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.. ". II .... vomits .. c,.
i vi'. .
.:u-'A. .4i.> t.vj'> A r:-/a! a"i!sjn ?*.& tit the u. CHURCH: OF COD
0 : ;orT. QS. IoIOW CANLETTERS Venice A-Iinut
\.c.r.4J ta.r ctaao.o.t.i t.A J'oU\ !rte sum: b1 a r.r1 f: a rC'''-01: .. E !N3 .... C. D J.i rm hoer"

Lu a avr.. ." .r.::) 7e-r'/J. .K..t.taer c.a K!.r.1. I* a... tuttm Me
U > riocbictTkumtar. .
rs; I Nits try !4.,: ft rr-lsie '. ------ ta. 1-an. Pe.ea.,

I Jlf.r..f.\ far J-rviM tak Ct.c.nO Y.'l.Y. ter fiat Toui| rm
G "'--.t. a pfw.t.yt !'L Sink..
I, -- --- --- ---- I
----- -
Friday. I I R. 1< 'II
ii'y rs/-1 & those from
s.crs.r.t u in' nJnAt: iII r' csrvvjt

; e tea'r.' as tr.t oa.z.t: idea: 'A'* teed rwt* fall: To The EDITOR VENICE CATHOLIC CHUICII
Cull n...... \.,k.
; coosr V. u Mat a trw-in t"- orJ R..,.kJ-a' P;ttn' arC TJ..fcran. ; : St: The Gondolier -01 be glad U print letters W ge.- 1 V.HKt Ann

\ 1 eggs can cny 1JI: ".1..I'1 1ri' .?: sl: I ihwi Anonymous utters sill DOt be consider Howtver. o a-a. a.,16I
Ul It\1", .'", lL.Jj'A. ,':.r k4 p')lUCi if the. writer Learn U hatt only his Initials or SMH tt --. |

:' KUAoI Co..C.l.r ata'fad:: br: m..i' Tea'hers themssa: : reLLze t.Iaitarn .e seek M '.' Evader published. The Gondolier will! a* Mil"
bit are pomerieu to teav&elt f "1\'w.n .r.i :r.-'I' I ____ ___
: .It. Eowrrer IV. "'- I
..aoyth.A.C a --- ---- --- MULLIGANBy
;.- lf..o1! It..& "
Irl' 'J' o. crUt'7.a H11sbot'Ol..lh:
t" 5 :Cara: Sat.tn publicizing the Naval Reserve you
rmrt.a c.o..try 1rbt4 !! t'/uvy gate school teacher wit C.H.W.

.'.. the re.kllirl C'r./n'II'. tf> 1I111.\1\'e :test alt. and in a Gneea Cots E;r.rs P.onda are performing a real public serr
t 11..& astir all City j virteetona aIM"letter tro the .c.1'J'Jj Inert urged: ,I Ed.VJI'. ,

t i' W14 Jllli.t.r Jr t.tr LuA.ai; a..11.Yd. \( th offj?.a i to give more eonsldV enice GordoLer'Dear < Your fine cooperation Is very Six months ago In linkslve ei

,, : as .:(,r.Itfl., l..n'1 ,'"m....!/erauo.1 t"") tf:* three Rs and cut much appreciated. Interview granted The 0oiler.

I. .' 'ILLJ.I-.JIJl'L& t.J.itt.lI.lI torts 1 town tt a r=fiber of Interruptions S::: Sincerely yours, Earn
ii'' I| Congressman
t I rtiic.lrrl. tit asrratng yroa: arAI I r taped won both teachers and P. a TALBOT
I tut to to
express you cy appreciation KnuUon of Minnesota
I Iolf.tA.b: had tli ....k V 'M frt mrr.tnis, in the form of events fain (I Captain, U. S. Navy
for the articles gad
4.!l I 11..1 Neither ..u the I mtm.j. f"\i'ala and other activities for.tgn ) declared the Income tu
pictures apptvrJ in the Venice Commander, Florida Group
1 V f of a vied II"-j nor hM ah e I to the real purpose for whIch uction bill could) be one o|
; Gondolier on the activities the I Atlantic Reserve Fleet.Note .
; t4on traced. iJi high strutting and: j :shoots sere established Florida I major pieces ot legislation! to
Atlantic Preserve
. j.\' ti -irJi/j k drum I They ask that --0I -
( mkjc/ri bays. a cotrun.tt: ;
< t Jt J Fleet. Green eo\.t lip1'1011.. front the new Congress and
, r without a;..<:JI rYmtolUIC' It'):ifr>m the Intermediate grade bt I I Editor's : The Dand-
; da. during Operation Naval! Reserve : only President Truman hli
t..eh cleat v.Ux/J band It OWLS d.(appointed to carefully select and ridge Venice Legionnaire and

I end lmr-I....., i i recommend! tests and work boots I i|I Loves Grocery employee, b amember could stop the Republican
The mission o! the Naval Re. posed cut in Income taxes. ."
for thes
Rhea Dill _( learn that grades: that results I .f the Naval Reserve

.t .' li...rI..., and ripfntlre tan,. from any achievement of lntlli- serve In times of peace is such and left here last Sunday for Congressman Knutson c1

: Marat does., not ait.m&tlcallr genet tests not: b. required at that it is of vital importance to I|I Tampa where be and other reservists man of the powerful House \W

a r tares MI iwrftt spellers anti the urn time report cards or our national security to main. ', embarked .a a training and Means, Committee, cert

> aasaarian, and thaw who I' imllar records are due: that each I! tain a highly trained Natal Reserve cruise to Puerto sUco Be gave readen of The Condole

I are proficient: in mathematical year a revived )lut of available force at all times By your i will be away two reeks.) accurate forecast of dents

i" "}>iorouihdacfctlqnkl 'chool supplies! be made and a come for this week Prsldent
. train- .. ...
-- ..
. i )i.t can only b: Imparted br kklllK copy sent to each teacher: that If man vetoea me Income *

( i. tMu-htrs who art able Uikfcuw art and music are required ape. duction bill which Knuuoo
lal teacher be furnished each steered through Congress
1 )Iriter -H of the pupil in the
,r 'J' lub.ltct kt hand Whether it b! In 'school; a definite time for relaxation It did Indeed take action bl

. .r,I a .,i-rfXJfn cr k million dollar' be set up for teachers each resident himself to stop

I ) MNXJ| building l.i of minor im. day: that the duties of the school t1 proposed reduction Just si 1 III

,', '. I Jortance secretarial be clearly defined as son had predicted. .
they relate to the teaching staff.
I of
; "fkIlJPd
; Instructors may b! Already to
A v I.ad but gets Interruption from divide next visit to T
; + only on the payment ofk gressman BVi

au. ,,t; ware, r"mm"lhurat.with that Interests. namely. program, Ice (he's already made re

;. Laid the bricklayer or carpenter contests May festival, fair eihlblti lions at the El Patio for tJ
What In url( nlly needed In Florida radio programs, ticket While You fall), we're trying to decide Ili

1 te moue t>tr>,>s on capable well wiling/ oprrrttat, junior garden Sleep . major political question we n

trained UkrhTk and !lens expcndilute clubs. and the like, more stress ask him so as to get a pn.-*
.n the three B's and Ins
work '"
I in
oat on
> expensive luxurious of what's in store for us
; for "haw-off purposes A return Yes GONDOLIER:
s 1 Khixjln and a variety of nln.eII' Ads -0--

t I irntUI but rohtly claPtrap" U of the the elementary original and achtol safe that aim work while ) ou sleep. 'The Bartlett twins." molt I N

1 can appreciate) and share Reverts
Mr. the
I Is. to leach needed Want mally known as
skills not to Sell
ArMlw ama1.t'm"nt. I have loriii Just a smattering of Something? Buy Some- Allen K. and James E. BO

lilt that .e have lost our Ma"e and nothing definite everything upon thing? Want to Hire Someone ? Want a Jr.. are In Venice this wed r
tit values) as far ai our cumber Mr. and< I
which to build. Find textbooks > Not let A GONDOLIER: Wing their parents.
tome and politically control) d and their Iter
J. K. Sr.
In English on a simpler reading Classified Ad
tduratlonal Ml 13 Help You ?
up concerned Kidall
ti I Irvel ElimInate red tape and Mr Ruth Bartlett

It happen that I employ a the making of unnecessary record The Cost Is Low Both are Methodist B
Only Two
nunbrr of young men and wo *. Carefully, Cents'a inters with Allen on leave 01
1 t t Investigate the Word for
t mew In my offlr I have found trachrr load and a check-up on the First 20 Words; One Cent sence from the Newayw )s.

if from ,nprrlrnc that the aver children entering school from a Word Thereafter. Minimum: 25-cents. Methodist Church and JaIIIfI

ace graduate of our grade and other states Special Rates for present pastor of the Metho
ih high schools l. rquJpprd for than One Insertion. Oroveland F1L .
The writer has long contendedthat Church at
{ week In a business offlrr Mont we have too Just Phone Allen incidentally was much
b I much Columbia 3131 to Place
.f Your Ad _
y. Own rant d
spell. have no Up ontlon +
University too much politics and to S tere tect to hear of the
e ability tu compost. and the p.m. Thursdays And Venice IJ
too much downright nonsense In Pay for It of the new

yilt t .fetch.....Inl.of training them 1_ heart I our school system. Maybe .we'd be Next Time You're bown This Way. Club. Seems he Was a 'cha V
better off If we encouraged a few member of the first VenIce

Borne of them can sing and more one-teacher on -room country Club, organised here a decal

dance and twirl batons but theycan't schools. the kind we used to VENICE so ago. T Another Venetli '

rI Y take dictation punctuate or have In this country to give men GONDOLIER returned this week for I look

3u I have two girls that came like Abraham Lincoln a start In 313 Welt Venice Avenue the, old home town I'll i
srf' to me from rural ichools They life. 3131 resided l
Moore. who'i new) a

Washington, D. C.

