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., .,. .> .. : ., -
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dj; t briiian aith ; jrnir1ttaL l .4: .-: ,, \

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\: .
E x T R. A. i
...., _. J.. ,: -- .' -- -- ,
,-," ,'-- -'.' ,-' ,.J '_'_' '-' ,.' '-" -' '

XI...NO. 38. I"


-- ;I- --- -- -------- of the Fifth Auditor--- -and-- -- fifty five,-and--under- .appropriations- ; : --made l,:; in the oflice-of the quartermaster general.i: "/ j'-

: : ; and I For folding documents, py of For compensation i
CONGRESS. LeghlativuFor i the compensation '
THIRTY-FIFTH \ \ incojng in his from to thousand dollars. i\\CPfl thou>ai.d four hn..dre.. :zrd (<-r dH- |
clerks and laborer seven
mileage of senators, three hundred and thirty ', folders, wrapping paper, paste, the messenger, year year -
For of clerk in their. ( .I"!
tight thousand tight hundred and sixty one I thirty t thousand dollars. office, seventeen thousand l.ig1t hundred and compensation one f 8.To
BY thousand dolors. dollars.! han office, employed to em Lie the Secretary 'enable the ScerMvr of toenijJoytemporary .
dollars arid seventy two cents, and for mileage I For cartage two fort 't cfwka in the -licc! of the ter- .
the ( .
items thousand For compensation of the Auditor of the j 01! tli<- Interior to cany) out leguiations 'Iunl
For foitj
LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. I Il' tatives of and mctnlters delegates of Ihe from House the ot'lt.pref''I1-1 (dollar Oi.cc'OiS I Tie.asnry for the Post Office Departmentand i j prescribed to give itc to the seventh! section easter: r general on boon'y land service, Iwo ehnusar'l

ol tie! the clerks, assistant of the art of ,, eighteen hundred ; dullars.
Ixxix.-An \ two hundred tin.isand dollars. For ihe compensation: draughtsmanand I messenger messenger ', of the: !rok? tir.A! .
funiirs A-piopriati
HAP A with the\ Y.u<- Him: of th* olli fop fi'lti'.linp I Treaty fceinulatfon ('IIII't.'II..alion I hundred and Imjir. one thousand! four huiulird! ) dollar. :griper in t'.e' office .f i.w p.ma tt r genial.Helve !.
foity j
TotiftwaicU Italians fv.r the Yrar (tuliic annual clerks to and temponry clerks seventy two "
fl.I and others I'
ton messengers, receiving an eomliUt.'t'g .: in h'MisnnJ !u'theaded and i fortr 'of.' -
; of (two extra clerks ( :
June thirtirth.inhteen liucJn.l Gild a\tj, and i sa'arj! in the seivice of the Senate, viz : Sec- in the office of clerk of the House of Repiefrentative do'Iars.: { I'f' (omp'rsnlinr -
th,' *. I I IB the of tl< J the I,:,!i: employed! to carry out the rs "
f\lr (> r Parpoiw of the Senate, three! thousand) six hun- *. seventeen thousand and tight! hundroj For compensation of Treasury c ; .
and! )House of } retarv of !t1.! eli-zs! .
it onicted hv the t'ntl f with disbursennnts I doll.n. United Sta'cs, awl) tin cleiki. messenger, treaty \\tl tlc CLickasavvfr, ii: ths adjust : | ronp'wa11 tr.,3.'ng'
"Foiled States ol .\. drod dollars! ; ollicor chargul s. ..i 'i.thuitre \ d !alsr&-r: i:1 the oiiiec of the c/'lOln.ha.r"
Itcprt i3iitativs of (lie and hahn, in his office, moot of tluir ei.m! two t thousand!
i four hundred and) I For two mr.il bo ?, at nine hundred dollars o istUt ers (
flf the! Senate eighty ; : messenger
K-d! 'J h:1t the lol- thousand) and fO-I doll,.
me.nca in Congress *s>eml> handrcd dollars! chief 'It.rk.! two tiK.ns.ii.il. Live I each, and the messenger in charge of tho twenty seven thousand: two mil tli\! .
; .
of the! cieik
th : of For rnit.tnger
lowing sums IK-, ami! "y anhereinappro : dollars For of IIC mu.i"nCr: : compeimtion
end compensation
three! hundnd and thirty
thousand :
)hundred! dollars ; illti:1 )1'1 k and btinci- I south t-xtunsju i !, three one
priated, ont of any money ta tt'l1l.uLlc tr..i.urv '- ( pI { For the Register: of the i Petitions, and lh<- rleiks! messei'ger.assictar.tmessuiguv i ia the <.I1"I' of the snrjiwi; gfe ensra7,
executive: clerk iu the! oHire of the Secietary l ( Clbrs. I conptn.atiuw .
theur pal I Landrfl J and
thousRiiJ dilhtr.
not otherwUe i "rl'r"iriatt'I; lor | If06e j assistant( j and! lahorei* i.i his. office, ouehuznd.ed | two forty
of th- Senate. it two "thon Library
of fulfilling stipulations' v.ith the ianc- I ; and : thousand! hundred: and !Ir cen3pwrus.1t'sn ofel.e! c!h.nlai.!' mesiener.il .
i I his one iiuc
and laborers h t
Indians.Yancton : and sixty dollars earn ; eight clerks inc3kv I lihmril, three .isb'-tant librarian*, and I messenger : ot'efifty ( tm't laborer ii the! Omtuf
ton and Tonauauda and ,' forty dollar :
; of the! of the Senate, at ((tICthu'u5tnr nire: thousand dollars. thousand five hundred forl' oUts..For -
Dacowh Indians. For : Serietary ine-SMMigtT the (Viuni_. ijner of ten thousand fix hmidrtl and
Sionx, or ; | I of the ; of the'l'reastuuy For comp mtiG': of
of said JLrr, compensation
dollars For SII'ito
i hundied) and ; CuIIiizu'ltit (
the first often instalments to lie paid tn them : : ( igit fifty dollars.expenses I and cleks and messenger in ,his; Public Building! all: the chu I. MI his ehiice.three flIt v dollars.1'i.r ,
(11 1 ihe one thousand seven one thousand tIll
for their} hciiefiit, common) ing keeper stationery hundtcd! and two handled dollars.Contingent : : cvcnrrn-.nfisin of the cK'ik.i and mosa *.
or expended t' aa.i! fi'ly two Jollais! ; two meRsengers i For purchase of books for said I.hrary ', !, office, se\'tnt."en thousand ole tIUIJ ,
hUIJrl !
with the in which they shall roniov t>to I! of the er'ri the! otlloe! of tLchhf: engineer.eijLt .
year I Ieal.h dollars. IXJwu3c.-D"PII tlllt
: olais!
dollar I
l forty
at one 11:4.:11,1 and tiuiity ( : five t11'I.Qr.:1: .
tliousaml; hundred! And dolIMK.
their reservation two
eelllo and retido I I of forty :
ad upon at five hundre! dollars; sirgeant pu-cb.i of law books for said library For comj elation( of> the Cormi."iotHr [ I
one : Fo
t tI ; u.JgC. .
p for
and two ; binding
at dooikeejtr )
arms :11":1 .
i I iUc'l I'or of the cleiks and
ghteen hundred and fifty tight, .ixty dollars ; assistant j 'tlooikfOper, one ihou-and ,tl'ntlup'as's. two thousand dollars. ,laborer in his ollice.: twenty thousand four For books, stltiorarj furniture, fuellight?, compensation inessci
thousand dollars. and other ann! for books and ; ei iii tleofha.oJheeuhineloforJnanp.
j of I I and dollars. .
hundred "
the elr"3
For maintaining and subsisting saiJ Indians e\1 hundied dollars; postiii.i.-L-r to FJ compensation: of tie Superintendent forty; of the clerks, I maps for the: library, sevt-n thousand! ) two tvJke. t thousand two !hundr antI l forty dcl.l.u. l. r'
and For messenger -
Senate, one thousand cxveti huitdud: and fifty Public and the d'rk messenger I, compensation .
after their removol iutilg lcilars. .
thu fi.bt hundrcd .
during tear house Board nine
\ five and laborer of the Light ,
to And permanent settlement! upon their said i dollars ; as-ista'it thousand| osnjaster four hundied mil nmi r"ll car I II'it.r and in fifteen.oll"'.' :, 1'1 and $ twe cer.ts.Foj IluIIIl't.t. ', thousand two hundied and foity dollars. For expense of packing and) dijtributinLtlio ; 1: ('nti'goiil I-xjv' >ns* s of the War Dpaut.meet. .
:111 ,
reservation ; in ihe purchase of stock, agn- ] nile ) : riMtJ i of the TreasiiryDcpnrtnu coiigicss-ional! journals and documt>nt;, j :- .
dollars t two mail IMIVS, at Iiut lun.dred I l contingent N1wn his: office, viz ; Contingent Expenses '
cultural implements, or oilier articles of n <: ; 1 in of the provisions contained in ():.fice of the Secretary of \\ nr: 0
iiiendent of the document For blai.k boo.s! stationery, ad.vertiiig nt.-
in and tars each ; : postage lursllct of fur Haul, books stationery, hoots, m,ipJ.extn ; t -
beneficial charartt'r1111 breaking up i I Iluu.ud five dollars ( for prrjtisals for furhiture, In the office of the Secietary of t'.e ; the oluliaJJ Congress approved
:fencing laud, in the erection hou&rs, Moic-i mom 0/ hUllrt.J ;il\l : paper blank books Trtcur., ; i eighth! January, eighteen h'H.died cleik I.iu: and nicellaneons itin, fiveiosantl
5s514.lttt4; ill document! room, at one Uoa t travelling exjK'afes, cartage and labor in sto i. For copying, I h\rt\ I'
other neodlul buildings ; or in making and six thuasand elollars. : five linndrtHl: (!ol1ml.
houses or I fifty seven
tand hIllnJrtll Iulhrs each ; SIJI inteut. ii'ig and transportation: of :n.lliscc. ;i ing, sealing sliips'registers, translating Irt.ign ;, '
such other improvements as in.iy be nec. | 1lp'r Office: of IH' il.tirs : i, Otiiee of thut Adjutant: General : _
i adveiUsing, extra eI
kilt of the foldi.sg room, one thousand! five laneous itriiu. two !: languages, .
eSsar'; for thtir comfoit and welfare, per : I and collecting information to Ill I For blank! Loks binding, stationary, fuel, For l.lar.k books binding, Stttif1ll1'tn4
d khI.trs.1"'r pit-paring:
hnhdred dollars ; two acting asactUtanl and fifty : fo '
fourth a.ride treaty lIiu'I'nt1"iI), eight d messengers at : fi\'c I ; of wareroom, two hundred ativlfifty ; lai I before C'o-grcss-said c"k! to be and light, and : : : : i items, inc huing! miscel! ineo'is items two tliousnnd dollars.

<'en hundred .id f.fty fight, tumty live : oikeepers! each Ono thJl lt at 1'1 employed) during the st.'s.ion Congress, i i two of the dni.1 newspaper: to be fll.J, 1 Office of the Quartermaster General : '
hundie-l dollars ; tiXI'CI: messengers, I (101:1' on1. for the* of the For Hank books "l
thoujad 1 dollar i I lo enable i hound. nnd prr uw "lke biiidi.ig, wratittnery, fin.
of the when I
thousand (Wi) I.Uttrt.J tlullari each ; supeiintended required: for the printing I or illtiPI'1:11Ih' necessary en'Ct '
For biding .1 school house, or school 0U : paper made I five thousand .jmii( lIn" """ !I oOltI, ( thousand! tVo hurl. J
itt ch.uge of Seiritc: furnaces. first session of the thirty sixth Congrcssonc | the depaitmcat to answer I me by dreil tlnU.iis.! : ,
and establish and maintain: one r : General Land: Oflire :
houses, to hundred) dol.iri! assistant i t'on.'j.nnd! elollarg. either hOB" of Congiej. at one tcss-ou; to I beanswered I f
l l.iKor schools ((50 far a! said one thousand two ; hunc'rt.t For and military! pate-tit1, under O'lice ( diP Paymaster d'eneml :
nniinn such
more I at mother and no extra 'm.1 ,
the .
hundred) dollars! for ;
: nnd in cl.arge: of lurnaccsix ; printirg required frt I : 1 For blank: books, binding, stationery and'misctUaneocs
bumvill! ) for tho rsincatloti training than three dollars prior to twenty eighth September ,
go thousand cleik receive more Iws
sir ) !uJ. of the sixth
lab.trtr in ( Oiiity Coigrebseventy
ct the children of said Indians in letteragti private p.1as1.ge :rJn. sJII three and third cents day eighteen !hundred and filty ; patent and other ; items, five hundred! dollars.
f.mr hundied and and thirty one per
culture, the mechanic u:, nnd housewifery ; i lars : two laborers at lo1hrz i records ; tiact books and bl'ink! books for Office of the Comn.Us-jry General :
salaries i of three for the time actually necessarily: .
the CIims-For
dollars each cloik or to Court of eIIJoJ.dnnJ
; blank books
winch Echool or schools shall be in.ai.ngedtnd secretary items twelve ; this anil the( district! land offices ; binding pl.-.ts binding, itatinnerawtI'
1'iesident of tutu Senate, one judges! of the Court of the solicitor, for licdl\eou I
conducted in such manner th! : and two dollars | assistant so'icitor: deputy clerk and dollars. .
filty ; draughtsman d cil .lollars.
fourth j miscelfanoous items in-
of the Inteiiour, shall (direct >or of same, and i : :
larv J I oflice of the First Comptroller : npairs
thousand l.u..dred and 11 olys! ttn'l as'i .int cleik I r.tul In the
: fly
eight ;
messenger tht.rNIf be Office of the Chief
hundred I to KnghifCnj .
nctcelltbJll'iJ eighteen two daily city
tfaty n blank book, stationary ciu'ing nevvsiKipers
Committee Finance thousand thousand three hiindrrd! For ,
cleik to the on one twenty seven : Lidillg
and filty (4hI, ten tliousantl. I Territorial fiVel, bound, and presented for the use of the !j I'-i blank books, binding, st:1tiou."I'anl
dollars tlerk For fuel books, labor! public documents, "
eight hundred and, fifty ; stationery, lights, ,
miscellaneous i iftnis
For providing fcuid I Indians; \ith n mill items olice; aU, for contingent expenses, ia nlli- including two .{ ily
and misceUaneu'as one
thousand and miscellaneous items for the Court of statutes
the Committee of one
suilaUd for giindirg grain and biw'.n: lumber to CIills I eidil hundred dollars. tim, under swamp land act of twenty eighth | Wai>\i', toll papers, nine hundred dollars.
clerk of Claims Tour dollars. thousand I
hundred and printing '
one or more mechanics shops: with! the eight fifty dolar ; tlons't.II teslimony In the office of the Second Comptroller : September: eighteen hundred and fifty, military j Office of the Surgeon General :
hundred and fvcs for
records, one (( : eight cmlmis..iOWl' taking I IV: blank
tonh tor samt'111 dwelling hoi e' lor bounty acts: of twenty eighth September, books binding stationery, and
nccessar books binding, stationary,
thousand behalf of fees for witnefces. For blank p.iyfor I
fifty dollars-making seventy eight oa goxrrnment :
for i:n iutrrpieter, miller, enuincer for the I { and Union, to eighteen hundred and) fif'y, and twenty second items four hundred dollars.
hundred and ( ( dollars.lor and of or to be >- the National Intelligencer I *
nine out CCII agents attorneys ;
: of Colonel ,
mill it one be necessaiy.) a farmer, mid the I tho of the March, eighteen hundred and fifty two, and Oidnnnce :
( the Senate, inted( by the solicitor! to attend to the ta. he filed and preserved for use I
mechanic that may l lie 'II1JlolWtl for tnrir i contingent expenses "I |K of under the second sitid office, oflice furniture, and miscellaneousherns act thirty first August, eighteen hundied and I i Fo' blank books bkiding, stntlonm, and

nineteenth viz : king depositions satisfaction; of mi5c'l1rH. items, nine hundred dollrt.I .
benefit fourth aitkilo treaty, I fifty two, for the Virginia
per fift- thou I dollar third sections of the act act to I one thousand two hundred dollars.:
For binding ar< (utiJt.'tl"'n Mice of the
fifteen thosand dollars. Colonel of !
April eighteen huridnd and fifty eight I 1 For lithographing! : and engraving, thiity establish a CoOl t for investigating of In the' office of the First Auditor: hu-c warrants lilts-, sixty two I Typographical t 4
dollars. For fuel and : Engineors :
thousand United; blank books, binding, stationary, expenses
the For ,
thousand dollais. Hgaii:st approvedthe
of this th't" the including! of furnace I:01 blank LooL, buiding, ( Umiscelaficous
For the expenses making agreement for records and official attending s.vne, stasfi.nery, ai ,
hun hundred furniture,
For stationery, seven: thousand five twenty fourth of February, cightt'' office ( cases pj
the said V.incton rl'H'r1ttion three thousand items, OHO thousand two hen-
and of
sur\tying the i 1 dred doll us.I aud lilty five, to be di5Llr6Ctl, inder theSolicitor papers and mbcel'.uieous items, including keepers, I dred .collars.
and of tllllruar1.ing! pij1ttone Pension Office
Kimeyhig three thousand hun1 such marshals as he &ha'Jired for the Union ul.1 National
For by subscription
t\1 .
and siXt'ClIlhrti.' I books, furniture, Foi the general Purposes of the Northwestern
eighth nl'\\'flllI Fr stationarybinding:
j Il\"r of the
quarry filed
other to he appointed Int to .
drcd or suitableagent by us
hundred i lgtlcpr. b Lcecnlive
and miscellaneousitems '
rles treaty nine'enith Apiil, eighteen dollars. and reparing the sa-ne, llltldmg..For compen.s.ifim
For Congressional (llobe. and binding the I l.iin, five thousand dollars. one thousalll
and fifty eight, twelve thousand! five otice including two ofdaily city newspapers: I of fou watchmen and >\vo laborers of tic4!
nine thousand three hundred and Exccutire.-For rl the In the office of the Second Auditor: ,
same, forty : compensation I
JlUndrt..dll.lIarfl., i I to be filed, hound,and preserved,for the use of nortlnest executive bmldng! three thensnnd .
and in'cf.tment 1 thirty thee dollars and thirty two cer.ts.: President! of the United States, twenty five F r blank books, binding, stationary, office I six hadrcd dollars.
Tonawandas. For : thousand dollars.
payment the ,
of this fcuni for the suriender and re- !; For I'pOI ting proceedings, (>vigetccn thousand thousand tl'llar. I, furniture, and miscellaneous items, includingtwo I For contingent h'l expenses in the saul 1 office \ Forfuel, light, and n.Ucclan! ona ilcrre, .
I' ho filed .
and forty six dollars. Fur compensation of tho Vice Pre'iht! of of the daily city newspapers, to I
l of land west 01 the StaU> ofitiSb(1Uut ; i under the bounty land act of third M-irch, four tousand dollars.
I'nquiahment i For clerks to committees, police, the United States, eight thousand dollars. bound, and preserved for the use of the office, I
fifth NolemjKT : I Forthe
per second arti-1* treaty Tiollars. one thousand eight and fifty ti\'t: general Purposes of the lJuilding' .
horses, and earn all*, fire thousand I For compensati'' to secretary' to-Hgn ,ja- one thousand two hundred Imnlret for : and
and two Ihirl" corneiofF Seventeenth
vljhtten bundled fifty seven, I For engraving retouching plates \ Streets.-For
ami! four dollais and ; and for the I tents for lands, one thousand {five hund'e-d In the office of the Fourth 11Itor: :1nt
il.ru.rd dollar ffty and Linding' compilation of four watch-
fi\ sujxrintendent
bundid and fifty : books, binding labor, and i iI bounty land warrants, printing ,
tvchve.eighteeti For
(',et.k ttio-ror; payment of the remaining additio:*;;! police apj.ouited January dollars. I bliolnr. the same, stationary, blank books for regis' men, md two laborers for said building
hundred and nine the I the miscellaneous items,one thousand dollars. '
For to
fifty compensation private secret.Ty
sum of tvro hundred thousand dollars, I Fifth Auditor ter's office, furniture,and) miscellaneous items, three tousand eight hundred and fifty dot -
fiscal year, til teen hundred and fifty steward, and of the President of In the office of the :
the piesent messenger
tamed the United States rcmo thousand dollars.Surveyors -
r. by the I eight dollars and thiity two cents ; making, I the United States, four thousand six hundxd For blank books, binding, stationary*, office ten Iril.Fos fl1cJ
val ot the Seminole Indian Florida to General! and thEir compensation of firemen, atuinuscelineous
six thousand five bundled and dollars. furniture, carpeting, ani! 'liscelbneou expenses crks-For
: together, thirty !
west ol the Mi M&s>5pi.i, with interest I of the items four thousand eight hum
country I four dollars ; and tho further sum of fifteen For contingent of the Execuive in which are included two daily newspapers compensation surveyor
from expenses his I ked dM.irs.Nav!! .
nt five centum per annum, twenty Illinois and Missouri, and the clerks in
per '
hundied and fort.nille dollars! and fourteen office therefor, three eight hundred dollars.
including ionery ,
eighth Augiirr, eighteen hundred and fifty six, I office,five thousand eight !hfndredand twenty ptrlmctt.-l'ur compe-nsallrn of

the dtto of (lie ratification of the treaty to the I' cents, IK ing for the moiety payable by the hundred and fifty (lultrs.Df'prtrl'nt'f I' In the office of the Treasurer : and j I! (1011:1 taFor tho Seretary of the Navy, and the clerks,'

clerk of the House of Repsesentativcs, and I State,-For compensator For blank books, binding, stationary, ,
nine i
third March, eighteen hundred and fifty of the genfcral I rneoseijsr, as "tant mps "'iJg'ro and laborer1
hundred dollars.In compensation surveyor
to form it of the fund of said of of State, and Assistant &c.uctarv miscellaneous items five j I .
pa contingent jfice
ruth article tieaty of the tit.'n'lIthIIust, : of Louisiana, anti the clerks is his oct four in hii twenty: nine thousand six hun-
per hundied I house aud be diibursed by the clerk I of State, clerks messenger asMsnntmessenger the office of the Register : I tired dllars.
six tll'r' dollars.
hundied aunt lifty two thousand five hundred
and his office and full binding books for :
laborers itt Iftyseven For ruling
thou! aiul bundled and of. of the I FonomppttiU1 of tIle chief of lie bureau
and twenty five > one a'.srncts' of I For compensation surveyor general : (
For miscellaneous items thousanddollair. thousand !hundred dollars.l'or recording quarterly
sixty six dollars and sixty, six cents. I IFlol twenty I eight coltcnrs' and blank abstracts of Florida, and the clerks in hU: office, five onavy yards' and docks And the clerks, ,
ida Indians of [or] Sl..lIinoh's.-ror i! the Incidental: Conlii.gont Exjon- commerce:Oi navigation and I thousand five hundred dollars. I mcRserfsr, and laborers in his office, foorfcettthonsad
For compensation members of the House ses of paid Jepartmeuit.-Fnr pul.llshingthe: for their use, blank books binding
intfrokt on two InuiJie-t and fifty thousand \ compensation of the surveyor generalof one hundred and forty dollars. -
;, and from flue form in of and 1 binding cancelled Fo
of laws in ,
dollars! at five per cen'uin, to be paid as annuity Representatives delegates [lamphlet mil news-pipes ttionlrJ: arranging and Wisconsin and) low, and the clerks in For pmpensation of the chi -f pf the bureau
million and thousanddollars. States and Ten hones and i-i the ofWashington cases for I
Ton ICS, one uil'(1 the fit/ larinl' papers
article H'cutb:1- I! im three hundred obrdnance and and ho
I.CT eighth treaty items including eight tholanc hi9\ hydrography, (
nine thousand throe hur.jred ', and miscellaneous [ oct \
gust", eighteen tmvdred!: and fifty fix, they recoids thousand .Iar clerks, Messenger, and laborer in his office,
I For compensation of the officers clerks, and five dollars. office furniture and carpeting, four :
having joined their brethien in fbi NVi.-st t. I I.hnh' I twenty For compensation of the surveyor genealof twelve ousand three hundred and forty dollars .
messengers, and others receiving; an annual For stationery, blank books, bin dollars. .
( i thousand live hundred Oregon, and the clerks i.l: his office, seven i
in the service of the House of and house Hoard.: -For blank books, ,
utitu .
for salary: Representatives re fixtures iepair, paiuiing glaing Light
For puvinents undor existing contracts | I : thousand five hundred dollars. For $bnipensatio.l: : of the chief of the 11114 l
viz Cleik! of House of thousand dollars. miscellaneous! expenses,
: Representatives ten .i binding
the mails as If..n'I\\, \i ia : For the I j jtran thE I For rent of office in resin orfonstruction, epuipmenf, and repairs
ranging and that surveyor
three thousand six hundred dollars For five hundred dollars. and six hundred : ;
: ,
"poilation ot the miiU Ironi I'anama lo !' ; I newspapers postage law within which the I Oregon, fuel, books, stationa'y and ether and ofbo engineer in chief and the clerks'
thousand hundred thousa'idfivohmi'ired the time by
clerks, at two For miscellaneous items two
two one 1iX.d
and bark, from July thousand; five hun. and laborers
Calilornia! and Oregon of Texas i incidental expenses, one roessenpr, in his office twenty
sixty dollars each ; eleven clerks, at onetlnucaid dollars. creditors of the late republic may *
:1nl '
first to September, thiiticth eighteen hundred I! dred dollar one th'}3Tid: three hundred and forty dot "
: eight hundred dollars each plate hocks, and file! their claims at the Treasury Department
and ; Fo copper naps II
and fifty nine, t-igia')' fcev n thoufaud j in the Iritr. thousand dollars. be and the same is ), extended (o the For compensation of the surveyor generalof lars. .
pal messenger one two hereby
two dollars and fifty cents. ofct California, and the clerks in his office, For pmpensalion of the clerks.
I hundred and messenger
i hundred and and For hire and two first day of January, eighteen
For transportation of the maih across the | H'el ffty sx .11.lr cigh- ('xtcerk copying, I fifteen thousand five hundred dollars. and lahrcr in the bureau of provisions and .

"Isthmus of raiiama fium July first to Sop-j I[ tv cents ; thu.'.) messengers, a one thousandtwo !: dollars{ sixty one. of the Southeast For rent .f surveyor ge'neral's office in clothin] eight thousand right handrcd and -
hundred dollars each at azms, For and supervising the puHication For the general purposes I
; sergeant compiling
i .
timber thirtieth, eighteen hundied and fifty California, fuel, books, stationary, and other forty( dJars.'a.
thousand hundred dollars five huiilred Executive Huilding.-For compensation I ( a
and of the UK-nnial
nine, twenty five thousand dollars. I I two out sixty ; Register, laborers of the incidental including pay of mesen- For impensation of the chief of the Ini- -.
and expenses
clerk the thousand doll of watchmen nine
for transportation of the mails from New I to sergeant at arms, one rs.To eight thousandtwo I ger, thousand one hundred and fifty reau of iedicine and surgery and the clerks,' >. 4
hundred dollars to the enable the of State southeast executive building, ten SC\l'1
sergeant to
Ventoza and eight ; messenger Secretary purchase :
Orit'ans'ii Tehaunteptc to I dollars. messencr, and laborer in his office nine

back from the f first November, eighteen hundred I at arms, one thousand two hundred fifty copies, each of volumes twenty hundred dollars. If tho South- For compensation of the survcvor general thousacl five hundred and forty dollars. .
thousand hundred and five of of For the southern Extention .
dollars four
and fifty eight, to thiititfth September, ; postmaster, t\o one twenty foward'3 Repots of Washington Territory, and the cleik in O') .nrcnt Expenses of tbs Navy Depart
and dollars fn the the Decisions of the the ca'f Executive lhuilding.-For compensation ,
hundred sixty ; one me>serger Supreme COlut
eighteen hundred and fifty nine, two II o his office, seven thousand dollars. ment.-
office, one thousand seven hundred and fort}* Unite I States, five bundr.J dollzrs. of four watchmen and two laborers for the .
and nine thousand oao hundred and For office rent for the general of OGce 4
twenty of the southeast executive surveyor < of the Secretary of tho Navy i
dollars four Not theast Executive: south extention
at one Buildillg.-For compensation -
six dollars and sixty six ctuts. I ; messengers thOU5SIt Territory, fuel, books, stationary,
sixty four hundred aud: forty dollars each ;
.Approved March 3, 1850.CHIP. I keeper two thousand dollars ; superintendent of the nottheast executive building: ., three For contingent expenses of said building and hundred other incidental dollars.expenses, two i ncvvs u.crs, periodicals, and! miscellaneous jtems. {h ,

LXXVIII.-An AoUupn-tect ll> Timber I of tho folding room, one thousand five thousand six hundre dollars- fuel, and miscellaneous items, three thousand For compensation of the surveyor general .U-o thousand eight hundred'stud forty

("Srowinj UP"." IAnJs l of lie I nit*d Mates retcrcJ hundred dollars ; fourteen messengers, at one For con n c.ut expenses of said bulding, dollais.Depirtnicnt. of New Mexico, and the clerks in his office, dollata. : .

