bread, buttered side down,
in an 8* by 4% by 2% inch I INSTALLATION BUY QUALITY BUY

and y s. glass loaf dish; pour about 1 I'' ANY TYPE GE It costs no more -

JACK C. 'MAY cup of the berry mixture over Through the Wall, $990b r Buy NOW

Representing I the bread; continue this way I FREE Sash Window & take advantage of the
with '
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The Equitable Life : I berry mixture. Cover and -

Assurance Society t cool; chill for at least 6 NOTE: Free Installation does

Phone FR 2-3576 :' hours. Unmold. Serve with not apply to portable models. I Ch ace & Kitchens On the Square
ings.cream. Makes 8 to 10 serve I



. .. .
iii -----..._ .... :; -- --: ='
: -
L -- .: -. ,'- -- -- --, ., .:;

- ----- -. -.-. :- -. -- -;. -. -. : '. .; .: .:" : .... .' r', _"",' ._ ...._:.s.' i.r.::..: -,,_' .. _. _.... .". '. .:_ :_. :;:: .. '. -. .

6 Gainesville Sun Tuesday. August 18. 1964 "1

i I'' Methodism: Off-Shoot the Protestant Reformation

, ..

This is the first of two articles and the members were supposed -']I schools among the poor and man and the universe? Love!

on "What is a Metho- to receive the sacraments1in observing the religious officesof : must have an object. The object -i I I

I dist," part of the Sun's continuing the Anglican Church. the church. They prayed : of God's love in the pre- About AuthorRalph

series on "What Our WHAT OURRELIGIONS But the Bishop of London, to I aloud three times each day i CreaJion period was Christ the

Religions Are." whose diocese Wesley be- and stopped for silent prayer Son, co-eternal with the Fa 'V. Sockman retired in 1961, after 44

longed, would not ordain ministers I every hour. ther. And the divine activity years as minister of Christ Church, Methodist
By RALPH W. SOCKMAN to serve ..the Methodist These strict rules of conduct linking God the Father with (formerly Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal

societies. Nor would he con- aroused the ridicule of the student the object of his love, God the Church), in New York City a record for pulpit

What is a Methodist? ;' secrate their meeting places. body. "Methodists" was Son, was and eternally is God tenure in a single Methodist parish. Dr. Sockmanis

The Methodist Church is "a 1 ARE If Wesley's work was to expand -almost the mildest epithet hur- the Holy Spirit. known as the "Dean of Religious Broadcasters"
unique blend of New Testament he had to take the irregular led at the Holy Club. The name because of his 34 seasons as minister of the Sun-

Christianity, the Protestant Re- J ---- steps of ordination and clung to the followers of Wes- How do Methodists regard 'I day morning "National Radio Pulpit," the oldest
formation and the influence of consecration. I ley because he continued to the Virgin Birth? Protestant broadcast in America.

John Wesley." Furthermore, Wesley was stress rules of conduct and religious The original Methodist Articles -, Dr. Sockman is president of the Council on Religion
Wesley himself was fond of dividual to read it for him he learned what Saint Paul confronted with the care of his I observance. of Religion declare that: and International Affairs (Church Peace

11 saying: "A Methodist is one self, leaving him free to make had discovered that it is not followers in America, where j Christ the Son "took man's nature -I Union) and was president of the Board of World

who has the love of God shed his own interpretation under by rules and our own effortsat the Anglican clergy had near-' What is the Methodist attitude in the womb of the blessed Peace of the Methodist Church from 1928 to

\ aboard in his heart by the the guidance of the Holy Spirit. self perfection that man ly all returned to England as toward the Trinity? Virgin." I 1960. He is a member of the Central Committeeof

Holy Ghost given unto him, Methodists believe that "the may enter upon life and peace, Tories during the War of the i Methodists do not pretend to The great majority of Meth- the World Council of Churches and has been

one who loves the Lord his Holy Scriptures contain a 11 but only by faith in God's Revolution.The understand fully the meaningof odists continue to hold this be- I twice president of the Protestant Council of,.the
I God with all his heart, with all things necessary to salvation; mercy. 15,000 American Metho- the Trinity. Who does? Even lief. Some would distinguish I City of New York. \

j his soul], with all his mind, and so that whatsoever is not read When Wesley went forth to dists at the close of the Rev-'Saint Augustine, after writingthe the biological' aspects of the I .,

I with all his strength." I therein, nor may be proved preach his new, heart-warming olutionary War clamored for classic exposition of the Virgin Birth from its theological -'P'

Methodism began in England thereby, is not to be requiredof experience, the people who had clerical leadership. Wesley responded -doctrine of the Trinity, confessed implications. Some believe tercede for his children. Meth- only two had the direct touchof

as a movement within the any man, that it should be been unreached by the church to their demand by that it still remained a that the deity of Christ does odists, like other Protestants, Jesus.

existing Protestant Church, and believed as an article of faith, flocked to hear him. Multitudes -asking the Bishop of London to mystery. If God could be fully -not rest on the uniqueness of, believe in the "individual i This does not mean that the ,

not as a new sect.. or be thought necessary to sal- came asking Wesley to ordain some ministers for explained, he would ceaseto his physical birth but on the priesthood of all believers." I Methodists have a weakened

vation." (From the Methodist teach and direct them. He America. Failing in his request be God. inexplicable quality and powerof conception of other rites, such

How do Methodists. regard i Articles of Religion.) gathered these people into so- Wesley himself ordained The doctrine of the Trinity is his life and work. Do Methodists believe. in as marriage and confirmation.

the Bible? S SHow cieties "in order to pray to- two men to "preside over the expression of the three as- Hence, some Methodists do heaven and hell? These are held in high reverence -

They regard it as the "Holy did Methodist gether, to receive the word of the flock in America." pects in our experience of God. not feel it necessary to believe, Mehodists believe in divine but Methodists still limit -

I Scriptures." Methodists look Church begin? exhortation, and to watch over Under their leadership, the I We conceive of God as the that Jesus Christ was born judgment after death. Good- the word "sacrament" to the

upon the Bible as a library of The Methodist Church was one another in love, that they Methodist Episcopal Church in' Creator, the First Cause of all without a human father in or- ness will be rewarded and evil two; ordinances which Christ

inspired books containing the ,born in the Church of England might help each other to work America was organized at Baltimore -things -. as God the Father.We der to assert that he is the' punished.The himself perfcrmed.

progressive revelation of God. through the work of John Wes- out their own salvation." on December 24, 1784. think of God revealed his- Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly concepts of heaven and *

They recognize the various ,ley.Educated He appointed leaders, assigned torically in the personality of ,Father. The Methodist hell widely, according to Do Methodists baptize Infants -
types of literature in the Bible at Oxford and or- them to various fields of Where did the name Methodist Christ as God the Son. We Church does not disown this vary ?
the educational and
law, poetry, prophecy, allegory dained to the Anglican priesthood 1 labor, and supervised tneir come from? feel him as a pervading con- latter group as long as they believe background of the believers.religious Yes. We believe "all men

< gospels, epistles. the young Wesley scughtin work. The movement spread It arose from the methodical tinuing presence and power in in the Diety of Christ. Some have concrete ideas I'are 'heirs of life eternal and

Realizing that the Scriptureshave vain for religious satisfaction -rapidly...over England, then to habits of the "Holy Club our lives as God the Holy I of golden very streets in heaven I subjects of the saving grace of

been translated from by the strict observanceof Ireland and America. which John and Charles Wes-I Spirit. ; Do Method i sts pray to and fiery furnaces in hell. 'the Holy Spirit." Christ him

their original tongues, the religious rules and the ordinances Wesley's intention was not to ley founded at Oxford Univer The doctrine of the Trinity is saints? I But the majority of Methodists self said, "Suffer the little children

t Methodists make allowance for of the church. ',form a new sect but only to sity. The members arranged a also our formula for understanding No. They believe God is directly to come unto me, and for-

t differences of interpretation. The turning point in his life I'''organize societies within. the' daily schedule of duties, set-' the personality of I accessible to each of his the prescientific are emancipated view of from phy- bid them not, for of such is the

;1 They believe in the "open came at a prayer meeting in Church of England. The. ting hours for visiting the sick God. God is Love, but whom.children. Since God is Love, no sical Kingdom of God."
heaven there" anda
:: Bible" and encourage the in- London on May 24, 1738. There I preachers were not ordained and those in prison, conductingBy did He love before He created: intermediary is needed to in-, physical hell"up"down there." While an infant is not awareof
the meaning of the sacra-
They trust the of
promise ment, the parents are and I

I 15Year01dBattles China Cuba Beam Radio Christ place :for"I you.go" to Heaven prepare is the a are thereby committed to the

I SEE by realm of mind and spirit where The Christian church nurture assumes of the responsi.child.

the redeemed
With keep company bility for her baptized childrenand

Advise for U. S. Violencena with Jesus God Christ.and Hell His is Risen the state Son,1 awaits the time when

I the SUN I Big Fish where sent. such fellowship is ab-appreciate they will be and mature assume enough for to

themselves the vows made at
WILLIAM L. RYAN communism. He had been a is trying to shut the Russiansout *
Accident Roundup1 Alfred C. Vonnyvenheim, 1303 COCOA BEACH (AP) Tom baptism.
i AP Special Correspondent high-paid secretary of the Inter of Asia and take over revo- Do Methodists believe In S S S
NE 20th Ave. at NE 15th St. Joiner Jr., an arm-weary 15- .
Involved in accidents Broadcasts from CommunistCuba national Monetary Fund in the lutionary causes the "national -
reportedby purgatory? Do Methodists accept Rom
and 19th Lane at 4:43: p.m. Sun year-old, went into his 15th hour I
the Gainesville Police Department today of battling a monster fish and Red China have been late 1940s. liberation movement" in No. Methodists find no scrip- an Catholic baptism as31-

and Alachua County day.Lonnie J. Studstill, 731 NW off the pier at Patrick Air Force pouring out a torrent of adviceto Just a year ago, China's Mao all underdeveloped areas. tural warrant for the Roman id?

Sheriff's Office since Saturdaywere 31st Ave., and Ruth Bohanon, Base. American Negroes to take to Tze-tung issued a declaration Last week, to commemoratethe Catholic belief in purgatory. Yes. Methodists believe that

: Valdosta, Ga., at NW 6th St. At 6:45 p.m. Monday, Tom the streets in armed revolu- urging "the world's people" first anniversary of Mao's They do not presume to peer the sacrament of baptism is a
hooked into and tionary violence and even guer- meaning the Communists to declaration, a series of rallies behind the veil of death or departmentalize sign of God's grace and man's
and 23 Blvd. at 11:10 something big
Hazel P. Studstill Rt. 2 and
p.m. began his marathon fight. The I rilla war. move in on the U.S. situation. was held in China. One speechwas the process of regeneration. Methodists and

Willie C. Garrett, 329 NE 25th Saturday. catch, which did not break The Chinese claim Negro violence -Peking now uses its advocacy of delivered by "American divine judgment. Many Methodists -Roman Catholics believe in the
Reinhold M. Sommer Jr. 233 I wa-
St. in the 200 block of SE 6th ,
I ter, was believed to be in America must be en- violence in America as a club in comrade Frank Coe," as Peking believe that God's punish- same God.NEXTI .
a jew-
Ave. at 3:31:: p.m. yesterday. SW 2nd Place and a parked auto fish, which to gigantic size couraged in the name of "the its ideological war with the Soviet radio described him. ments are redemptive rather
to Rudicel L. Proctor, 0. K. at Jerry's Drive-In on SW 13th' in the Atlantic Ocean off Flori- national liberation movement."I Communists.The Coe noted that Mao's declaration -than punitjve. They trust the "What is a Mctho-
( Trailer Park, at W. Univ. Ave. St. at 10:15: pm. yesterday. Cuba uses "Radio Free Dix- Chinese want nonwhite was widely distributed justice and love of God to care' dist", Part II.

and 17th St. at 2:41 p.m. yes- Victor K. Moore, Rt. 1, and da.The ie" and American For the departed. (S. 1963-4 Cowles
first run took 300 yardsof a renegade people in Africa, Asia and Latin among Negroes, in the United by Magazines -
Charles L. Manion Rt. 4 I
terday. 98-pound test line screamingoff Negro, Robert .F. Williams, to America to believe Peking is States. He told the rally American and Broadcasting, Inc.)
2538 NE 19th Drive at 4:50: I
Ronald Nails, Ocala and p.m. Tom's reel. call for rev lutionary street' their only true friend. Red Chi- Negroes "are beginning to What sacraments do Meth- 1

Solomon McClenden 618 NW yesterday. All through the night, while violence in U.S. cities. talk more and more about t dists recognize? 1* At
Bell six
David Mikell about
10th St., in the 1100 block of I miles west of Gainesville his parents, Sgt. and Mrs. Peking has enlisted a man I armed self-defense, about fight-: Methodists hold only two sacraments -i, ,
on '
SE 11th Ave., at 1:20: p.m. yes- S.R. 26 Thomas Joiner, fed him coffee, called Frank Coe. A Frank Coe I Returns to Job ing for freedom by any means as ordained of God: !!
terday. Tom was unable to bring the once was a target of a U.S. Senate necessary about guerrilla war- baptism and the Lord's Sup-' '
DWI After DisasterCAMDEN l'tI
fish in closer than 200 yards to investigation for alleged fare and civil war." per. Baptism is not only a signof j ,
William R. Meerman, 3930 SW Lonnie J. Studstill, 56, of 737 behalf of
the pier. spying on Peking broadcasts call upon profession but also cf regeneration
2nd Ave., and Jimmy L. Macon, NW 31st Ave., was arrested by N.J. (AP) Ar-
After midnight, the fish lay almost Chinese-oriented Communists in or a new birth The
Chiefland, at SW 4th Ave., and Gainesville Police at NW 6th motionless, a dead weighton thanasios Gougolis, 30, was taken -the United States to seize Supper of the Lord is the sac-
12th St. at 9:15 a.m. yesterday. St. and 23rd Blvd. at 11:15 p.m. from the Benjamin Franklin rament of
the line.A the Negro movement and mounta I our redemption by
Saturday and charged with driv- crowd of about 100 came Bridge across the Delaware systematic s e rie s of parades Christ's death and a sign of the
Barbara Henderson 602 SE while intoxicated. TV StationIn River three with both
years ago
ing love which Christians
and went the demonstrations ought to
during night. At 8 boycotts,
21st Ave., and an unknown driver legs, an arm and his back bro- have
ALACHUA GENERAL a.m., when word spread throughthe strikes and violent uprisingswith among themselves. I
at 602 SE 21st Ave. at 1:57 the Sky? II
August 17, 1964 community, the crowd be- ken.He the use of weapons in maintain the gen-II
45 feet above
a.m. yesterday. was painting eral Protestant I
to build American cities.IN position of only
BIRTHSMr. gan up. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) the roadway when he lost his I
NE 14th Ter. In the excitement of the bat-! two sacraments because according -
J. C. Cain, 1432 and Mrs. Charles Rich-
I- A space communications expert balance and fell. He was out of THE COUNTY JUDGE'S COURT IN i Best Selection of
in the tIe Tom ate chocolate AND FOR ALACHUA COuNTY FLORIDA to the Gospel record .
and a parked auto 1400 ardson, 1006 NE 22nd Ave., a only a says it is possible by use of work for three years. I

block of NE 1st Ave., at 12:02: boy; Mr. and Mrs. Edward bar and a bite from a ham I a satellite to blanket North He is back slapping paint on 'N Estate RE: efPETE Don1 Neglect Slipping i' NOTEBOOKSCHESNUT ;

a.m. yesterday. 'Jones, Alachua, a boy; Mr. and sandwich. America with one television station -the same bridge now, 382 feet DINGLE, Also known as
'Mrs. W. T. Brownett, 1327 NE Several times, he almost fell I at a cost of $30 million, above the road.Is Deceased.Peter Dingle FALSE TEETH
7th St. asleep but his friends worked to compared to the million he afraid NOTICE TO CREDITORSAll Do false teeth I
a boy. $500 a he will fall again? When drop Clip or wobble
Jackie PlansU. ADMITTED keep him awake. full network costs. "No, I never think about it." Creditors of the Estate of Pete Do' you be annoyed talk. eat, laugh or aneeze?, OFFICEEQUIPMENT
I Dingle also known Peter ,
as Dingle deceased by barr&sed I
The has been the IUCh "
Mrs. Judy Brownett, El r y pier scene George S. Shaw, senior vicepresident IN THE COURT OF COUNTY JUDGE are hereby notified and requiredto alkaline mon-acid handicaps.) FASrEan I CO.
Hatcher Luci- of many 'exciting battles by ''and cofounder of Radiation ALACHUA COUNTY, STATE OF FLORIDA file any claims or demands which I kie: on yoiy Plates. powder to aprln I ,
Padgett, Mary I have against said Estate, In i more armi, keepa raIse teeth Inc.
S. ReturnPORTO ous Gibbons, William Brenke, young anglers. Inc., of Melbounv*, Fla., IN RE THE ESTATE OF the of the County, Judge ef Ala Inc of SeCUrity Gives and added conndent reel
chua County Florida in the I
Paul Marshall, Reathea Vick- Last July 30, Tom himself said Monday, "A communications -MRS.NOTICE VILLA OF BUNS FILING. PETITION FOR at Gainesville Florida, within six (6) SfS FASp:gooey, st'taste comrort or feel:!I I 106 W. LlniversitrAve.

ERCOLE, Italy (AP) ors, Patricia Richardson, Eva landed a nine and one-half foot satellite in synchronous, or FINAL Notice DISCHARGE OF EXECUTORS first calendar publication months from of this the Notice.date of Each the counters everywhere .today ** drug i Phone FR 28421TISXZZZZZZZZZXXZYZYZYTTTTTYYTIYTTTTTTYZTTTTTTS

Mrs. John F. Kennedy plansto Kuitert, Otto Voelchner, Linda shark weighing 310 pounds. apparently stationary, orbt: can filed' our I is final hereby return given as that executors we have of claim and must or demand state the'place must be or in residence writing I

end her vacation on the Ar- Carsw el I, Aimee Anderson, This was a record for the pier beam> a television signal which the; that Estate we of have Mrs.filed Villa our Buns petition, deceased for- and! post office address of the Claimant ,
Peninsula until last night. While Tom was has been relayed to it from aground distribution of the residue of the said : ,and must be sworn to by the Claimant
Wednesdayto Polsen ,
Velma his
gentario Bruce agent or his attorney or it will '
estate and for final
start her trip back to the Murray Robinson, Staten Fowler making his fight, another youth, source and provide continuous on August 28, 1964 we discharge will apply and to that the become DATED void this according 1st day to of law.August, A.D. ,
Dave Bradford of Honorable H. H. McDonald, County uvG: :i
United States, police sources:I Elnetta Brooks, Dorothy 18-year-old programs. 'Judge of Alachua County Florida, for, 1964. (s) QUEEN ESTER DINGLE llF ,
said Satellite Beach brought a 400 approval of said final return and for an Queen Ester ,
today. I II Rankin all of Gainesville; Ken- order of distribution of residue of said Dingle Administratrix 1
pound manta to the pier in of Pete Dingle I also known as Pe I-
I ray and for final discharge
as executors
Warehouse Fire
Miami tar 112
Trence W.
neth Pearman, Dingle. UHIV.
They said she would take a ; less than one hour. : of the will of Mrs. Villa Buns. PAGAN CROUCH & ANDERSON AVO.
Slater, Hawthorne; Edgar Mills deceased. Attorneys at I
yacht from this picturesque village Also last July] Mike Douglas, DATED this 14th day of July 212 Southeast Law
First Street
Trenton; lona Jones, Alachua; HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) JAMES S. WERSHOW 1964.1 I
on her way to an airport.I 5-year-old[ son of Col. William Gainesville Florida
Victoria Arnold Williston Ron- Fire destroyed the Sears, Roe- WILLIAM M. PEPPER, Executor; Attorneys for Administratrix ,
Presumably she would go to' ; K. Douglas first personal physician (3521) 7:28; 1:4, 11, 18 (3530) 8:4, 11, 1.. 25I I ] OOxfnrbinu [
buck and Co. warehouse and
Rome's Fiumicino Airport at I' nie Lord, Trenton; Annie Phil- of the astronauts, battleda /
service center in suburban !
the mouth of the Tiber. lips, Lake City; Walter Carroll giant jewfish for 33 hours be- Swa- :

Today Mrs. Kennedy went by I Cedar Key; Marguerite Du- fore losing it. tara Township ,Monday night, /co; TRADITIONAL jj
causing damage estimated -
bose Fort White Sandra by aSears'
for a brief visit to ; '
car ;- ;
lo, a historic fortress orbetel-I Brown, Hawthorne: Annie Wil- official of "at least a \ I : //N.b SHIRTS 1
million dollars. f--o
the narrow neck of der, Cedar Key; Merlerne Bir- '
I The world's largest commercial -

links the the mountainous Tuscan mainland.Argen-' chfieId, DISCHARGED Alachua. office building is the Pan Earl C' imuIjf11 I ;3.Ii .
tario to 4 MayRepresenting
American in New
I Building York

I drix Silla, Mrs.Eastwood Alva Smith, Darryl Cheryl Hen- City. The structure contains 2.4 ''I Ii II'F ((1-i' ItI1 T'J ; ;..

Egg Market Hoover, David Belton, Mrs. million square feet of floor I I The Assurance Equitable Society! Lift ) 'i
space, can accommodate I I #
Barbara Cochran daughter. tU4LJdt'frI
FR 2-3576 '
JACKSONILLE (AP) The helicopters on ifc roof. I iL
Pallen Irma Cline, Michael
Northeast Florida Egg Market Betty 'I 1 ______ i'rIII ,
Cipriano; Virginia Warren, '
prices to retailers: Robert Evans, Mrs. Lavada Re-1 ENJOY FLORIDA LIVING IN A ii .L'/

Extra large 48%-52, mostly 51- uthinger and son, Mrs. Dawn t EVIRYTFHNG !

52; large 46-50 mostly 48-49; Harris and daughter..Daisy Gai- ; e I i 1. "ft"ifte lifta'e' .-"IetailOP
medium 3741, mostly 39-40; ther Minnie Brady, Dorothy Swimming Poolby III .

small 29-30, mostly, 30. Williams, Buddy Desue, Mrs. I ; a' authentic II..,. Itflfth

Poultry at farms: fryers 14. Mildred Howe and son. Rivers Construction Co. % I cI f J 3.,.",wit t.,.,"

:I TARDY DOLLARS I I I 4.r4nfof'mg gussets
I A QUALITY POOL Backed by a ;.
I ii I 5. ,
em l01I. st.,1II

I ; i ,correct IHrttOfM ...
1- 2 SIZES 16x32 and 20x40 hurry, get a FREE ; ,I I 4. i I e.U. (

: Priced at $3,000 to $3,500 10 days : i 1 7.", id. back plot
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I I Savings in by the 20th I o 9.*wp rb fkalO.nsatchl.sa

: Filter System Skimmer Pool Brush Diving Board earn from the 1st rnal ,

NON TRANSFERABLE I Pool Light Test Kit Step ladder Vacuum Cleaner Oxfordian, from Fremacs, is the latest word in '

INSTANT CREDIT To Holders .of Nat. Credit Cards i I Leaf Net I 'Ffrst federal a luxury shirt. Thin stripes bold stripes .
CALL FOP FREE ESTIMATE NO OBLIGATION light stripes dark stripes or excitingnew

RIVERS CONSTRUCTION I savings & loan association solids and the unusual and handsome 11

A CO. .. elo.-w. chevron
..3 weaves set the for ward .
--MS II -.ora co.culDl pace every
1909 EAST 5th STREET ---....* '***tIOIC MM IMC tmJ robe.
Outstanding value. Short sleeves.
or long
f W.tMVBKTr AVt AI B.H W.1JIM IT.AHJ 61"AVt.n 601"'
DIAL: 622-7049 OCALA, I Sizes 14 16'.i 4.00 and 5.00 I
II4N.W. 13 hSt" 1J
I Phone 372.1489 I;t 622-7048 FLA. e VITA .



: --- .. :or' ." ,,_ o.'.. .o:, .ilc ,- J.:"! ,.;:'0r :.- .

. ,, ,u.:1-. : -; 0-:'; '-:" .--.i ...u..... ;." '' '' .... -,- -- .-S. -.---- -----.-.--.-
r'" '. . . .. .-- '. '- .. .,. .. .. ., -_ : . :_ '. : : : _. ., -F' r. .;- T ; _, ,. :- ' .-- S .




'" a- "'., ,
; ; '

Sports Writing Phillies' Short I

Getting To BeDangerous -IJ I Taller.I.I

'' ..

Job r7- *. : Growing

3frHI Dark ulimri By MIKE RATHET

By ARTHUR DALEY Associated Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK The sportswriting dodge is getting to bea : Chris Short is being hidden by

dangerous way of earning a living even though insurance Sandy Koufax's shadow. Still.it's J

companies still don't consider it quite as hazardous an %.4 4 ( ... 4 _ _, a giant step forward for a
j.. _
occupation as steeplejacking, test piloting and defusing 4 guy who last year led the Philadelphia -

4 _
bombs. The temperamental Bo Belinsky was suspended the S pitching staff in only

other day by the Los Angeles Angels for putting the slugon one department wild pitches. 1

a baseball writer. Short pitched a five-hitter

Monday night, posting his 12th
This isn't the first time that the unpredietible Belinskyhas victory and lowering his earnedrun

been hauled on the carpet by the Angels. Not being average to a brilliant 1.91, I _

too angelic by nature, the brash Bo has been involved in as the Phillies stretched their I

off-the-field escapades as well, one being so serious that '4 -. S Sj .5 '5 National League lead to five Tuesday, August 18, 1964

the front office tried to peddle him down the river to Kan- : :: : L games over San Francisco by _

sas City. Because the baseball rules were circumvented in the the Cubs 81.Short's -
walloping Chicago .
.. .. .
swinging of the deal, it was nullified by Commissioner Ford -- - -
as a big
Frick.So Target: Oct. 15 winner for emergence the Phillies he's lead with 15 homers. !I inning errors by Eddie Kasko

Ribant, meanwhile, won his and Al Spangler. Dick Groat
the Angels were stuck with him. In mid-season last only one victory behind Jim each
Bo exiled lot further than Kansas City. Co-owners Fred Barnard and Bill Markham are shooting for date of Oct. 15 ( Perfect Game) Bunning for the first major league game in his and Mike Shannon singled
year, was a away
He was dispatched to Hawaii and the minor league farm for the opening of Ironwood Golf Club. But heavy rains of the past month team lead-can largely be second start, striking out 10 and home a run and Julian

there in the hope that the enormously talented Belinsky could possibly push the date back for teeoff time at the sporty 39th Avenue lay credited to the patience of Man- allowing the Pirates only four got the other across.

would improve his behavior. At spring training this year he out. The clubhouse, shown above, has been erected for some time.Sun ager Gene Mauch. And the Phil. singles. Walt Bond had provided Houston's -
( photo by Tommy Lewis( ) Colt Errors run with a sixth inning
announced his platform. lies emergence as a leading The Cardinals, shut out on six homer off Roger Craig, who allowed -
pennant contender can largelybe
"My campaign this year is for clean living," he said. credited to Short. hits by 39-year-old Hal Brown only three hits before
"It'll either kill me or make me a lot of money. I'm nota CARDS' BING DEVINE Showed PromiseA for eight innings, scored all leaving for a pinch hitter in the

new Belinsky but a smarter one." 6-foot-4 left.hander who their runs with the aid of ninth eighth.

comes in at just under 200
No Smartness
pounds> Short showed consid-

BOWING OUT AS G.M. erable: promise in 1962 when he Chisox Pick '
If that be true, it's a cinch that he displayed no smart posted an 11-9 record. Then, last

ness in blackening the eye and knocking out Braven Dyerof season, he lost his first eight de- ,

the Los Angeles Times after a wordy altercation. Bill By MIKE RECHT team's inability to win a pen contender for the pennant in cisions. Mauch, however, stayed

Rigney, the Angel manager promptly suspended Bo without nant. The last Redbird flag pre-season polls, were in fifth with him and he responded with Off Yankees
pay. To Rig's way of thinking, hitting a psortswriter is akinto STr LOUIS (AP) The front I '
came in 1946. Devine became place Monday, nine games be- a 9-4 mark in the second half. ,
hitting a cop. No one should get away with it. office of the St. Louis Cardinals he's been of
general manager in 1957. hind league-leading Philadel This season, one

,Although there have been several rows between ball play- reportedly the target of The Cardinals, rated a strong phia. the top left-handers in the

ers and scriveners in the past few years, comparatively lit- sweeping changes, received a league, but has been overshad. Despite FordBy
tle damage has been done. Frank Thomas, then of the Mets, jolt Monday. owed by Koufax's brilliant work I

swung and missed his target recently. A year ago Vada Pin- General Manager Bing Devine Club for Los Angeles. Short has hit*

son ,of the Reds had a scuffle with a Cincinnati writer, confirmed his resignation and MeetingIs the 12-victory mark for the first DICK COUCH j I Pete Ward followed with a run-

Earl Lawson, who previously had won a Purple Heart when Bob Howsam, former general time in his major league career Associated Press Sports Writer.'scoring single that pushed Chicago -

he was slugged by Johnny Temple, another Redleg. Pinsonwas manager of Denver in the and is second only to Koufax in front 2-0.

sued but the case eventually was squashed.A American Association, is his apparent among NL starters in the vital Whitey Ford's patented move After Richardson's RBI single
replacement.More ERA department. to first base was deadlier than in the eighth halved the deficit,
fist fight almost changed the entire history of the Yan- Short's the Phil-
victory I
gave Hoyt Wilhelm rescued starter
but the Yankees woundup
important, 82-year-old ever -
kees many years ago. Strangely enough, it involved Ed Bar- I lies their biggest bulge of the
Juan Pizarro and
row, the founder of the mighty Yankee dynasty as the front Branch Rickey, hired as special I (AP) It was uncertain Allyn says a valid vote would I over the Giants, who getting picked off and it cost hypnotized the
season Yanks with his knuckleball the
office genius. The burly Barrow raised objection to some- consultant 18 months ago, appears today whether American have had to be unanimous or them a length in the American

thing written by Bill Slocum and punched the writer. Colonel to be calling the shots. League club owners would meetto the owners would have had to were idle.Other Games League pennant derby. rest The of victory the way., Chicago's third in

Jacob Ruppert owned the Bombers then and he sent discuss the Columbia Broad. have 15 notice.
Shortly after Rickey joinedthe days' Benjamin Only two other games were The defending AL champs 15 season meetings with New

for Slocum. club, he and Devine had a casting System purchase of 80 Fiery for 30 years the American scheduled in the NL Monday. dropped a 2-1 cliff.hanger to the York edged the Sox to within Itt

"This is outrageous," fumed the Colonel. "I can't permit "misunderstanding" over the per cent of the New York Yankees. League lawyer, said the Charlie Smith hit two homers Chicago White Sox Monday games of the front-running Baltimore -

anything like this to happen. If you say so, I'll fire Barrow division of authority. Rickey reportedly manner of conducting the vote and Dennis Ribant pitched a night in the opener of a vital Orioles, who were idle,

right now." wanted to retire StanMu.sial League President Joe Cronin was "sufficient and legal." four-hitter as the New York four-game series and it was a and left the third.place Yankees

"Forget it, Colonel" said Slocum, too big a man to seek but Cardinal owner Au- postponed action Monday on a Mets whipped Pittsburgh 5-0 foul-up on Ford's seventh inning three games off the pace.

vengence. "Ed merely lost his head. He's toog ood a man gust Busch Jr., sided with De- request for the meeting from and St. Louis make the most of pickoff bid that set up the deciding Only Qame

for you to fire him." vine and rejected such a move. Arthur Allyn, president of the I two errors by Houston, scored run. The White Sox-Yankees game

Chicago White Sox. Golden BoyIs three runs in the ninth inning was the only one scheduled. in
tj Built Rickey and Devine patched up and defeated the Colts 3-1. I New York's southpaw ace, the league
i an Empire But this much was certain: making his second relief Monday.
their differences, at least temporarily 1 The sale became an accomplished Short, who has lost six games, appearance The White Sox threatened
Anxious since an ailing hip I
So Barrow stayed and built an empire. If he had been and Musial retired the fact last Friday aft- was touched for a run in the knocked him out of the starting:. twice in the early innings

dismissed, there's no Telling what a lesser man would have following year.Sweeping. er the necessary eight owners second inning on a double by rotation, had choked off a White: against New York starter Ralph

done in his Nor Barrow the kind of who would Clemens wild pickoff : Terry loading the bases in the
job. was guy ChangesA had voted their approvaL For ActionWEST I Doug a Sox rally in the sixth with a pairof ,
pick on a soft touch like a sportswriter. When he was man- 2 Cronin and the eight who attempt and a passed ball, but strikeouts. first and fifth, but didn't breakthrough

aging the Red Sox, he got so fed up with the misbehaviorof story by the St. Louis approved are convinced there is bore down in several serious until the sixth.

