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[Cap Woody MMtbward Nut ... to die wink The imul '
H I 4-4oau fair thiwtfhTuMday : :
Uw tonight ta the am klcHs range from U M MNomal .
| K bad, through lows" vary from M at 1
Partly <<
i1\lMd" tonight M Iht IS* t......* M n at Key Won. .
{ 4S 1..ft1II1S., M day rfcaf Is 'orfIoout.
: Lute cr M ra.. .l.V Is cT .
rt4 Ihr.Hgh .'tdard< Alter bullets
L__ winrlslormslightning ELECT X'. .idal... erh ""red ,.

'g ; f( six quarts o/ rubber cement fifteen tanks aithc.1J' arlabM.tI with tJI'pt'UcI at; one M to IMlorally N

--. ta ttewm.r .

of hellium 391 man hours the Dickinson "'ARE OF SUSHI

Balloon is flying high over Polk/ County, and STATE r;,,"c. asp ihey haveup4uw rw.\'C'4.'
1"L ::: lor true eII'I .h..t
successful/ for Governor. I ..... ..w. veins a b..,.
so is campaign 1'wt *idt a baMbafl bat 'h 4an.
'rets car II car iN1n \1aru.gha

; I -- - -- -------
: t
t"4 ,... .
.. 1 '$ '. .. .--"" !

!), ..,..... .. -- " .'"e I


VOTE.f; :i County'sBest


: M


;1 ConscienceELECT



D1OK1flOfl I I k.y ryy 'y Charles COLLECTOR L. CooperTAX

More Accounting Eap.r cac. toes the .ppositi.

Trained fw this. .oR.-r.ctic" .. other. _

CANDIDATE for GOVERNOR Owns .. h .......

WiU I* FuU Ti... ni Is your office, hire the

... y" would hire te ....,. your ewa ,*,.
....1| .H.i,.. For eceaamy end efficiency In


CALL MU 6.8195 Most Qualified For The Job


Lakeload Federal| Community Room 114 I. toe St. ,

H K .... l
CJWJLIQ4 foopshtr


_._ ,. .- .
.-"'" -- - . ,..
\ ...
1 r ... . _.--.,. ,

IIIIgip ,,,yMondry > ---..-.

Mtv i lilt T

"I dtat fty t Publix Time & Temperature day on .

--... - I





/.etw' vY '
ArroiNTtonT Acrd
... *... .". )*,< AMt...
h-4 Uctr r toft 11:.......
e.... M Mow. K.d.: $.,
J .11. .... ..,.. MeM. d 04 l AKTRY
1,04 7. II f1eoUe, Net
a .... ......*. TN .....-
.... SALE
---' s. rbe
c..f c-t ...... .... i.M .
Mi..l o..Mr. Acrd I. I 6N, j
...._ w.wln .. E..4. Arm fw s
c.... ... -.. .... ..... "
.,*, ,..** to 1tt2.4LHolland : :
'f4 rticutrncnvi,
+' *.MM. l
Calls $ Ii
N l
For Reduced ,.. ft ,
g, I MAT 4,1, ft, W4 i i

Foreign Aid x3 1116

.... _
1ARTOW (AW fenlord Spn-
L. HoOsfid edict tstwtf y -
for a redact)** to forces sid
.id a.. at Hit Mvtap to '.,tit SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN
povtrty ta Hit talted sates*.141r'epera v" BREAKFAST CLUB ,, TENDER-AGED GOV'T..INSPECTED
tile Hetataphera
Hantiid, ealllJll""lnI" far re- -r HEAVY WESTERN BEEF SALE!
lectio*t.wU PmUm J.... EVAPORATED
sM4 p e..r I y UIIIJIIIII1 -preprrfect -
\ et I orporton farr FULL CUT
J d
4acifi 0M WMttk wt i o,- MILK
cneu end hKtVMf j DM tffort
for I better ntotnc for end ,
|*1vflt d AmrkM." ROUND STEAK
A wont but rtMOMbl for
1 till wUt
policy coapM a WfpnittfcfmM
poMVt.ttt laid. aril McotnplMAi
Men Lisa dolUn toEwifM
1 1J OK Nm Last lad the
1I i OraaM.U fit our me ft I tie pt. .
I KM LU slt.a.lro tMnkip
l ta rmdini fwliUMl tubOity S.lft'. Pr.mi Iv... Slic"
M Mted. "t*y wffl toM to Ib C
111605 C woata slid a1aafIIIttat LIMIT 6 PEK CUSTOMER WITH Dried Beef
$ tau th.. b>mt

tai .".. : / 4
\ d Hollandapps
..... trIa.v OdA.m. sell .....1HoDa" .. i *
enla tale w-tf a
:i tmtoMl cDMtrvtUvt.'* and "V
tl Mutt to Mental to Ow a thdrN e

t .pK.tt.a fuwwCUI II tM Ca.f.krlt J ;' ..*...*.ea1'' Lnr1VOO

'110 Me sad w W ..pn..d Hob'aad
. ..rooard d"....to spa .r' l.r.An.hi Sour Cream
. .ar IWfMW a.4 Newt On . .

... i44 .pf M4 eMI. Green.....-..Stamps.......tit ; pint 39ccup
tiPlI, .aMkara, -a tMac.-ra4Iiaatt LIQUID fRILL SHAMPOO J JIse
far wpb.ro Sad
a.a:1Jrfo I" kw rap 111115W a lrta.lyd a rt -Lhe W..1 ..$1.00. e, .... r=1 Ml."7 S N 1M t.LIe" f../"
' bar
30000000000000000(1'::' fF Biscuits

lest tIta. Cancer Crusade V0VU TaA V IOO 2 S of. 35c

Will Continue M cupsfrozen
J7l Green Stamps
......-.........a '
I'1'4 20 Days Longer NISTIA INSTANT TEA foods .

.utOW.......... eM< rkrahk MS I"at i u..9U9 .114. Ire .of M CK.,,..
.m .L S.se
,-,,,. s *. Md to Po151erious prabltw Couwy .toriorid [Res O1O1O1QQQQQQQQQQI5Orxieaa {E] SpinachS
. rep wktrt Xtt tiUMM d...4 olIM
n1rt dMMM UK y,.r, die PottCmuuy a p J
, AmtrtcCMCVT 10 01. $1
UiUt of die 5O
: Sortrty to C MMMIB tu. pit,I. .
siuwal P4arotbiup sad Fsad Jil Green Stamps
A..t J.I.
1r Karat Cn M4. for a period flit I ..a w w.........
TM uwHiac, Mt WM IBM*
faraday by SociMy VokwiMf S ... {rsr 61.095OrlttE
W.a Gib oe Ir of Banov, lilt S 9 .
He pouaod out that lean cat pit,I. .
tnbuUoM are b Mf MUfht Uu*

buiUtHiM yes: bar Ud Uw Of(carrel(MUMUUM public$Otut 650 e cloicii ]irociicc feme .' ? '
&be rllbt slow CMCTCM Jil
to xp.*>d Md Who I Green**..a.w.Stamps.4l..... Florida Yellow SweetCORN YOUR WHITESRINSO
wd to tte moMka
help MV man iivr. 101 KAISER IROILIR fOILS
Ctbto also expUwed that Uouety't >I 20 h. .... 45 10 59c
( volunteer baud of director --. ...S.5... ears
bad icamBtt M dial JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO150m.
Uto-wite a muumum fund ofll.li
NS would to needed to
Uroa seat U months carry arub T'AmsoII Ubb/t Tongy (limit 2 per customer with purchases of $3 or more)

raindyouth tte Society's.educittn accelerated retewcb aadpatieat Green Stamps Tomato Juice icon 19e
II .
.. ..
services. **! *m !
Folk's share U this teal Gib- STA-PUF LAUNDRY RINSI Pride of Georgia Freestone (limit 2 please) ij1II
toe Mid is ($,$ |!I ...it ,tL 75t
"U tveryooa U UN county r::. w..w w.. w a.... r=tI Peaches 2a 19C
rho to ibis worthy cause
last year will ,ive a bit mot
this year-40 help cure more Kobe/s
i and if others "ho may bays:,: '
overtooked giving will (OIItri.bu1e !Som" TaA0 50 Potato Sticks toll I 10'Y
now,"br..1a Polk Courb : con
will bays done our share in Jil Green Stamps
the fight against the disease I .***J.-*4*W* M*h

which." to wen Mid.might strike any ofus. I I'' GLUM TOOTH PASTE .U* >... .* DripCoffee WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE.
family size tic
rt: -- -. a/o e. awe r't' '..'I' 89

0)000000000000000000SomE) ...... Q kkCocoa ALL LAKELAND STORES OPEN
i 14. 43'Beef AT 8:30 A.M.
:'Am-50, l.iII', r..i-. PUB1X5.MRKSTS[
t 1 Grove Park Shopping Center
DAY LEFT J7// Green Stamps] Stew . .V 49'S l
... .. S >n ilii. C..M4 916 N. Mass. Ave.
To swirrTruMwiTT-v pun LOU { GI'Q
Beef Hash . 1" 39' i o } 1065 S. Fla. Ave.
6-os. .. J9c .
REELECTRAY pk .it'i P..I... ''..
r.e of awe = .. Southgate Shopping C.nter5ry
I OJOOOOOOoooooooooooO Vienna Sausage 2';.: 45-

, MATTOX AAIIj1 [.]_ Ij : : :yL.:1tl: ITJi tTF:1i I 1 :L1I'I


No aw. w. 'I i


.'-'-- 1


... .. ''I LAKELAND LEDGER Monday May C. Jilt 1 REPORT .

JOIN THE Communist China Paying Off Debts I Harlem Leader Plans

LONDON (AP) Communist ''other foreign debts would be repaid Giant 'RentStrike'WASHINGTON
China says It win\ be treed by 1967 and an Internal
r an debt to Ute Soviet Union government debts thi following
the end of ,
by next year I year
Chen Yl deputy premier and A stocky same mind. Gray scoffs at
foreign minister made the Tuna apparently can maintain ex-talk to mapping plans for their legalisms:
AT/I lit statement la a talk with BritlehcorreapondenaL speeds of nine miles per a natton-wide "rent itrike" I "OIttw,..*.. rot 15,000 people
He said that all boor Indefinitely. month from now. not paying rent its not a
Swing to I tte te lev Cray, Harlem
leader who ._ legal problem... It's a political
has organized probI
real strike I Cray does not yet hare 15-
throegtwutNew 004 tenants out on strike. He
Cost Your VoteDEPENDABILITY. York does claim, however, to have
ret.strikes -The ra wen 5,000 converts whose
I March to for way Ji tenant strike is reportedly costing
refine to ante local landlords $100,000 a
r I ... up their rent month.
n protest Gray's demagogy has kept
against! slueconditions
him in New York headlinesfor
FOR X I : -
I have captured UWtS the past year. The city/
Parade to I the imagination of civil rights Police Commissioner, MI-
leaders in other cities. chael J. Murphy has labeled
STARK F. GINN JR. The e.> Is not far oft him an irrresponsibtt and
when we're JOint to tie up this
country till the white man decides power-hungry demagogue who
BEST.QUALIFIED l to do something about seeks only to "create chaos ia
ft." Cray said recently. "If the conUlnllllt: "
we can get the national rent Create chaos Gray has He
: Move to 4 for strike for June 1, then on has organized chanting demonstrations
July 1 we can really run
at the New York
government for the rwjrocs.:
Hall has beea arrestedand
The rent strikes are of Qty
Tax dubious legality, They have convicted for his out
bee declared: illegal by a bursts and has carried M a
Washington, DC Jurist and campaign of vifliflcation directed
CollectorImpertiel New York City's Rent and
Switch to
j Rehabilitation chief to of theLet's against virtually entry
elected official In the city
l To Gray, Got NelsoaRockefeller
I is 'like every
Sincere Keep other landlord . fat. fat
HeettDee'icetee' ..tl") : Mayor Robert Wagner
Is a "tiyprocrHe and front
QUALIFIED nee for the landlord" President
BEST FOR GOVERNORFlorida' Lyndoa Johnson Is adwapekatL

a roll-TIME StRYId t. All the People OngrewlMMl files disclose
that Cray was a delegate tome
1 ComimaiM-rm World
., Peace Congress to ItSl and
P.hd P.nwed N. ae rw t+Nwa SHERIFF
1 that he was vice-chairman: of
-- 1 the party's United May Day (
John backs lack
Senator McCarty Committee ta 1K2.
1 The* show too Out Gray

1 Mathews in the Governor's campaign oil the for served eomrktod U campaign Communist manager leader
I sea Davis, on the two occasions
JackTURNERYOUR he Bought election to
a. way, and urges all of his friends to support and the New York State trgista
I flare tits Davis ran. for the
vote for the man who is best qualified . by from e prison hI. It wasGray's
, OfrOtlNfl tAT MATTOX task W round lip al. I
, Mtvrcs to get Darts, oa the

ray. far, to be Governor of Florida.ASSOCIATED Citizens Of Polk County campsite ballot end rafltes to represent, each him es the at

one held at New York's Rack-
1 | | ect. Men net W8 learnt* M e* salt c..*" land Place September S.
IH3. That renders tado ..
tally was spunaarod by the
t PRESS 000O'So far, I 11 I major Ftortda were NOT w .. ..., ..r1 ,... .........4 I........ New York State Comaraftist
ntwipiptrt ......... Party.its.
+ 'to won rot W*t M< llfc i iBMI end "md ,
lined up behind eandUtUi. Senator John Math a.- M tee M *e .... ...... .. sk. .......... years later, ta Its.*.
.. .wi of JacVienvUtefltj the field. I, ft ....* -H *M H m SIS Iw N, *. erM oot .. wto......Dina Gray a rae tai for raved StateS as
... ..lf |)0t I his a....,. .........
NAY AT WIT ftM IBtt JUU.N TO HfUttKT i Called blare the Home
CORAl CABLES TIMES-CHIDE . "Malhtwi It i pr.ctical worker whose pro ton IN TM ucourvti UaAmencae, ActMues' Com.mtttee .
would evolve from ha political machinery M f-ebraan, IM.
gram 'I
If Cray was asked to deny that
, t ha It a master. at running." JACK L. TURNERWANTS he had bora ".... of the hardcore
I of (New York) Young
YOUR VOTE CammiMiau under the dins
5 CHARMER SUN . "Sanator Mathews hat a fine record form .... .... a.f UM of lea Avis" He took

youth hrouqh manhood tn college and In our lagttlatlva the FtfUi Amendment ---
.. L
.halls. at Tallahanaa.lt It a record com

piled thru. \ co-optration hard work and undar
;\ wild ',. born of hectic
standing, not (rough prom *
gubernatorial campaigning..


; THE MIAMI HERALD . "Sanator John Mathews of Duval County.hat
talked fiscal) sense to the people of Florida;

THE TAMPA TRIBUNE . "Sanator Mathawt public record and hit par l Make no mistake

tonal) history lead us to believe that ha would as

Governor give Florida leadership itt problems
demand and Its opportunities deserve." i.' !i about it!

MIAMI BEACH SUN -. . "Wa like Jack Mathaws. Senator Mathews Is

, a straight talker. Ha has dodged no Issues." !

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES . "Mathews will be a more affective Governor

than any other candidate. Mathews has the best -

record of accomplishments valuable to Florida." ,

d j

THE TAMPA TIMES . "(Mathews) . does not talk In curves. He .

,Isn't promitinq pi.-In-th.-.lty. Ha has hard-nosed

executive ability, and a willingness to cut through ..
to the Heart of the Issue."

HIAlEAH HOME NEWS . Facts viewed logically point to Senator MatK .

ews . we enthusiastically recommend him for I i
the high office of Governor of Florid ." I # ,
I c f

Jack Mathews has waged an

' honest campaign. And an honest t

campaign means an honest ad .0


. .

? AND YOU'LL JACKMATHEWS VOTE FOR 'I .$::r can serve you best- 4

: i: as State Senator .
I "I".!'., .. J1
You can ba proud to support and w/i with"JACK" '1>f I \.
I "7... ,1/1, {
., .... t
.. :JIft < '
MATHEWS QUALIFIED I ...;.., '" ,",, .. '",....., ,'<:".'\' .1 >>" 1'-,
;. .
;.J'" ;

No .... .... Ada ..r, a.,4


!..-.=oaswswww.e. ..e ::- _..w--.3iT i

I tAKEUKD LEDGER Mwrf.y.M.y t,Ifs/ I ,,
t.1." 1IIIIIIIIun I I :I WI! IIIIIJ.muS.' II 11111 WII (I'!1'1\1 r '111'1\11111I1 Ir. 1'1 HH .Hl 1 1I s'H I I II JIm' 1I'm I"" IJ 1 111'"III: 1 iI' I II ,
"i '" $ '. .I"i''J ......, >; ,", I

Citizens of Polk C unty .:. .

2 -_ My Pledge To' You: ',

I will NOT build roads benefiting friends

:" or campaign contributors at the ':\; -.

; ..

expense of the taxpayers \.. ,
..-.' .

W ,. ., _.,. M' .".,. .. .... w. f I ... ." .. ", r
""Y;'< ii1 ."" '
Vs .',.f.ir. !.' 4 ..;'"
: '..4" ,- .;: h

,_ .., - work for vocational technical
--. = .n ,-. ,., r, training center to provide skilled

_V labor.
V .,
# 9z#
+ . < .: work toward
r i; ", ., securing more new
,. ." V ; V industries. During a five months
period last year, unemployment

'I t.;: in Polk County averaged 8,300.

I work for county wide advisory
11'x committee on long range plan-

,_ .uW\:,-, ning for roads, industry, colleges,
*P etc.
; work for Job Security. Election
: : personnel turnover is costly I in

? V F.. z training and loss of efficiency.work .

.. -... .-- for comprehensive planning
r and zoning.

work for a progressive and prosperous
a P 4 f Polk County.

a 4

VOTEfor 41 "[ ,
c< _ _-___


County Commissioner T

District 3Thank

l >t .

rM!L a n fri.wia
3 You,

!:s1 *?**'<*
.'* 9J:1flJfl.LQ:: ;< i(_. County-Owntd. District,3 Road Grocftr ***"''..' .

r)" t4 '
. .
L p
\ . ,
;- h14MLF YYM.M/IIM// --
11111 I

_Monday COMMISSIONER. LAKELAND-, -May- -t-,-1114 NAMED LEDGER--,i,Candidates Make Final Pitches At Bartow Rally] KINGSWOODSPROTT ILICT

SAN JUAN, P.R. (AP-1 eo-
doro Moscow, former V.S. administrator BARTOW-Saturday's dou age of the remainder of the while the number of precincts value received for "a fall and tempted eradication of "a C He Mid cost per cat Is low .
: of the Alliance, for ble-barreled political rally l rally la printed here. welled from 47 to IL reasonable salary;" and no minion bolita Industry In Potk eat to county history, yet \

Progm has been named to a here was both too long and Criminal. Court Clerk Never before In history, she "nets, sectionalism or cliques," County by nabbing of kingpins case and workload an Increasing JR.
H-member federal commfeslon too late for The ledger to report said, have So many voters but fair treatment from a not lust booklet" lot "through diligent and i
which win study Puerto Rico's it hi full in yesterday' John Brown reiterated his personally appeared to renew "wide and varied back violat STATS
future political atatna. edition.In stand for removal of the fee registration-end now votenmay ground." increased training of pet'IOIt'ne' aggresshr pursuit

fairness to those candidates system from this office and periodically reregisterby Stark F Oinn Jr. cited ctvic "to upgrade the law profession ors.'* REPRESENTATIVESUPPORT '
open public records of all ex. maiL She regretted little church of deputies Brtimen cited a high percentage
It take a snowfall Of about whose speeches were and work ownership ; blrinf
10 Inches to equal a rainfall of not reported in yesterday' penditures. He called for eco personal campaigning, saying of children's clothing stores on moral, not political, back- of convictions to arrests
nomies and an intelligent that exigencies of the job Lakeland and Winter which ran from pettytheft 1
in least
one Inch.I' edition. The Ledger' covermeanwhile ground; "best Job It
businesslike of conductIng to and murder
way precluded the possibility of business experience cost good organisation of. rape
\ the office. seeing as m'lIJ'otel'l as she and promised to Initiate manpower and uniform law ,,
Robert I. Hasten, clerk of desired. a study to combine tax enrarceTnent." I
criminal court for more than J. E. Holly attacked direct collector: and tax assessor Monroe Brannen Incumbent AND

II years, noted that while the appointment of a supervisor, duties and staffs, if possible, asked voters to check his
workload has increased, the saying R was autocratic; not to eliminate duplication and record of 2S yean law enforcement KITCHENS
same number of employes democratic said he had triedto waste of the tax dollar. Including Constable WM. "BILL"

have handled the Jobs due to carry his fight against this George K. MfDer. remindingthe ta District > and the
streamlining and supervision to the people ta a person-to- DistrictTHE
voters "this II the first Lakeland Police Department CONSTABLE-5th
\ to eliminate Inefficiencies. person campaign as he woulddo time In 24 years you can
ta trying to add registrations
Circuit Court Clerk and that with 25 yearsof change: ,4mllllatutiolUchoole Hero PrefersIce GIVE YOU
wisely; cited his MAN TO
Earnest B. Dixon pointing working for employers he
bun and administrative
MS management
proudly to his degree In education knew how to take orders from ; CreamTo
and teaching experi the'otel'l.. promised by ideas.background. Incentive and 24 HR. A-DAY SERVICE-:;

ence. said a college degree H. L Palmer said he'd and enthusiasm to 'adminis A MedalMIAMI
doesn't make for mfaftibirity; rather be elected by the people tratively guide fiscal technicians The time you the taxpayers ort entitled toM

but his work hi educating than the governor; charged under him ta effICient.
that while 41 of 17 F I.AP) Ronnie
vouth could carry over Intoeducating out reg-
ly handling the "JIS-H
Micktos, T. accepted a hero'smedal
utftWi were women only tW'Owere
the public on a "toolittleknown"
ta tax dollars we will collect"
handed R
office. He said ta large counties; Saturday, to
in a "forward-moving pro.gram his mother and buried hit
charged that voter lists were sunburned
much of the public I* us.aware ."
that the clerk Is also sold at profit and promised to nose In a box of Icetteam.
Hobson Strata died his experience .
wort closely with new media
clerk of the county commission
J and Jury commission and to put out voter information as chief: deputy tax "I'm not bashfnt" he said, explaining -
. >I
collector and aid the only
: has the bulk of the county and to save tax dollars the lid of aa acteplance -
1 bach 1ft the documents on file In his office. through efficiency way the puNk) record and apeech. "1 Just want some
be wen-ad
tax dollars can
of this Ice before an the
Tat Cenecfer cream
I Clark Stone said he hid no ministered is by trained .
School Hoard wish to smear anyone, but hat Ralph Rood died "inequi with experience ta per.aamel tax other kids eat It op."

been victim of "attempts at ties" M the assessment sys collecting.He lite Dairy Cornea of South

tiiccfiitf/ political asMssinstion"; tern and said his business" and noted he had superviseda Florida threw a big testimonial -
. .
charged opponent Paul Vaughn finance badJ1'Oll1lClou1d be ice cream and cake party for
l-mtHjn tax
. the School Board member, from District 4 with drawing excess salary"a put to wort "..ith no string program a* chief deputy, and dived children ta honor canal of last Ronnie week who
Into to
salary cut Is needed" attached" M a job of tremendous a
wo quoted by the press as toying he couldn't promised elimination of authority; that if assessments asked American for a "promotion of M rescue tyear ldDebMe Te- x
understood others the Board "duplicated effort": cutback the way working lrfIaJt from dnrwnln .
why tome on were "are not corrected: one' way W the ...." f
10 "IULLHUOID- . on "bonuses and bonus veca taxpayer trill see the "big This was old hat for Ronnie
ttons"; and a "grand fury Investigation gest mfflage* ever" He cited J. B. Tbornhrfl Jr. cited his When he was four, he saved 1yeaMrfd r Ole Ra.1ww. -'t-L N h till",
Outbursts of this type-especially when vital issues of what hat beengoing alleged figure charging hi* cHrus and dairy business experience Earl: Outs from ..,... w. "fa... '-, A... ... t....

ere being dncutied'have' helped to render on In an office that* opponent with Incorrect as* and 12 year on the drowning ta the same canal by
needed a change for 21 years aessment of lilt !tome Board of County Commisslanen muring for help, BILL KITCHENS IS
WM. . .
our District 4 Board member incepehle of letting the kingmaker know James Rod., prevent tat wOk one promise: .

/ golning support and cooperorion from other we have a democracy here In assessor, cited his II years' iionest efficient capable adirrtnistrsttea EXPERIENCED EFFICIENT
members of the Boofd, on matters .f Importnee Imperial Polk County, Ml a oipcrtefitv n appraisal. front at the least poe Asa Gray* "Warms! of feat
eMe cost te the taxpayer M DEPENDABLE FAMILY MAN
.. the county. monarchy"Vaughn and typfffrtm M offict man anyat the handbook of America
a full-time job, with aw out-
did not comment on .Ief fend deputy In tilt botanist even today
u Polk County needs a new School Board member the charges citing instead his assessor office then answeredRout's tide matter, no personal IT** Just GOOD BUSINESS to ELECT a

l who con goto acceptance of ht ideot and view- more than M yean M the charge of Incorrect chasing of property tat certrffcates. ,

1 points on school betterment. DICK MUM c etk'a office rising deputy personal assessment or operating. no starting the office of by bank remote effOrt BUSINESS MAN to this Important Office.
asking the voter to promote Rode Mid he wa flattered
lAUGH do this. oonnc.L"Sheriff
con Mm to lop portion "for a that Roast called a house and
HAMPROGERS For ffft Supper eW lelleuee'
1 Vote for DICK IRUMIAUCH, District 4 School smoothly and efficiently openated properly "that cost me approirtmatrly Race ,

Board member, in the county-wide vote on office wk sincere Insured, dependable tM.TTJ. Including Pot Oordoa M off wM note Will II A""d.tHI
service byontbeJob carport and take frontage, as
that he had white previously
May S. for *, aN.M. eaa.a15.W..bse. K
He wa..esM.ww"l
experience to tlMM.
) cvMtag p ta the office, doubtrd revs***, ,*.M.S.Sa.S*. ...SS.S4.Sf. ... ... n.
which there ta M wbsHMe, said denttfic approachassessment" theft ... .. ... ..
Let's "reatousljr pursued n. elf" V* VM M SUM** t *
get our appraised M ItIIJ.
RrgbtratlM luamlaarIncumbent from citrus grevr and of cat- YOUR
*t-tlal "we have nothing
I Mrs Blanch w htde." and "I do not lie worked on "numerous **' WM. "BILL" KITCHENS (0
tonal eases" and a Mevedcanvfetton
Work said her 17 yean ta the want my property assessed SHERIFF
\ School Board registration office muck a* any lower or higher than any arrested of "M per cent adaMMstrabe of. CONSTABLE 5th DISTRICT
those during wy
chief deputy qualified tier lor property of SMrftar nature am no. a. w" l4W a..a
the governor appointment: 14 throughout the county; the -
the poet ee retirement of Her record are avefebte w any aVnUmenuttv, ke appealed I Ite I -

f moving with . ".....*, She said bat caw and I have not and do the VOUN'. "t daft know
j with reregtstraUoaj required, ant hated te Use sny camp how te tel yn bow Mack my
\I the Named the r t*ratani * mite ... and vw4tcUM for Polk Editors
i book "from acrattf and .writ* of sty opponent, but on .a witortMeu anuauaa wouldtneea County
t BRUMBAUGH rrgwiered :'Ate voter toMd 1ft, euw werha. exprrtr ws not only ie rot M U ,
of M etperted' ...tM and ..ahficauon a* your ur In, f...*y and frwdlv .
aawe.tw." ant the chance M lake hold
real .. ALL OF THEM
t Mile Attorney and gH-e ym fob
\ f! n ahertft."
ELECT Gee D' r. y. Inrvmbent. Gordon Mt offtre at I Mlen
1lif" l".. ";\; J''in rtH ki* I tend* Highway charge growing out of the
ikleaerb.tl tknrd e .
I WOOD Patrol esyenence II year Ktag TA"lent" payoff caaa, M
.Msos I IfU trtal Cleft work'from Endorse Aldine Combee
.Ie tet.l ,, drunks to anuidetei end was later perdonM by the
I' 4 I '1'PIf' : ,- fX1j" I SPROTTJR. I'' court room veveardi tapeCarl .
; I 1 jiit; ,AtMtN T' a* ......eat chief curry taa llowea cited. ki lawnforcfiMst
4!; and bumnrsibaciground
SM64 JL aoiiriur briars his prevent"
I.... $'t' m"w ,ns,,,.'i'' STATE oRtr He aaid ke toad de asyMg bah "Wttkl

-' "' livered his promise of tair. 'M.e and M pe pto to admintster" POLK COUNTY DEMOCRAT ( Bartow)'
- 1iff'I'i courteous and Impartial ""'- were ImporUnt M
I S' toe and that the IrgttUujre.a . the efficient edsMireuaa ef "c..*** . .. tentee ....kt .f tie cewnUiti, . I sHee'rUf Influence
he controls ku duke the office. He sad far kn ..taab.es.WINTER.
salary... kis number ef assiKaws employs K ...'* eten 4. w en nouns

: study rBI ciwrae *>' corrrspondear

i II td.ard C Piaud. Banaw as ke has andfar
Best Qualified For I attorsirv.. Mid the sits **aug rwno l ef a .ate-

I needs more vigor and vital leer a ukiv. for saparyand 005 . wale wsll-run "
work outatedisl c er Ce.nr, Osnmitiioaj . .
It) and that N would give posse
) i so soak that ke would do the Ha p 9t.n called far at-

4 TAX COLLECTOR I ink of three. pan-lime ..... LAKELAND
I attorney who snow cover die
three ruunur of the n4f; Fire Destroys

I, he Mid he caMMt eKinli .M

eeeiww...uat .. aedats L. Alfred House LAKE WALES HIGHLANDER
I .. tk*
HOBSON STRAIN would punk fur legislative

ahoI aNt of atwcuMs.TaiCalbcfar LAKE Al>anise RED-F drwroved ire of undeiemwMd MULBERRY PRESS

't( DaM L Cooper eked the a frame Wet..homes d plaster Boulevard.tfwettmton ". . ..t.... c..alu1M" with eikl year es eslst. . Hi stable

\I'' O.AiJofcTf.WrlJ fan k* wa accountant and 112-" a m. valued at f M.oee. yet prof...ti.., attitude ks **.. .) reel value. t* till y*.of body .fce
i Ixpaitut administrative executive of and ko destroyed 11.... .**iui*...*."
t II t three corpuratiuns, 'cW sal worth of eoment. ne OWMTwas

0\i\ study era pouturn to work M listed aa C C mow AUBURNDALE
t ambit promised a hill The .basis was tMocciipiedat

_lime office _pranuwd to give_ the time of ih* .brat WINTER HAVEN
-- -- ---


i ". . should .ke returned .* the bona. el fad busiu practices .he .bet

i btlped te instill U ceuaty a..ter .*atM

N* Outside t' CreduottUniv. LAKE WALES NEWS

Business el, Fli ". prtuat cewaMuioMr . stoat ,,.,res..ive group . I* more

tkan four Recedes. Economy, efficiency and progress . ere feet I..
i lotimt --' Acc'L Degree .t stead .t just _er4.."


Strain Receives County


Wide Endorsements
Newspaper ". .a It,.*, pert ef the ,",eat effective county commission,"

Proven Dedication to tile feople and Progress el Polk/County

I*. t,*. ....l 24. !+<. AriIII. .'K.
. SHAW kM. fi*. tnMmc
. T1v II s Mf lswy Tk* *.. c""""I' .... .. Ik. tat .il.>.....'.
.... 1w. load .... i.l iI sated ... .. .Hicieet ....* eM I II ........ ..b YESTHERE
.. at In ....wow . .. Keep
.... .... --. .k. ..., IW eM ....- 1.1... e4 '- -.....

....... .. Ia M tw. --. w. ... rid Sw.l.o.c a it c....... .......4 Is .....
e4. w d.h.. .. .... ...... IS A CHOICE
Mit .iI\, MttI .. .... .... ...kla Iw awl .. yak ..... 1.cl.. ed ..1.ewiwa

lice end ...u 4s it. HOSSOHSTtAIM ..... ..... ........... w. w. ...... it ..
; .. ... .. ALDINE COMBEECounty
hi 1w -
M e..-.. Ur*. ........, -.ot k.. Ow.two. m.*t w .... \.U* um4knr i
*>M k I. .. /.wl.da..bl. .. Is .... J.1 a.. tw.0.dkd .... ,..Wee wear VOTE and ELECTJ. '

7 ..... w .... s.w,....... .. .... ...... .... .awdi.... hw..'svwe.... w-was sea...*. Commissioner-Dist. 5

snow;.. M II _... .... old ...... taw ..... .

ALSO ENDORSED irt I E. (Ed I) HOLLY "}"our role tomorrow trill be



mow a..t..r -. K M. -. i h .v.. .... au

___ __ _


- -

..:..,.'"""._ .

ity Racked By Racial Disodr5M; y t. IMI th Its 1 1end No Substitute For ExperienceLET'S

:STER, f t. (AP ,
tM Negroes hi)this- For I I This' Is the question: *1' a board M do something and do pupils, of whom I.72S are Negro times 'been ignored. He to considered -
old neighborhood school a KEEP
aegrecat- It how, he adds
nil city have demonstrst- ed more moderate but
the street. roteiUng that What does he suggest? Philip Savage trt-state leers like Branche. Was arrested for
children Rend *egrejtedinequal Center Of DtopnM .'Nothln,." Branche replies I tary for the National Association demonstrating. JAMES L. RODENTAX
school Negroes say d< facto calmly. The program mast for the Advancement of Savage look favorably to effort
CM have been hurt, many gation is "' segre come from the board. Well aft Colored People, sometimes has of the State Human Relation
aegr gatlon
by de
bloodied, hundreds mm sign: that k means Inferior, down with them. Well tain with worked wish Branche. sometimes Commission, or the court,
education. They demand coequal -them.. I met three time with ignored him-and some to settle the dispute _I Hit wily eenrfWot with working' kn.wl.4,.
Is not in tight an Immediate end to al Negro them, but they wont budge.,
eater ta the Birmingham schooto-fcur of the M here They Just won't budge." C 12 year chMl ctperience
he North. says James The school board Insists k Charles Long, superintendent ELECTEDWARD Proven' dmlnlitrotlr' ability
er national director of the operates an Integrated system,of schools, say, "We definitelyare .
Endorsed ,
by business, citizens
wee of Racial Eqvatiry I' says any segregation is mh Integrated. Every school In C. FLOODYOUR newipopers
hen they block the street tenttonat and results became our system has Negro children fefk County resident 25 yearsFlorida
they are disorderly when children of one race live tn the Token, token, token," ahouuBranche Stttt Chairmen ./ International
riot Instead of march, they same neighborhood and go to: "What are 10 or 20 or FULL TIME STATE ATTORNEY Association af
breaking the law" laT!< the Frances same school P. M out of SOD or more That'snot If elected. tlwed C. Heed Ndss is ..... his .rMte .... Assessing Offices
or James T. Gorhey. 4J- Donahoo. -: equal"F
H president .reek. N.we hi eba. N ewe eff/ce el ...... .
old midst lawyer of who the turmoil took office has one the Negro school member board' which says I *.f AO-Negre seed fer... sear Hues .,lies teat A......,., FOR FAIR AND IMPARTIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR All

taw The Same"be To talk about de facto segre i Long acknowledges that four ELECT EDWARD C. FLOOD James L. Roden Tax Assessor
schools an
gallon to lICIt to talk about are Negro and a
law fa the tame for gallon, but about a conditionover aegre- fifth has 10 white among 1,000 mss see. ...., fN, .... "J
ybody, and will be admin-" which we have m control." pupils. The schools have 11.150
------------ -
ed for ever hody." be says. She insists that the Negro : - --- -- - - -
ester chartered In 1701 by leadership really wants busing
am Pent Is the oldest city which cannot be done without
}Mna.. It hat S3.00 0 the consent of parents and
tent- Including: 27,000s No- white.parents are staunchly op.posed. + PUBLIC NOTICE ;

is IS mils south of PhDa- Act... New ,
his and a few miles north
Ifnenstrstors!It Mason-Dixon to Chester lute. also chairman Stanley of Branche.the Committee 20-rear-old for THESE ARE THE FACTS concerning salaries paid to employees of the Cleric of Cir-

demanding Job\better better homing fobs and ands i Freedom boring New" says the he transfer hnt advocating of- cuit Court in the County of Polk, Bartow, Florida. '. '? ,

pupils to create a racial balance 1
e boning. But It's they 3
fisUwtnjrtnf. rock-throw- But In all schools BELOW ARE LISTED COMPARABLE SALARIES PAID
battle to Integrate afl the lI we want the_school TO POLK COUNTY".1EMPLOYEES

M...-many.* civil other tights too Northern that i AND U. S. CIVIL SERVICE POSITIONS: .

|..4hU bat Pilled the (ads .,

rear Colonialovernor Polk County Positions Comparable U.S. Civil Service r'

Fears and Salaries positions and salaries

acial Conflict.EW Clerk of Circuit Court i

. YORK (APV-ftr Hugh'*i $10,000.00 per year salary $9,980,00 '" r"'
R. farmer BrItish colonial'* ,
eraar of Jamaica and Cy. Assistant '
Clerk of Circuit
II, said the pnssibaity aIr
between whites! and dieNI
colored people to "'aatef 11400.00 per year plus itf: '
- danger that anything. 475.00 bonus $ 8 410 00 ... r HI .
wes Cast and West. I, MASON .
w Hugh a member of the (
....> panel which advises 11875.00 total
N. SccretaryOneral U mast]' notioA rotucununti salary. t ., I
, condHJont to Couth Africa.l I a
.l eared on WOR.TV ta New1irk COMMISSION Chief Deputy ':',
taw osdesse...fosse Clerk of Circuit Court
5_And....s.k r
ehru leavingew f......., $ 9,900.00 per year plus 5500.00 ,.' ,H'

I I .k 1Mtaw J '-... 412.50 bonus '
Delhi First ,..........Mole -h I

laud felt Fab..d $10,312.50 total salary -i
Since Stroke 1 ........ ....... ... y
me (Polk County hot four (4)) Clerks ."
..... ......cw.-, '"
"W DELHI (AP) Prw*I .. ......rnA.Me. MiNnis y e 4
fester Nehru left New DvCfttjan U addition, TV.. Clark al OK wit_ Caait ....&Us a. attar' ** t. glee' legal ce.M4 and pert Mm $2,500.00 pet year, aa* tkavgk tie Cawnty..,''.Ik '
Ic-w. .....* *..,.. .I. A* .
--1. *
ley bta f rst trip out of(h# .b..dy a..t whew seMen see .ISeW.itarfca taffkaat em e. >

...l ... N atiff.*deN I ,( ro MASOr.r.pe. n... .. t-... ..I.... Path c... .
, c ir s m rar semi twenty rears ar.e w *t It N cutlae.P If war, rata tar Clark Sraaa. Ha I* tie .sly c. .IW..rawka
stroke* flew last to Jan.Nir BhalaatoUK.. t nt "and.PmfoCN'IIIp ,Mi fraaly ...... that .. .....y bust *>* and .....a.i.. Phi Clark af Circuit c:..,,'. Office In f elk C.u.ty..d sara the ...,.,..* 50,000 tie ffrvtyaar

hers' M will lay the foundation f01 r,.
need M trrigatlM\ protect on U... l.cfstent tM COmnlW ly Mull/ of Cdlf STONE ..1 Pail /f *JT ten/-.
. border uf India and Nepal'


. "



.. .d '
'p. -


R. B-U-R-T -

iI I


Successful Businessman Board of Directors Polk County Association for

32. Mason and Shriner, Member Lakeland Lodge No. 91 Retarded Children

Married, 2 crVldren' Member, First Methodist Church Board of Directors Polk County Federation-1964

President Lakeland Jaycees-1963 Board of Directors of Lakeland Convention Bureau

President Lakeland President's Round Table-1964

(Composed of all major Civic Clubs of Lakeland) Voted one of Lakeland's five outstanding young men,

Cancer Crusade Chairman for Greater Lakeland-1963


... .. ...... --

I!U Monty LAKELAND, May t, IM4 LEDGER__ _' gJL lakeland: Nine-Year-Old PianistTo POLLY'S POINTERSDEAR
- -

1 Final Bridge Perform Tonight hearing POLLY t parents Recentlyafter lecture

!1 Session Slated Mrs. Chilson Counts Musical on noncy Does Not Grow on

Betsy Thompson, nine-yen-- Tree," my three eons, tee t,
; DAY LEFT : Lambda Chapter old daughter of Mr. and Mn. t and J, surprIsed me with their
I, Kenton Thompson of Plant
I The final tetston of the Treasures Among Her SouvenirsBy City, formerly of Lakeland, ingenuity. They made t toy pool
(: REELECTRAY women. bridge tournament will be featured In a program t.bI.1IJ turning a Urge box up.
t sponsored by St. Joseph's planned tonight *t I y side down end taping paper bags
Mother Cub win be held at LUCIA MYERS o'clock at Tuesday Music to the corners for pocket The
the parish hall tomorrow at t Club. 421 E. Park St., In observance cue sticks were o'd cafe curtain
pmTtarnf Since this b National Music Week Mrs. of National Music rods and the billiard ball were
will be paired ae Nina Z. Chilson consented to share some of her Week. marbles. If yon print this t will
cording to team standing of musical memories and treasures in an fatter The program, Jointly sponsored hand my eon the dollar With
the 48 team tourney with by the Berth Cole and another talk m "Busy Minds
MATTOX prize awarded the three top view.As i longtime leader to the musical life Tuesday Music dubs, will Make Polly Dollar."
wlnnen. of Lakeland, she was I board member of the ., \ also include vocal selections When 1 make cafe curtains, I
mn REPRSENTATIYEN. Members of the Mothers'Club ark Music Association when H was founded by Mn. Frank Holm. make pot holders from leftover
'I win be hostesses and will J* )'e.n.JO. She Is one of the three original 1" : : Betsy has studied piano five 4 rD fabric A*> old quitted baby pad
'I P M., tally serve of refreshments during the members who are still active on the board.At . yean, the first three with her to ideal for the padding m be-
mother This to her second tween. MRS A. B.
r, the piano hi her home on Scott Lake. ,
t the music of Johinn Sebastian Bach end year d study with Mn. Rosme I
N. .
Fran Liszt has echoed through the ,"n. Skipper. r
The pianist has played Elect
And these two musicians formed the theme young
In the National Piano Guild
for the interview.She ... -
Audition for three yean and
leather In which a lock HAMPROGERS
opened a case
hat received the Critic Cit.tit
of white hair was enshrined. rating.A BETSY THOMPSON
This," she said, "is. a lock of Usrt's hair. ..r' fourth grade student at
tt was snipped by an Italian countess M Jackson School, Plant Qty
when he was M yean old.\ It came to Betsy to also interested m Betsy will pity include Pol-
from my teacher in Berlin Richard learning the flute She studies oniise by Bach Sonata in C YOUR
ter. who had been a pupil of Liszt and .. ballet acrobatic, tap and Jazz by Mozart, Mazurka, Op.. ".
friend of the countess" dancing. She hue a younger No. 1. by Chopin and "Goni-
Other Treasures brother and sister, both of wogg't Cake-Wslk" by De SHERIFFTOILET
I Next she drew out a small whom play the piano. bussy.
... .. .
front the The to mvhed. H. . .
case of woven straw mining. Highlight programFinal public
This to the case In which Liszt carried
cigar My teached cherished ft so mock Lakeland Art Guild
he carried H in his pocket In and out of b
shelters during the Second World War.
bis death his wife sent It to me" she ad Elects ,
One of Liszt's visiting cards with his. Z. CHILSON, longtime leader New OfficersDr.
address In Rome a photograph of him musical life.

REELECTRobert young man a memorial coin Issued by G Floyd Zimmerman ha* vice presidents; end Mn. Mete
Hungarian government fat III*-each trswUt ton-three times hi the been elected president of the recording secretary: Mas AdeleOldenburg
stirred the mule of recollection.Mrs. M Lakeland, the latest having Lakeland Art Guild, and he and corresponding eec* tit M J
J. "Bob" Chilson reminisced about her .... at a recent meeting of the other MW officers will be honored restary: and Mn. Ed Koon,
the composer's home to Weimar many ) Bennett Club.A .t a* mstatistiM dinner treasurer an reelected officers Prhi
after his death where the wa allowed to at the Cadet Restaurant on Dr. Zimmerman win ecceedMn. E
wkk hi * 'Thursday May 21 Reservation WDlim Harman
on bM own piano. the room A.
dnperiet she saw the portable keyboard : era to be mad with Mn. Hazel esG
HASLETTAS A Present Met. MU 2.... esfe
his travels, to order to
be took on Those who wffl serve the A--............
the Mage coach. Alabama college building- Guild with the elected TANK BALL
with G
She cradled more thin two yean N"o the civil War and rated many president are: Mn K C Ourkk. "".......w..awn......,;ir '
metoter in Bertm. and has made several ** bee recorded on canvas by and Mn Joseph L aa.... ... *.. .. MW ..... .... .......?..
her father native
trips to Germany, N"t II Murray of Uketand for a - use tf NAt>w4f from 14C.

CLERK OF THE About 2S yean Beak ago About in a Id Berlin music Meet Of {

the discovered a book which turned out College m Montgomery was de ELETTA. CD'
CRIMINAL COURT a stream Inspiration for ber. It was "" the Alabama Conference Female Season Slated rot .SiAf1. ....
little Chronicle of Anna Magdalen B Ala. la 1M* the old
the of the romance and marriage of dosed and the college was moved Lambda chapter. of Kappa Sports con ore built It
Mary .
Delia Gamma who for the rood not for the
Honest: kM SebesUaa Back and bit second sorority ,1
Anna '. historical entlectkM Mn. hold k* feed meeting" of the human frame. Driversshould HIt
.Never I crWcltm ry stet ..dirert fa ever 10 yeses A (few day ago for this Interview alumna made aa ofl painting of mesa tomorrow night ..tMorrtaoe' give their lodies ItL
heeptaf public record Chita brought out the volume ta Hs .. ",, .. rain with tower Cafeteria The a helping hand out of ..

German script! Including scenes: of Lelpslt hickory snit tI'etL Copying ewcuUve board will meet ate the cor. ,'I ',: a
0 Experienced: Back portrttta. She made her own .., the worked on the palming, o'clock; the dinner meeting w
Ore II yeses et tour CUIK OP THI CRIMINAL MM of CM book wktek, she says "..\\PI this season at the Lakeland win begin at I:M. n A. READY -
COURT called a prose poem dedicated to all those Oiliest will be Installed at *.,**= love Beck." P. N. Shofner, who fives here, the meeting conduct*! by Mr. CONSTABLE
)lr translation gives a spirited picture frame which he remade for Ruth Stespese ",..,..... VIIITrYIRtTT DIST. S
a Efficient & Economical: the musical household when Anna helped" The prewwutfaM was arranged A taM+wal and profeeslonslInventory . fr OUYI Tsar Ises w. eg.e

Over IS% .tat....e .. w..V feed .-d ........, If l husband to copy hit compositions while AamcUUoa meeting last Satw of die membership w.y BEAUTY. ..sees.SALON. s.... _..............
of enmial wm be die topic of the II Ms pelt.
uses I.U4. IMI .* compere/ HO. N.1.. IRa after the needs et her large family. the Collrge't May pre IIUCAU _
--s e U iMM b.* wf ref.ler eoeleyeet .. 1941 .. book tfwvtls vpoa "the me..jr of his get ., Mn. Murray and her War, gram""'ul.I"lul I Palo :'7" s 7JO 7u 1.1017
along *Mk the warmth of his Mtere tad .... of Coral Gables. who for- tern, priMutwl by Mrs. ...... .. M
ed -
ceatpe te IttO fM eve* ...*. ......11... ef. M.".. her a -- M Mrs1631L11aAre.MO6.1111'- MU 2-0874)
fk *cy. b.**..y of their family life." this added hi Lakeland, took ft to Momgom-. aonal gtwekoommsad per
Five time Mrs, Chllaosj hat give a .. IM. ---1
- -- -

Gd. Courteous..d Ce.ite..t:service re ALL It ALL lime. I Bridal Shower TonightFor Highland City, TOMORROW IS YOUR DAY!

