Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 4, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Unleash' Attack on



'a ftaff I khf
'- MI of a ny 'b-h
a w aIt *at fis GaWB
od l-,- ey h dl d dkl
a oi Cmd the dmM io a
qplel comiies nles.
Of the dM.a a dt
iabfbi h meet, eL d

thm Wps aphti a kuha law
ad dl a inaimg or a&d-
evoedd a imt IWA law.
"I woddlb to pamk
half ci tep," Mak Edeiek
He mid he races bird dp*
that md esreMGe d Mena *-
aged mi- De to ohree
the pWm to pick up tray
dep at hme m raes ta.
Do. Ctey, who conduct

th Ger man beard Cb's
oddiee de-s, n id a tnhl-
kg prrma i peerable to a
km law.
At least hroe peitiM were
tuned over to the commiii
asking for a leah law.
Formal appeal for a dog co-
trl law was made by Mrs. Bil-
ly rab 11U7 NW 3th Terr.
She d health d safety
regni for i eding a strict dog

control program.
Other residents of the north
wet etor supported he ap-
peal, Sting grow* g numbers of
dog pats roaming the are.
Several pmrte reported
cases of bitt chd and of
childM being frightened by
dogs running loe.
City Manager Bill Green a-
knowledged that stray dogs arm

a growing pblem in the 0 y.
He Iadb talked with t
Cony HeUMt Deptarm
about the reading as of
animal bbhweestigaded by
heabbh offlals.k
Green said health offidals
said 0M animal bites we n-
vestipted last year ad thy
estimated that this was leas
than 0 per cent of the achi

amber d aabmal bits a the
Green said t city Is now
picking up bd IS and 175
stray dogs a month.
He noted that a strict leash
law would create an e force
ment problem, calling for ad&-
tion of two or three people to
fe animal ctrol staff and
would probably triple the pro-

gram's budget
A committee composed of
Commissioner Ed Turligtm,
Green and City Attorney Ose
Pagan will call a special meet.
ing to discum dog controls with
proponents and opponents of the
leash law, Green said today.
The committee will prepare a
report for the commission's conr

Som~e Rain

aou4, -m rai n
WeIma.HI. to ML LAw

rad-p for 3maI to aJ
M at 14 am. Ratefl iMh.

88th Y60r,


No. 158




CAB Opens Probe

Four Gain e residents,
two of them Iersity proft-
eso, died in halning wreck-
age of the Sk Central Airline
pUm er pm tat crashed
oatakeoff bwro eerday morn-
g kgtd al aboard.
they are Dr. Jues W. WiB-
honm, 40, adise director of
the Schol o n ry of the
Uniovtiy od fldM; David V.
Lete. 37. amiant profeor
with the Florida Istitute for
Co.iming Un ity Stdies
Dr. WMha Cwpertwaite,
44 director of Division of
Plat Ius for te lrida
Dept. df Ah and Arthr
Sems m-n for a book
public r.:
faral sWvye for Wi-
ham tas Wdl st IN Ir
pa JL umAer A Jan.
Jhma;m Cg. F aeral
rmq hmn w r the *I
wm outmt al wmaoks
w- h &. a .bp** 3m *
fstierta?,t4an m
TWd Oe tdnl da
A mitoee lamA lte

dgia whbonllm ms
Af t* onbrm -
U. Caho f M lr
fCal o

ers, Onie Jr. of Jacksonvfie
and Robert of Chapl Hil,
N.C.; and two sisters, Mra. IR. Y
Mooty of We Pael Beach ad
Mrs. Wallace Bdamek of Pitea.
He wasavetem of WW I
and a member the M4Ih Air
Force Reserve Uit of GCh
ville.Hewasa ember of the
Baptist Churi
Rev. N. B. Ldgi of the
North Central Bap Chrch
will officiate. Burial wil be tI
H micrest M oria Puak.
Int family has repited hat
no flowers be Ma, butt egel
bItam may b sme t ad Is
Schasool tfFogbyfiral



I Still


eM Staff Writ.

A tuar frm tke CAB bega probing wreckage of plane yesterday for cles leading to cause

Why Water's

Tat yellow streak thal h
been ruing down the b
of Gainesville's water
for the past three weeks ~Ws
caused by the reopening ofa
ctaminated wel for testing
purposes, a city water office


Dr. Dell Sr.,

Civic Worker


Wadl known oGanesvml phy-
ai Dr. Jama May DeDll
t., %, dad at hi d ter's
hekirart IS d tr
ahd ilbs.
Aodn is dic work, be wa
a tear state nMte r from
Ahdo aMd GWIc MAt Ni
and seed as preasidt of
Gasihele's City CoM for
bm ims.

&-a anmhMr d a p6-
Mer t mam amd a thl
md CapL Jtam MWan D
and My CsME DL He
wasHm Fd Sn aue.
b was mndiad pasdan
Sn wll hbe Wdemkay
at U arAt FIethosW S
CL. ieb. 'heM 6. Mit-
did-l ffile. Brial wll
be b .icu bi.
8emImpciul C dmfk.
Wters& O. arpe Jr., ad
a t r. J. Mn Dil Jr
4 *1 y- ** |-*

lktme a meminr lbb
fAl 1 FAIw af

mealed today.
James Warrington, assistant
superintendent of Gainesvle's
Water treatment plant, told i
Sm th-at- the request of
State Health DepartimenN
ber I well was turned on to
pm dye tests thee weeks
the tests proved inconou-
sive, ad tm detergemtconlam-
itad wel was closed last
"Frankly, th whole thing
has us manboouled," Warr1
to said today. "Number g0is
definitely the cuprit,,but, we
are mabe to figure ot
how te derNt that's tu.
g the Wter ya* n* gets
For the pait thr ee wes, s
veral iem agneeaen. Un-
versity of Fridka profesos,
and public health official
have pooed their kowlede
tory meid hepthe y nw
material out of the water.
Warrsntm Wonrte ht
der the upenrvidl f Bla c,
Crow, ad E IMabe, e., 4
sate en ee ars re, a
"Bcel d" wan placed I N
watersupl at the Lae
ie drai* ae wel and aWs at
a sinkhole on the Ca01 '
11am at PaM Prairie.
Investigations of n-
er Mdramp pot a s
la bte d UNthe U '5s
-*I p-at, hiSated S
hoe hald be e petely d
"Wed hoped to trace
ig rnoutesa tet b id
Mb at tha, flDyS it
r tlmena pluot," VWari


k *t m .........7
7....... 74
*OWn-TR ,.,o, B

Cot ted
Wen Towed

ton said.
But black g tests at t
plant failed to "kee amy
trace of the fluorescent dye.
And all the'wble, Number 6
continued to pour yellow, deter.
gentontwaminated water into
the plant.
At one pointring the test-
ing, Wanringt reported the
water contained ao much de-
terpt that smds owned over
the protective tank raileigs and
out No% the stet below.
Ye were ee to remove anll
of the harM bacteria at the
plant, of cine,' Waringta
said. 'BSt wo- an't dominate
the yellow corig that's caus-

o .'
of crash.


ed by hard detergents."
The yellowing, he said, is ac-
tually an organic boring.
"It's not dangers to tho
publie-ts just lightly."
Number I well had been,
closed down six iks ago after
the detergent pol = had been
found. The well is lcaled about
a quarter-mile south of the
treatment plant
"The odd thi14 about th
whole situation," said War.
rngton, "is that both Number
5 and Number 7 wells are vita-
ally unpolluted and they're
located within 20 feet of old
Number 6."
Gainesville Ulities Direc-
tor John R. Kelly made no men.
tion of the Number testing
while discussingU t city's yel-
low water problem this morn-
"T. yel ow co TMis just
(See WATEX Puge2)

It may be a month or lonI-
er before Investigators deter-
mine what caused a twin-engin-
ed Beecheraft to crash here
o takeoff yesterday killing all
10 aboard.
A light rain was falling
when representatives of the Civ-
il Aeronautics Board surveyed
the grim scene after arriving
here early yesterday afternoon.
John L. McWhorter, inveastl
gator in charge of the CAB's
four-man team flown in short
ly after the crash, said their
findings probably will be an-
nounced from Washington.
With him ar e mlc4
ler, chairman 'of the power
plant investigations, Jesm
'Clitsbk t, priti a. s
witnesses, and John King, ln
charge of structural iestiga-
All but Mushier are from tha
CAB's Miami office. Motler is
from New York.
7'le CAB is a five member
board in Washington, but its op.
nations involve about pr
ns all over the Utllad
McWhorter said most of the
work of analyzing the rmins
of the craft wiH be do hre,
but some may be sent out to
laboratories elsewhere.
Only a section of the tw
tail of the blue and white 1-
passenger place and part of
one wing escaped the inferno
that engulfed it shortly after it
plummeted to the asphalt run-
Mechanics at th MImmtp
Airport msytay ard the
pla's urgn g from a
high to a low RPa, dastng
(See PRO= a Pap 2)

Airliner Crash

* *

* *

Passenger 'Legally'

In Co-Pilot's Seat

It apparently was legal for a passenger to use the co-pilot's seat
on the airplane that crashed here yesterday, killing all 10 persons
Federal Aviation Agency rules don't forbid it.
But depending on the details of what happened here, the FAA
may "frown on the practice."
One of the circumstances still is an unanswered question -
whether the co-pilot's controls were deactivated, according to
George Tamalis, acting supervisor of inspection for the FAA's Mi-
ami office.
Tamalis commented after a quick check of the FAA regulation
7ie South Central Airlines plane that crashed was carrying
nine passengers and a pilot.
The plane was equipped to carry eight passengers, a pilot and
his m lot. Investigators asum th extra passenger wa using
the co-pilot's chair.
Tamalis said the plane didn't require a co-pilot.
Coplots are required by law In the type plane that crashed
only when it's fly n A ood after, te Il.
a p f lu.-' "- co--pilot w ld have helped
avert er~ b an dueIIrI I migats are with.-
hlnig all that until h the eact cause of the crash
has bee found.

.City Lifts Building

Ban n 1l
The building moratorium
along S. W. I teet from
the Kappa Sigma se to S.W.
5th Avenue was lied last night
by the Gainesvt City Com-
mision. .

It ended a Ms permit ban
originally slapped a land bor-
dering the Unv ty by the
thme-man co lo& on major-
y imiy aer dw election of
Cmmbeone Alan Suther-
land aId Ed lrhgton last
March. ,
Both new comiioners join-

3th Street

ed Mayor Byron Winn in op-
posing plans for a filling serve.
ice station on the SAE corner
at University and 13th Street
and initiated the moratorium.
Last night's action excluded
the SAE corner.
Although t h e commission
vote was unanimous to lift the
restrictions requiring property
owners in the moratorium ar-
ea to appear before the com-
mission to request building per-
(See BUILDING Page 2)

hip fund in hmor Dr. W
Cowpurtwaite, a bit of
Broob, N.Y., was nami as
sibnt o.i 4d *
StatePla tBard tIm 7. In
IiSwh lthPlahl gdlwe
remMs atd aM&6r a
Flr* Dpt dfApkhlehe
was apO directr of the
He is murviv by is wife,
Mr. Jum lir Coer-
Imte of 1 WM t PIe;
- Ingl- Am; e m .am
Ritrt Wa a t Sa t Im:
- bm.r, Raymid I. d
mfor N.J. am h puar
erad Mn. nud CowpM

Stute, also Eofanford, N. J.
He waam erof the Holy
Trbipy q Church and
alo d a mmbq4 professional
rw ti he field ofag-

Lee wa-or In Water-
m KN.Y, aduated fnai
CUalrmity Florida nIaN.
EelSht fhoane High
Mel fp4m to the G-

nMveBg Mi his wife, Mrs.
Muri rryw Legate; two
M&eh, Ay and Becky and
two m.Ab and Midl,
al f IIM METth Terr.; his
MI Lr..and Mr. A. W.

Legate of St. Petersburg; and a
brother, A. B. Z. Legate of Falls
Church, Va.
Serves, a native of Germany,
was mpoyed as a salesman
for the Crowell-Cllier Publish-
ing Co.
He is survived by his wife,
Eleen Grossman Serves, two
daughters, Sharon and Tracy,
and two sons, Myron and Frank
Alle, al of 3MSW fb St.; and
his mother, Mrs. Irma Baden of
New York City.
Final funeral arrangements
for Cowperthwaite, Legate and
Sevos will be announced by
Wlliams Thomas Funeral

Funeral Services Set for Airline Crash Victims


2 Glmsvfillo Sm Tnday, eFebruary 4,1964
School weather p rAb --ore About

Boycott To_.'W t

Success? thel, sfpowerloan oe I From Page I
NEW YORK (AP) A he plane dropped almostt at due to the unusually heavr
"whoopee eme ," said a lead. the end of the 5,17-foot run- rains we've had during the past
er of the boycott for full inte.- BCD Cloudy with occa- way that runs northeast to / S ^ e::::.: **** .. .f*ai^ ...... month." Kellv told The Sun
gration of New York City's sional rain through Wedesday. southwest at the Gainesville" :"The problem was caused by
schools. A ltle warer w 0W to- Airport. One engine, the left the excess surface water whict
"Mostly i the is dl th high one, Was torn off at impact, has been draining off the land
Mostly a le" said the W in a t East ming to rest about 5 feet recentlv.
school board president. win 1 to from the fuselage and other eo- "This sliation usually car
Both were talking about the a o hour becoming oath- ge. Or Ca rebels itself Kelly added. "Tht
4362 pupils who stayed away I south Wednesday. Sam Coester, prudent of the / yellow stain is clearing up rap
from school for one day Mow ay il "i f calairline, arrived shortly after '.. dly -in fact. the whole probe
S.m ie aa quartersr. Newsen, who quick. Kelly reported that his office
President James B. Donovan a tu nw.e 1 converged here from a :..... had not pinpointed any specific(
of the Board of Education i: as m t .. co. well as the cause of the yellow
AlU it did was furnish an a s- ma w aedssay. e discoloration
for kids toin stay out." a a corner the airport tr- Site Is A approved r s just due to the hea
Normally. 100,000 of the city's S*p aw v w y minal waiting for the announce- rains in general," he reiterated
one million public school pupils .6 im w a th t .a m o ment ofthe passenger list and The Florida Cabinet today approved the site for a new space age university meBut the State Healthe testing o
stay home each day anyway b 11seeking other bits of informa- 12 miles northeast of Orlando, indicated on map. The official designation is sub.- Iment oda. said the testing o
cause of illness or other rea- bn ku sons. j -_oudy wi alk e nalC dall E corep. ester refused to name the the title contains no legal flaws and that zoning controls are adequate. ing on for the past three weeks
:kAnf to s1atr i te. dawMare _W 1 u .4 at their own recommendation
Of the 13,80 public school ~imu ts a sr u wed- S passengers, saying he was ua- "We've been trying to run
,"dW. a,,111soMom N. .IattFive Boysown the source of pollution
teachers in the nation's largest S us was., is s. S .S ders to wait unl the Fe IV VS own the rce of pollur
school system, 3, thr eea" was is M *A" a w-.- u a Ai deral Aviation Agency and the without much success," DaFid
times more than normal also w . l wiI. rM r CAB authorized him to do s o. B. Lee, Director of the Bureau
were absent. Some joined picket s c.-- At about 11:30 a.m. Coater S of Sanitary Engineering sad
lines of Negroes, Puerto Ricans* .." S issued a terse statement: AURELIA WEEKS Gainesville, died Sunday in today.
and others outside the schools, 'At about 8:05 this morning BELL Mrs. Aurelia Staunton, Va. Theft Speaking from his Jackson.
Children also marched on pick-. Ama ka stt s- 44 South Central Airlines Flight Weeks, 88, died yesterday at a Mrs. Jones was the widow of eft String ville office, Lee told The Sun
et lines. a zm tadin :w 0 P.mi aI AL E aT s 510 crashed on takeoff with nine Macclenny hospital after an ex- Rev. E. Ruffin Jones, formerly 9 "We're going to keep coming
If tomorrow ..... 4:;U a. Wediwa -- I at 7:12 t m. mid
There are 3,733 Negro and M "a...a,, p .or." 12:43 ... *: pf. AW at 11:7 L. as n:s fatalities. At this time I am not tended illness. Rector of Bruton Parish Church Gainesville police say they up with new methods until we
Puerto Rican teachers in the nia a "m.' at liberty to give out any more She was a member of Bell in Williamsburg, Va., and St. solved five cases of breaking lick this problem."
system. a. Int e abe ?t H.m. MsA sAG S L ids in. formation. The identity of the Baptist Church. Andrews Church in Norfolk, and entering, two cases of theft, Asked about the possibility of
The absent teachers face pen. VIsm.L PL.ANrS kmts beco in a"Ma" Wa persons aboard must be care- A native of levy Coun- In 1949 the couple spent several one attempted breaking and en. nearby wells No. 5 and No. 7
allies ranging from loss of one Jvup. ~, ui _...s 9 t loU ( cAasional wai. fully double checked by the gov. ty, she'd lived in the Bell area months in Gainesville while tearing and one burglary with also becoming containminated,
day's pay to possible dismissal ernment agencies before t h e y most of her life. Reverend Jones served as pries the arrest of five Negro ju. Lee replied: "Ill have to cross
for neglect of duty unless they G" -_ n can be given out." Funeral services will be at in charge of Holy Trinity veniles caught attempting tofthat bridge when and if -
can give valid reasons for being P W om n A newsman asked ifthenine3 P.m. to morrow in Bell Bp- urc. break into Snowden's Grocery I coe to it. When you start
absent Board of Education of fatalities included the pilot. tist Church. Burial will be in Besides her son Mrs. Jones on SE 4th St. trying to mov wells it becomes
ciabsent, Boar said. ti Coster's answer was "No." Ma Cnorh of is survived by two daughters, All of the crimes reported rsky and expensive-bus-
Civil rights groups that spear. That meant there were 10 Bell. Wilson-Branon, LakeMrs. Edward Jones of Boston solved occurred since last ness
headed the boycott had said I Ico ln D v y L ete per s, aboard- passengButler, is incharge. and Miss Martha Jones of September.
they would retaliate if the er and the pilot. It also meant tr, rs. Staunton, Va. A patrolman spotted the five More About
board punishes teachersepublan women wi name that apparently one of the pa s ee, I Cecil, The funeral was to have been boys along the side of Snowden's
day's pay. heir presidential and vice prengers occupied one of the Inverness and B. D., New- today in Charlottesville, Va. The Grocery about 10:30 p.m. yes.
Te ev. Milton A. Gala- sdtal choice at the Alc-. two seats in the flight cabin. jerry; a brother, M. C. Scoield, family requests no flowers. terday. The boys ran, but the
The Rev. Milton A. Gala- sidential choiceatH m. Coester said it was not Invr1; a sister, Laura WI NWlAT patrolman caught one of them.
mison, chairman of the citywide us County Republican WornM. istregulations for ap In vnn o llu; WILSONrSWEA Later, the others were pe
Committee for Integrated men's Club Feb. 13 Lincoln Daynagi steat for a pai Cannon, Jacksonville; 12 grand- Later, t thers were picked _
Schools, sponsor of the s t, lub Feb Lncol Day singer to sit in the o pilot's children and 15 great grand- Funeral services have been up. Four of them were taken to From Pan e 1
said the committee would meet banquet seat children, held in Charlotte, N. C. for[.he county jail. The other one
'.within the next 24 hours" tol Open to the public, the ban- He said the extra pilot was Wilson T. Sweat, son of former was turned over to his parents. mits, a second related vote
discuss another boycott. He said qt will feature Dual State not required on VFR days (Vi. MAGGIE McMILLAN Gainesville residents, Mr. and They all received juvenile tick. split 3-2.
Feb. 11 and Feb. 25 had beniqet 1 e sual Flight Regulations) when Mrs. Maggie E. McMillan, 81, Mrs. Thomas R. Sweat. ets. Commissioner Alan Suther.-
"suggested but no dates had been Rep. Tom Slade and Jackson& the weather was good. 518 NW th Ave., died yester- He was the grandson of Mrs. Police said the boys admitted land's motion that the land
se. ville attorney Tim Larken, for- The flight was one of 16 di- day at her home. Ella Finch and the nephew of participating in the following along 13th Street be clas.sited
mer Duval Republican commit- rect daily flights made by the She was a Gainesville native. Mrs. F. T. McCormick and the Crimes: for business-institutional i t
am teem line between Ocala, Gaines- Mrs. McMilan was a mem- late Mrs. Beulah Boyer, all ofl A burlary of a house at 1226zong on the city land use
urse Exam teem vile, Jacksonville and Talla- er of the Advent Christian Gainesville. SE 13th Ave. on Sunday map was opposed by ommis-
Slade is president owner ofhassee. There are other feed- Church here. A graduate of Sewanee, Sewa-i A breaking and entering at sioners Dr. Edwin Andrews
Date Given Slade Gas Co., and owns ever- er flights as far south as Fort Funeral services will be at 1 nee, Tenn. and Eastman Col- 1033 SE 10th Ave. on Jan. 16. and Howard McKinney.
al other gas firms in Jackson- Myers, Coester said. p.m. Wedne sday in the Wil- lege, Pou g hk eepsie, N. Y., A breaking and entering at a City Plan Director Don Mor-
.Florida State Board of Nurs- vie, including a wholesale The ill-fated flight w o u ld liams Thomas Funeral Home Sweat lived in Jacksonville house at 819 SE 13th Ave. Jan. gan told the commission last
ing, Jacksonville, will give 1i- marketing firm and is chair. have terminated at Talla- with Rev. Herman Duke offic- for many years. He had been 13. night the border property along
censing examinations on the hassee. acting. Burial will be in Ever- wth F r e s t one Co. for 35 A breakig and entering at Universityng
Flowing dates': .man of LP Gas SConltanlt, MUADE The airline has seven Beech- green Cemetery. yearsandhad been manager in house at 1024 SE 12th Ave. Decdi Avenue is being stu-
Professional Nurse Examl- Inc., a consulting firm. crafts in operation of the type Pallbearers will be H o r a c e the New York and North Caro- 17, 1963 by City Plan Bordfor
nation April 4a S a He was elected to the House that crashed. None of them Wells. James Wells, Roy Ridg- lina offices. During World War .attempted breaking and in. st ti 2 zon
tical Nurse inati April esentaives in 1 and ristration to Republican. have over 500 hours flying time ell, Bill Ward and Jack Cole- he tried in England with entering of Snowden's Grocery in the oratorium. ncuded
16 and 17. Both exams will be at Isince thelast complete en man. Gen. Patton and was NationalJ
the Seminole Hotel. has been a member of the pub- Reservations for the ban- gine overhaul, said Coster. Survivors I n c I u d e theeCommander of Worlds W a r A an d eLifting the moratorium along
Applications must be com. lc schools, governmental organ- et, which will be at 6:30 p.m. ustbefore m. c oester daughters, Mrs. Mary Ridgell, the Tackle Box on Hawthorne A breakig and enterig of a 13th Street was recommended
pleted and filed in the office of istion, finance and taxat iona the Ugiversity Inn, may be handed out typed copies o Gainesville, Mrs. Ruth Boykin blished in 1918. In 198 he was 1 1 to the commission by the plan
the Board not later than March and insurance workmen's co ade by calling 247, 2-1654 the passenger list. Melbourne, and Mrs. Irva Belle decorated with the Honorary Abreaking and entering. .. of. board.
17 sensation committees. dt2eo-03. The list showed three pasen. ... .... t. b..Combat Badge by President,Oct. In other action last night
This Could Although he was originally Wasickets aretined per g from Ocala, four fr om mW. Gainesville isenhower.1. the commission
T is tickets are three dnGainesville, one from Kno W., Memphis; 30 grand- is survived by his wife, The theft of soft drinks from Deferred action that liar
Democrat, Slade changed his rs.vile, Tenn. and the pilot, a n- children ad great grad Dorothy Hodges Sweat of Char- the Tackle Box on Hawthorne old Bedell be reappointed to
Be Interesti f tive of Toca, Ga. children.
Be lUlu tive of Toccoa, Ga. childr lotte; two daughters, Mrs. Jam-'Road last board i
AB r ,Gaines ville residents MRS. E. RUFFIN JONES es Cox of Charlotte, and Mrs. The theft of copper tubing e plan arin April until
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) For who died in the crash are Dr. Steve Landon of New York, andfrm C. B Bohannon Warehouse after the March 17 cty ec-
an extra -if the Senate go A irp o rtu in James W. Willingham, Univer.Mrs. E. Ruffin Jones, morthea brother, Carroll D. Sweat ofon SE 7th Avenue last Septem on.
llng with a House approved sity of Florida professor of for- of Dr. E. Ruffin Jones Jr. of Gainesville. ber. Approved a secondary
able to get pvAlaskanUmoli willbe estry; Dr. William G. Cooper M ru road priority list for county
license plates nin trrupted director of theDiv Multiple Drugs, Alcohol, Denal Health mmissin considerationre
The fee, added to the usual ion of plant Industry in he o9ommending that Sounh Dr--ot
lice et By JESS MARK M for the short ha t Pla industry in the orida Cbin ed to K ll Alan Lad Film Slated be placed on he state primary
combination of seven letters or Business as usual was the or- Jaeknonville. Dept" of A iclr; 'highway system, and that 1 e
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.. "W*.***uitti** C. sWILLNONAODRUU CO
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r. MrlE let. -eGulmayil hlPie. FREE tREPLACEM.ENT

Tuesdy, February 4, 1964 GaIlmville Sun 3


21 ]~



Ammual Sale
Is New Going
625 W. UnV.
R 41G1 1

For Your Compulel

Howard Adams
"silr Cam pell
24 S.W. 4th Ave.
Ph. FR 6423A



Heshe & Air-c.lalus
2ss MAd
2520 N.L IiN TIna
.FR 6-4212

Over 40 Years Of
"Qukly Cow .
fh"M 172-1458
102 W. Univ. A.

end COLOR!

2 FOR 1
TMi ffer Apples to A
Sie Film KU t 5 miL
1021 W Umaifty
Ph. 3176-1253



b Hw On At
IUI W.Udv,,iy
M a TId MI wTmG
DU Sh* 03 The Can.

LmwNi- Mada

*0 mOb Tab
Lumber Co.
2Ih N.Wh ftM &

.ei sY man


s -atn

* *

Mrs. Larus proprietor of Jil Knit Shop is show
above showing a eutomer a piece of neddlework in

* *

Knitting Is Hqbby

Knitting is definitely one of
Mrs. Larson's hobbies. "When
I first started in the yarn bus.
iness, I had just leaned to
knit. However, after 18 years,
I have learned a little," Mrs.

was very y4un She attended
Stetson University and taught
for several 'years in Key-
stone Heighs. 'en her hus-
band retired from the Navy,
the couple blug the toy shop.

Larson said. "I really enjoy it However, he huSband left man-

when I get to sit down and

knit something for myself, but
because the shop takes so much
time, this Is a rarity," she

agement of ie shop to her and
works with t Test Dvsion o
the Florida tate Road Depart'

mel t

MMLad 1

Although originally from dren, two s9
Meadevlle, Pa., Mrs. Laron a daughter 0.

moved to Tituaville when she

* *

has three child
X and 2, and
All three are

married andgont


Leking f them fret of the ataor to tho mr
yI wei fa mamy d rtmets inm Jiis to atiwfy
yr MeL Fra yor a Kttif eeds to the
flbs k GftI s. I

* *

0 &LW. M I


- sur

*1 I

* *

* *

Annual Sale In Progress

The big event this week at
il' Yam Shop is the sual
le whkh beman yeerday and
wi last until Feb. I1
Al staple yar wil be an
sale, according to Mrs. C. W.
Lam on mw od operator
1 the io. Wosted, sport
weight some mhair and ly
weight (Scandia and Nobby
eec) yarns are included in
the sale. Ths is the first
time any bulky yamrs have
been on sale. There Is a 0

* *

per cut denl os al kits.
Kits Mide shirt ad msweer
ads, straw bags, c kE and
cry pieces are also per cent
d. riil stamped s
wl be mne third to n half

"In the past," said Mrs. u
oo, "a lot o people have
shown an interest in the sale
and usually the reponse is
i y good."

* *

Prepackaged Knitting kits and needlework kits of
all types are in abundance here, row after row of
knitting ideas are on display here.

* *

* *

Baa Baa Black sheep. Have you any wool? Yes

Sir! Yes Sir!
Knit Shop.

BINS FULL Iget my wool at JiB

* *

* *

U.S. in Knitting Boom

"Acamfi to yarn mao- bouou
fte m the United St* and e i
ape an tia bitIa g bem
and it's ad s mpped to reach UsMa
ib peak for about yeas," me wh
Mrs. LaNo "ad e are Mr.
remaD kMat forward to t." buy s
Mrs. Iam euiatad Atb t e. a
the five yams, en b jawMs.


* *

s has

IM- F uI er'

y Mrs. Dubke Is the boly
o wor t the hip with
UaM. BoH wr, dl*i
ease4 Mrs. Inse
Ima to b hlp ew

* *


* *

Located at 625 West University Ave. in the heart
of downtown Gainesville you'll find the favorite
hauat of all knitters and needleworkers, Jills Knit

* *

* *

Full Line of Yarns

Jill's Yarn Shop, open six
days a week from 9 a.m. to
5:30 p.m., carries a complete
line of yarns. Some of the
yarn the shop carries include
those made by Columbia -Mi-
nerva, Bernat, Spinnerin, Paul-
ine Denham, Reynolds, Bear
Brand and Bucilla in stamped
goods. "What we don't have,
we can always order," Mrs.
Larson said.
Besides yarns the shop car-
ries all types of needlepoint
work, knitting bags, all kinds of
kits, hooked rugs and crewel
embroidery. An old art usually
done in Germany, crewel em-
broidery is being revived in the
United States.
The shop also does finishing,
such as bl o c k ing or button-
In the afternoons, oftentimes
women come in and knit giv-
ing the shop a homey atmos-
phere. "In the summer because
the shop is airconditioned
there is invariably at least one
woman waiting out her baby
right up to the last day before
she goes to the hospital," Mrs.
Larson said. "We serve coffee
to our customers and invite
them to bring a sandwich and
stay all day."
"We give free Instruction or
help a knitting to our custom-
ers and there are hundreds of
books here for them to get

* *

directions from,"
son continued.

Mrs. Lar-

When Mrs. Larson first op-
ened her store in July, 1948,
Jack and Jill, Inc. was a toy
store and only carried a few
boxes of yarn. She and her
husband, C. W. Larson, bought
it when he returned from the
Navy after the War. At the
time, it was the only toy store
in town besides the dime
stores. "After the war every.
one was hungry for a decent
toy, Mrs. Larson said.
However, about a year and a
half ago, Mrs. Larson sold out
the toys and specialized in
yarn. "In the last two or three
years the yarn has really tak.
en hold," Mrs. Larson said,
"and the store just couldn't
bold both."
Since Jack and Jill, Inc. has
become Jill's Yarn Shop, it has
done very well. In fact," Mrs.
Larson commented, "the only
thing that I held over from the
toy store, my stuffed animals,
are almost crowded out by so
much needle work. I tried to
keep the stuffed animals be-
cause so many college girls like
them and college girls are very
active knitters.
However, college girls aren't
the only ones knitting. "Knit-
ting seems popular with all
ages, even down to junior high
age," said Mrs. Geraldine
Duke, who helps Mrs. Larson
in the shop.

* *

The place where the effee pot Is always a is
Jib A fanhiteupot is i the rer of the shop where
the dis gather aI take advantage of the expert
glm f at Mrs. Geraide Dke.

