VENICE EAST ef bedrooms dining area, tits bath ... .. ..
Prlc Lowest Rats Bonded Drivers Modern Equipment Eiparienced Each side con lists 2 tmlnl. t tow M7" "
$17.500.00 lii.in
i?tral iJ heat .nd thower
with stirs'
porch large utility room
bat; < room. with adjoining New Y.rk $194.80 $349.60 ,
BEDROOMS. :2 I and dryer JOHNSON
:2 automatic washer CHIPS
DELUXE commode
fca Uving> doing and Flor.wmrJ.mt' or Cleveland $193.20 $346.40 & TAX SERVICE and Frigidair
baths complete, byseason central hut and air conditioner for Itch.p.r'm.nt
Chrysler Air-Temp REALTOR
finished utility 04885608. 194.80 $349.60 MentMy, Quarterly or
Esplanade Chicago
St Sa, kitchen and outside year 100 The Serving all northern points end Florid including Fort) 4nnuol Account Solicited/ water softener and chlorinator doubt concrete.
penln to cerport. AU Sarasota drive and carport, large beautifully groomed lot. eo", Vanic Ave.
foorn. Punt Gord. Charlotte Harbor, Naples 306 Watt
decorated large .nd expenalvely NEW CO-OP Apartment. My.". .lfl".t. from city to T. R. BROWNTAX pl.t.ly furnished in excellent t.tt*. Must be lean to be i
Larlle pool .tc. Writ. for rt. and cost any CONSULTANT Phone 488-2279
ed fully mprov- beach. Swimming ONLY $29,950.FRANK .
lOOk ely ''andseaped lot ov..... boat dock. Feb. and March. any Florid point TERMINAL or CALL COLLECT VAN LINES 488-2591 Highway 775 At Ovarbrook C. RAEBURN Branch Office Kant Motel 1 I',' :.

Golf siCouriee boulevard and 4885980. Tamiamt Trail
Ph. Box 735 Enqlewood 625 Se. I
Half interest in & Agent I REALTOR I II
edit Charven Moving Storage Venice
well for 474-1720 Phones 488.1600-488-2649 Ph. 488-1695
Ava. :
watering 251 W. Vnic .
MYRON Venice' Fl.
1Suunw!-fcGL<* YNN- S4884974 Realtor 2638. 128 So. Grov. St. J I ___ I I





-Tall -Fort Myers I i Indians Host Bike Safety Check Under Way I ITha

Whips Indians KMI Tomorrow annual Bicycle Safety Sarasota "..,.,,...
I Program, sponsored by I.";;
Sheriffs Office

By 73-57 ScoreVenice 1 In WSC Contest School started and at Nokomis will continue Elementary until "

all bicycles at schools in the ave +

was no mtih'.I I, Vni: and KMI will meet I South I"d: ;
tall Green PS of bait 1 M- omorrow night in a I fender
Friday night and the h .- I and C inference game at the II tor tape for the rear
from Lee County down, n" t u: V-nice High gym, Venice( is Deputy Sheriff C N (Cap)
Indians 73-57, in anon 1 ,m!! r, .t J I till looking for its Initial WSC Stevens is in charge of the pro.
ence gameFort 1 v :tory while the Kaydets are ject in the South County and <
otter their second supplying the tape There w.11
Myers won an 'ar:":T
meeting by a 56-63 ore whe-i I KMI was the winner In the be no charge for the inspectionor
Venice made a valiant bid for first meetingbetween the the tape. t
, an upsetDennis. I :rosstown rivals by a 3832i
Slonesvpher 6-8 ,'enter < ore
and Berry Hilln iher 64." The vanity clash will be pre- BnrtolottiFoxVSC
forward, had 14 pont' 1''C, JA :'d"d by a junior varsity gameat
to lead the Greeme well-bi 6:30: p m, Winners
Also! slated! to see action
need attack (
t j4 Tuesday will be the varsity JACKIE DROBISCH, Byear-old Third Grader at Nokom
Bob Harrison and Bruc : chusetts and Dick Fox of Ven Sheriff Hrs
bicycle :
lad teams of Venice School
jayvee gets!
made twith Llemc Iry
Byrd a game fight > lee whipped Vi Widman of New of the sheriff department .
17 and 16 point. but ti t,( Junior High They meet Me York and Ken Nellson of VenIce Boj",'r Thursday as the annual program In dc.
tupenor height of Fort :M"l' ,' Tnt,ah at the Rtverview gym 49.9, In the regular biweekly got under way in South County Thursday I
of the I equipment each bike is supp 1
gave them a 24-12 margin ..1 I in a battle unbeaten.Both pot luck held Friday at ion to a heck for faulty '-
teams from each school of reflector tape as an added safe'y m e
the end of the opening periodAnd --- the Venice Shuffleboard Club I II with a piece
'I bikes at all schools in ;i<
are undefeated, the varsitiesafter will continue until
a 36-28 lead at the half. Twenty-four participated in I The program
This margin was increased to SWEDISH I DAY AT VENICE.NOKOMIS Change student at Venice High School Shown four Barnes and the jay I the tourney. area are checked and taped.
58.34 at the clone of three ROTARY Members of the club observed here with her are, left to right, front. Law. ves after three,
len, but the Indian cut quar eight Swedish Day Thursday during their regular fence M Nelson. Venice; John El Lundquist i Game time for the varsities,: An evening snack. spree',
points off this lead by outscoring weekly meeting at Early Wynn. Steak Housein Laurel J; Ralph Lindgren. Nokomis; back: is 4 p m? with the Junior varsity I toast with soft chedt!'ir thee
the South Venue Honored guest wee Miss Paul E Nowland and George Wheeler Jr., content to follow Sox Spring T Training
the dreeniM. 23-15 in I and broil, then garnish fact
last period. Mar apta Hiljding, of Stockholm, an ex club president. KMI Trodh will meet Sarasota slice with a couple of anchor I
Fort My em also copped the in a home game at 4 i
tilt, 64-34. p.m. fillets.
Venice Landjrraf, 833 By VJHS Art Student Tickets On Sale \
Ttutgo. 1-4-6; Skora. 328. Jaycees: GetFireworks
, Morgan, 31.7: Byrd 4-6-16
I Folks
\ Green 0.2.2: Harrison, 5-7-17 ShowVenice I Howdy
Totals. 16-25-97: The advance sale of box seat been moving at a steady pace

Fort Mvers-Radcliffe, 3-2-8: Will Go To Kennedy FamilyDeeply Junior Chamber of and reaerved grand stand tick In addition to the tickets' being ..
Keller 4-2-10; Costello. 3-0-6: I Commerce will sponsor both eta for the Chicago White Sox held for last seawn s ticket
Hillmaher 8-2-14; Stonesypher the fireworks display and the spring training_ games has holders, there are also

4-614; Hendry, 3-06; England. ] impressed by the beauty pageant on the Fourthof many good seats available.
July this following action which were not held on a season
2.3-7 Maurer, 0.3.3 Gandv year
;; ; I
events of the Kennedy assassination Truck Is
1.1-3: Stickles, 1-0-2 Totals, 15-year-old Miss Jackie taken last week by Venice Pumper basis last year.
Area Activities Inc, and the
27-19-73. During the balance of
Allen, Venice Junior High
Venice 12 11 II 23-57 School student, was watchingthe I Jaycees. Added SVAVFD the advance .ale will con
Fort Myers 24 12 22 15-73 television coverage of the i Meeting on Monday night, tinue with the 1963 season tick
funeral and saw young John 'the VAAI discussed the anticipated Rolling StockSouth et holders having the opportunity -
retirement of $13,110 in retain the seati
Kennedy to the salute to same
Osprey LL which has since become pictorially improvement bonds this year Venice Area VolunteerFire that they had last spring. At
famous. It was determined that theactivities Department Thursday this time we can give special

I RegistrationsHeld Miss Allen told her father group has $250 in addition took possession of a 1942-model attention to the people who desire ....
to the amount needed to
Jack Allen Jr at the time that International pumper truck to change the location of
-a Saturday' she must paint a picture of meet their four per cent inter. yesterday to add to another their reservations GEORGE TRENCHARD h.
est obligation to the bond hold-
of the Junior he[ young man saluting his pumper and an emergency vehicle The White Sox have a 13 tends a warm, personal invitation
Registration lather flag-draped coffin and 1t era previously owned by the game Sarasota schedule this to all of' his many
and Senior Teams of Osprey } This amount was approved
did so shortly thereafter from department Season prices are: Box FRIENDS and CUSTOMERSto
Area Little League was heldat for retirement in $10 bonds andit year.
the Osprey Recreation Field the photograph. which was waa voted to turn the fireworks The "new" truck i Is equipped Scats $26 each and Reserved vitit him at BILL PHILLIPS
' published in many national with a 500-gallon reserve tank Grand Stand, $22.75 each
Saturday magazines and newspapers project over to the Jay and was purchased from the FORD, Georqe likes the
This area includes all youngster Miss Ann McDowell art 'tees. Northeast Volunteer Fire Department Tickets not retained by last TOTAL PERFORMANCE of'
who live in the section teacher at VJHS, thought the On Tuesday night the Jaycees of Sarasota throughthe season'.' ticket holders will be 1M '64 Fords and inviter you
from Sticknev Point Road to resulting oil painting to rood .accepted the "deal. The Civil Defense program. It thrown open for general tale to tale. a test drive in the
Sorrento Shores There are two s fireworks and beauty pageant, Monday, Feb 3. Later in
that she agreed with Miaa AIm in also 4-wheel drive, enablingit on THE YEAR!
Junior Teams in the Osprey and the school aloft' that it to select a Miss Venice," is to meet the requirements of the month tickets will be sold
League headed by Joe La. should be presented in the held annually at the high the department where brush on a single.game basis
France and Levi i school athletic field ----
name of the artiand< the rlyy Fires are concerned,
The Senior Team u underthe ,
school to the late President -- -- -
direction of Mr. Clyde A Pk < NOW APPEARING
B ri.toJ.I Kennedy family Snyder Captures DAYTIME HEADLIGHT t
It is now on exhibit m VJHS
office LVMGA Tournament CHICAGO (AP) An automobile csaop AT THEMYAKKA
running light may be
\Villiams-Cox Correspondence is being exchanged Results of the blind bogey one answer for checking head. LANES
betw en Miss McDowell
played last
weekend by mem- on collisions
I DuoVin Ladies and U S Sen George k bers of Lake Venice Men's The light is installed in the
Smathers to the procedureof A BEA HUNTER
u .
Gulf A sn. at Lake Venice Golf front grill of an automobile and

Shuffle Meet accomp presenting DIed the by gift letters It Wllj;horn j be GIFT FOR THE KENNEDYS: A psi.;.ing of !the now-famous I Club show J. Snyder in first is used .during daylight driving Song Stylist' and Organist!
with a 70. Second place Cross buses
both the art teacher and Miss picture of young. John K dy iluting hu father coffin country began
Dinners of the ladies Allen. done by 9th grade Venire -fL..or HIh; School ;tudent, Mine went to F Beighey with a 71, driving two :years ago with 'For Your Entertainment'
doubles championship afternoon: : I She has been painting since Jackie Allen, right u bean; pr.. ant, d to the f v..y of the while W Witt was third witha headlights on during the day, PARTYS.
Wednesday 73 This COME. JOIN THE
played 19112 and ate pre ''dent by Miss Allen and the! schocl Mica Ann weekends activity and since then have reported a Q;
plans to become
at the Venice Shuffleboard fashion designer Shelves, with* Dow,.11 VJHS art teacher left n making: the arrant',- included a low net, full handicap II per cent drop in daylight ac Tamiami Trail Venice
Club were Grace Williams and for the with US tourney over 18 holes! cldenta,
a n George Smalhers
her parents at 62j N Tarruami Mc'I
Lou I
Cox both of
defeated Edith Porter Nokomia.They of I Trail I oil painting is on display in the VJHS office. -.. ._ 1 .1 ,.. .,1Mti1I ............... Ij. .
New Jersey and Amy Thorn- GONDOLIER PHOTO by Bob )

bury 77 to of 11 Indiana and 78 to by 14.stores of Leaders Listed I Sailors Down KMI Kaydets, FIRST & FINEST JffiffifBl IN


.... Methodist LOUISVILLE L Gordon, was(Cooper AP presented) Astronaut Jr. a a- After 1st SessionIn 67-51., In Conference ClashThe 11111 SHOPPING AREA t| || VENICE

' World Methodist Council medallion -I KMI Kaydets lost their 1 KMI-Toncray, 3-38; Hepler,
J at a meeting here of the Myakka Event sixth straight basketball game: 20-4; McGowan. 124; Me- i
national Methodist Council of Friday night at Sarasota, 67 Cray, 1-02; Cooke, 4-19;
Evangelism I' 51, as the Sailors posted their Sharpe, 124; Lagenaur, 5-5- OWN TOWN JiilENICE
Kiwanis rolled an outland second straight victory i 15; Waller, 2-0-4, Totals, 19-
mg 3247 handicap series to take
. Ai Advertised In Led by forward Jeff Hipson 1351,
first place in the first weekendof
i GOOD HOUSEKEEPING action in the Myakka Lanes I who was the game s high scorer Sarasota Hmson, 10-6-26;
MAGAZINE, House Tournament. Old Milwaukee with 26 points, the Sailors Carey, 237: Morton, 4-19;
Why rent or buy anything is second with 3196 end showed a l9 lead at the end. McCague, G-I-I; Pntchard, 4- thrifty shoppers please take note.
of the first end increased
but the best when it costs Keaser Brothers third with quarter 1-9; Blackburn, 5-313; Ram. .
the to 36-17 at ,
3135 margin sey 1-0-2; Totals 26-15-67
no morel the Intermission. ... 9 8 SI
Harold Johnson and George KMI 16 18-
GUARANTEEDSoftIron Leonard set the pace In doubles I,ond KMI half came and to life outscored in the sec.the Sarasota . 19 17 13 18-47 YOU ALWAYS DO BETTER DOWNTOWN!

with fine 1408, while Dick
I ,Sailors, 34-31, but the
Free Fey and Carl Carlson are In I
the runnerup spot with 1300. was done. NEVER WON IV COTTON I --.....=...... 'T""' ---_...-....._......__.............__ .
Water -- -- --------- -
Orville Davids and S. W. Jar- Guard Roy Lagenaur toppedthe
24 Hours a Day rett are third with 1285. Kaydets in Scoring with 15 I FAYETTEVILLE Ark., DICK & MEADOWS PHARMACY THE MEN'S SHOP
In singles, Tom Hamm is out points KMI la now 1-4 in White (AP)-The University of Ark: SHUlTON'S DESSERT II
7 Days a Week front with a 728. Jarrett is sec. Sands Conference play and 1-7 ansas has played in the Cotton I DEODORANTY I Palm Beach Pro Welk Shorts and Pro Slacks
and with 699 and Jim Sanders overall. Sarasota is 24 in Bowl game three times and :; PRICE SPECIAL
Rental With third with 879Participants. league action and 6-9 overall. has never won in: Pleated and Plain Front SryUt

have not rolled In the Junior varsity clash, The Razorbacks lost 7-6 1 to 231 W. Venice Av.. 4886776 Medical Canter Bldg. 225 W. Venice Ave. 488-1620

in every event so the all events Burr Prewitt continued his Duke in 1961, 14-6 to Georgia ...___ IIW _I""" -- -..
Option To Buy could not be posted after the I high-(coring pace with a 22 Tech In 1955 and tied Louisiana : -
first weekend. point effort against the Sara: State University 0-0 in VENICE OFFICE MACHINES CO. SHRODE JEWELRY
The tourney ends Sunday pod the young Sailors, 44-31 1947HAYES.
Automatic Miracle Water night r AUTHORIZED AGENT FOR UNDERWOOD OLIVETTI I Wedding Rings Diamonds Stone Set Rings;

Softener equipment Sales Service Supplies We Repair All Mates Watches Silverware Jewelry

removes hardness and A large New York news- I Stuart Merrick, Owner j Watch and Jeweler Repair
l lit Iron, paper uses the equivalent of 235 W. Miami Ave 488.2473 W. Venice Ave. 488-311\

I r g Aa .I low $5 Per the net annual growth from L GROW '....... ,...r- """ ". .____ -A-

at Month 8 est,000 land acres for of a Sunday commercial edition for. 4 i!' TAYLOR HARDWARE & PAINT CO. GULF THEATRE TROPICAL DRIVEINNow

,a + ;l ;=; Nokomis Fla Sherwin-Williams Paints Bruning Paint Showing Open Fri. Sat. & Sun. Only
Automatic Sulphur removal a Who's Been Sleeping' 'In Showing This Week.End
equipment. g%m f.o --': '- ., ..-? 1. b GROWERSSHIPPERS Interior and E teror! M1 Bed I five G.,. r/erf
We A COMPLETE Hardware Lin
II Carry Starts
Ai low $ Par Friday -plus-
) 213 W. Venice Ave, 4884909eaaamavtmit&iHiviintmumwu I Around The World 'la A Dose 7Ae Bororbat
as . Month OPENINGSAT. ,.,' ,) : ofQuality ,j* ugttaBus .i air -."... ...- --

SalesServiceRental c Citrus Fruit VENICE TILE & FLOORS Welcome/ To



WEST COAST MINEOLA TANGELOS 311 W. Venice Ave. 488-1117\ 248 W. Miami' Ave. DUI) 488.3451

1964VENICE a.-_ "



PARADE Oar Delicious Typewriters, Adding Machines (Mechanically Operated) !

