Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 3, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Year, No. 157












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I SUB PbotoW by Tommy


fb tam Wri
Eve from distaee, the
aua of dth l heavy over
mnici airport this m -
A row of white sheeted
stetche stood uned
And an observer approach-
g th arpane ra scene
couldn't mistake the odor of
hired flesh bown down
wind by the brre.
w r to the se the m-
ber fac of police, men and
the acrio become vible. Am
klae driven rm local fa-
aral hbme saood by, waiting
que for orders to remove
the chrred bodies from the

Eerythh was spread he.
aeth a dismally overcast sky.
Late in the mning, ran be-
an to drin.
The bodi were viable.
zEcept for the tail section



Charred Wreckage

All Thjqt Remains
1 1

and wings, the plane vas do.
The positions of the bodies in.
dictated that they brt had
time to attempt an escape.
Most were seated upright
where a seat once had been.
The seats were gone t the
bodies remained-frm into
They were frozen first prob-
ably by frght Then by death.
Airport officials left th tn
touched until federal invetiga-
tors could arrive the' scenT
Late this morning they we
taken out and transported to
the Achua General Hopital
mor e The grasome jobof
identifying them was begun.


Until the coat of white foam
dissolved minutes later, the re.
mais of pane and passengers
seemed almost unreal they
looked ghostly.
Although there was tragedy,
there wasn't panic.
Police, sheriff's deputies and
firemen and the rius were
captured by a calm bred by
Officials parked cars state
cally around the crash and
strung rope from one to anoth-
er. They easily kept the spec
tators outside the ropes.
The spectators stood stunned.
They watched and talked
quiet n tones quiet as-
tonisbhent to companions.
But although no one pressed
close as the curious so often
do, few seemed willing to leave
the scene. Most just stood
They seemed unable to break
through the robe of tragedy
that rapped the cene.

An air of silent horror hung
over the scene.
Although the bodies were
plainly visible, they appeared
unreal. They were mere char-
red figures.
Although there e e ranks of
ambulances at the ene, there
were no busy attendants bust
ling about They just waited
There was little they could
Although there was fire, most
of it quickly was extinguished.
Firemen stood by, spraying
foam where flames occasionally
broke out At one point they
dosed the entire scene.







Following is the list of passengers, released by th
Federal Aviation Agency, on the South Central Airlin
plane that crashed here this morning killing all aboard
Dr. J. Willingham, 1214 NW 36th Terrace.
D. V. Legate, 1801 NE 7th Terrace.

A. Servos, 308 SW 40th St.
Dr. W. Cowperthwalte, 8707 SW 2nd Place.
BIl Gibbs, University of Tennessee Coach.
LR Anderson, Ocala.
K. MacKay, Ocala.
Mr. ad Mrs. Eato, Ocala.

Roer Thompson, the 45-year-old pilot from


Cause of Ranger

TV Failure Mystery

PASAU A, alif. (AP) -
Spae aitK ted through
dd tap tod ina a searc
fr the rn y spacerat
R Ir plhaed lm the mon
whltk cama Iud b to the
wekdas o te a lanmape.
'lle aubig ad to a
ow a lt mae at 1:M a-n.
(p) lndy hea Bagr
read is kitoric naredou
-rad six tlesin cameras
aboard td't fuctiO.
Labm n datrs en wt
anhd wo pml for Raer
rs ht a imdel p1
uim-pM o at eit th
b awMr in dMeid to
amin us. p- -d
Mir dh&Mk
th bmme oroy f ac -
Sh m ultM m h fa*
m in the rge pw l
le ad toi di: Sa-le-
*Wme at -, a het
l naI m in atd It
"MBOMr b MUiltA

W evHI a wa o
M--E s -- -
^^^ ^^^^A^ 1^ ^^^

timer aboard to do tik Job
Raung radioed bck wd th
the order b ben received at
1:0 am. (PST), a it wu naw,
tkg the ald o a 5, m.p,h
phl phl towrd the moo's
Sea o Tnalty.
Nmme ad agieer pm -
eredina hlg rm at the Jet
Propulsion iaborekry lisentd
tohe tu f Bo aer's nra
si t l as hi abe sped
Urau loadpakers~
Temi whoa the flom
arMup period was -
amot. voiced of ijct
mown mmommed 4& nt
"m is tat das ot ofl:
via pou."
aher for a bI I a
the IIRdim an .
(Sz o0tr .,q e.

Cam ....... .
Oea.R .... -
O g kml ... .****
*o ri ........ITl
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0mw44 nA4F* flU'aun



For Jax
San Staff Writer
Ten persons including four
Gainesville residents, four
Ocala residents and a Univer-
sity of Tennessee assistant bas-
ketball coach died in a plane
crash here this morning.
Crash victims were identified
by the Federal Aviation Agency
shortly after 1 p.m. (See ac-
companying list.)
The South Central Airlines
flight 510 was to terminate In
Tallahassee via Jacksonville.
South Central President Sam
Coester was at the scene of the

(More Pictures, Page 6)
wreckage this morning and ver-
ified reports that although the
plane has facilities for eight
passengers, a ninth passenger
S was sitting in the co-pilot's seat
at the time of the crash.
Federal Aviation Agency offi-
cials said the plane crashed on
takeoff and exploded and burn-
ed at approximately 8:05 a.m.
Coester said this was the
first crash involving fatalities
since South Central began op.
rating at the Gainesville air-
port in October.
Officials set up a morgue at
S Alachu General Hospital and
the 10 bodies were taken there
about two hours after the crash
when FAA and CAB officials
e arrived to begin investigating
the wreckage.
te Eye witnesses said the plane
was taking off from the north-
: east-southwest runway and was
about 200 feet off the ground.
D. M. Carroll a city mainten-
ance man at the airport, said
he heard the plane making a
"whizzing noise" and looked
up to see if it were in trouble.
"It was making this whizzing
sound. I noticed the motor on
the left side was turned off. It
swerved on its left side just like
a plane does high up in the air
when it's circling the field."
He said the plane was not
burning but burst into flames
when it crashed into the edge
of the runway and instantly ex-
The wreckage scattered over
the northern edge a the main
runway at the north end of
6, the field.
Several people ran to the
- crashed plane and tried frantic-
ally to open a door.
Jo Anne Rowell, a secretary,
said the sound of the engine on
takeoff tdicated there was
some trouble. She said she im-
mediately went outside the ter-
Would be rescuers said they
could s people sitting in their
sat inside the craft but the
blame was so hot they had to
give up attempts to beak open
the door.
"We were trying to get the
floor open bt t was too hot,"
-aid Miss Rowell, who Joined
those at the wreckage. "We
ad see two people side.
hey were bning."
FAA flight service station
nager E. P. Robbing said
he weatsr station hee had
wor"al radio ctact wit the
S a bore the takeoff.

'go CLAB a Ihp)P

Cage Game

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sal pme, erialyi sat at9
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wirds Ito siaL.


Aalnm !-.A

Year, No. 157








Airline Crash



-., *1*
.j-- I rs-- r:
.4s -Ap'
6' :rr

Sun Photos by Tommy Lewi


a ItfS WlMe
Even fm a distance, the
aa of death h heavy over
m icipl airport this mn
A row of whIto sheeted
stretchers stood ed
And a observer approach
g the rplane crash sene
coulb't mistake te odor of
charred flesh ub down-
wind by the bremh
oe w to the a te nm
ber faces of poli, rmen and
the carious became ribe. Am-
klace drivers fro local fw i
ral homes stood by, waiting
quiey r orders to remove
the charred bodies from the
Everything was sp d be-
math a dismally overcast sk.
Late in the a in rain be-
n to drin le.
e t bodies na visible.
except for the tail section



Charred Wreckage

All Tlhiat Remains

and wings, the a was de
The positions of t bodies in
dieted tat they don't had
time to attempt 9 escape.
Most were seated upright
where a seat once had been.
lTe sats were ge but the
bodies rem ed-f into
They were froze first prob-
ably by fright T.n bydeath.
Airport officials t them un
tou d until fda investia-
tor could arrive scene.
Late this morni y were
taken out and traported to
the MAlacha General Hospital
mrgmue The grueso ob o
identifying them wasjbegun.
I ;


Until the coat of white foam
dissolved minutes later, the re.
mains of plane and passengers
seemed almost unreal they
looked ghostly.
Although there was tragedy,
there wasn't panic.
Police, sheriff's deputies and
firemen and the curious were
captured by a calm bred by
Officials parked cars strateg-
ically around the crash and
strung rope from one to anoth-
er. They easily kept the spec-
tators outside the ropes.
Ie spectators stood stunned.
They watched and talked
quietly in tes of quiet as
tonishment to companions.
But although no one presed
close as the curious so often
do, few seemed willing to leave
the scene. Most just stood
They seemed unable to break
through the robe of tragedy
that wrapped the sene.

An air of silent horror hung
over the scene.
Although the bodies were
plainly visible, they appeared
unreal. They were mere char-
red figures.
Although there were ranks of
ambulances at the scene, there
were no busy attendants bust-
ling about They jst waited
Thpe was little thy could
Although there was fire, most
of it quickly was extinguished.
Firemen stood by, spraying
foam; where flames occasionally
roke out. At one point they
doused the entire scene.






Following is the list of passengers, released by the
Federal Aviation Agency, on the South Central Airline
plane that crashed here this morning killing all aboard:
Dr. J. W. Willingham, 1214 NW 36th Terrace.
D. V. Legate, 1801 NE 7th Terrace.

A. Servs, 308 SW 40th St.
Dr. W. Cowperthwaite, 3707 SW 2nd Place.
Bill Gibbs, University of Tennessee Coach.
Anderson, Ocala.
K. MacKay, Ocala.
Mr. and Mrs. Eato c Oala.

Roger Thompson, the 45-year-old pilot from


Cause of Range

TV Failure Mystery

PASAU I. Cali. (AP) -
Spa mis sbed thr
coded tapes todMy n a erch
for t ra wy spccrft
Rrtar pegd s t mean
wen eI hsr ibatape.
m amis ad bto a -
howr e cI at 1:3 aa.
(FP s) 8 raila BwheR
miied i sor rekd
-ri six taotlso cmer
abd wal't fatimo
lIbodrtoJr dtdr e
T ai1 a seael phUs
a ftml l mmlam~r
d.-pbfatt tst theU
br s doid to
f r its mS ofor
big lib l k
id b I U ari iplmd

d o&d =a s-

Sitrb l a-

** n, 6aUr i =mi
7aM a of am sals
aMrll M h Ift ll
'io-- u n

ter aboard to do the jb.
Rae radild bak'word that
the order had ben recited at
1:1 a (PT), as itmw near
g the ed o a 5O ~s.p..-
ph pihm towad the mo's
Sea of Trjiulkty.
NaaMm edoglaers
ered abig ro at the Jet
ropa LIffboatory duted
to the ti of Rgs ,nrab
siWal as it was bdg ampled
btroP hnt.peattkes
TIm O dR the ve
wrup perd wm orw-e
evm u-i"eis vel a prod
all tht l was wl:*
Il pmI."
1tem foraeme l9 ,qca,
as huhe crowd bMod (D
t*a bouEBT a ,ID

*oCI ........,V O
* cmil ..... 11
9*odel .. Itf

Wh ......J.,s
oWCmr ,..,. ..Jt

Ma. a te.a kmtflImIS Pwn wr a



For Jax
Son Staff Writer
Ten persons including four
Gainesville residents, four
Ocala residents and a Univer-
sity of Tennessee assistant bas-
ketball coach died in a plane
crash here this morning.
Crash victims were identified
by the Federal Aviation Agency
shortly after I p.m. (See ac-
companying list.)
The South Central Airlines
flight 510 was to terminate in
Tallahassee via Jacksonville.
South Central President Sam
Coester was at the scene of the

(More Pictures, Page 6)

wreckage this morning and ver-
ified reports that although the
plane has facilities for eight
passengers, a ninth passenger
was sitting in the co-pilot's seat
at the time of the crash.
Federal Aviation Agency offi-
cials said the plane crashed on
takeoff and exploded and burn-
ed at approximately 8:05 a.m.
Coester said this was the
first crash involving fatalities
since South Central began op.
rating at the Gainesville air-
port in October.
Officials set up a morgue at
Alachua General Hospital and
the 10 bodies were taken there
about two hours after the crash
when FAA and CAB officials
arrived to begin investigating
the wreckage.
Eye witnesses said the plane
was taking off from the north-
east-southwest runway and was
about 200 feet off the ground.
D. M. Carroll a city mainten-
ance man at the airport, said
he heard the piane making a
"whizzing noise" and looked
up to see if it were in trouble.
"It was making this whizzing
sound. I noticed the motor on
the left side was turned off. It
swerved on its left side just like
a plane does high up in the air
when it's circling the field."
He said the plane was not
burning but burst into flames
when it crashed into the edge
of the runway and instantly ex-
The wreckage scattered over
the northern edge of the main
runway at the north end of
the field.
Several people ran to the
crashed plane and tried frantic-
ally to open a door.
Jo Anne Rowell, a secretary,
said the sound of the engine on
takeoff indicated there was
some trouble. She said she hba
mediately went outside the ter-
Would be rescuers said they
could see people sitting in their
seats inside the craft but the
blae was o hot they had to
give up attempts to break open
the door.
"We were trying to get the
lor ope but t was too hot,"
aid Miss Rowell, who joined
those at the wreckage. "We
uid see two people inside.
'hey were burning "
FAA flit service station
naner E. F. Robbis said
he weather station here ad
rmal radio contact with the
law bef the takeoff.
See Amll a Pa p )

Cage Game
It TmeMeseMw lo d bh
mel sae, morwnally et at
1:15 N n Florida Gym,
hi be popoed at the re
st of themle s atMe t
ob IWed brar r UPlb
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a ler a teN Wablr I Nw
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i twe bm Sbt as





SMeWIy, Fhebm 3, I4


y JAMES MAROW Thee can be doubt that much
Asied Press News l of his mysicismn is any more

Prsdent Charles de Gulle,
like a man descending the
mountain with two tablets of
stone, for a year has issued
promoucements saying "no" to
Ameican policy.
He-tanned the British from
the European Common Market;
refused to agree
to a nuclear

of Red China.
I h ca : htet-ban *reaty;

ma beneit ato Fra neuwe-

monaL sin by itsl, im they
are ewed about nAsia,

le Is part o the Wet rn
I the sovereignty
... of Red China.
Ineach case he acknowledged
soml benefit to France. Ameri.
cans can't consider tis a
mortal sin by itself, since they
are concerned about benefits to
his country.t
Buthe is part of the Western
alliance. If there were a few
morn De Gaulles there could be

than political and personal im
There t immaturity in his ob-
sessive nationalism wbch would
have been more fitti in i
18th Century when Napoan
was emergi and French i-
ons seemed unlimited.
But western Europe's natk
alsm brought two world wars
and chaos. To try to restoreit
as ntenel as De Gaulle
doing is to turn the dock bk
He has given dmorli
Force stability since stat
ed his reip n 1958-cg is not
an accurate word, for Fnnie
now looks more like a monareoy
than a republic-but there is no
assurance the deluge won't fol-
low him.
is persona mmaturty is hi
his need for gander and the
trappings of grandeur, in hIp-
se and France. He resents
what he considers affronts and
to maintain his ego retalates
with obstruction, like a chid

Salliance. tearing toys.
Mis repeated negations have On Jan. t 19 3 he arraned
been explained by apologists as for a news conference at a
the work of a man with a mys- a time and with such a purpose
tigal belief in the revival of-just shortly before the late
Fench greatness. But there has President John F. Kenedy
ben pettiness in much of what dressed Congess that he
he did, almost hostility. Ipedoed the President

Viet Nam's

IEN CAT, South Vietnam -
NIj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh, new
leader of South Viet Nam's mil-
itirygovernment, departed Sai.
gi by helicopter Sunday for a
visit to peasants and soldiers
in the midst of an anti-gueril-
I1 operation.
continuing the burst of en-
e)L with which he has taken
u the reins of government
since seizing power three days
ao, Khanh turned his trip Sun-
day-into just the sort of psy-
cSldgical gesture Americans
urged upon South Viet Nam's
former leaders. Unlike his pred-
eessors, the 3-year-old Khanh
seemed to need no urging.

Rights Bill

Getting Test

Of Strength
par h forces backing the civil
right-bill test their strength to-
day'i the House starts conid-
ering amendments to the meas-
BQ sides have been talking
since-ldebate opened Friday.
NoAis time for voting, with
the st of the week being set
askto work on proposed
cha in the 10-part bill.
Pmident Johnson and Speak-
er fn W. McCormack, D-
Mal have predicted the bill
willlm through the process
without being seriously weak-
Tlt.there will be plenty of
amendments offered was made
clearuring the two days of
general debate. Southerners are
unhap with every provision
and members from other parts
of tt. country have doubts
abouuome of them.


Kennedy happy uncd a
aew era of interdependece
and unity taking shape" in
rope which "we regard as a
welcome partner . not a
rival." He was thinking of the
creation of the European Co
tnoo Market
But by the t he got the
words out De Gaulle already
demonstrated how ttle unity
there was by anacing he was
banning Britain from the mar-
ket. He said Britain was not a



This was natioalism at Its
worst With Brtaa out of the
market, France fig to doo-
inate it, although the market
was intended as one more step
toward subordinating national-
ism to common interests.
That wasn't al De Gaulle did
tt day. He rejected Amer-
can-Brish proposals for a mul-
tteral NATO nuclear for
a ed with Polaris misil&-
tg submarines.
If that wasn't enough, De
Gulle cast doubt on American
Wlingess to defend France
from Russian attack, now that
the Soviet Union had missile
whh could estry America
The agreement on the multi-
lateral force had been reached


milln. De Gaulle may have
felt offended by not being in-
luded in the meeting.
On June KRemedy p ed
to rik destruction of American
cities to preserve European
freedom but two days later De
Gaulle's information minister
warned Europe against trusting
its safety to America ideinite-

The United States, Britain and
the Soviet Union on July M5 ini-
tialed a nuclear tot-ban treaty.
Four days later, De Gaulle said
France would not sign and in.
tended to develop its own nu-
clear weapons.
Then on Aug. 29 although
the United States has pumped
billions in aid into South Viet
Nam to help the war against
the Communist guerrillas of
North Viet Nam-De Gaulle pro-
posed the two Viet Nam be
neutralied with French help.
Such a step could wreck the
whole Southeast Asia Treaty Or-
France had been driven out of
Viet Nam in 1S, after holding
it as a colony since the 19th
century. Neutralition, with the
United States withdrawn, might
enable France to recapture

r few weeks before at a meetsome of its old influence.

Netd Leader

Heavy artillery batteries -
ing into the guerrilla i
marshland frequently drowt
out the stocky young general
words as he joked with village
children, gave pep talks t
troops and declared his dct
mination to do a better job f
fighting the commuiss tha
the military junta which ura-

The reaction of American ad-
viers and obseers on hear-
hing Kmh argue points tey
have been trying to make for
months was good so far.
Khanh the man now
leading a battle In which Amer
ican prestige is id square-

ceded him. y on the line may not have
The essential requirement fo assumed power under auspic-
defeating the Communists is th ou circumstances. The initial
have the rural population witl reaction of diplomats and Vi-
the government, Khanh said etnamese alike was that coups
"not just the people of Saigou Wle last Thursday's could tend
but the people here in the count to be habit forming. Observ-
try. Here is where the people ers, however, found little to
are suffering and need to criticize in Kan's words or
protected. .deeds thus far.

French Attitude

Is Worrying U.S.

By JOHN M. IIGHTOWER .Nam, Maj. Gen. Nguyen
WASHINGTON (AP) U.Si K h1a n h, that the operations
officials are expected to seek against the Communist Viet
clarification from Paris in the Cong forces will be stepped up
next few days as to what Presi- immediately.
dent Charles de Gaulle means To some authorities in Wash-
in proposing a neutrality treaty ington it appeared that if De
for Southeast Asia and what helGaulle presses his neutralize
intends to do about it. tion proposal to the extent that
Along with De Gaulle's rec .it threatens to upset the anti-
ognition of Red China, the neu- Communist war effort in South
tralization plan is a source oflViet Nam, Washington Paris
deep concern at the highest ten ions could become much
levels of U.S. government. greater.
From President Johnson! Johnson said that as he un-
down, U.S. leaders are worried derstood De Gaulle's proposals
about the impact of French 'the neutralization talk has ap-
moves in the Far East and es- plied onl to South Viet Nam
specially in, Viet Nam, where this'ad ot to the whole area of the
country has more than 15,000 wold.
men eniaed in a fight against I think," he continued, "that
Communist expansion. the only thing we need to do to
Uncertainty over De Gaulle's have complete peace inthat
proposal was evident in area of the world now is to
dent Johnson's news conferences the invasionof SouthViet
Saturday when, discussing the Nam by some of its ng

Th-beaviest fire will unneutralization plan, Johnson
doogbfily be directed at pro.-told reporters "you will have to'
posals banning racial discrim- ask Gen. De Gaulle about the
inion in employment, public details of his proposal."
accommodations and federally From other high officials It
aided programs. But the vari- was learned that the United
ou sections will be open to States does not know precisely
amendment in the older inwhat if any, action De Gaulle
wl0ih they appear in the bill, has in mind to carry out his
which brings the one dealing propoitio. If he s talking
wi0( voting rights first under about a vague, ulthate goa,
attek. perhaps years off, they see no
iu provision, mainly amend- great difficy. But if he in-
ing listing laws, is designed o ten now to age a campai
sped up court action n voting fr ntralintio f South Vet
ca and to enu that an Na, they se rious trouble
voter qualification standards ahead.
ar( apped equay to whites F owo up hbi rlmiti
nd-Negro of Red Chin lat Monday, De
aUlh ns say the areaof GaBe told a Par conference
otig qualifications rbd tohat a Pt cont e
.o to the state. They ploa M f -at
to ffer an amendment t clearly en f b Oflst-
l tie the proposal to federal NA he w
e leaders have pr mied wof Ret b wuldt
....- my.v c on to Smy w u W nabity ws*
th4 final vote wll comMe by ai t a e t i- U
FeL.a nBt Riepuhas, .a-, m ing rIme n
boi i-ekve town this weekend t ad i at the
to U kmeo Day rep countries to W mkYle ap
m hope it can be ply.ou ,
po of by Fridy or Sturda Johnson saM Id Co
After that it Ipe tom sate, sn North V N Sd U
wWe a Southern filihst ppor is uts e l an s Is mU
epectd to bre sW OW to 1er tbadbiu s"nI m
bri I'to aw volte. he a.

lscell Choice

Ma t tthe Uj itljIyA5-
cat at Wt PoN, N.Y., wet
to hnae Somul De, 13 1Ml
delAve, Kay Wa.
olle o tionltaal *
Mald byr C~mnar D
*Ni!!dbrtt elm ft

the a W-." i
WcoMmn iraml f t I
- lt their m n in k
pra" ad Ia I e I M

With obrir nUation
-JoamnM rmommin Fr

aIu supponers.
In other words, by contrast
with De Galle's apparent de
si, Johnson se no posibilit
of arriving at a peaceful soi-
tion fr South Viet Nam c pt
through carrying the preaet
war to a suincceufil c dcsau.


In the Act

Pennsylvaia grounaogs p
their heads ot o their brrow
Sdmy, uw their shadows ad
scurried back portending ix
S weLeks winter.
Qarryvlle a caa
lha bnating Ge.
Herr of the Stlebri
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ni hirt pa ti the
blk mten. r

aiLo L(BS. Bla almlt.
Sbthe (her sl of the stle,
San 1ht, preWrdt o the
Pu-utwy Grudmls Cbb,
Manomcd his fe e gm Od
Wi t ~: a ale retired.
SEac aistritse -

MISS we aM C. t
at Xi nt lbH

wIasll Nutelel



news from Washington:
Wheat: Announcement is ex-
pected early this week of the
sale of X million bushels of
wheat to Russia. The exporter
is believed to be Cargill, Inc., a
major Minneapolis concern.
Some 7.84 million bushels of
durum wheat are thought to be
part of the deal. It is known
that the Agriculture Depart-
ment has agreed to pay export
subsidies averaging 78.5 cents
a bushel on the durum wheat,
and this may lead to criticism
in some congressional quarters.
The subsidy compares with
an average of 73.5 cents a bush-
el to be paid on about 13 million
bushels of durum sold to Russia
by the Continental Grain Co. of
Minneapolis and New York
Smaller amounts of durum sold

to other countries
ranged as low as
The department
in durum prices
78.5 cent subsidy.

lately have
56 cents a

says a rise
accounts for
But the fact

that subsidies on Russian-bound
wheat are running considerably
higher than those on wheat sold
elsewhere led to congressional
complaints that the department
is paying not only the differ-
ence between domestic and
world prices but a part of the
cost of transportation on Amer-
ican ships.
The export subsidy is de-
signed to enable American ex-
porters to meet the competition
posed by lower priced world

Transfer: Mrs. John F. Ken-
nedy moved Saturday into her
new home in Washington's
Georgetown section, a 170-year-
old town house not far from
the one in which she and John
F. Kennedy resided after their

Worship: Prsid and Mrs.
Johnson attended tole morning
services sunday at the Nationl
City rtan murch, then
geeed fellowrshipers at a
coffee hour hI the church hal.
Johnson is a member of the
Chistian Crch and as vic
president ateded the National
City QCur frequently. This
-w hi fi n it M am ai b



