Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 18, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00305
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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U. S. Stealing Water

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0. P. wed Jr., 5, wv am.
ae Gameswile's taotd
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Jishr Quamber of Commere.
Scerflied pb accmm.
at rwived the Jayem '"D.
l d Serviae Award" at
t j aetB with the dy'is
vic ctehis at a Ihocheom t the
soli tly a
A mave of Gainevifl, be a
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was mnoated b,'tM Univer
siy Cty KiwisChM.BHe iba
grade of the Uiversity of
lridal nd hus bee n as
ma hem ice his -Vd
Hil diic Uitiltlulude0 l
Umid Fund, E as Cub, lwKh.
ils, National Founda t lo
outsr of Cirus &ad
Alcua County Central Wa.&
S wasdiran of the
firs Op Box Derby n kM.
and avisory dhieetor of tb
daty bit year.
lm tled for his outes

lg contribution to Gainew
ville's civic will-being when be
w pIsneId the dbuaBui
eNrIce award.
Speaker at thek hacmeon s
lThomas Fleming Boca Ratoo

,,City Life Called

Best for Aged

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Mon than anything else, he
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Action Agm


'Troe Shooter' Fails

To Fad Wheat Boycott





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TMeie, F.tsmiy el, 1i4

Boys' Club Faction Tries AFails
S IIn Panama,

'Coup' at United Fund Meet u.s. peae.

A democratic coup of others, Boys' Club group Fid, Fleming said. At the itm lark St- W
United Fund's board of direc- began nominating from the time it had only about 30 mem. y PAUL P. N Y a
tors failed at the pol s. fleor bers, he added By PAN-UL P. N DY i. i
day. A quick search of the bylaws Today, with 1,700 boys and PANAMA An rp tio
But failure didn't quell dis- indicated that nominations by 0N girls on its membership M.m.. ioan that it emif -
ention. the audience were allowable. rll is getting only about Monday that t had a
When the dissenting faction Six more mre e were aMed 3, The Fund contribu to i United Stat
couldn't elect it subtitteto the inating commlee's tion to Club activities is l d Paimatogether.
slate of fund direction, i took lt aof ugested edr. The than the national and g t. The commission, which came iC.
the stand to detailtsgrevan- eight names that drew the eastern average contributions here a week ago, is mcheduold
ces against the fund. most votes were elected. Fleming said. to hold a meeting in Washington cad
The group was from the Only me of these elected He said the Boys' Club had Wedaesay. M
Boys' Club and it was unhappy came fran the Boys' Club no- an illigitimate birth because of he emm i was sent to and
with its share of be fud col- ainatio.. He's Robert C. Cum- st it the Pa am for the dual purpose of n
lections. min, ,secretary of the Cli. unltyl evaluaing evidence m P P .
It's get about WA 0 this His election eliminated Mrs. And it' n an lligitmate ma'scre orf fion m io I
year, about one-fourth of the to- Roland Richards, who had bee B child. t t t r m
ta UCF disbursements. nominated by the Find e cver addd m Theeb has mnev pded riots here Jan. 11 a 11.
To make itself heard, t he mittee its budget. It's cut the budget a i broke diplmically ft
Boys' Club action tried a r- Others elected were &n Pub- in every area t could, Femig h the U.S. as remit of the to
prise re4 allipnmeOt th t Ui-ber John R. Harriso, Attor-.a But ilthere are n un- riots andit was put of the om- We
ed Fund's board o directors y S. T Dell, Dr. Snue al problem iins assignment to try to
at yesterday's annual meeting Martin, Sperry Manager John He brout out tthe Cub ng countries
of the fund. JR. Whitford, Alachua Generalparents have be among the agreement to resume r
After the official nominating Hospital Administrato r Edmost ctiv campaigners for
committee told who it thought Clarkson, Guaranty Federal the United Fund. L M 01
should fill eight vacant ants rings and Loan Aocdation "We have walked the st JuanPlate, ofaParaguay, pr- at
on the fund's board of diec- Charles Brooking and Harry mile with .ou, now we wants tden the co i, toM ,
Edwards of Edwards BuHd you walk a mile with us," reporters after the finaastsf
Ms, al Fleming told the group. "A nd Monday that he had not give o a
More A t defeated were Steve rememre te for some sort of em
SJohnson, Bill Fle1fN Bob Boys' Club. in Lee Osweld'ss ,.bonishortlyd beftwe the two a
S'Cummings, John Jennings, life," Flering concluded, countries. He said he felt there iS
I A KithAusti and Dr. Ben Sam' was "an understanding" and
mua- u fit from the S that all that renamed were, d- '
Frrom I a e h t s C r .in& .ade bythecommission to the v
g '. tP.e Booo u- D ,Begins Today general council of the O.A.S.,
ganization, fraternal orders andl spke up. said c
service clubs fill the vcum ,BERGSTROM AIR FORCE There is widespread convict- w
caused by uprootig he id. m affairs at the nver of BASE, Tex., (AP Operaion here that Panama will be-
"One can eat lunch almost t p Big Thrust begins today, a mod- preparatons to take its case
anywhere and stiy be a Ratar.s ago the Boys' Club ifwed version of the transatlantic before the United Nations if it
Strangely, he sa ches ot S from th United exrerise Big Lift that set new fails to get satisfaction from
Strangely, e sai churches go military tr~sport records last the O.AS.
have not adapted themselves October.
very well to this transition.
in many denom ntions More About About 1,500 soldiers of the Tax Cut Bill
joins the individual church rath- d Armored division at Ft.
er thai the denomination, whi I Hood wil fly to Germany as .
makes him essentially a new- J. replacement in the maneuver. Is Bein
comer when he visits a church -- The entire division went to Ger- o ,
of hisown faith n another From Page l many in around the clock flights
ciiy." last Octoberto prove the United W worked Over
Steiler said skiled doctors in Touchton and Trner arrived, States' ability for quick inter. M-
modern medical centers were was next to testify. national movement of combat .11
doing a fine job of fending off Jones said he went out and ready troop B rk l
diseases among the elderly., got Turner to go into the police Opratin i Thrust bein WASHINGTON A Senate- C
"In.fact to keep an old body station. On the inside Turner with 1 consecutive fights frm House conference committee Mrs
running in uninteresting sort started a "rambling onversa- onst ive o agreed M on da y to permit the NE
of a pime, something like driv- tion" about some cowboy boots Berptim, emies southeasduled to coAptinued d education of state MrsN
ing difn the street in an auto- he had with him and then at- tein.te a scheidul.Main near nd local gasoline taxes on rs.
moile-of 1910 vintage, tempted to get into the radio Friankfurt, rm any federal income-tax returns, nest
Bu~te said, in dealing with room in the lobby of the police F '' ur nany. This was one of several un- HigI
problems of the elderly it may station. P announced decisions reached by Mrs
be necessary to penetrate deep. Both Jones and Patrolman Er- Air COndition the conferees during more than 35th
ly in Thebasic purpose of life., win testified that Turner then I five hours of negotiations on
"So.-ar, our nation is still got on his knees in the lobby Confa Slated ferece between H e and
pussyoUting around the basic and started praying and then Senate versions of the admin-
and fundamental crisis from the said: "If you want to kill me. About giners and lead- ittons tax-reduction bill. ,
cure challenge to social i- then go ahead." Te he pulled of the airconditioning indus The only decision announced
stitutions which have existed out a pocket nilfe and placed it, try will be on the University by the committee involved the
amce 3eore the dawn of re. along with the boots, on the of Florida cakpushursdayand effective dte of a provision for
corded history." counter and asked that the boots Friday for the 13th Annual reductionof the 18 per cent in-
The3amily is no longer an m be given to his boy and that the A Conditning Coerence, come-tax withholding rate to 14
senti4 framework with which knife be given to his father. per cent. The conferees agreed
to manufacture material things, Lt. Beach testified that he The two dy meet at the Un- to apply the lower rate to all
suchis food and shelter, was the one who decided to or- iversity's Coqge of Engineering pay envelopes or checks is-
"Nor does it seem necessary der Turner taken to the county centers around the latest trends sued more than one week after Tho
for tie propagation of the race jail. Turner then was persuade. and developMents in school air- President Johnson signs the bill whe
or even for sexual security now ed to get into a police car and conditioning. I Discussions will into law. Unii
that lertility can be turned on was accompanied by Beach and be on arrangements and do. The bill is expected to reach sels
and off with a simple gadget." PatrolmenErwin and Brown. signs of air-conditioing systems the president's desk for his adm
Hope for the family of the fu- All of the law officers reported in elementary and secondary prompt signature before the end agr
ture les in the area of psycho that during the ride to the coun- schools, colleges and universi- of February. Thus, the lo wer 10;
logical inter-dependence an d ty ail Turner was "incoherent" ties. withhhoking under the pay-as- vesi
support, an area which is diffi- and started a 'rambling The conference members wll you go s y s t m probably will
cult to understand and for versation" and prayed. Hepresentations by 11 differ rt earlyin March
which we train our youth hard- started taking off his clothes, t authorities in the r-
ly at all, he said. begning with his shirt and tee it enrt Report o a wi
"To be loved, one must love. 'shirt, which he threw into thestry Rep t Local wit
To receive identity, one must, back of the car, they said. Delivering the keynote ad- Youtlh Missin tel
identify. To receive psychologi- The struggle began after the dress for the conference will et
cal support, it must be given- patrol car parked at the jail and be Dr. Carroll McGgffey, assist A -year-old Gainesville youth r
one must serve. Turner was being persuaded to ant director of the Florida State -A reported missing to poe C
"While recognizing that the enter the al. Board of Education School Plant since last Saturday. so
crowd can be the loneliest! The struggle in front of the Administratio. ot
placeJn the world. I rest my jail lasterabout 10 to15 minutes Billy Joe Simmons, son of f
case for the city as the bet before Turner was subdued, the M Simm S SE
place for older people on the patrolmen testified. Resus station t Ter., was last en about I
contention that the city offers Afterthey got Trner into the pm. Saturday in the Happy U
the pieatest possibilities for al lobby ad trying to get him FilI o TV Hor Pool Room, police report- a
service into the 'lank." he started to I ed. sh
Dr.-Araold M. Rose, profes- resist again. During the strug. A prize. inning docuent-. The boy s about five f bee
or oriodology at the Universi- gle he fell into some water-filled ary film on lyoutb to mouth e oyr aoutl h sr fee Sta,
ty of-lMina ota. delivered the jug and started to throw them artificial resuscitation will be e ches hs red ha
keyne address of the confer- at the patrolmen shown on Channl to htat. green eys and was wearing
ence yesterday afternoon. Du r g Uthe sgglthreecity fi ed by t alewhen be w cas t m.
Rom said the population of policemm were injured. They 7 fmew school of Medi
peop over U5 has doubled were Reach, Brwn and Erwin. Saskatchewat w school of Medi P
aince-11i. Infectious diseases, Rw was hit on the ead t in ,cooperation with the C e A Meet
whk accounted for most me ofthe jgs. He was wer g au govermenR ms T
weat 51 years ago, have been his motorcycle helmet Beach g is nsord by he woman' Today at PKY Ci
epleed with the chronic diw, reived lip cuts and lacerataius iliary of the Alachua County at
ems-ouch as artcondition, asI h Medical Society. Mrs. auise z. CaMou and D
arthri d cancer, he said, Dr. Colfr estifdthat he e movie sl what to h lDtiDM wil ldisc. mot
"Now its more expensive for gae Turner a tranquiiser, to start mouhmouith r~the P. K. iop l aliratory -ma
elders to b and die." which he hd to admiiniter fro station right after a p i sn i chos Core pIn am tomi* s l
Dr-ioes said he was chag- teopofthetlinik" d a gla ju1nd in anau ob acidnt, atte PnTA meet qin use chboozl
rine to hear people opposing oS ter. Tbe their doctor aid, a drowning and when a smadl wa
the Ker-Mills and King-Anodr- be peruaoed Turner to m child is fouad suffocated an The Core programs a com -
son medicare bill as being dup cler to the doors be could abandoned ie. batiom of i and story
licatio. be given a shot Unlike masy cducanl abaLg V
The poorare takencareofby Aer getting a ot to reax films whwch u ae d,l neta p Other padel dis nm win
welfare and Si-age assistance hi. Tirne crawled to the for the demloostna o toch- In place i mlltmmis.y In
and wal-wff can pay fr back of the "taik" and "sqt- a this movie ideput km e room at the PTA De
their medical expenses, he ted with h ead agaist the the format and haw shta- metl begiming at I pa. m
said.: side the cl"l,"Dr. corltl i.a they wud ate l A P. L Yp pWeal I are o
"But the pest middle-incom A few bmetes later, after a happen the field or hbnt. M teiL iB
groupis hard put to pay thirp hpal stretcher cme, Tar --
hospgl bil.Hy a the o ,nes i b ,sad uu..T
who ced the is- Andursn Dr. coad b urer Ba- Tn Ian n Q
ass edMi."1 p.h b | e leg thirty Me wM v
Other firt day speake rs w ern v a gla f water a
,Pro.Uvi Brtrad of ld eaito s hom Waber lwag lp AlflING fl (4P) U. T il dli
as i te Uuivety Hugh A. Dury Golduir rebs tlo ait b .
JohaMsa (toe U. at Depu a ftri C awe tage r lgi tha New ta.shwthiwy -
A igc in Wa Mingtea h e arri i i at tet t 6b 4 r Ti il
and fl y Sector of the sh-le ^ e-kb^ie~a ? ea n i jtj fcsuyb a
NliOUtin Wa 4 laaudhu'th paig t.
alb semi, which a !ats. He Si he *
teig: 1 SiMmd by th a li" l tu a thwp 4ll f t

1:M p.m. Law at

Prtt" NKf I s a*n".
q ale a if we. weus.
lr me WUS. LaM W M3.

SW. MW bM .- .I s I
J minsm, M** L
By WM early hs. t ly

* hsi ufa e w ret
a wNe wp.i ,i*e

Mg I y anw Ead
-* i t fMl. L

*. k ........ W ei ,
L, t o m ........ a a
D CWudy with ihowersm
I tlmdsstorm few Is-

ay. Low tonight ft to M

t 61 tAo mle wSadt be-
sg higher i showers aad

& milewNIds tmIsit ad
ifaty. SmEA craft war

-e MR .. .A MP
notw ..... e.w .

mida. ......... #M fat
A lMin W......... :4 PMt.

io, kw iWt ...... 91. m0:5 P.
er, lee hI wit ......: p.m.

l Mwflkly wMid IS 15 khfi
ft i atfts A AIM Md iaWotw
at :45 a... m .- SoWer nSn. h ut frn
11:12 A... clMrlng waeMsvy.

Anne E. Mordecai, Mrs. Ethe
S. Polk, Willie L. DickersoA
John D. Haemmerlie, Vanie
Covington, Mr. R. F. Bennett,
Mrs. Agnes Broom, Mrs. Ines
B. Johnson, Robert L. Greene,
Mrs. Constance S. Cox, Mrs.
Dorothy C. Nation, all of Gaines
ville; Mrs. Nancy M. Blanton,
High Springs; John M. Wil
liams, Salisbury, Mo.; Thomas
R. Brown, Orange Lake; Wan

die W. Wheeler, Cross City;
Evangeline M. Chandler, High

Feb. 14
r. and Mrs: John L. Street,
11 Corry Village, a boy; Mr.
Mrs. Duryl M. Bailey, 2-
orry Village, a boy; Mr. and
. George P. Mordecal, 1311
20th Pl., a boy; Mr. and
. Frank Batie, RL 4, Box
8, a girl; Mr. and Mrs. Er-
Blanton, Jr., General Del.,
h Springs, a boy; Mr. and
. James L. Nation, 537 NW
hTo"2- .,.

lerr., a boy. opins.
r. Delores H. Bailey, Mrs. Freddie L. Marshall, Wilbur
L. Herrin, Sheila L. Dexter, Eli-
ore About zabeth C. Satterwhite, Mrs. Vir-
S Agina B. Dinkins, Nia Hermoine
Pratt, Mrs. Grace K. Stack.
house and daughter, Mrs. Rose
a S. Hayes and son, Michael W.
Chambers, J. C. Cobb, Mrs. Icy
M. Stancil, Edward J. Grey,
From Paj!e ] Alfred H. Hudson, Trisha L.
Norton, Dave M. Mathewson,
mas W. Gleason said all Harry T. Knouse, Mrs. Wilel-
at shipments to the Soviet mina P. Lashley and daughter,
on, even on American ves- Margaret K. Harper, M r s.
,would be tied up unless the Joyce B. Bays and daughter,
inistration lives up to an Mrs. Lllie L. Troutman, Mag.
element providing for at least gie P. Walker and daughter,
ier cent shipments in U.S. Betty M. Young and daughter,
sels. Mrs. Juanita P. Carey and
daughter, Sophie D. Jones and

he Naval Reerve Re arch
pany 64 will meet tig
7:15 at AirMs Gym. More AbUt
t. Earle PhiLfips, UF as.
iate prvoesM of pbpiea "dI
in wil peak on p"i9 Us
d testig aBd li dim,
mte tt apt he hu From Page l
Spubli i ivited A moia by CoammiMr
Humid NeKtasy that the
Violence Eruptsed fa k a* we
AGOS, Nipia (AP) P i he nammnm voted to
s luid MNoly -he pesom d altim a we k so e le
we bmn UWl ad ei a ihes c berMhed fur-
ed ia rtcet tibM violence ter d t 0 a Trmel oMfiel
Iemsthm Niri. le -elt

dumping in N.H.

MUor shilv ut wlM t i .o < m Ti W. Br
w OOP aibs. "As tmMa a cuda e w r thI ftA
soici, be i PSam MNl _-
m blmr vwE 1ft am ho w m m* t wwe a
I * aim. u t inm f iw u a. h Ow i
pl. Ie t kib -9 -l M l S E,

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^^^f-aja gggs k.jj ^^1^U'ER BM.JL
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Cyprus Peace Plan

Being Drawn Up

By MAX HARRICLON President Johnson in Wash.
UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. ington. Ball later conferred with
(AP) -Britain and Cyprus other L'.N. diplomats before re.
ire reported agreed on princi- turning to Washington Monday
phs for a plan to police the tur- night.

bulent Mediterranean island
with a international force while
an Impartial mediator seeks
peace between the Greek mdW
TisM Cypriots.
The Briult-Cypiot also
eall for a conuiltaive commit-
tee of U.N. members.
e two nations reportedly
agreed on general teims of a
Security Council r i "n after
the council poetpmed t start
of ts debate ea the Cyprus
crisis until this afltern.
The resolution would avoid the
ctromverslal ismue of how the
international force should be set
up and would merely agree that
there should be such a force.

Law Holding


Under Fire
KEY WEST (API Attorneys
defending Cuban fishermen
whom detention triggered the
Guantanamno crisis aimed a le-
gal volley today at a Florida law
under which the fishermen are
Attorney Leonard Boudin of
New York City said he would
ask dismissal of the case against
the 9 fishermen accused of op-

It would also appeal to all rating illegally in state waters.
countries to respect the territo- He prepared to file the motion
rial integrity of the island, an at an arraignment before Mon.
appeal which Cyprus had roe County Criminal Court Judge
planned to propae t a sepa- Thomas Caro.
rate resolution. Boudin, aided by Michael
sched.led Standard of New York, said he
The council debate, scheduled nw orsaid h
.. .....aewould show that the Florida law
to start Monday, was postponed woushow tht the da law
after SecretaryGeneral U Thant violated the federal constitution
took a hand in the crisis with and that Florida lacks jurisdic.
peace proposals of his own. tion in matters belonging on the
e r federal level.
Thant's ideas were hande to Prosecution was headed by
representatives of Cyprus, Brit. Monroe County Solicitor Allan B.
ain, Turkey, the United States Cleare and Asst. Florida Alrty.
and Greece in a memorandum Gen. Joe Jacobs.
which dealt with establishment The fishermen were appre-
of an international peace force ended by the U. S. Coast ;uard
for Cyprus and with machinery at the Dry Tortugas Florida is.
for mediating the conflict, [lands 65 miles wst of Key West
One objective was to find a Feb. 2, and were turned over to
formula that would be accepted Florida authorities three das
by all parties concerned and later, U. S. authorities sad they
thus avoid the risk of a Soviet found no applicable U. S. law
I veto. President Makarios of Cy. providing penalties.
prus has indicates he would ac. Under the 163 Florida law
Sept no peace force unless it challenged by the defense, the
, was under control of the Secu. fishermen could get six months
rity Council. in jail and $500 fines, plus con-
e Sources close to Thant said he fiscation of their four fishing
. thought agreement might be vessels. The trawlers were an.
reached on a force linked to the chored here.
. United Nations but not directly Seven juvenile members of the

under U.N. command. He was
understood to be seeking accord
also on an arrangement under
which Britain, Turkey, Greece
and Cyprus would finance the
That discussed his views with
U.S. Undersecretary of State
George W. Ball, who had come
directly from a meeting with

expedition were released with.
out charge, because of their age
and were deported to Cuba.
Immediate upshot of the de-
tention of the fishermen was sus-
pension by the Fidel Castro gov-
ernment of water service to the
U. S. Navy base at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba.
The United States retaliated
by supplving its own water and

dismissing some Cuban employ.
esitattari base,
^iu arlt 1 2 A broadcast of Havana Radio,
heard in Miami, said Foreign
MERRrIT MORRISON Minister Raul Roa and other
OCALA Merritt Randolph Cuban officials met the seven
Morrison, owner of Morrison's deported youths when t h e y
Wholesale Meats at 2318 NW 6th reached Havana.
St. in Gainesville, died in an The broadcast said the youths,
auto accident here Friday. all under 16 years of age, flew
The 52-year-old Morr:son was from Mexico City aboard a Cu-
a life-long resident of Marion ban commercial airliner.
County. At a news conference, the ra-
Survivors include h;s widow, dio said, the youths said they
Mrs. Lillian V.; his rcr-, Mr. "were vexed by North American
.d .. n ._... authorities in Miami, who would

constantly propose that they
seek political asylum in the
United States and desert their
One of the youngsters said he
heard about a new invasion to
Cuba and said, "Those who dare
to go to Cuba will receive no

Plans Feb. 22
Field Trip
Bird and nature lovers will

be packing up their lunches and
heading for the wilds, come
Washington's Birthday, on an
Alachua Audubon Society -
sponsored field trip to Talbot
Island and Fort Clinch.
The trip will start at 7:15 am.
Of Feb. 32, from the roadside.
park at the junction of US 441
an the Williston cutoff, Col. F.
W. Hodge, president of the
Audub Society, said today.
Little Talbot Island is located
north o Jacksonville, in the
AtiMe Ocean, and is aid to
entabl a variety of bird habi-
tats. From Talbot Island, the
trip wl continue north to Fort
Cabch, an Fernandina Beach.
The field trip is being planned
by Dr. Thomas Humphreys, trip

GoinwvillO Son
iPubwd even e ,mm da
bIW am G ersvill Pub-
,HO Co w *t 101 SE

mitor w Posth Oice at

I Wea $45
IM. 5.H

muOs an hour, leaves by truck
today for Edwards Air Force
Base., Cal.
A spokesman for North Amer-
icea Avitio, In, said first
ight is expected in May. The
, m of three built by
North Ameri was damaged
b a aS lefl a n November
Daring pair two external
fel tanks were added to allow
its rocket M to buin younger
ad thus reach hgber speeds.

Fg Market
NorIbesll Flm Ell Market
ric to retaersn:
dira lari W e4 m ei-ly 0:
bn ",an*.4; ,..-
la a. wntly S4" ; NdMi.
3, Os* y II

Paty at
i usm

arm : ry 14;

Ite rod SaNOWgf d -eI AM
fhem dlll ia smi
l l/ bhut W ll b | Me
mw klowbatM"

mil AubtiptOW ni At
in lrtnc .
* of AuMd Im d

Weather Roundup

I SEE by


. .. -- -am Mrs. m. J. Morrison of
eynolds apparently gave up son. Ocala; three daughters, Mrs.
e f e an Immediate settlement Hb Ne. Oo, Mrs
r round clock sessions ACCIDENT ROUNDUP Hberer G. Nobles, Oxford, Mrs.
lmAders andi frequent .. G lm.,pok Homer F. Hamby, Oceah, and
h unimw leaders and equsnt TMe Gainesvill police this Judy Morrison, artel; three
phone confereces with Se morning reported the following sons, Malcolm R., U. S. Air
ay of Labor W. Willard rso involved in accidents in Force in England, Jackie Y.
t in Washington. the city yesterday: and James P., Martel; a sister,
continental Grain Co., which M Alex Smit h, 1417 NW 17th Mrs. C. M. Knellioler, Braden-
I p million worth of grain St., and Barbara Geyer, 1 W. too; two brothers, James. Bra-
be Soviet Union, says it can Panbele Drive, about -w deu on; two brother, James,
find enough acceptable US. in the 170 block of W. UniverBradenton, and M. J., Orlando;
a to carry half the cargo. sity Avenue. M two grandchildren.
Maurice Eugene Emis, 131 Fui erl s were yeer.
nion officials say this is jst NW Ith Ter., and lara Hart- day In O ta
xcusetom use cheaperforepn ley Roby, 11NW3h St., about
s, inchiding some that had 12:15 p.m. at the intele a 1of
n blacklisted by the United'SW 2nd Avenue ad 12thSreet. XI5 Fliht
s for trading with Cuba. Juliette Watts McCoy, Il Set for Ma
NW ad St., on NE lt Street. ay
ae e Sharonm E. Dykes, Route 3, and LOS ANGELES AP) -A re-
RewrveEugene L Dampker, Rete 3, builtA Eck (AP) -Amr
|up.m. at Ut ino: hl XI rocket -pa, desired
about $1 p.m. at the intesec- NWto atspeeds u to5,3C
Meet Set in o NW 8 Stree and th l .l t p up to 5,3



Municipal Airport reading.
for hours I a.m. today:
Hih i at 3 p.m., low i at
1 and 2 a.m. Rainfall i

TeMPATUrHes isu WSg
JC k le ............ 1 So 1A
M ..mi ............7 n n71
TIW .............. 76 6
A tM . ............ 3 1.13
Noe. ...M....... 61 8 1.16
MI ............ 31 W i
N Ywk a ............ 31
WlM..i ............ 4 t 3
MaW .............3 u
Kmes I C ...........44 .N
Otv .............. 41 21
Ft. t ............... 41 M .S
Ls AsOt s......... .. H
S ti . ............. 4 4 .15
EAST GULF: Smi ct fft wmiis.




ma wdeew ....... Warn's e l

T.H. McRories To Be

New OES Ofticers
es of Gainebtie Chapter dUeraI; Mrs. W. G. Wheeler,
4 O.S., for the molg year associate codctres; Mrs. P.
wil be Oalled Thursday &at G&rry treasurer; Mis Ge
8:3 pJ. at the Male Temn tr Arrngk secretary.
pie. Mrs. VTit Bre, massist Ale Mrs. F. A. WlDiM
ed by Mr. BrisDr. W. Ge- chapa; Mrs. Cde Des,
ris, Miss Mary Lura Joo, marhal; Mrs. C. R. Wl as.
Mrs. D. D. Hick, and Mrs. F. orgnist; Mrs. J. W. Davis Jr.,
E. Clayton, wil be the imstal. Adah; Mis Iris rBsirn
ig offer. Ruth; Mrs. Dear Puhy,
bther; Mn. R. L Wbl. Ma-
b aMOiiut Mr. ad Mrs. ;M... L- L ls,
T. IL Meork, .bwo P Mrs L MX romWarder;
aid WeekM Ma ffrnk ad C. wIam entheL
for th amw your m: rr.and Mrs. PXll, ticf.
feurewyeare: Mr. aBd Mrs. P. M. 2puer
Mr. C. R. Perry, ate are retiring Worthy Parn and
matron; J. Wood, assate Worthy Matro.
patron; Mrs. F. m, o- Friemds re invited to aimd.

