,:.1t5 It1i \ihiVhthe admto-trali uf (Jeii. agnunt., Tlic ,iint-ii.ni. ,,, fpposinjr li-jups Las truly a won Wful remedy for IndittKin, Dypep'ia, June 19 1852. plcasare of Mineral Springs; knd cvrtuv ,
2t furnished
& ;ptl( ; iflatiLr1nLtt d, wo orpy the fllovvm! Conech U'fcatod! tlu-ir xxholeVM ;""J H'lii'd tip the waxlor Jaundice, UKer Compl.iint,0tnistiiation] nnd Debility, gratis to ladles who may wish u ft-jo-rUM .. -

1 lI. Sc a ]) .Ichvcicd byhim ii || I tlu- man of the j>wiThat] man I luia t U'eu diohcnuot Pierce on Abolition Appointments. curing after nature's owu method, by nature's own Lamp Chimneys, pleasure of a tdorning or evening rivl os the rla&kKaad '- j

Ltic 11It. dv.i I he 1ILp14'u of a nsbv f.-rl'M biillMiiHah-nti-ir! : )Ligli station, or groatfmkvs .:? f following e4tra-t is taken Innu a Speech miide agent, the) Gastric Juice Pamphletcontaining) scitMitilic to the Springs. ? > >\
Catnpliine Burning Fluid Spirits Put- There excellent! StabJ attached tb the Hotel
u ao
"" Buchan Calling ujvm thcPicof *- to the tintry, hut -.imply AZ the l-y ilr. PHI-CO. cviiJencc e.f its value firni-h! WICKS ,
Mr. rtprtMiitativcof } -1 e.l the lot and 2d July 1810), AX bile he : by agents gratis. AloohoL For sale bvJ. and a diligent Oatler In attertdaoce.
> "- remov ed from ofh a rMil'l Jui-lii this, the Su notice advt-rtiiH-mcnts.
p l ttiur.iph if that iu
turDib the Zhl ( was the U. S. Senate, on the appointment of Abolitioni..ts among P. J6RDAX A Co. N. B. Charged moderate.
1iDt t iuteJ Illi e>f iLirch, >iiiKMpli> i islore urkl than it could be iu ths -
f tbL, : 'sri' inJwti.iu ] to office in New llaihirc Quinoy, June 19, IS2. 21 tf EZEKIEL MADDEN, Proprietor.
tC a The ;
gietter ia.
..,;. Blaiinitrali'nhave taniM out j >mol fore f'n a inun. XVMI, from )Jii*]>-ople xouth! Lux-c up, has now IH.CIIjxn i lv* I In the SL-ite v.bi.i( I have the honor in part to rep St. Johns Seminary of Learning, Newport, June 5,1332. 22 tf"

c .1':iii I IfltIt t(P gi .e ] as the (-i.n.fuit :ind uiiwnVonii!? fptHiik-ut of I resent, th.re SIP, as jjpjvur* by the rttuni-s of the late AT MADISON C. IL, FLORIDA. Quinine. In Ch ncei.

'riral vtU rt frim i. :cI "ii :be m1 grt.un. that ,. mned 100 OUNCES Sulphate Quinine, just received

r' frim"ri'httJ 1rtfrr ,tir rjt ui their Ptj Ually an *'rdinar-- man in xt-ijthijig bt.t i uti-au-liin jxillof iH-txvoc-n fitly aud! sixty th. .isjuid ; and yet, Jon TUESDAY] the Cth JULY next under the S and rale on good terms bvJ. LEON CIRCUIT COURT. I

tj ; ih !1C 41b'- (' jIj th5Tiet but hishcor.av5sll ic.f a vi.i.li.-tuaiiJ! luoli-iunt tx iw binull und ineoiiMderaWe as that Party i ia in j .inti.f .uperiitcndanns i.f Dr. ISAAC AULD, M. 1) P. JORDAN i Co. Frederick R. Gotten, Complainant, -

!. ; .f 11i5 i kiii'vlt.i '.'. tjW it 1! I peculiar to > cw ll.ii,]) hiu., Ohio iiW tauulv8ttcuilt-' numbers, they sire eo peculiarly; tl.e f.Ivoiit. of this Tlk" Trusteei take great pleasure in nnnouncinir to : June 19, tS2. 9t Druyjiat*, Q'tinty, J-'la. M.Jnmes .

5 etIi1Ijlr ? : Lt t e.tu id lug t.i wjual it. J iThib Admiiii-trati. n, that xx hen i.u.\jil$ Luxe evui n d], the the pitronof the Seminary and the public gt-nerallv I). Tradewell, La blown right, and u Admin

.4* kbM thV slAt 1 .jvr1v ( f rubt.1e xv ill d.., jiuJ rt-vkab' ji talo tf intii i r.P ? the I vacated phice-i! lu.ebeen tilled )bv zmlous jui.l pr.n.ilu their entire coniidrncc iu l'r. Auld us :\ Teaiher. Notice-Important.E trator of the estate of William Tradewell, deceased,

SC AJ tu! E cZI" I rp.rl ueut IILe, part ..f thSxvard iU.litk.iJu. x\ho Lulioikid for nt members jf tlit ftetj.'n.Lat i is m.'&t lonark- From the i uccs xxhich has -o far attended the t liter- un
,!. :JIirIteL: 1i Ge. Uio tart tX! ijohth-,, nihtind) dav. to puK-ure tin- nmiiintion J.bf! l )fmi r.its ulone L-nt not l.cii rtinoveil I L. give ptize, the Trustees feel an a-'urance that they will !, T in th";* city, anti now cull upon all nidebt'd T ppearing to the Court, bv affidavit made in this

tJ c -* Y i; .. ;- J i.i 1 ...iurtini.m of I >. ul.ibx,! th- ,;. iu. .":,.-v, m ..nl, r t.. bi-tho pl-ietrto: tltefft. J ('ixv rn iii-tai.i-t.....|.!utun 1 IIM.J.Jxvhh -utvetd in I'uiIJiui.. up a Sdiool! exactly adapted to ,, 1 to him to sn-ttl their accounts without rHay, ns J- cause, that said defendant,James D. Tradewell, re-
m**" ;; ,,, 1 t. ..jjju.t jtoflKvrt! b"li.u-c; b. t tvr able t 1 1, t t hv .V-xv.nl rjoi' UJ.-.tv n, xt fill.-.- tho xiv. that if have bttu led into emr"iiiilel 1 ti! <- x u.tf ff the ( loniintiiiitv. his bu-in s nuiaJ ic closetL He will 1euue ho state i-Ides out of the State of Florida, and in the State cf

-nY *,0'1', ;; r" II', ,t ,,..teV-by <':w spirit <.f Hu-y hive Wm oti'-j-uwndi-d and outxxhti-J : i.n 1 >i inJuotJec ttb<- D.-piiitm.i.t. I hun be riudilv e..ireoted. Their obj.it i* to f-tabli-b, "n n jH-rrjiariont rS-i'. in a few divs aii.1! tru-U this notice v ill not be un- South Carolina :

fill!* 4 (J r jju. i.v twflve y iw, your houet' the bitt.-i ii;>ut.! oui tx. I ih.' nit-tnoiv of th.y .- 'At Haverhill.! ( one of the ine\t cciuik'ni'Itown : ni Ii.-tilU'.ion in xxhiih the niimi-t tt I the pupils balI Leaded bv hw late custonicrs.i It it Ore i-? I. That said James D. Tradowell dvi

rE-r1.: I, ]J.a v. uj.-: ( J n ) i'.yr ,.f the Ws, reftIUI.I4IIjNI futlurf ( UM. PK-JTO, bv oaKing bim jai in that! Htat.', \Vilisiim 1'antoxxa xvorthit.i he tli'tr-j'tyMy cducMcd. Proinptid by nit earue.-t j ji i A. II. FELKELL. appear and plead answer cr demur to the bill of com

f ku '. V' t.tl444uCI'% tli.t the IthIICS unearned :irui, lint j.n LoiKs-t. Kind: Lciu t.tI nm>i T | Comp.ut, (.fle: ir, :uid a Ciui-i'teit. fiiend I i-f tle: Ue ?...::iie To i-r..t.ih.te the xwlfare t.f the riluggenera- June 12, 1S5 !. 23Groceries plaint filed herein within four months from the date

.p jj3ve n1 e-c/iped % our f harper nnividici '!>? battle, A.r -.52 opnliwiutifiilly.. (krIu-itips I Pie--i.letit, e'f t lonj: ttjiijlinjhin been di-pLicx-da> elrputy ti<-iu. end i:un-a-ij the pro-pe-riiy our joung and 1 qf the first publication of this Order, otherwise said

: a .iuit v.ur op u find uuivcrsalf f"r eix niontlip will U1... jjjxc the be.-t and nio-t n lia- l lMiiiit.r: imd Timothy K. Ulai-d.-il.; ; si f. 'ijieU..IH groxxi St.ite, tl.ey rely with ci-hfuh iiee uj-on the &..c.t'ST bill of compkJnt will be taken for confessed agaimliini S

? L.e hecniut.fth,. ,r'1tp. If t1.. .:& I tia (1,11- Ab"litieiii-t, Hud active iu the capju-itve-f seere- $'hIiI.irE "f a |P atri"fie.t t
3rver .rr' ( bat. nts in one of the grittt pub'iccontot! tkit oxvi tty of the AUilitiou Society fsr Cmlton'unfy! : in fin t'' smtiJu tlu.ni ii thu .W'.oiJi'lLrl.mc.t{ of so noble Oi-le.ti', 1'tori1'J That a copy of tliw_ Order be publi-Lcd

dm: in id f:- r-t-- l"rt f 'rt' h "" yet ajitatwl thlsitpubJic.! V.'c 1ia'e much uioietosnx. at uuu. ::ul etiiri.i-- uji aiL.ti. ii 1. e.v.-ite I prejudge a j>'irjx><=c.llpeikncf. !."> ca-ks C'lpjir ant Ribbed Side9, once a week. LIthe space of four mouths, in someuucwspiper
"Fr 5 I ; ; e 'tk.'rc tlW n: : lii' tiijty! {ij-sii.'i-t tile iu.-ttuti:1 e.'piof tie h.i ..hri-.r.lHrnU1! b ToU-l a dub?, the 5 .. Shoulder. printed iu the city of Talkhusscc.

1 tI lik-e.1 ( 'UI1'tI I*( ) 11iti Si-Uh, k- I U.-n!i npjB.ialel I in LIj.Lc: -. I n f-r toihi-! ii'-ri--titv( of iiK-rca-ing I ihi- rati-n I-1 t ult:i. n. Tho tvcieilin 5 I.::ilk Pork, At Chambers, May 2S, 1832.J .
} ji> in in.Jivi.kt.il iu-t.uu-e. V. hen vehul! 1 > fi.rui-li iy low rate' c.f the -t-r-ion htI WAYLES BAKER, Judge.
?i ,, nrfi 1t t4i IUT tt'w. Fci tie -V. } Jftrult, Junr C. i pi-t: > VLlil. ->1 to :\ Pi.iin H.inn,
Vhh Vt I' tM1 1( exri4UsLT The Democratic | c.l xxith 1 the li-l eall-1 I f-r, 1 xxill j>. iht r< it!. nun i to pr.nlii.-i1 a >uillcinit: fund to meet tl.e cum tit exjwitsesof 23 b-arrtl-1 Me-s Pork, June 3, 1852. 22 4Bi

.. .r i: d -r : ft 1 11 *vt. Nominations at Last-General -- \, other arid I inoie ill!]k .rt.tit"a-ei, illu-trjitive: oftj.vf tl- the >>J.
t. ;:,. frieu W 'i : vit it kIIw( j jth Pierce, of New Hampshire- i.1g4 of the. iij? inintit'ffy r t'.xxard tl.i-faeti'.n in to udopt the f lloxvin.j pt ri.i.trint rate-, xx'ii.'li 2i' > keg< T lIE Subscriber ill keep during the season a
1II .. ] l v .t _: i 1 : : .f ; .is.veiI \\\-\\v\:\ ik.-n: ] pli'-e] at L t they :ire onn-.t bx' l'j>) barrel aniilv and Superfine Flour,
i uj f-iJ: trifj-t, : th, Iiv 1 -u. I Fra'.Kliii, Fi.pv, i f 1 JK-xv I Mmiij huh: : s led in rn J <.utof seiv-n.// ii>l maiii. t.. 'tn tt ally one xx l.o v.i'.l "ivc the mat ttr a niou.uits r llecti.'a. JO '- I U.-etined Whi-key. he invites purchasers to call and see-and will sell at

: 1 : *' ijjii " iicu IJrowii 6>uar.: as low prices as can be had in the city:
; )th5r uuJ.r tlic I i-in-ijiii-t.iiK-ts.: WhmJi 1 : up.Ht.tbhxttttotiun > the r-niii'l, that declared in! :idvi.n( *, i.i I.i- inir u HATK-5 OF TUITIoy.PAVABI 1 ti.' .. \\ liite clarifieJ ilo. fir Prervii.. Baron Sides, Big llommony,

? r : I. II4 '1 a.Cas or I JS.u-hnu.tn could I not x 't it, the 3 ..1 aJ I-, that her xvould Vtt :uiy 1 bill the i 'bi; 't i>l n iv Aiiv xNrr, 1-1 1: MXSKOC or ivr >r<>Mn-<. ; kr ? (;' -hefi hlutter.S Shoulders Bulk Port, Xavy Beans -
South Rice
RS. t.S 'f ui-iiitK-iwy tjught t... l Uhfartily thjit thi< x\l..<.h WotiM bt to :ib"Iihlaxeiy in tl.il l J't i: tiie-t. :iu The nlnixe, x it' invoice schooner Venice frirtiiNexv Carolina ,
I1t. glad pr
I !" a. I w1.tlu :I I L'US iiii.tpi For Splliig! Keadinc ; Hams Fresh Corn
s:5: J t. .ni Ji-a-Jiv: vr4t'I igu. M.ii.- jiiid I J ). n l.ixv'h 7 h.ix.- iiud all tio'liiiliotilty l. tp-LtI fav i it4 s Pt t.Le \% tI t I.hI-h l.t t ii ;, Writirig, Piimary lic.gr.ij.hyuii.l Orlcan-i. nnd a "ood -'-< rtmtnt of tine Rimlly! iJugar-Cured Meal,
!, v arpr. your Prmurr Aiithm.-tie-. >S UO Plain itt Java Coffee in small mat.
t v1'5'Ii th'y 1i I jt't itstenirrn.u1 Laxc I IOMII dif< atd.l. Gin. l'Ivr- U c .miiiittt-'l, tik.i j grt .! ext'-nt. the ld low for C ii.P.KKKV .
a gMdnun
: ; ; 1 'U FIT Ar.thtmtic I!tuL-h Grammar '*
; j.2.i.t.4 Ci-MTapl.y. X. O. Brown Su the sack
a'nl V..uu. fltsitiviM-f I xxill thow that xxhik- the party xxith it I is mv it IIOWLW Auctioneers Ac ; ar, by ,
nuii- ,
a Voiini-
tb.1-b.P\% tttittt4I 4 I- njiu- 1 aui.I I Mo>!< ni Ili-t. rv, 1200 Porto Rico do. do. Rio -
: .> )be.oei.iteilin
Tii'fi'.i* r fr. S,.ulh O.irsliM. nu-liKi, Init a ill 'cvi t oi.e-.1 ni.m < t11i..iV-V! :iiI d.rti'tn .-- pri'linnd pl> a>ure: to hl.tI.I.ir- June 12, lb.V2. 23
n i-'f h.i<, xxjllmut dixi.'iiiii xviihiiiiitt-d For An*" lit I Ii1rA uu'kuit (;Ie e-t-'l1v.Clituui-; Clarified do.Stewnrt's White Whme and Cider
r rcL.rkI 3 tIhI tat 11( of dinri! < t tcr. I Ho !i-tinrui.-h<->l him- If in the Ji in.ruitN xvuii.'ii.-- .
:. ...! ) ItiNatur.il I'hiiitet.-I.v. Natural 1 ii-tirv Clarified
i MfXican and! i.i hi- 'I I 1II. jiiid xxllh; i one! Lii.it, in their ii'li\i: I liul. t-j.ju.citv ; : CHALYBEATE SPRINGS, sugar, Vinegar, S
!.c i1.v: 'c1IIh HI xv.ir ; ] >hi..il ] iiiii<-jil.fhc} i--H'iiii : : Ji-ei'i/.ii! <, mil I their Cooking ,
tliro-jfrh MERI\VKTHEi: i COUNTY
4J S iu the : GEORGIA.IfriQf'ct .
ti tht- bnk Iji-iji luii. r-Iirl.t.IItati; ( > ,
'1II .f! t'ncold wh j 1
ii. a < -iat f -
,, 1wL1.tI'h t. US : jii.l: rhxiol'y, 2000( Crushed do. Oil
.5 fruii .ll tl jii'i-ol Cenu.-il Cuui t seitibleiJ, deeLie-d in I the ttmn t .-.rtJi I my il"Vf th' level the Sea. Lamp ;
tLv I1I4I&I ; : theday.. He i is nb.utlhc l--t nf
LH "
:': tt. : -: t .t t Ij iu nil-i.i favor < f duxvuthis .. For lih.t r lianchf* of M.ihemnti'-i. Iyirie% Oranulated do. Lard "
1' 1. p.i mi I w.. th i 111:111 that
affii 'm. aw 1ti- I" SW? f J'' ;"' t''" ,.- all prlability, il.lj!! tl.- hct-ti.i lt 1i1 .' ;pn-y i.iiliv '. lights: M-e-iue-d, to agia-t eu.r .South any i.iteifeieju-e x\ith tbnt! tin M I itin und flr.ek Ijmgw.ij."', 'jr! Oi. > S 1 that he h.w nule: t-xttn-ive improvtm at the Leaf Lard by the keg, Worcester Sauce and

fp Ii .c 1etr vi l rI-pIied: fully, (ifl- 1 \ .-tri.It.'i'tl1i r tbvh! i- ii.\\! 1 i '}i.ly] ] .iol..l !\-. ) \\l 1 IlUUt-vvLieh I tM'-t i is de.-iied ni bieihieuby ti, ouJlIve i Jilid ii-liu- For Frti'di, (e-xtni.) 10 wContini S above celebrated Watering placeand that he tilt be (' 14 by the barrel, others.
> live
: ( .- '!'. t' u.' >.:niui.-"it l i.ii l I tcnibly !Is.! .rc tLc iuUlli: L*. '. : itirtI: jmd iii.Lakiii.. Jiil Littii in iii. he, eJide-f.ut the ;. nt Kxptiirf". jVTh're > prepared to nnr'io.Litt-, u liii>idjinc ttijlt, all who Molas-cs by the d->. Durham MustafdCavenrte ,- '

fjdffi ti l.:' t '1 LlI$ t <>ur cu'itiyiiK;.. tItStIII H. f'f thiie) .' f iiu.tix*. i iTl j I tiiin or I lie e'tlur-IUIAC be.cn ruiioxed fioiii ill IH.n pi.blic e.xnt.iin.'ition nt the cloof may conic after the 1-t Juti'. Syrup by the half do. Pepper, Ac.

(du-< ;.ri v.. fuu: i:iv nliiu ;. The ]iracti i<.v .! (-.1111.1: late f uI he Vi-o Ire- M< ncy i i"m, 1 11. >i 4>f ( '> .n-iiitv! Juii rust, the J.icjii-n- <'!1 v\iii jfiti'iii < h- the S.itui atton.laiee: on \ hklt will be ibigalcy1 l 'lilt-; i-II earned rvputatiti of the Clinlv l-cato." a.* Brown Soap, small boxes. Salad Dressing, -

tH 1I'I? a -'( n.f Kii-,4.f; \labvni- a-iexivlki.tiioii.il jiti'in, :uu: 1 cJejil.iUiJ S 1 l.t: f-jMikeii have litn rexxi.iil.lih I:!N,i i1!1 lii.I I llI. iirii.---* :t xxiit'.en 1 reoie-t t( the a n-ort fr health and j'Iea.-urfr during the summer Candles in whole and hal: Soda Biscuits,

r ? jii j4IIC <|f 'W" ''::--'* '.It ) ( .titE truth l' ftleilh: ; n i t the i!I. moi-niey i j ii the I S..hlh.I Mr.1 ', Mid
1 .itI. tL v ;t .' Kins'vl.ii'jeter! Jind history are x\ill known. lie luti.S out to tiKin ij'it but can obtained in piivate faiiulies from do more than! refer to the numerous tititotslio frtvtnd starch in 1 Ib. pnpefs, Water "
l'1 I !fli '' ml I Jill J l .iwiii f.l 'V-t- iji' be-ulxn] i.i: Coiii-n I. 'rI., li% 31inkter moith..c'.r Lini with tl> -ir conipany during the past ?ilmmer tt tythe box.Chocolate. Butter ".
'-xero 1 .1
'J.u fi'n Xortl C.ir"l lHMXV 1'ji-i'lelit el t lh*- Uhi'e-.l I MaliS .l.-te. jie inteiJij-y m> .j.jutoiiiyt cii.ir.s ii | nil of heiin lie feeL-t <.->ured will j-ive good S
Tfut w *- 'r :i i, S believe tl.t .Southern: ; frittlden the t-thtr: : a. a Cftn Starch, hlot aid Xavy Btead,. .
1 t.q4 .f t. r ..:.f'- '.i. < tin d ty. aeJ, 1)1 I Tho !J"'iiu..li'ij: : fi'i ]1'ivfM.iit i- a xe-iv it-muihj.hk- file JUtJI* Vet JlXXUlf my i f tl.i- 1 illlj'l.te ti them ll'i rc1ur/ '}' the Lwirdof; Trust account of the medii-inal pn-iierties of the Chalybt-atc Heidt ic Champ-ij-pe, Porter and Ale by the dot S

' j.- : 4' '' (ith- ir f.i i'l.iu 1' lv i < Ujtutit I ai.l tI. L.vi..u-: u--ult f .i i en fault: perhjijx, the want e.I\ivrilautf.. A Jur.cer., If--J. 1'5 4t | and Sulphur xvutir upon the j>remi.->es the salubrityif Sautaine Cider by the doz.,
t-x'-e-j't. # xt-t
C .'4i2 ''I"1 ul tiati'ttiJ Aie I!i.v < ILr eluirM't. r. In. J.miiHiy! Lu-t, xxe piiteJ out :1 li 1 iILiJ Ut I- to the FlfsiJe-l.t lio.'tJ.er blan.e his 13- :S.-iitiiel j.nd Jo< kor.ille News xxill copy f.ir < the tliiu.ito, and the lh-j.>-.itioii of the Proprietor Brandy r f the same, iId bikev,
; exe C.U1li -
uittlii* 'J>jw'-t vl-it thi .1- aiiJ ,.su1t, : tle., ereuii-t :ii.I: aIin.tS S .1 >M-:i. tint i* c v. rvvIit-re : \lit\ i-.iilni.t-i.t i- III ,.t 1... .-v. one i.i-rt.th, and f'.rxvarvl their bills to the Serretjiry. to con-nit the cuiiif-, convenience and taates of. hisgu.&tt. Madcria Wiuc, Old Rye S
\\' ,. i iI the ji.tiiul: i.on.ii.ati., i n x'.Lkh lu.a invv t..kui iu 1 u
8nc-, 1. .. ibiil'1 I hat i.tii .* ; !! > place, -- Sherry Rectiffed "
I peeled to sict ujf-ii ixry case ; he isu-t, i-i! ihe n.ituieI
;* '- i i: tj-! '{ i '<"ft nun 1/.1 1 \\ lj.itwcieou: Lhe flvw iiig 4 (!: I of thinleH.iid, ] to a irriat t.\tciit, rji-.ntlils: e.-ttu- BILLIARD TABLES. I t' A FINE BAND OF MUSIC and a variety of Superfine Flour, Martinis; and Picah'lli.Flavoring .

S tV] ii. h !. ,. llji ,.' '. ( >:i a J 'rout the .Y. }*. Jlintlil, Jan. ] '). j ti"i.d a.dvi-er; i-.nd lie }Kaa iuviti-d to tluir j.etm f..r X. Y. I'.ILUAIJI; ) TAIil.i: : JlAXl'FACTOP.Y, jini'i-crr.fnts have bw-i Provide to Itrine Dull Family Extracts, Ac.