L Po
Mvim -- 1 3
Taup 74 N
ATra --- U
K ms.. ___ Ia 1
1ntn ,,,^

I SEE by

...the SUN

wsuftn BUILDING PERMT tber, careless driving, $25; Jay'Pryor Robids, 20, 1222 W. Uni-
as .. C? at0' Thomas Cooper, 21, 1224 NE versity Ave., running red light,
oa e, 1 Tom and Callie Fassn, 2100 th Ave., running a red light, $10: Elmo Rowie, 19, Archer,
u.mur a a NE 3rd Place, construct resi- $10; Henry Covington, 40, 702 running red light. $10: Carolyn
cun Kalur dence, (,M0. SE 15th St., running a red.Venezlale Saheaian, 26. 901 NW
q s a 4SE... : W. P. Ridgmway, 3745 SW 2nd light, $10; Allen Young DeLan-'37th Ter., running red light, $10:
p.m. t. Uns:w.a..n n: is Place, construct residence, !$8,- ey,, 4510 NW 24th St., expired Ralph Scrafford, 50, 3016 NW
Tuewa n ass i i a u 00. l drivers license, 0, and run-l st Ave., passing on right, $10;
smp. L a t. u:I -. 3 J. C. Avery, 1l NE 0th St, ning red light, $10; Garfield Dil- William Harry Shaw, 25, 112 SE
addition to residence, 150. lard, 5, Lake Butler, improper 3rd Ave., blocking a lane of
Foy Stephens, 1=1 NE 15th lane change, 25; Donald traffic, $7.50; Watson L. Show.
M alay ia St., construct bot shed, 50. James Duncan, 19, route 2, run- ers. 21. 810 NW 3rd Ave. run-
Ernest Burch, 130 SW 13th ning a red light, $10; Alveta ning red light, $10; Harrison
M nlute D uel St., repair residence, 268. Middleton Durant, 24, Route Fredrick Snider Jr, 733
S Iy H H.P. Constans, 101 NW 20th 1, violation of drivers license NW 20th Ave., driving with
Ter., install cabinet, $492. restriction, 0; Hugh Coleman onlv o n e headlight a n d
G oing O ver James M. Gable, 1315 NW 16th Edwards Jr., 20, 62 NE 9th no tail lights, $10; Arthur Pur-
SAve., construct foundation, 4. St., noisy muffler, $10; Robert se Salt, 817 SW llth St., pro.
W. L Graham, 317 NW 1th Frederick Ehr, 19, University hibited "U" turn, $10; Bartola
tlm I Mk IWi St., repair business, of florida, prohibited turn, $10; Spano, 29, 3929 SW 21st St.,
By SEm w Mrs. W. C. Atwater, and William Fillya, 54. 1528 NE sth running red lght, $10: Walter
=ML W. University Avenue, re Ave., drunkenness, $30; Victor Stein, 18, University of Florida,
KUALA LUMPER, Mals pair residence, $ Alan Fishman, 19, University of riding three on a motor scooter,
The foreign ministers of n-. Agnes McLan, 8 NW 2th Florida, parked in a truck $10; Calphrey Byron Street.
donesa, the Philippines and St, remodel residence, $300. loading one, $5; General Mac man, 19, 905 SW 6th Ave., park.
Malaysia will meet Wednesday Robert D. Waters, 3701 NW Folsom, 3, 1216 NW 21st Ave.,ing within five feet of a fire hvy
SBangkok, Thailand, as a 2rd A ., consuct residence, speeding, $15; Edward Gallo- drant, $7.50; Joe Avera Tavlor,
seminary step in n attempt $13,00. way, 49, 1025 NW 7th Av e., 54, 1920 NE 7th Ter., improper
to settle the dispute over Ma- Raymond A. Rawlison, 916 SWrunning red light, $10; Opie drivers license, $20; Stephen
laysa. Depot Ave., repair residence, Earl Garrison, 58; Jacksonville, Toy Jr., 24, 1103 NW 4th St.,
Thanat Khoman, the foreign ,0. driving the wrong way on a apartment C, running red light,
ministerof Thaiand, Lincoln Estates, 1234 SE one way street, $10; Joseph't10; Stephen Adron Valentine,
the calling of the meeting a. th Ter., construct residence, Walter Glock, 51, 1020 NW 40th 21. 1206 NW 30th Ave,. running
er talks here with Mala ,00 Tr., passing in a school zone, red light $10; Alexander Ray
leaders Earlier last week Forrie Deboe, 1016 NW 6th 2. Wallace, 37, 1205 NE 12th St,
held talks in Manila and Jakar.Ave.,repair residence, Mary Jones Godwin, 52, 125rnning red ligh, $10 Frank
- David Sanan, 1S23NE h NW13th Ave., speeding, $10; Coleman Whiddon, 48, Route 3,
St., repair residence, $00. Paul Reese Grimes, 53, 2711 SWiCareless driving, $25; Gwendo.
The meeting will be the Fletcher Builders, Inc., 3 42th Place, speeding, $10 Rubyllyn June Wilkinson, 31, Route 2,
first one held by representa-SW 5th Place, construct rei- Glley Grimes, 28, 1522 SE 1314driving with an expired drivers
lives of the three countries dence, 0,0Place, speeding, $25; Marshalllicense, $20; Dick Williams, 44,
since Indoesia and the Ph C ty David Gustafson, 38, Riv-404 N. Main St., speeding, $20:
ippines refused to recognize the J. Linton Buckhalter, 2340 SE erdale, Il., improper turn, 10; Ed Williams, 63, 725 NW 3rd
new federation of Malaysia aft th Ter., park trailer. Billy Curtis Haire, 21, 213 SE St., failure to yield the right of
er it was formed in mid-p. W. E. Walker, M04 SE 38th nd Place, no tail light, $10; way, $25; Willis Wilhams, 36,
member. St., park trailer. Plariou Pemonia Hall, 23, 1421 1019 NW 5th Ave, spending, $25;
S in Barmar Corp., 210 NE Mh SE 4th St., running red light, illie Frank Woody, 21, 520
the Thai capital was Oe td te and maintenance building, $0,- 34 lahu, running red light drivers license, $20; Earl Or-
Att orney Ge.ral R ert F la. 21 SW4 $10; George Douglas Hentz, 20. lle Wooley, 34, 28 SE 15th
AKene In his tour of the three MrsJoeDunlap, SW44th 111 NW 19th St., parking in a St, running a stop sign, $10;
Kennedyinhis tour ofthe three Ave., enclose carport, 00. it uk loading ne, 5; redeIris Morton Wright, 33, 380
Southeast Asian countries. Doald Thomas, 18 th ck igh Hedeon, Archer Road, making a left
He also arranged a cease-fire utility room SW 21st Ave seeding, $25turn in a through lane, 10; and
along the northern Borneo her- Tampa Builder Inc-, 39M SW James Daniel Hill, 24, 506 SE Willie young 55, 103 SE 14th
der where Indonesia based 4th Ave., construct residence, h Ae., speeding 15, 5 JohnLane, no driers license, $20.
guerillas have been raising in- 00. thaniel Howell, 19, Brookeri ETREATED THE BONDS
to Sarawak and Sabah. H. D. Williams, 2804 NW 30th following too closely, 25 Ra of Auggie Harri Buci, 19,
Ter., construct residence, ^mnd S. Hin es, Newark, 1119 SW 1lth Ave., speeding,
At Kennedy's urging the three $*I=O. mo$ --in e, 2h 15; Christopher Mart.n Str-
countries agreed to akThai- r N. J., running red light and im- Christopher Mare.n i -15;
land to investigate any charges COURT proper turn, $25; Leo Thomase' 2, Melrose, speeding, $15;
that this ceas fire had been Ja M .ry, 43n 2145 NW i 4h Pace terd reek arless driving and
ila by any of the parties u ade Hmptnr da running red light, ra ti e e, rees driving and
iol by a itih troop ath Fried Harry Green, 51 Howard James, 43, ell- no drivers license, 25; Arthur
or by British troops mwhoe m Hl -i, n o D vis James Butera Jr., 22, 300 B
have been guarding the border NW 4th Pac petit r ,or, nopedrivers c i;Fl avet 111 seeding, $15 and
under terms of Malaysia's trea-five days and 25 or 10 days, Betty Pridgeon Jones, 24, 39 Cecil D. Cox, 46, 154 NE
y with Britain.Hubert L Brigman. 56, 92 NW NW 25th St., spending, 10;unning a stop sign,
The me is by hich this IFound Not Guilty Michael
ee m ians to e in 12 ays Nettie Lou Jones, 1023 NW 5th Ave.. running. g stop, Howard Gerber, 18, 924 NE 3id
cewi iem o "e o be i5 NE th Aove., no drivers sign, $10; Willie Dwey ee, Ave, running red light.
S b one s otfthe two a is o icm e, $8 or 10 days; Worm- 34, Cross City, failure to yield'" "' ""
te foreign mBinisters meeting, w sood id pher Thompson,. the right of way causing a mini- Dismissed the i targ of hav-
The other will be an attempt 3 Fraternity Row, blockingor accident, $25; Herman How- ig no drivers license against
to arrange a meeting between drive way, 2 or one day; Wal ell Keeae 2 Alachua, drunk.',i- ia handler Tomnson 32,
Indonesian President Sukaro, ter Samuel Holland, 22, i3 SWeness, (25; John Davis K 1 Brooker
Philippine President Dioadado th Lane. blocking traffic, 5 orby, 51, ote 3, Roe failure to yield
Macapagal and Tunu Abdul there days; Ja CraigWel, the right of way, $25; Louie Pound Baby
Rahman, premier of Malaysia. 20o, u sNW l7th St., apartment Frank Latimer Jr., 4546 NW
Such a meeting was expect- 10, petit reny, 5 or 10 days; Ith St., failure to yield the Fights for Life
ed to occur after Macapagal John Willard Britten 2, ,134 right of way, $25; James Willi-
and Rahman confer in Pnom- NW 1st Ave. apartment A, car- e a Lamax Jr., 2, 0 R, Play- DETROIT tAP)-A baby who
penh, Cambodia, Feb.. 10. ryig an open can of beer onet running red light, $10; weighed just one pound took the
Indonesia insists that Malay- city streets, $15 or five days, Robert Barbeau Mantz, spotlight away from a 1712.
sia is a British satellite and suspended; Farley Porter But-ll SW 27th Court, crossing the ounce infant Sunday as both
has vowed to crush the new let, 17, 103 NW 3th Ave., noisy double line, $10; L. C. Mcloud, continued a fight for survival
federation. The agreement to a muffler, (10 or three days; Le 19, Gainesville, no drivers e- against heavy odds.
cease-fire and to high-level talks ter Edwin Coleman, 48, 3712 SW ese, 20; David Alien McConk- The 17!-ounce baby was re.
has not changed Indonesia's t St., reckless driving, $(10ey, 18, York, Pa., running red ported in Detroit Satuday. T;e
determination to push the or days. light, 25; Alex McKnight, 67,child, a girl, was born Jan. 18
British from the area, Sukaro JohnRichardson, 3,Keystone 701 NW 7th Ave., speeding, after a 6-month pregnancy.
said again Saturday. Heights, leaving the scene of an $10; Rose Lee McKnight, Th3 report was matched al.
The Filipino dispute with Ma- aklent, 0 or 10 days, ss- 1730 SE 1nth St., improper pass-mos imeiatey by oe from
laysia is over Manila's claim peod, and careless driving, lig causing a major accident, suburban Garden City, where
to territorial rights in Sabah 0 or 10 days, suspended: 50; Glenn Edward Meadeo ctors said a by born De
(formerly North Borneo) based Margie Beider Steart, 30, Key 57, 15 NW 25th St., d r i ving10 dropped to a weight of 16
on ancient sutanie holding, stone Heights, speeding, $15 or straight through in a lane mark- ounces soon afterward. Th
The new federation joined three days: Marv Rav Rounds, ed for left turn; Ernest Hicky child, born after a .month-
Malaya, Sinapore, Sarawak 27, 2 NE 17th Ter., run- Mills, 52, Winter Park, prohibit. 'a"w"
and Sara. ning r e d light, or tled turn, $10; E. Taylor Moody, poune and docorsw weighs
ogunces and doctors say chances
days; Janet Joes, 21, 35143, NW 12th Ave, run o ria ar
Fire Detector lF h St, spending, $7.50 or ning stop sign, $10; Abra.ham "We believe thi he mall
three days; AmBacon Hobb, e, 31 1521 SE 12 st child o be born ani survive
OTTAWA (AP) Csa I 3 NW 17 th St.. speeding, Place, no valid driver slcr ,tin hie county," theb added
Forest roet chies lrd a $7JI or three days; Dan AkiHba120; Edward Eugene Moskaln. o
r of,1 I lat- HiUl al ,7, W h St..' 13M SE 24th Ave., running ~~,
Report of the development of .a b i, 3,3 ,745 ,e iWht, $0; John Luther My- Gainesville Sun
Selection device that e hw 73orthree days; red ligh 10; John Lth G i Sun
spr frs t firs be Demii Dwyer, 1, U ni ers, 5, 115 SE 10th St., drunk- Publshed i except
" 'fir w beity of Forida, speeding, s., $25; Amos Odom, 47,1 Saturday, and Sunday mo-
Sem visible f mI or tioe days; Af Har 01 NW 5th St., speeding, (10; 1i9N by it Gamvlll Pub-
$72 or thre = ; si E ih CGompny a 101 SE
. .Y e, 118m1, UnvsMity Of F William Guy Odom, 34, Route i2d au Q s a.ll. 1, Flord. ,

Wu = rm YM amIc ecowmtri ro m s W and wl l
fl;rYa k'g President __be tested b s ths

Nixon Revisits

;Promised Land

Iy Jose A. LOMI
Sdayo e se ofa i oal
trh ophs I Fried aad
Ise ale ni I his 4M
mcailMy al be fr beld.
"Striey igpali"r rwa
umer e pabi pvh
4nr b iaudor, io l
aO dit -I it U
tllo td C,,R A

W a cocdho a "
na lC able. -
h ew ts, h eck
S^^^^ b^^j^^ tt-'i^
--id CR-*SmVI
'~*( m-~MCa
bathL dflt^^-^^_^
Vfl-Bsi-- ^H--*---

A frlmd ly mnaay d
3s to genesi 1te. amh
sook amk, pati W
hads ad m lbg*d l 6-
of church hbalt Ir h>hoe
big worshiprs hed pIa-
ed at the Masr alrprt
He reiteld vt i a wu
wfteg 1 6 W
ili ,iw aY i b a
bdrl iYIs ON b aE
^^^^ ^*lrr YWMM fU

rI, peg, $5 or three 4, running red light, $10; nd entered as second cs
da; George Start B, 20, John Bryce Paterson, 18, Co. mate at the Post Oi at
SSW 14th Ter., speedig, $10 umbus, Ga., carelek driving Gimsvlle, Fl oda.
or tdre dai. causing accident, $50; Char- CIRCULATION RATB IY
Acceped wr.itn pleaf l lotte Pool, 31, 1411 NW 17th Ter., CARRIIUE MAIL
tyaty th f d arrest from- ning a red light. 10; Jerry I we .45
Ie DeNsre GCagnon, 4 O Prescott ,Black Moun- Ma. 5.85
Rl 1, dWsuir c ndut,:tin, N. C., running red light, All mail subsption must
; BIce Daion GOd $10; Robert Iee Richardson, be paid in advance.
2k RL 4I, c-drel d a;vi C 5lavt 1, rruing rd Member of Audit Breu of
Johm WIgRe Aaews, r light, $1; Barbara Hall Richer, Circulaton.
a l "d U I NE lt L2, t NW 14th St., no drivers Aat .aSi t
I~ s, Iak n, a or license Im n cn,
'Rae WLl k enoeso 5; S2Prd 111e1wRitch, 87, 5 I5 .cab,* -r (a ,
Lie,. Otemess, ; .^ ~W c 5 Ciesisols or. or asp
James be B id dge Jr. i, s t Ave., hfaure to yield l is street bfar M. .
UdliM y d Floia, parking fe ritdf way, 5; Bradford i w""e per s ..
ta atnBek hgdi some, 1;
Je Rla rn*s, 2k tul NB o. R
H& Tmer., nlo red lw
I all;- ..n.l i Science Shrinks Piles
IpL Kro d f!lobiggwl..
I i, :,- New Way Without Surgery

a. Stops Itch-Relieves Pain
': g a 1I l Mtsu St uf mu tus

an@ Aw ., sallaws w I s saw
SMva a Sditeg atmnMre *flu

Sbr 1k is *WIC-rjyr M

aaS /i I ab 55hm5lo am
oft I s subm" il

mmean n- m.1


L~ __


S Odurlr Sr


d I

d I

I :

Mady, Frary 1, 1964



From Slums

To Colonial

Style Homes
adelph sthe e rine Ameri-
can independence, is maig a

tbcentury living with the
y's colonies heritage bgb
a redevelopment project caled
Society H
To preserve the colonial at,
mosphere, the city has come up
with a special treatment for the
S& k project area, often
cled "America's mast htfrIc

Instead d mass clearing of
sml dellip, meal h red
ld Times a being relbiltat-
d ito eod ityle hoaes,
Complete ih m l, asd,
tuck -rdMu
A touch of the modem is pro
vided by foor apartment hbu-
ip and new colonial-syled
town houses.
Offically the aim of the proj-
ct is to: (1) re back into the
downow area families that
had movd to the sbbs, (2)
preserve several hundred old
ad historic houses, (3) halt the
sead blight in cmter city
and crate a strong me ential
area a (4) create a tourist at
tract focused on Indepad-
ence Bal.
In the past, the city's Rede-
velopnet Authority attacked
ums wh wholesale removal
of blighted are ad cotru
tia of entirely new buildings.
Then the authority decided
that in order to be really effe-
tive, new projects should o
serve and rehabilitate neighbor-


NEW YORK (AP)-me ock
market moved at around dead
enr eary tis aftem with
ome g shown air-
line ad selected issues.
Most mchm d e tcks
we u l iltboog a few
moved a point or either way.

Tk markt mnd to be
feeling it way ang after
racking up aga for Juary
ad now ntera Febary, a
moth wit a spotty record, his-

News of strong demad if
steel a d o igrs gains in
new orders for business firms
Ia January rved to drngtr
e the market bqklrgId, but
the high level d stock pr
caed hesitation
Steels, cirette issues and
aerospace stocks were lightly
gher balance. Farm Imp
m rail awd hldW g ma-
r word lower. Cmi-
c oils and a unerrau met-
a w mixed
The Associated Press aver-
a de of stocks at was
Off .1 at W.5 with industrial
off .1, rails off .6 ad utilies
up .3.
be Dow Jones industrial av-
erage at noon was up 1.0 at
Prices movad g ll high-
er in quiet trading on the Amer-
can Stock Ea hange.

Side Line

Burglars broke ito the vault at
Cty Hal early Sunday- half-
ock n the police saion-
ad fld with about $14,0 in
Polie said the burglars also
broke into a soft drink machine
ad drank while they worked to
open the vault in the basement.



e MorningI


AlisChaml 1
Ako" "%
AmAir 3%

Aman 41%
AinCym 1%

Amorm m%
AUTk 14%
AmTob 2%

a MCr 10
ihrmp ra

oabot 55

cocu ig 3,

DowChe 16%
Pt PL 5%

Clean Dy(0%

4oodrih 53%
door T41%
ul Oit l 50%


Gained In

iting January
NEW YORK (AP) As the
Int arv (1frs month i Nkdm e tde
t Nick 73%ock mark wan s iwe

JTLe 0 7e Dow Jons kifrlal aI
KaisAl 35% age in Jary rnae 22 to
Ken'cott 7% J
Lig&My 74% Te Associated Pra avragev
Icbi'd M3% ofa s tda rsm 5.1 to MU
Lodtd 44
MagorXd January once aspn wa a
Mag'vz 3 1111Of reinvestment duDi
mpM a u it bha been so h I
Mobasco 11% tPysL y Iw of be ddp
Mwn 0% n taraemisemd the mooat a
Mont Wd 34% tgh progr at tnues w
Nat Dair % slowd the upward moment
Nat Dta cUted bby profit tan nd
N.Am ATv 4n % f.
Pemy 44% the wek jst ended t
PR 2 mrket shoed signs o trn
Pep Cl 52 topheavy. Whle averages mde
Philr 70 hstoric high early in the week
Phil Pat 4% r stock were denindg t
RCA 112% idvancing the overrl lisL
Se.l s o4 oae Dow Jam av3ege o M
M industrial e merged from
RevoP Xtheweek with a pin a of2LN at
er 5.43, reflectigthe strengtho
S a scattering of blue chips. The
Secoy o0nIm mat was denitely
SostC 32 w Of 1,513 us traded
Sperry r 1% M denied and 4 advanced,
StBrad 73% Registerig its first weekly
StONJ 1% del e ine five wees, he AP
Studbkr 6% hock average fell 1.0 to
Swift 47%2 .S.
Teaco 72% The stck market action was
Thiokl 17 backgrounded by an almost an
Unit Aire 41% broken front of encouraging ec
Un Frt % ic ad business news.
US Su 5 General oors, the biggest
Univ Mat 12% mafacturing corporation, re
WestgE 31% ported record profits, wel over
Woolth 7% the billimdolarmark, for the
_ secod strai year.
Standard Oil (New Jersey),

report d record earnings, top-
- YOUR MONEY'S WORTH n.ginWb)fbfrst
tac. arp gain in prit81 ale
1 were reported by US. Stedel,
Beothihe Xerox, Control
Economics of Blood ,DaJ Ja Maughn
MWafothr leading cpa-

D-. CQvIv'Pw& D0
D.. 0..1. *a -

lat November 2, minutes
after the nes m la that Pre-
ident Kennedy ad th Gover-
nor of Teas had been shot,
citizens ac the nation rus-
ed to their local blood banks to
depot the "accounts" of the
victim in Dallas. This little-
known detail of the Presiet's
assassination illustrates the uni-
que operation of the National
Clearinghouse Progrm f the
Americ As. of Blood Banks
and the Red Cross ne of
the fstet growing and modst
valuable "banking" system in
he U. S. tod.
Blood banking ha now grown
ro a imple local storage
operation to an elaborate a
tionwide network modeled after
our Federal Reserm b anking

You can make a "deposit"
blood at your local blood bak
for a rid mdagroing aop-e
eration thousands of
away. You an set up a "sv
aip rot" of blood "cred
Its" to cover future needs of
yoasel ad your amly-ad,
wih blood costing as mu a
5i a pint, tis ca mean a-
ms vgs If you are antic-
atng a operation. You can
"repay" blood you hav bor.
rwed b an mergcy or ask
.e .butms bah s any.
where b th I Stat r at
NuMWY busa oa
t Nes"al Cka gbo
FNel ci tie Arinatmw As
Slbwd Iamb wu I ormiI
mo the a decade age aid
Dr. RouI Maiwrf prJi
dAt the AABB y ack
kowlu tst waI the
Wr Mchid o aa Cuania Navy
office's wie td blood bank
ector, Mr. Beai Hamp
ah. 1 h AA anBB d ad
osa entered o a naI
du eclhance aMtem and emr
tl pgrao s lb hiMo gear.
It is a sbai to ur aSy-
ur S m asd Iy rai a
ofwkad e akeady ai
I aola pa a yw, an
eldio at an m rte ds

it* a ot **r 1 n
las 41 eOM 8ad. A

a iw d nds t VW bW
U's *add i f ha
Imta= d i-l a- d
or m bed

Ml 46Bt1
*BK-^~k ^'^ ^

Dy 3jy/vw

other state who is unde
ing an operation and needs
blood. You donate a po at
your local blodbak to be
credited to your frin's ac-
count. Your local bank lamed-
tel forwards a rpcity
credit a IOU to one o
the five district clearing-
houses in New York, Chicago,
Jacksonville, Dallas and San
Francisco. Credit is issued to
the supplying bank ad the
blood is made available "on
paper" to the receiving bank.
At the end of each month
accounts are balanced and ac-
tual bind may be transferred
from onea staon to another to
cover deficits that may have
occurred. In cases of a local
shortage which might oc-

cur f very rare blood types are
neded muples are d-
lately shipped from more affli-
ent banks
It Is clearly a variation of
our money system. By pooling
their assets, the blood clerig-
huses help inure beer dstri-
abuion of blood of every d-
nominatim in local blood

r-- .: Baby Foils
li. most poplar local blood
pan today the group say- Au o ThefI
ins pn under whic a MIAMI (AP) A Montreal
as eplo of a company or oup t their car and baby
member a tivic association, for 23 minutes Sunday and they
blood regularly to your pbably hav e t abyto thak
gou's account to covr yur for gettn the auto back.
Mr. and Mrs. Albrt JeraMs
needs a your fal re. had left 8montold Jrassy
quir.ments whebthn ey seepi in theback seat ile
arise. Per l account plans they asked about rooms at a o-
under which your donated blood teL Whte they wv t otsde, ar
cables a credit for your-. fn a b
self, are available too. Youe y thraeda thea ief
may ; f ta credit to repay abandoned the auto a
rece l am to yrself oryour aotdng the sleepig ifat
family or release it throu
the claringhou program for
anyone n need anywhe re Book Mending
S anywhere in the nation.
us M&s Hemphl remarked Demonstration
during an interview hi New
York recently, the blood ipe. A dm mnstraton mn adi
line, like ar money ipeine, linary books w be held Tm
help.put the blood (money) day at U JL amthe Gatel -
"at the riot plae, at the right PulM y.
e and in the right Mae Merina i o t Dea-
aMouts." te AABB now is co Library Supplis, Maiso,
ga the organiatdon of onsi, wi instruct on the
a tund the-world blood bank- echnips d repairing books
a s m to fAilitate inter- AD wl are ted are in-
coatn traders. vied to t aed.



County Property Sales

3Sm bhr to
rtW, property
MPhat ^I

Amy R
h Nair

BoH eitdsl, I., to Bob
t DeNhO L ME Canr E
. a..r+.u. .- 0., a
lDdmm, JA Xd Cmla
am ma6 sUm
ta loRdad h3 b &b
ba warid beI. to ab-
at A. 1185m ad BeDly B.
to4o, Lt Lby Hdft

Foy Woso Sapn aod
Myra may Stples to Hugh
Edwards, Im.i, lt 44 C oi bby
Be" an
HI iwarh Ib., to o
W. Si n. aind Myra IL Stk-
yank It i ofCarelats
Sob. 5, W
Hugh Edwards Ie., to Add-
a D. Hay and Mary E. Hay
ad Mary Kay, Lot a d Cr-
ol Estates, 914,.
ugh dwards e., to A. D.
Womle ad Arme S. Wma
Li ofd Cardr Ea.itn

Hugh Edwards I. to MU-

orl Z. Jp and
S&dvido, I=

tb 4, Ib d I, 1 4 Baoew

Cari F. Warockat dBa
Lo W k to Stanle E.
BoarsW a ad Mavin AMn
M Rolber oer, t 41 of West
ulk K Wt

Jeff L ia and Fran-
e Flanagan to Walter E.
Godt ad Jem oark God
win, lob 4 and 5 and the West
fifteen feet d Block 7, Hibscus
Parkt "a
J.tLwzyand Bily aLow
ry to Ol Co., property t
Sectto Townsp rou th
Rmae Ilk eas, KW
Iter C. Hodge and Ane G.
Hie to Erest W. Rgh
Jr. ad Johaie S. Rough-
too, lob t and of Sha
Wood SabdeHa, $.
Hgh Edwards to Qmual
ty Builders oi Galnuile, Inc.,
lot 9 of Uibby Heights, 3,30.
arlie uord and Amie Bu-

ray Cobe and Eisabet.Co frd to Bruce A. Edwards,

property ake Way Groves,
Grace S. Frdyce to Elbert J.
Hoover ad Joyce Hoove, lot
Sof Wesat Park Adition, $1,-
Walter Stubbs, Inc., to Lois
W. Sat ad Betty J. Saton,
Lot d reksid Esaties, $,-
Louis W. Seaton and Betty J.
Seato. to Walter Stub Inc.,
lot 12 ad the west one half di
lot 11, block F of Oak Park, 9,-
J. B. Jump and Elle T. Jump
to Ernest N. Crowder and Bet-
ty C. Crowder, property in See-
tion 31, Township 9, Soth,
Range 1, east, a.
J. B. Jumpp and Ellen T.
Jumpp to Ernest N. Crowder
and Nancy Elizabeth Crowder,
property in Section 1, Town-
ship 9, Range 21, # .
The Pruditial Iurance Co.
of America to John D. Dillom
a l Winia F.Dilon, property in
Rae e Orig ial Survey
of Gainesville, $1200.
Josie L Hoover Dunker and
Stanley Leroy Dunker to John
aBenyo ad Jane AJ Benyo,
lotof Block 2 Michia
Heights, 1i00.
Howard Smith and Batrice
Smit to James B. McMillan
and Betty R McMlla, lot
of South Idylwild, $O .
Clarence L Dickinaon and
Betty L Dicknson to Frak A.
Druyor and Grace D. yor,
property in Section 3, Town-
ship 9, south, Range east,
Ethel Elhabeth Mcuire to




Combs Lumber & Supply

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61owm Com

1~0K mawnu

Herbrt r. Stg l ad Miled
G. She el, property in Olin-
stead's Srvey of Alacua, (,.
Oak Shades eI. to Raymond
C. Alien ad Elaine Ma Alien,
lot 1 do HIghland Curt Manor,
Unit 3,lO .
Reuiblic Homes Inc. to "H"

tie Lancaster to A.
son and Dorothy B.
lots 142 and 143 of
Homesites, $5233.

M. Robin

R. M. Westmoreland and
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Grady Alday Jr., lot 7 of Clover
Ranch Estates, $3,500.

Inc., lot 3 Sunnyorook Es. Fir Shades Inc. to Arthur E.
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estifeetof lot 7 ad te west
Feet oflot ofSBlockF of
Pine Park, U1,
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tion 14, Towhip 8, soth,
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ty in Section 15, T7 0m1p 10,
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Sd a.
The SWis tSaLpu: AU Dmdmr-iS471
Wnt Ad-376-72 '

No Local Afair!

Now comes the editor of the Ocala
Star-Banner, who take umbrage at
- our editorial views of the racial situ-
ation in adjacent Marion County.

SHere's the story.

Negro pickets have paced the
Courthouse Square unmolested for
weeks. But the social protest was so
obviously Negro versus white, they
asked for help to show some white-
Negro unanimity. A Gainesville
group, composed of University of
Florida students, agreed. They ad-
vised Ocala police officials of their
intentions to join the Negro pickets
and to obey the law while doing so.
On a Saturday in December, twelve
whites integrted the picket line.

No violence occurred. The only
crowd gathering was composed of
public officials, who engaged in ani-
mated conversation. Then in one fell
swoop, Oeala police moved in and
arrested the eight active pickets.
Also arrested were four white men
who were not picketing. They were
merely adult advisors to the student
group. The charge against all was
"breach of the peace."

No Negroes were arrested.

The Ocala Star-Banner editorialist
says we ought to keep our nose out
of that affair. He condemns our "out-
side interference in local problems."
He accuses us of not cleaning up
Gainesville's racial backyard. And he
lays we sought to aim our ire at ra-
ial incidents in "New York City,
Chicago, Philadelphia and other
northern cities."

We're sick up to the belly button
with editors who rant and rave about
strife in the Congo but are silent
about strife in the shadow of their
own city hall. This is the breed that
tells all about Ascension, but nothing
about local tension. The racial prob-
lem we can do something about is
right here in Florida not in "New
York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and
their northern cities."

And as for efforts to ease com-
munity racial tensions while achieve.

ing some egre of progress, we'll
match Ga#esvilles reward against
that of any oter town in the state.
We hope tre ainesville Sun helped,
but our editorial pages certainly have
been replee rith efforts anyway.
We've been a used of being a lot of
things, but, never of being "silent."

And, finally sir, your racial prob-
lem isn't "l6cal"

Your police moved in on twelve of
our whitest living Negro pickets
unmolested. It was rank discrimina-
tion to single 'them out for arrest,
even conceing (and we don't) a
breach of tie peace threatened.
i ,
They wee exercising freedoms
enumerated, in the U.S. Bill of
Rights and the Fourteenth Amend-
ment, which establish the right for
"the people, peaceably to assemble"
without federal or state interference.

And what your police did by ar-
resting the Gainesville group was
to fracture the' Florida Constitution
Declaration bf rights, which plainly
states, "All! men are equal before
the law.. .
We maintain that if Ocala police
go unchallAiged in the arrest of
twelve penrns'by skin color, then
they automatically establish the right
to arrest anyone because of his re-
ligion or because of his political par.
ty or because he eats garlic. Hitler
had a lot es than that to operate
with-and lok what he caused.

The threat to. constitutional gov-
ernment is soactitely obvious that we
can't conceive of the arrests holding
up in any cdurt' in the land at
least, any court outside the limits of
Marion County.

Now that 'constitutional govern-
ment has beon clobbered so badly
south of us,, we're watching with
eager eyes how Ocala makes out
with another provision, found in both
US. and Flor;a constitutions:

'The accused shall have the right
to a speedy ahd public trial, by an
impartial jury.."

Voice of the People

SThe Sun's Opinion Page b

mue he d ad o. 0h Om MMrb Wi s lp s h M n M w...L A 6 db T k
ISk sr lr be r ct hew eiw a 1 6, w ided He wlb a Mb -

Efficient City
Spending Absent
EDITOR. Sun: I know you
won't print this because you
would not print a letter a
friend of mine wrote several
days ago. You are very care-
ful not to print anything tht
will expose ineffient city
operation. I ase tmt you
would be intereed i upo
ing poor, inefficient, oal op-
eraton of th govern
ital st.
On wig of te cky gy-

extremely e srl in
ma waysi tp two yea
or amre An every em-
ploy f any Stai hI
ben fun hd a mewcar
every year at Ie eapue d
the nwly auzeend tax ay.
e. There ems to be e
emom about the tax mm
r the operating cots hi v-

There is abo evidem t
the lack of de my d
safety carries ewr to Ir
ifaorcemit deqartmat. L
Woms dawn that vs
mt by the i e te bw

Lot ieaw drpa k te h
ath r hr db deas h
ti b pr nI d m Ims

give thm better tln i
protecting the p Al.

afecti for ame may be
a cw ad d g e -
IM to olAMn.

"Doe Packs," d' J. & I
Threaten Safety Letter Urgno
S .. Medicare Info

unImI,, am: AOUUly,
Gainesvle Ie a keas
It i a Iko fact that dogs
wil-mine a eksmoemrr w
ter if an abu ance d sme
exists uncontred ( amo-
tad io ege* a a letters
to thlI 4a10.)
In thU a a" I bha
twin bd o Mw" lem

dog ha previly b s a
rbmol boy u hI bicye. Al-
skd&MIm 0i his web
we elh a ar$y *t did ab

e bps abs a e~
hi he ahlldr a di

biH 1r wo.bwnd 6m to
w&et or o R 4wsd iih
It3 my eated. I

Wl mt aw aM id a S
&*r *r ishJ 4

What e ha am 1
^ k^4^ I ad d
i--^ UN 4WBf


ODIRI, SUm: Would ye
Pase print the following
leer, dpped from another
Fbrida wapr (Orlando
Sptmel. I. b eve it de-
sctibu wl at me moe
etious plaa of the day.
O'An adqua tax UP-

p a |forpe evr am6
m.s k- of Cal
ttt an scrslea iht s
Uw.. s be. mating

eler Lmt trmiles i
uwrM hahadMm ae
norl yeart

til e nabs eans
buad *,n ,Kn
L da poe b bt t
it had aft rpn a

seIn *
x iiav Nl.ia




pMdda's Butitf
'Univeraity City'

SOME OF THE measures
were petty and backfired.
Virginia, for example, per-
suaded herself in the legisla
tve session of 75( that a
conviction for petty lar.
ceny would bar a great many
Negres. But, alas, many
poor whites also turned up as
petty thiem
Misl ip, South Carolina
and Louisana poded the
major eiu for voiding
the IIt ameradent (In 119
ths three at ha d the
larMt pereitage d Negro
pontt i t.) 11 MilMipp
eon dntio tht year et
up a nie e m quirement
l two ye a emulative
poll ex a peequlite for
voting d a lieracy test
T s tat bd ahera ave.
A voter had be able to
read any section the state
constitution. The Legilature
reflected. That would never
do. Ite biB was diged to
say that a wr who had
the Cio.niin read to him
and who 'sid od t" was
eligible.'lh enabled vol.
g officials to find waie vet
em were sa to understand,
others we not.