Chemically Cleaned Just $12.50 Plut Parts If Required

211 W. Venice A..e. 488-6113 i
Miracle Water Located on Alba Farina Road, North End of .


488 3587 u SLAX
=0=- - ----- Men'l and Women'i Garm.nnI
1 Offices in Venice, Sarasota
; and Bradsnton I I 223 Miami Ave. 488.1562 [ 121 W. Venice' Ava. 4883080PAG

1"a. ., ___. .

i t l 4I

Venice gondolier
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Place of Publication: Venice Fla
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Publication Date: 1946-1964
Frequency: semiweekly[ -1964]
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Sarasota -- Venice
Coordinates: 27.098611 x -82.438889 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 6, 1946)-v. 20, no. 14 (Feb. 17, 1964).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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?. Jan. 27 10J9j>m 6 06 am PACE 3 Cohcnna, General
0 News

eJaaM 11Olpm-: -0i0am: 'l FACE 4 Editorial

r7sn. 2. 3:00: pm 7:29 am PAGE: s society
II "52 pm 5'89pm
-j Tw 257pm: 803amiL :
y pm ws.na ehreratwq PAGE Classified! I

Serving fU F+iW.Growing ATM on Florida West CW Osprey Leant!, Nokomis Venlcs. Sourt Venice, Yenc!: GaroW, V nfc. Eat, Englewood North Port Charlotte.. PAGE 8 Sport*, Genl New

20. NO. 4 -. PI'F'' ':: an? naa.r ana 71 unxLe _
ns u s w.nu: Awnw MONDAY JANUARY 27. 1964 VENICE FLORIDA xM."av..a."a: A", esamnaVcis. ) .iiwas. PRICE 10 sent

"",=, -....oorrA- ._..,............ '............." .

'itamin C Project : :' tIe Chamber Protests

Airborne k: ;1Ifi I

finally (:5 AAA By-oassing

J. LIJGHTON CORNWELL those who participated in this r
humane endeavor which will The Venice Area Chamberof changed Its routing after .
[acDILL AIR FORCE BASE bring our community and state ff4 Commerce fired off a strong protest similar to this one
A Venire area delegation In the International limelight yjN protest to the American Automobile brought a recheck by the
Iched a U. S. Navy C-54. In August 19fi3, my son-in- Assn. Friday against AAA.
nsport take off last Thursv law, Captain E. T. (Tom) Morgan its bypassing of Venice and the It was pointed out that work
with the last load of Flor- then stationed at a Viet rest of the lower west coast in still is underway on the final
orange juice collected unponsorship Nam Air Base, contiguous to routing motorists southbound fourlarung of U.s. 41 to the
r of area rest Saigon, wrote me that men in for the Miami area north of Venice but conditions
nil for orphans in Viet Nam. their unit were daily picking up The action followed reports are nothing to compare with
, ;!,t bit transport was one of abandoned children on the of some motel operators along those existing last year.
a Navy craft which pickedthe highways and even out of gar. Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41)) that
15 tons of juice here tot bage cans business was off considerably
o <; Norfolk, Va., where it The letter further stated that i despite the fact that Florida
'I I be trans-shipped via sea : his organization had adopted currently is experiencing a Home Industry
].I destination. : these and many more in near. record tourist season. ,
K vitamin-c rich Juice by orphanages with the responsibility A telephone call to the AAA
i be distributed to orphan- to feed, clothe and take office in Sarasota confirmedthat Show Shapes Up
i in the vicinity of Saigon, care of them materially all the Miami-bound traffic was
charges have been Also ,
st way. in hia letter he related being routed the long
,pled by a small U.S. Air that the state of Texas way
around via State Road 70 from
'c e Unit: stationed inhe had already sent two plane Stickney Point Just south of As Coast TopperThe
.. loads of
wheat and thus madea Sarasota, to Arcadia, then on
Swat At Red plea for any canned citrus i State Road 710 to Lake Okee- biggest and most color.
ouid, be reasonable to Juices we could roundup in the chobee and State Road 706 to ful Home Show and Industrial
1Ide\ that this project will area to be flown over Air
by the Sunshine Parkway north of Exhibit ever seen on the Floe
'ye m effective blow to com- Force transport. :
West Palm Beach. ida west coast is shaping up
nsm when, hundreds of the He also informed us his unit i
for the Venice area for a four
.. "Strongly object to your
I rasters receive the Juice top had already begun an operation .
Sarasota office routing motorists day run, Feb. 26-29:!
their under-nour-
i rebuild known as "Lifeline" and wouldwe
to Miami via Arcadia and Eighty of the 100 booth and
t fd bodies here commence project display spaces already have
Okeechobee Admiral
C A.
j;rUmly. no country would "Vitamin C." As a feeler to my (Nick) Keller VACC executive been contracted for and inquiries I
another whose air- fellow
grade the
"vn areamen, Venice
being received indicatethe
director wired
Marvin L. Hoi-
it themselves to __
111 0-
generous loway, Peninsula Motor Club remaining 20 will be spoken
-.d.lred children they have enough to publish the letter LENDING A HAND A delegation from the Venice area ice; Lt. Joe Schreadly who furnished the Navy personnel from an AAA associate, at Tamoa i for before opening day, according .
med to love while residing Right away it must have hit last week assisted in loading Florida orange juice on a U. S. the U.S.S. Greenwood based in St. Petersburg; J, Leighton "Request Tamiaml Trail be to S. M. (Jim) Jimison,
military advisors in a Joint many kind hearts as Capt. Navy C-54, bound for Viet Nam. More than 15 tons of Juice (Count) Cornwell, who spearheaded the drive; and Col given equal preferential treat who is producing the show for
rut to stall attempted Morgan informed me that was collected by area residents for orphans there and was Joseph M Martin, base commander at MacDill Air Force ment for materials," the telegram the Venice Area Chamber of
nmunist thrust. Father "Pat" McManus, a transported in three of the Navy craft At the loading rampart Base. Ed Ewing of Mission Valley Estates, a VAAC directorand added. Commerce.The .
"Thus begins a story that Captain Chaplain began to re- !. left to right Terry Ewing, head of West Coast Delivery one of the leaders in the project, was unable to attend Keller reminded that show and exhibit will be
i.,si be retold for the benefit receive letters postmarked Service A. (Nick Keller Venice Chamber Commerce the
I : ) Area of loading ceremonies. the AAA did the same to the in the auditorium of the Ring.
( newcomers and to thankEnglewood Continued( on pan E) executive director: E B. Gresham, Jr. of South Ven- (AIR FORCE PHOTO) lower west coant last._ veer and.. ling Bros Barnum & Bailey Cir
p ----- --- -
# cus, with a seating capacity of

Honors Water CommissionENGLEWOOD Parade Of Homes Celli Case Postponed 9,000 floor Jimison and space.39,500 said the square circus feet arena of

; la the largest and most spacious
I place for auch an exhibitIon -
threw Grand Opening to be found anywhere on
I extraordinary party here r' the west coast and that its floor
hunday night for a most or.Nary Complainant's RequestPreliminary
.. space approaches that of New
> sotneth aig-plain drink- yg
b t This York's Madison Square Gar.
Saturday -
if w ter. r st den.
\ festive gathering ot 250 ) hearing for Joe face, not necessarily in self de Besides new uses for well
riglewooders turned owt at It's Just as exciting and the Celll, member of the Venice fense. established products, visitors
ej Viola Restaurant for a suspense is just as great as the Police Department and son of Celll was not in uniform and will have an opportunity to sea
inquet celebrating completion shaping up of the most significant City Councilwoman Blanche J. was off duty at the time of the the newest products and pro
I Ilhe city's brand new water Broadway production. It'a Celli, on assault and battery incident. He was released on duct application," Jim 1 s on
fwn. The reason ( her time again for Venice's own charges was postponed Friday his own recognizance after beIng said, adding that the exhibit.
crest more was that the ..arya er show, .the 1964 Parade of night in Justice of Peace courton served with the warrant. will include everything from
hoe-wouldnVEold any more. Homes, on East Venice Avenue request of the complainant, Celli was not suspended for airplanes, automobiles, and
Al of the celebrating' WMT in East Gate.Everything. Gene Giddens of Venice. his part in the fracas and is boats to model homes.
whit seven years ago was Is being rushedto According to the warrant Issued currently on the midnight: to 8 There will be three rows ofContinued
lay a reality in being with zcmai. 4u day Saturday when the publicIs Raymond, the altercation occurred
sadly of a million gallons of invited to view the third an- Thursday night on West
"e, pure water flowing nual show which will feature Venice Avenue.
"Wigti 53 mile of newly-laid six models constructed by local Giddens charged Cell( with
'ins each> 24 hours. builders. beating him about the head and

Although a water system for The producers of this gala
slewood had been in the event are Harley Whiteaker, 3 Bridge Plans I
king' stage for seven years, .:; Herb McAtee, Paul Cockrill,
"slant until 1959! that the u Don Heath, Al Welch and Chet
:.50,000 project began to jell Mayer Are SubmittedThe
All are members of the Nat.
Bard To Came By
lonal Home Builders Assn. State Road Department
mon, Thursday night's According to the men at the has submitted to the U. S.
Jker was Theodore Jenson helm," this year'a "Parade"is Army Engineers for approval
'Jie: West Palm Beach con. even more significant than its plans for locating and I trig i

ing firm of Gee and Jenson, the previous :vears. They are building three bridges across. P8se
> pointed out that water is L 1 offering the finest in Florida the inland waterway in Venice
lentiful commodity in Flor- living through efficiency of design The plans were filed with
but that obtaining it in NEW WATER SYSTEM A color drawingof president of Gee and Jenson, Inc. consult but with economy as the the district officer of the Engineers l
ible form Involves many Englewood's new waterworks plant is admired ants. Troendle and Jenson were among those I 'watchword' at Jacksonville. Theyare

blems by William Troendle, left, chairman of honored by Englewood residents at a ban I As Don Heath, chairman of for bridges over Hatchet t
'* Englewood project, heed the Board of Supervisors of the Englewood quet Friday night.GONDOLIER. the group stated, "What we Creek, the north end of Lemon
Is all the more remark. Water District, and Theodore Jenson, vice- ( PHOTO by Bob Obendorf) have accomplished this year la Bay near the Venice Municipal W
" because of the numerous the building of six fine homes Airport and East Venice Ave

DIems logical which and had engineering to be con- Welcome The Latch String's Out i I buyer which the offer most the for prospective his money nue.According to Col. H. R. Par.
+ -
red : and which are in keeping with tilt, district engineer, the SRDIs ,

e said further that on a Job the average budget. We've introduced asking approval of a bascule
i as this, where into those homes num. type bridge over Hatchet
)has nine members a waterrd of di. The GONDOLIER welcomes from Ohio. dens, from Indianapolis, Ind. erous features that afford the Creek on U. S. 41 with an overall
ent views, there the following new neighbors to Mr. end Mrs. D. Nevelier, Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Church, buyer beauty, comfort and efficiency length of 27S feet and a
many other problems, but the Venice area: Canal Way Nokomis from Candle-Lite Motel, from St. and at the tame time vertical clearance of 175 feet
such was not the C. J. Holler, 330 BlackburnDr. Wisconsin. Louis, Mo. allows for the indoor-outdoor at means low water and 16 feet
"; t that all hands worked case ., Trailer Acres; from Buffalo Mrs,* Eleanor Stover, 1109 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Battles, living that Florida's climate at mean high water. The existing MRS. BOB WHITE COMES A.CALLINGA plump and poised ..
for the N. Y. Myrtle Ave, Venice, from 372 Center Road, Venice Gar calls for" fixed bridge at this site quail hen strolled nonchalantly into the Venice Area Cham.
jnomously I common Mr. and Mrs W. R. Russell, Tampa. dens, from Massachusetts Running the show from the would be removed at completion ber of Commerce Friday to the astonishment of everyone, except
204 Trailerama Dr., Trailer Mr. and Mrs. F. W Smith, Mr. and Mrs Julian Diemer, president's seat is Chester of the new bridge. herself She posed readily at the guest counter white I
Ray sentiments Campo were echoed Acres, from the Florida East 4 er president of Coast from Boston, Mass. from Fort Wayne, Ind. come out to East Gate and see over the waterway on U. S. 41 (Nick) Keller, executive director, the quail chirruped
( Contractors, Tampa, Mf. and Mrs W. R. Sadler, Mr. and Mrs E. H. Cruse, Mr and Mrs. Clarence Coop- for himself just how excellent near the Venice Airport is re- and closed her eves as if mesmerized as appreciatively he
:-Continued-on page-2) -304 Maretli, Trailer Acres, 508 Shamrock, Venice Gar (Continued on page 2) this 1964 Parade of Homes is (Continued on page 2) stroked her head. (GONDOLIER PHOTO by Bob Obendorf


;> Establishments Along: Trail's Thriving; Growing!: Area IRT

W. EARL AUMANN : total of 62 virtually all ot their nationwide sale of 19- business section of South Ven- a filling station (now South 1939; Alston's Cottages started future subdivision of South lots at the down-to-earth price
uth Venice, long considernmarily them along the three and one 587 lots in the South Venice ice. Venice Esso Station) startedby in 1942; andhe Seminole Venice out of 3,300 acres of of $200 caught the imagination -
:' a residential comity -I half mile stretch of Tamiami Subdivision in 1952, they held Followed Suit I Gene Verscheskl in 1950 Apartments, developed around undeveloped farm land purchased of Americans everywhere
' today has one of the Trail (CU. S. 411) south of Center I out a strip 200 feet deep along Other land owners along the across the Trail from the South the home of Gerald A Cur- from the Caspersen in. and sponsored by the Venice
est growing business dies Road. At least nine more are the west side of the Trail from Trail followed suit and the en. I Venice Field House, the only wood, which he established in terests. Area Chamber of Commerce I
( In ill\ South Sarasota under construction the intersection of U. S. 41 and tire Trail was soon dedicated buildings on that three and 1947. Many people scoffed at, the the entire 19,587 lots were sole
nty. When the South Venice Corp the Englewood Road (S. R. to business. one-half mile stretch of farmland It was not a very promising idea of another business section to 6,700 purchasers in a bttlc
]thin recent months its and the W & A Construction 775) to Alligator Creek and With the exception of a were the Shady Grove picture when the tractors and so close to Venice. But over 18 months
Wanes have grown to a Co. of New York opened up designated it as the future grocery (Market Basket) and Court and Restaurant built in I grgders started in to carve the the idea of retirement home (Continued on page 2)RE

r ,

i a. ,
[ (
Y 33 62 61 S9 ,

1 h..,

'> 3 { 6 10 11 13 IS 16 1l 1E ,19 2{ 26 19 30 3{ '

9 y t2 ir3S 3l 38 39 40 {1 4 24f6 ; ,)

----- -

: : is THE KEY to the Tamlaml Trail: Grove Cottages and Restaurant Gulf Coast Development and Graham, builder; 21, Sun teas, real estate) 28, Walk. and builder; 36, Early Wynn South Venice Field House; 44, I
'e' chart, prepared by W. 1, Emmanuel Lutheran ; I, Wood-Chrysler; Plymouth Builder.; 14, Llna's Brush It Coast Builders; 22, South era Hardware; 29, Cue Club; Steak House and Bowling Alleys South Venice American Gag

" AurnalUl with the eeChurch; 2, Ruth May Realty Motors, Inc.; 9, Bill Comb Beauty Shop; 15, Venice Realty Co.; 23, Future 30, Short Stop Grocery; SI, ; 37, Ann M. Coleman, Station; 45, Olson's Bakery;
' Shamrock Bar It Grill; 16, home Venice Mower Bud's Barber Shop 32 Coin- real estate I
""on ; ; 38, Cannon Towels 46, Duncan Chevrolet 47
of County Tax ASCo.. 3, Wolfer !Moters Inc.; 4, Phillips Ford, ins; 10, Future Venice Furniture Co. 17, Caracas Motel ; ,
" ; ; CCI.114; Holiday amatle Laundry ft Dry CleanIng ; 39, Hickory Farms of Standard Oil Company; 48,, l
, William t, Stuart. Co-Op Gas Station; 5, Venice home Schnaffner Furniture Peek Gas Station; IS, Sun ; 25, Marfak Lubrication ; 33, Action TV, Inc.; S4, Ohio; 40, Boatrlght Nursery; Bob Harrison Trailer Sales
]T 'the 'location of South Motors; e, Venice Upholstery Coq 11, Candle Lite Motel Glow Court Motel; 19, Sun ft Gas Station; 26, Cases Seminole Apartments; 35, 41, Mayflower Storage; 42, 49, Booth Venice Garden Supply ; ;q
usta... uonf tile and Drapery Shop 7, lhadl' ; 12, Arrow Fence Co.} 13, Coast Motel; 20, HiUUnt U. Drlvf-In; a Raises ft Bo- Francis L. Evans, realtor Save-Mor Fttrnttur Co.) U, Co.J to, O'DeUa's Bar. ,



UOt-lD"A Y, :JA7MRY71'; 1\4

THE VENICE_GONDOLIER __________________ --

E'WOOD WATER 'Foster Heads I WELCOME Malrens' Bible A Bomb Development

(Continued from page D) I
Obituaries the contractors on the projectA (Continued from page 1))

Big 'Thank You' cr Siesta Road, South Venice Study Group

IirGO HENRY LUX JACOB WHITE The banquet actually was in SV Civic Group from Connecticut. Enelewood LegionTop'uENGLEWOOD
the nature of community- Tomorrow !
Jacob White. 76, of 301 Bay a Miss Pauline Jessup, 1790 Meets ,
of 218 wide "thank you" to the nine-
Lux, 71.
Hugo Henry -
Shore Drive died Thursday al
Sherid J Foster, who Is Forest Road Venice Gardens,
Dona Drive, Nokomis, died Venice Hospital. member Board of Supc-rvisois Miss Erma Abuhl, mission An enter. nalr Abe Kennedy "p,
Thursday at Venice Hospital. Mr White lived In Laurel for of the Englewood Watci Dis. I serving his third term Venice as from Busby, Mont. ary from Kano, Nigeria, AfriCa and educational account sent the legionnaires ., ,
president of the South taming
Funeral services will be held four years prior to moving to trltt A major share of credit Civic Assn Introduced the new Mr and Mrs. Vincent Rapp, will be guest speaker at the of the development of Englewood Recreation Cbme

at :2 p.m. today at Rawlei Venice three years sgo. He was given to William C Troen.. 1964 officers to the members Secor Road, South Venice, Matrons' Bible Study Group tomorrow atom bomb "from a Doctor Dance a.ainnall1 ,,',
board chairman, who modestly j from Newcastle, Penn. at the homeof the Schultz reported oc
Funeral Home Chapel. was born in Italy and lived in die, it the monthly rieetlng of the at 8 p m Einstein theory on paper lite..
Born in Cleveland he later Point Pleasant, N. J, after disclaimed it association last Monday night: Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lantz, Mrs. George Bolts Jr., 313 to the ultimate bombing of cera c.lh.. two prcv.: .. ,
moved to Euclid Ohio and coming to this country. Other board members who They are Hartley P. Dor- 1767 Forest Road Venice Gardens S. Harbor Drive. Nagansackl and Hiroshima" lie dances 'p"' i'' "cj V, .