. %' for Military aiul tlir jnirjM"ei thousand and ninety eight dollar eaeh ; eleven viz : for fuel, light, repairs and miscellaneous of Ibo Intel ior.-For compensation thousand Bureau of Yard and Docks .:. .I

Be it enacted (by the Senate and House of. I messengers at six hundred dollars each ; |: exjKMisee} four thousand five hundred dollars.Tieajury of the Secntaryof the Interior, and seven rent of dolar.For office inNew Fit stationery book., plans and drawing, ,

Representatives of the United States of America nws.'ng to the Speaker, one thousand sev Department.-For compensation the clerks, messengers, assistant messengers, Mexico, fuel surveyor, books,general's stationary, and cighdmndred dollars. I

in Congress assembled, That if any per. and fury six dollars and eighty) of tho Secretary of the.Treasary Assistant watchmen, and laborers in his office, thirty other incidental !, three thousand lliean of Ordnance and) Hydrography i .

or IHTMIIS t-hall unlawfully cut, or aid, assist, cents ; clerk to the Committee of Secretary of the Treasury, clerks, mosjenger, six thousand nine hundred d llrsFor 1 expenses Vat blank books, stattiuinlt'rand. miacellaneoiaitems -', -

or be employed in unlawfully cutting, or I thousand eight hundred doll.au ; clerk to the assistant messenger, and laborers in his office, compensation. of the Commissioner of ,I doUtrs For ofthe seven hundred and fifty dollarsBujcao !

or shall wantonly destroy, or procure to be Committee of %%' and Mesas, one thousand five thousand two hundred and two compensation surveyor genera
3JS forty sixty the General Lid Office,' and the recorder, *of Kansas and Nebraka, and the of Construct! Equipment and -
wantonly destroyed, timber standing, hundred dollars I dollars and four |
any eignt -making seventycithut eighty cents.
assistant clerks, dolj
thousand three hundred
draughtsman -
his office Repairs ::
eight f
growing, or being upon any lands of the L1- thousand hundred and twenty five For compensation of the First Comptroller, ttliireau
S'\'C .
assistant packers,
nitcd States which in pursuance of any law I dollars and sixty cents. Provided, That no and the clerks, messenger, and Jnlmrers iu his messengers watchmen, and laborers messengers in his office. one j lars. ( of rut blank book, bind'ng: stationery, prib' ;
the general
For office rent surveyor
passed. or hereafter! to be passed, have Lt'n. I officer or employee of the House of Representatives office, twenty eight thousand thee hundred hundred and sixty four thousand six hundred ,; Kansas and Nebraskr o fuel and incidental ting fad niisccllneous itemi. eight hundreddvilarl f

or shall be, reserved 1 or pnrchased by tho United receive pay for the dischargeof I and forty dollars. [ :
States fur other I th31 For and ninety del arsFor \I expenses three thousand dollr of Provisioss arid Clotlriirg i
military or purposes the <> two offices the same time compensation of tho second Comptroller

every person or persons t>o offending, on conviction For contingent expenses of a the House of and the clerks, and laborer in additional clerks in the General Land | For compensation of surveyor genera Foe. plank book, stationery, and mtscneousKems 4
messenger Office, under the act of March, one t of Utah, and the clerks in his ofce, fvo hundred dollars. :
thereof before Ihir seven
a court having competent I Representatives viz : his once, twenty six thousand eight hundred

jurisdiction, shall, for every such off- For binding document, seventy five thousand and forty dollars. thousand eight hundred fifty fire granting thousand five handre dollars &reau of .Medicho and Surgery : .
1 lands and for laborers emploey For rent of genral's: office in .
eec, % fine not exceeding five hundred bounty surveyor Fo/Llank/ books, stationery, arid CI'I -

dollai pay, and shall be imptisoned not exceeding I dolar fifteen thousand dollars.) For compensation of the First An Jitor, and .therein, fifty eight thousand four hundre Utah, fuel, stationary, and other incidental neon; items, four IniiKfrett and fifty d inis-
months. I the messenger, assistant messenger, dollars : Provided That the Secretary expenses, two thousand five hundred dollar lars. i' a
twelve For three thousand five hundred :
horses, and laborer in his office five thousandnine
.\I'PTOOE1)l:1rcb 3, 1S5G.CHAP. : dollars. thirty Interior, at his discretion, shall be, and he For compensation.of the surveyor general Tel &o grneral Purposes'of the So&hwestExeetive
hundred and .
forty to portion of of and tho clerks HI his office, .
use of
any MinO.ot For compensation
fuel oil and candles of i berby.athorie Building
pay For compensation of the Second Auditor,
Lx. .-An Act making Appropriations for engineer}; firemen, and laporers, and and the clerks siJ appropriation or piece work or by the I eight thousand three hundred dollars, four y tchnien .f the southwest .xeatrrbuiMug ..'

the Ixx'ifilvlir*, Executiv, and JudIcial EXJ|> uk'1 for fifteen thousand matelial. messenger, assistant messenger day, week, month'or year, at such rate or For salary oftbe recorder of land titles in I : two thousand (cur hundred. -dollars.

of Go\'ernmeut for the Y ear coding the thirtieth engine room, t and laborer in his office, thirty five as he may deem just and fair. Missouri, five hundred doUars. .*' t_
June hundred and sixty. For twelve thousand five hun. thousand five hundred and forty dollars. rate 1 '
eighteen dred ne1'spprs For compsatkm of the Commissioner of War Department-For compesaUoii of the For enes .f Mid-Uftttlrbg ; .
. Ue it enacted by the Senate and House | For compensation of the Third Auditor,and contiugenl cj .

, Representatives of the United States of A. For engraving, electrofying, and lithographing ] the clerks, messenger, assistant messenger Indian .C.ir and the clerks, messenger, Secretary o( War, aud.the clerks, messenger, vb: '

merica in Congress assembled, That the following I fifty thousand dollars. and laborers in bs! office, one hundred and messenger, watchmen, and laborer I assistant messenger and laborer i ia his office, For|tbor/ fiwl, lights, and itri ecHan"" ?. a

For thousand four iirhis office, thirty one thousand nine hundred twenty two thousand dollars. three Uioasantf nine, bundred ami OiHr-
sumsbe, and the tame are hereby Capitol police, eight thirty thousand one hundre and forty dollars. temi,
hundred J and dollars. and forty dollars. For compensation of the clerks and messenger ddlars. .
appropriated, out of any money in the treasury twenty For o Fourth Auditor, teen ..lPostOSce n. .

not otherwise appropriated, for the obJects For labosers, six thousand. two hundred and &cOQJpnation cerk. messenger and assistant For compensation of five nt rerk hi the office of the adjutant general, thirteen : l p.utol..nt.-r 1

hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal I and eighty fire dolAr messenger, li office, twenty seven thousand employed in the Indian office, thousand 'six. hundred and .forty dol. lion of the Poft>r.aster VeOeTJt1I.I1i' --J J

year ending tho thirtieth of June, eighteen! i For pages : temporary mai boys, eight saven IlundrE13n nineteen doUr and of fifth August, eighteen huu-lred'and fifty !lars. tant Pftni.isti Gcner.'rf, and iercIs,1.t.s t ).

hundred and sixty, namely : I I thousand rive hundred thirty jtx ctts four, an-l third) March, eighteen hundred and 1 For compvmatiou of the cJ 1 ks',1tId messen I qJtf'uc..r. .. lIt t icti'grrfr .ti tf r--.- <.'I -.

-L' :' i'y -


i t -:

,. ..t .l

,. .
------ :_ 1.- -- ..- -;-:'. pb --- -

---- -

--- --- -

: and;- I r.ort-rs of aid department I one huudied For purchase of law an.l necessary books, j ;five humLed and thirty dollars and fifty two ting and improving nil the light houses, and I I For purchase: of trees, and tree boxes, to and. fifty seven and,who mid eighteen II ndrpr and
I such have been fifty eight were called
i.id; fifty even thoiiMtid dollars.Contingent and binding, for the office of the Attorney I cent buildings connected therewith! one hunnred replace \htlC necessary as of (the President Efrv ("p
) and i United States, and the repair IllY requisition on the ,
of said General hundred I For compensation of twenty of policemen ten thousand dollars I planted by the govr

"i J f expenses: department : For fuel, eight and laber of dn1r of the Attorney I I in the city of Washington, to be n?l/ointcl i For rtpairing' the works nnd pi.'rs, in order j| of pa\tmtnt in front of the public grounds, I nor soil of thirteen that State thousand, the six sum hnnJrrd of four hundr< d

: :, the tho auxiliary guard are to and secure the light house at three thousand dollars. ; d.larsp tr
For )Mink; books!, binding and stationery, General, 'five hundred dollars. i same manner a pr"s"f'l much 1:0
) of I thirteen thousand.dollars. Chicago lilanois, eighty! seven thousand dol- For annual rc-paiis of the Capitol, wa'cr I FO thtrl'S mr-ty necessary to 'J
I fuel fur Cut- General Poet Office/ building, in.k For fiiinitare and bookcases for office now appointed the amouut due for 't-e
'k 1 eluding It,.! Auditor's Office, oil, gag, and can the Attornrp General, five hundred dollars. I For furnace ketpr at the President's house, lars. closets, public stable, water pip-s, pavements 8etuaUy fourI(hi" service! lime of the said i t"o"rwere ,

+ .!U I..s. i tinii.T! !, d.iy watchman, and fbrmisrcb For tlc purchase of deficient State reportsfor I six hundred dolars.i For repairs$ and incidental expenses to the and other walk within the Capitol the I States Pro idod, That 'Ii. ; t
for first session fight and fie! t Square, broken glass and locks, and for ; no greater pay\ hrI
].U.'eI..5 items, fur repairs of the General P(* (he < .- of the General ,'igJ i For deficiency printing' house at Oswego, balding commutations. be allowed than
( Attorney
,,. I Office; building.: :; fM oflioe furniture, plaizmg% I hundred c..IIs i! ff thirty filth Congress, thirty eight i thousand cornice ted therewith thirty thousand dol- I protection of the building, five thousand dollars. I, zed by law to similar troops of are the autl-.o-i.I.jut:

I I j>air tiiig; ; whiifwashing, and for kt-eji (t1 hi. For I b-gnl :!' and other expendilurrs !I five IJn.lr(1 and seventy nine dollars and lars. I; I States I
4 tnc( house army.
: ( Ih"d.tt'C'i] and furnaces. in cider, fifteen tliou in the disposal of land claims ill California thirt.tI cents. For salaries of six hundred and two keep! For arnnl repairs of the President's I For of the
: u..i t1":1r.%! ten t thousand dollars. I J rlr deficiency piper for second session ers of light houses and light beacons, I and furniture, improvement grounds, purchase : repairs Long Bridge over t it-
; General Post Office 1NeIssinI.Fo1t j of the thirty fifth eight their sislnl, one hundred and ninety three of plants for garden and making hotbeds Potomac at Washington, five thousand c.l|.
( I For special and other extraordinary expenses Congress seventy : lars be under the '
'watchmen thousand hundied and nine dol! thousand three hundred and dollars and I therein, and contingent expenses incident I to expended (Hrtdi.)" 0|
t engineer(fur steam engines) ), Id I of California land claims, forty thousand :i eight forty lint the direction of the Commissioner of Public I
J : borers, fuel, gag, canples, repairs nf furniture : dollars. j: lars. fifty cent. thereto, three thousand dollars. I

r 4 and fur miscellaneous i : items, seven thou 1 II For salary of the reporter of the decisions I For deficiency in printing for the second For salami of fifty two keepers of light :' For fuel, in part, of the Prfsillnt'3 house, : Buildings.To enable the Commissioner of
collars. fifth two vessel, seven thousand: four hiuiidretland 'one thousand eight hundred dollars.! ?
I i of the Supremo Court, one thousand three session of the thirty Congress sixty twenty I John
Buildings to to F.
President'shouse for'stone
1 Printing for Executive Itparment.-Fo hundred dollars. i thousand two hnndred and fifty dollars. fifty cijht dollars and seventy three i For lighting the Capitol and pay Clan
aud for the executive the district For in the appropriaton for the cent- the grounds around them and aroundthe taken from square number antsixty I
paper printing depart' For compensation of attorneys, deficiency
'I in
( I two, Washington city, and used!
'\ inents, including the paber piintihg, an I fleven thousand seven hundred dollars. compensation and mileage of senators during For slam?n's wages, repairs supplies; and Executive offices, and Pennsylvania New n

:Li I'inding the Biennial Register and the anniia For compensation of the marshals, ten : the present Congress, six thousand two hun. incidental expenses of fifty two light vessels, Avenue, and Bridge and High thousand streets dol in! I, sixty paving two dollars.Jersey avenue, one hundred'at:. J

I t-f.cement of commerce and navigation of th thousand fonr hundred dollars. dreJ and sixty three dollars and eighty eight one hundred and sixty six thousand six hundred Georegctown, forty three i Sec. 2. And be it further
cnncte.d. h.it
1 l.itl.;: States, and the paper and printing i I For defraying the expenses of the supreme, cents.SIT.( and eighteen dollars and thirteen (tnt! i lars. and half the First Comptroller of the do'allow .

t!ll' :fUJ estimates of appropriations, lilt I circuit, nnd di"ic courts of the United 2. .\lt be it further enacted, That For expenses of raising, cleaning, painting, For lighting with gas Four a in the adjustment of the Treasury accouifta .
: thousand the sixth section of the repaying: eii'ooring and supplying fts es of r Seventh, 'J'nelfthi Greets across thl pub- on'
tight five hundred dollars. States: including the District of Columbia ; the :authority given by > and ter Lammond, disbursing clerk of the Inte.nor .
Mi.it of the United tats.At .- : also for jurors and witnesses, in aid of the I act entitled An act relating to foreign coins I Imnys and day beacons, and fo chains and I lie mal, four thousand dollars. the office hundred
the Mini
: Pbiladrl1iiaia.-Ior sa'aries! of the dire- I funds arising from fines, penalties, and for. and to the coinage of cents at the Mint of sinkers for the same, and! for coloring and purchase of books for library at Department four dollars and and

tor treasurer assayer, mclter, and refine, f{[itures incurred in the .fiscal yeajending the United States t ," approved February tw n. numheriirr' al' the buoys, one bundled' thousand -' : executive mansion, to expended United under Slates the dlrection i, I paid thirty.to A. G. Cochmn.se\'ent. seven centi,
of tin
ef President
chief roimv and assistant June thirtieth hundred and eighteen hundred and fifty seven, to dollirs. the
(engraver assay J eighteen : sixty, ty one Sec. 3. be it further enacted, TII
I assistant tnelter authorized and For caiimissions, at two and a half tier twh hundred and fiftp dollars. \nl t
and refiner, twenty fivnthousand and previous ; and likewise for defray.jog pay out at the Nint the cite I lot in the
)'ar1 in centum, t suoli as are enti I For repairs of thtPItomac, 1\'y Yaud, I thC ground city of Philadclpbi
(five hundred the of suits iu \vhirh the Unitep ; directed by said act to be coned exchange ( superintendents
dular. heretofore .
F r For wa cs of :II adjusters! scr.ity I, States expenses arc concerned, and of prosecutions for the fractional( parts of the dollar therein ted to die same under the proviso to act I and upper bridges, three d"lars nited States agreed from the to be purchase by the I

; four thousand! eight! hundred dollars. for offences committed against the United named, at their nominal value of twenty th'e. :liirJ, fighl.en huddred and fifty one, For repairs of Pennsylvania .\'eou( lericn Philosophical "
I Society, as a site for a court house 1
Fur i incidental. and contingent' exhnsf States, and for the safe keeping oflrisiters twelve and a half, and six and a quarter cent, on the may be (li IIU'spd by thousand dollars. sold fl11Ihe
I. south of at public auttion to
I them, n addition to available balance, one'' For taking care of the grounds tll highest ar.Jbest
including wastage in addition to other aval- ( seven hundred and eighty five peclil'ely shall be, and the same herebyis bidder and that the
in said
: P able funds, seventy five thousand! dollars. thousand extended to two years from and afer: the thous.tid eight hundred and sixteen doBaJ I the Presidelt's house, continuing the improvement heretofore city.
dollrl.nnuitits from the
in order purchased Bank of Pensylvania
; For tpc tmc-ns of ores and coins to IMc .\ ld Grants.-To Elizabeth C. twenty first day of February eighteen hundred I and sity seven dollars I of the same, and keeping for
fccrml at the mint, three! hundred dollars. Perry, act: of second March, i ighteenhundred and fi'ty nine, and no longer. For the Coast of Californii Oregon, and one thousand d .lar! :post office shall also be sold at
per auction for the
I best
public it will
;; For traiifiportaton of bullion fiom N-w and twenty one, three hundred and Sec. 3. And be it further (enacted That t aflei "'asII lgton.-For expenses of raising, cleaning For (the payment of laborers employed' in price bring,
Provided That
York assay office to the United States n twelve dollars and fifty cents. I the expiration of the present session of Congress I repairing remooring, and supplvi'ig losses shovelling snow from from the walks to and said, lots shall not b fold (oran

fur coinage, ten thousand dollars. I I Independent 'lreasury.-Ior" salaries of : when any document shall be ordered of buoy's nn4! day beacons, and for chains around the Capitol, the Prtsilmt's b'Jut and aggregate five thousand sum dollars.of I less than hundred

F At San FrancUco, California -le eia- j the aslant treasurers .the United Statesat to "be(piinted by both houses of Congress, and snkers; for fte saute, and for coloring and the pavements along the Sovernmentreservations See. 4. And be it further

U lies of fu;>eriiiteiicliTit, ( (, ai avr. I New Yoik, Boston, Charlestond St. I whether the copies ordered be the reserved and numbering af. the buoys, ten thausand: I on Pennsylvania Avenue, five sum or sums of enacte Tattle

t inchrr and refiner, coiner and five clerss Louis, sixteen thousand 'five hundred dollars. (regular) number or additional (extra) number dollars. hundrEd dollars. ; money raisCJ by thC;
documets For the construction. of the For repairs of water pipes five hundred the lots and grounds authorized to be
l MId
4 twenty eight thousind doll:irs. I ?, the entire printing of such continuing I
_ _ _d:_ For wages of workmen and adjut"rf etc'J For> additional salhiies of the treasurer of I shall be done 'by the printer of that house .I light house on Minor's Lpcgt one of the dollars. by the prettdin..ecton ofthiis act, :

Iiundrcd ali sixty( five thousand four hu- I, the mint at Philadelphia, of one thousand : which first ordered the same ; and the houseso Coha sEt rocks, Bostou Bay Massachusetts, For casual repairs of the Patent Office I er with ( unexpended balance of the np,

dred and ninety three dollars. I and of the treasurer of the Branch first ordering the same shall immediately being.one half of the amount remaining to be building, one thousand five hundred dol propriation for the construction of a post office

Fur incidental nnd contingent xperses, i doJf New; Orleans of five hundred dollars, I notifv the other house c-f supli order. And appropriated 'o complete the work according lars. follows at Philadelphia be applied and expended
; is here to the original estimate, forty seven thousand For cleaning out the sewer traps on Pennsylvania to wit : for the purchase of the
including wastage, in addition to other aiiil- thousand five hundred doilsrs. the superintendent of public printing '
able funds, fifty fight thousand nine bun(red ole For salaries of five of the additonai clerks I by directed, in all cases; when any document and ninety dollars and thirt.ix cents. I' Avenue, three hundred dollars. first lot west of the custom house, common

.nJ fifty llolars and fifty cents. authorized by the acts of sixth August, eighteen has ln-en ordered to be printed by both houses For commutatnn of fuel and quarters for I For completing the erection of the north ly known a the L\'y Comer, a sum not ex.

Assay Otc( New Ymk.-For salaries of hundred and forty six, and under i I of Congress, to cause the order of the house officers of the army serving on light house I front of the Potent OmVe building, grading, ceeding seventy fvo thousand doUr Fot
1 officers. such document duty, the of which is no longer and paving streets around the same, enclosing the purchase of next adjoining lot west f
& : twenty four thousand seven acts of twelfth August, c' hteen( hundred j last making die order to print payment bro .
I bundled dollars. forty eight, third March, eighteen hundredand to be executed h the printer of the house vided fur by the quartermaster's department, I fjjont yard!, and improving court yard, known as the Bailey ]lot, a sum not exceeding

4 For wages \voikmen, forty five tMu-1 fifty one and third March, eighteen: I first ordering the)smE and to further cause two thousand three hundred and sixty seven filly thCIQand dollars. eighty six thousand dollar, and for the
,I doll.us and To enable the of the Interior to I construction ala building on the sid Levy
sand dollars.At hundred and fifty five, five thousand seven the other house to be furnished with the number : forty one Cfnts. I Secretary
New Orleans.-For salaries of superintendent hundred dollars. : ordered by it ; in no case shall more For compensation of two superintendents. purchase [eq] Messrs. Little, Brown and I and Bailey lots suitable for a post office and

: treasurer assa-er, collie, im-lter For salary additional clerk in office of i than one thousind: nne fiv, hundred and fifty for the life saving sttiol on the coast of I Compan. two thousand! copies( of the elev. court house, a sum not exceeding the remain

and refiner, and three clerks eighteen i thousand assistant treasurer at Boston, one thousand I: copies of any document be printed, unbssthe Lon! Island and New Jersey, three thousand : of the United States Statutes at I der of the money not disposed of a above t
three hundred dollars. two hundred dollars. I I printing of extra numbers L ordered by dollars. Large for distribution, agreeably to act of provided. And it shall be the duty of Jhe
: For wages of workmen, thirty four thousand For salaries of clerks, messengers, and either house ; and the one thousand five hun For compensation of fifty four keebers of I Congress directing the distri u ion of the Secretary. of the Treasury, the Postmaster

I C j dolars watchmen in the office assistant trtlre I dred and fifty copies, as reserved (regular) stations, at two hundred dollars fdl. eight other volumes, seven thousand dollars' General, and (the Attorney General to execute

and contingent expense, at New Yoik, thirteen thousand: nine hundred numbeis, shaall distributed by the officers thousand f,1n hundred and sixty three dol- I For public' reservation numb-r two and tie two foregoing sections of this act:

I4. I I including wastage, in addition to other :vaii.t dollars. I of the house first b ordering the printing of the and forty three cents. I Lafayette Squire, two thousand dollars. Pro\'idet That the whole amount to ?be expended .

t $ funds six thousand five hut dred For the best life boat to be placed at each For making and fitting rooms in the construction of said building
St able twenty For salary of clerk of treasurer of the | same to the same persons and in tho same I cases up
h..1. dollars. branch mint at San Francisco, California, as I I manner as such numbers heretofore ordered of the twenty eight life saving; eta ions on thecoast the latent( Oilice building to receive copyright I shall not exceed the balance of the amount

i PI At Charlotte, North Carolina.-For sail dEpositar. two thousand five hundred dol i by both houses have been distributed ; .and of New Jersey six thousand four hundred books, charts, and othei,copyright mat received from (the Kile of the said lots and

't4. lies of superintendent, coiner, assayer, and I in such cases the piymcnt for composition and forty dollars, and so much moneyas ter, and fo transferring, arranging, 'ak- the balance of the appropriation.Sc. .
J I crk. six thousand dollars. For contingent expenses under the act fo ni be the same as though the printing had was appropriated at tie last session of jug care of the slne. thirty six hun red dol 1 5. And be it further enactedThat (the

I I.I tlfl wages of workmen, two thousand six the safe keeping, collecting transfer, and been ordered by but fie house ; Provided, Congress for this purpose as remains unex- lars. I power to issue and reissue treasury note,

;e hundred dollars. disbursement of the public revenue, of sixth That the office:of printer either to the Senate pended is hereby direl.td to be canied to Government Hospital for tlC Insane.-For conferred on the President of the United

f At Dahlonega, orgi-For uIrKi of August, eighteen bundled and forty six, five or IIouc of Representatives shl not be the surplus fund. I continuation of wall enclosing (the giotinds State", by the act ,entitled An act" to authorize

: : superintendent, coiner assayer :ld ctrl six thousand dollars, in addition to premiun received transferable' either directly or indirectly, and For repairing tht? life saving stations on I three thousand five hundred dolmrs.For : the issue of treasury notes, "approved(

: i""-tj thousand dollars. on transfer drafts : Provided, Th.it any attempt to sell or transfer either of said th? coa,t of Long llind, and Now Jersey, I furnishing .the present hospital con- the twenty third December, eighteen hundred

t'' .' For wages of workmen, two thousand no part ot said sum shall be expended fur 1 offices, or any sale or transfer of the same, I two thousand doVar) j i tiiiuatioii, compiling the centre and three and fifty seven, lx, and the same hereby i ii.I ..
of the Public sections of the fourteen thousand three I rc'ivtd and continued in force from the passage
and dollars.
I c-igLt lludrc eighty clerical service shall operate as a vacation and abandonment I Survey J.nnh-Fo fancying I wing,
I COVT.RX.MEXT IN TiE TKRKITORICS For salaries of nine supervising and fifty I of the sail offices or either of them. (the public lands, (exclusive. of California! : hundred dollars. of this! act until the first day of July

I 'J, I" Territory of New Mexico.-For sallies local inspectors, appointed under act thirteenth I SE('. 4.. .111Je it farther enacted, That I Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Kansas, For fire apparatus nine hundred dollars. eighteen hundred and sixty ; and to defray.

: 1 .if governor three judges, and eecictarl six I August eighteen hundred and fifty two, i the Secretary of the Interior 1 lie, and he is Nebraska, and Ital,) including incidental tie" expenses thereof the sum of five thousand .

I ;l I thousand dolan'. for the better protection of the lives of passengers i hereby, directed to cause the annual report expenses and surveys in the interior, For painting and sanding battlement and dollars is hereby appropriated: Provided

J 4j: ; !. For codlingont expenses of saiJ Tcntory I by steamboats, with travelling and i I of the Commissioner Patents on mechanics and all other special and difficult surveys dcmaiidirg I window heads and frames, and tracing window That the-: said notes may I be issued boar-

I '! one thousand dIlbrs i i 1 other expenses incurred by them, eighty' hereafter to be made to the Senate and augmented rates' tt be apportionedand sash of the five west sections of the hospital ing an !interest not exceeding six per centum

;,: 1 l' For compensation: nnd mileage of the tCn'"J thousand dollars. House of Representatives, to be preparedand : arplied to the several surveying district. > i edifice erected, eight hundred .dol. per annum ; and that it shl not lie necessary

4 lars of the legUIalive :assembly, offers, i Expnses of the Collection of Revenue submitted in such manner as that the according to (the (exigencies of the public liars. as directed by the original act, afores'itl

; clerks, and contingent expenses of the af>em- I -To meet the expenses of collecting plates and drawings necessary to illustrate stn'ic' including expenses cf selecting ,I For grading and planting trees about the after advertisement to exchange IIm .

I : bly, ten thousand dollars. I I I the revenue from the sale of public each subject shall be inserted so as to comprise swarj> lands: and (thE compensation ink (xI hospital edifice and ppon the approaches specie to the 'bidder or bidden who agree

\ i Territory of 'ah.-For salaries: of fivernor lands in the several Slates and Territories thiS entire report in one volume, not to pens to survey or to locate private landclams thereto within the grounds, one thousand to make such exchange at the lowest
:4 1'1 I i : three judges, and secretary, seven IOU. : I exceed ,eight hun d pages. I in Louisiana, in addition to the un- dollars. rate of interest upon said notes ; and that in
4 'f1 nded4 alances of all former Towards of the four eastern all other respects the reissue of said treasury
1 sand dolarsI | For salaries and commissions of registers APPROVED, March 3, 1839. exp ) appropriation (tIlt completion
I '1 contingent expenses of said Tcntory, of land oflices and receivers of public moneys, ?, 6ixty thousand dollars. sections of the east wing, which will notes shall! be subject to the terms and conditions

a -: one thousaud five hundred dollars. I I two hundred and verity seven thousandseven CJMP. LXXXn.-An Act making Appropriations I Fir surveying the public lands! and privateland complete the hospital edifice, forty thousanddol.s. of the act aforesaid.

.1 'j" Territory of Vasliington.-For salarts of hundred dollars. for sundry Chi Kx|>enses of the Government (lor clai.ns in California, including of I SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That the

a I J governor, three judges,"and secretary tfelve I I For expenses depositing public moneys (lie Year ending the tiiirtitth of June, eighteen fcc xpenses incident to the survey of claims, the snpprt. clothing, and medical Secretary of (the Treasury is hereby authori.

I d; .1 thousand five hundred dollars. I by receivers of public moneys thirty 'five thousand 'hundred and H.\ty. and House of :td to be disbursed: at the rates prescribedby treatment of of the District of I zed, under the act of Jane fourteenth, eighteen
I the Senate
Be it enacted
0'.,aI :; I For contingent expenses of paid Tor cry, eight hundred dollars. of by the United States of A. hw for th? different kinds of wore, forty Columbia and of the army and navy, at (the hundred and fifty eight, to issue coupon or

I 1. one thousand f't hundred dollar I For incidental expenses of the several land I meiica Representatives in Congress assembled That the following threi thoasand dollars. asylnm in said district, twenty four thousandfive registered stock, as the purchaser may
1 I : I' Facontinuing the of base meridian hundred dollars. I elect.
t For Compensation and mileage i imembers tie offices, forty three thousand three hundred survey -
i I of the o CIS, dollars. sums be, and the same are hereby apI .- itandurd parallels, townshid, and sectionlinesin i For salaries and incidental expenses of the SE(:. 7. And be it further enacted That the

'j I :'I't :, clerks and contingent h'gislth'e expanses asscmM. sem.I I entiary.For compensation of the I I progriated, for fiscal the objects ending hereafter the expressed thirtieth New Mexico, twenty thousand dol- institution of the deaf and dumb and 'blind*I post office in Boston, ls"achu.ets shaH! not

:l Mv t twenty thousand dollars. warden, clerk, physician, chaplain, assistant I year viz I ars. in the District of Columbia three thousand be removed from i's present loction. until
I hundred and
June :
I sixty
ri Territary of dHnsh.-For snlaris of i keepers, gaurds, and matron of the penitentiary i eighteen of the Coast. For continuing the F I -
tt%. r governor, three judges! and secretarj ten of the District of Columbia, thirteen I Suivey of the Atlantic and Gulf coast of the standard parallels, township) and section For expenses to be incurred preliminary to the remonstrants! against its removal nil! indemnify
V. thousand five hundred dollar thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars. survey to linesin Kansas and (.Lrsk also outlines taking the eight census, fifteen thousand dol- the government from any additional
i United States, (including compensation superintendent
l of mum reservations, liabilities incurred expense growing out of any contracts for
; For contingent expenses of aid Tcritory, For compcnstion of three inspectors of and including lars.
I ( and assistants, excluding
one thousand dollars. i said penitentiary hundred and fifty in the years eighteen hundred and fifty i For United States Capitol extension four another site

; For compensation and mileage f' the dollars. se.tn I and pay and emoluments and officers officers and of men the of army the lisp, eighteen hundred and fifty six, eighteen hundred thousand dollars : Provided, That SEC. 8, And be it further esacted, That styli!
I j ,
petty "
fr mcml>eis oHho legislative assembly, nicer?, For the support and maintenance of said navy the work, two hundred lundred and fifty seven, and eighteen none of the money hereby appropriated shall oires !were placed upon the furlough
L clerks, and contingent expenses of th as. penitentiary, seven thousand nine hundred .j and navy Employed thousand on ) bundled and fifty eight forty thousand dollars. be expended in the decoration and embellishment list, by the action of the said Naval It.-

I4 sembly, twenty thousand 'oBas and twenty dollars. fifty dolars For prcpparing the unfinished' records of of the Capitol extension by sculpture or tiring Iioml. and who have been subsequent
of the
For western
41 Territory of Kansas.-For salaries povihou. For compen'ation of the messenger to the J continuing survey publi) and private surveys to be transferred to paintings, unless the same shall have been Jy transferred to the leave list, thall b-
hundred and
coast of the United States, one
crnor three judges, and secretary, tot office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings t I i thousand dollars. the State authorities under the provisions of approved by the Art Commission authorizedby allowed I leave pay" for and during the .

sand: five hundred dollars. and for his services in attending to the I thirty For the of the Florida the alt of twelfth June, eighteen hundred and the act twelfth June, eighteen hundredand they were on the furlough list a aforesaid,

For contingent expedses of said Te tory, main furnace in the Capitol which shall be j reefs and continuing survey and emoluments fortyin those districts where the surveys are fifty eight in the manner stated in said deducting the furlough pay which they reo
keys, (excluding
one thousand five hundied dollars. in lieu of all other compensation one thous. pay about being completed, ten thousand, dol act ; but this provision shall not be so construed ceived during fid time.
of officers of the and and
army navy SEC. 9And be it further enacted That
For and T the and interfere with the
T compensation mileage I as to completion
1 I members of the legislative assembl. o cers, I doJars stationary, blank Jook plans, drawings on petty the officers work,)and forty men thousand of the dollars.navy employed, Foi! resurveys and examinations of thesurveys and payment for works already begun by in case of the death of any officer afteY his

I clerks, and contingent t. AS i and other contingent expenses of the For the of the public lands in those States Crawford and Rogers or the completion of restoration rr transfer as aforesaid, his legal
line to connect
running a
sembly twenty thousand dollars. I office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings i when the officer of the surveyors general the painting of rooms in the north wing already representatives shall be entitled to receives
lation the Atlantic coast that theGulf
k I For deficiencies in the contingent cy: enses i two hundred and fifty dollars. i on on I have k hen, or shall!! be, closed, under the acts partly painted the amount which said officer would hni
oC Mexico, the Florida peninsula,
I Kansas, being the amount incurr duo For compensation to lie laborer in charge five thousand dollars.across of the twelfth June, eighteen hundred and For extension of the Generl Post Office, : received under this act up to the time of his

the administration of J. I of the closets in the hundred I ,and second January death.
I. : government y water Capitol fqur For publishing the observations made in forty twenty eighteen one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
14 "'. Denver that ihLsandling and dollars. and three includind two thous. SEC. JO. And be it further iudefault
j on 'account two thirty eight the of the of the coast of the bundrd fifty For payment of the mortgage and intereston enacte Ta
t two hundred and dolls For to the progress survey and dollars for the salary of(thin clerk detailed of contractor .
seventy f'e ad.I compensation public gardener. United States five thousand property in Pine street, in the city of any approved .
? ; twenty two cents I one thousand four hundred and forty doJ.I I For repairs of steamers doJar sailing schooners to this special servicejn.the General Land. New Yory. belonging to the United States, August twenty,six'b, eighteen hundrld

_1. .Tudiciary.-For salaries of the chit justice I lars. used in the coast ten thousand I III Office, two thousand dollars. and purchased under authority of the act of and fifty two, entitled .An act t provide for

L of the supreme court, and eight af* ciate For compensation of twenty two laborers dollars. survey For surveying the public Ian Is in Oregon, fourth August, eighteen hundred and fifty executing the public printing establishing

Iq :j. justices, fifty four thousand five hundred dol!- employed in the public: grounds and Presi. II For and rations of engineers for seven to be disbursed at the rates now authoizedby four eleven thousand dollars, or so much the prices therefor, and for other purpose! *,"
4 4 dent's thirteen thousand hundred pay law, thousand dollars. his contract in the
lars garden, two steamers, used in the of the twenty thereof may be necessary for that pur to comply "it furnishing
iT For salaries of the district judges, oneS i dollars. coast no longer hJdr..graph.the Na. For running and marking that part of the pose. paper for public printing in proper time

hundred and ten thousand seven huidred : For compensation of the keeper of the I survey twelve thousand eight hundred westeri boundary of Minnesota which is not Botanic Garden.-For procuring manure, and of suitable quality the suprntendent of
1 aud fifty dollars. i \'lster gate, Capitol s'uart. eight hundred ,i vy Department :' defined by the natural landmark. estimated tools, fuel, and repair, purchasing trees and the public printing is hereby autore!