Brides' Book

Luncheon for Miss Nancy
Cell, bride elect of Gerald
Wotas of Clearwater, 1 pj.,
Mrs. Wbor Wood of Alaca.
WEDNEDAY, Felknry 3
co.e cmpliening Miss
Ann Purvs, bride- elect of Bi
lie Nugent Nimicht of Jack-
sonvilk, 10:3 ams. to 1:31
pa, Mrs. Charles E. Rich ad
Mrs. D alt Stankyat the
former's lme, 100 NW 21st
UMDAT, erkwary U
Bridemads' luncheon for
Miss Nancy Ce brdeelect
of Gerald Woitas of Clearwat-
er, 1 a., Mrs. Lacy Dosk,
Mrs. Hugh I Coon Jr., Mrs.
Cedrk Smith Jr., Holiday
Micelaneous sower hnur-
1 Mil Sandra Hagler, bride-
elt of A. Julius SotagJr. ofJ



Oeals. 7:1 p.m., Mrs. George
Agnp and Mrs. Ear Rowm
hosmtes, A ex of the Charch
of the Namaree.
Rehearl dMwr for Cl-
Mr. and Mrs. CeA S.
and Mrs. W. C.
Rehearsal dinmer for Hailer-
Sostg Wddg~ party, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Clark Butler, clie and
at of the bride, home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Eueane B. BaDer.
SATIDAY, Fohnnmy
Wedding of Miss Sandra D-
ae Haufer, daughter f Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene B. Haufer,,
and A. Julius Sontag Jr., -
of Mr. ad Mrs. A. J. SotagL
Sr., of Ocala, 7 p.m., Univer-
sity Avene Church of the Nas
arene. Reception given by the
bride's parents at the arch



MEN Don't Let Lunches
nke You Tu ihhv i hh

Harpist Gives Club Program


Mim Clmentia White, harpist, gavthe program yuterday aftermem when
the University WomW's Club atertained with a su ale-tes as its aunul
Get Day. Thi affair took plee at the UP President's Reidece with Mrs.
J. Waye Reitt, howrary preMsat of Lke dub, as refdet huetes. Chatti
with the artists above are, Mr. W. E. Combe enter, and Mrs. L P. Hart
Jr, guests of ,the club.
--------------I-- --

Cotillion' Dance
Scheduled For
March 13
Second annual Coils
Dance sponsored by the Amer
ican lHoe vDiisi of the *Ga.
esvile Woman's Club will be
scheduled Friday, March 13,
from Ito 10:3 p. at the
This dance is fat eighth and
ninth grade so and daughters
of members of the Wman's
Any embO who has a
child eligile for the Cotillion
ad wo has not been called
by the telephone committee is
urged to make a, resvalmtion
Immediately. Reservations
should be made with Mrs. Ben

Barge, Mn
Mrs. Wendel
I.J. Stevens.

S. cart

UF Newcomers
Group To, Meet
^GardmO h, LaNucqtq% ad
Hobby Flowers in Gainesville"
will be the pro topic at
the Wednesday meting of the
Eight O'clock Groe S the Un-
ivesity Women's b New

Dr. T. J. Sheehan assist-'
ant w oroamel blrt at
the University of da, wi
be guest speaker.
N .wcmewi will an o.-
portiy to leare what to
plant for best rets in this
areas, when to pant ad bow
tocare for ya*s and -ob
pants D. ShOean a w l
ans r qum u .

v..I I ,uUI tJ Bo. for the 4ingy t hwi.
D t let the men fool you! broiled or baked. Cutthe fatbe Mrs. L arie Fairbanks
My "h ad leave off the gravy. and Mrs. Wesley Lmbert Re-
My experience wi Why rehImenbs will be -wserved.
Grow Old?" hba conv ed me 2. Fsh and seafoods are
that they are Just about as in- healthful and delightful mnch- .
tere ted in heal and weight en mitem. If yoPu aemoi in. FUn PInters
control ad appearance as w-sted of W et with and a k .,
MIa m I rehd many let-they are ed rather thfri Plan NeW ICass
ten fa me rquesting dir- ed, they are mlowcalorie food A W oil is
ecti a toa dit ad e e 3. Go easy anthe ked. Y oupA e e Ft o Pai t
ad we t can get a lot of calories fat with Aon Raye asu structor.
For tftU reao, Maer once be lttr tr lao, mlims.ited oS j memn-
ina witeIgiiwa few dqiysadMe, ag wt yeWbrkCwigW& Tss *& at
to the ger sex. Acally, o reducing o 7:3 p.j. l the F UPa ou ,
whilh M e more muckle 4I dt have to te yBoom
patiSMM, b Itey are th atkitb are hlh calI SpIoid by the ininda U.s
MoSros ehtfwM iStooorieOL INe of b Udisty o Florids
buoot advises. They, es- Order a baked potato te Ga svile Fine Arts
peia, need to take care of stead of French fries. A citation, d class is open t
har Waltk*. "i6. Go light a better, i IbW d in el A
Sdo 1-- -Wfelt!7.' ? -you m t ae a d If m be ip Sk b inW
Wk orhat I I h w', I bf Ir r taryated FordaUniox.

adt -yst ha ve vr CancerFilm
W b sb th.o celmat bre and 0aTo Be Shown
Imepr agediii, toet uaeameod
buy th bo do t h ae ai il sw nrs. A She *ll4 "Mrefile al
Wu Inj a i-tin and t~hIIl I I- a CaIIII," w hwe -Ibm a

Sa iS y el WM i a=M to Dr. D id A. C ped
W --in have myp ex- b yNttyhB9 del. of fte l cftd6or of to
Map= at wUp lgV ye-4 a esof AIkia CIamr Seut, a
wtr.- mya h kee iM tm m h Bal d aEU o, wl be ustb
in bo.-rs le hIM t aWNed IN ai adMrWqAw. *
Ihnpigteadua inb at fpa fSedo awheNh sowing, open m
to Mgobird hve lepu e wposahe6t m r taspuiecisknbledibyt
SI 600 M Is I to Jetho i iu n L GeMi0i v apter aptt4e Aa
it adwo1usu Cor ea ofe 6 0>1iiv* OIaim Cowr nloft.
SWIM, -M partly skd-
esqa fM w toa 10 .aama a b


5 6-414


Of Events

TODAY, Fets7ry Is
Sigma Kapspa Abutine Cov-
ered-Dish Supper and ing,
6:3 pa., Mrs. Fred Come, 24
St.L An's Circle of St. Pat-
rick's Ch(rch, 1:3 pm., Mrs.
E. W. Jacuki, 2721 SW 3rd
P. K. Yonge PTA, 8 p.m.,
Schol Library.
Gakeuvile Lioness Club, 8I
p.m., Mrs. Edgar Gregory, 1200
NE 2wt Avenue.
First Lutheran Church, Ra-
chel Circle, p.m., Mrs. James
Stabmann, 517 NW th Drive.
Tuesday Evening Supper
Club, I p.m., 1I West Univer-
sity Avenue.
WEDNEDAY, Fekwry 3

Gainesvile Junior Woman's
Club and Gainesville Woman's
Club, tea honoring city teach-
es, 3:34:3 p.m., clubhouse,
West University AveOe.
Gainesville Bridgep Cub, 7:
p.m., Holiday Inn.
Gaesle Rone Society, I
p.m., city UtWit Operations
University Women's Club,

Grace Church
Women Give

To begin the mission season,
women of Grace Presbyterian
Church entertained with a
luncheon recently in te Fellow-
ship Hal with more than 1M
Presbyerian Clrch women at-
tending from the ciy churches.
Rev. C. D. Weaver and Ken
nedy Upham were guests speak-
ers. Mrs. Fred Borland was
elected as "Sweetheart of the

Mrs. Howard Biand of
Grace Presbyterian Church led
the devotionals. Kennedy Up.
ham discussed the problems of
sociology in the Central and
South American unmrie
Luncheon chairman was Mr.
Howard Da od, Mrs GUes
Means wa in charge of the
table decorations and Mrs. Joe
N. Buby was in charge of pao
gr m aangments.

Rummage Sale
Set By ESA
Beta Lambda Chapter of Ep-

Choral Grasp, 10 a.a., Clak silon Sigina Alpha arerit
y, met

Democratic Women's Club,
Board Meeting, MMrs. Stephen
S. Ca.n5,NW tf Terrace.0
St Joan's Circle of St. Pat-
rick's Church, I pm., Mrs. Rob-
ert Uhrig, M3 NW 11lth Ave-



recent at the Guaranty Fed-
eral Savings and Loan
mnity m when M ar
Crawd was appointed to fi
the vacant lice of the vice-

Tsday, Fub" ity 18, 14 umswsville SM 3-

Hints from HELOISE
umM.. )O DISBdmIL

AD of y gal, who have
a, Uft d doh mp
Bdes, here's a tile tip:
You wod be Irl'ed to
Ie what I h learned la-
tI* Wnih chMln aand
Nateual lMtiat b about
"dt" in the air! This can
tera*y uin &t lamp

s a bu the
d the d mater
You are bftS the dust
BM te Obo and matem

Use your vaoum lek -
er att&achm (at last once
in a while) and SUCK the
dut off your ImpAd
Aftr what I learned recent.
ly, I remove the brush from
the end of the s ctio attach.
met aod me the attachment
wit NO BRUS. (The brush
seems to ub some of the lit-
tle parties down into the fi-
be of your beautiful silk
shadm. If you me the attach
mot without the bth, itI
will immediately suck up the
dust etc.)
By usa this mad, you
lamp skde wiM last much
loger. Tis also prevents rot-
tig from accumulation of
lIp shal made of cloth
MUST be kept d n to pre-
vent deterioraon and rotting
of materials ad fabrics.
If you have a baby, don't
throw away thtold plastic
shower curtain. It's really
Just cut any sae you need
from this and put it under the
entire high chair when the
baby eats. is catches every.
thing in ding any liquids
which spll on it and they will
not soak through aid nu
the lenm o your floor.

After diner, I just pick up
the plasti curtail dump the
food off and wipe ft clean with
a sponge.
tbee plastic squares may be
put in the walser along with
your rea -uy.
Please tel your readers to

Mmm ftof md
K ehiauel

MI starch whoe wing u-i
snls and out of ame clothes
Siverbfh j love to feed
on starchedl fais! Alo, be
sure to wah ad rim THOR-
OUGHLY A wahbles to be
stored because il ad stains
damage the fibers.
It is also goodnotto even
waste your energy kow
things to be stored because
they ly will have to be re-
ironed later.
lave your column and think
youN're doing a great job. Keep
up the good work.


A few minutes ago, my two-
and-a-.half -year old
daughter had nearly two pap
of five cent stamps all wet,
and was ghluing them on the
wall! I stood screaming for a
few minutes (like any well-bal
anced mother of five would),
and not knowing what to do.. .
then dawned the light...
I removed them immediate.
ly while still wet, and put them
right onto envelopes to be used
later. DORIS
B-.. .h At A

SAVE BY 20th



wI W
u= ,,,

dear, you were textree-*.IN U E
ly thought ul. Ki all five of
'em for us. And make themTOS ,0
kisa you back. W love you,


another pan which has some
otwaterin it.. .andstirwell ts
This will soften the peanut
butter and it will spread easi-
ly. I have tried it and had ex-
celet results.




A Modem Nusiog H .






4 Selu im. room"y, "rsmew It M1964

j a a, ES, IIs- as
aMn p JOegman vIe r"W-O
Ma asskn ,.. EUW. & B
as amaO., M S A
LEESil., i e P- USSU.-
rT Mqm no

. 'Uivelli ty a

1. Report t news fully and iWmptlly in nrs column
2. Expres hs opinions of twe Sun In-b only aditolis
3. PMliih all sides of imortant acntmvnraial isus.
The S'sA tel ho .u; All Depetments--3724441
West Aa-3764672

British Trade With Cuba

Not even a ceremonial visit to
Washington by British Prime Min-
ister Sir Alex Douglas-Home and a
- full treatment by President Johnson
with the famous Johnson forceful
charm could get the British to say
they were sorry about selling buses
to Cuba or to promise not to do the
W like again.

The British am not sorry. In addi-
tion to needing all the foreign trade
they can get, the British feel there
is an important principle involved;
the principle of worldwide freedom
to trade with the fewest possible po-
litical obstacles.

As British Foreign Secretary L. A.
Butler put it earlier, "It is neither
right nor expedient to wage economic
warfare against a country with whom
one is not at war."

The United States does feel it is
engaged in a sort of war with the
Castro regime in Cuba. Britain does

Britain does go along with the
feelings of its ally to the extent of
banning export to Communist coun-
trie (now including Cuba) of arms,
munitions and certain strategic
goods. With Cuba, Britain goes
somewhat further. It discourages
British shipping going to Cuba in
order to mollify the United States
(and avoid U.S. blacklisting), in
spite of a strong British urge to up-
hold "freedom of the seas" in times
of formal peace.

U.S. pressures have greatly re
duced the number of ships from
non-Communist countries calling at
Cuban ports. But now that the U. S.
is trying to step up economic pros*
sure against Cuba and is asking the
co-operation of its NATO allies and

others, it is finding the going rough.
Britain, Frane. 'Sweden. Japan,
Spain and Morbcco have all made
moves in the other direction lately,
increasing their trade with Cuba.

The U. S. position toward Cuba
falls far short of the total ban on
US. trade which the U. S. maintains
against Red China,' though the po-
sition on Cuba is stiffer than the
U.S. position on :trade with the So-
viet Union. The U. S, permits its own
citizens to asel food and medicines to
Cuba and did not bar these goods
even during the brief naval "quaran.
tine" of Cuba in the fall of 1962.
During the first nine months of
1963, U. S. exports to Cuba were ac.
tally greater in dollar terms than
the combined total of the 15 major
non-Communist :countries trading
with Cuba. Since September, though,
U. S. exports to Cuba have fallen to
near zero.

Neither the NATO alliance treaty
nor the inter-American treaties re-
quires members to accept the judg-
ment of the United States on mat
terms of trade. It f too bad the allies
cannot agree bItter on a lot of
things: their foreign policies would
be more effective if they could. But
then other countries are indepen-
dent, too, and are free to make up
their own minds.

The NATO alliance pledges mem.
bears merely to Iy around in case
of a military attack on one of the
alliance members in the North Atlan-
tic area as defined in the treaty, and
excluding such places as Hong Kong,
for example, or the. Rhodesias. If the
U.S. wants to wage an economic war
against Castro's Cuba, it has to win
agreement from other governments
for anything it wants them to do
about it.

Voice of the People

-On The Sun's Opinion Pag
Opim and smnes & ha in md uaw e be ales lan *A s h eam. Let,
met oi ad rhew* sllrs adib s. SNmu bile wil1 i rf Mquwad. A bearshM
mes e"l So.W&eOaWdfmusmibeswuanonbmdfed pow.r, heptSe hgeUg.Tj
So smre Imro Mt s Imm v o Mlwr *a to bSets bead sadis b webus mainw a

EDITOR, Sun: Tributes are
unanily reserved for old men
who die fll of years and hon-
u, I I would like to pay
my km IPWts to a yam
a, Jarry Gau, wo aied
Mftf alag.
In a akW one doesn't
met many m about whom
m em buimely say, "Use
wam a gai man." Bt me

abt sayatabs P ut

hemwr. We ame kaviNg rie-
rfsohra knw Jeay
GSad ; Gaiesvile is a
po pW e without bhi.
A 111UND
News Wanted
EDIT &R, Sum: I fed alb
is a very delayed letter, ad
Fru ukin on t he behl
SWeWn, bIdea aymn.
t eam It every ep-
Par b11 entry em"
we -m amtcaq i s

lakft Urns the Goasif
Of mcu I wl amt
te SinbuWe*bo e
-i M I i See (u.
uS IS ftL is ay uw
-. h men b .h a..

MaCistyt! V a Iot el.-
b Parsmi a ld am are
-oed eaI You may
sget og to the dng
store, and pickig up a few
magazine, which half or
aost f the ti are not

true to fact.
ia, fm.u

is rely frow-

be ezWuld epecidaly with
the ppoed ew eMraMas
Thear to be hAt sm
In edes nothing is ne by
April 13. the Academy
Awar will be printed, for
those w =e e intm ed!
Pleae print this!

Washingto4 Memo
Ms. IMe Casu WuhNi a m I
&MOW ,a10 "
IAIAN SmYLE Nu ma for a i Usi m
of Is Wrtk is y aaded to PhieaM, hatwM
*A Mm bmlm aots arin tndr tl* to be hits m
Ha "oWm I *m 6 st4 d Rmap, qp m
at ad itqeiemy car ni sai. t: d kty hati

U" d i had be viewtes hro be vhp

a i mwinkdaladwe waesy I

ab Dq a poind b tryoAu
W t* pte ts. tiney a ca
owto= Imm. i h r kMP
- edadi Ibuy i s it we *
Pet U a port* aly, 4nme a
mate Debrtt teratci,.a
Peso a a nfl oS Kin


L. F. iChd., Cal

Ute chy wtes WM gpt t*I
cl o ba he r at 5m
amlus f GabenIle Coty
Cnmba at te lRecmree
Cad r a Feb. at I pa.
Qai" fim the flor wli be
answed by uah ematd .
Tlowing the qm eam, re-
raia wi i be uvIt
The Rev. T. D. Davi ad
Chat No. 1 fo m ML Humau
Baptt Cath wM.a t the
devila period.
Jam Rdiha Arnomid
Botta ad Mayor ymr Wi
Jr. C ibe pret ad oma
who bave amomd Ir be


In its pu it of he Ameri-
c way and, more specifkal.
ly, the American Standard of
living, the Southeastern t re-
g- i shows forh occasion.
al evidence of "the demago-
gue's frenzy and the patrici- fl i
ans's quietude." /
'liere was a recent spate of
cursing, a swinging of clubbed
hickory sticks, the striking of
a white photographer and the
threatening of white news re-
porters and camermen ..
the free lance photographer
lay moaning on the ground
for a time, was then rescued
and taken away. Two cameras
want- ly were damaged. Six
Negro children sat tense and
This was at Notasulga, Al
abma. (Notasulga is in the
old Creek Indian territory.
The word means "divided wa- .$,
terms No better symbolism
could have been had.)

No, though one must say
that the viruses of her mood
and poverty of oportunity,
her education and econc
retardation, are in the South-
ern blood stream. The virus
breaks out, now and then, in
larger cities, causing an itch.
ing rash of demonstrations
and bitter frustrations. But
Notasulmgi is not "the South."
She is a backeddy. Notaulga
does not remind one of mock.
ingbirds and magnolias. She
is a relic of that bitter period
that produced the Populist
revolution and pushed Tomn
Watson and William Jennings
Bryan to the fore. There is
pathos in Notasulga, as well
as fear and resentment.

NOR IS THE present mood
of frustration confined to the
states of the Southeast. New
York, Cleveland, Hatthe rg,
Atlanta, Chapel Hil, N. C.,
Chicago these are but a few
centers of common frustration.
A feature of this negative em.
tion is that It afflicts both
races. It is, one should note,
largely confined to cities. This
reveals a truth the Amer-
ican problem of race has be-
come, indeed, for some time
has been, an urban dilemma.
Base in each is a growing
disenhantment with the slow
pace of ending discrimination.
an impatience that may flare
to great volume in those cit.
esb that ve done the most
to en Inoquties. It is hard
to my where frustration is
wort i these cities tat
had guoe far or in those that
blindly resist the beviabkl
But he oprnsmu ra bW Bol.
ers crackt,
demonstration bright, for ex-
ample, swift and angry reac-
tion from Alabama's con-

ples their m s*s i by
opposing the dvl righb iL
The Homae is bed with the
Dixie tionand 8 aneily.
a are my Southea am .
bens wo show mther term
edt by t asllt fthe aei
cosrag e wk were ex
re tiL The e at MWb-
ma- Itlimd teopi a
i has ot tsir qppon .
Sae of ia s m

N* pbmn

"Must be Goldwater territory!"

Che, Codes

dent Johnson's key deicison
in domestic affairs was to
give the ax reduction bill pre-
edmce over civil rights legis-
This single act broke a con-
gressional stalemate of a
year's duration. Liberals in
Congress oe wanted to hold
back tax reduction until the
civil rightsbill was passed
They thought pssu would
build up so strogly for the
tax cut that Conress would
agree to civil rights legisla-
tion so that it could move on
to the more popular measure.
Liberal conessional lead-
rship tough that President
Kennedy would bold to that
line and thus insure the p-ass
age of cvil rights legislation.
This was what Sen. Hubert H.
Humphrey though that Pre-
sident Kennedy agreed to as
they walked in the White
ous rose garden a short
tise before the President was

ed a d i ategy.
In conference with Se. Har-
ry F. Byrd of Virginia, the
President cleared the way
for pmsage of the tax cUt
Imts idftl md by
Home action an the civil
rb bl act i, by the
way, which never was m
doubt The Hoe has pned
may ball wih its leader-
*ip kBm waU did o the
Sifl, Seal man
So MRe r*alr In OIL.We
get a tax at sto t ate
beaolk e.ism In a pre-
i d cin year. u
wllO Jo lae be l rigi
htr a & ,tS peiied its

Sa th a mb -t puliatb
ER i"mis p o m Sa
d bul tam b aghlle ace
mdm IaM ah m SBe
saumm MVa "ren

M la -.... a _a t-
hfl IMesftbm om

W hlal 1 0h i dt
to rbs maw i
-B~ *H wl mk4~l

D EW S- ; .School on Wednesday at 7:
Parker, prices P l u wards; i p. M. Green, WX; JaI
S R. M. cGbee, tabulatingOsbor, finance secretary; Rob.
L V. Davisr, psI t e L Smith, recording a cre-
Wed NwsidUitor -tary
vad seaSt. L V. Da vi, vie'o
pride of Aladca Mn. Clra Grifn, of N.W. LACROSSE NEWS
Voters Lagu. 7th Ave., was ilitng in Jack. SINGERS TO APPEAR
Smwlk oB yesterday. Brother Joe May and the Spi.
CLUB COUNCL Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin ritual Five will appear in a
The Gaisesvile CC and aon, James, all f 1Thomas- musical program at the St.
cil wil meet at the Recreaon viDe, Ga., were visiting here Paul Baptist Church today al
Center, Sunday at 5 p.m. to eserday. 8 p.m.
make p for the Marc h MID MaryIL H. Baerand Miss,
Anmial Talent and Beu Cow Roni B. Jacksoo, both of Mia- TA TAR
tet "m were itas of friends in, MENTAL RETARDATION
: The community c are Gainesville yesterday. PROGRAM
rged to turn in the ames Miss Mary H. Smith and son There will be a program on
thdir cmttas by MuK l1. Jam, of Tampa, were visitmung Mental Retardation at the Mt.
The flowing e rethe weekendCarmel Baptist Church on Feb.
h 4 e f a at m M
,1c ar d th is , ne sii i-- 2-. ,a t 38-p .m .

Nellie Peny, atat; Jut7
v C. Miler, judg; Mn. C. B.
SfKE.W finamo. Ethel

By Ise.a

Consultants from the Alachua
SPECIAL NOCE county School Board, Alachua
The outh Po eIve C0hirs County Health Department and
Union will meet Wednesday at 1 Alachua County Central Wel.
p.m. at the Emanel Bapist'fare Department will be share.
Church; Rev. T. D. Davis pas-ing pert t information.
tor; Jerome Scott, president; Everyone Is cordially invited
Mrs. Gladys L. JohOn, report, to attend.
er. -
SPONSOR RALLY In loving memory of the late
Choir No. I of the ShadyRev. Levi Arrington, who de.
Grove Baptist AChurch is s5n- parted this life two years ago ,
scoring a shoe rally Wednesday on Feb. 8. The memories of
at the lome of Mrs. Rosa Fair. you will forever linger with all
cloth, of 1W N.W. 4th Place, at of us. Mrs. Rusa Arrington,
8 pm-.. wife; and family.

I e puu I MvieL. mis. r.
D. Shamno, reporter.