upon retirement, came here He was a member of Catholic came in for a full share of accolades mond, of Cumberland Road, from Detroit, Mich. Miss Abuhl is on furloughand the highlight Monday post aired s'atcd that Ii's ?

from that city in 19bO Chinch of The Epiphany. were Loyed Simmon- first vice-president; Albert H. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Doolittle, is staying at the D and D was of the bi.monthly session dance will he he'd H. night
Survivors include his widow, son, vice-chairman; Earl Road Venice Gardens Missionary Home in St. Pet night: Feb. 31.
He was employed for many Edward Zielke, of 58 Tanager Road, Center of the Englewood American
Mrs Elizabeth White two Dauer, secretary; Major ersburf while in this country. Chop'cia: to""I.! SII"1'IftI ,
years as an attorney with Min ; Cecil second vice-president; Edith from Muncie, Ind. Legion Post.Legionnaire. *
nesota Title Co.. in Cleveland. sons Fred White of Hollywood, A. Bartholomew Ralph E Horton, C. Bemlster, of 48 South VenIce Mr. and Mrs. Joe Swee, 1712 Also present at the Olsen meeting of Sewell L. Bartlett ported f'dt T* '."", ,,troa c,
Calif., and Clarence White of Duff-Stevens Blvd. JosephH Gardens from will be Mrs. Jean of the mechanical Spuicsa sad! fie hOes. Wl:>,
of secretary Venice
Mr. Lux was a member William R. Lethbridge, AlbertJ ; Banyan, Mrs. Betty a member
Palos Vcrdes, Calif. ; a daughter of Jamaica Guatamala and Man. J,. Everbsrt!: hid Pe-hirva4|
American Legion No-Vel Post and E Merrill Elscner, 88 Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. also staff of the historical
9 Lundwall Harry Rico, on
of Puerto
Mrs Thomas Finn of Cliff- Boldt after
159 Venice. In Cleveland he treasurer at the University thdr httpfe: ),",
wood Beach N. J.: two brothers ; and William A. Brsmley, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lee, furlough from missionary assignments hattan Project
was a member of American of who is secretary but not a Dermond also serves as com 1743 Forest Rd., Venice Gardens in those countries. of Chicago( during WW It tlon
White ,
Louis Hollywood the
rvp"rt on T f'1'rans'i
Legion Post 343 forest City board missioner of relationsand Penn. first-hand account of A
member of the public from Pittsburgh, gave a
Michael White of
Fla. and : ,
Lodge 388 F&AM and Thatcher changed the fonnMwm" ; ecia'l ifi now "nav
Honored Zielke event
Others publicity and as the
; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McClos- .
Elisabeth N. J., seven grand. svVn1!' cJ
\\ss h
Chapter 101, Royal of world. "
Others sharing applause commissioner of house plan history of the
1216 Laurel Edgewood,
children and seven great key,
Vice COmtCa5r: Ben I ,
Masons. the appreciative audience were approval.The 1)) Bartlett said the first nuclear *
grandchildren. from Albany, N. V. (Continued from page 'J 1 U ..
Survivors Include his widow Leah Lasburv, president of the four other commissioners weapon sustained atomic rear- Line urged ".11-:: '
A requiem mass will be cele. Mr. and Mrs Howe Anderson Venice unsigned but contain 2,1 'ho have net rrnt i.'.,) .
Mrs Maude A. Luxt two sons St. Englewood Chamber of Commerce are: Jacob M. Mills, of 9 tor was accomplished Dec. i :
Robert Lux of Los Angeles and brated tomorrow Church in at Elizabeth MarY'1Catholic at the time the projectgot Seminole Drive legal relationsand East Shade Drive, Ven- ing various sums of cash. 1942 He said that while his 1964 duel. to attend '8 .
L. Hart, E. Ice Gardens, from Concord, N. On the strength of these kind- was matter at once and >'''-i' '
7 William! Lux of Euclid; a N. J. with burial) in the church going: William! property records; Jesse contribution to the project
of of the board H. ly acts, I became bold enoughto he Is coming dcl'nq'iont and at.
daughter, Mrs Claire Chase Rawles Funeral original chairman : Roach, of 140 East Seminole small by comparison,
Westlake Ohio: a sister Mrs. Home cemetery was In charge of localarrangements and Mrs. Lucille Mars, whose Drive, community hall house Mr and Mrs Joseph Butler, enlist the Venice Area proud to have been a part of name time nlil, |tomes" f
Lillian L. King of Woodland ate husband, Clarence F. chairman; Dwight V. Peabody, 143 Hillvlew, Venice Gardens, Chamber of Commerce. In a it. His group was assigned to Post lo atts'n In menV;1

Hills Calif., and four grand- liars, was a board member. of 89 Devon Road, public safe from Brattleboro, Vt. few short days the chamber create and produce "a deviceto quota and a Citation an :j| pyfari. .

Children. IINDtM] HUTCHINSON Tribute also was paid to tyl; and Lt. Col. Elmer J. Mrs. MarIon Koch, Sunset had raised through Individual regulate carbon rods.5 They .

The funeral services will be I Mrs. Linda M Hutchinson, Leigh Richmond former editor Ricker, Morningside Road Beach Drive, South Venice, and organizations, 40 cases. worked on their assignment At the conclusion ni f t

conducted by American Legion 70, central Florida citrus grove of the Englewood Herald, now parks and beaches. from Philadelphia, Penn. Did Better without the knowledge of the meeting a "swiil h..llr"I

Post 159 with burial in Gulf owner and resident of Chestnut living in North Carolina, and Practically all of the bus-! Mr. and Mrs O M. Buzing- When he was informed of the main purpose of the project i rjO'cd in conjunction} a

Pines Memorial Park. Hill Brookline Mass., died Jo Cortes, Englewood corres- ness part of the meeting was ham, Shamrock Drive, South 40 cases be considered it a He stated that the difficulty of the ladies: auxiliAYy be!

Contributions are being received Wednesday at Venice Hospital pondent for the Sarasota Her- taken up with a detailed explanation Venice, from Kalamazoo, windfall and went with me to getting congressional approprIations luncheon was t'crv-t J ui.lft
in his memory by the She arrived in Venice three ild-Tribune, who was presentat by President Foster Mich. the Chamber to thank them. at times created a supervision of LeCj"-t.;i,

American Heart Fund. days prior to her death and the banquet. Both were of events leading up to the Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mars- This swelled the chests of Ed threat of abandonment of the .'. HiegintUhnoi; : and Pn

was staying at Gulf Surf Motel, launch supporters of the pro- condemnation suit brought by den M South Ewing and Admiral Nick Keller project. dent IIiMa H. C" atp.
Tarpon Rd.
Casey Key. ect. the West Coast Inland Navigation Venice from Auburn Maine. who told him and me they Business Session Veteran Tlnlnh: Or: :?gl'
KNOLL Mrs Hutchison Chamber of Commerce Pres- District for right-of-way session of enrolled In thin rank of ,
ANDREW JACKSON was a member Mr. and Mrs. James could do better. With that Ed< At a brief business
of the Episcopal Church of Ident Floyd Potter was master for[ the waterway through Page, picked the phone and called Lemon Bay Post held prior to American Lrirm and will!
Andrew Jackson Knoll, 70 of the Redeemer in Brookline and of ceremonies at Thursday ground owned by the SVCA. Cypress Rd., South Venice, Senator up Ed Price Jr., vice- the Bomb lecture, Post Commander ccive the obligation ol .

Venice Municipal Trailer Park memorial services will be held night's banquet. Dr. Wade H. The trial by judge and jury is from Pittsburgh, Penn. of Tropicana in Brad Clark Eccles announced Legion at the next post rm
died Thursday at Venice Hospital for her there this week. Williams, who appeared on be. scheduled to be heard early in Mr. Clarence MacDowell, enton and made an appoint. the appointment of Legion- 'ing.
Queen Road South Venice ,
I.Prlnl'. I Survivors include two sons, halt of the citizens of Englewood February.
ment for the next day. It wasa -
to coming here. Mr. Edwin Hawkridge of Waban and Edward H Gardner I from Batavia N. Y. of that
Knoll was a farmer in Coatea- Mass, and Allen Hawkridge of secretary of the banquet committee Mrs. W. V. Stafford, 1616 happy Ed day,Price through his I South Venice I
3 BRIDGE PLANS occasion
teponsit Rd., Venice Gardens
vlIle, Ind He was a memberof Brooklyn N. Y shared the speaking industry raised the ante to 718 !
the Fillmore Ind, Methodist Farley Funeral Home was in irogram. (Continued from pare 1) Long Island N. Y.

Church,Fillmore Chapter of International charge of local arrangements The highlight of the evening quested bv: the SRD. This Mr. and Mrs Wm. White. cases At this point we thought aU (Continued from page II) plosive business growth 11.

Order of Oddfellows came when representatives of bridge would have an overall head, Ncponjit Rd., Venice left to be done was to call Mac 'Aesthetic Zoning' the Trail came after a per
and Rebecca Lodge 652. HOME INDUSTRY eighteen organizations march.ed length of 340 feet; a vertical Gardens, from Kankakee, Ill. would take over. was Issued in 1960 to build'i
Survivors include his widow to the rostrum and handed clearance of 28.5 feet at Mr. and Mrs T. F. Me- Dill and they The build up of the Trail was Early Wynn's Steak House ;
(Continued from 1) But this was not the case, slow however due to wave
page Michaela ,
117 Valencia Venice a
individual letters of appreciation ,
Mrs Mabel Knoll brother M.L.W. and 25 feet at M.H.W. Bowling
; a booths In the huge arena, which to Troendle as Gardens, from Poland, Ohio. in the interim things had of aesthetic zoning In the mid-
Harold Knoll of Miami and two represen- Approval of a third bridgeis in Viet Nam and the That same year such fin
the circus uses for its annual ative of the entire water Mr. and Mrs. Ward Miller, gone sour dle fifties that persisted in the
sisters, Mrs Ethel Sharp of rehearsals before It goes on requested by the SRD over 1613 Air Force cancelled out. minds of the Zoning Directorand as the Airway Semtizor (C
Neponsit Dr. Venice
Greencastle Ind and board> the[ waterway and the Sea- ,
the road and additional booths Venice Gardens from WilnvInnton After a week of frustration the Sarasota County Planning and Clevcnger Awning n
Long of Reelsville Ind and exhibits will be arranged board Airline Railway at East Del. and the fact that Terry Ewing, and Zoning Board, who started

Funeral and burial services along the sides hAY Ball Ducats Venice Avenue This bridge is Mr. and Mrs. Mark E head of the West Coast Delivery frankly stated they wished the The movement to the Tcontinued '
not only the largest of the
will be conducted today at Just one of the feature. Jimson three overall of Brown, 82S Neponmt Rd., Venice Service, had stored for us. Trail tA retain a park.like atmosphere in 1961. In that yr
with length
Rector Funeral Home in Green. i said will be exhibits nf : gratuitously, 718 cases of instead of Venice Motors Action T
Gardens becoming
from Norwalk,
castle Farley Funeral Home the Venice Area Home Build Are FastThe 1116 feet but the highest with "onn.. juices, we fired a wire to Sen another "Miami Bench Commercial Shop, Hickory Farms of OfBoatrlght
Going vertical clearance of 32 feet
who will a Smathers asking him to
was In charge of local arrangements rs Ama provide at M L.W and 30.5 feet at Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Nelson George honky tonk," as they Nursery, Atom
shuttle between other to get
service the M.H.W. 15 Indus, South Venice, find some agency termed It.During Fence Terminal Trarup
arena and the site of the 1964 300 tickets available for our cargo overseas. Promptly
All three of the bridges from Upper Darby, Penn. this period only a Co., and the Savemore Fu'
Parade of Homes on East Venice the Hospital Auxiliary Volun. would have double-lead bascule Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Day, we heard back that there was few motor courts and real ture Co, also moved into bu

Swim Avenue where there will be eers' Cabaret Internationale drawspanj and would Odessa Rd., South Venice, a project known as "Handclasp" estate offices were establishedon ings along the Trail.Waterway .
Ins guided tours of the model ball, set for Feb. 8, are going horizontal clearance pro.side of from Hazard. Ky, operated by the Navy the Trail. The Suncoast
70 homes. quickly, HAV officers said, and a out of Norfolk. Solution
10 feet between fender normalto Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Motel was opened in 1959, the
A number of "name" sets So into the picture comes our
request those wishing to attend
WaterAT will be on hand to entertain the make their reservations as the channel. Began, S36 Sheridan Rd., Venice dashing retired Admiral Sun Glow Motel a year later, Solving of the controver'Intraroastal
auditorium visitors soon as possible Col. Parfait said no public Gardens, from Palmer Nick" Keller who alerts the In 1957 the Caracas Holiday Waterway thro.

Reservations be made hearings would be held on Heights, Ohio. Navy and sets a date or dates Motel came into being! and the the City of Venice In 1962 1
----- by calling Mrs may Russell Tilt of these applications but "any- Mr. and Mrs. A. R Sur- in January. So planes and anchors following year ((1958) the the knowledge that a ByP
Warm Mineral ALLEU to submit baugh, 1656 LaGorce, Venice Candle Ute Motel was built
Casey Key or Mrs. Harlan M. I one desiring a protest aweigh the cargo is in road around Venice, join
Convalescent and Walker of 408 Mahon Drive. based on the proposition Gardens, from Ashland, Ky. play A few real estate brokers, the old U S. 41 at Cer
I that the Mr. and Mrs Robert L. sensing the potential of the
proposed work would ,
Springs The ball, for the benefit of Credits Road, was a certainty, (
Nursing Home Venice Hospital, will be heldat unreasonably interfere with Webb, 826 Center Rd., Venice Inasmuch as this project will Trail as commercial property commercial building along

12 Miles South of Venice; 24 Hour Nursing Service Early Wynn LanesMissionary public navigation or would unfavorably Gardens, from Jackson, Mich. bring credit to the Venice Ares, also! opened up offices on that Trail south of Center Rose!
Phone Venice 488.2702 affect the navigable Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lantman, In fact the whole state, through thoroughfare. big boost.
OnIJS4l lit PONCS OS LEON: AVE capacity of the said waterway 525 LaGorce. Venice Gardens, William H. Graham, a builder -
I Here the civilian press, the Navy That such li!
______ should submit such protest in from Montpelier, Vt. and Air Force overseas papers, who also operated the South year (1962)
writing before Feb. 14." Mr. and Mrs Carroll A. Venice Realty Co., opened his as Wolfer-Rambler (now W
fH'HVENICE M OVIE reaching around the world, we
LOG For Church EventA Motors
Inc. Oil r
er Peek
Towne 468 E. ),
Such protests, he said, Shade Venice are soliciting another few lines office in 1955 about the same
South Venice f
former missionary to should be submitted to the District Gardens, from Vienna, Va. of for credit. time Ruth May moved her real American
GULF THEATRE TROPICALDRIVE.IN t China and Formosa, The Rev Engineer, Corps of Engineers Mr. and Mrs Richard K. First space we thank the GONDOLIER estate office from her homeon Station, Matthew's Rocks i
; 1io. M.. To" W'" tI P. O. Box 4970 Gramling, Seminole Rd. Gems Djhlberg's Gift St-
Anders Hanson, will speak at Jacksonville South for initiating the letter the Trail.
.1." .1.11.18..1 THEATRE
Emmanuel Lutheran Venice, from Auburn Ind. I Francis Evans Olson's Bakery and Lit
WHO'S REPS lP.EPING t Church commencing the project, the L. a realtor
4 IN MY UfcD 0,.11... PeI.4..O.)'lni ...VA. II parish hall Friday at 7:30: p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giesiel- Venice Area Chamber of Commerce and builder, opened up an office Brush and Comb Beauty 51>

; StirrlMI r>.. M.rtm., Jll St. John, ....bl. I'astu.. 0.1w t The public Is Invited. Optimist Club:: czky, 11 Horizon Rd., South for taking over, especially and model home in 1957 were established.
Aim ;:,r h d..(0r:: B.rn.lt Si PER CAR The Rev. Mr. Hanson served Venice, from Milwaukee, Wise. Ed Ewing Nick Keller and a year later Bureau and Last year ((1963)) 11II

; ASOLO (HAISIIER ORCHEsTRA FH.-S.I.'S J..' II. Frt II ji nine years In China and when To Host Wives Mr. and Mrs. Ives Loomis, and Al Boyenton, the faithful; Bureau. Inc. also opened an firma joined the rapidly (rIng <
t the missionaries were driven Fundy Rd., South Venice, from office and model home. South Venice Base".
Pri-Kit. Jin. II FA. I FIVI GINS WESTBUrrlnii Wives of members of Optimist Senator Ed Price, !Senator> I
AROUND Till WORLD Joh. .Uiil from there by the Commun- Club of Roberts Bay will Detroit, Mich. Smathers, the generous peopleof Meanwhile, commercial toning Section bringing the total!
"rria..I'-h'; A. DOOR.. .- lat government he went to For. be dinner guests at the meet- Mr. and Mrs. John Sippel, 1 the area, of course the whole along the Trail became a I 58 on the Trail. The firms t

i S... a Thr a.... -UtoomM.ln a.... $ Till,SIARARRACi.eflg Ah.y 1101. i iPI. moss and remained in that post leg of the club tomorrow at Pine Rd., South Venice, from citrus canning Industry, our hot political Issue and ultimately tabllshed in 1963 were:
: for 10 years He was chaplainto 7:30: p.m. at Early Wynn Steak St. tools Mo. host at MacDill: Colonel JosephM an entire new planning Anchor Oil Company, C
,i.1.mm4.DbmeDs-......H ..H Chiang Kai'shek. House.I Mr. and Mrs. Burton Baker, Martin, base commander, and toning board came Into Coast Development and Bu

