fHIE\1 )fY SERVICE In Af rrllrk 8l< llllr.ihnr.1 > II' Phone 31S1 MMI
Sm III'". -. 1."I
Adrian. Hah Sh.1 I '- ,
f+ hWlD! A TOSPHrPEJ I' ,rn V. Fir."trie q; '
". Under New Management
AoI.jnn,100"0.I n 11- I'
""..kp. V. MftrirH
R. .Morin., A.I""..'. I II"J 100 CLUBOn
'pulir HrmJs; of Beer to Tike Out. Vi-lti V. Fn..l .. _
Larsen V I. ui,Ir) 1 tl ,
ak I ;r, tut: V: Furniture l1. South Tamiami Trail SARASOTA
l Va,'k. R. k Krnt I e
1 B & B BAR ( ..n, I-'..1'. ._ q', I FEATURING
Nikon. V. ,. lW
F 1"
r J I ,IIi.m.. V. ....I "0 i DAVE DUNCANOne
I f. E HAVE THE COLDEST BEER IN TOWS Unix...*. V'. m: ,trii 1
"3 I V. Rl..,...h. R, t R, "J
I 1"-wellyn K I h Man Quartet at the
, 'J; 1 i'' U I I Arch-r, V r"., 301 Vox
eniceenue Opposite Theatre Furl .:.,1', __. .._ US Drums. Accordion Vibra
tr ", ''J ,;it I..'m..n Hay I'(,.t ,..11
rt II' roth, Hih P,n.l 121 Plays Your Requests
I'.V. V. r',or"I'"n- In't All Drinks at Summer Price

-' ;' Do Away with Drop Curtains JII.v',., Lemon I..,.,t. tray liny I root''-t 1"'t!-I, Come In and Get .AcquaintedMike
I iirklnn. 'h'h K"h.ot.I II 1'2 :I Albrltht :ller.i
hens, V. Lam Irv t2
RUNLETITPOUU( I VIII:,r. V; F'ur.tit.tn: I : i
Frkart Hnrh ah.'I 1 i h'df4 4 4444444 4 44 444444444444.44.44.44444 4 4 4 4 4 4r
| Taylor.: V. M:I..lrl : isM.mnhill. I
Install | V'. Frniture, 11.
HainV., Furniture 1.1:
| ('utn.II. AI""H" t'Jana. i
., Lemon I I'no fort 11.r.la. I smitty'stavern
AIR O BLIND .,..1\. Urn,n Ray Pi l' ,
11".11 l A "rjni) > III ,
ll .N

1t t ar Fnr :Mothers Div

v. Aluminum WHITE CO'O.\%l'T CAKE !

'By Older Only I .

a fin ::7 x Metal :Mothers Da\ Greeting ; 125 South Tamiami Trail Verice

Decorated In Pink ; "The Bright Spot 011' the Trail"

"L & S" BAKERY '

307 A\, Venice A\e It Delicious Sandwiches When You Are Hungry


'.,, Jalousies Phone 3135 \ I I PACKAGE DEPARTMENT }

t )lIt i.1e \' IIcthn: Type Awnings

\\ IIllhlt i Rum
Yrur For.h and Breezeway \' I . . . . $2.89 Fifth
Will be cool Dry !

Any Color No Extra Charge BeltonsGin ? Fifth
. ; $_.9.
Call! us for Free Minute

No Obligation 0 Milshire Gin $2.00 pt $1.001-2pt'


VeniceFurniture Painting Wm. Penn Fifth
UpholsteringBody Whiskey l. $3.29

Repairing King Wine, .75 Fifth
Electric e . .10. $
: WeldingAnd

General Auto Repairs Old Guckenhei er'

R. (,, IUINES Owner i\ Blend)

321 West Venice Avenue Venice.! Florida Stancil&PotteMiami 40, % straight whist

Tune in for 15 minutes Phone Music 3133 4'30 Sunday, WFLA Tampa Phone i Avenue' 2541 $3.69 Fifth $2.32 piI III 1Pt.

I .
: ;
>>m.HH .

7e +1. r ?r

'-"*,T *r*' ).."t!., .

111x1- 6. 1948 .. TZNICZ: OONDOLXKl Page Three

Surgeon General to Present eral Hospital Survey and Con- of federal funds. Bcteele, the Governor and others.

struction Act which assists' hospital The first check which the new I National Interest will be centered -
First Hospital Federal Aid Check construction projects
, Burgeon General travels to Flor- on Live Oak as thesceneof
through grants of one third of the
ida to present to Governor Cald- the first hospital expected to
onard A. Sfcheele, newly cost of planning, constructing and
tad surgeon General of the to present a federal check to the completely equipping needed new well will be for $28,275.90. as the be completed of more than 500

(public Health Service, will Suwannee County Hospital. This hospitals.A first partial! payment on the Su- In the nation to be started under

address at barbecue and celebration on wannee County Hospital grant of this program this year.
|his first 3a
$89.667.05. Fedtral funds are paidin
the grounds of the
new hospital
8, 1948.
Florida on May
jat installments
as construction GONDOLIER Classified Ada
now nearing completion, is expected -
[ eccepted Cover.MiHard -
chfele has progresses on new hospitals under
cost little, yet produce fine emults -
Caldwell'i Invitationtend s yy r attract several thousand this program. The federal act
[ ceremonies at Live Oak guests including leading politicaland gives priority to ne'w constructionin Just phone Venice 3131 before -
professional pm'. .
men throughout areas where,no hospitals exist 5 Wednesdays.CUT
the State.
at the present Ume. There aw
Florida's five-year, hospital construction nine hospital projects in the State
[IDE TABLESVENICE program Is being directed for which federal grants have been ME o PIN ME

