JAMES.E. RROOME.'JliBg t<- Tain, Puporrilinw.nrrr-K'int n.j niiMocrnticinhisT.iiitnnlatinourfe foiuid sin.Ii bndci.np.ny. p'p1k.-Dr. .1. S HouirhfoiU* Pepsin, and Tobacco at Depot,
C-iVll to
se Mm, bvcau-e the Committee lc.d &A a bill t., ilr. account fir bU be-iiig ill Mr. CrA. Na b,
( Rennet laid
< with iiic-u. > wbif-h they would make m> ai\tn Confirmed quai-itJd with bin iTM>nalhistor\K l M l-cfnin 'omejx vhuh tl. stetain to him 1:1 or th! Fourth rear -

"-- from the Ht i. Hcury A. \VKcPiaV >r onal difficulty nearly **11 bis life. lie hn been the In this I acted r It h fevrr.d fiieuJs t-f tba future. If i-y lie can u one consripntHn of them:,.ly be rntli'fj t.> tbe} of Purm Lieb{ the prcat 1'I.y.ir.Iogica! Cbem- tT??"" Ilani ;engaged tie grrrice 6fMr.flT.O. BORin -% .
et.tire Tt"ino'.see KentsK-k'V dtlejrjtjtm LLn"
f0lowing letttr jbliar d to remove IUH hea-1 quail ere from Valin"1oa p1ie--1hie nnd of arrifici.i I-.r i'i Ifnni.! ist.by J. S II..u'lr.ii, 3!. D, PLptJeipbn. Thw i* ( "ampler anJClu3efof Cotton, uCtcn
1 ;
ubtantia credit : c.n
to the nnd; titbcrs willi \iew-1.l.. d A-.t that Kllandt great a-i s
Wdh rgard InJi 'ebtiou Cotttm' hiroker.tr ,
Lu.. difficultifs with alintniMratione. wini-Jerful rcme-ly f. r Dysix'pdLo. erviee
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]4 the .Thri1rm gu i" published by) usi ." Hw n'l.inoUwit'i' bis p-mrnJ* and \vith lh t another' in. n liberal f,t our Slut's. I 1 !,'.pc tiet I'4u? cler.r'y! i-i'Ihe.:r jw Scott) ;tiMi ; if not to, *n *cnw vbi Lit' .lltcI.Jc?. Li'-er Ct>%npli'.iatC'i-tijKition and D-jbility, I Ee will! l e prepared to irfalreKbtrtl adTafiCe* '

0fibe and a proper anu-ndneii: put I9: iu the Su. fr the ira- a pnrty uj-pi.rt curi'i fftr nutcre"ov.. r.ietI.u-1! by iuture"trvm Cotton left with him or sentto, hinf for aale
0 geuUeuiau of honor se 5'"Teni'iu-nt during tl.o Mcii-stn war could iv.t baeb and ol" tl.tJ'r u nra
Eel madt tl-eni parci
;ivc'iicut of the St. .lo!, r l'.ir, and f jr a M.n i v t-f a allied t! -n 11 part j tin"nnic .'ulce. P.tr.ipIitC cnntr.ir.Int scicaMic. T.y. tiviut find atteatiou to all matters cocfleCtt..I .
without fult bis in bi.rr ; 5T" ;
on on M.troy -sp 1z'.n
Wbcr ln the Uuloa tL"n Jlr p'lrt. e but/. Al'>!iti! i :nd ifi/z r Li\-pirli;
% tftfldS SLip CLnJ r.cn-ns tho rtniu>ula. .-vii-ce: t.falae.. f.riLiuI by with wei' iinsf and the fale of Cotton tod by
vaa udonoe whipjM-d bim nt h hojs.\ 1.-.ot, and frag! (* u., I 1a.ittuS'r u.-t tt a pitivaI ii'. urJity in ngcatjra ;

r'v' fmm Waebingt/m (In ion.Lrrr and bis c'iii'r.ili. in thoi; Ftibsftcjui nt iiv: e.t ti3itioii-sp.jin- I am uot ili-po&cd to believe thnt .Mr.1 Ca- life as tli-t n-iv ]i-e-tjie.it=oiitt-l by]the "Whi; and! iet.ttJeamly it<. Sec i n >'.ce ftfii. ti: &dt ritl.Crr.- pa v inir j art cular attention to all instruction.*, be hope ito '
r A. vVinThe tteaJer n-'tt My -- -% ---------- and receive a portion of public! patronage.TUahaaci .
Ilov. lluxr.v KnlHtantiM hhi. I Ib.vv diif itwas : iithbv nit-nt
*M ( a tiiumpb ovir in Fi ir.il.i r.rvl rnlv">r)true it 5i.Io
?;; tE 1)Unn1d nirog-ite td liiri clf am tiling iniliropoily < in tf
lettei wiili Ts lie bad ihlii h nl; Dr. J. H. GEE \ Aoffu.-t 28, 1S5. 43
u iuvitcd to the following ''r. no fjiiun'elA : $ irdin.il4R. ul>*:Tibiii.' To Mr. CabpH'a r. crtion that ibeire
6b1otr anJ M.tri-v fonnd him binvit h at and tin- ri-ail.-tri of the vmitiiie1 *. ruina-.I Ire .ravtico .i. l' : 3Jcirie in Quinojr. !
ibed gCUt1(1flflT. Idatl% C to the ec'n. iu. 't.> tnn: yet ita.lv to dl out j rl'ii'j V
1I \\t-\\rr\ I1tnI. Tbo talk -f S.t}t IM-JH.J puj 'ri-T to \\in.M be inclined lo !belii\v! tint the ( and fi-he.. Nevtrluvel: fPi a 'et t t f ri'nh-l..U-H! I ri-jK-clfu'lv <'tr-; Iii. -r\io i s tu tliuj prUe. Saw and

titbebeId nie time iw'e sitIi 1r. t1i&pV u. 1.: 1. r uud I ll.iiii-i 11$ J..ing pent i'tju-tieo :" th? apjtiialiutis niiiMnj, u f-itvarl MU-'I! a hnppy tliver-ity! of-t'i!. rjT Ollie.- at thl'! 1'n.r! Store ut J. 1.J'rd.w i, Co. """Tilt"vi.xnber, living) hamilton County, MiddlaJ.

,1 political f th't-c iisliiiga".r1j.>.l ni--n. l.t it.\s.'wi..i; made' Iiy Congress for the improvement (;tfiu-rul Jrititt: the Jlijlir IjU'A rnisiI.t.iU-t"! Mr. Ca (Z'miia4. s< l-tomU-r I I. l.>:5'i o t; Cm Florida n<-ar the Lower Mineral Springs. ofR-r

-! ported iu a Mar viand pnp r, u.dvaf ii0'Vla, (' pound v.v M'e no j.n..1 r( "n 'wbv T.snppoit .- of the St. John's Bar, and for the survey I Usll, bi-t m.i t 1 bitltr opjwieiit iui.1 denounrtr. ndM fir >ale U3f> acrevf'f larwl, including a Sftf and Grit

& n vas circulated, snd had '\
ti1epft ctet'Fktiy us buliManli.il nii.imhy: vtfbouM n-1. V.'eh"H .j uf n >'ltiji Canal acroi tlio IViiin>nIicie : < "at!.vU!!'- \\t\ \v rn 1 M-tnnirir tl.e liilitr| Law H AVISO !IraeI I the Ware House an.! Cotton i.e i also adjoining the abuve. and subject to entry at

ctf12 .*t on tllf ruWic mud Kv rating .\ to *eo a candidate( uotihuatfil will n-ooixeour \\ juiu-ly the result of .Mr. C.-iboli's! oxertions. osnili! Litu,' aii'l! .f.! of ta.! ni vIl.u'r 4-l I lUll 1 f.a-ti.Im dby Sl.o.ta in j tl>j3 City, (oC'-upunl the fn-t s-n-y by- Govi-rnmt-nt i rice, a great quantity of well timbered

t4 4"I -* ew Bostfu caluumv. After some Cordial Mipprt, and liope thi nirdial r.upjH'it ol 1 I tie! S>wt p\rty S..u'J.hnn Mr. (. .iU-11 iemouu-' Mr. C. A. Xu'h.) n ..t rocpi-i-t fully ofir llwir "ervicfatu Lmdrt. Any jierson desirous of purcl) a ing. would do'well

; | r. Nnpp audio-M-d a IrtU-r to the the whole Ui.ion. r.ut if we arc <'.iApTtoint< l in thlc ..I i. ("abcll i-s a niembor the Ilme! (.t\ as ju.ru hiu-L-i; -uiiwbHr party bacl. ready to tlu Cotton( Tltntr, iTtl l.'llowi'iij capnritie,viz: to call cud exrjiiine, as a great bargain will W

4 ClJt4ICa which niHnife(- most clearly aL \\ CiT1icr tho temporary tiiuiujih of'th* I )Democrat and \vhon the bill jussed: that body and V(11tto *. Mienlioe: prindp'o} am. country Iir u .cea<..'* Oh n. Rcrme. li'eiJ.t: f..rVii'l', nn-1 Store Cotton.In otTer
v md EnQwi" r, 1 party !<-M d:in >riM :nt a j vt-l all fi <% T i.critt<>n M- storpil hv u<, \velitnd Auv-ust :!t_S3 5ra'r .

break the forte of the conversation by addi #-t8- h'a
: -..' 1t,1aati aui CuFT.C1I'IU 1% u'inipuit.UitIuw 4)fthe Suxvaid fic-tiou )by tbVxrtinn] &'fSt'uiL" cir : ] ii: I it. Sij ;>oMng it could not be Mlve- ;b.f Crii.nil So't !. the Vice Soil: aid I hither <-ver. i-o, t.) att.'iid to the san j'liiig and selling ofjKviliH Leon Female Academy. '

-- after a'h the bubs-tauoeof tlie oouremain en.itorphoso itvriF T_rv cam'i' 1 latv: f..r tl.e: I'u'-idvijc; let u (a.Iurv -<.\ !..yit tI.eaila_ "PIIC next -w ioii of Leon Female Acailemr, moVi H '*
But, thnto'ir .
tii1&t! possible ; pnn-ir.cf -i tiaily to n r, IM- Or: ()fl. ttnmf Mi-Uni'-n Piik. TELLEP. ABBOT
ed raid Mr. internal &c. v-a< tlt.it: Fillrnt! re fil.ilo any c.- : 1 th.- chart of the Pvev. P. ,
*-,! ua< tut ramjet ; MflppVa Iinprovemeits, look thi'St lhiii vlieu thy bill Nt 1, \Vh'Per with at ill tin-f-i atte:..l I t. the! '.Vt-i il: MONDAY tlitth .
; giIn: I to to ? s. \ -i pp. a.1ulbi.'fl] <>f the C'It'4liC' vi Tin- Sr'it.iulvaat: ( t-vVaow whether tin- Demociatic h1r. th!,. V, H I fma.i. YBP!* in tlip vacant lotIittitii &
virtual nnidneglocl haps; r.n inv< -titi.n ... tbi-j ill. tu r may MI 'nn ( f in :IK dy of Oet'iJ>er next. 'fld3 School I ia designed tfi
: I ofaiepoit vl.i.h it \vas wiittcn toIf rirftforni dt'ni. tile ]> )wrr tif tbe (!im'rilCntvfii.mciit came: to I be 1 acted on in lie( Senile, \\ < ':a1.vI'!!'< ic s .iii.ri.j-t I'ni'eratt'l' V"ln ; n idSiott t t.e! Stor.- f J.iriiKiik..4'y a'nl I I). C. \V ii- !n.5.h the opportunity ruma thorough aix! elegxa&

ptiiiit faitlu-rvud.-ii'V Is. Ti. iij(4j, it jUu to rt>mm. ity ( f Fl riiL !b.\e; right t.viji-t.-tii.n ti.tin, -." ii. rra.nl( at tlw TaHaLa-i.-tu Kail lioail I>i'i>-.t. etIattm.iii. 0n

tii1. of the ti-mal Improvement ?" ascertain the truth about the matter. IH rae t'li'-v hive o -->Ty e i ]I. :* .il! thot.i. :2-: Fn IA in.ur > ar* 4'j.j ir.fnivu Lup.i j sthatve : ?)?. per SP'afl of Fe .JI'ontAs.. *
lucid statement to !
4 Mr.Vjcb pains It l.alr n ..KrMtt! by tbe V.'ijarty f I'V.UI.i \ may 'ee'o.tI.e ti t fi'Jci.ce i-t' tl.- Cotton I'lanterji, Ortbngrapby. Hcadui and Writing. (10 00

; vliiib euirccU Uio Muni md r j>"rt in 'nic We uudi-iMind the r.altimnrc Platform! to U-nv I am no\v !happy to state th.tt w are mainly I hat Mr.! FlnK; ivupieti Naiii.n.-d gm .Uil.h4, und atb > an I rsc. ivc a li'jcr.! sJt >re tf tii-'r! jutror.i>i '. Aiittiaif4ir, cogi-iihy, English Gratnioar, '! "".

particulars but tu Uiui aud wuiirms :t tDM the jioww to ct-mincncc and earnn a "rjfiiirri! *; indebted to Mr. Mallory for the aj nioptia.tion1 n ft.re a t1"."! %VL ;;?. an I e.tib-d I to tlie -r.jiKrtof TJI J. O.M. -, j-'cniU-r Ii, "C-. .G [Scntbel. nnd IIL-tory, 18 W

1 ton o if I Internal I lr.ipro\ciuicnt>>'r-and I by Ibis 1 w > tin :tlw h' 5>artv ; : i4d.! on the obr) band I. th -y. a* PliVMC.il Oeo-zraphy, Natural History, Natural.

: material averwelat. rnid ? hit: have) been made for Timid.! !. 1 :.tn wt 11 I; r. Mr C.LIHiI. I.-. ..e tler.ied li> <;iri< ml Sctitt ..nivi.r'i SAMUEL EOYT, Mental or 5foral Pliilo H>pIiT, Chera- I /'
the con-truction
jdtrxtand tolto: Mi-ant ca- informed that he it was who :i1m1.ltJ p lii"-r : a1 id it va. uyvwi tl.:* ili-tlint; iiurtMt -! r LATE OF Till HUM OK SA.M'L. IIOVT ('0., i itry, and (JflllX'itiIJfi, SO IX) ;

.v, < M.n OVAV YH-K.) I IM!
cN1Th'k to l.v fr tl.at ho li.v rptimvfd and (;re ek. 25 OtfAuput 4 ''-
> "IT7"OIM iTinotrirc :<-s
Of1' U,4iOfl : which woiks to of Cfctirnates fur the of the \\oil k will: ii'.t IKiJiu: i.tl by :uvVh.i.\ \.. tint Mr. I".yoteM'nirh' !! 21 152. S3 tf [SentineL
fift. [ eontemplntcd nni.'unt'n ip\vjj-d sh survey > to C1ar1vt'n! S. C.. N >. 1 JO IY -
i.it f.t the Frtr'i c SI ive TJIWtior -
1E-.t renlVnuin frnm MnnlaiiJ.. who was prcs i Iw ]itndr: ii m'Utunx i.f dulbrs. Such! a >U m atbis of a Canal across the l'tiiii=ul-t, miI I for the vet':t.u'. ':*carry Inilmi I \l a -;iy t'.i..t tbi- Nr.tionn; : tnI .-r.- !he i I. prfr.ar-il tc i5 1' a p'-nt-ral Commi ion HJILn -
this ini j.uy
liou* if couutr Female College
.."in/.fn at tlie cooit < ". nnil furni-li to nrtltr. at all tinopay articles! Wcsleyan ,
t" a ,! nliieh t* ok we unJciPtnultbc] iVmociatic I TLtfurm and caa1 of the St. John's liar-that hehnndcd I tu'e in I.i- Ad.iii,: i-ir.itiiiii M t-n-d !Li.! d J.. .foat.rlb -
i-Ltf'1 a icpotif a improvement! I fi'.m the Nrli < r *v.u>u tl.at) irnv be mvantP!, fur thee'.flva MACON GEORGIA.
the tiub- dilates: 1etthe of the Go\pmritit to wh! !i.> l'r.! So-1 n.id n-iti ru/t! vtSLivc 1-i\v ii:lt-!
to un-
b t-en Mr. Mi-p. \Vbip 1 ; power Un. .. -t1' r'-cciv- arid Fell the
.: te 1uliuiJU ( iJeUHI'llltlC them to the Ccmir.ittce: : ( 0:1: ( "ommorcir t-o-ii'ii'! )".1 a-j iiii-t t Ijim. :,I n a I salt! in l.m u.i f IM.tto u-twJ n- fifteenth annual terra of this Ini t5tution will
vi\k.'if. He tbt> lloniiujjUr l Of'irftir doiUle But we do not under.-tan.l the ])cM'cr.ii> M-t- Art I . :iiH <-mtru-'t.rI to THE folInwici
twi mi-t.ndi! rstirtrl tint I tie ( .nitroin1 of the i the 1st Monday in October with the -
at.il I < ,
tlieir -n on
rimnvtT.il quarters I hiivc f the Srnr.tf and ur ::dojitii>:i, e ivy "ticli attE.ntm.i vill ia."mreineiLmr
Ji.i'il ut
tl JUtriet. i'lalf..rn tho toen. in ** TUT ( iiI C rec
.j rf a di-nyliig \nr .iijp h South
1 1U ir utiJ Ir p iinprwvnn'iit" pLitfoini! of t piiK.ip't: LiM tlown by tw TV.I- ; Kacultv :

4 Lecn 11i c.wre.er'rrcct.t. r(pvt ( ef A "..Jfv7Mffi'Tactcr-such. fr in--!. ncv.a that Mr. Davi?, at his rcqse=t, prepobcd; them I f.-.r f'niii bei:i.. the "tur $ 4 :w oi ptiu 5f, e oti %.liiIi :! iijiiir.tati-. -fHuh.tt! >, 0.1\\iili th -ir XtriLtru z <'"l vill: ,:ivt ni1 njtiioru dntPiti.g Pa v. E. 1 11. Myers, A. M, President and Profewor ofIii'liU
tJut iv
Lace mpiJ 1 udert'1 i b(. xIeuf&uiLg ; njaovin5 obstrjftioissin the imitation of the Mi<- to the Stnriti1, nii-l ihey t'nus jit<;ed. ? lr. 1 tbi-y vould pl..nt tn-m.-t! Ui i, or 0:1 vhuh! tl. CoveiMin ; trkftwst roy : |! t'aal'1flt to 41)1 atrcll! a.t aiiV, cuJUt't ) Literature.
az Rk thatVhi. 1.! -hould I Kr; ('mltii'-tv-red ii'.tkr tS<> ireaniii Kev. O. 1. Smith, A. M., Professor Moral and InttlIlcv. -
4Atii iuy : ; inuVii i s>-5ppi an 1 oilu-r] lli\vr ujionhoso x.- tir" the emn- also nhicJ( cttiair.te r.iid trot -r than inai.r. '
tt,,.<- fsct llstricelure ; :Mallory : an i di't-i :ii 1 ..; > vras iln1 So ith :,;td !h.< r [ !'a.fi'! >ij i.i i.'r- Atl.j'.r'i ( J.t Pha.t! :ir.jjt.Inr. ; iI-CtT'Ttl 1'1.itaurii1ay C
rttt.r. r
eat, ,
''re 1:1: .New lla.j.'jii 1 m >jwf twoor JII-TC f.tattfs f.nd< wi ::]*- to theca '.'10 :ij; proj;'iiitioii; of three tivmunl: jlliS: 11.1 \tM, *" *.. ;'/ t:].- ", bj> ti.t- (*oii.it..>it r rtiiii oftliei O-r ilit. I.m e n-i.l I lijiir.A'i'l John M. Boiinell, A. IL, Professor Natural "

t.ttw.,41. &ia- -- .-fl-t a u'lfC. - -> -.iv Jbe imj.iiivcnx-iit I I 1Q IUJ1' Wl u-ei-'M I'lllJiZtl. Is i u luc. it'.n 4i i.iv sfa-v.un iij i.At' >V *,i.o mi''! ij-i-ir t nn.h'i.t't p-.t -i' vn, {: r !.-, oti r Rev. 4;. V nait1a. A. iu Tn-fessor Mathematics
tint if au iirny wi- -n-eJ: ri tJio ;\i 1hi t140- c. Hrui" 1 '.f a C.iu IIOIOM the IVn'n.-u1.:'.. t-T. %. rib! .nd S'm.'\ : .- v.-e'.l'r.- t :!.i- (. flerrii. V Firu1'n
;)&wc' 'irti. Inl.'id I believe I all l I t'.u t :: e.rit1' .n tl.at ily .vCflivi. u liuy a:.|.j o-t N.itioi Mr. P. ('. Gutt.'nbt-rger. Pr( fi8t Mu->ic.
fui lie >oe of ;". pprr uri'l rriT.i-1, I' Mill! Stem-
jwitdi ; :ie 'U-i pui ] pitt "VN'cil-* like! lhe i we r"jrvrd a* 'V.ifinv1 jn t!. 'Irtlnrnefpr : iL i 5jf.? -. C"h rr ; Aw'taut in Mrsic.
."I'ds I 1 nut Kt< to.i 3'v.I I 1. < Iu.ttiiber4fer,
'l'- Wc Lii' 'j nv t iMrl lto tut of five tr" f '. Kh wi1! } trt.i it-t! 0,1Iitut iiotiee, MJ i.t '
l'v for i'loiiJa t : nil :
(hiWZI tiicri ih awlnn-h wo rnd'T-t: 'i 1 the IVr. o-i-itic piiations excel Hat I h.-ml an iirhlr.t \\ !.!r.r c.tt.r.tU! Mi-e S. L.Tid./ii, In.-tructre 5u Ornamental Branches
w.-1J ioiv
IIi dAd f r .j J p. p.l *! ujt-tioui-.i' ] dartiine t'-.llr.rs for the II.t.lovervesc obUiiei take thcroii'.d t that! S -waif';*;) <, *: m to I i'j.} ..r"t.iil Uiii'f.i''tui---- j ri tCaii -> uL.i Frer.cK.r. .
] .ttf..rn 's thV.'h'j thojer.nu! :
asvteJ zo iut j' f I: sirc : l TJ<', vb."a n ; ; pl'onl j.-ii I at h.U tia.-- P-rV(> iI. Cr5; S ilN-d and

I L I that Nr. Mp; F" !.i-t-Nct n-1 y>rnred to tiif'-rf Iron -a:ibf>r I'u rr-jHW-tMit tirf Slate t-i birti l,.i-v.Uaui4f !but- Pry !:,! *. lit en 'iid r :Ie .. frl ln-, Jjbiripinir 1-Li.d; ; I'ur ., : TIio. and=e Mr wi-LIntf. H. B.intirrnati.'n Claj ton. Stewards n* to harg Department.s, cour'e tit

Lt h nre th'LreJ'iii M a iirfinii: of tLi iti Xortl.i'iJi.t month inn r a "r- 'i'rt': *->Mr.-r *ur'ii an xj Ior,- 3 s-flcjj as He :il-fi rbtair.e :ui e-.ttmr.te: of tho co'tof t 1 'ri 1y nia
,t Etviiit. tc that we l--.ve a"u'< 1 to ? '11;.' f* to'k ,luv Intv ?7i Mr. Tl ttsT.e bat '. : lU.fv.ito the citucnsof
tln ( alaehicoU su'
cicu.joZ1 H-h cljiriip out the Aj liny, C2"T. r s c. ii.va.'Iaby.
: : flv'-'i tl" .! <>n iit tn.i .:-. 'iS 1S32. 43 3t
to r. : G.i- ,
M \I.ava 'i August
ro > >rt iu tHc p-irti.'uliifi i itr.)4 that a Ijyi! t.nft pit to the jiov.tr uf the Ct unMtxit ? on ; Sivarriwl. p.r.. nl'y.Cliail. .
1tfl ; l.'fn Tor that S.vr 1 ivlr. va* li-l.ii! f r ;
Mr.llac! vaeiwtcjncct. My quc iou to ..1r.LS 3IjjlThcre : -' 0:1 ll i- fjut-fctiou, e the nuweys of tbjin'ju amr-ndmrt.t ji-ojioscd by parj.ose ?vi.I'M 1 tin, b re:j?tI&f.at..1 rr.r. i in J- ., ". .hii ith.! < n'y! td Iilionai .!!. S. p'eaiU-r TT.T I?.',?. CC.ii: Dissolution of Copartnership.