* *

* *

This Wek Only!
Snimg Mechine
29 up
Swing Madhin

1is W. Whkwar
IL. 1.i075

Convertible Tops
Tailor-Mode Cover's
And Interior's
2031 N.W. 6th St.
FP. 376-4664

Modern equipment for clanlao
swen. Sink water and al
drains om 4" teo 8" line.
Pnems 372-3501 or 376-7081
1010 S. Main Steet
CALL 376-8215
Northcentral Florida's
Leading Printer
1024 S. Main Street
Gainesville, Florida

720 N.W. 13th St.

Hair Styling College
218 S.L First St.
FR 6-4105

Visit Gainesvilles
Finest Display of


105 N.W. 13i St.
FR 2-8861

Fk 6-5997

1729 W. Univritv Ave.
III N.W. I1tk St.
Rubber Stamps
Office Supplies, Furvni
CALL 376-1217
fas Fee Delivery
Bill Chesnut
0. 9. Ogletree, Jr.
1129 HewthSR. Od

Ski O V IS ON .
a" 4ste far am lim of m
22 W. Uivfrmly An.
Pim aeud Own


PHL. 72.212
Hnwofm PFam

Fer The le

Top Tns


Utib. te

w ,,,,
.....,T ^^^"
91^WRI. w^a r


W gilt Is
L k.A ;A ly,




Tsi4y, rj.aiiy 4, 19,4


at $w~

- ilef a's Butful
i Uldvalty Citr

JOU IL noon", pvdbsad
sad mig. niew. l.a WseI aD

9"iaW a, -ow, an waM
USEU. Jea m-
am u qMe. -
LOOPSI Fndkd Old Ckfd
onI sl~wb.

Claude M. (Red) Franks is a firm
believer in the power of the press.

We know. He blames the Gaines-
ville Sun for his suspension last
September as Alachua County tax
assessor. He comes right out and
says it-the most recent in a letter
- published in the OcalaStar Banner.

Some of our readers doubtless will
remember. Mr. Franks graced our
front page for days and days, which
stretched into months and months.
His witticisms were second only to
the comic page "Peanuts." Example:

"An old politician told me once,
-when things get too muddy and you
can't see what's going on, 'Start a
row.' That's what I'm doing."

Then came the abuse, as Mr.
Franks heaped invective upon the
'heads of less verbal colleagues. With
hardly a fact to rally, he accused
local county officials of stupidity, of
thievery, of body odor.

But that wasn't the end.

. .. Mr. Franks threw Alachua County
fiscal affairs into panic. His mode
'was (1) to issue frightening threats
of pending punitive action, (2) scale
assessments up or down, all accord-
ing to his mood that day, (3) assess
as tax free such "charities" as the
-Gainesville Golf and Country Club.

Aside from the propagation of
panic, Mr. Franks' obvious motive
was to contlr Alaufia County gov-
ernmental spending. In 1962 he suc-
ceeded-cutting school expenditures
from $62 to $57 per pupfl. But the
lid came off in 1963, when Mr.
Franks threatened a $125,000 cut in
.the school budget when actually
$440,000 more was needed.

Spending county money was ab-.
-solutely no part of Mr. Franks' job,
except for running his own office.
Yet, because of his "collapsible" tax
"roll, budget making sessions of the
County Commission became slapstick

We had some opinions of Mr.
-franks' erratic behavior, and we
-expressed them on the editorial
page on several occaions. We
thought he should fly right When
this approach failed t6 impress Mr.
Franks. we urged other officials to
peak loudly and use a big stick.
Finally they did-appearing in the
'apitol with a sheaf of resolutions,
county officials unanimously asked
the removal of Mr. Franks.

He was suspended by the igor-

nor last Septaner 1.

Now, seven mont ps later, Mr.
Franks is maki noises like he will
seek election as county tax asseassor
again. He hasi one good talking
point-the kind' that pulls heart-
strings. He lackA some seven months
of accumulating '30 years public
service, which qould put him in a
higher retirement bracket.

You would thiAk Mr. Franks would
have considered Ithis before he be-
gan all the ruckds, But he apparent-
ly overestimated the public patience.
His misjudgmen! threatens to cost
him money, exactly how much we
do not know.

This delicate isue is the source of
much discomfort to Alachua County
officials those self-same men so
abused by Mr. Franks such a short
time ago. We happen to know they
have scurried around much in ef-
forts to help Mr. Franks out of his
dilemma. The Gainesville Sun quiet-
ly acquiesced to this covert activity.
We all had a joint interest in sound
assessment policies, not in robbing
Mr. Franks of deserved retirement

We know chief E. W. Sraugan of
the State Revenue Department
offered to hire Mr. Franks. It wasn't
exactly the g9ernorship and it
wasn't as cozy the tax assessor's
office. But it offered employment
for state retireent purpose.

Mr. Franks tu ned it down.

Mr. Franks' tak about running for
county tax assessor is difficult to
evaluate. A yeaj or so ago, he an-
nounced as candidate for City Com-
mission in Gainsville and this
turned out to b utter fiction. Cur-
rently, he is engaged in a "cam-
paign" for the sovernorship.

Let's suppose e is serious about
seeking the tax assessor's post in
the upcoming prmarie. We have no
objection. We & Mr. Franks al-
ready is persna.ently retired from
public life. But we don't think Mr.
Franks is convinced of that-and an
electoral defeat might do the job.
I .
Our only aim Is to put the retire-
ment matter in true perspective. Mr.
Franks had histchance to complete
seven months, VId he doubtless will
have other chance. So .far he de-
clines obvious kinduiases,
1 :
The retiree t issue 'is a paper
tiger, which co pses into a puff of
hes upon addition of a few flam-
ing fact I

Voice of the Pe

L.On The Sun's Opinion Pae.
opfiow .s NW A ma mii an ise l Vsk 6 a *,lo '*e aas- | mLo
Oma he spged ad e whe e a lsW IM il W hoB wMal If b-taWtatA AegW MhuM
aSw w mq no baa i whims ae midh d Mmw. f alC maeaeui paon e
fm aa ieas .o wt .aed ae hit w .n en a aM d twhim se. Pc a r s ie muS. a e
S e e r sn em e t i g h n@ m l e e e a l o s e e t o w h e n e i w h e a t s h e p i n M e m e s s e n e l e a

Furor Delights
EDlITOR, Siun Now that
the Surge Geral has fi-
ally rdiand the loW oe..
dureport mn mkain.
wondering how ot ha-
wie O peopl wEa
" have se ad sba to

m.r. I wi.d ir tef ihs- t
sins ma not be triggered
by the vesy h t itA tf.

Te amit fr dfliM
me ad b t hop that
mwor d reatg Mue
wt ao ham t care of hir
Im t1t I wnt d a myli
we amdelam wb tM

a an am. u.b

and not bhe ieted W to
breathing in te mfsonad
exhalations da ary p.
I dmeUt modeve mr "Vl
tadt" type at audd b
albut t1u maka-,; as
1 I believe tamt Wm
hbve e mmswamdi-

be ict.o n bidr. 1ftKh
ts best -o mi ~a-






Not For

Nice Men?

A printing shop owner was
one of V persons interviewed
in an normal sidewalk sur-
vey on the abject of Colonel
John Glenn, the U.S. astro-
naut, becoming a candidate
for the Democratic party om-
ination to the federal Senate.
The businessman said he
was disappointed that Colonel
Glenn was going into politics
because be felt "Glenn is a
high-type, an all-American
boy, and it (getting into poli-
tics) doesn't make sense."
A housewife voiced a simi-
lar comment. Politics, she
d, was ma bad chole be-
cause "he's such a pod per-
son that hi should not get in-

commonplace reactions by
Americans who would, If poll-
ed, declare themselves strong-
ly in support of "the American
Way of Life." Politics is the
American way of life, the
American system. We elect all
those who govern us, from the
most humble local office to
the highest, that of the presi
dency. We are a nation that
lives, for, of and by politics. .
Our Constitution, which
rather elaborately spells out
our representative form of
government, is the oldest writ-
ten constitution in the modern
world. When it formally was
adopted there was a monarch
on the throne of France, reign-
ing by divine right of kings.
There was a Czar in the
palace at St. Petersburg, a
Sultan in Constantinople, a
Holy Roman emperor, a
Venetian Republic, a Dutch
Republic, an emperor in
China, and a Goddescended
Mikado in Japan.
The able British historian,
D. W. Brogan, and others
have commented that since
179, when the Constitution
was adopted, forms and real-
ities have changed less in the
United States than in any
other political organization.
We have lived within the
framework of that Constitu-
t, and our way our
'system," is political.

YET, WE FIND that many
Americans tend to create a
gulf between thesmases and
polite referring the worst
connotation of the word to the
best This has been true with
us from the begiaing. It is
one of the weakneasd of ur
"system." A high percetage
of those qualified do not vote.
me, need, fa to regisr.
Otr din t t "pAoltiM." MP
ies is not, In their alk,
iethif that a amAer
can boy ought to get inte.
Politics is notm soeting for
a nice young man.
That politicians have merit-
ed distrust and condemnation
is true. But public apathy,
tolerance or a feeling of being
alienated from "politics" is at
the root of all, or almost all,
political knavery and ineffici-
South Dakota's legislature
recently made omcm abSolb.-
mat of the poll tax in federal
elections. We saw then the
ary spectacle f me Soth-
eam Imates, bdi Virgadla
mo to retrict e nae
by making poll tax p ns
necessary in a state nd
low electia Ta e Sohen
states have a lower percent-
age of voter participatio than
states in other regq The
Negro has, until recently, been
dtisranhield in the Sot.
The epfay s Mi and
t Mli racy percOiMta o
ai to e tlow total
of Souhn voters.
apply, the American y-
Ism, wr wayof lik, OtWIM
to attrad ctmne pod yng
mm,n awe doa Ce-
ag a wnu to take the
critkim, -mi a -
lEI ft l is a pI
of Cmpagm I..MaM
trhtimak in S w-
ad is mmw
the fMa isf 9 amar
do howft16t m eaM
- I inS, for a
m pe. amdM bw -s-
te t ATmemin hae 4
pum aWe, 6@AMf
pe~ amde be m
I bt at by phs



O Xmj l8rt lbuts
President Dwight D. Eisem-
hower's defense of the reli-
ability of United States mis-
ies is plainly Intended. in
the view of Pentagon offici-
als, to remove the issue from
partisan politics.
Gen. Kialenhower's -p
statement in Detb*ot appeared
to pAt him in the am cor-
ner with Secretary of De-
fense Robert S. M amara
and in opposition to SaOI Bar6
ry Golkhrater. Goldwater in-
troduced the issue in a cam-
pa speech aI New Hamp-
shike, when he cast doubt oa
the reliability of U. S. inter.
continental ballis ssiles
McNamara answered him
sharply the next day, and in



his statement to the House
Armed Services Committee he
devoted four pages to a de-
fase of the missile's depend.
Goldwater, with the sup-
prt of the Air Force and of
mn- members of Congress,
favors the production of more
m ed bombers.
McNAMARA'S statement
was addreeds u eentily to
the comparative reliability
and dependability of bomb.
re and missiles, and be con-
cluded that "we can predict
the results of missile attack
with greater nfded e than
those of bomber attack."
Despite the Secretary's
statement and the support by
Esenhower, the issue of mis-
s reMliability i unliMkely to

disappear either in technical
or political arguments. This
is because there are consid-
erable gaps in our know-
ledge about the electromag-
netic effects of a nuclear
explosion. There is also con-
cern among some military
experts about the damaging
results of these effects upon
our missile systems.
This issue was discussed at
length before Congress dur-
ing the hearings on the nu-
clear test ban treaty and
Goldwater's doubt about mis-
sile reliability is asked, it is
understood, largely on the
facts broulmight out at that
The Senator referred, in
one of his statements, to pos-
sible mechanical or electrical
missile malfunctions. McNa-
mara, in his denials, did
not mention the electromag-
netic phenomena. After the
detonation by Russia of her
multimegton weapons, some
of the wiring systems of the
Minutleman silo sites were
revised and replaced to meet
the menace of the electro-
magnetic emanations
that improvements in electri-
cal circuits and shielding of
various types can reduce
materially the electromagnet-
ic effects of thermonuclear

just what these effects are
and how important they
would be at great distances is
incomplete and this is one of
the arguments Goldwater
used when he opposed the
test ban.
He apparently fears that
the tremendous electronic
emanations resulting from a
the rm nuclear explosion
would degrade the electrical
circuitry and the i nertial
guidance system of missile
sites and of the missiles them-

0 Iem iark Sims
PARIS Having recog-
nized Mao TeTung, Gen-
eral De Gaulle is out to
neutralize Southeast Asia.
Hebelieves this is the sole
way of saving what is left of
the area from an eroding
Communist tide. He doesn't
pretend this is a desirable sol-
ution, just the only ne.
There Is a contrast between
De Gaulle's approach to par-
titioned Viet Nam and his
views on partitioned Ger-
many. In private he says that
if Germany were neutral-
ized, France and all Europe
would alo soon be neutrals-
ed. Therefore he opposes neun-
tralism in Europe. But to
Asia, where France lost its
dominant position after Dies.
blenpho, he favors it because
he believes it unavoidable.
Washington, which was
hbuwraned by De Gaule's
ackDowledmat of Mao and
dwlbhed by b failure to
coosult a, is even more
alarmed by his support of
neutralism in Asia. France
is no longer engaged in war
there but the United States is.
By recognizing Mao and sup-
porting neutralism, De Gaulle
did something we refused to
do when France was still
fighting Algerian national-
ists; we refrained from recog-
iing their regime. There is
emotional if not political com-

the thought f Soonthes Asian
neuraha bheae we hIve
am blw be* it werb in
Ios and we know Peking en-
dores it a a fnt step to lli-
matie cMtroL But, while
Washington abhors De
Gane's idea, it would seem
to have but e obvious rebut-
tal: To a7lie ucehasub-
staial vitry in the South
Viet NMum Pi war that
a remith* ae govern-
med cm be Sieand
there. e trel is in remae.
Our pos mitar -
ot pl rmmbies
that ofd lrm k mitsn bo .
china vxpea ,e a in Al-
mms. ? wnowB i d ao w
weanort e st backed
with se.tS v-r by a

Ais pi a eliml q
l b emWas toote ti
i Ins I a mm-
i a $u bdo th m

stemu s l is

w^ bu fl u

Some of these electromag-
netic effects were described
for the Senate at the time of
the nuclear test ban debate
in a paper by Dr. V, W. Vo-
dicka, technical director, Jos-
lyn Electronic Sstems Divis-
ion. and John A Kuypers of
Stanford University.
"our systems design and im-.
plementation remains in the
horse and-buggy stage with
r e s p e c t to nuclear elec-
tromagnetic effects."
"Many tactical and strate-
gic weapons, communications
and command systems are
not hard electrically. These
s stems as now implement-
ed may not survive electron-
ically to the same degree
that they will not survive
Unprotected military and
commercial facilities might
e x p e r i ence "catastrophic"
electrical and electronic fail-
ures f r o m the effects of fus-.
ion explosions to as far a%
120 miles from the scene of
the blast of a multi-megaton
explosion. (Some scientists
believe the effects are even
more widerangingi.

By Iuftrendi

"Just out of curiosity, what kind of gimmick you going
to use to capture the female vote?"

The North Koreans and
their Chinese allies derived
their real strength from a
safe haven inside China.
Ho Chi Minh's original par-
tisans were similarly trained
in and supplied from China
in the campaign that produced
Dienbienphu and Viet Nam's
partition. The Algerian rebels
drew logistical support and
reserves from Tunisia and
Morocco. But Neither the
United States in Korea nor
France in Viet Nam or
Algeria was willing to risk
spreading the war across in-
ternational frontiers. Con-
sequently Korea and Viet
Nam were cut up and Algeria
Guerrillas sustained from
abroad can last a long time
even if the local population
doesn't wholly embrace them,
as in Malaya. And f perril-
las are om itaed and gap
importat local port, they
can endure aost inde
ly asa n Algeria and Viet

DE GAULLE'S Asia policy
seeks France's eminence in
the nonaligned world and now
forces the United States to
face an awkward dilemma:
Either spread the war and
thereby sacrifice a moral
position; or get nibbled to
death ina a mp.
De GoB mawu instead
the notSaltbia of no--
COMMEM bitU and
Sam& Ada, ex-t
US tmp. Doe CGube ib
this mMe timhe s md the
SEATO Alcm but he
d 't k SM AO really

His Irmia might pro-
duce convulsive repercus-
sions in Thailand and Mal-
ysia and there is a patently
danger iergence be-
twee Wan gt o nd Paris

fi\e associated electromag-
netic effects resulting from
nuclear explosions
I. Argus effect (named for
a series of low yield, high
altitude tests conducted by
the U. S. in the South At-
lantic in 1958): Man made
auroras are created equal in
electrical disturbance to any
recorded sun-spot storm.
2 Electromagnetic pulse ef-
fect, Noted in even' test
shot, this "extremely power-
ful" effect has caused mstru
mentation f a i I ures. sudden
major voltage changes in
buried and aerial cable, in-
sulation breakdown, tripping
of circuit breakers many
miles away and conductor
3. Neutron flux effect. This
occurs close to the explosion
and is "often masked" by
the electromagnetic pulse ef-.
fect. It too, creates abnormal
voltages and electrical stress.
4. Static discharge effect.
This is similar in appear.
ance and occurrence to light-
ning. It is applicable to ra-
dio antennas and other above-
ground facilities which may
have survived the mechanical
stresses outside of but close
to a nuclear fireball The cur-
rents that would be experi-
enced are sufficient to melt
the st r u c tural components
and collapse the facility
5. Radio frequency trans-
mission effect. More w o r k is
needed particularly in the low
frequency and ultra low fre-
quency transmission area to
determine the degree of vul-
nerability of radio communl-
cations facilities to nuclear ef-
"Categorical statement s
minimizing or pointing out the
absence of vulnerability of
these transmission media are
The two scientists pointed
out that "there is a definite
need for a focal point for
information regarding the
various electromagnetic ef f-
fects on weapons, command
and c i m m u nications s s.
teams '

on the issue. Nevertheless, re-
sentment won't solve the
problem. The Diem regime,
unpopular as it was, rep-
resented a government and
policy in Saigon. It has gone
and should have gone; but
now there is nothing but a
succession of officers' cabals.
grettable that De Gaulle
chose to apply his views uni-
laterally at our expense. But
crushing the Vietnamese
guerrillas and producing a
viable regime still looks
like an opium dream. South
Viet Nam's political stabili-
ty is dissolving: Laos has
been de fact partitioned and
guerrilla supplies stream
through. Partisans spread
and neither helicopters nor
new tactics have checked
Under today's nuclear
umbrella, real man ain
ungle has a admirable
chance against efficient ma-
chine. We don't want an ex-
panded war and we haven't
discovered bow to win a lim-
ited war. Unless we can solve
this unsolvable puzzle we may
in the end be forced, begrudg-
ingly, to ponder De Gaulle's
unpleasant alternative.

Washington Memo

Frm The Cwles WashingtonM lurea

FOLLOW 11M 15*u): Anyone who regularly reads the
Cogreeslioal Record umows that the top men of our country
believe in ug pley of words, even if they're the wrong
ones. A letter eived by the Civil Service Commission shows
that the practice is catching on and the people are learning
to do just like teacher said. To wit: 'Ihe disapproval of my
application for the senior tool and cage designer was a
squalid action of your department and very unfair to disap-
prove my application because it has not been confirmable
therefore expunged for approval. I depreciate your letter and
will not succumb until I prevail and expiate the reason."


By Fltcher Kab. Cowlea Washington Burea
eammiMea pnedit a hem yor. Th're outing M the America system
-that mat d the things y w will war et at the sam time.
Pr dist kmonm announce a war against poverty and a drastic cut in fed-
al piaf. The LBJ mage is now maring- a kind of a Frankbo D
Cm..M ar nwaTyrr iora luser w pr. They ruga e t seI .
di m amte as a nagdIm Cm am.
ListaSn to MAhisn's GOt. Room, y the Ide that his dl d.-
oll at to r mforpwesidmt wil dm a smma m dq ai -

Ns to hh .1St.* tt m
_ it .e = _, -


4 GswaaaviSa ou


,L "I t a
L= r dfdMO. fabuM" bm I
The Smi's tIpm AML- t 13 11
Wet M-47&4672

Recalling the Facs


De Gaulle and Neutralism

Already m eI a m u-bridn .
aid that tiny a holed lnil* to t ad pNo
OwnI h lhp mFaY n be o w sm to ap
Some dolmItM tm 111 rnws habeafl

ke $- lfeg mdSu mamd ltL Or
dinm ita. im f* Iram ucMMeat i bd


4. mlenI Sm TmUdiy, Febmry 4, 194,

&A& As

Jo 'as Beautiful
aiveraity City,

z %'mUt PAT COWU3. T&W Pro&
b auuMao. Tis p .uom
at EzuM. iw RmoV W. Ga -(
&aL W. TIne uprS o Ad
"040^ DktWie KSO TAMiAG-
sLks. Thw PMlin a4 Cba.

LsTNS sb- a. Im
L e t.mbbahAS tA d- l s -a Ian.Raa

Thu Sum's iphe m: AM pm iI 441
Wme Ad -37646

- CRecalling

SClaude M. (Red) Franks is a firm
reliever in the power of the press.

We know. He blames the Gaine-
--.ville Sun for his suspension last
- September as Alachua County tax
assessor. He comes right out and
says it-the most recent in a letter
published in the Ocala-Star Banner.

Some of our readers doubtless will
-remember. Mr. Franks graced our
-front page for days and days, which
stretched into months and months.
His witticisms were second only to
the comic page "Peanuts." Example:

"An old politician told me once,
when things get too muddy and you
can't see what's going on, 'Start a
. row.' That's what I'm doing."

Then came the abuse, as Mr.
Franks heaped invective upon the
heads of less verbal colleagues. With
hardly a fact to rally, he accused
local county officials of stupidity, of
thievery, of body odor.

But that wasn't the end.

Mr. Franks threw Alachua County
fiscal affairs into panic. His mode
was (1) to issue frightening threats
of pending punitive action, (2) scale
assessments up or down, all accord-
ing to his mood that day, (3) assess
as tax free such "charities" as the
Gainesville Golf and Country Club.

Aside from the propagation of
panic, Mr. Franks' obvious motive
was to control Alachua County gov-
ernmental spending. In 1962 he suc-
ceeded---cutting school expenditures
from $62 to $57 per pupil. But the
lid came off in 1963, when Mr.
Pranks threatened a $125,000 cut in
the school budget when actually
$440,000 more was needed.

Spending county money was ab-
solutely no part of Mr. Franks' job,
exceptt for running his own office.
'Yet, because of his "collapsible" tax
roll, budget making sessions of the
County Commission became slapstick

We had some opinions of Mr.
Franks' erratic behavior, and we
expressed them on the editorial
page on several occasions. We
thought he should fly right When
this approach failed to impress Mr.
Franks, we urged other officials to
speak loudly and use a big stick.
Finally they did-appearing in the
Capitol with a sheaf of resolutions,
county officials unanimously asked
the removal of Mr. Franks.

He was suspended by the govern.

; the Fcts

nor last Seplember 1.
Now, sevtn months later, Mr.
Franks is making noises like he will
seek election! as county tAx assessor
again, lie w one good talking
point-the ind that pulls heart-
strings. Hie cks some seven months
of accumulating 30 years public
service, which isould put him in a
higher retirement bracket.

You would think Mr. Franks would
have considted this before he be-
gan all the ruckus. But he apparent-
ly overestimated the public patience.
His misjudg'nent threatens to cost
him money,' exactly how much we
do not know.
This delicate issue is the source of
much disconifort to Alachua County
officials those self-same men so
abused by Ih. Franks such a short
time ago. We happen to know they
have scurried Around much in ef-
forts to helpl Mi. Franks out of his
dilemma. The Ghinesville Sun quiet-
ly acquiesced to'this covert activity.
We all had l joint interest in sound
assessment olihies, not in robbing
Mr. Franks of reserved retirement

We know dhiet E. W. Straughn of
the State Rdvenue Department
offered to hire Mr. Franks. It wasn't
exactly the' governorship and it
wasn't as coty ,Is the tax assessor's
office. But i offered employment
for state retirement purposes.
I ;
Mr. Frankt turned it down.

Mr. Franks' talk about running for
county tax ssossor is difficult to
evaluate. A yeat or so ago, he an-
nounced as candidate for City Com-
mission in g(ainesville and this
turned out to bW utter fiction. Cur-
rently, he iq engaged in a "cam-
paign" for the governorship.
Let's suppose 'he is serious about
seeking the tax, assessor's post in
the upcoming pri aries. We have no
objection. W fivel Mr. Franks al-
ready is permanently retired from
public life. Bjit ve don't think Mr.
Franks is corwineed of that-and an

I '
Our only aim iY to put the retire-
ment matter Ah true perspective. Mr.
Franks had is F hance to complete
seven months! and he doubtless will
have other chant-es. So far he de-
clines obvious* kindnesses.

The retirpent issue is a paper
tiger, which collages into a puff of
ashes upon addition of a few flam-
ing facts. ,

Voice of the People

SThe Sun's Opinion 1 4
Ophiim aId amene S se maIms me weakem to Se lhe eeIe *o lm., Lamw
mN e bs l idw So he the where's dim Otna a he it i equated. A letter shield
.e u SoowmmImeedusewmIuanMwouk unmiMe hmfn.StrycameeTh
Sea mew. She list t sleI t NB haiY tor n. Ia ti, wi bes t heis writer's meirlse w

Furor Delights

EDIToR, Sun: Now that
tihe Sreo General has -
iy released the long over-
due report an smutig, rm
wandering bow m other-
S iteUBll t people wil
hae the gti ad batsb to

ai that al s st hNlesthr

thi Ur ta-1 -


as. I wonder if these Ow
sh s might not be trigued
by the very habi ietl.

T7e current r de
me and spa the hope at
many of my moAki Mis
wi so have the scae their
lies that I wne't findmy it-
in miadif wth i*m
miund by am fi n om

l mee l to a ldted a

S yuie t f&, be o
yuSbmuakmr b eI*
ywehadmt be. dEdS
adbs su a u lqd hrm

aso dot be sabjeted to
b"e,*ing in te Mcondand
esbaltions of nearby group.
I d't belief other "Vol-"
: type ct ou bring
thiss Umilsaum; meiber
db IP believe that smokers
4e he cortey or cnsider-
A"for oteraWoWre thmir

-a" .*p ea
Sdababli* afit

a 9 i ubminial i




|ifaer Vrase Wrnak I
0O th Aing., (G") Ci


Not F

Nice M

A printing shop ow
one of 50 persons int
in an informal side
vey on the subject of
Tnhn flann the IT


a Nt "ark ittmr
President Dwight D. Eisen-
1.GHL shower's defense of the reli-
rmwa, ability of United States mis-
siles is plainly intended, in
the view of Pentagon offici-
als, to remove the issue from
fQ partisan politics.
Gen. Eisenhower's public
statement in Detroit appeared
to put him in the same cor-
or ner with Secretary of De-
fense Robert S. McNamara

n ? and in opposition to Sen. Bar-
troduced the issue in a cam-
paign speech in New Hamp-
W ws shire, when he cast doubt on
erieweas the reliability of U. S. inter-
Continental ballistic missiles.
Colonels McNamara answered him
f Colonel sharply the next day, and in

naut, becoming a candidate
for the Democratic party nom-
ination to the federal Senate.
The businessman said he
was disappointed that Colonel
Glenn was going into politics
because he felt "Glenn is a
high-type, an all-Americ a n
boy, and it (getting into poli-
tics) doesn't make sense."
A housewife voiced a simi-
lar comment. Politics, she
said, was a bad choice be-
cause "he's such a good per-
son that he should not get in-
commonplace reactions by
Americans who would, if poll-
ed, declare themselves strong-
ly in support of "the American
Way of Life." Politics is the
American way of life, the
American system. We elect all
those who govern us, from the
most humble local office to
the highest, that of the presi-
dency. We are a nation that
lives, for, of and by politics. .
Our Constitution, which
rather elaborately spells out
our representative form of
government, is the oldest writ-
ten constitution in the modern
world. When it formally was
adopted there was a monarch
on the throne of France, reign-
ing by divine right of kings.
There was a Czar in the
palace at St. Petersburg, a
Sultan in Constantinople, a
Holy Roman emperor, a
Venetian Republic, a Dutch
Republic, an emperor in
China, and a God-descended
Mikado in Japan.
The able British historian,
D. W. Brogan, and others
have commented that since
1789, when the Constitution
was adopted, forms and real-
ities have changed less in the
United States than in any
other political organization.
We have lived within the
framework of that Constitu-
tion, and our way of life, our
"system," is political.

YET, WE FIND that many
Americans tend to create a
gulf between themselves and
politics, preferring the worst
connotation of the word to the
best. This has been true with
us from the beginning. It is
one of the weaknesses of our
"system." A high percentage
of those qualified do not vote.'
Some, indeed, fail to register.
Others distrust "politics." Pol-
itics is not, in their minds,
something that an all-Ameri-
can boy ought to get into.
Politics is not something for
a nice young man.
That politicians have merit-
ed distrust and condemnation
is true. But public apathy,
tolerance or a feeling of being
alienated from "politics" is at
the root of all, or almost all,
political knavery and ineffici-
South Dakota's legislature
recently made official abolish-
ment of the poll tax in federal
elections. We saw then the
sorry spectacle of some South.
ern states, including Virginia,
moving to restrict the suffrage
by making poll tax payments
necessary in all state and
local elections. The Southern
states have a lower percent-
age of voter participation than
states in other regions. The
Negro has, until recently, been
disfranchised in the South.
The one-party situation and
the literacy percentages also
contributed to the low total
of Southern voters.
Happily, the American sys.
tem, or way of lie, cootiom
to attract some good young
men, ice eno and cour-
ageou enough to take tid
critic smearing and m
tional join that is a part
of camping. Presl
K smue s m ain icole
tribotion t nif arm wm --
and is e anous.
ft maes vTy pod e
the plrm"ti shop o am w
ae haouwie to the ia
mtw ,, i W10 Wa aekM
type, a -Afric boy to p
IEo the AinMri o bmtowof
Politics. We, the Amuie


his statement to the House
Armed Services Committee he
devoted four pages to a de-
fense of the missile's depend-
Goldwater, with the sup-
port of the Air Force and of
many members of Congress,
favors the production of more
manned bombers.
MeNAMARA'S statement
was addressed essentially to
the comparative reliability
and dependability of bomb-
ers and missiles, and he con-
cluded that "we can predict
the results of missile attack
with greater confidence than
those of bomber attack."
Despite the Secretary's
statement and the support by
Eisenhower, the issue of mis-
sile reliability is unlikely to

By Interlandi

"Just out of curiosity, what kind of gimmick you going
to use to capture the female vote?"

disappear either in technical
or political arguments. This
is because there are consid-
erable gaps in our know-
ledge about the electromag-
netic effects of a nuclear
explosion. There is also con-
cern among some military
experts about the damaging
results of these effects upon
our missile systems.
This issue was discussed at
length before Congress dur-
ing the hearings on the nu-
clear test ban treaty and
Goldwater's doubt about mis-
suile reliability is based, it is
understood, largely on the
facts brought out at that
The Senator referred, in
one of his statements, to pos-
sible mechanical or electrical
missile malfunctions. McNa-
mara, in his denials, did
not mention the electromag-
netic phenomena. After the
detonation by Russia of her
multimegaton weapons, some
of the wiring systems of the
Minuteman silo sites were
revised and replaced to meet
the menace of the electro-
magnetic emanations.

that improvements in electri-
cal circuits and shielding of
various types can reduce
materially the electromagnet-
ic effects of thermonuclear
However, our knowledge of
just what these effects are
and how important they
would be at great distances is
incomplete and this is one of
the arguments Goldwater
used when he opposed the
test ban.
He apparently fears that
the tremendous electronic
emanations resulting from a
t h e r m nuclear explosion
would degrade the electrical
circuitry and the inertial
guidance system of missile
sites and of the missiles them-
Some of these electromag-

prayers and gifts given to me
during my illness. Rev. T. D.
F RC Dolo d N ews Edit r BDavis, moderator of Jerusalem
B. F. Childs, Colored News Editor Baptist Association.

CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENTS and also her son, Edward Tay. THANK YOU
Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist- lor, for their kindness. Mrs. Eu- The family of the late Albert
Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; la Dooling, reporter. Higgins wishes to thank each of
morning worship, 11 a.m.; and you for acts of kindness shown
evening worship, 6 p.m. Rev. VIRGIL SMITH AILING us during the illness and death
H. Kinsey, pastor. Virgil Smith, a pioneer citi- of Mr. Higgins. We especially
Spring Hill Baptist Sunday zen and m e m b e r of the Mt. thank Rev. W. J. Taylor and
School, 10 a.m.; morning wor- Pleasant Methodist Church, is Rev. T. D. Davis for their con-
ship, 11 a.m.; and evening wor- ailing in the hospital. soling words. Mrs. A. L.
ship, 6:30 p.m. Higgins, wife, Mrs. Altameze
Mt. Pleasant Methodist SPECIAL NOTICE Henry and Mrs. Barbara H.
Tha, will ha mtil.m ,rai r Thn TL adiAs' Av;ili;n, f tA h Bryant. daughters.


netic effects were described
for the Senate at the time of
the nuclear test ban debate
in a paper by Dr. V. W. Vo-
dicka. technical director, Jos-
lyn Electronic Systems Divis-
ion, and John A. Kuypers of
Stanford University.
"our systems design and im-
plementation remains in the
horse and-buggy stage with
respect to nuclear elec-
tromagnetic effects."
"Many tactical and strate-
gic weapons, communications
and command systems are
not hard electrically. These
systems as now implement-
ed may not survive electron-
ically to the same degree
that the y will not survive
Unprotected military and
commercial facilities might
e x p e r i ence "catastrophic"
electrical and electronic fail-
ures f r o m the effects of fus-
ion explosions to as far as
120 miles from the scene of
the blast of a multi-megaton
explosion. tSome scientists
believe the effects are een
more wideranging).

five associated electromag-
netic effects resulting from
nuclear explosions-
1. Argus effect (named for
a series of low yield, high
altitude tests conducted by
the U. S. in the South At-
lantic in 1958): Man made
auroras are created equal in
electrical disturbance to any
recorded sun-spot storm.
2. Electromagnetic pulse ef-
fect. Noted in every test
shot, this "extremely power-
ful" effect has caused instru-
mentation fail ures, sudden
major v o lt a g e changes in
buried and aerial cable, in-
sulation breakdown, tripping
of cir cuit breakers many
miles away and conductor
3. Neutron flux effect This
occurs close to the explosion
and is "often masked" by
the electromagnetic pulse ef-
fect It too, creates abnormal
voltages and electrical stress,
4. Static discharge effect,
This is similar in appear-
ance and occurrence to light-
ning. It is applicable to ra-
dio antennas and other ahmec-
ground facilities which may
have survived the mechanical
stresses outside of but close
to a nuclear fireball. The cur-
rents that would be experi-
enced are sufficient to melt
the s t r u c tural components
and collapse the facility

Srne w e wu DJaWen prye ie a e us ua OmV Vt iar U -o w- -- -er' n -- o w -a.
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rehear sal on Thursday, 7:30 PERSONALS loris Phillips, reporter. cations facilities to nuclear ef-
p.m. Edell Turner, president; Miss Nellie Williams and Miss! fects.
Richard Parker, organti. The Mary H. Smith, both of Atlan- SPECIAL NOTICE "Categorical state ments
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7:30 p.m. All Church School Mrs. Amy Young returned the Bell's Nursery School, on, these transmission media are
teachers and members of the here yesterday from Cleveland, West 7th Terrace, tomorrow at' unrealistic."
Commission on Education are Ohio, where she was combine. 7:30 p.m. M. Green, W. M.; The two scientists pointed
requested to please be present. ing business and pleasure for James Osborn, finance secre- out that "there is a definite
Rev. W. M. Ferguson, pastor. the past two weeks. tary; Robert L. Smith, record. need for a focal point for
Emanuel Baptist- There will Mrs. Mary L. Dunbar left ing secretary, information regarding the
be prayer meeting today, 7:30 yesterday for New York City -various electromagnetic ef f-
p.m. because of the illness of her SLATES MEETING fects on weapons, command
Mt. Carmel Baptist There daughter, Mrs. Mittie Williams, The Home Mission Society of and c o m m u nations sys-
will be mid-week Meditation whose condition was reported the First Baptist Church will teams "
Services today, 7:30 p.m.; as somewhat improved. She will meet at the home of Mrs. Ona Hospital Saturday after a brief
Youth Movement Wednesday, be away for several days. Mae Pyles, of 614 SW 3rd St., to. illness.
7:30 p.m., and also Choirs Nos. Robert Jones returned here day at 7:30 p.m. Duncan Brothers, morticians,
1 and 2 will have their rehear- yesterday from Atlanta, Ga., -- will announce funeral arrange.
sal, 8 p.m.; there will be Teach- where he was called because of CLUB PLANS MEETING ments later.
ers' Meeting, Thursday, 7:3 business. The S. Marion Weeks Club of
p.m.; and Choirs Nos. I and 2 Miss Eva Williams, of Clear- the Mt. Pleasant Methodist WARREN JONES
will again have their joint re- water, passed through Gaines- Church will meet at the home of Funeral services for Warren
hearsal Friday 8 p.m. Rev. T. ville yesterday en route to Mrs. Mattie Bellamy, of 812 Jones will be held at the Mt.
A. Wright, pastor; Mrs. Esther Jacksonville to visit with his SW 6th Ave., today at 8:3 p.m. Pleasant Methodist Church on
Hamm, reporter, aunt, Mrs. Carrie L Thomas, Feb. 4. Thursday at 3 p.m. with the pas-
-- and other relatives. tor, Rev W M. Ferguson, offi-
CARD OF THANKS Mrs. Alice Thomas and her CHORAL GROUP TO MEET ciatmg. Interment will follow in
The family of the late John daughters, Mrs. Stone and Mrs. The Choral Group of Lodge Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
J. McHenry wish to thank all Miles, all of Minnie Hill, left No. 113 will meet today at 8 p.m. His immediate survivors im-
persons who showed acts of recently for Ft. Piere to at- at the home of Charlie Ross, elude his mother, Mrs. Nellie
kindness during his illness and tend the funeral oMrs. Thom- president, of 704 SW 5th Terr. Wilson, city; lather, Jefferson
subsequent death, as's site, Mrs. Rosa Lee Bo- Jones, Jacksonville; children,
van. NOTICE Mary Jane and Willie Warren
REUNION DNNER Miss Willie Mae Douglas and The Azalea Court No. 104 will Jones, city, brother, Jeff Jones,
The members of the 4th Ave- daughter, Ella Mae, of Miami, meet at the regular meeting city; grandmother. Mrs. Susie
nme Church of Christ on NW whose visit here for the past place Thursday, Feb. 6, at 8 Jones, city: aunts, Mrs. Genea
Ith Ave., were feted at a week has been pleasant, were p.m. Mrs. W. B. McQuina, Stafford and Mrs. Willie De-
Christian reunion dhoer at the flown to their home yesterday. W. M.; Rev. Cason, W. P. Bose, cit); uncles, Ha)yood
home of Mrs. Ella McArthr. -- Harper and Johnnie Jones, city;
Rev. Hooker and family ofNOTE OF THANKS ttari John Harper, Jacksonville; and
Jacksonville were present I would like to thank each and David Jones, Sr, Delray Beach.
The members od the churchd ewye of you for acts of kind- PINK SHEMAN Duncan Brothers, morticians,
- wish to thank Mrs. McArtluir ess, words of encouragement, Pink Sherman, a pioneer citi- are in charge.
s ----- zen of Haue, died at his home -






Washington Memo

Fern fte Cswlu Weuhiaglem f ums%

FOUif IS MMER: Anyme whi regurIy m ads t
CoreUioMal Bed knows that the tup me Oar cmonry
beam g ply of words, n if they're ta wm
me. A ite rtetl by tCvi ekrce dmi.t=owns
t ie pfrete is cat ORg a a lbo peopi *we learning
bb & ) ftbift N ThL To wk:hIke dwpwal of my
rff for ft- u t md i ad was
wand adm otuS ]w d mT =*b to is-w
prove wV affpkdti bMuss Oth t bi emanule

Saturday after a lingering il BEN GRIFFIN
ness. Ben Griffin, of 23 SE 5th
Duncan Brothers, morticians, Ave., died Saturday after a
will announce funeral arrange- brief illness.
meats late. Duncan Brothers, morticians,
will announce funeral arrange-
IENNON T. WIL T meats later.
Lauoa T. Wbert ded t the -
Uniersity Tuching oopal J. w. MCGREGORY
Saturday. He was a pioneer J. W. MeGregory, a pioneer
citae of Trenton, citizen of Hampton, died at his
Dunan Brothers, mortician, home on Monday after a linger.
will announce b d amne- mg illness.
monlater. Hewasthe father odMf M.
-J. Haolis of thi city.
MN G il, a. Dunan Brothers, marticians,
m G Prahi Jr .. f aSuk will muam fuit aftan.






t P

Sunrise: Peach Glow Cake

Yo are apt to find named
fra pie filings i the strn
O pbesm!
No oe would think of look-
Ing ike n angel food cake
for these fruit fresh, tasty
fillings, yet that's just where
you'll fii them in this desert
We've made a mysterious
dish with an innocent-looking
angel food cake. The cake can
be the already-made, packaged
kind or made from a mixU,
or could be an original, made
from scratch with loving care.
Whatever type you decide up-
aon md tme will probably
dictate this decision it's the
filling that is most fuo and in-
Careful slice off the top o
bte cake, then bhollow out the
eentr ae to recipe di
rectt. The filling for this
hollow Is made with vanilla
ddg a peah pia filling.
Once the cae top is put back
I place and the frosting lavish-
ly swirled on, no one will know
how the filling was put in the
cake. And yl1 have more
fn if you rntaa mysterious
about your cret
This is a cake that is real-
ly meant for Spring pretty and
delicately flavored with peaches
bthat taste as though they'd just
been picked. It goes together in
a very short time, so plan to
serve your surprise dessert at
Easter, for the mason's bridal
showers or at the next bridge
party. Folks will love it.

Dr. Herbert
Will Speak To
Beta Sigma Phi

queline Kennedy is t ginning to
come out of seclusion but
only to lend a hand in projects
honoring the memory of her
slain husband.
President Kennedy's widow
made her first public appear-
ance last Monday night when
she dined out at the Jockey
Club Restaurant, a favorite wa-
tering-spot of the local "Jet-
Her companions were her sis-
ter, Actor Marlon Brando and
Brando's manager. The news
1 msri. put the mntliht o

attract ,huge numbers of visit.
ors. I '
Thus ;t must, like the earlier
presidential, "libraries" built by
former presidents Hoover, Tru.
man ard Bisenhower, have a
substantial bnuseum section for
the display of memorabilia,
photos, 'gifts, and so on.
The aim. fMr. la edy
ad te aers playing the
raryl is e mBake "as vital
as a b ebit -- al
uly T tae ma it of l
ibees,' aecoriag to -
d tde. w ,
Thus.. there will be special

TODAY, February 4
Univsity of Florda Depart-
meat of Music, Concert, Wil-
ard Brask, past, 8:15 p. m.,
University Audicotium.
Wesley Community Metho.
dist ChIrch, WSCS, Executive
Committee Meeting, 7:30 p.m.;
General Meeting, 8 p.m., at the

University Lutheran
Women, 8 p.m., Mrs.
Partrich, 901 NW 37th


he Marshall are critical, and
they have already been filmed
by a crew from the national
In addition to such films,
there will be another unprece-
dented section in the "archives"
of the Kennedy Library a
collection of taperecorded (and
in some cases perhaps video-
taped) interviews with men and
women associated with Mr.
Kennedy in one way or anoer.

But Mrs. Kennedy is n
more concerned with what
might be called the "living
part of the library-to be called
the "Kennedy Institute." There
is no decision yet on the form
this will take-whether fellow-
ship grants, scholarships the
financing of seminars in pov-
erament, or perhaps even a
school of its own within the
Harvard community.
'It aim, hwb er, is gaer.
ally agreed a by Mrs. ,M
a*edy a others in the family:
'Ie try o itg the sclar

WEDNESDAY, February 5
Newcomers Eight O'Clock
Group of University Women's
Club, 8 p.m., Mrs. Lata Desh-
nde, guest speaker.
Gainesville Bridge Club, 7:30
p.m., Holiday Inn.
University Women's Club,
Arts and Crafts Group, 9:16
am., Craft Shop, Florida Un-
Medical Dames, 8 p.m., Dr.
and Mrs. Thomas Bartley,

Maurice2125 NW 3rd Place.


Tuesday Evening Supper
Club, 6 p.m., Presbyterian Stu-
dent Center, 14M West Univer-
sity Avenue.
Architecture Dames, I p.m.,
University Women's Club, Mrs.
Scotti Geyer, guest speaker.
Alpha Xi Delta Alumnae
Club, 8 p.m., Mrs. John Hogan,
M00 NW Fourth Place.

University City Bridge Club,
7:30 p.m., Weed Hall, 107 NW
15th Terrace.
Gainesville Woman's
Club, American Home Division,
Coffee, 9:30 a.m., Miss Carol
Lane, Shell Travel Consultant
as guest speaker, 10 a.m.

Chapter I, PEO,
Mrs. S. N. Nalbach,
4th Street.

10 a.m.,
212 NE

de fras l bvuy ierh
-l to rig the plUeh ,hi
f the steet a they m
mee ad work nmtal pro.
Mm." The immd prim
beflelries of l asIhtte:
yeu peile, emecq ly
th&me vw was tom ee a
mceere p UMbi service.
A BlUhb.m Cimmutee
bh bee set up raise the
$8 alani $Maul fort
beMiebpat $4daMe to a
dew te in aeded to
set up the y. Already,
alMes I Mti hme
seat h by he1 M11 ad *iAv
Imsdy Faniy h -de
$1 SmE mmre
Snbnoidl b. am to
a may m11st pepl ad-
plaes tos I. emiM
ibert amdy; Sea. Ilmrd
saedy; the lae pm t's
mee; Harmd; the WhMe
Heie, l evm- 6e Ud
Nathi sen reeld edirt-
bhtAm1 far the Llanry-4
a *qeeUMlm Ng$aehi

w cL' Pi

TWedey, FdwKry 4, '19u4



1 package amu food cake
1 package (4 .) vanilla pud.
ding ad pie filing mix
2 cup mak
1 No. 2 can (2- cup) peach
I cup whipping crem, whip-
Prepare cake according to
package directim; bake in 1.1
inch tihe pan. Cool and re.
move from pan.



Dr. Carl Herbert wi be the DOOK I
guest speaker whM X M Phi
Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi So-
rority meets February 11 at the THURSDAY, Ferury I
home of Mrs. Harold Johnson. Wedding of Miss Sophia Ai
Mrs. Anthony Justick w Geek, duher of Mrs. Frank
v a Gocek and the late Mr. Gocek,
aerve as coho. B. ieand William E. Sheprd, son o
At a recent meeting of the and Wlliam EShepard, sonr fI
Chapter, Harold Johns Mrown and Mrs. Crawford Lites
er and director of Jones-Johnof High Springs, 7:30 p. m.,
on Funeral Home, was gue s vin Presyhterlaa
speaker. chup L
Mr. Johnson told the group SATURDAY, Februry 8
that if the deceased was cov. Luncheon honoring Miss Anne
ered by social security, the gov- Purvis, fiancee of Billie Nug-
eminent will pay a maximum ent Nimnicht Jr. of Jackson-
of two hundred and fifty dollars ville, 12:3 p.m., Mrs. C. Adds-
for funeral expenses, m Pound Jr. and Mrs. S.A.
All veterans are allowed WM Hu y, Gaineavie Golf and
for funeral expenses and are Country Club.

entitled to a headstone and a
flag, whether or not a military


TODAY, February 4
First Presbyterian Women of
the Church
7:30 p.m.; Circle 12, Mrs. Ll-8
lian Jacoway and Miss 11 a h
W. Fleming, Church Parlor.
8 p.m.: Circle 9, Mrs. Her-
bert A. Meyer, 192 NW 7th
Lane; Circle 10, Miss Caroline
Ferguson, 1326 NE 14 Terrace;
Circle 11, Mrs. Richard F.
Stouffer and Mrs. Sheldon B.
Lee, 3361 SW 1st Avenue.
University Methodist Church,
WSCS Circles
9:30 a.m.; Circle 1, Mrs. W.
C. Srobe, 1239 NW 12th Ave.
nue; Circle 2. Mrs. Don Crews,
415 SW 27th Street.
8 p.m.; Mrs. Canning Young,
1302 NW 12th Street.
Gethsemane Latherua Churck
8 p.m.; Gethsemane Luther-
an Church Women, Mrs. T. J.
Maternick, 3929 SW 6th Place.
First Leater Church
7:30 p.m., Rachel Circle,
8 p.m., Esther Circle hodste
Women's Guild of the First UI-
theran Church, Church.
First MeahiSt (Crch,
7:3 p.m., Circle 12, Mrs. R.
. James Jr., 16 NW 6th St.
8 p.m., Circle 13, Mrs. Robert
I. Neiler, 156 NW I9th Street.
ame Pres b leri Cmfbttc
7:3 p.m. Circle 3. Mrs. Fran-
dc W. Wood, 1006 NW 14th Ave.

Fbly TrNty Epheocal
(leek Cirlet
7:30 p.m., St. Margaret's Cir.
de, Miss Jean Hixsoa, 630
West University Avenue.
I p.m., Friends Mrs W.
C.lreland IM N 7th Ter.
PlM RIPN kaqw mfU
Sp.mI., Jo Am PMuau i
SWIeN; am t W.rn .
J Brtgs, Mrs. Minnie
MaM NW ad Avme;


-^.p pu. On U', I wu I ',, =Dim--- F
Brando but the man Mrs. booths where visitors, by push*-
Kennedy really wanted to talk ngdifereft buttons, may a
to was the manager, who isflt a k a enedy Press cM- *
helping plan a Memorial Dinner Ie' a mor foreign policy
this week for her late husband. Seech obr a campaign appear-
A~kagh the Meoerial Di. ace. he election may also
m was the mane of her ft include reli ted material not
publie appearance, Mn. K- ecl' involving Mr. Kennedy,
aey has been wrkhag harder such asa missile-launching site
ea smeting else the Kea. or other acJvity.
aedy Memoria Library which
will be ailt sa Beste. Some unuual material has
Her very first step out of deep already been turned up for this
mourning, in fact, had to do tpe-and-fih collection. There
with the library. She invited is, for example, a radio tape of
the committee which is planning Mr. Kennedy reciting the entire
it to meet at her home in Geor. Declaration o Indepdnce as
iteam recently, and she has prtof'a JulyFourthSpeechhe
made it dear whe wants to dSlared while stia a dealer.
haactive hamdin planning W Collins Presidet f
the project, which as closer toe Nationl A citio
the heart of the late president t casters and m old Im
than ay other soMffcida act dy political ally, is helping to
vity. get radio stations to sift their
She has visited the sit h own files for similar material.
selected lastfall a plot a e chm atth e ibr
the bank of the Charles River will be in two w
across from Harvard Univer. first they will include relevant
sity's undergraduate dormitor records and papers of a great
-and has joined in plant i omb4 of ficials who work-
ning not only the py l a. ed wit Mr. Kennedy, rather
rangements but also the pro, being ted to his own White
grams of the Memorial Library. Housee papers.
The pim here will be to pro-
Actually, "Library" is a mis- nvie a full record of the many
nnoM ar at atan csnm- maor decioms id acting s
S:2111dwh c notd befU"y oB-
Te Kea Uha wy willwm be by' 1 Whsite lige aper
,,,pubcmastoh acholarind u fwk the -uo" of

Wa RmyS area *
ru ria h hia ta to-kw .
brg site vi l pabM

l e -top from cake
about kAe dow set adide.
Holw out center of cake
leavi sdbmtanal 1 inch base
and itin :
Pr arepdin- mix accord-
ing to package dire m uing
2 cupi nk; cooh Mix half of
p wh peach pie filling;
spoonminto cavity of cake.
Repace'top of cake; chill.
Fold ren g pudding into
whipped cream and frost cake.
Chill antil mvni.
Yiel: 12 to 1 servings.



Ni'g t Session
1 1
Te lnithd Council of Church
Women as for d a Night
Group4 in ,order that business
women can attend Council
meetings. sn invitational meet-
ing wiV be. held Friday at 7:30
p.m., at Holy T r i n ity Episco-
pal Ch'rch'for those women in-
terestea. ,
A Wktrl'd Day of Prayer is
slated tor 'February 14, under
the direction of Mrs. H. S.
Wolfe, chafman.
Thirty Gainesville churches
are members in the United
Council of Church Women, and
Mrs. Eknmm l Gitlin is the
president of United Church
Womel l



lk Weer ....... Wm 'Is

Dames Set Contest

In Table Setting

Forth anonal Table SeMing
Coest, u red by the Uni-
vaulty o Florda Dams and
Mrs. Mary Turner, is now .
derway at the Mary taer
Gift Shop.
Mrs. R. C. Crum ch, airman
of the event, aounced that the,
table settings my be formal
or informal and must be p-o
nod for fur places.
Centerpieces for the tables
must he made by Daunes me
bears or decorations from the
shop. Any group will be diw-
qualified if outside assistance is
Judges for the contest will be
Mrs. Josephine Mcwine, Mrs.
R. S. Mullens and Mrs. George
K. Davis. They will rate each
table on originality, color
scheme, attractiveness, suitabil-
ity, and proper form.

The first and second place
winners will be announced at
the University of Florida
Dames Awards igh March 31,
at I p.m. in the Medical School
Auditorium. Cash pri wil be
7Te following schelle will
be observed: Law Dames, Jan-
uary Z5-February 1; Arts and
Sciences Dames, Feruary 1-
8; Medical Dames, February I.
5; Architecture Dames, Febru-
a ; Education Dames,
Feba 22o; University Col-
lege Dames, February 21-
March 7; Journalsm and Corn.
munication Dames, March 7-14;
Pharmacy Dames, March 14-21;
and Agriculture Dames March
The public is invited to view
the table settings each week.

GHS Senior Play Is Friday
*** ..- -. y

Five members of the cast for the Senior Class Play of GHS, which will be pre-
sentaed for the public at 8 pLm. Friday at the school auditorium are, left to right,
Jay Stevens, David Westfall, Wally Rhines, Rita Mattair and Sherry Johnson.
Something new in theatricals random during the first act of Fleet, Jim Moxley; Elmer
will be presented Friday night the play. The verdict that they Sweeney, Harry Horne; Nan-
by the Senior Class of Gaines-render will determine the fate of 'cy Lee Falkner, Reeda Mattair;
ville High School in Ayn Rand's'the defendant, Karen Andre. Magda Svenson. Jan Jacunski;

play, "The Night Of January
14." An unusual feature of the
play is the recruiting of twelve
members of the audience to
serve as the jury. These jurors
will not be "planted" in the au-
dience, but will be selected at

Mrs. Hogan

To Entertain

Alumnae Club

"The Night Of January 16",John Graham Whitfield, David
had a long run in New York and Edwards; Jane Chandler, Irene
has toured the country. Scores.Dowd; Sigurd Jungguist, Brad
of audiences have left the thea- Mallard; Larry Regan, Pat 0'
tre debating the correctness of Neal; Roberta Van Rensselaer,
the verdict. tNancy Guy; Stenographer,
The cast of the play is asKathy Grand; Policeman,
follows: Bailiff, Marc Lawer- Worth McDaniel.
ence; Judge Heath, David West-' The play is under the direc-
fall; District Attorney Flint, lion of Mrs. Mary Elliott, who
Wally Rhines; His Secretary, is assisted by the student direc-
Anne Conant; Defense Attorney, tor, Ann Weimer, Scenery advi.
Jay Stevens; His Secretary, Ca- sor is Mrs. Frank Plulpott and
rolyn Fogle; Clerk of the Court, the business manager is Sharon
Roger Brill; Karen Andre, Sher- Gallagher. Publicity co-chair-

Alpha Xi Delta Gainesville ry Johnson; Dr. Kirkland, Al men are Kerry Ann Brown and
Alumnae Club will meet tonight Jones; Mrs. John Hutchins, Karen Ells.
at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Phyllis Perry; Homer Van
John Hogan, 2800 NW4th Pale. 'W world Affairs'
The program slated for the M s. S ell Da S B r
meeting will be a reexami- M rs. Sowell Day Set By
nation of ideals and goals of the H ds KD Junior W omen
fraternity.Heads KDs Junior Women
The group also will hear a re-
port on theAlumnae Club's pre- Mrs. Aden K. Sowell was "World Affairs Day" will be
sensation of a library for Juve- elected president of the Kappa observed Thursday by the
nile Offenders. Delta Alumnae Club during Gainesville Junior Woman's
Committee appointments al- a hluncheon-meeting Saturday at Club.
so will be made for the annual the Holiday Inn. The International Affairs
Founders' Day Luncheon to be Other officers chosen to serve Department has planned an in.
held in April and the family pic- with Mrs. Sowell were Mrs. formative program on the for.
nic scheduled for May. Thomas Scott, vice president; eign policy of the United States
All Alpha Xi Deltas in the and Mrs. Paul Huck, secretary, at 9:30 a.m. at the Clubhouse.
area are invited. treasurer. Dr. H. F. Doherty, associate
professor and head of the Social
and's Memorial Department, willbe the
n Mrs. Marion F. Weaver,

hostess for February, invites

ben etaMli .d: "Keedy Powers, who was President members to come early tor cof.
LiA ry, Box 210, Bestea, Kennedy's first political ally- and a social hour.
Mass. Mi0." he took him in to meet votersL
Aside from her work on the when he first ran for congress Rummna e Sale
library and such isolated af.-in 1946 was the late Presi-1 g
fairs as the Memorial Dinner to dent's constant companion in Hague Home Demonstration
be held in New York this week, the White House. Powers was Club will have a rummage Sale
Mrs. Kennedy is'keeping strict- the man who could make Mr. Saturday at 7 a.m. at the Bird.
ly to herself. Kennedy laugh- who could al- sye Lot. Mrs. Melvin Caddell,
She moved last week into the ways relax him, always deflate club president, is in charge.
new house she bought in George- him, always cheer him up. -
town after her husband's assas- He was also a pal of little "Furitu, That's A Jy
Mtion. John-John, and thus is is that To Live With"
Friends believe that redecor. now, each day, Powers drives
ing and other womanly mov- from the Whie house to Ger- W A L K E R
ing- e may keep her busy getown at noontime to a at....
n'i the may pher w up lunch with the boy and to FUINITUIti STORl
until the weather warms pal r hmbg er, aw X ... ft. t-
enough for her to take athe ta mr ham bright. rs, as a i m .
Philtn in "W7xford" the Vi- ther mWt --

ginia countryplace where she
can find enjoyment with the
horses and hunting she loves so
There are reminders of the
Old White House days for her,
and the children. One particul-
arly poignant one is the daily
visit by David Powers, chief
Usher at the White House.


Reg. 22.98 to 49.98

Now 12" to 25"


Reg. 11.98 to 14.98

Your Choice

Reg. 17.98 to 22.98 ............ Now

Reg. 24.98 to 29.98 ............ Only

Reg. 35.00 to 39.98 ........ For

Sdrts, Socks, Swers, BMoue M d
Caktoil Coordinote l Sindued to ,/




While shopping for eb g S tdManch' ME
new spV sty hs in WI% n es .dp
war faturing name IsVAa h i Em f
Lady MorwAttn and Fred. tedi W W.

zf tw
't1, I Ii


$10.00 VALUE


11 x 14






lus 35c MiBig
$Mn# Al-
6 Wfs t 10 Ya.
$1.00 late
tfor ll if Ne.
$* d oldmi



PhaomphMWs Noun
9 an.12, 1 pr-5.30 pm, 6:30 pm-8:45 pwr




Calendar Of Events

Jackie Lending Hand In Projects For Husba

. I.I w...............

Fi'Time I dmehlA


I lei









Tadar, Mmlmq 4, 1%4


Data Qwald PeoplIn Bridge

May Stay Secret ITh'e Nsesea
-An ., tha.the D ClYV bidDad I-O
WASHING, (AP) Thae, ai t ,- fsalt dha 'i arMWs a aimsl- m
matly gO pelngyo g th aet 0 Ev a P m=Pt1 l o MuIrthit ati an. i m a f
Mr, Marlysh Oswaldm the Unite aldlh e ftV&LIW Ire that toe,&he wsowee
prn m latmlh a tbideherem o h l4ctalSi:lers bo-rn. Saly -sta were ily vontum-
PreIet Join F. Kee4 T we reported by heat c ta. Labnos -e and th the I allmwetre
"4and be released sy gBs e lo smal- li a y btake hoAme1iad
aEe," ChiJas 1mErlJ.I. f aha a t T1Y0 (AP4W bIkNids eeesAmer
Waft has d e i s to *he aMorios etmhn4ies and Qen t eofola of Belgis landie l to b sat
War i te a mils aleg tia W # aitaDqpawhlst rrndf W a y state vif-. seI blbiting
b m ani i I m h irr. itbtoJ I qa. y leveloha
hbe tieds win me a statement OrM Om- tM u am UN-- awradAimOSlWdif
-irhapsWedealday--wn ittshUMweihAthboardbit o-m MAftBD (AP)-For Pre itwillB succeed two out of three
witlesst etim its ty sR nkw s new et botti a D. Perm of Argie tbas. A contract that depads
aMes the di1nd -ad inmd," i Be toa d q tieab lnie iB a. mal 2 d biv on uit
ew of L Harvey Ouwald. aWt e.BI uas "a Vn buy s iscIda- 0 Aie3t"n a oiWit lkhe kig
&UA oea Wore ti oMnm-easpiA N o.IN dha 'I. Hb oto rwy aid PeouWld o about therigh
sl agin today."I dmt know Wim dated to f rmw a k derm surgery f or a sisryw
ilr uskimeny" the wibeardes *wm I bu in two situations it i een
mt'ld ptatorBent AiMlbaWhmd lm n t6 -et (AP).- m right to bid seven when the odds
tn tod porters. He added espal i i the C- sy Y (AP) teWar Ar..u against success. If the op
that if iatas ai action ai totos oas ir." Job W. Afle. US. naval n points take a save that wl
astebeg suppredlforaly, its mamniddtlSoImec- der spent four dearly be inexpensive, a poor
-may be sp rin ely f .r d ieatd aoy teid. A ra t day-b the chance of a big score may be
SI gly that a -rllye -et jum menmore attractive than a certa.ty
i un d amt the uoh d he a aa of eime ai- quasire roo at Sy Air-ame. Second, the
mission ata to explore a ted by the port is the noinfreent "fi or
thmoohlya u poe through jag presumably oond the i th ^^ a
Mr. Osnal and other wttim mrnof them e mciwh paid Ai couldn't produce a cer.- sev" had 'ire open lend
establishes a trick for the de-
es, delicate subjects such a for Oswsf travel o hi pur- ae of s taloi n s, n a des re to
Oswald's IM visit to Inias, chame dof the mSrder rifle tion, he refused to be retake crucial finesse in I
his ianuctssful fs to do ih TM a nitislay vaeinated. Am21 said them's long suit If the fines
fect to the Soviet Union Madsklleded ,a
feet to tan Soviet U vi s hi killed Eenumay, po admi al feared a possible reac- loses the defense has two ;tricks
attempts, o a Mexican visit Me nk bee Owai and ano ina if it wins the declare can dis-
last eptember, to i van ck M Icard all his losers and make
for Uusla or Cubs. Ruby, a Dallas gilub own- At four hours, AUes was In. s ciranstaceg
But Monday's day-lg que- r, sot Oswad to death in a ir to ir pl which are not asy to dianose,
tiog of u the 1 wSDallaspollohnsr a ft for New Ze@l.Frtm it cannot be right to play at
year-oild Mrs. Owald-w1ho be v. X two days after the as- dt e sxlel
lieves her Marxist husband a. w ither ehe will fly to their anr. e eel wn today
tic.__ In the deal show today, the
North player thought e had
S Commenting oa Ithe admiral's found an unusual variety of the
Sdetetion, an nstral b health "ive or seven" hand. Th
N ew Satellite t ofiil ad "it a ss w rng
epar ol wO "I t the result was spectacularly
f doesn't matter who they are- scefuL
Detects Sunspots
requtios must be obeyed." A four o-4rump over an ope
tg four-spade bid is convene
LONDON (AP)-'e dutess ally used as a takeout bid for
WASHINGTON (AP) 'le spacecraft is the laestt t a se- of W is an Loadon clin-all three unid suits. North was
Navy disclosedtodayt has a-rim of Navy solar-moitorag ic, ere he had min facial ot happywthisbid,butthere
cre launched a satellite to satellites. e brothers were surgery Sunday. was no convenient alternative,
mor solar X rays and tran- lunched in UKI,M11 and 1 I and be hoped to steer the bidl
mit4h informal to 15 a respectively but the Navy sd n ding into the minor suits o the
tuot during this period called he newcomer is now "te only D 1 next round. ll1s was the me
years of the quiet sun." active olar monitor in orbt sage of the fivepade bid, whid
te satete may help in explaining the poial Talk Today was correctly interpreted b1
eventual development of a sys- value of the stelite, racists South.
temAfor predicting storms on f tNaval Research Iba Dr John Andrews wil speak North's dramatic bid of se-
the i which bedevil some raryid olar X rays and l-on te funetios of the heart diamonds wasinfluencedby se
dio communications a earth rays ate. ti.e .at f monthly meet of the
mndpjeathreat to mmeds,, emion ele.l u siri-bt lay ,
spflht nSociety ao the FrakK Hall
WptKlAiM air at aNtudes "A 50fth Auditorium WRYoAtoday at
hle Navyin Its w milest wWhich isa a j ":3,m
didn'tgivedetailaOBthehOmr and m poa n:if
tie q t or h It was M rld short we diabetics, their friends
launched but Indicated It swa s dilo mm and a are Invited to at-
put fto orbit riding01042" sethes oun is entering a tnd.

at a s coner" information acirdd SHIPMENT
Already the Navy scientists ~ i of 1964
reported, th satellite has doe- s 1 66 hbc wa ambli. S imps
aplrotg its "min m .permd of sy solar activity.
activity" in its 11-year cycle of
asunspot *ivt.
Ts period of relative calm
shouM last about two years, "pr .. ...,
thus the 11W-1 period was
given the scientific dedignation
of the nteratioal years of the I
e Navy noted that the new

Capital youge
....... twenty days'

WASHINGTON (AP)-la the ydividends
ae fr Wallgiton:
Ment Johon has given Prie-
to hbiMtorian tEric F. Goldman
the jAb ofd ineag "the as-
tIm's best takng to the White
th 4 yar proeowill
r a plea which the Whie
t called a "who "n wm d
dow -a." ,1 \ I I Or
7b White House said Gol
ma"wiB hkee pa ti- u T
pet b a11 hks and spion
prtt:ta hm ad qb

PAN=R: Asqekb bnd you get your money
has be named itytotr *low
au I a d fto m m ibythe 20th! by&e4
lack 4 the menws w ai
Siake, se U qai W situ dowtowan or at the 13th Strest
C Wl s "theonarWscourseof Branch...plenty of c parking. Use
tWin emaentire ager the ranch drive lwihdow. Or aw by
tn bn ail fre... savi in by the 20th w M
A l ay th earn a fulltwentydays' free pl fom
Wet mk *I m rU.- Giaiuvile's laIrgs mociatin. s
a target, us lhiu system
aem darie g the l U bMs -
-.. uz* Federus
fElOAGES: PridedJet -J-

Mi'S plelg d mams amanmnee

eader R ie


a -
mago lo- aC
**V Amv a.