INLET: by the Florida Stat Im- approved three of which are now OUT t'PGULF
provement Commission under the under construction.
punts Rasa Correction I terms of the Hill-Burton Act of Live Oak professional and civic
High Law 1946 which allots $1.465.37500 to leaders, In staging the barbecue
rt, p.,0 11:10 a.., .:01 alII Florida each year, provided local and ceremonies at the site of their Theatre
p.m. communities and the counties or .ew hospital expect Severn
its, T IfIt a m. 6:26 a.lII.
\I:28 ..m, ':18 p rn.Us the State provide $2. for each SI. thousand visitors to hear Or VENICE
? 0 1,04 a 6:40 ......
r 6 11.18 1:51 .a... ."IT:01 p.m.M a.m., 1 ISAY'AVcYOU Box Office Opens 7:30 P.M.
UII p m. 8:68 p.m. .i! YDr. -0-
.. ...,
Ma 10 2:64 a. :11 a. I SEEN MSLORDSHIP Thursday
U'I\ p.III 0:44 1'.11I.
", 11. 11:1' p.... 0:06: p."'. l I II Mar '-I
I: 1:54 p...., 11:11 p.I. ? I
11" ... Leonard A. Schools .." Sawgoon THIS TIME: FOR KEEPS
nr May 13 1:41 p. 11,4& p"" General .< U. S. Public Health '" I 4 Esther Williams
Service. who will not 'Qi
hit fin
0Complimenb- public M...... ... May S rt Ur major 0." I b r Taurus Mrllholr
'1.. Occasion; i. blfbtKIM Selected Short
.1 MW S...... C.e.hrHospital : MiramMh j YI I;' -0-
sew nearing completion 14prmni .
or *. .f Hilt federal check I* Friday and Saturday
the St*** t. M .hospital call1tntetieawet. s "WESTERN tttilOtf
Boat ...... ,
lastic Age Robert Young-Rundvlph Scott

andEquipment will be the list federal moneyto : Latest News and Cartoon
reach the State under the Fed- -0-

| Co. JJ Sunday and Monday

Dependable May 9-10
Distributer of ServiceWE
Frier Jt Fiberglas &at. .\.....::- Douglas Fairbanks Jr. a
SPECIALIZE IN A diploma or award for achievement comes only after lout Maria Monies
Retailer .f Chrysler Products and trying applied effort. Personal fame or famed brand name Latest Newt and Cartoon '
for products, too, come only as a result of applied knowledge
Suppliesand and long effort! For the brand of your choice come to -0-

NOKOMISGARAGE :Tuesday Wed. Thurs.
Equipment JIM PONOER'SPACKAGE Mar 11-12-1J
0\ THE TRAIL LIQUORS Lana ;rl1rnf'r. \'ltn Ileflin
.. -
NOKOMIS: FLORIDA \ &1 E GEORGE T. DEVLIN \ ... .t \ I I. CartoonC.
Phone 2J81

>> j


OWN= j jf




PHONE VENICE 3694 4, 1

We Specialize In Tropical Plantings } 1

Landscaping Lawns 1 fji-j:*
t a


1 Golden Shower Trees ; fj' ,

Variegated Rubber Trees fr, '

All Kinds Of Palms i


30 Different Varieties Of Hibiscus t f

Bougaiiivilleas Ligustrum ttr:

Flame Vine Jasmine

Ixora (Flame of the Woods)

Over 1,000 Crotons To Pick From


Grafted Double Yellow Hibiscus .



....... .... ... -' ',"

-. r _

.7" ............ It ',
h. W : 1::" .. .

. -
'W Thursday May t
Palms Four



B./ Point N.a...u
George I*' Sniper Pietas!
m A rli d d Y I U ..m. Bunchy School
...- 1d1 n 1v i40, II LID Horning '"'" ,hip.
sk 1145 ,..., Youth F.llo.,h|,
7.to p...... Evening serum.
Wednesday. 7 80 |'.m. ii*
prayer and tent ..r.I... *"
"I do not agree with a word Ou but I will\ defend Wfi, +rww Englewood Strvlu.
t i with m> lice your right to say it.-VOLIfAIRE l It ..m. Sunder School', min i-

y Published every Thursday Editorial and business office, 313 West 6 t iu1* .s / Lampp.I p....aupt Church service **

Venice Arnuetnct\ Florida P. O. Box 632. Phone Venice 3131.
D Camphtll Cra.f rd. P."
l Nehea.I, Ad .rtiw. U ..m. Bible Clan "
Representative Ham, Morning service.
':U p..... ITU
" TIEWSPAPER A a.TI: Nt; SERVICE. 111iC.w 7:88 v.m. Evanlnir service\ .

spy..oh ( Heheasl fiwrl A.s.o.5wle I pr.W.dn..d.,.. aarTin. _I SO I'm. Yd.


Serving Am.nca't Ab. "eII eM Horn T.w. Newspaper Rev. J. W. Hlnlon Pure
U .. .. Sunday 8. honl; 11
g milt MKHM AN:.ChkJtsl.1 M..OFFICES. .... Itdf.Su rsoclM..CD Evening Horning amlMl services 4 W p.m..ilntd.r HTUil. I
5731 Grand CinliU!! TnlII, lld(., Nee Tork K.T. Ml Wbltt W|. Seam i Wads. prayer meeting.
' Entered .1 second-class matter June 6, 1948. at the poll office n ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL
.1 Vmc. Florida under th. Act of March 3, 1879. I OWE TOMYANGIL MOTHER CHURCH
Riviera St. and
+ Katpr. Palermo Pi..
rq, Subscription rates: On year $2.50, six month, $1.501 three Dr. Leonard W. 8. (inker,
Priest In Charge
Y months, 75c. Claiiifiad advertising rates 2 cants par wand, first 20 I:41 a.n. Sunday So hoo'.
'0, word; I cant per word for each additional word. II (..... Morning ooroit.
-- ---
CARROLL H. WILLIAMS. ... .. ...M......... .. .... Editor and Publisher LATE TO CLASSIFY"By CHURCH OF COD
"TOO 1
HELEN: WILLIAMS .. ....... ... .. ................ Office Manager I. Rt. C.Venice U .Iern"Avenue... Poster

HOWARD BRILEY .. .. .. .. ......... ....... .......... .... Shop Foreman RUSSELL KAY It .. Sands Srhou
41 a.n. Prttehiix.
.. 7 80 f.m. Proa.hi.l.
:Y; Thursday. 180 ".m., Youn, Fees,
"MOTHER"in The policy of the present Stat! Road Board in lon range plan- Servlc
: Friday. T.I P.... benefit ,
1 ning with the welfare of the state as a hole Its first considerationIs supper

} idle moments, I sit and stare com. mendable. and If continued It will eventually give Florida a VENICE CATHOLIC CHURCH
road system second to none and Insure the taxpayers the maximum Naaaaa at Taact *,..?
< At an embroidered cushion, on a vacant chair, Venice
return on their Investment. IU.. C. L., EiiUnil.r Faster
, 'to t ..... Haar
Wondering why things happen as they do, The present board has demonstrated -

'. I I't miss Her voice, Her pleasant smile, what can be accom- I boards and enables ail Interests to
. plished when commissioners forget I work together efficiently and effectively -
Her pleasantness that was worth while
selfish Interest and considerthe for the welfare of not