NAL COURT tf TO ALL MIINDSt I we.ld CM.reUljr Miss Celia Willis Kathleen High .
.,pre Ne. te oiker vetert re t.prt e s/ ..... *-d MM Cella Wrtii, bride live bridrgroam't mother. PTAs To Meet Yet tomorrow YOUR VOTE will help deter
hint who will
palest ROUT J. "101" serve you r> toerol I in'piortonl
CLERK the' CRIMINAL COURT HASUTT. yew elect of Fruit (.Sandy Zwg. Mn. Raymond Zkgtte and rr elective/ office In makings your choke for the
tie, will be honored. atmkwtUsmnut a Mn Robert Morjia, Mrs. Highland Qty Parent-Teach Important office of county Superviior of Rea.Htrotiori .
shower lonitM Many L Askew Jr.. Mn JohnIlirur er AaaociatkM wm have k* remember thot BLANCHE WORK
JJwji L lJD.UOWJ.. much. at I:. o'clock by Mr*. Paul Mn. Matt Bowes. last mewing of the year kmorrow > 1 offers
CdMra. Fred L DormuJr.
and Mn. Harvey Smith at Mrs. Edward Boyer, Mn. DuBagley at T.M ,.. at the
ROBERT "Bob"" HASLETT the home of the former 414Mmnehaha Jr. Mn Rabat Bed- school auditorium New of.Acen CMipIttt kMwItdgi .( pelt Gouty II
Trail goad Mn. Mary Carter Mn. wU be Inetalled and refer rtfljtrtriwi prextoWtf
CLERK CRIMINAL Fink and while upping How Carltoe. Paimore, Mn. David rtfreahmenu served by first .4 I
COURTOF prizes ability te tfftttivity fcwil{
en wig decorate the pa/ty Carter Mn Erwin Spean, .
grade room
room*. the leb J ef el
RECORD SwpenrUor
Mrs Robert Mn. IrjUtretlee (
The guest tilt lid,*, the Putnam. J. J. 0. Morrow principal of
..... ....... aa J honor and her mother. Mn. J Mann Mn Oyd L Reyt- Ka&loM Senior High School.wW modest, tHicltnt vettr rtgbtrettea

David a_WHIM::_the praspee-_I Ier. Mrs William Swift. Mn. mtua the MW PTA officen nMt6ods,

k Harold Pile Mrs Joh Proator at the lt meeting of rftrfkattl, rttpeet&U, d..ldaLlt
N..J..OotUngham Jr. the taoj tomorrow *t T.Mp sinks
Mn. William a Robert Mn.Paul .m. at the achool gym rather

FULLY ACCREDITED WhUlodu: W, this ta the cafetorkwt at Crewel few County need eweGKe4 ,.rIM N terre .. SMperviter ef Ref.
Mn. Arthur Rick Mn.Charlee
previously plamtad. ...,...... Se, t...."..w, vete te Nt.... ILANCHI WORK .. office,
I HoUer. inn Edwin Dr. Fred Ltofe ty, Polk
Habd. Mn. W. E M.... County Junior College prwi-I

few teen ago, the Pelk County He*. I Mn. J. P. ...n...... Mn. dee, will peak He win be I BLANCHE WORK
,It.1 et lertew we* .. the verge .f calli... Archie w....... Mn. Wee Introduced by Virgil Ranuge.arte .
guertte Core Mn. J. C. Frawr auperviaiiig princlpaLParent
One ef the pledge mede by L W, Mrs, J r Kors Mrs B. of *uuh grade 1I\to SUPERVISOR OF REGISTRATION
ke would work for the ....Wi.... J 4, Eliubeth MaatfieU. Mrs G attend. w. pct. .....
meet .. en Advisory Committee got sin 'I h
R. Pane, M... W. J. Sri- I
Hospital end fer its .
Improvement.Tkii .
helmet, Mn Olive Stout

pledge ke bees Sytea. Mn. J. R. Thomson
cerried out fully
A. Advisory Committee cempeied ef pfcyicient Mn. E. 0. Trotter. ....... R LWWtcomb VflltRS! ( I
./ kespHel dmiiN..tn ..alay.* Mn. V. S. White.Mn. 1 AGREEmmmmnJB
me. MOW serve t* ...lat." tke high Robert L. Stephen Mr*. I II
....d.rd. of the '
HetpiteL Dan C Foster, Mn. H. W.
I Williams Mn. Earl Shepherd.
County Hespitel it new FULLY
James A.
ACCREDITED.Polk 1 Taylor
Mn. T. A. O breao.. Mn.. VOTE FOR
County Hospital has been med. N. D. Bryaa. Mn. Frank r
incised end ..,..ded. te servo the people. L. W*>. 'Les' Dunson Nichols. Mrs. William Rea-
ef this/ County.Polk frans, Mr*. Harry Jennings J.B. THORNHILL
Mn. John Hunt Mrs. K. YSIoaa. Jr.
.Mn. Ward Bane.Mn. ,
County Hospital bas ,futt recently .bee cited by the American Julian Humphne. Mn. W. H.
Hospital AisocietioH end the Netionel Safety Council for PERFECT McKowa. Mn Hugh Cub.
SAFETY RECORD Mrs. Thomas Burry, Mr*. YOUR
Quentin Hicks, ,
Mn James
n... eccomplitkmentt, these .high stendardi .
burl bees) mode po.- Cpp Mr EUwood McCW-
tible by the undenrendmj ef problems' II.. efficiency/ and the leedenkip I land. Mr*. Garnet Huguut '

ef our County Commissioner :, Nancy Mrs William Kenyon.Loftia.Mitt Jerry Mitt A& TAX COLLECTORCOUNTY

LES DUNSON lies carried out kit pledge to reUe the ttenderdt ef i j: Jones, Mho Ruth 8')'... Mill
Polk County Hospital W. endorse him for re-election to ..o.h., term I Claudia Ziegele Mm Judy
County Commissioner.MEMBERS. et ; Shepherd. Miss Hop Will. WIDE
Linda Smith, Mill SuMnne .
Colton and Mill Margie CoItoIL. -

I, ._ _

ADVISORY COMMITTEE, i For the convenience of residents of Lakeland, I pledge to do everything in

POLK COUNTY HOSPITAL I 1U4Iu1'J. to establish a branch of the Tax Collector's Office In Lakeland, This will eliminate

KlNGSWOODSPROTT the necessity of going to Bartow to pay taxes,

George Dorman J. E. Griffin

Oren G. Turner Mrs. W. P. Tomasello JR. For Capable Efficient Ecpnomlcal and

Melvin J. Arnold Business-Uke, Full time operation of the

M. tar W *..>. a...*r _..., fA k W. _* _..". Tax Collector's office

,rw r+.


.. .. .-


:eatlyxtura ffL Sorority To Install Deadlines Are Guidelines, Miss Elliott/ Monday LAKELAND, May .. tll4 LEDGER IJ

Mrs. Gates President Is Bride Of
M On Read 'Em But Don't Weep
'?es I, ; Mr. Harrell
their'pool Mrs P M. Gates win be in- ? I Phillips Fabrics

stilled president of Delta WIth the publication of The days prior to the desired publication Mr. and Mn. Earl Elliott of
'x up. Gamma chapter of Beta Sigma Ledger Saturday morning date Mount Olive Ala.. have announced toc s. n.w.
bagsThs 4s Phi sorority tt a meeting tonight edition beginning March 28.deaditees AD other news hems for the the marriage of their MM*SARAN* MU i-iiii
at I o'clock at the home for the women's Sunday edition must be reCCfVCu daughter. Larmis to Ronald
Ttaht of M.... Carter Gods, tit IIt IMCfl tilt prCC'Cuiflg' Harrefl son of Mr. and Mrs. Hit Wetfi SfttM
pages are as follows: Wednesday. Those for the Saturday Un Cnae
were W. E. Harrell of Lakeland
( win i PirUittl. Mn. Robert Prior Engagement and wedding edition most be turned WEBBING12Y2f
with b co-hostess. stories for a Saturday or Sunday In by the preceding Thursday The couple exchanged vows
finds Other to take office art edition most be receivednot .... This Includes church April 17 st the home of the ,..
Mrs. Robert Hwmtoch, vice later than noon the preceding news, which In the future will bride's sister. Mn. ZA1 Everett : .f let M ai< I... .lot
flu. president: Mrs. lame Far # tl Monday. A wedding most be published Saturday rather Lakeland The Rev H. O. 9* nee -
averp.4 have taken place on the peel.cedtog than Friday. Reynolds performed the
ret l i
recording secretary Mrs.Godat Hews Items to in ceremony I
Saturday to appear la a appear a "
-- ---
. ----- ---- - --- - -------
i be- i anat. ding secretary Sunday edition. weekday edition must be received
T ; Mrs. La Retta Templm, Friday weddings win be published by noon the day preceding "Study To Show Thyself
treaserer; Mrs. Henry in the Saturday edition desired publication
Sdunf&v extension officer} immediately following. For date except for the Saturday Approved Unto God . ."
...... Vraiam Leite Civic Defense publication In a weekday edi edition which deadline is
tion, Monday through Saturday Thursday noon. Deadline for
officer wedding and engagement the Monday edition of The
Delegates to City Cornea: stories must be received two Ledger If Friday noon.
are Mrs. Gates Mrs. Farm
and M,... Caudal Area Cow MR!. F, M. GATES .
- - -
efl delegates are Mn Gates
and Mr*. Hevnisch. Sponsor M

4i Mrs.Daring Byron the H.business Comstock.session HEASE f

conducted by the retiring I
president, M,... Charles MeDiMa .
a report on the Area --
Council luncheon in Barlow HOBSON Ui1 AmiCATIOMS fOR l 4SCHOOL TU*
ifs ,mac Saturday Will be read. NOW ailNO CONSIDUtD

The program. "Primed The hostess who is LAKELAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
-. -. -- .....0 Word and Your Life" will be a BEST QUAimtD
) MRS. M. H. CRAVATT presented by Mrs. Tcmplia proud cook appreciates Kb.1.r.s.s TlHVMBj 9rib CrJ*
,' and Mrs. GodaL prompt guests. i till forest Perk St. fKone SFC

.si Jeanette Perkins And 1. --

Miamian Exchange Vows

Mothtr's Day tt Siwdaf
r MlAMI-Miss Jeenetu Edna
land bride's
sister. The Inn.
PerkimvtfavgMer of Mr. and or attendant's dress' was of May 10. Remember- give mother 'beit
i 1 Mrs. Charles W. Perkins III pink nylon organza with lave everyone's best ftrt en your+
E Granada $t., Lakeland became jacket K E R D
Beverly dress was .
1 the bride of Michael styled the same but n Mae her trey with, one of tote. :
Howard Gravatt April 4 at Both carried pink carnations.Best mesh fme gift Items 'tcmtilobl.
Calvary Chart*. Mt. Gravstfaparents Man
,. are Mr. and Mrs.George Best man was Larry Career Drua Stores. et row Etlerd
- W. Gravatt 18 SW of GamesvBie. Usher were Drt/q Stores . +
t 'IK"* StThe PM Campbea and David Ao f
Rev. Wiry Carrot performed .
the ceremony. Mmic ton.A reception fo owe4 la the !
was presented by Mrs. Ella dunc 'i Row' building
Cameron, organist and Raymond Mrs. Crsvstt Is a graduated
Morgan, ..... Lakeland High School and ,
The bride wore a .....- Jackson Memorial Hospital
trrtgUi dress of silk organtawttl School of harsh*. Her bus-
ft lace lac&et She are band la a graduate of Miami 'kk'Dcw
tied a whtt Iven4er4hrot4 Hit School and University of
orchid and camauons.Mist Florida Catoesvffl Ira Is a .+
ka.rftlPtrtIN of Uk. member of Kappa Fsi, pro .
bad served bar sinter as snaldof feasional pharmacy Ire..,..,. .
...... Bridesmaid was Th Gravana ors living at
Miss Beverly Perkins tt Lake low fcrnnybra*_Road. anAmerican


Choose from those World Famous Fragrances . on Mother's Day

....*.* CWrU set ...........'-00 a.uM,1. ..........".00 r S)0210 til out. comnt itucnon or ottnirto cxiot
f4... tf. RsaAa. .. 7.M r* 21.00 ePel.m.

,. . .......1.60 b JUO CARON Cologne I
Nwi14. NHI .......171 ;
,.,f"", .. g.u.11t.: ..................1.71 .
t.i T*..,rMnMl . .. ...l.tl N ,." .fl.-.I..m.u. What a 1 lovely J Summer=wit11' 4
i ,..... . . ... .....I.W r* I.n
CORD AY $PV'uu Milt TWEED. $"., MUt: ....... .... ......2.00 cool fragrances by Dorothy Gray
T*.i*" Met .. ..............X-M c.a.... ...................1.00
+wrRtAUNG FanveGUERLA1N.i. ....................2.0 *) C*).,.* .....................10 't
lath >*wr' ................z.oo

$"- ""' '' .... ...... .,... r* 1I.M LANVIN Perfumes f
t-rW IW/ 210N/S0 Asp** ............'.$' .. JI.oo
S.. *'* ........'-00.* 17.10
FOR THE DIET-nil"., house is FABERGE satiHii

preparing far Ik* IDsy Reducing DM by shopping for the !.....,....1. .,.,.......1... r. t0 TrevelerW1
laud hams ..toc appear la the menus give byLowmaa. Jrateplwt. *** ...........I"' r* fAO Arp*. .... .................XMTi r
..... .......,......IM .* ,.00 My JU .. ....................1Afa
I s.. ..,.......1.00 H f40 wCrfu.***. .................X40 iii"

Ql/u 9JtD1JJ OM !
: _______

You Can Weigh 10 Pounds @

Less In Just Nine DaysBy d MIRRORED TRAYS I If I

Half grapefruit t OR DRESSER OR VANITY
On thin toy plane fill vbnt I $P
w..a writing HotWeather Cologne
foMoiwd of fmeinrtol
about figure I wonder if say wheat tout Black cod*. a 3 WIlt eoUwtM
of any reader think that 1 MID MORNING -Iinulwd H gold .Air. or

judge people. Nothing by their could meHutmtou. be*. Glut of LUNCHEON tomato Jiuc "!S;::Ca:1)tew** b>cl dVelyes Coo1 Touch Cologne$1 Q2 .Aerosol Colognes.

further from ih* troth There Gnu. salad with kmon or ...., 3cNdPaot NbbIf.... Dusting Powder$!25$250
are many latctnattng oven reducing dnc ng. i (Uc*
MJ< WOBCSI ..hoa* lone ofbi lamb roast tdon't eat the '
ud wsnnlh and personality fat) :v 39. Delicate loral cologne 10 splaeAwon adrr.fovr bath-Cool,7budt i* j
nak their figures that On glass skimmed salt ltimfam'ar.4c*:l completely unimportant On* thin dry piece of wboi t T. $5.79 rm* eurroudrw.ih'N'bire'l2ac'Junelnt j
you never even sours the wheat toast om'eertAom.oIto
extra veigbt MID AFTERNOON a"4 aMIIWIJ.CKbcf lect''Rt11AX
However sine:: 1 know what Glass DINNER irtd DeiigH. . Smartly StIJ
hazard obeaoy i* to beakh
and sine I behave that the One place of bra mat steak t
average woman b affected by or toast (five or six ounces) ,
her watsOine I keen -poundwg One-half cup aquash (y 0opreferabk ,

awaylTUa week. I an bringing Oo-half cup) string bean i aCft'11JRAVE

W soy 1-Day Reducing Pie* On gUU! dimmed mflk. On ,
whka give k s of appleT..I WEWiATEU
from five to youpounds.. How *'Di> Just Few ,
much you toe in nine days Pound Keep You From Per-
depends on several factors. feet Fi&urd" I
First to whether or not you ',
stick with the diet faithfully.
Then, too th* amount of physical Elect 4to.I ra..rd 1 x
activity you indulge in
and your metabolic rate in- HAMPROGERS TWEEDy
flounce the rate at which you w Spraygrancc Mist

fly LLWTHERtCen. r. -'
Subithyd Aloud byCorday
Merw l w own. ane.w.
You can substitute foods oq :
this diet so long u you substitute YOUR f r.. w ostsllaYt'.W r 4.- J FAME: orTOUJOURSMOI
a food from the sam ( _t *
food For instance
group. meat SHERIFFELECT Gift KM with Cofdy rvgnnea
you can substitute a )
KbU.Year ctaow
for flab fowl for a deferent
or '
kind of meat if you { ... .... a... f 1 r .f)'a-.soot wed eJUa,wTonjows
/ Mo,fttehaattaclyfegsnU
remov visible fat and leave J1T..1 e 1 a saw...,.'fla-..
off gravy and broil or bake pick foe run' *and oft
rather than fry th* item. You T..d 4' tetf.for ToBJoors lloi.Far
can substitute on* vegetable .. e.ew..f .,M asati.on alto.. ) a UnuUii Uac aach sj.cialso
thisdoeu' Six shade that art mitt wet IJtnld.a new a. swaN.i.r .
for another. However *o JIM,plus tax.II
that can bread c* color New Ha lice all decorated tea a.sst.W .
& mean you eu.reaRa.L--
put potatoes in the place ofgras. wida.Pdc b oamplota w1fJaUldtf6# .....--
although potatoes SIM.()[army RtSocMy BpeUck.wa.N&II .
(baked) have a legitimate t i.TS .
place on slimming menus. JR 1 t
If you have been hovering I
around a good figur for along JTATfgEfRESEKTAtlVi ;.
time, or a short no"
wnot tea those few pcu-xjf!
mina days't
Here are die meiiui' r I I


.- - ---- ----.-
.. ".' -. .. .-- -- --.1.


LAKELAND Soggy Southeast Gets Respite ,...*. ".* Dressed end B,

-Let's i Drawn PI*. or C*. Sblp' i4

1 ,1 I i From Torrential Downpours Add. FRYERTMKNS aa ate

LItIlIIImII I ; ivP.
&: By ATLANTA, Ga. AP-South- there are about half that iram-i Two men drowned at Max'vine. :
I. ernen drenched with' torrential Fla.. near Jacksonville I s
United States
The happened
rains which caused flash floods I while trying to evacuate a flooded -
1- team playing in and crop damage, welcomed a Crop damage was extensive In homes.I ?
I_ Bridge Olympiad. promised respite from soggy south Georgia, where spring TI A\\ e
r. practicing weather as a storm spawned In planting already was delayed by I
Toronto weekend against the team the the Gulf of Mexico moved out late freezing weather I I TIME FOR A 1 BREASTSDRDMSTICKS T
\ into the Atlantic. About 100 families were removed ,
. Open and CHANGE
from flooded houses
ContInuous rains and thunder
They won storm for almost a week Augusta Ga.. where nearly five
the relatively Inches of ram leD te a IJhonrperiod.
caused small streams to rise
feminine opposition, I C ,
air north Florida southwest
ed virtually even
GeorgIa and southern Alabama 1
powerful, which b The heaviest rain cam during
ta the the weekend. Nearly six Inches J:
finish high .
fen 34-hour In 49Cut
of the Olympiad. a period Re-Elect
The members of some. areas. 6
are Mrs. Jan Stone Winds Hit Miami I AnK
r Muriel Kaplan Thunderstorms were .ccom-
City: Mrs. Agnes panted by high wind In the Mimi -' rrp'ftCHMn;
a Buffalo: Mrs. area which caused some Alt AND SQUAT
gal Mrs. SteBa property damage and two per. wns TAXATION KM, A*FOR Pm..int ALL Cut From Groin Fed Porkers! "SuperRight"Western k
Mrs. Alicia son were cut by flying glass
Angeles. The when a garbage can was blown ELECT
tain la Paul Hodge. through a trIndow.
Tex, and the There were 21 traffic fatalities; Morris Ct_ Ralph J. Rossi PorkCHOPS i
Urn b John Gerber in Georgia during the weekend
Coed and II ta Alabama. Normally CONSTABLE DIST. *5 TAX ASSESSOR
a ".s s..h..wK
Ian Mr collaborated*::. Stone and ..I --....-. -"- H. h6 ..... .. L .. ....

deal apparently contract shown, reached today to' Today Some of the smaller Florida' Counties! Paid ,

bidding. With two I In I last. than $50.00 pet pupil In local' school' h
sake ft b wual to
higher ranking to....
wits art spades HistoryBy
This b not Ideal ta Polk County paid; over $180.00 per pupilIn
ant case because a THE ASSOCIATED MESS I 'local' school to....
of two hearts .- Today I* Monday, May 4, die'
North pade suit to ,rebid but one UJth day of ... Then art 241 FAIR REPRESENTATION IS THE Quarter Loin Sliced S
day left ta Ole year.Today's .
:tages.would also When have South highlight ta history' I I KEY TO FAIR TAXATION. 2 to 3Lb. Average /
Junta shift to On this date ta 104. the ,
signalling slam 'reach: owned Panama Canal Package
Nora could bid her Co. formally transferred Its''
IIIIt without fear of property to the United State i
* *
On this date
Presbyterian la 1(2*. Peter Mimic arrived Lb.
to what to sow New York Qty. .
Integration : : I. HI4 Napoleon reached
ElM, the Island of his first ex1 -

Attempt *ta. in, seven were kOled InChicago's I
SpecSolf Ann Page Pure
MtMPHll (AP)- Kaymarket Square

Of tartan WMJO minister and Negro Joined not ta I'" Hitler and Musaotml GRAPE
ta unsmrfsifirt exchanged a pledge of "eternal [ JLEsl L
ttgrst Second friendship at a meeting ta HOLES!
Qwrcfe Sunda,. tome
Dr Carl Prfchett of I. 1143. CeL Dwight D. its
Ml, and I smiU embower announced fto Nails
tee* student left had been defeated. and bad noctoto -jI JELLYc
reading a sutectent left but to surrender I -
tamed back by .. * If
want fair
you ,
Prfchett led the Tea yean ago-Tto UK te. 2
the ... cavity Comet overrode Arab rap Jar
oi-Aaembby of tads .p skis and voted topermefsi VOTE FOR
M Owrck ta the U debate oa Israel > Jordan
en) atataat selection border trouble.
I' rmfrywtan at tka Ptv yean *f -tlr WiaotMCtoixsua David B. Higginbottom i
yard.. Oeotrat Ass Tic arrived ta Waaklnctonror Ann Pep t"..**fc of Kr"MK*>y "
......, visit win ProaOn ,
.. ,,
Man, 68, To year aio-Atftrlaa Pie The only' candidate for Florida legislature.' NEWTHOROBLEHD PEANUTBUTTER

Bike; From ..9u.......Akw.d Algeria lea hoped ama to Jotatopt. .. Group 3, who actively. opposed the 1961 'I I

To World's ; gyru and Iraq ta the "Pork" Chop" reapportlonment amendment.
\ proposed sw United Arab Republic. No ..... .....
Jane Parker
HOUSTON Trt. ( Ii. -- -- .- . .
R, boner. M, b Whito Enriched Broad
World's Fair-on hie
By Tuesday
b*on sunup kU way U x... ICJTU TtXTUItl imtl EATING Special 33c11.Cb. .
beat hi* schedule, Florida Jar
Ow trip June 1 NO HOLES/
trtft d 100 mile I
former cottef prof..
Kepner aaid has
Ink to the fair NewspapersCommend TtO. SHM4 t.... Tura shoal
lone Parker Delicious
cterciaa. ;
Sandwich Bread ,; 25G
Chamber of the LEMONPIES
ud Senate not
purpose other than ...... saps wiseButtermilk

Bread '::.t 25

* Kynes ; .

t.tU. Uit4 ware

Enriched Bread .2 L Ides, 3)i ) Special!


I ...',',". I
'1It] t1.1 1'j..111 .1:1..11; E LARGE CRISP ICEBERGLETTUCE i ih it
Prove to the Tto AMpeoplo ..,Owed tmawara only to dw "...... Kynot bat naiad a good tfort to ,
tries that who elect and we sla.core .difficult: defy W*betev b*,.....thocwssfriial
>y Ufievo that bum*Is tto Hud to laoU on outriOMfing Money 19CFRESH
actively ulst I of won who siS respect the pubS tmtt who fetQntatoriafty and Ftor head
CIhM him bJ the people tathUttate.* idoiawonds hisser and brighNr' fvfur*," I


"'II la easy to predict victory tot Kyna. It b ICyna*deoMMSlroled hU odadaldroltvo
FOR hard to imaaJM a won better quoBfied for obi1i1y...b ..I grounded to tho low end 2 Lb.
"'-lob| ol Money CnraM>y oduccrtion, respected end orteened by the** who 19C
OF by oxpeclenco U. Florida govarnnealal oi- know him o*a Pena 01 the highast word Bag
lain by teavoraaMnL Wo auogest that by0IIf' choiocter ancIlIWQrit'I.- ,
I / yo/difldi; ci merit, to deserves yow
always hod a way of getting tU
I Polls, .'.IH..I"I "tll |lob done rust| a trio bit better than tile

*VVMS b a top caliber Individual We rate fwd fellow- PEAS 2 pounds 29CFRESH

Kynec quoSBed. .H.... ..., I.j I I .

ICyne ovtstondiiig ...... of fair play I*
I !.>: ft;tUSlURO TIMES. raw of the moat Important attribute hii new LONG GREENCUCUMBERS
"lei th* U bo bU office. Mr.' office calla for I
Auburn Kyne hoe performed welt Ho b InteUgtnt.penanabU .
\ and know tho law. 1:4: sA'f4:1Lwrff4Il"iWa ;
nmnpopar warmly supports James W.
Winter B":A:JtNTON.HERALDIvry I : Kynet for oladion to the office of AMomey ,
General which bo now hold,and which bot
ROW end then a young' nan dhows ...
.t Itstyta fill with d'izdncdoa"
early in his career the quofiti which make
/ for owtttanding public.... and prove 2 15'
that bo merit continued confidence to for
higher potitiom. Such a man b Jam**W.
Kynea Florida'Attorney General.

I '_. MYERS; NEWSPRESS"Kyntt I: !:
I b devoted to the mark syitoni to rStrt Gall PIIaId'teaps ,.. t.. aka A4

I I protect career employees and bo stands on "M3.Ctt Flat Gifts faster w.-. 'u'I5 h
: his own two feet Kvnat deserves to be coo hK c.u.r n.wnc a vac e.torrwr..hc
timid In office. 1 3OO-C S. FIG. AWl.
PANAMA; .CITY. HERAIDICyne I 1 lrwd 1 r lakeland store openat

b wed qualified for hU position CIaNtomt'l p.as..,..ne e.w M.M ...,.. S:30 JLM.
* General. c.-........ ..........cw-. ....


-'--- ----



Fizzles At DedicationEDWARDS 1 _

mlUkm-l ,;,
AIR FORCE! The motor. a 250-ton.

BASE Calif. (AP>-A break In''pound-throsf device destroyed ...,

a weld Joint apparently caused Itself Ina pillar of tmoke and t- e
the malfunction which destroyed name Saturday It war fired as'' ,- r
a flint Mlid-fae! rocket motor the Air Forte Space Systems 1 .... -'
and marred the dedication of anew Division dedicated a new tntjfiring ,
test faculty here, aa Air stand at un aj a alne.

Force apokeemaa reports. storY bonding. ,I, | STOCK MARKET FLASHES \

NEW YORK (AP)-The stock 1,000 abaret. I I I American Telephone wu off
ONLY ONE IS market moved Irregularly m Standard Oil (New jersey H at 140H on 1.000 aharet.
1.9W ature New York Central rose H to
moderately active trading at the dipped V4 to I7H on
v_ opening today I Helene Curtis came back V4 J3V4 on 1.100 ahare
t Change of most leading tuueg at 11H on 1.200 *hare*. Da Pont Radio Corp. opened on 1500
FULLY QUALIFIED 1 .; were cmalL edged up H at 254. hare, up U tt J3% on JJW
Opening block mended: Wet- Sear. Roebuck, roee U to,(hare*. '
flnghoDM Electric, off % at J3 10SV4 on 2,000 chare American' Texa Gulf Sulphur opened on
on WOO share: General Electric Tobacco advanced U to 14% on 11.000 (hare*, up 1% at 14%.
Pr \ :, : off U at tt on 1.000. and 1,000 a".res. I On Friday the Aewciated
ford unchanged at MH 011 2,500. Control Data added H at M% Press average of 40 stocks rose

.; '..,... U. S. Steel lost, K at SH on on 1,400 a".re.. 1.4 to 201L

.. (; ..JII.. _' ] BLUE CHIPSi _
.. .'- ._
-- -
1 NEYr R CAN ut

AND A M0 10 .INIC-W...., W.tt. aty.....e "'-1' bmp to dtt tin *MIt 1'MfrAAltPllT, WHICH

...... In Yell*.. C*.. lt4i .H.* owr HIM H.M feck.* .f tta da.p.< M f.>. ONCE K.EntU. '
dtr, fcffottae tk. .* *'I .*.! N lOVi fcclw. Her s toy .*, kit d.g eI4Ie ..* a wale,

SlayingIs 13 Are ArrestedBy


Justifiable Vice Squad .rrw.r.r l JH f

Peace Jettfc * * *
George learned- hat rated ,.. BARTOW-Tbe theriff de M, Leon R Hunter, It, Wfl. i in STOCKS

tJTUWe homicide to the fatal partment vice: squad contin- liam Smith 31. Charles It 7)... ..I. t I
: EXPERIENCEDIN shooting of Frank Gn.- oed to weekend ecthrhte by Campbell V and JohnathaaFatoon. "t' C 7l -l1.A The Daily Investor
year-old Bradley Negro. arresting 1) persona' on v.rtoot 2*, an of Winter Ha.ven. .: \

charge during the put Each ported a tlN ....,
Green tint to Q' .
was Sit"" '" t.U'I
LAWENFORCEMENT weekend.AeiMed. bond By WILLIAM A. DOYLEQ. Becauae d that decline m
Saturday night home by EbWe Zimmerman, Slyest" \ \ Yen have Mreamd that earning dividend Buffered.
broke the
after ht IntO
DetsDiSeverer old Eaton Park Negro, was earning per there are the bnparunt The laIC cart dividend on the
of Mr Katy Stewart, SI, also YORK ITOCItEXCHANGE
I of Bradley. the vice quad arrested II treated Saturday night on a Ingredient behind the common not was paid to De
\ person, d rtng Saturday charge of puaMailon of alco rill er fat to the market prtreef camber lKhGranted
It John Corner el theI11mIf'I night raid on the Negro' Elk Idle beverage and with" twO II a.m. a ..... Yen hare the said earning per share
AND BUSINESS department ( Lodge to Winter Haven count of Mia of alcoholicDWVrtfVt Price that tteckbalden "nermaUjTcan have *nown Improvement,! lately
Green wa atffl dvtcMng a LWeer Charge Made VHuMJUt ft nOVMC Air Reduction ........... M% repeat dMdend te be to- They went from five anti a
knife when deputes arrived who Pit rat arrested wfcttoOVVA Alden ................... NS aeml when" ....... rtM. there to the three month ended
MAKESCLIFTON on the teens tow Saturday Sidney Morgan. 41. and Allegheny Lodhtni ....... 42% Then, hew de yen ..... Ike March Jl IKS. W II cent a
night\ Me had been hot once gave hit address with e* Miami. executed! a warrant beverage tamed agents| bypeace Anted Chem ........... S)% ......... wish aperry Rend cem- hare to the June, 1K2. fiacalalerter
to the Wl aide fill his cheat wet charged snowing Allied Store ............ NI men stark This eempany ... to 11 cenu a stare to
with a 22-cnKber pistol alcoholic beverage to bt re a juatJoI.Two Am Boss ... ............. IV4 hewn ...tIt... fbtancUl tute the September tKX foalquarter
Mr Stewart Mined the Eft afterlegal
Owner quoted at Lodge Anbvrndate Negroes Am Cyanamtd ........... *4Am masts nf aWTVTM tMMtetfft to 21 costa' I hare M
L. a* crying the hot Green eetttng boor: with pantarion were treated on charges of Home Prd ........... e1 HAm e arterty ftoanctol perteda. Bee the December, INI, fiscal Barter .
after he kicked down the rear of enlaced cigarette*; Illegal beverage tale Friday
lt ........... Nil the Meek has dropped way den ,
of her home She also and with klf
several operating e alahLAIYiII Am Mach tdy ....... JJ%: to market price end .. ask Thing do eeem to be looking
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tine not to cone We ttahM 43, Ill N. Card Bt. charged with" tale of ta..1 Am Motor ............... lAm *%; than three ,...... .1 literary flame we might say
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with pnaaearion. of m Jennie May Carton. )I. war Am Tel ft Tel .......... 1"H wy record of any company I bwg4erm record tt wIll
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told! In Slaying Both era whtte men who, touting 11,001 on charge of Aril-M-Sff-............ 35 H And rn Mum
Candidate wording to Vice Squad Set ale of Ux-patd whisky wKk Armco Sleet ............. T1HAtche 1! the tundi -
Best BARTOW-A JI'MM114 Jme Bowes were working out a licence and sale of beer Top .............. It HAd by Mate- j Q. I bave. reed the General
Nichols Negro war being held at the Netr lodge without a Ilce ss. Refin ................ MH mint that earn 1 Meter Meek It betog dbtribMedtbarehaeert
without bond en I nrardercharge Sidney Morgan w.i reteaaednoer Alto Can ................ MV4 mgt per thtn a ef De Pent
In connection with Setrday bond touting IIJM, ................. *U I.I are the mow \Carp miss an entUnMt .,.....
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CLIFTON L. HOWELLFOR .. ferry Smith alee a Niche band touting II.M. Beth Sue ............... ip4Buw .. fudging Ihtreel GM Net b** bave. never re-
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tabbed once to dot neck", ale Negroes with gambling.Bowen $409,458 Bwttngton ............... dt\1'bUll. E.I. eVi Pont oe Nemoun ftCo
e4ty by Jemet Mertttt Hid eeveral othernertont Benagta ............... 22% a cam- (D.. Pont tor ebon ba*
SHERIFF Officer* Mid the toddeattor who" ware participating Cat Tricor.............. It% leperl* DOYLa I distributed> te ILl Mockboldert
pUce at Memo home, the game, eetaped.Charged WINTER KAVtH-A Mai ofMM Cetaneae ..........-.... JJV* good earning* GM waft that tt (De Pont. )
.: Mdtfel the ffabbt* folbMevgamm4 . with gambllig cattle and calve .- Cbeaetron -............. 21 J< per thare, i' thatobriouIt1 owned... Tboae tfiitrftnrUon ares
IN. ..4 I'\oJ 1 M between the tw* were Lunar Asleep 24.7tme bog end pigs: I haw; end II 1,Che ft OWe ........*.. TmChryUer etdtfc worth i fulhMyN. Du Pont etui
..... + A. TMMM. M. John A. seatsAu eotd .MIate rtoHda .............U.. 4IJ4 But a relatively abort-term upward t lot of GM stock JV
!.thew. 33, MoeeveH Harris aUoe 4urH Ws&EC..N..... HOue raw to earning doe not own a Jut
Ing the pant week" according Ser ................. TOH mean the tame thing. MI42S spree order at Stow report re
Haven's W. O. Whittle Chief of Honda Coda Cola ................. NI (For some ream this column Under court GM dams moat beduunbutad
RE-ELECT SPESSARD L. W. SUM Farmer Market Colgate Pal .............. 4JHOoUim drwt a great deal of mad malning te Du Pont ttock-
Graae receipt amounted to Pad ................ IV about Sperry Rand. It might be Feb. 2t I....
64 RainfallAt 1105,1513? from II market*. Columbia Gas ............ 35 H that the stock bat been a poor];holders you'thould by tee tIsa If
Stfe reported. for the weekending Com Credit ................ 40" performer .. recent" year) So owned Du Pont tack, you
1 r InchesWINTER April 24 M 11 market* Con Edison .............. M You point M nweuufur financial you would have received GM Mock.Du .
1 18 torhided I.MT aid and calve; Con Food ................ NI eutemenu to recent quarter Pont owned the GM stack
2.1M hoc and pigs i M goats; CoMumer Pwr ............ Nu three month period Butleft '''and required by the ...-
E IM A T O Rem HAVEN The I bane: II ...... Cast Can .................. 4TM look bark a bit The 5c.ads famous wa emunot litigation to
U. S. S raking total for W4 hen isis Indlvktual market eummariaaanctuded Cant OU .................. 50 chow that the mnplayyearnings distribute the GM share to Du
.--... about double : i Cut Data ................ tS stared downhill uckholden.
the ltd tout for the Mm Arcadia SUM Uveetork Maivket444 Corn Pro ................ /1114 saves year' ago. Earning per Pont GM did not distribute any
.M..ul -. .! _- 1.Mw.r .- potW.I cattle and calve*. Crown Cork .............. 3l hare went from *1,57 to the Du But Pont Mock. A* a CM Mock
Rate that l..gu Friday and Glade Uveatock> Auction Market Curtiaa,WrightDen ............ 1 rascal year ended March Jl. IMT holder were not entitled
rural ,
I dadcanto .......... 10 4) cenu a stare to the ] you
curt' IUIId through Saturday (Belle ft Ohio R R receive Du Pont" etock.lltjn..
morning reached II btu. and calve.. De Solo Chem ............ year ended Marc II. ltd.Socony M any

sad was even greater to poses Bandar SUM Uvetux N.k' .r- Dr Pepper ................ NS
Th0n t11( ( ith J. 8 t k { real along the Ridge. Friday --'& caul and calve; id Dresser Ids .;............ 33]4! II ... .
raw war an etwoaive bog and pig; I goau.Oalneevttte DuPont ................ **** PrirePIpH' .1 PriceTldewsur
that traffic waa dowel .... Uveatnck Market EMtmaa Kodak .......... 1. '
............... 24 .
................ /1*4
M stop at noon becauae of _iN cattle and calve; 111 bog Gamble Skgmo .......... NS Air
................ NS
......... Tl Tractor Sup
street fiooduvg. Driving coniota and pig*. Ga pac .................. MhoG.n Pit Plate GUM I .............. M
made hated* Uveatock Auction, EJec ................ n I Proctor ft Gamble ...... 77S Union Bag
addition to kitchen were laurauu I Union 04 ................ 42'-4
Such your whoa windaUeid wiper fated Market (Seffner-** cattle and,Gem Foods ................ aPae. 4 Pub Serv Etoc ft Ga .... 44'i' Pac ............. .1%
Man .......... NR.p Union
with the water last ................., 12 Rayblatoe
to keep
up .............. 2JHUnited
............... 4TV Union Tank
Jy Steel
. ..... 5134Ga
Livestock Auction Ge Molars ..
a w. ...... 21
..."a'. rainfall of 1TI lathes Market-M canto and calve; Tel 1& Eaac .......... 33% R. l. R'fIIOI4I ........... 2t HReynold
.. ..... l'4
MIXER/GRINDER ,I ............ T United Fruit .
DDRMEYER war below the average fall III hog* and pit*! f JO&tI.KiIauIUDM Gee Time ............... Il}4 Met S. Ind. .............. $ H
Rind SeI Trust ........... WiR.C U.
I of Ml. Normal rainfall for MockAAvtiln Gen Tire ..................
Rubber ............ MS
............. NS U. S. .
May i*444 Inche The yeafi Market-WI cattle and calve Gd eua .................. :tr. Cole Steel ................
.......... *H U. S.
total ralnfatt M yesterday CaUltt...'. Uvaetock Auction w. a. Gran .............. It Safeway Store
up ................... II'
Scott .............. NS UpjuhnVendo
....... 2 I"Grt'houDd P.ptf'
UN Inches compared Market (UkaUnd41 Gnat A S P Tu .
war ................ 2114
Seaboard Air R .......... 1M"
1.11 inches to the semi and calve I( ..............
u up cattle
......... UU
............... USinclair
laIC ..... Valley Uveatod Grumman ............. a Shattuch '
period luw. ............. 12
month OH .............. 7'tf W. Air Brake /i
After a of drought, Auction: Market ties Oak>- IBM .....................SUt M
.. rainfall for the put II days |O cattle and calve; Ml bop Harvester ............. fI% ............... NS 'I
+i.. reached more than five Inches IMC ....... .. .. .. ....... NS S.C. Elec ft Gal ......... 51 H
andMau1iotUo Southern ................. UVi I Woman KilledIn
the fire department, whicftmaintain Uveatork Market lilt Paper ................. 333j
a rain gauge, reported Inc. Ul cattle and calve; MI lilt Tel ft Tel ............10-4Jone Sperry Rand ............ Sl%
a- or more than hall bog and pig*. ft Uughlm ......... U'A'Spiegel ................... *?K', Rail CrashJACKSONVILLE
of the total for the first foul Mils livestock Auction Mai. Kelley Have ............ SJH' Std 04 Cal .............. '
I month of 1M. ket (OcaU)-Ml cattle ID4c.a1veIi KImberly ClarkICerrMcGee .......... 53%1;std oa ud .............. 4"1'
r- I Si4 Oil N.J. ............. (AP-A car
I The rain a week ago touting ; XO. bog and pig*. : ............... 70i suburban -
train at
about U __ wen Okeechobee Uveatock Market Korvette ................ M3;Sunray Oil ..'........ collided with a a
I !
!I 1314 Tenn Ga ft fu ........ NS .I grade erasing
coowdered to prayer and calve;
I sewer, whose left -1.008 cattle LiarStegir..N A ......... IO\t Tuaco .................. M'/i killing Mr. Oar Naraki.
of carua grower Myer
honeS. Uggeue
Sul ........... :J1V4I about 30.
Tau Gulf
,aid coati were "going sky Uuon Ind .......... **?
I htgh" and then wa a great Une Star Ca ............ 33'14'
I-j I lot of fruit through dropping. ELECT oral tte ............... 1%
r These rain helped act lbs P. Lorrillard .............. /6% RE-ELECT
r c, pew crop and rain continuing Madison Fd .............. 1514
I the put week virtually KlKGSWOODSRROTT.JR MagnavoxMarguardt ................ m SCHOOL
cancelled need for irrigauo ................ NS
I to Polk County grove, for Martin Marietta .......... 17%
the present McCrory .................. NS BOARD
McKesson ................ 44% !
- STATE Men ......................112% MEMBER 1
Mum Howl .125%
for lablaacl'slttI REPRESENTATIVE MMM .... 11%

I BUYS Montg Ward .JH Austin T. x
Nat Biscuit .
I SHOP Nat Can >*%

Nat Dairy 1534Nat

Wasn't it you who wanted I change of menu? WARNOCK'SFURNITURE Fuel .. 31 NS%' RACE Jr.
8 8 tct's Keep Nat Oypaen ,
$ !
WelLthis wonderful 10-speed combination appfi- Nat Tea NS

ance Is the absolutely best way to get it.. .you 33 Nia-Mohawk 51% BETTER SCHOOLS
OkU Gu ft Etoc JJ
with it and comes
can mis and l grind food EVERY NITE Outboard Marine .........
complete with 2 mixing bowls! Pas G. S Flee 31 EXPERIENCED DEPENDABLE

Pan Am Sulphur ......... 31 Vi
Park Davis 29% VOTE FOItGoon
NO 3 Z ALE'S t I TILL P.M. Peps) Cola ............,.. 50% EDUCATIONFOR
MONEY YEAR TO MONDAY TKUI FUOAY Pfizer .................... 48%
I 102 LW" .-.ri.l IK. *. SHERIFF Phil E1ec ................ 12% YOLK CO.RICket .
DOWN PAY .mi K,. A*.. Phillip Morn ........... NS ...-
Pb.. 688-3504 MU 1-UIZ j Phillip Pet .............. 5DIJS N. .... 1... ai't--: ; : rnrww '\
122 E. Mile; St. W. *.,*'' All ands watches I _ Phelps Dodge ............ 193\


''', J

Milwaukee Brave Manage
II_ __LAKELAND LEDGER, Monday, Mar <. 14I. I 1 Bobby Brogan Quit a. aft activt
1'player with World Series bal

I I. I II % Johnson Upstaging World Events I Ibled I ting average to drive tlf la LOWH a run lot* dOlII tti,.

LA; 4 BrooM/n Doc!IMI la hit OB/!
j wW Plata appearance In t017,
\ .
By JAMES MARLOW selves wondering about the dispute In Congress over permitting . - ("
r-- Associated Press News Analyst'presidential chances of Gold-' prayers In public .f> I
WASHINGTON (AP)-Actors water, Rockefeller, Niton, school or the day-to-day racial ELECT
wouldn't like to work with President 1 Lodge and Scranton but on the disputes round the country '' ,
Johnson. At 55. he Is the day Johnson exceeds the speed than K h to recall one of John '" :_ '
greatest scene stealer cf our I limit who remember about the! son's favorite saying' 'Tome E. ; JOSEPH F.
\i w time except maybe for SovIe Republicans? I let n reaM together< <
I I "I Premier I Khrushchev and The Vietnamese war Is going' Alabama's Oov. George C. l<,: k
French President de Gaufle. badly, despite aO the American Wallace spends week hi North .. ; SEDMERACOUNTY
But Khrushchev at 70 has help. But that's hard to rtsualtze. -I era presidential primaries, .
quieted down and De Gaulle at It's a lot easier to rement "proving the North naa eegregstlonlsts -
n makes only an occasional appearanceIii ber Johnson on television and. too bat one guess on
radio announcing the end of the win captures the eye when
I I Senate die civil rights ran dli vte. Johnson makes one speech at COMMISSIONERDISTRICT
ELECT fights weeks old and far from This country wants to Me the opening of the World's 1
settled seems as remote as a democracy hi Latin America Fair 5leentere
: debate in a cave compared with The Johnson pace. Moon \. ,
but whDe a new mBttary poe -
i J. H. (Bill) the single picture of Johnson eminent runs BratR with an and outdoors, Is enough to
holding a beagle by tu ears tilt Iron hand Johfison chewing the make kids wonder, when they
"i i It yelps> I fat with newsmen sticks in the have to stay glued to their i
KEGLEY books, how he ever finds time
mind. I
I Speech More Real 'for his nufnewuvtu
Premise' Overshadows Split .... .
The United States says k will 1 -'" -
;,' County continue its UJ nights over The Soviet-Chinese split mayl:
I FulbrightWill
Cuba, and KnftwnCiWV inlets;be one of the turning points in
; : Commissioner there wilt be trouble if H tries!history but, with an Ks complications CONVALESCENT CIMTHSfr DPENS-U i.E ....,e.. tea.-. Meytf4 GMaar/ ,.."..,
t District I but at the moment that's not' and Ideologies ira harder Visit ..w.4 a )/ .f _,!eel ..*M, nwAtaf H.. tffIde' .*.ala. .t U*.....4 Mess'. this ..,.. ......
half so real as Johnson makings to understand than Johnson .. . GoII.... Dr. s.. I. Cleo', tests
._leee. .. --.. aid .....WIiftt M .. .. Ane.M.e Meytf em
; Small To speech to people In Ms angling he promise of another Rival I Lands dies at a........ M..N."' .., .... Di..i ...". .... -. .....Ioot a. M... Gee" a.If .....-. SeR'wt
Enough garden torment them I tax cut if and maybe. .. a 1INctw. sal Mra. a..t. ,........, .... .P..., c--.,. bahai..4 area ....... ....
Know Yw Republicans- - - - -- -, Who Is going to remember the WASHINGTON AP .......... d .... .p'. heave .. eWt .... sew hEny thassfksam N.. ifi -
dispute with Panama over the ( ) H_ ._ ___ - --
Big Enough To Sari YouR Canal Zone lingering and unsettled dent Johnson Is sending -- I
TUNGROC VARNISHES when his head Is fined man J.W. Ftfbright of
s.,. M..... with stories about Johnson ate Foreign Relations 1 Grants For EducationalTV ELECT
Wogt earners end Q. D. Flair dancing? tee to Greece and

our retired senior let Td,. t.9UKEIAND It Is Simpler to Imagine that demonstrate concern With this the Cyprus Cause Hassle In N.Y.By KiNGSWOODSPROTT
sp.- s..... picture of till boyhood borne '
,: citizen*-my first which Johnson says be has tion FalbricM long had JACK GOULD proTKs from advertising, .to-

concern GUODEN hlllli"llll his bedroom and, thsa hrmpy HIs trip to Europe, but Athens planned!and a (irie) Verla tan chiding those obtained "from JR wl I de tmrfti*|
something as big the "Beverly Hillbill**. the
PAINT CENTER Ankara were not added to hit
as the war oft poverty and the NEW YORK- Educational networks can afford editorial t. e.ce.rsps e yrssferf marteos
Trust Me// lit .s..(Fl IMSITOf ?Id. As.ft. medical care bill. MW bouncing Itinerary at the until White he Mouse called for Sunday a tele vision's growing practice Independence'. ta Mmipsrtsonta STATE ,erewi mssi,lei Fall

r ** t<00 AM. H around on Congress. discussion with Johnson. of accepting grants to underwrite 'as Reports.for Instance "
H. ..... ,.10 ,.M..' Dr The Cyprus shootings make Afterward the White House the cost of programsreft educational TV has tt
I""In,1II will between Greece announced that the President paisyfeeted shamefan t7 Pataar.Mi..lea..
and Turkey two American allies. had asked Into CQfHruwny lit around the .Issue d cljtsrettes
... But what hat BI will can pass to the Fblbright Greek and to. e*hgaveramena Wftt. ne policySpedficany CJbrioft1t8fItIdI and cancer, I

..... fir's KttrJAMES mean to the alliance, tf It gets die continuing Iii ttf1fW Dnlr: Gail Be In "Eornut" With Your Vote
bad enough, to a lot vaguer
tenet and concert of both he a howl teat setup
r L.RODEN statement the memory that than he rarely the Johnson reads, President and Congress with the by a group of small bustftCttfltMl more fiecoodtjr complei the larger keel and w ELECTEAtNOT

.. novels because his mother often disturbing Htuatton on CVus"The that iai hate Yorkbest achieving e sound fInancial
.- used I to aay: "If they're not announcement they tuned .. staUoa WNDT basis for educational TV still D. "BUTDIXON
t- true I'm not biteretwi" I Arkansas Democrat wffl not ta happy anticipation of seelfl remaHM an eteshe fiL As
carry any *uftion
... Ye r f aA Cevnry De Gaul keeps on ,"*,",- the ultimate settlement of the << Uema eve 04 die nor a practical matter mere
Ing the bolts that bold the Western . commercial' screen To their grant In aid not fewer ...
Cyprus question because this
: alliance together but the doubted! wit. be necessity,
TAX ASSESSOR ".... await the proposals understandable chagrin they t
way be ones R. atowrjr and U.N. In iIw." discovered that their appearance There are many programming for
naughtily, doesn't seem hat so Idle ....., the WhIte House Mid.FUbrlght bad been made possible areas where they raa an .f Orcnit Court
l 'tier fi Hi frit I ft* ttr real ai Johnson touring the ".. the Setae through the financial courtesy be made with complete propriety
::: TtLT Appalachian mates. of felt convey ta group of big butbtesvarguing math as the financing
the United
trgency rate. met
A : It to. birder. vnderatsnd. the. States regarding the need fend witS ..... they ware of Instructional I cvtrset, theatrical
: j : over the inure de- presentations,concertsctaL HONEST DEfENOAElE
restoration of order oa the ,
1'--1. and trill report to the \'e Mataihatu tower meet' But to the tl
u a. ring controversial DEDICATED
President Me
I Polk Countians I ha ""ews 01 smpresstaM the Creek as and to Dr. Lamest Gould, president opinion K M nuking! PUBLIC srma
Say: Tvrttllll of WNDT said there a lot ef aa edverury" w titerhis -

I The Cyprus praUmt Is In the was M (.ttestfcm of the station opponent the thounhtfuVnessM referee's TEACHER .{. DEMOCRAT .:. CHRISTIAN
hands of the United Nations. advocating editorial control ...paying... ev hie .... -.
ever the program, but .

i I Citrus Showcase both the factions halt bow were, tnctodedta

r Keep Shelley Boone i Construction He said...he. "also,.....recogwd_ )f *

i Bids Rejected that there could be a pMvkrai
LA ta regard to a controversial

SUPERINTENDENT, PUBLIC SCHOOLS I:i were WINTER tented IUVEN-AK down Friday bids onmnsmsttioa one of the prrtram parties financed ef Mmat.There r-y. I Am Depending Upon YOU

I of the new rVjr. to a prohteat, ie .
I Ida Cru Skowcas* IMaM...... would d ftL Such u ar.rancrment .
.. I to N bam an Lake 1M... atmph does not
Robert Eastman, genera Invite snaKimum ronndmce
\ t . Tar s.,.,......., ef Fsfl lattmrUa, our kk* b hefty S. ..... . I manager of Honda Chnit CirwUOun. and reaortorul Impartiality.The .
: who w* ssyssrtsl law ysen ass .s4 bev b4 M ....... f* rterrt It."- i I termed the bids naecfpuW Issue to tat whetherbroadcaster's a
: SARI WWI RIGBIANDIL and too kith fort conacrnrt to
amount budgeted. lit clear lilt lame to wheiVr
I further Mid bids were returned the viewer II convinced the
*t .IUf lean, tin ... ... tan bat teatime trend far kfltamsul el, tn* to contractor for revaluation ground rules are above .-*. s ,
I tavatf Kkeslk'. to be sure of our ground and n raised eyebrow, the auttonto ) 1\: :
don't want to obligate our. wrong .. . .
. a Ik* timflw. yaws Net lit bai bn Fslk Gay, {.aarlalsaa'sa& tkattey II Selves for Samit Lag we cant The Incident to not without . .: H4
= I**.. be* bit M eetataaetaf laaaar, eaVukUtretsr nail .. *..... lit bat I pe,, value for educational TV .
: wan. tk* cafl4.nc* el ideal prls l,matt, teatksn sod a.rs.... Much el tk. I New bids Md. ices ... broadcaster For one thing
:. audit b bb tar kssaUj csfski. wksal pupil V* hit! Caeaty a.4 ettrettb I lime later tins ww Final perhaps lary will lower their
: .dI." ..... .HUs. . ly bis flat ........ pwf....... ",.n., lean bat I I bids It. will be received by May voicea when they crfekfeecommercial '; f
: ...** ...dI., law yeses en Iii |1Q.-t0Ll( COUNTT DtMOCIAT. TV. Thank to <

..: . ". . cartalaly SksKcy lean. las lea. b new sad wU caallaae I. lit As ..., Science Shrinks Piles t.. t
: it l waaal uaeHatMCsertr.OIT MUDI UADlt. I
: New Way Without Surgery

: . "SIItIIt, .....'. career, raaIa| Irani a tsetaar, tiraaeh ea eneffiMlfaUala ..,.,."..., i: Stops Itch-Relieves Pain
: I* tin ,...t, rlalaa'sny, .....* hitch te b* antrsd. Milefaratlao
: el tie *U4 *dat csvaty sifts tfensf bis ...,-,"' tarn, be. w. '.... i. etla..fl U-(* U.t ...- ....
ant tislU tw --Ie w.Par
: demanitralsd M efolabtrelU asllity aaa ea' .."ntea'ia| el the tryU : ( .= emit- .. ..... M M pests..t.
: prsalean ....tla, the. eatira c....". tiat bas .... tie sisnrat ks bat .. klkai akUily. krt .......... Ie a ea' tails'S ....
ready ....... Hrissi tie. mat tucttul! In tia blttsry al time pill CwstyKkasl "M'" slip tebhr.. ..whseurs'S._ c BaDra. )----. Si
....- e.tka.s -.-r.I. rt4-tiMni -..- la.enrb. ...
iril.sx--AUIUIKOAU STAt .w site, .... .. SltlklMS Ie aM .......
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", .. .. ad,4 .. -. K.oa.a.l.a.
\- Idn.bar) teak plum.K.NUesdaiss .. lk. nova l.aw.,a.. k.
::: . *t>a* el *** larsdts ,." Cs..., alficbU b sk.ii, ...... ....., e lamar I, ... I Ul .n.sisat e.. _A. .a
area ..*.,Ula| prlntls! kai was an MvUkk retard ei lad el bmaarialFauV -
I :: raping ...Ia. Kksel iplsni oa4 certainly tltum ...dIer tar teaaakl MONROE BRANNENTsaiarraw.
: bias to carry eel tilt csmarsksaii,** prey. .. te wkkk .. Is e'WkalU.WINHI ."
: MAVtN IIWLD.I THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOI EXPEUENa tk. shells ... will be MM sad r. OlFfNOUri. UPON YOU. tintow
I : tkUklag. dices, rein* el Fslk Ceenty t* see Ik* tre .....* ana Reflect mme
ElectHOBSON at par Sheriff.
. "A lask I at leans' retied i...1.% bb ,.....* at tckeel *.a.rialnaat herders
.. abnast en tilt faatatlic la tk. way .. .e...."...... b.., tka many THE ISSUES AU SUMFUi COnTUWtt EFTICttNT. OTICTIYt AND COMOtKTIOUJ UWDtfOIOMtNT
:; atkt",...."-, perhaps time. mast .Ussrtaal b rk. overall .*fraaui* | .l Ski. FslkCsoty STRAINTAX far yen. Ike tac,*yn sad yew ".1Ute . . D.nf be .b4sa by
aaklk Kkaal .r't.nu"-CAIlT NEWS CHIEF ball. truths er iwlawaea** .......... wkkk asp lit *Ma* In 4sa.re1i**) et tk* cncl-
MM .... al tilt '........