,v>,i i 'In. ?! / .'j" I >iii it"i tr.>ri K it: cl :tloj.nd uij]iiiniutnuiitsarvcoi.c minlerate."j For sale at loTV prices for ca>>h, wholesale and re
nuJ- It -Zjiiz1 r-'ju: rk : 'An Irtru i"Us tji-k, ? P.iiit;.-r* H the route from MHCOM and tail JAMES B. GAMBUEL
: < Ti! >>cc pro tho m'-1 5mjK>rt.vit inove-tn.-nts i ii if'rPint -cn.tiny. 15ut l.-Ptliis puns for the pre-eut. It ia i- T"\nnillllft[ lanjo rtock iaslc fi,und. with everal
h1 :V UiU"U il< Jii'iii ji'.' >ir, thi.J'iu.rjili'l: ] thfiia- t't t'l! Il'M Ple-i ka'- that \\ehiv: >j x.th> tlithroughout 'I sulj.-ct x'vhi.h, li"XV Jllld li&rxftitihall behft to the aril iiujiorijiut iMproMinenvhiih -S I.iriie-xi.li to Co5'.imbii, will find good! Hacks at April 21,1352. 10

tti-'jii* j'N'8 1 :.u'- iiL.-'f-ity,' li-t me t t1l gnitKlufa : the<-"Uiitiy. Tliey n !ii'-tte nxvrv d' xteioil" ili'j >o-iti"n of U.IIII-rI gintltuu-n, a ) far S5 I am n>:iciiKiL have 1 brought: to a d.ne of >t-i feet iii. attaiut-.I l we bvno Plea-ant Hill(* aud F-olvut to convi-v them to the
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( also be had from Viet
if as uld n' tV hi trv <.1 i vrmijj :mJ I 'i'j'i sM"iill s-yrti-n < r"j>"Hi.y-nlli'l tlu>!np>imii:! t.. that: x. hi> hkia S If I they I think it proper and! cxi]>edu.t! from ithirThe} iiipro\i-iiunt4 con-5-t of itt-ni itiii'4UclKhi Sprinj-- i.rvevilemay: i Groceries* &
Point. At die accommiKUtloru for
b Wu tbUa inj p'.cu theb-.\ c r Jliti i eJ t Ltt-ii luloj ted i I'l i thl-> .Sltte. Hverxxxl.i) ,ie the 4 p11 |-"ilti ihl c.-11-iiKrati.'U-1, i-rtoerury: out j.ny jrjtg, thi-iireof] ketvhidi w ai adtuitn: to Hprinj-s xvill ample be fouii.L B r Schooners Pettes arid L. F. Rogers from Yvt

g -- I l..u.iti t.. O.tiruil; Ca xxho ..-. nu t ti, hixe: ben tl.c I 11 I at lu 1 Iii thu- added to the flame, \\h:<.h x.e l. jxeriuctii o\tr the iJd tl.-. iind UIMI tin in tlnCli'th ajnvcvancc atv- i-ouit Orleaiw.IU .
iiiiiro\triicnt] S
It grv-T Ju-!! u J j ir c nvfuitTit v.licit lie u-- iiMiliir-eni'luh.: !.'. haI I nought fitxT.r! a f.-j-i-ru'.f: OHI'Jiju ly, 4 urn rtly, nid in a 'j-iilt of di-int rV-J.ilii. jnd nnd Iiulu It'ibU-r (.'u-l.ioin \viih! we June WOOTTI ea-kt Bacon Sides and Shoulders,

4:4j: t I Ii' S f l n J Ji >;j4 1 j ;ilv, 1 Ii il d tlrIi -.\- *.: m txMx J-tjitt M..irv i'j N.-xv Yi'il ; Ju'Iiinjinui ) jsitn .ti irt, eXt rti-1 oirs. !xi-c H'rtiif.-, :.u '. if p. j within the Li-t \t-.r intpxhiied to tJi.-j,ubiiJon! I June 12.1C52.! 23 5t 5 ticrcca !?ar-cured Hams,

: JItt W ( : i0 < "i itiuv 1 : J ., :m 1 ju- 1 Piui-xlvjtiiui ; I liutiiriii I Hit tu> ky ; I'l-ie.- in New Mhtto! t-itinguM.\ C ci-rtoinly-I, I I .r oi.e, j.t !. :it i t! iiivti ::t :t li-taia% u i-hin: to purchiir Tab!.-s. A\ itt! Glass Oils White Lead &c. 2 Itagged
tJ: !I 'l : : .4! '!ic Jii.s.i tjii i nt fcui'i. Jltffji I Itai.iihiu : : '1* 1I N. xvJvljis Jtr-v ; _\flq ii: (ill., -s-h..!! not .t. Ild in th> ir w :sy. \Vhut I ay ir>, if tl.ev \V..'Hlr I Maible bfiN, can his o th.ir i.r.l. filled, the 7.> barrels Superfine Flour,
rat! t1tt : gi '.t vi&i t! In1. I in : in the! zeal. the BOXES Window aisortt.ijtp', -
< I lllin < ; l>ii'iin In Ii.uii ; II I if they w cre* ;iree-i. by adilri--siiiif l Is- mail. 23 Family -
UJTH, I1 W.VM.t4 !l j i'l ( : 1IJH.ll! I iII! ]Dlil ;t? \\'. i'i Wio'i'i! : au1 Itlatr, in .tliar1'lii lu'i-l d.\jHct trcsp the fir.it. Tl..rt-1 it.-: !bta n i.udiS Alttiix- h.irid.llothi l 1 idh ('!.(.-->, IVfiuIi Ix'-itlK-r", I 1CU k.-!;\VhitH Loud, pure, vitra & No. 1, 3 Leaf Lard,
ef cli! w i ;u: J jf : it.j.J t. th"jrk! m- -6si'ii i'p'- >5. y if unll.i xMirl.tr.- the! t f-iin.er j d.-i--s: i n v.ill..i th_- !.t.-t ftxvy< ariu i- Litin t<> j'MLibi'iiiL'thv j.nd 1'ocktt.f tin; lM-t diM rijition. Tabli-s p ikcda.ii S ;$; barrels I ju-' td Oil, 1 2 kpi--i ..

,, ijiI .I. .I1V! p j t5.: Itre v.as iiccrjia tV1i -i i'n e-f < Jen-rid O-i, xshi.-! may: MX-- 1 i.i the lia!- I: ,< irculi7ioii: iiHMidijiry Abolltieu d.-u- shipped to al i>:irH i..f ti! <- couutrv. 5 Ijird Oil, 5 UirreL Molasses, S
tciur.it_ :trfItotJj .itjil w!. initCti.vinti'iii,, in el'-ituishini! hii ]'ii-]>ttl-. ii. I.l-l.ta thrnti h tl I.' UuiitsI J-t.itiu li.Jlil. M..XX alj", 1.1 UKIFFITH .t DF.nvKII. C'i' .ackutges F>e prt .f Paint. ((bb!.. and J bbls.) 5 + Snip .1

J 1 iho jiter mJ.iii\i'tJ--n< StafJVt tI,iite i f j.1 I! the I'M htiinSh x\ii'Jiln-! uiuiy Imxe hail lll- is% thit"I i SoUhiPl I g'-I it 1.-ti neM-xIi.I i. ii t 5l-y I e.'iiiii.it 10 Aim stittJ, Xi-w York. 2 UT -1* RtcJitif.1 \\'h.ilc Oi!, 3 Billommonr; ,

Win :'j L5ti ( r1. t I U iill! i th.icti .- !. or tin- IK-XV JM.JI jl.irp'.r-ia! n 5.e luis t.-.ken in i.-l.iii'>iit'iujr S t i.e .tie jji'l I.e. ping i i 1 1 hat Mjiil. thi"iiiri! ilse'utive .Ime 1 r.:. : 2 Train Oil. 1 bM. Copal Vanii, 2 Whit 1fliw.."

a : W I !: .:: : ->:i t', I h. I ILr ttrribhIt 1'irej 'i ilo.-jiei-tic jcili.-y. At j'U.--i'iit. Jijch.iii.u] ) .:.tIii.ige. I.. tl i.e ii.-t a< ti\e mill 'Kei.-i.t i: '11tiI S-II1rL TiirrH-iitinc in barn-Is and at n-ttiL: A ronI *-* In_*f _ltlntm___'___ _In.1_- '_ _U'_KM'*_-*>, S -

iUc' teri.! .s IhI pii! I tt 1 i- )l.i-i .- -! f.iuu.il.l i ] "| ;. !. -lit l.tt.Iv :ini; bv. lit! Mijj- the .xl i>!iti"n moxem.iit, the! tit'I.'n xxill jud v NoticeS crala4zneit I of Colors, lira-he and other Painters' 1 Clarified-i S.

utti. I ;t I p&ti.. .1 k ( : jiI I ii.-' I l.-i MIMie! mi* :t ver.'rti 'i'mm, : an i if the j.'i. n .- i f t L. Ir-iiK-uity. The l ).>m"cra"y f the X.-rth villjiiil S J.i rt by riven that at thv iiext r"i'ru* r-f the rj.-n- I' m.itrriiR, : LEWIS & A M E3. 10 IttrreL. Rectified Whiskey, .

LI fr.; Its v. tj1 u.i I I : i hut.tii I .t all. 2 la Ii. 7i bt r. n aa ii'h.i h. : i jan..l iu i i. !Jni-.x' f.ir it In-ei'i.- tin m t nu k'> k. ni'-i aix-I 1 _1 t-rd! A-,- -!tiblv c'f Huii.i.i. jia ipphcati) ni'lU- ] June 0,1852. 22 tf 2 i tierces Carolina Rice.

g Q ij1s ,J tL L t'. 1 ti'5. .t i:1 v: J.i.l..l'Jl'| ij.' I I'ilX i l I.T1"I1- 17. **/;/*.'*.it./ 4..f r/t/ ./(.
t I IfIiIJ1. 4'I a.Il.I.v ..i..r..u.iii.: ; I j J.JI 4 It'I'iIU to f- a.. I'; rc- ': II'uj.lt'a r teri, 'p iz.t xi.u ur.-. thi'iiyh tl.e i'ftnn .i i4of XVKTO-.VU ertti n, 0. I >. F. C. C. UYUJ: IL S. Wines, Syrups, &c. JAMES B."GAMBLE.

1! .. .& ::r.t'v t f JV' !i. ta'.. fr'ftni.i"'il> ;- ti m 11- ( U 4 t Jill.41.1 liii-.I bin: I si.' fifJ( ft, muff. In MI. Ii e--<>. ii-t: >-.i.i 4-f the )!ic ua'.i.---a ';- u-5 ''C % :iIjuu! ( reat dc- -- { Old P..rt Juice, -

r5' .>r .l w-) .1 \ \ ;&-Ii \ iJiiiit'Ei. : tI 1'i: (".v :? I.IIIp .-.':it.>t l.i'ia j 1 In t <-< 'i i'i--- ;-u..l. 1 Hrehni.un., xih-i xxill nit lit( we i.t xvoik ipii thi- f.-niful Zui.Pt ill.| ; u>.t iu j Fresh Drugs, Medicines, Ac. Sh.-rry, Spaikliiug Cider, Spring and Summer ClothingTUST -,.

4 .-,: i" r til- ii.vitf :i .e.141'.F; !,l --il % t.t .* jtlii": l..iti.'Ii-t..l l I In 1 1ie tli-y g. int.. sl.e I itiII tl.- nun-lavein'in! ; Slates aI..j.! 01- -LiiJly. l lie ; r I MlK: :"itI-hilM-i-t are ju-t in n-orij't of their t-iuii-; iJ-iitI.flt Porter, Scotch Ale, received a Mrv hand-ome asaaortment fah-

tIii. j.I. ( tJutt\ ul'j'ju'l I licit: i''bk i. vh I :,t're4S.. us% t :i1 I. 'Ii. it ill 1 .. I.i. t' .t ii 1 'i r' i f \tvI Pu .'-i tt j.ppj.i.til njM.ie xxill pov <* i.ii.rv.. Tin l iiI -isIK JL Inc: rt tk -f MidIi4 -.t-"ii5i-tiitj in part of Uhuj I I'randy Peau-11e4, Brandy Cherries, KEA DY MADE CLOTHING, embracing

ur'ij'i J iii- $Ii.nn!,1 1L4\ \ ILz.t' :tit1 gItht.s. I I unpOihe! mi 1 I F'Utlin f f K.-iit u-kv, l .th I jH.jv.jlar iu< nI I I 1.-v I the Mllfj.ee. '.t l.idi fittraet-th l <. Iioti.f of tie -uialolieivtr. j j l-rb.. A!. 1k-, J trtiniiiony, Opium.j Pijrii i Cal>iu<-I.I.Cn I Ka-pln rry ixrup" Sardine-Lobster, e>v ery variety of COATS, VESTS, and PANTA- '
1..f IJt ri :i i ii.h it Iii t'iri I -IH I!!li M.xicmeI.ejjds-h >1 h jj.754 '.. if.lll t.'l. .tI a eleep. i'limd m"Ven'i.t-: c.ix1114 ritr.iw burr Fresh ,
: : rjl 1 pit :uu T__it.r. Ijirwie, .lalnp, llydioi-! I'.I ta:i-a. LOONS, suited to the seaioit, manufactured from them
a.iTa'i"i<-. It xvjs IJKIH 'lii-jilca that he e.'iu 1 bV ith the ji.hiiita e.'iilhe-5.1e fl'uiie i'.n strui.t imj .ulefjorii the i.thcr si'kif tic L..uuirui Sha.I.iiIrir .
>U'ite-ineii. xx i < di_KJr n. Iodide Mtrmry, Ss riij> I.nlide IP-IJ, 14 > t approved material-, styles fashionable,workmaj.- *
.. t.i.d u-'j-j.-tul iii-i.-i fatal ji-t of hU xeiiliu'' x\h>i lui mole )biaiiLbut blioi1.tr 34' s tluiu UutkrljJiThu --.. <-ei'i i xx huh i-. I f.-nr -tiued! : ij: H.m.> f.itrietrickle A<-itM..MjiLtic, ynlpLitttiuiniii.: .-, JlynJi, SudLtz ( Salmon.Englih ship unsurpaBscel.Price. .

1k VJI-Q t1ti 1 Ui. In dicxv :ir.'uul K5i tr"ii tin' stiiuil-i thi'de'inotra'v.Tlw ; to rate fri1 fully urn'U the Southi! ,i (lit JII-ii! i f i tl.i-. a't: 1 S.K.I! P. v.ie-rs. I'HJUISitmte' .Siix.r, S.NLL 1 In.- Apple Ma-tard, .* loflr I.., suit the time S *

'.: '4 ;'ur.!. h h i in all ?i.j: <.-?, nu J Iu <-\<-ry i j nojati"ii'f:! !: | \ < urw< ivc-d ycstJn u 4-..yilihi.iit, Jllld lilluiji" l lhtke the .":i'-ui ti, it-i d lit re.Vlio ;ui.l \-o-t: 1'evdi-rt. Strvt-huihi, C.rr.ive ii1li- ( J.iuva Jelly, Preserved Quince*, Aprils!, 1832. iu W. T. MITCIIIILL.
':t! f *g 1jer1! tti ta ttrr this 111v, xxiih sr'i.. rid i-vutati'! n 1 by ill ih'1 1 r.--1 p<> t- \ that ha* luninlixi-n a eir1i g.ilii.-e! IJH-II: tl.e m.te, ..M.9I'i:1r! AreuiiItti an-1 White Prt-fipi- Currant il" I'eachcs, -

ail<- aid jnoM iuflui iiti.d Hum--. I tin- iK-nvcrtn-y. in-tiou !'{ the ]!iiti-i! tmjiiie xxithiu the h-t ti-.i vears tatp. C.'lci! Iru--ie Aei i I. Kiuo, Pulv. Antimlaa.HB .- 8i lling I :t1itrne, Tamarinds, AcdlimateS Ice"

ar tinCUIIM"! 4.f t1..pi.-m < \ <-r tl.rnwn nJxtn Tl.i-y] j.ru n r.v confident uf t-anxii-<- SL tc t i XcxxY can doubt f \\ ho s<. -tii].id n< to haxe n-iti'-u-J themi'.Itary l'ai-t.ii-i" tti i I, (iiu.ira.er.ut. White iind Blue Fiavorir-:* Extracts, I.

j iii: frt.. -pi-fcli an 1 ol the pi"l l Itt >ti (1 ik, in Noxoi.l, :n-.Jjit : ny w-Ii. .ui-: : .---- : ojivrati-1. i f th.7; Coxtmm.-i.t-the tItr.ugliI \ itrlol, CWi-n !Kr, Card"ii>"i.. Caruxxay: nnd AnnUted, Y.-a-t 1'oWiU- Pick-! *. T HAVE in my Ice Hon-e, a lot of BOSTON ICE5.I .

1.iy'{ a.f .' iifr.. iii.iuli iii- of ta'gi* Uniies <.f bhsk! tr'N-p- in C'atiila 'l.u&i.i. (rua Fra.icaothL< i AniiiHxiLi. t'.im.in Corn Starch, Salad Oil, xxhirh I wilL dvliveito, purcha cfa from 6 to 8, AM. .

1i! f t i i'L iJ 1 ol' Li- nualrtfrs aitr.. ttt..ugh .f n.iiiaryr! > jiu'-'iii'-n to i.J .- iilf tl.c xiiy i-dgi- < Illid tae \\\>-t Ili'Ji'U'lihr vhlti- euuasIIIni.]'-rs- .la-I lii. -: '- .- : ( liLt, (tf all kii..1.) Clove-. O'.ixes ., nut! to persons in the cwuntry at any hour-price
"It j r.U rtlli-'li.! hi'uit! UJJ.l hi* L(1i S .. Worcestershire Sauce, by the lou Us. ormore, 4 per'huijdreel. and 5 cents
: Jilway ot'Citiiud S'-"tt, x.h'.liuij iii'thing i-lsc 1.. tiu't.- j xxithout '- 4Ii tJeiuti.rilif! n t iii'-vii'iM.- -u'-! ( ',-r. .Mu-tirdt P.iin Jihl-r. C.eirts \Vuter. .S-.r-
!'nrJI.'tj if 9 ;. > it c..u J.ti..t, t< r\ < t I or uiy f the Pi-jrcc i:i. lAt-idi, u p>vd ht tut.- :iuti-a, b->uid j !iliian I hat t% ill gr.\v tutofu change ill the Lttlt''l-i.f the j ,u1'I.i-l 1> ill'-, ( *om-t"< TowifCiidV, Sandind (I LEWIS i- AMES. per Ib. in femall psirccb. Tickets may be had at this '

ii-: vfliff tLjt jpp.-a pitrioti-tn Iit.i: iuiitv. : -Ji M-j iibo! !t1uI-I din- t wuiii-tnnl nix.rxvidtc txvo hat i"hi- t i.idi, fit t1i ia Lioi: .ljl, thi.rc L t,,t u.J'.huasvu P5:11.(.'>.I.-.'II! .hti I.d. I Ua-L O-'liunb-i. Aiyhiu, a, Ithei, < >rri.S1.h.dli |, June 5, IS.2. 22 tf store of l"LoUias Iaiward." '' *

*'ii rutr it jiuth" .' I l..
t.4.. '-. I Jiii5 U ....J liv h.ir ct.utrv Ii.ii Ii'j did not cx.-n ai-\\ir I he letter ti C: .tiii Set tt, ifVirijliiia -' 1 igtl-i.i (t.te-iacil! itn-l I; < '.&i I. rieted.: ) ChhiJioiniliFlowers -, May J,1S52. 17 tf ? | ,
& -j Jir 1 b l-J h-aal I !hi.-i1ed 1 TJ T'TA T5.I2FFL.t Turnip, Cu'ibn, Tl"eti. i( c.. jut -- -
''U rw. :iu > :i iu; : iii'juirSn; hoxv he xvou.d i-c tl.cxt.t > jHi\\ .rth |i to Claibcnie. ( :I O.-i.L A'il. -----Muii.itic. ijulpLiiri.Ni-

** '!I.Ji ijijjjuvl au I dLiJitiit1! i s In r b< o I. < .. they hilly c K.i4 xxli'idi'l hit cviuc1 d>. A'elkIilll i Ihi 1-. I Say \Vuli-r, U>'-e. Orill >\ ll rn-ixeL LEWIS it AMES. Notice.rocently .
t j.:4: T br:,'rlit'a ;tv t-t -u ill In r 'Li-&fl l 1.I1i.1 f.-..J-V n 1 1 .i.tjkt;: wife fir lyiui-Luia Courirr, BUsttd the liitine i.f <; i.. vh1li; \i'H; l sold at unusually low
rry other quiatiui <.>f great nati li-rli-1, i'.'!-."1 of vvl.iv-h are freehand! of thebeet e prices:
.2:12rv :iul: 4f 3i. ,: xvti.t tht(oiiifh: tin giiiitcjui E&igi. f Miocic.twhhbr.ixc- 'Piiiec it n.-nu.--tioii x-.i'.h th- PnMd<*y, jis ( tie \ j'-ijuiuitv. IVr bale by Peas I Peas I Peas Z dozen Workp.1 Collars, S
S h tiii. ttrfVuid' wn rfi wa$'oiu it 1'p'Hi'v. yo'-th! S iv, duia hiid ikitiioliain. At the 41ee, h.> r.ttiI l xx.ih] vou'd] I IN-xxtll le iivid 1 by tiaI cuiit'ra'sf j. p. JOIDAN: ( r... S ciwicc PEAS, for s.de bvS. 1 ** Embroidered Hajidkcrchiti,

frl.iig, nujuh-'oj m it-s \ i or. a'i'l M nee iu it ; >t ti> git Tip the-nation. In aikiioxvlcd tiiAiit, Lcrtctivvd Jrom Qrin-v. .lino 19. 1 F.V.?. 1 tf S. KNIfUIT..V ; 2 Ch-riulzctte,, S
dt e4 4p.tui. \\tittc .r 41er !i'i i.f qiuiu-U I xulh hi.i biot hi r < .fiic>.r#, "r tx-Lini exclusiveS S .luur. TSr.2. 22 tf 0 pieces assorted Lacts Ac. rfc.JAMES.

fcl'l 1II1.V Ju- *.1 lip f'T til" IWt..1e1tY. llltu! < 4. t-iht >M-r ft tl.i is f T .u f.riisiuig 1ii. duty to Us ci'iiitry. : Jilt Pierce the follov.iiig! k-ll.r : Paints, &c. B. GAMBLE:

'SSi't"Iuuu: gLIIUtIIII! > rtt the present iliv-juoUl. tb The xvhij"i.nii; : !- jitnl j..litki ti* xxill very like 1 C..'M-ial', X II, May 17, 1.V2.Mr Notice. April ? !. 1S52. ] fiShirts
Xo. White iVad. lV"wnJ -
.- rty. 3.-J b" Kp.ir--J tlii" iVaiful ..> <>f"J 1./inlcu:: r.te (.ehvial I PKuv, and talk !lightlyf f.5s till S ) .tu. Fir.I i --l 1 hax<> M-en the! .'<-! rmis nml e.im- .7)\fKFH < 1 (i.rotie Yellow Spc.wsh Fi HIi Prutiiin I 4 T.T, poron crei'tto-- legatee, miitled tr) di- trivV -
V. -
"J L. rttui.v'rty ui 'hi-. ( july n f lh nj'tilj'ic.J tpi >n s-i.t-, J.i- uj'iit.jjul hi, jK.jiulaiity. Hut hey lutilIMt.ter I plim. ittary r.-m.nks oii hrtlly: i pubi-l.! <-d i-i I tlie NextCiurii Chrc-nie. and 1 PaniJrcon.1 I Patnit liUick lution, or t.thr.rwi-'e interested in tli' t-tatc of S ,

'4tI >crjAt .', ia the! face tf a tiwt- Jay s.-i'lc all riip..reiJoUMn-f! utid jirejviii* f. r -!.-;. _'> -r, :tnd copied int.i.v nil j I.aJ]"-is in this ; HI-II', Mimni! Stoii'Orchre, M.-ul-hr, S John) N. PartrM-e, late of Jefferson County. fliiifa_ THAT ar* well! made, of"all Halitioa. of bothwhita
I' K Fink Orange ,
('fl,-4>f theivnt<'t.t I jfilhi sil c L.t4-tt that! txcr I took j>'i ic Mate.; n% curly, 1 think! as IMruary 1 but it v.i not 'i-t Coml and 1 I ath<> Vanii.LKr de-n.-=ed. are hereby notified tu, exhibit their claims fancy colors, some of which are extra fin-,
T.rr.i Sionait Jajxu. r ---
( in tl.c L'nilfd .Statiif.; Hji-y. viiI n-'juiic dl he j'pu- mill I received th Courier utnier the frnnk ..f Senator JP.. JOKD AX A Co.IjuV.JifiMli and demands without two yt-Jir* from this date to the and will fit to a T. Just received and dale very

rrt1.31J fJ. hiiiiy: mid inll-K-m-i-i.f, SetiltVel.ts. r. find Filni"r.-! M'-Uae, JiltJtit th."fth Ma.-lh: that I h.id I tie lirs.tiiitimiition s ilby IM2.;: 21 -It under-i-rMeH! or the same will be barred; and all per low by W. T. JIITC1IELL.

2swick and Florida EailRoad.JJllL.NsWICK fsaxc'tljt-nw-lut-< in a tinibhd< fat, 'which the (!< of the fiiiiid -.xhinf I vsw iii'lebteil. 1XM ojiin Icbtf d to the -.liil estate, are requested to make April 24, 1852. 15

Ju'X.JH 3 It52.: ni"cr.ty, if u:utcd, have uuw Li their jo\\crto give -te Immedi.it to Col. Mel.'ao f.-r jour nddrtdi"t -.-*, Syrups.LF.MOX immeelijite payment to Carolina
thin.l'1i. k'loxxinithiit'you ii \-w Oileau-. DANIEL T. LINGO, House QuihcyJ Florida. 4
A- ( v i c rei.iig ) ,
t1.t.ic 4'f St-.Ahold.-i th I'.rui ik airl]
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11 n-'jiiiuution f PI firil firwar.I but, her Lax ing \VzpLizitiu, Ktttr f.'llnxxed Stra ljcrry, IJi-plH-rry 1i1nkb'rry Sheriff and r* njfieio AdmiuitrHtor.Jfff.rfon .
r'; Ji--K'aJ\\'! > it PC xv.is bD'tijht; ( iiiy & (1OflflOld) STARVES
lie) ] Ij.ie thy 17lh ii-t
; : .uu : I Linu> juitt'l'arruitt respectfully
"t!' ''aIIWflJ1; -jtlcin< nfiv vkcto l dJi..U'rcttx..nt : |'| in O'lijxi'tition by the Virginia a 1t.4 > I't tjui-pi-e ; but it )ha- long been inatu.inm by the bti-t I refiived un ..ii. eC. 'llio ik'tcate juil Ikttiiingtiibute i Sclt/cr Ajxrknt I I I hare purchased tlie above
: f Vt ; TJma* A l xtr, <.ui)I J. P. JOHDAX A Go. Notice. Establishment
d.-ni'X-ratic f the Ncith und! South. He iejt from that iullu.nti.d wjm highly gratifying
*.4V ; 1L. stati-sn.on <> S jiapir az>d will to
Wm. rhauuwv A'n J JKivis. < spare pains contribute tn
Jin10 1 2. ILubin's Bt
Qulhcy : the first S the Term i'f the Circuit
1 iu-w mail-u'jtnuunK'lk-d, ties *, !uIt\- ftlstitiilitig rtfu.iaitob.' acoudidute,) :ui.1 Jay < the
IXMKof \V.vk ll J., Kuie'Lt, of by any f r proiiiisc S ( lily ON comfort of their guest Tficlr table will be well
iidI' I.jIJ. (!athai ; nml xxill IK accoptjibli> to nil tfn* faclJoiM und i-oj d ,ublv) &ohii 1 ji>c rrtiiined its n'urw.Willi Extracts. Court in rind"for the County of Leon, being the supplied with the best that can tie pnicured, and their S
< lions, to the <'dii! >jiU-d nud the of the 1 x\as in the 18th day of October next, at Tjillaha--ec, I, tins untlersifned. -
( i Gov. Fo-.te. will bo c'.cftt-J TUBp.iuy. butjiccially rerjtectiilJc txeejition i-ear army bar always provided with choice Wines, Liquors and
't; vIt1.Q ., )- 1.. -ttir jtortJonof the d niucra<'y. In 1'k-rce'n notnina- 1 have been holly dex'ottd to my piofe.-sion, iiiin.linj .*- J AMI-N'K.Mi'l'-P.iur.! lU>sPwju 'h and R.-a.y! : Adminijitm of the estate of William Cigars. They respectfully ask a continuance of the
'gitMi in lion all I the rowdy intlii.-iic-eii ut Ilaliiiii'ircImc I KoioxertfT < but little in ]IN.Iitie.4, vnlf s jr/ir/i the mtivity / Pjiichuly Clt-niuitini, Vi. ktte, Jockt-v L'lub, le.t \Wa'ddel.. Ltttly de-uv&scd, intend to make application patronage heretofore extended to the House.
*.u( 0ftnrgi.u Were ttttwlanec,om mr t uf Ui Sot.tl.onil. jxvu, iind the di-ic-ritiitabk1 intii m-sof ]loughi,* rei1cse's. ( f the Jiiiiytriiux tltw/it f oMittontfin '"cthcr v.'ith u hinj-i avortnu-nt of ]Lir Comb to the honorable. Wayles Baker, Judge of the C. GODBOLD.G.

