Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 25, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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(DNdS Pip)

88thYer, No. 200


U is nUV asm lway

State SOL J Mu hms, wd Ftorda'ts maildt
for govewna, m town this malw fno zeas hr
hadhahIng and rvot-weolg. ON hi st.p was
city hal. In the ey tax edqUartmt, h tobd with
M. Mt Ahwok, a smersy.

Municipal Bond

Sale Urged Soon

Athable t tatheir asett
to sake da for GaNm e'Ws
-M" -.4 j -* -mlit 2

March u beon Ctmt Jte

$atmom worm t apll.w rwelN" that thN
frye-S bob for MAy w-.
arpmwdakt*g W #?Sb le od m m dlmr
Pla.ns ce u* fli nte or om
thecs'ss scfls*
shdbeat a~s.ilkad.t
i tha e t ny taeb li e *w itooa Co
t oext po -dw -i
sD an bomdsm a uiaspn A l Amiltqo mi*
i s. 1 IMuawr n umr I

ftg raidatoimtt Ma
am*t court an m

Baker Says


RBker back hrfm N-
ines uut1atm* t Mk.dS
- today, ad midh
WMd ide a to my
The efn b to p od
Saoa cum -NOW
hsarew-hB iatsbhw
yer, Edt WSm li
wk s is C641imA

ofoft aliater
)r ot Wld etTVfl^

n" w- e
SOL Colt T. (-- iWt
owl t9 S lwt bet

agmun sher tequihem
Lunosthies a be =anuhr

u-aw rei w

"MAO" low to, j
pond-- 6911111d; w^ IN I&
Qr- km^9 n~
a- 2im S s
Ed$ al:
pWbdwtftkm wt


-aer ^- n -




Poe Problem
(AP)-me U.N. he'ty Co-

tkei tok mdM a Cypt

wis cael to eleato Secre
r1iyral U tI'Is private
peaaem ehb t U ent dfae
efmthbillUer bed*boti be.
ti e Mh mGreek Cyp-
mmi sairt ad i Turkish
Cyplost atebtty..
SThe aul Mt, r i
Albdl gMourdes of Bral,
mha t hee wa eiec
itt leh tem ae" to rea
#dm. aniaem le a ekt

0r11"m adNom.
*thoas =
t The a qmaoWp cpmi

i x are lSabea, 6aur.

7" 6d Aqted to pt
A a a Ns to a el
dbedal wmicthhewl l*m
60" uaN-I -II.N Uedw
wSti, fAth tNaolit U
ar, **me qtt Mlnagl
".- L M-


fl t k. Im l b
il i n, am-le j
Sa ri.
Gn ad ibb dielr 6.

ad hum


NW TOuR (AP) -huer
Pamd ita bat -sm hu
seere a "wert salteo" l
leaia a i mail today.
A ihep mpHn hn r
art r4baie- ma *M '
as in toIL WalMugS e.

r ~ta"P-l
Ila DaSo"VA bl
as an. l~o

flflqdowfl am*e
*now TO*hu*Kfl
auby I* topi arm& d.

Lhtoabmdtuki AM

,J am PubIt *No

of let WW"SWAb

10I*at an NA p
-oow hasatisIT

fa wu4aamn


. D5





FSU Stadium




UF Project Delayed

Stae am thi alg vot-
ed to rene PiSM bo 1o-
Ida State USrity for a foot-
bil ait- .larBmqnt pro.
jt, b popoed whout ea-
pluat a a req(umt no d o
mla Afor a direlambeg.
St the Uily oridf .
AD but l d the clau.

. room project h area bee
appropriated by the State Lea.
lasre. Hi extra money e.
ceary to meet a ntgher- than.
expected conuctin bid
baght about by a architect's
Attorney Gcal James
y mes amd the UF project Deed.
ed more study.
The Univeity of Florida's

rudate engineering program
d teised teachig (G
ESYS) wo prellmary appv-
al from the cabinet
Dr. J. Bromward CQlpeppe, a-
emile director of the univera
ty bard of control M fm
cbiet appd wi hin
n thelegalptydcceptin the
pAed f tes for .tdite cu-
(See CABINET Page 3)

It's Officiat.. They're Running
OlAy CmmWme ets ArelD BAtt lWI,. Jimlcrdeam, rih, were the
Otun af toglsyteb ymibmthymeO t wth(Sty Cut ikabWm .
ets, SImi efar *b.lMaU& 17 eft due.L. Dr. UwiaW A muwn Mayer
k ad hiSalt Wthe O udi 1M wiN t O'NCW tUh aftenom. Dna iDm
5 pa. tUmew. (Sn phfto by T Le.)

Bus Service Talks Set Up

Between Students, City Line

Gdimeb CI OCupon
dip lbd @igit nectd theo
pa hoi cqmedo to o
tun te d -gbyfti Om-
Ni IGIm b IdftlA"

SeiNmas IruimatUfora
b Mljwa h kmt theyd
M tookMy a triam f a
,mabj to emwto thel
i tmjt battme holr.
m bt adkt 916

.**11 mage, pSSSn g
..y..'.. 3 kiairh., WGiem-
-;.... I W b-2L Gds
........ 8t Ol- e frM a legeep
....... ag- J ter aM stea ginr
1- 7, S gS-iiatmqv

MYom wul be podatW to
peoe da Galeeul I y ev
en colder t," sw aid.
Gorey's ae was -iuppod
ed by his iny, Jams Wer.
show, and by ts preMt ad
timm of the Mntiury a.&
dent body ad the iWe prs.
dent of Donstown Murch-
ns Am a at lat i t's
to me ta m
inm a m a t

nal b Dmir st Udmi

asks is kmt~e

bec a soffient ml to
ndiate the ed fro esyuerv.
AlB City A-oey On
Fagm advised the am sio
st mi at he codes t
dty's froaicse wwo Cties
TrWa meefse, e said
the bs firm's atry amid-
as it fMse mtl appes a

pto irs k a tM
Cy rNN a a Gremtow

No aees B da Of trial
PfrtdbrdWin tin
wk dbmE uki

I.cke Over Leash Law


OWN0b gas

NIs JBMa -~ -mla
SI-,'lm llcg"s I
'We P% m rn"fl






Eastern Air Lies four-engine
jetliner carrying penrso a
a fight from Mexico aty to
New York disappeared minutes
after takeoff from a New Or.
ans stop today and crashed
i Lake Pontchartrain. There
were no signs of survivors.
The Coast Guard said it re-
covered parts of a large air.
aift, including seats, communi-
cation equipment and found.
Also recovered were clothin,
luggage and what was do.
scribed as parts of bodies.
The Coast Guard said one of
its helicopter pilots over the
wreckage area reported there
were Indications that the plane
either exploded in the air or on
Impact The debris was scat-
teed over a wide area.
The pokeman said the site
Is about six miles south of the
north shore of the lake, or some
X miles north of New Orleans.
It was about four miles east of
w m !sewp conecting the
martad tt a deam
E n a said t phe car.
ried I1 passengers and a crew
of 7. At lest 32 of the passen.
gens were making the through
trip and at least 17 boarded in
New Orikes. Fourteen were
pausding Eastern employes.
Easter said the DCI, eight
3K, left New Orleans Interns-
tioal Airport for Atlanta at
2:1 am. (CST) and disap-
peared froa air traffic control
radar ren minutes later.
hat was the last contact with

A etean Eastern plon said
the Jet probably reached a
height of m le 0 feet short.
ly fter It got over the lake.
Lake Poteartra is me
3 miles in diameter, with its
suen shore along Wo side
Of New Orleans. Marby land
urronds mucb the lake,
h has an aver e depth of
about Ilfe L
At the de the ple took o
frm New Ora the vfl
Iy was Pod. There was a igh
ramn moe the area. Winds were
Tie Eltn spkem said
the po mAde routine checks
radar with M a la g f ad
nm d f draOle
bakII n a airde taking of
Ortm btml Airport

Ft. Bragg


Kil Four

Ft. BRAG M. (AP) -
- ftam- -n.i
wet i_^t hq OW l i.

itoaf stand- 1

saleft bomelrnfsio

S lJumped rlot mat
ams*^^ :Mama .a
Wall led ON&71 sfta





Tueshy, hbamty 15, i9o4


Cwles Wad'untm mSU
top.-mea in the bu siness agrI
thati-Sen. Barry Goldater was
wrg. when he said U.S. &ale
siles were undepsedable, ut
they- Agree about how wmrg
And the picture is confused
further by the snmLy,thSasurn-
ro uds all sp cIk lnatiU
about missile fidafy and
accuracy, the two main facls
in any estimate of dependabi
Defense Sec-
retary Robert
S. -McNamara AxavI
gave the Hose What he
Committee a me
1 detailed report ews
on this subject, Meaos
and-a censored
Armed Servicesn
version of it has been relemed.
He .pid, in summary, that a't


altey forbem, hi l M 4
mneet ad dmar bombers,
"tW y are y capable de-&
Ist irf he Soviet tart y.-
twa, eva aft a bwfg a
Uindl sorpri adack."
He was poutig mdt of te
emphasis thie Minatma
ild ftued rocket, of wic
- wil have M u mader-
Mnd lamhers by miMd- so-
mr. Thre hbast bi a
Ipeat deal o experience with
tem shots, not me h to
establish a true stahil ei Mi-
mte, he said ut een so it
looks better tha the BO-
"There is great uncertain-
ty about the yems deperda-
hbity of te B although it i
an old and eprienced air-
craft, than about the Minute-
man," he said. The surviva-
Wiity of the soft bombers and
their ability to penetrate ene-
my defenses are instr cal




ly Aoe diA m t to Is dle has." that bWer"a am aerry a
mae i advane flan the ba L ay sa t MeNam abia and b r w ib aid a
tor affe miss dpeda-disagree aboutthe future f the tack several targets n one
Mity." manned bomber. Lemay be- mission, McNamra said. The
Gen. Cuo Leaay, de Air lives it wll be around for a major emphasis is m getting
Force ch of staff and the lMag e, ad that we smiuldbe to the tart quickly,m anl
father of the B fleet, d- starting w to develop a new the minil have an bet-
agreed wi McNamara about one to replace the B-U. Me. able advantage.
the M intean's reliality. Namara is doubtful. McNamara's strategy d pre.
Their re ve fires were "'e manned bomber, as the venting wr by threatesatg erI
c red ore the tranript Interce dental ballistic als. enemy w destruction Is has-
was r ut it was der ses ame ine ito both air v.- da a having weapons that
that Le felt thit MNa- stories and the invetores the mmy knows can reach
may's m smate was too ep- our opponents in eve-increas- his weapons and, if necemry
mistlle. ing numbers, becomesles use- his cities. He calls it the
But eveJ Lemay, who spent ful as an offensive weapon "damage limiting strategy," as
most of flis career in big against the time-sensitive tar- opposed to the "cities only,"
bombers, 'poke fairly weh at gets targets that if they are and the "full first strike force"
the big rt akets. '"Ty haw to be destroyed aust be de- strategies.
- co a th a low relibilty stroyed a very short period he "cities only" theory is
rate bt ey are going up," of time. . fav d by those who are con-
he said. "I would he willing to "T'e fear.e of the maned corned abuot overu ll," an-
accept the missiles as a weapon bomber as a major element of other term popular with the
system with a lower degree of the strategic force beyond the strategy theorists. Those w ho
reliability than I am aure we end of the decade I think is in want to avoid over-kill argue
are going to get, because of question." that the Hiroshima bomb, equal
the other advantages the mis- This i in aite of the facd to 3,I tas of TNT, killed


WIh AM edbs l t. a asl
powerful would k Ie times as
many. "Carried to that ex-
treme we would just need one
I megat- weapon," McNa-
marn said.
Where the "cities only" theo-
ri wat ust enough bomb
to desty the emy diO in .
der ideal conditions, the "fl
first strike" proponents want
enough to virtually wipe the
staoy camtry off the map, in-
chding destruction of so many
enemy weapons that the U.S.
would suffer relatively little

'te first proposal is "danger-
ously inadequate," in McNa-
mara's view, and the second
is unattainable. The "damage-
limiting" strategy is something
a a compromise between the


would be needed for a imitedU. S. would escape with little
'cities only strategy," "Me damage.
Namara said. "There is gener-
al agreement that it should be "Our conclusion is that, give
large enough to insure the de-the size and kind of strategic
struction, singly or in combina- and offensive forces we project
tio, of the Soviet Union, Com both for the Soviet Union and
munist China, and the Com- for ourselves, grave damage to
muist satelteas nati soboth sdes ina an out nucle.
deties, a do the worst po a exchange could not be
Mde drcametmoc f war avoided under any conceivable
break dothat cman rmu be circumstances," McNamara
postulated, and in addition to sd.
destroy their wrmakg ca
blity so as to lit, to the ex- Even so, he said, under the
test pacticable, damage to worst conditions from our point
thiscountry ad tour Allies."of view, our forces "would still
How does the U. S. strategic have the capability of inflict-
retallatory system shape up ac- ing very heavy damage on
omdtg to that definthon? Our Communist industrial capacity
bombrs amd miles could de- and noulation. Thus there is

story the Soviet targets, even
after abeorbMg a heavy sur-
face attack. They could not

two. achieve the secd part of the
"Such a strategy requires requirement, destruction of
force considerably larger than eough amy weapons so the

the highest degree of assur-
ance that the recommended
forces will provide an extreme-
ly strong deterrent against a
deliberate first strike attack on
the U.S."

mitted perjury and that "the
matter, of course, will have to
be dealt with."
Keenan, 23; Joseph Clyde
Amaler, 23; and John Irwin, 41,
are charged with kidnapping Si-
natra Jr. Dec. I from Lake
Tahoe and releasing the .
year-old singer here three days
later after receiving 4,M
ransom from the elder Sinatra.
The defense has claimed it was
a publicity boax

lin his later version Torrence
said defendant Barry Keenan More Abot
toldhim of the plan in October
and; three days after the al- D g
leged abduction, gave him D l ag
abolt 25,U0. But, he said, he
gave it back. F r 1
In' his first appearance Tor- From age 1
rence, known for his bit record

"Surf City," said he had con-
sidered Keenan his best friend
for six years.
He said he had lent him mon-
ey "so he could eat," adding
that Keenan owed him $1,P0.
He denied the money was to
finance a kidnapping and that he
knew of any such plan.He was
excused as a witness.
In the afternoon AtL U.S.
Atty. Thomas R. Sheridan re-
called him and Torrence said:
"I'm afraid I Ma P some
stories. I did kndk aAbut the so-
called.kidnaping ind did get
some -money and I have It
U.5. Dist. Judge William G.
East said Torrence had com.r

M6e About


From Page 1

Green noted that transporta-
tion systems in other areas are
having financial troubles and
the city had to consider the fi-
nancial obligations already as-
sumed by Cities Transit under
its franchise.
The commission agreed unmai-
mous]y to instruct Green to
meet with student body repre-
sentatives and Shaw to deter-
mine how great a problem stu-
dent transportation is and the
feasibility of Cities Transit add.
ing more campus to town

More About


From Page 1

He said other details had to
hbe hired out, such as worti
out a-contract withM federal
government to repay the state
for buildings erected at the
Cape Kennedy site i the g-y-
ernaqt reclaimed the land. A
pSS. center was planed for

dhat res. |
Te-cabinet ddi approve a
buw dg5sJ for them 14
8cb0t7W Sr Ste program
Uncter do p- S the Univrsi-
ty at FliwouM acquire s*ies
at CIpe Nedy and at Ora-
doCaStralikadsnar Dar.
toAa. bea SMaild Highs
schooL Aourcotract w-oa
be mied eAkh BrewarI
Engoaru (W aIt MeIl.
Undter bde'~i~ IS
ESTS wid t IethaS

ir.n wa. pAUw atpe ~
onesse pulnsTI a t3as en
the Otw w^ t

Set t ft as abl to l i^
Sm" stamkanw*
eagas d twh ae
&M~t POW A^ ^B^^^^ ^^
BMW^^^--^^h ~t
sm wow Q00Mi
iekwsm ^^^^"Was a 60 Q

ordnaesone for a leash law
and the other to strong the
present ordnane-t did reco
mend that the dog pond's staff
and facilities be enlarged for
heavier enforcement.

City Manager BIl Green en-
coumraged the ammisa to
strengthen th dogl ntam l ar
finance, notg extra funds
would have in be tranrred to
t4 d% pond VugeL
He termed he present ord
mnance "weak d n ciffiet to
cope with the dog pola."
"But those o you who think
a leash law wll solve a your
probl are sadly, sadly mis-
taken," he added
Green was iasrcted by the
commissionto come back wit
a report next weekon how the
existing ordinance can be amre
stringeny eowed.
Turlingt. mueaed por
arily incrsing the se of the
dog pound's staff to remove
stray dogs frm the streets in-
He also recommended that the
staff ue some type of capture
gu in picking up more trouble-
some dogs.

Ex-UF Star
Athlete Dies

ATLANTA (AP) William
Joel Leac, -yrld former
star in three sports at the Uni-
vesity of Florida, died late
Monday night at Emery Un-
versity Hospital after a log il l
Leach, a native of Atlaia
was a longtime resdet of
PaM Beach, Mia He arred
in baetball, tem and swim-
ming at Florida, froa where
he was graded. Eare, be
starred the same sports at
high school in Stuart, a.
He was president of Lach
teriues JM, i4ert

Attorney Avera
On Nat'l Panel
Gebeatvle atNray MB Av-
era wil he a penal a r a
the a. Meach I MBIn
V *a Wadl"AmJ h Ce
Mts' CMed of Aulis male-
i L a Vegas.
He dw be part St pwe-
8rut bupeim )I ,d &l
ey psSmOf
ante lwysejd-
qaeitoltoflshat Si

Broke. Itm

11 b


Play Stirs

NEW YORK (AP)-A Broad.
way play which accuses the
late Pope Pits XH of falig to
speak out against Hitler's mass
murder of Jews has stirred
controversy here even before
its opening. During its Euro.
pen presentation, spectators
leaped onto the stage to attack
the actors.r
The play's German author,
Rolf Hocthuth, ;3, who was a
te-age member of Hitler's
Youth Corps, arrived Monday
for the play's opening Weanes
day night
He said he hopehis dram
'The Dep"ty," is received
"more factually and le emo-
tionally" tan it was overseas.
Pope Pau VI has labeled the
play an unjust attack ea Pope
Pius, who died in M. Pope
Paul said as predcemr was
well known m or "his coampalo
for human suffering, s court
age and his getlem of
In the pa y, a yaou Jesut
priest cofrits the pom with
evidence o1N. altrocties and
*ed0 with him to Usne a pa-
pal denunditiot .
Pope Pius is depct as re-
plying: "A diplomat ml see a
preat deal- a say thing."
He dien mr m in the script,
hat Hitler ah eemty ber.
rier between Soviet omme-
nMa and tOe Ciotia Wed,
and adds: We t let Ema
have a prdon so Uag bhe Is
useful In tN East."

Arrest Made

A 7-yeald Lacrossem Negro
man was charged with posse-
simn of mnshine equpnAt
yesterday Ater two state bev-
erage ag found gll
of mash a five gallon cook.
er and caoueaer behind Us
GarfieM Robbon was arret-
ad about 4 p.m. by agaes A.
B. Auvil an R. L. Purvis.
The two reported that
the mash ad uipmet was
about 0 faA behind eMaMon's
house. ThAsaM the meash was
in a femned stage and was
about r dtlor sUm. 7,ie
ooker and condoner wa de-
troyed ate site.

Nab Salesman
tA Ta=ahilee e was m-
rested by dty poi yeterda
an c iitwit si oa-1

He was I tMsd oa n
T. Elme aI was rested &
er a report a a e wue hal
bem br~hed by hn i the
CoDep In plo" said.

Weather Roundup

A-Pwaty cidy tIrough Wlen.-
daY. CNw er WipiL U 34 WA,
winh Kater fdet. IlNO weANNey
in SeO SnI craft winmlpw are
peyi trttety I Nt mea. aM
Mfl affftm hoi w a* vart I a ole sNsw
hew fleada.
a-CWLeWr 4 I cokanr %MWgM
S -c mUm i nm f iM ouWs
is is isStbuda part chinry,

hW5 s1. Ae SM.rE as inrs arm'S
S mile e hetw 1*6 rau hen*v.
-,nn.ramaW0 vS grebdy 4-
mkfliq **MI. Varble 5is to u
mte wih* Wedwned. s&N craft

C. D. Cloudy with rain
and few thunderstorms end-
ing this evening. Low night
4 to 45. Wednesday partly
Cdoudy, high a to 0. South
and southwest 15 to 3 mile
wind shifting to northwester-
ly late this afternoon or this
evealng diminishig tonight
Wids variable 5 to 15 miles
per hour Wednesday. Small
craft warnings displayed.
SP -ay win Pmas em
buB fl -M~ a w-n-
h an H ni neel W yam lllll.
Insw no" is S Is W*m "
a. mAa ane sawishas angle
LMW NMW 4 to A. No Wl*AWlf
u to I a I aw wann a to
a nJB yme e s S
0 m M ow r W4
"Von* mari- 06M*4t two.^^
wM6 wmbi --v l-,M- l-
m a s o IS m w bi W-
NOWy. M a f Cr on maws -M
S I a-*-y *y MuS
Mn-iw. .r ~...."
WSWAMMY. Messesderisbe
Steamm = La jI
bs A A NsUer Aflywit
Noa was f aX a atnaS
U is X mis Rn f Iw & i-
aw kwMtmW aW lma moty h-
e*y I to UmI insw km b II|.
K-Partyn do*u tmu We=.s
is. aO m of ir ad m an I ft
v %NWLW Wwnwe are
Mob tinfly Saw IL SJ"ad
IS^ is U m^ims Rn^j
IfeaMb a t MIs mW wfa-
l a w S is a ift W taomebr.

cmWa sA- : m
o6 Ia aid 6:3 pa.