Her words of praise, and encouragement, needs of the entire state only the particular county: or district -

ti She gave:; to everyone where ere she went. rather than the needs of their involved but for the state as
own Individual districts. a ,holc

I ,E She toiled, She struggled, She loved, She wept. This sensible policy he rrsuted Up until a short Mme ago I had

For all ot us, and those She met, in the elimination of much waste. no knowledge of how the State
effort It the
Mid prevents construction
r No task too hard: no hours too long, Board was conducting Its pro-
of dtad.enJ roads so
To ti\e to those, whether weak, or strong, common In the state a few years tram I learned of it from my

,\ character, so beautiful and so true, ago, and has given Florida one of friend Courtney Campbell commissioner -
She must t have realized, I am sure She knew, the best records In the countryIn of the First District, MOTHER V\\

Her days: were numbered, and She was through, the construction of good roadsat and I figured that probably a lot

Her struggles ending her pleasures few., minimum cost. of other folks were uninformed on Time grow s' ort. II
The present board Is made of
' up the subject so decided to bring It you're going to jet
She Iwe1!, She died, :a rest well earned, men who for years have traveled to public attention that sift for Mother,
And, to all of us a lesson learned, highways of the state. not onlyin column. through yoU'd better do It right

To give, to help, and sympathize, their own particular districts way! And for the
but statewide from Pensacola to
t To friends and otherwise.To RIGHT gift the gift
neighbors, Key West and this Is probably the that sure to please

leaf a life so when we die, principal reason for their abilityto AFTER YOU HAW cpriie to KNONVLES
act and think of the state as a
Our friends will meet and also sigh, whole
in mapping a long range
AnJ learn the lesson that death reveals, improvement program. READ THIS COry KNOWLESJEWELERS

r+e The I lesson that life itself conceals Early In Its administration tIe OF THE GONDOLIER

That embroidered cushion and that chair board established a practice of Arcade
empty Post Office
calling on the commissioners of
Will make me wonder, but make me care, each county in the state to give

t t Will! give me strength and courage to carry on, thoughtful consideration to the TO SOME FRIEND

' To fight the battle mj' Mother: won. actual needs of their respective
counties and supply the State
Her struggle at birth, then life itself, Board with a priority list of the IP NORTH

construction jobs they consider
; Leath the Release the most needed with -ecommen- I

'; And Eternal F Rest Her Reward should datlons have as to first which consideration of those listed HAIR STYLE OF
This policy makes It Imperativethat MONTH

SARAH CATIfHIJ'\E KES'l ER J.I R. K. the several county boards get "The New Short Look" p

Passed: away May; 31, 1935 June 6, 1935 together and iron out their own
differences so that their appeal to '
the State Board will be unani- Charm

New Construction mous as to their particular local
Beauty Salon

Repairs and Remodeling needs While the State Board Is not TRIXIE LUCILE I 'p

BOLD A HOME obligated to follow these county Phone :8M r
ADD A ROOM recommendations, it usually doesso t
ENLARGE YOUR HOUSE: : provided such recommendations Closed Air.Day Saturday
fit In Intelligently with the
Call overall needs of the state as a
JW2 and we will call on you at your: convenience and
estimate an Year needs. whole and with the needs of adJoining r
1 Do You Hare

G. E. YoungbergVENICE This co-operative policy has developed ?, atet V an ABSTRACT or

FLORIDA harmony and understandIng I r .I TITLE INSURANCEon :
between the state and county ,
the property you own.
"- -----
"#U HH
IH4'''# the
You will need one or
When You Want A Plumber Bad SUMMER RATES S other sometime Avoid dW 1
MLE Come In and talk to iu

Be Sure That He Is GOOD NOW IN EFFECT your title.ABSTRA

Dependable Plumbing

Contracting Repairing TITLE INSURANCE

Full Line Fixture and Material Granada CourtApartments

Water Pump Pipe and Fitting Abstract Compa'


JOSSART KINCAID p. o. Box (11 Mane t3tl of Sarasota
Phone 3601 Stan I. Dry.e presidiums
Venice, Florida J N* CklUrm *r Pa plaaat I ACCURACY MTABLUHBD lass .
IHHHnl""HHI'IH.I'HH TlttHOMM also M4 till 1. ;IIS'N.


... ,. : "JoM \.,. .\ "" :,.

*, y. m t r .

TY b.l I

May 6.

NODIItN CLASSIFIED,.PEADLISI.: :AD ay CLASSIFIED 1 I ADS 2 er CLA nts lSlrtm RATES wort (0Dtnrd ,.r lest I

n ned Jint sJvurtbry wick, Me : :1 20 Lnm.l word., :tent. .wrh Nvrut.a add_

Payment prompt ,'har... 26 ", ...101. i



FURNITURE: of all kind.. Ven.ding CONCRETE WORK and trurkln. Loul. I
fill .n Point 237 W. MIami Ave" Nicely furnlahed.SUWoO .n\ll.tPd.i Ad"'J.n. Phone Venice 266& DESIRABLE: SELECTION of builncua DON'T WISH YOU HAD
2.02E Cumfortahle and Pl_ Utilities 'In. and residential ailea In city of Venlct
eluded Special iiimmcr rule. frlvatr. Earl Cottrell .. by owner If 1.1t'.Iod. austral you in- 159' Building Lot
Ready fur p.ul Ni vertical Ad.lre. Bog ,It. Venice, Fla. 50' X
occupancy May I
1. .
ICS S.rrnrks blllldln. III' I &0', Very Terry Phone 2KJS Modern pumping equlpm.nt. Work yourBilliard. Cleveland A.Vfnu
w City nl Veatch' our Glly Cur-
able Phone Sarasota 70-MO
THKFK ROOM ."". tM"M in '. 26&4. or V.noo A COMPLETE $200.00
ln/ .. All ahttrie kitchen Year 'MunilI. |\ii
'al0tPit Arm Surplus Sale ""uTTnOpl"""* Lyons Hay Road GENERAL REPAIRS _..... REAL ESTATE SFRNHE
... "' I..d nod. Lawn Sales Rental.Coverine Paved Electric./: Water.
Ufilrt Air Bana arming mirhlnn, itovn washing m.-
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS JOHNSON .hl..... Mr saws h.rrx-tied C. A. Lamb : Deed.
84 Elrrtra: Fee Simple ;
THAIRSMrBiinkB'ds flour puti.bet|| lI.n lust off Trail the FORT M\RIO ,HEA andall yPurchaser
TABLES AND near Snug H.rbur. P. O.
Pr Hay
rES On drnpl.y >l Uw. .
Gywery Box 157 Liurcl. i.f SOUTHWEST ".0 II iliA I Abstract
if. $2.10nnll.t. :; rat homye vi b.anlHul riverfront ..I.t.. to pay ?