IN LO ANA dopt
*d winly se iSoM iippii
2 de D a Ie. . ti he
"'au elr dsim" is
w set bt e m am s wto
vs eligMe to Its aJ. 1,

ir a hM 0 ,, I deam.

i MN fIn di pby edr

Wa i 8m ftf wa0 i ftrl
stes lb hhem
wrn^ s.^ w tv*^^ ayqM



0 Ias fork ita
to early o pick a cadidate
for the vie peakdnr y der
President Johnon but it is not
too soo to define the prici-
pls on which that sledion
should be made.
He should be as the foding
fathers ended the person
best qualified afer the Prei-
dent to arve am th ch e-
cutive of the nation.

f A as (Wd CeuOn


Of Limits

On Voting

Adoption of a constitutional
amendment to ban the poll
taxis a a prerequisite voting
in federal election has kept
perhaps as many white per-
S from exercising the
chise as Negroes. The poll
tax is, indeed, one of the
several explanations for the
fact that Southerners in ge
eral, including white citizens,
have a lower percentage of
voting than do residents of
other regions.
Indeed, a productive irony
of the Souths several de.
vices to restrict the ballot,
which were originally design-
ed to bar the Negro, is that
they rather soon began to
disranrchi whites and to de-
base the tire process of
elections and choosing repre-

GEORGIA, for example,
eliminated the poll tax in
1945 during the progressive
adinistratim of Governor
Ellis Arnall. But the move-
ment had strong support from
a former governor, Eugene
Talmadge, then preparing to
campaign in the next election.
He frankly stated that the
cumulative pol tax was a bar
to thousands of his everloyal
supporters in the sall, ow
income rural counties. Gover-
nor Arnall would not have
succeeded had not his moat
implacable political foes rec.
ognized that they would gain
more voters than he by elim-
inating th tax.
Restrictions on voting in
the South began about IM
and reached full flower about
190. A variety of ingenious
schemes grew out of the de-
cision by the called South-
em Bourbons to insure their
political rule by limiting the
ballot. Back of all of hern
was the determination to ex-
clude the Negro voter. But
the Bourbons, having lived
through the clamorous period
of Populist and agrarian pro-
test, were also eger to at
least clip the voting wings of
the small, back country
white farmers who had flock-
ed strongly to Tom Wat.
son, William Jennings Bryan
and other leaders of the poli-
tics of protest.


Kennedys, for example, re-
ports a unidentified pro-
fessial poll in New Hamp-
Sshire that gve 11 Demo
cratic votes to Kennedy out of
715 for the vice presidency, 23
to Mayor Waner of New
York, who ran second, and 19
to Hubert Humphrey, the
Democratic senator from
Bartlett says the Attorney
General has not yet decided
whether be "wants to tie his
family name and his own fut-
ure to the Johnm adminis-
tration" but the writer reach-
es the conclusion that Robert
Kennedy "has now become
almost a political necessity to
Lyndon Johnson."
Joseph Alsop doesn't go
quite that far, but notes the
enthusiastic reception recently



received by Senator Edward
Kennedy on the West Coast,
and observes that "the Ken-
nedy legacy is a very real
thing, which still needs to be
carefully weighed by Presi-
dent Johnson."

THERE IS also agitation
here for President Kennedy's
brother-in-law, Sargent Shri-
ver, who heads the Peace
Corps and may soon be in
charge of a new government
agency to deal with the na-
tion's poverty. Shriver said
last week that he didn't think
he'd be asked to be the vice
presidential candidate, but
added that he thought Bobby
would "be terrific." After all,
be asked, "Who's got a better
No doubt all this was inevi-

By Intedrandi

the more important became
the President must now lad
a coalition of nations in a time
of turmoil,direct the nation
through a scientific and social
revolution of almost unbe-
lievable proportions, avoid
a constitutional crisis with
the Congress inthe process
and stay alive.
No decision that President
John makes this year will
tell us more about hil charac-
ter or establish a better stand.
ard by which he should be
elected or rejected in Novem-
her. And the unfortunate
thing about it is that some
politicians in his party seem
determined to foreclose the
President's choice by running
campaign onthe side for
their favorite vice presiden-
tial candidates.
For example the Demo-
cratic Party boss in Buffalo,
Peter Crotty, has ordered
his loyal echmen to endo
Attorney General Robert
Kennedy for the vicepresi-
dency. A Hartford, Conn.,
lawyer, Joseph Fauliso, also
started a Kennedy-for-vice-
president movement, and
while there is no evidence that
the Attorney General had
anything to do with either of
these moves, they had the
usual political consequences.

columnist friend of the

"We've tried everything else. This year let's
threaten to bomb 'stoy-ot-home voters'!"


Age Hurts Maggie's Chances

Chief, Cnwles WashingLt
truth is to be reported ac-
curately, Margaret Chase
Smith's candidacy for presi-
dent is regarded by some
Republican leaders as a nui.
dance. They are too chival-
rous, or prudent, tsa y so
not because women vot-
ers outnumber men by a crit-
ical number but because Mrs.
Smith is a woman of tal-
ent and ability.
Even if she were not a wo-
man she is regarded as be-
yond the optimum years for
the presidency, and at the
same judgment would apply
if she were man. If elected
she would at t7 be the sec-
ond oldest president ever in-
augurated. She would be 75
before she would have com-
pleted a second term and thus
would have outdistanced
Dwight D. Eisenhower, the
oldest American president, in
all respects of longevity. Of
the 35 individuals who have
been sworn in aspresident,
seven were in their 0s and
no reached 70 until Eis-
enhower in his last few
months in the presidency

IN ALL 01 R respects,
Mrs. Smith has qualifications
and experience for the presi-
dency no le tha many
men who have sveld H this
ofee. She has served ably in
the House and Saute and
longer there ta either Pres-
ident Truma or President
Komedy. With de respect
to bo pride ,Mrs. Smith
has bee, i her way, a re-
spected in Cogress as were

the men who become presi-
dent when they were in Con-
By any objective measure,
therefore, the question with
respect to Mrs. Smith is re-
duced to a matter of age and
The matter of age is not to
be dismissed casually. It
would be a rare 67-year-old
man who would be seriously
considered in this day for the
cruelties of the American
presidency unless he had al-
ready served one term, and
even there would be concern
over his age. All other con-
siderations aside, Mrs.
Smith's age tends to be a dis-
qualifying factor.

THE MATTER of her sex is
a more general problem which
she wishes American voters
to face as it has faced elect-
ing a Catholic president and
may face in the future on
electing a Jew or a Negro.
on th general question of
electing a woman president
several physical facts cannot
be ignored At the optimum
age for America presidents,
i their latter forte and
early fifties, the female of
the species undergoes phyi-

cal changes and emotional dis-
tress of varying severity and
duration. This is common to
women and has a widely stu-
died physical and psychologi-
cal phenomenon which is
known to have an effect on
judgment and behavior.
Child bearing is another
phenomenon which interferes
with normal activity for vary-
ing lengths of time according
to the physical condition and
emotional attitude of women.
It might be assumed, there-
fore, that the demands of the
presidency are so exacting,
and so little susceptible to in-
terruption, that a woman
should not be considered for
the presidency unless she does
not bear children or is well
beyond the child bearing
age. This is now the case
with Mrs. Smith. It might
not be the case with other
women considered for the

cal question, however, is
whether a woman, in the
present age when government
is mostly man's work, could
supply the necessary qualifi-
cation of leadership. H i story
does not help much. Women
have both reigned and ruled
in great nations and led great
movements. But in modern
times no woman has been
elected to supreme office. Nor
in those ancient societies most
comparable to our own,
Greece and Rome, could a
woman seie power r win it,
except for the mythical Ama-
zons or the very limited ma-
triarchaltribal states which
did not fien in word poli-
tics as we know It today.


By Fletcher Kae Cwls Washingto Bureau
Busiua predict a boom. It won't be like the old days whe the only
man living off the fat of the land was the girdle manufacturer.

HaroM Stal s a deterred to show the country hew drema t
waIt wIk byh s ing for Presidt with a amiualitloa.
"You a he be h liberal and frugal," says President Johaon. Here, Santa
Clau, just M Ito this li or atnitjacket
gsate ides The ar e ws a Bier ad Bobby, a am rauwed fer his
= O Wd I you a i1 by a wlk eo hit eye--d a whir to pal in

Senator'rliatets new daeftih eof ICBM: It Can't Bash Much.

0e d11 mo elsiliat iO n JtopLem s d UtLao h amw
do G
It'sR Sl M0 ,iab abgt -or arets. BSun, they're un.

%we. UUi a mWhbusoiftl fatt.,
FrmA M f i nl eM we h melg a fast,

The odds are, as Mrs Smith
has said, very much against
her; it was indeed because
they were so great that she
decided to run, What bothers
Republican politicians is that
she has complicated an al-
ready hopelessly tangled sit-
uation. What bothers the ad-
vocates of women's rights is
that the o b s t a c es to Mrs.
S mit h's nomination are so
great on counts other than sex
that her cause is hopeless and
tends to make a travesty of
the women's rights cause.
This was said also of those
who advocated women's suf-
Only three years ago it was
commonly said a Catholic
could not be elected president.
The concept of a Jewish pres-
ident was for the vaudeville
stage, but a man with Jew-
ish forebears is making a ser-
ious bid and will not be re-
jected because of their rehg-
ion. Also, there are Negroes
in this country who have out-
standing qualifications for the
presidency It would be a wise
man who could accurately
forecast that a woman, a Ne-
gro or a Jew would not rise
someday to the presidency.

Facts Make

Farce of Critic

0 Ntw lurk Simm
MOSCOW A marathon
New York piano concert last
September in which an M
second work was played 840
times in a row was given a
rather stiff review in a Soviet
newspaper the other day.
The performance of 18 hours
40 minutes by a relay team of
10 pianists was presented by
Sovetskaya Kultura as an
"inventive business stunt"
intended to yield a fat profit
for the producer.
Listeners paid S for ad
mission but received a refund
of 5 cents for every 3 minutes
of the late Erik Satie's "Vex.
nations "
"You can easily imagine
the half-conscious state of a
single listener who held out
to receive the full $3 refund,"
the paper said. "Concert or.
pniars happily rubbed their
bands counting their profit.
For them the subjected Vex-
tio' produced substantial
The paper neglected to
mention an important point:
Fir regulations in the
Pocket Thater, where the
concert was played, Imuted
ting capacity io Ii.

I y Me l, pemury 3, 1

msAuk .hm


table. In fact, the President
himself has encouraged this
kind of agitation by mention-
ing casually all kinds of
names in connection with
the vice presidential nomi-
nation, and this too is stand-
ard procedure in normal
The trouble is that these
are not normal tunes The
President of the United States
is solely responsible now for
deciding whether nuclear
weapons are ever to be used
in defense of the free world.
His actions affect not only the
security of the American peo-
ple, but the well-being and in
time of war even the survival
of many other peoples who
have no vote or voice in the
selection of an American Pre-
sident and vice president.

a president who has had a
heart attack and is now fav-
ored to win the election by an
ever wider margin in the polls
than General Eisenhower in
1952 or '56, the principle of
picking the vice president
solely on his capacity to be
president is stronger than
This is not to say that
Robert Kennedy or Sargent
Shriver are ruled out by this
simple test, but merely that
the choice should not be made
on the grounds of who can
pick up minority votes or sen-
timental pro-Kennedy votes
for the President.
If the central question is
put in a wrong way, the
answer can easily be wrong.
The question that primarily
concerns the nation is not who
can get votes but who can
best run the country, and it
could e\en be that in the press.
ent unusual circumstances,
good morals for once could be
the best politics.

I Wmk k

4 barnum em Asowne. i

- A number of large mpani are
making what couM be a met impor-
,iA t contribution to the solution of
the high school drop-out problem.

They are hiring groups of these
youngest and giving them on-tbh.
job training. The Equitable Life As-
s. urance Society of New Yotk mreftb
ly employed 25 youngsters who had
quit school. At the same time it ob-
tained the name of another 25
whom it intends to follow, but ot
...employ. The latter group, it hopes,
will provide a comparison with the
employed group in ways that might
reveal new approaches to the prob-

A spokesman for the company sa
the program is not entirely altrusti.
Tbe company, he id, of course
hopes to turn up ome good mply-
ec for the future and eve perhaps
'build future cuatmeMn amo other
who may succeed n later yatn.

The company il oly one of many
.usines concerns around the country
that are trying in one way or another

to do armethig about the problem.
All of them ir prmlptd by the
knowledge thdt the cumulative ef-
feet of larger and larger numbers
of discouraged misfits with each new
gevationu is found to be bad for
the entire couNtry.

Perhaps th one thing a greet
many of dropout youngsters need
is simply a *ob opportunity. For
others it maybe the discipline of
job taponsibiltty, or the assurance
of a regular p check.

Teachers employers and most
parents are aware of the fact that
completion of (a high: school edu-
cation in most cases makes it a bit
easier for a yoAngster to obtain em-
ployment and find a starting place
for the future.iThat knowledge and
conviction, however, comes to many
youngsters only through rough and
often regrettable experience.

The companies that re trying to
help thee youngsters deserve great
credit for botht their foresight and

Voice of the People

nThe Sun's Opinion Page

Opl.t NM a Wdm s ofR re l wm ne th we YeC of t Papr ein.m* e les
am t ee Od an htW te we 's *m e NaSes wo he w I *b Imsp A emsw sh a
al eXCem 560 W ms he wit. ir -H s tm d e. T
s. r theis 's m oile, a

Bome Owners

EDITOR, un: In view of
the fie way the Gaesville
Ma brought to the atteti of
the people the hue rpir
racket and Ilghtto a ha
thiniir dalng wit our
ctium, it rwod be wel for
The, Su to warn te people
that. orgaunlatia I isumak
plans, In the City of aeoai
ville, to enter into the homes
of people, without the people's

Mrna"Ma ad wholhr U"
le t or not, sake o t re
pairs wch this orgaizatioi
says the home owner needs,
whetMr te Ml tt i ves in
the place wants to or mt and
reardless ( owh m h the
umme awen ad awth
Shae d tti ay far t de
r"phat o L
Than this ag ata will
tak a kind da firt Migale
am the plam ees t h the
owner did Mt sign aepting
If he doesn't make the 3
equal payments with interest

Washington Memo

PFm te C4wle WesIgay imew
NAME DROPPMR: When Joseph W. Barr of Indan was
swon i as a Director of the Fedral Deposit Insrance
Corp. last week, President Johnson told of the thme he was
getting ready to make a speech in Indiana in 1I1. A very
young, attractive man said to me 'don't forget that I am a
candidate for Congrea fri this district and mention my
name, Joe Barr.'" T Preident said be talked abet the
glories of the Democratic Party, asd finally rnae bred
Barr's request. "I said 'I have another favor to ask of ye.
There is a joung, progressive, attractive, well educated fe
low who is running for Congress,' and I couldn't think of his
name. want to tell you people that he is one of the finet
candidates I have ever observed.' And I still couldn't think
of his aame. About that ti I heard a fellow whisper 'Barr
Joe Barr.' I looked around and it was the candidate him-

DhCRIMINATO? The lIt tine the nelm atml lead
ers visited President Johnson, somebody remarkd that It
looked as though Pierr Saie, the proe secretary, was
getting a buildup for Vie President because of the news pie.
htre of him and Presisat Johnsoa Ogether et or sk.
Sen. Hubi t Hmpr, who likes a joke as well as the net
man, and who also wu't sy away from the vice
duy, Imped io the teu "Yo semd M yiby Kaedy
to te Farc It" he told the Preadat. "Ym sead ahra
river to s thi Pop. Adli gets to lake Mrs Joma to
thibeatn. What I wat to hae, Mr. Ph lr, i anysbo
pO IN to help 4 a Bird register? he Pruiaft's duahr
S parn to start classes at George Washigton Univesity.

in LITU TlID i Lyndon Johaem is a light-tuner
outr., e i always h en" ths way, having a me c
fi oe hf Wm Pl m $1 for LiN Ut In a 1i
noom wb h diml't d tl. Maor nao e, l h be
striek by the M tIt the lghts are m ft o in aiM te
Whpe House famly m artes when Shq ar m t aded.
has ibold as t te in to L k amhle I y M
and has d at to e ai sg b HI en propm
leave a om.

I]^A CA* ^

il pa for the repairs he
rhps didn't want, ad if he
did, he perhaps couldn't af-
ford, they cn put the hou
on the auei bck ad sell
it o the highest bidder-all
legal-Illl. ,
They may ~e my, if the
owner has a large family,
"you have to many child
in this house; we will buid you
anther roo for you to pay
for," when t probably has al
he can do tolfeed d clothe
and educate his children now.
To top thisral off, this orga-
nitm zn a possibly, if the
owner doesn't let them make
tMh pa mayoroyfoet
want but can't afford, burn
(excuse me, ot burn but tau)
thouw b e eam ad hum e
owner for ding the job-and
if e doesn't py for that -
take ever the lot.
on you think the people
uld kow bout this? They
mI wat tp put a stop te HI
A w, 1I name of he eor-
g ation that is thinking
ral ult this deal i'
Ciy of Ga"in &vile udr i
puposd housing ordiae.
ibat do you think aM
?tt Read ila pnpM ed#
an Let y umr comml
e know Lt yo think. We
ve Igboual g cde,
hles stck .th the etm
yes PllMsedonot let lt
inpectr c you sleeping
iW the htdth. This is strictly
t'a* lute the proposed


One Kind Gives

fTill h Hurts'

DITOR, Su: veryday I
rad a Poewl. W 4iAdd
a gi thve at of his wa
orwealth ntq SH sa per
i at !ic
0 ;
It always as been ader
Aod umil ow. thmr ar
five jobs to e had anad s
S needed job the e

Sv a Pr ( to n eb t seo
in a py to hi te-
rine. i



CL kmm
t htS ewM

SOw aM fluPA TH fM*
mesr as amel ,m tas
tamss. 9s aM t Me L
^ASI&i tas t --M --am at
- af saM so u o
MA l isbe ooma soam
aft *A"


The Floral Court dge No.
113 will hold its regular meet-
ing at the home of Mrs. 0. M.
Pyles, .o 614 SW d Street,
today at 8 p.m.

The choral Group of Lodge
No. 113 will meet Tuesday at
I p.m. at the hme of Charlie
Ross, of 701 SW 5th Terrace.

The Jonesville Dodgers will
begin spring training on Feb.
16 at 2:3 p.m. here. The Dod.
gers will be reorganized at 4:;
At 9:30 p.m. there will be a
welcome ball. Music for this oc-
casion will be furnished by little
Johnny Ace and his band at the
Recreation Center.
For further information con-
tact the owners, The Roes Bro-
ther. Ldis Ross, coowner and

The S. Marion Weeks Club of
the Mount Pleasant Methodist
Church will meet at the home
of Mrs. Mattie Bellamy, of (12
NW 6th Ave., Tuesday at 8:31
p.m. Mrs. Alin Joisn,

All mothers of the first grad
setion of Duval Elementary
School are asked to meet at
the school today at 7:30 p.m.
in a very important meeting.
Plun be present. Mrs. T. B.
McPherson, teacher; Mrs. let-
Brown, president; Mrs. Mil-
S Smith, prtt .


University City Temple No.
90, Daughter of Elks, will
meet at the Maso Hall at
p.m. today.
The "Bll" are asked to meet
in a bushes eeing at I p.m.


Mn Mary Au and Misl
Mae ba., bt of DLad,
wM v-* bM s yorlry.
SMr MIy blta rurnd
har yutdy fno Wahin
tMa D.C, feblat a two-week
vist Milt nlaltvun ad ien.
Mr. aaml RbAt Mtchk
lad s, Jh, al of Atlanta,
Ga., who have be visiting
here with friends for the pat
two weeks, left yesterday r
deir hom
William Anderson, of Ocals,
pasd gh the ety yester
day a reli n Jubmonvile.
Mils Id Mae Jenkins, of
St Petersburg, pass through
GaNmue yesterday en roue
I tit a the Florida A. ad
M. UIaersity at Talolu
Mr. ad Mrs. James Bart
of ITimia S wera*s of Mrs

Mr. Iftt Edwards laf
y y for al Yrk, N.Y,
because of bula, ihe wEf h
away for sal dis.

wm BIia seliam=
Ma. Aniae %Madm d

ragwino B M Wbm m
I t4 a Ci hut lineg
'saW be. Ptd
mg wIN hPbaYe o
& bus Paid

End of 'Non-Fighting' Policy

glluel Baptist Chair
No. I will have its rehearsal
today, 7:3 pm.; and th will
be lr hitetdg tatorrow,
: s p.m. Rv. T. D. avis,
Wtor; Mrs. M. E. Middleton,

Mt. oarm l BpAet Then
aN h t bkit Malitatiol
services Tuesday, 7:M am.;
Yulti aMM t Weastey.
7: p*., ad a le Ca o N.
I wed I have their rehes
ai Ushers' Bu meor f (
i.m.; the will be Tmbn'
Meetig Thursday, 7: p.m.;
and Cirs Nlm. 1 and aI wl
again have their renbeaual Fri-
day, I p.m v. TA. Wright,
pastor, Mrs. sther W. Ham,
Bst Side Church of God i
Christ Church School, 10
a.; morning worship, 11:3
a.m.; ad evening worship,
p.m. Eld a J. C. Carter, pastor.

The Home Miion Society of
the First Baptist Church wil
meet at the home of Mr. Ona
Mae Pyles, of 614 SW 3rd t.,
Tuesday at 7:3 p.m.

WASHIl01ON Prsident
Jot sa is m itly to eave
tl Vie NaM ifbln where
it at ist o wp d'etat Ib
November was a btrag The
M ased Ml t ak was al-
moet a jo sort of acabi-
nt shffle ith tanks and
the United SWate i be gigang
to look at ay inefficient but

Prsideat Kewly who
was a patie and vaguely
pessimistic mam, migt have
oM a asup f a nation
that mld Mt defend itself,
bat Jhson, who is neither
patient nor pMimrtic, is not
likely to go an paying t over
$1 million a day to perpetuate
a stalemate.

prlaby canla to the end of
the period when the United
States would neither fight nor
negotiate. And we ae probe-
bly apprvmpg ag naw phase
where bol fibng a~nd nego-
tating will be stepped up.
Without a more aggressive
military strategy, the pros-
pects of a more successful dip-
lomacy are not good, but a
combination of the two might
be lnifu
The Communists in North
Viet Nam are vulnerable to
both economic and military
pressure. They have built a
light industry thee that is the
pride of their leader Ho Chi
Minh, and it has been allowed
to operate without any inter-
ference while the war has
been fought primarily in the
rice pddies and bills of
South Viet Nam.
At the same time, Ho Chi
Minh, with the diplomatic
backing of Moscow and Peip-
ing, has insisted on the "neu-
tralation" of South Viet
Nam, while insisting that the
neutralization of his own
territory in North Viet Nam is
not negotiable.
THE PROBLEM, therefore,
Is to relieve the Communists


The objective of the United
States government in that
peninsula is cear enough.
Though Washington has
talked loosely about "winning
the war," as if nothing but un-
condltioal surrender of the
Communists tas its aim. ac-
tually it is on record as favor-
ag the "neutraoiaion" of
the whole of the country,
North Viet Nam as well
as South.
There is very little evi-
dence, however, that it has de-
voted much thought, energy
or time to negotiating such an
accommodation, or encour-
agd anybody else to do so.
President De Gaulle of
France has proposed "neu-
trality" for the whole penin-
sul and Washington has

ly Imsdendl

"Poor John Glenn. As on astronaut, you're every-
body's hero, but as o political candidate, you're a
bum to 50% of the people!"

tended to scoff at him. Why
not let him try it? He has a
mission in Hanoi the North
Vietnamese capital, and he
proposes to have a diplomatic
mission m Communist China,
whose support for any such
policy of total neutrality is
probably essential
Johnson has not been able
to dissuade De Gaulle from
entering into diplomnaic re-
latons with Peiping. but north.
ing more can be lost by en-
couraging him to prove that
his independent personal di.
plomacy can have some prac-
tical value.
Meanwhile Nikita Khrush-
chev. who professes to be in a
jovial mood these days, has
some influence with the North
Vietnamese Communists, and
he might be urged once more
to try a little "peaceful coex-
istence" in Viet Nam.
None of this, however, is
likely to have any effect so
long as the military battle
goes badly in South Viet Nam,
and there is no pressure on
North Viet Nam to reich an
As things now stand, the
South Vietnamese seem to
assume that the U. S. commit.
ment to help them is un-
limited. There have now been
two insurrections in three
months. This could be conta-
gious, and who knows, next
time it may be the colonels
against the generals and after
that the captams against the
Johnson, however, is not
amused by all this. It is giving
his new administration a bad
name abroad, and outside of
keeping Henry Cabot Lodge
in Saigon, is doing him no
good politically at home.
Consequently, a policy of
sterner alternatives proba-
bly lies ahead for both the
South Vietnamese and the
North Vietnamese Instead
of neither fighting nor nepoti-
ating effectively, all partici-
pants, including the U'litcd
States, are probably going to
have to do more of both


Of Men and Mice and Their Plans

Im rt tm
emphasis n domestic pro-
blems and redial programs
in President Johon's first
State of the Union message on
Jan. I gave the general
assumption that he expected
no new, immediate laterna-
tional cries which would di-
vert his concentration on
pushing these programs
through Congr. If this
suumptio was sound, its
basis has now been shattered
by explosive events all
around the world.
The East-West disarma-
ment angotiatin just re-
sumed at Geneva have been
brutally interrupted by the
latest Soviet mockery of their
concept the gunfire which
destroyed a strayed unarmed
United States training plane
and killed its crew. And this
incident presages a cotinua-
tio of the sterile record of
these consultations, broken
ony by a nuclear tat-ban
treaty which already appears
to ban the use of atomic power
em for the pieatu purpo
of excavating a new, lower-
cost isthmin canal

AS FURTHER evidence
that the Geneva negotiations
are founded on an illusion -
that effective disarmament
can precede a formula for
durable world peace, which
in turn mut be preceded by
an atmosphere of mutual trust
- Moscow is making threats
that grave consequences
would follow the deployment
of U. S. military forces to re-
store peace in the Island of
Governments are being
overthrown or menaced by
civil war on the continent of
Africa and its offshore islands.
The ruling junta in South Viet
Nam, whose deposition and
assassination of President
Diem and his brother followed
a public attack on the Diem
regime by the head of the U.S.
government, has been over-
thrown by another in a dubi-
ous prospect that the change
will strengthen the conduct of
the war against the Red Inva-
AND AGAIN President 8u-
karno of Indonesia is constru-
ing an agrewent promoted
by the U. S.- and hailedas
a "triph" for Attorney

General Kennedy, its inter-
mediary on his habitual un-
derstanding of these arrange-
ments heads I win, taills
you lose. His consent to a
cease-fire in Malaysia, he in-
sists, does not commit his ir-
regular partisans, the guerril-
la terrorists on the border.
The "Good Neighbor Poli-
cy" of this nation in the West-
ern Hemisphere, now fortified
by the greatest of all persua-
ders the hunrlre's of mil-
lions of dollars assigned to the
Alliance for Progress is in
a higher state of unneighborli-
ness by reason of the formal
charge of the Republic of Pa-
nama that the U.S. is an
"aggreasor" of its sovereign-
And in contrast to Cuba, the
government of Panama is not
Communist and has no ties
with the Communist world.
Yet it is Panama which has
magnified mistakes made by
this country in its relations
with that government and its
people by citing the U. S. as
the defendant in the forums of
the Organization of American
States and the United Nations.

THE POST-WAR system of
defensive Wstern alliances, of


By Fletcher Kebd, Cowlem Washinton Bur

Ode to the nate's Bobby Bake: Twinkle, twinkle youthful star. Life was
gay and so bisame. In your glamour world so high, fees were't low, but all hi

Bob Kennedy's Far Eastern aide was a great success, but It may give
seoemymm im LB an idea: That maybe he a get along without U attor-
Astronaut John Glenn's entry into politics isn't a bad idea, but just to
UeqU i things, shouldn't at least ne of our present senators be exiled into

Prseat Jobhans offers the nation a compact car federal budget: Smaller
a t Oteedd hine oa tIe Mide.

rklM ode: All hail to Eiebower, often called Ike. We've no candidate
daItet Ibr't like.

L4 a Jams's thrift tIm will mer make vote with the average
pm l S be mae -SB o whiw e a I we a repe g IeadWays.
Commla's k tor Kuck back s Rokefller for president Actully, Rocky
ca'lt l Me i r bIr actd pmaidt or the grandfathers' father of
the ldt.

Itsr Mu% dam.p r W qwsleisI Hi f4 fl tofe

2W t b *A' beas bo ft O wuil% M aj bmguae, everybody
at is bewor ho bl"l a t* b b 4bI

Sea r ugie h b wals dm il umised she's n are for president,

which NATO is the core, has
sprouted new seeds of disinte-
gration with the diplomatic
recognition of Communist
China by France. And the
structure of the system al-
ready had been weakened by
the policy of this country in
the UN that was expressed in
supporting against Portugal
and other NATO allies the
rrnrt irresponsible resolutions
of the General Assembly, pro-
vided they were affixed with
the label of "anti-colonial-
This policy led the US.
government to supply the
pressures which forced the
Netherlands to yield West
New Guinea to Sukarno's
military aggression in flat
violation of the UN charter,
to which all concerned were
signatories. And it also has
fostered the timorous theUis
that a "confrontation of the
great powers" is the certain
price of any substitution of a
strong world policy for one
of compromise in the face of
such threats as are con-tant-
ly being made by the Soviets
Sukarno & Co.

ONLY WHEN national se-
curity was in clear and im-
mediate jeopardy by the
Soviet installations of of-
fensive missiles in Cuba, 90
miles from the Florida coast
- has a threat of "confronta-
tion" been risked. And that
was perforce.
So, inthe span of a few
weeks since the President
put his heaviest accent on
domestic problems, the com.
parative quiet on the world
stage has been supplanted by
crises which have upset the
table of priorities in his first
message on the State of the
Johnson's Own

Philatelic Club
c) NoI Yort Tue
brand has been stamped on a
philatelic club the LBJ
Philatelic Society of Denver,
which will now watch, and
catalog, the President's every
Soon expected are stamps
with his lkenes from new
nations eager to do him this
The club wll dfer eve-
lopes o drawings happe
ins which Johneaa par-
tcipates, cacemd se day
of the event and o la e i a



of this convenient situation in
which they fight the kind of
guerrilla war they prefer on
South Vietname soil., while
enoying immunity from at-
tack on their own; and in
which they refuse to negotiate
the "neutrality" of North Viet
Nam while insisting on the
"neutrality" of South Viet

amMsn a mc

M. t .ehp.m: AM ps 4I>rn m4U
We* A5U6 m '

Attack on DropOut Problem





---- -



Molay, February 3, 1964

Plantation Ball Given for Junior Assembly

ill TI

F Wlmlml


Dr. and Mrs. Mark Emmel
recently returned from Puerto
Rio where they attended the
Puerto Rico Veterinary Medi-
cal Convention in San Juan.
Mrs. Emmel repressed the
national Women's Veterinary
Medical Auxiliary at the re-
quest of the president and was
gstspea at the Puerto
Rico Women's Auxiliary Lun-
Mrs. J. R. Glover, president
of the Florida Federation of
Women's Clubs met the Em-
mels in Tampa and returned
with them to Gainesville. Mrs.
Glover and Mrs. Emmel left
immediately for JekyllIsland,
Ga.. for the Southeast
ern Council Conference of the
General Federation of Wom-
en's Clubs. This is a regional
organization of GEWC compos-
ed of 10 states.