.J" .. ..;;.......... '-', 'W" tt\P'l-\! "_-.." .__. "_, '._..__ .. .. ......_... ,. ...t. ". h .,' ''''< 4.1 f.\(' .-,:".. _. ", ,I"",\ "'<; 4
...... :: {

...' 'w" 7 P.-.ta-.. ; .v: .
... ... "'
l" .. 1
,, \
1 ."""" 1. 'r '" .. ....
( !
; i" "
; 'I"'N'
; '. .
-, ; ,
t tv :' : I'

..:t,'//1 I I

June 20, 19(1 VENICE GONDOLIER Pale PI" \1 e 1 'f

LUTES FOR, NORTH Tide Tables t ., :j j

[ VI. S. Oreen. who recentlyI I Baby 'Twister'Damages Venice Trounces FASTER SERVICE ) .' I i

James Ponder. Jr.. VENICE INLET Completion by PullmanStandard I

It I 540 I Riviera street. has Date High Low PlaneA Land 0' Sun, 13-3; of Vile new "City of New Orleans" .' II. ,{ 1 1 1 I I',

at Cedar June '0.. 1:01 '
summer p.m. :11
to spend I the Sat. June p m. sudden wind dayllner for( the Illinois : "
to re- | ,4 p.m. 10:08 .m. storm swoopedout '
C. He plans p Play Again TonightAlready t
tall, N. Sun June 22 u 2:43 p.m. IU:67 pm. of the Gulf early last Satur Central makes it possible! for thefirst ,

\\w Venice this fall. Mo... June 21 .. 1146p.m. 11,48 p m. day morning and tore through a time In railroad history to r r. r .1' "I II t ,
winners of
Tu. ;
June 14 7 roil a.m. 11.12. m. one game I t / l
mango grove, damaged a seaplane the 921 miles between Oii- '
< 188 p m.Wtd Vats: week having taken the Land cover

SKINritaiions .. June 26 .. :81 Lm. 12: 0.m. at anchor In Dona Bay and 0' Sun nine into camp last Mon cago and New Orleans, in the I 1. (
6:82: p.m. I broke windows at Brady's Nokomis I'+
I p.m. day night by a score of 13 to 3, same day
Thori. ,
26 t :5H i.m. 1,07, docks before
a m. dissipating i'i
the Venice Softball team will be .' I
IU P.m. 8:2: p.m somewhere east of the Trail. r
Fri., June 27 .. 8:25: a.m. 1,42, out for another triumph tonight, 1 I

10:14 p m. tiu: i> m.m. Jack Wilkinson reported the when the local players meet the Venice t

miniature "twister" struck the AMVETS team in the second RADIO SERVICE f.M f.f.I

LEGAL NOTICES mainland near Moss Oaks House. /) : TEST Fill ll'MENT .' \ :
game at Payne Pal k. Sarasota. GENUINE;
Just off the road to Venice Inlet PAR1''i' :
$ kMiig!-Trynif Buck Whitaker Venice catcher
Sh1( Proclaaitllon af the Major A few seconds later !It ripped! one \ t
was the star of last Monday night'sfracas ,
of ugly J iu tIteldng: ELECTION"1 '* pontoon and a wing off Dan
SPECIAL / !(1 BE HELD. I" pacing his leam-matet: :
1 S5s be'.. ..ip. TUB CITY OK VENICE FLORID\. Cardinal's plane In Dona Bay and )" )
'. ON AUGUST 411, A.... III, with two home runs, a double anda .\ I
then struck (
i lMt...}: d'u,....KiiarantMil... UOI.. 6Ui or money TO GREETINGS&Al.t WHOIII IT MAY rONnIIN windows Brady's breaking several sfncle In five trips to the plate. : ,+II

{,1miuiS{ Houne's Emerald OIL Know Vr. that I. Cb,,, V. Ihyrl' as Jim Oakley. Venetian shortstop, a1180,11F

Mayor of the Cite I of Veniet F'loraik.: da ""VENICE-BUS also rarncred a homer. RADIO REPAIRSFIF'F.
hereby proclaim i :
%u'l df a 01- STATIONIS n'STI.MVTKH.
chat election, of the Mwi.ifM, ,, .1,,,,...,. ,11 Byron Jones on the mound for PHONE 21,72 : t '
Mid City Miln the c.. ,,fVnUv.. t ;
y 'ABOVE AVERAGE1Rest the Venice 251 W.h.. AVI. Yenta
Florida, Who we toy Melba 0b 1B47 for the PO".w ,.f ..pen\ tini,.- !.. six hits. He walked five and .
the cigar supremo, Cas diMnprovh. the (issuance tot R..,,*?. room facilities at the Venice .
own lust that-1 I Certificate to finance the n.n.m.n,i.n ..I bus station operated by Carl struck out two. The Venetians 8Otitlwtlt2Jai : 'f :
i"Joins a Banitary sewer In the City of Vi'nlri- ro
N/ other Cigar of O( 4, am). of. anprotinit' or. dl.uppn,.ins ih Wolf are "above average" in touched J. L. Rowe Land O' Sun
such high ". rrfundlnir of the CII,'. (irm>ral oliliua. imrlei.: for a total of 11 hits.
ion Bonds at an interest rate nt I,, ,-x_ cleanliness, Florida state railroad
BNlity lobacca. Yet.A" reed three II vkii IHT out.Wltniw \ ..In Ab R II I'. A K
ii plenty of the choice' > ,,' my hand still the seat l .,f \the commissioners were told In Tampa Inkloy. .? S'I > ? 1 i ; t ,I
Inner, 111 s 0 1 I "i ,
City nf Vrnloe.' Kl.rlila -
till the
HAVANA tobacco 9row Mfe Kth slay! yesterday by official investigators ,
at I..... A.D. 1147.fl.MiK. 1 W "'. aii 3 5 1 I xWhitaker .
Island of Cuba I to every t _.. I a 4 2 ? Nlimn
I ; V HHiKI.: M.>.... during the concluding .
Milta tljof. Try one to**. City ..f V.nli*. Kkirlila. 21.I A I I 4 11Strphrn.
seslon: of the commission'shnc'hy .. If I "O 1 n IL
TM will ."l pr 1 from the I K"I', .t ____u I 1 0 2 eMkesell
M ft Mil 'lost P"- NOTICE I'MIFN FIC11ITIOt probe Into complaints .1 u A 0 0 r '
Mi Jima, _. 2 2 0
concerning poor bits line facill r 4 3
H >our dealer aloof i I ITO WHOM IT NAME MAY rtlNTKHNt LAW lies. Total SI U 11 21 7Verity ,} :,

Sol Wye Mtlboi. writ I I Nutlcy la htirky ri>rn that the UMT-| loo ''I 2Luml
((11150YRW WSQS S(11( f 1, 1 '"...d ,....'''..t t? ,Iuv """'tl", ", Name Although using woids like "terrible it' ,n Ol I Pill o 'j/
Itt.lol.Hn. lIiI1 1'... 117". I'h".p!' I :.! __ __ .
No. 01151.. Laws .I Florida. 1"11. hill "filthyand "odorous" to j'l'r
I rivGlrr "Ith the (", ,10 .r II". ('1.. "It describe many of the bus stations, PET DOGS )
r iipiin receipt of prmif if the pulil 0'I Frank M> att. inspector for thecommission !
MELBAHi Continued from page one :
lion that
of naticr! Ilifirtitio : n'lbHWIlt mr 'r
I and Mrs. Mary Sul-
T ereet Trml.T Park and TH...rn dog had been .
under which we are massed In bu'u..... bean Us director of safety and poisoned. ,
CIGAR SUPREMEfeASQNS W. expert .., rnvuve in tni.iiu". a, or AM! saddt'nedas the Ia Cau- 'HI),.".. i
ever the Village .f I.ainvl.,, Sur."',. sanitation listed the Venice facilities I : I .
County, Flornln.That as "aboa'eralte.." then family particularly Carolyn The I'lVTThe ",, .
the parties Intt-notnl! 'in ..hi Cauthen 11. whose pet. "Buddy." '
huniiinu enlrrpri.r| firs m follovc:: W. II The: commissioners alto heard '
Hu b..d ntH wife Ruth I HiiMwt, < ne- suffered fatal Injuries last Mon- '!"I ;,
half ;mlere..! (100,1. W. Funk und wifo.K testimony concerning passengers I
y/HV .. day night when he was struck bya
: I- hMlfi
r -
having :
to stand buv.es.
on I
Ue all
\eol. .
1I.'rd "I Sxrn.Aaam'Y. car driven bv Night OfficerHoib
increasing millions rl",1 'no .1.... '1917. ,
back With June 20. :71. ... I ly 't. i, Hanchey.: "Bjddy." chasm "I'""rip'I... 8'.1.11..... i
Snap 11-1017 I I
I'lWT ('irlKR 1 ARCADE ,
--- a cat, darted directly In front oHanchey's f r
NOTICE OF I.I'ARDUN'H SAI-K car a< it came down I t. '