r..* i !** KV\ Mn. Nellie Cosby STRONG. STURDY PLANTS .. Colonial location. including improve If abstract de'lred.
18.1lvw for Fk.
$ the Kill ArrowiTFfT Ida luniliiriipint rd and unimproved Imi.ical bland beach
'CNM Becomes Bride of I .r low Priem.MELROY'S 1" '".ITI.H, tuliInK louu. builneoopporttinitlea -
NURSF.RLauro' and Income letup Including
R.f'rdu: portable lice radio., Donald NoyetMM EiUblMird 19>' motor courts, trailer camp*. hotels. H. N. Wimmers
end' We have a Turn .., .
InT tight >t Laurel pout Offic operating h. farms and eroven ,
11li. In purOct condithm I 610 upHSir Nellie Co.by, owner of the Large and mall tracts of land A
IA Shop opro.lt gulf Th- Co/jy GENERAL: HAUI.IN.d amtt.rting. ......plet* rental service Send. for frtdearrlptlvr I REALTOR I y
0,001 |Phone in Venire and Yard work Murk Ml, dirt .,,,.n, hand. folders. and maps of this tropical VENICE, FLORIDA I
Donald Noyes formerly I'l'lo F>li... Phone 2012. KKtlnnJFFFCOTT.
N' hlrvrlr 2.": girl's !'",y.Jr. !4"1r .
( ,, huh Two tarrnn reels and toil Conn., but a winter guest REALTY INVESTMENTS I
tai ..Dell noel and rod I lackr table not HER1E! IlEAR'E! HEAR TO! LOST
of, twohurnrr hot pl..... newt .me here during the past season. acre tome One)! Come ARt 847 Float Street Fort Mrera, Florida"Everything

him one .1Jft""m.tie ..... Two married in a dnubl ring ceie- 'n" ar'.uon'hipetat Nixht ,,f Cam" In Real E,Ula" LOST ashes' Fur. ....rot I.dHur "
II N, "mil $100 ..,h. see the alasat Ninny Awards and i...c. Inierlvtinn hIM"..-. Reward j
u0t'.ntn( icy-WA). mony at the First. Methodist I HELP BUIII THR Both the USUAL and UNUSUAL Die Reading. phone Stll2. V..tl<. M '
church In O-ala April 19, friends V :!\InNOkOM: IA Trailer; I'ark.

here learned this v.e-k I HIGH I-rid.FiHOOL. May. HAND In n 0'N Wro-tlh..kh.--;: : Five WILl, r.....,. who hok army r0- arm t
Venice Clot rlUNDLID ,,' mums and hulh ...'....,..i ur In1l." 0"1 .r rnnk'y I..ft at wolre '
The groom has been associated date _,....Ion. f i.OtiO diwn. linlnniv I, night I't... .,turn il At onrr. Preset at
for the past seven years with TedHilton's SUEInadteitently n-.nlhlv pre...,nl.. II. K. Ct ruwliy. 4111 I'" the -'ft n. station. No nu.uGaaa ...., '
i Alhambra Venire. Chi.na 1761.
'Hide-Away Vacation The Gondolier
Path, Camp." I failed tc mention In last week's I I JOB PRINTING I
The newlyweds are making their tory of the sale of the El Patio | Let THE GONDOLIER do )':) (*'

ca0e R EIPERT SHOE REPAIR G. T.Ralph' home at Donnell'g\ Trail End I Hotel that negotiation on both OF INTENTIONTO printing Just phone 31.11

Shoe Repair Camp" on the Wlthlacocchee I II sidewere handled ty Frank REGISTER: rlCIIIKMH NAME '

P. nUt Slalioil SARASOTA I River at Floral City Fla. They I Cadwcll. of the H N. Wlirnnei The undtritifrntHl d,*. htrebv unify that I nun DiE
%w ll conduction a Now and l)>nl' riirnl-
nice Annc-fi Mltrhrll'i Barber Shop recently bought the camp. I real estate office. lure Retail bu.I...a at \'..,..., rli.ri.lainilir | Mn R. A. Babcnck wife of
the rirlitlinii. name il 1
VENICE: TRADING COM1rullimln Professor R. A. Babcock; of Ptn'-
'0,1 that .aid firm I. ....1 "I the
2633 -Sarasota2529 |.T..,n. who .e na'mn wed |.ln....- I duo UnlvuMty Indiana died res- ,
Sincere thanks and npprechlirm: tn those who, sup- Phones nl R.n aid G. nre Hiiinm are. .921. follows VY. Vinlce Avenue, today morning at S.na.sota Hit.I .-

it portdl me at the polls last Tnevlu: :and the l'esl Venice Florida.uv'nrrnhip .of VENICE: TRADING I
POST / a rollimm {
of luck to I R. G. Hnlne %.lv owner. |
ServiceDay It I. my Inlintion G, apply| l tu tin. rl<.rk ,I II\r Ivi iiruith follnuinj a drake
of the Circuit Court In and fur KurimilaOiunty
MorMa. ti> nvi 1.U'r the raid liiiin- I bout a year.uo. had been Itrinj -

.. W.H."BILL"WOODARDFinn or Night I of Venire.;.f thin'-i Tr.diny'd Ji-ill ml under l one the..( Hor-pnivi.ii.nn I I at the Vtnlct Bay Trailer

/Ida. Arts of ItHl.Witmw Park and were just about to ir-

Prompt :and Courteous ID4H. my hand thin 6th Any i.f Vii>. I turn to IndIana. ..>- *.

