Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 17, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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88th Year, No. t69.,


a.Z Wis nAI.:AND MiflT
I urasmoa41a

Th Ol Shell Gam


Suspect Arrested

In Saigon Bombing

SuInch Snow
Falls in Spots
A mak North stoer
uwhdi by pht e wids
depai up to ibees of
diet in New Nheo n anse.
Taperaurm dueded I
the tem oer -aich f S
- afto rdom in
UaMy hWOa cdm of
bet a Iuch or two of peed
mow, became covered *y
sheets of oe.
e while, odMed iAmaos
per hour at Tnrur ona Cap Cd,
led com al iaIMid
balt up hkp drifts adt tOWNd
gtag.HHa eaedmende
In MNle fear women
ldmbidwheantha ariidff
U1 ladb m d ide dn
In a pin badMy Mere a
at RiobbiMto*
AtlMstiM ldertwpm -
si11 Mm min ad t# m
in Coacmti-4 of bet
aadaMcks f A ioee -or
Ito mtsi w ndt henm S
in ts Fb*Aml NJ.H. wLe.
Ltensee, N.b., ed 14; Waes
tW ed Bled, Mm., 12;
sBrmeck IMge U; laDOW,
1; HarVford, Cao., I ad
Mose ir, VL, .
The donr cled reports, al'
hbi Slod mwatravel
and ed pw twom Wo
Dif dothe 4 tary If the
Mto vWft "sieSt
ea w Ra
Sire amd VeMatL
7w *"m wamd s to s
no Sf N0N haeI O "
am mu owed i
SqtoN Sw Yf. me"
upbaMuIdofsl in
CN tar iedIn8t 4in A
wa*parted sh sa e anrs
s*fiay s Lake Ebrie.t
Gonraay fair and dry waler
pralld in the majr p- of
th*1 muss.Mornisl BIdW"
eaiMl se sof tIhe North
Pactoanda&r was -gM now
in the orthu Nocks atosf

Man Burs

To DeathIn

House Fire

A e man M eund to
death tin mnlg to a fire
t uat ept trouh a small
trhebmat u1 sR 16
at, pote ad tfirm repot-

in& ImpiNalhmu T-
tw is L awT.
Ie at 2:1 aJL. bHats R.

s km lm atam Nme

bhehuler i se ws r
ad bowsad 11nmei Ie0

to lin to as a laW
Is b ta rp d
ad il ftnmaw w t*

bm aptH Two puep
SIN ad U an &Ie
sn v e i mgIS b ri
Nu ad a balms semaw


M eT.a to 1 w iw
awh- fa^ #A 0^*^

3 Americans

Die in lst

At Theater

State Cm rna. er of Agrcultre DrleCo er (third from left), wi
placed the Flurd State Fair at probatk for alJed violation of state p
camsas a diferet type of "sheil game" ti 'Wtiet. te omeasiom wa
of the Mw pat ienlie plant of Cetral Florids Peant Proeem r
Leakig at -me of the shlder's output with Coemr are (from left) Cyrl
berry, daian ofe the peatnt omitteof the Fr1i. Farm Baream
gate, prMimt of the WlIntor peasat flm, and Lawreoc Peman of
dealer of the peant she. (Sa e to by B as n isaM)

hi What S$ippent Boyc

Jpa. todly to J*
in a labor
to mbe of

b ml'm *to
is to a vert an

I-g O Statr
r m slap at Iss-

bastoa*e to
OW top aa MtM nai

iw usmnes sJ. a
O___ A ga e 4^ |^j^- ^M^
IUMI t-b "ea agent
Ia -
kef lb MAN t do

-d. WNW "tM SP9IK

It ho b e icials that pp
ts to p to U. lag m-.
tey said t late Pres&
KM*d bad ~g" this
ontt w kinde orlicialsh
,were dta not enough
,Americm sels are availa-
l iftna t foreign flag

li 6o on Aerican docks
;aae lS mles o wft of gain
Sto atoulbvtheCaronetf

tit, pMhe W& pOR
as elUehxis eb d to try
lie solifthe abi S dthe

alWs at-eN dteal de A

^ to It aa. INa
bak n b w

Goes Before UN

jb*-ne -pm mp
-".an1 1pa
ijkbl Go*r Tni~i~ob% *


d- te
,:.g a 0
eq. -m
b amuiu.
31.6k bla a

SAIGON, oath Viet NM
(AP)-Soth VWimesw polke
iMM a winouded rkkh dvr
tdeas a prime alpctd b the
biaing of a U.S. movie thet-
ITem Amerincu were kied
ad 11 Americas icbdhing
wm m d chimr we
S uded Suny la the latest
mti-Amelcan vinlece in Sal-
g. Nime Vietname also wre
e od the dead was a mlil
tary pooemm who was ot
hvie mftindg pard ou"t
the theater. Another m a Ma-
rtiO Corp captain who was
b d muder falling debrs as
he rm ilide to wn tdohe te.
aWEr's U patrs.
The US. command to South
Vie Nam ordered eury
nmass tighteed to protect
Ameram puonel in the cp.
d tfnm teWorm by the Cam.
mW Viet Cong. 0 Feb. 0,
two bombs epioded under the
teacher da softball fieuear
Syesterday Saigo Airport, killing to U.S.l
umbisglaws, mld and p -uri Doth -
Sdlicatim or S
Saturday. Albou poliUe dekeod to
IBoydNew. diat the rikksha be's mw
arall Fu. poaed lr bb the bomf,
TIftoa, Ga., ieo a bd bMet appmartly
wire the wor a highly skilled
taMo lt toh .
W to man at least two

AI u -w ow do -
nr o t d0 pp Sade bw -

*s *MR"ill by',* i o gMP byas6
Ia a bhWrl', lt W f i Em L hIaud,
uohbor Wd sh ~bma
L Wilrd

mae-mcu to met In Day6

rrnem bI a dIto
aer~hE.Leighty chief
anir for unions a
tre a-it tAn Flors East
CtOUaHy in a Imeoatb.
A wae dlptsared by
a shustk, it a-d so.

w u O Beur a maw
abug a% a at PeI- -
Je be keral I to
S bltr NaloaW lh e,

At Airlines

ubm (AP)i NOW sMt

Sm qS m l




man ammem

Righfcil I

By Mathews

airnwd ^ *Mof BPAP
-* ad m*

b ue4d we
hgoed Oleok a piHBr
bbtdo be dd 0 wepo .

e rn (e FaedrE G be a dm
IA Itiel weMMoIn p
- **d U^ *te ht^

"-*^^-_ bd ad ^ ^^

meegsS tea
*rtS~tim ethda.Wt

ge poredly ha rethed
emtradkdrym teuthsy on the
relabitly of ails fro See.
rqtay of Defeme Robert S.
McNmar and Air Force Chief
of Sa Gen. Curt LeMay.
Inased sources on Capitol
Hill report that the two, in Ms
cret testimony before the House
Armed Services Committee, dil.
feed not only in their general
estates of reliability but la
the pedfcl figure they cited
as evidence.
Dilemses between McNa-
mara and LeMay could have p.
tent polta reper umot
Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arl-
on ha raised the question of
missile relIability during his
campaign for the Republica
preidentiol uninatlon.
Goldwater, a maor general
In the Air Force aerve, hus
challened the rllablity of
missiles ad called' for more
funds for manned bombers.
This evidently was the position
take by LeMay and rejected by
McNamara before the House
More light on the conutersy
may be shed Tuesday when the
committee reaies a tra rip
of the hearip that were held

for two weeks

begiming Ja,

The transcript, however, wiA
be censored by the Department
of Defense. It is conceivable
that figures on the reliability of
missiles-f deemed classified-
would be deleted.
Most members of the com-
mittee evidently were more ia-
pressed by LeMay's figures
than by those of McNamara,
for they added $2 million to
the defense authorization bi
for development of a new
maned interceptor plane.
McNamara did not ask for
this. But, according to the ofli.
all report of the committee
LeMay did.
A minority of the committee,
however, did agree with McNa-
mara. One of them, Rep. Sam-
Sel S. Stratton, D-N.Y., has re-
celved permission to file a mi-
nority report with the House by
midnight tonight.
This indicates that there will
be a fight when the bill reaches
the floor of the House. The bill,
which would authorse $16 bl-
lian for military procurement,
research and development, is
scheduled for House actlo

Car Mishaps Kill

37 Over Wekend

iThrty-een parmos died i
Fleds traffic ameats in the
bloodiest weekend in the state's
history. Seven persm diedIto
one fiery crash.
A Florida Highway Patrol
spokommn said It was the dead.
Heat weekend in n yards ad
bele that time fatalk s were
so few that they were a cm

I umo instance, the weat
er wu good ad highway patrol
mm could find rmm for the
b- wekeSd.
"People in a uhrry to get
mewhere, I uppoe," said oe
"Jut careleness, I gCes,"
mid other.
The weather was dear when
two momobiles coded about
I a Sunday on a straight
etch of highway V mies at
o Asho on a ate roed 15 h IOr
sop Cay. Fe persons were
bh ed to death me car and
athe dd ind the h.
Ty were L- e limes, 15;
Evme Pfaff Waood, 1:
Bo Lee Prathr ad Sam
my yder, 15, aLdfSt. ud;
JBneaemn, Bnand Fradis
Ds* Abaerth, bothofOr.
bi, ad mieardLMA.Ui ,
go w- a remaI to
Paia Oty b am e ch t
heeaitoh bW marl-d.

Ing plunged Into a creek. Dead
were Bess Maness Brady, I;
Mrs. Cecil Pulley Allen, U, and
Maggie Williams Motter, 63, all
of Panama City.
Srah Bevel, the fourth worn.
an in the car, managed to
reach safety. The bodies were
covered in the car.
Kevin McKerlie, 2, was fatally
inWjured whm struck by a car in
Fort Lauderdale late Sunday.
Claruence Regial Kinle, X.
of Tavares, and Edward Frank.
lin Joseph, 45, of Miami, were
killed in a collinso four miles
west of Waukeenab, in Jefferson
llie Johnson of Perry and
ichard Thbomas Smith, of
Mayo, were killed Saturday
ig nam Perry.
Jack Hill, 32, and Milton De-
vi, 51, both of Miami, were
killed into a headon collision in
south Dade County.
Mary Mame, 56, and Gu-.
dlpe Maroni, both of Fort
Myers, were killed 4.2 miles
W&S of nta Springo.
WOa Floyd Shaer, 21, o
Saley Field; David Hery
Joker, U, and Bowman Lee
Morr, 19, both of Cantomon,
did n in accident at McDna
Is hnomuba County.
FMk Arnold Hehl, u, of Cio.
e- U Ohi, was killed 1J
ot as th of Lae City ONe
rod W47 ad James Wowar
(he F MATA Page )

Outstanding Young Man

For '63 to Be Named

Siira b i ~mbe 'i at W
Uen it gMo -

Se i a .
uMEM ad bai.

"m* th f hsat n11@W




Missile Reliability

Questioned by AF

... M .

. I

w ar
r v em



IE.'- r

Kind= I

-a- .-~- ~ --

hatlg so

Mam*, Feamryq 17, 194

campaign Co

TALLAIASSK PMPie lbtlsMpelli d t bacsrs,
are incrlalqBecanrd*ltldIIrna&tu domotwapper
eprtetcontrbilUCsUfile tuwSmbinrftluo eaet
cryeay wliook t the dSonIrI mwhieeiru at theen
dSutr-byte esamidaM tefrm ny, tm areI-
pmWr. ined to pa alWd about
g, 8 bitbd.", k, ab tough both
Maum id lari Ull Idr
ports re ves Mathepf t Earluu usid tehlt
la iiStliM elmS
dodles ptS .W m lm*

ntribMon Ta

to 3 "ow a -Nim hBpgrtt -r tsd
a"ft tmlbl m." mA d qrf, h t i.
dT ,u r thelmwey hun addiidn m enfA

1. Thley ilw t ofsia i ndu .tmSwakimms
Sdo sac. go I
yqunrksnin adwdrt* Ibe s dO sN The wutk-4.
theat. I sktl unt chb, ia r alny
L noI to q* a bi y ajr canmMAW
spea 41 cea 1Psto 1ate MSu m d as as aqmi
i" HEbypuOftsd

To, Give Letu
and Mr. Elisabet Set, a VWI T me' Pilt,
rmas fawlr l l awrit, adet,

t"sail il NMat
NM-i illlions ml B .at the

b-^ d s A e 71 ai is *Ri M*t

GDblAkh` dtAm
-s .. 1 LTw ai SI.

ires Here

-i b Ishmd bn y
Meir vote i thi l.

FPrM A.; a .dar,. Me.
!4ry MariaCetthh, Meak.
-Me, Ma.; two mM
I, hBitos, Mter K.
Mut Madu; aiii .
cMtl WHeIe--* tBe- in

drivuer t( badipprtied lasy olwin s e f" l aM rnm-s a
II I__ ta wo1m6l moamta-. poical iP fIr, .s m* -
AT the eiat tlir reports ws sed w eAs, mn01y -pt maW.
that the leflot mowey sei* tue Wm oe U C bab hd u uthae a iqdgam*l*y '
mits, theine.wet;ly Apwn r 0 gaid lhadve Nh e the IBlBft e thilw
prep" war ithe .tbtatW dtt i
phase d political warfare' 0j6* *.
fies. A cotrtilutions report gets AtCcient
th ame cardul i .
enemy e*tatgeUia m fte 0 b tt*
o ,- Vict. Die . ,
T epmrts reved the d*pth fl COMia HODGEI
and breadth of a candidate's ft fln NEWBERRY M. Oartit
lowing. For example, the rM Missourl Hoe, 7, a Newe- I
ort, t Mind's Nayr Robt Ach CouC, y'i ., tra1 i re ideal t f more thau a
King High are being watch d1 teto hdmid Ito .m ye ri. s, died at herame heI
'ab U a d ksemon f a g iti t y wi m h, a edt t Blm in "a
ath. smdevlop laOtaatU w o e Jl tc ailsd a r wah e in Awas
wsidnlra amount oatSwintadwek pear p tHode waow all Peter G. UaP
thespeadofote reortsJecp S 091thmrld was rotal d &a mweber es aard ooE
side I&wil. y qtea m,. tU'14t He.gba. o hMk O
abwo his apealbeyond his lb t a0bert C aold t SWni bilide n daubu
bailr ick.a. rIMMI ste ien., JowN
Like U merchant who Pu- b it Souto r wNd's C ife add ber rnis w be fUIA,
his motaeufply pshotAied a a wen serving MAWer c ta Mois. O i'e PO
Oaf front to catch albthe were k illed htbt Bot, Ga. iAd h rs. Gloria
pies y the report t Jck- Southerlandwas a retired Is- Fowlr, F Us ur w
snvillei' Mayofr Hrimydontr BM Mur ecutheae a g.i; a eon,~)e Dodge,
and (rr State Seator Fred naive of Od N., Neberry; dt rolW
0. (Bud) Dick,Jr.,Wet had moved to Keytone h n Th M
Pam Beach, hav been amHemenr etsA year ap. B T Sado,
bled to deri 0l fthe 0 with od eravirces wil be Mat a M fdJmM. w
the grest reconidtal nba e 3:N am ,WieoesI1B 1 ve. Tea.; aalier, Mrsn. Del
ito e statewidepiOties! mu. aC ao. Heights ie laymu ayesscarviues x
munity. rch with Dr. beC C. @ rdchldirad t great-
hum and Dickissa in wera in o IS B ll be m Inahdr*A&,
a beher poaitionto osail their Ebwood, N. C. Wm1iWY*s- tea ra ec wsM he iat
finance to sow o ntreWungsthnb a s alob s indl t pIow in Un1ion
earlyreportsbecausoIIIlthe barrswilbeDr.JoithRay. B.
c U intaes en l mh ue ma- Davis, Alee GamuntLer HiL ..IcofnAtg. aUla
pain, they have ben MgUi Ke wre aVMaa, Toi7n a beIneMl W CSMeret D-
the lon They tr tedmthe MM ~ays ,a dr the dirci
evening Wtrhe r firt par y in Srvio n aMa die ger ThseFm eral H e.
ie, whMe the rems thn Mt Edward rka, oe w N. W. R O
theiw y had finliad third J.; nd five gradcildre. W. asrt FOrle .
ai ififtL r i ord h rec EI v n, e
Lakeland's State Senator Wante s Cubans me dath o W. TM.oy ft,
Rre Steten sofhidtr
kvo K* ".bad' Taken Off dWm t
" prt. t was PaRelief Rolls A l'ib to.
ticularly *H utIAT fr Kel r i l i
toshow-abedid-that hens WASINGTON (AP) Sme. MoOw koMio.
bei cepled as a contender. P-hip A. art -Mcpih e ws d biosrnwin &.ad
Tos Iscrtanly o th Ways today to introduce a bill he m aid oe
that "me ca talk in a em is u oudt pat thousands toS A l a t
Pig. OAre ubs nme off the dahd Go eartet 3aiIn
Because e they in f~se ro lln an the federal pv. asMein s as t
the lead time o n Dle kin- I i nie. psers om dollars a n-& C 5is" u areh .
am and ily, the fi repMorts ,*.i or n
of State IR ruyFreld y.e a aWkOilir n Icude a sdm',
Karl of DMayto Beach Samm i *W their min Mrs. Ra Da* ."',
State Senator John E.Mathews. Uon tatus to that 01; a brothEr. Su b, Jack-
Jr., ci Jacksonville, were heavy m residents and take P" a ie; hbin# w, ino dV*
Itn hmIt own iootributieon. ioeal jobae Mw died tm. tean San s A.
The new canddM IsAre UPcTreeh (camine n HOLU i THO
against he problem that hi telsVi ad el ed u M* b ra es, ar.-
niends and neghborsn -PMawte i G ree umda la &W
who may never have bee In rt ducml dof the Sm wtLt,u iedy ry at
politics before expect a Refugees and Escape e l .. l is Miller Hetk Csw
the Ir contribiadis acknw. c e eS whll i has been in- ter.
lktIn la s tullmou .egslg wie M p He was amnve 1 Slby
possible. M for the on. BMyorkift KNW
They ae not aware of thuse ebulk o are
of moOMy u a campaign tactic, silly g ad d ectd per. uvivors in clnde wido
d90 ,1" the Mnator aid. "But
Rasfi of Fires th ents od ay m Pa t'Indeh ndenut
to waste becse sdate po
Fatal to 18 lics l ask" per- C,.
So without peset at City NPlitical
By E AUS80Ct P RE l practicing their skills or
Multpedeth 11 in bi prfesrim." Group Io Meet
ON parts of the nation Sunday 'Tre is no do thisUp
dcalmedat leadll11ves,hldU4infatusmildputthos.dbto A dtlasguzpiternald i
ing 1i chits. work. Busetanoy culdfb the gna and
A mother and fivend her dc& 4%milion mOD"l the federally en "fa d, m0 ilority
dre died in a Clevelabid hai. pwsmmegt ts payiBg C0bs1 r wies iMat ie ot
The Ivtnd jumped from a families," Hart said. atIPAL at do BDeOE Js
ecoadlr window. Nie oA- ^ ar iLat .
tfe firstbriaogot out sfe-PirComplet Jek, M 1, dlft Is
SFiv AMdm nidnM1 a A Secretary bamlhwin.aetmainodciy
fire dat destroyed oa biT -nande i 0 l*lI 4 .
hoe in Isloe. The M ftlbr a the vlle Is Naidab fr"NIrf e
S f lt o sotildrn o6ofheLSdOded*ain with hWeWnW slly
kaped todftby are a second- M. a M Fw
rec~ta werSISed i0*Um 1S a( as IMfa Sm we be araDn leam
a fire 6h awqt& eetory retry mu In l tea l41h e110 1a0e in a
bi iwik, Msa The ao s wan hel at the i .
A hme f oe In Thoroahre, HO1ISIem Ipiped ^*
N. J, Mdt es bl Cl Fb Ibl puit auPw. imt U 11 wt4 *
de. tarycd lam oU.
Child Deafpee 1M. 0 t
Tr.JrLQ.LJ..LL rPitzer Prize w inner

ti, New
Mrs. Jay

York QCy, and
Gawmy, Nest

More About

From Page 1
oe, Iebadung the smldl
my he ot oome su ts
T amiMoc which Ibinde
U.S. Imenteu, din Sdf-
dilb Amer ian depmentd
wa watching'Tlbe lt lof Adr-
l Nss-ger" Ay Maj. I
m ah, pat ra, mid moat
Soflt auicdke duked undme
seats or rued to the frmt
when the Maimne captain ad an
'se shoed w-*
hSee Ameram remind
hoilteltsd six servicemen
ad a female mlitry emplye.
Fe American chlmre were
treated and released. None was

THe nine
wiere n

Vietname who
wee outside

U.S. Charge d'Affalres David
G. Nes sduwM a meeting with
iel Nguyen b to dis-
S security measures for
the masly 1o,m Americans in

Sie the begait o the
year, Can.mbst rrias
have begu a anpgd or
I 'aspeifcally agelep t Ameri
a t, ael vli s
m** * **m** mm
usi*y -epler a m ine.
ehis laVe moved b Sa.
I a f ot pirmposm.
U itary polie swam ed
A streets of Sagoe dter a tip
tot a bIbing at *amt
lkea me agahat be hospital
whre 5 of thered frm
la theater hbast w taken.
Os 1, a tmea bl b
lIft b a S hOWeNbr kie a

ViHd Cwt titrcei
1110~i 4~cr

Lomal Art


dC cs Shrt Spree
-11 ( M il
9d b lb*lt a o fa to r piL

Im Q u hi h~Pa K~! sat lagis a sm
Spndn tlh wbmy uave mt w M. ead
IOw a lM melte oreiddk take hai al d e comm
IMIA ltbe their amgtrb aoff s sh to "meint

cs 1 ad tas 8i M thi nmt adNEWr to tal IN
Kot Qw"i te Red brimteki6,sthm adl do
PIP rn., ,. w. eld No Isk sa h* priced
" wmIb attoauabUm"ataM wild rice ad

Fw d" e blmw aft _b
t dleak Mdbou "htem m ad eaM -

Billy 1MW

lese alwys os a o a
'wM a ofIt l t M

wMa a to n WMs atie de

NM, ta leg by merly

R b ow As a 3
hsuloBif m st.k lit

N srInp2 mm d
wam that, wb Ot I, lEt"

s s het oIhme rih ar
'phto nd 'I a aid daM
w York Cm bo ad.

lad hee erMe by H ib
SM. he aft. hat aeat
It was no relly to RM. As
pithe b a sockptiam
yb aeo, tke mto a million

-I hin In h1a n en, I

an four tihe toe tdem o.
ty Oil I IflMis e s." i
Hb lin berm to besich o

ala hindeo fComthaw ( at t
UMtb Bay, Jfatak B dih q
"RI tak rih e in the, hfI
tat he hIas iad 11 cart SHe
MIta to him h tis ber.
"I el to get maIued

lists them in this order.


In April

lorida Eduation dAmeaM
vose racial wu I ngiIon N
April, riskig an isel *
heaval that cou dtroy i
powerful Vide of 41 pills
school inches.

U's tl of whet to
opm Ib raeks to Nap te bh
er, as aveestad by Dade Cwa.
ly members appears on 1 bla
A for the tate FAco
I Mimai each, Apb r 0 .
It's blad to be qetaie,
even though groundwork lir
qil dpegarnon rea# i|
dangges e at be altybel.
A stae m wo te a i s wi
salbaFEAwoabea 4

.i..s- th

Weather Roundup

B C--e. to partly cloudy
tohi ad tight with Ceon-
dhrail. dadfN lkey
Tumdy. MD, low tonight 45
to K, high Tesday B in s.
Eat to 1ihast 16 to 15
miBleir teeunaing some

SO M tar .. I .

TA. nm_*. it low t.ti

..,*l4 '

andn wM -l Wi a nd s GAINESVIllE WEATHER:
WA br t S fMunicipal Airport readings for
ar j amft l kr si 24 hours to 8 a.m. today:
=l m OO I T HinMOgh M at 4 p.m., low 43 at
Wall 31 a.. Rainfall inches

fal, l S Isu- aen *Is ** S

n adN o pa. NYlow%$ M N . a Y3311
IS SaP, taSms F ---t f M D eam. wIumst 3r. a u
andde k-- I Angeles ... -
wi = .v SMatue.........-...a a .3

hrm a s I dabolw asy MA' Zedt o aailr, wiro, m -h nds1 3 . n
thb Nhe a y ll a .4a. dlad y
Tat he ds. hew In I
mtsd.t SIPt a Five-Day Forecast
Sml 80fait potar. e m oha;E wlbe near nor- r e north and in the

M^m," u a Old GuA d I b i a e u treme north rain is expected in brief show.
W," "MemTn Yha SoadNer.Normal min- ers, about midweek.
bRah. of Tefts Here

p Reported Ov
uE IrOoK, N. & (AP)
- oi La Iarm whteel. Tine burglaries, five pilfer.
hated hbu i t rhday Jn. I, ad pay Ioe, aime cases of
hI dddto III0 up Uis M. .iMik M da bottles and a rifled
ad"grte mudsM kept Gaines-
N utriW6 k wo baam uNS -Oba
ti lb u 2 1e Mi U JA i oif liusento were
mw MWML.rl hours.,
Stl robust,h be now spmds At the Kingburger, 3 NW
m"e of k b iDe m tme lard, 1th St., intruders escaped with
or watahft etision. $ from the cash register aft-
eramaki futile attempts to
H mrabthtWuhene fi*r u the s trough a bath-
wean to work in Main he.dr room window. It was reported
sa dire-s l mA m at 3:23 a.m. today.
led animal ad two pard be- An hour later, a window was
aid working seven days a found i kn in Blanh's Dress
week for 3a aoNa. Sop114 13 NW 13th St.
Pole mid ce sting was tak.
Drive.lnFire a. -
-uday afternoon, another
sRENO (AP) aIgine mits
So a wad bouthSrn ,=Pu More About
Sfifrelght caugt fire four
mllu out of eM.
th flm tmeF atalls, but fa,
So tey whooked bt s en.
gin ad drove thema back to
R., puinll up to a fin tsa- Firm Pag e
TI leen a Brock 51, was kied at Belle
Nf c fst phe Glasde when stuck by a train.
door to battlethk flames. A hitRS-f driver hkilld

er Weekend
break in was reported in a
trailer at Moore's Trailer Court
on E. University Avenue. Two
windows were broken.
Misaking, police said, were
two suits, 15 shirts, two trous-
ers, six sheets and four blank.
The clothing was valued at
Albo Sunday, police arrested
five Juveniles who they say
stole nine cases of empty soda
bottles. All of them were given
Juvenile citations and released
to their parents. T'- were
three boys and two girls.
The machine bi'..-...a all
were found early this morning
by police.
At 7 a. m. a cigarette
machine was found broken in-
to at 519 NW 10th Ave., Ray's
Elo Service. Police haven't de.
termined how much money and
how many cigarettes were tak.
The five pay telephones that
were broken into were at SW
4th Avenue and 3rd Street, in
the 300 block of W. University
Avenue, at SW 3rd Street and
7th Place, at Mac's House on
SW 2nd Avenue, and at the
Atlantic Coast Line Depot.