The West Coast Ministers
and Deacons Union choir is ask-
PA in -fI....2f.2a.m.#.

od .,.r,,-.. -.w .-- etomeet today at 8 p.m. at
tion of Williams Elementary the home of Mrs. H. G. Shuman
School meeting will be held at t Arredonda.
the school today at I p.m.
NEWBERRY NEWS The Home Mission Society of
MEETING PLANNED the First Baptist Church will
The Parent-Teacher Associa. meet at the home of Mrs. Vio.
ton of Newberry Elementaryila Peoples, of 537 S. W. 7th PI.,
School will meet at the school today at 7:30 p.m
.today at 7:30 p.m. p
ere will be an interesting t
panel discussion. l ar

The Prince Hall Lodge No. 1
will meet at the Bell's Nursery

wW .. 4w4 WW P

Ernest (Dummy) Everett, of
903 S.E. 6th Ave., died in the
Alachua General Hospital Sat-
Duncan Brothers, morticians,
will announce funeral arrange-
ments later.
I Final rites for Mrs. Theodo.
'shia Childs, of Jacksonville. will
be conducted Wednesday at 10
a.m. from the St. Pius Catholic
Church. Interment will follow in
the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery here.
The cortege will leave Jack-
sonville at 11 a.m. and is ex-
pected to arrive here about 12:45
and proceed directly to the Mt.
Pleasant Cemetery.
Mrs. Childs was the wife of
Dr. Lincoln B. Childs of Jack.
sonville, and the sister in-law
of Ben F. Childs of Gaines-
ville. These services are under
the direction of the Holmes &
West Funeral Home.

The postal authorities tell
us we should report all threat-
ening letters we receive. How
about those from Internal
.-esuwtt Squen (Po) MS

A New York night club Is
putting a kick into a glass of
milk, charging a dollar for
it Waterleoo Crlr.

the entrenched opposition in
the House gave way as easily
as it did and permitted pass-
age of a bill stronger in some
respects than President Ken-
nedy originally recommended
there is reason to beware.
When Senator Byrd makes
himself agreeable to presi-
dential wishes on legislation
there is reason to be alert.
These are calculated risks
which President Johnson has
taken drawing upon his wis-
dom and experience in the
ways of Congress. But basic-
ally nothing has changed.
Southern opposition is as
strong as ever. Northern op-
position, now quieted by the
absence of racial demonstra-
tio, could be aroused again.
Some Negro leaders are pro-
mising an intensity of demon.
strations this year which will
exceed those of 1963.

IlM OULOOK is notre-
assuring. If the planed dem-

onstrations tin the South ma-
terialke they may coincide
with a Senate filibuster and
the nation may have to endure
even great stresses than in
the past.
In this difficult situation,
President Johnson has no
alternative to using all the
legislative techniques he has
learned to get the civil rights
bill passed. Otherwise, be aex
poses himself to an accusation
his opponents are already
whispering. They say that po-
litically he needed a tax cut
more tha be needed a civil
rights Mil In fact, it is said,
the President, once having
fought for the civil rights bill,
might be better off politically
if it was not passed before the

The cynical implications of
such a strategy are enough in
themselves to make it im-
practical, and the President
has no Choice but to make the
legislative fight of his life a-
in the chosen spokesmen
of his native South.


Double-Time for Overtime

(Imm is Caiem New"ar)
Few wi quarrel with the
objective of PreMdent John-
n's proposal to provide
ore o j by reducing over-
time work. There we be wide
difernce of eplA, how-
a, mtoiwher be
aUcMSi by i bagi
tie rants rte pay.
thebe a m M
Imete. b kg am--l
Ie p- Bra crews fa
ei be be 'id for eit -
aw dflkah ity Sof
traWed wet for spa-
me d =a a I rephr
wkt mIee choice be
tw aisle worak S

itbsan tp it rern

sns -l f as .*t
lwbbbw r m

DoulM-the for overtime is
John's prpoal as a po-
aly that would ompel em-
ployers to hire additional
workers. T111e extent to which
it wuid be dtive, however,
deOpeM6 gly athei nto
of rtheums iMed maie
std peishr dag thse
exI hrs. Ma inse I
o athos Es wee
ad -tor a work re

71M TfIlVBNqM of
otm I l a a my is
badat bost. I UMses

hm iM g amere a
ueat a out a liM
si ad 6n tode praseet e
oenIh fha cM-in

A yo 6dlm to be

tirement plans that must be
extended to include additional
prtt e workers if overtime
wot by regular employes is
abodoned. If these benetts
are not extended, the extram
ar likely to feel they am
treated unfairly. If they me,
the additional costs may not
be omensrate with the
aSmount of work available for
the extra workers or the serv-
iem they render the comply.

DOUBLE TIME for ver-
tme proposal hasbad th

. a mr Dons.
e commiUeeM propo
by Pridmt Johnsum to weigh
ts ortbme AndhsWod-tho
work ugeslos wil needM to
deteIse wheeb union
lumbers are willing to g0e
up their extra earniup fr
overtime, to what extt they
would demand com p mati
in the of m dmhigh wa
Male and bow mnay w u
or could supplmmi t*in re-
dced earning by fld qg
odwr Job duri taT free




Choice of Precedence

Pays Tribute
To Gaddum

to.f oI bit Sali in Wtha l lS t
at ibaO. is w-s a
qik cha oga Sof d .
iyu uapc dygte TWEmbetomnsiam
* l:emrshm s ate In area df NdMt,
rwokm oeb mIIu. -ellW rg-k R
tg. W stea cmt inI t be .i
A* finSipmm ed I Wasi vagm
Iaftkr tem fle 14i t my pnre
. l u .1 A thiint o to 6 to er tObb ei.h
4 .1! *h m s sw dlemk

- . I


e ill Parent*Teacher Associa-


(KatIAo LArn

4 uetum, krneq io. i4

Not even a ceremonial visit to
Washington by British Prime Min-
ister Sir Alex Douglas-Home and a
full treatment by President Johnson
with the famous Johnson forceful
charm could get the British to say
they were sorry about selling busem
to Cuba or to promise not to do the
iike again.

The Bntish are not sorry. In addi-
tion to needing all the foreign trade
they can get, the British feel there
is an important principle involved;
the principle of worldwide freedom
to trade with the fewest possible po-
litical obstacles,

As British Foreign Secretary R. A.
Butler put it earlier, "It is neither
right nor expedient to wage economic
warfare against a country with whom
one is not at war."

The United States does feel it is
engaged in a sort of war with the
Castro regime in Cuba. Britain does

Britain does go along with the
feelings of its ally to the extent of
banning export to Communist coun-
tries (now including Cuba) of arms,
munitions and certain strategic
goods. With Cuba, Britain goes
somewhat further. It discourages
British shipping going to Cuba in
order to mollify the United States
(and avoid U.S. blacklisting), in
spite of a strong British urge to up.
hold "freedom of the seas" in times
of formal peace.

U.S. pressures have greatly re,
duced the number of ships from
non-Communist countries calling at
Cuban ports. But now that the U. S.
is trying to step up economic pres-
sures against Cuba and is asking the
co-operation of its NATO allies and


Mm a. n isA.. hMe.n. a
I A? UPUI TGmm VIM s l-
ma tapa mom a. mo
OMBI" Tin f v lmi A &a
v""lM 'E aImIS m- tAS
, -**, *

others, it is finn the going rough.
Britain, France, Sweden, Japan,
Spain and Morocco, have all made
moves in the o her direction lately,
increasing their trade with Cuba.

The U.S. p4ition toward Cuba
falls far short if the total ban on
U.S. trade which the U. S. maintains
against Red China, though the po.
sition on Cuba is stiffer than the
U.S. position on trade with the So-
viet Union. The U. S. permits its own
citizens to sell food and medicines to
Cuba and did not bar these goods
even during the brief naval "quaran-
tine" of Cuba in the fall of 1962.
During the first nine months of
1963, U.S. exports to Cuba were ac-
tually greater in dollar terms than
the combined total of the 15 major
non-Communist countries trading
with Cuba. Since Sqeptember, though,
U. S. exports to Cuba have fallen to
near zero.

Neither the NATO alliance treaty
nor the inter-American treaties re-
quires members to accept the judg-
ment of the United States on mat.
tears of trade. It is too bad the allies
cannot agree better on a lot of
things: their foreign policies would
be more effective if they could. But
these 'other countries are indepen.
dent, too, and ate free to make up
their own minds.

The NATh alliance pledges mem-
bers merely to rally around in case
of a military attack on one of the
alliance members *I the North Atlan-
tic area as defined in the treaty, and
excluding such places as Hong Kong,
for example, or the Rhodesias. If the
US. wants to wage an economic war
against Castro's Cuba, it has to win
agreement from other governments
for anything it wants them to do
about it.

Voice of the People

On The Sun's Opinion Pageaa
Oial-am ms d mme f S- m ed m we ime. i Vcla te -o Is d. msl Lm. mta
mWt be simd aM d kMi twd add oMmm HlaM M viwtMM If I-IaBNia. A leatr daM
seas 500 0 d ad sm ha weeunw aw mtM id hd a. c Psvleft m be mad. The
S 'm s the ale .1gM OsoalmssMeas ar. a ato las s illas u, w hase d athe wns's .eaaang a

Pays Tribute
To Gaddum

EDITOR, Sun: Tributes are
usually reserved for old men
who die full of years and hon-
ors, but I would like to p a y
my brief respects to a young
maB, Jerry Gaddum, who died
Friday morning.
I a lifetime one doesn't
met many men abut whom
me ca honestly say, "Here
was a ood man." But one
ca honestly say that about
My wife and I will soon be
leaving Gainesville perhaps
freve. We are leaving rich-
efer having known Jerry
Gaddum; Gainesville is a
poorer place without him.
News Wanted

EDITOR, Sum: I fee tis
is vMy delayed letter, ad
rf speakag the beh
S other, mbeside myself.
it aeem Ike every pa-
per i k country carri
mm ms coanehig k
m-io p-cand WeheM
datmnry the Giwsi
Of cmou wMl admit tht
ts Sm B has gmaty i.
pned in hd lst few
meS, bit Iis wb y hr
g fOu y.ahin ine4
aU. d rit


society! TV Mabag, Loud.
la Parson and others are
good examples! You may
suggest going to the dru-
store, andpicking up a few
magazines, which hal or
most of the time are not
true to fact.
Gaiesville is really grow-
ng, and thu field sod not

be excluded, specially with
the proposed new Cinerama
Theater to be built soon.
In case nothing Is done by
April 13, the Academy
Awards ill be presented, for
those who are ieested!
Please print this!

Washington WMemo
Fim the Cees Waftsu ime
CwON" i->rm

WAUAN STYU: Nmitim for the Leat lily Q*uote
of the Week a hereby emeded to Presidt Jm, who U
the Iteral Revee ans dri their vit to the Whie
Home: "Wh I m dmown the reets of Rome, people m
out ad iped m a osaid, "Look t ta# Ayedo, d
rind aliv bek ter. ad at e fr he dp d
Amerio we aM eor have m Lt. Never efore n l.
history o dvtilS lad the victors treated ohe vuplo
a y have tedi w ad we w m y to p bec* ad auk

-TB UAT I B: A 4i r mimsly sepec*i
athi b amdf it, tre b genera please h a
Stat Departnt pepeoal to try to nBake farep C s
P prth* tht*k Ordijer aIwi M
at t aM b MUl for haproper pahtig, b de ha
w Sa cDi.Thebryistto ifwefiemhbe. They1*
be s a thei eiry. Lat yer, th*gn fhed pml*
geNt IIfr Iin ta, a am thIe te ye bwa IThe=
St Deprtutt is thbe, sp a sa Ai hieos wf flfo
iemsdt8e shutmII a nslpngut r vaios

OfA as.

rLr~ p.~ ~




a an.s ( a& )



COLORED NEWS t ; L C. on Wny at 7:
A L L N WS prarkemar, m wars; pm.M. Grem, WE; James
ad M. M. cGhee, tabulating. Osborn, finao secretary; Rob-
L. Davi, p t ert L Smith, recording scr
l. F. Chld, dCed Newm Ediwr tary.



In its psrsit f the Ameri.
can way and, more specifical.
ly, the American Standard of
Living, the Southeastern re-
g sil shows forth o io-
I evidence of "the deago- fl iT
gue's frenzy and the patried-
ams's quietude."
There was a recent spate of
cursing, a swinging of cbbed l
hickory sticks, the striking of
a white photographer and the
threatening of white news re-
porters and cameramen ... .
the free lance pointographer
lay moaning on the ground
for a time, was then rescued
and taken away. Two cameras
wantonly were damaged. Six
Negro children sat tenem and
This was at Notamulga, Al
abama. (Notasulga is in the
old Creek Indian territory.
The word means "divided wa- \$.
ters." No better symbolism
could have been bad.)

No, though. one must say
that the viruses of her mood
and poverty of opportunity,
her educational ad ecomi
retardation, are in the South-
ern blood stream. The virus
breaks out, now and then, i
larger cities, causing an itch-
ing rash of demonstrations
and bitter frustrations. But
Notasulga i not "the South."
She is a backeddy. Notasulga
does not remind one of mock-
ingbirds and magnolias. She
is a relicofthatbitterperiod
that produced the Populist
revolution and pushed Tom
Watson and William Jeaniugs
Bryan to the fore. There is
pathos in Notasulga, as well
as fear and resentment.

NOR IS THE present mood
of frustration confined to the
states of the Southeast. New
York, Cleveland, Hattiesburg,
Atlanta, Chapel Hill, N. C.,
Chicago these are but a few
centers of common frustration.
A feature of this negative emo-
tion is that it afflicts both
races. It is, one should note,
largely confined to cities. This
reveals a truth the Amer-
ican problem of race has be-
come, indeed, for some time
has been, an urban dilemma.
Basic in each Is a growing
disenchantment with the slow
pace of ending disariminatim,
an mpatlence that may flare
to greater volume in those cit-
is that have done the most
to end inequities. It is hard
to say where frustration is
wot in these cities that
had gone far or in those that
blindly resist the inevitable.
But the pressures build. Boil-
ers ack
demonstration brought, for ex-
ample, swift and angry reac-
tion from Alabama's con-
gressmen who were tri to
please their coututa by
opposing the dvi r M.ti
Te Home is bored wBi the
Diie position ad eai* ,
so are many Southm m.m
bersn who slow their tter-.
ed by S attending the am
eSml. 'Thi aeay has dis.
courage those who were a-
areaing tier vutboty uthe
record. The events at da.
- migs Ithemnie
mI. It delied them
the hands their q appM .
Some w of G cm1m
ly wets mrun Olm
Pot pn t phe a ik M

aot Wfls Thn -m a
quick change of
SThmuw i km adindm
in the area of MoN de,
against these m
were not -w ISL I*
Scoturt aOdrIl al be d.
t ed. h pume b pvmi
flowed bkm Washlesm
sutiaed. The wy ipnms
d th dvdl d ri hi ion
Meiniki it Sei the
tam a No IVs wa beudt a&
taiame t Sofd Amblems
ha, bRmddus
bal fIltttam B



By Isemudi

"Must be Goldwater territory!"

Mrs. Cha Gr of N.W. LACRO NEWS
th Ave., was v bt in Jack- SINGERS TO APPEAR
mndtle a ystaty. Brother Joe May and the Spl
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin ritual Five will appear in a
and sn Jaale, oft Tunas- musical program at the SL
e Ga., wee visiting here!Paul Baptist Church today at
yesterday. I p.m.
MiMaryL. Bker and Miss -
Ros B. Jack bth of Mia MENTADATION
miL, w sere ot of friends in MENTAL RETARDAON
GainesvU ySterday. PROGRAM
Miss Mary H. Smih and 3am Tlere wil be a program oa
Jame, o Tm wee vishig Mental Retardation at the ML
here e pa weeked. Carmel Baptist Church on Feb.
at 8 p.m.

e dT vowrs w gt thei
chi=. 6 kLm td e d
C-Mdtm for -6D e "acdomn
Mat a ote Gaemea City
C' r a Feb. el a I pau
Qimo frem the flor vl be
awred by cah a uM,
FoHw* fe qms, re
freadmis wwl be sered
The Rev. T. D. Davis ad
Choir No. I froe M.L Hma
Bap"mothi ma aowt he
demn period.-
Jams Richdmo, ArnoM
Bts and May.r N By* W
Jr. w be pret ad others
whobave amm i for the


Choice of Precedence

Wahiftm hoem
Wasthgha Bar

dent Johnson's key deicison
in domestic affairs was to
give the tax reaction bill pre-
cedence over civil rights legis-
This single act broke a co-
gressional stalemate of a
year's duration Liberals
Congress once wanted to hold
back tax reduction until the
civil rights bill was passed.
They taught pr ure would
build up ao strongly for the
tax cut that Congress would
agree to civil rights legisla-
tion so that it could move an
to the more popular measure.
Liberal cogressial lead-
ership though that President
Kennedy would hold to that
line and thus insure the pass-
age of civil right legislation.
Tis was what Sen. lHbert I
Humphrey thought that Pre-
sident Kennedy agreed to a
they walked in the White
Hoe rose garden a short
tine before the President was
adopted a different strategy.
In conferences with Sen. Har-
ry F. Byrd of Virginia, the
President cleared the way
for passage f the tax cut
Tis was quiklyfowed by
Home action on the civil
rights bi action, by the
way, which aw was m
dolt. The Hoes has -ased
may bills w h Its leader-
thp khew wot de ia the
Senate, Md vice v wa.
So n mthe Ank We
get a tax C to b oSlae
boeamh rconS ih a pre-
vde edeel yew. But
vil thre hbea civil ri*
bil And if them Is aot, wil
Preidt John be blamed

ars& a& l ped its
t Vs in -ack adk
11" t10iMB ohm aOaf
de UWAdf K w ht i
fwlh md a qma

bar piaeda ma c the
DmUrS kt arem i as
k y. Daum pIrim t
Mm S U ov erfish

be lloisw inlll O eSMw

-hgs Na(ter
a ht r bessr nWI
I ad. a p
CbW O n a

the entrenched opposition in
the House gave way as easily
as it did and permitted pass-
age of a bill stronger in some
respects than President Ken-
nedy originally recommended
there is reason to beware.
When Senator Byrd makes
himself agreeable to presi-
dential wishes on legislation
ther is reason to be alert
Thea are e calculated risks
which President Johnsona has
taken drawing upon his wis-
dom and experienm in the
ways of Congress. But basic-
ally nothing has changed.
Southern opposition is as
strong as ever. Northern op.
position, now quieted by the
absence of racial demonstra-
tios, could be aroused again.
Some Negro leaders are pro-
mising an intensity of demon-
stratons this year which will
exceed thoe of 1i3.

THE OUTLOOK is notre-
assuring. If the planned dem-

nstratioms in the South ma-
terialize they may coincide
with a Senate filibuster and
the nation may have to endure
even greater stresses than in

the pLast
In this
learned to

difficult tuaon
JohMon has on
to using all th
technkqu he has
get the civil rights

bill paned. Otherwise, he a-
poses himself to an accusation
his opponents are ad
whisper. They say that po-
litically he needed a tax cut
more than he needed a civil
rights bill In fact, it s said,
the PrLesident, once having
fought for the civil rights bill,
mughtb b better off politically
if it was not passed before the
The cynical k mplicatms of
Asuch a strategy are enough in
themselv to make It I -
practical, and the President
has no choice but to make the
legislative fight of hi life a-
gain the chosen s an
of his native South.

Vat setl. L. V. Da* vi,
pwdeSt Alach* Couy
Votns Lew .

Mte mGsal e Cb Com
ca wil meet t the Recreatieo
Center, ay at 5 p.m. to
make pm for the March n
Annual Talet and Bety Coo
The conmunity cb are
rged to ur in the nm of
their contestants by March 1.
The following person a in
charge of the committees: Mrs.
NC. Pery, contest; Jury
C. Miner, judging; Mrs. C. B.
Mice, finance; Mrs Ethel

The Youth Prfreswmve Choirs
Union will meet Wedesday at 8
p.m. at the Emanuel Baptist
Circh; Rev. T. D. Davis, pas-
tor; Jerome Scott, preidet;
Mrs. Gladys 1. Johnson, report-
Choir No. I of the Shady
Grove Baptist Church is span-
soring a shoe rally Wednesday
at the home of Mrs. Rosa Fair
cloth, of 21 N.W. 4th Place, at
8 p.m.
The public is invited. Mrs. F.
D. Shano, reporter.

The Parenot-Teache Associa-
tion of Williams Elementary
School meeting will be held at
the school today at I p.m.
The Parent-Teacher Assocla-
tina of Newberry Elementary
School will meet at the school
today at 7:30 p.m
There will be an interesting
Spaniel discussion.
Th Prince Hall Ldge No. 1
will meet at the Bell's Nursery

Ernest (Dummy) Everett, of
9N3 S.E. 6th Ave., died in the
Alachua General Hospital Sat-
Duncan Brothers, morticians,
will announce funeral arrange.
ments later.
Final rites for Mrs. Theodo-
shia Childs, of Jacksonville, will
be conducted Wednesday at 1I
a.m. from the St. Pius Catholic
Church. Interment will follow in
the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery here.
The cortege will leave Jack-
sonville at 11 a.m. and is ex-
pected to arrive here about 12:45
and proceed directly to the Mt
Pleasant Cemetery.
Mrs. Childs was the wife of
Dr. Lincoln B. Childs of Jack.
sonville, and the sister in-law
of Ben F. Chids of Gaines.
ville. These services are under
the direction of the Holmes &
West Funeral Home.

The postal authorities tell
us we should report all threat-
ening letters we receive. How
about those from Internal

A New York night club Is
putting a kick into a glass 0d
milk, charging a dollar for
it Waterlo Coailer.


Double-Time for Overtime

(Fm the Coes Newspapers)
Few will quarrel with the
objective of President John-
son's pposal to provide
more bobby rewcing ova-
time wkL Thee will be wide
differences f opinion, how-
ever, as whether it can be
accompie by increumg
the rate d overtime pay.
There we rvart ifferces
amni Obbisin the we of
overtime. h lge assembly
im Pi ex wim a ln ma-
rm a e t l a for eMt
traimd wien for sp

Seid juti d their al
ace s m or lei redpt
Swortm wi hedee e-
at* A d work low a

IN T0135 TPM of
-t ue pedree1 a 11
adteahe IBP u'p'm..ensc

dbint ha& o itke widhew
et bo be m -eta d
wikbdte a sLiediem-
hm pb elamrwe ofan

*whe is al who
asMhMir a e er -
t aS- weed emt to
irO toamji nhr tdhe

Double-time for overtime is
relied o nder Preuidaet
Johson's prpopal as a pen-
alty that would compel mn-
plyers to hire additional
work. The W et to wiehM
it wod be effect, however,
depends largely athe amo
of overtime required ad th
at of p tion during them
exra houm. It coid in am
betmeem ruem t in dig hts
suOeI for regult r katm
ad providb no work for

ovte pay as penalty is
d the momiptd that
wh bade. aisig n ou
ot wn f gf p i mety
mro f all ordee at
inmet tae. It Io
Me ha that today's -ntm
d pilaS a pa.inn

wft o lt oatdm for
Nne. ram of overte

Agrmddmmad ton be
iem.di h ar raimAl o-
etd py raMs Is a* to-
awd M ad Bmpon a I

dllmds MDim -v
se lam e mm ht s-
papbo WtkA S aw'

tirement plans that must be
extended to include additional
pat-time workers if overtime
work by regular employs is
abandoned. If these benefits
are not extended, the tras
are likely to feel they are
treated unfairly. I tey are,
the additional its may not
be omm rate wih the
amount of work available for
the etra workers or the serv.
ices they rader Ue d ampiy.
DOUR E TIM M over.
time ppo has had the
support of may of the Iag.
er labor uniom.

by Pres a wAk I tamt eow
the overtime ad gad the
work aggms th wol need to
determine whether uIo
mmbes we wifin to i
up &ker a eanki trho
ovUertMe, what e mt they
would demand compaw
in the form of higher w
caki and how may wOa
or could M uplemot dir
duced earnbg by bfifa
other job i r f
Theae are ly a w d dh
aspects of the pidm's p.
poal that wSl med to h
thoroughly e bM d IbIn
ay kind of juWap M bh
reached Ma i whetr It wo *a d Ohs ai
tin off I lir am
peomle o rMW di .
Msties's lalutrial mtimhlmr


Consultants from the Alachua
County School Board, Alachua
County Health Department and
Alachua County Central We.
fare Department will be share
ing pertinent information.
Everyone is cordially invited
to attend.

In loving memory of the late
Rev. Levi Arrington, who de-
parted this life two years ago
on Feb. 8. The memories of
you will forever linger with al
of us. Mrs. Rosa Arrington,
wife; and family.

'The West Coast Ministers
and Deacons Union choir is ask-
ed to meet today at 8 p.m. at
the home of Mrs. H. G. Shuman
at Arredonda.

The Home Mission Society of
the First Baptist Church will
meet at the home of Mrs. Vio-
la Peoples, of 537 S. W. 7th PL,
today at 7:30 p.m.


FPWM's BatUlld
iUalkuity C01

m asiN ou

1. Report te ws fuly NOd mpartially in the nd .eolnm.
2. Expredm dIe opinion of KM Sun only na-Iitlab
3. PuMlish all sides of importat enters iaues
The Sum's telephbes: All Depew m t4-372.8441
Wat A&.-376.4672

British Trade With Cuba

4 ikwdi io n


.- W I aSaI may e aren d by I
iGoral Contreutr. rom tis office
byhr deoriaUng thr wItha a of
twesty M Dolla. (M.0e> a. This
ieel will be raNudei pa. Rme...
im at i bo ue hid d retun
Sf the ad etlractl decuieta
ta f eMlans as nbt date m.t et
a geft of ibMs.. AddiMal MsN
or bists rented for purpose ther
tha lb. as butlssion of a bid wil hbe
furshbaed t the actual cod of dupih-i
catioM (6i per smet), a without
c 0tud.
TheRD ana resrvel t righ to
reect any r all Udi, waIve iato-'
Imamies or negularitst In Uidse Am
Ie readvertis if i elects.
ire D. Madalei
(W) J:A. L 13:3



U--B ...... *
Wilub^^^ ^^^^^a^^^^

IBBBH--as reglim UM


We Solute

Gainsville's Engineers





Today's engineer, ore working to give
you more advantages in your future
living. Save for that future but

IPer Arimu

be sure to save where
you earn ato the highest
possible rate, with In-
sure Safety.