It t;. HAISI:9: I --- ---
W. Cnspersen ROBARTSSHANNONFuneraillome 1'lIbll.h I May '. U. 211. 27. 11'.0.
inH'ruec F.uterser +
The unilrnfened .. Cement W ark
111"1 Iii ...............-u:1 1 III ill I II II II II I Immmr .they t Fnirliv.are riindurttnir.,.Ml. Klnrulii,a .pliimlinic nilI,.r the l.u-ln.firth! I lie Rniuot
I b.... name ..i
and that raid firm l I. piimnuwrl. of the f.il- \rnln tilt
bowing prnwinn. a how nom, mid |IHCM
01 ..."to ....- nrv as follows:
Fred L. limit. Jr,. mclrwiiml' !. HiirliliRnym.ind .
Building A New Home? .I. l,,mit. '....)........l. t.oI.,
in .. fIlow...
Ha.mmd J. Lung. .:0..1........ Fk.rlda.. SERVICE CALL
Remodeling Your Old House---- 11..4. J. l-onv 60 per rent. .
It I* our Intention. to apply In th. VenicePlumbing I
Clerk of the Circuit I limit In and fur Bar t
: :
RefurnishingA a.ota lounly Florida nwlrtir the >ai I Iname i ShopBox ,'
i of Long I lumhlnv and ftiuulM undir -
the pnniahma: of (hn.t.r Zim'.J: : I Law U, Venice Phone 2151 1
House Room? i.f .1".101.. Aitaof lull .
or I
Who. > our hands thin (4th diy ..r I ,
April IMS
rKHi: L. HIM. JK \
I'uMl.h I Apr 29, May N, 1). 20 HUH

Dempsey will head tht

SeeKING'S Sarasota ro.mty portion of tin FnglfHIMMfililiphoni ;' .I,

newly oreani/ed! Florida: Citrus (
\inice 2188
Yt Mutual' mi mbei slut) drive It r

was announced thl week by
()I'X UI. \'KAKHnins Ii
for i James C Morton rf Waxeil.

l head of Mutual .It1IZo1tionRI : 1 12 2 5:3U 8 :I

Complete; Selectionof committee. CLONED: 1l''f.U-S )I :

ROOFING //rl :

"eec' Roof Work, of All Kinds 1 lJi,

Slid II. "" \1.01-| Well In v. _
\ i
ec' Fhonrv Bus. 2873 Home 2981 ch

Household a p !linden Test Equipment

Grnninp Parts--Flee CsUnulmVENICE !j"",

:and t N
I'IWXE 67Z .If(

I.awn Furniture lot 'ff/Iij Iii


Shoe Repair 251 W. Venice Avenue .
-0- "i
SOIl t. Old Fire Station
-= .0.- '

'We Feather Your Nest



of Punta Oorda







\ '

S ,

';;;:;: ;:::-: ......



ELECTION Attorney General Nokomis Beach IN A HURRY
L. Grady Burton 63 70
Continued from Page One) P Guy Crews. .. M 13 Fund Total 3461
Bom, 2447: J. T. Day 149 Richard W iDick Ervin 3d 7J If No Answer, Can tajs

S'' County Judge-Justice, 2410; Hugh L. McArthur 15 17 Now $1,663.75 VENICE TIThe

Chapman 2194; J. Irvin Walden, Comptroller u.DUIVB-rr CABS FOR F.\
ti02. Bdwln G Fraser .. .. -. 24 55 Contribution to the Nokomis
C M. Gay ... 106 122 Community Beach Fund this week
CNI1ml t-jon. District 3 (com-
H A. Lee .. ... -.... .... 25 22 stood at $1.663.79. it was reported
pleteWoodard. 620: M. Cousins -
108 E. A. State Superintendent of this morning by George T.
129: Mary N. Scott ;
Instruction Devlin, Nokomis garagcman whoIs
:Burt. 100: Finn W. Caspcisen 78. Public
Tom D Bailey .. 76 S3 secretary of the organlzaticn
; (',>mr.I..lo1n.strlct 1 Robert D. Dolley 29 S6 endeavoring to ube a total of
k4 >liti'>- H"'I'! 30): Houle 28o;
Robert C. Marshall 33 49 $2950 to match a similar county
.;& J. lea Is Cobra! 240. and R K.
Commissioner of Agriculture' appropilatlc-M to buy 200 feet of UNUSNAIG < CAN II' C v4l
VarrotH: in
h\\ Nathan Mayo 127 MAmmon beach frontage at the end of A.
" :1 ; "'rnmj..io1Dlstl'lct 5 (com-
McClellan 30 23 bee Road on Tieasuie Island.
tlttfVillam B Kersey 278V ;
,4 Railroad and Public Utilities Devlin said pledges already:
i't. r MiLud, :2'i' : Alderman
CommissionerLex made, If paid promptly, world l4sr rF
'I- 2tO, )N. }1 Wallae. 150, and M. I
1. Bryart 111. Green 71 871 help the committee to reach its
Richard Dick Mack 84 103 I quota and urged all those wow
$': 'II! f'upl'lln\t'ndcnt\ Kim- I
Judge made such pledges to up
/ :truth 2800: B illinjton 24J8lital Circuit have pay
.' ir th.ma 101' laces In Twelfth Judicial Circuit ; as soon as pS>olble.I .
' .. 94 110 contribute to
::11 Vrnsc und Nozomi! precincts W. T. Harrison I Anyone desiring to
folio, Lewis E. Purvis 72 93 the fund l' asked to send checks
, { *"11- as
, .ct; "N' indicates,)komli": 'V' In' Count Judxe to Devlin 01 to J. A. Johnston
..1.4.'a'prf'nlce I Forrest Chapman .. .. in 117 Nokomis grocpiyman who Is
" :"'W, ; John D. Justice 59 82 chairman of the drive committoi

,tt. Democraticdflxrrnor J. Irvin Walden 22 21 ---

t !. Ross E Boyer 91 127 Plans to construct $40.000 woit:
!' Wcra!d H Cooper 0 5 J. T
.; Colin Ea;dish)! 75 50 B. O 'Doug Pearson 111 1(3 Venice Negro quaiters were announced -
Bumrj Md<' <] Hn .. 0 0
{ rH < County Superintendent of
I this week by \ E. Black
Dan MtCarn 11) 93
Public Instruction
burn owner of the East Venlc
j I Basil H Pollitl 0 0 L S. Burlington! 96 123
.' property now occupied by loccNegroes '
: W. A. 'Bill SI'and* 5 :S I Verman Kimbrough 87 94 .
( Also planned he said,
:Fuller Wairt!n 30 61 County Commissioner I
are renovation and repair of the
J, Tom Watson 20 ill District No S
existing wooden frame houses in

the Negro quarters.
Enjoy Snnd Comfort At
. E. A Burt 3 0
, -0J41 Finn W Ca whore li
mi irt\ "se an
) \\e Tia<' Paint fo lour Apartment fur the sear at M Cousins 23 48
! I Individual Taste vrrv low raten Mary N. Scott 1 1

j ," -0- Various xlr. unit rent for W. L iBillt) Woodard 170 115
1101\r Your lawn Furnlturr VHO tit $900 annually,
:1 Spray Painted Now'We Move In Xow and enjoy next RepublicanGovernor
:\ season it no Increase hi
.. Hare
The Color"
" I ales, Acker
10 27 '