Alhambra and Balleon, Venice information officer Captain being with a more realistic ers, Cue Club, Short Stop C

;j, from Linden, Mich. Ray Henry, and Major Ralph Viewpoint cery, Bud's Barber Si
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius VsnM Coslonbader, who mad the Gradually the toning regula Coinamatic Laundry and t

I 1 Cornwell-on-the-Gulf, Venice arrangements. Then, Of course, ions! mere broadened until at Cleaning, Standard Oil Scrvi
I L from Southboro, Mass. to the Navy and its Lt. Joe the end of 1963 the entire Trail Station, Bill Phillips Tf
Dine Out Often Mr. and Mrs. Walter High- Schreadly who furnished the had been zoned for commercial Inc., Wood Chrysler-PIymol

field, 45 Zephyr Rd., South personnel from the U.S,S. use with the exception of a Motors, Inc., Venice Drapti
Venice, from Bradford, Penn. Greenwood, based In St. Pet
small section near the Venice Shop and Cannon Towel SI
Mr. and Mrs Charles Loch- ersburg, and to Father ThomasPat city limits.In .
er, Fundy Road, South Venice, ( ) McManus and Warren E. the Interrim 1964 Brighter

I! it's fun FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY froth Flint, Minis Savant, citrus earners. G Metals firm was the started G and in And 1964 promises to be
and Mrs
; Howard And- And thanks to all for an International 1954, followed a year later by even greater year in busin
irson, 372 Hillview Venice
job well done which
the South Venice Garden Sup. construction along the Tr
'1 Gardens, from Morton Grove, should make us all feel proudto ply at the southern end of the with the Marfak Lubncst

11Mr. live around Venice. Yes Trail. and Service Station practio
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr r '"r'rrrs and Mrs
Joseph thank and West Coast
you your
Also In 1954 the Venice complete; the foundation of
bold, 552 LaGorce, Venice Gar- Delivery Service for hauling Furniture Co. building to house the Ver.
O'DOLAN'S BAR OUR PLEASURETO lens, from Kenton established a .
Ohio. the cargo for free. warehouse near Center Road Mower Co., to be laid i ill

-;- FLO AND TOM DOLAN, Owner. with a second warehouse being 'next few weeks; construct

i' finest PIZZA this side SERVE YOU EXQUISITE LAMPS AND LAMP SHADES which completed was in used 1957 as, part a retail of store already building started for on Action a new I II\I

of Ireland store; and finally a large new and three un-named tlll''
0 SPECIALIZING IN SANDWICHES EARLY AMERICAN S CONTEMPORARY retail store has just been com- about 400 feet north ofII.\>'

4. TRADITIONALLet plted. present location; a new f<*
More store
Additions building In process
ITALIAN MEAT BALL in style your favorite Vase In 1956 Bob Harrison established construction at Rutland I

PHONE I| BAR-B-0'PORK OR BEEF or ceramic Into beautiful tampt.RtwJ.tnq a trailer sales company- the Trail.

483-1153 1 Located Just South of Intersection of; BAYVISTARESTAURANT a e R.styling I at the intersection and Jack- This latter building "

__ __ __ __ __ __ ___ Routes 775 and U.S. 41 On The Trail 5 All Lamp Repairs :.0n'l Fix-It Shop near and house the Schaffner Furnlk
-- -- COCKTAIL LOUNGEBeach I''0 Metals, was added to the Co., and three future coaT

.Alfc-* Rd. & SR 775 Englewood Work by Eiperienced: Designers; and .mall business section
r-' Crafttmen In 1959 Walker's Hardware

FISH FRY All the Fish I :Store, the Shamrock Bar and

LOBSTER 5150 eat. THE LAMPLIGHTER SHOP INC. I''Grill, a Mayflower Storage
Friday can
Every you Warehouse and the Ohio

204 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL SARASOTA, FLORIDA I ; Market were added to the OPENING
SPECIAL CHOICE OF SALAD FROM THE South Venice business section

ROAST TURKEY SUNDAY DINNER 2.00 J3ut the real start of the ex- SAT. !

Optn I II I am. Dinner Served From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. "
('- --- -- -- .

from I 12 to 2 p.m.


'. from 5 to 10 p.m.

a> EARLY WYNN'S' STEAK HOUSEU.S. LV. VENICE 9:30: ..m, I 2:50: p.m I LV. VENICE I 10:00: cm 5:20

Johnny EfbrecMM Ar. Sarasota . 9:40: a-rn. 1 3:10: p.m. I Ar Punt. Goeda I Flag Stop' I Flag 5to p.m
The Organ Nightly 41', 4 Mi.; South of Venice 488-2295 Ar. St. Pete ... '0:10 ..m, J:40: p.m. At, Ft. Myera I 10:25: p.m, I 5:45: p PARADEPAGETWO
S. 'r T.mp. In:35 .m p.m. I 11:30: p.m. I 6:50

Plmtant COME BY Informal BOAT Surroundings Bull Pen Piano Bar Open Nightly FARETO TAMPA ........ $9.50* FARE TO MIAMI...... $18.90*


TARPON CENTER CALL 488-2391 I S.. TWtdty't Paper For Menu Specials; I
314 W, VENICE AVE PHONE 4882238.Plu. ;
OPEN DAILY 7 A.M. TO 2:30 A.M.
: 51. Federal Tas St.nd.rd
Tr.nlport.Hon Beggege Allowance 40 lb.. pel'




-- --

I' Viewing Venice Gardens Exclusive Given Swedish DayIn Is Observed March Of Dimes Tax Deductions Listed .


I Cotton Drive, Venice Gardens Phone 4&g-4835 Phillips, Venice, Honor Of Margareta Container Stolen Taxpayers who itemize their, taxpayers use the preaddreas-

deductions may deduct certain ed form which was sent to

NOW: Who am 171 *m one of your neighbors and I live on On Sports CobraFord Swedish Day was observed at from New Amsterdam with a elate and local taxes on their them. In the event the name,

I Croton Drive. My husband and I moved to Venice Gardens this the weekly meeting of the Yen- Dutch fleet, subjugated the federal income tax returns, address or social security I
i September from Mansfield Ohio. My husband Is a retired Motor Ice-Nokomis Rotary Club last Swedish forts and established From VHS LibraryCity Laurie W Tomlinson, District number Is incorrect, a line

paSistered pharmacist and I am a former employe in advertisJ5 last week Company announced Thursday in honor of the club's the authority of the Colony of Director' of Internal Revenue, should be drawn through the
that Bill
i ? distribution at Westinghouse Bunineearend am a memo Phillips Ford of Venice has exchange student, Margareta New Netherlands throughoutthe have asked banks said today incorrect item and the proper
bee f the National Federation of Professional been given the exclusive right Hiljding, of Stockholm a senior area formerly controlled by and retail outlets to be on the Some of the taxes which may Information inserted immediately
omen'i Club, and in our lc- lo represent their Cobra sports at the Venice High School. the Colony of New Sweden. lookout for anyone, other than be deducted are real estate above Taxpayers are
vice preaitan \
club terved as roadster, rated as one of the To give a Swedish atmosphere That marked the end of regular customers, mho either personal property, intangible urged to file their returns

5 R correspondingsecretary chairman. Lemon Post Sets hottest cars in the United to the occasion a smorgasbord Swedish rule in America but it spend large amounts of small property, gasoline, automobile early

a ri1 membership I States, in the southwest section was served by Early I. said the cultural, social and change or exchange coins for license, drivers license, and
When I left Ohio the WM presl"" of Florida, ranging from Manatee W)'nn Steak House and a panelof I religious influence of these currency following the theft cigarette tax. The En-lish technique of
dent of "Ladof Rosary-AHer Sod. Spring ProgramENGLEWOODPrellmfnary south to Collier County. three Swedish gentlemenand Swedish settlers had a lasting Wednesday night of a March State sales taxes are deductible : change ringing, In which bells

!treasurer of Mary' Catholic The Cobra is Ford's answerto three Rotarians discussedthe effect on the cultural life of the of Dimes container from the in the amount paid, but are pulled by hand rope, Is al-]
.Iy at SU member of Nat- European domination in the first Swedish colony In people in that area Venice High School library if accurate records are not most unknown in the United

Church, a past Society. I am a I 'ports-car class and the classy America at what Is now the Miss Hiljding In her talk emphasized The Incident was reported to I I kept, the director's office has States.

]and Orchid of the Church! of plans for an active spring program roadster has already proven I city of Wilmington, Del. the difference between police Thursday morning by an average sales tax paymentschedule
member itself in the famous The members of the Swediahpan..l
Le Mans American schools and
pew of events was discussedat which may be used
and GUild. My Principal. John E. Davis. Entry _
the Epiphany fishing: swimming, a meeting! of Lemon Bay race in France, finishing sec I were Frank L. Llndgren, those In Sweden which are municipal according to police was by Florida taxpayers, givingan I
hobbies are ond to the Ferrari of Nokomis, John E Lund-
Post Unit 276, American Legion and state subsidized use of a knifeto average amount which may
music. gained by pen
flowers Auxiliary, Monday night Interesting statistics about gulst, of Laurel, and Lawrence Teaching of English starts door lock. be deducted from their Fed
Please call me with your at Legion headquarters. the Cobra include 271-horse. M. Nelson, of Venice. in the third grade and is a required I The pry container a held approximately eral income tax return.
Gardens personals and DOwer Ford Falrlane The Rotarians composing the
Venice performance subject through all the of The tax alcoholic bever-
cooperation- Among the pending events S. $50 at time the on
Your Indian Robert
289 Inch panel were
club news engine, grades, she said Those students : .
theft. is not deductible for Federal
were the annual ages
your news tt m -*'u be poppy day fully synchronized four-speed Baynard J. Howard Vaughnand
and who plan to go through .
income tax because
campaign purposes
proposed style Dr. Leon' D.
.ppreciated. manual transmission and hand. Terry
high must also
ahow and card party, the anniversary discussion it a change in Florida law
formed the
-o- aluminum body During was
take at least three years of P. O. Asks Bids during 1963 retroactively imposed
that here in celebration of the
Did you know The Cobra can reach 112 revealed that New German and French.
the have Legion, annual Community miles per hour, from a standing now a part of Delaware, was the tax upon the manufacturer -
Gardensaerved her country Easter Sunrise service and start, in a quarter-mile run. founded about March 29, 1638 The final examinations for On AutomobileThe Or distributor and not
lady the annual nomination and those who expect to go to col. on the consumer
32 yeenT She is Commander Bill Phillips, owner and operator by a group of Cwedlsh:: Immigrants fl
Gale. She served as a election of officers! of the local Ford agency who sailed from Gothenburg lege are on a level of junior Director Tomlinson requested

porothy member,) of Navy Nurse I Tentative date for the annual said upon learning he' was given under Peter' Minuit in year final tests In U. S. colleges Venice post office is In that if at all practicable
Corp On Des 1, 1962 Commander poppy day campaign was the rights to handle the the ship Kalmar Nyckel (Keyof Tuition Is free in practically the market for a station wagonor

Gale r..tired. set for Feb IS. A committeefor Cobra, "We will continue to Kalmar) and the yacht Fo11,1 all higher schools as four-door sedan to be leasedon lllillllllllllml"1II II [ CRUISE COUPON !lIfllIIlIIllTfllmnmI !
well and dental
as basis
Commander Gale started her arrangements will be designated supply this area with total performance Grip (Bird Griffen) In De- an hourly
33 years ago at the next regular cart and this is 1837. treatments. The vehicle will be driven bya I
career =
nursing the Liela Hospital in her meeting. another additional service that 11,1 6,000 square miles of At present school childrengo postal employe on a city delivery Clip and. mail this coupon for information on the _

it of Battle Creek, we are happy to extend to our along the Delaware River to school on Saturdays also route and must have a -
hometown The proposal to conduct a customers" bought from the Indians but she predicted a fivedayschool body capacity of not less than AIR SEA ITALY MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE El _
style show and card in
lIch party Phillips interest in sports for a copper kettle and a string week would be introduced 90 cubic feet.
In June 1941 she became a the near future was received\ l and mail to: c
cars dates back 1955 when of beads. soon
to '
It will be used five hours
and was first attached with approval by the' membership
Navy nurse to the naval hospital at and will be further discusitod he operated a Ford agency in The 23 soldiers under Capt. In Sweden the schedule a day, six days a week, or VENICE TRAVEL BUREAUs
Mans Nilsson built forti- changes from day to day since
Charlotte, North Carolina, and Kling for approximately 30 hours
Portsmouth, Va. at the next meeting. had three famous. licationa and a garrison for high school students carry 12 -
drivers racing weekly and bids should be 314 W. Venice Ave., Venice, Fla. .
careerJlurse Mrs
her Long, chairmanof
During for his firm their supplies. Soon land was subjects, she pointed out inclosing made on that basis Sealed .
has been stationed the recently =
Gale rummage .
Curtis Turner Joe Weather- cleared, grains were plantedand bids. must be in the hands ofPostmaster
places including and bake sale that = I II
it vinous native hunted
ly and Marvin Psnch all drove game Will J. Douglas Amen

Great Lakes, San Va.Diego, Japan the event was an outstanding. << under the Phillips banner in In April 1640 and October by 2 p.m. Jan. 30 = NAME . . . . . .. . . .. .. .. I Il
and Quantico success, surpassing all prev races all over the country 1641 other colonists arrived, Englewood Civic I I i
Probably one of the most lous similar events Mrs Long and l
bringing new supplies a
Anyone to take
aspects of her career expressed her appreciation to wanting a few domestic animals and Council To Meet The Great Masterpiece, pOp. I' ADDRESS . . . . ,. . . . -
close look at the Cobra can do
Commander Gale ular tourist attraction of Lake -I -
all the
vis the time committee membersand farming tools. -
so at the showroom located on

ms. attached to the in hospital. friends of the auxiliarywho the South Trail.Methodist. The colony persisted and ENGLEWOOD The Englewood Wales, now boasts the largest H CITY , ,, , , , STATE . .
ship USS Sanctuary, 1945.The contributed to the success prospered with the aid of additional Civic Council of Sarasota rose gardens in Florida. Landscaping .
commander was one of of the affair shipments of new col.I County will meet tomor at the attraction has I: ; ; !
Navy nurses aboard the ship Mrs. Long<< stated she Is desirous Show .
JO onists until the autumn of 16SS, row at 8 p m. at the American recently undergone a complete I
chick helped evacuate 1,200 of contacting the purchaser when Peter Stuyvesant came Legion Hall. renovation. I 111111 111 III I I I IIIIIIIII J IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I I !

prisoners\ of war from Buckner of the G I Lister bag Picture SeriesThe ....
---- ---
Bay In Okinawa. and rcqurwled said purchase! .
first of four showing of
Mart of the POWs were to contact her by phoning her
travel slides taken IIy the Rev
1 takes to the Phillipinc Others at 474-1911.
and Mrs. Arthur
ore put on other ships These The chairman. reported that .
on their recent round-the world
POWs represented 30 national! a trunk full of clothing left
trip will be presented tonightat /
lien, both civilian and militarv. "v"t' Item The. sale was. donated
1:30: at the VeniceNokomis
The Sanctuary was aNn at to the Englewood Welfare Methodist. Church In Nokomis
Nagasaki, after an A-bomb had Association and
a box of
These will
pictures be presented
devistaled that city. dresses "$
was turned over to the I
at showings lasting an
Commander Gale reportedthat Arcadia Mental Hospital, as ..rarra.u1
| hour and half each on four
her last duty station was part of the Community Service a ,
consecutive Monday evenings
chief of nursing service for program of the auxiliary l as follows: /1 r-
four and one-half years at the Guests welcomed at the Taiwan
Tonight-Korea, Japan,
Station Hospital Naval Air meeting were: Mrs. John J. G i/

Test Center, Patuxenl River O'Donovan, Mrs. Sewell L. I Feb. 3-Hong Kong, Manila; planning to build? I L't j

)[d. Bartlett, Mrs Arthur H. Saigon Cambodia Thailand A
Her pride and JOY Is a bird Jonske and Mrs Lloyd Judy
earned "Skipper! ," It is a parakeet A social hour was enjoyed Bali. Malaysia.
Feb. 10-Burma, India
According to Commander jointly with the post legionnaires -
pal Kashmir, Ceylon, Pakistan LET USPROVIDE
Cale "Skipper" is quite abu"C and a delicious buffet Iran Iraq.

He has a vocabulary of luncheon of corn beef, coffee, Feb 17 Beirut, Egypt
about 300 words.Commander pies and cakes was served
she I Damascus, Jordan Israel,
says Turkey, Greece The Dela-
likes much. Her
it here very

hobbies are fishing swimming, Newell Mandel\ 1963 matters on spent this much 99 days of during their !

lirdening, antiques and really travels en route to their sum 4wMV'You

many more.Welcome j mer work in Europe with the
Dorothy, so clad
Win At PinochleThe Student Exchange Phogram.
like '
you us.Beginning The public is cordially Invited

-0- I to attend There is no charge
Tuesday evening 1963 Duplicate Pinochle and no offering will be taken, [ t %
st 6;:30 there will be a new winners started off with the I I

class starting in square dancing lime winning ways in Tuesday's ...
". '1".j
at the Recreation Center first session of 1964. ".,"! '.Ji". !:o"loJ'
The caller being Fred Christopher Victors the north and south ...
from St. Petersburg' position Charles Newell -
Plan to come. If not a beginner of Philadelphia and his part. OPENING WITH THEMONEY 4x + o. I

come to the regular dance nor Abe Mandrl of Venice, ,

at ( 00. with 24 points They were the SAT. I w LI au
There were more from En- 1963 champions and are present .
lewood, Sarasota and Fort holders of the trophy.