Tumdy, Febery II. I4

'Liquor Law


Low in Area
Whie the beverage depart-
ment s law enforcement ac.
Sity rom sharply in most of
l ada month, Maclua
and- neighboring counties tem

Activity was reported in only
two of the counties in this arm.
In Aacm County, H gallons
of 'shine and oe car were cm
fiated. No arrests were made
here by the beverage depart
Mnet, according to its mostly
report received here yesterday.
SArrests were made ti nearby
Putam County, however.
The reprt his eight bever-
age law violation arrests there
--ne for moonshining.
Dixie, Marion, Lenvy, Gil
chri*st, Bradford, Cay ad Un-
ion counties had no activity re-
p-red by the beverage depart

Statewide, the department do.
stod 40 'shine tills, dumped
12,55 gallons of fermenting
mash and 1,57 pilots of illegal
whiskey, seized 3 vehicles used
to transport 'shine, arrested 14
persons for moonshine viola.
tkns and U for other beverage
law infractions.
Director Richard B. Keating



S|R t Ink mut
NEW YORK Betl m atryg to b 4larpg are
o the Be atimle il bo
Paid G. Marshal, t group's Americn attoey, he
nihvout Bi umle" Coe do f tme
bm Mel M m aap" oe l aij
Involved are See Bdoware a sirts, hats, alacks, pa
jun all
Manhae dl talt he ha obtained a state agrnm court
prelioary -ajfctle spi a Brooklyn fifrom maw
fectrin girs with a picture ofd the Beatdes over the mneric
same BeDme|
Bealeian has bem bMie hms
NikDy'r.p, pmidtd SOaaulInc. Beatles spelled back-.
wad), to Bleat' luqis agt, ha prtled tht Amori.
Swill pee abot $ lli on Betie prdcts during

Byrae revealed tat Beaule mdtorwaoter, manufactured
-in ru wl hoW be o the mouks b U.S ma,
ad he Sied tt a BMuemuh (for adult) wag under cm
i dhie&

Who's the Blonde

With the Beatles?

MIAMI BEAC (AP)-Wh ile ll pict r were taken with
toea~f lsikud l umd d mls. i1 Beatds
for a chance tog p or spl ed theater, t their
perchance touch rMtaib's arad the gir, and
b shy headed there imd t up for pre.

songs the background a
petty blde who knows mH
alU like Irodthm.

said also that 101 administrative She travels with them, eats
came were made against license with them, swims with them,
holders. laughs with them Ia private.
And while law enforcement In public, she ually goest un-
wa on the upswing, the depart- not hed wi e yer.o
m 's tax coWlection activity J eno the
Increased 11 per cat over the ly .
tate Cynthia doesn't give
Cigaret tax contributed the Interviews, doesn't p to the
greatest amount of itrease Satle pm cskerlm, pre.
with $46 million being collect. fes not to have her pictbe tak-
ed It represented an i rese m ad would probably dis-
of 4a per cent over January of caM her famous husband i
last year. Most of Lthe increase le asked point blank for a y
was because of the five cent a m aw.
pack tax increase m unposed by While n Miami Beach, Cy

the Ila legislature.
Other tax collection were:
-Beer, a million.
-Wine, $1 million.
-Liquor, 8 U million.
Miscellaneous fees and li-
cense charges made up the rest
of the department's monthly
collections $11.5 million.

I at: siotae
TY All C toners ed Pee. Havag
Claim er Dmandsi Agalia Sti
Yes mad each 1e yae e her mw-
Mils ad required to presue amY
elains and Idei mnehiel e, i
*er11 dl ya maY hav. aslemt tdhe
mlhsei. lt e aid County, .C to
Caogay Judge AMaehe Cmtny,.
rir athis ct Iani the ccw.
-a ual uA Cmes at Gainesville.
iam woH dasx a ealar d asmue
ftreali tIn l Um lan publlcatln
Us mattic. eack thia r demand
aKlb to weriabat ms d allate
ate Place o rMef iad pod- Seiea
j Ie Softhe cmlChite. .d Sal
he .e to by lb clalmt, aes, or
stereo, ad ay S aW h claim or de-
Used M1 lld O mO beo MVeW.
A, mstr ef M lbt Lilt Will
and Tmadaot Sk

Va, 0 i Gh Box &In
|Ie.inee. nvrts i
A n Ow I e'I I m
130) 2:111 111 3:&. 10

thia went yacht with ier
haband and his do Pad
McCarty, 1, Gorge Hait.
on, and Ri p Stair, 2L
Yet when asked to ideatify
embers of the group there
was a slim blonde with straight
shoulder legth hair, gas.
es and wearing a swimming lsuit
that no one knew.
That was Cynthia.
The next day a horde of Bri-
tish and U.S. paper and
magazine photographers fol
lowed the Beatles to a palm
studded pub beach for pie,
IN ne: tulbe o
CHARLES C. VOYLE. ala kmwn at








Siting a a beach towel, vir.
*tually oticed was Cynthia.
Whoa a phltgrapher asked for
her picture, she shook her head
ad said quietly. "I'd prefer
you didn't"
Leaon was asked while here
f his wife would be interviewed,
but be replied, "No. She r-
fers not to be in the hubbub."
Cythia and the Beste went
nIghdchhkng while in Miami.
While te four Iuls talked to
-wm and chatted with oh
er patrons, uncotcernad Cyn-.
thia sipped a coke and ate bar-
One of the policemen guard-
ing th hotel where the Beates
are quartered said he tried to
keep her out the first time he
saw her becus "I thought she
was anther Im Now we know
her.. he's the w female that

gets nea tim.
w eorm s Thh awtoN vO
mme aR-msaerm t iA eet

Clir I the Ctk Cal Alamitas
It cu Ci c. du. I
8I DIwa r. cam t
H. 0. ao Sd tSas & & Jamo
AhmS M Law
It wag llS AvWsee
PO an in
consulesi Flu
(SI) LUe. :-4 II. 1
Tallahamses. rda
Fsbrpry 1& 4
Ai w b wll be m receivd t btie
PJlz" Md44M -

Dc..K.e. ru* .aaivi s m nv t V a e U
T. Al Credtorl ai Par.NU Hay. DeS tll 10.31 A.M. ( .T.)
s WClaimL oDeman d AI.. kM -lb f dy a Yraiy. INK. r
Estate: IN.t a all bna .quS nt to
youandeach o moan e la.a.W erete b lani brick M ar
*ins ned arp lred to prdt aO W7To ok#DW Ad tkto Galemw
Q abu VA Smaa fit h ykin rt b<' m U4mn
eLtar e yw ha1e aUW lYe t N Masa @ 10MnlM atoMu may
state of CHA ELS C. VO Y alIm be akI d fta thate, el.
kam. at C. C. VOYLE,. d aae TI rN i W I esm byleror ie t ats
late of aS Ceaty,. to ec coAt Read Deartmo to reject any r
Judge of AMaca Casty. Florla. at ilB bid.
hi *toin Ba nM ert wM ar ai EATY ROAD DWARtlMEN
CaMuy at Galmkll, rirMi., 110a OP FLOIMDA
as ulm"ar aMU oth ta lme PiRCHAuING 'DIVISION
ai lf nat whpuallesa iS thn m Lawinme1 Tern
nre. ac claim or ead mi shall be Purchasing Aesst.
l wrrit M. ad shall sitaf the place tMt 2:11. 11
mf reme,, a -Pn St-es adds.un
S the sim .eandt "eb ehaI w 1 s wMIrT or THES CWuNTT
1. by Ilalim.0 hisab b aom at. MDEALACHA COUNTY. rLO.

tomy,- a maay Mb claim w d HIAIN RE:RiTlE
ma mat MWI i hallbee4 b .. iM,1 DiS .t
I May L Voyle J. AX DU ee sa.
SAs.tal -rit, meLmmsW e p imDan.
Tssmey SAeoAN.Creditiors ae...d tag
AsC.C.VQYLBo* . *cA *O:
Clara Aromf,.Dome&6 jbsYesan AS kehf.1 f m tMhe lasis-
r.5 blt MaM rSWd andeqodto ateromrt an
3oS11I tFlorida lIAns m ad 6 a"sWhich YU. Or
AiRV joy, -Eme* e f S yams, rave
ri s ..- a-r s' 4. lo 419 S J. MA .Y DUE dse. maeL
IS. S -mi Ceo. I. the CLTW
(31) 2 3:4. 1 IL 23 had it aid CON to aOw 1
Ma a Aft Caly tI Gi. eM. ASa

T;HRU SAT. c. m mas hlsu twee. h
IiO.3dO 4anem sai. ste atsa lb oant of raiwern
S | rWM ad 1to awi"Ae to li ca
P35W IUWU|| elaflon. am. a a a

and S O TIamas' S
J. MAZE! hILL deead
MUiMC 111. C.d GraMbf m le &

awns IfliV AtEn Pi ta lI. "u m

... Ye,'s Live a
Tim end Never Mat
Amel& Me. Lie Tm!t


s- tU kw At is

VAsue W VmN
SlMY 6 MO wLAl11
sart u~ato
-** *t **tr
M Ne. 5 5'I* 4. tIc
u*s..a - -
at ty Ien T aein s

How About




Jhas astheaphernld
ib L.. a = 'far'

GOP Rise, Apportionment

Termed Test for Florida

TAILAHASSEE nie flel.1 study
biltty of Florida's administra- ture.
tM *in. swtrc mawy be tet iin

fktneviie eso

Rain, Snow-

Hits North

of administrative str r By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Rain splashed areas in the

r Lm Am. of GUinSille

3 N. hub SK

Pn 24W

'olorler and Ss fad bY,
ft eUnit S" tGownw-a
IW MealeeiTo


TI-T "1 (AP" ) PresidentS has received a l m ra. y J I_
tohae's "Ilour work day at' Is "incrus" t=m1. It coming presses from reapper-: Th Gomental Research South nd the far Northwest
e White House" doe~'t g eMll vaischesi ad tioment and the rise of Re. Bulletin, first in a series of five lt snow fell in scattered
are withhisadmnistration's terareaes at E ta Ite. plipa ninsm, predicts a Florida numbers to be published an-e r sections but generally
posalto t down a University .lilbcl L St ur m c today.
kefulr. a t = x ssf e two factors may haver te
oi s a fvid -fgreater impact on reorp-niza-. d r- th t A disturbance in the northern
Refeler, president of timon of the state's cabinet boar tl s Gulf region set off rain from
ass uInhattse Bank of Noew hald the Iflour day at the system than piecemeal legisla Stam llResearch, TFlorla euasle heions ofra the Fitr
York, compared the White White House." tn ba accomplished in 19 Uery Taabasse. ea sins o foheor n
Hoe work day withth e was an the says Daid G. Temple, a The second Buetin the ne heavy rain, measuring more
iitrati's double pay for resident research asoaAte with th e res will be published t than one inch, hit southeastern
rdee ? work ad reps Ito ie ar university's Ititute of Gov. month, and will outline the Cu. Louinana and southern Missis
weeh Mooday W Ighr He cai adledh mna mResearch. ban refugee problem in Florida. sippi. The rainm was expected to
h-i 3riRockefeller Is there were Whether the present frame. ______ spread through the Carolinas.
Rockefeller. youngest of t many w ide factors" in work will be able to respond to the central Appalahians, with
be five R brother the labor mare formore over.- ncf(ed demands from urban Gambling on anything ram mixed wilth snow in the
haxie to the liw c time pay or a shorter work t or adaptotothePO$-*I made White's Club i Londonho V^&
he iute of Detrol. week to stiadae employment blt ioove 'n-f the h Ce Light snow falls were reported
-,klr's talk was an es.'adclwforaawnpositivemtodawIestions lCO tury. The betting book reveals in mthe northern plains and cen
P inI of t a new s of awinaM Tto'Floriians, writes Temple. that 'Mr. F. Cavendish beta trial Rockies. with snow flurries
which he attacked double l c "I mcovnced" e sai Teor in a bulletin ublis M H Brownrigg 2.1 that he indicated in the Great Lakes re-
vertime proposi as a at. "that with ti papernationalti bulletituteb aredoes not kill a blue bottle fly gion and the central and north.
npt 0o ireie in n toconu poic ts we prl e sy to re beIfre he goes to bed." ern Rockies.
rin ework rs. TideJobs filCa obasedoassudyofrecommend. O"
e said r all who are willingads

ll*al .eastrecreviewf there. ENJOY FLORIDA LIVING IN A
administration doublkever.s a v retaiin proaad state agencies.
hte idea were both defeatist ved labersg nt11 un 1 FlorWa is as R dedicated to
d h- a oSfi the use of cainetboardFLORIDA Swimming Pool
c"Iti tihpnicfhesaiduiasit was in 1," he says, point- .
I proposal to cut down on over te p e y ing out that more agencies, by Rivers Construction Co.
me should come from an ad- boards and commissions exist
propoCs ral ar he,' A QUALITYPOOL lacked by a
mlostration whose leader has i a ctday than existed when the A QUALITY L Bcked by a
cau.YOU2 1101 D!"a' 190 Legislature recommended a FULL 5 YEAR WARRANTY
worMao oam may oruerAN aMYa.
.w winreNi bysoTo AnC sesam rd. NOTICE Or INTENITION
L.s yc adT .s A lly Iand p.ars.Haig T oARAPPiSLATons 2 SIZES 1x 2 end 20 x 40
M&s101 aI D=m1adm said FORt FINAL DISHDARGE 2 S -$3,00 0 $5 40
S matiNW Fs aoiassaS". Priced at $31,000 to $3.500
ema, d:.0WP.M.,. ahch yhi.,i or OF FLORIDA. Itoa _________________whictOF
tam ma-dpstallbidrecedwi lln o, may d bav aalasi"t Uhe IN PROBATE:
IS0 ADDITIONS TO LAZE 0R8FST calF late DsUiTAl.rY KL Cat;rl JudgIe 9 Alacka u a TO All WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Filter Systemn- Skimmer POeel ruh DivingB rd
EUMr SMCHOL.Pho wita. at btS he cst a etNli is herby giva that r
EPachd hi aseaMasm1 by a at 1ai1" ftA. aamse. -U f ileKaM M ust .s A Pool Light Tt Kit Stop Ladder Vacuum Cleaner
Softhea i. I e amasa. el aive .. *a lade..i. t a S th e ada of 6A- F
S a i as W the t the fits aa am is t. s.ti. hoe. i e, ia s Lo f Net
tist the bi r N awatted 1 .' lil1 1 otle.t E achclaim or deman d t pNUI eor fl aIsmirg*e. and
tratL will at am0s SCse cka.&" AIRl be I. .rltl mad at r all dats ebg kg will i* ly to the ortl CALL POft P111 ITIMATE NO U1LIGATION
raiv ma an aard ear to st e dem of mas- n Ntot en MasDmald. Canty Judg
Own o t mksn a y What i ms" la clalmaut, si ad1 11 a Ull it. e ;sy fluhi aI thi
e ?ih 2m atoby etmnatt. INeW yofMarok.MLNiapprvalW RIVERS CONSTRUCTION CO.
BN as iB6u .a t B. t.CaS pr ie i wn As s iai l a IA
No 1idS wthd rS WeW A5 hidlrabor of Mw e S a P T. d Nt 5d *-ali. 10. DIAL: 622-7049 OCALA,

hr a .pr..a.j d a thirty da atMtie d aedmA. e
ate at hr the emu. "mood. Is. 1364. A tle of *A tfto Ofet FLA.
Asl verb stil bedone B, maccrtin, U256) 2:1g 3:2e1c A4 25)X3Kl 3. 3 p3t. 10
ta WON.. ueefiems as ca(
brota daareatinatr ttento which

si a umaaa i-mets ma mie

If you're after a car with some life to it, there's only one thing to do. Be my guest.
I'm easy to find, you know. Just look for me at your Buick dealer's, during his Sports Car Rally. While you
wait for me, you can drive one of his sport models-a Wildcat, maybe, or a Skylark. Or even a Riviera. In
fact, you can drive all three. That's what the Buick Sports Car Rally is all about. (What a way to start a
New Yearl If I don't show up, you can talk price. That's even more pleasant than conversation with me.
You'll see. Once you get your hands on a Buick, you won't miss me a bit. Really.

S m QM N"k Duhfr or Dib Chck TrlI-lL... 1blt th o .




Tued.. F AF 138, 194


Over 40 Ymca Of

02 W. Uiv. Av.



Noaslmg& M.CmIweeWa
bsc ma
2520 H.L10h Tuma
FL. R 64128U

RaTId M ln.1 i Sol1

SNoew On At
uIN1ns & cogus1cs
122l W. U Ci.m
% ION& ft no CNEW

Jn BIvdig
Mete ish
Lambsw- Haldwm
Iwea awd Iwe.
Oe Gm Teub
Lumber Co.
203 NM.W. Ah ft.
Ph. Fi 6-454

ald SUVKI 372-572

* *

s* *

Pyrofax Exhibits Growth

In Greater Gainesville
'ie Pyrfa story hGin Gainesville is a long oae hut the last
two years mdr distri manager Roger Hansm and local m
ager Ira Whit it have bee the most dynamic.
Ha e said the pny has enjoyed tremendous powt
the past two years. Wh the VA hospital and the ne Federal
ilding gng up, any new families wil be coming to Gale-
vile and we hope to serve many of the, he added.
Roger Hanaen has been with Pyrtax for nine years aid
moved to Gainesmile with hi wife M Rose HmRo BM, mfrme St.
Petersburg two years ago. hey hve at 81m NW 37h Drim.
Cammenting an the peey growth F Pyro'ax i Gainesville.
Hamse attributed most of i to Ira Whiteurst.
"Ira Whitehurst is the key to our Gainesville buiess," Han-
sen said. "His lon aoeatia with the gas business in Gaines.-
ville has brought many o his old customers to us."
j Born and raised in Gaisvile, Ira Whitehurst had 1 years
a*ssiti. with Pyta prior to becoming local manager last
year. He and his family, Mrs. Elizebth Whitelrst, and so
Jacke, 12, in the sevth grade at Westwood, live on Glea

'Iroug the years, Whitehut has made many friends for
Pyrot. He cites service a the most important fator.
'"Our buies depends on service, he said. "'The better service
we give, the better satisfied our customers are and satisfied
custo rs are our bes advertment."

* *

* *

Pace in

District manager Roger aso and local manager C. L Whitehurst
the Pyrofax office.

* *

* *

Capable Hands Free

The Records Straight

Pyrofax accounts are handled courteously, quickly and n a
personal basis by Mrs. Rachel Layed and Mrs. Jean.e Miller.
Whether a customer writes, phones or stops in, the accounts
section is always ready to discuss present business or a future
account. Should a new installation be the topic, one of the ladles
will arrange for Mr. Whitehurst or Mr. Hanen to give the
customer complete information.
Regular office hours for accounts are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
However. should an emergency arise, customers may call the
office, FR 24i, and the emergency service crew will be on the

* *

Ladies lkesi g the Pyrofax accounts and records
straight an Mr. Rachel Lyed ad Mrs. Jenne Miller.
Experience On The Job
Boosts Customer Service
More than years of service in the gas business is repre-
sented by the men of Pyroeax in Gaineville.
Experience is keynotd by t average of more than 12 years
service for each man on the Pyrefax payroll. From the drivers
to the boss, thee mmen know the business.
Tie Archer Road tak farm' is under the supervision of plant
manager Pal xter with the aid of James Mllr.
Customer erve is handled by James Harrel, Ira Roberts,
George Bryan Bll Shaw, Sa y Jone and Ed Gordon. These
are the men who handle the seven uni of rolling sletock which
include 2 service trucks, 3 cylinder and ebulk tuc
Cusmer service incIdes delivery installation of cylin-
ders, installation and falling of bulk taks a new instalatio..,
Iitalation of wplian s, removal of d appliances for trade-.
in or a complete mconversion r either electricity or natural
gas to Pyrfa.
A cal to FR 4l.wfl put ome of the men at thea customer's

* *


rwnrr -.

802 West Univrsity

* *


lass er oeerven a u l.ia m r w aPadl i' .aa s .thlu a Bl i un th r q ntiy tr
Mt hPynUaxtekfanm Arheroms.

TRlVE ML ~lt I-- SBV.a fTL^Al iKCo.

I. Wi %j4II '


talk over a new kitchen unit available at

* *

* *

..a Whitehurst discusses account with Pyrofax cus-
tomer David Veal, 232/z NW 4th Ave.

* *

* *

Quality Appliances

Reduce Service Costs

The complete line of gas appliances carried at the Pyrolax
office include "Hamilton" washers and dryers, "Pyrofax" and
S --Caloric" kitchen equipment and "Coleman" and "Holley" heat-
mg and air-conditioning.
Manager Whitehurst said the appliances represented are all
quality merchandise.
"When we instaUll equipment in a home, we service it," White-
hurst said. "Quality appliances require fewer service calls, re-
quire less time on each call and save the customer money into
the long run"

The firm carries appliances which run in two price ranges to
afford the customer a wider selection for his money.
"In kitchen equipment, the Pyrofmx would be considered the
"iiddlecla'ss" t while the "Caloric is the Cadiac" of the
Field," Whiteurst said. "The same analogy may be applied to
the Coleman and Holley beating and airanditioning units."
Hamlton is an old standard in the aplme line. They made
the first home laundry dryer more than 4 years ago.

* *

* *

Pyrofax Adaptability

Allow New Applications
d mi ar e a s vard in aidit to
lasi dm e-drs snemis mly thout of.
P ft a l li ^ depi d mp a by hs la ithe rurl com-
n-ity fin indI-M Is hnoue" ue. Never apr plkts inside a
flbe ee of t~are l d e urig mu of tob-
cc fa. Wea flabt is bhmi in pop l with a a
er depm taIte ad ar mre of Pynrdf fltmae.
Mi r ne a mtr SMp pica as iM ism o -e M mat-
r ad bnaim wip
ta is* =w le teml a i6b A we of Pcytax in aeb
ent fmr dm *r plr, hL
IWeler tlh aplfes bi dte lei, anMrel farn or b.
duiril. e a rl o thi Pye bie et dte potewl u er
eaplteb mem. e type, aIl, eflity ad Mse a
II[a h l

2031 N.W. 6th St.
Ph. 376-4664

Mede eqsuilpmet for csening
sewen. Sink water and all
drinl hfem /4" t .8" lieU..
Phon* 372-3501 376-7081
1010 S. Main Setr
CALL 376-8215
Northcentral Florida's
Leading Printer
1024 5. Main Street
Gainesville, Floida
720 N.W. 11h St.

Heir Styling College
218 S.L Fint St.
FR 6-4105

Visit Our


Pa 649


7m w. UtAm.

r. ,,"im

fAr7 t,

T -

9& %W!i


4 ods"Ah so

-i "


Tsry,. -kw 18ql ,4

&h.O 8.

Sauts Fe River/Suwannee River


Quorum Fails

To Show For

Lawtey Meet








LAWTEY Only t wo me-
ber of the LawleyCity CouicIl
ahmed up for a meeting acded-
uled last night, and air-
mn Dove Shuford postponed it
MMl March 2.
In addition to Shuord, only
Bryant Reddish of the council
appeared for the meeting, ad
in the abaee of a qworm, th
chairmn announced the pod-
ie meeting had been hetd
led when Shord failed to
get a motion for adjourmeft at
the conclusion of a session held
Feb. 3.
Missing at the meeting last
night were Spurge M ,
his brother, Wayne, and Negro
meber Robert Scot.
A. Mamy, fahe of
two councilmen, said thin mon
keg that Wayne work
domuate for a railroad, aw
that Spgeo had bee mae
to atted became of Shem.
Soltk isndertood to be work-
g at Cocoa.

Citrus Council
To Halt Aid
To Competitors
LAKElAND (AP) -A ditrus
Industry commiee, warned that
Florida must look out for hi-
ceasing foreign competition in
world ade has voted to seek
a halt ti United Stas amist
dance to other countries in cret-
ing citrus Indastries.
Robert W. Rutledge, executive
vice pIdet Iof Florida Cib
Mutual, said U. S. itr exports
to Canada are off about a third
although Cuada is eating more
iHe said the difference is being
madeo up in Canadian imports of
lower cot fruit from other -m.u
The reports by Rutledge and
others was made to citrus Mu-
tual's Itustrial advisory co-
mittoe. -
Herman Stsele, the cooper"
tive's am nt general mng-
er, said dIre and citrus prod
uct imports by the United
Stale this ea-s so far have
reached a mlli bomes, ad
p a wi total three malhs
boxes for the whole season
F.P.L To Issue
Mortgage Bonds
MIAMI (AP)- A construction
budget od mi nllio f 1or
and a 35 million issue of first
mortgage bo wans announced
Monday by the Florida Power &
Lgt Co.
Major construction items in
clhde complete of a 4C5, k
owatt go ra being added at
the ort Erglades plant ad
adltel work on a second unit
at Part Everglades.
A third Onit is being installed
at the company's Cape Kemedy
plant sd preUoleary engineer-
ing work is adler way on two
O m IMowamt mt int south
Da CMeOy.
Net prmeds frm the bhad
lheee, to be sae March IS, wll
ply casn cti contracts and
li. mste a*ipwed short-term
A qmtriy diviad nof
emts a sm A mmomn stock
payable March 17 was declared.
Directors dam Max Orovit
I Mn is r sad tstrhalist,
to the bWd.