;.: i'T.. E HOLLAND THE WORTHINGTON Cogdill 6! 7 kh- StorePhone
In Venice II
7amUml Trail Next Phone County Commissioner
I ia romtnunitcll 3128 \ Good Piace Live Baldwin 11 25

.} : .1 Kluepfel 4 3 3181 Post Office Arcade Venia
-,- ----,,, _.._ _
: \-1.0 Tl'ill11:7 I 1..11'0'" u :;;0.=u -
,, "'P. '1oR Io\t{ .v.vJ..IV{ :I

W A Pr v lcc I. Live In Florida I i

m I A Distinction; ; to Live in Venice; Thank You
: .000

r r'll H. N. WIMMERS i" I I II

h Realtor I Ir. For Your Vote in Last Tuesday's Balloting

e VENICE a FLORIDA i irmftl1 I

'A here the Tamianu Trail I Meet the Op.n GulfS and For


--_._-- Your Continued
Support in the

Lawns Maintained and May 25th Run-off Election

Property Cared For

_I During Your Absence

Close Correspondence .





Convenient .
e e e e

to everything Zt

Yes. When Vni Stay at the El PATIO, : fs

You're Near the Post Office, Theatre

Business District, Beach and Golf Course I






1 Candidate for GovernorPaid :
ZZ1 W. Venire Ave VENICE, FLORID Phone 3J7t

W. L. MILESManaging !

Owner l ( Political Advertisement)

"" ,,'r- 0 '. _

'_ f.

Venice gondolier
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T"S1W1' WOW "" ,:. .0;:.. .... .. .. .... "''i :;:.I. ., ', :, .. '.;(" ."':{:





On J -
'L 1 r 1 17 "A Newspaper

fllht Dedicated to

Public Service"raA

evtasN. Ts.a
varies rororr
aauass .- Ows4T aN4Law "
__ _


, arpon Day I MAY QUEEN .1 i ir THE PEOPLE I GRADUATES 'Woodard ,

o be Held r SPEAK Kimbrough

Now that: the elction: is ;

In May 13 over, there's little more to Re elected .!

say. The I people] spoke. And

they hue: the final word so> .
e i first annual "Tarpon Day" Unofficial, but virtually com'I i

I be observed in Venice's Civic < > rt far as candidates:! ar* con I plete returns of last Tuesday's '

iff on May 13. with pioml- { cerned.Consjritnlitiom. I voting showed re.electlon'

fishing guides to give talks I County Commissioner W, L. ,k;

tt experiences while fishing: for T. : to the wA I I 'Bill' \Voodard of Laurel andCounty '. l'

big diver kings This will also t \\ inners.....and condolences I Superintendent "of Public .

rk; the prize awarding for the to the losers.Channel I Instruction Verman Klmbroughso j.I

tuber of Comm rce', 'Fishln' far as Democratic balloting U
-- I t
--test concerned ;

| tnjor Louis Suter who coned I Klmhiougli has no Republcon :. '
t i HearingDecision
tills idea reported that theI r \ opposition but Woodard next November -

. I Chamber of Commerce and must meet Republican

. I City of Venice will both co- I To Be Francis O Baldwin who wen hU ; :.

}rate to help make this day a f. Dirty nomination with 201 votes f1
m. and get the Eighteenthual II Announced SoonWith to 48 for R. W. I.luepfel.lIShPl1Cf

Tarpon Tournament c 'Ii I B. D. Pearson defeated .'> 1
I nearly 100 civic leaders of ::
food start here In Venice. Ross Borer In his race for re-
Ven:cc, Nokomis, and Sarasota: .
[Heretofore said Mayor nomination, but County Commissioner
I present. the U. S. Engineers'hear! I'S.
fro Sarasota and Tampae J. O. Alderman of I
ing held In the Venice CIvIc Auditorium PATRICIA ANN MIMMEKS;
stood in the: spotlight on this failed to make the run-off, finishing -
asian whereas most of the big .. *1 I last Friday brought out Patricia Ann Wimmers daughter third behind William BKefcy i
points In favor of con t rue.I
many of Mr and Mrs. H N. Wim- W. C. MLeod. .
have been taken off Venice I and
Miss Linda Hates of Englewood
linn of deep-water hannel in
en Sarasota can have its a mers of Venice will be graduatedfrom County CcmmUfloner 0'Is I
winner of the beauty contest held both Dona and Roberts bays.
irdmg of the trophies after here last Labor Day by the I the Cadet Nurse Cops Howell recently acquitted w.11: ,
contest ends, but Venice will American I..t'glon111 be clowned Frank IC.nslrr; district! civilian I Training of Crawford W. Long I'Alderman) of War Assets "frau'!" ; ,'
engineer rrp'-e'-entlng Col! Willis Hospital in Ailanta tomorrow at votes i
fce Its 'Tarpon polled the
Day' before
Itfilter charge:: -
May Queen as a feature of MayDay "
I.: ceremonies this Saturday E. Teale of Jacksonville who was I 4:30: p.m., with exercises to be i In the District 1 race but mist 1'' il
not able to be present. conducted held on the hospital lawn MIa. I
the run-
out May 25 with
added further that mo- May 8. at Georgetown College. fight It
the hrarlnAt conclusion.
: : Wlmmeis a 194 graduate of tile
i Picture and many talks win! Georgetown Ky where she Is'a Kinsler announced the entire j ner-up, John J. Houlej \t
i Venice Nokomis High School entered Early ev -
made on the subject of theer [' student Mi s Hayes was elect j Kimbrough trailed In :
matter would be token under consideration nurse training Immediately! t
kings "so that we will be ed May Queen by popular vote with the government'sdecision inlng result announcements latI
following her graduation from it
e to create a desire to gO tar of the student bodv She Is the to be announced at a ; I Tuesday with Venice for instance 1
that school. She Intends to
i fishing" when the contests daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E giving his opponent, L. S. Bull- II I
later date.
In Atlanta until fall when ,
underla>'. Hayes of Englewood former Baptist stay Ington a 123 to 94 load but gradually '
With Kinsler to assist In the she will receive her Registered with the
I missionaries to Blull.I forged
focli men at decree Olbbs of hearing, were W O. KosKl, his Nurse rank and be eligible for
Venice Inlet Tarpon Center: I assistant and W A. Read in counting of Sarasota City far-Mots
Army, Navy, or civilian nurse f t.
I the start '
kdy Ringo; Vic Hamlin creator I Dogs May BeInoculated charge of the Tampa C. S. Engineers duty. Her parents are leaving Woodard led from '
3 precinct
[ Alley Oop througnout the
; other
sub-district office
Venice today to attend the exercises
cd I tarpon fishermen will be [ count, even in Venice, where he
Among the speakers favoring W.Caspersen .
83 for Finn
re to 115 votes to
put polled
some zest Into the
(air, added Suter..tournament 2-3; p.m. SaturdayCity either one or both of the channel- and 48 for M. Cousins. ",
deepening projects were J
Community Mary Scott received one
e Tarpon catch. Councilman Smyth Bro- Dunn, Nokomis. representing local fifth candidate In t '
I have been made off Venice. 8 commercial fishermen: Col. vote,
h hard announced yesterday Club Installs the race E. A. Burt, did not geta
ranging from 50 to 104 Mayo of Sarasota; Richard H.
id Dr, C. L. Butler, Sarasota veterinarian single vote hereIn I
will be In Venice at the Gedney Venice real estate man: whole, FullerWarr'n f I
New OfficessThe the state as a
; Sunday
Buddy Rldtnour. old fire station Saturday. May 8. Robert S. Brynard president of with t
lit Hanchey and Earl Edge the Venice Land Co.: Leo Kropp, led
to Inoculate -
two until three
from p.m. count, to Dan ,I
at last
Community Service Club 149.168 votes
Inr for the silver kings with well-known Englewood real estate
| L. Dunn on Miss Carolina dogs against rabies. man; J. E. Bartlett extensive Installed Us new officers at McCarty's 143,408. They will fight I' '
ded Brohard pointed out that this I dinner party In the Venice Country It out In the run-off MaY 25. Other l'
fish weighing 119, 49 and property holder in both the Venice .
Pounds was for the convenience of dog- Club dining room on Thursday major gubernatorial candidates'totals :
| respectively. Charlie and Englewood areas, the Rev .
owners, and urged that those dogs evening, April 29. with fifty were as follows: i
fishing with Mac Rlngo. D. Campbell Crawford, pastor of _.. & ,
not already Inoculated be taken I members and guests attending. 711.3"1W '.1
light In one weighing 104 the First.. Baptist Church of Ven- Colin
there: at that time .. 51.894 t\
nds ice; Mrs. George Hauser. representing A short business meeting was -