For talary of the circuit judge of California and se'elt.six dollars.For I To doJars supply deficiency in tho fund for the I distance one hundred thirty miles, five shrubs[ ] for botanic garden, to be expended directed to advertise for plopsals.

I six thousand dollars. ( compensation of two day watchmen relief of the sick and disabled seamen, one thousand (dollar. under the direction of the Library Committeeof time and in such places deem expedient -

t I For salaries of the chief justice of tht district employed in the Capitol sure, one thousand hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. I For binding field notes, plats and recordsof Congress twenty three hundred dol and award the contract to the lowed
of two hundred dollars. in the office of the lars. bidder and to purchase in the market
:! Co'umbia the associate judges and For the extension to the Treas. survjys surveyor general open
the judges of the criminal court and t1 or- For compensation of two night vvacthmen: building preserving, fifty thousand dollars. of Kansas and Nebraska one thousand For pay horticulturisc and assistants iiI upon the best practicable terms, all the paper

t. phans' court fifteen thousand seven hurdred employed at the President's house one thousand ury The of the Treasury is dollars. I the botanic garden and green houses, to that may be required for the public printing
two hundred dollars. I Secretary hereby For of the collections of the until contract is made and increase .
I and fifty dollars. i 1 directed to use the balance of uaexpendee i preservation expended under th9 direction of the Library a new ; any
i For compensation of the doorkeeper at (liePresident's exploriig and surveying expeditions of the I' Committee of five thousand one of cost to the government in procuring .
\ Ofrc or the Attorney General.-Ta sal- appropriations heretofore made for the Congress
house six hundred dollars. I four thousand dollirs. of the in default '
4 arits the General Charleston and New Orleans custom houses government, i hnndn.d and twenty one dollars and fifty a supply paper, contractor -
Attorney one asistant For compensation of the assistant doorkeeper For of agricultural statistics, in. cents. and bit securities shall be jwitli
I to be employed in his office, and the -Jerks I in finishing said for use. eolectiol I cbarge
l and in his fourteen Lou- I at the Presi ents house six hundred i For building Indianopolis court vest'gations promoting agriculture and For deficiency in the cxpcntive exlraordi- and held repn.ible for the sme. shall
messenger ofee. I dollars. rural and the of I be their in tha
II cut. name
sand procurement j in Kansas Territory during bnd.
three hnndrred ; ddlars house and post office, forty thousand dol- rcnom. nary expenses
seven : I
Provided, the sixty Genenl in For compensation of one night watchmen tings (( forty thousand dollars: Pro. i the administration of Governor John W. Geary of the United Slate in court 'of
Tat Attorney for the better of the Jars vided, That of this shall the United States. And all acts or parts'of
; place of the now in his I I employed protection I For completion of the Detroit customhouse no part appropriation six hundred and ninety dollars and brty
office,. and cerk authorized employed buildings lyiug south of the Capitol, and usedas 1 thousand I bj. used or expended in defraying the expenses II cents. acts inconsistent with this section be, and the

pe hereby, o ap public stables and carpenters' shops six thirty d.lan of body of men or delegates assembled : same are hereby, repealed.SEC. .
one assistant in the said office, I ( For repairing the damage by I any For introducing the 'Potomac. water into
point law at an annual salvro of threothou- i hundre dollars. ,| the recont fire at the Mobile[ custom house, in Washington or elsewhere A an agricultural I the botanic garden, and building a cistern 11. And be it further enacted, Tfiat .
of four draw-keepers at I I congress or advisory board 0!agriculture dollarr. in all cases where, by the terms of Indian
sand dollars ; two third class at sala- I ten thousand thereon, one thousand. any
cerk the Potomac bridge and for fuel oil, and I dolar I convened under the orders or by authority I the in kansas Territory said! Indians are
I. ries'ot sixteen hundred dol! and For completing certain volumes of treaty ,
ars I : For annual of cnstoin houses, fifteen
lamps, three thousand two hundred and repairs of the Secretary of the Interior, or
sixty finished I entitled to selections of land, and to
one second class .&.1 salary offoirteen thousand dollars. Exploring Expedition now nearly separate
,- -., dollars ; and It the said six dolars I any other person under any name or for any I', and pay of the cum of eight : a patent therefor, under guards restrictions
_ lumdrtt Attorney For annual of marine hospitals suprntendpnt.
of two draw at repairs whatever.
compensation kcapers pretended conditions their benefit the
; nlr.J be authoii/fd! when 1 I thousand twenty dollars i or for Secretary
( hunlre
leCf :I' the the branch of fifteen thousand dollars. For illustrate the mechanical !
F employ temporary cleiks : Provided thit the < two bridges across e-tfr drawings : and five "cents. of' the Interior hereby authorz to Cole
the Potomac and for fuel, and lamps, Light house Establishment.)-For the report of the commissioner of patents for the I therefor to issue Indian
allowances oi. patents
to Fuel temporary clerks yall in : I To enable the Secretary of War to pay for o
thousand hundred dollar Gulf and Lake Coasts'iz For hundred and fifty eight six
one one eighty :
year eighteen tlndians and their heir, such conditionsand
t 3. no one year cuPI one thousand .tMI! rs : \tantie. the purchase of stores furnished for the use upon
'I *. supplying the light houses and beacon lights thousand dollars. I limitation and under each guard or
Provided I. also. That all hueafter of volunteers in Indian
{ drawn out of the moneys the : For compensation of the auxiliary guard, with oil, glass chimneys. wicks, chamois For support, care, and medical treatment hostilities in tngage Territory suppressing of Wa&hinton during restrictions as jnny be prescribed by said
treasury upon rrquis-i- and for fuel and oil for lamps .nineteen and other of forty transient medical and surgical -
polishing powder whiting paupers Secretary That noting herein
lion of the tha 11-h- disbursed sins the late Indian hostilities in that territory ; Proide

AtorntGn'rnl thousand four hundred dollars, and to materials and other in Washington Infirmary, six
repayto cleaning transportation patients contained to apply the
by Such disbursing officer as t1.- See- ,, seven thousand dlUarl. with interest from b cODsted t
,) the corporation of Washington the com- of the same, repairing thousand dollars.
I expenses New York to their rights
of necessary tbn time the advanced Gov. Indians o
_ Treasury dcsgnste.I WAS by aee
j I
tie mJ |pensatiol of twenty policemen from the I and keeping in repair the lighting apparatus' For purchase of manure for the public money for said underihe treaty made by eigktten hun
For contingent expenses of the office! of' thirteenth day of July, eighteen hundred and one hundred and thirty two thousand dollars. grounds, one thousand dollars. ernor Douglas purchase.For dred and thirty eight at Buffalo Creek.

0 tnt.\tOn) General l. two thounnd dol- Ifty eight, to the thirtieth day of June, eightoen For hire of carts on the public grounds, I the payment of volunteers employed APPROVED, March lS5J.

; hr*. I f hundred and fifty nine,' twelve thousand !I For repairs and incidental expenses, refit one thousand and Vinety five dollars.ewi I in Florida during the years eighteen hundred S .


- ., -- -, -- -'.- *aa1- -, '
g -

The Floridian & journal
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Title: The Floridian & journal
Alternate title: Floridian and journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: April 7, 1855
Publication Date: 1849-
Frequency: weekly
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
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I : .. American Bible Ttiian, Very !Important: to Lovers had: ri i'tn iibov't'all l ) i1! 050 anl-ij"e' and nni-'y { 'ii;: bf v.t live to n t'irn! n eiiernted, ur.tir-; e of HieHentiiicl. I /*. cn tl'f Vi'tt-'Jiiiiyivn' l/mon; 2J.ZJ

flic foil' wini; i h the plan: for ivvi-ng the1! In'cmtinz ( 'orr<*"jr'>'rf'nrc bfliTcn 4
jl.1i-h! Scripture by tht Hiblv! I iii'>n, an j }Youiix Mm ttn-I n dnhit( iJa'Jy i- lfz:1.T :age* and t t.iiir prop.-- locality! ( in ''pam.: ) I Ij j ih.it; pioii I station) ainMiiij-vt! !) famiivand fiicndvJin ', VOI.K Marth 17 lSrr,. Jnstitutions ot tho South- -

: rtJorl l by tho Hible Ke\i.. io'i \** n-iMli i.!. i htt i:trc fi .r ," :] Ati M'ir, d b.i !lt\ :u 11.!( u ;;iit' : (_ UcS I I \ I then III Itt. | EV : ; Twenty 3 ears n'go the vLi.e! South! \vasihiown

a approved by *' a i < *on\ri ion of Fritiid< o:' ( :I'-rr'-t'J'-'i '-..'ir < /.( .'e .- !1 >n. ed'ic.ii"d lik! yourself, a sti'in ftisi.tii: : o'j' i lint' al.it >ir, this tirinct t Ix'.and tuo over- i i Tl.o All.indu. s-evKJi-oa' days out, hts iL, I i.ito a st-ite of intense excitement by

: 1evi" ," }i1J in '' .: Ai! 1: i-- f.vHi.nv:: s\ia to us t trt! : tuii.1! all our j i :!s< !;.!;- : ;:!iotbe r'viliti( -> oi I !': fi'i {h-> :ii i ilj y whelming: ron.sciuiisiti SM of it, ijj.it:! : TH >H' it r.gtli ro'iii' i.:>, wiui sun t!.': s I-itcr new. ibe dilation ofabol!itii u pai; r..U-t!
JfJ-l; ; !. in view i.f. vhii-li.:) tad: f.)li wi.iir; resJntion i '! ,hical ui.-cu ion* tpoliticij t pinions what you e:.!' :8ili.; B.'t:'! -!:( !} | t--j j wi'tc-hfdm ss ai-d n.i ivnpoii n.e than :anv !fliavy v.rntheiur! -t 1 as tl.o caa c of thiip.issni' tia! tnaih: in that portion of (the Union. 1
;fiUi: phlo) > | '- v.e are ; 1.' b'it rru'it i is the
.1 i j niie-s '. not advani i. a '- iaiiii-10 iM-ii..hy \\h't-i! th" l.iw 7.1; ; we r sI-p..1t it t
/! was :nl'pu : | I : <-! can iihi't.! Tie-re iiwe.cnpe il i- 1'resident Jackxon deemed the nibject of '
t<> forget the l.uiieomitting that mo.tI huu the iii i. v iti'rav\! il t of the bo>t of tie! Crnr.rdi-r; ** to the so
prune r.of 1 or supply I ff4) .
non'.s a
7it"wt-f7: That: it H the olion; of i :s vjnjreutiou tin Pt! a o i l n one leenii s e.i': .'; : ; LIArllZl! much importance. that be referred to it itt !l.is

tint the Amciicar. I'ible I'lii-in; hasi I calculated to internet them.! To tio.-e! who much lcs the ilcga'u-ivsof: 1 a lId)i'.C. 1 I thought i ion the poif i: h li; of I IJK- J't.IS. '. I could escape fri'fli (Crimea: and' tit taxing of coal. A slackii.jj :iinul: mecfe.'iye of ihe Slh of JDi-ceml er, I lt)35In .

ill us far, widely and successfully pro -iite,! i know us we need not -i- bow unjust i- such llii-' account yo.i would adily enter' i'.to ;I th-'Tr-.ilroj d I ear> -it i I tlie li.-k: of my life; a.5 ha- j'i ui"to[ the cxfc't.l! of c\tn a tilo; or two ia ai i ItvJl:: i. 'IJ5: and VJ, lie it rcmembored,

the of !mvicws, li-it you iefu! -e to do >-o. V. < il. I :i.-$'ti LjlVI j i-i ti ti.'ooiiv, and I t eo'ild lay out 1.our sax'Cfi an ii! ;ut-nee quantity of rual. 'I
cnterpn/.e procuring a pure yet>itti; < 1 !' :.i jMjvjtSt-iiHi.; i In ur ]vr, lnU'er, i I> make ai : ) 'I heIK of! the dtritli of iNicholas i- thi* abolitionists i f the North sr-bed upon thoTost

the l'njli Sciiptup"?, a.id. tht \\ 'k fjiall bo.-t j i mend iwill abandon,: mmpicst.. 1 :t;: tooniiich:: !ejoTe in L..O: v. d -.voo-ix i.'miit; r.iter; i jht. wi1-! !) ) !'j WS ) I > fully : Offices) as n secret means to fill tha r
< Ffeniii'ij neglect, wo ju'-i 'coiifiimt'lint! : tall tho cfil-et ,
I any \ l t-> \ an, 1 to: al'ow cvi: a (! 'i li. b } i apr-.irancfs
: iij-t- '
o i' si of liIte' Hu' !
Ih& | ea: o\ ti"n
'' Lv ztiiiu .opy !; South
)rvI1O ( iit'; (' at, j. r | : with: al.-um: It was ui.'drr the sanel -
bv-lmv f.'' ai tl;'* New Y4ik "io.; ) s a 1 St' lt-> <>II l this jsxiious and iiio-vt ii.o."l.i' il i-1. to i ij t'i 14 notl.if'tr! 1U.rl' tiai! : : tLir "The Iii: : i i-t ;
ep.ndeut As'jo.M.itio'.i TO co-operate *vjh; ic | ; \\ :aone ev.-r wil-hf-il; e. ;ipanion \\i!'eh I IcouM :l/!: of tint institution[ tbnt they sjcceidvJ in

Cnijn i.i this! work.! j 1 'iK-rs : > which a i.m.-. itu1i'L1I.4i.g) ulij't i i i-5 j I \\eaken the I'jvu wbi'-'i! i' iii; s oi'r luait--.- [ rf.t u\'i\\ \1. I It t xvas I j'te ci(. '*! tant : Jv.ad. 'I he Ki.i Kvos.; Cod sa\etr. Ki :. i piMiijyfi'
s-jHcirit : it tnrrduroux id
: j ;: to<
.i ittg a to tT
j ? ; a iHriUaMi
i !it Iie'1 in Myle at cLCLuit .; ,t-J Alexaruer! tt'-r-i into tt i-hu l ii.fa the .
oi-ee at
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Sr.\Ti.\r I'LAV. ; ; t : MI! i \vLtti.if.iuty
: or T: ;: ] "i\-eyo: Tbp 1lut c'ande! tina .
j lrztCLi% t. A* It, I'JP limits of tht qi"ii-! n v. > i t'c iu all), icrr: --. ( -nit iiv i.'ca :onattt!! aii'l di > ijno eitt-d; {pJity ol i-ii futiier. Tite war fives ou, ami it j purjjo'e. a I I
1st.. 1'h" r-i i-i: eIlflc:1 Uce s' :: : in i.-i v >n : ot ;il! t. hatcho'f, as v.'t are ti U by (;cn. Jnrks -
i ciu r.ot foil oarHho- liy UIIPIt'ttZIt> to judirf. i will tTiLlv! onisb ijrrt-- d! vi. find
; in's'oHuc'ruc'i; rvdt.'di'! { iii rbiKM- ; ) : !or
: : !- : > _> < ?: ii : I <" }M I.oar il i'i the leav., tit! [ j '
made Hie lia.si of Revi-ioti.r5:! ;n-.c-ia-, J your ; ;>n, by the fot-3 ofthc! L'nion, .v.-I I their forti'jn I.
Had w l bt--'Ji llu- -::: ;: bov.i".tr, lu'liev-i I wi-'ia uv i n.l'.'' of tec' r'tu : -
j ti'ul !heads! L'KIwol j !, i : "tK-yoin
to ; ;
tl.'d! o'
n ii'ov. !liti
interferencewhli V C'ij'j-h! ,' lofy j ;:- : : r my ;t I < < -il-l l-ftr: it iz P-I j jty R'ls-tiaiis's, ''
rv ph.vts' ilL tbxl.idy] to Icive been utii'alajitl lu\ *, !' Hui; Is with bi.a rur.l Ilu in* ; as tt1? pr''i k j.i.ivemer.tariiit
-i | Kmporor. : ;
; .i'j th-t! }
C--: ; 11) ;iivrnji.io; : ( yciJmv, or ? e:1: tiit ws: i --r.'.* tTs br '
iali bo avoIJ d.] aud .i.-h it. ; tjin; f. the of th.o! Stairs itd
oaiy ; >!> j ; : righte t i te! ritit!
: i > :: { uot 'rive lie her ioutheru. road
: liutosi iu
Kun we ivcjriUi-ii j jtu rob th \5..Ji-t of J \ !!' i jI {" r<: s great t 4
shill Ju n.aoi: ? ? the ci-oi iviianjj o"tj: -s i-t C'Mclusion. V'e will onlv a-U j 1 ; p.'i : i!! :!, / :>< \vLtto! tllh us, '\,!rtvc i-j.; !I-i;' I t"ir- of i'iii idunl Irtsl1!* hntch"d in srcrvt: coo

liuthtrjTuat I c<;:scliiM! 'i must i.iform; ;'->:5 that I iiiue roaii M.'i ftf rive my.t/ ; J tj itnp.',!. fisti t i>,i'.f l I
FL- : f
]ired text and' iho ciiiUii tate: of lliv tiie marria IISAC '. the II- iltve by abolition leader* and rtisiii VOKCICXA .
taken Louis ert-i.-.
was to r-laco ui your letter to to! famiK. It it1d be uuprop.r ; iv u'lv! Honip di l.nil -.jotrv ttiiKrowu vJuve S' ; Xap'-I oht ppifi : e ;

;uage may require !bat New Year's Day. to d "t ive i lu; tf j jl \vho bad I i gr4ig!;! to h?. !> .:-t \:,,! ; !be w ill h.uc .'. Frc-n- j jIrrarruon S.NU ACrroEs. It wusj aa appeal: tct
; < TOH o stiljict ; tin t: I ;j* n nf! cr'ni.i k'iow me no !
J. The f tin- red I ,
ej.act !iiiltnip: : ( in-j tetiisih.Htt t FUVI? to itt Bgainst their mast.-rs; to
of thous.-n n.-tar.ii-1
ex1)r'L'zt. to tlse! wh-i u d. !>-itodh : } ir : ; 1 Ili !,..".-, \.lierp t rouM I hive a, tfJed dItr4Ifte \': 1 i'ortv ; i. M-n rt dug t <* the Sf>tth: i liz bl 'od ; to frxfeimFiiat'.* j "
Dec. tw of the Cuiraet.i .
1 1851. Pere-kotij
[ pjtvr.y
j-jt'i ? t id { i.ivo
'n't'iyt'-i-za gn-jt ; ; oe ; ;. i"
11w u'ua iJiey t ; oi': rrrre ttert al.I'flift ''h-* whites and th'us!
*- 'rigiuLl; tctijiJares at ; w- : ; t to {reci'i'ito; a *Iiso. 1
i L-t I.h.e1td fa-i-
Ds Et T : TJi" mjtial ivirard which ir.ion ih t"j-tho} !? itli wioi'i 1-5 at tt to up. to pruveut
w ; :i 11. -i v. v.j t tt'.Kir The
trasI.-ii-J ; ; R!;! ev!=
pr.-cnt < :
first wiittcn, niytLJ ;! ; by < rjv >7d-! lutioti tsf the L nion. And il'is secret ard tss -
I1 I ii'u sit b-ij'jn: to Ln.Av O.M-.S b.'iv.cc-i us\\ tiey hns.v. td .an leiniorecment-s tsuui caiuU1;' hi. IotraorL'i.K'iiy \ L- ]
In* s : .f t f' e nr-t v.uUl !! :', ( 1 1fi a bright liifht tt |
inrronls and 1t aa they .
; j'lira'f1* < ai: 9-i.i iMpir prrpn! i xrJt opposed p.nd ?* I _
that thlL.! I [ expo
f ab i .Hid t'n: *%\ui4.iiiMi tlu; pmh of ipfhudy: in all t'u' : u\viv was iiot mi I
f)4j11t1 iie v'rzrtCui.tr : bv the ( d t tI
Ill : |
; ur iiiervjfimn! ar of
:-s vig'I-ince .
whom, il c tt .IaftL.Ig tLeat- I the democrat; And -\v Jtt-cr.,>. T vfntv -

if: '.' me <'oj:.: 0* .''i.ifu't! wi!: .-! bnr S1 1mrrriod whi.h ?
; ts.ib1t1: (i1sS ((21flY Or ii' 1it''s.; ;. : vi'4.: : >- 1-uii-vm. \v rcqunMS to by .ofl I x\r c.t away. I'rovid! nco !ha ; : ars h-tve added vai'Jy to nbo'itinn
iort W1auh; i i-. t: tho iif. t ;:: :rt < and > I' -.- -'." ,si.i'i i .. Th'--! JiAr I It is rep> tod .U-.o t.i-st: the rryinwrs: of the power, .
ii : 'i
: 1. Tin' revi i-T? of Ihf >. Tf= ', :* < ;t : t <; ; M. 4- tI.'r o t't'i-rs'fd. airi I a'tiherp ; Lul! avert -vJ
g w tnm: in shulittoti i ltt?TsP53 tc abnli'io.'i injTPRtiitvii'ii -V
p .h:1I: he niah : ; : 1i tht ( vk i !iiv'St my :| l.iivt: : .-.pK-4u2f) on ttr aiun- I auro I *' with L"'i.; ',! .' 'rg :'.- tit i nt, 5'e"U.-! >> i n-"ii-I t. to ij.-n-s, t'a'; *, ar-d KMSCVM' 1 Allies haw 1 it Bp .u ,-<.*; e iif\-hu{ for tlI l /.kihI. Hnted in ,ISXi by rLo wli oftlf .

ie\t as 'i ti;.s::1.! Ainnit 1'..' t i u-ic< t I Ifippi'jox, I Ij i-= a djT'v l < \\-"it! ( !ni m. t i') divs! tin / i K vJ.-.li i !"-t.<' tl." '-that }iv t t'> pc-niiit m -c(.tj lac-tin of U.j !. k.-tj.w.d.; city. Vs'ill: thai. ; s
recently jcihlislivti Ly L'ag-i< riJc ily.j-, po\vi- : Nort'ir r.i> l >n ticfsiiletnly
octavo edition, I2 1. / 1 j (!} '! <' an' iibho VM !ilv jy i tu p, iu : < !!MMI- h'iirfpfir doJ.>lei T'f ) t'" ir Vti"in'f! t "In'i 1 in (! .|MiL 'li l sV.il K> my eocrvse, i tm.st i ,\ I t'", pru\o a f.jis.uv; I X>.:>s 'Trr, .v. Thtlfu l.u.-.c-.l; i by all partiea many iii the[free St..tt'sit: luit. rc- I

It.-; w v.t of mi"ii \. nli lo li" t'i rsi.1- of I'.t.'tolic!' ;' --irs; : ; 'c-rnto: I I. : mnliif lyinjr ."!! tlie! tinro. -
: .i"i e.jti'rriKi ;
-li.h. Kvory: (i.c<>k worl or pLna. ia !! ; \ !: u- : ; {.i'iinjili'i'7? V j: ; \% i-'I(' : !i'l a !bi-tk-r; ii.in.. i ii ;t t.u.iitd a-gri'Wth atid .". that liar'S t
art ii.e nuu.-J ia tha} I potency -
traiiMatioii( ,fvji! %1j tj!, l .-.- ]. v of th;* i' ;f we y(ij. > '. tf.! -'tr lo .<. J "l Iii? -'iefc'i) v li i.-npil to with elo'f.itiion : ftj'piarlo ut ;w-yir I >ur wjafe-t .:.T'etiicti. It Iris cumplvtclvtt

coalman vcrsiuft i:* c'riftgod urj J b } >_'jon, a- v.--l! a l b vo, yoa nui.-t t be, awaie. hIc ni'i: ; i !hr sucii mar. u.s I i'lvai-1, you CM 1 1n. : t bv rd!i pi: -t ..t. Vk'Ue-t-i it viRs foliclui 1 'vtweeu ta'Ifires, Irort and rear. 'Ikru., tht ; the ajuie Noititerri
cjxfulj-: tapurcd .ixig nrdI
dear thit it will i-einrjit in woj.Jtifu! ., tioii ui'TiU'j: \s'. u It.'t in-o thum- j parzv ; :
111 owniined in i.i n ; oi 4 << (to 'iniiiit, ; !! ,!. {it :j.r(! r >nHi'spoV't' i- ,o'ii>'t ; : >
ot v.hi.-h rrorm-iit .
j.-tar'1 it
-r tac
oiory < o--i < 'ft t by means of another
1 piesi rt
-4-! b'r.K--- } tIM itrpL'-i Ily'Lns
ikyrcf our hearts. 1)\> .KI thi* k I'K-II, liiat uill ti.iti-< J<, '; !iSO. '.:'o-. Id 't < by e- j
curs in the .New Testament, :;ud J'H* lie isllii ,f' ; uv.vr ay.-'n int : l !M.iu vcu t I a'd! found e.iilty.r.pf! j I I 1 ec-t socitlv( it boasts ot being i'i a mr.jority t
hi.,d thorn. C = 'its. te't1
: rc\iv. be given iis lo KO: | ;-. rer iraziit-i: VI ei n- > at-u an.jrii truly in freejt.itf of the Amt-ican Union. .