Debra D. Hughes, 1, of Pom.

W l fOte JohF.oai, was killed Long Distance
Friday night in accident at a
Miami Interction. ENDALL HILL, Ill. (AP)-
S* J Joeeph Theodore Davis, 8, The South Pole may be 8,000
STI aw O killed in twoar accident miles from Charlie Vannoy's
atl zephyriils.t where he lived. ome, but the 35-yearold tele-
Alien Augsi MeK y. viion engineer is in personal
There was a move to e- was killed sik m south of contact with members of "Op-
is the A tl tle rida Metictllo and Jack unm, 37, eration Deep Freeze."
a Tcher's Amaociatln, is f Tmnasvl, Ga., was fatally Vanmoy operates an amateur
Ng ~oerprt, the duc ator jred g ales n orth o Craw. dio station three nights a
lid, and s om to raid the frdi late Saturday. week
MSTA Ir aeIbers. Irvb Joa Meart, o, of Pat- Through radio contact with
e qliM S depellto rik Air ForBee, was killed amateur radio operators in An.
aes lat etambi nDede a twr calii 5. amile aretics, homesick scientists
Counly Sol Board mei wet s tdCocoa fridy. and servicemen are able to
Jack Gdo p~od as kav Joeph Lee GMn, a tree- speak to relatives and friends
Or esPM pay for teacher to yearold boy, crawled ino a car through a procem called tele-
attend m s f agregated at Winter Gardes, sa the b "patches."
Ipras tiol onrgpsalmI, starter, was thrown out l the 'Telephone patches," Vanoy
ts wem pst Dad's vedie a fatally lred, uplalued, "are made after I
7, m al r tom Satsai & Oerw accidents le Willie receive a radio call reiiasting
tie FEA weveni leave thI Ro Reddick, 37, in Dde Co, .-the contact of a relative or
Sam wvoke i 6 ari h. ty. friend. I call the party by
Noh ade aae b s MA A telephone. Then I place my ra-
ad -eD Mwime l At Alla McGes,"' I Ofdio receiver near the transit-.
tebp atm6es l"NAkSle Ja lingeument enablingth
G ard 's was.a- d Villa, W- s kild le m ile south ij ,Jto0COn Me.'t et
I *d a e1s daMw Park yeA* nigst
lS IS S Uq tory LefIe uIa.
"I"Ui'1 bW, o 1M iPetNotBurned
c ases i DbJ oeaItMW mu m CM*ty d-wt
quhiMt M a SISm Weaver 8fe %o, 1f RIENO (AP) -The Norman
Jakapslk, w as I Silver tOfamily's P-t mdao
Si eWl tied byrlidalasd riikylm Saff. a warm climate ealmaL is out
AT la Ol df Mlo Its n Wniz7, waskiled mDlahdi the olid. The armadillo u-
ia M ph d ain a truck-car cin sauly sngkd up at eight O u
S "i nee hl Mal pmt uLJ C. Diaa,a 2& o der an ledctrk blanket in a dog
sta svI rbeatufsftbd S inas R1age, La, was kied in house behind the Sliver ame.
Ia Mv 4" FriG siuOLll k Sun
ipkn an do Mr IbS.
i 1111Y u CComnerCop MOO,"
r t*nisrsbekir 0M (AP) Issidas if d 101 SE
ag ai-s, miredill arem agab ar 2nd BWaOwM e. FloridI.,
Ibpas Shh W on Iw tol bdSiesfda a d &Waw a sand ne.
b l a lgen l a d a ed . P a k Ra'.. N

t MOKIblA' asm e awo me
bePsOIIaI 3t60fli
NNtO d te MaMlt*Sio
^^Ef^*~ wil0W~H.fs ^yagsu,

ajam.A amm

*fcwJV *---fr < *.c ^

Nay News, 7%, a awthR"
mtal so di d yoewiia i n
he J. N1bM la HDealt Cs
She was a nttin aM
bo, TeLa, adl bed lad k
wthorue for g year. She
was a m aber ofthe Haw-
tln Madia urch
Pab eroies w be at
I pa Too*. e I n awbas
u hoM. erc wE GRe. C.
X Seriarlead tfwo ahgb
id wIh be in H t-ors Co-
Sy wite Wmllbmm iw
Palmen reAwl be 3. .
Gregory, A. L MSWA, Ba-
ry M. Bakr, G.1. Gay, 7r5b
rib JoonaB ad Jack Whtosy.
suvivrsaidM two uRi,
GlIo D. Jr., Jaoevilde, ad
Francis R., awlthea; and
two sims, Mrs Edward Tak




21& La., ML.ZII

Mght AHLAm

,-1 "91s

* I

University Womeal Chb,
Guaes Da$Maicae Ta, to 4
pai, or 4 to 6 pa., Mas. J.
Way eRt holoom the( Prow
New's RuaM.I
Va t Nepmar Ck,
7:3apjRSweyeties Co .p
St. Jode's arde o S L Pat-
rick's Cach, 8:3 pa, Mrs.
Barold Wila, M SW Ord Ter-
Women of he Mooe, I pa,0
Moom e Ltnes.
VirS Chapman Che,
Wesley SCommoity Ch *
I p.m., Mrs.N. N. ater, M&
NE n1 Tearc.
UdeersCIty ridge Cub A
7:v pa.. UnWSWity I:of a
Fapty Club, Weda Neberry
Heo. Thomas Ce, Wleyt
community Methodist cahrcha
Ipa, Mrs. KH. ohlo.usb,
13 NE th TeraTe.
Gainesville Bride* Cob, 7:31
p j Recreation Center.
FPaheilmic Anociatloa, I p.
im., Cmber o. CIamm

TUMDAY, Ferry 18
SaKappaa Aumnse C

SA Cirle o t. Pat-
rick'is c, 1:3 p.m. Mrs.
I E.W.Ja mmi, L M SW 3rd

P. K. Yone PTA, 8 pa.,
Scho UbdLrary.
p.m., Mn. Edgar Gregory. 131
NE lRst Avnue
First Lutheran urch Ra
cdel Cirle, pa., Mm. James
Stahma 517 NW 3th Drive.
Tuesdy E evening S er
* I p.m., 1 wes Uslrw-.
sky Avene.

TUESDAY, FerUary 1
Luncheon for Miss Nancy
CeA, bride elect dof GeraMld
Wdta of Clearwater, 1 p.,
Mrs. W ur Wood of Alaeca,
Coffeacomplimentng Mir
Ann Purvis, bride elect of Bil.
lie Nuget Nimnict of Jack-
mvile, i:9 aj. to l:
m.. Mr. Chars I E. Rih and

wXIWI adm.r a
Gih. J ior Wmarn's
06 ad Goheutll.e aa's
Sbk e nbkfgd cly back
en, 3:4 pp., eli
Golouft rB61dp Cb 7:0
.ehsit Aem *,
pa, Oty IU fOpsoM
p.a*., W e as A

DUeani Womae's Club,
Msral GroI, 1 sap, ClA-
Board Meetd Mrs. Sephn
& coGar, mi 4th Teaso .
risk's h, S pal., Mrs. abe.
w rt Uhf N3 NV Wlth Ave.
Chapter IPEO. lam.,Mrs.
Mar" Wathm, 1M5 NE hi
Usaetraly Bridp ub,
7:40 pa., Wed Hal, % NW
I1b Team.
UniverWy Womena's ub,
Arts and Cad Group, 1:15
aIL, Craft aop, Florida Un

IUM AY, FeY my 3
Gatavlevb Cbapt 44 0S,
iMetallaUa of fic, I pa.,
Maoni Tie.
Chapter O, P p.J.,
Mrs. E. H. Cox, 2I1 NW Sib
Universty W an's Eve
Bridge, Uiversity Woma's
Ladies' Auxiliary VFW, I
p.m., PHoet Hae, WaDB Road.
FRIDAY, Ferury 2
Gainesvile Society Fria
Direr 7 p.m., Mue Room St
dent Service Ceter, Ray-
mad W t sp eaker.
Gainevi, le Brid e Ck
am., Holiday Jun

Celdr Sith Jr., Holiday
FRIDAY, Fek ury
Rehearsal dIner for Cello.
Wdals wedding party, pa.,
Mr. and Mrs. IR W. Cello Sr.
and Mrs. W. C. Celln.

Reception .Set
For Teachers

Mrs. Dn Stanley t the A tired to am
former's home, U1 NW 2ist vbl, Ito tme kin. WeG
Terrace. day whi t Abidr Weman's
C aib and the Gaimevioe Wae
IIURSAY, Femry an'l club entertain in haor o
Brkleamals' Mcheo for GainesviDe teacbe.
Miss Nancy Celloo, bri dlect Thi nualO party will be
of Gerald W tW" of Cearw a t te adt h oam, Wedt
er, M. Lacy Dak, Univetity AveAne, frw b to
Mrs. Hugh H. Cobon Jr., Mrs.,5 pa.

!EP lIvE

Get Organized, Don't

Be A Victim Of Nerves

Hei are a few rules which ,
will help you avoid nervous I
tension, wmch wastes so much
energy and ads to chronic fa. t

L. MWha lie booes very
couple take Mie out to make
a few lists.
Write dow what you feel
ymodt aemp h dh&rg th
nma few ays r week ad Ohm
dvhide toe aedrUupiap late
days. Ite feelt if c i

1i Omg y(hmkm ft hi blo'
ad whls, pm have plit
in rmait way, ype w heal
By eahe I asm, don't
pln am tn y canm d
without stra. N ym approach
yer hbis r i viewpito
yo we aer tWat is eh
e awi Ms te l mt
wo a lsetrslsd
ta te u -
wti a WidhL Se A*
world and pr faiy id
M6adb wul p ah a ib
tih OM way WIt ouch
teams rk arye part
*1 Ism -I to o wr am I
awm -I tarinam are

s ma*m o r bease.
ad* AN l_

e a h n o e fed o l l l a e -

Coffee Is Giver
S!m~~~n nnre

Sustaining League
IWa'uembn Sf the P4ida at thI aeft n-
Ju=a e W eEm L inea- l teveM I JmeWa I
trd at aery N. J. H. Patr, "A
mo at tha lae Mrs. Carie," Wo Od chartr
NMeihoto membersw w1 ||gmbaad f
lo.5se ;wth Mrn. Scott Leaps
We- Mn. M a ,s eUock, M Wiale Sot dmU ler o
Vr. VWt F. jWea., U hr. jSbe eh dav hw tamd
Water B. Plrrish Jr. d r If the uMs .
Bor E. Tew 1 Makdm. ae ieisbles burt d.efr
f *I *=

Wonan's Club Has

Vcilentine Bridge

A VmlenlJBidge Party was
GUnm& woeuas dib Wheno
V Wo of -de *d cotm
were to play.,
The i tu ile cweroed with a
-ece dch ovr red was mer-
qd with a pyriliduaragemeO
of ik and red camlla. EaKh
tae was cpterl with a ca.
me- ad Itm am ne flow.
Im W dll opiyed the hang-
ti basket em anpoudd
fo tme t e u-
cmlw e md bers *m asw
dt i A"d Raeb cair.
=% were: mF U. G. Blea,
Mn. J. huok JodatoM, Mr.

DaWvid Kite, Mrs. GiM Owen,
Dlal. Iy cbi*w ad Mr.
J. G.Sma.
aGufm iedid Mn. CLord
HnofIy, Ms. George CoM
IMrs. Bert Dahs, MN DaLDe
'Phtmtgktn Mrs. Ank Beck-
bn, Mrs. W. Wilson, Mrs.
Irne Mickle, Mrs. J. 0. Me.
Cauy, Mrs.rank Grmae ad
Mrs. H. H. X lahwr.
Game prizes we we by
Mrs. FrM ud nt h" pt;
Mrs. Martie Pea meood
high by Mrs. Oriste Staraes,I
low by Mrs. Dauwod mflck
4nd high i caa"wa MI .
Lnld te.


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B Ha
tr eudans or the aing t
ad apneochln gofe ao
-a Halder, ad A Juli s Se
toalg Jr. o OralO,Bn e of Mr.
ad Mrs. A J. Soatag Jr. of
hl wedding take l- a e
Bhaurdy at 7 pa. in the ulnt.
verly Avmue Ohr S the
N .ame. g
T brde4ewu gradua

bIr S Beta Tri ', Y. She will

Mr. Mal aledMr. Saga
Ocalao M Schfljlaer Cerale
Fluida Junige, is now
adm&i Merida Iate U u gerisa ng
*by. Hl is a member of Ddd&.
bay. Raymo Sofeta ring bearer
helude Mm Raymond Bagler beid mn for Mr. Smag and
of Oeesm, de b4"pbaeof paoommea w be Cark But.
o kMW4M, atrnf bo. t Jr., Raymond Haflr at
Bar; Miss Patrid StuartOealaandFredLyons.
r-Ma ;l little Mn Kin- The rehearsal will tak plan
berly Veatch, flwer girl andIFriday at 7 pm. at athe u

N.Y. Women Switch

To Cigars, Pipes

X Is gark stas
peashiag a a aritery l
OP and e14 K =* 4ad,
arprisi, m re Sm ot linga
eat their usblaws.
A b umm ar ayin a
inia hure rhwmteadded
pips i a bow cuiwetore

meptg and hartIam nt this wek said It was for his
hey wait to etad hbopIaljy f "I want her, to smoke
mBl everything i perfect anu d bt she doeat
ev hen they are n lamed t "
bt"m. I the hade A seentary mWl te ledI
idm't get Biud lefr MBwEr to Ib6 bat a
party, forget it INa emberPuwhueligh lher ie.
of the faiy pilli A pnoftiwie maSio de
a arug jst beike tha sea adr It buit aoe mob
on l do't idoI am L it. puiMf. A gaSoI

Ob tAwowpiswugosr10iUfs lPP5W aa
Ba. aray i ,s a a ae yuto hgm tn wdaparee
mwl a m mblkims aa te MhaI s m urt ea I

I n Not-wen=ot p Aq
Avi Rined v'uM in tIsMer cou~mo ad to
N w York dtm have /miag
& Avi u' feelw da? thm Mra &'
5Evman adayrB iiaudtru s. ni wmgih's t
av w imim to dmin's tlon i e i
isbot it dm114I bt OinsdlsoupopeiWtes
hl btt os b a ea rn hep in bto ae
toh obmyhLit ha i muty a weotm a law
4 orpoi yr eent * *
fiwmI* t ad Vb dpift*a&h rntakim~a
tiee mar wailal wal all
i& tmuIl shee = ues M N
ame primys sol"M M Ai asse aso
& bto ablfeuisah, a d* 4 :4il
k Inim s no a na

I'slp M al
4 At 40

s suad. She wM a her way
to dnpr.tnearce Kenya.)
at Sauday, wmea's pipe
alstO me's at tDune ase
rftfg b Abi B. aybuia*
manmr o the mop. softy
i the te's bst pnelBgf
day, he patod .
"We have always dom seM
business in woman's pipes," Mr.
Syvai s aid bt nothing I
hi. We Me at yer a spe
el ripk Elaope Ifr aw
ss. T e a M pla to
Ami s wom's pipe we
dat need nb."
The woam nghtg p her
hat -ip in flhg So MAe
* education adma the et,
Oh a ler od sM alor.
Thler, a* "(alr t o (a

is.5.. b as. I TNrgMK
- int w a a--
=Now)PDb -P
b***** lqlwedahagar1-1 Wf

A am pipe meth ib "We-.
hkb (a mlAr d sl^ qr
9l) hi r a woWs
pipe), a mte as 4w MOW
asi W i&softid a umt
A a Sa a sL -n

ibb& lgl or- *lip
mi*d at l sp*l
xM~tho 04aOIL

f I

Me vday, Finmy 17, 1964 GeinSville Sue 3

Hints from HELOISEr

SI muti f m ootl-:
VWh I M anew an of
ea p ItItaehaadripofa rag
alndataa&h Awide (dpsd4
5IO a to th S ti ot)
S sad aJU l eloager tham the dr-
Swl arraniM i SI phn brade of the cm.
Hiaem ud Japseee aMe I tht tIDf rag ad pam it
It. Moo &lw tin te th pithea te a ofpa
rcaiManatd red phain tt e ca. Tk.f p-eent the
I m S Taipdae mI a .li, paid km an coeg thera
ab m Mead ihout the We I ham faimad paint.
home. hig i leb a u haple mas
p -ettopa te twisad rag
fl .* a "sip at '",adyo have a nice
dor by M n. J. Watt an* ut a s
ft K a. pd*, h Vepa

paintt In fhe can upvpedown1
andwh ? ah ed ag ain tin


For Club
r. amy Lyouw a t
peakd tr r F& aeiry t-
bag f St. Patrick's Worna's
ftb th"radey t at theI
par hal with member of
St Jad's OrdC a hon tes
Mt. LouIls sgr, pe
dent am ad that te Sm
alc db Iaear wn be held.
ApMil atthe sN ol wit
many "f and food" booths
belng planned,
Election officers wi be
held at tb naxt meeting, Mr.

Cairam of the dominating
cnmitde Mrs. M Lwhell Mock.
Serving with her an: M.
laoy SL e, Mrs. J. G.
Feer, Mrsn. Joh D. aFeamn,
d Mrs. Maret Irwin.
Mm IM Be t an Igel

PrH reiofd a KYm g and
QMn of the Mar Gruas din.
r dance, which wa held at
the holiday February
A Deanery mef wM be
e bint JacdmMb o Ar kAri
al a camuti of CUtIS

mm o*y with
o top.

no "skin"


u a- m^ room oent that is not only stoppingis the cause of your hairloss,
baliw-M r., o o hairlesss . but is really if you wait until you are slick
billgamese had gVowing hair! bald and your hair roots are
scha milin s water t do They don't even ask you to deed, you are beyond help. So,
s as ing leaky wa ter take their wort for it. If they if you still have hair ior at
facets, repa the fit tire believe that the treatment will least some fuzz) on top of
SJimmy's bleyle (and help you, they invite you to try your head, and would like to
needs it NOW), trimming the it for 32 days, at their risk, stop your hair loss and grow
repairing the pl g and see for yourself! more hair . now is the
t end omy ron (and I cant Naturally, they would not of- time to do something about it,
et the rowing done without fer this no-risk trial unless the before it's too late.
), getting a new safety stick- treatment worked However, Loech Laboratory Consul.
er for the car. and ou it is impossible to satisfy every- tants, Inc., will supply you with
could'tdo the any one, treatment for 32 days, at their
yr 'w *III A'i b 7e great majority of cases risk, if they believe the treat-
'HO of excessive hair ll and bald ment will help you. Just send
Let's leaveit to our re ness are the beginning anthem the information listed he.
Anyoe have a ? more fully developed stages of low. All inquiries are answered
Wit to H wl care-of tm pattern baldness and can- promptly, by mai and without
SGainesville Sm We would tL not be e obligation.
to hear both sides of this story. r
Letters do NOT he -NOr OBL-GATIt COUPONtc
i W to appear in this col TO: Lo Ubora--Co-l-u, I=

tbey make a novel and fascin- diator brush. One day I
ating for ballet dancers, tried blowing the dirt out..wgh
ice skatm, roller skaters, etc. the exhaust end of my vacue
he er the ties, the cleaner. Never again will I
prettier drt willbe. struggle with a bush which
DOROTHY LOUIS doesn't reach where it should
DEAR HLOIS: Blow the dirt from your l."
For aboo three years I tried ator first, then clean your floor
n vain to get .radiators in and do the dusting.
our ome6 d1011 by using a ra- READER
'(ADVJ.mT w",

New Way Found

To. Stop Hair Loss,

Grow More Hair
HOUStOM em-I youI sut how can any man or
don't after from male pattern woman be sure what is act-
baldness, there is now an ex- ally causing their hair ss?
cellent chance you can stop Even if baldness may seem to
your hair loss and grow more "ru in your family," this is
hair. |certainly no proof of the cause
For years "they said it of YOUR hair loss.
couldn't be done." But now a Actually, there are many
Texas firm of laboratory con- scalp conditions that can cause
sultants has developed a treat-hair loss. No matter which o-

Dept. n-,-, Box woI, 3311 West Main St.
H wa, Texaus 71006
I now have, or have had, the following conditions:
How lo has your har been thinnin?--
Do you still have hakir?- fuzz?..__on top of your bead.
How lo s is it?
Do you have dandraffL. it dry? ..or ily?
Does your scalp hao peim wor other imtaoo?-
I your hair dry?-or oily?
Doe your forehead become oily or atremy?
Does your scalp itch? When?-__..
Attach ay other information you eeld may be helpful

When I make poded ug-
ar frotlg, lnte of using
milk or any other liquid, I use
reel hot STRONG coffee. It
gives e icing a fudge taste
ad it's not at all like the usual
MRS. E. A.
In regard to old outdated
necktie, he's what I do with
Anyone who can sew, can rip
the ties opm, lay them side by
de a-d ich t e t eo .



: Irv

dmini we~IBeOn b aingdo. ItIy

WHMb Aft ft d m*W ein w 6d.e
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m4day, Fre*m y 1 1, 94

.-Florida's Bentfd
'University clty

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PSen e War cout Yb. h d-
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En or rom Georgia

A SouthersLOftiessAoQk to main po Lor sor o I the Negro

the floor o(thejipua reeqt y for.
- the unusual purp retof callg theat-
tention of Southerners to he impor.
-tant stake they have in iMproving
the status of the regi's Negro pop*

* Representative Charles L Weltner
of Georgia pointed out that three of
every four Negro families in the
--South are in the "poor" category,
"having earnings of less than $3,000
a year. Weltner cited figures showing
a fifth of Negroes in Georgia, a
-fourth of thost in Alabama, a third
"in South Carolina and nearly 40
per cent in Mississippi earn less than
$20 a week. The congressman em-.
phasized that, while white Georgians
have median annual income of $2,470,
that of Negroes is just $927, and
Georgia Negroes have substantially
higher unemployment rates.

In Weltner's view, this adds up to
a terrible drain on welfare funds and
waste of human and economic re-
sources. He estimates that, if the
360,000 Negroes in Georgia who
have jobs earned the same median
income of employed whites, this
alone would increase the Georgia
economy by some $500 million.

Representative Weltner makes this
thoughtful observation:

"Why is the South poor? Because
of the Negro's poverty? If this is true
--and one of every three Southerners
is Negro-then the South will re-

, main at the bottom of the heap.

"We in the South can follow the
old way.-aeeking lver to exclude
the Negro from onomic, educa-
tional and social progress. We do so
at the cost of an ever increasing wel.
fare class, mounting hostility be.
twoen the race and continuing waste
of human and material wealth.

"Or, we can take a new departure.
We can see every Southerner-white
or Negro-as a wdrthwhle citizen
who can contribute something of
value to the growth and well being
of our section. Where before we
sought to exclude him, we must now
seek ways of bringing the Negro into
a better life. Where before, we have
been content with personal charity
and individual kindness to the Negro,
we must now recognize the dramatic
need for bettering the lot of all the
poor-white and Negro."

Much of what the Georgia con-
gresman says can be said equally of
the North and the Negro. The prob-
lems facing Negroes-discrimination,
lack of opportunity, lack of training
and low-income are nationwide

Public discussion in the South of
the Negro's plight has seemed all too
often to be left to racist-minded poli-
ticians. Representative Weltper's talk
is an important reminder that re-
sponsible voices are being heard -
voices that must be heard increas-
ingly if progress is to be made.