his star pitcher, Babe Ruth, that he cleared out the Globe-Democrat Sports Editor'nothing to fear from the entry ofa DE PERE, Wis. (AP) jams to keep the Cubs scorelessthe Quick Flip Gene Stephens singled, racedto
dressing room except for the Babe and locked the Bob Burnes, quoting "an unimpeachable radio-TV network into baseball The Golden Boy of Green Bayis rest of the way. third on Ron Hansen's single
\ He walked Robinson
door."Let's. source" outside the 1 ownershiD. is it viola- back on the beam, anxious to 5 Runs Floyd I and scored on a sacrifice fly by
nor a with out in the seventh then
'Cardinal make up for the year he lost sitting in the one I J. C. Martin. Ford
organization said Ricky : The Phillies put it away replaced \
tion of antitrust laws. have
settle this between us, Babe, said Barrow, peeling recently recommended They out a suspension.Paul second inning against Ernie caught him leaning with a quick Terry, who was charged with
off his coat. ,assurances from their own legal flip to first baseman Joe Pepi-
sweeping front office changesand Broglio, sanding 10 men to the his 10th defeat, and ended the
advisors and CBS.
,1 tone. But Robinson escaped the
Hornung, leading scorerin
"We don't have to fight, Ed," said the Babe, edging to- the hiring of Howsam. He 3 Allyn continues to demand the National Football League I plate and scoring five runs. The ensuing rundown and reached: inning by fanning Pizarro and

ward the door. "I'll obey training rules for the rest of the apparently caught Busch's ear. the meeting. He contends in 1959, 1960 and 1961, can't wait big blow was a two-run triple by second when Bobby Richardson I Jim Landis.
He did, too. Busch unavailable for Johnny Callison, who later
year. the 8-2 telegraphic vote was ille for the regular season to start. dropped the ball for an error. u
comment. slugged another triple. Tony
When Bob Ruark the novelist baseball In gal.
was a writer
hits for
Stepping out with Devine was I I paid for my mis- Taylor collected three
Washington he wrote unkindly of Bobo Newsom the color- 4 Kansas City owner
business Art Rout- takes, said Hornung who was the Phillies, including No. 1,000of I
manager Charles E. who IL 'StarsTop
Finley cast the
ful pitcher, and then deliberately sought out Bobo in the Senator
52. The Cardinals suspended for betting on games."I his career.
dressing room when he heard that Bobo was gunningfor zong, an- other negative vote, had gone
late in realize that I am going to Smith an infielder playing
nounced the day Howsam
him. They exchanged hot words at close range because West chasing ,beatles, The Bea-
would replace Routzong im hear a few cracks from peoplebut left field for the first time,I TribeBUFFALO Night Game
the massive Newsom always believed in nose-to-nose shout ties. in NEW YORK CHICAGO
most of them have been cracked a three-run homer
ing even when arguing with umpires. Ruark stepped back, mediately.. 5 Cronin says he will give abrhbl ahrhMLinz
wonderful to I'll haveto first inning off Bob Veale ss 2000 Landis cf ADO
But the Globe-Democrat's story me. just
fists upraised, and toppled over a bench. further consideration to Allyn's N. Y. (AP) -S R'ch'd'sn 401 0 Buford 2b 4010
said Howsam, who had been,request."I wait and see what the reaction and added a solo shot in the The International League All-. Marls rt 4010 Wets 2b 0000
Howard 4010 Robinson If 3100
,r Picked Up Writer out of baseball for several) can't help but feel the acquisition will be. I am sure the players -.eighth, taking the Mets' team Stars continued their masteryover fresh cf C 4000 Ward 3b 3021
Lopez! If 3000 Skowron 1b 3000
all with
years, was given the post temporarily of the New York Yankees are me. American League opposi.S Pepitone Ib 4 0 0 McCraw Ib 0000

t "You hurt, Bobo?" said Bobo, who addressed everyone as to "learn the ropes"and by CBS will not in anyway .- tion with a 4-2 victory over the Terry Boyer3b p 3110 2000 Stephens Hansen ss rf 4020 4110

\ Bobo. He picked up the writer and dusted him off. then would be promoted to interfere with the broad Private Workouts Cleveland Indians Mo nday. Mantle ph 1000 Pizarro Martin c 3020 3001
Newsom once tried that nose-to-nose business with Al Simmons general manager. and $6Lt Totals 31 1 4 1 Totals 31 2 I 2
casting rights negotiationswith Hornung has been in .Green BoxesPITTSBURGH night as six pitchers limited I NewYark .... ...... ... 000 000 010-1
a teammate. Simmons took no chances. He hit him. Howsam, 46, would neither the clubs in either league Bay since April, going through a the Tribe to one hit. Chicago .'., ,. too 001 Ux-I

The unfortunate part of the Belinsky affair is that Bo confirm nor deny such changes. Cronin said Monday."No series of private workouts. NEW YORK 6,E Chicago-Linz. Richardson.9. LOB New York

t wasn't having a bad season and it began to look as though communications abrhbi abrhbi This was the Internationa]I I I 23-Howard, Buford. SF-Martin.
organi.zation Vince Lombardi the
he was approaching a maturity he lacked in 1962 when he Emotion, Regret driving Bailey 3b 4010 Klaus 3b 4120 League's fifth success in the lasl. IP H R ER BBSO
will ever dictate to us, coach of the Packers, had him Virdon cf DID Hunt 2b 4120 Terry L, 5-10 ....5137 1 1 2 3
pitched a no-hitter as a rookie. Now he'll have to be traded Devine, 47, who said he would formulate in- Clemente rf 4 0 1 0 Kanehl 2b 0000 six meetings with major league S Ford _. ..,.._... 2.3' 1 1 3
our policy or running up and down the 60 Lynch If 4000Ch'srph'rtl4OlO Mikkelsen ... ..1 00 0 0 1
T'' and a forced deal rarely brings proper'returns.. Nor does opponents and the All-. 16-6 71-34 1 1 3 t
, remain with the Redbirds "untilat fluence our decisions." of Stadium until his Stargell Ib 3000 Hickman ef 4 0 0 0Maz.r'skl2b30l gave Pizarro. W
this latest sign of instability make him too attractive to steps City I Smith! If 4224 Stars a 3-0 record in Buffalo. Wilhelm. .12-30 0 0 0 1
least the end of the
near sea "Cronin T--2:15. A32.U5.t
says no communications -tongue was hanging out. Pagha'oni c 3 0 1 0 Can'zzaro 4 1 2 0
i whatever club might be interested in him confirmed Schofieid ss :soon Kranepo'i ID 2 o 1 .
son, his decision organization will ever die In the first exhibition I 2000 McMillan 3 0 1 S't
game Veale' P ss
FOr the the
most modern
part player is far more with "emotion and regret." tate to us replied from Freest ph 1000 Ribant 0 11-
Allyn St. Louis in New Orleans PJ13 sl :
sensitive about against Talus 31 0 4 0 rotate It
what appears in print than were the old- He said he down _.. .. .. _...... 'r. ..
was stepping Chicago, "but I'd have to I Pittsburgh OM 000 ...1
timers. In fact, some of those old-timers that Ring Lard- say Hornung carried,the ball New York ... ............. WO Ml fix 3, I. ,' "'J z. \
'I I after 25 years with the Cardinals they already have dictated to us "; \ ifJ.
ner wrote about couldn't even read. The moderns can. They five times for a net gain of 29 IE-Smith. OP-Pittsburgh 2. 7t /
because Busch was "disap- in the the and Pittsburgh 4 New YorK 7. .
manner poll 1
to remember the yards. HR Smith ( )LOB-I : ; ; .
never seem nice things written about them, I Christopher. "" .,. /
pointed and frustrated" with the vote taken. McMillan. I
were -
Last the I' /
Saturday night -"
: only the bad. They should do all their hitting on the ball I II I IP H R ER ;,.
field, however. Hitting writers doesn't Notre Dame alumnus sparkledin ',Veale, L. 13-' .... 7 I 4 .c 3 7 "
count because
they Gelnar ........... 1 2 1 1 0 0
get no credit for it in the box score nor in their batting his first 1964 appearance at Ribant, W, 1-1 .... 9 4 0 0 0 10 ; '
averages. Green Bay, tossing a long WP-Vule. T-J:05. A-11350. I

.. touchdown pass on the halfback CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA
abrkbi ab r k bi r3 if
option, kicking four extra points A'lfitano 2b 2. 0 0 Gonzalez cf 5. 3 2 *

j Strong Wind A Problem SCOR and booting a pair of field goalsas Williams Burke rf H 3000 4020 Wine Allen 3b 30 4100 0000 S J 4U .< *' .0 I'
tr .1
the Packers whipped the Santo 3D 3000CaIIIsonrl 5222 f"L--' b.: =B r- ? \
Banks Ib>> 4000 Coving ton If 0 0 0 1 '" "' t
HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) -|qualifying rounds of the U.S. New York Giants 34-10. SchaHer Clemens c cf 4000 4 1 1 0 Roles Dalrymple pr-lf c 1100 4 0 1 1 \ !' -'" '" )

, Women from opposite sides of Women's Amateur Golf Tournament AMERICAN LEAGUEW NATIONAL LEAGUEW "My right knee has given me I Rodgers ss 4010 Thomas Ib 4120 : : ;
L Pet. CB.Baltimort I L Pet. GB no trouble at all," he said. "I] Broglio p 1010 Taylor 2b 4131 I ..-r
1000 Amaro ss 3110Stewart
the continent found Cowan ph '
a steady 73 45 .41* Philadelphia 71 45 .612 I "/; '>, ,
"The wind played big Chicago 72 47.60S 1V4 San Fran. 67 51 .584 5 think maybe the rest,was good ph lOOlShortp 3101Bertell A *" yy; 'i
wind of 15 to 25 miles hour a partin New York ph 1000
per t9 47. 05 IV* Cincinnati 64 54 .542 I vf
and the rugged par three holes my scoring," said Gloria Detroit P4ewVort 6t 47 J95 3 Pittsburgh 63 .54.538 II for it. I didn't play too much in Chicago Totals .....32150..........Tatals..... Oh 0 lOt 230120 100-I : ; \ :\ :
Ehret, a Danbury Conn. book- Los Angeles 660. .504 13tt St. Louis 43 55.534 I 1962 because of the knee so ]I Philadelphia _.............. Oil 111 MXE -* I t;:; ...-. l&:
their biggest problems, in early l M .504 13Mbvsota Milwaukee 60 54 .517 11 :-
-Allen Short. Amalfitano Clemens. '.. .
"It 59 M .*< 14V4 Los Angeles 51 58 .500 13 really have been mest of ; .
keeper. was not really in my Cleveland 54 64 .'5(1 1' Chicago 55 43 .464 17 away DP-Chicago 1. Philadelphia 1. LOBCIIJ.caoo
favor." Even: so, the 78 she posted Boston 54 65 .454 lt'4 Houston 50 70 .417 23 two years." I. Philadelphia 9.2B .
Washington 4* 73 .402 U New York 37 21 .311 35V4 -Clemens. Gonzalez 2. 38-Callison I
Rose over the Prairie Dunes Coun- Kansas City 13 ,7. Jtt J9V4 I Yesterdays Results 2. S Short. Oalynpple. SF-Covlngton.IP BEEFEATER
Murray Yesterday's Results New Yort 5. 0 H R ER BB SO
] try Club course Monday gave Chicago 2. New York ] I Philadelphia I.Pittsburgh Chicago 1 Chargers Loan Broglio, L. 34 .... 12-37 4 3 3 0
her a share of the lead through Only game scheduled( I St Louis 3. Houston 1 Elston ............ 11-33 1 1 0 1 It
Tedays Games Only games scheduled Gregory 2 2 1 1 2 1
Turned DownSYDNEY 18 holes of the 36-hole qualify- New York Downing 10-4 at Chicago Peters I T days Games Bobby Jackson F.Burdette ......... 2 I I I I I I
Siiort.W.12-S. .9 5 1 1 3 IHBPBv
: 137. night .
Pittsburgh Gibbon M at New York Jackson BEEFEATER.
Short ) WP-Gregory
ing.Another Minnesota Pascual 12 f at Washington : 6-12. night
76 shooter RMzik 5-3. night JONESBORO Ark., AP PB-D.lrymple f T-2:47. A-17,
Australia (AP) Mrs. Don- Baltimore Roberts 10-5 at Boston Monbouquette I Chicago 9-9,BUM nightSt. 124 at Philadelphia Bennett ( ) 355.

Murray Rose, the great Aus- na Gilliam of Whittier, Calif., 0-10. night Louis SaoecM ,.-> at Houston Bruce San Diego Charger Coach Sid Night Cams
said the wind wasn't as much Los Angeles Chance 11-5 and Newman I 117. nightMilwaukee Gillman announced Monday that ST. LOUIS HOUSTON
lOSS at
who six Detroit Lolich 127 or Sparma
tralian swimmer won Lemaster 12-1 at Los Angeles
trouble as the'four tough par; 3-5 and Aguirr. 24. 2 tw-night I ) Drysdalt 13-12. night the American Football League abrkM lit r"III Martini Menappreciate
Olympic medals and recently TwnorrtWs Games Cincinnati O'Toole 12-5 at San Francisco Flood cf 4000 Spangler If 4010
record for 1- three boles. New York It Chicago. N Bolin 4-4. nightTamerow's champions had loaned fullback Brock K 4S20Fox2b>> 3000White
smashed the world Los Angeles at Detroit. N Ib>> 3ISIGaIisesrf 4010Boyer I
500 meters, will not compete in Sharing in the lead at 76 were Kansas City at Cleveland. N Pittsburgh at New York Games Bobby Jackson to Oakland of tt 3llSBondlb 4111 its
Minnesota at Groat ss 4021 Aspro'nte 4010Mpru0lIIHry
Susan Gregory of Pine Bluff Washington. NBaltimore Chicago at Phil &lphl.. N the AFL
the Tokyo Olympics an Australian .t Boston. N St. Louis at Houston. N cf 3010
official Ark., and Mrs. Robert Ihlan- FLORIDA STATE LEAGUEW Milwaukee at Los Angeles. N Gillman did not say how long Skinner rf 2000 Kasko ss 3000
announced ..
swimming Shannon rf 2lllGrotec
L G. 3000McCarver
. feldt of Seattle., Tampa 31 u .633 Cincinnati San Francisco Jackson would be with the Raid- c 4O2IBrownp 3000 identifiable
today. Orlando 29 20 .592 2 Javier2b 4001 .................. .
Thirty-six players shot 81 or St. Petersburg 27 20 J74 3 ers, nor what the Chargers got Craig p 2010
The Australians themselves Miami ]4 25 .40 7 Top American in return. Warwick ph ills excellence.
better in this event where only Ft. Lauderdal TVt Cuellar p ills
.: turned down the 25-year-old star 24 24 .480 Rookie linebacker J.R. Wil- Totals 34 310 3 Tatals 31141
the 32 low scorers can get into Sarasota 20 26 MS fvi St. LeuiS ................... 000 OM OU3HrSlon
'i of the 1956 and 1960 Olympics Lakeland Daytona Beach II 2t .40 10 SASKATOON, Sask. (AP) liams left the squad for personal ...........'....... OM Ml MO-1E
II t who appeared to have a strong the match play starting Yestes Results 17 2* 370 13 George Henry of Valdosta Ga.reasons., Williams Is from Fresno Cro.. Kasko. Spangltr... DP-Houston THE IMPORTED ONE 1'IEEFEATERGIN
1. LOB St. Louis
Orlando 54. Fort Houston S.
,! chance to win at least two moot -Wednesday. A 36-hole championship St. Petersburg .. Tampa Lauderdale 0 1-J shot a 71 Monday to be the top Stat His home is Bakersfield 2B-Spangler.' HR-Bond (II).

als in the Oct. 10-24 Games in match will be played Miami Sarasota at 11.Daytona Lakeland Beach 4 ppd.. rain. American in the first qualifying Calif. Craig __..,..... IP 7 H 3 1 R ER 1 M 2 SO S
in The Sand Hills the Canadian for Cuellar W, 4-3 .. 11-3 1 0 0 0 1
He did the 1,500 Saturday. courseis Tadays Games round of amateur The Chargers are training
f Japan. Lakeland at St. Petersburg Schultz ....'....... 230000 94 PROOF I 100% GRAIN KOJTXAL SPIRITS FROM ENGLAND BY KOBRAN0, rU.
17:01.8: earlier this month in set at 6,001 yards for the tourney Tampa at Sarasota golf championship. Wally Goo<- two weeks on the Arkansas Brown L, 2-12 ... 01-30 2 2 4
....... ..'.
I Fort Lauderdala. at Ortand I Owens 2-32 1 1 Ii
is 73. Sheridan had 73. State here.
California. par Miami at Daytona Beach win of Wyo. a College campus PB-Grct T-2:1S. A-0.853. I

if C'
I) : I Ifi'I

I '

:' 1 -- -' -- -
-- -


8 Gainesville Sun Tuesday August 18. 1951ni

Ni \lau ; ; I'

PU1YIN6i : :;:, ,)

i tit s


I \

I $

fa ORDER r:: 10 H01.t7 E: (
'I A '/KM, 9Ot.D "f1 QKe. i
.r y-1.0 Dlt(E* -He RALHWroWITH
i .fl..H: NOLt AAPPROACH (:E'sMTE 1 I
1' L.ICA-r 61 IWKe;:, ANI I t
-ft-ltZ: FIRM I ME1 O" ReQUIRSKFeCf'
6O you gUMlNAf P ONe

FAr1-og. _

t C I


I .OU'L-L. ::
-rue FA I I

/ ,I,

I i PROP.LI BgRrtTTLE6w | ( ) I' :

I A 'J kraMnwis waw" everyi i AMERICAN :
.: Batting 250 at bats Olrva Minnesota ''horses to challenge San Diego him at split end. Budde, injured in an off-sea :Bobby Hunt or Bobby Ply at
Mantle. New York .314.
Runs.339-; Oliva. Minnesota 93; How- and Oakland for the Western Haynes, one of the genuine son accident, is playing with a'I safety.

Four Tackles ser.Runs Cleveland batted 83.In Killebrew, Minnesota Division title in the American stars developed by the AFL, small plastic plate in his head. Like To Run

Gators' Top Hits. 95-; Stuart Oliva, Boston Minnesota, 91. 170; e. Robinson I Football League this year. had a sub-par season in 1963, Stram often shifts to a three I The Chiefs prefer to run the

Doubles, Baltimore.- Oliva.136.Minnesota, 33; Bres- I Hank Strain's club went on a gaining only 352 yards runningand I man line in what" he calls a ball, if possible, using ball-can-
scoring only six touch- "Stack Defense, primarily I 1 I
Boston, 31. last
soud dizzy slide in 1963. They moved trol offense. Injuries season
I Triples Versalles, Minnesota 9; Yastrzemslci. downs. Preacher Pilot of New, against teams with strong
And TestedSecond Boston and Fregosrf. Los Angeles from Dallas to Kansas City, a forced them to depend more on
Big Strong I 8.Home. Killebrew Minnesota switched from "Texans" to Mexico State is getting a look as passing game. Bobby Bell, a the passing of Dawson, a 28-
runs -
I 42; Powell Baltimore. 30. "Chiefs," and wound with a a running back and has been fine rookie last year, plays either -year-old ex-National Football
Stolen bases Aparicio Baltimore up impressive.Fred left end on the front four or
from Pur-
: 43; Weis Chicago 16. 5-7-2 record after winning League quarterback
( In a Series) Pitching 10 decisions Bunker Baltimore sorry Arbanas, one of the top drops off to join linebackers E.
12-3, .880; Ford New York, 12-4, the league championship in due. Dawson was the Player of
surface the tackle sit
On the
I ends in the is backat J. Holub Sherrill Headrick and
{ A.d.., mow' Cf .750. 1962. tight league, the Year in 1962 and led the
uation looks healthy at Florida Strikeouts Downing. New York : his post. The rest of the offensive Walt Corey. Mel Branch is the touchdown
but Head Coach Ray Gravewouldn't : .a y6JV. i.t 151; RadatNAT 1 25
250 at bats Clemente Pittsburgh I in 1962 and season.
care to delve too deeply Batting up emotionally, said Stram. with Jim and Dave Hill at and Junius Buck
.3<<; Williams Chicago .328. Tyrer Mays big ( ) The Chiefs have a 31-year-old
into the matter. Runs Mays, San Francisco, 96; Allen 1"It was a case of lost identity!
"Our first four tackles are fin Runs, Philadelphia batted in 88.- Santo Chicago and general insecurity. Many of rookie, Herb Travemo, from the

football players, each outstand- ,w 9x n Mays.is, 84. San Francisco and Boyer, St. 86.I I the boys had bought homes in i Goossen Bats In All EightBy I ban Diego Marines, who is get

ing at some phase of the game," Hits Clemente, Pittsburgh, 155; Wil I Dallas, where they planned to ,ting a look as a field goal man.

says Graves. "It's anybody's \ << hams Doubles Chicago- 154.Williams Chicago and i settle down. The people of Kansas -I NEXT Buffalo
4 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS,and kept it in a 11-4 defeat of,
I after 44I Maye Milwaukee 30; Allen. Philadelphia
guess how good we are I City were just great, but it
them." 29.Triples Santo, Chicago. Pinson Cin took time to adjust. If the performance of St. Pet I Lakeland. The Sun Sox chalkedup
cinnati and Callison, Philadelphia, 9; Six ersburg's Gregg Goossen Mon nine runs before allowing the I
Dennis Murphy, 6-2, 250-pound tied with 7. Big Blow I L
senior, heads the Gator tackle Home Williams.runs Chicago.- Mays.26. San Francisco.I I "Another blow was the death day night in the 8-6 shutout over -Tigers to get the first runner
corps and is a sound football StD'en'. bases -. Wills, Lcs Angeles, 37; ,'of Stone Johnson just before the Florida State League leading home in the seventh inning. !
p !ST.' L.Ni j!! r
i player all the way around, an Pitching! 13 decisions Koufax. Los season after he had been in- Tampa didn't bring him to the Miami at Daytona Beach was
outstanding one on defense. Ai 13-4.* _..754...::3. ,-a, .'.,J.; dunning, Philade.ptta jured in an exhibition game. attention of the major leagues,::postponed because of rain. I Ii
Coming strong after a great Strikeouts Koufax, Los Angeles, 223; "A third reason was a wave of nothing will. -
spring is Larry Gagner of Day- Veale Pittsburgh injuries that I hope we can escape It was Goossen who batted in

tona beach, a 6-2, 237 pounderwho F ,. SPORTSMANIGEST :\ this year." all of the Saints' runs. A bases
runs the 40-yard-ddsh in 4.75 aU have shaken .
Injuries already loaded double in the first inning t ..1 o "We Rod
and is the squad's strongestman. By the Chiefs during training, scored three runs, a homer. in
h \) dS?d however. Chris Burford, the the fifth scored three more, anda .1 Them Out"Motor

Good Student t Chief's top pass-catcher and single in the seventh drove in Block
John Whatley, a 235 pound -ERCHFISH'NSTipsYELLOW\
flanker will miss up to about the two more.
boy who makes almost straightA's FlushedWe
SOFT -HARD third week of the season to
in the classroom and does Goossen's performance was ,
I RAys sP1NES surgery on his left knee. And, Pick-Up Or Deliver I
the same on the football field backstopped by the four- hit r
Curt McClinton, leading ground-:
was rated equal to both Murphy pitching of Mike Daniel, who
gainer last year, suffered a
and Gagner in the spring until T struck out five batters and al- RADIATOR! SHOP
SS broken left hand and still is on
felled by a knee injury. His F the sidelines.The lowed no walks.In White Electric
knee, doctors is completely PERCH
Chiefs are pretty much other action, Orlando swepta
healed and this junior from aRCH LIKE THE SLOW, DEEP a tea i f. Battery
veteran team. Pete Beathard, a doubleheader from Fort Lau-
should be & ar. ARTS OF RIVERS; AT A BEN "TRY
Tampa MacLean ready.of Jackson- .c g I 'NDER BRIDGES/ ETC. IN LAKES, rookie quarterback from South- derdale, taking the first game: Service
Sydney .TC., PERCH SEEK DEEP WATER ern California, is the oustanding 5-1 and the second 4-3. KING
ville isn't sensational, but is a '25'OR MORE) AS WARM WEATHR I I IA
\ tested, steady and dedicated : ARRIVES. prospect. He will be used spar- The Twins had to come from I 118 N.W. 8th Ave. I

s athlete who has given the Ga -'" SMALL CRAWFISH OR CRAWFISH ingly Eddie behind Len Dawson and behind in both games to win. P.2! : I FR 2.8581

tors some sound tackle play for, SPARKLED IN SPRING PRACTICE TAILS, ARE BEST BAIT IN MOST Wilson. Sarasota got an early edge:
two seasons. MacLean is best I Speedy Junior Tackle Larry Gagner 2ND BEST. IN LAKES AND PONDS
known for defensive exploitsand BOTH RATE THE SAME. WIDELY
will see most of his action lian Johnson of Green Cove at guard, we will be adequateat USED WORMS ARE LESS EFFECTIVE GAS WELL1PiE'
in this capacity in the Fall. Springs, and sophomores J. D. tackle," says Graves. "But AS A RULE.

Next in line is senior Jo h n Pasteris (Miami), Wally Col- that's a whole lot of 'ifs' in my PERCH SELDOM FEED ON SURFACE
Thompson of Norfolk, Va., a son (Valdosta) and John Pres- opinion." FLIES. BEST ARTIFICIALSARE /
non letterman who will most ton (Columbus, Ga.). I Florida lost three lettermenat WET FLIES, STREAMERS,AHO
likely work in an offensive role "If our first four h old up tackle off the 1963 team, John NOWS) FISH PEEP THATS WHERE
in 1964. He is rated a nod aheadof physically! and we are not for-; Dent (Tampa), Frank Lasky MOST FEEDING IS DONE! WORK E EI
several inexperienced boys ced to switch anybody to bolster j (Coral Gables) and Fred Pear ALL LURES SLOWLY.

with promise, such as junior Ju- our extremely weak situation Ison (Ocala). WHERE YOU HOOK ONE, OTHERS




Charlotte Raps 17 HitsBy I DEPENDABLEJohnson I FRONT END SPECIAL 6.95 '


The Associated Press ing them 4\i games ahead of I header to give Chattanooga its S SALES SERVICEBCIIHOS Complete Broke Check and Adjustment Brake flui d odded-entire broke system rood Any U. S. Car.
the field. 6-5 victory. I checked Front end aligned. with comber caster, and toe in corrected and bearings repacked. Ports Extra
There aren't many pitcherswho

can give up 17 hits and Lynchburg used the home run TONIGHT'S GAMES WHEEL BALANCE

still lose a game by just one power of Dick Kenworthy to Chattanooga at Charlotte I I Plus W $. 99I
get past Macon and move back Asheville at Columbus
run. 601 S. Main Street
into second place in the stand- Lynchburg at Knoxville I' LONE STAR BOATS

But this is exactly what Knox- Jigs. Kenworthy hit his 27th Macon at Birmingham. : MUFFLERS INSTALLED FREEWith

ville's Leo Marentette did in a round-tripper of the season to I
put the Lynsox ahead for good,;'
Southern Base-
ball 12-inning game against Charlotte 3-2, in the fifth innng. II j Coupon. Guaranteed for life of your car Non-transferable

Monday night. The Knoxville I Macon was going for its ninth I II I THE :

hurler was in commanddespitethe I straight victory and was still II I SAFEST COMPLETE LUBRICATION 99
hits off him-until a ground in the game going into the eighth E #

ball to the infield took a bad inning, trailing by just one run. i ROTARY __ w 10il Chg.
But Lynchburg got to relief

hop.With inning Tommy one out Umphlett in the hit 12th a pitcher quick runs Dave in that Galligan innng.for four 1 I IN WE WORLDrMDTDMDW.R MOTOR TUNE-UP 6.66

Hank Allen drove in two
ground ball toward third, but with two out in the final inningof runs Install new. points and condenser Install new spark plugs Adjust timing and carburetor
third baseman Dave Kelly slip the first game of a double-I II 6. Cyl. cars Ports Extra
ped on the rainsoftened I
and let the ball bounce Th\/ NOW
chest. During this time Dan''

Hagan scored from second base\ It \ CLEARANCE

to give Charlotte a 4-3 victory. > Heading s3 GET SECOND TIRE FAMOUS ALL-WEATHER "42" '

four runs in the top of the seventh -| fora I 1

inning in the second game: I Buy: let tire Get 2nd '
to take a 6-3 decision.Other Safety-Guard Blade TYPE It fie Trlde-I" Tire It

GamesIn I August 'j ) Tough Durable Light- 1 + 95 SIZE Tuba type Prke OnIy'

weight Fiberglass won't is UOxtS blackwall I US IUS

other games, Columbus I I Wedding V -?= Rust Fade Chip or Peel. I1? .7OxU blckwll Tubeless nus 87.85I1

stopped Birmingham 7-4, Lynch- when you buy Tubed'
burg snapped Macon's eight., Fr 7.Ox14 blackwaU j1l.f! IUS

game winning streak 11-3, and' RENT the Newest CONVENTIONAL.SELFPROPELLED- first tire at An prices shown plus tax
Asheville and Chattanooga splita Formal Wear at. a t
WHITEWALLS ONLY $2.00 more per tire
no trade-in
doubleheader Chattanooga I AND RIDING( priceGAS
taking the first game MODELS
Asheville the second 71. I

Dick Barry slammed a two- II I 84 :J' BUY NOW fir SAVE 1

run double off the 407-foot centerfield -' EASY TERMS -
fence in the ninth inning |
to break a 4-4 tie and boost, [
Store With More
Columbus to its victory over:, JIM VOYLES
Birmingham j Gainesville Shopping Center GOODYEAR TIRE CENTER
I 1302 North Main Street .
The Birmingham loss and 419 N.W. 8th AVE. PHONE 372-5303 114 N.W.13th St. Phone 372.1489

Lynchburg's victory knocked a i Phone 372-6303 OPEN FRIDAYS TIL 9:00 P.M.

game off the Baron's lead, leav-J t .


1 tLL ,

.'-' ., -- p ._ ... .' .. an ". .
-"'-'# p a .. ;; Owk.fYh.. =_ : ::.-:: +---1' -- :: - K -'" ----- -' -

--- --T.---. ,- :- : -:-- -: .
--- .7 : ..... . . .. . "


Tuesday, August T8, 1964 Gainesville; SunReaders' 9


DOWNTOWN Again InChicagoArea


w"V:"" .- peit.. t I

x'w DIXMOOR HI. (AP) Racial -

Late Morning : 's violence flared for a second
_. -c -r
r time in this Chicago suburb

RequestThe N. Ye Listing Monday night, but heavily
armed police put down the disturbance -

I AllisChal 20J- IntPap 338 __ with only minor dam-
following market quotation Alcoa 67% Jones&L 8PA age and injuries.
are requested specifically by readersof
the SUP financial page. The quotations AmAir 4H KaisAl 343/4 Forty persons 27 of them i
art furnished by STOCK LISTINGS AmCan 4H Ken'cott 87 white, were arrested. Most were

PierceWu1bernMurpheyNEW AmCyan 62% Lig&My 80% charged with disorderly conductor

.. AMMot 16 Loch'd 35% iw inciting a riot. Two persons ,

I : YORK STOCKEXCHANGE AT&T 70 4 Lorillard 44% were injured as rock-throwing f
Int Min C -- l.SOa 69% Union Pac -- 1.60a 44% _
Int Tele __ 1.00 54%(Und Air L 1.56r49% AmTob 34% Mag.vox 3O'h JV \ Negroes made a target of pass
Ampx Cp 16% MM&M 59'h ing vehicles.
I Kellogg __ .80a 46% Upjohn 1.00 50%
Anaconda 46% Mohasco 14% More than 50 cut
Abbott Lab 2.40 41% Lehman Cp 1.34e 29 Jim Walter _--_-- 26% persons were
Allied Chem 1.80 52% Letton In _ 1.98f 67% War Lamb _- .70 30V4 Armour 47% Mons'to 79 I pSS,___ and bruised by rocks during a

Amerada Pt 2.00 83 Lone S Cm 1.00 22 Worthintn .--- 1.50 46V4I ACL 81Jh MontWd 38% 1I .1 five-hour disturbance Sunday

Am Elec Pow 1.16r 44% Marsh Fld 1.60 44% Xerox _-- 108% Babcock 33% NatDair 82'/a night and early Monday. Two

I Amer Enka .- 1.40a 61% Martin M ----_ 1.00 18Y4 Zenith 1.20a 65% BethStl 37% NatDist 2834 S -i,... persons suffered minor gunshot
Amer Hone _. 1.44a 68 McGr Hill .60a 35% I Boeing 541h N.AmAv 49th -I wounds.

Amer M Fdy .90 19 Mead Corp 1.70 46% OVER mE COUNTERNEW Borden 75th Penney 56 The predominantly Negro sub-

Armco SU 3.00 71% Markd _ _2.00a 44tA Brunswk 81,2 P. RR 35% -S urb of 5,000 population is two
YORK (AP) The following bid CaterTr 32/4
Atch Topka 1.20a 34% Natl air -. .8051 and asked quotations supplied by the PepCola 56 -I. t_ miles south of Chicago.
National Association of Securities Dealers Celanese 68* PhilMor 771,2 S Civil rights leaders and 40
Baxter Lab .36 25% N Y Centl .50g 43% inc..
do not
represent actual
Beckman In __ 62% Nia M Pow 2.00 56% but are the NASD's estimateof Chrysler 547/s PhillPet 54 clergymen who attempted to
the range within which these securities CocaCola 137 RCA 3Hs 1t3 avert the second outbreak of vi-
Beech U S __ 1.10 48V4 Norfolk W 6.00 138 could have been sold (bid) or
Bristol My .80 67% No JndPS 1.48 59% bought (asked): CornEd 54% RepStl 46 olence were critical of police

Brown Shoe 3.40 98% No Nat Gas 1.80 57% Alico Land _.__ 8% ConEdis 89 Revlon 33% work, particularly the use of
ContCan 49% 43% -" '
Math ReyTob canine patrols to disperse the
Brunswick 8% Olin 1.20 42%
Cambell S 2.40 35% Owens II G _ 2.50 102 Amer Fidel Life I .. 22V4 DowChe 68% StRegP 31 I Mike Adams and Dave Reaves are two of several Operation Facelift architects mob.

Carter Pdt l.OOa 16% PacG&E 1.00 31 Amer Heritage ..-_ 24%I duPont 2661,2 Seaboard 521,2 who are volunteering their services to improve downtown's appearanceand The crowd of some 100 Negroes -

CaseJl- 19% Pac LUng 2.40 29% Amer Mat Ins 21 I EAL 27% Sears 120th boost its customer-drawing ability. Representing the Gainesville firm of began gathering shortly

Cessna Air --- --- 1.00 30% Pac T & T 1.20 28% Amer Pioneer Life 8 E.Kodak 129% Sinclair 461f8 Reaves and Branch, they are working with merchants on the north side of before dusk near a liquor store

Ches Ohio 4.00 77% Pan Amer A 1.20 31V4 Anheuser Busch -- ?. 53 41 I Firestone 4018 Socony 80 courthouse square. Stores include Wilson's Department Store, Geiger's, City which has been the focal pointof

Coas S Gas 28% Parke Dav -__-_ 1.00 27% Anodyne __.........__ 4% FlaP&L 80 SouthnC 61.- Drugs, Zales Jewelers, Lichter's Clothing, the Personality Shop, Hoffman's the rioting.