More than M Northmiral
Flora Future Farmers of
American and their Tea
agrkutre teacher adve
this week are observing Nation-
at FFA Week.
They join about M1 0 her
FAMn in the stole ai Ru
bi the Malom in tki dborim.tio.
Whioe no ed mm li ave
been aned is aSre, the
local FFAem and theirI ade
during National FFA Week are
caceutratid a he more on

thr w or and ph*ag fr bte men hi be vutck j)u
W i riadbglm eveal am- Ig contests at tM tow.
ing p. the peomiilGahieville
S. .Steer Show wE atrat chi.
7ugee.9"Ii ulb *the g o r frj m about i ncoutes,
n Bee Cate m ncuding Alachi, Levy, Gi.
a L Salte anda MW ckri rt Mmi -, ma.Union
at Fai SprAvig adm and lutnam.
Sa W sG vir Omerupcominge-vntsInde
Seer Show, chedd ar b it a bdistriet co
Ud 1- tsn a forty fidd day in
FAmei fra Levy, Die and Gae o Mar 7. the an-
GiriO t coutiesll be among ual father-nm baurets of may
bhilirs tie anm i Sprtinp maptes ad the state coven-
sow. Other counties in the tion in June.
area wl be repreented by All FutreFarmers ofAmer.

ica ae vocational agricom h Kanas city, Mo., site of the co mer, Wasthetonal Last year, the Santa Fe '
st in high school. I adM- tioSalconvention each year. presided frot this area rs won state champioul ,
tiun i ig b eig a modern It was formed by a small e O the outstanding chap- poultry, livestock and lad 4
farming chniqume they lear group f catioal agricultureters in this area is the Santa ing and a host of other stal
other s objects, such am public dent who had as the firstFe High School Chapter, which, honors.
speakig and parliamentary pr words of their creed, "I believe though relatively new, has wo Other chapters in the area, a
cedue. Emphas is placed ain the future of farming." many state honors and recogni- of which have made outtandin
leadermip and od cAminap. .,., a e etion as one ofthe top chapters records in one way or another
a tr artem 17ntal ha_"reid inaiwthe m atio n for overall achieve- include Chiefland, BrocoA, Wi
Their bdid ad district Northeentral ftetrida which meot n Bell, New
emtet involve mdi atieolm have produced a national FFA The most recent amp li- stark Bradford Countyl New e
a tractorr i hr- preiet A nd many state offi- m t of the Santa Fe Chapter, rose, Reddick and, in Galm
moa Playing b ad m 811i4 cmand have won many state tutored by Donald McCormick ville, Gainesville High Schoo
eiad Mringad meA. ndoal 1onr a, and Kenneth Lee, was winning'Westwood Junior High, Bud
The FutureParmaers of Amer- Doyle Coer of Bradford the state poultry judging co- hol Junior High and Howar
ea was organized years ag County, nowstate agriculture test at the State Fair in Tampa. Bishop Junior High.

Australia, N.oZ.

Limit Meat Exports

Workers coee tr, ter of gas from wrecked tanker.
(Is. i w su MasoWA y)


Disaster Averted on U.

8m ft a Wrier
STARKU The nerve-wrack-
*g hat-ig of a wrecked
trailer taok car of about MN
plons of liquid prop -
nOh ito blow the area to bits
was ompled ye
about four mil south of here

T tak trailer, operated by
enxi e Tank Lines of Brotk-
er, had been wrecked at about
I:9 Sunday night, when the
driver, Ear Mack of Sarke, a-
tered US401 from SR-W ad
attempted to swerve north into
the sou thbound me.
The loaded ank, weighing
about 6MN pomds, broke free
from the cab and rolled on its
side Mack was uninjured, ex-
cept for a cut Up, but the toak
laying the land ofthe busy
highway e a huge bomb, a-
pae of raining destrudm
and death in the immediate
area, r f H
Douglas Hardy, ouwor of iar-

dy Bros. Saiage Co., who sup-
ervised the tuning over and
Mocking up r he tank, said
it took about five hours to do
the job. "And it was the most
dangerous of I've ever tack-
led," he said?
He explain that the op.e,
at was neMearMy before an-
At tak I'cam tul d be
rOugMt a t side of it and
the wrecked lank unloaded.
mlorida jway Patrol SgLI
Carlos Musgriove sid the lob-
al patrol station bd been alert-
d pier to v e ac ent and
that both heWaod Trooper J.
M. Hols bald benm seardaig
for the vehicle whpa they re-

S. 301 N

been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Cason of Worth-
ingto Spring. Pitts is now em-
ployed by the Florida Rural
electric Cooperative Associ-
ion, and his wife is a reporter
with the Bradford County Tele.
Mrs. Pies said they msaw the
vehide leav* Brooker and
that it was "all over bthe road."
She said they stopped at Gra-
ham and asked a farmer there
to alert authorile, and, after
catching up and paying it,
'phoned in s alarm from a meo-
tel US near the SR-7w
Mrs. Pills said, "And thea I

celveda report ofthe wc saw the track comeout on Ml1
"We gpt a cal fr the id tern ever. se and her
Gaoevile PNtr SWtaol at ubmind hried to the seem
tk" he said, "and were to a t the driver but found
ing for the vehie when at hm m ud
t3 we gegt nal44 te Sgt.LM ve sa Mack ran
wre sto sign at the enrace to
An alarm wa baen sent outthe highway, and that when ask-.
by two former Sa reporter, d fr an eplana the driv-
Be ad Anm Pits, who had'er said be had bm brakes.


Newnans Lake Level Up

t do canesto uband the
Mid m st. At bast th is
what bapp toi most areas of

1dnate aMut:of ra GaoIe.-
vi has been receiving r this
e of year is the major rea-
son fr the lake's rise.

he worM. In Aim coty's Evice of the rig water
Newm Lae, however, the ae b aU mi rou the
tide sem to be comg in but a eefo dry land beoes
Sm bm M j t k wl g e--broa. At bthe McGMay
L w M camp he entire boat
The water ofl the la per wat under water last
hI rim forleet ib the last week ud sad bags and all
three week aigl es Mry ba wre put eo the plr to
Sp of pilglohg Tte I a nme it does not fl

Cannons To Roar Again

amtos coaemorating
so So l" s Baof ttli of
Ist O, ,dWMilet e

lI Samr siar Laft

dn-,parm 6 Waroy wi
kWft Civwm of. C
te th me nsei f two Um

w gom for e war eort
*drh Wak War L
s81-r *lnus-l HoUsed
it0 umftu as theI

-' iSaR-tm be Ca-
tdmu-o itmt tr
ibaq, uoated io a ix-
L9irW l-kSE

At Ohmtee

Preum o ae Chin, a
ammi l moni w houm
U L. bh at OM comlir
lab CW. iMM .i 2
bhe Wwfe see
- D. L. (Billy) Matthll
we be AmW.

6lmed ata n 0 a
p1lite6 m r to ^
"Mi "ralyaptal.
comises^^ won eas pns
^^ ^^^ IMH B

a ( i tI pse opa i
bhaoS by. their and
,an-c,7y. w
o 'ler aes of the am
dmitg ad ar Mrs A,
C*e" a Jr .
Herbert Dary Lrakeas
U A- aasaseariblamee,

U flaur, sascrsy aem
fseB abd i..n~mtt aat,
we pride aft ad the
Oburs q g

cIXt. I -.1a ni

f hiles Dfh ruis h e
(Sf~f.,^ ** '


Floridale cattle and their
c terprts acrossta the nation
nve received good news in thea
form of an onunncement fromI
Washdington that the govern
mots of Australia and New
bealand have agreed to limit
meot eports to the United
States. T
The anouncement made by
the Saae Departmt and the
U. S. Department of Agricul-
lure, b wa received today by way
of telelype at the office of 0. P.
McArthur, stale executive dir.
oeet of de Agricultural Stab.
Ta NK er i ls "i d CoF ervation Sed t
United States import of meat,
beefs m o and ve w Zeald
ear Starke b- v
markedly during the past few
years. This, coupled with a
Mack s cdiarged by t Fpheavy incee n domestic pro-
Mack Is charged dby th e FP iei has caused alarmingly
with that offe Damage to ea be a eal
the traer tank was etmatedTd h i n er e v increased
at mOD. hed i port was voi by
Cushmans"--e-agon m
Segregation cattle ( an llresident of theo
Hearing Setal Cattle n's Assoca
Today In Jax s, ageoruon
JACKSO NVIL (AP)-igh Setrfty Of A~ e Or-
Jacksonvile Negro minis vile L Freman pointed out
were schedued to appear iis loday- that Austraia's bedf shlp-
Municipal Court today e tre- mets the U. increased
passing charges arigh o by U per et in M ad an-
their efforts to break color bar- other 17 per cent In 19I3.
riers. Australia and New Zealand
Four were arrested Mondayw are e pripa suppMliers o
night when they refusmedtoive beef and veal to the U. S.
the downtown Robert Meyer Under the announced agree-
el matter tryingtoregaiNt. Te me nt, Australia will limit its
were booed in ciy Ja and exports in IM to M, long
leased a their= own reco om ( million pounds); in
n bances. 1 to S milli pounds;
The other four we arrted ad, i hi mill ion o n
Friday when they refued to pnob.
leave Morrimson's cafeteria after
seeking serve.
Among the arrested lat MeN-
day was the Rev. J. C. iS mYOUR
4, first vice prMIIt of the
First State Convention of
America and prdeent of tb
Propein DBapist lSate C. Progrea8 s
vention of Flridalr .
M a- o' ocid w le
pickets carried sips m utide to
hotel and the nearby catel1 1

New Zealand's exports will be
limited to 231 million pounds in
lk m 2 milli d.Al l tHI

Quitting Post
State Atty Phil O'Connell d
Palm Beach and Broward coun-
ties said he will not seek re-ekc.

and 2S million pounds in Um O'Connell, who has held the
post since 1939, said he plans to
The export quantities for IM return to private law practice.
reflect the average of U. S. O'Connell's most famous p
imports from each of these O'Connell's most famous pros-
countries in 19 and 1963. Quan- ecution was that of former Mu.
es specified for I and 1966 nimcipal Judge Joseph Peel Jr.,
ai basedan an annual growth and Floyd (Lucky) Holafel for
rate- of 3.7 per nt= the 1955 murder of Circuit Judge
rate of 37 er cen. C. E. Chillingworth and his wife.
Secretary Freeman said he
was pleased that the export Peel is serving two life terms
limitation agreements has been for the murders and Holzapfel
reached with major suppliers o* is awaiting death in the electric
beef to theU.S. chair.

State Candidates Line Up

To Be First to Qualify
By DOUGLAS STARR noon March 3, a two-week per-
TALLAHASSEE (AP) Can- iod preceding the May 5 and
dia.d f- -... .i,- ,.I Mav 26 primaries.

u itet for "ry nomination to w
various state and district offices
in the May primaries lined up
Monday night outside the sere
tary of state's elections division
office, waitg for the Bmm ws-
de to begin quaifying.
Being the first to qualify car-
rie no special significance ex-
cept in two cases:
-The order of qualification of
delegates to the national conven-
tions determines the order of ap-
pearance on the ballot
-If two groups seek to sup
port the same candidate at the
national convention, the first one
to qualify wins. However there
is an exception under the law.
The candidate has the choice of
which group shall represent him.
Florida's official qualifying
period is from noon today to

protestWig segreplies
lo tin the sudden rise Nt time you're to the sup buyingand whetheror not we
lake's water level was You May Soon market look at the tnt are getting bargains.
y favorab. Jo6 MS- oee shol. Until recently it There is no question but that
Y, owner of the McG, S ing was almost a reward job to many of the changes are indi-
owi casp, saidat even lw l 8 illSky locate the Oe prit dclosHig ret response to the "Truth inm
hiswer ws unr wa- j mu eb con Packaging" billntroduced ear-
hoped the lake could SANPORD The Navy n.taoled ad tmO how prices ly oin the Kennedy aihninistra.
t d Noi noLnmed today receipt of ew -ep1rd. Today, nearly al tion by Michigan's Democratic
Iat ta we had the arial phoograpic bler a-t *e jrs rcary bl bold p Sator Phip A. Hart-the
Sthis level everyting Is which may briefly m e delaratios thir t lab- first major federal legislation
tWm. weMdbette m I wgp a wllbr kjr*ft bI puo OnWcem," ever exposed to cotrol the
S sa bt daets rf Sanford, Oris, t 0 Onmes" er whato the package g and labeling practic-
Cw M Gayomvae. luntas. es of Amerio a boisinessnme.
The flbher agl m d Or tuin to the dry cereal Thereisnoquestion but that
fisbhmm terviewell dtdf fdres nas t rar stie, loaded Presdat KImody's and now
ad the se view ad to adion is lomu the mh "seaper" boxes or Presideat Joo's spomor -
ty w-e gt beer gro g aid bsa e ak L -pr," eeo. ship of kugiphosi to protect
Sbe at rawme si Najvy a1*s my a'w," "amfl elml ~ lw bde ocogmB aapit decepive
I. We a Mif M ald i sti Yes' l o t mo the a ft paa amd sel midmWagl l
Adh of ft GoaIbl iisI|t h m100lub ilid sm of t as t .ling ha spmd hindstry to
l*m afbs mp Smi Bey e e*tg as et g c bfiwkIadwat ad b its ontoseosobjec-
u te U s3r. theIr a *lyatbe m J sini11aWes' ti4s.
msb.ka. e th6o u 'e u it wan Thmlisau tlebuttbatl
al am .es *NOatt s i anroa mmmabine bae
s wmadh. b me t t ad a*bemmpoessed by snpoO r-
& om at ft'Oer" Y
*S bv l sre bd gA" l a ha*e she becm the
'W mtNy ot 4 | k hs I F ab l st m1 o
seboldwasw b el. s Yert B=m2 in wt = major "Al=*am es have"
Its e mW watr lew ."d PoiBlM e l. p- pi a oei, e to
faram a Ci fl bg rem" myt a

h n mi -kfsfoodcowp
heT-a 0 ak*sdabma. ob spot

fWIZW Id ae

r f

baa ~. ,. s~rzii.. arr r'

lob w lbyeI. A bhp

t- E-'s-

Qualifying is relatively sim-
pie. Each candidate pays a fee
of 5 per cent of the salary of the
office be seeks; signs an oath
that be voted for at least 90 per
cut of the opposed nominees of
his party during the last general
Section; promises to do the
same thing in the next general
election; and states that he has
not been a member of another
party during the previous two
Under this law, the filing fee
for governor is $1,250.
Of every fee, 60 per cent goes
to the party and 40 per cent goes
to the state.
Before qualifying, candidates
are restricted in spending cam-
paign contributions to travel and
personal expenses. After quail-
Sying, the restrictions are off.

dustry there's even talk about
abandming "cents rf" deals on
the basis that they are a nmid
stance and don't help a pret
duct's competitive position. -
Today In Washington a new
busiry committee, repres-
entg a leading grocery pro-
ducers and suppliers, is meet-
tog with state weights
and measures officials to draft
a signfcnt amendment to c6.
rent state weights and meast
ure laws. The amendment
would require "prominent, def.
inite and plain" statements of
contoes ad define exactly hew
prm d aite a pla
those statements should be.
At the se time Mrs. Pet-
w m h is erordiating the oper-
ats d gorvmenm t employee
Ibs aim agencies aoneem .
ld with cm e protect, Js
a~igidrb0s permanent regiw.
a enb to deal wita loa
coba r poins, ois urg
whM y bmstrly cooperation
We Mue ieh er t
Wdms eme from thdim sry.
We do et want new laws just
fir ah saes S lows," pt-
Beem s W asitwa's
Itl"O6, a imtS mre W
h* upte*r pelf. BD-
mm e f its we hs al l-a
- III by etter a
aI ..a-aba ft r b is

ilt Ale"d 241140ift

wmame" **so ihii i
*-^^1 Sho marBisi w


*i Mon&,


14 -



Tuesday ebmyi I, 1964

Grid Coaches Gather

A huge tIun high
a *.choo adi m fm over the
state is expected to attend
the nd oneway cdiic Satur-
day at Gasilte 1 High
S Silx o these tide's top acho-
a grid coaches will
....They inci Nick Kotys,
=Cat GeilN.OiwAAi1t1
MchafloWfl tM H *d a
oralsstate ch c In 1M; H&
Qss AA urmno p; Jack
Taylor, Jicksloie Beach
O lcher, s t-tb in the
*AA playoff; Bil Calm, OMa-
sl; Rabbit W Slth Plaths;
Zand Carl Madia, Mlton.i
^Madison will coach the North
*star game ber in August
and Alpr wil lad the

Gainesvie football follow-
ers are familiar with the
know-how of Smith, wheat Pa-
lath ten went 42 last
year and tied AA Galiesville

Saturday for Clinic

and Dayos a Beach Mainlad.
Smith playd bi high
school footba at Palata
where l w hainow eD M head
coach 1a y e has
Hes gruaie o theu n-
hbsky S Gedogi where he
and dpaytwo
pro ith tohe Ics

He one of the moat a*
cfuli school coaches in
the eslon. He hai albr-
ed two long MeMIe IB
1i Both of theO wer
34 reIMrd Palat-
ka back in 13 for
an eated seaon with
only ies to mar the 1-.
pme ason and top-
ped performance with a


l wi ou aOw AA Cal
Sl of Orlt" to the Alke
Bowl game spomred by the
Palath Libeu ak.
b a ks awef tg ro-
Dooga k, Ga., am yes

contk s 104 wai a imes

Smilth coached the Palkat
team to a .1-1 record in
lI the squa w the
East lorida Cofrece, the
first co-feraene m aqio
ink the istoy of the aisOL
In ON the team nded the
Maso with 74 record and
was bopressiv enough to be
invited to play a strong Mel-
bourn team i the Shrine
Bowl at Cocoa and walked
away with the victory, -12


LBig 0 Get (Smii

,y THE ASSOCATED an came o the
RoyWals' eto the ar -
Ocar Robertao, who doesn't r cy ran awa
..; m to need much hep, I from Warriors I 13 at
am from guy named ith clev thereby cutting Bo*-
Manday night and thie Ond mati ton's E Divison ea d to
Royals made the San Frm scol% games.
Warriors their 12th straight n the only other NBA pme
National Basketball Asociation played, Baltimore employed a
patsle anoe dfele ad a public rela-

th) Help
dons campaign against St. Louis
IUt t e iW' late drive
dumpd the Blet% s 11SU11

H, P"

Sit's16 points abetted Ro
by's 4a to offset the W riors
Wilt Chambeoin, who poured
il lt. The Royals' backcourt
combination licked for 2 a-
slato-10 by smk-au CinS-
nat racd pa the Warriors in
Franc0 cooed to m41, ait
triggered's sere of fastkbesk
bases *iat ptthe Royals out

ore, reea Norm
eh. ThiWM s with a


In 1 Paita came
u with a 141 recwd
fer th u deed ea-
M- she The team
Was bod to play iR thee
bowl games buth e prers
voted nottoplay May sof
tm. Hemuer, ill3, wit
a 7-4 3glr son reoMd,
they bivld to the
StS y lBo l in Starke
o deated JaommvIle Ter-
ry P 14-13 In a real

Ia i a Palattateam with
a "-1 record mel Saord in
the trt snal Aales Bowl
gae mad woo a hard fought
74 victory. Last fair's ma-
lea Bowl game victory kept
Smith's bowl record dcean -
his teams have ver lost a
bowl game.
Sth ranfrm single
wing high school. Palat.
ka used th power play sys-
tem until Smit itroduced
the T-formaon in Ml. Since
diat e his teans have run
varidgl s tha T. He is a
greIt bIe to conditi
ad phical fmes. Many of
bb jam es against sp- -
am have been wo in the
lt iel when his thin ranks
come o with great
performances. It is seldom he
mamuster ver 23 l me
ber on is vasity squad.


ears beat Colts 524 and
Steelers topped Browns 16-7 tin
Junior Leaue cage games at
the Boys' Club Friday.
Tommy DNaney made Ui
poi for Beas, Erest Bar-
field five for Colts, Tommy Wil-
aon eight for Steelers ad Todd
Ranmsberger and Lary Moore
three each for Browns.

Hld Wnklnsit

technical ul for playing a zone
-illegal pa the NBA-near the LS ANGELES (AP)-Some
td th third period. Thecall, of e Los Angel Dodgers held

lity ect Jery a a crwdestimated
w d up b eb atW came m ut to wlitc
fwom big'vant point at e
m w.: Record Set
St. Louis took fr there, OBERTDOR, Germany
overcoming a 91-78 Baltimore (AP) A syear-old Italian,
lead In te final 12 bates be- Nino Zandanel, soared 4712 feet
ind the dutch shooting of Rich- to set a world record for ski fly-
Ie Gueriniand iCharley Vaugh. liog distance Sunday.

Listen, Clay

I To Weglr in
i To Weigh


weight booing champio- So-ny
Lists ai coteder Cas ss
Clay will weigh-mn together for
their Feb. 5 title fight, come
what may '

Teach Boxing
"TLocal Club Participates isot cided with a
s Aaight facp Malay ng tin
the rivals icou attend together
In Hole-in-One Contest witseious daner toer
Tm Gainesvifle Golf and Con- s ation,cl db pr Bill Eth Liston's advior, Jack Nilen,
try Chlb is participating in the has announced. 1 mp t l
. ot ebmit AO theeartf A Gofi trugbut theW naUIN gry at ci simt "h o
ltal prth ld sring an ate Clys lintei At ih
,. C6 will boflt the Flida Heart sad Clshiok Ample Dims
FTun b Club y ICh. sad the w ioi t w un""
Golen mat purchase three Lut is afraI to I
Fete To night Fr t lIbas a if my fgh ter,"blelKl, "en
Sy part it more th m l t I wont let
of a day in event, Oree -a1 Clay hart hinm.!
Ties GaaIvle Tipo b as each tim. Players must Manwhile, Oy said tat
will meet at 1 tooniht at en a form pro- w be diba into the ring
v by or a Hart withListon "a goig to wal
Acto tivt ate.Play-tov s uerhobar, pu him oat
Jackie Roblon, former Au ers mst in a toane re- d the waye ame his tea
"IIrica bitakthall player at tered the starter or dub oi,"
.aaid ndama famed A.P Clay a tw thel
lGi. mWoUr, will betae -bMM I o mbe tpr- r e i aid
iadkr. t the os starter s.l
Tp Club membersUareUle.awseherfure Idaof wIsuIhuod
we a o i J u lu rAn vers.maiE d n. im
Ci h aSgflraE M i we d ohe
tih 1r1. h l1r Fl --wi lot whIst tsldr l1
lSt liff Cb aptain, i .t tlyi
.r. aileiatl the Gthew
'A riberial Auowsociaun ad Go aes pa hbM ma aewSe.
N' K N Uiesity i i4t 1o Ft F t

mile mO nvjan
tilu le be Id Up for 11
411 OL B
a i


NI M Im AT- M E i. In gf.
:* r.o a"i". I wbbhbbf
soMi by adii"wt gar




-left hand uppercuts and some
other stuff.
"In some of my later fights,
I bee looking bad purpose.
Otherwise Lstan wouldn't fight
me. He's scared to death. ."

Of Ml
there probably 't a player
a the St. Lauis Cardinals who
-o carry Stan Musis bat, but
thee's a long line of volunteers
ready to lift his pocketbook.
Wth the oicial MarchIl open.
ing of spring training I.. ku
two weeks o, not a of te
carwa regulars has signed his
U bman contract
marked for rakes s they
c t iuted heavy to te Car
sal' ac-place hfishl last

Feels 'Great'

ATLANTA (AP)-- oe "od uventh game of the World
aches and pains" which gave Series," said Appling, who net
Lake Apping his iknamme we m or league record of ,8Il
gone. H' in a ihaae Ha U m t orisatop for th e
of ame nw. cag White SO. "I tell you, I
nsver felt better "

"I fed just like I had hit a
home rn with the es loaded
with two out the ninth in the

Lakers Win

In 8th Grade

Cage Action
Laken bet Rebels, d RA ;
Hawks won from Chies, -11;
a d Celtis beat Gaors, 11,
E-- .o J. r a&c -..-l

Applying, who batted over .300
in l of his seasons, was
eleted to the Coopemtom,
N.Y., Hall Monday on an a-
precedente d second ballt Hy
Hurwit, sretary of the Base-
bi Write AAclati of
Amwdic, mu dthe re
at BoDto.L
Apptag Us -W D fellow
Georgim Ty CobbW whom he
once Idoliud. Cobb wan the first
player elected. Appihmg is the
th et by baseball

WumSHutuil ue 5 gThe one-Ume Atlanta school.
m8e0. boy drew l votes on the 2
In Seventh Grade play, Sink- llo bmitted by a uthorized
ern won from Sharpshooters, BBWAA members. A total of
10; s ed Blue De. ,or 75 cent ofthe votes
vi, 117; Ttojan won from castis u needed for election.
Continentals, 1617; and Bucca. Charle (Red) Ruffing, a
neers topped Midgets, 34-. right-anded pitcher who gained
his fame wit the New York
In Sixth Grade games, Yellow Yankees, failed to make it de-
Jackets downed Beachcombers, spite his 184 votes. Second ballot
41-11; Bombers beat Hurricanes, rules specify that if more than
14.5; and Falons clipped Tro-one playergot moreMan 75 per
jans, 174. cent, only the leader would be
Leading scorers: elected.
Lakers. Bob McNellis. 25:

Benrie Layfied, 11; Rick Scar-
borough, 10; Rebels, Edde Bar.
ton, 2; Hawks, Deese, 4;
Chiefs, Alfred Medford and Mike
Buziotes, 4 a; Celtis, Dale
Davis, M: RIeky inson, 16;
Steve Hall, 10; Gaters, Main,
5; Sinkers, Mike MeNdli 12;
Sharpho Duke Piner, 4;
Blue Devils, Todd Raktaberger,
8; HoDaddysKenOstnder,5;
Continentas George Ederty,
7; Toans, Mark Putam, 8;
Bucs, Dean Ba, 10; Midgets,
Dale Canno I; Yellow Jackets,
Don Large, 15; Billy Duncanm,
2; Beachcoumbers, Tom VW
ams, 7; Bombers, Mark Morb
ga, 7; Hurricanes, Wmayne Ca-
sey, 4; Falcons, Art Lee, ;: Tro-
jams, Bobby Black, 4.

