chairman for the evening. t that the Winter Park group joinedin. Korp. gave an out-

11 ..m. morning worship. .:45 pm. TrainIng worship service. worship 6JO: D.... Youth Fellowship. bowttx et U][. am.Waiters. of the First Baptist Church 1 Short talks were given by Prof. j Powell said. About 25 lodge i standing rendition of Climb Up
union. I p.1D. evening worship HDIJ Presbyterian B. F. et ox to T. ". Smith Chillun. Climb.Realtors .
service and sermon. THE TAURNAC"LiCHRISTIAN CHURCH I mte $8000. gave the general address to the I' Vahan K. Magarian. sponsor of I members and guests were also :

: -130 J:. Central Ave. Morris BuUer Book. I PARK LAKE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH : William A. WlUoushby to T. J. Smith. students. Roger J. Waybright. the OHS student council; L. DMcNeal present. Entertainment was offered -
Phone Corner of Highland and Colonist The
LOCKHART APTIT-.JOhO R. Chiles, minister Res 225 S. Hyer. '
mtg 12500
Bid.. Ph. I II Rev. Robert H. McCaslln. pastor. Morning grand chancellor of the Grand principal of the Winter between Praised
pastor. Sunday achol at 9:SO am. MornIng 4303 Office. Rm. > Educational j Howard Cox to William A. Wllloughby.im I talks.
worship at 11. Training union It 7 2-0837. 8.30 am. "Evangel Hour" WLOF. I service. 11 o'clock. Dr. McCaslln'i sermon. --- --- ---- ---- ---- -- I
p m. Evenin: worship at 7:45. sermon 'I.45 e m. Bible schooL Ben Mill**. super' "A Day In Thy Courts." The anthen. Ella Rowe et vlr to Charles B. Riley I For
by the pastor. I intendent. 11 am. Mornlns worship and "Spirit of God.'* Brown. Sunday school. et qcd S200.Fla. Protecting
communion (The Lords Supper la observed '45 a m. Senior and Pioneer Group Park Cem. Co. to Leslie B. Matthews Southern Head
NORTH PARK BAPTIST-X. Mills St. I every first day of the week). 1:30 will meet at 6JO p m. Evening "serv'ce. et u][. cem deed tlO. Board Orders School Bus Public
and Woodward Are. W. R. Clark pastor. p.m. Four separate groups children. Jun- ,':30 p m. sermon Cross Bearing Midweek a R. Carney to W. O. Downs assign Interest
9:45 am. Bible schol. 11 ajn. morning :1 i tors. Young People and adult. groups. prayer aervlce. Wednesday 7JO pm. I..... '
worship with sermon by the pastor. 1:30': '17:30 P.m. Evening Evangelistic services. William 0 Haynle to Perry R- Holland Before Al Werly. president of the Flor-
p.m. Baptist Training Union. ':45 pm. The minister continues his series of sermon FIRST PRESBYTERIAN-Church and et ux. wd $10 Speaks
evening service with on The Love of ood." Main OIL The Rev. Marshall C. Dendy. I' Assn. of Realtors yesterday
sermon by the pastor. I I Weldon Willis et al to R. L. PenlsndPrentiss
I ILUCIRNE' I D.D.. pastor. Th. R.J P. Powell, et U][, .... Bodies Renames KippOrange commended the realtors and real |
assistant The Lindsay E. UeNalr.
PARK a"PTIIT-Comer H. Clayton et al to First Fed.
Episcopal estate brokers of Florida for
Division and Raleigh SU. Th S..". Oeo. ,, D.D. pastor emeritus Morning wor- 8sr and Loan Assn.. mtg $900. Camp Meeting I
A. Downs. D.D. pastor. Sunday school I I TNt CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST. ship. 11 a m.. broadcast over WORZ. Sermon Herman 1. Behr to P. H. Clayton et al. efforts to secure progressive
945 ..m. Morning worship 11 .... Th LUKE (E iceal>>>-N. Main at Jefferson | : "Whatsoever Things are True" by part rel mtg. School Board !amendments to the real estate license
Elder E. F. County
Adult department of toe Sunday school St. The Very Rev. Melville 1:. Johnson. the assistant pa.tor.he Rev. Jack :, Prentiss H. Clayton et al to First Ted.Say. Hackman presidentof yesterday accepted the "
will hive pert on the morning program. D.D. Dean. Whitsuntide-Pentecost commonly Powell. Evening worship. 7:30: p.m.. ser I and Loan Assn. mtg 9000. '. the Southern Union conferenceof bid of the Thomas Car Works High Point N. C. to furnish law through HJ3.195 to protect -
mon: From the Slime of Nile to the ,
BTU 6:30 p.m. In the annex. Evening: called Whitsunday.. 7.30 '.ID. the I I Herman U Behr to P. H. Clayton et further the investing publicin
evangelistic sermon 7JO; pjn. Holy Communion; 9 30 a m. kindergartenand Summit of Nebo" by Mr. Powell. 9:45 I part rem ret mtg. I'I. Seventh Day Adventists speak-I 10 school bus bodies, reappointed R. Earl Kipp as general
Bible schooL ( 30 I of
church school grades 1-9) at Cathedral a.lII. : D.m. Youth meetings I Gardner Sharp et ox to Robert an era expanding real estate -
MILLER MEMORIAL BAPTIST2025 schooL 228 E. Central Ave. Dean : 1:30 In Pjn. hymntplratlon and refreshments I I Watts et nx. wd $10. ing last night at the annual camp i i supervisor of county schools, and 14 other special teachersand I sales."
w. Central Are. M. D. Jackson pastor. I I Johnson meets with the Senior Hlch Recreation Halt W. T. Jones et ux to Edith M. .Jones.
Sunday school 9.45: a.m. Morning worship pupils it the parish house for round table j, wdS10. I meeting on Forest Lake Academy employes, and flatly turned down a proposal for the I "This is likely to continue in
11 a m. Baptism following morning wor-1,i I discussions. 11 am. the Holy Communion GRACE COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN Lucy R. Fuller to Sally R. Russell wd stressed the of 1 establishment Florida for years to come" he
formerly campus necessity of kindergartens in.
Conway Road
ship. Training onion 1:4: p.m. Evening: admission service for candidates to St. Presbyterian $10. I said.
worship 8pm.BEULAH Vincent's: Guild of Acolytes and sermon.i Chapelt. Corner Conway Road and Jasmine :- Benjamin Greenberg et ox to Trail I preparing "to meet Jesus Christ Orange County schools. I officer Esteile ,|I!
; Banks countywide
Ave. The
Rev. Jack P.
pastor. "It is
by the Very Rev. Melville E. Johnson. D.D. Homes Co. wd $10 a significant fact also
BAPTIST=Mark A. Dobbg. i dean; 4 p.m. Young People's Service 9 30 ajn service Sunday schooL: 7.30 p.m. preachIng James A. Plttroan *t us to Gerald A. I when He returns. The new school bus bodies will 'Negro !school supervisor; Jess R. I that thousands of potential In*
by Mr.
sermon Cedrie C.
pastor. Sunday interdenominationalI ,
school 10 a m. Morning 'League (hosts to Oa,. wd 110
worthlp 11 .... Sermon bh.* pastor. I meeting with social hour and refreshments Bens Jr.. Theological seminary student. James A. Halest et al to Robert K. Nldy "Even the scientific world." ne be purchased for 1878.76 each. 'I Leach director Orange County i I vestors are not interested alone In
Training union 7 pjn. Evening: worship : following. regular program et al 1. mtg $700. stated recognizes I the so-called resort areas of the
B ...11I. followed by a meeting of the meeting); ':30 p.m. evening prayer (a CALVARY PRESBYTERIAN-709 Edge- A. Culver Golden to Joseph L. Tress This was the low bid. The next vocational school; Mrs. JosephineK. ,
prayer lIallda.CathoUc short service with music.) Water Dr.. the Rev. George H. Cook. supply that .the ( ... East and West Coasts but are now
vesper organ j I spl wd $10.Donnie .. .; lowest bid was for $2.090 on each Potter lip reading teacher; I
| pastor. Bible school. 9:45 am. Morn Waters to A. U Franklin et ox.Careo end of the world I: I finding value in homes groves !
I I log worship. Junior Church and nursery mtg $ bus body. I'Theodore Emery correctional
j 4 Lutheran I for Chinch small will children.: be 11 a m. (The Junior I 5or e. to Charles 8. Hill et tI][. is imminent. B. Arnold Ft. Pierce distributorfor study and J. R. Glover, veterans I and income property in the small.
host to the Junior Christians should "
worshippers towns
110.Robert er in the
ST. JAMES CATHOLIC -217 K. Orange l'E: Livingston Ave at Ruth CHUIICH-J of the First Presbyterian Church J. D Finfrock to H. K. Magarisn. be in dead earn- .. i.. the Thomas Car Works rep supervisor.
Ave. Th Rt. Rev. Msgr. John O. Bishop who will visit as a group). Young Peo lien $175.74.: :I resented his firm before I
n* Albert H. D. BesalskU MA. pas pies Vespers I claim of :: the board.
pastor. Pentecost Sunday. Muses at with est making
tor. am. Sunday school and Bible I fellowship lunch. 6 Anna Strlhosky to George Zookey et U][. .: .
I. B. 10. 11 and 12 noon. Week day i..H pm. Evening worship. 7JO: pm their Chassis for the school buses I ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS
am. Divine worship with hoty; i sits $8600 preparation I ONE HOUR
masse at 7 ajn. In toe Convent Chapel; I I I I SERVICEON
I I Strihosky.Blackwell
Zookey et ux to Anna
communion.. 2.30: D.m. The Lutheran Houi I REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN (Church George for. His coming were purchased by the school I I "autiful Natural-Ljxtln*
(WLOF) wd.
VITAMINSDON'T of the Covenanters)-.Broadway and Liv Corp. to John S. Proctor qcd .and yet the board a week ago. These will I WATCH CRYSTALS SOLD AT

IF I I ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN-Corner 1:. ingston. Alvin W. Smith. pastor. 10 am. $10 greatest problem be of Dodge manufacture at a Expert Watch ANGEBILT FLORAL SHOPPE
Bible .
scbool. 11 a m. morning worship et al to John 8. Proc- ..
Church and B. Lake O. E. i iLldea. Charles P. Fosgate Mezitnlne Aniebilt Hotel
BUCK YOU UP i pastor. ue.e"i- at 11 and Sermon Y.P.brh.. pastor 7 pm Junior Band tor. Qed 120. churches face cost of $1,975 each. I BLOCK'SJEWELRY AND HAWAIIAN GIFT SHOP

clock. Church school at .9:45 ajn. Acordlil Missionary meeting.address I D.m. evening worship. Arthur. and Utile Date to Fla. Credit andInv. today is not the In addition to the reappoint- 39 IT Orsni Ave.
Invitation to aU. by the Rev. Oeo. IL. Co.. mtg $250.
try NUXATEO IRON Winn. from | international difficulties ment of the board also N.ttl. LileyIds. Distributor
Korea i I R N. Davis et ox to Arthur 1*. Pate Klpp approved -
= year 4a **:= iv* a BMdblM a4 II Methodist, wd $10 on every the reappointments of art I 18 West Church Street t Phone 9651"JEFF'S"
b.lp yes. k. <* SalvatlonArmy First Fed:' S.". and Loan Assn. to ElmerL. : !
.lta.Ias 40.1 uP. icy hand. but the teachers Miss Viola Ludwick. .
liht = :: Lane et nx.
taO P.S
ARMY-Sundsy school Michael Fekany W. T. Cossin. wd $10. 'presence of sin Miss Vera R. Smith. Mrs. Mildred
.. ,
sum M. bloat Fee taU. bleed tgMiT sa Broadway at Amelia. The Rev. W. H. 10 '.JD. Morning worship service INVESTIGATE BEFORE
u M fnl jMt weaderfaL Bark: Ie 1tJU1'rD Moore. pastor. Walter Kimble. director Young Peoples service. 6:is o'clock.. Houston M. Masse' to Robert Llnegerger. among church Hackman! (Thomas and Miss Rose Cox.,and
.. pjnMr I
mo* MbM (or.* a rtn Gi *8s B tear i of music. Sunday school 9.43 ajn. H. ... :Edward: wd 110.
itsL But SM .... M dtfwuJ tas IsaoV Tlnklepaugh. auperlntendent. Nursery open 715: D m.Morris Evangelistic In charge.: Street meeting E B. Gay et al to First Fed. 8s v. .and members. I the following music teachers. Mrs. _
during morning worship. Morning worship Captain service. 8 p.m. Loan Assn. mtg $6570.A. I "Iniquity abounds on every Jeannette Miss
I and Mrs. E:. H. Perking off tiers to Fla. Bank and Trust Hogue. Marie EST. 1905PHONE
10::S5 '.m.; MYF 0:30: p.m. Evening aer- I! in charge. 1: Bulger
vice al 7.30: o'clock. 115 J:. Central Ave- CO. mtg $1000. hand but as Paul assured the Romans ]Hershey. Mrs. Ella Mae Robersonand ZI741CONTRACTORS 185
ATTIC FANS j Cudahy Packing CO. to Continental Dll- in the fifth chapter of his I Mrs. Louise Stanley.
UnitarianFIRST r
FIRST METHODIST-Main Bt. at Jack- nols Bank and Trust Co.. supplemental Ia.d.lltar. the
Epistle. where sin abounds. Other employes and teachers MERCHANTSSEE
yr.3r..42.4r.Installed .. Hwno Town
Dr. John The
son. Branscomb. minister UNITARIAN.
Central at Rosa I II
and Financed lind Sunday school and morning service Louis A. Brodeuer Jr. et ux to First Fed.Sav. grace of God much more abounds j renamed included: Mrs. Jenny Aoant OCR FIXTURE DISPLAY