CBS __ 1.80b41% Pennzoil 2.00 38 Citizens Bank .- -- ... 37 Ford 520/8 SperryR 13% Pharmacy, Hatcher's Jewelers and Pat Parker clothing. (Sun Photo by Eddie Negroes claim the owner of

Comb'Eng 1.20 29% Pfizer .80a 47% Comsat Corp 41 : FrmstDa 121(4 StBrand 7GY" Davis) the store, who is white, assaulted

Cone Mills .80 20% Phelps Dg -- -- 3.00 71% Conn Lt & Pow _'_ 37% FreptSul 35V": StO NJ 85% a Negro woman after accus-

Cont Aid .4022 Polaroid .20 145% Cowles Mag & Pb 11%: FruehTr 32/8 Studebak 7 ing her of stealing a bottle of

Contl Ins 2.20 59% PUbSVEG 2.60 38% Dunn & Brdst .. 62% i GenDyn 30Y4 Swift 52th Raiford Is Given gin Saturday.The .
Contrl Data __ 89Y4 Pure Oil __ 1.60 59% Firs West Fin'c'l 12% I GenE 82 Texaco 811h Escapee Illinois Liquor Control

Corn Pdts 1.50 58% Rayonier 1.00 34% Florida Gas 11% : GenFds 91% Thiokol 13 Commission closed the store for

Delta Air 1.60 75% Rexall -- -- -- -.. .50b 51 Fla Nat'l Bank .. 64% GenMills 43% U Carb 120 seven days Monday "in the interest

De' 'Steel _ .60 15 Reyn Metl .50 34% Fla Tele _...._, 29% I. Gen1\Itrs 947/s UnitAirc 49% of maintaining public

Emerson EI _ 1.00 45tA Rich Merr -- 1.00 49% Forrest Labs -_ 26 Goodrich 54Ys UnFruit 21 'Cleared' Future by Court welfare and safety." Police said

Fair Camera .50g 25Finan'l R C Cola _ 1.20 68% Founders Life -_ 7% Goodyr 42% US Steel 5934 ... Negroes in the crowd indicted

Fed _. 41'4FstChartr Roy Dutch -- -- 1.73g 46% Franklin Life _57%' Greyhnd 25'/s UnivMat 12%, they intended to burn the shut-
1.97C 30% Searle GD .90 64 Great American __ 12 I GulfOil 57% WestgEl 35% By SAM MCGARVEY different man. He was serving! Although he is free he is still tered store.
Grolier Honwl 127% WinnDix 35Y4 Sun Staff Writer a life sentence for the murderof under the strict scrutiny of
Fl E"'Cst .- -- 12Ys Singer .---- -- ---- 2.00 89% .- .-.-.----. 41 Y4 probation The clergymen circulated
Gulf IntHarv 80% Woolwth 28 LAKE BUTLER Nearly 13 a Miami policeman in 1933.: for the rest of his life.
Food Fair .90 214 Smith Kin __ 1.20a) 63% Life __.. 54% the mob. Rabbi RobertJ.
FMC Corp 1.00 55 Sou C L Pd 1.05 32% Home Ins --_ 67% IntNick 79% years ago, a Raiford inmate On Sept. 3, 1951, in company But at least he has what every among. Marx said the
Frito-Lay __ 43% St Oil Cal _ 2.00 64% Jax Minit Mkts __ 7% made a bid for freedom in one with another convict, John Mon-, man wants-a chance to prove had been talked out apparently of

Gen-Tele .88 32% St Oil Ind 2.00b 81% Kennasaw Life _- 12% Putnam Growth __ 15.99 of the most spectacular escapesin tos, he broke out of Raiford by himself. direct action when squad of

Ga' Pcif -_- 1.00b 56* Sterl Drug .65 28%. Life of Fla __ 7 TV & Elec _'_. 8.12 the history of the state prison. cutting through the wire fences heavily armed sheriff's a police
Getty Oil .10r 23Y.I Texas Util __ 1.20 61% Lowes Company -_ 20 Value Line Inc 5.69 Yesterday, the man, 48yearold bolt cutters threw gasoline"bombs" Mail Man arrived and threatened to use

Grace Co. l.oob 57% Textron -- 1.40 45V4 i Milgo Electron --_-_ 12V4 Wellington Fund ___ 15.36 Leonard Zalusky walked at the guards in a ,
tear to disperse the gather-
Hel Curtis .. .80 15% Tidewater -_ 31% Mort Guranty Ins 25V4 into the courtroom here and tower, and escaped with Mrs. City Attorney gas
I W A 41% Pacific SW Air what he had fail-'Esther Kucera wife of the prison ing.
IBM 5.00 447Jh Trans 37% N Y S E Most Active Stocks gained legally
Moments later three gasoline
Schlitz Brew _ __ 47% ed to get by violence free- dentist as a hostage.The In Collision
bombs touched off blaze in the
'Secur Life & Tr --. 62 Comp. Vol. Close Changes dom and another chance.At escaped convicts drove at a
NEW YORK TIMES MARKET AVERAGES AUG. 17c breakneck speed in the Kucera'scar A U.S. Mail truck driver rear of the liquor store. As the
Southern Nitro. 23% 263 200 Ffth Av Li 18% off 14% the bar before Circuit Court was
( ) New York Times to Starke where is was ; phalanx of police moved into the
slightly injured this in
Travelers Ins -_-_- 44% 110 100 Mack Truck 41% off 5% Judge John A. H. Murphree morning
wrecked and they escaped on freak area, small arms gunfire rang
a accident with Gainesyule's
High Low Close Net Chg. 84 900 Chrysler 54 up ys yester day, Zalusky pleaded -
25 Roils' 147.71 145.26 146.97 Up .07 AMERICAN STOCK 58 600 Sunshn Mng 24% up % guilty to charges of armed robbery foot. Montos, who was servinga city attorney. out. Dirt was kicked up a few
850.34 840.02 844.89 2.42 25-year sentence for armed Gainesville Police feet from the policemen, but no
25 Industrials Up 50 000 Us Smelt 134 up 3Vs in connection with the escape -' reported
50 Stocks 499.02 493.14 495.93 Up 1.25 EXCHANGEAerojetGen 47 200 Am Tel Tel 70% unch then waived the right to robbery, was captured soon aft- Tony Redd 32, 1651 NW 35th I one was reported injured.
erward, but the search for Zal- Place, was headed east in the I Sheriff Richard JJ. Ogilvie of
45 000 RCA 30% off % counsel and threw himself ,
_._ on
usky centered around the old 200 block of SE 4th Ave. when' Cook County, who arrived tier
Analex 40 800 Alside Inc 16% off 1% the of the court. 1
Corp __ 28% mercy
-- airport US-301 south of the fire under
STOCK on mail stacked in his van fell on was brought con-
Aqua Chem 16% 31 500 Sperry Rd 13% offs '
FLASHESNEW At that time, a parole officer Starke. S him causing his truck to veer trol, told newsmen that policedid
30 400 Pan Am 31V4 off %
Aurora Plastics 24% testified that the defendant had
MARKET Zalusky spotted a parked across the center line into the not open fire. He also saidsheriff's
Barnes Engineer 21 25 700 Studebaker 7 unch been on parole since 1958, and I truck on the shoulder of the auto of City Attorney Osee R. police did not use tear

YORK (AP) Steels Dow Jones Stock Averages Butler Shoe __ 9% 24 400 Gen Motors 94V4 up %!that during that time he has highway, crawled into the backof Fagan, 40, who had stopped at gas and that the use of tear gas
Chromaloy -__-- -_ 15% 23 600 Tex Gulf Sul 52V4 off 1% married worked steadily and it and covered himself witha "
and motors paced a mild rally an intersection. was "not authorized.
Previous Day I 2nd Hour Cinerama -_-_- 6V4 22 600 Gen Tire 22% up % "is now making every effort to tarpaulin.A .
by industrials but the stock I Redd was treated at Alachua Ogilvie said he did not know
Computer Sci 17% 22 600 Pure Oil 59% off % make for his life."
mad whole remained 840.21 Indust. 1.92 up past short time later, an officersaw General Hospital for lacerationsof who gave the order for tear gas,
.d as a I I up
Cutter Labs A __ ... 16% 22 600 Wstg El 35% off %
------- -
Judge Murphree adjudged the the truck and ordered the
close-to dead center early this I the knee and released. Neither !- but was investigating.After .
213.44 I 20 Rails I off 0.57 Data Control ..... .. 51% "
afternoon... Trading was moderate. Amer Stk Exch Active Stocks defendant guilty and then plac- driver to "get out of here. The Fagan nor three passen- the shooting, steel-hel-!
.". 149.06 I 15 Util. I up 0.38 Fulton Inds -- 9% ed him on probation for life-,driver did, unwittingly carryingthe !gers in his auto were hurt. meted police armed with ax

Rails were off a little and 299.85 I 65 Stocks I up 0.30 Gen Develop ....__ 5 Volumne Close Change 'thus, granting him the chance hunted man away. At Baldwin Police estimated $150 damageto handles, shotguns and clubs
Mackey Airlines 4% 217 600 Magellan Pete 3% up % to work out his own salvation. according to later accounts, I each vehicle. No charges used tear bombs to disperse
utilities were mixed. 3,780,000 I Volume 1,820,000 Mead Johnson _,.._,., 16% gas
The feeling in Wall Street ------ 129 500 Pan Coastal 1% up % After passing sentence the Zalusky got out of the truck were filed. the rock-throwing mob.
Pac NW Tele 22% 121 300 832 Idria 1V4 up Vs judge leaned forward and shook tiODoed a train- for the _north m___ I -- --
was fairly optimistic on chancesof The Associated Press averageof Philips Elec 42% 80 400 United Canso 3V4 up % lands with Zalusky and wished and'escaped temporarily

averting a strike in the auto 60 stocks at noon was un- Redwing Carriers 10% 31 800 Savoy Indust 18 up 1 'him luck. However, he was later cap- Assignment to State GOP:

industry, despite the union rejection changed at 316.6 with indus- Ric Group 5% Asst. State Attorney Mack tured in Pennsylvania and returned I

as counter-offer expected ofmanagement's to trials up .7, rails off .8 and Sperry R Wts 6% ODD LOT TRANSACTIONS Futch then dropped (nolle pross- to Raiford, where he was In VotesTAMPA
Syntex -_- 67 ed of and in December Bring 913,000
utilities up .1. --- Purchases 324,605 ) charges kidnaping paroled of 1958.
union demands. Tampa Elec 26
-- which had also been For other the
Short Sales 3,393 escape, some reason or ,
Motors put on a brief show of, Chrysler was up nearly a Tech Measur -_ 20% (APFlorida Re- Florida's
Other Sales 323,813 filed by the state and the court state failed to prosecute on the quota was broken
strength and steels tagged point, along with Jones & TWA Wts- 25% Total Sales 327,206 accepted that action by the charges in connection with the publicans have a quota to meet: down by county Brown said
Laughlin. Fractional in-
along, but the momentum eased gainers but while and will eventually be broken
cluded Ford General Motors prosecution. escape, Zalusky was 913,000 votes for Barry Goldwa-
oft MUTUAL FUNDS PREVIOUS DAY'S Others in the courtroom, in- making good in his efforts togo ter. down by precinct.He .

Small losses outnumbered U.S. Steel and Republic Steel. STOCK MARKET cluding Union County Sheriff straight, he hadn't forgottenthe said he is confident the
Affiliated Fund _ 9.02
gains among the rails. Irregu- Mack Trucks, which was John Whitehead also shook I old charge. ; State Republican chairman state GOP organization can de
Life & Gr
larity prevailed among oils, down 5% Monday as the Chrysler Divers Growth 9.85 Advances 494 hands with the defendant and This week, at his own expense : Tom Fairfield Brown said Mon- liver.

chemicals, nonferrous metals acquisition plans were called Dividend Shares _. 3.82 Declines __ 578 wished him well. The man triedto and in about as big a day he received the quota at a "We're not taking anythingfor
off, recouped about a point. Unchanged __ 278 make he weekend meeting of state chair- "
and rubbers. Dreyfus -_ 20.49 respond but was overcome gamble as a man can granted in this campaign
CBS was a fractional loser. Fidelity Capit 11.34 Total Issues __. 1,350 with emotion and failed to choke came back from Allentown Pa., men with Republican campaign Brown said. "We're running

Airline Request Fractional gainers included Fidelity Fund --- 18.05 New 1963-64 Highs __._ 42 back tears. and faced the last obstacle to strategists in Washington. Each hard. We're running for a photo

: ,Reynolds Tobacco, Lorillard Fidelity Trend _? 19.04Fund'tal New 1963-64 Lows _- 22 But 13 years ago he was a his new life. state was assigned a goal. finish. We know some areas are

WASHINGTON AP) Fron-'Liggett & Myers, American Tobacco Invest 11.19 going to have an uphill battle,

tier Airlines of Denver asked Du Pont, Texaco, Radio Income of Boston 8.60 but we're going after a November

CiVil Aeronautics Board permission Corp. and General Electric. Incorporated Inc 10.11 victory."

Monday to broaden its pro- The Dow Jones industrial average -Keystone K-2 5.67 j j11s As an example of the quota

posal for service between Seattle at noon was up 1.92 at Keystone 5-3 -_-_ .. 17.11 system Brown said Hillsborough
and Miami. 842.13. Keystone S-4 4.88 County has been assigned a goalof
Frontier applied in June for a Life Investors 10.43 57,251 votes for the Republi.

route by way of Tampa St.'I Prices were generally higherin Life Stock Fund _- 8.08 .-S can presidential nominee. Rich-

Petersburg and Orlando. The moderate trading on the Mass. Inv Stock _-_--__. 16.87 -: ard Nixon received 48,887 in

airline amended the petition by American Stock Exchange. Mass. Inv Growth _....... .. 9.02 r Hillsborough in 1960, losing the

way ,of Atlanta and Jackson- Corporate and governmentbonds Pioneer Fund -----_ 10.05 : county to President Kennedy by

viUe. _ _ were mostly unchanged. Puritan Fund 9.44 z: z -1a V about 14,000 votes.
., Pinellas County, a Republican
T County, has been given a goalof

Auto Union 119,193 votes. The county
Rejects Big-3 ...
,. gave 101,779 to Nixon.
S Brown said Goldwater

S + strength is reportedly running
Offer Strike NearerDETROIT 4S high in the Florida panhandle.

; ; Step S S S S : ., Pinellas, Palm Beach and Brow-
ard Counties are considered an- _
I -
t- chor counties in the Goldwater |
(A?) The na 'of this month were immediately I Woodcock, chief union negoti- l __ CLU
he said and
campaign, ,
tion's auto industry was a step rejected by UAW bargainers ator at the GM bargaining table : +-- -_ -.5- __
.5- S-S __ attention will be given to the
closer crippling as "terribly disappointing" said the p ; S.
to a possible company offer did
-"-' and Duval and
& .
strike today with rejection by and "miserably inadequate." not begin to close the gap prevailing __ S_ _L ._- Tampa Dade Counties.Bay area S

I the United Auto Workers Unionof In turn, a Ford spokesman observed between the hourly rated 'w '- Brown said the quotas forFlorida's
contract proposals by "This makes workers represented the -
;new : the situa- by : 67 counties included:
General Motors Ford and tion serious." UAW and salaried white collar 5- -
very -S- Brevard, 20,593 Broward, 79,.
Chrysler. Workers at all three compa- employees.No -5-- ::-.. -
S 979; Manatee, 19,278; Monroe,
Three automakers nies are participating in a, -S _
Which of the Big
mention made
was in the S 4,000; Polk, 37,027; St. Lucie, 7-
will be chosen as the strike-authorization vote which industry proposals of one of the _ %,. : -- S ; 'e ,,_ 441 and Volusia, 33,220.
No: 1 strike target probably will is expected to gain overwhelming union's top demands this year: S S --'.- I

be:decided at a meeting of the approval.Such improved working conditions.The ',S 4 -5 -. w.-- w Strike Threat .
UA.W International Executive a move is customary as '-S 'S5 -- -
Board Thursday in Chicago. contract expiration deadlines union has insisted that k ; To AirwaysMIAMI
GM was named as the primary -approach.In national agreement include
target in 1961. Ford was 1961, both sides agreed to aweek's two 10-minute daily breaks for .. _2: (AP) -The Transport
workers on the assembly linesin ---- Workers Union said today it
selected in 1955 and 1958. extension of the GM .,
identical offers contract, and agreement was addition to the two 12-minute would strike Pan American Air.
In almost
Mqpday, the companies pro-I reached on a new pact six hours breaks already allowed. Cedar Key's Future Boat Basin? ways next Monday if today's

posed new three-year contracts before the strike deadline. One of the UAW's top priority last- tch bargaining sessionfails

for. more than a half million I Asked whether the union demands was included m the This muddy morass is a bayou in Cedar Key (at low tide) which Levy County Commissioner R. B. DavisJr. to reach agreement.A .

production line workers, calling would agree to a similar arrangement company proposals but was denounced wants to have dredged out as a small boat basin. The bayou is about to be enclosed by a causeway under walkout could Idle 12,000

for:higher wages, earlier retirement this time, UAW Vice as inadequate. This construction (at left), and Davis wants the dredging- project included as part of the pier job. A bridge members in the Pan American

and larger pensions.The Presidept Leonard Woodcocktold was a provision covering earlier with enough clearance for small boats is to join the foot of C Street (top of picture) to the new causeway.But system and cripple international

proposals to replace newsmen: "Our people in retirement and increased pen- if the boat basin project is approved, a dredge must be brought in before construction of the bridge. flights which carry as many as

agreements expiring at the end the plants are opposed to it." sion benefits. (Sun photo by Buzz Mixson) 17,000 passengers daily.

\ It H.,


--- -

. '-- '. ,,"- .. .- .. . .. -- ;, ..:-.. .. .-7. : -. : :: :-" .,.. ..


10 Gainesville Sun Tuesday, August 18, 1964 I0K
A....MO Yy df.bl.y

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k3.a, Facts Too Soon tral reply, write to Aoby, Box 3365. JZ

etverry Hills Calif.. 90212. and
include a self-addressed stamped envelope -
Abigail Van Buren Abbr I answers all mail. j

r p aI --
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DEAR ABBY: A I very advanced 12-year-old neighbor girl DEAR VICTIM: Be prepared! When you order, ask for a 6 NARYA Yes: Instruct him to /If'shetrlesto t
about the birds and the small service and give her a "taste" before she at- ONEiT vvtot.ENt6u t.Y
has been telling my 8-year-old son plate YOLI watch out.-for / annoy you,
bees. I don't know quite how to handle this because the tacks. WE1f OME HOME,MR. t' haver a blonde in a I Instruct him to
girl's mother and I are very good friends. It has been NOK'JM.Y DOVOU HA polKa dot blouse ffVYEARVORE /thrcwherout.violentJ tI

handy to ask this girl to look after my son for a few hours DEAR ABBY: I wasn't born yesterday. A woman telephonesour ANY INSTRUCTIONS? \ !! kLl I

after school, or on Saturday afternoons, but lately every time home quite often. If I should answer the phone, she /Isrr
she has been with him he seems to have learned somethingnew hangs up. If my husband answers it, that is a signal to c#> tI

on the subject Our boy never had any curiosity at all her that he can get away to see her, which he promptlydoes. Retct
about things like that until this girl put those ideas in his He always finds some kind of excuse to get in the j i r (r 'mss 1

head. Is there a tactful way to put a stop to it? car'and go some place. I wish, you would put this, in the r I < Y
UPSET paper to let the lady know I would like very much to talkto 1< I

DEAR UPSET: How and from whom, a child learns her. If it's my husband she wants, she can have him. ; ,

about the birds and bees has a significant bearing on his later NOT SO DUMB :.
sex attitudes, so don't treat this lightly. Have the girl's DEAR NOT: I doubt if you can unload that double-deal- i
mother tell her daughter that the "facts of life" are for ing dandy of yours so easily. What woman in her right mind f

"older" children (say about 12)) and since younger boys and would want a man, who can't be trusted? Every time the I

girls (say around 8) might not understand, their questions telephone would ring, she'd go ding bats! VEGOT
should be referred to their parents. I
amused me because we also had neighbors who disturbedus SORE I' (J
DEAR ABBY I have a friend who has been on a diet l/IIIIIIj/ i SNUFFY? TOOTH* ( ,.; WANTED VOR'N TO
with an extremely loud stereo or hi fi set. We just turnedour N CALEB /
for as long as I have known her. Whenever we are diningout \ AROUND
record player on as loud as we could, and played that
she won't think: of ordering anything fattening; but just 00
old song, "YOU, YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY" over and
let someone else order it and the moment it comes she'llplunge and been .j _
over again. They got the hint we've good friends .
her fork into his food, or sink her spoon into his ever since. a 1

dessert. MRS.,B. IN PIEDMONTa + 1C.
"Shades of trench mouth," it's getting me down. I despise n 8

this practice and have hinted until I'm blue in the face, CONFIDENTIAL TO THERESA: No one is quite so disil- 1 N.EO
but nothing stops her. What would you suggest? lusioned as the girl who married because she was tired of I l s.cl.
1 +
VICTIM working. ,00

f1 -


t.: T."V: ROG A1VIS c 0 71 It Eat
a- a
r1 + l f( .11I
L / \I _>.. : 'l'
l -c:

U l

k.r.U. LOQ_:

Tuesday Evening tion; frogmen dynamitingice helping hand are comedienne Please

5:00 O Best of Groucho floes; and a helicopter Beatrice Kay, song- 10:30 Q CD (Color) Word for .

O Maverick rescue of a man trap- stress Arlene De Marco Word .
B Wire Service ped in a snow crevasse. (Mrs. Brasselle), dancer O I Love Lucy I
6:00 O News, Weather, Famed author explorer Steve Condos, juggler 10:55 Q D News WHEN HE HIT ME.I HEY:THIS GUY YEAH..THE ONE LET'S GET OUTA HERE'J II I
Sports Peter Freuchen died en Francis Brunn, bicyclistJoe 11:00 Q CD Concentration z H E'S OUT COLD'YOU HEAD / LOOKS LIKETHATSINGER. GO CRAZY FOR.... a MEAN II
6:30 Q O News route to the Arctic. Jackson Jr., Sammy O McCojs I hCOULDA KILLED \ ... DON SANTELL.' TROUBLE' I I

O News Kaye and his orchestra, 11:30 Q CD (Color) Jeopard HIMHARRW V WHAT'S NAME?HIS / 1
O O Democratic C
o n-
7:00 O M Squad and three vocal groups. O Pete and Gladys I
"The Velvet Stakeout." A vention Preview 11:00 O O CD News, 12:00 O CD (Color) Say When /'T .

disbarred lawyer is mur- (Special) Highlights of the' Weather, Sports O Love of Life O

dered after refusing to Democratic Platform 11:25 O Movie: 12:25 O News

testify before the crime Committee hearings, taped "Horse Feathers." ((1932)) 12:30 O CD (Color) Truth or f'r i4 -
I y81B r
earlier at the r
commission. today Because his son Zeppo ConsequencesO
O The Saint"Starring Sheraton Park Hotel I, has been at Huxley college Search for Tomorrow
the Saint." Movie Washington, D. C. for 12 years without 12:45 O Guiding Light

.r producer Byron Uffer- ":M Q CD Richard Boone graduating, Professor 12:55 Q CD News

litz offers Simon Templaran "Run, Pony, Run." Although Waystaff tries to give him 1:00 O Convention Preview- .1 I

opportunity to star in a the tragedy of narcotics t hand by assuming the Continued coverage of .
picture based on his own Democratic P I at for m
of the school.
addiction has been presidency
life story. Templar: Roger dramatized many times, Groucho Marx, H a r p o Committee, Washington, WHY I ( IIIAREYOU 70 FINOAND I'D NOW S J I'VE E YOU LOST.? NOW I'VE EVEN III

Moore. Ufferlitz: Ron- this story delves a bit Marx, Chico Marx, Zep- D.C. TEARING ; I LOST FORGOTTENSjx WHAT FORGOTTEN Ir WAS -
ald Radd. Orland Flane: deeper. It portrays the po Marx. (One hour, 10 O Midday THE HOUSE .r Y/V SOME T HI NGTO -l
Alex Davion. ((60 min.) effects of addiction not min.) CD (Color) TV Bingo PIECES
1:30 O CD (Color) Let's MyYsY
: B Battle Line f 3crA
only on the user, but alsoon 11:30 O CD Tonight
Jim Bishop describes the Make a Deal
Guests listed.
others his loved not
; ones
: battle for Tobruk, the O As the World Turns Qo
and innocent victims WEDNESDAYMorning
even 1:55 Q CD News N
most hotly contested objective -
of circumstance. and Afternoon
2:00 Q CD Loretta '
: in North Africa. Young riI
O Petticoat Junction 6:10 CD Continental Classroom O Password
: 7:30 Q D Mr. Novak ; _
American Government: i 2:30 Q CD Doctors _
"One to Good- 9:30 O Jack Benny I
Way Say
"Substantive Due Process
O House Party I s
British comedian Max
: "
Novak finds him.
bye. r ,
3:00 O CD Another World I II L
is Jack's s
attracted Bygraves guest.In taPAT5I -
self to former
: 6:15 O ScopeO O To Tell the Truth
a flashback sequence,
Jefferson High student
Summer Semester 3:25 O News
Jack recalls how he first
: Jenny Peterson. Script by 3:30 O CD Color You
6:30 O Religions of Man ( ) "
met Max in England. .
: producer E. Jack Neu- BAgy.-.you GEE! YOUR COOD -
: man. Novak: James Fran- .10:03 O CD "The Rise of 6:40 CD (Color) Living Words Don't Say M THINK? ..YOU THINK OPINION OFVE VEAM MORE THAN
Khrushchev." 6:45 O Pastor's Study Night H FUNNY PING IN YOU..ARIN'TTHJ TO BE GUILTY OF PULLING A P055IELE REPAIR Bill'...5IT BkCK,
ciscus. Vane: Dean Jag- BORN OF EXPERIENCE
4:00 O Match Game VERY ORIGINAL, '
CD (Color Hi Neighbor
(Special) A struggle for ) LEE SENDS THE CAR
8:00 O High Adventure leadership of the Com- 6:50 O Farm and Home CD Popeye's Pals ROCKETING OVER A WHILE! LIKE YOU? Sv
Seven years ago Lowell munist world began in 7:00 O CD Today 4:25 Q News i AND DESERTED .
Thomas and Lowell Jr. 1953 with the death of O Local News, Weather 4:30 O Magilla Gorilla ROADS! THEN

joined the Arctice expidi- Stalin. 7:05 O Ranger Hal O CD Democratic C o nentionPreview COASTS TO A h _--

tion party that included Using film clips and 7:50 O Local News \' I i STOP;

Rear Adm. Donald B. M. accounts from political ob- 8:00 O Captain Kangaroo (Special) Taped highlights
member of servers, Chet Huntley of the Democratic I 1 1 1
MacMillan, a 9:00 O Divorce Court Plat-:
the 1908 Peary expidition; traces seven steps inKhrushchev's O Bachelor Father form Committee hearings.!I -
.z .
Col. Bernt Balchen, an career. CD (Color) Romper Room Elie Abel and Frank Mc-,I tf. / ,

Air Force rescue expert; O Keefe Basselle 9:30 O People Are Funny Gee report from the'i w..
and Sir Hubert Wilkins, (Special) Liberate and CD Jack La Lanne Sheraton Park Hotel,I'

who flew around the Pole Keefe re-create the at- 10:00 O Make Room for Washington, D.C. Attorney I -

in 1928. Highlights: a mosphere of a turn-of-the- Daddy General Robert F. Ken-I I ASKED MY FRIEND IPEAfPCTEETj TyoU AND DOODLYWE AS THE BOUNTY-REPLICA EXHIBIT AT THE
view of Siberia from Alaska century music hall and O News nedy is a scheduled wit!'Z P SHAKY BLCPP TD (50 KNOW NOW THAT STAY PUT UNTIL/ \YCZLVS: FAIR MARINA 1 15 CLOSING/ MAN
life at an IGY sta beer garden. Lending a CD (Color) Cameras ness today. I H,STEVIE B., N To'THfATlAVTIC PA- THE FlkSmVE IS AOALEI GET INTO 1 NEW BUYS A DETAILED DRAWING Of THE VESSEL:
I I 1 : THIN6.: .. A THE A' V WS MEET ON THIS- PHzrc AND ?
I By HELOISE CRUSE fed 1 1I AND 50 011 \ ";

I ,
.I 1 T

:: Hints From Heloisei .T I I II> 1 : rj' ki kid ,

i \ va
'" r
I IIi r _

DEAR LITTLE LAUNDRESSES After all, we have so many old pair, put one pair on top detergent and not too warm
I : bath towels and so many of the other and watch the water. They look like new again.
That's us, gals! sheets each week, so toss print magnify! Try it! TI1ANKS FORSTOPP.N6 I '
Why do we wash aU our them together and see what I nearly dropped dead whenI ANNIE ? --'

sheets in one load, bath towels wonderful results you get. found this out. L142N i MV HAT.. j

in another etc? I am sure that you all know BLINDBATAnd DEAR HELOISE: ..... THIS J>, PRIVATE/

Because mother did, that's not to mix colors together. I nearly dropped dead If you are uncomfortable because < wIND I i -
t ", hy. Or books recommend it. White articles should be washed i when I tried it! It works. of tight bedcovers on IM I l -.
Or because we hate been do- I with white, etc. HELOISE feet A
your just slip a pillow
ing it that way for years and We also tried washing some S under the covers at the foot .;

years.If pale-colored bath towels which DEAR HELOISE of the bed. This works beauti- d 1
you hue white towels had been washed MANY : fully.

and white sheets, try putting times before, with some of Have you ever tried making CLAIRE MACKENZIE '
one sheet in your machine my husband's OLD colored book covers out of wallpaper I 6.18 &j

and adding two bath towels, a sport shirts and they came samples? :Q

few hand towels and some out beautifully. Again the I covered some of our books DEAR HELOISE: I

wash cloths and then givingit rough towel did its miracle (the ones that look shabby). I made some small bags of

a spin. They (the sheet scrub. They turn out beautifully and nylon net, and put a short ,
and towels) just might be You might try it. After all really dress up our book shelv. drawstring around the top. I V BJT: THE HEATS OFF WOW/V VDU CONY SURE,HE RECOGNIZE V..B66IPE5. niERE
: glad to shake hands with we have so many pounds (or es.These half-filled these bags with ari OF TOWN FORAVBLE.PIPNT blOW KEIJO...WWdEN r STRAIGHT ME MID TOLD THE KECOGMIZED WHAT WE PIP TO HIM... ..JUST JOKESTK
each other! Is it tons) on washday and sample wallpaper moth balls and hung them on. COPS PICKED* ME UPI COPS HE NEVER: SEEN Me! IOU? AND HE PONT WANT IT )P42 ME!
I The roughness of the terrycloth the loads come out the same. books can be purchased at any I my coat hangers with the ANKtE? AT MABM TMENT. HAPPENING 'A6AJM.! '

.. will rub against the I think: you win love the wallpaper store.I clothes and sweathers.The I ,
ii iiF ( 'J
smooth sheets and buff and results you get use a laundry-marking pen moth balls do not actually,< s r
scrub the soil much I sure did! to the touch the
away print titles of the bookson clothes, but the ny- c.
easier and better than if a HELOISE the covers. I lon net allows the moth ball y t 8
smooth sheet rubs against an- BETTY aroma to circulate through the I sP
other smooth sheet. LETTER OF LAUGHTERIf a closet ai

And you should see the re you are one of those blind DEAR HELOISE: The small nylon" net bags,I .:

suits we got (while testing in bats who wear glasses and I took my dingy white candles in all colors, look attractive in .-.....
the laundry today) by mixing i iIt some days you still cannot see from the candle sticks and was the closet and solves the problem .... tl fl ;.
plllowillps and bath toweli. what you are reading-if you ready to toss them out, but de- of P-: 1
Amazing t are lucky enough to have an cided to try washing them In moths.LEONffi S. i I I I I ,

1 r f

". -...-- ,. -. : :?.. .,_ '--:, -' ......,,' -




f ...; August 18, 1964 Gainesvilb Sun U

" GreeK Action WANTED 12 Mole retail Help milk Wanted route salesman .