Notice In hereby. Blvi'n that |i'ir.inntlii Venice avenue, between Ilaibor r---' V'r '
an Order of vole i-n.....il. l II ,the I II.."- I drive and Nassau Street
i.r.1,1 Fury Chnpmnn., tu J4r ,the A STRIKK l .
(',,,,,,, JmlV (,.".. In opal fr ,lh. II (2c a word fir.t 20 urdi. tc each Caiolyn's (grief wan ashaugcd. t.
i County rf Su.....,.. State ..f I'I..",IH. MII additional' word. Minimum charge, 1
the 'lath due of. June, A II. lt'17. 1 I. I'. 00<. Cash with Ad. Special rates somewhat when Officer Hanrhey !
McKtiil. a. (iuiirihan uf tin |ir.rt) for more than one Insertion 01 the later presented her with I '
r :1
Walter (:. Carl,:"" ann I......,'"....... ", ...n.> ad. Ads w ill be accoptrd over PUPPy 1 9.9.i' :
Designed! to speedily relieve .I the lath day "I July A" 1917! 1.1 the telephone (1131) up to S p.m. which he had obftilncd for her 1 .
simple headache and painful 1\ too O'o.k! A St.-ff-r fee .,,1.! ed, ,. Thur.H.iy with the ond-i.tjodin from Mrs. Edna Bean.4141441t4ttf4114tt44. I''
8dweitOer .11
I dlicomfuTt of neuralgia at public outcry tu the hl.h.t. In-t ., >pll,.) P'V""hlpro'1 ) ,
.' I' '
bulili-r, Ufor.Ih.
last fur ; -h. i n. '
Measured doses in dew l.f the east wlnK :of I hiCounty Court: I IIfo" lie I.t
powder ... Saramta, County nf. iiirixita .z
form for
quick assimilation.: State uf Florida' thai rertii.n pniKrtinlv. | \ FOIL SALEMAY BusinessAND : : i I.
.It. Jr""ln. and "hfitiir In the Cuty of I
1 Proof of merit Same type for- S.,a...... Stale I'M WASIiKIt N'lv.h
; l
n w "iwl '
f ouli over one-third 01..110.\ a fnlliwii t.i.Mit : 1There's t
century. "I
Ix.t T. llU-k S5> Graf; View ".... .awl. othrraie Will .'.,11 for In viiod,)" Call condition.VinuiW'Mtore.aal. '"" ProfessionalDirectory I : I No Thrill Quite Like 'I I ;,
\Stuktirii U S. P. Ingredients lion Vrnlre. Florlila. a. PIT pintIlirnnf '" The Pleasure You Oct When (
laboratory' tested, controlled. ir...<"M amnnii the I'ulilii- 11'48 TWO-D005 l.h..M union., No.Aamia 4 j All those Pin Go Down and t
'KwriU of Sam..... t','unt>. Korila.! ; Gamte.; "Phone 250tIola 'all t II III You Score A Strike! 1
I la price of and certain furniture, ''''I.h'1 s t
IOC and range everyone. and fixtures 1 lomlivl llirrrln 'flRII' Station \\ .R"'. 8625.> Call t1 1tJ 8 ttPDJ/.1PROOFING Come In Any Afternoon or
:5c aac. hut amid proiM-rty shall not hr dd, flit, I Veme. 35101.Twtl Evening See For Yourself! 7.
__ ____ ____ ?
Ica than Five Thou .i.nl five Hunilri! u ;
Caution: Use only M directed. M'CUI.I.AN: NoiSITUATION ,.., I
mil No IOU iiollur5 i sooI' n VENICE

-TAII- 1. MI-KI J ';iaruco. Phone 2r..1 Roof Woik of All Kinds I 0
1A1J .
a. 1"a..II. .I the I'r.ta rlt -I : : 1
.d (.f welter o. ('arh'ton. n I ALVIN P. JONES .

June' 13. 2". 27, July'''4.'n'1U7.! I: II- 11\, III rrnl. Md'Ikagedman., Phone 2C81!: Grill '{;*I r'' I
antuni'' loll next 01 to I .
t:, neat CliHlidliT home. laurel
243: V.'tst Venice .\VI'. .

L -- -- -- SERVICE. CALL;
H'TIO TANK and l'twuptad l cleanlnuh "1I
Modirn pumping| ni'iipmi'iit.: H.'":. VenicePlumbing !
,,1,1|,l, rm., foltn-ll and! Alli-n. l'h.n 11 1
tsh E.vry RInriilnR3c I f
"I' I (
Shop I A .
H ? "lir\\\mrvT: s.--riil-.if;;: :;. I ; Dozen ,( 1.
Box 14 Venice Phone 2153
'. t
h,11 ( .n '''-' work of all kinds a Illii.r I f l t,. 't
all" l.i.ui. Adorian. I'hone 841;!. t --- k 8t Iir


lIature breathtaking way endow you with } r eCeLIC' NOTICE

a lovely Acreage
figure.uSite rI
may bellOw -
I 6
llfu on you that make
WUant actress. a leader you In VENICE FARMS To All Ci.uens: cf: Venice: : t

fag class at college, sought
slier I at dances or a charming .523.00){) to S30.00): () t
cede and mother In order to participate! in the coming Special Election -

Ye Nature It is necessary to be KeclsUred: In- the City Registration -
may do all this.
ADd Book.
ret you may find face f An Acre i
tinily slapped your To register, it Is necessary to have been a residentof
leae distressing you suffer DEED the State of Florida lor 12 months and! of the City of t1 '
symptoms, FEE )
liar ao many unfortunate Venice for three months. S
ADd WOlllen do.iomdhing Purchaser to pay for abstract Notice is hereby given that the City Reg.l

You Should -- istration Book will: be closed j
Not Joke About, forret-Plnkham's Compound ti

If female eon : relieve such II. N. \ 'immei'sREALTOR '
urbances functional monthly monthly pain This great medicine I FRIDAY, JULY 25, A.D. 1947,1'

are causing you to'" ALSO relieves accompanying
er and from pain, nervous dIanervous tension irritability, VENICE FLORIDA to remain Closed until after the SPECIAL

feel weak, restless, 10 those Ured-out mean 'pick-on- I
and Irritable ELECTION to be held
turn that YOU everyone' feelings-when due toIUtht i
Into a 'shedevil'this cause. Taken regularly

ov oULDn't arS-TlIIS 18 IOID'rHIm1 thruout the month-Pinkham's .ITCH CHECKED MONDAY, AUGUST 4, A.D. 1947

JOXI ABOUT start Compound helps build up resls-

.s t"ar-try Vegetable LYdia B. PInttante against such distress-avery : from itching cauttd :f """, .
*re such ComPound to sensible thing to do. Just JuaS'Tbot.' toi" pmp.nd' other i"ianmditiona. -: Helga RocssSiedeCity

fa s3'mptolns. It's fa- see if you, too don't remarkably use cooling, medicated,
ly A doctor's formal Clerk
And D.O. DPI
don't benefit I All drugstores. ,
Grtui.eIn and ...1_. Sool. comfort bottle and City of Venice, Florida. '
e quo Jy ala intense Iteeung35e trill I

r Ri.HL' .i VEGETABLE COMPOUND druggist' ,tads I.D, O. tMaai111 T/oasr/ t


t ;,fI'':' .' ...;,.':t.";. ':.J '-"' 11.'I: \r lI I- .. "" "" '''''" ,,'II'i':
.. ::, }i'r: t"- ,,, :'\\'I<. \" .. : /i


: .

"; ]

i) ,

0. TIZ.LZ = "' ....

f If un.-j eo: f oar 1 sal 2 la Block Uarb oosopkud rams

f"" I''; I..tr..d I : m.r ELECTION 2 at U* northeast comer III B&rVJJL llotamnri aretut. J X a
''I t t, I .inue. Mid The bdza- Was 2raated perm.....
: I.: Mao OHM* (. is (-k(1Illi : yrr" pe4t try s aairtr. + tit, Jioouc the beach .Aanort' 36""y reocauon elms.
T t :Ys
ar. pw'tbUe4 the 11111191140a art 'E7 Patio Hopei
: eletrt
B r J JD I rtgj -* S a a? tax *TCivtut .d &a.d Ix p) to Mart cm1 cm d17 property alor4
: n *,*JCi* t* T.iesc -.' l4w<+CM : t .wn of two of toe dupKM 1'Jug' south of VkL.ct be
I ) r : a UP P-AC h7 -; ftIAJDCKS x.-. .. r JOt cr.1 future. I trtpgt
tht 6r
.. ..,.. ,, rnei :i Jo7.'t; a Sf &mf c'c ,ISLS, L.ytAft :J 1"It'JC is :
tl ...., :1A rDV ..." Tbt evjaril also frmnted a ooejtr Want to sell aaat1ntsm
So. .t-r. ..ui r< ff1 :ak. -". ri m.a 't :.t.
r 'Ai > tiasfi < fezt .' uscporr oecupMCT:: permit i( the Oondokr:
: 4U &:: :::a 1u..4.- eo s iSI :c.LmT.i elajUtd
I vat *ff ifv.' -- } 7r r-v rr ':'. : tou ."- "J ,sari are. fffSJfv :Jet krtIr.
hilt too: :o4 W lan u taaeetr V; \I' uvK 01Vz4W _
L-vaW : .tr 011,
'frlIl 1'tiP _Cl At& .'"- ..IlL
I ,\. An ;!ar tai.W- V--" ;.11I>". ..: IIwot At ...Jt a.o.: UI Tarpon Center RestaurantVENICE
r :tIV VHErltdsS Js to era .
1" ls1ot- !: :I' tr.'t dtmr :;- ;:. 7',7u fir tae 1'C
1. .1Jtaria
t.-t 7'--' >lor ptatt u lo- ,,.ri 4t1t 7-1 Of Tr..oe fw INLET DOCKSraovE
.' i art :ts eru Y-- tam ..r:.arrette bm II 391WtrUAW =" zvw = ....,.. ILA::!
; ..es war- aL tHe
; ttOJt baa.w6m .. r-0.4: eiK.JL
r war a ::.tz. .j
..:. .T..S#> tier \.c,
/ ... ".. .. :!.... taW tTs .;.W.t II:. J9RLA.. W i.a.Nt 17X' u Z. !: OPEN 24 HOURS A DAYK1TCHE
trot.. OD'Yta.1Ift1' as IIC_: SEi I to:.
: 1.
r Jt.T; arrat. : : '
\. J ."-.... ,..r.-t.II % fMMOt THE HJfCEMrM OF
i. .. ;,, ( MACATM FOKXDaT OF THE F1E Hl
:: gala
]. J*.' 4.tw. R :':I t u. :.:. N.,] rred S ILK to 2st rat 5 P q lfll
i A.r.r.o Pl .n '. ., ::: er:: ,t L.r L'II HSDH1CHE1; BEER SOFT PRI\K$
.At' it .... t. t 9FAto 1 AM.