her husband, who owns presided over by Mrs H. S. Bow- Tom Watson **.245 :

f-TA Fish Fry to Be the Venice Lumber Co.: Millard den, who was re-elected presidentof Sixteen out of the county's 13 I

ELECTIONEnRlc [ Davidson, secretary of the Sarasota the group. Mrs. Bowden Intro precincts reported the following

e ,'ood Parent-Teach- Held for BandInstrument Chamber of Commerce and duced the new officers to the totals In Sarasota County races: f .
estate called for a brief > 2914; Row .
Association will hold Its n- Vernon Beattie Venice real group and I Sheriff-Pear on

election of officers next FundA man. resume of projects accomplishedby (Continued on Page Six)
during the past year I I
nesday May 12, at the En- group
fish fry, to be sponsored by the various committee chair '

[X>ood not school officers house following! with Instal-It was the the Community Venice-Nokomis Service Club Woman's and P.-TA to Install men.A from. I II I Coming Events ,1 I j I t

and com
used 1 program of games
yesterday by Mrs. E. A. Club will be held Wednesday
tholomew. she also added : New Officers munity !singing arranged by Mrs 1
that the KMI
re might be more Information May 19. at 6 p. m on H L. Mundy following the business Thursday May 6 "

| that time on the Englewoodunity parade grounds Next TuesdayNew meeting. In one of the high : 12.15 p.m., Venlse-NokomM Ro- y

recreation center. This project Is for the benefitof lights of the program "Winner' tary Club meets, Venice Country :.
the Venlce-Nokomi! High Mr M. Cou-
officers of the Venice-No- Take All' contest Club.

School band Instrument fund. komls P-TA will be installed at sins took top honorsPUR'HASE .1DO p.m., Venice Lions Club!
to the general public
WeatheRATU I and Is open the Nokomis School next Tuesday meets, Venice Country Club

Mrs., A. L. Blalock Is chairman evening at 8 o'clock, wth! Col. F. CABINS Friday, M v 7

of the Community Service Club M B Schramm succeeding B. E. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Smith, 2:30: p.m., Lemon Bay Woman'sClub
RAINFALL Bowen as president. Woman's: Club build- r
i. meets
preparation Ohio, have
Hlfh Uw InchM committee on seated I formerly of Cleveland.
Apr, 29 Bowden; Mrs. Other officers to be Include ing, mEnglewood. >
.. 80 60 0.00 by Mrs H. Mrs. purchased Bay View Cabins on
Apr, 30 82 63 000 H E. Weltz. Mrs George Higel : First vlre-prcsldent. and Monday" May It8pm
1 Rainfall B. Hider. I Dorothy Fields; second vice-pres. Lemon Bay In Englewood ., American Legion NoVel -
this month ,... 4.77 and Mrs A.
t' May 1 84 85 000 The Woman's Club committeeIs (dent Homer Mikesell; secretary plan to make great Improvementson | Post, meeting

4 MAY 2 85 89 000 headed by Mrs. Charles McO Mrs. Anne Moremen; treasurer their property in the near Tuesday May 11 ,

aI May 3 -- 17)59 000 Roberts, ,whose co-workers are Mrs Frances mael.Refreahment ). bya future. Included in their purchasewas P.m, Venlce-Nokomis P.-T.A.

May 4 --" 88 '63 000 Mrs Vincent Dixon Mrs. Louis will be served a home overlooking Lemon Installation of officers, No-

May 6 ".. f18 170 000 Slegel; v Mrs.. George T. Devlin committee headed by. Mis V. T. Bay. \\8 School.'a

1 to thi'i' Dixon. i
date ni 000 and Mrs, .Barry WUnbish. .. a U(

,40.1\ _. ," .', ." .' ,_ .. 'W. ., .'.Ie\'i,'.. _
.. "' '
{ .
'' ; -
.''; .1; ". '" I, -

-. .. --

: I

Thursday kite l

I Page Venice to Play Meetings of the Vent

Club hereafter will be ,yr
SPORTSIndians Police TeamTomorrow p.m., Instead of 6:30: PI n i

____ Night Venice Country Club, it g
1.1 __ nounced this week t t

President Louis Pappas
Its cham-
Hoping to duplicate 1

4 pionship winning of last year. the Ralph Adrian outfielder 1
-- -- -
r- City of Venice softball\ team will Jenkins c: Earl Edge pJ, 10