Shallow & Deep Well L.at 11 Constable.... The joint Revs. William ministers.A. and Sermon WUna Clara. and F.Loan Elrod Assn.to First mtg $1050 Fed. Sav. and I I and there is hope for" every sinner ]Lind Estey assistant attendance A HOME-TOWN TRANSACTION! N. MILLS ST. IN COLON1ALTOWN

Awriof who turns to Him.
PUMPS topic; "Fruits" of the Spirit.' Loelt.alt"C:L.Tto William HaloidConatser !

fsd $10. I Yesterday Elder J. Adams
10 and 42 GaL Tanks WATCH Unity I W. H. Conatser et ox to Eddie 1. Cassolman. Stevens. Washington. D. C.. TRAVELING MEN
UNITY-503 S. Orange At*. The Rev. wd $10
Installed and Financed Carolyn H. Parsons minister. Bible school. I Oscar K. Magalan ea][ to C. R. LoU I spoke on the subject of One
9:45 12000. Friday and Saturday AlL are reserved just for yon.
am. devotional service. 11 a World. but referred to Daniel'swriting
mon by the minister; topic. Tarry; ser Ye etaJaem8. S.U.'to Lucll. XskelL/Ulm of Regardless of the car you drive come in and discover
Wilson Leonard I In Jerusalem. Classes Monday and Tues lien $5700. in the 12th chapter as to DIAPER SERVICE 6) our Traveler Service Plan-including Free Lubrication.STIVERSPONTIAC : .
cca'tfix- day mornings and Monday and Wednes H. ... Livingston et nx to Forrest Hart- what kind of a "one world" it I! P
day evenings. Prayer'servlces daily. well et ox. wd $10. For Reservations or Immediate Delivery
will be with "feverish -
Hardware AnseblU Holding Co. to Herman E. PHONE 23357FOUND
I Other Churches Locklear et ox. wd $10. for war running neck-and-
42 W. Central Ph. %-%111SH Sylvester E. Wilson Inc. to Willis J. neck with conferences on peace." I ft W. COLONIAL PHONE Z-Z31
( Our Classified Ads] KNOWLES MEMORIAL CHAPEL-Rol Roberts et u][. wd $10.
I Iswt W.isei Ill *.. SPmSe lins College Campus. Dr. Henry M Ed Frank Murphy et ux to Allen L. Weathero.'J. the
Elder H. M. S. Richards.
--- .. -. monds dean Dr. Herman P. siewcrt. rr.sanist. wd 110.
Dr. Christopher O. Honaas.--choir- Edwards et ox: to Herman 1.. Patton Voice of Prophecy will speak in CMlrsI Ftariss's LsrfMl Dlitrlkntw ef OfflM te l siest
-- master. Service 945 a m.. Sermon wd 110. :
topic: et us the tabernacle at 11 a m. and 8 p.
Doing Something About It." Maria Schablnger to E. B. Fisher et 11][.
wd 110. m. today with the Kings Heralds I SPECIAL THIS WEEK
ALLIANCE. CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY_ Hannibal A. Palmayessa vs. Glen L. Hol- selections.
quartet singing several A Place to Have Your
COR. EAST CENTBAL AND HAMPTON ST. Anderson Rankin. pastor.and Delaney Res. Sts.311 Th Anderson. Rev. U.Et.P. I Uda Mary,. order Elgin cancellini Beeman lien.et ak .vlr to L. B. I The encampment continues! Refrigerator Fixed! I BATES STAPLERS

Phone 4471. 9.45 '.m. Sunday scbool. McLeod Cons Co. wd $10. through next week. The public is Prompt-Efficient-Reasonable I
SUNDAYS You Are Always I classes for all ..... Dr. Kessler. supt. 11 a. William T. Carpenter vs R. 1:. Cox Domestic-Commercial '
m. Morning worship service: speaker the final lUd.ment invited to all sessions. GUS MADDENS' I
I II I A., M.-7.30P.: M. Welcome Here! I Rev. Rankia. subject* "An Argument Prom P. A. Alllaon to p C. George sal Judg. Refrigeration Service $6.85
Experience" Acts 22. 6:30 p.m. Ysung Laura E. Kateln va Frank. R. Kateia 223 Mafnolia Avenct I
Peoples services Junior. Intermediate and Complete with Roll of 5009 Brass Staples
final decree.
MORNTNO DEVOTIONS -MON. THRU FKL-vTLOF-1M A. M. I Senior .,OUI>.. ':30 p.m. Evangelistic ser Carl Raymond Park vs Alice Phoebe Lions 'Convict'Program PHONE GUSDON'T rUnt 1T9C WE
Ylc.h.. Rev. Rankin "The Pillar of I I Parks final decree. FUSS I IetO
Cloud and Fire. I decree.Ferry Mangus vs Myrtle. Mansug final Planners "Backed: by tt Years DELIVER Phone 8158 I 13 S. Main St.

You Are Cordially Invited to Attend THE ORLANDO COMPANY OF JEHO I Mltdre4 L. Norton vs Earl Scott Norton
440 8. Rusher
St. divorce. 1
I Sunday. May 25. Public meeting 3 p.m. I; Elizabeth .Christ assign mtg. At their luncheon yesterday at
THE BUSINESS MEN'S BIBLE CLASS Subject: Remedy for World Delinquency.".! Zellwood Growers Ine to Coon Mutual the Chamber of Commerce Bldg., DONT B&
Watchtower study 7 p.lII. Subject: Divine Life Ins Co mtg 40000. UI
Lions Club were
members of the
9:30 Every Sunday Moraine Mercy and Forgiveness." Forrest J. Eaton et ux to June Eatonet I Announcing .
I entertained with a mock trial in
ux: wd $10.
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Entrance I John ASSEMBLY OF OOD-718 Atlsnta Ave. William D. Allardlce et al to Hewett which their president. Dr. Clyde '' 1* j
P. Hall .
Main St. pastor. Phone20565. 8und. W. Wllilts et ux sm. Espenenee"i
"We Will Be Glad to Greet YonnYou ., school 9 45 i M. Preaching_ 11 a m. Hewitt W. Wllllts et ox to Henrietta Williams and the day's program
Evangelistic. ':30 p.m. B. Boyce et vlr wd $10. committee. Roy D. Kennedy and'j '
J. F. Holly et nx to Leon E.: Maiming
THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT SPIRITUALIST et ux spl wd $10. Donald S. Barker. were
I, CHURCH-3 miles west on Winter Garden C J. Cavanaugh et ox to John Q. "negligent: program planning." I
are Unhappy or Diaoenraced er Rd. Sunday service 7:30 pm. The Rev. Domlne et nx wd $10.
Sick M. Thrash and r. O. 1. Q. Thomas pas 8. A. Hutchtns et al to Grover B. T. P. Warlow Jr., served as DENTAL'OFFICE
You Are Nervous Tired. Tense. Irritable. tors i Olmstead et ux deed of conveyance.Ben judge. Others participating were

\ I ; I> Murrell et ux: to William E. Mid- G. C. Roth prosecutor; C. N. Par- I
You Suffer Fits of inter er Jealousy FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH-44H dleton et al mtg $700. t i
IF -you Are Troubled with Fears of Anr f W. .ur.re'd' Room 12. Services Bund ST. I I Sam Justice et ox to Allen J. Smith et rell. defense attorney. and HarryL. : i In Medical Center. N. Boyd Street.
Kind : > P m. 8 p m.. Thursday 2 JO p. al mtg $200.Frances i Llndsey. bailiff. Dr. John R. I
TOM Are Not Completely Satisfied with m. Dr. Alice Driver speaker Sunday. The Maddox to Dorothy Cary wd :
Winter Garden. Florida
Yourself. Rev. Nellie Cherry pastor. $10. Keene president-elect. presided

Ten Have a Spark ef Faith Left in I.. T. Hunt et U* to Dallas. McKnlghtet during the period the "defend
YouDon't : ST. MISSION-South Orange
Blossom Trail. nx wd 10. ants" were on trial. The three Free your pet ef irritating PHONE WINTER GARDEN 2p4
fee ashamed to admit you need help. Feel free Undenominational Old-time Mrs. Nell Thomas to C. 1. Stanford et
to eall Rev. Russell D. saaw. [Send for free pamphlet] revival going on every night. The Eyler ox qcd $1 men incidentally were convicted. Disease carrying Tick: with
'Why Are My Prayers Unanswered Evangelist party 1s with us.CENTRALIISLE.I. C. L. Stanford *t ox to Mrs. Hell
Am. Thomas ,cd a1.Grl .
Let. Post 19
Central Ave and
Phone 5-4447 Box Jin I _._ Hampton F. C. Oeort Machine Co. to F. C For Sale at Emrich'i Pharmacy and ;
P. O. St. "We Preach Christ and the Machine Co. Inc. wd $10. ]
The Orlando Auto School SURGEONBRAND
Bible" The Rev. Carroll N. Blakeslee. F. C. George Machine Co. Inc. to Fir Other Leading Drag and Pet Stores.
pastor. Sunday school for all ages. 9:45
Fed Sav and Loan Assn flitS $12.500. .
a m. Morning worship. 11 ..m. Young Kenneth D. Liner et ox to Franklin I 1221 N. Orange Ave.
Peoples fellowship. e.4S: p.m. Evening Life Ins Co mtg $7875. i
evangelistic. ':30 p.m. Julius C. nx to Kenneth D. 'LEARN TO DR/VE"/
YOU JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT I Laser et ox Hte10 1
COMMUNITY CHURCH OP OOD-W. C. C. Garlettea .t u to H. T. Frittaacd Lessons by Appointment Only
Amelia Ave. and Revere Sts. Claude S. $10. '
Chewning. pastor. Blbl. school at 945: Charles 1:. Foster *t n to Elal A. Call 2-4879

You just can't afford-to work and slave the am.Rev.Morning Charles worship A. Black.at 11.The Sermon Christian by Stewart mtg $1200. NEW
William T. Miller et BX to Thomas F.
all day without food when you can get Crusaders gelistic meet at 6:45 p.m. Evening: evan Taylor et nx wd $10 '
745. Sermon by the
pastor. Clarence Evan Heywood et u to I I
all you WANT for the PRICE OF Clark W. Cooper Jr. et ox wd $10. Best Trailer Shop
Alien H. Watkins et al to Csrrtitn and

TERMITE CONTROL Boland Stephen Inc:A.wd Keffleld$10. et us0 Fir Fed Troil-R-Coat Paints

8a* and Loan Aim mts $1000. PLYMOUTH
NINETY-SEVEN CENTSChildren M TEARS OF DEPENDABILITY Robert L. Cannon et us to Fir Fed Say 2225 W. Washington MOTORS

CALL. PHONE OR WRITE and Loan Assn mtg $5080. .
I Richard W. Wallace et al to Wilba Ross Dial 6894

under seven half price H. L. COX II Hester City of wd of lien.Winter$10. Park duplicate cancellation i'1 [On Winter Garden Road

7134 IRMA ST. City of Orlando to Charles Remington I'

What would Sunday Dinner cost you at home? et ox deed $10.


Make it a date and bring family and friends REPAIRING
your If roar washing machine: seeds repair $245.00Above
just drop ms a card or phra

2-M72.Pick-up and delivery service withina

radius of 75 miles of Orlando.

.. Phone Z-1S72 Z21I Edrewater Dr.
,, ,
SMasat [ price is for motor and installation/




n j
1 BeT- Albert Besalskl. M.A. Pastor
WE GIVE YOU MORE FOR LESS MONEY 11M A.M. Divine_Worship. 9U: A.M. Sunday School Available For

U-M A.M. Divine Worship 9:30 A.M. Sunday School
WEEK DlYS: 12 to 2 5 to 8 p.m. SUNDAYS: 12 to 8 p.m. Blessed are they that heat to* Word of God and Keep It.-

SPECIAL PARTIES Phone. Write or Wire ST. LCKE'S EV. LUTHERAN SlavU (Bonte 42C Bear Oviedo] ORLANDOBUTANE Orlando Fletcher Motors Inc.
The Rev. Stephen M. Tuhy. Pastor
For Reservation :S8 A.?!. Rncllsh Divine Worship; 11:31 A.M. Slovak Divine Worship. GASSERVICE

1:30 A.M. SiHday Sekmol. "A changeless Christ for a chaafiac war lei."