The Gloss of Diplomacy

By DAVID LAWRENCE p epilde was a lost epportu kg 111s eoly, mad Engf
WASHINGTON These are ity. Up to tat timthern ad l Caada and Frnce arem
critical moments in world be m overt threat apilto toacertain extent lpghim
.history. They are not made the America navalbase. by Mll him poods.
less serious by the ceremon- Who a threat was opely Spme ofte eidmec of
ials and cordial expres- made,the Uited States tur- the appeasement moodin the
sions of friendship between ed awaylesed of lusting West acoitote sur.
the Prinme Minister of Great that the water be prMided face. T Blr=tPhemina.
: Britain and the President of wang that, this was later publicly ats the
the United States. For basic not done, American troop British tention to trade with
differences between the ma- would be ordered to seie the Cub and edited credits to
*jor powers of the Western pIpinm g statism and the pro- Rn. To remove dimoent.
.Alliance are glossed over in vde the bae wbthwalto rar th to let the adeoe.
the diplomacy that so earn- which it was eNtifld If the t ron ad grme, har
estly seeks to put the best treaty wasto bbeoarid lyl theway to po t revo.
face on disquieting facts. od faith. l tlo hade a country.
It was like this in the lI's, The biggest kgle danger of
too. Britain was eager for T LACK of rMesolte a trd wrldMwar is ik amis-
trade and almost up to the in theWhilte Hose ad Sate calculationby the esmy. In
last few months of 1, when Department amt havemade IM, the appeasement at Mu-
the war broke out, actually a deep impression Castr ch was misconstrued by Hit-
supplied Hitler with arms. and Uhis advisers, special- er as asip of weakness om
Proposals for economic boy- ly those In Moscow. For f it the part of Wetern overn-
cott made by President Frank- is assumed that the United maents. The clamor today in
lin D. Roosevelt were rebut- States will accept ich acts Europe and Canada for an
fed. of aggressiorather than take eete h Red eaa and
This Is not to imply that any aay military aedaiou a ama the opens encouragement be-
government in the Commun- ealy miles awaym te he lag live by France to the
ist bloc is necessarily plan- shores of this OatNy, theM am i Chitee strike a
ung war today, but certainly adMosal steps almt be -sympathtk chrd with the
the Western will to fight is riskd by the Cmmu as appeent minded inthis
being tested.Forifthe same a mas o f further nl m& emtry., Is declared that
endcan beobtained bythe atig the UaIltod Stales u a ew a is at ha and-i
Communists without a war, ument before th( N. er in wkit facts of an
they wi not hesitate to in Bn uas Castre moe mmf iMn' eoist m be
creas their acts of grea. agalast theiled Mlt egpl. Suh a coan is
simnagainst ad infiltration f baae in Cub, Moscow moved synoym# with surrender.
the countriM of the free tomess l dt ttnm h It givs I my, ihsboin
world. Cyps Stter pars c Cas d, fr believing
the world. The COmmmA that e steps can be tak.
S CAt SURo bRCnCET h s ha Ga a d other a wil risk of retalatlio
or ihnuObAinRt i's rrel Ieafe-4a p hy uaf"red.
He ot a caren whIe, aw*akiS u .is S rr ' 4.
the late Pr o m nleK Sum.m -tUerNaV"e s
mob lsed American. ta t~ v D ifa wna d tose .It
vtietlmiils be removatd. B4 a -, M. *M aya e -
the Om dictator do t adMi---dal*Ae -,,..-
b row r tday lNeS P mss St i -t i& eS .
WIllytuftoff, thea t es N ait e-ar nplteYV m
J s. ath eu allsl v a ge s enstsn s. aw awrwpth"
t lg..fl -f u onh1 w11,8 69M'i ara dalo fTu-W Taro. I
Iahs t M .$ m e am a. -i-t*hd aumO uMKe- S or aup't "-p -d
Sthb as .- t w-.. u nil -l wl-
se? dt de v" w ai ii ..n aO aen g o paer .{ rat asi &
try N11t .1. atr has rt-~a si a reti, t of a *Ulm I
Duyti water toh t bante s mea to Inhar = 1 niop1, a1 a140 It
was, deems, a beab ant In. uIs4m a m ~ taiss koia t- I
by CaolRe a, mdet M r8 ao .i AlasiswaM. OI
Igrat disrgard ofdo h e onMB e adgageiK d0 a1 r f dtri
=r ac tiedlshdlAmalstabl i Otoe p tii l c Ii. U SW t*1 I
ImVr a olwcha whi Unimte l a en u, AWP = 1e Acl4 ts *-.
m ltheU ditl Stales itoe ly aa -a pdal mp an W toa
lensom as ua Wbase. aueles e -o M pIlS Ms
lb WA*im n Iu M b oned setm be"
.to" n mo*bypusi pC -4km als ft er

tI P m. h .,1 an m.
o Of te., 4tJ. co1mmJ l

First Look


A aews ite stirred a man-
Juvenile crime, the FMi io-
forms us, inc sed lat yer.
A suibtanbal segment of this
growth was in rural areas. In
the cities narcotic addition
was a problem.
Of all te ho s of habit
narcotics are the worst.
So after I started as an
assistant cub to the police re-
porter in Nashville, Tenn., I
saw my first narcotic addict
He was a the city jail, lying
on the plank bench which
served as bed ad seat the
cell. It was a hot summer day.
He had on a pair of pots. He
was wet with sweat that look-
ed like slime. I remember yet
bow the du lights of the cell
row refleted fromit. His
skin was yellowish. His stom.
ach and chest went heavily up
and down with his slow, tor.
tued, exhausted breathing. It
moved like a slow belows.
The color of the skin over his
agonized belly looked omne.
thing like a big lizard's. The
action of it was also about the
same. He was moaning and
biting his lips. There was
dried blood and a dull scum
of dirty, gray saliva coated
about them. His arms weN
pi-pricked with black spots,
with here and there an in-
fected one.
in the corridor of the stinking
row of cells, which reeked of
disinfectant poured and mop
ped in a futile effort to keep
down roaches and poverty sad
unwashed bodies, the spect.
acle was something like look.
ing into a hell on earth.

The sergeant on duty show-
ed me what they had take
from him. There was an eye.
dropper which had a hypo-
dermic needle attached to it
by string and adhesive tape.
There was a teaspoon with a
bent handle. There was a
mall tin box in which were
four cubes which looked very
much like small marshmal-
lows. This was "dope." The
sergeant explained how ad-
dicts used it. They cut off a
small portion of it and dis-
solved it in water in the tea.
spoon. Then a match was
struck under it to warm it.
Then the crude hypo was used
to inject it in the arm.
THEY LET the poor devil
take the cold turkey cure. He
was around for days, and at
last could sit up, weak and
sick, and push away the jail
food of bologna and beans. We
reporters sent out daily for
soup from the nearby cafe,
and watched in hypnotic fasci-
nation as he sipped at it, his
cheeks sunke and unshaven,
his thin fingers trembling.
That was my first. I have
never forgotten him.'My sec-
ond was a young woman. She
was fashionably dressed. SUhe
pgave evidence of pod family.
Poce caught her shoplifting.
She was not to scared, but
nervous. That seemed routine
for a young woman in a cell.
She asked me about a lawyer
and I telephoned me who
cane m. 1ey had a tak.
Wlth re hm she was
yiMtaL a s w to pieces
bem-er ays. About tw
bours later her lawyer showed
up with a den who was al-
lwed to give her a IBjecti.
We watehd siek fesda-
thi pias nas bewashstl
hr a pelas a k hr ofly,
loose, 4h ti eal ihsix-
Wtre of buheer ad weepig
9i4S% the adMt e ma
reserved frwes w were
aMt Ob tela tresin,
bm her yla r w a nt ar
as ee a e hds l -
Ikshe, eawi l W hapd, eft
ah hto.
VtmAer. O sIam e -

ude ad l dn
shutaneaft AidInr ere
in maBs. _^ -

s Y R s O sW i .

anm .A aN aII
M&W- p nr b


Disenchantment of Reality

* O Its Mltam
identi, like newlyweds,
dream of a aeweaning ho.
eymam And whoi the uep.
atioes that are bound to a.
rims in abl free hon rea-.
tim ip dispel the d m,
the awat g to harsh real.
Um is an for whit they gel.
da msprepared.
Ditmneham d imss are
dispoMd to put the blame oa
ech other. And aew prei.
dents wre lindedto Naipit
to y effective crimes of their
cts and poliei, whether or
not be are fairly object to
nm abke differences d o .
a President Jobaom hu fol.
lowid this preedent with ra
ther more than the familiar
show of irritation when a po-
M l hooeymoo sinks below
the hortie under a rising
cloud of crti n. He has
made the c ventuami pro-
femoion eha cIMCunutac
-that be, dof course, welcomes
fair dascmion of honest dl-.
fermcesm. Bot apparesly he
haes hobaerved very little of this,
since, in a most eulogistic
presentatim of his policies
and pposals, be cocetrat-
ed heavily on asuling the
twisted arguments against
Until the President supplies
some specificatios of these
argument, and of those he
claesifies as fair discussion of
honest differences, all strong
dissent will carry the implied
onus of the following passages
in the speeches he made last
week to a group of internal
reve dicials in Washing-
too, aid I l. Louis o that
city's celenatoid of Is i-.
"ADl d t (nternatmal
troupes) awe dr and
from time t e you win
hear alarms d people
who lke to *m4p on their gov.
moment, people who ike to
critic, people who d it
quite ipose to be aftma.-
tive and emai udive. They
will join w some of oar op-

peants, and they will be al-
most as much of a problem
as some of our other (sic) e-
"So, regardless what you
earn ai wht emofthe bel-
lyachers say, we are much.
beloved people throughout the
"Freedom proper through
the fair diussim ofd honest
differences. Both at home ad
abroad we welcome such d.-
coumsi. But neither at home
nor abroad is there any need
for twisted arguments that
would damapthe good name
of our country.
'Tose who disort the truth
to alarm the people about our
capacity our rposewill
not full their ambitions."

THE SWEEP of these
categories is broad enough to
equate temperate and inform-
ed critics of post-war US. for-
eig policy and its conduct
with the enemies of this
nation. It is broad enough to
Imply that arguments must be


"It's on international feminine plot to to
world, you f.emnist-dupe, nymph-symph, noi

twisted and distorted If they
call at a into question the
mitary capacity of any of
the units of national defense.
But if this were so, the oppo.
sitio party platform and
spokene in every president-
lal campaign since the war
are covered in Johnson's
equation and implication. And
t two of these four cam-
paigns his own party was the
On the home front the sweep
of the President's categories
would cover criticisms of the
valty of his assurances to
the American people that all
the legislative proposals with
which he has deluged Con.
grass can be executed without
strain to the economic capaci-
ty and the social flexibility of
the country, and with unwav-.
ering service to the principle
of frupgality.
Although the bewildering
agenda is a list of proposed
special benefits supplied by
Congress or the White House
to every voting group in the

By Infe.drhi

U.S. labor, management,
farmers, taxpayers, consum-
ers, women, the elderly, the
youthful, the home-owner, the
homeseeker, the racial mi-
norities, the intellectuals, the
religious (Johnson would
build in the capital a memor-
ial to God) the just
comment that the motive of
getting elected accounts for
this mass movement for an
instant utopia would come
under the heading of a twisted
Johnson's performance, the
mildness of voice and manner
that was especially noticeable'
when he was engaged
in eviscerating a Senate op-
ponent, the show of job-like
patience with which he usual-
ly can conceal his native im.-
patience these are familiar
aspects of his fascinating per-
sonality that he revealed as a
leader of Congress.
They are new only to the
world audience which comes
with the assumption of the of-
fice of president. The sensi-
tivity to whatever is published
about him is not new either,
nor is his resentment of any
publication n in which he thinks
he detects a note of disparage.
What is new is the public
display of his congenital ten.
dency to irritation and of the
quick temper over which he
usually exercises remarkable
control. When Johnson was
the majority leader of the
Senate, obliged to soothe and
compromise by the split in
his party ranks and the in-
cumbency of a Republican
president during most of that
period, outbursts in the pri-
vacy of his chambers mostly
served as a sufficient cathar-

LOOK AT THIS he once
said (this being a letter from
"=" a Democratic senator who had
< hma special talent for provoking
"Look where he says that
ke over the politics is no consideration
ve bocheor." with him. Why, he never
thinks of anything else!" But
there was no trace of annoy-
Sance in his dealings with this
^ I |object of his scorn.

Yet on the few occasions he
decided the situation called
for it, he employed his gift
for withering satire like a
whiplash. And it worked.

Since he became president,
however, Johnson has concen-
trated on the softer tactic
which was effective in the
Senate. And the response of
Congress to the incessant flat-
tery of telephone calls from
the President of the U.S. is
evident in the actions it has
taken on controversial legis-
lation that was long stalled in
the committees. But the whole-
sale attack on criticism in
this week's speeches rai ,, a
question whether the iron coo-
trol of his volatile tempera-
ment is not slackening under
the crushing burdens of the
presidency. If so, those who
know Johnson best are certain
it is a passing phase.
la support of that Judgment
Is the evidence that he already
has realized the basic mistake
in his wooing of the press. It
was eager, expansive and ob-
vious and wariness, perhaps
beyond the constant necessity,
was the inevitable conse-

haasele the writer's maide

rested for throwing rocks
and yelling at a dog on a
leash. Why not make a law
confining dogs to owners'
Wouldn't it be nice if we
could put leashes on young,
irresponsible male drivers
who have wrecks on Univer-
sity Avenue and repeatedly
race around Gainosville with
police chasing them?
Do please withhold
my name. It is a confused ci-
vilizatio we lve in and I
love most of my neighbors,
and I pay for nd pray for
sane guidance of wayward
youth and extermination of
nuisance dogs and cats, and
for clean water.

American History Month
In 12 tn rmspe to a requet from the Daughters of
the American RemitSko, Governr Weathersby of Kentucky
proclaimed as America History M ad sin
that tiMe the a has developed o am frm al
of the pw the varhus states and also from the
may' of e rilpkel Amderiea iNL
Toe DAR hM h prtei them premation with emsay
mests Ammm H y, petularly for school adm
s tough by g with sa oMi to rd th
enrichent d cms to America History-wit various
kinds of awais fr acevemet in thee courses, ad with
prou Americam HMy Ibt chapters toughout th
comry rM th asms u marmy.
O of the rea fr ch g February was its being the
bih)aOth f Se get dAmericanM a Washinton, UcoaW.
F dAlm md aume
The ree far delving h a maih are, of emes, ob-
vims. We i a piy hertg msAd we Oed to pma t am
to cMm. N Alli im mig at doy th Jdlso.
SChde bst udl fhr Ama civiliati. Met of
w *al m s e r h1ividual ri shesm A ir
ti mwdoL td f pit
AbhaIm a mal R OYsatat nl wal4Bg
Ir a sfed ame 0 r a fha6 he alght ak hMe b
i t Am ib on a ah l es b oisMt ,'ls
act ab bs athM d G0 a

edto mdh tkrg 0
H.b lll lll^ -
u^ ^^"-*' ^Vf^ V'*^-u~u U- * v^ ^ q~r~u

1-e rm the digh ta myk Id b eal n o to dJ ii i., vwita

Medicare Same ined ad taken away com-
pltely frm us.

As Insurance

EDrroR, Sum: To aswe
Mr. William C. Cliett's letter
on "Voters Would Veto Medi-
care," I don't know what so-
cialised medicine is and I
don't know Dr. Anis or
where the Galinp Poll is.
I do know what an insur-
ance company is. In this
case you pay I one dollar a
moth andl when you are 6
you will reelve hospital ben-
eits, the same as any mur-
ace would pay. he only dif-
ference is that you pay at the
Revenue office instead of the
surasee office.
Except for the old folk. On
security, they wil get then
now without paying It's just
as simple as that. Call it
whatever you want to. give it
any name yo wan to.
It's suppoitobetheh g-
Andes oB or Mede. M At
the heMing h Wahim.,
thre wnere so ma piple at-
tam~ it was e barpg
day at thdms s.
our Sial Sucry cai
desI't ay M"aM et p
thing, it says "M e."
OCe murmme camp my
notbea tohaldletibwhole
Oshe = my capmapes
can do he j t.

Maa. bms Wth tW h e

*A la dadm se les a

bty. s bas wihim mse aa
wpe pt brs

We thought it dirty enough
when the city annexed us
against our wiU; now they just
think up something and pass
it like that sewage deal. (It)
wil eventually dose in on us.
This certainly imposed a
hardship on us. In 1M, my
husband and I purchased a
little house in the northwest
section of town and raised our
family. In I I lsMt my hus.
band. I had a very good job
and what time I was't work-
ing, I was cutting briam. On
two sides of our lot were ditch-
es with a overflow of water
and mnothig was ever said or
done about -t.
In 1 I was stricken with
a ervous disorder. I mmrt-
gaged hig I posses
ed and wet to another state
and had two surgical opera-
tios. Ia glad to my they
were a suoess, but it drained
me for eery pwsy.
Now I m latryag to make a
comeba ck, w b a it ese
added epmes Im afraid I
wffl sewr r. I my be
t hemWa .atthe age d
My little OeH Seemily Pea
d wn't p"rIde m with a
delter over my heed, ch
less od.
Why di lbh have to ha
pos tbae hIadips? I we
am so mt wilhkt wayi r
hosames at, w shu M the
ewC? l a-Ct hel i dies
to hep a bels widw?
wrn -li



6arzwst iux

Voice of the Peoi

I On The Sun's Opinion Page
Opa.m s MM..O d Sm oaadW m wof aI. the v w .A m .oth. hP .ki.m. aws.
mow be ned asd bkm the wmits addnM. Na ee will he wtbeldM If unmed. A lee hdiud
mSo aSurrl 500 w"omd wb m et h aim v n m as sde the MpaqP, .v aaUsI be mL The


Ms o s1a IT.04

a. r. assesum an
INIklll PA C"&". TIMI IP10111-

ai anssews.W. as muss
ass. wse. reqae.. a en.s
momomm "ap a'A

: arla's l altid
aIwvelty Oty

= imr nuc!r
1. Rpo*at as a ily and trViY* I 0 coM .
2. bpeuM 0 0 mwN el Sn d n-S ut only i -*,or 01a
3. hPimish al ides of imk tant controversial iWAt.
Th Sn's telMplmes MAI Dep -ruw-74441,
Wet Ad"-37672

Enlightened Words From Georgia

A Southern congressman took to
.. the floor of the House recently for
S the unusual purpose of calling the at-
tention of Southerners to the impor.
-tant stake they have in improving
the status of the region's Negro pop-

Representative Charles L. Wltaer
of Georgia pointed out that three of
every four Negro families in the
,,South are in the "poor" category,
having eamings of less than $3.000
a year. Weltner cited figures showing
a fifth of Negroes in Georgia, a
fourth of those in Alabama, a third
in South Caroli and nearly 40
per cent in Mississippi ra less than
S$20 a week. The euegre map ema-
phasized that, while Whitb.,Qljiaa
-- have median annual come of 2,470,
that of Negroes is just $927, and
Georgia Negroes have substantially
higher unemployment rates.

In Weltr's view, thi-adi a up to
a terrible drain.og welfare undised
waste of human add aeouwlean -
sources. He estimates that, if the
360,000 Negroes in Georgia who
have jobs .earond the same median
income of employed whites, this
alone would increase the Georgia
economy by some $500 million.

Representative Weltner makes this
thoughtful observation:

"Why is the South poor? Because
of the Negro's poverty? If this is true
-and one of every three Southerners
is Negro-then the South will re.-

main poor for o lon us the Negre
remain at the bottoA of the heap.

"We in the South dan follow the
old ways-aeekng ever to exclude
the Negro from comic, educa-
tional and social progesa. We do so
at tBe coat of an ever increasing wel-
fae class, mounting hostility be-
tween the races and continuing waste
of humat and material wealth.

"Or, we can take a mew departure.
We ca see evary Southerner-white
or Negro-as a worthwhile citizen
who can contribute ,something of
aleT to the growth ind well being
of our section. Where before we
sought to exclude him. we must now
jeqk ways of bringing lbe Negr. into
a better life. Where before, we have
been content with personal charity
and individual kindness to the Negro,
we must now recognize the dramatic
need for bettering thi lot of all the
poor-white and Negro."

"'Muth of what the' Georgia con.
graNman says can be uid:equally of
the North and the Negro. The prob-
lemas facing Negroes-discrimination,
lack of opportunity, lack of training
and low-income are nationwide

Public discussion in the South of
the Negro's plightshas seemed all too
often to be left to racibt-minded poli-
tician. Representative Weltner' talk
is an important reminder that re-
aponsible voices are being heard -
voices that must be heard incrms-
ngly if progress is to be made.

1. F. Childs, Colored News di
MEETING SET clatim of Wliam m
The Poverty Fund Club School amtg i W h d at
meeting will be held at the Mt. the aschom an Tbbu,Fie
Olive Primitive Baptist Church at 8 pn.
today at I p.m. -
-m ---- -NO a -

ie Parent W Teacher As-
saciatio of A. Quin Jones
Elementary School meeting will
be held in the auditorium to-
day at I p.m.
Dr. Fartman, staff psy-
chologist of Alachua County
Health Department, will speak
a "Children's Emotions."
There wil also be showa a
selctive film.
e opening program wil be
redered by the sixth grade
las along with sme pupbis
from the first and second
amnumhber this mMeeting I
jut a week before e State
Parent Teacher Association
Congress convees here at Li-
cain High SchooL
Be preat today nd
mine vaMN SnatM pW.
taing in this conven"s.
The Hame Mismo Society of
ate PFit Baptist mrch wi
meot at the hbeae f Mrs VI-
sa Peoples, w SW7th
pBase, en Tmhesdy at 1:3
%Te pike is invited

Te Panr Teiert Al-'
clails of Newtbary Meinf
ary Schl w met l W-
day, Feb. 1I at 7: pJL ian
tthe dML
tehinIW be a padl dials
dso aln h th prols se I
teacheas ....
D peone an aurge to
Mn AL1-M -
Tthe wUwebga e- b Ual
-es' Nsfiltat &a toIs-
NMKy E ImmiScy hol w
*y. FA. t, t 1: pA ..
Al pmne ofby dbta
fl Scouts a geo De
Nio leM a id b be pD
ad a- a to s. a

Hie Wvst Qut at iie
and De ea"s tlMm'(b is
asked to mei t the hd m
Mrs. I. G. Suam, il the Ar-
redmid leatl es Tha.
day, Fb. 109 8 pL
there wil be a t-a at thed
home of Rev. atd Mrs. W. L.
Sonder, today at 7:3 pa. in
the-Mast the salr class
padres of the Southeast se-
tion protect

a adu sehwg da q
tomorrow at 7: p. at the
Recea Catr, next o Car-
ve Library. There wil be ao
f Niersat l MrsI N -
e (ls) ea Mr. Amets

mb wemve i h ye-
Mrs. Mary het M noted
buM yeiay f wu-W
te, D. C., lwig a two.-
wek visit wia m asd

Mrs. Mary Part, of
Tmsr, ib vwtig hau with
IM k r fr mm rd .



Amti 1:3u hat
regtipw up eet
bain#u i

as tm a ma
[ Eb to a .
I-mm A-k Vl

peses. The am m non-
emwdpedm, dad thee is no fix-
ed pig score, Dr. Park
At p es the a ver 7,-
I _Peas ~p w ers at
work in4 aries i Latin
Avarica, Asa,.-id Africa.
Akemg thm ie h a l en-
ir, a ns, bf doe-
Ism octIlegist, recreation
work sad etbers-e ver a
amil agleswOins aL
'As adtlo sA40 Peace
Ctrp waers w 1 ass signed
hr rallg to 1safr.
Frtur idlemti ay be
had .fie the s1 of-
flo at FlorIdae Mesri Col-
lW, At u oe direct
tla t Peac Cup, Wash-
ngton D. C.


I meral services for Mrs.
doe INela whi, wle of Dr.
Lie B 3.Ofs of Jbckson-
vie, whose death o69b ed Sat-
-dly olwlbing a -
ills, will be held at the St.
Pis Catholic Chth, 131h
Seet, there Weoeaday at u
a. lRoary services wE be
eal Tiemday at I pa at the
mliM., al ulSI Awe-
m Bwat wll be e= i the
HUem ad Wedt Foeral
lee is bi charge


mB, The Wat G.
am I fl Im ould

Of wantip r m*ip t h.
I* laui: R& Ishod
Power rems, Mt t
pwff -*-, -aJ k

te Mnuaber d Ta
gab=N blhoM-'.1 Uw
im -i-Bi

Whe tM.




ye. fib -Pf I Polaj fl 4 k -

First Look



A news it stirred a mem-
Juvenile crime, the FBI in.
fams increased l year.
A ubsntial segment of d this
growth weas in rural areas. In
the ties narcotic addiction
was a proeea.
Of all the horrors of habit,
narcotics are the worst.
Soonater I sarted aan
assistant ub to the police re-
porter In Nashville Tenn., I
saw my first narcotic addict.
He wasI t the city jail, lying
on the plank bench which
served a hbed and seat in the
cell. It was a hot ersmm day.
He had on a pair of pants. He
was wet with sweat that look-
ed like slime. I remember yet
how the dull lights of the cell
row reflected from it. His
skin was yellow. His stome
ach and chest went heavily up
and down with his slow, tor-
tured, exhausted breathing. It
moved like a slow bellows.
The color of the skin over his
agonized belly ed some-
thing like a big hard's. hie
action of it was also about the
ame. He was morning and
biting his lips. There wuas
dried blood and a dull scum
of dirty, gray saliva coated
about them. His arm were
piriked with black spots,
with here ad the a in
fected one.

in the corridor of the stinking
row of cells, which reeked of
disinfectant poured and mop-
ped in a futile effort to keep
down roaches and poverty and
unwashed bodes, the spect-
adle was amethig like look.
ing into a hell on earth.

dropper which ha ypo-
dermic needle attached to it
by string and adhesive tape.
There was a teaspoon with a
bent handle. There was a
small tin box in which were
four cubes which looked very
much like small marsnhmal-
lows. This was "dope." The
sergeant explained how ad-
dicts used it. They cut off a
muiall portion of it and dis-
solved it in water in the tea-
spoon. Then a match was
struck under it to warm it.
Then the crude hypo was used
to inject it in the am.