Does Down
Orlando ''

ORLANDO The Gator Does,
T n fi Runs leaders in the Gaineille Cty
Lincoln0 Runs o
basketball loop. downed CLme-
tains, Orlando cage leader, 4-
lk, in an exhibition contest
M ark to 18-2 Dick Od, former Wake For.
edt player, led the Docs with
ALACHUA -- Lnol po its PMaul Wa had l 1ud
il ket recn dtol fO t he r Mc n a Crt Par-
er Mebm's Green Hornets
last night. two teams will play a re-
7te Terriers were led by l e thi Sburday aight
Frank John's 2 poi Ie Gaihvie High School g m
Cain ht and Norman An. The Don led lgat i e.
dom 1. Robemrt Harris lmd the
reen Hornts with and Wil-
le Lnpkin had 13.
Llolb had a -2 halftie
Mad d hpme wnevr wani
The Triers net will take a
GEMt of Jacmle Fri-
UNSC" tN e S IM; MWk.


ift a .A -.fp'
i|iM-.I| i i- s

usiats Pocketbook

ason, apparently are shooting with seven homers and 47 runs
at Muslal's pocketbook. For batted in. Beauchamp was one
when Musial retired, his $50,000 of the Cardinals' bright pros.
salary went back into the Cardi- pects, hitting .337 at Tuba in the
nals' bank. Texas League. Taylor was 111
.The o -ly -ront., with a 3.75 earned run average
Iv -h ne at Tulsa.

Gy n u- na are p catchers
Lew e, ay Sdci andr.
pmR Taylor, but they are being
counted on mostly for spot duty
or rned work. Still unsigned
are te Dig mr e Eie
Brog&o, C0rt Simma and Bob
GIbson and No. 1 catcher,
rn MCarer.

Signing contracts Monday
were pitchers Bud Daey, Stan
Williams, Tom Metcalf and Pete
Mikkelsen with the New York
Yankees; pitchers Gary BellU,
Sam McDowell and Gordon Sey.
fried with Cleveland; infielder
Don Buford with the Chicago

White Sox, and infielder Gene
Unsi P Alley with Pittsburgh.
The Cardinals' All-Star infield
is unsigned from first baseman
Bil white to second baman Patriots Win
JuIa Javier to third baseman
SBoyer to shortstop Dick At Bovs' Club
Groat, and the top two outfield. I
ersn Curt Flood and Charlie Patriots beat Oilers, 6-2, Tex-
James still have not agreed to ans over Buffalo Bills, 108; and
rms. ... Chargers won from Broncos, 21.
One outfield position is up for 13, in Midget games at the
bs-but the Cardinals tooBoys' Club yesterday.
the first step toward what might Jay Hoffman made four points
e a solution to that problem by for Patriots, Carl Sims topped
inCarl Wrwic from Texns and Donnie Pelt had 10
the Houston Colts Monday in ex- for Chargers.
Change for rookieoutfilder Jim
Beachamp and CWOck Taylor, --
Warwick hit .247 for the Colts

FIC Teams

MIw (AP) Four games REPAIRING
this week and two next week
will wind up the Florida Inter., "We Rod
collegiate Conference basketball Them Out"
season and Miami appears a
cinch for first place with a rec- Motor Block
ord of 8-. Flushed
Second-place Stetson is 5-2 and'
the Hatters still have a mathe. We Pick-up & Deliver
matical chance to tie, if they
win at Tampa Wednesday and RADIATOR SHOP
at home from the same club W hite E ric
Tuesday. W hite Electric
The Hatters are almost sure L Battey
for second place and Jackson-
vile battles Florida Southern Service
for third. Jacksonville is at Rol-
line Wednesday. Rollins and 118 N.W. 8th Ave.
Tampa may settle fifth and sixth FR 2-8581
places in Tampa tonight.


Tym to Lead

Gator Netmen
Bill Tym, defending SEC
on champion, will captain
the 1M4 University of Florida
tennis team, bead coach Dill
Potter announced today.
TymA 3,2 Is a two-year letter-
mm who was o-aptain of last
year's tennis team. He's 0, 15,
an English major and is m-
garded a one of the nation's top
collegiate stngles players
Freshman te an a will
be FRick nce of Maitland, a
prO-detal stud who is
152 pndS.

AmeWial IOW se"" Clr





By George, there's nothing like a savings account
to start you on your way to a prosperous future.
Teaching your youngsters the habit of thrift is
a valuable trait they will hove all their lives . .
Be happy, go thrifty by opening your account to-

floor ida

OMember Federol Deposit
National Group OMember

Insurance Corp. *Member Florida
Federal Reserv with Nation-Wide

Save On This Great


M OmMoYv


2 nt6 2. .' $20<

SC -I Till

M W'N1
"Pp uMfl


Cardinals Want Part

36 RH if -i
"-pll .




I Gebuft so


Gator Fipe

Becomes An


Florida's failure to win at leat one or
eastern Conference basketball games on
trip to the Magolia State points up too
tency that is SEC basketball ang the

St of their Soth-
Sjustm ied d
iythem cois-

It's hard to have to place the Gators m the "alraWm"
but a 44 record that canm be at t an a shaky first di-
i finish has to qualify the U for that unwanted ad..
likdy role.




Starke Tornadoes

Wt e res et to te feet atl newr Ceb N menum
Ste 's lor yeas at be UP cage bm ha he eve r td
his fl pletial avahlMe-injuris or nbdll hbee stp-
pqd key pedrfmes wveyyewr- Nsmor Sl i

The personable UF coach, frank hi s commoms o. hi
own team, said early in the season that this year's coDect
of players comprises the "best material" that he ever has

Rebs Got 97 (!) Points

Sine there's nothing wrong with Sloan's coaching th
must be mething wrong with playing.
A MU Idnsi lte a wlth a previe 7.11 reeerd ad teamed
te "-w cit aledi l hakeha player in t e o C" byn
former LSU layer J Des a s erlyses araial d
the Fen1 inme Ito"the cblT e mfefdlphbhl c
igt against t th Gears.
That's more than em Miami, the atimo's bopm g team
could manage. Or Kentucky, the SEC leader. Or Tuba, a
strong Missouri Valley Conference member. And so it goes.
What's the Real Cause?
Kentucky, having Its most miserable night of the season,
beat Misississippi 1 and held Doaue Kessinger to five
points. Kssnger made 34 which he is capable o doing
against anyone in the action, last algit.
Disampeed as UFP cage aes have to today, they're
Fb*balUy ike Idds O ta te tea that m aa i liing to be
surprised atl a I fte OraMge a U e se ecbk eatW
Vanderblt ad Geogt Teck m Saantday aad M--ay i Ib s
bext twe games, bth at Pistr Gya.
Tat's right They won't be surprised. But they'll still be
mystified. What contributes to te iaconsisteay that afflicts
the Gatoars and last nigh showed up so atro* tlat Alabama,
a nothing team this year, beat ISU the Bengals' own
floor: Georgia rebounded from a licking to Ole Min to clobber
Mississippi State, etc?
It is inconsistent efficiating, strange gymnaiums or mater-
lal that perhaps is not really as ood as we'd like to think.
After the Gators' great showing against Kentucky, yours
truly said the UP is a "good team and would get better."
Were we wrong? Lately, it looks like a bd team getting

Frosh Split

On the Road
ST. PETERSBURG Flori-ete gym.
o's freshman m k baktll I th al wt i a ..

Members of the Starke basketball team, which flIshed third in the Flor
ida Star Confermn touramet last weeketd, are: frat row (L-R) Ernes
Jakeiak Harold Bishop, John W ms. Mickey Dashby and Gne Pass. Back
rew (L-R) are Bobby Moody, Doi Faltco, Gary Cole, Mike Sibtreak m
Richard Hobbs.

Providence Snubs NIT,

Associaud Frees SpW

Accepts Bid to NCAA

the Atlantic Coast, the Big
Eight, the Somtheern, the
Big Ten, the West CoaSt and the
Big Six.
Regional championship are
Rale, NC., Minapolis
dreita, Kan., and Corvallis,
Providence, which won only

ts writer

And just why did Providence,
the National Invitation Tourna-
ment defending champion, turn
down a Hld by the NIT and ac-
cept one from the National Col-
legiate Athletic Association?
Well, athletic director, the
Rev. A. B. B y canddly
pointed ,st. "It's the first time
we had a chance to accept."
Which means it's the first time
the NCAA had ever picked
Providence to fill ne of the 1t
at-large shots mn its national
"We accepted the NCAA in-
vitation," Begley said, "becae
we belong to the NCAA and it's
our a otin championship "
Tie F rs, who had -mne
early uneasiness but
now apple to have found the
formula, utre e or ine team
picked b the NCAA. Three
more accepted bids to the NIT
Monday m the two groups be.
gan their lecuons
In additi to Providence, the
NCAA select defWending cham-
pion Chicago Loyola, Vilanova,
Creighton, Texas Western,
Louisville, Oregon State, Utah
State and Seattle.
At 4 Large Team
One morn NCAA at-large team
remains to be picked for the
lag string of eliminations that
culminate in the national tour-
nament at. Kansas City March
-21. The other 15 spots go to
conference, champions.
I The NIT, which will be played
in New Ycrk's, Madison Square
Garden March 12-21. picked De-
Pad, It-2 Pitt 144; and New
'York Unkersity, 11.5. Ninm
A others will' be selected later.

as r anuu .anufcill eam cu Ramsey.W. Pl ui foSH Provid
overcame a 41-point effort by center, led the Baby Gators with n t's
Greg Bloodworth. the nation's X points. Gary McElroy hit 15. sin
leading junior college scorer, to In the Manatee game, Ram- fith nt
nip St. Petersburg Junior Col- sey was high with U1 and David the NC
lege. 92, last night. Higley made 16. along wi
On Saturday night the Baby The Baby(aod war 8l 4 lantic ch
Gators couldn't cope with aD for ear ndwi y C Po
poUt byEddieHayes and droptral lo Junior CO to-ivy and
.. .w orr ighto (ea & l a ir.

este, 174 after Monday!
V45 triumph over
m, ond Vianova, ranked
ially at 1, are mi
AA Eastern regional
th Temple, Middle At-
ampion, and the cham.
te Yankee, Southern,
AIlantir Coast confer-

pe a S decision Manatee V W -- -l.ices(.
Junior College in BradentoMn. ae lml 15i5, and Laosavifle,
Bloodwortb averaging 38 a UF ReOM mS, "S; Aw. 144. are in the Mideast with the
game. did his part but b the Ut ,a*,,,.IcoAL ; ", o. e C5 fn, the
yearlings raliTed in the last half -W4.f M. '-"1 1.Mid America, Ohio Valley,
to win. A packed house of 1M itptEh-mrt. MI1644 i. Southeastera and Big Ten.
1 aWtI-MS tAh142; Can. 24,
watched the pgae in the StL S .t ..,. The Mdt abas Creigho
-- -- ,. fk ,I4 TMOI 15.IM, Texas Western, 1. and
sw. b, AMO: wimners from the Southwest
uFp FIM 4111 I-- t
BowingU 9 St h% iaetr-i Vileye Big-N t a d
W 7 m; O eN*% M %r*
Results hr. "&*a t
.n. r u S..W... n. ;v*s w T hN a
s -. .-, v .. as s
3ameP am "It' fl 5 a

UM.. I fCuot/Deatt C on Nash
Ln. L fa R AW Sit 0 44

As* UMitt. 4. t k of% -k bag;
am' "aler Sm. 4 S5s 5t5s-
m Ss & L Am a ta. 4. cm.
I- M 0 .n 4. Wal Bae. a..,

CAUieS Infr iGets Another
*sInqiry n^aa

S Joed by te. ap m. atSL wecoru
tma d taat kled m iag Cb senmwd
A3.noTc 6 N bu Kuen Bms, -- e ma- By TU ASATD PM
..cym,. ,.,g', w a a-r--. .. ?. "ten t Ke**y roos
Sm *. top .d.nek f O. to C i-t asa Ia
. am.. a..... lTs b pt i fort toh ..e S...-MIB
P.a. st LM a p I-t il4$ aewaOnN.a*
ASS ft.eNa O a a Mrepag wa wnqr by Ni sornd s onis I the

Ig. C,- a).a mb lwn S aIto
SIc s-1 'Su barIg Katey r~d d "bo
-aCt4. lC W &... a ...a. 6 M.. te VandedwJ s b. ensm .

Seattle, 164 ad winners from
Ue Western Athletic Confer-.
ferme, tMe Bix x and the
West Coast Conferem.
Regional first-r. d elimina-
tions wl be hed in Philadel-
phial Evasion, DL, Dallas and
Eugene, Ore. Teams with first.
round byes are the champs from

Yonge Is

To T

S... PKY Borer

Gator Does

Win Ninth

I n Rniw

OXFORD, Miss. Floida
coulk't stand prosperity last
night, lol a l-pot lead in
the second half and dropping a
141 Sontheln Confereoce
gaembe to .siippi
The Ri waxed red t int
the last half after trailing 5-45
at itermission. The Gators
boosted tmt to 4S and then
the roof started caving in.
Doenie Kessoger, brilliant
Reb guard, paced an Ole Miss
urge that caught the Gators at
15al Kessinger topped the
game's scoring with 34 points.
Mnd Ahead
Ole iss moved ahead at 77-
75 add than t ties with
the Gaoors at 77- and 7-all.
r O the th ubels moved in rot
So a basket by Jack Steinhart,
j the Gators never could catch'
d up.




Big Three

stlvs snmp

Ole Miss moved out to a 10- , wWJ L. ..' w
point lead and then held off a
desperate al-court press by the
GIn Top Ten
It was Florida's third straight
conference setback in a de&
rating two-week road trip of By BEN OLAN week, 75-71 to George Tech in
four games. The Gators now Asseated Press Sprts Writer overtime and 64-62 to Tennessee.
are 44 in the SEC and 14 over- Villanova and DePaul, both i The Top Ten, with first place
all. seleted for pseasoM tuavotes in parentheses and points
Zae Defense ments, moved up in this week'son a 10-9-74.54-3-2-1 basis:
Ole Miss opened with a zone Associated Press major-colegeI
and workedto a leadoff 1813 basketball poll. The voting still!
early. T the Gators caught is dominated by unbeaten UCLA obertson
fire, riddled the sou with fine followed by Michigan and Ken-
frsthalf shooting by Paul Mor- tucky.
ton, Dick Tomlinson and Brooks Duke and Oregon State also o s N B A
Henderso. The Gators were 15 gained ground while Drake, the
points ahead one time in the Missouri Valley Conference' T fth
ris ht bu.t theRbwaurmed n ace-setterr advanced ton 10thi IEf If f nPs

four of its first seven, celebrate it to a intermission, place
es its selection wit its 13th --n came the final UCLA collected X3 first place NEW YORK (API -The top
straight rau ithe decision minutes and disaster. votes and 376 points in the offensive machine in the Nation-
over Scranio. John Tianto on Henderson topped Florida balloting by a special panel of il Basketball Association be.
and Jim Sne ach id with and Mortonm ht b before 38regional selectors. The Bruins longs to Cincinnati's streaking
points fr the rampaging Fiars oun t. Tomlinson made 19 beat Washington twice last week Royals
who were never I n 'er' = 'on. but got 17 in the first half. The and upped their record to 21. .
.le t lhe crdto ..'.I TheO11moans, unbeaten in the
Gooators seemed to tire in the! Michigan had one first place las as.linth
final half last night and Olevote and = points and Ken. t 12 games. ilnluding Mon-
!o s Miss racedaway. tucky polled 2 points on aday night's 129-113 victory over
H o st Hi ts basis of 10for a firt-place vote, Francisco, lead the NBA in
Behind Kessinger was Stein. 4for second etc. Tie Wolver tifour departments, thanks to
hart with 2, far above his seaIdefeated Indiana 47 for a 17-2 eavy individual contribution
ll 's average of 5.1 per game; record while Kentuckys 14 by amazing Oscar Robertson.
l O l and Ron Davidson, 18. after whipping Missisippi State League statistics through last
Florida now win return home hh. Sunday's games show Cincinnati
P. .. .. w i l:to meet Vanderbilt on Saturday Advae ahead in total points, points per
K. aone will ht a sky- andGeorgia Tech next Monday. dv a me, field goal percentage and
srapsg Ocala quite onig Duke's Blue Devils advano mists. The Royal are second
ast dsforv yNo. : I vyone place to fourth with two in rebounding and third in free
the ses. tlam 7s549 aso, 4s ai first-place votes and 251 points. throws centage
Pafk 6 SmArtIl n1 4- .
The Blue Wave, consolation Hihw 14 sw i Duke is 17-3 after beating Vir-
wimer 1 the Keystone Coer. mw i 3 gia and Dau vidson. Robertson is the individual
ere meet last weekend at s" 1 8 421 Hs MIt i Villanova moved up three leader in foul shooting, with an
Green Cove Springs, will give ae a is u places to fifth and DePaul mark, in assists, with 683,
away up to five iches to Ocala. 11 n .4 climbed one notch to ninth. Vil- and Is second to San Francisco's
The Wildcats, only I -11 for off. .iew. A ,Kub.yn. lanova, 11-2 following victories Wilt Chamberlain in the point
the year but improving and over Duquesne and Canisius, race. The Big 0 is averaging
dangerous itet, will go with s et was named as an at-large team 30J points per game: Wilt is
Jdeff Curchi, .: Wayne Mep to the NCAA tourney Monday. hitting at a 36point clip
Call, 6-1; Ray Umbaugh, 5-9: DePaul, 16-2 including last'
Gary Miller, 61l; and David eSUlS week's triumphs over Marquette
ad M. and Western Ontario, accepted Rebels Host
PKY's wsarte will com from Prmwne 95. kscriM. a bid to the Natioonal Invitation
SRobert Stea t remained sixth de. Lake City
Harold Tfl and Bobby I A LS X spite ts 6443 setback by Drake.
Bhies. n, 91 Oregon State wet from ninth to AACHUA HIGH SP
ight' a the is the first of OSt seventh following a -72 con- ALACFA RHIG, SPRINGS
*a pir s wk f iorsthe Wav e.Nse aw ct ma quest of Seattle for a 21-3 record. Fes Re fres from
PKY wi play at Lake Butler Wave. .cDavidson fell from fourth to wn a secon on-
Iriday. i.m w ahC MaI ,eight he ,Wildcats lost to urerC tourney cage crown, will
iN"S. OS'U St. Sf, N Y- 8 m "acad Dukelasthos
ci ume *a l-.sI vIarsa I "M "st.Kun w U,. Y .e week vt CityonigtDad r e -
wMth tbhe r vr tmii M 11n DrereplacedVanderbilt n Just before making a two.
mstiag in a6:U*res Um SMt- the Top Ten Onte sirengtih of game sweep in the Keystone
its victory over Wichita and a ieet, the Rebels were snowed
& L u.f l C rvln 17-4 record. Vandy, seventh a under, 430. by the Tigers from

GatMr Does made himt i a
row in City Leo e ba O
play with a 514 traph over
Duke laber M P. K. Yoge
adnflm ItdW i. t CMnh kbadI-t --.- ---- .--------.---

week a

1. UCL
2. Mich

o. two games last Clom.ia High.
Santa Fe well open with a
* 'hnep that will have Laroy
Paulson at center. Bud Riviere
A 4i) 37' ad freshman Andy Strickland,
igan (1) 320 forwards: and Richard Johnson
ad Warren Ruck guards

C- Ilorida C lGasJ4.tSK, IM-4 co 3. Kentucky W Strickland proved a valuable
in te he o ga me. Cmorcia Lea at PaM Tke 1M by Micl's was top 4. Duke t(2) t he r le the
The Dones, pNesd for the first miih A i S. Vanova 164e;arlg in the title game with
Tma ocvaumfa tktme amt r ,, th we middle p_ of lipoi Ts 1 . t
time tW i tsea &i k a leW Mast bltd b e it Bruce purdy of Universty a'1i
unter, trald S Ping ao City Bank led the &k day i* .I Wichita Ii The Rebels carry a stamiout
Ber idlWb s0pk a Joa..m a tSch iBeer, hit ed league at Paba lanes. He 7. Crepo Stame I"I174 record into action against
Sp, maiNe. Frt P ha, lead I.IS M-I.-I George g 'Lake City tonight. Tbe visitors
edit mE Bak H hor, 6m ltinRafferty, Pyro Gas, hit K. iae ohae a fm shooter in Ed Moore
Dck ONh led ae Docs wah m e Ms P lU WID-e1909.7t D an mad scrappy young club.
SI Wnel ta ed Max -M4S--m e 'hu will be a preliminary
SpoIUhmhh Davs ad 3 n My n Witet KptickI & 10. Drake 47,gwa at 6:3.
fr DEb Imber. Alma SMe :-ppias, lad M&"a PI r n m was i or Ma.----
am e n or smIr t a wih, 1 m -I nen-1 .-.. Jqce
"achS, Mos., bau WWIJA Slates
1amd f a a I a, a ,a dM m Molt t mm O Im
3 mlsah .mirsam o il.a' era..B ig. ivi, eem-n.u o
14 G .c ..s J D 0 16, -. ? 2.M" p *A
I17-7..rI Is. leadl % Big M eeI.tinge
Tmei riW .Sa 'm l Imn TO UiNmmmupm f BEACH (AP) And te figh was approvneda defer-
hld sTirW a ,Tampa e jar .".o "--O -aythe "a aoIiana oeetpN l r a" res Wmrm the oM-

.. c... ... ....I aC nfa. tm R i ,.I _. m T ,,. 1_1 ,
Il__s at ._ ewd a m ow d ho Wi.h S tM L milr ASUmi bionId to guarantee his
S._g. b TA iA d ua1d_ Ca.a Orfa N adMe would be agcost
MMsinFaSgJ olb bSbi L Nb la Xbt M had h ahsdte hipm O as onsh
a*:uPuysfqm at. t a100a Iea et IIita= A f- 4"i thaM barn scheduled for Ap 4
-mrntt3pim at t ma y ty easU, M Be pruM Lain a Si PeartoRico, Lass-
pk W wa s assi BB this W as 14e.: m Math. ?: .s a W ..ka a -t.. .....SL -*





~~g thesS I.. ?ud Mast 1%91W




S tlu b esa% Na1. ,
he- S. ..SI.

toSs a 51.0m5~e*
~ Liky i ~.

Ad Van rBwen

DUt ABBY: Ow vm mSt OKM1 IN akw
4 mS w- my IIW. hUq h s a jpie
,.M dmiaer wito being raobt to s ew3m
khmm a phIn so i twa, do- it
.~~to Mh M *W aIwF sS." a
deigaw k. IV s me .n =hMrfln
r mdft he at o biby wa her s
I h th bl aby w e mas d tNitm
'tm Wbtbse waft a my atL IthWk
aMn chsitu abeMa, b stMa"t th be ta
med Ie If h bear wmosUM h ear ealm
tki m became she watd to, Wo be-se se
Wat doyWu think?

DEAR GRANDMA: I tlk ym we rilht B
d de ifar yewr firih S
S a a

r es kbm you pui my le ter, perbip t we khp b e lm hf m
um Se b i ng tdaemei sa ItakeI albh I uwau etftd dhe
SIa dL. v Ry.mymohdwcametovbitam.Ilebvedhier*Wky hid
mpd ase wuas o di abed.S obelh a bmy mi, md I n
baurbymy d uh med mtrobm her ubw d mybfn l I Isb May
noi bor- ale n my aprtmt ay dW r yd h I bwa t o bw.
hls asy I ShebiWedhprelftcookadbdlk(as*yshaeMtbhob)
WUo pairq or y frmeaer. S sayed a s* a AAM r l mWAe hM a
It I sto grl i Doureoffick invited mtIo a mt bondkh borfd hr
qht bto s vidg aod)er. Wol, thi f ab' no tor p te mi kidl
dd'i hum of roke Epgb y ownm ayue t ip bt MswesmW
ad Iether ad warm and friedy tIe my owmaeol. Evysilm bd
wuWN to. her. Ireual i tbelUobowmldldISfIbadIte ad I
promised myself that the NEXT tMe my mother emem t v*
GRANDMA me I would make it up to her. I m er got the dem. Sh died
in her sleep a few mooh later.

be dha ti

DEAR ABBY: You gave od advice to the girl who was
ahamed o her mother beca she poke broken English. If

t uADAT 3 IN6m
1:30 Marvkk
S Best el Gmrea
i:g a areeat sei nsi
5!U U Neweeps
6:1 Lead New, Weaw.
: 0 News, Spie, Wr.
; s asoun AlmBs B
1:0 a News-aWaer CeUh
* *Oped All e
Sm New aon y,
7:ri use-
7:0o Mga4
"Model in the Lake."
Shelley Dana, a giri who
was known to be an a.-
cllent swimmer, is found
drowned. Ballinger: Lee
Marvin. Jo Bennett: Whit-
ney Blake.
To I bde
7:31 3 Mr. Nwvi-Dri
"Chin Up, Mr. Novak."
Novak's having problems
with a literature class -
until it's taken over by
Margaret Mumsley, a 75-
Syear-o exchange teacher
* fromEngland
a wsNew
8:4 1 a M mte OmS y
nomedime Pat Carroll


of the "DunMy Thomas
Show" ad French singer
Jean-Paul Vinon a the
guests. In the sketch,
George Appeby wins a
free trip to Europe. In
the Sient Spot, Red plays
an office w zer who has
a hard thm with a vend-
Iog machine. Pat sings
'ODewn n the Depths of
the fth Floor." Jean.
Paul ofen "Mam'elle"
and "Le Coode Twist"
8 Dr. aleMs G0a1s
S e YO D't Say
SSdM ese Reprter
" U wale's Navy
sge e hord Bems
o* t Jeumas
An art dealer buys one
of Uncle Joe's paintings
for its valuable frame,
but Uncle Joe thinks he's
o the road to artistic
success. Kate: Bea Bea-
deret. Uncle Joe: Edgar
UMeclal Strip
6 Jack emy
S Aady WIams
(Co*r) (Special) Andy
has turned to two other
TV Series for his laugh-
getters tonight, Dick Van
Dyke and Gmray Irene

Itee is haid AraMe prbt wab apples to pye ae.
"hem arme tkoe imps tht a w mpi ie to iMe. fibhe,
lve, and a usa a aeml.