. *W* M a.t uppsrt bin (.....) wksa bs raa far alfk Ski fin tun* far tk. COLLECTORI My marl since yea elect1 me ly e lope ma.rMpsw( vsan eia gall far
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rkak, w* Isis baa several .. ... t* wilt cl* *ly with bias an ukaal i IS MOVE REPROACH AND I AU f 01 Tout VOTE AND SUPPORT JOWl ON THE BASIS
:: mature aaj .... ....1.,.. e high rsiaatt Isr ham batk .. e sckaal aaailalstralar 01 MT RECORD AS TOUR SKUtfF AND THE POLICIES WHICH I HAVE MT FORTH MOM

aaa at e m.a . w* will cat! our site lar bit" ,..1.<11. ."-UII BAT TO DU.I .
WADS NtWs.t .
f. I Am Counting On Your Approval

: a In htrasti. t* aw '..cll", aa* sir ys,.|,..,, w* mist tvppart Skdl.yu..., Of CLEAN CAMPAIGNING And
: wk* ins br*.|kt a |.*d meters si prsarm I* tilt c* aty sckaal iplsat .. My Record Of MORE
: wl* *.*-fIO'OO, NEWS.

i Vote For ief Keep VOTE FOR and RE-ELECT

:f.. r: :ii Continuing Re-Elect Progress I I j: r'tk1i MONROEBRANNEN

t 'f i 'elk Count last

a Yea SUPPORT ... VOTE,. respectfully solicitee
l ; Shelley Boone I for the condidera. for TAX COLLECTOR .( FolkCounry SHERIFF


AIILITrin your Folk Covnty Tn ColUctor1* office

E I PUBLIC vwwwaad INSTRUCTION dWIJ.dDJL Stkabt... pry a..a I *

1 .


. _ f ",-

- .- "--.- ,.. .,...- -:.-..,.. -_-. > --.--..-.-.- '


Monday, May 4, I9M r rtt
Residents Get Birthday Hoopla I LAKELAND
Mayor ,
Says t ; -- j.. i Disrupts Harry's ,

Bargain On Cost Of Living ThereBy r r , ,. History Work ', IONDEO SURETY


DON RICHIE the him erf the century. when cross his desk i tonal taxes occupational < 1 Many S. Truman isn't getting TERMITE
I Ledger Stan Writer I the mayor was also the cityfudge. I Axle grease-2S cents shod censes building permits, 0.1 much done on his history projects CONTROL
_WINTER HAVEN-flack at bills like these might mule, $5.25; mow trail m and forfeiture interest, rent this week-too many people rut IHSMCTIONl
the streets $5: repair mule harness cigarette and county road tax. 1 making a fuss over his Mth ONE place to call for S2; feed mule $5.75-tor a "Winter Haven Bartow and I birthday coming up Friday. I
week: feed prisoners for a Frostproof, by statistics, have Today he had in congrarojlatory BURKE TOX-lOl
$1. the lowest taxes m the county i -
week letters
telegrams and to SYSTEM
MONEYit besides the communities of Eagle
"It wad much a one- 'reld. They came from Presi-
pretty .
Lake and Lake Hamilton, \OtVi L M ta S*
,mule community- said Dantzter.
minute was staked out hi IMS and Incorporated Mayor Dwight D. Eisenhower senators -I I
: hi 1S1I-twt look at Comparing three elites he congressmen ambassadors
It today, with SI.1 million hi annual !noted that Winter Haven. with I chiefs of state abroad.
yO..1 want: it : expensesyet living hilt is til.OS In property tax per person Wednesday about 250 old
one of the bargains of Polk tn 1J50-51, was higher than friends wilt honor him at a 1
R.,,'. I pUti ivBwtenltf ti let cub ...b!.- County* observed Mayor Richard .Los Angeles' $338 or Chicago's luncheon In Kansas City Just as
Dantzler at a Rotary lunch m.lS-but last fiscal year the have since he
I fut tiring limficiari Ctldti Aimrmsar they every year
situation reversed I ..
eon. Chicagowent
Celtkrrtiei Cite tr eemt to for the end wt4 w left the White House.
? yet Limits FhctMtetn op 100 per cent to Ml.M. DAY LEFTREELECT
it ww , U tten ip kit-enr ills K Los Angeles up M per cent to
fir lay I**' fuses Wi I.. ti uy "y'sr!' his drawL the young mayor V3 J0- nd Winter Haven went YOUNG MAYOR-Whrtw "-'. Meyer KM rlf Defer, Elect To
told the Rotarians that with an DOWN 21 per cent to W 44-I 12 ..e .( .... t(...'< j...t** "T*'*, take New ...ta '- I I
of today's rising costs, ""you near what the .other cities k.sr tc..... .. Marls fw On Wr4ie. fI.Hpt..... Ig .1cttIeJ
BENEFICIALFINANCE could run Winter Haven for 17 charged 10 years ago. HAMPROGERS
thousand years on what It takesto
SYSTEM run Cape Kennedy for one- Example Gives log and building Inspection, library panes resolution governing RAYMATTOX
US billion." He Illustrated what a Winter public buildings and the road l general land Me of areas
LMnt .p to $600 Ml Furniture, C.r of Note From an area that was K Havenite with a $14.000 home payroll of some 200 city em- up for zoning change or Im
mites originally shrunk would pay for city tax and services provementRecommendation*
UKtUMO-8 wf.cial Fiance Co. Of lohtlondGr squire ployes. YOUR
ft Mode BMg MUfual 6-510 to four square mites to the depressed \ .: assessed at $10.000 minus "This' is the bargain of our are made to the city commission -
IS. homestead his
'Ws Winter Haven
WINTER MAVtM-fentteiol Fmonce Co. of Winter Haven city overnment," said Dantx- for final acceptance or re
Jumped to 10V4 In the late 'Wiand taxes would amount to HIM SHERIFF
IK W, Central Arrx besides Income; from at V4 mills. jection. Usually, he said IS percent nAn ATM
2nd ttoor **' ,!!pe Pnofe. i net Bldg CYprm |.21 76 property taxes, some 9v sources This Is. what he would pay ter.The city also is the largest of plan board recommendations H. hi!. _. I N..EP':'. :
..,. and yearly for county fire protection landowner, with portions of SO
f 1 tt a.rA.L rnuwt co_ Include water utility per- are accepted. i I
- and garbage and trash disposal parcels to develop.
The board>> of adjustment,
but m the city limits, for These parcels should be surveyed
this he also gets for an additional -' and either put to me fordefinite which deals with Individual variances
M cents a year! police: Improvement or sold hi a particular tone-
jLQrL Quillian S. YanceyYOUR protection municipal court city]off, M they can go back on the [such as setback requirements or Citizens
engineering services drtlftaae.parb taxrons for additional city In tile meeting of tone ruling, has
cwnHtrte recreation, come." tw Mid.Contois. final say on a ruling and only
I advertising end prottvolton KWr, the courts can reverse a decision. Committee
I i
SENATOR If the Boston Red Vnc. who Special approvals" such ai
ELECT .will need! a .stadium or the new service stations (which do not
Pont Junior College: loeateihere
POLK COUNTY have fpectncany-eoned areas)
KlNGSWOODSPROTT sate of land cue provide are fca the province of the board endorses
I funds for civic assist to these of be added.
t Tht Condidota of the '..opl.Th. worthwhile additions" said "adjustment
I Dantiter, "O r city has come a long
Candi ttt. for the '..opl.Th. JR. White M was on the subject way from bffli for mute tare"
.of city government the mayor said the Winter Haven mayor J. RossiFOR
Candidate Best Qualified STATCREPRESENTATIVE cleared vp some confusion hiIibe Haves And SM grass grows ta Winter Ralph
difference In the city plan- streets these days.
Tht Candidate Dedicated To ring board and city board of
Serve adjustment
Yo"h.a ...Rise a..eh..M Appointed by the till com Babe Dye. wHo pUyed nine TAX ASSESSOR
mission. the pUnfitaf board:earnm In the National Hockey
League, scored J61 gnaw M 2S1
tames. He played with Toronto 1st. ... H. Pw Sr $4wi ea-nesus
I Chicago and the defunct New
York Americans. x


A our children need .

$ 6



V .

m4 Superintendent- of

Public Instruction

: aS

a a DIl L II\n:. . family man and ..h't' leader

.C years old > . |Uff ily married, 21 years . Two children

1 DAY ONLY PrwWent UkvUnd Shrine Club . Put Pit*. Frottproof. notary

Club . former director. Mulberry Klwanie Club
Dese.n. First Presbyterian Cnurth el UkeiMtdBasMer

frotedion, dependable< service of 4-ply nylon

tow of Wards low sole price Rugged nylon 1U1J. Rr n . as educated educator

cord Rghh Impact od motafft damage.Tough

tread rvbber for long wear, more trouUs-free of Seie ct D.fr ee in EtViettfen. UwJvet*y of Tampa
"" driving servka. Deep tread- dded trodiat.N .
\ ) Matter's Defrt In Education, New York lWvfttyAddiUanU

...... so w Md4 se w study at Florida Southern Ulvweity nd U. of Florida
.. ..
-- .
,' ( : ...... Oahe hhr..ah 5. t] qr

) :::: u.". 'Sutla to.f: 6s.ras DILL BEAU . an upertenced leather and eduraiI real admlnUlrator

s4ta 1f.'S. 'S.1.." 22ff' 1 S

1 iosii:: i1.4fS' 7N11 IUS' /S Valuable classrooms teaching experience in elammUry and high

.......-._...--...r......._..u___ schools and college
Principal Mulberry Elementary School; Mulberry High School;

Winston Elementary School Lakeland

TRUCKERS 9 yean Supervising Principal.Frertproof and Kathleen are KhooU

Hun Sift VIa DILL READ . a highly respected leader la hi* profefcUon

Riverside4.SOUAII 115rco. O e : Included among oWeN Bill Read hw held:

j ftUAlAamt 4. preeident, Supervising Principal Group Petit County

+ President Polk County Phy kal WucaUen AsMciation
d aora ... 1,1
+ + A frst4 tine
... ...... u..a for local Oiv.R +President Ridge Conference Athletic League

- wma..ts..as 3 cry. t.rw ..,,Iu. I +Polk County Representative on Florida Council On Elementary
L....+ .+.. ..... Tough.rlo.cord lady : Education
-"'" .aciM I...
I 4. i.d..r.. w.rr '!
.adpr..r ._i w.hr
BILL BEAD will bring harmony back into our Polk County School
--- ---- -
System by restoring cooperation between>> the Superintendent's office and

the Polk County School Board teachers and parent

And, BILL BEAD will effectively here all of Polk County, not as

495 A9* RIVERSIDEMUFFLERS 499MOST a politician but as a respected, Impartial educational administrator.
A MM **tfcsj
atMi "
i .......... .-..... CAM Elect DILL READ, Superintendent of Public Instruction . .

Check borlery, cables, cranking voltage -/ Thorough alignment to
Replace spark plugs (or clean and regap) restore steering control.

.. Adjust Clean,carburetor odjutt or Mall set ignition distributor timing points Lt 499 '0 We,correct toe-in, camber toe-out.,canter Our Children Need...

Test compression;check charging voltage \ 1 _

Sumitiiiii101 Piille listrictiii


j I
I' IM ..!-A4Haven t-





Miaua. DEBLOCK i or .001"" AT III .UC" '*.. a T_, ISmm .: cox A JOHNSON'S, aoa or MAINI A OWNER" ADD. a... ta.l I NOMTMAKtlANO' ADDITION I.-,S A n- :..RPftv', "A" ,..UnI
I Spanish Carlists Hold Meeting I 1 S P o fklf' two as MM "I ., tJVW.MM.l/tr.. Coi NoVT LAItUAND ADDITION
I 11".5 Or
R L/dts 'h.'oll."of. '
2 A e r (
Wont Atlas .... tr. T_, ft
us. MM f11N ..,. it. TW 211
MONTEJURRA. Spain (AP-;loa predicted the raw! would : I., -:=:t:,. Itr. MM'IS III. cot A JOHNSON,' ... aua.1 or HAiNta 1M.' A owtNa ADD. a... it,I I., .., ,IMItM'S. lty fit Rttb1 K"y M JO I'COJl'INO/ ; "J iTitLa"A ADDIT I OA.'.
I I 'Ul. SM. T- MM
The Spanish Carii! who have eventually tucrerd. and Irene! # R r.Ma.IMdd1. Ir.h rNAcM Vi A MOOIMS* ISIS. Asa t*u..ue.. T., MM.... xt K<(|! ,::". w, Tws aa, MM IJI* \. F "_ ?? ?n
h ... .
ought the Spanish thmne In laid the could attend the rally!N /r. r. -. tM atu nr ii n .fl It TnaRts. JOMNIONY" ADD. aa. 55.1 0. ** d 5 'i. ,
jSfflST ,'.
vale since 1UI, MId their *n- next year i ? jMttti I'll I r M *** i1IMR4 "1

Rid rally Sunday without their( An estimated l*.fOO CarKsts 11.-. .rw : SSSJMA V*li liI O.MHUM.T ADDITION a .. laj;,,. a, MM li t,1I. f waasran A OMO"UNO"OIl.U... 11-, 15 1N MM 13 t a_ 11

mw leading lady made the pflftritnajte to the, 55MORI =E "TI".DU" "uLt" 01. "MI o 6lN1RAND tow:I MATTtMSON ._ COR'e NI"1..0"" acorr ADDITION a., r

Spain't chief of Mite. (_t.,I""*"Iin.I '. III ..1 $_tI.016...A N I. tw5,. Ns. "s. **,: rwM' I. ""' '' I ...,$.... 111.1'1 I 1Tw'w'VSTftAMMtlL.l" ,DI 2" H. ........ tlh
aUnlmo Franefoco Franco. reportedty /,. At N M. rt*5 as.tartt TIMPLI PARK he. N.D TwA..'.*"r wail 151T A ...... 11&141 J d t 1 "A..ItIf'..... "4 TtM1II N555 ........'" fl'Si M0'11l

1 S C. Mrmrn: "I CLOVIMOALC ava a... .. "'; '* i I-k. a
passed the word that!1SOLDIERS BEHEADED 1 gjajj,,. at .... A J...". fl. 5L1"L't Pr nM' ; liii
j T. 2i 11J iNTtMLACMtN naiOMTs .. MaKLYNNCMtaj A !05555505'1.5Y or SCOT AOOItION ...eTwA
155. ft. T as.
the Cartifts leader. Prince II' ..... .
LONDON (AP-T British 1ipf tiar ro.12. I I Atha f) t.n.r 501Eas. 1 .. .... MM n*
Carlo of Bourbon-Parma, and 11. M I ft
a T as, MM "I
"' tftfHWa'rie, .. > .. !: w'M J
m *
r ; 0174IsCOtt
tiH bride. Princew Irene of the I okrters kMed hi a skirmish m. 1* II I NANN1ORt5RI

Netherlands thonM May away .nil" \' fti*?BI tribesmen ern lit. * OS." 1M I/It ? 't..:4.t &:'i 'wDARt :I=. '. OP A J.ndL, a. *oi&o-ttt9ifo, AOOITION Ootl. TO ,.uII/IWI -5 ai a. or SCOTT ADD". "r.t, TM II'. s.."Di
PARKER TtMMACI o N', JftM ,... .
MM "
from the annual pilgrimage I roTNta a IS. two' aa MM Nt 11.1 !!
later beheaded. Ind Co
their flNd 4 K"Lhe'Gi" : .1
NMItrMr2lyd faik nli
to Mont..,.". a nuwntaifiliif Hi 'lIIlII. L PtERt/ "U' om"' '''' {DRYLY i .... 55. III..,.. or: lOtHttvt 2 a...r 55 qnYArebEi', Try aa. MM f** ADAMa' a... ia, TV!!
the ADT'O
sere M :
displayed cm tatref
I shrine In northeast SpaM :' o ..... t..5 It II' d a .. .All 11II M i nit . IJINiT A it M. I7d :

The rkNyweda stayed in!dewtt Inwft rrI tlfz. the DdttMe I . MI. -. ass. ,I. TwF a.s RN era ,1MoToas 50' Ntk05i1 .LAU .... t;.. 'tnI:1:: ," U d fIIf ell 1 I a Trnalla1"...-...-.....4 A 11 ss..:
Madrid and sent Car I IMtnI8tY I' A Iri .d M ptrNe :- M N I..'S ..i>a Mtaot.'or ADAMS- ADWTIOFwAMOa NN, wA Ns
meMaaei : = ""
--- ._ __.." .. s Ii 5.11 arlwAN;: COURT aM. as.TwP aa, MM ,'r" "N a.L .
aCa. *dvtitittR1tt LtOAL AOYsRTISMNT. ,IIN..AtWAksR..A 5/ IT At/ t2VIM.! R. rtA4 A i.lnnr MMINTEMLAKC
I Rofitft2iMIM '---- ---- R tr. r. fR f-m Mm-t-r "JMIr M N. BWILOtMa, INS MItVB. Of WAVtMLV" PLAtt At: f tJI'T',5S
, acts. 1Mt '' f.Mwlat 5rn.ls.e ia) t.. !MIA n nf :. s :!'I >>" .... |Ms. JS. TW, aa, MM (*t "'
n r *
UIMM* *> ..
: := : I'A; 1 ( F i'IIN0.. A .. .I r tIt. MN
Iat ' ''' .4 the 1M r' AIM. ifSt *t M, at rtvst&jf tlla T TSKM. A'OA-S-
l". ?rat M ,,,. nl. Nsa.f 'h. '"h, d IMk1ets4. (" l : V-.r.... 1: .--. t. N Mcau or ADDITION a..u it, Tw5 m"a
... _... ,. I NN554 A Rs/N.n [TtMrLC TEMMAtt II ; *> .
1Ik. !tale .r PlaNda Mr IS..l .mt A nw W W1SS.. r : .
.. .. Jr'jSjI /ills NIIw ..
Te. Msan
"""""" M5ea tS .1"'" .11' art '" .r5 -U i *. I. *** ISIS I N 1S.U5.OF SLOCK n or ADAMS'DbIN. 11 T" aaM

;:::: d 'N. 't... "...1.._ ,_ *f 'tU" 0t NLIONT$ IS .... .. .. a.. 5. "jr NtN
L.". A,.. T. a.1 cLOT t sItOVRt "u.'o MORtON7 fDS VI, .. ..... R M._.J'tA Id. ts. ETA irr .r ? 1tln i WMMM rr.at
sat w. ... .
'LoeI : 'V"'I"'I' ACSII N. two ass 0. N
A.IIIO"'O.' .".. .... .. TwA 255 RN NtIN r1: U RN PSI A IMO aiPtat51wI.IN0155ON'1 u',e t rcno....... .. ..."""'- Ie. H. OOMDONt ADDITION S asA T= :a. MMOCJ
I f W '"f N i' I r ir nf *; ifcr '"r I A f..wt.1tMa CII'N KMLNI a. i+ a i w. R CASA attiA leas aa TwP .... MM fitS p wrcNN1' Mtaut. AOo mo'M.. tt Two
I ': A "K. ....... Mfey D" .. r. a"iTM-a OAK PARR tat Aww,.. T M *.. RN "I ill 1 I A s 1t'W Tar ,., ,aa MM tie .

: Oa 11 LIN. acMO a aoivi ioN. A> ..*., a.K.TW t Inst. MM we I 8 u MN K sr << I'T.'aiaiiii EM a ,._ 11 11.55:f''NUs'p'AT51S HtlOMTa *.i t. N.raif Two ia>Ds UiMiii, MM A lit pwM /N COX A MATTtMaON. .5 RAILROAD IF.*0011005 pat .... 'I, Two 5115Os

; A ;;::rt bye IC.-mo" : iI ,'..'L.oJ..v.*. a... is, TatIlNL i .<"".-555aROY1 I l,?:I "!If"'AT RI...,*. SjUQj .. ,ff* III 1_" f' 1IJft'fII., a
*. U a"'H .f It Po.1r i.i w. Y.N etA ..... "A"e Mtsuas. or orLwSMt'a au.-. -- .... IE. TV*-.. "IIII"1r" ADDITION".....a.R5 U tI
.:Ira R. .... t1HL R lOt: .j iS1l s r.r McMAt A BnvANT a TwF at, MM tit
, ,,. ,,,....., ". ...I has ,
w ; ; "t W IIC d || A leans .< K :
1"t t Wljto Tartar .... 'I'h 5455a. Mtaft Or McMAI A SR ANTI' ADDITION .... 11, t.AS'Nt
a n R l'4,11 A r nt IR |CMirwAi, tWMvtT _.. ,.. tw. "a, MM N trH :I. t A'r
MAMKIM: MANOR -r S... '*. T"A n.axi*S"MM i A 155aY<*t '0 > .f R M .in 7 iraawr S...nrmit, IT A 'J.T.: JrtuNava MOST ADDITION 2 I /pMltr- ... N../ANY SwF 21. RN MMy Da t ,. I....1. "
"Lana ...." ......--. A .1.(1"<. .. : 22 as tiTMAMMCLt A 77 II .. __ Wd 1 IAr 1l l. t........ A
N02 f.-III.. "" ,"AWHL HILL S... aa. 1w1 ass MM *'* I';. ; ... ...... I
LAKtvltw" "ILLAOI .... .. two ,,,. .... 1'1 A MMNMNt ."*! pr MMirwAN IYRYETSw '" 2-: ., ttlt5lr =- .O""VIt." .... .n. ... T.# aa. MM at
; 2 WISMM v. A..". ...AAl4RtsOt / a Is. 'two .... MM IllIRdaRds ttl"f:: , t'Otlll1' .... N. two ass. lit wi / 4 A

: 1.00.10. SN. ,. 't. III" RN lit slttsa .WyN.a. u=- }:j h1'lt,0, Mt10Mt1ts t Aa-a'11 V r A"It,1 Two A -:.K MM I" ", ., ? L M": ",'"'h1' 1r a.tlsra N it

M. U--" !,,:ftLAW" .... .... ... T_* .... MM Nil 1.M hw K rta- A N.ISIrIillt lit M. A. 1 II =:: .l .......... A
: "t4.4 W / ati oJ
LAMI AIIMt" N/05511 *. r TMiLta .. u .. A atlM", 0. .>rA a t1.Nra1. 11 1 "I I_ .., -.Wr.w'swr V tST LANttAND ADDITION sea. n, Tq ... Itl NM
e a. Pi lit IILTMOMC PARK a i* 1w5 .... MM Nt n -- MM
,. t. I' r &isa i ate s;jj ii ii JIlL: IN_'a/a h t1fIM4 A ,...... t&VffU '** r ..._..V. A M* It
< P Ir .of It r MJsiofa'Ao'fMTioN wVISSfVa SS'1" It ... .
r. + A Asa a. 5s '''. MM ,
\.AIl.u"o I. .. M luir" W I'M at $II r w .re ; Let J If ,: ...
M a:. t. two ss. ca NE 52' M ft Ir ,., 1 .." JrLAMt 4' N'1550af (1 !".rI-. I 14....... ...., A ARw W. 2421
A AKIN T. RFMM I, A .., ; r- Ira w N r'r
ON ---- .. '...t YORTOM MtlONTa .... f*.41:? *' *. MM 1&1 1.:= : i leer : :t J. .I 555 11 UKA I. & AgaXBll A
.". ttootwATt f. t.. a.. /' M Ht l! 1 .. .1. a 1 I.- 1M 1.L '. "
.' I MPaseaalINNM A N .. M. D..A..t'tt.. or W1'Ii"L."I'"O "00IT10rI
...CM Mtavo"i' 'ctt.W.I r l a! TwN f. MM'?! .. .. I'll eM ::1
"I".W N "
tA ass. Rsa lit k taw A .hJ'.J- : .
,. 'I 55'N ...... ...
e 14" MltW a Jaws mt..\ V Mat A ., A .----P'a... ': li. ,, ,. I...5ta....... 1 .1 I.AKAt ...lAM ADOtT'Otilf fah... 555 IMR

t.,I5N f! 1=1.1.' .Au . ti.(M 211. Rp Ntt I 1, .liMt r a I.'t / ItU.

LAKELAND P.T.A.'s CIVIC GROUPS SCHOOL ...Sasrrr A .... ,. .., .
PATRONS .' 'IIItot_ N fI fill 7 ISIS
stem f. T ..,"...*ra*, MAM. M l I I w. ";, M1aAaV. ""M>*. Oft LAII1'; ." AM AOOITONt6." II
fII wr __ Two at. RI. tatIRe11ANTWO
t" i R!: j a
IN'.1rId.H v *. J.*.. ittWftTr" --r .. __
tlm w" P 551. Ii/N1 lit .j 4 Oft &'1" -.'WAM AOOITION Ian

9 II.f N Miaai,.. t-. .. .......
; I -
Know The Recordof 15NI H. fCJ"'"+y MtSt[r0 A T/055I_ .... N. t.q NI. Spa I.li
.... 1111((1 y.E, b.tiE as t. "If
r va a MAtft'rw aODtfqAtIMBO1.ly.
TloTLiiBr" "VTN Slit ,i "-.r.'" .I"MTI {. TwF .... Rp 55t

}1' "" 11R'f11nA J = : =:::- ;"

t..r 1Rt'II .. ....s aMk maaat S ..IESMMSIIM Nn.lw/
riHSMWMSTtf IOWIIIT .- S... .. 1-, .a, MITX a. A : w
M .lP
&M a5ARE A ; 2.ia

a .A..tfll1o."I LA' IIN NI/Rlt OOVRT bf I h.I1 ,t'.A./ +; "15M
tM Ns. PN ftl 5 I >>
.-i,... U A 55515. uIIN 21/55 4 2wags :

Austin T. Race Jr. c 1fN w a>i AIMNNtt.1 .". .t".J".A iI .e H. TwF w & Yt'ir. .........+1r ? ;..7Lulea
.* NArlf 'tftlllAM .... .N Os
1 A M I .,..,""' at0a1T I. A J i ..aMl.l
A 1 P ==: ; .
NI A04/f40N .... .. / "" n II
s M iYr1.WeSty5 H .. .. r fill .

County-Wide School Board Member tat. fwF RR inL ,I.. ..z.i
r,,- ....... .
II IJ 51i4 .II!I tI ast ... I' Nya ;_ .
II 1445. AaBrw55dlwM ..u seas K f.. M. Pse V
5155irfl ..1 I 1 ,< ,
.. ..... .... .. RM1pNK11 :.
Dear Lakeland School Patrons 1 IMO 1 .... t.. 1 r.u..t.tR/S N a. dtw .t,, Jwl -- .
: ", .'" l.lDl1ON t 1. 511 Pp 55555ll

A rt"1 ... .. t.0145 :'
I ; n ,
Austin Race worked for UrT, w. O .A*..t..aMii.'a... + .;*,.. T" at. MM Mtp55SlitTtli'r I... I' & ..... at....... .
good schools In the Greater Lakeland School ''' .. ,
... .....Masa.. .......:.% I f ".,... II ..... a IMS "-
Area for ttx. years before becoming a School Board Member. Austin .. .1 IA.. a1. M.F -.. Is'lv..Te ''. 1 .u

7". 15'w1w1O0 .. It 1 .. .
Race % RNr11111 ,i '
spearheaded the campaign to provide Polk County Schools with "- 55la' ", 1.
YSIT N .... U. .1..4 ,.
proper financing. He alto 'fed the campaign to bring the Lakeland Area r":. 18:.N..: ... A 11114, I.MtIMrl1.. M 55 ,,11.RN I. 211

Schools up to the high standards existing. today and planned for the w/Iw5a0" brit .. .... .b J1:;" .RN. 555 ,t r N.ww w ,' .1'

future Lakeland Area P.T.A.'s and School Patrons hove seen Austin : .. I I a:: 5 -.... i MwSs I tlA i. ..... t tN : :.:.

Id 551405515 545.1U50 551a ..... .
In action
to properly locate three new schools in the post four years. . Wylrt. ..,"if It K riwl. sl15AS.K .
AEK 1... 111 TN Js .
The 'location of these three fall. /rwiAr. l-Stt ::
schools was of upmost Importance to the to af -. .... ....... 'r 9 g WMlk 1'

lokeland children of the future and extremely important to the ret- .,; .,. ftll ''1'' M//tN1a a... .:. "if at, MM ,It, 1

II .s, sMltaas.. {It t. i0sI1 ;
dents of Greater Lakeland. f ftl = .. a Ra .A.OI55/ ... Il rw5 ... "N JIItA.n
.., Mr fII r / 51N M ... sAM1 I...... r .
; .... :
If the B. II S5WAN NIISNT. DlV." ..... UAH. f .
Polk Countians In Lakeland .. Ip0I '" 1 -
will recall Austin Race's deter. MIS
IA..::........ M't".Z"I ......, t. .. .
mination for schools to be .. y'.r.1 .rr J... I: : .
properly located, started In 1960. He successfully II ".AItAU *."**". Vfr-: M- N a 5L ..;.:
e a. *stis. .. A6.. I
hod the new Junior-Senior High relocated from the corner of 50 + .. J tl/as Me" "- ,
P A NA "IA hOSt .... ... ,t. V.", 5/b1AN Nt'SNT1 gY/15NN a 4.iA : .J
54 I..
Providence and Griffin to the Kathleen Senior High School site of today. ... It 555 555N
:: tNANIN1'4
It I a artj 5E '

You know that a large majority of our leaders in business industryand ::1 TRiwAM a ....... PIEa1 AOgV1055 .A1.N:.:. t., ItS, Rp O[
1SSIS' fII1J n. Ailr M

agriculture belong to one of many form groups, civic clubsor ''A... J := I'.L..u.I iNf n."o ..0011U. w .,.. ,... Nt,455yA A 'S

P.T.A.'s. It .... t.Ib.40 ''1&.11.. .,NyAItR" f..AM 55EI/N 1.F N5N'N. .. !
happens that iN5111 AM i/ C
Austin J .
Race .
former. He also ,,
primarily o II .... ...... ..... II WUtfT'" TIEE11/ fss 11. TLy $5. Rp 11
belongs to II.U. : f" A ('Ie... I1 ..
Rotary most Masonic = .
orders, P.T.A/i and other civic groups. e l sLAi0 .. A TIMMfNaON'' ATKrW ,.,...Pp. lIt
AMU0S51rL 111 EN NEsov a K ..... ...
Regardless of the V. P : >K N s It .... "
group we belong to each is dedicated AM TS .. ,
basically ?tWA PAIR Vi i.. t.p .te.U' .. ._.... "",....t...*. .\
Improving the ideals and kr-. 11 N = W ir W > f'i -- .
irwOT B
welfare of the ) r
As member of
community. a iM1 ywAqu a 1-- .
Jia-rH A $....... l '1M
.. .. ...
one of these interested in W Ialr...N 5as. N 1M2' sON A r.lAM/Y Aoal. 10gt:15N 551. MMj $1
groups, you are seeing the school of .
system ... ... ".. ills .N 55E .... SF-1 :r 1

\ Polk County run by a conscientious, hard-working, intelligent School 5.2a5.j ... . ell Iar dD aDOif4N S .... L .. IN at .. ...

Board. 1.-01.--- jWL* or .MAHC ,...... awmie'N a.. .*, ,,.,I M' ..

e ........ '- Iii .. .--... .. I M

i .... IMi aw i I' 04. I ii .. .... h... .......... .. ,,
MY .....
You hove read Ii6ANMi_ t At10It1YN .... .. TT.sNlA., :/ rn. 5. 5554 .a
newspaper reports and ore aware of the magnitudeand 4 Ii" I.P ....,'..1t110ltN ...1... lB A .awaao, ghl'EtA .,

number of problems that have confronted the Polk County Board of A..s., thaw ... sIKi A 1'0 U .q. i1.1 TI ill,iq..I Rp .I p a00IT10N"If

TCtt1M t. a r.t ..... 55.4,
Public Instruction during the past four If have read these ::2 I = .. 11I. ,.
years. you reports H Emen . 's ..

you know that Austin Race has consistently made investigation t. z .1 .1_ .: .
a thorough \ 7 i ar d i "

of 1 : 1. . Iw.W .... :' .
every problem that has come before the Board and has f .:s AIII".OI.1I .A"T'I COs. ..ftft':: O/RttLp ADDITION.

: consistently acted to achieve ,a. .L' ...ft s.. TwAa1S, R
the best educational program and system itteutN.... ..A LOANS Wail .... .. Two. l.C Nt r-. Jl .. ...
; for the school children of Polk County. M M r.r. .... A W1rYwM..u $155 YALbNTISS NEI4NTI -ft'.... .0IJa... T_I.j 55.. s.i 01 u ,.,
6 .
Po ....
'I: .' :\ K 1/ ."."10'" J. 1 N.n12IS II I Lila VISTA *.*. ... Ta Nra a i. t\
t'Itw. l 1' 2IJ'
I :- 1: "l'I
Representing your area on the Board of te. 1 /'. ,..Y 055554575 .5 / t.- TECANPNOI /
Public Instruction is an im- WAINw4f0N PAM J1{ 56.. ; : K la p. t. Ns. EN Jet
portent job and Austin Race loses YYy.f.lka 1 I** T" A..M. -. AI ,' '.
never sight of this fact. His decisions 1 Is f
i i T
.10.10tI. .. ... j a .
are related to the expenditure of 20 million of dollars annually :I '- d 15 ".r k .......', 11 12; .aA$411,_ __ N ilk M ,... El Trs J Its' .le.554=551o. r : =...w. 7. ::

for Polk school operations; they affect large numbers of personnel in .Eft ,.... I;) ;' AAI.:AOOITION ..;. .....T.55554_, ..17. Rs'ialroRtY ."a.. c" ,
the school system and affect the educational potential of all the schoolchildren % : Is'W6.....,_ awn 2 t 1 Nl1aMT t'1' Jlitwi AE'.".". 'II *.. *.

of Polk County. If you want to have a conscientious, dedicated { 5OZKwAIItY Masva OIIwAI tts1.wMCTON' ..AMa ut IA.2.: 1... IL f_.sass. 51555 0" rAlraRiv. 55t1GMYAa'"a.a55r '.!/1
51. T., ...
M 1. ,
MMtr NE SolS' S I.' RN illNIL'
and honest man to represent the Polk 0 ""J* t A w ta* :;..... .... d I .. .
on Board of ; rw. .
you County M v 50 fi n iir.., u..fc :I" ., 11-.. .. 6.
Public Instruction he will SUMAC A BHVANI aiOOND AOOITON""4a. u. h., a*. MM atS 1 ''' ''1 .ua. .... iL T nM r .... I... IJ ,
appreciate ft-- .
your support and vote in the Democratic II 1516. 23.0stIyss. IToi'1S1r' d n .. ,
.. R.L.N
II I:... O"OV" sK. A YL T//
Primary on May 5th O. ....AI A .""ANT'. .0 SOW .... 'I, T.5 255, : r'rsD "I .:AA.r: :is .
: G'1l5IN" "Ute .... N. T.1isti t. 2e ,
aN11I JUTH K.w"JJ'a
I I ars.w2M I 1.011I10" NltONT{ .... 121 '"I
1. .
22 3- 022{ I 52 Tw1 a* MM bl

llo-EIcct AUSTIN '1' HACK JR. ;LINCOLN' PAIt1-ht. "oT"1...... l.oOU TtMHACf UNIT as J";1.1....TV J-pp,. ".. :' It/T
$ rass 11.17055 U T0WNi551P li a N'S
5I15 t o ....o.'T
AOOI"ON.E.BMMtu ;:: 011.4c1.36 N' K d6.r ". .n
MORTN LAHCLAMD ... *., aa MM YOUR COUNTYWIDE SCHOOL 10.1 d : 51 t W. ...... i .N W tw I $55' J: 1r.N 7ti4.!.
BOARD MEMBER FOR BETTER SCHOOLSau4ibt IN ., w n '. H. .... i.W .. N6.' .
OUNA y1 ... .10..,rTr IS.s pp.
r ADOPTION$ a* 1 EN IN i 2s.T i. ill IH'
., I'T I J.sa ..,:. li.tf Xt""A tL, Wt

{ II A ...... SLIT )N It. TowwaMiM 1/11' NNIMI 11_ Sal
i a lOUT"
= III.N4.
RjCUUL .. W di{ Y yI. LAIT

J. ( f L. :. " t 1::'1/1:1:: .... dt OS."iN ---n .t. I

cox.. a" .*"LTV ooaT .... Or TUNA' A5O5IS1Bas. '- .i'J4' 11: '" fa ...... -Y. i.>.... 'I .,

K ir *r /I 11'.N4* t5.Xs'rf fcl it .55IN.T II 51.3, ... ....1't::+1 \., NI'". l0YTM1. SANDS'" 11 aA"
: ,
..... .1 -
II Y.Yr 24. a .. X : a.EltaIM
Pol. Ad. Paid for by friends of Austin T. Race, Jr. Ol.dswrist. tart -..T k.twi.".U1 tt'

,..' :"' .. ......... ..\i. ': ... -
. t1
It. at 4 c al ....,. .., r, ,,,I_

-- '--- '

.......-- -.,- F --.... IT ................ ..""I'j' '1" '- ".::..A.I".E" \:.:-.:. ::-. =1

1A..i.J: ,.; .a) Ltt.u.sa4. i.a.iay. ..ay 4, ..*i 1*

Passenger Train Hits Derailed CivicClub Camera Club Council To Meet In Lakeland I

Member of 20 Florid camera i of camera dub services for the i I Participation hi the event at
clubs will be poking their lenses i:ANSCO Company Dade Thorn-I(Lakeland is open to anyone In-
Freight In Minnesota 32 Hurt into Polk County May l$-l7 at lion of Miami nationally known Iterested in photography, accord-:
the annual meeting of the Florida wildlife, photographer and president
G. Han of
Roundup Camera dub Council. Lake- of Miami' Tropical AudoIbon -ling to Cot Fayette
Great MINNEAPOLIS AP) A:rushed to hospitals and at least around a curve and could not Several of the Injured were ,land'i modern Civic Center com Society and many other St Petersburg Beach president
Northern passenger tram:one persons was listed as critI- halt In time. I railway mail clerks, who were plex: win be headquarters for I well-recognized experts in pho- of the Florida Camera Club
rammed a derailed freight ear'cal-Rodney Nesemeir of Farm. "No. 27 was doing CO to 71 sorting man on the Western Star I the weekend of photographic activity Itography, according: to Gordon Council..
I west of Minneapolis Saturday N. D. miles an hour and It couldn't when they were hurled against anus ID. Cook Jr. general chairmanof
knocking 20 cars and five diesel!. The accident happened hi Min- stop" said Wicklund. their equipment by the Impact. CENTER .1 Guest speakers for the event, the event and president of I The Convention Bureau
engine nrits: off the track.Thirtytwo netonka village west of Minneapolis Great Northern officials said There were IS passengers 'Delude James E McMillion Jr(the Lakeland Camera Club host Lakeland will assist In making

__ persons were, as the Great Northern's however that the speed limit abroad the train. which began 1 HANK rf Binghamton. N. Y, managerVOTE tctub larrangements.,_ _ _________
SO miles hour its run Chicago
Western Star, bound for Seattle for the area is per out ---- --- ------ - ----- --- Un
was picking up speed as H entered and chances are he was not Railroad officials said a hotjournal I
Soviets open country. going even that favt" box on the freight tar
The engineer of the passenger probably caused the original derailment Qufflian S. Yancey: was the
Car Derails train was William Brown of St. speaker at Thursday night's Citrus MAY 5thfor
The engineer of the eastbound Paul. James Walter of Omahi Neb.. Center Kiwanis meeting heldat
RemainIn freight Gene Wickhind. said his Wk'k lund said he noticed he headed for Wolf Point, Mont. the Gold Cup Restaurant I I
train was moving about IS miles had lost air pressure, indicating Slid: Yancey spoke on the purposesof
per hour when one of its cart derailed a derailment toward the rear of "There was a heavy Jerk, civic clubs and the part each
CubaBy and nipped into the path the train and immediately triedto then another Jerk then a sudden man plays In them.
of the Western Star on the adjoining warn No. 27.Panenger Impact and everything went The Rev. Howard Haberle win -
double track. Train BucklesThe flying. He said a man walkingin be the speaker at the next dub
Wickhind said he Immediately passenger train buckled the aisle was thrown down I meeting The Rev Mr. Ha
LEWIS GVUCK radioed No. 27 the passenger and one of Its mail cars turnedcrosswise land was carried out with a back berle is doing graduate work hi FREE TRANSPORTATIONTO
WASHINGTON (AP) Fairly train, but said ft was coming on the tracks. [injury ,education and will speak on his
large numbers of Soviet experiences hi Central America
troops are slid ia Cuba, although while serving as a missionary THE .POLLSCALL
wt tx t
by earlier UA estl- f., r in Nicaragua.
milk they should be approaching c."
the vanishing point by now
StilL American authorities DtlttUNi
are sticking to their crystal .
bans and dismissing any uggetfon .a k @ UONS
that the Russians are! .! .. + QUI
dragging their feet because of
Cuban Prim Minister Fidel . .t., AMP ROGERS'CAMPAIGN
Castro. ., ; tlt": ," The last meeting of the Dixieland -
Just two weeks ago officials! .>, .'V'_ Lions dub was held at the
Here were malntarnrng that the!) city park. Several members of
Russian would withdraw the the Downtown Uon Dub also
3.000 officers and men thevi r''r t tI attended the steak-out HEADQUARTERS
were estimated to have on the A report from the Light Bulb
Wand within two or three! w'1hh Sate was also submitted duringthe
weeks. i y last meeting.In Lakeland 682-3422
Saturday V S. tource Mid al)
urge proportion of this number] Soviet Russia the supreme
-Iww many was not fue* eoV. court subordinate lo the !legislature Winter Haven 293.5422
apparently Mill are M Cuba. and has no power to declare .
But they said the Soviet out, I law MconstHvtionaL
flow trill twit iItue In a steady
although Ma, stream In com ,
log weeks.
The Soviet withdrawal wfll
leave to Castro eperettnn of
niiairrrsft minds ho.et, 241 RE-ELECT and KEEP
J. Blights T. ComteoeConsequently. DrULMINT-TWe was .... tttt> .*.f H.. C M* H.**.ea ......,'.*.*.* ftrar p.w.ga
last harts owl a tm..... ..... era .......... M .. .eeilaar w.- Mia..gaa awl Werasie. ... w1Mi.a..p..i.
Washington. reminded. Cuba that I ., A ....... ...._ said ....... .- we ...*. ... aeI4 10 .lit* It **.* .* *.
L; S, renonnalMance< Mf*** suerthe I p..apa note .... eft .... --.. ...4 than a ... ............-"""" ........ ......... pasha..
Island aril conthm Castro.M ear Mica r.a iMN '-W tai.td ...... lA' W.--.1 _ __
turn. Slid the Cba prapteaM '
wtHiftt wvald fovPfsHf the apt
mia ions. and Soviet Premier, GLEN DARTY

charging Khrushrttfv that retted the ftWItt to Ms threat ally VOTERS I AGREE 1 mm I ; mam I its JR :

eed "the abyss of natbet:
....rSliU" '

atom .of Khrvfthctar endorsing Cuba stepped at ii- :% VOTE FOR
tads oa the plane Air tn: ; _:

.cu c-a._. would *ei eft ate J.B. THORNHILL Jr. I Iii Your State Attorney



; couwnr WIDE : THE MAN

- ;

For Capabl*. Efficient Economical and

REPRESENTATIVE ttuftliu Uk Full Tim* operation nl the 'fl GU Deity, a native, of Polk County, has Wen Durldf ltd final 1 year l. Law { Tax Collector's olflc* s.... Attorney .. the Tenth Joa'kbl Grcaitla(. Justice.f lha Paean &. District I i. f.%
CMinty. H. wen melded U I9J2 I* ...1...4
-. 19s,. ,, .. ...
---- -- the "IU "| ye r Fein the C ry Selici.s
k.u n"u LI L l H..1..11..1Iu..Ln..n1tnnnnnlln'I Deity nene'eo1 AUUm PalrtwKnk IsutitatAubsrwl .Ilk..

t.t.\-.el "Gets Things Done" /0// ) hit, gnedaNien frees High SchML After kit 'iukerfe fr.M military strrka. Deity .t.

t He ..... aervH with the ,..rU. Hi.k .ey ,..,.., tended Stlf... U.iveraly sad wet grodwted
t7'"Outstanding" horn $t..... Uw Scka| (a 1941. He was .dm* .
'I II A9g "Efflcien' "r"JresN" belie..alipi.t' In the Army in H2.
14 t. the FUriJc let .s January I, 1949
AJrosif. fr.** private he First Uewte..iit, Deity
"Very Good Commissioner" Deity it n ertie. t. tk. fermer Cns>l. Iradley sad
amid in Italy,the Sutkeni Fraixe !.*..('., the they hers fir chil4,... Tke family lives U Lth
RkUsUBd ..4 Ge,,,,..,. H. has ce.tl.utd klf' Wales. when Deity It De This Is What Polk Editors Say About sniUary car..f .i Kti,re Officer .nd stow Ckurtk. He it member el the Ki"..UCl
...14. tke rank .f Maj.r, with 21 r"t1 Mr k.. k.


5 County Commissioner, District 3 ti i I THE JOB - I" I

roUt COUNTY DtMOC AT IMTR RUtH Nn SCiaCF-MCaunty government Is
I -.tint tara perfannaac* use big buauiMS . best to have s buiiammn ia UN Cam.aoaswYs .
Pf"IU\"I... chair who cankinee buaweM acumen and The Srete AMemey terve the T..... Judicial Circuit [ipondinf populations In the three caustics love
H .sua* RUEN: HEKALO county operating badal'OUlld-Ln Duaaon has bock wktck i* cemp.'ied el '.Ik. Herdee, andHihl.ads 1 krouKt more sad more criminal' COM wkkk
"UOie DIMM.kM wade a very CMnliet.Tke must ke tried end the lecknic! point. inledre
:: gaud countyIKOSTfftOOF anhiiai rher . LAKE WALES NE S-Tke incvmbmu should be returned
I h.-t ud Mttar.t-" to office without krsMannsi . The present board State Artemey ....t.... scheduled' becoming more lecknkoL
Jaits "I** kiwis i. Hell of thus counties en reguUr data
kendle . under
of Gusty e aa laiOllft'lo as believe is the moat progreaan In addition the Stele Attorney C M
G1 Duaoa ks.kM.dun..,...M and adsinhleJab M ma .. group we have aces ia tkoae pouuuaa in more tkn Tke State Arterney rroascutes.U cepitel ca.... sad ten florid Uniform Support Act whereby, inol
county M ...'* a hard worker four decade . Economy, rfftcteary and progress are to Herdee end HijKUndi. ke bandies eU litany. vent mother may .be... aitittonce ia tupporlceic
N he's agr"aike gu tkag Ikre* words this current board has turned into fact instead case'
N dime and era oppuaniua has of Just words. Our vote and support go to Lea flu.so. .-
:: tacking to offer that Le tact for another term of continued good service." j

.4 do RUSts bHt<
.S' ,.,'. Duncan ban should of the be gaud rewmxxlon ....- newcomer to the district to also the subject of considerable THE RECORD---
t: the ke has holped to concern . to the majority of Auburndile's voter. whohave
cress pracucos
ii be public official
found Dunson to u outstanding
in the countyMVtBERRY 1a"
;: jasull.. the four lie boa nerved the district and all 1 of U tke solicitor
.. JIINt. during year Glen k. *n his career ei prosecuting eHoi- In eleven yeerj service
:: ans-"D\IIIIIIIII of Polk County . I. road budding never before baa ao ."Ditty I9SI. .* .s eitittent Polk County Jobci- and as Stole Attorney, no celt h"dle4 by
i: has done a X etam" jab lea 1M muck been done for ao many at such reasonable swat to,. He served Im this. post for five '."' end Deity has ever keen reverted ky Ike .
: people of dill CQUIII. ldsgt Demos kM refused to confute kw operations to rural | handled oil types .f criminal prosecution Appeal or Supreme Court .ffle'I'
=t derikip and tw*.rtIY to tCOWUy area . No municipality that kM aought reasonable aid
:!: buWIMM tic deserves JIll born refuted . puiuon'a opponent n running at the ,In 195'. ke wet elected State Attorney for the This 1* an eicepiionol record, and i I. ."..d..
ti the good call sad support of ail wrong tune and in the wrong plaaless ." Tenth Judicial' Circuit He was re-elected U thorough training and experience, and of
of cock
:; Polk County" 1960. preparation cone
also bas bsaa ......... by TN Lab W.... Nighlaadar aid TW fed M.... LeedaI 0:

BUDDY CORNEAL WINTER HAVEN-RICHARD DANTZLER I will continue U Ike future, at I have in Ike patl.lo I shill continue to serve you in sacking proper
;t AUBURNDALEHAINES KNOWLES EAGLE LAKE-M. H. MEANS I ka fair' and considerate in every contact I Iskmenl for those guilty of crime, in the
CITY-BUfORD = have with the public, a* I know full well tket the .f Justice. 'U..I I
2 Stole Attorney i* a public servant charged
t a tremendous responsibility.