Disenchantment of R

sd ets, like ,ewlywels,
am ofd a me-aIg h.ow
oyameo And wh e the oam
tates that are boamd to a-
rim la all free h--- reda-
t Uip dispel the dream,
the awakningt to harb mre
toM is o for w"ich they sel-
di are prepared.
Dbenchanted ows are
dispoMd to put the blame on
each other. And sew presi-
deti are inclined to aMpit
to ay effective cias of their
acts and policies whether or
at the are fairly subject to
resnaable differences of .-

a President JolaMs ha fol-
lowed tis pcemdet with ra-
ther more than the familiar
show of irritation when a po-
ieal honeymoo snks below
the heorbn maer a rising
cloud of critiim. He has
made the conventional pro-
fem la such crcun tance
-that he, of course, welcomes
fair dismasl of hoist dlf-
es. But apparently he
has obervd very little of this,
since, in a modt eulogistic
presentat of his policies
and preosals, he coomsmtrat-
ad heavily* a maimif the
twited arguments against
Until the Presdet supplies
sopme speificatlo of these
arguments, and of thoe he
classifies as fair discussion of
honest differences, all strong
dissent will carry'the implied
onus of the following passages
in the speeches he made last
week to a group of internal
renue kish I Wasnd g-
t, and hisa lIt a that
cty's e ration of it i-
"Al f tSaue (bterational
ublesa ) we Csumee, and
frm thme to you will
hear abmp ad ople
who me to ) p o their gv-
emn t people who Uk to
act, people who hd it
quite impoble to he affirm-
tive and constructive. They
wi join with ame of oer op.

twi and distorted if they
cllatal Into question the
mltary capacity of any of
the mobl of national defense.
But i this were so, the oppo-
sition party platform and
spokesmen in every president-
itl campaign since the war
are covered in Johnson's
equation and implication. And
in two of these four cam-
paigns his own party was the
On the home front the sweep
of the Preident's categories
would cover critcsns of the
vallity of his assurances to
the American people that all
the legislative proposals with
which be has deluged Con-
grss can be executed without
strain to the economic capaci-
ty and the social flexibility of
the country, and with unwav-
ering service to the principle
of frugality.
Although the bewildering
agenda is a list of proposed
special benefits supplied by
Congress or the White House
to every voting group in the

By Ister.Adi

ps ts, ad they will be al-
mat ams ch of a problem
as me of our other (si) en-
"So, resm ofwhat you
hear nd what some of the bel-
lyacbers say, we are much-
beloved people throughout the
"Freedm prosper through
the fair discmin of hoae
differences. Both at home and
abroad we welcome such d-
cussion. But neither at home
nor abroad is there any need
for twisted arguments that
wold damage the good name
of our country.
"Those who distort the truth
to alarm the people about our
apacly or our purpo will
not fulM their ambitions."

TM SWEEP of these
catgorie eis broad enough to
equate temperate and inform-
ed critics of pot-war U.S. for-
eign policy and its conduct
with the enemies of this
nation. It is broad enough to
imply that arguments must be


"It's on international feminine plot to to
world, you feminist-dupe, nymph-syrph, noi

U.S. labor, management,
farmers, taxpayers, consum-
ers, women, the elderly, the
youthful, the home-owner, the
homeseeker, the racial mi-
norities, the intellectuals, the
religious (Johnson would
build in the capital a memor-
ial to God) the just
comment that the motive of
getting elected accounts for
this mass movement for an
instant utopia would come
under the heading of a twisted
Johnson's performance, the
mildness of voice and manner
that was especially noticeable
when he was engaged
In eviscerating a Senate op-
ponent. the show of job-like
patience with which he usual-
ly can conceal his native im-
patience these are familiar
aspects of his fascinating per-
sonality that he revealed as a
leader of Congress.
They are new only to the
world audience which comes
with the assumption of the of-
fice of president. The sensi-
tivity to whatever is published
about him is not new either,
nor is his resentment of any
publication in which he thinks
he detects a note of disparage-
What is new is the public
display of his congenital ten-
dency to Irritation and of the
qpick temper over which he
usually exercises remarkable
control. When Johnson was
the majority leader of the
Senate, obliged to soothe and
compromise by the split in
his party ranks and the in-
cumbency of a Republican
president during most of that
period, outbursts in the pri-
vacy of his chambers mostly
served as a sufficient cathar-

LOOK AT THIS he once
said (this being a letter from
** a Democratic senator who had
< > ha special talent for provoking
"Look where he says thai
oke over the politics is no consideration
ive bachelor." with him. Why, he never
thinks of anything else!" But

Voice of the People

-On The Sun's Opinion Page
Oims Oad aes n aof s & mdams mI v Im a la h& Vese f t h Peaple .mI.a L~aes
m"u h. siled adb ~e u N k, u llr Ms edes me wm Iu whthe, M lifIa m eesule A A Aer seaM
ae ed 5W00 weed ad mu sW be wfeMon r *w idef the s Paery w ea t sh ed. Th
Uas m U e ses w w isMS spl ar toeAs I A k ies M c, wet- heamela t he writer's meag o

Medicare Same minmy aIy
pliely frm us.

As Insurance

EDITOR, Sua: To aswer
Mr. William C. Cliett's letter
on "Voters Would Veto Medi-
care," I don't know what so
cialised medicine Is and I

THEY LET the poor devil don't know Dr. Annis or
take the cold turkey cure. He where the Gallup Poll is.
was around for days, and at
last could sit up, weak and I do know what aoiur-
sick, and push away the jail ance company is. In this
food of bologna and bean. We cse yo paying oe dollar a
reporters sent out daily for moth and when you are
soup from the nearby cafe you will receive hospital be-
and watched in hypnotic fjs eits, the -me as any inn-
nation as e sipped at it, his esnwud pay. theond
cheeks sunken and unshaven, ven ore iced inostad o the
his thin fingers trembling. scema
That was my fit. I have r office.
never forgotten him. My sec- Except for the d folk. On
aod was a young woman. She security, hy will get their
was fashionably drsed. She now without payig. It's jut
gave evidence of pgood family. as simpIe as t. LCa it
Poce caugt her shopUlifting. whatever you want toI, give
She was not too scared, but amy amae wen t to.
nervous. lst seemed routine
for a young woman a Ce. It'sapposed to be the Kin-
She asked about a lawyer Anderson r Maln. At
and I telephoed one who the is Wtmr W
came doWe Thy he a talk. thee wIe a may opuple
Whin tree hou she was ta itwes h brg
hkiereaLm Mae to pieces day t restores.
bea r eye-. Abmit two Our oa Sea rt card
boun later her lawyer showed dama't say "asdhed" l y
up with a dedsr, Vwsal- thing It says "ihmso"
lowed to gi her a injecio Oe lsuranc cp my
We w-ietd s shk feascl- mAbeabletohMdethowhole
tm a ag e iaheld still ,l bat m ** empanies
by a pid ema% her sy, ca dn a6the .
how, 4y1iNK, Pe mM.d al l ai

tnk ads nweq ft Dt let d atr e i n.
to e of arIar r r aw a s1Wa l tp an.
, aI w ~ sa M has eth wl ae

mwwslamm pa were ad of w A WE sbe
S0 *h s aene e eAeled.a D l h iwo take
timeelw AMwri b ee aweAra a gimrE

S am e ld sd at Taoe ue deaer I ban
viahim. aimIIle mm
Thia 1 lW e- s tr tte i a u e
M Sey wer usip Ir- siy. to a wew u
neja -s waiathr Mtn fad
M maim LAlstIier AIUUsBaA

AN r cto -ania *a Utye,0te
-ra d I .Fc .
wpmw.napikh irumm
the voi-d1 Ud. AMe"

smaS bni.. 42W
agISnd |
^iB~iej~ljhq^""** fl** =1 0=0161b>'

We thought t dirty enough
who the city annexed us
aglast eur will; now they just
think up something and pass
it like that sewage deal. (It)
wil eventually close in on us.
Ti certainly imposed a
hardship on us. In 131, my
husband I purchased a
little house In the northwest
section of town and raised our
family. In 13, I lost my hus-.
band. I had a very good job
and what time I wasn't work.-
g, I was uting briars. On
two sides of our lot were dich-
as with an overflow of water
ad thing was ever said or
done about it.
In UIM, I was stricken with
a nervous disorder. I mort
pagd everythim I pen*
ed ad wet to another state
and had two surgicl opera-
tion. I'm glad to say they
were a succe, but it drained
m for every peay.
Now I a tryi to make a
esmback, and ith al those
added expenses afraid I
wll never it I may be
lft b1de 0atl th e ofI.
my little ddm Smaty pen-
sm wn't pml e with a
Wd a ermy heat much
Inds a.
Why t" h "ve to a.
pae a e W hip? I we
aM sUd witk ae way Or
lsesam should wNe
we? It IllM be due
to help a W NWs wew?


IBmII : e epl a
twaw oI"a l s atM

V :dM t*
%*Up bM; Li and

sass ssa I swi a

d*ei a gt l MimJiC m
*efitd l e

rested for throwing rocks
and yelling at a dog on a
leash. Why not make a law
confining dogs to owners'
Wouldn't it be nice if we
could put leashes on young,
irresponsible male drivers
who have wrecks on Univer-
sity Avenue and repeatedly
race around Ganesville with
police chasing them?
Do please withhold
my name. It is a confused ci-
vilizatloe welivein and I
love most of my neighbors,
and I pay for and pray for
sane pidaece of wayward
youth and eztermination of
ani-aaci dogs ad eats, and
for dean water.

there was no trace of annoy-
ance in his dealings with this
object of his scorn.
Yet on the few occasions he
decided the situation called
for it, he employed his gift
for withering satire like a
whiplash. And it worked.
Since he became president,
however, Johnson has concen-
trated on the softer tactic
which was effective in the
Senate. And the response of
Congress to the incessant flat-
tery of telephone calls from
the President of the U.S. is
evident in the actions it has
taken on controversial legis-
lation that was long stalled in
the committees. But the whole-
sale attack on criticism in
this week's speeches raise a
question whether the Iron cone
trol of his volatile tempera-
ment is not slackening under
the crushing burdens of the
presidency. If so, those who
know Johnson best are certain
it is a passing phase.
In support of that judgment
is the evidence that he already
has realized the basic mistake
in his wooing of the press It
was eager, expensive and ob-
vious and wariness, perhaps
beyond the constant necessity,
was the inevitable conse-

American History Month
In 1 lin respmesi to a reqa t from the Daugters of
the American Revolution Governor Weathersby of Kenucky
proclaimed February as American History Month, and since
that time the Idea has developed into proclamations from all
of the governors of the various states and also from the
mayor of the principal American cities.
The DAR has implann thele proclamation with emay
detvs in American HMsry, particularly for school grades
S thrg. by werk with school officials toward the
ar ent of courses i American History-with various
kinds a awards for achievamet in these course, and with
prpas of America History l its chapters tiroughot the
country during theM t of Fruary.
Oe of he reasons far choolg February was ts being the
b. las nah po Amer s as Washington, Lincolm,
hMsoD adethers.
The rease for slee g sch a month are, of course, o-
vie. We haw a padly heritage and we need to pass it on
nto r cUbhl Ne Ameriea idrla would deny the Judeo-
rE i beS tsaiued far American cdivdltioL. MM of us
se y ae th am sflm w hital rim ave its or
his appmatim e ib pu.
Abraham UMhi as a a boy sat at a trailside waiting
lr a MW l raMl r to me by a that he might ask bin to
pruch Ms maer's haerd. Is there a cooectlon between
st a UMidhW's a S a ke baield of Gelyurg
to dAe is atg eaddm?
Jams iMa l FOer ef the Comntaflm spat sn
aif yawr a Pr Ig ib liae s mady eainAid &
pot5 orya msr Jn Uberspes Was there a .
ts htweae a dt Wit heo Mam wo iset ar bu i
S bk Pu ait el m 1 &of e. to asIn Aner my
amil oet pvtS *wl o demea eds in gaem
Wum:m hMI WaN IMien pve a Mls FaI
pah d' ae hats -n M h i s ha

f le -A M S A' t huIU"ad





Gilmwe hso

6' afsv&.

Maemilikes eiadesm

a m DUeUJ.T qahbmine, rten a nkrvl a Smhin hm
gowkngs;theaBestiesre dtAbo ea wew Ywk dsoWooe lO =
rAi nbtd o ran -t iaoe. ~ a w uShmalS
"We like It here and the pee The English rock 'V' roll q =ar*- we is a
ple seem to lke uand sweet pljqd to a capa mhl i- 11
staying lut Friday," md aatstlb-t*w iI
*Iv1Iai"hm vray ,t t oatmans a.
By MCCND .M PilHJP ea-astlypoplarily esmle
NEW YORK Toe oUsufiidftIm pSit*, ta*- 7m pTm g jmgoSadb
willtomisbnh t balesbia*-be P aslybuasa.wmm Ns
week ha- t .NMPlsd s rane ed. am*P"s mo Stdr ipD -m *In sido a
adlylwhat theyaset ost to ds: eqidbmnatbesotdvul. wa lu wis gfaAlais
stmir up sch a frIsAihte- U4ea thebrowofdO
eic a to heap dryttid&r so BYmhow orel emau
thef ien s atflieal bo they lvme soaed a h=ge am w ape-9g=won
they be lit in Britain. CM ad the B lanbe" fes *T*o r A 0 ob
. -.: ea :. "": e f - Im
al~e'ed ls- a 1beoibhkft
mIs w rawraft at Yake stra o the neg UnV id dotm al ak
Ed &&A ump im Am ,biqmt. OMU~Wi~OM dd
tiL71 aw M mhlputbotld's senift bfree won
ed ou o Aerco pdwb u illp t f djy,,wWSmbtmidobnb

mu*.,aioN, iowr DafthIve nmtole a roI, but pta 800 limi
ity oupa T eir fame deep Iresaion the Amer. ws made en them.
has wept two cotiments, and il Ma. Sm t 4,1 n MheBmi.
theiymayyde tne vocal a qu artet epects to re. ti'sarero teu.
scrwpddtewhole free warld. itrn I August for a tar atce tdm ao N
wh ed t hi ~ i more neardy reali. thep dinecnitl ed tie
no1&Wuadt *Med M Mae daly e& wP age s dlask wo ho *
ant dree, beatlmanla, did O their f m MOM rains than the a olg t
bit bo a appy w.ee10ithwMlBk7stBlesawem m4seasiM M
brought to th eirpr ntpe-eNO Si to resp a boooems of pub. disd at Me nWOhtdw br w.
Insce in Iser-day vjdeyilDe iftybths enMtly. Bancommsd IcaWs &of lvl
by artful 'atritanc tim nd ith anot"*Ofegopment lundodl weers
Owe bigetShalmasainne afa.
Ttis Is dt the whobe10u-,w l disp y thOaum their co- Poie maid tey had to I.
adao. Ths wrld IsMish ofpream wit e % orthst ae *min o wans vie vw
mdoin whims wo wew uld isi fr uasm she cd=i at
dos ItheyOKHowgettheiiI.Aso
w.Atedtoa ctanVOM LBJ Aunt Dies o betgrWInaS
&I the ugh..of pileitythenules
ruish toitsqua T7hait s PumTV A ILa. (AP) Ald~gh tuh sA fe e,
wvat hapliea .md hu. unices wvl be held there were replsOf tiMt
TuesTM* for Mrs. W. A. Mceay, scalpwihgwb some 9101 peRMI
The Beutes could not have N, anout of Mrs. mLioB. up to 1 for a glioam I
done what they have doae Ien lIMM, who died Sudy in a gM I impp&s.
America apart from what they SeliL, Al, hos$ia after m Notabhs i ml a mli .
-first did in Britain. There are mng et She wu a sister of eluded HImnywqdh Bxia
so may acts ere in the semi T. J. Taylor, father of the Prm. Clpm 1Wy Iitinl Ad hi.
barbark pp ro k lult. it's wife. m o ip Joe ik

aidsy, Paeousm 17, 94p


SA.f4E 3W I

ft M~ mm bnbdof
bsatato "*Sa*b
f kist so"

b oni be ipl I"
giolwS b- i MbA
Am"amig mfmq

b Wa ham l mademsw gI
ams NO dm ad,

niImn ssNtofft didam,

if lier obid. owa n
t -. i .t own l
weepte d to eW sssaes tond.
m A ie wtuaM hthe

nhpIt "Mw die t bbhispart-
-r we WA-e to eaule a
Ak to thb defe is best
dlmm nmd o be to ril M
pater w1 cub U% vwi

Ea l QMay
Enod a ,s -


I vs axty
' MIs mii b

VSd bwrrid


"mA. now Msi
IN a IAs to a Ok
do a sms
OAtLA *5t A-M-
RMum ItsMgrm

* A am I -bt l a d ke A *k m
wars bmmbqlf waeb

tor. Estwis M th als, b
Mis arI s I W Adad atpin
enty bisqoawgs hib
the a leb th Wsl Sam

or auth hd hay ul
HOWM, am& b **

iwakk ae
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&ph Wetid bdo He,. w-
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By -Freighter
MW OMA (AP) -The
CaS etud sa i a Imesm.
an d igwANo 5 ages son&
TuedNm OWdoadGo.
a- .1 m repa hie .
diiger, tdo Coast
SaUK b si Wasutau
a wmberbkmeg=0tIstth

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udmlmuwmawlh ab

mfmuk himy lead-

Gemievile Sm- S
iMa New York Weld's Fal
of IN market the 3ethawi.
rsry of the oneeof the city's

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"Affai To Rembe

______________ F U

New economy premium

I Ir

I Im


I s t us ornou
t AT m IW. I

Lw All i kim&othaT ID
NO! NAS W Ad2,v fpka~m s, aipl

Gives most cars
full power for about

24 less* a galkn.
than major premium brands

'amabwm dlra hsam lb Ihs -t nowmiosal kis


NEW WSMRy. nasmu

lbgmhueaf d wam tfrm Sewb Noftm Iwo

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sim ahpeoer.

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etom edk. ..u,, ar a--
so d_ m" bim d -i
vdkephHodwind POW= P.I.neeRO

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Esso Plus

Toe b a n wad 6=1
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If T. ."U IUM. I
Ual IF a is a
m a d Inau t

VAbkm 71 EL I
*a MIN n awMii" a
i(w-a0 A) UIs
. (WI. n U)

port p tie splyes t
ibt Mg, the Gdoa s
wi *AchdbelIt hale nd
heurty andkfrh frina

to 44 for the UF an. could
move past the Galore with a
victory. Overai the U F Is 1W7
to 7-11 for the Reberl.
Domnie Keinger, scing at
a better doG OpaMide
d., at lwti et. Fld
*.bol&t. seing t ,ast
year in leading Olde IMito a
peet victory over the Gator
, tler the Orge and Ilne
, hckea d SECchama m
.. Glen La average 14 a
M Gint a tran in the eaEC
wia over Georgia. he Min has
a tb good sore It n Ron Da
vm. at 14.6
Die fism r64, Kessanger,
-1; Ut, M 6; ad Eddie n n
spectively, wil start.

The Gators, l ting offensive-
ly the past few mes by lack
o scaring from offensive lead-
.,..-. a.e.n.. a.s i
. w. wi al try to gcoors
... afer affes again. Hen
* dsrsohmunminto a rash of
rtks Ok in c centam gas with
Aupbn and ltI*e. State.
He played less than half eachn
| gameo h2Sout in both. His ab.
mm has had a big effect ao
wveril ViF play.
The Gatorsnlikely wil go with
Pauil Morton or Dick Peek at
on forward, Tmlins at the
ta. Woot Higley, center; a
SEand Tom Bsey,
he GStation WRUF wigl
li& Ms the game starting
qj ,p.m. Gainesville time.
,-)e ba se ag a.

IX'.-le o 3u. i a1.e a
el a hWy. a ag t
M I MOW1 play.
JDo w Mm o oL ic P ee0k an I
pams GPtaG. a ms m Bu

M bt S ati WauWiL
m -t r, gi amenu sa a

ntai s L. .

T4l'rn hl, the ---nl HerM7

as RetLa ald-

(M1 (AP) -t 1ad hI a
0 tli abe t Ms Her
sMEhol bMehilped --p M n
.-t^^iw~ co

aMtalmiad bl a a4"g
TM, OW lTampMn. HI Ge

I m t AIn SWAIm

MIAII (a)Na, Piamj Hg

pitowtacn ul



Eagerly A ited

By Independents

aBy Pm sa
Anniem nsee qu Wd
A amber of deabp ha
bl coaches sad atMle do
ters are siting =ervm ly be-
side telephones today. Fr e
of the, it wi ring once For
soe twice For s e not at
They're waiting for the word
from the National Invitation
Tournament and the National
Collegiate Athletic Aociation,
which start picking he fie
fI their tourmmats, the two
majr pimlmg d aotiNgB
Fte d to 5 bekth e t
MC teomansMt ar Uneda
for conference champion, Iht
the other 10 p to aM e p
teams. he W started bid-
dig for those 10 tean today,
mone hour before the NT ca
put In Its bWi for the 12 teun s
that make up the field for the
Madison Sqn Garden attr
ti hinm Mu -
p-des Vllnova DePl4
and regon Stat an vtay
assured of bids to ach. Ia

I "T Ua- the cmmw m
make s own choice.
Vilanova, with vicitorm eer
Duius 7m sad Celbim
73I, last week, in N"
eighth in the nam on a *
record. Then am bdieali I
would per the NCAA ot i
offed, but would be id e
big attraction for S I.
Oqn Sle. No. I& bI e

tiol pu&ed h" recad e b4I
with a S deci ow rISt

te last week and DPl, No.
IS, i 1 aler vicories ew
Marette7 7 -d WOlsm
Octario, St.
Temple is the l St tm to
be asmured of a taNsy "rt a
having wrapped up the Mie
Atlafftic daaqlnii Sa a
spot as a cm anm b thoe
UCLA. the No. 1 turt te (be
nation and the aly masr
beate, is witim e nao f
seurinc at it a td or b
Biter spoota as adI atl
doing s. Te ha ailed Over
Wmq twice last week,
U d adl p g thei
record to 314
Michig, Noa. 1 iB to
tse, ia thl te T4 m t
ad lt4 ovr-al
KIakiy ns raubd A t
I-, Iht Adm the lSothesI
emra Cam In had wt Gew.
No. 4 David top tohe 8 1
er at I4a S"; I.|D&
eMds6pe e m* eeat 3
ad M 0

Va erbt lt twice m n a
bt week, 1.7 in erteae to
a and dipped to ea a

peani ddag er aing bts No.
T eateel o jing.
Shannon Hits,
Hopes Bright
Wita pealSg Sf basebal a-e
Sust e two ieeb away,
PWsridD's me De ir be
Dew. he ha sond at leat ma
boy who mu hit for average
a nt SaC pitching.
The e um is famlUar to atr
fas, It's itm Sh a Ml-
aML Toe regular varty w
briback atoe l6bi = y
has bee. ameud fr *Bg
practe by head coach ay
Gras to pliay beal aid I
might pove to be a major ad-
9So.. wMl ploy ert base
d Fdertb"eIaW Mtyww
be oe S hfbedlt ir in the
cofrna. He hI been belib
practes pihig ike b bown@

innarou ythe Ed Kenders
ew ereflv S egl3r tefaly ia, fru Wft, daughter
hfth, aedisr, Mn. (J*) Kglewr, sI Rchard, l t IInoKsi
Ml at 6i NW 34tL _______
u ar W I ,. ^^..ii ^ w i- B ^ i -

And the Billy Kinards
Noew Neri defeauve backfidd coach Bily l
Wd'S family left to right, soi Bi, 7; Kard,
Mm. (Kay) KThrd; ad daughter Kathy, 4. The I.-
ark live at 24 SW 40th St. (Sua photos by Eddie

High School Distance Ace

Looks to New York Event

Byud Km BANI
Amdl Phu Wuhr
ftle Gry Lag., a spedimy.
vaid w ebaool dians anm
a M" atio s M leam th u
wuke j i hew pM tdie

Rt UP4 bm m 1
kme, wus,. a bpua-
aimm,'.ll l rhn h enh
WNMi , Serhkasle
mn ih nb wil by for tt
title U.iwa ro aw ihe New
"I m dat' whuat I ces

aif t. Gin lGaobInt-
tul-. a

seri. waseh am. a.ts
meass S worM sitelSri aSfl
ha I Ogly in tw"

Gosu, *|h i, II, insrid
ag hr a lear hrt is

.1w- -

2Ar& 's

Wmi Slaom
' eps j

the Obuilpics-be tw-mle Is
l a Games evenl.
Gerry aidted that after.
dcis itacol ad a week of
picl sts botsbhered him at
tb GoMm Gdte rn, which he
aed "hopf maybe I couMd
R 8:4 apI." tBas wht Ihe
do" In Jamory whe he lod
aimity to Gm RBoeal ofs
B3lg p wo record n -
hoier in he dmeetwchame.
EH Saer irday he was beaten
by tha be tam Ip kick of
Afla RBe Crhe, who
bids word bls at six miles

Otewwi the met was ly
ua&". AJhm B* mad i
Mlbehin kbf rs for the frst
be i btr years. NCAA

Cupit Wins

Tum nOpen
1MM. Ark(AP- Aft
cqnso be onA al
Gatpk m sa.
a -- i MAW
tt am a Ompu s.

I>Wrsj.f MJ.
It h ap n x ain ap U
St am up~k T ammM

ak aba na hr a
bnsele test M,

i lnt t: r o t
4msmetae U
Su n rut im

AL to Meet

Friday On

Finley Case
BoO (AP)-Tan Anri.
a Leaue Iao the Word Se-
ri, to AarrGa ad & I
5idmi a sas Now
coes a Feb. 21 amit med
1g who felo tw me decde
whertoe1ha arm o0. it-
Time twice hag nB m t a
deadlines for Athlt' owner
ftley to sigP a leae with Kan.
sas iatclsak
So far, dasws s emet
ached or acftbi tae. MW
aBt Saturday puaed sa Fla.
sy's adams two yes or.-
mile e AL aefaetlyma
Sand hohd thae pm It.
-Aft Ylesk
Presidet Joe lmb took he
t stepm Sday by aiming
bo Frtay meetg to wNc
ImasCity offidamb av .
Cn bIts the am miy
to me to any at tair
treat to st Fly, made at
the last nen' meeting Jan.
v who Finley's request to
W Os teadcb to Lamb.
vife w u lebd InL
Pbiw ma h afitr
Owes i hi it Mi
bge also
aShemd pi m er m

toft hre a -a ,
mint ledlimit .i,=l hfar
l bds d l.a
tly. Wdo alsMae a ca-l
mirat t"I ae Ms team to
atk tein s te- me e-e
Sdid bame tvdbisi e w:
I The balbM ner has he.
tr saleM, at Osaletdy,
or wl I be thebmw. I wddQ
dt oeS tb heb ci for $

a a d fribotl iik"b
sur mmn am a rn
a, ~ r s led aty I(-

ias merw ifl ealit
m Job Na Ef.