z3: iI! each rIit. /San or any: j'roit t.i'it < !jun-i i fa on.bap- 1 M-U-r !'; > :..:!'ir-i : t.i .;:iu.-i.Uit: cerL luI.t : 1 I.iIl!!! fi fr"i I< !tn* ctrt i.i ;> tr--oi! ). An ii'ib i !>.is{<:[> >! is to be rcled.r1jje Allies d'aw j :%.-; ;, every lint cont-'iit .with this. it now turns UsWliih
tlulr ai'ri.'s 1 it tiie side ;
;T:i. 'he.jever an aU<>r.iiioi! : f-oui: th-it v* n-it i py county, :dl i -ifi.! ns .U't juik;-. :iud vt.ur2itsd ] t to i.ur n.i >n. j '. .iiij-( l \ilui i'-t;! h.b.! .:-it a !>ri"Iit an.l; s'.i-;iIi Uj. jtrotin; on soatti tw ; machiuery the South, r !r.d hopr?
f'.i': I aibor hut Live thv uo.h si ie upon .
ta.'V : o: t thy
; ;
h iaI l< on any authorityaduii: .via! lo j's it ol i : eire nvA assure you that to: ms ofiti 1 our lovoJtd ii'r l li'H'; !'' to :!il his t hi"" r-* his: l bconie) :a t total j ;ilie aiJ l of dt-ctcs from tho lipniocraliu-
}..- wli.! i 1' (xiinua all tC! tliroL h.f
: are of ?.u.ili: tanc'1 : ot)ti way
c-ic'i .1 inip ju-ovi'JcJ o.trli wreck, uid } I- > n '-i-, wiiii--1 hold Ihi;
1-1-3 ri'vi.r, aut'ioiiiy in.i IK* citea 1:1 ; and
rt: : ks, ambLiQui whig aspirants, ta in.
\ > b vinu-'Ua. riiortu.t r, dot! u--t Dec. i-2 1 54.lr.i The ili--ian--: : : ; poi:: i;; I liv tlioili-in 1:0: i-tt.r- | .
the m-inusi-rhrt. eitlier on zie NUIIji.. ge or iuan Wi-mn t j jus. hoJi'U.i1'-; w1'; ti I be comi) 'd to d'rchar'ie ;1 v .Jr.. fifteen Soutijern States tn ita f.tl l toil?.
ni'itroi th' nviniti'-r-i ard ,
t : >
oxedotik. : > ; s. j
tio-; ksentimeu &uj ;j9
m -
appendix.6th. nnrrhgt1. < Jstj., SI o j..ti'if'.i! h a ituU .'.' .i;!. \ fir ( onr.-e: in lii'1 Tho
th! K'lov/
I 1 1 iit-v biiild n .w works f defence, fiorn dv I i sccrc-L sot ity of iNClhir.gSf
i.d but inotxnlia K'l'j'Huiqrt ;
i i <
:; As I-eofl astl.c re i4on of any or.o c d< ;M liv !unto i 1 v :. ;, ,T two \v.rft.-.* i,.'tu > :'" t.j ilItt'- abo'tionized as it is to its heart's core is .
to day tic: lock the harbor by sunken! ntj
Book ofth; ? New Tcsianiviit i i- iii.IwL' i: and re-perl.iliu; Tbore i is, ; .- you j vil.u! <' fo ci.! Illii,!. iS! lit t ;5'11'ij.l 'S *Jl 1 your i try and intent iiy. A I.- that one *o young ; _> up Improvement : the ingenious ilot of .
; I the hills the limit upon
?JiaiI b? t'nt to t;;'* Secretary oi'ib |];! KJ J nii :ire j awaiv, aey j : deij -ro..J.-d( aipalr: toihe !parentnor" will i jn.eut: t > Iia"i any oi'rcd ;- !1| and wi.h; SPI b i.ilent; could come to t t.i-l! -.hips ; they swarm over on : sirilci'igat the South through) the | offices.
of the besiPKoro th.-'utcned! their dcpotn tran. i ii post
faith in wbiv-h} wiiho-ji ,
after bdninx'rovisf.Jil3iil! e aif! llieK'fjreslios any": f.tJt of voir: <. j to sniin') When 5 cosi"; u-d to marr\ \ ou > yet young enough} to oit.-nn.! It gives'to the enemies of th.' South tliis ndran- 1.
i id [lid! t= : H.ii-ik.t': ;; a; L at la-t
: h'tve been 4&llleit4'd lil l it wmiM ports, a : s .t. ;n
you in.ny A 1 tiet .* tl.al l"i ii when v"i co no fro u :-5-*' n. an liotioraiile
: s. carefully prepaid cofu shall b yon, vijis nwan yunr ;< *'r t nurij'jli'r. p t.vftTha roaster will set tIe camrL-of
: f.onis Xapoleon thiiki of the hapny i-ea! of
M-n< U-l ly iaieiffve with in\;, buecfful J p'.ir! >iJt wiiii tiui/'itliL'i uMiji'i ,!IeV I l.-i-l int-'ixi.-I to h-.ve ,itenc'd j jtitioii'ir
for rdJ to, the ivcreiai: *'. ; vi-re j jiu'mc' profe.s-ion. : .s< fi iliii? secret cabals ty hi? slaves end
theio at the lath- g ;
?' PLAN. of buiueaSvero I to continct, s* c'oi-e]' an iahiaicv J ti<' ,.L 'Fte!, vr t to tli-: JoMt'e-t t'-rm), tie! l.iw jwvmitIJut -. : an .irmy corps up :
More tw \Trivt; rtiisfori' ill ai.rn'"Hi i >re vuovi you of !i'erekop to keep out the enemy's rej while thc one ptt!< H the cyrrthroxv of lie .
; : with :s jn.-au i ];;:of. :: :; ll-.jjvm C-ui-! t.-lv"1 oiiVijil ,f !Ii' what ha\i* b. re -Jon 4$1 f t'lis \ n i tu -n'ir]! ]u .fieuj von you rfg'its! of his white fiiiowcitLienaho! l hoa .
*' pt.3 j eiiforceneiit-; and p.-oviMon: Thce i is a touch may
1a- nul f !'ri HI. < M, Miid y ui rtv -. l-.v. <-vT. ai.ive -> I irroatcr i'viuiiiat: whir! !! I inJ t obnv no! 1 tttI| it-.j.;. couipMt: !! d inc to att ir my mbd; ; ( C'atholic the oihcr
i' or foreign-born
$ : rulua-hjwciil c'-nt* of tlu ti-u; IJonapartc.ia: this, though it couaeiiher n pre
h. no (1Aul: yn.t wiil J to MO: !,JJ> tlv7w t t.> o-nd! &t1.!. 'j''n-} .; .*' M.-I- lftt *r )Itt. 1 :i us I t't c. ii1.i i3 thit: () i iI! 'ri'VflOh ] to take hij freedom by of thosov.'ild'n r
;; r ;ia : : -.- late n th" tlav.14oui pares means
siod :jy in an 'ilu.rliKfth.: ; w-> will h:1i: ;ii- tliv it of I inot for the of t tua a.nd moiuiit in J ,
W t1 iiotn! ifv !Fi t t..iv--: f : your ; a ruv j ter :i year six secret and bloody!
( j jI ,
to > ; < ; : :i.j i.- j ;- .\apoleon axin! desires I'ngland toi'undei organisations
juire ii s.jxiHj-a'Yt- : : 11\ ltd, the <': : Ot3jcLIfl -.. .xpiiii, ;IN poetnifd \ :r tf' i iit : o. ; which have (too often menaced the South! f
: r- stand thnt she hts a master. .sir. Hot 1 : -
if whhJi wIH 'ni:ulj- <;It.abJt} ;ij ud niu.4 pioiu1 but ln-itrOi d i :th ths.rii.-. 1 IJ I Tlie iiec'/ner! was adtrcted( lo tears \\hilei '
:' .! -: S : !I- 4t! v nliss & sj.'rit roil i : v h.iek's t;i ['ailKiLU'i! C'cmmHtee, to inquire Tho rlindthie example may be contrigiou: : i
tt cur v.vli.i'o. i Ivitou ; ; >
; : a maScr !- think Sir < I h'-f i had l-1tjr i idol-ess-'if Ue ,' 'vo! i
: .ii of I'.eof i in.j n ; ;; ii s re- ; : ] "r. Every Northern Know-Nothing orator called
; iikf iLi-j will wIA i jIit.o the s-in.'l iijf: nui'i'Mia eiuerit ot iae lirit-; : 1
iTI r(2t ] gki ; c :.. yoa { t : ; vonifti tii'IiiSO.! ; \kl w ll tfi'I Fnrui onvho will to the South can do his double tie.itrnying
l'i K () iK-i liijor tho} i-h :arir.v untU-r Lord IJcirlan.: ) does not plr't-sc duty by -
i ;:< sbfVuii1.! ill r: conMt, kimv.ib : =r uAM> .i\t- / !
rrit : i.it r4dj1 ;:Ji t .j.-H| -,:uict' tics .you 'lulv t-ni -ut U'-i:10 < \iu't.u-' ht :V t r---1 for abbauu I eloott'ij" thIi'! Fienrh Ktrjvror: The pitLIication of Mr.Mobiic the adopted citizen and tba slave. .
% ri n 'Ji.uihs its
1H>i Sit *.ll !&*, > ** 5 v- *, l > > .l.! r ilxir "t s .r av.i>-, rw o : : ,_ ,
1.I: Z ) auti aiod o zhHdltvzn ftcdom full : > 1. i : a.peal in l>iulf!> Pi i t th"! Mi| pre--Ion ( ; \ s i.'TUMI'S! tis.-'v injure tiie ji .seofitho beJ LI 3.I.I : ItU.U.
:I1at *] hO \ J' : 1 give you iuy M-nted, S'r, tu liP 'i ii.n": lHu :' m.trii tt.. l-i ; The re-ttlt I .
? 1I ; I I1't. the danir-'i'-HMan.! cow.'tidly practice of we.ir- : linn. mii-t bkept secret. !
.. Itnov. ,. :
to -
.i.i u
( ui'iu
t. The w'jolN> v Te-tiur-ui ;o ledJusr ]- !' my > pii- fu-:. \'tvif mv ii'i.t, 'f s" ro! ioJii-e, ? tVel i"!" :!! uns. \Ve share i is sintiinof llob'ick' ays no Louia .Napoleon threatens. !! Under the plaintive nead of "T/Lafs$ tf i*
-lv. thiuk coiU'c.1vcaj
v'ijy or pub amay n> d J'.i-'it' wo'iH cl"nfto i b"
p jvr.Though <-
vi JI1 : mi ; IUIZ fltBiIttf qmushiofi; f.fiM: lord Clarendon over to I5oulo.rie to ofudt" tho Savannah 3eas oftlo
: ;) vt cjdi Hiis bushn'-s Kttr ;- ai! J coiiiv'i-i" iii. ; \>t'W .nd! co-oj.-; goes Bccotne
; you i.my: a i hJi; than -l.r .' '" aHat' '. I Iui"
; : W\T'-C ; :: < :
? the!
; inake !
C'fln.t; : : T-I14)L it 5w tiiJor! Jt } ; erat-' with all Ln! eio/'n- t to tsi.n the public e.\p.nr'tion? t ; Un.peror.Vhal'! '2GtS gives e. vary hurt picture of the} state of f
th.zht v.-oil.l be t'.f finale '
? : rii *tutlI : -nnJ !! >',. : iv I Lli ( t.U! t torn ami thi: i.uii'tt o:' tliv la\ ii|.>un till ( flc.SC11IOfl! And et !the! I iupi-ror is' tlia Leer market in that c'tv. TLe .2\'tc :

? u aii parts 01 lii & o.ujitry auU M l real ;, 'I 'U UI.SlM, j il-.1* 1.11 *.r v> .n." ivni; ucli and( buihi.m.i iiist; :am' ten to one: lia wiiinave !lis:i aiv.ill .
aufcu<-;- uii jr.-v.t auxi.-ty.! In ti." : poliro'i'i Ty .
1)dtt :yoar KJiuiidi i it I d! for 1 II
I.I'I '
rt iii. I lfa\oa ns t -i ; > >, ( f.-in- end if U-y the humilationfUu says-
: 4itIlti1tII- )ittt -I i An bo4!: arnl p'-.K---i': .!.' ciri-.en has: litthny : too. secure
ti ; in 'tF :
:2' V1i all the OdTr nt jiarts i:1t. la y yu.'r.v \nurj I j not to conceal; mCM for miirwiMpons than those with[! whi* ''i III -ia, njh'iidtii! fiid: France with an..irmy Never within our Lotisel eejing expeiicncain
iie is < tJ rr< *l vjHd it iii.1iibv! I
... 1'a' fldi.Iijutir 4'tflt rt..t.4. vt It 1 ujion I course tt that v. odd whirh i \ "*: ; :!ir! :>t much j jl 1 hai snpt.ii.-d him. If he fars an as- of oceajUJon at Cor.otauf': >fhle that !; Svimah,, hia'w seen such a btggarly
ltsv& ivi Wttii. mi.cii.ad wjih !hia i ii-Jehlv nature :
ht ha\e ii-ArU Jl'J. !ied, tlie re\i&or of uli. l I for cunsi'Htiun. Asfo.i I -, f \\ !Il! t\-; to f, 'ge: l ; isia. I: w'Stiiotcuu: i hin: f.-om !lu! .p--n a
t<* l K- 4u
(ii: t; i. rcpreseit.itu'p: of tlio conii i
r&i4 s of each, hall I.-K-K to tuuer iu.-.i go iu life and death.; :1I t> be aj>uea' : t cxc.'j.l" by. t tt!' s-vjii.iccof hu-i: I -uul ri-voU-f'is'. Sel-defen; :e is no plea, f for the j On the ether Pule, it i i. saiJ that Nicholas tiiiiig to eat on Saturday last. U ith the exception i

'In1 whole work i j or and cous e" !!'- :. > i i .o i.jn: j i.t'orcbe dk-ii had Uouber 1'eas and
ovir coiijuiicliy.: ti.hs.'bK-f it d b-foie llu means of delemvvai .some! days superseded tit Catt'sJi Turnip
i >!! ; i
lid. The manuscript n'viMuiis are to be ac I 1)te. ; \'HIM, lV": )be made avail.iiJe. The retaliation of : tfch' j MenschikolT.[ at Seba-topt.l. by Go.H-liakrii': ( I ( ireens, theie wa nothing'! (to speak of in the r

conpaniedUIIz the oit.-iJois of a1tiii.; \ I >I : : i l fr."n I I ie\ ''!iie 01 froii! sudden passion. |, and (Osten Sacketi. If tlii.s be so, it arg'ies ( market. What little!, theiovas a!>undcny!
the! ut.ii.cnt and DJAC -- : I received your l<-tl<-r j ;nt ;. ; T1i COflC1t3flt; o1'Crine. ;' ''that the losses of !l.e made! in th
embracing f"r in
opi.jioa.- ; cirtu-s tl4i : If :i ->c >ui: i .-.* d.tw.: < !u Kniff npi/n} a man! it expenses en- harr.o1li | up pric c ? dt-ric-ency nuantity _
commentators fur every 21'ru1; operation mimitesJnc< : my! j'ldijvmeiit trlime to : In the i'out t of tieivral* ->c. -i' o it at t ?\c\s i'I ';i 4huIS! not ui'-na the mutt-i" to &hyot! him: iu re- j i ami1 army there under Men ehiko/f/ were riot and quality. Hie and there were to Lo

frri! the con.-ii: >alyre.-eh l tv-r-JM.i.; fJo, > ; t- : n.\v'r tt (tlt', wihtiit: I! i o-k, o'i: j i-i iM-'V Ia-i. \> iJi.i'i!i : Ki-sane* v..n, j Nati>!factory to N cIu'lo.: and thai 'Jortseha-1: een a few pieces:; of uKSciable; Reef at t 15- :'

thorities to I be jiiib'J-bcii! i.i r .::arctio:j T5ftedfd.' \\ IIPTJ ru : '-'.'- mer. lad bv't-i. t4..i I \'ttfd c?' '' !, :" was: biought J!i tuni.An honorable: man v.ilcoin;j having: any l li k.iir! has IKLII given tle: command -witli the cents !per pouml and tio grumbling aJjoutt 4 :

the fir.-t editii of the wo. \. \j! j jIj nny !h.- I :. gi.e vo'j my <.'.-*: and lUs.ifFi'-tionp, I II con- : U ) I'r :i.I lii lt !! )' 11 :t'.k'tI :idvantnire; o\n" other, Mieh as I i-j'i\ ri') I It by.i ., \iewofa rm-ro active and \ izoroil: .? TCiturtt. c lione If you Didn't like it, you emit* ; _

done withojit occupying nsiu-'i .act1. so that I 1 : i; UIII aod 'I I j recorderJr.i'h' v by jii'! :! 4'nf ..-i! !t,>-ed YOU ; hut i did not ;il tin* >.tim- lime:: a i I .roiMiuaccd l r.'isj bnij, law cii'ic venpo '
ihe : : .iccoi to |
reader bt .
common may have tie! means ofjiHifung neei! Ihei- In .1 ti'.ili--d! eo-nmsmity the I.tw I-i yet to come fll'{ : and fore the camipahru l 'i pur. We sav tao g.irne chickens tied

) the \iolatio'is ;is n-adily :ujd Kitiiiadorily give Jo I fsim-nder to \oi my foul :.nd iti'ttrml j ,iii r->M'ii the C'o'iit liillov-s : i ij !. til1 b' our proteetioii) ( :and in: e\er> orderlin ; I there i i-? settled, the diplomatic complieaUoii5 by tlielegs'with their ncciis Jiimmed and theirhoads -

as a mai: of learning.4ii. : i : ii.ijif-s.; I llady.ia a'-k.-d me I lo ma'.c' .uli j ja I \Ia % it pleas-e th- Court, I--ball: a\ailmy- <.itv. bullita; niid assi.ia., tlioulil lie i,1 of JiC ( leniian and ItaK.m Slates maet \ peeked til they were entirely out of, .

Kicniicc :i.3 that, I would hau1 refiiM-il I not \ .-elf of the ) ; : ( IKIW o.Tcied, it being i I wlioie .
The wliole work thus Lrou-iht 1 t. the i made to f-'el; its peisahie-: { \ leaiilt in lighting up the ? Continent ( shape, offered for a dollar. Tho owner I&a.i '

hiiesttit! <* of perfection i'' then ;o 1 be oi'ilod' ojlv: yon but an ;irelii ri'-!, couM any nub !jibe la'-t I fchsdl: juobablv e\t-r ha\\ to make ;ife lib & at.datioutiaiie;[ that gentlemen | in this struirale between lfisu! and her ene'mie lit'' 'em until they couldn't come t> lime,

1111'1' l publi'-heil under the j>i.p v.-ion of a C-OTJ F1Tt ( iul IIkt' ( I >y n-maik, *. And! I wi-;h il to be, ditinctlymi'leulovfJ I a be lompc-lled to carry weapons; in j jhould -, termi\ed with vaiions f-poitancotis; : and now he offered them as proxjsions" at _
oi-j I
petept ciur. lij.tje'u'ier, dar ili.u jvi gl n .Mii! us : iliat Yvitil I am itli--i> 'o sav, i.I 5iu I revolutions in behalf of third of the that nice but he wouldn't! ajj.nta dime.
: I dt-r i lo pro: 'rt thn-1. heay..int blaekiruanls.; j jLoi.g party peojple : [ a I
(:atIlId:1..I! ] ? is n >! ;iu npiiuoii; ; ;it all-it is fur no: w.Wtiatitr inti-n'.eM: ? n: : su 117 |ur'meic _
THE I ttutheir "lalinee
i in of
ADVANTA ;K OF THIS 1IAN. > 1 !hal.it: :alone e.m i.conciKthe prartii-e | cutting own po\v-1 I'oik, t.idJaarUy good, was seiitrg at I2 cts. r'
m'<"o, f'M'ii: than a logical r-omi'-iiop i -it is'faiti \' ; on the contrary, I 1 U-cl that I deserve; betwt-i'.i die! oiJser two auies, Cuswick urid. ] si5 cents. Shad of which 4
ftiv feeiia ier" Ig
lct. IJtho_ i-mpl ..yolit of; :i Jar.. iiniber 'ji' : nii.ieil :u.d decent man's : s. i ij !per [) ,.
of scholars in liHeiit sections of iliio countryrti'l !, wni" ; i t'vur.l ar.J powerful i-i jjronortioa anv ii&l '' wLi-'b tb'1 .Cuiirt may d'iin'pjopir Much beJi r woi.ld it be (to cotTCct t the wroni* 'j jthin unl :anti; '?:aek. kos-nth[ may be a hnm- there were very tV'v ir. market, went off read .

Great U.il-iin. the fcevi.i' jrsrfs of tin- ) to tL'! dnii/Iiy; ; in whi.-li it li-x! .Siit.iila to iiillict; j I '. obl-ijo) otlieis.! t.j folio! o'u: l--'d;' vvnmj I1u.r.! and! I.i /i.ii a .dreamer ; b'if. i.>pty upon ily at f>t 0) to T.) cts. ,1 itte. lush: pjiatoesm pl

New TesLimetit) may be so appoMi, ( :i*-il n to ii.y iitif'! l.iuh' bttt I tb. nol niv'e;"; 'tt b< 5y lil'i-, soMrne J' *be public! pml; | pi.-. 1 j ii, tfue..'!.: :.' #n'al! nrr.ib'ie: '! ... are a'viit1" the rate of 8(& per 111. or ;about one cant a F .

a tlii-fi'opiti. :Now: <:Uan"-t: -- ,1 (" iiii i imve MCI lujoi, I :aj; hoi been oae c< :iimui.lh'ltfcewion : iji-ir !! 't.iters .t that Hut catfisli
Jt f ;
prevent tho I 1)4jk from! liau'i-j) :i nmrv sectional The i.uv, such :as t it k i ii not enforced. oppoiiimi'y.! ] 1 pice- riri ; ,
I not v.It'sout! :i horrible conttni'.i for K.yiOlf, of c iil.: Two \oar= :: 1 wa; >* the I'rc'jch to Conftantinop iiaud the load- cntfiih from
go and Li-.t KinpeiVir
by : -
to go on
or national reputation and thu recJvc fo? t! i.t.me '0 1 I'.i':i li mio ligi 1 execution, ; : were cat J S
=::rr"iid'-r (;Jod :Jo wu a Ita-b.-ind: : oven as accou living widi my famiin! ) ( >,' io, iii p-'acc. coii- [ : ( >. Let him take a -iOOUU men the siz.' of Ie ajuit.l.iy Ioj than .
it the mo t general favwr. ji'icreato I : it.s, >'-\c ity : a b.>t oi! .LS practiiuble ; corps a ttdp lo i K.p.r :.
]>lisi! u as you and the only cue to .iliom U'titment and huppine: known! and(I n.if'ct- ; establish tl-o in ___ 1
2J. JJy the rmployment! of *--cjolarslw-lon] iiig ; : | 1 his-U-ad of lines :iod MiiipJo 1111 rLItl1(1It! 'with him ; jet leni I'mpr->s ; >iM si/Id at pacts 1 aecoriLt.: t Jo i4.-
j; f have pllgltli'd; ( vows of JIA'('. I\.ould] I be.. < d 1 bv I a !large fiu-le l of
: to different religious nis ; generally cheap and were taken oil"by tha j
l g:, if [ wtix4 <. .vu itO : i fiicndutbout one( bl.it, onetain my j 'but Ut hi'ii look well! the Red Republicans'' We fI
WOIK will bo less liable to ll.e cage of tectarijini'm. iipon ; jjen.dJv. If a lew of those eomieted j to colored population! w ith avidity.: thought,

j j pretend a con version in v. Inch my undei- name. l Jut; in an e\ii hour ilteu' c.uue :tJt! ;il j jMiy | f fur piale; till S olieiice avert to }be attai !bed [to j be leau < behind him. I If t, perchance! he should 'I what a blessinjr? are catfish to thoss that takuJienL _
I sti:ditig! and heart Lad no iajt. Kvery idea: tho wm! h-u! bhirbti l andij'a.N.J pra\e '
] dwelling e : !
UiL The citation of acliipresi CatjiU are sUli bettu: as as.l starvjition -
of lv1cr \i3.i.-b] 1 bave l-'arncd. foibi-5 iiu-h a'prostration iii.-tijv .i I'.ii'H'! I .'fon-' I .-.'.au I iot: enjter '
what will I become of 1 of! of,
will : 'ikuin i lance, Eng'aad, !
di!: ann unjn-t ciiti<*isni as it musl b i idirertcd niv( or pi--king we ; : &t

: a gaini the autboitie.s raihtr i'u.m tin: of my chaiact-T. Ion! conKi not i into det.-ili; of the wretchedness "lid deso- ig$RIud ho.. u too tlu'i cowanhy cuatoiu aban- 1 [the I Holy I Alliance f. Can human sagacity fa- I hilt in sober scricusuiss ot'r suficriniTa !jint'.U'rablo ..

work itself, more p vialJ; WK-U! tinivvift is ]{I -\ n i< rj j'-i!: !.: \<>nr. t If, c., !ild 1 be so easily 1 lation they have bifiiirht:) ab 'nt me and mine ; thorn the possible! contingencies.You and cuVs aloud for jcdres.-. I ,

{ i.nliJv'ed I to de-eil ny bopt-h < { h. I!
}hohliuK tlieir fcl iitial cvuueclivn: with 'JO.P jews are not the dictates of aiiV ; ) perceive What H to become of us J Is thero no beef I
the l i i iliijhie-r.j: t-, M,d a.'id fuiJiful to man i I ; me Ia1 tie yj'-i this! day ; -J-o. of .semuag: t j jf.uuilv | death the UouiJ-e and :
following ( no'.niiKiti'i'is : j I Midden rn.oli.-jn. caused by the lalo outrage Czar's on \\as }peaee, in (( e >riria ? No poultry, t.J cj.'!i -!nothing
( Iaureli : knew! dear thai j> o'i did i.oi agree with pennile1--4! liosui-k' :uitt! b>:;iii.K'jwmdeuis --, : ( but _
ArinKlaid ; (OldSihool) SVesbvlorians ;, I1I. Sj iid \iol-iHV with! v.hicli our ciliion have: ;j that t-iockb went up ; \ouwillaloper-i (to e.it, but catfish I Ca'inot oar ..coutitiyfiit $\
MVtboli-tl me in 1113* religious! s-cnim"jjt! !Jut I ue\or ] : i on Liic face, a>! .iued, I of the arv .1 the sober second
; -
Kjrt-5< <.pil (."iiurt-Ii'; \VM,. i 'iK.-eu fcSi: elcd.> !: but a settled and: .manned cin1iction ciive, tl'lat upon thought. nils send U3 someihinj! I Do our railroads ?

ciatcd Heforni'Hl IVeslAti-riuns ; }:1tj-ts thought of letiuiiii'j?' fiomiioi' such!, u Jioavv | !:ame thev ln, ? r. wiiirli name was iiMided: t tit I i ij \ ) that the cunying of cot.ceak-.i weap- jaud with the publication of the manife-.to ofiI penctiato the upper regions-ihe laid I ,.

Disciples or Kefonners Jv-vi-tiih obli iL rniion: ::s ; I ;
the were again
; I5u!]) Oil j U nubi-coming :: gentleman: or a brt e I new ( ( of !i-hnt--only to cany iii i our shad udbiinj ___-

li i4 ts ; American J'rotcst.-i'it l-'j cojialian ; I lint I mii.-t lii-gue iho

lion with you ; ''ibnea! enow. -May ( ud iogivc them! : 1 uevcrcan. man: : :and should not be forced up<- many on j in their tendency So. so. It wa but a man ; us down n-iihlug iiv rtv kvr: Such i-.

CJerman; I Reformed Cliarcli. j for I lliou'i :yoi; are a l.iwycr, 1 am not iifiai.1 the irroui'd! of' pulling! JhemseUci Uj n a par that (ledifKr all. Ituia i is tho same, her j I prees: as the present, should induce snppliefiom -*

A. D. U. A'T) Ilnvi' rox A ;s >riATio.v. U.f i i.V rii'r: into a little coiifnm-rev v.ilh! yojj.I Ai'd vt, sir, it was my own) fault. KnJcved i I \.iiirthe f'-w. V.'eaio all, in tUiierent ucgree?, j ji ;!, course the same, her policy the came, ami her (i a diiJance. If they come nut, then tho .

I \ say, tltar l -__, that "' hi oiirbapju' comijtry w'i'i' all tho feelings and POUTS of'i resolution the to it out for the road *'
lo sii.ldeu s-oilll-* of I! passou, J-Ui.il as J same;: light j (piestion! to t be taken into serious convdcra-
A CKBTAIX Cuia: iou SCKOIULA. | nil rtligions! alike.Vell. l i' matuio'id I Ihotil I liiv Known Jlt bc is.ibject 1 .
aro granUl: ; t to | ( .
of t to taiitiriopl.rv what is
b'.ni'l: ea to the consequences! our actions. or :i':'T M-ijl be- i to become of us ?

Nicholas Long ortli, tl.c f.inmus: r: illioiai.! ,: < I I ini'.c why t'.an I WotiU'i.-i can'tou iviifui.-h) {i ; \oii; r and' join !!'breathed upon bv I'n'tuasdeadi' : that the | ou\Ve; ;are liable every hour I to be throw j!(! \ veil. Leioiir, government look! to it, Gentlemen cattle-owners/ of East Florida .

and wine grower Cincinnati, publishes! the ; that! be as n.-a--oijil'.! a-: for '.IV: al'nu-pheii!I vvliicli .,L ri till id'd i th 'in wa | such fit of pa-ssiun ad to prompt us to | and ascertain if we Irue not something to do
j me {., ivli.Hji--:: !! niio, aiI ,, _.. 1 ijOnous that wiii'-Ii, iiiid., !tie into a hurry up your eteers. The good people of -
following cure for Fcrofulu : ( vUa/! p :H : tii : ; fp-i j jlice. j moital blow for -i-iUe: man : meantime. Let our farmers put in this ppibgeitiiy
Miike ; ewry
I'utou pL'.ce! i it* on thigroi.: : .: j of I thc'iiM have I iir-'i' nrujily I spumed them t' a : j Savannah aro: perishing for .want of Beef.
I'ut oz. aquafortis on a plat", on which epedi: -iicon \ I: j knows that hiajiasiions aie sonu-ii'iiCo .mct-n-1 r'i rv: they! ran in breads-Mils jfl'! provisions. -
jou have two copper cents. Let it remain --- ) m.pojiuiaKiy; of our (JlZr& !I. \\\-fl, from !me, as yon would, sir, the most loathsome ( tiollable. As a due guartl iigaluit liimst-If, I Letur cuii&umc-rs t>u\i\f\ economy Georgia is no great iJiafces" if ebe can't '

from 18 to 24 hoars. Then dd1 oz. of yon ju-ed not change \ouis ; \Oi: would] do reptile that craw's!' on the tVe of f the then: no od man dcsiies to ha\e about him (and retrenchment. Let every man: who can !| furnish her favoiite! city" with CDOH !J to
abandon g ir1eat.
wrong to your ejenf ;uJ mute with earth. I Had I I paused, had I pondered! I had '
clear, strong vinegar. Put cents and all in a I ; I the ine.-ns of (d.-ini; MI inep-irable injury.ltnl 'do so, secure i.imsclf :a little patch of ground, ;

large mouthed bottle, and Letp it coikcd.UfgSn .- nnh'-s! you liniily )bilio\e in it. As for the not been heie. I must hive been in a dream; \\ : is revolting to tie! f-el.ngs! n jnM! man j' for too prospect before us i h a bloody L'uro-j __;_ ----- _I _
smiles of 1 f
worldly |iojiciity) tliough! f would of when 1 permitted I tlie i ijzi.v -
: '
soil pUll '
by putting drops in a tea spoonful 1 a -,|(.trading from! them EATtEu. -
of rain' not listlessly disregard \et< a true-bom /I'utiius to lead me to destruction. And thouyh'l the best I Iof The however, tus to be I i itiied.
water and it to the real courage dangerous) eu-n I to new Emperor, yet
apply suir"- of : ,
weather fr.r few ilo3 Iu3 been cocsiderab.ly _
American with estimate and eoma-tod a pa.si -
a oilier honor wiih of! ;
here '
proper stand thaiged
Make the the ULW.S of all well I He unequal to tho gigantic j
application three times with and loibidilen by may prove
) a tl4y j !
the of men. cooler than; fir a \\ etc prc'fou3. .Wohae"be
would <-ft r than Iieait ti-lU and 1 t f'-el it and
a soft hair pencil, or swab made of If pr rags po\crty, syoner! etime. yet my mo communilich! hhoLhl no longer be tak left him by his father, and all its tremenj j
with several
rags. ; clothe( with bilks a di.shonojed and violated) ( I know it to lit) ) lriit_ that I have: nc. sympathy; iie"ilaf.-d! of ft.n .J dour- details 'lluthe i i said to have been tho-1 n favored lighi showery
very painfal, pet mee water. As the sore ext'ended hiLl C as tho oieu-gaU a : rnrllelenf to kEep ih car'.h ii: good order far 4
L.. it I conscience. VourowngouJ ben&eand enlightKiud with it ; that I have: no feHow-freling or emo-j( schooled hi it and is also
$ apply weaker. ; .___ :,. ). (:4)liI iL roughly ; rnjurtedi
3loit of d.c corn we believe iu ..ji
1 1vilest editors fa all mind uill convince: yOu, my dear tion ill common: with the: perpetrators: of it.i to bo n man of decided abilities cnngv anil tillage. crop

paits of ie Union, )j that I r.m right and I am con dcm iliat I Had I had I ; would i HE JW-NOTUtcC.- this M-ctiou, iohuted, and much cf Jt is up.We i-1
sad abroad, to copy ibis ,,mj lo ; : your f-a.JKed: ;jiondered.yon Mr, HU otsjit-T OF firmness of charactera chip of the old

quarter yearly ; it may hauj) Inan vUuiisii]ivesCincinnati jt j reply, \vhich J will expect with anxiety, as you have been spared tn! > -agrOPable! duty which J Jdeolves In reply to m iivieirogatory propounded to block." -AVe must wait Use issue befuroce- 43} not U know iuwaor-whether than usual tho crop planted I_ _

;s do tin will remove this thin mist from the upon you this day ; and I can fancy 'j jno him L-v'U.u. I Hon. 1'nvelta c.Muliin, as to the ) atopoI-thit tiial of the new autocrat, rnd this year have induced-though. ,'Jie 5.

Ohio, No; ., l 5. bright <'yes of love, whose light I hope willv'r duty which can be more irksome to an enlightened (IlIJCCL of tho Know-Noihlog oiganizatiou! ,[ I the !hiimbuggi'ig', and, peace-crippling couler- present high prices share of their soaw aUcption far'ra t

I'. S. C'.ij.l. IJ.ir.t.s.! of j! ( beam gracious in curlivco. and huiuaixi, '; Jud ro .tLan thai of con- lohn P. I Hale, an e.vtJtnntor of the United' I ence at Vienna. w io .tyrn jt .larger r rthan
our cilv.tise first u' ;al to the cultivation of this "grain. _ _
cured Yours ti uly. fellow-civaimo t to a li\'!! tomb.Unt St 'euu.l. a leading J11C1LItr f ihenew, party | duties
person by tlis: rcn.uiv appd!;! it v.U!, :M'Miinir a ABOLIiIOM/L, .Our as a people are husbandry, G rirneaI, it is said, is e1in! for $1 5OprI -I

*ot water, and he {i.tonr.eJ me th.t! !ho thoai ht j (the edicts of! the law nint l hu fulfilled! ; ,replied :- -" It'e mean to !ieconcnvvi rolrpuchiueivt, and preparation?; as W&! In 'dciiiitvard ftton for tor7 4

)It would burn his Jejp oil', but the next .lay jt'J T 1 Doc O.JRr.l.; :hc' ponspqnonces inust'fail oh thowvvho como the Soutk, nd ice intend! in do U Mr. IJ au| if (forlhe exigencies ota long European Mar; cents pound. 'ittisuca; a scale, ,ot prio _

"- tnretl. -ins! DEAH MIM ui. U'c to ir and choi-tjuliy, gladly wbhcqucnllj waited upon by K era! and i impending European.famine. per
Was R-RfljjJl: eore, ad: knIt' : I must candidly acknow- aiita'4() yes wan nu it .u not. litlicnlt to sec teen attended led-rethal aoiild I pohejire, tn wjiere\erit and to cU ltt- made, .ue same stato- I I UNcLt & ..M.I' :
to for months t by one of thej ] \our Jt.ttJjj tTl. .! %' IiisI4p1Mifl1e4T joyfully\ muypio.'irc genllcuwo, I / this rIftr.1ba1Ccricr Mpt '
:tSt p! i iati; -jtlolL! any Jj.'qcfii [ )' J lhuiugtt! lh.at our lu.rioi nl ."U ''o '.' 'i i n p "" : 'b'i 1 bu <..-i that flv1It


-- -



--- ,- _- --- ---- "_-- --.-_- ___________ _. It
.*91 -- ; --;; .r:;:: =Tit -= ; II -- -
_!:p IEz LAT.R ro'i rurpr. I i a yearly LTT, until the Road is built, and will of land*, the pijen of produce, the pqrty in the hi'dory of our great Confederacy. flcjf York Cotton Market.