Here to attend the funeral of
Charles C. Voyle, held Tun-
day. were the following mem-
bers of the family, many of
whom staved at the home of
Mrs. Charles C. Voyle. They
0. B. Turbyfill of Chicago,
brother of Mrs. Voyle; a sister
Mrs. Renfroe Lambert, and
Rev. Lambert. Quincy, Fla.:
a sister, Mrs. Bess Patten of
Jacksonville: a niece, Mrs. A.
A. Askew and daughter, Su-
san, of Bartow: a nephew,
Arthur Sewell Jr. of Bartow;
a niece, Mrs. C. S. Bodine
and Mr. Bodine of Jackson-
ville and Mrs. J. W. Foster of

Boiling Point
Water that is at a hard rolling
boil cooks foods no faster than
water that is at a slow even boil.
No matter how much heat is
applied, once water is at the
boiling point it can go no higher
in temperature.

After you fit a bottom crust
into a pie plate. the pastry
should hang over the edge about
I inch: use the kitchen scissors
to cut off any stray pieces.

Miss Cathy Gammage and Rick Scarborough,
above, were among the members attending the Jun-
ior Assembly's formal "Plantation Ball," Friday
evening at the Gainesville Woman's Club. The pie.
ture at the left shows the dancers watching the
Continental band, who played for the affair. Chap-
crones for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Black, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Jas-
per Joiner. Dr. and Mrs. Allen Y. Delaney and Mr.
and Mrs. David Fuller.

Prof. Lewis
Is Speaker

Prof. Hal G. Lewis, faculty
member of the University of
Florida College of education,
was guest speaker at the al
joint meeting of three chapters
of Delta Kappa Gamma Society

The three chapters of this
organization for teachers. Del-
ta, Alpha Rho and Alpha Sig-
ma, met for a morning pro-
gram and luncheon at the Tho-
mas Hotel.
Professor Lewis, who spoke
on the subject, "A Look at Our
Teen Age Culture," said that
two problems of teen-agers are
a loss of identity and isla-
tion from other groups in so-
ciety. The two great needs of
young people are for jobs and
marriage, the speaker believes.
Musical entertainment was
provided by Leslie Casey, Ka-
ren Casey, Rheua Stakely.
Ann Bridges, Pat Mitchell, Sha-
roe O'Steen and Marianne
Dr. Pauline Hilliard was pro-
gram chairman and Miss Care-
line Ferguson arranged the mus-
ical entertainment.
Mrs. D. E. States, president
af Delta Chapter, presided.

A bunch of white turnips
should yield two cups of the
diced vegetables after cooking.

... ........ -- -...... .. -

An l AOWaN

Fpwpr Animni Fnts

I- a

Church Circles Calendar Fine Arts
tUESDAY, February 4 ISW 23rd Drive; Circle 4. Mrs. I E ve Riley Napier of St. Peters.
int Presbyterian Wmea rflJohn Morman, 100 NW lst II v e nts iburg will be guest speaker
the CuErch Street; Circle 5, Mrs. George, n e in Arts Aoation
.. ^ u Newel. 3045 NE 9th Street; Cir- when the Fine Arts Association
SNewell, 25 NE 9th Street; Cir- MONDAY, Febsury 3
9: a.m.: Circle Mrs cle 6. Mrs. John M. Sikes, mees Wednesday evening at
hard Shd and rs.NW 2nd Avenue; Circle 7, Mrs. University City Bridge Club.8 o'clock in the City Recrea.
walre r lo M hlPerry C. Moore, 3746 SW 5th 7:30 p.m., University Faculty tion Center.
street; Circle 2, rs. CarleiaceClub, West Newbery Road.
M Hamrpson and Mrs. Thorn-i. .C y Mr. Napier artist, teacher,
as Lrick. 325 SW 12th Street p.m., Circe Mrs. C. P Mothers' Auliar of the. ,
rckle 4. Mrs W. B. McMullen D'ressier, 1902 NW Uh Road; Boy's Club, 8 p.m., Boy exh tor has e
and Mrs. B. C. Fryer, 2217 NWCircle 9, Mrs. Clifford Holley, Club Library. widely and won many awards
Sth Place; Circle 5, Mrs. Den NW Drive; Circle 10, Gainesville Bridge Club 7:30for his work He will dem.
er Baughan, M60 NE 6th Ave- Mrs. A. Russell, p.m., Recreation Center. ionstrate painting with a palette
aue: Circle 6, Mrs. John W. Ao C.Whitg r B Gainesville Newcomers Club, knife and will show a group of
Hoovtr and Mr Hazel S.Joe 30 SW 12th Street 7 :30 p.m., City Recreation De-lhis paintings.
Kice, 2107 NW 4th Place; Cir. Jones W Street apartment
ole 7, Mrs. Nat Robertson, 1201 7:30 p.m., Circle 12, Mrs. R. Hostesses for the meeting are
iW 31th Terrace. C. James Jr., 16 NW 6th St. TUESDAY, February 4 Mrs. Robert Jessup, Mrs. lou-
0 am.. Circle 3. Mrs. Leo 8 p.m., Circle 13, Mrs. Robert University of Florida Depart-'is Stem, Mrs. Adolfo Ramirez
Tomas Sr. and Mrs. Joe L. Neiler, 1506 NW 19th Street. ment of Music, Concert, Wl and Mrs. Gladys Lillgren.
'urtis Grant Sr., 530 NW 23rd Grace Presbyterian Cnrh ard Brask, pianist, 8:15 p. m.,
Street 9:30 a.m.; Circle 1, Mrs.How University Audicotium. RESTAURANT
3 pm.; Circle 8, Mrs. J. Wal- ad Bissland. 2161 NW 23rd Wesley Community Metho- DISCOUNT
r Davison, Church Parlor. Boulevard; Circle 2, at the dist Church, WSCS, ExecutiveD CO-OPEKATION, NAME IU
7:31 p.n.; Cirele:12, Mrs. Church. Committee Meeting, 7:30 p.m.;
an Jacoway and Miss I a h 7:30 p.m. Circle 3, Mrs. Fran- GeneralMeeting, 8 p.m., at the Hotel China And Gl
SFlemig, Chr Parlor. ci W. Wood, 10 NW 14th Ave. Church. 40 W. BAY ST.. P.O. Ox 43
8 p.m., Circle 9. Mrs. Her- Holy Triity Episcopal University Lutheran Church
bert A. Meyer, 1929 NW 7th H rly Women, 8 pn.., Mrs. Maurice
we Cicloe.. 1,M. ConR TIc
ergCireo, 130, s Terrace 930 a.m, St. Anne's, Mrs. Partrich, 901 NW 37th Drive.
Circle I, Mr. Richard F, Wilse Webb, 405 NE 4th Ave. Kanapaha Home Demonstra-
ouffer and Mrs. Sheldon B. nue. tion Club, 9:30 pm., Mrs. Bar-
e. 9 SW 1st Avenue. 10 a.m., St. Agnes', Mrs. Max bara Hodgman, SW 41st Street,
aivrsity Methdit Chrc Mauderli, 2160 West Univers- Fletcher Heights.
SCScirles y Avenue; St. Martha's, Mrs. Tuesday Evening Supper
93 a.m.; Circle 1, Mrs. W.ohn Booth,1740 NW 12thRd. Club, 6 p.m., Presbyterian Stu.
a. Srobe, 123 NW 12th Ave- 3 p.m., Bishop Weed, Mrs. dent Center, 10West Univer- co
due: Circle 2, Mrs. Don Crews lrederick K. Hardy, 193 N NW sity Avenue. S
i5 SW 2;th Street. 5th Avenue.
8 pm.: Mrs. Canning Young, 7:30 p.m.. St. Margaret's Cir-WEDNESDAY, Februry
1 NW 2th Stree. cle, Miss Jean Hixson, 2630 Gainesville Bridge Club, 7:30
r#, lt, n. ,e r. :pm .West University Avenue. p.m., Holiday Inn. I

p.m.;r.Gthe M Luther- p.m., Friendship, Mrs. W.! University Women's Club,
SCm. th Wome Mrs. T. J. C. Ireland, 1334 NE 7th Ter- Arts and Crafts Group, 9:l6
atem Pa SW ch Pl racee" .., Craft Shop, Florida Un-
i s Luatern ( First aptet Clrc ,w WMU ion.
i9:3 a, m., Miriam Cir. ar Medical Dames, p.m., Dr.
ce, Mrs. Angus Tuett, 121 NE 9:45 a.m., Genus Cre aw, and Mrs. Tomas Bartley,
th. !Mrs. E. S. Miller, 1015 NE th 212 NW 3rd Place.
7:3 pm., Rachl Circl e, Street; Jea Dickman, Mrs. Ro University City Bridge Club,
ci heb. 'bet Scarborough, 1614 NE 7th 3 p ., Weed Hall, 10 NW
8 p.m., Esther Circle hotess,Terrace, Heln Masters, Mr h Trracee
Women's Guild of te First Lu- IWalter Wynn, 31 NW 15th Ae- Gainesville Woman's
theran Church, Church. e Cecil Moore, Mrs. E. W Club, an Home Divisiom
First Medei C.,nrt, MlcElwee, 140 NW 14th Aven- Coffee 9:30 am., Miss Carol
. t ue; Ishmael Negrin, Mrs. Rob- vel Consultant
I:30 am.; Circle 2, Mrs. Ro ert Bailey, 3132 NW 16th Ave-a guest speaker 10 anm.
rt DeHoff and Mrs G. W. nue. Chapter I, PE, 10 am.,
ans. Behany Room. 3 p.m.; Ale Brasington, Mc- s. S. N. Nalbach, 1212 NE
I 0 a.m.: Circle 1, Mrs. Hugh Caul Chapel. 4th StretL
J .es W NW th Stret: Cir- I p.m., Jo Ann Param, Miss
e 3. Mrs. T. W. Herbert, 13 Luile Dento 313 NE T

I L TT l lllll 1 1 11 1|11% s I"
SL Whimsical .
Help You Live Longer trawBags
Want to live to be 100 years correlatinbetween a highchl-e Are ort '
old and enjoy it? esterol level andheart attac'ks;I "
his seems to be a reasonable t this seems to be oe W hlW r you're a sport about
dream for young people today factor. yur iy aisaher thing.
if they take advantage of what When a ptiaet has bd but you may find ymoelf part-
is already known about healNt, h.aut attlkI the Oadie a i. th me ot f it for the
ultritio and exrcie. Evenui diet i di mre drastic.whinal nw strab handbags
th who are middle ae and t Oet I now ha ats wlch 'borrow practality from
older can probably aygthen recovered from a rim haut the s W
their life span, and most i- attack which occurred years bag is te wrong
port. the youthful portim of o word, sie these a ot hand-
it, by doing the sm. ev, the advice d his e by' A shoulder bag.
Scientists and physicians are physiin, h wife te for examteis not one but two
etremel ca ous about sayig; hir plaia mP ad pql rak ba f frod and
that anything a promv ftlmeak n a hst, a rii back, d biged atthr at
atiW the evidence is irremule. is cooled trte ias This perhaps keeps
However, moat of the Oxi pld i the rtlematsor ltl th mr uy m at se from
Itowe, and haw e tal o for the fat to hardn the topping abwan. hH e ap
1 know. and have talked Ihis i hen remoed an!d d qpi. -s for it i S a.
are their patients to cut don eCr r t
an their consumption of anil ew present imeor- U -iwet is a T. ral
fat f am to eerc reubhrb i we ould all prmboblft with a I go chai

and stdmor portdMe lu T*h e 're of o as' '1 the ny fiehnnrm, ,uter. or
rt IN the patient hI i e bLee wall ertaI h for/l f erw aa
chYill -1 -rd Mood level a low Or thin b 1 a W 07 am
Sris be bi d to IAthernam the hlt t a b poor CaL
M ad&d aa mav orma tr a M ii y r A wr i o rmiaM in a,

amtanlb dtbdlu mtay ira cJle w ho a a mar
ash ti ha t al tma- Le ap o o H as 1 m* F1a iker JMwlt.

i ta i

C. Jones, 311 NE 1st Street; GAI VI
lian Bridges. Mrs. Minnie
lemon, 2 NW bd Avne; BOOKKEEPERS
aventa, Mrs. Henry Lauford
3 NW 5Ah Avoen IIu M .w. GAe Ut6s-M4

Pay all

your bills


Getu lFC ll Payer Loi
Ga uwo may b& ikft mo frm ia pr-wC perhaps
Mawr -s tnes O a t a't Gather the
a up ad a o r c azny y ac md a
pay them p pw hpBBina th &e emr
at maibe and pry HC omFCaiady!

In u QIoIInI m -op


- Aftanesnil wp r.x
la I~M~ tI
-_ ear AM



Riley Napier

Goinesville Sun 5


THURSDAY, February
Wedding of Miss Sophia Ann
Gocek, daughter of Mrs. Frank
Gocek and the late Mr. Gocek.
and William E. Shepard, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Liles
of High Springs, 7:30 p. m.
Mikesville Presbyterian
SATURDAY. February I
Luncheon honoring Miss Anne
Purvis, fiancee of Billie Nug-
ent Nimnicht Jr. of Jacksun-
ville, 12:30 p.m., Mrs. C. Addi-
son Pound Jr. and Mrs. S. A
Hussey, Gainesville Golf and
jCountry Club.

Col WAe HmI. P.tmamehts
Science is wonderful and has
created Ow many product, Ir'
make 1 better rt+er te too
mania Ta e en tir 'o count
And cold woaes and home
permonnt, ore among t1'e
finer treoticns of scient.t t:
making Iorv look nicer.

But not for ciOthes

It't pos.ble to domoge
cloth everelI it na, a.r a,
solutions ore o!lowed to plh;
On them
We uggci I'i"T likt be I
thing to do is eair an old MV.Ot.J
or houet lor O smem.nq jhcTn
you're av.vning ,ur ha r C
at the very least. protect )'-
ef with ample to*elling 1
not to *ear good thing' no a-
ter how big a hurry you're I
And if you should ipill son'
har wJving blutrtl o' a g'i'

garment. ~opoxe at unic w ,
clear cool water, aid TAKE TO
ntPi. never prc a, ae U
item unle- i ha Iet'en ceadnfJ
-you run the d.r.ger cf a pi-
manent d, clratl',n
Fur go)d cleaning. by cE
pit r.". know and care
Deliveryr iCask sd Carrr
503 SW IS. Ph. 72-414


ming to Gainesville









All Pnoons Under

18 Must Be

Accompanied by


9 a.m. to 8 p.m.




U. L Hwy. 441 Nioth


~Mew~hfl& -

assware Company











6 ehosvlum

Muadsy, Fakery 34
MrrbWn' Ii

I. T r A' sw .

..i uuuy a

First M,
...The ticket agent for S
C trial Airlies said today
the early moin crash
.Ued all persons aboard
the firm's first major p
.rash to his knowledge.
-- "As far as I know South
, trial had a perfect flying
More About


Ibere is no radio towe
the airport and planes ar
contact with the FAA st
about weather conditions
Riobbis said although
weather was gray ad over
conditions were good for fl
Tree city fire eks sp
the scene shortly after I
and smothered the flames
Only scattered portions o
plane, including the tail
and small portioof
plane's fulage, were un




A% 1 I I


1 S n VII l I - I

5 1ugy my uruavres I SEE by
1 D ^: L~c~ II dr cBoycott t
r Plane Crash LESTER ROBERTS Buriawill be in Mt. Zion
SSet in N .Y KE BUTLER er R. Cemetery under the direction of
outhord," World Travel Service Masson expressed regret Roberts, 6, Union County farnd Bra Fueral
that owner Jim Masm said. that the tragedy occurred. NEW YORK (AP)-A boycott mer and cattlema, died yester-
that In early Decmbr a ne "I'm very sorry it should to protest racial imbalance in day morning at a al hospital ALMA FENNELL ALACHUA GENERAL ACCIDENT ROUNDUP
was similar to the ae that crt have happened, and perhaps New York City's public school after a brief illness. A JAN. 31 Involved in accidents re-
lane hee today bent a propel that disfavbrble blic re system, the nation's largest, Miss Alma Imogene FenneU, BIRTpo ed o Gainesie olce
when a landing par colla d action may result toward South was set for today. Demostra- Roberts was born in Bradfordocal music teacher, died yes- BIRTHS p o r to Gainesville Police
Ce- in Lakeland. The were no in- Central," Me said. tion leaders expected up to half nd lived there and in terday morning at her resi- Mr. and Mrs. Jorge L. Parra- during the last 24 hours
juries. He said the firm "tried evrythe sools' one million pup the Lake Butler area most of his dence, NE Ist St. She was do, 3101 SW 34th St., a girl. Billie C. Lamontagne, Box
e- Jtey i ld" to imprver toe o ent.e m life. He was a veteran of World 76. ADMITTED 2105,University Station, and Or
flight. connections with War I and a member of the Miss Fennell was born near Candida Parrado, Elwood authen Route 1, Box
Local flight: connections withaof. a 326 datNlwothoAen ue and
jor terntials in JackS n- About 44 per cent of the pu-Old Providence Baptist Church. Hawthorne and was a lifetime j Keister, Larilyn L. Fort Eth a NW 9th Avenue and
r le, Tamp and Mami. pii are Negro and Puerto Ri-He had worked for the Jackson. resident of the county. She was el Lee Cook, all of Gainesville: 19h Street at .0 p m yesler
S'Mason aid be could not re. can. vlle Fire Department for 12 graduated from Wesleyan Col- Ida P. Haynes, Archer; Mrs. Al- da c 142
C r shlea r the in f d persons ih t thusn years and retired from that job lege in 1908 and had taught avan B. Home, High Springs; dances Muse, E.
tie Eight thousand pickets werebecause of ill health. He thenmusic in Gainesville for 53 Murray Leshin W. Islip, N.Y. Univsit Ave an Shermant
so tickets on orning'stomarch at 400 of the 0 turned to farming and cattle years. She was a memberofthechll Jacksonlle, the
d ag light L t t school l. About 2, extra o. raising. First Methodist Churh, Daugh- DISCHARGED 1500 block of N. Main Street
r at -He sid the tioFBet l lis lice were ordered to duty, with Survivors include the widow, ters of the American Revolution Sterlie A. Bertram, Miss Pat-'at 317 p.m. yesterday.
e i Ivesga aond that S the pa 6,0 mor standing by. Mrs. Thenie K. Roberts, Lake and Magna Charta Dames. ricia S. Sparks, Mrs. Sinnie P. Annie Tate Morgan, Micano-
atio list available o Butler; three sons Morris, Survivors include a sister, Corbin, Mrs. Alvah E. Krebs,1py, and Vincent Pisan, 513
nly. available e r Ed n Lake Butler, Earl, Gainesvie, Mrs. George S. Waldo, Gain- Allene W. Gilbert, Erma L. Riv-NW 8th Ave., a bicyclist, at
thes M si, toll oea by t and Ray, Lake City; two esville and two great-nephews, ers, Mrs. Mildred C. Harris,;NW 6th Street and 3rd Avenue
te Mason, td r5esposm t'lawless course of action" andg htersMrs. Betty Nelson, Ft. George Waldo and Andrew Mrs. Grace P. Limbaugh, Missat 12.01 a.m. yesterday.
SCying. er urged all pupls and teach t1Myers, and Mrs. Imogene Bry- Blackmon Waldo, both of Katherine I. Whitener, Mrs. George Fletcher Gaston, 3903
tber wal ;' extremely fvo- be at schooL an, Keystone Heights. Gainesville. Frances B. Holloway, Mrs. Lot- NW 14th St., and Woodrow
. ey The ad: very good che Te boycott leaderhip im A brother, Shep Roberts, Lake Funeral services are to be at tie C. Hall, Orville Douglas, Jones, 665 NE 17thSt., in the
wi and did: everything they the school board's plans to ; seven sisters, Mrs. Che- 10:30 a.m. tomorrow in theMrs. Eleanor H. Sanders, Joe 1700 block of NW 8th Ave., at
cod to fit their schedules to tegrate mo schools over threeta Douglas, Alachua, Mrs. EvaFit Methodist Church, withDunlap, Clara C. Webb and 8.17 p.m.Saturday.
f the m ajor r in aon vif rsoes not go far n Cha ncey, Clermont, Mrs. Verge Rev. Thomas Mitchell officiat- daughter, Mrs. Frances F. Wat- DWI
O at ndTaim &,"thetravel-v-a T gR. D .r.. eog Cattman, Eustis, Mrs. Maude ing. son and son, Mrs. Joyce B.I Rollie Michael Lucius, 19, 04
ct 'Tampa," the travel ervlre The Rev. Dr.Milto A. GalaAndrews, Starke, Mrs. JessieI Burial will be in Evegreen Haire and son, Opal W. O'Steen, NW 16th Ave., was arrested
o ed a since the f mis, leader of the demonstra-Chastin, Hampton, Mrs. AdaCemetery under thedirectionof Mrs. Vivian S. Griffis, Mrs. Ma-by city police at 6:19 p.m. yes-
h o1ie noted it t U m tin warned that the ve.t; .L h.. .. ...2 ... m:n l: t --Il .I I. r-n......, Tr R Ritph nd Rnn Itardtv in the r0 block of NW

MU, ,- We BY He. n Sau., Savannah, Ca., and Mrso mn Ihomas Funeral, y n.. ... .. ... -.. *m..
ed. aThe right wing and g b"Pntrat in and out l, will be repeated "as often as Linnie Dobbs, Lawtey; and 15 Home. 6th Street and charged with
weltn ripeed fro y; tod p eHome. sFeb. I 'drivmg while intoxicated.
es ripped from the plane and G ille several schedule necessary" and may be grandchildren. Pallbearers include Dr. Henry driving while intoxicated.RTHS
t t wing was ton off d were further proved maed with a "sustained boy- Funeral services are sche Graham, Addison Pound Sr., W. Mr. and Mrs. James Parker
lay about 75 feet away from the cott of indefinite duration i the ded at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the H. Chandler, Col. Louis Tatom, 05 NW 1 Ct., a girl Mr. and More About
smoldering wreckage. PBoard of Education does notFirst Christian Church of LakeJames H. Vidal and E. M. Dea- Mrs. William B. Cubley, Paat-
The following information um was1 J budge from its position." Butler, with Rev. Raymond Ro- ton. d Mr
Immediately a available this: In Wen d James B. Donovan, president bts and Rev. H. G. McEloy The family has requested nethW.Barnes, 22 SE 25 Ave.,
mui on the cras h victim: l of the board, said he would not ficiati flowers be omitted., aboy; Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses
]uvld V. Laste-a1 .. WP At Trafi 'yield one inch to presMar" Cobb, 652 NE 15 St., a girl.
tberr., asistat pnrfesor at cr Ia IC and warned he would hold Ga-
thUniverity of Florida wh nmin "'personally and crim- 7./ ... ADMED From Page 1
thrflor laInstitute of Conine Toccoa, Ga. Roger Thomp- By TE ASSOCATED PRS ily respoasible if ay c Mrs. Annie J. Cobb, Sandra
university Studies with UF son, 5, former Navy Lieute, Twelvelive were lost in Flor dren are injured during the D. Burns, Mrs. Arol V. Barnes, the tone of Ranger's death
General Extension Divisionat coander and pit. da traffic aidents over the demonstrate Joseph Miller, Mrs. Margaret E. song, and the engineer's words
Arthur Servo- S.W. th South Central, a small shut weekend and child drowned in Donovan said he would take Lindsley Virgil S. Smith, Mrs. that it was unavailing:
St. sales representative for te service that recently a lake. this action because "e R. heora F. Pedrick, Lynn E "Seven minutes to impact -
dl-Collir Pl CO lisd h uttered in Trafic vlm were: Galamison repeatedly made al. nningham, Mrs. Louise M. still no video.
SWillm G. Ce began operangout Gain Chars T EBgnger, 27, of lusions that possible vi a ( e T Graham, Susanna Chisholm, "Six minutes to impact-slll
- S.W i di on ve in early &tobs. Lake A ,y when rt dWAS GTON (AP) a- bk eills, Terx., Sunday, Mrs. Os- Mrs. Martha Carter, all of waiting for video power.
director of plant industry Fi iBl ghs de Miai., Fort his a b ar and a tck cott r i stipt wald was escorted by Secret Gainesvile; Mrs. Joyce E.d 'Five minutes to impact..
Ldt"dl .? l- ,,_,"-- i West Mimi, b col li dr anUtrua1,ott." .a.,the aof Pr
the Florida State Dept. of Lderda, Wt alm ah oided U., I u Haines Galmison said leaders of t he dst hno Service agents this morning to Akins, Trenton; Mrs. Eunice F. three minut s-no video.
culture. W.. B w ink C i. ,- Ia B o dent John F. Kennedy, began', R Smith, Newberry Mrs Virgin- "One minute to impact no
J. W. Willinham-1214 N.W. Tampa w, a nd M boyott do not expect violence today its secret interrogation oft headquarters o the presi- S Cubley, Paatka Berninicatio of full power."
esr MOelbourne' MSj 4,fi'ecaus undrgo
6th Terr., associate professor CaMelto Orl e, ar u , yof ca demonstrators have Marina Oswald, 22, widow ofential commission to undergo Newberry And then:
of oretry at the Univerityof Daytona, O Gl Sll.rty, inj "discrpinedf" but added: the accused slayer. at least one day of qstioninge seconds our-Three
Frdtka Tl Sava ies uffered night before There may be others motivate Brought to Washington from on the movements and activi- DISCHARGED -twne"
Ocala ..;byh ysterimawhe-o 'WO ,,- roWW d .Oilt movements andativi- ,,, ,. tw
lOcala victim; igij Ga, V'l mishap y. on a ed by hysteria who would de. -., Mrs. Lucille Newman, Mrs Suddenly the musical radio
Kenneth MacKa Sr, pro m. e .yr .'M nean, Arge. Merr liberatly precipitate trouble. ties of Le Harvey Oswald, the Melissa Green, Mrs. Louise Al- tone ceased
nda town im and Chal, S.C. d Janet .h, 3, killed The school board's integr* Prints lue oesse Mar ist who wasford, Mrs. Mary Johnson, Mrs. "i t Impa t !"
tionarmmd PIMist offered as a.e Prnt Clue Iant "- pact Implct!"
AndMrs- plte. Cr ation plan, offered as a f slain two days after Kennedy Maude Linton, Mrs. Sue Atkin. And then
and Mrs. Baton in i ledtept m wld imrW l racia was shot Nov. B2in Dallas son and daughter, Mrs. Virgin-. "No video."
emplete 1 r Fre Guts NTi "Tra:11 e balance in about 3 of p In Eve Owns, S tephen M. Felder A check of Ranger's ndioed
esee Gbe ~. domiately Negro or Puerto ER. .,iquesining w he Mrs. Cordelia Pati and daugh-messages showed no sign o the
abaskly eltbaso a w did ed Sweo '"hedS Wh en- Vschooe by *gb Wtr ser ter, Davis H. Parker, Clarence code which run tough a m
tte un e ho Ranch South school er Sla ying y Earl H M Ona Mustmen, ter, would have produced
UarW the wp.anu a ,y -, ad U .an kna oeek N ia ,s _d oteh_ b the M. Brth Bu'b ee, M earth's first closeuup picture of
O Par. tie a rad thaibr- Gapss,, & areP11 ..... 401 PI Pupi i sevenmn speci ummma n& CGgon, Carl B. Darden. the moon. Russia's LIt po.
-a -- IOf Praiae 'alL r would goto JACKSON, Mi (AP) A Mad its team of .. M Ra tphe the b
1. tuthwDie :Wlme, 2, od fhbePr;UpperFadsto the fingerprint perttold the Mrs. ena tra he back side of the
A two ory ab diedw t other today he found one of Byrool The omission has dicat- Hers, Ethel L. Cok maoo, but from a distance of
A trc Deo ru 0 oeh, did L and ,B c ls ,,, i mrmehmian 4,00a miles.
More Abot o h '1 P.rai i wich a I ra i lunged New Yort' sahoo a Dre in te. D' Ba is fwrid t has no pn to hold pi- Fe. ore M thn 4,00 mie.
new, U.S. Mt4 vand oyed by ima cnl toe ms arth gratedby ainw. bt housing pat. a tope t oht med hearings, or admit news-. M In the world's big obera-
firn about 11:3 last lgh3 Margate in l Fh t Ider e t havM e ndi b prI fately oU the riO whinh -icn say en to the questiaoin f any r. and Mrs. Robert Prest, tori, astronomers watched the
.. tee cause wasmt ikedi. Negr or parte oRin mrerol.wa used in a raal slaying. f the witnesses itmay call i NiW 1St.,a girl Mr. and moon at impact ti to Me i
a a m detemit Frrst 1 y Lay, 3, fmes inabout a fi the Iektlk, 4f Grmw it m y to fl inp in the Ms W R. H t he crh w3 ouldproduce a
id G Kl kt goo kit Saturday in a schools.d, ology evntsrtd toSW 13 St., a boy. o t or a puff of moon dust
Frm ag 1 erl Sathurdaye.iss., was leard omM'der the sCae'snasti visible from earth.
From Pa1 sqd ah tp aromioCou- Ny Bsoytthlase lad their -in the saying of M r ves, ADMvI ED
h about take hi to my 11 is Ipty 1 a Negro civil risiar, shot The Warren commission has Wflie P. Hodge, Lawrence E. ; A
SVolbu coa Bie 10Gi:1Wm tL e :Ruse.l NrM win l., S "tio i'" in the b by a b sn r p ith a'saidMrs. Owa is testifying Pia, Ms. Sandra Prest, Lrhard ide
oamg the pr ns kiDe I- hat a al e w .. diedin e a the niw is llo rifle. volutarily. PMs orighllly rs. Beatrice P. Godwin, Mrs. l
today's crsk e toSal Con "'hlinb I the.d n. sBom U glils lep students ofte city's ..., r ., wereto har her in Dls. Dorothy L. Ho dgns, Edgar S, Hang e DU
trial Airlines pe at tthe hh-" e. M e milt s th e ~, J lleto 1 r saP that ve Ne lVh MrsY. JeH.s A. Mdartovit, -, a htheI
,l a nL1e atD- ndieie do Ka ul I ia-t % nhmriv cted y.,.Mrs. JneUA. Grd w APit
GaIne irp it whem he hietued st a u11:3t Jenny Lee ee ler. 14, fm D- u ,ro n P detled erito r cd e- Ih aea. in a aire F MrsF. PaDlme HOl, Mr. Mary F.
Jr .lenny,-.d e, d te ith rao.EwaldPeters,chancellor
Wood sal i that Teaml. and, died Friay night i-.m ofgpr e mmem. d i M ainatui i t r iciae l aB. av, Mrs. .- Eld Peten, u Chnan Pr
b view of .the M la in n h Fria -ud tleIr it fed i the station I),DalM, Mrs. Ou K. dw, Michael BgBrs hard ch euity
t eimdie .p I M a i isrk A. tisid Ambm d- a a N- Ad Ruth K. K t, MKrs. Mme BLudwig Erhad's ehid security
u e I t t,?am It th A.asiner-1a ale ,..d sid $he w cnvncde wIangedonuspn
s yaf.i r G hat,-d a j- LG ba, 1 ana ga al YAMebe. h ad .-- Kn"ig, Mrs, K. -y ," haned .me *lnB
G e.r a brhsadakild- vib-udhaU qi M s Iit i h, o n. igh vt Preseen wherM ae
ad s ta gi god &A s ha Ai fr fiifi, lS Fi ft( M e b*d h a Y N se t A Ithe, 6ud of Texa D A yo as a.BL erl Oryl eAD o
bessas was In h l I bdore a6, d) Weeks, Old War miffi s the s tale prTIc, ,
UM M h. m a atI UP- Dmber, D. Ae tee y i0 m d- Oswa, had been char Gainesville; Mack leeks, Old- fiS, e Sn k p
.Sim saidrkeised illi t atei tig aMd alw oere, v w af d Plsi a alk oy n; Isaac Wam, .aw. .oc as e
wbe p rzed t sr noh Os ifb t pD o N IW. L W e F Ia He el, e omedd be b la i in l D aecky, the fatal ft of Da d; o hree, h prosecutor's office ad b
Spaed l9r (P Sita l iarineINa= p madJ. D. it adtheland; Hrld B. o
tW e.nts b.he s a n t V a 1 .at nL ar atet s a last es r a,.. sea by med o Tmh d Key; a r dum sht fo a p ad t it t
eo Fethe window heh is OIL
do h tnpd WONnqd-Ita Ay nust n dn -,1b Wo"rd.ns- is tuna'S-,4M ,. h-""l-o-- Peters had a& aseurity at.
Ow eeA,- InnI I-1 d. ae g pe P-' ,*a wtm a a10111 ,o esaa-.lehfiAack' D UM for rtr waipa
aw M a Odn 1stkQ. p0aWd oflald : ltui-. a; fir Nd al APard MlWk, l se d M .eihto visit President Joab in
sou h the Gu re a-l ima s N W* M I rouS 5, m d I. fe acM hr io AdumemntAs Ow belg tram Mrs. Iur, U SUa 0. Texas last Decesber as wel
K ,, onm g s ._hrk.t d od061101% 1 M pw*GpM.efdhwflUW aM P M".FM*tQWduPWm as111 eufinIk'I roCm S- o M' City ,EM6. MMarkmsad!ufafordhisrecentWtotLai-
9WNarr a bai a n r Cg a ai pl l a fra ia a i r Mtrt s Ca, for his nt Ia
m as uM ngad m1,W.i, at La GoGr u Pr to Iikt a rlaq st a asa ja he was sIah LaDubes, Philipdon and Rome. He was arre
00a -Ai a8 l nio a nmNr W onhe is a my a ad uA nl e IIdLh aisOm aW funD7 *ot5. Jack t %, 3ra. Mary Self, Mrs'as In Bonn last Friday a"r be
-ola d ho W Wl bb AWN eas & s esrk kft We PIK p i at 6did 1A it hOM sh as = 0eM fepear, is chabnlpd rs L iaAvfmL ae r t O
m a, s_, _ ,. ,. _._ _.. ... n,, ,,.a.. l...m .a... n .". _.,. .