Driw l

Ib m t emto
_a s W ia r a m "
4Gfto aors
gas Geesh.

chmp Morgao GrCot hr
rego Sta won b 4:lJ.
Jeff Chma pole-vaulted 54,
Dare Neman a eFro Stlm
opaet reco rdhor Herb Corp.
or in 1.1 for yards andi Cm-
dian Bfl GdCrsbNo otichdl
Norm Holnes ia l:S3 tac-
c al halie.

Thee w two tier major
weekend oor meetals, te Da

o eIa Maim ad Vh
him's bamok eUK
aM, a uMI Tlen AUI
beamin, t Oan of ta
Wea k wakg the st ad
Dales for a=ofdthe p nisr
btaveas aedet
vavm., aminesd by NWa
Carrael, wed Is o- te.
alb ny eod ie 7:3J at
1:4u mcer km .
Bob Hae, siM m Af.
"llp bmM w 4 iser metk
- Us -s Saue dat;
memin TYE S Temmense
Is b the wm re ad
thmaBy Diab tek na do id
Tb& iny Da Ueu b t as
MsMnsi met.

D-aksbu Raub


vat s




At Daytona

Prei Is-s r writr
(AP)-as car win race,
m m he ght short, and
O-M& em itingees be a
.3 W in d..
PM B od Santa Moca,
CE., t Pet RIodrigues ad
Matin Cl ti1nted to these
es di ertia g their vbic
Wy b te DB4toa1 Cuientlad
10 Monr afternoon and
g *i 1,6 mIlles ofi i.
Th ra over the combined
ba hes ad a courses lted
II hm"s at m aioutes and
was ibea the longest race
Over heM Ik1 to United State.
The Mt ret fire of their red
Prrail bw artly in the race
ad nlled hi a damaged front
fwAer. mehMcs Water hm
mend the *ader away frn

Rolries sl he wasn't su
hoew t walr meat one the
drivers were forced to fid their
way mend the track in the
dares. RaeA rules state that
eh car n have at leat two
forward working.
Hill, IM a r d vran,
said be ulperI d troue
wih the theway they
we-two driving lights and
aone bedt -ad Rodrigu
id A he t found the ping
Hill and Rodriguez averaged
about mIles per hour and took
top priae of $lta.
After leading tm re than half
the race, a Ford powered Cobra
drinm by Dave McDonaldo E
Monte, Cal., and Bob Holbert,
the American road racing
champion rm Warrington. Pa.,
was elimuinted by a pit fire.
Piper ad saucmN were forced
to te pits for a lengthy stp be.
cam of repairs to the electrical
systelOM. Ti cot them a shot
at the No. I position and, con-

Terriers Eye

18th Victory

.1 tsk's

U alrts in a game apit M.
bea at Albchum taeL
ab Terin aabd Ja
snvile GbeM 747 for their
1tth win lu weeMkd
Lbun was led by FAm*
Joam's 18 ps a four
piren sond ia desk figt
me. Greem Gibrt took
Topo with K
WN- u M444. Je..n&
ma 51f41 Clha 5hz"*L A*-

a"i "4 1 ". Ig
0 14t 1 35 ".s

Top Trainer

Term will seek

Jmm lb a urn
Caigyto win hi ye's
Moy*Derby ad 3Umd
sbe sor Jorh GrA a
Dauty Da Fam, ha ham

Ihe 3515M' Tat le A.-

- ~

Yrawhs a
wi^^_^ulls ^^^ av
yn?- escf||.i

bined with the Cobra's fire, aid
d the Hill.toritMs team,
which was ahead by miles at
ts ftiash.
Meachun Hert
Tle fire in the pit caught me-
chank John Olson uderneath
the car where he was checking
a nWae leak. He wasm treated at
the hospital for bur othe hit
arm and face.
T7ird place went to the Fe-
ral shaed by Walton Haneg
of Badminster, N.J., anad Bob
Groeman of Nyack, N.Y.
Dan Gurney of Costa Mesa,
Ca.if, and Bob Johnson of Co.
'ubus, Ohio, broke the Ferrari
hold on the top positions by tak.
ng fourth place and pM.

Pistons Lose

Again in NB

Play, 111.99

And you think you've got trout
tbles. Consider the case of one
Charley Wolf, basketball coach.
A year ago Charley Wolf wu
coach of the Clocinat Royals,
who woe their Uth straight
National Basketball Association
game Sunday. Today he is coach
of the Detroit Pistos, who lot
their ath game of th season
And If you think that's bad,
remember that the Piston
must play M more games this
season and that the club never
as lost more than 4 pmes in
a season The potential is stag-
Wolf's Pistons lost their se
and game inside of 0 hours to
the Baltimore Bullets 11140
Sunday while the Royals, who
used to be Wolf's, came from
behind to drop Philadelphia 114-
t7. In a West Coast game, the
Boston Celtics won their second
straight Subm-100 point game,
edging the Los Angeles Lakers
The Bullets kept their slim
Western Division playoff hope
alive with their fourth straight
victory and the 12th in the last
18 games. Walt Bellamy's N
points and Gus Johnson's 25
paced the attack for Baltimore,
which had nipped the Piston
13t-1 Saturday night.
In Saturday night's other
pames, Boston downed San
rancisco ,Cincminnatl belt-
ad New York l124 and St
lai whipped Philadelphia

Ma nors, saa ma aug.
w L t. G.L
i. .a.. M .i -
c S S.u t -- to 1 I
pU...l-... N M .433 1
No Yor -- IT 4 .u a
W IT Pt G.3.
rLmMb 3 U
apW- U 73 .6 A I
DIw isr a a* *
Dtn ftb m So me
bum0-4 a ..mb.. .V
i A Nw I T ort
s M. aI m nsaI in
144~ Boom~r
swu Lm M I


4119 "

for eviag moey
a eeks
Th se lno ss.
ia $100w 1i on
daTws. Tht a %leW fact lo
hsoe aOnivd ims tnr. It

i ue -1n6is
Hio am s o6d fi vRule
01 laow
1. Leo a" am..The
dawp kon beowr 1w
2. =OwaM *-4gpa
aSW stlfl* FreshA am.
a- days mem to trat.
a sem way be boo-.

4. Ow i s

WS. A t I4Vo-
aAnd w ,


F r -- llIi


g __p

I -


. mf f j m


. 11"I"

. M Siy, oery 17, 1964 -GAmIN.le Sem 7

eer Gan't Even Beat Seles
Aa.11m psached t is ms i txak pickr. He has a shot at it." same FrmsDO, Cql.. high thoo.
N earS in A rma P Zem taItam W" :am:worktbe:azjob willsntthatoproduclDilsworthof
irt Nisl abs ae nba f thM ythe Chicago Coend Cescm
,amloat ajat h e tr apb a wkNile ar i os bi the a b, the anti's Jim aboey both 20-
T | i of*edflta wilds a good fat ball M o n the bedt .de me wipesa l-st season.
hot Wut rm4ahb I to"So has kr," aMi Cay d iklag becass he has tat Iosmd
I Ia t allai e. I Stengelu kw s spe sdwith
S. i t l the but proved a sure fielder

Cedersy aid shah ort the ale gasa ai ^ by dg e I-ACI t Ifnd ia ued rie
The $6woadelo:d 11am41u4hipvua5aWh, sa shtil- awre frsigH

a-Y also sho wedrancis Giants
To 1 110t1 a"f t l 116 d whl t he! M"tere ntting

O .at He F a Car c I1 S p11 by Tm I i, h-ei h nl li ory ohe
- wli, & M lS e, s wa aO.W l'bs stiwere tring 'to sins

sa r5pluoremu basis laM u t i p mtheledDattscohtk ith Ser ti
SHisfaimeMI M r l upwith the bir t name

NELyboes^heLtSeds" NOWosor s o. ivna r urhewk end -unit te sip buying
w uoi n memorP" at I Yihat In l el ye af a di eouleb I tiII"- fieelder Wiien Mcoinvey for
i mi te r w e- -SI r I i_ i Iwhat may P ,ter et paynd
Totid SPwefr, m n "m"'"N i raise onJthe team, an estimate

Wot t, e eINd ) o N i i R T

feaA l- th, ,.leI M A tt a nw tu as-" IFe arr urprisein esigw M be <.' .1t Ne w Y. Yn s
Naim so Ameritan oto ll B t in ere rlama fg ab t lu d *n a l 00 11 IeN ders aSadtg -P owl1t

*=":' t.-tl tk hr kt d s ,o nuCla For -... .,, l,=..
ho i .dt Is oMae lhetrNtidoaftl t a IP.tNo -' other National Leag ue

fofl ir a M m rIs s W ayilo ses h jetU di, & ..N ote ap yefi el agreed to terms with tniuts-
iey ay baSte is* bwu l M b,,1eG lut, bgh Relt M r' s los "an n,- lw i n .a ( S andCinciat e.atl ysignedli
j- o IS ad Nes iu aclai Ss &W be AMwhy net. badKKiIand, Csiar Key ev at e ae *h tle-outfieldurTommy Hare

Cplyint m e P t 1 $ s o ur P. K. ag. andi hede_ tire asl ye .1 he s ta. the ai a wen im a suwt to and Mel Queen, infielders Cesar, fthS St ig t I e veaed MonuewhPamPm. y e o a np e d Tovar pandleTonye. Perez and

5.w. ury iue. Set Santa Feat w a s ease e m e Tawath, a his l e ,JerLarry Don, ete.
W o nr n d -eie .'p' pl -rfoLeit ndt byI B CH I,,ck r" Lr a), Pet C Pt-11y a ti b He Pa ol 2 l a a a aeAna itcPt e harto and Jagek
tF.eesot nero fon dw' cis e-s oeaea akeear eggeorw byod Loa) ther yea b oin io Bw aa the with the New York mYankees, f.

t. e: 7 : te0l- lto et up p a o m e ti a a- rud D PL a 2u bt I ..outfielder.B.. .gPowell Ith
Latsi hea l1d t Areoricon ls tsto" i.nCafiu a c .Heowt Baltim oreOM E OF elder Tony0lbs
Lwhama suis t a .illsmn p co ha1w1iA NtAbus amI ro r ,.WAfaKMO-.4 =0n.withMinnesota. pitcher Bennie
M..uLsW 4d eattnelwitasnd

Idlt hel ~ed na bearo an Md Cte e s it, L Oe wold C ,af lo ael t i. Fan a .e t. T
hin W = .MA Y WMAs o i f. s- eep ... ... ove n Se d wh with Boste o -out-

c .on y Saa, .eDfir rfari f i t O te ir IRfielderRma i en Mel iaw. catcher
'Ilhiati le ael m. m 'E O -tir aairwO tRt orNie I et RD ,.r s ws. Ne t ier n an. erNd pit ihers Arnold
..a.lis. agr .Warto a oa akea yoity,|mh n re lnlP U(doCsa Hi leouJerryh Stephenson hPete

World S teies type playoff e-.v WM Smith, Pete Cpriton and Jack
b.Fridaybo nesa MIA aMBEACH (AP)- For "ea' is a e .W He Is nA however, being led'e

'twa st imetoI s eLake Cith 1seed the more tan a y r i the balyho d lefth wha"MaorliIse slaughtelr.He
pio s. In ad C ray .e tl y 8P hasge. O w iF hat talli pray i at. r lwias to ho e br g bee w f theiorsb a p" '-oaft,
rlas do r i and aot. rshe metsWa tmast h i t alfyeib s t::de r u Gde his A I ft ivea Cay BRHlastTweek. rers. HubbsRot hispFotsWhDense
ied all Anattepa P to Mupar, set-iupel lK touh n wf owAt i tronu alb -wi Iama e ei othe eat ora io alnrs

tAaa o nt est i inti ton vs. Casd (u y e l hync o u e t a e the to toughen th b ers two s

wt mao prolteci f play mrs- P. K.i A eink tEhb if ,e b ayh a oanm raewCt, ae r t Ta h Stuns Cubs
Chairman, Sen. Pi lp A. Ht a Mth at Ia fi I. l is this a lfl ? or odly i floi tn y oi h t e ary standpoint, however, w ge st
Dillb.; to a atOiWn A mll"e thatwhine they motn! lbs roe e fhte on OCarwarta- heithtfr betight be- By TOM BRADY where his wile's parents live.'an angle of 70 or 80 degrees

antitust law la mumo rpaytpcoithle b t Wlan eafns payhem p alotal esti nera, boasts b thiss peead fore the .8ades a turns A m u n ies for Hubb, with the right wing hitting br tt,
pWrollon e buelbs 1 t l a" h this wet. l ismated Vmilon OM awerng m-mwilltoffiset Uuns me- -r AMtIf a didy'j PROVO, Utalh, (AP) tbo& 11be at ColtonThumsday.Hilshindicates that the plane b ad

palal GHandhockey. w esedhbest P 'aeea teio wis olad Ctatituglyoldbear!It. i a id ,ie "ojan d odeep t uhicapwCub teammate t will act been in what he terdNa

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.note inb the np spi..-i- Iland o b Didmisatchn in ring, htY? ITh t M o ,or I s. fl ,&,,ra=,, fm elder Ken Hubbs mates on the CIton U lA occur when a pilot loses sight
Iw- thelosibi cat'witCo.Bas is1wii nte e sinakl s yesto l that the rismbfd toema an iw at e brgaht fhu re was snuffedILeague championship team ofoof the horizons becausof bad

appear tasio a i ls Gto Coe er i Ms t qVEHe griM tl Uosaston eaml r irtmagbe oerrao t ed nd th li, pb ftoSforeveri_ airplar e crashis t will be honorary pa LHweather.

ae a -wk ote rtlir O'ate. ot*---'. t -rClay wf week it where i ONLY JOHN N searerHORSE DitAs'license

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lrers hoUSs la Escambia, sa o os Wri a was Dr s k y, will d, t.s $1miIC Z um Tets was only 2 the
e ch with the Louisville Lip r .. Large's oo th Year in tar ELEVEN oft aid 71 hours a nd items
'tion, sdearedin .F e t waa..Lt "ige i no S po ayL latK iinIn theo azz world. ,,,,,,
wants n d, more sotection forp op-os beds P. K. Y A en U thilatIfClay,aka u th e ut ta fie dc a tet -hat leagu fedibn gTrr at -M
aws'rightt s Mec n ta seein lt B y MUR Y 19 B"kW&CO paydofneurly a quarter of a He was just gettingstartedT
witteninto thke Sof. 7as po rb Highrlooks up eis b er % hacan ofneredrtoba chd oltUPby*.- minim tod mou aae him inde "you don't have to worryt TRY OUR NOON LUNCHES

bal l o man ag.e me tINs C i ag ,tsim taya rfrol li M.I f ma for t I nront.S a anen"e n base foer10-e li* m

e ,ni tA a ifor d P Ib top s Ndaimigp 4atth ultmi i.e wayal bth l b rae a e a flhtat sh r at l'a l t aliUt h ls e, ase hierwieto forfl,
Puy.. Oshto ,dto ..,le, P -eve tsinit t One ho fodle-jcs e=i' to .ut ,toaccept. I ma Adelme eb tod. Pre.wre" Sa e a dMeth e

e CM rday ni lb wa *'-t -. Pi-e 'i--- te am spovers, aching ok.. Clay, Mi-. pp . whe.. latnintia
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Re .pres entativesSoIf bigi. n, ,e hbe hhe76WIT UN I Mfe lrAiAVHU
basealltestfyTuesday wb leg we Ior the0 1 'ijot lon5s lt2 i-- amedfaay'se bt friendsWhe-peie are Itos y an tahdea with the Cubs two years
:. ,.the puz.. bio"ty witness ,-stand se s dIin s p a s rbocrol ofhe that helis heft feto f Thep rdaybr e het PookOf
aftYtheListonmo s Gatmq Cdmm.s1a ad 00 -t Leasta &V tda entokofSPACIAL OFFER BY ALACHUA co.yMYms
Coal"eyonf erene aad is easthebt arpi - teast s. in sigui der tir to th ot 14. at atOHO

0Finl y 4 fdIrwihtr.--i c Utahcommmity where his OL ONS DEALER
micna Lna gy .nnmtaJ e N ab n lRreC t f tb he Ihadu ----topschool

yna r he ~ h faced Pra- Wl...
P dmsas m...6=o M-, Fo Eyes
,l w mIs.111V NowIt_"t l d.-In-thejazzworld

W--,,he Fight .,Win Of S at .Id ,- ..
-ian, n a s ,...nW will ai .ng ls n so... "
-amed'k M a tt r MXIA 7" i l"P1,USbqaS'os"alis'sa *j4t- .- -.a -b b shad-a y .
binI t waskb.Am" NEW,'Yo uraifs o *snast Cmh-hlety .d.I. ad to Thefroud as Msto hoble lathe be

iAaliA b aii'sn augWc4 u a ae s a i e a hins, Id in nUtah Lkefls
Y* a-1U0t Io 1 O ..a u w. a US Sm S ef t I sidab foetautsa iAS-[edto A a U ay1' prov, Saturday.
bwealuaa pok e C o f at d teeamtou ty tea SII for Ml 6ootis 4 is i boieswer recovered U111111 r Jr1
'as" game, b. a vict o Otalebbste isall114eUibylindivalfeehrsi wtr
M Ma m nh ap. r igi s Ins cresdcit Vs*ybeat t a nWielcats a&s dMiertheiceBobby.TMo
sewse itsaw r lFawoueeralsenlc for Doyil
eu Tuesday inProw
a,*. Unuqieland o a, Wall_ ablfe by bt wr
allowKNeib ThJUI tsdAgN- **nhtas rd Wabase In tie onlyaFllArch
mum l11111 ,yt ma *1 aails ptionlo, a retni dle.
uidoj Gree ain a sil SAni- SI'swe two hamsin ft lop

Pa09*d.i amaSI
pfA to7UJeW.loUJAIledSa


as ebmesy 17, 164

Westwood Whispers

ftL Lu moml
roe CeVtp ao"by
*I*ikCmaIod teS-
17 urn momm* a tde Cor-
-ai ea'ah an caent
q Walekl Cm t wd: oK-
00 PaLe SklAi&- An
BaW-aS KSa oAbner
as dout pade attedfl -
la Thilikgu as BI m
a7 the .e. Pi1eSi
ab amtfepereass the aS
emrnlhM oale t Wautbl"
they al-feetved em Ed
c-., -.
We warmld of the hbeqI
bD team s tedr great wo
t isyear: Thy wil pihrt
in the isor high school toba
amet. GO team need yourW
port pa to be thur"!
S ft h lu ofh t Wet.
wood WhUper for UK a
on sale To rday. he paper
was gre' enjoyed by ety-
one. It cotalned many ioteo-
Sartict-rf school liet
far a sadentsu and faoy
e wSadek to wainme Va

a a ahese ad aKm
ae asd hop et their years
9t Wwnd anetasJoMsesam

40ma ebm a eou Mnhr.
1hta grade has a latran for
U waw, Mrs. .Gr Go&-
la hm tha Uwalwiy f it-
a. b e wil be adign
Mnr. B" aisdaist,.1.
TuF fBor i40
pZa wiisy bee.
asipada elee"e Thiem
wOe k ndab e a ml we
Uilqis.toee the l .b

Jones, 'oW Egher'lafrie

KIr, Pat Imag
te ame y prpnd ,
gM. eep up tiq
Voaimlues have
towork and pathe a
Detabl willie She ta-
a. "k o
*V A.4




MARy WAlso

This hai bIn week of ldi-
idual atclpsldm.t, M oaur
cokm today will try to spell
eat the may fne students who
haI beeIn rcogld for the
awards y have received. In
the weakto coe before the
end of tris school year, we will
try to Idnt hers as they come
to ow attention, and hope
sinerely we don't leave out too
Named as semifinalists to
the National Honor Society Sch-l
olarship Program were Day
Bowles, Harry Horne, Mite
May, Sally Noltng, Richard
Smith and Jay Stevens. These
dmlots were chosen on the0
b of the scores received in
the October (MN) PrelIminary
Scaoltie Apdtudq Test-PSAT
Flafi wMl be announced by
the National Honor Society n
May ad we ae al rootig for
the success of our no .inees!
Den isrtea Gt, S haSe.
tnakg student, has been a*-a
Sd tU Mialy Crocker Home-
maker of T niorrow, an award
give am ly by the Genrd
Mll Corp .ation to an out.
standing b ma ecoomales m.a
A selectgroup of Spailh sh.-
dents hBIw.een initiated into
1a Somkrai Altos. To be-
com a omber of this orgal.-
a mok, the student mat have au
B average n Spanish. Recant
initiates were laey Anderson,
Nancy Bae, Kit Boadfoot
Guary Brown, Ivy Cowan, Elisa-.
beth Crder, Deauny Davis and
LA Da*vs.
lblcded"blo were ecky
Deeses, K Gaagher, Beth
Gammaige, Nellie Gammon,
Carol Galo, Margaret Gavan,
Brim Haley, G y Hamilon,
Ha"di i Margaret Har.
dee. Jo Haberih goa, Kam
JohOn a Pat Jorde. J dy
Ki eJha rwnble Jhai m-k
mI t, whis Markhel, Br-

bar Martin, Ja Mier, Jaes
McDowell, Peggy Pettis ad
Jaude Ridgway were aOUaSd
And akg up the remali-d
or of te werolled wee Care
o1 RoundtIree, Douglas Smith,
Kay Taylor, Margaret Un-
dewood, Mike Walker and Jay
Whomert. A careful study of
these names poin up a msur
pricing fa not one appears
to be of Spanish extraction -
which marks the acomplis-
met even strmger.
Another group dmeserving par
ticular praise, amoumed as re-
ciplents of college scholarships
given by the State of Floride
Department of Education were
laire MUer, Karen Gill, Ann
Davis, Dainy Bowles and Jane
Burke. The scholarships are
heudon high scores on a test
given in October of this past
Pat O Neal Wad David Smith
are taking bows tad 'Canegra.
ualatons. Pat was elected Speak.
a of the House at David was
IdeiLepowter fr the 1 Y
LegalIe to be held in Marchdi
in Talbhsee. We will report
more completely the program
HlY n annually as the
events take place.
Lando High School in Jack-
sodile hosted the didriet
meeting of the Northeast Cla
ical Aussociatio of Flordla, asd
rep-mtng Gainesvifle igh
were L students xMary Dor-
rick, Ruamsl Pierce, Sally
Sath, Sherry Traupaae, Dae
Brabbem and Kay Roenburg-
er. TWak you al for takhig the
time to npreent so ably.
Keyowe lKamaova of 1 M to
reign over the Keyette annual
dance in Steve nease. lTh
Eotte servie clus b eecs a
seior each year to 6 a peetli
ad thhi year they could not
have fad a mortet1Iy K
-e an Stee!




ep' bk e tha team !kldd pik" If yee mdl
sidil)rthd*lrdco tnre r ata be

teWa mart t a P.ort IOI pejectwlM n
gaM" --,..S .t.ephw -. W,
'a wouinte e d an a speci
ea a Mo t' iMtati dt e l inaIrs t
eared a.imbw. Lmt aMt itu Mr. We m m' p
we aM had to playitS'h waibel M i
hnUtlnt Ienmd of the's
R ist ealoy, mab- l w "e0f0lN0!
wtl da lageT Bt thei Wea wil* 'mpEo,
u6 .. w aMn i o w we W"1
inOLt OWe toit rito Ie l* r
Ik We~~llMddtM d-
aS b.... l aona At -il a
hag a L& iwoull jth 2Eil S'

Copter &ash

muu ua a. (Ahf-ha
Ar...s st
St mk- aseiar.
= 1J K^^K^f^j~
-amraIFO I

Pn t



NASS AU am BUST! I. t mh- PI dHin a o LC &k.
io am detrad o e, oa n, baeld
tU the iate t wIA bnai t r.- tog. is
ettaere. qpnal dabe.h % d Mi a u Ma eb
d SftFAk. wms w -der Fow bndawd a the
eef by e Jobt axa, -M plates. Eerym, eatse
JOBii d so d sushIy u s a-"
R=) d f iqt. A- be afiB, c.b"
WMin, f .t~c. Mods piP-.0.t
S q re t. wo otadm an the A
he ia e dawulm r roll for the past six
... Pl.. 4 W toas r m lob B
the crowaing 'P tbs S.we* ) u rw: Elnmetolder, H.

he'smaaeraps Iqtl Bhd., Jamo BilP"Bl
Vaimims box ct to tdriy Jhrda, bin Xeer,
Prince June emd t KaIftln.MolAkle, Gloa
crown towlnted lats. PWrral RdI* ad Ks.
its 1Sftarfor oBes w. te tiny. Caiytatesss,
alerene BDroOp, lAeoL.a d p Uup the #pod wrk!
toII RobB- Smul Cm sigt of fth wk bb
We, reDcbam Oyimii dP totoot
MNehee, Kath. By amd Cmo Vim PrSut md a
Ftdre Peole. Iamb a Ite aD o a
.Nat oa tmelalr oeas it Bhm, AM mS, d FFA.
is a did=cknIIF upper to wb beda twaYndm ad
b held at the it pliFt F&ak im a I PldIt a weB
lt,f m5:0 N 8: pa. Del tearr of te IodmtS
eri wMl be made In NabCou CeiL Cmngratmal to a
ry, Gmamnle and cArher. mry active Jior.
e mmbers to cal for your Putt Patter: The Jman
order M day though Friday have tarimod a the Pr
8:M amn. 3:, p.m. are: What rums we beer! Some
Newberry High School 471-174: kids didn't b what to make
a older te, B.J.S. & R. of Job Kay fhr af at the
Tr~ck Stop 47Utn dance. Some Tey SI
The Mlor class i sti tl 3 van tried to get Lamar Dad.
th slde of Namau, sobeeler enmu ed Pmanher Pat.
to take part in this barbecue r-h needed.M M L. dL
pper. Adt plates are onlyis havg a w tme. Bye a


Rap lp

IMy. CAunes

He entire Studot Body of
Santa Fe welc the eed
semester intern who are a
follows: Mr. Rob Copeland-
En h Mrs. Keneth Lee -
Social studi, Mr. Julia Chen-
ey Spanish Mr. a Dam-
pier music, Mrs. parmn Bel
e- Ih neom om c. S. Nao
Barnett ad Mr. am anV-
m both plhysicl'edaci
We hopes th eirasn amW on
feel quite at home ,and become
an integral part of the faculty.
rday, Friday and Satur-
day nights were the dates of the
Keysone Confer e Tour
ments at Green Ce Sprig .
Together, the vgity cheer-
leaders and aian team

traveled to that northern city
for the big eventn uch a
great occasion, deer was
spontaneous as the boys played
hrd and well Tp offet
much traveling, nhit week's
PgM wl be held at Rebel
To help inspire waldbeca
nmva and pids or the 14th,
ae SpMah I and ClAba sp
ported a Valtine ec* t hni
ek for e price da pny,
mt* who wiwhed to oe
"hearts ad former" cou. f
bt the aid of a private m.eeo-
|t service. The c*i wme d
bmtd t the m urte of th
eeers by the kab hem

On Thrnday, the Women's
S b oft High Srip etertaimn.
ed the Senior Gir and weamm
faculy members of Santa Fe.
te Annual Valtte Tea was
given by hositas: Mrsm. Arthur
Tmpson- cdairmn, Mra. Carl
Braddock, Mrs. R. W. all,
Mrs. Oscar Gandy, Mrs. A. ,
Waddeill, Mrs. MyIroa Johlimon,
Mrs. J. GaLrajI, Mi. Ber
tn EKamedy, Mr. Gorge
Grady, Mrs.S. L Udeaey, ad
Mrs. David Newed
11 thme of Saint Valdine
s cared out wit red table
Sotad white flowr arrapg-
Mantsolar mema was pro.
vided by Mrs. Heale Grady who
played the organ. As th fe
can wu ins o hor th fifty.
odd Seors it is a grand gradb-
te evet that will be beg .
nietered and tniresd tohe
years to actne.
Not only was Friday Vaim-
the's Day, hut t thwae Soit
Day, o the be t of n b
year. While nderdelassmem pet-
ptidpted ia the al adt" eeI
i the day, appriate hy MI
IoftheSenorledam jemae dte
the -'-erim f rpierteyr a
Tol Senior Play whis to be
ar ted by Mrs. DiameM .
It.o aaftsed sm m wioaa
tbrge cast of wly*r amem-



-dw so" low"

ie Backa-b b Umm lad
a,a wit dam w i ai
t Ml nir f wi the he

lbehe S

[jy in

Idrid :

Ad p10t'mit
0 &J=R^'ll

lUt'sm, utW' Uta
lilsamrtf-lu derlil

Pauigll we bew
plwa put to se. I
Ferthie eri ien esr-
ftl k ht to 6t hie

baI a- l i
MM_ MS^ ^^J J^<^J


.t. d

h4 a MMto b -
ilobi 1hm il
ar^^^"^ ^^^--

: I4 o l .