Ii I ri If! There Is No Substitute For Experience

4 LESW.t .



... .M .. ._ .. _. I lei .... AIIJ t

1 I 11;: 1 I [ I l1111IJn I 1111J 1I11 ::1 111 ] ]JJIJI
1: : I;
; I


. .



Y lttal ovttlttrtRlNCr10tt +!/ UILEIAS1..T user*.' tE.AL ADVtT1ttrlNtN 1

"' c rYt.pOUl; / May 4. liN Mt dR0.., covill1'-OrMt Havana Reports Ilracji-Egypffan
rt .M.'M R LAM i. 't Talll't" 6vDIC''L CR.COVri '

COUNTY NEEDS ..,...M"..1&-'. ......aNt.. ...taOMaLltt..... .,155..... ;E V'tfa p-frB? mi YrTA $.- :. ii0ORre" .H\.IC Renew Union Sought
.. Russians
It .. .,.- ........ Tt lTH JVOtCtAI. C CIT. CMAKttKY MO. &J1.. WTt
1rI5.M POLK CovwTx. rtonroA. nlt .prrLRtt urt. .11 8AX"PIaIIIItJII DAMASCUS svru '."PIICftatirM
:,:.. .: r.. f I1rt tfq..t.par :: IM C, A.IEM. of .. tr
\ "'1P-- .' r.. rorIcLArvta s ftAIr.Q Of vimfc
Ie ... M Pledge Help
"' ar wP ts t GALL .4 ii. I :i to the fotl of a pr u
., '7" tess/ ''''_ 1
11" > tl Saciht
a county commissionerTHAT .r 1l114 : >_om.t ccmstttuunoonced : a
r. 1rR/1ru/ ... PrruR.
IlAU.I''II8ft oa.- / *"* MIAMI CAP) Rmti Mowled : by die Iraqi C
.r.1 t 51.. L IM SttYN COrrAAT Ie ...Jaw T"iwii, j ' A a T A tr1), .." coMinwvd wpjwrt ttiQib ment

::: R! ': = ? .s Tnltf MOM! 715 Sa f aW1 XACHAKT "rrwi M the moment flflM Sad 1 Bflfon would be '.t
.,...., M Lat.1.sA rift RiAaT a ..!_ MM. 55554 flfM," NrgtMt1d7y. totrifd Pta-Arab
SL jftep s-:>
I 1. "' 15 bdJol
WILL &crnt x Lu L twat 5-- i
: -. -- : wry B M .., .4 r.55 ft'pOr1Ie4 / Idle JIMr1ItI'Ifftt cf PresjsAMd
= .. 0144MTCl I Tw. n_" lIT ft I IIroIktcHt f.red' Salem AnT said bi m
m v .Ntl. rS5.PsA I
.., {ere. the mtiM Hid the .o.!eamttti+lent Sondiy over Bi
Work full for To
time best interest of the /tl1 e ALtK2222TV _5 i. .w r rA..fw. RN.1111 5551 L,nu made Sunday bf Ro tn'dad ndto

entire -:-a....r sn.r Cl.rslrl5.i M.01 1. !..R..Il M r IS. ..... A55trx.dor A1eu't AkSxY.
county. 15 1..M ...... _.. I.
5a w : .... i it w..1A5.r.w. Ata 50La 6. !' err at tlt@ClpllriftJfI. ""iBoy II Rescued
f1Rt A.'r. 1roIy f b OPf'jA I LARr t. plats' ta Simi CUral .
Establish and better '"' ... .. ..- --.... IfsrR. f.,N. qrT. .
more community play fftL'..4 $ w r NN. A. ..--r-... 1151 .} I >e Iwoo cut ,JIG qortrd Er-1
rj-m? .T H TIK .Ras s.*.. YIr.r.If1 __ Ie 1'111' 1.A..! tr.A M_ (Ole) Goevin *"After Plunge
grounds to meet the needs of our children 2H 2T** *"2L- H +r S AI *15 If. ....... St tNt
I f*.. c Hl == I *1 N Ira w.N1 ... r.rN 1M r ... ,."Cbba ka. M doubt about.,Into

Provide long range planning for an Ntr. N N asset- 1.r t,.+w.. 'I i 55 u M M 1.+....w'e.rs ._.51..55. ....I/It lSR -die eopporl af the soviet Lnwn GorgeNIAGARA

.*":541Jft.. 1 Ja. = d.rrt t t s. fl rAe M t.+.I.w ..s. ........ .. ...' "Oiba wa defend ft* tertitorristi FALLS, Ort rt
adequate county wide of ....... .rWrN 1.1.MN r I.5 P5555'?. IS.e.5SI ., of Mood ifaeceasary" : -A
system roads. p. '.. bW,.fl A Rrr M .. ... Nils the last drop ted-arecl boy was p-.t
. r x .....r ...........I_15 i tXt.3.5- I..I wI = ..... Gverara trd ,from the Niagara R..CT
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Dr.t 155 b XMa vat let fs0. a rescue i'f
Bring more industry to Polk County. '. 4.......Aw......._..5 RI.N all+5 51..M..FAR...etRfrY1. ....IAnJ .L 00 a N.OA1t !k I f=..=,:-::'.:-:w 5' =:[know bow to defend her revttwOtraTy 'tan Mt fxxtng and ft] I

J... _ __S.a.aMW .. .1 1f.11t AR1A: CM11 I r : WeoIou" fultaf: balfway .,...
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Vocational \U.l Dfl
Technical School. ..vas. rsq As bA 5. A = I 15. --i I. GuekatiM an rye spoke It the derfof -I(rock w8 of the 21.0Ec
.Oa.R Y ... Ie -. O.M ... .:= = ::
.. .. i'tI. rtaim,
. ., -.. .. .. _. 155.1.. 551.. the RMSMII built
M. ls Ir 1'.1 iI 1IIIIT COr SF5T i4f1' ..... .. .,. Mid Ltwmtc
Promote Tourism. % W 51.:V35 It tl.l" ,TNt tilts /VDICAL CIa ... $* ick Htrini JtI4io George U.ttr
.. ..... ." OR p.o1oaIs. .S. ro. 15 *. ...-.. .. 11"1II Mpp 1 It HCOV...,", H. CMAWCI4Tr s> 5511 ar. w ... the of
_, 'W1I.arn .. >rA A Bulb produce and rcpcirbniton. near tap the gorge &
lakes for
Develop boating and fishing. .......... D.0.- -1 JI4r'" n H. .... JrM 1 15555 1I'tIftft .nd Other dar*tea) "1. fort dbappea
ftoaJII fArttrl.em, said
6. 55515 Lt R. 055r. a companion Kea rTmaa.
ItAt.i'Mt h pr 1154 I
It aM tt Nhgara t....
.w1Nfict -- PASO ._ coiM lilt G MineffWB Trtea Sup Rut
eM tNt TO C.tOTTO., .... alt'trT .. -...., ,I .tile ........ QC AMMHjrIMT The tress kept Ow astdl f rrroffint

eovm M AO svo.tCO1M ROA IW-- I cwt.CteCWf cot,., K told mined to CMnea.tte aiMher !. fe t Into rrMr'
ELECT ;OLR COYTT LOIItIO.WAtt. iMw MOM r O tALa }T* t Tt.". "'55C SAL CIAO M rot African ftw ttewtM '. Ireacber0ot Otr
Maly t" 1pr.
;It R PJrTATt 11.. MSR.4.sI:.at:: O1. n.*,0.. t.. A... PMPtI i
&. ".nt, A1+ .1.1 ISS Ie Irv ...... .... COV.TV. M t.Artt.N ....: 6. .... ADYI""U1' rapPuetnn
111. A7 CP.I.Sw..4, .-.- ...... .... 55 _. SISISSIS a. .. 1'.1 I.. un> eoViiror-I I extended a fin t-,
x'b..e a
I tWM. Aston '"If" 415v fl.' ; .nnla Mt AiDlClAl ClOCUfT ladder over the edge of r
t: ... fill 1.w b1. .ht I! It.1.r ... .*I 5 fa IS P15 r...' t I. ..0R R1.060II AMO row I'!''gorge and wed the last r.if
l. 1
Bob Jones 'flooI- M m. 't! *'***r*'* ** .... 55555 PSQrv .. A Pst15.It sp.t5rt1"M'YM17R i ja tcppat MI a pnp o bs
:,:.: : ...,_ f1..tas. ; sal;I.A m ..... rs.lah4R tP'I ,,Hat re5'Ieft,115 at t ;:: t
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t .T trays yA .....- r_.... fill*MtM die ttt nST. +''..st1.4 mitf 1T51 r"t .411 AM10r1At"IPlato.., 'I the dIaIftLI
+.1.+, e If
N r R i iiiiI!.: ... ___ :I I .1L Anl.--
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Y n..l..l r.RM /.... 1ii II ...._. AkLt 1.NH. 1 ". T1ioI Cf UfT tOLyY' 1.x
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M ..-.. r .. anct t I{ 'I T55t5Vt1
1 B 4N. "/ or SALt ts Clll C,0',
COUNTY COMMISSIONER 1 na11.... .r fMo .-WM : -- :.: = 5.54. to WMW Sot < ...... MOm5 0_ '. ....1'I" *, /r *011 ,
.. .. .
x .M -. .. .. .... .,.I1 =:. z:: 9>9i9l r.5110.1 nRa 1'h rfi-..t51IS "f ArHMi > 1K .. .TT. 5. C.RL Ster.5
4 All 155 M 5.54 WI. rb'.W.' ..IIar .5. .... ml5' .f _
Islll..AA; rrak.L.M .. .... .=: 15rr11. -- - P5515.
. ..,.- ... -- oM ...... 551 Lrt.r ... I r111M1, t d1. .w M nw rtrr-iM 1' ..nif I'...5115!. l1 AM ;, '
5 trd Y -- R5 -- trrwu ..tw. nat c aiiii rwrt-i SI f.1' ?IA,... 0. t mt
-' war .. ....V.At1M V .155555....5544 .Pr55 a*!:aam MNIX M>Mk < wi > ; .: .,
Pttx: .J1L =-- r 5.154 M ft. ..:. ..... fill 5... ..... : ....arAMPM
I..._ ..- 7f.. A M ... I. .. ii .. 1 n 5-I 11 055.. ., ell 154rt.ran45 ,. 15IA 1...tr1I"nnn 11 11i.M.n. n 11I".1:1': ", l' '.
.. .AU.n'JOrfr. ",1' .
.. ..! . ...... ,. vJrT .-nr'" '
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.- A... RwaM ::;.1: "t ; 95. ...4 rr w,.. .. . 54. rt. w' I.'
JMMx -
.Y 1*11'aA4 fIR1u I ( .J I IIIor *O .VK .....- ........-_ :r,:. : ;:. ,541-11 0. tAl.I.. .-
.4 tt.1M .
.. .f __ no rlV. fIII- .... r..Ny 1.h !
--- -- --- - : __ ___ ,f tM rmi DM, ..14 I 0..115. f1 PiS 1 1 .55.11 M 5 -I I...'.. 1 .

r.A ;,-,...PM115, "" =' 5555 t. ... 45545*.. 554!'y.rr, 55 55 ,
55 MGM w .1 5 -'
The c/tar .rf"x-r. N sr a t ....*fill n.15...-.-........1.rn fr.i,tr.'*Mwrtt* ft1.A11..I.na.A 55 t' ., ... I
VC3 n r 55.gM
ONLY r..wtip M Pit . .
... .
ISSUEIs .ws .. -.5' .. 155 5-0 5 o .
1 1.w.1.t+.Ar ... Mr. ': 1 u4 r.1. r 1/1" ..wgalAUa Af'1ttaa ............ ..
.1 .r "1 ' lP1 ..._ .... .
54 1#. Y.. . t1q t, . I r.r
: .
tRA.1 C1.f.tirrti[ ., ..o..t M :I \ 1' .. 1'S: "Y...1'w.. _.It-. e4Lf.-...... "
f M .. . . -': .'...'oO.1..l... NY. M. M.M. ; .-
-- -- - ., . - -. .
., ..
,,' .. ,
.. . ..

GOVERNMENT .. ; .-.4.... --it. .... .I

SFd1.Y M (/
ELECT ... ."

.. 't..T'(,'Iv.'tc' ..' ':
,... "I If'" 4wOfCIAIo to'

In Polk 1115.w .LOIIt'.A COY01'Y.1.M 60 Arr.c( .... ..,.
County 'i.', 1011 0,0.' I
, PAUL Cast <.., ....*......
::;u, i..a !.. .tt,
( : 051. t.t1AC.

j .. 4 51.t, Tr.'..Ka.l .
POLE COUNTTI ICOtD of ltO*tC' or fti T
i -'1Nw- .uS5 ......1. Isrs 1L1 CsNa/.+.Ir4.In t1N ;: !<. i*OJ,..i.* i.a.w... 1 t.
VAUGHN .. ...
Ail S ....... ., ..... ...-. -
, t ... ... ........ pss M ....c-.......C..Irs.. P"V..14 ee4 N.Ss.............'RO............ .-/. .N .... s.', 'W........'-"..'...551t ." ?'f'

d 6*, A'a.. ... .......
4 I'
IISt M III -.4 Ib 0, . ... ... ..... .' .
1 .J.1..L. .....JAMrt... .. "
.5555 '. INN --U ->,...?...It, tilnd I99rt99i9t W 99994 *k. c.. N -4 t.i|..| .".,......... ...0....._n.1.. Ii 15555'_v .
5.1.4 ./ I5. I.a II 1.IS IM.... IL/M bass .. ... .. ... MWt. c-.. LM ...R .. fl ..- ......
5l, MAitua K 5J'vast -
0555 55510.
SN5p E1SA00.001.NOIrRal Pdl'.1 psp.. I'IIIe4e' ........ MtktrioA .
A la.f mart! al feJfkM tanks eeralaf. '" > .'- *kW -< ..
oar ,
] f-.I 'of' ,
| N "
I 4. .... .. ... ..
$ !
ANe i
... NILLTS/.WL.R Ls 0.Rss t..- c.... C-.h miananiariaa led ffct Y.rlri .... .. .
11 -. Ib PNI c- ........ i..s.I Mss n MlavbfENDORSEMENTS .. !
...... .. .. ... Mf M fW .< bw 5 tt9t.4. T.*... 91 b.t ., . .4. 1 1s.r51t55 ", i
......-. ea4 Y ..w.sd u......er ea4 '... ...... N 054 .. I
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.55511 cn.M. .LIN1ir.e..... M-sI.s11... ......... .... .... ....., Nlr555.1.. Ie ..... : ,Ii'.....Sill._.-,.lHW..... ....1........,..,..... '.
Sill ee4 .w.... 5114 .115 ISIS ... 1"WI f... .. . '
p.pM. Lss I... 011.1. S.LL.L.aj .. ..... _5 4. *15t 4s "
I, Iles 1550..R.M Is.s .... 1.11 M --.f ea4 ......... t'5554551r'.tSg1 ..s4 .. ,

-, .., _M... .. ..... .1. .
4.H a*.GOOD... Ma.""Nnsc.tot *1aoWo.A ...,'. pww..M b aM ...... .. ........., ee4 ...... .Awe..,....j Ilia.,....... u.... ,. "

err .4.r52.... ...... Sl 111 If!. ........ h 11 51: ,
....... .-..... ....*.... w..s 54...... ., ....... 154 un 1 . ,.

Les W. Dunson ItA ....... ......, Ie .. .. ..., ......... .... .......,. V UNI UU AuoaulO",, Ie lert/l tII4ent Ih JI 14..11 A\IS.c c.. ..1" "

A.hs,5l5 4N1 pIISI.. I/r.. /555 .. Is.11 d .. ... .**4U.y .! fAW VABCIWHtMtf 1st o.t olII. 1 i t __

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L W, Ul D41NSOt(, ..... .... .... TN .--- 11.1 .... ......1 h 055 .... M w a e patlclaE '.'
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..a..s 5w I0......-. .- 055. lu .... ......-s ee4 11.+... .. .... s.s w .... .... .kips ....... twcl s1Il pntk.Ml oN synch .f Mp..a. : irfiKXfeOSWARMING .,

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IJ Masd"- s55. I II3. ... 0L -.- ..,. s '"-"'. ..... ....... ........ ......... ...-.... Il.w Psi c.. 151 Les f
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6.... 11111',1. ..d .... ........... Al n- Is I. is his .. is aril .... date far
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G. V
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.. 1M .:.1111. N.,55 Mps.e' :-:: WHIM YOU lUCTtP LM DMIMTU c...T r...L1'i.A_, L ... aw Mil $54551CMR ( 11 li 55/slrtti ..11.1E TERMITES areA
c- I.lst N 1q .. MOJ Mn. ... .........
c-.e-. ,. Ia.il/. od 55.1 .......,. /!
' w..Maw.I.Iwo.5w.1N."- 'TN M I. 4.... UlfUQ 'U A.tSOCArIOIU A WARNING

, ::= C*.<. |M...* M.in. UM, .54.
j :
r ...- 54 w, ,

11..I..d w... Ha_'. Gea4 G. Continue The Proven Record PLUS
, ... -.. ia 11. .

ti.t.rLs tall GMIII Ib.e"M. IISa1I..d5415..1..1h.1 w L.wll, Of f Good Government Editor;.I tadontntnt by Hit V Ilia .X11TERMINpa

TI MI 11413 . ':::::'",,M... full.r f.l!.wnj! Fitk CewBty I.wspop.nzoue (

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! .. ReELECT CUARMIUO f tortcrw*. xi:

, .. .
(. .. ;....;. .. ,
1 ,,- ... lIn :
\ .... c.a-- ... STAR
\ CO.
i 0.1 --: --. :" WINTER ill N.w Ar1Nds1s i4'-
. ..... ...., ....... HAVEN HERALD
.... ... ..,.. ",, ..-- Ph. MU6119
.. .. LES W.\ NEWS
0"\.1 .
i i 3T1S.. M Winter"Haven
.uU.14 ;.a.5' ....
... M 14 I* NL $4 N' ,W,
...,, .. -.w
: .. Ph. CY 31234POLK
"I. ... .. ..,.. ,

."t. $r1.Q0I Nom... .'..".'\.tIt.Slpl9 .. .. ........... s r- . ... .. ,rt1


.." '141.-' ... .. "...'."-- .. . u" ....." ,.us, ",,'141.1 D U N S 0 N \ / PAUL

.... ..... \.. ." .,',--' v.14 ...




(5544 SMMwN. ..55


. ... ...:. ... .'. ... ,. .. . .' .....

IL -- .
-- .....r--- -

.- ... .., . """' . --. ._ oJ ... .. .- -.--- -__.. __ '- "T __. _. .. ._ ....,.... .. ,


o Northern-;:;;- ---.t

!>, Dancer Heads For Preakness

LOUISVILLE, ky. (AP-Kn- considered the biggest prize in .1 lei. af they both give their Northern Dancer, who took mounts In the classic and none
tacky Derby winner Northern thoroughbred racing. best win most of the time.
the lead In the I1M.8M Derby has been favored.
Dancer to
heeding for Baltimore
Northern Dancer of course, Willie Shoemaker, who rode
Northern Dancer'
and the May 11 running of the off his narrow triumph over the HiD Rise offered no excuse for a* the field of 12 made the his sixth straight was victory worth,

Preaknecs second leg on r cbig'i favored HOI Rise ta Saturday' his horse who was trying to stretch turn, covered the last 1114.300 to owner E. P. Taylor
Triple Crown but trainer Nth running of the Derby catch the winner hi the final quarter of a mile In 24 second, of Toronto and gave the son of
Horatio Utro hat a bo hum attitude America's most prestigious sixteenth of a mile. Early in tying a record set in 1MI by Nearctlc-Natalma a record of
about It alt race. to the only eligible. The April, Shoemaker decided not ta Whlrlaway. 13 victories, two second and
"It doesn't mean much to win- short-striding little colt to the ride Northern Dancer hi theDerby Following the top three m one third in U start
the Triple Crown anymore the first Canadian-bred>> ever to win laying he thought hit order, were Roman Brother About 40 minute before
Argentine Mid today. "When the Derby. Rise was a much better horse. Quadrangle, Mr. Brick and Mr. Northern Dancer' victory, the
these three were the only race. Lure incidentally, gives full "Shoemaker rode a perfect Moonlight They win bead for 1983 Kentucky Derby winner
It was different, but now there credit to Jockey Bill Hartack' race too." Lure satd. "But New York within a day or so Chateangay, disappointed at
: are dozens of big races for J- ability to get the most out of somebody has to run second. and await decision by their Aqueduct in his first Mart at a
yeatotdL'The The Dancer' latent a* the difference Northern Dancer finished hi trainer on entering the 1 1-11 4-year-old.
fact, remain, however, tn the neck victory, two minute flat-two-fifths el a mile Preakness.The Chateaugay finished eighth In
that the weep of the Derby completed .in Derby and track second better than the recordset victory was Hartack' a field of U In the seven-furlong
Preakness and Belmont stakeshasn't record time. two year ago by El Peco'c fourth hi the Derby-eomethmg SS7.700 Carter Handicap won by
'L been accomplished since "The horse to 75 per cent and Decidedly also trained by Luro almost unbelievable when one Ahoy under top weight of 133
r 'Citation In IMS and to generally -the Jockey 2S per cent" Lara and tidies by Hartack.McPhaiUBoyVin consider that he' only had six pounds.LAKELAND.


What Hath KC's LEDGER

Finley Wrought? SPORTSLorenzen

4' ,
By THE ASSOCIATED: nESS League, even he couldnl have

What hath Charles Finley envtetoned the devastating effort Msvnby. May t, 15t/ 21
wrought? till strategy would have on
When the incendiary owner of Kansas City' Municipal Sta
tha Kanaa City Athletics declared dium.Twehr. -- -
war on tile AmercanSCOREBOARD / homer were lilt ton
day at th* Athletic swept a In Ford Evens
Double-header from Minnesota I
7-4 and 1-7 That output increased

STANOma TAIL H./tiara fra..e,, *4...... .... ....., ta 14 the number of xI {Series In Yankee 300 Race
Brf, ..d ...' .> H.,.tie Ura ....* ft** Hwlr e>.M. *.. .. H i... --... w .homers hit ta the four-tarn **- I
NA, --. ..... ..... ... ........ .... ..... ........ A.a.c*. "" |rte between tile team*. ?
|tK.>,.r ** U.ln ., It,. Tk* Oww* .M Ifce .*. .. : The Twin connected tar seven ,I INDIANAPOUS (AP) The winner last year, operate for
....... M -.-. M ...s.UP W........., .......... Sunday and II altogether (North and South are even In the USACLorenren.
-- ....- :;;:: j"'f" I',whU Kama Qty pound out Yankee JO*. aerie who set a record for
NATIONAL LEAGUESpahnShadowed ROUNDUP ,"w.,--.tIft- ........... ... I five ta tilt aVMbteheader and Fred Lorenren, star of the stock car driver by winning
I ..... .. skit. ta th* aerie Southern NASCAR circuit took IIIO.MO last year, tailed Sun
c. ;; :
c 11. I I Home run arc being hM at (IttIt second annual stock car days race the hardest he ever
J a..";y".'.awnar Municipal Stadium at more Chas feature over IndianapoN! Raceway won and he had taken tits
rsi rT:: I..t fit wsl.dwr !twice the rat they were kit last Park' Road course Sundayat straight big one*.
8\. : t tit ours !.1Oft. a record 71.in miles aa hour

"::: ._ dt, I fn ... Of course, rifiley's lactic A. J. Foyt defending champion KeomukaMatiudaTake
tHMN .e ., te have helped. He acquired home of tilt Norther U.S. AIM{ Mot MatchDuke
run akigter Rocky CoUvKoand dub>>, was winner of the Yankee
.1n t. Jim dentil during the win1 iMDVmiAl . MO Inaugural last and I. Keomuka and Hiro Mat
By Substitutes = HAZ2AID-4* *> >. D.s * **>.*, ** year
--- . ..t. American N ..... Iii .,.. ...... li..v..k m.m1 Osel hi rba tv.av.1 contention Sunday Mtfl his. radt- suds each won n fall a* dot
LeegM Pat
....y.. ....... Maw its 4W M hc\ .. k1... ... 1M ..... ,.., C.si.sm, afar burst pair teamed trp Saturday. night
I sitar tear, Page U. M .... a....ii. l...i .i ft......y .. !... inns *. ......'. nosey ActuaRy Lomuea live la at the Lakeland National Guard
.y THE AtMKurto rituiSkovfl jtfcwtout, for IN Me0balw t=,.= m. er and mora secretly xm ructed Pab. CaieM... meb awn .. .hl. f.... l.t the 1M oats .. Elmhurst Ill., and toyt laHouston. Armory ta defeat Tito Canvas
aver W.rrea SpahnJ tMby *_ .i itM4 alT DM Sato bus Pennant 1"ordt.1Id.... N wks. "of. tAP W.......... Tea I IParnHU and Tim Wood to a four-man
Yap Kay Hot to UK MihrUkr 0at..o heat Jane Ik* fasten match.In .
H8 Uafrmtty campus la /trlf . end the fence geneiaNjr I lag team
Braver only pMcker afttr.R. I WiNta Surftfl wag lilt tEl f Colavtu leads till leagua skis]'slam homer that dMnatied a 1 I WOOIJII4. quW er. led for IT lap around ether matches, Don Curtis
Perdwd .. tktrd place ta ike for Hit ItrttM : the twMHng 14-mila courts but pinned Bob Orion In Iwo con.
run drMn tofiv six borne
| run while Cemfl to run rally la tk* fifth Inning and]
National League. aundmea.lManager .. .... : Rook left-hander TammyJoka wag whipped by tranamtaaionland secutive falls while Ah Jacob
ruM o Kli Horn
ma and tied for second sub fiva. The powered baton 0Itn, .
Bobby .ra'..'. ctubj\aalntla.Joaa" ......1 [ I'. fence* have resuMed ta[ peat ) slapped Bahimor wHhtkree4tMer a dutch trouble and to'* **e-j measured Pepy Pern ta II ....
today CM look bat o* ( llwl Mtrtdxl bad a .., : ..:: sight homers-l I by UM A's. 'homer Dave NkMsoa'i tkree-rua| ta test second game slid money, Tk Tamnce ate of their echeduted M mm
tomplew game pushing vicJlone tUft bHort gadding dew and. war1or gave list mitiw laic ihelr k Thor daubei+s4.r.. CaHf. driver Induaapnli ton! ... battle.
rwltty may am win IS* ;fifth str.tate triumph M the first,
ta fee last four 1:
tuns.Sway's CW rtnc M ... IM ami gT: :
14) twa-htt .I tt* pfM< but ha may beat game, but aterimg tricot |*ckmg
amatittlbsf torY for 0M Gias.M'Ipi. tilt audtam hake aubwMMnaEkewker .
by Dean Oawa ike
p ece by Hank I iadwr agamst 1 t Mays Mtfd a atof.. ... ... I. Mped
it . WI M till Atftertraa! Angel halt Ik* aueak In the
..... ...... Ml Sdo w I and M .*t boner rMn| M. I....... there were ifcrea doe .
"' -
.*.'* test*blutr .,.... Phi i...,....dMSg b.Ul.g ''''''IIP UIr ,. = '.. ......, ....*. New York County Commissioner Floyd Woods
Oelpkia and Tony Q ntagtr. to ... WMo Dtrto .... a los .. Mankd. Watklncioa ... .....
a*.*Kter *,imt l... pint.*. rw rawer for die Dod>n.iW = JrJ't.' alt 44: B akiinor mapped

lilt Ntfa al League lea J//m Wyas's tworw homer M Oeve4a lid .Z. Ikea a* sot aMJ4 Edges Superior Acclaimed Editors
stall cartiH ItowMoa h, By Countywide .
aver, pg ziTK ia 8' .'r.. I and Ole.. nipped IM AaIteie -
heavy, die fim toy M.l (SUa ..to: __ Z 14. ..... tfrarp4 a S 2atm. .- MtPhad *only loss ta lbs four gsnwtrttth sty) ftrwra aft<< two !<...... JtaPlooMmp \ Patios whipped Derek' pn .e...>an of first piece Saturday
we* chtrged ta U ttr. ........ for rt..N .-... .. 14 ia tilt only single game sight In Ika Cast LakelandBo Htwipopar o'ifortonf\ \ follow the work of our jovtrnmtntnd
year-old eouthpaw MI ik* cuff 0akI. : Despite use bam run attack II >V Baaeball lag" e by edging
.t youngster. f Uuw named TN Pals isle from atMnd, .u..U. .. K n a* four ...lkt In tilt MMkjaawg ', Superior Paving, J I.McPkall the mon .I.ct.d l to rtpraurtt the ptepU. Bacoui of Chit I ,
6pa1la.f'aIcWr. M bolt soda of Owtr doubl* victory ..:. :: .I-I / ta elm the *tihtc, p for! Bmlta. now leads the th., or* will equipped to evaluate' g.rformonc* ond quolilico
: sprung from die butt over Okt ...... die Atkleur Tk ,...' .11!W *** aa 14 record faitorday
'". turned M hu third airtight" I .I : IHei sewed. an of ika paaaM.ik Supanor Paving, 4); Vkk's. lioni.
rauI'lOU\I performance. retiring 4.4W .: -.L tilt & to George Akjsft s k"rk 4-4: hoodwwa. 1-4; Moose, 14.nd .
.... last II bauen h* faced Track Meet to'...... !. ..-- I. forced la Netaoa ...UItM ..tllli;. Averenea 2-4.

r Tk I4var'"id right" tender) "-' "II.:\IJ........;.... ike wmaliig "''. j,menu'. .wrarw eaM ...atiat Read What Editors Say About Floyd WoodsLAKE
.. produced use only run of I .. '. CH YaalrremkU Joiaad the ..JII Nuns eve S tp'5
... ta tk I II r.' '" .. -,-. keg bad parade ttk a grand1, w5- ... ci ... ...'I.
1M Tk. akutout lowered* acvond' Flacker toning Finals Slated I : .f (oa-. .. _!. _ : -- --___ _

ERA ta a flashy in bad aa 1 WALES NEWS
the Brave' tuff. "... la On Croup IV tret
; pitch .M control." std atchJng I a.lost 14 moot ass slated for *. . terUyt far ti* tciaaren In ta* aail leaf rear* ...** alra4' ran ....

I U Bailey, -H. .M we!T3pen.. radar at U L .un... . aUnetl .sirec.l...ly .taaaaael 5 11 cst . new aalklet ... pra
spots and lie mad my jab, (N..u) ...... fwld.
.*,y I ........ fro ** UUUU.tewc |ra.i wW MM semi mitll..s In li* latar. Oar vets sad ten an May Jill will

daewher ia th* National M. He"" .. PtsM... .. t. ta n.f< Weds .*
League, Pmaburgh cam Iron!, -. K... ttm b.rwgls. J.1. : (IksWalluc.sucr
behind M .*tp $t. Lout 114.; ferae. Chamkarlaln and HUUberaugh . '
kit FraacMco topped La Anfteiet sir be. salt. g laMltty L. $$..r.2y8TATC MULBERRY PRESS

U: Houston beet Chfcagaj, far Ik. Stale.. pre RaP1tC8eNTATIVCKm ". . fulfill1 *ary promise h* m... . hat ,.,..,... with tie 4prM ..
M and CutciBaati swept a dogbieheader -. track and fwd s. t Mat
trek the N.w Yort talarday at Calnaavill cwst e.rMv ..*.*.a4M* a4 tearaa aatauary t* sarv a |ectlf.ly ear tfUtrkt sal li* wa.l*

)Seta 1-, wd M.FtarHer I Top tkrea fuuaker ta rack ceaarf."
wrrt der 4 aia&1ea to iveni will earn a berth .. the
Tony GoMAk la the Mood and state meet I
Joha HcnMUia ia lk. fourth! Field event and pretuniav WINTER HAVEN HERALD
before thatuif th. door. Ht ants ta tilt track event were "
struck out four tad talked twoIt to have been completed thisafternoon *. .*** aa< falnful tartaat *l ti* arfrt swain. .

... tile twit tutor lt iu* .
, Adattuoa tonight win be M POLK COUNTY DEMOCRAT (BARTOW)
I teat for adult and 25
t/ League Leaders I for ....... resist! ,h AN I ". . skis I* trUn li* caeaty'i tat rat wtliaet cartllU say caaatf ..nk...*

... .. ..
a' W.
.*.- ....".

.!. TI .... I" waW 1 *, elan. tier1 weds . dot **htJl*| wok aa our wtU-nn Cry
I m mm' I irs J.B
...:!t K t"ce.rt::: ] I CanMaUtUa."

__ ...
..... d. ....
.110 a&1I. ;
.. rwa w ... .
w//- 'ft ..
.. ".t.-_ 'Y.\: ..- s ". . W1 makes vp a ttraaf part *f li* pmtil *ttseth. C*..., C...

w'= ..Ltl''aJ \: ........ VOTE FOR tulaa."
: . .....-
t : ..:. "".;
atw Woods Also Adorned Ijr
u$=:iy:: : :: =...+4wril".r.w'u ; J.B. THORNHILLJr.YOUR
1 i ku>-rr u n-
awu O4 uf KStuu MJ H H
u >N itr L *'nS. u.kMW .
..u t WMMf**4 **(VTCteMkwrt. iuf *-

..I .. _1. I" aau- Vote Tomorrow WIN WITH WOODS
:-.1..... aal- .,01 i
_ n..n..ud w.l "KVotin- TAX
, ww"a: .
w" 6'.1..33.1
Hem* **M CVt
o.. 5't. M4 tun -.a
.. .
OIl. a.-,1. .. .. .
M.- a WIDE
p.. ..3.... .: ,..
r.wN... Law W 1 -aa..ala... "'w'' t Re-Elect
Ce..l..d Dec'

-&==! c..trl.-. nkin.
Qua III _ w
for the convenience of residents of Lakeland, I pledge to do everything in my powerto .

Elect establish a branch of the Tax Collector's Office in Lakeland. This will eliminatethe Floyd Woods

HAMP necessity of going to Borrow to pay taxes.

Dial. I Caunryvia Vat

ROGERSYOUR For Capable, Efficient Economical and COUNTY COMMISSIONER

Business-Like Full Time operation of thd

SHERIFF L Tax Collector's office

c.... .... J
d m1.s s -
No .... Aft.



. --- .



.UNbtN M ndsy, My 4, JIM I"TN TMI eiwcuii oy'' i PICTITIOUk NAMt LAW TNt TINT JUDICIAL C'" Union Sought
ro WHOM ITMAY ooxrrnloiir : l1 fe A t. "ovl.Tlll"'I"'TT CUlT IN AN 5IOA.POIK
\ i. t. **y ,*>? Mnt lh COUNT" Russians Renew
; ._ "
:; UWt* MrrtMft THE BOW ,VISO It BA\K
FLORIDA.IN Creation! of an
wii PIeH411 MMM Ifs winrMri CHANCCftVCM I Puloun.AXRB Iraqi-Ep
..i.T with tin Ck>rfc l tM NIL all T Peebett ft Pledge Of Help union I to the goal of a DI.'ISal
")Irr u "-. i. sod fir PeR1 : I. BAu.
fJwnir| .) ......... '" >*IU Jtfc tt4CUAUDIA 'h:1.n': .. Socialist constitute:
.t 15 ="" /If III" ROSS NOTICI OP SUIT IN' MOHTOAOtPORICLOSUPt has nounced the
commissionerTHAT PlaltUm.HARRY MIAMI (AP) RuwtpromiMd by Iraqi! gc.Imeal
a county nolle. The fIe "'*. V-whi _
,nod.T whirls I .m ..apne/" ..... POP, I EACH ART. I Cub "even .t the moment f'If Such: a onion would be 'at
'WMJ .1 147 W. Ott EINOI
w T.mM Httkr hi. CReRtS1DRKCt .
I. tk* cny of t4iki4ui TOR NOTICE rtATB or TO rurmtt TO :: t. .5 ...*..... tI.,*, I" tried fight," Havana Radio I step toward Pan.Arab lif..!
: M cwiMry Ml-r t k*. tk.tt the government of Pre.J
1"1IIII'I.a.Jtt1TJf The .
I1. BALUCXOEK H. HmT Mm 4 ""rf .lit > .f ..-.. 054 mniisHrlrMM reported today
WILL: s. n rprfl n m_ s.Ilee5 N ...,,__. bales, In I broIdcut monitored Abdel Salem Aref said hi iu
0* ... .. *r. kmhV twtlflM tlt ..,., MMrt.. Kort Bet I C ITpOTntiicin. f, here the st.tlon Mid the YOW I oouncement Sunday over Ba
tat >. ....
writ nrnn twml flirt
r Work full time for the best interest of the NOtiCI TO JP OIAIR. ...514 rev hi ,t.. .-. MtitMA 0ttft0t y.>Ie1tl1.n .k..T,kTlMlJlf'1ti "tuat".1tI 1 was made Sunday by Russian,dad radIO.

N*l<* Si kmkr Mwti ,It., are and that. M. acs bO.breaal.e ......,.... --"fiN I.. 54a.lot Ambassador Alexander Atewe.I
.... h et
-fcjil "m IM rmlVMl kf MM spy TsI It?. a.we of a new
dearNAe MI
.1151 K 51155 tri1t_ 61505 PI eve it the opening
entire .A t Rescued
r county. Pmk Onmtv 5it. ptorM Cmnmlwlenen, up t* t:M .,.. It. .. 1111I"ltr.. .,. 4. or A PWfXn IIwtPLA"SL555T plant In Still Clara Boy
Isle wkM 4 tnM t. O or A PART 01" LAKE
'1 emrt A. M .r < > P
?2I1LJ2.! II. tin 711. LAtt.taK, rtnrUa, MI rTOtrni .JIfI1'' 1(0. 1en.edlne The broadcast tlM, quoted Efnesto -
LNI w b w a ...... .
Establish more and better community playgrounds twebwlnl Nt.*n. t.*"e pan poMMr ftmmtr reed ter 'IN.".'_. Sad It-. tofnr.lInt .tr*r at tmmnttntt M.T. A.D S. U ,...Phi Slat Bonk t--MP (die) Guevara Cuban, After Plunge

nor IM M..... CI.. I ......eel. .dent w a.rNner i* m. intk tk. Cam >c hrlwlp..db RMW el PMkrnmtr minister of industries ai lIy.jIn&
... .
r the needs of .
to meet our children. l of HrlHl Oem till crtclnl rwrw doubt abed
t.m.PMM1e.tkI "Cuba bra no
''''11I .,. Into
M* BMtPM.. .. at anew or MM wrlttMiH M. ball MM1 kMIHM fM M tk. GorgeNIAGARA
ft beet, T.a >f>n. if ...,. ._ .bled "it *M) TMI *r. the support of the Soviet Uniat"Cuba
) al
Provide for Aen I* kt made rw m* in If r.nl f.B I. IA ... .45.501s.e.a. .... .eaShW MIT- : .1 fast defend Its territory FAU.S, Ont ft\\
long range planning an IM.I t".I-1 *..P. .H.. Jf. tin h .m..M .... AMW.T .: sew t-*iit t. tkOompteKil wffl
;t/l.?,"'. gii.tar fh. SPIeS
i adequate county wide system of roads. Pw. .fnHkW1 ltk C M lnti Lrrrl.,,.,,,pvrrkMInt, mmmimMt my.t... .M smelt) >mprKT>rii. mM CUM: DKAIt C.lltnlB.LT.Id aIn necessary." Guevara a id from the Niagara River t.r
Ml 1 4 tIns tt n.v, PrtkJ Ort ii4 PlnrM. ..e4me "Cub* will not fan Cuba will E dramatic rescue *r' .;
''le I'
'W:' ::.r-: =:: Onttntr. PlarM. nth Ito 4.y fI? the nfltlMil Ape51 .bet
fr 1M M Hrrfort defend her revolutionary his footing and fctl:
industry to Polk .. ...,. .... AprU. A D. IM4. P5I.R hi Ih1 wpb.lM O Hl know how to a
Bring more County. ..t ktraMMwM or miMt*n UMii.rafemtttwl AD D. n RL AJIC. IKCM M I5. rlte.R Cset .e wlt. I ideology" I rolled halfway down t silt J
*' 4ttMMt.. ... kM. .... hi be OHrvN CMlftBr 5th sat blip Iwl. 1, f* dedication rock wan of the 200.rdf
".nrtrtiM .. IKAL>> vin.ii A p.m* to In : .deere. Psrndae.a I Guevarl also poke at the
Mr IM OMntr A> kt* as.
Vocational Technical School. ..ooM. k. ......... in a .......I MIMMM 1-It, ca.r1I f.ilHI be .ban ...,_ p... fer 115 of the Russian built chasm.
!X tt ,
.. ....,
rab.e ? Mtrtr*) Ml the MNf ._.... M Si- c. 1 1Thla Lawrence U
Radio said George of
-MKM MI Jom M rf i1oM IN" TMI ancwiTcouWr O 515x., abet b .abn 0H. plant which Havana 1
Promote Tourism. IWMMy tf.r if 1K4" test TINTM' JUDICIAL CIRCUIT mtrlti a .e.b tee 155 eerie UflP. wm apply span parts for Sugar agar Falls, Ont. was wait-
*" **"" *"""* *" Aped OF FLOAIOA," IN' AND POMPOLK ta t... lib.eLe4Mr.. and repair near the top of the
*t, 7l 7 COUNTY, IN CHANCtHVC.M ItATKb tltll nrt .Iar >f APIs.! mmi and product gorge &
tow*) Wit.MKR MeOTCHeoiCh.lrm.il If_. /M I TMrkH II I.**" steam bullets, wheel and other day when T* lust disappear
lakes for and P... PtA MI n. If. Ho*..lf. said .
Develop boating a companion. Kea f
fishing. r.......> t>. H. gtOAtTAt IL EAT!: "R'F.1tIA VUCU. BARK rvr* .f ClmMt cost Hems
""* CMruuBMi. .T//5_'" H.M.nsS.SPAt. man, IS. also of Niagara F.:3t

"' .,., PltaUmD51 I (. : .. to.Sy a.eL English edns lot the name Trees Stop R0

P; 0.f I4IN ..Inn." from the mutually The tree kept the vwrii fit
IN TOE COUNTY juoots ft 1...,......P..,. TMt CIRCUIT COURT OP pure gold mined In Guinea.on .[roiling another lot feet trite r
COURT IN' AND tot Monet OP SALtNMIr. THE TtNTM JUDICIAL CIRCUIT' the West African coast I river's treacherous _t.:1pUpidL : -.
a Its .n.' M fortWV4 *- OAL vIm $101
MART R. ricVt rTe -... rsan e01a5.l III the .here ... COUNTY, IN CMANCtftVCM ORTM. Firemen extended I tin tn
All taMR.n..I PN.en. Ha. nifw M tl<* CnnHl (VMM K* Still listed 7* Mt NR UI COYR 'ladder over the edge of
: Ins I'h/M S 1Ne5.d. ASlISM ..... OMMItV ... INTO JUDICIAL CIRCUIT r
PtaTMta. WIS Mftj r Its S
P.I. "'.'... -.e. OP PLORIOA, IN A50 *OR gorge and used the last : ,
".... .M e.e fI f .... ant br5r "p =| deselbed. ... FOLK COUNTV, IN CMANCSRVCM a for o to los
:i4 : "fIoof 1ft file In d.Mk.. ,. a5 I_ is .1 P5Mn 55.550thd.b4e5.bw &M.S17w.w'.lbk n SIIII TV*** ut rope
Bob Jones -...- ant 40115041 ...,.... MIId AMOeSM1., P1.atNtA >r. If* 112 five retcvert one it a C::rc, t
A .. Sf1.nt IPa 51a1S e/ MART .... r As0 55 .... at I 1 Y***Al. IATIOXAI I [the chasm
II: I'r'c. ............ ItI loP flee n.f..4* -..Mi in nw anv ... Ht.... .... ..,., M0I( A05 AMIOCINOTlCt r. t.
.1 'U.t. .. Aemee _. rr r.i 1N. .T lb. Out fI# a* CMnrttOun PARt: DCaK rla.uH ItftAL A r.>lfIIt.\"iV ...Y"t.
rMr. lib in ik. M aId tee (- .b "
wr .< t.wt... "."". .. _III. nmWft, HI nttf =M. Pa. D.NM.11II 1MOTICI RRTA bl iZWTS, atel.MS / N M :. 1 Ulf COl.q to
t '-"r ir.1. M.T' fHI TINTS' JVD4CIAL "l
INt J wfitAt .. IJoe male fit .... : 11.4.5 L rbtt/ .5.4 05OP or SAIL OP SAIL OP PLOniOA, IN AMO 1rn
-.1.455. at """. -.... : .., .. ....... 51. x.b. 005W .4a tO.lw01 r: 545k. 5. M.S.S.51.S IMI Pals COUNT. IN (...** .(>
COUNTY COMMISSIONER '.M w .MwaP1 too III Silt ...... lees at ..... .50.A 1IS It S ISIS .1ha N a a >* *.. (.... r1. .lw .I !.- _
nL -.q N. 1b. Plats L. .... a.tw. MM. ....trr ..tin 4 M <*. .kV M). .5155,4 a tM aba.'a5yI. Its
M Ws sod : 555- :Sts .; IIMM .._ CINtIft.OHPI t..s a III. t'11r'tl r' L AtIII' .. <
".'_.1. KHM* b* _'m a .I MMMr w. h 'N "an-t .51'M PHk arMe....... .. M. 155 51555?. tb..lOi. 1.011 s.0M. )f I 1'PHIAll .
DISTRICT 5 4 r..M ... MM. Ml .>_"" *r 05 *' 5415 1* - a t ....I** r1..PM5 <*t.l* M rwtIIIt O. . .twa 1'IAa C.O. -
- 011 55.110." 'nN. P = IN Ps.5sa. iNtfLN ..' 1''s."+
RAI..... rEX/, db <"...-.- Is R..... 90. 50* tat Is .1 551 Rant Rlattrwtlrtn Id f'I tin i;. p.' t '.
--... ,-- 1111AM.M1Pl sIM ';.: & fir Tw: f.1. .t lbM PA UK R/'anf1t'r 1 IT TRNIT 8tJIW:..A.
1 Taw ..,- .7' e/ B rt ,. tl, ft, P0.14. t,...n4aa J.. '
ink AD. IH4.
H. P/I. Ado. ....-. ,.., -... /0RALtt! r M 545 H#/AKjlt. ,...Jr. AI'.... PtarM* .. ___ a PMI tt.L.r a. I- 4.ary ./ NOTKt OP 'ALl "
I .k....... ,..,_ ITst d1l.t .AIL_ KI_ MStO.l'a i titM' I MMI < 1 ia.b 1A 1'y.1. PMto hsIN It .......p rl .. ; r
,," n 1'.M Ik* List aP..M d H.mt l ..ell.ant. 050, a n..., A., ". .
.; ____..._ .__ _.. . .- .- .- - - .'--'- nf ik* it.bt OMin M .M) .*rfMk ,_ 51MIy \to .. ,
r win,. rtarl.*.. In nl I* tOt fcM m4 > 4'M1 INI.4 ..._ III 141 .
41.4 tPas.. tM MqM .45, *l ItwW OnlO 550'11tb.5'.P5.4.. "
M Ik* bkrkMt *Mki s0f lv PMk ros, ... ........t ..*.. .
..rr.., r.4*. .< tM 51555 IS Mw1. PIMM. Kt '. ftot-... .
v- Past sT.. P.* n.totII, .. H 00 A M..M J. r d ba BIJ .4.t
The ONLY ISSUEIs I .w.b55 a Nuns. P.W. M.IW5. lb. lilt b) M ) A I) INL1RA.1 Argon swrtwe5 ..
115 AM **4 t** r.M Ml / I' it. at.A"L 1b5..A ''I'f rS.
'... lilt ..,. ".r A O 144. k I I.... a' 555,5 1 ... .'
f rrull Amnt 1 i. 1.41 .t ', 414 .... ,1 .... ; "
..". . . 'vs 0... h..... ,... ......., .'
- '- - ._ II. a
". .. ...... ,
. h".1 N. .
t I I U .." ..
ELECT 0 "'" " ,
', tct T TVuff ('01'. 7
'.5 PLO*'DA is AND tPOLK

1 It"COUNTY r 40* o IN
Polk County PAUL ::;11: :.,LoU .' .!..,. X.....
.' r ........"

&J..1.! L f'1'1<'It""""

POUC COWMTTl HCOtP ....... ..*.. tW p.* a.CMtay tr.l.lwn bas e ;: ,I''. "rrl b.-.1.'II 45 5.1'..)..,:..' .'T 1 .'...