.. CHARLES AND VIRGINIA HILL If-you-are- hardened- -with-a spiritual-problem--and---:.-are not a member of Incorporated 1020 N. Orange Ave. Phone 24541I

Owners and Operators a church consult any of the above listed Lntheran Pasters. They will fee J
happy to advise )'eU. Do not hesitate. Write todayl 1932 W. Robinson Ph. 2-1733


,, _
-- "- .

tl11' _

(!9rlaidni' fHfintttta Snttftu1.' f r THE MERRY-GO-ROUND THEY WILL DO-IT EVERY_-- TIME By HatloWE THE PUBLIC THOUGHTExPoliceman

New Year'ii Dr. Fourth r HAVE COMETO DEMAND
FbBh daily: except Sunday ECCN3M/
ot July. Labor Day. ThanJuf Mnf and hr1itmas. by I Recession FearedI c EW WEEKS) AGOCONGRESSMAN N 60VEBNMENT'' 5PENDI !QJT cxrr ? V9 W ALLEY/ '
Sentinel-Star Co. (Orlando Daily flwip.pers Inc.) at 238 :: Urges Constant
South Orane Av Orlando. 1'a.ntered -- A LOT CF THESE USELESS aF'ICES'F..U6AW rr is saws TOBE I I U

: at tecottd-claM matter at the Poet Office at DREW PEARSON HAD A I AND BUREAUS -FtATAp WASTING ) ( t'or', : I I
under the Act of March: 3d. 1m.
QrLgndo flmlda.
WASHINGTON-Privately. Truman and his advisers DElEGATION R30M I THE PEOPLE'S MONEY -y-r..j Campaign Against Bookmakers

TELEPHONE-: : DepmrtoenU 4181 are still upset about a depression. Recession ..
Subscription Price 3Sc Per Week. tl JO Per Mo. HOME.THE COMST1TUEHTS .' : -rI'1 iI I i
hasnt set In yet. but costs haven't come down/ cC Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel:

MAITIN AMMMIN, PvtusvnIOSUH HINIT IAUN, EMTOIIAL DIHCTO the price-cut campaign proved a washout. The WERE. 4 Cr\ ,, rt2 ) v=riPcETTY I noticed hi 'Thursday's Morn

CAWTKOM Gii Mu. MANCH. T. LAWIIMCI AM. DM.ROIIIT I Council of Economic Advisers told Truman that MAD--'o :- ,,.- ing Sentinel where the sheriff and
F. WAITH. Cuts MM.Neiiur ; I fI II I
C W. UNITT, ilL MIL layoffs-not reflected In unemployment figuresare -
[AlL HotiMAM. Nm E rreiIHAIOU CONIOMM. Sic. Tius.CNAIIH mounting. Unemployed now total 2500000. -:- police have served notice on the
CHU MIL MIHJM Pint Siirr. bookies to close shop. For
to nick at the pocketbook .
The landlords are ready = I
anIwI1 :
I. W LIMMOM, Crrr CM. MIL X. T. Mats. Trrw. Surr. again. Truman fears a last-minute rent-control :: I was a member of a vice squad

Mrmtor *f Tke AiiwtUtet Pius extension bill which hell be forced to sign like the __ : : # ; \,. a. of one of our metropolitan cities

The Associated Press is exclusively en OPA bill last Summer. The rent bill Congress has and never once did we give noticeto
tiled to the use for re-publication of all
Dwf dispatcher accredited to it or not In mind means Increases of from 15 to 50 per cent anyone to close up. We made
otherwise accredited to this paper and in rent costs. life so miserable fot those fellows
aw the local news published herein. e veteran. that the small fry couldn't
the oper-
for of special Making no housing progress '
dispatches AU rights herein re-publieatloa are also reserved. is the whole administration housing program. (PLU6AVwV/THlS ISM ). VlMATSTUE CEA OP CUTT1N6 CUT THE ate and the big fellows were eon- ,
1i-EY WEQE BUREAU INCUR I stantly on the move. My theory
$6 billion wonn TBACK
4 SAT. MAY 1947 Economists say I Ir I .
PAGE 24. of new homes were necessary by, A6AIH- ) I jls if them you and really mean business go Obituaries
everytime they start
TODArS THOUGHTSFor 1947. Figures show less than half : I MADDER. THAN ,1HIM. omECi11EsFsTSTNrALJ 'up throw them in again. In due BM 1-C ABlE LEE FAULK

I am the Lord and I change notMa1&ch1 of that will be built. This means I I EVERJ \ ,y ( C5-4D--' VOJR ECONOMY WAVE -1 I I time you'll find they'll tire of this Services for Boatswain's Mate

3:6.: your chances of new house and I I II(2IT"4 A SOMEWHWE I treatment and seek greener pas 1-C Obie L. Faulk. who died from

apartment are almost nil.also that I tures. injuries suffered In an auto accident

continued high demand puts tW I EX-COP at Portsmouth. Va, will

Changeless march the stars abore. renters at mercy of landlords. W be held at 4 p.m. Monday in Fair-

Changeless morn succeeds to even; Truman plans special Cabinet : .Z4- Soup.Slurping Test child Funeral Home. The Rev.

And the everlasting hills. meeting with Council of Economic Idea Fayette Hall. College Park Baptist -
1tATh 'ID 1 Support Church pastor will officiate.
Changeless watch the changeless heavens. Advisers to work out solution.
-charles Klngsley. Passing of Mrs. Evalyn Walsh fee MQN.WALTEC )Moc&MQ I .4 5r U '9' Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: Orlando Memorial Post. 19. Am-

McLean leaves Oklahoma oil FIRST ptsTRicr ccaaon W4 -w- In re proposal by D. P. In May erican Legion. will have charge
H CONGRESS CF THE: US zwgvi.i of services at Greenwood Ceme-
I r
heiress Mrs. Perle Mesta as No. 1 22s Sentinel about raising some

The Deeper St. Johns Channel reigning queen of Washington : WASHINGTON, D.C. (je. iwo sac P5IRrB pyab, s C 5 t"this! rirsero- .L'SI5)). ICfI1TRAuuI public funds for holding a soup- tery.Cedric Benz. post adjutant. has

ANCIENT DREAM of a canal Peanon society. Mrs. Mesta wined and slurping contest: This is a capital requested Leginnalres to meet at

THE con- dined Trumans before he became President. Run- Idea and does it's orginator much I 1! 3:35: p.m. Monday the funeral
the St. Johns River and the Morris i home.
In society sweepstakes is Mrs.
ner-up credit. It Is
thoroughly sound in
Indian River continues to smoulder in Cafritz. with Mme. Carlos Martins. wife of the Ebsen Dance I i Survivors include the mother
Ambassador entertainer among dip- RIDPSI Congress principles and without doubt will !Mra. Irene Parker, Winter Park:
Brazilian top
I Seminole County breasts.Ed Greek-bom wife of I work out profitably in execution. !two brothers. Carl Faulk and

Higgins, the veteran secretary- French lomatic Ambassador group. Charming.Henri Bonnet a close second. Recital ThriIlAudience ? I'm not a whit critical but in I i Park Hubert; three Faulk sisters., both Mrs.of Winter Ruby

I manager of the Chamber of Commerce in A beautiful dancer. Some dowagers are unkind Juke LessonWASHINGTON I the interests of all possible per-'i i'Andrews, DeFuniak Springs; Mrs.

I Sanford, probably is the man closest to aU enough to suggest that because of serious Clinton French I J/IR: [ 1lid Here fection. would suggest one or two ,' Ruth Merdith Astatula. and Mrs.
of Agriculture Bobbie
food shortages. Secretary refinements. Wesson of Winter Park.

projects concerning the St. Johns. Anderson has been getting plenty of practice on the I Two nine-year-old boys. Bill rAP C o n- I Firts. Isn't it somewhat insult .4
Vhotoq4I ;
Says Ed: "We still dream of the day dance floor. Others say it's Just because he's a Finne and Richard Leone created gressmen yesterday learned the ing to the trade to offer such a j MR. LOYAD E. ARMSTRONG

I good dancer. more of a sensation with their tap difference between a juke box and i show for a dime only? I feel the I Mr. Loyad E. Armstrong. 71. '.-.-
when the two rivers will be connected, but ? HANLEY POGUE dancing last night than did the a penny arcade music box. fans i will be found willing to kick !of Ocoee. died in a local hospital

our first job and our big job is to develop Democratic Party"headquarters began sprouting THE QUESTION famed star of stage and screen. Band leader Fred Waring and \, in 15 cents each to see-and to !i Friday. He was a pioneer resident -
Buddy Ebsen. when the pupils of of the Windermere Community
Gene Buck -
composer explainedthe hear-this
traffic on the river from Jacksonville to "Truman in '48- buttons this week. They say that What do you think should be the Ebsen School of Dancing were facts of night life. j'I hardy rounders spectacle.will Yea be found som- I I and moved to Ocoee three

I Sanford and Sanford to Jacksonville. it's no longer a secret that Truman will run. Whatis done to rid the highways and presented in the school's 26th an- Buck described how the old dropping two bits in the door-'months ago to reside.
a secret is that he hasn't been paying much attention roads of Florida of livestock? I I nual recital. Show Business. penny arcade operated and then man's hat.Who's I I Besides his widow Mrs. Perle

"When we have the tonnage we will be to recommendations from his Democratic THE ANSWERS I The large audience welcomed explained how. I going to rule on points ''I| Armstrong he leaves four sons
in a position to demand more attention on National Committee.The Jack Helms student. Orb Vista: with enthusiasm the many num- the juke box was like the following: George Guy. Clayton. and John;

the canal project." party chieftains urged veto of portal-to- "Owners of cattle and other I" bers. but the two young dance enthusiasts born. "They took I line and there we shall find I five daughters. Mrs. Edna Brier-

portal bill but were Ignored. They also asked livestock should be forced to keep :I were called back for curtain the slot machine 'contestants who enjoy certain na- I ley. Mrs. Eunice Parramore Mrs.

Higgins, fully aware of the budget- Truman to aoft-oedal Ket-tough-wlth-Russia; instead I them fenced call after curtain call ," he said tural advantages such as [al I Mary D. Alfonso. Mrs. Letta

I paring tendencies of the Republican project ,- emphasize-that Greek-Turkish aid bill was and should be re- The two boys who showed a remarkable "and dressed her { badly-fitting dental plates; (tbl Hunt and Miss Norah Lee Arm-

is confident that an appropriation for -not relief in uniform." All Truman gave them sponsible for talent for timing and up like a lady." full set of whiskers; fcl large "strong; four step-daughters. Mrs.
balance in their almost profession The House Judiciary I Hogan. Mrs. Bateman Mrs. mid
bushy moustaches. Shall
leaders didn't cot- damage caused I they
the 12-foot channel in the river to Sanford was the silent treatment. Party
animals while al-like dancing routines. are the Committee required to offer the less fortun- and Miss Nelle Darden; and also
[ will be forthcoming at this session.If ton to Heroert Hoover's recent pro-Truman re- I they by are loose on sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Finrie. Is studying a j ately-equipped some sort of han- six step-sons James Clifford.
the Republicans give Central Florida marks. Antl-Hooverism has been strong Democratic the roads. I do and of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Leone. :, bill to amend dicap: or shall all contestants John. Bill. Gene and Torn Darden.

I this sort of a break we won't be able to talking point In recent years. Now Truman wantsit not believe in Buddy Ebsen. who Is vacationing the copyrightlaw slurp at par? Funeral services will be held

them too loud and stopped. You'll hear little more about -Hoover free ranges.Flor- here and at Daytona which says I We are sending down some observers Sunday at 3 pjn. from the Carey
cuss long. depressions." ida should pass Beach following a season in the 'its rules do not 1 to witness your contests. I Hand Chapel the Rev. Curry

Gen. Marshall now finds State Department laws bringing the musical comedy. Show Boat was I apply to the I After you have eliminated the I Ocoee. officiating. Interment will

Odham and the Political Future Is no bed of roses. Marshall is worried about wandering' live- introduced by his father C. L. : "rendition of a 1'I weaklings and selected a suitable be in Woodlawn Memorial Park.

everything from Congress to the decorations of stock menace _to Ebsen. director of the school to 'I i musical composi- team of gladiators. we are I
HAS A political fortune been won't budge ''an end. Under Helms whom he paid tribute for his i tion by or upon [organizing the society of Sanford MR. BERT SALVAGE
SELDOM his new offices. Sen.andenberg i c oin Mr. Bert Salvage 76. died Friday !-
present laws animals are protectedmore success. j i operated Slurpers and will challenge you
so meteoric a fashion as that on confirmation of Francis Diddle to be American than human beings and i The dancing comedian then'!t machines." The folks to an inter-city tournament.Our I at his home. 1014 Palmer St.,

of J. Brailey Odham the Seminole County delegate to UN Social and Economic Council. motorists are liable for damage thrilled the audience with a dancein 'I bill would knockout men need no training. Like I after several week's illness Mr.

This Is a very important Job. At San Francisco animals< on roads." I' keeping with the times of 19 this section. the Marines-or is it the tax col Salvage formerly of Chicago had.

I representative to the Legislature.His Social and Economic Council was given wide powersto years ago. when he had last appeared -, "Congress was ... _. .. lectors-they are always ready. resided here for 15 years.

forthright denunciation of legis- insure economic security and "full employment"to C. L. Rlchbourg. barber. Ocoee. In one of his father's re- thinking a bout B. H. G. I He was a member of Austin
peaceful world. Vandenberg's Wall "The State could pass a stock citals. penny arcades" said Buck. But Sanford Lodge. 850 F. and A. M, 32nd degree -
lative shenanigans has earned the admiration guarantee a law fining livestock owners who the Juke box Is a different propo- ''I mason and Shriner.
John Foster Dulles. fought bitterly Probably the next most -
Street adviser. I appreciated
sition. I Besides his widow. Mrs. Evan-
I of all Florida. allow animals to
Neighbor's Persistence
against this. even insulted small nations who I young artist was Patty Ann : 'I (I geline Salvage. he Is survived
wander untendedon ''': "The i 1 by
Even at home where without Vandenberg wants I Jackson. who was the star of several penny arcade said Rep. I On '
prophets are plumped for full employment. the roads. Fellows JR-Me) who Stop Light lauded two sons Robert Frank Salvage.
of the wrote the
numbers and
I honor, the business men. the farmers more business-minded man in job. Give the counties i the perfection of her movements bill, "was for one person listening Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: '; E. St. Louis HI. Ferderick Davis

the wool hat boys and the housewives have Marshall refuses to throw his prestige on the power to impound -I with an enthusiasm all her own. to the one piece he wanted I,'j I At long last a stop light has I i'I Salvage. St. Marys. Ohio and a

taken the young veteran to their political table in all-out fight for Biddle. Even the art' animals I I Also exceptionally good were Mary to hear-even though his pars'been hung at the intersection of I'sister. Mrs. Minnie Bassett. of Or

I bosoms. murals at State Department worry Marshall. New and charge a :, Elizabeth and John Bethea, who were regaled with a terrible noise.." I I(I Summerlin St. and Colonial Dr. I lando.