Aku uhaw 0 jodn
*pibue auS awJlstm

od b dWL a b .

labad w lNwCa"I An

-T amd. a .
b RW mtM AMt L A
MS, 1% a mdW.t l
m. M A. ML es rk,
110 NW 4h Ter., wmu pad
sd nomtmy Gole n le Alh
im TrW Sc at cap
lamle, N. C.
The hermeek ore train
LVTP4 aplitan tractor, oaed
to sil, asoull. e

ad wapn tarer*.

Army peclaiM Nfve Alb
T. eam Jr, andt other me
brs of Mitary Ahutaocb Ad.
viry teaoM b ohat -m
In let Nao were vlsed by
meter Raymond Burr I bm
TVaar Baris the fist bo-
business persenlay to Mit
Amwri SoMlirn Miatd h
Viet Na.
Tbhe SMr4i soMir, mel
Mrs. Madge Z. Joue, 104 NW
tk TerT., entered the Army
October IM and wu btast
io"I at Fort B XJ. N. C.
He was grated frhibveu.
side Mltary Acady, Gab*s
dilk Ga., to b1Ud alleded

OR * .

And Discords

IS Isey M I the
nGalmow Mell UtICTe As.

iyes hop theL J.
Mae. A ,llu Wilr al
4. shads a Mt -
aiMr"e wab li hdtL a

S *l. Alla wgar did
s ea palyng to yda
l-a, and G&I Va Pper-
W40 Aewn to hr Bash a
bjr -* -b r
-t aN s

Iafm g av Gu-

-a Ve M Ulm Gera.

ns Mattl GeM Davis, Jane
Powers ad Poveas.
TeuhIers repeeed by the
p-er s were: Ms. Davis,
Mrs. Back, MrsMile, Mrs.

Newe, Mrs. Dietrh, ad
Mrs. tink.
MW Am Fo Nwod phy.
ad wed for h sders.
The Wapr College Cir,
fkom Sam- h.d, N. Y.,
pm a le padermace hi
the uiwarity imas amoreh
e lt buey rening. The
women's edl e umbered over

near perfect dkt The group
wu s g igious songs
and put er ne and mot
loo iw the a mbe The solo.
t in ued N N W ab every
wod they anmg- ad the v"i
- were pi rckh and love a
Ah a dabDor, Dr. Sto m
WM emulet, w d ad eadt-.
kir of y os p bble hi revAs
were deigald o waDtc A
t sige seemomd to be hav.
g a fine tem. No se could
ask more tha tha
1 olb mabers were all

Today In History

By ME ASMOCATD PRES force captured tm German
TW" i uj *D*. * 1ColBy of CamdoN, Africa.
Shere are m31 daysWit n IM, de Lpof Natio
do y._ condemned the Japanese occu.
Spaton of Manchuria.

Today's ignUgm Ina biry:
On thin date in 18M a nb-
arie wassuccesuly used
In war for the first time. The
Confederate ubarle Hile y
o Iped aid Ia nd l t& Unioa
warship Hmuonic tlin Charies
In Harbor. However, ti mb-
mare sank on after.
On this date:
In 101, Capt Miles Standish
was named military adviser to
td Pigrims at Plymouth.
In I f, the first telephem
exchange Io Caalorni was
opened at Se raise.
b l S British and Freclh

Beatle. For A Son

iMO of lin pwaala would
ae to It but aely d:
"In order to provide a are
coayi tn1ut11 favsr to their
rock roil Mp, M
Beas, a Iteresed t aMteg
a Amerlm mebe. We tSk
fat he has been trow oat
two coe for Iv maIrts,
wold be Mal a-prevdd .yo
haven objeciin g hiW b
hafir grow longer. Of cose, he
wurdeceaivey 1ma week
to start, hI-
"ay w my, ,ooae he
bea mbra eve r ad I
yobr mpel at eor talt t.a
ers'buqL After at head
ead. Soi I neabp
mer vgaa am tlM i-
-er- a m re-stl a ml
wal so I way w iiMrhe

Deerad mSe haeM dM e
Sal l fal l- wo qalm
t taoera@ai at N*ato s

"Dear si, we v deacad
tm M a e bowl*Mb aft
hr ani la te b am via
oMr V 'noad inr 96

ad CsekB i b .
a... f --
sei .


be the father of the winter, t
iasminting bher. As your daug.
ted plated seco be noiow
ended to the party aUd dp
n, the m ek coat, sd
t 0MM co"Hge aolpa$U*."
"Becau of a uelmrae
log nap weather ca
w"chpeactM hMur wms dext
wek, we are aadlg for
ti year om pin fhr a joit
fatle. on nale erih-
hia. We know yon wl be iW
tily dappoiaed having th
Igf cmledi t Baoer bIk
id y'er.

Ten years ago he British
government announced that
food rationing would end in
July; met alone had been ra-
tioned for 14 years.
Five years ago Tunisia
warned that the Frhah naval
bae at Bliere might be qul
dated unless peace Algeria
wa in sight within four monmt.
One yar ago-The Soelaist
Democratic party of Wst Bar-
n, led by Mayor Wy Brandt,
Ws victoricao in a action
for do cty A naem*y.

od, alough I think "aes
ful Savior" was the mot out0
tandim he Scotch ambe
wtth Joeph Nile as the to
or oast was also ecd II
was a remarkable group ad a
'markame dnetor.
7% Udvnilty Symphony
Orhesa, preened by the
UP Department of Muse, We
-neday *nKt featured the do
oghtul voice and personality
of Sarah Traverse, soprman
Hm wua voice of acrystlal l.
imance, beaufulwly at hame 00
high not e, light a wind.
blown foo hI the "None do
Figaro," beautifully stained is
the "Depuls e jour," the warn
acompasnt of early p)
lighter in "In uomini" which
ranks asa e of the great pr*
naUtym ofopera.
Edward Tfph, the nglat
coaSetor ethe efchW saI oa
filed huself to the
"Doi Gionni Overture" -
played with light touch but
trog omvetm-ad hI
the orchestra in the soloist's
four anmber. It was me of
the fleut work he has dome,
keeping the rchetra in Miss
Traverse' own mood.
Didier Grade's "DiveUrtinr
to for Orchestra" offered much
interest In melody and treat-
ment. It had originality of col-
or and the concept was mner
ally fine, especially the last
movement Robert Schieb.
er conducted intellipgetly and
with force.
In the Mendelasolm Symph-
oay No. S in the second half,
he read the lovely melodies
with digity and a diversified
approach and gave the orch-
stra much lire in the broad-
e paspges.


111120 N.W. M I.. Ii 4.2924






TI. Sua teadd Puntos N w
W omle o CT WI ho Iy






fT i



11120 N.W. at p PR S-294

Memb, fMpsmy 7s 1964

G alas h kS

Tax-Cut Bi

Needs Over


wm, mnl -

m s bmp ood fta wk a

e dh pas fir alw

atap ar aiW ad do
by RfAm Jew &am

meq memd bas gn
wi M/anyo bor Mak b
tamifl shid h imO a- a
NJ banam" pam
md nis mu wh WL

Ian FkI, Pot U
ems as sp a nmh
ktw tanfsR
witSu lobhm a~lt

fr a -e ad al s
ga miit n.p k

A Ham alld
aplUM* m se tta
me k htasortOmedays.Ad-
dmn mi vi mbefe wi
fte rhmwteU nd B
orM W e aor tw


Is I m sm t M* sha
- b weethe the Nudlist
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GM Official

Visit Here

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mae b' Ia
mpb e o o

House Districting

'Must Be Eqz d

WAMSMffl (AP) T1

bus V pea" a I i-t
MI dtedtuce d
ml pst f ao U. aS d

hit aiduim ageI

mbh h=buy alwbs

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who* d tA mm d d
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'And Barrl

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140t 4 to X wka had bee
aiwel AmlOn *htANN
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dideand fdwion
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em b j#440 noshd
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b UN Ca"lib was "amie
led of "aft *aeM n ab
sidelnkrag hl~e bu
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bnce cqgIS heali
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was a se-urtedm im ais
Il wa alsft baii ida.

Tlfl Take

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11" PUPS

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GOoode U W1Ueea 0%

or ho at wes i se

Denies He

Hoff a Jury
A Wetd rh Madesm

td le u. Inda's -w
-t fut i lM emes
drd wgmbriMs tri-a.

Mihl 3. Twed, 4* hit
b-Va W. Va, u bt &iA
D wits as to ftN
"m o-n msoanat
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Tas waMe s t thm abeb,
a wmith wad G. Pfr,
a lcd TeaMton es d fes
RNA Uee, n
stwast fr Pareitt' hS,
PI arth d in er top

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the Mlh d a N5d& hotel
t dfs Bdhk trMI aop

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Fiw Clenn Space Flight

$wneer Wa Highlight

. ,I


VAMIlUGM (A"l-h 1k
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a Jeham abanior
C md ab f o biue
Matru. uWcb kids to nlv

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""m -howft Ile
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d*W8 rig l-, Jailf
tamer, nd at II rtab
and Wtel pupas "TFe
k riatib" Id, ,"uDA Ie

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Firume, emS ffide 1
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ty, a racil daM fim
waNi comlee emB I b civil

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ma, whan y wil naive

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IS^PT hi USf e^^-li aSi~

iime names Week a

I ld by PrsFt Jt Job.
- ow ar tyra, wFl
Imam ad 1 0-e d
Tam hi O mn mr
miei a t ta rnaml

t mc l lab bd Gam.
a Ur. w( c fleC
Clrp. df l php Fhrip b
Pets capul louriwfebt
UNlSiS DIbM, lW ad th
nlorlds ats aBMs th

Ruby Dismissal

Plea Is Denied

kULAS (AP) Anems
r Jack My qpid Ms M
de trill iif a a mtsa

pumpy wanted .
bthr di tuge s i
' ad uW Joe & a d
:hbmed bailm 1ka
rMlk da mAhgihd an
hbai o MyI cahAld Ja.
RMy hi d-rpid wit -
dr with mlieed tim
SLa Harenr ni ado, so e
aled monk d Prses
T as *U thAt the exaom
*h wedw
JamN Ink, sliabt d.
triet ailuney, ebedead three
mw a es preir" hr ts.
b overwn dog th mHoo for
abqinoal, ws aed Id "tht
ih a mdvr fr the ory ti d6b

Th deen aeb df-d two
mma m pa ad d doble
-p *ad ea -,
tot 1i, s qpda already
had bee ai|dicat h thes
a~pa vwm bhad a tobat
iy dnMbed hi ba bond

mnoder citr.
Jb ama, aed *ot
"I deat kmw. Tm iopre
mtm r tlh i hw. o.
sulk, tre mbm *i *d
asiao at pylo i-ri f

"he ddme amra bod.

ib tdo rn remad lE dim-
Rby, asring a dtk itw
etd Mbb Ws en .




Phs for th mire m eN
th adP. L Yamp
d41111Mok b d A ]k ar
V r. L aL L.4 M tUlf A
a m. d th 9. L Tem

Sbe 1d..t IInlhia l

aD. ord amLM, J.

mu ae hstet u.eb

kse a pdl d u

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MSam ab b o.#
OW Swsbumi



e historic tr bl for
maiy at i:Nm a (CM.

a *ry nemin army
dobe the mainul aber -
hms been called i dler ti
qualy 1 an rejatlat.
Ruby, 5, a pale, pedgy ald
dub operaor, md down
amry OswaM, a mf-style
Marxist, two deys after the
Primdet wvus killed in DaHas
ad Omiwa wv charged with
aedari* ML-.
The trial i startHug in a court.
room dl* across the tredet
fm the dig whene th as.
Awi b"rit ad aba fired at
Defense lawyers indicate that
tey wml try to ipto te decir
tancem ofs the Pmiet'

ader, as u fiPral pert o
tn ce for Ruby.
But Hnry M. Wade Dallasu
o y strict attorney, uay
Onwd 's t hnoeoe ..i
Im'terind Ruby's trial.
The key phrae hi the indict.
oet RUby cdaes he
"..Ad edo tewith mal
I aierehedmit kill Lee sar-
vey Oswad by ohti him
with a a."
7% i quivale to a cdrge
other Rstates. It atees a mal-
mnm pml*y of ao In
the eleh d air. Theu mlii-
- hi lie yeas hi ph.L
Wade a be wR demand
h dMath pmalty r by. Out
s I murder triab, Wade has
obtaid l outt dn.

tdam d tempay inba y,
theaumrtilthetlbecaus w
a0ged wit piW by the da t
S" S. PrieSimS..
Hil defeMe coudie w
Melvi Moarma dm d Sani
Fracim o I a n rmal tal
w npuser l Suay al
mpoke "peydmatoer eplhe
sy", "psychic ahock" adW
"itrai." He pitor Raby a
a vk d l pqdmlitor q
y, abject to hachbuts, whlc
m ke tabled Si by rape
i odck, aOr a pwMt edioL
r Be n 1 did a d m k
widh wiVMM pt Mby a
h be 4m 1 da b he add





Briai Loem

1M Bffeisede

b o allmn" d

- Sk-,"TU

"If lia B the im a lM
te, y ml mae dMae db-
haS Uw iMr, you kep
ta terO, a th or hi
jdl maw he, yaVl Wt Bw
to tkMe M amy -po to ew
he's weaky."
Us, ts mus My wa
l, fldo Mu

l md ..n a k..i
a-4am t- blKes*
a a m aId

mhi *qecdid at dmat

1 a* Wns mcy, SI
pMit f i souduibe

msot Wd"1 t1 tli
adpr teStet w rAwl
and s a*nI.s
*Ni S I- ago
-r M^Mparte

LONDON (AP) -ueen Moth.
er Elizabeth drew cheers from
a dozen bystaders as she
walked out of King Edward VII
hoiptal in Loadon.
IM underwent emergency
argery for the removal of her
ppeadx Feb. 4 and was re.
od Sund-ay.

Neal Heler, national conmw
der of the Jewiih War Veteraia,
says ha has asted for a meat-
bg with Svet Premier hrush.
helw toh dics the itatis of thd
u mEni. Jews In da. .
Heller uld In an interview
tkt he asked for the meetHi
after read reports ofdiscriw-
hation ampu st Rusai Jewl,
b added: "I have no cca -

Party Planned:
At Cedar Key .
Key Womn's CMub will poo .
A a Tqpperware party Wednesday
at 2 p.m. at the clubhouse. "...
SLoise Denrit of WMllt
I will be in care of the per.
"* Te pubic is invited



no mw Ma" A As a" h .
V sIwo aF44y I h
S "NO I W *d. I as
-eIfl "iam. uom agde
bu. ms.sad
*iq^ h^^ baa. Ifw, -.9

dINs b d as
missedI S-MJ ---I


do m. low to
he i I hwab-,

head*e **( dst OW
n wwee m
:Z to msd -w
be soduld e. uuma
AMwb d l\ T" IT^^T

m .S A ye.." N $
Two & -- -A doi e

"W7a7 -" be i
S" I .

-S-. sbs I has
AowdmIlM P m-

^^k = ^9^^^ ^^^

mw^ a w ft I b
eomb% ShI d as ow

Cil b OrMr t W ft1

ho"N 0 hi d"
^^^^j^buses N.^^^ ^^^
nw w slwswuIN
m mt'' ^ ^_i-'

~7 't;~


Bre Eqoyes A Mimn

For Beer Sda to Minors



People in.

SThe News J
Jo..,n h lW" traik
I P~dtIal w Mds. J- .
lna, st Wat* e Hw.

wbere she wo mid of bw
r draiss atd Mrs. Al

m amried Tom curt-,..&
Auth MathSaturdiyfl
Lacy b, tfth, PrTidrs
nyersUln aunded.i
Ithwdh ofre iu
nta Im Buck Hi Flls, fa,,
with m1 o teenoues

Pad VI h begun a week-Il
retreat o( pray an medil-
The Roeame Catholie pontiff
W4 hit No n i in the Vai.
- iv vting the new, mode
ai s ch rh of St Pinx ia
Rome Sunday, the fir Stunay
of Lt It was to first of a
ries d aaday trip he has
dy peruid pman before

the Senate Investigates the at
airs of her husband, Mrs. Bob.
by Baker continues to work at
her $L7 year job au reordi
mmnar for the Senate Internal
Security Comnittem.
Mrs. Baker will not talk about
w t her bahuband is doing, or
the investigation of his business
affairs. She says their lawyer
has told t them not to.
Baker is former secretary of
the Senat Democratic major-





.' q



; i


IGsmvh~Ambl iqIII is"


t he Wonw

AV1 FV2 Bwa

DEAR AsY: JA beore a Chrio two bAiee ito
:jkbeluimdreae adcoveadfte thmwrtb jper,.
- ribbmse, ac, d while t atan bemhwM
itppa l ristmrs gifts. Whe my dt wm y, I aed
.if I coum a em o the toU'h feddm I hbdat
I can't qe t* rwkl, t I parmiS s tht
if tbme wans t b ban me I waoi bae p ed Stm
both rite in the anmo, m Wh vf aw ft ib y mit
.Ftnked d um ter feet pt'a rdt ar tab Sk
m Mid ibou he idwl the amoww te pha r te pDee.
J slid a iodaman woMilm Nio aecb a th. ft bemid
when a wem sow tit he is i dy, a mbi rdievd
Sof thedobptionto act Ie a ptlmaWe'd If yaur wo-
... w.h a wm- ae 0ke a 4t A w Ml u try

SDEAR ABBY: A gir w& dm bihil a.mer for
her '"oy friend." She is the lghhck o the rabe-


a SEriae -Mytery
533 MmeIts Spntm-
5: Newsceg Daytsma

15 (Cdeu) Loal New,
Spetm We ater
4: O NMwe, Sltb center
SWhIeu Ab
4: lad ealNews
6:21 6 News-det
Davi rl ey
SOper Alphabet
1:0 Zuse Grey-Wternm
"fie Mormons." A trail-
weary Mormon group, led
by Adam Lawso, finally
finds a suitable area to'
settle. Matt: Stephen Me-
Nally, Beth Lawm: Tues-
day Weld. Adam: Michael
"Incident of Iro Bull" is
,. reun, m y hies a Co
S manhe named Jowph as
a drover, but there's oo-
in. to be trouble with
John Mackln, an India
h- utg Army colonel. Fa-
vor: Eric Flming. Row-
dy: int Eastwood. WiWh-
bone: Paul Brinegar.
: Quince: Steve Raines. i


McR l tybhuqa pltr for amw all yem. He
"m dm t gkke iNmt hen tok hber o. a6 be
upi* bme It Ab1sMhstqi t.wMnasepmyBaWteib
Ai &lwayshfut h. IHowc mwe pbherto bwiea
be ii wtekr her (tgbe?
DBA CONWM Dt wtie pm. Ap-rb mf
1d hgod- hb *ft hd d gp"b tb& eee amd
td e lam b0 wb to e 9 aL

ABBY: I r=' udmlmnid wom wis dmt
ern m~mu s( r ofwnk cm p sn l trSkam aboSt
,,tthhey w htmlYN..-. A metokhi wfe ts
ery die she qs kat m her 1a Ki &w df kbt t
AiNt mm a gibft wuib H = aw?
I JamR
DBAR JERY: Nt Meminrly. a wB s m a le
S d be 4 w0 7 umM by am aft-ag- S k-
te. to dowgy i m u hrs. hau I he weai am
O- oas r hbrhiMr wsate gaoniwaMym
a&ew it

dow bhin bus wbh a9
p"r thtrese iat her
Bbat s eub.
6kmt h Pamavm;
4' Great iovew" of the
Scera; Holywood Doe1

*"i t GrimO it

"Lafaytte *ecadrill e." Wll ar
After a W I:itt w 1:t a0o
his prminh father, NRA ntheuk.
Tid Wa rn away ( In order t her a
to Pars ad jois the fam torli, ald- I
Lafayette EadrlM. Tab o ty 5 e' -am
AH, ter mt Citm a mid i n us M p*
em David Jiamne, J lou m
_uhMo, JOB dobr I
?:s wiSUemy c 11:UUSJ.y carne.
HMOday Nig ttthe Mo W u: uas
vies: be Stetacker. S

o tin h Bri nmt i C
durg Word War IL A S:Os Allm
convicted Ldoe : Osaf l* a l Wa
nb flr ihisf ens. **: U ih t
dom-if he eaqopeua #-a U ad ow
safeI a GmmCop. 7:U0 ,i ay
iled ttem. O Wear
a WhWr Ne 7: g nge tin
8:0* Fye Ge At A: IOw:8
M fl* :S UE cmtAY
8:3Oa LNiy-t me O a SFol m iari
e "lheI A se 0XOpn a n11-,am (OlW)
Ramtaran is bt eit:r taT IMlA M
eluddtoe smnl bd to Ple e l im
madhom mad Wt alc. A t US he itelm
toIs. Lacy: La ll I DnMi
Viv: Viva Vance: Moor- 0 so AmeAl Y
ey: Gale Gordf. : a r (COt )
a tK lemc l o So:5 rw
0: U Dmy lsomme t S e0 t WV lFwed
tny wa s to etre n o0 Nelaw

-- T-E.-B'-Y-04M 'D -d

a' =FSfM'G"**4 5FI

U: d(Cehr Omee1. .

0 Pee hae ut
Ne ndi

ns la Newh
128". 1Mm.Q

OSuich Fir Tamu

misS Nma
1:5 Eh d Gm
1: h Sele
0 As the WarM Twa
0 lIrs Mme A
2:W WNMm
B mehPrty
3:N 6 D Im ea Te
oE o Tel e Tem

Lmgidge cm w
4:03 Nle tim
4:2 8 NeGm
4: e had aibm
*0?n pqlr

Weedy Weel
*It Mayor of 4h St."
A former vadvifle hoote
hdm alSg 4h Shiet
Geop 39p*, Am
ley, Wiam G&Wp.