: 1 fJrUbh lUll tI. gitieuuieit pledged th.mthrd nnd Marcy finally hr.*trate.I. .leucnd J'i -rw L* iK.imd I Iiij liaR r authority to sell two certain S TV! STAINES.Quincy S

1' ii ) tIi..uant1 dollars ton ards th' ;public rjyef-ti'iiis oftli.' day-Fugitive Slave It is truly Krutifxinjj to learn, us I do fr'-m Col.McHne juid P..wdtr. lerflnnc.hiip; #, COMIU tic and llnir[ Fluils lot* xuthin the city t'f Tallahassee! "known and designated -. January IT, 1S52. 2 tf" .
: t (.f the ]Ji ial to Thomasulle, with a J.iiuui all. Me i in Cnvor '>f the ,.utturd j>rojrrt-ss of that the } )KMr.oemoy i>f Mi-M-fippi i xxi'.l be- -I P"ih 1'nwiU-r, Cold Cjcjun, Lip Salve, Ox Marrow as Lots Ne>s. 15 and 15, in the Iforth half of the -

i.T-v kiwcriWl Allv'vllnbturn, viUi hc ain ".nit alv this great repuIli -, ta the prl.Ier (lireeti.n, and by proper thoroughly united in our opproaehii'.guiitiouul canvjii1!, lialiu Oolun.bi.i Frcn-Ji Pod -r, IJoar and Ma- County quarter, belonging to the estate of the said Salt. S
tU cor.M.lcred the -
kufticiuit ut .V.jih, w an bv incaii-*. In hhoit, nil the wottJiy und ,jKijmhuqual- and from the Ci>uiii.-r I prective that the tmuc desirable t-j-tsir Oil*. Clnilk 15.ill<, l;ologiHCrtwtl, Worsted, deceased. T\TRECT IMPORTATION-2000 sacts Salt, re-
to cJ5lry the lloadtrn tlit ie two iit.$ of (Sc-rieral Pierce irirUcjits lii" adiniriiblc chaucc- ; harmony xxill pr Mul hi IjouisiaiM.Ioyou Needles, IVrfonittJ Paper, i. FIT ale by J,. II. WA'DtfEL, Administratni. J ccivce' pet bark Resolution,from Gloucester,w

>Iut.In If *-but nothing nioro 1,0 th.ui the bitter jJann know iiajor (formerly lieUtcunnt) Bcaureard J. I). JORDAN .i t Co. June 1, [5.1_IK-2. 22 5t for sale low by the quantity, by p. LADD.

.1" 'TU.aad! 'Well. reviveiI f.-r tb .StockliolJvii NI.trIt! uIIfl ( :uid sj>it tIM tojlU.a Academy
$<* rccoijiim-iidftlby jiMitx1 mny lie tx-en by the following, w title Ironi lat ,i iieJir New (Vk an and he wi there xvki-n I lufi .
tuUmiwni ty' tL15 ard .f I tw1un.K iiijThV* Tribune:- heard from him. If you do not, 1 x\ish you to mak Surgical Instrument Establishment THE next ees'nnl1? begin on JIO'KIIAY, June fP4iOA2t IVSThG ii1 I
K pu-xaiU la jll thU section of the 4 ))11i4 ac1iuuiutauiee. xo. s niiAXg ST. xi\v: YORK.HHKRXTKIX and end October 2'Jth, Able and efficient -
JH/ ai U i* etnuj !h-utly Uliedthat the Uoimh j J\unt the .V.: )'. Jrll'iuf, (Scott) flat tvtning.lien. lie H a man of mrc Attainment, and I like ninny MAXUFACTUUEU and IM- Tt-nchers arc employed in the sextral Deportments, DRUGGISTS and' Merchants.$*n obWo. auppliei

!* % built to liiouia jiuJ IL&.ktr c&uii&tiei. Franklin Pierce just noininaU'd for Pr<*id'TtrtHaltiniort 1Iu.iaILauis x\hom I have intt in hut! iirmy and dvw ,all of INSTRUMENTS fur and the Institution It nowin, a highly flourishing CM- ( prices, by appUcatynl toLEWJS .

LiiMltltU fr.'un Hnirr wi>k t-j the Altainaha, 1 -, $ the noli of IJeiijaniiu Pierce, mi luiU-anx-d here, he combines the beat qualities of u geutleu.au sorts (lithe). The School is prox idcd with an extensive ap- dt AMES,
I I'n-t Mortem! Minor Oj cratioti Pocket, .
Long. 1 itbiut Iir tIfli '.. Thvrc i in Ln Dissecting. 'S "Wholesale AgenU for iloridau
it ( ( now n ge but bont-t, kiiid-Lejirteil man, bo wrviil his country ard r. f-ldiT. iKirattso, and a xaluuUe cabinet of minerals. Board,
wi it, aul they -sjK-et to cuini.Vte it dujj"t in the lU-xolution, won f.riuiuiy yenru&heruTof Hillsbornugliooiintv Pray write me all that concerns yourself unit come Amputjitiiiij, Trephining, Dental, Eye. Obstetrical, I including washing, may be obtehied at $10 per month March fl, 1852. tf
Stomach Self
o.ihc: Tall vf Wiut f cut5ricttiI l I.ythotomy. Cup'Ui] Punip- Injcc'ion, I IS
< r. It s b.i anJii'i-illy: decU-d (! %:t-n1r. His nuinl i'l the timm''t and visit our mountains farm-houses For particulars, pecting board, fates of.ttritJon
Ku Lace Medicine Chc t
xsUitiJ! \\jitM-7foctd.-cp, toI jui'I hiid Uic fouudatioti Petrti Syringes, ttocklrjs *. of studies Ac tc catalogue LLOYD'S DAGUERREAN ROOMS
(- xvoith porw nal jiopuhiiity mid battle tithb. course sec printed ,
.? L.i AcM Ac anal other Instrument and ,
5itit t
I every
: the Snpeinirie.,
I in' .t4i wnttrf th Altainalutij'Jjally
b of hii HOU'H f.'iii lujis.Fniukliu liieh may bo had on application toN OVER BARNARD'S DRUG STORE
c; iutJ V1 : f-r the carryinj; of lumber.Company Pi.-rce is of fair character ori- Apparatus u cd by Physicians and Surgeons ; slsoVetcDimry 'S ; IL STEWART. Principal. -
Ii&(. ;: conuviteil wiUitlie a man perfconal The mendacious slunder, started by n correi> trurnwiU, all of which lie can furniah Corner of Monroe and (dint; ttreeti. S
IMIO w v rn.KU'rutcMbilitipKiin l the bittenit >jiili-.HU fielingc.He May 29,18S2. 21 tf -
jiI4rIIa4 QIfl1)uy? boiriitiu1y dlfer! iithaitcr ; con-ick-ra< tluit thin j was createiln lent of the N. Y. Trilunr, uflccting UJKJU the JKTSOUal 15 per cent cheaper ilun! jury other csUblwhmwit in O FEU dally. (Stmdiiy's exempted,) from 9 A.M.;

% urc luteicbtc-d in botli workr. evidently t>i be ruh-l liy the country party styling it-elf| luibiU of (Jea Pierce, u thus ]Jill! tf i>t by the editor the United States, and warranted to be of the beat Ice-Fresh Ice. Jo 4, P. 3!. Perfect specimens, .warranted to I

Your, Ab. Democratic purpose ," aud uc vcrbnrU rt-d a nu-pii-ion that of the fountain, the organ of the Temperance iimtoi jude, and most approved pat.tcnw. A NOTIIER cargd of the real cool Boston" stuff just please; of no hag made. Hay 15, IsfiS. 19 e
N. 11. Also sole manufacturer of the flexible IvonrNintK ZX in, which from ami after first of June next will .
rGfl tliat party ever was or c 'uld be in error. If nfledx rausc 5u Connecticut, TV ho is a New Hauip-shirc man, S -
f Ncosixu BOTTLE article
lrietori iaufirdt/. SHIELD and art highly
hat the au.ion of Adam'ts full, bo would iufrtiVtivdy be dealt out to Hotels,. lIars, RestauraU, and suchlike .ThomMRghei BIne1
wa oc<
awl riot remarkable for hia fiurucss to the candldiitc.* recommended by the FjiCulty for their Softnew, at f 2 cwt little lower than S 5;
The People' Ticket. answer Foderalir-m lie never had one by quantity per (a Alloroejr anf V.jl1erjt Laws
1a Wr*( Kual jK/.itiei.i'i f-r the Wt fix nT>nth*, I progressive idea, but i 14 iu all tiling a model Hnukcr.mifinl of the Democratic pajty : Cleanlincsa and Durability. All ordcru promptly at- any thing has yet lv.cn g0t up so far from the froze bEo
Ii 'eI-ct ba-v Iu inakinij h PrwUcnt for ( Pierce wa repeatedly chowi to die New The Jloa Franklin Pierce, of New Hampbhirc Lithe tendeto. June IU, 1852. 24 8m regIons;) from the Ice-houae e fly in the morning, cr TROUPVILLE, I'J'k
'*' *' rtM*. th.y vrtre ,eut to Wa uington to Hatnjfclyrc Ix-f-islaturc, (House) of xvhich be WIIB finally Democratic Candidate for Preeidrut of the United $25 Reward late in the eveuingf. Peddled but by the small qnao- TT7ILL practic* I In the ClrciH k S

$ pruvi.l, ( jr the tieeesary nnvetaeuth mndc Hjx-akt-r.; He WM fin-t cloctwl tx> Oongri SUtes. .Outside of Iti* politics; we always liked that titles at 3 cU per tt during the day!. Price bcin&sovety .f f; Lowndes ; Clinch. .Waffc, ApjIfDg, Irwia Sntfes

? %dwuemt., but they prefcm-d the cxci >enicntiva.ucusing in 18X3, (Marcli.) took Lin gent the following December same Frank Ilerce. He U a mad of noble iwjtvltrwitfi *. RUNAWAY in N iv *bef last, my ri gn BjnalU all oiit of town bills iau t1> cash vp-bi in J fu SeftesOtt, fladao flam j'
Site about 5 feet town accounts tan to end of month rf iltoo ftttd Colombia Connties .
to aaj, lhcrefure, and ecrved Hirongh two terms, when lie ascho -- a heart as b u a pumpkin, always ready run required.Ice Honda.. S
ir ire-pulling] exjwn-andS en into the SenAte vborc he wired from 1837 to with kind oflioes .. gtueroiis Bymjiatliici, and good & of 8 hid sen high, black, no front teeth, md packed in phapr, but iu sending from' abroad it is April 24, 1852. 1ft : _J

S t.BuohiuiHn, Dougi&ft, tl id wilt 1 84* when he rwigonl. He won no jxvitina in either tlerd J.iie i ia a politician, and ai such, may eiiU-rtain bout 40 y'eatS of pgc. Hannah has a mother best to wnd blankets and packing boxes, if handy. I

the nimiuaiion and election house, and was not (qualified win any. He wcssenrbeed sonic natighly ecntimeDtc, but about that politit-haw hi Netrnansville'or Tallahasnee, known by the name Newport, Hay 29,1852: 21 D. LADD. -- flats of strfnff Style. -i- I

Ire thugtt theta a memorable a wrranjblcr for ofrjce, or a hdckct of the cpoila.i must enquire. As plaid Frank Pierce, to know !zm of Mary Ann Sanchez, formerly the property of Roman ** pA JaONABLEMblesdaH U, j

S 1 S 1 I that a proper tense of the i i Preferriug profi t>ronRl to political life, be haft not fig- jet!, end lilt him too, and mean" fc. for's while ycL Sane.b'of Ncwnnnsxilh The above reward Green .Turtle. .1. all qualities of Black a daS osnth *1.t-.. ,

4 efforts might have led them to> ) tired iu largely as other in thud council of the natioit lie ii a TfinjrtCLHce nun too. We have licaVd some will l be given upon her being Iwlged in any jail where JUST received a lot of tweuty ive GllEEBT TtjR.J Also, great variety Paima lsdL.goi,4. t 1i
wi'l fof humanity I calf get lief, or Upon being delivered to meat Palat- TLE at the Wainllrt UiAcl, Newjw,,. which wifl burg C add
s. .Bui no : one lessen was cot; He is therefore, chosen only for Ha political principles. ol his noble, earnest el-qupnt niipeals ;- *mp achyt Saw H-U farineQand 1
S EWHICtI i that the floor of Congress 1 1 These are XT til JOJOWD, for nowhere has he ever con and they to<;V bold of the heart, encoumgM and ka or Jack.eonvillc. be served up right, S in toll thr Granitefill*. LOUIS M. COXETTER.JacUuuvillc.Juacl'J sOn and Fi-Ji alwaxs on hand, packet! iu Ice. thes son. Just 1
has our received
re thobittlc for the Presidency I coaled them. And kutm'inj these, the South utrrtiijtlitnfJ tm ainony by W.T.MISICU.E I

Jc 4 ''won, Hue Butler,, Buchanan,, uaJU ujwu Liui, di-iLuuij tluit &lic prefer* a uiou wf We bopc. Lc u a J'l.ii-'j' Law nun, tlwugh vc dout 165- is tf ew'ort May ify, 1332. 21 April 21, 1S52. I __ S :

-5 ? J5

S d5--, I
S lu .
$ ,

-- .
', .
- t.9 4

i'rR' I S

. -- ',. ---- .: .
; -
--- _

; -L I- I

&B> ,H !'4 ;'-!- FORWARD TOWLE, BllLforPart1tton. I : GP2AD(4URE FOR 73pp

VTARULLA Attorneys at law & Solicitor ia Chtnccryi FRA2.-KLIN. CIRCtTIT COURT- Circuit of Florida.Ef DR. J. 8. HOUCflQjL

u TBK Mrrora.AXD anxivo orT t milE undersigned haying laifed tma Trclliitiwn u. OADSDEN

.1. establishment, respectfully! in.11I Wic. Ju FoarrARP, j SJMOX TOTLE. William Hoirland Wndit. The Merchants Sruxo TMUC. 188Z.
j. .y.artpt1o.fAgrtcnturatImp1ezentsL ;
*yi> MACHINERY. fnr35 the visiting and travelling public that Late (ISL irruiie \ New York, Thomas W. Brockenbroush, .Arth Cbj1e4$. DtiPoot,
:. hp ha* had it prcatly entnnrcd and thoroaglJy repuired October 4,1851. 39A. Biockibr.>ugh, Ellen A. Brockwbrough, vs. :

I' .' A UBOt Cfonrgu and French Burr Mill Stow* ; Et newlv iaiit d and fanJshcd. lie ha F>li r- wand MarT Elizabeth Brockenlaoogb. <** James Martin. ,

.'; Wpus. Cowmen. CulUn aud Bolting CIUthM.- men constantly c-mploved to faitus-h la tab!? vnta I:. MAXTELU M. P. PAPT Maxwell, Elizabeth V. Maxwell, Simcco Petition of Judgement. I

t ( Also, ef ery land of Produce, North and South, and Oysters and Fish; in a'-ldition: to vhicli, every deli- MAXWELL & PAPA flhiTWi4, et a!., Defefld3fltS. being made to'lb1I1 to'a h Rrccrd affidavit that the do-

OASA paid for Wool, Hidus, 1)ucrSkin*, and ShippuiFurt cacririll be provided tlie rnarlictwill afTorJ. including ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, 1\ I, Mordecai Myers has filed baa bill itbe above)'gear*tated ty. cmUM resides beyond
of the in the city
> CW&iiu the shape of partition property
of the of the State of
BAMUEL TiOTT. HA1IPTOX L. BILBO.Ga a cwi TALLAHASSEE, FLOEIPA. laehicola knoirn naVharc C of"the Colombo* JRorida:
'.Ltston. Ice," for the warm days. He I hs a Carria om it therefore Ordered, ThV ft hearirfr be had on .
constant attendance' for LaJieand InvaEJs who February 8,1531. 6 ertyroit.'tingof LoU 5, 16. O 1 ; 'iota 5,16, petition filed therein at the n t Fall Term of this
I .' .: risli to visit the Bath, xrhich are roxv b.-irKr put incomplete L.U 1, to: II 2 ; Lots 1, 2. Block 20 ; Lot* 1, 2 :

r eTL AtP.s4)t 4; Co., Savtnnih, repair. Boat* xrill Ixj provided for thoso CHARLES V/ DOWNING, Block 87 2 ; part of Wharf Lots 2*. 27,13.11, and That thw Order be poblifc fa the pe-

q .' Fii.rq t; BaATuT; who Tvi-Ji t) irakc wi excnm n to the Ugbt House, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, and a quarter acre of land near the city of of three months in some ncvapapA j puthiae The Trae Dlceptlre PUdd er e* trte"PREPARED

t ,, Vfnarts. 4 PALXEB, jan.ps' lf.'nn
t I 1 4 SWIFT, Dw: ,Loxe & Co. lie ru..! ji:'t comp'ctca a new and commodious Tallahassee, Thomas W. Brockcnbrouijli, Arthur 3. J. TVAYLE3 BAKER Jue. i ACHOF TllEOX.afirdirattM! .rfBAlKSr (
) I' W.P.M1uE&CoNwYork. which is famished with careful and Jitt itiv t Office at flue Ca4toT.. Thomas W. and ilarjF.lizaltth Brockcnbroogh. A true Attest LIEBIG Ik
L. Stab'e B. > copy- : ?great Plmiolopital CbfmUt.brJHOUGHTON. .
I( /Rr .oLEs Norxs, MASO\ Co. Boston. Him. In short, the Propneior plcdz himielf to March 15, 1S51. 10
; F. B. LooMli, Eto, Ne-w London, CtII eiinluce to the comfi.rt. and satisfiufon well, Elizabeth, Maxwell, end Simeon
I s do fill i in his power to 24. 1552. 16 3m This i is a truly wonderful reined* far T'btcr'
I iron and :
4. 1 S. McCoiiBs lisq Del. call \ ..lIciUi W. G. ?tt. DAVIS, infl-nt*. rpsulf in Count Fl-'riua: TIO& .
Wilmington, of all who mar fiToranth a nn DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE. LITFB.. :
S !: .$ rVpterabcr 6, 1S51. S5 tfTowlc :i JUT trial nA.. a yoYia. ATTOUNKY AT! LAW, Brc-cki-nbrough, wi'low of William IL Florida Middle Circuit of Florida. PLAINT, CONSTIPATION, rd DKBlLnt- < ',
red ics iu Taltihasscf :
dtctiLsoJh ,
b: :>cwr.-rt.ilarch 20.1852. 11 taken tip hi-i a'>r.do at Tallahassee and will > That the said parties IN OADSDEX CIRCUIT COURT. ing after I'atkC'( o%%n meihc J. by Nature's <,*.*Y>

&. Myers, : HAS in the! Courts of the Middle Dia'.nct, Itittfi'TtfvrrOrJrrci liefrte this Court in, Apalachicola. To Sniisr. TktM. 1SS2. gent, the Gastric JuFce.
.1. .\vFon baud and rvctmrg.a new and Notice.'T'FIE Counties. pear tie (t- Half a teaspc(0I i Of prrsix. infnsrf
H art now and of Franklin amdackst'ii ] Lit! before the firvt Monday Iii LaTT and Richrrd Sima. -partrier*, using h y.
sax wi or
4 genei u1 a-sorttaent cf GOODS cun>i.iiug o nn'l< ;chI Lev'r V.'jlches vitii-li hal Beffin a'xnt Iwo hour,. Mt of the
( Hunting X cjvnmunlly fir the hbcral putrona e < ---- r'. rtoaach.
4 Gold Anchor Lever do fd in A. LONG & J. P. K. SAVAGE a.jiiii't thorn. PEPSIN i is the chief clement. or Great
l Ir on extended) "to bun -incc h<* 1-J lict-n crjra; M. And it Or-lcrfd That tlu notice l>e Reuben Dubos
$ iijarthsr
Silver L'ver Hunting doSiUer tL Cotton \Ycisl.iu) :; anJ -rr.r.i-uin llu-ir.cjs in H. ",TIXi a'! x'-'ated t1crflP1Vc? f,r tI!;-? ncrjH oj li-lieJ or.ce a wnk f-jr two iiKmths. in the Fl<>rt ii On Petition to Establish Record ofJudgment.. Principle of the Gastric Juice-ifce .e1rrst .j i

Anchor LeverIo TilUuv.! Bua--: i i.Umt to lf-ivo the State t.f pnicticiit I. ixf. Tvi'l give prompt att-ni.-ii tuanv I JuiiTpftl f 1'alI'dkasct. the Southvrn Preof bi-in<* made to ep ear.by afHJnvit that time de- Fovd, the Purj'yingFrescrrin ii .

?; ; \ Lupine aoJ coaiuion laortinent noi-'uia Jw takes tli* (COAMOII t-i inf.Tin his Lire r.: h'! .. !- City | ed'frcm theD? tire Stomach ofibe
aj L.ei f3occ fl.1d e
GfkUn'I : willi the ; Oi.i ln
: cimufx-teJ tf
vttt'.I l 23
\ t-sni'-re' tlsnt nil ? July 20, City .f New Y Tk. limits of the State of Fl.Tida:
;. ot" Ear and Finger IUr *;, Ot-IJ Guira* andKev Ware llou'p in) TI1.ae'! i i1 I< ft in the Jjin Is .f l.Lycce < M therefore Ordsrtd That hearing be had on jolt an ARTIFICIAL DIGESTIVE FLUJD.
Fob and Vest t Chains SeaU, G.-1J Jid S.lveiPeacil | April 1 7, 1 12. O C.ORGI S.? lISWKlS.Jtx / : I ly like the natural Gastric Juice in its Cheai'r
-entW.nn whi' Law Finn.T .
\ i, ?t : GolJ PcnfGold
I *; Collar a ad fl.fl3 Buttuni? S l *r, 1'ttI, and i well! qiiiled: tufarry.i tha busa' ?*(it.=, an I JI5ex >EAItr)> r.REVAHD wi ill:! i.rtk'o hJ3 c'-pnrtncr | I certify tLut il.c above i* a currtvt coj-y of : SUBS! ITUT F. for it. By IDC aid of iM, ,' !
v.-ill pive hi* f *Jio lime and atkr.tion o i-l.ij in sill tlip; r.x.riof( the Mi JJ.e Circuit of tier made in this c-\-v. ?< That thi" Order be pubil-lied! for the pe- p
f.'icll Card Cj< Gdl.l and Silver TiiiniliUj.tlut 1 I hi admitti"! j I tn-n. the pair.* and! evil of INDIGESTION i
: i WIIt V i.i thin l Irflb of bu bf"an of three nicn'hn in published
I Hurida.: lEce) iu Tallalujc-c. i SAMU1IL W. SPENCER. Clerk. some Bew j-aper
e a Tan*, Silver atid 1'ulf/io; Comb inf,1C1ts i fir liii the .DYSPEPSIA are removed, just asa they wooMj
AU- French Mintle ClocRi.T: Vi* Knivf T ? ( 'ati< TIS jn-tifv me Ij.I1" joirr! DEARP. I B. W. JOHNSON, I). this Judicial D'triet. healthy Stomach. I It is doinsr won<*m for fi
,; 4 4 lI1A'TLI patrotinpo hLTelcfue ciU-iiUo to inr. T. W. BHEVAKD.LI. ; I J. WAYLES BAKER, Judge. ,
J. MOSES Solicitor.JI .
Travs.Piaied and StiverV.. e, Silvtr; Talr and TeaSpoon NASH. R. pplc .cRrReca -*-rfEBILITY.F.MACI
C. A.
". ; *. Plated Spoots, Fork?, Cr ar.) and S-'in Ladies .- - .-.-!. 4 $$1 1 : yfI'r:: ?. :-20 l loJ"jf A true ci-pT-Attrt* : vr.nvous DECLINE: and DYSPEPTIC cnv'SUMPTION. <

oo.Tca S.M C Candle8lick -., S-nuhorn Prc s Vt'a>Iinjcn: and [ R. C. LESTER, Clerk. be
0 8 Pla'tdViierH' # lr. luu" bn printed( COTTON jup.ojfd; f> nn the mptf ,
Silver and GiLt 4itattd.] TJHinviTOKd SMITH & O'URIEN: Xuw Y 'rk, will fi.r two Mtuith-s aii1 l ft \1)ril2I,12.: 16 Zm Scientific *L
', S.'Ui Lnnp i: 1 oiui 1 U' f iU-i 1 .tt all times svt tl.eWanlwate copy zrav The Evidence oren vtLici j

I : Al ofine doaiilebirieilcd, GUMS, SLO! and Game rtnntly < v<;] i--d 1-y Mi. C. A. NASH. Attorneys end Counsellors at IALLIGATOI thfir; bill, with a pnpr o'inf ainiii,' the : Notice. bapd.ism i the highest Jfgiee CURIOUS! jed "?

I Bags, and Fh'.ts.fir.e tmrl et Kr.ivc Pote Jicr.nioi. :tl-o in tli Port Folios, Violins ClaroneU, and !"lucs. S .e Uazcr and Jawt s iir1ev: :, n. Vt..\. J.L peron creditors ii.'ae". cr tt! "I to di4tri-? SCIENTIFIC E J7JF.XCEP.lON :

&c.Cc SN .1 '. : & btifi'Ti. or f'tlwrw i.-e iiitc-rtstrd'tn the c'.tttt'f
Strep*, join: r. r.r.ooMF. M.'t>: 1Tt1.
t . I GTIITURAL. e 11eld late <>f Jt-tK-rviii Comity, Fl-rida. 'do-! LIF.CIG in lis Cr-lt>rarrd\r< rk en \tmnl

4. &:.. &5 TO.VLCDecetr.ber & Apnllft, to CV 1. *v S. MHI rv, S ;\ siuwliin'!ij.TI :MASl.irr ?. Mi' hfrfcby notih'cd tn eslulit their claim and : Cheini,lry. bacs_ : "An Artificial Pi; j
V S I .- xritliin twi> from thw (l fttc' to the Fluid, analogous In theGaOric; Jureitat 'berj.
r, 1SS1 Notice. AI. .Luk-oim'Je ; Cid. J. I'AIM., Ocalo.Ocit L. T V NICXLItSON year un- ,
ly prepared fror the rr.eubranc ? i iachot
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4 ------- --- -- --- -- ,b. J. l-'il. '' op u ; an< pVtP.a o |
NEW G tODS. .' LL I per'fl.treilitq 11.zatt.C*!* nit1.1 to dtri.L ; -- r TjI IT/'TrTLLV bfomw th j l to the t-aid cea.d! art? rcqctrted to make the Calf, in which tarion* article cff&!
t. butiun. ? (i J l .V 1 iTti-C4'.I In iLe :: if Ct'.1j l.t i_: 'n r.nj n.- i.fM.5ri5; "oniitif. -diate meat and egswilt! be oftene< '
: lIST nrrr'I] (j jr .Sr.] OiKi'ji'Ji, fiMin 1 V.-rk) ', V.'jj'iiam C. Cljik, Li'fof J-ffmgu lavIr.ent to JOHN"WOOTEX. Adm'r. i IrJ.juit in the same manner as thei wowi i

(. I and fornkbv C. C. UVlil, n vorv iiflIfleit4f'1'RIG -- !%l>'c t* -i|, niv hvr-'bv !,otirid t<' rihl-it thiir cluin; ;* ir'rtII 1.4nte1 iI\' ? '' "' IJ. ll'd"3ll'JrValaablc 1-y ilr.! J. I.. Oi.fXfn: ('ii 'la'i- !.ttt ( t. im.r C" 1 52. 13 Srn j human ttomarh."
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: ariUMMER ( (X)1)S.) eL ::nd ilmiinlviil.iii twuyt-.i s fri''.i i5.is il.i*c. tn tie ,( ( r. .1. i; (;!a:.' '*, I CaUii-'t Wj rt-rf "ni..ml i* prepared; tu do alt tirjty. \ Dr. CuMfJET, in hi* valu-iLIa writr."Physiology .-

I J'ra e, a iiTif, Lawn-* Ia!,! 1:1k.: L:. tn': r-' 'TK'l.' (i tl .! :3a.r.c % ill Ix1 li-irrod : an i all p. r I 7, !; of thinoe! cl'-ira'-tt-r in the very ltt Notice. [ ot Digetior&"chservfd ih,tr--'ad .