State Department building was designed for War stiff fee for their j did two adagio dances together. The Juke box he said, has turned I I While we all lamented the many Arrangements in charge of -

He is a man to watch in the forth Department and entering diplomats are confrontedwith release and owners -I r Mary Elizabeth being cast in several into a, $232 million a year In- I!'I accidents which have occurred at I Eiselstein-WJgglnton will be announced -

: 'coming fight to succeed Cong. Joe Hend- murals of flaming guns fiery tanks and diving I will soon of the ballet numbers. dustry. this corner during the past few I the after the arrival here of
build fences.I sons.
months we did nothing about it
rick bomber planes-hardly a motif for peace. I Anne-Louise Fletcher who has I _
should he decide to enter the race. Livestock loose and it Is
mainly through the efforts -
it on T ihl1i.. music, traveled from Lakeland for her French War Deaths : FNNERAL SERVICES:
Less fame than Odham has gained GOP becomes more and more disturbed about Richbourr have ---probably I lessons. proved that they were ;, Colonial of G.Dr.W., that Murphy the light of 645 has E. I For Mrs C. D. Holder who died

[ frequently has zoomed men to high office. licking Truman. Old political axiom. "You can'tlick caused more serious accidents in( worthwhile 19 her. as she was :, Toll Set at 620,000PARIS finally been installed. Thursday in a local hospital. will
j especially graceful in a gay tap be held at 2 pjn. Saturday from
some one with no one" still holds good. At the State than any other one fac I This young gentleman of over I
dance and showed I the
and bal- I I I Carey Hand Funeral
!| poise lAP France's civilian Chapel
Thieves: ,Steer Clear of Seminole least ten Republicans are running against Truman should tor., For be the sake of from safety they I ance for her lead in an acrobatic and military death toll during I: ,,80 years has walked the neigh i I with interment in Greenwood
prohibited ranging
streets and
boring succeeded in
and they have no united policy, frequently step on
t scene. Marjorie Tepsic and Edith World War n was put yesterdayat Cemetery.
TO CROOKS: each other's toes. Republicans now have smooth- at large"In. !I Royal teachers at the school, were I 620,000 by Francois Mitterand. getting nearly 90 tax-payers to I I I
ADVICE sign and while For Mrs. Almeida
a Bolton
headquarters staff ably manned. butthere's 'included in the and both minister many will be
running dances of
clear of Seminole County and !\ Margaret Trarop house- veterans affairs and of us felt that it was a losing I held from the Carey Hand Chapel
no surgeon to prune out all the hopefuls wife. Winter Garden I i I showed remarkable talent the for- I war victims.
: |,
I cause, we gladly signed and loi! Saturday at 4 pjn., with intermentin
Sanford. who think lightning may strike next year at Phil "Livestock on the highways area mer for tap and the latter for i!' This total he said included I In 'due time the light was hung Greenwood Cemetery.

P. A. Mero, the High Sheriff, and Roy adelphia. serious threat to the motorist. ballet and acrobatic dancing. :1 92.233 military killed in 1939-40'II and is a constant reminder that j'j'II I -
I Two-fisted Gen. Omar Bradley. Vets AdminIstrator and the State Others who gave especially fighting; 57,721 military killed in anything worth having is worth I CARD OF THANKS
Williams, the chief of police are a coupleof ""'" battle from i W. with to thank all of
should take imr" rood performances were Patsy 1940-45 (Free French I ear friends and
has his hands full with Congress. getting out and working for.
"' ... nelthbert for their many kind expression
the finest shots in this of mediate steps to 4.: ...l- Newcomer Parson Sullivan Army outside France and inside : of ,
pistol section Bradley took the rundown Veterans Bureau. remolded '- '' If more of us had this gentle- i sympathy and condolence also Dr. John
cure that evil. d( -''\. C June Howard. Joan Demastus France after invasion]; 24,440 man's civic interest Brtnuomb for his comforting words. )Lru.
It almost sheer will into the
I Florida. by power I' Frenchmen Torborouth for tht beautiful solo she rendered -
most efficient veterans organization In thenation' Recently while r-....- JJ) Margaret Fiequcttr, DorothyMunson IncorporatedInto II many such important -matters and Mr. Tharp for the tender erimmutic
Using a couple of .22 caliber target motoring to Flor1' .} ? > Eunice Rinaldl. Martha the German Army; 55.550 would be settled quicker and in the played
history. Yet. he gets almost no recog ida I nearly hit 'o.-. .. Gibson f civilians killed in bombings; 30,000 Mrs. W, WaH ct Dnalap
: i..r and
on the Lemon < Cynthia Pardue a more satisfactory manner to ,.
Rotary at
picnic and "'11I11
S'stols nition. He makes few enemies gets into few I I two cows on the -' Carolyn Staves, little Muffet shot by Germans. I all. thanks. I

the other day, both Mero and Williams fights, don his job. highway at night. '- Williams Carma Jean Loucks, I APPRECIATIVE NEIGHBOR CARD OP THANKS
W* with to txpreH alnctrt thinks
cracked tiny photographers' flashlight Slogan around the White House is "Omar can If the livestock # :" .,,:,' and Shirley Hollinrsworth. Seven Parachute I II I to our hot of friends and eetchbori for

I bulbs bobbing around in the St. take care of himself." Bradley does. even with is worth own- :: :.- The their many expressions of sympathy during
program featured a reviewof Railroads Place 11,348 i I the maces and death of our beloved bua-
I Johns just as though they were 12-inch such millstones around his neck as White House ing it seems to 'r.; "7r.i: types of entertainment. including From Burning B-17 : band and lather.Mn.

I targets.We Military Aide. Gen. "Bumbling Harry" Vaughan. be me worth they should: Mrs. I musical comedy favorites, two MANAGUA rAP) Reports Freight Cars in Service .and Jot Jean L. Ro.I.nelN.U Rowland
would strongly advise those thieves Bradley handles Vaughan with courtesy. firmness The burden of keeping Traropfor. them ballet scenes. a fiesta idea. circus ,reaching here yesterday sa'd' seven WASHINGTON [API The railroad Mra. Grace D.....

I valuing their skins to stay out of in lets Vaughan take as much of the credit as he off the highway should be placed I carnival. a Western theme and a ,' persons who parachuted from a industry, which has been Jars of peanut butter should be
range wants to. Congress may cut Bradley's appropriation Jive section. The costumes were iU. S. Army B-17 which caught troubles with
on the owner. The State should I' having a car turned upside down occasionally
!Sanford and Seminole.A but if it does therell be real trouble. pass a law prohibiting the 'animals -I bright and gay and well chosen )fire and crashed on a flight from I, age. put 11.348 new freight shortL L to allow the oil to mix througout

from roaming all over the for the various scenes adding a lot the Canal Zone to Kelly Field. service during the first four the product.

Hard Puncher in Legal countryside." I to the program. Tex. had arrived in Alamlcamba. months of this year. \
Ring One Cabinet member with few headaches is
I Th Nicaragua after 14-hour hike
musical accompanimentwas a
I This was reported last night by
able Secretary of Agriculture Clinton Anderson. : rendered by Miss The plane was carrying 15 I LATEST RECORDS
Mary Oil- persons
FOLLOWERS OF boxing in West Ray Ursery. fishing .camp em the Association of American Railroads I i
THE Farm outlook this year is bright. Surpluses will ploye. Lake more and Miss Florence Gingrich including its crew. when It I II ,.which said the comparative 1
Beach contend that Phil O'Con- be ample to restock sorely tried reserves. but not pianists. 1 left Howard Field Canal Zone,, last
total. period
State highways are built out of same year was
nell State's large enough to be.alarming. Even sugar outlookis I Wednesday night. It was not 1--- 4COLLP.GE
attorney for the gasoline tax funds. not paid for by 11115.
county, I _ _ I
I improving at horAe with drop in foreign demand. tax on cattle. I think Florida I British Naval Group known whether all of them jumped
was the finest club fighter that portion of Dairy prices dLsturj, experts who don't know what should protect: from the burning plane. Disorder of farm equipment is IS

I the Gold Coast ever saw. level they'll settle ft. Foreign cotton demand has the people who Plans Norway Trip I the greatest single cause of farm I fled EDGEWATER DR.PARK PR. MM2

O'Connell, not long back from the wars dropped which tie* ease pressure on cotton prices #': pay for the roads.!I I LONDON tAP A British naval j i Many Russians in U.S. accidents.

despite short crop. fo'_rm labor outlook is still bad ( ) Livestock kills group under the First Sea Lord. !I
|now has a spotlight job in Tallahassee.His [ Asking Leave Papers 4it.wtr t. rrrrl...eHouse rant*
with city jobs offering sharp competition in way t.: more people on Adm. Sir. John Cunningham, 1 i

task is to prosecute the bribe of easier work, mOil,"greenbacks.AU the highwaysthan whose squadron brought Narway's f WASHINGTON (LAP Rep. McDowell I F Whip. I ,1. _
El : E
,. Gen. Tout Clark plans whole series of any other King Haakon to Britain in 1940. I [R.-Pa.J said yesterday an
charge: probe instituted against Bernie cause. and should : will make a 17-day visit to Nor-i i unusual number of Russians who ..
safeguards to civil liberties in IC' IAI L.
Papy, the veteran Key West legislator. new "loyalty" instigations.. be outlawed from j![ way next month aboard the aircraft 'are in this country legally have HORIZONTAL VERTICAL N
Democratic Party If' ranging at will.j carrier ,H.M.S. Vengeance. applied In the last two or three 0tJV1l I Io
1 Pictured U. S.representative.
I Propitious
The people of Leon County and of FlorIda leaders want him .timake flat pledge of no "witch Uvestock owners!![The Vengeance will be escorted weeks for papers to leave. j L-

may rest assured that O'Connell will be hunts" like those thi! ollowed World War I. Clark should be held by two destroyers. i i "I don't know what is behind 2 Assigns UAWf _ _

I in the legal ring slugging hard to discoverall wont promise. Tlty' other night FBI agents accountable for I ______________ i i it." he s&1d.Calcutta -Charles A. 3 Smooth Prevaricator "_ E_ .;O t\\01; _ _

[ the facts of the swooped down on former aides of Secretary of the all damaee their CPA State I' :...1 .11 Ir .. I':
matter. Approval
usThey 8 He is the Half-em ,,
Treasury Henry Morgenthau. quizzed them for I Ursery animals Riots Kill ThreeCALCUTTA I!;;:' I ,! :
We cannot imagine a more fortunate hours at FBI headquarters about Morgenthau's would soon have them under i Court Building Asked House Surrender ;l1 g n
(choice to work on this important task. "Communist fence. Pass a law against the free I [rAP Three persons majority 7 Retain
connections. range. and enforce it." i WASHINGTON [API Florida 'were killed and 24 wounded yes- 14 Transferee 8 Secular 27 Hastened 41 Back of neck
I delegation. headed the State's terday in Calcutta's 28 Meet 42 Ardor
by continuing 15 Fleet Symbol for
I I IWDao B. F. Waiters ice plant owner. two Senators. Pepper and Holland. communal riots as Hindus and 16 Scheme erbium 29 Observe 43 Boat paddles;

Orlando Morning Sentinel Radio Program Apopka: I and Chief Justice Elwyn Thomas Moslems attacked each other with 17 Half (prefix) 10 Among 30 Make amistake 44 Any

"A person who cannot keep asked the Civil Production Admin- firearms bombs acid and clubs. 19 Rainbow 11 Challenge 45 Mix