I flT.ADTE I age 25-45 must be bondable.
Apply to Jim Johnson at Carl-
Is ; IIJ4I
If Blow ton's polntment.Dairy phone 372.5404 for ap. / t :

WANTED TTS Operator. good workIng ACROSS

To NATO forClassified conditions good pay. Contact 1. Pendulum 23.Mohan- IPlRU8IIICI.FIAIflI_ _
Stafford Caldwell Gainesville
, Sun.MECHANIC. eight xned'sadopt-
I 4.Tier ed 1MI0IRIlsURII
NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) over 20 with own son -
tools. Apply In person. Millers Spanish 24. Indolence
Greece apparently is closing Esso. Mr. Miller 2106 SW 13th lady Caressing
F to- ranks with the Greek Cypriot st. 11.Land JJ1US31.. Grampus
Tues. thrw Fri. papers-5 pm. Day before Ubllcltloll I WANTED experienced grill cook 1RlAH.LUIRrlAl9!
. regime of President Makarios For ads 10 go In Sun. paper-12:00 a.m. Sat. apply Humpty Dumpty Restaurant ure 32. Yale

i forces from the North Atlantic I For ads to co In Men paper-I pjn. Sat. I... 310 NW 13th St. 12. Solemn 33.Wild

YOUNG man 20 to 23 to fill va- exaltation D IISlCIOjNlrtlUlE.tD )
Treaty Organization to help defend (Minimum ad 4 jlnesl I. cancy in progressive company. buffalo
Astringent C.IOU1NIT ruLlt_
Only hard working young man interested
Cyprus. FAMILY RATES !: in future need apply. Ap- 14. Revoked at 35.Turk. Inn

Greece's decision Monday Ii iE ply Aetna Finance 15 N. Main. cards 38. Borer SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE
1 Insertion .. SAc line
helped ease a strain between 3 Insertions 22c line WANTED University of Florida 16. Halo 39. Compute 48. Side sheltered 4.Fumes
student Jsrv11n
to work full time
4 Insertions ..... 17c line 6 before 40. list in
Athens and Nicosia. It also 12 Insertions .... 14C line 51 school starts. then part time 17.Twilight detail from 5. Be in debt

Total charge computed by multiplying total lines x rate afterwards. Room rent to constitute 18. E. Ind. Mind 6. Nuptials
came as a new blow to the solidarity ed x number of Insertions. part payment. For Information shrine for 44. Counte-
elm-I call FR 6-3012. 49. Eternity 7.Hazard
of the Atlantic Alliance'seastern
t sacred nance
t Five letter words per line DOWN 8.Miscellany
CARRIER BOYS between 12 & 15 .
flank at a time when the E yrs. old needed for paper routeIn 20. Divans 45.Afflict 1. Tribunal Stunned

I Soviet Union has become embroiled Same at 2 line g the N.E. Section. Wonderful 22. Cypric(1ld46.. And not 2. Raw metal 10.Abyss.
8 Pt. experience for son. daily
in the Cyprus crisis. ordinary type contact with the your puplic prepares \ A fish 47.Reasonable 3.Advantage" table mountain

. I him for a leading role in his '
Turkey withdrew some air 12 1 Pt.Semi as 3 lines 5-
ordinary type future. For more Information call :' 15.Topsy'
force planes from NATO control Gainesville Sun. Circulation Dept. r1rrrrrprrrr

, nine days ago after the Greek l8Pt.Samas4n., 5; 372-8441. friend19.. Fruit-drink

I MAN wanted for stock room. Some :: 12 IJi
Cypriots charged that Turkish I paper work involved. 40 hr. week ,t % 20.Trench

excellent company benefits. Must 21. Palm leaf
jet fighters took off from NATO 14- IS I "
Sem.sSIInss i be able to write plainly and
24. First letter
bases to attack Cyprus.A 24 Pt. ordinary type check orders. Apply J. M. Fields - -
Store. Personnel Office. ;& 11 25. Form of
Greek Foreign Ministry s r.l
r FULLTIME salesman wanted. Re- % annuity

statement in Athens saidGreece's I ga tail clothing and furnishings. Ex. 540 10 I' -12& 26. Choler
perience necessary In retail sell- = _
protests about the 36 Pt. Same as 7 lines Ing. Salary commensurate with 27.Honor card

Turkish pullout had gone un ordinary type ability and experience. 5V* day if Zf 2f 2" 21Z& 29. Cylindrical
dun WkoCU.
week. Insurance benefits. Write
30. de France
heeded. i resume to box 441-A to arrange btf 21 JO JI '

I this the statement I I The Gainesville Sun will not be responsible tor more than one for personal Interview : : = 33.Whlt&
incorrect insertion nor will It be liable for eny error In advertisement See how cables curve 'round yoke poplar
added, "Greece decided to to a greater extent than the cost of the space occupied MAN chua over Co. 21.or vacancy part Gainesville in W. Ala-for smart new touch on a go-every : J.:::v/9 ;]T 7 33 J+ 34. Edge
by the Item In the advertisement. No adfustment will where Jacket.
. I Rawleigh dealer. Full time preferred
withdraw the necessary army, be made on errors that do not materially effect the value of Will consider ambitious Knit yoke first on circular nee SS if 1.14"m 35. Cleopatra'

naval and air force units assigned the,advertisement. s part-timer. Many now earning S3 dle.knitted When from finished yoke body down.of Pattern lacketIs : = W4wJJ / maid
1- per hour and up. Write Rawleigh, -
to the alliance." The: Gainesville Sun reserves the privilege of revising or telectlng == FA I 320 1170, Memphis Tenn. 540 sizes 3234; 36-38; 40-42; 44- : = any advertisement which It deems oblectional and to i! 46 Incl 2
chance the classificalion of IiI YOUNG man. high school education ; Thirty-five cents In
It said the decision was taken any advertisement from that ordered coins for this -
ft conform to the policy of the paper. 5iwnnmmmlllll to answer phone wait on pattern add 15 cents for each 4 T iT Negroid
"to fulfill Greek obligations to customers in busy building sup pattern for 1st class mailing and 37. Solar disk
JlIIIIIIJIIIIUIlIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIUIInWIIIWlIIIU&IIIIllllll! yard. No phone calls. WriteP. special Send -
ply handling. to Laura 4T _
and 41. Cravat
defend the independence O. Box 450 City. Wheeler Gainesville Sun. Needle- ,

territorial integrity of Cyprus, Announcements 11 FEMALE HELP WANTEDSalesperson THREE male trainees. 21 to 24 craft Dept.. P. O. Box 161. Old - Menagerie

and in particular to ward off the son H.S.1I Ed.Center relocate, 102 NW Orlando.2nd Avr Per- Chelsea Y. Print Station.plainly New PATTERN York 11.NUMBER N.- Partime7S; ,nin.AP N wl-_.,." fl-16 43. Sea eagle I

constant Turkish threat." 2 CARD OF THANKSTHERECENTBEREAVEMENT 13-Help Male or Female ZONE

Greece also hailed "as an important FOR a full time permanent position NEW FOR 1965 200 designs -
In more fashions to knit. crochet than
our sales organization.
which has visited our home has PROFESSIONAL Insurance Corp. of
contribution to Experience Is everl Plus 3 FREE patterns. embroidery
peace"Soviet preferred but not
brought to us a greater appreciation required. Apply Wilsons Depart- Jacksonville. Fla now has doll's clothes. Send 25 34 Waterfront PropertyNEAR 35 Houses for Sole 35 Houses for Sole
Immediate openingfor
of our friends. Such kind- in
Premier ment Slore.WANTED cents for new Needlecraft Catalog.
nesses and neighborly thought- manager. agents. canvassers. VALUE 16 COMPLETE QUILT SMALL VILLAGE OWNER LEAVING. i BR.. ccT.
to against fur fulness can never be forgotten.The experienced Legal Secre- Call company representative at
Turkey PATTERNS in deluxe new Quilt 15 Miles from Gainesville. 2 baths pump for lawn $500 dn.
tary to begin to 11 30 for appoIntment PARRISHPRESENTS
work 374-1485 1:30
family of James H. Bockler by August Jl Book.. For Send .
beginners experts.
Assume FHA mortgage. 2 754]
ther air attacks on Cyprus. or earlier. Salary commensuratewith and Interview.
experience and 50 cents now' 30 acres 12 acres cultivated balance or 7002 N. E. 16th Terr.
the 3 LOST & FOUND ability. WANTED TTS Operator. good wording ,
The Greek stand pleased Fringe benefits. Blue Cross and in woodland.4 mile State
Blue Shield. For interview conditions. good pay. Coo- 32 Mobile Homes For Sale Road frontage. Going at $6600. 4 BEDROOMS. 2 batns. NW. Phone
Greek Cypriot government, tact Stafford Caldwell. Gainesville GR 5- 171.
FOUND In Kirkwood. nke big E. A. Clayton or James E.
which had been chided by young Siamese male with collar. Clayton. Phone 3729591. Sun.WANTED FEDERAL QUALITY CALL NEW 3 Bedroom CCB. tile bath
Owner verity & contact Louis C. Retired couple with HOMES INC. Angle Real EstateC. CONVENIENT, easy walking dis- carport and utility room. S9.000.
Premier George Papandreou for Goclsby 37245)0. trailer house to be caretakers of tance to downtown. 2 bedroom S250 down. US month. Phone FR
40 acres of land. No hard labor. 4820 N.W. 13th St. GainesvilleFR L. Angle Broker frame cottage on paved street 2.335S days.
launching a military drive STRAYED from vicinity Northwest6th SecretaryABLE Can turn out to be permanent position 25113 Walt Johnson Mgr. O. J. Angle Associate east of new Post Office building. --
St. and NW 19th Lane Das- with growing business. TWO mobile homes on large shady 4404 N.W. 13th St. 376-6927 Properly priced for a cash deal. 4 BR. 2 bath. CCB A-C lg.ulil.: :
against a Turkish Cypriot coastal chund puppy. black with tan Write Box 444A Gainesville Sun. lot complete with deep well. -s'a & fam rm., near elem. school
LARGE rustic house on Lake GOLF VIEW ESTATES. Good 3- & Club. .
markings. Reward 374-3744 or Boys' $13500 $450 dn..
Each mobile home has screenedin
stronghold without consulting 377-82M. to meet public neat appearance Placement Service 200 ft. waterfront white sand bedroom. bath home in this plus closing. 372 9714.
patio. Must be seen to appreci I
skilled in shorthand and Office. Professional beach. reduced price S19.500. very desirable area near the
I Greece. The attack broughtfour ate. Live in one. rent the other. Phone 475-5811 FOR SALEOR-TRADE for trailer:
4 PERSONALIZED SERVICE typing excellent; fringe benefits In- Technical 3764.70.SCHULTZ.. University. Excellent financing
days of Turkish fighter cluding paid vacation 5 day workweek College GraduatesFor $12 WATERFRONT FOOT! permits this property to be handed equity in 3 BR. 2 bth builtInkit.
| hour day. Salary commensurate appt. call 3724377 Early American 2 bedrooms with minimum down pay. terrazzo floors cen. heat.
raids on Greek Cypriot towns.Greece's L tMKf* 10 OKiVbi ipeciai attention with ability. Apply In 10 12:00 AM. 2-4:00 P.M. 10x50 Hillcrest Trailer 133 Acres on beautiful Santa Fe ment. Phone 3744779
to nervous or elderly. river. with Vi mile Rd. frontage!;:
person. ROYAL CROWN BOTTL. Monday thru Friday Court. Lot A.5. LEAVING TOWN. will sell mYJ
forces total Easy Way Driving School. FR on st. Rd. 236. less than 3 mi.
27002. Lie. bv State of Fla. 1201 E. University Ave. W. of High Springs. About 80 BR, 2 bath cent. heat built In
102 NW 2nd Avenue 2-bath home with
Phone 3724751. CONNOLLYMobile masonry kitchen. home You
and its entire air can save
120,000 men acres cleared. farm house shed
KUT 'N KURL BEAUTY SALOON living room separate dining $1500. Call FR 23324 or GR
force than seven fighter- Beauty on a BudgetAll 14-Sales Help Wanted Home Sales. Inc. 2 & 3 and storage room. spring. Ideal room. family room with fireplace 55972 Melrose.
more CURB
WAITRESSES Club or Camp site.
work guaranteedPerm. day and bedroom mobile homes. Many modern built-in kitchen.
bomber squadrons, is committed $5 up Sham-set SI.50 up night shift top wages. Apply floor plans. 7 year financing. RALPH A. FOSSEY. Realtor Central heat. HIGHLANDS. 3 Br. 2 bath quality -
14 E. Univ. Ave. 372772 In person. Jerry's Restaurant. LICENSED Real Estate salesman Drive out today. 3 miles Southof 11 W. Univ. Ave. Ph 376-1359 built. 2 story masonry. Cent.
to the alliance. Like the Open nights by appt. 2310 S. W. 13th St. S100 a week drawing account. Gainesville on U. S. 441 Ph. FLORIDA PARK. Immediate oc. heat reasonable down payment.

SECRETARY WANTED Must be Large volume builder developing 376-0571_ cupancy can be had on this Price $23500 530 N. E_ 7th Ave.
Turkish armed forces, most E SPECIAL NOTICES proficient In shorthand 3 areas. Position in Gainesville. RETIREMENT RENDEZVOUSFIVE pleasant 3 bedroom home on Cor. Blvd. 372 8245
and typ. Reply to Box 494-A c-o Gainesville FOR SALE Newberry Trailer Park rooms and bath on Lake Alto lot. Walking distance to -
Greek units have U.S. equip- ing. Salary commensurate with Sun. one mile north on 41, $600 down. Furn. mcl elec range GE large Gainesville High and J. J. Fin- LOOK AIR CONDITIONED
THANK YOU for making the experience; and ability. Scruggs S40 month. Total S9.900. Ora Ball refrigerator. oil heater. good water 3 BR. 2 baths. central heat out
ment. 1964 PARADE OF HOMESthe i Carmichael 3 SE 1st Avenue. WANTED 3 MENto Archer Fla. dock and boat shed. Lg. ley Schools.UNIVERSITY of city limits deep well. PEA

success It was Gainesville Ph. 3765242. assist me in my business. Salary Lowest prices. easiest terms. largest cleared lot. Si0.400 448-1758. ACRES. Restricted piwer ioc*led at 3616 NW 34th

Junior Woman's Club HomeBuilders "BEAUTY OPERATOR wanted plus commissions If qualified. Neatin display In central Florida. OVER 30 acres of lake front many new west side subdivision of St.CaU.
Assoe of Gainesville. Also company bonuses. We trade for anything. Free delivery trees. Also 5 fur. acre lots. Paved streets NO
SV4 days a week. Group insurance bearing pecan .
All appearance. 21 40 Car necessary 372 2372 or 374 1190.
Fun for sick pay. Please phone Call Mr. Haney 372-0500. up to 100 miles.fRAILER nished houses with dock and deep CITY TAXES as these lots are
8 Baby Sitters. Child Core 372.1581. MART well pump. Many extras On outside city limits. Suggest you
BY OWNER. 4 BR. 2 bath extra
Scott 1 Fetzer Corp. between 9
Lewis before
Fe. make selection prices -
Lake Santa Inquire
LEGAL Secretary. proficiency in & 10 AM. Monday. Wednesday Hwy. 17 Open 1 to 4 Jewelry Co.Cedar advance. Ig shady yard Westmorland. 4011
At Lunch For KIDDIE KORT CHILD CARE typing & shorthand required. & Friday East Palatka Phone 328-1050 N.W. 13th Ave. Available on
Day. wk., or mo. Old NewberryRd. short notice. FR 4-7W3 for appt.
legal. experience desirable. Low. ia 40 trailer with 8 x 20 furnished Shoresfine AVAILABLE NOW. 3 bedroom unfurnished
Planned programs Pick up ry < Andrews 374-4491 Wanted Female Key
16-Work cabana. close to campus In stu home for rent. Close to
Bird schools.at Littlewood Call FR and 2-6667.Terwilliger WHITE female neat honest & dependable dent park only S1200. Call FR 6- homesites from $2250 University. Will lease for one

Lady to make sandwiches LADY would like to do day work. 2797. See at lot 21. Inquire lot non-waterfront from $1510 year at $14000 per month. Sun Want Ads
drinks & use cash register. Sal. Phone 376-2795. 15 in Glynwood Park behind Fla.
TOT $60 wk. with Increaseto Power on Archer Rd. SEPTEMBER 1st. 4 bedroom air-
ary per _
AP S70 over 6 months period. DOCTOR'S receptionist experienced Marina LocationsINVEST conditioned home In good north-
( )
GREEN RIVER, Wyo. PLAY SCHOOL: Must have experience using cash Phone FR 2-9955 after 6:00 YaTl facilities needed here east location unfurnished. 160.
P.M. end' Sunday ComeSee ; 00 per month on lease for year. Get Results
This railroad and highway Visit ut and see for yourself. register. Light grill work exper
14 SE 8th *t. FR A-78M lence helpful but not necessary.: .
town of 3,800 served barbecued Hours 11:30 AM. to 1:30 P.M. 18 Schools & InstitutionsHIGH our custom-made 12wldes at Motel locationsINVES SEPTEMBER 1st. Large 2 bedroom

The COMPETENT mother will care and 5:00: P.M. to 11:00 P.M. 6 10-( wide prices. M.H.M.A. Approved accommodations unfurnished rental. $125.00
buffalo for lunch Monday. for children. reasonable In her : per month lease for year.
days a week. For appt. call 376- Top Brands. 8 yr. financing
First Lady of the United States, home 6-4481.at 909 SE 1st Ave. PhoneFR 0924 between 10:30 & 11:30 at home free booklet. A m e r lean available. See Dad and Brad Larsen needed FREE ESTIMATES on

mornings or 5 to V evenings at Lake Geneva Trailer Saleson FURNACES and Quality
School P. O Box 14441 Jackson-
Lady Bird Johnson, was there. only. Sandwich Inn.Opportunity. ville. Pie 32216. Rt. 100 1 mile S.E. of Key. DAVID ANDREWS- M.M.PARRISH
stone Heights. Open evenings and Central AirConditioners
So were more than 4,000 others I IBM machines. 024-026. limited enrollment REAL ESTATECEDAR II

of Gold. ELDERLY lady wanted to live in classes now forming.
including a pack and help elderly couple. Light Howell's Business College 21S W. Sunday.WYATT KEY 3841 or 3831

water boosters who had as duties. Small salary. Call FR 6- FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. Must Univ. Ave. Phone 374-3507._ -

7656 possess supervisory ability. enoy| SPEEDWRITING SPELLING & ASSOCIATES. INC.H. .
much fun as any Democrat.It CASHIERS. Must be experienced.One working with the public by telephone CIVIL SERVICE TRAINING FURNITUREUPHOLSTERY Wayne Hill Helen! Graham by 1 nnjL I

was the biggest event in 'full-time one part.time. Prefer and personally be a better Secretarial Courses Classes now Trailer SalesHome Carolyn Gardenhire Mary Parrlsh
than average typist. reasonably form. Howell's Business College NE First TeL 3725375
part time to be filled by UnIversity Street
Best In equipment Internally
Green River and Sweetwater 218 W. Univ. Avenue. FR 6- of using
Itudent. Phone Florida permanent. Top pay. If you are For top quality workmanshipcall Insulated
ducts. designed
The Book Store. FR 4-6MA. Mrs. Mason looking for more than lust an 3507._ Pacemaker Mobile Homes
in townspeople engineered and Installed
County years.
Shasta and Alrstream
for appointment. average job this Is your opportunity MEN & women IS to 55 to train for 372-6142
made the most of it. to get with a large local CIVIL SERVICE Travel TrailersOClla's byALL
FULL time maid. S30 per week. GAINESVILLE
Mrs. Johnson came to town to to 5:30. Good references re- company that offers many Examinations. For information Dealer Since 1948 ADVERTISE IN THE & AIR CONDITIONING CO.
quired. Call FR 6-6185 fringe benefits Including: Paid va send name. address & Phone No. 1923 Silver Springs Blvd. UPHOLSTERY SERVICE DIRECTORY I
wind up her four-day visit to the cation. sick leave insurance and Key Training Service. 112 W. Phone 429.1358 1508 N.W. 11th St. PH. 376-8258
BABY sitter wanted. Responsible pension plan. Apply In person to Adams St.. Jacksonville. Ocala. Fla. Free Estimates-rick up and 17)0 NE 23rd: Blvd.' !
the _
West and to dedicate mature white woman for occasional Classified Advertising Department. delivery. 24 Hour Service
Lake baby sitting own transportation Gainesville Sun. Real Estate Exam I
nearby Flaming desirable. Please write Box BUTTSMobile -- -- --
LADY with accounts receivable ex
in 443A. Gainesville Sun. COURSE
and recreation area. Earlier perience. Typing essential. Age 21 ATTEND First lesson free.

the she had dedicated SECRETARY Girl Friday. Able to to 45. Apply Mrs. Kates. Ruddy's HOWELL'S BUSINESS COLLtuE:
Deot Store.WANTED .
transcribe accurately from dictatIng
COLLEGE. 21S W. Univ. Ave
Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah. machine. 5-day week. I:30 to desk clerk for the HolI- F I' t-3507 372-3727. RE
5 P.M. Legal experience helpful. day Inn. Contact Nick Doffing.
Wyoming, with most of the lake but will train.. Phone for appointment 1900 SW 13th St., FR 23311. 28 Livestock & SuppliesFOR

inside its boundaries, requested 3761271.BOOKKEEPER. __ __ EXPERIENCED waitress hostess & HomesINC.
General. Some em- part time cashier. Apply in per. Sale Mare. excellent with
equal time. phasis on accounts payable & pay. son. University Inn, 1901 S. W. children. S175; 4'''' mo. quarter. I I
tree-lined courthouse roll. Full-time. All company ben- 13th St. horse colt. SI 25. Phone 372-0811.
The efits. Prestige company In Gainesville
A high Write Box 488-A c/o Gainesville WHITE lady. Able to keep house i WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE a NEWI. AVE
jammed. I
square was Sun.COCKTAIL. and help in ceramic shop. May dairyman to show us a better 10 & 12' WIDES

school band played. Groups of live in. Phone FR 4-5548. dairy feed! than CPA CooperativeMills also
WAITRESS. over 21. 14 pet. All Pulleted Drai CAMPERSWe

pre-teen girls squealed, "HI, Apply in person to Thirsty Gator 12 Mole Help Wonted Krunch. Over 1500 Ibs of PDN need 25 trade-Ins this month I
633 N.W. 13th St. after 1:00 P.M. ton. FMX Gainesville or Ale- Call
The President's per us for the best deals. j
Lady Bird. chua. Phone FR 2.1M5 or 441-
WANTED saleslady. must have jewelry MALE Trainee for credit manager
wife called back, "Hi, you-all." store experience 81 references age 22 to 35 High School educa- 7105. 3768361NW
salary. Gibbs 102 THIS WEEK'S IS ON
Steady position good tion. Furniture Store.
13th St. at 4th St. On street
Nearly every store in town Inquire Lewis Jewelry Co. SW 1st Ave.CHAIN 30 PETS & SUPPLIES parking all around our corner. SPOTLIGHT

closed. Half the homes displayed WANTED experienced waitress. --- Open 9 AM. to P.M. each
BLACK Male Poodle. Shots
American flags on Apply rant. 310 Humpty NW 13th Dumpty St. Restau- LINK FENCE style cut. Housebroken.. wormed S50. week day. 4&? PALM LANES BOWLING LANES
Dealership available Phone FR 21371.ARISTOCRAT
porches or lawns. BEAUTY DEMONSTRATORSEarn National organization desires OF DOGDOM. Wel. 33 LOTS FOR SALE On Waldo Road

up to SS per hour derr>o> local representative. Send complete maraner Make good Jif'Palm
The holiday atmosphere was strating famous Studio Girt resume' in first reply to: watchdogs.puppies.. hunters or companions Serenola Estates Lovely residential -t Lanes Gainesville's largest bowling alley features
too. Cosrretics. Full or Part Time. for children. 372-4459. lots near new school. priced from b 1
with speeches ( restaurant fir Pro Shop.
0 nursery
replete Phone 376-4336 after 6 STOVER FENCE INDUSTRIES $3500 Call Gladys Smith Realtor .

There were U.S. senators from WANTED TTS Operator good work. 201-A DOWNTOWN PLAZA AKC Basset pUppies. 12M W. University 372-5393 The restaurant caters to the bowlers with sandwiches.
U5aaetrKtsoi iid ill dinners soft drinks fir beer. while the
Ing conditions. good pay. Contact CULLMAN ALA. 4812638. for sale. They serve
Utah and Wyoming Secretaryof _
Stafford Caldwell Gainesville Terms can be arranged. J. T. A lanes are open.

the Interior Stewart L. Udall Sun. SIAMESE ice. registered.kittens lilac and stud blue serv-and ville.Hcwze Ph.Rt.3721090 4. Box 301, Gaines- Greatly appreciated by mothers ts a supervised nursery

and the beaming Mrs. Johnsonto Need Extra Money? chocolate point; S25 up. Williston where you con leave your child while you bowl. This
S3S-4443 LOT with 3 trailer spaces and 2 I
make them.Shoshone Expenses up with Schoolt.rting' trailers. Large awnings 3 large is a free service provided by Palm Lanes.
You $2or 3 Pekingese. 1 French poodle. patios. 3 septic tanks. lots of At the Pro Shop one con purchase bowling ..11,. I
can earn Shots and wormed. All with papers a
and Arapahoe In- CLASSIFIED more per hour o. fullor Phone FR 25029. 3725113. outside shade. good city limits.rental For income.sale.Just FR t .s.Z..k b shoes, bags, or any other equipment one might need.

in the w Palm Lanes is open 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. everyday -
dians danced streets. part time Avon Representative. AMERICAN Shepherd and English 4-8883_
Shepherd puppies for sale Wean- except Sunday when their hours art from 1 P.M.to .
Our Saleswomen NW. at SUM up
And there was the barbecuepit. Dial earn fine weekly incomes, _ed. wormed and ready. FR 2-0033. S3500 2 A.M.

On a spit roasted a 600-() plus Savings Bonds. Earn MINIATURE females.Dachshund must sacrifice 2 outstanding at S3700 Watch For Next Week's SPOTLIGHT

I your expense money with S50 ea. AKC. FR 6-8963.
pound buffalo.It Mary Moller. Realtor
376-4672 Avon. Write AVON. P.O. JENNY BURROW (Sicilian). 3 yrs. 1019 W. University FR 6-<<71
buffalo to feed the old S50. 5240: NW 8th Ave., OldN.wbesry
took 11 Box 448. Gainesville Fla.
Road Phony -371-6667 FOR SALE 2 grave lot. DINING *
or call FR 2-0421. Crest Memorial Park choice lo
hungry. cation. Phone all day Sunday & COCKTAILS
C 32 Mobile Homes For Salem after 5 P.M. days. FR 22055. GENERAL GAINES LONG'S CAFETERIA _ _ _
Most of the diners, including STEAK ROOM Closed for vacation & repaInting.Featuring .
RitlcrtH 2 Br.. iron kitS ACRE lots for sole. Open days a week. STEER ROOM
Mrs. Johnson preferred to take CLEAN 10 x '6' 12500. Bank financing. Phone 372-4416 u.s. Prune and Choice Friday. Allg. 281h The nest In dining enJoyment
O-Kay trailer Court 4th trailer in. steaks prepared to your taste Remember We'U See you then. COCktails S dancing In our Ioul'fl"
from the other 10 buffalo pre on our open r Holiday Inn. No cover No minimum
1h. 8. Sue Long
For Sa:e 1 BR air cond. furn. 34 Waterfront Property 5900 SW. 13th 0-8266. _Palmer_ _ _ FRED'S LOCKER ROOM
"buffalo ]la hour- trailer 81 enclosed cabana. Ex -
pared as tips a 4562 NN 13th St.
RAGS ul'e"lt" condition. FR 2458C. MA 3 brm. 2 bath home on Lake Wi- BILLIARD'S BOWLING *
gigonne." The dish is sauteed .M. and 6-12 P.M._ not. 2 brm. 1 bath on Lake *
Lak.a-wana. Call Gladys Smith. UNIVERSITY INN
SALE. 1943 New Moon 10x40: 3
meat, onions, olive oil, tomato BR. front kitchen, living room Realtor CUE STICK BILLIARDS PALM lANES Chlrcoal Steak Roofs Smoral"
and bedrooms unfurnished. FR *. 1228 W. University 3725393 Fun for not only young men We"ll be closed August 10th tflrv board. Cocktail Hour J to 7. 2

puree, chicken broth, spices and WANTEDSEE 0355 after 5pm._ WINFRED H. CRAWFORD BUT young women, too. the 17th. for reservicin9 and re- drinks for the price of I. Dane-
Bring dates .tn A.M. to BobbY GrIKIIt"
FOR SALE 194 Trave house treiler your conditioning of our all." Well Ing 2
Broker specaliztng In
burgundy.Mrs. with cabana. Must be movedor Reg.LAKE PROPERTIES -ACRE Open 10 A..M. 1iJ 12 100M. see you tne 11th. 2606 Wlldo Combo & RIchard Parkers orc,,""

Johnson called it "fan PRESS ROOMGAINESVILLE 3395.sold by Sept. 1st. Call 372- ACE. 3 miles No. of Metrose. 90S N. Main Street Road 316-A654. tra. iNS S.W. 13t1t St. Fit .2442-

GR S-29S1.

Moon trailer 10 x 55 will take
treat, like tender sea smaller trailer for equity and Sisoo
1 Mile S. off Paynes
101 S.E. 2nd PLACE take up payments. Phone FR Prairie. For appointment call CALL 3728441.
soned. 21313. FR 4-3052.



: .wciy W




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\ IN h fl4AT.4LL-OVE C, .

Hocuntoooy .6(5TJTAR5--

lt .. -

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...:_.- J .- .. -

----- -- --- -- --------V--------- =
--- .v--
.... .-... . ,, ._- -. .!-

- --- i-i I- :

12 Gainesville Sun Tuesda'y, August 18. 1964 !

: ., "

Beneath This Banner Are The World's Best BargainsCLASSIFIED I.


: 4LNE3; Clean out the Closets & Utility Rooms Now-Pick up extra cash Pers on to person ads are for non commercial users selling merchandise priced

at $100 or less with the selling price stated in the ad. No additional costs for ads that require the full 10 days No refunds for ads that .

DAYS bring quicker action. \

DIAL 372-8441 A Ad-Visor Will Ad. ,
Courteous Help You Word Your


35 Houses for Sole 35 Houses for Sale 35 Houses for Sale 35 Houses for Sol 35 Houses for Sale 35 Houses for Sale 35 Houses for Sale

423 NW lOUt St. BUY HAPPINESS & STRETCH $$$ 4 i DK modern home on I acre of 2 BR home on corner lot. lowdown NEW: -2-bedroom frame house lust I
Desirable :3 BR, 2 bath home. By investing in a U. S. Steel Home land. 57.300. Terms. Phone GR payment $60 per mo. Located completed. nice wooded lot S
large Fla room & patio. Lot built in this area by FORDYCEREALTOR FREDARNOLD 5-2277. at 331 NW 21st Ave. Call miles out Archer Rd. FR 2-6570.
THE TIME IS NOW 100x174', lots of trees. ALACHUA HOMES INC. "WANTED- home for a nice 2 Tommy Ridgell 372-4125. OCALA block, 3 BR, 2 bath. Irg.
Beautiful lots NW section Phone BR house. NE section. din
Must be open-beam ceiling. paneled
Model Home Opening every Sun. UNIQUE 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.
seen to be eppreciated. with fire
from 1 P.M. 5 P.M. beginning Completely Complete with large paneled den. big S. family room
Commercial i
property & acreage. insulated with 2 one ton air fenced-In back yard,
place. Irg.
$17,500. Located
August 16. 3331 N W. 28 PL conditioners. Only at 3707 NW
Large lot with a 3723130 or 468-
23rd Ave. For further details call
Compare cost with all other 3
E. C. "Curly" Kuehn Jr. pump. Close to schools & shop- 1483. .
FR 6-0630. Ask for Frank Thomas.

bath, cond.
bedroom 2 fully air ;
638 N. FINLEY AREA prg. Call for appt. 372-8629. 1515 .
Do You Have A Room, ApartmentOr FR 6-2032 Broker Main St. FR 4-4544 homes.""YOU'LL BUY IT EVERY 1900 sq. ft. 3 Bdrs., 2 baths large REALTORLOW NE 6th Terr.CLEAN .
REDFRANKS washing machine and many other Nearly new home in quiet neigh
House to Rent? GLADYS features. Only S22.5CO and good DOWN PAYMENT Beautifully kept. must be seen. If borhood. Has fenced rear yard. Aug. 16 2:00 SOOPM.
REALESTATESWIMMING terms. Call Fordyce. 376-1236. 4 Bedrooms 2 baths, NW location you are looking for a 2 bedroom wall to wall carpet. central air 933 NW 36 Dr. See this 3 Br..
SMITH washer. dryer and refrigerator 1 bath home with screened porchon conditioning three good Size bedrooms 2 bath, CB home. built-in surface -
PO\3U screened REDWOOD TRIM all like new. $9127 total a large corner lot. Immediate two baths. Extremely well range wall oven plenty
porch & Florida room, big lot completely built in kitchen. 1.500 monthly payment after $450 occupancy stl.300. See at cared for home and grounds. S15- cupboard space near Llttlewood
REMEMBER-A rental vacancy COSTS 3725393Four in a grove of tall live oaks cen- sq. ft. living area 3 bdrs. 2 down. See this today. 1305 NC 6th Terrace then phone 983. Owner willing to sacrifice & Westwood. Fine neighborhood.
tral nest & Central airconditioning baths. Large wooded lot in Mason Dick Robinson Associate some equity In this home to responsible -I Immediate occupancy.
bedrooms 2 baths within all add up to make this Manor. Only $21,100 and low down WHY RENT? Fcssey Realtor at Ralph party. Call for appointment
YOU MORE than the ad that will rent walking School. Older distance brick of the Medical modern 3 BR 2 Bath home with payment. Call Fordyce. 376-1236. Immaculate 2 bedrooms. beamed cr nght.: 1J West University day to see. Hugh Edwards. Mary Moeller Realtor
home with built-in kit. and built for low Avenue. Inc. 3747971.HOUSE University FR 4-4471
Florida room, fireplace double ceiling Living Room. love I y 1019 W.
maintenance lust about the STONE
yard. Would rent for $100. Pay
.t'' garage. mate for IDEAL FLORIDA LIV fireplace Fla. room and patio 2.- $65.33 monthly after $350 down. -
ING. Can be bought with reasonably 000 sq. ft. 4 bdrs.. 2 baths. Very
Make an OFFER. One of our best & as- large lot in a lovely NW neigh-
low down payment
buys In a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ROOM TO ROAMLive
with Only $26,000. Call For-
Here's what your Vacancy COSTS YOU home., many Large built-Ins.Florida room acre, lot.fireplace sume reasonable existing monthly financing payment. dyce 376-1236. room on concrete 3 acres in block I modern house 3 with bed I HUNTING! 1
MAKE AN OFFER on equity.
U. of F.! inside tiled bath. Off Newberry
EVERY DAY until it is rented : GLADYS SMITH Call Golf Club ",alOrOM to Dttle- Road. Pay $1,000 flown and J9
I wood School, 3 bdrs, per month and start country
11.500 DOWN& Appro SltS per mo. large living
REALTOR I Incl. taxes & ins. buys modern room, Fla. room, closet space ing. ,
228 W. I 3 BR, 2 bath Central heat & aglore immediate occupancy. $t3.- I CHECK THESE NORTHWEST HOMES TODAY
IF RENT IS: YOUR LOSS PER DAY IS: Anna Hinson University Caroline 372-5393 alrconditioning built-in kit. incl. 500. Call Fordyce, 376-1236. 4 BEDROOMS I
Noyes I
Virginia Power dishwasher. Walking distance I Beautiful setting on large lot In
LOTS Malore Gardens. New construc-
$40 per mo . $1.33 per day I SCHOOLS.LITTLEWOOD & WESTWOOD One acre lots. $1,700 up to $7,500. I tion. 4 bedrooms 2 baths central FOUk BEDROOM, BRICK COLONIALS $15,825
Selected areas heat hardwood floors. double

$50 per $1.66 per day MERRILLNEW DRIVE the outside BY 1325 then NE call 13 us St.for& check appt. \ ACREAGE carport. $2X000. The brick-front Riviera is the star of our new models.