Myers: than were from hvrc.Thu Second place winners were -

your recreation too, you Dave Rape of South Fallsburf, FEBRUARY ht '

know. N. T. and A. G. Campbell of
O K. So yon don't like square Venice with 20 points; and third / -jw

Wincing Well, on Wednesday place was won bv Leslie Heathof 1964VENICE
etentags we have round dancing Venice and Henry Met of

under the direction of By South Venice, with 19 points
M list Markle. In the east and west position .

Yon know what you are mis- with negative scoring,
which means the lowest points PARADE

is the best score, were: 4IJL
W td, this space for further First, A. Brooks of Rahway, ofHOMES

"formation on the Valentine N. J., and L. Dullmger of Bar-
Record Dance Feb. 14 at the ronnett. Wis, 18 points; Mr.
Recreation! Center and Mrs. Herman Grobman of tJVBri"9
-- Winamac, Ind., 19 points; and '\)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. third, two newcomers, Mrs H.
White' have Just returned' from B. Shaw of Englewood and W

tending the funeral of Mr. K. Tengelson of Huntington, N. V

white's brother Ray M, White y.. 24 points.
cf Chicago. Ill The next session will be at

Our deepest sympathy go out the Venice recreation center
10 the Whites. next Tuesday' your home' plant to Saratoga. FocUraT and get a Home loan

aeapaalisawriaaaaaaeahsrrRaaRVrmltWELCOME that's easy to ftv. witk. Carefully planned home financing by

E'wood PTA Skit \
Sarasota Federal can lava you money and plenty of it, You'll/ e

Slated Tonight the convenience,, too four convenient county-wide offices to

ENGLEWOOD-The PTA of VISITOR. give you fait efficient service When you're ready, come on in.

Englewood Elementary School .

Will present a skit on the unstated

It a school system tonight If jwiw newly arrived, looking forth i t Medem Open Lad' Meftflltes
o'clock. newest shows, the but placesto
Taking part In the skit will end resort, your
be members of the staff and eat, i week places t to e Law Infer*** Rate t* IVi' $K sad e%
church or synsgojue.
Parent. Exhibits on math and house or apartment .
perhaps i
reading materials will be on shop or the a Low Service C....... ;
and after the
J"> e'
Tats ram.'* aft excellent OPP0*' VENICE GONDOLIER Ne rTereyweecSARASOTAtP PtIMIIty

% to answer any questions
Went mIght have concerning
the \\fe1come\ //Wagon -

wtfewood 200'ungraded will< Discussion be system welcome.ELFERDINK'S used from. at Phone 488-1044 'M, [g [ID [ [Qa? [1

---- ---- --
------------ I savings and loan association -' '
It know you',. here ;
liquidation Continue Use this coupon to let us 1
UP To 49-;. DiKount I -- I IJ'
BUSINESS & NA".r I 1711 Mil St. *. TaM at IM Ridge l ..4. S.. Teat at SHcl.r P.*. .., 444 S*. T inl*_l Tree


n Please have the Welcome Wagon Hostess! colt on me I Io

I would like to subscribe to the Venice GONDOLIER I ONI UP AT THE OFFICE NEAREST VOtu t tt
Osprey FlorIda| ;
J Ja
subscllbe to the
a.30 I already
to 5 $un. I to 5 a, 0 Fill out coupon Ind mail to Circulation Dept., GONDOLIER I IL .- .. .. ---.


What Young People' Think

Venice qtm lielt I DAVE'S DIATRIBEBy StrideBy

> BEEFY LEWIS Teeners Take Travel In Their

Good it is to find some folks more farm lands The original
who are deeply interested not lit, "you can IStIe what
Awrtatol p,_ I., wrlu"v.h. .nrnM,,, l> n "rxr -..mhk.lr. of .jjj I in their own gain but In them guaranteed that the Florida EUGENE GILBERTThe want to aee."
Yea dtopaU'hm rrmlilrH tn II r not 1 ntlrrwia. nwlitxd' on il hi [p.IWT. Mid .to| you
bal neon pukllaM herrln' All turdEdward 01 ......bU..... at wwW 410.."b lung-range welfare of the public project would not deprive the Twenty-three per cent wantto
.r. ,I.. ......... And It'i later than you park of the water needed to lure of strange lands and fly Many agreed with Jane

,.".. n... old MI .darn ulnv' .Mka "r thM. r.rxl, ..spr 4. anVRiehtda ..,,i think Waterfront developersare mantam its natural primeval far away places has a strong Apuzio 17, ot New Haven,
ropuhlleot. k naenrlr 'url"01' ""n br ,,Ito ,nrmuxw.I filling hi our bays and state appeal for today's young peo VENICE Conn., who. said "you have
creek to make more alongshore ple. They talk of traveling FRANCISCO
"But the project even SAN more time to spend in the place
NA'TIONAL rDITO.AL_ 1 ,_ lots to sell. Others are though 80 percent is paid for throughout the United State are visiting; '.
t oRro lowering our water table b,v and the world the way their you
I A c6Ji JJtan by the federal government, is And People
a : draining off the marshes to, operated by a five-man board parents or grandparents might Sa T LAKE Scenery
make more land to sell Sometimes of local farmers and businessmen have discussed a 100-mile journey pqR I S The main attractions in U.C.
Ah a voice is raised in pro- This board maintainsthat travel are the scenery and the
D. Ball, Editor and Publisher. tent the park has no water Tlmost three-fourths of the people. Gail Rispin, 15, of W,

f "ON Courtney Willis, Executive Editor One eats is Jim Neville Sieiita /. rights and has so far refused 1228 teen-agers interviewed in .GRAND CANYONROME Roxbury, Mas, voted for both
George Zuraw, Advertising Manager Key writing a letter to, to release water into the parkConcerned our latest survey expect to go "We live in a beautiful "coun.
j .- the editor People buy and officials are I abroad some day Almost onl'I IAMII' try with friendly people, she
7i Roger Kilby! Mechanical Superintendent build on land without seeingr asking if any Johnny-come. I third have already traveled extensively said.

r SUBSCRIPTION RATES In county $o 25 per year $3 25 pe ,I it under flood conditions Thi lately 1s to be served to the through some part of LONDON Thirty per cent of the teens
six months. $2.75 per three months 10 cents per copy. Out of r applies especially to our winter detriment of an already established North America who say they have traveled extensively .

county, $6..25 per year $4.2;> per six: months. $3 per three month visitors from the north who park" France leads the list of for. 'Ca !d have explored Canada
com here during our dry: ...a- And so here we go again. eign countries the young people and 29 per cent have toured
son Thin they want to tax the Private greed Is about to destroy want to visit, with 32 per cent throughout the United States.
Conventions Are Good Business general public to get them out the fish and the water choosing it. Italy Israel and Eleven per cent of the boys,
of their muitake Neville writesa birds that are there in their Switzerland are also popular but only three per cent of the
i Announcement that between 2.500 and 3.000 Shrines
, letter about our spending rookeries Destroyed and turn The boys place England second J girls, have seen the western
. will|1! meet in Naples tometime in early spring n good newt eight million dollars to correct ed Into a desert will be our on their list 11 per cent United States. On the other
Indeed The Naples Shrine Club 11 to be congratulated and the Phillip! Creek mistake. vast "river of grass," the only of the young men want to travel 1 hand eight per cent of tne
commended for securing a gathering of wch magnitude for It is his idea that low-lying one of its kind In the world. to Great Britain but onlv young women. and only three

the community.The land along streams should be -0- two per cent of the girls would per cent of the young men,
meeting will be the largest ever held in Naples used for public parks insteadof After such a discouraging like to go there. have! been to Mexico
and will require the close cooperation and assistance of buildings And if folks have picture let s turn to something Boy choose their countryfor Most of the teens indicated

all the community motels, hotels, apartments and restaurant been foolish enough to build in happier Sweet little letter practical reasons. David that before they packed their
to house and feed nearly 3.000 person flood areas it would be cheaper from Dottie Nicol thanking Ross 17. of Belhngton W Va. bags and set off, they would
It will be entremely interesting to lee how a convention to buy and move them to'' for the party "Dee and Dee" said he wanted to go to France r.' find a companion not wanting
higher than dredge gave to 40 friend! of her husband two
b. accommodated ground to because of "the beautiful scenery to travel alone Eighty- percent
of' such a large number of persons can dike. wall and continually Bill and our son Terry and the culture" On the would like company on
h..... If it can be done successfully and we are confidentthat dredge channel to protect them I when those two sailors came other hand, Donna Rutledge, their trip.

it will be, there is no reason why Naples can not attract where they first located Hewrites home on leave from the Navy. 14, of Ava. Mo., expressed a Of those who did not want to
many other tueable meetings and convention Many groups : I It was a Jolly party that the more feminine viewpoint. She travel alone 40 per cent aid
have eipressed a desire to hold their meetings here. but in "It might just possibly be chaperones enjoyed along with favors "La Belle France" because they'd like to go with friends.
the past it hat not been considered possible to handle over better and cheaper in the long the guests It'* a pleasure to "Paris is so romantic" sris 'd..g; Clrnns and 22 per cent preferred the
run to buy the land the see so many nice teenagers of their families.
500 to I 1,000 persons at one time. and Antarctica, the South Sea Islands company
structure that got flooded close up and close up it is and India hold few
Even now there is no single auditorium or meeting placer could travel around the United
And then move the structures with 40 in this house claims. Each of these areas received IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII)
where over 600 persons can be accommodated at one State "anytime 1111I111I11I11I111I11I11I[ CRUISE COUPON
to non-flooding land A num How they can twist dance! only two votes from the ..:..
for it usually
This hat always been a distinct disadvantage, is her of The places in the United =1- -
sagacious communitiessimply It was Charleston" and Bunny I teens
desirable, and sometimes necessary te hold at least on. or States the young people want to 'for information tf.agl
turn their flood areas : Hug" in our days but the About half the group is already Clip and mail this coupon
more general meetings of the entire attendance Perhaps into parks and recreation fun and exercise are the same. familiar with the language see vary somewhat with where
this problem can now be solved by simultaneous meetings areas Madison and Milwaukeeare Wish/ our joints were still on I of the country they chose. they live now. The grass on theolh..r l AIR SEA ITALY MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE ==

at two or three separate places if ail are so connected that two that do. When this is rubber hinges as theirs are See The U.S.A. side of the fence always ;;
one speaker. can be seen and heard at each meeting. This done no one get hurt And no And it would be nice to be as Most of those interviewed secure" to look greener and most E and mail to

could very likely be arranged through General Television's homes" are damaged or ruined tall and handsome as theyDiet I per cent-say they would liketo of the from teens home picked sections faraway VENICE TRAVEL BUREAU ==
An overlooked phase in the and
cable facility living conditions have 1 see the United States before

Many local residents are not fully aware of the economic immunity management of so improved nowadays that we I going abroad. The West wa The popularity of the West :314 W. Venice Are, V.ce, FU.
impact on the community of a convention of 3.000 persons flood control is what will happen feel like a midget! among a t the, most popular section of the was linked to its beautiful seen- i
It it pretty accurately, estimated that each person attendinga on the other creeks and race of giants when we lookup US 1 with 63 per cent of the cry climate and excitement.The .
as development crowds to talk with them historical background of
I teens wanting to heed Horace
convention will spend about $20 per 'day. We for think this their low-lying banks too' Yes our joints are no 10nll1"1' (Greeley' famous advice-"Gowest" the East appeals to many teens NAME .e..r.aa... ,. ..-.....
figure !il somewhat conservative, but 1.I's use it an es- Shall we have eight! million set in rubber We would. who would like to see the birth-

./, ple. With 2000 persons attending that would mean I doll projects. and subsequent like to warp them however, Rick Geyerman, 15, of Mitchell place of our democracy and the
$120,000 placed into local trade channels by the two-day bond issue for them too' Or toward our 50th class reunion S. D., echoed the sentiments seat of government ADDRESS r. .. .. .. .. .. ..... ..a.a.a.aaa..a
Shrine meet. Much of this amount will go for salaries, which will it be .wiser to reserve. and I I in Cambridge Mass this Juneif 'I of many by saving "you For traveling! around the

is turn are spent locally. Visitors alto buy in local) stores, to plan for their flood planesto : they will bend that war should see your native country country, most of the young people CITY .a.a .. .a. a. .. .... .... STATE .aaa..as
restaurants, cocktail lounges, filling stations, eta be'''parks and recreation Friend Willard says he will I before you see the world" prefer a car Sixty-one percent I
Many Honda communities have built special facilities areean he asks. not go to his Brown Collegereunion The opposite viewpoint is represented said they'd rather travel I

far conventions, which they find to be profitable But few Then after we have created the !50th a couple of br Tom Lawley, Itof by auto because, as explainedby iiill 111111I1111111111111111111I
of time cities can offer some of the advantages available parks, we must continually be' years off, because his classmates I Ellen, Pa, who says he Jim Roberts 17 of Peoria { n 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I111111111 I
on the alert
to them.
protect I all look so old. It's a
bare.. Concern! panned a law in 1915 strange thing but they looked ,
It k tr be hoped that. the Shrine meeting will be the which directed the National that way to us when we went

first of a long string of meetings and conventions to come Park Service ". to regulatethe 'o to our 25th In 1939 Its no
here during the off-season months. Conventions are good use of national parks consolation to realize that we
buairuesa. to conserve the natural and must look the same way to $959.
Naplet (IA..I) News historic objects and the wildlife them, and more o these 25 ITINERARY a from
therein and to provide for years later
the enjoyment of the tame in --rD-,
such manner and by such Still speaking In the past AI

Library Column means a* will leave them unimpaired tense, we noticed in a book I 'h as I Discover the l best) of all world travel-on land,
for the enjoyment of review that author Erskine '
future generations" Caldwell after college picked on sea, and in the air. Fly to MILAN by luxurious

By FI..FAlIoOR: HAMILTON Here in Florida we are not cotton was a newspaper reporter ALITALIA DC-8 Jet, and enjoy warm Italian Hospitality .
doing it Edna 1
Sharp sends .
(Like her husband David Elbe is a graduate of stage and played
this all the
column Atlantic.
the warning a< professional football in the way across
Wayne University In DetroIt. This popular couple owns I
given the Christian Science w.
Venice Stationers. She a an accomplished musician and semipro leagues of the Pennsylvania
See Venice
Monitor Geneva and
We had Been the coal fields in the Naples famed Mount
KhtxH to
taught ruining Venice)
mile of huge dyke and spill 1 It20s What makes +
it more interesting Vesuvius on an exciting ADRIATICA cruise.
wan now built in the i
For over thirty yean Wilfred A. Peterson, Michigan publicist Everglades is that we have a y
caved in a strapbook the following poem by the late along with and wondered other probably friend Llewellyn Veator, right Enjoy leisurely days at sea crusing the Mod;
William L. Slidger which he wanted to share with hu reader many ignorant I here In town who played In "" '
.: citizens, what this flood those leagues, much later of terranean. You'll stop at Istanbul Turkey. Trace

He who gives a child book control was all about. The case course and remarkably survived the glories of Greece and visit the glamorous Isle
seems to be
again a of too
group Here's what Caldwell -
Gives that child a weeping look
Through its page develop vs John Q Public. says about that kind of i of Capri.
Down the Our Everglades National Park football:_
ages now face ruin through a man- "If you were a homicidal tf Return home with memories to I last a lifetime.
made drought This drought hard rock coal t 1
Give that child a ship to sail miner you
Where the far adventure hail as the Glades dry out will could just barely keep alive
make the peat-like soil ready playing in those (
Down the sea I leagues, .
for fires .. .... .. .-
devastating that
Of destiny can. Caldwell recalls, "I wasnt, so
not be controlled Here's the I guess that' why I figuredIt i rr -

Gives that child a vision wide reason for the drought as exposed was easier to go into combat .
A* the skies where stars abide in the Monitor: with. the literary critics" a '
Anchored in "A huge water control project )- Llewellyn tells us that rn. _er
The love of Him. built by the U. S Corpsof Erskine speaks the truth. Venice St. Mart's Square
Engineers aims to ...0-
Gives that child great dreams to dream catch the yearly flow of water Note to Carlene: If you
Sunlit ways that "glint and gleam store it in a large shallow lake haven't thought up names for 22 DAYS jggIf _
Where the sage and release it during dry times the blessed bundle, just ask .
Tramp the age*. I to feed the future needs of the I us. Your mother is writing '

Of destinyTramp greater Miami area housing I I them down as fast as we think LEAVE NEW YORK CITY -
the ages developments and to irrigate them up both m and t.i :
For that child there is a Children section in the Free MARCH 4th.

Public Library of Venice Area full of Good Reading to I r r r I IparSnt1 ARRIVE MILAN ITALY iiL Ifs.
make that child and every child happy.

You, dear reader can do your bit by your membership MARCH 5th G.ariew/ of Naples
In Friends of
the Library.

i : #taBy lJcrSLltt
LOOKING 3RD DAY-VENICE-Morning sightseeing Em 12TH
BACKFrom e barkation 12:00 DAY-ATHENS-Moming visit of the N..
I / noon-Sailing for Bar! 1-00: tional Museum. In the afternoon

the file! of the Gondolier The per capita figure for Venice r THE REV FRANK J. SHEARER p.m. Cap Sounion and visit of eicursion to
(tie Years was $37.43. 4TH DAY-BA Rl-Arrival at I 1100: ass. in Bari.\ Poseidon Return the Temple of
Ago) j1 Pastor, Reformed Church 1:00 to Athens.
-0- Cavalry : pjti. sailing for Piraeus. 13TH
Arthur L (Art) Higbie, I 5TH -NAUPLIA-Departure 'from Athens
ex (is Years Ago) DAY-PIRAEUS-4-00: p.m arrival at Piraeus.
H-utive director of the Florida A proposal to reroute the along the Sacred Way

Junior Chamber of Commerce | l long planned West Coast Inland 6TH DAY-PIRAEUS-Morning .t leisure 300p 14TH DAY-TRIPOLIS-Departure 'for Tripolii.