( IO) WLO" (1230) WORZ (740) woio (ISO) wLor nno M/OKZ (7.0) cattle under fence should not be istration yesterday to approve -- 12 Roman 31 Blackbird of 48 Prong
20 Skin
00 Htr, to v.taRnem._ 8i! a On A N' ._ 3 4S Lft. Llltm _____ opening!
1.1$ r.nn hnaa RanUi. Orts Boa Hlllblfi* i Radio Children H"dlnp Horw Rar.40(1Cr .I permitted to own them. A State I construction of a new 1600.000 21 Heroic magistrates cuckoo family 47 Great LaIc
6:.30 Rlllblllr Tutl N' *.t-R.T.Ul. Georgia Rambl.n fiertloa tTSl For Tour Approval Edward Tomllnson No-Fence law penalizing animal' Supreme Court building at Talla JUICE l.1 THE 13 Demolished 34 Harvester 48 Of Cos
S 41 Ntw ..._ __ RtTtlUt,_ _.__ OorIa RamblersOOYawspatrsl 4 IS f- Section! USA For Tour ApproTtl An Mooney Orrh. I hassee. 22 Remove ,
h 4 30 Benrn Hors. Rae Three owners for accidents Emusic 36 Quantity 63 Hypothetical
Sun Bhln 18 Tone
u N' ...i-Muil doe N... __. _4 43 Tn Heiwk* _-_n___ Trtiiury Show .. The Rhythmic At* and dam- TONY MARTIN SHOW 23 Symbol for 37 Pastime structural unit
2::1S Biaclnr Saturn Vtutletl Clock ( )
1 30( Wake u. Deration 8 00 Ktw* _h_;.____. Orchestra _-_ Rhtpiy ef Rock'I yttrium ab. .
LUUB Americans
Muilcil they )
Clock ? _.. age cause_ i. Evacuated Individual Entreaties Deciliter (
? S 1} PoeticS Mirrlti Orehcmi ___._ t
_T4ajHwi_ jMttn .. K.-Uuile _. T40 Club _IT ._ Rpdy 'o Reekie would Editor (ab.)
'to. CBS N... __ Martin _rrmur> V... ___ .9 B 30 43 Chr.Sports!Bel! Rcvltw Pretr m Dene Cecil Brown Oreh.itrm.__ New Boston__Tune Story_ animals remove from the I|I! NANKING [UP About 20 25 Rail I-rrrrr I i 10 it 11 I)
12 2rtt. 0>u Popular Danes Or. 740 dub Un I I American men. women and children ft. EvelYD Knight I
I I J Dann trade ____ Oaorto Htnalai 140 Club 5 00 Htw __._____ Htvall Calls __ Our Pordtn Policy roads. Florida I I I 1 Oceans 3
_j4SBr tkfa.. BrrrltlM Paul H-i-ty __ 740 ClublsAdkUerrTi.__'._-_ 8.15. Jimmy Doney. Hawaii Calls Our Porelcn" Policy has been back- were evacuated by a UJ3. '32 Short sleep iT' S-
:30 Sport P f __ Dinner Music _
BirtbdPa w bUD.-8iiill ? Curtain Time Army transport plane yesterday 1
6 45 Jean Sabloa ___ ward about I ; 33 Sea eagle - -
Sport Parade protecting :1- :
Curtain Time
: 5lrthay nn I .f I,
15 SLw? Ult 1Im11. Ad. *rk Merrlwl I from the embattled Manchurian 34 Lease Ie ifi. 'f'f.-.....
Marr Les Taylor the public ,
W.1te :
Up emil. .t.nht. adrws 7 00 Vaughn Monroe Twenty Question Juke Box Sat. Kit "
capital of under
"U Mary Lea Taylor Wake Pp A Smile Arehl Andrews"! 7:IS Vaughn Uonroe Twenty Question Juke Box Sat. Kite from this Changchun. now Silkworm IT ., u'
10110 w&mitaW '7W..C U1aa A.I1 OlrU,. T. Be AnnoucrdT 7::30 Maror of Town _, Boner Rail -._ Saturday's Sport danger. and heavy attack by Chinese Communist Symbol t5..1 i:
it forselenium
10'tS Lat'a Pretend .? Buddy Weed Trio Be Announced JT' :4S N!d Calmer ______ Better Half _n___ Its Daocetlme ... I forces the UJ5. Embassy'* 1t -
10)0: Adventurer Club. Say It With Mulc Hm. Wh'U Wite n has been causedby u .:;. "i1,. ';!
10 a 00 Bill Goodwin Show Pmmon Jny Trial Th Bit Parade announced. i'' ,f. i
0AdTtnturtrClubg : : ;
i : ;;
yjt With Wuat. Ha WhtO MH IsII1S.Tbatir a few selfish ,38 Military
IS ant Good-in Show Famous Ju'y Trial Th. Bit Parade ; i police
Woo}} 2?"*" .' Todar Kit BailtlfT TBB. a' Pope _' a:30 Bat. Nit Serenade I Deal In Crime. Musical Showcase people in thecattle .... (ab.) U i.e U 11 : n u
... el Tods, Ten Home Beast Tel" .' ....... _I_U S.t. Nit. Serenade I Deal In dime Musical Showcase business. ". I Industry Moves South -
.t. O'r HoU'II. n.b& 40 Window part431iops'kiln -
mu Pass .
a 00 This I* HolljWd On Buster _._ WORZ -gr
U: $ Clara Jambere
OT a
Holly ruc' tote Past South Allier. W., a 15 This I* HoUrw'd Oanc Buster ..- WORZ Jimbor The progressive Waiters ATLANTA [UP] The Clark
13 11 OeOra jMfl5a,4 BondrTNew, .1 ----- "-30 Sweeney oil: March Hinder' ft: Mr. M'* WOWS Jambore and modem cattleman keeps Thread Co. will move its entire 47 Ecological -
ti rd_C.att 8t5* animals
12 Ceot Pet, __ ._ __ penned up and he operations from New
Oreh.lt1. Story TIme Part,_ is to Georgia (ab.)
10 00 New
A Feature _
12 .S CoUal, Professor Outs New ft Sport ___ ..
.. P&1r --- Oreh..tr. Story Tim Party. 10:IS Pep t from Oversea Professor Outs ._ R..d..':. Wh Shy profiting by it. The time has Jersey it was announced yester- 49 Gem In ,.., b.., ..r.... ...<.Y" .tt4.''';,I" ,
1:00: oi Take BURNS ; : ;;;
v. Lombardo'. Natl 10:30: Drama of Palest come for State & f.iJ
1:15 Otu Or. Prm. Rm HraDOTrea Dane Oreh Rendes'i W'h Why lawmakers to wake |I day. .EA.c :50 Against } .
'nets -_ V. Loll l&rd.'. 10::4S Moon River __ __ 3f t
130 Or. NaU PrIll. lime Hr n Orth.-Ncws Rendes's Wh Why up and remove cattle ; :oiO 01 liE JjJ..44 tb 101.: '"I1 ,'fi
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Saturday, May 24, 1947 ...... <8rlap flfcmtbtg &rttttnrl '" FRaise

Osteopaths i World Food Plan P-TA Institute : >" i

in Unemployment Retailers 1' Eccentric

Name Officers Seen War SolutionMIAMI Speaker SetSpecial I :, '7 Agree'On Man Leaves

Allotments Defeated
[ to Orlando Morning Sentinel n] Half
1, JACKSONVILLE lAP Veterans have [AP] Sir John Boyd Orr, director general of the GAINESVILLE-Mrs. Bonaro WOverstrect HolidayS Two EstatesJACKSONVILLE

who are professional men International Food and Agricultural Organization of the lecturer and writer on

first medical choice and of many dental critical equipment ItemsIn United Nations Conference, asserted here yesterday thata psychology and adult education TALLAHASSEE [AP] A move to broaden weekly unemployment [ to Orlando Morning Sentinel1JACKSONVULEFlorida's ItT?] Hell

under a priority rrhl h Is second third world war would be in the making unless some kind will keynote the 11th trnnual Par compensation payments to $20 for a period of retailers who once inherited $40.000 fro!

only to Federal agencies. ThomasA. ent-Teacher Leadership Instituteto 20 weeks was beaten down in the Senate yesterday.An in 71 communities are eccentric Ezra Romig yesterd

Goctor of the regional officeof of a world food plan was set up. be held at Florida State University amendment offered by Sens. Beacham of West agreed that there shoul'I be a half- awaited division of a second esUJ

the War Assets Administrationtold He said in an interview that the<. June 16-20. under the direction I a-midweek-holiday. and they do he had acquired after being dj
of the General Extension Palm Beach and Sheldon of Tampa to an unemployment observe elated
Ostheopathic Physicians' could be ended one. But they are not all dead 12 years ago.
the food crisis
here yesterday present Division of the two State unIversities compensation bill would have 4 I agreed. community-wise. that is. A Meridian Miss.. court pH
convention informed members of the by 1948 If Governments were willing CofC Members with the sponsorship of the changed the current compensation that the half-holiday should fall'on bated Romig's will after the th<{

Hospital Goctor Association of the Florida to put behind the effort the I Florida Congress of Parents and program of $15 weekly for : Commencement Wednesday a Florida State | 74-year-old semi-invalid failed

Osteopathic Medical Society thata same "intensity" they used In Teachers.Six 16 weeks. Chamber of Commerce survey re-1 I return from a lone trip to a bea
set-aside items of eight books she has writ- Proponents argued that other i ir veals. near Pensacola. Fla.. in 1935.
for national veterans list in of the medical field fighting the last war. He added.. Study PublicityTAMPA I ten deal with adult education and States had raised their unemployment iI I In all cases it Is either Wednes-'i His fishing tackle was found ,

electro-cardiagraphs, X. however, that he saw little hopein allotments and that Florida day or Thursday and because of : the sand. His hat floated in tfl
Include medical equipment. fleuro- I that. had a large enough fund accum- At FSU Planned this 24-hour difference the State surf. A six.month search fall

ray stereoscopes physiotherapy He emphasized that the first I [lAP The Southwest Ft.Sf ulated to stand the raise. Chamber was moved to make the I to uncover any more evidence
scopes. two World Wars were the result 1 study in the Interest of commercial I I
Florida Council representing
anddental equipment. I Opponents said it would encourage Records of the Probate Co
of unstable economic conditions i Chambers of Commerce in 16 Gulf loafing that If would [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel r! and other travelers. II here yesterday unfolded
Each Kgion has set aside brought on by bad handling of I Retailers in the following communities
Coast and Ridge Section coun-
j throw present compensation TALLAHASSEE Charles E. i story of how Romig amassed
items to be made available withIn food "Before each war close at there- !
supplies. noon
the next two months in the I there was an over-abundance of ties yesterday of publishing discussed a the monthly possibility I f formulae out of kelter and S n.Gttzen' McAllister member of the Board I abouts on each Wednesday or of the'I another 10 $7.500 while living fol
of Bushnell said "the in cheap rooming
estimated value of U .million I food yet people went hungry" : magazine to publicize the advant- of Regents of the State College of I year: Auburndale. Avon Park. i I houses years here.
he said. "In addition to these he added. more you give" some persons Belle Glade. Brooksville Center'i
and president of the
of this Washington
ages area. i
organizations such as yours "the more they're going to sit But no one knew what capit]
he said. Hill. Clermont
"Food means peace. I A. L. Cuesta Tampa cigar Cocoa. Crescent I I
down. Association of Governing Boardsof I
which are non-profit hospital j I I t he started with or why he
.It Is the only formula for peace manufacturer.proposed the magazine City. Dade City. DeLand. Dunedin. I I
groups serving the public are -not politics or boundaries." i as members considered what The Senate adopted an amend : State Universities, and Allied ,Fernandina. Fort Myers Fort appeared.
permitted to purchase Items of I joint action they best could take ment by Sen. King of Winter I Institutions will deliver the commencement I' Pierce. Gainesville. Lake Hamilton I: Attaches of a local hospitj
medical equipment at 40 per eent.I I The United States. Great for promotion of Southwest Flor I Haven permitting unemployment!' address June 9 at the Lake Wales. Leesbuurg. Moore Ha i:! where he died in October, 19
discount of the fair value. Britain and Russia be said. ida. compensation payments to citrus I ven. New Smyrna Beach. New Port :, found only a note in his clothii,
Florida State it has
were now spending one third of University I asking that a relative be notifid!
convention of the seasonal workers during the Sum Richey. Ocala. Okeechobee. Palat-
Florida The three-day Osteopathic Medical Society their national Incomes preparIng A. W. Hit-gins of St. Petersburg mer months. Present laws do not been announced by Pres. Doak S. ka. Panama City. Port St. Joe. I' "if anything happens to me." 1
for "the next war while they recommended that the Campbell. Icke
Fendrich. Rcmig's la
I Safety Harbor. Sanford. Tarpon
and the Georgia Associationof I now provide for this. The amended !
Osteopathic Physicians and should be realizing: that' this I council urge newspapers to tell bill goes back to the House for Widely known as a public Springs. Vero Beach. Zephyr Hills I landlord said the eccentric liv
I money should be spent to produce the story of the region In feature speaker Dr. McAllister is now ona and Carra belle. on soup he warmed over a stO\
conclude today noon.
Surgeons will food and satisfy people." stories good enough to be S furlough making a tour of 85 and seldom went outdoors e
Dr. Morris P. Briley of Tallahassee The Senate completed legislative Retailers in other communities I
re-run in Northern American colleges and universitiesand cept to tinker 10-year-ol
newspapers. I a
was named president-elect of Without a plan for the handlingof S action on a series of other the survey shows close on I
automobile he
preparing study
a on publicly owned.
the Florida Association.Dr. surplus foods, he said therei Both suggestions received support bills and sent them to Gov. Caldwell Wednesday afternoons also but ,
controlled higher education in the Atty. J. Ollie Edmonds admi
I i be abundance of and will be fur which would Florida
would again an investigated save employers -
B. P. Ilarter Winter MRS. B. W. OVERSTREET United States. He has been do so t'ondltJonalbThty are: istrator of the second estate saj
"and still people. estimated $5 million
food an
Garden who was designated for ther.Truman described as the best informed individual Apalachicola Arcadia Bartow. the old will cannot be used
He termed the Conference of Green of Tampa president speaker. annually on their contributionsto I Bradenton. Danla. Daytona
the presidency at the 1946 convention on this subject in the Florida. He said Romig's $1.500
Government to be held at Geneva of the council reported the the unemployment
took over the leader- leadership training including How United States at this time. The Beach. Clearwater Clewiston cash and $6.000 in South Ame
'August 26 to discuss the formation following goals set up at the annual tion fund.
ship of the Florida group. He I. to Stay Alive as Long as You Live compensa.1. report of Pres. Truman's Commission Enstis Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood. can bonds will be divided amo,
World Food meeting in had Other bills to
of a permanent going High Springs homestead ,
will be succeeded next by nieces and foil
year written for the National Congress on Higher Education is bas j ',,11 nephews and
Dr. Briley. I Council "the most important I been achieved or were -well inhand" I.well reduced by ing some of its findings Jacksonville Jacksonville Beach. I brothers and sisters all ]
of Parents and Teachers: Free-1 j upon mo
.meeting ever held and one which I : establishment of a State ent minimum one per cent tax on Dean Lake Alfred. Lake City. Lake : than 80 old-now
The retiring president is Dr. Basil dom's People and Brave Enough study. years living
I will decide the fate of civiliza Tuberculosis Hospital at Drew I payrolls and eliminated the war Worth. Lakeland Mount Dora
I five
Born in
F. Martin of St.: Petersburg.Dr. for Life. With her husband. Dr. i Providence Rhode I I
Field. Tampa appropriation of .
tion. : 'time
"expanded provision Dr. Orlando. Palmetto. Plant City.
of Jacksonville I Island. McAllister attended
Louis J. Larmoyeux Harry A. Overstreet. she wrote
was re-elected first vice- 1 "If the 50 Nations scheduled to I II funds for the Everglades National Town Meeting Comes to Town and I. that minimum rates will not public school in Washington D. Pensacola (grocery stores]. Vice Drive OrderedBy
.I send delegates reach an agreement Park development of the intra- apply until the number of em- I I Saint Augustine Sarasota Se-
L- j C.. and graduated from col-1
Dr. Joseph Bard
president. and Leaders for Adult Education. Her I I
on a food council. It will coastal waterway and establishment ployes pass twice the 1939 level. bring Tallahassee Venice West Key West SheriffI
Leary of Miami was named second of II two volumes of poetry are Footsteps 1 I lege with a B. A. degree. He later ,
vice-president. a post formerly I mean an age of abundance" pros State Hospital branches at of Arcadia the Florida on the Earth and American The Senate completed yester- earned the Master of Arts degree'I Palm Beach and Winter Park. I I KEY WEST tAP] A COntint