, I



* -

*- 4*e.qu" -d .)fL| f *


C.- 411bleldb so




STells Services Available

a^"2am'6 4rAQ1O7 Under Child Welfare Unit
erl facfM. IfSosth 1lha0B1w r MAsT (D)
raCmld mb olf dnp the 4 w 4KI IIS4 e Alhchma CBty 1tf d of Ach things as the foter care
tract m t be eSash as 32 1y Coet*, bgl o program makes a series of pro.
bf was.Faflhg han 9 J 8 8 75 AS fincial coatrites to he granms available for children
trlwasnotuniteythaa e o 40 Q 3 44chld were uit makes a who mny for one rema or an-
Semu le aqs u s64 2 *K5 whale rage n srtes.aother need to live apart from
make the first two track. SO able to childr under the care we on
Further there as a pod 4AJ f the childMwelfare un, sa .
ace t the 9 4d M. IQveda Brow, ch, d wel Quick Thinker
&=WoWagedfrom)afltda frare upenervisor.
ade. I re wnM ri a -t A. 4 AM Acordintors. Brown, T,Wash.(AP) State
pd North to h ccakord Ning t o Mrs. a ,Dron, trooper Darrell Bailey wasn't
cootl to make ah a h I l ba1 g: setmudoi'h about to wait for power com.
Witt a s ndSe lad fb at Se Wed Nor thi a m y theSe i D pany crews to remove live
l Mol erto ed 4d P P 4 N.T. meant of Pubic Welfare, but wires over a wrecked auomoe-
Im pd on dauns y' cai DMle 569 IMe 54 without the contributions of bie in which an injured motor-
South won the dcub lead inPas 64 Pas ?7 C tY Com liiOei ist uwas trapped.
dmmy adrffed a cub, brigf D'bt l P Ps Pa services would not be availab ey pulled out his service
ing down Ea's kin. Dedhm West bd the dub two. to child in child bldare. shotgun, severed the wires with
ft happW whe a tsipM f"t is Tk for the South The final support offered a blast, and rescued the motor.
to dmuns a aied the by the Ch"M y Comioa forest.
e sa worked af - - -
play to avoid a aspedeS !S Zliu
IyThere sivu a d that Wead KIRK DOUGLAS IN BOX OFFICe OPNS 4:tisP.M.
1 ahed hee ad &oa e : ad 610-6:40
dibearded his spade jac
A c'b was rufed, establish- n
og dummy's cubs,. and the i
spade ace was cashed. South T-O-N.I-G-H-T-1
was prepared to run the
remote risk that West was voSd
In spades. Whe the spade m
held, South was able to ruff a
heart, roff the spae queen, with
his last tramp, the 1&, and re- 0 0
turn to dummy with a aff. *
Wet's trups were drma a Sll
and dummy's clubs made the WEDNESDAY
emain tricks. Ta J
In the other room n 0M Jw = I O
tmonds, and the deal turned de- LHH

, "I




I wa oo mo to peet that th Unid y d Flrida
h a sport yew, coa a up wth the scool's giat
footal md ba kea .
Veteran fan have adjdge gid win over Ala-
baa last Otober as No. I for the fal sport A victory over
mighty Keafcy in beuketbal lat Saturday night would
have bee a high poat for the roud baD copetiton.
This is ot to say the Gators hae't w Smne big mes
h bakesall Thee have been may suc heftbg
ulogh snce Norma Sloan became UF cap coh.
a t, ibei atM aes t S dwt aus iqa ,
s fbee w have to e f ba. Al eW ''r1ier wi ple
i *stcry wih K0cky la M .L Thrle's am
m*le b ase m dwibm e fm BMWIea t eve
i -ter vies, I p as
I play the Gatos last Sarday apat the
UK ha be pa by yctddbys trac hapa s at

e airport ad the lting p poo m of c t with
A Sharp Contrast
As the shock wears off ad noalcy return, as it must,
It is certain that som is going to make te obvious com-
For e a6 of the Preit of te Unid States,
meaa or nim MaL Far the death d a basketball
mea,* a pge*mont
Your servant is d that Bob Wodruff, Tennesse athletic
director, asked that last night's basketball e te not be
played This tme, Temes ad F rd a e dnity
that should go with death.
'Cats Lackluster?
Rernig to the Kentuck ae, the 'Cats played pretty
wel. Ken Kdb, UK sports nnrmata dctor, sid at hat-
time that Kentucky's pero the fi t minutes was
as good as any first hal the tam had come up with darin
the entire season.
Last ght, at halftime of the Gerg e, te Katacky
radio ami r reomd to the pm as "... alter a lack-
Inter gou I a sr.. "
If that was a lack te perfo ace Kentcky put r
UF coack No flo will tak m n se.s jst Ite L
Rarely w'UF cage far get to e a team blessed with
such natural peed and talent This is perhaps the finest UK
team since the Fabulom Fe of Alex Grn, Wah Wah
Jons, Kenny Rolli, aff Barker ad Ralph Beard.
And did UF fans me P Gaoer e o Mm Hiiey ad
UK forward Cotton Nash, tem capla, were called to cern-
tr circle by the officials ust prior to the start of play?
Bgey, the Gate a i1, k 6.7. Ktlety Usts Nmh a
IM When the tw pla e were aorbaee, Nash eged
jut abve U sear. As a Fri smerIt e sa
Nash w a sepmr 'e's p an 64"
This Ketucky team now is 16, go on a 2st South
eastern Cofeece ampnhip and, the coaching holds
up, perhaps a fifth national champlmsip.

Russell Replaces Wilt

As NBA's Top Rebounder
NEW YORK (AP) Big Blllthe No. 1 reboder during the

Rusl, t Boson Celtics' de-
fonlve demon, has b making
hi pmae ft Mud the bck-
boad mb to the dspl
of his National Basketbal Aso-
cation foes.
Te Rsfoot pirotman, wie
was league's most valuable
Sper last, diaed San
Frasco's Wlt QCambrlain as


Meeting Set

For April
mSb hbtbg ald f reg
dams wl be ertablided d
St mmt &of April and be-
coe e .fe Ja.l 1. N.
he a r-ld meu
Shas bue advad e
h afr t pi.n Woud
tiat hr -ddof -b
Prior sb t e
were caeb Ilahed akt B
meu andua&Mlg
Grmm tin am I
Sthi aft anm t riPw
dga t rh tn are|i 1 s.
4. a to ...tIMS ..a
kng us Gasoled Mt a p
Ir bus lam mntdd a ak
Opeidb i IGm e
: .lo wfain*. a
hLeTuUt w s Iow*
Got Am dWa di t af/t 4
a amch a'
i mr*.b W IN

Russ has hauled down 1,3
rebounds in games for a l .
average, league statistics
sowed today. The 7-fo1-
Camberlin dropped to second
in reboding with a A am-v
age on 1,18 retrieves in
amlnbelai a cmmid hIs
prol poit-prodhata with a
peins five sams as week
for a sson's total 1,fM. Ta
otput leased his average a
uAn balf-pit frin5.4 to s
Oscar Robertimsoa o Ccinla
is a distant second i the er
ing race with 10 poleh In 4
pames for a 3S average. t
Lois' Bob Peat rans trd
with 1 po i s ia mes,
averaging 1.

Drag Racig
Program Due
DnYTaNIs Ba rag
hlmeMa dn lh
-e -eact Owh s ,

tmrafrnaeamta mesa
o ut it almpters upe
Ida edsM rangl f
imd .-e Ia IMW -- age.

Il d- iL r al t Iear
stalIkh iagl UII
eLa Nrm r alU
Ileda In dr i*



Hawthorne Girls

The Hawthorne gir basketball tea is a route to a standout wMndret neerd
for'the *a. Fmrt row, from left, are Comaic Kmab, Betty Gowa, July
Widewr, Ida Wkheer, sdran Bods and Claudia Hagh. Back rew, from
tare S rley Bemanager; Caroly Bell, Pam HugglaM, E e Gh,
Breada Polard, Diane lekwe, Susan Godwai, Thera Lashley, Nasmy He
maar, acrekeeper. (San photo).

Rupp Wins Big, Has

Kind Words for South

Asse*aku Press Sparts Writer
Lit any good Kentucky col-
nel Adolph Rpp had a couple
of kind words to say abut the

"Ode of my greater satisfac
tions is seeing th South once
the luhing stock of the nation
in basketball aow respecta-
ble and with teams rated among
the tdp ten nationally."

made the observation
S Aight after his Kes-
Wildeats knocked off

Georgia 1 and; 1, took over
sole possession of the South.
astern Conference lead; 2, pro.
vided Rupp with his 70th coach-
ing victory ad 3, prompted him
to do a bit of reacting.
Southern basketball was, as
Rupp observed in pretty sad
shape when he took over the
Kentucky reins as a 2-year-old
But that was me 33 years,
four national champnhip and
7M victories ago.

sI rA Ar
In t time, under the leader.

Orange Bowl

SEnds Hookup
MIAMI, Fla. (AP) T Or- tract, nudging last New Years
ange Bowl Committee will Day victory by Nebraska ove
into the open market for oppo. Aburn.
nebfor the annal New Year's Off the strength ofanew tele
Day ooll ame in an effort sion contract for $SU an-
to attacet ta n autd-.aally over the net three years
en and t possibility of reading
tickets, the Orange owl hopes
he committee announced offer next yea's tea about
Monday it was e np its 11- e,00 for ir services. Oly
year coni wa wi ch aed t, Re Bowl payoff is greater.
for te Big Eight Confence to Teevision righs were boqghl
provide one tam fortheame. by the National Broadating
Committee presidt Ben Ben- Co., which said it dinot care
jat said "it was te hope of whether the Orange Bowl kept
the (range Bowl Committee that coferce tieup o not
aD sections of our country would The I-year-old range Bowl
thb by become eligible for our cntiued its ctract wi th
bowL" Big Eight ter dropping the A.
Tht committee and the Big lantic Coast Perece IW.
Eighs executive director, The gme willbe plyed a ght
Wae Duke, agreed their rela- next year for the ft tme.

tuolw p had bee pleasant and
sai no hard feelings rmld
f ; the deacon.
BiEig tem have wo v-
So 11 p s during the con-

Daniels Will
lefend Tide
TAMPA (AP)- Dexter Dan.-
el Sr. of Witer Have will de-
fet his chab poaip in thm
r sda Seniors Golf champion-
bip'in early Marc
Ddiiels is among dof the
nation's leading a or p r
whobhave already snred The
touram t i be pyed a
Taulp's Palma C= Country
SMarch 34.

Loyola Tope

Tampa Five
ola of New Orlans sad an
easy 4W3 victory ov out-
manned Tampa last n bt, but
the triumph may have be a
costly one.
Guard Iry Hoyt was jured
beo intermidio and d not
reurn for dhe second hl. He
was knocked dtwn goCg i for
a -
Ke Ryan, a Me4 se aor
ored 2 poib tsad cleared
rebounds for Loyola.


ship Rupp ad Kentucky, the
Southland has emerged as e
of the nation's strogest b t
ball areas.
Proo? Look at the national
rankin Four of the nation's
top ten one from the South;
No. 3 Kentucky, No. Davi
No. 7 Duke and No. I Vander-

Both Kentucy ad Vadmbilt
proctd those high ratings
Monday, Vanmy wi a 111-73
romp over Alabama ht ood
raked Michigan d ats trom

T'e Wolverines, the other
ranked team action, was
edged out by Ohio State IS. It
wa Michigan's first lo in the
Big Te and oly th second de-
feat i 17 starts for the Wolver-
Ohio Stalt tried by nn
points three tes in the first
half but rallied for an -73 lead
with thee mbutes to p. The
Wolverines cosed to within one
before ti ran ou
The Buckeyes' Gary Badd
a kir pet effort wi
Lad Charge
In Athess, Ga., site of RDp's
first loss as a Kentucky coach
Feb. 13,131, Cotton Na and
Ted Deeken led the charge for
No. 7. Nab tosed in 3 points
ad Deeaa k added a u the
Wilats moved to a 1 over-

over the wNe d, boiled back
aait AmLma r Cocm -
dores hd eight plyes coring
In double fii M yClyde
e wi Te 12 ll-pot toal
reqrao d the mo ponts ever
owed spit an Alabama
In ar e sf dl other major
games la Seta had to p
to1o0a h0 e to b db Nakaa I-
l I, I" WerD a d 41
po als and l Seto Had to a
11I romp or Waner, Clo.-
ra ut Oklahom State .
m ladgplodd adare c a Big
E lad, while Was ngtn o
StL Iuis pat On a fanatic ac-
old hal lf m so, i tng
Sof 21 attempts fo the floor,
ho a 7I enmqmt of Drake.



....I 0"of
Iffi. ft I& l A

lrMda and Tennessee wEl
play their ppotpe basketball
pae o March 4, official
I tnls ad a iat
f to le o schools aommeld

[it dh aaGymwaspoll
Pl sed t .' reqest
de to he dekb a ais-
atackd B Gll bI in the
ple crash at the muncipal
Coach Ray Me and his
Vo cage pad, shaken by the
tragedy, flew back to Knoxville
via chartered plane.
R o. se, ip
Gibbe a graduate o
Mimi Unhnrsity of Oio,
was a route o Auburn to aot
the Geri Teeb-Auburn a
outer. frt l o histrip
wa toha e been from Gaies
vie to Jackmville to make
ect with another flight.
The assistant Vol coach began
his caer at Painesvile Ohio,
HighScbold in He later
coached at S omwood, Wis.,
and Faiorb Ohio. When
Mea, formerly at Wittenberg,
Ohio, College, took the Tenes.
see post he brought Gibbs with
him au his assistant.

Last year, the duo's first at
Tennm Mea suffered a
ervos breakdown shortly
after the season t under way.
Gibbs took over coaching the
Volsandled the team to a 6
conface mark that included
two trlmphs over rival Ken-




Rebels take a Lake Butler at
I o'clock here tonight is a bas
ketball counter that should
prove a ose one.
mret Gamlik ald-.dub
1-3 for th amu, is filga
the going sticky since the -
of forward Richard Clemns.
The Rebels dropped a pme
to Green Cove Sprin last Fri-
day ungh
Lake Butler, 14 for the year
and a threat to any foe due to
the presence highscoring
Jimmy Thoma ad a deft
ball control deme, would like
nothing better than to topple
te invading Rebs
Sfrth IMp
Santa Fe wi open with -
roy Paul o Bud Rivie, Rich-
ard kJon Warren Back and
Wayne Halloway. e Union
Co. Tirs wi p with Thom
as, Larry Clyatt, Robert Lyons,
Bill Lockerman ad Terry ParI

Tfe Tlgr, top added for
the upcoming Suwane Coee
ce tNou y net week, have
be a tough hm tam tid
here wll be a preliminary
fray at 6: matcrhir Ut
B teams

Jones Victor

MANIA (AP)-Uao Jone
SCcap pt up from a third
ud knockdown ad bam-
md t a eighth red tee
deal o kut ovr Tem Ia
i of Japan Saturday night.
The stadn's pbyict hall
ad Ue iound fight at the
ad d the eighth w Kawai
bMedif profely fr a cut
ad aood dosaed right eye.
awai weihd 117, Jesa
TeSs acojed its rst perfect
othR -O tu Ta
I faMr wor aNl p ame
at em ad ws ratd No. 1
te Lt b tiO.



Lear of Tragedy
Gibbs was taken to the airport
yesterday by Perry Moore,
Florida assistant cage coach.
He had shouted the Gators Sat-
-rday in their game with Ken-
tucky. Meanwhile, the Vols
worked out at Florida Gym
yesterday morning. On the
team's return to University Inn,
Mears learned of the tragedy.
In Knoxville, Bob Woodruff,
Tennessee athletic director
and former UF football coach
and athletic director, went tc
the Gibbs' home immediately

on learning the details of the
plane crash here and that
Gibbs' name was on the plane's
passenger list. The UT athletic
boss and friends stayed with
Mrs. Gibbs until official an-
ncuncement of the coach's
death came via release of the
passenger list.
Gibbs' wife is the former
Jean Powell of Ohio, The
Gibbses have two children, Vir-
ginia Ann, 13; and Tommy, 7.
Funeral services will be

tomorrow in Dayton, Ohio. A
graveside service will be held.
Burial is planned Friday.

Tuady, Februry 4, 1964 Geinevillk Su

Unbeaten UCLA

Remains No. 1,


Assciatd Press Sport er
Unbeaten UCLA, only major
college baetball team with a
perfect record, remained in the
No. position today in the week-
ly Associated Press poll.
The UCLA Brains drew 43 first
place votes among the 49 cast
by the panel of the nation's
sports writers and sportscasters.
The ix other writers ranked
them second.
Defeats of Davidson, Vander-
ilt and DePaul shook up the
Top Te but nobody was
knocked out. Davidon dropped
from third to fifth after losing
its first game to West Virginia
75-73. Vanderbilt tumbled from
fifth to eighth after bowing to
Auburn 8143. DePaul sipped
one rung to 1th after losing to
LMsnville 0-7.
Stayed Seed
Michigan remained in second
place by boosting its record to
15-1 with a 6N7 romp over
Michigan State. UCLA, however
rolled over the Santa Barbara
branch of the University of Cal-
ifornia in two games to make it
170 for the year. Michigan drew
five firsts but trailed UCLA in
points 4844-.


Kentucky advanced a peg to
third at 15-2 on a victory over
Florida and Wichita whippM
both Cincinnati and Marquette
for a 16-3 record and moved up
seventh to fourth. Fifth
place Davidson bounced back
from its first defeat and clob-
bered VMI 12991.
Villanova held tight to sixth by
downing American University
and Detroit. Duke moved up to
seventh on victories over South
Carolina and Navy, Vanderbilt,
in eighth place, was pursued
closely by Chicago Loyola,
which won three games during
the week over Dayton, Western
Michigan and Iowa.
All records were based on
games played through Saturday,
Feb. 1.
The Top Ten, with first place
votes in parentheses and points
on a 10-94-744442-1 basis:
1. UCLA (4) 484
2. Michigan (5) 43
3. Kentucky 372
4. Wichita 265
5. Davidson (1) 251
6. Villanova 242
7. Duke 199
8. Vanderbilt 12L
9. Chicago Loyola 114
10. DePaul 75

Yonge Battles

North Marion

P. K. Yonge will seek its ninth There will be a preiminy
cage win in 15 games and third game at 6:30 between the B
in a row when it plays North squads.
Marion at I o'clock in Lakers Down
the ae Wave gym
Coach Wilbur Hosks' cagersRoya For

a fresh from victories over
Maccleny and Lake Butler.
PKY, led by Robert Stearn
in the scoring parade, is to play
t Green Cove Springs later in
the week.
PlY stW
Likely Blue Wave starters
will be Steas, Covey Johton,
Roue Grer, Bobby H s and
Harold Tmjio.

North Mario, which
Santa Fe nto double
last week before loin
point, is an improve q
spite a 4-10 record. Tb
with most of last year's
team grated, have
fie rebuilding job.
Coach Geore Keep
will ope with Bober
B Davis, Tarry
'Sells dwars ad

Starke Meets Strong
PalatkaClnub Tonight

PAIA7A taW's ba-
dI p up aphd me drie
i ao's b Cst A. A ews
At they qppm Pde's

mbs an s *m a sM
f ao t Ih bk to*
bta B. dIk at
Dayia lone Mau L
~a i i e, t

a-^ a| (was ^-i a

beaten y Wg -m a
the setaes em by arr
margl. As a aepi tm* d
te kmm a ben to Prry
bya atd be pdJ.
Wlh, Erat JdoLin, Bar.

Iag Mo*. Pafsa wir
p wbith Tmy WhlwM Din-
my ftra, No bleem 4 ao
er: amly Mus d -
Sard a b

Senior Win

Lakers beat Royals 47-5 ad
Swishers topped Celtics 62-'l
Senir Eague akbak lM ga
at the Boys' Club.
Robert Pucket ad Daud
Bronson led he Laks with
each while Jim Dok had U8 ir
Royals. Tommy Thomas ht
for Swiers and Adakr Gamu

carried ad 17. Bill Davis toned nnM
oveu, t Celtics.
by a Te Lakers also hoped be
i det. Hawks 55-33 as Puckett flipd
i Clts, points and Howard Haml
brHi nt had 15. Enie Windsor made 0
d a ,for Hawks.
First Federal beat Cities
pevbly ank 0 and First Natioal w
t SWe, 2fra Elk, in Cad fran
m r Texas topped B lHeO BMlI
Too Oer10, s beat Raid ers
and barges won from Brno
-- U7.
T Boys' Club ior toe
i n exhibitiom fray to
Use gts.ha A fo Ths"
ad Tiest bad U far

Tipoff Club
Meet Tonight
ITe GaiMhnrelb T Club
r me at : tlkkI t at Lt
uMqYMSa, ln ter d1
afor theSoelmI Ct
kbeem, wilbaitha .
Fr LeWdI Tipa r A
tau anmbar wlh r

aet is a






L. A in

I T 7-

Tus,, PFebr. 4,1964

Canadin Team

Hockey Leader

INNSBRUC, Austria (AP)-r sibly by col
A fat, young Canadia ten om baWd to wlip te Ame-
was perced firmly top te lans a rgh game.
Olympl hockey standings W y After the cramp, which ine
after destroying Utd thirerd penalties were ad-
StaM fit ope d of tabid out, U Manager Walter
the dhampaship Bub called Sweed referee O
SWkg heib wornt I have e

., uT C ianus, with a or a
Sfmr victori and defeats
had today of while R a, td
ain riva tmged with -
S"The Soviet sextet, unbeaten t
ree games, figured to easily
handle the Finns, who had lost
two of three games, when they
'faced off in the first of tree
championshipp round contests to
Ccoslovakia beaten oly
by Russia in three starts, and
Sweden, also -1, were heavy
favorites over wiless Switzer-
and and Germany, respectively,
IW the other games.
Canada jumped ahead ofthe

1Duke, CWA

Take Wins

In City Loop
"Duke Lumber downed Central
SFlorida Gas Jets 57-0 and Com-
muication Workers edged Sn-
Sland 6743 In City League basket
. ball encounters at P.K. Yonge
ym last night.
Webber, Blue and Elder led
the Lumbermen with 14, 11 and
) points, respectively. Krlder
had 14 for the Gas Jets.
Don Fulton tossed in 27 points
for CWA and Pete Robertson
Jad 5 for Sunland.
Tomorrow's games will find
Gator Docs going for their sev-
enth win in a row against Gas
.Jets at 9 p.m. at PKYgym.
CWA meets Duke Lumber at
7:30. At Gainesville High
school Tipoff Club plays Sun
lind at 7:3 and Penn Chai
meets Fire Department at 9.
DM LUMan DavI 44;
GonU. 1, 14-1 P 3l-Ti MI B-
:ll; Ts m -010; IBal. 1421
arit, s-141 lC 14cl I. .L ta.
GAS JTS--Petrs 14;: PI .
144 P: k as-; 1ar. 114;3
ln, 14-; KrkL., -3414. Totals.

S 1.1- 1 14 U
CWA-AtwfC 54-12; iMin daL.
t.1; TmasU. t-14; Phuak-S-l
eauM, 14-1; W M U 1.1- To.

4-4; Cal. SM Ttal. -.S
,Sns by qturn:
CWA 10.I...-- Is II aI--
OalMM -..... 11 1 I-3

Rich Golf

iMeet Set

dispute between the Phoenix
Thunderbirds and the Profes-
sional Golfers Association has
ended in agement, and the
000 Phoenix Open will be
ayed beginning Thursday.
Observers say, however, the
disagreement could be the
opening of a full-scale war be.
tween the PGA and tourney
sponsoring groups throughout
he nation.
The apparent case of the con-
flict is assignment of television
rights. It was a major cause of
the Phoenix-PGA trouble.
e Phoenix sponss an-
pounced that difficulties with
ne PGA were worked out late
Monday night.

N" ad Canadan po t
Rev. David Ban dsc ed the
officiating as "cred."
It as the third los in fur
pames f the American, who
led 31 after the first period.
Canad, paed by ran Coac-
er o the famous hocey-playing
family, rated for six goals in
the second period and sewed up
the decision before tempers
flared in the final minutes.
Ca r scored twice.



Harness racing begins at Pom-
pano Park tonight and officials
expect some 15,000 persons for
the first such program ever held
in south Florida.
The sparkling new plant, 35
miles north of Miami, has grand
stand seats for 5,00 althou
only four of the seven levels
have been completed in a crash
construction program that began
last August
Frederick L. Van Lenep,
wner of the plant, expects t
complete the stands and other
additions, including a museum,
after the -night meeting eds
in late March. He plans a 0-
night season in 1964,5.
Pompano Park represents an
investment of about (.5 million
and climaxes 10 years of effort
to bring harness racing to south
Van Lennep got his permit for
the Pompano Park track by pur-
chasing the Key West Kenel
Club. Broward County voters fa-
vored the track d state
Legislature approved the move

FSU, Swims

Past Tulane
da State University takers
demonstrated the skin that has
kept them unbeaten this season
it winning nine of 11 events of a
wmming Meet "ait t AN
Monday night
The Seminoes, now 6-0 for the
season, lost only the 3-yard
free-style and 00yard breast
stroke events.
FSU tankers set a meet, pod
and school record in the 40-yard
freestyle relay with a timeof
The relay tam was made up
of Mike Blonia, John Rangley,
Jim Mauldin and Richard Ab-
Golf Members
Meet Thursday

Members of the University of
Florida Golf Course will have a
policy-making meeting at 7:30
p.m. Thursday in the clubouse.
They'll elect a golf committee
to establish handicaps, conduct
tournaments and set up leagues.1
The meeting is open but only
members can vote.
Also on the agenda for the:;
evening is a Smminte fil of
the 1963 Masters Tournament.
The election will follow the film.

Williston Boys
The Williaton boys team will host Trenton tomor-
row migt in its next game. Front row, from left,
areBruce Mitchell Beny Standridge, Bobo Griffith
ad, Jerry Hobby. Back row, from left, are Robert
Head, Jim Mffliu, Doug Mitchell and Skippy Shel-
tour (S photo).

Jones' Manager

Goes to Europe

NiW YORK (AP) Dougstopped at the end of the fifth

Jones' manager planed to
leave for Europe today in an at-
teit to line up lucrative fights
for his heavyweight contender
agat either Floyd Patteron
or aerman Karl Mildeberger.
Jnes, 26-year-old secod-rank
ing contender from New York,
stopped big, brawny Tom Me-
Ne ley of Arlington, Mass., on
a technical knockout in five
r d at the Coliseum Monday
t. The tuneup showed the
rif-rusty ex-GI was ready for
faster competition again.
ones knew where be was
ded from the opening bell
against McNeeley. The 1M%
New Yorker, a 3-1 favorite, was
trol all the wayagainst
20-pound opponent
fe cut Tom over the left eye
ithe second round and bloodied
noe inthe third round. In
U fourth Jones floored the
b ng ex-football tackle with
barrage of punches. Dr. Alex-
Schiff ordered the fight
'The Ios Angeles Dodgers
ole 124 bases last season.
S total is one mor than the
bined ealingefforts of the
pb (a) and the Giants (55).
d In 24 years coaching football
Rice, ess Neely's teams
ijave won 137 game.





Fm BitIMATrs
Ph. 472-246, Newberry
Ph. 376-1919, Cty


No Mail

* Frem M klees

round when examination showed
McNeeley's nose was broken.
It was the second time Me-
Neeley has been stopped in 37
fights. Patterson, when he was
champion, scored a four round
TKO over him in a title fight
at Toronto Dec. 14, 1961.