!-A ARRIVAL TI1AIA j1 iriifl c ourual; I produce a iixeniH-to meet the ir.tenM.: t labor and will thereby corrupt the pcorle." In tiny* gone by, she disputed, inch by inch, NEW YOJUC, A>,

1Itp L. 7:41 .Veur Ituswn E.izrrsr \U indc Co' __ t Now i>te.i to what i is said by nfifck objector. The other confessed candidly that this objection with campetitors whose principles were rcafl The NViv York Cotton rochet oo

i'11 IL..i--13rrz.1sujTs 1fizh'z-. ww-- -- w ( I He has discovered that the lau provide? could not be answered and tlid not attempt and! known of all men, ;ho o organizations day rein-iine l unchaned. Hrehfiituff.firm. .

r -5 :;r.w YORK. M.-.rch SOtb! 7 5. TALL \nvssr.i: : j that if a County is\fg Bonds: and the Koadj -it (lu-itlor do! we.) He only bogged similar her and between whom Rio Cofle conunanded 10 u.ES' **"*
to own
j 14 built, and it prove* to be good stock, ai.d that in an approaching dKci -Mon to Kikenlacr were ,

m > 1i"4d'I1ij Rnyal Mail Steamship Aia has ar.at .' SAtunlay. April 7, [ S-75, : pay l.a:: ll.tlifav.
Slu> si! -il fro 2
-ij .i, VT tbo 17th i-ist.. i.J! n I.ivip!ii >< l buy up tiiestli.. nii>=, tiay them back "to th 1 state( it, and promised that he would got up r'ghts} to the nnh'appy fugitv! B'' who geek an NKW OHLEANS, March

-\ wtvk'M I.ter iati-ilijeHco coiiiequcntlv than ,th" Atlanti. uii3 <: Railroad .Mcoilnsr! at CentrcTlHe! anJWe f County, ami it is bouiid; to trr'iisler its roi !II and confe-s before, tin people, llir.t lie had r.oanscr asylum on ocr shores, were principles! iu com In the New Oilenns market rj,
Mkosukie. | \ The r.fws holds oat lint small hoj.e oJaoc. mon. Cut now, it is her glory to occupy thai rent before lie AnV nfw,
if it docs not tarn oat RO protiLnble' invest ai imeiitvo; ha\ ? heard ol'1 ; "
Aixandei8 ndJit thebrz1ic.i have: been requested to pivc notice that Nothing has be< n donetincp
to in
s aroa \ i nier.t. why then the Ci npany \\\l\] leavn (the consider) it well. You may suppose) that such platform aloie. Unchanged name or pniveij.lc s.i'es of the wttk 7
Ppiit: of war. Fire had been V>rc will be a Ivailro.id Meeting at CVntr- amount to25CCfcJr(?
uon the Constitution the lact
; I County to provide for its own IJouds. Admit opposition t-anie from some good lint mi=gnied -clinging to as The decicnred '*

.Itruwd SVfltI at SobastopiiJ.the disnntc".it Spain baa berom olio; (Willi.ini's 3Iil! ) on re-t ?atrchtv week ,, all this lf> be just so, i is it not peiPx-tly fi-;; religion ? M. ot. JNo tuch thing-it was hope for preserving our institutions, in letter The ttock l is 1 00,000 MM-i-Ifi*bae sire! ,lOK Ifdd
in Cuba
'tt fouiuwnd concession.MVEE1TOCL and re 1 1th bt.. and on the following Saturday, 21st I IInst. and right I I 14t us consider it a little-fir-t made bv a lawyer."Li1at" and in spirit, as they were handed to us by manda-8t nnd 3$ centa. Sierlioi

: ., at Miccosukie. to con-i ler the question |! remarking that it is very evident this jllfth ol>- tioc! who achieved independenceshesntntls rules at 9. g
; is i-tockhol'1- Dark Subject !-Democratic
'i" tor L noi a piivatesubseiiheror ca a
of cnl!) criptii.i to the Railroad by the en'iv;
; .. Match 17. er, or he wo.dd never have stattod such ;an obection. Party. : as the champion of the rights of map,

: Cotton; declined if Loon. ( ov. firoome, K. C./ nbel'', I'sq.: J shown i the defender of die of the States and Nw ORLEAc Apr;! ]i.
n a l-H5d to i J. P-l- | He has not the public (-pii ; The Srninel has condescended to throw lights ,
:"* ta: for the week 67,000 bdis. nd others wTd bo present on V'11'1 ccca -i.m- him-elfto dollar iu Qn Saturdny Cotton remained U
/, IL* Stvculator* | t venture a : : &u enterpiii ,-av of ludit in fie pathway of the Fiorilian. the vigil;nit enemy of federal schemes and Tfcie tfltlang
: *ae were 750
look 35,0-J r.d.Hrcfs tl-.e It !! that Ke L feaio: not in.i only l/nlcs.! There
Exponoid 11,000. : r.cctigs. is! to be hoped may pro\\i prolital.le"; Such i'
lie hereabouts of the old plot a party can never be destroyed.
demand for
\ Dubious
as to ( w \\hijr larpe .Molasae by J \
'I ho initrk: ck'M-d! tiuil an J uncliane*. ho will turn onto r.nd hear i l>? wilb'ng i-nouuh! t to stand by.: see other -utorHjLATER
people ? ia; fC
.:::1 r T itli the following (11it L1J1I die risk, and after they have done! FO and tii-i ::1I t'-, we inquired of our neighbor what had Defeai may overtake it, as was the case in 2G cents per gallon. ;

Fsr 0-lt-nr 3J .'ic subject honestly i'v1 f.ii ly explained.SabscripiiaiK :] 'implied:: then: he grudges them! auy fpeeia.reward. : I become of it. Head hi- reply : I 1M10 and '-i1 t but it is as certain! to regain its

5 tiiumphant position r.f the i King: of the sun i is to FROM CALIFORNIA.Tho .
*' Oil "
A *' *' -J II.vi hr.c hv it and
The Flu' : ; t !reckoning:
'i. ;:' ?'.ir U.Lu-} . .. . .jei.: t'ot-; : to Railroads, 15.U! whv ii I it partirul:uly l l jiroper' tlint! : t ;: j[ < for liiri.t.i \VolI pit i it "ii.rht." :tllova night of gloom. 'I he present humbug t >:urihip Daniel tCbptmr hA s arrrWi
H.fij'i':; : .;4. Tlii* subject i? fily i pbihtcd: to tl.e voersoft'te "I'lintv .<-'niiil-l'! iiiake! a liberal sui--cii! |>!i'i! to j jtiiis .:!o. at New OilraiiB, with (Caliu.rnU dntentA. :
i \Viere'iv! I { ? our quond.mi i in i< hbor: of ti.! movement! : which fills the enemies of DeniOi'iaey '
"$' z t.ideiTa ere LJ"lt-r. COM is : V\ i it is I \ fljh of March. 1 he Si I&mr of iU }
0 ijit.d42a.t,4. a' Counties! of tho Mildl! Ci-tJrt! l 1J:.ioi.l.: aieeane: : ( eer1aii ? WP8f ,
3"v. i 11 ii linn, his th > V.Li. : > to-?
JaI'roui i > ) ; puty gone with tyZirhliGpe' wiil SOOt: dK-ipatebe tor New Yorhon
ili.it it will be ot li.'U-littoaii 2 lib
a 't : p'iMi ,
pi-r-- nd their vote* arc tooa to deri b vbvthcr w < i ivo ; Althoiijdi the t this, question is wiit.tin withSCOOOQ
: a'i'-wer ) :
:-inc!.estcr r.d ices .ne; more favorConeds its ialuliilanK; and t" the r't.'ttet: i.irjt-: ; i u: I i > I i fore the pohcr cLToul; thurtght: of the people." dollars in gold.jn11. .
4 r b1'. : to have a Jla.lioa I aeso. s Aii't Kil.1! : K>:ri-J:> out i h:u i-harartrrs: : :!:; L' iMc as the noonl.iv .
not go ceniiin that it will ;iiink.1: a profitable ie- f I Humbugs I take will for a while l but they never oi the u rended banks,
( .. : nrc q-jot.d at fiC) or not. It i? a dcfi.ion that can-iot bo heic1iVr tarn on tre! c-ij: it'll: ne.-eso.Ty to l lji! i li.i:. I.on I.-- j Min, till nvr IU'812': lonJ '/oor /'uv..f olccrry of Messrs. Page 6: Bacon, are um
: tSl ilc in Iff J'tiiw, the Flor'nUtin bUS fail to ex{ lode Ii: good time ; and thus einectcd to
POLITJCAL INTP.LLlOryCE.! :; recalled or corrrctrd. Ifth ? vote5 5 j ( tiuitv._ for iii-tt.i-e.: !i-u-k JO.IMI'J) ; b.de- |

; ;. : : The "V-i' ;v.ia Confeicnco formallv cpecr! low a;:r.inst: it, it will Lo rpirdel! : as finr.l anor.cl J :>fctun: : : for iuiL;: jt. Sup,',.. ?> ihi.t l-y in.-ari ;io'Wlrtt wi ti is. the fllrattf-fj tTIT5.)1/jHivsing this strange? Knovv-Nothisigiflfii, in alliance with Whig ery, (.'en. Ch.imora, JVtiiiVnt of Xicarzcuzt\
: the "Ki, Pi i&L of milv!j

  • i.ir.i !: i: general uni- will !) dean, dead, deadand, WlJggr-iy must il 'ad. 'I 1 he .iVurifctic.n in that! State it
    te : :>:r.-o. Vv'c may rut vote nr\v rgj.i.is- j v-rsal; : cou:! :-iint t of I tin- "powers that bet"'I'll" -..- gup.
    ,p'- vh 'i9 !>.'. ii: tkrt: e\2i"iu<- ff jr-Stiay it t to ;mriiket: i seek some other name by which o blind the posed to have ended.
    irt' thi'ik i I rioi.lii'i l : lia.- not heard it This is
    n c-i5a v/o Inprcn to : .1 year o j jI ; very
    i liHi'!. ':> .u-tir orof ( I :'cj :,r S' .OOO <;:i her ernp. The I-OTUV) I IU(9. J : ..Iy and obtain then!.t co\-ited FROM OREGON.
    -isip.lar; : I lor if- of he.r i is ,nall pu-oj $ j.oxver.
    Tho Stata br.i acted j jcIi" i iit *ense injf n
    j; TO to? snon. thereby '.voul-i bo n>> ln-er if 'he !'moweil y KOiiO. The
    1:1 w-ir n.i!- : > a.L4:1d. L territorial If !
    >? f: qi: :: v ; ,-.>:'v fictile! li'il; (tJf i'i'irnvrxpf ti? Aastiin'iR1 I'jui *!. g ll.t it i> I c proper: li.-i, and w I 4igtt 5 por eenl int--e.-i, to hut; I lujii tl" 'I.>.;, !> -;-!. h'l'C A.J nri'ii''t; tr, n ?p//// ; t'r The reflated 1 outrs.-gi-c 'n.U'iti'd;r t 1 bv Spir-i mide rtrrairppnnrifs: ) for t t'j! .+ e.Tfin uiiihmrntof

    : : .. r I.< IOP ; 'I."'t Czar: Alx.tnar.i.v iJLc& Kit do to to, or lo 3 the bondlt: ofvi! : t i ii"hc J.uLo"-!, aliho.j.1! tin1 Joil.tr|toiis: ;* ihi ofiho: il.iati:: I Ih'K.l I II 'e'1.! 'ht rin>: I'.i'Kt i/U' /' L'I:!. -,uix of/ AV.v limn j| i i-h V'f I i-t on Ai"eri."jiii t-hips} navigating: tie! the Ini.i.-in; riif.(->- f.f- -n.'f.!- --.-.*--.a! ..<./ .;.... li.7 .;.flIflLII4alltV. uu..,?.. .
    1 ic'u.-ii a ot sLTr1.
    :!. F : : ur'-t. Ii03 n evuit o f :e St t ) htJ ) oi'I: a 1'ica'i.- nc-vt.r : \\Viifin tr.e l.iv h:>.s! of lioiid.i. have all!I j ((Ji.lf.' h: b e.-'ij-ed t' I orders to }l,o tent in Ptnsa"ol. \ .
    I !her ;ulj--i.: : j ,! i.i!i of >,<2V,0: );.0(} i i- t--
    ;; : I i Li? AI ,03 is vj rc-oft-ncd! ii.-c 0:1 tfjo-.slc- I =; therefore \vho suitalb Co.inNibsc'i | snppo-e i boon l.'it the Fl! >. i.ti.in. Another r* o.-folk! I ri.iiadf | ANOTHER SPANISH OUTRAGE.j .
    I l. N iV 'Si o oose a : Uiuk-d: in l.er, I'vetji c.nt I{ '" it. "-.till: u'rciieii.ill ? [ I'pon powiiJtivtr.iiiMii | !, : IjJiia), York ami
    r ; j-uiToy t-i' t J CH-JH I ifap j
    ? l p to I l-o The E.-. 'UCc'iri.iltiC I : ; n at thi- ti nat-? e..rinly: o; I .-. e.->!,t?: v: t.-:> >;i' }hi'; 6 0,0:foi, to ha\c all available \essch and! rr.a- j The *U-rnslii: ; Dnr.it-1 Wc-bster was Lr'a1-.
    .(.: ; o-c jM --ip.i-d. i rllU ,; fi. tho-e } v.li'di itWs to on her outward )
    p. ::ot ( ihizijjs I pnssagp by a Sj
    I ycJ htvi Ilailro! id r [jj-.ij- \jtj.\ \ coti ;i < j inU h.'t.: tri etiier wiihj .
    -iii. We
    I :. : ; of iqi.--y t ttill in ECfesioii. L I'i to ;:j a at W'i'Tl i lori-il rr"pand 1 inr ii-irr.eili.ite sen ice. :.nd in 1
    not t to .' hear thi- I loop-of-wnr and examined.
    of liltsmf.. Xow w-int h< ;\ ijr>r t'> li.Hjj.- j aj-ers
    j .he oLu'r K.-M'> a i iI ,
    J.K.- ::' .-. litigs L' -: '.;ho : J1y : rna j : iti.'ti.v: 7 whi'-li it doci n it want t to hf-ir: aid I to !idk-v j -tiif.-tioris t! 1.arc been isuid to -1! navJ olliccrs -
    the! I U.dhur-d ( 1 h.ul el-is I >d I their
    C.J:4t: I.M d] 'if I tit, :nv ;: t tI
    .:b. I. i-n.Ercv i Nt-Jit. Th Uft.nJs of iho Cu'j/.:. 1 ** *: ? vho zeI v { !1)0 ?.; .'t .it l hut o"f 'iii f'tiiefro I! ::) I b: 'oni: ( g whatever 1 it cho 'se-s. The TlVtVmri i \ a no rus ;.t ; h.:: e pcints to hold theuiscjves! i in THE RECRUITS FOR HIE! ERITISII APJIT.
    :: $a *: C<'fti'3 r-c. '
    as.K Nt2&d i 'a o.1eo43' to thop Cu I : ; ? t) 1):) ri;) 1si. ;f addiI i Uv'iel 'fis aui: tlien ; ;i ip'.l I.d 1 Uo the I ointiul : \ I r.Pr. !'rt'i' !'o tin';i'r: (:I's, true to Ihcir cov.t'l'i reaiih.o-s! for tea. It is thought that a fortiorI : New Ycr.K, April 1.Tl .

    ;,c. .. : r.i .liteZ: K t'l'r ''<' ; '"' ''i Ki>illn.'?,K!ld fi HTti be FfpinKiiip Asia I..5 r.rritu!
    th.-ni ii .
    w. .. : 1. I : 'r'i-: te 6flcn ci1"heir byI iii Iiy a ( i-i: tty ::: : >:i. I the ModiterrarK-r.n hvit, as wi U as the Bra at I'oftoc.
    ; iht.m cLfti.t1v > :,' t; I'/i n.r in .v'ri'i' ti'i ifo /:: ;r.sAc giturii.iica' ( I The I liittif.ix Joiiin.il eortria*
    siJ !.i.iif: : :U t te &.nne! t tinii1; iliey t jn fffiiiaj or.
    I ns.yh'X'i 3, vvr>"C o ss"s. r. ?il s-rpsilron, will I [ 1-e called iflli1* for tl.e cnergELn1.y. 1
    : from the l.Ul'X fJ(1 I'lrfiga'c and trrjff | dtr! prt.\iii-p! raiioris for, f CO
    4' :' 4 '.) n' t want; th"ui ;i .j.r.snti.ut -ti>ekh<.KIiTs, 'rILjs; f:1 ( e-
    : i T c:1) *. ro P.vrc2. : viih t3 -n.: !%-O\7 our linn b i-.fi.- i-thyr I The Washington! comspcndcnt !f
    : fc.rf v A *J : > >l that :ac so in a i'. t-ov! lini; ljUuad! i i- iig; /f1l ;illrF'z, fo liy no coii.jm>np5nci o ; M! from tinUu'tod Sfatts. TI.e; nrrt >r

    T .r.roii.% Lircuir! fays t'nt.is .hat ill such :-jri, opposed to coanfv "nh-v:i nion" ;io l b prolit: ib't% fri : t'l 'y CMI i'i aiway: COM- ; ; ih.; 1 ':. -a\e th !love of [,o\ver and: the I the llrraltl Kays that decided strp arc to be I float t 3 0.0( it nL'itslie to l'e rJ-f.-u'i.f. '.4

    ; tlnii, owr: *o tl'e .' u.ttt bvanse da IIosd .'! -p' jU of ( !licc.( 'Mitrr is it hire the. I' hi:' and the :-t. Ji.Lr.s cr r ii{ .t t!
    are 0. : they not want a : L1 ive 1 to Htiun! tt.e !iisojiey: t.'v >!" ;i'r in doi taken coii=eqi pnccs left to take care | j fays ; : e rf.Visl?

    : : !' g. bit d i : ? i ; C1 i'.i. j nt all:!, aviv; :id tak-1 ill-' ( 'ounly *-t't'i.t l i' I liieu:*! I II Ives'. : JUi(1 / ( ) f" of ihemsclvff.: V' ar is the only theme di;- 1,1:1: ; ae igttl liv tLe I'u.cvrit i.J &vrtaTV.
    ; I C.4. l'h.,, '' I a 'rt :3 i-1.; I'i !
    bu! -. } then Mr. i ti Uijjv.-tor iri.'KtTcr Kirmi- So The SV, 7 in th-f timiinim sed ;i.i tho and the decision
    j > vt > j ; FO. ?i. ?" pi.lH : I j fu= j.tref-t. of the PRO-SLAVERY
    ; : () .') a'js, IMMU:; iiiij 413,003) .'t4I'Jlt .4'. .i-ut with sor.ito: < i I.t nt t \ ie-i:i he ii i- j CAXDIPATES ZIICTED
    t.: the m : ict etoJ tiji." They arc nin who loo'a naTowly to t'.ti: ; j jrivatt ] ij'i 10 co.sui i:i and t.iketn.k Lit -n-ir, ainii let the cnr f>,tit( of the bair witlioct: I I'nv-ident i? :a Eiibjecl of c-uir.gy. Three vegtlj 2KAN.A'.

    -K-k4ODO: L.hs.! i irr.DiTp.nss i:ncr<..'>!*3 hs- to 1is! :pjod iioiir tii.-.t sheet .- ha\i, ben '"vcrhaulod; -tho schooner ; CHICAGO, Ajnil 1.

    : o? TilE '..v.in ; :dv'r the
    : TiiO Il.i-!>*iSt c f :!;. rtt'jlv tV-.ifii: 7 ibi iiiiy I :::t tnv 'tvH!l d'"iv? 'iv crwci::) 1 'j': : -lrlt I : f. oi; i ii uo-e: i ii ti.is: C/-y:: and nci (..f ti em t-: -;,- crv 1 t':1:: f '- ti.e!: (.1 1 ::iri'-s v. tie erirnbii'r: : to few clays tlio! Fte.'tfivr Darriti I Webster.L'roke I' fern 3i; --oiin i, sta es that tl-e: pro-felav tick't -

    \: !: o'f t IfUt nnn.: Tht-y baia s.nlc! t.V4' I RiUrTsd. v.-hiJi v.jll ui.vrt the lvi-i.cis o ul.y t'. -n. iii they coi..i.iuc: to iiol.ibacK, and! i ;pi)r_,cf' ; "_!nli! heriw I :!ye the pvci ):;-; coiiI'cMf in North Kni>aa Tonitory was carried by

    !t mare i!+ipe 1:1if: liarbor.TV ; cos-U-uo: to .LecH; Jail.Tii" j I 1COO nnjority. 'ih.'ro was no oppoitirB 19
    10 ccu'l"V! iitu: H3V* aodbfttvr rli'a il*. i v )!! ::; ( tiiit:: :o y 'va- :-i! hts'nbu! : ? -"twai t ti the ticket
    ; i:?;;3 works uo; riojwsiiu v.'tl: I j Dut tiire i i- o'-l/ ie: emv'jii n I Some of ihrtn have J.acon lic'i !irt Jn-!: woiil, of it. Tl.i vVhi I d j -
    greti rnny j z.e! Co:: jmy ha\o any ihr: t< c.ll; on the i! noi; a party s ti t:t.
    j Lon Cnuntfr murder in Ilernanclo! :,
    i AusHa: l.ti s.lJ'eaSi'J ]i-tt"r to the Gcrn'T I j i :rad?, cirisd on the r.l 1 wtv. They t'o n > i i.ire ii *i sjjty J > 1: ."sir its raiiu.; ul i flek. I It is- j, ti!! u\.v\ :< rLTJ i h.hig. Ml over tl-e: ili.tJs; .
    : :. : V\ir a, Government. Lii jr.y: t.. ] ard door-po-tSs <>i* ery S'l.ite in the Ui.ion'' bir.he jail! on! Thur: rdy;, night and; E escnp-f'' Election-Editor Ecckedli.vinaoEE -

    ;. : ': 122' : A'2. ;.itt Coil:n'sai JiitTovili t jin-s nt irs on the paekrae in gtui: his eotn o. i|i tr:> s-vk: ('I I 'inr-i i: &' / /-.,< L.1' i>t '-//v lo /.(tju. !) j j.5. I -" iv">'ii the liSiih-lamU} S>f :New Hampshire, They lu.d manage I to procn-c a case ki if*', April 2.

    I ;:rw p '- pij: :;I..n fur t iTLvtj d I 111* 1! z uo 2 < -;/ : ." llnn-ls: tl''i die! 1 iw gi.e-. the <. oinj j : with whl'h! their irons were Rawed lot R"th A ceef.itrh! fiem indppc-rdetice, Mifcart.L'ivca .
    baeco to a better market, i i.'il I co.C'Stonae''iiouqh : t > t :- iinv-i-iti'ls t.f !Hnrsh" it i h rej.lcfe
    te O'r: ;;.: ; &rnie! >. Germany w-ii! ::! ii.s .- ,; oa'iy (he light; to ;;J.i t *;-ni up.; i\ tti rut tlieim| I .. ti picked (the lock of tht-? l ll I with a wir/ !! the returns of the rcc' nt c'ection ni
    thtir ]hands: or to aid to their rairj5. l cl-.i1- uirh: v-ur: fnutrli'iz! I tr> wn---* t te! ( I .\ frnncni -
    lG! Co ,
    I 4 ni ll w ?vCoUty of bi-nj p.pa.cii: fu Coiitity, n"'< : n; !::'% :itjJv ttirrc.Kler 1 f rcid cptiud I ti.e front door uf tl.o i-.i! 1 bv i Kansas. The pro slat! try tit kit has ti-

    43 :.C.'. ul ....lity.s. t t :!oe> not recnnoi-1! such men to !liov.' ili: >! Its stock. 1 Ri't i i':" t .e C'laiity xvasita : fio i tlit' ::'. .' : jjf a prufii ate and: de- 'I J 11 iirr.phv{ in e'ght; coir.i ; gixirg, rari!,

    $ .V&-:4: ( re( 1ro ;b : n t Htlroifl]: will i!! cn:<' 1? co'iTnito 'buy thiiri to hold on t") it; f-toek, it t ii .>';.iy ne< i-sary {or p-i: !rat' py.:: A }>rti.-i i ;< t'OICS-i0Ti, trt1" :-,| mear.s uf a i j iv-co of tiriiher: and were frr-e.- 1| f.oni 2CO to too: majority. It is probah'oi

    ei" ..u-; :' uf .< :z-s' nir.ijj.jil rfvar.. i it to tike; tip its own Uutid-, n..d tit -j'. ;. Ill be 1 { A heavy ruin q--.rur.ir.j at night, oMitcr-j i I !ht) t r.o anti-liavtry .ler Lr.s Lun iicjttd.
    V\'e tn.k
    r'le the
    ; ; ; 3 : j> r by b'-irig i ii: ew: ieah o, : : :: '-j.ir.: it.s frarjn-! : s-. j
    ( :,. Ott .i i iiv .: .. ;:. !.. ; I'M .' >' i :>. ( (!:..; a ,y t t.j: hv, i.i oniei 1 a't-il ;t'i!j i t'jicen of; the coidte they took i-. tui! iiI. ; .
    s 1 markets. It dh uothhi itiheir iu I Io 1 iluj'itly i-iuipn'led, it aihf...iU to Jit! ".hat .
    irr-rcr :
    ; :.o gel !iijj.< ii tU: fctock, a.iy mo-e r'l.inia i t'n ( f iht, ;and i up to this hour rut.ing! has: I.ecu | 'I Lhe editor cf the Kancns Trio State Lad

    ?. ?.r2s-j.i r :":tC3 to '.e:9 io ihs irtatyllso > iI: ; i >*.: .?c,3 i! : n -o '; :te/ttd/ : .>t' the I I i.eaid; i of i tl.pjii. Theo niurvIoKrwere! oiiyijn 'prn Jufkcii in thriv,-r hy a.mcl,. in rorne-

    t : ;. -: rlilrs';; :.nt1 w vl;i Jiifre'oro Lo( txck olTlJj sjrpla? cops to such marktt, or re- v !.! C.J,; u.l f.-.i; ; .e as so11 :.- ; -- > ( mpirn to t'ie oth'T} i t.ari'-l: -.- ,"t lish' pa i'. quince of an aboliti* u fr-en-b during the cl-c.'
    j; (f ., f .\ui; if the fr.thk i i- j-i'?; (o i. j/ofM; >!i!<* ,: Ily eui.titii-d Ill the ja I of iitnu.r: da! LotirI )- "iuU cai:v-s .
    ' : : .t % ei.'Cs Lia return supplies in o.c: tl.iid! of t't- ; ; \i-ry ; r fr Ir.:,i !ii..iiig d-'r-tl. I-: .'! t'r. l l- aii.d: an
    1tf: __ hZ ; J u-'l oi.l o'i; i.s i-M-.t; iiim-lH-i! t-1.1. g' I ..t t'sl, t.14f ( rC rIrr'l-- i
    ; > 4i7
    .: ; .:tr d.4th : ..... I .l.w v .. Jfi. |r<. a tire lutvivn ;:: ) i.7in oilier von.tn.'il: tii" I Know-INottV j
    Pr' : 41 t, t'e ._Zi2ip.-I tii 1. n.? lUt:: ; 'o.jnty <-r>n ri; .- t ti e moi: 'y f' i nv t in o%. : ended in Kuf'it.la, Ah., and I rought to this i ii FLOUR nIcnEr.-corro:; STHTE?.
    .. :5s !loss nf I tjxc ti'rdc n-.L }-'or if J ii i nciiher o- li-v th.-.n the WLi' \
    they a.is \ : Is n.nre
    t.j.ltii V.IMI 5 jp. "Si I .
    : cay--, :: was lYj.h'J; wilu ti i'ojj nt'; : io u;:: r rii 1 ta- ". t; .it n; tie! ni i i ciry at.d s.g.tin 11.iced in via-ance. Tlu I II ; NEW YORK, April 2.
    S v-l crop here, or sell hi-n I.igood-, htiil t.iniercit }: vatc? JoehntJ! r- i' riie ( Viri'y; c.tn. At'' jr.itv( i ii di trui-e. Tl.ia[ : i U the subi.tr.nce' of 1 i Flour; rules Southern
    ( Ugh ; nt 80.31' to
    ; iiic: *.' t.io: *! ?:iti of t:2! Ciriri'! .]l.is, the : anJ Iocs of tiir.o are pro\-i led for 5 ie :.:iy r' -, tte': 'if !i o'jeeii.i' ni wi'l] beJl ( r tbw-! ?.iir's: eonfept-i-.m, if it t tr.esns rrn tii"! I i iit t' ill mu.-t pu.Labiy' nr-t: bo a third time capt 310 1C.

    genciil; aspect of m.invliry: and c mint: >rr'a : : to hi'ik nut iur tJei: ; l\vs, t tmed, as they wue; fctringors to the jeeple i iu j jI
    pri : s.iv.to tlie pbutc-r or coacUincr lao irp eioiji i4 evin : :dl. Wo xll know: thnt t i.i: ioi: : of the } Cotton i iMifftT, though not quotably
    : *.;; ie: L..8 c. Jc. guile quil(* a fuVurulltc ,il Uie iith I ijt ur, ::id ecure u& liiiil.v oi test J I ti.is I iCiouh 1 MiJdliii Oil-
    bear it last. | higher. Ujc.
    at j jIf 1 1 \\\storn? or Mi Idle or Vv.l.'nghnvl .Stt'e, ans
    .w.5f. j Montis, at t they; wljo( hi\e b.>ne: tinJjtat anti; ;
    ;* S. :: tiE c-n-ra: are i'i: .'.r. :i',o".t a countw.i \ !,uii'.eii of ti! :
    .. i Tilt CZAR NICHOLAS' DEATH. ) r nl tils !Hiilroail: shoi-1 not pass tl* "f-ng' f'; Wjn-i a j.nbii--i; nprnvewt.t i ii do?.sanded, and a Cht.-{ ..n.i yu ii: ;.li of :he-e Sl.ite. has $ A F.ile! of l.uid knoun as the Ilarrii- ; PZIILADILPUIA, April 2.