Ryan of "The Beverly
T7 bill includes Andy
and Dick recalng their
first nightclub appearan-
ce together; a very form-
mal "Iformal Spot" fea-
turing Andy and the Os-
monds ,In black tie; and
a slapstick sketch, with
Dick and Andy playing a
pair of love-struck senior
citizens courting Irene.
Good Time singers, Nick
Castle dancers, Dave
Grusin orchestra.
S Gerry Mere
U:N U News, Wer., S .
0 New
Lcald Nev (ehr)
11:31 g o Jonycwre


6:0 3 Shabsa&
O S e semester
SUeashlse Ahae
I: 8 Wrld Civ l at
SPash's Sity
i: Seshbe Almn
4:0 UvfI W0ords (esr)
6:6 I, Neighie (er)
6:3 Farm As Hume
7:A I Today
New, Weather
7:U Rage Hal
7:5 U News
8:3 Caplab lasgep
9:3 Dvrs Cowt
BUmelelr Father
*RDper Rae.
9:31 P4le Are Fmy
Jack lamss
:0N Say-: Wa
8 Newil-Mi< Waae
*Walsb N
*:5 0 Elgth Grade
1M:8 6 News

I Werd f Wr I
SIlas hL
11: O OCameakirl
aOPrice tb
U:U 9 lMtg LU
OPeto And (hdy
aEMt Garae

1:M FkrSt Ihiesi
u Lee Lfe
SMgh sda dCabby
12:Na1 Nos
n:' aam

0 hmlk harlmsri
12:A OGeg Light
Lets speak Spah
12:5 0 New
1:11 Nem
m Newy
1:6 Match Goe

Leer Y EIaff

OAs The Werid Tmr
a Enle Fed
3:N U W Lers Make A
a Pawerd
2:5 3 6 Nm
1:N U DeebrY
RBNM Party
3: N LmrttaYag
To Toll Th T ut
3:UX U Ym D't ay
U oEdge Nght
4:M Match Game
SSeret Stm
SPqeye's Pals
4:5 News
4:1 3 Bras nd AlE
S MagiltGeri
a Movie
"Invisble Agent." Dno
Masey, JOB Ha, Pet

T--THE OBSERVER By Russell Baker -

A Warning to Ike

a Nm artk tIar
Congratulations on your de-
cision to become a political
commentator. All the commn-
taor here a n as pleased as
they can be aut it and &h
t one of the nicest comp-


23. Mid
24. lmprs-
25. ailris
2. Mak

3SL Toug
34. OWsolder
Si AlAmo's
t Ihi.siver
37. "takw


mets the

proession has ever

You are going to find,
tough, that the work is a good
bit different from anything
you hime dme in the pat
Do yI know, for examp,
ambut the import of bui

0 D


it japab



inlg suspense? Most apprentice many questions; answer none.
commentators don't. Now, to hold the adience's
They cane into the proves attention wue ktg qea-
ion detem id to teb u the ut whic wew t anweed,
lie what is g on and noth YOU must do other f tbigs .
ing could be ore misguided. Speculate, for ampte. Hen
me 'omment s function i the sort thing you o t
=t to give the public awe, to be saying at the covem-
bUt to keep the plepaledj tio:

1- 1200-I* M_. P a ,- .-1

Iza I F

Too Much

Efl-~ -I

*n-~. --~-* -- - - -

4. Emfly
7. If. wflg

13. lmkulta.
M oddsg
M Sadaz

. |1 I 1 ;--". -

nealtifum Zha Me Me aim

Ilin c..

I ,

40 elb*Vlb sm

A G" 6d i. A*a, w*. Pi
by Robert P l SmWh

Garnrit i odlthat
SBledyhb ittdiMallp.
OMYatWmTiputes apeper ba.
Tla piper kgr dip alitti

Ptaersiesrtallemia rtiaelaseel fl f
GUn lnie hippygirbigs.

case##.L hasehe Pe WrIQ= o

I Bridge

It =om ehs seems to a
player during the auction that
the deck has too many homn
cards-if he adds the point-
count minimum indicated by
the other players to the points
he can see in his hand the
reult may be nerer than
the orthodox 40. The caue ca
be an outright psychic bid, a
possibility that North discard-
ed in the deal shown today be-
cause the vulnerability was u-
favorable for the opponents. A
more likely explanation is that
at least two of the players are
bidding on dstributional values.
The deal is from the recent
New England Knock Out
Championship in oacopee,
Mass. It demonstrates fine
play by JaI lubm d Deoh.
lyn, a graduate student of ma-
thematics at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, the edi-
tar of the recent Bridge Jour-
nal and one of the most ac-
complished players under the
age of 25 in the world. Ruben
was South.
The standard approach to
bands with two five-card black
suits is to bid one club, as
North did in this case. This us-
ually permits a smooth devel-
opment of the auction, although
it Is e that some experts
would prefer to bid one spade.
East's overcall of one dia-
mond was unusual, because a
vulnerable overcall generally n-.
dicatea the values for an open.
log bid of one; but he could
not bring himself to pass, and
a pre-emptive bid of three dia-
moads la med too dangerous
at the score.
Wet was somewhat surpris-
ed at the bidding, and particul-
arly astonished that his part.
ner could overcall in diamonds.
There was good reason to think
that his partner was bidding
on a distributional hand, so he
himself bid conservatively.
North was eualhr sau riad


iw m vea Taufn

KJ92 45
- 9 K 9 7 4
J10918543 AKQI
42 4*Q76
4 1074
9 A 10 6 5 3 2
4 7
6 1U8 S


East-Wert were vulnerable.
The bidding Was:
Nt BeS Set6 West
14 1 If 9 N.T.
49 Pa PaN 5 4
59 PM Pass Dbl.
Pass Pass Pua
Small tt b i e ade fiw.

balance of the tricks. Dummy's
club suit provided discards for
the lenrs.
Nelte that if West had re-
fused to take the second heart
trick, the defenders would have
been able to beat the contract.
If South had continued
hearts, West could win with
the king and then pIt his part.
ner in with a low diamond to
the jack, since dmmy would
be out of trumps. East's spade
king would be the getting

If South, instead, had shifted
to a low club, West could win
and force my to trump a
diamond. Now South could not
run the club suit, and would be
left with a losing beart and


In History
Today Is Tueaday, Feb. 18,
the 4a flay of Il. There are
317 days left la the year.


4 & Pau -ra
$artft sb" amca
bi.s mnb,

S ai auqee. fl tee
Sastn we sta.s

9suemns hemis
* te eto as

a asslAs sept

* Aflauing al^^^^h
* ieep ^^' ta
At-ifT16 tr

Mis- galaa la
AdRm0 S & enod S
U so*"one

Awmd"to ea

uaaqak g Iv

fes woAe-nes
IM ktolr Wi
a nsie ..e so
M IWas Lsm
9 ib*to A *WMdf

M* n u.*

U* WW aleom
asft ar. 4.1^
a rcroo( Iatilaspese
a Fsews a, suga~

* e 9 5
m11b- a loan

a lw Ise M
a %No*@ ates
a sawe wilsside



Buy !!






== sMay,
a ea a6=a
U END" a"

* same-age-m
* Lems 'a
a mwnkg
SWMFeda aulft
Oft*f Ei]SE

a me11 to bb
MsI s. IFl
* an eseaee

U is bIM.

4 ImbMW Asse,
a as a Ams. m
* casee" noi ha
bMIM fas aM
U31as inies rse


a a- samt
4o spasen Mases
S Vga.. a -

a easses ,

0 am@ngines bemt
44 tem s a

I Isasw

* *Ma. fut aM. k
S l-eesn heM. 35

* -e angemnt
U hinige ta ges
* bee-rts ae
Uj t. bmeym



m, tI la. W W
woe some mm .

amp b ama Pat -lArvN c
Mr. rane PR 5.
WNRTH CM inbi eD.
n ni l cm e H lan s n r
alrb mu bu.yr. Ap.. hi
might rwTa e -s -
my -eM hi Wrn. Dapg
aUr GSns aileu
NOW Iwnnl FaI nho

on als Int ai add

oS hi iNert__. a..N teaN
wvan mad s. a
W. fiat vs aOWnS da Sro
aS f Dapee am nbm
uscak can Mr. Oep.
Es W1 U PMr mw dines.
CaSrdl Pul ar Poat Tht.

WAND tIe Caar. emca
lerW hi ia a hllm 7:4
18 11-1 MWfl tm Frtmp.


L aSm sTUN t P.


= ImOYMEN f=
Va bolo Iat emiu -r

eAm I Plsd o NI I0 b
sa.. $ am s e
.llaim. Phle Air. a anne.
mR m. hi hit a t
ea 4t 1,mExt. UL Mi

Ith hs trl d p r hell -

mIEssb aeeo a. a,

ADVEM1. M1A solSAm .
no Ma ek tS po by ime

itam N ene, ea s. f ar

a fw &a". mS

OF .MaeT. list At

12 Mal H6 Wise

MAIMMER Trek. aghf i a
eI%* mow~ poll
Hat As* o ON
N W. aM AsW&

Tmuedy,. FMmay II, 1964 Gainmville Sun II

lk-udp su & aMMl

Irx M Nll asse
seue aSmeS &.cg.
Oft. gifMS3c AKg..
Trial mam wood.. lrt

Suce So WIC C

S a ~ N p.
tred. bo hex W A.

FM atma me
*0* AMA I. PA

1 --Wela Wld FaMlM
Newm U A ow. IN,
Mast LeSSon Pie
byHa e's R te al, Eta
*a -am rPa p-

DIVES fm I aea. s peaon
Mt-S-a-" a al Pit- S.

Th.. we.t.. 1Us.

Vi, *M M. OMM W
eimin. Pb meD g.
17 Wal M CWm -NtI

I-mA* I"Im mneL IM

Harm's ReMa Esiae

Nl W. tuM. Am PR 41

SMlu a i ad. PoI

ITaWf Wmile Od."
Snawn. dflU S-, t
co a I" I WWI*

P4mai WIm .

Rea. M Ml e p a irs

27 cee. m f a ellsr


28 tu & kpte

LADY camwe & tw
Ned mans wmA ferm 3 fl N
5pm. a me d 5 Xmmd

SM. a. A it F

E Is l VwTs
a UOrm. *W 60" W & t

pm lau1, u mler &w a.
sorts A, 1011,

so Pins i & anu

to acC. La PRa et U ItS
*w. na Sirr P a
BOXER supple. Ar e a .

Ia cam sear Oisa
s weaOO PUPPie. Tre pe
pIt an. S2 man ilea
lmn SA&Mne wa J .
aGLAN UP SaLE pefse Nae

da pupaps. mes. 519
SILVER minu paol. Si
service. ArC Smlrab
TOY MIL. b CLed fit. 1

PeA. A4NMSI, m.

st nm.Sft r Pme
'*45 sum ma
M* W. Llu* An MM
FOR SALE I dM. Coo Fit-S
emrbgw anget CP-.
-- .m. ...

* IeN UFSu.le


Suse. ea dm Ani
Me. 4 ldTin aFn I.i

tM. aMM eti

eame h L ^a. n nn'
a fav Bass, wmall m .
W sLow a me so.
MieM. fmil teel. he crw

Ga. Ite i4 1y OR pe r2

WC T M e saet 7 Pi2
wesonash UTTao
aM, a M AM all.
St em -b hUkfl. ne
MOST Sam t% *ii. 51131

2Sit i fi e mm l*
A rme is VAe,
0MM. OWeM tbl "rK Avl.
UK. 1. Ct TmN.
AW ECTrOM Nor utt O ret I
Mta 4 clir 1m hm, u Ip.

ioe eus a. a
K.m M m l l m rn mM
0a, dioMn awe 1 an
a aS a tean Fort ma

dog, f Ml pararl, M
Of .W. Us e W S.
P AR -
hoot. 0M kw oM dea l
as na. A



M i r V a n Lt V S a n ,
Si- h r. E. sea m e

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Spacious Comfort
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Read This First
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New Construction
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No City um. prica ulm
Wooded Building
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Printed Pattern


P.F.t flahioni Holiday sktmne
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woel. ist talle. Simply a mat.
te ef a aw semis zIppe, feC-
Printed Pattern 913: MIns'
Sizs IS 12, 1 I, It. sin Mi re-
qimre 3 yards 3- nch tabri.
FIFTY CENTS IM ce fr this
peittern-ad IS cents tr eOcA pN
Inn Me lr.t.c.lm maill a nd
ipat hAdline. Sand a Marian
Martin. Gailnesville S Pattern
Dept., 232 West to St.. New
York 11, N.Y. Print plainly
PATTERN In big. hsw PllWlnilr
Patter Castlo, lst outi 154 d
sin is. Sed set for CtSeO.

35 Houses for Sole
house. Stainless stel ovn &
raige unit, air cMdtleonr, A all
lraverse rad Includld in down
pyment of US Cll FR 2-l.5 t19
before P.M. FR 1-M1 a*ter
And wknds.

The construction will be com-
peted in a le days Oi ntse
ha attractilve home on NW
loti Ave. lust west of West-
woeed School. A 4 BR, I bath ind
a 3 BR, 2 bath. aBot have all
modern featores such as; Cent.
hat and air cutdltlfisN, hard-
wood 1lo1is, family rmos, large
Laundry & utility room, double
carport, sidelk to t school.
Nkely woade on hlt Kre lot.
Priced to all NOW. Good terms.
Call n-42Il.

15 II. Min St. Ph. 27wsl1
W. M. Mtro, Relltor
IE DIFFERENT, Only onr Ilk
It - 4 down. large flna
yard 3 bledrei b t4 fie-
piece n paw lled living ro,
ACREAGE, Percall Ire to
21 cee. priced from S0 to
s wr acK., Pavld road
WANTED, Listings on INCOME
PROPERTY, We have Ith
Pret. Let us knew wht
3 N I. Slit t. 36-244
aGor Arla Smith



Masonry Home:
It yl caU *Illfy r un FHA
la,w we can lm you In a 3
5. N. Maenary llma with W.
y M.m ca s payment
-ellor will pay all claoing
mi-Ca R 11 u111.
The 1a6e"stes of oingd a
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TuuMey, Peum 1t194

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ln, r iity iM. -l at
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W:31 w ekl. i

Sld Pi- efir Dey!
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Plomate, niy I V IW eOl.
S&. CA imr d FR *XX


Sold for catl

DROOM SUITE, gl RANGE, electric, lull sie, KM- ANTIUES, Squer. Grand pieo,
wtl rue, Ip, milMw mit. g condition, ove M fleW C tM, rare art pieces, ind
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type tersi arid adding me-
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is Ht.r Fsr SI4 35 Hses for Sole 43 Cede rm ,pot 45 uFieh4 AOS. s4 iem asub Bi iF hmr She
HOUSE FOR SALE 35" C.-! I, ,IW I. FI tat 2 ht CIA locSIX I lmNr s
MTa acriwce. mk a R. $EI lt Ave: 2-BR fraNm M rW-| &3 SE II FURMIS D ll l2 M C l A I eh. ASm Busine
T iab wet H ate i, E n n A v. Som e r d nmp -W o ,l. F na d 1t L 0 M sw i m
31647s. i W cl on m INt. Sime mall n Pic le i mit. L a tmoithi Ales ffic ie WUM. Ave
Ipwtorch, shto iu d "f AMl 0 m-ANt. Mu NNty p* 3 7 tb NW. 3SI Place. FRit ei e No c p va wlable for aM a USED m r- 'ew & stand
UT oFFn. sitr N EtW 3 =u dUS ad &=meu asSM Alesi teamN ba or CeoMn mop. Cal PORDYCE & AS- s sinm. W SW 3rd Street
IS ^ alPyh 1nle N -"W3 on' d flan e Nof Is or a -nS tt. -- A. Phase FR 6a. Phe FR 64.
Bedeum, balit. Scr end .Phwi, O~ .. j Can TOMMY RI ELL 2 BEDROOM funia house- ----- ...
Wrh. TV aME te. Air aNt S- a ACRES 2 P AthlFr #i 2 1a25 taler for rft. W 6 monIh. 1 SQUARE Ft. room r ret WATCH REPAIRS UtS cleaing
tilW.r NE CoM Scht F I l m ., l FR i 65. In Cucr Block arsehw & me prt. The BAZAAR, 113
seIltoi Cater. PA -ii m s M-AN VS 44 CaUsi R eRoost ic aiwr ll R fi- I mwat. Pione -13 AN Ma.An SI. Ph. I37. Paulul
113 N W. W sit Street,. ear Ca St l s sl > aAnle r. , ,, 2 a mndr.w ie war .l._ F
pA. s M d.n, ise. ok tlra. W. Univ .R..ed. C.. E. w o w.- FR -l4 .. s .. U O t up. Ne
WaCentral mil, f.or ,1- T aE irk1- o -n pRat street. aHnI. h R, I R Ibot, as e eIn WS W tn Ao i it S s a $F34 6 Bumfe Opeo ies fa sa tis WS. we repi r,
= 1111 Ca riecsury. Call W Mrs-, I I .S aLh.I31EJs 31eWAIT OUTSANDING anca e sk C hai reasons. McCullt,
mo___ ___ it Ph. . 3 c lwi. si M. rnn F I O w n I n OUTSTANDING 'nice staIn h s laln
-- A - - Ptrick Agency. Fl 2l45 1 w 19H Lane. Call FtR lm. rwity for right man Cr. Wkicesia a .riggs. Stralon
GMATH BY OWNER le Mm t m A Ust N. Mea to "Mr NW 131 St. & ti Ave. dealer. Florida Saw Co. FR
SMITH sel, I *SR. 2 nMth C I hC o M E. at.r E Mi--- CLEAN 2 R trailer. Avai. Fe. PhMe FR M4 u641
wet. Lowely 3 bok-..... -gd. k -;i 0- ep At. Cdi,? TSe.Mid. 4Vacuumt ea. U E1-
WINthi f u ll Agpain All DOWNt PA YMN -4 1--3 si br llinW 's
wih Extbaths ,A IT THEc DOcY n.wtAYMNT W. Ardor Lake Priviloges --. a s n i *Clle i U used House.
ws kiatdW. Eitr nie ar-l .S. i A WY -- I 1 R resaable, S ml. Phni FR -444 oer ,3 -K y Sale d S $eice. 712
e al Came.L r 1 o 1V 45 Fme Ap ea Rd P ne r. men d s&. U. sit AvP..
g ;. ho"m e- m t ir l* Hlte __I_ R fMB__ (I Mrty. __. _ __
he.... r i l PricedaatlUM u .sd .....eRA..W. K.... MI cdis "__. Man FR 4
Md uy In "and drivetosUM Place H ,Sy -2r NW T . 5 46 UA d. bd hA s l. Md W stn a .Ve orkn. 2

sebr t 0. R.S Its" Cla be& "a deny p FR CANl rtLE A t W2at f r -C Lla bI. ScA. ee ftrc eri. le, WE U 0T, refl a r ll S GMAT I NG u
par Nesdt aI4 L Ft. -N a~ I .. . te a waughW.n
tro"l Ft. Fiay sv---- "-" mI n er. I tl tmt,agnves rsOil, Isv &t lPtIl
We room. tPhone 372sa e- __"Ns4 T1 OWS.e f- t M-- a lt. ; _M in t eri. cSll Alre sto v s.C &i W so a.e Ch. 11a
oun acI, Noryt- -I ---. ^ NICt 2 tse 2 b~ rai *ert- a. WANTED sto buy b r:fMRALE Sai Aral. I
Four bedroom, two Wet hi mut. Li"ne re., 4, dT nf.o 47 MRoie o r l at for e Pmatl bt. FR S3A. LEN6Adiral Refri
Two fireplaces. All AN iertr lARCHER, 2 t t Mheam ye.i f, r WU O A N@chl& Lrghi.s Ma d W. ee-r. delug moal, oeexcellnt
cwuv pnelled Priced at i cetly reminded. God l Wca-. water futnis .riva to -ea GOLF CLUBS WANTED -o ,a t e ii n m fto apreckate.
L MPit rn-W3. tt Large city ot. SUi. Call and mtrMa. 4tct, to ma- SMALL L2 R houtA s On La e priced right. Wrte to x W Fi C F CallR M after
5-"21 teor apoitmet. pus,. 75. FR 12791 29195 GeI va. Near Melroe. W6 wItN. 3SA Ge vNll. Sun or ph"5e P.M
room. 2l baw- ws 4 tuso bed. V40k iM Firi} ? S iN SM or I. Is W w Su Vwe V rd. FR 6st .eI** ATTENTION Ralleylts. 3 Hever
plu.s ** ,lo*n b_. eme. *. e. r. P. .n ". "lr,. l. fun isl.. head... pnft i. wa to o n i.e
31reunW Bac.Nb53 Gt FR 0310. 11,C4
,,l Rs S l.M .------- ._ ..... r r--wIo--aAIns UP Pl say s Sm. China'
cmm. FPRonr ewm. P c at i.r lde w r Rad eh from up many o~er boras.
l1M Phs eiW. R. 2l F4 11 EAST SIDE u I War *from19 lI P fWPa E. I E. Univ. A".
GLADYS SMITH - r from Se uP FR B.e
REALTOR 42 Fa m Adeege GARDEN FOR ENT, Wa r und n 2 i tem up TE st csts lss. for less
Multiple Lst On ALk g a 2 edon 2 Dllt h fn fTHLke P2Rcmlese s Cog nar les
,.Miut APARTMENTS S,. F".. as ' fro ups Aphone'e
Caroline Pes Da in te GEr s h ouse. Paved re ad ,CliseM m PARTM Iro n IJ - - 419 MW s- A e.PI. 3man PIANO, sa9 ; "r hyrs bicycle,1
Fc e Burs Sen Grli? ACRES Tac allo lwat. 5- 5 srn u. Preret2a tl 5 l
12. University Pu h u,2-M In. lo. an Acre. Glady Smlt, Gainesville's Finest Wa E tr" CAe or I p s w W TV S1.0 6w 2, M S S'. C1I
Resalr. 12 W. v- erle ty Ave. Furnished or unrliter is- MY. i city limits a aw- 1 -E6 m Sim W Iaste M.t -- ---'-
YOUNG 33Lowly a ro1m a r-he Rd per me. P., -P E4Ic. RajeW.9 2 CUBIC F Carrier upright
YOUNG - I -- mee. 3B NE W St. Ph on Ain tR >Fit 1 LAN. Lyi"1 0!." Freeler. I IW Oworkingctl c-
AMEIR 80 ACRES I I-Toe -Oy ,rsalO.'5yPc--a--,aPhneFR&.
A EICA 80.2 c se.......... lc HICKS RADIO APPLIANCES -- -
B14EDROOM ltumill rtm. dlve ha Univ. CaN I T$i First Sitreet
dLA- lan .... ..e .. ... ...n .. '- PRICES SLASHED
HOMES. ising, at fmsrs sunt s1 nu occupancy Fl 22lt- iS 0 c ouler mfue. LWt S N ,; n sN EVERYTHING MUST GO!
PRESENTS 2rst o COW. Fi -. .... .. J .. us. er. C. S a 3trp .
iPRE ae -- P honest pC FR.ll ,OWNSTAIRS 1 t 4 ml. S. Mirm A Rt. Phone FR ls?. a d rRebuft m i wel
NEW BRICK r to.. r F ", ar .i Lt- al atnnand. i MI
MODELS OAN D YRDASSOCIATES, INC. '-114sleorete e.n espir -, .. TO nd 5 p.Mlesm can
MODELSItrItialireddctr I*J Su.H.3622 .VO. CallaP Fte26ay
OPEN 10 am. 'il Dark SNW.y li s r A* turnittd wr2m S w d c t s bI ifra, i t take tra-ns.
JackACodm-t a Ater BEACH BLVD. CA FR HA W FR 2MHS da
FEATURES: ASSOCIATES. .. Ay. ColonIa M Aph. d l S N ,C StoS2 ,nA I h .
F .re pce olloway, Chris Sw I bl C blom t ,. nyEn lstM. F
k --hurches-Walter SiodardAWN .y alloca i n GrNom asA Storage warehouse
Custom kitchen caonet FARMS RANCHES ACREAGE I BEDROOM U 2 iBd 3OR, I bl^ CC huse, laMced
Overszed biatrooms RURAL PROPERTIES St Waler I furn ot yr. W I. 4 COY'S
Plus many other custilo' ROBERTS C. SMITH, REALTOR Catll FRe 61112 Pr mti. Avait. Fa IS. ROOMS FURNITUREC
features US. Hwy. 41 Mic py, Fie. -- .- -- .. Phae Fr 2-I. ROMS FURNITURE
Sph.. *3a111 M3oILE HOME, i as bedI APPLIANCES
VA & FHA -- ". h f VA&FHA 1i se Wet-r -m" - Repossessed iw .
TERMS 5$365 DOWN i S OOMT, -, a flo. S SeM 0by M.. e ..o nlS, Rod sale as. Ela
24/14 Acre lots i Les Trances itk i closet. living tm dr S PA. V P he i & a I.. r e t
Woo ll Restrided how W .'Ffel.t.151h. in As bit* am p mm
Wooi distance o entaWleeds. RestIce hei and ptio b' M1.-is-Itd We leSiL Cost t I s : di as
& Jr. High Schools. Shopp.High. Dry & We .C ft MM C I FR bI t t. Iltone IF N :te$i $lcan
CThurche. n.pSy m UPER ckn aicim. nety e- ti nyo. makesOta in bed e V 0. MCeit.
Relp ar o othSeaf so n4trsss.v- ruf -hr".rt i als e f club chair W411111 a Ste prtnerN.
YOUNG Ra" Rs ""S Y V b A L-tre rW--. I "-tW ''if co1ti 1Ira
Ac AAA S ^ Associates pmt M23k2 1.CNN FR 6RL^ wi.t. a mitchii cckttil #&b In
AMERICA WMutipleiP 5s1 j -,2:Xnt l LIN hu E .0 brat" n Rn I d Fam
o" typ W ., s w s i et o a S i fine^ c1I al l.r wAN Illinos mmrr. clf ew
HOMES .....C .. -3U S *..a 4 - ARES viAuAVer.a lake oral l bs. -.M (.dle Is m. of .&-h drawers & bokase
nHOMgESL b air hagn. iea,wanl amdb ) withw allg misM fr
FARMS 2ANCHES ACREA6 : l c1a. rcouplet nly. wo b t clo&k radACe el doSD I i
NW 34th & 7th Avenue ROiERTS c. SIuTH, REALTOR s.Si. r me. Year .; FORDYCE RENTALS: *nio soa Mr m ie. Ai ve,
Phone 372-7070 1 .s "Hw .l' Micln io--ir'* .L L t e Na N W *i Her rm: A A- riv * IN "" a 7
ft. IM6131211. hi s O St. w I three Kichdw aium d T pm bW 1 0