: will bo u-od! in fiiu.louundi'i taking ani! was rejectcel by the Senate."Whatever o-.i.i .f -\v.rd
w ; i ':f..n a- 'Lrit,-1 i i 'r t.e! on; ia Xi- M.ti.kre no f.v For Sale.TOrrin btret 'fore existing under tho
ou tirt : in jiartial lemri.btti'-n. TIii ll'j.it] ve i.nLat..nJ :LeI credit _t'-. C'.ib.-ll' ; fi ;.us tiK.ybe Jie, :i'id rr.rtly it i< a b"1a(vi-ptalK r> r.n T1III co-partner-bip .
T.t, t&1' 4t1 t ) iii ] 41j vi ii t bear t'i.! .'"n*. iliK.t.. :nde-tt!, to .. bc- !.:i : niy sti.re <-r str.-iJ S'-r ->aT T! ere are 40! an l style of Carpenter ti Goima, u this i.
i.. ( J1. .. i 1iju .h..eizn ) ; .ic-rai I :m I f rmz oed accord lo 1.5m for his rour> ta in mutual cou-ent.
I' me hi hit i 3vtr: ; di-i to L.tiWT'"f -'r. Tali U. 1 a jr.i-frj.b j ny 1::i-l. Liii-i.: .*1 ia gNI i eniiuo.taMe bml.inr.1 1< day ijolcd by 0
: diu'u tlh i,4 rgnrti* 1.ivtry it AM \nciimtion <>f il'e pro\i-I.in <,f tb<> late Itierlt'tlor ; rt.-iit.U Lrwdi *V. T. Carpe nttr i authorized to receive all money
1 pthic: in 7efirer.cc In thv'-'e apj;>r >pmtioi- do not t at tbe 'v'. t'i, and rr.14V! to 4rl'.v [ r"-irt- a', t tct.tLiti p. rfot-tlj. b'ttltby. > i-I 1 "ttf "f ;! .th..t tr s-.s >
ria tl.r.t na arsny <.tirLt l" !l'e inarvln'tj np"ii th" with tl.o of tbe Siiit tluruo'i. *" : .. It U bu.iirvti due the concern. *-ither by note or acc<'tint, and by
cij'a ani I I EU1, iotc j for rtv tuc.v* rnd eni-li.r.nnt<. vl.o v 'i; i II.. ibtrt--. tL.! ( n'ry f.ir a i r<: a >
South t > it hy f 'j'xif ii coul J hot J < hupctt--| will < x u-ui tLo li\jviu.i i.f tl.e J) 'n: HTatu* j..nrtv in ;n'-\ -unit hive National "vVhiir. tnc.: :. ftvav. :_..tio< :i t a'ic wi'K ti.e. or eerta.nly
el h any <>i' < r 'vi.v J" Stale should be ovelool.vd ; nnd : fir Scott.iii'o'.l. '" 1 t'r Fir f>irbr i-ifur-iutu! apply to .c. T. CARPENTER,
pi :i from; our t. t'v Fo.i'Ii: i't :' i'lf. 4" 11Iia.y: 1 r --i
tliui r."l linl 3.o.rln'h that Tin- I'ill I vas: eflI! -i.K-red w vysw/by ina'iySet ) : : > W. C. GORMAN.
I-1 I tl" body.
.i' J 1 rp,
Sir.Ma, );> j' x\-n .. .rVlj.Mt>a' }'trrv. i.u tl e St.
] j I build :Vvr-d I I Urls; :u.il the under it.r.fl i.e.
a 'J
t Jf<-lsriim : i jinoii (li-'u i n. Hut 1 Jn :w t iiirr r.uJ fur tbt rtA-*-u it t.. \t>ic-d : .4.-l b\ ninl ct-ttai.ily :'lr. Cubell I is wi en'hbtl to mak" r-afr to ; u .p tleld: $ r luiii.j f' Atti.k-'it-: I.I.: .t. (J. i'LANT. .Vatena Jeff-rcn Co, Au?. 12, [VS.] Ib52.43 3t

toi Le ns'i>-.! ili> ; .1 i.n.s; In'ai l.t LearJ itIlbon tLim.O'i. claim for Iii.e-lf:: l'e: : erc-tlit of bt-inj: ; !: : :: j Take :.'.> ve'I OA tin -ubjeet ii> 1 tic Pc tt party .yt.i. r.n Coui.tv. t.t..pwails r 1 1, It 02. 3tJ Bale

a>kl iii.n t'i- i") -.inn : tbiOij rt, we do n't kw v. tL-it we wi dour < the t iTt'tbtiiii! I.;. 'TI to the o\ r.\I:11".!n.:.; rvh.u.e if Rope.
rri'l !i aj'pmjiihth! n.
in : :
ie i.i'lniJtuntal piocniinc
ft 1n <
I'l.-uv <
"Vatu-t iru. jiMsijt ; Groceries d.c.
... Si C'V' !! <" ml- M -, h as-, uri-1 the r.ftMjt 1 HA COILS Ust quality Kile Rope,
.' HAT 1!r A X A 1 hV: VValFJ A i' read i ia butter n-rvicfl tb.vi I by quoting fin aspetrli :n :i a- *
VM B-it | v < for I'loii! I la.! Mi.i ( .- \\ii-- C. 1UU JraeLv
tl..t lave Lei.i i ;::. .' ;- I i I -4.y otbtr S".tib ri n: tujn -* : UST: ret-ei ed< er ijtLooru r Tid.diiee! frora Xt-v
) TMJCH I'TON TIIH Wfl'TH M j mad': -ently] by Mr. Stuart, t f Mi. bin.. intb. 1 I b"V tbe.3--e.iv-. 1 btitc t.e i'reei 7 j HEIH & RUST.
'XSIAVE'.JY FV IMUCI I: 11 vroUIJi b 11) IIPVO! <'ono hi* <:r.ty; ii the! lln-.isf v lii. Jav. r-f.i-'ed to .) OrU.-u.i-,
ITTD' of r. .ro'H.v.t.ith-ex Mr. J-:: tilii-1 may ii criJi'ii 21. 1S2.! C3
Jloa-e M-T\ i Sotl c "* r, and t their I'rec s-i t\ lofa-k* UHd) Fijii : AIKT.
HAVE: TOM\lriJ: oVnRHKWorjJUlKAl II1 jbv; when the bill went bal; there, for r.upht! i lI jn !
rh-- S-.u.li. .rrllv
AIlMYOPTOE ] ''J .4'iihhy; unu vo lu\e n-j Juubl! ': .rretllVo ojui.eftii I f'rrm, tbi- l"m.lr-; te of c-n i; >ho-i-ii: r ,
: ) AXOTIJKU JV 7' if !; tiu'.,. 1-it \ve tU.: (. i.'uUbieii to Mr. "Jn1orv! i ii-e; a t'ortnii.-' g''iir--ltt! > il h.a revel eaC'- to tl t- IjIpI..r 1' l'kiii UK in*. PHOCLAMATION.TOTICK ;

IT ? the ) ton : {t'.i' the aim tintntnti by which t'jft=eti.jiis | ; < ZlZIj.iP. Ibr \VI.:4bavo f.t.l is hereby given an
hI) CI
Mr. MHJ.J i.iM-l, )iii: 31 ADriERCEls'JUCJ'LY *' Mr. St-nrt wir.tn tf'nv tltt rntiJintIVt ___ _;
.1.ir."lie L i'i CL' i'i 1 LJ -li.at ta'a: Is a S< c- SL.tr
jvle. .>! i that thry are i-n.psi} I ii.L.ad j.nin.e tie State
: a l.Un lh.1. Lc (< :< IV) Lad| J Li i* -. to # !" !!o'd prif-i-ev! ii wtic : : thmughout
ji. % cv* i m < i'e: tri ti .nrl "Try, TV-lit"! by I!mL' r I.r--.v Zn. n. :.i. < f> t.ivvr. kit 't u"Vi.. U nib it t.. jiirt iL'ntIa1.. and h .'... | f 'lori-J.u on Tu.-lay, November 2d. prox
wrnij atLy r ', tio f.M.tsV) ) f l'u c n ; < : tool. \\ tLv l' -.
: tb1.) .! i si-ttniilt J L> ..lu.ea ie-y rv < ria- :'. irtr.Liluurr.. President
tJ. "iiftiUrtKiiial couiiai.t, uul VMj.ali.ti.5j Lv iccuKr. f jrtber, ib it tlfrnni! bn: rn-vtr d!+ rii .d ;!hI ir 4X'c- 1: ( r, 1e 7)3nrrT'. l -.nl 1 they! i.r- tutriintbcr imo, fr Kltclors tif PresiJent! and Vice o I
-ml Nttio'i --
tt1tI i f i ,. d..ut.l '1' ..u1puijijtJ. *. nit d!, bft tn .ir.< or tt< pirtv I I.P the I'liited Stjite". Xumlxr to be chosen three.
) ; ii'iH'f fci|>i -j.-i : < >r ; i. Y"hijJV .B. are r' >to \vai !tri"- f.-it t" it- f.-', a. ,1 *n.. er.rv ii> ui.icfi ii this 10th
h.r1 tc J.1'.nrvwl liu'i; ; Lv *.liuv..d th.t 'Ahi.l (1t-n: i'i-it8: bad f.tr! t.< :.i '.iy tbt i :rju Ii"f tbe Sjt't -uj-t: ( i
) tj rr. %f. Gut. I' ,. !1.M4h'c: -/-avf-ry.. 1 vas 1 i-j.j.f--.] vnc; Hitpr..>( ti< e < f t.v-J.in; :; n t" tL.e! billij.Il I'i.i <-. i'tu ;Y l.t\ l. 'i.f'i i..I\ t : !,a'l t Ii. l.u. ibi-y tin % m.oy i.:.\ -o witvi-tly j j-\i'e'1 l.I l. 1oL.-2 dav of Anjna-t, A. D> 1852.TKOS. Governor.P 4 "
the atta( \vtn .;r. ..ting pt j i.i, 'it f-f.- !i-d. roa! it': .tJ]...j *j j-< (.'jl.tt5\v j project*. .'. r h"-h i..j.n-.t.lt d bun -. the < JVH): crt of the Tur't'a I "Il.e I), niK.-.ic: f.i
(ti.ii. r ti-i.ti-ncu*.* wre :n .j ; avi-jj: iJioi.t a? nint-h tbin mv twn. I hiii n't L>irJ iiiu c.'iuee 1 1liel.u z. bail v.-jdi, ib n- tn'.ij- j i-i llaII ..- tli ]b: d.1 nt tle: in C.W. DOWNING,
> ) C as! they < ; :i'- i-i tit! ; I rt .:e, m. ;nIl tii< 1IRItV UOWLIS, Atrti.anecr ,Ie. Staff'I
s] :ieai J l.iu *i -at.'aerr t1 Atid I.f {live ou ti .: I.oi!,< tl 1 rn>t, i-i 1! <. v>: \ 0 ri<. n -eli 0 ,n1.ion ..frliurv. T1K ib-."- ii.ii-. ....ii.bo.! 1\-u.. < '< '.,v-i. -* ,; ------i_ \-.-i.-< rill_.i! i/-n.ocrai I -----S.rum r ". >. Secretary pf -
ai; .iii" u iiii.iay t.i ,-tvnvr I1.
vhJi'ii fe'' !.u- K.vui 6 !):.< lie :mi.:!., t.4t! a ]n ttii-u of 4tJ.wl'i 1 v trty 1-ivc ion. iC.i Tt t1u u'iIs. :.I.Iul.. ( tlat : .t mx, .f 'L.erv JH J -Ora-iitc! HillNew Kn bnl to j.e| vi:..>. -lil! I A gr. 21, 1S.V2. 33 -

i bit at 1 pIL e vt.t} : ( !,.j/s helinJ I.e.iJ !nonto injure..- $".pe4..Ftf : ( *r.inJ! IVni.i iouflty Land Warrants, &c.IrICVI:1D. .

I'a: uer, L u t c>':itotnanu'! ucetf.] MC << j pi.it Li in ,ii'iiiei1s tqni'i b.ib I 1 i' ji'id ii r.-t I by Hki... totjiak *" <\ lih .>, P .:m 'T1f* V.'biSi.'t'r I f ns the Stj.teofi xi. -. iy wi vu uiti\: llie! \.-Ifeof ibeJ J u.><'ple.: t1b'fl.e Hard Scrabble for Sale.
E* quti'ii* vLlc-h 1 l.urKutioiiul.. Mr LIhJ] jiVis < tit! a jiariy 11I] -tio'ibi< b i Jo iaty iftu-. \' (1 l.VIiLr !i.iZ I : t 1u' ( ,'tt: f j'.ir- ; uu.l< l i.ivi' t.f lli: lutid. !ui- guilty forth i.n us- '.tj- :- ) : : i:0TTfHT: AND, SOL at tbo dah.bi-V 9-nr: aul cr.l*-r ofFrr* for sale the following1! dtacri-
*tatr w :t jU\ocaly ij: tie nfiiiniS.tJvo, that lit j.tl !, ei- injlaiHik': I 1 t-1 a ma.'m al. i? u.tl nuI ] litiedI .t i .iI: tter.' I t Plantation -
ill n -t iiuf i? oh I\ u >UT v.-i :i' ery sir a-tn" ratii: *i"i. r C.tlxllr_ c tl.t So.'I-r. .1.. bed aii I valuable property, viz : The
hHearJ lr -<'lMiwhat: I l Ive bIP fmre1 tb v.trs 1'ivtI i- .t n jsvtt..I of tn-.. .. r; toi t:iJi-t all the t.trin'nt. of tLlrit -l Staff as -
i. J'i't! Mr. f-iu.i'i :> rt cv i"bv ."L! \ e 1 Mr. n ; V. luirnd all m th.it i* :...t-n-.! l'i: tl.e "Vt.r.hcrn V. lij'irt. ''iiioi a.t the Mo Rue place, "formerly occupied by7.1J.L -
'Ji'ed that r..5 -l t j.ncb thi> s u li 5ni! bi''n'! t.rs-ouut of thi, lUelxjjjii. :- ". it-r: \r.t. I :itri.z nc< r !s i two Lfi! r *d aim I
an ursnv up-n ilr.i'iirv; c j .i'1-t atort of an OMH 'igt.b i.i-tit'sti 4.F < f She on .- to come f "" a-' Mi'l -1.J[ .. *t a 1>< :i' (-I::L \xl.n h / L. Fn lc-, (rltaIiirt SSO acre of"land, of which itiijiut

1.L.1. I\VX AVKUY V uiik'i.V'jI.1 in 1 ''C< ; :tn 1 it i s.ri'iivd th.tt !lui-f.-c J./ \c. i (J :,. Nw. vk.t if TVa' lvl'!! i'ui-e 15.1 dv-Ure; bePjiln I will Cti1iTll: I,'. .-v!'' :'' ,l.o Mainti..ue Oh.fl l t.ir-y: \: l'! -r,-b: : "IIrv t.c late Ii'hiiVar : alo or 1 hundred have betn cultivated and pro- 5

ILfl'i: To M.ICh1 O\ ii: i li'SfTI'i : N. p'4 Ii.j) ) ji'iij! >t tliis lav. tJun-f-rv !ii. v".l 1 v.t i !1 hatbr j 1 i-.i-e.-\ ; ilbi- iti'o i.I tr.:5.i. uat.-fn m'r r.l! tl'i publ'.tly- i.i.-; v.rt-i- <.f tT.! .- Cw.i.; r'l-v, (it* I i t reo ,i-u! t'i': .rt-l U, t f Guor; a. ALiUu.cx. S >s'h r.rol"iit T.i.lL' a.iil | ..lucewill.v Own. Cotton, Twbucco, ic. The PLuitalioij H
Iry. F IIVUVJ.2)) IIC..1) f)1'iIh o ofii'- .S-iitth'rii "- Iy.l.i --i1 ro'1-, tu.tJ.r; v.-i-'i a "ix praciki
f l"w- T.iI it
vei-.J ;
bill'li.it: bo M' a : 1i.. -'il-ntj; { Kn;! :I.a\v d-'ie.! rjtb.! r t .n iu.ppc.z| 'lie v.l.o iafri'i'J i- ftitjoii.in the iibove, whcicoa I now reude, conIIKH.T -
() i: IT" !ir. M diJ not iik v--- i.1 iurcjily 'dr 'ftrri f.d- '. ILe 1 r..t JV! i.I. i. : ,-A\ :-c..f tl.t 2 :..g hr M.t'rarid the rma -t i f
pji i-ay I dll n-'ti ijM-tU >j jafc r ti 1! a ;d.! .1 U:4jit r-, to ;i\tiw l.I< --t.it ) -i'r -.- in.ta:. ailvt ,ittof ni&iil to; .iiue 20 (.f 'ivhiuch iz g&xI Lain-
-ill! cTaiiiCi
Vi Mr. IluU, nor t>> uK. ni Uk&s t-jii': hi r<- but I < .< .>j.illv fccrp'iidt f \ i'" iub, 7tuou-ly! ,' -.. :&' -- flue t-t : "r i; :- m.k rly r. M-rr -- ; woodland
l.)ov from an jiiti1 r. va o j !I. r 5bi < -fiiMiirbip v.Mjy tboMiiitaj.iie-: :.I..i l ilr. TI.M't.f 1 ( < -r.1: tji ;. and al."tt! 2"0 acres cletireil, thebalrnce j
p'V, but 1 < xtljimeJ, a boon ;u he kid brie tla? n.iii .b d! t" llne tbi liirhU alii.o.i: b be \>.i> kuu\\i \ C pw i it fviioUhly ] < iunry i-I] { < rt..rl 1 bv ]J.4 ;p.aty, tUJe--d! for bit.denti iud i !< .i'-I.< itvi'l! : t.; r tir intere-t call! [ of i lair quality, and proJuce4 very well. On .. '
I 1.De t.tui'ij wbih! I Li* < jj u.ii' J. 'Vi.I wltii tinut'ii't 7>iir l i".Jt'oii.i"Ui.orih .''. / ;/. ,.'' >:r.i,< tt lat Airi t.t. will ihid it f r t: to '
1 jtptoli.blijucss t>) \ i.-.. sirl ri.tM-rv; h f'ii-i .U.t V, 1 ij tiy, v.b'.le opp i-rj ( i.i; >-L pri-u'5c< are a I"CtI l Giu( lftm e, also Dwellin" avtl
Such is 1.jC Iuntne ( cn. 1*. lu'lls to tin: JoLii P. "ir. it kii"\u i l> all wh h'i.7 anyU: l.Ls oj! b ;;i'-l.i- I'.rie btti-r t 'il n-.t e.iu c S< iil .ni VH.ijt vi-1> -frt'i tint all tJ'f ia the N...rtJiho w.uopr or _t.ZEt.4 me at ; .:* ci'y.: II-.i.dretl <1 f 4f and M ,ibc-r bvuldiiiirs, end a cpleatliJ *."ite for a Saw Mill, on

J li1e, itni ether inii.ti u Nvi" & ) inen.b e 'I.. !J'.rt; !. \ote- I'-rTi-Tk.t. a' r tire >ssrrai.t3: lire bean:. rect i- I whin* tl..-y arc tniiild -
ti .11. tlmt rs ar fifpittith M -> b It thy 13I. OuC1 t.i the Cv!ni.oM!' j e i. Knality! nr S-.t; 'treaiii. The aboveracntioned property lies on
1. oU the very w ill *.f a five b'li.to; &ti-i vt lieie i" a' ;Lb.t ?rae.Irnie.erhi,4: to tbtir ownM.. ,,f hiiv. \vitte' ti. iLd 1M hue ( ; i.ui..n 1.ftVd'r.. [ [ and tLit i.tt'I: I l I-- llirec .oll to so ail: 1 -;.> i.i H-'U tI..r.'C. if npp'.irotious! i both gI4i i.Ita of Su ar Creek, bttween one and two miles

H'tj mb'clcctjf wb can bcjir audi t<*tain.'ny <>tCrt'ii rtl) oeec'Jve tliur, v. i.ld. I ( l'i. si. jj L! L'I:; tI' m-n, L.t.i brut is.a-Je: to t!/-e vbo lu l the t'ociUi'-: <. ; If
w L1i, '4U.'ji' e thi-y 4 v is. h' tii.ii.i irni1. mi-iJ X slid in a i..oifii'ary j:! ;-.v < f sf tb Jjowr literal Spriu?, and seven mile* from
( r* truUi t., o ur in-titutii't a-saJU Iuu: in Yirjaua u 'venc'd by at i..4. ii'i f-fj-rd: wu"uf dutv, CLC'l ;a- > ..t tu :i Kj'.i'i-i.i.t Ki.sra.ity, tL.t lom-of i-> lij.t'b.'l p-.trioi-in.|! *'" f ii"ov insj tiutliful ( c cfinrbuitut to .<. ;. u'.xr ;. 1i2.. r,5 P. H.! P.LOOD. Jasper, the County Site of IIamilt-n County. Abio! .

will .>ut bimT-elf fntt li such Medical
k3-* t>> the co'itra-y, upon the Icstitumiy of a inrr f jjjjrer-s whml o.- n.-t do 1 it it-* very si-1- i.-r i'- d."i.i-ti I < p > 'li-ti rif'1'i. btla 1'iotn nv ?r'-.:t1 knitwled j'' of 11-> I.i-tory. I tae College arnr.ttRivtr, a suitable! site lor machinery of any !

Vi'JteM as UtU IUHU Kuv.Tliuii 1 t-ion. \.rirty of rci: -cimiiy nsid do < p --K.t- npnmtmb ;'i.tii; 1'''mu. of j.U.Iiti i ini-t*, '..b'r t be wi. I 11tl!<.ttiv. Kc'l- h'li t" lie cjpable. bi.. -t an I faJC.fu: to ti.e ('"i tttii'iiti. pin: T\\X'IY-FIR| corusi: or LICI kind that water power can drive. This Litter mentioned -

:' I It1pIwe\ the rror c .tint'i the r'pir llial .r., t co-.itrol tbir v< t. -. j.nl d.i.-m. ,.i i.n uiVrrfiiijufiitly 1 ihi I'.dtr:1: \ IV.! ,. &mai ILl tarly, cont-i-tt-tit an 1 enrtic opmnont ; Trilv;:: > iii ti.i- In-tit'itii-n. vi ii! commence on tIC land w about 5 miles E.-U't of the White Sulfliar -
6 rciaark of Gen. l'i* n-e was ia.de: in rrjtly > Mi.Eile. vote i jj'Mii't t! i-ttiev nxa'i.ri tt t r ia nn tbtiiuthiuit h .f (; ;i. ts-ttf.f r tli'- !:-- :j thM of anti-'.l.ut-ry f.urtt'fi: iu in all it* foim<, fji Kfinn MUST MONDAY) IN NOVEMBER NEXT. a fine umu.er resort for invalid where
Xo nnrtt-r 1 iiia he i iu u jJv' to, \."i15.Mii.i'ar, wl.i'.e the ii.1i\ -. :n hiju Ji.-ji: i i., .. !l C 11.41)0 r TU '!l ef t i-.ch' i a'i'I irttu !.a'l 1 d--i le 1 til'..id h --f tlw ('oi'lTronsiiTli -. Atat.v.: O. M;. NI-V\"1ON. JL IurL.rv. I). t\vt improved Lots, one of which ha tolerable

tu enough it vas inaJ. atil i % (iirln-il 1 by u \\ },\zijiponeut jov rr.ed i.lon.bv Ii -ity! to tb > fiii'-tituiii n and She for t tii! iHfii-iou.1 I siie ut! rly run-.itby of tn'-t. 1.i'! *- an-C .::;rr'-.t..i-<-nt-I -oliiti'-u." KS Mr.' Too ib<, 1 A. !)t'tAS, M. I). cninft<*rtabc!r buMine* on it, and is ; -1 by

) who i is LiiuPeif vnoch* 1 \\ ithy <>f Toijit btx \ bt? intcrrtt-'I( ti.<- WM! .' eoujtrv: ." i iIt I-I ii. I'l1<-** si\ & the i-cth 1 .ttrr eiilt i.ee .f tid'lt\: Ia< by th. I )eCl wrmtc: C :at.i1+j bt) |ti-'if.ie-% anI I I'racnceot'Med'i-ne, L. IX I'ORP, Dr. Kn"bt. to whom I tote pleasure in referring any
t-ii va.
entire Whuj pf.rtv i.f tLi-i Sta1; : ir. M-tpp 5 k ii' t appeal- li.t! : M- IMCi .y ic \ Mttt tnn Y'lf d in toilinUnft11.. tiwn li! q 'i\i -.d j d"-Lr.i'.i! m- < f :ml ( the f illv. Tin- c.indtdi.ti-* !a'iniamat..i! M. I ft vht with to examine the property last

ihy i snbl<'ctor, (rut i>- a WLi;. mcu.b) .:r <-f tli !l c n-jti-np.iiuj-t t'tf xtitH* /// /. X w what set I of a j joji et'o l ti.i; :,:iiiii <] i-t'f.! lie r.trv: !"' the -i I b Intt m.-Ms. putthcnivlvt rjuv-tif-i! fii'.Iv.' jJainly ILI I di-t'iictly iipiii 1h.v4.l-M.ry r.n-l ruthologloil Anatomy, IL V. 31.Ma'.eria mentioned.pt:-r-on mny Al'o 40 acres of land in Columbia Countv -

R'iu t of I)1erats from Acconiac. I J>f if\c hicGcu. | ; v.imlJ tie t'jej -c to inf. r fn-hi tbis Lt thu < j- I f t InI IK"I crati** P LI IV. u po-'ion In-fore th"! eountn I.1 : \ e n-fon tl.e rLaI'li iti'-n ( f th* I r.5'i! j r'v utvori.I { MILJ.EIt. 2.!. 1). williin half mite of the Lower Mineral Spring a
tl' a
i ,
Pierce make the !< riar4i1 i i"j vllchlM! Ib'-r f tio-! < ?' nll:<.!;iau w.jj.M hay,- ictot-iiul s-utli: I Il *.. lii-bi- in pi'rf't lnn 'v vith v. -v met i..' ".: i- fu'lv coriplic-1 with. mail the-- rra,15 II'H: ilt-il.ca: anti crnper.tiep and Medical Ju- desirable! place for a summer residence. Also with

tt ,*, < t 4lTdy l h'i'anctt I know Mr. Maj-p: u > l>il! Mr. Stiai-t to < a rj i V..1.! .: li i li-! :$ fl I .'i..t Kiii4)) are trn to tin- Mijijmrt; of th>- r.-j r'Jt-iuoe, 1. the G?() arre place I would sell a handsome stock 6f

Mw4Ae nn J "n-lisbV firafd'-t Lk> this, vlm-h be b r bl'l:] IIi Mr. J'iii<\. % t-.d s--"rl wbii siu C'I.Itr. ..' -'.;.i.u'iii.d i I'u', 4 ftheht>uth, i iiiot ll.<- f"ii..l: (fl'i'ie ini-.i"f rrs: f :!ut p ity i.irl..ut anyurrttvKr if tpriii > >li-t. tn.--< aiil DUt.n-H.-3 of Weincn anti Infants, J. Cattle! and Hogs Hvr es, Mules, itc., and make the

b.&tK.taiItk araia l.w iwitv. WTT Mr. Clay ak.) tj 'kt :t,. Jl: an \oied tgti.L. UalHs t.f i.f. 'jr.c'n> -'fbin'Ki'tuti' M fur tb.I>r. -J-l?o ti'iy, A. iviM.: : a eaiif secured.

kKM.rtU:1 I Al'ACTTO I ( ) I5K IXKXA<* ('NNACLVi1Ji \ Mr. Stunrt innaikj.! :- 1 but biii'>uiii .iti< n vi.- liio .oiljti: ::' < .f )J.t* l.inT'. "ji'c.-not time to f'.TI"w Mr. T >omt.*:* furtl creiion"h t VruU'ryand ?'..armacy. AI.KX. MEANS. M. P.ita.t pavmeuU H. E. PURVIA CE.Iluniltf.n .
') TJUrcilAKACTKIt 1 :: I ()F (; EN.J'Illtj'i Fncei-cdeil in tl L. ..'. .nd? lisdenrii' I i iI 1 hive I L 1 \ 1 I I E LL.31_ I).
I lhi.il I have fciti T < : \ t
"Now, Mr. i-'pe.\k'.r, : di v<>tiiin to i-vtry '.i < try. b"* betn .ji.t ted fiom lii- 'p.-0.ei. t*' s-l.w tI..the I) ?L1' T-t r:'t.4 4 ii.iL'uair. Co, ITa, August kl, 1S52. ZZ Zm

I, WITH HIS (.NLJiLE) IX THi; show in:; that the .rgtaz-it: ejujA. uJ to pruvc tl.at J '- : aii ,fl i U) ti ii-.i 1 -\i'V iii!< i 4 Pt rn-.v- iz--d by hay ) ho-ii"* t ''*! '"id l fiundly to J'itrtv ; a>l lruh A Dem..ii-trat<.r, ItUlST.CAMl'BKI.L.M.D.