Fik! 1vtw1 ]ici ( ; J1..U i&trif. I F(I- :t4 ;d.'t. I i tbe ..tz I (letavi, J.. rt'jue.ttd t. I rt'tma!, tern i'i wili l.tnctvLuY! im'l : nutinn of the clue quar.iitv ct the Ga.iric: Juice iT
montlin after duN- I will totL JiJe
apply < a
NeJit' Work M ?bti.1 I*, an.l a vii: : if oil, nrtu-1" Plantalions for Sale.rpIIF. .
!ia1 2Latw'tt& tvL'J.EMLV nii !
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; 11? to e-inc.4 tIi.'roullv ) ? c.iue rf D ii-
t E-f l'rol ate of f ad* lfn Cou'Uv fur discharge } prp
; too zurnrt't to JJJ4fl'-jJTL Call aid ecc fjr vuurvrlviF. ( ': hw1; xr"tr. rhr'.iTi >nit j-r- ert o-vnpicd I 1v SILAS D.I to l' ;htp 1 iiirg! to ati-f.&ctitni of (Ce! A. Iil i'rth.d'e'a'ed.my ar.d! he Males tf.it a distinguished prVfcjrrof mftS-

-ALSO- i ,TtfTcr.An ('t'lrv, ilay 1. l".rj! .!. ]17 ; ALII;:;. i-1 f-r .-.!.'. 1: i= >Itinte>l pH.iut! five i vti XUI.V ftri.h: hira with erk. J'urticuar! I < rge Vr. S. DILWORTII. cine in London who was severely affiirtfi! with thiicompaifjti

l Gents nu.l By' Sunnier JIt.: 1 I4ita Cravats, Buttaanl iiul"< V/e-tf T.ti.J.-! itl1li.e! ;: i.n tho >:ilIcaiiiiv I t 'iiI t% j'l firJics: evetjtMn ei'e! to fail, fcjd jtrcouuejo
IT 15 .
; ? 2 CmNotice.
SLoaaJ iuOO Fiit rat' Ci .. Bour.tv Laji-ls and Pensions. ,
; The land i is 1'In fk tl.e Gastric Juice obtiied!
: *" I It tj Quii-cv. an-J II.inni noi5Eiiior.Lvr.; ; AND FARRIERY, him
AL-30 E1 *'idtt hVI r' ** : rri?,:' rnt s'ui1 2ch of livinj anircaN, vsLichItlCCttfful"
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anl half B.CTfln ilarl.' !, fVniLeJ ra.l in Tvl.icli In* haf.il\ r.iufh iH-ri and OTt7J3Itt1J
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Quarter ; a cninjieti'i.t I'X # < i.t in theCitj j ." [ nce : <-
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Powdered S.iirsr, Java an-1 IliC tltu. I'ifkls .rrt- i <.f \V-'ir} ;.:tnn, 3Tit! *
El!, Pickled L' KtfrmJ iahn- i.i < i iL! I 1).i--i I Ap'ioe; .1; rri vfdr.. l t -.- 'I.ite f..t'iiwill I aUtnd t-> t tl I cl i cari'Jw"4 ( r !buMijhrsr! bLownz t>r vLich! maY and vonihers to t iht- Judge of Probate for Lt'nI Veet able Diet.** says : II M i trn iV bl, bet in

rill., AppleCK] -<" O, llioo, GvfcLen PtUtt-r, dc. I < f'l'M. :. for Jsu:.4'' ircctv i'i tie i.t.kii4 end nilj'i-tniCTit .f their I I as AJmnI: trafor of Seat '>rn F. Holcorr.b, I physiology.It.a! t ( *he3lf>rrto
March) ( Ie.j2. Jl tf i Luniic, Pt-nsi-r.-- d] t'Iaiir> ((.r L'.-" p ai.d ScrviOtfjccr 1.ce 1. 7i.V.nds! rf JOSEPH) HALE SU nr>! P MVt arc iit iti-l! to pive hiiv a trial. TL.-r i-' no ? la'e ('ffi.iJ County, and o&k f'i a discharge I! in water. impart lathe iidthe propntv cf ill**,.],.

;pi ri ti'e Uutf d 'ta'r i '.f T1locee, f-n ti.c Ockol'iokniicw Hirer r.rt! f r the bu-ii'5! s rr urin.j a ttxtr cartful cr s. id AdzniiJbtrati'n.G. I| in : various article* of fond, and ifclirgakinjif

HELP AT HOME.ry -' and a' 2Jtr.: of th) \\ar ol l !i?. r>r rf mycf shltf. 'ilur >. lira 2 'fI aore* cleared. Tl.e j-l.tce w ; liaiul thai tl.c S''x-In cf Hor-cs! a'i-1 hv Ii- ;* C. S. JOhNSON, AdmV. I artifltial digtit.'on oflhun in no true diffirntfrom

ITE::nndcrwffTJfl.havin nn le lar: .'. 52 Pn the natural digestite frttctri"
j Laad In'Jr ttic late Act ol Congress 1-'nr fcrvios 1'.r',4 t(, : (. etn r'11 r rn. ii Ta-!
JL 1 li'itli in bull iin Hti'l macliiiH-ry) i. no-.v prepared) 03-Call on the Agentand pet a De rrittv; Cir-
I iofunil-h COTTON G1N.S of a\anwr ttylctndquality. i rer.d 'rpr ti} c owfu-ri on! the pn n.i-p. le'Lnrv S Notice. i cnlar, gratis..giting a l large arrut if SC1F-&TIF1C

cliara 'l, upoiideiiicrv cl the warrrM r the an ouUcclkctid I C. A. r.IlVAN.Arrill" :: f Thi- ci.n! (- 1* inf -n'!<"l to apply r-nlv rnorth fn n date, the ui-lfn-igned Executrix nVIDCNCC.similar! t" the atcr '.tcse'hfr willR -

4 lIe Iia grt no liymbr Ti7 nikin? Gin to exa- I). P Hr-GIT. j l 12.:; 14 tf r.lack.nij.inir! and C'ttich-iiiithiii I'IL-lfle'-tLC vrill! prc-'t-nt h r itccnts nnd voucher* to the port* rf REM. RKABLV. ci'iiEsru-n aiprt! f fI

hit at Fair* ir up by S'/ui:* North, to I>i7il < r uilicr pace (?. V.'. Iie'I'cwcs. l rl:: i'lalcirc; U-intf, In-refofvre.. iiiidr th-- \ ;\ 1 It' f l f Probate Lr the County of IIl.fbr.ruuch: and I I; the United Stst -j..IS.1 .

to get Not th fliers t> v/rite in M prai-c .__ .Ltd1 Q2, 1' 1 if Soots and Shoes. ccutivl auJ ii..uijst-raent of Mr. J. L. Gruiitr.JL. to be di.M'nrp'ed! from aJniini-tration on the es flYSPEPSLl crnrn.Dr. .
T. ot lluury S. Clark deceased late cf said Countv. .110CC IIION'S PEPN!
IFn cfttJi'Ji-hmiiit' i* strictly S1ien-in tl.* riiltf hasprcdccHtliecrrt
T..ST ivo'l. fine rsvirtmf fladies
Groceries 6tc.T7"S 1 roc* a ELLEN 31 CITRIC Executrix.
( the cotton growing region. He iuUtidhi 1 t DeLi1I7(,( *.
,, IJlack ami C'jl.Ti'] Gaiter
I-astiiij ?, f A1IE3 B. GA'ilBLE hi* juat received a 10 152. 1 Cm '
l.iv rec'-ivol f.itr Ip.r' e ff f Sa cv2IiOfl. % t1rovs Ijeeliju'. snd .
1L fhow f >r tlicii: clvi>s, jiii'lsre! wainit.toj to pt-ifnn intho I \ < j-j't n lo. da Ki 1 ai'l M"roce j d.! >. J Li2 of Uatrjtek Table Cl.ths IIJippfiC Cor.n'at7.lion.
Lc.'t nhtnuer when j.rojMly r.ttiidfi! to, <>r to }ls>. I ( Craojccr P5-M .prie! (.1iCf' '. I'icilcs, I.tinSynrp. ( Do. ii.aT.'l-il'-j.kin-: a .* r It isimpdfsible to give the drfai's rfrar* ia
made tii do M, At hi* own cx.ai4. Gin repaJrinj iatxip. St-ir'-h. Cin'Jl: sn.i Cajidr. IK KM 1 Wtikini'Sli- ul jvlij3, Notice. the licit ot tl'i4 adierttaemeBt ; hot antfcenlicataicertificate1
done lit fh'irt notice and i'i the l Ixt mai'n.r. Orji-r Al j4<>. a few cjviroViip and Liq-ir.p'. Slij pfrian'iDukiri.-l rrr1 I Ti-v.'t-1 months after Jute, the vn'Lrriced, Admini- hive Ier given n' itrre than TWO
1)) ,. Calf Du.-ku nn-i liy .
for Gin thankfully received and promptly attend! 4 A!1i', 'Vn-h"J S :wr, l'" :ci. r ::i kl.alf! lc' ';, >?AI>0MC tct* IIuCil.ixl.. : Tii.vdi) by tLc d.'Zen, trator in riaht of hi- wife S&R>h surviving Ad- HIJNDRED REMARKABLE CURES, in IhiW; Uphia.

:I to. He will lr-ivrr! them at the re idenoi' 4..J! :hc j. rda ,n.I qr. kt'. Apie! .ml I Vr'.i- \Vine \'ivsrr. Me t ; ..C OilrM! LsjiJait- ;- Towtl-t by tIle yard, cf the r t.ife of TJjom.ui J. H&dley. Lite New York ard Bryfon ]toHf. "Ttrfvtetnldesprrafe \

'TorHt LU Lna. Ik'l In ti. Nnil tc t-1]. Hs.. tf.i'U.sfKvt *-: '. Bmwn 'tfl'i Icnehd!! Cra.li, ('o'it-.decea..cd.will apply to The Judge cases, and the cures were nr-i cMy
Do. PIuVi'kii: Slu'f .nl ki
(>f the large uuruIxT: tLat could IKviitnr! -J if n"cv>- !-. Tniro n-airi.. "fh: s.nl I Ox Clun. llunTH ? ? r-i : Probate of saij Ciuutv, fur a distLar from said rapid and wonirf? ,;l.-hnt perrnarenf.
>P.s. tl'. r.n-1 M..ri'e" lJ J. Jl. WATSON.f r-. Ax>". ti r 'tii< r wiih a u-i'-mj anriifii: of B. LOEB..efferi4i It U a great NERVOUS ANTIDOTE, aid pifieulailv -
fraq. R Cn.- a .iti.-nt of CiiiMrtBs: I.Citlur, MA !-'- 1.ii. n. acreJ qiaFUe', in-fol fr f teud to Eil'i nmJi-triJrr.! L; ,
ltrF"m t bl Cur;.'. r.l! i-f vhih wu uhl M.-ll a* Ccunty,Jsinnary 5, I2. 52 6m r r.cj T rCorrpliinf
t.w:'( z1.I J.&t.:it I' u'Lq r 1.H1li Iinl.ri-'* i I.oi'ikerd..t. 1.T aiwS Anrcr bst'v' treated het
.' M n F.1rrrv IR, i 1. i' : nv 't 'i !ioa-t; it. 1 c..v. r
Mil'T. !I.<0Gtrt fliL; ifcin-1, CJltvs, ic, Fir --iutf r.u rcnsn Notice. arid zuc.end it'e tvil_ rt'ccls cf Qwinipe.ileicnrr
: ? A IIT'- ;
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y rn.Cnlf DIniitatiiia -.;*. t. *. 1 and ti. tie! Uietstlif Orsar.afur
ro. nionl da'e the unJcr-izrwvl. Adrr.iKUtnitorr f> -r < (ienp> R
I atj'e'i vi1 BatcT Ojua'ii-s. tl.rv t- ti di Grirnwt : afifj
/ <: ).'. 1 ; Si;'ez.-i 1 & .. *, IT IT:;2. 15 Iota sickness. A-! i"r ratingimrtLtHealth
April rxci. iu
f the of TbomsLurnet: \rii!
f .iiy j.rh jui 1 IC by 1'i'.I J. 11. War"1!), of i G0TTOU GINS.'cT tita'e -: cp-
jt ,. r..v.4Had| ,
\\Vr-r jr' :.J'Ij- LCll -, IrA (rt-p r.e Cfa-fel%; .irjs.! It i1zr.tL reccisI
? pnJ ooriJtrto to the Jue t-f pjtlci'c of JLiJLon Crjify,
with -whi-h I well .
-uii jiKit-- ;:. tA ';; kr iii.-1. mItl' ; ? 11.>. :vMfnni 1 1 I-; v % For Sale. | ami ,! i.iJ I nith Ir-tttrr-rrar> Ii-cnarr it-e.
them I.IJIH; male Gv rs\i\ in mmi ? (
iu I 1I3 nny in in! < JU; ha2l"ant4r every i" 'b aiil via u: *!* nly le rircj-aiod i" i.-ialtu n *"; JUj.) Kip ii! .g i"i :e' 1 i i-'a-f-ttj'. :- TASKS r--r.-n. 1 Ti-r'-e; I Lima, ST.'j 1>AVI! > GOl.NT&1 J I out sTO..Liar CCMHILVTS.
3 jre Tt.L
ilt. rcr mri4 )' ios 't.o, tu rt.r .1 t.i: -AIU- 0) 2l> Lr'r! PIf r. kLr L DANIEL BURXETTE --iur-" I Tl c-c H i-> f-rci t.i OLE> aTOMA!l COMPLAINTS
SJ1tI14\eztT Grrai1 }1u-ia. ('tL :iji. ur, < f
3T ? ii th&rt'it ho'.ic-. Y J.ii'. whlrh i i' Tc .
tert ro S.- ; i.Liv! tkroH; rrt i rn fo reach ii.
.ats'P i4 S.ih. lvm ,J riej iz 5 1 -f, !. ('o'irtr. IA c.rnr 1. 1J'1. 4 r.i
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', v rr.v', : I i ; z.t ("ir 1jtC l.a'fv! -t! !I.>. 3'X 10 h-crs: CJT.f e. 10 Jyx3 ChcekAt -. I :rr'Te 3' "aNc.. mayer ic i'a'! tie v-as it
ULiJtuiJ Las NortLcra
iio WtCi't. in a T. $'ri LV.' ': '! : !i.Ei.vc' p..). 'hfn.f i l.re-t *-vi ry <1 low prices for ea-ii l>y Notice. G VES1N5TANT" fiKL'EF! .} thtgle Jmrrttsent
> ; do n i'mr. !. ak1"*? (jiuJ :w K.i.t.ikiv] JAM'KS; B. ). r.viith fr--n Ait*. tl.o t.nir-t"ni-d. o.ic t' f ftir"f t* 'ttrz ar.J it only nee r ; >b*
,rr ti.1.ri1i'y & f etrWe Oicr 13. 151.. -II C. C. JITHD. .* -riIl7, 15--i2. 15 tra*. r J* l- nit wi (ci the i:ate f Jjnr.e* 3L i f repciifi -- r 3rr to c.a\e! the-e enc<} .i'ccs
A' Ga rrjarv .
3 I ir,2.Tii's
ivr. re iMmLtPi ( C'3 l1i f --.---- cierered. late uf grid Cocnry. wi'I prrt LI* : tk'raotrit F1ATY tF ELGOI.l VlGORO
} i. to cerlii/ tat 1 Lave ii t>e on rr.y T-l'na- _; ; tA'T 4,') ii... r''. I :: ? fri.iiTet1t..j'v'cc I 7 JSTKA IISJRNCECOMPANY, Liquors and Wiucs. and v.>uchr* to: the Hro-rable Juire f.f Pnv ; BODY t.iUtr: ilc.ff Ii : jfiticuIatUfiulVvtI

lion; Li tl-H Coat.ty, a f 5rty faw Gm. mrjiufacture*! LyGdL tn fl.rn.vie! '. 1: i. t. i,4i't HAiriYOHfi! CONNECTICUT.pUILUJNG" ( fr GaJsJeti O. nfr. and ak to be di. 'inred I -e 14 V r. (' ? Srreni'i of
J. H. Wa*. ."n, of Palajyra. vbic-U I cr.vi.3er equal C'ASSa supviiT Brandy,
the rir.e (4' tiA' '1 j 1.-jj ad I ALEXANDER E. GREGORY.IVbraary thrit I otke&&cL. it>Jrci3 silei eating. ks.i .
!?tok.s and Cotton iu \Vae-Lott' "
Gi-u rnaiu Li Georgia aaJ 1 lu'ari'e
I to any t-rtry panicdir, jd ; Id sate t-i'e E.n.d. Hea* ce tLc Southern prtin of (i r ii.j 1S52. 5 I or < :
not exccW by Rry. I liavc no hcta.t
ner.din tl.ew to plantf-r& in Srath-Wufti-rn Gf>->ria, 'amirry 17. 1S32.. 2 Cm i.rvi ; & : Mr.c 2 old Jye Notice. } to Issinit Ssl.; de..Vc.
ufrfure 1 nii-l i t i iSouthern January 2 l 'i? 3 Ag nts, T11.Iiasee. NElum.
They sre mar in our t au by t 2 months after .kt. I ehall make p.ppiea&a t : HOUSTON'S: PEPSIN" is nl! by nearly Jl
-- -
aau & native Jvr oirn lon'nw Giti. Good Billiard Tablc.A JOHN PRATORIUS 2 Gin.J the Hf-w-rable Jufge ofProbut* ia aid for tie '. the dealers ir. ie dr.'s ard Pof-nJar Mediciars.thror.hcut ,
DAVID! A. VASOX.) | ci-c! caTrv--.*.!, I | lie L'nlttd 'atts. It i it prjarei' in
COOONI) HAND BILLIARn TABI.Kf. ;- Jcflt-rsoa fr letter* distiLwicn and di- .
) Palnyr&, L<< C-n-Ty. !!arth 152. 0 tf ; .L rale !.>TT Ly 1) LADD. [nr .rnr. LVTH rriM or KCI.L t rmitA tTf1t-J 4 U.ira! "- e as A-JaiiuL-tratix de Unit oi of N. R FcL -rn. S D'Wi?.'r sadi it FIt d fcrin-and i.iPrt9triptii.n iali

: ewjrt. M.ri :i 2.;, i': I : %.1, '1\TOUJ.I) iif..rni Li fe-i an'i t% ptiilic 2 Larrr's ekhi. ; >\ .ae, ". f f.F..r of said ci nitty, dete ae-l All j-ersou hcreia ia- for the o'e ct FhT ican,. ,
iiciv! JA.V.K.-S B. ;
V r tise Phyiiriansmi
that he S..U, t>ik :n tl.c! lore Ut-1 evcut.ifdrr.f are hereb'v:; -jtiiid l accordigivMALlSI
C. II. r.ll l and t".r- % ). Adm'xl de tit } be cbtair.c-J cl Dr. hlt.ithtc.n! cr bis Agents,dci
D. E. HULL, TEE THUE KEDICIEAL |.y adjoin!'? th! $ IjuIyocci.icdljv FOLS03L now. thewhi and .
| 1 I'-.H! & rratijk wh'ro 1w will be 1.ae.l! .t.-freni..n C'nzi-r'. Ftbrtrtr 2S. 1S32. S &u '?rtinr I j-rocess preparation, 8'ipg
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tfi attni'l to ifur' : a.Jiru'i! t f tho-w! v. 1st nav bedi'i''l
Pi.it. i') tcIi\EI:: ) txlay an-1 f.-r file! Lr eah. C. In Chancery. n#'v reir Jy are baedAs it is NOT A SECRFrREMEDY.'no
in il. c-re; rf! -n f il 1 .. C. om-lion, trj r'n ir in l, u r luii'-' .
.. f adJkt- 1ir.ii')ricat.j: futetiflA} ltrnc: :!. A1c.4)1 1L3t'.re.1 kind'. U'SCFUL I ; p"jaI: ;i. A't! : ; r -:!< !.itis',.>-!2ait1 !,- lie La1ricdvfl.. ly.tlate! rrrirr.ls. a cA ,;..; oni ; it i ittJ /ruA lVUtvC3. by J. B. CIRCUIT OF! FLOKlPA: -IN GADS1 I v.b1.-ti'a can be nisrd agsiRst its Die
!. I >F.N CIRCUIT[ COURT. o Phjsiciarw i in repectaWe standing red rtjalafpractice.
afl t1I'C.'PI rf tii ChiM MrJ I.'i"A ,- !! !" ": ':, / .'. April 17, 1.-52. 15
both double! caJ wnjrle. Ct.rria Tivr.mii;' cf all i-j yet 1 Price ONE DOLLAR b ltle.Cr .
h G. Tillsun and Jane Tillcian Cvmpainantt, per
thi* va'ja-il! lirriirit-.e i' j j'i'lt < *.\ ..1!. tshicl. is.varranted f'iifif (jowl ; 'i "i'zerr1 H\i jr'tn+*it ffnKA ra ,
U kind. Sriings, Axles, B-j'tn. an-1. i in fkc; cvtry thing cJ. G. AmTerEoru" et. ( (1BSERVETIISEery! bottled the pwine -
pure, ai ;r C/ o r///.v <(r/ By
nsually kept; in aj>re t.f tLLj ki d.tSpRfpair S Snell, Wniian C. Snell, Julia F. Ed- ( PEPSIN"! b2n the written! sFgcatnre cf J t

dL4e at tLort w''e. :-: For 23. *J j'jj.\i':; jy C-o LC'i'i Tulu i -! c. A.. -\ Haj : All of 1.id. I lUUttr ir.ylf, re t :1! in :% !<* rvlqnn'i'y. -$ 0 UASivirrs iiti-Mc! CLar.aLt, r.-rd-, ?n-3n J Litlf.! and Jen-tte V. G. DonaldKrcn'ri I HOUGHTO.V.M D., /lie proprir trr, Fiiladelplia,

Uucetnbcr i7,1 S1. M i k co, Ri. inl: I i in th-: ; .:.al't. !JJ.! v-il give ti.Ttlj'ul: r ntt'.nt 10 bjx" Toki'-e"a 5*. 1 Ih, all and Feal. in M"ii
ased arid B.t w05-Soi"d
I'.obnf I. Kdraoid (Irc' Ssmut : by Druggists
_ CARRIAGE REPOSITORY$ ; PROTECTION INSURANCE COMPANY t;<- ID LU buini-.'. :... 1 IHJKS ho v.iJi Merit! H liberal 2 svpori' r (Icu i: jj Tobacoi\ I.f-te. hcri t and et fftcinitnr.itrat"r! deborr cir.is.

iiAinToni) coyicTi< rT 111r'gia ,' fr ,jji tiipublic.. 15 "x'St-5 Ci: trf. LEWIS k AMES
BY MILLER AND EROZAW, JUT cf the.'IM.- Susan S. Sill, coas-d.
erl'cr .- -lwri.. ',. tf 2 Pre> rv.--l Oi-urer, .
4o Wholesale Retail
and Agenfi.Febre
the safitficticn the Court that
7 2:1uJapPe, 176w1.v. C.nptal .Stock, eSfiO.CCO. 3LrTima 1ickl jippirirs: fa
2 ot? ,'-, -. ;
1S-V2. 5
W"iIin! C. Sn one the'! a'w-ve lumt-d De- 17
'? 'rpil I-: nlihcriV-r1' lore' rr-C"5ve alar .1 r ji ( ( ,.) ,(.. :Pnt 'f i1. CuI'il'nti'... Drugs;, Chemicals, &c. S dzei t1L-1i 3lIftarI. ttit*, re-i'! beyond tiie lirnif ol this Stats'.ani!