......1 5.50 '- ........ VAUGHNA t. ,... ...._ ra.
.. .It..., .
.. -l- SI lay cc..w..a ... N O1 ....... tee ..... Lee ..... ,.,-,. .1I' ... ',.
.... k4 a Isis. pM .. fWe pg5..4 Pe.pa..d.0 d ...--. ft" \a Amt."It at'..Sear., .... "

I. . .... iii ua .
\ r ,' T..,.. Jw.lI
tI IMe .... "
N -.4,
o ,... I., ...4 I'" I', .
1 ,. "A. .... ,0. .' ..... I
. .,. _.. . .
.0...-.... e... .... ...... -...... .04 LPO.. 0.1 c...... sd lnlba51.4.05. ,. .a.. no I. ,.'bra .,ll'"v 1, .
.... M .w I.k51.A1 .... b.. Ii ... .. Ill ants,. CaNs bias Is. "IHARIJW. R .II "

1 1MashdIatIT160te: .. 51165 0) war 0.. ..... PNd1. rant'.ltd p.p... mw Mall ...... ,a.lt. t. 4 MHP.IIilly ..
*. It.| I'M" .f MAMmMMBMfotl sinks earslq .11' I ..1 AIIM5r of'",. II..b..4.. ;21' "1

55,45 .a Nt ...,.... ,1.
.I .... ..,. .... ...,.
rt HOlrlTAll AND HIAITM-WU, Ut OWMM U *m. CContinue ..... (_'n'..I. ..... **. loth Si Ill. kII.whipENDORSEMENTS. '.'....trJ' ..._n.. ,
..N ,.. Cssp $55545 055 55 .... .. ..... . II ..... ... IM I $10 at a'' /
b50...... pa.yAlal., ltd 11 .paad .--.... eoo4 aswu.M 1.. ...s lists 1'.wee "'. r Sr .J .w'H .,' I
N ,.. Caws .111.54.. a5urtls slit.
U 'ell ea 4. I'

n. 101. s. lh I... ........ .. IM ...., .. Id_ ....... Ie .... : ".'-1... ler_ a'.... ... .....r..... I IIM .
loth0 ............ 01St ... -.u-'. ..N bas Is. ..IM.Ia/1 ...... IsOb '--.0I11t
........ bs I... ./M/. ..... bNOb 1'541ws leas .... ... s --f sad A.lskl.. a'._ mi t.b4 1'. <_. .
wt nC Sly. .< pu 0
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GOOO tUSINn-l" Casyl pys.sas Ie a.0 ..... .. .NNlaat ltd .... IML.MUM ,
nth ....._ So. ...we. SP 1T1. ll4. ..w.s.... ....- .f H. UKI n. II I PI. .
1 Nr 511D 0

A ....st Is I00M/ .......... Nast IM.aa/1 .. d.0 ,. V waD IAI AtSOCUTMN, 4. U.kfti ..<..... 211\111. t ?1 ..:. e151.l

Les W. Dunson a _..... .........., Ie iqP M .. sissy ..&..... ... .p.A. .* Mc'UM* .( PAUl"" VAUGHN ff CUrt .f ftk I' 0..J _

a ........ fah pwawi.aylhal a a.s .. Laity .. sassy /wws sal ...
Nee sb.sals M ..... sad .wsl.N --... .. Gulf Cwt I.U af( tit UIn s re.etislarsttwslr '.'

L W. UI<< DUP4ON<<. *k.*M kf Mi* <.*. n. ........... N.. ls1 ........ w ...... 54 s w lash ....hw UktU. .4 itU( lat. ....t... .

MH .! p.% C...., M ...... s o..... I .. .u..... 11'.000 ""

.... C.M>.f Cl- IH. Saw ..- spa. Il 41'1 .5405 140 ... jaMith .I 1Ipees s.dw i..s h4. ....... twcb Milo rrntkalr ..aell .f iIi. ..... i. J
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d.ttleaDeer. .... pe4e sal .s..d.i54 leas 554 Nh11iaIsd.A HM .! dab .! tie. Cbt.H CMI! Mr. Yt..V, Jf' ,
.. Ie I0 ..- .... sad .... 1054 !
.5.bal .. p.5 c,1.. Ie6.tilM ........ asks aHita suds rill'. ......... ELM ...... add 11.15Tb. la .., .,w.., b ..>, 4it "
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WtItI IM* M* sad H..M.l.w, k* 0s. *.. TN ....... ..... sad ..... ..... be.l sdsNtTAIU ) tl... IU laW..d ti.. r 4kWY, lIe. hwrvs, r : )

w..s p... -- sad won ..... ..a.I ../ Sad lie s Uk hitiluUy Iw a raid) U turn ; 'if'
sbs IkS. -Tbh -sd..s ....... .I NnM4 h .... ...... d hub c-syw lass

....... WM4 Hit, l*.. O..H.I k..>* .._ 5105 loss" .$Ms. ass td psss.Tbs. af ....., 705t' u4 M ISM .f N tad{.

Ci_. L. W. D...>. ,.. sad ...>..... ..... .... Ii.. ttO --s. Ie ....., ...... d.1i lr lit ,*UtU4) wk' CM tan ulUfMtsftty SWARMINGTERMITES
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bas MJ Www HrMklirt psadibA4S.. A* 0. W ........ Pill (,- l'or-,'I.... ps psi ..... .we .. ..... .Moot TAX
CUT M ......... snow/ awn lit r.hk In SKI o c.aclty.fty .-
LM D.eMa /se/ ........ wee I..it_
.... M .q .< Hi It. WiMw areA
---. 5. ItS6. H. wow. HMI*4 W.Cay M. WHIM YOU IUCTtD Lee ...... C..sy 5--h. M _4e ... 1151 PMpITI. (Vgtsd )< ...w, If

CMSICe ..= ........ h tern MI tk* j .. M .MI/ surd 55 ........... Isriyt ... 0511 Iwpiy.Tbi m UIOAM0 ASSOOArIONJ A WARNING ()

\ / M fat ...
H. M MM' 5Maw. I*. Disc .. .4 Ifc. TO
....... Caaw 1.-. Ms.... LS... 5a.010 HOME ,
.e .... Paw ........ C.Nb .. Wass

...- The Proven RecordOf PLUS OWNERSTERMINq )

H..a1asd Wises Hn'. GeM) C*._. .
.... A_4 M I iII. V 5F .

&. D.._ .... ..... .-4 oil c--.. .. Good Government Ult.rial.ad'"..... by clot &aICI -fit
.... ,elk c..t, .*>. MMKt W k.. bwa ty
<' ,.* s/ MVMMMIM) (- Ml UtL. following ilk
TIMl IAJIJ M 4) 0057 =.. .. County niwspopen: (')






IrplK J
.. ONO. \e.... STAR CO.
41\\' '" c.-- ...._ . 0'1M 1121 .... AMM..." H-"

S) ,\.1 N, .....\a....... ... -"" -' ...... WINTER HAVEN HERALD Ph. MU 26129Wintor

... .. .,.at1 ............. "'" l, THE LAKE WALES ..
. '"' . NEWS
.... .J . L E W.DUNSON
\.I .., : .. ... Std SA.. S THI HAINES CITY Haven
) -" IseV HERALD
\I'V"a. . . u >k b ".w.
b '''' .
.. ..- "'''''' Ph. CY 3.1234
'II LU .. t1 Na1Ttp0r
at .....

:: N YSa110b1 p ... -- CITY 14
. ElW
. il

.,..-..". ."..u.v., ".tt/'bA V\.I\1 /LESS. \ / PAUL

p .
..... "ill' N 1r W tA0 wHLA.pit.
,-.... .\11"-, 'II u VAUGHN

"E",,- .


..... .... MI DISTRICT 3

NW Pass alt

... ...
-- -- --- .

II 111(111 _r fiT .'T'. ....r---- ':-J. J 11 I ; L ,. .
- - ----

.-. ...-. "" '.- .. ...- -- -- ...-. .- _.._ ,.. -', ----. -


... .. .
--- ------ -. .< .u__.__ __._.

Northern Dancer Heads For Preakness ;

LOUISVILLE IC,. (APV-Ken- considered the biggest prize ifl said. "If '
they both jive their Northern Dancer. who took mounts fat the classic and none
lucky Derby winner Northern thoroughbred racing. best you win most of the time. .
Dancer b for the lead In the ItSI 809 Derbyas has been favored.Northern
: heading Baltimore Northern Dancer of course Willie Shoemaker who rode
and he May II running of the off hi. narrow triumph over the HiD Rise offered no encase for the field of 12 made the his sixth straight Dancer"was victory worth
Preak' _.. second leg on rata favored Hill KiM ta Saturday's90th his horse who was trying to stretch turn covered the last tllOOO to owner E P. Taylor
In, Triple Crown but trainer of quarter of a mite in 24 seconds
running the Derby. catch the winner In the final of Toronto and gave. the son of
Horatio Laro hat a ho-hum attitude Amerlca'a most prestigious! sixteenth of a mile Early fat tying a record set In 1M1 by Nearctic-Natalma a record ofU
h about It aH race. hi the only eligible TIle April, Shoemaker decided not to Whtrta..,. victories two seconds and
"It doesn't mean much to win short-striding little colt b the ride Northern Dancer hi the Following the top three, bi one third in II starts
the Triple Craws anymore" the first Canadian-bred ever to win Derby saying he thought Htfl order, were Roman Brother About 40 minutes before
Argentine Mid today. "When the Derby Rise was a much better noise. Quadrangle Mr. Brick and Mr. Northern Dancer's victory the
these three were the only racea. Lure incidentally, gives fun "Shoemaker rode a perfect Moonhght< Thf1..t11ead for 19&1 Kentucky Derby ..winner
It was different but now there credit to Jockey B81 HtrUck's race too," taro said "But New' York within a day or so Qtsteaugay. disappointed at
t1a.ab are dozens" of big races for I- ability to get the most out of somebody bas to run second** and await decisions by their Aqueduct in his first sun as a
year-olds. The Dancer's talents as tile difference Northern Dancer finished in trainers on entering Ota 1 I-ll 4yearold.Chateaugay.
The fact remains, however ta the neck victory, two minutes flat two-fifths of a mile Freshness. < finished eighth hi
that the sweep of the Derby. completed ta Derby and track second better than the record The victory was Hirtack's a field of II in the seven-furlong
Preakness and Belmont Makethasn't record time. set two years ago by El 1 Peco't fourth hi the Derby *omethlng SS7.700 Carter Handicap won by
been accomplished since "The horse II 71 per cent and Decidedly also trained by Luro almost wibeheveable when one Ahoy wider top weight of 133
Citation to IMS and H generallya the Jockey 21 per cent" taro and ridden by Hartack. considers that he's only had six pounds.LAKELAND.


x ,What Hath KC's LEDGER

Finley Wrought? SPORTSLorenzen

By THE ASSOCIATED MESS League even he couldn't hare ;

What hath Charles Flnley envisioned the devastating! effect ka .......,. May 1. 194 21
wrought? his strategy would have on ,
.y1TAKDNt3 When the incendiary owner of Kansas City's Municipal Sta
the Kansas city Athletics declared dl"",,.
war on the AmericanSCOREBOARD Twelve Homer were hit Sunday
I as the Athletic swept a I In Evens
douMe-header from Minnesota I
7-4 and 1-7. That output Increased

TAU-........... Da..... ...... .. .... K.-.. ., I to 24 the number of Series In Yankee 300 Race
h4", M4 p...... "-"e. L..sk... '- .....r ...... ... w a, vs. A.a.- ..r homers hit la the 'our- "ne series
I lied --a ....... ..w.. ... -..g s/N yens ........ ....-.. I between the teams. < I I
,....,My tt ......... I,. ,.. Da.... ... pas ... ..d'weed The Twins connected for seven ) INDIANAPOLIS CAP) The iwinner last year, operates for
.. ..... t*. ........ Uf Wl.pt..e.) 8 ,.,;;::::.; Sunday and IS altogether iNorth and South art eve to dIf USAC
-- .:;:::" 'fU' wkOa Kansas Qty Bounded out (Yankee JOI series I I Lorenren, who art a record for
NATIONAL LEAGUE ROUNDUP -_,.... ... ........ I I-I" five la the douMebeader and r 1' Fill Lorent**, Mar of the!etotk car drivers by winning
I I II k!!.. .. .... nine a* the aeries t !Southern NASCAR lirvull conk'II 11.001 last year calM Sunday's .
I ; ('Iw :: Home runs are being M at 'tied second animal stock tarIfeatora race the hardest he ever
OIT'."..,... .e..vsva Municipal Stadium at more this over IndtanapoHt Pass.:won and he had taken five
Spahn Shadowed, /.. fit .. twice the rate they were kit fait.11Oft. I way Park's Road course Sundayat straight! big ones
I e'. *-=* im *..*** a record 71.Iff Smiles aa hour
rM5m this i in ... Of ce ...., Flnley4! lactic A I. foyt, defending chimpfof KeomukoMotsudoTokt
'w.Nv te.H have helped. He acquired home the Northern U.1. Ails Mat Match
I 4 .: ",1'Iff' Rocky OUvtto CM. was winner of the Yankee
By Substitutes ,.M. and Jim Gentile during the win- INousnlAL 14AIUlo-t4 r. Dwwse ......... lad M toaugursl last year and Mo.t.nNnn Duke Keomuka and Hire Mat-
= .... .. .. .. .. vast his radiator arch Post tell .. the
I -- See American League Bet tbe a* I mast s.pp.a a fad t** Mw* .....| Sunday woe a
r-. v. M'"" *TMI M.. diet to bttk .4 l.it ... lid ... ..... T.., Cei.bmis burst pair teamed w> Saturday night
... Scores, Page 21.ter sb wa.eheh Lase ......... .. a' .... M ........ '- 1 Atuab>< LOTMIM fcvel' laHnurtoii at the ........ National Guard
By THE At oa*TtO MtSSShove shutout for tin ... ._ :, r EJmbsr.i. II,. aid ..$ M Armory to defeat TM Cartoon
".001 bonusbaby GIIIt ._ _rr m. and. more recently apes ructed ,.... CC. se ..e '..et .. MI pals toss, M fbe S.. ..* .
over Warren Soahft.. who signed oft lha Sewn his Pennant Port and short- ta wine It-?. U' _........ .I Tetaa. and IM Wanda hi a ......
You may not be lilt Mh...' Hag University campus to \VAWMtt I .Aeries end die fences geoctsMy I I Par*** Jones the fasten .... team mnh.In .
Braves* only pitcher after an. |I ..ahtier. led for tf laps around other sjiatthet, Don Curtis
Finnish was the big Colavtw toads ttia league with Urn homer that ckmsned a ascend.
Perched M third peace .. OM gun for the Pirates driving to I -.. :: sU borne while the iwHMng *%4wie tease out prnned Brtb Ort a In two con*
runs Gentfe run rally to the fifth tuning andpoaaid
Kauonal League aundtng five runs with a home run aida ..... \1-1I tied for second with five. The:: Boston Detroit Rookie edit-lessor Tommy was whipped by tranamissionsnd wwlwe fstis while Aha Jacobs
Manager Bobby .n...'. c ub'< ainglo.Juan" -I ........ ..1 [ 1" laser fence have resulted past John wnppH ........ wh a dutch irouMe and Wet ate- measured Prpy Pern to II r' ...
today u. look back oa three Markhal had a Hay : '..:: eight homers-e4 by ha A'a.taj Dave Ntcfnlsaa. three run three.hKtrr ta the second game aid .....,. Tae Totranre.Cahl wee of their achndvtod M tnw-
complete homer gave the Wh e Sole their nf hair 6V ubM ..,. ,
game pitching victories start before aeoUng down and flaky msy not win the .. dower **** aa eta heists
to the Let four ;:A.eseas 1, filth strait* triumph to te iris
ataru.Sundays I.W'IIIfI&' to hw teat atraight VK w't or the pennant but he beat
I "' may game, but wining retttl rc*
14 two4Ut maswrpeve tory lor the CtonuJ .. tNe the stadium lass ........ I mg by Dean 011IN
by Hank tocher agatoat ..' .. Maya. Mke4 a slnti. 4w ........ III Elsewhere In the Ameriran, Angela haft the auk M 1M
the PMhra fattonvd Bob a.aawakft :and hw lath homer ..... hltoaguetoading ..1 -_ -..".. League there were three 4iburn. a. Commissioner Woods
ftva-hkur agaimt Ph adelphia hatting average I': t. ::\1. ..., apbu. New York County Floyd
and Tony Chmtogtr's'to 5/. Wfltte Davte had a two- wOs An .M a Winked WaiMnfioa 14. |Sr. McPhaiUBoyUnEdges
nahmer agatast die Pirates. run homer for the Dodgers. I -=?icl.5' ton 14, B aMimore *orrdCleveland
... Nattonal: t>ague BeScarea Jim Wynn't two-run homer to IX. Ikm as ahul OM Superior Acclaimed Editors Countywide
the uwh carried HouMon hvtctory. By .
rage STha to .'r.. 14 and Cklcagtt sipped IM An
tha first rot Hal (Skto ,.. M'totI'M: ._ ::: ties JJt. tken dropp a 4.2clew. Vn. McPhai eVykto took over apnmeiiitoa .
only Ions to the four gam* .,) Brown after two tosses JimBeturhtmp Skwioa .iI.|... Detroit of first plan t..r-
tretch was charged to a 41ysarold alaa ....,.. for i "'-- era r" .... II.' M tke only single game, day nltht .. Phi Cant Lakeland N...,.,., 4ifon closely. follow lha work of our fovorfimant
southpaw on the staff the Coda. Despite the home run attack Boys' ..b5 U League by edging
of )'OUaJ..... fallow named The Reds tarns from behind au. : : 1. : Ii took four .I IM to Ov* Mnlk 1 Superior Paving J I. and the mm aUefad f. rj,re tnr tKo g.o,/U. laconic of I Ml,

tpaha.nacher. M both ends of their double victory ....:.. ..::1' I I inning U ala the nUthtwa for MtPhafl,..f to ovoluoft f>.rformonco .fI" fIu.Uftcoe
sprung from tha huB, over tin Mesa I .. .. : '0 die AtkleUcs. The Twins BW hasp with aa M record followed
""'.. turnad to hts third rslght : ....,.. Pleas hound aU of the ..*..*.'by Superior Paving II'kt.; 's. ';on..
.. e ""' ..,... : tin laIC to Oeorge AJutik .hk* ...
going pafona. reur- : :.. I. H: t-S. S"i Mows, 24
log tin last II hatters he faced Track Meet ::,....... ... .. forced to Nelson Mstkewt with;and Averrtua. 14.
Tie Ztyear-otd rigHi...aatf ralao .hrW. M. J.u" ........ tin wwning ran. i.....A" *rTmON ... a4 S Read What Editors Say About Floyd WoodsLAKE
'Qa A. ;A !
pradored lire only run of \.+ Cart YsatnemUJ joked the IVPaI..JI\ ,. M* ai .
chi game In the sewed Inning ;Finals Slated I :..'f.h . l- ..a.___tag_b.B _parade. __with- a grand1' n MS aw._.... c*. wm M4
Tha shutout towered F erhtrsERA

to a flashy 1U. beat onlha I WALES NEWS
Braves' staff, "Hie beat Finals In tin Croup IV track
pnrh was control.' taid catcher and field meet are slated for ". . ...lap far lie tai,arar, k li. past laor ysar base .......t Pea all

td Badey. "He was hkti.g bar TM pm today at L. L .1111..1 . ..mart mWwalsotlf ....... a ... t.sew nWw ana pea

aay apota,**and M made my lab (Nurmi AIWa) NeUon e. tram field Lakeland.totar |re.t will ava mare mUll... In |i. Mara. Our sale aol aaff.rl aa Mat Irk wW

Elaewhere: in tin Nation*) .. Haves .,...... Bah r"bpi . ta n.r< w.atdMULBERRY . ."
La.ash Pmsburgk came from I .... King., .uaw...." "... I' NuaT
behind W .hy S*. Louis U*. to..... Chamhwtoto and H....- ',
San I"tuckJfIped Lot Angle borough .19 be aMktog toualtty Wslluc 1. StoroyI PRESS

i U: Houston beat Chkago far die scat pre> I STATE RarlS1NTATIVPNnocwss -. . ftlfUUs avorf premise ha made . hai aaHarmsJ with! the oajree at
) and Cwcunati swept a doulOehtAder track and ftold man stet ,
from led New York I Saiwday al CatoaavUto.. 1 PawnerW. | />eaa"a<. aa4 taoreaa aotsoary ta Mate asa
Wm M and 14.nacher Top tree fuuahers In each cauat|."
aurreAdered vie I&'is to event will earn a berth in the
Tony Goniaka tin second and state meet. I II
John HermsiMn to the fourth I Field events and preUmto- WINTER HAVEN HERALD

before shutting the door He arm to the track events were falnM, .. ... . .*
struck out four and ..&e4 two to have toes completed this . ... aa< sareanl araf rry awnart

It .u tha first sugar k... afternoon.AdauMton.
tonight r3: be $0
cane for adults and JJ cent

League LeadersUM I I tar students hrs. M 1 ". . Ole ta trim the .....,'. tea rite wilhae! entailing .., ...." Mnkei."

M A... .... P..sy.sArw.aa.

==, =e.M4.a.-,.:::.:: WINTER HAVEN NEWS-CHIEF

-CfeHM.....*...U.. "- Ul WO. I t ( I ". e. ..."" r1er4 WsaaU . .... aehtaaala| work .. aur w.tU .. Caear*
KM kuk>4 to-Uu*. S Pr M71MPita. "
.*.-S. *...... ....O..M* it III Cammlulaa
.....'' ii:
-... ,App.w II...55M. ...
... .--. .... ,T:...:t" MIl. FROSTPROOF NEWS
---- --
...... ..- .. -. . Weeds Lake .f a .trae| pert .. tha areuat ./ a .. =. .:..
.' w tr ........ VOTE FOR ."

o..a_,- =- .-w r....-...... i
tfl .. aM __. .
Woods Aft IdolS? IAUIURNDALC /:
.. J.B.
=: ..

... .
war iu w='.tC&It1i:! :.,*.,.. uYN. Lit. LAKE WALES HIGHLANDER LAKELAND LEDGER
.t rw.* L Iff t l i
>M> MtUd CtoM 4.H..M YOUR
... .
aM .. Y.
..- at; .... Vote Tomorrow-WIN WITH WOODS

a MK j
m-1Io t* Jir *-
,. l &.' rt..N. Voi... I
.. :: J-
V..5155. ti . .
.. ro.L
11 -c.Ia-t s.
o..'sa.. a..... ib. .... Malt w
.. .
ru..wa. :..... '
... .
D ._...MSM.d CIo.-a4....ct ears'Sw.
.a.t... a..c...54... -ear, pit.. Re-Elect
: tin .... ..a.
&; =-' r-r.: YS.. N.. SElect '
!----II _
For the convenience of residents of Lokelond, I pledge to do everything in my powerto

establish a branch of the Tax Collector's Office In Lokelond. This will eliminatethe Floyd Woods
HAMPROGERS necessity of going to Bartow to pay taxes. t :

s Dist. | e .IJWW' YO..

For Capable, Efficient Economical and $' COUNTY COMMISSIONER

YOUR Buslness- Ike. Full Time operation of the I

SHERIFF Tax Collector's office.

.... ..... 4W.I '
Vs4 h.4+ aM A/.rb..wT' I It
No .... i Ii


1i i


: - .....

-- --



--- !Saints ThumpLakeland t, .\

i' I FSU Takes Meet f The Trio

Auto Seruke [enter I TALLAHASSEE (AP) The I I

Got.............AI,_c...... Florida State University track !
l- Of
.' riwr.r.iaatr.sl squad Saturday overwhelmed night In winning opposition 7-5 .if

the Florid Invitational Track __r_

>a and Field Games. By JACK !SUTTON ". FRED W. JONES

Burning under the colors of Ledger !Sports Editor (. Fishing-Hunting Editor

I the Tallahassee Athletic dub. St Pete Saints managed to outlast the Lakeland Tigers

the FSU squad amased 77 here last night at Henley Field 7-8, In a thre-hour fond ten- We have a couple of short Kerns one his been on

points! in the unofficial Florida :minute marathon that nw nine wild pitches and 13 walks inl ,I our desk for some days but we haven't been able to get to ft.

AAU Championships. !the contest From C C. Hanger comes a clipping of a story d a
The University of Miami running
as the University of Miami : The Tiger ned four harks and the Saints compiled | doe deer which was caught tagged and transported to another -
: i TUBIUSSNYLONS Athletic dub, finished second 'hits along with lour wilki off Lakeland pitchers and four ) area 33 airline miles distant

: In team standings with 36I I pitches. Meanwhile two Saint pitchers were doling oat I walksl) Two years later she reappeared beck home and the

points. The University of Flora land I five wild pitches. The Ion snapped I two-game distance Included a seven mile swim across Chesapeake Bay

ids Track squad was third with)'win rrtngI ] L' I

n and the University of Geor-j I I Tonight he Tigers wffl play more hot was nailed trying for+ r
... ..... .. .. ...
Iii was fourth with 20. I(cat! second. T. k V Tmtfrr. .119 ** well CMn. II'M k.
Sarasota and tomorrow the . S.4T .
II ant fmj tm i05. 1 m. .11 "4 Tttft J"W err Mrfm.
I[same two teams wHI be here Singles by Young and Jim) .: MM rMM. a"*s .."... a. <*.' Mr

i L i II'for a 7:. p m. contest at Henley Conner chased Chandler In the

: ELECT I Field. Friday will be 'Tamir/ fifth. Dick Cemmiini spelled This Is an interesting story hi view of the fact that most

Night with the Orlando Twin him and flipped a pair of errant studies have shown deer to travel very short distances ordinarily.

ii i KlNGSWOODSPROTT.JR. here and the Twins will be back pitches to score both runners .
here After that Gene Voss and Gerald
again Saturday for "Tiger
And another clipping tells of a red-shouldered hawk that
Treasure night Check the Napoli stopped the Saints.
was then recovered and released II
tagged again
,. Tiger office for sites to obtain TIGER TALK> Rufus Aides I years
later just 400 yards from the point of original capture
free tickets. son's play Saturday flight
: ttCOID IUM'-Mft. I....
Saint starter Terry Alderete drew comment He made a .. While were on this subject some of you may not have
c-pW irMd. 55 b.f
{ CAR STATE ,gave up three walks and a great stop of Steve Reeve bid ._ witsa -,...... .. y.aftiw.r.'a seen some figures we ran some years ago In which M fr
'passed ban for I Lakeland runin for a hit and tamed ft into a cent of the tagged fish to an area traveled no more thai
.. ..
REPRESENTATIVE the fist Me walked Bin double play . Herb Smith, four miles, less thin a half mile hi two years.
Ivoss with vice president of the league ..* .* M.rt 1 ...u IMVIMllTtt
two down to the second
But bass traveled 125 miles In
mow one tagged Just a few
or tin ir urn
MOARMtss '' and Lannte Carrier tripled and league president George e e.M.r. I.flu sel.

/_ _)I I'r him home Carrier came home'MacDonald and his son. George I.l tI_ Shen w..e ... months
- - - l'''OR'' an errant Alderete pitch. It. were present at the game ...eh tat.N.wl..he ...... *

SPORTS FANS 1 J I I Stogies, Ml VMS, Carrier .At one time late In the marathon .. the wane.. ... Mw.em John Diffin of the WInter Haven News Bonsai Informs

II .t I I and tank WBlUm*e'aNeri> the league officials came lit .... .. .... .... at that James M. Davis U years old. has taken over first

i I flee fly ecceoMed f. a Lakeland close to outnumbering the fans. .... .., iat wow'. ..ale place to the nation-wide UJ. Open Black Bass Champion*

I roa as the feorth and ST, rtttMkvke"i i> mrf >.. ir 6. *.*.. hid ST Mr Sissy ship with a catch of a 14-pound bass.

4 II' II' their float tally came ta the V i ; 1 ....... If f..... The sew The previous contest leader was also a 14-pound bass but
PRICE! lt 1 seventh M n ..... by Do* 4
t/ stiw -.A sill In 54.4 fer young Davis' fish wss a hatf-tadi longer That half inch mightbe

; II' Pepper eRq Itenfre'ssingle aliases as t ne P4 N oursAwaits. worth a boat, motor and trailer
f '
YOU ; l M right. WHk tU Aral.. Lakelander Dwight Cataloger had honorable mention hi
| St Pete lamped m Ron
II DIDN'T -'. I Chandler for five In the fourth tIM. RH.t ,.... y Mgha, the contest this week with a Hxwnd, 7-ounce: bass he got

iA waft to Tim Young end an from a Mulberry phosphate pit. (We lie a picture of Dwightand

j KNOW I II infield single by Mike Unbar LakelandersWin that fish a few days ago)
II: a t ''
put two men on with I man out

-- : S1 0IiII L Mat 1,.Reef,. dropped Tom Smiths Jump Report Llttt 200 Meandered Lakes

r I Ever y-= shy 0W Kerr 1:''pop foul and then the deluge 1 Ski Titles Francis Pipkin, former president of the Polk County
.I tilled ,started. Smith singled home :
and '
Recreation Association and
0r'"> We* *,. 'no .'Young.' Atdmte's tingle toadied candidate for
I I 1 In tngiond lt fandrl a tamOKi haw leave vs a report on aa outdoor recreation p1.. made
1 . However. Lee Crow _lpiig 'Itft' tkI mwney held up
I race tor \-K,r* Mt ottptom I:lied, a two-rue single to left .va Rtarrw.aearre.. yeaefday .t tau HengswatAby by the Southwest Florida Water Management I>iIu1d.

I r"PP- a'to+ 1'and Nay Nett singled to two .u Mw a a.aa.w die Lakeland Water SkI There were many Hems to the report of Interest, Including .

t11N. It b.cen& sale 4tw ,. a table on the meandered lakes within the counties to
I ,,1., ttw r.- DrW. red. n.w.1n* Ia Rankle Defl wen the )wiiarat the district
.. .... ......
I - lit Klfd bays divsi; 1M naiad a -
the Florida
.... fhM Yom 11575iI [ potllible According to report has only 201 meandered
tot. race
etv b -H nn ..d 1 .21t meld mark when hetembled lakes out of Its thousands, and M of those are to Polk County

I titled .... ta"Ytar HAMPROGERS II feet Me lost his (Meandered lakes are those surveyed as ta".. Moot lakes
I 1 breath hut recovered
I Pt>>r' ; ; R<4wr wa wee Use senior mess Don were Ignored' 'by the original surveyors Meandered takes are,

'I w_ s..... M r -.. 1 IslandersMove drrheoa. linCfYfofV. the only Wf Hy Public OftM)

I ... e1h1M1 . N.'I I.qw The ad-day tourney was conthided Of the right counts in the Southwest Florida water
I ,rw .1.. rt NhwhI1 whO the nea's jumping Management District, Polk has more than hard the meandered.
II I h..d. M ashes hue. ', bfces-M wt of the total of .4.
6A. baker CMnra woo bst the rough
I I our. . 'tIt, krr.'I *sae.ace. YOUR Ahead
/ijo a II I aaI. ... ... eex.d Jeeatha pfvvemed .ay astaslI Such Urge and heavfly populated counties as Hiflbnroogh <
1," U 1--. r..ha g .. and PttteBae are moth less fortvMta to this respect thai

6.00 a II ...... l SHERIFF I hen Irma Campbell of MlUml Path for Pmrflss has only one meandered. lake and Htfls-
I I.t. .-y...... w.., III MeI In cotnrwt4td ta the wonxsTdivltM !
.... a II I Lary. he old .w Wr ales e.d 1t FSL Race borough only two
I he W.lII Mea. | when there were not Lake OoiMty Is next to Puck to. the number of meandered

as =...rrHI lo' -a\ nM.r wempo Df'ftINt.t'he lakes with M withal Its boundaries and four more peniaBywHMa

eI GO CO! .y TIIC AilocunD "'US1' attractive Miami skier was, the county.National.
WMrta '" ...... 1 The Daytona tVsrh ,. second M Mrs Perhara Conner
i I "' '''''' t.... ah mc..d 'fII'I '' 'Osc, formerly 4 Lakeland. toAw
...... were one and ....-NII fame.' ......
tIN women's Nwptiprd II
1 a..r,4.ia.wlw hAn NOT Tv ,ahead to the Florida Stat* League Boxeslot

r I.OA&. WOwl ..,.. ........ '' ij.tM today after beau Che, II fff<<4 1Iowfwr.t
I roar uaab filarae '-' l.si 'Miami' MarlMS It.I' that Supped. the .***! worMOT w.1.qTa.r ,... --
I ... .... arum mark of M hetbyMrs. .....
IM.aIAIntMM w r1.re air Mpl wtwun. sews.ctertia.n
l .d Mid sineIM. 1 The league WnVrsaua able/ N II....... ail Mfar ..5150w I
t.v buy tampa
i u. k Bruht 1/1lws.a Il I ...*
j 11 RACES I < with sews Miami .1
I' Mrs CampbHTs mark .*. I== a IlilOsI tils
pr.Mdeeeiir/wlr. .... :Iritlims ,
errors M wretth' ..
A margM U i t
I EACH NIGHT ... eabitraw. to tie I t.Ta.rr l t /eiMW |* .1 <
I ,'111' ....41st't\ HIII ewtr awond place fort Lau> gracing ...... M .1. 'a'- i /t0.vw Mall llC4... Mis
1:10 roM. American awr SM AMunaHonor / 'wr N > ... is

Cant Noy 117 p*r.d as itw 3* := .i/. I ? I 0>r4aleHan Mandres. Ml a thr** wt ( approval as a world. ...,t. .111M.M itO..r 11M it., ---r:::::1 4 11-Ilt hu.al rt .4*' .. {* I

r.nk* *w.n4 -'"- e Nf11 N MATtNUSZIOO Tbs s5a: -.v a ,IsPooa Mnrw l. Iff i *
20 MONTH GUARANTEE I Oil txttan bow*, I M*. double during a seven-run outburst NvlIN = : :': ,C SWM.. I i/1/piI.I/ Hip *
i I to the aw* tonwg that M .1. JMT Mi I.I
--- -.-- -- 1 = I' ." .. Post r l i lrasiIIsIlS.l1... ( SIS
11I'ht* M i.- I WIDNUDAYfllDAY gave Orlando all victory ovrr ,y; .ft.tLot .--. w t... ar..rp..r.r uaM* <<4v > *t l
FUN I HK u : v4 hwu O ANDSATURDAY tort Laudrrdale. Ron Stherman L...:-r.-... w- w.. *..ras 5. rn. a..*:i ii44MIT__ siMMMkt i
I ; I Wt 05 II 1.-I a a*
Mv 190 H* Ma r held the Yankm la four .... .
T .YI - pa.r.rerw r e i w ens 1avr.s.
I ....... ... .... : ; 1
Pal N our I M-NfM w rr.wa.IM.oo
FREE Services :S= I ni,i nr4 s.1.wr1.he I A 01lag out HIt and retmng :;:' f & r.rn..a alai ::-r .1.
I taro H WIId.d: : BUT the last IS baufrt to face him a ,. ... -,- .... '- r/III Ira M1 1a /

I w N 0.....>. W1n /bin outu Sarasota towtsd Oriaado uscetter ...-_ .. "" . ,111N.rra.n -.......... M M haw. a se.OIra. ..
I i. fe I .
0. tew 'rk Fie ThtH Sites "'f.... bin r 1M ...... wI K I maw.. to fusty w..ing. ... ;...a- CJt.. i i 1 : t t _-_ M a INC.wtiI 55 ewe r rr is.a. a..r1'

.w HI aacond" gamed the ...... 6t'8f.4 Jew i IS05ta .lor 0.II. r. ...- r .ww
: ...... ... .. ..
e.U:: : 1171 ehIu..1371 I, C m"itlt 1554L E :st ov' Tamps. 41 NarN r.rr. s. wot"w: ..... M.wN .-.. .1,4INMM-
a 1'I jsj Sarasota coH ci.<4 12 hits hut ... .... tsr :
if out CAR IS unto KIU twt tea t raiy errors wine the maw -T: .tM.-c.'t'-: Wla ooce.... lot ...MiSi ,..-.- $.. Craw1 ....

YOU FAT THIS ONI LOW race ; actor, Only... K mined w k .. t. a..t,. tnr.rsJ Kw H lIr.. M MfkklIM l aMI ass M-.awl.aa Lou-a.urar. ews, her 11 C.a.M .t/.
= .., /
owl wiles twr E ua iaiii a walk and two Tampa throw- r r."&.1&.\. .-. ....o.a.i.w. Pad $wNa91MS -1 -. rt. ." -.
MM* as. Iaa..la
f imk%
sag errors, produced two docte- < .* )
= :1 -...., 1'5.t'l J k M. BIMI 1..r,
Admlttid l i
_:1 ...=::: L lorries ray runs M the fifth. r ..-... .e If t I IkWMt.tr
...... a I* SIMut
i ,t .i ilia
.. .. frtt Tlimicy II .Ire
1- 1I t 111 i-trcau N l s t t j :
... i I f
:= := r::..- itb fA(10I1II 1 I C MTtU. All R. C. ColAs Wins ,.. _' ant j...i .. II It'IS OMWM MHM>f. tffj isi If J,! J 1 !

:= = = 1 1 L CONMTtONIHttVAUT Grimes HomersDavid ....x.i;:i iI f .tiSSS I I1
tr: =:: ... I -* 70.1 w0/5 MH SI Ml sash :

-- :::::t la.r.. 11 127 LAKE PALKIRi Bred setom R cdB Crimea h. his sorand j reiIN j, .. ...NM ..I lIP 0.- \II .M..... .., .e ? . : :

=... :::,:: r- f l AVENUE I home nw to two games to paceR :. / pr la: ";>aA'--:. Ii, 1MI new- ray.r is Mrrwe i __* ,il
i Istwessi 41-301 C CoUtoafl vtnory over : ....... rr,.. ,oa-Ns .v--i.r.11..r. .
r= =:: &::: .... 9 PHONE 6S6.IHI I the Braves Saturday tught to'the .. .... .,.., ... :..: as.w w'Iti.
i t... 1 .. 0.-.... .. ass ........ ...-... .. --1 .... Ira
I..r r.11 rllrw 1.11 j' Lakeland Uague. 40 ... .
Posy sew "
-- -- 'ra ata .' r;. L "- { 1I
ti.r.ir.ar..a w.t..e.1 Gees hit hs solo shut to ' _.1'tf. Pr.. ........I..d-wH1 raw. a.**, iWr 11i1 .... aSST.'..M.

PLEASE REMEMBER VOTE .i.a the 'till taaw. ,- =- ". uaau. ...... .. 4* r M I a* : 'i ", Mr1--.. dill/PMr./ d ilia
I 1i S. !!! flt ?i I 1: ." lit ar w.ra4 WrC If.' a.... .
r .... s..01.W t 111 tMrw a 34's
..::1...... ... i . .
: .
9 LecS ... I I I. C I Iaisw pi I I 1
. '
ices .- .5 u- .... : . \ : ? i .. sarr .. ..wr t1 4M,
I ... .. ... IF I o K Il5ra III craw
I YWer1 r1/ a t r ) II
Fled f ld goal some <5t.. .. u-..... irsr1. M I M d *MtrMk (
HQBSON i STRAINBEST j ClMMCIt M OrMfCtlM hw '-I.IL.---- CWMk .t. IK I l-lm. $$51
: .. has d atinjus effecu h.fW,._.M ...I. .tlwr.u.. 1. ""'-- IVillllMMU W .. it**it***C. It
Agat_ I. err 1. Harold tells of1Pmtue ) Ii& ,...J.fe.aa. HttHwa.i..e.MST. town aria t ill
1 l I.IT.Yth wr1 e11/.n ***
COUEOOI | recovered such a bI.d. IcMKlM *> t* p/4kl4 C* sat]
FULL ID-POINT 88 QUAimiP IOR lad krt and went CJ yards for .|,.".t.r..t..ti t.m-- Mr M .If. >. ( H 1/ *r our alai
I wear a wMk rl ISO MM** 111.
29 (elICMAWL ... M C s w S : 4 11 hVMM HSMrMk t3 i *. 1.
-- .
I 1I! CHUICM ,"-Teal l. I N11al..rt 3k nREPRESENTATIVE .r ni *
> rux CknUM MDU IMyM* =.: un t .: l1r.rr 1.11.
>rW4 I VJ Mltiifctr a inMl Sp $55 era r 111

t.a .,- t, i-*.M .j SMkkf *e- ai '.. n 1 1* ralsa lilla..N. Sl ; '' 1-451115 54 0 c. Ira. 55 I_
L fi* ,
p W .. .... -
I. ....../ ............ I ..tl.ll.. risSeM .. *.._ a ttt lia<..4V 4Mi ill 1 4k. .....4 ri..*ara
t\q. aaruw
,-- .. .... M'" M _.. ",tti_, tao.tIII.. It IttMOl .If 5555515-5.
ItM 4 M.. ewe.t -- "":= : 1" .---. ...-"--. v..wl :
: I r ___ ...-... .ab.:1. f II.. UM4k .U *> C.
.. t.1al h..n.iI ,a .. la..r..ra '- :I.eow : :.....-. at...O. Cwst.r-M.M Mt/v ....
w c-
: Clan M_ t..k /I eu.MY..T&I. latIsiuoo 150fwlu Ma" (.'-. KlMt MM Jewa Ill..

." fJ I1.) ......ctrl nM ...* ',, 0. .- -- Hullo a. a.f I. W.M111Atr I5.5 -.i"*'.I VtJ 1 1,J._OKKMMI M,.wtrr J h' a .
bl CU r.rr TaliMr .rnrx. rut Y UWlkl BMlf* r .writ 4 _. c-swat, a. Turco *
:::: .1 t W k.*M i. a .11 rin3i.ri.5wra.TIME l W I_ r N.. Hal .... I.rtt 00 Y I5.'.> -_. M. .....a. - iM
t . : : kaces ..
r M.-a Twb
: .. ,.. :- w rh. aI II..to
1-ace b
.r a.-prYa .rant tN IU'\\ = .

''tr R .t. ;J:tai.Dr: .t zi tr"51.wrrwl'1r--.- a -. IN 101055-5 au1'ite..ar..r't I 1-1 i I *s s* 7 *

". ". . S S ,err, 5'. -. Jars ,_.I W. 1-1 i i
Iro I .
-'Pwe r.sa It. L.IU .r 1 w1..r .-'...... Y-C. i..
De-aural. wrrai ray {Ir.Mn.t.oaelrs Iran I-." II AIIJUHOUITOtl .
1 i SHOCK ABSORBERS FOR A 1. a II)0.Clr.r.r
J( 7 Cr.a _
1 t CHANGEf. 1I-f- .15-.c.... w.. 1/...y CHKASO4kfkkl
... 1.14. C-nit i-sr.M/ ....$ S> 15111.155 I Ie.lb 1 MtN
.. r /aaN 5,550 .... .11.
NEW ASSOCIATES HOME 41)i t i i i 11aY.a neat r Ii.Ills.
for S'rW.al a..r N e. tt n.J
? 10. IIII I.rb i JumiktW 311 7. 2
JW .'. 1
PLAN t.u..lr'. 11.t35I/3 I 1 a5rt.. 1l. ,1 SllMO-k. . a e' I II.
Save wor and on cw IMPROVEMENT FINANCING 1 1t si ; I t .. II ' '
,_ H. . . .d 11 ...... Ik 1/1/
Installation p5 I 1 I.._ i turSckwr ,
I enables. you to remodel 1, landscape and modernize now I I'.. ,&......W..15 Ineri i 11) WP.-I 1 ,1r1 .a.' :U--: Il11 1 I

Why wait foe the Improvement your homeI' ..... Your request Urge or small win --...- L. t.res...,. Ps-j.1 h' JKeaY'.rl kkurM Treat waits I'* T4l4ltar . .

needs now? AasocUtoa Home Improvement be bandied promptly in strictest confi _._oMMCawoss a..
Financing Plan will provide the money youneed dence. Write or telephone the Associates 15 ra Kkm *M.tit r1-a

I' todayl The Aaaodatoa offer "look. office near you for an appointment. Over 155. Ir 5 ra.t
10 A.M. 10 for rwpomublo 600 office in the U. S. and CaDada.AA I i 1.-_ .. IJ.atp. 10.,
Open Daily to P.M. Ahead Bono wing"plans any .ed .....1Nardi. CIMC calls 17 14. 0 -itMfMrt ,- *
w a
.. /M. tarry M --..
.. ... i.OS CMCM4 *. MowMM t
I M Uxto. M .
SUNDAY NOON TO 7 P.M. ftntndng ftut Far Fort Neal II ILIMIKATI fit SYSTEM ftlilNT 1 JJJJ.*. s.R -w,*Km.-* Ml UMI It

I a MAM* .TM k_"T"U mirSHI also Loti 1" siM t 1

FINANCE INC. ELECTRalph ,xatb..r' W. pa 51J 1\t I i i' 0 I
I \J\ ''-. ....... w.W..q M.w I II

235 $. Ke *tKky Ave. LAKtlANO..hUI 6.7123 J. Rossi t-1.r. a-eta- -- I
"_*' HA M i e1 a.rQ . Steve Murphy intercepted
Ittor M i mtm. On, ..'. t. =:' === a
_'_.-- IMa .. I VM. d- ---. TAX ASSESSOR '** at C i M.ki pass against Miami of Ohio end
.... -. M .. J. lsl ran 71 yards for a NonUetiera
1 .
I If


... ,:"" ,- -' ----v-1. =:--._:_ __ --"' .7'..' . .. #_ . .. ... ... .__;:._ :-:;:'::,- -- ------


. ... ., -. .... '. < Monday, May i IH4LAKELAND
No Sheik, . LBflCtR.C.csptan

But He Loves Desert Net Favorites Advancein Grand Forks/ Dan Minn.Nepptl, was of Ian. .

Itcted li "must
LAS VEGAS. Nev (AfGoU no walk in tt H was a year ago.Tht 1 by his North Dakota football

star Jack Nicklaus is no sheik way I finished sane teammate this season.Emit .

but he inuit love the desert. one else should have won the European Zone Cup

Ntcktwa fellow heading today with tournament," said Jack He referred 2 White. pitching catch
tiii pros to the $7SWO to his tilt round 7J for a t' for the Met during lt li will
Colonial Invitational *t Fort 71-hole score of J7I, which wtt Wifliamsport M the
Worth hat extracted 138,000 in six more shots than lit required THE ASSOCIATED MESS with Spain and Holland turned Other weekend matches saw 1 manage Eastern League m 1 M.

one year from Lu Vega tour IB the 1X1 event Y I-Crest Britain 1M European In I couple of surprises. Norway defeat Portugal 4-1 and I --
naments. Italy dropped a singles matchto Rhodesia defeat Israel 4-..
Ktcklaut Closed Davis tennis winner!
He scored nit second straight out the affairia M Dip Egypt at Bart after clinching Earlier Yugoslavia and Sweden -
victor Sunday to the $8000 romantic fashion, however (and JIM favorite, meets hapless the decision and won 41. Germany had scored first round vie

Tournament of Champion It Needing only a par 4 on the [ I(Ireland hi the second round this swept five matches from tones and South Africa and 1

was worth $12,000 Hit 19(1 trtkmpti 42-ftx 18th green to win he sank I (week The series will be played Belgium. using second wring'Czechoslovakia: had reached the
for ,
putt a birdie and
brought tll.OOO, and last I Eastbourne England Than player In the test two singles' !second round by defsolts
fad ha first dace hi the Sahara whining margin of two strokes. (f.t Franc ", .d. K M ever Bal After the Britain Ireland I
Invitational earned 111,000 Tied for second were Ai Get- (day. Friday and Saturday i iI garla. match tilt major)<< second round DAY LEFT

Nic .III1"' victory Sunday was berger, who could well have I Britain completed hs first Argentina and Denmark .'-o encounters appear to be Germany -

-I won the tourney. and Doug round chores: Saturday, beating came through Ute first round ... Russia and' ttafy vs To

Sander Each got SC.000. (Austria .... Ireland had to go without losing a match, against Rhodesia Other pairings are
Elect U... Open Champion Julius At tile way and get some help Turkey and Finland, rupee Argentina. Yugoslavia, South: REELECTRAY

bore,. Chi Chi Rodrigoet, Tommy ''In tile weather Sunday to de Africa ... Norway, France vs
HAMP Jacobs Don Falrfield and Switzerland 1-2 Wind and I min, with Manuel Santana hi,Holland Spain vs. Denmark
Paul Harney tied at ZM and (rain which Interrupted play a the leading role took OIl last Sweden vs Czechoslovakia

Arnold Palmer, with pain ctT2t couple of times at DuWm didn't two tingles" matches to olmlnste !.I' .

ROGERSYOUR and 70,, finished with JMNieklatM (bother Ireland Peter Jacksonand Brata 41. Russia got past

it tried out three Derek Arthurs as much ti Morocco the same way and by M6RT6A6I'M* LOANS VA MATTOX

strokes ta front of the field. At F t It did their opponents tM lime margin. Holland .
one point N was five thou _5tl. Italy. Germany and France which hadn't reached the sea no.IDA
ahead. favorites oneS round In tamed back STAn ItrttUNTATTVIM
other European Zone yearn 5,0.ii

SHERIFF 5.tiute "" 'A.- ... scored Impressive victories Hungary M. I e.a .N M,11,s1.:='- *... *.*.
.We _.... rew._ dd n I

- H. .... _. jAi r..1 OlS.'ew._a L..SNJ.cf ......1121W see ."..".45ID..s -".-,..t I Rochelle Second In Meet

SSa1L HISS .c A .. _
j IDes plerwtS 'UM Host Union Academy of Bar-
."tt.seaIi. BARTOW Rochelle High I
|let C1UH ..-, s2ea.u.n-tet WINNING PUTT OIon-Jec. Ntekl..l wilt .., School of Lakeland finiih tow won the meet with. points COftSOUda'i'"

__ ...... aa.... ....,......... S. 1... steal ..-.., .1 h5 4's..d 434P 5,0 Su ... 1555nee. second Saturday hi. the Negro I followed by Rochelle with 41\ BiU
..., ,-. 12 M .. See Lb41. M .. tM lift ......* T.ws.i>. it of 0.._ High School Southwest Regional Finishing next hi order, werel)

>n.v. SIMSiMMr .w.ts.1.a..waPad puss M H.. OMW IMI C.."" rf O.. .. Ut V..*., "". Hick track meet here at Summerlu Blake of Tampa 40, Middfetoni. 5.\\\\ \
...n.... ... Ira. ...... .... tl\I'\ "
I a.-. . SIM wee week 1 at I" tAP Wwpkael5vs03b5 Field. of Tampa, a j Dunbtr of Forti)) 1\\8

I an ... *r" stew Ts.tl.tt.H-4M.. - Myert 10: Booker of Sarasota.l,
H-lr.4 .S1 7: and Smith-Brown of Arcadia I -
:>>elf PIa"i SIM*
STATE 1141.15.ts.w5Molina American League Boxes I none.