( '.?"iRP OF THE UNITED STATIN. It !i.iierck i. r,(:l. I'krcc i* 4ij>po-il to all Jmilur nud flyer appioiniti5ii ( *.ii-tili.ti.'n. No North! no S-n-'b no 1o- noVtbt, I !i. i- tl.e li-t-tility to I't in ral >;'eott, tinTitv I Si ileun'.lU'f ('j-ical; I -cturiv.ill l,.. delivered regularly at the BENNETT, KZER & CO.,
; a ii< i-'r>uttur for hale to fray in }> ta:JpcoLtndic'jun eoiistituli'iiial ui'la i ir ut luiii.deji! < n-tiiutifn )but i'rvtl im..ittniflcC oftin ni'l will l e afffrdvil -
j nir.Kts
< | : on ;rt> > i.n ler tl. ( a that no c> n-i !t-rab! > party) ca-i be rat-til Clu llo-pitd, ample Tihtch 1 :Le ji:>t M-cn, that because f.tir of bi.iub5c dvi'ti' to t!.<- couunoiiMoll.illnod : 1'r.ictical General Commission atd Forwarding ,
jr>r mstrJut-il by M\ L'trjuvlati. n <-oIatj.a'ti U.'id ami a tru. in G it."rjia; s.ihl li.t.e inoitluiii a (Ct rjn-nir; fr the l.t'I ly t>f Aivitomy.liilmrttnt

** i( ) mile n) mch remark a' \\as rrcne'i-.i iy, |() life iu a<'CorJaiw: with the wku-jwledjcd rules ," is tbe) pMtir.lie --ntiiuilit! vlwh }::ae fur bun *" win TO 'I-6 pm the !?s.rI IL Ptnir nmiilnseunm addr'i'ws bnxo bt-eii niade lr.rI'g the Xd?. IIS Tchoupitvulas it., A'ew Orleant,

Jita1 p8, attributed to Iiim in tho r.jwirt Of> the ftatc- ..lofr'lC.. e.1 mi'l"r to hi' iHi ;t".eal < n fl. 1 ir* before a !! Miiition ifuanl f-ii alow to be fonjttful of )btr duty t to I b.r-elt and pre-t nt year, to tlit-ir means f >r Demonstrative Teaching T) ESPECTFULLY offer thir eervicea to their

meat> fiJr.. JJapp, heC.c"j. 1'.) never nw'e unywi I very rhMrfully confedMr.. SjK-aki-r, that Cen. I for tho 1'residniii-v iiiad 1e- biin n cisniiiLt"! f >rtlu th.it respect vtbuh i* due br I onn -hnra: -ter.- in ObftctrIcI'atbolojrieal and bunjical Anatomy, -LL fnendj and the public generally and flatter
reply." JJupp ! a t-miud dfiunerut, 'Ci.nlin T > tb<- fcclmul ofJ .LafJCtUe < f t.f people of' th<* Sout 'Ii. 11 cmoldi.f t-ma-r.l S-oit. 5 in al Sitimi to all Iii* 1'ree Si il prpin DIM; :t e* of thy Skin, .*.c.. ite.1'or : themselves thnt, by stnct attention to business, they
ga ; md if it IK-VIT VJIH niailc in rj'ly t.s bun, tr iivin. Midin uud Jv.tk-.on nn 1 that h bft vill >nstiue bi-t pub'Klif,-, with mmavm.rLin ; -mj'hapi-. attt-t tic iaitichi -h La e Wli-d biui in the Soiitlj bin ot.t- fiirtbt-r mfornmtiou, applicatuni may be made \rill!! U> able to Rive tatisfaction to all who may consign t*

Vat.dos Dot prove itravir vri.* lua.le: in ri lily time with htiiftiii-f* uii'l oatful judjniriitcry jirotti"U ja'ri-'tJTi I nhib pr<>n..ttd| i.imn -v ry < tviMn and rI.etl the fi .-hi'g* lf er ry hi..ri.iwm by it.ll-'taYTa! to any. mcu.be-r of thu F.irnltv. \>r to PUODUCKor MERCHAKDISE'tothemcither

oue (lho (if that Mr. NtIiii n ut cpenlc. MviKirjvi \ ('fiLe fi-iJtral ( ,tituiion.. lie it u nianiilvt offUrn f :i* 1 hr nil <-ir utn-tjiiw ", to I r.'ns-t liv fl.-rinliou <> tI.tni C'lVT tlueves and jdiic siiJ! en to\vtri!., KJH! C. M. XKAVTOX. D -aa.Ai4iit for sale or shjpment. *

vu to oht) iii hin twtiinony as \\bat (J 5t All orders for the purchase of gooda, strictly and!

L'-aril by Lim to 5odaro pnUicly; in Xew llanipre ,.iEI4'aanee or w a.l l< finesa5n! any dt-partnui.t t f(be vitil.nu4 of the Soutlu 'llM J outnal": of Coijp-et-! J ilaee: yet f.'rvri'.id with the br.uij of con ih.ovorcovanU, ('iuptly attended to.

** a4 that purp.* was fully aftcoripliotliil >i\vinuiett: lie I p'jh.->tfrst6aiVo, fireiiit'n'U8uiscreti >nuid bii.i in tb<- attitule tif a |mliti<-al tlM-ij.l-! of .I.-'ui ( come aul tatiral .leicrad.tti-.n n--'eriii1' t'jc-n (theii., m.d < n.li.r 100 Piano Forte's. pr Liberal advances made on cotiMKmnenfs o/ COTTOX.TODACCO. j :

u1e a| K.t-.tvihc. I baxe bet-u th'i* particular: intoci.mu ,nn1 l jul .iucut. nnd while bevillijut readily Caihoun, nndf- iya'eriuz: 4Tka.itl&IU to the lavitiiul .,"r ..-reckc-w! di !.tI..... .r. \ ftben* are a .fun. II 0. ff% e. .NAVAL STORES,or WESTERN *.
( Ujiuorul) 6tntni<-nt which 1 biv Wl in wi'Ji: : jiny tuciflumor of tin; day;:, uudtr tlie icL.inv.* Mr. C.klH-11. ira tIns State v hoonir.e i vjiiru.DC.r-i i oo v-/w. o PRODUCE.

ide1 that th MM! of the dialogue between Mr. vain belief of iu j pp.ihrity, neither will lie r.thiIy fet hire, the I iMndfiatic juity !- iinVbtwl !.> FranVan o\er tn the y Mipjiort of Geiier.il; St-i-lt, and -till xi\v or.ii.JVAIII: r.uo.tis, Ample arrangements for Storage at the lowest rate

,zIP ud uivhtlf nt Aec jaiaf-l: courtLouM! vns Ptiliavcunitc. lit dt-fl.ince the jnatured 'j>itik'i.* <.f the ttres.t utuwh'i I'i.tee fr tb ec t-i rnali\c j ju"fltl"ll M!lieu 5 it o-eupu < IltaJM tip a Lrrrz.-r mum'h-r > l.jk, -vi iM ftitt.* *. f 3Lujs r 333 BROADWAY New Orleans, August 11, 15 !. S2 6mDENTISTRY. .

E4LtJ1y SuVtantiallr it xras x-rrtct as totieueial Jiim but will have preccJ ; as by <'Urt \'ar.I. tlae i'ilht'L-te f.r
ttr t2u ft41LtIJI; tu Pji ec. jH'ct t<) bub aal rjr r i'npn,\ -Hiijtitf 4 ei4.te z1t of :.l*>liii: .n \V.t' -rufbed U t''.t- wiilli. ,. it uui-.c tu' Vote I.'r .. ?avral Sattrl < nt of I'ii'.no* trlthun

lu L. btc, > OU-B n->iHafalv! hin If to jlu\v in tin foulstt] t> of all bis p.'e-d- e.i- Cei. St't I ian i,' liti nii.-t in po'i"y ns wiI l a'< ) tan rutnaul tia 1 I Ia e'.tt PartY alat! A \ntr.lli(! : tlie lar-jcnt R rtm' ..-"r'oleanluuv : -
ti ii '
WISE.estimony l Lv iidian uu 1 P 1 '-m/m-.f l'i! late
UllNllY: ; A. "ilic itniiiiiniliriil of s'ti.'tui e <'! i W. GAIGE
: _
< 1.It; c- ,.
prii'ipl: \ I u.t. mu'rt .rn
I cai.iLtc framehtiil
theMitallic ,
Ieir if whith hive
fuThV \\itli lb<- x'i tbi ni | 'p' -. ( Ga and formerly from NW
< eon, ,
Ftuart's thLlrai.pI '- iiiiih-iaiive i> .igii ;I > IZALIh1.;
attention to Mr. ( and .
: ( invite particular UP i',*1h.. t'H.l 1 hue h&hi l r law" po'-iti.-uii:; ore tnntii-te't tu *tmn( atty ffixntr. fie* .._&_uutr York City respectfully beg leave to
Scott. jdinat ---
Ge -
Whig against ;. tlct every Klvcr anllail! >"r Lill ag&r?>l of 1w Y lie. Th> y e-iiifi-lo iu him, lly Li'14irUt4'i Broome. rut if.titfiirfiif.., and v ill U I rant I at yr'ft e'1-irirmp; inform the citizens of TuIlalmJsee and wrroundinff -

The .New Vurk Iaj Wo-jJ.-, a \\hig pIpThw which tuui'al I'jerct! votc-1] wh'.lo in ('ijjrc-i, wa* him an I th v only, :.re ati\i-* for bi1.1. tt ion. Th.-% Appoiutnents of Judge i T.v nn exj .'rirni-e of tlifit jjfri, r .uliin'j in mnnyti country that he has now located permanently in Tal-
the I leno) veni'r thit .J./ettri JSqJ'4 F.-1? 1rp'ht
in our Mr. Tin- l.t- uUrania, HUT m: vtn i :, WMM a u ss-niit m Judge l.rtHime I amaIuurttTut ,; Isha-tsee. and can lie found for the present at thy
wlucli quoted t Clay b.i\v
have freqaei.tly uli! rmd voted rgaiiu by
we ifpilcen > .o.th --noeintio Eh.e'rr !Ifr Nvrlv' 2i at 4)1)Cafl
OH THAV ICNU If To HIE !?.T-fiaT :.ud Major .K->sti ( >> ,(, 'S ,a >.it n'nut'i j F.' ?u' rt. Planter's Hotel where be trndtrs his profesrioual services .
< r
tl'nmns)' bears the following testimony a- pal ty Jackn" in FJvndi wlio am abuvjug) GtamlI'itrcv OK lilt M.A1 AU5J 1 Tit uv.hi.Ttii-i* onushfor th in. A so'i'iV! f tb'Vet, \.ill: mJIri- the I' .- at the f..iItis.-irct :ni-ln.- npplied. and thetlcmand i mpi to all who may favor him with their itronage -

gI4L& Ceu. scott iu a recent number of iliM for l! ( pot .H, hid btttt r take a note of tbi void t.t-y! \ni\i\ and theY :.re coi.Unt. Iu vli-nu viiltb pla-1* : .llv iiii-n-iiMPtr. Kli-irant: lomiIir or f'ottare Pjanriei.tarvuat'aat He would al*> call the attention of the public to tat
'n-r I"1 t riHmT.. '}. A, CoI'uuui..- arc
fact To nnn-l it th.it the bill? leferrtd to Soi.'fi eofil<--in, the ii'iiui'ite t.fStwnrl, 01 intli. At t'imI.'aetIiL: Mon.av. Stptu. f--r vu.ill ami tuptrior inannor of int-ertms Tetth, -whkh'Iim'had

Paper. It will be seen that: tiio Day lock our proves when they :i.irayeJ <.- nominee tithe irtatts iiMs; Deinvciacy 0 f \ii- Navy Yaid, Tti- .l.i3-. 1 1.w 1. wlimtt'il tu I* xnj'rri
must indeed have been iniquitous Thur-lay, If.. nii'l >>liin lin in lav. 'rice* tawf cd in rcgntd.1D2 Milton:: long < j and by those who heM tCltiTDOflj to that
r. CabcU UubplanUally giLLiL country,
'igrce I.
DwiVM supplied at liberal
Henry CIaf"agiii: them. Cotliran's Poitl, S.ifnduy, i/ \faniit'iiftry. elTct.. .ugu5t H. lS.i2. 32 ,tf,
tie nomination of ( en. tscott a Sewatd.Mr. the Macon Fngitivo. lTcbeeauna MontlajYtrnon. -, I.IIC'L il'tiii'it; *. Iv II. Wade's nn>l that' entire Tfcxtrm c talo 7- -

Ellen Craft, flint! Tai.aIa Si. ueof Mu-if :&r'i inst ruction Kt ik fiimi.sbcd at this*
% Strayed
trIMtnik C. calls.it the "comj.lfto. tiifr The way they do it. Tic Jtnmuil
'p1 of the <'o Boil! nnd nnti-sJawry party/' The Scoft press of the touth? denounce: \\ r.uji-ratau 1 that the cel bratt-d' Ellen Craft, vho the : Mill, Fndiy. '. t4.Abed torc at WATKR3, &.lc Ajjent.Conttantly 0R stolen from th* UD ribcr at Cbarlca'fh.
It : AVoil.c / abolitionist! Athile at the fugitive felave, Moiisinjj to l>r.tillina, Spriajt, Satrr.Iay, 25. on band an extensive .virtment of e- Mills, Madiwri CToonry'Florida.
fl5dcs tj dn) that the noniinalivu o/ Con. Pierce as an much iuterest in Ik-etwi, two year afl'o, 27. and > 9th inst, a aniall dark ehwnut sorrel Hom
excited Ilocewcn caei ,
no Mill; Monday, I b.iiid 1'ianua in Mahotpiny
Ixtt' e..nI
1 I &wd Seward n m niv] tbo U- Scott orators conducted throagli the with white fore foot small white streak in his
tim -a
abused honor to one
North ho ;is hy and wlio bad the ; Ricoou Mutt; Tut-whiy, 28. varying ia prices from $30 to $150. Second liand.I
tintenabw U.e truektute of the caocby the chawrtt Cbrvstd rabi.ice at I>ind<>n, during the tlrejit Fair, _ ham ,fCDO to ?275-Grand Tianos fiu-e-his nt-j e twisted, and -wbite speck in one of
; ir bearing Uf we *nJ bo tbr nfiiinatinn. Ue- thus"Ilcvfiuld:- that of the Chairnmn of the Kxwnitive di>in'lttee .I LOieafl 1'Unm Metodow from his eyea. Ton dollars reward will be given for tb.
I'riiice 4 CoV.
e the Union; iu the seuIt. John Van Bnren ujn.u: utivts of the Change of Appointments. from JvOO lf ?7m1a. information that leada to his
the tncu vert e'enoun! 'r cueh traitors ns \\ho Hli htcd fair represent Guitars from ?10to Horse, or ?5 for anT t-
many Ctirbart J 5 to 90
... tyid the anti ehanry agitation was lu a measure 1L B. Stint/,' v4 im'wpapon-s wh< w-eut fr the (CAUISISS'I, race, tj p.iv hiil'uon to this interesting Mr. )Maxwell ]-'t.t ni :ipI".iQtnier.l 9 have Wti rn so J5S5 to -I.> roTcry. and 820 will be given Tor tbo thiet tf lodgsd"m -

W wnce tbe worunatioh 'the Seward men wP free-t iil doetrinea of IKi-1*. who nuw went for the mi- ebumbfriuaid, ha* \oluiitatiJy! g<>ue iiito the r
** >ttnt, and the anti-.Uv'ery agitatl vlw commcu2Jb rablc Hunker PieEce-wve fifty' act from hi rradle rice of American Rfiitltinan and lady, upon \vh5 an *
'I reilpjiijjed furyjThe only drabn"k to ihelrt via*fur Slavery, viid lie covM not tut lilivee rvinditiou tliat they -wiil briughir back to her owner Ne' Jiau: vilbMomLiy; .Berit.Orange 1,.. Notice. Ju1y3Il82. 30 *t .

joj ii the platform of pnac'pk-i. S&.tt'&Cept&nee Soulhcrn inothtr? Micaonpy, Tn'-sjay, 11.
pK tnutt Jtiivr tfCi larnofa h. r". 15. IXve Tss after date, I shall ar ply to the Honora I
givcm UwDi hut ouhy n trouble but tn Mr Ilarriptn Oc-ila, \V.- Iaeday, S J W. KE7ES, -D.--D.ntiit,
"" miperablo hacks" whojiBsailtils We would te'PCtfL11i7 FUirgrst C. 1L: Tinlav 17.'lauupt bio Ju'Ln ,f Probate irt mid for the County off j I
rt, They f".ad no furJtrilh that- The party that the mridcut in the life i the
Stowc estate
cher adr..ltIjratkfli
be H source of ctoTi'.utii.u to the Uuicnli in the same way of abundant material out ofliieh! with : Moii-fay, 2i\ .letTtr'Ofl: >-r lotteM on HAS denc., oprewte'Mr.JchtJcha G II
1L; noble patriot, spoke Craft furnUheh Adazniavihle. W.-dncsday, 22. t'KrIs IL McCaJl. lat of Je ers 'i Couutr,deceased <
tare.&t to im fiueh
giiw. bng onrSewami the"mi 'ht clal"irate a rommce Gnnrme. ,
rind F. McCALL.
her imaynat'mn IIIOJIAS -
nduU wit Mig Gcu. Cass in IS-iS. ., Uncle Toin't Ppriugs Fiiday, tl S
Iis' : aud truthful as Jamwrj 17 1652. ?;- -
& UK Uiuratih.wUl uotl r "M iatertttinj v& 1'khvt.la Saturday,* J.ifferoa Cou'y, AugostiS, 1652. 4S 6t ? -
Ut. & much grcakr UiunipU! Ai for (;t2L \Vart rnaybc'cwt'1 by rubhlig with aui C-biu. ,.

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-' -' -
n -- J J i 1 '-

r __ -- ioiICR2AT
T I r
--- .
.__.L _.._ ._ -( _J -- -- - -- '
.- h- --_ -- ; :- I l"2Ditit11t
lamonia Female gaL CU*
: FORWARD & TOWLE Seminary
$1 at Law & Solicitor in Chancery, 'T'HIS Institution DOW ia proerfw of trerticn, ia IG- L : DR. J. *THOUCMTQft
with with.
ofBosloiiri. < or ChancerY
nNE In
nw'II& AT THE NEWPORT SPRINGS. J. atd ten miles North of TallaLamcc on the *
t -i-V. 0g tbe admirable uIid ceoojpaniment, made FLORIDA. COURT. .. .. :
I,, leased this well TALLAHASSEE, Thnmanil mui in a bealthr part of the eoiaitr.It LEGIT cifttfurr -
J : bribe ol.llrfU ofllAlltt.D Gt 217 Their JL known establishment respectfully m W. A. FoaWAiP I SMOJT TOWLK. trill go into operation en Tuesday, 1th October Frederick R- Cot" Complainant.M. .
their New York Wreroom, Broadwaj.
I .
iai xt. Tbc Board }hare'cngaged as Principal .
will be accommodated forma the visiting and travelling public that Lot of St. A wflf.Octobem4.ISZiI. o* Managers -
ii aDd 'WcBtera oMtomcr -
BoftlMra the Rev. A. K. WOLl'F. who ha been fiiToraHy and AdT1O-
tat. ptealicuaLomtistbeumeuMBos- he has bad it greatly enlarged acd thoroughly re 29A. Male James D.TradeYe11. in hia cnna might.
known fur 1IC'tOO'ar of a deoeaise&
as Principal Tradewet .
furnished. He has Fishermen of the of William
and tratnr estate
full of Moood band Piano Pianos paired newly painted
ton. A *pplj School in the Mr. W. will be
0 r1"1' same
furnish hia table with K. MAXWELL. M. D. -
I la Ut Music at wholesale! and rcUiL Liberal dieI constently onploved .5c and aL Defendants. .
aided Female AosistantJ in Ma tnd tme
: eeont to the trade. Ovstcm. and FuOi; in addition .to which c"crdeh' MAXWELL & PAPy, O'-namenUl by competent fucilitu1 TT appearing to the Court. by affidtnt in
I cacr will be provided the market will afford, including ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, other Branches fIO that ample L cause that said defendant Jame D.TradeWfll re-
GOULD BUR Vt BROADWAY N. T.gfHeun. will be funuVl e I a Caf"C the Cool St.,f, in the "hapc of > sides out of the State of Florida and in the
Con BOaT extcouve pnblith- A TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. Female Ed\&' tiuu. The ScLolatic year will comu t :
are i fc Botten Ice," for the warm day lIe h** a Carnage South Carolina:
ttt and dealers, wholesale and retail io Sheet Musk in CMLv.it attendance for Ladies and Invabds who February 81851. 5 I of forty \(;" The uniform price of tdticn will be It it Ordtrtd. That said James D.TradetrsU doappear :

; ? &oi Musical Publication*. Dealer b Fianoi ct Hu k wth to vi-fc the Baths which arc now Iwin; put incomplete 10 pier quarter without extra charge for I itin. and plea,answer or dcgcr to the ball of complaint -
4 liberal tciou.Aug. Gl'L'i'k.l.r Frencli. Mu"ic '10 per quarter-n! nt raorrtlae.frora1 i
supplied no repair. Boat will be provided for trur CHARLES W. DOWNING filed herein within four *
: .
21,152. .;3 "mWASHINGTON who wish! to make an excursion to the Ucht llous*. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT, LAW, Piano 8 2. Dr.iwirg or Ornamental NeedleWork, ?Sper or the first publication of this Order otherwjs ejd TM ,TnM Dbjeatlm.f1 8r ,

i + I I Jan) s' Itlxn>l. and other r4ace about the Bay. quarter. Tuition payable qu.uterly. Board maybe bill of complaiiit will be taken for confessed against fram.B ,
Tallahassee Florida. secured in the iieighborliOMl at the u.nial rates.CommiuiKiitit PREPARED
HOTEL commodious .
,.pZ; 4 He h21 jiM i-ompleted a new and him : rUE'O rict .
.1 NEWPORT. Stable wbieh j ia funiiJied with careful and attentive tr OfFice at the Capitol >o< asking information may be addressed Proi-J'dTht a copy of tl Js Order be poblwhed 'LI EBtO. the treat PbiIoliei1:.tT ?"
%.1 4 lunwvlf to 3irch! 15. 1S51. 10 tf to the Secretary of the Board. for the of four months io soa- i t
House has been fitted up. and ren CMler. IrifhrTt, the Pn pncor! pledge JOHN BRANCH.Pfrg'ulent once a week space 'HOUGHTOY".1Lb.ft l"ie.Pu "
.1 THtS" comfirtable for the reception of Io all in hi* power to conduce to the comfort and at-- Board newspaper printed in the city of N.At This i i. a trDt1wo" #Jfot. 1

I; Boarders wb") :are willing to it.- 'action of ail I who may favor with a call and olicit W. G. M. DAVIS Managers.R. ChAmbers, by 2 9, IM2. TION. DYSf'EPSIA. JAWDICLLlna
patronize r.
'\ SuutarlJuly
BAKER Judge.
RSOYK3.JSewjort.March WAYLES
To Invalid there will be cl'o attention ana Burring a BT trial. A. ATTORNEY AT! LAW, 10 1852. 27 3m J. PLAINT. COl\mrATIOl'f..tJbttn"t

to luster r recovery. : 20,1652. II taken up j his abode at Tallahassee, and will -- -- June 5,1832. 22 4ra in; after Ntfn.'t own method,br Nt'""

I 4! The table will be f jrru>bed with Fih and all euch HAS:" in the Courts nf the Middle) Distiict, COACIIS3HTJIIXG: & BLACKSMITIIIXG g.Qt.lb Gastric Jut*. r.,. :. : ,

flung as gratify the appetite that) the! market afT"nK CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES.D. and ot Franklin and Jack"ni Counties. Notice. 00- Hall teat i>ovnfol.f Ptnuiter C i'.

and conducive to Ju alth. There i is aln the) luumu E. HULL '. 1"10. 9 IN GENERAL.L. persons', creditor, legatees entitled to distri will digest dissolve, l'fN 1 .
are March
--- otherwise interested in the estate of "..';. .1... ,__,.._. _. .._ '_ _
of the Mineral and -- or I5 UI I D
pleai'iire Springs: a carriage r\FFERS for sale a splendid a.Irt
S I .1t 'I fumUbod gratis to ladle* who may uUh to enjoy the ( merit of Caniige and Bu cieM, at M. A. LONG & J. P. K. SAVAGE T. NICKERSON John N. Partridge late of Jefierton County.Florida .1"'PLPStNi"tb-i hir".irinwif..* .