LISTING 3 or 4 bedroom to inspect this EXCEPTIONALone 200 acres at $235 per acre. Vi mile HOW AND FIVE ACRES
$55 per $1.83 per day 3 bath masonry home |lust repainted owner home. Many unexpected paved road frontage good fence. Three bedrooms 2 baths, panelled Terrazzo floors, shingled roof, custom-built kitchen, central 1
Inside and out. 2 air features. Alrconditioning. nice building site, best farm. landin

$60 per $2.00 per day port.conditioning laundry units.facilities double and car large Walk BISHOP.to METCALF or ST. PATRICK'S HOWARD county. living Range room refrigerator.with fireplace.air conditioner natural.gas heating, G.E. built-in kitchen* paved streets, all

corner lot. ONLY $1,500. DOWN! SCHOOLS. AS little as $1,000 Several nice wood tracts 2 to 30 Included. Beautiful I city services.
$65 per $2.16 per day down will handle & low monthly acres from $200 per acre to wooded site In rolling northwestarea.
SUBURBAN Immaculate 3 bed- payment. Total price $14,500 $400 per acre. Close In location on paved
room IVj bath split level home Call 376-2927 or 376-0817. road. Price 24000. THREE BEDROOM TWO BATH TOWNHOUSE
$70 per $2.33 per day can be bought under FHA for 1
$700. down payment. Claude M. "Red" Franks Realtor FORDYCEASSOCIATES. MODELS AT $14,500.
Lassiter. Associate,
$75 per $2.50 per day Myrtle ARNOLDREALTY
Call us to see this Wm. E. "Bill" Harris. Associate.
beautiful three bedroom two 7 NE 1st St. Phone 376-0817 INC.
$80 $2.66 day bath house with central heating Eve. & Multiple Listing Realtor COMPANY ,
per per Rca: 376-2927 or 372-7943 Grace Fordyce. Broker
and air
conditioning plus many Multiple Listing Member
Week-ends by appt.
extras. i Member Multiple ListingAMAZING Associates: 1219 W. Univ. Ave. 3723522 MODELS $14,350
$85 per $2.83 per day Harvey Benton Dudley Goulden Jane Caldwell Pete Sieg I
ATTRACTIVE 3 bedroom masonry O. C. Gay Dick Banks Jim Sheppard F. W. Hodge
$90 $3.00 home with central heat built-in Frances Hough Sarah Goulden Bob Kalkman Charlie Mayo THREE BEDROOM, ONE BATH TROPICANA
per per day oven and range dishwasher disposal Yes you will be amazed when you 926 W. Unlv. 376-1236 Jimmy Greene Walter Stoddard

$95 per $3.16 per day Just listed and extra for sale kitchen at cabinets.less the home see this at 527 neat NW 3 BR 36th 1 Drive.bath You CB IJlIIIWIIIIIIUIm"'II'"lln'IIfIIffIllnIIIIII'! ." ""...'.............'...........................IlmHr ......NfiimmHmHtniimmMiiiiHttiiiHttimmmiimmiltlllltltllHtSCOMPARE.............................................-....".........-._....!.. MODELS $13,000.
replacement cost. ONLY $11,- can buy for less than 12000. t.

$100 per $3.33 per day 900. Kit.your furnished.budget.YOU'LL. Terms to suit I i FHA and VA Walk to elementary

BLACK FHA valuation ACRES -of Priced 17500.at This the LIKE ITIf and junior high I

spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath ma- you want to live lust outside From $400 down L1
CALL sonry home is a real buy City limits in a lovely 3 BR 2
372-8441 and
ONLY $700 DOWN bath CB home on a large shadedlot = THESE HOME VALUES I living

$1200 DOWN will buy this lovelyold one then on NW let 39th us show Ave. you Just this see Ii BEFORE YOU BUY IaIlmmmulllllllBlrnmmrrnnmIJIIIIIIIII 0 From $79 per month resale value.

SUN RENTAL WANT ADS 4 bedroom 3 bath two story it. It's priced right.

home$16,000 In- the CALL NE US Section.NOW. ONLY SHORT OF Drive west on N.W. 16th Avenue to N.W. 38th Street, turn

John Merrill Then attractive can let buy us 2 show for& 3 a'you ;i 4 SAVE! I IThe left and follow signs to Fernwood Manor.

down. Excellent
Realtor following are ready for Paint the Down Payment If You So Desirer
35 Houses for Solo 35 Houses for Sole occupancy.

... __ PHONE FR 2-1494
t .K"i. 1) 11<11. MOVE IN TOMORROW The following Is under
brick patio plan sets this three PARDI construction and will be readyfor 3330 N.W.28thAve.
fenced yard. near elementary bedroom two bath home apart
and lunlor high SChOOls. from others. Lifetime terrazzo W.H.BUCKHANNANSACRIFICE 1115 N. Main St. occupancy soon I 4 BR, 2 baths $1,990 dn. PRICED FROM $16,000 UP
screened porch. 3 BR. 1 bath. floors newly redecorated. Builtin SPACIOUS 4 BR HOME W. M. Munroe. i $165 per mo.
$500 down. if you qualify FHA. kitchen. $600. down Includes Moving in 10 days. was 19000. Asso: S. E. 3310 N.W. 30th PI. ;
See at 925 N. E. 20th Ave. closing. $101. per month Includes now $18,000. C. heat shady lot. Roby Roy McCann. 3 BR, 2 bath $600 dn. $87
FLETCHER HEIGHTSFor taxes and Hugh Insurance.Edwards Inc. 3708 NW. 22nd Place. 3723029. las. Jr. per month. 3320 NW 30th Ave. Daily 2-9545 Night 6-9048

sale by owner 3 BR's hard. 376-7971 IlllflflllWlfflfflllllfflllflfflll1HllhlMIffiMflW 3 BR. 1 bath, $500 dn. $77. g
wood floors. 2 tile baths. cen. JWK 3 & 4 Bedroom
heating, Fla. rm. 14 x 20. dbl. CONVENIENT NORTHWEST LOCATION permo.
carport. lot 100 x 140 with nice on attractive 100' lot; 3 I I1IIIIIBIlIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIImnlllIlIII
shade trees. $25.000. 3936 S. W. BR brick house with oak floors I 3728404so Norwood BUTLER BROTHERS BUILDERS
3rd Ave. FR 23774. cypress & mahogany trim, asbes- F. D. | !
tos shingle roof. Fla. rm.. store- EASY to buy owner will
FOR ONLY $450 down and FHA room-shop dbl. carport; price under -
cooperate fully with qualified buyer Individual Styles
approval you can have Immediate $16,000 includes retrig., new In the .Hope
purchase of this modern Well planned / ALL OUR HOMES ARE -
possession ownership of kitchen air conditioner TV
range home with
a $1,000 down
the best value house for sale In antenna. Call agent at 376-4471 or pay Quality OPEN FOR YOU TO EN-
NE Gainesville. 3 BR with air owner at 3722763LITTLEW000 ment.baths. Three central bedrooms heat built-in two manship "H" I Inc. JOY SEEING ANYTIME IF
conditioning. Paneled family A community
kitchen Florida oak YOU WILL JUST CALL.
WESTWOOD area. room
loining living-dining area for extra proud to live In
spaciousness. Electric 3 BR, 2 bath liv.-dm.-kiU Fam. floors. 2 car carpOrt. 10 x 20
range Trade Homes
Drive West
and dishwasher. Back yard completely Rm., central heat. gas fireplace. utility room. Littlewood- OPEN FOR INSPECTION
Ave. past the
enclosed by 7 ft hedge. well landscaped shady yard and Westwood area. let's be 1123 SE. 41h STREETFR
CaU 374-6147 for appt. to see at Attractive patio. $600 dn., $105 sure to see this one. tersection. See or PropertyU"IIIHIIIIIIIIIUUUIIIIIIIIJIIHIIWllinIlllWW 6-5301 or FR 6-7989
2213 NE 7th Ter.BLACK mo. FHA by owner. 538 NW 34th SO MUCH for the money. 1.300 FR 2-0866.
Dr. 372-1145 day. 372-4537 night. square feet plus carport and stor 1---- -- -- !!!! llW1llllIt! IUIIIIIUlDIUIIWUllllnIlUlIUDIUIiIUlUlllUUIIIIIUIWIllhIIMOVE i 1:30 to 6 P.M.
ACRESPRICED IDLEWILD Painted CCB. 3 BR's age. Low down payment. Only sa,-
TO SELL BY OWNER. :3 2 baths. Fla. Rm. built-in range 90000. Attractive two bedroom
house with huge Florida room;

units floors.bedrooms.electric central 2 range baths.heat and, hardwood air-cond.drapes.Lot ditioning.&new oven.elem.cent.Ig school.heat shaded 3764109.BY room lot..air-con-near price.kitchen In This equipment a convenient is economical Included NE loca living in In young UP TO LUXURYSee OUR PARADE .OF HOMES MODEL

110-x 120 with shade trees. OWNER NEAR WEST- tion. other FINE custom
3125 W. Univ. Av. FR 66427. built home.Featuring.
WOOD SCHOOL. 3 BR. 2 bath. SO GRACIOUS so spacious, vacant
NOT IN SUBDIVISION. 3 Br col. Ig LR. family room. built in and ready for immediate occupancy. :
floors, fireplace.' kitchen. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING Beautiful hardwood floors pine conditioned. [ this Beautiful Home designed to take 3236 NW 28th Avenue
::C"ec.h back yard. Near St. Pa I & HEAT. $1000 and panelled family room lovely entertaining room kitchen, houses"i
tricks Kirby Smith Schools. $11.- assume mtg. Call 376-2927. space. three large with luminous [advantage of real Florida Living located in
500. FHA. $72 per mo. Including bedrooms. two tiled baths two pantry, 3 BR 2
taxes and Ins. FR 2-2736. GLADYSSMITH car enclosed garage already patios & many
connected to city sewers.
traordinary Ideas.
Buy me for $100 down and payments Outstanding of town owner location.Is ready Out to SUBURBAN HEIGHTS Busy Working Wives
of $65 per mo. I am 3 sell. Lloyd D.
BR in size about 6 yrs. old.
Located at 2316 SE 9th PI. on a WIMBERLY
lot 100 x 100'. Call owner FR 6- 372-5393 J. W. Kirkpatrick NW 36th Ter. elf /Gainesville's Newest Prestige Address Look Forward to

2524 or 376-6710. 10 wooded acres overlooking Levy Realtor Open Sundays. at c NW 43rd St. and NW 17th PI. )
FIRST TIME ADVERTISED Lake plus the luxury of true contemporary 31 N. Main Phone FR 2-8404 appt. 372 589.
New Palm Springs model. One of living. This architect- ASSOCIATES:
the best looking homes we've ever designed home features modern Floye Mathiasen Irene Bunnell
built. Four bedrooms 2 full kitchen with Mexican tile counter. Capt. A. W. Reece, USN Ret.
baths. beautiful brick facade. Screened courtyard. entry court. Levis Kirkland Ben Griffin Very Urge home with 4 bedrooms, 2 luxurious bath, CAREFREEKITCHENS
and porch. Living room with 30
excellent kitchen arrangement. foot stone fireplace wall. Separate $600 down plus closing $86 per den, family room, beautiful kitchen with built in
$16.900. No money down VA dining room. Many built-ins and month, available September 1st. New
FHA only $800 down. Price in- bookshelves. This is a home to I 3 BR, V/i baths, CCB. close to double oven, range top, dishwasher, and garbage
cludes fully sodded front lawn. be cherished. schools churches shopping dead
gas lamp swim club member end street. 1408 NE 14th Ter. FR in disposal, laundry room, lovely large living room,

ship.VILLAGE GREENBy GLADYS SMITH 23855. foyer and featuring the beautiful master bedroom and

HUGH EDWARDS. INC. REALTOR A STEALBY dressing room, such as seen only in much more

2909 N. E. 15th St. 3725393 OWNERMUST expensive homes. This home opens onto a beautiful inHighland .
376-7971 1228 W. University
_ _
sacrifice. 3 bedroom. 2 screened in swimming pool and patio which bringsto

1 Gainesville's newest and most bath, large Fla. room large living NW 16th you the utmost in Florida living circular drive
room dining room built-in
I l '; ,4; luxurious apartment building. .. kitchen. convenient to shopping I and unusual drive thru carport very large storage r
r center and schools. Must see at 37th
L --.i LAKESHORE to appreciate the value. No qual room off carport, central heat and air conditioning.Call I
91 ifying. Low down payment. Located -
In nice NW section at 1321
., ,:: r ': TOWERS NW 21st Ave. Phone FR 22633. Court Manor

MCKINNEY WALTER for Appointment Working wives and busy

NOW LEASING GREEN Inc. home-makers alike appreciate -

S Double Stainless
Phone FRED MASONFR Steel Sinks the easy-to-care-for:::

HIBISCUS PARKAppeal kitchens in Highland Court

Quality Location "We trade 2-8340 Phcnes FR 2-3182 i Full Size, Eye-Level Manor homes. They're designed -
Condition Space are the key
Tappan Built-in I Oven
words tnat best describe this .... i
fine property. You and your famIly __ .. I for convenience and
would be pleased with this .. ........ ....- :.-..-,,: :.- and Range, Gas or ,
beautiful 3 B.R. 2 bath with dinIng 1- Electric
and Fla. room home. Seven feature the finest in ma-
blocks from the Univ. and elem. BEST HOME VALUES IN TOWN!
school. In neighborhood a most desired- and Paved restricted Range Hood, Fan, .ter afs. Inspect one today!

-streets You -should price see Is this most fine realistic property SEE OUR BRAND NEW MODELSNO I and FilterSafetyedge

before you buy Call FR I

23617. MONEY DOWN JL ; Formica


Swimming Pool Recreation RoomS OCCUPANCYThis V A Village Y gUm

Acres of Picnic Grounds Central Heat 3 B.R. 2 bath home completely Custom, Chip-Proof $13.400-$18.200! i ir
Central Air Condo Laundry Facilities furnished Including k i t- LOWEST FHA DOWN
chen equipment can be purchased by Hugh Edwaras, Inc. Built-in Cabinets ;
I Storage Lockers Garbage Drop Chute fOr $12,600 with a reasonable _376-7971 r .J Nothing Down VA
Paved Parking Areas Lighted Sidewalks down payment Seller will er-
S 3 Elevators ry balance by 1st mtg. 6 per Genuine Wall-tex $100 Closing ;

cent Call FR Int.23617.payable $100 per Mo. Priced from $13,9007,250Sodded |! J ; Vinyl Wallpaper Payments from $79.34 I II

PHONE 376-4456 4 0 0 0 fo I I
0 (24 Hour Service)
To own a 3 B.R. 1 bath home Swim Club ; il14A
SALES OFFICE OPEN 9 TIL 5 DAILY in the N.W. area for only $400 :

2306 S.W. 13th ST. U.S. HWY. 441 down$8800.and Call monthly FR 23617.payments of Air Condo Optional _ ; J [ KIRKPATRICK & PIERSONSales

Colonials =

Butler Bros. BUILDERS J. Fred Guy ASSOCIATES Jayne Butterworfh I Moderns 290? N.E. 15th Sti Office-N.E. 23rd Blvd. and 11th Terr.-Phone 372-3471
Col. J. W. Davis H. J. Wiltshire \
Multiple Listing \

t r-


:0t. ---t 1-AJJIJ4j 11 : ANNIE! ( NOT 6r1Thit1 TMiS. -).". IIl

.:) 7/? Y""">"

:0 w r :1 i

.. J IUIZt


.. y._ kLJi2U/


g .

I -



... -. .
---- -- -- ---- - -- ... --- -- -- :'-"..

:: -.- --' -- ------ ---_ ----- -- -- 7
'., __
: -1

Tuesday, August 18, 1964 Gainesville Sun 13 !

37 Real Estate Exchanged 46 Unfurnished Apts. 66 Misc. For Sale 66 Misc. For Sale -.- -
II 85 Automobiles for Sale ------ =-

t CLASSIFICATION INDEX I Ft. Lauderdal 3-2 home $11500. Duplex apt. for rent. Excellent LOSE WEIGHT safely with new TV perfect cond.. WIU sacrificefor MOTOR
Trade equity for Gainesville residential location. Two b e d. Dex.A.Diet Tablets. Only 91 cents. $30. Also RCA stereo port.. CLEAN Cadillac for sale. Can be HAWES-POWERS
II home acreage or what-have-you. rooms. Kitchen equipped. SSS.OO 3 PER WEEK. Canova Drug like new cond.. $3?. 805 NE 11th seen at 3120 NW 9th Street. Make co. ,
Call 376-6943 evenings. per month. Hugh Edwards. Inc. Company. Ave. FR 2-5047. me an offerll
1 b M...rUaS 39 Out of Town Property VINYL pool adult size. 11 feet In Now Specializing In Ladies' Better '60 SUNBEAM Alpine excellent .
Car .( Thanks II Wailed t. Bar 47 Houses for Rent Fum. diameter. $30. Phone FR 2-2145. Dresses. Close out Buys. Sizes 8 cond.. one owner. many extras.

S Lit .* F..n4 II SS Machteerr .* Tla STARKE: n room. 3 bath homeon : GOLF clubs with bag. $50; May through 56. $3 Each. Exceptional Priced right. Call FR 4-78J4. SMITTY SEZ: : i

4 renonattsei Services filMing Materials large lot. Close to Bank. ON Lake Geneva 3 bedromfjjj. tag wringer type washing ma- Values. DIXIE MILLS SUPER
I Travel lafcrra attornSpeeUI 54 BvKcbold Cds Church SChOOls. & market. Ideal room, bath complete kitchen chine. $40 toaster $3; and dec. DISCOUNTS. 19 S.W. 1st Ave CADILLAC 1955 red convertible, I

I Notices H 6S atiia for home, office, apts., nursing screened porch, space neater, no deep-fryer $5. FR 6-6895. nue. fully powered with new top. $250. I
1 FbriitaB Misc. Far Sato home students. $75 per mo. 7244374.Jacksonville. 6 MONTH OLD ZIG ZAG SEWING MACHINE See at Tenneco Slat. corner of
n beauty shop etc. Sell or "I'm sweating it the
&fcy Sitter CUt Car Trading P.... S. Main St 4th Ave. out : I
Repossessed 64 Model
trade for Gainesville Dial-O-Matlc Automatic twin needle zig
property.H. 944 zag
.... T. G. ... Article....| oil WastedS. G. Bollinper Starke. Swing Needle sewing machine. in new cabinet. Makes buttonholes '63 OLDS F-SS, loaded! Excellent I
n..c. '1'. .. W Bat Wd STUDENTS 10 room turn house does all kinds of fancy stitches overcast applique s a t In ,condition. See Mr. Green. University used cor lot is over- :
Uarta* E.ata.
71 41 Residential Income for rent. newly' decorated f buttonholes sews on buttons stitch fancy designs mends. etc City Bank.
AUTOMOTIVE Office Etaipatevt Fl a.Tt single beds standing now. Lease etc.blind Responsible hems overcasts appliques $6 per month. Balance $72. Mi- '64 BUICK Skylark 6000 miles. with like __ : I
SiletBenUUIS required. 1406 N. W. 5th Ave person to take kell's Sewing Machine Service Co $200 dOwn.
7> take
:$ Airplane Maaleal Uarcaaadli* FOR SALE Completely lurnish- over 5 payments $7.36. Call Mr. up payments.
Tracks for Sal ed 3 unit apt. house located Call 495-2375 Archer. Parker 372-7680 United Sewing 815 W. Univ.; Ave. FR 6-1075. Call FR 2-7433 or FR 2-3785 after new reconditionedloaded I

IS Track Waited REAL ESTATE FOR front of lot 95 x 200' at 115 N. E. FIVE house. 12 basis, Center. NEW and used chain saws. lawnmowers 5:00 P.M.
SALE room mo. .
EcmUla C St. Price $15,500 net. Can automobiles. I
It Traetors *Track be edgers tampers lightplants. I
furnished suitable for male Univ. FOR SALE full size Ironer '55 CHEVROLET, standard transmission ( .. .
14 Trailer ReataJs financed. FR 6-6454. Apex cable. Wisconsin Briggs .
n MOMM Homes student not modern but :;::
tar Sale ; conveniently like new. Original cost $299. Only 6 cylinder. Perfect condi .se.ij
U Motorcycles Scooters U Lata for Sale 4 Bedroom. 2 bath home. Also ad- located to Campus. For $125. GE Elec. Oven Roaster & Stratton new and used mo tion. Call 372-6638. must moke
SI A.Um.fcU. Repairs tors. Rental. sales and service.
M Watjrfrnt Prprty tamIng rental property. 200 ft. more Information phone FR 6-3012. original $49.95. Good As
M A.te..ltn.s far Sato U R*.... For Sal frontage. 300 block N.E. 3rd FURNISHED 2 bedroom' house for $25. '53 Studebaker engine new.lust Meyers Power Tools. 230 NE ASSUME balance 1962 Chevrolet room for the i
SS Swap CareEDUCATIONAL Ave. Will sell together or sepa- 16th Ave. Phone 376-3411. Impala 2 dr. hardtop. excellent
It Cttacea Far Sal overhauled. Good fishing and
rent. N. E. section. $110 month.
condition. Call Jones 3765351. I
87 Real Estate EzebaagsdU rately.. 316 N.E. 3rd Ave. FR 2n.51. Phone FR 649S3. hunting car. $75. Call 376-5348 until 3 piece charcoal gray sectional by trade-ins on our x .
Real Estate Wasted 6:00 or 591-6044 after 6. Kroehler good cond., $65; formica 1963 Rambler $325 down & take I
U SekMla .A lutraeUe SS Oat *f Twa Frp.rt7 I' ONE bedroom house suitable for 3 dinette set, extra leaf < over payments of $57 per mo. '
11 Mule. Daietar. 40 Bastncii FrapertiM EI 42 Farms (i Acreage one person or couple only, ISO compart sink. hotwater heater chairs. $30. 372-1672. Call 372-8056 after 5:30 P.M. new 65$, $o I'm :
per month. Hawthorne Rd. PhoneFR gas stove two electric 30 cup I
50 Wanted-In trm.Ue 41 Kcsldeatlal laem 24762. coffee pots. Pool room. phone PORTABLE screen house. canvas 1963 Chevrolet station wagon with
4t Farms .* Aereac SO acres with nice home. 4621985. Before 8 or after 6, Or and nylon with outside aluminum manual transmission. Air condi cutting prices to !
EMPLOYMENT U-l Colored Property Sales 70 acres perm. pasture. 48 Houses for Rent Unfurn. Boyo-s Pool Room 9 AM. to frame $35 Phone FR 29775. tioned. Low mileage. still has factory -
d Brick farm home.
I midnight.TV guarantee. $2090. Phone FR the bone. Just look
11 Wark Waited ItaJ Call Gladys Smith. Realtor 6-8063 after S.
IS W.rk Wanted renal RENTALS 122S W. University 372-5393 3 BR. 1 bath home. SW section. No antennas. $3 single stack. $7 70 Boats-Marina Equip.
:ii students. For appt. call 372-5433. double stack, $13.00 kit. ot these fantastic buys. :
14 Bales Help Wasted complete ,LEAVING town must sell 1960
44 Calarad Property Rentals 7 Vi acres. 1 0 miles out. 16' LARSON fioerglass boat with I
15 Help-Hal* .r Female Jim Voyles, 419 NW Sth Ave. Hillman Minx; $500. Phone 376-
44 home.
U Mai Hely WaataDrABBkltis CtUCl *er Rut g $2000 cashS. trailer. $450. Phone FR 3-0235, 3663
42 FinIshed $110 per mo. Call 374-7464. CITIZEN BAND
Apt* E E. SAPP REALTORPh. RADIOSNew 3911 N. W. 7th St. -
) 45 Cnfaraliaed Apia. E 472-2000 New berry. Fla. 3 BR. 1 bath complete kitchen. and Used $40 61 BUICK convertible. excellent I super sport power :
m 11 Femal Help ffaaU* 15' runabout & trailer hydroplane
47 U..... fr Rest Fara. SIS near schools and shopping center. Complete line of photo suppliesFULLER'S condo $100 equity and take up 64 CHEVROLET automatic
B..... for Rent Dufara.4S = 9 ACRES on Kincald Rd For information call Manaro's FOTO INC. bottom perfect condition. $250. payments. 376-6481. steering, :
3305 Hawthorne Rd., Ph. FR 6-
FARMS LIVESTOCK. Rm far Rest gM 12 acres NW Restaurant. FR 2-4690. 619 W. Univ. Ave. FR 2-0713 2455 1956 FORD 9-passenger station wa transmission, V-8, bucket seats, radio, heater, : I
2* Fum !.mtmt Hotel Rooms g 20 acres Farnsworth Rd. .
27 Fee .* FertilizerSS 81 Misc. Rentals THREE bedroom house, 4 miles REUPHOLSTERED 2 piece sectional gon. Heater. $175. Call 372-3029. 3900 miles.
North of Archer 41. Phone dressers, bedroom suites. 73 Musical Merchandise $2600.
LlTciUck .* Supplies S1A Wanted T* Rot I Mary Moeller. Realtor on '59 CADILLAC 4-dr. HT. white.
IS Laadscaptec T.p 80 OS Boarder Wasted 1019 W. University FR 6-4471 495-2214. Archer. with round 4 mahogany leaves, reclining dining chairs table Full power & air cond. Best offer Was $2995 . . . NOW :

10 FU .* .,,11.. U Otfic Desk Space LARGE 4 BR. V/t baths livingrm. wicker sofa & 2 REPOSSESSED ORGAN over $1600 or trade for smaller
51 LlTCiUek WastedFINANCIAL 84 B....... Ratal WANTED: Your FARM or ACREAGE dining rm.kitchen com chairs and car especially VW '63 or later.
other household Items. Baldwin Spinet organ with tone Galoxie 4 door hardtop, : I
to SELL. We have PROS- bination. Good location for chil Nearly Call 3767970.'S7PLYMOUTH. ,
PECTS waiting. Call ALACHUA Nu Furniture Shop. 316 NW 8th cabinet. Also used B-3 Hammond 164 FORD .
4'/i mi. from town Kin-
SERVICE REALTY ASSOCIATES.. 376-244. dren. on Ave. 3764892.WESTINGHOUSE. 2-61 note manuals 25 note beautiful black power steering, automatic .
.. I caid Rd. $135 per mo. Phone board cabinets.A & white 2dr. hardtop. PS auto
SS Bul Opp.rt.uIU. 2J Special Serrleea pedal with 2 ton. air conditioned :
W 11 !b... t. LaaU 23 Rims latproTcmeata 43 Colored Property 372-248 after 5 P.M. $45; Century 3-speed refrigerator 14" oscillating nice. real bargain. Gridley Music trans., V-I, 46,000 actual miles. transmission, radio, I
7 2 story 3 BR. iVi baths Co. Gainesville Shopping Center. FR 27665. PRIVATE.
MMaceaSS 14 RadIi TT SenSes room fan, $10. 222 S. E. 20th St. a beautiful car. $2600 :
II..., Wanted ZJ AppUaac .* Farattar $140 per mo. Garage. 255 NE Phone FR 2-5353.
I HOMES FOR SALE 7th Ave. GR 5-5032. FR 6-1416. Ti-4-door Chevrolet Brook wood Was $2895 . . NOW
m____ 213 bedrooms. SE 14th St. & NEW Polaroid Color Pack Camera WILL transfer to responsible party station wagon. Power steering :
SUBURBAN, 2 bedrooms sleep choice of four spinet or console autom. trans.. radio and heater.
7th Ave. Small down payment Automatic 101 with
ing room. living room dining lar pianos. Pick up payments of Wur. Excellent condo $995. FR 64300. Impala 4 door :
$57 to August ,
-I monthly payments Special $105.
35 Houses for Sole litzer Piano trade back
35 Houses for Sale room. Large yard. Near bus. Ph. Spinet after 6
376-1258 1021 p.m.
W. Univ. Ave.
Also homes built on your lot 63 CHEVROLET
I Rent $45. FR 6-5829. save $220. Wurlitzer Organ with hardtop, automatic :
3 BR. I bath. CCB. carport. util. WIDOW MUST with no down payment. Ph. sound & motion pick up pay.
rm.. patio. Payments $69.75 per tile bath. living dining. kitchen'Florida FR 2-4125. Westpark. 2030 NW 55th St., INC. ments. we have a piano to fit 87 Automobiles Wonter transmission, power steering, V8, radio :
mo. Balance $8.268. 3 miles from I rooms chain link fence. Edwards built any decor. EARL'S PIANO CO., $
New Quality Hugh by owner low down payment 3 heater sharp. A
Univ. 930 NW 55th St. Phon 376- 2202 FORMICA top 18x20" boards for 702 W. Univ. Ave. 376-0031. |
N.E. 12th Ter Phone FR 6- home. Three bedrooms. 1 bath. B R. Phone 3720258. CARS WANTED. (950-54 Fords 21 I U
9615. '179.S4.OOO. As low'as 143per month with """' end or kiddie table fish cleaningor TRUCK LOAD OF USED PIANOS & Chevrolet Al Herndon Serv- Was $2395 . . . NOW : .

NEAR University In Hibiscus Park. 3 BR home for $12,950.reducing 52.000 down or will arrange termsto FOR frame RENT house.unfurnished S50 per mo.2 2016 BR Auto cutting board. etc. $1. G'ville Buy now for this fall. Many to ice Station. 916 SE 4th St. I

Lovely house <. lot excellent con- equity to $3,568 to be paidin suit buyer. Located -643 NE NW 35th Ave. Phone 372-S87X Top Shop.ACETVLENE choose from. Instant credit. WANT used Morris Minor or other New Yorker 4 door :
dition. $72 mo. Under $11000. cash or $500 down & second 15th Street. welder. complete outfit Gainesville Music Center small car under $400. Phone 376- 1 ,
2717 N.W. 1st Ave. FR 6-4183. mort. Mo. Pay. first moit. $75. Hugh Edwards. Inc. TWO BR. 1 bath stone and concrete tire machine, bench grinder. 372-5421 1023-25 W. Univ. Ave. 9038.VOLKSWAGEN. 63 CHRYSLER steering, power
no answer FR 2-7217 after i second $30. Almost new. Ig. living Phone 376-7971 house. .Freshly painted 1 grease gun. & other service power : I

P.M. rm.. & dining rm.. tile bath, walls. Inlaid oak floors. Ig. shady station equipment. Phone 372-2489. brakes, radio, heater, air con- $ts : I
terrazzo floors G.E. equipped kit.. 43-1 COLORED RENTALS yard. No children or pets. Automotive i 1 95ditioned

Moving FOR Aug.SALE 18th.BY must OWNER sell 3 BR. ample closet space, screened 12 321 S. E. 1st St. Call FR 4-3035. "GIVE AWAY PRICES" TV Was $3595 . NOW : t

1 bath home Llv.-Din. comb. x 20 porch. N. W. Section. 376- NOW RENTING 3 BEDRM. unfurn. NE yr. guarantee on picture tube.

kitch. Incl. refg. and stove stor. 6674. COLORED ultra modern 2 BR duplex 3 Bedrm. unfurn NE $39; refrigerators $25; sofabed 83 Motorcycles & ScootersONE 4 door hardtop crown, :
rm.. screened porch lot backs on 3 BR. 2 bath. CCB. cent. heat and apartments. large living and 2 Bedrm. unfurn. NW and chair $29; sofabed 519; 163 IMPERIAL
woods paid full membership. no air cond. 100'x 160 lot. 1900 sq. dining area modern kitchen with 3 Bed Rm.. 2 bath furn. split new platform rockers $12.95. new Bridgestone scooter at power steering, power : I

qualifying low down pymt. terms ft. paneled family room. fireplace fan. large storage closets terraz. level $225.00 mo. Call Williams Service Center. dealer's cost. See at 1619 Hawthorne heater air con-
brakes radio
assume $83 mo. Call! 372-0649 or cathedral ceiling. Shadow Lawn zo floors tile baths space heat. Mary Moeller. Realtor Hawthorne Rd. 372-3937. Road. $4295 :

see 2510 NE 10th Ter. 372-9896.Estates. Owner leaving State., er and hot water heater facilities 1019 W. University FR 6-4471 YASHICA-MAT automatic camera '59 BRETT A, 4 speed 150 MILLERAV.. ditioned. Was $3595 . NOW :

for washing machines. and LARGE unfurnished house for field case & 3.5 mm. lens. New I LI. $125. Looks & runs good.