With Art Buchwad

flflWYOU? IF CAi

0- 1-"w; w
rooo", 0;oSj e =
010 0s6o

National Flower Debate

.: WASilNGTON- e Co the Ti leading advocate orthe
upest problems facing Co.- mariold is David Burpee, who
Ie Stee days i to decide is a regied lkbbyt f the
hbther the United Stat e marieid. Mr. Bepes -apes
shoudd bhae a u l flower, the Brp Sd C -
leioed a far lhve beem
thae ma We rowe the cml ow o chief pluhets. He
nation, the cornflower and id the id of Sen.
ntucky hbe grass. Everett Dirken of I mlino and



25. ShWL



38. Anitr





,=oft .

w Wlard Ortit a fiat with your wife gr SM

Huhi Stt Sof PeMlai In k mrmm nm a r M|i|MAB|
nthe ir er. Paol Duane it h m b- atd a l.
i the cor hr OIL d by we n od petr
Gordon AB spea for the lerin. As fr t tha m
carnaimon, &l Sen. dauyIi my raet the elbrame
Mortio li for Kenecky be fe and they wi4 made the
pass. I peie of America aware of
The fight a bter one and UeW ae as dW Pae
bhas bleo ig on for mmwl iUbet*y."
years. 1e us has fought hird Cowgrenunm Ayrm, who wa
r tm Mr. rpwwho is 74 te Wtale, gimmd
yemu doth&er.
He towmatgbuhibsSe 'l"h rn lbsainnMiul ah
a f Weln it um mh a I nt bm brl d df
bea tAorims' PWa eMa. Th pM b thme twr d
"It isalflbnw er fl the I e I"
ttl s e. atrd fo Mr. -pe W.*
dto"k t iP "ar eatglle st mk."
hab m i tl mwbiateb hta
s thtt. k0I*a1ba ad hluMaOs M SmI
mr adIt nlk inm as her ad a a oWrt ac
F*anthMmar. atr t.DUN*peempan.
S&L ICa0*8 i Wo asi Mr at r. Barpee I II-
the I tp for e "BM e ura set a fl
eis. ab'p Pol to b nioSwhnaaldea.
bsw Mi 14*1b a *Nmh ewy m ia
ka~tl. |httas ate-*t
d- blA hikflly.r Taflu as ir the
*M t0te do, AmtA6di4d," Cosgreimtmn

S. -- It. aps.
,twalf task *a beseMes alr

tj, -
& ml.-

wOs AM mutosAM
iaNm~Wginms ca m IMkPtUk... Wh


MACS r tiS r

pmxsu w ::
117 U~

?ltaulm ssji vasi -wf Acce
MP WiWuWi arW R tOA MEMasH... AND I
/*lflt5awSw rwwa an mm-
Acfll slWbAW,,L 0 IM

caS IaWIt~

USM "kit Ato. U. 56
WWIa "4wW doad
VWliA. My vow ia.

- --






,Me y, m17 IT, 1%4 Ganrvuille Sun 11



Mr. ad Mrs. Laaz Watr
Jr.; Box 547 Alachus, a l;
Mr. ad Mn. Billy P. Mcla-
don, PO B1n 1 Melrose, a
girt; Mr.and Mrs. Jee M.K
Hot, m4 Bradford iLt
Starks, a IKlL
CherylLKl.g GaryLR.M r-
ia, Cliford J. Strickland, MNa-
jr James. H Jerry W. G 6
dim. Fred Hicks, Mrs. Virgib-
ta B. Dinki., Carolyn A. Mc-
Done Willin H. Waui-t ,
'mms T. Young, Helen tRa-
nerwadel, Mnrs. Florence A.
Burm, Toy B. Bradtey, E
abeth C. Saerwhite, Omer R.
Pae M. Mary Esk Stees,
alU o Gaesvile; Mrs. EMt
S. Water, Altchu; Michael
W. Chamber s, Raiford, Ms.
E A Lwgttlh S ir J;
lI Sath, Reddilk;
Dredmy CaritO Haw.
It. C. Edwmds, i i
Nathan C. Ja Ckiam
*Nia S. Pratt.
Dohy P. Jones, Sandra J.
Chriiopher A. Relos,
H. Matkanni, Jmes W.
Mrs. Gladys M. Touha
,Mrs. Mae D. Green, MNr.
SFisher, Keneth Pram-
SMm. Arcadie M. McCoUis-
Henry Williams, Henry J.
I ,D a v id D. Rawlip,
Mn. Reale W. Smith, Kevi
C. Be..U, Michael S. Thomas,

...the |SUN

Ael IPa ie, Gary Hmu la K m Jr.,
tnkin, =ylL Kn go- Apipa. mad Jm T. armtbi
ut J. 1114 N1 dsht Ave, la a pert
ALAMUAGDOMAL ibg t at 33 NW lh kbet
FeL m 4 at pin. yutuiy.
MBBS mid JnM e U FI-
Mr. & M.John H. Cook 1715 er*Ue we. d J&be Jmuf
NW 6 St., a boy; Mr.t & Mrs. FPdr, 3'W I SLt., at SW
Benjamain B. Rad,1IdN uiBkt Stetl aid it Aaenes at
Ave., a boy; Mrt. & M. WIte 1:11 a.e. tda.
L Pl1sy 1 B Il, ka grl. Rdy r r SOori MEm
al o Guoaville; Mr. & Mrs. Ia Av., struck a stilU pol
Geop Brie, MaWpy, a at NW 1UN Street ad th Av-

Carh Pery, Mrs. Aot
Oritat Mrs. Joyce A.
Cook Lad M. Coua Char.
1e C0ch6 m, Mrs. JaciqI-
line V. Griffin Mrs. Harriet
0. eed, Mrs. Beree L. Pi k-
my, Mrs. Beverly T. Dda
Mrs. Ruth A. Taylr, Mr.
Cmrlie Te aB of Gaine-
vil; Mrs. Joyce E. Adin,
Tretom; Mr. Meile D. Free-
am, Lake aty; Mr. Earl C.
I, New berry; Mr. Jene
Halte, Lawltey; H leW B.
HodiaA, Codar Key; Mrs. Al.
va B. BrinLe, Micany.
BMrt D. Burkhart, Mrs. Carol
Broms and Mm, Ms. Edith
Walker and daughter, Clarence
H. Smith, Baby Girl Janm, Na-
than C. Jackso, David M.
Keen., Mnrs. Ruth SuAllive,
Frank Stoke Keam GUam,
Mrs. Aakki Caristeam

I involved hi acideob nport-
led to Gaehnle Police during
the last Mhoun:

ams at I1t a.m. yesterday

Cdan Wtmer Cbin, 4A
Im SB 4i Drive, -eewami-
ed by the Florida ghway Pa.
trol a lale south of Gabvflei
a U. S. 49 at 10: pJ. al.
rday and h d rg ithkdriving
wihik inlfmAd
Rbert Smen Jr, 3, 118
NE 2rd St., wa arr d by
city police t B. U wivery A
nt and IIth Stril at 11:15
with bivi while itozicatad.
i Wll. Cd .
The IFMr Deprt-.
et u eFl the foeowin
firte cals in I t Cilly withe e
past M hour:
About 9 p.m. jlterday, a
naull fire i an apaitmat at
310 Nl 10 St., li* t damagep.
About 1:5 a-m. today, a fire
that demolied a mal frame
hou occed by Bertha Scott
and Taylor B. Hampto at
11i SE UNSt

About 4 4.m today,
ot caused about $(
es In an apartment at
5 Ter.

Cities Get Back Cigarette

Tax, But Must Help Selves

By DOUGLAS STAR authorized by the IM Logisla-
TALLAHASSEE (AP)- Flor- tore to Incorporate as mauolc-
Ib i wiing to help ly palities stiB have not filed the
pinched cities but does It under required city ordinance wih the
the prncple o belpi the beve de tmnt to qualify
who help themselves for the idtnd
One of the bet example s fur were Coral Sin,
the state cigarette tax levied at Noth Lau'rdale, Parklad ad

five cents a ck in o and
raised last July to eight cets.
The state collects the tax and
then refunds to each city month-
ly the amount collected -within
the city limits. The state eps
te rest.
The gimnmick is that each city

ing the sam tax as the ste
and file a copy oft Uhe ordinanceM
with the State Beverage Depart-
mant to qualify for the refund.
T e refund rungs from U
p- to Painters Hill north of
Dayba Beach to $3I to

Mot of the 355 cities collect
several hundred dollars Ain re-
fds every month; several ol-
lte h te IlMusmuwl *nd tIm

GCielstrm sH I reehivirl
its refund on the bsis the
fivecentn-pack simply because
the cily has ot filed anew city
ordina levying the nw e -
cent tat.
The nine commuines that in-
corporated into mueipaitles
under the 1 Legislatre's act
- El Frepert, o Ishoe
Beach, Indian Harbour BSac
Layton, Poce d eo, Poce
Inlet, St. Marks and Stock Is
land-wet on he refund hli a

s8o as pomible.
Tine of the 18 Cmunlties
rejected nmcorporatnm These
were Driftwood, Marato, and
SemIole. And two-Slr Lake
ad Waua -have held no b-
corporation eectto.
Key Cley Beach ad Lau.
derdale Lakei k to
suspend thei city charters, t-
ad apiiht abo lo
Over the course of a year, fI-
uancial expert say the 35 mu-
ocipaliti l divide ae $X
lit ion cimrette tums. The
state wm ro e $24 maimo.
The cdis &Way e this mey
fer byti desiin& aprabt,
epaltg. Maintain, ad op.
- -t-ei M wo iwr,
baNopak, fire aW s c beeh
erNion, law elorcement ad
garbapft eedla.

PKY aass to Presint

'Visit to Small ,Planet

ofthouad five collect the A invas fr o Ma s U i pled by VelDink. C
hurds ousadunds. evidence for Wednesday as the dy Cotae provides the femnini
These fi are Fort Lauder[ P. K. Yge ju-ir class ro- lead as Emen g.
dale Jackae Mial, St ats playwi te Gore Vidl's In the Ia cast are P.
Petersburg. and Tampa. "ViWt to a SmaD Planet" K. juors e ChOtas, Ta Dobt
Surprisingly, not es tae The play, inwh a perfectc Rob Hu Rusy M-ar
ar'tantse of the cigarette tax peron" comes to earth with a c. Cecfila No Norman
rred law. Tans colleted plot to rule the world, wg take Reynolds, Robin R RoB.
wV eir hrg go into o pwien the P. K. Yo* e Am& dsorwJamib MMa
state keawury. trim at 7:3 p.j. Henry WinkArh.
Four I the a comMniM e Kreast ,e Marnader, Go S e du
_- r T1m w rumnis midf
the superitio' of Gerald
Join, frik Pmymr sent
IN K 00TWYA sI COST MOM at f dy of F*.
Ikl tle Vi"v may,
TRY THIS BIG BUYI beiea i lfroe y P.
S. I| nPoge l Juaior. Reserved seats
at CLARKE'Sre i Genrl atiss't is
P.Studsitt$ketscos elice, W

AMtW eafthw eW
wh TUM Tf-N

m to ben

loW a8T

7V $795

#am 'm
maim wumin . mr uma

iffare mum m

.I IM *MUf"Ml ..A l t MkRI
giaeiMie eaatmai s

I o MSTer!WM

Boat Mtalled

Trio Saved

A his yl
Su-slcid bit herwie al
di-..w c... ed .t tei
stalled bot a Nw s Lake

th"r sh*"tmagif hl
au I

Mrs. B. L blabe heend

SA eisa deapu n wh ik
a bhid od Mai tA~l
isaftiqdmw tlm
a sMt tim aw. Thi *

Ba ist LA ia M- M
Is Dthk abrk t ad ssiON
teVe mid Jib6 I


LDL1D. JiStHa.



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Am amft


man mF. -asslift Os

as va.L cai &lhe
be wLadMI Mf
a aMI 5S MW 10m
4 PoSsWAMd hals

IS i is waor nl
Ssilvia M a LW.
a raca betham
I akimssos.gcmacm
VW a ad ha paL
I e II Li n m
-am eon*. TA
uInLeI us a .

adog. liow ke S

aek ae a uem-w
least IS aS mu-teS
Som 9 S% lmal am
Mis f @a a cm hsa w
rM.s asl U. sa A.-
ft5"I"t now%= b
wm ao wo Mh mesa
M ad a oodbmbe m o




I d410s

norwfl ian
* 9t .. -- .I
a hap 'a. Ba
ebw rte at

*w~o-mbo INIfl
Ta be

* MM wft s BMf
*tta ItntoJ a Iseeh

* aflm mba

HFAMJ ft LM~ivae
IIM If -N"

isa" allt ,So"
|*Il N. Dm50.
*sbNto Orotta
a Youan was

Wn 1 to L s-g D
na n
a 1eme WaS ab

s A S uses to IS.
STUDfI vT m m me f to
*I Me k aelit. Nlnobt.
Ca. on ars. w or t bI.E
C M a c n
rIAf klu wusdpn. J. M.
es be edmW emrt tMo
&Wissm an Allaktstog
ad i..ara. AMua m t
be NO Sdhot Greute.
lame mu ail m-/
srud tb ad meoury. Ap.
Sly Mr. Sed.. U AJ to
a P.M.j. J I Fs. 148 NWM
f BmIN. Gabw.iU.L
i Mle Hie W d
MANGAS Tratos. a S to
flWdy -opt InPob
N.y. l, A .v.. *
INRIIANCE ea s wist.
I Ndl AN owlU.
oolC eula Imha weall,-
ASt saldlata eSarulg maby
S M lamuhe eauud. Pha
Im-T3 w P.O. Us am et
slary. AI Cmev bNdel.
PaMl Vaitime laums.
Joe talogh. udia stire.
30 NE Ith Drive.
WANTS bDay limlepu As-
wtom i tasinm r-
SmNdod to nwr.s t
P. o. la n 114 steMw. aI.
YOUNG MAN a to n s
an l haed"it se wLk.
I sao s ioea
lam ealls rtotog Mpear.
red. Awto dums X b
i ed. Madet b m htat.
l to P. 0 2 u atL Oaom-
vas l.-
FInSe rode qflr "a
PA041UIS aemur. 4w
a towM, m e
Se a nm l *
I x US Ski ,tl5n*
rmat. i fsL IN&eM G
KaI, eI c. T. Dam oam l
Tea Co. f I6I4 iM
S pa. Noway ad T eI .
Wu KNOWN itol. P0M-.

l N aed Ii d
mgO Cmpoa Nam buie at.
ab e un.WWtoug aw dt
at lb boetbmpa b a -
baau toda a
emot. aPrik ad ad-
abilby. Ow a" knmow of 08
e /a Is mo ,o base
toIrr of empw. tstM
PamINIm sly. CtAW: Jita
Ius hamm.. pei5, o.s eMe
voIS- el. an a G Fidmal
l yi i
l m."Gl *-
| ^^- W l-

carnbsfl lug -
aauns a.... as o.
'at i r. .U t
uhefleege. l ogaM
beloga. BUlm "
lk Idllom, asianm Amo
a.m wal. sal pa.
Oare tans, bf UL grh.
TAm fnbr oM r.

Usda ales WyC
W "o Ma. me.t
bIS.B tOBAt be1 tL

-dsad ouN N O.
10 0 1t AV&

hAted. bomoa 5106
hcf um at bL M9dl M
cause a

malim meep resnr
easoe vmans
(O enwas vn
Poe at allw
For IML "D am i
5.4M AM. 14" PS
NMalolm CH
No L Avi
.r.a Ma ag.pow. memo
JaL n ipa. ud h
hbaso Is.e G eaV r


MM fo. er I =mw l

*M m * Mo eso e ms s ek
- h~a baed. sit as
as aonIn
-t We&walslw amb h..e U ew ah

m n!men
SImt o. M-
MM swas i

if wau&go"a*
P.- n- maf
Ms. WI WuS9^^t

sir sub wak
bo. s 79941L-

a mby afm
* senle
* .**-*
a a sr Msb
*a ft"oa
0 a-a ma.
* mobi D 20116

* ae-me sa.1
U e a~s sbe.

mi0WAll IMR tIo
* so o a
BUS ateladsa
s =e

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* PNm h A iee

SflfW ...,, ,,. ,,.
2 a seAs.Ls,
*v-- A isA

a bond letA

a ass u ev

Naggftma A y
a- fa ---st
a4 mNOUNh


*ta SeWN""ee

18 Sclaees & Inasues

U. S. Civil Service Test!
. 18 ia we ste-" I
ae eraIn" all uat pays

",br, I WI
Thosads ( usas 3.
. ally n-Iary..

TODAY unki, ie I
ud SIe1. -u-viwse.
ax =4M. c/ G C' l ...

imabitdng rflpir. hpa

*m =iM w*ytl = il
LKE NW' Tfar whit you'll
sas abmut eloth eiessd at
Irt Ioaivo free iek sad
diveur:s All-WAY coe hts i
m I.L la I. Fri M411.
2 Fod & FbIeiNr
pyart. $1 pe tag. Phea ne

281 Uvetk & Supli

RABT elsealk & beef te
had aitme atk tIa to I
das. Wed f wUand peor
lan nfrow a sto E. Lai. M.
r. Pars, Aiony. 1. ..
IAITM3IM. ba., mark
abost I ism *Id @tod vro
kTd. Can 1170 or w 40
IO3 SAIE Rtoieard Blact
Aim .L I p old. halter
laemi ityd sE. Misea.
29 LalndogpheTe0-
oR sAL tra larg Cala"s
u 10 & le e. VI.
boems & ll&trun to CAN

aS o. ong. rnas eawe
Pla. seT.aMS __
to M fins wuBj
1m1011 T101 Male. I Ms.
th ACX.OI. 0014 at 11M
N.W. ni AMies
ODLUE PUITIf oer e*h.
n 0.3m boteMa 5 & St
murrE -Mt asi -
Me.t AKC rithapNiibl
ow btood IHa. ad i

ai lt atc. Soef powe
edL N each. I1alo ftl .
kmedo-an waft
Meae pupwois. bod is IOI

WARNT= S o id I eSofN
lt Ma n l Ir. sale

wil-- 4 Iee I frna ., -.
PrS. Cal nFi MOI aiw .
RM. r a
aMs. I NW S Aw. Aem


OldrM bb MMMAnr-do
mS". Mad es t. M l.
incWzai AeNCAT1 soc.
0 Wed Usltuity Avnes
FOR SALE I atee hi I
waves. espnas, CIAC B i

2I1 111aN n guMe.
t M. eeed ES: Ideaa NI U
& Sft H mumh Nr wnm
it La & M NU M aa
am", Jr.. ILL MW Tao
A4. Wil lis a Mi

am iwl miea 10 n o
it h ad -SNIb
PwVinmn. aw_

35 INm. Si eb

@a I .. .ft.. I
mse, ec namm isv
urh Ifl basso a-.
a ai is. sodn.. I
re" o, am oa
N o I tkl f ia a N
M- dese to hue Sag
a deesm ws pmaos. w
0i-1 e e-ated Na -|.
wa B hr Ae.. Wet l Ith
fm a by ipi

ha" Lai -m him MaI
ftfeiMM. toboom usks.
em. &. rae. So .
MIR. O w s i/m

"Ogo. I o W a, .
a smoom sas aas
- p- h a rx mued
wIS q G livm
inm aMi iaM. .s a
al be B "i. L 1.
lawn l Sl l

n. MINEa. m I aO
NO Ib-t OC an

6 p? wurmso"yftIF

Makes mo-n, asom ae.l
Vewc tmiess toe Ml. |
Se"t am th h m. a lmei
sex's un& eaL Cst.
ht ateMM deb& ai. AAvail
Mar. L Cal e iI4.

Ea. DW rS. NS.i /
la cTus Ba. ur Ra4. Ise;
simane..IM I s..
wam Is... tlrM Be
Ra %i. To. a na i
WPACIC Mlem al j id. N.W.
s bamsl. ate. all
Nam, a esamt. B aut.
e ri lzroilas. it o M Pa. Ci

1ru1 0 "1 r
BY OWNEa-Flralo eheati rma.
1i a 1 baih brt hMM. .so
Pearls. a Sa eareWt.
Wrind la I3 =M NIF Sea
PL FR a U14.

P1i-tm mo. e I, cast. W
New3 i bdrlamo bith ho e.

vry BM alf ig at s11L.
ladeor-w4d l Ut i me.
B.allta G. E. eae, nae
sad and, t .l as hat. o"
waisn to sis Plat. eherse.
C. E. & erom. r me tr ia
haeluds tae &t -lrunwas. -
mo dows, VA. s pay

all la cal s ta Uces
aI edm. e

9 400. a

CC bhne. T.V usr. at.
seNtend. te to fachool.
418a IA lit aM r e M.
BY OWNElRs, i NE llt Ae.
VA has. wAts. For is OCC
1 11. 31 bak. I Al te .ad ivir,
c t ealst ito e bols &l
ehursee. Uoothly papata

m.a 1 oWtnse ae .
i ntiU. cal ft Slht

ares C U Ia s.M.
ousla rO F1OR S: MS
Rath. siarl i ewal wlh fi.

CAPER fUAN X fT: 3-1.

l|bath. n a M.
141%..t ,."Y r r
Pamals uIse a per a
u-un i 83 as 40 To. t. 6

Ard ash mo tnsi-h Be..
I BEDROOM. I bot. CCI. m
tell tw healale iK. aott-la
Xmas. uoZMa s
THE -1M40.CO. r
sMsL IM: X' U bL N. W. so
tie. ball b6M paa. 3m
oll Meeiy. xm l N.W.
pelas to Ia M ad le
dltabs. sal Jame s aey.
Clapis Anwar.. Daa
balk. Cestral het., edoal alr
coet. Nortuet. I Cal
OR1 SALE 1 I hMRu1. I yr.
Old. wagto aswaglwpttog, *wil
iptM SedM leet Abeam.
mleawr aMbet Me uN
mL. Boe at 3Aa 1 U1 St.
BY 0own tsMm Park. Fl.
Ivy aslesdh Au a losnes, AI.
ledU upstailrs. rPBia m

PIsm ftO tt
ItF Ana to aanwM pdM
S e boooliersraSOM a
as amisam m"B asA.

O iushm b -f hle

n. SUP. ,n le SI
.. U.m. I tMi. sear
bit. BuM


wwane am f kLa

r atoo

IS ea P. H IrS
NE ug Planc, 1311, 33 l ie.
m ..P A, c ao" 7.14 me.
VA hso. Nma n. y owne.
Ca hi uaram. ra -f,.
or. I R. 1%ha ita e bat .
wall to wall smearpots. huadwed
l on WTe L a l $ to
aitchm. rar ehats. eI,
las. 1 K. 4 11aM. eim. h
IS,. m. *ss io n tnwe.
e aI rad Md Al d ito. I
m. Ie. T At i. ia l iL.L
is NW l h LAs.
A ROan er UeAL 14. Mo e u msawaist ps.a

eU"lfl |u 4o f a -*
saIM g glas dors elan as
to mined ewnv "Pob.
NH. 3 balkg o" ab arn. l.
Heu a bemi. atn tia"Il.
do Wikho wti-l Setes. dush
wamtt sda dmsmal. m L to
e aMso. M n u rMnI
Tatrrtc. Wemk fdai tr .

T1he aws weaml esea -

ltll As. -on a of Wm t
weed sheooL A 4 13, 12 be
sUtNhl a. I bath. Ol

ils usidan isat e w has
an rm aM l ta Al
Cot. 1 *andi air oearsteOWN.
hardwood foat, fta"my ral
ln" lamuirry &t tly roam.
&able suiNt. L"wi to
echoi. Nicely weadm a hail
re M. Piek UP o a nl NOW.
had teis. Ca tanM-01.
21S N MWi 3e Trrae. then
W M. imae R u diB ea



Spacious Comfort
LNar Conssatructed of
etOce mblaock t h large
bedroom. a den end I bathe
(lthe is a third bath imugh*
a- l t. Modern k itche wlln k
dihwasner, ad ram included.
CentralrW belat WGE bimrnae
with humldifier. Th is n two
story residence with hardwood
floors, fireplace In fte livia
too and two terrace. Attract-.
Ively iaWoodcIed Building 17
ft. lot. SItl'm with engoalent

Sites w
Read This First
2 bthe m. I bath home Really
Economical to live in Drive In
l21 NW :thi Trrace. then
call ui for I# krey. 13OM i
the price and the added con
'lence cof boag i. walking

New Construction
We *fer two of the btter buys
a the martet liody. I Theme
bedroom, 2 bth home with lux
rlalo wall I to all carpet
Ith r e.aot, lull twoatr iraie.
paved street. Weistweod sot
area, 13.001. 1. Extra lares
3 bedroom, 21 bath hoem In
ldylwdld location over 1.000 eq
I' No City taxes, price in.-
Wooded Building
l tuatad Io NW Iad SW
areas. priced frmn 13.M up
averal t Ieal for plit-level
loU plan.

Reaky Company

Anidates: Peo lIes

Charlie Mapy e ob Ka msta


Nst ad d.ea o Dial 3 11t
t me ithl 2 bedrto n IM
beautiful IdylwUd on lsrge.lot
with fenced back yard. LIcetod
bewee llveuslty and new
Coustry lub Hardwood fi
with smesa crta. rW iUa
ron, ierate woriihop -

".l'itT 12e M4nn1 BNtk
NO/ I 2abedroom I l a
meary h .loMe to &p.

EAS If buy Iw.itho ltac-
l wi..i t deow mpym
aN min alsmwly metae.
2-25l1 to Is e "Ci esing hem
aews to Uaawsa ilkth a
be"at lr mrea loa nM
ati. lar m Ti bank
vaeat ad weNlAeainte LWe
t" a loo today.
3 . Hallway. Chin. Pan
War MdIanrd
n 011 1 m NW. latMh est
Mmmh multiple m a
to the wod ts e N laalncve
a M. 1 SalU OCala Retch
toml ChuM to WMia *ma
CMeetss. aeee to lta
Wha Mi. Pam. Csrs eqt

An Ma an a m u we M' he
w0. A Wt 4sl wts W x aK.
Ja i M" nM IMPo
rS SoML casi C k a
low. &oW me-.

a"M a. ma mst I SL 1 16t0
C IE hm I u MUe a
isa to Jr. uAll m sft
smoasks OaMot. pMu
maw No C lam o

notI. Mak a Ai. an-M
hW. I E. te bu.