    : rgltLi: aci.il s nte tiiat Nicimla6vi! rlct ir near it, they expect their bns-iws: to :>e i in- the: v.h'profit' of ui.ieh; arfii mi, the gen1 j F tlie democracy 1 H' .i pt: t to rout t, n<.t l>v i iVhijr I Hamtno' !;," about: ftvt-n miloi from town, I Ii The Snprem Court has grant* d a writ ofj.error

    t iiddrefifcjnjrcAltxu.ider, auvise l i.nte j j.oJ, ana the %:ilic: of dui.i tov/i p-oj>c-fy to ( r-tl .'.. -.'!; and;: f .!jii\ 1r.1t it i! \viI; aiurd! \ :. e:y :m? r i s old' oryini ation, bit*, ;.s I!i \\ ::.a .Mjfide! last' .Monilay. under, execution. in the cace f-f Dr. Rtle.. the dentist.
    1 ..11, IA it not thatill( 'hall eoiitiibute .
    -. : n :go p ae (4 &.i :1t a 1'ss uf llusin itiu: I -2 lssee.l.; Or if thiirtown, flnuid! IKon piot-r 1 tie' coitft --ion inj: ,!; 'C:, -lv! \\ l.5rgery; ljr.5.g! :: : 'I fl.e traJ It eonlhiiitu Cl.2 s res, r.aJvraM
    Is a jot>>l eoti.t; hou-e or ., !si be built ( Aj'tTblie Fi.onir RAILROAD.
    ; ce !hi the! K-cK! Si alint l.e ujhJ lal; j jue hit line of iout.iii! tiy! dread tlntthrir: p rf- road to be <>;>.'iied l au; ':"r-f.;* i It i re*'air : 'in ?e-ret, hidh'i its L-a 1 ii: dark ;:f<, and! .ifiili.'sting sold i ii: a body .' t 8'Jl.UOjer aero to ( en. j I ure \cs-terday of inciting.-A. had the plea-tho
    rtiinbthtv, at.' he ha.l rut bdkn .d ii J Bangs, Esq.,
    the possibility; >f .1-1 Ai-tjIo-Fn-.i-i! Alliat< .c. |j tsi'd be greatiy reduced, or llie b-i-.i u sj Or a ii"er no >, 41 1 bh? to bo )brifi-'ed < r ;. witi! tc.itoroii. f.inatirs. bound together Wm.! Uailey. ril.iis i the! largest price that managing contractor of the firm who have cn

    .- ,, -ilat; Alexntider's "ris>!-t'il eCVt Sh4)U1J: Li j\ e-vu them. Ii.they though: the load wo:, dt .=uU.ible! < 'Inn h i r Acailniy i i, i ei.sse s ( N't bv i:nriiuuoths* : and horri I It tial. iS.: has: been paid( for land i.i Ilorida in mary gagetl to build the Railroad across the Per.in-

    ; _, : to d-rb'ch r t ;ice lrin l'l- i.; !: !, and uiiiu: ; top: tilery, anJ so kocj> uji and increase: theli.loijorolv. <-...eoi. t. i',..t<-.-> n.oiu-y i-X| (vrii: >.T returns; in i ftei.i ig npo'i the iJemems of bigotry and rcli- year.-.. In 1630( the tame: tract waa sold fci sular of I lot Ida from Amelia Island to Cedar

    : b Itui 'a with Ac-tia id 1'm .ri. Nicli.] .: i itive. then it would bo a niuit 1oI.iL.r the f. ni of i.iteie.-t or oixi e.iuAnd, fo, t ions intoici.ip.ee-.-c.i! .i.iiiir a uperir: Ameiica'r. 7 per :acre-one-fourth of the purchase money Ivey?. Mr. Bangs informs cs that be expecti
    I :4 i 1 t1itt j' lint: very rctM:i nil outfit tn j-j |f. l becan-e. ii. to have t.vo: hundred hands on the road in a few
    1t. IiL UtriiS j
    ; i.t.t : :hg, viJt: tfari. a mea-ue.: ; all will ., iient-ntted. An m i.i St : : .ut: -it has assumed a new was: paid down, and the balance ($ l4C'JO, ) '
    ST imd !h j'rt'&I e < .! b d iu-..! I jf -; t'lc r.tph it-ports llii'iiiiC.: :>'i i i.j of f t:.. Hut there ere fpposcrs -i7goit; fif our ; O'.iO" V.iio rjj o-i'. t beip'X' il<)!.< i Lv t'.'.' pul.lir-: :ai-c, h'jt i i-s t'.earne; i'i essei.ce" inv aso.er has been running: on itereit:: for i.incteen ins-t a possible! there being no lack of furxi.

    1. Virtt.n: oo ice co'jffi.'i c Ti.e; gt t: rd b.-s "inty:: : towns. Lvi U3 coatiJer thurreasons, j jvkith 1 I ',o1; wi.K-h tie i jj i>ii",) !in ibe -.i!' : <-t dvn true: to iS pih.iij.IeO ifncli a confesi'M year. At the tin.e: of the ?:::1'.% tho principal Mr. D. left last ever.irgfor Chaileston to make

    iii'-rMiatkUiS Lad beta ilelermii'id sjtiiJUcIvunnrsarc are vauu. j jTheji.if .is :::i e.'niny at i.e.ul; to t the wm.jr-. If" i ij .- i.i the imr.th f.i'the 1 Wi.ij organ, I is a and i.iterest had riir.ouitd: to.SLo/JOl. % eiiIv -; arrangements for the immediate commencement -
    C j A s'uh! clas-j of ooje. t' r apra: nto'int\ of the work the piling and biWgo
    ;b.S, is hoD'.ib because I.e. tl.-i.n\s he'j t'UMtpet-t': ( ,!igitd: wiriiij: : ti tin. Democracy inlcrcs! eatelh( as doth a canker. upon
    r ib-cri.ti.>:ia> e lo.i-l .fl 1m
    ; j g tn.geiy ite, : over Nassau river.-Sar. Rep.
    : : en* n-r.t that Englind! and Aus i iJii.i j uil! not div; more advantage, perhaps i o' unhickiiy 1 iitr: l.'ifin!' the l/i-ietor.-; n|' Jlje llail- hf L,: i.ht_ roliItit! \', hi:: .;, ; -- --
    wjll bd s-'itisfi-'d x\it.ioit! i'f.t.u' '
    .'; ., of i.e : juite, f-o rr.ucri, ;ih many other pioj.Io of tl.ourty .< load (Company have lenioxed tii.i i-aii'-e i o. paiit-: I fr oili-'e.! i federaii-ta! iu piruijle.indj TIIK InlM.t2NTVui.ur .vr I'r.xs..tcor..t i RELIOIOX.-It is a tiiking and significant

    flidst'ijii'l.on tiit! s a But condi Nap'ileon:! n) of peace.abi(:/l.Jtily it issl3 : j viCoe preper'y; chances to I li-j nearer<' f!_imor.t ._ ;;]hiie: I t.i in! >. e j er.vKJS,;: who'tiiought j haterof Democratic t men and me.-utiu-s I are NAVY Y\ED.-The Peusacola Gazette of Sat- fact, which has been strangely oveilooked by
    t' .L t'c: line of route that r.Lture i.: .i.-tes ts teet !: I i t it vi-ry jutiti that I Kiev fUUTJIER OF SPAIN AD
    CUBA. .
    i i.itfie-l tinllond I 1 I ,
    t.> p.y: on iued for! countyub.c.iptioiis ( I t '
    q > for the r.iad. into tUi tate. (Ogaui/ationshavc: : hcrct. "This granite wharf is biing rapidly car- that throughout the Eiblc there ii but
    $- The iSpan5-:! (}oveiuu>eiit, Iris rtedvereIdcnti. } ; and uet t nuthin:.; in utuin. I nItitkiK j> : lied f-MV.ard towards completion, and from I' gers, ,

    .'! V-jitt'hes frmn Gen. Conch, A second opposes because he hoped r.r.d ,o t.! sir, inul (it oppo-jiijti; tliv D'rectors '] .>firu' f\i-tid in this; city anl; in other por- pre. i-it: appearances we should judge that it'i' one definition of Rtligion. It is in theso

    ; ihnt the <")-i\iii! >n i.f ("u'm' i.i ]i'n.s !.i I. will i iti'iis >tll:: hf<; e& that arr.blti.ius: public-S] i/ited men; li.-ne loiai.i'in.u' 1 ly ;!igi i.d i tu :- n'' addi- '| lions ti f iJietvuntry, but now st p5 are m po: will bea stiuftnre of granite unsurpassed by I j words :

    : uca-i: i -,. I i t! .long! may i ba found tj carry lie! road ii.jid; tork to the Li-uniy, ID tho amount! ) ol i! ":e-s for jx'rfecting: the older tluoughout the any ti.iar! wha'f .'u tliis! or any other hcmi F|; Pure religion and undefiled 'before God
    ( be rn-id. :-' ti! ? pe< ; lr.n.l, t'tnt :i Cu i ij this!: iuret: nntl: t ti:uiio.ii U built tiroi! ; !i t< | I father-
    igi Inhere. The blocks ond the Father is this To visit the
    of '
    4 J hr-fii !h th? cou ity by their i.idi-.i I !ial fulis.iiptions I entire State. Lit the Democracy he on the j ji jri unite are :
    :r li 44 :! ( Cflj.:1 ? ;i>iiiltc.l to the! p.i-: mine, coin! '-\ion wjii: the Aii.mtie, wtiirn wih1no I I t and
    I.iid in feet of and dowt-led less and widows in their affliction to
    thirty water, together ,
    do thiA'lii3
    -crar.ping to rii'iid. A i';: \V-\ ttl.ing ( Coinention
    114 was
    : Cut. j>r<)babJy exceed tluve yea is. I Ii t i I left I to'nic i 1 : 1
    with iron holt', ai d! then, c tlueIuted with' keep Limsclf unspotted from the woild/V-
    w : 1 Ue! b-'ir,* the' llnn'1:] n(> j! he bol-Js on to all his rc Ojrc'1-, and county ntii.ioii i: !t.-s to esialji !li their own livhl I h lieie e.ily: i i the jiv>eit: week. I It.s ac- 1
    a : concrete, which becomes as soli.l! .> the Mone' Japes, 20.To .
    ': 4)I t1i ( ):i nl tiv': 'liv! s, ; tsnds ready! to fiuc I.ll .uvini.i! ji"-, rcfii-Z g K.1.-S for the .' : ni til's infeicst-stock! ; 1 ihv FI! its \. ireV II!i-;, tine ID i t'uir iniuci: it-t-lf. 'J J hi-5 fnpeibea: w.ll is th.idled four'' -

    14 rr-T.e'ire: wliili CIT L-s tii-crn ititt: :ind d. nv ilohar iher!; I to i (ti.t dibute it amon t she tax-o i\eis> o_U !; '' i : Cunn Cuorr. Mtssrs.- Editori
    contribute towardi CiC k. Xiv di of tlio i.i i'loiida hundred! the :
    I o : a wo; ; [.It-;. v.I'.o ;po-e t : party : as : l fivt, and workn.m hi\v: ..nov.I :
    : Cuba to i-e-'k :id<:n-i ,'i i-sto the Lmuttutfs. -< tfie I'ountv i':i MM-JI teiov
    i: j 'jo cooily bo.irt': that lie will be alIt i.i a I year 'I i ii .is liu-v iolge rigliluitl tie! I l-e'chi": d cs >hit-p i.i the i>hamble.: :. The 1 I i iv.i.id turned :an angle toward the railway: br.sia ; !i Several of my children have fit different tin PS
    .J 1.:1:, He sij-s. thai if tj! Cunns! : .p'ifinet20,00..) in op- will n.it liojd th Ibl i' )r two ti b-iy: stock iiti"ro: (l for half pi.-c.: i ', o lire of ( iflIty in: o.ne.'llje ; luis goiiL1 1 foitli, and hencefoithVhijgc1 with the )novel( asi-tuice of Mr. \Vhipi 'es- been and suddenly! -lently tracked with

    : ;'r; ItH']. The Govornsiiei.t had olfirially noti.'ir. !! Jf cniirte, he i is f.itt'iv: o-i-io; tJ 1 t to a 'ousitv K.'JIro.iU; ( 'onijiany: had .i ren'' more I rv, as a d'-.t'uct; oigaii/.t'on: i i5 to be known I i itiiomoie [ and suh.uia we:hope hie armor soon, to all be obstacles able to announce ar ? removed that, |j| croup, and have been cured in the followirg

    : t.e! Cortes th t trauqt i' eoiuil J ( :among ui. I Iltieaftcr I wo meet the j i I building flips, :ae: in: course of construction in ;; m.iniier -

    7..!:.;: Cuba. | compel I.i'ii: to coatil: atc, to thai e ten'', in with i js? biot'kiioliK Md i 1 I1;. lii-j'oto; tin-! 1 I:1v autJi >ii/eu enemy, not as of yore, n: the open light: and: '1 connexion with the permanent wharf, so thalj i Divert the child! of all clothing! about the

    'p..c y -- i proportion to bis wealth. ; Couaty it 4 to b<- made: If V'!= in manly conte tbut, (und< r anasMimevi name war steamers: can be built and l.iunchetl at tuvk and chest ; t-ben l.athe. the throat and

    FUETEEE 3Y THE ATLANTIC.winn j a simple act ol ( .- ( to e.uly siliep! !> 'r.i to naval statin well all the i U > i art of lh.> host fiei-ly.with coM water
    j at per
    our : as as |
    : j third r.fhs its that his income far lieyo'sJ navy-
    A :s allow them inton-i-l on (tluir iii> talmen>s pfiiii, and s-kiJ'.ing lil.e; a thief ii: the (hO L. A iainwv
    : yards and stations: at the Noth.: I i.tttl.is Iw done !t.v pouring, sponging, or
    ., S : ff Jlo iii'ics Prdposcd-Spau j Lit nccei.iiifS: : ;m.1 h-i: w.-n.ts to iivet ii; l bkfoit i ot'rerhad': s'libiciilicd( I at aii. Ami say t to tho lie moi-iacy, be warned: t in time.Tho irtqnett ii-plicition: ol wet clothe
    very ,
    ; .{, Sending: Troops fo Cxlj. \t ho iurjliss; ; 5.1 more buds and: ni jroes, a.id; heI there is no sound rea.-ou why (tho s>'n-e rnlciIatlit *'tlttfli lantern" party, 'vIiose< ramiticai WHAT is .A PHAMIMILKT.: -Tho Post Of- WKil I thi> J5 ItrT'it' doiu'pu-raie' warm wctrt(?

    I CoLfMntA, Marcb 30. I! !loes not vraut to sec li:< jiiijeof 1'iriu go up. j &alo.I not b-j applied to County subriipuonj i tions extend: through the N\\stern and New i ii i fice Department in determining: the rates of and imtm-ne tIe; leet.in-it. This gives mtt'* f

    .4 Il is lL.1t the interview }beJwi-ei i iI. deal thah he novji j in :i short time, when the child! shoul.t lie f!?4t
    rvpertt'd ntil he more I all '
    3. j : gets a great But rather than make this article! tiresome, i| 1'ngl.md States, embracing that ia corrupt, postage legally chargeable! oiuvaiious-lLings, *
    V .t'J L'nd (jLl.j.I: i.latt-i! i quiet to re't, wilii H jug of warm water<
    .4IIO1.1 1 y
    )wi.?. :Now thoae of thi class are at Ieael we will fctop hero fntii; (! > week i and resume'! 'j traitorous and fanatical, has Ht last reached t'.ius define what is chargeable with phampUtp j
    Auttiii r.ud i'iib ii I i the feet when and sleep
    to fi.-opt-iiii ib: I from : ; t.bhI tiFUfptr.d I perspiration
    and cauiid aiid Tho-e br- the subjicl next week jtt whe.-t1 |
    : b *til ii"S f ir a time, in o a dt-r! t< ennble cmM-tont op'-n. we stop. our own sunny land, and our people are to .' : I follow.. !
    i his iiiaiter of I i.iteieit-stock; to tlit4 4 '
    th J utw C/.ir to cou tier carel'ully what i longing to the two fir>t will not m.-ikeio ojieni 1 dieivos further consideration( than VialicA b:? iiivited to bind thvm e\es! by oaths to fra- A pampld t is a printed but .unbound I j Any one can follow these ireeticinsimme J
    -J ,,r' course to pursii< |!i : co'ilensiou! jK-rh.ips.: ; l>ut it. ;jtM.: as easy to it at the clo-.e of a long a rti4 Ic. can'1 1 here given are- ,! Ionize! with the same party that put TrumbuH .ptlhuietI lOll, ul.iting; sol ly, to $01113 subject !iiu-ly, and! it is a roinj.biint; .wLifhw' '

    !31. Dujnnit tie L'nur *, the di<5linpiii; lie
    Kepullicaii, and l'reudent! of the fiife I objector H a great pfickler forj lonchetl impoitance only 1 ih-nce 1 with! the exception, many: precious lives are Jost..because a pi'1' *
    ( not ct and( ,
    t | \ on- ilmitjiK i s Again: do we thank the ticn.inel for
    Democratic At>:.jiubK in 161S, isd.'ad. i the honor and credit of I.i 5 county, and i isj! others will be stalled ill thecouiae of week. ) or. of t thoSe not containirg: toot e 111:1 It ii\tn-t i cian i Un-.t at hand, until tuo late to avc f-oa

    Gen.; Forey, a r vni'h connnander at Sebattopo' | w holly! opposed toStrflg County. Unit!*. His i a % its frank confession, t-inco the prodigatc octavo pages each, tin which under ret tain location.(

    lifts bet cHar ed wi b treason. j Irrewd i*, wliatever the County does in the I and ilegencrai! *! party" will bo admonished, conditions, the iu-t of Au u t 30, 1 lfc'f>2, lmttm I have otten tiieil th's, and never faiId V>

    iI It: is uud'rslO'd the Vienun Cofc rt nc > u--iv of iub.iciipl let it. be doi.e for ( :I.I.-; 0 :7" After clos-ing we havo jut !hoard: oi i| iho people ei.lightened, and many wings "bee" made special provisions, no publication! : attliongh give nlitf in one hour, often in-half ih l t''ie*

    >:-#>' ill J l/t-off-hoit duration. Lord John Kns (! That: is let a tax be imposed by tire County one) other objection Mailed in another county: i i perhaps}: [ what: thoy: ) did not want to seo,'* fold-d and unbound, can be pet nuitteui -E.: MARKS,

    I ,:%* tell; nd: the French Plenipotentiary n reed j jen i to meit an: ir1.talIzniItVICII called fcr un its | which 1)iflt not be passed over. i I io-wit : a dishonest abandonment of the whig to pass in the rndt: as a pnmpldct," instead ?In Country 6ent.

    ti the interpretation of the thiid of the Jyui subscription! jtst as in the case of any ether! Two gentlemen met on the roadcuo in favor ofn! hook" unless Jts scopo and sul'ject

    4 ; lruhtPed point: ?, which demnnJs the cun snbsc i!>er. i\ow it is very easy to test the name and organization, for a ecu et, midnight | are suchas to bring It fai ly within the dis- : ORIGINAL MOR.MO>SPill ,POLYQA1I5T

    version of .Svbabtopol:; from .1 military fortresa I sincerity of these ready money men. I If they of, and one opposed to a county subscription. cabal, rccicatit to Jill the traditions
    the cath principle! tlien silves The f latter was appealed to, to state thu writes to the SpjU'gn'eld Jourcal, that
    into a Mtnplo commrrcinl: port. prefer 4o go upon } and endoavoriag to steal power by tiicke.y IIUtI
    t An answer will lemAiidfd of tin Rus&n nil they have to do i is to buy County lionds grounds of bis opposition, to gee if the objection ai.d falsehood. Macon Telegraph saysthat Senator system of polygamy got up uy Young,lib
    find themselves taxed and could not be met ami answered.. Ho jtlier evils \VKich grow out of It. aro.andaslaoder
    ; will bi the
    extent ,
    ; j : in fifteen dty. .Prussia to they proceeded
    :; envoy to give various reasons but Tho Sentinel, satisfied with ite answer to 'Foonbs and the lion. Mr. Stephen*, both the character of theprqrhCt.
    I tho upon
    excluded from tlia Con ftieiCp.p:1i they will! bo under no further li.ihility.; If answers
    Is sending more troops t > Cuba.- taxed for the payment of interest, the interest were at hand, and seemed: to meet them our inquiryabks in tarn, What jias bocomoof foremost among the riistingnishttl>;gs ol whoso bones now lie euioiJdeiipp in atvi's nur-
    u.ith to cCC
    cL The Army of Havanna w to lid increaiod to Jue 0.1 the Ilonds they hold will meet their fully. At length bo said 1 ana opposed toIL the Democratic party ?" None but a tyro ii (.ieorgia, are both' open and avowed" against grave ;, and weie Jotfj-n iw the coccion -

    thi-j can &avo themselves nal-roud! itself!, and therefore opposed to tILde used the KnovNolhfrganil} adds that ortli from his lowly bid, aid
    30,003 nwn. tax. Iiy means, they politics,and ono to roadiugiho future fcapurn CtvotI1
    Salt Lake country
    ( i in (the
    if of.tilings
    ;, Cotton at Liverpool advanced JJ wlieiUlieCzjr from paying interest: oo taxea ; while those county is subscriptions doubt tho, road will they and are mada be from, the pact, would askfiuchaqae tiou. Tho froiw the well known intiuer.ce: of these! get.tleiuen. .. I fata his presence BrtgW.- .

    1" f death became known. It eubs< pucntIv who have uf t uionoy at conioinnd, can -bolp there no can Democratic to.day fctanda there is little to fear :Iron the "dajlater2prty" I,1 and I'Q &d ijt4Wo
    les-i build die Road by paying their pbaru built. A rail-road will throw a great deal otmtui'y party oa au oung, iouaceJJ
    ; ivcedcJ wlienti liQ bxucoft wf sill is
    ij: peace "interest oa County Honda in th *liap< of(\ into the country, will raise the pike elevation urvcr tcforo re .cbed by aay si ia tbjit.fiUte. doctca




    -- _





    ___ M HggMg!! tIF F
    -J--t ; < i .. '_ > i *
    -- ,.---- ---t1--- ------ ---- .- 3- V- t .
    -- -- ;._ _v 1- Arri' Vf Mf H!! > p tn.
    I AM) ; T1U Kow. rirer' ;::1st! of Letters, Groceries.TIT5T ..UNITED"STATE3 MAIL. 0S22orn, AilvruxiJ*. bv J'irl .ur1-4uiL.a'd: 'A. I V
    rArry_Vv> iVJ 1 ( I poi'Ml'' l 1 (. < < i! > T. ri\nT\ ni t'sc: .-. tic.' nt TaV.a n-f
    .t- ..# I] _,_' A .! .,. : ',5 bol 6-ipeil'no Fl.'ur Pcsr Qr'rr, DtrArcrrr. J $
    ,. \v '/?1'f""n Hitper's, I 1". -x. 'n LaIt-floa4 SubseripUor. 1
    exirn fmiily Flour, Atfmnr.t! TrliVT a R p nt
    60 J 12, !Ii'&{;. J J"pftOroaATLS e
    Ai-'i'-al. IT L A"n ( R } PI H fi A'- iDu.iry
    ;. .' v.- ; iiy ft '' 'rir1 ** '" t: ctvVi! '' 1 A -- fi bhds. Siur.ir. a nipeliisr of HIP H nr.l uif fionntv (OmmWnnfT Arrive \l Fmt Put'!-r nrjtt duy by 7 p m
    :X la Atn-tUl..1.I. AT !f rcarrTj7tli inAilifi luitt7
    'n ) i Ailni. Sanili Au'en-'O. HI >
    t'nt' i'if '!' .J '' i1nrs'' nt 'r. I 1 r> Si I.5 I.-* ci ;. ...,... L.I.I Lri )i 2h.t. I I Icowiimniciili'ut I.'Fi.rt Ut.ct1ur'ii'j at 8 A nit
    I. -l.t A << 5'.v..ii.K 1_ J'Ui'.e* fn>ni l ,t liav ( July. 180ii, j thi-U"; tI|, 1
    I Ir Should;rB, xvn i -ic-i\oil fr..o the Stookboidi-rd f .:A.riive-at AlJrilVifle n xit LV IS rn.CS23 .
    ,1, of Ilrti'. r .1'1-s J. I'niilk-nT 1 1:1: t'rt : n (> i iibe -
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    -E-vJ O IVnnr-li. 3 i 1. P vi.. tfr.y (.lune. lh.V. i.iuive. Ill ti.e hl.-tc .4F 1 OKI ,
    fi J J'.iiu ll I..1'. I IVn-a.'oin; aii'l ( ;tor :.t I Kniiru.i'l: Compunv. t Ira ii:Lh FI'.Ifl Ai2.LI1t* totatk i
    f It : Icive prodneed :i r P.ritn-h. ( > i .1 J ) Hru'i.. .Mm HI.11? 1 C S P-rxrin. ,1 eiiied I 1) \ will !* r p.j\fii nt I litV! .Mi ct i.llm-of tinPV..- .
    : I ( r. tine.- Sin uO.r ih'-ir roru-i-potiiliii. So.ritarxCol.. Iv-nj. F. \V huiiitr. I t-srirt: n i.4.k.: 1
    IVi.; .. Mr P.-lc D.bI> P "v.l. O Ti> ,7-W. M Of-! ).. ,irtnu'ii\ tli- eitv; of Wt.itt< t..n until'* -
    tE 1.W- N..ihiz: t i: ; |> ;
    t '' : P-: : 4 .iJ $ \Vl.i..y.; btiitt'iz' I'M'' t.j4 I Copipuiv bnd iKci !eil' ti> nwept (ti i4 e J/.i.xe A..it'U w.Mli9.1y tod ZIt1rC1a7 el ,
    ; i-111 t'! X P.'x-'t. J PMI h. J"li'J On kn -r. P.t.-i flirw" j "I. I.1 I I tI s5.: ( t. } .-' ,l(4.t'l I I IV I III $tj .
    O ? Iv i'veiL': tS ( !: 1') t.i.i\ :_;...,? i't' "An net to .Jj Ic f.>r mul iuoo..i.wc. .-. !ItiI.triiI am ; S.
    .T1tn II Hirt.01Ii r-.r.r| : S 1 liu'Hf; j HRrt'wn. Api.' I 1'.",;,} on tl.c ruutvi ;UKl u tl.a ti.i.oa i LU vip
    p" frcn th' ... .w.Nni'i') D Yt. -< P. n.'n:. 's il'J.nV S B.'s it. Mi 1 15 Imsr. m.A : !..-I.flt';. .: ;'1, 1 .:::5. -I N1i .. tIi& b'1 t1 it i'i'ii .I. 1.vr.ie !Ii-ci.si* Wtntev e.zj, stu.4j .
    t I1tiwr'S ['er fljb4fl1V % f) (lMIfl $ 0"!". ri M I r.u.xev A D < -Ji". {? 1 .I.ti"- .
    ::4 E Sr..rvi I Tnze. 'tiI.I t.1k1 4Ily (Ii Ilt.! $ ,, /}>. -/ ri nrr r'fitf-t'tt / > r'at.ti'if rrrtfu'lt. lit inf n.pnr .
    t(4e f r ib .. eti r( C nvix. FT.fi W C-V. A VCir'n-.M I 1.fl.4.] ri'ij-b tt.r'nt'*. firm; t f u-f.d3.Jl. df cittaifi dto t'tiOS01
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    : ti ket 18t tbo .ijne ti-ii- vctiJtt' :.: \v C.4.-9 1?1 j Ii C.entn: 4% ji.T( r. S NCz 1h 1t'ivi' J't! ir1 iI i their If 'n t'.f in sjiWi il.tf r mul n 115jt<< k ii> OdVrltf11i1Sl. Is4 mm uIueli&tl-?. hy Cci-! frc*.. > Fbit DI3Q.

    ... rnnr nern'r.* a l t'ii! ihi'y t..n P'1 '' F.ri1c by P--1';:' ''iV ,
    five t.V! : j \, jt )1's \ I ) tL4' fl. Iv:
    nP4har fl4-t l't. j Mrch .SI. 16."i.). | -..i.I! Acr.j Mi.nii.iiin. \t.lt7l1.TLI Mil!?. MiiMVF/im;. I'II'Il. I .HVP MeleiM'c! SnrTiy "t Ip m.iritr ; .
    MI 't
    :(1 '" tr.ni' I Phi i i-i I 1) v.;.1 .1 M n..b se, C I H UXU ., : -- !j Win' r. pon., nf' r n f.ill; ili-oi.acinr% nn J ,<;,, rl'-lilipr. Uta. find Online; : Mi'I'! I iLlk.i, SOU milt: /. t Fi-rt I'Hfie' tare day by S p ra*} -

    siiVl M **- 1'hi 1* J1" 1':(' onm vrTMiHtit.i p : U I, 't .ti.. : Spring; Gncdrj.rI ti) n on tin- niiti.-or.it j ilLi or Vp-il "t\a\i\ a v. tc of I lit* nr.d 1 l>.if':. Ivxt** T wffk.Leive LFi rt Pnt'o Str'df r.f 6 a n ;
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    / -, --4-at i 'iiorir\ '' ( il in tle eli' : 1ij.il: M.;. rof L.-.s. (j b.-1- k-n Arrive'nt Mvltii.'t'z ;
    IIF.cu1fii: !h. ..i nixiiic 'T "Unml.- >ii'i x MI Vn I iix: tbe ; Cii"rr.s! iii TticsJay r.nd Saturday nt 3l 'ji'iic Juiy by It ii. -
    | >;: Kim.v! S FMFKM.. r-
    J F.- \
    Vo.T.1 i- ] *<;v//:If'y7I) ?? : > I t U mi.- "nl I ..Jim ne-nt- arti-.ab.ne mpli-tc 7t i d :v 't M.i.-ic.', t.: '!. t< nnru' W'H ih r i>r ii' tbrSt l>. Tli. From Fit'revihI.! bv tprlIltj.I.l.> U ii.ujIkd t.ir
    : _.v J A ( K'.i Mr Oriv -. : 01
    ( i in ti 'v. >5 ? -.it. 1 ,,, I!* Spl.'ij i.n.l -U.lI i an! nfC..iil-: t'lii.iu-1- ,, ..u, i.i I tsii.i (C.ttiiitil.iil:! Arni e n* .Tv'k'rPe! *>T diys Ir 12 m ; 15 1.e-' :itvl >.n<>k, C.LCB a wWk.ltr .
    \ rn.-nt.-; { <;<>- '
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    '- o A-s--nblv .f tr| -it it-1.1 kI.'i nd.i. rn!i- Aiiv. sit PHnik.T n' xt flr v l hr 0 i. ni ; Tny SatunJay at 1 pa ;

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    ( t() FevICt ; tjt-1 l.'etc l. I li'H'fer-4 ii. o.'t'i-i in i II Mni .T.iiNvh II I. iv I k M! > i LIUK l>l <1 1HI I i.tstrinnnoil.! lIIir..v: d.fii.iM I V r.'o.; i is.-,;,. at Jui(4CflflYlf> next ila by S P m ; : ceil hi,. i-r"c P nt1c.Lve I

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    S -iis-sl' A .1 Ii- -nM V .' 'f..n MiC A j -j-4-vlol! (:> t.-ikf "..I 1 x ,.t,\ to iit : n in Anrv; at L.irt{ Pnn'l next day by 8 p rajL .

    pasted r M-iits of rest lati us orx-ai-Rg S .1. .''u.-ti. A .1. .IIIMII A (J -J1'J M IM Fu-e. I IV.. irk*. I P.'. :"! -, .i ints (1 I)rap fl"Kt'pKT.I. T'tl: at.i.,"f- U.ol.nnl; ;: A. Siiiu% 1'rr.r.cH, u. FI gjvX / A'lirc nt rnrl! tt..n} .rxt imfa )J-v 10 n m. ave L'lig PouJ Thursday it (J a ta ; .
    Ii i-, K .,- r T Kx-! .1 I! K ii't. W 3J K' h.S "t'l.' ( .4 li> 'M*. I Pii'ItK-rV LitM'TI
    tt4 \ 1.U' ll'1''' 1 i'1 Itpeli.r I 11.it iriI. I \Vditi .
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    r.-- .J1'k'ive1t.! I.y U.irTr'{ J ;
    --Jol.nS.II.iif. .j i'h.) :.1u1! r and Wili CS02 Ki'iti' ; AIt at >r. ii' Pi to extend tu CLay L-iB'iii'? will! be etsr.i-
    \ teutu'tis \xe-o i ujcctw!. r'1! 0o nmlhi ] L.-w I LI .x.J. I) M n az Ii A l I.HIt.; <; % !- !i .t-i: /t l u xe-ts. rfli.i--! Ui.lfi l *. MaHm ered. 6FitmTampi .