M I NEW Ter.paved or streets.call for See appointment at N.E. 26th 372- rent in Waldo. $35 month. Contact $50.372-8238.Also other equipment. Phone Phone 376-8672. BROWN .",,,.,.'n. "700" 4 door 4 speed, :
Mrs. Boles. FR 6-3489.
Itt Story Colonial In Gainesville's 5321 or 372-5322. 84 AUTOMOBILE REPAIRSAIR 1030 E. Unit. IU"U 63 CORVAIR radio i $
MELROSE BEAUTIFULI I newest and most exclusive N.W. 2 Bedroom kitchen equipped. 1 FRIGIDAIRE refrig.} 18.500 BTU FR 2.3582 1495
location. This 4 bedroom. 2 bath 44 Cottages for Rent space heater garage. Adults Coldspot Air conditioner with 3 heater Was $1595 NOW :
story partly turn. home. Will home features wall to wall car- only. $45 Mo. 20 & 26 SE 9th St. yr. g u a rantee. Reasonable. CONDITIONING. Tune up
and dining FR 6-5724 for Info. Phone 372-6402. Special $2-50 for performancetest.
trade for Gainesville home. pet In living room
RENT mocern furnished cottages All makes and models.of ,
room. built-in range and oven. week SIMMONS elec. hospital bed. Includes Super Sport, 2 door, :
on Lake Santa Fe by or Chrysler built cars. Hawes-
INCOME'PROPERTY dishwasher and disposal cen. heat Co. 49 Rooms For Rent mattress side rails tra- 62 CHEVROLET
season. Inquire
Powers Motor Co., Air Conditioning -
With appr. one acre land zoned and air conditioning. double garage pese. used less than 1 yr. Ph. h'dtop, power steer-
for housing units. 4 properties and large patio. Front en- Servicing Center. 204 N. SALEC
BUSINESSMAN or student large 376-4037. V8 radio heater
on NW 16th Ave. Strategic location trance accented by natural set 45 Furnished Apts. bedroom to share 3 bedroom __ __ Main St.. Phone FR 2-2561. ing, automatic transmission, :
available ting of trees and fully sod BEAUTIFUL walnut bar. 9' long. ..
now. pear house with single man. $50 per 18,000 miles.
SPECIAL auto painting $29.95. Automotive ,
be seen 6 Rattan stools. suitable for $1895
lawn. May
front 1
ded month. Call FR 6-0629 after 6
2 BR $60
apartment. per repairs and tune-up.
IN COUNTRY at 4411 N. W. 17th PI. or phone P.M. home or business. $200. Without Was $2095 NOW :
Miller 8. Sons. 732 NW 1st St.
month. FR 6-1502.
10 acres with 2 bedrms. 1 bath on Ridgeway Construction Co. 372- Stools 5150. FR 2-4496.
LARGE for for rent Phone 3727915.
room men
good road appr. 7 ml. from 6624. NICELY furnished convenient QUAILS for sale. Live or dressed.
C single or double access to show 2 door automatic -
town. EXTERIOR gives small impres downtown area. $75. Adults only ers and refrigerator. Phone FR Phone 4812674. 85 Automobiles for Sale S 62 PLYMOUTH Savor'
sion of size interior must be seen no pets. Inquire Lillian's Music trarosmisSian -
COMPACT be appreciated. Central heat- Store. 2-1911 or 372-1115. 416 N.E. 2nd IF carpets look dull and dreary
3 bedrm. 2 bath. CB. cent ht. & and air conditioning. Well Ave. remove the spots as they appear 1962 RENAULT DAUPHINE $12j radio heater 6 cyl. cle
a.c. modern kit. NE $15,500. Ing not In a subdivision FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE with Blue Lustre. Rent electric and assume payments of $32.20 in. $1 095
kept home. BEST FOR business man or student, mas- shampooer $1. McDaniell Furn. per month. Phone 372-3930. NOW .
near shopping.Mary prelect. Large corner fenced lot. ter bedroom T.V.. phone etc.. prl. Was $1195 . . .
Colored CCB. 4-Br.. study 2 Large well furnished air conditioned entrance garage space avail. Co., Gainesville Shopping Cen CORVAIR Monza 1962. Loaded. in- E. P
929 NE I bedroom apt. Quiet location ter. cluding factory A-C. 25.500 miles.
bath, financing arranged. 444-3281 after 6. v-200 4 door auto-
MoellerREALTOR couple only. no pets $125 ,
I 10th Place. FR 2-8401 days. FR 6- XACTA CAMERA like Private owner. Call 372-0019. 7A1 VALIANT
per mo. Ph. 372-4957. LARGE corner room. adjoining private new.
Ul matic transmission
2748 Evenings. bath and entrance, maid and half price. Call 372-1693. ,
SALE OR RENT. 3 bedroom Call us for the rental you need. linens. 2 working girls or 2 busIness I radio heater real sharp. $
1819 W. University FR -4471 FOR Low FOROYCE & ASSOCIATES, INC. FEDDERS Air Cond. 13.500 BTU lA/ir
12th Ter. men. Can be at
2414 SE. seen 116
W. Moeller AssociatesE. Foster Kesler CCB.down 372-1933.payment. Call 376-6644 or 926 W. Univ.REALTORS 376-1236 N.W. 2nd St. Nema.372-5150.Like new. $100. Phone MEL TONMOTORS EEAC Was $1145 . . . NOW I U4 Jy61

Dick Durbin
=== EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS. $50 LARGE dbl. BR for rent. Prefer AIR conditioner. 14,000 BTU. $150;
.. month. Phone 466-J.:<<8. 2 working ladies. Private entrance 1 refrig.. $50; 1 refrig.. $25; 1 4 door station
access to bath. Reason- space heater 120.000 BTU $35; PLYMOUTH
EAST SIDE able rates. 376-8440. 7:00 & 1 Irg. attic fan. 42". $75; 22 in. wagon, power

12:30 A.M. window fan $15; 1 bedroom 703 N. Main St. steering. power brakes, radio heater, dual
COLOREDRENTALS GARDENAPARTMENTS NICE furnished room convenientto suite $75; 1 dinette set with 6
University and downtown. chairs formica toP. $50. 1119 SE FR 6-7571 air conditioners. $1
22nd Ave. First house past Ever. 095
Phone FR 2-2815. on right. Was $1395 . . NOW
green Cemetery
$.57 per month UDGainesville's -
NICE comfortable corner room in 30% DISCOUNT ON GLAZES. RIAA I

Finest private home. $8 week or SIC For those Interested In learning Station wagon, 4
month. Men only. 1017 NE 8th
ceramics, classes held 8 to
Furnished or unfurnished Ave. FR 6-3108. are 1964 door automatictransmission
DUPLEXES Lovely 1 and 2 bedroom apart 5. night by appt.-Closed Thurs ,
: BRAND NEW ment. 309 NE 9th St. Phone 376- NICE clean room in private home day. ELLA'S CERAMICS 2145 E. radio, heater, air $ 1 tftr
for gentleman. NW section. PhoneFR
NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION 960 6-0006. I, University Ave. FR 65568. conditioned. Was $1395 NOW I I 7 J
IDEAL for 3 students 3 Irg. rooms. WE WANT TO buy late model used
kitchen & bath. Partly furnished. Exceptionally High
51-A Wanted To Rent refrigerators.
,. $105 mo.. 923 N.E. 3rd Ave. FR trade-ins now given.WILSON'S FORD Bel Air, 2 door,
A I GARAGE. near Univ. for antique EXCHANGE ,
for rent. 48 x I ft.. couples automobile. Phone 376-3211 ext. 111 S.E. 1st Street Phone FR 6-6479. : power steering,

preferred. Phone FR -2869 5413. Dr. Lev. TRADE your costly to operat NLCs radio, heater, air conditioned. 5 >
for appointment to see.

.LARGE_ downstairs one BR apart' 53 Office-Desk Space $48 ELECTRIC for a new water glasslined heater. GAS and CLEARANCE Was $1095 . . . NOW 995

ment bath and half. See at 412 water heater. Much more hot

N.E. slit St. OFFICE space for rent near University. water at about half the cost with 4 door Impala
NEWLY decorated apartment, fur 76Q
FR 6-5110.
nished. Phone 472-2295 or 472- OFFICE space for rent including trans.

2371. Newberry. central heating. air conditioning COWLING'S UPHOLSTERY SALE mission, radio, heater. $ 'IAOr
ONE bedroom furnished duplex utilities and private parking Chairs. low as $8. No money
apartment for rent. No pets no lot. 111 SW Third St. down low as $5 per month. Was $1295 . . . NOW I U9DIff

single people. $60 per mo. Cor. Free estimates pickup and delivery E .
ner of NW 13th St. & 41st Ave. 54 Business Rental service. All work guaran
Phone FR 6-3419. teed. Phone 374.7786.ADVERTISE \ 4 door, standard transmisOU .
TWO bedroom, CCB lake" !iome FOR LEASE IN THE SHAW sion. 6 cyl., heat- $ /nC

Clear sand-bottom lake with covered Modern air cond. suite of offices. SERVICE DIRECTORY real Was OVj
dock. Call FR 6.5821 or GR Downtown location near court USED CARS er, sharp. $795 NOW

flt 2 Bedrooms Stove hood with light and fan 5-5217 house and federal building. Ph.

Large living dining area Double compartment sink 46 Unfurnished 372-7943 or 6-0817. & 2 door Century! hardtop, '
Construction Venetian Blinds Apts. 158 BUICK
Masonery SMALL warehouse with platform tor TROPICALPONTIAC,
r Terrazzo Floors Tile window sills trucks loading & unloading. in power steering, power
Tiled tub and showers Large lawn with grass andS 2 BR. llv. rm.. din. rm., Fla. city limits. 1132 S. Main St. CRANELINCOLNMERCURY brakes, radio, heater, cream puff. $
Large double sliding door shrubbery room. 3505 NW 17th St. $75 per Phone 372-8433 or 376-4173.
closets S Insulated Attic mo. Call McKlnney-Green Real. KEETER Was $795 NOW 695
school and bus stop tors. FR 2-3617. FOR LEASE 10.000 sq. ft. store
Close to
Linen Closets building. W. Univ. Ave. Price $800 302 N.W.Sth Ave.
SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY, CHOICE OP INTERIOR COLORSTO UPSTAIRS large apartroent kitchen per mo. Call Hershall Haynes FR 2.2583 .
BLEND YOUR FURNISHINGS.For dining ream 3 bedrooms. car FR 6-2641 or B. F. Mizell, FR yCQ 4 door, automatictransmission
I oppointmenl coil 372-5321 or 3275322.Take space and lawn downstairs. S'0 67551. 238 W. University 516 South Moin St. JO PLYMOUTH
per mo. Must be permanent. Not radio -
suitable for small children. Cal FOR RENT 1.000 sq. ft. warehouseor
northeast Sth ave. to northeast 26th terrace turn left 1 block. 472-2136 or write Suwannee Drug store room 2188 SW Sth St. FR 6-2425 heater, V8. $

Co.. Newberry. Fla. $50 per mo. Call Hershall Hay. BARKLEYMOTORS Phone FR 6-5371 Was $545 . . . NOW 495
-- nes FR 6-2641 or B. F. Mtiell I
FR 67551.

Three rooms and off-street parking -- -- 4 door, automatic transmisSIon -

on S. W. 4Th Avenue. Can 157 OLDS .

SERVICESHome be leased for $75 per month. Call "IN THE AUTO GAME radio, heater, $4AT
Alachua Realty Associates 376- PSt clean. Was 495

I LARGE Shop building. Long term I 2201 N. Moin St. Bel
lease. Rent or sale. 2007 NE 27th FR 2-4373 157 CHEVROLET Air 4 door

And Business Ave FR 6-5548 --- 64 DARTS DODGES BIG 880s sedan, automatic

56 Business Opportunities CONVERTIBLES SEDANS WAGONS transmission, radio, heater, sharp. $ :
I j45
I BVRDS Grocery store for sal*. Do- HARDTOPS
Ing good business. Reason for SALES .

BulldozingSMALL PlumbingSEWER selling leaving town. 519 SW Sth 1007 N. Main St.
Ave. FR 2-0139 after 7. 756 FORD 495 :
bulldozer leader dump Phone FR 2-6313 4 door, radio heater
MONEY MAKER. New business. ,

I trucks tell. Phone fill dirt 377-71U.lima rock. Top St used INSTALLEDNEW fixtures complete Good location near Shopping Northcentrol I FlorIda'sLorgut "Figure Your Own Deal"TAKE V8. Wos $495 . . NOW :
plumbing service "BIG" JIM Center.

HOM1 REPAIRSFIX HUGULEY Gainesville PlumbIng Call Gladys Smith. Realtor Independent Dealer
PR M5ar 1228 W. University 372-5393 FACTORY LABEL PRICE. $000.00 r El

HOME repairing UP and painting. UpholsteryUPHOLITER 61 Wanted to Buy Value DEDUCT 10 % . . . . 000.00 IMPORTED CARS
Phone FR 2-7702 5:30 to P-m. Rated

reasonable price your furniture Call Sally.at CASH furniture.for your clothing used etc.appliances Call Williams Used Cars TOUR PRICE *000 763 TRIUMPH convertible, radio, :

Landscaping Experienced. FR t-ttsL 4241 Service Center, HawthorneRd. heater. 5
N.W 13th Ter.Remodeling .
LANDSCAPE SERVICE 372-3937. B&G MOTOR CO. Wos $1595 NOW 1495y63 : :

64 Household GoodsAIR Cadillac

Grass-Sod-Oarden tock of all kinds.CREVASSE'S Maln-Nursary 2001 NW- 13th St. 5 YEAR/50,000 MILE WARRANTYSEE 2 door heater
NURSERY DO TOO NEED. Florida room, extra CONDITIONER Kelvmator 10.- VOLKSWAGEN :
room, more room. roof work 000 BTU. only 1 year old lust
Landscape Co. cleaned serviced. Phone FR THE "DODGE BOYS" TODAY ATPOOLEGABLEMOTORS
FR i-2514 for free estimate. or maybe a complete new home? 1495
For a free estimate. & guaranteed 2-6019. FOR THE CORRECT sharp. Was $1595 . NOW .

work phone Carl C ONE '0" Electric range excellent
Repair & Waters. 372-S04 condition. Phone F R 2-1533 for In- I TIME .
Appliance Sun Want Ads
sunroof radio
formation. ,
Air Conditioning FR 2-1411 62 VOLKSWAGEN
Paint and repair lobs performed by USED Maytag automatic washer
Get Results carpenter who loves his trade. S45. Phone 376-2905 after 5 P.M. 1325 I
CALL FR 6.4907 Courtesy Of heater. Was $1395 . NOW
A-I HANDYMAN SHOP 2 studio couches with bolsters. \

First In air conditioning and Appliance brown. newly covered. $20 ea. University Chevrolet 119 S.E. FIRST AVE. PHONE 372-4343
repairs. We Mil guaranteed S.wingMachin. Repair 3024 NE 10th St. N. Main St. at 16th AT*. 'Lt\ 2 door hardtop, radio,
washers, refrigerators Mortgage Broker 40" ADMIRAL.elec. range. like new. OU heater
PR 60267. CALL-SEWING MACHINE SERVICE $80. Call 372-6081. after 5:30 P.M. $425 '

"I. MORTGAGE MONEYS CO. S15 W. University ELEC. stove $15; gas stove $25; Was $495 . . NOW
Ave. 374-1075. We repair all full tap station wagon carrier
Auto Glass 75 per cent Interest. Terms to M fcM Work fully guaranty $15; sm. space heater stand- 5 SALE
5 & %
years %
AUTO GLASS Is our only bust-I I BUY BUILD REFINANCECall tank. $15. 3762693.GE /CO FIAT 00, 4 door, heater,

I ness. Immediate Installation TELEVISIONPICTURE full-size stove good cond.. $SO; JO clean., $
free pickup & delivery. Add Don Byrd Ph. 376.3875 West. Hse. frost-free refrig.. almost 1964 RAMBLERS 445

beauty 1. value to your car. TUBE Repair Spec,.!. $1 new. $125; din. table for Was $595 . . . NOW
. AAAULDIN'S AUTO GLASS CO. FHA and conventional at lowest per Inch plus $10 to Install most trailer. blond fuu, $15. FR 2-0912
323: N.W. 6th St. FR 4-2SSS. current rate Terms to IS tubes. 1 Year Warranty. Special after 4 p.m. 2 DOOR COST $ 1693
years. Will gladly discuss at no Reconditioned TVs from $9.13. 2 door. ; ;
FOR SALE. 5 hot water tanks. 30
obligation. Call tomorrow.J. .
Auto EquipmentHYDRAUUCJACKSrebuiiU' W. KIRKPATRICK. Realtor t S.E. 1st Ave. gaL wtth gas heater attached also plus 5 % 84 heater. $
31 N. Main St. Ph. FR 2444 150 gal. butane gas tank. Complete
4 Technician's with 14
& on all makes. years experience with gauges 2 crane shallow Was $545 . . . NOW 495
FRED B. ARNOLD well pumps. Inquire Lewis
exchanged Repair kits tot REALTOR I T. V. SERVICE Jewelry C&T.A.G 1777

Walker Walker Jacks. Hydraulic Factory HULL'S autnorliod BRAKE Jack- FHA .AND LOANS CONVENTIONAL Open PROMPT 9 4-Closed- DEPENDABLE Wed. at 1 P.M. APPLIANCESTested See: J. L. SMITH. WILBUR SLIGH, PAUL.

Service Agent. I21t W. UNIV. AVE. PH. 372-3522 and Guaranteed
42 Refrigerators from $39 op
_Main Fit 7-149' GLADYS SmITh Realtor. FHA 421VI N. W. 10th Ph. 372-3177 Ranges from $3* up GRAY.

and conventional loans. Low 17 Washers from $1. upS
Appraisal Senrice rates. Terms to 25 years. 1221 Dryers from S4. up
W. Univ. Ave. 37J-S3H.
2 Feod-Freeiers from $99.. up Delivered! With Without Trade! NOT A STRIPPED MODEL!
FRED SV ARNOLDREALTOR F. H. A. & Cony. Loans 2 Dishwashers from. up or a
SERVICE 'M W. Univ. 37H3 Ads 41* NW Sth Ave.Ph. 372-5303 Home of 5% Profit 5 % Financing
tTIt W. UNIV. AVE. PH. 372-3521


Sun Want Ads Sun Want Ads at .

Get Results 229 W. UNIV. AYE. CO. '

Next Door Florid
; Get Results

Get Results ..04'"i' PHONE Theatre.372-0440 1132 S. MAIN ST. FR 2-8433 312 N. MAIN ST. FR 63400t

f ;

.1.1 r' ..n.10. f


._,2 __ "" _____i__ -' .......-- ....... :. .. \ : .
.. .
._. -- -
-- .1 '1 : ._._d : ,__: .:.. ::.......:.. .---...

-. "-
-- ."-.' -. -. -- -

Gainesville Sun Tuesday August 18, 1964

in Tijuana, Just across the Mex-
Offers Course R.Rogers' Adopted Daughter ican border from San.Diego.

. Clubs Hear Needs The driver was the Rev. Law- OrchidsFor

rence Elton White 49 of
On SafetyIn % pastor t

8 Dead in Bus CrashSAN the church.
Ranch Among The bus was on a stretch of Her .
Of.Boys' Industry four lane, undivided highway
!known locally as "Slaughter Al- CREVASSE FLORIST
CLEMENTE Calif. AP vehicles 101. "There was a loud explosion. ,
I ( ) on Highway "
Registration is now open for a ley, for the 15 deaths that have I Rd.
Civitans University -Eight the The California Pa- It was the tire. ,Larry (Rev. 2015 S.E. Hawthorne
and Highway
Exchange Gainesville Kiwanis tomorrownoon I,safety course to be given by the persons, including occurred there so far this year. Phone FR 6.2514
Lions Club members Jaycees Thursday and Florida Industrial Commission adopted Korean daughter of trol said 42 persons were in- White) was trying to hold on, Only a mile ahead was a divid-Ii,'
were told yesterday that Boys the University City Kiwanis in Gainesville September 21 Western film stars Roy Rogersand jured 40 of them children but. the big steering wheel just ed, six-lane freeway. -
Ranch near Live Oak, sponsored Sept. 1.Deputy. through 25. Dale Evans, were killed From the Disciples of Christ started spinning in his hands. It,\"
by the Florida Sheriff's As- Sheriff Ed MacClel- I The course is basically one Monday when a busload of chil-: Chapel of the Canyon Church at was bumpy, and we lurchedover
sociation, must grow from its lan,. chief of the juvenile divis- on good foremanship. It stresses dren crashed into seven otherSegni Canoga Park, Calif. on the other side of the HFC HFC 1KFC HFC t-.E.C HE= 1:"_' =
present capacity of 60 boys to :ion under Sheriff Joe Crevasse, that foremen are key men in Among the eight dead were'road and then we began to hit
care for 400. presented the program to the accident prevention just as they Deborah Lee Rogers, one of the cars."
The ranch is supported by the I Exchange and Lions. are in production and gives Improves Rogers' large family of adopted I :Miss Evans, distraught and Trusted from coast to coast
Sheriff's Association through do- Gene Peacock, boys ranch them effective methods to use. children, the coroner's office under sedation at her Chats-
nations and honorary member- .staff member, and Deputy Lu- The Only SlightlyROME said. She was 12 last Friday. An- worth, Calif., home, said only, -'

ships. :cian Hindery appeared before member course of the, presented Florida Industrial by a- (AP) President An- other was Joan Russell 11, "I've heard it, but I can't accept of HFC reliable money service
The boys ranch programs will the Civitans. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rob it. I just can't."
Commission is available
be presented to four more clubs: I Four boys from the ranch al- tonio Segni's doctors reported ert Russell of Granada Hills, Passengers on the bus said Household Finance has been helping
without charge to all employersand a slight in his
Gainesville Lions I tonight, so attended the programs. Whilein condition Calif. the group..had made its monthly all kinds of people solve every kind
; .their supervisors in Gaines'ville today. They said he had i
Gainesville, they are guestsat donate food and cloth- of problem since the 1878.
to money
trip year
and Alachua County. come out of his coma occasionally The other dead, all from one
Five Fires MacClellan the Manor Motel.told the Exchangethat The sponsor of the course is and taken food by mouth. I vehicle, were not immediately!]ing' to.La Esperanza OrphanageItlecirical 1 And today, H FC h the oldest and large
identified. est making instalment cash
Alachua County has given the Gainesville Alachua County Segni, 73, suffered a stroke 11 company
Citizens Council. The The tragedy occurred as the! L loans--serving more than two million
much support to the ranch.A Safety days ago. He went into a coma
Blaze IIINevada new $12,000 barn for 25 safety education program is Saturday. bus, driven by the Rev. Law r customers every year-through mart
available to small and large rence Elton White, 49, was returning -
horses and ponies has just been than thirteen hundred offices from
companies in the community.All from Tijuana, Mexico._
completed, paid for by support coast to coast. You too can borrow W
He had driven 66 most Room Size Heaters
Russia Launches persons
from: Alachua countians. classes will be held in the r with confidence at HFC.
A cafetorium, to be dedicatednext air conditioned conference room ly children, on a monthly outing i S Residential Commercial
ELKO, Nev. AP) Fire offi- I month, was built with a bequest of the Guaranty Federal Savingsand 3 SatellitesMOSCOW to take food and clothing to La I Industrial
cials urgently mapped a fresh from Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Loan Association Building, Esperanza, a Tijuana orphanage!
assault today on five major Swick, Alachua, who died early 220 N. Main St. Conference (AP) The Russians -which the church aided. \ CALL

fires sweeping through sun- this year in a fire in Jackson hours will be 10 a.m. to 12 noon launched- three more satiates The bus was six miles southof C. P. Dressier Borrow up to $600. Take up to 24 months to repay
cured grassland and sagebrushin ville, MacClellan said.A Monday through Friday, Sep- in the Cosmos series today San Clemente when, accord Electrical Contractor
all three from the Ask about credit life insurance on loans M group r tosHOUSEHOLD
northeastern I'evada. fire station at the ranch was tember 21 to 25. same ing to a passenger, 18-year-old Phone FR 6-6193
rocket, Tass said. The rocketwas
There was no encouragementfrom built in part with "a very large Those interested may registerfor Janie I II 910N.W.4rhSr.
described as a new type. FINANC
the weather man, who contribution from men oC the I the course by calling the E@ i
forecast high temperatures, low Gainesville Fire Department," Safety Council Office, at 376- Cosmos is the designation given ;
humidity and possible high he said. I 0305. to a program of Soviet instrument Pierce Wulbern Murphey
winds an explosive combina- Countv funds also have been exploration in space. 107 W. Unrvenirr Ave.. 2nd Floor
given toward construction of a i The new launching made a total .' Corp PHONE: FRankBn 6-4524
tion.More Lawyer'sSon 33V2 N.MAIN ST. PHONE 376-1291
than a dozen Nevada chapel. of 40 satellites launched in tff .. .
FC, .t1.f.c..r _HFC HF.C_. HFc" .f : ( I
blazes have blackened an esti- Three Alachua County youthsare I Jailed the series. Members New York Stock Exchange .

mated 350 square miles of valuable living at the ranch, the dep-

grazing land, an area uty said. VAN NUYS, Calif. (AP) -
MacClellan said juvenile de- The of the late Jer-
about one-third the size of son attorney
Rhode Island, since most fires I linquents are not accepted at ry Geisler was sentenced to sev-

sparked by lightning Sat- Boys Ranch. en days in city jail Monday for
Rather he said the ranch Is
urday. The burned area withina illegally displaying a gun.
intended to POTATICER
prevent delinquency -
50-mile radius of Elko was estimated Michael James Geisler, 27,
home for
at a minimum 205,000 by providing a had pleaded guilty to the
acres. boys who have no place to go. charge.

The Bureau of Land Manage- Police said he was arrested
.. '.
ment, directing the battle, took Witnesses June 11 after he forced a taxi .. --l:- ..h... ir

steps to double its 1,100mancrew Attend Meet driver at gun point to take him -. -----. I J' .
and boost the number of for a ride through the Holly- 4//. I Il

converted bombers, used to In Daytona wood hills.Tax .
drop fire-retardant chemicals,

from 7 to 40. Jehovah's Witnesses from ,
The Air Force and Forest the Northcentral Florida Circuit TroublesLOS J

Service were asked to transport held an assembly last weekend
reinforcements to Elko and to at the Daytona Beach Peabody ANGELES (APComedian -

control the expected heavy air Auditorium.The Ben Blue has pleaded innocent

traffic. All private flights in and public talk Sunday was to six counts of income tax

out of the Elko airport were attended by 1061, who heard Joseph evasion. .
banned to give the fire airlift Saia, district supervisorfor ,
The claimed / i
government 1 F '
( \
unrestricted movement. the southeastern United .
States discuss the Monday he owes $39,000 additional r t. 4 ,
Four major blazes, dating subject of
from Saturday, whipped past "Facing Up to the Urgency of taxes for 1958, 1959 and
fire lines Monday afternoon aft- Our Times." 1960. Trial will begin Sept. 15. '' fA, r

er fire crews thought they were Saturday's activities Includedthe ,.............'.

containtd. A fifth major blaze baptism of 20 new minis- .'.' end w.r-_ '. tf'",.

broke Nevada out Reform about noon School near north-the I ters.The presiding minister in o fj'ritd Ck iekot k

east of Elko. Gainesville, Robert V. Bender, -.. .., ,.,. .V .
I,was assistant assembly servant; '... . .....' ..J /1J
TatDies i Gallic Roy Glenn Throckmorton was in the 214 NW 13th FR 6-6472 :; ic;'
purchasing department; J ohn
in rash Funk, platform attendant; /41 1/ .

Lance Shiver, attendant depart- 'lf A' eF
ROANOKE, Va. (AP) -Chris- ment; and working in public I /y
topher Alexander Myers, 14, of relations were Robert Harvey, t i e
Eau Gallie, died Mondav nightIn Frank Ballentine, Marie Ballen- if x ila

a Roanoke hospital of injuries tine, Irma Smith, Margaret ., ,yk
received when the bicycle he Wurster, and Penny Sommer. rya

was riding collided with a car Regular meetings will resumeat
at the intersection of U. S. 60 the Kingdom Hall here FULLless .r-: :)
and Virginia 683 in Alleghany sr

County. ; ,
Police said the car was operated UBURBIDRIVE
pRST ut1E SWZI' ,. ,.
by Ova Olbert Quick of IN TME .*.1 -n .MHK norm O Y
Alvin, W. Va. I g--;
Contact me today!
Showtime 7:30

1=::-11.3.5 1 a' 15th 117 N.E. ; .

9 f 1t
Phone 9
> -

-2nd Feature- I'I 2-0444 :

: mDEm 4 t
Ralph TurlingtonP
PiETtANrw 021013 C "Se} .. i
xx /
Mutual AutomobltetnsursnceCompenr r-jl
rrtcHiicoiqr" IicNM OffICI:BloomJflfton Illinois
---- ----

I 4, I
;: d
.e- fr
I Ii \
2100 Mr.oi..R..1 W.10 f*t-SOtl I -r' /' : ,

Open 7.00 Show at Dusk I
Set Both Complete Late As t.45 .

i II t I II hi ;kt

tl' I 1I <
I If t 1 w 1 1 I/ I



CARROLL BAKER Cleaning Power! Dirt can clog,even a new Firing Power! Spark plug and cylinder Octane Power! New Esso Extra has thf
"Something Wild"R.C. 1 3
WAKE UP carburetor in a few months of normal operdeposits can cause misfiring, pre-ignition high octane that most cars now need foi I

ation-causing hard starting and rough idling. and hot spots. New Esso Extra neutralizes full smooth performance without knocking

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-- LAST Savings in by the 20th :

I I Ir -
1b9 EDig"! .' .-' OIL I REFINING COMPANY -
federal HUM..& OU.a"*RErtNtMC COMPANY nea wMi..I

"AttnRd 1: 1Et! ,
I hlN/ _.savings & loan association Esso Dealers at these addresses invite you to come In: .

-now HGUrTHURSDAY UNITED ARnsTs J 4. -_01 M.G1.G&1aenWe t.w..HWIQ CO OM_ 706 NW 13th Street 2215 N. Main Street 1.75 & Hwy.441, Alachua
cram MM WMM rOUM HO*taw I4MC(tttUj '
2106 SW 13th Street 3907 NW 13th Stree .
<'w.%uMvsurrr Avt AT sto.N.w.WIM n.AND 61H AW..n 6-7SJI } .k a... '1.' -'r; la :
"HOW THE WEST o.r", 9 3829 SW 13th Street 2106 Waldo Road .4 -a /.q .K- .

L WAS WON" 0196'4 4l'-- 519 NW 10th Street 3325 University Avenu'r' : .. .

f I 4 I .


... .- ... ..... --- .
I __ -- -- -- .L14 -- "

Gainesville sun
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'_. ... .. . .. .,: -t. ... ... : ; ", ;. : ; : ;-..(";-; ..- ." .., Ii



-- .- -- -

1 FILING FRUSTRATION ;, Fair :t'; 4 *t C, I

J... Legal problems crop up because lawyers write on long legal- I

size paper, while everyone else uses standard 8% by 11 inch (Details Page 2)
paper, Jim Richardson complained. to his fellow city commis- Q1ainrz11fltr un
sioners last night.

I Why, asked Richardson, don't lawyers use standard size .
paper like everybody else? NEWSSTAND PRICE lOc
"Legal forms just will not fit our filing cabinets," he said.

"I'm serious. It's a real problem. It frustrates me." ONE. WEEK HOMI DELIVERED DAILY AND 45c SUNDAY Vol. 89, No. 37 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1964
He asked whether commission minutes could be placed on
standard size instead of legal size paper.
Clarence O'Neill said it could be done."I .
I .
want you to remember this in the budget," O'Neill said. FOR N. Y. SENATE SEAT '
"We will have to change all our binders."

1 ( Refers Housing Code It's Keating Vs. Kennedy +,I

To 'Further Study'By

J I NORM LaCOE ed code at a public hearingas Vows IndependentDrive I II

Sun Staff Writer soon as possible.Two .

City Commission last night persons from the audience I
referred the proposed Gaines- spoke in favor of the 2 '
ville Housing Code to the real code. !,m. ..ta k: ? for Senate

estate committee, with instruc- In transmitting the proposalto K

tions to report the proposal in the commission, Arnold Butt,
open meeting Sept. 7. plan board chairman, said the 4j NEW YORK (AP) Sen.
The Housing Code, submittedto code is aimed at decent, safe :: :2: Kenneth B. Keating, the New

the commission by the city and sanitary housing for every 4 ?' York Republican who disagreeswith
citizen. Sen. Barry Goldwater, announced a .
plan board, is designed to upgrade '.
1 housing conditions in the Butt said 24 per cent ofGainesville's Y .k + today he would seek re
city. houses are deter- a ;:W' election.He .
iorated, compared to 13 \ <
may run against Atty. 5 S\
In another plan board action $
cent for other Florida urban S '' Gen. Robert F. who
,I the commission took understudy CHOOL'S CC. .; .. Kennedy,
areas. 5 c appears to have a good chanceof
two nominations for a He suggested that one year .r.'",:.. ...., >. >. gaining the Democratic
OPEN nom-
the board. {F ,' .- .. ,
vacancy on plan be taken to study housing needs ; ':.p. -}< ,:'': ination.
Nominees are 0. P. Wells Jr. :i .,:;, x\
and .l
conditions )$
and Dr. E. A. to review pos- "'lit... !h "j : : Indicating he would run inde- ,
Cosby, Negro
sible hardships caused by the $S xva pendently of the national ticket, u VP
;; 1 5
dentist. code 'f).. .% d)
on residents of unsound "'< p. Keating declared:
f The Sept. 8 meeting will be a housing. Butt suggested meth- ::; '/"Y' ,}rHJ... "I will not be a party to any

special Tuesday night session.It ods of implementing the code ) '1. deals and do not intend to trim
was scheduled because Mon- should not be developed until VriveJ my sails to win the backing of
day falls on Labor Day. the study is made. any individual or organizationthat

Members of the real estate The plan board has been CaefIyJ't,4. Y ., does not support me on my
committee which will study the working on a housing code since record."

proposal are Mayor Howard Mc- .,3F. The announcement ended .
---- -
Kinney, Commissioner Byron 1962.Routine plan board business, F.. ., weeks of speculation about what KEATING
Winn and Bill Green, city man which normally would have ( ,.; road the 64-year-old, silver-

ager. been taken up, Sept. 8, was :.iYy.;.ScoR.%,'6 Sl'i;y F ai5 haired lawyer from Rochester today said he believed in the
McKinney said later the com shifted to the Aug. 18 meeting. would choose. two-party system and had
mittee wants to go over the Wells was nominated to the "The people of New York are "never had any thought of bolt-
.r code with persons who are in plan board by Turlington. Wells, Safety TeamIt's aware of the deep differences ing the Republican party."
: the low cost rental business. a 35-year-old Gainesville native, between Sen. (Barry) Goldwa- He continued:

Alan Sutherland and Ed Tur- is a CPA and member of University almost back to school time for Alachua County's children-and it's already ter's record and my own," "But as a senator from New

lington agreed to the delay un- City Kiwanis and Jay- back to school time for the Gainesville-Alachua County Citizens Safety Council. Keating said, Goldwater, of Arizona York, I have considered it my

til Sept. 7, but urged that the cees. From Aug. 24 to Sept. 18, Mrs. Monnie Williams, Home and School Committee chair- is the Republican presi- duty to represent all the peopleof
commission take up the propos- (See CODE on Page 2)) man of the Council, will distribute special safety materials to the principals of every dential candidate."I New York Republicans,
school in Alachua County. Shown discussing Mrs. Williams' program are, (from left) seriously doubt that any .
voter in New York would be (See KEATING on Page 2)KENNEDY )
Don Allen, director of instruction; Mrs. Williams; Dwight Hunter, Alachua County
'l RELATED STORY J Education Charles Palmour the impressed by any lip service I ,
I III Supervisor of Driver ; and president of Principal'sAssociation. .
might give Sen. Goldwater or t.r ,. 'S'5 .
he might give me in the name f..ra.sf .

.1 1 Asks FSU GroupTo of While party the unity.announcement" ended

Urges City to Plan, Not 4" Help Pick plans speculation, there remained as to Keating's a coupleof :Y

New President other questions about the
New York Senatorial campaign.