ISPECIAL--Dui this sole only

S Ufetime Unbrokabl Mmpring

0i*ui biC s.. A ,Tem
it Weih Ma h kSm To k Abse
sheely HN Wale Sd Ads k Fae AAfr Sal
Ais mMt Sl: sl, eWi asti ANOVA
HM Lff MPO 06 Tn S&f f WA-
N a. HMu t#n ToT WoalWes DIMU COMPANY
To bIT I *ht",* ulm S4

M DOTumF.,eFb. 6,12tnon'til4p




By TE il
Adia es ml ortMa rr
BRUM K, Atra (AP)-
Itbr MDermaott, a barber
rIm Eha illel, Mic, cracked
the Soviet Union's longtinme
ped skalg monopoly and
won the first gold medalor the
Unled States with a RU stei
vidory today in the anth Win
ter Olympi Games.
The R -je old teum Mie-
ain Tecof rtudet, who lodip
hair ad shaes i ta es in,
hi datds a barber shopi rmmed
s-tenth of a second off the
Olympic record by flashing the
5486 yards in 4.1 seconds.
The record had been set at
Cortina, Italy, in 1956 by the So-
viet Union's Eugeny Grishnin,
who finished in a triple tie for
second with another Russian,
Vladimir Orlov, and Alv Gjest-
vang of Norway, all clocked in
McDermott outsped 43 skaters
from 1 countries in giving the
United States its first speed
skating medal since 1962, when
Ken Henry won the h0.
The medal was the third for
the United States, with a silver
and a bronze won previously by
spunky Jean Saubert of Lake-
view, Ore., in the ladies' giant
slalom and slalom on the skiingI
slopes of Lizum Valley.
Earlier, a skiing marksmanI
from the Soviet Union, Vladimir
Melanin, won the tough biathlon
test and German dominated
both the men's and women's in-
dividual events in tobogganing,
a new Olympic event.
Also, Scotty Allen, the 15-
year-old schoolboy from Smoke
Rise, N.J., held fourth place in
the men's figure skating compe-
tition, still being contested, and
Monty Hoyt of Denver remained
among the leading contenders
The Russians, with two med-
als in the biathlon and two sil-


m te I 50- meter d peed
-daft ts, booted their total
to I moar than twicethat of
necd ple Germany, with 8.
Ju wih it seemed as f the
United State would be at out
d as knt places in the ames,
MeDm*t oearked a sperb
ram to ovtake the t e lead-
Jedt Mird
Eddie Udolph Nortehok,
I. kInowig he bad to do 4.6
or beler to stand a chance
of a medal- only jtmimed
t. He was clocked in 4M.

Tom Gray of Bioomin
the other American entrant
The Germans finished 1-2
the men's tobogganing-k
as luge in Europe-and 1-
the women's, with the br
medal going to Austria.
The luge is a small sled,

Jack H


more than a wooden plank and!East German factory worker,
two iron runners, on which Eu- who shot down the course four
ropean children slide down snow times in a total of 3 minutes,
banks. 24.87.
The Olympic luge track for. Ilse Geisler, a teammate, was
men measures 1,100 yards withsecond in 3:27.42 followed by He-
18 tricky, hairpin bends. An un- lene Thurner, a 25-year-old Aus-
seasonal thaw made the track trian housemaid, in 3:29.06.
almost unusable Monday but an The lone U.S. entry, Dorothy
overnight free made it light- Hicsehland of Closert, N.J., with-
ning fast. drew after the first run.

Thomas Koehler of Germany,
a 23-year-old student, won the
men's individual tobogganing ti-
tle by sweeping down the course
four times in 3 minutes, 26.77

ton, seconds. LAGRANGE G -Ro
, did His teammate, Klaus Michael lines' basketball team lo t to La-
Ronsack, a locksmith, regis- grange Monday night. 47-38, asft-

onze sweep in 3:30.15. shoot of guard Hugh Corless.
The women's luge title went who scored 19 points. His team
little ~ds e d hmate T. J. Thomson, was cred-
little lo Ort Enderlein, 24-year-oldted with 13as r-

arris' 623 i 1,7,

Tops Keg League

Jack Harris of Mitchell's'
Shoes topped the Commercial
League at Palm Lanes last night
with a good 623 series fashioned
on games of 184-193-246. The
latter game was high single.
Wilbur Block of Duke Lumber
hit a g1 on 212-235-174 while
Don Crist, Bank of Hawthorne,
had 20M .3-196.
Bank of Hawthorne totaled
3031 on 944-1018-1. The latter
game was tops.
Warren Carson, Budweiser,
converted the 6-74-19 split
Milton St. Peter paced the
Twilight League with a 52 set.
Patrick Dooley had a 223 high
Cappe Leads
George Cappe of Farm Bur-

eau led the Sunday Mixed Lea-
gue at Palm Lanes with 192-
214-11-574. Roger Shultis of
Pyrofax Gas had 563. Joyce
Nachtrieb of Moose led the wo-
men with a 49 and Betty Haley,
Gridley Music, had 460.
Farm Bureau led with 1923
and Moose had a 687 game.
Splits were made by Ruth
Cappe, 5.7; and Bob Brown, 5-
Liz Elleman was best in the
Rebel Coin and Stamp loop at
Rebel Lanes with a 182-167-146
-495. Norma Weseman had a
494 and Florence Bedell rolled,
454. Mrs. Weseman had a 190
high game.


* "W' Rod
Them Out"
* Motor Block
We Pick-up & Deliver

White Electric
& Battery
118 N.W. 8th Ave.
FR 2.8581

Report to people wmo are

going to buy a new car

in the next 60 days:

Most automotive engineers will tell you that
the track is one of their most valued testing
For example, trk- cmpeiti led dired y
to the following dchagm in the F ane 289
V-8 engine: better block, improved pistons,
improved valve train, stronger acting
rod and bolts.
Such improvent contribute not only to
Ford's winning track record, but ao to the
total a o important to your
every driving.

Fwd Demrs off wie shd
The' "Car o the Year" com in 4 dai ad
44 models. And beeam e of tim ivrSity,
yonu Frd Dealer a has U mIn wide
variety of tade- on his mad s lt
Try aim.

W64 Fkimne. my ar, mepre


Motor Trend magazine's counted "Car of
the Year" award was wo this year not by
jut one ear, but by the whole Ford line-
Ford, Fairlane, Falo, and Thunderbird.
Singled out for special tribute was Ford's

uniqueconceptof total


of power and acceleaTion, ndlin, balance
and cornering ability, strong braking, and
tirels durability-asproved in competitive
victoria from coat to cost. -
Motor Trend's citation ao saluted the
pt Ford's racing program ha played in the
development of total formace. "Rali,
endurance us mdaing... annot be
duplicated by any other for of testing,"

The a-w cmp At F.i oe

T rMWU sAO4 loTwSI Fod

Motor Trend' editor
The full story of
how theMotor rend
editors analyzed and
evaluated the cars
an be found in the
February issue of
Motor Trend. And
the full meaning of

total performance
can bound t your Ford Dealer's! Stop in
and tet-drive a '64 Ford, Fairlane, Falcon
or Thunderbird. See for yourself why Ford
earned the title "Car of the Year".

IWhy Ford Dealers Declare '84
"The Year of the Test Drive"
The "Car of the Yar" award smte Ford's
total pformae. But the term total
formsmeI ui just words until you tEia
'4 Fordlm,ir, Falcon, or Thand
bird out on the romdl
Thrs ema u ebachap from thepot
that you wil cognie it immediately wh
yo drive thi So am in. Tak a teit
drimely. IW l orsbmseu Thy
&os yea a brand of total
that' stir ew


i W. l, Y AVl . t 1



Rollins Loses
To Lagrange

f.o' .

-~'f ls


Watches $!3
amews W ,s
ciiin wurb .$588
M455hhL'h J With
C.--Wm. wAk This
wi $ 2.o Coupon
Fdl (2) Yar lhatm Mf. pmasm
Don't MIs nThe ..u WTe westh
Sle b Histewyl

- - --- ----
m m m mm --

-. --







I bbwdb sor

Tuedy, Februry 4, 1964

toinevi!l. Sun









lins, made Sava wordri

; ,- W ,, .
Sm Staff Writer ed him to stay at f L w
LAWTEY p thi Anonymous Cals Threatene 'iogsait el a four t ct
AWTwn-nRobertgSeot ri
first Negro ever elected to the the i w niing tt Philip
Lawtey City Council, is sill, of H Su essor, M a O Or ws tWhen tohe m l
fcially, a member of that body Whe.n the council c.o avted
-even though he gave his oral -- i a w no me "v to appoalt a
reptiln acemet for Scott, although
resignation to Mayora aiey lips. Mayor Sbuord and o.:"Telel Lee Phillips he's go ehad orally reside to may-
Bu r th we n 'ers eveed a last al! i g to th. ;or Chariey S md on Jan. X.
caller (or callers apparently cnil meeting, at which no he threat was one of aine Scott did not attend the mna
have shifted their threats f on taken to anomous llsmade in the but he isill a member
bodily harm from Stt to successor for Scott hours before the meeting wmsthe council, according to Cty
esl Pllip, whom poplar Only two bours before the shecled seven against Ph Clerk Ethel Reddish, who aid,
belief has as Scott aoin meeting s assistant a the Ips, one againstScott and anoth "We checked the matter with
successor on the couil ey Service Station. V'ayneW .directed at Mayor Charley attorney A. J. Thomas Jr., and
irkland, answered the tel oord. he told us that a resignation was
The telephone calls to Phil- poneand heard a man whisper, first three against Phil- not valid unless pressed to the




.Th foUnia urkd qusetlu
are requested ipectlu b reUdA .
Io The sun financial age. Th qwta-
tion ut urnhnied by Piem, Wt-
bera. Murpber ImneSl t ar

Admiral Corp. -
Air Reduction..
Allied Chem ...........
Amerada Pet. .........
Amer Cyanamid .....-
Amer Elec Pow .......
Amer Home Prod ....
Amer Mach & Fdry
Amer Nat Gas .........
Avco Corp .............
Bell & Howell ..........
Borg Warner ...........
Burlington Ind ..........
3urroughs .. .................
Cinn Gas & Elec........
Clark Equip ..................
Coastal States Gas ....
Colgate-Palm ..............
Columbia Gas ...............
Continental Bak --
Control Data ..............
Dan River ... ................
Dome Mines .................
Duke Power ...............
El Paso Nat Gas....
Eversharp ...............
Fairchild Camera ..
Food Fair .........
Gen Tel & Elec ...
Gillette ..................
Glidden ........ ................
W. R. Grace ..................
W. T. Grant .......
Gt. Atl & Pac........
Gulf Oil .............
Hallicrafters .........
Homestakes Mines .....
Household Finance....
Ingersoll-Rand ............
Int Bus Mach ..............
Int Tel & Tel ........
Johns Manville ............
Keystone Wire ............
Kroger .............. ........
Litton Inds ....................
Lone Star Gas .........
Louisville Gas & Elec
Louisville & Nashville
Madison Fund ... .....
Magnavox .............
Melville Shoe ..............
M erck ....................
G. C. Murph .............
National Biscuit ..-
Nat Cash Reg ..........
Pac Gas & Elec .......
Parke Davis ............
Pfuer ....................
Phil Elec ................
Polaroid ......................
Proctor & Gamble ..
Puo Serv E & G .......
Pure Oil .....................
Ranco .................. .....
Raytheon ... .......... ......
Reynolds Metals .....
Royal Dutch Pet ....
Ryder Systems .........
Safeway Stores .......
San Diego Imp ..........
Seaboard Finance
Smith Kline ...........-
Southern hR .........
Square D ....... ........
Std O (Cal ................
Std Oil (Ind) ..............
Stone & Webster ......
Teon Gas Trans .....
Texas East Trans ......
Tidewater Oil........
Transwestern Pipe ...
Union Elec ........--
Union Pac.. .........
Union Tank Car -
U. S. Tobacco ..
Virginia Elec Pow .
Warner-Lambert ........
Wheeling Steel __
Xerox Corp ........



Aerojet General ..........
Brillo Mfg .........
British Pet..........- .
BVD Co. ........................-
Cineram a ........................
Data Control .........
Gen Development ....
Gen Plywood ............
Heinicke itru........
Ins. Co of N Amer
Kaweck Chem .....-.
LaLand & ExPor ....
ky Friday ..........
Mary Carter .......
Maryland Cup ............
Mead Johnson ...........
Na BellsHess .........
Paddinton Corp .......
!Phillips Ele & Phar
i Rayette ............ ........-
;Sperry Rand ts ........
Syntex ..............
Tampa ............

Over the Counter

Aico ....
Amer Express ......
Amer ielity Life
Amer Heritage Life
Amer Ploneer ife ..
Anheuser-Bush .. .........
Atlantic Nal Bank..
IAvon Products ...........
Bank of America ........
Banmett Nat'l Bank ....
Carlon Products ......
Charter Mortgage .....
SCowes Mag ...............
Dun & Bradstreet ..
SFlorida Gas ..................
PFla Natl Bnk ..........
,Fla Public Utilities
i Fl Steel ...................-
Fa Tel ....................-
' Pl Tile .................-
Gulf Life ...............
Heff Jones .........
Holiday Ims ......
Hornes Ente -
Hudson Pulp ...........
InCy T & T .__
Ja MiL Mkts ...
Kemnnaw Life ..-
Lewis Bus Forms .
SE. .MacDoald
Orki Klr k ....
Redwing Carriers _
Schtz Brewing ...
C. D. Searle ......
Shp Rite Foods
'So Nitrogen ........
Stock. What. & D
Throw Ele ......
Travelers ls .....
Jim Waner....








25:. Affilated Fad 1..
311 Broad St lanv __...
SFLASDiwr ES athitk


NEW YORK (API lie Dougl Aih ft a dvaJe

stock market moved unevely in o i5 oa L1 tare .
acive tradil at teopnl l Pmw, Davisk w of
day. IMan on 3M oar
Mod chanes were nal
Geral Motorsen d %1 St lak ad New
79 a 6,Im shares fob kowl Cl l were m ie
declarat J ofldbighfJerdla itil Ib lm -

OpniBg cks included:
Chqy~r, of % at 35 a ,.
i sham; taMdtm Oil (NW
Jersy), unhIId at % a
4,; Sd l a U up 4 a
11% M3 ,

I Idm. I

mmil in a meeting, either snag when Chairman Shuford
orally or in writg." read a proposal to change the
The meeting got under way voti procedure in the city. He
ietly with Chairman Dave aid attorney Thmas had ad-
Shuford preiding ad members vised the council to request a
Bryant Reddi, Wayne Massey localbill in the legislature set-
ad his brter, Sprge Mas ting up five districts in Lawtey,
ay, preset AMo pet were with a councilman running from
city clerk Ethl Reddis, May- eac district.
or Shoford, Marsll M. Suord explained that under

Jordan ad a few spectators. that system, each candidate
The fit order of business- would have to run against a
a reoalutin calling for abolish specific opponent and not
met of phonee toll charges be- against all other candidates, as
tween Keysone Heights and at present.
various places in Bradford That proposal touched off a
County was approved run nin g debate which lasted
But the counsel ran into a Ithrough the entire meeting.

Recreation Tax Slows

Wayne Massey said. "Let s in-
vite Thomas here to tell us
about it."
Dave Shuford said this would
cost the city $25. and this set off
a debate on whether the coun-
cil should appoint a city attor-
ney on a permanent basis.
Wayne Massey pointed out
that the city charter calls for
appointment of a city attorney.
but Dave Shuford countered
with, "We've been lucky even
to have a city attorney before
this. Do you know where we
can find another one"'
In an ensuing discussion.
Thomas and Gene Shaw of
Starke were named as possible
attorney appointees, but a vote
on whether to appoint an attor-
ney ended in a 2-2 deadlock.

"I don't think we want to urge
him to resign. He can go on
missing meetings indefinitely "
Clerk Reddish said, "I think
there is something in the char-
ter about a member missing
meetings for a long time, but
we will have to look it up.".
The talk switched back to the
telephone calls, and Wavne
Massey, in response to a ques-
tion about what should be done.
replied, "They can guard Phil-
lips the way they did Scott."
Mayor Shuford said, "If 'the
sheriff says he will look intd it.
I guess he will. and I'll "co.
operate with him in every way.
I don't think we're at a point
where we have sure-enough dic-
tators here."
Mayor Shuford reported re-


ia rbba te a llrw
el ftCIL.
uIp I*hy we ANics
llbh.M, SEa ft. Gemr
tain and A mriaun laF

W1Now It
HigL -
25 Reib .. 1 1. I
25 IW tb 77129
50 Stock 450.59 4

. II

.. .- - 'T I Bryant Reddish and Dave Shu-lceiving a call Saturday night.
| n h | .o ford voted against appointing in which the caller identified
W Bt Ju' lI S in B ik inis attorney himself as an official of the
rV 4 r|Blieglj B usiness inOO MU M Wayne^ W Massey then asked f ACP from Chicago and said.
!-. .. lbe shown the charter, and Date Ifyoup l
TALAHASEE (A) Is a facturers challenged the tax, Shuford said, "f you're going haf yu people r n't clean,,up
TODAY'S DOW JONES Biini swim suit a piece of saying it has caused a loss in to look up whether the chair.a uemcratc situation in
P s. Dew 9ms9 lsth wearing g apparel or a piece of business since it was levied last man can vote, I'll save you the l y,u clean come the e and
rvCl.sneDowJanl stBlw w y ,, Ap T, o ed it 'help you clean it up." Shuord
sports equipment? July1.trouble. Arch Thomas looked it said he attempted to question
i i7t 2 duThat's the .. t facing.. Alex Schneidman. president of'up, and he said a chairman can the caller. but he hung up.
squ e s t a.65 Pais I Mht the................igAlix of Miani, testified that hisJivote anytime he wants to It. Other calls warning Leslie
LeomCuto y Circuit Court Judge makes sense to me, forunlesshilr calp s wayumg Lt'e fell off 60 per cent, ormakes sense to me, for unless
3 Utilities Htugh Tayblr in the hallengeofe I chair man can vote, he Phillips to stay out of Lawt
S273.58 65 Stock the 1963 Legislature's 5 per entl might as well stay home politis reportedly were rece
tax on swim its among sports Sam Cantr, president of After looking atthe charter, ed by Danny Phillps and
LI,1S60.G Volume equipment taxed for the state'slTropic Tog of Miami, testified Wayne Massey said. "It sa\s Mrs. Leslie Phillips relayed to
S'new outdoor recreation program that his business was down 2righthe re that the attorney her by a waitress who took
The Legislature levied the t per cent. He complained that should be elected annually." the call at the Garden Restaur-
TKTt.heLp sactuirel d t the taxi was driving some of his Brnt Reddish Mid, 'Well ant in Starke.
RKT A AGES, FE. Judge Kills Suit to, h aep Rquire mlonOi ,beene a-u-.-
Judge of landand p -mIherey buersout of sta wbellct him right now. I move S&cott, who has been subject
2 11 Tw To Integratlhe rtin pries were cheaper. that we keep Arch Thomas.' ed to a number of intimldation
Low Close Net Chg. nting, i shig, bo g, mp- Others attacking the constitu- A long silence followed and since his election to the covn.
.6 0 .8 3 .i ng, swimming, ad other oulltionality of the tax were Jordanithe motion died for lack of a cll. Including the burning of a
6.9 127.52 .9 TAPA (AP)- U. S. doorsports asprt of Forida'sMarsh, department store. Palm. second. cross in hs yard. received an-
743.87 446.3 Of 1.61 C t udge Joseph P.i outdoor recreation program. land Fashions and King Kole Wane Masse then moved other threatening cll late n-
Si a iate insitu hasof After argue against thenc, of Miami. for appointing Shaw as attor day night. He said his w t e
pa is a private institution, hn. After arguments against the Go nViery of Jordanjny and another 2-2 deadlockanswered the telephone and
Dividends Shares .. 3.5 dismissed a suit seeking to in-tax ended Monday, Taylor said:rsh said 25 er nt of thnney' and ano there R dead ckanswered thi e telephone and
Drnyvd Fund, .... tegrate it attorneys would be permitted Marh' saim ;r cern occurred, with Reddish and heard this message P"Robert
'eus 18.91 iveweekstofile bridfs .e istores swui sut were play Shuford opposing Shaw's aP-Scott, you're out of the ctun-
fidnds to file briefs. He said a never went into the pointient. cil and out for good."
Fidty Fd .............. 1 James A. Hammond, an e- he would rule in about two'ss and never went nto the Pontmente il and out for good.".
fidelity Trend ......... 17.5 trial contractor, and Hazel l- water. After an argument over whe Yesterday morning at
Fundamental Inv ....10. e Gibson. a highschool teach. All of them contended that the1 other the city charter was be- Lesie Phillips received a
Group Securities Stk 13.53 er, both Negroes, filed the suit The attorney general's office, tax should be levied upon swim ing violated. Reddish moved for 'phone threat at the serie
Inc Fund of Boston. 8.49 last March. They contended the defending the tax, presented no ming equipment such as would adjournment. 'station, where he works le
Incorp Income Fund 9.54 university had no right to refuse'witnesses and no arguments, be used for skindiving or simi- A silence followed, and Dave said the whispered me Aie
Invent Trust of Boston 12.52 to register them. They said it saying the defense would be in lar sports rather than for swim Shuford said grimly, "It will be was "You a ired to mde
iKeystone Cus K 1 ... 9.27 receives financial support from the brief. suits that they claimed were a long night." A.. ase), father goin
keystone Cus K 2...... 43 several branches of government Two Miami swim suit manu- wearing apparel. After another long silence. bts, athe
Keystone Cos S .. 4.42 D Sf a u ..... Massey brothers, got the same
I u .Dave Shuford announced, "I be-
Mass ny Trust ..mthe s-rv- 15a
lMass Inv GcoFn 11.13 I P ri S3 lt1 1n to recess a meeting. I hereby tion, and Mrs. 0. J Phillhps ire
Medical See Fu Seveks M ilk Pr eceived one at her home
Nat'l Se Growth ...... 70 recess this meeting until Mon-
Nat'I See Growth ...... .70 da .Feb .17 The calls were reported to
Nat'I SeO Stk '.. ORLANDO (AP)-The chair- Commission member Chris said it would be impossible for He got up abruptly and left.Marshall Jordan and to Sheriff
Putnm growth Fund man of the Florida Milk Con- Jensen of Ocala proposed an the 124 dairymen affected by the followed by most of the others, P. Redish Sunday night
Veluv E un ........ mission called on members to. amendment that would continue price control action to survive and Mayor Shuford commented, Pt Sherif Russell Red-
lue ine nc ......... d to reaffirm their action ina minimum price for producers long in the absence of con. wryly, "Just exactly nowhere-ig investigated. He said yes-
Wellington Fund ......... lifting price controls in the Tam-'of 61 cents a gallon. trols." that's where we got-nowhere."teda there was nothing hat
pa Bay area, but the members In a few moments, the Mas. could be done until some lead
Late Morni- quickly bogged down in debate. Andrews called this "unrealis. He recalled that milk distrib- sey brothers returned and again could be obtained as to the
Chairman Charles 0. Andrews tc and unfair." He said it would utors have said the 10 to 16 cents looked at the city charter. ex. identity of the mysterious call.
SI iJr.. of Orlando told about 50 per- force cooperatives and producer a gallon they will lose in order playing they were checking on er
onsatdistributors take the lossto meet competition as a result ordinance against fires in Leslie Phillips said yesterday.
the emergency action Friday brought on by the reduction inof the price control drop willbe the city 'I don't know what all this is
AllisChal 541 Int Pap 31%iwas taken because of wide.retail prices while it would help passed directly to dairy farm. While they were there and about. but if I get appointed to
Acoau 74'J Jones&L m% spread violations in Pinellas and those producers that supply dis- ers. following a discussion of the the council, I'll serve. Ad if
AmAir 36 KisAl 35% Hillsborough counties otrif utrs avg no fixed source A survey of grocery stores in reatening 'phone calls, Spur- there is a special election, III
AmBdPar 291 Ken'cott 76% the commission's minimum re- .Of supl. St Petersburg has shown that geon Massey said to Clerk Red- be a candidate.
AmCan 4 Lig&My 74 tail price order. Andrews said prior to hesome are maintaining pricesdih Scott told me he wa g Philps ran fourth the
AmCyan 59 Loch'd 3 .meeting that be hoped it wouldwhich prevailed before the coming to resign." Dec. 3 city election m which
;AmMot 16. Lor.illard 44 'A decision may be wrong,"try to find a solution to the mission order. Others have cut Mayor Shuford said, "He toldthree councilmen were select.
ATL t 1 M but until it is changed by n o prices as much as 10 cents m bewas, too." ed, including Smcott wh.
AmITob l2 MpisHon l 37 process or e courts i e a .. i d ... a ha galon. Surgeon Massey asked, though he recently offered to
Amps Cp 16 MM&M 8 hld A s Meanw while, the Florida Dairy The Commission removed "What will we do now?" resign, is still officially a mem-
Anaconda 45s Mobasco 11 iFarmaes Federation awaited the price controls because of a Mayor Shuford commented, her of the Lawtey City Counc
Armour 46,. Mons'to % Hecalled for a motion reaf-outcome of the comissioroundof price cutting in the two
Babcock 55i Mont Wd 35 firming the action, which set upmeetin before taking any a counties. It was the first time
Beth StU 33! sNat Dair 0% separate market areas for the tin. in years the commission had re-171
Boeing 40': Nat Dist 24% t counties with no price con- lazed its hold completely on
Sorden Penney 44% trols at producer, distributor Ralph Holbrook of Lakeland, prices in an area under its jur. v y
Brlmswk 12 PRR 28%retail levels. presidet of the dairy group, isdiction.
CaterTr 50% PepCola 52i
Celanese l59s Phil Mor v 71 t SUN
CoanEd 50 RCA 11O ,I
Con Edis 83 Rep Stl 42 ACCIDENT ROLNDUP 1ist Street and Ist Avenue
lt CO (?i n o 3~ 1 ... Lawrence W Wolfe, 1704 NE
Cont Can 43. Revlon 31 % r The Gainesville police this w
Do Cbe 5, Bey Tob 4o,, +i ,Io ~ alf~ n PW ~rma + ". ^ .ist Ave. and J C. Harris. P'r-
duow i Rtl JOh ng g Pictu e I morning reported the following A an C. H
diuPont 250 SttP P e ....... rie, Fla, about 12.04 p.m at
SEAL 34 Se \ 43%the ntersecton of SW 13th St
E.Kodak 7Ill Sears n I i in the city yesterday: .
F Pw 43 Sinclair 47 By Sylla Porter 1st Avenue
Fa P&L Se y 0 Tillman Garratt Roberts. Howard Lee Johnson, Route
Ford 50 South'e 32 f you me a man y Although 3.7 per cent of killed youngster in a mar. Jacksonville. and Maurine Dan-, and Ze T
SFrst Da l SperryR told, you can expect to mevoitary job changing is a fat.ket which has a decreasing iel Lofton, 1319 SE Ist Ave., NW th Ate. about 12.15 ..
ept Sul 3 StBrand 74 more than six jobs dcanges percentage, it's a miorty, and eed for his labor. about 9 a.m. i the 4000 block at the intersection of SE ..
Fmeh Tr 292 Studt "ing the remainder of your after fullthreeyears of b A third revealing point is the of Waldo Road Ave and st Street.
Gen Dyn Swift 4% working life. advance it's a ear sign startling contrast between the
SGen El 1 Tao 7 Even at age 40 you can dg that our job market is not job stability in prolesial, Johnnie Maxwell, 35 SWI Mabel L. Gore, 90O SW 7th
G.en Fds p hinkold 16% paet to mak more th an a a solid a laied bytech al and sumilr oclpa- 3nd Ter., and Judy Harrison St., and Duane A. Wililbs,
Cen Mils 3 UCarb I tw job cha m eveat t e who off that pltica tion and the instability I oc Mitell, 2307 SW 1th Place Rote 2, Gainesville, ut
Gen Mote rs Unk Aire 4 you ma 41apct more a ggeratg c ins iin it rain. a at e 1:30 p.m. at the mitrsect of
Goodrih 53 UnFt 214 ob unemployment problem. As Stu. ing or education. Again, n a 15 a.m. t NW 3rd Street and 3rd v
SGoodyr 411 US S 5% Of coure, thes ae avr t Gartflnkle, of the Labor Garfinkle's words' section of NW d street and ue
Greyhd 48a Univ Maatluld b te borlDpt's Manpower Office, put it! raisingg and education are Dd Avenue.
Gulf Ol 5 0 Westg El 31% r t U S worforinterview: powerful factors in the WHY of Donald Aubrey Underw a d
t Harv 61 WinDix 3l e of m will wor at mt "It would e goodif a teJob changing and often spell Henry T. Black, 503 NE 4h1901 NW 6th St., Sharon n
Int Nick 731 Woolth 71% job all our lives, sm f job changing were vouty the difference between a olun- Ave., and Marie W. Swinford, cis Gallagher. 2549 NW th
make many me than the l if te joboldoern l inB to y change or a f one. 212 SW 43rd Ter., about 11:15 Ave and Martha Enid Rp in.
N Y S E Most AMe S tcks age number of dc gs ed e nw job they ited.ll wil be more and more the intersection of NW son 4106 Nt 13th Av e., out
C v,..- ( a T Neertheless, the averages !Th t wooM u oget co eca c for youn people reach- ".m "t 3:40 pm at the intersection of
underline the extraordinary de. and malbion in a farable jo1 job markt in coming N:W 13th Street and 14th Mc-
SI Matte 1iapI df job moi itsy i thi m i arket. But mah s not th a Egg Market
,76 0 R C A wi 174 up clmmty deplete the 0M lcse." T meaning to you? Impli- Jane U Neff. 170 SW & h
74 3 GenMot off U "h o Pw of second i rt tn is dt i evtey ttitlc the JACKSONVILLE (API The Place. and Helen W. Gea.
7 n Am & For pw 1 tup i bne it,, peasoro i the rnc sharp ri o ilr e and ram for lifetime Nemrtna Florida gg Markettoo. 303 NW 17th St.. alut
71 T Brun wick 11%u + 4 i bm aglea i to U a Job change jo b I ngi a i n i to w to rtaiers :7-03 p m at the intersetaon
a 0 Chrysler %W % ~b % h i the individual to et tiup- "f Une of W University Avenue -and
S BRCA 11A lWt t ai SpmM If leM th a dads a 1 rhisk e through his Extra large 41, mooty 5 l13th Street
t410 Bell Crtis M u Im3a l his rsOfl 13 Job flaM by "suawortg year Ar A hhr ld'51; large 51, my i n 7 OI
m a Xerox s i af 40 ar w hti, Ia te S yre a le o 'wh ess m wi u eie jb I Janice K. Touchbton. 279. 3
S AmST T Md,% Why sd Am Urksb delt fer vhl Nray. w a al N 144a, m* 4 : amell m ICorry Village, and Birue D.
IS tEat Air w n % p % o qm 'm ? Whlt u eyW111" shifts Ma l . a m cr a e a .I moml1y Miller, 719 SW 21st Ave., ut
ar Boeing % 1UP the oaUa tobaf I ll'bl mb e lord t t itop Mtrai hol. Poulry at fr : frys s U1 ; 7 p.m. at the intersection a of
8 W wti lee 1 at sbm v lbl and to ec job t o e sh Is P a- a a he gb,%li4. W. University Avnue a
K I Gem Eee Mt eay as wlM pr M. Ld e? A piltbansed Street.
N S rry 4 R ff% A firt vital pit is 0s t .5 It's he y bor r tioe ai i po, 9 Ka Prha
a r l frt &d6A Mmd 6* frlbh rinadePact T P Maon KyP lb
a"W8 I'dS&"Dkiabforedes Is s i t ahusikswkaallo s.SllsIhi oM Py. and Wayne AL%. Bhoi M
d" = a--n&& 0 NW I W
m st h md s ad b illm iW pl at shiads .,sa I v 71070 (AP) i UJU NWat rdf A ewabo
IV, 1 IN Sp~ Cop 11 m ina d obs.u Wm 0 I IS a=M .Wk mWre fl b rmt ab "mm ha a"N O "6Street and (Pd rPe.
UW i( l i d 5 % 4f% retarm fl sbL t i, h f itadIt,5 at d Sn ri sk fi e smad I ldhhaBmi raets witth sMildrede Ha les Ce I j s
r- AW e ia is of v c ail t i A taompym ent sa North RK totmalg $11.1 al- SE Hawhne Ro4K -
W (Cinr U% upn s:lW or al pI% mwifmllg Rowh i rams il r i wt help trLnra- lian for the first li of I*1e Wte W Jones, 173 M
adI )I 3 1 1 1 Ifa UVI V4 2r lar fa we &a so Sith e fim O pmeab soor workers for emplor- iK
I a tol -s rspr lm d A S me reach.... lAr.,_a bu inOi
P Is pq e up u lla wn il Ih IJdBtS I:eep. :buf the yearI. mate b oko n. M*J eS w. s
9 78pinabot0 S op 11%1 aosed holde. nvoes sollho~hitaflaho"

i b


Tla Fhry 4, 1964

DimeR ABBYs n

Time Has f 04.'