Tht meet waa the final sjntlltying
REPRESENTATIVE pleura for the state sourntmemschedvled

..".M...Tn.4"1'm A.n..M,_........ ,"\. ..., -- I . Saturday It Miami rW-tW...** .**. ..... Iht....... ..>t*MMf Bac eal wwf
...... ,.- .w. tats 5s15tett .cw ... l. a1Metes tK H 500 _ue4 Junior eoa.. .. ....*. eld Mi k3 tt mw/la..0..w !.
Ddt *. Mt
r":1' ...... ... ... .555kt.w --...,. ....". t"" I e s5 Ms *
r $1.1..5 H itM '' :55. It II MtlH5SV ...l.> Thirtee beltfrom RocheHe4uaitfied
=:; : : I : I' ::: : :"
I ... m It ItJtr. '1 t_'w its : 5u .. 551 lI'CSlWell D5150 i. for the seta runoff. YOITU UK TKI WAT WI rUKOUlM manJt1M"
it' I r.:.: w : t f I lwr... : d15s4. __M> I. t i ..__ .i!
: fir
=:: .. ,
& -% I 1 . :r..::. Utltt I -p"Ss t :
: 1&--- at t.Yww a I'J a
WINWITH Is..a a. .. l =::; : n :It s 1 4.r. w a I It Nine I tWO
r = "a' 1 :=- ts5::=:: : Fertilizer VB fijlj *
:5151M .111 .-- .. .t }f.
-r1. d . ..- tuAun5 a a5s' Edges McAsphalt
a.1. i .- . .. s -: .1'1'- uu'Ui
:: :: fl e_ tf .P5's. 2552.1t. 5lWsl G.A.C. FINANCECORPORATION
.1 1 552 >i. ICATIlUEN-Siait rertsfeermeasured
,I' """'- 54541u.1 S eS _{ y. nn
41. and
555 McAsphaK
.w0i 111.U ewes 3,555 ........ .. .It... ....... .. .MIItwy ... ... v
G1NN 5. .Hr.p toll .V 50...S .. ..., f... ... ... ... Pus,. .: u. ,..... spas Universal Feed eutttutttdMaMer
to_ ._. ... ._ ..... ct $ ...........-.. .-........ .r Never u 5,4 5. Yofurt. ll-T Saturday tot, O/r ..r q ..0.,. 'e M
.I-.-r.a n 55 tote.*tu'y, M 5,51.M -. ..... .. 15.5 .t5 .r :"'r'T IIttftt ta the It.J1IIHr1 Area
.u. i ar >
,1 > c* $
\.. -w.1w ... P l-.. "" CIIIII.,. ..... OP---'" __ eo- ,5.r a11 -.M w p..- 515..5e5 Bovt'' BaaebaQ MUM at the ,t MCKr f Buooo -
BEST . -I-trailS LeI a-.. ..CIIIr .- as ,5 .1..n. .. 50 sihletfl diamond yr 4 10r lie, .
QUALIFIED _. 1'4.... ... ... .....
MIL t'..-, .. ., ..-- truswI'1 s.".... 5.55.-. Sra1I. -_ C" _fT. ...... R Prows salt of tilt losing 0109 I 4. Mil )0 7I4
P.. '- 5,05-5' M 0555555 5--SM. 105>MuM.p. ,N, tin _
FOR McAtfn mIM far upped a
- - r ... __
0,4 1,4. $1.15554.15.5
",._taw a-. 5-MIA "'' ... .. : I I 1_- 5 .tw..t- CIllo 514 5. home rut wh one mat on base
.. N. . ..sa .. ItJ$ 1 5 1 I Sr" _. -...... "ewes'- -.... .55....... .. help suit fertaSm to K* 126 West Main Street
TAX COLLECTOR <*>--.4 tMiii ; t Isai e" i 55I 5 I t.yts, N-v.w... .._ Irtory.. L.t1.lasd. Il.tid.t.l.pi..w. .
...< 1& Ik si itN D. Brook fanned 10 It... fit .
,. i i t < ..,.. I ... ss 1 4 61 dgS.$1/L
po,. I. I iI 1 -. .* 5e.w.t. *"l .. i i if r sne M t taking effort. .
., tU IM KSuw. .. .. .
.M fMnctt KtV'n-*.t ft* tt". ( lHP' 1M.f W )t I I --- -

-, ....... . St.. I ...... 'a4 :
I" ... i.*it ... ,.. . : I I .
r. 5555. _Mass._ .. __ .... .... I

:=..:....w..." I I t V--4.-:. :.5I ...... ,-:.r.-:: -to --. ,y I AT THE GM TRAINING CENTER. .

.. ,1' ::. t 11
.. 55 .. __....- _.... C'"'
GENERAL Jl7WRS :::.. : ..1 .52151 .sllS.
... 1. .
..- \ ,- \ 0 !III, : ;
sew "d1 O.lr.p.fl4bW let E lJ

GENERAL $O% seen ....... .5.55.--- 5rrt._ .I .11 --.u..=.:

..... .rot p's 1.a ttuLLtrtaatt.:.. t. 5Iln.lll's 555.aM & - -
TIRE SIT{is ODRDw.1d 10111 14VPJOe1JJtt ..IIfr!
5.5.. ....... l15.5 .s50ll5
., : ,
5-.5y t. 5p. M 5 ""
S._... tie. .... 5./ ..45.1. P
- ..... S'JI f .f
1ft SO _-..15t,1.Ml **
5 li !b Yurt M.. 1.a.a. sa 5. : ; 1-
The Blggirt Tin 5... M-a. ... 5e P5q s..
..-. r; ....... t 5.u. It, ..- .
Bj thi Ilikirt of Ui famous Dull 10 t0ri5 :-=, ,. =:1::' 1_. 5.551 silos
III 5.I055h4
a. i ly.4 toll 5. -
., ,
4.,5.1. M-t. -- tN.fM.5.5 5so 4, a..5 515 -OrwM
( .
t.w11r.5aPP 0t 555555t. ,,,, .tin...., .. ...a4n.55a--- .. I

EAI{ .el i U-1 f if IM-5--_mi.... M in m M .ii....... t14 '

J l..w'i, ffI:": '= :::.;
..... 1
% t _.... .- : ..-
= w. ii : t Z :I "** *lCu t"i 1511W
--. 5,50 .5P55lWS 55,
....... 5.
3O 1 50. ._
'"' .......... cs 5 Pd' -,
sou.. i Sail'r ."a-,Vr05Pd .' "-

.... !aw**** tMk. MMMII, .J-.. TT7a MlM .

OFF 51551. .5140$1515..... 5,55.oi sits.I=- ;-as _' -1':

GENERAL NYLONS ...... d ....... bill c=
pi,. . :
.- .. ...... .. ;
Yrs. tt 1 ..,IMS .IMS tff .- 1"1 III. t t

FOR 30 DAYS $1.sl.t'a r.g.lss.sluag priest Sil\"lor" n Sew=M: .Ut wM.... ..-. .'f. M.I..1501.. 1' l a.51.t.1MS It

I'yrryl Yt1tlt. attt lass ywrCCNCKAL 5 2 .. ,- '- ,
== : : I se Y-S. w. h
s1.r's.ia i.IIUSIkL : ...... i IfU!1 ..e.5-ae. .-:.:r:
ON ONE Tit 01 A SIT 1I1.... ;, --
50. 5555
NOTIADE.INTIIINtfDIDALL taw $155 ppi 5551/ ..511.. 55,55.1M .1c.a.
5M Pats III ....-- .
p. .. .. '
SIZES M_... 555 III K \ .....5..55- 1. T I...._ . .1
t w r P55M1e.1. 5, IftM
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Blid rds Wtnallt.Tabs Tnl.T dcut __ s..M.vans. .. .rpeai.e. .... .... ,- ? vS
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WPAL"UfTHMf OOUtXI eUARANTICSM -. Ie.ea .. m .. ....I ::=": ISIS i 5i .

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m.trwsiossadsor f S'.3 1 I 5 ...
IS guarsM.sd a.p.iIII& d.l.ctive ; : s.r.pr P5 w 5.

__IssddaaaSWallowsas.ILLtzldIesaiaa i j-e- U-I . .. u- ..... .., _. Ipso ... aear.tw.r..5
OP 5.
without mard' 10tr. 1-112. I 4 /
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Jut-il 8TM NYLONSA ....
ea tread ""I..t evnsat G-nI peis3, - '.-: = t. M .N : r II''i t : :

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W 1--" I "- III ,..'I''p-- w. 14
tnr UM fiMlMt tales east l Drivt IS l5t5. .is J'C' 0. 5.11x.. U-eh.1.. *1.5 MHTI.M. 'INSIDE" STORY
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FREEFiVE'64 ... &w I MHT Ik I I I I' OM.55aM15StOM.. -
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MM Ik .*11 p fill ir.M Mikk<
CARS &K J* tut:ai5n 555: till FOR SAFER STOPSThis
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)i I''M'' titata Mil If it Liao r 1 1

WIn ysr chair d r.d eIa&ie..f'I1- J...-as. ...tar...!-1+HIKI...a---. kM --', ='a N : ::1! : :=:' '' 1 : IM..55a Is a cutaway model of a power brake unit-one of
.. .. ,
....-IaW A.L ,'- -- e4I$55,5 0 ails
reey...Cb.e, 1 t . ) .- - -I i 1..e 35 s 1 1 .err 555355Is1w.s hundreds of specialized teaching instruments at the
.....$uskM hay.seL'e M sew! Cia 1--, --. ...--....".. a ... IP.a 5 155551P
1)MIIr CPdW.a w1. W-545 Parr. : u.ISrr: : ,1111u.r Centers. Guardian Maintenance
cud.iour widI peN. r--I Tire -. W lrlP Leac..r. -: ISIS General Motors Training
SETS OF DUAL 90. t1'i1I -_. L .5arr.n......_...a.It .. 50MI.swlrw Soso.... S 1 5.5.I 5 SOu..Wt_ 5551r.r. 5555 servicemen can actually see the inner brake

10,000 r aaatwkvkv =:-'tn: while work. Complete up-to-date in
earl mechanisms they
y.. .....dy Law u.u a 5.t .It 1..m U. U ; wr. 5,55
ey d5iiea d ire of POST'M'Apri -d J 14 i If1.1oL : ,_ yens tpw 055. struction all phases of service is continually in
.. hs .. on
ad ? 1WP1.rSa
y u - 0+ .r. Q.1..ra .-'M 5.1 Y1e1. III 111' LwLSw
-.... w ._.aa-'- ing Centers across the country. Your dealer makes sure
Bop 5Wri..w
5t .
p0-t.-w..wh.o. del. ... ,::=: his service is complete in other ways too. Genuine GM

[ IBJOTMUT( EXPERT WHEEL BAUKC1KS 2 Softball Foes 55.5015..-_555W.5..e..l1.Sn..lu 5,05-5, 5'50.1' parts specialized tools and the finest facilities stand
01 flOfUSIOK1l.IW .. .
SlY 1145 Y l Sa.
we is .M UIiI: w... balaac year* 79 The Ross Volkswagta . ...5.'.-..1.,-.._ 555.5 5I1wvw ready to keep your GM car or truck running the way it

5 r.a.......G1a.55e 5 title w..k eedy I and tuM statically(dyuauoktly). 1 sties of Lakeland defeated.10It.1 I 1/5r. tw..t i*I .01555551 t I I II was built to run. -- -

: ==b .+ and dMcktarafortejurr aa..ss used _. I opponents ea'a faatpiick Uut softball weekend gam ia worm**. I I:tra,511: ..at is.: I 1 i 5 1a5: : :;;

tkla wish M h1 5w Saturday { in Orlando the
0s wear
rt.5e- ( 'I= 1 : S I I ..
-7' Wacootttea edged lbs FloridaCracker
.r.t W11ia.we,1. :. $45
......" -
5 Md 5..1. s 4. and yesterday afternoon
UKU 5-0,5. ,.
.......... 550.5. '
== ___ the Lakeland BUM shelled -

Duff/a Well Dri: en. 1(4.IB 13 seasons of coachlrt)

Plant CiI). Harvard hockey team. Ralph
GENERAL TIRE SERVICE SEKERAI Torn Burns connected for a (Coo cy) ..nand'. charges

grand slam home run Saturday have woo 200 tames, lost 12 GUARDIAN
THE Bight to help the Wagonette and tied 14.Iiarvard .L I rr.1la.owGHIVIOLT )
201 N. U9rtkt' $2.571 .. !slip past the Florida Cracker ..._ MAINTENANCE

= *I 1--} 3! has the Ivy
*. won
V ,.... ,
i. .... ... ,. Hockey Lagos UUt the last
.. IfI ___ kU *_,ithret )'car>. : PONTIAC t


!/ LAKELAND LEDGER, Monday, May, 4, 1N4 aRsnts

r For
Hollywood Attempt y

I By BOB THOMAS! The thought of staying home For Speech TherapyBy jiJoI.
1 I AP Movle-Televtilon Writer t in her luxurious Severer Hill r.
HOLLYWOOD (AP-"I'm a hacienda doesn't appeal to her, 1
big girl" says Gin Lollobrigi either. She has been taking leasoot George W. Crane, Ph.D., M.D. I II!

da. "After IS years of mlrrl.ge.I In such exotic dances 1
I should be able to travel by as the Watusl for her field trips
1 myself." into the local night life. Rome CASE 8-451: Edgar Bergen Itrift,. I --
The Italian beauty is here was never like this she says. Is the tainted master mind So every stutterer might I-sassA I
making t movie with Rock Hud "1 have never seen such wild behind famous Charlie Me- profitably adopt ventriloquism y
110I\ "Strange Bedfellows." Her people as hi some of the nightclubs to speed up his own social
husband Yugoslav-born Dr. Drato In Hollywood," she said. Edgar and t both attended popularity, as well as to be A
he Northwest quick aid la his speech therapy. -f-MA-W ? WHAT r.5 R?) itUNTtNt3 IQIiFE inr
Mifko Skoffc, is In Rome attending wE'I (1)1arse'
She also has attended frequent ROsiCrl.ur .d ME'tt+E1M7fRWA7' To auwe!
to his publishing bus- dinner parties in her honor era Unfvenitiehool > R a'ecxE9 n oc;' t ul i t
Dess. Their divergence started This is a compliment, the of Stutterers are usually victims y ONE j 9E Pt TuQafCraMO -- "'
\ i of an emotional com- ; I3T rMRSdWCCS -
tongues to wag especially said, but also a hazard.Gins' Recently
of 1ft pies that fastened upon their
she has been getting a whirl
charm can get her .
F the Hollywood fright spots with I happened to be speech muscles. e . -
Glenn Ford. I through most situations and her riding together I It Is thus a first cousin to
;I Gina couldn't care less about,return to Hollywood is wel .n route from I blushing, which also Is a social
corned by her fellow workers complex that Just happened
such talk."What Chicago to the
1 am supposed to (logo -I,Her enthusiasm for working East. to pick the circular: 7ri
'here might be surprising. In Jf
muscles surrounding the blood
out alone? she asked. Tha So our con ,I Iti
light of her previous experience. o4
I would be even worse. I wouldn't venation reverted vessels. 1J ,
l think of going out with other Her first Hollywood Mm was to our Tomorrow 111 ten you about
women, 1 !see It done hi this "Never So Few," a lackluster ormer Northwestern DR. CRANE my stuttering right wrist I ..Sr 4

country, but women would venture epic with Frank tort at and &* ,.... \
never dine out together In Sinatra then we veered over to ventriloquism. .
Halv" I "I did ft mainly to prove to 14,000 Have 211. 111> Ir.e )
Hollywood that I could work Tee been asked to do the
wort, Pa e hero In spite of Howard article on ventriloquism for cam
eratej Hughes," She said. "I once he new edition of in ency- Fled From CubaIn ::= f
signed an agreement with him, topedia.: Edgar began."So 0. cMo 01Ly.tAIT 4P

,and he kept me from working rm injecting the Me Small Boats ..ds CI 'oPI
in Hollywood for seven years hat it helps provoke more b CLAMP
without paying me a cent Even mirth and laughter among i .. ,
(after the contract was over, he human beings.In MIAMI (AP) Some 14,000 \
I ,made MOM pay trim $54.000 to fact t have been tec Cubans have fled Fidel Castro's (ff. 1'Ct.4tp\ (fin I
use me m Never So Few.' And turing before college audinces Communist regime! In maD : .. l

'ater MGM paid him 175,00110 Icould on that very theme, boats and 1,000 others who took ... .. ) I '='.,!
.4. r.wio.r
do 'Go Naked ta the amely.. the value of laughter. this risky escape route died In '- "

\ ., pvLa I World.' What do von think of the the attempt the Cuban Human ---or A.: ._. -. .
\ I Om returned to make The Idea?" Rights Commission report -

Lady L" with Tony Curtis. Both LAOGHTtR: SEEMS to be Miguel A. OTbs Benito, secretary -------- _, H -ftrt
LAST 2 DAYS stars liked the script, but the restricted to human beings. of the commission told the
new director, George Cukor, did Other creatures indulge Inlay Cuban Uons Club In Exile Sunday -
lids Steve ;not Nine scripts and five ", and lambs M spring will that 11,000 refugees have WAS THE ZIP ON Kg ROCK
reached freedom since l2.OHta VOU 'EAR' NOT AiE/
GUASON MCQUEEN ';,months later, the project was frolic very happ ff.
shelved at a loss Gm reportsat Benito charged: that Castro's ',ANDI3Aa;
But mankind atone will grin
; refusal to Cubans yM
12.S milfiuft permit
SOLDIERIMI1V and faugh cfcocfcte and .IU'"1 yr
leave their constt- .
to country
I "I was paid for M twice: So laughter It a symbol not yi
'the said "but ft was not good only of the highest level Of odes one of many humaa right JrI
fI fot me I lost a wholeear of ftnteflicenc among mamsKsaBut violations by the Communist ar 1,91 9 9J
,work because I couldn't achedle fOVfI'1IlM11C. I
other l.mi: A year IIi too 1pf'C1et. lie displayed a man of Cab
.* k also Indicates extra IN and concentration 1
STARTS WED long to go wUtws worst pinpointing prisons
-. i version of outlook. For the camps and charged: *
person with the broadest spa that Cuba holds more than lo...
MACt nCtKTNWTfcUWMTHEMM'.HOfTtCttr tJJiI experience MuaNy enjoys 00* political prisoner I. four .
?? ELECT Jokes best of these place, he tatd. prisoners -

SAMULIIRIO'dStOMr.wI'I F sr example salaams are have contracted twjercwon I t-:.: !';, ::.-:'-
[KlNGSWOODSPROTT Chiefly extrovert whereas and tacit medical t.re.

iON 6 N YDII. engineers accovMaMS and aU II* accused lh* regime also of
KEN hose who work" with 1ft....- sing Hid r.-4 U tarn to t eAT 'Made In
JR, mate objects are more Introvert pritoM, I
I $TATERCPItCSCNTATlYE IF A Pt'tUC speaker trito THE THEATERS1 Brief Inglorious RunBy
the tame f IoU to 1 sake awdiewe ,

I. ere the crowd of eng**. ....... The
I grade tUUree In d
e.c.iaaa lining a *
ten, which will laugh louderf r."t ;: estaa+ I AP 1.levl.tMMt4lo Writer I
.. aging Bronilvt neighborhoad.
a* a* k> c. i -- It It generally the extroveniv m
audience of wtesmenlFurthermore :..... .- -.r.. ..I ; :// NEW YORK (Af"Ma4c IsAmerlu It was not tntirrly aucceav
a crowd of u.,,_. Nrre/w.P Stars ," UM CM panel Grow.let faex Me. sometimes the chtt-
MM stun* or of women alone "E'I' :. wA.T :."y sir ,that tried. to MbMNvte. the right des and e4ulu teemed a little

tct's Keep wJ sal taut M loudly as a Paa .....,.. j I fA aMNawiatret fur M amusingIsms "" >COftIdau.. but many bocause >
mixed audwM* campused of Tame. ,..._ r... aa. .- L and tog money prim. the hind of remedial work
bosh mew and ...... -f......... r.. .... / \( Impel d..d Sunday itljM at It hd the teachers are tfotAg is srtdrsmaue
c55 MONROEBRANNEM .J1II: : and much
BAYS Far the very prn rme of ..t-r 4-brttfty Md sngtoHously requiem
the pap msao **. torn the. attention .. :"kJIIrU I Its demise alW only four prrformancct taws and patience.

PEKING of exit moniker out 5' ..... ly Carr/h PJ kt.r makes k ruaoerua tERk
ward upon the nprwww ate .....n. ana for the IIihonftt dived show ofi
and thus Is WwrrMv ...'Wr j' due +**m. ABC110* Grs T 1 Mary MargarH Carrie OUiuie .
An iMmyrrslve miser ads ,Ja yA1a .r61 I 'hat IkMrs early ttwa Mass was hastily i network radio Is cwrently .

SHERIFF a. (:!.. Manwr Of .. furs *3'--.. '" : ___ removed, alum three performances excited about discovering
. u interviews and
tent "'aitwKi.ed tutor hMR e& a'u -or was k two? canversauoa
I t2S./r.1 S.Ts01.9sIS <&Moa CTWM would okvtartSy /wit M.M. :- MONDAY MAY .. I HIGIMR4L feraMe to keeping note totrwdtttie The poi ta the network's Son paled of musk and news, the
not have the wide li1.\. .r = TIADCNCILSi today Get reauUs. day Might Ktindule hat proved lady who Is generally. credited
with the first radio Interview
repertoire of humorous wtjoymmt Os-worken wtu respect you to he a ton of trtevtekM Death
that you' asaociat "Hh : d7TT . IW a 1t:! are Msno powerful praline later, Valley The Judy GarlandChow" how celebrate her Mh ann4ver .
Ww mood to rely* to ary ta broadcasting to-
Bob Hoe* or Edgar Bergea.LAUGintR &r ,, CArRICORN December faucht a bung IInIU
.o_! ,,..,n.. M you led aupport you era ...*> ( 22 dayKh aa hour Interview
1 II .,.. a pual- .. *NU ao you had bener to January Je) Real care mot there earlier. '
a- .
* who -rt .v. .'f... Bre....* To as easeL
th-e goad, M *vn y ,..rrrr..i' _... old a math more favorable be lakes M monetary. matters, Ping
wnoteao humor tomissionary = The vwtwork .. I. Mary Margua McBride. who
promt** day before whether for pleasure or but tofMMti
S of "- PfMNU.IkaC . at!:NM ".1"red P.Moi approaching them nets Thwjt* oVmands out fee mm sill awxtier ..reload from network radio sew
ic to are
Miprr* v Mr tai)iMUtike .rrii"I.a....... :,,-. ..... ,_...Ik\O.... 'Tw. A day ft and e yip wtnt now to Ret detir nd made opts jima' by his, reme Mrd twit chow aged ".,...-;err years ago now lives hap.pHy .
oa a mounuiMide ta
B alas idler about father and theCauUtt
Edgar erne 1 of whatever it of coniraNed. GenaeaaM IsM a ao
the C'W'oaIC Mwwwt a dandy la no non to owa rem.rd.AQUA1IUg ab. are ..... It was ann aev Mounutas overtoukiaga
Ida !
Elect DRIYNN THEATRES your ao thai you hif bit and a white birch
hubby Mlrrh wdI rtfeev* their uiavrr ties cal seasons back and agaut te
icic : tam. January 21 to
terra She treats
Of IN C 04MOW 1u0T..rla's brodc4Mu\c
ajMr* rfhroky ; reruns hut the epode
tor a wniirtnad aumerttca The N.... ARID tMaWk 21 M Aped sowed February H) Far burr XN' w be stew* laws never best :'.as a heisted hobby doing three
A a Brats hw dummy and T. 6* Out ,. A Maw It) IM nd of tint indnidualwho HcI.10 oiMMde activim hroodcojt ....... sponsored programs a week -
without stui- hat a*oye on your semis heap aw DA mote Iron her home.Th .
mall n spank rr *
icic TONIGHT! and who sells you 10 give up what irouhl' M hunt BMW, Know NK-s "lyde.. M Wjkon,'I.
want to amtmJi
you >K.
arum lucrativ* acuvM,
TaVepuMuva Instead 6trMM leads, night was .. tawunt poses sod abaulut veto
BUSINESSMANTAX I ( Dual PM, Mined cuteness aaoal ao. UvwWy M .... awps of ..... (4f" NOTICEVeterans s Mhanncsyountu Witt onccmed teachers at I II Bntaia. but nona has used law
Li 1:10 ... 11.21 waved. (fehraary 31 to tematint to Kelp fifth and sixth power niece 177
icic AsK Fun Dns.la ... al1w TAIRUS (Apes M to May Marc )o) It's all rigid to find I -
.-- JS) TakUNt chani with raowUUM out WM Mb** have M mind,
ofGuadalcanal ADVANCE w REAR or fmanve aoutd b* but dent warn too much time
ic ..aver pretty daNww ..... R*. Be awe to give a helping
'U ..,_.,_ N'.aiu..ae member Hut you. live to a hand wkaro most neJod. Owl
COLLECTOR orwty where all Nibs mud .... wiN be ouch essay a* a MilEY
aY WMNta row .
...".,.-.." b* ohterved. Show you at* a '
ic acre u..... .. aoitd raiiaa.GMUM IF >(HR CHIlD IS BORN
c.tMt: ..... s..o- WORN "UNDU THE (May Jl to Jua* TODAY, you wdt sou* tad
Pie w.lu.his LNr..urs Atrd 21) You adze that he or a** vactHaw botweee
mutt that > Just tell
: YUM YUM TMl us how much w need to
STARKG1NN Gu.e TsbN i.e You sad sir .KN pnvat affaw acrupulmisly. oUttatcy and (racwma.net pay
: ..... H SM THI THIM aiD )et not let M deter you .ruin *, so be aw to lack early old bills, for home improvements, car
UNf J.w 1..w' Veal hulking into caber new sources that th* wwo own i* evera repairs, for all seasonal
5terr .. C-W. {t of ..... You may gt aatepauvg coosMMot on*. Then the your expenses.
ic For 14 Yeors, Wwer from out of chart become a success*! Phone now for prompt; courteous service.

TONIGHT! ....a. one and happy retauoaship*
A Polk County ic tUXUHOUiOMN _-*.. COLO tiiTvaT MOON CHILDREN (June M wU otter are eiiibtahed. LOANS TO $600
ic to July 21) .-.... to what a There ca eve* b* (ems hers i

MERCHANT -NeWft ...T f-M..!"S!-III ........ kind friend ha. M say about 4 errauocaa_ i* curbed early.
ic . THE COMEDYOF a jealous peraao who w ratty [lmIIDf i
TERRORS" tr)ing w pirate your ........... S FLEE GERMLiNYFVLOA. !'

ic TAX PAYER . .f.wn I, .... a. ..OMM Get affair 10 order qwekly.Us Germaay (AP) .
only the mutt orthodox Three '
12.1 ALSO ST M oas >w-o d East Gar FINANCE SIIVlalNt.
I methud .
.1>*IO MITCMCOCB yourself.UO man croucd the border MM
CIVIC SUPPORTER NOW SHOWING "Ta TrMkU With Harry" (July 2} to Autu 21) Watt Germany Sunday aught .lokaloAd

140.1:01.1:1 AT } II -caw 1: Investigate and mto activities of a West Game custom otttculi 209 Cart Umon Street Ground Floor... ,UU 7183
partner you can improvebun reported today
21 credit and good will of
ic X A Trained Administrator : 1iiIiIiiIiI customers. This may be quit .
Hmndl like
ienuus. w manner
X An Experienced Businessmen ItitMUI.VIW.kdti without dola>.
-c ic !AI RD&IMt TONIGHTI! VIRGO (August 21 to September TIME FOR A CHANGEFAIR
X A Patriotic CitisenA D) A new friend may
FROM IlUtlIIIA ran, .."..t. ..-... try to dissuade you from following .
ic X Consecrated Church Worker SALT ...,..,......., tested course but co-

MTIII.C.-1IE. . .. worker will
R. a u P..r .w i-U fortunately nip
X A Dedicated Civic Worker NC9ua1 mtm Nw.-ar rear this in the bud. Be craWloAl.Carry .
through with !labors
ic X A Devoted Family Man :::: J.w..1.:mt1UY11311 "DM4 tiara"Ptw diligently Cr EQUAL A MAN

X Committed to Full-Time ServiceTo KK I .plus C.A... I at r.. owv LIBRA (September 21 to TAXATION '''
ic PALS""THE .oe..... CMAKSIIkAIN Ie October 22) lottaad of relying # THAT KEEPS
T.J.,1* .! H.M.ELECT ." on intuition faUow through
YOU The Tax Payer Of KK FOR ALL
i with scheduled work. Then elf HIS PROMISE
Polk County to the recreation Due please.
Kk UD LINE"Itettt Dun'l let other toad you by
the proverbial
VOTE FOR. M., I SPUN i SCORPIO (October 21 to

kk NOW TO ATTEND KlNGSWOODSPROTT.JR I November 21) It behoove you
to cooperate more with uso- fLFCTRALPH
ic STARK F. GINN JR. -,..... Wield tnmitnUM cates if you want to add to
SU*" torime. It is not good to be
kK rc independent. Give a* ouch
ic TAX COLLECTOR 'THE THIN STATE r port to other a* you ..- J. ROSSITAX

ic .... ....- A4J KlWSENTATIYt SAGITTARIUS (Noveetber
MAY 9 D to December 21) Dealing

-k * * IkT* * * POLK THEATRE aruund to outside ac4iv li8i, ASSESSORIII

i i seems friends et al. Is pre. I N, Pr. 4.,


'- ; .
'l -


j ,J j .. _....... ... . . .... -
.- "'.u 1 - , 1 w'I"... .1a, ,. r . .
.M. ,

1 LAKELAND LEDGER. Monday, May :

OH *$.Aprtac/ "nIE OTHER X-RNl THE

. WUTTL UA5WPW EL80W Toll 5N4w5 fit ....
VYfcori 6OC).bMAre THAT

To D aug ht ers-I n-L aw I .Huh Abbot try,,Cara lor. f II a\ 4 1y

I ft.. ...,.,

Abigail Van Buren fnoit

DEAR x ABBY: Mother' Day wffl toon be here and 1 wish Act IS C30NAGr OPEN TripttI
Yet I realize be't tick. But how do ) PJts IX/NAMC 0"
kou would say tomethlng In your column to remind ")ooutI g hit 10'. to a doctor !! 5DBOTTOM 0! PANSYYOKUM.
Imarriedt to remember their mothervm-hw. Even If Its \ m's?,
Tonly a card or a note. There were to many year when I DEAR wISHFUU Yen cant ten the ... ?

held..have remembered my fisher-tnlaw. but t was tooTh hilts U Mk them !. cmne and threw a net -I

yon can can yenr family doctor and teD kits
year 1 wm send her a spray of fk wert-4o the cent- told me. Together yon can work eat n r ,
ctery-bltterly regretting that I failed to tend her flowers fcnsband t* UbmK to n PHYSICAL ei.
.bile she wa* living I should \
have appreciated her '
more evammaiton can be tVly worked In wtthoet
Mild her more about her grandch3dren. whom the loved e..... There IS help far year hmband / .
|so much, and most of all I should have let her know how and Ira -
mew)- more commas than yen :::.
muck I bad grown to love her. I hope other win not make w / I'.r'. Q
the tame mistake 1 made because next year may be too late DEAR ABBY: Just read abort Papa
Ubby.bow please I fed.lip my real Initials to my father-in-law will born in the old country and didnt know hit H(: / '.: : 4N

flaW picked one himself My husband was In the
J. O (Oceanside CaVif) picked a day In November for his "bfrUId.,. - -
WWW out citizenship paper, he wrote to hit titter tTtS jBT trOrtOsaG1w wt NEEDSHPMP LOClPG
and asked her to end him hit birth GOT SAM CAt1MkaEArOy17U1
DEAR ABBY: I was Interested In your reply to DIRTY :. w1>pING. 1M4w na7 i- 5iuC
only hit birth certificate: but also the
[OLE- MAN'S. WIFE." You Mid, '-He'* tick Get him to a titm. Thal..hen.. found out he was r
doctor, I'.. known for year that my hatband I* ".lck." and according to the "birthday" he had
11; i* to humiliating to tit m a restaurant with Mm while be was baptteed before he was born!
Ilirt* with the "waitresses nr any woman" titling nearby whose 1. /-
.;-e he happens to catch. And when he stare at the young WWW TICUO' QR

zl;rtt from their feet op, and then down again< I want to nut rovriDENTIAL TO MRS. "F.", The kot
I meet my friend away from my home became they tram yaw mother contained a treasury of .
wait come by If they know he' there. I have many worth'itiite would be wise M Implemeiit her "three I

Interest sock at music gardening, hdbfc and church: dbctplMng yet th....... She leer yon

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----- -- -

Television ProgramsTHIS I' U Z Z L -- -- a HIM -

_,.v wets es .ny wTVr.tr By LAURA MARDfVO \MOT t4tQE' *' FIX 6uPft wt ;THROW SOME V1TTU5Syr V IN A PLASH L
tea' i awl ca:i _, .'u aulNEYB MY MAN ONTH'TABLE AN '
., - '
--- -- ;;;:;;;;;;;.-..;;. -- r-- / vrk"c< Vve DNS CAM FINISH NtOweuY
===:: = = = w..M C..4.II .,..... I I/ t _

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--i:1-- ..t 1 U ,I Ig1
; ____ :_ 4 .-' - -
= : := :::: :=t= =: ; e i

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.... [ 1
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_M ......- -.... dfallTptICAMa
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J1: -.IW.-.I--: -- O"5-. !... 11 11
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1"f f- _.t..MI.::: __- -...w y C... I /T7 BrtM ant 1NSlf10US iw ? RKMRtNT 00TUUM ryt bttN of SICAt1ARYpQ !
/ Twt PAST 5YJN1M WlyttWTRt'.IKM.iyIsfis'AOt
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IMwM JS"1f. --- ..._..-; bRtRa 1 11 Ma+eAhr ett+I 1WRMytlRl 1 1 MAD RANNtO tO D!
-. ..- ..- dWNd ON PaA fT.R R RL b1J!M y fATvfRI RIARRIVO.T YNDrIImtc1RCyel
-, > aNlNTwS. stRaArS.rk N.St-AT$Avt loreot1Rard4TltLTOTI TMLt IDONTUwe

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RADIO-0ISPATO ID I Ill' l'sa. c, rrat I. I

., .1 I
TV t-oi.o t...o Cat. TV Ieu.IM. ,, .I
I".! I+mis _a AMC._ A1r c.A .......-

,"4.l. NITE & DAY TV 1

On t A.M..J J4. Nt.a 616.2116TOMORROW


Ns.ed...t. )I...... by N "
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aljtiFraM, JI Cinq.... 11 "
-1... -=:-= :-::: CJ: ::=::: I II r......... JI RsldpawaL 'q ;.

.....-. .- .-.. -- IllbataIW M A4Mrtaa1.. 54
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w t *:: == :3 3..5".....:= ;;; It Teased Rtel 8.MIt. 33Mr
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:;'1 t :: :;= ,; =--JF!
; t---:!.M h. 1Saa.U JwlL I....,.. II rt
-r. ::t:: === t:: = w4. ::t:: n Posing. raise. It
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a IoutI a.... W
TOMORROW AFTERNOON adwtuest ss.......,..,"
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m.. L- ,M Mr51. t-- Nos. W. sly d_ tI M twk... II
.:::: t 1;;:.:. .: :;: ...,... wagsaM -
-. ... ... .... -- '-- .... "..... Millie. N Webi.g M t tvwRb beiiiGb Ii yrr
. .- tI:::: ::' '-- T;/ TO
;::; :::;J;#: = ;= JS Melt bee. ....... if 1 II
...- .-' - -,.-- _. i "r. taliii' N
.-_-- -...-. ....-... ---. IIOMN0esw O 4a 4. I T
...- .... ... '

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...- MNI, .- ay '- I Je JI 4.
-.-. sWw -- -- !Eo s.Y N__. AwsRgs III G
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.. ..... /evetag. N :
tit -- ''''- '':''- .
I 7 hales If T....... N ..
slice Seeking WEDU-TV-Chonnel 3 S Relative N Rswp. SI ,
I .... 11 One .1Ma II
I TAMPA 1 Daeay Kaye ........ 19
[ igernaper1IPANTA. ....... II I I'CALl tIoi4' R1 Off IOAL edwl
= 11 *11(. 01*HILT wr.DOIIoI6 61fT1tOM"
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AP-Nir'e' irN Mel { N M MA Jthi M ,pptTInc C.D
oa ( - F.. Figs .... M S
bwking fur a "tJ&truptr" ttt.t= =,. Situ, I hd:TC\,so PditA
ria-w ek..oId tiger cub>> .MIa 1 t___-... fNM)4". '" csu. H \ : ll oPOi It toctTWUt' t
II Fuhatg putt laaprs. It h.
from the Grant Park unciSuprrinteDdent listAtlanta a:M.PY -:-=- ... U Eater 15 Rasp. M i1\ 1
| over the .---MTtlw II Married n Grrccte 4 '
Johnny Dd I l tL ,
t-: 01 __ -= --
die from -''- ..
lean M wUl pneuu Selutlw. I. MI.raay'I Paul{
.u or lack of proper feed .we ....-
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II I-54..i 5tdSTa.asw .
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HAMPROGERS l.r...-- u. EO" .
u-----. I./ .1 t hvi A wwN c a'tiINJ wtltcmur* Ita.WAAi.rq GINA7NttiOtte
i5".N a..?.. .1 Dpi .R, *. Ali cioa PLAY feel MD m"Ofk9 1CV 9 MAK6 UVS
I tS.M '.... U 1 1 T Saturdays : roe IparzATM alalltdRNT. aectTS A NrTL T'-INSTEAD tx NIP.R .
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1--- : a Tetta never A71NMILW1i JT REDAMINANSI Yrr AIL 'AUOWSSVSf
1I 1----- f1 10 i" M talent I NGAR TINT TIIi r MN
+ 1NLAeEm'NAt
YOUR .-- . Kl.'N. Wl
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.4.-w..Pr. 1.11.It w Yi >.
SHERIFF I ,..-.rw TwV : c ,

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H. .... Yr. I
I 4.4
Mn reported tuday tAP-The that German Guard.:!Aviatrix Has :Chain .

scientists the have worked for, MechanicalProblems _.,
:,--- ..
1 the United Arab Republ: be.eve Dam .
: both it and Israel are pro-" Again

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DAY LEFT mm!!*!. HONOWW (AP) Aviatrix Chain of )

Joan Merriam ran into more dun i II 6EETLES60ttJ Tt7 I II

To mechanical trouble Saturday In tion. The I

REELECTRAY ELECT her world solo flight this time at a Joint 6 AR60E! J o

being forced back to wake bland County and i
: ] an hour after !leaving for When : J
be installed
Honolulu ii
be lifted
The Long Beach Calif pilot lowered into J

radioed the Federal Aviation other tide, I
ATTOX STATE I Agency in Honolulu that she had three feet j
I cowling trouble on the left engme of the lake .
REfREJtNTATlVE ( cJ her twin-engine aircraft. the procedure.
ATE lEPKEUNTATIVE She had nut set a new depar lifted train llbtl'

... ... Yr. !are LIme. iihe Chain of


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I T .... .;.,............rT _5svcu


Monday, May, 4, 1M4 I Queen WarnedTo Hospital Tour CLASSIFIED 1

Cut ScheduleLONDON 1L1CT .... ADVERTISINGRATES I ,I It Uwimitwtri t Service $4 Hi!" Wanted, Malt 14 fchttbpuoniDAB

11 1 I Remain Set TomorrowThe Ln OBOHOra....... _LAWS.. ....cmrar........."In C15S TlUlanTa* COWTWXttrarMw -r.-T"Mr'5.515C.kvt :511 Mn Sleep.tAsnnr. ixil.sal tMIBMI sees-.

(AP-Queen Elizabeth , KlNGSWOODSPROTTVJR ,.,.. .hfl* .tralllh_... SIS atbraAtMM. Oils. Am!? B =-M Ill t. Pto BlIMM.
Its 0.- -1M 551 5.54E
11 hat been warned her monthly tout of Lakeland .... 11I.- 'I wstMhilmvs . MU IM-1144. mi ft rU 115-5451. _. ...!. ....... MU HILL
HospitalizedIn General Hospital's obstetric: 0.$1.05 17 Mtttrttt KtMTCltii kmn 5 ... M. (hMr 5 M* alA COHWTIOHWO-"f rlr r..
doctors to avoid a heavy work ward will be conducted tomorrow .... 5.l Owl De" De" De"I w.Iw t* M trot iw ***** 545 ... eeM.4. ... 451N..

BaltimoreBALTIMORE schedule, and will cut down I morning at 10 o'clock I I MM I nil ,sal-rim..... 0sicoianNO A5. ...- --iW ....wk.1 .I lie MM f.....ttm-. M n**>ttsMt *rtnu. ,.rIte. 115 0..55.5......... 505..0.,.....55.1EISIS. ....

public appearances during the The tour is sponsored by the StATE i h!: in:, \= i iliCtAMIPnO _.. PUlM MO S-M4L cn _u.,. 5 un IB.OOMMVBCIA1. on I in .-. II....% tortTKtMB. -
Pink Ladies and to art op especially o xxftnirscxD nocx ..45.55v ..-.. MHIVIM.ikllnt. 45rs
summer, court sources said to BPACSJ MTMSI 41 RtitlnBPSCtAU" tee 12' 555 1555 Llnmil IMII...... MO
(AP) Eight for mothers-to-be. Husbands REPRESENTATIVE IS Mr Minn IMkdABHIPRO 5555 .. 2--we 15. ..,1.555556

girls and three boys, molt of day.The and other persons are Invited MBPLAt BATS 8t11n'Ka S4M U 5 TIMB Mlni
them recuperating from surgery queen 38. gave birth to to attend the tour .2. 5..1 $ riwdi r- *lr _1.te. _. 5 ,..-,, 505101. 5005555 _
,. . ..... . .
>> CMtrMt rUH DM Bmnl tMl fUMr.nto W. 01.11M BM"PUi. t ELECTRONIC
remained her fourth child Prince Edward Those Interested are asked to,
hospitalized today an oir _1_ DAM .- LN55r.

while the mayor awaited II six weeks ago. I meet In the hospital's lobby I WANT AD CtAOUMl K ftrrrm CAt 5.111 f HATIOHAI. COMPART Mi ... TRAINEES
55555 -.eL
11J -- ----- 05.1
report on Saturday's traffic Jam ;, -arias AM .5515-55054 554 4m0 5.-515555.51.55.Mett M

on an escalator at Memorial ... ..-... W.I1It.n' -"'"fi _..... 554 5555 1IIf- a. n... ...... M I..e 05115. 555.
Stadium. ........ at... *... ...-ar N1101 0515 0554. .105. 5555.1154 Ie .55551151 t.11
.. i RS.5.f C. 'II. MM>T wowrooMint w... am. tr nwMHtM 5.5.55 5 15555.55. ''5505
b Thirty five other children iI WnMM 4.30... T'55.f 5505 5.5 5d 5.5150 505 .... WAITTKD>.r> Am.tCAtrra MMUW:: ttlPXOf. 5 555 f m4 mnM fr /M fwttr
were trait and one killed In the I navies 555. VP 5. M 5.5555555 5555. offir citr tuntmtifisa -I IaL8CTIIOIIlCII 50/55. M 155.55555 5511-
: IT cw i _.. Par' fvrtlMr tefm* fs i r WM.MHM 1--arv )4IPT '" *
.... _
accident before an American TPAi5a5S AKOVAU 414 W. Ptlu
II 03 h11.5. P. M. Tkmn ... ..
5555 4 54 555. C5.5L I in ax. Lutes CM.
League baseball game betweenthe sews,. II-OB HM PrMMMtef. EMPLOYMENT 05555 ..--. _
Baltimore Orioles and -- 4 JI P M. MI5annAV
kf 4 nuiitrs. An t- *
r Cleveland Indians. Wla,115AM5..551515.555. n5. ..." 155555 5554555 C'e I1II- LIVESTOCK
At least seven of the children Q u-aa 0..s _. 52 Mala W..... .54 ...... 505.5W Cell .a4m
d 15.1. _
f. C were expected to remain In hospitals i w55.enar P. M. HMta PER WEEK it feft, Lets, ran
for at lean a week. An 17.att MEN OR WOMEN 191
11 were reported In satisfactory ... S... P. M. _.t 1- 5555.05 0W, 5
condition. B._..It-OS BMB rmmnf START A 155.5555 5.01: 0. M _. .. 5155. ala 154505 0555. 555.
Y 155 M 155. 5554515 .5.55s 51.4555. 555.. 51rot.DAIMAUAP .
Seals,. S-sa P. M. TkmtwrIk
' I Crowd Pays RespectsThe 1I5105MM5MM5..5. NEW CAREER 55 1151155M M. UHMEN 155 554 505115 M P11P'I'UIIo 5 7 ...
G F crowd at Sunday's game 1-.05. W lee-55w5.e.n rp.M1. ...- _..... JI1I ..1..
wG - PART OR FULL TIME ,...-. 55015 .1445M OIUBB Pot Mto. PIT 151555.
between the same two teams 5..6 5 ... .
THE UKOAND UDftttTtUPHONI _!5.55. I __ S *Mf M MMIM.Ctrrt 115
was asked to stand for "A moment Qct LM t ...... c..tt

9 of saddened reverence"for 1 555.5. .( 1111111 UM *M 1ST. M. .
eII 15551 .td5..5a 11.55.551055 t pmL 1155 won't0NIA1U11 :505 _
Annette Costantinl. the 14'earold MU 6-1151
: 5555.? 50.5 --0-.1 S FART TIME .r : I.- 151/.5.
..1I ) girl found dead near 1 was ..P pest lf.wrt iroCHIHOABUA' _
K.UWd 5555. M <** 555
554 -
the top of the moving fUlrwl). M-W.Mr5555.tnwHw pf-MImI,w Mark Hi t.:*.M4 pntrrM !, perm. 1 MTUJ _
= 1 ... 55550155 55151.55. 0.05.5.MO .
ANNOUNCEMENTS 5514155. o.a d 5.n 5.5 5.555 c.e W
She was among nearly ..
** tMi "_ .. $5.55.555 5-4455 55 51110
members of the school safety 0.0051 I MlMI1 _If!. AMI* ass 55-1551 __.
4.5.5. 5 i Ptritwtl NtfictsCrmunAM BMta MJ i.stt S .BJ t.U I
patrols from throughout Miry.I.I. ? IZ Wntti Lrmtetk fitsMCltCHANOISE
--------- ,
land who were free .... _
en, 555. IW W AM Strttwtsi ,
the Orioles. .0505 5./5.. Dlol sosass City Employment .AII'I1ID' M 5555 05515.5?
1..1..5. Ct$55501 555hS55LOtt'
Wm 55 555
554. P05 555.
I A secured metal barrier at 1'OV1J OWII .5515 MM 555
CC 1IUPc--: = :: oren 55.5 P5 $15 --'II. x11555 555.5 5.0. 50 5.55Du
the top of the escalator channeled S I* S DAILY 5.5 55515 5455 5 1111 555551
off the .55. _a - 0. 5..555.55 5.5515 5 50.M5
riders moving .....-- -'- "- -- 15 ii SATtmo . M -5.51 ...........
stairs Into I 2-inch wide exit. .555. 551 W M.W5.ues nu.5.N. .555 -- .1-w 1 ... UDCtiQAnfir

Witnesses said the children 55 5..55. l 55.51 Rm. 208 Arcade Bldg. .00 0511015. 5f.:05555 M. US

were going up three and four ;: HOBBlBOCOBTOM 555 151 5. 1-.5. 1.155 5..5
I Consolidate Your Bills 0555$55 5055555 .55 l. ,_ 5551 05 Inme 555.11.

breast 55 heat 5555 $5 ors _.-wv_ SI R." w....., ftalsStem ,1-155 W....155... 15.55 5 5..M.5 5. PO

AOIaLITY Plowr W x555 5.5 1m. 45.555.
P54fl0Iat TART
155. 115 5Wss PIenM our 1 *
Khrushchev a: .555 5..1 .-.., ........ 5/55 OM...51.5.0555555.. ;$1 Wart WnMUmrr
Hits'Infervention' be ,55515505 5. mnvvrtOPPORTUNITY
You may able to cut 5 55. .55"551- f., 11' ... .....,- S- tsf Ilcytltt MetIrcydaIT1QV1IJ'II
MADB tttm. k 4.lUaDINC .I- fee 515 -. H5.. 15act0. wosa 5555 r.
. eateala _. - 0501 P0. M .M. 55.15 55.. 55 05 55.5 055 .55br5ss
. M Tsar 555.. two 155.5 Sal psW 5551 5.50 (55 50 ,rya 5.aN5. SOD 15.155 0
=:.. 15455 551 L 5555 Ma H.5. --. -- -
w W -. .. -
obligationsin TII.or.a.ctI.- PTa5n0 pe 5.ea 105 c5PP1P1tPTPO sea 54 s55555 fls sSMis
In Cyprus Fight your present .,.a.,. 511 4. 55.51 Wrt 5 50 5 kM>. ..4505.54 c5.1. 0.50155. .1.
MU X1MM ,5.0 15..55555 155, 51055.
05 ssAL 1.55.. P5
Q a..t CaIPPttDSo.05 555
.5.5.55 ... 5.n. n. Ills
M0900W (AP) Soviet Premier half less. sasses ..! T5.WaSe..55.1t5. Peet ..-.. 555.555s. .51.1-5_ M 5.M M 5 '05S 015*5555555 5555AP 7 &ItkfeI'1f
or 55.55. 055 sMee b5M5. .. I LA5.W.P.. -
KhrBshctiev called today ..... 5-hS 5 se's _05 55. ..w ,5.15. M 55.5. W5511 IWCO TVB .... SM r 00.
ror aa end M foreign IntervenI =a- .: SIN 0555h..5 .50 .. 5..550 ri1 5..11.555 M 5.r ..155. P5550 5051 554. 55 5155510 ytMi
_ 1405 50 55 1555pets. 5554" 5..M. 5
M M Cyprvs, stytng lie wasrofiMent Mr. "M" ... trying $212.00 ptr r...*tti. Mil ctmbWJ a.*,,,*.its were -a 5.5145.5. 5.5..5,5.5.55.,-5 ..tMrrS.m WI'as. w. M (6 555. 55551 .15555.... WO B-.nl.4M P5.en ...

the warring Greek cut r. $1 50.00 merib. .... -_. ..-. ... 5555 .5.15.55. M.5 M 555. 5. 5555 551 05.5 55555.ea WMMk.OWOTIIBBU
per -.ue. .15155 h5.IIIItt 0510 04.05 W 5051 55.51.
and TBrkWi communities" Gourd 55 051105,55. 5145. 550455.1. 5
ft. (S.S.g5 IM_. ,55555555. 5.5 5555555 5 555 _. h 015 55555
Meld ways W live In peace M an Mrs. "K" sal ,.,ins I27S.OO pr m.fif>i sad ...>.. *f fcer cnMi wets i* CC 55550 515 5l Malw5. 5.. ... CWf wrL5 Nr5 alwMa

Indrppndent Cprus iKt fc n4i the Credit) llama see "d kn 051W M N051 155.5511.5.w 5511
rppuMicto mt4 4wn *N s $1,000.00 TRADES LAD? '0115 M.50 55eI5.MW555ttW1.M.,w ** PD01B. in i lAUCTION

aa tntennew with the fwranieiil Las form *.*> ...4ii f UrtHwtiS Ttir..|K *>.r system /he win .34.1. .V. : PSIP rte 55555. 1.555 r .5.5.55.

paper tfvestia Khnt haw $12, )00.00, c....M.*. fctr bills\ chat Ktt credit ..< repay tee P.....y 14 ePdIa., GrpMnlag i I5 S iii 51-.5 i ilA io. I ..j 4.5.555., R C'S.5.55 55.5555 555555.05015 555 555. 51-5.504555 5555.s -W SIIM.55-I

ahrVv said; wish .*ly $120.00 ptt .......... .c: li 111 was ......... r.MMWS !555 C.1 5).55 5.555., 05.. it 5555 .S
*we, OK Soviet people"" '.'-' 0555504 $.5n.0s5
sym- JXMTJM. wtmowa.tumrxnM <5551. 0 irTH> cvma sin. miss A*. CWiLMm M* Ml .,' -
padiiM wWi thane who art rlf,1lt. Mr. ...4 M...."$" wire "yU| *vt $400.00 per math ..! pit their p.,n tits .... 555.--M-.5.w-wr.-. S4 tf sMM111W.W WIM 555.5.0.5555555. ,55 .... iSO

Pig for independents and sover- c*mbiwed ..4 tvtr4 f* $4 .00 per n.*.tfc. o*..,. 1.55.551. am. 511
of PS..- we 11.1. a. r eat 5.5 SssaS5550550
the of
The mist Soviet y government republic has Cypros bee" Mr. .11I' Mr. ww" tasbb*. .h.lr ,.r"1 ... Srsrt/ th11r.UDe.tkss, i .5, amMM p lass. I S4 help wish, Malt =:;::.. .5 .11.5. M ....... Mat 555 *5,4455 55.Pnidly

and It firmly and oonsiMenOy fr".ii $$500.00 .. $1 50.00 pet .....,... 21 .... I 1xa7a 5.50 P5. 55155 ea5. ..MS. k1.05.L WV S-Pa-S 551.5!P5 LSe..NM5 Lod:. P.M-Moo NlaT.

opposing an attempts from out- ,. 505 555555. $1y..1 5505.11s ,......_ LID 505.5, 5.15
aoonc D.r.ONll 555r5. .
alga. to Impose on the Cyprtou For Flnonclol Service Information: Coll 752.2450 ._ 5..555. M. 01-555 505 $U4 '55...555g05.51-0 -r:: =555 5.MM00MJIMMY
41.5. L..5. 50P
the terms of die ohrtfcM of Hit 05..1. WALKER'SAUCTION
s5. 555 H.5P.5 Y 651.5 r 0..sus i' soegTwo..a 5.5

.Menial proUem of this rrpubOf Doyi, or John T. Cockrell 752-5040, Nights COCO flU. .1aea.W w ...rILM 555.55, eee.a55.5..55 iS .5.555 550 5 5.. -.i WI-5.5.. .. .. CENTER:
k.N r ----- .., .
55'. 15. 5 5 .5.55 5 UBS .. a M M
,, 5.m5 5s4 55555 15.W Ml 55.50 5S5 555t ----I
.15555 W i
lthrlrhdv aide ao mtaHO2 55. ... 0555. 555 ...,.. ....Mitt. 551 555 M 5.5. ..
..( Vti. p ecO51p c1 taros Ati: ,-rtPM MrflM r n/ "5.W 055 S .550. M M M iWr 1.1....... M .. ..... a... _
Financial Service > ",555, r. SS 5.5555 IPerha .5.5. M 5WMI-4 .5. 555 055. 1-.I 4.1.1 a.- 555. 05. .15.54555 01w
OIl Cyprus or bt d5.N 55 55.
555. 11 1.55.01
show 05 5555.ATLp 5.55. S5 .5555555555-5555.5 ...... ..... 1505
... 1 tor twrteu.rt" .. . 005 5 055555liiM
*** ; 5555 555.5.m. .... '551 555y
r ;r;;,5y WiS.
155 feovM UBM atmuiM4 I* 54 a55.5.5r -. raw 555.. W 55 5555 505 .1555 WIIS. .:*.1It' BfABti=: ; ;;;..:

Cht UJ4. facwrtty Could votefrtattng Disc/low. 01 _. W 5450. .0550 5..1.55 0 A55wea1 5.55.51155 Mr 4 s a -'i 11M 515.. L5./5 0 5511 -
Is. M* 55l We 5.1Ea 5555 "'> 550M5ea 1-.55555 500 W MM OM 55Y'
aMentaUonal NrctTVmui Cockrcll Entcroriscs Inc. 24 Philta43cc.Pe.ITa54e0. 55541.5 Me 510..55 W 5.M55555 1-
555 W .5.15555515. 5 .5.55
== ...... t5145q MW 555 555 551 -. 5 5.15. .
JrfferBcm's portrsllppeart PaltMn0 w .515,5 .555. 05055..55 M 51..555.. 51 pee ......,55..5 5555. ii 115.4 5.i .