TALLAHASSEE (AP) Baya One was whether Atty. Gen. ;' ..
Face Problems Piecemeal Harrison Jr., chairman of the Robert F. Kennedy might seek 4 .
State Board of Control, has invited the Democratic nomination to m 4'xe ,

'!. a faculty committee from oppose Keating. The other was -
Florida State University to help whether Clare Boothe Luce
A Gainesville engineer told Byron Winn suggested the select a new president for the might challenge both on the N"S
the city commission last night it city and county work out a joint school. Conservative party ticket. c

45 must face fringe area problemsnow Reports on Utility approach so that the city will FSU President Gordon Black- Even before the nominationof
whole at- not face difficult problemswhen .
as a pattern or well resigned his post effective Goldwater Keating expressed
tempt to solve difficult problems in AreaEidsness out-lying areas are an- Feb. 1.to become president of doubt that he would be able to -
later they arise. Expansion nexed.
as Furman University.The run on the same ticket be-
fi The remarks were made by F. Mayor Howard McKinney sug- cause of divergent political
r A. Eidsness concerning extension gested that Eidsness be askedto matter of finding a replacement philosophies.But .
Harrison said will
of city utilities to developing suggested: developed to delineate areas prepare a detailed recom Keatings's announcement
be taken at the Board of Control's -
areas outside the city lim.- -The city should get into the where utilities must be expanded. mendation."If up I
its. utility business, supplying all The problem should not be we go to the county com- weeks.next meeting in a few *

4 Eidsness had been asked to services. Fragmentation is con approached piecemeal, one area mission, we must have some ,
study feasibility of extending fusing.Utilities at a time. plan of attack" McKinney said. :
sanitary sewerage to the area should earn a profit Commissioners Jim Richardson Eidsness replied that beforehe
from the western city limits and should not be undertaken : and A. D. Sutherland said can propose solutions, the Wagner to Pledge for Bobby:1

along Newberry Road to Inter- unless they can do so. Future they agreed that an overall approach commission must commit itself -
state 75. The interchange where expansions should pay their should be developed.Ed to a decision whether or
I motels and tourist services are own way. Turlington disagreed only not to go all the way into the arm $ark eimru said Monday. The mayor con political opponents, and he
expected to develop, is a bad -Expansions should be financed with the idea that profit shouldbe utility business, and whether it By .R. Wy APPLE JR. ferred with Kennedy for an hour made it clear that he was not

ly drained bottom area. with utilities revenue the utilities motive. He said wants to make a profit if it NEW YORK Mayor Robert at Gracie Mansion yesterday. 'eager to help them in any way.
Eidsness, in replying, suggested bonds, and not with general rev- does. Wagner has promised to support Neither man would say after-
: the city approach the problem enues.An public health is a major factor The commission decided to Attorney General Robert F. ward what had taken place, but The mayor's: endorsement, it
p much more broadly. overall plan should be in planning expansion. study the matter as a committee Kennedy's campaign for the Wagner, through a spokesman, was said, will be announcedsoon
of the whole.WASHINGTON Senate, authoritative sources promised a statement "within a and Kennedy's formal de-
few elaration of candidacy is to follow -

(' Barry Plans TV to Match Opponents days. of Kennedy, informed immediately.If .
Seeks to Steer Congress of the reports that the these events take place,

mayor had given his assent, insisted Kennedy will almost certainlybe
that had told nominated at the Democratic -
Each Johnson Appearance Around Reapportionment close associates Wagner that he was state convention on Sept. 1.
still uncommitted. He would oppose Sen. KennethB.

(AP) Dem- Monday, the Senate will be recalled Kennedy had said repeatedly Keating, the Republican incumbent -

I j NtlU Dark Hmra we want to bracket Johnson every ar television programs it be- ocratic Leader Mike Mansfield after next week's Democratic that he would not make the who announced today
tries to steer the Senate aroundthe that he will seek re-election.
CHARLES MOHR time we can. comes gossip in advertising cir- National Convention and race unless he had the mayor'sendorsement
By cles and is practically impoSe shoals of legislative reap- Wagner, the
WASHINGTON Sen. Barry Other Republican sources con- with his will "remain in session until we
sible to it said. portionment today, state's most influential Democrat
Goldwater will seek to appear firmed the intent and said that keep secret, was hopes for adjournment this finish what we have to do."
thus had to hold
y on nationwide television j just there are ways for the Repub- In an interview, Burch also week near the vanishing point. the'apportionment battle the key to the appeared Attorney Gen- WHERE TO

after or just before each major lican National Committee to said that closely twinned appearances The effort to thwart'the federal broke out, Mansfield had hopedto eral's political future.
campaign TV appearance by learn the television timebuyingplans by the two candidates wind up the session this
the the
courts and a counter filibuster According to sources,
President Lyndon B. Johnson. of the Democratic Party might give the nation's votersat by a band of liberals is week, giving him and others up mayor was assured that Ken- FIND IT
Republican National Chair- and to act accordingly."We least the approximation of for re-election a chance to get to I
certain to be at the top of the nedy would run as the candi-
man Dean Burch revealed the are going to try to buy a debate. agenda when Mansfield and other their campaigning.The date of the entire Democratic Comics . . 10 ,

plan Monday and said, "We time just after Johnson every Burch has expressed near congressional leaders hold first order of business in Party, not under the exclusive Classified 11-13 :.
think the contrast between the chance we get," said a source. certainty that Johnson will not their weekly discussion of legis- Mansfield's revised schedule Is sponsorship of old-line leaders Entertainment 14
television performances of the Because political time buying agree to a full-scale television lative matters with President the Food for Peace bill to extend who first put his name for- Obituaries . 2
two men is favorable to us, and involves cancellations of regul- debate with the Republican Johnson. for two years the programof ward. Opinion Page . 4

presidential nominee. Johnson's $3.3-billion foreign sales of surplus farm prod- Those leaders including Sports . . .7, 8
'' aid authorization, a priority ucts for foreign currencies. Like Charles A. Buckley of the Bronx Women's . S
Archer Burch also discussed the -
Elementary possibility measure, is caught directly in foreign aid, it is on the President's and Peter J. Crotty of Buffalo
that both presidential "
the Senate crossfire.To "must list. have been Wagner's :sworn
candidates might make some
t accounting of personal wealth it, Sen. Everett M. Dirksenof
Gets New Illinois the AT PLATFORM HEARING
Principal during the campaign."We Republican lead 1
er, has attached his proposal to
would welcome
Richard Tallman today was trial arts and vocational agri- said Burch tionment of state legislatures on

named principal of Archer Ele- culture made him very suitablefor However, he stressed that he the basis of districts that are Dem Theme : Prosperity; :

mentary School replacing Hen- the new job. hoped that any financial accounting substantially equal in popula i
S ry Lunsford. They expressed hope t ha t would include irrevocable
Lunsford will fill a new posi- Lunsford will be able to curb trusts in the names of tion.Mansfield, who has said he WASHINGTON AP) A production sion," said Heller chairman of spokesmen were pointing with
tion as vocational counselorfor the heavy rate of dropouts children of the candidates and doubts the constitutionality of rise of nearly $150 billion the President's Council of- Economic pride to the economic record, a
Child Pro in the four Kennedy-Johnr Advisers. behind-the-scenes effort was un
the Exceptional among handicapped pupils. beneficial interests in trusts. Dirksen's proposal went along
Lunsford headed the vocational son years will exceed the gainsof His report was prepared for der way aimed at avoiding a
gram. with
it. The liberals, who refuseto
Burch, a 36-year-old, Tucson, the entire eight-year Eisen- the platform hearings here convention battle over a civil
E. D. Manning Jr. and agriculture at
Supt. have
vowed to the fiD-
William S. Talbot, superintendent Santa Fe High School for seven Ariz., attorney who was Goldwater's a fight hower administration, White preceding the opening of the rights plank in the party plat-
personal choice to lead ish.What House economist Walter W.Hell- Democratic National Conven- form.
the He
elect announced moves years. was in his third
yearas the national committee, said the Democratic leader .er predicted.today.; tion Monday in Atlantic ,City. Sponsored by Southerners, the
jointly this morning. will principal Archer.. that one of three main issuesin wants the Senate to do now, he Heller presented to the Demo-. N.J. The platform writers also civil rights move was disclosed
said Lunsford Tallman has been assistant
Manning the campaign ,would be ''in said Monday, is to put legisla- 'eratic party's platform .writersthe got a rosy report on the economy by Robert R. Richardson an
with junior high I principal at Kirby-Smith. Last
be working tegrity in ,high public office." tive apportionment ,aside; long "prosperity" ammunitionfor from Secretary of the Atlanta lawyer serving i n the
school and high school boys who year he was principal at Mica- enough to turn to other matters.
han- He listed me others as ."be- the peace-preparedness- Treasury Douglas Dillon, who platform committee. He told a
have mental and physical nopy on an interim appoint- lief in the freedom of the in- Still, he will keep the foreignaid prosperity campaign which held out the prospect of a "thor- reporter that a proposed civil
dicaps. He will coordinate an on- ment. bill and is troublesome rid- has been submittedto
dividual" in the United States President Johnson has indicatedhe ough overhaul" of World WarII rights plank
the-job trainirg program for Bolh Talman's and Lunsford's and "pride and belief in the er the pending business the remainder will wage in November excise taxes and a further some members of his- committee. .
these youths. appointments, are subject to approval freedom of the week. Unless the "This will be the first admin- reduction in Income taxes in tHe
of citizens of the
the '
Both Manning and Talbot said by the School Board at rider is accepted, he told Democratic istration in over a century un- the years ahead. declined'to make it public f

Lunsford's background in indus- their next regular meeting. (See BARRY on Page Z) senators In a conference marred by recession or depres- While the administration (See DEMS on Page Z) f- I j ,

,J; i t fi


.' .} ::d "' ''-' :.. .., ...-. ,.. .-. I. ... _J 1

- -
.------- .. ... """" ..... -? .... . ,. ". _-T---- . '


2! Gainesville bun: lueiooy. Au9**.t 10, 1O, ,

More AboutKeating Single TVStation More About Wither -
Roundup :

City Plans to Take Bids Can I Dems 1A \

v-_.,* _._... ; 112 ..

On East Side Sewer Project From 1 'I From Page 1 G!:. ... (.-. .

Page (AP) A but said it basically takes the -A ; \..---
., space communications expert I position that C
1964 Civil
said the have 10 to Democrats and independents says it's possible to, blanket Rights Act is the law of the land ZONESA \ \
The City of Gainesville hopesto city hopes to those who have voted for I Partly cloudy through Wednes .= 'ksst1
may North America with television -and should day with scattered
one be enforced mostly daytime
take bids within three 15 street paving jobs under con- me and those who may have thundershowers. Low tonight 72 to 78. \ (
months to build the $1,200,000 Financed By tract within a few months. voted against me." station at a cost of $30 mil- allegiance to the rule of law and! High winds 5 Wednesday to IS miles 87 an hour.to 92. Variable 41 t4 ...
East Gainesville Sewer Project, lion, compared to the $500 million -urges resort to the courts rather BCD E .. UH\. .. \ \
a job approved by the voters in Bond Issue Sidewalk Construction Re- He said he reached his decision cost of a full network. than the streets for the protection showers-through Widely Wed-scattered \ F

the Feb. 11 bond issue ballot- volving Fund, $100,000. No requests to try to return to the Sen- George S. Shaw, senior vice of civil rights.Heller's nesday. Low tonight in the E __ & \
for sidewalk paving have ate for a second term without president and co-founder of Radiation report to the committee \,-
70s. High Wednesday 90 to 94. .
ing.The bond issue was a 13=point, been submitted. Green said regard to whatever opponentshe Inc., of Melbourne, Fla. was built on a new official I Variable winds mostly south ; \ \-

$6 million capital improvements' mission has been narrowed to studies of needs will be made, might face. discussed the subject at a meeting estimate that total output the \\dJL1
and southwest 5 to 15 milesan
package. the vicinity of the present city and recommendations given i sponsored by the Jacksonville gross national product will J
I hall in northeast downtown. the commission to build side- Keating said: "I would be Youth Council for Civic Af climb to a record annual rate of' hour. .% : ,

I City Manager Bill Green said Property appraisals should be walks near schools and in other -willing to take my chances with[fairs. $640 billion in the January-April F. C mainly H I -In the Widely afternoons.scattered through showers J.
well on the the people of New York even if quarter of next It Wednesday. Low tonight in the 70s. -awMaI
planning is along assessedto
finished within a week. areas. Costs will be Shaw said "a communications year. was last High Wednesday 90 to 94. Variable
every pollster and expert pre- reported at $618.5 billion in winds 5 to IS miles an hour. ,
sewer project. abutting property owners. satellite in synchronous, or l the .
1 Addition apparently -
Library Building dicted my defeat. I have never April-June quarter. J K Fair through Wednesday except asGAINESVILLE, '-
orbit chance of a brief late night or
He revealed the time table in No action will be taken Off Street Facilities becausethe stationary, can
$250,000. Parking run away from a fight beam UHF With all the price increases of early morning shower. Low tonight 75
talking last night with city commissioners until city,hall plans are more 1 odds against me." a television signal the to SO. High Wednesday S3 to 92. Winds WEATHER
I of $250,000. This matter has were which has been relayed to it past dozen years screenedout mostly southeasterly I to 15 miles an GAINESVILLE WEATHER
I about the status fully developed.New been referred the Heller said hour.
to the
city plan from 5 per cent
bond issue New York's junior senator a ground source and pro- TEMPERATURES ELSEWHEREHigh Municipal Airport readingsfor
projects. Public Works Building board for recommendations. average annual increase in real Low Precp.
said he had not attempted nor vide continuous programs.In Jacksonville 94 76 .01 24 hours to 8 a.m. today:
I A 35acre site output in the
: Other and their status $200,000. the he KennedyJohnsonterm Miami 89 43 89 at 3 low 74 at
projects Construction of Recreation would he try to make any political same way, added, High p.m.,
been "has Tampa 90 79 JS
purchased NW 39th Ave.
: on work deals. As for his differ- one satellite could blanket North nearly doubled the Atlanta 80 62 3 a.m. Rainfall: .03 inches.
Facilities Little
I L between 6th Street and the Atlantic $200,000. average annual gains of 2 to 3 New Orleans 90 72 .05 ALMANAC
II. Consolidated Refuse Disposal Coast Line Railroad has been done to date to make ences with Goldwater, he said: America from a single broad- per cent recorded during the Boston 68 59 .01 Sunset today ....... ... .... 7:07 p.m.
New York 82 64
cast station, and other satellites Sunrise tomorrow 5:59 a.m.
Facility, $100,000. Green tracks. final plans for building and fa "I cannot in good conscience 'Republican years." Washington .4 65 The Moon riding low tonight,
could extend the coverage to Chicago 88 63 sets tomorrow at ........... 2:32
hopes to complete site negotia- Thoroughfare ConstructionFund cilities. conceal my convictions behinda South America Western I Richardson, the Georgian who Kansas City 81 65 and will be Full .. ........... Aug.I.m.n.PRO.INENT .
tions within two weeks. Europe, ,disclosed the civil Denver 85 56 STARS
facade of conformity rights
$1,000,000. First project Africa and Southeast Asia. move, Ft. Worth 84 74 .58 Nunkl near the Moon.
will be widening of SW 2nd Avenue Acquisition of Park Lands, as unity."Specifically I told a reporter that the pro- Los Angeles 84 67 Antares. low In southwest .. 10:27 p m.
Improvements -
-Fire Department Shaw said the scientific and< Seattle 73 58 Arcturus. sets . 11.23pm.
$300,000. Fire Station 4, from S. Main St. to SW 7th ,$250,000. A 277 acre tract at technical posed plank was submitted to MARINE FORECAST CEDAR KEY TIDES
have been
said before
I have programs Frederick G. Dutton EAST GULF: Variable winds 5 to IS Wednesday-High at 12:16 a.m. and
the executive p
Ter. next to the Alachua old VA site has
W. University and SW 36th St., new and I repeat that I con- solved, and the principal problems -director of the knots through Wednesday. Scattered 10:48 am. Low at 5.14 a.m. and
construction is about 10 per cent General Hospital parking lot. been purchased for $81,000. The platform committee showers. 6:12 p.m.
which remain
sider Sen. Goldwater a sincere, in the entire
complete.I John Merrill has been appointed city is trying to buy a 25-30 American. But duringour realm of communications and several key mem-I |
patriotic space
I An 80- acre site near Littlewood and bers.Richardson I Tobacco Market IHIGH
right-of-way agent.
I service in the Senate Sen. satellites financial and
r Station 5, site has been Westwood schools. The plan are pa- who described
foot: street with four lanes for *
Goldwater and I have disagreedon litical.
purchased in 1200 block of NW board is making a master plan himself as chief of staff to Gov.
30th Ave., architects expect to sides moving is traffic contemplated.plus parking 0 the both for recreation development, and many issues. He has voted He added that "this may well) Carl Sanders of Georgia, con- SPRINGS The High Sales yesterday totaled 148,703

finish preliminary plans by Sept. been r will recommend other sites. his convictions as a senator be the most effective means at ferred with other Southernerson Springs flue-cured tobacco mar- pounds for $78,120-an averageof
15. Two new trucks are expected streets have not yet chosen. from Arizona and I have voted the disposal of the free worldto the platform committee late ket will close Thursday after 52.53 cents a pound.

Storm Drainage Improve- convictions as 'a senator combat the encroachment of that sales
to arrive within three my Monday about the proposed day's are completed. Season totals through yester-
months, giving the city e i g ht '- Residential Street Paving ments, $250,000. Green said from New York. Nothing either Communism and totalitarian plank.It Expectations are that the to- .day were 3,619,262 pounds at

trucks. 'Plans bave been drawn Revolving Fund, $650,000.() No some work is being done to follow -of. us "does at this point can governments. was not designed as the tal tobacco sold and total receipts -'an average price of 57.44 centsa

r from extensions' and improve- streets have been chosen for up two previous studies of alter our. records on, the ''is- kind of civil rights plank that for this season will be pound. Season receipts total

ments to the fire alarm system -work. About 15 petitions are on the six major drainage basinsin sues." Sees Long the South would like, Rich just shy of last year's figures. $2,079,096.Last .
hand asking paving work. Green Gainesville. He said available
and are being discussed Goldwater's restatement of .ardson said but it
as one could
said in season's totals at the
persons interested paving money will not solve all .drainage -
) with the manufacturer. I should pick up blank petition problems, and a priority, his views at the recent Republi. 'Session ForCongress live, with and that it was hoped More AboutCode I High Springs market were

New City Hall, $1,250,000. I forms and policy explanations list must be established by the: can unity meeting in Hershey, would be generally acceptable !4,240,374 pounds sold at an aver-

j Site selection by the city com- from the city engineer. He city commission. I Pa., apparently did not satisfy I to the party. age price of 56.55 cents, with
Keating. 'Dillon, in his prepared testimony receipts totaling $2,398,082.The .

WASHINGTON (AP) Senate said the nation now is "in
; To Build .. Kennedy flew from Cape Cod current market season
the middle of '
Democratic Leader Mike our fourth year of
GainesvilleCITY Mass., to New York Mondayand Mansfield of Montana indicated 'continued economic advance From Page 1 !opened bn July 29. A peak in
t c prices and volume was reached
had another talk with
Mayor -
Sewers in 4Subdivisions today Congress faces a long the best period of peacetime
Robert F. Wagner, the state's! Cosby's name was offer early last week.
session after the recess for the prosperity in our entire modern ed Commissioner
leading Democrat. Neither man by James The High Springs Tobacco
I Democratic National Conven- history.
would talk to reporters about it. Richardson. Cosby, only Negroon Board of Trade met yesterday,
"In looking ahead to furthertax
tion.Asked the city bi-racial committee the market
set closing date and
The Gainesville City Commission \l COMMISSION The New York Times said authoritative whether he thinks Con- reduction," he said, "it is a member of NAACP, elected new officers. The Boardof
1 sources stated that gress will remain in 'session all would appear that high priority PTA and of the
moved to extend professionalstaff
sanitary last night sewer' service in four ._::::: ::J...t..:.::.;;_;;:;nm::: ::_::_h_._;_.:.,_.'._:.....n..: ..:.".,,_:::..':.':.:'.::_:::::.::...:.::;.=- Wagner promised to support year, Mansfield replied "not should be given to a thorough I I at Alachua General Hos- Trade and is tobacco comprised company of warehouse rep-

subdivisions under the three- Invited problem is not yet ready. O' Kennedy for the senatorial nom quite." He talked with newsmen overhaul of the hodgepodge of pital. resentatives and is for the pur-

.1 year-old subdivision participation Neill told the commission that ination. after the weekly breakfast of excise taxes remaining from The commission decided not pose of seeing to the orderly

policy by which the city If SilentThe he must reach some agreement Kennedy has said he won'trun Democratic leaders with Presi- World War II days." to fill the post until the Aug. marketing of tobacco under reg-

and developer share costs. I with Hunnicutt and Associates, without Wagner's approval. dent Johnson. 31 meeting. It is likely other ulations of the Agriculture Department -

The commission, by resolution Gainesville City Commission -St. Petersburg appraisal firm Wagner has said that Kennedy's House Speaker John W. Mc- More About nominations will be made to and the Federal Trade

decided to put city funds met last night in executive which assesses city property.He early support came from "polit' Cormack of Massachusetts said the vacant position. Commission.

j behind sewer construction in session, following its open meet said legal problems also ical bosses" and he wants to be the leaders discussed with John- I

these areas ing. must be hurdled. For example, sure that his fight against bos- son the record of Congress so BarryFrom

j -Forest Ridge subdivision, Members of the public in the what happens if a taxpayer's sism will continue.J. far this year. He called it "a" fcttuarte

L developed by Hugh Edwards, audience left the commission Ii notice is delayed in the mails Daniel Mahoney, chairmanof record that has few parallels. Page 1 I
I D 112 lots. Total cost $48,354.10.City's chamber.: Members of the press for several weeks? Out of 52 major proposals
the New York Conservative
I Johnson submitted to Congress,
share $22,400.
invited condi-
I subdivision were to stay, on I party, said Mrs. Luce author,' McCormack said, 37 have been world." 'He said that all three
t. -Elizabeth Court tion nothing be printed that oc- MRS. F. P. DUBOSE MRS. E.
Some Taxes M.
developed by W. A. Shands, curredNo City former ambassador and former enacted; an additional 6 are in issues "have a moral basis.

,I three lots. Total cost $4,032.50. minutes were kept of the UncollectibleThe I congresswomen from Connecticut !- conference; 2 are on the House Burch said he doubted that Mrs. Fanny Peeples DuBose, MCCULLOUGHFuneral

City's share $600.Northwest executive session. will decide whether to enter calendar and 2 on the Senate Goldwater would assert in his 91, a former resident of the services will be at 1

Estates subdivis- The Gainesville City Charter City of Gainesville has : the race on the Conservativeticket calendar while 4 are in com campaigning that he was "more Starke area, died yesterday in p.m. tomorrow for Mrs. EssieM.

1 ion, developed by Walter provides that meetings of the written off several thousand when she learns whether I mittee. moral" than Johnson, but said Tampa following. an extended McCullough, 68, who died

c Stubbs, 24 lots. Total cost $9,- commission: and all committee dollars in 1963 taxes as uncol- Keating will support Goldwater.The : "This is a can-do record in that other Republican voices illness. in Alachua General Hospital yes-

f. 151.70. City's share $4,800. sessions shall be public. lectible. Democrats will name keeping with the mood of would be available to press this Mrs. DuBose- was born in terday following an extended

-Anglewood subdivision, SW The commission has held so- The city commission made the their candidate at a state con the administration," McCor- contention. I Nashville, Ga., March 15, 1873, illness.

3rd Place from 37th to 38th called executive sessions or secret action official last night at the vention on Sept. 1. mack said. Goldwater recently authorizeda I and lived for many years in the Mrs. McCullough, a schoolteacher

I Streets, 10 lots, developed by meetings at various timesin request of Clarence O'Neill, city trust officer of the Valley National Starke area. She was the widow at Kirby Smith Elementary -

f G. M. Davis. :Total cost $3- the past. finance officer. Bank of Phoenix, Ariz.,, of the late Walter A. School, came to

'I 155.50. City's share $1,500. O'Neill asked the commissionto Hoffa to Appeal which handles his financial affairs -, DuBose, who died in 1947. Gainesville in 1945. She livedat

t The city's policy is to under- FundsReInvested charge off $5,974.50 in real to release a list of his Mrs. DuBose was a charter 1206 NW 36th St. She was

write part of the cost to build City taxes and $1,171.70 in personal and his wife's financial hold- member of the Spencer Mem- born Sept. 22, 1895 in Oak Hill.

sanitary sewers in newly developed property taxes as errors and in- 5-Year SentenceCHICAGO ings. The list indicated a joint orial Baptist Church in Tampa.At Mrs. McCullough was a mem-

areas. solvencies.As worth of from $1.7 to $1.8 mil- the time of her death, she ber of the First Baptist Churchof

After construction, the sewers The City Commission decided additional $5,702.50 unpaid had four of Gainesville. She was the wid-
living generations
become city's property and are last night to re-invest $557,000, personal property taxes (AP) The chief The codefendants and their estimates of the descendants. ow of the late William C. Mc-
counsel of
James R. Hoffa
incorporated into its sewer sys mostly in U.S. bonds. will be turned over to Osee' sayssentences are: wealth of Mr. Johnson and his Funeral services will be at 10 Cullough, who died in 1943. .

tem.Maximum Some $400,000 in the water revenue Fagan, city attorney, to be collected .. he will appeal the five-year Benjamin Dranow, a former family have varied from $9 a.m. Thursday at the Spencer i Services will be held at the
cost to the city is prison term given the Team-Minneapolis businessman, five First Church.
certificate fund ready for on Sept. 30. million to $14 million, but have Memorial Baptist Burial
Church in
: half the construction cost, but re-investment will be put in O'Neill reported the city collected -sters Union president on a mailyears. He will begin the sen- not been confirmed by the will be in the Edgewater Ceme-

: no more than $200 for each lot U.S. Treasury bonds maturingDec. $1,139,684 in real and per-, fraud and conspiracy convic-tence after he completes a pris- White House. I Tampa.be at 4 Graveside at the services will tery at Edgewater.
to be Payments are the' tion. on term he is now serving for p.m. Crosby Lake Survivors include -
developed. 10. The city needs the sonal property taxes during Burch and other Republican. : one daughter
to be made in annual install- money Jan. 1. Another $7,000, current year. The final adjusted Maurice Walsh, Hoffa's chieffraud and tax evasion. sources indicated that Gold- Cemetery in Starke. Mrs. Clyde Driggers of

ments from revenues derived in the Evergreen Cemetery tax roll as $1,201,154.80. attorney, said he would appeal Calvin Kovens, Miami Beach water's television campaign Survivors include: three sons, Tifton, Ga.; one son, Ralph C.
the sentence and ask for J. I. DuBose, Malcolm DuBose
a new
from sewer operation.The Trust Fund, will be put in 10- contractor, three years and a plans> would include from "at McCullough of Lakeland; one
city inspects work during year treasury bonds. OKs Police Fire trial within the 10-day period es-$ ,ooo fine. least a half dozen" to more and Paul DuBose, all of Tampa; brother, Doyle Gause of Calif.;

construction and audits cost fig Some $150,000 in the pension tablished Monday by Judge Abe I. Weinblatt, a retired than ten full-scale, 30-minute three daughters, Mrs. Pauline I four sisters, Mrs. Jeanette Millsof

ures before the share is paid.In fund is being placed on time BidsThe Richard B. Austin of U.S. Dis-New York furrier now living in studio speeches Howell of Tampa, Mrs. Nettie Oviedo, Mrs. Lucille McGowan -
another matter related to deposit for 6 months at 3V4 percent trict Court. Miami Beach, one hour in custo- There are plans for consider Rassmussen of Eureka, Calif.; of Oviedo, Mrs. Agnes Coleeof

sewers, Norwood Hope, developer interest.All Gainesville City Commission Judge Austin sentenced Hoffady and a $5,000 fine. :ably more 15-minute, five-min and Mrs. Mildred Litchfield of New Smyrna Beach, and I

and former Gainesville may. the money has been invested last night approved 51, to four concurrent five-year Zachary Strate Jr., New Or- 'ute and less-than-five-minute Perry. Mrs. Lois Lawrence of San
previously. terms and fined him $10,000. Heleans builder and now living in DeWitt C. Jones Funeral Diego, Calif.Williams .
or, asked the commisson to extend three low bids for purchaseof film and video-tape showings.
sewer service at no cost police and fire department said the term would be servedSan Juan P.R., three years and Burch discussed the campaignroles Home of Starke is in charge Thomas Funeral

to himself to the 5400 block of City to Help equipment. after Hoffa finishes an eight-a $5,000 fine. planned for Richard M. locally. j Home is in charge._ _
sentence in
NW 34th St. Fechheimer Brothers was low year prison imposed S. George Burris, New York Nixon and former President ---
Club ContestCity I
Hope said he represents interests bidder at $2,485.60 for police Chattanooga Tenn., for jury accountant, 18 months and a $5- Dwight D. Eisenhower. He said _
Hoffa has
which want to develop the Commission winter uniforms and $1,567.50for tampering. appealed 000 fine. Nixon will be used to concen- \\i/
I area, and needs to know thecity's to in firemen's winter uniforms. the conviction. Bonds were set at $10,000 for trate "on places where the two
night spend contingencyfunds Judge Austin sentenced HoffaHoffa
Two bids entered on each $2,500 for Weinblatt and
intentions. candidates couldn't hit or
$150 to help the Gaines-
and six codefendants Monday on$5ooo
for the others. =
item. '
couldn't hit
ville Club Council sponsor the convictions of mail fraud and- 1 hard enough. XH
Frees Two Donald Lavigne Co. was low -
Miss 20th Century Beauty and 26
conspiracy July stemmingfrom I
of three bidders at $480 for fire-
CORE Workers Talent Contest at Lincoln High a scheme to fraudulently
men's work uniforms.
School auditorium Aug. 29. obtain more than $25 million HIni :

In Quiiicy The funds were asked by L. The commission approved from the Teamsters pension I. THE
V. Davis. payment of several bills! : fund.

TALLAHASSEE (AP) Two Normal commission policy is Tassinari Construction Co. Prosecutors said appeal procedures
Negro civil rights workers have to not underwrite shows and asked payment of $31,320 for could forestall imprisonment
their contract for the foundationand
been freed from jail at Quincy, promotions. An exception was for Hoffa for as long as
made in this for building of the power plant. NEW1MVV4D
convictions case one
I on grounds their on year of two years.
Total contract $613,546,
trespassing charges were ille only, to help the program get Hoffa's sentence was the
which $388,601.55 has been paidin
I established in Gainesville. maximum permitted five
eight installments so far.
years for each of three counts of
Federal Judge Harrold Cars. Don't Have Guy E. Cleveland Construction fraud and five years and the !

well said Q ui ncy Justice of They Co. is to be paid $8,621.28for fine for conspiracy. i EARLY BIRDS

Peace A. B. Blackburn probably -, An Answer work to date on Fire Sta- .
tion No. 4 at and.:
confused about a law I University
was SW 36th St.Payment. Gainesville Sun BANK GET MORE PROFITS
that has been in effect, "about :There must be an answer I Ii

J 80 years" when he convicted the somewhere, but the city doesn't of $8,950 was ap-i Published evenings except -__.
two men. have it yet proved Booz Allen and Ham Saturday, and Sunday mom- Don't be late and lose money.

, This is to ilton, management consultantswho ings by the Gainesville Pub- Get savings In before the 20th.
a problem raised -
Carswell said Blackburn illegally by are studying city adminis- lishing Company at 101 SE your
/ ; tried the men and illegally Kenneth Voyle, 1018 NW 8th St., tration. 2nd Place Gainesville, Florida I
". who complained that he could I and entered as second class J Savings in by the 20th *.
sentenced them to 60 daysin Purchase was approved for matter at the Post Office a
of $50 fines not appeal assessment, several items. Clarence O'Neill, Gainesville Florida.CIRCULATION .
jail or payment
because the city's from the 1st
. The Ne- equalization finance officer, will buy a Fri- I earn
j each, for trespassing. hearing was held before he received RATES BY COMING
den Automatic Calculator at
groes went on a Gadsden County his assessment notice. CARRIER OR MAILI I
' farm to instruct Negroes how $800. Week .45 II

I. to register to vote. Commissioner asked last A.night D. whetherthe Sutherland -public John utilities R. Kelly, will, director pure base of All mail 3 Mo subscriptions. 55.85 must I p::(First federal

1\ Arrested and jailed last Sat- problem had been solved. a lineman's rubber glove and be paid in advance. SOON! ---
Stuart He suggested taxpayers should Member of Audit Bureau of savings & loan association
urday for trespass were blanket testing machine for ., ___
Circulation.An Ga.IudWe
.3 ...
Ic Wechsler and Walter Scott Me- have their assessment noticesat $6,579, a semi-actuated traffic L ..sb.I. -16--- _ _
part of a Con- least 30, days before the material contained tiffin Is .MB MM I" M r.AU KM4 MM MM WM _
Voy. They were signal for SE 4th Ave. and Wil-
board sits. the property of the Gainesville ]4t W.UMVBUY AVt AI JIG S N.W.IJTH CT.AM)61H AVI.e M 67U1 _ _
gress of Racial Equality team equalization liston Cutoff for $2,200 and three Publishing I Company. (e) MM.
working In the county tQ regis Clarence O'Neill city finance i large water meters at a total Is Reproduction strictly forbidden In whole without or In part ttte MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE- CORPORATION !Th

ter qualified Negro voters. officer, said a report on the I cost of $1,399.31. i written permlulOlthe pu lfahv. l J -- - : -



\ _

I -. .. -..---- 'It' .' .... .. ._ _. .. ......... . .... .. a
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.(',i"p .;'.1 t : \ "'tIti" -. "
.IBAN! :, ";: i:'. ,.

," ".
; .., ._ ..
t. -
"\'.''''- _, ,., ESTABLISHED 1888 ,_ .-.. "' .r ,_
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J. '. '._' --- ._ .... .- aiMsirRs
.--:-- -: '.: -7;" ", '. ;.; ; : --- -. -. ___ "Y- __ : r'\l .emass


:f 4 Gainesville Sun Tuesday, August 18, 1964 :'. ;


I Q Jiaitttsuilk Suu *>?.-z.- :


Publisher PAT COWLES Vk Prsi-

Florida Beautiful dent, Ed JOHNSON Viet ,President ....r The meeting at Hershey, Pa., although originally conceivedby
and Executive Editor; W. G. (Bill) .
I Senator Goldwater, was transformed by some of his critics
and Advertising
'University City' R :-i Director BOB TARTAGUONE.vice I Pulitzer By RALPH PrIZe Winning McGILL PvbUshcrOf I into what they called during the Inquisition an "auto-da-fe,"

President and Circulatloa Malt.S1. th. Atlaata (Ga.) ConsUtvtiM 1 Ywy. which was the folderol that surrounded sentencing, recan-

tation, and execution of a heretic. Senator Goldwater be-
China'sIsle haved most goodnaturedly, and spoke those great mollifiers

J .,.. 1. Report the news fully snd Impartially In the news columns. designed to appease Republican liberals and Democratic con-

2. Express the opinions of the Sun in-but only In--editorials. servatives. And the press duly reported his comments. He

3. Publish all sides of important controversial issues. OfHainan has always been in favor of the UN he said. He does

not seek the support of such extremist groups as the Ku
The Sun's All Departments-372-8441
i telephones Klux Klan, or of character assassins, and he has always
Want Ads-376-4672 been in favor of social security, and indeed desiresto

strengthen the program. .