,, .. To : c td T rr'e_ : :, :I. sat: .I :.: to ..:."-:

--- : ..,.. .... .'. ..;-:: _tAl :. .,'oft IWJ ;:. -
( .. Jo' :" :.1'" T rdJ.::.! PL"x "f'\NIt .: Z '., !it-t .

.: .r. .,e.0-.4.-y wet' 11 ,. uC 4Aa4. Spacious Lobby
j "' ...;.. ':. . .
p.4.:: :t. iC't a. u..rt..lr
:- .... a...: tI' ': ..
-'t :
.. .
1r. ':'" .t :' :-U.:( :
-_ :::'+n =:..- : ca: -...IDI. :..td: :.:_ :. ..:. :. ..;,
.' ....... Cur Guests are Kind Enough Tell
J, ::;u:. :s win UIt .
: 'JIICol""A" t t t: atalab' sall'
.. ..:.. ..:::.. 1UO: !"..;,r La
1; i .- c : W.: .:"_ ;1... C:: L's The EL PATIO'S Large and Finely
.r\1 > = irji iam* r 1'" '
) :!7: s t t2rR5'e
'I V : ..:J: fc_ : _w*.Tt Cot :-
: 'J:, "'. Ut .1 :t. a! !:.-t Appointed Lobby Contributes G'. 1: 'o
V _, *....-""O.> I.. .
rte: UI! .x ;:.f' '
: t'l -P ;':)L.' .-t t..Lv! #_e? 11- .t c. I.: :-t ...: the Enjoyment of Their Stay Here

\ ... -' ::..0v-: lurxC :':It r: :.v. .. u. t!:.: POft

\ I t' ".. ''11-',. ... It :.:.:-....:..- >W. :04'.4 :::..:. 1 '" :atof You Too, We Belize, \\ :", Be

L ..:.t. r L: L.t .-. ::.' kv-. 4M4 t.o arf. '
{' Y-No.1 L : "' wi ji n* U" -u.t' ,k! t+t..: .G 7s. -.r Pleased to Welcome Friends or B .; -less

':'.. : fcut Iti" J'.S! Ja.b'it :k. ..;. JI'.c't a"" :t to:
Contacts in These Pleasant Sura" 'ns'$.
;! t .
r Q .n
rdl H4'r. J'J P XJ t JU-J4. t tUt .Vtt.

I., \ ." :.a; :". .... :, : 1It \ :.&'t' ..1 ;1Y Lr 'r as !:It por

,. ,rertr,5 L:.: 1':1'104.' Tr4.a :.or'v;
'. .'. ,
'J" :
I ,I : ''':. 4y" t'jC *i!; L:,: oa.jo .- .45.# t #5 l'
.. i -a. I.-r '.; : A Cto sn.zrt ...;' :":-f t"5iE' !. V 'k"f >v.ki EL PATIO HOTEL

.. .....0; 'J.'of!! 1 "' .r.& :" : z: rl.e1 n/ VM :.1;'1. 'J.JL5S1
I ,, ..... .. ..
Yo. .
: ; "' .
: \ ....
"": :, ': ''.. '
I. -L.t r4:: i-r.t: :"';: : ;- !1$ W. Venice fXNICE.. FLORIDA Oboes 1511
I .
'.. :." ; _'.:. !' t.-. ..a.H.tIM'L1.MUUU. 1.r- '-.t'J..{ '- rc.
I' a .lrA'

q <. :. :-.;:. ". :....r. '.: ,;;-.z
f' I

'I \', i y'rWLE:5 tCrt ItLP1."TL'ILis
i : : : JEWID5 !wt 11.54 r.. sacAesc.

.y, 1 i tl'.f, 1', Ir.fr, AJ..c I. LOWE'S GROCERY
w. Y? .- :l
,' ,.,. "
; ; : :" : "It 'Ii.7.- 't'.t
Y..r P4:r.u.nYE.
.' :
\ ': rwt Thin tsalss

.' .. ?I J Maxwell COFFEE lb. 45c i! CLOROX . . Qts loc

R 1::1AX\ MILK, All Brands . 12c i| VINEGAR . Qts.l l 19cMARGARINE

At i

.. : lb. 39c I! V-8, Large Can . 291
smitt's j t tavern


a+ 125 .South 10 lb. 9ld
1 it" Tuniami Trail Venice Pillsbury Flour (

,, "/,:. Drinks in Town-At Popular PrKeI"

t IJt/i.i/ (,,us, .S n Wh*.-When You Are Hungry

.I SUGAR . 5 Ibs. 47c KRAUT No. 2 1-2 canBAHO 1 1i

-: Compare( These
Values :- I i

t i, f '.all.I''WIIt,- I Hf"rvWJ.ikey . fifth $3.25 . . . He i: POTATOES. 101M5J

i p It5RuL, It U "'iliac

Ron Ry Hum . fifth $2.89 l\'OltY FLAKES . 29c CORN FLAKES. 13-oz)9)

k } { Join. Collins Gin . . fifth $2.95

a 9Y 1.r.....tM

y Del Monte Coffee 44J
( ,


Have Now in Stock:

t Caw" We Believe That VENICE is A Substantial and Progressive City and



GENESSEE . . . . $4.75 223 West Venice
Avenue 2091
TOPAZ . . . . $3.50 I VENICE Phone

-,. '" -. -.. -- -
r 1

y n. rPe. 1'kr

tr#M -

Venice gondolier
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Place of Publication: Venice Fla
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Publication Date: 1946-1964
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Coordinates: 27.098611 x -82.438889 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 6, 1946)-v. 20, no. 14 (Feb. 17, 1964).
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I ;

--. ; J :

,-fA n it: t t I'
\ "' 'I lj
( '- GONDOLIER Y ; :

'Right Ott t
"A Newspaper f\: f
dull ( %oe ;1
The j c '
Dedicated to '
.u i .
of Mexico" .a:.;;- Public Service"swnwMa ,

MIH MAeT =111"Larnss .. I, 'Il

vaMCa rerer ":'" .

3, NO. 16 FRIDAY, JUNE 20. 1947 PRICE FIVE CENTS ,'I.: .r

Special Election Called 1 l111

!ig July 4 Venice Citizens to Vote \ .;+,

Entry Blank for : I

elebrationcheduled Bathing Beauty Contest August 4 on Refunding, '.;' ::1 i i

Sewer System Proposals :

I, .......-...... .. ........ .. ....... ..................... hereby make t tA :
application for entry In the Venice-Nokomis P-TA Summer
election will be held In Venice Monday. August 4,
JaIlS for a mammoth all-day Recreation programs Bathing Beauty Contest, to be special on i
th of July celebration atuoe held at Venice Beach at 5 p m., July 4. 1947. with citizens asked to cast ballots (1) for or against Issuance of

Beach, featuring a bath- I understand: the decision of the judges will be fInal. $275000 In revenue certificates to finance the proposed new sewer '::1 '

l beauty contest and to be cli- AGE GROUP circle one) 0-8 9-14 15 and over system and disposal plant and (2) to approve or reject a proposedplan
with to refund the city's present $312.000 bonded Indebtedness.
xed In the evening ae
i In the lobby of the Ken- ... .. ...'.. .'.. .... .. .. Decision to call the special election I
(Signature of entrant 'r--p'j. t) was reached by the city
y Military Institute, were aned Tarpon PlentifulAs j
council at Its meeting last Tues-
1 last night by Jack Wilk-
LEAVE ENTRY BLANKS AT OFFICE OF day night It was explained that I .
chairman of the P-TA.- Stormy
n. VENICE GONDOLIER, OR MAIL TO such an "advisory referendum"was t

insured Committee.forts Summer. Recreationram "CONTEST COMMITTEE": P, 0. BOX 632, VENICE, FLA. not mandatory under the law, Weather EndsStormy J

Inasmuch as the council has power '
to obtain fireworks for a 4a., : .
'- to do as it wishes in either weather during the past :
ocular evening display will INFORMAL LUNCHEON GIVEN
case, but that the councilmen believed week slowed down tarpon fishing I ? ,' .
Wilkinson said last
made. AT VENICE COUNTRY CLUBMayor the citizens should be given almost to a standstill, but local ;; I
ht at the conclusion of a '
an opportunity to express guides Wednesday and yesterday
themselves when such large sums off Venice 1':1teemlnl '
Clyde V. Higel members of the city council and the officials [reported the waters \

uxiliary Dance of various civic groups of the city of Venice were guests at an were Involved. with silver kings and '.

Informal luncheon given by Colonel A. C. Earnshaw at the Venice Councilmen Smyth Brohard predicted record catches this ,

turday Night Country Club today Also present was Oiaham French, of Philadelphia and George Higel, as well as |coming week-end i

treasurer of the corporation Mayor Clyde V. Hlgel agreed Bob Shanley ..of Jamay Beach .,,1. ,

| A community get-together which recently purchased the club Two with Councilman Finn Casprr- added to his string getting a 50- I 1' 1,
d I danre for young and old property. Death sen'. suggestion that the peoplebe pounder last Tuesday while out \

UI I be held In the Recreation Colonel Earnshaw, managing Venice FamiliesOf asked their opinion before the with Neal Taylor on the Snark. "j'
Heaviest catch of the week was a t
ill I at the Venice Bay Trailert director of the corporations Interests council went ahead with either :
in yesterday l
95-pounder weighed
tlmorrow. Saturday, in Florida, explained the Pet Dogs proposition. The council presl \
here by Dr. {
at Tarpon
(Continued six) .
itht, starting at 8 p.m. objectives of the newly organizedclub page
Herman Kahlenberg of Sarasota
I The affair Is being given by and bespoke the city a Inter- Death robbed two Venice fami- who was fishing on the "BuddY:' I

American Legion Aoxil- est and co-operation In the rec- lies of their pet dogs during the Theology StudentTo with Captain Bruce RigbY as his ;
11. with the committee Inhure eatlonal proJect.
being the
past week with one guide
composed of Marjorie "The primary objective," said the Have Charge of t
and I
victim of a poisoner
darian chairman; Ruth Kill.tndall Colonel Earnshaw, 'is to providethe
and !Mona Goldenstetn. city of Venice and surrounding other dying after being struck by St. Mark's ServicesEdward j
I EventsFriday I
There will be no admIonharle. area with a good clubhouse an automobile. Coming -,'! I. ,'

although a free-will of- restaurant, swimming pool ten- The poison victim was "Son," King a theological .\\I. !