    : .. ;j.4I L. J.tii ; V X.('.. j&su! N i_ 'v. CL ,lc-. iiv. ( ;,,.,l'fi1onn Lixc .I Mi'nto! ? .
    jOUtfled 4ar j ? <=a C. C. Wslli.i"-: -n. bandy Fur'I. :ir> II.>. t 1 l.i-! I S2 to Manatc <2 aes aad U i.inee j

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    n *" '. T. I. Mtir'v--. A ?I M -Ivi". ?.!!-> I{ M } .> > lUiii: Unlit ((5 Pivld: and Lf xtJacki.nville;: Xiid
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    Ili-tn! ;
    I .. I > r .i.p ILl&IT'e : Anirs at M-riM; >v r.-it t'rtV bv IS m
    .. M.X i E p :u I .i h'i; -. .. I I.uL ; -
    win M.I < } 4.-t.
    that Ureciivrd a (kc:1 iaici! fi-i-Ji! C-, corJ.j j 4 H.M.-V.-I; j.. .J.L k'I i-'1 ... .i.-l. ;. *: i .I tv it... ; ?t ).. I. i. .. y.t4i it.. I Co JI'IHH'S Yb rp f'i.-iiie- i: iT'lernln; AVxand r ; nI! TilWin o inJS O-T l li'v 7 p rr> ; I f-nce il! mte l>'.l ,r .$ I r.'m ; ..
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    New Iian: .i : c, \Vdlii-idaj.. toriht | JI J :M i .ni W I) M i '.-x". II MA'Hr.: U .1 M--. j .i ',!< < !! <'.-ij il ti mi-. ;"\'! tn tI4 n- ,. t : fl) .if, v Ii.i'v : VeJntiiy: a p .t ?
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    i -M.-t-thil1"t i ui I'm-n i .
    'f : zz. I IA. : ixi.e 0111 x .y i; aii'lption.
    tt igeTc f te I U iinict, > Jack nnvilV I. ) -k. trcclf.Lecte
    riful awir.VxM.i.-: UK* I Pul..ie. j > < An iv nt m 1 1s} .r 'v .Tan : vcsa: ,
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    :I1..llllml : r -- 5:''xWm ; Sa'n'l I '! !-i. O Y Conj:P.MOXD.X.pnr' ] .
    -iti-l I Fi.ltisri: t'Ii.ii4.i I. ut'k. f"tir V.Li'.ivc Arrvc! itt t'U: 'i.w .
    ami river: *:f t1., ?rcwK-nt o.' -I ) ..n. Tli -. () ... ( ;j :. M.irv17, 1 1':,: 11 riftws a nvt ,M iiuy > .v day tf (f fp : i'I
    John MfNi.l.I i I [: :t.ifi- > < X A- -st. J.f'-rl.. CLvrcH, S. J. W. M. A'u'snt' bouiav nr.'l ci.ntLu' I n ;
    S\-!> i.j P, hJ! ) Wi :X P.-It. P P., m..lj.'j P.r.J L1
    the L'tiitfd titc-s.: :i i.I -r.t-.1 w: ltr. .uN '. (-. ) .1! P..r4. l U P.u--t // ftjjrins; ; r.n.l Si'iuniPr; iI ;>od>. ; tn 1 ( ).iini i!' i) i !n > ..\, i 2 ni !, :*?- 01 1 Turrpa ry? To '-Uy nt 6 a ni ; ? :;
    f ; (i,,.-.:' .>---A. CT.wi..la* D A Ho. p".l Thr.! Hal- Arrive :yt Pieolp.ta *ai p liars by, 1 up 3J t Arr." ..t I'KI: : n S.Tr l tJ yriL.. '
    -- ::.-w ii ih-h. (4)) M.-s; M vj.v (?! ) w ujr r7'I *'Sti1 .-r''t-r--ir' i.'. i-i\-ii.' :i'i I '" .? 0 :r I /? / > ;p .
    : I 'n- i'i n. ie.i**..re. to M.e- -
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    cr;:: M. Owf. IL. U :-! tt CF.I-1; :_:i -. r n ii u. j ij c.pt s ki,1 '!.1. L-W-U H..Iu J ><-.fl\if < -.i-i'I .. G v !-. v In.-.i tln-v sclvcti"! I '
    I jiii LfitviPi'- H'n Mi-mhy end TLcriJar at G a lit1V4; : !43, 2 i- n'rtti t.4LI ..14 k. i i"i a wv'vJt.Lcjre .
    i a ) i'lli'-n-! 'ti;: xvrli ii ?'.-li iMte. mill n-ixv <>!u-r fur s.iJ- '
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    ; si.- : .1 Ii !.i
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    irutu.-il prrtfC'.ion of n 1 g o4.s: on ijozu.. -./,:., S..m \j .) C-.i C l"S..Vji'r.. (" 'I'I 17. ?. &<.: 11i j A t- ''\t.ict: i.uai the i-.i'nt'.a. : .*> p in. M : It
    I Alt. t4 : 1). V. t ; WV N. 6301 Iim PiUtlc-i IL r'r."nir) Srin'.. Or'Zl? La; Ichr'p I-rera.'s.i T .rnf 'faT at 7 a m ;
    neutral ittCfl. ], -- ] tM W F5.-; ; A P Mii's.W ; j
    --- i in*. .' C. .1 r Ctn. I 4rrsre ct T.nipi f.if.icdiv 6 .
    f -lui W.j by :n.
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    -> .i i-1,. L !: Si-iii-. -T"- Sc. M. 3. M j-'n.-. i ,
    tllt. ..Mhti.iis; I ; "p s %r4r".TCeit' T 'V" *V I ; :.! : t. I A :":- I 'i"IC lh.: lI'!.. 81J.'?. 8JS I Fr.i Ii r"ii* -' "* to Je.i.i0-aa, 52 aie and -
    (1B.% St-44 3 L S. ..1tLI.t -
    : ': !) .1.CONLT .
    ahr.aJ for U. S. KS-a-i' ) ; ::) : ------ T.ix Ii .r. t'> 1.tnhit. i CO Miles! nn J Latlc. t1* Z Za Ice b.icr, once a wetir. '
    (! frnrn >! 's H .-;: Sj'jyd i I j.flt..SA:1e) {.<.) A J L i u.-i! ;.i->i i 'I'-F i11 t uii.: & siE .Ri'; \vt-fk. Iive II.loWM- .n Vii--- .. -. .
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    (Tri-'i: T r.: -. :s I'-! ( K-t! ron,5 x : 1)i'r! i Pri'p-i! to a.it Silver Spring t'i1i..e <"d:>- A.ii.e; Ht Mel! .uv.: v pf.ire rf.ij bj 4 m.
    vV. !. -. J M W.-'k. r Cis .V : x. W V. ;rix JIU.W. .. \nl -, ofnf-'v } 1.of Calicof-s Sail I I Ir p 4'i!
    for 8 1 i3O.CO-c:1.i: !nv.-u S 10 1,080. I II j'r ( | ; q1 .r. !. I ;S22 F.11 TiUr.ia..t! }by; X.TU p jt, : bti'i. !3'k11 :.
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    Liver Fills. j jJ3 'h FLs. I iI'-.?, C'-rn S: ir -li.I'.i'taiiil \t" I ILL Live j n i- | t :. '. '!.. 'i t" 1I1' !h i t'i"' i rn tnt t> n FiKiav, rnJ: onii ting1 J'ifan'rv or LsxiTi'.i-nl.! way il"rt-av! tt p l"m ; .r1
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    Lift : N'I.-S. U.N ?,, J C .ji (,Ii'i I SdMif V..ir.- j ;-if tin- *.It'.itt-! -rt iintici1 ; K-'I j btun I ( !4.( k4 of ex.-rx Tues.lay jujdSalardiy at

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    c.itiou. 1 bue uo/l, 1 box niJzo, 1 cu .leipin.. ?. a iJuty no l lri lli in a p'.Msnr.-l.. >ln.w our J. C. HALL A CO. Hiin-h I 10. I 1S.:>''. 4ri 1 1.1 X..x_- 4 l I n 'Leave Alligator Fri'lnv at .*> n ni ; A'rr.'vj Mt t Dainbini e n -Tuesday by 11 a ma.iu 4

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    THOMAS M. AXDKRSOX. ShtrnJ, in the United ; .r4prn ;
    is one i>f the oldent of the kind pin
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    -- i jciflicio A 'I.n in Itfr tor.M' Stut.-H. Leav Monlieello) TbiirFd \ ar 6 a rn ; %tu iVn4i.4CoIa Tup,4a7 aad Friiay at 8 Ain

    Concert in Mont<;lla.FROF. II. l .i.1.r'J I IRichr.nl ( AdruV.tc E4tte.'.fiiis v1 a.iit] 'Ti.ann C. H.. Mir.li I 7. fas. I 1 I'Vb. 17. 1 1i5. 7 ly Arifve Alli atiir i> xtS>rfnMluv by 1pm. ; .

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    ttir. IJlu.e.4'iTue&iv -niu.;. Apiil 10 U. c..in- Mtrvin, and BillT I k er, Lite of Midi-mi C u'ity, d va .ed. are SIX the estutc of Nil1 Potter ilectwod. lute r>f ** 'F irt Craae; to Micunt'pj, 28 miles and back. Ir9ti&; fJ.i. ay-t bjirt;, once a wewk.
    I < st 6 o'ciUrk. TicttH t'J ceDl <.L.Ui n lulf an-I liis : J JttiZ8. licrebv req'rre'i1 to make p-iyment in t ine. Tbnne !mvin Wji -billion County wili pretent bin final ncemintund twice a weeks CTa lersvHl atnr'e the di.trnoinarn "mterm .- .
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    31, l -55. 2w 13 y p'rMian'p of a fiacre of tlio II'io. Ju.1e rn" LeJ I tlu-ni xvrli'ii' tt (li'uo i' jiie I ibt'il I by LTV or tiid lioticexx SHAKl'LBSS EVAXS, Ex'r.Febratry tam ; From Mi1aMM.. hy tra) !.
    Cracker and Biscuit ,n Circuit. Ci/uit irndtion tbe Sib il.iy of Fclnj.uy.lb'3. ill be rV-i'1 in Kir < ( their nroveiy.rupMAsi 6. 1S :e-cin :Arrive at Micanopy mmo diiy hy l.p m ; u-"I| Kx, HiL! t.> LUea Anp U

    Machinci.II. is iLncaivc aforesaid, I d. hereby givu i.i>ti4j : i. AXDiItSuT.I ; : 5if. "" Leave Micaiicpy; Tud.-duy a&il.:'Friday at 2 nike and hack, i-nec a wn b. 2Lmve _ _

    A J. McCOLLj t) :.11 pi-r oid: Im viu; JfiIni aUiDt: jtaid; vtite of Loi li ( Stl V'! tiffin AJaini; t> }nr.MtjU'on Notice. pn ; Mari.irstia Tlmi gcjay at 6 a ro ; s.*" .

    I\ H.Ejnamjf.K'lrj-iiis an hive co .f.tantiv .a band He'i.l i<( jjle :he Maine f.ir p-ij-iu-nt ai. f.ir n<> tli M.ti* ; C. II[,. ,Lt'Hi: 17. Ib5. -11Salt. months tifter 'tt the timleri'Ianpd, flflflZTui'! 'Arrive af Orange Spricgi itme dye by 10p An ire-At Ucheo A''"'* n it day by J UBS (

    ;i. their Kupt-ri'.r CIJAQKiilt( .ilACllIXKS, wrji <.f *;ii'a't'! will ,'ileu-l I, witl.iu ix inontbu fn-rn (hi* SJX ..f the itttes.f Tl iifwon Ware. ilf0e **d.l.'ite rn.6S2J Loav Ucln-tf Arm.To* l y aft 4 a w ; -* 1 _

    &i t y 44trlv (pit.iitt.1'i'npriixviuciit8. <,vjrioi'8 Kizt-s late. Jim a fiu.il; 4.Ji-j'< .it on of hit, "Same ni4ybe Liid of Jetfer'.nUritv. i1uriiii. will pn-wnt Luis fIuiIC4iILj1I ; Fn>m Ou1s' by l'flti Bwnirp. to 'A 1atarii1a. Arrive at M.iri inn-i n-xt dAy bt 7 p m.

    JtlIl<) P ntD./afcjh Miif r. Cracker Improved Oveu *4hti: the jtciu'siratcr relcaicd Ircui B4\d: aiu2Iibtra I r SAqKeorobnhIii fine Key West Salt ; anti '.'nhis't Ihe IIin. Thnniita J. Cliaef, S-) iw''eft tin:I h.iok, oiioi >, week BiJ fjt PUOU *-1i eeToj.n.: U eciaIj.z.II. _.

    -tths. Damper*, ic, Ac, ct tkia ..It) lOtVoocke Lveipoo| S.t] ; Judge of Probate fur H&id Cvnnty and n.-k U> beds: X.ive Ooala Saturr!. y at G a m ; I _

    p.c9. jdi'e Nz.Yctk _nan ARCHER. JE, a> rk.anJ Landing"*nd for. half by cbtrgtI WM II WAKE.:: iiur.Ncjcb'r "Arrive at Adirnsvil'e same day "by fl p m; *818 From WM lV"c on.o tc AW -

    fy.tia; Jfjr.fefin Chant* ry. McXAUHHT OR MONT) 11, 1&i51 fu Leare AdaterBnlle Friday at 0 a m 'c rSJcu'w *!4 1c i.

    TVlTsnrr 21. 1M Afi Pc',. "8. Jn-.l; Ri -



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    : iL> 'iUt i?
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    -rr-i-m fl i 1 C l nrfiTM'i'JTtTrT_ 1 Tinrn i --
    u. =:-z - = _-=-;

    TT ft WiuU>n cn.jnytt 3 a in ; I \ bid revived sfVrtiine-\ : S r- m. of the THE GREATEST Florida Hotel, 1 me I

    f : *;T IP'h "f April, 1S-15---or without the guarantee rtqiart.J C -UNTY.r TALI.AHASSF.rT FLORIDA.) .
    Ari e at AV >v C tLl <* tv '., 1 J 'n ; I DISCOVERY OF THE j\GE.\ I'S rr.i.o, JKITEXSON
    % t- j Lv' A' Stvi1* ? M ia> >>t 1 p rn ; | by l.\v: 01 that t-rt'i.binee\ ';r: lioUC8 m VIle iuw Wholesale anJ Retail Dealer In #

    .'I. .A.-T:' H ,,t \\ *-t \Vitt.n: ':-HIM* ,l.iv bv S !. m < i.f < < .penju'ior; ; ,, o iii.->t te c "itri 1 I.-r.-d 1.1 mpctjtk'iii r> iOFKS01l: WOOD .it\is f-r sale a perfect hwA e: J JIE iindersL't i-d eiv > riotiw to the pnb la
    ( .2jt > iu amount.J I 1 he I refit tttl the. Hotel iaMntkt DEUG3 AND MEDICINES.yiTST ( _
    t5l7f From V1' f it AnJiew's IJay, 35 miles i with: :i regular proposal rt-a< '>: : < n-foraMve Itill! in a h.t| t time utoit t1e' h- that
    -I Irirk. WHV.Vuum J i :;. I'ii.-n! j-h.ni!. in all -;ivfirst pi--p.-K' f.-r hair wh-ch )IMS brc.-r.si-p-i-y ? .Jfrs _:; ;: -IIi! ,. f.n-n.-.iiy kept bv ('n4.; Ne -- _
    I )jt-nrriu-iillv t. nsoiu-
    fli.i: e 1.a'e* Fri t.iy at fi n in : crvcA! ? ftiict'v! rc .irdin to th* alrjrtiHonunt.uxl t inal: 'olt-r----l 1 lire.* it <-it where it t. i* sjouf*. pti I iim.-'.* in-iM.: an-I 1 v. ill! be |..r.nar.t.; : n'ci i* ti.itt rby I 1.1thof received p -r Haui/ic As FUh," a fresh i i h note put vp in 1icand Largest *

    j3t4 iiett fct. A JsC *" Hay; ome Lbv S ptn then if th; .v d k--i-: fir-anil'u f'-r dtfeii-i.t > tt\u-e ; \\lu-teit iitalim;. oir r-h-rnsthehcadi.fthiMl.indinJf t I t! .' '.; -II'e'r., The }hoivw\ now ill. t'ru8iIt} repur fl supply of Dri'u'-. nnd MedHtu I'ain'o, Oil*. ttarilln arknu1ecfed to p ,
    :, W l.i b- the 1 l-vt -I 4 'IVn-d f.-rtlc and will I bo yitinae.l l a t > prnniotc Iho c-'irif.-it of fiii.1 Ware .
    > lJ.i.n made
    ,4t ; ;jinlifj g'.iir fin-1 I i itching1, rcniosi"i a!I f-ut in--tn: triipti- is. r.id: rniitr M ; \ amMifFutty, --n general a ortni'nt tu K CCTtj/icgl raa :
    t : !t 9tl'-. tii.l fcnkf. tin? othtr Lj.j is rrny -enJ'r-d! g h--s 811-i bard.9 Atttfhed :lire good stable! *, ot Color, UrtiMii-s. ami other I' kiiit>- ly ;
    4 l..va*.- :>t. \u 'it-?: lUv S..lnnhy nt 6 a ni ; < th- xi-ii'p pt-i ft-tty li.'ihhy hv retoiin"the !ftcrrti < mi ful Care it Aa.
    tc& S ifthe :lfr.itioii! .. -..- a! i- I t.ttut-iit.d: l.y ll.c i lluit ri:1 I ? J wn! .every nttmti >n :s> piid t hors. $. T -nnsain.i.liutr ;I Also f jai' :S'a > Fii.iTi 'th and hair lrn! ji rwm ,
    t .lh Arme ,\iflU *Ji'no iv by p m. > tonr: 'ns t< t ( .! vij- an, .j-; jrji h., un.lthu ; | s. Luj of which in (
    ;' '! :5na t ciy-:! ? i'itr! *ty.l. crif tlnaii1i_ I :. : t .inv i.tht't1 Jiut--l; ;:i the country. A bin's rjxtii'-tii and of copies are the JrzLiJClZ
    .. IS I .tii M5-t.-u b ; < <. IT4 11 J .. Nuiiu ** i'X Ab, p" > -r-an MIJ.J.-. nntiimoMn I evK iin cutter to it j : : a vaiifty Fiincy! Article. wa1Cdtproprietor.

    -1we 1 IT.< Crawf-H .t, tw Sp.trta, 7* i.iL.s! .-uJb 1 appear i.if.-tlv lijl.t and pr.ipf-r. Ud.u..t! : ei-I.v th- hair: but i is, inlhut, ft jKiKitli.iir } -lir.j e &-fu.t'iit' i is it.-ptctuil.v boli .tcd. | I Fr!a8t.l--> and Fh\ ,u'i.ins; \viil alxvny* firnl at thU t-- ; Urne-nltr, thU b 04
    14. Tls-ie ..i.ul-i be but vi.e i-ute liJ f-r in a pninwal. C. BLESS tab} !: ht.t-nt! full! ( Irw ard original nrllclp.Scrofula. C
    f:*. <"*.|f-V' arw I ii i'i; ati', :..tiI I ri.-i.i.-I I supply; .v .ry thing i.nedcd, and 0/t

    ; {L I.wv.MiMi Wid1..y at rt .1 'u : I To il.i y.Mitr;. wh !-,, SHI.-II aiin-itc( the beautiful ilcntiv-. !!'>, 0.-t..l.cr'JS.: I IS.'l. ly 4t; on t.e! nn* t liLiTi'l tot IDS.UrdiM Syj hdi Mercurial Cm./.

    si Artit nl .;rtn m-xt tlav by fc; p la ; ; 15. The r't. ll? r\i.' '. -Jie vcaily ]'iy. th. J'i lock fliul i-iiti.t.; he fiv'thht ho T. ill K doned.il'lie !frr.tii the Country promptly filled nnd snti- f;'in jrene. Rbenma'uni' flitS a Tn *'

    I Livv* St;*"j A Fii toy at JArrir 8 ; nan snj r jdn.t. "f tl.-o hi H.-r, atnl ifsn&e of tnAi j jtnemVr I i s the udiiee I ;i.--.:rd I bv h>npsMi.v;p-ii! nnd t\- AGENCY OF THE /2TNA INSURANCE CO. f.it-ti.'ii ptnrr.i.ttedxviih i p--t'-l: I Inith ti) J prk-<- end IIi-.,$';c. are icvdiljr and perfect'y' < ).Iiet ff

    -; :? at ;it.'n: nxt *1\ t6 J> nx 't tf a lin-i. T* h*-rc ft onnpaiiy 'iJV i #. thonl i 1-c j tt 18.i\c ( l..Ct vtti'j, ; it i-t i di--ard nil eo.sgte! ; nn i ietnnui.tti.ijt.il rI'MII j j nrnKp-i.rneti'. Aijint of tie anve jn.illty. Fhj tiviaus"pi-etcriptivi.s[ carefullv compoundtil. of this metliru-it,. ,
    ,.t JieliiM-Uv *-t.t-1! nb'. tintnot) !<- of co.-jvinarnv. if T -I .. ill f. anal ke til.
    rceivi- > ia'irtitev
    Irietz' 11tm. by Ett-i U; rMid A'.wjra. tst > fj-rfu-L.a. r. iin.ilv.t- a'v-ziy ipn the! { ;plu-aTi'iti' r tn: BEAD THE FOLLOWING
    : tiw: e3 lil:tr rJo J<- tlm'i L rtrbi' I 11> 5itoido.l Tliw" <>i
    4t wA4k.ct 1" wl-.h difl.iity. entuliUv. an-J i -i-nril\ fl-4 .-Jiunr > :an 1 1vc cvi c .f..iy juflict. tlut !honc.-fuith. s iKtrl/-f'ss. *. Mi-rch.'iivli/e. .lc.J.innary TISACTOF lu'cinr.Nt : 1)rta Pin TALLarA Cv_ Ah* j ,
    -I .
    : Ltiv ntn ; 1 t8 : tie L.UJUI- iftvineyaucc"i i('nstitc n j and I btH )1'i'ai-: \v'l: I bo' i'i'Lii"\\n : !i---r ai lion-h, il. M). 1-.S3.. 4 B C. LEWIS.DR. 'v Mj.in-r I 11 I l&Sl.MERCHANT. your Fxfractof: Y.-lJc'w nl ,.j DklH.rfoinifd.ne 'u. to trr'jfy
    Jtive i& 1t 1ii y 10 n> -n-.ay tii-' --u t tj!|.iut ti be UHTVIIT, rhfk--tl.e d..r!; ..
    :' Ii sir.'rCuc-tt4I.l<> v.-<\ !it far r.s prnclie-a- JOHN P. DUVAL.T I I'L i P1Tr f tlnvtt xr-r,'!,. ( flrjfl*
    & : i tu; eyelv i\ 4r MI pvu-m,.'. nnd I the to'-th t tl.oe; 'I! pt-il-i.: it, .1). 1'hJitItALIi '
    I' ; r h.- Aura 'tI1'L2V s: an : 3 j !,1.! .. the fTint"j A-nn <>f jirpi' -tl futni.ie-i bv :h<: )< "ill if the n-itrtal ihii i 1- bo virhh.KI! from the l.a'r. A LLA1A-JSE1.i; F L Olj.: [ has ever been pt1'a teil I In mm. c : e tl

    .- ; ;4 Ao1. i.'t-ii-at. tov :t,- i--tt:: in Lil the sun: of thtir Ut!>, I have; be. n nfflictfetJ f.r f<,rt7
    ;- rrzv s.M''t.> ; -t I"1 "j-" P "-1k'l ; I nd I in cont>t-ii -i first dead and I h.in-h, oi-TM'i : AT '"HK: cinT( : IUJFM:. TAILOR, legs and feet it i M with'
    .. i 'id t-t t'5a c. ( t'thun.j on ry ; 18 IS they .
    : piI.1 Vt4.T2 V j pifs (ih.'ii rry or f.ill 'ti. nati.ie; vill! be loh-bftl <''I fiu iv li-fit.| Dn.\Mi gtt
    1 iiS. 4Administrator's
    { January: : : i.\ UK.\I V MAIJ Ci.orici.Nn h. d to > on erutches. b
    !le.od niiJ bids > : b" and
    t- I j : ., atied l-j !< c-in be e'i iiO once i than} half its cli-niu}' : :ati-I 1 .ilthph it U .1 ovt n iirn j AI' m 18-13 r d:4te :

    r1::; l, t' ; i>-)*>n itSei! c-: n !ti 'vi'iyrtt i i t. I rttnedy f r lh< r v ho Me IIM a-* will as t the \slu'j Notice. .: ( oo1) potato I above the knee. I,, ShOut) ri; ,
    ; i3 I-u-h Idd iv irtinraiiU'cil I wope.r n f'ii.Ih'j ny, other leg br, fce ot-t in
    ; viu-t by | Urge
    ; bk. j :are b-t'd.: Mill ail; : < the ).i.-ni.! t' <.f in; ki;: < nix \vow rcc-ivhiij at the -vrell
    : :;:; z OfiuirJ tr1":r.mtv 4t' n t aditiifi-.L! *, T.T. p.Tffn. -ilitoM, it af<-ieiititleil I fo (!H'tnj i- known 1.1.1! stauil forL sores from mv knee to tv Aor :
    4t4Ili I;). j t eiiin; np'lic.it5> n !i b t-e! hai8ftl! < ih1lalvih % i > Mm k
    14 4 t > ] -cuip :>: : :- 1 mcriy orcnpi Clnik!
    e iVI 1 7. TLv bid flio.jlti; be oaed ii-uI rvail j t hiti.-ii t.r i-tl.i! r wi-c !: -iested i'i tin1 K. tate (,fvi.itiii hy it Stillnian., n gt-'ura I di-ftlcl oir-u,ivc matter. Jlrerwn-i
    31 -bilii: J.Y 'Y ; i > : : 'u1'er'i : I -' jni-s-. I i\e it 5.itli inn l't-rf't i and hmllhy bt.it.'. a'S"itniiitof. ,, i-iior ,
    .Arri. Tit Siif fiI'e:
    :::1ia: f ttte of n-dre-t! tt'.l .\s- | \ C. Miiitr.i late .f Ind on r.iniity. FJoriiJn.! Itendy Clothing', Ft.ruiIi- large WV% which disehargpj .
    a- 34..Ae 4.l'it: .Irilv su 1 a M : ii-taiit!.rt.Tt IV.j tJinstor Uei.cr.il.v Contract Ot'.W. m.d fdil Vi'Vi iJtt l-d'iar of, lite />.-// L'cPe AJstrtisti 11J5o I tKeea-cd. an-In I rby w-iiri.-u i L t to t-\hihit 1 i th'ir claim* infj tJood'*, Clo- C.i-diinercs, Vcstin s, &c., cum at the same time my left Piid tij1.niut .
    rciifBc..la It' !1'Y l.y s j n 'n.V /.CUi. a in of the f t.rticrunr.ing ,
    .Ani't .t '!) ( 1. [ it-id d ill JMIHIM part: > I.> ir.j aiticfcb
    .P # 'vt'lact I nun.-; w liii tv.o fioni, the date : sores l
    p mH jI by! maj' ti''t! bv.! It *. ;ji r41t, intd jH>-tiiiibt! : < rs < vi iits i htreofto Iliiick nearly In rnr ell..w
    es fC. Pqj.iejb t r eoclorc prrpuj.Js K-itcii .f aiy kLJ) sn lL .!r I -rr..v. Marth 1'Z \. I I tl.e nndfiisiiTii'd.i: ; I I tinfiinp i will I I I bf hatred I ; find.I Fin I Press Fioik Coatr?. Th mi-fry that I have suffVred
    ;:!ll l'II881'8 i ten !8i tli.' '. 1 decease.? F.'iK-k nnd Col'I iigtC BrtcsUd Frock nnd I cannot dwcril ..
    I Jtl 1t r.u1-_ Fri'f. Wood : Pcnr -ir--1 !rT---1. luc )ine pr> :natmu; > are re1tuhI -<- tu _vrtf. I MT, i T
    L.ivr fL 1I :t' JJllM'lt1' *' C'lllrt U
    1 a- -I t-&tz a-t._ t ) ii Iv <1uit4? E;r.-ii. 1 v ;t- in>iurril. .-. m>> \\t -.%>. Kiii-r. t" j i to i.ak 'i'i n. d.t.:; > puj; t '* nt t', the eiibiiber that I ncvt-r rcsfed day r.r flight. sIn

    b. ,A2' \ ft 'A..: !_ 'c..u.c* 3 'iru-'u1-a t hv <>r ln-i-i c the J-.J 'H- hair rttc.rtv.; -. f Lave i.d ii--..' J ii- !.ii!; _' in Met.1v: -.-\\i'! >. .le'It-. ;v ( .'uttv, 'j'k'i.i.! : FMU-V ( -innre; ) iJj. Jo. d9 0)
    ) U'a it: cU "J.ii'f "d1'4 :: : o I '.l tlrf *-i.r xr: < ii.jrt"i hf oi-uiiP' oc'i! i ii TU*!' tiji.ii" :; t'V 'i.i, t\\i 8 l/i t'U's. 1 i.t ; ,} t'J.-.y h ii.- |i.-v > a1! Ii.-'p' I Ii Jelujsi-ti C..., Ff'iuW! : !. 1 l.-.r).'.. "s :.r>i ; "" Klin-k .Tin} Coi-;rc'J t ('irtlt Overcoat*, tL n-rapprr, ; I read it. mlK.w m,
    .:i ,. tjtt .t tt ) I'; ; 1 .- .. f .txt .'.f't : 1 4* !'. V.vl -ti eLI .- : : :c-! I < vttun i -....tvr.itd} :.'t'< 'M'o :i.v f :.::' }I.: r.. "..t! f-v!! -tTf.,::. '! j \\ V. I'.L'DD Adtninitr.tt'r.itcutor's lPa.-k It4in I'nnK' w.'r.irfiI Ctr- eiL'rli.I by y"rr IJfl.Ire.j.. r f
    : : : l';i i N-T i.ii" Lai-y VJa iir-.K K 1'. .. I -r zc. :-: ) -I$ -i i % I II ;ft> OIK! : :: <--r.: \tt ll.t 'raa of -'i-.n:'!. i ieiA-H :M i ( : ,
    K--.u. M. > Notice.C I! fc and 'j
    I Aiv.h I .- ; dit :4 .u.-i t In- > that t'.i.-'u i ij .i' Fancy bh: Vv ti, tIcs! of u.t fuha t.t
    : 'Tftit
    : Wt 1.e tiilui. : i.tiI I t t4a' T& _, ; 'd, I : K : ; i'i n -!.. t* e'Iliillieriel taJr j'
    i vz j*. i iiaiw'1. t.i K-y '. '..-,' >. 5i astvtrkf iin-i-iiv. i IX r :(nt1 I e aftt !ati- lflhI4l- Ftfcntj.r 1 F'ntiiy Velvet d.>. ID ,
    >i' :; ;:: id! i < _! vt-l 1:1 '. *] .|"ii'ui.t ; sm !! iii j r v l.iir: viii & ; : ] j jtho r < :> itc'l. oft mv grfIt -
    ,: ..i J I 1' : in ":'*, '"Icth- .">i.uj*< 't:4i1i! f., fers ti i-l !la< %! .iiit1 nuliv] i> J I'titl Si fs.ri'tit n\i'; t.- itatq gIi. i Z li ith-: ;.n-t 't'r .f ,- ll.- inct viii jji I'. ,fin: e -: r-f Aii-I.Ibihl: BI.H-. late "" .1.! >. t'i <. (Jo. CasLmert-, and I viiil.I .-J..p a } a

    i >4'* .c'% OrIai.B fJj tit <; 'hwvl- niw givta.tobtj d! U-Jii-iiicd by t1... dvJv.Tet. j tly. l h.r) v i Ih-t! I t-.1 <: v ; ',... -h :. 8 i-- '. v. i.I < >.hiit! !l&i! afosiri* a White AJar*ailK-s A,. 1>. C. two yraw.ri li. yi I l tat. ci, t. ba-I"l j.