China has put up Russian Whereupon the judges took off their black cowls, and said

NATO and the Viet Nam War MIG fighters from the islandof that they would work for Goldwater for President. Nelson

Hainan in the dangerous E t. Rockefeller said this in rather an ambiguous way. He said
'I what that he would carry out the pledge he had been forced t8
Asking Ambassador Henry Cabot exactly we are doing in the probings following necessary
retaliation by the United make in California, namely, to support the winning candidate
and Viet Nam war and why.
Allied capitals ex-
Lodge to tour
States to counter Viet Nam in the Republican Party. But he would confine his endorse-

plain the United States policies and aggressions in international ment of Goldwater to the State of New York. General Eisen-

Nam smart The bigger reason, of course, is hower has announced himself
actions in Viet was a waters against the American as perfectly satisfied now.
by President Johnsonand simply the fact that the United f?, Sat And Governor Scranton also said something harmonious.
.'. political move ; destroyer. f *
should tend to further deflate States is carrying the load of defense Hainan is the most > 1 t & < !? .-W.i.WMuOC,. s.-.t.-+ N The three points that proved to be emotionally pivotal were,
southerly respectively, 1)) the United Nations. The Senator said that he
the Viet Nam issue in the presidential against Communist aggressionin Chinese territory. In size and THE MONSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE POOL backed ardently and enthusiastically the purposes of the

.. campaign. Southeast Asia for the whole shape it is not unlike Formosa. United Nations. And indeed, who does not? Save, possibly

ifH Western Community. Britain is in- Its major value, like thatof some of the most' influential

The acceptance by Ambassador volved in the guerrilla fighting in Cyprus, is strategic. THE 'PLUS' FACTORS figures within the United Nations I
Missiles would
on Cyprus
'" Lodge of this assignment will not Borneo between forces of Indonesian enormously complicate the ?

t please the Republican Party leaders President Sukarno and the new Ma-
situation in the Mediterraneanand
; / and Presidential Nominee Barry laysian federation. But the Commu- in Viet Nam. President United Nations were to

Goldwater, because it helps the nist connection in this fight is .un Makarios (also bishop) is Confidence of LBJ3y preserve peace with freedom.

J. Democrats in the campaign. certain. The big push of the Asian Communist oriented and not The UN by its distorted em-

Reds is in Indochina right now, and too privately committed to CHARLES W. BAILEY is known to regard the record parallel. Gallup a week ago phasis on the first and absent -

1 m.l != However, it is a good thing for the the U. S. is putting up practically all eliminating all Turkish popu- Cowles Washington Bureau and particularly the accomplishments reported that while 11 per cent mindedness toward the
lation from the island. His
second has in fact
country, too, which is what makes it the weapons, the training and the machinations have WASHINGTON President of the nine of Democrats surveyed say served as

such good partisan politics.The economic aid to support the anti- political frustrated move towarda "ohnson, less than a week months of his own presidency they favor Goldwater, 26 per very good cover for the flagi-
every away from the formal start of as unparalleled since cent of the Republicans say tious assaults on freedom by
I Communist governments there. peaceful solution. The Greek his campaign for election in the first term of the New they favor Mr. Johnson. Roper the Communists; and this hypocrisy -

United States needs supportand government, which does not his own right, is brimming Deal. last week found 13 per cent has largely immobilized -
admire him, nonetheless can- with confidence in the out- Mr. Johnson's i the United Nations as a
understanding in Europe and With General De Gaulle urging a optimist c of Democrats for Goldwater -
not be put in the position of come of the November 3 vote. outlook it be moral force. Senator Goldwa
especially among its NATO allies for vague kind of "neutralism," which can reported, but 27 per cent of
opposing him because of the The Chief Executive, it is does not lead him to dismissthe GOP voters for Mr. Johnson. ter's position on the UN as
in Viet Nam. No is would amount to turning the
its one penin-
policies political repercussions that known on the highest authority problems he believes the Harris reported only 13 per expressed at Hershey is no
better qualified to enlist this support sula over to the Communists, the would follow on the mainlandf believes he is in the best Democratic ticket must face, cent of Democrats defecting different from his consolidated -

1. than the former ambassador to South need for understanding in Europe of Greece. starting position of any presi- and he is aware that there while 33 per cent of Republicans position toward it over the

Viet Nam, a leading Republican, a the U. S. role is clear. The Europeansmust dential candidate since Frank- are states he is not likely to planned to vote against years, always excepting those

( former ambassador to the United Nations see that this defense of free- HAINAN is on the main sea lin D. Roosevelt in 1936. carry. their party's candidate. occasional yelps of frustrationto

r under President Eisenhower. dom in Southeast Asia has a bearingon oute between Hong Kong He is known to base'his optimistic BUT HE APPEARS to re- These are not the only pollsto which all mortal men are
", and Singapore. The Japanese outlook primarily on gard these problems as man- which the President pointsin given.
Lodge said, by the way, that he had the defense of freedom every four major factors which he his
( invested the island in Febru- ageable or as being small discussing prospectswith When the Senator said ex-
t President Eisenhower's approval for where.If ary of 1939. This was their finds in the campaign situa- enough so that they will not visitors. He has, in fact, asperatedly shortly after the

taking on this new job for a Demo- first move in a plan of en- tion as of now: affect the outcome of the elec- a whole armload of surveys UN began its incredible opera

cratic president.By the war in Southeast Asi: circling Hong which was their -A "FRONTLASH" of Re- toral vote. many taken for the Democrats tion in Katanga, that the body

: first of the publicans who expect to vote others compiled by of
should be the Chinese major objective Of particular interest to the was perhaps "no furtheruse
expanded by
war once they entered. Hainan for him which is almost dou- President currently is what he newspapers or independentfirms to us," he was speakingin
his willingness to serve undei Communists and their puppets, the provided Japan a base for ble the size of the much-dis! and associates call the Repub- showing him with a the American hyperbolic id

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson in United States would want the ma- opposing any naval aid that cussed Democratic "back- lican "frontlash" the high wide margin in states ranging iom. Andrew Jackson once

I [: foreign affairs assignments, Lodge terial and moral backing of its Eu- might have been sent from lash" over the civil rights is- percentage of GOP voters who from Maine, tradition said grumpily, on preparing

I : demonstrates the principle of bipartisanship ropean allies even more. The U.S. Singapore to assist a defenseof sue. are indicating, in a number of GOP belwether, to Hawaii, the to leave the White House, that

'" in foreign policy whichhe cannot and should not undertake to Hong Kong. That city -Startling evidence that current public opinion surveys newest state.ANOTHER. he had only two regrets, that

however, fell without any at- the nation's businessmen in- that they expect to FACTOR that he had not shot Calhoun, and
has so strongly advocated. His fight a war in Asia alone. The NATO cluding the highest-paid eche- to please the Presi-
tempt at relief from Singa- cross party lines and vote for appears hung Clay. The people smiled
i service is in the tradition of party countries and the U. S. must concert pore which was itself incap- lons of American industry, Mr. Johnson. dent particularly is the degreeof then, instead of rushing off to

co-operation in time of national crisis their diplomacy in the United Na- acitated. now plan to vote for him in a Three major national sur- support he believes he has Hershey to determine whether

\ in foreign affairs. tions and their military policy out- Nowhere did the Chinese proportion t ha t is without veys by Elmo Roper, among business leaders. He Andy Jackson was an ex
1 precedent for a Democratic finds special evidence of this
George Gallup and Louis Harris -
side the Atlantic area. revolution have a more bloody tremist.
president in modern politics.A all currently indicate in one analysis by Roper
I The Johnson administration order- chapter than on Hainan. The personal convictionthat that there are at least twiceas showing preference of voters 2)) IN RESPECT of extremists

t ed retaliation in North Viet Nam for This is the real significance of the Communist program of taking Republican nominee Bar- many Republicans who by income group. Here are Senator Goldwater has
land from the rich landlordsand said he
not seek the
ft the attacks on U.S. destroyers with- Lodge mission, which should not be ry Goldwater cannot get plan to vote for Johnson as the figures Mr. Johnson can
This lost of because giving it to the peasantsmet through the two month cam- there are Democrats who say cite from that breakdown, backing of character assas-
out consulting its allies. hasty sight of the partisan
with considerable favoron sins. When has he?
Everyone -
paign from Labor Day to elec- they'll back Goldwater. which covers a sample of over
move may be the reason why the implications in the presidential campaign the island.If tion day without committinggrave Current reports of these 2,000 voters an unusually had in mind, of course,

President now is trying to explain the Red Chinese do, in errors, particularly in three polls are remarkably large number: the name of Robert Welch.

fact, decide to enter troops the feld of foreign policy. It Surely if he had sought his

and sea and air forces in the was apparently out of this con- INCOME LEVEL FOR JOHNSON FOR GOLDWATER backing Senator Goldwater

t Viet Nam war, Hainan will be viction that Mr. Johnson act- would not have publicly pro
the major base for these op- ed Saturday in issuing a slam- Over $100,000 Per Year 42 Per Cent 45 Per Cent nounced Mr. Welch as unfit,
of the \ erations. The Bay of Tonkin $20,000 to $100,000 48 34
Voice People bang attack on Goldwater's back in 1962, on account of
does not lend itself well to sub- statements on nuclear weapons $5,000 to $20,000 62 19 his penchant for character as-

marines, being relatively shal- policies. Under $5,000 69 21 sassination, to head the John
I low, but the water is deep The that the
J expectation (The figures do not add up Birch Society? Whose general!
0n The Sun's enough for operation of the
Opinion Pages record of the Democratic-
= old to 100 per cent in any cate- membership, on the contrary,
style subs (about 30 ofthem
controlled 88th will
because undecided respondents the Senator has, in my judge .,
Opinions and comments of Sun readers art welcome in the Voice of the People column. Letters ) which the Chinese some be a powerful plus factor with gory ment
quite refusedto
must be signed and bear the writer's address. Names will be withheld if requested. A letter shouldnot years ago had as a gift from the electorate. The President and those who dec- correctly
exceed 500 words and must be written on only one side of the paper. Poetry cannot be used. The the Soviets. lined to state a preference are anathematize.And .
Sun reserves the right to reject any letter or to shorten it, without changing the writer's meaning or not listed here.) 3)), social security. The
intent. THE CYPRUS issue enor-
Mr. Johnson is known to regard Senator has said he will support
unless their children pay an doubt him. Mr. Eisenhower is mously complicates the U. S. MemoFAMILY
ThoughtsOn Washington the and seekto
insurance for them, do they going to campaign for him Viet Nam position. We are as specially significantthe program
"strengthen" it. I do not
figures on those whose in-
Politics have to go without medicalcare committed to aid the Turks. know
what he meant by
comes are over $20,000 a year
? leads us into "who The Chinese well wait
may PLAN: If you asked him, President Johnson the people who are L; thenation's "strengthen," which is, with
backs who.
EDITOR, Sun: Some people That brings us to the Kerr- By strange coincidence to see what happens. If we
would tell that he couldn't possibly have started cam- top professional and alarming frequency, used as a
I think he I happened to have you
criticize Mr. Reston. Mills Bill, this from Mr. Ei- become involved there then substitute "
word for
paigning yet because he hasn't yet been nominated. And yet managerial posts. He believesit "enlarge.
had a right to tell what they senhower. This is in case the met some of the people who they would, from their view- If
last weekend Mrs. Johnson was making speeches in the is unprecedented for any means put
backed him (Eisenhower) for
at the convention.Also President takes
had next
seen away point, see an opportunity to
his first and second term. Are Rockies, and daughters Luci and Lynda were making well- Democrat to be running al- social security on a pay-as-it-
the person who signed"Scared" your Social Security and the bring us into two expensive -
very publicized appearances at gatherings of Young Democrats.And most neck-and-neck with a Re- goes basis then conservativescould
was right also. proposed medicare", you will Goldwater thesepeople also?backing The Episcopal Mr. distant operations.This each evening about 7 o'clock White House attendants publican opponent, for example hardly criticize such an

There is a mystery some- be a "state ward. The trou- Church has an old would compel us to use walked the President's dogs the beagles Him and Her anda among the $100,000 plus anti-inflationary proposal. If

where that should be clearedup ble with being a state wardis club for their people and also age nuclear weapons, which would white collie named Blanco along the south fence of the segment of the population.The he means to enlarge the pro-

in the mind before elec- that the state never seemsto take out an insurance policyfor likely be the smaller, tacticalones White House grounds so the tourists could reach through and President is aware of gram to include old cats and

tion.What have enough money to them to their medi- although the larger ones pat them. the problems he faces in the crippled dogs, then of course

I gathered from what match the federal fund, so cal expenses.pay Those people might become necessary if the traditionally Democr a tic he has indeed said something

Mr. Reston said, was he did- then we go without every- who Chinese should commit heavy South. He is known to believe unexpected.The .
all don't need to
n't understand how such a thing. We are being led by are set numbers of troops and planesto WHERE IT HURTS: The Republican National Committee has that as of now his prospectsin is of
about the rest of point course
worry us. very
collected so something or someone the adopted Sen. Goldwater's hate-the-press campaign with enthusiasm -
body of people Those who hereto the war. Alabama, Mississippi, and simply this: the American
people came
soon to vote for a new Pres- same as cattle-to the slaugh- The American policy in China and ingenuity. Last week several reporters herereceived' Louisiana are dark because of people believe stronglyin
the very
and send
get jobs mon-
ident before the last one was ter-people who are still ableto has been a very simpleone. a routine national committee press release by mail civil rights, and that the the social security system
ey back home (old country) ,
cold. These two people mentioned think are scared. without buying what we sell It has been and is that postage due. By paying the required 5 cents they auto- steady ,increase in the Repub- and any President who proposed

the kind of people they Mr. Eisenhower was in as and their in of containing communism. No matically became contributors to the party campaign fund lican vote of Florida and Virginia its abolition would prob-
carry passports like it not.ADJECTIVES.
'\*'ere-"from the hills,"slums, President for two terms. Why their pockets. They don't needto greater disservice has been or makes those states poor ably be impeached before

the hate societies, etc. -people do the people say if a Re- care if this country falls. done the nation than that by prospects too. But he believes midnight In previous refer-

who just don't all quite about.understand publican doesn't get in this It's been going on for years. the charge of Goldwater parti- INC.: Johnson likes to show off his Cabinet he can win Georgia, North and ences to the social security
what it's
will havea My advice is to "let this sans and exremist groups that members now that he's forbidden them to run for any- South Carolina Tennessee, system the Senator had soughtto
I will tellyou they never
i As for myself, year have "no win" think Kentucky, Texas and Arkan- examine more desirable
and he tries to
to add to chance again? Mr. Kenne- thing cool off a bit before you we a policy. thing up something different to
a few things only in for part of rush into something that is THE OLD IMAGE of the op- say about each. Introducing a' group of them the other day, sas.Outside alternatives. But that provedto
she First I am dy was
others. because one term, right after Mr. Ei- not fully understood." This posing army sending in repre- he called Rusk "good and wise" Dillon "able," Freeman the South, the Pres- be the equivalent of speculating -
lend lease
:against the senhower. I don't want to say makes me think about a wom- sentatives formally to sur- "able, energetic and enthusiastic," Udall "one of the mostvigorous ident's top electoral analystsnow about more desirable
':'we have given to them now and able Wirtz able." Of believe he can carry all alternatives to motherhood,
"very McNamara
What do we anything bad about anyone an who said she didn't get render and sign z document ,
"until it hurts. said "I've never known a man like this one he knows but four or five states. Such a and so Senator Goldwater,
veteran and hurt people who are not along with husband so does not fit Asia with its jun-
Someone a
get in return? result combined with a Dixie understandably has said in
does this involved. Still I feel there is they said why don't you get gles, guerrillas and vast net- his business, and yours too.
I said "When outcome in line with the President's effect at Hershey that he will
all right something I should say. First, rid of him? She said, "I'd work of rivers, marshes and .
t thing stop? It was current expectations, not again express any doubts
needed fora we know very little about Mr.Eisenhower's rather take a chance with the mountains. A new sort of war .LONESOME LYNDON: President Johnson has
Ilo give what they apparently would give him a sweeping that the sun moves around the
background. We one I have than the one I'llget" must now be fought. It in-
: time but we are now being decided to dispense with something that all his recent pre- victory in November. earth.
used for a good thing; it just were told he was a Yankee; volves neither trenches,. caw decessors have agreed to the custom of having a small -

"goes on and on. I always had my doubts be- Somewhere someone said, alry charges, nor vast field "pool" of newsmen travel with him in his own plane when

1; At home everything is for cause I am one myself, and "only fools rush in." My let- operations with tanks, artillery he goes off on a trip. Since Johnson took to using the small Instant Aging I

:children if it wasn't for so he is not the same as I am. ter is very much like Mr. and infantry charges. Jetstar transport plane instead of the big Air Force One

"many children there wouldn'tbe If Mr. Goldwater says Mr. Reston's because you have to The policy of the-Eiserhow- Boeing jet, there have been no pool reporters, and repeat- (c) New YM* TimesPHILADELPHIA Fifty- the equatorial sun. _

so many old folks. Since Eisenhower is like him, I read between the lines.SENIOR er, Kennedy and Johnson administration edly there has not even been a member of the White House five ship models, coveringthe They weren't.They .

there are old folks, how come don't know why anyone should: CITIZEN is to contain com- Press Office staff. Result: ,periods of two or three hours history of sailing craft were soaked in instant

munism and avoid a nuclear when there are no newsmen to report on any sudden hap- from the Nile, River boat of coffee.

t POTOMAC FEVER war. Those who demand a penings, and no official. spokesman to serve reporterseven 2900 B. C. to the six-masted "We aren't giving away
I "victory" in the old sense of if'they got there;: schooner of the early 20th any trade secrets," said

H r- By Jack Wilson, Cowles Washington Bureau surrender and signing articles Century, have been placed on Henry Spector, a member'of
while the movie and TV cam- exhibit at the Commercial the museum's staff. "Nor
Yankees. Front office memo to manager Yogi Berra: "Forget
w the
CBS buys Let's eras grind offer a dishonest Museum here. mally, tea is used to give
standings. get that trendex U.
silly league up.
: about those cloth an old
-. argument and deliberately, Each of the models has an appearance But

:: knows CBS may schedule !all home games during the evening news hour one may assume, deceive in lCht authentic weatherbeaten ap Mrs. Maria Muchin, an artist
Who of sails lookas assigned to restore the mod
they've tried everything else against Huntley and Brinkley. hope political advantage.The pearance. Even the
-- -now that likelihood of nuclearwar though they had been els, found that instant coffee
You can now buy a live buffalo for $200. They aren't much for eating, but is closer.,The situation is Ja.k tJi t-- tl. t4. stained by the waters of the worked" even better < than

they're great if you've forgotten what a good old 5 cent nickel looked like. extremely grave. seven seas and baked under tea. ..


-- -- .
-- --_ .

... .... .... r- -- "

iI i I
ii I
i I

'.'ues ay, August 18. I$64 Goincsviif gun 5 I
f ,

I teen-age mail UJOIfl f n flllD PeopleDr. About @


r By DOROTHY RICKER 5 THE and Mrs. Corwin M. THURSDAY, August 20 Pound Jr., home of the lat- I

"DEAR MRS. RICKER: f fRuth fHmllY !Mokler are entertaining visi-. Miscellaneous shower honor- ter, 1647 NW 19th Circle.

tors from Silver Springs, Md. j
"We are a group of 12-13- ing Miss Dorian Post, bride- FRIDAY, August 21
year-old girls and need this week. Stopping with the Miss Mar- .
we your Coffee honoring
WeimerWomen'EjtorVestalPearce r elect of Don Jennings, 8 p.m.,
advice. We don't want to act too Moklers are Mr. and Mrs. tha Jane Edwards, bride-
J old for our age, but we don't John S. Costello and their Mrs. W. G. Johnson and Mrs. elect of Doug Davis of Valdosta :
Robinson hostesses at
want to act like babies either. children, Carolyn, Mary Alice Eugene Ga., noon, Mrs. Leo J.
the Robinson home, 1720 NW
sP and John Jr. Thomas and Mrs. S. A. Hus-
We know what happens to 12th Street.
Jr. hostesses at the formers's -
1, girls who try to act older than xG I The two families plan to sey
home, 530 NW 23rd.
; they really are, but would you make several trips in the area Luncheon honoring Miss
' Announcement is made today! Convent of the Sacred Heart Nancy Pepper, fiancee of John i Rehearsal dinner honoringthe
please tell us how old we should I and will go to Daytona Beach '
1 of the engagement and R. Carswell Hazelwood N.C. Post Jennings wedding
be before we may: (1) Shaveour approaching -in Chicago, was graduated from for a week. ,
s, y,sva/q A : ;Y marriage of M iss 12:30: p.m., Mrs. C. Addison party, North Central Baptist
legs? ((2)) Wear nylons? (3) Gainesville High School in 1961 .
Anne Kendrick Vestal, daughterof Pound and Mrs: C. Addison Church dining hall. .
Wear small heels? ((4) Wear and attended the University of 10:. :;
Mrs. Julian Vestal ---
and Le-
.I high heels ((5)) Wear face pow- A. Florida. She is now employedby I Mr. and Mrs. Justus L. Wil-
der and lipstick? ((6)) Attend boy- land Sidney Pearce, son of Mr. the university.Mr. I I
and Mrs. Leland Clifton Pearce liams are spending a week at MR. 412 %
,J girl parties? ((7)) Get an allow- Buckhead Ridge, Okeechobee,, Pearce was graduatedfrom I Laurel Park Inn, Henderson- 'I
ance? ((8)) Carry on short sim- i
vile, N. C.
Fla., by the bride elect's moth- Belle Glade High School
ple conservations with a boy
ELI and attended the University of .
i classmate without the other kids
er.September 12 has been set as Florida, where he was a mem- I
giving us the evil eye? ,. _________ ..the date of the wedding, which ber of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mrs. Joe Silverman will II II I

I YOUNG READERS .. ______ .1.will take place in Holy Trinity fraternity. He is now employedby leave Friday for Miami Beachto I
*R I want to
Episcopal Church. the Commercial Credit attend the International I Please, daddy,

> ys .. The bride-to-be attended the! Corporation of Gainesville. Convention of Delta Phi Epsi- do it myself! I want to
DEAR "YOUNG READERS:" lon sorority scheduled at the open a savings accountat
h'I Fountainbleau Hotel Sunday
Here are answers to your : G.M.B.L
through Friday.:
questions in the order you ask- CalendarTODAY Of EventsThomas I
ed them: < i iY Mrs. Silverman, adviser to

the Delta Kappa Chapter at I
fY .
1. Nnsightly hair on the ,: '9 August 18 Circle, 8 p.m., the University of Florida and
legs should be removed, regardless !f.z.'.s z Business and Profession Mrs. Charles Cook, 1314 NE Southern Province Directorfor
&. '. __ I GainesvilleMutual
" of age, as part of good n Women's Club, dinner meet- Sixth Terrace.WEDNESDAY. the sorority, will serveas

grooming. Mrs. Earl Crews ing 7 p jn., Primrose Inn, Mrs. August 19 credentials chairman for ..

2. Nylons should be allowed Jean MacClellan, hostess. I University Women's Club the convention. I #

{; for dress-up occasions about the Alachua County Republican.Women's and Newcomer's Group e I & Loan
time girls enter junior high CrewsWilliamsOTTER Club, noon lunch- Summer Bridge, 8 p.m., Mrs. Building
school. eon, Park Lane Cafeteria. Charles Fairbanks and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Paul L. Hanna Association217N.E. .

WSCS, Wesley Community Alex Bednarek, hostesses, and their daughter, Miss

3. Same answer as number 2. CREEK Mr. and for the bride was her sister, Methodist Church, Helen University W 0 me n's Club- Jeanne Hanna, recently spent 1st Street.

" 4. High heels for dress-up occasions -Mrs. Earl Crews, whose marriage Mrs. Nadine Bryan, who worea house, West Newberry Road. several days in Americus, Phone FR 6-6771
was an event of August pink dotted Swiss dress. Gainesville Bridge Club Ga., where they visited Mrs.
at about 15. 9 in the Otter Creek Baptist ToastmastersClub 1 7:30 p.m, Holiday Inn. Hanna's mother, Mrs. Ben ---- ---

4 5. Light lipstick and just a Church, will make their homein I Bridesmaids were Miss Char- Bon Voyage luncheon for Hill Garrett of Magnolia
lotte Williams Miss Janet
dab of face powder (for that I Clarksville, Tenn. MeetsTomorrow Miss Ann Dell, noon, Miss Jo Manor.
Bryan, and Miss Cindy Bryan,
shiny nose) for junior high Nez Love and Miss Jeanne
The bride is the former Miss nieces of the bride. They also
school girls. Grand, at the latter's home,
Linda Williams, daughter of Mr. wore pink dotted Swiss dresses. Company FareDress
1908 NW Tenth Avenue.

6. Mixed-parties, which are !and Otter Mrs.Creek.Howard Mr. Crews Williams is the of I John W. Crews Jr., served as Second meeting of Gainesville's THURSDAY, August 20 cooked celery with
well planned and properly (I repeat best for his brother Ush- Gainesville
man Club Library Advisory
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.I new Toastmasters heavy cream and add a dust- FROM
PROPERLY) chaperoned, Crews Sr. of Otter Creek. ers were Howard Williams Jr., will be at 7:30 p.m.. Wednes- Board, 8 p.m. Gainesville ing of paprika and a sprinkl- MEMO
are all right for all age groups, brother of the bride, and James Public
day, in the Hospital conferenceroom Library. ing of slivered toasted al-
although all girl parties often The double ring ceremony Bryan, her brother-in-law. Lash at the University of Flor- FRIDAY, August 21 monds if you want a vegetable ? \ TR /LWAYS.

work out best for real young was performed by the Rev. Crews, brother of the bride- ida Health Center, Archer Road. Gainesville Bridge Club, 9 that is definitely com- I ;
teens or preteens. Charles Swaggerty. Mrs. Marguerite served as candle lighter.
The group met to organize in a.m., Holiday Inn. pany fare.

7. The amount of an allow- Renfroe, organist, and Little Kathy Bryan, niece of July, under the instigation of:i THRU Trips ToMiwYORK
Mrs. soloist i Daily
Madge Casey, gave
ance depends on the financial the bride, was flower girl and Douglas Eitel, evening admin- -
circumstances of the parents. the wedding music.Arrangements of. pink glad- ring bearer was her nephew, istrator at the Hospital.Like |Easy Way to Kill i Roaches and Anti -

Carl Williams. first Toast- \
Gainesville's \ CLEVELAND
ioli and white chrysanthemumsand
However, a regular allowance :
masters Club, the new club will
J tapers in floor candelabrawere The mother of the bride worea
1 should be planned whenever pos- used in decoration of the blue dacron frock with white be affiliated with Toastmasters ; LEASH E1/ILLE

sible. church. accessories, and the bride- International. Members will

8. Girls should be able to carry I The bride, given in marriageby groom's mother wore a yellow practice making formal and in- .!i ;:
dacron dress also with white formal speeches before fellow 1
on "short, simple conversations" her father, word a gown of 1i i
with boys from the time white slipper satin. Her fingertip accessories. members who then evaluate \'1

both can talk. As for your class- veil fell from a crown of When the bridal couple left on their performances. .1.j "
mates, giving you the "evil seed pearls. She carried a white their honeymoon, the bride worea Potential members who would ; ':.\ ROUTES
eye," just be sure your behavior -Bible topped with a white or red striped seersucker suit like further information should \. :!.e\ HOICE OF TO
4 is all that it should be. chid. with white accessories and a call Mr. Eitel at the Univer- 41A is 'l\\\\\::i\ C5 TRIPS THRU DAILY

Serving as matron of honor white orchid corsage. sity Hospital. pl. :') '>::; ....,

\ DEAR MRS. RICKER: Home Parade II' 1 \ \ MYERSi

"Six of us (three couples) got -CfrcciiclliQRJc.: Prizes FT I,i

into a big argument the other 1L,.,,!\ ,

night over some advice you I Presented Brush on Once. Lasts for Month :.' 7r q '

) gave our girl friends in your I JOHNSTON'S NO-ROACH : Simply brush Johnston's ,i .r ., ;a- :t f
column. The girls wrote Final event of the week-long No-Roach in cabinets to control cockroaches, on sills to
with oth- 1964 Parade of Homes, cosponsored stop ants. Colorless, odorless coating stays effective for
about flirting
us boys FVN by the Gainesville JuniorWoman's months. No need to move dishes. Harmless to pets
er girls and bragging about it.
Club and the HomeBuilders Remember: No-Roach means no roaches.
They told you we didn't like it All Trailways thru routes are served by unifs
if they talked about other boysor Association, took place of Trailways modern, rest-room equipped bus .

flirted. You said, 'The boys Sunday night. WINN DIXIE fleets. You'll appreciate the careful, accurate
Prizes awarded included a AVAILABLE AT ALL STORES
are suffering from conceit and trip information provided by our trained information -
idea of their portable television set, donatedby of
an exaggerated clerks and the courtesy our
CECILY BROWNS. the club. The set was
own importance. If they are agents and bus operators. ,
smart they will change.. Well, AP Food Editorto sented to Barry Stearns.A GUESS WHAT?

the trouble is the girls didn't lounge chair, donated by f. rf'

rr give us a chance to change, Don't ask us why, but reci- : use. Makes about 1''h Cox Furniture Company, was A A
they got teed-off and broke up presented to Dr. John Crago.
j pes for blueberry jam are quarts.To
the of, WE
During presentation .k
with How about helping us
1 us. hard to come by. seal with paraffin: !
awards Mrs. Asa Cox, J u n ior
get our girls back since you Remove jam from heat. _
started this whole thing?" Yet this specialty is delightful Skim off foam with a metal Woman's Club chairman for the I r
to have on hand to use as Parade of Homes, expressed appreciation -
THREE BOYS a spread, as a filling for lay- spoon. Stir occasionally for 5 to members and FROM GAINESVILLE TO: One-way

, er cakes and tarts and as a minutes it rises, skimming to surface.off Fill foamas friends of the club who assistedin MOVED MIAMI . . 58.8G
topping for many simple pud- making the show a success. Thru service via Everglades route.
DEAR BOYS: dings. glasses quickly, leaving %- 3' DENVER . . . $47.00
inch space at top. Cover im- have moved of old locationinto f .
Oh now, I didn'tstart yes we our Only 1 change-new Silver Eagle
come on
this, you did, by makingthe We are not suggesting that mediately with a U inch .. .,:::. . .. a brand new home to serve you better. We ;; PHILADELPHIA . . $28.C5
I simply you go in for any large-scale thick layer of melted paraffin. @WFA.L. now carry a large choice of all the gardening Thru service over 4 hours faster.

told girls the girls unhappy. attitude preserving, but if you would Cool. Cover. supplies and equipment to help you have a better %u NEW YORK . . $31.05Thru
jour small To seal without paraffin: garden, lawn and Be to visit
unfair and they should enjoy making up a crop. sure us soon. service short route.

was call on it. They did, and batch of the jam, here's a Use jars with 2piece ." N-f. q TRAILWAYS BUS STATION
you trust.It metal lids. Remove jam from 372-6327
since were guilty, you recipe you can 527 W. Univ.

\\ were caught you off base and tag- will yield you a halfdozen with heat. a Quickly metal skim spoon.off Fill foam ...:.:; @3 n J., The Kilgore Seed Company

ged out. half pint jars. Treat glasses quickly while jam is Arrived at. Division of Asgrow Seed Company TRAILWAYSEasiest

My advice to all of you is to your family to some of these still hot and boiling, leaving Just

start over again. You boys preserves; use the rest as delightful }-inch space on.top. Seal, : NOW AT
nl earth
homemade gifts for on
should apologize to the girls one at a time, placing centerof : '
_try to be more considerate special friends. lid on jar, then screwingon : .::;:.t *<... .' 1315 N.W. 16th AYE 6-6489

and act more mature in the BLUEBERRY JAM band tightly and inverting
glass. When all jars have -
I. future. .
4 crushed blueberries - -
cups been sealed, turn right side
II' ((112 to 2 quarts fresh ber- up to cool. Shake gently aft-
ries) er 30 minutes to prevent i "- l

C; WE GOT !2 tablespoons lemon juice floating fruit. Joo> -

11 box powdered fruit pectin And if you remember the I -

1 '2 li cups sugar "Gold old days" when Grand- HEAT AND COOL

C SO BIG I1 i bottle ((1 pint) light corn mother seryed blueberry dessert I

syrup try this recipe.
I, I Scald enough glasses and
'CAUSE WE lids for 14 quarts jam; drain. OLDTIMEBLUEBERRY with a General Electric HEAT PUMP

. J CHARGE SO LITTLE I In a 6to 8-quart kettle, stir DESSERT i -- ,
together the blueberries, lemon quart EASY INSTALLATION NO DUCTS OR
from PIPES
rent a car juice and fruit pectin. 1 cup sugar

I ECONO-C Cook over high heat, stirring H cup water .. 'I LOW COST JUST ONE UNIT TO BUY 4
99 constantly, until mixture 8 thin slices buttered white II I I

tromJ --rt comes to a full boil- Immediately bread, crusts removed
-- stir in the sugar and Heavy cream, plain or whipped :
Cas. OIU lMur.nct .Ml Included
CI.ARGE corn syrup. Stirring constantly CLOSE OUT ON ALL
NO bring to a full boil and In a saucepan over 1 o wheat
TO JAX AIRPORT MOTEL boil hard for 1 minute. Con- gently stir together the
tinue as directed below for blueberries, sugar and water
) Phone FR 6-3644 the type of storage you wish until sugar dissolves; bring AIR CONDITIONERS

= to a boil; simmer for 10 min- : FROM jt W S .PmnA.

; utes. Put 2 slices of the fir