V ::i-- 1. i.ujp1v '/f OAIUUAOEri, UUGND 'I, Fr4'lr( .1 I tn uk rKns zi7It-t I ir- ( iiujings ;! c1_ 'LPlJATLUjUININil; v.arrontcd wid full S '.vr"l Sau't, t'.eStafeof NVw Vi.rk.and that Thomas S. Snell. Groceries.BACOX. .
(JIES IJAUXr vhicb : tLiir the pure t 2 P. ilV.T. Jn-j. Ball t Am-horv
they content-
aiu intt fif.roi. It t< nn. Dcfon'lar.rs rcf t'fl'
I. -) Vcj2'1it. -' ur "f Sail! u supposed I o reside Flocr. Corn and Meat Sng
/Tcr! for saU! lie limits of thi Stale and the United
Ojl, I 1.! < k l 1Ple4 r. -jid Oil, \\T-.L-key ncd Vinegar
":s W/ing t" purcliase any ,f thf iiborc arJde. ()i-fi-li-r) t!.", Ih1.: 42 5 C.iVi-nne IVj j*r, Stete.
hoe i l 'nceis nnknovvn Salt Cre
h'it and
1'criii l (tliiniiihif.: ni artlr't; l from tLe ". < < : every thing muallj If ft :n a
call and cvuiiii for tJioia lvts.IS jTPpir T
lU 1..i-.i l.i FLrmiiuj flxtruct Varulla.
; 1'4 ru jali Kark. ei-i. rt d] iicui ly v ;tl M Qu.ium, at It' M t'terrforr Ordered, That thp*jid William Cil Fur sale low fr caah only by A-IL fLl.Kr.TApritlT. -
DCcRflIIM: 1S01.; -13 tf Cvhrvrr! 6e l.y .1. B.
) and peadanero1 Jerc.ur to the Bill
nix'lit ('ii-j third! l the | iiif.Al appear 1SC2. 15

Clothing.TUSTrcCpiro Dealers in Dmjs, Medicines, <5tc.OULD .,- _'sO, u ruiii.rul: r-jjplv i.f Cl ?i.ii Js of the! btfctqtlulliy. April F 17. IS..i. 15" Ci msdaint filed in the aSove entitled cause on or

it.f.imi tb.-ir frigid! ntid tl.c jiublio, that 're the first Monday in March next, and the said Exchange at Far!

l .t the oil ftaid, n ,7"neral asvrtJ \\ they KHm Land u yt**] artm.. it i f tuhi Cast y\vccps. ; S. Snll within the period of nine minthn GROCERIES, Hardware- Crockery, VcodTire,

ment of CInU.s, Cwirnorii and V tin *, vl.irh t i arti.-lc ji* : rc 'ucraUy i.'j.4 in tl.i-ir 1 lino .f bunn.is, Fine: C !fnrnc. LuVir's K\trf.it: MiJ anof rtmeiit 9 c-i r CASTSw.er?, the date of the puMication of this Order, or Ste l, E.V.Jcets. Kerseys, Brog M|

b the feubtcriber is jtr juircd to niaiiufuctun; in the iiio tpjiroved arid Trill Iw rocdvni'j Knlarly frcs-h supiJim. Tl.tiiUrm F.'in-y Ti.il"t Aitvf! f. \ rv li..rj i rte. .__.U .J 2Pltiuh*. said Bill; will b<' taken pro eonjeno aiain Hats, Cap Clack Dress Coats, Fact, Ve! '. OrH

& &t vie, and vn the in<*t rcaMiiaVo terms.ftuthraiin .- i-hall be rriwnub!('. l>avi>' 1'aia Killc-r. Kudvr y"lUaJlUlitf. :..' K.T1 ;.tiI. : : ProritfJ That local publication of this Ce. hunting Oats, Saddles. Eridk", &c, giVs*"*

1 ( in want of a n-gulor and faiLi
fit, will' do veil to call upon .i'd cck-l.rattil 1'U.jt.n, unJ other FanJly 3IcT- !'" Miiriudand F.-u'.ilv (1.'i'. U'th' October. ISSl. Country gent-rally. J. 3L WILLLlMi

November I. IbSl.: 44 A. P. CLAHKHf Southern Mutual Life Insurance Company 1(1'H'. Fr siV 1-v J AM F.S"B.. G; J. WAYLES !DAKER, Judge, Sec. November I, fs31. 43
1. of Louifcinna.AVISO Ja\r.c 3icr.c. lc, Ac., j"1! roo5viil l by Aprll'.M t. li 5-2." 1 l.* A tmeropv-Attest, .
Spring U C. LESTLR, Cleik. Just Arrived.r .
: .t AMES.
( I Iwnajipoir.U-dA uit for (0.eaWe Com- J.KW1S
HE latest *ty> for Gents, Boys, and You'J just H[ 1.Jty, atIflI ( it WtlCCf'trV li tL-CtIj.3! tlnsuUcriUr. Ocf..KT) ll.lf.11. 4'-i tf By the Laura Jane." October iSLSI._ 41 4mmcn: HAVE just receiv rd by the Jat reswlL freifl ? i'

J- received M j lor wile by imYJrtILnct ti.l : dratzo of t1e in'iumj inlmrumjcc.prid1 X BASKKT.S Stitair.i- Champagne in jiwrKi Notice. York; an m-voioe of Sen'*,*omen" c

March 27.1632. 12 HF.IIl A ItUST. >1e, uui1! ; tiac 1L'md.rt1.flf Linen Drills, & .c.TUST efi :i a i 1iut. LnLnt's Shoes, cornpruing nuiBy styles not )e1$

) hit' Ct1Zt t1. ')fIg.L.hL-I'e recrec.tf1l- idnitv. Ally inf..r.iati'u rorcivc-1 fur OntV an-1 15oys* Sntnnicr Wear vcrv !impcri.rnr1ide. Fr fait l hi t LL person?, creditor, legatees, entitled to dl'tri offered in this market 'Thereare ak k -

PREMIUM COTTON GINS. ichti'e to jtcu.n be (Ibt.11w4 Lycaliiu, us tl.e ,l -1'lrtin, Stiipcd and I'liu'-l Jji'i..n Dnll") Urown April 17. It5. 15 JAMES B. (;. .. but ion, or oihcrwi iuu-rejted in the estate of Gentlemen Boots assorted, to -which I t

.rtljc Columbus Duck, firo n Ijncn r.n.l Nftt Linen Drill. Diap JVto, : JoyiK-r, late of Jefferson County, Florida, de- tion. The above will be sold low to ekes sment.
fc CO. S. S. KNIGhT.47
T. TAYLOR Proprietors .
New Fresh and Pretty **-d, are hereby notidvd to exhibit their claims and WILLIAMS,
I IK-u'mo
CcMnnailf.s I'birterV J. 3. .
'ii Cotton Gin MjuuUcioiy, have t he tikUction 30, IR.'iO. If Linen and l Jjneni OMial.unr within from this date
t"getlier vritli in that of fine f the Indies years to the nn- December 6.1851 43Groceries&o.
to nnouuce lo Ihtir palronk aiid the Plan ctrjtLIi.g uualv fcojit LOTS fancy fixings, 'r
the vrill be barred and all
4' ten< generally throughout the Cuttua gro%%itig) region. New Goods. hiu-! f..r falc l.iw ly ]J Kill & IlUST.Jlarrh cheap.-only require to tx to. or the said same deceased ; persons
to make
are requested
I .. (bat they ate pirpared to supply aoy nuuibtr TfETfl ti t; IlUST would n aiu rail the attpntji.ji of 27. 1K>!>. 12 tf UFC tn hi to enumraU J not opened and n > to -

of Ihfir celebrated PREMIUM Gi>.. 1A Ladies to their well selected Mock of .SPIUKCJ( Here I Am.FAILIXO them about these) Capes particularly! in prices. FJJZABETH payment JOYNER. Qualified Executrix.Jefftrwn JUST reeceived, a fine lot Goshen- Butter,

a : Where the Gin* have bnMi mre used, it would DHE-SS GOODS, cou>l tii of the following! : and cxuiiirne at I). .
4 be deemed unnecessary for the Ma.iulactuiert> sav Plain uud figured blu.3c! Bhrt-geu aud TisMief, !; (o piircha'c certain property on the sen- Newport, April 2 J, R.r,2. 16 County May 8, 1S52. 18 Sin Same with CVese.

#I\! a word in their tavor, as they feel confident the machines PLiui c
have been brought to such perfect ion, thai lunbroSJm-d Mi>lin mid Organdies, CitizftH of Tiillahjift-ic and the balance of our world. Spring Clothing. Newport, April S-f, 1S52. 15

$1 e their superior performance uill re-commend them, Plain amid Wntcd Ijiwno, All who intend pun-luring gixnls, will find it to their LARGE assortment of Gent*' and! Boys* Lt peron, creditors, legatee, entitled to distribution .
otherwiM interested hi the
in preference to all ottier Gins now in uie. For the Chafys, interest to call before they let tlie in.Hiev. ulip from A iLulc Coats,"Pantx, Yi-sts, Drawers, and or late of Jefferson County estate Florida of Pure Sulphate of Quinine.

a atiifsction ol those who )hve not used the'Gins, Plaid ttripcd nnJ Cainluie Gingham. their finjjcrs. s. S. IvN IG J IT. Just received and for dale bv Brurnler, have hand hundrO*
.->od notified to exhibit their claims subscriber on wp
: are
p and are unacquainted it h their reputal ion, the Pro- Lace Onpcs, Collars nnil Cuffs, October 18, 1851. 41 tf March 27. iR2. 12 riEIR .t demands, within hereby two from this date to the THE onneesof Sulphateof Quinine.'*bI? dIV
prktoraneedoruly i>y. that the Ftiur Piemium* ll.rcad Lisle and Mulin and years w
lgingg ,
Inserting, or the same trill be barred and all hate obtaiced dir.ct from the maptrfacturtrs
Now ;
the BEST GIN per
them fur
have been awarded to exhibited Jlluck Lace and Chantilla Veils, Opening Oanaburgs. arlicU- -
indebted to the said deceased they will warrant it ta be a superior ?
: at I he great State Fair held AUanU.Geor. Kid, U lc and TwUted'Silk Glovrs and Mitten, \ *T the well known stand formurlr occupied by lUST received a few bales Southern immediate are requested to We have enlarged oar stock ol Dregs a-' *""

ria ; also, at the Alabama) and Georgia Agricultuial Linen Cambric* and Lawn Uaudkerchiefs, J-1. CLARK & STILLMAN, u Gene'rul and Select sL/ Shirting, and Sheeting by paynunt.WiL A. GTNKINS AdmV.Jeffirson cines by recent arriaIs.and are prepared to <*** Mechanic's Fair held at Columbus ; and at the March 12 HEIR 4 ,
and Cape Scarfs and Lace ViMtttea. \cbortracnt of 27,1652. r1*?
annual Fair of the South Carolina Institute t t .,.x--, L x.-. ... County, April 24, 1852. 1t Sra orders toe articles in onr line,at wholwale Sr
ALSO Fall and
t --- Winter Clothing, on the most accommodating terms. .. .
Charleston. The Cotton ginned on Iheic Gins recfiired Bonnet. Cap and Belt Ribbons, Fancy Goo-Js, Cloths, Cas iincre Vestiiigs, Hooicry, Boots, Notice. We have also a few accounts jet dOt lo w w "

Lbs first Premiums at the exhibition Fair held in Black and colored Satin and Lusters da Fine Sewed and Pegged Boots, Slippers, tc.; -wlJcJi SHOES, Gaiters and Slippers, a beautiful LL persons indebted to the estate of Edwin A. year 1349. Th y are generally in small 1DOll! "T
ChatlettonSouth Carolinsnd steven where Neck Ties zubd Neck Ribbons, the gubcribcr is ready and anxious to sell the received and for sale low. i ii "iP
I hve been on Fofker, late of Monroe County, deceased, are re- but if the whole could be paid shortly,
amplM of Cotton from exh/bited./ Silk and Cotton Velvet do. most reasonable term for cash its Airil24l816 "
i in their or equivalent.He to come forward and settle the Mine; and all far Jow d liqai Jaliofe irmin T'
The Proprietors have powesiionflumer Holland Trimming tod Wringe. stock of Clothing consisU in AMES
t part ,, creditors, legatees. At, entitled to distribu LEWIS
at Cost ?
Com Sale
Cotton Broken For

r certificatefrom Planter*,
ens Together with other articlewhich Hack and Colored Dress
many fancy I rock Coat of nod from the said estate, are hereby notified Juni8)8O.' 13PIowL
mission' iWrchants, and nnfacturers of Cotton YOU will please call and examine before making your Black, Blue, Groen. Brown and Mixed Frock, QO BARGE Dress PatjcrnaiSilksndWooI their claims and demand* will be barred at the
? Godt) lLf7it>glhat the performance of the Gins, do
: purchases. HEIR 4 KUST. Sack and Fancy Coats, of two yean from the date hereof unless
I 3 and tbi 'aaroples produced by them, cannot be excelled Marth.S7.- 1R52. .12 tf Drab, Black and Brown Overcoats, 10 Tbwn drrM pattoma, within that period.
by any Gin ever manufactured. 40 Muslin t; Jaconet do reeiied per
t 4 4 Figuered and Black Silk and Buick Satin Test, -' CHARLES HOME Jr Executor. JUST
All orders(ot'GinIvenillher to our travellingor Worked Cblhirs *. assorted, IO -
Extra Cotton Oan burg Black Plaid and 50 .
;; : Grey, Fancy Cwwunoro Pantaloons West 22 1852.
JO 8t
L toeil Agents, or forwarded to Proprietors by .. 24 pair worked Sleeveo. 200 extra Plow Points.ecY.bI8SZ. _
ROM the Howard Factory Columbus Ga i
Gins a splendid -
.: A 1 mailwill alwajsteceire prompt attentipi. article, for sale at natoiulacture ks' *ttdexTeljaet White, Fancy Silk and Marseilles Ve ts, and TR- : JAMES' B. Notice. ,
of tb. atjd j .
rill be sOt to any part country, warranted 16Thd
Apn124,1852. .
nona other articles too mention.
alisfactjon.7US. Country! traders partfenlarlj desired t numerous to months after the flnt pobUeatico of this notice, '
r A to tiy cau and examine beftire wndiog abroad for a A B. CLARKE. : I will aoenont *and and Lot for
: L.Dtll'TON. Agent Tallabawe. supply. "best in tho World,. present my Tooehero; ap ;
} i .Colusbm..Ga.WrO20,1852. 11 ly Ne'ortarvbI5I8S2.) 10 IX LADD.F Novembo 8,1851. 44 tf EXCELSIOR FAHltY SOAP. to the Jiidffe of Probate of Leon Cotmty for a A LARGE MrAi1aooc *t

: diiKt'harge from my ad>niautfatiaQ of UM estate ,eO taU .

,- ( $* and !bo! : Children' and Yonth'i Clothingr, Saddlery.A J U3T reeeired 20 boxes of the above, with Gabriel Brittle, deceased. market, received Ijjr recent aii.

ja4mao d tod frir salt by receircd by V; T. MITCHELL GOOD assortroent just receired and for sale ny tions for tw, ix. For sale by NATHAN HOLT, Adm'r. or e1 *uoa o-sqitpnrdae I

I: r r. -'e27,1$2.! 8taek.1 12 hEIR & ItUST. JUST 8, 1852. 18 tf 2'lav15, Js52. 19 UEIll i KU3T. May 15, 1652. 19 JIE1R fc RU May t 1-832. 18 6m &3i'




; j.i.

4 1r -

The Floridian & journal
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian & journal
Alternate title: Floridian and journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: June 26, 1852
Publication Date: 1849-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 02704418
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Preceded by: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. : 1831)
Preceded by: Southern journal (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Semi-weekly Floridian

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"A: # / S 1 1A

4J4Jc; u9L 3:

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V V V V V ;- 4 ? -' V4
-- 1 __ T I t rria ; ,
V V *;*

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VV _ V ___ _V V __ V
V -- V V


= :=-:=:==:=.;=:V = :: .__ =- : __:. .. ,- .--- ,----- ----- -- ------- -V -_.- --- ,


-- -----
------ "- -----
" Th? Denocrat'c Nominee.tf jconvrsnd upon n .NVw Hampshire I man._: dead on the Held. ( en. Pierce r.ddre' set A Tall Jump.flleoa | A Fearful Warning. An Independent Voter.

> tike the following: IJiojrapV! of That man was "'ti r. }''iL-rc liinisvlf. "I'lithf l thorn and said!, here the extreme North am Chailey !" t-hou'ted Xcnl, ns 1wIar :: The outlines of a very effecting life-storj The Philadelphia Pennsylvania reports tLi

the otlloe( : of PrcsiJ. t will not tal (e it, sii1 nominee far pun met together, as coniT.rm sons o >t into my room, in the attic of a 8'-2.3() been going newspapers.No speech a Keystone
Par must take it," ri'j..iod! the cabinet.Mr. the Union maintain Iu lecture could be delivered to the State mode the dof' the elec
from tbo Now Yoifc HriJ fGen. glorious -met to I it- I/o.-irding huoIoe in t'.ie Uowery, about un >uilifore better on recent
chsllv Tierce wa inimciJiaJely! oflVrcd'thoColorcVy lights and uphold its honor. Tli'se battU5I the bell vas expected to ring fo.dinirr. younjr men of the country, than the unadorned tion. wLHfet leaning sgainst a wU ia Independence -

Franklin flerce, of tLo :New I>i land repnu'it, I had! cemented the union of Xoith and South, particulars of this! mclanchoUy case. Mr.llannegan square. The patriotic orklor.had

KOTHBynrOMWlTS ITrMI NT. :;id was induced to accept it" and Col. Kan- and liy hoped they \\onld be forever united Well, Nc d. vat! i'u the row I' of Indiana, l began life with prospects \ been libating pretty freely in a neighboring

(;,?). KmnlJin] Ift-rcc the nominee of the torn was appointed .M.-ijor of the same repinienl. Nine cheers were then given for tio! Pilmettoiegimcnt iNotliing. How inucli money have you as flattering ns thobe of any young 1 grocery, and was in a situation such as to

Vi0un1 I>..nvvi3'5" Comx-hUonforthy Pres.n litloio the: uriii '>iit was rai-d, a vacnnry \\hicliweie loudly Te? [bonded to; cmr man in the United States. With! every native render it extremely doubtful whether he could

;denc'. is .: :t)11 11e CIj1mmiu iceurrt>d in thoollk-oof Bri.'uIjer (Ipn- and ilic! sanfe complimentas returned l.v Only nbont fifty. Why1! tj endou-ir.ent, which! could insure: tuccessiu have walked a wire or performed any other

; ..:: I (' -cV'1ry( vai ; oral of the Third Bii I ide, con istinp! : of tinNinlh. the: Carolinians; to the Yankee?. Nothing. Lend it to me, Chirlej.*' a politic:! career; talentsinfluence, popalaiity gymnastic exercise that rfquircd steadiness of

iif eini v ( f ii z11b&.i ii ( New F.iighu.d rcgiinont, tin* Twolflh, After !this battle he resigned his commission Thunder I lent t you t 1'iirty last night ; he p-issed rough the successive stages | nerve. We copy his patriotic speech t V _

';; :u1 :tI ) Cnvernr ufZt raided in ''JVxa: :, Ajkant-as; nad oihor ouhtni ( and came; home; having dune! cnc .gi! to r< I know it-I've tlirtet'n-of it vet.' of membership in the State Legislature, Fellow-citizens, my name is'Mr. Samuel

: ( I r nnd J .I. I I(' : s a :nnn ein't frfates, and the I'iltfci.th, raided in ()!I"M i tk'Pii hi. pledge and maintain tha honor ojhi I tell you \\ hat it j 5.:, Ned, I hive only got in the lower, then the upper House of C.-u- [ \orton-an American freeman, born and edl -

t ie.t tjv! <*isiitipihcd: for hitroig: and pr.ntai -. and Wi.-coiiM'i. lie \\a -:!]>poiitcd: to th'noilico > c()Ut rv. The ftato( of his health oiin-: lltis: f fiity, and if \r.tj bet on one of vour ben- grt-ss, then was Ambassador to Russia, and l ucated on this ti i.Ie.! I come here to exercise

corr.won sense( as well as f.>r I.U u.iftnclinciUe'Uv ; and the otlu-r, briiradior eneials appoiufeil :;edery bad) : nil: the time he \\as in :vexiciVii (I'rsautl spend it, I shall be- hard! nr> here Las fit.Uhed his career by the murder of his the light of suffrage, and I'll do a citizen's

: In his country. The Citiv.anorwa nl (ihc same lime weio Thomas lar.liII i tie I wa-s on th" best termsith! CH.I!. Kcott, tip w ifes; > brctiier Intemperance ruined all!! bispnnpetrl5 I duty by voting what ticket I please. I want

not a highly educated man, for JiiM'ph Lnoo. -KiiiiOS Hiields ( comCadw.llad !li i* pjeFcr.t iiv.il f'r the Presidency, r.m! ( Jen. \\'hat in the ram: of stewed catharprrn *. The ruin was not accomplished | to steaD up a little more and get into a.kind

ion I 1e was a |)0.v lcw wor0': j Ili* lalnraDtnlhie r, Ilii1)I: Hopping,Caleb Cu h- cott often itnittd hiin In dinner.:; Jiewa leg; arc you talking: about ? CIiv me the: without a st; toggle. During the period intervening i of holy raptor before I approach the altar of

? of heart and niiiid were the occasion iip, and toiling; i i'jice. 1 lle\\a I > SUJK lintenKnt ; idolized by. the men under hi* coRir.sul.: pictures nnd you s-h-iH! have half, Come-list between his membership in the House i liberty-that's the ballot box. Who's going

ofiisprefernioi/t i tho! gubernatorial chairof"sis ,l
r.-v<' << 'v'l'rank, af81'" M" WilR c'Ji'rj the i part in rai-iug tintioop. JVevintis I loL'axhig into a quarrel \\itii the! otlior genera's! as I.i I gave Nc./ my willet nnd followed him Senate, he reformed his habits: of intemperance Don't all speak! at once, if you please. I'm

1 the n vauta c s of n high edura.tiou Concoid, an iucidei.t! occurred that who had done most or !k-itt.: I lie W.IF ir.oj. down into the j-treet. Which way, Ned i- became RU exemplary: ; [ Son of Temperance no party m.m myself, and don't care a cuss '

ii I-? Ji 'wi'iS colleges, and IatGneei'1 this is \\oitliy: ol'nuT.si-.n, as shmnugtho chaac- t M and Ml' nt about hisoun desert?, t'lo-jgl: When are yo'i bound !' liut n.j was of! and a member of the Church. H.s ef- : which whips, and I'll give my support to any

we way iil utrale tlio: e'laracteiUCsofl.Spntcn' tht-r I tifthe :: aii. Cij/tiiu Kiniball maichdith !: fought( ns well :\* nny of the genriK.Thi n.iv. nar !s I.V iiatam Square; like a l-n.i. ne lo.ta ....../ l.or-lrrxl; |.v rl!! t'tr lniff] >t\l'\ nf o "" *t-ytla !Ti v *> "I" K //.,\vortU.JJo.f tnreesiiliig V
: : Uut nl.iI I the moral machinery If rcput.ltcan citizen & vote tan t
::' 1 by ftn anecdote. \\ lighty nit'ii, j into the tuv.n, on .Sund.iv v. as not* exactly lh" couite j jura Jed bv tivo on: :ii.il. I followed ia his A.ike about noble wif a its not worth
received from early excesses, and (York currency,) anything
had n jir
dirig: itth Fruk: was : : tcU evening, with lifi'i r.idilniniid) ; colors fiyig.: (. t'rI. ;'eott and some others. 1 tv.o rojat'-rn.' and .-
1t ws temptations too thiee shillings a glass ofgrog.L'hat's
( ii: I I j.1 OOtV.j, a1(1 :Lt tc.amc This gave moit.il olf-nce to j-oie: of tic Turitans \\ iien the tioops cam<* to Xwprft, hefound i On ii.V went thrvng'i Chatham street alt'rot'Vru life? nt Washington eaT! presented virtue. I He lell' into his t'ae.idea.! If I vote the entire whig tic-

II 11W ( ) &! cf xllgitratl, } j a.d: (Jenen.l 1'u-ict1, lipaiir.g; ot it, ordere.l theie !?211)) due to him. r.nd h.> ad.tjO .!.->. 1 ; it I'll a
To tast3 ntdon! 5pirit5 tet, charge a ,
lather, was: c't'd i.i preparing his annual] thejrJ-5c t ttibtoji; and the! coMp-aiiy: t.i >> i.ioie t to> it, malvi'ig! ) up *50:{ (). v/hkh h- ? Tiaity Chinhvian he stopped, and nil hah! :!*. drunk brutally drunk. The sad t fctrain in a fellow's -conscience. Don't nobody

jrt5E8 i" *! <' jk1dtPreot.!' fl).. tite. The halt and di-ini-ss ti 0 llnir
a"e-He: ji' .":iu-ti!) .1 string t !:p'1tt th* *torIsii that( it waa his iL'MiV to usfjct tho ileiiiivj : > or jiur..o [.rocJireil tliein free [pas !iv" iji'i'te.: <, deliberately! pulled oil his cor.t, i.est'frieinl:-tory ends the! brother of his wife, in a drunk mea quarter; I'm proposing to do it for '
nis'ii.hi'h, I 5i its 11 11.ih. the .ilioa !. Jlc 1 sent liiianv 1 Itnt-ol it to me to hold for Kim. Next, ,
*A I." '_! < f i il ""'i! paiii : :; ag-'s by }: >' rnoiiiy > an What a tragedy how tern half price now; seventy-five cents would not
-W td i K'-sc. i! > -i k've of irivs lorm uI iu.t ( C : cf < !ru. Pifjce: '14th': % .. ol-l si.'ii''r! tVil euot1hi hat and! \f t. I t'.io'ig'it he was en debauch.reek The emphatic point of warning be unreasonable. Sevetity.five? No! W1.ere'a

vjut-; c vori vi m, n* *,v< il as of t ihc conn- :Ma-vh IT, IS 17; !.- :-K''; rcvimu d o! Jr(>0 On n-Jsrii': :: to C.'ce-(! !:e "c'nhiid{!! hi- f-y.! I He 1 : pulled oil' Iii'; boot, and a crowd !.k! .1 w this irclanclioiy! cast is ag.iinst each the spirit of*76. Any man that would rota _

1r.'V vvMiii u-i.-KOil ttof rv.!UtV. inat: 1 :ru.idVy? CMJZ( Jimci-'I. IrTH.hih prarli1'- l.i'.v, and ha iu-. ;j ii piivate lilt began togatta-r about u. Ntd took up i'uwatii iiiblts; in of in*.' A man may reform a ticket for less than V three shillings, ain't lit
hli Ttlat hovaa I iif't ,. I Hoj si.ico he coi.ti.ned tu wurk { $ ,'.nd handed i: to me. nipernnco. '
v .', :j; \\ \ ::'Ipr'1 ever though ir for time but the virgin rectitude of the soul to be trusted to Vbte r.t all. I'll swear he ain't.
T.1; ,! vsa w<*r.l lo t Lc fpcllu!. It was j in.'d (lenonu; Scott't anuy, :it !'- (-hLt.in .''uIv the ])emocij.tic party, th'h! : he n v-i Ti.ern-h to the jpotv.i; >ich that in three 1 a lost; ;t'' is no dependence t"be put) upon Our glorious ancestor's that bled "at York-

}': .j 4Vj i. It vas no lots n wo.u laj 1R17.] Ho *.vrv'nreil in tic! b.thl: o 1! sought: :ioia c-'pt i .MI i oillce: indues one ii n.'ii.nt'j; liioadway: w.-u U.'cki-d up. once rea-'ves., ere The lioliett influences, the town. Thermop.-.ly, and Waterloo, wculd'nt

j1' > woiJ" hu ." I'Viiih: paid the govern- ContuTHS nn .1 I '"..iMrni'if-c-: An'ri t, )IS 17.HP 'vl.icli! lv pciill.-d his 15 V. lie 5> mariled; iita V, hit is all!! this! i What 5, going: on ? iquired i-: tenderest after ; the} strongest defences, have rotNI-for one cent less than three shilling -

i--, i L :ni di l yo'i' cjvli b.t !*' riank; : v.Uh v.as tviciif.i'sicu w i ij tAI: '&% actions l lt' ialiIi.g t n V"ijg; :; :;;:il 1 aij.-t.nTatic family, and ht1'ir :i do.:vii voi eJeBiKmtn ::-. biioht-d symjtutlie.e when the hour of temptation ; -, ; and 3Ir Samuel Norton is not a going

the: arV i"v V s of Us t14t! Hi" 4-u..iioi.: 1 l' .::tl hi 7 1:ii! *.%. f e' il.h en. I :M-JI i lliOHHi, h Pemo-) ( ),' s.i-l Ved, yu see that open are a\vny the cobweb which is stretchdodero.5 to down the price for nobody. Here's

was a'lle' J'a Iqly' at O"CP, b :i t.'' Dev'.ltu 13t let u? pojT"v* nt i-it-t (i4t'iI l, from o.' the \io'gi.t; : ; r-f hool of paty p.i:;c's!; a-i.! :.l.c- !'.; ;!hit: te'IIo.-1 iigit! there \\ hcretlrjij'.i comes the,morning"ns path of the traveller. i an [put independent citizen's vote going for three

t'lO' c !a1! vvr.nlsniJ tht? senior gc-ner- iho linn he .':.t er-s! J; 'ui NrvporJ, in tl.obirk ui :':" t bi !t siiroucht fr ii Lo'Iu hftr-g-f i beware nillwfrst steps Dam- I shillings and a treat ofeourse-that's anderj -
I'rr.tik.vhoi I Icor.v lv" hlr. oi tii.1 trm on hoirdhivj.c 1 forward a* ran: .Ii lite fr Pi d.ilbv \ ea!;'yes'* scrcimed fifty of the crowd in Young man Going
1, *' tV: ; bother tr.p ; l-u,: : ; j> 'VJinv: ps nation loot ki in the lest sttps( with not manv j stood. Where's all the electioneererst -
l, FUpafiVr! J 1 \-u\\ \ the ViriSi-celt Cation! ii: the Couvcnv.3 answer to his <:tn>tion.VL j ; '
: lr- C. n-'natirtn, I can ppcli that \\ithiut ; -.tmo a jrn-: v.3 st ides btbeen.-Soathtno Christian Adwcalc. at three shillings going, going, gnus!
JUMP r :
of aidere pi:n--l ii'jshi i \ irentk-ii.ei.. .. I am 'm'o5nto ; ,
from w.4-r
i. ,..inj n :; ln-jn. v.it >:i. C With the last wel-tirnedexclarnationthe leg*
(;tt. 1 if red tlic-roforo of a rood f-lork, jt jliir. ance. Alter jpc""r iug I l.i< nl 1I.! tv.aszfo. i V Tho f-dlv-vH]! :; le olu'iijjsvere: aimt T .'.lirrr / of Mr. Norton gave way, and there he lay on