WWits se i~F aI.

ipes A& m deal =L.

Abig YVri Bwa

DEAR A T: A yer alp IS ufmtr my duier was
married h Las Vegas. b a d img ten, it,
to save fac, we told everyIebot dhoe i bhm mar
SJune, right alt br h 1 abol padlee. hrsta
as in Army but wa ll Itl a a' r n
at dtat im. Now be wontl hl b b lc mem ai isl
be i diargd i Ocber, d r a Ia will be a year
Iod a half old. Evytb lad sa t teI e wam 't the
or howm or eve a weddg r ta dswil have to
start O.kpin from scrah ad they d't have a thing.
Would it be prop to give tIm a igMmerype wedding re-
ept when her ba bsaM aP isc?
DEAR WONIDERIG: YTm my ha teerea wit a
"prly," In I galb rmmsml a 'stme4Npe ib
recepdm." r par 1 ia m.Sa. mlid sad
DEAR ABBY: Recety urona brought a girl to our bane
so we could met her. Be is pmobblam about he bcase
be mner ought a ghrl hme for a to met borL. WWll
6t boy cam d ot down it Ws gir l plp bawhsl
S is lp. She always bad be MIdfg his ad, mnooting
Shair and she would not lst h t ba d igh for oe

abL e We trid b b to be he, Abby, lt dhe was odhu
g! (Our i a ego junr ad so is de. If you wWe
u, wid you. yell m a wil t eIa t d umb a
krm girl?
S* *s
DEAR ABBY: Can p te me why the ridd wo nem
foad the time to gd e.t them tank-yoa ate always m-
age to fie d the to get aout the birth mannnemnt?
DEAR MaS: ats 1l ways case. It st sees
at way.
1 *
DEAB ANBY: My biaS is hem sluinh up late fre
w ork l kevy ntW De you know why.
DEAR LKN: Na Bet rm eat d may.

wUO RmA TO NWr: YT u pet e* mueh. he
mredsmut m pepla to pedelsh is ha they a
ilg at a mpumet a aMu

inJak am
Jack has problems: Don
Wilsn's ha s to
pinbch-hit for dad a
commercials; and Jack's
'alat find" Isa Port-
tr has switched from di
va to dcer, eotic type.
5Gey Meas
9:8a Ne:I We&., i
SUaM News (af
aiapolis police a t y 11:5 a Mle
track dwn three brothers "'h CrOuel Tower." John
who robbed asore, ste Er cao Charles Mc-
-w car and cA- Craw.
mitted murder. 1: a 0 AJhy Cams
a whrst* NeW NA
aVdmt a a m i: a s id
Vincent Price and Hel:en 615 U bne Abmoges
O'C eUll a ue, : 10 lla ,a Ia H"
Sketeb: '"Ca Your Brat Phr's SIy
Upon the Water." Juni, I a lmh e Aaue
the mean wile kil, 6:. 3 18UI WWl Iss011f)
thinks the new butler : II, Neier (aler)
(Price) is really a :n a 6 :UU ama
torios burglar. ?7: a Tday
a Da. Pi's cl 8 News, Water
I:M a Ye Dl't say I:M olger Es d
SM ase Reporte I 7:1 3 News
a Meal's NaY 1: a Cob I Nwa
1: 8 Rkhazd e :0ne U 9 Ja hckaLmAl es
"Statement of Fact," I U aDelr Father
rerun. Prosecuting at per
torney Chris Dale is i Ip Galk Storesa
patient to prosecute, a Pe* Are FeM
when a woman is arres tJack Lam
ed for murdering herUM Say Wlea
husband, he doem't minb New m-ML Wal
as*pping the cheriffl Wele Nw r L
toes if It will get him int 111 a Eighth Grad
to the act I Sche
s* BeT Aisus 353 MNews
Pe"leetJm e I I1su :Uw ordINfr Wed
6:U UMecalIrip I I Ulave lu


S eds Gormch
:5 a Grated DauO.
:8 a Nlm Psg
: a Ilald News, Wa.
* a News, Spi, WeMr.
*a SElle abme
$I:. a 113l Cs Nmews
6:3 a News-W..dallr
Opusi" A*"h61
S News IBMley
7:0 a Msla
"Te Sitters." Ballinger
traces a telephone num-
her which he believe is
a cuhie to a ring d book-
les, and finds that h
amber belongs to am
Sulliv, a baseballpla
er, and his young wife.

a ollyweAd the
(Color) "Tlhe Minpoi
Stoy," Ctcdam c Ile
Marvia follows the min-


Coping With (rises

a *m "nohtm
rally asto he done bout
t crisis lut It is getting as
bad as the farm surplus.
At one point during a recent
week localcril a mmun
counted 13 crises running imul
taneously in Baeo, the Caon
go, Cyprus, East Germany,
France, Kenya, Laos, Panam,
Tanganyka, Uganda, Viet Nam
and Zanzibar.
It is too much. The State D
apartment may have resources
to cope with I rim a week,


-5. flak i
11.15h l

33. Sok
35. Teak
A 1l




Llid 1

but the rest dof havent.'L Ieoraly leads him to worry
average per r s on cannot worry bout the decay of his own
efficiently about more than one wardrobe, the decay d his
Ihoue and the decay of his car.
cri evr y idays, u ngs hh tbe kibt-
sh of any typical daily wo worry bt money, i
schedule will ilusbate. biu orat tey, t thi
is deferred for the afterdinner
The typical ditiena rises in y slot. WLdom has it that
the morning to a confromtlon pt who worry about money
with the minrr, which startshle their wives are still in
him to worrying about hisir cr are frequently d
own mortaliy. At breakfast, his orced. Breakfast doe, bow0
schedule demands mkmtes of vbe allow perhaps 0 m es
worry about the child's ith the newspapers.
le mmn and the dcay of The typl redr d s ihe
their wardrobes which ine- uime among e comic (wr-
ly: Is Tacy K pining weight?)
ports ~io (orry: Will
ELlCs Finley break up the
I' o meican League? And whyi
SIbreho l t h e?) and threw a
worry, worry, Worry: Ca the
publicans eover makeaa m

IArbed' is Pemb abany r?)
LiVIAt the mo there Is uepm

tIM l beforehadft for workad
i. trip to is b a iab
l"l hii -y s hmg report real,
& Mak L We? tr Can his ("&yI bi
4.Cimoula 10. Tes ed od b'ke? What MW all tosea
dar Iid m l9a Sthou h't he see his
4-111darac al.Cmk a estmeardlerm, a chod d
t..Mi -LA X-i mle Iy, g I me mecs, I
dIs i lsgl d, p t a ha -

te'I 9 1tihaved 3 igM Kl gt
ILh. a,"? INe o roll 1h MA
W Moa fsbirthin, qe m.
arn.r Ie dir Ml

a3 t a*ti at see

3m, IPreee aI

1 i ie ll ifi
b=git roeOWN
M OW 'z m o a tv

Wll: a ceuaterum

11:U a a bg Mhlg
S Pate An Gladys
a F3 Grade
1:0 a Fst Impresie
a Ime d Life
0 lgh chae O iry
12:W News

a sach for tmapum
: O GMkig light
0 ILts speak Spui
125:1 as Ne
1: News
1:a Match came
1:15 a Fees

1:3 3 Scance
SAs e WWorld Trms

2:0 8 L4tos Make A
O Password
2 25 News
2:3a Doctors
a U He Party
3:0 a Istte Ymg
0 To Tell lie Trtlk
3:5 0 News
3:M 8 Yes D't Say
8 Edge of Night
4: Match Gam
a secret Store
0 Ppeye's Pais
4:25 News
4: 8 hB r ad Alkl
a millo Gll
"Govenment Girl," 01
via de Havilland, loan

g through the living rom
ceiling. Ar the children hbg.
nig to laugh at him when his
back is turned? Are the neigh-
hbors Meer because his car
is getting ld? Soudt he
really read the complete works
of Dodoevskli?
Finally, there are 17 min
ute for worrying about t
world. It is a mess. Back in
the old days, there was one
crisis which went for years.
Diplomats were comtantly get-
ing together in Paris or Moa1
cow or LIndon and parley.
g, ad their parleys wee al-
ways collapsing. Thes was
kon as the cold war. It was
very easy to understand. Us
Wrn thdm White hats R
ta black hbas.
Now, kdeed ofs and Oam,
the pams are ful of dmaem-
M like Ngwe Npc he, Mi i
Ho xuas Souplong ad
kelo. Wo is Cteo? Why ibus
he flow to Plabs? Where is
Pimbi? Have Liz and Dick
a flowa ere?
It requires great applase
to grasp i ls, ad the
Mdt Ml e te il
rthudarat ? How dhis
mwe we ruaied to master
Ia rpoeum risis itd
- the last Balsa o
Is* toid a-sto
tev tat by the im ae
uande rmi It, n tobo do

twr before jymas my aeN
whan Mnemd is a cries
aim. N d1im renw
b d agess as aw
eaas am M *sfo
A selIof wallM m
iab abiigth b i N

SI CAqwTooWt,
,to i..ff

r MII r iNo114AK V FMC 1 r COFAN(LIt Iwr
iSt(ACROYDEN 1e4 am5ON I W-AI AL rTLTWl...rflnj
rnS~llallT r~l N!~ TIIN~III(ISO-fM

r *, TA TIRW/
V4A 6tTT;N6 56
ifl. EyWH

pAr o"

I r7 ran amnt

oama..m mTU 0!)-

cr mustIDEI Ma

o oaYwlhhI.

With Art *uehwald




Male, Female Smoking Habits

AP V eWM's Bir I
As many irs as boys mnoe.
Hip schl itadals fid it
hader to kick the habit th

Tahe are e findings in a
arvard Univaersity shy of
mokl by igh ehool studlts
and their families in Newton,
Mas, a mburb of Bosto
SAmeria Cancer Society
saysb ta bemaume much of the
data makes Newtoan's making
habits consist with naioaal
patter, the study could reflect
a national trend

ha report m Newtm by Drs.
Be. J. Slbr ar Jam Wor-
cter indicas dta .4 per
cet d the mothers moke
cigarette ompmad with a.
per cent of the fathers.
Results of the Hamrd sd,
iiported by the Amserc Can-
S Society, appear in the cr-
rt ime of Cancer, a medical

Dr. Salbr began tie stla y
November 15, by having 1
Newton hih school students fill
out quetioasrus on their own
and their parels' smoking hb-
its. More than a year later, a

rdm imple o
.ll 3 moDrsI

were ir-

e resrchers disoered
e ae twiceas many n
sakng mothers as atm
345 to 15 per cent. But te
pro tion of smokers is about
th same or both prents be
came nearly one quarter of the
fathers hav ge up toao,
compared with aly 7J per ant
of their spouses.
~hen the male 11 per cent
whA smoke pipes and gar is

Ranger Failure Is Blow

To Manned Expedi on

IN fatrk tae
m o fare of the Range
spact t obtain pictures
the mOOb has had the effect of
Minaly the devyoping a-
relol move toward p o
ponemet of the manned lun-
ar expedition.
h uneplained lamast-m te
failure of the spacecraft's
television cameras seemed cer-
tai to sult in still another t-
ctaicl delay in the scientific
exploration leading up t he
maned expedition
The political effect was to
stngthen rising ogesioal
doubts about the technical fea-
siblity and desirability of stick.
ing to the oal of achieving
the manned lunarlanding by
le National Aeroati and
Space Admnustrti, sted
by the technical failure and sen-
sitve to the political repercus-
sios, announced the appoint-
ment of a four-man board to
investigate why the space-
craft, in its final minutes be-
fore hitting the moon, failed
to turn on its bank of six tele-
vision cameras.
The board, headed by Earl

d, t -milion Rangerp prm caneras, another to tura n
ect. theJour other cameras, and
The findings of the board, l athi tod tor n ll the
the Space Agency ml an| ras. Each time, Dr. Sea
comment said, wi be med man reported, the spacecraft
"o deter in e he ture coure ac ieded receipt of the
of action in the Rao r pro- w command, but the am
a, including the date oferu tllfafledto tu on and
the next launch." start tranmttg.
Until the fa e of Ranger of the baffling aspets of
h, it had been plmed to the fai Seamans said, is
launch the net Ranger space- whyboth of th camera m s
raft in early March to photo- tn which were on different

grap other pottia land-
ing place for the manned ex-
Space Agency officials made
clear Monday, however, that
it was likely that the launch-
ing would e delayed t least
one or two months.
Dr. Robert C. Seamas Jr.,
NASA as ae administrator,
sid the cuse of the faire of
Ranger remained a mystery.
Until the final minutes the
spacecraft seemed to be work-
ig perfect. ifeen minutes
before luar mpa the space
craft acknoweded receipt of
a ground command to turn a
heaters for the cameras and a
drop In voltae Idicated the
eaters were swiched a.
But then trouble bega to de-
veop amehre n the space-
craft's eleoslnie system. An

D. Hilurn, deputy associate atnaic prior er that
NASA administrator of industry was uppead tea switched
affairs, will review the techi- by the heater i l failed to
cal findings of the jet propul- turn o two of the cameras.
si labotory tam that h An emerge ground sial
managed the trouble- plag- sent to turn anthe two

mandcircuits, should have
fale. One possibility mention-
ed *b that there was a "pull-
ed wire" or defective diode in
the Iectronic system that was
supposed to command the oper.
ation of.the spacecraft in its
final minum.
Because of the limited
amowpt of Informatia telmet
ered ack, there was consider.
able 'doubt that the engineers
would be able to esfabl defi-
nitely what went wrong. In-
stadg they were being forced
to pinpoint the trouble by a pro-
cess of deduction.
The Raner program is now
about two years behind sched-
uie. I is'this continuing slip-
page in the schedule that is be-
ginning to bother the congress
sinal overseer of the space
program. Thir concern is that
the program leading up to a
manned expedition Is getting
so compressed, so much off
schedule, that a postponement
of th manned liht is becom-
ng necessary.

38 Aboard Fishing Boats

From Cuba Interrogated

brought four boats from Cuba
into Amrican waters?
U.S. authorities sought to de-
termine that today as they
quInd 3 occupants of the fish-
ing vessels.
The Coast Guard intercepted
them in the Dry Tortugas, 6V
mil wat of here nd scortd
them to Key West
Cmdr. C. W. Wahl, who head-
ed the Cast Guard opera
said nearly three tons of refrig-
erated fish were aboard two of
the boats.
"We found no arm or suspic-
ous things," Wahl added. He
said the other two boats report-
edy transferred their catches
to the larger refrigerated
"he skipper of one Cuan
boat said he didn't know he was
in American waters while anot
er said he realied he was but
said they were only fishing,"
Wahl reported.

Hodges, state conservation di-
rector, said if the federal gov-
ernment did not prosecute the
Cub Florida would, under a
163 Florida law closing the
state's territorial waters to fish
ing boats of Communist nations.
Maximum penalty is (00 fine
and one year in jail, ps con-
fmaiatol dd the velds and all
G. Harvey Summn, U. S.
gornment coordinator of Cu-
ban affairs in Miaml who few
here, said the United States
planned to protest to the Cuban
COuIestind of the Cubans be-

early in the morning.
"Generally the Cbans were
cooperative, however, Wahl
The Cubans remied aboard
their bts at t Cast Guard
base pedg disposition of their
Spectators yelled "Commu-
nst" as they arrived last eight
aboard two yellow 7-foot boats
and two gray and white 47-foot
craft. Wal aid two boats were
powered by Soviet-made engines
and the others had German
power plants. A U.S. sunarhne
and destroyer stood by at the
Coast Guard base.

an after the Cat Guard
boarded their vesss Sday. Queen Mother
Wahl said that shortly after u
SCoat d rded the Cu Surgery
ban vessels at 5 a.m. Sunday
"the Cuban opened up o there DON (AP)-ueen Moth
rade and r ntacted two oth r er ueh underwnt a se-
Cuba vessels, premably be.eae l m mergency appdedt
twee here and Cuba." my today which forced her to
WaM said the muter od oncre! a M,04mile trip to Can

State Atty. Gen. James Kyneof the boats
said this state has authority oi radio that he

prosecute the crews. Randolph

complained over ada rli and New Z
had been molest- labnd.

ed by being awaked that

Sammie the Starling

Would Like to Bail Out

By JM YANT But "they" didn't appear.
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) S-Sammie contiao ed to fluter, the
mie te sterling was fighting for spectators continued to specu-
his life early today, waging alate, and the day bp to
co ely battle for survival wane.
inide he cockpit of a Workld A policeman drove up in a
War fight plane. Air Force truck. When mee
The cene was the Air Force pointed out the bird, the police
Museum at Wright Pattero man went into the am
Air rce Base. buying ad emerged eeral
Saumie's curiosity got him on mim*e later with a key.
thi spot, ad hs shyns kept "'his ea to do it," he si
lim fra a early rea. lwth a gri.
How he d de te P H isu rt ub to a bhms
loetd hh the Mpes ofl hower, whm he opead the
the amman, was a matry. ir f th flhe. No Saie.
Somew Saie ma have A teenm r crawled i the
rawld beaL a d air a kpli L Tahe' r wa s t hla
vahe Isd to te i eatL I re a r aS t e
Once tdin, ha elt't flat u ~.
way let Iamt asve po ba
Neih a brd's blehr tn, bt I mat inl yth81

cal s Air rm capIa havepe gseat t way he had
aew c- beM odth a ck
a. at A F Frnm th fLimi th paleS e4
aoI mut l m Miti e *a"l iBa

the giga l hr, mi. l
i wp m o alb s ma 111

W Lt Ib as t

Sr Arthr Porritt, he royal
surgem, said the operation on
the g-yeld mother of rit
am's reigait que, lasted
abouthalf a hour.
'TA& queen mother Is very
wel," Porrt told
"but he will not receive any
visitA today."
StrAn with acute panaft-
er church Snday, h quee
he ws taken to the King
d Hoptal for fices in
Lad y na eight
She had ien scwheduldto
leave on her sx-week our Fri-
A %tao n of matronly chra
Mh qAiev their hods a high
pam Ia t. British pubYe's f-

Royal Audince

breta bwech rB
-b t Aakadiaive ICrni a'

her vy b adot Mag

mifi Inlta emsil a thoK

sbtirded fl the toal of the
oer, moe m e are
mokn dpet than maen
e most coamon amount
smoked by parents is betw
a and two pacm a day. More
men joy over two, and more
wme smoke fewer than one:
ra stu4 shows tt Cathlic
flhes and aoos ad Jewish
olers and daughters are the
most merous ciprette smok-
ers. Catholic mothers and
daughters and Protestant fath-
s and as ar e least fre-
qunt mokers






To EndAll


Boothe Lue took dead aim at
the 4 crop of presidential
candidates today and unleashed
a platform to end presidential
It was strictly tto e i cheek
-er dagger in cheek.
The former Repuican con.
grwman and one time am
baad to Italy said in a in
terview: "I'd enter the New
Hampshire primary in a in-
ute if I had a campaign man-
agr, an organizaon ada po
litical base. I've certainly got
the program."
The program?
"I am for the 5 hour week
without any increa in labor
"I favor a college education
for everyone regardless of race,
creed or pre entrance ntelli-
gence quota.
"I am for lifting everyone off
the social bottom, fact, I am
for doing away with the social
bottom altogether.
"I am for victory in Viet Nam
without any increase in US.
casualtes or expenditures. I am
also for neutralization of Viet
Nam as soon as Gen. De Gaulle
apologizes for having suggested
"I am for raising living stand.
yards of the world by deep and
judicious pruning of U.S. aid.
"I am for licking the stuffing
out of Khrushchev while relax-
ing U.S.-U..S.R. tensions.
"I am for supporting the Eu-
ropean Common Market as an
outlet for more American chick
ens and British agricultural
"I am for doing away with all
military junta except those we
bring into power.
"I am for the independence
and sovereignty of the young,
immature African nations and
the abandonment of the inde-
pendence and sovereignty of all
the old, mature European na-
"I am for a vigorous two-
party system in which my party
will control the White House,
all the governorships and over
75 per cent of Congress."
Did Mrs. Luce think the presi-
dental race could afford anoth-
er woman candidate?
"Actually I nominated Sen.
Margaret Chase Smith for vice
president in 192, f you remem-
ber, and I'd be delighted to vote
for her if she is nominated," the
blonde playwright-author said.

Race Protest

Put Down In


Tuesday, Feblary 4, 1964 Gainavilk Sun 11


I h MeNafa
$ Lad alow$
: l"wlt "6-8"
4 rPM-nt kehe

* Ibaue.s. Cu e
9 PIee To Oe And

STflIe fMr fea

* rr ta
M TrMeim ftk &Ktab
w Trder l mh
AM fmu le t b
* Aow--Ms fIr T
M8Sw Cmn
a NMIWe. DM.a
* Waa4bl-nilB

a lWk wo w"FOR*
i4 Wiee wma
a Ma 3* Weme
u rFmak m Wases
Nrumw Iumru
na F Inatm

I1s eti LMas
aMmm" WMu
Uk Na Wd






PASADENA, Calif. ager
Swas only partly steriled to
ard against contamination of
the moon.
Requirements for complete
steriblation imposed for all
craft previously dispatched to
the moo, were relaxed for
Ranger Ibecause it was be-
ved this might haveconti-
buted to previous Ranger fail-
Ranger 6 was assembled and
checked out in so called
"dean romes," which resemble
the operating rooms of a os
pital. Surface components of the
spacecraft were st ized.
Scientists were consulted on
the matter by the Space Agen-
Officials aid the view of
scientists was that there was
little or no danger of contam-
inting the moon because there
is no perceptible atmosphere to
support life on the hlar sur-
face. In addition, extremes of
eat and cold on the mon
would, it is thought, quickly
kil any earthly bacteria.

Taylor May

Resign Joint

Chiefs Post

O HN |mt nr ta
Military Mi
NEW YORK Ge. Maxwell
D. Taylor, chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, is expected
to entire net fal, probab in
September or October.
Ge. Taylor's desire to retire,
which is still to be approved by
the rotary of defense d he
President, is understood to be
based on three considerat ,
according to sources in Con-

His age and health Gen.
Taylor will be 63 in August, and
he has suffered from various
brohial attacks is one con-
sideration. Te demands of his
job have required a work day
often 12 to 14 hours long, and
the general s said to be feel-
ingthe strain.
Th assassination of Pres-
dent Kennedy is another r m.
Gen. Taylor was recalled from
prior retirement to active duty
by the late President Kennedy,
rst to serve as the prudent's
military repsentatw, anl
than as chairman of the Joint
iefs. He wa a cose confi
dant ad adviser of President
Kennedy and G Taylor's
ideas have influenced greatly
wa rnnaul trends, nd d-
tre and policy in the Peta-
g. Washington sources say
tat Taylor feels the chairman
of the Joint Chies should be
President Joson's own ap-
The general is also represent-
ed a feeling that after almost
a year md a ba l haln o a
chairman of the Joint Chis he
has accomplished moat of is
objectim. The ratn of the
U. S. Strke Comn l and the
recent great broadeang of its
respanihilities, the reth-
abng ad moderisam of I
Army mdd of ts al and air-
mobility capablies the
strenthenig of Spaal Forc
-r m pur u y sq n
W and many orpmo l

eas in lrge mnI e t
G .s Taylor. uEven N
St baa *A. a, kp aIa
haes mobe a a caaI
ms -E e b of th, o
L bern a dMib me. O l.
a Lk ddrd o hrdde

ma ared amrl as
Mn adma Oi pre JI
lat eb, id ay




LOUT walUed in e Bk-L-daWs
or KlUne' so aos. -
wud. bt. L sox I. Mo-
LO: Lure sold pin. Spa *d
bea. I vis i f Pa LUa

IM a l du. Ain dMi
IoPa am WN a ia.
Cal ansms asf Ml et
a1 to oaw11 v e11as *
"a I mi = aN

bLa*IamD la iVI Ift ow
An e.. Mb s
iUt.E- eserum LAW&
Cal ousn. man" atM a
kiWill.a Of. 44 16.
wcsry a.

vsat. .nones
Irs Dnm Imm

ri OdlmM lM

c in for Y il OlN
Mo. re 6 k

Iha.rR 1 6.


*i fmd tG o

a aleelile fGeet
Is a, e e& lsds

a t. frw s
1Tmrk ItM*

*u ate. lua

a tea se Was ted
s o ldat Tew o pe8"
'I kI t ma

43 Parume A Anus

adi ae s-
* en FOR Data
a aura fts
*RerId Pt..

54 baa taios h

*f tLa AtoV.r

a mirfmbl Am
IS WutoJ a PWlH


nem toI $5 per hour demon.
StratIn famu MIdle Girl
CWtic. ull or Put Tim.
Plno 2U43 afte 4.
WANTED waitress. Apply
Ia perm to the held waitret
Hoel Tom" betw I7 AN.
td P.M., er on ri P.M.
Newr mt moda funtlun
ston Nrathtral Fla. has
e a sladr atl
am tor eprli eed iLn
decorab with t wepasil -
sale. OpgUttaalty liamid
only by ur latiLuUr will.
ilMa toh work anD lu and
desaI to aet ahed. Dere
aot u slaartUtl au erplesa
and abos sve uiflc Cal
Mr. Oakle. MaI4 for Ipl.
Sperr h tas drble a Mm
avalla er eo neulmaed Isa.
Sranepr whu dLva et ners-
tailsl ills. iartiM salary
dduatned by prior uep-
leis, wlk iacrume bad on
regularly chedud ork per-
formnur review. Promotional
oppstnalwu. 1 day work
wet. JExeellnt working M.
dituls and bendfts. SubMt re.
uame in eaiOdee or lab-
pboli 371111, tL. m, hor
LADY, 21 IO 15 for prma t
positl. Airline work. exper.
iane preferred, Ex.ellnt fu-
tur with favorale bnie
beMfInt. Wre t ox In -
Ac/o s ivlt Sun..
W spe n ear Wnadir. Custe
mertn itlfn for Awn fifty
Call Mrs. Nm at Fit Mll.
TEAR OUT Tui Ad. d maill
with ame, address for big
box of otae nmed and eI.
smenca or Froe TriIa, t test
ia yor lba T lly r whiMdi,
Smaku Ra usrh name,
ILAIM, Det. MUACI, Lynch
bur. Va.
WAITRES wasted. od hoaurn.
ood isalay. Apply ia peru.
Woaderbw R.turuat. 14
W Uh It. beod Sears.
12 Male Hep Waded
WANTED itk alemulu fur
rna route I Gaesie.
Ag requiremenl t High
bosl ducstleo. Mu Ibe
beodabla. A" average La-
arme tor w1Itg worker. Sea
Jamns Johoas. or Wlliam
Carto at Cart's Diry.
Hav a rea.
WANTED Ausuome nMehanic.
Only experienced need ap-
ply. Phone m71433. l.
KALE Bookalper. ein -M.
Salary eewrdiag to quaiLoIa
tesa.. Apply iM1 E. Unversuty
WANTED Aulaot e mte aMie.
Must be sor & marrM. Ap*
ply Halverna's Garage, IN S.

1-HNel pMale lamu .
Esr. pecrtarl. aia3ryD opi
Clashair-boro. attractive
Whb hoc pesuer, 2la wk.
looekkaper. e-lrs op
Exp. Waits. salary & com.
Fp. cnuialue
DStom trainee, h11 KL, rad
O(M trainer. hi at. ired.
Tres wpu , m s, Ir.
Auto msmulaw IEp.
Inurnace trin., Im w
Mota us riff pl an
Rout uwalmu Lvy Co.
Plow 1101M
NULLJ SImu CO. has aso-
lag for M Uit trm part
dealers. Ganesa l. Miare s A
High -I.s. Pase 173,7117.
wool prisr. siner A llsb.e,
Bob'a asua am N a

16-Wwk Wad Feasu

WILL do iwmr in my home.
Phont FR 6-0541.
17 Week WWJd Mab
OAKD bey wUasb WeUt r
w iem al st rd. Call

I eI ehMk I leiat e

1st Lesson Fr
Heay'si aI
n W. U.. v. An IPIi.1
MaUE L =OT :; AviI.
- Raw aln -.meb.
fn-I -Gob I a hfe
. On or fti I
-r, CA Al ean. Cente
A I I 4aL N 4M he

ag Ide. km a M"aI
U. S. Cv Sevie Tihf

-i Ma ia.
PA TOrtWa S ad
X. e IftSO

Printed Pattern

ia- is r

Sleekat, lim ne shape up It
a bend neckline that' a curve, ot
t laterr. Sew thsi Ito-part
faishio n ai ilky crpea. wn
cutlon, ksll.

FIFTY CENTS In cuil for
thU pattern- add IS cent, lr
each patltrn for frnt-clas mall.
me and special hainlln 1 aid
to M Urian Marti, c o (oiines-
ville Sun. Patterns Dept, ,232
Wel liIh St New York It.
N. Y. Prit plainly NAME AD-
DRESS with ZONE, SIZ, nd
READY-choob it from 230 de-
san ideas in new SPRING S'M.
ME Pattern eltalog, junl outt
Dreme. liportwear., cts.
more Send 50c now

22 Social Sen.rvic
CEMENT ftnimsg. block work
Re-modelng, repair,l Phone
372.%54 anytime.
27 Feed & FIrtilizer

21 Livesak & Sup$lis
Fros Clover fields. Will d-
liver. Lakeland. M IM SI
BABY calves.-milk j beef t)p
had Mbother milk from 3 to 10
da 0 head Of weaned )ei
Ilnst from 3 to 6 mo old M
F. Parruih. Anthony. Fl, 6.-
6 HORSES for sale. Phone
IMOIAQl ppli for sale. malu.
iu wil oli, wormed., vdctial-
ad & healthy. Paper trained,
i,5 ea. Phone 3764113
EXQU'ISITL ipricot pedl* pup-
pies. AKC internationally fram
out blood lne. 175 and up,
11n4 N.W 35h Ave.
ealllnt for watih, stock e& pet
FtR 2-Le
TOY & MINIATURE poodle pup-
pies, AKC, adorable. mile &
female, 7 weeks old NOm
I75. Pb a IS..
REGISTERED Plotl houndl. Alo
Aredale and Plot crossed.
Trained ber and hl dog.
Some untrained puppes U13 up.
Phone 1-2375
2 Lon oOii o NT h St
near 3rd Ave. S each Phone

14 Waerfrnt Propert
SWAN LAKE Iot i boumse on
bi lake Ino ene lous
canal. CaIll (R 5-MIl
Ran. Broker. Iperlallling I
AGE. 3 miles No. of Meirose
GRC 3 1i.

Real Estate For Saol
35 Houses for Soal
Rlsbud 16r .. 3 BR. batk.
penled dimnin family om.
cUvril abelt & a condtortl.
double carpor, REA powr
I Itsr Ifr.
Io W a IV.
31 R. 1 bth. small dow pay.
*M motbly pynmU I1..
Remo deed In, I baith, frame
boou. iMail dosw paynee.
TOW Price 7M.
Cau m72-2 r 7m-.SL
elas roo. 21 ., S na
Triarl Naaree Church, n
N.. 31i Ave. LU Rev. Clark
Laagord. F7-sa3.
bath. Ctral eat,. central ir
saed. Nertioestl it.M. Call

6e see 4-bedroom wsd 2-lbd.
roogs 2-bath CCI bosas wiwt
boefi-hea lrrlc Kof ad ecoo
Cofral beat, city utlasle
WIrd fo, trhteilo ad i-.
oee., Laurge yards pIeely
almed. Hael HeIits Is iI
e city liiatn. Eqolped whU
wer line. lose to hu itop.
L. down pommat. coeves
Uol hnuu Lcateod Not.
Itd Mh Afve. Wad oa U
kt son by aimtat.

a w. nis d WM o
* e M. m* with @ayW
**thg i said. VA. IMO eme
W o ase Iusr.