"; j, for the last three years, was 1 Waterway through, the .m. tailing for Istanbul Excursion to Sparta and visit of Mis ra. Re.
today hired to be executive I It I) Myakka River to avoid cuttinga When Jesus taught His disciples to pray "Thy will be 7TH DAY-INSTANBUL turn to Tripolis.
manager of the Venice Area |I canal through the of done He 2-00 p.m. arrival In 15TH DAY
city was exhorting His follower to pray that God Istanbul -OLYMPIA_From Tripoli.
Chamber of Commerce Sightseeing: 6alata Bridge, Blue proceed
Venice, received a serious set would order their step. The Christian is to be content with to Olympia. Lunch. Visit of the ruin
-o Mosque, Hippodrome, Serpent Column and
back on Monday when Corpsof I 16TH
A one-block section of Nasau U. S. Army Engineers presented what God in His providence gives; the heart of all prayer i I. Theodosiut Obelisk, Beynid Square, University Patra DAY-DELPHI-From Olympia, proceed to

St., between W. Venice six objections at a to be, "Lord, send what 1 ia best as long a* it keeps us in close Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent, Lunch at Patrat. Crossing of Corinth
and Tampa Ave., I Is now a meeting of the inland water. fellowship/ with Thee." The heart of all prayer is to be, "Thy Boulevard Ataturk. Canal and on to Delphi. Dinner and over

aouth-to-north one way atreet way board in Bradenton will be done." BIN DAY-ISTANBUL-Ereunion along the Boa niqht at Delphi.

The change was proposed by phorus: In the afternoon, visit the Archaeo I7TH DAY-ATHENS-Visit of the mint; of Del.
Mayor James P. Kiernan at Eighteen members of the To pray these words Is 1 to pray also a prayer of faith. phi. Lunch. Proceed to Athena
this month' council meeting Venice-Nokomis Outboard Mo The prayer "Thy will be done" i* the prayer of those who logical Museum, St. Sophia and Great Bazaar. 18TH DAY-ATHENS-Morning
as a method of relieving traffic trust God 9TH DAY-ISTANBUL-Sightseeing: Old Sera- at leisure. Trans
tor Boat Club and four nonmembers Billy Sunday once made a New Year' resolution"to far to Piraeus and
congestion in front of the braved the cold pray more and to fret less." He who believe that our glio, Golden Horn, Eyub Mosque, coffee of embarkation on M/V San
post office winds" early Sunday morningto Father in heaven Is a God of Love cannot worry. The worries house of Pierre Lot!, 2:00: pm. tailing for Giorgio Inq for' M/V San Marco 2:00 fjm. sail-
-0- make Improvements on the and fear of life betray a lack of trust Fretful anxiety i* not Izmir. Naples
A record-breaking crowd of Venice Municipal Launching the will of God. He who prays "Thy will be done," trusts God 10TH DAY-IZMIR-8:00: '.00. arrival at 'Izmir. 19TH DAY-At Sea
nearly 200 persons heard a re Ramp located on the Tarpon in all circumstance of life. Even as Dante once said, "In His Excursion to Bulbuldag and Panaya Kapulu. 20TH DAY-NAPLES-i:00 ..m. arrival hi Naplei
port of "big league" promotional Center Rd., near the old Girl will is our peace" 7:00 p.m. sailing for Piraeus. Transfer to hotel. Afternoon sightseeing: Na

activities the 28th when annual they ban-attended Scout HutMembers. -0- The prayer, "Thy will be done," i I. also a prayer of hearty 1 I IJTH I DAY-ATHENS-8:00: '.00. arrival at Pir. tional the Bay Museum of Posillipo, San Martino. See

quet of the Venice Area Chamber of the Casey Key committment to the Lord It Is in reality to pray, "Lord, I seas Landing and transfer to the hotel in 21ST DAY Naplei and Mount Vesuvius.
of Commerce on Tuesday Protective Assn disturbed by will abide by Thy will for my life" Jesus was fully committed Athens. Morning at I leisure. Afternoon visit -CAPRI-Eicursion to Capri Visit the

night at the Gulfbreeze Hotel! newspaper reports quoting to His Father' will when He prayed "My food Is to do of the Acropolis and sightseeing of the modern Blue Grotto, town of Capri, AnacaprI, Villa
The most outstanding fact newly-elected State Rep the will of my Father in heaven" For Jesus God* will was town. San Michele Return to Naples

disclosed by Burke was that George M Edmondson of Nokomis utmost. It was no "extra" in His life, no dessert to enjoy after 22ND DAY-ROME/NEW YORK Departure
Chamber's Ha had enjoyed the main of doing Hi own will. God' from
the course
expenditure for a* favoring diverting SEE Naples to Rome Rome to New
national advertising in the past $730000 presently earmarked will ought to be more important in the Christian' life than by ALITALIA DC-8 Jet.
year amounted to 7440331. for the construction of a new the steak he eats or the ice cream he enjoy We dare not
The figure give the Venice bridge on the Albee Rd. to the construct and pursue our own self-made plans for life with
area the highest per capita extension of East Venice Ave. out consulting with the Lord of our live. The Christian never 314 W. Venice
expenditure: for advertising of to Arcadia, unanimously adopted ought to lay his plans or make his decisions and then come : Ave. VENICE TRAVEL BUREAU Phone
to God "We this 488.2238
any section in the United a strong protest at their; hope Is Thy will

States except for Plnehurst annual meeting Wednesday May it be your constant: prayer. "Our Father in Heaven, Cosponsored by THE VENICE GONDOLIER and the VENICE TRAVEL
N. C.. and Sun Valley Idaho. I IJ evening ot last week. ,I Thy will t* dune" BUREAUPAGE



.. ... ..


- -

r I Youth Week Set Two-Day Epiphany Bazaar Cole-Ireland

1 By NazarenesThe Starts Friday At Teen HavenThe Engagement Told

Church of The Nazarenehas I Mr. and I
; set aside Jan. 26 to Feb. -
2 National Youth! Week. The Mrs Ralph M Cole of Placida
as Is chairman The United States booth will
local South Venice Church of Epiphany Guild's : James Taykores Road have announced the engagement -
World's Fair Bazaar will open The Vatican booth will have be operated as a snack bar of their daughter,
Tho Nazarene is emphasizing Young People'sSociety this Friday at 10 a.m for a two day religious articles for gifts and from 10 a.m. to closing on both Martha Jean, to Curtis Clifton

d week series of specialues public sale at VYC Center personal use. Mrs. Ragnar Lin- Friday and Saturday. Ireland, of Everglades Fla.,
'. by, a to the public Tampa and Nassau Streets. blom and Mrs. Almond Butter- From fi to 7 p.m. on Fridaya son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
i open will be from field co-chairmen. special family New England
the nationaly !knownnd Hours both days I Ireland of Lowland, N. C.
featuring. talented "Trissel 10 a m. until 8 p.m I The Japanese booth will dis- Baked Bean Supper will be Miss Cole attended Venice
Ff"nilv.very Ten booths, representing play authentic prints, umbrellas served. Donations will be 50 High! School In 1960 and resides
France Ireland, Canada, Italy cents for adults and 35 cents
a Each evening the Trissels I and lanterns This booth with her parents at Placida.
will of Vatican City, Germany, will feature flowers, plants, i for children. Girls of the Epiph Mr. Ireland is employed as v
present a variety gos Japan, Mexico, the United Nations any School's eighth grade have
well music table mats, gardens, miniature Captain of the shrimp boat
pel from song.the various as Instrumentsthey as and the United States, : trees and other surprises. been invited to serve at the Ricky Marie out of Everglades
Ham- will display sale articles and The Epiphany South County supper Miss Linda Reiter is .
play, Including a '
mand which loanedto decorations from those areas. Guild la in charge of this booth' chairman of the school group. Wedding plans are being
organ was The tambola, a traditional activity Co-chairmen of the booth are
church this with Mrs Eileen Millett, chair made for a candlelight ceremony *
the for
meetingby of the bazaars will Mrs. John Cade and Mrs
the Victor Hulhnger\ Music man. Feb 14 8 p m at the
award a 21-Inch color television -i Christopher DiCrocco Placida Church of God. Following -
tore of Brndenton. The Rev. The Mexican booth, gay with
set and nine other prizesat
Paul Trissel, spokesman for shawls and sombreros will off- / the nuptials a receptionwill
9/ p.m. Saturday. Also at be held at the home of
the trio which Includes his wife er Treasure Trove to bargain Come Get Them
this will be awarded
time prizes ,
the parents.
Mary and daughter Debbie, seekers. Many surprises to be
to patrons who have registered Matron of honor will be thebride'
found at this
will also bring a gospel mes- opportunity Dimes MarchersWhen
at the various booths Friday -
sister Mrs. Henry
Jae each evening. booth. Mrs. John Glynn is
and Saturday chairman. Hayes, of Lakeland, Fla., and
Many of the young people of Mrs. James Shannon Is Tam the mothers march to-
the bridesmaids will be Miss
The French booth will have
the church will also take partin
bola chairman.The morrow for the March of
home-made delicacies only. Gail Cole sister of the bride
the services each evening
md thereby share in this booths will feature the Cakes, pies, bread, cookies, Dimes they can stop by the and Miss Brenda Cole, her
__ Youth Week program. following articles: candy, and Jellies. Mrs. Margaret Firestone Store on Miami Avenue cousin. Joey and Ronnie Cole,
Joe Farley, president and The Irish booth will be stocked Kester is chairman. and pick up some change brothers of the bride will act
which has been aroundfor
Ed Nance, vice president, of with many kinds of merchandise At the United Nations booth than three lying as the ushers.

>uiSASOTA>\ KEY ARTIST Norton Foster speak on and demonstrate his work on Jan. the local society will take active including aprons, Joseph Gerard, graphologistwill Owner more Warren M years Sherman
and Mm Donna Stoddard, head of Florida 30, the last day of his one-man show, at a part In promoting the hand knitted and crocheted analyse handwriting, especially < -='- : .. =aI
March of Dimes t- ;:
says a con-! ; :;aw uul
I southern College art department, are shown dinner meeting of the college chapter of Kap- services. They extend an In. articles, ceramics, shell work, useful to students In tamer was placed In .
his establishment -
01,tk two of hn paintings currently being pa Pi, international honorary art fraternity, vitation to everyone to enjoy dolls and a large selection of doubt as to where their talents shortly after it
In Lakeland. Foster will imported goods A special feature lie. open
shown.t the college according to Florida Southern News Bureau. this program ed in November 1960 and thathe' I OPENING
of this booth will be the The German booth will pro
awarding of a hand knitted vide games! of skill including tried unsuccessfully ever

cardigan sweater, made by darts hat toss, fish! pond, "poolof since to find someone to come SAT. !
I\solo I
\ Orchestra To Be Presented Thursday tine Mrs.Cecil Elmer and Ricker.Miss Ella Mrs.Bres-Jus- Mrs.butter"Elmer and Ricker other: activities.is chaIr.. and Sherman claim it.said It contained a

nahan are cochairmen.The man. dollar or so in change. FEBRUARY Isi

An extra dividend In great Italian booth will feature The Canadian booth will can .
will be presented in Ven- paintings by well known local feature an "Apple Tree" laden sometimes be
me on Thursday by the Asolo 1 artists. A work of art will be with rosy red apples, with substituted for fish stock in 1964 t

umber Orchestra of the Flor- given to a lucky purchaser An very unusual flavor and surprising recipes, so keep the handy bot-
added attraction at this booth texture Mrs John
West Coast Symphony Or- i tled clam product on hand.
rdra, will be profile sketching. Mrs. Detchemendy is chairman --- --- VENICE

Toe concert will be at 8 p.m. -
: the Gulf Theatre Paul ___ 108 PARADE

The>life if extra conductor dividend, arises Sonnets By GBS ELFERDINK'SLiquidation

m the fact that the Asolo ; Continue ofHOMES
'amber Orchestra usually Up To 49% Discount

m five concerts a season in : BUSINESS & PROPERTYFOR I
e bob Theater of the Ring- Presented HereGeorge SALE
-I Museum in Sarasota.
met concert this season Is ELFERDINK'SOsprey
e orchestra's sixth and is be- f / Bernard Shaw's "The business meeting at which Mrs.
0 sponsored by The Optimist Dark Lady of the Sonnets" was John Johnston and Mrs Henry Florida

"b on Roberts Bay presented by four members of Lake were elected to the nominating 8:301o5: Sun I to Si
Paul Wolfe, conductor of Venice Little Theatre at the committee.

Ji the symphony and the Venice-Nokomis Woman's Club Mrs. Donald Stevenson, wrys IT __ .
amber orchestra., has an- 1 luncheon Wednesday and means chairman, reported
oozed that the program will Seymour Smith portrayed on plans for the club's Country
lude tome of the finest com- Shakespeare; Alice Smith Store, to be held at the club
!:;oni of the masters Queen Elizabeth; Geri Becker, house Feb. 26 ATTENTION

First on the program will be The Dark Lady and Ralph Duplicate bridge! is played at 1
"lid'I Concerto Crosso in F Chase, The Beefeater. The pro- the club every Thursday at 1 MANUFACTURERS RETAILERS I WHOLESALERS

cr. opus 6, No. 2. The seed gram was arranged by Mrs. 9.m. and members, guests and
will be the string quintet Margaret Busbey. friends are Invited. ST. ANNUAL

Eflat major by Mozart. Sixty members and guests Next social card party will

Dr:> Henry James, a violist .rrwlaT h .ran s'a,,. were present. be on Feb. 5Square TRI.CITY HOME & INDUSTRY SHOW
::41 retired dentist living in } a Mrs. Lewis Hester, president ---- I
,'KXa, will supplement themar w. a a5... d+w 'Mlyawrrys.4o .i a .;3+T t I was in charge of the short DancingAt February 262728.29, 1964

string quartet. In aden Ringing Bros. Winter QuartersTHIS

II be to Paul Dr. Wolfe James and players Mrs. THE ASOLO STRING QUARTET will come Orchestra, they are left to right, Paul Wolfe, GOP Women\ Slate VG CenterA IS AN EXHIBITION-TYPE SHOWIf

Mundy, violinists; David to Venice for its sixth concert of the season director and violinist, Mrs Lota Mundy, viol- ten-week Western square your product or service pertain to sports, travel, ,
Im and Ernesto dancing class,
violist EpIt. inist and of the orchestra David taught by Fred
Thursday at Gulf Theatre. The group yenrly president( ; recreation or hobbies this show Is for
cellist. gives five concerts at Asolo Theatre. RinKling Cohen, vioh.t. and Ernesto Epistola, cellist. Christopher of St. Petersburg, SPECIAL PRIZES
The final selection' will bewMi'i will begin Tuesday at Venice -
This is the second Venice Fund musical -
Art Museum, Sarasota. A chamber music Lyceum For Information
Concerto Grosso in D I Gardens Recreation Center. Regarding Booth Space Contact
of the Florida West Coast Symphony presentation.
nor, with Paul Wolfe, Mrs. group Those interested in a refresher S. M. JIMISON
lid! MacNeil. violinists and course, as well as beginners,
iwsto Epistola, cellist, as the For TodayA are welcome, Christopher said.
MSlS.TickeU. Memorial Gift Presented The course will meet each S. PHONE 488-<4106

may be obtained at board of directors meetingof Tuesday from 8.30: to 8:30: p m T

Gulf Them re box office, the Venice-Nokonus Republican
via Import Shop and from Women's Club is scheduled

"Inben of the Optimist Club. St. Mark's Church For LibraryAnnouncement for today at 10 a.m., at the
home of the president, Mrs.

range Social Set Carl L. Hamilton of 323 San

ith Hicks Hosts of a gift to be tor's warden and Robert K. en, Russell Twing, George Marco Drive. Ample Funds
Robert Becker and Mrs. Harry J. Barker, chairman
used to establish! a memorial Becker, the people's warden. Bangs,
embers of Venice Grange library, the addition of a New vestrymen, elected for Charles D. Brunett. of the political education

]tether at the home of Mr. lounge meeting room, electionof three-year terms, are CharlesD. At a vestry meeting, after program, will give a report on
1 Mrs Robert Hicks of Mid- vestrymen and appointmentof Brunett, Ralph E. Chase Beckerwas the day-long training confer
the corporate meeting
Road, Nokomis, for a so- the rector's and people's and Dr L. Don Jaeger, D.D.S.; named to wardenship and ence as part of the MORE program r

J 1 Wednertay at 10 a.m. wardens took place at the annual for a two-year term, Marshall Russell Twing and Charles Bru held Thursday in Sara
n.oattend tng are request- parish! meeting of St. Hayward, and for a one-year nett were reappointed clerk sota.
to bring their sandwiches Mark's Episcopal on Jan. 19. term, Charles L. Schlier, and treasurer This program has to do with for
4 place settings Visiting and The Rev. Doms Dean Patterson I Incumbent vestrymen who the mobilization of Republican

Cringe members are in- rector, presided. I will aim serve for 1964 are Announcement" was also enterprise and several such
.foII. George Bangs will be the tea Ralph E. Chase, Delbert Weed- made by the rector of a parish training conference are being
council, to be instituted this conducted in Florida by Raymond

month, composed of elected V. Humphreys, directorof
I and appointed delegates from'' the national OOP's division
Get It'
ourmet Chimes; Tome And all parish organizations. The of education and training, Mrs.
council will unify parish ef- Baker said.Among HOME BUILDING
forts, recommend Improvements -
lba Venice Gourmet Club'a for the parish programand other business there

'tIItl 7 acquired dinner # Nwr, establish procedures for will be a discussion of the

one,!;Tmbol of authority for corporate parish! events. Twelfth Annual Republican
Women's Conference to be heldin
Club a ai !
W Dony were turned over to The lounge meeting room Washington, D. C., April 8 o
President\ Bill Court by re- which is to be added in the through 11 at the Sheraton- HOME BUYING