M012 Ih



Look around<

Yes, Your Neighhm. Are

Ring Extra CM

Nowl! Why Not Youvm

,and find some cash

Cm iieg J q, 31 .T Dssm e u ...-.. .. .-.- -- -
C. _&__ToYw-Do_ aiYJs___ m AlteA U.a A v, g fW, N. L* Ne NedeI Look ... Her's Proof:
.__"____._ .__ Or O" ., QUIPMET, e..t
fam auaWow ur*Lentrffi'" c bim'
-t -ea, -aMdfa M-
TA waW *a 41 a.m~mi *baa. n WlHcu,- e!.fh
siltsum S akSi SmS "La am IS I.0 "Ni 4s1"n
"?OWLd Waft whtew umqX
i8MAd I .e 0 ..O m I m. lb w So 1l flat*dy! Sd Umm eeded ip.
SIM(ah QI ( Te d T madam l M! ea .,!
*0 Asee Dhol-ed- wth-5----

5 IIHmFwrl i I

a ..w.. -.a m
m omm,1"aa 1

- Ka Z
ML Ckel to

o map" -

i AWr A mAI
P&* 3ml dw 4aS

yte. k... f ariM M.W -
OFabs ia..W. -

a sA. rules fate to

- -s- as. war -
a aoW.ina HUT
n on bsm ipmeSf
-. a.. w~
=S 311 W..t
Waias. Umbm-S

m. to
MO fO" d u V
m Ilm

a yM *u ame lir a nmu
0 NA L & in"*
sm "

anay a m

Green r a

webk *i Cal n f
Msonry Home:

n mate am f MA


lwe eft iOrtwe r f
Aes L sLeeiNite suans

0* a *" em AmW

Red-i- as awnWsIn a

CoBusiness Location
A b'I .otR4*i**

seeaNw. *r mk anr
bie n au had
ao Ma a -
UMb* meine tad P&

IM ftte-uMe ar asfi
NSmdert seaS= -
Ga ab &Na

As. = bo ft A4 oft I
d a- guyn *1- ef
mW* our .m1 ai m. a
3W f ame t3 ch na
bales &WI um be
I. lid O@
OIL J. W. Dkis
a.. a u..we

a. a ) M-
on m aW a W" MIA.. a
ia N 6aBSAte. An M-
a .. a aess am t.
as leA. ha skim cupS..
.k.. mk. nBdm W. eur-
kndM *am. 1MW "m
ka ms ag gm

hem am 110 4m
wspm Ds T- M ad-
i.ONs S tebS h
mria ea "IM". rS
sepei Dp beB large 6=
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* PEN 10 a.m. Til Duk


Wae"am=etos s-a,
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NW 34th &T 7h Ame
Phone 372-7070
*sVs*A,.ta* Hr tf

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jbk DOTY9 bliir
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Warn. blow
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lIg til M Inr
$365 DOWN
two bb- baj Ina.
m = AL blow
:tu S. t 65 ftaL law

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45W. CAse Ph*S

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tem asd brines, man
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W. 3"r salve as iSreim. I
N. Hai. Il 5.11.
Num AL Mema Pt
Warn SmeilorP. ,dwaI
spMas m enuse r, artratn
IMAmS uRb~eigestBOP
ma St mOW vim .
im 1"&6ba*. tbear P&
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a netM


Lbie Rosen CM b Yeo
Yer Hs Today

F mrceAmocste
J. W. KkpMtrck Realty
Joh Mnerrll AgAncy
Tam Oason Aoency
WiteWiop, Realtor
M. M.Parih & Aociats

J. Pmwte Smith, R"nior
Gladys Smith Realty
Emet Tow, Rallty
University Realty
Arnold Realty
Arch CampbelL Realtor
RWd Franks Real Estate
Ralph Famy

Where The Smart

Set Lives!

Palhim View Estates

Prime N.W. Location

S 3 6 4 Beroom Homes

From $16,000
From $101 per month

FHA & VA Financing
Immndiat Occupancy
*All City Srvics

hS simp aM W M Tees

-r MrOL Mem

fMoT.E miSo-gFRfale8

Is. L lb. bumi, .

S b vuem a a
Pft 1M 3T*
F. e. tMN, lu.


We Trde Homs
or Property

1021MW 4iMDr.
I IL 1% aki ttkM 4.

lUil NW4 mtL
I f *
4527 4C1 7 M Ift .
1 3L I1 O Wh & L N1
SrI ML 21(.

ol1 l3NT

amu. aus mc s a s s
504 &14 Ift StN.

iffn Uas o-
S0t tb 3atBhW OW
sw eamaseam

4 L 1. wtt 1 L

124 91 ia It.

aNm er TO TO m.
HI ernier In 64e



Uni"rnity Park
me 11025
t. AI IlOsfst

Macma Home,

it Late Fire t

teeM wr V. Q.
m. S. tasw N. i
ad w .

NW litk Ave. 37thiSt.

Carol Estates
NI hISo. lth Ae.

1I21 NW li Awm.
WT. 6-5394
Mie Kmtt,. Amecilfe
"We Trade Houses"

Prove Our Point

Ou point is, of coum. that you cen't
p wM buMying home in Highklan
Court Mem-anMy way you look at it:

IF YOU renting, you'll be money ahead buying
--and dances are your monthly payments will
be les thin you're now paying n rent. Our friendly
ulesmen wi bea hoppy to Implin.

SYOU'LLIII ttin "more hom or your mony"
at Highland Cow Manor. We invite you to com-
pare sipilaly priced homes and -e for yourself why an
HCM homes the best buy ig tows.

YMO H HM will be as distinctive s mod-
em d6 W n plmWng con make it. You dhoe
from over 20 mode in a comrmunt with all city
S -ndconven yet awy from busy traf-
fic amd nowe.

SALL HCM 1OM1 are VA and FHA approved.
You don't need to tie up large sums of cash. VA
dawn pamen i s only $100 (includes closing costs),
ow FHA iMwn pa rents an FHA minmmim.

i/AN l M K Tl not midcd anywhere els in
Gclimvie is the exclude, res.den*-rtrected
Swim Cub ia Conmmuny Censer. Your family will
al*oy t Cad lss of the w nino pil- and the
Commaiy Caoer activities.

IAS tMo e f e puddf, we look to 400 orm.
a Iwhave pudusad HCM Anhm. They rpre-
Uent a gnoemus eas -smctmn of t community from
doctors amd peums to minem men and policemen,
n" m am nd mendwnntsto fauime n and for-
.r imy mm. (Ps an uea ...en.ble of
weHk iid )

O Il MeAls fo $11M500 to $17.250
Musy Paymenr fi $75IJ9

Hifa Court anor

IS INld i. ad 1 Ih Tesu.UhMme T172-1471

muiMTUl ne son seas.

rnwwm swyl
SL-arBE'flt i,
e Iowa ma-U107c




True Colonial American Styling
at le than $15,000
SChoice of brick front
* Built-in G.E. oven, range
SLifetime .eay-cari terrazzo floors
* Indoor laundry and utility room
STwo full kjxurious baths
* Three well proportioned bedrooms
0 Central heating (air conditioning optional)
0 Floor to ceiling closets
* Built-in breakfast bar
* Lifetime family Swim Club membership
* Sidewalks and all other city conveniences
* Choice of wooded Iots
* VA, FHA, or Conventional financing
plus many, many more features..
We ipT dlusigwm $to00
FHA kt ter.. s in tw
Special "bay people's hIen" Toi. r Pri.
oe Ti9 P.M.

NJI. Lli An. & 15t iSnt

Real Family Security

a Au. U 4 Familes

I -Vmv W" ml

;B^ M






- ; iM I -- .


a .I, rmt.
s a d.
3 L RIO lb M wl
L I k Cum..
S iSe.' m..
1 i su a am Cnk F
1 .aw uei ra-u

a vn b nm Was
b 1 Wam.a
dor "ut M le

W6 at d w ed
veflas c.s ues

a wa a *
ca. M InL= 4
ues a.S.. U ii
c Mi aty b s U .

anMU.I~ :M M -drt
ma -
C A I JMuant. S ncimi

O mle slin. Moe n M

W u t. a
ZWZAO MG baus fly
Mkma. aiTTb ah
m u IT. Am.. PIme sms'

ln sU Air Ct-.
Stcli 11 UP ClFt. flu-
l., Ms C" .rs. 0..
Wter. Tw" I. par te
Tri with Us sm n. ft.
tde awesm. a I. vdr.
AOWNoitw i

-n al~w iNewd thee
am ha-h oa hs m ues
bum 0 I- u luxL CMM
*: Or-an Ut.. Ma.
OLNADO anwit d u.
anw & iuwhg*. 3 k.p.
BsM W balls. sM eUL
Can main. Nfrben.
U' PLYWOOD hbt. um.a d
eM 0 "P. siW. I m-o
dike. The nm n 4Mt
EOR SAM IR AMsmset a.
40 u &Li.. Mm in.
au- ma..~ IMe at m
aM-atB _____

72 OMNie .i
GET a an tne "
WM -ae -, A
Maea". $111., de1m. ha
Wial .Dial mU. SPanb
Uay. V W. UMO. Ae.M
GET triiaeeuail Nulal s-*
ve whe pm wo eow alMw
boakrw at ChbCt e eam
NRWAe-1 & F M la My.
eat Nd.l id. w M..Uer.
AmM, ft sa ...M
Loa s O whesals. w, --
Ians mha. -1 us
aW rotalm; elbiat*nma. *
val ow"Rm"eieedamMag
ame~ ubb 17"Wm ON16 ell~
ea& regliAsu N E U
wrst* all A typi al u.
Teu he aneed.
take *ae. Can n 14
er n saway esaim.
73 MWS UMcabke

Music Co.
FR 2-5353
om mma & t. S *a

77 M" ile liHlm ft S

he. etk wa s
St &Z ad. amIMeMI

Aemdy, FekrM 17, 1964

M NI. . i no bl o AtemaUMUS fb m
___________________________________________ _________________________________________ I

mut a
q 7. It.M mm
UNTIL 9 pam.

sum m.uehris

:L "as I en.....W

Trailer Soles

... a

W -
Sun e -a mmn
ye e fld. a s Mi
au a hInkt

I mV iurs im. &LA

roUl. Itt'1' 1 1mbe. r.
Wem, imel Sf anl n
es. tnea Isl ee. a u m.
N.s. n 14t
no GIIN I n

saves aTo a c&emrs Weanel
or fasd M &W Ardn Ut
Cm aNb mk boe ans.
w.fat teorsted. ga soea-
4W brnce. Airf madiw.
Prom tea9 us.l*uan.
i AIMeor Wtaeu. Nal- ra


* NOD V4 3/4 In btL
ply &iM. OM 2. -
2S 4 NW 5t1 AveA

1- roM Trc. a
MtS MD ritI Ie. L 6
nium. l sees SM 07

nn i *M a nI-
o. wMr M.r. UM.s
ux mzvmt aMmu
Me, Sf5. uc se ts.

53 MaOWlea & heM

e tus. U a .a
Fetrm enitSi. Me het
sM Is be apedaMdL
Phea ft MEL ____
Plwa FR 6401.
iM J. L. seet. gand SIaS.
Ainf 4 P.IL n-M 311041
HAiledP Hen DUSt
CHRT'LK ?'U 4A alnlf
5 5 AtheIm le, al

AeDini S.- fn. ares.
UMnoa ml ..-it s .
I- CADajLC SuS I vdelI
ir wftv6 ha B -ww
idodlm faetuey Air. ceua
e..L am smI hr apse. i
cellet condition. Call 376-
8392 after 8.
-0 CNZVMi V46 i 2
hatdip. asa.. ar. sol er
heats. pn ee-sewa, vats
-". raC t ma PA
INS FMR oWlrtmll Rodbo
asut. Powar aMrfta. mT4
Minem sematn IsU
I~aterIpa. es et
'N 0Rue V" V CJS S
fCt 3- l. a
bommitt trimumbiir-. MU
after 8 P.M. w waM-k
k Mr. Red". pod HrM& down
PR 140L

j rALoM 4 Or. .m .. .. 1mB1 1 r -- --j V
i. A... T w MO N O Wm

b 4 b. to Rage I me nm a rFa ln
SMdaId11, t LA, T-lMw
difp P**N MIL ME M3"-
i AJL Is 4 ?A T mu

4 ..e. a te. aur. -c

mw sl A riM Mc.r I Nm441 AT
m moesala c mTo, oftW
-- n-Ua a ,i, M SHAWU &
4 a a ehaAmx% 2

N a mesi "afl A t KEETER

Cd ,SAo"-W- DODGE DART sedan
Gd tea &,hue. I0TUOICAL mNTIAC
ealtnT. o1 I- P C1S A1 .S iC,
,,,,J .... M"-1.8o) 0 M wA lo ..

"'0"=0.= 5YEAROR 5000-MILEWARAMIY, .ft Se*e
y h waft 4M usilol AM" bn INo so" fa. SeesL
mi et*3 l.A ,uram

9.0 .(b 'Dot-D aTrucd.) MWMA.17UU

Ped, a. ,a .. 1 ONE.1 It A Ye. 572R a
ra sa .. w ,mm.l o be,

mae a.nia em m mSDIm
Ma M a ew It lae r, O Wuswumra ftn pTJt
aLC malT aSP S tun
"I.,-?^ no CHEVROLEAMYm B Gm
Va e mor cad9lmcO
t cm.IL New r MC AMAN.
a.m p n. I men Si t ua- n. o daot. w et
rr me"a*vu
1r11me s (ph Bgl. A

e S-" 62 DODGE.. $1388 SERVIC
a..a.nsr m .. Lna ", tudor, r heater r t wall thes. A1 t11- qeelli am
W & hago W -e

Sy61 CHEVROLET .. $1288 B & G
t & aot n a $. M -MA MOTOR CO.
eeS Sii, baa. lind. a _AitA.tN
W ei .uthrU a n a a Cadu
e M u 6 FORDG. $1388 SWDVICE

.-l C... n WILBU I -H
aI mual e a~ C sf199
I ea a nw iud rqWmflit do tead hte wall tir A
n .ak & VuA-ltelr. t -erit

NT M" UsAde dh edP C
S*asn s :6 DCHEVROLET $1288 B &
orm aset he a pa-'- Cedan, wit ao d ei .

"S e"AIms...oAS O L U
PMg mae. t rem k ________________MOTORCO

mom. Mt 1ot aWed. As s.1lw.
a-= Md 6 01 rw6ORDN. . $1188 0fWEDC

1- rAnW. Ull PU Usm eda% dtlsd r noed, rad ior. hrn Cn.LKJ s
SMM0 BD aiUlS, Se0*4 115 .

.:Id.. 7. aft a*.cr 570 DODGE. $88 DCar:
minmm 4 ar a m. a E TRCKS We hard1 topmIL
a isall h31 1 __ 1b4N. 6Ml'_ To if. plowr _. _at 2. W1ILUtL

a ro.-s 60 COMET . 88
U.S- M rS, $-an. raow -- n iu ir

amu C Ps Seea S WhiteIandrdraio. hs atin and

-W. noN-- ew *N.MelS
In YOM T4. I"S r CaU8 Sf4 N e .T MOTOR CO.
Is5 mo 4.& Pa -A HC

1 pxm aft frme Cog- -______
65T1a.>.W~ FA- If i '^L

ames- eal w I-IImi

WAR=S On M3N.-Arl
WATra. allt tH I am
eas cIus. tee S sm
..vk a .-. m1 ass .


Home And Business

Appnal SeOm

:M sm

Amd* EqlpM

n| - JakJal M ki
I M I L Ik~ i LrA- I Jc
1vnnu assaee &- UL1AK

a terIe **.rM .
amm "& MIlY irsoen.


"naQA upktt -neao,
=abow c."an O-' P.
FR m-.
amas a dm en

F a .aum. .etaO
war a as mA r

bite -S
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*U a as e


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m-r. no 40m" Ma.
l-t^l MUM. VA MI*
Gf FM f

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os anme .adtm
s s**. AaWn
Nut UMm

ATBA mu" nks.. (Hi Ai-
TU m a a.s
Smtedme .as a

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te- &fa &.aid td

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m Thyl t sp. e V. I .
pase0,. IM LW. bE Ae.

n.nam m am
gad uWnum"A aOEM

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InMu. War l II Mets -a

. U. La M a



numwm m
b SMa Co
'm rt50r'-0an
awks" 0


U AuMM 4-*. Ss.d f utmtic wen.on.
radio hhlter, rwlining m Executive car. 5,000
mw. Nw. SoN far T78. Now wy .... 21K

a a M
raM Il s aOL ... .a

ma a a


mI AMf1 EA


MaUm -On a"


M- O N $
m**i j ** til

Al IMR *1r *1^fSi1"
-u vemem as a

s. 1... 1S4 W n9
?aa ODW

a PMun
ta2 MNLR
Lamef 4* 5dmU -ms

n h=a a al

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Li mel ...n S TI
1 AMEat

ha. am .n a
O Mtes.w-, aftw

O N 1 0, a ,

C m
a. h. a a
Cub M m "

Lhek. a.k a^^^^




TIME ...
FR 2-1411
Courtesy Of

Im .M t M&IL
Ime 2-4111
|Ase- h.le518
Ne-homrl nl--|i i



63 FRontiec
Boi wvilh 2-door hardtop,
radio, heater, autnomtic
transmission, power steer-
Ing, power brkes, air con.
ditiomed, black beauty.

63 Chevroet
Impala 4-dr hardtop. Ra-
dio, heater, power steer.
I n g, brakes, automatic
transnmslion. Sharp!

62 Cherolet
Corvair 4-dr sedan, radio,
heater, stick shift. Now


62 Falcon
2dr. radio heater.
gxallent buy!

61 Chevrolet
V-8 engine, 4-dr sedan,
radio, heater, beautiful red


61 Ford
Falcon, 4-dr, 6-cylinder
radio, hooier. Reody to go!

63 Studebaker
4.dr Cruiser, radio, heater,
automatic tramsmisson
power steering, brakes.
Extra clean. Local owner.

4-dr. Sedan, V-8 engine,
automatic trmsmission, ra.
di heater.


63 Mercury
Monterey 4-dr hardtop,
powr steering and brakes.
Factory air, bucket seats.
Was $3495 Now only

62 Renault
Douphine 4 door, radio,
heater, sect belts. Good
economical transportation
at a very, very low price of

61 Mercury
Meteor 4-dr sedan, radio,
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission. This beauty can
be yours for only

60 Mercury
Monterey, 4-dr., radio.
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mIssion, see it tb believe


60 Ford
4-dr Sedan, V-8 engine,
radio, heater, automatic
transmission, yes, this is
not a misprint!

59 PoAtioc
2 dr hardtop, radio,
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission, air conditioning,
finished in a beautiful


61 Chevrolet
4-dr, Impala hardtop, V-8
engine, automatic trans.
mission, power steering,
good ties, low mileage.


"It's easy to trade at
516 Meis St.

Geinmsvile Sun 13


63 Comet
|er Station Wagon,
et seats, radio, heater,
altic transmission, air
toned, Only

62 Comet
6-cylinder. standard
mission, radio, heater.
and ready to go!

61 Comet
Sedan, radio, heater
yourself lots of money


60 Comet
Sedan, 6-cylinder, ra-
heater. Clean and
d to sell in a hurry
-o~ fichA-&M down




so cor

w COW figih nu d uown!

60 Chevrolet
Pickup, 6-cylinder, stan-
dard transmission.

59 Cadilloc
4.dr Hardtop, rad Io,
heater, power steering,
brakes, automatic trans-
mission, air conditioned

59 Chevrolet
Brookwood station wogon,
radio, heater, 6-cylinder,
standard transmission. An
excellent buy on an ex-
cellent car'


Crane Lincoln-Mercury"
FR 2-3631

U.A U A. t
29. GT A thilSiEXTRAS FOR:
a S...

SS Ak -4w

Le '64 Tel
IS U"- r tc ugIIS
*# tkuv WI *'M1g!


FS~ I r am a


'I*4 tIta


CRANE Lincoln Mercury

I T@uI" n 1w e

.4l-, J-A



f i #iB

pg ap aWS I

it, 2.3631


115 '1

By JACK WuN SW go. mp8e 16 I

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bAe idwte thk M bnld l w hobo, b e *tbem. ai

dfi .iAuu sU d a u,,. qis. 7 se ,l oc. ll
And fa toplatli ttn b _be ll&si ti b wo.t t e dol, to el G
int et liora thle ath m dI ianer, wourite et wlme l h

blo es stha ildonrej ale pr e leepr Iamet m tt it,o al ~a
themwohlGt i mLa w li dri clbelowhtheemve, t. No
a year. t iW om v ltoitr t e otn be_ .. ,, ,.,
a of wtimc lA g ir e a t he sW"lal btilW ae at bp dtef te

hse m ,oved, t jas mtupo n ine.d lito eed o f t wi he uvJ to e

aur tdar*qf tefe~ ta BoM7 ttfkibl.wk e to iiect
doste eMorm aJtsflmaee GerIeG tAM fsay it pvo-
*CartL Jeb *t hean 2lamUt

e oa t i who e pewu. Tald bee aeooded w- t itesd adWt a, he mide
ived the Iodessea yed rs winter, oh3O to shikswte wthe be eup to the
ahn, vof di nedspinalrt y eme &rA itfet below tm mdienustsbe said, atodedke

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mantle me detsui A hole he hbobaftIpuling outto eam s e .The
into the m on is, Ia the Iewldeae bits, or whatever. ve its id be
aguape, a Moikhlt oIs h1w to keep Uthe a-i ofasl s4
The a lyplace, a far as y. him cetered aoe he H awrth said, like 6a nuclear a-
-e -w where a renemle two momesbelo it In the bottom celntori, or V a big tacope.
bole would reschbto manbe is Of the o [Youjlon'ahe saidld a de.
undercetakhinp tldtheocan. MiNhnpolls neY ie i i that costs milons of dl-
Tb 0*t is cMh icker be wokigihe tW otte, under i anduse Itfor *tamee
math the contm pts thin be- a subcontract to dio the Wiperie4t. The Mohole Project
math the ocent T he M e, oning a em. Fach of tis a wle pgram of ocan
othereo, wil be M killed wa- ix colmas sprtlng thegbotto din, of b ing holes
te two te miles dep. p Iatorm wielcarl y a A nte Mhaofv e the in io
Thtis badsetote w raw sa proa eller* to l bove the wffl ,
Ing h rlufl u Itpwa orm forwd, backward, or i wina'ost about PeW ae
planed to try to drill the hole sideways. And a war systm, ye to te
wlth a derrick moud a anted a under pres e nt ou it built. That's aal-
specially bM t s l Experl- sthdse ie a tN ffix oed r u mtely what it costs the tahe
nmtal te mam i e atlts, to o whether.& Ad-A a imre mcat-n
under~~~~~~~~~~~~YM The'.i Aut Jfteoen in~d oewlt ieta ot floy t d
nh rs iBc hckrb-wrigo h late 1 ne unde ____adseitfor___neex

nepon rnnrie naadziwiu
Firsi Marriage Annuled

a I nk ar Stem
ROME The Ha"i Nae.
a) News A y ANSA reported
here Sunday tat Primces ee
Radwi slier a o Preid
Kennedy's widow, had obtaled
a Vatican annmaim of her fist
marriage. ANSA added that
Princes Radidw bhad gone
through a Romn Catholic wed-
ding ceremony with her second
hub d in a Lodom .chu o last
Sources dose to the sacred
Rota, the CathoDe church's
highest tribunal in matrimonial
ttrs, confirmed noially
that aMn ria t of Priness
Raliwill's first marriage hbad
been grand.
A private source aaerted
Primead.Bwil hid = 1-
ed cduch authorities to mu
her frst marriage to ael
Caed a the gronm tht he

Pepper Seeks

Claude Pepper, a vtera of 15
years in Cgres Frm as,
a ouces he wil seek re-'
d&aN to the Houme of Ron-
semates toi t DamaSk
pr-r Nay S.
way through bis first m a a
H mer, s 14 I Im
In the capital u a ima-
ater before he lWst to Goueo
sbathmin law l

I s"aUins .


MW hIas Mi
Aimt Wa
MMlCT.... PR.H < r1|
SCand ist t a
*Mf Ht f~ M|h
asO yw phnkS

had made a "r'elvatio" ex-
Uadr caum law the puere-
atiof o dabiin is me I s the
ftadmssWal ams CE wedlock.
Eu, of, f this aim by a "ree-
ervation" is considered a rea-
so for aimuaent.
It Is understood but couad not
be odfically verified here that
Princes Radwi wasu Worm-
ad S her first marriage's anl.
met bythe Rota some time
ago. A final wa lent decree
from the Vatican trilmal would
enable prince to go through
a Roman Cath ie church wed-
ding eamony with Prince ad-
riwillth whom Ae was prev-
Smarried civ provided
there is m ndIndatical mar-
r iage pedlmt m his sde.

F lrw

,,,, Wl ,

U mi ft An. S i4s
wu* nftow s w s


I, fem

Science Shrinks Piles
New Way Without Surgery
Stops Ith-Reliete Pain

-Hrfi uS Mim

0=I~m~w NOat


Smuw im eim sTn wAit



I iaP


Why buy an ordinary pointed washer when a Hotpoint all :
celoin washer costs you no more! Hotpoint all porcelain
washers are mode especially for our damp Florida climate.
They will not rust, corrode, or stain!



'ILCTIVI LOADS. Now you can wash 14 pounds of certain selective loods
end still be sure that all your clothes will be thoroughly washed and com-
pletely rinsed. An example of 14-pound selective loods you con wash in your
HoWlp Washer (11 are listed in user book):


2 tablecloths 53" x 70", 1 tableclh 40" x 40", 2 boy's tee-shirts, 5 women'*
dresses, 3 men's shirts, 2 boy's shirts, 2 nightgowns, I dishcloth, 4 dish tow-
els, 5 handkerchiefs, 2 women's blouses, I man's tee-shirt, 2 men's under-
shirts, 1 pair socks, 1 child's playsuit, 2 child's play pants, 7 child's dresses,
1 mans' shirt-short sleeve.





6mco wolsh 1. eW% *Lv COT MR

~. 4fr & -

. -'
." ,.*^.

4? -'
.t .'


now,- A.

BI bB ti*. o1-
#I"-? ,.j

n mO OTrOn ITURB ...
DuO I1t fltewing sytm, Tim fill
or p5tiw fill, Wd. chice of aorito-l
iaonvid mpinmwq Convenit top
Wm. 'FulI 5-year guarantee on

ly 181

' *uput Ei.

LWSBL AN fdtric washing. Pabidon
f unM capacity. ad-
b.. swr. Sfib-och dipnw. Ru h d

.- *n
...ilR wM al

^t- \ T ;. -: -;i j-'



PIONE 376-12%

:- '* .1

^ ., *


,cl I




I I .

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