Sce MNc r with M rll
ao r do M0 I lW
sa.y Ot 4

a = ir=a1 a a
wet d own. Cl

1% mnl. lL r MII
aU,- C ef. a UO
by aflh Ip sfls 1IlLS

'C, *

bean -




traffic injury to a Negro pedes-
ran has touched off this.Mis-
sissippi capital city's first racial
demonstrations in more than six
Police used tear gas and
warning blasts from shotguns to
break up a protest Monday
night involving about 1,00 Ne-
groes many of them high
school ad college students.
Earlier officers had quelled a
protest march by barking com-
mands to disperse through bull
Three Negroes received treat-
meat for superficial buckshot
wounds following the second
flarep on the campus of Jack-
M State College, a state sup
p e all-Negro institution.
Lst summr more than 1,0
Negres were arrested during a
moth of demonstration li
maxed by the assassination of
a Nigro leader.
Maie Balard, 2, of Flora,
Miss., a Jackson State coed sufm
feared a fractured leg late Mon-
day when she was truck by a
car while crossing Lynch Street,
a busy thoroughfare which cus
through the campus. Witnsses
aid the driver was a white
Officers aid later they had
arrested the motost, who was
ticketed for failure to yield to
a pedetrim. Police declined to
-Idtiy the mlorist.
Small group d students be.
Pa to protest eedi
4nb Street, which has a 5.-
mile an hur eld ItL As the
rod grew they began march-
in t the imet, sodin a
sihig "frm e so ."
t w akit n
pin --I wi
-e a lrrwb
h w to a aee b
hi sdpa. Afer Bda oA,
tio da ram daorte

= ad"
b Iaf I Jar e a

aI el l
Mrr I a t tll
ask fa-lW- -i|aa
..h bn ur


I -!-


12 Ieavui so

SuMegUy,mAumly mT

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PIAUO; GrWpd. O I all c ede eTYPEWI a BEDOOM SLIE, e NG e.letric,. lull tlas, KMe. ANTIQU'ES Square Grand piano, desk,, chairs. 't ng cabinet
LIo,. rwet tad. prkel t Paemkiir. ly 1 Y MO. with dreser, siis. *a -, alt. L.OOtd candi. oveO fife china rIre art Pieces. and iipnre.s. nl adding m.-
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Sol P P ia Nt Day! Did nt know so mny 15 Prpects fint day! Sold Unneeded equip-
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Ph. 3r-20.5 ates it 281
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Pi. 37W2.25, nites 2-74.1I
9OUSf FOR SALE: 1-1 3-
lath, central heat with re.
Pmnt. .1 41U Terra. Pre
1-balk. SE Nta Ten. II
p r.-tti s0 par .
U I-latk. 6Z 66th Twr. IM
4 Par W.

And ai sonme tndes-la Hems.
Call FR i-TE.
gaded a. acre lt i ltlcher
Bights! CB hoes, terrnuo
S lor. Ig built-li kitchen. 3 IR.
I balhs, Ii. Fla. fr. 3an SW 4th
Plare. FIR t260-
Your entire family i1 el oy
the oanteient and comfort o
ths charming l BR. 2 Bath
Orala block home M ext. NW
location. Large F'la. reM
Cent heat, Fireplate. patio,
Dlo. shaded ormer lot andi
Much mor f or only 517MJ.
Call so to see
ftor a mall down paymast
you Cn move in to this al. 3 R, I 1 Rlh.

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Fla. rm. pat, 13ear. .14
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Ity room. Cm. lrelg heat.
Pcsel cotplet lafnced. Ofo-
Iay seem (. riuathr leat.
lng way below FHA appraisal
*1f IM Sr Gielg plice 14.M.
Preaset mortsai (le.M Can
be seen 107 N.E. Ird. Bld.
ir. W, I'p full tile bath*.
wall to wall cU&petI atwod
fimn, npatu DR, eat ua
kitchen, puy cloMls. gai
lags M. lot. Uiks.. &ei. &
HI, et. rot & lawsu.
fesld yard. a t fskeet. it7
me. inL T & 1. Toal 1LJA
719 NW IMt LM.



Your *wn brand new 3 bed
roo,. 14 athhome n quie
street. adwI s.r cit y m t
tree light s. 14. Lving nrem
witlh walnt paneled deouate.
wal. Chlerfu diSis area witl
sliding las doers. Plenty d
cloet space. All for oel;
$12.9 with Wm ixdon -
lingdi all elosilg eols. Jus
71 5i per moath lteudimag tax
and msiurance,
NE l61 15th Street
ay r l like dst. O ne
thei mt dilnble 3 lbdrNom
2 balt hWme. Termu to M
bhor. reference excSbaaed
Lasted at SW S. V. id.
Ave. Call FR 2-874 after
P.M. for appointmet



, ;

hne. (avnnIt to opp l Extra Nice
i shools Central heat. Large 34-rU, 2 bath home, M*1
utl'ur down. pIe 53IL I, ED. .
PAYv'Is D Mapes &ad cwaarr
EA LTY cosy
REALTY 2 mt -. 1 balh howe Ir
lli X Main st Ph 272-43 1 II gls W 4. irt. BSlul
W. M Nunroe. Realtor o 312 3R3
Amo S E \1tcLuahlan., P'ank
Rbb Ro McYana
I.. lMcan Beauty
"Selling Flordo Since 1906" salon for al. re*alle p-
JUST HANKERIN eluded ll un quiapt. 3a In
Pardae:. ate 'oIl uoka -i Mo
aIme wide open tpac" Slu Northwest
So tbonrs on 'Sur d or a. R. .,
tep Wetha e I 17 aere hi b bl r . R h" F "a L
n, r laa, la ar Alarhua. I I abi "d IIA=,WY
J,E.. hankeri I ho w~lB a. J 711,13 tIll d.
g aIn A,*- 'lil trm 61 - GLADYS SMITH /
llt )nut pocket'bet CA1 REALTOR
Ih RobinSon antm s M'ultiple LauEtin SedaiSa
palph Reallor Aa.siates. lrreAcm Ine S
FOSSEY i= W.I tivert i
UI W Law. Ae Ph M135 N.W. Sectleti. 2 BR I U, lar-ge
Member Uullipte Listing landscaped yard. F4I. PIM-
-- --- --. i. EV.l5s & Wredakt
I BDROOM, 2i btth,. n, 4m 1 NSw SI. F;jn 1
tral heat. Ishded lot. b iltIRn -D
kItchen apolialre.. 2-tlllty
toerm, paved street and ewer
Guiet neighborhood (Urved
tresl. et \ 127 lot V W. Ae I AGEW'Y. kNC. REALTOR
oan Small down paymn Im -
mjedate occupanIS. 171.2 .W, R BtEOOM Du FR
D0th Place West Villa For ap. 2111 to to e iu s o
p*ittrncnl to Iet and hrther thoe rLe t to I'lUerW y wilt
details. call Jme. Quincte, baths. large Floridait em a:
Cl(ton Anto. Dulwacu ea ra l e lot This hes i
Johnstn 32 WA1. lta*t aM d well fasated. Leti
- take a ledoo today..
Filnrda P.rk I BR. iB., ul YR 2.-1Fil to s thus I
Aacilou lli g rooma with beamlr- bediosom. 2 bath,. hoe u de-
ed ceillng., aman bruk fire sirable N.E. loicatt ai extr
place A bsanl inm binetl with large loit Inluded ate bul-ila
hbnkhetles Central heat andb t-.le and oven. dishlahoer.
Air t(nd. 2 hill bath. Fa nr,, diisposa and is"J air cadli-
Dbl carport & patia. Quietli toneia lIA fiuaned aid
tItlbhorhood. eoadeient to read) i4 ta.
chbol sha1ded & Landseaped
lt Sh wa by appt. l tr P10, AlTT\TION-LOT SIEKWJU : 2
144 \ W 14th Ave FR 14540 iaR0e wooded lets between
after S. all day weekends Gainestille High Scheb! sad
- Westd Juaiar H gh. I3'.
NW fhc DRIVE "*A ral I>\ BsRD AGLNCT. INt'
valie New-By owier". NW REAL KITATE ISt'IURACE
Se'lon. 1-BR 2-bath. Florida tORTGAGE LOANS
room. dinlin rm. Il kiltee. ciOCI.ATES:
large Prtl. harwed rher. Waler Stddard, E. E. Holleway
central heat & air omdll6ttlng WS W i S P. h. FR l:-i
Dbi carport, claos to UtLll. Memibr Ualtiple* lting
ood & Wearted Sael -
Phone FR 6-M41: after 3 AND 4 Bed"ream h s.
a in rc ln ra 4 Acre lts* C** utI Nw
ArAe 43rd a. laterMe-
NGLrWOOD 1 BIR, 2 hbath. ti. lunr rfihlt. appresi-
famt res. with fireplace, ee ately 1 mlie, ere na a
trial Lar etdlm*a heatt. Ilet
Weed flools. let lWi'' blak T. D. Tlawoflm. ILDRt
aes street. beltl-ia diFhwaihet. R 6-11
dspral. etc. 3nsw .d AM- - -.--
Place fl.MS Phfe FR mb-il I *W fl ih for t4N 2 b2ik -
- L- I irobigt.r te otur Lead I
MUST SELL BR rotlae. ita b arred
I bth. 2 bathbul a kitchen. i teat hboala. PM -
detsbie carport,. patio. hlr ei '- .
let SM0 down and take up pA- W giONr - a
asets of 127 ll i. tPR 60071 4 bSeIu w 3Mt 0
3 d. it tur nrlf I "ae OM
iNKt3lB. Ilbath bome fe. ae. he.oaCI CIp mt. lh aa
I1 fOI alr-S apilfteiert, en-, Mwe. a bats e yN ft.
tatl beat. pool amembsrhlp, ise Fi l-M
quityl 1!W. s ll sacrlfic r ha
IS. 1 N E loi Dr. Cal iHTonoI WL\OW I =. a
FR 24 44f r appl apo u 'sn tlle, btl al a
- Ira. t of 3 e 1 aet. pred
S IlOOl 1I both, a o I'mn I"a tso ler a aM
Walking distatc* to inelen Withia 5 aules o CalnevblR
tary &hiol. Practralls fu.n
rhed. 4W bE 1A 1 Plae I tOPPL' CLTII Irm
IeiM. : Lcated u a growingoI a. Ji
It owDR, it Ne lh tre "nond for bovia w
3 OW lodR. 11 k n addiulnd l48 U l f*r E-,.
Aau&e V4 \le equity For lupmest
uate (B. I bedroom. 2
baths. air ce i dnaBerr. _m.- ATTNSr.; I LN DR-S
veod to Selar and MuRh- ewrdd plat ef n Ma
0, Meotly a y, t tatl bulau w dMd. aC r,

oI srM%. memo aDo *l 1 P U IL CA-E
YleJ ^ te t II u c e. ^,r

aniew.5iComm teab t = eparawm. n a ommt *g t e

(O CS 3 ba 2 Iath- TJ
It et an MITH
w4 a.. t i ,StL 3 Re lt r
bolk. de al her l1W 1oC IIVIo
City sita,. m Ue s i A Ilae
l s. I a Il G At olami

3 Haousm for Sk* i 5 Houses for Sale

OVWY 3 W" dreau t | A
b4dtr kitco- a DlsgeiL ter*
.y ,,,. a,. u NEW
rrte tl Irs large lot plea- 1
at s'"* a"" "f'= 3 BR's-
5' FeSw rs bladIef taxs
I ar he.. etm iLasame. B T
r't Kassa!t 2 BATHS
A'RARE Near LItlwood Scheal
Opportuni ,,., ,WO FAm
P-.Lt hyar new i *OiN HALU ACRE LOT
ceive MIM crB r dw py. HMUVTImT UKHEN
Amet! 114 ac. ~3-hbtr 1 'OUBLE CARPORT
sad I balh homes undr *aSE IT-YOU'IL BUY IT
eUaetrItl. MUIea ly *l, EXC. TERMS
ments froms $7 teal. LIcate I
-" 0w 3 am NWi lah UNIVERSITY
PLei 4Lakeos f st W ailabe.
WAlk Ue .Keatry ad Jr.
ubh icca r I REALTY
l.PS or r ir S6FR ight.B
utler Bros. lers 115 .N. Main St. P. p 3Ph. 42
W. M. Mat. eatser

I u., a lure uarr Lot ito
,.,en areen
Sf 3Ti. TnaIlds ra tOr-L G re n

Srus on. property wthldi thr e
hultWR OCR bad oirn. and

SNEW ISILr G Attraetino o blke the Car House --
-aat lI ,%" lo M -u F Deatonr
au ellr 2n.ie24 1d

Bas s. .- Invcomen Propety

yNad aEW paLvNd lshow yeotu this mCour ster
bUhoAl GOT O E=INOWe caur Lot Itl For fun
YOU DO NOT hIalVE Tf. p mrtiular h C uan e od7.

41LIFY OR WA NAtl condition and location. Paved
O' t au o TEReMS astt a income rropertye
Patl, 4rwdn. Alare jwP U yM r MLn ter a p*W-

IE HUIGOT TO UL NOW! dotple eul ly CaM -
YOi DO SOT HAVE TOll r l Good
SWUJFY FOR LOAA NAME CodAfm ,ad tocSto, Pavd
, YOnt CW\ TEReS: I stree, I% prif is re,
I scsal.e. You should nve*si-
Johh Merrill F R2. 3' c"

PHUtE 32.16a



Take a look at them homnt
W1 NW th St. -- i113. 2119.
211 NW 7th Terrace and 715
NW 2ad Avenue. These homes
range a price from A.N to
KIWMl each, PFH finaaced
o qualified buyer, with a
dowi payment of OS to UI
Seller piws all closing cost.
Monthly payments from 66.@
to 1700 (all FR 2-317.
J Fred Guy
t'o. J. W. bD an
Jaymn Buttellort
H. J. Wiltshire
Mntlple liaung



contemporary three bedroom.
two bath house, lovely lot. 140
by 140 with large trees and
beautiful shrubs. Florid
room adouis decoratIve
walled pato and the large
kitchen Central heat.
hardwood ttip flors. all
)orunr m the I12.M60
pnre raine
URBN lirine at i t hea1 t .ea.

2. .-. -- *

2- .. A -..

35 Houses For Sa 35 Ho for S I

1ML M dM. o m aMthly ell. 3 R2bath CCBi hou.,
3 Bedrom, I bat, creed Small down payment 3M NW
pere. Air e dii er. TV a.- Ith Place. Ph. I762ll3.
tuna. Near Shopping Ceter ----------
br -iss T-ON I 3 BI. 2 bath.. FR. r.
--------- -- ara. fel Ul, Lt. ceat. red
PRiCE DBIrA CLLY REUC. brit M tenrb. redworatd
.ED. Owter sWAS W BR, 2 It l r, lot l 1t3. beautlutil
batk hks with cnft, a:!i. .! laadcapng, 6 w bil vo tf U cI
-i,_.- & -- 11.1 aI e v ,$ JIM FHAa et di".

42 Fa. & Acwmra
107 ACRES. Apprnxmately i1
arrest p',nted permanent grat s
Fenced ad er ct leaed. 1r .
er in all patures. 2 toso
Irame oane Ecelkentl cudi-
tan Near Hawthorne. Oner.
481-35T. Trctor, truck, Utli
and ridin horses optlonw
48 Casmd rPsy

5U1 ne. *mu. ass' -.- -I -b.01' cocAI
of mor- leisdain drap s & "i P e1r monU at 11 NW liSFO N
rotary T-V antenna. ithi a t Ave. Call F R 2-W to in- s & BeMream SE 4 l t. A.
walking distance of school, I spct interior. Butler Ste. SE Av. Ime a lr o
541 NW Ath St. Phoae 376-M9. i B der, wa SM at t dsme a 4
Spa met. wloM panymen ti a
S KIRBY SMITH SCHOOL AREA to S. Alo h bous t a
SPACIOUS DPTLEX on i lo. T, aTi rc i ended Ple- le t itr Is dawn pamw
Walkuin ditunc ut daownion, ty a r o t.h tkil in"gf CaR TOMMT RIDGULL
elefiy senel. library. & old hoam h.u b n rtmodted hni eak Ira -tl
eite culer. I tip-top end. and is anitable for enaneic I .
si. o y for Ioedla. family. Beautiful lOyer lot 44 CtI ftp a
ocnpancy. Price 16.50e. wtth swimmiln pool al,4.
Tnnu setouiable. Call ane Call yti Le Jack. i BEDROOM fknIahe
at 372-nI fur the keys d a m Aoe _ ersea oU ple. Hot and cold
Swle. __ FOR SaLTE IMLUZieY OWIGER i A.- roel .,
--cod. 3 R. 2 bath. 19. ..B- Cat rncess. CJ a. W. Krt-'
FR D r. il- kat. tu dia- Paltril ateAc. yR 2 4tM'n )
eFO RDYCE k paruet Ro, N m -m- t.
2 car lsarage, ce nt. Beat, FA FURNISHED wan i t om co
.a 1ing. Iaw deMs t payment tare. $S aioth Water and
Phne R T27 arbae collection frahed.
EATU ES P370 S.W. Arber a.
38 Real Wsdeud Wsee dL
Comfort & Beauty la E aPO pay k.icn
Ire what you fli find In this cash for =r equity or trade 1 Bdromm. k btchn 4
lovely three bedroom, twoI lake Iot and pay cash diller. N.W. Anue. month.
bath coretU block bm. Sit-. e,e H G. Bolling eStrke. Memeey Green l e. FR 2.3617.
nated on a beautifully ld- -------- ---
aped lot in NW. Gamsiar..ll WANT 10- ic,. raa EAST SIDE
The beautiful pal wi lle a priced. all or patly ewoted
perfect place to spead those I I thi 10 mie* Gaik eile GARDEN
warm inmmer evo n is that Writ Box 31t2c. GTle G tDEN
are jist around the cone. Sun.
For Bor Infrmation CALL RM T
FORDYCE & ASSoCaTES. 39 OWt ad Twn n t0y 6 pe Nr m on s
C.. 3761236. Gainesville's Finest
~ing IAriz. Water, powr. $4 full. FUMe a Unfuahed
pBudeting price, le n I mthl. Lovely LI ad 2 bedrM a t.
will be eauy with b I thie No iterest. Write Box 4,I meat M NE lt. p
bedroom oew. The low dwn K.gmah Ar. Fle puirM, 7 -rM. N
aymenat and low monthly pay- maps.
menCt ear make at yoErs. BEDROOM garage apartment
(uNACT FORDyC AS- .Good location. tcallI 6
SOCIATES. NC. 76-f r 40 Imisam Ppi"M -... .
mo details. BI S!NESSI1LAN or sudaent, out-
SFOR SALE BY OWNER ou. side city limts. Smuiu bed-
"So propy s nm Si room bath and n ng room
Oak Strip 'rPpl "," in Ph 3 FR 20,
floor are oe of the many -I37.I SMALL apartment. Iun-ble (or
fetlure you will bfd a thist 2 No children or pet.. Down-
Attraltive3 bedroom home. 42 arm& Acre Ca FR 6-651
An air of comfort is added n O -- -Stairs. -C al FR 6 -5
the living room by a cozy fire- ONE Bdmnom, tile bat. kliathen,
pla..,.. An, ocupy 'our in mo. 'o children r'
ouar. a roomy Florida room r pet s. $7 M W 312 NR 4lMb
in which to indulge in )>or FR 6-0717
favorite hobh. ( ILL FOR- ROOM uisd a.
"MiE LG'^ uES, 1TCI ACRES li
DYCE &t ASSIrSi, INCpr, or
11 _-sw tFR 6.6527.
Wishing .,est, aii bIue on NW i BEDOOM. 4143 ..a 12th r.
wn't Ibe r*eay ay iooei r a S. TiSo prTperty located race. 0 onih Water furs,.h-
In thu beautiful spit-lerel four approx. ao block Ni 34thi ed. Phone FR 6-241 or b2930,
bedroom two balth home. All Street. 115 on West sI M NW lr. HaMnes
you could wiih lr i youra. th St. 115 Acre Eat Side o
A Is attraltne kitchen et NW th t. BeauWuil rt CILOSSE in private 1 BR apt. Ilt
oft by Bireh cabinets centl tn thru proper. dulex, hot k cold waler
heating and a es aura=rive aou f la now dter. t". 1"m. N pt. inquire
lorida room LCU. FOR.- fece. 15 SW 2Wd Place
DYCE & ASSOCIATES. Lci Fin nCin On o Oi RtNT nle]r furutield II
iel2. ,nd make ji r wish: nnin n bedroom apartment. On HiIgh.
Sr Good Terms way 6. 17 mles F. of Gaines
ville. Near Melrose, Rte.onable

IFORDYCE Norwood nt i
i r Hope KUEHN, JR.

at fm 9 miles "outrli l. IIN.
Gaiemoile silh lour line. a i
trael facilies Re bhae I Mrs ultrae *lrait
hasted ihb coramontabhle three Ir nr F Stcke BAr
Mrs tawn hUe r. Broker
bedroom hooue willh al- i Mir M. l ler. Bonte
ost 13 acres o land i Mr M oitoe.r Arsclate
C4ll us for f tlhe in Mr Hanry B'elon. AtyAt
ormalo 9 "WesIt ',,erfty MAe
DBSMRED address m beaurful3----------- -. --
Black Acres. Saelous ad aso-
emr three bedroom. wo bathIl \A
If..e, paneUed ftaily I
r oo. bui lt l Uitchen. N EW
central heat, two car
'.- .,. "- 4 BR's-
garage Reaonably
priced at $LM.UW.O.
WOODED bommude in the NW 2 nA |
v' acrbes- Nw 2 BATHS
Alafttt i areSt on NW 3th
Avenue. juit be)oad iUBbp
per Road. 332 feet by it Near Wtwod Scool
fet allows plent, of *ONE HALF ACIE LOT
ioom for an acilei *CENT. HEAT A-C

a I 3X Main FR 24464 1
rFre sMathle. - Ire R U N ... S. Ph, 451
_W. w iece. U, Ret. w. MI W It e, Realtor

SAVE T-1-k



Larne btdrewn. 2 balt bhek
heat Lake hrtlel r with
Anpiace. separate d lm g
flee.. nerIda tr plus a
itui. Large lot with beautiful

a ersoo. 2 bath hatl in
nitl |lyity F),ifl Ceas y ris.
INag '" it!h old blk tire-
plan nd wall to wa4 carpet-
d uIntlin heat d air sendilihatl. Lore-
1 tfeh.ed btck ard Ilk wil-'
Ing DuO sam iohfti hoboard

Th"e beioutm 2 i blth ho
bul: r, w of the lsleS t'
acre :oit GAtmellles. e
Idtl etry *wa. ratn Ilit Hw
nm Kn sIe'" ai ster bed-
Moon 'Akt reing'smo i d
bath (t i. p seal t air eaOl
deU g elelh bu.


'l s masary he haI thee
large hb s ad a tea
4eMa be r olnomi) ,d 2
bath wit a 3r bath rimbaed
il. Ide hltAche. ditadr.
and mtoe eluded. estal oil
heat iG. E. fornac) with ex.
enitt hiaudir. bardwoo
flor and firlace furnacec
eipment cbdedi. Atneir
]andscapUag Isooding tw ter-
race. oa I 170 ft RMt i1-
14 with attractve ters

caitm porary hamorn* a
ner in Norwet o ectim.
Ya must n tho a awecdate
the aperler conisrcti. ex-
ama m m izv a
per- en ed terri a m *sol
phere a beautlhul "arrouoa.
ian all us far a appoint-
mat u4*0*d

20 Acres

ItIEY ARgA, We ,jt w h en bOer Road Area a ppr-
klvetL 4 b Cn h Watk- uel 7 aule West tUal-
as 4ista. W J J TdW vIiY Tht, ltd is r4n11
uad u a a -kvw ed am I a malUy moded. ft
a *m, Wa e ar i a paved highway. 15 a5 pr
ma : gr *m J law at' -
peana. 'r ir- Large Selections
mIb bme i the n M to 1I
M Mp.. jW r* *. *f
an a m.
M. M. p ee

M AStWCLATI WC I akUli Umt" no
n nj LThrU a z M Wt mu. UMnAiry e -
. won HeIM 8 Gnb b cmlsi NM PcN
ato Gaums i Ja l Uka Was e Ma I
Ma. ia, i JI Sheppard F. oedge
I N i rst St Tel. S.MIf l. Ch MaIsy BhI Kabta A

Rn v v eI sl-a-

FR 6-5301

Will be formed to purina:
abote properly before
FEB. 1st
CI Nrwod WHope for dtal
wth -m obligations


40 Acres approximately M0
amres pasltur wtl balance n-
der cultivating, fenced and
eroufenced. Good Ah land
stable for cattle rattag. ea-
eral farmtn. or u vidlnml
approximatetv ( miles west of
Health Center
Walter Stoddard E, E. Holloway
. N.W. 13 St... PL. FR 2-2511,
Member IMltiple Liting




Home Buying Service!

* Over 20 Model
for your Selectleo
* No Down
Payment m
VA Home.
* 3& 4 edmmoo,
1 &2eths.
g 1klr r
** H~

$12,250 to $28,000
Total Mothly
Pyrret Firm:


rTve prime srNohwte drrelo a ts a etty service swer0. treats. ad toAM drains ... Tan Saded lots.
Extra atteis U at M xte eat! ht's pt p the effickit
servicee oa Btl*r BrOtherI' Ra den. Our *me-P ** eslr
uvee yom a lood king area the city fr a hm ins
ur pic rane. Iolet nOnM il erare set- U U
build r ll you a heom fbaa! Bow do the do to By
Coawalete orgaried faeia, by thertih u dersam in
of IR ad VA aqoirme.

sM. thin ll- r-.y, f. .s -. -t.*day.
fa, am a M at a so ..e.

Pre.o.sal e"l e f. Prmkdmal Pi..
Dr" W. it. A" .s e* b u M e r *e
N.. wIt. TWee.. n f r -INW
N. W. Ord ml N.W. IM Mes r N R -"SM


oeoieal Iss ingcomie Bu,
ines and Lake Properly,
Farms and Acreage
FR &-M. Broker Ft 644

PF Imlheltim
Univenity Pork

on 11025
Ft. L.derkFC, F*.

45 Fnised AMh.

FOR RENT four room apl or
efficiency cottages Furnishre
or infouritsbed 35 iMI P.i
591-.1! Mrlltoush, Fi,

hPAtIULs u Itli brls, n
furnisheu asiarnent i7 pewr
nlnt.i : 1 L 2nd a. Phone
FR .tjihu
IARG: bedroom. equiped kit
V1en and ba:h ntirel) pri-
tace $13 ek:y p)s a'; uai.-
ties ELc Ponte Waldo 44l lSS1
R'VIHlIED apartman i ao.;s
on:i Clean. wmfontable, hot
and cold water furashid. $
per month 316 N E. 3rd Ate.
Pmre R 2473:



NW 16th Ave. t 37th St.

Carol Estates
NE 9th St. at 11th Ave.

1321 NW 16th Ave.
Ph. 6-5394
Mike Knatt, Associate
"We Trade Houws '

Custombuflt hmmes that
k cusom-buIlt. If eO
are tired *4 home with
that mab-divifst look. a
P.I Fit 24I
West NW ihb Ave p
hI Gle Spli pritin mws e-
tlu. alee ap L s

i-bedaoiu. 2-baths. bick
hinre npre r Stud. double
arplort, b~tiutluL tree- law
.ini uni \W 22ril S
:;e. Ptll c l I lon $2'-
ci.. ibsla iet 'oln t ii
uancr olrl alt
FR 6-2214



"H" Inc.
We Trade Homes
or Property

The t ioW unt l ,adY I ct
1021 NW 40th Dr.
3 Br :', Bath. m da.
$It- Mr line lIns. &A lalX

The oloiluti are aude
rOmntlituino ad ll be
rean for oa cpaA.j AP
proimalely Jlnuari I 1.I94
4508-4628 S.. 2n P1I.
3 BR. 2 bath, MW Down
St4 0 MIo
4527-4617 S.1. lt l.
4518-4601 S.E. 2 PI.
3 t BR Ib al. uW Del
6 % \lo
303-313 SE 38th St.,
106-304-314 SI 39t SI.
3 R Iaeh. M5 Docw,
%4 per me

124 S.E. 7th St.
3 9R. I lath
w'ear Lea

I1'l S tlk STIlER
tI S-ol *r FI -F5il






Ra~ph Fo-ev
Fordyce As-ocites
Warner Weieman
J W Krkpatrck Realty
John Merr!l Agency
Tom Dobsn Agenc/
Wibur Bishop, Realtor

v '. P" A- A .
J Pe,'ce,- :r P -
G ,> Srh Ft a 'i-
Unite, e, le .v
A'rid Pd.'%
Darn Erd A ;e
AT La .npbei R
Red Franks, pe a Lti e

Gainesville Multiple Listing Realtors





Important New Sign in '1i

Homes by Kirkpatrick & Pierson

You'll find stickers with the above message on all furnaces in
new '64 homes in Highland Court Monor--mother in a long
list of significant improvements being mode continuously by
Kirkpatrick and Pierson,
What it means, of course, is that all new 64 homes have fur-
naces which will accommodate a central air conditioning unit

for your added comfort in the summer. Ask
can be installed at any time.

* Over 20 Models, Pried From
$12,300 to $17,250

* VA and FHA Approved

* Free Membership in Exclusive,
Resident-Restricted Swim Club

about it today-it


Sele Office Located t NE 23rd Blvd. & 11th Terrace

marmWim u n ec oaal tr
Ne/WWmOWB; ,",,, ., _O w, ^ 'ALB. R
nmTMCoaran 6 9S1 TFO VLAATTf* TO T
Aeahcml Novi" a em n, msWW
iWi *I o U w,


OPEN 10 am. '1T Dark
SFirt plces
SScreened purches
Cuwm kitchen cabinet
Ov erestt bathtetsi
Pias man) *lher eultom

FalnR 4tanue to eelesn*tary
I J' Nh .s-heoos. Shipping
- Chtu(i-45


NW 34ti 6 7th Avenue
Phor 372-7070


Nw bedlou 2 batA tionme.
nriee. taetcal f e ebool
Indcorti livua area
aUll-it I. t: ove. raAge
sad bad. cenlial habal ('Cea
vetircat t4 shipping. shiurches,
SE & ,A i, sm pMr a emth
I l,' S & sa0-unne. so
o0m ttBo, V.A. We pal
all lakisi costa ikt ectu
o1 SIN.
Ns lth .\t & lt Stanet

__ __

aa -


1 2



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2c -.- -- A- -I

2c U L- C1

CEO ...'. AL. I~&14

ems... -. my.. a
1 SO Is NW aL,
nos n s
ns we a pm. ma
et mmeM I tlu.e. y e

M a all. hte. ea t
ua t tmIs o.w
r I L CaIl N olw b G0am

em. m im aa wIr.

Im f as m
m*- mah asm.. i.
a ss m a rInms

ML ailmd EJ a g

L M a l IM .l a
=* atn wa aW 0
a NiO talei b W
M II m ma. a mu,.