; t : pleasure of a tomig or evening ride on the Plank __V__ price\ to suit tlk irrx*. .Abo in Store axiited thi.m'e1ve' f.irthe) purpose "I) ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of deceased! are hereby notified to exhibit their claims Principle of the Gastric Joicr-i IM, .
HAVING Leon and Counties that be I and demands within two rom this dato to the Fo, tbe PvrilyinK.P" ,4.
neighboring yean "
jtoad tA the fipri\ Sadrllt''. Undnl. Martingale Uanie rt of all kind.. J1 J..nw.iIl Hire pri.inpt attention to ... .
4 Tl>er is un riotlJvnt Stable attached to the Hotel both double) and ngK Carriage Trimming of all aiiv biiMncntru.tC'l to ther care. .. has purchaMtl the e. tabli.hment lately owned undersigned or the same will be barred!; and all per Agentoithe.tcma'hrilatniu! ,,. -it "Th*
Mr. J. J. GEONIBOII Ala Dcaiond's indebted to the raid estate,are requested to make ed from theDigetiveStsmk i 'ortlKl '
4 w and a diligent O-tler in attcoJ&uce. kinds. f\prin ". Axles BolK and. in fact every thing Julv 2rt. H51. 29 tf .1' by : 1Htrl'ct.near ron
S ,! y. B. Chargej. ii*.deratc.EZI'.KIEL. in store of this kimLj Cabinet Ware-room and! i is prepared to do all work immediate payment to ing all ARTIFICIAL DtGESTI\"E.FUJID.

: : MADDEN, Proprietor. uoually'Ilepairs kejrt done a at s-hort m :Jice. Law Firm. I of the above character in the very best manner ci DANIEL T. LDfGO.Sheriff IT like the natural Gastric Jaicp inju,cWtj '

) Kcwport.JuncS, 1S52. 2: tfTUB reasonable terms and with punctuality and despatch. and ex ofRcio Administrator.Jefler e.tt. and furnishing a COMPLETE and f]
u'cml"r 7 If5l. 51 will in "
: & PtREVARD '
1* --- : BEARD practK-o co-partner He.'caiu'i to tmJ..r\tanb hi. bu-ines thoroughly, and 'on County, June 12, 1e52. 23 3m SUBS1In."TE'or it. By ,)1'IhR.
all the C,.urt. of t the Middle Circuit of 111,1jg
lion. the and ;
i .4 Sun..mhcrm i!1 keep. during the FealIft, a BILLIARD TABLES. to be both able and willing to give atisfactioii to all paint of .
Office in TallLlI.\
4ir ) iI; Florida. "' e. who funil-li him with \\oik. Particular attention Notice.QL' DYSPEPSIA sr. remOved jest a&lheyftW. ,
aAs rtinrnt \f> the following article, which may
II wll be paid! to month* after date I hall present Accounts a healthy Stomach. It i* doing -lI ,
)hc lavitt pyrchoK-i* to call and] i-cc-and will sell at T. W. 15RKVARD.bnarTl.l my t r. -
I r ,.low pric'. as ca beUacon had in the city: .'.0. 90) Ann Street .Yiv lurk City, F :I. 4 tf HOUSE SHOEING AND FARRIERY I., and vouchers to the lIon. Judge of Probate for ;' pephics.munin i casesofDEEILfl'yEMAcj.NERYOC Vj
t Sides i 1 HomuKioy, "\\THEKE a 1arc stock may 1 1m found with FCVP in which lie lias had much espc-rience ; and persoas Jefferson County. as Administrator of John M.Brooks i, DECLINE and DTSlEmQjJ' -

I Bulk IV-rk \a;y Beans, \ \ ral, and important improvement which we SMITH & O'BRIEN, owning animal: WIOM<.' feet have been injured bycarelf deceased late of aid County, and ask for a discharge I SUMPTION, supposed to b* on the 'fr. .4.

V : tll"r, Sou'h Car liia, Rice have, brought 1.1 a ile rr-e of perfection attained byrvo .. < r bunclin.. SIi'I'Iner which may require fr..m said AdmiuUtration. lerav: ". The Scientific Evidence: aDa.x_ ,

I ( :uar-Ctire.J 11:10'rr.. h Com Neal fitln-r. The imf'fI"lnt'lItc"ui-t of in-ertinw Attorneys and Counsellors at Law nicety in the making and adjustment i>f their Shoea. .JOSHUA A YLOP. Sr, Adm'r. :, baied.isin i t tbebihestd.gree CUXIOUSisi.
S 4 S J'laia clf 1 1.V. .UiI Toifev in "mall mat, Bells in the place! of I'.ickets, which) Ls nn a'1vaiitaen ALLIGATOR, E. FLA.M. are invited to zh c l.itii a trial. TIi<-re i" no branch of Jeffrsnn County August ', 1852. :SI Cm I MARKABLE.

( 1 O. Brown Sugar, by the i-.uk, 'f r tl., old 1 1'ort'i Jli'-o: : J). ii!.,. 1" h Cloth) and, Indfa Rubber Cu.-b5ons which we haw: : AVnir S JITIf. I ). OT.r.irv.OlnYe limn! than the Sinn-ing of Horw*, and lie beg leave Notice. I l BARON LIEBIG in his celebtat4 \ rk

? L .'I..rificJ .ic,. White Whine], arid Cider within! the lat year in'roductxl to the pnb'.ic fJ< II'tcm.n 'at .\! A'or. | Oilice at Newiunsville.llffi to asv.ire the public: that it i-La.ll bo well done at hi* cIx_ months after date I *hall present my accounts mal Chemistry sam_ :. "An Ar.ti6cial.D",.
'I '- :3t wart'' fl.riuied4'i.t. \"iiir ar, at :'. di-t.ittke.! w5,hins topurrha-e Table} *, will tll ( S. S- :Jr.u:r. S.i\ann.ih; : Jtid.re THOMAS sli'p. Li and vouchers to the lion Judge of Prolate for Fluid.anat ou. to the Gastric iuite. l

: ., i :, .. La! d I ). Ctv-Vinj; \Vine, WoJ (,r Marble ln"l, can have their order,! ? filled! the J.nt.,,. Jiek.is-iilt.; C.I. .1. l'.uS1 Oei.1a.. I FtbruaryS1', 1W2. 8 I>-on County, m Administrator William Robert, ly prepared from the mocon*aetnbrant of y h..

,t i.., ... ., CrusLl h. i Laiup Ol, same ac it t'wv. wire prewnt by addrcvin! ;; by mai: Octnlur i, 1' 51. :n. J J" Thn' .lian:.' is intended to apply only to the deceased. l late of said County, and ask for a discharge ach ot the Calf in which variow TtIc."rftJ!.

4_ q' (;ranula' lIt:,. Lard Alwayi-) : laud.. Cloths! J Ifc,lI".l'II4'*, 1-'n'I. eatlers. ffiTNA INSURANCE COMPANY BliioksmitIJng and CoaiLmthing! 1IUin.-tl.p Ciirri.nre from said Admiuibtration. meat and riP.will I'*. rlnt"rlI111frri.al/Jto._

P.w.Jcrp I ci). S W ''( and l'<.-.1.1"If the btM .1. ril'i"n. Table packet I Making l beiir.: aheretofore., und.rtl.e]; exclusive 11ILVD ROBERTS. Adm'r. Itd.jrul n the tame manner ajlhitman wall"
I .
I s.: '. t Leaf Lar-1) l I.y the 1-.g. \\"orCl.tl'r Sauce and aid Niipped to all part- '.{ tin e.tiiutrv.GIUFFITII t control and muna'euient, of)!fr. J. L. Groner. .Tuly 1'. 182. 28 6m .lonpeek"Dr.

i \, ,t'I,S S eO by, 'the burrt-1 l ; other .'.- DECICER.. BUILDINGS Stocks, and! Cotlon in \Vare-hou L. T. N. COMBE: in hival sb1p"Physiology wrillU r1t

''c'; :.I'1 :t'4' hr.th. c1 urbam[ Mii'tard.in 20 .\lIlIzotrcct, New Yoik. : ic!s bv fire. Attachment.Thomas ol Digsitioa"ob.erj that ..cIl

.; .I ". h np l b r the half .ln.ivn ( I veinte P'pN'r, &c.I June :t., 1S52. i-j *>'1/1 LEWIS & AMES<., PREMIUM COTTON GINS. Harris."i Defendant and all others in- nution of the doe quantity ot the Gastric M i.>

,. Hr:;(.) rfoap.: !11I..1I1..x! ) (. S.II.\el! HrI'\l1g') --- ---- -- - ----- ._January' S-.ISOO 3 AgentsJOHNRATORIUS T.lllaha" ('e. ET. TAYMIK k CO.; Proprietor of the: Co- r. }} THE lIted are hereby notified of prominent and all.prevailinv. can,e of PisMtJi.

.: : f.wlr1I; whole and halt! Soda Biscuit Union Agricultural ---" --- t [, Cotton Manufactory, have the safi Erwily Devone. ] the commencement of this suit returnable and he states that a dintincuished ]prof'rftotae.

\. to \reh. IV Nic Crnckerc, WAREHOUSE AND SEED STORE, l i laction announce to their patrons and the Plan. to a Ju-tice's Court to be held at Tallahassee icine in London who was severely afflictntwitBiMs t

t '': I f",.' HtLl'din1Ih.I'lj'trfl.ahr: .Y< 23! Fulton fir t, .V
; t by the \\t.\, Butter.' unden-icnrtl. elicit the attention (.f all I iiif'-nn IIIH fri-rnU mI) th<* public : tbat the! aie prepared to upply any number and to appear and plead to the same. I course to t the Gastric[ Jute.. nbtat1lolt from .11."...

1. l"t?t'cii"! fV.ni Starch, Pilot an.) N'nvy Broa1.Purler J. clm or> "'f Implements f r the Farm "-r I'Liiua-prr I jiTOl"Ln. .: "t.ikiTitl1 'irorfl.ittlyi<', iijid of Ih.celebrated PnrMit'M:('. Given; under mv hand and 8C11I,tnB 16th July. 1&52. achs nieeetsful"of living animal,, which prneJ tMpktrly
:' l"I.I..IC Cbunpa.ut': .! and Ale t liy'tLe Joz. I I Where these Gin lnebeen IIn'eu"et, it would DONALD
tnn to their a ,rt int'nt, \\lii'h iiulu-jo, manyf the I MNI. iII udjoininj, the ".t >re I.it I1 ly CAMERON.: [.SEAL.] Dr. GRAHAM, author off
: !: :'liut.aine" Ci'kr the loz. 1 be deemfd! < fir the fsmoot
bv nnnecis Manulacturerytosay
; mot recent iuipr" vrroits in ..> b-udin;* articles in 'cl 1ii'l II- Bull I'nuI.rill'.wlu-n-lip will be pea--d! 1 I arj Justice of the Peace. eoii
t.! Diet. ."It isa
: ; (let 01.1 Wkc/ : a word ir their In or, a1 they feel cuntilellllw! ; rr.a.I Vegetable sajs : rrBsrkiMs&Vift
t : I.nhis fJ.f ane. : Julr
,.. '1 their line, all II-f Avhi'-h' they will cll at ;prices to in- : t. attend to tl.e call* Kn.1ant..f.f 11.) '.<> who iiuiy bedipired 24.1552. 29 3m physi'ology.ths% stomachs *
lliidcruVinc Old Ryu chineh.ive; been broii ht to ich petfeclion.that tnhnVs.imsyrttil
: ".ue Mti-f.iriion to thc buyer, ('jieialy! Rti''vtyFi.l i to pa'roni/e him in hilin,' of bu-Ine'd. ; -
in tothe/laidll
fihcrrv" !Rectified I their sujerier performance will recommend them, water impart >eptopntvoajis lv-
; !!" .! Chain Power*, fnr. ,::u: f.r t";j I'r..c, (.f the He bai received I by tl.e late arrival*, a (! ,lc' and Notice. jog various articles of food and of
Martina and Picalilli.Fninily in preferer.ce loallt.lhrrGio.no\\ in For theiJti.factio effirvtutf tai dsf
If Fl"iir us
.. Fuperfuie ** ; Fl.ivorin, ? Eitract, Ac.F Wheeler Patent K often awarded the tin-t pren.iuniat I >"lI-Lf!rf1fd t'tjij'lt} ;if (.'/','Iaf. Cii'tiMTf IrtlltIIFanr.II ; :*, ol ihoT who }have notusedlhe* I Gins, SIX months after the fir't publication of this notice,, artificial iligettion of I hem i nt wise iiffemt .-
I. f the State and Fair. htre they b.ive l] (jch afRo[ a yttrrvl .ru.i't I will accounts and vouchers and
County : ''en ; 'if present my apply from the natural Jigettrveproceu?
J '* talc at low prices f"r ca li. 'wh-ile'-ale! mid retail < and are unacquainted withlhtir t reputation, the Proprietors
xhibi'''. Railway powers, w'Irrlllf.1..0"1', k \ lADY-MADi CLOTUIXG, to the Judge of Probate of Leon County for a 03-Call: on t the Agent and get a Dnerrpti.CiiwIsrir
J.\:-:- B. GAMBLE.April :. need only ?.a\ tlut the 'IR"T pf'mium
,1, 21. U.>"_. liI1 '. TrimbleV. Iron, Sweep Power TaplinV Circular Pow- I 11J. -.. ...1.,1..n.; T. .fl"tt..r..... n"... ..1.. .lr.. .,..... ;.,.. d..I.. .......1. ,lIinII..t__. t,__._. _a."...iiut_.I..I'L U io ,ijiriii t_,__ ,mr__ .L'1i1_ t t.>r r.i oT r ui.*i .". K\__* tinal dicliare" from mv administration of the estate I'1"li.II'.j i PV 2 .ThOTh- if criLi.rrIPuA.
I'l.iwa_ lI.lrro'1,1) Mill_ Straw ("*ntt/ Purta. ;; ,.f Gitbrtf 1 Brittle Je J5ed. EVlDfC.simnlar i i ;-ih' 't
: <
r wi'l il eJtfp ntlier \ull 1 l above, her,. .
-- --- ----- 'Duality y> <: lilt a* any *that hibitedat the great ?late Fair held at A l ntaGeor- togtt illk1u
\. CARRIAGE REPOSITORY 1i11t; ;;i:.;;; li1i.i": I: ;t ti .ij.j.ic ll'au .tintl l'in tbiinarktt.. Ilv will give part ,,'ular attentioii jjia; al!!n, at the Alaliana and Georgia Agric'iltuial{ NATHAN HOLT AdmV.MnrS. ports of REMARKABLE CUKES from all put* tf

,4. ,' 1 Glrtcn; Sot't14) oC rt'liah1e] 11alit.\. l\.rtU..r"\; \ to ]1,14} bu-in"'w, an-1 h"pe4 ht will merit a liberal aodIetinic'! Fair, hl'hl at Cdlmnbii ; and at the 12.:; 18 Cm the United States. .

t BY MILLER AND BROKAW, Fruit alllt ornamental 'l'r'e] !. Our ."- rat" :! from the jniblie. annual Fair of |ihi. Sruth Carrlina ln'litnle, at JISA DYSPEPSIA CURES _: .

'J'atlahiftcetrt'o., '-"\' il1utmnted with 'lit!, will be c.'ut grati' \IlI'n November 23.: IbSn. 46 tf Charltston. The (''trrm ginned oo tllut Gin re- Notice Dr.HOUG HTU.VS PEPSIN has produce*liej Jma

rjl1JJsubcribcrliavc received '; two to four J'o-t Office frUiriips are remitted aceordjr .-l'i\'p.ll1lc( fir't l l'i ciai'iraat, the exhibition hId in l.ereb6orel1 that at the next se"ion of die General re til out led ,. in curing case of .k1y.e.

p 'I ;:i1::: i I'uprly .If CAKRiAtis. BUG jr to th" c .tan'c. RALPH ,t CO. Drugs, Chemicals, &c. Challest.-.nStIJth Carrlinaand a; every Fain!
,- ..-p CHESD HARNESS. which they July 1., 1W2. SR :!ini1T : : warrantwl and. full sample*of Cotton from them have l been exhibited. made t>r an Act incorporating -.( Lodge. No. 5, L It impossible to pre .the d.saflaocsaie
.: c'TVr for -al. .,n ,jbe I in'-.t r'"a.inAblp tenns. All peri ---- - ---- --- ----- ---- --- SrL1'n.TlQl"JXIXJ} pure The Proprietors have in their pOtlojf'tlQion nnrner- 0. O. }. C. C. BYRD R. S. the limits ot! IbU ertiement ; but ntimtietlii

'h.4:' : F"IS" wi..1Iin i tib purduiH :,11.f the above arliclei, Groceries, &c. : ntH certificates from Pan! er., Collon$ Broker Com June. 26. I8Z. 1:5 3m certificate have been linn of more thaaTWQ
'll-m! j'.cae aill: and \.trnbe f'-r O cih '('. TE luive ji;-l received .1 iV'r li-xr- <>{ Po-la I Oil 1 laeklPP: r. mie-ion Merchant and Minufacturer of Cotton HUNDRED RP.MARC.XBLE CURES. i ia Fk3adrl

IJ.-c'merI3.1 -51. 49 tf i %1\* Cracker. I'lit Apple; C1t.:-.'., 1'itkle": Lesnt.n j I'.iritif l ('hliui'lno., nri firtu-TCpr.ro: : ,1 l from the Good, tt'tifvins: tint the !prrformanc- the Gill, Notice. phia. New York and hc tnn alone. These,wtrttll
S< Star,-h.! C.n lie- and ; 1\ nn ian Hark. <* !i.j''r.111-.arl! e-ixial to l uinlii>>, at desperate cases. and the not
I cores were
." --- ------- -- \'n:1. vip. Cindy. j I and the sample* produced! by them, cannot be excelled stlj
abi '.t *in> third tl.'- -. \ LL creditors, legatees entitled to dwtrij -
Groceries &..c.BY Al-1 o. a few cboi.-e Win" and Lujur-r1. { > ;prutAISU by anj Gins ever manufacturer}. pfr'on" rapid and womlerful.bnt '' manent. ,_
I. 1 .\l-o Cru-he-I Star, Powder in ke *, )half kcs:8.1! I ( a (roura! suii
of., ('ln. nn Pette and L. F. Rogers frcsi Scw and t\r.\ fci-c'. Apple and White \\'lnv Vinr- ':,r. S"n;I.t j iju.dty.1 : or local AgrntJ, or larwarded to I he Proprietors bv TUin )late of Jefferaon County, Florida. de- n eful for tendency to Billion orJerlJrtr,,

'* ',<<. .fall ":l. ,. Bllr l>-ad. Iron, Nai'f: h'l1.1 I I..... fepad.j! j mail will alwarer.ivp prompt attention. Gin ce.i=etl. are hireby notified to exhib'it); their claims Complaint, Fever and Aece.or badly treated .)'",rand
.I. : : 10 ca-ks Barnn S'iJ s ani !-ai.fI, 1 Fine C1 >. T.t.li'n: Extract and) ancl tlemands uithln two from this date the
Vvel-I-, Tiac- Chains l ih aii-1) Ot r'lain; *, H.tni ] <' "2tif an awirtocntif will be sent to any part of the country and warranted years to \goe. and the evil effect of Quinine.Inr1.
I1 t :. uercer E s- r-cLn.c llawc. nJ'r' A\I'. lo;. tl.l'r .h n or"To'r.l :. i.itiit1tf; 1 I Fari y T..:l
2 Ikurrcd Hardwr.ru ; 'I.l l Cattkrv, all IIi which we will s*.ll as | PaxTain: Killer. J Radway; R.adv. lU-Iief. L. nurro'n', Tallahassee. MIlS in iebte'l to the said dec :;-.', are requested to lIon; sickness. Also foresees* in eating, anitk*
.10'I 75 rjarrtU Superfine Flur, O-po .l r* India 'hirlatm.e.! : make immediate payment ton free me of ardent spirits. It almost fecaacftc
low its anv t H-r )IwuM! ill the citv. i Co1mhnl: GJ., Much 20, )l.f2. II t ly
:tJ .4 Fxsnlr! March!: 2;, 1P.12.: 1'J hEIR ,IIl'ST.. ,I. R'--c"s ctUbratvd Pla ti.r,, and} otL .r Family MedIcn }- IIF.XRY C. TISON. AdmV. l Health with hitfmprrante.OLD .
l 3 Leaf Lard, : <',. Fresh Medicines &c. JffT-rCln Comity August 28, lS2.43 3m STOMACH COMPLtL\T3. .
I -- -- ---- -- -- - -- -- Drugs, ,
4 1: .,'' Good Billiard Table. Jane) Mcilicmm! A i bai rcls M'-U'se I ?, LEWL-j AMI1S.. TIn which it does not s em r. reatk and ft-
tiM.k Mitli'-iiirs.. cr-nMsting ill of Rlmluirb Cotton Planters'
4 I ,:( X> :rllr. OctoUrll.1651.Iti tf move at once. No matter how !>ad they may.be,jt
1 V AI-HS. Calomel
., for Kil-1-.w SenmnK-ny. Opium. Piperiuo
1- :3 lt: J by D. LADD. -- --- -- ---- TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA. RELIEF
.1' '; I..rn'nr.uy. GIVES Jl tin tfi fat reman
I 1- White: lv-an-; Newport M!are'h':7. 12. 12THE Linen Drills, &c. Cream Iron Tartar loihdo Ijx ac.)f"rl'Cr'nu Jalap Ilydr&'idtI'ota'a I.>ilide ,Iron.Iodide TH F. undesigned ((3ucce sor of C. A.Xash)having .I all the vnphatanttympttrmt; and i it oaly nee tabs

: llr' 'l1ea'lJI Iriii .J lr, TRUE MEDICINAL T UST vitl< for flcnt; ml l I IJoy'' Summer \%-car Acetate )ruri tie. Snlphnt.. -Quiiin'rrh. Srid- JL leased the above establishment and appointed t 1 repealed toTs snort time to mate these pooaeJucilpeimanent.