I on tee fl bill of the 104 1. Hotnci St. P. 0. Box 168 Plant' City, Florida .551.5.-N5.5W 555.156 W 511.5P15 1515ass. 5-5011555 55.Sea 155515s 55.55 -5.PW 554 5--_ I.55555 I .5 _55.-i 11,-_ 1 1115 CrteI.M 1.55. 555-

Utwuo4 Stales WV 1451 ,5551- .555555 .... 54 ...- 555.5555 St 5.1555155. -
nurrftry .
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W. R. Williams 55 0555 5515550
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FAIRCLOTHATTORNEY 1"1..&(:"<1(: APn.u"C'Q .... ..&fer SInke .55555 a5S .0555.5 >
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$50 5.
GENERAL 1554 .... 5505. Vow N 1 551. 51.5. -s5.tsari. W ,. ..:5555. 5545 110. $8US and up.
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General 5450.DeWS'S 511-.5. 5.50 555 555MWn Nay 15.55.0..5.550504 P5A 5.Ill 5.55 Sell'0.. Used Furniture
The Man who is Attorney L L Men5. 5554111
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General's Office =
'MMI character and dignity. The Attorney ,
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INDORSED BY mm HiMPMRsm mm mwaw m DIALMU 6-1151-Ask For Classified ...Ulm. 445.555.to tart 555 5555.MillMTMMM. 5.eM, TRADING MART '

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IDS Jewilry 502 3311. --

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Ceres. 1.0. I-
05141 55Rt t a TKO 5755 5. N 0115 40.5455 155551 051455 e
Montgomery Ward 55-TOM tn
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OCT A GAS HOT WATER wtiaf5 1.4 x5 5. _e.,. I ':33. =-.rn- .s.S, -= 5.0.of 5x4.r.rnlt.r 2-eUS

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HEATER FROM WARDS .5450 414a. uetsf115... K tro 5.1700 _. _
J4' m....114 Mats trader. -- -
Hart Rot water WV 5.157.
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Yoo read ttlHttr 'I' P IIn- f5..f..t15a, het AUTOMOTIVE RENTALS REAL ESTATE >k REAL ESTATE ,I 15_5.....15.. 5510.,_ P540......1555OS" e.!' $61.85 PER MONTH

IMMMM = 5.5511.55. MtpW" 0.55. RtNTAU-1 15 550551. .tot --. 5

117 N. Kentucky MO MM 111 Mettle Hem 11. Fersisbad. .,...,...,. U4 144 Acrtep, Lets Fr $.!. 147 hie.... frepertfl I 5.5555 515.5511. 4.55 t'fci.a C* kmM St. t eWM
MU 2-5103 0AAIm IUtt Mrt P.r.

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CMV c) nI0 far1v5. = .* Ml 141 |M Mt 514 _. 50555, .-..... s5-lt ..... 1050115. 51555 154551141.5. _.... 1151 514. 5-.._. 1547I 55.550 St 5545 ,...., 514 051.151 2M s176101 -
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VUIID pass. 550.5.t 1.. S x1.55..55 s ....... 124 Track _un. 1N-t1n. 1154. ROt sod 651. Hmtavor Maw. 540 ..7 5111 N 50's C 1 D.R ",r. 1Iof. ten i i410T M.55M 1151.1416.
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$50.R550 ....
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j Pit 5455 105 1 -- 514/555. 5.111t h5SW1.5. 045 It...". It" ..5. 40140. FHA MANAGER edit mf
MLOWtW 1 ACHOBOtrlCn O. I w ....... ft w 575,.s.sr MV 00455 5 POll Ata ir __miTTMifrr trrt 55.0_. 1515all M5001r5L MtrvATI lrIM tot.,MM 5115.1 1x0 "'In.cotlnll. ._ lot t.rsi" 55. .... .M 1 0..lM "<- b 5.5551
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(>. *..0_ Hti *4MI 5r5t __ ..,.. S1 St ...... 114 05155151 Mil MftIMI13S . MAllO" w5145- ... IM Ift Ml M (._. HW, $100 DOWN I ItIo1W -
CASH FOR no 4k a I1M Wrt a0. DrC'ONITm. Meer Ned 71'01705. C1a w UM mri c** H 55 < M K..
15 YOUR CAR Me151.l $.... 55555. ....... ,........ 0.51 5.eaiS. learns forLAKOI 110.t = = ...5fnq 150, 55055 .MM M ..... Mr* M. O. UM.M. 0055 ttI .. --1
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PER MONTH .. Ckm.m' *. b.._ M. .wIM: Binunoo MM iriClM' > M Dtrkt -".. til UM 455'. Ofho 1*, 45-eo 1 i LAKE MORTON
nvr Mr a 5 DOOM. ftffm. Os5 M .
RENTS A NEW 1 *M* RENTALS TWO ..-- -.. 054.105. .r 505 *Mkfl : ,_tIp 55554 7555 *. 11.1 flt. ..... MV 5-.131. I.. 5. 55 555 0711 5f e5 ..111T ..
CAR PAYMENTS ....... SI 455 500 r-4Can .... 0,1.4 15.-550515 .-,_ 5.11 0,55 III9& toes m aIN .
. SPINET PIANO 1WV ).,.,. MO 5)070.AIIPA ISO MlKtllaM P tttli3oA
129 Fratsh.d APwtlastsPCw15r C'I.OOQI .... Patti- 55615 5404.rr.ar. = .... n . II 5R40AT 14 ".-. ... R. TUCKER PiTt -
RENTAL payment apply TOO HIGH? .11 550 11.555. MO 54751.E5.5 IT.MU. >. OrM** . 55'5555.. .71550 J151.' n n.T nw awe 55.5.55 5555.
to purchase price. Cart ",.A....,..... 50 ... ..555550.. ps0 is5 1115. ,
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limited to amities, .....- __ 55. 051 .11 5514 0.05.ads. .' - 45555 --. 5r54- kro e-titi 0 1 APAP0574
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musical ability.CANNON Mum. Opus *5 I 155. "J' or....._....... i 131 ..... RNA I ordIOAKD I I'. 5 .. 0.140. 5 C 4.40 5 -.- -- - --
Pss.* __ It. 0)5. 5* 0411 055141. _t'A11.i1RACR11a7

MUSIC CO. CHEVROLET twos, 1 0Ma. 55.5, .0.t 5.t. 701 LIME 1An'ft. Ptllun 145.. 055 ... 004 ..... 555550 15051177 sA1 5051 .;::.!'515.7151.Rsw pw5rtiRM11 OWNER SALE

55 555541 $40$5 00.0.0. 1t --.. pTA Ift'MrartD _. NO DOWN PAYMENT
JCJ So. Florida W-IIU .55,5.5 04W740 5455p b ; s5 ........ Mm lAM 0_. .*wrM 0S

Open Friday Eveninae It* K. nn.* ..*. PR11 P.5r5 T1 05551 ., sC5 514..6 $. sis$ .14. .P::: 15y 5>> ,WITS 57414.15.555--II __n S.5(torn t*. 555.wk* 5..5.5 III-
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US Wealed MtelloOMcuuinrj eras 1011 1.... S 5.54 (75 art T+rww <:55< 054 ..... .... 1.111.S. LIST YOURPROPERTY '...... :.=

soap TUM-TOK.L imn nit *** 050.1 1.55RtD. 5.75.1M ......... 500,-... ... WITH US 551-5 141 a Ate 5A0414,
55..54 err O.s0 05 .N 45. *1s*. 51rs1 --I 5 S0fp55.5.4. ,$ 131 Oaforablwd Apart 1 5(0.55'M.* N.tOre 1------
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.. #5405 MV S.40A --. -- -.- Ml. HI 5 05.5 0 5.5tt. 111 KMI M_ 55.5. 5. 5 I'
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.40.5 15.,015. .. ..
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,.55514 1..6550 0104 55.nn 55I. MMnt II.... T 551'1 W s5N 50 040.-* P5. 400 54td.IRP.t nu Mt 55 . 05050 5 OPEN HOUSE
5 55 5. 7555. 104. P5t55 vM+ rF5r
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r"4t1l$14 e5 M M 5 "AIL.t1t" MJ5 555..1 55.55 p0454* mis, wv a1RD list hraItW 11.15 .."... ,545. .15011tars. (2051,71 IA;?: W510 O 1451
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YOU'LL FEEL 1155..5 .5 IM 54.5051
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5-.55. 155.5.0 405 50 A 550.... 541554 5555 NEED A BIO ONE *.**.. 1MIAM
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404, Lr5r AM M -.* 55th sd f 5.t 0. M 40. E. HOSE STREET s .1 MEL RUDY = ..; 5.
M MW 14.14 <*M. *T* M wI place your fwwir :" WCftT X1 55. 4.5,55 -555. 440 5505 ...... -- 515550410W
5.. 05. 145 Pr..4 rr |jk-i 5e 401.. *i l*.* *rliktStfikiSttniI Good bum Ior aIloa. IM LMLA REALTOR No..t.
0.5.05 551 050 In. Ott *UM /*4*M. MtMML 545510 h* MM *4I tMoorr -
1'-54. 50..5 14.51..55 $5.4Tx 05 (t Ironuce; tar Sol n. dorp. MORTGAGE lROKMlIOTE

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SW = m ::.=:;' RNU.rA. ,I......r.-05'41. .:5550.4.100 5 55555055. N. -MOVE IN AND CHARMING

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514 555..5. 0. 55I511' c. ppri.Mi MnmodJM 4514.i.s... START LIVING 05 4-.550 5. 5 5,55.5
151.555..5 SM15 455.01. 0155 I Mk> --- 55. ... 541 -
100.5 ..55.50110RA04 M *4'S OHM MI 1155. S KrwMdty Ave. 5 550 .-.....
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BRICKHOMES \ 1.01.15 115 4.5106sw 11-5 **M 1505. MH*. IU I= n aiw 5075 i iIIIU {.sTiM.MM.MI.... .. 54 50. .54S5.
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4.05.. ts405 III 4..4. __ $555. 1554.5 15555..14 5.5./1 ..11501 Ml 1475 N S 5555 554 5155 .... .lMM 7155 5.550 KEN HARRIS
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*."* ,... ___ 1 + -1551 ..r.5 : .w 1.555105 $0 5-55. '....IS

Ta .o ...... 5550000 5150 01514. all Ihi fOR SERVICE
555. 555 ww.1'S".h.., M\M ........
ONYOUR .0t5. 154 55.51 .555 StI I IA M YOUNG PRIME 055.1. 55.1.5. Stardust
1 11555 .4ta5. MU .... 0._. M0 a.
.5.55.50 45 0475 55105.
i 0::. .::::: W MM *. .. H.!!... MLT.
05 .... W .. 55 ... .
t5 Mt 55 MMMW l -
IPAC't' III i .... 5550.1 .1/ 150 C5. 15150$ .1.0 554. 5 MT = HlJMItM. hi Ml MVOMT, M1WUMU :..rr:=-.ez.:. .
LOT - 5.555'x..4 .- Orr' IAMI ...405.1 150 kMMOinM. M ,MM :.. M* ..* *. V 575 54505.5 wgh 1 u.-. r.a ... 14 )
.5..... ...... 10. -.. Pew.ur a-a UFO 5 540.
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us7e two .-.i.15 w 550. 5555 *05 .. -- ..... .r 501.5. 5.1 .>lllli *x1 MkMi.MW. 8s11.hfoss1'Q
105.55 +
_0y11rw 'wTf.1M' w 5514. 5.55.5 540.5.455 smssi ,501 555. alp 5.w 54 aran IIMI 5.011514 JMVMIMMK. DICK'S AUTO SALES
rM 0555i5i551 torAufclu MN 14.5. .15 SIS 5.,50. This. W- ) !t 1., 055 55054 5515455, 41154.5.
OURSPayments MtrkMMMOnM.1VM 7.... T1. .4050. 55..5514 4.. 54. 15555 L.5.5 *5405.. 1011 ( M.MMU MHO
rirM. OM atw.unLn1U' 514 M4 **>M MeNHM 5.000 750 510540005 555 50555*. 55.... ,
75. km e-iJM. A"I""O OI".V
.t.... 55-5515
55515551. .
0. *15 555,05. *151111 147 UCMM
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N k. S.. V.BM>. Coil t0 1)1 ftr KMrt, Mkcn.>tMt

1,555.: uvn-uu *MT .*. Tbs. Lass. 55.
. TWO alD4.10C5I IrAdkr. rwlU REAL ESTATE .s5 155 45
r CSMl LAlLa .. ... 55 w 5. ,555.5 3 5551..15 14.55 ..51145..56. 64.6..5 5 500 55 L Na 3.R
As wIlleR.-MM tMk u* 01O. 5.1.5. 0*. 5154115.NOTHING. ,710111 555, 5755W
As Low 55 MU 1.4101.
50.0. 555. 55..1. OM>
MM r- nwr.A.*IU.*M4tM Bvn I Have Returned!!
MCba0S TWO >..rilmMt 4.5x5.I ) Utc. ..... 141 M* il. MMH Its .4. 551 511 415.a0000M 505. >tM IM> > -

> .--. <..... MIMjItMtWC .... 5550 -
AH*. !.. test *MttlkMCI Y00W 055x514 101. 0sl!' 511 11? 45.05555.

SB BOO ,tM I == :=.::: .: 55.6056 s. MA 5.Mts.55551.*(5.505 wMM 1..Wt 5555/ t55,55555.0010515 55411 4.55

0055/45 5 ...IITKU1' lea 555410 55.5$ 545551.HOUSEHOLD 505* 0.5151. 17... 4 55551. 5555 5544 Y.fSS 054CO.
.4.5_ 0ts. 151501s 37*
. ttUM* *...> 4.5055750.54... 555

=- .MM IMI 14 MlHIMM .. too big or too small to 550. M1/w 040544 tae.
Per Mo. 4IM Mftu
144 Atr*ep. tits Fw Past .55. 551551 P55t W 5040515a.
MV 5-4554. VMM 51.55.D5e15A1L4.ODtMaOs I.w.5. Cy70 4451r1u5..4
be told la CUtuTted Adsl
....nI. ? $13.405. O5 t
5s05. 1 .r 1 05.5. YiS 41011 lASD 55 551.5 55 4 >. I. 1.Lot. .
Dial MU UlSt fur aa
05.11 C..u.ctrIIT&4L. .54 0500 .1555 >M4ItM w....
.,. ..551.5 Lt.UIaM ..**.
Slim 5-55.0 00011 M. riw AJM MT *cr*. T.... ad-writer and tell her CL
I 514. 8M 0555..... 501500.. IY505t14 GOODS 505 .... 554 IL I. 0..*.
.4500 0,5. 54511 SrK a. Co 1)14 M 151. IL Iasi $5 what you want to sell!
ModelsTo IM.. MI-4-. Old' ...... .u 05.1 1451.P.S. ItuuMHI
Many Ass J1 t
:= .r-.r:
d. 550. ... L.Md5.4
........ whoa you adverUM them I

: 1x27.0 5..5+. -= -= in Clitiifted. To set men USED TRUCKS

I MU 11174 455515_ business felt dial MU Yea Jim Miller hoi returned to Loktlond
Choose From &.UX. I 05sw1t05s555t5 qt AND TRACTORS
M.0 5. ....- 15M HIM for an ad-wriur with Fcndonris CKe rolet lad it ottociattd
aN 5010 55405 .._ S 5.
5..5i. OVER __ ..._ C_.
405 sirs .... .... Jim been
p15510 151 55505 555N M- pe - with Their Soles ttolf hoi lellinjChcrroMi
I .... 5.5550 ..KaNv5

i&5..5.4.55041)0: 200 50 555/T5.. .5 Sri5It.":=: in the Ukelond orea for 1ZYeori.

Call -S6 M* kM. 'It 5.141 C."k"05 55 15 I5..5441 5505 Selling Chevroleti i* a PIeo,,,......*
::,. :: :. OB UHk ... 45..1555155 1x.1
I s05 &100.5 5504.. M4tM.BOUkU. CLAAAIPICD 01501.45. CARSTO 45165055 ..... Butineti with Jim Miller and you will find

I'OVII .o* kuwr. OeM
Mabel Drewery mini nml ._...... o*. say Tyr SIM IIfTI II. doing Buiineii with Jim It s PI...",..
5555 ... 70S.L ...u.. MM 64 Io.YIOIIA'ell' C..IYt
4.l .
I IUra.0I"P0AlTI. UVPI'I.aIIO.UW. 5 I I /4 TON PICKUP CHOOSE FROM t.".C sM 1005 1.115 M.5055 D. .A.015,5AW5 ...55.

,.. ..... Ca$
554 M4- :t.\.r1"C:
Co. .. _, ELDORADO
Construction 116510
Call Him
Imperial ...-. MO 51022.AS$1F10. CAMPER PENDARVISCHEVROLET - See or at

_Of.PL"_ _
A514.5ata 55.4.55555. Mary airs
Florida Aye.I Mi ii r>. iLhTsTOOO ..
411 South SILL TOUt CAI .. CO. te cfcoeie ..
Pendarvis Chevrolet
DAYS ANY CtlAN USED CAtS. ICE 5995 l.k.i.ad

686.2438 ROSS LAKELAND OR 3 ION. Florida A... Phone 686-5165

1500 w.MiM.rnl' IK* DICK'S AUTO SALES VIA 2US 0.4.. Cr H...

r*. MU 2-siii 1011 I. M.itI MU 1.1110 Pk*.. MU 2.41U

-- -
= -
-- -- -

P 1 t



Ys LEDGER, Monday, M y. IM

Despite Tax Cut, Federal

n I Revenues ) ,mwE4IJ (/flJI.bShp SelN.Dw9StM 1 SAVINGS rn
Up $1.5 Million
: Jewelry DrpUpjois' I HAIR -
I' AQUA- SPLAY If stILe 67"
WASHINGTON (AP) -la the[beagles-Him and Her-dutifully (Him and Her by the can so I tare II
Dew from Washington: appeared.He I they would stand and yelp.) BUDGET
RISE Government lifted Her up by the head 1 Johnson said that "when they'I I '
& report federal tax revenue IOUf'CeIttlat and body. Referring the recent yelp It., not a sign of pain It."I ACCOUNTS and I ILAY.AWAYS j 1 I BRECK SHAMPOO as 3'V'
lase I1J billion to $24 bi lIon furore when be picked up a sign of Joy)
Airing the first three month of
I J9M even though Ole tax cm : I
I ne l2 mioft IncreaM aura S-V.eeI _ ... i ...... II
paned .... .., ,. "
prediction by government You Are InvitedTo eel COUPON
economists, partly became .... f.,. ., ...,..... WASH S t."S=: = 64*
the new lower tax rates wr-- PLACE MATS
went Into effect a month after; tare t t
the Feb. 1 date m which the Join Me in Helping Elect

forecast were based.1TET I I a. DIAMOND .r.__ _"__"-fill"" 19COUPON BAND-AID as ps ?; 28
* *
a..M .....- R......
t NAM: The State De-'' BRIDAL SET

parimenf top expert on the JAMES J. MUSSOTo ........ t _ _. ... GLEEM Pin I.... ... .... a. 47'
Far East says he thinks V.S.- /--19300 ( rIP Ii
J advised South Vietnamese ::J. ... 1
forces have halted a downward
trend In their war against Communist Polk I COLOR '::::
Represent CountyAs ,
% Ct.DIamond Ring TECNIQUE ": II 1"
} Viet Cong gwrrfflaa. I NIGHT LIGHT TONI ...........II." .
i "I would say that we certainly :. . -
I have arrested the downward A County CommissionerDistrict .,...':."":.....=9700I.e.
trend that has been ia effect.going ta..en toft w.e... Nee c PINKING SHEARSEHF59: M bad back leveled some out time" William-and that P. ( Counfy-Wide. vote) 39DIAMONDWEDDING :.:_e.ww_..... 3 3

Bandy Mid Sunday en ABCs BAND
radio-television program "7f- aa..It t ..a ...-.v.'I C1. ELECTRIC II
took newsmen! CM a 45-tnbratc [j]
trod around White House PIHEOiLDISINFEaANT SETS

playing questions grounds with,Saturday greeting bis.two tourist beagles.answering and' 3AcLnL 0. JO/lll hi ..... ........ ..... c t.....r.a..a.r

The Pmldent made five bet .............. be it*. 23 --.....-..M---.eM
around the driveways on the -.-. -.
south grounds. At one point be, M..1.Mrs aMN t - ... -. .AI in.2tS
dapped, his hands and the two 1
-- --- -
--------- ---- -
...... ---... ......' (COUPON tann i tf AHA
_ f_ _' stjaiS
:.wed-:--= :-::! BLANKET( BAGS wn tw irt r V 0
-.... -w w. JAMAICA SHORTS

100 % r= .' 99 ,... ..... .. ..-
. . ** ef 4 MM- :=_ -:
W ....... ..... .... abWI..r.w.1wraw 26 ...,panel... --N 199*
A Cl DIamond Ring I -

':. L ....49"I LAMES' PANTIES -
of Polk's newspaper editors =: : I )

I II II I a COUPON MttJKlii :3..=....: 4'k a
name GRIFFIN best - 99' I
qualifiedto I I r PANTS HANGERS MM. nw.rrBATNIIOOH >gi1f2Q"
PORTARt; VANAbwrkthtesat.r

serve you as STATE SENATOR ::::: SB *" 47

P..5M.M ndd.w Ins
"'.-.._ 1 - ... w.a./M C auil..r.

lakeland, Ledger AaA kThlaP.
". . a roan who has the tKperSenct and proven stature to tens : I COUPONINSECT
ell of Polk County. . HU iMlslottvt record U one of IntelKaentand I .V.
1 levtl-tooded lodershlp.M

IVlHfrr IforrN A''eu't.Chlef L taiI I.oa .... t......nr c F

"Wo could look the county over and not find a finer man to rest tNt COSTUMEJEWELRY E i xi..... *... ,... 39POLORON
position . tucctuM 'm . .
every respect knows what hard t
work It. . It no rethmon In the hoMs of ToNoHotte . wouldn't -r1..a.: -w... w w... . SCALES
hove to spend' time learning hit way. around the state government .Mew 11 ....., ... r. .. -.
end that It en ttuntlol' point . ,** w-.l.w-Ana-. .W---4.n..w. .
;;;n==.w - 299
- MM
84' 45UDItT -
Lake "'a'r. Newt 1
"Grlffin . hoi experience at a stole rtpmtntotJv . will UCIiHOKDGRUDI ELECTRIC

hod.make. Polk. ."< County one of the but state tenoton It hoi ever 1NATDI.1hN pie .......... ....., ,- FAN
II.. .d Lew .... t.awwI. M .- .m.m. ..r.4n
sr .1. -- ... ...w ....... ,.. ..., -_n.-LW, ---tl"N--"-'-
.... eN.
Polk sine.de Sd
County Democrat (Barlow) - IUI

."Many*' hove become wealthy' or tucctuful .In butlnett, or both, 2-CI1HOKD VATCH V.W 10P
offer having mode a name for themtelvtt in poI tiCl. The number :::.. .:.::r.:25" 1.49 97C'
who hove reverted that order It considerably amolf". . If ever ,: AIDE r
a man hoi proven hit fitness for Senator I by experience, tern E
peroment end integrity, Ben Hill' Griffin It that man." LJdlts' .

Auburndale Star ,

". exeHent representation given oil of Polk County during hit 1 Hebrnfociyj..,** Elf clRic .r HAIR DRYER Jf;...
sinks In the Florida Hoove. . ." ==
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llalnfM Cllllllc-rard 371 to 1700 sNs eat 5.5C. ........ 411SPRINKLER
IS.00Ild I/ r. W. L ev4s he4.
'Griffin sums to be the one that _ill| be. of most value In securing r wee t rel.t+rI..r ..,.,.
Polkas legislative needt. drk u..t 1.1.a.eta .t I4.IS

Froifproof AVsri [Comport 99 HAIR DRYER l. ,l!.... .
". U occountoble only to the people who hove elected him ITflThls Met t.---1.... :-.... W w= 99.
hat shown a genuine interest in the welfare of all Polk .. ." l LeI,, CMe ..... .M.n. Wr '
County. . ... ........ ... .-...
ISILEXSTEAM hi........d...........a.d..tee...dIi. .__ GARDEN HOSE

Also Endorsing Ben Hill Griffin's candidacy ...w ..- UJal
IUI =- = .: c
1288 :: 87
As State Senator V.1v. -tue.- --.. ..

Lake Valet Highlander Mulberry Press i.TRANSISTORRADIO J&DRY -

Fort Meade Leader W'liifer Harem Herald JJIROH If You WHAFS Wat To BITING.Kaow . ,

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I tidies'WAtUIS 10.95. Ask for Your me Copy of


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Ben Hill .d "rSS 23'!
OPENER OUTFITNw.:::.=...-:

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GRIFFINYour t ,wI.1..e. SPINNING e.:.: 099
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777 GARCIA" AM ".... .....
State Senator t. 10.95 ....................... 39 c
for Him V.I.
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EXPERIENCE COUNTS '88 39 [B SAVINGS I1j.4'a.l' .uc a Sip EdMt uJj Sraral ,I SAVINGS IBI

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i Partly cloudy LAKELAND LEDGER


6 States Russian Province's 'Dictator' Is d I

SchedulePrimaries By THEODORE SHABAD of the province's 1'1I1'I1 party for plowing planting and agricultural and his reeorafnendafJune -

() FeL'1f.d tikes. organization for having allowed other farm operation over bad been given
Khatrantn free rein to the vast territory of tile Orals the force of taw, according to
MOSCOW-The Soviet Communlit run tile ere.'! agriculture.The and Siberia regardlesi, of differences the newspaper' account
Party hu disclosedthe : purge of the Orenburg ta local sod and cli Those who dared to object
dismissal of a provincial party organisation to part of mate. to KhairnHia'1 methods were
Stalm-like dictator who Insist! a campaign initiated by the Publication of the article worked over' and even dismissed .
ed on telling farmer when Soviet government to ensure gave Use to a flood of letters from their posts**
(AP) Seven and bow to plant and harvest greater autonomy for coOec protesting attempt to) Pnvda aaid. The newspaper'
primary elections
Tuesday their crops. emallll..um.. dictate: agricultural method did not specify what K meant
touch off one of the mart acthveAlec Prays, the party1 prln-! The latest affair broke Into ta blanket fashion to farmers. by being 'worteel ever."
n n weeks of the po caps newspaper revealed Ole the open last Febraary after The protest campaign ta tuna According to Pnvda speak-
season. ouster obliquely hi a lengthy Khairunin bad enlisted led to a Communist Party Investigation en at the party meeting: said
Voters hi Indiana Ohio. Okla lepoit of a party meeting hiOrenburg Khrushchev help at aa agricultural of Khalndlin'i they had received Instruction
)coma. Alabama Florida, New Province of the meeting of the t.... background and of the state to start planting en a certain
Mexico and the District of Cokimbia aouthern Ural by tiVnt frying till committee to have sweep* of agriculture ta Orenburg date ta tome caw white tile
and state conventions In the dictatorial official Sheik big crop recommendation snow wu still on the fields.
Delaware Michigan, Alaska. Nevada hi & Khalrau'tn at a "form* published ta Selskaya Zhiza, The Investigation disclosed Uniform orders wen lives to
and Wyoming With er" director of the livestockresearch the parry! authoritative news- that since his arrival ta the the entire province although
Express a preference for apresidentJ.t1 : institute piper on farm affairs, over province ta Its KhatroBia K attend more than HO miles
nominee.Choose The party meeting voted to the editor protest had been glorified by the local west to east with correspond.rng .
in Republican and oust Viktor A. Shurygln from The recommendation provided party leaden ai aa alt- change ta local condition
HO Democratic delegates to tile position of First Secretary fixed dates and method knowing authority ta marten !.

their party ajomineting Convention
Nominate candidate for two
,'verify mansions, four Sen
ate seats and O Housa seats.

Decide other lanes ranging .".. Visits I
front tmpledged presidentlaj Destroyer SaigonIn
electors to a rijM-to-work labor
Happy Governor
WaBaea Makes Bid

Moat of the attention wffl be T.ra* Coamat Mm C-. y plant. e UMel Mw that

on Indiana. where floe George bit ten Mesh, It, .*.. fvtvnn a* Ifc* psaumis ......., M.Ie.N4 Force I
C WaDaoa of Alabama makes ..... ..... .. We ........ ....... uNmy Dell U. S. Show Of
tftoutcr bid for Northern rotes Te.4 eph. LAP WirgAq.)
la his
campaign against the
Johnson administration's cfvf! .
right bffl. ... to opposed In the
Democratic presidential prefer _"I_ J"-. 8 Yanks T -- -- Youths

'inn primary by Indiana Goer .
Matthew E Welsh, a stands r. RACE FOR GOVERNOR
for President Johnson, and tlifve w
w other randidatea. The winner WoundedIn Riot InBulgaria
tan It). claim to tl fint4aIMOa

\ Oa.the Repubttcea aide Sen. Hot Campaign BlastBy

Barry GcJdwater of Arizona Into
odds-oa favorite to top, a
fixed d wer MIIdI ksdedee 1 5

Harold E Stamen of Philadelphia Winds Up Today ROY Ui0TAll' VIENNA, Austria (AP)-ThaSovttt

and two teeeer-knowe SAIGON Vet Kami (AP) r btocl second riot ta three
didates. The-winner gnu Tha UJ. destroyer Lymae K ,, d days' broke out ta Sofia aa Con
ana's 33-nm-belM vote By THE AtfOCUTtD PRCU the people an going to elects ,, +
twenaoa arrived ta Salgoa. today qyI t i _lit youth blacked (he pall
RepubUcaa National One of Florida' more body maa they know to owned by' far what could! ba aa Amw + of Bulgaria OnhodoK church.
Dtlegatee to bolt 9U" e e a II 11 e d Democratic campaign the phoapatt, timber raOroed or teas snow of force following the gores tin route la Easier' ......
wai be chosen next anontk.It for governor end today, bond people ta spits of the hundred inkle* of the aircraft transport Youth group danaonatraOunad
issues kale Tuesday the voters win ray of thousand* of doBarsapes Card M the kip River rint tVatva'a May Day ...
which of the all caadidalM try for adverUaln*," Amos Friday turned tat bal
Aloe at flake ta Indiana anomiaatMM bIIIt.... I JadtaonvOie Mayor Herb A Navy apoVaanua said thaIwmaon U.a wk Csortaalavak polico
for II House eteiiflVQ ta a Sunday Mevfeioa appearance Bums saId. be was an ere, he wna oa a matina operatlonal < and reiuHiad ta IS aannumof
MttMMWtt been ptvefceUopposuoa at ........ Gay. fameBry- would be ta the runoff rant hewaa visit Aboard was Care ....
C ........ I
ent claimed hat be hIS. CUtattlgaa fi+ ik
five daet Rep Doe- not tatting his worker to start ? Tha orf o/al Caadi news ac**.
aid C Brace to ejuftUng to mel supported ...,... Me wad agovtmor :w..oMg the es pant' at eVfeated of jht 7th rVart Destroyer cy, CTK confinoa the dw rVawae >
the RepubUcaa Senate ajomt .... ehouldal ".*e M pm candidatea.. Other ware fuel ta Prijw. but Bulgartaaaa
peed tip wtl1aa&tIt
oa at IM sue coeveoUoe sine to tafluence 1M pwpla"Miami's ,' MfmximMic. lla < rise >andea remained
et '
the Cerewhidi
1 ..awn*. Miyor Rohm lUnttft. r 0' DidLbnn. sell hi' sums aboat tin cUahaa ta Sofia.
fit ether! key aJetikwa Te 1 i Wle baa mad e* re f jjai.Jtobert. ........ ... "anectai urrertsu tort a 21 foot bole taHi
day, OMe'e R Tan a .. *v primary voting. Sen. lest ReUyaald thuds of chorohgoan bad Dove
Jr., son of dos live Be*. Robert....*..r had pound lugs ass be would be No. I. HIP aide wia.exptaarvea. WoN tavnf v.4 ta rlsahas with both police
A. TeA, aeeka ha Republican IMO the campaign chesta "said. then was "no d ubl"' that awn Saturday.Salvage workan wen patchIng and ComnMtnM youths.
Menu aYffmJnstt"*! and fma>af sans candidate ta the final!'he would ba ta the runoff Rep Sureness *a AMtaander Nev
the boll topumping Strike Threatens Dominican
prepentory Republic
toothe coach Bud WOkinana Fred Karl predicted be would aky Cathedral ta Sofia werebfcxind
makes Ma political InO1labom4'I "1 dust baUrve," High aIdHolland .1.... out by youths shout aihiat
Sen. John Mathrw* said be ig -
Senate lRapabw 1taII I confident. Sop ,.... It Masson madep a Is. .... .., h.l/sq a tine p.. b.Ls sham pea as oree ..... ...'. Police dosed the
nmlattoos reos JC 1C W was Karl Mid he thought ran of Salgo still we* low end oa .* mss to k.*. fri....>.., ...l..... L4..We ....... d.dsp dsmas.iI. M ese d cathedral doors to iiravoat lnr*>
I I his might to torn the alert Monday emh patrol .... ... Isis 4th-. haw fend 05 bib ebke dss..ss+.nss lor ...... ..... e.. a ebma N ski diets and the fighting ensued.
Half Dffcg s I' Vows the opponent campaign taw a try" --"- checking downtown traffic andtroope mine ..... tent ...... .......... ,.. .... ___ mantle .... w w........ PatrJandi Cyrfl apinMal laadar .
The UI GOP convention dctef .ry elaaV ta the final hours, sad swarming around tNt) of tha Onhodoe
gate at ba chow this week. wtO ha added that If this happenedhe ,dork area, I Churctt, waa lo Move cobbreMd
push tin Munhtr selected to 031 Fight Against would not become Involved Ne one wai earnualy tajurad Red Rockets Strike Threatens the Reaarraction Mass, cJlntaa
almost half of tha UM > aboard the Card but eight of the Orthodoi Easter calubra.UoaT .
boriced. It wW taU US to aom- Board The decision of the voter American and a Vietnam
Rights Karl aka would be baaed on Be Gone
lens a candidate.Goldwattr. wounded thee May
sets Aa announcemeat said the
four IMUM-need for -
wading with JOO oftha By Tltt ASSOOATCD PRESS canturution d .raapnoritunmant ........'terrorist .... a bandgreaadebo Ruling Junta In patriarvk wee III and Btkhop
111 chneiia according la aa their midst. ta Saigwi Saturday
Seat. SpMsard Holland, campaigning the beat possible educational From Cuba Nikalat newt of the Academy
Associated Prose Purvey could, fur hie fourth It,., system, and abolishing of milk sight of Theology had lakoa the ....
put up. smart eupport at the has returned W his Banow borne controls, Four of tha wounded a.>d triarra'a place
Delaware cnnvenuoa Tuesday 1 Sr Tueedayl Democrat pri price Karl said. he would carry India-,:they wanted to set back M 1Mbettle WASHINGTON (AP-The b* Dominican RepublicSANTO U Prague, CTK said the 21
and at Republican gatharings in ) "'till borough PtncU, Velutia andrkgkr woe a* seem. a* they list to current ban that tha Soviet I person under arrest had ba
Michigan and Wyoming Friday out fight to lbtinitith.aDvil counties and run "a Union may have pulled hagrouadtatit charged with aUaturblng the
and iatwrdayrDeka.ta Rit .. doe aeoond" ta ",,', safer then than bm ta DOMINGO Dominican emergency still wa ta effect' peace. The new agency dialed
to High veto- rockets front Cuba
U both convention* and said tha praaideoiialy rich Dede Saigon" said. U. Hector file Republic (AP-A threat to the The decree authorized depart ,.... received outside dech
the win be chosen ta the Ohto County Peterson, NJ.. depriving Fidel Castro of the .
eppoMMed body "regard It- Kelly predicted that ba would mo. 2t of west Qominicaa Republic seven- non of any person endangering oaiovakia that university sin
Pad District of Columbia prtmanea. self e* above the law, the count win because of his public service with a wry amOa means to bUst America pUaee public order by agnation or subversion ,dean had kd the rioting againaf
Democratic delegate aid Ambassador Henry Cabot, ruling Junta appear I the
and Congress Ha at wasarrogant u.s.) from the like over his Island.If polite.Reports
record and him
.ill be selected ta tha Alabama prejudicial, unfair oa major ISMM Lodge bad driven along the Sal true hen to toaa I&eUbood to be developing from a trans Military leaden ousted President & received ta Vienna
pnmary and at conventions atAlaska. and enconatitulimiil"Challenger Mathew eased Sunday but goo Street Saturday night Just port strtk which touched off violence Juan Boech Sept 2$. attuning ,said ,... eiudenu had pa tlct.
Nevada tad Wyoming.GaUwatar Odham.maaawhiia. up before a Viet Cong that the fiery dispute over surveillance ta the bas
BraOey bit 10 minutes capxal of being eoft toward ta the rioting ta Kinky
WtoaGoldwatar Mid HoUand'i Ideas planned today with U a tying up trip campaign from terrorist on a bicycle bbbed the night win erupt Is. I Military and dvUiu leader Idle Communist The mffiury IPPart I where they had gathered

won a thumping were "a hundred yean old on Jacksonville to Miami and back. Column 4)'Carel' dash of arm, A Soviet rocket held separate confenncee *i UNO reltnouiahed control to a na! May Day pantry
decent and (Tars M Page III I 1M aibIaUaa. ........ civilian reading.
endorsement. ht a relatively light civil riEhu. wages withdrawal) would go a long II& Junta J
turnout of Tens Republicans Mlarica for the working pssP..." way toward explaining the Red Police failed to halt demon TIlt present triumvirate I
Holland said. the CrvU Right* traUon Sunday that accompanied Donald Reid Cabral. ManuelTavarea
for a preferential abort paD three Saturday times frrtnnamed five Florida prime ministers May Day aaeertion the strike of taxi l and bus Fapalllat end Ramon Reds AskedTo
His total wu
that Cuba to alone to her
driven. Catena Troocoao
aa practicing aystemalic regarded
that of tha teat of the field. atria
which included most of these diacnmiaation against Negn dispute with ha United Sutea. Unruly crowd burned tires; It conservative and antiCommunist
mentioned for the aomlnattnn voter. He Mid tha commit: Castro ba conceded that hit smashed bottles and dumped Help Solve
Henry Cabot Lodge whose,made charge-againet Ftagler.Gadsdee e armed force cannot shoot down garbage ta Santo Domingo TIle transport worker strut

Mine waa not oa tbs beBot wa Lafayette. Liberty the high-flying American plane atreeu. in protest against three recent World SituationTOKYO
and Union counuea-waa "aim- The government declared the Junta decrees.
distant second.Tha
a without tilt Soviet rocket Thus
driven strike it 1'beM banned
popularity poo. not bind ply not true. illegal. saying public meetings
lag on the II Texas GOP dele "Florida baa no restrictive when ba said. oa May Day that was politically motivated and without authorization, increased (APKThe situatiue
gatea la ba chosen nest ..m. registration taw, no literacy ".. will prevent these flights that the union had failed to duties oa a wide range of Ira of world communism ia grave,
WU Mid ta conjunction: with lent, no poll tax and M legislation to the limit of what our weapon give written notice stating the port. Including automobile and the North Vietnameae govern,
primaries for situ and nation1 of any sort which restncu can do,** he may have-in date and reason for a atnka. auto part and authorized the meat Mid ta calling on the Com
offices ta both paid$. qualified Negro citizen ta their Repealed government radio police to Idle licensee of driven I muniat parties of the Soviet
right to vote" be saiL S veiled way bees revealing anew broadcasts warned the public Involved ta traffic viola Union and China to patch up

Cranny Easy Wiener In Mama Odham referred to we.poulimitatloa. that a ltd decree of national 001II. their split. .. .
Gov. John M. Canny and civil right saywf. "Then to no The Soviet rockets an a remnant I - ------

Sen. Ralph w. Yarborough woo pUce ta America when any of the 1M2 arm and manpower
Democratic nomuuuon in theirbids citizen should be treated a* a r buildup which reached $150,000 Commercial Power
citizen. Negro dd&eM -
for new terms George second cUM trials proportion when detected .
Bush and Jack Cat led la the ta tha south an entitled to

GOP Senate primary runoff and election will, the other tame dU&eL"Hospital treatment as every after by a showdown U.s. iatel that Jcace.October Soon Rate Cut Voted Board \

fight June it..out ta a the Russians range pulled ballistic out their mto-intermediate By City (

Treats sties and began reducing their By WILLIAM a SHILLING tome commercial customer "truly" competitive with the
armed force: Ledger Staff WriterA may have a reduction of possibly private utility firm.

INSIDfiOPAYAmusemeati Boy Who KnockedOut ben Two reported week about ago authorities 1.000 Russian reduction of about lUll sin per cent while other After Youkey read the
000 will have a decrease substantially of the
remained on the island per year ta commercial charge* Tampa ElectricCo. ,
voted unanimously higher than the decrease .. Harold Grizzard
Its Power but that they would noon be power rate wu Mayor
withdraws, heaving ta Cuban by tilt city commission depending upon the amount of said.

Page MAUBU. Calif. (AP-1 Ie band 24 antiaircraft missile today current consumed.CDwen This make us more than
24 a fin engine generated power base equipped with Soviet The rate reduction ta the Offer Motion competitive"

Busineaa News 15 for light ta a hospital operating rocket Now the word to that C-l and C-J commercial rate The motion to adopt the In the diacusaiuo. Youkey

Comic ..... ... . 242S1M room. 4>>ors performed x r.S the missile have been removed will become effective with July resolution lowering commercial presented consumption and
CIau1f1e41 surgery oa a victim of the traffic long with some troops but that billing of the department of made Com- cost charges: presently ta effect
rate Wit by
which had of the military electric aad water v'MH't It for eight business firm
Deaths ........_"..... Z out accident the light knocked a large force proportion remains. will therefore, apply to most miuiooer R. H. Gibson with ta Lakeland baaed on actual

Editorial ........... .... 4 Firemen rushed to Malibu Last week Washington reminded of the commercial power con- the second by Commissioner billing
TelevUion ... . ZS Emergency Hospital Sunday after Cuba that iceman aumption for the month of W. J. Peterson With one exception, the
Sports .. .. 21.22.23 a collision sent a car into a Master At Saigon aance flights would be coo- June. Commiaakwer Low Sear) requested many saving ranged from a
5 power pole cutting off the boa.p.td'e tinued. Castro ta turn said the City Manager Robert V. Youkey to read the low of 11145 per month to
Weather Map electricity c._. ..... Le.(...-/. aura r ef ski Cs-.dd s.M.. Cuban people no Youkey said that the average commercial rate presently in SBTT per IIWII&IT1w exception
Women ... ..... > Doctors used emergency lightIng -.4 UJ. ewcrate lay C..4. Ucketmi**, Silks teVw __ .t tolerate them and 1onS:1:: : savings to commercial cut- effect by the Tampa Electric wag a service station
Bridge ............ It U treat face injuries suffered Htm. SwUcr, ..*.. e tomrat .......... pee M ." mier Khrushchev charged the: turners wW be about 11 percent Co. She said that she wanted which uceii only fM U'H. The
Horoscope .. 24 by Mark Salkin 13. of .-.. .... MM orbs ........., MUM*! Ike skip N slit.AP flight threatened "the abyss of He emphasized that this to make certain that Uke-
Studio City. ( w........ y ..*. tnm T.kf.) another war," I wu aa average 'I.ureat Uod'i power charge were (Turn to Page I, Column I)


f 4


- -
- -

. lAKELAND Suit 1 Is LEDGER Filed, Monday In Accident,May 4,1M4--- Floods High Winds 16 Boys May ] Controversy On Race Questions

BAftTOW-A 160,000 dam- negligent operation of his automobile Have GotRadiation !(

age suit has been filed la circuit Hit Parts Of StateBy 1 Continuing At Methodist -Meet.JTTTSBURGH .
court in connection with demons said lie was struck

I a car-pedestrian accident M by McHenry's car as he walked vaaarchy," ,the Rev
Bradley on Nov, 2, 1962, along the shoulder of the THE ASSOCIATED PRESS spread. heavy rain over the NEW YORK (AP>-The p.t.1 (AP) faced with the worst!ifore' ald. Mr.
The suit was filed by Joseph road in Bradley, A flood sent water surfing southeastern state and dipped em of It boy kept in anxious versy over the race -Contro-j!and legal *lermna ot wtlffllt'r Freeman{ Debate on he report follow
demons against Ernest Me The two reportedly were jo j over the roofs of homes at Mid into northeast Florida Two men eye of the youngster today for continued: on and off the floor I or not his peculiar circumstances aUnItlt'Iail by Methodic*!
4 -Henry: who Is charged- with big hi the same direction dleburt Sunday and a freak drowned Saturday In a flood at sign they might have suffered today at the 19M General Conference reqvirI obedience" to I Ifrom an many pert of the
,* windstorm mashed Into a MiIami MaxvOle, IS mile northwest orMiddJebul'J. HI effects from playing near a of the Methodist Church God rather than MenThe |Iwho came to Pittsburgh country to
1 pro.
residential area. radioactive device. In the forefront was a report report contended that individuals :test what they said was a
LOOK Good Swollen by nearly six Inches drain The storm at Miami struck' The boys, aged ]( to 14, were which endorses civil disobedience must make such judg-:?effort by the conference to wes*
Saturday Black creek without warning. Harry Hirsch,rushed to a hospital Sunday after wtthra "most carefully. circumstanced mina In fttalll instances In the(segregation m the chtrrck. t J
poured out of Its banks" and said then was a sudden tier they were spotted playing limits." The report. traM struggle for ractal juf After the vigil, la two do* .
flooded or submerged IS homes "and I could see things start tofly" 'near an X-ray machine being "Christian Social Concerns" at lice I churches and a kneel*
HEAR Better and 10 house trailers In a sub used to test for flaws in steelbeams scheduled for debate tonight It continued: town the city's modernistic Ct-fest
division. In of Ms hi construction of the *
one bedrooms, Hirsch Integratlonlst forces moved "In rare Instances where Ie where the conference
A TVmHe-an-hoor blow at MiamI !new Metropolitan Opera House Arena. bin
said the windows "exploded"from behind the scenes to bring beck gal recourse to unavaOabls for session, tome delegates
Youll be thrilled by Sonotone's lasting only two to three the wind's force Ne Test Possible law
new eyeglass hearing and gusts to the floor a plan which calls redress of grievances from vowed to try and force a newvote
aid. It's the exciting THINLINE J (a help most hear minutes, damaged a dozen tore sheet and covers off the The examining physician at for Integration within the church which are clearly unjust eK hti- on a plan to merge e
fog losses. The micro-miniature aid h contained fa the homes and seriously injured a beds. The tar paper and pebble Roosevelt Hospital said that Incases on a voluntary and gradual ba[moraL the Individual Justified church's Negro jurisdiction nits -a;*
slimmest,lightest eyeglass temple ever made by Sonotone. Eoman northwest of the city. i rod was peeled off and dumpedinto of radioactive exposure sis. Integrationlsts want the plan in obeying Cod's ..athoritYInlllH white conferences.
Hcre't stylish hearing for both men and women! U. Altos Spath of the Dade a neighbor yard across where there Is no nausea or external strengthened. than man's. Even then
County Sheriffs Department the street burns, there to no test The "Christian Social Ccftcerns -li meticulous care must
-SONOTONE J and his wife were sleeping when! Mrs. Wflllam. Dunlap said that could determine whether ** report was presented to prevent proliferation oft 7)) Arraignment
a Wind-blown trash can .1I.tter-1 "There was a great white flash here was any Injury. I over the weekend by the Rev disobedience beyond most care-1]
117 E. Lemon St. Lakeland Ph. MU 27816s ed their bedroom window A and then the lemon tree vanished -I He released the boys to their Harold A. Boiley pastor, of ratty circumstanced limItS:' Set For Former.

silver ot glass penetrated Mrs It sounded like a bunch of parents letting them that if the Christ Church, Methodist., New During debate Saturd the
o-ijj&i _. Spain's .'' .'
chest puncturing a hint tanks rom In. children developed any mutual York. Rev. G Roof Freeman of Atlama. County Employe
She was reported hi fair condi- Weather Bureau officials said symptoms they would be returned (lea.. moved for removal I Ilof
ion after surgery the winds apparently came froma to the hospi aL Report Plated the paragraph referring to I) BARTOW-Next Monday (us
Black Creek, normally 30 feet thunderstorm over the area. at The X-ray device contained Part of the report said: fcobedwnre to Oofs umor.t},l been set as the arraignment\
f wide and four feet deep, was 300 the time One weather bureau In a lead box the size of an "Christians have long recognized rather than "' 11ft', date for Mrs Margaret
feet ...Me.and 20 feet deep before official said the winds could overnight case, Is used only on I that after exhausting every 'It would be tragic for the Chewning former county em
the flood crested. It overflowed have been caused by a tornado Sundays when there are. no reasonable' legal means for news to go from this place that ploys charged with stealing:
ri d A the Lazy Acres subdivision -. which remained above the workers about I,redress of grievances, .the_Mi- the Methodist Church endorses f 1 lft from welfare funds.
made weekend ----- --
of2adtsonvl ground. cr a disobedience _and._there-j The arraignment! date wai
homes le residents. --- -- set after county solicitor Gar
Commercial Power Rate don MacCalla filed aa Infer
Twelve families, with plenty U.S. SendsDestroyer Florida Food nation charging Mrs. Chew.