held by Dr. Briley. Dr. Charles W. perity and peace. Avon Park. and : Reasons. j I day legislative action on a billauthorizing from Columbia University and the I Thursday afternoon closing drive against vice was order
Vogler of Delray Beach was re- I Orr who gave up his seat In Special work which she has done i I the Cabinet. to' Bachelor of Sacred Theology at communities the year round are: I here yesterday by Sheriff Berl
elected secretarytreasurer.New ; Parliament to take the United Na- Two I in the field of adult education was establish a female correctional I General Theology Seminary in I DeFuniak Springs Dunnellon. .'Sawyer who said he was out
of the Florida.As- t tions job. said the task of the Accounting Groups'''as institution in Marlon County. New York City, where he I make "
trustees I' educational director of the was Kissimmee. Live Oak and ,Mari- Key West a "clean town
soclation named yesterday: Dr. E. Conference would be to get "co. : Urged To CooperateTAMPA School of Related Arts and Sci I I The measure previously passed graduated Summa Cum Laude. He I I anna. I I Assistant State Atty. Willis
J. Pat Flynn. Tallahassee: Dr. operation, among all Nations to' ences. New York City: research associate i by the House was brought up for I was ordained in the Ministry of Those closing on Thursday afternoons I I V. Albury. who will bark Sawyl
K. B. Tindall. Orlando: Dr. Dominic insure that the people of all coun- TAP] Closer cooperation of the American Association immediate consideration in the i the Episcopal Church in 1917 and I' conditionally are: Boni- in the drive said he was tired \

Raffa. Tampa; and Dr. Emery tries will have sufficient food for I,. should exist between the University for Adult Education; codirector Senate yesterday and approved by I' is at present Dean of the Cathe- i lay, Key West. Pompano Milton having Key West and Monr

Pierce. Bradenton. health. and to insure stabilization of Florida's Accounting Department of the Leadership School Town I a 32-1 vote. It now goes to the 1. dral of St. John the Evangelist in I II Starke and Pensacola except grocery County referred to as "wild."
Dr. 8. B. Gibbs of Coral Gables. of prices of agriculture productsin and the Florida Instituteof Hall. New York: advisory editorof I Governor. j i I Spokane Wash. stores which close on

a past president.. and Dr. Martin the world market at a level" fair I Accountants. Dr. James M. the National Parent-Teacher An appropriation of (1,700,000 1 is: I Wednesday afternoons].

and Dr. Vogler were selected as to producers and consumers. Landham of the university said publication of the J National Con- : proposed in a house-approved FHA Applications I Copies of the complete survey ABCDIAPER

delegates to the Osteopaths' national If such a plan is adopted. Orr j. yesterday. gress of Parents and Teachers. building program bill and is included I will be furnished by the State SERVICE!
convention to be held in said he would be "happy to return I Speaking at the annual convention -, Mrs. Overstreet will lecture at I. in the first priority sched I Reach High at Miami Chamber upon request. I
Chicago during July. to his farm In Scotland and to his I of the institute. Dr. Landham four general assemblies of the institute ule. I j I New Accounts and Future
position as director of the University I urged the two groups to work together I I : Tuesday. June 17. on 1 I MIAMI rAP] James Adkisson. I Reservations Are Solicited
The Senate also defeated
a I II
district director of the FHA said P- amlnomethylbenzenesulfona-
of Gla.scow.September for their mutual
advantage. .
Job Office PlannedFor Catching the Vision of Human move by Sen. Johns of Starke to yesterday total I mide is the of of the I Tclf'phone1177
I He recommended holding an an- 'I I Values; Wednesday Human Values .I[ a of 2.350 applications name one I ORLANDO WINTER PAR&
the calendar bill raise
put on a to for new houses had been new sulfa drugs.
nual'Spring clinic where
School Students accountants
Set Past. Present and Future
Opening t ; '
I the limit of net worth of an old filed in the Greater Miami area
could advise students of practical Thursday. Values to Live By and
JACKSONVILLE UP] An em- i I ; pensioner to 2000. ;.
.age since Jan. 1-higher than for any
Florida Museum
For problems and could learn
new I Friday. How Can We Make the
ployment office for eligible Job-. trends from the university. I II 'I I Present old age benefit laws I comparable period in the 13-year NEW HOME FOR SALE
Vision Real? '
seeking high school students will BRADENTON [API The South I provide that if a person has more I. history of the local office.
\ be operated here this Summer by Florida Museum consisting princIpally -I than $5,000 worth of assets of insurance I Government approval also was Beautiful 3bedroom. concrete block stucco over. tile bath

the Florida State Employment of exhibits of relics of North he is' not eligible for a promised yesterday for a $3 million asphalt tile floor screen porch, garage, insulation, Venetian

Service and public school officials I and Central American Indians. Is I Solon Proposes Bill to Make .,pension. I program calling; for construction blinds awnings shrubbing, located at 1221 Norwood Avenue. 2

It was announced yesterday.The expected to open to the public 1 Meanwhile in the House a bill of four new Dade schools. blocks from Lake Adair in Beautiful Edgewater Heights No. 2.

office will try to get full Sept. 1. its president W. D. Sugg :requiring licenses and inspection Earl Robbiris. district manager 60 lot. Open for inspection Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5.

or part time Jobs for an applicantswho I said yesterday.The Large Oyster Center in State 'I of Florida hospitals in order to''. of the Office of Housing Emergency 1180000. $500 cash for Veteran $2400 cash Civilian.

qualify under child labor I museum also has a large 1 permit the State to share in some I I said his committee would
laws, according to a 'joint announcement collection of old weapons and Is By ALLEN MORRIS [$7.500.000 in Federal hospital approve the project. ORLANDO DEVELOPMENT CO.

by W. Daniel Boyd. planning to develop a section devoted -I Our Tollohassee uxrespondentj J .funds was passed 81 to 2 yester- ,t I Phone 8383 19 Rutland Bldg.
superintendent of education. and I to household items used by I' TALLAHASSEEBourkeshame Floyd thinks it's a darness 'day and sent to the Senate. I Arcadia

James O. Scott. FSES manager. early_Florida settlers. I that Florida supplies 1 than half the demand for The measure would create a Reports, First

__ oysters-in cocktails, stews a md on the shell-of people in hospital advisory council to make Watermelon Shipment

THINKING ABOUT BUILDING? Miami alone. pital recommendations standards. regarding hos- ARCADIA rAPI The first water

CONTACT US "Florida, with miles of r atural oyster bottoms, couldI Speaker Beasley of Walton melon shipment of the season here FOR GRADUATION VACATION

Homes Bum at a Price to save you money. be the nation's outstanding State I leaving the rostrum to engage I was made this week when 1,000 ,
2 to 3-Bedroom Home $7.000 up.
S Weeks Will Complete Your Horn in the production of fine oysters." I plains Floyd through the Federal I in debate on the bill which he I melons were sent to Miami.
Also Remodeling opines Floyd. "Instead the supplyof introduced successful in his --
'system of classification for I the NEW
S5S INC.'v this great Florida natural resource -
LEWIS BUILDERS 2-2693 keting oysters-the larger being opposition to several proposed volume purchasing where ever .
Drive ,
has steadily declined. graded as "selects" and "extra se.I I amendments. lie said the bill I possible. Collins. head of the 1943

As a member of the House of ;lects." These names attract shop-I had been approved by the Federal legislative efficiency and economy

Representatives from Franklin to out-of-Flonda oysters. Government and if it were committee has declared attemptsare WHITTAKERitlICilO
pers I
County. Floyd has done something i; altered In any important man- being made to the
DELUXE DRY CLEANINGTry since most of those from this State bypass central -
about rehabilitating the industry result in loss of
ner it might
purchasing question.
Our BERLOU Moth Proofing Guaranteed. Alterationsand I which long ago made the name of II fall and In the grades"known as 'small"i i l r I" Federal funds to Florida. I A measure introduced yesterday :
"very small. t tI
Repairs-Water Proofing. Expert Spotting and his home town of Apalachicolamean 'I He reported several counties al I by Sens.'McArthur of Fernandina 16 SNAPSHOT
I Oysters are to be found in commercial
Quality Finishing. Quick Service on Laundry.CITY succulent oysters to half the I ready have validated bond issue I and Fraser of St. Augustine would I
I quantities in.
CLEANERS I IVANHOE LAUNDRY United States. I among I'In order to share in the Federal I CAMERA
I other. Nassau. Bay. Citrus. Manatee t tI make it unlawful to catch in Florida
19! W. Colonial Dr/-Ph. 7557 I 1630 N. Orange-Ph. 5594at Floyd has passed through the J and Escambia Counties along I hospital aid. The measure exempts I waters shrimp of lesser size

House unanimously a proposedlaw with Floyd's,Franklin. "But." adds institutions operated by religious I than % count of 55 to the pound
whose terms result from his I Floyd. "there la enough natural $groups( depending on prayers to I with their heads off. Sen Fraser I

conferences with the U. S. Fish I I,oyster bottom In Florida. if scientifically -I(effect cures. ,explained the bill was intended to THI BIOOIST LITTLE CAMERA SINSATION IN VIAlS
and Wildlife Service and other cultivated. to expand the I The House also passed bills doing I conserve young shrimp.

o4zes64AuHNRe authorities. He has reason to believe oyster industry more than a hun- away with the 10.000-acre I The House yesterday dropped Actual photograph of MUro-16. ,

' the Senate will concur that dred-f old." I, limitation on oil leases tightening consideration of a bill which CaMera mtsisurts 2 .y 2% l I..4irlnti :
this resource should be culti regulations governing the would have admitted war veteran
Money collected by the Statein I measure V/i and 3!% In. ,,
_ ,
vated. the future from leases for the : practice of chiropody and boost- high school graduates to law

"With proper scientific assistance dredging of dead oyster shell usedIn I ling the salary of State Welfare school without college preparation. 4 II

JPe/t ." reports Floyd. "Florida road and other construction. i" Commissioner Leland Hiatt from The Indefinite postponementwas ir, I _

oysters could compete to advantagewith would be deposited under the $6.000 to 7500. I asked by Rep. Clement of

A quiet, low cost attic _- _ other oyster growing areas Floyd bill In an oyster conservation A proposed constitutional Pinellas introducer of the
of the North. In fact because of fund. I amendment to abolish the offices measure who said he had

fan from our completeline IJi-' climatic advantages the Florida Moreover dredging of dead shell I of justice of the peace and con j "found out it's a bad bill."

will make many oyster under scientific oyster cultivation deposits from living oyster grounds : stables was received in the House. I Sen. Baynard of St. Petersburg

can grow to the same would be prohibited.The I I I Rep. Collins of Sarasota said introduced yesterday a measure
degrees difference in size in a year and a half that yesterday he will offer an amendment I raising the debt limitation of the I

house temperature during Chesapeake Bay oysters require I conservation board. In- I to a measure authorizing i St. Petersburg port authority from I
division of
which oyster
I four years to achieve." a : employment of a State purchasing $10 million to $15 million. He explained -
the hot months. could put ,
would be
As Dr. Robert F. Prytherch I co-ordinator which would turn the the bill also provided

\f Now In StockS director of the U. S. fisheries Into effect any rules necessaryto I proposal into a central purchas- '"safeguards" for authority trans-
the ofImprovln&
I laboratory at Beaufort. N. c.. accomplish purpose ling bill. I actions.