The bidding in the (gram
shows a method f bidding the
grand slam with the aid of a
slam convetion t is grow
hg in popularity among ex-
perts. The idea is to use any
otherwise meaning. jump bid
to shw a void. The jump to
four chibs should be interpreted
in this way, if the convention
is being aed, because four
h isto virtually never used a
a preemptive repose. North's
id confirms good spade sup-
port by implication, and South
make a void showing bid in
his turn by jumping to five dia.
monds. Norh ad South each
showm a eart control by me-
bidding and North cm afford
to bid seven spades. He know
that his partner holds three
hearts, bcr ding t kingt, a
heat can be discarded the
dimmiod ace.

uNs0 wur

Municipal Airport readings for
24 hours to 8 a.m. today: High
C at 3 p.m., low 47 midnight to
8 a.m. Trace of rain.
N L Pe.
JMdeimvie ............ 6 .
MINIml ................. 7 64"
Tp ................ 63 M
UMa ................ 355
IMw Orm. .......... 56 IJi
ee ..............391.
NMew Yk ............. 1 it
W-v J ...........a 4
CNUW ............... 31 V
Km c ns y ............ 41
Dw .................. 11
t%. ert ........... st 3
L Ame .......... .. 52
AST 6ULPF: bSlI craft wmnhkss
Klle, Valt wi I isto 15
smft WNW mma wa

St .............. : Ml
WSrIs om Ia ........ 6: aJ.
S t .............. 4: p
PM ................. Th.TiW
VmM aM Jto MW Mw n ltw
wMun MOr etMM. VUs Is
is -Is S m0im va i-

ALAN Tuscori


4 101

3176 4 K

Both sides w
%e bhiddinc:
88t Westd
14 Pass
5 PamI
6P9 Pass
Pass Pas

were vulnerable.

West led the dub quen.

lme defenWrs' eards show
thi importance S hw usenils te lains aod

ab the dd,,. g b mak-
m tep i.g lead k. If West
asel the ountbkg book
iad do tS c u qeen, SoAtI
has a tuMle in mkiMg the
e lact He rms a way,I
cashes the spade ame, ad

Menal Depression Drug

'NotSafe,' Says FDA

wAM* I T iRm (AP) lb

Nowf ilvm al
.age ciLa uw

Si l l -I


icambiuam wg

sa, bed blaooe
reroin md aur an
Jb* mSo e

enmed yphuk
*al Mti. h ten
|^ tus a^^ es dk


tw ct KL hmart kbig
i the r.0 n his ab to
drw the last hop, d (Ie
haMr ace is te realy to
immy's dam ee amen which
the rmealaib cblk Ii de-
Wb the Mtb- S-k I
i has stow that a am-e
rl is i np*f Wedt .shad
wad a Uhea* which dea
th contract As happy
UI s Iat a red

bk to ruf i h4t ad
henist h ia hewk "

Cassius Is Fined $2,500

For Acting Up at Weighln

By WIL GRIMSEY platform, chairman said.
Ascited Press Sperts Writs Listo looked at him in surly "I told Clay that if he acted
MIAMI BEACH (AP)-A wid. ilece. Once he winked aup at the fight I would withhold
eyed Cassius Clay drew a 3,- someone on the side and ledhis purse."
506 fine for his bizarre shouting ghtl-his ly show of emo- Klein said the commission at
demonstration at the preotion on. 'first wanted to fine Clay $5,000
weigh-in for tonight's heavy Liosn held up two fingers, for his unseemly 'uanouct, but
weight title fight against cham- which could have been inter- later decided to temper the pun-
piln Sonny Liston. preted as a victory sign or a ishment.
Clay, the poem-spouting Lou- prediction of how long the fight A crowd of about 500 gathered
sville Lip, weighed in at 210% would last. at the Cypress Room at the
pounds, lighter than expected, Once the two fighters were no back of the beautiful, modernis-
and the champion at 211. more than three feet apart and tic, 16,000-seat Convention Hall,
Commission doctors, who ex- Clay was jumping and holding where the bout is to be staged,
amined both fighters, said his fists high, yelling at the anticipating some kind of fire-
Clay's pulse was racing at 1 champion, "I am going to eat works from the unconventional
bears a minute while Liston's you alive." Clay.
registered a normal M. Liston cupped his hands over They were not disappointed.
Although warned by Chair- his mouth and said in a low First Clay showed up about
man Morris Klein of the Miami tone, "Don't let everyone know one-haf hour before the weigh-
Beach Bozing Commission what a fool you are." in was scheduled to begin with
against any wild demonstrations Klein said he had warned Clay his chorus of friends. The group
the 22 year old challenger earlier that he would stand for carried large banners which
showed up for the weigh-in cere- no foolishness on the day of the said, "The Bear Season Opens
monies with a cordon of aso- fight-particularly when the two Tonight," and Clay's blue denim
dates, screaming at the top of enter the ring tonight at 10 p.m., jacket was emblazoned with the
his hung and at times brandish- EST. warning, "Beat Huntin"'.
Ing his fists at Liston. "We have had seven title "I float like a butterfly and
"I am the greatest, I am the fights here without any inci- sting like a bee, rumble, man,
best in the world," Clay yelled, dents and will not stand for any rumble," Clay yelled, and his
stomping about the temporary circus acts," the commission associates chorused the refrain.

Encyclopedia Britannica

For 1964 Answers Critics

0 Nra |rk Staum
CHICAGO The 164 edition
of the Encyclopaedia Britanni-
caa hs ben published by the
ioria headquarts he
The. edition was described as
otherr significant advance in
the evoti of this -year -
aom reference set."
The editors said again they
would have nothing to say about
a critical book published last
month, which charged the set
was a often moded and an "en-
omous jumble of facts."
Shebook, "The Myth of the
Britamnku," was written by Dr.
Harvey Eablder, a physicist.
It has been widely reviewed.
BritaSica's paucity releases
mention, however, some of
the points r d by Einbinder,
although they were prepared
before the nblider book was
FEbiibder had written mae-
zime articles that were later ex-
panded for the book, and thee

Art Lectures
Open Thursday
A discussion of the underlylag
principle a irt opens a series
of thm k letue by Univmty
of Florida architecture ini t.
or JM J. MSOte It -
e series, "AD About Art,"
cotime March and 1l. All
letr a st ir Room M of
Grove U alt 8 p are spex
msd b theColleg of A
ti A diFe Arts. The P-
e ins vited.

1amb:te rem".
ISn ntfor meo

Britannica staff was aware of and one on Eleanor Roosevelt
the thrust of his critique, by AdMiai Stevenson. This is
Britannica's announcements the first time she has been in-
noted that more than 5 mill- clouded under a separate head-
ion words, the equivalent of 50 ing.
books, were changed and ,763 Britannica said that the late
pages were completely revised President Kennedy is a contri-
for the new edition., butor author of the biography
",A ..... .. of Oliver Ellsworth, third chief

An encyclopaeda cmnnot De
expected to compete with a
newspaper in keeping abreast of
current developments, but the
editors of Encyclopaedia Britan-
nica make every effort to up-
date their articles right up to
deadline time, and sometimes
after," a statement said.
It cited, for example, chang-
es made in reference to the late
President Kennedy and his suc
cessor Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Th Encyclopaedia co m.
pany's statements noted that
the biography of Franklin D.
Roosevelt had been re written
and expanded to ,M words by
Prof. Frank Freidel of Harv.
ard University.
The Elninoder book noted
that heretofore the Roosevelt
biography had amded with die
first term.
In the new edition Se. Bar-
ry Goldwater, WAriz., gets a
biography for th. firs time.
So doethelate Sle e Joeo
R. McCarthy of Wiscoimn En-
binder had a "'I the
Sa McCarty biography
in preveim dis.
Thier is a new biography 1 d
thte h Gaftikd, forer
Irfh IL r Party leader

iust'ce), and that Johnson join-
ed the contributors last year
when, as vice president, he
,wrote the biography of the
late speaker of the House,
Sam Rayburn.
The first edition was publish-
ed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in
1768. Since 1943 the publisher
has been William Beaton, for.
mer vice president of the Uni-
versity of Chicago and former
senator from Connecticut.

Gainaville Sun

Published evenings except
Sturdev. ad Sunday mornn.
ins by the Gainesville Pub-
ish Comnpav at 101 SE
2nd Place, Gainesvlle, Florida,
mNd entered m conmd class
matter at the Post Office at
Gainesville, Florida.
1 Week .45
I M. $5.35
Alt malln mutolpton mun
he paid advice.
M cmw of Auit Lum of
fe eeuVOn uImm oabee uli
WiO S*nba ti asse f a
*m" ldee S osil t

I gl m ki k a A m

e FLORIDA Swime Pal

*h~fla1111S6SArk b

Jt LfOI(f-l
C^* ^ ^ ^ ^_w^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^

by RIvrn Cosutcin Co.

-, swamp
LAM ~M.aL a.

Claims He Knew

Of Kidnap Plot

rock'n' roll singer has electri-
flied a federal courtroom by
tesQfying he knew about the
Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnap
scheme about two months be-
fore it was carried out.
Earlier Monday Dan Tor-
renee, 23, denied advance
knowledge of the plot and
thereby, the judge said, com-
mitted perjury.

ud* 40 a
iuall t

ks "AK
owJ" lb - ,?

I I -1 0.: 0ie


!2M 160l2 d 20-40

hed LAnd- OMNI %
-- * tedOS I-M VeWW esaT

S. f' . th

S/& fro t

Cm.tb hisa tho m
amf fe" aa tba

Tme Lamd met i bb
ee noted o Ulv pel
Cobi od Art ad married to-


TOAT, r ie& m I

* pa., Olrce 4, Mrs. alph
Iue, 2I3 NI ,ik Tamer
I pA., arclek Mm. Frak
Mi& n in no l Tere;
or& k Mrs. IS Uobwmt
11 NE S T errce


UL ANDS 1M A ... CO iAM Le
only -i wWIe ecVr u t a DBIeudti la whb a
bud JlMb IsL. Akpwl I

flneeBduimuabl&b~ IhiaS.,
ft hm n Uhmwaem 0r0


WSCS District Meeting
Set in Starke Tonorrow

zaMds a mu
Ir tlb 3(0ft
Ab, O w go do
a n.dimb ad
1 a Sam by

thd~ qkkmh tinre

Ipub at dbe lulha
64 gra simk amw .

a bV OW Bmb um
bbShw pma 't fte
po. we yea ~b?10b

a e uHeda wa at
but auhaui bB*S dW-
And b m- uw AD A
mop sgeteeheaim
dumeS, "'I *M 607'h
at a k o 0. ftbll


n ... -I

NAM -Dr. VA Ga- f .1Ie FloriA Co rW.*
la smtdlb dd Mtabt If airngb ft d-els book
Metal hhirnr wn
t a mad Goms Dktrut t MeadeMreiverd ht r D -
IWSC net at NtWM fta I e.e h.m Unvasty, Jb o' ia ,
t"aCurd ch ebo N NoM S was med a O ft J- -
wed- ke berM.m Rowe,' 1:31 p M Mr
eghieratna w& : hoi h a :n t a: Rm tL Jpeno, c adGm
ma Rev. Jfo m. -StEpGel and Cosly COhW
i otena t d atobGule le Dihs. pS taily qt l,
trict, w alse tl ib- New trkep She atNided Wedaog 5 M i lose
bo d ldrictes. dartford nay autom dauher of Mr. ad Mrs.
MrL. DsW Tham IIrab nrmialmnpro. Gaorge A. Il Sr., ad Re-
Ial, tai dlEt mr tea. d adlaeMeNmrms, modMn.
i AprI Cmla Bert L MeN. ar amd
a tliM he ohm Thl).t hteI Mr. MNagema, T:3
buee com wmrlBBoiUS pa McCOl 4apel Wt Bap
I ale, *t raek


Your Whole Body May
Suffer If Your Feet Do

-pmral ,B make yl fadI
mi d owner.
a cm foot dbeemfort. EIter
m toot your =tIi=m-D
hto Me II
- bueaeHw .bbm I
nay wblu S sl 4m be,
heW WmN ad doam I
em w hek foi Md &pt I
iufto 17tw ilrfM*wi dIm
d lA Ee. limb ftS ldlp
Bad m their m hh .d back
ny acft bt -ty & ot am-
ofHett to1 lreL
f1 art of a oln d &a
bit m chlog fall oSre,
ifhtl be ftematdbe
yes. mid cboe t pem
alxy. B'si adas lebatt
"- w- tie wnb
wMk bepStoa ir t*ed

Do mh eBRebes, ,,
Ir bge pr mtne ,me
m .
Oa ad an d=' de s m
mbe eeasd Im u

malm"Ir eus mei

ks. sta- dif.

moo-w bei ^bl bil

a d -, she go Wt
Is- itln rlti ye

f wT o e I-,


Ste Floor

I tllot thobr pem's fet
Plba yur y le u thU ao,,
MBk d ya bo Ibe yoel
I pm pudo- qgt a
othr pr's feAt, tfry" th
bed M appems ee bema
Puin mdl NlM. l'wM in
fitadt u, nlt bt i.
* *
U pm" bb a to Jbm
meek hor "e hf, ea a

lEmWn he -




Ub bloome a IL
Ia.p ea.

For Mrs. Day's
Ideal Baby Shoe Company,
Will Be At Wilson's
Infant's Shop, Street Floor,
For You To Consult On All
Your Bby FootW ar Problems,
WED., FEB. 26th.
Ig;^, t .THE SITyI5B W
4ena cwmY v


IllIOf 4"


Eet l......c.lrs

Vanderbilt Club

Elects Officers

Dr.D D Id m-" anedekt.
ad pMrsidt d V.-ar
Oab t a migt Im- .
NMs ad Aisr k l
Buit fortaedwreDr.
ad MrL Carl vniAn. who

Shdi n am, u blo.

rib Va --
Mr. Vanom Aa peldm

da Im the ehkrbd-"dtae
VInl aetio pl to Iort w
at lodaeat maoft am
ridt Vapdes wlrftlbLtl1

pHarM Ocala, fem ar lbm
d. ad k .
Mr.lae. d a Van.

WSCS Meeting
mE WfeRY Wahedmi at

the etod BIrch wiset
Ihe prupa wile Dr La y
uild of Oca, toar club

peer uid "Ad pd Can-
catr" wil Dr. Marpedt W
p fromeS a a.h
..a comaiAeDtr.

arty abi ad ter fei- .
Ias wene prueL Duti t e
eraon, tM cuda se
borm ad e-loyd odoor
gmpo at the ramh.
Lists Session
On Thursday

ber and goests wil give "l-
ee" program for tl F.
MYT medat which Wvi tMae
Pi- Thnday at Ipa athe
t the date previoudy n-
T% Sode *will me at t U
home of Mr. nd Mr. C. Wl
ama, Un SW r Pnace.
wM be Mt& A. A. Bl M d
Mrs T. Wate Hebert.
The POI, wi is to be
ie te, d Mby WU liac.,
oaisn, wL l be fuoared by
a ipd rangement for
ne hnrp bell and dap.
Ohe amnbeurs e toM ide
a p- Mau for four boo
vioi sets, a flute solo, ad
Musiilan appearing wiH be
ab hley, phUlp Clar,
M, Lyla Duwd, Gloria Keise,
Fay MDea, bioly. 1sTyu,
Hewy Wa oo, ad Mrs. Wl.

TUmye, MeNmy 25, 1W


areat Butb eNdoa r v
Gram* I pa. Gm asrilo CRY
, orM 01t4sQ C,.
caI 8:3 p. UnAIy A..A

wray WtHse &B
how Nwd Brulm I pj.'
Mrs. &. & uKm, 1u3 SW t
hprame Fnote dmaC I
de* 7:3 pia., Odd FDm

Cob d GCrtmwik 6 lL,
1 Vt U usvty Awm d
m PM maptq Bea Sgma
FPSpJa, Goouray Fade
hvtp and Loau Asotlami,
or. ondd Mnmb Jr., -MN
M rydappers, S pa, Rhe
rati.m Ctr..
Recepoa hoIorng Senator
John Matem Jr., DemoeraN
tice Candlte for Governor,
and Mrs. Mateos, 4 to I p.m.,
Gainesville Woman's
7 pm., H ,day be
Ganlaesvie Bridge Club, 7:
pn., Hoiday b.L
Univenity Medical Guild, 9:45
am., Mrs. J. B. Henry, l SW
2rd Drive.
University y Bridge Club,

Of Event&
7:4 pa, We HaD, l107 NW
U th Terrce.
Univerity Wam 's Claub
NewcOmers Bdge., I p. a,
Mrs. 6. W. Wia, Mrs. Ed
aHote,2NW M lm s3.
COs Club, 12: p.m., Mrs
Jams rown, 2Ms NW N8
ilU DATY, Fetmry XI
Clku Rebeabh Lodge, t
pam, L*e HaD,. 741 BE ad'
Gt MiSl Garden ClOb Or.
1: aja, Begonia, Mrs. My
ra W. Wheat Jr. 244 NW
t Lae; Chrysanthenum,,
Mrs. 0. W. N ter 357 SW
4th Place; Daiy, Mrs. Harry
Prysieoity, NW Cnd St
DayUly, Mrs. Edr W. Kop,
iR NW Ut Road; Dia;mu,
Mm. W. L. nmm, 171 NW
7th Stiet; Gardeda, Mrs. It.
C. Sandes Jr., 24 NW 11th
Ave.; Hibisjw, M. Robert
L Bailey, M31 NW l6th Ave-
rue; Pah, Mrs. Walte P.-
Stewart, 14 SW 2 td Stret;
;4S am., Gloriosa, Mr G.
G. KIrkpatrick, 103 SW list-
Avenue; Magnlia, Mrs, J.
Lance Lameby, NW 1th Av
10:3 am., Gladiolos, Mrt
M. L. Bailey, 1 NW 13it

Mer. 2W 5.7 p.m.
Cm. cud M#et

(N. A.)-4Juk W sm.

Caowdete f Governsr
Toe. AMohd Co. CMp. Tu...



xurious Custom Draperies



u ,= .*... $ .::. .3

eam uIz:

rW.d we0. W m ............. $24.88
ww0 e de.Wh -b. t ............... $50A4
iWe SMteh drh ................... $29.59
4TYoEmSI w

t1 1-
W:. 44









- q -

TllII.Ml 1. m4

= m. i u0


oa -a0. UW
ads. -o aJgag, us g.i
aM "a a"mo t a. a
nunme. a en.s ma
as Urn a tea

1. fRemt e mm dfy a*d tare i the news colonsm.
2. bpe the fpinon tht S0* Wono fly 3
3. FwhVi &M ui af i wluowt m oranMr ou.
(ib emg tilldeph : ANl Oqumetim -3724441
Wet Ad.-876472

Unde Sam's Short on Pennies

The pny ar and the pir bank
an sti fine l symbols of thrift
t there begiang to be looked
um as almot patriotic.

Unle Sm is sti badly i need of
small change. Marhats were bard
pressed during the pre-Christms
Sseuon to keep mough dime, nickels
and pennies in their cash draws to
make change for their customers.

- It was hoped that after the fint
of the year there would be a seasonal
crease in the number of coins u
ircueltio or a lee ing need for
them. It wasua futile hope. The
scarcity is still arumtd.

Off hand it seems ridiculous to
find this rich and booming country
running out of nickels, dimes, qur-
Sters and pennies. But the booming

business and the booming population
growth are par'1- responsible for the

* More babies going up mans
more pigg3 banks filled by doting
grandparents. Adults always seem
to get mor pleasure out of keeping
the piggy bank rattling than the
youngsters do.

The point is that an enormous
amount of small change just disap.
pears out of circulation every year.
If the coins were toted off to the
bank rqulary and depoalted to the
credit of little Jimmy or little Suie
the pressure would be based a lot.
The banks might help things along a
bit by giving little Jimmy a badge
with a picture of a much relieved
Unele Sama on it, or some such ap-
propriate award for turning In his
nickels and dimes.

Voice of the PeoFle

STe Sun's Opinion Page
0 e OlWd bo C ho Wbm s a dWlem e am l h e l M Vhe i .M asege MA lA nes
w m.d SO WOWu~b e h "do. an obammf n m. l ,.sPd b eba* k s.. wf
*Sm mewm tb Fi t f mlst w Mle b m SeS, w il 6 deag g o It, MM the oWa
*l6mo- tr~oN ^ l~i~||,rlM5

- 'Pro' Vote
- Not CAA Vote
EDITOR, Sa: A reent&
meeting at "Intpemdnt"
tears wa reported by yar deba tht may
e who voted fir S. C. SWth-
erland and Ed TurlugMm in
the last dty election voted for
the CAA and by hiplelim
Bay ves fw Arnold Butt adj
yr Wim oa Mardc IT wl
ao be votes for the CAA.
SThis claim is moaet earse-
SMany- indee a majority
of the pron who vdt
.for Sutherland ad Tui
weren't and are ot meoer
of the CAA. They ha ve
ktehnu of joining the CAA
i the future.
These people ad I b-
'chie myself in the p -
-Iare trod f the Mceay d
always being a the aldSt or
chicanery in govermet -
Sspecially at the taparts
.. lexpense we ati red f ca
atantly havb to ate i dty
Sco innm meetings w ew k
certain Ms hady al i
through. We want to fel tat
we can may to our 05loM l,
"Here, you take over, I'm
Sing home to get a flt
night's sleep."

Ihis is te desire d Ue bfdU
Sindependet voter. We in
-pmed that the CAA me
-with our choice.

--m aIbr s'uor .
- He's Agaiat
- 'BIu Vote'
-" 3T5 SU: k t*i al.
SM ayar CAAhcdig

UG Qty CDi. ClI
--al vimi iOn I MI.L
- of GaCalmei.
l-,tsnr I hear til au to abe S USn

bamB D. CbO

-ne am- I am h
L F. "esc ib Frst
isetflhmUthe gdIr year

- kowweeafl m t
go FoaiL

-t he quest tou

W*iii iiijfbj*g
^^*B~l9H MITiliir^i -i~~l

^^^806 Ind

,Inum z:6n yrir
^^_ ^^jhL ^ oft^^ji

-ore trohtoade w-bg for
0o. 7b emam a cn.