: 1 Clnrined! 4' -Plain. S'lijH-d' and l Plaid Linen Dnl!,. I'rown litz and Soila P .w
d Id .:rrds.. flcetiti.4Vhike! .', COD LIVER OIL Iurk Brown L'mrii arid) Nett Linen Drill. Drap ,il'ete and Yei.t Powders. Strythnine, lx-rro.ive Sublimate the |iatronage of tho.e bringing COTTON to this ( .BOY! follow at once. It i is particularly nuDnt

S -, 2 ti'Tcoe: Carolina JJice.Ju in the cure ot Scrofula, Consumption, i C.ittoiiad '', 1)< nim'. Planter Linen and IJIIMI O-na- )I"1llliut'rsc.rie: lied l and AVbite Precipitate. market fur ale, "torajp, or sale on commissionT In t I in ca.e of Nausea Vomiting, Cramp. Sorcaesislthe
.t recuncxl and\ f>r *a1e by USEFUL bui-g!, tftl.,',.the r with thing ii-unllv in that! addition to the Ware Hou-v. he has a tt..umodioulll I pit of the Stomach distress after ntia.1,
'.. nciimatUin,Asthma t ,H rone hi I i is,Co'l i h", every Ke'ft Colalt.. 1'01 'il'.i.1.. Kino, .\'. Antiniinualis -
JAMES BGAMBLIlApril and alldi.ea-e-i of the Che-t ard Lunis.; A cup"I\' line' for wile: low by t : ; T. Ttrflri.i.l., (ri.5iv.ira. Senna White unit Blue: r.fiiee for the u=e of those ha lag cotton business and I cold state of the Blood! Hnyinf',,J.cwrtft of Spir
1 ::, I*>::Z. 16 | Jl rchiT! I". 2. ]12 tf for the accommodation of its. Despondency F.mat'iatjoD.Vnkn"l., lendertjtolnsanitv
ol this valuable medicine i i' jut t cened, hich i is Vitru.1. (C'ori.uidr! t'ardomon, Caraway and AnnLseeil.Miuma. waoners.1Ib3 .
'-- -- ---- -- Snicifle.&c.
; warranted pure and of very sni' >.-rior Notice. For ..,Ic by LEWIS & A.JF Here I Am.FAILINO Salad Oil E..<.ntinl Oil-, (.hn kind! .) Cl.ve!. bring to LL aid. will be given entirely to this business, Dr. HOUSTON'S PEPSIN is sold by anrll.Jl

I ,. : I I HAVE r' f'nth' received the (foll.iwmi artickf, Nay 25, 1 lSiCJ. 20 "Tallahassee. to purrha. certain property on th! !ea- (;in.'r, )Mustard Pnin Killer. Coigre< "attr. Sar- and fr.ci many yenis experience in this line in Georgia the dealers in fine drugs and Popular I fHicllIfI

v.hi.l1 will be sold at uuu"ually low prices: -- filM Arrc, to attend to the want t,f the 'nl'arilb-llulr.. Ct'ii"toek9! Town-endV Sund-,' and as RI1 as in Florida, he hopes that he niav be throughout the United States. It is prepared ia
.. ". ". 3 dozn Worked c.-.l1an. PROTECTION INSURANCE --- -- Citizens of TalUhaj" and tl.1 l alanrp of or world.. (\>ns >lidr.t..l. Knd. Co.1 iu'uls). Awlniasa. Uhei, Orriligclli."l able to merit the confidence of his friends arx! ac- powder and in Fluid form-and in Prescription rials

I .. 1 Einlyrfiidered Handkercbiifs: COMPANY All who intend purcha j gooda, will find it to their : IJfjuori, Seuiga, Valerian. Borax Soila. ijtisintaii'-es, and give general and entire satisfaction. for the ue ol Physicians.CIRCULARS
,4 '.. 2 .' 'J!:*miz'ttt'4, IL ITFORD, CONNECTICUT, intere-t to call before they let the mwiev clip fn.m ) (Calcined and Carbonated.) tliamomileFlowers He will be prompt in attending to the unloading! of PRIVATE for lie weof Pbjsiriaw,

1 ,_ p fcO pieces assorted Lacett Ibe whole and iv
r JAMES B. GAMBLE. October 1 RSI. 41 tf tri.*. Acetic nn.1 l Citric. Water 1 Jt.If.Onu despatch. JOHN F. BROOM process preparation, | -
JiR Ray je,
Agent; flf the above Company ___ __ in the anthorilies which the claimy of IQ
n ;
_ ": April 2 J I. 1852. 1CShirts TIIEunderHRned. Horida! and Lavender Waters, Flavoring Extracts tlT: Office opposite the Union Bank. ? upon
1 ri-k ngaiiifct Fire on build; Now Opening new remedy are based. .0it i" NOT A SECSIT
.. L '- & all of which July I.. 1S52. 28 tf SentineL
Hop, Herbs are fresh and of the [
., 'pi S ings! and their content, on the mo,t favorable term*. 4 T the well known *tand, rmprly orcTiriieil by lx.-t Fur sale REMEDY no objection can ben cd aphiduiis;

,. .1' are well made, allquklitie i *, of both while F. H. FLAUG, Agent. i:. CLARK k :ST1LLMAN, General and Sch.'CtriIoCrtJnent qiialitv. by J. P. JORDAN & Co. For Sale. by Physicians io respectable standing and rt lltf

.. TJI.\fan'y o"Vrm, nmo of wliieb arc extra fine, Tnllalia",ec. OotolnT 25, 1851. 42 \ of Quiney. June 19, 18.1-2. 24 tf AN"excellent.. Lght. second land CARRYALL practice. Price ONE DOLLAR per bottle. ,

and will tit."lo a '1'." Just rewivod! and. fur' fjl' vtrv NASH Fall and Winter Clothing, --- f ur two or four persons.-a- cover and fjj>FR\"ETHIS-E'f'r1! boHleaftbegillice
l ,tv & CO., Fancy Good, Cloth, Ca.-imercv Vesting! *. Hosiery, PEPSIN bears the written sijinarnre i sf J SHOUG
p low Lv T. MITCHELL. Glass, Oils, White Lead, &c. harness f r two horses. Also a very good secondhand
.t. : 4pil21;: I. 1852. 10Groceries Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, &c. Finn Sewed! and Prijed Il.x, >t*, Slippi-r, Ac; w! i.-li .. BUGGY and harness. Enquire of LITON.\.D.. sole pn>prietor. Piibidfli
TT7"OULI> inform their frieu.8n) ,) the, public that the fiib-crilK-r is ready and anxious to cell on the 100 BOXES "rJJIoGIn. assorted ize' BERRY ct ROWLES. Pa. Copy.right and Trade Mark sectirtd. .

S j f t &c. 'It' they have on band a good run-nrtment of such 11arti'l most rl'cnabl" term*, for ca-li <-r it* tipt'rulcn HIli< kegs White) Lead,pure,extra k No. 1, ..Tnlit., t. !R:2.Surgicallnstrument: 29 $,- Sold by all Druggists and Dealers ii-M -

(. as are generally kept in their line of business, The stiM-k of Clotliin: 'fn-i..ts in jmrt; of 3 burrel Linseed Oil, cine..
: reedved J the last arrivals from New Or.
< by Lard) Oil
JUST nn.l l will 1 lxntvivin' regularly frehb .upjjie] Their Black and Colored Dn-) "* and! Frock C nt... 5 Establishment LEWIS k AHHI
1- i; 2o packages. Fireproof Paint (this. and J LLt.) Wholesale! and Retail ApI'
term* t-hall be reaxiiuible.TallaW Black, Bhi, f're; .ri, ]p.rnwn: and! Mixed Frock, I
t : f'ono j'ouixl, Shouldtrs, :<-p, Ortol K.T 11, I R.r 1. 40 Sack aiid Fancy Coat*, 2 barrels Kert.tie; I Wliale) Oil, XO. 'S DUANE ST. NEW YORK.HKRXTEI.V. i February 7. 1952. 5 ly _
.:t' 1 ,OOIJ Side.VOO .-, Train Oil I bbt. CV.iuil Vpn
r ---- Prab Blark and Brown Overcoat. and DI-
.''u' Haiiw.SO New Goods. Fi uercd and Bl.u-k Silk and Bhirk Satin Vo,t., SpiritTurpentine in l 1onrr.! and at retaiL A general S PORTER of all sorts of INSTRUMENTS for Exchange at Par!
; : bbls. Extra SL Lou Flocr: a'M>rtmenr oC Colors, Brushes,and other Painters'nattriaK Hardware Crockery TTeoAm
1. to. f.O( Ohio i HEIR I'wlta-I LEWIS: & ..uns.Y SteeL
: .JO.. tT. _Ant T.......1. to their well lectcd .tort_ nf._. .SPFIIVrs. loon, ''. ., :\mputatu g._Trephining. Dental. Eve. Obstetrical. 'l.T_._ n___ '.__'L -s--I
;' u. - on u. "White FanSilk nnd Mar.i1le.ttttt f an.la.. j une ", 1'cJ;:. :: u Stomach Self n&ape. .DUle i/rem &, lanix, 'AIoOIo V' -
..1. 4 SO bUa. WIii..'\. For calo by HESS GOODS, concistinif of the (fullowint: -- -- Cupping Pumps. Injection .
i coats Hunting Coat*. Saddles, Bridles&c.gi'
other articles too to mention. Pewter Srincres, l Laced Stockings Medicine
rious Chests
June I!, 12.:; 2t. S.;; S. KNIGHT.. Plain Hud figured blark Barejjes and l'illUt', numerous Wines, Syrups, &c. : EXCHANGE for Cash Cotton. and Products.
i. Plain rf colored A. B. CLARKE.Novcml Su.'etvarie.{ ". tcAcBnd even oilier Instrument and :1 ,
: .:; -- --- Embroidered ] R, 1P5J. 4\ tf OLD P<-rt, Claret Apparatus used by Physicians and Surgeons !L oVetennary Country generally. J. M. WILIJAMaNoTcmber

Osnaburgs. Muslins and Organdies, .--- .- -_. ___ __ 'n _______ .ira, Old Port ..TSparkling IIi... Instruments all of which he- ; 1, 1831. U' .
Plain and Printed can furnish
1 UST received few bales Southern Oiriaburgs Lawns, Cider -
ry HELP AT HOME. Sherry, ,
4' .4 15 cert cheaper tlnn other establishment in
*\ -Lirtin!. and 1 Sheeting, by Challyp: ./nJoM Porter, Scotch Ale, per any Just Arrived.
Plaid striped nnd Cambric} rT HEtindiTi i: >ijjn lIi.ivin: < made large impro'm'ntl"lth the United! State, and warranted to be of the best
March 27, I82. J 12 HEIR A RUST. Ginghams, { Brandy Peaches Brandy Clierrie, T HAVE just received by the last Tend fn* "
J- ruatei ial.. nnd most
Lace in and! approved
Caries, Collars and CufT, building: innchinrrv.H IHIW j reparcd S Sardine patterns.N.
Thread LiMe and to furnish COTTON GINS of and Rapbirry }rup B. Al'.o sole! manufacturer of the flexible IVORT L York, an invoice of men 8womcnXmfknt' AiktaBtf*
e' % New, Fresh and Pretty Goods. Munlin Edgings\ and Inserting, a "superior Myle Strawberry Freth Lobster, Shoes act. _
Xrr-Ftr. SHIELD and Nnssisc comp stjk
:Black Lace and Chantilla Yeiln, quality. Bom.E an article highly many
.F LOTS of fine faney fixings, for the LadicH, and Kid, Lixle and Twisted Silk loves and Mitten.! *, He has got up no humbug by making fiin1' to exhibit (Lemon; "" Shad. recommended by the Faculty for their Softness offered in this market ThereGentlemen's ar.alaa-- .

3 :I* 'h"8p---ouly require IHJ cxarniued-nou Linen Cambrics and Liwn Handkerchief, at Fair or }by going North"to Lowell or other pace 'ingor"" S"lmon.I Cleanliness and Durability. AH orders promptly attended Boot asserted to wieb' I ia T$ 11'
<* P-; to tuiunerate. Juet and like Apple EnglLJi Miiftiird.Preserved ion. The above cJca.
ft 'e trying opened none Cape Scarfs und LM"i- 11 tlwin about these Cup-particubirly in prices. Call establishment i1" midtf (laura Jelly, Quinces J. M. ; ..
-ALSO strictly Southern-in the .
5 4. and examine at I). LADD'S.Ke"port Jumna d.l. Peax-he?, December 6, 1831 48 1foMca'osGrsoeries -
182. 16 Bonnet Cap and Belt RibUms the cotton growing region. lIe intends his Sins to Sparkling Gelatino, Tiunarinds, $25 Reward.
.i Black and colore l Satin and Lusters do. t-how for themselves,and arc warranted to perform in
Flavoring KxJracU
Neck Ties and the bet when 1 be Spices November last, &0.
Neck Ribbons manner pr'peily attended to, or to RUNAWAY my negro
and Summer Clothing Yeast Powders, Pickles.Salad Li All She is about 5 reeeetred. a fin* lot Goshen Butter, pscb
t Spring Silk and Cotton Velvet do. made f to do KO at his own cp I j: received n very bandsome nsssortmeut of fuhh- Holland Trimming and Fnnge._ done at hort notice, and in the l best mannir. Orders Olives 7 or 8 inches high, black no front teeth and Ice

.. 94 JeST READY) MADE CLOTHING embracing Together with many other fancy article, which for Gin;I thankfully received, nnd promptly attendedto. Worcefctcn. hire Sauce Caper c.t'C bout 4') years of age. Hannah has a mother SameitJi Cheese. .
> -
.L every variety of COATS VESTS aud PA TA. you will ple&fte call and examine l hcfore making your Ho will deliver them at the residence of the pur- LEWIS d t AMES. in Newuan-tville or Tallahassee known by the name -And half bhi*. M&keft1j br" D.LADD.Newport.

2 LOONS. suited to the season manufactured from the purchases. HEIR 4 RUST. clia cr or At his tarn. Bt'l01l'Rre a few certifiaitei out June, 1852. 22 tf of Mary Ann Sanchez formerly the property of Ro April 24,1852. }6 -

((4 not apjiroved materials, styles fashionable,workmanship Mardi 27. R52. 12 tf of the large number that could lx exhibited l if neces man Sanchez, of Ncwnanaville. The above reward '
I. 1 unsurpassed.Prices -- '- sary. J. H. WATSON. Garden Seeds. will be given upon her being lodged in any jail where I Pure Sulphate of Quinine. .

A low to s;ut the thnee.4lt NEW GOODS. RUT Bag Flat Turnip CabLIt <. Beet, &c.,just I can pet her or upon being delivered to me at Palat-' TilE' subscribers have on hand two hundred tii

April 24, 1802. 16 W. T. MITCHELL. lUST arrived (per Sehr. Klizalx-th from New York) MACON, February 18, 1852.TLw .. ." LEWIS 4 AMES. ka or Jack on\'illc. I oua\ct"S ofSQJphatf'or Quinine.which tllf f

S.J and for sale by C. C. BYRD very Imndsome abortnient *- is to certify thht I hive in use, upon my plantations June, 1852. 22 tf LOUIS M. COXETTER. 'lave obtaiced direct from the: manufaclu e". pj

t Taken Up of SPRING and SUMMER GOODS such nsBcragc in Lee and Baker Counties three Cotton Gins Jacksonville June 12. 1852. 23 tf hey will warrant it to be a superior*ttid-l .'',..

.' k"Jf the 6th of Angut, in Tallahassee, a Muslins, Ijiwiw, Bonnets Riblion, Blk. Lace (If sixty awn each made by Colonel J. II. Watnon of Thomas Hughes Hines, Steam Steam We have enlarged our' stock ol Drup wd.*,' '*

..1 large sorrel home MULE with a tuft YieiU, Silk Shawl. Linen Cambric Handkerehief. Palmyra with which I am well pleased, and consider Attorney and I'onnsellor at law -! Steam- cities by ftte'rarr nl..and ar.prep."cltof

1$ _______ of liriir Just back of the fore '. If heis Needle Work )Mantilla and a variety of other articles them equal to any Gins made III Georgia, in every THE subscriber will sell at AUCTION on MON orders(for articles in our line,at son >
f t; not taken away ho will be sold under the laws ol too numerous to mention. Call and eee for yourselves. renpect. I take pleasure in recommending! them to TROUPVILLE, GEO I Y. the 8th day of NOVEMBER next his i the moat accoznnsodajn termev :
I.i t aid city. JOHN WILSON, -ALSO- planters in South-W CIItern (Georgia and Florida Cot WILL practice in the Circuit Courts of Thomas STEAM SAW and GRIST MILLS, situated on the We have also a few account*yet doe twfaWyear

$ August 14, 1832. 32 tf City Marthal ; Gent and Boys' Summer Hat and Cravat, Boots Wataon U a Southern man born and raised in our \, Clinch. Ware. Appling, and Irwi- Plank Road. six miles from Newport, consisting of a 1849. They arepn.usllyin I..n IwrAtJr.

I and Shoe, and 5000 First rate Cigars. midst, and has no Northern interei, Countien in Georgia, and in Jefferson, Madisou, Hamilton sixty bone Engine, one single saw and one gang'of but if the wholecauldb paid.,liortj.v. it wofUJI*.

S Lamp Chimneys, -ALSO- JOSEPH BOND mid Columbia Counties in Florida. upright saw.s-two circular saw mill with fortyeightinch fartowardsliqutdatiocceilain sums whkh ..
4 Quarter and half Barrel Mackerel Crushed and April 2-1. 185!. 16 sawn-one circular crow cut and one lathing saw LEWIS AMU-
1 \V JICK. Camphiue, Burning Fluid Spirit- Tur- Powdered Sugar Java and Rio Coffee, Pickcl assorted AIBIXV Ga, February 2t, Ifi2. -one grist mill, capable of grinding 30 bushels of June R, I 850. 99 _

1' pentinc, Alcohol For J.eal P. JORDAN by A Co. Pickled Ix.brtcr and Salmon in oil. Dried Apples,, This i iA to certify that J hare in two on my plantation Hats of Spring Style. meal per hour-beat French Burr-aU new and in thebc PlowJUST ..-:
Pine Apple Cheese, Rice, Gohen Butter, &c. in tins County a sixty saw Gin manufactured by Moleskin Hats,latest fashion with .t of order. '
1: Quincy, June 10, 1852. 24 tf March 20, 1852. 11 tf CoL J. H.Watson,of Palmyra,which I consider equal FASHIONABLE Black and Drab Knsuuth HaU- Will bo &.ld at the same time and place tools; of recclvid per ctr.. ColwsM fccpR %**

to any Gina made in Georgia every particular, and Also a great variety Panama, Pedale Leghorn every dencripUon-Carts, Oxen, Wagons, Hones, and Ptowi. tWtod* ,100eit !.
'- Bagging! Bagging Extra Cotton Osnaburg, not excelled by any. I )have no hesitation in recommending burg. Campeuchy, and Straw Hata for men and boys twenty Is a. 1 Mules. 200 utft Plow rVteia.Newport. Fer e.Je .ft-

1 250 PiECES GvaD7 Bagging, the Howard Factory,Columbus,Ot a splen them to planters in South-Weatem Georgia. together with a general assortment of Cape suited to Terms, cash, or Northern acceptances at sight or .'F b. 28,1M2 .8 Jl U1'' .
Kentucky FROM article for sale at manufacturers prices and They are manufactured in our midst and by a .. Just received by W.T. MITCHELL. on time, with interest added. .

H 30" Dundee expenses. Country traders are particularly desired to Southern man; a native of our own glorious Georgia. April 24, 1862. 16 J. L. TOMPKINS. Lots_ $.ii :

: For sale low by call and examine before sending abroad for a DAVID A. VASOi August 7, 18fl., 31 UtHT A LAROZ ut at or-r LtdIlU.tl.

S. ; HEIR A RUST. New Tort, March 13, 185!. 10 D. LADD.Children's supply.. Palmyra. Loe County, March 6, 1852. 9 tf Boots, ron Telegraph and Savannah Georgian.will GOODS>ct' aD 's4 .: ..

t: Aug. 21, 18S2. 88 Salt. SHOES, Gaiters andSUppere,a beautiful assortment copy until let November and send bills to advertiser market, recetrfl__ by m5l y- i" his T.tforsale
and Youth'i Clothing, received and for sale low. at Newport, Florida. r I.. .:._ .;J1.

; Bagging Twine. JUST received by W. T. MITCHELL. DTRECT.IMPORTATION.' Gloucestcr.anc sacks Salt re- April 24, 1862. 16 W. T. MiTCHELL Noernber 1.1811:, -. -1. .1FJLI ::

COILS Bagging Twine 8,1852. 18 tf for sale low per the D. LADD. Land Warrants. -
100Ofifi by quantity, by tri
For sale W t For Sale Rent
New Port March 20 1832. 11 or : WARRANTS 8d4lwI'
wanted for which the high GOOD }l'
Aug. S), 18G!., ,*S kEnt A RUST. MEXICAN MUSTAJTO LTJmOKT. House at 500 eat cash A ,
present occupied by them price *in be paid. Addzssa me jMau. .
;- Salt. DRUGGISTS wsd rdsmts can othtain supplies The best in the World. .THE of Dr.John T.J. Wilson, the personally at Madison,Florida or tan on the Cfcrta fi -.- 1. <
i ,, price yueationo EXCELSIOR FAMILY SOAP. Tallahassee. For terms, Ac, apply the Court in the Mowing Counties.! : Leoo.Jeftr- -I.. SpT4N.Kaa.. :* S

i, i .I BACKS, b fin order LEWIS A- AMES, JUST received 20 boxes of the above, with direc to 8. W. Wilson, on the premises Editor of thu pa son, Madison sal lUmiltoo and D. L. Whit. 8r. rt. rru fflO I.TLte1iys&snd ,'

KUUr 'r85Iet7. Wholesale Agents for Florida. for use, Ac. For sale by per. or If. D. Papa Eta. a.d DAVID L. WHm; Jr. ;!- *r Mb Ifb. .: rl .-

Au;. 21, 1852. SJ I1EIR A RUT.tlk &brca ; 152. U May 15, 18s2. 19 HEIR 4 RUST. July 31, 1352. SO tf 'July SI. 166:. tt .. .Iucl :'r.1i6Zr-. 11 1DD. 1m8


; j,

The Floridian & journal
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Title: The Floridian & journal
Alternate title: Floridian and journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
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Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: September 11, 1852
Publication Date: 1849-
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
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# ( ., /

'L l l.
: .

r J"H":\ :_- T -- _-,__ -'----'--- --.- -- .. -c UI- .1 !I1j1I
.. -- ;- -= ---L.. ---t[:__ --.LL-- -- y I
I : .. .
,:,. ::

)':1 ijc eribi n anb Jeurn M.I I ,, ;_'; .-. '

4. .
, ':r ft! : '
I I4 inj ,
}.t ..' .. "tJ''- f.
--------- --
... A T- : -: : -' :,.. A, 14
:====:. --- .---- _. .
-------= ------------ ----------- -= __ -I. A

11 1852. VOLUME IV-- NO. 36. I

rl K" _. ., -. ,, .. .. _ ._ : i
--- ----- -- ---- .. -
--- --- -- --- --- --- -- -- _
: -'- --- I- -- .l. _..._..___________---------1: 41
j oefttio Barbeene in Alaclina' County... Another Ridiculous Charge exposed. how to Treat a Wife.! -First: get a wife ; PSnfAldhorsMp.-TbeNewYo { Scott vs. Slavery.We Order No. '4 .