Bring will be taken, with pro nis courts and golf course at 10-year-old German police dog student from the SeaburyWestern June 20 d 'r f .1

I going to the auxiliary' moderate costs In the plans for owned by Pat Haynes His loss Seminary at Evanston, III., 8 p.m., American Legion publio ? t... \ I

fare fund Arrangements the club development Is a housIng was felt keenly by the Haynes will have charge of the servicesat party. KMI. ,f... J r r

DI I be made to care for youngr unit overlooking the golf family, particularly six-year-old St.. Mark Episcopal Church 8:30: p.m., Softball game, Payne ''. 'j

children course. Not all these objectivescan Barbara Jean whom he had sav- during the summer months beginning Park, Sarasota, Venice vs. AM- .,; : ,

be accomplished Immediately ed from drowning four years ago. next Sunday. VETS: ,

but work on them will progress Barbara Jean a two-year-old tod- He Is due to arrive here today Saturday, June 21 "

feting held at tflr Chamber of as rapidly as possible" 'dler at the time, wandered into and a reception will be held in :30-4: p.m., hobby show, 302 ,' I 4

[oamerce: ttathe and attended by rep- The guests were conducted I the water at Siesta Key and was his honor tonight at Mrs S S. I West Venice avenue. h: .. .

of the various organ- ,' through the clubhouse and shown pulled back to safety by the dog Terry's residence on Nassau 8 American Legion Aux- I ,
dons! participating in the the various facilities. Those pres- S Jarvis Adams, Jr. pm. ni !
"Son" became 111 l Not week-end street llary dance Recreation Hall Ven-
unltY'\Iide com'I'I i.li li
recreation ent Included: Mayor Higel, Dr. T. I and died after being take to a member of the Bishops Committee ice Bay Trailer Park, everyone Invited !

l The bathing beauty contest Jo 3. Thompson, George Hlgel. Finn Sarasota small animal hospital said all members and friendsof h I,

staged at the beach at 5 pm Caspersen, Smyth Brohard, H. 8 The veterinarian told Haynes the the church are Invited to attend Monday, June 23 ". \ \

the Fourth of July, will be heldthree Bowden, Harry A. Beach, M. A. (Continued on page five) the reception. 8:30: p.m., American Legloa '1 i""I:
Braswell P. H. Mallory, Ralph clu1)1 It
sections, with judges fur- 1 meeting, Venice Air Base
Blalock, R. S. Bay-
Simpson. J. T '
bed by Sarasota Bay Post No. Lions Hold First house.
nard Richard Gedney, Herbert Orlando Man Catches .a

J of the American Legion slated Myers, and Carroll Williams. 27 Snook in One HourFor Tuesday June 21
Dinner Meeting '
I chOOSe the winners.The 6:30 p.m., Venice Lions

are CAR OVERTURNS many years the VenIce meeting, Tarpon Center Restaurant -
groups will be
as First dinner meeting of the
: Miss' Minnow of 1J47." 0 Mrs. T, M. Wrede, Sr., and Mrs. jetties have had more than local newly-organized Venice Lions d ;
Venice i'f1
the best movie show,
Nokomis fame as one of 8pm.
Continued J. A Johnston, both of
on page three) Club was held last Tuesday evening -
narrowly escaped serious injury fishing spots In this part of Beach j"
the Center Restaurant
at Tarpon -
when Mrs. Florida, but if additional testimony 8.30 p.m. Venice Business Association -
I last Tuesday night
with 25 In attendance. of
to that effect Is needed meeting .
Wrede car struck a concrete President Stanley Grey and a
WeatheR I II IIMPERATURE post along the Tamlaml Trail A. W, Mayhew of Orlando delegation from the Sarasota Commerce building.
north of the will be more than glad to Wednesday, June 23 1
near the bridge Just meetIng
I IIe Lions Club conducted the Venice"i
RAINFAU.Hlri Villa Nokomis and turned over. oblige. morning to show the local Lions the 9 a.m. band practice, i

Uw I.....s : Mrs. Wrede said the was partially Last Saturday with Mrs. May- proper routine, with no special Nokomis High School auditorium ;
ousiy of an approaching !Wajhcw, who 7.30 softball game, Payne 1
reported ..___" 2.17, blinded by the lights and business being transacted p.m. .
June hew, has been visiting Sarasota, Venice vs. City of
13 Park,
.... 85 truck.
70 IM
I., + sirs. William Montgomery here, Phillips H. Mallory, president
June H. ... 87 70 80S Both women were shakenup. Louis J. Sarasota.
down to the north jetty of the local Lions, and
n.i June 15 _,,- 87 74 055 but otherwise uninjured. At i and In less than one hour he Pappas, secretary, announcedthat Thursday, June 26

,. June 16 _.. ... 90 78 075 the time of the accident they caught 27 snook, ranging In the club's next meeting will 2.30-4 p.m., children beac

ea. June 17 _". 82 73' 0.90 were en route to a meeting of theWoman' freight from two to eight be 'held at 6:30: next Tuesd..ynight party Venice Beach.

I-, June 18 .... 84 70 3.10 Society of Christian each. at the Tarpon Center Restaurant 6 p.m. picnic for young and

( ura.. June 111 ..... M ? m Service being held a* the Nokomis pounds old, Venice Beach. F

to date this month U.03 home of Mrs. B. E. Bowen.



', .. ...,." ,. ,'" ; ... .. ; .....
\\f: \.H..k
ALL l'..;' ... :-...-(-.........., .,....-... 'i,." :II'.l..1.' .--..,.. ,.-....".*,",.. fK':&* \ ,"';;;" ''\"'! .'>", .jIA io1"'I"f' .Ir.'j; \

... .,. HftEEI ,, i : ," ;if: ,
,' 1";qr vrr: { ,
A ,

FrIday, June 11,1

Fag Six

r GEDNEY SOW teOBN' documentary lamps In- Try the New Martinlet
transaction, a
was born & a $100,000
E A ion Darrell Ray
r 1 Cmtlnued from page one) the former Flori
June 5 at Sarasota Hospital to
until 1837 In that year he decided Center. now the Pines
1 the Inland marine Mr. and Mrs. John Chenault of
1 tc ro Into from Mrs Louella B. Al-
end of the insurance business, to I 909 Oroveland avenue. The new Joseph R. and Sylvia

tit \.:.t to New York and began arrival weighed seven pounds,, of Perth Ambo,. N. J,,
s I'' work for Newhouse and fiayretatcd .I eight ounces. filed at the county
States managers for the in Sarasota. Wein-
Inland marine department of the of the
took possession
: Hem Insurance Co. the following year he became associated hotel here last No-
with the American Insurance -
To Philadelphia
Ott, N. J.. and .
Tialncd by them In underwriting Co. of Newark
q clalm and various other became their Philadelphia manager RELEASED
'l I In charge of their fire and
phases of the work. Oedney open-
metro- Conner of Osprey. MARBIrumpefe
I tel a Philadelphia! office for New. marine departments for
r : 1 cue end Sa\re early In 1938. InMannar politan Philadelphia. Delawareand in connection
!1'i Maryland. He held that position axe-rifle affray there
' until he enlisted in the ArmyIn In which his employer,
1941. Plemment. was wounded in

has been released
) Discharged from service late 'n
the county Jail the Sher-
1943 Oedney was advised by his denton."l" leer,, now-the Inirajw 4,
I' IS ,OUR. lUSINESSAUR .. physicians to reside somewhereIn reported. The Inves tot phjtn all over the
: I! disclosed that Conner have beta willing fur, '
: the South. He came to
struck 01the head
and entered the real estate field
axe before the shooting. MUSIC SHOI
l' 'f .i Addition of general Insurance to 0
reported. Phone Venice 266
: ;, "f his business was a longplannedstep I
: that he was enabled to take'
1 1t the first of this month, when the LAWN FURNITURESolid
t I firm of Richard H. Oedney, Inc..i
Wood and Canvas Seat Chain
moved Into new and larger quar- I
Benches Bar-B I
Tables Qur Crlllt
ters at the corner of West Venice ,
r. avenue and Nassau streets 'I %
: Il In the recent Incorporation of II I LOUNGE CHAIRS and
i the firm Herbert H. Meyers be- I PLATFORM ROCKERSWe

l, :; 'Ir came secretary-partner and holds
the position of office manager. Have A CompleteAssortment
I I of '
J f.
t TableAnd

r. ; .' first consideration h proper ,
f* prof"ionolse..ic. for our cur OPEN I A.M. TO 1 PM 11"1 _

I..J. rowers Service which only col. Floor
I:' ke graduation Iotelic.nlur.ond
t f r. pacts ol' experience can giv*. Thai In Lamps
" ; i-I it what w* offer you whom you

I f.t bring your prescriptions to UI.ft .
;, 'i The Rexall Store
Venice Radio Service Feather Your Nest With A Little Down"
I Pmrr, Ion lI o Phone 2672
'Bost OFFICE ARCADE Z51 W. Vrn'ce Ave. Venice '
; 'iJ! k sass VENICE


Takes Pleasure in Announcing the Opening of a

General Insurance Office

in connection with their Real Estate Business.WE .

REPRESENT : Royal Insurance Co. 1

it M 1

1 Surety Fire Insurance Co. 1 I

41Mi11'. New York Casualty Co. j


We are equipped to handle All Forms of Insurance and will specialize

Ilk in Analysis of Your Insurance Requirements for both Home and Business.