Valentine Day is o ap-
prching. This is the tme to
give valentines ad to attend
the amal Sweetheart Dance.
The smn wil be spo ing
the dame Febr y h i l
gyma as. Adinimi is U
cents sagl ad 75 com s mc
ple. During the dance, the
Sweetheart and her prince
il be ano Aed. Contestb
fo pries are from the rad-
* 74 and Sweetheart contest-
s are from the ior high.
Be me and support the coo-
ts otf your choice!
We fel that the boys of
N. should be carrying the
books of the members of the
girl's basketball team! Our
gir have cme through apia
wik a victory over Fort Whie.
Gloda ree was high saor-
er helping make the 27-17 vi-
ltory poalle.
'11 omloa staff is stlD work*

P. K. Yonge students are par-
tidpatingain "Operation 3D"d
this weekend, a program
held in the Teaching Auditori-
um at Gainvle High School
in observance of Comm nity
Youth Week. Tis was planned
by students from GHS and P.
SK. Yonge in cooperate with
the Gainesvlle Ministerial As-
socation, and its sated purpose
is "to explore the reao and
relationships of life toward
veloping a mature ad mnd
vale system." If you won un-
able to attend "Oerat 3-
D" yesterday, it's not too late-
today's session begins at I
p.m. and you're cordially In-
The P. K. Yonge Blue Wave
basketball team defeated Mac.
denny in an exciting lame in
our gym last Tuesday night
We played Lake Butler Friday
nigt, and the Int era and An-
ehor Cube co- poso d a
dma In the gym after the
game, with a dijockey and
no admission chargell
P. K. Yonge wlll ay North
Marion another bask-
etball game this Tuesday night
and we hope to ee om real
community support. Bring the
family to the P. K. Yonge gym

blg very hard a the amul.
SThey a pmling amtheru
sas drliv oo. Amoals will
,o wt i4 of w h you may make
Ia dw payment d two dllnr
to re ve e.
TmEd Bass is the SMmt
of the Week. Terrell is the aO
of Mr. md Ml. T. J. Bas ad
is prldsit of his sWop ore
Bdal. He s a mmberof the
F.F.A. ad be Beta Cub. Tr-.
rell was quarterback of the
footll tea Now, his drt
on t he b lh team are ml-
lbeing mded, oas heh bes
high scorer ia several amS.
Cogratulatins Terell, aa
job w done.
tay hope the juor cai do
Parker worrin herself sck.
Does asla know the real
truth about Glen McElroy's
swollen eye?

Momy, Fdr ary 3, 1964

Berating Young Generation

Age-Old Game of Adults

SlB J bs Hept Uivenity want no change in the status convinced that their new ways'
OBy GARY IM ^"Our youth n tow loarery. ^, nd intraet of their ween rift or tb& u
Shave bd manners, .co n children who themselves I- caviced that our coun
; to our school last Tu at e mpt for authority, disrespect are finding their way through try i peopled with a younger
has Me hae etra fa aolder people. Children now- new ide. geana whoe ways are dif.
J .rs f meare tyrants. ty long Aother valid complaint s fere- andu maoubtdly better
S ad thw ra ll... dc the ne ret i rie when their elders enter that the ipblie prss ad ub- than their pret
nhl. Uril rsame old nport card therot m Th. a oy ontradict their wished periodialsg gi adlines
t wee S a e.nwgrid. w te chater bdoFer co- and freaurehe resae bl Tf ll
day Mala *A*WE.Salleand ofthe cim nc daysjpanuMe go" r e food a d ty-iusivey to Juvenile eli ents
ns sM D It a h tis yeau. We were ga d tat ,i s ni their tadeu" and crimes of their mosat oa yB
Sfrday o frev-mayca bt i Such a statement infuriatesof our yo thaort popul tion
at .d h! a m t taugeer and, pmsonany,Throughout the country the For Bloo
S tdoI' blame them. In the are hundreds of thoausnd of
fi t ae y We hav eve sm a tOe on e ,, n ,a anin.e, 0 ung peopltaki part In CeAI a Clombia (AP) -
WllWKWeinor nmos tha 4m a d and television and dthe citing prVrams a cd activities, lie eoi d to invstigate
.ledto 2Em s s M A A l fr t th gde, homethey are icessantly bom. rating new devlopinglSatrday the deaths of 1
mt wM a a hsre le Rbrt Brs M bard ith the ag d ploy of,new theories in small and large youth believed tobe victim
a Humerksi, and Fred Are "What is this younger e group. One rarely hears about of a ring which kill hoamel
y t '. he a h Fom fte eigth grade Ca- t cming to!" these because some editors say boys and ells their blood
clu ad at dlhm Ib.ot ford,&IlMam d e statement above is a dir. that this sort of activity is not hospitals.
Pia the wa o l at ..Ldl Moore. Frum e a vth ~ e quote from that ill-tempered, news. Co
*ml ah b l i t O- b hk D ol n crustlty old poophilosoper of the Recently I became interested bia at a quart.
hbT a to L, dly, D d Century B.C.- Socrates. in the NationalJuniorClal bodies of the out,
ae day ad DkiW d Mad. We Poncing nd ting the a group of high school r a fm t ,
ubP eaw its w ="a- ig ld tha t atwo more people young has been a favorite past students with 12,000 members were diovered vacant lots
didaa We illr e oi an added to thea i of A dts for hndrds achf hom is studying atin. au C the pest four
ar o t Pie h onorllt six weeks. We centuries; adults strike out like The local and state programs of months.
St ht ld p that of the ople vipers at the young Who arethis group are exciting, full of
out oft n t the A d B going to ihrit ch crea- dramatic flavor as we as indi Pole have suspected the ex
oMr.M ths efa tl t, kad ave up a ted by their eldrs. captive of a new trend among isten f the boodllig ring
f our sthantsand a r. In Baltimore's Walters Art young people today. The NJCL since lst Dember when 12-
tatve of Enflds of Jack IGBoLIUGHTS: We finally let Gallery there is a handsome annual national meeting is at- yeareM twins disappeared for
ile, presented the overhead the cat out of the cellophane gravestone carved in as-relief tended by nearly 2,0 teenagers four days, then turned up in a
auditors and the asc orie ba b about he new seven day. and painted in subdued, claiming from all over the United States. weakened condition. The twin

colors. Moving across one por. I was privileged to speak to
n oit of the gravestone is a line t e 1963 conve-

isa d they were kidnaped by
n em dramd as police officers,

Gaolmnrl Suen -

Lucy Ends Show
For Business


suits waLMaL 1 'hjispal will k Frank-Green
hhol of men wearing long skirts; be on and was tremendously im- piritd to i hom where there p Ir ,l""I Cbr e
low this is a line of younger pressed with their mature ati re other youths and given an
By n men wearing short skirts. The tides and activities. injection which put them to This lmee urnishe ir'a-
ANmS -UZZe S z older, conservative men wear I attempted to interest several slek mt ro of the n"" tofo
Ml-T the long skirts, but their sons editors in publishing a story liabi olmity *oci- no oj
wear the "new-angled" short about the group. None was in- Goodye Spa at poies one.
for an evening oa h and e y skirts, popular with the youth terested. One in fact, said "If
citement Cme at a:30 and Y .... of that day. one of the girls dressed as Dido WASHINGTON (AP) Good- T fully, no N S not
ctch the B-fsuad game! a a.d ARTO.N SDULAS The hieroglyphic writing states gets raped by a toga let me bye astronaut, hello politician. an ied insurance' en
Two of P. K. Y e's four that the older men are disturbed know immediately!" This i a That will be the bakround isay wieain l
Irsevice Prubshave ected; Is- .woIIsyoag r= aerhiudent Cucilrand coon th o wh your li ohftDeability limits sos omuld
Sed semester b ars. The -Wehe ed Buccaneers, what Sntt e ttoaton om e at o nforafarewell-from ace n-solute safety." lt.
ewIsad er tin ad ve to ula for the faculty- d th bl. T e committee a nd wo erig wat wileeomephed edralm whch s nr to e en astronaut John ou, y houl b
new irat executive board s A t da I o.the decorations will be: of the Egyptian nation when et the place at whioh the fury of Glenn by his friends and offih h." The extra c for
I.: Tommy s Y pr u bt tA-c t w.e daet u.on. e lp I falls into the hands of these ad young people is imed when in the Space Agency. higher limit is surriill
dent: vice president, Frank Ym beat the faltyk.Wel t.ha N U ny Colbumt, B -dl pated young people' In'they see the flamboyant, juven- h Wa tn din n al. Mn o i :
i a sarefor wsue Dd by the ld Mills, Beverly a a et ~The Washington dinner thisnal Many- our clients say
Bowls; secretary Dao I dlncld Ut ilJn Phimn Imodern times the DuIehof Well- w1 delinquent stories r pe tetTuesday will he an informal, l'I ste bi os bil a leilin
Nedsoe, and h bond f dne- ane 'lenat Deb. rdc-afai-ito tfae is 16uraitest.'onoi
Ble diosJardofi thinfacultIthelastbiton stuck out with a rapier- over and over again. irae
t: Hal Dggs, John W ieg 1ot the gamewas out of.luerl s I like tongue at the young, saying Last week Iwas Invited to a
i, and C -Rha* bows. The team says thatit The publicity committee will that he feared to think of the speak to a group of young Pell- Glen ha rgsl iafrom the Mliay we d ,isuse tirhtp
-iu-s are: Betsy M.,lla" wasn't Peroaally, Tdoaan'tbe Kay Noks and Dewey Bec.k. twapl. T heyn.oww. ho m Nan Aerouti and Spce
resident; Deb Bol wh wn. Id owWe ttoommendth S cou were placed n theirplad their daring to be differ mni to cpignn Cll o, top b ri o
Preident Debie. .Iandslent. They settled in for a longOhio for the Democratic nmi
, Vice Predent; Ann War- .tt it w a hard fought dent Cowil ad Mltrs. BandyO, needs only to read anddiussio in search of ways toinltin to the U.S. Senate. ,K I
rington, Secretary. Jea Not-* w me m both sidum for the fin work that thlisten to discover that the con-.overcome the "What is ftiMcKINNEY-
- mlctd trearer, We want to slute ald telhae don as willoi e torvative, atrophied minds of:younger generation coming "ualtakrlsTte'slAJey
ser istoria, d culty who me out andpy- .adults and their attitudesto-to"; and howtoapproachTUwt GREEN, Inc
.. ..ofan, cin e .,sicthey did a fin job. Te Buc.l.andads b a w ld ie asd a wnhod ae t adwarad against GR EN I ics
as u yo* pent to opleso Insurne b Rewl hole
UNDERTOW: Congramtui. ye, fr his o d their privileged guest the West not changed over the centuries. printing anything good about W A L K E R Insuronce & Rel Este
Slatonge's first Anchor, P. knoc out pWyi wood band director, Mr. John-I have talked with hundreds ofyomng people today. The even- i 1010 W. University A".
Yonges first Anchor B Ad- bhi. ba u a da sou. He helped the band on the youngpeople and their firsting ended with no solution to IUNITU Ph. FR 3617
miral;he was elected by the Bu chol wil lt H ill -complaint is that their elders the problem-but, these serious, iu xw ,,s. ar Pf. FR 2-3617
Anchor Club andnnou t February More detas illpleces that they will beplay- have forgotten their own youth, thinking young people were still r' w, ~
t dr r. iday nlht be given at a later date. Dutlig at their coig eoontests.

Jerry's omed P. K. Seniors
tet Tuesday... Report cards
came out Friday... ;Remem-
her to let your tickets for the
Junior play, "Visit to a Small
Planet," to be presented this
February 19th. . See you at
the North Marion basketball


Rap Up



As hs past Friday was Coo. played two extra overtimes and
ereo Day, the student finally won by a single point.
Sant F received a welcome The boys recently lost oe of
rest kfter finishing eams ad the best players on the team,
find their outcome. Report Senior Richard Clemmons.
a carme out, much to the Richard suffered a broken
coernati of the Student hand in last week's Friday
Body, Wednesday afternoon for niht game, but he is to be com-
the third time. mnded for coatiming to play

VThe fears were apparently h
Report cards were Isa Pete Roberts, Dave Ful-not rdell grounded, however, fori
ad Wednesday and may sigs er, John Combs, Chris Johson the list t 'A' Honor Ron b
of approval were seen among and Hugh Rthe. Coach Wesley students rads a folls: 7th t
the usual woes.Friday was a Dicks wll direct the team and Gr ay Busby; 8th
rest day for some students, a has reminded all aspirants that Gra- Barbara Douglas, Bob
Cofernce Day for others. every position on the team k by Hr eJudith Pett, Roz
Thisthird -weeksperiodsaw open to the most qualified mry ime Jan Teter and
a total of M students earning a Man. a Im 'u; th Grade -
4U (straight A's) average. Under the sponsorship of the Ma Brdges, Jesselyn Bryan,
Seniors in this scholastic l Mimi Herad which brought Andy!mper and Bll Martin;:
os group were Sandra Allen, them to the United States, and o0h tirade Cornella Bra
Kathy Grand, Kristen Jordan, the Kiwani Club which brought j, mmy EmerB Craig
Wally Rhies, Becky Butter- them to Gainesville, five C Lew and Larry Martin.
field, Janet Moore, Sally No- kmhab students visited thel l rade SeaS Alday;
tag, Bnrce Stechmin er ad camps Frk Magda rCagadC
Weime. ro, Floreda Crdona Step 12th rad May Avnt, Ma
Juniors in the t4list wIr a Lewi, Norma Ommo ad iil'eda .Kh Br well,
Margaret HampM Steve Na. Hup o biam were members of R Dy,. Belty a isDi
da. Judy Nesler, Wanda No the "Operat Amigo" etudeWt aa pa Marie Hibro
a, Davida uphi Jane Arring-ehale progi We were Jdo His. arm Lamer,
te, Judy Gbbert, Beverly sorely happy to hav them. Adas Mt ad Idael Wa
Gaori, Sally Good eti, Sta I W as an oampl of
laplewcs and Den Tuickr. M re kaNe, w = ra ks h been
The S am cholarM weree tdan of the oa f Pe tk a per
Peggy Thompson, Judy inld ,t olly tobu dingi ta, m "y"inof. 11 bw el
S k Dth o G PmaGles, r pies, IIrtms walls and rtalk
orae and Mede Huammau. but to brid as we. Nove re were several exciting
SMin t is Thornton Wider's "Bidlt basketball tis w .
sqsi a Bk Di San Lui y" was bnt r. Especially virou ae was at
rl p .rt c u rbit a -uethe Apurima Ri ver aru Nos Ma ri N 1i ws
way Januy .a Fr a .1 IT 1lthe V t yam

collet about 3 books, a
cordig to Paul Sars, comit-
te head. Suta books wibe
pIeated to thle IHSbrary
wtr those donated. Additoal
Obers of the ommilM aIN

eato dem has em b
fl pid WIL Th In
Sm tae r 4h wMk d
llbm wib Mr. Bob IMr.
Sr e or, auh
(adhies Nalck ad MihelI
lh as prticular ahL hTo
Qlrl0ldw hae b plihia

SsltNma ip le pa irv
lb ers lr Gla iw
hi MImis the PSop weS
awI el-n-1 cIHB n K
Irmkm Ly G- io

rd several minutes after the
incident occurred. He will not
e able to play for the rest of
be eason. He will be missed
not only by hi teammate, but
by his numous fan as well.
e pai I and Spanish
I Clubs have been busy, a
will continue to be until the end
This coming week, wit their
ew money-raielg project In
order to a tad for an edu-
tlooal trip to 'i Culdad de'
SAugustine, the clubs are
bng totUbbuhs. Tny are
ure of a sell-t, for Santa e
has held the hol health tro
p ay lor aat two years. Any
one who is interested in pu-
chag their toothbrush before
the supply runs out shou con-
tat the 9Spah Diepr bent
Out f f or codulg cantd
tM A*y D i r ha bee
c b sm As stt Drum Maj-
er. bbSd to weeks ago, he
is e mdaroing p ul tnig
IwO the I-m d Band Mmi
ter Ray anceford and wit
e aid of Drum Majr
Geore P Wlip.


lad wok anm Ie ,i Joh-n, k WeA& Motilnd. Am
WthudaR. Thi enDw Debrah CMk, Patty Yok.e
dMb al etniaA'ral et sri M.. u Mel
al -Kamr Sft"r. ,n blips tlh Sand EIb W

znI pand I db pL ham mha y pMed
meod. B fl IrIlIl, Betth k ns. A fkw l I*SAm
GmBaI, Do vyir, bara barie SCa, bhe ityps
BewuaiL AT ams, f m o aorel w ir k.
M,_ P JuAe D e Am 0I10 hrr,
S b'by.B Kw i |
kern Nut bs Kamr ii NtqrUte Pa0

neal grade I lit tlep up thel p- t
ff l Paa, Wew mf a J
rw.*AS U#Allmd Iwmmi

otie o their vkiork.
tdr record is em le i
Sdfive N oss.


o m
"'s -
& Not Wed

FI 41S

Falcon proves it's America's toughest

compact in the rugged Monte Carlo Rallye!

-. - -

F. r ia W ru mr 0*~., hr fro, a a r .- ed eeIs a _las e. ear wd fro m den- Ma ad throg Pre-
A t aMq mase-ad S ine s* mienL pwm WiI Hn o IS lime a am I i wa a mdi & Sumet, ben tract IIaa prac rua.

Facon entered tawo classes
in Europe's 2,7U-mle wintl r
ordnl-mon them both Znd
finished had oterU out of
t99 a. That's duability!

is the MIy Rlye'

e. t' ro

lt'he mm~sjiW
Ci irancing courw4F f as

I--- Bab1 oMtdI d ,M esn.
am aI% het 3 p bterp

only 163 w Atill n the lly when the
field truggled into Monaco-but they
included ll eiht of the qciu
Teiniht-ou- ihtr eordwuse pw -
haps man r a than the fact
that, dit a handicap formula that
favored the mallbt Ma. a alcon ap-
tuw second plae ova On ar ne
ham Iluck ... but dgt have to have
Im~lf Became the Rallye
aevy nriry ty twwr Z ad
ti n ti ontiat cm pro-
vide, and bemse it wind up oB the
m rota bwbyi nH the Ftb eh
Maritime A k is a Wi test of
authteer'w i a s.taleriagbhad
tobebwflbu mmable w a 1.000
foot drp. TIhese bul wV-.I had to

aRd~ T Fam lsoa ONm
lat in ed the T atgory,
It aed i d i 6 of tbC much
toghr Grand Torwg stagry, lot
i dthe t tha LeI sfi te s o
t mobCRDr =ietftib:a

by a Valiant wa 88th overall. Falon
d invaluable experience in how to
build a car better, make it tougher,
sharpen up it total perf'/rmanc. That '
the real maon Ford is interested n
open comptition-and why Ford-built
an have got s much more to show
drivers. Drive one and see; it won't
have mi lights or a horn you san bear
for four mia in stormy weather, t
the other special rally equipmant-
but it'l amurprei you!

Falcoa*Fairlane.Ford Thunderbir,
a -ow


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NEW YORK (AP) Lucille
Ball has decided to drop her
popular television comedy se-
ries, "The Lucy Show," at the
end of this season.
Mis Ball said that she want-
ed to devote more time to the
affairs of Desilu, the Hollywood
production company of which
she is president, and that she
found it impossible tojo both



Of yNou typical. wrpob-
*liy thik of hue preenris-
l awards aM rMuo from
Lte afrmath ofet at as ci.
deh. May do adIl frm that
me; however, Met a.,
A li-ye r-el left part-
hr parlyed when hit by + sigs
tht blow off a New Yrk City
buMli. was awarded .M atly
a $1 mllli *
ludeme f1u r
hie wineries.
awal, acced.
-I.e 10 trial at.
-eme ll It,

ar. In the
U. S. for in!ur-
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Mersy, MeVsy 3,

rs Vs.



Schultz Leads Tennessee
By JOE RALBS tEI N its great play in losing to.from Duke coach Vie Bubas
Sa SpOt Es sr Kentucky by only five points, for a 3-point showing against
Florida's Gators, a basket-clash with Tennessee, a quin the Blue Devils recently in a
iall team somewhat more co-ltet whose royal rainments are game Tennessee lost in twin
vercd with glory because ofia bit tattered because of a overtime. Schultz is near 18
... .surprise loss to Georgia, at points a game.
CO 1 8 Alough there is contrast Tennessee has plenty to go
Siin the manner the two teams with Schultz. A. W. Davis is
I B A B attle aturday night, the factdone of the team's leading
remains both were defeated m scorers. He's a thi one at
ital Southeastern Conference 7, 15 pounds, but is a great
a W este-i. gmes, outside shot and good rebon-
But the Vols, coached by der. Davis also is hitting 18

'Lincoln Tops


Cage Event
LAKE CITY Linculn Hlili
:School of Gamnesulle lived uL
to its top seeding in tne aniudLI
invtational cage meet here tO
downing Richardson High 59-.9.
Saturday night to cop the cro n
It %as. the 12th wiMI n 14
:games tur the Terrieri 'n fl
the top quinttet in Negril Ia
in the state this seasul