1be Citizens of Alachua county assembled! The Scott papers, the Sentinel among the secondly l be patient. You may have great Times, in an :article on this subject, has the assert that there is no public man in .

t1 'the( 16th tilt, near Newnansville, to hear rest, have been regaling their readers with a trials and perplexities in your business with following statement: tho United States' whose expressed sentiments SL&IlgatiDeILY1ZISU.* I
Llitical disscuBsion! and partake of a Harboprepared the world ; but do not therefore to Our Authors" have been the last Ofttu 48. ,
'J vote, given by Gen. Pierce while in Congress, carry your for two [ on the subject slavery are more hOSe No i
1 by the democrats of the county. Edmund Brooke homo a clouded brow. Your wife may have, or three years building themselves substantial I. tile to the South than those of Winfield Scott The P.c which har dwtricts rtteotlj ofvus nowmed T UM g' I
against permitting one to of serenl
21 ,Meeting was called to order! by appoint- many trials, which, though ofless magnitude, edifices at a very encouraging rate. Ban i, In his letter to Dr. Atkinson of this State, he people INFmTELT Jy 1 j

gCOl P&RRPrcsldC'nt'' aSblf.tcd bJ the fol. introduce two slaves into that portion of the may have been as hard to bear. A kind,conciliating croft, besides buying a freestone" house in i says: \Vitbiii a fcrgr BtULATG."O I eaefntcd a

fau'i6g; gcntfC'mC'n tSice Presidents: Col.1iiTip district of Columbia ceded by Maryland. word, a tender look, will\ do wonders the city, Ins built a fine country seat at New -U I am persuaded that: it is A high moral neighborhood in the heart oUCle nA committed

Dell Dr. Bradford, .J. B. St.-mle,8i. 'h vote proves nothing in the world against in chasing from her brow all clouds of gloom. port. Headley has built a splendid mansionat obligation of masters and slaveholding Statesto a murder. ItH'orgT{ fled te Tal'lahawee inhabitants

ieo" Dell't>. Burnett, and Samuel Russcl, Gen. Pierce, and yet his opponents hero in You encounter your ililliculties in the open Newburgh. Mellville has bought a farm employ all means not iocompatible with an<*l,Monticcllo. & b

tary. air, fanned by heaven's: cool breezes; hut at Slocklridge. Irving and Paulding have the safety of both color, to meliorate slaveryeven A similar party had but "t eW daj before ttiwa
the south
have' tried mnke! -
The PrcE.idcnt then introduced Cnpt. Provo absolutoly capital your wife is often shut in from these healthful splendid cats on tho Hudson. Prescotthas to EXTERMINATION" the Micanopy settlement ilt the roioT c'Ol

0fOcala, the democratic candidate for out of it. This attempt is of a piece with influences and her health fails, and her spirits received 'rom the Harpers not less than $40- I If any politician has -jver asserted a more A GANG OF CQW.STF.ER adroitly added s
trail had been ob-
Site, for Alacliua and .Marion counties. the small and malignant efforts which have lose their elasticity. Hut oh bear with 000 for }his books. Morse has )been paid i i! incendiary principle, we have never seen it. report that an the Tallahassee road near the

speech, owing to bad health, was short, characterized thfrn in their endeavors to prejudice her; she has trials and sorrow to which you more than $20,000 from the sale of his books.;;; I A moral obligation; to meliorate slavery to sere crowing. whole from ) St t I1

Jconfined principally to local matters. But I the people of the south agninst their are a stranger, but which Jour tenderness Albert liirnes!" has received from his Commentaries -' extermination !1" Slavt holders of the South! Blnek Creek Te emmt DECAMEWIL WIT

withstanding was a. good common souse can deprive of nil their anguish. Notice over $20,000. Profesor! Anthon has'' Do you endorse this sentiment? This is not F\R The daring WAS imetey (
and the occal-ion- long tried and most consistent friend. Small, her little I'I Colonel Fitrputn'ck! and (
uiled the people) kindly attentions and efforts to promote made over 60,000-Stephens over 810,000the : all. The obligation to exterminate slavery Capt S 15
Si made decidedly a favorable, I impression. however, as it is, we will not let it pass with. your comfort. Do not lake them all as Abbotts over 15,000::)(), &c. &c. ,-'c. Ik re4s upon the SLAVEHOLDING: STATES. the with array the ,who hp t paw tt;way but, the in-r 'I' 'f

Capt. Provence's majority in the two conn- out exposure. Mark\ how plain a talo \\ill matter of course, and pass them by, at the 1:1rhas! received not less than 20,000 .:j; If the master won't free his negroes, the habitants, could see popagatfl an Inditik ,I,

ties'will not be less than one hundred. set it to rest. same time Jdng'Cry sure to observe! any omission profits on his books, although it isonly a fewyears State MUST, is the plain English of this in every bush, and trffore cuti"tl lo/y. I
Ir. Mclntosli, the democratic elector for of what you consider duty to JOLl- since ho began to write. lIeIdll'"sprofits J, principle. On this Hide of the St.Johns a ttucejptibilityof
) It has been the policy of ofthc( slave- the ;f f'fl
tot Florida, followed, in a speech of ahoutUlilour's many I Do not treat her with indifference, if you must have: already exceeded 830,000. I Will the Whig papers of this state answer' same ventured lind prnnA Trithia the small settlements party ot A company enemy .
4 characterized by powerful .holding States to prohibit the introduction ofl would not sear and palsy her heart, which Professor Davies has received than this lately
i length, j. more question I How can (CIl. Scott,who believcsthe regular foot was promptly lot in
nce. Mr.' Mcintosh'" |hils, a .Ie< il.etltal. slaves from other :States.: This policy has I I I, watered by kindness, would to tlio latest day 850,000 as the proceeds of the sale of his I extermination of slavery I a high MORAL pursuit, beat the enemy, and mou of the

tnt l"oq(for pullhc .--peaking ; and tho.e whig ora- been dictated by the desire, on the part of:' of your existence, throb with sincere and constant hooks. The Tribune lately mentioned that OBLIGATION, be for the recapture of a slave property the marauders taken. Nov. although It

ton who meet him during; the campaign will l'l'find the j-lavo owners, to limit competition and I atft.'ction.oml'timC's:; yield your vus.Iies :Mrs Harriet Beechcr Stowe, had refused AFTER TUB SLAVE has got to a Free State !tIf is known t all cod people that the ge Dumbr i
I II of the killed
( a foe worthy of their steel. to hers. She::= has preferences!' as strong as I 10,000 for the copyright of a single noveL there is a moral obligation} : to free a negro awaits party 1xly were of the outrgh.a tLt follow&t, A
a reduction in the ofslave labor. anv enemy may
Col} Mitchtl/the alternate. whip;: elector for prevent price I yon, and it may be just as trying to yield !her And (the list might be indefinitely extended. while in our midst, how i is: it right to bring PANIC & RIFE THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY" 4

East Florida, followed\ in' a speech of about' In accordance with this desire, the State of I j I choice as to you. Do you find it hard to Ii | -- him back to slavery afer: lie has escaped ?- The inhabitants are still flying t St. Angus- '

p. two tours length. Considering the very bad '!. Maryland: passed: a law, in 17DG, prohibiting 1 yield.i sometimes? Think you it i is::; not difficult TJlrill/ and the Way.-I learned grammar Answer me that, Messrs. Beacon and Herald.t tine, and from t Augustine t Georgia and South

!\ the Cot had to work upon (Scott, <;I the introduction of slaves except by persons for her to give up always ? If you never yield when I was a private soldier, on the pay t Too the mark. No bobbing or dodging!- Carolina.It U evijcnt General with extensive 4 1
S and Order No. 48,) he to her wishes, there j K that she will of tin '. The of berth tnt no even
dlc .rl lifT, j I.I removing into the State with the bona fide intention danger j a sixpence a ) edge my You would have& war to the knife, and have means, can rir in the mivd oixERAL -
cul I s
SdlnmUf\\ \ credit as a special debater; but I think you arc selfish, and care only for yourself j I or that of my guard bed!, was my seat to I I it you shall. We DEFY you to endorse A'D so DEGR.\DIG. P/ic some little ef- 1

l K.' efforts\ were Inorc like the special pl'nd.i|I I of becoming residents. Such persons I i ; and with such feelings she cannot love study in ; my knapsack( was my bookcase, General Scott's Atkinson I letter! You DARE fr on the part people tbem5ve Thna the

: of a lawvcr who\ has a bad case, relyingt, were allowed to bring slaves with them at the as she might; Again, show yourself manly, and a bit of board lying in my lap was rny I I not do it! The sentiments it contains are out ; planters in the recent case n.a Tallahassee, wno Without

ing more upon Ins' genius and learning than upon !i I time of their removal or within one year af-f[ so that your wife can look tip to you, and writing table. I had no money to purchase! I rag.'ons; tho principlt s it announces insur- ; WA RRIOltS knowing thtt, ,first they to ran from SQUAWSor that I

; the justice of Ms'cause. i i terwards.: After (tho cession of the Districtby I I feel that you will act nobly) and that she can < candles or oil : in winter, it was rarely that I : rectionar)'. And yet you will parade a report material fuet I they bad tUred hanure upon enemy. '

Judge Broome. the democratic candidate confide in your judgment '. could get any light but that of the fire, and of Pierce's speech, which his friends they IJve found the ease wkliin the easy CI14 :
for Governor; of Florida, followed in one of: Maryland and Virginia, Congress passed -_. only 1113 turn even of that. To buy a pen or pronounce FALSE, Sti Jour columns. We pa*;* of any tree or four resolute masters and'naif a
and eloquent a law continuing in force in the ceded District Female Piety. I. of I I overseer This was the and manlycourse.
maay simple
the most argumentative\ logical piece paper, was compelled) to forego ,' DEFY .YOU to POINT, TO A LINE OF SCOTT'S I That TO the
of all adopted was spread
others enriches
politcal speeches that has ever been made in ;j the laws of the two States existing gem which most some portion) of food, though in a state of; recognizing directly the( right of the South to PANIC, anti throw execrations upon the General

East: Florida. It is said:\ that the Judge is ( fvayt -' (tho time of the cession. Of course the Ma- the coronet of the lady's character is unaffected half starvation. 1 had not n. moment of time ( THE RE-CAPTURE OF A FUFITIVE SL.'E.r .- who Jtas tie. MISFOKTFNC t to ccnHintind a handful of J"

able but on this occasion he outdid piety. :Nature may: luis: on her person, I that I could call my own; and I had to read r j Give; it to m. Publish! it.-[Norfolk Argus. brave troop in the inijtt flpI'r(rf>J iJ"t>fr".
law which have mentioned
ryl.ind we jUt; the enchantment of her mien, or the !strength. WCfflELD SCOTT I
liimwlf. In the corn? of his speech he was '' and! write amid 1 the talking, laughing, singing, ----
cheered; and at one time the plan- \\asadopledby Congress to that part of I of her intellect, yet her Iidthl'nws, around .,: whistling and bawling of at least half score I Maxims. 4

dits frequently< werc'almost dcnfl.ningmu1whig51 join the district ceded by Maryland. The: sentiment : the whole the sweetness& and the power outs of the most Iho.ightless; men-and that too, How much we are indebted to accident. The New Boston Slander-Again. '

After the cnneluMon of tho Judge's remarks -:. of the slave-owners of the District was01)pOsCd I charms. :She: then becomes unearthly in her i in the hours of ttifir; freedom from nil control. : Pythagorlo'd! the invention of music to The Republic must like the company of
ing. temper, unearthly in her desires and! :tssflcia- the sound of ; abolitionists ; for it can only be for the sakej
Sharp and many other wl.irsgI'e : Ami I saif I, under these circumstances, a back! !'nitus& Immmer-Newton
Cnpt. to granting this privilege. They! of itself in such that
; tions. The which bound affectionsjto j, keeping itpor- ,
i : spell rer company
iu their adhesion! to the democratic par- I! could ('ncountel'11I\ \' the task, i is his first idea of gravitation, to the fall of 4
tpjind there: are other whigs in this I, were in favor of the! :Maryland law and opposed i things below i;> broken, and she mounts on : there-can there be in the whole world, a an apple-Voltaire t'Ils us, that :Milton got i sists in the exploded and disgraceful ea1wnli
; many to relaxation of it. Under these the silent wing of hope and fancy to the hnlJ' I i which charges Franklin Pierce with lending "
who will do likewise ero the electionis any I youth! who can find an excuse for the non- his first idea Paradise Lost from a ridiculous!'
county deter- it ) if jitalion of God, where it is hrr.light to hold! I Culfjclt. Italian burlesque styled Adamo the Fall countenance and aid to abolitionism.The s
"for the leading whigs arc circumstances was manifestly improper pl'rfurmancen m. I or
over II .i 1 i communion with the spirits that have been pretext fo renewing
.mind t to defeat Cabell.\ the law for the benefit of of man-Goldsmith. comedy She Stoops to Republc's nW
not to
unjust pass ;; this in half dozen
--- invited all to : I ransomed from the thialdom of earth, and WIricira7i. Mix wash! ready to be applied. Conquer, was suggested }bv an accident! charge some "1-

I Col. Perry then present par- )Jr. Urooke, and in voting against it, Gen. I wreathed with .1 trailand: of ulorv.j I to t tile of t excellent dinner provided by l 0- n --- n. II..I "% \A.I IIIIL '.HI 13;: u CUL1tC. '
)fr. Sanchez.a ino> That dinner was a rich treat; Pierce but consulted the icixlie.i of the tlarrotrncrs -: Her: ; beauty imy: ; throw it' magical charm: very little cold water, and pour on boiling Verily, ns the song says: wUJ tended to prop up the character of Foss.-
of. over ; princes and water till it thil'kenlId! ; it to the whitewash Tho rest have no bearing at all upon tlia
Since the cession
the fat of the land was there in every variety, / of the District. many conquerors may.: We little know what great thing
I bow with admiration' at the slnhie: of her while hot and stir the whole well together..I' From little thingi ari-e." case, being merely vague recollections of
orator whilst partaking'of the District but two instances are on recoid :
and facetious ,
:a whig : i riches; the sons of science and poetry may : This w.T-h will not rub off and retains its what the witnesses think their impression
( brisket; paid it rcmW to him that we' which the asked I :Mr. llrooke : I One of the saddest things about human nature -
a in privilcdge by '
of Foss's
embalm I her in in freshness for months.Pea.c1 were report when they saw
j : memory song ; i : many I' i is that it
other good things. ; a man guide others in the
had: 0 After dinner thn personal and political granted. yet piety must be oinainent, pearl' j perfume and mnih lrrl'rntirr.- path of life without walking in it hims..lfthat go on
the facts of the the reader will Etc to | With such a treasure, lofty gratification macl'.1cinnnnwn business. We aro quite willing to see it fill
case, every
friends of Gen. Peden called upon him for a : Take of cloves::, caraway seeds, nutmeg, he may be a pilot, and Jet a clst.awaJ.1 its columns with
speech. The Gen. gratilk'd them by making i 1 what desperate: quibbles the Scott press report ; on earth may be purchased; frienlshiip will ) anti Tonquin beans, of ach one j One unquiet, perverse disposition, distempers such afda\'is as it now
be: doubly sweet : pain and !sorrow': shall lose :
happy effort in th.' good old rmc\J ofrll'. in order to prejudice the people of the south ounce ; then! add as, much Florentine orribt-. the peace and unity of whole family; publishes.We
their nnd the character will! to of these
sting, : oppose just so
: possess many
mocracy. ;Mr. Doll, the democratic candi- against; Gen. Pierce. The one wo have jmt pricp. above ru hirs. Life will be but a pleasant I root as will! equal the other ingredients put.togl'th in society, as one jarring instrument will the Republic and its abolitionist conspirators n
date: for the legislature addressed the people : 'r. (;rind the \\'holl"tll to powder,and '! spoil a whole concert.
exposed i is a fair specimen of the rest. i iWe i visit: to earth, and death an entrance up. can: get .
He fol. it in bags clothes &c. I ITn
in few appropriate remarks. was put among Jour : up
a and home. I When Socrates was asked whether it were 1st. declara'ion of Gert.
candidate gather the facts here slated from the on a joyful perpetual positive
fowedby Mr. Edwards, tbo which whig the j j,, Washington Union: published in the District I II |! Such is i (piety. Like a tender I flower, plant-j lnle oaf s.'ains fr! do'lt or silk.-Pound l I better for a man to get married or to live sin-l Pierce himself that the Foss report was a
for the tamo:' office, after company oil I in tho fi tile soil of a, woman's heart, it. Trench chalk fine, mix with lavender water j gle he replied" Let him do either, and gross and absurd misrepresentation of hia
dispersed in good cheer.-Jacksonville XcirstThe i j I of Columbia, and for the truth of which that.. its and to the thicknes of mustard, it on the : will repent tit." and
_._.___ I i grows!'!, expanding folinge: imparting put I speech ; ,
paper vouches. i jits fragrance around, till! transplanted it is I j cloth, rub it softly with the finger, put a sheet Invincible fidelity, good JlUJnorn complacenc3 2d. The voice of the meeting as given
Contrast. I II ,Uet I to bloom in I'erp'hml'igor and unfading J of brown paper on the top, smoothe it with of temper outlive all the charms of over by the signature of itscl one

The Pennsylvania: draws the following Whig Opinions of Gen. Scott. I beauty in the paradise; of God. an iron milk warm. a fine face, and make the decays of it invisi hundred of the most responsible nnd influential -
for The Telegraph, but late a Fillmore _
ztrong contrast between the candidates I Washington I Or: School Scene." Boy, von seem to' bk.-1'rrLEn. persons who attended it, including aty!, its -
President: paper, is now for SCOTT; but is unpleasantly Husband and Wife. lie smart for this | What the of officers, whose statement fully and explicitly '
quite ; altogether ton !nut impuls-i genius is to the great,
(jEV. iSlOTT ANT (; ::'\. PlEKCE.-We ttC- reminded that in June, 1831: its editor r The spheres of husband: and wife are verydifferent School Can you tell me how many six '! the instinct vocation' i is to the mpdiocre branding the report of Foss a a foul calumny
I their duties trials and
cord full honor to Gen. Scott as a hero ; but wrote thus of its favorite candidate : I ; pleasuresare I black beans are '." ; in every man there is a magnet-in that thing we have laloly published. ,
But this fact instead of
'I peculiar. being I
like Gen. Taj lor, who was frank and fearless Gen. Scott has promised to be mum, but a ground of re ershould he rather a ground I Yes: sir : half a dozen." which the man can do best, there is a load- If, in the face of such facts, the Repnblie
for the Pres Well how half dozen white I i. stone. thinks it can accomplish against (
his incapacity Ho will man .
enough; to confess I can hardly succeed in the attempt. ol confidence. Kach i is apt (to live in a too ) arc a Gen. Pierce anything
idential chair (10 not believe he is competent be if he does not for I' beans ?r' Truth by bringing '-
we lever a great man run I narrow circle, and therefore each be I i love, anti high morality are the
station to which may i Six! ." ista, who, in order to defeat him, will swear
the t
to the duties of high j the Presidency. A strong man in war, a: I' aided the addition of | same. ,
by enlargement through I
he aspires. General Taylor, we bad abundant -I i wonderful man in nIl that pertains! the greati "Tremendous smart boy! Now, tell me I II | that he is an abolitionist, then we hope that
the wife
1'the It Mill drink: the
p i otlu..r'sc'xperiencl': give Hasty people nectar of existence i: will
Whig authority in 1818 for saying: ",assup..rior I i General ; quick and bright in intellect, and a: new knowledge and mental discipline to bej I how many white beans there are in six black !:1: scalding hot. journal One effect go on to the end of the chapter.

to Scott in many respectsespecially{ ready writer, he i h!:::, nevertheless, in civil nuit- acquainted with the business affairs of the 'i I ones ?" i I | however, the RepubhVs'conrsoi
and in the 1' j J Haifa dozen if skin 'em The most effectual way to secure h.ippi- i must produce. It must show the whole !
manage- !
In modesty, in prudence, ters, the poorest tactician and the most indis husband! and& not seldom her ready insight! 'I you I I
his command ll.ncc the In of this the scholar I ness to ourselves i b to confer it upon others.! country what class ot men are willing to
ment of those in : erect His pride and aristocratic feelings will counsel better than i is to be had in consequence!! answer! t
trt'lsonlhle.'or will ;I give : )being skinned himself. I Politeness is tho outward of swear Gen. Pierce down if they can and i it
comparison: is hardly will always keep him at a distance from the the exchange or the office. It will give the came near I II 'I garment goodwill ;
that Gen. Pierce is a I Ii but the nut-shells must also show what tactics the Sewardite
are in which
it bo treasonable\ to say j people. On some occasions he has appeared ; many ,
j husband greater tenderness and consideration !!I j:7: wives along Mississippi: never
thousand times crack them, like kernel is and organs are willing to resort to
nothing ,
for l'residenthiyten well but Joe a to
fitter man i to get over these feelings! piotty ;
I to be acquainted with the concerns of the i I bloir up their !husbands. The3* h.tit all to to enable the ,
than Gen. Scott. The career and the character then, as in most situations in life, it ban!' been :. I I be found. abolitionists thus to avenge
household and to understand the world the steamboats which to do it
I !, arc sure soon i themselves!
of the Democratic candidate alike, and\t seen that he was only acting for the Eakc of which the heart with its sensibilities,is so important -I, er or later. Sound not the vain trumpet of self commendation them upon down.If the. man who has done mostto
abundantly establish! this fact. The two, however the effect on gazing multitudes." clement. and forget! not to remember Jour put

furnish some strange contrasts for the ._ H_ ._ an I If Jonlnt to buy anything, own imperfections.He Gen. Pierce only TiaJjallcd aboltionis
general reader. We give a few: czi;: The New Yoik Herald makes the (gr Ilaskell' is a gallant and a glorious If 3ou want to hell anything, that accustoms himself to buy a little at Xew Boston, we

Gen Pierce has modestly refrained from following good hit upon General Scott's reply -I fellow.\ lIe fights as nobly in Tennessee for If you want to hear anything, I may ere long, be obliged to sell superfluities his- : seen abolitionists now swarming and swear

%%ting; himself for public station. General; to Mississippi: delegation, in which he I his old commander he fought in 'Mexico; If you want to tell anything, iiecessiries.& I ing against him.-Washington Union
satisfied but has alWn !. If to do anything,
s ()u. has never been under him.-Juiiriml. JOU'nllt
says be told Wm. II. Seward he was dead If done The/ patient mule which travels "night and
crying with the horse-leech von want anything Complmentr to Gen Pierce.
"I' Well what does the Ilaskell
"gallant" -
I emolument. for the Union "&c." say ADVERTISE!!! day: will in the end go farther than the Arabian The
I II "Give, give, give, whether of office or of Gen. Pierce, whom the Journal has been I COl1r8er-PtRSL\X: UESJ-\ compliment that could possi.
,Ii GEX. SCOTT DEAD.-According to his own I endeavoring to stigmatise: with cowardice I lI (Q&):::: A gentleman in: this city being puzzled t HCII}::; bly be passed upon our worthy Standard
has repeatedly resigned high Gen. Scott is dead read his I Pride is a vice, which prido itselt inclines bearer is, that the only charges which have
Gen. Pierce owing, a man I Does it not send a thrill of shame through to understand why there should l bo so ,
stations, preferring the quiet of private life.- answer, elsewhere in this paper, to the Mississippi -, the tender and dove-like heart of our susceptible much sickness in his family, a: quack doctor I every man to find in others, and to over look yet appeared against him, whether in respect

Gen. Scott has never been satisfied, but now delegation, who waited upon him at I neighbor, and f-nffuse his peach-bloom! accounted fcr it by ascribing it to their ills in himself to bis. private character or to his soundness

tolds and doubtless will continue to hold his Washington, alter! his nomination. Accord check with maiden bluahes{ here is what health. Intellect is not the moral power: conscience on the Slavery question, have ben started by

position as Commander-in-chief the Army ing to that answer, and his own words-he is Ilaskell says: !:: is. Honor, not talent, makes tho gentleman. Prc -Soil Democrats a the and echoed -
of f the United States, even while the Whig "dead for the Union, dead for the Constitution di.cgraced 0:7:: Joe, did I hear .iat .you were goingon ; by their Whig accomplices in the South.We .
candidate for President position which I dead for the,compromises of the Consti. I would consider myself personally a whaling expedition ?r' *' Yes very !like13 do say, that 80utbE'r man who gives

'it.b the perquisites, amounts to about tenVloUsand tution, and dead against every man opposedto did I stoop to the humilli.iting baseness I ; C. Smith insulted mo yesterday, and I'm I Worthy of Whlggery. circulation to charges which were by

dollars a them." In a word, ho is emphatically a of insinuating cowardice against Gen. going to give him confounded ir/w/c-ing before The Scott committee at Washington circulated Abolitionists, after they have stare

Gen. Pierce is a year.fiingulaily: unobtrusive, dead man. Pierce, whom I know to be a brave man. night." at the North, b3 means of congressional by the man, over his .own signature, whom
chivalric in his conduct the field of battle
states- on franks, one hlrrf thousand copies of the they sought to i injure, grossly and absurd
"ell balanced, and well disciplined which their THKIII: is more beauty the works of a a
man. Gen., Scott is a vain, self-opinionated, .The Whig Party. Otheismay dictate! pursue but that for course I would great genius, who is ignorant of all the rules I i Rr the paper at Washington, with ly false in every particular, is no better than
:and illy regulated public man. It is worthy of remembrance (says the feelings the ; did as it obtrude myself itself I of art, than in tho works of a little genius, I I an article to prove that Pierce is a pro-slav- an Abliliouilt if he does claim 2 home in

Gen Pierce, in his whole career, hasncver Hartford Times) that this party abandoned spurn "thought 1 upon who not only knows, but scrupulous observes cry man. And the same committee guard the the .
once pondered to fanaticism, whatever shape their professions as soon as they came in possession Iii) them. post ofce so that, though it i Is Gen. Pierce has most manfully vindicated.
And so would honorable and manly
foi of the at their free soil publications have I his 'character against the vife of
a assumed.. Gen. Scott wa originally government. They gave up aspersions
Dative Americanism, and for years past has, once their opposition to the independent trea. opponents.-7xw. Times. Relationships:: are rather' far-fetched been mailed for editors at the south, they never Foss Fogg & Co.,-and as the Rfchmo
sometimes both in Ireland and Scotland.Do .
; reach their destination Recruit.A Examiner
given his confidence the the leaders of theeesoil I sury system, which they declared would certainly THE DUTCH HAVE TAKEN HOLLAND. know Tom Dully( Pate Know well and truly ssthose paprr

Whigs. ruin the! .country, and were ,very ,gladto .-It turns out that Thomas H. Clay: him. i U. you.it_ ?.' gays .nat.._ sure_ lift's_ a__ near.___ .relation_ Thunderbolt in Kentucky. .that. ___keep__ .at. the head'of their.' columns..tho.
"The**" contrast -be, and will! be conunted u' continue it in (full lorcc. They could not and of die Into lion. Henry Clay, ; ;;; ; UoJ n un.nof I I Iuarge:01 ross now, since Time CODtdioton( '
may Whig, son mine he onco wanted to 111 sister .
I ; marry ,) R. McKee, Esq., the Whig elector of Gen.
hereafter." get along without it. This shows that their will Gen. Scott So pleased arc the George i -Pierce, do so,from the same reason-
support Kate.
I assertions in relation to it were based upon Scott when they find even a Whig of Girard county, Kentucky, has come out in that the branded rogue does not take down

The August Elections. false foundation, and that their professions I who will papers, Scott, that they parade it asa OC:?" Blacklmvk's: opinion in favor of Gen. a strong and powerfnl speech against Gen. the big and black R which the !raw has burnt i

Tho State ,elections in Iowa, Missouri, were hollow-hearted,merely put forth to catch victory.support The Herald of this city publish. SCOTT is brought forward b3 the Whig press, Scott Ho has mounted tho stump against into his forehead.-Federal Union.