0 asW ni 4ml l ow.
ClaD phrgty hr P le .
aMs or r3 E-al

47 Heees for e Fore.
rwassivs rsass
am".lbes be. n
*l mash. heckihe waTr.

SAUL I Br. bras. Os Ldbs
Ons. Neaur Mses. M wkI
wr measayear nui.
ViiNr hM New aw dIn
mo- T LAW

3 2lee. hmns. so Lake

4 NOUNfo Rb Me m

I .L hbmse. -u nkids
We" fled yard a OR
erem. Near Mhese lsad
M onler. B S Fs.niM
Ium M. St ste L t
WACMos 4 bIresem. Ieath
= x.. ath Ae. aC MeN
aImE Gnu. SL. t. a sm.
IMosen. a man. ai. -.ia
Wealt $X p meeh. A aBl
a" "U. iP. 13 1 .41f .
111 N1 146t Ten. 1 bai w
nU Ms. vaen rFe. u.
PI. f 2-MT21 Wean
Rbeb 1113 N. Mla It.
Sit. I bath ueek bIN lr
mp. Availale Feb. It. M4
NI the Plar. Pha r
WALL I uIdma frame hMM
at LE. ath Terrac. e
per smth. Call Ft im.41
Nw available r ret: A
theMe ambn.. two bath hm.
htus equ eippe. is rw
m oMls Fer beM ieesbo
1%l. wMr sawtk t- r behoms
me. pMrtially hunid ut
gmth; three bdesem
M IMSW wlia nd a
amA le". t bath emws
ohr USL pa Bmeh. FVi -M
blial. r egainfg atlM
al lIsbthi canll r cam by

.lwa. lI li e. dm
ead M dkm. -M ni Amd

Il kMM. t Mr uM r n
y se e SIX Prn aussth P
Ia. Mrom doutae art
sMm, hy af ptMWAS CIA fX

4 OMUM. hus. 34 Per isut
blas h S. W. md TeasM.
PMf rt m.4W.
AVAAX Mu. 1. U U.. &t
rWhi ae. S I R. Uil
1m.B DMW I. .tche eeO.
eL" a L nM ma.
I CNMON eMh fr ort.
Swains Mastsir nWnseest.
S. Neever 2 hdrsrb. Ne
gte. i NE Mi AvMena.
C Beu F. Re"

mlage UdSSm k private
kMM. adi arseer Mw
LAG e. hre a tn ee .
he mU ShemWi. ref tries.
asr. 4 N.E. d Ave. ft t
IMd em es ee Ioprivat
hemsM. ald ri e & &aim.

o ~ti Pma" fl 3M
WANT1hue Cod tI *0 MM
Ia N@. S I htr so

Wmal tON "ald amasL
cd Is aS elnsIh. r
ow" Sawl ur Slit

1 1M. Maw MR" for atfs
u13111 TNThU. &M dew1ew11

Shaf I SuL

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Tsr. Alt 4 PAt
WUM5 fv..""rCi. ITlk

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tao rni ,ard. n
mooM am bum or irls6 Pi-
aTs bath.goS wd u.
eUk. m N.. Ut ILn
a is M
fasMi Ma- b h Mle
asurele m f"tW
5 NM k hm US,. is ha.
Ad MnR INIamena m
fm eeqt. link but U
NICK ems ctem b. grinte
mmM -nl a ta. aee
mom" arnm h. aSN
~M -Ad- I M 3 IA
Ln MW e.As__
som str me, sL el k bma
V-F MFit* 44M *tf
ma. urtwn. bsm

a AV m

37 W. UstmHle AI.
na ioe. sm re.
n 1sa. LWoaM Wemam
1113 N. Ma. e A

54 ham IAmb

WAmdIOU M Mabr I1
n abmi
m is- us d
Kome d o" a. -

*im sIms.iM L Pa
lbe flaor Am Ca l
3. Un i. Amen Pt. Str.
iaMa ib. 3.w.

m avable hfor mit a
Io A cmAn tvc t AIN -
Io ak tArCae.m. N

s s5. 7F. Ase p ssm Frd
Far aMw.. g ate.. E asat
a N. Mai teohem SiA
r enal F .nSl
S56Stathm 0 l0
OUTANDWoG sirvm aties
eguartufr hr sdo meU
Cmsr NW UISF St. & U

YOr. Ca .a rO EaM cn.
em iet Haveit me0M.
each seB l sway MAe pu.
as my bnoly bmaei
Pnm, ora-e TNle NWatl.
Kemp U ar Pm tiuary. No
AmI Waftw. OWL MAL

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Mercha rdim .

UASIOOD batk bad h -O
ewrs oa. ib x1 ne ar
44 4 dGasd GaGe
t eed ailum.M
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If e M hm
I1 M -h Am P *

Usm o --brew e ew U
MTs otmes AtSOdo
JU Baden alIM dOa
ahls. 5d M.W. mI A.
94 Mbe. Fm Sale

VIteras. $M1. PMe ft 2SN.

USED Im n ema &t aA"
- all aa I SW i3rd teAeL
P bM. n TI64091L
PMMe raeam4.
THE ft m IM. rw emh
tar. IW nk PMUn hemt
e.uM. .be. Peem mm
mo0 sL&" TwO whe teltar.
can Smug s a4 p. m
musfr SU. 4 iPil lr eally
aww* b mbsa orVal"y
for am call aI a P n
WuGHTr AM PM4 MM lmi
.r Seubtecl a im. eu em
81 Can sh&eeotM Musr w
MM hwbs SI:; Lmt
lv. An. abs 4 P.
CHUI tye beeenr lh -M
e t M. IMLt car ie
comw s. sam tp. enM
mm sen. bo 11,o
b"5 t"441St $11t Pl Moe
use cah a maui U a.,
4re bMm St U Pu
as dae unw & -b me.M
Cieak faw eWi Moasc
Menam M I OO e .^Oa
Milr. riM'bW Ch
dUL l

iIJeIao ft MG

ML ala IL s..T
ML Phm 13Mw

Ai rCedMitiei

M ma rtM. I N.W,

AT. aM


stk w I sm
Mbg* R II--T nT


am a a

&Amena i
iAn nn- -
PaM Uee- 1oft.

FdlsWNM 6a
ull-^BJ H^JH^
Wad Fee Wa

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sdet jutr a 'asr. w
'U I.**So

I i"mI nfl > Ma
AU.allNIU T.v. m
sio rn ffft. ii& W
Is I.W. t be Mr
IWmt as r *-S. NI
4 US" IL. tris iat

-s brwal, at-bAus
p.te.* af n 1 mat lso
banl xevr ad s v e o l
1W ZIP at Ask u. .n
PAN&rr.A 6a ban pas
S r I
O-- 1-brom Uh sLm^A^ I
I Oa k k15y I I ."
.m ai ..a a Ma i
X]IN Ine I t wheiMbi
primes ass Ie
v x r. oijii.; 3r boT
I .sk e r t r a e.h
OW~N NA; Alll Aft m
maim made s oft ob,
3r a i o. SW AgM %a &
ale tables vyWkbg |
drover do* Oi tifii
l mdrm m:
**pwr am *amay sanouw
And ash a fAriw ef.o
M; flamed fraeris: 1 pr.
x 43 "It wfhM. Ised
Ntib X 1r. 0 x 41" L. daw
Ji u.; :i 4ue wt &N
flows 114 aS ls CAD.

NK. a x blessl Me, i Ma t
ofr. CA n o e aor ia

% To TAL Hemrtk ~thaf
Vs Bu sxad ioe l1.
7rniter ta m.l eimi r
rm-s bwmr, 131 Eid PAit
lot rIM*1ft% 00'
206,s plll ml. Cm.
Conel IV JM.W Fie I ek. df
dmmol. Co.u S

W -i Trimi IL-
taub swe 's,.B. rtaraum
am *1Amen m Ar ML
a nrap Ui ne Dm W.
Unr. Am.

mA. Xe, ADnsI m
Uwho lenas. a''
ashesa. M., ar wM. *B.
tnoims. s manh.
15t W. Usiv. 'Am. M 6aM
WAImUT CoaM Wf. u wat
Ami.A% Garrard term
tab. PtM Orut ftea
s an. srt abs3409.
wrUouis seedrm. ph
Alm" nw. *. non M-
WAK NWAIM Ka ebasings
& sa pMt. Thb MArMa. IDl
N. in th S. Ph. 1.U7 Paul
Oftt. Calu iule, i.
CLas a oT -.-
SI weam freu*e. u$ 1%cas
lagS d aslo's Traker Put.
n um W ls ese, Pods
0==oa Waref~. 3mF Br
Nth I CaI it F34M saw
NU A AL est.b .
CM $0. Sc m. ite -aw.
SmIM awter 5 PA

70 lDs-MMui le. ip.V
1 inX aM Us f. anssn
Bpatmaz sMate aenp &A
4 he Mhrudk mter (ew,
MM I Wrl. Rem o Wsries.
baik. a mta.., *., smw
ba"fy, Gatr traier. P"ie
apriwf lr,
Mass, ia. t
SOMOPLET Shebor rig.
lapses B rfte sat. Me
ery ir SAtty Critau.
tim l Blat i*. RetU
brmk bums tbaler wu
hMeay dt vhta. -m ad
"Mame purmau. aSsue me
mae payment sqiLKme.t
sakma 1L CAD fl 64171

72 Offic .lqoms
YOU ARZ hr en M-
ue. A MUadwsd tru7*
UWm f. .V MFB ;T
Uns A 2..51maw.
kttm Wn 6 M .
trat ra 3.2sm ...
PaRasun ea m ound t.

MAs. os e
OUT fleba aflag mde.uwt
ee faa Cheautau -e
Eplmeu ill dews. SIC
Mat. DUi ft sam -Mr.

73 MAiL Morrteadi

MODES No. 937
Ofiinal So*Pric.. $1095
Used....... $495
Music Co.
FR 3-5353
Open Mon, & FH.'ftil9

ma w aurr pPAM.
D. 0. IL SltUT. CUI

US...WE.. 501 l~t
Mmmi muum a m

NA pel MMM MlH
UM e a IIa

TuesAW p
AJJAt OIR ft -Pl&



a m a* | __
-M *y~ whtna. 3CM..






nOMYAI '13. sdr. Ads.,
Tream Bsat lted Win-
ae" -m do.t Assum pa-
mats 1 MAN Mee ra
PLYMOUNs. *. waM. Mr.
-V atmeate trummin.e
bw es.MM, -M ten. ral.
keate, >nmat bieos ad
at*o Ml~. ft PU IM
V J11 Iat- WAP. War
nm MM. 4wh"l drive. NMw
akur. Overflow kirMMio
she. OM plats. radL. haser.
Ibi Trade hr al drve
tVresl Jeep wt ood oem
Ilo" Pbme 7R 2-16.
M V., tWa, nd. Csren
Oak bh.mmuti ctraeriluthis
Cmem. Ms ar trees for elass
W or Is CMn wagO. 4 a
I. AlI 'S V4 edair works
c.os, U. Prinvte. 12 N.W.
a So. 7a n Ma
M YUR Va 4 Mat. wasm
air Comemeal, l.e. trum.
and barc tusal hater.
$175 ca *or $M1 e, &
WA eahly for 3 mo m. IS
At Temen athe. 1M, L.
Usl. Ae.
s mlaoyIR. Rad. h;,W.
MANNkm bmas
admae s aa O
tlbs at SUL iL Gbm
nU 2.7=
US? CADfUAAQC lea sdsVie
4s. hbras. ttr sMeige
ieelufls factsry air, eam

U* AOLW1 Ar brie. -M.
sMendued Amers.. ar idm
AM6 eL. 4 dir. with heats.
Men Itm a ANal BUM.
1 dow -. uM buak pay-
meass W 3 pr Mm. PL.
ft 64OL
~r. aMM is. rt t.
a1. sn1 a. a Fit."m
OR amn ma. sm o a n t
is siosa OML I &. Whom
un rE de SroIr. o lo. f.
t saumbi. I BkMrt $14BM
oil Go"8mbp.."moom
Spielsg 4U, Nisawr l1
anona ysRi

W OL as pMa. al
omw.mL uI Ph "m. an
a Ym d *am. e* WLe. 0wM.
o ls am t be. ou an
2m af a a. t L s orm
clit aomitCon.Call 376-
8392 afi"r 8.
a sia: Se MhlsegUbms
. a..*. aes sea.
MR INUft 10 MdMMMk
oe tWeM. N..A. Wis.

MU 51 3 oNs dr.
eels asw ti -sew ktres|
eat. MaM****y ekes. -.
aD waste. 55I. in NV
1 Y11T. Mm .
M VOUSMSG. rt f&
la now, w a
a 5ann ms-
Sb. Pok e4dw. mu V4.

.sd wSe isa.
"- ak ft mta

ass a.. 1mia .

aMMML nfl ** bb w
Now..lut. m....0011.OW
UoklooksCA MM PA.

-els. Ml M el ep
l^^. atiM alU Pest
m bugftMr Ambusaft

an d ema. a tAs

s al a.- urn a r.
sm colormll omal mms
To fUM able look. VSmn

M------- Mw M W
adM ...wl"n. Ina.
muoT 111. 3 P..MM
wasoonus. Pri n

atII W -d -w.blo
esItaCa hi

a S imaf s s rib

1 WIM ---

11 AdumaimS. Wal.

WANWED Wrecked or Junk
cm. Call FR 6-5378 after
6 p.m.

I ML N. -441
CA 72-5un ta

Tp D PaId.
2201 N. Ml FPt 2-4)37

AN mM qumIu
Awl shm
stneede tt


The Public has been misquoted by many dealers of other
make an a being the lowt priced American made car


We are quoting he west priced American built car.

1964 RAMBLER $1743

Dined! Wih or WieW Tmu! NOT A STRIPPED MODEL!I


* ****d a ls
fuel aIseal.
*ldl Ad m

* No 1llJ--

* C mi mSud *
o| U -^M&-*

1132 S. M ASt.

* Fme-W 24 liss
o nM"Aw dpoy

Sidmins d -
es..M lS.m
ad* No dish emfl 1

* Fuel mdM|k
hAmbylnamg s Mw
Aev-i mshlAs

*lAm Pu
SSem ins."
2 wbam w .v
0 2 Sew 6"h*

FR 24433


Ma Mb
a. etU

.. I!MI. s .

-w- ~ '.3 '~



An d Clamnr, Used Can!

6G TRIUMPH Sport '6' Convertible, rado, heater,
whitewall tires, like new. List new for $3250.
NWe mG .... $..1695

" N4. MM L
pMW depia, braue, win.
dm Aw d mU. Factory slr.
laMla 4&. Mostan
raadumkie radw. bets.
T4 a9" asMah trmb
*mi. A Med y ar

4r Me..
s2Cire T

I Ml
'fT iM ii ib.

= t... n,." .

a a lOom

me a Ge Mt n &a, W alMo d

cGIa L uL
a a u as
mam. m .aft
neC a seflyse
Sad 3 asbome. Ml er

HIM. TamC rt % so
L1 hmMAiP Mo a bbad

L Sma ,bte t
s tea Ms U. L

W. bale >... S Ot.
e giea. CaMheote. H
Wmm Ml to ^ FmarI
Ur ALUMre. &s. Wsm. .
5uMrW*. rirMuiS, sad e
ne's Gmea. W1* a.
oM B tral f r sale wal
ab Phim $M-. Lmtad
ba Ghewed Traler Pas m.
it nl 3e m74.


Trailer Sales
I Saof ad AkAsru
tal Tralm
Dust'-Sm H-6
srunsean mm
ibm iLSwfl oh
7 OMa. M.MU
IS tabs M Meas*. an
at 'sA aer &.


IRK Au wUs. -
Im Mnerastima pis., sMI
Um eisuatl uetpr -eM
1.3mul 'A* Trader use
IU. 14 Traer S
M L M en S

PW 19 pluS 9M O$10 *xtr
"nip ubto wI PM"M 3Tm
=r a"r S P.M.

85 aml UfwU Sale

r hardtop. S1. buekd
Mts. son".ic, smstllc.
Villaper nation was,
buckrt Sa, .co l. Very
crisr, slematie bats
.MIM. radio, beater, V-4
mes. power dis brake.
Very RcNl.
44Mr. Very clq.

Many, many more of oil makes and models
at very specials.

CRANE LncohilMercu
516S" Mein aSt. FK2-3631

5-YEAR-50,000 Mile Warranty

Do Dart D-oe Trucks



i19 1 SxtAve.m

Tel. 137-4343


CGt TMt New or Used

a.- Irs'.i -t,


Home And Busminess


Lae model Pairlose S 0 V
engine. automatic transmalf-t
ion. power steerln. radio ,
bUtr. MAm bWoeo mila.

coanati9e. k* nmw, radio,
bater. mwLl tirs.





19 IC... ...


AMANU4 TLr. (A?) A

arm bdeld erimay Tm

c lMtait aleit I toi i
ad Ilhil up rk ifb d a p
ws amfm at
Te mow, mind Is ne
Wbat wit hbad r-a r d
ush of Oklaha, klan
io s1 t W eed l 0 Tea
As mch as 10 inches w
1e4d far late yda ybthe
VA. Weather Bm.
A Gashund bun ddded off
U.S. a iodayi al but da
pass ena wre afe. Tbe driv-
er kapt the motor ad I t I
rming umn to-l% alls mA
arrive by daylih from marby
I, Jon, N .M.
Thnousnde of stranded trave
en jammed hot and am tl
i the ares.
Around Amarilo, heart of the
Tma Panhandle farmers and
ra es were jubilant t prop-
pact of another day of the howl*R
Ig weather. They called it "a
mgiua oar mow" ad aid
the -rin wheat crops would
benefit tremedouly. .I
A wheat farmer from Perry-
teo, Te., C. Dougba Sh,
said the o was moist and
cld gg-t e best kid. "All we
need is more of I"
Amarillo's major arterles to
Okloma, New Mexico, Cobra-
do and the interior of TMs
were dched by midnighL The
airport closed Monday- aftrI
no-o with visibility of lea than
one-eighth of a mile.
Most eastern New Mexico ad
Tex roads were branded as
dan ous by Monday even .
Rouock were et upi ir sm
communities to advise motor-
ists to stop.
More than eight inches of
mow was reported in Amaribl
by midnight. Boise aCity, in
the extreme western Oklahoma
Panhandle, had six inches, Guy-
men in the central.Oklahoma
Panhandle had five.
Heavy snow was reported at
Muleshoe, Pampa, Hereford,
Dumas, and lbbock, in Texas,
and at Tcumcari, Qt., and
Santa Rosa, in New Meic

Dickinson, BR

Campaign Co

ida's two Democratic candidates
making a second bid for gover-
nor held the lead again this week
in total campaign contributions.
Fred 0. (Bud) Dickinson of
West Palm Beach was in the
lead with 4,335 in col ribu-
tions, including M X doeted
last week. He said he spet tiM
during the two weeks since his
Mayor Hayd Bum s of Jack-
sonville was second with I4,3
including $0,737 contributed last
week. He said he spent $ .
The reports were filed under
a state law requiring an cai.m
dates for governor to make
weekly reports of their cam-
paign contributions and ped-

LBJ Picks

'Idea Man'
a InWk VAN
Johnson anmomed Malody the
appoint tment of Dr. Erie F.
Goman of Priaceton as a co-
sutant whose ma job wio l bep
to bring new ideas o the
White Houss from wherever he
can find them.
Dr. Goklman, the R ol i p
fein of history at Prince.
will keep his he- and serve
In his new po-t without pay.
He is not hg aateld, e
White House aie dar, as a
suessor to Ar lr N. Se
singer Jr., amor sra
who served as a special ast-
aet to Preeidt leaedy.
SchleshIger has seand Ms
ThePreident, the White
Houe annauamme m mlU,
"wants to h a a 'Steft
wiow for ma" A" an L
elborating e that, a Jiob-
sa "do'*ent at a pMd Mtea
Vt to reach epl f hrta5iL"I

EVRT, Wai. (AP).
GJ. Carift, Iin fr
-ad semfl a spa
eeoud andaIsmW L
Nio. weter haStn

d"y wa M69 ht 4 pe-

pto n
CIaim l ^ S ^ g j

esw pi 3a1 a-

VIA cm pm
Nmaimreia t am'-
m a--Itai% dft Dow

"a MClBi ealowssIall
doirdi e met wah y hot

-New Baker
Ne w B ake r



By G. MumyH iELlY
1ebrSal o mid -rmthat
Robert G. Maer Is wk a
war of tels apetA iB, to-
vil today rmad ta.d I1 aO
1ek fmer Sois ae's role in
a Haian et importi deal.
Se Albert D. Gore, D-Te.,
promd meanmhm e to lto-
due a res mo to wide the
Rulns tCommlte's adiborty in
lsvesdpdg al the is ad outs
ofrth ae Cae
One ie has ben whether'
the rap has anDthrity to inoves
ate senators ad aides to eo-
ans as melel dl from
mplnl ys of the Sate It-
uMunbg th* deaings witr
VA--. nms--- R wv--t


oIlf t

an i rl

de GiA d Atm it ma
Ordudleima it aus

tWab ikee ti a el
luti we.
mt a w reh lmeor

"medst ppre d, coa-s

MC ain im report co-

nied: "Reviewif China's
De Geo* eme 'ho-

S Cwho Sreudi aWted
Hie by the a empo

,v, be Ne w
he Aged

iio the maue ."
he obem" hee be-
ai the repo W dicates a
*Amm iin ie ties between
Pekg and pois as prure
natsm for Padb to break reb-
tu wdh the Natilst a -
nme pgnament on Tai n

SMor. Chauima n & Eeret
Jordan, D-N.C, tists it lacks h s 0 LOGICAL
sac powers and is "t inves- advertise ypar job offer nto
titlg enators." the Classified section. 7he per-.
The committee is investigat- you want may look there
ig whether Baker's ouide bs- t ht! Phone 3-444L
as dealings evoaved cooSffit
of interest or other improprie- ]"VSO 3NTSSro P
ties, and whether any other Soen EM REY GIveS that
at emnloys wee involved. IJ al:.. ei n
Ct* s h WDot S a seta.. t
tary to the Democratic Senate sinet, the u id a n the
majority. CfOf ." ci o o asch
The testimony to be made & acalc.-..l
t/ DmW Y. can
public today was taken at a G. Rlas ata & ,- ,
dosed mion last week from ju.,MW n. A,.
Thomas Webb Jr. and Francis G~ O mR
law, Washington lawyers who a !l) I:a. S:4. 11. s1
have hen linked with Baker m us COUNTY Uss COURT m
amection with a Haitian meat FOR ALACHA couNTY. R-
deal- Jm A-
The tehim iy, wIos upect- cOf Lo Cfufclr.
entures which aker's name n e redos of t- Esta o orro -
has figured. These Include L E CRUTCHEn. dece a d, a
"by RGU to file
Florida real estate tramactons, sif ed au d o re re tm I .
clm or demasiaWimd t whhey
ad the purchasef yAM JUT We aI B ala iM A l the
Or a insuranb ce camps.- s.Fglo ai fthin Cot at
Gobei, n. Yrlou. s z eaek -
y . Ao. etha.u Ioa the dat.a of i t
... ..- 1p4tftlte this Nates. Each claW m
a M~emd go" be ti wrtflg awd
ins Lead We drs e Clalma
alf t he sdm ec t l am&*
ax Lead AamuAM be imm tI s V tho satab
:10 his age *r iu satrey" or It
Swill h M~oiM aefeudfg to aw.
mtributionsH o "t" ""
I xecutrix of the Estate of Geor.
Sea. Jon Mathews of Jack- goL CIfttht( de : ad.

s nvme reponed $,512 in con-
tribtins, incldig 2,W3 last
week. He said he spent $ 7.
Rep. Fred Karl of Vobtia
County reported include.
eng $35 aWontriuted last week.
He said he spent ,Mk .
Sea. Scott Key of Lakeland
reported $w in conmributioas,
inug i st week. He
SKidhe spent $ iS.
Mayor RoMrt King High of
Miami reported W 71 in coln-
tributions, inchding j last
week. He said he spent (St.
K Folks of Orlando, the only
republican in the race o far,
reported no new conribtdos
and no new spending. His total
so far was $175 i contributmns
and 14 in spending.

Tax Credits
For Students
In Showdown

ate shadow mes today o
the cmven proposal to
ive tax cMt to pants
Johoen Mninrat. lel
were bting to dea te phi,
coeity teNoulcd toe deep-
to W ve a Metmlh

SbiiaM a H nly later.
nme reported havy pm
bm l hump PIU
br -8me khm paresI
bo setg ip ib.
DTmte kadn eMmoeed
ey a aht a dmem vJes
te pepemnal wc wa ad-
Oan tib SeIIAbrahm A.
Med to t4 iKAlMax tad

-earn, a--ail-ategy
beMha t lab bS
ubSiy i pa. I.r a

teog pt l l siL l

a sta Z thte sem
*0elil ka lastellsat
Jfca- <1 a Uiton rtU

IN Ie: Wihato of
CHmLI C. VoyLE alos kht at
C. at VOYLC.
"q aut Ma 0.Fl, u datd.
It AU -rCm", uad Pc..R.. a*-
uialf. Wr Oua dOP Asalut SaI
Y"fl d tuk 4m amF bh
mtdl ud rw" is pns t a=Y
claiw SW ma. m twe tyme
e*lt r a. m ba" awisut thb
WtA* of CHARLS C. VOYL, ahi
kn a C. c VOYLE. daswad.
a Mdce ~ te ama houa sf
CPa cimt a t, his. magen. Ith t
aI c ela Mu or dsetd chaim ab
IN a4 stat Owa plI.
of I e adSt Lasdon addn
of km clahI. at h and ah
Sto )y ui eabut. U as. a r at.
TL m m f -. o a s t W
CEASRES C. VOYLE. ae knewa
m C C. C. VOYLE. aeamsd.
CaCl1.6fL Aw Dva & Jeasim
lsot MNab feeA
GA*:." merid
yet powad" M Rrm 4. ML
(301 2:46 IL IL S ____


SmW-. %446n9.
PeItig Awwbtto'

Soviet elebellion,

0 WasUOM vAIb
OlBy u itWM

mm I-mm m
Was deemed Man*d -I
wM nrike to ucopho a
matrity le of te Soviet

mthcher ad hs ate wor i
Ias more dsengeroue mMiel -

Crmmunisa unity than such

tawd a massive editorial

oretical journal ofthe
Central Coamnittee of the

rbWas the Pesidth e a aees
nominally replyinag to a critWal
open letter of the Soviet Com-

Queen Home
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -
Queen Frederika and her
daughter Primncess Irene re-
turned from the United Stats
Monday after a two-week u.-
ficial visit, cut short because of
the Cyprus crisis.
mazm U nnrmoss Nw
Pranm to Setoes .U. FlT.p
4k SWatstes tce .s bhorsa glee Sat
tia umdefsd, BRieard Dvgs do-
lag buletm uader the irm U aesof
awthr a QM bwy, borir Swa-s
ae S are. Dawthners, Alehua CeR.
ty. nariwmd, ies to nitio said
ftu mnwaae dea r U itelsm m a
me aferuSd tatf
Dated at Gllo lelokida. Old 6
day of Jius,. A. D.., 1I
(M) 1:14. 2. ;, 2 _: |:d4
Estate of
To AU Croedtms a PMos Usrag
Claims or Demaids Aaik Said E&-
You mad eack of ye are herby no-
amed and required to Preaent an
aimu d dem anads which yOU, or
either of m.ay ha.. alat the
estate of DON4 VORD BOLT. de-
Florida. a, wit x aledar mots
of the time tmhe firs t publication of
this notice. Each claim or demand
shal be In writing. and shal state the
place of resdeace and pot office ad.
dreu of the clmaBr, ad han ll be
worn to by the claImant, his a t,
at attoiry. and Fa" i e caim eI
demand mot filed shall be vo
,S/ mat M, a Boa CeUtHeA
As Admaluatratx of theEstate
(Mm) 1: 14. 21, 28: 2: 4

Am pmrty d J*l 1,
a-rB htires
SuIo tS aflbral flt
a wae r Mitvne a s oAM
a eer at ide. a
atoe recentsase.B
afleOted the nekt ew

UDGE B- ChiN a
tyewite M iiunta

.d to b w'd d0"a

Caommen it oementA
ais sesT orT m cum
DL Ir Ul r W AT1

aMr Rrsly iiil e
DUSa lr De me Ast SbMd -
tmte T aus M e W a ar hynr
moU So atkdarm tMneB. is -f
Cias a at aoin. (ea
easy Ea S A. C.
mlema. a t a.oOM In ". t
bnmof w OM itr at ng
Iid. a.t at r la
6= 1 0Se11 1t ft a en.
of 0 a;e Rasuh Scu a &
a ain wto ta g ak s me a
M a.Mm at.. ad asM"
he "M.
/5/ DRerut r. Abuft
As adate.the of l iM 5t a
W alke Gnm siebela eMMsl
N. 0. Data. d
t.. & Jaman
Atcaeji hr AirtAltatsnI
P. 0. Bar D
Gatfnl. frtf
(m.) 1:14 S. 9;. .; a. .4____
To All Cremas anud PerMU ais
Clansa or Dmfl Acmt &Wd Ea-
You and ea o f Y -ou shy
Otin ead r ndd to p- MY
AeIs anad dMa a ye" l .
SOW of 7m m hanv uagaSAt
emtat of Martha llctal. dwMand.
law of uid mCT. tod th Couty
Jodre FI Alamha C1y, Florida.
at hi .le k to eaemot bue aft
,&W Ctr, at Gamw*. nasia.
Nae aix elaar ms o fnea th
m .f thi a st plmeabh of this
mike. ESbh dhm demand AUl be
in vw ilng, am i state the planc
of aee **ad -Pot a*fl tAdd"O
O cWuimt, ad mt be wm to by
the climate. bs -agam, his atliy.
and aw web clnla demand mat w
ied halh b v oid.
A s mtalratar of ta Estate of
H. G. Bates, of
Dates & JOam
Attotya far AdiniualStf
P.O. BoX N
Gaineavlle. Florida
(2m) 1:1, 21. 21; 2!4
How To Hold
More Firmly In Place

bhng wheo you tatI Mr I
Junt prink a UltttI P V a
-owde had atontah am aly
and mo comfortably. Nort
amur. "ualoto:V (down
broth). Oet PAMTIhl toSW 8
l Jug nfleu outybepu.


- V 4W~ thinS

SOff tesll or buy bmody ude r Mlscelloneo us r -
Sae when no other Want Ad Claossifcaton exists for the
nwfthd hoffri

Fot*y Wea A& am be aode
r7 y ted co Of $2.



at tie mt of 4 Oms, f Ie
Addit io m cet 19 pw

How To Sell

and Buy with




Family Want Ads may be used by
any individual, non-business ad-
vertiser to offer to sell or buy mar.
chandise in any of these Want Ad

RMa, per day. For lMder--ull iems, Foulily Went Ads my be
ordered for a full wek, citing my day, at the me low rte.

To quality for this special rate Family Wont Ads will-
Offer only a single item, or related items (i.e.: Couch and Chair);
start with the item offered for sole or purchase; state the sale or
purchase price of each item; contain the phone number or ad-
dress at which items may be bought or sold; appear in the ap-
propriate classifications;
Hove all words spelled in full except for abbreviations used in
every-day writing. (ie: St., Street; Ave., Avenue, Fla., Florida,
Allowances for error in Family Want Ads will be made when error
is reported on the first publication day of the ad. Allowance will
consist ot extension of publishing days to equal the days on which
errors of material importance to the meaning of the ad and attrib-
utable to the Sun were published.

Family Want Ad deadlines: Weekdey-5:30 p.m. preceedlng
dey. Sunday 1 p.m. Set. See Wet Ad rules for complete phome
and counter service ourn.


WRITE i5-C" COME IN 1Pac.e

Check the closets and storage rooms for any of the following items
you may have that you do not need.



(Dcribe the Items Clearly)

(FlemeM etcle mM order, cluck M So ml)
NAME .............................................................""
E ADDRESS ............................................. ..........................*. .*. .* ." .* ."
TOW N .............................................. ...... STATE ..................................

I (L mpmed) IClauification
Ph lslekeAd As MAPotdAd

The Aove M Wi tem fr I Daeys fw $200

( M) e
Mail to Sun Want A Dept.; An /57-C Gainesville, Fla.
- - - - - - -


rm ri
Alp CNdl ........---......

Aii-qm ...... ....................

. .. ......................._...


Tko' -

*IIIb* -

-|W41"W^ (^^a


oato ..... .......
N bmN" .o*oio............ ..

L- -- -------
TMli l .I ...................

MO..Wl m .........
Oeovi M.... ..............
O.mdhAs ..

AbA h --rrm
TVa t ......a ki ..--- I.

Waso I*








Th Funtu aIfctrr




** 1 ;



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