Corner Venice Ave. and Nassau St. Venice.


I PHONE 3135 --

f. '

j "i ..( '!:J' or,:,! :.

t .. .. ... ./ / I" of" ,;" :
,.: ." >. .c;' ;:; 'I"" ,;,,(,;"';" j;, ." .iI! ", ,Mt ;;,t' "" '' \'! ltfI' ,''''. 1 Ii .
-oj "k"'ttb, "" :. "'."I'l..: : :J'"IT .3 r.'l'j"" .": ", z.'f.>Jo..:4j? ; ... ,

,. ... n

..... .
{"" '. '
> l' "'" ", ... \I 7
;, !
: "VI '. ,: "' 44T7
1- .

rfWIGS -

;--(1 iu

\ i ce

L ,a rr GONDOLIER 1 r

; '

?RlghOuOlt ( : "A Newspaper -

; Dedicated to
1 tr
of Idexlco" Public Service" ,

4 '
LAUnas .oorstr WatawppB


[ Election Called 11;

lig July 4 Venice Citizens to Vote ; f '! \

Entry Blank for '

lelebration Bathing Beauty ContestVENICE August 4 on Refunding, '.' ,1 J ::1

BEACH JULY 4thapplication 1 }i iA
[Scheduled Sewer System Proposals' \

I. .,........................ .. .............. .... hereby make !
for entry in the Venice-Nokomls',- .*. Sum- "
election will be held in Venice Monday, August 4,
Flint for a mammoth til-day mer Recreation program Bathing Beauty Contest, to be special on
h of July celebration at held at Venice Beach at 5 p m., July 4, 1947 with citizens asked to cast ballots (1) for or against Issuance of 1 I

VIIce! Beach, featuring a bath- I understand: the decision of the judges will be final. $275000 In revenue certificates to finance the proposed new sewer I

beauty contest and to be clid AGE GROUP (circle one I 0-8 9-14 15 and over system and disposal plant and (2) to approve or reject a proposed

In the evening with a plan to refund the city's present $312.000 bonded Indebtedness.

... ... .. .
Decision to call the special election t
of Ken- '
dace In the lobby
tSlgn'&iu e 'ot entrant or"p rent'LEA'E ) was reached by the city :
tJ MIlitary Institute, were an- Tarpon
council at Its meeting last Tuesday -
ed last night by Jack Wilkinson
ENTRY BLANKS AT OFFICE OF night. It was explained that
the PT.A.goesored As '
chairman of Stormy
VENICE GONDOLIER OR MAIL TO such an "advisory referendum"was

Program Committee.Summer Recreation "CONTEST COMMITTEE"; P. O. BOX 63%, VENICE FLA. not mandatory under the law, Weather EndsStormy

inasmuch as the council has power -
Etoru to obtain fireworks for aacular
to do as It wishes In either weather during the past
evening display"will INFORMAL LUNCHEON GIVEN
case, but that the councilmen believed week slowed down tarpon fishing + '
Wilkinson said last ) '
lie made. AT VENICE COUNTRY CLUBMayor the citizens should be giv- almost to a standstill, but local r )
eight at the conclusion of a
en an opportunity to express guides Wednesday and yesterday

themselves when such large sums off Venice I
Clyde V. Higel, members of the city council and the officials reported the waters

Auxiliary Dance of various civic groups of the city of Venice were guests at an were Involved. teeming with silver kings and f( !
Councilmen Smyth Brohardand predicted record catches this 41 .
Informal luncheon given by Colonel A C. Earnshaw at the Venice

Saturday Night Country Club today. Also present was Graham French of Philadelphia George Higel, as well as coming week-end. I

treasurer of the corporation Mayor Clyde V. Higel. agreed Bob Shanley ..of Jamay Beach t I

i community get-together which recently purchased the club with Councilman Finn Casprr- added to his string getting a 50- b': Y t I
Death Robs Two :
while out
property. sen's suggestion that the peoplebe pounder last Tuesday
lot dance for young and old '
will be held In the Recreation Colonel Earnshaw, managing FamiliesOf asked their opinion before the with Neal Taylor on the Snark. "
Venice .
Heaviest catch of the week was a r r .j'
council went ahead with either
Hill al the Venice Bay Trailer director of the corporations Interests

Put tomorrow Saturday. In Florida, explained the Pet DogsDeath proposition. The council presi- at 95-pounder Tarpon Center weighed here In yesterday by Dr. .t 'I

sight, starting at I p.m. objectives of the newly organizedclub (Continued on page six) I ;
Sarasota \
Herman Kahlenberg of I.
IV affair It being given by and bespoke the city, Interest : robbed two Venice fami- who was fishing on the "BuddY,' : t ;

the American Legion A axil7 and co-operation In the rec- lies of their pet dogs!! during the Theology StudentTo with Captain Bruce Rigby as his I
with the committee In leatlonal project. .
past week, with one being the guide.
charge composed of Marjorie "The primary objective." said the Have Charge of t
victim of a poisoner "
Uorfen chairman; Ruth Kufcnfoll /- Colonel Earnshaw, "Is to providethe I II

and Mona Goldeiutetn. city of Venice and surrounding other dying after being struck by St. Mark's ServicesEdward } '
Events I t
Coming ,
Then will be no admission area with a good clubhouse, an automobile ( ): "

charge, althourh a free-will of- restaurant, swimming pool, ten- The poison victim was 'Son" King, a theological : r';

teeing will\ 1 be taken, with proeMs nis courts and golf course at 10-year-old German police dog student from the SeaburyWestern Friday, June 20 t, t- t

going to the auxiliary' moderate costs. In the plans for owned by Pat Haynes His loss Seminary at Evanston. Ill, 8 p.m., American Legion public {::4t! rit' ,

Idlare fund. Arrangement the club development Is a housing was felt keenly by the Haynes will have charge of the servicesat party, KMI. (.11 r

till be made to care for young. unit overlooking the golf family, particularly six-year-old St Maiks Episcopal Church 8:30: p m, softball game, Payna 'I:...,

Ir thlldren course. Not all these objectivescan Barbara Jean, whom he had caved during the summer months beginning Park sarasota Venice vs. AM- \ II
be accomplished Immediately I .
--- four ago. next Sunday. ; '
--------- from drowning years VETS
but work on them will progress Barbara Jean a two-year-old tod- He Is due to arrive here today Saturday June 21 pGt

Commerce wing held and at thejbhamber of as rapidly as possible": II dler at the time, wandered Into and a reception will be held in 1 :30-4 p.m., hobby show, 303 L..I'

attended by rep- The guests were conducted the water at Siesta Key and was his honor tonight at Mrs. S. S West Venice avenue. j" .'

weatatlves of the various organ- through the clubhouse and shown pulled back to safety by the dog. Terry's residence on Nassau 8 American Legion Aux- ..{',' \
scions pm.
participating in the comlIIunItY"'lde the various facilities. Those pres- "Son" became 111 I" week-end street, S. Jarvis Adams, Jr., liary dance, Recreation Hall, Ven- r, It

The recreation program ent Included: Mayor Higel. Dr. T. and died after being take to a member of the Bishop's Committee ice Bay Trailer Park, everyone Invited 'K!

bathing beauty contest. Jo S. Thompson, George Higel Finn Sarasota small animal hospital. said all members and friendsof !.
be staged at the beach at S p.m. Caspersen, Smyth Brohard. H. S. The veterinarian told Haynes the the church are Invited to attend Monday June 23

011 te Fourth of July will be held Bowden Harry A. Beach M. A. (Continued on page five) the reception. 8 30 American Legion! R
: p.m.
ill three Braswell, P H. Mallory, Ralph
sections, with judges fur- meeting, Venice Air Base clubhouse -
Nd Simpson, J. T. Blalock, R. S. Bay-
by Sarasota Bay Post NoM I nerd Richard Oedney, Herbert Orlando Man Catches Lions Hold First ,
<* the American Sl&tedI Tuesday June 21 ,
Legion ( Myers and Carroll Williams.
27 Snook in One HourFor Dinner &f
choose MeetingFirst Lions Cluj & ,
the winners.. 6:30 p m", Venice
The CAROVERTCRNSMrs. the Venice meeting Tarpon Center Restaur-
are many years
groups will be as foU }
dinner meeting of the
Iowl: "MIss' Minnow of 1847." 0 T. M Wrede Sr. and Mrs. jetties have had more than local Venice Lions ant. ti 1
newly-organized "
(Continued both of Nokomis, fame as one of the best 8pm. movie show Venice ,
J. A. Johnston.
on page three) Club was held last Tuesday eve-
narrowly escaped serious Injury fishing spots In this part of Beach. .
night when Mrs.Wrede' Florida but If additional testimony ning at the Tarpon Center Res- 8.30 p.m., Venice Business Association -
last Tuesday
taurant, with 25 In attendance
to that effect Is needed meeting
I car struck a concrete President Stanley Grey and a )
WeatheR I IYtMPERATURg post along the Tamlaml Trail A.Y.. Mayhew of Orlando delegation from the Sarasota Commerce building. ;t

near the bridge just north of the will be more than glad to Wednesday, June 23
Lions Club conducted the meeting
RAINFALL Villa Nokomls: and turned over. oblige. to show the local Lions the 9 am band practice, Venice-

Pre D.r Hi,.. Uw l.c..... Mrs. Wrede said the was partially Last Saturday morning proper routine, with no special Nokomis High School auditorium.

v I OUSly reported .._........... 317 blinded by the lights of an ap- Mayhrw. who, with Mrs May-and business being transacted. 730 p.m., softball game Payne
June 13 proaching truck. hew, has been visiting Mr. Park. Sarasota Venice vs, City of
81t. June < '" 85 70 150 pars William Montgomery here, Phillips H. Mallory presidentof
14 Both women were shaken Sarasota.
87 70 303 local Lions, and Louis J
811II., Kent down to the north jetty
June 15 .... 87 n.0.115 up but otherwise uninJured. At announcedthat Thursday June 26
he secretary
hour Pappas
Van. than
and In less one
tea, June 18 .. 80 74 0.71 the time of the accident they caught 2T ,snook ranging In the club's next meeting will 230-4 p.m., children's beac"iparty. :
June 11 82 73 0.90 were en route to a meeting of the Venice Beach
ed. weight from two to eight be 'held at 6:30: next Tuesday
'!'bUll.. Jute 18 .... at 70 3.10 Woman's Society of Christian each. night at the Tarpon Center Res 6 p m., picnic for young and
June 18 85 7J 000 Service, being held a! the Nokomis pounds taurant. old Venice Beach.i't..1"'v..