Sm to pko a W. The
pbBUe brarm f Guasvfle
and MNefa hm a lar
quaiy d r- maternal
r the State mPrs.
b to u t ad lymI's
Utwck em the aa ft. I,
Ohe chlnowM has bo
readfg material to bmket
the mete p with cokt-
ba hms of rteani *l-
anmeetd r A tom
Mie ao tae amad to lbe
deaald laraly by anbes
d te faculty ftdhe w
Miy fIrWiandIbyBrUL f
This i ood toin; you
have a fine paper h
to be p" ad am y the
lae w raS the mMa
ad lPNs Ir t cersia
41 "N' for a le gmpto b
Tei a gam o aS d'e

a 0

Dear rotr Paitp:
You have de it aga! I
Mad the wie Is th. e .-
eill Sm a ys erda
wbm Mr. Cmrwladm a-
with e load atm s "Tsa
is just a le," we gave
three chees a praer of
ihaaksgiti. .
If the paper pit tn a
blofmp o b to he pe
hre pI we cor
wih be raoflS both

inifluately, we d iave

trusts to coamie t pthe
mau*ifos ad it often
bapeos that wh we and a
trui. tby do t. We will
bymto mm Mr a
in he a mnlo w as we
cant ethe neea tm un -

ndt* yon o for

RI .E F. MtM

Wasingtot Memo

FM eC 1Wu0tuewh Mhwe"
Cotn Wagshnelean
CoM i M: aWhi m n e r-t wmre pua.
dail f-a ai d utos w'm Ih d a Jehnidm, helsd I-
diat e dgle Aft e pim L p WNot
ftrln |m L imp el A dis a .a al s at.l
arTd sheOWgsbad bt tase dmect OWptd
l teMed CiBa saled lUL
S* mI

cinn ams a um&ad- uesage *K MtN e W-,
N.Y.) pead tat he k e imerd "i dlI h d f-

SI& r-m h bmweb Iuqaeesmimt
wm sa "Iw ow dot ui Nd a&* am mawm
ter d ShB Inty wi stagr teMh Ofaa I anal wNste

u m anot eim s a sm a -lam
ow l. Mw 1T. aW a I
to V~



Td na eal Ime p&i
NdMO, Wlt I a, m*W d

K a M be" f t
mptr we e1*lwe ad l t
P -mm aM wiSt o may

he b s; he may he ma
This is a apro tt for
a dincusio of chv rights.
The hif enemy we hve to
fear is ourselves.
The Declaration of Indepe-
denm was written by mn who-
had hbm adcated, and who
bad had thimr lmiosophies
shaped, by the 11th eatury
al its view of ma a ts
mnept evovd i. a e dash
overthe powerS op
g, piame ad, basic e
aly, the rights of th vi.
doal d his rdebdmit to
the state. me m had
come to believe at eta
amptio about as a
tMdal were "sl evi.

IOR ORE, in order of
mportan, they wrote in the
DelaratlO that al men are
created equaL (Not, f co e,
equw ability or paigAo
but equally eouted b be reo
pred and acceptedas b
man be .) Seaony, they
said that mm are wed by
lr Create wth certain b.-
ioa rOts

Not a the mn wbo wrote
the Delgaiom ware emnnSi-
d Io a se "i s ad er-a
asda. a t to isiupqbis
that the idMel drie from
a religlBe, rather than a sec-
ular, a
Ma they maid, has ao -
nate worth and a personal
diniy became he Iha a ca-
tion d'God. He in, not physi-
caf, but spirituy ib Geodts
apig. Certainly, rammd the
philopers and the states-
ma who were familiar with
the historic strggs man
in the 17th al Ith cantries
to free himself from the ab-
sotdan f k ngs, parliaments
ad the church, a divinely
created i di wasu ment
to before e- ad, indeed, I
treaI "In" hIm.

THB CONCEPT, of course
was t new. The teachers of
the Greks and m es had
advan it he them e
emial to the Je h uacept
d m's matiMamip to God-
a -m owa to Chrwiamty
as a eiald trhle the eW
smItl Christiadlmily- a free
wmI-thef ate worth dm
tlividal mI God's sight.
What te British did -and
what other pro me did-
wu to i this elef over
amo te p cal reaM. ny
great figures in ih ry
devoted their lve (me Iave
theiIr ves) to poulial t e-
mentati of this a S of
mmationl d m Wecolncetao
I a, Ms eori, hN hidg al
m*adt rihtaa a fre

Wagrnm, w
he a the ra m ea mad
sak e tnom ad pp-
*ahte e but m i

c and ilS reky ci
to isb flet owe to he
Uatea Sle. We pSeW a
'"e rmi Wikum
345 Ed ,al"

Fwad we mNo se.
the puseS aflugmy -sr
"df IIaa diM
Je am Sh yljiltal
kM k eS as
- Owt


's Press

y WAImmUr


'thAm. b toowbm e ha-

taet 1 ft by e *B a
qu uUWoglr to A
hase h mli aIo
ridp Alft
Ntmly BM A they do
mVt feld aid hInir pan
e am a ho kours'
ManB ir ha n the fpor-
mhLy atIeq ared to do
the Job. th is a legime
ipaht s-l the White
Heo wil hl to vIwk at
I mat me however,
as hnfb aiaUned Prld.
iodl press oPIrsI
MIB 4 do0AT f Woodhw
WIbo, I M B a o oui oe

coe e iM to be tired
to he proaly the Pro.
idet ud lo the peral ez-
peatit of a the ime A
Keomsdy epm ausere a c e
was quite dIfferet fran
Eiseoer, a Tan or a
Roosevet p conference,
and thee is s m ramat all
why PriesMent Joho shou
feel any coapolon to re-
vive the Kennedy gort of
pre couneenee.
For myself, I ave always
thought, though a st none
of my owspper colleag-
ues reen wih me, that
am cihe oderimb part of

ooMbe devoted to car"ul
lyo-prared a awes to writ-
ten questions slmitaed i ad-
vance. I do not think that the
peetial pre conference
should be set up u a quiz
show inwhicha lot of the
fun is to see whether the

PNileetkame1hm- hN, a
work wr bi mk ou the ap. it
tae w I a thiki. Evma om
abo p
mif p,, KaKm*d, mm
bwa mtdh qak

ME bWmingoth press

vrd bfl mit bte a sfa t ofe

-ra Sfl ws amer. thi
to i tlm of the perg. lo
ira. ft and be t.


1 ft iOW be
. if he White
lad a p.o cogreec
prows coalure aad
Niyme sM what the
a ais ink

rtat to rcoe mat
is a thUe whm is

reas for thIatm is,
rue, th they e a
Ikin abler p-ots. It is
e we I the midst of a
Ma frm the post-
Meri to mother per-
which canm e y
d in beMauD. I

j I, lo *rfAf

"There's a government agency to keep commercials
honest why not political speeches? They're very
much likee"


On Understanding Politics

Several yeas ao I reov-
ad h a fiostrad lady a
lette d muning the prevail-
ing p hcal hypocriy. She
had a concrete example in
ml-d, havmg rc y am-
boted a hprtt legisla-
tor by the t- w weder-
fully dem is, wur sin
ple, and ma Iy my a utter-
ly fmainane, ames. The
lady 1a1rid her stepiom
in the cospilnay ad apS-th-
er they ademesne letters to
their Seatr -tal exactly
oppaie poat of view a0
alty oth theM h retalMed
as a parttof h el M Do
faMe E st 'Act. The
*lady ar-d 'i retaB-
on of the oM her teo n
Just as hadao r Its r
moaL ITheIp gb n ahis
reta ue theeb -i algek
wBasA* atfai. le My
mad btn km-e s aml. h
du enm thy bot ed
back ad in dho lB r to te
boy ti SBar Maed his
private arm with the
boy's objection to the by-
aly oath acd kplied he
woua do what he comM to re-
mow it; aM a the letter to
the tdy, he leated his pi-
vate aMeem t wit its .d
sirabity, and implied he
wdi do what heclMd to r*
tab I. "What," aed lsb ie
dipotm in hb latter to
me, anm b eolt ag g,
"se we ap s to abot
Ipdsg Jotaioe?"

WELA, I T u to af
the ldy by se ehg le
gs w An kin" iV
j to i ml- mr, d-
soem who0 cdm.s a im
a6 asg have haem a U-
de aed ti b e d m-
tr's a mea btoa
-i they by hm
ft m s H meNobdy neu

cam my mo about politi-
cal pmmey, wyich s not a
part d the Wave f the Fu-
ture were all told we should
be glad we are riding.

A couple of weeks ago Coo-
grmanan Steve Deronman
of New York tried to make
the point that Lyndo John-
son s mquarsy o the record
a both sides of moat public
issues. He cited Johnson's
campaign during and it
is apparent that he behaved
hmelf pretty much as he
did toward the lady and her
step.n. On the national
stage, Jo a ran for Vice
P a wander the Demo.
cratic National Platfom
whih, D meromua's umma-
tions, cald for "Wither Ceo-
tralas of pawer in the
federal e promises
to dclea seh tax igpholes as
delete aosaims; support
Of ladu l did to u wcation;
fated ah moglrdewegre
ti; rt of a system of
malial m for the aged as
part of e social security sys.
tem; and k leg ti to re-
peal state right to-work
But in Texas, where he was
r u n n in g simultaseouly for
re election as SNtor, it
was some thing else again.
There Johmon called for "re-
tention of the rest il and
gas depletio aowances; op.
portion to the entry of the
federal vear t in the
gIemral field Po oldticu-
tin; local emne l i the
schls; ppoeitio to 'nocial-
w propo sa r dealing
with health p eroe Sag of ed
dti1m; ad elemment of
th Tens r;$4gh1wrfi law."
TWO WIES mafhe De-
ame Cmaiuma me Ap-
poprIplton Committee of
h ume f m Ieptrauties
I n a by g to pa.
warm th -sa dastem

tetos switching off of the
lights in the WIe House:
"Contrary to Impressioms,"
said the venerable Mr. Can-
on, "the budget Is higher,
ot lower than the current
year's. It calls for higher, not
lowe appwilaMa the
budget callsait 'new obliga-
m a .ty.' Contrary to
impressions, this budget is
above, not below tie magic
mark of $1 billion "
And the New York Times,
surveying the President's ap-
parent indifference to the
ramifications of the Bobby
Baker story, reminds us of a
joint resolution passed o July
11, I1M, approving a code of
ethics for govermet merv.
ice, and the ringing affirmas.
on of its mcety by its
impassioned co sp5osor in
the Senate: "Ti committee
understands ad Iand this
reotion to apply to evm
servant the pua whe -
er he be the Presidet, a
me er of Congress, a ife-
log areer au ploye, or a
employee engaged only on a
temporary basis to expedite
the movement of mail during
the Christmas rush" were the
democratic sentiments of
Senator dea Joemoo.
Who on meeting joyously
the ra eatilem of the m4h
Am dmen lat moth pomt-
ed to the abty of his
endeavors in s bealf: "As
majority l ire t e Se
ate,. I 1 1aW W the
be Sae dI of ars avt-
lfg. This Vhi sawef dlb
uIy oveIelr .ON is a
pod snmes r me" The
record thow fram Me
" to 1I0 a a '* W he
HnO and dta o bima,
LBi voted agSPI log ilti
to outlaw the pil tax 3 eat
of 13 times.
It may be IO d on dy
S adher aopajodt olw
dostad polIties. I hbep
they new wl.


It IF.rL- (- VWi b*ra sS*-- 9L 1
LBI il Platist Matesa tPsieo. En abshe t a big itwuratAol deal?
With o s ais Be hirfar the bm Itptn BritalS-Nad then
zienthe u4 hUeadeliipthe Biatish sPa
t* L Mm .ft s*eeir h ato ms 4pemiaad or-
_ut. .f st t m. P? Alp.
L mshirnea Miwwt4*bYb ItIWtib&s tya cutulet

tgna At&euyMrame t
- 4')

his *s '. 6 abs
I Yr*

4 .4


phaophy, the doctrm,
ideology and the pollciM
which were created after the
end of the second world war
are now shaken by the chng-
ing condition of the world.
SOME VERY serious
thinking will have to be done
in thiscountry. Most of it
will probably have to be done
first outside f official cir-
cles. But there will have to
be cotinually ome rethiBk-
ming inside official cir-
cles. While this is going on,
it is not a good one to do
too much official taking.
Most particularly in an
election year, it will do more
harm than good to talk too
much. Either the obsolescent
will tend to become alolute
by reaffirming it or the tenta-
live will become damaged by
premature exnosure.
affairs which compels us to
reexamine our policies was
developed under President El.
senhower, and it became in-
creasingly pressing under
President Kennedy. TPis was
quite evident before the Pres-
ident's assassination. H ad
President Kennedy lived, he
wouldbe facing the same
problems we read about ev-
ery day. They originate in
the fact that the United
States is no longer the mani-
fest leader of the non Com.
must world as a whole, nor
even the effective and acknow-
ledged leader of the Western
We can be reasonably sure
that the reexamination will
not and cannot be made will-
ingly by any administrat i o n
which does not feel itself so
strong as to be politically in-
vulnerable. Thus, in 1)53, it
was possible for General Ei-
senhower to make a truce
without victory in Korea be-
cause he, and he alone, had
the political strength to pre.
vail over General MacArthur.
President Kennedy never had
that kind of personal author.
ity and political power. He
was always acutely aware of
how narrowly he had been
2 elected.

who has not yet been elected,
Is in no position to start
thinking out loud about the
policies he has inherited
from his predecessors. So I
do not quarrel with him for
not talking more than ha has
to about questions that
cannot be talked about wise.
On many of these questim,
nobody is prepared to talk
out loud with entire veracity
and with complete realism.
It will not be possible for
President Johnson to do
that, or to come anywhere
near to it, until and unless he
has acquired by the right of
a big election something like
the personal authority and po-
litical power of General Eis-
enhower in 1953.

LBJ Blesses

Hat Industry
t o) T* ihaTOM
NET YORK The hat e -
dusty has won President
Johnson's blessing for the
production and sale of an LBJ
Plans call for a modified
western hat, much like those
the President wears and so
often presents to visiting dip-
lomats. It will be a lightweight
model with a narrower brim
than either the familiar 13-
galloo hat or the smaller
fimelon version now in
vane at the White Hole.
I* hat will be sold in all
Ala Rose.'President of the
UIited H aums. Cap ad Mil-
liay Wa, rs Iteautsial
aim, bro t up the i object
r a White House visit re-
cInly. He lead the President
ple ad acqiescent, par-
ticulely whe told he was
"Sim-n' a new faIsN
ht Wl help win the war On
The da tor the new hat
is by Use Rdt C or ni of
A ,eria. meke rf am,
Debs, Cavanaugh ad Dunl
has. Bat CM a S SeI -
sky, the u 0Fy 1 pmdS,
- said bedesi aeM be maed
a1a.e to al hat maaufac.
atrers toi6beamir.
hues k the heary-
7lN ftai nM s11 m11 *
President weas ad h
away ae M b Ie Jh
B. Stam Cm wei
k 1111 1b a I ph111 ad
h.meEtad. ad Abe 3r.
amw* as cOrporal
b bre hria a am l

cHa wx he ag .-'- .

k t



ct' E~sviMeha qhheusayi.i.LsI

an* .6

om rtmlk

am. a .m. ew s
m"iA i -, t
Sbus. w twin&

The penny jar and the piggy bank
are still fine old symbols of thrift
but they're beginning to be looked
upon as almost unpatriotic.

Uncle Sam is still badly in need of
small change. Merchants were hard
pressed during the pre-Christmas
season to keep enough dimes, nickels
and pennies in their cah drawers to
make change for their customer.

It wa hoped that after the first
of the year there would be a seasonal
increase in the number of coin in
circulation or a leaerningx Wd for
them. It was a futile hope. The
scarcity is still around.

Off hand it seems ridiculous to
find this rich and booming country
running out of nickels, dimes, quar-
ter and pennies. But the booming

Voice of th

more pl iay ba _ied by doting
grandparents. Ad alt way seem
to get more pleaaitre obt of keeping
the piw bank fattlihg than the
youngsters do. '

The point is toat an armous
amount o small hae just disap-
pes out. of eir tion every year.
If the colin were#toted off to the
bank rfegularly an deposited to the
credit of little Jhimy or little Suzie
the pressure wouI be eased a lot
The banks m ht lelp thins along a
bit by givin litt) Jimmy a badge
with a picture oil a much relieved
Uncle Sam on it, or some such ap
propriate award fr turning in his
nilekl and dimes.,


L......on The Sun's Opinion Pag 1
O siaan MsMW mfSMN a ns n 'ied* wea b i a o f Vel U l PsM"s=& u LOas
ms- 6im"d bar w al N Wdm N Maa wh a b i eeM W i. A Ier isMA
10- aswse 5 wee .nd a irM mfie edtdSM e e AIsU0me"iTe
SS.mmo slt leu wle illl mian A w i lNe M ir i a a

Not CAA Vote
EDITOR, Sui: A recent
meeting of "idependent" voe-
ters was reported y your
newspaper to da t any-
one wo voted for S. C. ASul
ela an Ed Turingas in
thes lt cty election tesor
nWt CAA and byl tkilt
any vote for AnMid st
u3yn Wim on March l I Wl
'aim be votes for die CAA.
Sclaim i s moat rone-
Many indeed a majority
of the person who voted
for Sutherland and TV6l0
wee not and are not efl
of theCAA. They have
intention o joining the CAA
- in the future.
These people and I ill-
lhse myusu in the p"a -
are tred of the mouioy of
always being a the alrt for
chicanery in governst -
especially at U te aipers
eupnse. We amre ud ems
stantly having to aa it
mmmiason meetits mtob
certaIl no shaty deal s
through. We want to fetat 6
we can say to our ofe .ls,
"Here, you take over, rm
going home to get a full
-night's sleep."

SThs is the desire of the truly
-dqdm voter. We an
*pdeued that the CAA oe
with our choice.
He's Against
loe Vote
U Em, S: Alt :
mt a yeaSm of CMheKV

viuth of Gaineavs.
Td Iwre, heer soy-i
-101111 Ito 1101 8aat INS
uD N. G lul A

Prion Chaplain
Seuk Thaub
Ia O: I

bookL Tbhere are a cple
re trcld waiting for
ta to pick up M. The
public Iariesm of Gaimvle
and Miame haw a lare
utly d reading materm
for the State PtiMBs.
Thkmbs b yu ad Ly's
article in the S Ma .,
the chaplain mw hi mago a
remain maier to Mb
doa adre p wMa a -
S bm hurs d ofg j
awt; ad a a tb a to
vale of thi a tMb
dsstuaed lMy by anners
o th aiy *d The UDiver-
Myl norith Siby Brat's.
Tik ki a pod tow; y.
en a fae pope which
to be pul ad mm day the
lrd wll rmahed ohe may
-emo "dmsiof th -m
aid hiB hr b Am
d hermwee fhlhmdA
se1t44assment and
=Iwn aS redi a
S* 4

S Brodwer Paige:
You have dome t agapi! I
read writep b the Gain-
esvi Su and yesrday
whtm uMr. Crawfod came in
waith load and said.l
sa sample," we gave
Itlaersad a prayer of

U tu, wed hove

mapS. a itSdtan
thias dtha trwweaueaI
iry atey toeWr We wM
te tesone m m r -

b ntheo m" hS a
wtk he.
BIV. it xMA t
1kb 30oigweRa

Washington Memo

FrwaeCoe Weuhlugbelmp

oWII W MON: While Horne rt wee'p
d hr a few ntesm when Ly& Brd Joms, the Pr4
ddos 9 yaruOW, sowe A1 In he pmrema. N
for Ieq thM L It es At sd was's a pelerisy We

PAMUd S a*aeod. a
Uo s bM UCXzI aMbgkatM 6ieaft(ta.
'es tes eq e aw igLii8. ne 3g ,
N.Y.) peo t a ebmkaet h r f aeh at db
mie Wl. "I isalp are b ao pule a buy," Ki-

.rE a m N wn is M
b". vow .leheoado low

I, tJet * :queyrtN<-u

mr br o

ten s


Nhe Declara of ladeb;e.
dece was witten by ma who
d o e dcatd, ad who
hIS had eir phfloothles
shapMed, by the Ut aemry
and is view o man as this
coept evolved i the dash
over the power f bishops,
kings, paranos a bl-
ally, the right i of the diM-
dual antd n hi osain p to
the Ste. Tb m- b had
-N to beiev tSt etain
amm ion m abt n as a
hhbvidal wee as evL
THER nRE, n tder d
Important, tey wrote n the
Delaration that a m are
created equaL (Notf Sm e
eqal a ability or poi.
but equally entitledto be re
gaded and accepted asbu.
ma beings.) Second, they
sad that men are endowed by
their Cretor with certain n-

Not a Ie Mmen who wmte
& Dedraem were commt.
ed b a Mig t U d or A-
nid Bt it t in capaebie
that A&i Mess derived frem
a religion raterhn a me-

Ma, they satid has an b-
ate wrt and a pe. sl
digity because hbe i a e
tion d God. He is, not pysli-
caiy, but spiritually ib Ged's
iags. Certainly, amoed She
,a.nsra and the states-
men wo were fauliar with
die hri struggim of -a
in the Ifk aod Inth clntre
to fmree e fm te ab-
abbe So d gp psrlamlents
and the c k a divinely
created individual was meant
to be e-and indeed, had
fred "in" him.

i COMNEP, Sof ne
m ai m. te teachers f
sto Greb ads Romans had
m l toe Jewish concept
S mS'S ratiehimp to God.
Sc-wr to OariaeIbly
asa resasd triak-Ste
at tint rdaly- a ee
S- -tHite worth Sa
bdSMvl In God's sight

What the British did -ad
what other parents d- -
uwas to bing this bid o-
bb the pola resrSMays
d their lives (mgavem
th bm) to pitied e-
am t.a S this concept
ma. ,rigB, Ins MiBa i
wirtsld rilo as a fr&e

a fr bmia autI.
t a -d nid f e t M
ie ilsi h
wo ad oIrbsuhg
I sd abtm We pM tal a

low ad i^v^.
i--d ISHBI

a is is" a & a"
pms to we noA te
OiM 2w, a80
y ew ht. pab
as mg a lime
I- ^B-k^^^*r- Bi^







Now, Wo k* wesw
PWFq -"et*e: Nt May
Sgt hue, uf t ay
&U got d ftd ot*
-Fa r fl bulKy
- dA dl kI

e-ag ad no:at "y
he be wn; me yk be my
Tilis is ao spy.I teat for
a din im of civl rihts.
The cied we have to
fear is otse a


PAbM $ ha d1heaaml falh ad
wk a b A& qilk Wt up- d
Ptahi a headleudthe. M ul

a, iis --, -. ,,,
do pe met I
geir Ph "n Komi*o W Tr
the uitiy he per aS S
ineMeaftLM. Uk
wpi a Bw lbW ad p 5as
Saneftfmy -
auleutoubgthtepreto Cpa
memitfly u short tt it is The
w" c paity to i,. powbd
ptrmt uijt ad me st u owe
agi tteir rly a fairly trU'm
cesepleS b Thean w wr p
asoe f btmiontotprhepb- MlSf
le. POWps A woM be =e- th &



dl ly it W"
ui. i th wi
had a pus coler

gae as what
a atoa I

bteme IMCI
kme a =ito a
it toh i i
ty a atil. I

ioril po
I",d acm er o

e rMaBs sw

1S. Chil., Coloed News Editr. Pleasant
IWhMm i

Mis Mary L Tas and 1T laevy Couty Palbearers
Mis MaryBaker, bed of M. L M wl eet w lge No.
lando, were sightseeng in otlyitItheNelopejBap
Gainesile yesterday. tist Cmrch at Wilisa, Feb. 2.t
mm blowing dils-iwft -
attedal fial rit d e CON M NG
late Mrs. 1Theodosia til Mrs. Cestine Spikes, who
here: Irn. datim, kus, N was a poift in te Medical
HaveO, Col. ad Mrs. mat Center at Ga vui Is now im-
ChlMs, Jamala, N.Y., on last Piolg at her home Willis-
WeiNdi. t.O ,
uM B"ka fitd f T l eis a m dn r S both the
is v.istg here wb hit fr b e Hope Bptt urc and
sverd wet s. ao Household ftl th No. M$.