s S ?Iy 117 A5SOCIATED PRESS IMears, former Wittenb gper game. FI .t
Y Z e Ohio, mentor, went to Georgial A man to watch tonight will
A Hollywood script wn terh ;be Howard Bayne, 65, 2530
,reaio't have improved n Sun- Ipounder. He's the muscle man
day afternonn' aNational Bas-. T EAM n e EOinh provide key m
tketball Association dramatics. t a 1, st. key baskets aprovidi key debas, F
flVj8 F iSt. S key baskets and key deen-
The day's threat te abes vauW e of e x mno sive plays when the Vols need
promised plenty of action b re E. T'ar .n as7 in. them. When Bayne became 3
Opened, watching conenders 3 eligibleb, the aols caught fire.
c1iThe league's Eastern and s ar 60 a uic.a Without him Tennessee was 3-2.
S77 ,. At.t. i n7 a0 lau 7
Western divisions In position. (eAm, a ui im, With him they were 82 prior toI R
play When the final curtain vmi o te los t o gia. THEY'RE FROM TENNESSEE
in MI.n 53 7Gergial.thll t o, trG i.
ell nobody was disappointed. uIr l. ta rt. sea. s Sid Elliott, 6-7 senior, will Sid Elliott. left; and Danny Schultz: (Coach Ray
The east came up with elimac 5 Aa be at cnt. H's stady and Mears in back.
irewors in each episode. s x.- e 7 s experienced. The fifth starter
The plot went something like ca. Tr t likely will be Larry Mcentosh,
this ;W-1., W.), -I, at guard.
stTi gRupp Can Collect
Act I. Scene: St. Louis-The;'-- l .' eme Tonight's game may be in
Pi ou"p Fl. Kfil ngh game may be in:
tflawkst, poits edown late ln r a s,, e, sharp contrast to Saturday's.
the first half, overtake crThe Vols like to slow it dow No, 700 Tonight
Los Angeles in the third period, I play ball control and a sw iteh
BIG FOURSOME FOR VOLS !drop behind again, then come conference leader with a -l ing zone, ae press or sliding
Left to right. Bob Hosiett. 6.8; A. W.. DaviS 6-7; Wack' a se ond time to win, rer Now, a2 is on th man-to-man res
Elliott again. 6-7; and Howard Bayne. 6-6. !i0-10, and drop the Lakersverge of extinction in the 6l4~l The Gators, who got a peak By BOB GREEN (Vanderbilt put its high standing
- --- -- 'ltrom first to thurd in the West. ace. Tonight's game su effort against Kentucky, wilAs slated Pres Sports Writerin jeopardy with ain 81-63 dteate
:c T* gm is Th e.fthoee a an s P t entuk 6s,e rtro
Ti Act II. Scene: Baltimore--San MUST for Tennessee. come right back with Dick Adolph Rupp doesn't muchlby Auburn. Michigan. 13i1
Srancisco, foced into overtime Can Be A Spoiler Peek and Dick Tomlinson atlcare for cramped old Woodruff romped over Michigan State
J a co b s in n e r bv art $'I Baltimore BulksinThe shoon to The B G i I
S t.W by an 8.1 Baltimore Bullets: The Gators, on the otherforwards, Mnt Highley, cen.Hall Athens, Ga. Never did. 95-79.
Sclosiig burst, fires back in the hand, are 3-3 and can as- ter; and Brooks Henderson and At least not smce Feb. 13. 1931. Davidson and DePaul were thn
n t b extra period for a 120-118 vic- nsue the role of 'spoiler" for Tom Baxley, guards. That's the day he lost his first only other member of the elte
A l P a lm S n righe i tory and grabs the Western the remainder of the camp- Highey Led Way game as head coach of the Ken-t stumble last week. Daido
SP Sp J Ig s lead. three percentage points align. It will take at least two It was a season ago in the ltucky basketball team. It was at iNo. 3, was edged bt' West Vir-
S ahead of St. Louis and a half- Imo losses for such teams asTennessee game that Highley Woodruff Hall. And home-stand ginia 75-73 before rebounding
pAIL SPRINGS Calif. (API after they finished the regula.- game up on Lo Angeles. Kentucky. Vanderbilt andwon his way into the Gators' ing Georgia, then as now, was a against VMI 129-91 Saturday.
-Tommy Jacobs is getting a lit- ton 90 holes in 353 strokes eack, Actf. Scene Bosto-Oascar!Georgia Tech the rest of the startmg array. He scored 17 pensive club. Georgia won,DePaul. No. 9. lost l Lou lle
tie bolder and Jimmy Demaret seven under par. Robertson scres 48 points andiway and a string of wins bypoints and collared 2 re. 25-16. 83-79 Saturda\.
Is getting a little older. Which is: Jacobs, who has a home atJerry: Lucas flips in a pair of the UF to allow the Gators toebounds as the Gators beat! Chances are that the score' It was the first loss for each
not o a a rhyme but a reason ,nearb Bermuda Dunes Countr, free throws with I seconds left;figure. Tennessee for the first timewdll be higher than that tonight and left only top-ranked UCLA
hi o000 Palm Springs Gola Club, won te f wth in another overtime thriller ast Tennessee brings to townever at Knoxille, 873. The when Rupp again takes hs major college unbeaten.
Classic turned outPinwon the putt for a par eCinci t ra t i ips the Celtics, 119-personnel called by UF coachgators likely will need a re-Wildcats into Woodruff Hall-UCLA, now 17-0. rolled along
did. unturned out the way it inc h u fole ret,117, da cuts Boston's EasterolNorman Sloan as "superior tolpeat of that performance to he once vowed he never would with two victories over Califor-
Jacobs wo it, beating De- whose drive left hi about mgin to three anes. Ktucky's." And the Wildcatstame the Mears-men. again-but it's likely to be a nia Santa Barbara, 107-76 and
m on the second hole of a feet to the left of the green.was pt a splendid team on the A pair of Vol reserves who test of Georgia's defense.
sudden death playoff Sunday lying three when Jacobs holedI.. .t (floor against the Gators. should see much action tonight Rupp will be seeking his 700h I other Saturday games I-
out. P ,X1 .s a For sure the Vols will show are Bobby Hogsett, 64 center; victory as the Kentucky coach evolving the top ten, No 6 Vii-
-- T... ed tP ... m u h .at2 wI off the SEC's No. 1 guard. He'sand Pat Robinette, 62 guard. the Wilcs a fourth lanova took high-scoring Detroit
McNeelev Faces Thlt ended a tuament atta tl w, e t Danny Schultz, a six-foot sen- Both have played every game in the nation, will be gunning for7970 No. 7 Wichita blasted
I produ ced so many tie someone ia i .N L ior who is a dribbling derv-to date. the Southeastern Conference q e 10063 and Chicag
J o es ill n ll suggested itshoud be. ren m* A T la ish, a shooting fool and an The Baby Gators will carry lead. They share the spot with Loyola, bouncing back after dip-
hue Wemeup y Open. as r6a Thee shr the spot with b
SCe WAem y Ppen S. 2 .s excellent playmaker. He has to!their 6-3 record into a 5:45 idle Louisiana State, each at 5-2. ping to No 10, beat Iowa 8571
By cNeE ASSOCIATD PRESS There was a tie after every a I be contained if Florida hopes/prelim tonight against StiGeorgia, currently one of the SE LPe Wi L Pt
iaeNeeleo.u the bio bnral round. It was Charle SIord lua Phln l p M a ilt towin. Leo Junior College. honest teams in the league, is Ml 2 ; 2 f2
er r Arlington, Mass.. who'and Jacobs after the firstnt rmdc,,. NewYom,1. t3,2uck1 2 WI,1
Arling Mass. hoand Jacos ater the first round. el Schultz wa voted the out- Tonight's game will be Froe- 42 eet &,
sarpnsidered all washed upiSiford and Doug Sanders after d. u. alat I standing player in the VPI rida's last home fray until! "Wee hd te C.a Ten e, I a l *4
not l long ago. gets another second round and Sifford Mi sas n a tou lt comes here on Feb he defense aas
l l 119. ;lo i7lr (t tourney-won by the Vols-inaVahderbilt comes here on Feb.,along." gia Coach Red oR ey -3d be 1 a f.
crack at th"e i ,--- aong,".Georgi Coach edLORIDA o 3 3 5 3C
crak at the big time ten i and Bob Charles after the hhird i r.. s tial re III ( December. He also won raves 2. L n s only our sh
St 147 t m. AngM l" s I I Law so n said. "if only our shoo t. Au -+ ... .I . a 7 133
when be meets heavyweight4roWint fM Casper and Chlck A--- 1 -I MLa3 42biI.a8
NeCork Colseum. 'the fifth round and Jacoand's M ike H leaailwood
tstrapping *year-old Demaretl, of course, were tied 4tl WUT eneoLtofthitlague7. AU LW .
mmyotball tackle is a 2-1 an- at 1 ur e lead 79-67. Kentucky, at the
defto the second-ra t ned con- after 90 hol e. I adsame time, beat Florida 77-72,
W-jxler. purse. DeMaret, who playsOniy n15-2. It was the Wildcats' fifth
eele. a pounder, was five or sx touameayearD ayto a 'Cycle Race stra in the league after two
tt ght with then champion Charles and Don January fin A ONA BEACH (AP) The one hour mrk surpassedrecord automatically since t he game is one of three in-
FloydPatterson on Dec4. 4.1961ishd in a third-place tbdat l,; T9 yr old atos are ready 1a957 mark of 141.37 by Bob3.1-mile championship course evolving nationally ranked teams'
He'll: proved considerably and one shot behind D ema at and lforu g bMut Wyearold me -Ielntire of England at Monza,'was new for the smaller engine tonight. The others have second-
lnow I a N3-6 record, inchding Jacobs, sad $t $, ea tvea lse ame for setting rec-Italy. cycles, ranked Michigan at Ohio State
22 tikfouts. He is not ranked. Courtney ad Bob Gol a w ere HRe dwilood made 11 records in Anderson, defending world in an important Big Ten strug- L A W N
Jones is risking two possibleanother strike back mad picked Atleast thatlihow Mike Ha 12stops on the world circuit lastehamp in 5 and 15 cc divisions gle and No. 5 Vanderbilt at Ala-
luc iie fights. an outdoor show:up $2,450 apiece. wo England approached year. won in those classes on Satur bama
kolm against Pattersonsituation when he took a pair of I e 2-year-old Englishma Is day, riding Japanese Mae S- Kentucky and Michigan won e
and am with champinStPton wny:*t reasoned .Italian madelplaming to switch to four wheels zukis. :their only games last week, but
List ih mpon Snn Symank Joins Ja D r- Iy. a ufhalangm ay 0 doh mI.t h fn Ie S service
Hi record is 22-4-1, including' Tulane Staff SY S a. Dwa C tim, Feb. 16.MAY
16 ionkouts. He n nf 3Staf f;Hailwoodsol.dbe may team with :A L C. MA
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- 711- WoePh me Unit d Pipr of EnglSnd in a s nd I
ad 16 on ateeVshnsoMV Au.- Ferrari.
Local Fives lane hired former p 'rue i c I In the mo Ecycle weekend, JACK C. MAY Pre-Season Special Low
football star John to cycai at a reod of 11111.10'
Noc football star Jo. Symank a u ,m hour which established Daytona In- Money and be Ready f
oCcl Toimm urday for its co'Baing d OtW other ternational Speedway as a y new a vantage of this SPECI
soCach Tomy oy sid' his other wcol, th e -114104111
Boys' Club Junior and Inter- Syma 21u, would w m p e four cy i* machine a theph e world d n glheadle TARY MOWER TUNI
mediate teams won. from Or-Imarily with the defensive backli se built BSIr fM r H-Sd no e e land neh N e
land. in state loop games field. He replaces Georg Mci'il od sped rotd the lwo.od In the circle of m
Saturday. Kiiney, who rMent' resige d m high bIank ater tr ack8 p
eJuniors scored, 34-24. as Symank played rh e times aed set a e eour world Shepherd drove an M,mae
Tommy Dulaney hit 16 pointsLouis Cardina s ast eason ani record of 144.2 mes an bhou last Germany to first in a

e Windsor tossed 19 points. University of Pirida in SI athiit a atJapan. He averaged 1.187, a
lan Iome mmm ,- reSeso S oa L

Allurd Foreman led lit L I,.
oln attack with 16 poults The
erriers broke ata\ ltrom a 12
2 first-period tie to take .
7 liallime lead and pult'4i
wa\ in the imal two period.
The Terriers \mll pla\ t.:-
ay High o! St Augu'rtl
lome tominrrow night and h,.'.
'essenden Frida\
LlN( H.\ luzeri. n I \n
. ii t .A 3 I .

S i OI.\
,': u V i .U ti. S 6, 'vt ,
J 3s

D l, 4..,1
-t', x .' 1; 14 : .1 1
.Itd.' 1 ca;1 1 i i? 31

Ea r6L ko,,o Gv(l ,T % T
)Fl7N eltJv UP lmW WK.M.j,

still buys you one hunnrei
cents worth of expert repair
tour shop cnd only ycu
con rely on our Engine
Broke and,, i

on Rebuilt Generator,
Staerste. Fuel Pumps.
Water Pump. Cluch Discs,
and Pressure Plate





Area Quintets in Stretch Drive
Area high school basketballWilliston tomorrow and hosts beenbv narrow marin to range Park while Chiefland
turns the corner his week for Crystal River FRiday. The 1. fine ppositioO, pay st Pala-ltreks to Jasper.
the home stretch drne. Con- ges rate as favorites for both ka tqorr nw Ait ad then Tass I anmuE
f(rence tourneys are due next games. meltt FrmaiUt Frid*a. The .r l
week and most schools close Brnson, back oa the victory Tarrs shou' l get a pliu .N 13
out their season the third week road. plays at Chieflad to- or tlhe ek as the Palatrka .---- ".
of February. Group tourne morrow and goes to Crstal quiatet appears Io strog to L ai ---A 1 u: a.4;
play winds up the month. River Saturday. Tbe hig-flming topp ca.e 4--- .
Area leader Cedar Key (1 IEagles are ina od position to Ntberrv, lo of 13 i an -- -
aces a barrier tomorrow night add two more wm to the led- row, bots Hawtbbrae tomomwrrw uam ..
whe it plays at Cross City. ger. .night'and sat;Wilr i. Fri-i.i --
'he Sharks outlasted the Dixie P. K. Y ge is hot to Noth day. nhe Pathis are comuingl' -- .
Co. Bears by fike points last Marion tmorr night ad closer and may break thewns---- s
week on a late rally. Cross plays a return game at Gre shackle of deet before the S* Z'
City has come fast in receo Cove Springs Friday. The Blue'sea is over. Ts ,
games. Cedar Key is idle Fri- Wave has wo tie in a row ldw. aI area cub ,* mnur a . vrY
day. ad would like to bot ttwithouta wiisl et T-se wa t. wa s*ar
Sata Fe goes to Lake Butler strina to four. kroat uheme FPi a it k i a t m .
tomorrow and host Macdenay Ganesville NIt facetm atke sta N N aa aSm m s a tsw
Fray. The Rebels have foud toughb one Ptiday at DaytmEater M nl..i r
the going rou sincm e th i- Bach with Maid. hTe bs Kwltoaie ftodss plays a ae"M Sat
lury to Richard Cloeas. o bat the 'CaT ia overtoe orage Partk r a do d -r w ye
mg double overtime to beat barn and have compiled a'blter riday e Bel h m k e S M a aS
North Mario and loiing toDMA "it te to la e. W a l taoit s ae u = a S eml aia rmet
Grem Cm Springs. idayt S lll t MI M Whi.,te M Sa tmreia ? .
Both the Union a. TigirsOeala and wil y tor au a g aia l JrU
ndB C.. winW b ar it m m& ltbls wm.Op w the Nrth IAr pys A w Sb 1 "WS1
ip akta t I t*ebelk,4Maris Co. team OW in a FM &A, C SSam aeS&
i for viry. I Tah L T C ty at MNa y Si .tlS .WO I t e.1
tl.n v- Starts, a tesa hote k14am prsetel .aid -,- a -, ,
tra." m to u ttrd Place la ed d4N't Iw tht a. r t w h a



I .

Monday, Febuary 3, 1964

Three Local Gridders

On All-America List

e local high school foot
ball players have been named to
the honrablemention t of
Coach and Atete mgaine's
S U A-America foobal te
it learned yesterday.
P.K Yage's George Soley,
I guard; and Galeuvlle High
School's Jay Wilson, alo a
gud; and halfback Freddie
Hedea were among 16 Sun-

shine State players te h S- A ute, AlPAmerica om.
able mention list Scholastie Magu's team.

Coach and Atlektma
picked 7 players for t United
States AllAmerica ad only ne
Florida ier made the ranks.
He is quarterback Bobby Downs
of Winter Haven.
Soley's honor fowed that of
first team little Al-State. Wl-
so previously made AllState,

Henderso was tlrd team Al-
State and bo able mention
Ocala's )w bc Wayne Mc
Can, Live Oak lineman Bepo
Nspham ajl P y back Jess
Floer also made b honorable
mention list. i

HalftDozen Old-Tiomers

Make It to Hall of Fame

As tad Press Spots Wr er
NEW YORK (AP)-he spit-
ball i legal in the Hall of Fame
even if it is out of bounds in
organized baseba B g
Grimes and Urban (Red)
Faber, two of the last pitchers
to throw the sitter legally,
were among the six new men-
ber named Sunday te Hall
of Fame veterans' committee.
Mller Hugi the little man
wh manager the New York
Yankees to six pennants in 12
years, and He e Manush, the
powerful outfielder with a life
time .330 batting average, also
made be grade along with two
from the pre-I0 era-Job
Montgomery Ward and Thi
Keefe. Grimes, Faber and
Mash are alive.
In sme ways Ward was the
mot remarkable of the group.
A jack-oftll-trades as a player,
Wad uhJ d 1S l t

the veterans' comitte from
players who had been retired at
least years.
Grimes, 70, and Faber, 75,
were among the group df four
pitchers permitted to continue
use of the spitter after it was
legislated off the book. Grimes
actually was the last He was
active until 14, retiring with
a 2 21 won t record. Al-
though he finished up with th
Yankees, Grimes earned an but
one of his victories in the Na-
tional league at Pittsburgh,
Brooklyn, New York, Boston,
St. Louis and Chicago. He lives
in Trenton, Mo.
Faber, who works for the

Roy Mundorff
Speaker For
Tipoff Club
Roy Mundorff, director of

Ward Wal lM e ,On hMa it Wbasketball officials for thee
collect more than 2,000 hits, southeast Coe will
,151, and also to win more than pek at the bl-weekly Gaines
100 pmes, 18, as a pitcher.,v. Tipoff Club meeting to
Ward, active from 1M to 18 4Lm ow nigt. the event will
managed three club ted start at :0 p.m. at the Holiday
president of the Boston Braves, nn
pitched a perfect game for Mundorff regulates the as-
Providence in 10, organic ignment of officials for SEC
the Players' Brotherhood and basketball games ad handes
also was the lawyer for he gradin of the men in the
National league. striped sts. He watches a
Sets Reerd basketball game somewhere in
Ward also set a record of 2 the league almost every night.
assists for a second baseman A question-and-answer period
that still is in the book. will follow Mundorff's talk. It is
The addition of the six new expected Tipoff Club members
men boosted the teal member-will avail themselves of the op
ship in the Cooperstown, N.Y., portunity to query Mundorff as
museum to an even 100. Theto policies of the SEC in basket-
new members are picked bylbal.

Bowling Standings
Pol. a..n.ti A... buSate PuA Le. 43 3
wI IOlday s a a3
1Holy cIain Xa eoa"s i n. suOff. s 41
iralls 19% 7% Joho mft ran 3 41
AnucCUa. it m u ud.M, m a*H." 3U 41
B1a bvii 14 U1 Pepe DtbfUton 374 42%
Wid CaU 14 13 PUtftrM Pite g lMA 3 SO
PAbs. 1 U1 Alackua OmerQ-" V S3
BoctkJc 12 IS U15
HMsl ht 11 Ct. li Omie kppl 4. J oha It
laIk Strik 1 I t IFa ;0: SKC Putk Las Pilt-.
Ai4 S I 1 bwo Plate Glen 3. Wwada It
SsUI LnP 'S, wLM I; Nan'y
rUse.* 3. Aces *i Al* Cit, 1S. I I AnO; :m 1,; AMhu Oener
hes 1 n Holy atO. L Lwky strs ikr s 2. Mar meu6 I.
6* Rebel. 3. 4Slaseks 6; Bhli Devila
L. wiueatU rm TOPPLn U


NqCessI a I
Marfka. 331A 34%
Noaft'. 334 34%

Mie .Martin.sI1;Nams A .
News"I: rorshekd's 3. UOket 3.
relsm 45 W
ReNatua,41 31 1
wimoerds a45 511
DIPoda 44% 31i%
CaS'Ie 4134
sWPA60naWA 3F439
lambr da U3141
DdOI 34
DLab U% a%
Saksen2 1 6
alftub a ILY

Tit 4,Casher2'm=W1110 M
%IBlkw i6: Millionsairesa3. Deposits 1:
rutgers3. inky POenson I; DwldeS5
win. par Restarant I
thmyue4d mt 7 1
peonsaNNe 1 I 3ih
r n L~t Nw uc& I; h*I
GO r~ Ceder I I
anlalcer ar a,

t m U 3,
r1 ri CaO I u
Dow g4. 3me sItePp 3. I
ON& C od. lit a ma .
0=~~ 313oo
Wou, 41h AIWSIO
g m 444c mIS e
Thsepiki 414424*
LOP aam
ramoan aa

w tan" V a
in- W
Wdo L3111411 LTI

Cook County igway depart-
ment iA Ccago, pnt his en-
tire career from 1114 to 1
with t White SS for whom
he wo23 ,games' and lot 211.
Alti hgh fluggi was a sec-
eod baemi n at Gininnati and
St. Lo from 19m to 16 it
was asa nianage that he was
voted into the Hll of Fame.
After five years at St. Louis he
took ovrr the Yanks in 1918 and
managed them autil his death
at the ge fa 50 in 199.
I l. Hi ttl
Manib, ,62, played in the
majors 'from 13 to 1W and
spent most of his career in the
Americn league with Detroit
SLt Io Wshiton and Bos
ton. He finished ul with Brook-
lyn and Pittsburg in the Na-
tional and later managed in the
minors, counted and coached. In
1S he 'won the tting tie at
Detroit with a .37 average.
Keefe, winner ol 34 games
from 100 to 1S has been
topped by only si pitchers in
the history of the game. In 188
he won 42 for the New York
Giants ld in 18M he won 19
straight, a mark tater tied by
Rube Marquard of ew York in

Miani High
New Lerder
In Cage PoU
MAMI AP) Miami High
ranked today a Florida's No. 1
high school basketball team
Coach Vince Schaefer's Stin-
garees dged past St. Peters-
burg High and Tampa Hilsbor-
ough to the top position in the
Miami Herald's weekly poll of
coaches, and sportswriters.
Miami received only three
first-place votes but gathered
165 pots. St. Petersburg was
second ith 16 points, one point
ahead of Hitisborodgh, the lead-
er last week, which lost its No.
1 ranking after an 82-76 loss to
Tampa Robinson.
Hillsborough's loss left only
Riviera Beach unbeaten among
the state's ranking teams. Rivi-
era added three more victories
to its 154 record last week and
retained its grip on fourth place
with 12 points.
Cocoa, former leader in the
poll along with Hillsborough and
St Petersburg, moved into fifth
place with an 18-2 record.




w ti
Uaiv"Mty In. '4
Fred MaMn 46 30I
A&W Root Ber 41 35
Ma-y Carter Palat 40% 1%U
Tck TV 3N 314
AdaUm IN 7 0P
ew Company 31 45
Munas a s 844
Fild VMS 4. AW Ree t D4" i
TYa TV 4 Adams Iu I tUlsrraity
lhi 4 Campes Beauty BDu ; Fuller
no 3i HIMal Co. i Man Cuter L
[ ik-WU U tI
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Was t4I0l;dais So d 4.G Ga st.
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aIeS 3.
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aM-30 1 41
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S" 4.C -A-- Ce at YatesL
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v ai ian .ma....-

Gators Sign

North Miami

Grid Star
Florida has signed oe the
most sought after backs in the
South but i still is uncertain
the bidder will play football
the Gators.
Coach Ray Graves an-
nounced that Tom Hungerbub.
hr, 5-11, 178lp found speedster
from North Miami High School,
has d a grant-iid with
Hungertuhler, a tremend-
oas open field runner and pass
receiver, still b interested in a
bid from a service academy,
Army. If he accepts the West
point offer, it win take prece-
dence over the UF grant.
Grave alo announced that
tackle Don Giordano, 64,210
pounds, from Mii Achbishop
Curey, has signed with Florida.
Giordano can play either tackle
or guard.
ie two signing bring to 3
the list of football players re-
cruied by orida.

Coaches Vote

To Rotate

Track Meets

coaches voted Saturday
the Florida High School
ties Association to rotate
statewide track meets b
Gainesville and Miumi.
Thl meet, held in Ms
been at the University o
ida for years. Seventy
asked that the meet be
Miami, probably at the
Junior College track, eve
old year.
The executive commit
the Florida High School
ties Association will vote
suggestion at its annual r
net August.
High school coaches al
gested the FHSAA add i
C track meet to the agenda
rently there are only me
Class AA, A and B scoo

Frances Hea
Wins Tourn
Frances Head won t
uary Wilbur Bishop
for golfers in the 5.bole g

the new Golf ad Country Club.
Frances Mason was runerup
Consolation laurels went to Lou
Bell while Gwen Dulaney took
ten Eight honors.
Qualifying for the McKenzie
charter member event is to con-
tinue through tomorrow.
Shirley Shafer won the conso-
lation tourney in December. A
previous story errneouly listed
another winner.

of 196 ps
Iambi..s & Jeeps

ty, has

INNSBRUCK, Austria (AP)-
Plucky Jean Saubert of Lake-
view, Ore., added a silver medal
to her earlier browse with a
lashing run in the wm 's gi-
ant slalom ski race and young
Yank figure sates got off to
a strong start Monday in the
United States' brightest day in
the ninth Winter Olympic
Miss Saubert, -year-o Ore.
gon State coed, broke the monop.
oly of France's brilliant Alpine
sister team by tying Christine
Goitschel for second a frac-
tion of a second behind Cris-
tine's sister, Marie theold
The winning time was 1 mi-
ute, 52.24 second Jn and
pristine did 1:53.11.
Jean's two medals are the

only os collected so far by the the bob run, carefully con-,place. Each received a A
U.S. team. 1e Soviet Union, n structed of blocks of ice, was medal.
the other hand, is making a streaming water.
team runaway of the Games, Six of the Russian medals are Another ice queen, 22-year-
with a total of 15- six gold fivegold, and four of them are in the ouke Dijksta of Holl,
silver and four bronze. hands of one competitor. Nobodyadded the Olympic gold medal
ever as wn four gold medals for figure skating Sunday night
at the Winter Olympics before. to the two world crowns she won
INNSBRUCK, Ausria (AP)- in 1962 and 1963.
The Winter Olympics are half f pr Sl nHt f r
W ir Olpi c s The hlW owner is a dimpled Regine Heitzer of Austria was
way throu today, and teRus- 1blon d d s kater yearpo second, barely ahead of Petra
sans alre have collected 14 b 'Burk of Canada.
medals while the Unied Statesanaa.
has only moe-anid Wit'r She completed her feat Sun. Eer Maentyrnata, year-old
Aide from speculation about day by ing te 3,000-meters Finnish customs officials from
ow many more medals t race after being victories at above the artic circle, earlier
R a might win, the big the other three distances. Be capturedhis second cross-con.
asn da cause df te the w, water squirt- try skiing gold medal. He took
w toda y nd s ice wndtr teed from her blades as she the 15 kilometers after previous.
next aix days. A warm south skated ros the s ly winning the 30 kilometers.
i d l the F oeh inate Valentin Stenia, Lidia's His victory brought Finland's
Mip o heoa e taw' tohe tea ate, and P Haw of total of medals to five, second
Alps-broug a th North Ko shared second only to Russia.
101i.nir ar S..ida .

valuj uia a.M0u M .
Sw wn mushy icewet an

Foreign Runners

Top Boston Meet

BOSTON (AP)-If the Boton Carroll, a native of Ireland,
A. A. Games is anyindcton, t ra a brilliant 1:4.7 anchor

could be a painful autumn in
Tokyo for the United States.
The met's recordetting per-
formers-Wendell Mottey, Noel
Carroll and Tom Oliordan -
will bear the colors of their
lands to the 196 Olympics.
Caadian middle distance ace
Bill Crothers, a heavy favorite

half-mile and psd Villanova
to an all-time indoor two-mile
relay mark of 7:.t The pre1
vious accepted standard by
Kansas was 7:30..
Irishman O'Riordan lowered
the meet two-mile mark to 8:48.-
Sas he warded off again Pete
McArdle in a fine race.




) II






Pk. 472.2486, Nm w ry
Ph. 376-1919, City

6C5 N.W. 8t AVENUE PHONE FR 6-9090



r 5W


a W
AUS Ih i

E ottAN

menW urn ae

A Sl44RE

Is the space in the attic of your home going to waste
In so many homes a disappearing tair will enable
this space to be used for comfortable sleeping, plus
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Remember, it can be done'with NO MONEY DOWN
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Your GuardianMaintenance serviceman is trained and
kill ed te j ojghtehasJhe advantage of pro-
fessiona inigothM nationafGeneral
Motors Training Centers: The specialized equipment he
uses means a faster, finer job. This distributor tester, for
example, takes the guesswork out of a distributor over-
haul. It analyzes theproblem and makes more precise
adjustments possible. He has available genuine GM
parts engineered to original specifications for replace-
ment whenever necessary. See your GM dealer regularly
For long-run service savings.

-- a---a mmAv- -me)I

mk I? I I AN
^_^DfflB BSH^^Bt

ainmt r ar*I lgII* oiUWIGe WtrnrrtrrTC Wigrgr


Russian Skate Star Does It Again

Modem Automotive Designs with new
type suspension systems demand an
improved tire tread.
Town Tie Company now offers a
scientifically designed retread with
extra tread on the shoulders
52014 Eiminat
560-14 Better
650-14 Quw4
S 700-14r

O*f Twao awl





Goin"Tille Sim -


f Flor. in the 1,000, disappointed the Jones won his 0th straight In-
oaches crowd when foul weather re- door hurdles victory, then said
held in vented his appearance at Bosthis was his lastyear.
i Dad to Garden Saturday night .
Dw det arde Saturday night "Running used to be fu," he
ry sec- And the old reliable amongsaid. "Now it's a chore. Now I
American citizens, hurdler have to push myself."
Itte o Hayes Jones, announced his re-
Activi- tiremnt right after the Olym- Olympian John Thomas con-
on the pics whetherr I make the team ned his peTokyo buildup
eeti r not. with a high jump victory at 7-2.
He no has 110 competitive
so sug- Mottley, Yale captain from leaps of seven feet or higher.
a Class Port au Spain, Trinidd, ranthe
da. Cur- fastest quarter mile ever indoors
ets for with a 4.0 clocking which
Is. eclipsed the 22-year-old former SKILLED HANDS
standard of .2. The man voted
d the outstanding athlete in the SPECIAL TOOLS
meethad run-andwon-a GENUINE GM Pi
S yard race in a dual meet against G
Y Dartmouth only a fewhours
e Jan-earlir.
tourney i
roup at G S C g
F = 11 -





1, ,



* da..v~a a.. ...g, *IM.S*J e"all

- .DEAR ABBY: We're a bach gys in Vietnam doing a
-job for Uncle Sam, and we rad your colum in the Stars and
-Stripes. at 1year-old kid who w u ppy becau she
didn't have a bedm of her own, didn't get the telephone
calls she wanted ad wasn't as weDdressed as some of the
-other kids, sure has a lot to learn. Do you know what happi-
-nss is for the kids here?
SHappess is having enough to eat so wen you go to dee
at night your stomach doesn't ache. Happiness is having
:shoes on yaor feet and any kind o nothing to keep the eo
ut Happiness is having a roof over your head. Happies is
-the hope that maybe yoau' be ucky tough to get some ki
eo an education. Happiness is believing that the dream f free
-dem, brotherhood and peace for all mankind will somday
come true.
SDEAR ABBY: What is a mother supposed to y when her
-mo age 13 brings a schoolmate home with him after school
-to "study," but they fool around in the yard a while, go into
-his bedroom and make a few phone calls, and then at about
5:45 when she is setting the table, he says to her, right out
-had so his friend can hear, "Mom, can Bruce stay for a
.per? Well study afterwards."
DEAR MOTHER: SLe is supposed uay. "Yes, dear." (Aad
she a ly dme.)

DEAR ABBY: Have you ever been kissed by someone who
doesn't wear dentures? It's nothing! My husband (Ill call him
Popeye) had all his teeth extracted years ago, but be reuses

I Best 4 Grach*
O Sarisde -Mystery
SMS ts In Sprtse-
SNewscope DaytoM
a (Col) Local News,
Sports, Weater
0 News Ss. Weather
SSuhine Almane
* Local News
1 News-Cet
David Brinkley
0 News-Walter
0 Operat Alphabet
a Zae Grey-Wester
Of n i, S f La
The Story of Mankind."
The Spirit of Mankind
meets with the Devil after
the invention of the H-
Bomb. The purpose: to
try to decide whether man
should be allowed to exist.
Ronald Colman, Vincent
Price. Hedy Lamarr, Vir-
gina Mayo, Apes Moore-
head, Peter Lorre.
SFriendly Glut
I Moile
Monday Night at the
Movies. "Phone Call from'


anger." After a show.
a troubled doctor
a cloning salesman
killed in a plane

crash, the sole survivor
calls on the families of
his fellow passengers.
Shelly Winters, Gary Mer-I
r -i _




Wihtwo v r mnm Fa a a-
el sei. wfte Abby,. en 365,
tos* CN *C "2. 32 d a
I"d a *lf.dWeid damW --
de.. Abby amwe d mi.

to wear his pltes. I say if he really wants to, he can keep
trying until they fit, but it doesn't do any good. My husband
reads your colmn and thMnks you're great. Am I right to fed

DEAR WIFE: ALL dtares ca e itted properly, if me
will ely give e t de bt a chtce. Tel "Pepeye" the et
tie be wes to iss ye he ll have It catch y k the
deat's office,
DEAR ABBY: I m a newspaper compoitor and your column
comes to my attention frequently. I agree with your advice-
most of the time. An exception being your reply to the man
whose name was erroneoly included with the list of employ-
ees, who though uninvited to the wedding, gave the boss'
daughter a git. His reason for not conforming were valid,
and his name would have been added purposely either to make
him conform: become a conspicuous nonconformist in the
eyes of his bsAs; or live a lie among his associates. Your
reply dictates that be should allow himself to be tickled into
donating to something he believes to be incorrect or to expose
himself to a potentially vindictive superior. I feel he should be
defended and oommended-let the one who added his name to
the list kick hi with the five bucks.
DEAR MR. ARABEE: I don't knew fr which newspaper
you work, utthey are lcky. Alhu g I gave a great deal
of though to my reply, I mut aduit I missed the beat Yo.
answer was bqtte, sad I tbuk yo.