,.off 10 date this month,. 11.02 home of Mrs. B E. Bowen.

it .

,_.' ..

'!:'f '"" ,', ,.."..,;r'1.\ ...I',:-";."\.;,",..,.. .t,,,:'t, -....,....:,..;_" .,t.'I'J"' )<. "1 ". ';.'...\11..'.\>. ... '."\'' .,. ..t.. .'\,.'i..i: ,.'.t'1... .. .


NMIt ..
-" 1"IJ.1J''i."'=. '"'. 4U r'" ".,
; ".'fI'' 0

t fG t J

.e. Page Two VENICE GONDOLIER FrIday, June 20. 19It

.'.It't ''I"
; II Paid AlinUwmmtl Pafd AdvtTtlinnritt I I BRIDE-TO-BE Saxophone Given

: There's Nothing Wrong with Venice Mrs.To Band By


,. ,>
,, \
'. a complete
i t There's nothing!!; \\'ronIth Venice that a little time and saxophone
: thought won't remedy In fact, there is nothing basically wrongto outfit by Mis Mona UoldenstMi

'. begin with Our good will tell to the Venice-Nokomu
tmt sense us that, If1' stop griping HU,
l +:1; and giumbling long enough to take stock of our progress to date School band was annomvii dj

: I B. E, Bowen, present! of
k' After the magnificent splurge of the '20's, our City subsidedo V, I'-Ti thl'lIlceNoIOr.1ld
'I the status of a ghost town and remained so until approxl

I mately 1933 Since then to now, we have grow to such an extent ,:n expren *e app atloi i,

:" : that new construction has been necessary to take care of Mrs. Goldmii.in; Bowen p,\,m/

\. the bulging at the reams Personally I feel that we have the vat It was '-f sennj J0i!
; right to be proud of a comeback Mat Is little short of amazing the band has received
Itl.. Consider that In the middle] '30's our City was to all] intents and pit,
I vate sources, the Venic .
purposes bankrupt '_ bonds In default tax collections lagging Nokoeii
and business Bank having )prevlomlv
property comparatively unpioductive, By now we contra
have gotten to the point that the City can actually make capi t I uted $50 In cash toward the fja f

: tal investments In the form of Implements to streets, beach i 'sE;. being raised by the P..TA. to
"I I'' facilities and public buildings. In order to round out the magnificent -
original] pans: that came to a stop with the Florida provide instruments for the I bard
\ expression Anyone desiring to cjntri&ti

'\1' either an Instrument 01: cat b

.i, To be sine, we still have our problems. but by and large they requested to get In to :li t :th
,If, are the same problems that confront
practically every other city Bowen phone 3414
'I'' :n the country to A greater or lesser degree Certain things
are Meanwhile Paul Gc,
necessary to the will being of dense:a
any community and I think we
can all agree that director of the band, cud attn
among them
are sound
., finances, good utility :MISS RIBKUNCIIE: RIGBY
mac iriinirji, good imiiiin, and compipncnsive.. and orderly planning tion to the fact that it will puetlce .

for future Kiowth. Mr, and Mrs, Bruce RigbY of I Lakeland for the past year She weekly during the mmri,

Nokomis have announced the engagement is a member of Alpha Chi Omega meeting at 9 a,m, at the Nokc-a: !
"I At present, the City li In good financial condition and there
of their daughter Rub sorority, school auditorium every Wednesday
I -
I' is no reason why it should not remain so Some things must be I
Blanche Rigby, to Robert Michael Boys and !
w o 'A 'j:dUke
,Indebtedness' Freeman, son of Mi. and Mrs
Freeman of Valley ctieam Long I to play the
)pay. William R. Freeman of Valley newly r :rch'French -ed
good reason to belcve that this can be done promptly Island. N, Y. The marriage Is horn, baritone irritant
Stream, and grandson of the late

\ 1 A. for tae utilities, the City'owned water works I Is keeping scheduled to take place at the I I C M. Freeman, well-known Bia- and bass Instruments In I he bind

its head above water and new V I' n I c eN bonus Methodist I ] asked to show
i' conduction should get it in the I denton , it etc
clear within a reasonable timo Sanitary sewers are In the plan. Church on September 12 I Wednesday morning pro oCt
': n.iig stage, but the He also I IH a student at FlorIda -
outlook Is optimistic as the City has assurances Miss Rigby graduated from session,
that sulficltnt funds will be made available to Install a Venice-Nokomis High School with Southern College He served'I

complete\ system to cover all existing: structures the. Class] of '46 and has attend three years In the Army,
I[ Includ-j
ed Florida Southern College in ing one year In the PhfB Harold R. SmithWill
Schools, ot rather the lack of th'I1pose a different piobitm .
I M : but not an insurmountable one The City Government can Be Avnll
I Three Men FinedIn In VENICE During

question ] SHOES June and July

r City Court FIXED '
" MADE IN <':)1R
t mean business! WHILE ., -
1 Pleading guilt to charges of YOU s' HOME OR CARL N

As for City planning. It should! suffice to point out that since Intoxication and disturbing the Call 2056
the first of the year. the City Council ':las modernized all its peace at a local hotel early last I

building and zoning: ordinances based 'minimum requirements: Monday morning, Vernon Deke's Shoe Repair PROFESSIONALPHOTOGRAPHER

F't t to preserve the health, safety and welfare of our cltlztls These buckle was fined $25 when he appeared No.1 10 Fho Stat.on

j ordnances are open to public Inspection at the City Ouiee and before Mayor Clyde V I (Venice AYO. Colored S,.tion) I J

II'I it It Is suggested that any reasonable individual lI'h'iII take tie H'cel in city court Monday after ..-

h e trouble to lead through them will agree that tl.ey represent a noon.

i rood workmanlike Job. A $20 fine was imposed upon WE DO CONTRACTING

Jerry Chance after he pleaded
It Is true that Venice like other cities has Its: cranks and Usdrtrac -: Full Line of !-

:cis. but this clement cannot, in the long rm shape the Vest guilty Venice to driving avenue recklessly near the on I BATHROOM FIXTURES And TRIM

destiny of any city They may hinder but they cannot obstruct
ding store. last Saturday after If lou Have Impair Work, See Is
except for periods that are relatively short in the life of a city
which! is a corporate entity tint will undoubtedly outlive all of noon. WATER PUMPS PIPE And FITIIGSJOSSARTKINCAID
James Lewis, of the Venice ,
its present citizens and provide homes and security for a future Negro' quarters, forfeited $10 cash I
generation that well be concerned with the
results we ach'eveend .
i bond he had posted Saturday afternoon -
\ not with our mcand 'lings and back lId.ngs enioute And following his arrest on a PLUMBING AND: HEATING CONTRACTORS
w q the really Important and tine dl'tern1'nlng factor is that Venice speeding charge 323 W Venice Ave. Phone 2665
has a progressive element that is determined to build for the Dep.nd.U. Plumbing That Will Stand lnopetlion'

future and to build In such a way that they can be proud of
/I heir hand,woik, This element] cannot and will not be denied FRANK: CURRY DIES aft!

for the beautifully simple: ] reason Mat: we are all progressives Frank A. Curry, pieirerro- r'f :{;T.-.;; Te m.7m 7 Ie Trtttc-: -. !. "'J!)! '1,11 jJZ2i"I

r at heart. komis itMelent, died at his home
t early tills morning lie had re I A Privilege to Live in Florida
Let us- giant that tl ere, Is a difference' of opinion! as to how g}
-,. yyy we can get the farthest the fastest, but the fact remains cently und 'rgone an operation A Distinction to Live in VeniceH. jjj
at a Sarasota hospital and had
hat we' are all in the same boat and It behooves us to pull to- IF 3
born brought ]ionic earlier this !
' r tether and in the same dl'lctlon: In addition to the civic pride wPI'k. Funeral arranrementsare N. WIMMERS 3.
that Is stronger than most of us will admit we must develop >
being! made by Thacker and Realtor
community enterprise and tffoit We must acquire a willing
Van Gilder
revs to work for the greatest good of the greatest number even .

j tliou"h: oui own pet schemes and prejudices are not accorded / VENICE a FLORIDA

a 're reverence and re, pert we fell they are entitled to Where the T.m.ml Trail MeeK the Open CultBed

Of cowsIt is disconcerting wlr-n some young: upstart takes
1"L1.": il 'ID:. Z
hold of a project that
we have been talking! to death for years

and does a tattling! gocd job of pushing to a logical conclusion,

And when he goes so far as to actually prove with facts and

figures that there Is good reason to believe that we have been Room

talking through our collective hat, our feathers are apt to be a KS

trifle ruffled and our vanity somcvhat bruised. But tl at Is

exactly the time for us to prove that we are big enough to put

the welfare! of the community ahead of our personal: feelings. A s CpKwatr.uun Suites

With what we have in the way of natural advantages anda 6 .--

i sound foundation progress Is inMtalle. Why not let's make ,
n ..
la it light on ourselves ardwork, tottthti
most possible out of it for each Individual, as well as fur the -0--
t t community as a whole. FISHING Sl'PrIIES Room




FINN W. CASPERSEN Boat & Equipment Co. 321 W. Venice,Ave. R. O. HAINES phone 3133"COMPLETE
--- -
Registered Real Ls tte Dro'ur Phone 2753


,;..J.." ... .. '''' ,.I/ifo..aartfV'rr-' '
'' ''' '''''''''''''''t''
se <.s :' i.as""'. "

K .....Jo.. .,fl.>, >. 0.yy r

. ',"
I ..