Mr. and Mrs. James W.
Hams ad a, la, ai New
York ty, aivd re ye-
day asc I tp Mrs.wBt
reatives or two weeks.
Mrs. Aok Mae Jackson r
turned hre i y dly bfr
WashignM, D.C, lsbtg a
t Ita f t1w i i her
ir, Lr. gA po Sad tr
Mrs. MaryKwam]a
ydetr hy fr Nw Yek, NY.,
becasn d e ai dther liw
ter, Mrs. Naiy Eie, kwho
ly hilpuNdL ewfl e a apk
Mrs. Ste M Griftio, f
Clearwater, Pme- Ih the
University City yesterday oe-
route to Jackaovike.
mTe Pambrers' Ledge No.
113 will meet at the regalr
meern Owae loaf ata I Pp

M. Be Mae Weley, report-

The Patearers Lodge No.
54, pride d Gainesville, will
meet I ay, Feb. AI. at I
place. rd der, -

sam -s
St Paol C 5 Mong4
wnalt U as; ad evening
whipl8:3pa. m
Mt 1:a Pmblie Bap Ist-
aday Seml, 1:t aa.; morn-
lug worehp, 11 an.; and even-
Ing worship, pm. Rev. H Kin-
f Bapt -M y
School. Is am.; mWring wor-
*ai, u1 M-; ad eveig wor-
tip, 6:3 p.m. Rev. T. D. Davis,
F d Bpti -Sunday

Te asis e be Scho asmonIng wo-


I ine MNm iL
Te3 Mathew d9s bas
witllh is. J.L .llt p.-

ei beMaR i Sat

ri ft M i ,
tl:Xla duw ellit
am Te tkKy ePead to

S a:m p lb pi&r Wm-

inok i F al

-int i dbOat

- S-
ftad* frj dila

sH&, A11 a nd; eveg wor-
ip, 7 pj. Iev. D.. White,

sa; as dewon. -
Nqlil- Therile
be he ahl toby at I
pa; ad aM No. 2 E have
s heral Weeally, 8 p.a
Rn. w. J. a paer; Mrs.

E- ir I, T:I PmL, Sl:
wai mai e Syan. M
pJL; Yl.n b Webi*,
7:I pa; a.t ; St tl r
w*fl hank *3l5Br rs
lio bm A wb" I s F

7- mnS V. Se

a--tb *-
ias agt iwekRp

s... **w*

rin -~: ~i

today at
do bull

omen's Society of
Service f the Mt
Methodist rch will
Miss Leontie Williams
8:30 p.m. in theedca-

Dr. Kenneth B. Clark amoci-
ate professor S psycholo at
the Cy Cole of New York,
was the keynote speaker at the
first sewonfryt am.i to 10:3
ai. of the 13t Amnal Guid-
am Coaference at the Florida
AAM UverityatTallahaset.
Sponsored by the Division of
Student Weare d the Gradu-
ate School Department of Guid-
an at FA,MU th general ae
dlow of the conference were
held in Perry-Pae A Mdtorkim.
The theme of the conference
was "Guidance:" A Resourcea
for Teaching and Leaming."
The tlreeday meeting begaI
Sunday, Feb. 3 and ads Tob
day, Feb. .
A national famome psycholo.
gist ad conltant on psycho-
logical problems, Dr. lark fig-
mod pmniently n the 4 S
pune Court decion agai&p
segrepted publ schools. He
ftrstibdkruhthe JIWtbyPG-
ceedhip which led up to the d.
cision, a to the impact of se
gregatin ad disc nafto asI
the psychog l development
of Nesro chilre.
During the Guidance Confer-
ens at FAMU, Dr. Clark smy-
ed as "rvingk omant" meov-j
ing amog conference group
'dimsuss and working wit I
levannes -metou comsult,1

ants. He was a mmber of a
pdl discuAm achedl-

W. B. rlay, m is

aM drbks Ua*t gpal
ami. fr pfem ram e-
Ialf:liea, La pjil
trn do I",-kD- r-
em thaP hpt

gItD. OEM |D-
GA, NuS r.1- 'Wmth
ar. M-da 'a mAMUl

Gerst thnbdilfofe do
wis Or. Q .
heasa. atsin- A3

elas m


Thire tbN W em -

ma et te* the n
q- te- imart- p a
mn Pln in t NW ss. aWhte

nmei *u-

nm V*w -, S ,'g
I feil it i es plier

aS ing atdedt Phori-
d presscI a
inoce tg W sl Wd ie
oy aity i to so

etif It a p ei lu pme

onfe wiee has be to worked
to the permonai a i te Pil.
idMt ad i thei ad eal-
pectations of thei te A
Kenniaedy press colfe ace
we quite d mad froto an
Eiehowe n, se or s .
and thte it iraMs a M e
why Pr.le Jtamon hou
fed- a re.m

iv the persnalty the P

it myal I have always
os my aeeaper colles
v'e toe ensery sort of

a res confenormce-pap

as much as a third it -
should be devoted to careful
ly-prepared answers to writ-
tem qoetis bailed in ad-
vam. I do not th atk thae
preddeial prm confarece
should be set up a a quit
show which a lot of the
fun eS to see whether the

n, who wuf the speaker hr
Ite hal general seMion
6s Gadance coolum wa
patwd over by Dr. Jmes D.
au, pdaseor d edates d
te AiM.
Tle ebPvurIN w O a ply
a-ndend *dchiL

Gb tuttaries
e. M ,
'as Iels ef MA.

G ofrtite E
^M GBe |lMllls
Mgl A
Pews N^J 4w

"There's o government agency to keep commercials
honest why not political speeches? They're very
much alike!"

I.w mws ias i d
2. Pim m. I s h iof pte Smn uI m* -wahu .
The Sum's ulqhmes: AM i ui 4 72441
West A&-37E4672

Uncle Sam' Short on Pe.nies


hilosophy, the doctrine, thd
ideology ad 'the policies
which were created after the
nd of the second world war
re now shaken by the chang-
i condit the wod.
SuoM ViRY serious
thinking will have to be done
i tas country. Mot o it
ill probably havel to be done
first outside of official cir.
le. But there will have to
e continually some rethink-
ig inside official cir-
es. Whie this going on,
it is not a good time to do
oo much official talking.
Most particularly in an
election year, it will do more
arn than good to tk too
much. Either the obsolescent
will tend to become absolute
by reaffirming it or the tenta
ive will become damaged by
remabnti exposure.
affairs which compels us to
reexamine our policies was
developed under President Ei-
senhower, and it became in-
reasingly pressing under
President Kennedy. This was
quite evident before the Pres-
ident's assassination. Had
President Kennedy lived, he
would be facing the same
problems we read about ev.
ery day. They originate in
the fact that the United
States is no longer the mani-
fest leader of the non Comn
must world as a whole, nor
even the effective and acknow.
pledged leader of the Western
We can be reasonably sure
that the reexamination will
not and cannot be made will-
ingly by any administrat i o n
which does not feel itself so
strong as to be politically in-
vulnerable. Thus, in 153, it
was possible for General Ei-
enlhower to make a truce
without victory in Korea be.
cause he, and e alone, had
the political strength to pre-
vail over General MacArthur.
President Kennedy never had
that kind of personal author.
ity and political power. He
was always acutely aware of
how narrowly he had been
who has not yet been elected,
is in no position to start
thinking out loud about the
policies has inherited
from his predecesison. So I
do not quarrel with him for
no talking me th he has
to about questions that
cannot be iked about wise-
on many of thee qestions,
nobody is prepared to talk
out loud with entire veracity
and with Complete realism.
It will notbe possible for
President Johnson to do
tha or to come anywhere
namU to it, n unA ,unl sshe
has acquired by the right of
a big election something like
the personal authority and po.
litical power of General Eig.
Cbower in i.t

LBJ Blesses

Hat Industry
_.. New VS b..
NEW YORK The hat I&.
*de*y has won Pmident
Jothon's blessing for the
prouction and sale of an LBJ
Plans call for a modified
welternhZ* musc lbe thos
Oe President weas and so
Often presents to visiting dip-
lomats. It will be a ligtweigt
model with a narrower brim
than either the fmibar 16-
fie-gallo version now in
vo"s at the White HOWs.

Alx Rose, Paidet of thias
a "id Haiers, Cap ad Mil-
-eay Workers lboNWeoul
I I, brought up i subject
dri a White House visit re.
cedy. Be found the Pre et
pladMand acquiecelt, pW-
iss, n.y who MM be wn
" siaa a igI W tana
aSt wu halp w the war o

a- -.

Pro' Vote

..w .m.arm


L: m ....




Tuuday, Pekesy35,1 m4 emaeh


A Choice Seat!

AJur Van Buen

DBAR ABMY: I l h.ed whm I md hs po u d im
S akinga ero mm over a ant i a wla cemr.
I had always lffed to m r whevnr wo peqoe we
i together. Back i 1944 Iwa sltling ain at a he aoto
when two, vry alee4ookb yon mi cM e la and mcou't
tfd two meas together, bet there w a vacant at o dttr
ide mL. I offeredl ito but th taller sr said, woth a
ga, "No, n at sit where y m. rd much rather talk to u
thu h m anyway." He wmt froah, jist refrebitg. To mat
a i*g shy Aort, that is hl I etheun man Mmoe be
ame Hbyb uld ad the bater d my six lovely eiMdr.
DBAR GLAD: Ci fial I mmM, mw Sht ye. m
isell e vtt yeur bsh mow.
,, ,m --d m mI *M
DAR ABBY: My ubm pad awamy te yes ago,
d m cy ri i the I have been peseted wth
a try by his mployer. I wm out ofton when t turkey
was l ed. I later I learned fra a neighbor that other
neighbor coem to keep it for me utm I returned. I bve
bme hme see Decaber 2st, and I haven't a eem hide nor
hair of the turkey. Wht do yu uget I do?

:0 S laverickt
@ Beat of Gruele
5:5 Greateskt Hea es
:3a 5 N oweps
5:5 Leal New, Weal ,
6:e News, Ups., wedr.
Shutale Ahlme
:15 Cmeld Five News
1:31 News-Waler Ceahle
S O mties Alphet
a News haey,
7: a U-S d
"More Deadly." Ora
Kane, a pretty youna
cauhier who is embeuling
fin& from her employer,
nhoots a customer and a
co-worker. Ballinger: Lee
Marvin, Ora: Ruta Lee.
Gray: Paul Newlan.
a TheSat-Mystery
(Debut) Roger Moore
stars as Simon Templar,
the adventurous world
traveler, tn this hour film
erie based on the char
acter created by novelist
es carter. Toniht:
John Clarroo is "The Ta-
nd Huband" whose
talent I wetillng. So
thinks hb neighbor Ad.
rime Halberd, and it's up
to Shom Templar to
prove it Templar: Roger

aThe iF r
Satsle usm
7:311 Mr. Nvaki-Dnm
"Fear Is a Handful of
Dust." Novak tries to help
shy, introverted Sue John-
so by encouraging her to
develop her talent for
caricature. Script by Ca-
rol O'Brien. Novak:
James Franciscus. Vane:
Dean Jagger. Miss Pa-
gano: Jeanne BaL Allen:
Steve Franken. Miss
Scott: Marian Collier.
Miss Dorsey: Marjore
Corier. Hendricks: Larry
S Law-reakes
SWhat's New
Red' guests are comic
Don Knotts and the
Youngr olk, folkuinges.
Skech: "How Are Things
in Glon Moren?" The
greatest diamond cutter
(Knofs) is going to make
the final cut on the
world's most valuable
diamond, and Clem Ka-
diddlehoper (Red) is
hired to stand guard.
a Or. Pek's Glmb
IA 6 Tes DMa tAY
a kb=o Doth
*M dlm Iqslr

S BT ea Annmsed
SI leet JeasJu e

oft ies Mli M

*h~ a UlkdMW ini a. 0

ma TIlm: m Wk wbM wd I8r Ml.
he M Ai k M o -Si i m d Lt I*

At1A ABBY: eIy 6te 1i"e Bw we a i far 9t.
Vdali' Doay si ti S kW alm L I MuW
I shildmt cinpml bme A lN t t w rAe b
it m ibg b har the may, tIt It IM d. the

53 SENI: iet. Ani Gin her .
6iW ye. -s- jyart Ul momey.

* *

C Wm NAL TO "CIANC MT NIMat: 0 twho
ehbb ye are "aels" bmcae you are ee a psychkt
eoilM eed e m orths yudo. Thely mbligot way os
slhe a pnSm i to fid b t ft sat's eating t. The pa.
m who this a tweed jacket is a "core" far drnff Is oely
kiddhg self.

Betty Jo has hr fb n
crush, but i he oect of
her affections is more mi
terested In tinke with
cars than he is Ia ro
a l Betty Jo: Linda
Kaye.ste. : Bea Benad-
Orvll p:all-
S:a M oA tri
11:1 MI e b
wsm uic
(Cord YShirley Jonen a
trodu Count Basit,
Jack cassidy, Maria TaB.
chief I and othearsn
al" Iears that sow.
S GaoryMore

"Ho 'em Yas ." When a
character bearing the
name "Georgie the Gig-
olo" hear that a Wlity
bhes fr has a soantrol -
led urge for men i un al
fonm, he buys hinmelf a
unifrm. Patricia Ellis
Cear Rome, Larry
Crabe. William Frawley.
l:x a a Judmy Caram
W Ie Smedrtr
i:5 asum e Aslme
6:3 WMord Chdtam

Paster's Stedy
I:U 1 Smsies Abame
: 6S UVhNg Isrs (eshr)
6:5 S I Neightor (eetl)
:3 O Farm And Hmue
News, Weast
7T: Nm
8:3 Captli KnEmm
tm h Divn Cemt
O Badhlew athsr

:5 n People Are A Pnty
S Jk la Lem

a Mfeay who.
S New--Ma Wa
SWie NOris
1:15U Might Grade
M:.f W News
l: O S Word for Wrd

*: r e Cub tl t
I: ["ishg iNk
0 Pete had G lady
a IMGrade
12:N Frst Iapse.
lave ofU11ie
g NHib hetl'helar
U:2 a News
12: 8 Truth ra
W Sech fr uer ,
W Let' qik Spau-
U1:S News

1 News
l:W Mateh Game
1:15 li eu
1:3 a Selece
SAs The Wold Tar.
SErnie Fod
2:M 0 Let's Make A

S BsMW Party
0 Pm Ietta Y
STITelle Tral&
3:5 I News
3:3 6 Y Dl't Say
BEge of Nit
4:N Mac Gtme
SBecret STmW
4:511 M N
SMagllma Garl
'"Ite Flying Missile"
Glen Ford, Viven Lnd.
fors Henry 'Neill, Carl
Benton Reid.

SMILE! With Art Buchwald

Correction, Please

WASHI GTON K there s me tax return. We think it'
nying we hate it's someone dty every Amerian tax-
Schdabts on hi Federal pay to report anyone folg

whiud widwaM ON
ztlabPlpq 7 .3Amj l

lLloww A Umled. aRMOM

am a



noumoe Tuamn mu

$hisut tier
SMla dei *
at tetmatm
'lamt- ftI.
&.-t &7

around with his iocodk ta.
Therefore we wouM keD to take
this opportunity to report Frank
. and Evelyn H. Jones of 110
Elm Road, Hometown, New
Mr. and is. Jces are a
the etail store business, and
they are figments of the oagm-
saion of th Internal Idoveme
Service. On mee : the
Ls best, selmin L,
TYewu be Ta" thNo Ie a
Ws Moak wM ebsappe tob
fforate w arrnet nw s
Ibgh i yeuf return. 'Its B
n Mr. ad Mrs. Jnea t
i tpayee. R4 -e
bedy peeMd N f oA mthe
rn" and t uJ hilitacoi.
lerins ae to se# it a
AVe. "
bI the it tm s ad

taed smt is bfau br1r
1heud Is aln k Stei

bis fault alt that the permo
wi filled out the form for him
made the mistake. But ignor-
ace is no excuse and if Jones'
name Is onthereturn he should
be made to pay the csequene.
What worries m Is that the
S gave hn a lower figure
for his IcomIe in the earreci.
How can we be sre that Jo
or his wife 't w 1 pfi tk
the c N meg Em-aim
iam that rak adt Evdy
Jomnd I inkme. New Yak
Imw kb aea ft om thd
a m I we hoe by be
Ie h mOW Jam in M
stulb am in 0hinbilli
hit decnlali ai that he
SflPM, aitmini dlb M
k .MiW IMs m i 1 Jm
S ay d7M Nie ass aM*
a m de thet bigR at ee

ku, e gs aq
M* ard uap61

mo m__ I J
Mia leeigea agia
Mto 8JOtIN

T .- I





Si O
'--k ,p

K ____________ - -a

- d


11' 11t ,llw-swwea

Pata ORiMu rteaInm mw C"ow ow
AND 99aS V

#*a 7aWN mB w SITW
- immusMMiUM
WO CM 00 OR Wr .. AMD
.AffiSUY n~sift.ft
LrN3 plasm"II... ;

F \1-

K I '' I

-4-- 4





* ., I


.W hti's p


-O.b1fck wNepaktbM bbe'
1mm1w-pA arsib ll s df
&ei hwk hm tme au b.m Tl o hsg w wM iewbw
Oscar Noie es

ot oI lrpr msbi
Sart sat leSSS W ea
N fNA-.Im z Atd Abut bShFN

Oscar Nominees

Not Surprising

IV MNei-Telewb Wltm
tom prise abomt
te ma&e "Tma Jom" lot
mw I sthlebbder-wt
aRmptir" sacid wbt ab
ab to a aft url Acurbu
An ,p g am passed,
MOWNm... ..aGeM s md
Ever Sae It was first pe-.
viewrle some nM- m alp,
*aTm Joe has ben thl pem-
icpimee-th om e every pm-
or amd dlector i Hollywood
wished he had made.
7t rowdy BrithMde fib.
arred le m- many believe
Stage o ong today-Abt
Mtay ped te her of ti
bawdy atedi novel 15th..
centmy EaA On sage Pi.
mny was nedy nther" bit
e ple tm Jon with
t a appil o a GaMle sd
b cme fese a Chap
NaWaly, be -s .uaed
sa b-at atr.

TApt mL I

Peace Corps Ple
aMtt, required o an app*-
eas Itead in m* rvei o'
sep wC be gi-m Salyt
FoItS b hi g 3 e1 d t

me uMM, a lb med aub
Mr dl*l IndlSmo ini*

-d rb, coactiim aHd S-B
MTWe ta ttilrmlqe har d
*W smi l Athelbo ABUF
ciudhes at km iu yeas

qp ttheyb hve daed-
:eS twruda, lbt.
nMo LmaPq Twk -
8M - a -E --ms

pjuI b l k or.
masS b hr

-a" rthl I," Sd S
IN PteMar a the bI0 of
S- In "Lilies f the
my's toqbet fight wC
ein from Potter, the triBli
- er Fet s, do Mnt
INwe star tOf Ih n
dmpr of the yar. No Nip
r ever mha wM the top a
As to "** mineM for tin
t aw.
They ae: Rachd (Ms. an
Hartri) Roberti hi e
Sport Ie;" ParicA NO
for "Bli;" Lail Cam fhr
"te Lheprd Rom;" SftrlyI
MadMe for "hIm la
Deos," ad Natae Weed
for "Love Wib the Proper

String Quartet
To Perform
At UF Tonight
Tim rlia ae QMIt5
CMl premt a cocert at 1:1
pm. i tl UnIersity has-W
The Qrtt is closed of
EdWald Troop al ba Cre
utbes, v ;iol Robert
Schidera, vi; ad Marie
I kqepi with Ms pol ey of
aidm to works by domik
as the quartet wv f
n the kit local pwmerm
of th Mrt Qasrt No. 4 in
A so by mcoopor Ron Lee
Tl Ira QirmteNtL 4 was
wlttm Il M and toial ts
fint puIraamme in that yr
'" r1 FInm p
he Floridar l Strg 1 ar W
wB aim smur m
w kb ated o the oat d
litoihColosstl12 dhn
PRu- de elB at C em
bim Quartet hi F sr,
Open LL
the lbid I rIS QIbrt" t b
ptL il n i r Dpcis oNt fe

- uv"dfol

Gets Spmuor

M fmr shdmt a yawr md a

Vise, -- imhige V.

Ydpe d he lp Wh in
h.a pwm a B.t

ft n a we a
Wane 11M awls
1,9 we asO

Stbp_ f hibbb^^^^^^
- r*Uil>f B|

i t mdeAcy wald ar t-
the BsMs lqdhs also fme l
need t uslirt a ueme ton
Pritr D&kAu*de, m-w
yews old. Ppres Mt lad L
bIvag me to be ts most
Vty heirb, bt italily wald
a umr ans y qchaoge at the
T at tbaig, theb m
uldbmiW u foals:
onlent oernt pm apmd at
lt umS b Mrios short
ages dh cpmt ealt ad
by 6a i l= t aure =
Soviet *om s7r*-
tgic perbfily f th U.
looio as hamouiuad yet
th rae major
ramlemalm of TWIMm
te economic dielties
m also to have uharpDed
pol-ed debates amag champ-
Iam of dfrDt iveshnt pi-
Writ. Premier hrechevs
faire to rejuvenate top
ladsVhip, t replace ol and
ailg colleagues, may be due
to his fe of dmore opo pl-a
cal strie.
Fle, the bitter dchdege
o Ch mo mt taa ahas dim-
misted s aoErity nt on-
y th W tlet adt .a ma Pa-
ing's pporter b se Cal c
il mdvment, but also mt
d Seots Europe aCmes
ts w ifavor Soviet podus
yet i sk gatIwr hipe-
dAne for thenfehe.l
Now titthe shckMd o tp-
a "pt with Pdia g bM W
a, it is bdeved, RUmian
-M have -eganed a
Is of psychological
strg t frn thw af- y tob
ive whm serious a divi
df Caumnist fooe. Abo, So
viet ns that the Wes oa
te advatago f the ealet
may have imUsoed oer
P. Yar.