II of warning were evacuated before Reduction Voted By Citysavings big with grand aarc.n,.
the water rose to dangerous Theyear M Homestead
levels. Ray Chance, civil defense TechnologistsMeet woman was arrested April 21
director, estimated damage at on Its bill would the Lakeland schedule provided following the six-week tavesHgatton .
llSfl.OM. To Viet Namhandmade I amount to only about tt.It. for an adjattmeat into the daappearanc*
The heavy downpour at Mid _The resolution passed by theoomrnhskin charge of about 12 per cent Tomorrow of epprmrJmaterjr fivGO from
of a storm that He said that the Tampa Dec-
dleburg was part
grenade Into a group the countwelfare aaoo is,
of American servicemen. From Paft OMK trio Co.'s present rates provide WINTER HAVEN-Dr. Ernest Mrs. Chinning reportedly
Pie. Joseph 0. Onsufson, JS.of for an adjustment d Gimtber, authority on essential has admitted taking the ties'
: i about one half per cent higher oils and flavors, trill be the
ELECT Bsyfield. Via" said be saw provided the fol but there has been M report
be I than that of Lakeland'scharge. 1 speaker at the last meeting of 1 of
grenade rolling at them lowing rate amendment: I on the remainder the mis
KlNGSWOODSPROTT. "I hollered 'Watch If and C-l COMMERCIAL RATE the year of fM! Florida Section fog money,
The resolution provided the Food Techaologistt ;
lit the InstiM of -
First 72KWnow.atN following charge ender the ,
Vote for Ff'O. 1\21' 0tt I minimum.Nest >a KW. hours at five CJ rate schedule: Morrison'l Cafeteria here aright at I Florida Medical

JR.STATI first \JttH RW hours at Goather, who Is with Frttscbe )
started to ,... There was a trw cents per QIC hour. J3t teats per KW l& at. Brothers, Inc., of New York
Next 451 KW
hours at four Association Sets
i, George K. MillerYour mendou bang. I kept' running tents KW txntr Next lots KW bran at on the tobfect
per dryer
I didat realit Td bees hit said Next IS* KW hours at J.fT cents per KW boor. Oft of the West
RE fttCNTATIVE I looked down and there was three mats KW hour. Over too KW hours at I Indies.- Hollywood Meet
per !
blond al aver its I 171 teats per kw hoar The dinner meeting opens with
Over 1
01 KW hour at
Polk County "It exploded two feet away two KW Youkey recommended that I a social hour at I o'clock wtth HOLLYWOOD (AP) Mcr
i from me. I guea II'. a miracle 1! Youkey cents said per that the hour fuel the sew rate schedule be dinner M follow at 7. The dill 1.101 members of: the n,=r-
rm lUll ...." said 4 Ida Medical AasocUtioa
.. Ipso adopted and the vote wasMaabnoM. meeting wftl then be transferred *;3
Collector 'Doha Arnett, II, of LpuKvffle, adjustment rate Included la.. lie pointed out to to the CSVM EcpertmeM meet here May Ml for the
Tax It's BONUS Ky I II the commission, however, that Ration at Lake Alfred for the M annual ranvtMlo
I I staff Iat. Irene Mara of the Greenlee Elected the anneal reduction eatl- presenutioa of Gvnthefi talk Dr. warn W. QoHJUa d

Phmpptea said b* had lust.i mates at USao to f MJMIn and the showing of a r.... Coral Cable, prmdas. Mid u
Succttiful ButirttHmonExperienced k crossed. the street and bad commercial customer bat- Important busmen\ at the day the meeting VII Inctuoi
stopped to light a cigarette Haven[ legion hit: would also mesa a > I end-oftear meeting all Include lecture, mm\ and. etWbtts, s..-
Main Istrotot 'whan, ".... lh* first I cress of the same amount the aanounremeat of the,lieN at ddegstr from' the
knew I was oa th* g rovntt"thIng I Post Commander ta the Income of the .uIft1 5<
Married. 4 cMdren a Navy Veteron I Oa lint Leave I -- year, _ of silted gnwps.

Member, St. DovVfi Cp>K pol Owrch i Th four >*.. are attached: to WINTER ItAVZM CaL M -

,a helicopter company at tae((1. Crecnlee has beet. n-etsciad'
,wag, to lh* Camnnmlstlnfaat.d .
Member American tflu Moot
commander of Veteranj of roomergs I
,. Mekong deli.. They were onfck Q&btpart
O'-t c 1Y..t loUtfxPemtor\ } f ury d < first. weatond. lees. la Other Wars officers Post 42 aaaned* for the
.. ,
UI -\ \ I7 thfwo. . obmfcg year are Jotec* Oak*.
t I .. all, ... aeetor vice rtaaiiaanJari Law .....* w i t. arid Wad,.. ]Burial .iI'loltaw' la LaLesuiMrtathirk
Heflft Fund Give e i d .% the tarroriat attack SStrtdaa hutior.lce command Cbarli Cam Ort* M.ef I *ctot* at fee ... f
j Funds f the tour BUS boapttaliaad slid Feel uMa taundr quanera asten 10 Idaho Ave. dead. .*Adat isssnrBaM Own*. *3 .he famlir reqMski la Troll <
Voted One of Lol eland's S farad taulUpl ahrapnai wends Donald ,Junk, past advofateJohn : at Lftkaland Ocrral lloaptul, <* Re It I rank Gblbara. is rmwrs, cAntHbuttaM. be matt I'
cM5tond"I, Young Men. 1961' but war* reported M good t'Otj Wood, chapiata. llMrlaswen after a* Ittatu af two ...... our aIndI fII, Burial wM be h to th* twOdtaf" find tt the Ire
10th dttton aurgoa llrmaa Cor- tit was a aUv of Crastview Lakeland. Memorial GardrM.tOODROW thnsUaa church .net.
"New tNt It', HIM N elect Mr first few Ts C.?. by the i i' alcoa has bad hundreds III ben, trustee ear three years.Commander and cam bar ta ..... Ha wasa -

led, U 24 year. elect CCOICI K. MILLU fMfresh terrorist snacks Ja lh* put It I Greaftkw. made marnbar. erf the East LabIud W. MORRISON! MIL EtIUKETH TMOLEIPRT
year The Communist ar fa- the following appoiatmMtat Leon Chun of God.
new, b snes*>lik* ***>r*.ch I* raducUf ***t* Earnfromthelst ...... t* alp spa auto attack'M. Disney, adjvunt Perry Hay- lit to wrvrved by bi* widuw.Mrs WINTER HAVEN-.'GDdrow LAUDERDALB. Mn

V* H>I Tea CeKecter .f Ik* ..." jduriag May, which contain arv- mat, officer' of the day Elmer . Ruth Craaa: three daugk- Whorl. MdrrtooB, B, of Anus- Bite-sheik Thote W. dd t w
ion, Ala, died day at her home ta Lass
feral, Oommuaist and Vkruumaa* RakaUng. patrtolie anatructjor; ten, Mrs.. Byraa Jower andtire. suddenly Sunday
holiday 'aighl\ while vtowng till but erdale after a lingering tttMt
tarry Himea. hMorUaj Oaud Cherry Mercer, bath efLakaUnd.
I Vitt Cong propaganda was wwla a aenrloe oTfiwc, Doa>ald .... Mr*. Ronald era C B. Momma and L. D She was a former reside aflakeland
Vela far MW Uklcarjr and rr.a ay la leato exploit th* disabling IJ.. kgiaUtive efftoer) William Dempsey d Moubna. Ca.. a MomIooa. for many year C*
the &. guard: Hry Vradeveld .... Airman Randall B. Gnea.atatbead .I A ruttvt of AtMaad. Ala., be mowed u Fort Lauderdale N
Tax CalbcUr .tfic
. asduth 'had bees .la
IIh $USIN18S Card a* a David 1 and William p, Boyd bearers at Patrick Air Fart winter Have for 1-
t I I victory ...tet th* limited ; and. Frad T. fcou. bugler, : Base: two brother*. J. T. Gases ifcrv* cia)-*. arriving here from S4&MvorIIfttWt a daagrnv
SU_ Oraanlse has baa etociad ).*... of plant Cy and. Bract R !Aantasoa, H* was a member el Mrs. LueUa Ruhr and a JTP'o
60r vk. cnmmandar of VFW Graea of Saatord: fist usttrs. the TrtnJty Rapist Church c* daughter of Fort Lauderdale id
I Oiatiict' 4 sad. has bean appointed Mil HugKi Llntoa al lake Aaatetan and auperiatmda* ofineliM two great graadchltdiva
CEOXCE H MJLUI TAX COIUCTQI CAmE AUCTIONS to the IrgialaUve action oom- valet. Mr, a W. Harvard" of'- coaeirvrttea far tilt: Private burial aervtoe It C-*
flOtlOA at UMON ..... of the Department oflorida. Cocoa. Mrs.. B. J. Cortex of,. Mucua Ca Co. I dear cinder. will lit held Ta*
New tayraa, Mrs. W. B. Maa I H* I* survival by his widow tt* direction d
"'N.AC tin s. rum! : :=:.wa"i71iw13au 'Mr .
ui 11p- Newt
1t UUatiua U elected and appointed of Uk Wales and Mil Howard Morriaua of Male Dukes-cteeet Funeral Horn
"J -- 1' lW': ..t"ItL1t; officers will be at the Arnold d Bartow; and H grand!,mel t IIW d.u aMen. an* eon: -
:.i-r= 1 1Irw nst had I .... Sam ftorey. Lake Wake FUaeral services wig be .. bath*ts all of Alabama I FORT LAUDERJJALE-Ui.
1 1I rpartmaat commaadcr will be at S.M: o'clock tomorrow ., I Funeral aervicr aDd burial Efeabcta f. Thai, a for=
ELECT =:.isaves. iaauUiag. officer The public II soon at tha East Lakela. sill be btU ta Aaatttaa. I Lakeland resident, died Satu-
I .. .. uaa.aai iavUad. Church ef God "Q burial "' -Lawns Funeral Ham ofmter day at her borne n Fort L'derdal )
I ...v.H fwfap ewr Ladies Auxiliary wWIltamptom alsoWa71e Lakeland Memorial .1: Have in charge of arrtmemeau after a long Ulness. tt
e 'u .WIIifII 11 seu... ..... at that time. a. n. Seta Friends may call at the Mft.ros.. was *}.
I fa essaxKas. to praaideat: Mrs. Dee Morrkoa Funeral Home ... Sh* I* svrvrved by a dir *-'
1 9ty tie Rocers seaior vice prealdeot 7 until I .'clock tonight. RITES auiixs I Mrs. Luella Rube of I -*
..u0eMI Mrs Eflea Eaaex. fuaior WINTER HAVEN Sconces Lauderdale also a fore**
., .- ....a...._ vice prsaideM; Mrs. CreUheaKadd. NELSON W. WALLER far Mrs Umfrad C Charles. UieUad r*s h II*a.. and r'
I ...it&:::*\' .II'R : chapUia: Mrs. Loreua Nelaoa Weaver Waller. >>. of 12. ..*> shed Saturday afMraooa Private .
a h/; '.... Kb der. cunductreaa: Mrs. Lola St. Pctenburg.' flatted U.s. Air,,at home at ITS E. Lake Caanoa! acrvkca will be fe'J
I :: ar .&.':=-n''Ban K treasurer: Mil Clara Force tacbnical sergeant, died.Drive iottewiag a king thesis at U o'clock tomorrow: at C*
Weber, guard; Mr*. Aaua Price. at th* MacDtO Air Fore Bate .* 'be held at M:M o'clock graveside ia Oak Hill BcrJ
trustee for one yean Mr*. Dot boIpiU1 )'eIW'da,.. iaaaorrow Part The family baa rju *
Lea. two years: Mrs. Irene, lit to survived by his widow UutMia Funeral CtupcLOtt. ed that flower lit ommei
CAN'TSLEEP Hundley, three years' Mrs. Wilma Waller', formerly of' Tin Rev. James R. Blackwood Oukea-Steea Funeral Home SIn
Lakeland: two daughter Etna pastor of the First Preaytenan charge of arrangements.

? Mosquitoes are a speck of bath sad Rebecca Ana Wailer Church and the Rev
I fly according to the Encyclopaedia a aoa Eugene: a water. Robert B. HaaMkon. former MRS. BELLE KOCH "
I Britanalca. Ethel Hawes of Thnmaston.' Nrt.1 pastor, will officiaie. Burial Will HAINES CITY Mr*. B< )
M cM MaMOe h*.pt VW ace.sew. - -- -- -- loHow ia LaUaide Memorial Koch gZ, of Newburgh. l=i-
-'f" Wse na5. died m U-1
.' Park at a nursing home
.xI **
T ort *..* w'ww.s Two CHOOSE Friends may call at the chapel Wales Friday evening.A .

ttrttl4-uitt_....... .-tl--.. tuft from S p m. until I p.m. today native of Warwick CffvL. ",
-_. ._-luaua .. She had teen a *i:i*
........--...- EXPERIENCE! '" 1
GEORGE visitor here for the past K\
.-. -......,... -..... CARL .ARREN
fw u.stw ......Wort-- WINTER HAVEN George teasona. Mrs. Koch was a ror'
rw IN. .ir l Elect Carl Warren, 7< died her of the Evangelical Church
.......... Sunday *
Order v
morning at his of the Eaatera Star
swabu ....,...... home at 771 Ave.
B. Wu alter a long IIhItu. Rebecca Lodge an of M*

4 PAUL VAUGHN Warren was a native of burgh.
Yuma Colo and came to winter -1 Survivor include ono duv
= Haven in 1111 from Veeders- ter. Mr*. Charles Conrad d

r.ik rah Clerk of Circuit Court burg, Ind. He was a retired Haine City two sees. En4
'iwr and !Koch Jr. and Malcolm Koc l
operator of
.... .... W *- - S v.u..at v'-it E: rM, and a member 'both of Newburgh; two list"'
t Fast Christian Church ...ofj,In. Walter EaU of Fern Crri
1/ '*r Fir-,' Gas*"''
: ::a He was a graduate Ky. and Mrs. Charles
*,,W i>'ash College. Crawford 01 Cripple Creek, Cokv r-t
',:_e, led and a graduate of four grandchildren.
:Ae L!=jca Theological Seminary Funeral service and &.:'.,/'

a d.jmbia: University. He will be in Newburgh Dive l-
1f vsd u World War 1 as a Funeral Home of Hatoes C
AT"-: with the U. S. Army is in charge of local arrw e
I t:, is Jred by his aeats.
LKCTWallaca ., widow
HAMP ROGERSYOUR Mrs. C,: _.s Staler Warren
+ t.. Stor oy' 7ta: at the
STATE REPRESENTATIVE ju-U'!!!:jt funeral Home
vatic c.rar....r,asxnotunc Dispel !at! 2 'clock tomorrow Dukes Steen
s aisiaar afternoon, wji: the Rev. James
SHERIFF K. Barnett, pastor of the First Funeral Home

I ChrIItiaa t >urch. officiating.I .

THORNTON I 310 S. Florida


"m k; ,. .... Phone MU 2-3123
.. ... ."" ...... lkfnlbt/lOrtG..erVK.
.... -


I f




I .. .. .. ... ... ... .... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. ...-.. ... .. ... ... ... .... .... ... .. .. .... .. ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .. ... ... .. .. ... .. ... ... .. .. .. .... .. .... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. .... LAKELAND& &LEDGER.. _ .Monday, ,My- -4,1M4.... .. I'L'L.

. Go For Polk County's Candidate


.. .


Ij I


c.., .
s Ty w.. r





t US I



We Endorse And Ask You To VOTE FOR SCOTT KELLY Because: "

((1)) He is familiar with our county problems ((2)) He knows our economic and road needs f

((3)) He is the only candidate with a proven (4)) He has always represented the people of

record in both city and state governments. Polk County and central Florida well.

((5)) He is one of us -

I Signed I !

Stephen R. Aldrich D. B. CroHon Mrs. R. T. George C. A. KernWilliam M. P. Tomlinson Reuben Miller
Harry L Askew, Jr. Robert Cline Spencer Garrett, M.D. B. Klimmer L Warren Tobson Buster Money
Willord F. Austin Henry C. ClementW. Howard M. Gillette Jerry H. Kelby George W. Trask George B. Merrill
William R. Mustian
Don Bagtey Jr. W. Clark Tony Giannina Ben M. Lane D. A. Troiano
Carl E. Morgan
Douglas E. Bark Hugh L Cash Tommy Grooms Norman E. LeVine Robert L Trohn
Agnes S. Morrow i
Hoyt W. Barnett Mrs. Hugh L Cosh Mathew W. Gross Bert RodgersMrs. W. Elmer Vick F. W. MyersC. .
Glenn J. Baun Adam Cain Mrs. Doris Gross Nell Robinson R. J. Waller B. Myers, Jr. '
Al Bellorto Dr. Russell H. Colt, Jr. C. W. Him Clyde Roberts W. R. "Bill" Word W. S. Myrick, Jr. I
B. O. BetheaC. Warren E. Clegg R. C. Herndon William A. Russell Carl C. Warnock Paul E. Naylor :
F. BenfordDr. Mrs. Jeonettt CooperM. Mark C. Hollis Arlette S. RussellDr. R. E. WarnockMrs. Max J. OttingerC. i
C. H. Beneficld James Clayton, M.D. J. B. Harrison Richard L Ryer Clara Waters W. "Dub" Polmore, Jr. I
I D. D. Beermon William G. Cooper, Jr. D. K. Harwell Wade W. Setliff Jobie R. Watson M. M. Peace
James H. Bird, D.D.S.C. Leon P. Crosby Thomas Harris James W. Sikes E. J. WestD. Mary P. PedoneP.
I C. Blanc Byron DuncanW. Mrs. Faye Higgs Agnes M. Snow Noel Whitwood J. Pedone
Louis M. Bottino C. Driver Bill H. Harrison Levie D. Smith, Sr. W. W. Wolfson Curtis Peterson, Jr.
II Roy Bowden Paul L Downing Charles W. Hess Levis D. Smith, Jr. S. E. Wynn Jack Phillips
John J. Brennan Gierry Dobbins Robert L HightowerE. J. E. StellA. Luella K. Zimmerman Fred W. PinkleyMrs.
B. F. Bronnen Frank C. Decker E. Holloway, Jr. Ernest Straughn C. W. Zimmerman Barbara PinkleyR.
Braxton L Bright Mrs. Guerry Dobbins Lloyd High J. Harold Streoter E. Gene Little J. PischkeF.
J. C. Byrd William C. DicksF. George J. Husek Jock D. Summers Patrick A. Lyons A. Pixxi
James C. Bronson Felix Donated! Galen Hauger Kenneth Taylor Fred Lohr Leonard Robin
Joe C. Brown, Jr. D. W. Dooley Sim Ivy, Jr. Rudy Thornberry Dr. R. E. Lawson Ruel. Rawls
W. Wallace Carter James R. Dry K. T. Jones, Jr. Malcolm H. Thomas R. C. Leis Rev. Arthur W. Rich
John A. "Pete" Causey Walter E. Engle A. Sam JonesC. Sparky ThompsonOla Clyde B. McGinnesE. Bob Ritchey
H. P. ColbertT. Gene EngleE. C. Johnson, Jr.. Mae Tillmon Snow Martin, Jr. Bruce A. Rcnfroe
Jack Cleghorn H. Franklin Richard P. Jones, Jr. H. R. Todd Vivian H. Miles O. C. Rhodes

This Ad Paid For By The Friends Of Scott Kelly I




_'-__ -' .- _. ._, - ___ c. _.___ ___""- _


1 LAKELAND LEDGER Monday, IN 4 F . ." Political


LLEDGER I Query: Will Bobby

kT : ? Kennedy Make Race?

\ 1 By DAVID LAWRENCE tic became the attorney general

Best WASHINGTON The biggest had been turned down
question In national. politic There are those, on the
tear is not merely who other hand who say that Mr.
will become the Republican Johnson had better let wen
; presidential nominee but enough atone-that the "civil

.f The present furor over Sttftxri s.f f.J a whether General Attocey trim rights"votes controversy fat the North may cost and

perlntmdent BooM' alleged "poll.r : Robert F. Kennedy South anyway and that he

ticking" through teachers and ) wffl be shouldn't complicate the situation

I ploye of the public scrwol tyItI the Democratic by making It theortticatJ -
J possible for Bobby Kennedy
vice presidential
ought to suggest the nH'd'ror nominee 1, to be president some day

I thorough houstcleaning. Ri It ii easy Many politician hi their

The best long-range housecleaning.Me enough to wy, r private analyses of the situation .

submit could be accomplished that the dilemma suggest that Mr. Johnson
if more win virtually have to take a
a legislative act making the theoretical than computer to figure out what

superintendent an appointive real and that gains and losses are Involved
than an elective of fietal The adminictratfve PresidentJohnson AM'U.NCE In selecting or failing to select

head of any school .,.. will pick his own running Bobby Kennedy for thepresidentl'lIOmlnation vice-
must be free of partisan politics, : But the problem is not sosimple. i then try to come up with aaIN

of the need to go before the \ The American people answer.

every so often and persuade them aren't ready yet to concede

vote for him. He ought to have a I that national party conventions WASHINGTON fat the
hand i \t should be bossed by the winner last three years many observers
and be
accountable only to
S of the
presidential nom hare Mid from time
school board ,,which in turn. Is accountable ".tlon. although there have to time that they thought the

to the people. been such Instances In recent attorney general was far more

I But since such a plan is at years In both parties. It should conscious of the facts of life
be noted that there havetw been
and was even more astute hi
some years away The Ledger suggests the past some spirited con tmdentanding of public

an ..ltf'm.Uthe election tests over the vice-presiden affairs than was his brother

W W (Bill) Read as school superintendent tint nomination at both party' M the White House. The Utter

Bill Read both vonvefitloiis. fend the decision It fas often been reported
I possesses. has not always rested wits the relied heavily on the attorney

i OF THE PEOPLE top man to the party lot ha general for advice not merely
been Influenced: by leaders fct .. legal questions but on national
4I t different command. posts In and International polio

Austin Race the So political *..friends.nalions.of Bobby cies.
\ ItrujO
Last Sunday night" fai an Interview
Kennedy are O1Ber" .
I Hoffa's the fight has hardly begna. broadcast by radii
They .. station WM M Boston. Sena.tae
mg pntnioM of prominence Muie side parry the bit tee Edward M. Kennedy M-
American aisteiiiuud ... forth hit
Ledger's of of the populous Mates which equivocally set
It seems a bH stratife that the MTVltt states I strongly urge the have large electoral votes, brothers qwliflcaUons for the
Page election of lUydon Burns as These Individuals vke-pretWenttal 1 nomination
are active
( of a "naHonaHy outstanding au- the seat prey 01 rKjHoAj politicians who worked wider The Massadwsett senator

t1.: r1ty"' ahould be **v ht to tell, the ..... NM sib ann :. STEW: ART SR. Bobby Kennedy when he was Mid
...-. see qn.w.. "I would My that the attorney
o.l'UthnI of the Teamsters .. e..t U.//. running his brother earn-
....... ....... It Confused f'eI)(I before and after the central has butt tt, a
Union whether untan funds FM be ( .... qw .. .. By convention of .... They are significant national following
tared legally Teamster President tae Veto .. tMet Claims persons who feel. there Is has established reputation
pay of his before
4. Ls-.s- war sentiment poC tnt own eve the
l J'lnf'IlIolf.'. mounting cowl ....... a.a .... 5551 .... name Inside and outside kfoNwdJ the time he was appointed to the
.., ad. tDtTORs '
e N t am confuted generalship. M e 4
Just a layman's sense of sight and .. .... A about car pofctieiaM* claims party whktj amounts le a wades etsotncy I believe, an ovtstand
.. real. emotiIIIIt.
1 . w4 110
TOne should be enough to tell them ese M of reduced fasts and of saving m< record la the Senate

t'.al: In least LH.... NL/.N 1Ift't'"l. swMey. Just IT IS ALL very we. to t.ehelearns-Sea.
at two eases Hefts was .. .. reed HV Vnte eMne" ad*. say '
N .. ... .. ..y way of rebuttal that Hiehr 1 think personalty any fairevahtatftM
and Is cm trial, for Ms own a$. The .. o.w- .4 and Uw bear tMI My lax "......'gadr .. .. would suggest that
... aan ew Mu are .p (Inrreatfd) M to i.ImudSpolaloa 4 k'S done
first: was the trial on jury fining .... ........ s0. *. per <' 'nt after the Hunt- aeta attorney general a capable Ik's Job bee as
by his dramatic
charges In wish he was convicted. tenor arprtMl for wMdi they wifofXsWHiffll of court snotes olden to Involved M the national ae.canty .

The second' Is the present trial 11n CM- of CuusiP were paM.. some half ntiMtoadoNars to "rlvtl rights" tows But council a the crucial
( .
cage In wMeh V e Is Mmaed of misusing + Potkfcy owl 4. tit oaumy tatpajvrs fathers money.....*. hr every ehxtorel vote thatcould questions. of Cvba and Soeih-
eat Asia Mrs bee Involved
union pension fu. ds. for whMi h .., us that our lakes wouU ant be fa* to the South.. RM la foreign poUry, and I fwlttwtvtore

was a trustee, to obtain haws for pet.aesnal r. SALE: in. HKfeaM Is duHan and c.-. snore contended electoral chat there are far he has conaidertble
at cukeIn
pntfN as aa mctreae M valuaiiM ....Mi of his own through.
l"I'M' wan rte and h ndntrd the Hart that could he hwtat
MM thin
*. key seta and womesi M the country.
Impressed 'tut I Orink when taUt
Till: wax JwUMe'''i for ,.. w"N tt voting tint andUMI party appointed orgaaiMflons and were 4tt. ...t the ...... of yoa the rtrel

union paying M defense teats In tither Burns axems the only way to t.r..lfllt. >r tidry VIM have to keep

rat*-unless there was evWenre that poink the gu IftJ. and what I M laW Out the tferlakM sill
want to know
Is this, "1Is
he was being persecuted because\ he U !. view of your gutty The las ........ the em Tiny are willing at put lit Nader, as It l-.w lit...Nerds.
OM| vooort>*tisM .o hard va""* 10 get eve* Pjf Ptanderit JaAneaM
a union official-would be proof that county enrnmiaaionrra or the
.I candidate. that Is ihMr prtvarf elthough -
Je acted on ffwvfflc authority from rho .... at the same t arhonl a III sa hoardf..caaor Andd4wen sf we Neal ** payMiUMden "
teaMulwd reined do hardy Of old .He.enaarlt. iivs] fights controversy -
to the I
wftdrr the MOM wwttt some folks la the tnnrrrtfde
i .. M M perhaps cannot putt' ..pet this any is one a to assume hutauhtMt But why Me the ,pytq lore tMnk might make

Mal you may ma- ,. .. I.prrtty and osiers U the pubkcWhouU the attorney general a UaUUty -
I ........- pert to .tIt... don't but en- M wad IMNT ..VW to the DemocnUe Uckrtilwre
pC answer
luuks wMti total- Most wouktet be tin altghuotheansncy
would Hke to the .
are H < .-
Hard IN awns ."f ,.... we tMdwr* huge to f* but on the part of some
tw Hit ltTia.t "slot bar ...... ........ but ..My placed hosanna aMtwg
.... aie put wa the Ma leave >4awrs" m* ufIWl a. frattdant Johnson MWJM
awtimaar aid .. tofcpayer rso donoisjM taken worry. bowl. wur can the attorney general
off Oh ... )
The quaint': of unneeded military to *.. si..*. They aiv M tjuud hands lur till e.ceprradantW aoe.t.

Installations during the lot three years of Hayden. pnat it. ad ae gttUftg more than Mliun. The age argument
pewlwd. rids ,..w. wuultfat he .
they are waVing 14 take. 1 ubstade. .* .
has resulted In wrings that now ...... I scad C.R.ctARK have IS* U them d.iy

mount to afprovlmately a half bilMen .. I" ok tiles ua mutt tlaurs.st .
Bwwa AIM not Be .ettun. ad seeded :
Fair eguaMM. 'a
dollars a y.sr. A new i4 of U .IneUlUftoni ... d IM"ftUF and we can do you a 10 !l1, flal!

that are to be induced or closed mil i man ton, sor For Modesty .bw*.r |ok. No one p.eu rrta"M.aaaK' r
.. to the ctaghaiti
CM do the lute
tt,I 11) add another M million dollars. to .
/ ""'r pnHrttal ." .DI1UII M a a )' school t I spat in years M putt acaua.jr < >alit 1- e the politicalstrength
that total when the program to cwm- The ...-... ob leader* M Lakeland are c nous .hut teat acid .. trakMg of the late PmideatKasnody

pitted note the factual -and many are down right from CKperieac. Left be him* U was to so
The determined manner in which Bums which is duguft.d-at the hue and C'f'eI / tar aa! gee them aa "A" small ntent due to the Image
and without the oppnsmon for the candidate la Modeaiy of youth presented to the
Secretary of Defense Robert MeNamara the JackaonvWe of County Superintend- E.R.G.: young voters of the country,

has pursued this prunJnf process respectfully re eat of Public Intnic4na about whate aumber is considerable.

deaervec the heartiest applause r.. that po- our "pourcMUre* and thedowtK 'Yankee Demo'Speaks There is ttfll, of course, the
.. am the part rebateus issue which, wan
Ue school
toachara.I .
front the poblk Tlie te. rvlUv
saving ..... .
will not am .wa of thus "mural*". His Piece mi referred to to say puhHetummMita
./ t'' sft\all corop ml with \heeW cwt akr that w Wk hatlrmlnrt trtrhM Thai about Bobby Keain4 -
f rilalntalninc* aft adequate and uptocate ...... wrier u. aumh \.*.. in the laUUmlarhuA l.Dt10al Here M twe tiers \', Chances for the vicepreMdaaual

defense system But H ic enowuragIng sdmiatairatfcm of. After tpaniliaig M yon mimma I have been a smminnian, islraqmmr

that a half billion dollars Is no pulsucal at Ja.Uuaviue storm to the Khuul ...... of retMteM of UkeUad and lent hy the >pukucjaM discussed from privataty the
Michigaa. owner M Putt
longer beir spent needlessly at a time & the Und- The FWida bud Putt County >*>* eight ytars.County I am for a YMhe ike- aumlpuuu of advantages aaddisadvantages.

when weapons research and other Y iDII err Ira- achoob have come away tag *. a Democrat and proud .

\ operations are so costly. degree in the put tea )Un. of it. Where I come from, the Il at aurpnwng to find iockJenufly -
leadership pro They still have a lung way te Civil Ww ended 100 ia a country car
I II ) Burns. a0. voted to the princlpJes of
When I
I Credit also to Preaideot Ken deep and profound 10.It tee a "whoa only*
goes takes no magic to find epga. 1 lee red. There democracy such widespread
nedy and President Johnson for giving : rotted reined ia of the Mayor lone members of any 'Suuea tier many such togas la l.+*.were Unj the acquiescence te thlide. that
bo would like selection of a vice prttvdemwko
I Secretary McNamara their support and balt of the youth to tee things while Kelly was mayor. There u, of course a poa-
cbanpcl-lrom ef
encouragement. The closing pf any reoogauuig that view Any adnunuurator point are even 'shae only SUM .... prtidm-&houkl nut be
at The
isbuund Great .
( federal project Is a political hazard. today will be our to da appoint Masterpiece* Oh. voted .. by a free conventioaof
many you hypocntM I .
I .
tomorrow I em .y go w nh ike
The communities In 1AhkhMy .,.100 Let's be hunrst about it KeNy and Spouard Hollawi. party and that the
ran- choice should be dictated
Many people have been duappuiiuod .li re? BirmmgbamV by
Burns that the the presidential nominee him-
w one way or another.
the franchise A. MILL
teat alter
a perfectly normal) fibs the manner of a
extended to lhu.e _______ __(Auburadle.s .party !boss
who arc at INs
the nght to vute-
hk* xe)uuv
year olds bar Potomac FeverBy
.... of America

t Imperial folk County : : : ; denied decwwna a voice that ut By WILSON

World's Citrus Center lives dues nut and The federal pq bill 1w something for e\'erybody. It will give
: : the wquirtmentt 'lien apay& raise ANt yews stud cengreas-
a poaitmen a raise .."
ideal Burn men will be back to IItt their pay raise next pay yaer. year 19 ClllN\greu-

nlly displayed a *
and detennut- The Pmident'f; >uil to Ibe
apple hlow.
The LEDGER'S telephones interest and town wan a sclntifte experiment first m festival n Sen Harry F Bird's
future of Florida. apple that wIID'1 there yet. time ") bod, ever trkd I. polub as

.'* artecI accord
HOMI DDIIYIass In Indonesia they celebrate. education
y as relate That' dangerous if stay by buratog popular books.
0.. ,_ . . .. .... $U..' development of you are barefoot youussboditd be wearing jackboots.

$in .wets . .. .. .. JII.70 industry. err LBJ homage to *
pays George
does Washirsgton
I T..... S'S.IS : the borders and 11 these hadn't been any firM prNident nabs who wawW aa\led be us a lot 01 money.
DO White house to
Florida should be turn out the light, k.

Published afternoons and en unproved sad .

Lakeland Newspaper to the friendly Lodge and Scraotua ,Iill io.hl the)',. Dot raadilbtn. SmarL ha obvious
oaoMMKV fit' Republicans art'.C 10
going sole for
AI .tene'' in kit *4*.. tt ,, . .. There's no place ',,'on', run. anyone. unless there'a a fair chance h.

titude reflect kale credit in Florida fur a M so Dixon .
opus lha newspaper and tt* line and aa a me&o of auurI Republican portrait of
owner, aod gravely tbreatea ing fw 1 lue ida. an t\fr rndur. in the dark oilh a hearts a 111 Democrat; A rich hid driving 90 miles an hour
Napa and a cup of beer In the other.



JumpsTracks r lAKELAND LEDGER, Monday, May 4, 1H4 1'1'

; 60 First Quarter Profitable One For American Firms 118 MOVED W. LEMON TO ST.

Persons lamer Upshew, #.
Hurt By JACK: LCFLER sales, Indicating that cutout.I tries only two-tobacco and apparel trot more efficient: operations])I The tax cut Is yet to have any[win make itself felt hi the bal I IC. )
AP Batmen News Writer ting procedures inaugurated -failed to equal their 163 through automation and ho-!great Influence of profits but!'.lance: of the ': e__ A_ __'-__
NEW YORK when business was suffering first results. facnitie year
IA PORTE tnd. (AP) A (AP-The first quarter I proved art Importamf.eton - - ---- -------
high-speed passenger train, rac quarter of 19M was notable for from a profit squeeze have paid Tobacco company profits were hi the brighter profit
ing across Me flit northern Indiana -American business as far as hurt by the reaction to the U.S. picture.
prairie at 7S mite an profits were concerned. For example U.S. Steel Corp.I surgeon general's report that Another Influence was the
hour. Jumped the track Satur This good news for stockholders reported a 73 per cent gain hi:cigarette smoking causes lung firming of prices hi many lines
day Aa estimated 60 persons poured in a steady stream first quarter profits over a year cancer, but cigarette sales nave which enabled management to If believe
Were hurt from corporations' annual meetings earlier on a sales gain of only made a comeback and the profit offset increased labor costs. you in fairness
Thirteen passengers and one which were held by the 11 per cent Continental Can Co. outlook is promising.The -
crewman were admitted to La hundreds in April profit climbed M per cent on a airline and steel groups
Porte hospitals. Twenty-four It emphaitred that the country sales gate of 7 per cent I which made relatively poor Lots Keep
when were released after treatment Is enjoying nusuatly good +A.WaD Street Journal tabulaor showings hi the first three and justice for all
Sheriffs deputies said times and that the outlook for tton first quarter HmIIp..1 months of 1W3. rang up the best .
first aid was given to a score the Immediate future is excellent ports of M8 companies showed gains i MONROEBRANNEN
fA other persons with minor____. in their combined net Income had Good galas also were posted
--- m --
juries. /Outstanding among the reports advanced 21.1 per cent over a by motor, chemicals, building
of those hoeadrdlehc-eypnoeeN was that of giant General year earlier to SI.I billion. materials and heavy machinery'
Motor Corp., the No. I office r !"
There were no fatalities. Noneof auto equipment metals, pulp
Profits Increased
those hospitalized! was listed maker. Its first quarter pro"ltIi and paper mining, petroleumand j "
III critical condition.t .were the greatest for a three- Two of three companies increased electronic i
month period of any corporation their profits and more I Only 14 of the companies reported SHERIFFThis
Can Derailed i in history.In than SO reported record first losses compared with 22 .
The derailment twisted seats many Cases increases In!quarter sales and earnings. j fI. the IK first quarter.In I i
In the can and catapulted pas*profits far outdistanced those in Of 3) classifications of indus addition to sharp cost con 1
-gingers into the aisles I 9f
AD It can and two diesel
nits derailed. About 100 pas- ...--
sengen were aboard the Baltimore -
ft Ohio Railroad train.
They included 39 seniors from
Maria High School for girls In ". J "
towns Point, Wit* 6
The cause of the wreck bi a b J
rural area seven miles southwest y
of La Porte was not determined

Immediately.The derailed can. remained Mercury convertible's rear window Is glass. .

upright 4S degrees.but some tilted u muchas A special, pliant-tempered guns, in fact With It, you cn greet these treat top-down
Engineer James S. Lazdnby. days by Just pushing button. No need to fuss about unzipping and carefully folding the rear
IX. Garrett, Ind.. said none of window. It cant crack or scratch the war plastic windows can. And what kind of car ,
the train's crew to the engine can: you find this great rear window on? You find it on great road car A solider, smootherridingcar. sJ Lr
section was hurt Hit fireman _(
was Stanley W. Rathert of A An easier-handling ear. In short . a Mercury. ,. i

""The..., ant derailment scene wa and It's the best read car In the whole tope down worldl!

three mites west of the tmaBIowa Mercury +
of WeRchore The tram
was traveling from Chicago to Pt ," .<\ _.-- .
: .: ? ;: -r
Washington on the BAO'a
main east west JiM.Lightning .

Hits . -. we believe you will vote let e.r "unbend* .... fettter, Clerk Stone,
Nmorrew for Clerk .! She Circuit' C..rt. We were ftrewe* .( tits .tie.
Grocery Boy; clsle. re seek public ..fk.. We see "re**' th.t he tiee tt.. will to find

Youth Not Hurt out, ...*< the c*.rte to toll yen, tests obe.t the Clerk's office list
here never kefer* keen ..... .. Hit nuVlicI
Hint apparently stench a gnat **, we ors Jismye.t the enwneehsege.* which hove been

err boy cart was that pushing an Il-gearold during a rainstorm bag-) ....... of Mm In on effort to "..... Mi. rtpvtet..fi end his. elecrien

Saturday knocking him: fr cfceiKet. Anal we ore "'.., +iMte thai many ,**,1. .,,,., willing to
out '1 __: 1 hi,". tie went without peel retker then keen en open mine" end
the Marvin'Ahmatj.
However youth. be felr.
was not Infured, kit r
doctor Mid. .
",. Just ML* Ahman salt >1iawmhed secys a VMMMT_ ( IM 'ile s* Oanytox'-txy BUrt rj noshes We ore pest to .**n4l II' end be c....... tor Mm . W. etk yoto I
my arms and legs fat Claude JehiLINCOLNMERCURY to the Nine wheat you f e to Site polls ....,....
about M .......*."
Another bet bar. ONM BdH '
..*.. was aa Ike pertMig M INC. ,1 Marie State, (rent, W rr Erslytl, ,
bout It left sway and said keMW one* clerk' n

the. the ttcfcUMni note ..strike.....,...S.Mid W.aVard. 941 [. Usia 14 UV U.4, ,Ie. thMI. '11.'IS I \ ,

Aiuwasj was twoonsetous for1 s Ro e..a....' Mys' .......I MM ttrte Capped. A r1100NC.t' tI i KW* ODNfMTT tmJlft*{ sff ..... s... art
bunt II a UMM+, I- --- .......--..............,_ | ; W.1\-J\;\ ;

-- -A- A--A A- A- A-A-- A- ..A A. A- -- -- A A .- _A.- ..-...... -_. .-- -_. ---. ----AA-- A - -: . . --_ -. _- "_ _. _- _- -. -.- _ j

L'vJtqrtaz.tlatinJ1A . I



: < for .
: iI. i

I. Leadership in improvement of instructional II. Effective building program. !j

program. Progress in meeting building need to provide for ever IncreasIng !

student population, as evidenced by a look at the building

I Test results place Polk County in favorable position (In relation program throughout the county.III. .

to state and national levels.
Efforts for improved salary schedules for instruc- i
of electronics sheet metal D.C.T.
I Offering pattern drafting,
tional and non-instructional personnel. I

Improvement of business education classes through more ex
Custodians and secretaries placed on salary schedules, for first time I
tensive offerings and up-to-date equipment.
Lunchroom and transportation personnel placed en solory schedules., I

Better equipped and up-dated vocational agriculture and Progress toward more reolistic salaries. I

home economics departments.

Expanded guidance services. IV. Your never ending dedication toward providingbest j

possible school environment for our boys and
Encouragement and co-operation in permitting changes in Instructional II

program to better meet the needs of boys and girls. girls.In .

I conclusion it is our observation that HARMONY among school employes D O E Sexist ;'

and we have neither seen nor felt any evidence of pressure.


1't Paid' for by the following Polk Co. Principals 1 it)i


0qoJznCJaALCJiut1s2A. /an..7ELilytutheickaalair. EhGE claurjtiJLSRma. (DanttcLTrain 9nh1frA. dlaJv LltJ.1l.

Canat Cm Simnu>>tLe. mLbmc (tRJJ&) tlJt 1otjnadiJL -

Retim. wi1rc/an1y. dl. tRill) JJdL mom. / t: l .iLliamM>>t.

I i

r y y y y y y y y y y y y y T Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y y Y T T I

i_ I

'LAae.LAl'tIl LCUUCR. f Marine Pilot's Body Found 1 ;
. -Monday, May 4, 11M BOOST YOUR BUSINESS PROFITSWITH """ W'QtU :CI'tt' 1Jt.
:! ----- HILUARO (AP)-The body Of Fore Base to Memphis Naval h. ..
The triple crown of American IIARD-HtrTING UDGER CLASSIFIED ADS. Marine Capt. Thomas R. Her Air Station. W' eat t.A 'NP,, A.blU \
hone facing to made of the Wreckage: of the plans was
tip nckie of Satellite Beach wa
Kentucky Derby, Prcaknest found Sunday six mites from spotted 100 yard oft buy highway -
and Belmont Slake U.S. LWARNINGi
where spotted the

wreckage of his single engine POSTED In Florida And Around The Notion
Jet MIAMI (AP) The Weather Temperatures
The laid Hernackto Bureau ordered small craft.ll'IIlnp ......._. Los Angeles ........ 1315
apparently Charleston g
PRAISED from hoisted at $ STATION H. L ......... IS Memphis ............ 80 3
hit a. 1ft. ...
'la stormy weather Saturday He (EST) today from Savannah to Miami .............. NN Cincinnati Chicago ........... 11 2 Milwaukee .........,14 so
WM en route from Patrick Air Cape Kennedy for "northerly Jacksonville ........ 71 II Denver It Mp1St Paul ....... M siNew
wind. II to 21 knob today and Orlando ............. MSaraaota n De Moines 11 10 Orleans ....... M IS
WhatPolk's HAW A tAINT MOtUMlLAKELAND tonight with rough teas and ............ MTanahaieee a Detroit 047 New York.............. U 4tSeattle
Hamp Rogers In Action. Here's CeI tides normal"A one tn two feet above ......... W 55 Fairbanks ............ 4t." JJ IS Washington ......... 51 14 44 4)

Tampa ........._... U <3 Fort Worth. 0472 Toronto............. H JtRAROMETEK
GLIODCN I LAKELAND ........ It (2 Honolulu
PAINT CENTER II Louisiana) mine contain Indianapolis ........ 11 55
Watched I
I News Media Have He a. n>rw..*.*....., r.*.......*.-..fMM enough salt to apply the worid'a Atlanta ............. n 53 Juneau ............. <5 M 21.7-1 ,.m. Sun. !
tN ........ $217 T '.Ift. 974
nee da for eentarIeI."THANK Boston .............. II Kansas City

They Say' About His 17 Years Of ; .- r.sswp. YOU I

!b Successful Police Leadership. POIK I ':


Hemp Rogers, one of Polk coun tL.J..1 I .=..
known law enforcement of. ao! -! ;
hears v sincerely
counts among his personal :I oS ,
qualities and his experience all the lIS! . j

\ qualifications sheriff. to make I topnotch H; : :'= J.J_ Shelley Beene

,r Asa deputy under two previous I = g : I:
sheriffs, he knows by personal experience J3 t U t I ...... to foka this mean to ro.k Heft ctleft! of Polk
facet of field work e i yw
that I lawman every should know. As .!:!! = Cants fef tour toep xiaix urxtemanrfi .+d auppxt .< y

chief of the criminal division under 'It. $l. ... Worn to wrvt you M SupvrtnttndMif. With your ...., end fh. I
one sheriff he has had practical andsuccessful I! ;oS ded+eaien ef ptncipNa ...,.. end .$.., ..... ,
administrative experience. a vIle I .1 Polk OunT/t .,..... IndmctMnal Meywe to been ,
was chief of security at Bar. r: C ...d ..... ,a4p
j I Ii! l"yg and mparvtrA WInlIOgefhet. 1.N UM abWi
tow Air Base before Joining the Winter ec ; .. e! i 1 ttt--
s to pINedeA :
Haven police department, where -C J .: .
he Is now chief of detectives. r j c; :l j! tN.eryidI pHNS pared hr....,.",....... '-....--
I enforcement
I Throughout his law tje je
experience. Hamp Rogers has : 1'; w ... -c_.. .......... ........ ........... tiMer.M.i.MAdd.f..eI

proved himself a canny and courageous J..3v :.-- m uaNM.a I N Ni.t ....... WeafiorcostParDy
criminals. Com Y i'.1bln.d A
foe of crime .I . ... ........... Jm
with the highest degree of personal .! a J N c w= to- :: -4a Nid - M dandy skies Will pre- r a a -I.

integrity and Intimate knowledge te o -w..w..,. he ........ ad ahw.e.esesI+ val to the lakeland. area
<< of Polk county. Roger' experience -C t -Aa.Ma.f i ...*...!e..aw to can 4e.p ...... and through tometiow, with aorth-
can make him one of )Flori 1M .4.1t ......... cry wmde at I lie II ml!Jet M

da's outstanding sheriffs -a.e.., ---- he .. ..... p esesl+ tour tonight' taereating" u IIM A-Oear M party cloudy sad ..
M inflM .. bur roman w. mild through Tveaday No Iwportaat .a.fie
.....O.d ..dare .tIMt ...... e.1 ed4NN.q esM11s Moderate humidity was predict lemperatate dunges. MN
Elect ....... M ,... c....,. ... Low tonight S4 M M. .

..,.. h.N/ra ----... p.e.... The natbwfli. lemperatvre la JPlnI'douIt and rather
Lakeland yeaterday was M degreet -
-uAM........ M..s.d.1 hiA ... .......... libs mmlmtrtSj this mora coal through t...,.,. Low to

a Malw t...s M ... ___ tog was 12 degree and M rein. aightaiihetss.
HAMP fen at the city hal we that sui cP.nI'doIIdt W eocaatait.

Theo .....gt*..*T.*... we '......"...,.%. ef tsar oW+rsiM.i Iraa.. lilt dowdy and rather ooolthron

i ....rum's Mrye.and ..*<...' With your snomM oee.iN ,.,.. I i Ths BatDa .! Wlt 1ot. scene I".|It% Tweaday Low tonight

r Ni ad- ....... .* be wowid is- of Napokwt's .,..t. look pace MMITYGAY
i to ........ I D ContideraMe doudiMM
and cool through Taeaday Low
t ''w I iConight as the low an... fiat .. "'
&t Bab Breath kraft sateen are d..pa) roELCASTTemprra.res
and tides
with[ was raufk; one
BOONESchool $..O.N Masla0Issaa II$wMNSMN.M 110 twits Itroae ......t. 1 tees nnkna
Mind. ......_ B F-t anly Iwiay and M M nctton of d4 suit are etprci
.... ..
Superintendent u.w-in e Low.
yw..e team( OVa Tueada .4 N caned to
H soar taring
=::::.-'t..u.amen a= '1It&tC M 1M....$.m y aged.ltd I
YOUR SHERIFF ....inw...- .....-.....- .1.'
........'. f. es_eM..tu M U MM par SMirJ i .
-.o.J Cask.lI.AR csein..a
.. 4"aad raot itirmfh Tw d.,. LwjtoMcM iwa amoMws] tit twos, toe
---------- -
: la UN uta. Saul daft: ,4
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