!be Al Nordstrom near future will be in the Park Hotel. Mrs. Hamilton said

*W group's at Myakka dinner meeting church parish hall. "The dates of the conference
Rootn. GOUT- coincide with those of the Cher.ry .
/ocher For re-enactment the Blossom Festival which is

'If Otfioers, who assumed It 1 adventurous when Indiana one of the highlights of the
Nora Magee meeting, roamed the Florida year in that city, in urging ,
ii' vlce-presl. delegates to prepare to attend.A .
; Bill Bose treasurer Bill plains, visitors are enjoyingSix
:! ; slate of officers will be
shy'let, aecrelary, and James! sal Gun Territory just outsideof presented for election for 1964-
executive chef '
Ocala 65.
less for the = :
Ann Lyle, Mr.evening and were Mrs. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY
Mr' and Mr
an Carter and Mr- and Mr-. MASLAND'S ALL WOOL WILTONS

Eel BeattT REDUCED FROM $9.95$ SQ. YD.
was chef dll jour,
slated by the "
d executive chef GORGEOUSDEEP
mua Nordstrom and Merthyn VENICE OFFICE
charge of table sew
Homer Johnson and
"rt Wright headed the servi. 601 South TamiamI Trail

lhostCOmmntes i. Neil In germany PATTERNS

It de resistance was veal Telephone 488.2233

mg Suisse btlnl accompanied V A NEW SLATE OF OFFICERS of Venice Gourmet Club took $749
with mushrooms, over their duties at the club's first dinner meeting of the year
d oj. rice. a she s pears last week. Retiring president Al Nordstrom, right, is shown i t Sq. Yd.
all80rted e and presenting the club's dinner chime to the new president Bill
ke berry almond ice box Court. Other 1964 officers are Norm Magee, vice-president
ClUb Bill Bose, treasurer; Bill Barclay, secretary, and Col James
Normand Pat- Kalee. executive chef. FIRSTSAVINGS
ally's Mtoryrt; resume erTo !
From 1938 until his VENICE STAMP CLUB
IJjJntowl1( cher dll jour was born In served as director and secretary MEETING SET TOMORROW

4 Of a newspaper, Pa., *in 1893 Publisher, the mont Coal of Pittsburgh Co., serving and Fair as a Alfred Belnlich, a "general" I' } THECARPET CENTER AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF SARASOTA
'dllor. He collector and member of the ;
I1\UY'1\ lrew "P on the member of the coal producing i
bBh 400 sore farm and af- board during WWII. local club, will speak at Club the 264 S. Trail In Venire Phone 488.2198 DOWNTOWN SOUTH GATE ST. ARMANDS>
of Venice
achOOI ,raduation end His major hobbies since retirement meeting BROADLOOMS RUGS CARPETSSee 361 Harding Circl.ONDAT .
tht Coke business golfing and tomorrow at 7:30: p.m. 200 South Pineapple 3550 South Trail

t I WWI ha are George Youngberg Jr., president St/ecfio/is/ From Our I
Ueutenant ierve<1 as a bridge.He live at will be in charge of the Our Large Buy Large Inventory
I and after the and Mrs. Beatty
In4 business meeting.
reentered his 1km IDS Field Avt. West


l _

I Banging It Out

With Pat BangOur 0 / III .. .q r

Our neighbor, Mr. Wm. Balantyne officers are responsible,
went fishing the other through the various chairmen, r
day and, caught over 20 poundsof of carrying out the program FOOD
Reds and offered to share The guest speaker of the
them with us Nice! evening, a native of Florida, II
-0- was Mr. Al Gomez of the Per

n'. a cute Idea, up at the sonncl and Public Relations ( CIRCTJ,
Venice Shopping Center ThTatem'i Department of the General TSi

Zoo all small Telephone.
J creatures such as white turkeys Door greeters for the eve- ,'
Iambi, chickens, goats, ning were: Mr. and Mrs. How i iII
dogs, etc., for the children to ard Archer and Mr and Mrs
' pet and play with and feed. Clyde Swepston. Dinner Com 'oa IO
There is a small charge for mittee were Mrs. Lena Cook, Bll ee s Na e e
the feed. It should be fun Mrs Florence( Hughes, Mrs.
Blanche Mr. and Mrs
Ralph Orchard, Mr. and Mrs.H. .
. Lemon Bay Woman's Club Is S. Marean, Mr. and Mrs / ((ffl
sponsoring a dessert card par- Kenneth Knight and Mr. and .
. ty with table and door prizes, Mrs. Brenderhouse. k\ _
Friday, Jan. 31, at 1:00: p.m Annual meeting and electionof % '
, Donation SOc. Mrs. James Rea officers will be Wednesday.Feb. .
is the chairman, her phone is
12, at 7.30 p.m.
474.3559! Next regular meeting !
of hn b'-will be Friday,
Feb 7 at 2 p.m.

-0- Five PleasIn
A recent luncheon honoring Guilty EXTRA FREE
the Volunteers of the Elsie 300

Quirk Library was given by rs /SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN 4 h( GREEN STAJAPS50mlr
Mrs. Harry Becker at her Police Court
home at Cape Haze. It was a Twlcr1y TENDER-AGED GOVT. INSPECTED "
delightful affair with 14 attending 50
Many of the ladies Five guilty pleas and two SWIFT'S PREMIUM HEAVY WESTERN BEEF SALE! I laA
were donating their services pleas of innocent were enteredat
when books were being processed Tuesday night's session of Gov't-lnspected ProtenBONELESS M Croon Stamps
in the old Floyd Pottor municipal court conducted by M *"t ?' *,'!"_.*...*...* I
offices on Dearborn Street, Judge John J. Blair. Short Ribs of Beef iwirrs SUPER SLICID COLD CUTS
long before the Library build. Guilty pleas were heard from H. I.jU.J Hm. H- 's
ing was completed. But old or the following: I dwa. saw geessia
R 0 U N D W,d. J.ny.nf a. C"-s
+ new, volunteers have been the Oscar Briner, 57, of 627 Ca.
strength and the life of getting' diz Rd., charged with driving C
the books before the public-a while under the Influence and
tribute to the town and the being involved in an accidenton ib.
, county. Due to the increase in West Venice Avenue Dec. STEAK ISO" WrWmso
circulation, The Elsie Quirk 26. He was fined $150, of which
Library will be open continuously $75 was suspended, and his
throughout the day 9 river's[ license was revoked. Fresh fg J71 Croon Stamps

a m. to( t p.m. Evening hours William F. Brown, 80, of 312 i .ra V r-d a.ar+
Monday Wednesday and Fri Pedro St., charged' with failureto ROYAL SHIM mET MIGNON
day till 8 p.m. Saturdays 9 yield the right of way at 7 GiounciBeef
a.m. till noon.Additions Harbor Drive and Pedro Street lb. 9-- 10-w.:r.i'vvv *
and completionsare Jan. II. He was fined $25 of B. 1MB l
in progress at present. which $20 was suspended.
New tables and chairs have Albert Zahn, 29, charged with
arrived and new fiction and public drunkenness on Jan 11. 49
many reference books are He was sentenced to 30 days in lb. mVSBAMJtf
filling the shelves Monthly !city jail, the sentence to start 9
discussion groups are again ,when he completes the remain- -.-
being planned. Next meeting log 10 days of a 20-day sentence Swift's Srnewkh Spn4Braunschwciger", ar Ore en Stamps
will be Jan. 30 at '7:30: p.m. being served on a simi down produce lane "'**11 M M4..d"MlkCOLOATI I IGenuine
Topic will be the increasing tar charge. .. 2 JS: 69"HOTIHM :;' CRUM
cost of health care by Dr. Miss Ruth Reed, Englewood, ..;: $ h r..ns
Harry Becker who lives in charged with making an improper Idaho Baking family MM 8Se
lead liMkfa
Cape Haze. The Rev Wm. Ormf ... "- .' raw 8
right turn on The Trailon T,. ?
Huntsmen invited. will MC. The publicis Jan 17. She was fined $29, A! Link Sausage .. ........ SPC 35@tfi .L U
of which $15 was suspended.
-GLee Simeon Rousch 78, of 705 P t oes
Ford has been down ]
Mr. .
Turner Ave., charged' with failure 5W65
from Lakeland for several
to yield the right of way
days. He hag rented the homeon on Jan. 19 He was fined $25,
' McCall Road for six weeks all suspended and his driver's A e1 Jj( Green Stamps :
and he and his friend Albert license was lifted pending a reexamination 1 lb. 519c """"" y'
it Thompson to rights have been putting U' bag CAtYl UCIUIDS HAIR SPRAT

-o- Pleas of innocent were enter. (BLACKBERRY, GRAPE, CRABAPPLE, 13-o sise 89e plus tax
The Fourth Estate has lost ed by the following and their MINT, CHERRY)'
cases were set for trial at the iffiMfiffiMfil3ft
another member, Laudon
Barnes who died at his homein next Willie trial Jones session, of 54 court, Laurel: o dairy specials .
Englewood He had been
I charged with driving while In. J E L LY
with the New York Tribune
and Albany (N. YJ) Corre- oxicated. Pubfix 100/ Pure Corn Oil 50 rRggttros 50
Ernest Adler
W. 67, 421 Park

spondent 10 years.as He a news had been reporterfor here Lane, charged with backing into Margarine . . . [ Green Stamps

17 years and was 69 years old. another car in Venice Shop I .t*SM"_.4 imAam. >fc I
Center on Jan. 17
ping Kraft' PhiladelphiaCream AitorM Colors Bf Pmt Shelf Paper

.J I friends Saturday Mr we and entertained Mrs. Sisto our Cheese .2 .'.-. 25 8.... 1 OC reg..visa 39< '
Classes wr ssnw a raw ri'!
:t Huegla. They came over about jar 6[ *
4 and we had an Interesting' OOOOOOOOOOOOOQillC
hour of conversation over Manhattans frozen foods
then dinner which 3y Radio Hams
they enjoyed and ending up For Breakfast. Souffle Banqus, (limit 4 with purchos.i of $3.00 or IIIorel: 50m'j.W A 50
with liqueurs They left Instruction( classes have been '
J and we did dishes and were started for radio buffs by the Ham'N Eggs .. . pko,. 39'For ,Wl( Oreen Stampsdyt.g
'just through when out went newly organized Tamiami Radio v .
sll I Maalsswsradswdaw.i
the lights Oscar Alford came Club
.. Pancake w
over. Mrs James Hamblin also Breakfast. Banquet CAtCIA'S SPANISH lEAN SOUP
The club held Its first free
came over and we called class in radio code and theory 'N Canadian Bacon K? 39 4 reg. COM $1. '
! .: the power company to find out Tuesday night. President Elihu -.. .. .- .
III! what happened. DearbornStreet class FREE. S ..
Roberts introduced the ,
was all alight as were including a group of element. 0 .
the street lights on Cocoanut, any and high schools, to the funof
' but houses were out. The transformer amateur radio. Regular or QuickQuaker Heatproof Coffee Maker

was out..o-.. Louis P Herberger, former Grits '' 10 packed with 10 ounces of
II Mrs. Paul Bierce has sold commercial telegrapher and .... ,. wlrgs

!ii the house she owns in bock of club publicity chairman, ex- Brillo'l Popular Carafe Pack # S
where they are living and immediately plainest and demonstrated the amen
bought( a house simplicity code of the dot and dash Soap Pads . . 2 27'Campside t MAXWELL HOUSE '
down in Groven Estates, the
other side of Grove City. Mrs.' Ted Widney of Englewood, Heins 57 INSTANT COFFEE
Bierce lost her father duringthe retired chief electrician's mate, "'
weekend. He was Charles U.S. Navy, will teach a basic Beans 19' PLIOLIX
A. Thomas and he died in the' electricity class for the club
: Bartow Hospital, buried at' and Joe Barone WAMR engineer PRICES EFFECTIVE MON. oo,_ $1 49 '

:- Fitzgeralds, a short Cemetery distance at from Medulla ,receiver will teach building.transmitterand :. TUES., WED, JAN. 27, 28, 29. 1964 I Jar M A R K R X S r

where he lived. Area radio amateurs attend.
-o- ing the Tropical Jamboree,
Mrs. Lola Wallace finally Florida State Convention of
arrived Monday after being Radio Amateurs in Miami,
t'I'' : snowed-in in Pennsylvania Jan 18 and 19, included Mr lirlt
t.' -- and Mrs. Herberger, Mr. and REGULAR 79c REGULAR 33e
The Lion's Circus was a ter. Mrs Widney, Mr and Mrs. Ed / New clothes smell
! rifle success, huge crowds attended Jones of Venice, Mr. and Mrs. FF :5 DETERGENT SPECIAL y ,
They had three elephants John DeMougev of Grove City 1 S' fresher! WHERE SHOPPING IS A1
chained to trees on the and their son, John Jr., of Wil-
I It
L j. road Into the grounds. Children liamsburg, Ohio( ; Lou Kulwlch PLEASURE

, f t 1' were wild-eyed...0- and Englewood.Dr. Dorothy Saunders of SALVO BLUE

Mrs. Harry White Is home VeniceEi
again this time from the Ur
i nursing home were she hat Frady PromotedBy
been since her release from Shopping Center
+, ''I the hospital Mr. White has Ford DealerWilliam
conceived an idea of a sort
i of trapeze from the ceiling,
I!. Phillips, owner
hanging over her bed, within Gt. C Store Hours
of Bill Phillips Ford, Thursday 49c reg. :
reach of her hands, so she can
announced the appoint stir
I lift herself to a Bitting position
ment of Wilburn F. Frady as
to get up. should he be out
Its assistant general manager, Morse FrL 8:30 9:00
quite a contraption. : :
-0-- Frady, who has 15 years of limit 1 per customer w/purchoiei (limit 1 per urchases
The annual Happy Birthday automobile experience has of $3.00 or morel) of $3.00 or more)
I Dinner was held Saturday been sales manager at Bill
night at the Englewood Community Phillips Ford since it openedon Sal 8:307:00: :
t i Club A festive cakecomplete the South Trail last year. f
I it; with candles decorated t He Is a former Chrysler-Ply
I : each table. All were lighted mouth dealer and came here
I I to the tune and singing of the from Polk County in 1961. heinz tomato heinz tomato heinz strained heinz
,p.. I familiar birthday song. Seated In his new position, Frady cider heinz white
t at a special table, new members will also serve as customer ketchup soup baby foods
f were welcomed into the relation manager and will vinegar vinegar
club that is entering its 40th handle any owner dissatisfaction '
year. This is purely a social with Ford, Lincoln or 141: 25s 3 'ee 39' 10 ::: 99- ::
organization. The board of Mercury automobiles, regardICM t. 21'b:;, 181 -
directors set the policy and the of Lhi selling dealer

I ..

Inr.. .. III -,.. --.. '-" D


Nq --

WITH Top Records I Jossart To Stay

On Six Months

Compiled by RONA SEARS i
:t. :J Jossart has been granted
.f Gilbert Teeth Service six months more to stay en

the job as manager of the Ven

The Kingsmen with "Louie, Louie" have surged into first ice Municipal Trailer Park. 1
The action taken Tuesday .

place again followed by "Popsicle and Icicles," by those
by the board of trustees of
--- three young gala from L. A., the Murmaida. Bobby Vlntdn is the City Employe Pen .ion

third with "There I've S.ldlt Again." That brother and sister Fund.

THE VENICE GONDOLIER Houses For Sole Rentals Business PersonalsLet team, Nino Tempo and April Stevens, hive proved once Jossart previously! was given

again that the oldies are still good hit material, with their a one-year extension beyond
CLASSIFIEDBATES :2 I BEDROOM, completely 3 ROOM APARTMENT. Completely Venice Furniture his retirement date on Jan. 1.
nished. Separate furnished Available us do your PAPERHANGING rendition of "Whispering1 which skyrocketed from No. 19 1963 The six month extensionwas

garage and painting Ret to No. 9. motion of Council ,
Warm Mineral Venice son- granted on
Spring, $10,500. Manor 428 Armada.
Ru selI-RiRbv. Phone able. First / 488-1906
Margarita St. Prize Incidentalwatch) for a new from England railed
Phone 42M203' .7"2550. Drawings said this! time should be
lnapection' in-
Ch.rg. Rates, both Tn und.y.nd vited RENT WITH OPTION to buy The Beatles These boy are one of the hottest singing group usrd to find a replacement.