?.r.a: I.(. lias rrrpd i.i'r.If] M wortliy PC ion of i icv he ustd 1 t > take n |iU-her of \\tt<-r and 1 nnnimias-iy; adapted I by tle; New !ia' p..i.EnocrLi .- \ <-u can't d<> it,' iu titlycame: from twcti- J How to Get On. the pavement within a few yards of the polls

tbt; r I! ) ) U I:i I I itsLoreu2h: no: .ib ut and ilLtiiljute: it to the f-t si.&Lrs.-' ; Stale: Coivrhio.: which! a--eta !0 ty of te bvstander |' In c'iarniiig book. Compariions of my* an unavailable voter."
b'hind > n
tV..I. This but fimple of his attention a'ld hh-tl 1 nt Concord, on the bth of JanuiLt -\ I will bet he rn-'i, raid anld gentle .
>\ II.n'y-; ,<-. :.a i i is now i.n w-is; n ;' Solitude; ," -curs: a toneli or two of councilto
vv'.iom !half! of tl--! < rovvtl :IK
itJ:4's hi* bi\o i:> nrr.tJa -. : Women.
ter? ''i< rHillfiiu -_ \ : tit : rmsijiauiojis: ; well worth reading: To Young
" : .. ./. county i* iV l.iiJh f'.icc i off arriving: M "vi-ra V Cm.% iujctit] ITJ tI'I.! llr ">-fit, Ti.i1 wo acnowie
?TcrU t V. "tirpn: : Jjon. |DI4i.1 V ei.ctiGen. -. lar Le 14.d i tj lli'-ui: and ? w.is f.cfjsscJith tic! "'''g. iirs\vavpri"ig: nnd; i-iilrient >tpt'-i: ; : N -d looked over l.i" aaoidor: in .tb'oitt.nodded suecca i.i :ii\thiiir: : lies in tlio temperament yourselves for every emergency in life.-

Ctv II.a. Joua A. Di'Vc.. s t'ii carryi-; oiwuiud: ; orsi.-k }?< I Uier o; ofien. !IVa-jliliT! i'i( 4C' tijv: crati: ] .in mjnt. The old itorc.art: t:5: cvl( nu.l; ftt(:i mi'i. J do not know ours; but I vt-n- Learn lo work ; and not be dependent oa

J 1"-:: .k. i ;!" <. > ;vis: bro iylt up to t'c: j.ro.fissu' !iii* o.vn hh'i'.; ,. r. JIi li j i :i.ot vi'v* Ohoalt'i tr V !' 1. 1- i Ii": :and j iic tlc-fctiuquialitit*. iiiin- } : j.n-.if ju th.it ('' -fl4x'. I He xvacn we pr --*<".;t I4i'\ \* nnie: ? ttho !oo'f>; !e of t': ii (i nl 1' shouted NV-1. I ti.iT.1 jrrt on s-niali':! : ; ii'imcly: n combination of the desponlin floors and darn your stockings. Above all

K!, i a ;,5 titi:1.'a! clear It.*.id awl :i Hiisr.ilnd.1 M.Jir. :-tlv nil-r: his :tri: V4V !, r.nd cotin: : irin ti'-n ns woi.y.:! 0-5 ricco:1:: of i'ia( talent': 1 II 5 er. 1 t1 ul't I wou! 1 Ime to o my ad l theiesolute, orns the resolute.Sir.h .- do not esteem too lightly! those honorable

.'iil.::: !!V r.n-.v f..lovth! : l-y.l : >rc or I 1- -< 1:1:! i* e ti.i.p, but v.'as f-l'.ll at hi .ttaiimii -.:-. hi* c-mi' t pibli"! sc\icf.: h.tiit.il t tt alone,' n.t t he pnlloii out h.j.: wtkt.! : i tii" tcmpeir.niL; nt of great commaner. young men who snstaia themselves and their

for: r it "s c'timaifii ilut ho ntiUictI. pool v.;tL'Hjjtia'' iny zoa!. The cii.atc! di5M t 0 ;j-at>i'ili--m r.id: itaie ::? ip, of r. le l-' l" I w'lll' ; I Ic'tun: t to oiu.! von close r.uj't jump to XcJ.it.i npt'f.prp St-crttly? tf.ey rtly Upon nothing antitpro agpd parents by the work of their} own hands V
with tin. $hNuti.ma !. :. :it: thr. i'o' '. ( ::. : I "iii a mm. porting HJI cle- and receive into
I.it uWCO; ; a.MHiHo. I&S :.'. t r. re ar V : r.obiuiv. Tiieie ia such n powcrlui while you care your company
", JJti: lr oVut; filtermL'S: frn'"irz i'nix, .. Lo ;:i \\ Li fist: lull! l.f ,;! iXir that ni tho- idle popinjays \\ ho never lift j
( srurd. t': cj j its! of tho (Jrai it'1 Mfl 1, { % :tb0. another, merit of f.iil r > in: alt humsui j ? lazy
V (la'-rull .' : '! :: ; < .',::;V4 !.;ic.i: to : Trte} to on- chirped himself what themselves long as they
Ii pernp'u' : ; ars: C'1, h ? i i"i n.;<]t'af 1 qj f..ce: : v..n by a i paity : tl.ird. i sh'vwi riin is :-.' ,viys sa} ing to a finger to help as
1-,1..; K .J '..-. at.-J of g )' il ;LJIC.V2.qi lie; iscodes' aij'l ti.f n:44'r in.lnch i ii i3 r.ctcd ihow I Mo r.t lIliJk.Tj ua tho! 1st dav oi Jue. V 1tdUr: to ur.o :1' iliuutod a fch-ill! I do, i; that which I coant upon do..'s can fcpcp body and soul together and get

: t. a p'-.frct ginilt ",.:i.% his iitrincaui] u.-iiji ij: oj' tialfr1i-r.! !! > Five":I' itt 'ant com nut ns I erect This foresight sufficient to live in fashion if you are wise

He y <."! -f.ii 1 t1cr1'r: uI ('. r/jrrcs? o'j pvc.T5 order l,> rl.u-o r. on the chap: .aid: | : ""*' -.f. rr isttviu.e* : c.J.tr S :: cinwcUt1 dvrarfa and: iru'r'.tOi all mon of great resolu- you v. ill look at this subject in the light that
Ihe nd '/ 11'4 w'u ihv < I. :-'J.i' ; ; f.l l o'.r i%VtVI ki i.t.V ,.j.. Juvc... :.; r.rivl f.ftv fporl'r. men ami when are old enough to be-
1'e 'Jr'-r.-i j V ii,<<. t 5u IKjrJ. ar. :; : \ tvmyverv .. .....i'? : .' ; .: we dp; you
-r'i 4"-i'- 1LrV'V 'riv; ogt> tj Ia.\ ('ii. IiiitS''in' v.ho %i r ;iii'Vl' I (< I .VV.V of {he (Iramte St te wi.ll.e I \1, ij'iivliy. i h havtn'i pot inach:: money, but; trdat! may exactly &ut you : br.t; rthcr be chanic.wjia KOI a u'JJ.i- TJ/cothrh cpTiio"tis ..

v.v7s'/ii'iiJ, .r..J.M.iiH; !ufr-r his mmry ihsV'tlif 1 Democracy) coi.iii, conie-t.: \\hee they I'll g it a-, 'ioz :.-% it !lait t'< : Eojz't choose ready to adept any opportunities that: occur. fashionable loafer, with a capital of ten s
iaiiiI IIMII ib- > ." i '- ttran he I v..l.ulvd fnuisd in the : .* I: I'ortaiu' dots not often to take one thousand dollars. Whenever hear
: % > vUiii.itia:fl t'.ian te 1'wiOs c ide J-ide v.iibt'.eir stike h ilders, and k-t's be :- il. stoop any we re-
rr iiwlv b"-oi; ; a t'vz n.J-cr o1 f ilje l (-i-i: iv.areof his ,! < ction wottld I be, Viiteiiod to. 1 I livc Inve fcr be* n found-of tin l-y ati..r! r'iUe: 3our The uikr vvi >o.ii air.-.agu d!, nnd the III,. rnvon.Ue! opportuniiies wiilnot! happen marked. Such a young lady has married afrtufle
I II hVLle ;
?'..c rffat nt.d >$" fllvi-r *.f t1.." i nvcr vriven lliord! r."* >;ivi i tli-j: 'Itueral Irii.it '.- i iX-moeiati ir.uk the Iii oo'l l I banner ofDemocracy beiti'ig went i>!r., from t two to seven to one, til: precisely in th" way that you have imagined. ," we always tremble for her prosper
ni.i.tirc.n !! r
\ a IK. t K-r of thIIo I -.f K"l tr was th-i: obyd.. r.nd the enemy put to'f.igU. fighti.g; maifi.y: lo.-nlor sectifsnnl : : Nui*. .v.liet and mine: v.vre ilrair.i-d. Nothi:: does. Do loOt he discouraged, ity. Iliclics left to children by wealthy parents
LU'l l fl u)
j ( ,,i.r-.b, 1 l.o. wis (VIOCI4.tIJfJC 3 I CUI Tf Col. I Ituii-om : fl
<,f I'. .<. V: :,.:;ate for ihi- :*nn of H v yonrf, matter in pi\i-e cf :'.i Ucxerai's; firmiK .. to if .hitinnary! l.i- .iiid. I Here, (.i.r.i<-v, 'ive me my w.tchI'll couiso wiiicli m:ilead to something good.- Young women, remember this, and instead

nnTcncin- 1 7 1-ul t-Mguc.! i:> 1M-, l.U111V :itut':,. train: w.i* ::ga"u; atJ.trkod !vr she piiii.iitles i>nr tali lev under :.ny t put that i i. Uivc i me my hull: cornet !, Time iso prrcion? here.j of sounding the purse of your lovers and ex-
? J.-i.'iiii HI:
s. V't' :
the 1if fti! war of l.K term, a-i ufirr.ou to IK I by I tlto: CucJi'.las.t! I the :.Nationalilriii I ti.'r! w'.th: :.1 :; nnd forever. t.tuiliere t. \ IJdCtt i'H I bit j (Itt. if yo can, into one or the other of the nniir.ing the cut of their cojs look into their :
the lavHis! : IU! rtgu- Ut tue v.itli: cht-pp-T.-l. ;.i'1 i :til circum-tauces lio\v here i- tmi'.i of hsm.-iii.afr-iirs. It is all the Mark if hate trades
}r.iri't. of ::", 'vhirb V.T> bam .-.i-kd 1 u-.tiij r.ur iati'>t:: 1 1o'irtitsr.ioM I I Il'Jd: 0::, J I ii'i I tiic old merc'ja'it, grot.vi habits and hearts. they ,
r.icdfits: .
lhr.rr liiV.ia-a.! wio! w.is fcuccivdou. by ,ia.--rd tl.rc.n !h ( I Ji. i'ioice.isai.. r.ui'id. t. i : ,: '2" 2 v i'.eo, ami o-iy i livi-le.' ; over n ploughed! livid, \.hether\oa adopt! common they have hearts that will lead them to look
Ute LvviVii..Abr.y.TuMlrnli.Wh 11cv. lie 1 ordtri-! JI'M i f& ops to o '..ahtlto in I'.ie.-'.' u-f' thfn. Tiiey \\eruaftcr-j 'i'l i:-two I thci 5V.i-l w'as pv.tuparsscovered, course or set up one for yourself. Yot above n butterfly existence. Talk not of tho

'..f (;Jon. TirccS1M. vcre inv.o biMJeii'e' a1..1: U eh'ir:( e th1* eiji-mv.! live voted rg-iin misi'nouelv.: i iJeiivral ni.d tk- crowd b.-gan tj bo impatient: to teethe will t-ce, i ii"\"ur times are autiling like ours beautiful white skin and the soft dellcato

..- r Tlu-ir naTSJ. vvsv C.tr.Vi'm !hj >rea of t'.ie diagoon*, rliM; Pil \v.noVoI.i v !rtd lor dc'-linod; ; tu! r.ominntion, as .i:rip. must iulVii-n' persons highly; place-u itt tuarrr.y hand, the splendid form, and the fine appearance

j S&.V.n. fh( lite } I1dV the
v.-aR wonninLw t t:1: of < _r.$ up i'tij: r all. lhj ciicnnV.ance: lc i tcr of ( ;Jni. IVtf c. Lich fchowcdheji : ti' have moved well with! little oriirinal .
tn.tnic.1 confounded they on
*. : a cnoh.H-! and courage \\ il* knov.! migJil go ?Iipi'it.i some very thoughts.:
rdIrt.a.! TO
!I. J, innr.it-J, n.an, :.nJ L wie i. t1i l Min ; for cutr.i.iatid.; : \ M' PE-.T ?:rt:-Tti"ti'j! ,'Jxrty iot.' V ''i 1111 tl.r-Hl 'lrvji'li iro'i ft'n tl :.t would but mo. Now 1 should! motive power of their own. Do not 1 le:
i.i iHV2'r
\\i-t Is" ni"t (?< :i.t'Vult c-p. .VV tl I f liJili'K VI 1 Ill-TC Ji x1'jr.jbo j would i b Kind tliis ni.-ike tdk as if merit were utter, Never do it.
Wi-n! ho reach; d Controrr0, t" .xnro <- my li :.i.Ji!* t > tii ti.i >( ( (', t1;( v'nngct :vd! under him: ri g'ijji d in the bittleli."r" \\.j-li y. i! I'. #Kk-tl diitlj.E'Ji UL.t, anJ t(' ty ii5."tsrcjir. :::'H 'to' so up: v.ith me before i jrimn, sotLat neglected iu these or any other professions Never let It come to the ears of a rich

: In1er $ it, he acquitM hinf: : in n maniltrio Thereasa deep ra\"no hot\\een 1'iet'uited .- .',.'. .1..1.I ST"1 I r.i: see where I nrn goi'ig to light'Tilt's / only that getting well into the groovy "'d, and childless relation that yon secretely pray

H-curo Iitr!, lf lJi' { ,'vrS<,uul iavottcc :.ni. :State.-lio.: : .Fs j and the MJer.iear.1.: ar 11.1 frwn l li'i. ; iii ,o:. ii"rt'.ify'l Ili4! t' tl stiw tttv.'arl* ue fir,' s'lor.ted: tho crowd ; and off frequently do instead cf any great excel for his sadden and premature dissolution.
ltW -. irati.i <* 5 c n
: of all] w ith l.oiu. he x a dr'Vi! up tt the cth-r i.l"ii "irr ? l }tl.'>i.rh th<- uT._ Never
of iiisco:,' t t. Tile eii aJniiratirtn and approbation! iic -t MtpstoauJ : battle: .nay, ;id:: \\\\\\ liis baiteiios nil ij ti: r<**>\\\\\ >:n, 5 :i\i't snjj.'r! r fvr. j.e over to the Plc-eplo. 'ihe l ciowtiiwns "'iril._We take the following place he won't believe! you, in the rext yoti
tioncv, utl! a li-li p..Mtiuninion | The ostler: was >iven to chaige :tn'louttlii..c !" JlVoyp.4V4f. IM n it < neof !<- oratorW.fihe nation. Mr. 1'KrpeIwduax placed. down th} ; nvmd: tin 1uei.t! tlio l<- > 'rttif\ iibit ten minutes after the party entered'i i beautiful e>tract on the I Homestead! KM-mp your enemy.
I In charging
home forWiitn'd them. ; ., an-l n-t E'f : lion Law, from letter recently written b Never of the to mail
Ji-.tir.-u! cd at th ir I P ujf.'i -. t1 f.Jw.nttVPntI4 n ) speak gallows a
been < i'irg: o\cr f clrch Xed cocoamit! w.ii set-n bobbing
: hut of the enemy was Iu i ll- In's-t rulliy: ( nwnr'l >r i the :? 1
I'-3 l itiTit of Tennessee whose father had
hit J Dilluhuiity :
oluqucuc s "R ( en. : JK" or grand hanged
impressive th" gro-md. r\i.-. n-i'-ifl( i-i t r -- StV- down in: the lulfrey l !liken daiuly-jick. :
.n.1 t-Lti-rl'il t -s ri : an
plotighi-ig up anil >
UV>4M .Aonalp wl3iity: fr that recnn.I head'-, : at them \\'uhhi sword, would u'iroo'-t.! C""iiitry; ?%vlvl.ili- it 'n, :i inutt. <-f u.i L'ri! ip it 1 wai vMor.t to si! thatinjini t \ >]./"/ tij>{!;crr! Securoti> each"family whoso labor ma ; nor of the corruption office-holders 16a
cutting! ::)
I u-ivor-.l than thai Pierce *' l.iin- < f H i.f'i'ti. ? acquire :i little spot of free earth that it car 4 government defaulter.
vcaaJ liaN >
: f.ir li.V -i
r.vfe <.st.T. ; bo\t-, \ a jjame of ball v'ut01s 1 riirrt slint my I .Si!, i by thunder! yelk'd fonr to one, gen-
'2cL l ( erv iieroaturhvs to .iL'ty ijascnof ny, "There! !iis !horf>! 'e'.l :ml I roll.-d upon I f.liVOlT I t b.'i tl. 1 .id1iikr tribtt, afla.Lg m i tlemc and s* ij ed. V call its own-tii.it it will be an asylum I irlim. Never speak of the time that tried men'ij

: |wpu.ar' LU-incrs, and! :iw 11:n k- *; pro- Iti cli-j-go-i Feveroly iij'.iu'd!, and the HUM <-'n' rti'! i y.wr14V.ij >r\f.\ IIVI 1 ritef.J ow1..T.r'rit"ijt' i 'T.en ii and done! for exclaimed tport- ."? of adversity, from which the motheiaiid souls" to one of Tory ancestry j nor of tho

I'ri.lyni..] anu-nity \\hicliattiT.dLis inter- him. IJe 1 wns liK.i.Jed. 1 lie iiiuunt<>d another To;,tlif"1.I d-ro'!inv tu fjoo"r i.1! I Ill-it? : liitsitn<* i.i"ti I; v IT" i it'.r ylleman! number two. the cliildit n, old! age and infancy, ca: battle of New Orleans to one who thinks the
''horyj was still claim
ccaryel: jjl!t cliU: of pocuty. and the (light. I lie MnTeretl i iii-t'I < '< rt-t":ifr ir.pijili.S.'lV !V "' ( it ui; !* M-ik-d four to one, and cut draw sustenance and protection army of England invincible
his a-luwr.ont: ir.r.ikit : ho-c joir.-d t-iiiit-! ;.t tin: l.t\o: c Mr-.Kd iu\-jui thongh rni;fr!none may rob them of all elst
ApoiiJcalvcit:: ] after and could not sleep.'The. I sin i nj i.-Ii. I Hick i Never attempt to quiz a man in company
iLat 1.sof
pain all night, i.e tj.' 't ; and feel! ihat still free still[
it11.&nce great iiopi'l: thy thoy are entitled
io' :
h the ti! r's1''tL .
Aruaz: character and Kicat orrferctl him not to go into i t.'i.t ill Ixl'-rc 1II'i JjssiiK-n.tio N'i'i"Ual lily! won sung out everybody, in choni5 who might retort by Licking you down
in t'\ o.t. walk! the earth antI breathe
iaui, .ate. Mr. 3 Hale 1 hadb.-cniji Loniehsa tu-geon That night: they had lai.i. it: i my tiauM", 'iiti"ii any (t J Jtal'Jiin'U-: > \\.ki! jouiiniJ : 't ;>d ns Ned made his apjv\irancu i in the to on ( green stairs. V
'field luxldiy. '; Ctii' free air of heaven in defiance of the V
wenil ,f th? I1iasQ of Uoi'io ii Dcaiocratic't&tc >rnt-.tuT arm?, nnd, t'.n rain was terriMe! nnd the sir.gcon .. J !)..! jjjtc, wuuH l l I" i.ttt.rK-tinl.i ji.xi"iit: ; i'-rt !u'j iiy-ct t.u-1.i.uII < sireo the crowd gn\u him three cheers and anti potenry of accumulated, wealth power JMI wd he U-i )kc-i m.n.iaatcd. : back to :*:;n Angus.tine. wj'lTUlt 1 f.m, v.itL t
: ndvi. 'I him to go iiii-pt-d. the 4)fthe and ambitious. drop in to take a friendly c.inner with him,
nxl: : domineering pretending :
> Conxenlion lo Cll; UrjoUice: for f11.i i.io < ] ; wh.Me! I there wnn n (!cpot[ ; but- Int 4' tteo.i, .vur fidi'i, FJ.\NK1'1IICa Ttslake holders handed over the money Tho facrcdncss of that consecrate that your landlady blocked the game" on V
term: hui. afti-r: 1>U noimnstiun hoch 9would determined to on {tO i.iicrubnpco. :acbviUo, >. IL i iThe'wTfe to N, tIItI we adjourned with tJie old mereh. because had not her last
; ;; that : not. I lie go .'u. Ciu- f;. ATHEBTOX, spot will malio them warriors hi the time ol "vou,' you paid your
Ji CUUIM on the abolition question ( V ; ohi-i store, wherewe! rna.liJ a fair diviii week's board.!
l'rsI: l'i?rcc fcsU he would defeat ln: nutvra.k.Les.tm in |t1oi 1 U battle, both his hri'teand ] J >flhe v. Innings: nil round, after which eternal strife. Thoe shocks of corn, sakXer.tiphon
At ehsrgr tliochr raised therfw
"hVafli1g; tVbc (,fl1Pt1ICU Zt.l g4Vifl; :; to n of (Jen. Shieldvveie ordered to get It needs(! no jjulil! to bieak a Ir.iV.o.rd'sheart the i fix 1"M L its I hat ho had nil idea in his 'ir.ypire > 1VM.ce/-.t named Death still
that : ith! to defend them. TI.e largest oi man a
Coitse1o1u the courage
inot'.i r Sl-t3 thrown frotn his thnliseiup) ;.f content, : of trying that
: : heaiincB very
1 ij the rear. lie was again: ; the clieerle-s : them in the nVJtl is the >rie exhibited ii the resident of Ohio, formerly'lived in Cincinnati -
tthic! t.rcw Hale!: out. and I b* was according that he fai'itcd on thu untidy dress, _V
violence Fpfcen, XJ'cr where
Mich he sold
Over the door
v.-'uli liquors.
tooik, horse nd de.-eiled! middle! of the field to crown the conrjueror.
!y fltfcMc-d. KmIIaK no.\t wont ruining the field. Aftervvnrds, when! the ti'ttj", coming home ; tho forbidding sco\\l : l ctithout ., JH7.-.-Bake two large and sharp Secure a home to family Vrhosc of his store was the sign of 'Rectified Whiskey -

itnd by I Lis personal: bilawscp: le fu'C nnd;t'i1 Vi4ig' "'. up! wanted to raU* him, he toI'l thru Lin&1f toeh'g' I hearth ; thee, and other them nameless have ban neg owed appl puUb'in into a jug and pour upon honest labor may obtain every one, against the ,* and under this his name; 'Abraham
and a combination with nndh? would take cTtrc of \\ n ciiuio among theuiV.rve nits of b-tilir.g water; iu tixvHounstrai.inJ Death.' An old lady from tho! withher
1 he Uuitd Mates b&-n"or ? on, then of : a man, and : weakness, vice* and misfortunes of the father, country,
secured hit di-c-iion as Lancers weic j the heart's core many
still though the Mexican to quick reach of cure, the sweeten. and you wili livet the affections of the child son, a hearty lad, was one day quietly
i 14 unaxinrid. the
and his term of otiice charging on the rpnt, and towaids n eorn- planted; there, beyond before i Iio two ices of tamarind- in two pints in manhood by n stronger bond than wending her way through the fclreeU in aagorn.

i field. J In commanded: his troops to charge germ of darU'de! jiair.: dwell 0 may on many the recollections ''of mil, and in. any years consideration that could exist lie will This sign caught her eye. Slop, V

rroa tic nrf cwcn of Folk to thf Prcwectial 1 on them in advance.I that sad right anives, tho dear In ureparl toar-t-and-vvater, the hireadVsIt'.ul remember where ho gamboled in his jojuth, John I* She read it, Ree1cd Whisley
Mr. Fierce vrs offered the Attornev armUlice wns proposed, of h-r youth, mid cherishing br u-d all but nowise blackened Absolute Death r That's '
chair, After this battle an awake and keen be over, the fetreaiu upon who e limpid waters he has a fact! Johny, lotme
GeneraUhip, hat woa.d then so
kehad no desire for p-iMic office,nnd he commi Moners. lie wns t-trongly opposed alive the promise fcho the injured, net the !lulling.VoodsageHch. mother's) love, and the green spot within that Cincinnati. I want to see what he !lookftike

never consent to leave his home for any purpose ito the armistico, unless the c.T-tle of Chepul'tepee And though the ma}' bo not tim forgetful \ grows naturally, j is the little homestead where sleep the loved and /.
ir war, nnd security, nnd there one-the forgotten, u'nA with little alum it
aulesa to tervehi* country was given up n.-i n injuring of finest kind : n the lost/
wit ; tlio ain.iitic unless allusion to that hour pvacc OA couple went to the fter. Paul .
that in *om< case of Meet r. l/jion iu piopotiag an -a happy comfortable makes an cxait gargle for a sore throat. young ,
o'ltbrcak of the Mexican war, when UH- whole ( was 11oUe wcic prepared to givo up Califotnia." and lovo-a kindly welcome to banish a hostile It may be mats tea, but betterif, boikd.Tatuarindsicooliiig Second Mwuiges." Julia ujy dear," said Davis to get married. Mr. Davis something ; 3

wuutrv was expected to do its l "VYt" llXVa8 'they Scott \vns opposed to him in opinion, home-a btnilc of love to all the and laxative ; hut old Professor II I the other, day, to his of a wag, and by att-Innocent mistake

not wirUtiicllut. Pierce should iuve been (but;(.u.the event bhowed that Pierce was right.. words-a kiss of peace j to 1.pardon ov.ir. lurkci. ] while they grllly! allay the thirst in ardent young and pretty wife, when I die you will jf course- began to read from the prayerbookis .

iniitof a he BWaol will f.Iw, and honored ; armUlice was grated 1 aiuiost' -* uu.tiouallv. itiortt. ut.TIic nast-and the hardest Heart uiai will;- ,of.j I l lever, they nK taken in large quantities be rich ; but if you ever so Jar forget mo as follows : "ilan.th t is bora of Woman, uuH V

tba com-mssion'xvith a coolness and agoorlT it&'IfwiLhiiii the breast of-clfi-U man live a, she lo ensure the K Affect, and are then apt to marry again, I will come from the grave trouble, and hath but a short timetdive

or ii isicv.aionarv,! ; irc. Attbat j batilo of Molina del Rev ho rodeovor to her charms, and bid her b1i- to produce il-ipco\ to your btidal touch, and put my cold hands ," &c. The astonished bridegroom ,- '
IVcwdcntofUcj M he nnd Lad h her years ln ""tf and 11 eavig makes fat. dalnied, "Siryou mistake, we come to"bnarried.
nw-.CoL"Rauoin, w'au was vitl, the hnllet%about hm, snottier ot the, Often a man upon you. .
Military CoU 'go in Vermont, wanted a COM- the field olf, Con. V"* "** *told him loved, living and content-Ue, of comfort and 4-L_ "Ah, do not fear, my dear Husband,** replied ." Well," replied Davis," yoain--

Itt8On ia the army, in order to light in the ( was called rarfi. by He was at the little ol C belimltencc sorrowing bour-the bource Never imptSsfr von a man to whom the, playfully, you will never live tosec ist I will marry you ; but believe roe frieiwou ,
I'ierce who was a warm he was for the the Fpring ofjoy.Nevt'r piat." had much better be'buried."
empai"n. Mr. and! when victory declared communto nn\ng in confidence ; V VV V $
friend of his, wrote a strong Idler of iccprnJQandatioo md,; ,un.. the South Carolinians and show your protested bill to .a man .you lie is sure to tit to s\ friend if yon do. I"am delighted! to hear you say so, nly r'Ha1lo, there i1dafarmert V .!
of him to the cabinet at >ashing- stti1cS which had fought to. Df. love, said the old nun, abstractedly. tin
him to the command the H't" Hcgiment. met.- .You :tnt (0 borrow motley rich rclapver Never takcj newsp \ without paying ristiman,,, busily engaged st one of bischr V' i'
ton, urging hcro to appoict be raised in gether at Clmrubusco and Centred, i "\ t'xpt'sw>ui poverty to n for it. Jt'a th>wa uvibl \you can po si- Never nsk the!: age ofnn unmarried lady r trt8-by -what rig&fdrf roo tiBy Vorie3r
of such tropps as raiglit blood had mingled ia one common, would have him treat you as n hen she is five-am bond JV
if H twenty.
New England. The icpty of the Govern Their and the PJroelto regiment showed tion. you h1 he g'iihty' pact mr right snre; j jV

could not bo corn- streatfl, b cousin.
the that
mcnt wa that request thcpuaitaaofits men ; ,
plied jwita', s* S t "'** in'pn-l? 1 to conf-r tin* it v3lor bv ,1 :


; V


: \ Sj


j 1 1't 'p.-) .