Rep. HOley

For Race
GCarirs Sey Of Pllain C
#I beoum the aiu RepSi-
cmn MuHy to olity fher d
paoru's re n tel omay
Sead e by e1 I tIs

1 n- he .

eamo dqre sautnm by
Cm*y- Reef u ima 3 tfrin
L -ak-FsA.Cabok.ead


o*y -*mt L fta
amp mp if Dow

thi ek- lab A li-u

it t -AmwC.C

National Award Winner

LL Aan AAtem, oficf-icharge of the Naval Reserve lutdi aee Unit
hen, Mteep a plque from Cir. Harod Rker, kt, who reprmosts the Naval
Reserve idligence Divio, Sixth Navl Distrkict, the cerem ls hee. The
Ga eMlle stk k me of the mmbsat the dJiiom adjudged the bst it the
Uaied Stat. Cdr. Robert B2ekr, ealer is maela oftfier of the Naval
Remrve Tbinl Cater h (SuO Npto Tmmy Lewi).

Tobacco District

Feeling the Pinch

WASINGT In the sixTh
emgresonal district of North
Carolina the heavy sweet mnel
of curing tobacco hangs over
the dties sand the smoke frmn
op tobacco barns clouds th
rural skies.
This is the hmt of an empire,
a troubled empire d tobacco
m ires ada tobacco work-
'e and tombac rmers who
a looking nv y toward
Washginin, for tobacco help'
adt b eold t si district and
tobacco now is a time of cri.
Sloce Jan. 11, Ihb thB U. .
narpo gerar W sp cial oinm
eating c1pres- s a Mb
ha.rd, V searl HoraS Bo-
Mbbm laf, a k-
Ing acongem a b a sidh
district has acquired a few new
gray gbas.
Outwarly calm but -nw
Wsi ed, he is part of te m
bad of tobacco-stao congress
Sand senators, most of m
from the South, that is attempt-
to keep Coogr m mro ss
kg tha petal iPakta.
Rqsnam v ramgay ha
more to worry abut thn mist
of his colleagues in a ca-
pap. For his districnot nly
gros t bacm a bat mnect
cigarettes as well
His tightly compact sixth dis.-
tret onlyS er coues but
popauldd by aty a peo-
pl stretch frm to pdc
towers of Due Univenrity,
wiMh tobacco buait, to the Birth.
place 0. Heay, the short
story wr lsr.
t B1Mra M a tM shaded clac -
Pi dof the I lu ily d Norf h
Carole. Wbti is ha. dsM a
I B-mof B hton bNo
t*, be,, ad atm wbor

Vim Cough Drops ad BlMbe
overalls and i ds ere lines
of furniture are made.
But tobacco is the oeacing
read for the four coies
te district
There are th cigarette man-
facturing plants of Ligpt and
Myrs (C ufle 28k
Larks) and Amerian (eky
Stores, Pal M M ltair
Tamytbom, Cares) d P.
Lolrd (Old WOA, Krat,
In the cities, and a few small
towns, the chat of the mte
ea echOees trohggh &e mos
of tobacco wareleesg pled-
high with the gemA b.
Ao in heorofllg come trymde
the ta bleak acmri bsrm
mark the S arm where to-
baco is grown.
te first two wea aflir tbe
smoking report cae t ore
busy es for l rnMaU y. He
went houe to cooper ib toba-
eo maoufacture, ad Sac.
Wni workers and tbucs
fners. He intraed a bil
in Congress calling for a crash
program of research to mid a
"safe cigarette." And he an-
wered a flood of mOa, most of
it fren people his Moeme di
d trict w fared a sdil to-
bac simop.
The Jitten rs thos Ad f ew
weesb are gpe now but the
threat to tobmo is stflther.
One day rment,* dring
which he had cimed with
amter mtoao state eom
manm, Frank Chf of Kentfc
and t4 chama ofi n the oule
Agriendt Cum e H
Coot of North Carolia, -
magy reed to hs oOffice.
-lolh t-Oogh a hoem town
neapwr, he hdu a m
I Xmu .o P. rillard To.
baen Co, hih Mahlie tow f
Gsm-bm w% immhotoffallN

UF Student


In Forgery
A 21-year-old University of
Flor studt yesterday was
charged with forgery and ad-
mitted ping on a check cash-
ing spene in Gainesv us
another students identification
to cash the checks.
The Alaca Couy Sheriffs
Department reported that Gor-
don B. Browne Jr., a sopho
more, was arrested on the -
Iverby campus about 12:3
p.m. by Depuies Wayne Pearce
and Job TiTs n.
According to the effm de-
p-rteM I w basIn adh itted
cashing X checks ithe city
since Feb. 11 when be alleged.
ly stole a wallet at the hnd-
bell cour oa campus
te wa t bamlogs to Wlam
LR. cCokmick,t LSW th
Ave., also a student. The wal-
let comtad MS and a of Me-
Cormicks'sBieficatlon papers.
The sherffs department re-
ported tt Bwne was appre-
headed after the wife of a mer-
chant became spicious and re-
corded Browne'scense m mbaer
when he cashed a check in her
band's sore.
Deputies said Browne cannot
remember whear he cashed
nome of the check, 1but does
remember abut IL
mne, wa iso from Hnmb
vil, Ala., Is bae hbM bn t
county jail.

Misuiles Fired
BAS Cal (AP)-Two Nkp
utam intercontintal ballip
tie missies were lamhed Mo-
day from this Wet Coast bu
in what Air Forae me
described as rosin th s.
The shots king to the total
Bomber fired rom this mi.ib

Business Climate Sunnier

Sd Jelesh bnbsMtt
di mmle bi fmi 111
om any bob=mw, bu
nm**-- o-I

- e amrvad job he wElb
pbly pnro to ha, sai Ndi
Rhir, |m St lf a Dn

la U. CIaadl CSom,
add rnemNy bit ha is wlb
M h ubJ -mm Jamd
ph pi at deBpu a 'd

al M a wdi p il. hi
ad d lbt Mlftr-mi

be to do a hr bm
v-EP d B a
d d dm. oim

"In bubMs, a wo ir
p s and sep si ps," ha
SI a I Ms lidc. "-We thiI
'idto isd ThdB. -W W*eb

Sbr. im e d in im i
ap ithatc b iphN by

Sn ha be.
14lid. fk at aet to
bn Mm Panus in -

. a"dm Mieto hi
*. dM he0,dm kl


7b OamSOb po- thi

hb to y ututiy:
MNil HE, 117 NW l.h
a., aInd: aJimL to I ,

mnwlit= onMes

Geheslle, ad Jamte Wels,

BRm Ef RobtRio, 18,
Gauemie, and Romeoe Gas-
kinM, a, Gsamhe.
Sudma Dime Hanfler, 19,
GabmuMle, and Adolph Juius
Sotag Jr., 21, Ocal.
Mabel Jeol, 45, Gaines.
vin, a Amos Odo, 47,
Dinre Seis F l e
mma Jean Gamble vs. Rus.
sell James Gamble.
Roth L. ONeal vs. Bland
George J. Refstdck vs. Etru.
la kmitk ReIsfio.
WH Vaale Gorem vs. Nor-
v iL GW.
vl ROgre.
Jamnes C. HDarrell vs. Nancy
W. HaNril
Fedel National Mortpge
vs. Earl T. Noland and Mary
Nolml, mortgage forcloure.
Mode Hoomes Finance Co.
vs. Baal Peny, mortgage
Modern Homes Finance Co.
vs. Beatrice West, mortgage
Charles M. Seaman Jr. vs.
Seaboard Air Unes Railroad
Co., damages.
Leo G. Brinon, doing s-
ne a Universal Welding Co.,
vs. Guy L Cleveland, damag-
Mine R. Taylor v. Brad-
ford R. Crane, damages.
Job Jues Brasinto vs.
the Gainesville Gas Co., dam-
MF l DiMe" Sbsi
Victor R. Smith vs. Sharon
L. Smith.
Nammi R. McCneC l vs.
Chaes A. McConnlL
Thomas Alert Bu vs. Pat-
ria Fay Pdbler Bull.
Mildred Wet Henley vs. Tho-
-as G. Heley.
Susan Branch Risk vs Tho-
mas N. Rmk Jr.
roar' :ii

Mr. ad Mrs. Willim lSara-
c B ote Bo x Palta, a
gir; Mr Mrs. Jerry J.
Bemavi, A SE Ave. Cty;
a boy; Mr. ad Ms. Doald C.
Pohman, SE H wthorne
Rd. CiltyagirL
Mrray C. RoMiono, Mrs.
Jeon L LNichols, Mrs. Sirley K.
Pohbn Jon M. Browies, Li-
a R Box, Earnet F. Landon,
Mrs. Barbara G. "etvin, Ben-
jenh F. Scrp, Garmes F.
Vaughn, Mrs. 'a-nie R. Frs-
or, s. Kay Min, Hal
Yate, Harvey H. nth, man-
ad NMeOy, M Am hle H.
Blncha, Virghua L Strickland,
Wne. e a B.ood Mdy, AM d G.
Lewmis, Barbara L. er,
&i Gaiesvde; Betty Lape-
c, Palat "; Mrs. Haide S.
Beck, Wiisa; Ricerd A.
Ja n-,-a-. Miesf .eyKE.
Car, okaldd; Mm. Mary
-. KI N fea, QhWd; S red
B. Dti W6at; Mrs. Aue
IT. W4 R eube; owl"M.
rm, S l I aa, N.Y.; Mrs.
JaM-I C. lm Cebr Key.

Barbara C. LMIN* ad
d^m Jm J. mt mrs
Ia U&g- ad g I -,-.

The Russian s?

B. Cauldy, Ralph Bandy, Mrs.
Thelma Me-hant
Feb.21, iM
Mr, & Mrs. Joseph D. Walk-
er, 11 NE 17 Dr., a girL
Mn. Judy Baker, Mr. Danver
Andrews, Willis D. Holder;
Mrs. Audrey F. Water, Ed-
ward L Andrews, all of Galfis-
ville; Mrs. Teressia Teboe,
Ocala; Mrs. Annabelle D. Scott,
New Castle, Ind.; Mrs. EthelM.
Cook, Gary, Ind.; Mrs. Minnie
B. James, Micanopy; Ros L
Hargett, Bowling Green, Ky.;
Curtis R. Green, Bowling Grean,
Ky.; Elvis W. Green, Bowling
Green, Ky.; Selby Hudson,
Bowling Green, Ky.
Brenda Lee Welling, James
A. LaMee, Mrs. Hani K. Vande-
riet, Miss Ruth Glisson, Mrs.
Martha L. Brown, Kage E. Ez.
ell, Mrs. Ada Marsh, Mobegan
Jones, Mrs. Glenna S. Rivera
and son, Mrs. Ruth Taylor and
daughter, Mrs. May L. Allen and
onm, Mrs. Barbara W. Davis
and son, Mrs. Etsie Brock and
son, Dr. Jane S. Anderson, Mr.
Charlotte Underwood, Eugene
Bullard, Mrs. Dorothy Carl.
ton, Herbert Wirrick, Mrs. W -
da MeClure, Mack Weeks, Mrs.
Lenna Joann Stephens, Mrs.
Clra M. Ellis, Richard Vogh.
Feb. U, In4
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Te-
boe, Rt. 5, Box 35 Ocala, a
boy; Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rey-
nolds, = SW Archer Rd., a



DENVER (AP) A winter
blimrd swept southward from
the northern Rockies early to-
day, deluging mountains in
heavy mow and creating high.
way havoc.
Snowfall was general but light
acrom the plains where winds
cut visibility to near zero.
Hundreds of motorists were
stranded by deep snow drifts
and blizzard conditions in Ida-
ho, Montana, Wyoming and Col-
orado. Roads in northern Wyo.
ming were closed.
A motorist near Helena,
Month died when he tried to
make it to shelter after his Jeep
had stick in the snow.
In eastern Idaho, snow drifts
ner the National Reactor Test.
ing Station at Idaho Falls
stranded 0 buses, 160 cars and
1,m employes Monday.
Three to four-foot drifts were
encountered by motorists near
PoweA, Wyo. Schools closed
The fierce winds, reaching 50
miles an hour, raked northern
Wyoing and parts of North
Twenty car were involved in
five wrecks on a single hlD
north of Buffalo, Wyo., but no
-e was reported injured.



th Waih fmob 2o 7iL
aim ued GHI4 OinUhSt ad
4 Td for 2 wukf Scas di-
Wa id a i by m'icl h 6
d s d. P aia 0 in tih

0a .i s y Coru a0 **-
til d o ffr a 1r-a C 4, DH
al frow m Cana Cc, DepL

I SEE by

...the SUN

.I- I - I

p 'I S p 'S
It I I' .1
.4 ~,A




Fiu re

SEC Race

t Fk % ra mbuI*, AIL, PO Wt

Al min lhapmidmSGadthuinb
a aMh sat r m e.aa

bft a"i an he iMl him alb Mi

s, a.ON adge Va int maimta sw

am miA tonsa wmd mtam AMa
IA a 61 i =I Tmme t01 NI y, d hIm
Uad, w a mi, de hau i maMspti ai ta iM

ho viU o A ii ft e* i sn n- aqmwtK
N a %'B np trhamh N ,,nhly figm AR d bp
pwis gi f -f A a =sdfeej a fpp kdme I -*A
Coam Ado.b AWs 't hvm tab th al sem t n
evefle w ig ar of Bu.
The Jo Miqtamsdtel, .eced d te Tide, o Gier' re.
dievdtey f ti f vitry ptero m ad toe wof tAe ateied
SC *Ime teN a il ban h tak a back d btom
other cage devqmut fl yer.
Posting Cloud 9
ebt ) (5) Lm^m G'I hbi i lm eeh*
b et asINt sh a am Ii6o lMa im W f
sd. TShIkrAadlegs mdq. stael
SrMi 6ir* ge hw M ib AiA .
Te Re nd l ak Wprt n u bC eort. Gri bmh't
do. ms wl sinlgM N b hIMI. L bm hs m a
rmetais obmg job, eipechrn m am inia S
rym ,oin tet"rhdatei aNo&bdetei -mm
rted, d W th Snrr Al=as em In ma R4d
WKk gm ta be pi laws
lawem hud be "Coch of t Y er" the cea
in a wamwy.
Wh madeuw sInpmhywp6mi6n
a to hmk Me mof" M mPwar New te G h'!s
Ugbh m hu Iume d hm W*h, I may his Wirb

wE Mi. s* n el -- s edt i ampuhal l

UCLA Rolls

Mer*rily Along

y No F le lh w et

adaaurnrbfl to n ar |m Dihaii mr ar Jmm'
UCA m i s a e D a
nrl i alr tthe mtleMa mt h.

bmbtSPa IsL
To mawngIFabbdawl

id &W d3dso-
at~~ I=kta
siss macy i

pmug a bad baw
tilL'W ang31WpmusR

busIna &Vb
owa m ae"
3 Imb. u

Fa'% o
N~sr Wp

-woo kKt


DiPS. deta 3m as t

To aiw lam & Ia,
WIu .I ay --ss,
mtallItIe 4 t as

& mis
& not (1)
t vow as



At Right, Gater Kam lMm hllts Is ais lly; Tek Cear Jio Calwel Tries to Defed

UF Says Goodbye to

am ow ZiNN
Florida id goodbye to Georgia Tech in Southeastern Conference basketba
lat night at the UF gym, and the parting was so sad the Engineers almost
t was be6Ae te Gale JAn Caidwe. anse chncs.
imda m in e of their tiest After open their 47-0 Behbld Hmlr d Mor -
p mcsi t he s lad the Gaton ever let the toaTlihoatS Balieyhi
Stoi le Te -0S7, and pm Gold and White get closer than 15 pots ech ad HigMey IL
umy Katky's amg a me five points. St, o an- Ron Schidr the Enghn
ba ibt =e uy 'u t five minSes before the with I ad amlock had t
mKa ad, md, md, Gto rsreally putthe ame CaUwel ph t ry eight point
matrd" race. awAy. ad as may remidH. H

SWatswreupet by
Alba", M. a e thedC
tngiaelehriest rersars oS
emth lkeag evy m
The lsto took aa liob
git *radd ad take charge
dishb Oft Awderl d
ChrHe Bloodwftrh bothered
the Gatoi m*uch as Tch
d b the itr minute.
Didlam t Tm
BD 0wa a difuentGa-
tar mDlaut dgltua30
eiaM fem let ste UF
p bem wltae a figml-
4ag. nla., uaound
i qM*t tdat ed Ioe
Ae s a fareMMn loig
Abned 414 at hatmuDa
Sto a tipl by usen
cer BiMll osi, th Ga.a
wmdud m oee i hetbgf the
m bgh to awork with
MoSt HWhley hooed a
itfrela the lit deTYm

a hbiTedS tUa at aM
flS Dek Ta.b= boek
San eared for a 47-
led wt *t two aidta
m inb t Oa period. Farm
thN a it afldowUi for
Stgmeerwbot thdr *
eigd panw m 6 3dts.
Nao took eip Ph Mi
oulanesIn wisa d

Sm dMael pir pin' led
amt for ti. NM
b aWd -da a tb

ha.o ply b gmm, win
a hAm off A thea brd S
i dmand ud tiMn tob*I

a tiSi-d .a -Al

Ea man -- Za

d! 11

Ahead at IU, Florida pro-
coded to outalm their Eng
neers by a 144 margin tb
t three minutes ad 4 me.
adS in o r to a a747 bllge.
Most everyone, indchdin a
ortred Tech ac, Wha
Hyder, knew it wai all over
Geair coch NoSnn
whoe faealw eqa be-
fare the gme lt i#e known
he wanted the victr la
lght a Msiuc a my in hi
coaching caer, took no
chances that the Gon wold
Nlalgain i the ibbPig.
btan m a.tiem ao
i ter next wear -lb1 t
ia ltrnatepy-s 1h is 11
cages who wimd to

ut 4:ne p ad a 54
S manuVering for lay.
up aboi or foub pt the UF
in a lphie qpd for the
firlt toe at A
NSWid's free-in o d ut
Ing brredmu in mud
gueme, tuned more onmal
lst aigt hemUF 1* Sad
:X indeting thie cch om.



had been 14 i both depart-
meets. Tech's bet wing in
the gpme was a 31 lead
with 12 min I to pn t he
flrt half. Ninety u lite
It was 21- aand dogft

Georg in the Dw Oloium,
Satury eight rida cm
out its mmi]aitheptpoaed
pma with Temmoe bere ea
Wedmkey, rch 4.
Tic, M bt -RM with a
dwaiees itb rlmKit te
SaC rae, dle at i
Nahe1i 2 apStII VaiL
A thih aIs i e al1
Natyl ii atU T iin
wm ltm ntbl be m MI
L And TemauM, M M,
odd make it a tmes ilt
by b mt bo fbet ialn d
The UF From aved a im
Jir Cod 3 i8 lDm in te

gery" Wkhr 2and Gary
Mca roy.p is had
for ma. Ti.
hiM Ftr U gd S

(I In to Sby Twy



AW"llant S art Editr
Florida beating Georgia Tech
by points Ia a batkebil
pme about as likely as pole
vathng is the moon.
Is too ridiculous to talk
At lead it was until last
night at Floria Gym where a

fired up Gator stung the power- Whack Hyder, Tech's tal,
ful Yellow Jackets, t13. balding coach, hit the nail o
The defeat dimmed Tech's the head: "Looking out them
flickering hopes for the South- tonight, you'd think Florid
eastern Conference title. would have a better record
he win was sweet for Flori than it does. Their personnel is
da, noting more. as good as anybody we've play.
iThe me left the Gators withed this year'

an 114 overall record, Tech at

Finley Says

Uy D^n'of l .a

0. FAley say he's ready to
*P a four-year staw a lease
fr his Albeft Weseday,
citly officials pleb*e up
port to the club a d Conim
John kI*e wul to ic ad his
beI ao Finley.
Hiu wolt appear to lit te
cho m the e i edS A'.


Alabama Turns Tables

By Km BAIm
i Fam Fm "k W
-labib elld ani.S in
ats ocket smamd igt, t a
ath BMWe Alabmimal d

moUHB Gem* weB B
saaei Gaeog Te~ lut
iliMit s on Ablis
ao a usa7 't .

Mdd d dnK o the yaw, *G
nhe lms ht ElNewit a
*3 Ou n nert -sainst

Teows R-. Temsb kept $mh
fIloerbg hob alne wit a
84 vikwar tAdwmleA
Georgia mMetd Vaddrit -.
e for as md smal viWto
rya t b aw Cobl.
Kual*my -w m fae o T
- Nmb BaMW*
wnigt di e Wimfa' MiC
pim. A vithy fhr lAl
ma di*A ls ampoet)
nA sh wb a I
wmos a mbeAI
wes Mal M r.