    S :- L i cc.-tu to couiiu" r' f*.ir ti'v.i j :.' v.dU.-J.r-i )t-.'.- Ii.- J--h' '" of I 1'iol'atif.T mil I Ig -ALSOA tiuI i.arlv nil I..r-.f.! My n.y
    tr l'r < :h i 4 at1
    ;%. a;':. K". \Vt< i's''i5iT** 'r3 at ofj-ow!
    lA ; rtl- i K ti i! a -*uti-.i- wiaii-i4-i! : ;. fi1.1 I.JL.iiua.i.! :.: ''ii of -i-f I !Fbta'iiJA.McL -. Winar.. i ,' i V ; E.trtrt '.f V, Ifow
    :. "n < u -iby:: r : CJITAOO. V.." I 1. V t.- -I I lave i-r.l; I'f.. VIV j jHiii l .r..I. Ki I and hilk ';h.v&self a-jt-t[ I), efc aj S.iri'aoriia

    ,/ tM .t 4i. Niw Ktt> ; (* 1eu.i n : 4ij. iv iif'r tl.e I lifs; of.rnil -xt.r.: IHI: { ilu-ir cx tu <''x j jAtee } k. st .rativo to a 'Vwij.uitMi! ; _' ', :Ji i j n ir 1I ttii [- ; ; :; 1 1:1" I li; I-.XeeUt.r. inj; .viti'-k- Cotton nnd i't-rin-v 1.t?f r inrN, Jt-.us-'. I ri'nv
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    ; 1Nst'1r( .riiij6 Hc ts-ppHtd V. i'li the iimsl, to cIzi.* !.- il,,' l'< > i' ;>- v.-iv <' -ir.1! !Ft*. 'II 1 1 .. fv -,-ay hru-1 i :!d! Lai.tzitin'y .- --- ., '; 11.--.t.! WLitiarvl! .h.rit1! Catttbric I II >c Ixt-rfliif fa.'i' fr I b-hive it tiiil etr: nn; knowi: zrKr'.vorM.l ,

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    r i! th2 Ct CWxis of JuH'l'f O..ih ;. i a-.jre.'iilM l81 it j,. <.p -iM-sui cany juviirdinjrt"1. l t'. Kr innicii.l ll t-ni to the ;pubii--' -iipt-tHT Vti 1 HAVE jiii-t reepived rnv Fail! and Whit

    D..1 -1h-j i t-. i.urn!, I hu' wiih"t t tu< ii soil'ati..)'!. it v.i'i j 1 lo all tilljcif-1 j :id iiifallihl; j in i th.> t-nie ot ilt.t d.-t.i- I.'fifiti: ?. Orr.sini.t'l II pV !f. t- Cutter.; Gtittr'rivg. I J/i.rtt H I <* 7 n 'C in I tippljf Cloths. Caiierr\Vrt'rn; : J

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    I ,; wzth itot a.b.'c gtr.inr tvr t' jaIl bmr i.tl ti-titc-i -a f<. N.ithtnn-l (..iin.or. Jj'n < -. I H. I Fi: <-. Win. Ji lis..n.! vflt'.e; to give tht-in a ( .tII Lif-ne j'invhasiag .lfv- I I.i.ifrti.hatiI: tlj* A LAR1r

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    .6 .. j ''hut; iliy! r.rt.- p'-r-i'in < -.fii.j.n* ic-pm -.ih!' : :.;i-! i I j-tii-'ne .d the <-'F. <*'f- <.1( :v-":r Vt-L"-tf,I k- M..uicI.iA- ill,. t--y! 1 rii.ViM.l t l a" 1 wairr.ntcd dirL1lu--r.uJ : I"I ri-.l 1 to itcct'inu.odate Lii fiint5a! and -tonier.-.-. CoMutip of ever- jpirmrtt MutnUe? fi-r ,

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    .- NafI l j "'.'. Tl in contract 'will be f-u'jttanti.'ilJv j in tinf.iiir( ; 4i \ *1- : :-I---- ponn V.ath, aborted ; I5t t In.! ;. 1S3S.L I own t .
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    - w.My] Jliil, N .w'r r. !s..w I > pailit-nhuJy I.h--niiu!: iuthou ii.ltu; -!i iiI : c--v, ;prodt. n (' tiuy >' i r.tn n : <-t tl..-ir optiaiMiit ; : Mime: : "v ..1tint iii c.-k with full fliiecti..ns; for For Sale. special view to their ads r>tutU>n to this n.nrke'. a

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    ? .z.vrfl.t. bi- \ dtliivr th inuK rio$ t'n- h'.e! c >ii.Iti"n. f 1 tiiiwy, 14V.I.gt'44. a T.will r.i'zir.- tu |j.-t ) 011 -1 ca f! ja8tCt .-irV: th-in i}! < valuitulc! pills, t I = <; nUiut SO acrv t-Mih with god I nnd __0ctojer 51. 1PM. 42
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    .. xeia ilf J -< r.: ayd.cnrr.ier. I J th'4 r.iiu! a-i ur l-adii!;. J. R SANCKR. .'in-. c.i c :a* ;,t..n <-. 1 1J3 U.Thi,* mrrlt: Ii-: j ___

    .. -* L 'u s.rc aic'i t eb 5i.t4.rmc li-it.- j 21. I'li-scut c (iitiHrtors. s-.rd j*rsoiis ]inown itLIotHcflt. the O_ JVKl) tV'0) been i it: ;me fur the la-t thru1. years. :iypl| L'ivus the l ht l To the Old Settlers of FloritlaT" >)ETTON & WIIITAKER are rec itit-tr. pr t'S
    L':. Ufinin
    2.i 1tWh'C ir af"7ttlnr tbvt iiiii-t. Ir.priitl.rP. <>!' l'i< :a4s' .tv. New Y.'ik. : !;** ci i <' e. late ff (he Central Lan 1 in Fdl and WinUr
    1at1. 4V.I rt1r.ii t I Vfltt tIvV(: ( nd >itn-i1t.s of tL'i i.- Miff, < $ -? ,,: illy C.-jib>ii::ute S M.-I S .:,>> 1'i.r. :Ur, Castile S fjf t'\ styles, viz :
    c. : i.ncy -
    ; \L 11 I 1 Ma! : !I., t Stu-ot. M. I.'iiIX -.. up I ) :,.i.l lVn-.i> n Onie.-, Was-.iiurtiMi 1)). C w iHaittnl i) r.ck French Doeskin
    Jiv! t5.au is sJ'llf ful it: ( !Ckflira (I'u'Hiit T.iitt-r, < 'an: '!Ii'1 all kintf-i and t the he-t > Itih Linen.
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    ( mail: bagi. ] suS'J''i.eymust \\M hiurin-d by a | ->>tui% ttr at i.:.(_. of ii". lf-rs-! 0 in purii'l pap-.1; fit; iu :i ca.or o LIT p el> v!>. i iIS. i I ( ; Avis .,f I-i J and 1 1t 1. iVr"iiS tvl o Fancy ceeth Cus'iuieres, BiVLd and Br'n Drtaests
    O-i route wl:* re the ta t.3 1 f tl bcfi'ie named of i.itof T. fiACBITT. l lNn I > 1)amtbk Skirtia.
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    piffvut < < -\n4ii. Ji. On r ;ilr. al I sn-1 (-!; ib..at lino !>j :-l nirl twail f-aiH tiiii'-r -Iwce-ivt-- Mv k* .n wvilv a ociiait ..t.I! vo'ith-: 'rt...t i!.( .Jlt! !, < if l'f t.tMu'in -" r Tax: Collector's iSale. j j AUu I vl.uni- roi=ve'iti-l 1 tor lV."si ; I ,1 Opan. to, Carolina FIni.k.

    C1.k] air.nli") fvrvl.) :>re lo )be CMvd \u'h- rsitei. rtd tJ.- .-'- -t-ks on i ithi) route jLd i K.it t the ] it.U: i.- : !! ;, wnJi th- %''i'jtniu'X- T"V Mrti.-of ihr -. j I5a.ck ; tb-, >ot:3tv I.rd' I5u! P.-nims Caut. FInnnel,
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    ed, (4) I-- i I iJtov iii.d i.-k pi. i ui u.ost UKH>i.aLicl J r>ri's.!!'
    to he li
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    ii t1i. 1t1tf ( f tr i elwrgt .1 l fr ni.iidIT Blankets!
    !$; t :t 1iti.ial ity ; result bv lie lOih Ap 1i. l S.i .>r.. j i J-lial. ( xpoify i- -.ii! I I. : re I tlu Cuint I Ib n .c tio.n-1 l ti-r'sis, i ,
    ui.ui2.i1I C.ilicoe
    ) t, f"i -xcln ivf tjc. wlnle 1rvt1iI i JAMFS rAlH'P.KLL. : ati''Ii., it .M.ulin on tin- .<. >i'itd [ the j UtriHENCKS. Hen. LEWIS Far.cy *. PI.ip, JJed i M"lrty: 1:1 Apii: i.ext. | C.iss. U. S. S'-nrtte
    ,..1ij'Iiear.. in I I A fl's : I DIIIZ'vV) ..Adnidistrajx.OtuLvr } ; | Fn-flish Fri Negro L'lankt
    .r : ,
    jth t1 21'ai1, a ( '881 ijtartJ i ivFfbrc..ry f ttihtal ,
    I I llowintr < Und i-i r w. ninth, tlurtof ns will JMECi.oiEK.. atFi I JOHN Wnso.v.
    I W.it-hiiii'r-n
    D. C.
    14 1 l6.r.S. | Velvet
    tent re <>f a car, pf ji.- ly li.;Iitorl. Wtttfl11.] jiij-J fur.li'l :- ."., l c:3:: f.inNev7 41 pay th<> .--t.itt..n
    1 HTi-l a'hj'tfl to the lAtt.iciit aw>rtn' e\j: ;>i-'i--s th.-rt-to, tovit: 1 J !he i Wfcebh.sjton D. C.
    f the Jivtils t l ls rsi3rd! l l.ytbccon A. PERRY AMAXIZK Fall and Wiutrr Heavy Cnaburg,
    flue tpc-jii'v <' Goods. I )l.ali''f: the Nt.r tli'. iaa.t q'art..r -it-tii-n I twenty, j Ort. 21. 15-1. 65 Cin 4.

    a:%. tractor. r..i<1cr tbo oi.t Noi h. I ll.ii. tcvuii Kast, ..-rtjijg ___ ilerino Shirts.

    ._., 4. I c J nv *'i i I'invl' f-r tip* t1t j.. r.'urmod ; bXTE-.V JAYJD) ) 0. VriLSO[ to be'ii.i ; to J.'liU 1 '. :ers..tt. ]'Urp j lVines, Sjrups, &c.O JVawere.

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    j; i thr<'e tim s tlie J.ay f thiiij> i.iay IwH. May 21. 1 .". VU P -S ii"n-} fiosii tl.p I &c j.ai'if j \ii'r': 1 n''v i li -it-inijir.tt, Wncisi Tax Aj f---or and cVilect-'ii, JIadib C junty.Ouobtr Ohi Ptrt, e3 Frebli L'iht.ter All
    ;: dMCtnl. F'-rairiv la K faT Miim! Jisi.r sistol.cfH Ir I--; : """ I p.vi itlur \ I. Iii- .i i ;pply of Fall un.l } I 11 1, 1S51. Cm 41 1nItiI a.. S. Skit.t credit at the lowest price for ch or tpprored

    xia vith d.peni2fl[ :; ir.ails, &n 1 i.ot -..: .- &- \ I D. P. HOLLAND, V.ittt.-t-! (Cootie! -all of whichl 1e -.i.--(8 d hvlililiKlf .- Shtiry, U Clams, nt the Store One door north cf ife. w. Uvtlf-
    I kiss t
    one-f-urth, ol tlio <-..IC1ft-tlSttlIII) if. .j- li.e Ii IT. ATTORNEY AND (2rN-LLo1t AT LAW in Xc\v < '
    4xeQ'ei ] Yoik
    :. p'irI.a-) : -ii on tl. ml fi\ ; :' lou>'i >ct t -rftrtnt **. ]J.1'.ii..n) will nl-o V r-i! rr.l Quincy Tioriiin tiin.n, ihany I l of t ihti I at 1 i-c I l'JCi-! j puicBvhuh I I will I < nae Seuteli Ale.Ih 40
    ITACIIF-D: tr
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    .d.f'-f..rtfltfl4'e 'jicnfijnlho him to l I his J
    fra < i
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    nu and all I who I hc
    !! rs fa- atly
    1r P-pentcd tk-linquoudus <,f tl. ILL pr.i<1i in tl.o ('..iiiK of the Middle Cir- \- himitlia may iZS T st'llj!'' ,i-5 Hli.ck-nii'h yho'p) X fi' ea' 'fom'it.e iet.ihup, 880
    contract \\.Y -r all. t-itln r (1'r c.tsj] r>|- apppivedcitilit. Brartilv ( liertk-s, Valriutuzivi Agents Wanted !U!
    S&2 in whiih! ail kii.dof work
    I tics 'ilV. ciit. and of Jacks-on and Fiaukl-ji (Jouutius. zipperI \s.utiini
    wJfifL 'ri1argI penal piojrlioti
    : lind hert-in F] at pi jt'-M c.-i itaiidv_ :ii lnw. if nut lout-r than I. to I that I hjMiieeb ib dmie M-'t'' I ( Jc ll) S1-jees, One for every County in the Sunny South to lell tbs
    thereof and the iinpoitaucc' of tL* wail- Octobers;?, 1S5-2. 42 tf h'-ti'-c I ; 1 in K style, lit tin.. ,
    il.e ii-iinre any in i i t this I cit y. .1.1I 1 l.i-v in t'i- of Ctirrtnt (10.
    c. Pieklt-e
    pait 'i
    ; notice, IlIi 1 ,nihlr) must splendid
    % onus i >MH> tciiiHa nt any other. History every puUisted, eatitl dT1IE
    may b mafic WILLIAM SCOTT Fancy Anplc! ; Diy) (;JjodeStati'iKiy.i'4' tliH eitv. FIIIIKIII Preserved Quince-rn, Raspht-rry Syrup
    6. For having ln-j-.n-i: : or thrown,:? on tl* nmi. :iii.I :-h.ie I z : -'i ;H..l l JVlfuiDt-rV I >i.L.'h-, .*-'i-i-i I Ki'dp Ch-\ic Heel[ P.'art, strawberry ,
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    ni-ii N'ir/Y ; rif L >\TMONTICKfLO 'I
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    : : (iiiIi.ir In
    fly : LCHIC.iL volumes bound iu
    k t.r'f- 1-t-in C.F.'i'I I t-i fc-ltif? tj: ) "T i-jr.i.i: MI <..xto : iiti-a; ;: and I Jin Vi't.: ---, k.t nady Made ni.d: e.'ii- one,
    J ..:.L4u-e aieid! t I FLA.Jcly I JtII.w!) \Vt- ,(ir..c; .iic. ..-lai.tlv rn I:aii'l.rlhi- will :affi'id f.iinur-i; en tipportl.i.itv Sparkling Gehttine, ( ir.gi-r ..4Flav..rinj BY HENRY HOWARD BROWNELL
    '? I 1 (C'j' titZ C .itel' : ?0.) 1S5X :Jiv) t 1 jinijAkiji"tMrivi. Ci ,1 m. :.id Stn-1. il.tz.i Apple
    .- J ;, tu.-npplv ei\vb witho'it bt-iinr h-I.Ut-.l. N
    l In.- ; > this work to the
    -HV presenting the
    wil. a qaai't< ] i.ny I ll.! M ( i lt ( I public publishers
    ; : j--- and.C.ip#>. ,!lt.ziiI and 1 Ia; ) ; .t-s, 4.l.id Oil
    br.T : ; :! ii'J>e, I'. B. BllOKAW.JiMitary believe
    4 0. Fiats will I.i.i..II; '>- '!, uu tl.oil-.inq'JMW-y : : .] :. lotin! t tnnd Tri"r.in 'I 1'nmts :! Mustard ( that they aresupplj i log a DWiPEiiiCM,
    ; xluuii-J fs-rtif.c)1.- uil, ,, Miia:& -l." -lily ; hy I which has l felt rwd5i
    I r.tlv' : ATTORNEYS AT LAW :.l.-, :nt.f I Kf\s (;i<,!lji. j Clart-t, bpti klmj Culer n long by the -
    the ,iidu\iis and
    -iii.rt.-- : community ,
    : / 5
    rj <-r especially ILQ at larj **.
    1' () -t-i-l 11 l -5l. 1.'I htcco.Ilav.iiia Old P. by people :
    -.1 fr :ini\ .> i i1. C"iitr.t tip.,' ; f.r r.e i T.'tLL.ZIASLE AND Qt-IN'V. 1 IJIUDA) ; iM.iry AND SHIPPING BUSINESS rt Juice. No .'tiifr wui k, much hess othersingle volume contain -

    ,f 2.:r j4I::cetin; 1.. t . II. .3E! $. the complete) and extended any view of z.MiaE American

    I: r pQIt 4eI1re ; f 'r iiffeti'g! it (.. h. ci'iurto i 1i,<- iu; 'f Floiida. arid j iu tie CwunUesof l )\itui Hinl > (i.ue-rv. i H; !> until-rj'! ned stil! ii the tl'ov. 1aIiTrn-.c I.intory uhich w here presented. The plan and

    ; 4 .2tft1.cfl' f$ ('1 the !;- v* or irnrf our\nn! id Thorn .F, (J'uJ50U.1MJ .Linn-.-> Vva ip. ) J>::11 f.'r. divoice.Tnpp _1 i in all 1 it'4 hr.iiichi-ij. : N otice.rT execution of the book are entirely new ; the arrange-
    a BtiiMznja: well l! f.ilculati-d' I .I It
    3l jn.-l l.n
    U l. f
    r< ir r tiit-iit of the vmi.iu
    ... .' % b injurel, dttr.ytd, njal ; -, :HAKEi:, A. N Jt'jVi:]:. } -niin;':- to I the l ] -f.i.-thn of the four} lh.it d-p t< Linv-t-! s. D. 1a l)1) _). -'IIi: oopnrtiicrhip f TL'NNO. PINCKNEV JI European Fro\inccs under thtz
    deniUiJ, t<. C'-nvoy the : <; fn.rjj] i.t- : ripjuctiv.national Iiea.ls' and
    -I. fuing aft&r or w cun mud iu ruuiiiu T.illa/KiX'-ir, Q't-iicy. ii-- :i'j' ) haxiurf.: i bucu dis-olveJ, the Eiibocriterlll into; Ciilonies the. ttubdiviVion of thewi
    coatraclor rUi. :; i separate and Stitti-s Jue !
    V m: lv H the January 7, 1 IS.'l. 1 t
    ( .? C coaf'i, fir, >r Eteanibini, <':> a r i.te. on ll ,- f;.<-li i hailed in xji'i! bill. bi> l.nti. : ,, iht-. I lit C ,/ n < nit ( 'ot., 1. full Tnm Ifcil t or !l.r being preserved- will it i is thought, make it ofpeculi.ir

    ;_' 7. The Postmaster (Jcncral may rcc"iUv'annul the c< ntrnrt NEW YORK. day .f ?.!:,\ A. I 1))., l fr : l'r i /,/,,/. Tli.it n ff K.hviti- C Ji.t.is, )) ) & C0.1MIISSIO.Bl'SI.KSS value a-< a book of refrrcnoe, and greatly fact
    ntcil fdilii fi to ir.ti a to f.-t.tir.cl ; J.>rHi a roj.y tate u clour a&d
    : fir tiii- i ii-r! I In- pi.bi-l! cd in v*. V Atta.-hmunt fur 61 25-100. accurate knowledge of general bistcrj.
    .lAii the I'o-t < >)1e.i laws, or tho iK! tnrli .ip <.| BREWER Sc CALDWELL, ; f.1,11.1- ii.-urp.ip.r; piintcd in Ki.b.-rl J.I oil his un acejtitit. IL Q. PIN KNEY, Jr.,
    'lullul '
    : : ;a-- fur I the-J of ihu-c KiHtry.: J ALSO
    the dp2tuut l ; fir rrf.tshis lod -chaisjea: ftini.rw SLTCI-S-OS: : : TO CI\TKI: .t ( O.,
    P i -' n n-nuired Ly tie without Ji-patlnca the: a t.nloso cnt t.i ilic; f.-r 1'o aigning -t.- GEXCRAL[ CO.M1IISSIO.V .MEiU'UAXTS, AtCL .n.Lci.Fib.. 1 1. l lS!.rr,. 1. IK ti.-u. of '.he nit-tilnli'in nf the nho\e suit, anti a\t-\ : THE OLD WORLD.In .

    U o itiacl J. pear and pJmd to tl,.' '..-i2it-hirnti filol in enid two volumes bound in
    afoci. OLH fif.1/ juige.
    ,-. Gt iwui f..rilabl n evpre-.a a .\ <). 20, : ,
    ;.. jiia-ter ; l :Li5.; (\ C. YONUI- Att'y fur Flaintiif. ; BY IIENIiY HOWARD
    : r f-r trat1I ) P' r paekies einvct May IS, 18--.4. 19 ly ._ __ January 20, 1. 55. 3 Sni tt WEKD, Jcu.v FBAsra t Co.Gcvapix BROWNELL, A.M.Comprising1 .

    matter out of the nv.iL Notice. MATrrnnPSEx ft C >. an account of the foundation, prop*
    P.tnat-r (-nfial tuay or<3< r nnof Oils While Load MILES NASH & and decline of the mist celebrated Statal t
    I 8. Tie 1la.&s! &.c. OIX inonll.. CO. Charltst. Si j-t ember 9, 1S51 84 tf Empires
    ihm-f.-r n riialnereaf ,,. ufur lalP. 1 fl.ail. and Nations from the
    slly-vinf ,
    on a. n-uf by pro : j pwflt, mv flr.r.l l c.H.p,6 earliest period to the prM'nftune.
    :. :. service oa tho extract pay. H<- may: fl.ace th"dieiu \ A A* 1 ItXES' Window! Gla1"?, a"r'e' 1 i-i/f-s. K'Ol' | __1 o,;!, ;,,,,] \ ,.. to t L.J ( e.f I J'tvlaN-of Jf.) Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, &c. : .-of thiir wuis nquu> and rcvrtlntions ttfrtt

    : eoffiiTi als and Jt-paituies, vitlnn.t iu -rce 'F I Kejjs W )Lite Lend, j'Uic, cxtia it: I\'u.; 1. f-i-t.u; ( ...t.tity, lj.-ij.ht, | ?&tt.I, In.lL.: ., ;, Ir't n. \ \7Ot'L) inf.-nu, th.-ir fnt-mU nnd the public, that Copartnership Notice. tI, IIi 5181 iiiziition-iiiui the final settlement of foLt.en' .

    cf r-nv i.n vik' i he does not curtail the atnouut ofrramil.i 8 baru-'s," Liz fed Oil, .h--hnr.-e! a, Adn.in.-.trat.ix. ,.f ..t1ljc U SI.1Ij
    4 I 'a _- : time, lie ir.ny; I4M> o.
    he H owii r, ithn: tle nUictioi: of the law.u. 2<) KVp: Zit.0! Taint, J A N Ic1 NDLlv: AiIiiitrati ix. nnd I will I he rniiiir| i i. ,. uiuily fn th; enpplies. Tlicirtcrn.s AND World, in tour volun.ea h-und io two.
    for 1U' nd-ljijonal Mrk 20 package Fire-jiroof Taint, ((1.bl. nnd 1 bbl?.) () :t..I.cr 1 J.1. ii. RETAIL '
    : r-o ra/a iK: reaM of pay orsiui 6nt -iiNew ill! ln i u.isi.tiablo.T.illiha"tf. : I 1 In1 character of the illustration in theM vt't'

    4r ( f Ht.y. The von'r.itor insy, !JtVVeT.? in the 2 I ban BTitinO.I .!. 1 bbl. Copal' Vainiih, ; : April '.tth 1R.VV U. IDIELTJGIBTJSSXIiriSSS, are of a Inyher and more mR nificiDtha staaard

    h aae ofineieaw of fpffJ. u-IJiif'iWi] U C4.THU.t byvivmt Spirits TinpuitSne in barreLs and at retail.D. 13totitisi1oe: Store. UM'ini TILE NAJli: A.ND STVLK OK -* evt-r been attempted )heretofore.' Liiig iIO

    notice 1i the depaitmoijt tint ho j j-rt- II. .. .3IES.ovcrnlJrIl. j Carriages Cugyiea and Harness 5Itii4 l by and nJEGANTLT -
    Td-ompt \ 1S5L -15GUOU'TJl 51 l iV' the .rd-r info -fJV-ct. The &
    ferf d -o to carry:,:g l'Ittujj.r.. ai"1 MAXWELL. COLOUED. ( the ) pith fr.o r'fivt
    '>u -- rL1 i fli, ( '-1rj"i, i--i< o.ut l'4)ISalt' by 1', I II.) JJrokaw except portrait.
    Fo tma6ter Genrr.il mav a' '> <-iitt.-il or u.Toi.dmietin. FRESIiARDEN \>-_-;itl! ll the i ir gti.tiaflv | .to nine different tints true to to '<>
    : lbtt nature
    '. of fillonin SEEj) i.ta 1.NL; ,i .SL.HTBMC : ]>""' ''f 0- rf Jli! Sulleniher 1m npIIEY: will be pleased! to RM their
    ,' lecrfa f leceivcdnl
    .- wr\ !< <'- Ht 7r<- r -' e piv oitnncth'a ut. ;iiiil; i iI8 i'7 ?rt ,__ -I a- just ---- part a cle resemblance to well-finiehtd pali'-'
    Uie z4Tfl.tit li -l lw.lh ; OF 1MI. ti hot knl I '" i' iid.e: :-'__ Lute of ft itnds and pations at the old] I stand
    extra ror.ijx-itfali'-n ou >[n-n- tiji: :e of wnrk, in ,ti1(11 l Miy supply (.arieige- TLee woika are printed from new ndbmic! tr >

    ,, wheocrer. iu i i* opiiuou, the j j'ublie iiti-rets dnuJt > UTA Uajja, Flat Turnip, Cabbape.) 1i.rt t+ :.., any; : wo.k I. ,l.,ne, viil do u .- ,-I j'! Ilwli<' 'i Tiniri'i.-s.; nml Iluriit, which he olicrsfi : of t li B.unani; Jr i igu of tie JIwi tar. cor- type also on paper of extra quality regardS textc -
    ia ho d,. to 1 their .. k 18L lii.y M "ailti r sale! the mo.--t. ituaoiiablo _______ ncr of Monroe and Clinton *troit-i, where
    iB Ubo on
    4. r(r(iuiic the sir.e. or cae tuperde 1 J; just rec.-ived, L>. U. AM IIS.Januaiy : :;. ;v. nmdeu \tei1 l l. ttruin.Novm.btr atid pennaneney, end coropma over 26f>0 papes ri>; -
    it 1>T ft dilT.-rt-nt. grado of trawpnrt.it i-..n.fl 1 :;, 1 b--ii.: ._s.z.re Sffiii ; I I e uoiio nuv is, 1S31. 46 they \vill kcp full and trinnil aabortu.ent of articles octavo, with numerous and diversified col' rfd enp

    :- : ravmcute will IK? made f.. and solicit ings, bound iu embossed bUck morocco leather bw.inir >
    '-. "from, or drnfts on. postniastfrs. or otherwise, j jthcrxpiratiou COTTON PLANTER'S' their work a cheap M 1ii5le fw. rai. tUtr (the patiunagu of their fiioiuls and the' pnblitxJE.BAHNAUD..IR: with tipped corners.

    : .fter ofnch quarter-tay in February, ; M. p. KUW RIX months after date the undersigned nilminUtinlor ( To men of energy and business tact, this offers Arnnjiarallcd
    May. Juut. ri vgnberi VVroIIci1.E1 0.TIILUl on.uuy6.1863. If of the to.Lttcf Klifcha} Mcl>aniul, deceaccd, 0. TKOUP MAXWELL chance to to a good bu&nneu by eng g *

    "af 10 The distances are gin accorJjnir fo the Vet --- --- ---- late (-f i run County, \ ill present his final account and February 1, ((4.) 1631. 5 nn ngfiicy for these important works, wbitb are f -

    -a Wonaatioo : but no increated pay wjU b allowed! \ \tSSEE], F/IIRIDA/ () Nails.1 -- vouchers, and ak to he Iislarged.IIIN'loN only by subscription.rSf .

    ,t. '. i.ould th*>y be greater thaa alvcriiFed, if the points KEGS J. aAUNDERS.Adm'r. Executor's Notice. For particulars address the publisher

    : to U *npplwd b omccUy htated. bidders must iu- To COTTOV FLANTFJIR and olhettofilri;* and the ajjoiniitij 100- U landj and for wile 1 l't%' by Dcct-iiiter 9, 1615. 40 6iu fT IIE undersigned. having been appointed Executor DAYTON 4 WENTWORTH, w Tori"

    !i form tbmclve on this puint.4i Counlhsin Fluiidaand (Jevrgia : August 19, 1854. JIEIR&JtUST. JL of the last will and testament of Richard Whitnker March 1.0, 1855. 5xr. 10

    IL TLe Postmaster General is proLibiled by law fK, the undersigned eubsciibers. return to you Hides Wanted. dwcease.I, late if Leon County, nnd having qualified

    4 frcm Vixwingly making a contract f.ir the transportation \ our moot grateful thank! fur the v< ry liberal Information !' DRY r Salt Uhtle5, aI otter and Deer under Said will hereby ives notice to all persons Cheap Goods. '
    who "hal1 have Wanted .'
    tjftljpe ffiails with any persvfl en" which has been bestowed ) cleniandd against said estate to them A'l ..v Subscribers conical; -
    t ; patronage upon through> Sin for which the highest nmrket having ; prceent THE
    U-red iuto, or propobed to enter into any combination ytur kiriiliit ineC We have Leeii engaged lit i the ( S. JOHNSON foirnerly of Hal- price will be paid hy D. C. WiLSON. within the time prescribed by law, prop<'rly atitbeuticated .arijpZ a new arrnng nient ic

    t. 'I. V> prevent the miking of any bid for a mail contract C4ttofl Storage, .\Vcigliingaticl Selliig BI1-iIJcM in this ___, ilax C1untvVII-gInIabtit who' for a od i-uany October 14. 185i 41 or this notice will be pleaded in lnrotheir recovery business as makes it neces&-'

    L- Lv any othr pei6iO or ivrwHi or who hal] have city, and we again offer our services the eueuiujj season j ears past, Lv Jm the neigbborLo | of Talbha.sea ; und all persons indebted to said estate will dispose of their present stock of Good. This :

    xiinde acy agjeeibcat. or thall have given or jierformed at our old stand, and hop that our duty in the in 1loi ida. Any information in icganl will he Dry Goods. make payment inimcdi.itily. consists of a good supply of Watches of erery ii

    JtcIi.:. 01 iironj>toJtogtx! or peif-rai, any consideratiwTi'"t -rf.mnanee of your business heretofore LOB been BO thankfully received, .and tiLe *nFadd esX und1tr- Fletcher Whitnkeria i my agent, c-iUr whom settlements than Jewelry, Fancy Goods. Cutlery, OMJ ,
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