; -, .- : r
-.p y-
-- A _

The Cheat I r- Speech of Judge Broome. of the Union- thus suspended in one band, the parse of Scott in G orgi A .
4J Jctmal j: "We > tfota the New York Titnti tt
HEJLOjmr S JOURNAL said that if the Judge Broome bus sent us the following synopsis! ofImt the Union was tendered in the other, and that having I V,* clip the following from the Mscon c py *
Rome weeks the N. Y. Tribune of d t tewb'ch took
written phut
1 ago it would be said in hb late speech iu this city on the finality witliout authority, originated the difficulty, an adjustment J feui.g, Of the 23d jni4t. Tl.e article was report a m the -Wlig CoovenSyn -
; Convention the compromise ] after tie
Witg adopted bu'tafter immediately commutes
TALLAHASSEE : the of the compromise." The publication of this was; purchased with ten millions-the people'smoney. before tw, nomination of (Hen. Scott was known, va rwolutions

1 .4 t "be a cheat a tub thrown to the wuaie-iitiml which it note from the Judge renders any further notice of I stated in substance that if the time elwuld the rfcit of several bulltrfmgs had been received. bad made their report. The temper of tie Convtntion

V 'J J ; ., SATURDAY JuNE 26, 1852. resolution would" not be worth the paper on the that speech from us at this time entirely tuucces- come when a President of the United Slates should lleEditUcjprcsoea fear that Scott will be may be gathered from tie manner b wLich ertaia
written. Well the Coirventiou ha adopted
was iuto thi debate.
-' again thu. invade the rights of a sovereign State, and cLo cn by the Cwiv.,, ,!,, and says:- delegates jumped Th crinm gwn

I TERMS* Three Dollars per annum, if paid in J compromise, and by the aid too, of wine of Geu. j jScott's ary. succeed in dismciuberhig her, I cared .pot whether the "Sn h a result won.j \v the triumph of the Free commenced by Capl Tyhr's old

: advance $3 59 if paid within six months of the time wannest friends, as the vote show But in ,
) .t ; SIR !-Ymir paper of the 10th contains n n->- dismemberment should be effected by u uheJtliug Amcriean Soil w ing of the Whig IVty, and would give a new Mr. Bixrrs, of Virginia, dsl nut rte to discu th
.. .t. I subscribing; and 4 00 at tli* end Of the Ad- what! light i is the country t -ganl that VOte and the 1 word of hrch suited him.
year. ice of the remarks which I made in Tnlldhaec on blood" or by robbing the pecii1e's l treasury, I vitality t*> tlmt Party at thevortl whk-h has deiu'edthe Platform* every (Applau\
: #crtHWifm>, One Dollar pcrvquareof 12 lines! for first, j resolution which) it ad"pL hit ofrmy worth as I He came here ns a National Wkig, ULst>o t4 and
the bvw. and the ,
\Vt'Jtaeshav, the It'ith inU and fcarhig that some HMi i would oppose it, although such opposition would tui-Temacy of i. obligations of u
: and Cc-nts for all iusertionp. An- expressing the feelings! and intentions of*the Northern ( tending to support whoever should Ifis tie nbmbee
subwqwnt of
n"uncfment Fifty of candidate Five DflaI. lach j whi js } We confess that an examination of the votes uidrtaikIiti may .xi-t in reference t-j my j>oMton j ji bring me in conflict with Mr. Fillmorc's "jinaliti/1,!, constitution, and systematically ciic., upon the I the Convention. (Applause.) He Lad no prejudk-e*
I ?, I c : whatH gnu-rally called the tinauty <>f the eon- in rinriple and in ettbstancs of the compromise rights t>{ the S.-nth. against any of the candidates named, >reiLtr( of t

; to> t'e? p.\id in advance. Religious, Obituary and Marriage given In favor "fit does i>"t 5n.jnrc Inn! any great pro'iuV, I ik a place in your next that ( may give a measures." I "Free Soilers wouU! control the admfrf t ration lf would be an howr to any party,and t>f wkibuy ity

t Notices, not exceeding 12 lines will I* published ,. coiifiJonce in the gd faith of many rf the parties little More fully the substance of wlut I said on that 1 1occnsi I tlicn mi.Iort.vt$ {.> how that this "finality" is ntunJerstoixl General Scott,and dL-pen the patronage 6 tlh, Oen- might be pruud. lie had linteoed to the geuftt
oortificatcs of the of \\\n nrc fou-l the yoas. 1'or instance, IVnnsylvauia i' I from Massachusetts with pleasure and delight
I 'o publication vst.ite an.nj so Lora
1 : : gratis. t <'ii. ; l>y the whUy party Xi.rth an-I South in tlieLsiniway era! Government, if he was elected. It i ia true, \Jie aud
: L notices of ill be 1 gives 21 votes for the adoption of the resolution j I be spoke of patriotism nationality. Bat -with
; j or legal any description w given I quoted from the Florida SenfincP! as follows : anti for thispurjmse quoted the following Com c'ltioii baa ciul.>r vij the Compromise measures iu [ trhat pain had he luteued tu hiia whi ,peaking
C iL I this to be regarded' asrrpreseuting of na
: :h 1. unjil the advertising fee is paid. nnn inly agaiiift A ileckration in favor of the rtnnlit of the e m- extract from the Ni-w York Times. Speaking of the i i its platform of principles. But, ni the vote upon that pi-Mires but letters iu breeches-pockets! He wus .

L ; : -* --- DEMOCRATIC the boiitiiiient of the whigs NOMINATIONS. We conocive w t. A few months ng", the this of U t beat hiru make such a fling at
i. that measures M
system poor .
p i live principle c. j I "If denuunl that the 'lave law be With candidate oat l\r
_ t they fugitive t ion was recorded i in the negative. a >
whigivarty in that State nominated and supjK U la r
stiim will al
j 'r ft just as they *>
i embrace and 1 that I wlxtni they can control, they care not for the princi- breeches-pockets: u, this Cuuvtt ?
!. t fOU PRESIDENT Of THE V.VfTKl) STATE* : notorious William 1'. Johnston for Goveni'T, who wusI jirinrifif, of all the questions they t i )U a i.uk.'ml to IHart- the Territorial )brll*. the Texas I t.ou
ucwrdiniilv, fr example: it ?hall hereatter forever IK | pies of a platform, (ur which they nev er voted, and Mr. Davis vf Fla.Oue w iu tie posseysltn tf
: F FRANKLIN PIERCE I known opponent of the fugitive slave law, and \vlmlliw.k ijuc-iti-'ti, ami the mhni'fion( c-f California ns A free I trof -
: a bettled vi tm vour colleagues. (Aj Iaua .
oiiMd.-reil the ivliev Congri-s* > urganizt 1 State to be finiilitir*, and equally beyond the reach ofnny with the oth'ces of the Government at their disposal, *)
the most decided ground iigaiu t it on tlie ttunip.'And territorial goveniments without restriction ns to iltmesti" > ) I Mr. Btrm$ said he aU l .,poa the gentleman
4. OF J EW-HAMPIIinE. future iJUturUuK-c or agitation. 'I 1ht.yiH be cx- they would not hc' itute to declare their opposition to froni
and admit them into tlie Union will) i MaachusetU to answer hint IK I the
find those slavery to geutlwnaa
4 vet we futnc Pennsylvania \\higs,, f
I. jn-ctcil to plwhre themselves and! thiir t-anuIi.tatrs
their inhabitants deter that platform. Tbe> are plain trutlm, which, uopal- Florida, who this morning offrred
tsta k S
; tnav lutiou
without cry, u e*> her
: tcE rnrsrnJNT : )hoadel bv the fame J,1ttattii, ill the Coventii-n! jit I or i against! twnuiuing Califoniia to be t- iron; : mine whg| they organize a Constitution, according tt I State to )befonmd out of it__ raint introducing fttitllm as they may be to our Whig reader, must be. I support no one who was not sound wj the (vrp
rcwlntion tlie a
Baltimore and f
vi-ting 'r a biibtaiiung: j mice, answered him. 1 have tl-letter h
WILLIAM II. KING law I II s-laves into the Tei ritories without the warrant i.1ivkt-ii.: We profess to have a devotion to the principles > i ,
; very law they )had repudiated the canvass f.'r (Jov- the "Sentinel" had been fortunate ini i read it.
... ] stated that 1 of Congress, ami) iigumit t lie t'riitatk'u of any n.'wI of the great conservative Whig Party of the'
OP ALIHIM.%. I A VoicERead all of
CHUT Certainly, tti'a a j>n cccdiTij: l 1.i..ics like cheat of for the ni\c ; hive S'' tes 5i Ttxas.l All these mlc j it"y
selection example sij'plication pnnM..ns
0 : the an ) pn pt' I
:: ,. --- i Union as ardent, mid an admiration of those princi- Mr. BOTTS*-Ye*. I will read all of it, from tl! iitf
)li'ive eoiSdence in it. Then agaia wenoficc MiiitiIv! !! eIIIbraL 41. diii'Hly in the *
ing-\vcan n) : I that if the ( or by iniplicati'-n.
fi '- ( of the piiii-.iple) :m< orgiuiaili: 'ii of to the signature. I will read it to down
F .* FOU GOVEKXOI: : : Compromise of I 1S.10_ as mnch of them : pies Hl'fcitr.'ited in Whi.j Administration?, and in put aUI. caluz&
that all the votes from IVmio/tf giVmU for jtwt a )j'art a- thuS
I were territorial Vas all that the comprumi-c :I want to satisfy th* wlxle vf the Unittd Sma"t
ri-: governments the tugiate 5l.iv Inw. And if th. oVnmini the thin! f of the statesmen of the ,
< JAMES K. nitOOME. ; y publi' career gn-ut party
; the resolution and this, is enough t'' th-nv the toad the whig that tie
Fune: : concede the of r particularly party soldiw
.4 ::_ conUincd, we might rca-Jily correctness itv ofr t fattT, tli'i/ mint br prfjmrcl tv( tuitctd* tirjiinHly But the issues of the next t 4civiban
froti as one. great
any the patriot and statesman has
: "cheat, if no other evidence was to be had. Vcr1 '' not sect ]
'I the principle asserted by it. 15nt; I contended; that: if tut'rine r afv.
; : the 1'reiu leiitiitl canvx-H are those connected with slavery,, letters here to a Delegate from Virginia to
$ .. 1 motit ha* actually nullified the fugitive law- why z 1 t lure were thcr measures cmbiaced in that M>tem I This ippcarst* > b the understanding? withn p>rtion the Convention. (Applause.} I ill read
aunt swallow tlw of I[ w tL !
MAXWELL] ty minor points political cU-
AUGUSTUS K.: dead it and 1 up)
; i partv iu the state is committed against 1 of U'ljutiiicuf, to the pro'jetive aj>pi! < ition of which I ; at leaa: of the Xoilluru whigs in nftrenee to lhi:I and if there be any Cue eke-here with a letter, ]
s the and Democratic Parties
faitb winch
_.- t it is counting a little t-o btrong upon Southern crcdulit I- I should never b able to give my endorsement. I I I ijiii .li-1-j.iif lhatlit%,'' and I stated that against such)it ap"ii Whig produce it It appears how that Geu. SCOTT, wLi. ??,
: ? : that t are dn ided. In the language of the resolutions of the letter in the breeches-packet of
JOtt ELECTOR: that vote member
v to expect us to regard as proof every oftl
spoke of the organization: of Califotula, and by way of I an application of it I bhoulJ never era. e to contend.j er I
late Fillmorc Convention of thin State the Convention hud, ii> fact, written but
1 Soutlij safety one K-lter.
: facQUECX )IXTOSH of flural Cvvnfy Vermont is opposed to touching: the law. The j
of tine I If
making; a prospective[ application principle, slipp j Calif.'ruin desired to diu-Je nail form one or more :. that is in coat pocket
and honor of the South dearer to than the triumph my
I .T. CARAWAY SMITH, ofjrferson f j I5 prepared (to swallow a great deal-but die can't g-' .>sed the anpiUition! the! Sierra: M.nlre! country-a L -lavt States, I 'li.>uM advocate such dh i-i.'ii. If the L are us A VOICE" And that hum b -e'J smoked vutj*

t M.u. JESSE COK oJrtfAitt 1 that. Next M.is iiehut-ctts is >njed as in favor oi f of ali% party, atvl if Scott w nominated, we There cries "Read th "
rew couitrvii: 1 to be pcculiaily w .ll adapt! tp the ctiltita.il Teniti-riis l hhouM 1-e fi-tmJ to lx oduj-teii t'la% <- l were r letter.
I _____ "hjkll act this Mia in determining the candidate Mr. POTTS said he would b .
.L-- -- -:--: _- .- -- the re "lution-\\bile it is notorious that r>s a I --s--- Sa saa .taa. | whig; 1:1 that; btat.* are opposed to the law. Tin IIMVspecial we i-lijll cupimrt." cn
I i-nfl this titnr until the roult of the t cript to the alx>vp, after th news by tel I VOICE* "Let the Secretary read it-L !a s fiMvoice.

ti.-rn, wr will furuUli the J-'lvtlJlii J t: Jwrual iA : in.t: it in the Senate, and opposed it in every wavI ,. >l States fhoiild assume the judicial iiowirtif the Texas has the nectary |>puhitioii, s-houM} advooitcthe 1 grajh' "f tue' nomination of Scott, the Editor adds : j ."

the following raf'$ : i Govirnmcnt.an the lute President Tavlor ltd doin\, : fonTi.ition of all the slave States there which bv .1 Mr. BOTTS-I\V> ; I prefer to read it mvieILA
I I -showing conclusively, in thus supporting him, tlial L( 1 S. We can recall nothing which we have written.- I VoiceThatc right"rie$ of "R *

Sitiplo Copies, Onf P..lkr. his hatred to that law was no objection with them.- and i i'sue his muidnte continuing the Mv\cai! laws in the compact of annexation fchc had the right} to chain Weijw: the nomination of General! Scott as a triumph 1- 1 Mr. BOTTS-I want to satisfy not onlyth'ad'"read Contra

Six Copies. > J'Jve l) llar force by whiehthc Southern) elaveh.ldroud! l IM- S- far Southern
i 1 Maine is [ > as action w concern*"!, the tion but the whole American and "
Thirteen! Copies, TVn Dollars. reported a. giving four votes for the rooluition coniprorime ) of the enemies of the South ; arxl it now remainfor peojile. the Whi>
:. ( 1ire &a.ttI from colonizing the country, or lithe thtn I measures are a finality.'' Xo in the party of the United States, (Huzza.,) that the d
Twenty Copies, Fiftu-n Dollar New Il.unijj-hire; .>, Ohio 8, Iowa I, Wi-c<>ii. m1. jmity our political friends in the State, to tak e: -
President shotild the man, soldier and civilian, i rmt liable
ns-nnie legislative
atihoritv "f I South are offering to disturb them f> tLt
.. 1 At these rateMfl'ut5 must l l'e itn\tly in In eaeh of these States the whig jwity; ha4, by :i vat I the President -n-i ninn exp.etdthem 1 such t.ju.-se a will! best conserve the great interest:* j imputation ofsetxn! >g I rtten to a gentleman iRa tag
country, as Tavlor hud doniin ,
be tli
rtferen t' turbe l.
4. ely of acts, shown its hostility to the law and its determination 15ut when a whig I'rt-siilcut, I of our' M-ction. j letter hi Lw brefch -pocket,to pm
1 _- t'J t-Ifeet its overthrow, and their vote to c to Califoniiii, nn-1! provide for the calm" of a lION irt Iv a-k an cii'lorvriU'iit I and! npprovnl of the I1 We can hardly think tliat the; Georgia Whig will I ter whk-h I hold in niy hnn lr written bv G ,. U"i.

,. 4 Appointments of Judge Uroome..TuJge contrary iu the Convention is i only proof of their dcme h Conventionby his own ngcnt, wilWit nuln-ritv of 1 unauthorized assuinpti"ti of power nhidi pr> lu<*iil the Gen. Scott. It i is saul that Mr. Toombs hai HELD SCOT i dated Tn* lay nTgUMf.lierj,) thite
law, and) In-fore a surveyor's chain hail b. auth l support it appears the B a letter iu the Uech<: -ri-Itt
'entrelelndin I premature uticontitutonaorginziti"n! ? ; -ftbLi
Broonir, the Democratic) candidate for Governor anSI intention, no doubt understood : of California -
long to clieal
the made: .1 large bet that Kentucky vcte.s for Pierctagaii Convention out there seem, to be but one brtem-h-
will address the the the South and country-:m ai're of land s 'H-thi jiia.'ilicitionof tutl this f.r future application! he ibk what I
at induce at
jieople flowing places: | a suj.jtort of Scott, \\lnwe uom- detennim-d .-t Scott. If tlits be so-lhat i.i, if Mr. Tooml* -s-pocket, and thajjhappnto bf rav coat p.cker

Watcena.. (Marion M Itoao! ) Jcllcibou county, inatiou was confidently count ed ou by them at thi I( a_ voter ---an election precinct frovided I lea. could! IH-VI gnmt. When he n. k. that I the mhi 4- bus to bitting on tlie Democratic candidate [Excessive laughter, and a voice: It l.u bren jmi'kt-d

,. on Tuesdiiy, the Iri-i
1 thority given for the settlement of the COIKITV if the Dis-tri 'f Columbia may conclu'le tint sympathies will go with hiimoii'y 1' league, W. S.; Aucara: on last TueyJuyoifcLt. ftaf.liowe i i't'
At Monticell.i, Thursday, the Sth. I We ask bolnr thinking wiLgi) in rioiiila to look atI ; 1. ; involving a )Jojwer uevei and as Bob Tooiabs the Win,
so :
At Ma.lison C. II, ou Saturday& the 10th. I this vote and aud judge for thcmschi-s as to how Jai nnd.-r swh circum tanc<#, n [x>j>ulaiion .f i.Jvcntu- yet excrci-ed by the Lejcislat ure of a '\ereigri State,' harts <>f (Georgia goes gixs Mv DEAB Six : I nave JecideVl f<> writ* w>flmig t->

At Fort Hamilton (Ma,- Savannah R'jmbliean of the 23d bolts Gen } the Conventk-n. (Cries of -Good")

the ir.tb.At i vent ion on the compromise. We ii'-k them to remem becoming citizen of th) StILt, slxmld, under llxi-cu-: a "Jtnalily in Jrisrju1e an I In tu/jntance" foifutr.re r | .., 'j Mr. BOTTS-Yes, Sir ; he would nut pnrcha. s nwaI' -
live dictation, the to form C >tt without lKitation It says *f Webster anc inatiou. Cries of 'No, no -Good," and loud Imzias.
: nsMimc ,
right ( )
Clifton on Wi-dncetl.iy the lllh. her what the Ti ilt't'ic t.\\\<\ iu > 'al ing of the Mce.dn | a Coibtituti n cjiplieatiou, I replied that however iKaJrabltt ] '
; p from the FihIi.z'ireWe could have: supported either of thee' He was urged entreated, as I know, Iu uuswer Ivtter*
: At Belhille, llauiiltou C'iuity, 'ii Thursday the from the Whig Convention : exhuling country one of the owners- 't> h en Vndor>cineut might be to him, it i k a-kini; ti,<0 men with rat, le s pride than pleasure. But General[ ; to be read tu the Convention, but he lE-nlained tu doj
it bin their limits domain
ISth. i I1uy may very po ibly bully omc Wliig Nation taking v enough f'r six or' much. On all these) questions 1 preferfil to endorse' j so, rather than trouble himselt I w ill cvutinuv the
Scott i-i
He has
At .Ta-prr, nfl Saturdny the Jfltb. id 'iivcntioi into |uu-in F. nie u>rl of<*oniproiniM, ;[ eight States-a sfa" '.vt of zri're than a thousjindr the fiuality" the Coustitutiou for future application. : a very rn-rsoii. played thtI I readings as follow : Or to any iikliviJuiiJ n niVri

mi'.es in extent and in part <-f -ilent candidate-and we Lave had enougliof before nomination but should that houor JI to iri'lot
resolve to 'uii';t them ; but whn they (fet it it /vj>It/r every rer-jn-ct ns oly'irtioiuiUei I ( ;

St. John's Seminary of Learning." be vtrth tlie jwr on trhichiti* I/T///C/I./ Thev win I :is was the action ofCaif! >rnia, I should !he bound t-i (j This ith< fulmtancp, as n'arly M wltiit canJiilites. Nay more-he hunt been kepi 1'I' I shall in my acvtrptHoe*, giv< u y I views i>o tWj

love slavery will uphold it, and we who hate it wil l my nienmrj bcfort the fir month with j CoinpromL-e meourv3 ui terms at ltt as stn-n itheir
call ; people a padlock
\Vc attention to the advertisement in the wlmle (
uti'Mroluiun procoeding it uponhi
r oppo.-e although would IKc serves me of what I aid the "
| keep on hating it, and try to make 'thcr l hut.- it. will ? ou subject of the fiualitvof tvor as tln se I read to you two thUS skwe.
4f *'$t ; ; of J atiladiw ]I. vered uml endrscvl Mr. lllhaore's :, lijH, and hi-> jirineij lw in Mr. Seward' breeche.pi s
JolmVSemimiry camitiK1 t a view to it ultimate do\\null( jut ad if no i ucJi resolve ;:- by "jiuullly Ltt.b' the compromise. : VOICES "Head on. read, reail.