Lynley, ohn Huston and
Romy Schneider, who
0 Andy rMfi
Mayberry has only one
squad car so Barney buys
a World War I vintage;
motorcycle for patrol!
*OSg Alag-Sougs
SWhat a the W'ard?
* U Nq Weather,
Sports i
* (C"rt News,
Weather, Spis
S Movie'
"Accent in Youth." writ-:
ing a pla about a May-.
December romance, the
author finds himself in the
-same situation. Sylvia
Sidney, Herbert Marshall.
Sm Joany Carso

S What's New
SI've Got A Secret TUESDAY
0 HighSchel l: SiMa stes
Basketba ll S a Semestr
,- 15 I SO shim e Abl oent
* lCA y. : 'SU wald civicatifn
8 Sir Keneth Clark Pa h St dy
I Dauy TLMas 6:351 Sushne A asnc
Danny, Kathy, Charley :40 Livig Words
and Bunny figure it's time 6:4 a Hi, Neighbor
they made friends with 6:1 0 Farm ad Home
their new country neigh- 7:1 U U Tday
bors. 8 News. Weather
SPsptves 7:O Raa ger al
SArrest A Trial 7:l Ne
*a oymod AndA e !: Oa c eak K rn
Stars i 6 Jaek LOm
"Anatomy of a Movie" S Bache Father
presents behind-the-scenes 9 IRoper Rne (eatr)
views of a major movie. 9:3 Q Gale Stw
'"Th Cardtal," which Jack La me
was thee years in the People Are P
making. Aiding Joseph10: Say Whe
Cotte in narration are News
producer-drector Otto 8d Sdee Aond Yes
Preminger. photography: Wald Noris (Celor)
directory Leon Shamroy 10:5 8 U News
and Tom Tyrn. Carol 10:3 Word For Word

0 ILave Lacy
1I:8 0WorM d NfNbers
ad Frms
11: a 0 (Celor) Comeetra
0 PriceIs Right
11:3 S U Mssing Links
0 Pete Aad Gladys
0 New Ba mhs
112:U0 Yur First
8 Love Of Lfe
0 High Sehal Ohemistr)
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8 Search For Tonurr
2:45 Guidlg Light
8 Visithg Spash
12:55 6 News
1:N 8 News
8 Midday
SLocal News
1:I5 Match Game
1:15 Faus
8 Elemeary Spaish
1:3 Sdiece
SAs Tre World Twmu
Erale Fard
2:6 0 8 Let's Make A
0 Password
2:25 U U News
2:U06 Nm
2:31 1 1 Doeters
o0 oe Party
3:* 8 Loretta You
3:5 e New
6 Edge Of Nght
13: 8 Ym Dla't Say
4:0 8 Match Game
0 To Tell Te Truth
0 Secret Storm
Papeye's Pals
4:52 News
4:31 Buns And Ald
0 Wody Woedeker
8 Movie
"The Half-Breed." Robert
Youg. Janis Carter.

.SMILE! With Art Buchwald

Solving the Canal Problem

.$Many people are terribly diy.ischool children in the Panama American citizen have gone
tressed over the problem of the'canal Zone want the America, even lurther and suggested that
Panama Canal. Because the flag to fly a e, it has been P cana
Panamanians want their flag suggested that we build a n..w fil the Pana Canal
It flv with the American fla canal Ml sumX so the Panaanians
and because the American igh Some of the more indigantc't use it once we leave.


11. nydda
4I .~Cmsle


-14. Dade
k alvahs


19S. *A


[ 3003
Cmoa G

(Sdmes to Is n Pnse




6. ANadf

3U. hI

S.There is a lot to be said for
building a new canal to spite
the Panamanian. After all, if
it weren't for us they wouldn't
have anything o fly flag
over, md it's abut time we al-
lowed high sool students
to mnae fei paey abroad.
be question is ime we
ma bhid it It bm been g-
gsted hatwe bid the new
canal to Nicarag a.
As everyone ows, Nicara
g is a very peacil country
and they would be delighted to
hav: build a ca l there
without insiing the Pan-
muai fl's 4 flIg over il
'Ie m dd be satm led jO
q w"uld be a*s-*
to have the Nkura fla
fly imTal l e" i Md solve

the Western hemisphere. Of!
course they would insist on fly-
ing the Frenchflag over the
canal while they were digging,
but we could persuade the
American high school studeI jf
that it was only a temporary
measure. i
All right, so it's now agreed'
upon. We will finance the ca
nal in Nicaragu proidi the
Frencd dig ce the analis
Iblt, we wIl work out a soe
o either sieof it which we
wl call the Naragua Caal
Zon. This m oe rwl be .
strictly to Americansu asd w
vants working for t fa

Te e will pay te Nica
Sragons w ork n the a
oal a hlary ncoesaraw wi
their a living tadard, ad
te Asawll be pad a
a mae qual to what te
would mO ke in the aUned

the ft q~tion. I this w there wldht Le
w utt. betwem lb tug.
ier ASaa vSe ha m.
N aea problem isl how do To AmiBkmn eM
you a ew cal? ft has- (eei ..t*uw
bea n ted tt you do itM1 i e .m uew ad
;wih aamic c a ubit. Ra -bU a RaSb

sw, a"a "e x. mou Wf d ta tt AM Almi
Saw a rm b thme fb g a
opw dale dvaa hi wy 4

.Im mmito d i Fa wml ImlI .
is to atbqtrtd thi o BL thAi ash heM phiu,
d to the Preach, whit I the Si d tn shf
manMs d to doeo ut* 1 e No aIV u n
Ib tee u. 7We nMd m P art
benwMa a trbUe tee. I um
A fim cIIaiMo rnr ittihspeu hmg
.. Id.. I;


_ ~ PnCartI~~e




r I II


A, r ./


Im IAwLrnz um
* Uo wUC zrn rn\w~lANYa

m awmmu


* 0 .

Happiness Is



JL;O-w it

Aigo, ran iuren



St. D@A
41.JaM&'s m
a a"

- imm"014 NIN




i . t

jm mpr


Mondy, Febuary 3, 1964

Alan Ladd Screen Hero I ale Alsr

I I.


0. E...E

Offers to sel or buy may be mode under Miscellaneous For
Sole when n other Want Ad Cassifcotien ists for the
merchandi offered.

Femiy Wet Ad ca be wmed at the nate d 4 Abm, fr 3
aelicte t a! ea ei t e .L Ad eatwIul ce Ie per

How To Sell

and Buy with




Family Want Ads may bo ud by
any idyiuel, non-basinmss ad
vertder to offer to sn or buy meor
cheldise in any of these Want Ad

lie, per day. Fe hrrda eseml iem, Family Wet Ads my be
endure for a fu wet, strtinge ay doy,at the sme low nte.

To quality for this special rate Family Want Ads will"
Offer onlv a single item, or related items (i.e.: Couch and Chair);
start with the item offered for sale or purchase; state the sale or
purchase price of each item; contain the phone number or ad-
dress at which items may be bought or sold; appear in the ap
propriate classifications;
Have all words spelled in full except for abbreviations used in
every-day writing. (ie: St., Street; Ave., Avenue, Fla., Florida,
Allowances for error in Family Want Ads will be made when error

is reported on the first publication day of the ad. Allowance will

consist of extension of publishing days to equal the days on which
errors of material importance to the meaning of the ad and attrib-
utoble to the Sun were published.

Family Went Ad deaile: Weaday-5S30 p.m. preceediln
day. Sunday 1 p.m. Set. See Weu Ad les for complete phese




101 ..L
lAd Phe

Check the closets and storage rooms for any of the following itemn
you may hove that you do not need.



(Decrib the Item CWley)

(Meie meMM dm seiw k *" ve P)
TONAME ....... ............................."......... .....
ADDRESS ..................................... . .-*. *-*.*.........*. .- -
TOWN ............. ...... .... STAT.........................

FIM ldnud Ale As h t e Ad

MmI lae m Wws M Dept.; Box 57Cn Glvwi, Pta

Gim m .................

l MMlIs ...........-.-

U6,,MYLH IM _^.._-

fhiI I iil- i .........,

.I .*...... .. lO.....
RMio m fle ne


TW. hb a m les****-




I I m remnt
I Lesd a d
4 pheaah s mervii
STravll IHre
I MeIlel Neie
I Baby ltlors. CUM Can
SPlae T Go Ai
*Thl To I*
1 Airpliase Sals- alte
mo8Tnba fer iMl
IN ,waud
aI Trnsem Truek telRe
is Waeld
SnMateOr M a urtm
" Akmembilef Bories

IIt Audlte sbuel
Is aisn a aoWu
V Nooe. DUaah

Ut kdp r I-a rl
31 Wasted-IbetreieM
II WVe Waoed Male
Is Wo WWAled Fmalao
1 Mlale Help Waded
11 Female elp wug
M Frm 1KtIas*
V' Feed ft FrI '
i Lives" da Iqes

SIIUr to l kW
Ml Leaeekae To oel6
a PaN atpIN

11 LIMeek Wufted

* 3bu Waled








faP us ag un MS
a smme ar &
A ieU5 VS 0

To OMI buma
-0 -"a

I Wauts t* Ow

it Huilure ft a-
U NIM. Fir l"e
47 Triaeg Pie
SArtiele WaMte
* Fuel O Weeds
U Ised Mule 3jui
n7 C..ou.p j i
3 Office Equipment
S Musklal eheaMe

Us Let ft sale
at Watefrit fProgert
U lseem fr sle
N Cottage For, a
37Beal Estat e Exchaet
SReal Esate Wsted
a Oat of Tes Ps pero ,
41 tai otir T an me
4U Farmis Asere
a Clrsed Prpert
44 coth.Ire Forant
4. Fumbled Afpl.
4 rsriM isLl Apl.
47 Einnt fwo Rest. PFar.
41 eIe. hsi Rel
b Roita R-l
SI MiN. inalt
ZIA Wuate To Beat
i5 Bords Wulted
ofee Diek Bpse
54 Bliell lealeb
22 ISplal Bierldi
2 ISOw nimprivemente
14 Ra&Ae TVT
U Appiace 6 Faraue

FIREWOOD when yno I it. 4
hear delivery. Service ull
factor and lowet pric lur
ameed. PhoneI -MU.
FREE Special Il-ht I[ran.
Sill oi u MauC ai Cncral
AMaltion, OCdla, 629-544 In.
tioduclorv offer

IRE DOCTOR tht ia the ir
cident between the motorcile
aind Sijet Road pickup at 6 o0
PM, Ornge LIke, plea.. *all
collect Mclnloih, 59-l a-t n-
I comnc Uo Gainesville'
I aby Sitns, Cl hli

a u aiand a fr rourn&.
N II Iti. FR C-7I
CHILD CARE Sor rhildres or .
lant. Private home. Piaon
R 4341,. 1!7 N W. l11t Ave
Child car dealer. Pick up Ia
L tlneood and JJ Finley Day.
Sk. or mo Phone Ph 2 W.
WILL care for children in my
home, Phne FR 6-0021
WILL care for children in 1m
home, p, kor 5i dv Sal.
morning ree. 1931 ML Ph St.
Ph 372.4517

Farn up to SS per hour demon
ratingg famoluus St uio (;l
Cosmeli-, Full or Pitt Time.
Phone 376-436 4
LEGAL secretary A Z. Adkinl,
Jr., 1I S W. 3rd St. 172.3331.
WANTED one waitress. AppIr
n person to the head waltress
Hotet Thomas between 7 A M.
and 1 PM. or from I PM.
Newest mol modern furniture
tren in North(blr ril Fa ha
oPM for experienced rsal
decorator aith emphasis on
sales Opportunity limited
only by your imagination will
.toetu to work and learn aind
delrm to gei ihead Degree
not a important as experience
and Move qulillicitons (ail
Mr Oaik'e. 17T. for appi
Sperry bha deiralble posimnl
iriliable f-r experionred tao-e
Iraphers %ih ddeveloped l r
larial skill Starting ailary
determined by prior exper-
de with increase based oa
regularly scheduled work per.
formian" review. Promotrni
opportUnflieia d) work
week. Excellent working rcon.
ditiona and benefits. Submit re.
sume In confldece or tIleo
phone 37211i, Ext 25. ro,
LADY. 11 to 15 for perman*nh
poIltb. Airline work, aptr
Ine preferred trielle(fi fi.
lur with nfavrable frlne
benefits Write to Bo n .
A r0 Go'lle bun
NOW ele near Wilder Coaw
men waltag fr r Amn lrlerre
Call MI Ruru at FR 24421.
I1 Mole HNl Wltned
xmIaM EDo arm at.
at. ad ulwar. aud e a .
Appir llS PearM o wie-teie
RetdreA 14 SW. rams t
It" Y Oeae k Gaiaesh.ill
Age Wqiulre"ent t Nigh
steel ducauts. Mod be
M-atel. Ab average le.
James JohsonI r Wiliea
Carleo. at Carti Dai.
WAMTED AiTEsRa muts.n
Only eaxprield aeed ip
Pb. nI & 10 Mrl. I"
MALE SetIpenr,. se TS-L
Salary cefordl r smalu -
itHo. Applt y n K. UuivenIty
WANTED *Auti*thiRe ashatl.
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Look around your home and find some cash
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Yes, Your Neighbors Are

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1ow! Why Not You???

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Plumt FR 6-0541.

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U. S. Civil Service Tests!
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HAZEL HEIGHTS . ***"M e y t ar t IelC '--._ -a
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Fh i ar wIu M taEbE IS fl1i 3 DN. e3T. Y D N H MULTIPLE uSNG 4 s se pe i
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1. 7t V"a -I a b 866 t WLLE Sal NRealtor StopLook-ct: SMITH, D
As to arjB rChiS OAl .H abt aAm u1sY 1EK4 bil.eT AU s S t, esM Realtor

Agee 1mu es Ce b. l c In l s eYad.adAd et. 07 W. IL .BU IA m hewa Armn a 3 ses a n-ceam ,. GIADS iA. SR EAsLTOR
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THE JAMES CO. AR 3an. c aft s a1& o i n qualified war, a A

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." 1 -h t"h" "-e""" YOUNG --..FRED:
aa. metbaiasIn. K I" sp ow J.Rnod-ARNOLD :
0 A SALE BY OWNyE nts C HOMES CalJ. W. Davis
sen g a Fsm e 1sa u PRESENTS s t I E
-* thNIt-s VILLE'S NEW BRICK TwS oryl
mUF ON MODELS J. W. Tw o-Stry
S "AEr m BiSTBUl OPEN 10 a.m. 7il Dark Kirkpatrick il. m l u
Phe ar.InStll uwri t Yto nM bru a I bed. FEATU RES: irka trik
N ."p d.s.a me ll .. bea. roa 1 ba seaso n quill rtA m I.. (6, Lr Sel4th io) I i
II i *L oral t ao P inpaon ue CR ner lw tls wU a IB alk illM '
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SAS Ith etlsPa dI sld atory Culbi kitchen tc tm i I bam sA, a e Ins. aedrnII I
THE JAMES CO. fi,l laes cm dWB area with Overiad r bat b Mo. a hest h uec) a
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ky 1"" a 4". FM DMWARDS I NC. t m ia A ar 11^ c u e Startling.
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SPasait a A Ph A meAM. & Wf e 4Stied & uicher. Oiaauvlls a to.r 3m MM in IS. dh alet.
111. 1" a Nu,1 Su1 YOU N G1 a ts c S7 tacw tias. W W hay Ta S a S tisas aw acato
o" "5a^x OWNp r ioa a snmr. P YOUNG hee Part Ma"uAa
I* I MIIt s I l00dfen IS. ace o a5 i tatIma=.
*e AndAL M a low w n- &iM I aE T m IH LnS -
w. cuan 11 ot I AMERICA Ca As f "or SS'eI JelCas -e&asm
021 Ca! E. Mt l 4_a r cxA. Te m to '' oa. SUM$1
FOR SALE BY OWNER Wadedat HOMES =..dao fInse Acres
-WS.. %smets- a w .. HOE ticr.s. I "a mr am sea
4 I g p N IVn 4 u. ~ --_ ___ NW 34th & 7th Avenue o rs. sa- 11 4101 adly Xbony Bdne u mk-iifcdl
Ne a b I& s. = Wa A RARE Phone 372-7070 5310L it I u. 'ly. A 1de Wdkd
rOpp Vt aUanityn nd uatULM.& a pl n.* M0P
FAMILY FUN Opportunity WOOD oa t t N.
ON Tow Imu a Kmnly urn el As PeaktYea S d rSi Ahee. u as NW -t
a *.... .a e s.RK H H
g(a eMISA adI effeo aKl 0a S Cron I V r do"t a m MpphARR |S AL Je| ti
SOri ai s B m. a b mat" H*w a.a"s I e P r ad. 0 Sart by Me Large Selections
Ocawe Lek he INt ac. NW "am I 1 bal Man C f ^t pan no
roin. Lau r ia. lwn. costrets. MaeNly. rpay w *e len Hs
ZL hut ieSel. mtt M l PRESEN TS cal f A sea Lt. ma o
ihD. Us d MAet. an At NWu31 ab St and NW Ileaw r3 iA
j u. ch Sr hr S P aLe WAlable.Nw" M H
C lldrC a ltos -aWalk to a i ad Jr. dLAM a3 e a w Ib ath k.
MIA snca.r Cal AW. ARNes O NL
S $72 MONTH ALm AIs"iAl 0separatel al KIRKPATRICK ARNOLD
Per a on w.t *a. m. n mMeo. r ida rom 1" pll. a sawo om
PNr u' omn luw a wA wa- am e l REALTOR Mok11,11m
- e i-Ns. t to pp r M Adt: Pel s
& icsel soca. bal ta Lar SM S ITh DEGBTFtL lUVN. Lcly Jti ACiOCL Wq JAM M~ W a
s. .utly. 3 Ie ed a. I balth ho.e I F e M *tlaem .. a InnM ea s a s t F. r1. .
SUNIVERSITY1 SLCe2' ? mase ai ure e vIiU Ns*a f m5i
Bw A, r it $11,1 011w. I 2 tla w a amwl to wax caet

Soby. a ea NCau.C *-.n. u, U LOy AND LIV A
1h9W, j4 322LLThmIres I bue th I Ao batekm
in "SeIling Florida Since 1906" bu sM t- I o a Aa I
mo. JUST HANKERIN euty ae we ca.. Bea ONE- ST OP Do
P maw. Irg ye l sIle ing W. "s4e i .sm. eel.0.] ocaM. C eo w
. aPieM. na . .. ,Arw bwh HUa H wBl as W& Home Buying Service!
A s sighboryeaYme 4Ma clba ed iaw *ir draf cs ed
A" .. w I a EDWsRD Nf111111 bt.. Centralbu t And ir cow
t *. Ntlorthwt be ke A Owve20 MoMdAls $12, SOt$2,000
=am fl w a sr 2SUr Is. E. m b ahlW maorr ao. a en oarsei
us VA "I pl boo c n l y ively bed ro llsotes .W f y r e VA,u FA
1 0 iW c IrTk I w t s. 33la Ig ba z m to J. J. F-lay
Ra I 1 wIGLADYS SMITH uad it i aic uM La NoDoWM NA L
REALTOR Bb swamn h ae"lft -Iowa.A CONmE OAL
FOSSEY Waple l eft1w10 bot an WN Ior lHa u" T-dl
raecsh: rnSelsB BUM km fr tsadlaf scca YAHs5
SU V. VrUt. An. Pt. cari Nw wP h n r cla ImeiPate c- AlelM PONl:
As An Maul ba. Nut LION -.t *o at 3ar4-bra lkeUe:
i a)3n OOlXlba.WI I Nb. asctaa16m aua UIL 1 10 1 i e. t1. $77
ed hb. l tl M" IteM lgas Y. IS A. rjufr A TI
S ""% S S-L a -* IMe ITme

nas seema. = SIX NM p Ia Sf"la ... TO11
S111 01 S L W ed iM ?le sina. N. -aA ALTO" A ASIOCA W.C a! a sIo M a s tr I -a A 5 S
at. i = a.e 1e W A Did 6)man =Y. o. Lim= 1011111
Waft = Alw Ata elmf as L Ja s a nAt u' ies isi Vln Si if iri BE a r i ul S
& mwaxsE U. rI=1:5was e R i Isa J wuI a Ii Tl a.allbwhRt"I

Ib& pcea sMf "tr e a Na a to iA
- ISmb" Iad i.g tI a awav my me Note aMlsP S tee AndTA luue
mlik. al i Mead ed l a i h. iiM i I i a LOLCA I IN so. aI.
e Air Ci. a #Aet sal M I"t-i* A i" a tn ".es ides.. S .e.

H IS A i Pa A e.a "3be.0 ti Slld anbd, na3 bd fl Os
-as0 m I & lybrY a or A A i Bbe W BUTLER BROS. IAeuOW.
4b ifrn m i"i -Mruaw lme M A ti hse l Maws i t iCE & Q nL saw rule
UKe nSI-X1110 AmW a n 406us d- ag.a d iu f O
A g o eo ast f V-w c *a Nein Uat A ta in al a Dmi h
Mhu m T.r. SLi -s w 4 a Ams.,a 0 i M S
tIS&Lec M hl.3L, H0AL ad dubsHa am a O am urn11 1I B g I
We A aM 2I1 m n m giaL' EDWARDS I. INC. 4 W. a X.W. =r flu e1 a w
PHsi n 641111 aft U It ft 1a ma MAW &41 m
us I a Cm E m 11611 AWUf% A.

5 Hou Fw le I OWER
_-- --------3--- _D*IL U 1T hEt-bedroom.
A O Was.R.b ric kbae abe e oe "p.
ai Iomi -cc. 1 B. faly im. witt fplacam. te- "ialrtpM .

'A rl Urs is, S. Hi h uwh,. o ,,w 2
I b doors m tral ar o elst mr headinr
"oa soa mum SSS onYm a k"uas w D. & S Oe dq 1
*EA --21--TURES-PL orm .371S an dIM" "H' nc. today at
* tl 2t N m d *t at MSI ftL I IP 6-2214
. *aim I r m MUST SELL
11. T1ins1! hr Ul. cat 2tahe1.Wlia U _____________

Sf- a* a. a Wa. srW a c I. lu t^ r .
B. u m i O l IAN .. .... iL. S ell
NI 331, e1e r t 1 m "It.
DRDY CEI trlatw ve. *M. N .e.,

B, ti n-. GIGNrol states .l ,, .n
- -- ._~ne .7 asl N I b. ae nia eW""f. her H
FEATURES r M r* W "H", Inc.
S a ------W "We Trade Hom m.

I ssrI hen st I ait
a m a eaultd. HOMES ... a" -

- h Wes i..n. n. w 1 hywr
NX Gai. mera. em..m,
* PaItti b iu he Westvilla 1021Wb NW40thDr.
rhetpow itssptee Id R aweStAlia 1 B. 1 IL 3tM 46.
i u o N ,eM. NW 16t A. OLI7YSt I a~o. sm. T

Budgeting Carol Estates ru r
r c. sbeam rI wtra Nm R S tst Av. rNfl ,h1S*t.SaI
S*r a mn Itmw n _____ 4508-4628 I L L
-m md iM rrA. wama I u. It. Dwm.
o Um Im iAt A Yom. 74." Mo.
SWA" FOMfl & A&.
rIATBS, gRmI le TIRMS! 4527-4c17 S I tL.
mrd" WALTER SnUBS, 4518-408 1. U2WF
Oak Strip Inc. s3B.1-11Ai i0 Dew
Warn au* s m at ea 1321 NW tA. I1 mN .
tatl rYou will iod i thi 1. 594 30331151 18 111 bS.. ba re s "I Im 106-304-314 UI 3 b.
i ir at cmilrt ho Sc t Mike Keth, Asick -4R. 1-mt. mlS Denn &
1 Blg row by a aw "II "We Trad Houses" u per o.
m a na sr Fde roon
I att FORinp T m aW?
ICE & AMLlC Nl., SHADOW LAWN 124 S. 7th St
i*[ ESTATES I *y I r S
Wishing cu_-__ham_ _m
WA be meommrr my Momi n O r"d o f h amAL h AU OUR iONES ABL
tStamkm S11 Al OPEt sr l N FOR TO% ?0
Srm ilk Tairseas. F. D. OLIVER VUO IW0 Amy.
A vcr attraetin v ehme TOM Er YOU mL.
* by Mrek crtab camre 3 mJUST CA".
heaft ad a verye1 stes r IM .S. F1h diRR a
Fi ri m. CALL rR. L We-lus N 8mt Ave. es PI S.o. mimS
s= 111 a m m ake y m f w s h a "c d ea m te
WC f AsCT C. SO.p ar ohs @o h
cc" Ir

r. Gma Fardyc, SIser
rI. MNew auI b.akr.a
r .W. E. ouor. Auoclate
r. Bamr r9400, Almd*to GIR
M Wet Ulrerrt Ave.
lam, LaWt. besl. ram
i id La Prty. Ralph puse
Form a AcndAm&.
-. C. -"-Lr uI Jr. Fordy* AF W
n iI. MAI a.
Ir m aI ftr m 4 Um WarnerWese
J. W. Kirkpa
OWN YOUR John Mrrill
rf .l Wilbur Bi*Ah
rw IlmIsw m
UVnirnty Pork
Aphts. Gainesvi
Ba 11025
st. LsI Ide1de, P1.



trick Realty

M. M. I
J. F


Pitrce S

Agency Dan
Agncy Arch Cam
p, Realtor Red Frank

lie Multiple Listing



& Associat
imrt. Realto
Smith Reulty
versity Realty
Amold Realty
I Byrd AOency
bell, Realtor
s, Real Estate


A o


Important New Sign in '64

Homes by Kirkpatrick & Pierson

You'll find siekers with the above meoae on all furnaces In
new '64 horses in Highland Court Manor-nother in a long
list of significant imp mes being mode continuously by
Kirkpotck ad Pielon.
What it mea, of course is that all new '64 homes hov fur-
noe whic wiN accamodate a central oir-condiioning unit
fa yr ur added comfort in the summer. wM about it todoy-it
can be instlled at any time.
* Over 20 Modes, red Fm
12,00 to $17,250
* VAand FHA Appeed
* FrIs MmakOiMp in bdisive, arkts swim aClub

Sde Offi Leceed 1t N1 23dM II I11i Teme



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5 HN for Sle

BYTOgl Mlmn to8 mt
ost M le US M
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soFa l.adn M
Tn.I. a | a. m. m..
TeOMhr. reder, ae t nat.
tafeapIIS, M Mus. aMMf
atfl iTn Ib. bs Is U
41. An Call M sM to am.
S sl p sner ah. n am I


4 BR's -

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-M M cr AM MY
*CwI. EAT & A/C
*mcom ot va
*oIILY saI EXc. ymu

HIS N. Mat 1. PL M-41
W. M. iMre. BIeater
BW M sH a. .anM
Tr ma" is ... iw.
W Sf nsm ... Ms ramilw

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CEOR AL iM OW i k Ap-
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apWeo. *M Machk NW MtS
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VA K 11S AcresIaM Si& ef
NW 33k Lt. aatilul ereek
nasilag tPn p"rty. Lare
at had m new under,
-inancing on
Good Terms



FR 6-5301

Win be broed to *.M
FEB. 1st
Calln Nerwasi ope or dtat

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tow. Ml WStW d I
SUM a MB.ts ..92
CmW. m a v X

45 kEmeea AP&

1 aes.. ne4a. tbe, i6
Nx.W. IM Ames. e0 ise
Mesmay ree 01. MalN .

Gainesville's Fine

ums. or m.. Ca
F' L dE .Itewnte""
Ig amt N -aI LVEW

I u. UVM Rom. rnt.
maHL nuama. soWM
mftuL& 1X el M d AVX,

1 DMOOM gara aeutS.
Stene.d can a so.

1U.. W ptor ane .

SMALL apartma. atM
NSeef ,tnle oa. INh
MW. radl ei M

livng tm. Ne item or Wo. MtL NW M aA r

3 ROOM furnished apt. for
adults. $60 per mo. Call
FRi 6-6527.
MALE roommate wanted to
swam apt. FR 2.3748.
1 Ai0L. 4104 N.W. 1t TAe.
ranm. nMatt. Water urnish-
4d. Phase FR 631 or lIMg
Mr. HaRs.
ICLOSE b private 1 BI ap. It
S A lezx. et & ch walermi
Ar,. MI me. No pe. lsuire
i SW 3d Place.
Yon NEWt cl tashd 2j
bats. aparttG OnB Hg.
way 1 .7 mies f Gau
vitle. Near Mnasee. fseato
FOR Ram w ta I apt. or
oWfidny eateg. haltr
or weh..e. w aM .. P..
mami Mtean. Pt.
WAGOUs ndn 1 baseW
isAlbedl aerteat. S pm
Mah. M N. Hi a flP. e
I LARGE bts.j.w 640eeWt kE-
cmf atd atk. Ielly pMi.
ats. >l wetly paIn all aU.
time Dc. flae WaldO MI-lma
rvmiauE austutM. adfts
"y. ChtO. eeetAble. bt
ad en water ftoed. w
peW Moth. It N.X. 3rd Av.
Plain 2472
4-noOS, cswpl els, nw t ll--
dre er pelt Water jrnaked.
as me-h. La NW a it.
wno s tr. wt. elM
an d sla. IpL Pbom n
2 BE ar with I BR E n raft
brick OeL I bl Uk. cramp e.
uw BROs NtLem. m to 53
per me. Call McKew Grre
Ite. ra "tI.

McERN wa-heatS 2 BR Uda
pA I eR (u s). utWty upgeM
as lea-'l. t? NW =th Bt.
U a Met Sttable hfr poi
or clres. *s6-M. Ma
P.M. or rFa M aer I P.M.
COLERD property or rut.
Ill N.. It Street. PbN F nt
24 wr Fra 3es.

47 HeNoi for nM os.

eaumn cer. is NI ,rt utnet. 2s bed-
Ai BYRD AoCme. me. smeas. Ulu.S ed e. praral.
AOCIATmS: 10 I bedse. hMeW. fa.Ued.
Waler wteddard. E. E. Hollow M m eet idng waler,
M N.W. lI St.. Ph. F S-U11 peeefw ee P *-. fPea t
No"r MUtUIple Litin L

47 Minfw R F.M

MIta. t hr. ol", La 1
ea nat Mpor m -
- ..sM. w sor lliM,
was-r ai..1u*M. w Larf*
WSWer sm. t iNewMd a
ae..s e ..e auone Wv
- peteA la

0 He" fse RM* UnIlr

3 DLb. espIne bcmos
LWe biKS gaSt wit pea
s..seme.ssam o am.
haun.s Nea ebela Ma
asks c04r. caln 1 3
m N.e. a ft3eet
sPAcWs: 4 Tne.. I both.
2s N.A S0 Ae. Cll Me-
flaw uee ha.. FA Wit
MD I B aR. 2 n aot. wit
*hwM i aM in" a ow
flM. s ... .....d
=r1 ;z MC -. fi-
n I*y. 3t. n sn.

Su3 Mb. Vat& FReb. ,
ft FrA 44 3 We@ma
tal IM3 N. Nab 3.
3 M. Iwse ni hosk orI
..5 0,1 a rat .5 on
ML 4 A 74L A. it I

fMALL S Asae n afe ea
xx P" pw Fi
at S5 h K t Terrace. $

N"w ai l no ariro: A
mthr e onbe. em M bas
kathe ued. SI MLpet

ath: t nsbateeh ban.
Mm. fu ft owir 11.
ta of'mhw bedroIF
Mer. W~sDP at S. d~t
M.. a. h *U asd =**a

r E. emr -Mt. oar re
N. n f iraiH.a rewt.
?l a call do ea by
USC., MlWa Uivsty Ave.
MIt. I R t 34 1
UOmea4PS an ag. riving
ru.. sntro .e dwSagm. den.