Xorth Carolina and Arkansas, have all goap votes. Even protection for the sake of pro. Mr. Clay's letter with considerable exulta in order to prove his competency for the tho Whig speakers who came into that coun-

in favor of the Democrats by a largo majority tection" is all abandoned. President Fillmore es tion. Alter unparalleled exertions, tho Dutch Presidency. This,with the Duke of \Welling ty; and, from all accounts, he makes the fur TUB BeNiriT OF A DOUBT.-The Detroit'

1, Before these elections took place, both has pronounced against it in his mes have taken possession Holland, and Paris is ton's favorable notice, will, it is supposed by I fly right freely. He is at present tho representative Advertiser says: I Ils'terfor with some-

parties agreed that the reAults would indicate sage. The system of democratic measures, in hands of the French.-[Wilmington (N. C.) the Whigs, have great influence-among the in the Legislature from that strong hesitation that we a oxrn settled

the public opinior. of tho country, and also adopted and tested, and which were so violently Journal. Cockneys and Kickapoos. Whig county. belief, that Michigan, Indiana* and Wisconsin .

"*ff!ct}it in a still greater degree in tho same opposed by the whigs as infamous and "lie has personl vanity enough to damn TiE DIFFERENCE.-The great body of the I i are sore for Scott" .

; Section. These States have gone decidedly ruinous, have proved to be safe, judicious, PLVOOIXO SuoT.lIoLEiJ.-'l1le whig electoral seven successive administrations." That is Democratl who were by the Free To which the Detroit Free Pre thna re '

Democratic, thus showing that the feeling of 'just. The whigs dare not attack them ; and ticket for Virginia has at length been what the Rev. Mr. Brownlow, of Tennessee 1 I Soil", phantom, have le astray honest'men, repudiated pled: ,- .'. ,

&$,ountry is in favor of the Democracy,and though the constitution makes it the duty of revised, and damages repaired-by whom we published of Gen. Scott. Mr. Webster has their error, and lke.now adopt the_Democratic )is some tope (o you. Tla- th ,

." M Efltthe whig party' In fact every State the President to call the attention of Con cannot say. Other names replace those of | recently ratified, the sentiment by appointingMr. ,platform fully and absolutely, giving first time we erer knew you t tte .

4.eti?n held this year North and South, has gress to any bad or improper law, be has done Messrs. Lacy and Chambliss; and two "electors -I ..Brownlow publisher of the United States their adhesion. the Compromise along with but telling an tratroth/. -

1ee 4D .favor of the Democrats.He nothing more in relation to these measures at, large" head the ticket. Who does laws by authority.The their support General Pierce. .SEWARD,

that makes himself must not than to oppose a high tariff.: Those are the reader think these are t John M. Bolts, heads fullest of bratns; are often the GREELY, and the aboltion"Mi& general- Which can smelt! a ret the qafelud

take it ill if men ride him. an ass,' acts worthy of remembrance.He tho great patron qf the Wilmot,proviso in most liable to extravagance. lyutterly I DEl'Y. ,EXE- -the man who knows the most, 0& 'manQtncsnoN
this State, and Ballard Preston, one of the (in) and SPIT UPON" Whig plat. who b the roost ncrsef -- .

He Hurt-walks by the lightof Nature;walks that listens after what people say of famous Galphin cabinet! Botts will have Choose your wife by your ears rather than for pronounce it :CHEAT, and its author '- .. ,

iRdi&utt.. ," him, shall never hove peace. the same luck in heading" the Scott tickethe by your eyes. 1 AN ASS.-Recruit. ror :

A regnUr diet euros more people than pby& .11. that too much lefines his delicacy will met with in heading" Captain Tyler. Ho that has revenge in his power, and does wag cornposfd r hiki.a, -

'it. always endanger his quiet. Winchester Virginian. not use it, is the greater man. Alms never impoverish any. one. chescs wotdd, it make a eight ernm cents a pookeft




.' .
.I -
--- "

.1'I % \ \ \ c _J ,__ _:__ I IL.

Oca Scott't Private -Opinions." ---- Abusing Webster. cates the abolition of all duties 'and goes'for ;-iad opposed to A0 *dmfe onb n -'ooii-arii1;

rv FLOR1D1AN T JOURNAL. is statement ia brief of to This a
slave States.
The Scott organs are quite fond of publish Time rabid Scottites not only pour out tbeir sustaining the Government by means of "di- fbundred. I
FiI1m ie. opposed tie
of wrath their political the rect taxation," which notoriously false.- the reasons. of our opposition Mf. action of (
TALLAHASSEE : lug private commotions held with General on oppon jts, _____4__ Stale, though acknowledging ( .
s. Scott, and lieraMing'them fo'rth to the"world supporters of Gen. Tierce, but they visit upon The illustrations the Judge makes, are simply Jackson County. t3ie'afleganee of the ehixeti to Li's I.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1852. .showing the entire soundness of their can the recttsant wbigs also their indignation for the purpose of showing :the practical We have received the! proceedings ofadenocratic she has hi her S&fe jj

: 4 3.------------ didate of The Li and abuse. It matters not what may have workings oftbeprof/rrfiYe feature, and in this meeting held in Jackson county on sovereign eapaefy-; scfed. ;.:
t 4 TERMS.Three Dollars per annum, if paid i inadraoev upon questions slavery. Now, I da not charge that
: ; |3 50 if paid within fcix monUte of the time test batch of this port of sccond-handed! testimony -, I been the services to wfriggory of these bolters, i connection they sei\e a most admirable pur the 31st ult, winch will appear in our next Ward dtanfonist! ra}ffopt;
was a j in 1832L
I of eubfdirting; and 4 00 at the end of tLe rear. Ad- is furnished by a gentleman of Misj j t tsissippi the very fact ofthtir refusal to support the pose. paper. The meeting recommended as candidates that tho nullification I

: rertWmentt On Dollar perequareof 12 1iae 1'rfu-it. j jftwl in Seward's the Gen. John Milton, party argued then
and is snapped up by the ?cottites' man whose "iii inciples are breeches The Cry Continued. for Legislature, the
j '; R/ty/ Ccnt4 lor all subsequent inertionc. AnDouooenent i is to call down their Long and Dr. Geo. Graham. We re- : course they Were pursuing was the oj
and swallowed with a greediness which! is pockets, enough tOn The last Sentinel contains its usual weekly Judge
: t candidattf. Five Dclljtrs oath. pitte diverting to the lookers-on. Hut the I Isime beads the furious maledictions of the Northern discourse about "disunion and disuniOIlit- ," joico to learn that the democracy in at
; to be paid ia advance. Religions, Obituary iii'1 Marriage same time the
preserve rights of
tr. kind of before ami Southern coadjutors" of Seward. with all the editor's known strorigliod! of whiggery are hard at work and tie BooA
attempted regard |
:* 4< JToticee, not exceeding 12 lines will 1* jwiMLdiedgratia humbug was Just so I argued and
> z t is tlf 2fo certificate of the publication of K- Scott was nominated. 31 Ir. Cabell speaks ofit To show to what lengths these! Seotti'osgo in
4' & Ute or legal notices of.any dofcription will be ghcn ( in his 12Ii( of Jime speech. Said IIP- 11 their insane ravings, we quote the folbwingj ,quantity of protcstatious of honesty. Now, ,' in October and November.i those with whom my position I acted in &e position of

1 Mutfl the advciliBUig.fee is paLL I undeitd more him me prntlnnr.n to ifay tliat 1 langm, uttered in the U. S. Sonate, by time j-eojle cit the State will estimate all this *i To the Voter of 1850. I Wo ff
therefore commend
4 i : "-"DEMOCRATIC' NOMINATIONS. 1 I hey 'aj'jrvu-l* and ind
\V\liel: P. Mang'.im: of North Carolina, hullubaboo and cry against Judge Hroome, '1ESCAHBIA I and SANTA ROSA COUNTIES my whig friend*
:t tj fcb if hVbn-nrv : .I. vbo now txiir*** tbcnnol?' their
so persevering in
aie efforts
V. 1* 1 -.*$ .*--- -.Itit-fied vith) 1'KtVATE 1)ECLlATIONS fr-m j j'tbeir gr.inst 1)aimielVetlcr, a warm personal' who is no more of a disiinionist than his coin- to coI

.. L FOK FKrSirE.VT OF THE U1Tfl) ?TA ITS : candidate, and without in 're7>i 'i ur(* ready tu join. Seward, Man u-n. Kil"p>r.(SrrcloyI
I : 1f i FRANKLIN PIERCE, I A C.'. in tbtir iirrl to uoniitinli; Scutl I :iid: to putsi is i suspected of preferring to that of the man custodians of the Union-these a-silants of] By the nomination of the Democratic par- !I to writing political catechisms)

or Mw.nAMrmiKC. rife Filliiii'ir at>d tifrifoittrn"\ nniii v/nt Imf who baa; been n>edby Seward anti lis followers jho democratic candidate-are themselves to of Florida, I am a candidate for the office adsge, those living in glass LOOMS si

4 .- 1.1 rifcd 1/p' 8urIs 4j 'liolSuitU. aiiil wlio o administration, MrtSu'd tbepeo-j for the whom 1 1of Governor, and ai such, it is j proper that I I not throw stones."
i supporting Presidency a man **
Tl.us it i that the of
ut I
seen same s' pri-
: FcRvrc1-rr.rJ.Irrxr : I k nnf>itiinr.tely iltct him, \\1 LL UK : Mr. (Cabtll has solemnly declared is not only 1.should state to you frankly the position which 1 But I will go further now, and say toat A
convcrtatiou those
; .i i ate ? as recently publl.htvd -
WILLIAM K. KING ( CONTKOLLKD( ) ) i IiY: TIIK.M: :" .1' "the cantliJii'f of ihe but 1 occupy politically, and the opinions which I believe tuylf a better Union man than an*
''I 4 i r .;t: by t I OP ALABAMA. lfr.iti j Mr. IK) -m t;.i \- -ii: I tbit CMnpIaht! : wi-iernmlo. tint whoff cIt etiomi will be the COM PLl1'E I entertain in reference to measures of State | man who H {supporting the whig party ia flu.'election. .
I Jimas) UM\V rtlii-d on: to l.uinl.nj and! i-i! tl.e .!Kp-sitiJH i>! t.tAoik! *vr.< y'\\vi: < it t-> |- liiic i : Georgia has
;U -f tl.e < ; : u"vh. 'I I Ilir.ViPH! iI/" I.rfree soil and anti-slnicru luI.i-y. In oaily life I adopted the principles spoken through, for
.; r(1 ovr.i.i : I !bamboozle the :South.: Hut Mi.: ( 'abcll met) t l fjiou'ts. r.ir > ( jUt-u war *
th; V-w ft ljd.hr.! w'uicb! the Democratic patty was founded Convention, and declared to the world
31 Cabell furthermore declare upon larf
,, JAMES E. KUOOME. i thove attt uq} ts pu-ii' ic-1y ::i every hiine.-t wbui ; Mr. N l \>'-t-.I ':' d !ifbs h : 1 TIbfnr1 f I Vf! iro; it p-irty r. ?! reasons for which she would 1
advocate them disrupt
t'' ; --- i f'mi.l-.l meet the moie, let-cut hat the! sr.iae organi/ation; to which (den. and have never ceased to I the IVion. Idtb

: rnr.AUGUSTl'S crjxII: : : ,/,. ,? i.jt't. *-. t ,
I i I siould! tn IT IS TOD LATi: .Mr. CabiHI : ( '- -N: -i i i'i: ;suuTIH.HAD!: KK\: ; admit State
as a Territory
; E.: MAXWELL.FVK : t thi'! of tie South, and the erpctuityof any hereafter *
( ., lh'l- i,(>-r.: ivTiiiii\T; : ; ;; : .MAV (or I: TUT.! AVHK.(; h >0, IF TIM: l :;'ir\ HOLIJSrotiETHKi: safety j nj
-*-- -. -- -- % !'Al:1V: -IIM!; MEANT Till: sr.ClMTAVY Of tie Union. Tlie resolutions adopted by\I plying because of the existence of tlaten
I .. p.t.s-ir. rvr n; "-ir c tl.tni" P:(' >J <,7! R* I.i'tliC u. tim. Ti1i:.'.. T'leii the tin! matter lesulves frit
t; II11O1 : SF.1F-.N ACT I.X\VOITIIY( : [ ( i tniiu. rxvoiiniY therein. Or act
.r >1ll .h..ti-5 'f (;J.-IKnil, ] Sc1'V J STfllf ']>!,ti'T. V.'O \ ) OF 1tI is n.srnox.( NXDDISCJUAC'KVn ) ( its.lfiUo; thi*-that th.j p.irty hacks"VlIt) the Convention recently assembled at Baltimor. any repealing vuileri.
MCQUEEN MCIXTOSTH, f.fjurai! cwJ. ?' had iir.t! !krti1 ps'.t.r // ',,,. the laves
n t < a tri-n if / ally modifying noic in
LTtiTlli: : TAUTV. MJJAHS HH A Tau'bi ate but the reiteration of those princi- force for fa 0II
L CAUAWAY SMITH. 'f f Jeticnvn; J ajvl I tJiJi'; tr ) r.n \vinni) : TO A UMITID
> stores.V
M w. JKSSE COE. *fJacln"i I u-as < f ;Lu :> 'utIcrii; 'cI.g-* will <-<-..IMr| ih.-it: !. li.j.il : rxTiixT; : nrrwiiicii \ ntvSHORTLY, : nrriiir; :, :t I I'n-'si !.Mitil:; cnntK-.iate: upon, thepco-! pies, and! meet my hearty approbation. The j rccorcry fugitive h at U time po.

t ,.,.. __ J. 11.111. I-T __ __ I ::41.'h.! orth! ir '' '' i >nTuo! ) !Jt--; (; woi'i.i > in: Nfl TO \xv KXTJNT.: : iiotitnoan 1 nomiiieud of that Convention for the Presidency sition of the whig party on these subj
: pie tlecti inle .Mr.! (._ tL.dl is ctitI
wuo.-e JT s l
: : flK-I l.nAI.T.. >'V1,1> ll'f ;:!i'i i -!: > > a. 1 an1i-" !:iii.imv I > : u
', TICKET roi: uir.: .,r.Mn.u. A.LMM.- } : ].atU: to ]jrAI.LV rNHKl: : HIS XA.MP. tly opp-teed th<- bill. f.ilse wilni-a-s( will tend directly and ineutar r.nd Vice Presidency, have received I Mr. Webster, who i is conceded to be the greitt
bnd.r ll.:y of rjl'iHT( AM) !KIH'OU: i 1l .Mr.: : .Mangum beie (!:iil.tles* refer" to the leader of the conservative
: Mv .'. atli.tfiJti'i'tit lJtf I v.-ho! and will continue to receive my zealous sup t portion of it North
> 'clectit.i
roi: fTTj: L1)L : j 4 'f-f! <: '(.11. i tiii'l r //<,-* "f: litl>itc* "I" tl-r C't't:.- ? \Veb.-ter of l ro\vr.lo\v nf //< ?- -
; : JMEDICL.S A. LUXc-J: JQ.: i 1. y 4j illjt'itiiut* <-'<<> }>'i f.'l /!..iL jifi r1. lii.' appointment by ( : in fict will very pr diidy{ biiig: r.bout port. Tie! bl.inders which have been industriotuly I has declared! since the passage of the Comoro,
tl.e !Kiio\\ie i!! i /g .is pnbli-!: -r i if the I.ws '
\ Li :'ii..1 ;\v( 1N 1RNi!]: i oF 1 mis as follows : J
., di- llii:: >:i !bcfoie t'e iii time circulated, through the whig! press,
., GEN FB/tL: SCCHT. He wouLi i.-l f---.k 1fnj > : expiration next pl
FOR 1IE : i of l.e! U .ited ttc-; I5rownli\v i ij i.ppti'etlto -
t : t OREEX CIIAiaiX: K. Ji. rAJil-KNTT.: :!?, j tliJJieJi'i: ,.-, n -r I till h- 1 l.i 1 tl..- r.-.iv ,i.ti.-n liHol I'leiidential te-in! In view; of this! state of ..gainst! General; Pierce, have led ,to a more { Gentlemen, I contend and have always e
,. t :: MAK1AM) I>. PAl'l .1. R U1KWT1E.Calilp : with nun ft i'i'iiiSnf\! !1jfl! yn 1 1" 1 imu.u pit try. I Scott, and hence $aTztmIi:: deno'itices th thorough invt's-tigation: of bz.s character and| contended tint after the adoption of tbe Con- 1I
afT.iir-i is it i not the baldest and
most t
tl.inlv tho tioLtUni \\ill IT Ift TOO among
-- '
--- -'--- j ejuc i.\v t.iv ia'I favor bi.u the! of
g :: ::: <: : : : fiowi by Secret-try; I stitution, any measure of the
f..; : JIivl'HSf! f'-t MlOCSMlklC, Wlllr'l Van i if I.ATK." '' uribltHhiiig: -iei- (hvpocri-iv for, these men, service Such investigation has not failedto Govermnectt 1
; calculated to slave
as a 'JXtrfi/ro-//v/-//' :!zin.- and (&e
1. < have )hwnlield *>n tho Irttlif:; Oi-ti.bi'r Jiixt. )h: = \ ts---tLe 'ou'Jieni: ) pfj>]e viU now .-iv."IT '' who we !i.ire !.igi! % !iiig; authority fur saving secure for him the regard ard: admiration :| United States, was beyond the
<-;'!il ti) ihc /if/v. TJi> abu-e of Mr. power of the
.. Icon changed) t-. the"J iu Webster I by Sutitoi-ni Scutt man, recalls to
I: 1-, Couit Jr-JJiUjj it* "-cM-.n) it tbal !IPP.! 'ct I 8 hiti uj.: 'CII i ra.'triz!' ( a for pr.ity success and cmohiiiie.ntJ,'' t to be denouncing such a man, will be a triumph worthy of the r is my o.inion, and! it always has been my
S;. T. KK'JlAKJt-aV!( T. K. our mind time follow ing paragraph: from !1t "
.. .. .. .\itrth' ra M7.-J irhn h 7-1 breamed the .'sr' ;;; t4/ and! abusing others! as tiiiiiion1 : best efforts of the Democratic party. I opinion. IJ
of .Mr. Wi biter's, recent speeches. It is di-
\ Discushicu iu Guincy- -ibJitiiiii," was t treason( I to tin* Cou itntluii i it" while ;:t tho samu ti.nc; they are moving' I am identified with the Democratic party,, j And again, in the same ppeecb, fa MVS J
rertlx i'i :
'. .. Caraway Smith, Kq-, tl.e; iJemocratic K- ( r.ud! it is now) "TOO)( LATK"i: to place '. (;Jc-i.t t' !uin.point 1 -\;- t t<' be- lib -'ilcd! r.nd ;tl.c.m.: _. heivesi: and earth to make a man President[ (State and National,) nut because it i.s called | Florida was afterwards admitted. Then, ii

: : lector for the .Middle Dietiict) will! nt.141rts'I 2iim.vjlf ii*<.rbt bi-foic( ) the couutrvhtn: !: a Y- '. !h1-hL! -d.i:-1 :.t b'i! i: t it ii.! .. i..,* lirtrbi-ic. ''who e election will tend powerfully! find a- by tl.is particular name, but because I approvu ,- too. I was out of Congress. I had been in

the Democjatic Club ia (Qiiincy, on 'lliurs-i\\dfd I before would I have: 5c: t tiered the: .ibolitionits I htvo iii t l"-t a ti''lt"p.' f f rieat many yrnr*: larmii'gly to L i.r about the of the platform of piinciples upon I j it once, but I had nothing to do with the
1 hr.t. ho-jie t'.ti! t l"i- .-!1t j-i" And I why Mm.Mwtti"t I J : very tiling theyfalsely Florida treaty, or the admission of Florida.
1 lay evening, I lUth( iuf.: On Sat unlay, theISili and encouiaijed ti! .' pitii'its I wliow"i3 (-xj -<.t 4i i 111- !.I!. .'.! M i : J- 11t tin' ('.-tituii-'ii (
lust. tlivro will bin public dUcus ioa inQuincy. ronl'-stinjj tli licld with them.! DIr.t ii.! t'z.i'i.Jti.t.<- lil> I!,.d :.td: ; bi.--il f I D.I) ii>tIT.I.- the le in alaost Kast t
? > ., [: | with It-i.ig in favor ot'J ; pcoj every county not in the original scope or design of the
1..1.L- <-.I!! it th"i} !it-ij.; n 4.1. bt-IU Is n t Vv'i.-h-
.;, The Wbi s aro I in.'itd to be presMit t ;entry, the oloijucnl ami: (li-.iiiiiTuKIied wliiMiember ; : :.; '.-i liU-'l--l a-id I nI bi! ,Ml : I N he j.'t ad!! a bl.nluii 1-1 Let the people look to it. These party of the Apalachicola: river, since my nomination Constitution to admit new States out of for-

arid take part in tlie dclrito. (!":ir.iainith \ fr..ni Tenii! -,'e, -oliii in all iNi 1 on tin* trn'-k <.l" th Afivan P'I j>k'} Are iit 1 1r hacks"! in Honda, who and am now on the eavo of going o' eigri territory, and that for one I never would
t.itli.o; hlfll-tJ I Jitjd bi.-id bytl.ir! < wu tljldnt.! ; are pursuing Judge I consent and matter what be said
I I <]., aiid tbs will rcri csiiit tiit i fence the position of fiuii.; Scott dining the I :Lu, L..l I IILJtC J (!:0 lit tAicct I'J tS- i>roome with the cry of thief," are thcri-. tie? Western District for the same purposehi i the Syracuse, no Convention, or may any other ai-at

Democrats. I texcitii I: p':iod mrceedlnjj !to p s .M e oldie selves time real eulpit: % who! retoit t to this ; reference to measures of State policy, 1 t I semblage of insane persons, I never would

k cohiin-'jited I I in bi When Mr. Webster tittered this language; ,, will: bknsay that I the advocate ol f
tr A L-H'l.or Ou"vi iii it rotvivoil until t3ii Comj-nunu-c j.lace on expedient in order to hide their own delin-. am > consent that there should be one foot of surra

morning, C0fl.Cj1IstlV !<.<> hue f.-r l:1 j'ir.Ruracr : t'at' p'j'-itio:! ILl the following thrillij] ::; manIKt Iu- was fighting, In company w ith Pierce, Ca-=, ( !:eUCS in s'ifip tim; the 1:1.1:1: who.--e} princi-. such! measures internal improvement as will!1 territory beyond what the old thirteen States
I Buchanan, and: other?, the battle of time fi: i- tend to devil'> the of r had at the time of the formation! of the
nr: ,\\-s I pe resources our youngand
Seward's .
t Corrected.IVe : [ ai e ;; pockets. "
the slave law : :; : .V''fcWiand/ ( hit fol'mv-! : : Union.
tinilcniUuti] I'.ut a ruiuur liui ptifip if>rnn'l tlj.1 Of n. Prr.tt i* s: "d t'f\ rt-iily in, fsvrr of jljtiic"is ; improving) coinniotiwcalili, build up ouicitie
: >:r.>>. All ih-) '.ri-p-v f--r l.n if tint Utni; < wh- had at that tim seized n': Here is 3fr. Webster construe-
i-r.-t, ) very UJ)0and I Tierce on the Right of Petition. increase > tiFntion and extend giving a
there will nut be IL>tc1 accoiiinK lai5.' n* in tl.5-; <-ityfc ] oj: ,

.' ,r all tin* ucnilK.r* of' tli> I!r- (O.jr; iicivrhbor! m.nkc.s: :i >. :.ii: illort! t tu cxtiid i i- our commerce amid! manufactories. elected i, tion to the Constitution which, if carried into

in Xovembpr. Tlii i ii'.iriU: i'Hfirrwt C<>1. l"ilier. I.hi.t-iii:, :i'i 1 ur' ;i-i. JJi J cniivinti-.i.! ; th
of the riaiitcr'n is Jiow etrigti '" ir'ttUnp a Iir-: -' i' wtjr wLii o1)'ijjati-! j.->i'jirfi Jl*.rtn' cd t"aji-'ii'tirj'l 14:1 by: I by th>-t thtitutl'ii <.->-'('--iji< :! of pnvinir) the way fur the! ultimate overthrow cniuk-r (Gcm.; Pierce of tii-ouJ.icss; : on the (ion tf the cause of education, and in perfectir. ion. But if the perpetuity of this Union depends -

: addition to lii* JI< tvl, Jiii'l] aii'rtlu r t stMiMvo t ricjirjinsllou pruiiiiMip4iet.ras and to tin-i.V tl:<- f.:c"tn fl.i1.inw. .- of: tie: fn i'.iu- sl\e: law. I lie e.\pectcd (to beiLuc slavery quc ti >n, !iy :illediiii; j tiit! : t'jonyii At' a for that which will | on the faithful execution of the fugf-
.:. c w 111 f >oii ojw-m-"! i liy nr: i system purpose con-
: -
I IL XBWKMIJ so that tlwre) vill] 1 I- }j.loiU <>f r" n j.i.ij I I'n.-il'-ijt; ofthI'ni'l i I Slatva* -.i I-v.-jiu tnp i ) tl-r th-> largest benefit, without imposing un- '