YMara'ds Coach


amb ow ty

Lds amt^e
I- _el-e
BB^'^ b *-

Tenee sti has ore
CAfewem pme after that, a
- cdah Ma I with
iro ws ch was v ginliy set
for Fib. e gb e wapm pot-
pimd woe *e Vol freshman
an, M Gb, wu killed in
a plhs crah.
Te Vas han a 4SEC
ak S ad mobd Ma ree-
IM tb &W Smak N y
ad Floraw, Tech beats

lb M ht ea uicorer,
Calm N"f 4 Ktmbay, had
bbo were al-d o in M .
Wh h"ls*dohbmbad
*H pins amt sM u pd L
Abhtm bdby --* A-viW
bhde lft*tey MM pto



a aunMy
franchise, cominng on the eels
of an American League vote au-
thorizsing a meeting to consider
ousting Flley from the league.
Pat Fday A's general man.
eager, reported a flood of tele.
phone Inquiries abut a
tickets Monday after Finley's
acceptance Sunday night Fri-
day said a etensive sales
drive is being orpoganied.
But reservations were a.
peWed Ia n some quarters.
Kenneth Krakar, prident
f the Chaa ber of Commerce,
saw the city is tied to aI
SUraneus from PFilay that he
wat t o break the lease in
te future by suing the league.
rakanr l cat d he wouldn't
n loo the cl ber's team
gives assurans no law suit will
be fled.
SAsked about Krakauers
vimw, F.Iley told he Associat-.
ed Press from his ceap JR.

deal) wants to phl bel, he
dly wanls to play bal, a lets'
" acceptance elegra
-p k fo itsf. If a.ayn
wles to atta or c Airde ta
Pnposal extended to asby Kew
espidI, I juot ddt eera ,d
their t aihid bse m a
Mtar thdooe ri lea

liMg n atn a jet

ls aw

The Head Jacket drew a
breath and continued, "Florida
moved well and played od
He also agreed that the ag
gressive Gator rebounding
played abig part in the out.
"We feel we can beat any.
body if we can rebound with
them," Hyder said. "And we
didn't tonight."
Florida used MoMt Highley
(6), Bill Koss (7), Paul
Morton (6) and Dick Tombn
-O (84) to push the Techmea
Around under the boards.
Gad Pert emme
The Yellow Jackets got a
good performance out of 6c-1
ceter Jim Caldwell, but tWi
was all. -
Hyder also comm ted on (h
new University of Georgia CUt
eum where Tech phyed Sati
day night and dropped an 131
decision. I
"It's a magnffnD t I f trf
ture," he said. "One of the
est I'e ever played I an
where. They had Iai
In there, crammed every
"Woodruff Hal stood for 3
years, and I thought the f
were going to tear down Iu
colisum in one niaglt"
Gator Coach Norm Seai m
Impressed with his them's fi
fort caling it "one of -e b
te plerances.
"We played a pgood b at"d
an mid, "tebut Tech played
ftntdig firs hmnu .
p"Mortoe P a great 14
and I wasn real ld tomeenKly
have a good night.L Bl is
of te felast yog me- lie
eve coached."
Florida's met te k is Ge
M& at Atahe,. a sing o
SM Ad UXwm semingk b
kftfa*u mUsas Saturday
- *

Are Celts

*3?(AP) Are
tBodboMcan d

0* mA iowS*
-` Amp

w mmimmdtkr
jj&5 a = ims *




Beating Tech by 19

Is Remarkable Job


I --^- *

&L I


* S &enesIs Ise TanSy. hraw "A INs

layJW l tlPt
e^ *< .* -- -. .<*:

*fhm rutdm -d
-& B~ -WH

As ao a
us a.t lmoon.

elmb emasbniph
M--- .ai. Isf

ad.o bwiS Lbt "NP
a ly, wh h on3 d al
H PSul.u nk Wl.

hg, Ian W srglat s iuals

m (Me figtk o ha dm -ircuit

_t Pol hoslo iw a
is ,1bwam c. ate

&Amb 1,k Iw %* I,

*t, we et. a fm,*

*4, dild' yiftll i-
SI fl h tfrknd
in tel rmah a ler,
has bee. preotod asud lb In
.Itels maE Lx preset
Bbs 11 h wears, b hI bea
besml am byM M
Marm ks Sho o w m
w a aekoddswWubfl

Lee's 616

Sets Pace

SIn Bowling

P. A. ILee, Budweslaer, paced
the Commercial League at Palm
Lanes last night with a Of set.
SHe rolled IS-3.212. Frank
' Palka, Bank o Hawthorne,
had a 613 a 1-W1E.1 E]mer
Broadwel, Wise's Drug Store,
totaled 610 on 18-mf. Bly
Johnon, Schlit, had am with
Whitey Sefert came up with
a blaming M sinle game hit
Wallt's Em registered W.
IOMn-a- Budweiser had
ils on 10 I7MMN. Wie's hit
an even MM with 1iM45471.
Walt's 1 was high game.
Milton St. Peter was best in
the Twight league last nigh
at Paha Lanes wih a M f ert
les. Do i Neber had a 211
high paU .
Bob am Canial Florida
Tle 6 Marnle, showed the way
Indi Sunday Mie League at
Pata laO s Sts-164.
Gm td 51. ettV 'ley,
Grley Music, was best mong
the wom with and Gay
Armold Mio e had 41
Ms's 217 was igh game
.and Betty oe.,Ikpairick
& Ploem had a IN r de wom-
* n. Dick Shoaw mad the S74
spit Pyrola had a W7 series
SWe aid 7 high game.
i. b la undray i Men's
r Handicap bop at Palm Laea,
W3=r Brock had SSMW-
L. Martin Lewis rulld I on
ann2-2 Bock's wa hsigh
Team No. 3 hada l set andi

* high game. Splits wre
made by Whitey Seifert, 54;
Brian Aisworth, 5.11 Bill
Homes, 5-1, 4-7-1 ad 44-7.
Boyee Crows led the Sperry
Secod Shift p league at
Palm Lanes withb a 5 at. He
had games of 141-1i1
Snead rolled a IM and Maul-
nay had a l The former had
a 21t igh game.
Splites hit a 14 series ad
a 5 single game high as did
Scrapers. Dems made the 7
split ad Gat the b-7.

'Cane Win

'Time Trial'
Gainv High School a
Starke had a "tme rials" track
meet A tl Universityof Fler
da oval with GS on top by a
Distance rmner M l
More had a 4:311.4 effort in
the mile rm n Jr th'm.
Brm Leavit did .4 Inb the
iMS, flat in the 4 end was
best in the hig mp. Stare's
Tos Gardnr mawon the llyard
dash, shot put and dicus
Other winers:
Hih rdlm Sie, Stark:
* relay, Staru; s1 6 iM,
Jay WIm, GHE; IIKg Bi
GHS; sprit medoy relay,
Starb; mile relay, GHS; pole
v& Edwards, Stork; broed
ump, Raner, SGHS

Gator Does Take 11th,

' Sunland Bears Rampage

Ga&r Does made it 11 in a m S
row in Cit League b.:eh ,
Pe= Cai la st night at P. L "%' ste. u
Yonge ga. Suland Bears beat N.. s w e o.nI-
Cbal Florda Gas Jets l L thM". TrC I-V.
other gapnme, *. SO *Ny I m u I1-
The Dos notched vict5y No. a* f
11 without a defeat in Ieague pun um whM- isa pi-
1116 OkN. *& ". TW ,

On Saturday nlght at GH
Canuication Woess beat
SlFre Depar ment. 4-; md
*PM Cbem eded Suald,
SThe Doc werem led agaI by
Dick 6dom wb flled Ia
phb. Jonesi it Joe led
i. IN t
: Pl Robertam I a pib
&* ad RcWd mfla i
sml vitoy ovmr Goe Jet.
J dmme ai14 fir n Iea
Doyl Tt h mA ir CwA
t* M et setmd hed a
I dUill 1 lo
w&haai~- P, l




SUNiAu Mus e4t, Ab
sutm Sl t brud. 146o Tkt*

pro: a-a*t ava yIs.
SAM by v Is"
S M Ofs n u .I.-

Da. mood.
Shom fwWay
Isn Banta

- MidM fa t
1w t hia ems.
BpIsham p vit
Wt WdAN mi|Wd
lWiriie"a|am*AWK 4;


Lid*. bh
m f maul-i
m eMI -me mi=

Sr who isam iIoNalo.

48h bl "sl r ,,.
irn (au a Mku1q)
(mat l iem), Isr
bhem wsmr mm bm hi

loa iSktle lWG Lw
lly he List.o -
n ;

h ck t 15 oppeafing win.
diteN nGliAma

SAty s too t bm dam
ad woiaic and biWb to
ad 9 to the Br*l. Bhbas
hfr Asodf pe*ly ulig

It is felt that m alom prte -
motion made a grave Mistake
in lsaliInto .abes 1.
Ue mhei bcin L. e top
'eat il. l prm .o -
headety Bl McDoadid MII.
-ai- $Me M S to keek
eysm -5ources my McDMM

Neverthele money ii be
made on this fight ntmmti-
Io wal Sports Inc., d whih U -
itn ora 47% prer at, OM the
heal prmneio to MeDomid
Sfor L ThsL 11l do th grup
home free.
It Is eimata at Lislen mnay
anervelth a gros .3MM
forthil c uy ey wwer e
wilde an us o it -
The Is 7 w AedIe t

1a promi fl#tor win vi
weor l i 5joher mwl
be to and a
be mWb y ther Maiot Ms
gifiCg Cmmunio naminmes
)ym hme Is a point

han r n owma. tmn
oes iaixlthe wiamr di

Cota e a Rce pall

By W-lWuiton

In 'Windup
RMCK Nwt Marks's

Cims ro i ftl

A .--It. an-iTh
C ltSoawIt:lm o1
to be i bulk
dC as North Miarn

-uwaihatao or l bft
irted Ndai < a
, Is M t oime a.


-i MAY5 an CaP)-

SdlVi set d O
m tMrE 6 a" b wo



WK r0"/ *

AUiV S 91 amM.

Baseball May

Sell TV, Rights
WASHINGTON (AP) Pro-m the most attention frma major

fessional baseball may sel tele-
viWsta rights to so=me of itsW
pm s o a package basis-
wit a teams sharing equally
-by n ameaon, Broadcasting

maga ne reports
he network plae


Keystone Is

73.62 Victor
MILNSE Keystone
to St. Aguste St. Joeh's
with a 7M win over the lub-
a blt lght.
JAsayMcMnrtryled the a-
dim with pOtMs wHe Gary
Cooper got 2 ad Joe Davies
A DasvuWties on with 15.
Sin the mcod peAod omut
ram St.t Joe, 74 to lead
X at bfthm.
Te Kiystm girls roled or-
Keys's am g pmeu wM be
in Proup tourey pay at Yulle
Friday &t I bhe hot
EYSTOSE Ca.w, 141 0.

ST. C.jLmH Irm. lMi C
I b. 1-Wi agOS St tit.
M44 Cuuia, "* TWt, 3-1; Pa-
'.a.l* 4 Sf* f* sW"I-


*"D W e de
Them oveur

C. LMooet ota

ma me

1114 1mW. toAa.
a Mai

league committee, the maguse
said Monday, "is a black.
out national am on Mooday
night," which oum be worth
about a$ miion1 tohe ma-
jor league ms.
This year, with each team
selling its own television rights,
the 2 teams stand to rake in n
eilisated WPM calp
with abt mil last year.
The n team h ,the Amrican
and Natioal footbl leag
m receiving ab OU mut m
for their 14 gems.L
In addition to the dividual
rights, the ABtar am and
World Serie wil ad, ( ml-.
ion to the o take, a8d 1
team v i share about 1.7 mil.
lion rights for CBS-TV ad
NBC-TV weekend telecasts.
Th New York Yanem klad
mjer hegumes, reviv g $U
millim for their individual
rights plus a large shareof the
(1.7 n ho network
mm.t. Ite wormdbmpo- Im
Angels DodgeoNeowYork
Mets and the Sm rlincdes Gi-
ants each get 1 mMllo.

Jackets Win
Two Contests
YeDow Jakets downed Fa -
an 3l ad bea Bmbes
S I in cage Bourney in B.
me Suchool play.
Don la B led te Jackld s
with eight poe gs t fi s .
m wh le Ctrin Boyd S lb
lms had i
Large m= a dom aiplst
Bmea s mad lStove Dbt had
four for th lower.



*Kn *

Knockouts the Trend


* *

Of Heavy Title Bouts

sMMI MM, fh. (AP)-
My hiej*t M l glti
a beIMt. tmht e opo
the Adam wo do pon
Rocky MardWSs SAcmid de-
duli mtar d th"rkl, on
Juie 17, IL
N addlm e n Cs lay
An"d pset -Ia S-o
iohn e wMhjo a diHn rmp
S t lreIe m'l Sriars whi,
hadl wa al of dteir pro fIghts
before acenlag to the thRm.
The oely others were Job L

Starke Rips

Orange Park,

Ends Season
Starke closed out a fine basket-
banl seso with a S-a roup
over Orange Park last night
Ch c Erwin Land's ibm.

doc wonsd with a enoveral
111 record with -seven rf 6 h
defeat by mrrow margin to offers Go
toprated oppoiduln.
For enaple the Tornadoes With Pros
have bowed twice each to Per-
ry, Santa Fe and three times to NEW ORLEANS (AP) The
Palata. TheO times have a dufersget a chancetoplay to-
combined w st record ot 1.- day with the elite professionals
e Slarte w raced to a &o lfVand n et M what wne pro
5-14 halftime lead and subs lls lenss theycouldn't be-
flooded the floor i the lat half. gn to pay for with cash."
Hard ishop led are wi It's the pro-am preliminary to
Sponts and Join W ams theb 0,0M Greater New Or-
added IU. Barthro led Orange leans Open which gets under
Park with 1. way Thursday on the difficult,
The Tornadoes now wll take 7, yard Lakewood Country
on Smwn High ULive Oak Club course.
Fridq n In the C A, Theproswllbe hooting for
Gmup 4 met at Live Oak u cash awards as each one
Starks wn the B pme, 44M1. tem up with threlocal ama-
Grg Reddh and Dale Crosby tur.
ech had i for the Baby Tor Oly Arnold Palmer and AlI
Andm s. Phil Bae hit six for Geiberger are skipping the pro.
Omr e Ptr. am. remainder of the top

Subin, Mardian and Ingemar tached to the ref's shirt and h
Johaim will look like a button. Th
Joe l i hodthe record of ansmitter will be calrried in a
Joe Louisha"ethercordo c
S round kockouts in heavy- pocket.
ight tite fights. e Brown -
Bomber belted out five chal- Under the new rules, if either
lingers in th first round. Sonny Clay or Liston is on the floor
U mIs two-both over Floyd from a punch when the bell
PlUerM ends a round, the referee will

continue the count If the

The snd b ig upet in a heavy- downed fighter is counted out in
wet te fight was Jersey the rest period, the knockout
Joe Walcott's seventh round will belong to the round which
k out nard Charies in had just ended. Most of the bet-
Pittli* July I8, 151. Wal- ting by the professional gam.
cot had been beaten twice be- biers is on whether the fight
fore by Charles and was a 6-1 goes more than five rounds.
didn i their third cash. It's even money tat it doesn't
JilMy addock was a 10.1 go beyond five.
lo shot the June 13, 10 night
wha he e de ed Made Baer
on a ISound decision in New
The referee will be wired for
sound at the LIatonClay title f
fight. Closed circuit television 1 II
viewers will be able to hear
him toll knockdown counts. A
tiny microphone will be at-

TARKE WIO 7411i Jt-
W. 1-4; ",. 44; bu*,. 344
SW A -06 c C. OL-" Pskm. t4.
; Pam 1-4s War 44. m utY.
caANe PARK BtwNm, 0-
I11* Oef. -1) LM, M-lI MmhM
Juta 54. W avub, U-IU -4U ufMS
atW IcI 1WI5-7
on05 18k l 7 7-X
WMl*: hmp OW B>on._

Jk-MtJMMle l C.

touring pros here will partici-
pate, including Gary Player,
Jack Nicklaus, Tony Lea andI
Julius Boros.

We can give
you 11
reasons for

your car, home, or bus-
iness through us. This
seal means we're inde-
pendent insurance agents
-professionally trained.


Insurance, Inc.

31 N. Mal



OLD pj

m' i!PA CLrA. M


alm" im- "R em hem uy ,s, mmm

iM t, ad mf l heow kt a mMm. If you're tired of
mstid 3-pmDh b6h* hm.

A i&. lot. .' Ai mha
^ ap ..s....4a..Ah.. --

It .g-j


dff y dt YmW es, fir bm!

Can Blime Selves.

STAEK Pi~mb hla ai do peepi ste taetn b ah to at am usjpfl may um y a,
fnseilvs to bames htwrl* cIme amt mleS, ad m A
their cWhidi W i wue, aMuI, e.e. wf hhr wifia 'il b oh wlorl. I w 'biqI 31
Juvenae Jude therm Yawn!whMie elpt?" jb,.U- lard.
asserted w n a tatlk hasty lt e t amoarher lIS l s'tjuctrl e; -t'tma:ry ;eat iterk i-
a meeting l of td* readc wm- yr cmlII tiBe by au l Id mer, aCe s eut '"li kMiS
ty Chids ~ d w ft to do ei s bqoie it & M cht m4bum
"Mmy of the Wki tay an dsW Wtnf thae ir ho wisa e n so.flt .tgii ty w*twowq
walewiag mid Yawnatssmod. bhb i Ym deuYn p*r" we &*IL
charge. -raey mm tr Isw her polIs:
and edbm. or e OW i.-ramr b "W mow l ....
S nd A Sfts Siq." he sk o "ToesmDowjtm ScrpMliuu t plt
. with their -. o & atthea jtopro-e e lp i mconmin es; M them best ki lMrIs i iea eble mi
-vil am gy, m pshiu oi o l know a 5il* city city m ryf qulilw g eo* a these e oa
Citin0 g the case a boy who tio their prMa and fi to m ho moderate m a tolomd lre."j
-, n lyW --MM -hadW*'W"oWn Wnd ot -'Te sol ym hes firs wi, At tihe .M m.. M tl,
at ome was his pares fghtia r y." mr 1t. m i* Judg .Ya m .v .I .
or s ,mm him.- cYdand tho w fa IIsocan of **r dIm billm tb
a scolm hin Yw said tht M ai a Rig Bi u Brther attend a sd of the JAnw
Yaws then asked'"H oft calogbefteo mom t.BAdeteti hnes Cat.



Next Month
lf Engineers has aceduled a
public bearing at the Levy
County court a March
to discuss propeed flood em-
tro measures ad navigation
imprvementa for the Waca-n
Usam River.
All popy ommn al
river and S Iter ierested per
sons have ben invited to at.
tend the hearing which will
start at a.m. In the main
courtroee of the emartbouse.
laterested partieswill be ask.
ed to present their view oa the
need for flood control ad navi-
gatim mprowfiments.
Recommumdations far flood
control along the Waccasassa
were contained in a report sub.
mitted to Congres in 11. Engi-
M Ms, fra thir fim at the
public hearing, wil determine
whether these earlier recom-
medati should be modified
ie Wa ,eausm rises in Gil.
chrust Cosly and flOw south-
Westerly agh Levy County
to Wacesam Bay, an arm of
the'Gulf of Mexico. Most of the
river's drainage basin of abeAt
in square lmes is in Levy
nuMntv Sman portions are in

Gchrist and Abchu counties.
Polite Crooks
bOergr who took thouei i
das in Cash a* d merchu
dise from the Hfu ts de-
parent store left thi note
*Than you (Smile)."
Store officials discover the
bulariy Monday when they
am tob k.


The mloheg property tm
adca i M or me we w
recorded i the Office e Ck
d Circuit Ot, J. B. C Um .
aol last week:
Clyde P. Sekinger and Amsi
R. Seckiger to Roger F. See-
inge. Lot 13 oacala Park
Subdivmisi, .
Edileo See Colom to Tommy
RidgeD and RAe S. R igl
Lot 3, Block of Hiland
Pines. UI 1, L$1.
F. D. 01O Mnd Martha C.
oliver to Ja W. Bryt I
iase S. Bryat, Seatis ,
Township 9 sooth, Rage 3.
.sN, wsal.i
John M. IFhee and Dite
K Feabee to Joeeph C. Wib
Jr. ad S DIcm Wise, l
14 Fled h rk Heilhts, it L
No. 2, ,IA5
WE W. iHoml and Vkl
la B. HoodtoJ. Milton BeW
kle am xm H. RaM "

M. M. PWSM and May I
Parf to Iuan E. Smlil a
RoNe L0ea ji b L mt S ,a
17, Mtek C, mad Lawi b
M. M. Prrih ad Mary I
Parrh to Wyman H. Fowsi
and is F. r owler. It 1
L A t ady Lawn m A

J53iAW Ameo -1

S Gilehrist'sTop 4-Her
....... i' +. A+ ___im+ l

Dan May (outer), 16-yeareli Gihrbi County 448Clu mmber,ihas -y
heen and awards ber ed him He i p~ctred with State Comm mr of Agri.
culture Doyle Caner (left) and Carl h. Brorln, preasdt of the Flrids State
Fair, a receiing a State Fair award. oi of Mr. and Mrs. Wi Gray May, Dom
last year wn the state award in gardilng and a free trip to the National 4-H
Commre il Chkicag


By RE"MAN MOIN dent Kenned in Dallas Nov. 2. The aine member Teas Su-
MAUM /(A?) - lb The trial k in the second preme Court voted naunmously
AP) -oweek of jurycking. Two Mnday againt reviewing
er w as seecte toaor ad a womanave been acce Browns decision. s left it
murder trial of ack R aby i s jurors t of 61 exnoed standing.
ls The third is an attraciv, .
He is lther E. Dickeondarkhaired mother of six chil. Asnoerui mt.,
27, a vice president of a chemi- ren, MldreMcCollum., the dlew P vie
cal fim ed Monday. A is a seremy w thi that hbe wa mf.
He tified that he did t a1 her Imdd is a mamchismiS wth he polygraph lie
e eher the original S y S e me ow her childrm are tector.
r s of the televised scene l r old, she c i During Dickerim'so queto-
which Ruby shot Lee Haney have clanebO eKemptio hm g by chief defeae anl
OM *.. jury dut Mevin Be it wa pointed out
Sd''e eS During by defense to- lW that a newspaper.
aIe wh o saw the televised r c today portd that a
a ._ A *. l *M am he i d SkMe w tDA/ fm iamn polwaph
ba uer.lbrusd rse d aimed why be choae'not to aonhm. in M-n eaw ie
Ssll hse l laO te plp. playm Be ald If thadt =a
am i to te thf 1.0 Dist. Ja* Joe D. B mn Dkeron's Ira. "S= ebuM ,"t
a w m in the trial ruled last d eek that perso.s c on repled.
Raby is charged wi ar- w saw tletelevised sAhootIg Belli attempted to ask bim,
w itwth aaIM and faces a at wald a elgib to sit wonheler he pernaolly had ay
pale tanole of eamtil se ry. HeM blocked dife prt in camdcling polygrh
I Ite fle d*char. OMwa, a dforts ubp Q asu wit- teLs. A storm of objetio
a self-etyled Marxist, ehad be. sens ;es who said they came from the proseeatib ad
acmaed Sf aaiiit Pi- a the s Dit, Judge Joe B. Brown ms-
J ,. li d n -

Pmam's delde Ibsed a
Property Saje1s o* Is
0y -.a
D KAram ais uled Ta baBa
De ClUn a lais DW r. e s l e., lit twt an. He is a pibt.
I., paparty la vuy GrCt. Wfat l.Rp HeM Wbwaw towd

Mao.BmtoD ,,I meSan. sh. ,t Xe Ub. -irlw t sl ame
gia and Ala ye Wibgg y t NM, tizb ad"' 7i
Lt2. 3 OekIofGlemwed,.$k- ae L. iAds asd Ruby BDmi accptPhe In, Be3l,
a aR Sies 'to GertruM B. astaInt deme coumdl Joe
e.A swt a. d a wmer A 14, Hadg falgsto Ttahln and mry bad I ha
p It L Di* to Abrt tl SAMVaon, to. a brief whposed cat e.
aId dMapret lats let Iobert kakm tadlan Bthe sad, "Mr. Di-
lk..P...LAa P. i m. sO,-ib t Ja c.jay r 9we b .m-ya
Jai m P I T b H 1W 4 n ts & it Ip,1 a 14utofdrcl for a wie."
1 .16*L ,m Park, WOOD Et M Court, ,A.not m the ft per-
Walk d at Jat Wal. mt V. aac H,, .M caenad.
dks. phmerity Seelm 17,. haa NAch to lain Dhm abmgid lO today
Tawol % .soah, BW qi, waldts aife At, pW ta, poas "- k- l *1 .b
/a, ,t, aS i kdWM kwAb % Mm I diatd ,
NIMama y F Ma-. Rageo ,e21, Ist, & they n- d to ca w
Sc&Ieti hWks,., to aIra V I D. U. t okatuw1
t8a9y, PFageryin l S1B. Jtoah, t 6 aad % tMek "W're of at ior hn Ir
:IT.I itpIamAi APhaet p .M a hialw *aS t Sl ag"I
e. Hwon Ls ol T Arkaw Jr aI S
,I"A-F A. tLnAk w. 6 W c I I O
Lm Ape it h d Wale W. W" ;
m a ui.w...._ ,e m e iUt,, ,hl^
S not. l A g. ^It k lab

Lt ISM oIaiM t EU-
dLah MbaR M. Ci l ,m % p

end a w a, .