Ha. rie.t d~e~k eau~ete.
IV 6=M2. t or mo. ftP
NEa tu r sinwm. l Mdi
Fowna. mots, carport.
111M to aOPmNAl, Call nR
4 ROOM aste rV a n-tkk

lapir lad Tese.i s
tra. er 5WIMl TsUan

R leM u n aS e.
49 R"- lw AM

eaat 5U5 Mlinl *at
Tamez& iad k prtiamn,
tram&% vim o-PIr P2 640L
LARGE beted ae sm delm It
far man. Showers, frigra--
tor. 41 N.I lad Ave. FRI 2.
NICE elea rowe aIn private
bkome, ald MrMele & .,
Of Pak piari la. PMe s37.
M., M NW 31At Ave.
RooM 6 mit. 5 at* lit NW
1ut IL vlltl1 AXU. r after
3 P."l I
woseG 4O du. rival
aim a. 1. Tie.U
at 0M NJ. sai St.
nMo Fit 6-14L_
WANT G'Coad to sanr MMe
in NA. k Iinef r SM Lss
So molt. UtUttMe IsoWted,
call nRIF.31 days.r la3nM
nightM. mg La.
LaRnce 1h teas h*r washing
Ma. weekly maid erve
LB!ms ,ad liztnator fau-
.slod. ?-nas or aSmi._
a M. 6t6urale forr cople,
*r sin, pferme. SM M1 NW-
Mbi Taffr. Plana NfawM

m. i______
e" "as
rJNiSED reomti Md. em
vet .MU. Av downtl.
DOUBLE .m. or or mowat,
3 hem abom Pritv.4- ,
bates. t, bal. MW N Ift
Twr. sa 4 PX__

oaT gut Phi
3"garrnst ass hing .soa-
Bwitne.IiN let 3. fclea
parkl*c |GOM1MMU waly. Fra

i tf Pr B1i0a. rkPs
4t vanIo worin R4-MW*
00, e N.X* 1t fL PlM

vnmint to awM ad Usher.
a- P"w~iM nspeapie.'
Call I LW. IOi
iiWi u La. teems. nanr
II I m. I

I u~aftUniv. IM am as
Mdarn m for 2wasorma
eM ejoif. tsvM b e. 16
NvM ro thees ims private
emrses. er' i heatik, ao
ant r .dML. I L. And
Pl. PUIRS331
C=hMost .t l W iketo
*m 'n Taste,
Mpd iwro Mff 1 *a
PL "r. I It


Home And Busine

Air CeedIllming

orsaut 5
_ART &.11
A* main... hlm as
k. nIL n W

Applan Rapel

Parker Appli. Serv.
NSNo Ma* -A= so


Aepesbo lone..-
uW. a s
W.~~ WfT M M

BAUis b ReWir SeN.

M-n pa mu iwnc

flew. a ne. SM iU. L.
(awk) atM n a m.

mLa nes nf U


ohm "m ""
a~R mlSgm

Hem Senks

woo alon um omvenann
me UE an'~e
Skame & mssuas
enL- *"--**
wow ap iwad


- haml

... e'a's a
- v m **-


am tnam sma

59w fl Sn so


.u p n m-R.

iwen we i~m
a Sswanas l

beeb sft t aS m
.sAiuL -.iUK
Met-1- M wt e ed td ee
Web mateIsmei
maaM easw. at a lass i
am saona un eit s. ifns

vSIA maNMme P
nCrne -
mtaIdI II m
vs Od""s =mmes

M k a a itt

ow *0*BH moso '


rs& CA mI

Printed Patturi

9061 i ;-24

Leek aim maot in t east
MW nade wi wide hoabtder
tas to Is -eea bn. dal amy-
wse. Dotie as JImw witk
Printed PattNil; Halt
Simn 1t 16%, UW Sel, 2.1
SOL Sinm IV meirs 1 1/4
ruan aen sterie.

thNi pattern-add n5i c l or
each poten for fNrstcla mal-
las a d -pei haneg. Send
to Maria Martin, e Galsie-
vlle Sa PatteAn Dept.. 22
West th St.. New York 11.
N. Y. Print plainly NAME, AD-
DRE" wit hZONE, sU. ad
READY-chooe It from 250 de-
sign MIeas la new SPRING-SUM.-
MER Patten Catalo, jut outl
Dree. ortswear, coats,
mare Sad Me now.

MI W. Utnruity A.m
NI t Snobaalerpms o
r..e adem. w 1 me. PL
L 4n. Waer w-ae
1lls M. Mab A.

54 Am RieSa

WAIMUoMS pue hmr elS. .eL
eated at M L Main SLt. Call
13 iMa
GSORS offles. area
Salm arae. SEAVERAL p-
pest s. fort rme. Call ower
OR 4 5ML
TORE Mu for ent .
A Bawtene .Mr siM eMt
Drive- Theater. Apply
X. Unv. ATr. PL. O24171
ZaMCUiL lcati N. V.
Ift Av.. malla Ior aMly
MW. a S5a.L Abo *
mses available Inr MOea
month. Call FORDYCE & AS-
SOCATIfl3CM 5126
mUM IT. in eftb'm Feed
Fair 8blpfti Coat. See at
or caul FR 36 .

WNTANDMU arise datla
ionptmab lbr rigw ai
Coam NW U&t St. & It
Ave. Pbs.. n "MU


i1 wad te r%
wB BUY a- 55 all aB
..guy a m wesa .Sl
eaibt rae. TV. ll. C
ra m. _
MAWOOD ek bed In pd
oeilti. m A x I Mrug hr

ainreme fm i M
I -M t 0 v
is TV ets .e &sM FM 9

AWN"u GAWt K At Gate4f
wiHe Gee am I" me .!
Banl. 313 u.W. beA aeM
Sr Dug. i. PMm Ce e

alm aes. A. aines

YAdU lif lt phm r SL "

fto & IM ftwt: Zk fa& W

Sewing Machine
Service Co.
M wV. UaI. As. mr Ins l
MD hme drU t & a&t
- .n*". s7 W iod tie.
nm M my. IIDi
or l- with P1gm fl1
Fglas m. fees. P ma.

FR AW. Ts w W. e.. it.
Cal 154 s- 4 Pa.S

UmMR e tMe II/I
MWlu "-. IK d O l-
Mi bCn k Inva- M
. Ae afr 4PJ.
iM W hewr iW -M
aS sw
i1 m .mL=* m |b

AYwhe s.. n
2w bipm ass i Sft l
in e %Iaj a w po

*S .

4. mm- ma ftm

-av. sas .
1 rEmns% 4* rdule rawe
SId. mi ay aM Sg. e.
w-cL wb7 labs 1L

ize ado ae ad. a x
$A vae; m $very.

Wd*L few f45 O.t &e7
-O Milam. eMm n .

uls T 2 ML. f eesan1 a 11

s oa a %W eane $o3&
MAR. *A in. Ol m,

l~r. aO t e .d mc.. a"
"lum. I. -M CE..
M eaIt Isa eih
Sx r bAd .; r lase a

raU tas Pes A ad

idUM: 1E draI, Nft: I r.
aorbe an. s lBnd
l3t1; er. Ua 4x1X. fir
l0... 114x r m1.3. GAD-
DU Mi 1N7 mou, 1 NN nr

i Ae.t e

M*a. a xrso a l eu Bet.
er. C nall f nbe or pil

regs. al FrowD ilem
waine. P t. ia no

e TON YALE dhie saan cd
med. le; aa me C np.

O7e .a ImeigM & ruimm 'tt
TradoI Ens btae ter, 27;
Fore lmer. s$1.; iau PSte

r y l. tie; TiOMEkSa. lie
Wm bium d.o l teeo. Coe
es as a re Ce. tm3 u

0APT,. mT1in g oa te 1t g

tO eaMl ST.$ ; Al, b.
S- 145; Oak dto 1feasit

bed 11H; -drawn te I enu cheat
1as; 4-rawor eMe $121.;
dsk-Sest comb. sok 0;
ee. pat. woifl me
.1:; vtnrato reliter chair
I13; Odds & 4d. & nineag.
FMae Fal eM. FreeM delivery.
Pasitas's. 145 E. Univ. Av.
Tak Opare.. Piltt. ngrleo
C811e *$13.3. CFirkSas Pet
t"Sterm .st. FirioneM
It HP oosteurd ser VA.L
Domine at Pvia&o 0.3
PilM MO DTU air oad.
. B. Fires.ate 8M. 3 W.
UnIv. A"e.
FOR SALE ea& bad, 810; Capew
hart Hi-Fl Coasol/phAaa-
radio $M; PMM oF 2SU2.

70 ies-Marie hal.
1 YEAR old i st. Bpartcrnft
Sportmakn; *Iscl 3, sluem 2.
40 hbp Evimnude motor (Wew.
mued S h),. Resole etwring,
lights hora -ouar. A ew
battery. G0cr traitor. Priem
FDri AL UA Fla.
ices Electsric H art r-
amr O If' Softk Craft .We-
m ba MilmlUny tep. Ret
break frame trailer wit
heavy duty winlh U6 nand
atto payments. M. 1 o.
Balance 11 Ca&lcal r 4"l
after .
71 OffiM Eqebues
YOU ARX jrsdgd by Pn et-
turn. A Mew Ua.ed t s
writer tre out inrsents
letters fast. 10% down, fe
triaL DI.M XFR a-2S O.
Parkom CoMiplte talie Out-

73 Muslel Masehmid

Spinet Piano
Asswne payments or
con be rn-financed.
Cridley Music Co.
Galaueevft fsoup Cate
Open Mon. & Fri. 'til 9

I MLN.e441
at Cly Limit Son
CALL 372-511i

Souete Mobile
Homo Inrhere, Inc.
2200 Sea DCialHigHwa
:c~.a. riu

Monday, Februry 3,1964

73 UMWth maUtl.m

A fmative L P

Ty M#A1e m- for Sdoe

etm t L umsI
am a. aMOM.

iee e am b an
am MOB" BooM

Si at
Melr BNaMe aVd. he.
qtMd M ium
TWO ec n b aom krj
SM. -m bedrom bme boafl-
Wls M aH tyio rdau S
3r ALUM. tar Me. One
NuAoamF. rabtaks. bat d
ONE iO traler hr alWe wtt
9atoa. pw MS. Lmam
I GHeimmd Trailer Part as.
IS. phas 1*9.


Trailer Sales
OMm at

Traved Traue
&'. F rS m.*m Ho
Daes.-ai t ib m
Deat.e--Slac IM .
HE Sier rings rd.
ft=hone i 04
Oc"la, It.
bo- or SauI quity
ad tamke palnesa. CaUI
Ra l-Ma fter 6.

IN Jeeup Wae SM
=- JUee Pickuc -__
IM S teu"el pickup 5125
1N nIeuatmul pickup IM
usWaW 'A' Tdcor Rd4
Irt 14 Trertsr .. m
5M S. Main S.
IN NUIUDEBA 3 % Ine pek-
-onm pats s .. Poss 172
7 O aiter I P.M.

BU1. Mei. aaLef. 2 dr.
karig mmo coa p with whIte
le. pow. ering& A brakes.
fat& air SMdUM. 4 nw
tiRU. Oma oar. 1 S A
drtver. CaU 134& altar :M
P.M. ar PpI. _
CHEVurOLT s U d apmde
trampnrtatla heats. New:
baery, nrear eat &eae ang.
Talve Job, Sal rap, aWA"
pi". tum" M.S
WRVAS 12. IMe. Aat4'
Tru. INeter tnto wmnd-
sMelt SMl da. Amn pay.
amo ao Nw. MO UBe. an
PLYMOUTH, SI ., waso. 4 r.
new automatic trasisexa
low Wiao M- tkreU randl.
Mmeater, de. M Iop and
la. arse mt PH24W
HE ROM. 2 tr. hci. Poww
tae 6 a beet after.
11M. f1,t m 4 l

GWJ Used Comb
Top WNW pad
2201 N. Moel FR 2-4173
onetry a,, a.. I



VW JP ma wae War.
m 4a 4 Sol dis.. Ne
aL. Ms asn h inater,
Was 1taJ &rw" we, ive

- pl Pbs f sit
Ill Vl l n& *.

S V.Ie. m. Nmed. HN.We.

& U 'D VV4 Mat sMWat.
air m. ma amies. NW.

is e ah br.eas
Mn PoMal e aw .

sir mbura. ais "as.
Ui. A. aiter
asidmave maklmbl .JGood.
cs1 S all F kt8. bter.

al PLYMOMUT6 erL R & H.
w.w. SC be -m am MD NW
IMa aB Sft 4 PM *MkdaTe.
All day Sat. & LA.
44r. himp. w W edpp
imlnelog lady air, am
Bf. SB 141hU r apet to

IeeMeal A,=ieua. igrajht
AM I cyL. 4 dr. with heater,
Im *1. 17m aeal mleis.
310 Atem. -- baok pay.
*ets of $as per n.. P
ra 64n.0
1311 Cavamoxr. 44M.r.
bHe r. sal transportation.
bier. p- basp ,ao.
8Sl it Phee PA54al.
FOR Ma1e S0 1hrnt If.
a so- in Cnes S2 d.. whie
with red aierr. v on. Ia..
at. trwalmo. s1 ierso $141B.
Can Go" HmolelmneiH Hih
nprtbsl. a4-ni uas 5:30
'37 OM ta fall poera, ir
coNdiloMaL c heap. PlomT
's FOIID CamseM m se.9 W.
PPed Ias NUr traSck. o at
213 SBEM aL or phone YR
ABLtK in a Om. 2.Im
ad" Ph= MS.K
a5s1 A ew-MM Wied

WANT ED W= tksn Md ForJd
amd Cherolet. See at Haerson
series Statio. 316 I.E. 4th
87 Auitssbflem Weake

4-UEL drtie Velvrsial JaP.
Must be In a conditon.

WANrED Wrecked or Junk
Cam. Call FR 6-5378 after
6 p.m.


All t*- quality a
uandid iat

Authorized CaMdillc,
Oldsmobile Deist

FR 6-7515
Usd Can:
2001 N.W. 13A k.,
PR 6-7515



MILuR-IOWN Proudly Au.moca
IO3OEU*lv. Q tht
1n 2-as35. :" I WILBUR SLIGH

TIME ...
FR 2-1411
Courtesy Of
Usvally Cheele
N, Ma St. o 1sel Ave.

bao joined our used
car doponat.
Wilbur wishes to nvite
his sey friends and
customer, to drop by and
see him at
112 N. Main Sheet
FR 6-3400


The Public has been misquoted by many dealers of other
make cars as being the lowest priced Americ made car!


We are quoting te lowet priced American built car.

1964 RAMBLER: $1743

Ddivned! Wit or Wilet a Tuedl NOT A STRIPPED MODEL
* k.iwa.,, UWsb o dI--I *Fe s .da m e-P makA
1W 6080. wk hded wiq s a
* AdvMiewd wm Pe-ed 24 Isai? AM SeMs bole IlKw
sfi m Abslsed sdpdS Aselks d*e
* Csved Mdd wihdmo AoON e Imo4gd Md"
I* oenei dStdes-e ,h.d *r -m d
I o ,ew ed na3 Sew a l 2 s Iee e


1132 S. Main St.


FR 2-8433 |


ftmm 2.03

tea l

_..1 )"HAW & KW

I8 W. WUhm AsAm


m MMMIAe.m -am

Goinesville Sun


Are Bonr, Cleaer, Used Cars!

[0 TRIUMPH Sport '6' Convertible, radio, heater,
whitewall tires, lik new. List new for $3250.
Ne w eNl ............. ..... .. . . $1695

I'1 I

raise m. salw eno-
-ftl. lI new. Autogatc
htruambiL roe. hlter,
aMl aS tuall.

alse dr *sn. stMud
tranmiLb heater. bIn

atae Wage. 4-cyllader. e1.
tnra Ie. Standard traurais.
sh. hesmr.*Us w a v ties.
1e411 blue.
RiMMe pickup. CQeat

Mutet 4. ser. s dan uts
mal. radio,. eater. NIce.

Mat wa on, Lesabre. -t.
dlo, beater, automatic, power
dtenrim. Extra nleA wagon.

r. msea, automate, radio,
ha.te.r, power steerile, and
brke, air eidltloned. new

Late model Fairlaine s V-
enine, automatic trajami-
sm. poner steerinal, radt.
heatwr. 22.000 honest mles.

C avertable Like new, rad,.
heater. White wall Uresa.

4.dr Sedan, standard train
Milaelo, heater, extra clear

Cutoa 4-dr. iedan. Auto-
matte radio, heater, air en.
ditnetd. ind. m dual recning


4-dr Cras Country Station
Wae extra nice, automatic
trnamlison, radio. heater,
Individual reclnig Meas.

sedan Delivery., 6cylnder.
standard transmission. lake

4-dr. station asn, V-i ,
automatic, radio, beater.


58 FORD .. $34 Mo.
58PLYM.. $32 Mo.
57 CHEV $29 Mo.
57 BUICK $32 Mo.

57 DODGE $23 Mo.
57 Rambler $29 Mo.
57 FORD .. $32 Mo.
55 BUICK $26 Mo.
55 CHEYV. $29Mo.

Bfre buying any used car . CHECK our selection
of fite used can. Low bank financing. Many of our cars
can be b he for me down payment.


1132 S. Main St.

FR 2-8433

*N O








18 yea


IL Mle FR 2.5194





fee aM Iass
rs of expert, dependable service In
SI ther ll2 citreut.%
Al W tk GeMrtMeed
very Tramisie Pre-TWsted I

ode No. mate.
p = =erSes., brake. w1.
-o. ad mats. Faten ar.
Impala 4*. flw.mtie
V4 aSIN.. easot trau-
ame A pd ba t'

44r Moau.

2-dr hardtop, i-. beedS
at. onole., autoiatle,
vulapr station wae
bucket eats. conale. YVy
Cie,, automatic tram.
msiea. radio, heater. V4
fas., Pwer diae s rake

44r. Very esa

Many, many more of all makes and models
ot veryspecials.

CRANE UncolhiMercury
516Sst Me .S. FR 2.1631

5-YA-50,000 Mile Warranty

Dedge Dart Dodge Trucks




119 a Li At

Tel. 372-4343


Ge" That New or Ued





. w won


Brask in Piano

Concerto Feb. 4

Uenitver ly d ofm WI-
Fculty artist, Wilrd bai,
wia Pen a soloao coa-
emrt on Tuedey evening, Feb
uary 4, at 1:15, i the Uk-
versity Auditorium. Bra*k has
en virtually an ideal p-
gram, devoting the first hal to
the Partita in B-flat major by
Johann Sebastin Bac and the
late Sonata, Opus ll, by BeI-
thoven. Following the oitebal
soe, be will offer the ite
anantic "Moments musica,
Opus M" by Fra Schubert.
These will be followed by Ni
Pieces for Piano composed in
1M by the American oa po
er, George Balch Wlso. 7The
program then does with the
Fantaisie in F minor, Opus 41,
by Frederic Capin.
Brask Joied the faculty of
the University of Florida De-
partment of Made in sept
her, 18M, as Assistant Proli
sor of Music. He formerly hem
leaching positions at Newberry
College in Newberry, South Ca-
rolin; Ithaca College in Ithaca,
New York; and at the Univer.
sity of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
In addition to his experiece
as a solo recitalist, soloist with
orchestra and as a chamber
music performer, he has also
served as conductor, arranger,
and accompanist with television
films in New York City, the Ra-
dio City Music Hall, and the
touring company of the Holly-
wood eIce Revue.
Tuesday's cone-rt'is free and
everyone is cordially invited to
Cavalcade of M iM
The NORAD, for North Amer.
Jean Air D e f e n se Command,
"Cavalcade of Music," an in-
ternational and inter service
musical group, will offer a con-
cert, including both tradition-
al band music and popular se-
lections in the big band style"
of presentation, in the Univer-
sity Auditorhim this afternoon
at 3 p.m. Sponsored Jointly by
the University of Florida Air
Force ROTC and the Depart-

ment od Mmk, tlhe, pscrtk
hue and the gler aptc pkis
oedJally MviSl to Ma L
The aT rdAm ld
of or dFi Fe Ark F tival:
wPlayer b l dth 8 h a Danish Baet

perm Dor o Wnsayr, Fad ,1i te
the amosr &aMet dne,
ada mUin. Sevl art exhi

hr p rfome nims pebo
-bibad waSMoiteagl t m In ti
ma t Cure ar the Uniweray Auitim.
The Unlverty of Fhorldr sIoH Kroasam Of theI
Players er rilVtO W T h l oyab Det s.Ba De.
H le iBardayand d We Febor. 19,oth the
Normuancealbeinatit em Llu m Cou ets the
four pe F& rfoms Feb. 12 ouldsqoTwnvirtum, Say-
boo A Jame Sch a dm mom Goldg, at :1:5 in the
MblR Carr hefe t ftur Unir Adr
srs. Roo Jerit is hedkeibr For bo* the Chkap Open
lasa'es begin at :103 ,Balet and Son Goldb e r g,
e Fray and Saturday pere atdets am$0,
Iumnes be&g at L For students and diren $1. Un
et rrtlo and mIatQ verity of Florids students ob-
cd lfu nvy, tain tickets cn their I.D. cards.
STc, M kets wil be avaglablek
O.p& -e at the Hub Infomation Booth
y%. ... I..,, i frcm Feb. 10.

es University of F loria
phony Orchestra, with
ward Troupin mcoduting d
Sarah Traverse as sorano s
st, will present a concert
the University Anditorn$
Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 8:15
Mi Tram rse win sing sever
operatic arias from Moas ,
Charpetier, and Gounod,
Troupin will also conduct a D
vertmento for Orchestra by Ur-
iversity of Florida Humaniti
professo, Didier Graeffe, aOi
the "Reformation" Symiphony
Felix Medelssoh
Lyeeum Cmd
The University of Florida L).
ceum Council offers three 4-
tractions during the festival. n
iursday, Feb. 13, the Chicao
Opera Ballet, under the artisqe
direction of Ruth Page, will be
see in the University Audi-
um in choreographed versior4
of Carmen," and 'The Mer-
Widow," and an abstract bat
entitled "'Divertissment."
dancing stars include Patricwa

7 Ag. Service Officers

.Shift toUF FromTaUey
Seven members of the lor- chairmen Frank Perry, Ky-
da Agricultural Extension Ser- neth McMulen and Bill Pl
vice have moved their bas of coordlesating home economics
operations from Florida State with agriculture. Dr. Watko
University, TaBlahasee to aid that emphasis this ya
the University of Florida ca- will be on adjusting and straw
pus. thening Extension programs
Dr. M. 0. Watkis, Exten- for the overall development of
sion Service director, said the counties.
seven began their work Dr. King, Mrs. Milton And
here today. Miss Mili will be help'
Joining the UP Agricultural county agricultural ad hoe
Extension staff will be Eolise demonstration agents design
Johnson, Lora Kiser and Helen programs for more than *4,-
Holstein, district vice chair- 4-H Club members ad
men; Dr. Emily King, Ruth some 2,00 4-H leaders throuh-
Milton and Betty Mifflin, state out the state. W. W.Bro ,
4-H staff members, and Alma state 4-H Club leader, said his
Warren, assistant communica- staff is now planing FlorA's
tions specialist. first State 41 (lub Conj r-
Misses Johnson, Kiser and aoe, scheduled June 15-19'at
Holstein will supervise the work the UF for outstanding 4-H ub
of more than 100 home demon- members.
station agents in Florida and Miss Warre is assigned to
will help develop activities Eilonsione Iurmalo dh ed
and projects for some ,01 by Dr. re Sharpe. She .. will
home demonstration club mem- be responible for editing t ne
bers and individual homemak-. i p ieatM i writing
ers. releases for news media pnd
.. They will work with district teaching communications.

Dr. Fry to I
A "-Tr In


At Church Council Meet
NEWYORK -TRev. Dr. The meeting Odessa
ranklin Clark FIy, president Ukrainian seaport obvoly
of the Lutheran Church in cleared by the rli,
America, will to Meow proposed by tid World 's
Friday, and then on to Odwabers o the BugAn =
as on the Black Sea to preside urch,the Georgian
over a history meetlg of the Churh ad thie iaa n
Ex ecu tive Comminm t eofb pcal(Baptist) Cl ch.
World Council fd urchei -er i .
Dr. ry was a fted speak.- bC i n
er in Gainesvmle recently rI6. ,
og the coocmio a Cmm m in i
for the VUninrsity ofd Frda P r t b aSpsut revo l"'
He is dairmmof both lbA
Cnral ad E amm Com&
The me o in0kmwill
den a r pal m m
v 1it0 XWal

1al0 u m S pi efl o
C-anu of Chrdh wlmtabe
0 relom s 8 t thbeln

-a Catallemn," I
hen. _m_

Osaing Jan Grmp
As an extra added attraction,
the Lyceum Council wil pre-
sent the Paul Winter Sextet in
two performances in the Uni-
versity Auditorium on Satur-
day, Feb. 15. The Paul Winter
group has had outstanding suc-
cess in concerts at the White
House for the Kennedys and oa
an extended South American

tour for the United States State
Department Without question,
this group is one of the most
refreshing antasteful of the
currently popular modern jan
aggregations. All seats are re-
served and all tickets are 1.50
at the Hub Information Booth
from February 10.
Next week we shall have
more details of Fine Art Festi-
val events, which include a re-
cital of modern dace by the
University of Florida Orchebis
Club, a concert by the Univer-
sity of Florida Symphonic Band
with Richard W. Bowles con-
ducting, a Reader's Theater of
the University of Florida De-
partment of Speech in honor of
Ihakespeare (Quadricentem i a 1,
a Musical presented by the Un-
iversity of Florida chapter of
Sigma Alpha aa lecture
by the distinguished American
composer, author, and music
critic, Virgil Thoeson, on "The
Role of the Universities in the
Creative Arts."

Varied Career
A. Musnio has had a varied
career. He was a coal miner,
Oselworer, veteran of both
world wars, a rear admiral in
the Naval Reserve, composer,
ra and a judge at the war
ime *Als in Germany.
Now, at U, a Pennsylvania
Supreme Court justice, he is
bidding for still meath career
-in the U.S. Senate.
The Democratic stae policy

ord the Pt gh jurist

1-* t

our n

bI d wa-d, nwteS
.71m a iam, man.
i78 Jte- M ^a are MS ^- ^


Frmi a e L Deok


0 STr

Jaeph Jay Dde clls It a
"bbmvel," a ew tem for a
he of writing wh is b
ng more popular every day.
It is hKistory come aim, ab-
e caracters p ted to
is wm bilnma b ebdi set biMo
Sfr a mark of ficMin that

Mhat aelulylbpt deIdsdown
elmt a rinch l4 drOf a
-"t N mg have a ned.
When it s wel done makes
delightful ad vry -t, rieo
Grat Infidel," has made an x-
cellet picture d the le-
known Frederic mde a, Kingv
of Sicily and bead of 1e Holy
Roman Empire in the first hail
of the 13th century.
7 book might eves he called
an "autoleAovel" because Mr.
Dels has entered so thoroughly
into the thoughts, activities and
passions of his hero that he has,
put it-most comvincingly-bto'
the first person and be speaks
as if be were Frederic himself.

How much of it is Frederic
and bow much Mr. Deiw is
hard to say. Frederic seems
very modern for the 13th cen-
tury and there is a distinct Mth
century flavor about his thought,
his views of science and ulm-
anity and his uncanny foreknow-
ledge of modern medical find.
ings. If it is all true, it is un-
fortunate that such wisdom was
lost and left to be rediscovered
centuries later.
Of course. It bs quite possible


True or not "'ie Great In-
fide" Is good reading. It car-
ries you breathless from episode
to epide. You follow the flash-
ing Frederi with his -on
curls waving in the wind through
conquest and Crusade, love and
diplomacy. The story never e-
com too complex. You alw s
know just whem you are and


hit e lbol o a ad Oakt,
amn lor y books, is a rae
tr f

Tmes sed at the mry tais
week bkelm;

"A Moder Fach Republie"
(Ma e-France) planning for
a democratic France; 'The
Wis of RevoWti (Sale) -
report on U LathAmerican naC
tios by a correspondent for The
New York Ties; 'Te Politi-
cal Thought o Ma To ng"
(S'hm) adeetao of Mao's
writs, giving night into his
background and tough; "Mn-
golia, Unknown Land" (Bisch)
Spanorama of Mongolia and her
people in text and color photo.
graphs; '"* Compa- t Heistory
of the Revolutionary War" (De-
puy and Depuy) highly read
able, professional analysis of
the war by two U.S. military of-
ficers, 04 map; "Man and the
Conquest of the Poles" (Victor)
- an account of polar expeditions
from the earliest recorded to the
"Art of China, Korea, and
Japan" (Swam) survey of

d to tfted time t*At
is deas dl sol wichs
to grow ad so m b un iel-

Valid or m, Mr. De red-
iert i, m d mser.
th book Is flobriDim tpl-
asary ,a sd es of morn thuI
riu Ml spd.r. deriae, bhen
a prmneing of mall prein
IoN,, a prisoer m ost
of h oyhood, emrgm nlao an
early mahoom d of e vior
and etliro e bri ce. 11 uis
a vacious reader, faailar
with many language ad k
to appreciate the best in other
times ad cultures. He is also
a voracious liver ad clacbes
at every poible sensatio with
mad ensimiano e is knd
good to hiscaptives, ju i b
dealing with his menaies.
If he has ome light m-
blance to "Young Wild Wet the
Dashing Deadshot" and to a
certain Humbert Humbert of
recent literary prominence we
must overlook it. 'e novel is
utobDgra c andam n-
turaly wishes to aow. hnelf
in the best possible light.

more n 2,W years, 51 color la! account of George Abbott as
plates. U black and white la- actor, writer, director, and pr
ratio. ; "Beat Poems o i=" ducer; "Behind the Bathtub"
- Borea one Mountaln Poetry (Audry)- thestory of a French
Awards 1W3; i Best Plays dog, an Alsatian, and her mis.
1, 0" the Burnsa Mn tress, a lY Proessor; "He-
Yearbook; "Highlights of S ry Navarre"(Pearson) -hi
ish Uterature" (Renick)-bi. ography of the French king
lingual anthology, medieval to FICION
the present; "dsected Poems"
(Pax) bilingual edti of a "El Snor Presidente" (As-
selection of the Mexican poet' turias) story of a corrupt and
works: "Collected Poems" dissolute Caribbean dictator;
(MacNee leading "Cadillac Cowboys" (Swarth-
mast of his publied verse out) satirical novel of then
"150 TeheBiqes in Art" (Myers) vasion of the Old West by stand.

Spractical gide to a large
umber of simple te iqes.

yards of the East; "Machinees
of Joy" (Bradbury) colec
tiao of short stories; "Dooms-
day Creek" (Adams) a

"Bamie" (Riey) bgra- "Western" about

an expedi

phy of Theodore Roosevelt's sis-ton to Coma nche territory;
ter, influential member of the "The Fifth Woman" (Fagyas)
Roosevelt family; "Mister Ab- a mystery set in Budapest in
bott" (Abbott) autobiograph- 1956.



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for about 20 less*a gallon than

major-brand premiums!

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14" ^'^"1" -^"**-pi

Esso Plus

the hot new middle-grade gasoline





AyM KsM. M eDfa=Wam-tsbemodkl& d



215 N.L
lag' shut



3S ;.-

;, t

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