Home And Business

1" ls, [Mpww l mit

ART &AL L Sk H -F. IT 1166M. W. U i.tA. AW fte.
a Cutu t4:1t ca01t1 a 11 am MAS HAYEAs Pi ew, -
PmL Om rofieltit a L iay lr et aEtrier. F,2 4-i1h
i w UN IV. A .~ 352 Utyw tert.' Ar c
Phe P313 Kowa
_____ -I- M tOME REP.0 S
PoH D ARNOLD00 ---- L thOUT
1219 W. UNIV. AVE. PH. 3 un Von E tiaErMa. IFReEiar lr lm I a7S $Ida

wooo ao*s IMPoVnTFtm&
HYDrAULIC JACKS retu W O HMS & ad Builders
Water Jacks. FKactry a Fi.lo rd----"s-- C Ml e REMODELING. PAIrTING
ad Walter Hydralic Jack AirCAINET WORK. RasOA le
Service ard. MULL'S BRAKE Hiei wlg ft t r Pi Ft#e *.
SERVICE S SUPPLY 1314 a i eri
MaM FR 2-tel Wo"z"
I W eWad Fria ud wo
building & Rie p oo iU i-"--O--TEUP R HOL ST atR
t i _ _ _k e s a aai h t a t he. Va I L
tDON S*. i t 1 WrN 5 I A
"A reered MMuse ies I SER
happy heore" Caln 1C ECO15 NkSt
Pet Mi. 2 2 NE. INi n M i VICE CO. w Ms 1 Ut
PFR w Amv e2U eaiF a.
HOMEi OWNERS FHA ai miN a ieW t aSusNGPROOL"w caa m
Pew a reWI or *tiNS 0e0 Tm= at ft U *5*FR 2-2 --?
bhlding seM si .. giay bne es a t
FPR 4-sY J KI ubPASTICL Tree S e
S9a111tion 1 wfttfd PtA AND CO IVETIONAJ. L n, 3M-Ies
L R. fcll^ l2 51 1 ULam I = -t A & cItrM ct
HO sME rers a f i W .AV. i 1 n W. UNIVL m;. oP. lUW -. I of
PaOI-. se.e.dO e f hT &IM O MON Y 1111..S.1a a.1Y
prIes. Ce 541 p, a .r -. we.wt. Tm to .... W h
afor aV btw worguSad -
MS AY iiNS 0 _J 1w R 5u 1 a 1rI S *:11

"M'i' Sun Want Ad s;Cano I

11110 ee, s, her frt.,f l&
0141 Pm FF PMFR

kice equipped, Ils$125. per
mto; two bedrehm tme, par.
tayr ternIed F por m nuf ;
tmrs bedroom Ihme maL
per ah nd a three bedroom
1" belh hore for six. per
aith. For more bnawtin
re ainour rental thstit
ca r con by FORDYCE& ,
Itiversity Avnue, 3-ii6S.
S*OR. I bsa h Cults
hMeI. $110 r mn. eAulSN
O Is. nI NE 110h Te.,
FoR .Mnor 2- M NrN ae I
FOR RENT 2 Srarm hiIem,
SW& sacetheader tmo W
3W Aun. PvMw rn-i .
2 A huse SW. About W ml. SW
o 0 St. NMr Rms Hmt. as
me, Mr. THayi FR F6-)
*r FR 76-,
UNFURNISHED I bedren hl e
1 h celdtr hs, amasnir.
eartap disomalm. Slw and re-
frigerstr. NHear $chl. AniOl-
* March lit. sIK Me. Wil
N.E. lift Drive. PR -274 fr
LCeted Iff SE AN Av For in-
Nftlon call J. T. Howi FR
3 MN.W 10M Amew. Sill
sW. C Fit etity Ore17

49Room fowr4 mi

LARGEV mo fr wou
M en rr g furnund.
1Iil l 6 Oft Lft
rim OTTe~. SmeW

CoAFOiTAi tef t rtin
se1sw11 smtaies. InsMle
*0gft usan eaWy. FR
NICE rm de HI wrivts
stane.l faail hsping.s .I,
~re ed peing St SE M PI.
NICELY biM-ited elt for
rb i nw om wt -a
sliy An FR 6-74.
LANE Mio fNorN ow Heflt
phiearigera.. Item PR
-11. 46 NE. S M A-m-.
M% diy, Wk. O Ma N
*il. E NiE Sl AW. fte
FR ME lif


54 i lem .meleb
WAiO*U0 fr wxnL
Cod 0 T-go IL CA
STM GA *IImN l & Mlgf
- tt'arr ed- C S

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dilhwtt t wit lontca
sawe & 6 ftom 2aed1 ctalrs.
Admiral refrigerfor wn croam
top freeir,t shlvs in door
datry tar, 1" rango wa eve,
Wre an storage drsews
Orig. price$1,019.38
N1 rm any. us week. Ask
or aackw reItture IN storage


Beach Blvd.
NWt So. gale Plata FL 9-2561
Jkrmvile, Flreid
PFwnti r & el ilscM-cwill-
IN' St -m f wm nfee r he f1
covered & mtctnl Chair,
2 sIe Stal & maictd cock.
Nll tale wile pOlNec thi.,
aUN l I el tanmps i eve
witih lm S tStn mirror, mute
aM chet, Wiw dels> eht
st. N1i4 Admiri rlmgrler
wilt fulf iM frIer & b&,w
erf s.v, in deer a&V deby
br. adher w h iirt.
stat MRilele eeV, welt eut
1181 This fmlure h bn
a ipratye y. Eveir p mew
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No mwo wM pamet U
wtk kternte a & ce d o f givwr
or will haw in stra at a
WMl BlvdL P SL11
ow Dow M!. Fl. S. M l
JS. t M l Fo.s

F LLA CHW,l r*
io. care ias at or..

*OW otw1ar wa* -,
CA tR SaEor -M r .
"a KaramCr silra

sa biy ta:f tSt Sr
G M -0*

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COM. ClM. T. V. at


Home. LolA. Incot e, Bai
ines ad Lake Property.
Farms and Acreae.
i31 N. MAIN ST
FR S-2M2 Broker FR 4L4SU

Shadow Lawsn Eet.
(uslo-br-ilt homes tha lIo
cutoin-Hull If you are tired
io hoiis iln that tlb-dil-
sltan wk, s.
F. D. Oliver. 8iMr.
Ph. FIt t4M
West NW s3h Air past
ihe (I I ~N rsi Stferse.
Nae. 6li ain as left.


"H" Inc.
We Trade Homes
or Property

The loltowin g are ready far
1021 NW 40th Dr.
I SR. l', Bath. $50 d4
11112 (I". In.. h
4628 SE 2nd Pl.
3 BR. 2 ball $0 dn $74.1.
PWr M.
4527 &r 4617 SE Ist PL.
3 IR. I bath V0W dn. $1
per -o,
303 & 313St (38th St.
304 A 314 SE 39th St.
13 R I bath :00 dAn 64
per m.

Te following are under -m.
siructiue and will be ready
for oTupaBCey oon.

3701 NW l2st PL
3 BR. S bath $7A0 dn
per mo.
3707 NWli2st PI.
4 BR. 2 bath MOO
$103 per mn

124 $1 7th St.
3 BR. 1 B'b
1 Year Lase S115 per eMo.

Il3 S.E 4th STREET
YtK -3IO1 or IfR 6-7M

y Security

Goinoeville Multiple
Lstim Rooltrs Co* Help
Find Your Ho- Today

Fodyce Associates
Warner Weseman
J. W. Kirkpatrick Realty
John Merrill Agency
Tom DDobson Aglency
Wilr Bishop. Realtor
M. M. Parrish & Associates


J. Pierce Smith. Realtor
Giady. Smith Realty
Ernest Tew, Realty
University Realty
Arnold Realty
Dan Byrd Agency
Arch Campbell. Realtor
Red Frank,. Real Estate
Raph Fossey

Where The Smart

Set Lives!

Palm View Estates

Prime N.W. Location

3 & 4 Bedroom Homes
From $16,000

*From $101 per month

FHA & VA Financing
Immediate Occupancy

All City Services

DO wao I t A.,f nhft o Mdal
Hm sign a NW 3M Teem.


A -e......A I

University Park
9i 11025
Ft. Ludadek, iFk.

NW 1th Ave. a..t 37thSt.

Carol Estates
NE 9th St. at 18t Ave.

1321 NW 16th Ave.
Mike Knit., Asmciate
"We Trade Hou-es"



True Colonial American Styling
at ls than $15,000
* Choice of brick front
* Built-in G.E. oven, range
* Lifetime easy-care terrazzo flors
0 Indoor laundry and utility roc
* Two full luxurious baths
O Three well proportioned beoroonm
* Central heating fair condit opt'ona
* Floor to ceiling closets
o Built-in breakfast bar
o Lifetime family Swim Club membership
0 Sidewalks and all other city convenience,

Choice of wooded tlots
I VA, FHA, or Convenvonal tinanc ng
|lu many, many moaf tealues..
I Wls may H cim ve $100

FHA Beet terms i twn!
Special "buly pspi's khwn" Tim. & Fri.
Ops 'Til 9 P.M.

N.I. I Ave. ISttStreet

400 Familis

Prove Our Point

Our point is, of course, that you can't
go wrong buying a new home in Highland
Court Manor.-any way you look at it:

I IF YOU'RE renting, you'll be money ahead buying
S -and chances are your monthly pivmenrt, li
be less than you re now paying in rent Or friendly
salesmen will be hoppy to explain.

YOU'LL IE 1 getting "more home for yoa' moned/
Sat Highland Cc..rt Manor. We inviie ,j to com-
pare similarly priced homes and see for youw, et whf an
HCM home is the best buy in town

em design and planning
from over 20 models in a
services and conveniences -
fc and noie.

be as dist.nctie as nmod.
con make it Yc choose
Community waro allt, t,
yet away froir busy trao-

SALL H4CM HOMES are VA and FHA approved
You don t need to tie up large Sum, cash VA
do.n payment is only $100 includes closing costs,
and FHA down payments are FHA minimum,

AM ECM IXTRA not matched arwhere else in
G-inesville is th exclusive, resdent-restr.cled
Swim Club Aid Community Center Your family wirl
enjoy the cool waters of th i wimmng pool and 1le
Community Centr activities.

AS MPROOF of the pudding, we look to 400 forn.
iLes who have purchased HCM homes They repre-
sent a generous ross--sectin of the community from
doctors and profeiors to insurance men and policemen,
from engineers and merchants to restaurateurs and for-
mer military men. IPlus an unreasonable number of
weekend dufte i

Over 20 Models rm $12.500 to $17.250
Mostly Pay s fIm $73.59



13 tImnIHels







Tdy iM ry1 ,1J964

SS F. PorSe. b
man nu mtui.

, 4,,,-, t t

IL ft MiM Mk w-

Sd M sift- RSIe a
*1 t PAINT C0
NutwaM s. ao.

M W. lWV. AvM. PhM I am
Pt iu, IS HP a n A .
IfV. Pho I.1 Calle t. l"-m
wow. T. Ie r pulTeA
ws it Fts Is fImt o

n- as -IVM eNf
wame asM gotuip&
-. l a PAe.
72 Mo 1DEPS
GET Pnlliesl kni Mpea-
tllurMAe Cheshki Oficn
@OWig C. FPr Sflie aI.I
Sand 11. m W. UI- .
AUN. R Fat. .
Ul TAmT tWt.M. w all
4and fl lole i A me*
aa yMdics, "M
Sa -S wf.t of a amw
$II Me Tm can M oe.rd
wMIl ftak"rsd CaO FRi .
am Wr a P2.0 Ny or Ma
71 Mslui Mtclaeftd
Music Co.
M aM. &rt1. a9

77 Ma"s Haeefor Sale
U. 17, hm WISM
UNTIL 9 p.m.
TWO him hhos. r tMI 1 W
CM he reMed. Phine 13
Can rbe pan hiS .
eas THAT IMUea. Dti i
lIte to N o wae. Mam nMA
ht., dem. Lake Soeas Trs
W ma1. At. ME IE KWMg
4x. x s1 R M ,dle. W
Sleedseer. Lot 14 Ardar M

T7 M it H esi s U MWM Ufor SM|

Trailer Soles '". .,".ur M
-ww ow sIi Iwn 11 l-4 Ikm
O1:10 IrhMn MAINL HI =*o r
Isai 'so am
loTer s -a .
SEMi P m aM a s

-r M le. fon S. a UR fn s s -
"a a l am *urle '.k
IN3h M.M ON F-N ,,uM uAd ,uv st
HFM Taies ta M a s.ot-er a^ ,l

e.wr i 000l at O I,,,RA m tuSw, SM "
I AMll i" a U 4. & 4 r eA "

tme.. a m -- a" r
NOW S11m S MS.. flT ftIs. W

"m "MPMn& auNew Nott or ra
AM T11 1 MWa .. M UM U a. t a'L M
-16 Ars ite mu *. a SkOLBLI
I r78-,. .UCKSAl MI- a -,
C m,1 im M-ie wM CHEVO tLaET $ ., i*I I
I es FO R D Im e n oer
. ..m ..m rw. i.
HW 3 v1 n ft-By I OSI m 1 '
US TINFORD T It.i4IONA 6 c*- fl 6 6 serh ilt
derw. b"t as Law ues, meets maim, sir oe s
I t. d iat.ew bra& $
A.w i a n. Il N -
IW INTERNATIO NL a s tow .ey I e'I 4 hiRE
*n tr uk No r 111111 Not e W tl
mowt -: Fi t 1441.. FNi. 1
w, m n"Ie owY M cmmo .r ubes:
ow ML t a ( cAir e r. Akrbb A trM
4M V4 a t h is. O 5.. *
1- FORD V id 1 ev 4 r e W k in^ m r ,
"I'm f or Nt" r**** OW
INJcelldulI. = s 2" PLYMOUTH m
C& FiR 24UMP U NcFv.Pfl!Ml4St
fYLr M ,W -vr CHEa. lVROLET,* t
81 M sq. & eatl. s R MM.
MSTANG IusRd5 -r 3l .ICALA LftMr s
MWker iatoul, u MWs a n. p ol tfrss l ece*Hl
Fi l **led w CH E LT
D emllA sahe., a, PMfo 14.4 13
if 4 P P. s1 M. *. fl .
s na... *| VIts abs it
no wami 'a dWL, a e s WR o
Or PLr h ft. aNiI. i4 d. iM
MN GW -sf, AL S t S a U aS ~PL UIN L 0a

195 m CAD lM. h m al i t. ASISell t$leS 5B.

I1M C ADI, f % reA, ls li ia 6. W*. PA
drJ. ICpteeAut. hi aMw. S e"w iPAU leM al1.
lirH, 170IN oNE D, M W O. 1 w

NNaW, Pe_ s fires, abmv .
,1 FA -- a a. -w. a (W Is
tSH A. T. R. & K ow "Uub*T

NW -Nv air 4W 0 ha. OVA
smre 6b f Mt r w aeipt. 59I 6 Prm NO^ ,. .*
YM Ie AAl hi 4 P. MAL Mnmm. q IN M STUDEAl 6' o. a m alit S Pa well,
a. V
It M MMr ma as h e.
WW~~~ aAX sea 91.M61,WA~ MB MNWl


we Wu~Mre we eem for TRUTHFULNISS!
Abe W levu meul for HON ITYl I
HAWS.- POW Sgiv m A qwul Im dealb n wl tua.*
mes in Gelln k ew uweMdie senst

5 IMPEIAL. 4-dr HT, PS, PB, R&H, AC, Pwr, oeats, Block $5$95
d IMPIRIAL 4-dr HT, Pb, PB. R&H, AC, AT. Pwr eats .... $ 4
63 AMRICAN, 4-dr, automatic, Heter. 9,000 mile, blue .. $7445
62 FAIRLANE, 4-dr, R&H, Real nice car, Black .......... $f
61 PLYMOUTH, 4-dr wagon, PS, PB. R&H. AT, dual A/C. $1445
61 OLMMOILL, 4-dr '88'. PS, PB. AT, R&H, nice ...... $11
61 VALIANT, 4-dr V-200, AT, R&H. cleon .............. $111
61 PLYMOUTH, 4-dr Automotic, radio, heater, white ......

61 FALCON, -dr. red and white o real nicecar ..........
60 PONTIAC, Bonneville 4-dr HT, PS. PB,-RH, AT, AC .... $ '
60 PONTIAC,4-dr Catalina, PS. PB, AT. R&H .......... $
0o OLDIMOBILE, 2-dr '88', AT. PB, heater, clean ........145
40 POPC,4-dr. PS. PB R&H, AT, A/C ...........p.....
4 LAM g2-dr HT, AT. radio, her, yellow finih ....... i $t
0 LAIK.4-dr, radio, heater, clon5....................$45
59 CHIY, Impala 4-dr HT, PS, PB, R&H, AT, V-8. A/C .... $iJS
5 IM RIAL,, 4-dr HT, PS, P R&H, AT, A/C, cllnw .... s1fl

4 U CHRYSRUit, Newport PS. P. R&H IAT. A/C ...... $11"
q IMMN 4& HT. PS, PI RI,N A/C, 900 mi. 4
63 VAUANT, 4-dr V-200. Automc. R&H. PS .... I
3 VALANT. 4-d' V-200amic R&6H. PS ...... IM

0 s-Ye, so,0.0 .o -m y e

o SAAB, 2-dr 4-seed,radio,heater like new ............ $11
SI ONL 2-dr wagon .roadio,heate ral clean ............ 95
59 L FORD. wagon .heater .nice car .................... 9
57 VW. 2-dr. sharp, rdi, heater ......................$.. 9S


&L 6"1.3)
bsnhm a b

MAW N"sa
I ANLN.ea441


,1m L '

Cci I-sed Cus


du CIALAT .. 995W

Poole-Gable Motors
(Dodge-Dart-Dodge Trucks)

119 L.l* Am.






62 DODGE . $1388
Lanwr. ud qut, do. %1&, toi ira, w e, l wal tm.

61 CHEVROLET .. $128
Cmw,r. olid s w ft.

61 FORD. . .$1188
V-8, ad. tritmuam heater.

60 DODGE . $988
edn, ', tuiwf .li power stein, heter.

60 COMET . $888
Sedon, rdi, hter.

60 FALCON. . $688
S n, whie and radio, rwo hmt.

57 DODGE .$288
V-8 hwftp

Usd Can

514 N. Mb S.

Td. 372.4951


Al IcuAm TIm CAMs

SRAul 4r. Su e n, mlaaset $E n.%ieS. s
ndl et e. cleaning ets. auH ar. 5.000
owil&. Nw. sUe for $Msa7. N w ny** .... $2l5


weam N


alus. ifr sal, hst*.

mn s M UCK

- .a a .


57 PLYMOUTI. 2-dr hardwp,. (2). AT. R&H, V-8, nice .... $40
SCHRYSLR, 2-dr. automatic. radio, hater.............
5M 4I wagon, radio. heater ........................ .
57 Om 4 oucomatic, radio, heater................
57 ALK 4-dr wagon PS, PB radio. heater...............
53 WILLYS 4-dr, runs ood .......................... 5
53 MRCURY. 4-dr. overde radio, hoer, clean ........
50 OLDS 2-dr, utomatc roo hwer ...... ..........
Pete C to. Win. W s b S w Grey. M Mcrualu

7CAlUAC 2-dr hedhop, clean S


a mm a

W1W9vfUt *o

Pg.. Mew
.4,. .ina...La.a.. a

- -

us m tse
aes am .S en
S an X

=s a aftua
a a

WM. me ft.. ..

4% h Mw.a riM me

c.. hats, a. e..

cw 4*. A

dss as.un

an*. mat .a
a 1




m w. UM'Uv
M 2-se


Complit -A.
YU ael ANM mf Cm

2M3 NW Ik Av. 872.25853

opeule m aws mD
&Mn*" l.ilec can
a"k msa M t ?wI'll.
ft mIMM. n &Me
10 NOT AMY vusm
-CE Ane muvAau

* notOMTs
0 Wlm s

msoTO Cn"


Authorized Cadillac,
Oldimebile Dealer
New Cm:
SIt la St.

2l1 N.W. Ith S.l,
t 6-7515



Pfuly AM MeuM


Wmewbur mi to invite
hs mWWy friends and
:c=111 to drop by and
M i.n at
12 N. Maim Shme

rum mumew

n *M- NN ad


TIME .. .
FR 2-1411
Ceav Of
U-h Chene
u M e, a at14 e .

hus HI 1.413
NHM--i r--


Classic Sedan. Full Price:

1863 plus tax & tag.






America'I Lar t
-fiqg 6-cylidr
station WMge.?



1132 S. Main St.

FR 2-8433

0 A


63 Pontioc
Bonneville 2-door hardtop,
radio, heater, automatic
tranmission, power steer.
ing, power brakes, air con-
ditioned, a black beauty.

63 Chevrolet
Impola 4-dr hardtop. Ra-
dio, heater, power steer-
in a, brakes, automatic
transmission. Sharp!

62 Chevrolet
Corvair 4-dr sdan, radio,
heater, stick shift. Now

62 Falkon
2dr. radio, heater.
excellent buy!

61 Chevrolet
V-8 engine, 4-dr sedan,
radio, heater, beautiful red

61 Ford
Falcon, 4-dr, 6-cylinder,
mdio, heater. Ready to go!

63 Studmebker
4-dr Cruiser, radio, heater,
auto atic transmission,
power steering, brakes.
Extra cleaw Local owner.

4-dr. Seden, V-8 engine,
automatic transmission, ra-
dio, heater.



63 Mercury
Monterey 4.dr hardtop,
power steering and brakes.
Factory air, bucket seats.
Was $3495 Now only

62 Renault
Douphine 4 door, radio,
heater, seat belts. Good
economical transportation
at a very, very low price of

61 Mercury
Meteor 4.dr sedon, radio,
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission. This beauty can
be yours for only

60 Mercury
Monterey. 4-d.., radio,
heater, power eering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission, see It to believe
60 Ford
4-dr Sedan, V-8 engine,
radio, heater, automatic
transmission, yes, this is
not a misprint!
59 Pontie
2 dr hardtop, radio
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission, air conditioning,
finished min a beautiful

61 Chevrolet
4-dr. Impala hardtop, V-8
engine, automatic trans-
mission, pow steering,
good ties, low mileage.

63 Comet
Villager Station Wagon,
bucket seats, radio, heater,
automatic transmission, air
conditioned, Only
62 Comet
4-dr, 6-cylinder, standard
transmission, radio, heater.
Clean and ready to go!

61 Comet
4-dr Sedan, radio, heater
Save yourself lots of money

60 Comet
4-dr Sedan, 6-cvlinder, ra-
dio, heater Clean and
priced to sell m a hurry
so come right on down!
60 Chevrolet
Pickup, 6-cylinder, stan.
dard transmission.
59 Cadillac
4.dr Hardtop, radio,
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission, air conditioned
59 Chevrolet
Brookwood station wagon,
radio, heater, 6-cylinder,
standard transmission. An
excellent buy on an ex-
cellent car'



(RANE Lincoln Mercury

"It's sy to
516 S. MA St.

trade at Crane Lincoln-Mercury"
FR 2-3631


nmA1 M&N5 MUM $Me

La.- s.

m Ii

I m


S2U 611



bpM FW CsMm & A"M

Tka 0 '64 Tog I


Go6uWl@Svs 11


I>- I


III win"


in I




1611a rM







. _



A&.1 .. A al.
ft7 1M(BW il .W-o


he iumsum,
pv~i' WM rx-t

hI low 66

trh e.1 I *
tubey a43eat|'LMI hi
*IsvL~ U.ASW#Sfl


Sb ''^-- tfn





he)i W
da~db U
~ Ce

U *_-2^^





'ireui' W~&

P4HfAK- A -M




=~s n




AAL "N a Kiltk M a
pac "h weip'

illr, ad b mbi


lithi, I*b

adt go Allb.
Wa W~Vsim
b R~sOw


n W N. HiMM- I
9 ,-.,.,,,. -, I
unman th i IIm,
Uw, n M,& w, H


D agm U.L

-a -

m dmmlid aa
hSWu a bpa J^H gwft

People iI

The New
jUMM (AP)-ariliw

On TauCut
WiAlSH T (9) a.
ablelaemakm m alu i
ts l m-mde anMh
,'NIl wg ad liry amon
go pt &e 5mlt b d the M.
dl0 AW low rl a

ilnma rtes h m Wb ,e.
iwb wil y cemMl d tlw.
0git dbys Slter the mime is
mo td lol liw,
this wus a ktry far the ad.
mWnitraM, hNM hm bun
pressing to h k the lfects o
the tax cut felt i the coomy
M SoM as poNdib.
Some c-mplai he now-
Idi Cor. itw be dffiiut
o make the ap i their pey
rol with a wuk.
Te ofteree mun e their
doed Namio ery tod in
a effort io cOmlee action a

Pakistan Trade
LAHORE, Plaita (AP) -
Pa ian ais eating a co
preheive trils agreeuot
it the Soviet Union, Com-
srce Miniter Wahid-uZa.
am tM Raito Pakistan k u
twerview Mday. Pakistan hu
migd trade aIm Ients wMh
Red ana Mu &W temiia.

toomb pkmt'Tiiwbggu.
3 MubSMM. I t
Lims wamIaMF hd -M am-
SnRSO tM ?~ t Mm MB
GAuWOO". 0 Wr3M=
"> 4MH Sguan" *Mirhbif

as n a rninai&


m qcoi


mimUg mmmiH







. 7W1,

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