Beat J NOKOMIS MAN Venice -i 1 play its first game in Sarascta outfielder, Lee Brob s
h Stephens 0
4 t n.M\ers,8-J(; I GETS 59POUNDTARPON Men's League County at Payne Spoils Palk Association In Sarasota Lt'ague Nave p, and Byron Jon It' to

1w I'orThird: Win FROM JETTY tomorrow night. mtetlnj: the pow fielder

Fishing off the jetty at STANDINGS rful Sarasota Police l'q'Jad. Game

Racking up then third straight Venice Inlet lute last :Monday time is 7:30: pm.I Evinrudi I' I

:it on'. the Venice-Nokomls; High afternoon. \\lllaim \ Hend ru. Pins I Once again sponsored by JossailKincaid new Jul

Indian, baseball team yesterday erson of Nokomis caught a Emltty' 45 34.7 z. I and Taylor Hard- fo fishing

{+ rested F Mvein Junior HighS 59-pound Tarpon niter a 43- Venice Electric 40 34.898 wore the local squad Is und ri (I

-H ( a same played at Ft. minute battle during which the AdorJan' .. .. .. .. 35 32.r.2: I i I management of Bt ron Jones.

Mer .il\er king made It leaps. Earl's ... ... 33 33.68 I Season OrennI

a Harry Lanlus hulled for the In- He was using light tackle R & R 31 ;11.300 I I The softball season opened last

c; nan' and pitched a good sam llendirsun. who came to Lemon Bay Pot 23 2942.1 'Tuesday night at Payne Parlc

I, 'it-r (tt.ntr off to a haky stal't.I Nokomis from Wisconsin abouta Venice Laundry 28 36.260 with the Altman Chevrolet squad

:." Junior Oiecn \Va\e getting tear ago promptly placedhis High School .. :3 34 559 I blasting the Veterans of Foreign c. yth

h': -Ix of their run In the fir,tm catch on display In front Venice Food \9 34.757 Wars team. 13-2. and the City of

., nnlngs cf the !
i' irtest. Equipment:: Shop In Nokomis '"E"'S RFt'l.Tt! i! clnnnon 17-4.

is, ., Sparked b\ Eddie KIM- home a4 advance advertising for the w edne.daa. Opril 2aVnire 1; Last night the George Betz
the fifth the Ind,and International Tarpon F..d fill" 1111 ;"" 21 1H.yh I
i ell: in 18th Ahadtlrrludint .,,', fi1:1' I team walloped BHntons$, 157
y; i r< all 1 eight or their runs In Tourney. which gets under \av han n.ap 56 ..1.., I while the Youth Center trimmed

1., J last three frames.y here and In SaraotaIay: 15 Friday I ..April', II8mltt. 752 T 141, '00 I --l": I Land O Sun 02.Venice .
y 1'1.1\1 \uin Tuesday Far ', .t 71, a,', 21- ,
a I ,Inrlndinr, h..oI.o.' .. 1,1., : Pl-ncrs
" Coach Chal'lO.letd'- charge Vrnie.. L'n"I" 7." 7i1 list ?21'
R \ ..I i play Saia'ota HIgh hole next \ Lanius, pitcher: Ralph Adrian, A I ,rian ., 712 7'n TV., "J'! I, Playing for Venice! this year
'Irrbdlnr h..dio''I' I 1-2 "h are:
1 .1I0dll%'. :May 11 a:1d11!\ at-1 I lb; Joe Btor*'th. 2b; Glenn Stephens Mntdx. Wpo I.1.
defl-lll'' \ -nlr.. I... rdrv MIT 'Si 71% lilt I I J. L. Dunn 2b: J. A. Oir-ley Its 'lo\eat
1 i,irpt to mir the lone 5*: Eddie Kiys Jb: Doug Filch F,h..1 .17 ;., ;." :..1. Ronnie firsts sigli
...h'e suffered this )('11', They Muidock. right field: Earl Lanius 1.inrhodina h.dl'RP '1<1 inn.. I its: Jim c: hcrc\er fishermen cast an tjt} a
Vrnl" F-'! t O 11"\t boO; '!; : Smith 'b: Harry Laniu" p: Bill
't, t their first tramp cl the sear center field: CI1I\II.'y Flitch leftfield YentaFlaolr.c f',f, 7"S ;.., !!:: this exciting new [\'mrjJtm 'Sfal
Alncer, lb: Billy Hankins, p:
tlneladlne 1 I h..dl."I' :11 |"I.
14 to 1
ri"o Sarasota bj a --corf : "' ", Come and see IIhy Gttll:
1 tit have improved considerably Oadd Jack Pea.son AVERAGESCompiled
Ccach uses i for an hour of
( happy surprscou -
: ,
,n:" then and Billy b\ Marjnrledorjin
as a substitute catcher I It Pays To Play '
II thrill feature
, :ast Friday the Indians jour Hankins and Ronnie Smith as League Secretary I I'Sol ) tq fcitui
Intluillri 1101 Illative ..m..) guaranteed to start
s' r:.oval te, Naples and defeated I utllitj men and pinch hitters. Burk,% AiVrjuni HII FOR YOUR FISHING ANT you tlrcamlllli

1\a\Jes\ 1Ih.l ) G.4 l.anlu.la.. theM :I R.Rlrhiriton! lur.vranl,, R.Sn,*tl'R.. I.,,.', SPORTING NEEDS, wonderful fishing days ahead '! UK

\ ,rrng pitcher then too STORES ('LOSE Onkle, V. Laundry I.hyrryrn SEE IS FIRST revolutionary new outboard n noi
L'ne' -I'pe Most Venice stores this week Jon" V.' 'tdorian'r Foal 1.Wave. I'let, on display it'I the b st shoes
Mailed their annual summer custom ,. I.owo" call I and sec it 1
art!r f 11I"u1' foi :he IndlaasJm I inter. l-.rl. 1'
J. ('ur.i.Ml. hnltlt', 1';
j I of closing! Wednesday afternoons K..arl-r, ,Earl.V. H"trl. 1StI..ra GOODS"Th.

Franklin catcher: Hanv K nrrfm; n Hay P,..tRml 1'l Florida Sptrl-mm'. l'"I.II.I" THE riW'l STORE
h. V, Io.'l'Ir I'u
She,.Wn.. HI,,K f.h..1 I IK ISa OPp. \rnlrtukomii Rank
Rc'r .v.. H.irti Krl.,I '0,
,,, ... ,, Phone 3132
K k .II.I V .! m