Monday Edition' 2 Bedroom, tile bath. Fur. TYPEWRITERS and Adding in their country and although they haven't hit the charts here

$$1.50 JUST LISTED. Lovely large nished. Palmetto St., Venetian Machine (mechanically\ operated Slated TodayIf all indication are that they are going to be very big.
2 bedroom house. Very modem Garden. For information call ) Chemically cleaned,

Patio with outside cooking Sarasota 955-802. like new JUst $12.50 plus part New additions: "Out of Limit." an way out instrumental ELFERDINK'S
[112| word minimum) facilities Excellent location jf required. All make Venice you haven't been in to visit
by The Markette (No. 15) Rick Nelson Continue
serves portion Liquidation
Additional Words *.ch 6c Only) 10 per cent down. No WELL ESTABLISHED fish Stationers, 211 W. Venice Ave the new showroom of the Venice up a
:. closing cost. $83 per month. market for rent. Just walk 488-611. Furniture and register for just "For You" in the No. 17 slot, and Jimmy Gilmer of Up To 049'Dilcount L

CASH Kte;; both T1tund.y Payment Includes taxes and insurance in, paying rent. Due to sickness one of the seven door prize. "Sugar Shack" fame with "D.1 y Petal Pickin'." Also, "Hey BUSINESS & PROPERTY I
Dressnaktakc alteration
and! Monday Edition Why pay rent? Byron Phone 488.4938.BEAUTIFULLY pert. eU. reasonable. 41-1110, dra- you'd better hurry. The official I Idr.wlng Little Cobra" by the Rip Chords and the Supreme addition, FOR SALE r

M. Markle, Realtor, Pnone 488- FURNISHED ; will be at 5 o'clock "When The Lovelight Start Shining Through His Eyes"
$$1.40 4706. this evening
3 bedroom
Near 2 bath home. Perhaps you'll be the lucky Pick !hit of the week: MiM Consistency, Connie Francis, l
word minimum) FOR QUICK SALE take mv gulf and shopping. City SHEPARD winner of the first prize that Florida
|112 water and central with her beautiful dedication to President Kennedy "In The
arch 5c $6,30000 equity for $3,300cash heat. Season, fabulous Heart Shaped double 3.30 to 5 Sun. I to 511
Additional Word, assume small mortgage $400 per month. Call 4884344. LUMBER CO. bed that is sure to produce Summer of His Years" This u also the title\ of Connie' A w

Pm-Apr A.c. arp.A..5 payable $3730 monthly (includes ONE 1003 N. Washington.... some of the "pleasantest new album. W//:_ l\'O\ :
Irk a.os a a50r5 01"Nr' interest and principal)). BEDROOM apartment, Saratotacall dream ever.Threat .
::. In.rra.S' err aM near Nokomis This Last Tw .
e.0. t.0 Beach. Month- Hecks on -
Tax .
:. wl 50..N.: 'hr.0fkv. free. One bedroom home, ly or season. Phone 488.5127.ONE -- Week Week -,. -"....'.-.}:.;.": I II
e50 ,. et50 bla 2 years old. Heat and air conditioned Weeks Song and K"erding Artist The List ,- .';- ;-"
.1TTw. ., .... ELLIOTT PAULfor To Homes -
..... 5. MlhS r dela.df//. loaded with all extra : B DR MSeasonal efficiency k

needed Over-size ('Il' Ort. or yearly 251 Nassau I :2 I I "Louie Louie" . OPENING ,
ONE EDITION Eith.r Owner, 119 Aero Ave., North St., So ROOT TRUSSES By Brush FireA Kmgsmen T

Port Charlotte Alum. Window & 2 S & Popucles, Icicle*" Murmiids 4
TlMwad.y or Monday papvr Doors. stubborn brush fire burned .
8c FOR RENTALS Contract Roofing & Painting J I 3 "There, I've Salt It Again"Bobby SAT. !

p. word BY OWNER la Venice Area Phone 488-2132 Venice; over an estimated 130 acres Vinton . . . . II rr
(Minimum 12 words) 3 year old quality built home and for a while threatened
:ASH DISCOUNT 5% $2,500 under cost. :2 I BR. Hi See residence Friday afternoon 4 6 7 "Forget Him" Bobby Rydell . I FEBRUARY Is

..--- B 2-car garage, large screen- CHIPS JOHNSON along Venice Farm Road. 5 11 17 "Surfing Bird" Trashmen . .. JI

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ed-in pool and terrace; central Realtor Auto For Sale A local forestry unit, the 3 :2 I "Dominique" Singing Nun . .. II
506() W. Venice Ave 4B 27.v .
heat -
air-conditioned; large United Volunteer Fire Dept. of 7 9 11 "Nitt 1964VENICE r
One Edition per Inch $3.00 -- Gritty" Shirley Ellis .. 4
landscaped lot. < iri'imrvRNiHRni 1957 PLYMOUTH. Good Nokomis and a forest fire fight
Both Edition, for Inch $3.50 837 Laurel Ave., Venice Komnklo, Rent O.Uo> HOMI to B.,. and motor stick shift.! $100 tires ing unit from Oneoo which! 8 10 12 "A Usual" Brenda Lee . .. 4
Coll. LOU JACO.... ....1551 9 19 "Whispering" ... :2 I
Isabel! Fruit Stand, Nokomis. had been fighting two fires in Tempo/Steven

An eUnified! ads payable In FOR SALE Beautiful new, CASEY KEY on the Gulf. :2 the Englewood area joined in 10 14 20 "Drag City" Jan ft Dean . S r

idv.nca axe.pt .....blilNduntw. $75 luxurious month.:2 No bedroom home. bedroom furnished house 1960 .FIAT 6 passenger Multiple combatting the flames. 11 4 4 "Since I Fell For You" PARADE
cash needed. $200
per Phone 4D3-M37:
.- Why rent* Byron M. Mar. Screened porch. 488-1333 488- < The turned-over area is between Lenny Welch . . . . a .
... 21M Jackson and Havana
kle Realtor 12 a I "Midnight Mary" Powers S
Phone 4884706 Pets Roads. Authorities were in Joey

CANCELLATION or 13 13 -. "Quicksand" Martha/Vandellas 4
WantedBOAT vemll'ting the possibility the
Requem for cancellation .. home 2 bedrooms, :2 I baths. GIVE FOR VALENTINE'S, an fire might have been deliberately 14 15 IS "Somewhere" Thymes . 3 t

Lovely landscaping. Walking OR HOUSE TRAILERfor adorable miniature poodle started. 15 "Outside of Limits" Markettes ? 1
or adjuttmant. b. e a .v of distance to beach and postof- my equity in C.B., 2 bedrooms AKC. I weeks old. Phone 488- It "Hey Little Cobra" Rip Chords 1

error must b* mad for fice. 505 Granada, Venice. 1 bath Florida Room. 4838. School Enrollment 17 "For You" Rick Nelson . . 1
TVrsday Gondolier BEFORE 200x100 ft lot. Tree galore I 18 18 18 "That Lucky Old Sam"-Ray Charles 3
5 pjn. ee Monday For Mon 100 THE ESPLANADE to. 4881542. TRAIN YOUR DOG I Sarasota Hits 19 "When the Ixft
day, Gondolier BEFORE Spj block from beach. 1 and 2 Obedience Training Club' 1,7951Iere Hi By.*" Supreme . 1

*. on Thursday.. bedroom furnished or partly/ Mobile HomesNEW new aeries of classes start Jan. Venice public schools had a 20 "Daisy Petal PkcUn "

furnished. 408-5016.! 28, 7.30: p m. Sarasota National total enrollment of 1,795 on Jimmy Q r/FrrebelU . 1 c:
PHONE Guard Armory Information Jan 9 increase of 149
AND USED TRAILERS over -- -- r
15' to 50'. See New Moon. Fta. the same date last year.
Pay for it like rent. F. C.
488-3125 Figures released Basil S. WATERFRONT! WOLFER MOTORS Inc.
Denmafl Building Construction Metro Models. H. J. DarlingtonSales by .
Phone evenings 486-5663 or Nokomis, Hwy. 41. Ph. Misc. For Sal White county coordinator of LARGE LOT RAMBLER DODGE
pupil welfare showed the fol.
write P. O. Box 334. Venice. 488.2808. Mi S. TemiamJ Trail 488.3965-488.6150
DAVID BRADLEY SEARS lowing figures for 1963 and 133 ft. X 360 ft.

Real Estate :2 BEDROOM. Modern house on 10x 48' VINDALE, ALUM Gaanline Chain Saw Nearlynew I 1M4: Venice Elementary, 539 SEAWALL SPECIALIST IN .

channel. Central heat air I NUM. 2 bedrooms, tiled bath i $85.00. P. A System, *ac- and 592; Venice Junior High, BOAT BASIN Brite Repair Lubricate Chassis
DUPLEX One bedroom conditioning, Florid room. gas heat large gas tank wall rifice for cash 488-3183. 825 and 632; and Venice High, a Frail End Alignment Oil ChangeLt.lla

apartment each side. Also 1 Mortgage arranged./ Channel oven, Kelvinator sliding door,, 482 and 571. Located Loa., Front End Overhaul Adjust Headlights Beam" t
"f'III efficienry. Clone to bench
Nokomis 488-5062 exceptional! closet apex and The attendance percentages Lena .
and Lane MOBILE GENERAL FLED WWal, Balancing<< Electrical Repair
buy accept (mallruler c.blnets. TV showed.. the and
antenna awnings, trio Dishwasher.. Practicallynew. elementary apply Overhaul Any Automatic or StandTAYLOR'S
( as down payment.tadd'u BY OWNER. Low down pay. covered patio. Not new but repainted Excellent condition $95. high(! schools had a 94 per cent Engine
\ Apis, Friendship! Lane Radio Repair ard Transmission Repair
ment. 2 bedroom 1 bath and refurnished. Nice Phone 488-3373. attendance: record each and the
So. Beach Rd., Englewood. home in Venice Gardens. Must location and wonderful neighbors junior high 93 tx>r centLegal FOOD STORE ENGINE TUNING BY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT

HIGH AND DRY Located be- sell. phone 4881827.WATERFRONT Lot 150 or call at office 11131 ANTIQUE FORD coupe. Alba Rd. Nokomis, Aireonditioninq" Repairs and: Installation. "

tween Venice and Englewood. HOME. :2 Bedrooms HARBOR LIGHTS New tll'ea. battery and new _

10 icres, $300 per acre 100 1\% bath, garage! upholstery. Excellent condition.

man approved< for citrus, $350 dock. Reasonable. Phone 488- Help WantedSALES TeL 488-1321 or call at 717Ciroveltnd 'If TIlt OOUtnT JUOOIII" COURT THE [

acre. Call\ owner, Sarasota 924- 2464. Ave. 1 pair walkie- I Df AND P05 9AMROTA COUNTY.
4913 talkie, new, cost $149, quick rT.oRrrtA. IN PROBATE
OWN A LOT? Room. Golden Beach section. "Klfc ..... 7MNOTICK Real Estate
WANT A HOME' 828 Robert St, Venice Make 00 year old manufacturerwith 11 FT. FRIGIDAIRE Modem! : TO C'Rtl1ITORA: i
You home and Clean. Coral. Phone 483- 'pAIL CREDITORS AND PFRROm
get mortgage.We offer new, progressive program $75. HAYING ri.AIM* OR DEMANDS d -V
jet lot, even Steven. seeks representativeto 6290. AOAIN8T RAID EXTATKlnv
tet's discuss it right \KVIrR ....( IVRNm': BAHRAIN sell maintenance and .*.. .,.b, notified end VMmtfvdto CornerYOUR
now ,. ...... protective .,
reel with upturn. EMBA MINK long shawl collar fib 1ft, nI.l. or d.ftd .51 ro.
BYRON M MAHKLE, Realtor CALL LOU JArORK .I..llIf coatings Previous experience 'Oy h.Y. mint) Ik.* "".,.,. nf HF.NRV
Phone 488-4700 helpful but not essential. Reasonable. Ph. 488-43M.( W r.N JOt AN ALLEN Dwell. lit* of
LARGE NEW I bedroom. 2 gtrunu Toutitv Florid. In th. "'",.
14 UNIT RENTAL i bath, on corner lot. Gulf Earnings based on SOFA BED, :2 I matching! overstuffed of Ho.. JOHN T. ORAHAM. tan... GUIDE TO BETTER HOME
generous advanced commission cant J.Hr.. !. 'ho Cogntr Coort: t
occupied Near shopping Coast Blvd. Small down pay swinging rocking How >t B. -.... Fiona. wKhln .1.l AND LOT VALUES
and gulf. $18,800 l Brokers pro. ment. Phone 4882307. program, protected ter. chairs. All in good condition. ......_ months from th UW. of Uitint .
tested ritory attractive insurance $300 value for $95. Phone 488- publlntuM of thto Nnik.Pa.k .. .,
488-3669 I slam," or ilemuid mat to !.
on-the-job training
GULF FRONTS program 4454. ....ft.. Md l I. duplicate! io.ll .l utlw
I Br. :3 Blh. Beautifully fur effective proven sales aid pUra, ot MMenM' sod pat offk VENICE GARDENS NOTICE!
Lots For Sale II nished. A. Cond. & Heat. Sea and sound advertising program 2. RECONDITIONED RCA odd_ of lh.. rlilmmiit I lull bo .......
M bf th. CIo...... lib utfnt or htotbimffrl ROAD LOT SEEKERS.
offered to select- VICTOR COLOR SETS 370 CENTER HOME
I wall. 100x500 ft. No city tax. man TV ihall b* a.e.rP5nt0d. or a
SALE OR TRADE Lots 11 and 4884006. ed. $200 each. 11.00 flllnf f... HIM) >nr .odo.el.lddeId ", or New Never Lived In 3 W* have a good election of
.. ..
H, Blk. 18, Gulf View VenIce For personal Interview ACTION TV, INC. flung f.*nut n.M r .IM flM. idilM. 'hull to b.the.1.mount Th. Bedroom, I'/j' Baths the best home and lot val-

City sewer, near beach and FOR SALE or LONG TERM contact: Mr. Joseph F. Laws, So. Trail So. Venice of lnlm.. end eUlm foniM. "i.r ho ob.teliMd TOTAL PRICE $12,500 lies available. To save you

hopping. Mmor Croas 2920 Lease-Comer, 1 block southof Wednesday, Jan. 29th at Sarasota from ESTHER the Conntr TORRENS Jitdirc AIIFN.P of fir... Shown by Appointment.H. time and money why not call

Walnut Ave., Mattoon Illinois. Venice city limits U.S. 41. 355-5114 9 a.m. to .. E-dMO of 'h. En.50: .f today. We have in our
CB 2 bath house originally designed !S p.m. Job PrintingAll Hoop. W..u All.... D..ed.Arnl N. WIMMERS may
LOT 582 Venice Gardens. Price for conversion and ex- RA9WKLL a FROWN REALTOR listings lust what you arc

11.850. Write Walter Polskl lanslon to offices or other Female Help Wanted type of business ana O. Hat 117.VMlorNnkimite. Bnk BMf, 221 W. Miami Av*. looking for.

5M 73rd Ave., No., St. Petersburg commercial use. Zoned CI-A. personal stationery, cards, plc- Vxilc. FloHiit.
,. 17. f* t. l 18. 1'M. 488-5508 H. P. HORN
ria.J Realtors SECRETARY with typing and .rds, tickets, programs, etc., 1',1>11.111 J. ">

I Byron Markle Ruth May dictation ability. Filing experience can be printed for you quickly, REALTOR
ADJOINING LOTS In Nokomis -I 488.4700 4881833. Must be neat and properly and for a fair price NOTICE OF FICTITIOUS INTFNTIOJI: NAME TORECIR7T.R

East One front on Ra- have attractive personality.Phone 'ty your Florida hometown 748 ondntao.d do h.rob 5.050, ..... PHONE 488-3785 ANYTIMEU.S.
wnna St" the other on River' VENICE GARDENS. 3 bedrooms 488.1949. newspaper. Equipped for bothletterpress th., 5n copdu.t/0.. S I.nllo' ......1.. HOUSE 41 and Alba Rd.
Blvd. Zoned I>".i_ .t P. O. Rot IVI Nokomli' *
for trailer or 2 bath, air condition.. and offset, drilling, ,.1.., .ml... th flelllloii., nun of Rot A
"wises. Phone 488-1564. I Let .. -. ..d that Mid) firm In East Venice
Can be seen Situation Wanted stapling padding, ete. as War J i>ll r lion.(<
ed. No broker It _..noid, of th. followlw p.rtonmTK. .
WT Call 488.6716week quote you on your next Job. whs.. Md pln of rondMlM >raH t
742. by appointment.
13 Venice Oar.dens
3 Bedrooms 2 Baths City
and BARTENDER 15 year experience r fniknr I
9g. $1,800 net. Owner. 300 I days 488-1770 Sat. References. Seasonal THE VENICE GONDOLIER, Cwnld W. c....,. P. O. IIoa II' N'komi. Formica Kitchen Paved Street TRAIL FRONTAGE

Phone!: 11th St., Boca Raton. Sunday. position Phone 488-3657. 118-124 E. Malnl AT*.. .'rWA'Smith., IM V.nkt An., W, Carport i Utility Cantrally.duct.d Gas Hut
395-3764 I Iovu Pool V mk4 for At- 400 Ft. North of
BEAUTIFUL SWIMMING Phone UMltt On.Alp of SeA w.0 J.nlbe sr'Ik5 Screened Porch Prepelred
I .I.o"S 01' RII8. I.MII home. :2 I bedrooms den FlorIda RETIRED NAVY CPO desires 5. .0 toIbnl. Corner Lot 85 f ISO eondit.onimj. f
dlao Pt Venice
OmW ConiT. pr
_ewMs. LOU BIBIVKSS SITES room. 21x31 screened patio. work in Venice Englewood Legal A. Smith 10 Mr erat. *
JACOB aaMNTELK Furnished if desired. Good filincing. or punta Gorda area. 35 year It to Mr Intention. to .,,1, to thTin .

INLET Seawalled private 2102 Georgia Ave., Englewood electronic experience. Prefer NOTKP OF INTENTION TO S. of th.Counts rlrailt. PlnHdB Court, to I In .rfl nd I.forMoU toh. .. GULF COAST DEVELOPMENT $65.00 Per Ft.

boat basins. E. L. Kilton, Grove City. broadcast, TV Station or Marine RJXilSThR FICTITIOUS NAMHTb Mid ..m. Bat W., I..U"H.! 4816413INTERESTED
.., .
turf .
BaYShore undnln doM korobr .k. M tt l* provlllonl of OipUM
Drive. Nokomis. radio. 1st class RadioTelephone tktt ... Is ooitdnetin m T........ nndOntmt [ LOT. Venice. Good for nearly new :2 I bedroom house. "nd.r tk. ftetlUout ft._ of VRNU IM/.
it wYn1 Cottage Sacrifice Can handle on small down pay Business Opportunity and> shot ...H tlrm l to ..mr>.>l of tht HARVEY A $MITH.P05)1,51 .
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519 GULF STREET Hid n.mo VRNlr TERRAZZO CB- Full price $6,537.50. Agent And Lots
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:2 Bedroom house Episcopal Church Parish Hall. J.... 17. F'S. I, I'. n. It" PHONE 488.3785 ANYTIMEU.S.
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For Sale Cash waiting. Box 746, A. A., ; H.tT Mt...

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