Id ,.* JMj i


*.. Ik......~ ~ C**~~2t -~

,--, i ..- *Si.. .( 1.


Milant 1%Isthp
Aka Wh JlaMdL
AaJ~r 8 UAl

A lft S% IWO I
Aada i%NphAs
Aty 5%n fmum
ASn 1S%N uM
SalO 31%A M
BMW 49 flmi-
I ,i 1% Few
Mese^k 5% Wi^a
DCiIrK 34%Imwo

Catrfr SIPS
Came 6% PqCda
hryier 41% PUMor
Cet Cola 11% Fpit
Caod 5 RCA
otmm WA I s
CSM 4 4M% -Mi
DnCae 4%RIoTeb
dIPwot %BegPM
RAL X% hiatr
Elodek MSeers
lheele 41% Sincliar'
mraw 41%
FlaPw 4% SocoMy
Fb PAL 76 Soudic
Ford M54 SparryR
FnrtDaI1 StBrand
Frq t8k )(%S&ONJ
YM& Tr a Stode
Gwp % SoMt
GeFds K% 1oMol
GeDftk 3MUCob
GeMis %fCUntAAi
Goodrich I UnFrt
Goodyr 44 USStb
Greybd 51%IUvM
Gulf 00U 51% WedgE
Intarh % Wooawts



I 4F



NY 3 S M ,t

IAde SodU
amu anquf

1I ( CoatAirl 0% up l
MIW YORK (AP) The haM anda Pat dNVp*ed 1% g 3 efti 4 1% up '
tc market we aMd to InfifS. a 1, sier I NY Ctral % up 11
US tUil.WtU At AtiMei Tm W ar3W prma R3 34%up I's
ON* loft^ --.s o tX I 5 usswt5el %off ',
mp ao u m ey b a 8 1 Go u noton uop I
I go om. M4 sh wn*I Beb Steel M 31%up
6110lb BOOM tck bulk OftrV bft 1 Bd VCA INtoff N
ond a* ,trNth.NowTk O Spay Wald alm, a, 4AN 7p r BIT up .
fra hot % Mt Sooan0dibaea. dihamr, off %M W. SS *mSperry 18 off 3
Peomylaa Rairno R ieefted CAya advaied to 41% 37 CBS New 443. up ps
% to bSMI on 41,N iarveI. e mUh rte d rose % to 37 Ford l Mot 53i unh
Among wider ouI1, Radio 54 M0 ams.s G hud 7 Helene Curt 31% up S
Co. fell 1% to 10 l mS,n i %I0 M %n% at1A nm 10 ius RCApwi M4df'k
ilir mw atned at 7m 1mhrysler 40up'
Archer PO, ,adw SeaSn Roebod.. m S E Actd Steks
a IrdiOOs. VL Cle Camue
Yesterday the AsmociatdI Magan ete1 up 7.16
Grocery Pre wP of Itoc IM i W S bd World Air 7 unch
I vanced ito tI4, a Whih. a Me Med Jhnms 23% up 1.

Broken Into
7&ofe in Archer wore broke
in j&ttearly it*dayd =Woe ad
1 a pIol wem takm
d 0 The sheriffs deprsUteat
I ported that a hole large enough
q4y for man to climb through was
% broken in a window on the front
1 of the post office.
St iuetv Keit Ath m r$nortMd

t Is
k T
it 12%
2 38
h 71%



Ends Suit

MIAMI (API The B.ther.

a 4l I
37 sM

Unltd Coa IM11-16 up .
Nat Video a 1l off 21

Purchase .............
Short Sas ....
Other Sales ........ .........
Total Saes ................. 3

Previo s Dav's

that e was in theareaabout hood of Railway Trainmen! Stock Marke
3 am. and saw an old model (AFCIO) fled notice today to
car drive away from the post miss a suit in U.S. District Aanes .* 60!
ofice, but did nota become su Court brought to enjoin the .. .
pieku nat a few minutes la. Florida East Coast Railway U nged ..... ml
ti when he found the broken against alleged violations of Total I ........ 1,369
window the Railway Labor Act. ew 1964 s .
Two boxes, believed to have Cor Iattaches said rea for"
been left n the coun the m a .en i
. 1 o-lth -- .ltari ad su b een efn ld in U.S. Dis-.,
p. To bera o neced fhigere- er to hold the same license
pts. T trainmen contend that number for life. The car deal-
FEC Ehand iumies and crew o h t. -A ,

- Nik 72 W 1` w wo holds A refused M.;
.. n p, a, physical. mq r 000 for the number.
pd ments, contrary to Railt y La-
-bor Act provisions.
Today Primsoners iThe union has observed picket Every 1M feet below the
So rislo er lines of nonoperating employes surface of the earth, the tern.
TI *I.i who struck the railroad a year perature rises approximately 15
In History Back i Jail go January- degree Fahrenheit. -
Today is Teaday, Feb 5a Bolo,3yearldOkaloosa Fugate Plans To Run
the d ay 15I. There Cam y jailer, nouse bruesd
3I days letinthe ye. ad lacerastis todaybutthe For L vy Commission
Today's high t in history: omen who a ked h aim
On this dainm913, t lrekh a t ai k were back is WILLITON Wardell Pu- ... r *
aam theConsitationa, stl. gate. local farmer and business. t
lowi CM tovy nd Seff Ray WilUhsa M id Bollton man, said today that he will be *
ceased em taxes, was de- naoer primer Monday night a candidate for relecton as .
dared in ore. unlocked a cel door to admit Levy County comu uioner from
another primot Monday aght District 5 in the May priar- mr
On this date wh KerU PaIMl t, & m ie. I.tX leg.
I i r ff Port land ad Nicholl Fugate. who presently serv.
In1, GeorgeRogersau r d XSuI, rer, ra- gas County Commison chair.
m' UM f2' me awa s made &6 Pap attenpt. man, said that he appreciats
th crufde S Teailer w knocked down the privilege and honof serv of
1Idthe 1o11Brtspstof butept n dladbie epeo l iv County Con
West ern torytThe ya lbi R r heallnd W an othe pri for the past several years and
try n th othei oner who did not getoutOf the that, ifelected for another
bad bunion bymjai.' term. be will cctimue to work
man with 17 foom. Hois fled in a stole car but for the improvement. develop-
In 17m, Denmark recognized wrecked it in Fort Waltoon met and progress of the entire
the independmence of the United Beach and wias apprehended. He county.
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J. M. CAM, Jr.
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The pags of S le SM hi p.
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By: IH. L JamMi
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The One Th

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to saw your money get away from you. You're
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* Ma 6 m F"
IWNaln 1p

DipMst Insurnce Corp. g Member Florido
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Edward Trosin, Ino Chis fails. Violi,; bast I
Schmister, viole; Msrie Hemifgn, cato. .
Works by Muon, Bethodi sinatoas Ls FM Iwy


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neor Mar poke out
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iym rly f ad proclaim
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a Governor Marta, th
p Tbunme, tbe Ga ovle
Sthe minister of Tampa's
m Avenue Baptist Church,
pOINUcIas of Daytka and
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pot of DeLand, Uthe was
apparent revuluim S feel.
newspaper or poitc al at
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Whether lMa opposed A-
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PiAei M thou Bishop
SCoawer, Jr., aid eh
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Unlke Te allaauoinInotr
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Med active a Florida as *
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Rml Eitte For Sale
35 Hmou foSr Sae

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0mwr M tauk, Jack Pint-
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F 1HA aw. IS owsd a.
cheid. Plane mSet
ACIOUS Mh ,e" Wyt. NW
3 amf I Ah% i, mly.
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p*ig, m wiO. Ca PR
3 bor p, 1 tIA. May k*;
freL SL ',j* anmS hi.,
clun OW imurrna. In
S11"1 Wmt 13111 WE Oh
Pla. en meR.
A HOME fr FIds. Lo. Mp
iving agm wth walnut Ap.

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I M I NW Ut. Twrac.
4 iN.E 16t, CC firssttrM
UI. Tart FMA agnla Si4,
1 M 4A tyAkM. 0.7 h ttloy.

MOV TO COCOA Will pil mr
211 A I g Iat. k twf l mk0s1
had h. owr .t 01.2 taM tat
aM eeywae, ar usA up
iCO MTA im3s
3sI b. ttsk M witt.s oi
a161, 44 GE buA l In kitch
h us..n lwlthauntift..
I L oworhood.
,o lall w wV .
Lt Tar D Cll mm trH,

S mss to mu
Pricedra w81 11Is ft Mp
ply SINclung
Pro IlttlM lof CM# am a
Nt.16th Ave.&15th Strwt
KlW SUCTION for sailor rit A
ull4 aidr, 2 batI CC
bm er. Citywoar, H"pl
wsea. 1Sl'e *by seuhwi.
1atk1 CUl6C ht, siOanl air
4111111. ItNet0JMAL Ci
Reay 3 h rtn, I batht kme
wl psIeI llvWi 4n m. Firs.

IaT- wHye T" or
ma wil a4 I h arum Am.
Can"", fi AllowAN
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pinW mAs ft"a GevNW%. Mam

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ma. Pretty I. Urn* s
Im lmm. Fismesi oWf

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nA ug 9am ft WeAit
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- I*hkwey1.I1

ook around your home and find some cash

I Calls uyhy WaI Hy RIgH Td Year IAss iw Ju A Iu m u A Yro un Yow Hme Tl' N Longer Needed! Lok ... Hem's Proof:

Ye6, Your Neighbor Are

Raising Extra Cash

Now! Why Not Yonu?r

aS INow lVsew

.U h"Li'" i

1 i *-1rt 1 8t
Mo. a C..d t. AWu*
ar: 1. C1 m N TrrVj
Ro stALE 3 S in 1 Vr.Il,
Mwon h wol carp thls wsfi
in "t & ihtMs.Low

Sn F t. AANW us'tr aic Ol

Wce a. G s NWt iS MO A
- to St. fi
Ito rFt, o. re at* 1
VaI -n sipm i tM.
FR 6 .34L.
| BDOaOM. C huTmT.
0own. Til hail tawed .
o di Tasrra. La




Price Reduced
Tfo PHA agrgasl f be-
tary,. i be3m,. I hMt m.
3I. arsMo irce, ho. tus.
QulMied FHA BWMers eW
deA and W spr W tWi hI -
ddirg twn a id iAuA ncs .
To qlitfedF PHAA yum". UM
m w. *1t W nionti kudtine
tans ad M onewa. 3 boees",
2 baths, cetral hat, pewd
# tee. NMrt estction.

,f tit mlsf rt
tie a ~d -iti. Laugere h e
pads iie4.lMautIfiY I It-

Lake Santo Fe
o 4 edrm2 I bath fumtlad hWl
imi firllacOn II s t. v 4 t.
twed oi which iss te to e
* tpMd. Large worki. erdson
ied, carpes. Dock with n-C
Oner hoWe. 0A-N wit l 's

Daft CemlpW
Multiple Listin Mem-r
1U W. UniV. Av. I 3M
Asolatel: Je Cakwid
ChertIsN MeA wayne mAi
P. W. do- e Ob Kanc


i Vees in this attractive te
-ey home with f ae ha
m Ivm m ad rs i eM
fbl emel EinlW roam. Ltl
aod at a large fth i tre II
Is "Viebd Golivlie. Call
INC. hor more ieorinato o

Is where you will find thi
lowly three bedreoomr, toe bat
Sne. A elaU Sidi o leeds
ye te a beatulid telawn with
canmellis, a aasm and ta *in
tree. To this home and
make t your o n call FORDY-

dgip I aeapport in this tee
bedroom, to hbalh brick kine
with bul-n end kW
unit in a wiciaw kitelten ad
many othe extra eatres. Only
S135.M pe month Icludmig tax-
e a hitourance. Excellet NWI

35 HeMO w Sde

lUST OFIR, a- M wa; -
0 M Wiy. it. Nfco 3
Booie. 1 haw kinMO
VarW TV e0A16 Air C-
ti HE Cl es khdi Wad
Sihle Citero. FR &Me
REIDuce w wick a by
-mr. AMets 2 1BE, I" ha
OW, mAe Mocalte CtM. ft
BWg Jr. Nlo. Edr*Wrr,
loW, &f al milmirn. fId.
1 ane. ( s t
Terr. PhoF3M FR FR *

See- *our ^ S1 fi -
ray, aft COU ME wit
im-lt electric k and wm.
Cedrl Iet, cily uvlioi.
Wifos hr ultslu nid lom-
phOe. Large yar lolt
fr--sd. Har" I iht is in
ft or Ha

shm FR IM



A Deaton

A Family Delight!
Am sceOlNslly lieft han or
a itily wall th aI bst.
AiWuity darS mV a ti-
bg -ao tr tWr HvI 3
B.. 2 Milh Fl. Reem Cat.
heelt ad may r Stra lee-
lura LUllneo School aree *
Cell FR 2-3617.
$98.00 A Month
wit hbrest aNd taxN iWi de l
wil carry "k ric s B.R. 2
hai SW M wilt moral htifng-
Dom fmf S t reeunabek *
Cloe to Swoe toe. Call m2-
311 for rather aetanls Ia lo

Lot w thow yv his atiraclit
and weI located tw sry du-
*I" which Is 1 blood cWNO
Fully funiM-hod l me4 *f1 17
per e. Coli be uwsd as a
hamel waitt ine. At-
troctaly pricm Don't wa-.
Coll FR I-1i1t.

J. Frew Gay Jayne BiTteroth
Ca. J. W. Davi H jo. wwINie
Vlqinua Poser
M*A LS st


3 ad A Aidrlss., t at.W
East on % as w sodlets.
Lwaed a N.W. N 10h Ave. let
west of Westa Cy
sewer & utIlities. Centrat ei &
A-C. Hardwe floors. Most me-
dem Kit. Many more atralh
alures. Drive by and see.
Priced right with oed terms.
FOr the fAy who Oil Ite
twale. Tis dan 3 B R,
I2 bhhl Oela Black kSMe M .o
ioleit N.W. locatia n can be
o fr wletly Sd
I trm See it
Fee ye o I s t. le mWewMg.
N toe cost. 3 BR, I t,
Cmnt. heat. Pvod sIrwt. V
go"y ""V A. soy-
nent it wsit vyer.


IS Ii. Mae St Ph. Pk M
W. M. MuAme. ktrek"
AIC: S. E. MdcLauli,.
Frank Rob. Roy McC



s within walkimg distance ol four OI beth b
ths lomly three hedromn, Owe t oo q u .s on end
bit tare. Living m H He thet er sace and
Mae dining roonm aod n iwn dm51t tclhtS rieIite-eo L
P-s p-l. os tires sewed uwwh. Cul m dmtenin
yard are ll your $f I sI & a ed l c uali eNly

C F DYRMl cr "Kim 4tingopr w1 e ho
FORDYCE wiing to the NOi

INC. .Un M are t.for -
Mu. Grace Ferdyca. *gele wd is Ske loth
Mrn. Mar MMleltr, Braei I It Is prt ld Is
Mr. E W. Mueler. Aseocilee s "l a 17,5 1
Mr. Harvey Bentoln. AusocliLat e R R SA -reol d NI
A West Universlty Avae *. t.Ss
37I i w'as Sne is
ellad en a eaWed teed wth
AMEl CR As ser Lfn f ew.R

AMERIC A iemodfled n*amli"
HnM S wash- -l l ad
HOMES I Ho has )jOsquw
PRESENTS ls. wve hinSw
NEW BRICK J.W. Kirkpatrick
OPEN 10 a.m. 'fil Dark Mo#111 11 0,thAI
r n rFl.o. J. SMa w Ira n sgueu i
FPEoce Cat. A. W. R ee, Ro
Screened forcwl-
C kllcn cabli Na HUS FOR SALE: lR I .
Ow -Sd ahtm INK S crl hat aht SAm
Pbo WAtRv w"too *A Nw aW Teoram. Ps"
OM n f A r IurE a a
TERMS "s e-r "o i
Wek am hli~iA to9miiy CdFt -it

-YOUNG sh %-. --

IW 34Ah Avenw Cle5ts.

PUR : Gralt Woa n &a
tib, nmewi MAt Wr stee
S1171 0 FR SilXX ate

We A e wtfeeril!
Sol Pn" fir, Dor

i N--o ; fe Sob
my OWNER, m its FeT I.i

MUST KEuL Up den. sFi
3 M I& y 3PaS Oe ft .
& R Wall, IB. kchdh. klce
N Us E No TeT. F. a" U
NE MEN POcW. 1311, 3, e Fla.
mi- Palmopomm. en. V11 e.
VA We0, 08 do. By eovM.
ComT yr O nvlm FR sMia.
tro hl, sid lI M, SA in
enW, pm SeSO -MO inew.
a Im Chb l aCox
as. U a Iz let. H. W. Mvs
VIA Smll aw *mo kmt Im.

claomed p oo an t Oelhr
poiaim ccbmv.y- iL' W.
pn, u oWnam s n dO
tais. call Jamm awmy.
Clteyem An. DaWes &A
Jl bue. Brfoi.


fmw M2-Vs It Iall, th I bha-
remo t bntim* Mi ll M
r iot in beautilul 'taitte'
area doe t Khols and d w
Pir. This Hom nie oh Pie
ram, I kkNckhen wth buil
in ro*m*p, ad 2 tar car-
prt me ain r aw s~ale
laturas. Priced o ft=^
Extra Spaidel. To m 1.t bo
liha te th e em ho
ids In or cowimuw Clo
f upnsi, ad S&W de ciry
inis. Destim and ailt for
t. fun toving family wuiSt en
closed pool and oumdMer rill.
Dropes. crpftfi. *, rM tbaM SI
Included. E xce 1tt inairg

No~t.i opol-
mnt i M 3 bSrfa 2
bath ham in iAs.rlie Moth-
east aM n bra large lt.
Included we IIn ira isad
&V, dihwashor fiwma sod
I room a irc'itaorw. FHA
ONHnced ara tw teo
Jck DeVol Btkerw
1. E. Helelay. C' is Stamp
Walter Sibard
FR HStIl 1 m W. 13t2 Street

f .t ohW ad -psM 4 41 -
roo, 2 W h, t# rowa to r
tifutly Imdscapsedt ae to, mi.
modilto. s, FatMt

area, wl Oww1r ,
future bulldi. w


0 N.E. lit it. 4 -54
M"ael Gore Aria Smite
.iESECTINPfeAlei o*Mr
me, 2 BR. 1. Fl It. lad.
icaK lot hWr.dh d ftOs, can
vaunlfto hOpW Cutnr,, l dw deefl. Isis N.
E. Mh TTr 11e. oll FR i

Fim. 2 Sr tw. WeF-rride
romn. Ml Lake Imn1ge. Fanc.
ato hae tr ..u W

FumL 2 or hbA W-sreflm
pch, Wleki% IW LakO
fordase. Dose lot."W-tK df tr"t.
SiSm jean. I'

Am. W4lrgl r. BaioLtt

Irentae. BtCh wek* ihdt res.
7. '.

eanta Fe. N Ie tf and
waterfrnt. s7a1 ms.+
S *
GENEVA, r.trk,. r. Only
I lOft. EASimllts rM.
market. coner .n W- 3, a-ar-
mtioit. ad 4aiml c Co. e W
detals. Sawricesr"
Reg. Rail Islj Breker
MIdwa Meirne Ks.stie



Tsah rHo"' Ywr be-t In.
wvesl ot 4*ur tx e-
fund k +e l4Ai pa mert
en a nw Hj E ards
home. Let yoi tfud be
6t d n pmOt and;
i~ske rut* pwrIY
li...k m. T" .

uwnee endfon s I"
i $82 m. ,

By HKOh .
NE IfAle.sgd ISISt.

';' I '
I'1,, I,

SMw l Mh A
ig ." I i. & I

S~u e., o.ulM

UftdMT WTtmVf^M
*UOb IW tS sM eSb -
f-L -N l- N0 ,
a o 'a m

42 IsmuS A& en

as H0 For- t

morf f r. 1 .A .wel .. H
dm PM upmow IL'W
p- u.ifa .. s ill

m 'a. m wa1 a. aa gm
MOVmN sMa. hie. A sfl --r

CM==0j om = I W.
cci-k, & / IS S I %d
Me .a a aMtemm am OLW

-. -W, -- g -----
e Smai-L VeOR for
a fll. 731R. 17 U k.
NeYi ais . In* Ci-.
Loaw m d M= ROME
F i N.W.L IM. IL M '

meg. uIme gtb itM
woPA RRYorr, oarow.

aim. io L m


amtod ar ir andion .
mIsLt am edHm. 12 ettl
SSn nicely leclo ta ot
m avero at e. atieii pg.

FINLEY ArEA. 4 stm
en ueh mmsy lbrm a ntea
-w. aewsd rs. Tw air

3 bdwr I, I bal maeonry
hon in tip tog ftMdlOw.
Pekod wder 11SS. Ownr hm
already irt wed out, y cm
HneIn Itnomr"ro.
4 teiren tame hor s tertl
tailly. S eiou. living room.
die osoom, kiln wilt inl
Vthe bw5I. Central healhnI
aid air aiolinhiq.
1Mt 3 l,. 2 WE bick
vew er S n ar corner.
Wo in cetlce NilAnd Heaits

er lafue

University Pork
tn 11025
Ladeeodsf lie.


Far ate. a- Siz. R
be mC l ben is flas
hea. Prie $MI.t Ca
aw W V. 4. McCoy.
1f15Ia owneer N.
mt m.____


NW Imb Ave. am 37h St.

Carol Estates
NEt St. at Mti Ae.

1i21 NW Il Ave.
1. 6- 5394
"We Trade H.ues"

ftoTS C. S"um. lIAIR
Us. wry. flen P b
U Phl 4l0 MIL
WeM tw *4 fy Is a pwo
MLt Womelm kW Wo If
31Mb AW., am rgt a 0 IML
soM lr cf lot er me oen a

I W. imlerl AM H. hmil
H W. W f Oit AMPt. &

ai-eian ower -w i wI R
40 Acre Form
Itm Vw a"eweTmcldido im
hoN tme Aw 3 bTSwNC.