ImmediateInstallation I points out. the oyster thrives in |. rules could Florida embrace oysters.the seasons These I The bill by Rep. Martin of ......................
the mixing of fresh and salt waterat Hillsborough. would authorize the '
I I the mouths of rivers. I. In which public oyster grounds Cabinet to employ an official who : SEE "ECHOLS" :

Free Estimates I i This is why they do so well for the whole bill applies only the to would gather information on : FOR BETTER BEDDING :
_ example in the vicinity of Apala1chicola. I public areas prices of commodities bought by to order sI
Phone %.%C56 privately owned-may be closed : Made your
where the mighty Apa-l I. State agencies and institutions.
I Inner Mattresses :
I lacicola River-a merging of the to the taking possessing buying compile the costs and keep all I

Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers- selling or transporting of I departments informed on current : Box Springs : _

RRDflUGBROBINSON CO. meets the Gulf of Mexico. 'i oysters. Penalties would .back markets. I, : Hollywood Beds ,

"The change is good for them",I up these rules. Collins' amendment literally S Mattress Renovating Anywhere In :

says Dr. Prythereh "in the same I For the purpose of supervisingthe I would rewrite the bill. It would :. Central Florida ,

ol BUMBY No porting problem ORLANDO. FLORIDAMCMIER way that Winter and Summer special oyster conservation create the office of State purchasing : CALL VS TODAY SLEEP 0I 0
changes benefit human beings. districts commissions would be agent and Invest him I

CENTRAL FLORIDA BUILDERS EXCHANGE Variety Is healthy." appointed by the Governor to consist with authority to fix rules under :: ECHOLS BEDDING CO. : _

--- & --- Oysters drink f 50 gallons of of seven "outstanding" citizens -I which all purchases by depart 0 OB Sanford H'w'y Just Sooth of ,
I'water a day. sifting out their food -all to serve without com ments. agencles.and Institutions I I the Underpass INdUDf EXCISE TAX
OUT OUR WAY in the form of the I j pensation. These commissions would be made. 0 Phone Winter Park 5S-W ,
minute organisms ,I
P. O. Box 717, Orlando. ,
I I' .
known as plankton. I would be composed of two experienced The amendment would require ........................ COMPACT CONVINIINTI The Micro-16 is NEW FILM PLAN
rBAcK. p.t.gc-'ts., (r SWEAR TUL GET v3.' I BACK \ 1 Under the Floyd bill, backedby oyster gatherers two, smaller than a package of cigarettes..weighs One low price tot everything
less than 9 oz.You can it in tl for film net
dealers two business men carry everywhere pay developing
I GIVE HIM I nro A SHELF IM THE GARAGE AN J JPRAG a $100.000 appropriation. oyster ef twelve
printing x3'4
AIR ''I 'ou ME FORTY YARPS TO / science would be applied to not directly connected with the pocket or purse I !After ,
II TM FROJT LAWM FOR AIR IF / oyster cultivation with the U. S. industry and the State's chief OI4u'ef ,ie/ Bio CAM!IA riATUHSI Micro-16 precision- amply pictures I put exposed taking film picture in eon-*

I HACTsTT COME I'D OF' / Fish and Wildlife Service workIng conservation agent in that area. II built...an metal Its universal achromatic tth..d'opInnsuboLpt.Is .

BEEN DOWN TOWN Jtt hand In glove with the State i The director of the new oyster optically ground and fully color.corrected. comeb8dtoJ'OUb1mununAII.:

Conservation Commission (a culture division would have to be Installment Loan Department4th EAST TO USII No focusing no timing with

cabinet agency]. an "experienced qualified and 94. Sat. 9-12 the Micro-l& AH yoa.do is find your picture 100
The State agency could desIg- recognized acquatic biologist and in the view-finder snap itl I Micro-16 takes
nate public bottoms as conserva- the State Board of Health would To Better Serve Youl! black-and-white or full color. P
tion districts for the directed to lend him its cooperation -
propagationof be
a lAST TO lOAD I Daylight magazine loading .. 0 1
superior oysters. Floyd explains particularly for laboratory THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORLANDO I f t
I takes less than a minute...DO mIstakes. no
that the Florida oyster steadily I testing.I .
\4 I, has grown smaller because oyster- I I Floyd. a third-generation legis- Capital and Surplus Ona Millie Dollar f fMKMBIK I'' spoiled film

>..> men took the larger oysters rejecting -1, lator serving his third term from\ nDDUL DzrosiT rxsuuxcx coaroiiTiot a S S _
; the remaining. Franklin sees In his proposal the

S Thus the rejects were left to vehicle for re-establishing Florida --- SOUTHLAND

reproduce and the spawn naturally and Apalachicola. as the oyster [
: reflected the deficiencies. center of the Eastern United i ]

I. Florida has suffered thor ex-_ States. I CHRYSLER PLYMOUTHThe Ji9B': SHOP

toDowing are Delivery Price on New 1)47 Door Sedan of the
-,... .. "" Olsen G. Ftlrchild. LeRoy Hoe- Chrysler and Plymouth Cart with standard equipment:
quist. Milton E. !!ray. E. Frank

"tj, _, ,;-r,. Gardner. H. Rf land CoLFAI1 Plymouth Plymouth DeLuxe Special DeLuxe 4-Door Sedan 4-Door. .Sedan, S117f.5t. I14SJ. 217 N. Main Opp. Post Office .

l ;I." "'" "' Chrysler Royal 4-Door Sedan .. f UK! .73
I i\;.!" ... Chrysler Windsor 4-Door Sedan 1191,IX
Chrysler New Yorker 4-Door Sedan IU1%." a Photographic Supplies Developing .

Prices of other body styles OB reqaesl and Prmting of black and white: ,also (

&: \ HILDI Ansco color and Kodachrome transparencies .' 4
;; .- ; :i i' JTI4il ..\. Model airplanes Model ThOOOSSJ"M5" Mickler
; ac ..= Railroads Racing Cars Boats.
..ooe.-. I S89 N. ORANGE PHONE 2-0746 'I
4I1TkaJ ... ..-..--. -

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7 Gia ; I IMize

Regain Lead ; Tigers Add to Margin


Page 6 (Orlanto morn lug &nttlm rl Saturday, May 24, 1947A7s

: Pounds .:-S- ..fo.Y. .' tI- .<<-<> ., --''' ..-.-___-" Benton Checks
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By BOB HAYES c-- .' h

I 1 .

There have been some odd plays recorded already ine ". Riley Gunther Wallop

Florida State League this year with Orlando figurng Out GrandSlam .- -.-.--_..t.c -' : White Sox For

in two of the dizzy plays. And lest we forget that we ** Nats 8-1 V

:an see most any kind of baseball in our own circuit I i Meet for Title ,

ose incidents are worthy of mention.One I + > Under ArcsPHILADELPHIA

of them was a double play here about two weeks ago Home RunBOSTON < 4; 1S. .I 5-2 Victory

,. .. .
against Palatka that ought to be worth a record of some sort. I % [AP The Phil

believe Palatka was the visiting team. Anyway the first batter upelngled At New\ OrleansNEW adelphia Athletics unbeaten tinder -
j National ) The Detroit
to lead off the 4nnlng. The next batter on an attempted [rAP The the lights scored their seventh

bunt popped up and Tommy Hyde who was pitching, made a League's pre-eminent home run ; :: ,Le : straight night victory by beating Tigers hoisted their American

shoestring catch: of pop-up. Hyde's throw to first In an effort to II hitter. Johnny Mize. clouted a : ORLEANS TAP] Medalist 'the Washington Nationals last I, League lead to a game and a half

I double the runner went by Bevil and Into rlrttfleld. I grand slam homer yesterday to tr Ct \ I, Polly Riley of Fort Worth, Tex., night. 81. Chet Laabs led the attack whipping the Chicago White

Joe Justice went after the truant ball and threw to third In an I lead the galloping New York : and Tennessee 'Champion Margaret on Mickey Haefner with a Sox 5 to 2 yesterday in the opener
... ..
effort to nip the base runner who had scooted on around the sacks. Giants to an 8-1 victory over the % #<";: I Gunther of Memphis advanced three run homer In the fourth ,, of a 25-game home stand.
; while Elmer
Valo also drove
runner got to third all right and Gerry Manning returned the Boston Braves and to first placein .- 4. yesterday Into the finals of the three. in Big Al Benton. making his first

aU to Hyde. Bevil, who had noticed the runner never tagged up the circuit's standings.The :tf: '#>' "w .' \ I tl annual women's trans-M1s.>1ssippl j i. Phil Marchlldon chalked starting- armearance_n__ of__ the___ _season __-

ter the pop-up called for the ball, touched first and the umpire Giants who have won eight 0 golf tournament' at the Metallic'''I'fourth victory limited the up Na-his his second

aIled the out. starts since leaving : ,. victory this week.
of nine
runner out
r .. Country Club here. jtionals! to three safeties.
There was a double play for you in which there were no errors New York. moved seven percentage Miss Riley tournament medal- t scattered seven

yen though Bevil missed the throw. and on which there were five points ahead of the Chicago !.st. made few mistakes! as she won I II I The Macks landed on three Chicago hits and

isslsts wltfi Hyde and Bevil getting both a putout and an assist. Cubs whose scheduled game with I a methodical 4 and 3 victory over Washington pitchers for 13 hits 'coasted the last
Reds In including a three-run homer Into six innings after
the Cincinnati Chicago
the comely Louisiana! titleholder
was postponed because of rain. the upper left field pavilionby the Tigers had I IBenton
Lon Bevil also played a major role In the bizarre triple play. too.t Mrs. Sam Israel. Jr., of New Or- Chet Laabs in the fourth in- broken a 2-all tie

& was when Daytona Beach came here May 14. Mize poled his base clearing I leans. ninr. The blow drove Mickey with a run in the

Finch was on first and Bob Roman on third. with none away roundtripper during a six run rr I, Miss Guniher eliminated Dot Haefner to cover and the slim third.

for the Islanders. Bill McGrath lined to Bevil. who doubled Finch third Inning rally off Veteran Kielty of Los Angeles, ex-Wasp southpaw suffered his fourth Pat Mullln.

I off first but threw wildly to Manning at third In an effort to SI Johnson. The blow was Ills and former California champion. setback.i with a single and
11th of the year top output In I 1 up in 19 holes Miss Kielty had a double In four
retire Bob Roman. Manning retrieved the throw and threw to Red either circuit. i Marchlldon himself figured In
I been second low I II I trips drove
but In
Abreu the -tOur Own Staff Photo: Barnes. qualifier '! .
at plate too late to nab Roman. Meantime Bevil had the Philadelphia onslaught with
Rookie lilghthander Larry Jansen COPS SENIOR CROWN Howard B. Lovell I I Miss Gunther has played as food I two of Detroit's
raced across the Infield, after noting that Roman bad failed to : right, yesterday won two I hits one a double. Eddie first three
up from San Francisco who a game as any in the match play runs and lifted his!
tag up after the catch called for the ball from Abreu. and touched went the route and gained his the first annual Orlando Country Club Senior Championship and yesterday's result can't beI I|Joust I' and Ferris Fain also rang I: league leading batting average to -

[ third.That third straight win started the from Robert H. Dippy, left, by scoring a 5-4 victory. regarded as too much of an up- 'up a single and a double. .363.