June 20, IN' VENICE GONDOLIER Page Three
Hey will share the proceeds with : \ HJ
County .
of July Refute to TENNIS MATCH "
Fourth the recreation procram commit.tee. Transfer S. JarVIs Adams, Jr., Venice : ': : '
Liquor License I
Further \1
details of the celebration \
from paga ODe) resident who formerly was national l :t .
(ConUnld to 1. will be announced next Heeding l veterans' J I "II
pompano a protest from offl tennis champion ; \ i I"
,: Tarpon" 15 and oven dais of the Kentucky Military Institute last week in Sarasota played ,
")liJI should be made 1mme41. the regular recrea- Sarasota County commissioners tennis with Peter Lawford, M-Q- I I., ., r I!
Irtel prize will be award- tea program Is proceeding according this week refused to ap. M star here with the troupe engaged I ( :
wCMh ',
in each class. to schedule. prove transfer of a liquor license in, filming spenss at Anna I f :
\? winners Hobby Show [
of July celebration from the Fiesta Restaurant to a Maria for a'forthcoming Plctul'e,
Fourth This afternoon and I
-a; underway at IlL tJa., tomorrow location in the Siede Building onSt. Adams is a friend of the Law- :' I !
id schedule u afternoon, from 1:30: to 4 p.m., Augustine avenue, near KMI'i ford family and recalled that 'it :

III bicycle races of a thrill-packed the "Hobbycraft Show" is being winter home here T>- transfer was a relative of the young film ; '
I first( event staged in the vacant store at 302 I
booths, games and had been requested by Charles'star who Invented what wad f;
Carnival West Venice avenue, next to the Macatee, former known for many years as "the : :
oj will\ be open at the owner of the :
bank.< under direction of Mrs. ; .1
Fiesta. Lawford stroke, of fore
The a type
to be conducted Venice city council ;
all day \ i
Ruth Kurkendall. It started last
various local organl atk>ni.jlME previously had okayed use of the hand drive.
remises for a restaurant and '"' .;
\ '
Those having exhibits of their cocktail lounge Midget Calendar : i
ON TOUR HANDS hobbles on display Include: Mrs. S' '.

Vincent B. Dixon, Charles Wynne, I
.- "
Miss Sudan Talbot. Mrs. B. E. a musical picture and short sub ') "I ,
Bowen, Mrs. Jennie Chenault, jects. Last Tuesday evening's : ":) t'
." Mrs. Thomas A. Patton, Mrs show was held In the RecreationHall i r ':!

Helen Vacheresse. B. E. Bowen, of the Venice Bay. Trailer I I.
Hm You Ever Been' and Mrs. Kmykendtll. Park. Adults as well as childrenare ., Pull size radio. '\

Snookered Movie Show invited to these shows. ThereIs 13- phonograph con-.. ,I

Wilkinson announced that next no admission charge, although sole glorioustone t II '

It's Here! Tuesday night's movie show, to a free-will offering Is taken to __ .:.. _f'J ? Tilt ,Front handsome caU- ,

TIle first Snooker Table In be held at Venice Beach regard defray costs of renting the films. lull 19.7 net Automatic 1 !t

Mi Section. We Invite You to less of the weather, will feature Next Thursday from 2:30: to 4 1 4 6 7 Changer prays up :
In or Witness One children's v 8 I" to 12 records: No J 'I
irtldpite p.m. a beach party will 910is i) i,
el Tile World's Most Fasclnatmi LAND CLEARING be held, to be followed at 6 p.m. I) 16 17 ll If IO U needles Standard dxui and, e. ', ;
Games. street and taMlrlitOT. work with u ij 14 'j it '7 UANY
a picnic for both young and Short Wave. I
*./. R... A. All-Nrw Outfit Incluith ay JO $199.50
K CLUB h<( Bulldozer 11' old. Everyone is Invited. 'I '::1

B. B. DUNN AND SON Clemons & Wagner Swimming Claw
Phase 1111 P. O. Ben OfVENICR As soon as at least 15 childrenor
adults] are signed up "nine al- t

ready have joined, the free DAY'S THE DAY 1 11
TO VISIT 'it qti to %
swimming classes to be conductedby
Have You Flown the New Spin-Proof Ercoupe Yet? Louis Suter, former Red Cross '

COMB IN LET US SHOW swimming Instructor, will get under Band B BAR 1 :: :

YOU THIS PLANE THAT way. The classes will be heldIn 305 W. Venice Ave.
the outdoor of the Pines I
Hotel, made available through ', I '
courtesy of Harry and Baxter Requires N : .
LFARN TO FLY IN 8 EAST LESSONS Dye. Those wishing to join the $ ':1 t. :Yt :
What\ t ''I
Govrrnm.nt-Approved School Continuous EnrollmentJ class should notify Mrs. Marjorie "'
Adorjan, GOES INTO APRESCRIPTION Special Aerial / '';
phone 3412 immediately -
& J AIRCRAFT, INC. ? q' :
'. 0. Jor..' P. O. BOIl 211 E. T. Dtnh.m "Amateur Night" .V :

VENICE 2551 VENICE SARASOTA 6306 Last Friday night, In the Recreation j' i

Hall of the Venice Bay! '
Trailer Park, made available by I! .t '

FOR SALEGOVERNMENT Mr and Mrs. H. P. Kuykendall.'' h: '
an "Amateur Night" program was at
staged, with approximately 100 "
persons In attendance. Paul Gold- f f f

ensteln arranged the programand : i
SURPLUS BUILDINGS acted as master of ceremonies. ,

20 ft. by 100 ft 20 ft. by 90 ft. Seven-year-old. Patsy Hunter, .to !, i' \' '::1': :,r

20ft by 72ft., 20 ft ,by 110 ft who sang and did a novelty tip ;J I
dance and an acrobatic dance, I .
20 ft by 45 it. 20 ft by 36 ft. won the 12 first prize. The audience /f2u > .. / '1.1: ,
chose William Joseph young *' lYtII/ ; : :
hutments ;, ; :
16 x 16 piano accordionist, for second inrodints your doctor :

place, which was worth $1 to him. THE .*, of COWM but also! PHILCO I ': fHt

P. L. Other contestants who drew there goes the acltntit knowledge |. ,
HaynesVenice applause for their efforts Included 'f I Il
Joan Fette piano soloist: and skill experience ol PORTABLE t'

Army Air Base Harry lanius cometlst and Mil our expert phtrnaciitt. Tbtt'a Amazing improvement in paf s. .. : ; ,.
Al- why you may bring<< prescriptions i
ton Mikesell, clarinetist. once uil/MHI and tf t iftdol affil .
though not competing with the to Ha with conto'cnea. Plays on train, planes, remote locations II '

youngsters for a prize, Martin extremely t 1' i

Yontz, a trailer park resident The Rexall Store $54.95 :less batteries'i;t ; : ,
VENICE gave a humorous reading as his "Pe.rrlption Sperisli,to" ALPHA MUSIC SHOP ,( :
:. contributions to the evening's en- POST OFFICE ARCADE f, ,..r 1,1

'ertalnment. PHONE 1181 VENICE Phone Venice 2663 .. J'l.t.. I

All Meta! KITCHEN STOOL v' a a


L j Wide variety of sizes, styles and .

color combinations in stock.

Registered Real Estate Broker

0 0

WE HAVE SEVERAL 0 cocoa Dinette

Suite j


Modern suites cf
'chromium steel

const ruction.
FOR' SALE AIEO suites in =

''oak and maple.of .
t Received A Large Stock
Prices Reasonable of This. Better Grade


3 NokoraU Avenue-South Phone 3581 Capacity. All-Metal Con "We Feather. Your Nest With A Little Down"

; struction. Good Trade-in Allow. PUNTA GOHDA AECADIA FT. MYEBS
; "Ta Bulintlll ante on your old box.
To Help.frlU Vrnle and Vend

"t.'t,!: :"f..Jr-.th/.4: ,::"" 'i "o_ '1 { "' .- '" ;,; "{),":.".., ','i- "" ; ",.. ,,,..,(. .:,;rt,;: :;-' ,,:.'r ',11.. .. '.' ,. ...::".(

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It s-an. s adar e ,1Jottt
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Fe": ,
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: i s arT lo, your r,& to iy It. -l'OLT AlkL k ., a.wt Lazar P..ur t.a : ,. ..

I .W..4 or-err rr.,. E4.t.e.a! a.4 b..o .H_ J1I: to. f p.a. Caste M, .,.
'I \...... Atom". Vea..e. Pi.e.da oME.MEER S" 6,31. rte... Vow= 3131k ray
FUOlt PRESS ASSOCIATION Asses" Of 110I..... Av.q,
C..IooU .
lj Later.J .. as.dlww-.n.r; s- ,. '. .t tIo.e pool off.ct tif .... !.k!. Cl"l"
.. ", me \........ fltr.... .a r.or Act .f Marti J. 111.. II uu MoraLt t'...
-.-. --. i I--:a. SYPI
I'qt S.L.cr.Pe.a. rate,, 0.. rear. II..'; as Intestinal IIO: ta,.. ?:" I.., Exr.. >,ct,
'( a..<**, 7it. CUfi .4...... B, i....,
Prayer .n.
4 auto I ewf per ....4 fee soak addtaeol _..... f :iR R'e _
WILLIAMS4TrXJ Offs? M.ur.r b rte .... J.II.. H,HIM, I'ut.
.J a.a. Ktd. lush
II...!.( Mivlct C ?t : II
BTBilKlvWr :
I" --- .- E.eoir ..e.... a. ovAv, I
r Peoria at tST. su ..


HS'-tLL: LAY St. and '01.,.. Ply- ,
t>r. Leotard II. I.