= 0= MLm an me a
IrmaS NWIM 1 pymat f
"tm D0 0 Wd Aecate FR
See11 or NW. m
Jack DaYS btekr
E. E. Holloway,
Chris Siek
Walter Stoe"rd
tie Krr rac mowd & cra-
freed. waSo, buMte. 0
per ace. PerWod etoe horses or
caIe. lad.1 L
9 W. Unk. Ave

ShaW LMw9 lat
coemanum hosm that mad
Comm-M ot. V yo am tI
del loeek.
F. D. Oev. Midr.
Ph. FF St1M1
Wed NIW t AA". pa
o* G sesa osoe-
oto Lee al p"Sll.

lbdivhlon Mw going. Acer
ts,. p-d trS tsd
city lmits. May i tWel yo
wor aot Ilis retricted .

RANCHETTE omesl, co.
Aflro 0tely 1 hac tao.
Located on eWowerry toad.
Just s5 5ow6 5 yers o aot.



H. Wayio HNIl HleN S. Griham
Carolyn Garo h Mary Parrt
SN.E. FIrst St. Tel. 2-3i
3 GT. IR, 2 bat, paled L.
truglam. aftached grist. NW
lmu. ie iO. lucb d curd lot.
NW eses Fo-kew. ..14MI
U4 &IL. Ft 2AS.

HOLLY FOREST-Lovel 3 b ed
aw., 2 hat macsry homo
aw epfo.p llvlo ranm ad
tirelaie, brmily usm, aral
heating si a yd hautilv
weeded acmwer lot. PRICE AND
sW DOWN-Nead 3 Bedram
hn in wae MI reeleslal
REDUCED-Aftrective SI hi
2 Btoh. canereto elaim Sn
wh central haim" ty .
paved street. ONLY S00

John Merrill

PHONE 3n-14t
SE it AM: Vt IraneW. M- ,
ate SW tom.. lm'-b
t d. WS e ta, n IsuL

Peehoge ar, aresed- I
irAe am S W4 1
YIN, wetk W yt dwn 4 -m
m eNow 3 S$, 1 or I
Ism ds ur abuci I
SOrewuc Maer. he it veealsn
UP Ao. wto t SO tInw MR
CA m to um Place. Hurtyo,
taeun a avalraa unb ib
aK WAWA PIm. Ca FR 2.
atm asas, "n w-
.. IS"Ol ha. doMe ca
pw. Lag -. On Sow.
Cal pm. Phe 6-StOF. by
By OwtER bmW Sn t -

S C. t"Ge Na

bm a md La Se PrWgU ,
t C. aLr ,a.
m1 n uIrN IT.

731- leeb inta ->M

oM die. rar ert r iam ee mA
furItwM. FR S3.XX.

desks, chain. filing cabotres,
typewritrs. ad adding me-
Chines, prced to sell. FR >
41XX.- -

15 P pects flit day! | Sold Unneeded equip.

Truedm .epeea

Iii -l



by fTiJmes Co.
.. *Eon o f Kostn,
Tolmocfr We1am ell he
hIM 10'8fl MY Ehe
-llw t Uiy uw--a
1- muS In -You M
Sen *MW*)^ Ye m50rbn
III It14 18 P% w m
M- a. N aMNo t Mt Wfa
bm w nWoIot f Wif n t
at 8a lI The JamI Co.
me awy ao o nvaw r
pumiis. IVy is w ne
bi b vamr prone Imno.

Tmhede"o aI ouerSan
0& ol ea l e floo.l mIVA
bf ItHe w Cd*$ w ENo

aw ie et mhal wer min
OW hatt We ken o hKA
A CS e I* Jane Ce. w I
lo n il eaw ts maut my
Sue fbwcbv. m ysedheo
we mWi havre "eON amy
If m o ywr Iwt
We hS tt. mvaiil hi
me aMy section of tm lor
y ti ise frogm.
JInny www Mdur abd 0e.
Wru hmve er me yes
I edm M in me
aulnilS l hnens. i ce.
M ougprviion by Jim ad
Ge..f U uS Mie ye a he#
r wr many all ctaly
Nmies T1 Jams C ao. Oml-.
OS to bIe beynd cumpA,
Sy imildift prbiaritv fle
Kinpirry hwne we M weI
hw a rev i mwse id
-gred owkimly fr yv a
ft MeduMer "i pick design
aM fw pm lows we create
by UM of tlM uWStry's med-

Syev odeire caple nlWr-
MlOR cm M Ti Ja-w Co. ad
r hoi M, sp S mse MY
ut f e ecessary to
lain Te Jams Co. -ystom
S1 1M0S wmnrhip.

1123 S.E tn STREET
FR .531 or FR i-7W

JIIlIgw Ng alege o d womwp o M
' S .

WW F_4!

Delighted with rsulk!



True Colonial American Styling
at len then $15,000
Choice of brick front
0 Built-in G E. oven, range
0 Lifetime easy-care terrazzo floors
Indoor laundry and utility room
Two full luxurious baths
Three well proportioned bedrooms
Central heating lair conditioning optonal
0 Floor to ceiling closets
Built-in breakfast bar
Lifetime family Swim Club membership
SSidewalks and atl other city conven-ences
SChoice of wooded lots
VA, FHA, or Conventional financing
plus many, many more features...
We py N ldowii ove $100
FHA lat ter int fwn!
SpeKll "fy people's b..n" Ton. & Fri.
Open 'Til 9 P.M.

tire at N.I. 16th Ave. & 16th Terr.




Now e sale. Voted h
of t yea it a MNioed
PkeleW. Thiskb hoe
the pdIc ofi m of Fl-r.
ide's hadilI dmeigesf
high quality ctm
Corteiwerary 2 ti.y .se.
MlN ad l nce@% cCa-
ftrhlie. 4 large a .
|m 3 baths -
iequmite anSa -r4i.
AN siq-afrcoed
teri Me included at t

Ce. bthis e may e
d1w2 RW *11 -11.
it s It to b 18l k4
pride Sf sensiag of s
Vyr ha r thea -
abl rige o $16.000.
Pbs1 376-6915.


"H" Inc.
We Trade Homes
or Property .

The following are reader for
occupancy .
1021 NW 4M0 Dr.
3 BR t I Bitht, SS a.
1W7 MP.
4428 SE 2d1tM.
3 BR, I both, S an. 74
per mo.
4527 & 4617 SEtI PtM.
3 OR, 2 b Nth, isa d. lN

313 & 313 SE 39th St.
504 &314 51 39t St.
3 SR I bath, o500 dn. s4
per ma.
The following ore under con-
Srcti, and wil ,lt b redy
for occupancr sy .
3701 NW 21sot PI.
3 BR, 2 both, V5 din. an
Wr Mio.
3707 NW 21st PI.
4 BR. 2 that, SM dn. 5107
wer me.

124SE 7thiSt.
3 1R. I, Bair.
I Year Leas, SIN per Mc.

1964 Parade

of Home Values

3 & 4 Bedrooms

* Palm View Estates
* Femwood Manor

* Wetmorlond Estotes

FHA from $400 Down

VA-. Nothing Down

AF k About our pMint your own home for
down peymont.

Drive wet oa I Ave., tmr left at Model
Home elsig o NW 39%t Terrace.

BUTLER BROS., Builders

MATT MEADEN. Sales Moncger
Phone FR 2-9545 or Nights FR 6-9048

Sc lwm sk cOm OMBt9

. Hl lJri f ... __ 1
OOS ILE _i"W j

Warner Weemman
J. W. K~rick Reilty
McKnWMOyftn nB
Tat 4 e Agecatey
Wib.WBA Eterw
k. M.APad, & Amo*
F-*o A-


We ca- cu PFHA, VA and
ewrtl dtfeit typMe et en-

L ueat aento lew a
to mans that ar either un-
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your dream

come true...

Your dream of a new home of your own is within reach at
Highlond Court Manor now! All home pains ore VA and FHA
approved. Monthly payments start at $73.59 (includes.
insurance, taxes, and built-in Toppan kitchen I Best of all,
your payments can be as low or lower thon you're now
paying in rent! Why not inspect our selection of over 20
models now?

* Over 20 Model Plus, VA end FHA Approved

Priced from $12,500 to $tl,250

Montly Paymems As Low As $73.59

Highland C(ourt Manor
St1 Ofite L Nld J NE 13dJ d. a Id b11 Tern.
SFr Inlmiller hWme 72-3471






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Galnespille's Finest
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No 'Sr. aPRICESp PS U by ASE
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S.a a Ma
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- Mm- **Urt~l
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S^^ fl.CS^y!*?* 5
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77 M"Ii Imm fm Ub

UNTIL 9 p.m.
wo am a toa a
-aWYATmT tto
M, dILs lW.ak G n Tid.
-am itL is I Kmam
M.e. PI*tW

Trailer Sales

Ntea ad Abstai
Tea 1TMW
an mof t" m

I__ aS.m Pto men
a AM oMs.". a M18

FO S" Imb a e* i r
Pmr a t. 11 1 Howi a

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M Frt, M Tai Rw er 1. RL

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.IN N. mdo o. m rx
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Mm lbS prt. & R.SR M U

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oM.N. s aI. em. .
I t AI car aSes- -

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ot bALE aTr aw MH K '
le Maul. Tide a I

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Ma as Ia TV lMai M

or asemat a. BRO. N'
190 pEAT I" S S
NC-san .56*.Ma

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asro n tn

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60 I'
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I MLM.441
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om M .L F IIb
FmINo. aSImT
n W. no a eL ift
MccomeleR 2-eb ^u*1 em.
Mka s. Utm S ft
W. s M -- m f a
MM a NL a a m8

-i-ii-i- --
Fi 2-553.

M Ma AllV" i


Oldmobil Dealer
pR 6-7515

* Fad

*0 Fd

oe w. Udmilr


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GV e sIlil Ir me a.

Mw M**s
w- natom.

C PI RS 'v -m S'
on a s oeeN
u aft *A

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-a a -A a. cana
*Ual f TSpte
e isat ese ea

Howes-Powers Motor Co.

End-Of-Month Clearance

and We Mean


* UM **-ur* 4 Sr

mie a. a" M ia" .

mow P.Pk .

a am N
m- ll N P. ai I.M
MR AIM. I -MN w. RI*m

"^ cwnmi& V4_, pmw -j

- hmarw b W, mm O.r
16 NyAt M a rft SW,
amoo m ..ass". kO
Mm. m aew- aw
Jea slfc convaini n ...I.*

no iano v Mas Pg aM

FiORS mu sAIRtWSmaCy -l.
hi cewb A t padmint^

anj past^ agujlr En^r ^^im
OI M M^- d- >.> jA ------
nM. Ca WANra k .
saltd (h flILMt SOWas
ty pr cr. AemsB pflpiH
Sm we. U3 vuw


iso mouns aI 5'a.
ea m Saf
Wp Snww Md Mn m
m PORLo Vtwis 5c Rt. Rac
a&W SFw I PA4W_
P tiSLE A. vice. IN D-
MVa mot OM* P S%
PuM. ma. a we amo
wit nir. ..iAr. sa CM.. hi
ad ul. Cfldf M. Tai.U
Wltnm. FR "fW |o ptm.
p p by P ALi NW YNm Tw
OWNS wN ha hie mw ew.
hyv-r Ads p. & A buy
wwit. Fad dsdwalc wwle;
frm k ftfW. WRIGsri
PR 4415. _____
10 V4 swalld Midc
Ii.S /ai Cct.1
in af Aimic 0 Uw
W. UWi. AVt
a Nar w, vy b d y byvaii
MCIAr PR aF S 3 6
rui .S &udk ft S w.

"If you don't like these prices ...


63 VALIANT, 4-dr., power steering, auto-
matic, radio, heater, executive car .$1995
63 IMPERIAL, 4-dr. hardtop, power steer-
ing, brakes, air cond., automatic, radio, heat-
er, block . . . . ........ . . $5395
63 IMPERIAL, 4-dr. hardtop, power steering,
brakes, air cond., automatic, radio, heater,
auto. pilot . ........ . . . . . $5595
63 CHRYSLER, Newport, 2-dr. hardtop, power
steering, brakes, air conditioned, automatic,
radio, heater, executive car ........ $3145
63 RAMILER, 4-dr. automatic, heater, 9000
miles .......................... $1400
62 FORD, Foirlaine, 4-dr. V-8, radio heater.
Cla n . . . . .............. $1245
61 OLDS, 4-dr. '88', power steering, brakes,
automatic, rdio, heater, sharp .... $1500
41 PLYMOUTH, 4-dr. automatic, radio,
heater, nice car .................. $895
61 PLYMOUTH, 2-dr. hardtop, automatic,
rdio, heater, sharp ............... $1295
61 PLYMOUTH, 2-dr. Wagon, power steer-
ing, brakes, automatic, radio, heater, air con-
ditioned ........................ $1495
60 PONTIAC. 4-dr. power steering, auto-
matic, radio, heater, nice ....... $1245
0 DODGE, 4-dr., power steering, brakes, ra-
dio, heater, automatic transmission, V-8, air
conditioned ..................... $995
60 OLDS, 2-dr. '88', automatic, heater, per-
fect ......................... $1145
60 LARK, 2-dr. hardtop, automatic, radio
heo ter, yellow .................... $745
59 IMPERIAL, 4-dr. hardtop, power steering,
brakes, air cond., automatic, radio, heater,
ice .......................... $1545
59 CHEVROLET, 4-dr. hardtop, power steer-
ing, brakes, radio, heater, air conditioned,
automatic, trasmiusion .......... $1145
59 PLYMOUTH, 2-dr. hardtop, power steer-
ing, brakes, radio, heater, automatic trans-
ms, on, one owner car ............ $945
57 PLYMOUTH, 2-dr. hardtop, automatic,
radio, heater, V-8. nice ............$495


*i SAAB, 2-dr. 4-speed, radio, heater like
n-w .......................... $1345
59 L FORD Wagon, rfd, heater, re
cleoon .......................... $445
61 OPL, wagon, radio, hooter, real nice $995
57 MWITRO,2-dr. hardtop, radio, heater, clean

55 OPeL. 4-dr. Sodio. hooeater, nice .. $5


MMi ,i4monm-sgood..........
rj e 4j., somatic, rodio, heatr
. ...... .. .. .... .... $

* FMS Culn-wlle. ouumorttc.So,
-- .........********* ***I ..*

M m good ....... ....7$19

FRAnt *AY, W ed" M!UDUSG

Gaimmvlle Su

Febme,1 21964

ti: forA W4

IoF i 1 LWEK- - -A

It Me ila wa COMFOT
mmumema ^r am=


hba hs. ft -sue

Cm in for Whe "s el Amrm'e
Phems Ne Com, Ir 1%46
Clip OR c=upa from yur n oegaat M.Rn drop by
od winyourWitf ae of thiamnd of pri to

1132 SMb Mrai m. PIbm FR 2.-841



Continental, fully equipped
Still In factory warranty.

63 Mercury
Monterey 4-dr hardtop,
power steering and brakes
Factory air. bucket seats
Was $3495 Now only

62 Renault
Douphine 4 door, radio,
heater, seat belts. Good
economical transportation
at a very, very low price of

61 Chevrolet
4-dr. Impala hardtop, V-8
engine, automatic trans.
mission, power steering.
good tires, low mileage.

61 Chevrolet
V-8 engine, 4-dr sedan,
radio, heater, beautiful red

Lincoln Mercury
t', E*y to Trse lat Crwe"
516 S. Main St.
FR 2-3631




Ameria 4-r 4uaa WaloL
r *a ls r, *eas ci lies

do. poar ariua. radio,
Saue. Sm has wM
Cavflle. Luke nw. raif.
a**la. Wit. waiu um
a25.e 4& adm SagMtard
truaaaaimae. lea er,
59 RAMBLER e. nM. ast.

lad" was". 4*, std-
sawe, ra$, haler.
tel& wots riahes. ias

53 HASH $21 Me.

N9 PLYM. $32 Me.
57CHEV.. $9M.
57 BUICK. $32 Me.
56 RAMI. $26M.
S7D00aG$2 $Me.
57 Rme $a29 me.
55 BUICK $3S Me.
55 CHEV.. $29 Me.

- m


t-t '1

* '"V..

1964 flAT 60
2- *

be- a m

n* a
mejam^^us -e& t- H--
meBHHly Ma^ ^^r^^



I wk


FORT 1&m:T
TIME ...
FR 2-1411
Courtsy Of
U-WutfChf t
N. Ma. it. le1% AA.

PIm S dm. aS vkes
Cmplit AUS.*l
Sice mAN MaWoCan
Aimactis Palfti
TiW Swvi Ag MA d s"
20 NW Ave. 172-1583



I rwj,

* '^r

*- ?^*

. ",' [,

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pt "T il


0 be~ pegg a HSmo
lw l I ham I that
do=M h04W ILI

9l Iard lare heAthU
P a ~ isd bp .

UM- OOCG: To vs
ofor W.NWaIdtAl.

0" t oeN tob day l a el w
-Most of tBim hs vaI i eD
sloed toayBh IasI da d
b sMui k4 Wi the a
rhain by InMnca a-l

S Wne las aelmd at ormltg
thire dote woa teot P to

don to e O i
Pearaaya The tiDe ba
the weekd: a he UK

mte Pord to am Or
E uropote KgDuebd o

lernda Statseduesir, ,
Vdtentlmrs wauerMe adI
dI -eIei wilar ni u
whaost o-er Late Aer or m
Theb eaosttee wias bt be

wpth Coh ala Io.
ao m I.a -

i ai des dicto
A makoseI earicommloelo

E iropma y treDelt S b
taruo"s Dtpesr it im Jm-

LOna's alec.C uas the
tast NeuicanAmerla to Ie

I&a atd toraei s pa o
nll Staeb Usu Is l'oe-
*A drum wide pteooIo I
Beard o CubS app.. a mm

elt made by the ptripsn As
boe' eapaenes wlows he -aj
by the Cohnbit hastfl
8tut. wh. wants to 4 em=
w drwueis athe hwaiemwr
R1 Cultural Zxchm Grua

taB. Ity S mosae.

_..Jri AhM, trs er mf thI Gilafe &hnarhip Id AL Am em
Aie, aneoeI a M u chakuastch M l rdip M fnrm the Gahumvile
J el Waie's Chl ytray. skiag the pritaim was Mrs. Edward
D. MaoteW (right), demfls e cmittee charm fe t J ior WOm's
Q ,faimrIs t imCh. (drlm $1ita1, peidit the Gabulffse cel
aip =Iles Amektn. I

Cty to Hout

Oie Clubs

In Area
Srty rc otion depart
am i prepartgatoo Med a
jomdt kg chti
fram J=iai Oae, Tat.
lbebsee. ad Galoeile.
Its date ka'St be set yet.
But plans we hfaif Jbto

mtlg w l be ai dom
by tIhe ii p.m. the i m m.
H2 play gsm of s at
do sam te m, a nceiuHi

the GCevll chess club
m browd moral weekab al.p
It amets Wediley aigbtsI
bm u to 1 PJL A tht krcrn
2d1M comis

GWC Helps Hike

Scholarship Fund

be saeolarship fudof the
GlineaSiie ScoI larship and
LI Asomation yest- was
enriched by a $30 donation
from the Gainesville Junior
Woman's Club. '
Te single check w l pay col-
l tugisd epens of e situ-
deot for one yar in school.
MItngbne prenubtiboa at a
Bched of theI aolarhip as
sociati was Mrs. Edward D.
Mathews, chain of the edo-
catn committee f the Junior
Woan's Club.
Acceptig was Mrs. Cares
Glfled, peuidmnt of the asso
citation and Maurke Arens,
In a fd drive which started
Sdy ad lasts oe week, bui.
oems, idiuy and organi-
tion are beg asked to donate
whele solar p-ah m to



Wa db leprd srad b
nNag lba ag op.
wl eastracts app mth

wlei an appny
dibn cwlk- do t ihey a
mB to N|grtL xrI g
iiM eliehts my he aMm-
m am brgtag acts to
be dlM rim m odll rmm-
measid i recaegnts whe

EMy~ S(te ahunuwhe





a oft

MMw tih Ins
- Is. gi"ros
wl M25hiu
ranli tinT22

&nhmiiii IMm
-tl Phm Ca
mailr^^ *^^B* .
tm-u bu me -

n.g| gigh.
*f^^l&A ta-I A^^


Ny they are ept by the depart
imet a selling me repairs
abd f Oes e ad.
I To "WiOMuIM hiai rep-6
I- ha biftW d th poor, &'
dri* ad Iieae of this am
aod f mill Id doom ow
:Bt uds aemerl years

pay on student's aepenss ft
a school year.
The lo are available
studts in Alaua CCamty w
are unable to attend olege be
ConteIbute s may bhen at tr
the GalnuvlhdI Scaarsip Lmar
Fund In., P.O. Box 1354
Mobile Home
Show Slated
OCAIA -Moble h deal
era wi present a coomperative
dpay of twir wares this week
ad In thO Pe Street SopU
Te be shna from I to
pjL Friday ad Satday and
rm I lto Ipa S-aday.

y- -- V ol

C. P. Dmlsr
MIm D m"13
I N.W. ft.


treats you like


h*^hS -ato
a^UM~ P^^^v*


- beer ~wqneim
I- SS~
aqkubws. Ibip ~m stot's ems
--I- tI#u

w r'~t~
-j I

Sx ilds Naned

Top Homemakers

.e I an Nol sftt;
uhe itn iea bft r*al
-he as ____u De !
o mue fr to amhmr
d TuMem
4 Nmtmt arn
ute m DmaG. ma
Geh lk *; iAbrilk J.
eW-. L* ; -*
te Anl 31^.itX X TftK
Ad di k M, a-ea y
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d o Gates, asaccoutao t at
Saryland State CoDege.

Mice sald Ga, hi wife
Carloite, and two dMhters,
Joyce, 11, ad Deborah, I, were
In the bouse when a bomb ex-
pded. No one was reported in.
Gates is the uncle of John
Wilson, a 2year-okl Marylad
State junior who has been lead-
ing Negro student demontra-
turants here.
Earlier, a cro was buried a
college, whose erollmet d 1
per cent Negro.

after bowling, beer is a natural
After you've bowled t game or two, or when you're windig up
the earning st the neighborhood bowling center, it's good to relax
with rimd and compare score. Wha better way to add to the
sport ad the ociablenss mwithan wi a refreshing glass of beer?
However yo take your fun-beer always makes a wclcow
addi =on to 'e petty.
Your familiar gla of beer is also a pleasurable reminder that
we liven land of personal freedom-and that our right to enjoy
ber and sle, if we so desire, just one, but an important oe, of
those pemawnal fredoms.
b goes with fun, with relaxdtio
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