4 .. : ample tmai.datI4,, \Vc nri I r-t-r. lo th" JMV }.!. "f th > \.r;}, f. -tt'i.' !!.. -<.- ] ': :i',;jced!: aan m '' .j -ate fion libcity! ," pre c1mduum : b'ltOn p-Uti.it5! "toby i ii dir* cllliit t necessary burthens. The duty of seeing that Union man sustain the whig party ? This
lif.iis : tint i< ial l'u ./ -. ?
M ne ycat : <'
will ine) tIi3 matter. Jn jtiitkc to Oii.pUci?. :.uj f...rri'i ii]>vtl wji-ti(;!.} uiifJin ? lit'ir*
4 tLc turjkcce 4 ( cl.rr : iho r.tu-i'-'r rcfirre l to.t [ Cri7* AM It-titl'-PS /" clof if til tin 'lift l'Hn">r< ct-il art* T r()v'T///rr' M'// jv -\/ r/>n///M'/- [ bvli vo the u-viTso, ai.d tl.eicfore it i U not charged with! promptuas, and the exercise of j States. How many Northern wnig3
hfcU'tl 't'. i,1 7// ill* Mi' i' t'f: .\-in/ '
> tit'ti if lie
:ir ] > 7.er"b-ithedid not look for a\ue from a son of rt for us to all i'voted for this law on its passage I They
t ) Judge rconc.Tlie trh<) itti'ol .'pilii tii nit nju'ii 1/1:1 jntrtt lie ir.is.1.- comjtetcnt icptidiate our own Lxrcmxtive clemency confined within its

1:1.: .. : roarer511 tiud i'M nuuthor columti an < Jen. 8ott was :ih] tl.e whi!** ]>rif uudlv i-ih-r.t vjv.n the South, and that, too, bt-eaue he would t I and -et lip any :.liHlgcd! d'ictiines I' of the ..SViI'mrr proper limits. Attention will be given to the had eighty-four representatives in the lower
'tht I Mjb ct. If l.owas in fav.. f lh. .
: < -
L address from .luJjc; 5TOtii? ; c' to iho} voters of wl.c.i imljMx\ \ Ftr: <: 2lc ww b-.iti r <; ii-tdc't In ju--i-ui f.! the- not walk in the wake of Scwatd and support I ii; defence."' Now, what ire believe is revenue laws of the St.it, and! uch suggestions House of Congress from the North. How

: Jscamtia and asita Rosa couuti"?. NVJien tiibtriul) ; ) ;!/! <':I;'ii.fru. tV re*'ult c>f uiih! ii>v .h i.i 1 him who h-'is been a tool in his haiuU !-We not time (juc.-tl :i-but wJi.it we objected to made from time to time to the General 'many voted for the law ? Just three !!! whilea

f., ,, that address was received l y us, the! Judg the I' htl II iu'.ert! I- :if,.' the flt'l UtjwIJi.pMnt ii' up! ('i..1 and f., fl|I'I r<"- cannot: believe th.t tiie North Carolina whi -, on tIme part of te!; editor of the Siuliurl was Assen.bly as may be calculated to correct abuses large majority of Northern Democrats sustained

,, did not think it would be possible for bini to 0 1 aii'l 1'ilDin,! l.'ic nrfi.iii'f nj Ltf i mi i. li if }i
,t visit those counties, but a letter from, him byyesterday's uii'J! all'uit't'tlt'.n f-t in turn f nrni'jhhii tu a .'!.?/!!j'l.n'itimi ic fiiuittri/on igI tJii-t lirimjtiifl t/u'X' tack on .,Ir. \\\1-tf-r. : Dimply because lie voted in ( 'ongress preciseIt expenditures. I I 's resolution (daring the present Congress)

\ mail, after the adJreis was in U pi-, ''. IVhi ; did, b? in>td : "juuttd I"T I by a?<'ribiii;. \<> |Jn I thit *.rt A a'ubiti-, Another Whig giving his Testimony.
I notifies us that h* has changed his h" ttf'cn prcxi-it' nn lie occasion. Are this! written letter but the promises of the Constitution and execute the
purpose \\hi<_h liiadtli'- auU Idll fr..ii! I HC \MI. JL t .nntnl l It allotds us peculiar ]ieiMire! to record tl.e we correct hastily course pursued :
and will vieh Pensacola and Milton btfoieRo the J'i itnl''tifiiii'lin /iig .'4r.rnr ilo'tr'tu If J'f- : I IVoiild not our neighbor have voted towards me by the whig press and a fugitive slave law ? Just seven and not
of the I Hon. -
testimony : : ;
,: t. returns. In publishing! the addres, we : .jlt.* l to: /it_i.t$ fj'iiitri1'lilt IjtijilqJ.u in and the ti'Jjhr w hfJv of iluty it. vlitrli N! inan lfnt i II. Srii'in: :><, one of the most iiistingui ; just as Gen. Pierce did-tirnj.Iy ii: favor of n number of the whig politicians of the State, one Scott man among them! and here, too,

i have taken the liberty of omitting that j>or- j IK M g'.ori-ius: in thii c JU.t! 'y. when h,; a.-j.Iiv< t-i tin- principle.! If so, what soil of justice is it require that I should notice charges of a a majority of Northern Democrats sustained
( personal
] whigs ofoorgia, in favor of ( Jen. Pierce.'i .--
frt |i.iw ill lf\ l-jrablc.; : Jttto iii.iS.iit t-acril!.-. r ti. it What did their Convention ?
that condemns him for They
lion of it which announces bis determination' doiiiir whnt the editor character. say
>riak frttljf b' ,.I.h ii i. and I t'the : is i
S. ] : u < 1 tid"ui<-|5y r.Stephens not a supporter of the democratic
.. :: not to go to Escanibia and Santa Ho a.We )liti---ul tcudon'-icis liki-ly l-i n-i-ult fiom hi* MJ<"J'I.' candidate and what he thinks would be all light if done by himself! I am charged with having said on one occasion I bound themselves only until time and experience -

V Ii commend the letter the \\V Jmv a ruhl to *n.-Hlc"fn-+lv. I cLiai that light, consequently eays That ( Jen. Pierce voted on the occasion shall demonstrate the necessity" for
Judge's to referred that we must teach children
perusal itud li > Jiiii:; hhail inaivc luiJifiai 1.While 1. ;, will not be regarded in any other light thai:I our |1
of the people of the 'tateab atnobt biiccessful Scott was thus conccnting to the as the voluntary tubule of an eminent South to in dcfincc our principle, no man shoot rifles and hate yankees." This is false a change, Scc. What does Mr. Cabell say I

viiidication himself against: the or.trageous destruction of Webster and HUmore, ami 1 ern man to the honesty and uprightness of .1diithgubhcd 1 can doubt who Is familiar with! the! record, -I I never made such a speech or entertained I> The election of the Senator from New York

r and malicious persecution( of him by aiding to prostrate every Noitlicrn, man who ( Northern Democrat. .Mr. Ste- aid: it i i.s certainly not only unfair but ungenerous sucli! a sentiment. I am charged with being \ (Mr. Seward,}. or of General Scott by such

i r4i the "miserable' party backs" who assail liitn bad breasted the Komi; of abolition," what I'phens'I addressed the people at Atlanta, Cleor. for Southern! editors to attempt to prove i a disimionist. If by this is meant that I do an organization, would lead to precisely the

on account of his position \ itli to the him nnworthv of Southern stipport bv 02 r- ; have entertained same results, and the former (election of Mr.
( now hos-
rt'sjivct i was Ifcii. Tierce doing Ask Toonibs and 1 gin, on( the :Ut ult. In the course of hi:S ,l or ever sentiments

.i. obsolete issues of lts.>0. t Stephens of ( iiTgia-ask Faulkner of Virgin- frpeccli, he declared his preference for Web. vcrtiti that record, when it is so well known i t tile to the Union on the principle of the Seward) would follow as a necessary consequence -
that his in 'I of the latter election of Gen. Scott)
i : votes Congress on thos-lavorvnutt- (
Error in the Governor's Proclamationere 1 i.i: (;Jentryof Tcmifssoe: Cliiifrman: and Oul- --ter over either 1'ierce or Scott. The latter r, Constitution, I deny that there is any truth in

flere i h nnm>r zt' \ii.ti: ii law of .N 01:-tli Carol!n.i-aye, and :i i1 l: (.'n'ulle '/ lie said, ought:! to be: defeated, but of the dem- tion are now: being extensivtlv used in the the charge. In the discussions of 1S30, on If the Union held together till 1856." And

:'f 'ftbe Governor aj'fc-JLititi tin time of )Iwldi: 3iixti'n i iV. Florida Ask ( .North for tin* sole purpose of showing him '| which thU charge i is I declared I again, says Mr. Cabell, on the 12th of June
ttf j-o| -b-y, or At:wood, orillalc ocratic: candidate: he rcmarkiMt; I predicated,
.i: of 'lcd jrs of I'rrriilci r.iA i Vice Pi< ti i 3t-ht if to be a Southern doughface"-that i is last, General Scott's election, under present
or IVtgj, or 1'o-s or r O ,odaK-as!; ':.- &i.t: ( .-ii. Frai1.i.I: Fi.-r'o< r I i? .h'ri myslf a better Union man than Gov. Call,
4 the I .Sttt(-!. TLc l.iy f.r lioli'.ing the &-1Pt.n 8'-- 'I'hiaddi'us Steven*, Wi21i.ini 1 II. ScwarJ he had ti..tIti'{ t.> .1.;. :-ft. bid: imobjietiii ii t'IlIan:,- in [ 3aii; Ilngli-Ii.: a man who lias: too muchrcg.iid am! other prominent gentlemen with whom 1 1 circumstances, would, in my opinion, con
.t: twding to the law '.f ihe Ui/.VJ: Stat ,, :wv e'lI n-> the or ; : Mr.! I'iietV \Itt t a i jI t"u,_T(-.-> Oil tin slsnif: for the con.-titution to sanction tinue the Government in the hands of the
.t: State f ti'rt ftftrrl'.' :'Chaie !. All these men will tell jyou that .ii.-ti.i.: I H.b<-!i.d i lim i ti h IM> miXKXTI.IO : ; a per- : differed at that time, and for the truth of this, i
( :N-KUVAT1YK: OX: .1-Il SOl'THJntX: ) Wl'XTIo.N. jiotii.il warfare the institutions of the free-soil part till their fanaticism dissolved
upon refer the "
St : while! to Florida Sentinel" about
r Jiitt Jfomiiy in .Vor'>Htfr, which \5U be 7ci.iy Scott was bilcntly fjliig] : the Wbig'i ol theij
\M) ,, .. the second day of next Xoemlx r, anJ not *' ..tou.1v i| Cunvrntioiiilh: men devoted to lii< mum riKKNt'K V.'HATHVKH: IN T11K: AlIOl.ITKi) ( :; South.V j 10th September, 1S.>0, in which a synopsis !! Union. I agree in opinion *ith Mr.

'. 'P.1. the s'cce'I7 as *ct f. illi in llj*; (;u\erni-r'i* I'rncafljXA l'I I policy"-with the worst, enemies and revilen xi\v.-i'Ai'r.iicirouTsoF.v.ii.i'iicj'sXKv: : : ) :!; I Rut to show more conchiMvelv w the Oiijulice "ros 'of the remarks of different speakers at a1 j Cabell in the above extracts mr and yet I support -;

:, tioo. It may: be ijij.virtarit! t> 'rret this <.rvr, fvr :n of tlie 1)z1)Xl'FFIJ; : I. lie 1 (!-larel tie tkicraiLaufltiut : done to ( emi. Pierce, wo emote tl.u Miccosukie L ke is I the Democratic party, in whose hands
> fugitive tlavo 1av-Framih e tO be a strong 12 i.ti.1f tins meaurc. meeting on given.
: eIuijr..Inie
remote 'Ithe Stat H lj
: 3 jiortioiis ( r.gLt productive .'. "While I > following inttiotiu remarks mruleby hmiumi only there can be little doubt that the Union would
; ( confusion and Pierce was "flg1itiiihrjtlle itj>nn the fitatluc I.'enntinu.-dMr.Sl.pLcn.s, was & umj|. [ j differed, as I then stated, with those gentlemen
Y iiieguhnty.-JarA.otvlic \tir-. r.c the Slate of (!e.'rghi. in : ;in favor 'f the I' ...
__ If-'O. *i fit t.* II ** .n.tt i\r* 4\** **f\ti. fnt. MVI-K I 4.K 1.. ..L.l be perfectly safe. And these the men
ji 4(4( uitlant.M ___ il.nr litir in j\rr JlwupiiHtrr ;" that and ('onipron i) < Mr. I 1'iirfc wiiof ttunlflg I I. ** V *J ** .ts tilt w v> *VIVtAVV% h\J U: iill. | in reterence to the best mode ot preserving are

4I 41 Jefferson County. !< be was engaged: in a bitter waifuroith the tat(' Xe\v Jlanij iihe ia favor of the amc priud- Xi-ntinrl was taken in the Senate. | the Union and the rights of the South, I and the prints, the supporters of Gen. Scott,

: .. The democracy in Jelferbon, we leain, nrc \ery men who wrro receiving rncouragcincut plts"Mr. I On the ijlst I of February, 18W, 3fr. Pierce and if the limits of this letter would permit, I (whose principles," Mr. Cabell says, **
have added] that while
St41111c.iis niiglit presented n memorial from certain citizens of' in "
Seward's >
: thoroughly aroused, and will poll one of tlu-ir '| fiom time studied and ciiminal silence 'I could now show from the history of parties breeches pockets, ) that are K
1 i !be( and (Jen. Tierce wcie thus acting, (Jen. : New llamp hiie, lug Air the abolition of much Un-
I'3 ; concerned lest I will dissolve the
largest majorities on election clay. Tiit-ir of (jen. Scott Is this not the solemn( taj'JiJi from that time to this, that my views were
Scott was softening tic! wor&t revilers of the Slavery: ii: the District of Columbia and from :
ionrof inconsistency.
these -
States. Shame such
candidates for the Legislature! are, Col. K. E. :i iI'lnckburn U'e cliallcngy: any Scott paper or orator I to correct. But suppose it is argued from my || upon
fugitive tlavelawto inllj-under IllS nanie, and the remarks made by him at the time the ful! j jfowing :
.' for tlie Senate: ; J. CarawaySinitli, deny it. If It be! true, then, what whig, who i ij 'po>itioti that I was a disuiiionist on a state of .
was thus git lug aid and comfort to the mobtdangerous U an extract: '
Ksq., Col. John Finlayson, and J. F. Dewit) j; pitferi principle to policy, will aid the election enemies the country was ever ': I d..i onniC'tly hope that, every hono man. x\ho r' facts existing in 18oO, I am at a loss to ascertain I In conclusion, allow me to say, fellow-cit-

'i ,. Esq., for the !House. Maj. John L. Tailor | of Oen.; Scott; with the distinct t under- threatened with. hr.s frincvrcly ct hcjtit thc Wat hiti-n.-ts < ftl.e >!ave what advantage my distinguished :|,i izens, that although a Union man, I am for

1:. \vas forced to decline the nomination: tendered i; standing that bU advent] to power will be the |i :m 1 tin* ni.i>icr,nuty no l 1.'ui-r b.- gnvt-nujii Lv ublin! >l lal lz competitor, Col. Ward, would have over me I I the Unwn made by the Constitution, and
We commend the testimony of Mr. Stephens snd iu-j-uKe. hut l lie l 1..L l to f\iiiiic: > thU'sul-ject.:
k.3 him in! July last. His letter of declination! roMn.irriinirMra": of the higher-law fanatics to our neighbor as of a character far > full of dijiv tind dan:?< r. i-i all it> bf niiir ; titi.I l t tH in that respect. May I not, with the same 1' consider that the surest way to perpetuate

I has been sent us, as follows : 1 to destroy whom Tierce labored iu that, wL( n Mluil r.jfcin to U-n J their zones and intluL. 1 plausibility, argue that he was a disunlonist the Union is to protect its charter from inva
more worthy the columns of I his paper tl-an i riu'ito thcoRuse: s.fairat&i'iri, thfy ronfintjir th itrr ,
.. Noo CLLLO. FJ.A, Augubt 2.J! I %2. New I Ilamp.Oiire ? the mi
Mr Din SIR:-A short time uiucc, I WHO ( } >:;:"/>'y fii.J j'i'ittftio'i t-f tJteXmth aswllai the was, by) his own admission, a nullifier then I Constitution, and will be behind none in r -
4: t dally; inf jnncd that, ni a meeting of tie democratic Ilie Scott ('riul uiiJ-'iinkos to eacajn; from iu laid as Fogg, 1'oss, and (ioodale. .V.rs; that it corrrs the ftiitire I'liioii, aid i ii equal- ;
party of Jefferson county, Li-lJ in Mvuticullonu the1 utlciii]>t toniihruiircsout .Icir.-iMiii, <-xjx>--d ill our last, | Iv a guaranty fir tin? n nn.elcseql cvjoymfiit of) tit'tHuWitic and what were the circumstances of danger !I isisting infractions upon it I will yield to

a. % 8th July, I wus noruiuatcd as a can JuLitc for the H"use by 8ii Jug tlmt wo were iuaijtubh-vuiuprihctidiii I Il Comes to his Rescue. intritu'ivns ",/ual1 i/s pari ; and! I tnist, to the Union ? Time State of South Carol-! ., none in my zeal for the protection of the Fed-
of Itepueutalivc4 of the next sc&iou of the Florida < j further, that they will no longer clfwe their to'' 4
4 1 1..ei1Ature. I take Lbut the ear'.it-tt opjRrtuiiity of :l the force of the cxtr-et, jus v.-c | the iS< utim-l] ijuoted it The ftcniiml undei takes to rescue the Mai thc fwt tluit, fe<> far as th
... raying to you, unJ thp'Ugh you to my dcuu>crttt c ful- from ilr. Jcflci-wju. in its jijiplicati-Jii to thf rcnuuks of rianna Wiig from, the odium of the deliberate i express nnu'h fci-lin; arc court-iru'.l, Ifiis Jvrtign appointed "a day to carry the ordinance into [ delegated to it, and will be behind none
f low citizeus, that while I fuel deeply grateful f.>r the IlrtM 1 < ha hwn, and continue
Judge, >nic, Ac. We lumwcr-we und :i>tood the iHtfij\rnt! ma t inevitably
I. hooor wished to be conferred, aud tiHfttliaiilcful furL extract have doubt t falsehood that paper perpetrated iu its issue to be, evil and only evil" effect, (and an early day, too,) had mounted resisting its encroachments upon the reserved -
precisely asee no the i-ditur f the
( !' me tic,ooufidcucc I ebc rely thus regret expressed that circumstances, of uiy fallow beyond citizens iu JScntiiul iut-nd&1 hit reader to understand it, to wit I of the 28th till against Judge Broome, when Thus does the record vindicate Gen. Pierce cannon in the city of Charleston, and in oilier rights of the States. I am a State
4 ruyrmtrol
,% t .' < poiitively fubid my being cue of the tLauJuid j -tluit on the CousUtutional rjucatiou, JctFcreon was it charged him with advocating time old exploded and show him ever to have pursued a con places-had invested extensively in arms and rights man, and hold the Virginia and Ken-

bearers democracy at this time. ; agaiitirt Judge Urooin doctrine of free trade and direct taxation servative, straight-forward( courat?. For this ammunition-had raised very many regiments tacky resolutions of 1788, with Mr. Madi
Time and experieuce have increased mv fdith in the
l priociplea of the -mocratie party, and I figure you Jud e Drooiue's donial, of the Constitutional power ," and in course of its defence asks course we honor him, and shall rejoice over of volunteers within the State, and had son's exposition of 1709, as the true demo

:1 that as Ui as my ability goes, they will find uo warmer to malce Internal luipfovemcuti, was aimed *l n'"g i'| whether tho Floridian will so far qualify its his election, as elected ho will bi. accepted the services of many out of it. Tlie cratic doctrine-the platform upon which the
advocate than myself.In general ," and for illustration he
referred j
- I conclubioo. allow me to return to iny demooratiofellor the sysU-ni contemplated lit the time of the veto of the'to '| charge of falsehood as to admit that Judge We never opposed Mr. Fillmore, nor any Government bad, on the other hand, invest party was oiganized-the foundation upon

I. j j citizens Jcffenou county my sincere thanks Maygfillo Road. Such unprovemcuts, embracing rivers B. id an advocate of Free Trade." Wo answer other man, because ho voted simply in favor ed the President with authority to raise troops, which it has rested, and the great political
for the many honors they have conferred on me, and
: if in my power, nothing vould more coiuoide.with my roads, canals, it,he argued could not be conducted no-at least not in the sense in which of the light of petition. Our opposition to and had appropriated money for their sup text book to which it declared its continued*

i.,' ,. wishes than to serve them in even the humblest capac. with the same economy by the General Government the Marianna paper used the phrase. The Mr. Fillmore was because he was not only in port, and, in short, had passed the bloody I allegiance in June last On these the prty

: f ity. I remain.JOHN lc, L. TAYLOR.Cpt as l>y the States, and that they were contrary Judge advocates n Revenue Tariff ii; opposition favor of receiving abolition petitions, but because bill. This all looked to me (then residing iu are united from the, Apalachicola to Cap*

DAM'L. BIED, Sr. The the principles partial citation of the made fathers By of the our Btntintl oonstitution was,'* iutcn-vc..._.. to a Protective Tariff, and to this extent ho was in favor of their reference to South Carolina,) very much like the Union Florida, and go into the canvass with confiv

i 1 OrThoCholera is rcpirted to have ap. ded to show that the Judge and the." fathers4 were he id the advocate of Free Trade" and no committees, and consequently in favor of discussing was coming to an end, and that iU fate would deuce in their ability, and a detanninatioo'tocarry

i; ,: peared in Charleslon.. Several deaths have at issue the-truth whereas, the reader had that would paper have not seen hxre suppressed that the further. But the WestFloiida paper intended the subject, as well as in favor of the be sealed with the blood of its best citizens.I the State in all its departments, from

-: ; ,. already,, .::1 .OB,-.curred,"" 1wIc: 'b view was mutaiuei lo convey this impression that ho advo- abolition of slavery in the District of Colura-" I was then a Union man, and in company I tho General Assembly to. the Presdet1

: 0 11I


- -s---- I- _: : -__ : __ -- -:. iii
------------ I ----- ------
= -
J- :- -a------ - --- --

L tincdmtj' S 1t couldi.te for Mm nudor ordinary r OBITUARY. W. 3. BmtQ 89, C4ttLoker,
democracy eu .persna1Iy, we MK. LDITOK : Tlic )t) TIfE rLoaDx &JOL'ALIn
1 JIiii.yci circumstnt c, !*<** County on the Vth !n tant, after aliort FFERS his ahie t4 b *ii : aM ,

: gallantly to,the aid But we deem him far frcui belag adrsirablo candidate tnltcn from tlie Sentinel of the 24th of An- 11W 41aIniff a..4,. I ShO (d, in tile National first pbce, tbcVLI but painful ilnM\! JAMES FOREHAND;, io v-f generally.- Offic vilh Mr. Dttaflly. t e.

will 'sullcr under rirontnuUiurca.We pmrty to b. pzrtythfbLiti. the r.r.th tr of Li* jt e, litb.is lfi a wil< and six Augu&t28.i. 4i tlL. -. '
Or joti your any gust : of rrindide j
the corner atniac ef their platL.rIn ;
1 gpTdost itt think luin fr i.ifu-ior.iu all the qnaliliovlu.'hii"titntc ::' Cnu.i.'s and in taP) CCOflII p'g ,' I ,] liv Mr. C.thvII, tlcndi'iate children ail a lars e circle of friend to mourn hut AiLs Publi *.gbv. It''
: cnents to divide you they < the ttatuftinan to llarri or T.i\W. He .Jin. VOTE ov THE RTSTR AND HAuroaHiMw prove ant e.t dcatk Ho died tvith th.-\t hope that vill bit beyond DEJUUY, J f
; WI1i
We have a letter from Mr. OilH dated tboiCtli 1'r Conrt.' I bntb th bfs'ftN d Ibm
ueyiut ., hits nothing in our opinion to (-specially rwrnrnvtid which he tit! him to candidate but bis nii'.iuirv in says, alluding to our 'upukiea Li pjirty. -- --__ jic.rally, Flm>m particularly, >
one as a
any pros- I-'rte S'.ii
Toor fellow citizen, tige, and that ttw i* a great i>j -<-tion. He M baMv.tty. referutuxj to bis vote, published >n the loth : atm.I I th-J C.LI1JI and late exclusively of the It for, .ANOTII F.! Stii Tmn 'Vo'wta Jiipran1 iu .Dp will bo prepaid to attend to the W. gkdnp| of Cotton
I >ott*l a ain-t the Uivcr arid Harb-ir Hill tf this Altolit'ntrt Ji