wierd triple play had Bevil making all the putouts. but with Giants' big Inning with a single. ,_ J.'K.... 'I set.This i! Scott in Cary the,Florida southpaw State with League Orlando The victory broke a three-game

tanning and Abreu getting assists. "I'hereere no errors on the A single walk and error broughtIn was the second last in losing streak that was Detroit's
straight year came In the eighth Inning I
la7. despite the wild throw and the play too. rates as somethinga the first run and Mize then Lovell j longest this year.
Dodgers Cops i year that Miss Riley went to the for the Nats to give up four
mark setter. belted a pitch Into the jury box SnapLeonard's r I trans-Mississippi finals. The I hits walk one and fan one in an I CNICACO ab r(tAl k a a'I i DETROIT.0,06.(A)

in right field. : stocky blonde lost on the last! inning's duty on the mound. .I Turk.,.rt 3213ILeh..n 45554
NEW YORK ( | OITON (H) First Annual j round at Denver in 1946 to Mrs. ApahRiM 4 I I 1 tiM r..... 4 0 S I 2
The Incident that happened In the Palatka-Daytona Beach game II'.I! ibrIss j .. I (A) Phlllntf. 4 I | l tEtonrf' 4 1 I 4 S
Button I 1 I I I .... I Babe Didrikson Zaharias who did I. r II I .1 ab I I I h...II 4 S Jll m.krticld.lf I I
at Palatka May 5 was no piker either.: ; %11 I I I 42 Grtrelf) I I I I (Jowl 4 2 I I
StreakBROOKLYN M I I 1 2
Hlfntj.JttTbaauan.ef I t 1 t 5 HOlmtt.rf 4 I 1 I 5 not defend her title here. ....u.rf 111IIVslo.f. a.1tIIIIcIy.rf. 4 I 1 I IigullII: .., t. I 5 5
An Islander batter clouted the ball out of the park but In I I 1 1 .Hopper. 4 I I I IMt..lb' Senior TitleHoward I I I I a ILtita.ir 11211Spettcs.cf )Kalla-ar t a a a t K.II.s.: 41111
4 1 I 2 I
Biktrlb 4 I I 1 I .
4 1 1 T IIB.Elllott.h 4 I I I IMsvhsUtf 'ulIbIsIb 1 I 11T I
Circling the bases neglected to touch home plate. v.-.1It 4 I 2 I 'b'\IIIIu.rf S I I I 1 ,
4 I 1 1 *,_ll.lf t. I I 5 Itoybnss3I55s' ,*u,,.. 45510
1'1cr. Johnny Toncoff of the Azaleas who was catching the I C.op r.. 1I15S'Mut.s' 45501 [API Two walks B. Lovell annexedthe : Tars Battle E'.D1.PrlII.1I. I I I I S I 4 I 1 lMtj|Hot ir.t..kl.3b 4 4 I I I 1 I I 1 Iehfl,1.I Hiyneip OhlMpl..p' _I i(111 t Bom i.p 4111 .
!Oardon.ir I' t 1 4 1 111 II
I game, noted the fact the home run hitter didn't touch home plate. I' 1 1 4IHUU.M:TnrtMoa.lb. I S I I 4 IKites. with the bases loaded In the seventh first annual Orlando Country j Y. S I S 1 $'"I'lUnd'rjr. S 2 2 I 3 .!. I _____
l.3b I" I I fila.lb 4 1 2 I I ....
lie called for a new ball: and touched the plate, contending the 1_.' 311$2Jhns.n.p' 55551Wlsht.p inning enabled the Brooklyn Club Senior Championship yester- lsofsor.p 1 I I I ItMrblMua.p. 1 I I I I n....... ..M I TM1II Total.. n I an I'.
1 5 5 5 2 day when he defeated Robert H. Tampa NineIn $ 1RabUrm I S I .11 III III-I
Dodgers to come from behind and 'Irtn'gh.p ".<"" _
| III Ml
out. d.II.C.\rt 1 I t I I W Mt 1
runner was r !(.....I. .. 55555bLlt.hIl.r hand the Philadelphia Phillies a Dippy qualifying medalist. 5-4 1linrp I I I I Err..: ApplI,". Lak.. B..... batted la: KaaMdjr. -
Mgr. Grover Hartley of the Islanders protested when the umpire 1. S I I in an 18-hole finals match. 15111Tat.lo ,_ 51,111 Z. W.mar.. Lila T.. bus
5-4 defeat last night snapping \ ....
contended the ball wasn't offi13117 O.2111.tt.p I I I I S Twin BillThe t :rf hIts W.krfi.ld. W.. Uullla.. Roa. n.:
Toncoff's He
argument. new II till
pheld 'rat.
) 14 (11 .
Dutch Leonard's five-game win Lovell turned in a six-over-par KeniMdjr. fltoln k.M: a;...... ....\flea: Lola
In play until It had gone back to the pitching mound. TM.II M I U n 11 ?.t.l. II 1 I 271a I streak. 77 to capture the title in the first e nuhlnitm ruined fur BearboiMfh.. U 'tX 14 M' too-1Philadelphia -.",). ploy,: Laka.. II.,. aid CalloaMaa L Loft
-.(JmiblH for Wright la Sth.k Rollins Tars meet the University .. oa nun: Cblra S. Detroit I. BUM aa ballc
Pres. Al Combs of the league ruled against Hartley's protestthe tourney sponsored by the club for III 405 ti-4Xrran off Runes 4. Bmtoa L Stnkmti. _
-(truck wt for B ul ? IB TIB.Naw : bf 8.
game originally but later after getting an opinion from Pres. Terk __ __ ___ _... *M .!* __4 The Brooks overcome a 4-0 I members 50 years of ale: and over. of Tampa in a double- looat.: Laaba: Mtie 2. RUM. bitted la: Vtraoa.. Vale I. ,I. CIII.,.. 1, B.itton HIt: off Ru... f; la
Two.bu bits LevIt.
Bourn. _? ____ 101 SOS 1_1Erran Phllly lead to interrupt Leon- I header at 1:30: p.m. today at Har- : -. I 1-' Innian.. GlUaipia. t la I %-1. ....11I1 pltck-
He qualified with an 86, Pro Roy Jooat. Mirthlldon. Boiar. Rune run: taaba.aertflce ., ,,,.
orge Trautman of the National Assn., reversed himself and "re ; : C_. latin. Rani. bitt..TU: HIM. ard's victory string knocking per-Shepherd Field to wind Uaiealldm. bauble plays Frlddy and : Eat laipitM: AiI.s.. r.Htnlla u4
.. TbMBtaa I. CeoDar L Two bu bIte Mar- Horan reported pacing the 18 up Born.. Tian: 1.54. Attnidanta: ll.lH.
: .
uested" the game be replayed at Palatka next Monday. lemon: Handle. Jowl and Pals; Eta... Chrtjtaa
.... the knuckleball veteran out of
shill Bol... ... MeCaratek. Barn* .: If tea.Tboanoa I qualifiers. j I their 1947 Intercollegiate' baseball and E...... Left an bans: Waiblnftoa. I.
That too. is one worth recording In the books. lacrinet: I....... Doabla pUn: Wrtihtt the box without making a hit In season. Philadelphia I. Baae ea belie: alt Marvhildoa. ..

Slitl. Lift to Tori an fon bus; :B.N'must.. York.. a 0.,..Bo>to toa Totiwoo. .. the seventh frame. I I Dippy who won medal honors |I Clyde Stevens and either Jim Raafner Uanblldoa 2. Srarboraifh 4. Brartwreufb. .1. Carr t Carr L Strut L Hlu eat:: effHaefner br CharlesFitzpatrickMatching

Shaw Buck, former Florida grid star at Florida and coach BUM m bills: Jtmen 1. Johnson 1. Wrtiht 1.B walk- by qualifying with an 83. turnedIn Covelle or Dick Sauerbrun will assume I IB I I.' molar: Searhonufh la 1:
.ul.f I. O. EliloU: I. StriknuU: Ju.*a (. Leonard filled the bases by Approved
82-strokl Vary 4 la 1. Hit br pttcbar: br Rufner Iy.lel.
an yesterday.
score mound duties for the Tarsas
j of the Groveland High Greenbacks for several seasons II back In Johnm. B.ulr I. Hlu: off Johnm t US Ing Eddie Miksis! and then throw Loalnf pltrher: H._. rnplrea: Papparella.Bumowrt. .
his home town,, Palatka, as business manager of the Azaleas this I 1-1 tunIs..: Wright I US 1-' Innlnii; Btaxlcrt ing late on two successive force attempts I Lovell was out yesterday in 38 they go after their 15th and 16th Hurler and ..... TUB: 1:It. Attendance CINCINNATI TAP! The Cincinnati .
la I Innnlfi; 0. Elliott 1 U S Inninu. LotInt -
Summer. The nickname "Ozark Ike" has been plastered on I pltelMr: Johnm. Inplrw: B...-. OotU andConlan. on sacrifice bunts. Ken and came In with a 39 for his 77 wins of the season ; 11,419.>> Boxing Commission :yester

John Garrison of the Orlando Senators. .. And out around .I Tlmt: t**. Aiwndanea: I.t5', Hemzelman. called In to pitch to card while Dippy was out in 41 The Rollins nine victorious in day approved a heavyweight division .
I I and came in with an indentical their last six games already hold bout at Crosley Field here
the lefthand hitting Reiser
Exposition Park on Class A softball nights big Ollie Barker grins handed out a base on balls, forcing score for his 82. two victories over Tampa's Spartans Munger Blanks I July 14 between Ezzard Charles

when fans call him "Humphrey Pennyworth." A University I Hogan Shatters In the tying score. Tommy I and boast a 15-5 won and Cincinnati 175-pounder who recently -

of Florida newt release received yesterday says Ottls Mooney the Hughes replaced Heintzelman and Gus Lesnevich lost record for the season. Pirates 20ST. announced plans to cam

Winter Park griddcr who played with Rollins last Fall Is retiring passed pinch hitter Carl Furillo paign among the heavies and Fltzy

of the Florida's "'- Club. Gen. Secy. Jack Fitzpatrick a West Virginian
secretary-treasurer to force In Pee Wee Reese with now
LOUIS [AP Big Red Mun-
Barber of the YMCA passes along the Information that Gene Par Takes Lead the winning marker. Whips Bettina ASPAR Track ger shut out Pittsburgh 2-0 with a fighting out of Los Angeles

Register former OHS athlete looked good as a sophomore in PHILADELPHIA ibrisi(N) I BROOKLYN b (N N). S I six-hit performance last night to

Spring grid practice at Wesleyan U. Mlddletown. Conn, and that Nfion*,itbCnnli 4 1 I I I R_.... S S I S NEW YORK tAP Light-heavy give the St. Louis Cardinals their ATTENTION
Stavros Demopoulos, captain of the '46 OilS grid squad, and Reed PHILADELPHIA rAP) Bustln I' 1 5 t'Rotilnian.lb'! .. 1 I 5 weight Champion Gus Lesnevich second straight victory over the FISHERMEN

Morris another OilS athlete, plan to enter Wesleyan In the FalL Ben Hogan. teeing off against a H W.lk'r.rfGUbart.ir 4 I I I I 2 I 2 S iR.iMrrf W.lk.r.rf. I 4 1 1 1 1 I I I exploded the heavyweight hopesof Heads Make UpI Pirates. Tile Restaurant at Johaion's flaking
jinx that has barred the victory 54.Iskk... I S I I I Har uukt Jt 1 I I I southpaw Mello Bettina all over ; PITTSBURGH IN' IT. LOUIS. (N) Camp on Lake Apopka I. now OMB
door him In four Kjm.tck.rf I I I I I Farllla) ) I' I Isch.Its.1l .. 11..1? shrIsi. at 9 A.M. for breakfast New Maaacement. .
to previousPhiladelphia' Madison
.. Square Garden's ring TOZMRlkard I S ....'.' Lunches to take
4 I I f Edwirdi.e: 4 I I I 2 I 1 1' .I.n 4 I I 4 I out. Pleats
Golf Tournaments ,, Hssduy.3l 4 I 2 5 llT.iiihui.3b. I 1 last night by flattening the former I INDIANAPOLIS TAP] Reconciliation .et 4I12IMo..at 40116 ice bones: for rent. Fishing Tackle.
4///e// Reynolds Blanks Red Sox slashed six strokes off Cedarbrook YarbaalkLaonardp. I t 1 I SIKojek. I" I I I 175-pound king in 59 secondsof aatlikerf I I 1 I 'lluelol.I" 4 1 If.Gra'lIb..I' I I Cold drinks and beer Phone Apopka
: of the .
[ I' I I lleKnldcrMlkiU.lk I I I SH1't..ti. Indianapolis Speed- '" I S I' Kuravikl.lb' I t I I I 3744. '
Country Club par yesterday for a .' S I I I '[ 1 I S I the first round of their scheduled I way, management and a holdout' OutIMib I I I I 1 glaum'er.lf I I 1 I IXln.T.lf .
record-shattering 65 and first )HuihM I I S I liRr."" ..p 1 I I I I ten-rounder. It was the i 1 S 1 I I Duiak.rt 4 I 1 I 1
WinNEW iPidj.USchtna.p 1 I t *;,T.I.., S I I S group of car owners and driversI Klul.... t I I" I 81.... 4 I I f II
ith Two Hits as Yanks round leadership In the Philadelphia I I I lldBacklcrGtanrrldda I' I I quickest knockout in a main eventin I became official yesterday, and bIg- Baalnakl.Xb I S 2 t fnaa.n I S I 1 2
Inquirer Tourney. lair,'''' I" S I I Madison Square Garden history. drivers I aRuatell I S I I Munfer..* 4 I 1 I 4
immediately began
I S I SI wig Wl.t.ts.lb S S I 1 I
YORK [AP] Righthander Allie Reynolds turned The diminutive stylist came to I rToUll .. I I I I Teeing off on the rugged Beacon warming up for the 500-mile race ........ t I I I I RADIOREPAIR
the 445-yard last hole needing a N. Y.. ex-soldier from the bell)... 1 I III
30. I
n his third shutout of the season yesterday by blankinghe !i. i May *l
U | TotlU 10 I ITU Buby.p f
par to break the competitivecourse a-(_....... wt for H...... la Sth.k opening gong the blond belter | At Chicago Ralph Hepburn : .!_.!. ____
Boston Red Sox, 9-0 on two hits while the New York record set a few hours earl tnil..d tar X.._. I. ttn.ttnirk from Cliffsidepark. I IN. J.] bounced president of the American Society Tat.). lt f I M It! Total S2 I l27 i SERVICE
ankees clubbed two Boston pitchers for 12 safeties including ier by youthful Stewart USklppy[ ] ant for Kalrk In 41k. Mello off the deck twice in i', irounded lilt for Baalnkl IB Ttk.b SOUTHERN
01-1-....... OMIt for Taylor la 4th. of Professional Automobile Racers I -popped Sat tor Koe la lib.Pltuburih I
Charley Keller's ninth homer of the season. Alexander of Lexington.. N. C.. at tMTlftnd for B....., ta filL about half a minute then dropped announced that the group had _ I.. eat HI_I 132 N. Crania m. Ml
PhUwlclphta !Ill 1M M -IBraoklra him for the third time as the first 81 Lout ._ !01'" Mi-1Erran I
Reynolds who earlier In the 66.Back _? 506 loa 2