L This <-li
It lias been veil I cited the law in we Iur! the Whigs of Georgia can support him." friends, Gov. Josxs, Mr. Burrs, Mr."LEE, tc.
and in return this if.-crfil Again, reference '
jiatrmiizoil: ; Again, ram" p< organ of th Sewardite?i t'i th j :i' ilition' .obj.i-ti"tis that I entertain to Mr. nihiK-n-'s finaliJv'! i' In haste truly."WIXFlElD
voun .
liaAgixuto its pat runs the most abundant ttif ,- 'whose tremcnd influence has brought about Gen,. of the slave trade in the I >i triet of Columbia. I coiiteid''d | that is iucoii-istiiit with the jx.siti.-n occupied bv th' The intimations in our itcr State are, that the' SCOTT?

tiuU. Scott's nomination, fay | tLit ;'iuiiv.cli): as a number of States had pjohil'ted ileni'-cratie: pnity of the Union. While their C.> Uti.'ii Whi s will support the Democratic nominees or put To Hon. W. S. ARcnwCTliii

I "I i ttlie the inoiiUiuLii.jii of sLivr' up a third candidate.I I was tuccvedcil by htng itfr3Ir. ..
whigsoftho South understand] that th to remain j in the th
pledges -
Gen- Scott Nominated. ) juirty faithfully to execute the law, iiuowhtre I __.._.__ --.------_ _-
., t Seward men. MI calliil, n i'k of tls.- Wl.ig) Nutioiuil I State (U'lori h I Bans-Gentletutu, don't laugh too oon-I
oth.-rs and
mn-iiy ) as the feeling \>t ti undertake the ta.ik of Tiir SKA.SOX or LIIILL.-..-One of moral
Tlic biin ppagitiig] th our religiou. -
Uh'pajih a iutelligc-uce vi! the nitiihiat.i I, (Convention: .t.ly liberty t o tl.ii.k ti! <-ir o\vn th..ugit! ] have not done vtt.
r i opposition to a free. Legro j p.opulation was h.creru-i-y pritii-ijucs of the compromise f.ir future .'. aii'l j.hiii..sm'phais-aI temporaries, wh.> coi>feseIt" t \oce-\\hitt I another letter ?
I c n tLC M>J boll-!, of Gcuerul >5Cott by the Whij; Cuuentiuii. L- and see with their o-\uey s ; :m ,,. / at the South, an I the North- States I been guilty of forty libels asuin-t yirivat* f Mr. Dorrs I to read the resoluticcs! referred -
not ::sc. bit ; / l (irc. Any ji- .h e w'n\ h rej.re
as .*ati.-fi.-il with th* i'ngiti\e Slave I.-i\v, nii I'] their 'J'Hr* against: thiin, exempt when they fugitive. | JAMES to hi the lettt-r.
wcr. : K.; IIIIOOMHIjiion -ltcti"i
The depaU-L iu the KavatJiah Rtjmltican reads < iiinnits them to its maintenance I the rering period for the {'residencywith I alIt Mr. CAtvi5 inquired whether th ltter of Gen SCOTT

th'is; l, / : unniodlnVJ will !? .-, that a jx-r on de-iiL-ig to inanuinit! slave-; : Fi.onmiiJorny.ii, : >* ten or a il,./u in ou.; week, piineijially 'ai.iiitt- t savs anything about the Fughive Slave Law I II
Mii >ly r < biudhig iw and
] tue discrediting none but where I the j tie! new cTiiuliilate of tl c Jerlti.eraer. This will dct *
B.uMoIIvt4.L1y its titt..rei .*' Constitution or law pmhibitj if, as in our I I Mr. BOTTS-I believe Gtrt Stwrr make reference tu
; Noon.Tlie .j I Judge Broome in Wakulla.I -, 1 tgiu with.-A" Y. Jl-rut'l, June 17.f I
the if that has Jo with
State to
own : would take the slaves to tlie Di-tri-t) of f Slavery question anv
: Gmvrnli n re-n einbl* l Monday luomiug tit Tl.i i is th' light in whUi nn overwliehiiinjj: majuri- Columbia :I Hie Wakiilla 77j i>f the "3-1 iu-U rpeak o'Judge (?iie oftheliMs! to which the // raid refers wat : the Fugitive Slave Law. [LaOgLter, tcJ cris of'God'l
. : tn o'clock. Kjiluire aud WebstercointncucuJ, l<,bj iuu of Gen. Scott', offer them for sale there, nut by the law of
ty rtj5 the
;4 Noith
' Mipjv :& will ngard 1r'.liae'3 51htCh| at New1m.rt on SaturJav l.isus t in r> !uti''u to the Uelyious test ii the Constitution oi f
<> the -ISih lij.Hiif, brin th* second l ulLt after th Congress they would Ix-come free. Thl
> the action of the Convention the *, I ciintt n-led, Mr. BOTTS thru rend the re.'lutior.o adapted tl.c!
on sul.je t and it 5 |
if the Cuiircntinn. S < < aluesti.in follow*: Xi-w 11aiilol.Ue. The falsehood! Ixjwevt-r, has beet
re-asiwublinjj cttefutttIued| l tKM'IU
rj would) )
with) soon overrun the Distj i--t of Coiinnbui with a New Jerit.yVhin State Ceavt-ntk-n; tl relarir. 6>r tlw
until tlie 53d ballot, wbcii he waa uouiinated.- Southern mon whether thr-y are willing: free Ju !lire! J.iir.r? K. nr-H>me, the Denveratit' cnndiifati.: n-tiactcfl. but n''t until tae rteurl shiiwed I thit: the IIIf generally allowed prmcij'U-st of the end rmuiciIIgtIl.4t -
ncn Un-lcr! prIy.
The vote stood- __ ( tLLJBintrrnip T\ I'll JfV.Si'lvsir.1' ru., 1 i'i.| tiw. ,!;? p-jiutition. tidt circuuist.in;. jFu'thflH "p .-; ; ..t. \\V-iliill. < :
m :uuti authors.I of New and
1 T nn D annc one <>\ three ws-either by HllMi- r' t' hear r 'ifii't-ls.ESKbJv'd. jqtvU.U.g9fijXIto.it; theVhig Jer-ev are now,
1 11 more,. :. 11AVelfetcr have nut made peace with them. Tlie. 7'rint( ( already vAiiiiMt'5; tn< r., T ji .
21 itig: the in: 'iitu'i-! i'i Ji<% I DL-tii--t, and pniig: the owners iiMMiaU f..r ar :iiKMs with) whk-h he ha'. pif, i H Itii.| hnUrti put aft! .at by n r rre.jioiii) >t of the X. Y j 14e the Goiwtitution, in alkic part*.'tl.at we avow cut- '
That 1 lie .
jCVl .
rej'uJiittit. paprrof Saturday Lut e a"TV \ s-- ; rv the n.ni.t ,.,- ,,, : j [ selves
j wj Ii bound
; :? |, to fulfill
their ? luau, ,,ii.i- Trne. That all its
The Southern States all stood firm f-T Fillmorp <-\:- m-xt j-ibwa the Pktf'rn-a, for projK-tty out if tin- public treasury or brappropriating .!.-.! the tu-o j.-irtu> ,i1I4.t., tl- forma; ,',,,, ..ft t he .'.. ('suflC5fkullsleilt[ writing from Concord,, are equally boun to a ehertul reqtirernt'ttt--tfiut audlss'ral T e
which tix lor JrllkuiTC dLt f tlnToimhly ; tu s--nd the fiee to I.iU-- ire J: U.hisal -Vi-.v Harnp-hire, the place of Gen. i-betliecce t.>
rrpi Virginia, gave >.r ni'-ney ncgrois -I Kmfc. tl.e DL-tiibuti-n I f the pi..cT0ik Pierces i LsiueuceAt the laws that
Huiikviish of d "f Soul In r'n'pine we
pieee juiai-r-wi-rk, ci'tle1 f and alwavs
i respect now the
}>.vtt, and one blaulr.A ; ri.i, tlui* c'iivcrtin-.j the CSovinuiK-nt i.'ito a great colonization 1- : thI'ub j :..- I.-ml. tl... Tniiir, nn-ltlu-.M-ot I ) ; ua.: !- r Jite of June 7, savs- I : rsterved -
4 I and, rathir awkwardly j i'hi-Io&l., ( )ir fiiiiil- tU Vi rightof all the Stiti?- tliat we have been always -
from Alabama move.l that the nomina- l 1. 'I Hi.
lion !
dtvliirtil uuuiiiiiou i. .)II. vx-S-uaUT Da ton I, re.! l.tvor ,
m .f the
('!' Xcw l to the S..utbcm dt2.i.aWi} t,, let j it I paifutly.: | aI t!h.-\V. Utr and 1'illniore men: i law. Tl.i- first of thumC ri-m>ii(4u! nun.l r if tie Jar a-, tl.e < .th I) m-crati-: lrtv-' .??!I 5'p all h.-re were thrown in great coiiftiMun by the tel c_ I tional question, ansi are especially averse to the renewal
Jersey HpjH-al had joi-iec! handi to p.-i-s it anjhove, and anviohnt, ?; was e.mrnl.l. )I..i. cwiii.f! tlitt! fl!,,,. graj-iiie! reK>rt that t.m i.ci hbor, Frank Pierce h.K .I of all ili..uain on the subject ofIaverv. tLe
abide by tl n'intnati.'n. j JWh .th< r they li-l HMTii"t 1 Siil-'ni! Su-ites nrtill pledged t.) reM, :m 1 (the s.-e- two latter tli! ;.-i fs Ja.I, ) IM.C1 ite .ihul} f,, ju r.'e&vi-mI the! : ur
'rt taaa''l R'-i-tanee., to its adopt! i n l>v the N.'a I ftvu'r. I I. iioiuiiuttoii at D.-mocratie} t 'iiveutioi agitation of any meacrcs havii-g rf r n'e thero.
1 unteu.iniv: in any of tliiii. T J I II.n h.ke| of tho patf.rms! : L.i.1 ti..vn I bv the Midi-! at I Ualtimt.re.: .N..t a nuin in Concord could believe itVIi.itaniJt4i f Tliis was warmly atol h'O.IIT apphvd.

.. unaninHKitlv"front uevhirea ('r the I'H1IIeC. ;* defeat Old ('Iai.pe\% a'a li"iuiiiti"ii.' ) Su, aft m i iKiifus rjm eitlur of I those I shoul 1 be opj i-ed l, and I .''ioiM I f,. :1 si'iiun.1 I I Kdtiii: >..reCon>i-iti..|,.<, aril.'m'! ,. them"I,iuiKjnaliS.il i- \ Frank Piiree-the hero of mar lS Mr. A. G. H.VZAKU: inqeiref.-- voa radinj
A letter Cea Sent t read, the
was accepting
I Clioate bud I IH 'allowed to make if I hip appp.taL lliu h.ll.imto 1 MfcofhN a mdl-1itiLt RVItt' anuJishate -. I iw-liat SCOTT said what
a (
iuiuatku and the I1atfruL *II one no hesit.moy in ndvi Mtin ar poalof the Uw, a 1- him. the ( '.leiiev or sonitbudv' Le said r-
i appro\ing own the
i-our-e iii..n C
<-euliar: exhibitions) i of )pyrotechnic cloqnt ne ill I it?' miromi.e nieiisureHe ii;tel tLee United states lie s a sii1ri.r lavver and I { [Laughter.]
4 ,
though sii'-h a o-iti'.ti mi !ht ia Nn, he .iiJ t..n .
me airl
the i pa.j t i h-r(, iIcn.uri.t.ul (.al, like Chi'ate cx.-r-i-o Mr. Boris ...
let slide ,
: sujijxirt. platform Was (under thepievioii:' as an a ttigitv! itIilU.ne the, J I read the papers to how what was
Second Despatch.r. / i 4 question) bv 221 yeas to C6 uuys. (taut us down A'w jl.: 'with Mr. llllniorc's ''*rilidity in ouu.wice' tit-l in ultra wcewioiii-t.. nttnl. In this! : he Iwl l.-eii greatly ;- jiry; Alas f.r the Dcm-vratic party when reduced rn I'the prt-cise nature of the n-soktlons to wLvL Gen.t .

I Mr. Scerctarv.)' I Jil I Hi:t in. I j repre* To prove tLi.- lu brought forward thf to Mich! an extremity .' lie never can be eleted.. A SCOTT makes reference.
Graham for Viet j -iitiii'-l, to t-how that in a ili>cti
B.tLTIMoRI Monday P. M. Adoption of the Whig Platform. I also alluded to the law fixing the lounlry f.f tlun!a.-t Mimmer, lie" rbiiinn! to be '' n lvtttr Uuiori man etrim Ii'. He WILobliged to leave Washington! when our I Mr. SMITH, of Ala, askel l a question, to which 3fr.

The Convention ndjournedTrom three t five YWk The is thoAotc Texas, and quoted the follow extrai t I'roin aijMchof ''rehitioiis Gov. Call. I He aU> rca States drawn
t' 1M, '\kbeii the Ib-n. Win. A. Craham t' North Car- following by on the adoption t Mr. Wi-bstir, uelivered tii'-e the pis-age >f thecompromii' up by him at that time. Hctlun:i Thus much for the Democratic mnditlatc j mate of (;cn. SCOTT, at the time he was 13 rears of

i .lina, (the present Secretary of the Navy,) was of' the revolutions {submitted to the Convention as the niea: ure4, to prove what was tit tiuc iui'te'I t that! lie l from circulars,l ? %vrilt n by Mr. C'ali-ll. nul sal II f'.r lresident. We hu.Pethat high office will never 1 be age and that Gen. SCOTT had learned fh-m lis nrn

iiuted lur Vice Prewdiut on the sicoud Lullot. Whig Platform : ap{>rove flta l iefeiiik t his ci.iirsoiip to Augiitt li-jrraced by wli ft ilIaD"* Op?, that he was in: fcvcTof the re-ce.ctwn of Mr. FinKORE. -
boundary of that State( ll"Tex.l laat. .1 fe paid
: that
the Democratic '
Y T. -Maine 4 Nw H Vermont I paity v. ere 1 !he: Tribune? ; of the f.'hlowini [Cheers. He "cltnieil, nw-ft
A de patob iu the CLarh'tton Jerrifryays that ; Tlampshiro ; 5 ; w illiii.f to aiijuicycc in the settlement! : ilny, whose editor w a traphztJcaiV.
Massif hutN I 13: ; Ulni i.' I Ii.i'! nd I ; (%.iiiait tiriit1 : *. Vll know, e after Oitj. Soot t had been deh ed duly uoiuinntetl! ; hvlit-r ; "t'> l lit I hv-jonn l lie an advocate for the Maine UiHior and
0' volution and bvy'iifs Gen. SCOTT
the l--t.t
u battleS.n and
New Yi-ik I I'J New .! Jacinto ; ,
; 'rn-y 7 ; lViiUh :aiiia 4J1 ; l lhi) theY eoruplaimed of the imputation.
: "Our.Joiics ut TnueSe reJ a dctpaU-h viLi.Jiho; waI e ; >I; ryluid 8 ; \"iigiiiiu, 15 ; North Carolina: 10; whii-li made Iii r -ivert-i i JHITVIT. .lave t I- in priik-iiile were aud willing in to udopt" them "as a finality:, Law, retr'ttts this) ba>c slan'Ii-r, a* follows rI I Mr. SMITU said bis question was fcunjtly tlis-1V a

1 bad ju4 reOive l from Ci-u. J>.v.tt, iu Washington; in South Carolina 8 ; Georgia; 10 ; Alabama .I ; Mis.'i -,ippi rt.auly sUit.-J t>> y.iti\ what) I Live unti'-ijiatc'feVoni rh-> at itoine length( ,, tfiibttaiK't, and giive the n-a.-ou> I GIN. PaKCF.PRIVATE: CHARACTER,_The allusions I it not understnod between yon tat the letter EbonM!
;. 7 I oni.-iuna 0 Ohio n.iveiueiit-thut: she would ajiuk to cotiitintdlic L'n- ; W hy they should not eo adopt thei Ii. to d' n. Pifree's ptfonal ehuract Pinl habits be used if Gen SCOTT'S frieivls -
vhh he made his ucLriow'W'jeir.u.te for th- L..nur I ; : ; 8; Keutiieky 12; Tenmsfeei 1, A? f.>r I.irai&-li, lie stvxnl which slwiu'd it eiDfithii.k
Indmna lliti"i! ion as n slave: State. admitted her in \\l II! upon the samegrotiix..! IH-W. ajipiarwl; in a letter from Concord. N. Ifia : -ntJ If not, it
I ; 0 ; 0; ; MiiuriO' ; Aik: n-:is 4 ; >, nrn that )hf hii'l ..___ our last, why was shown tometaUrs tithe
C..I4ICITeJ %ij.] >nhimby the uoniiiuition of the WhigNnentMi ilorida t! ; Texas 4 ; Iowa Wisconsin; 1 California we admitted h--r as a glare State. We adiltud her aii'l he int-uilc'i always; wrupit-d he t ok ii'itl.Iiig luifc win.) I. hav* leti u'prred[ if we had! observed them Convention tf

I t i'nal ( ; a'cej iujj the tame, with the plat- 4.-Total 227. !| in IMTi, ar,il) n admitted her withIT Ofi 'iuimdn-! 1 jx'j'Ie tf vindicate his conduit bef-re the l bef.i. publisLint; the letter. We do not know them Mr. ARCHER again clenfed that such an nndasfawl-

I rt*. Keiiiember that She eluinied by all) -\ery county iu the state, U tors the elec tt> It; well founded awl, in the absence nag existed, and stated
f nn laid d-cwn by the Ct-aycntion. The reading of Nays-Maine t ; ConnrMifuf 1 ; Yoik22Pcnn-; e'tx.t tion came on. if )dU; life of any prot f. I that the gentleman htd) oaAaeroialy -

this dct-patcli ex--il4Ml the strongest <--ntliuia, aud s}vania (d ; Ohio 1 l.T> : Indiana 0 ; Illinois 5 ; Michigan : territory whieJi wa< cxninonly railed Nc\Me.\ico, j ji I| The H-fch of was cjiarcd him. presume that they are erroneous, or at least grossly I charged a eoUusk-n.

j ; Wisconsin 1.-.-Total GO. |i Eat of"the Ui i (;fiaii'lt: *. She clahned nl)'otthese di.ocut-fioii{ Jiiilge: IVi-ome cnu-ed con'FJerabIf cxatrvcPratetL G kim. Pierce is certainly not a tempera Mr. DATTO* said, that after the meef mp of tb5 w

this Convention, by a unanimous vote, declared Gen. limits what her Cs'ii-l ittti.'ia lad th-chired n| esLwblihed I- ilefeinliu among the "juJhicianreM": prif-eut; (M-me i.-e man, in Pur sense of the term, but we know Jersey V, big Contention, which passed thr lil the An aiialy 5 of this %-ote w ill!l show that '' ;;, .in-I others c-introverting th* nothing( with I sil it'*. __ __ rpondence. .
Scott' the wbl;; nominee for Presidency, lias mirti'unceincnt n rnnj.'ritvAf ) as the projier limits of Texas. Thia as her )by tli** pnMtii>!taken regard to his habits which shonM t.n the s.f Slarerr, he cnneutr d

was received vith a salute of artillery by thone voting for ('CT1. Sott from the North were ii- claim and \\hen sin- was alinitted into tlu United I b-'tli >Mc.FiI4 ; tliinfc nii'l; from the warmth rxhiliteil on l.im t-> public reprehension. We regret that the expose al1 i- j that fact to 4e. ii (fierro ) stated in the
'I :St itei tin I'ni'ed States li.l! define that we ran fay that the 1 lu.-ion of our correson.lent ktter that he 14
the whig* of B.dtian'are" <7'fi the platform. The first ballot iutlic Courention, < > < not herf-iritorv. p.-ii ii hats f.tirly I cant J < appeared in our eolamns. I no desire to draw him into a
They admitted hr :i* she) wits.Ve tusk htji-, !-he commenced Wakulla;) count, atnl ThN.. Y. but if he desired cominnniaUon
which we subjoin, will chow this : that it will ln c-'ti'luetrtl) with L'.tp-es., referiJhg to the same letter and to make a
i WsiircTox, June 22.-.Geu. Scott, I'mident Fillmore Flbn'lr-Vermc.14t I defined her own limit'', and with the j jw -r kiinkingi )U'th artieii. Well zeal aid uieriryby't (lie 'ime fa.l I 1 [
1 New York gentlemen be jays
4.- 7, i three additionr.1 slave >*taU'. I say 'we/Jll did I ; sure you'ie right t, i I to receive it. No has received
answer been [
Mr. Wtliiter and! Mr. Grahnm were bcreta&k'dI I Pennfylvania I, Man-land 8, Virginia 13, North Carolina not, always rementbtr tIia." J [ then go aheaJ. i i uIr. Pierce has weak points enough to attack plume] and no member of the bus cut up-
4 lait xilgbt, and all made brief sj>ccchcs ;in rejdy. I 10( South Carolina K, Georgia; in, Alabama I', r I without accusing him of drunkenness ; and we i it seen a letter from Gen. stated
iuixiuna Ohio Having thus proved by Mr WeVter! thale [ Tribute from I t.> truth to I SCOTT. He (DAITOS)
MisL7.| 7. 0, 1, Kentucky 12, Tenneesec true an Enemy. say that we knew him.in Washington from in the letter that be bad
I into
4, 0 4 The Nomination of Gen. Scott. 12. MiJ. ouri 'J, Arkansas 4, 1"hi.riIa :t. Texas 4, liounJjiry of Texas was the Rio Grande, r that it Ia.mt mouth, the Manchester, N. II., \\\'hiyt\ ?p<>ke i in the winter of lS5; until the time of his resignation, 1 correspondence, but if h desfrsd no w b to to make draw a lim comrouueatwo a-

Tliis event was totally unexj>ected to the Wbigc, Iowa 4 133., Wiscwushi 1, California 1, llhode S Island I.Tofcd .- embraced all of New Mexico East of the Kiramie! reference to Gen. Pierce in the (u'hluwing language. and w e never once saw the least sign of intoxication." I to the New-Jeirey deleeation he would be

and equally eo to a large number of Democrat The I 8, New Hampshire, 1, Vermont 1, I'tM'r41Maiue I proceeded to fhow that Mr. Polk luul ntd' the ': It is important, as showing the high estimate of ::1 Oen. Fierce on Slavery Visitation. I willing to receive it. No" answer Las been received,

nomination; of Webbter or Fillmore was confidently 2, lUsiide Island 1, Cmiecticut 2, New country to be surrendered to its rightful
counted on, especially after the failure of Gen. Scott \ork2, New Jersey 7, 1'eiirisIvnnut26, 1)ehiwnre t, that lids was the o noed to be ne/juaintcil wish (fie sub j mart 1SG9, General Pierce presented an Abolition I Air. Borrs-_I am happy to on hear the the subject distiugni'aljeJrepresentative

the first ballot. We need that the : \irgiuia1, Ohio !2. laidiana 11. Illinois ii, lkljhjan administration which j
on hunlly into ject on he writes.
cay came Tbi petition from New from has
6, Wisei.nsin 1, Cahif ruiai 2.-Total 131. power. hitolunfary tribute ofn Hampshire, wcicn lie accompanied New-Jersey say that he n<*
Whys are deeply mortified at the result) becauseScott's I II I H'ttr-New HanijK-hiif 4, Vermont 3, Ma a- I i showed that Gen. Taylor hil rerokedJ order whig paper to Gen. Pierce, in adVanco of hts nomination I- with the following remarks : prVHI. C.
; election gives the flit t oral vote of the State 1 chusett 11, Rhode I-huidS, ( nineeti.i it3, New York of his prc leeessor, by holding the country*cfsfly laughs to scorn all the sneers of the whig pressat I I I'tlo earnestly hope, that every honest man who I question.xtt Those begged and received permission to asia
I interrogatives have en
to the Democratic candidate. At least such is'ouropinion. 2, Wisomeiii a, California 1.-Total 2'J. I to the dalm of Texas, and had taken the iutory the Democratic nominee, whose selection! has ce' has sincerely at heart the best interests of the slave I one letter, not from the breechee pocket, but from thaeoat

: We have heard many Whigs say they will The States which voted against the resolution*, it btkps to procure a Cotientioti of the jieopl Jj bi.I merited the democratic party, and at the same timecarried and the master, may no longer be governed by a blind pocket I would ask whether there is not in thd

I.. not cupport Scott, and some arc opposed to putting will be seen, cast their Tote ft>r Scott, and throughout I extended orders to a military officer there f, UcLt -I terror into the ranks of whiggery : I SO real full and delicacv imniuVe, anrl but.. il be l nrp led..to J..examine-ai s this cnbjeet, .I whether vest pocket another letter I wish to know. toe

: out any electoral ticket at alL Tlie determination of 4 4J the entire balloting clung to hhn witli little variation, view, and for the purse of organiztigAcrnuient S Guy- rived Gw.at PIERrE that stage FOR that PnEsinEXT.thf -Matters have now ar that when called upon--- t1l'end- MI their- ii names- uearmgs and ;influ and Mernan from there Syracuse is any troth did ia not a statement write letter that to the gen-

.1'J the party will not probably bo fully known until after -i That these votes in the nngntive were giren by Free within the rightful limits of T< reckoned aa likely to be a cindhlate gentleman fur may the Presfdeney. fairly Ke. I that ence t<> the lire cauffe of agitation, they may remember SCOTT.. aj ing Uwt ?f be (Storr) dW a write a general l tter.

the meeting of their State Convention in July.We .- Soilere, we presume no one will deny-and as they further, that Mr. Fillmore, ivb n he be e f Irei- We should consider it a misfortune to the whip- the panoply tcff under and a written Constitution, tchieh it, the Free-Bofl parfjr wooW go against him. and iSat M

: wish tbeui a safe deliverance. Constitute a majotity or his Northern vote, and as, by dent, approved of the order thus issue y' (ii. Tay- of this State were his nomination to take place, but af, the Forth ; that protection it covert the of the rXofo South Union'as veil at ceedmg would thus with.loos hk* the efcefiofc Mr. CABCLI was pro

.. For the) present we iuteml( to practice the oil pre their adherence to him, they forced his nomination by lor, and that he recommended a pure! of 4e en'' ted.ter all He not is an without irreparable calamity! were he to be elec-, equally a guarantee for the unmolested enjoyment', and of is ai cries of Order remarlu," ,nd when there his voice the wa* drowned possi
doubt was utmost
eept- "of th* dead My nothing but good;" and bcnce I the Convention, his selection is A FBEE Sou. Tuaiiruin try from Texas. I showed, by the d at&f Mr.Webter democratic party. Some months one of the ablest men in the further the domestic institution, in all ittpartt; and I trust ble state of confhsuo.

V our notice of th Whig nomination today shall be I in broadest beard ago at Washington, that they will no longer close their to Mr. BOTTS said he could
tense.tr. who, at the time, wa Jlr. ore'eere- we an eminent Whig member of Congress re the fact, that far eyes not answer lienuation?
so as.thoeo
hate the heart io taunt mark, that he fh whose welfare they as he had no sucL letter fa L'a treeOBes
bricf. We not our Wlu'g thought there pocket/
of State what the waa a
tary true design e adiiintia. very strong probaLJlily express so much
4. friends! then- grief bhall be respected. With them Our friend the Captain u very IntL'gnant at [ ; that OeiL Pierce would be the man whom terference has feeling are Concerned, this foreign in [Laughter and Attn,] and teat if it falls to the M
been aisrf
: d tion and for this upon
was ; C itL1owin the must inevitably of Oen. ScoTt to Late
purpose continue
qm democratic to fbi honor tie
| would of noiaijatloo.
the undignified notice th Srntlntl took of the ratifi-- party at last settle. There be evil and a
the nomination not Iiowever because are only eviL'r..r
a we rrgM ; we extract from )his speech at Buffalo : a few men who in their gcnefacl demwuior and niter- gentleman wHI have an opportunity of knovfcg wbaGen. <
a/raid of it but because we should regard the catiuiu dtonting butt week. But the Captain muet renumber course SCOTT je Jbt and and he asked Mr. CZ'
are men elcrt agaiott,
among a Mr. Cabcll
1 t that the Sentinel is Now, gentlemen, I wish I had t and voices. trouger penonal influence said the other day, in bis- boat RU. tha .
man only a corporal, who than he.Pitnee. quesbon b it, be if beei
election of Gen. Scott a tie success of Seward. It I wish I could draw around nic'th Me with of North < y your purpose.
p-ople ofIfe Stanley Carolina: Scott has ( vote for &or with flatf.nn
don't know but that Iks A
of that hut
punting" was a pad ? MyLttror [
would that detestable horde of fanaOra ht gun the United States and I wish I them
place all
ft- ; co lock \
his OKEThae
KING on and "
: ASH is MLSSIHSIPPI. llie lips, the question-
Democrats principles of out of order. [Ap
of fKe What he
a prrformantf mftst therefore I ni his-
part says hear what now declare in before JBfr.
'I of the Government and the for the my ow pence, plause.
t e* ion pave way of Mwa Breeches ]
Yicksburg fired and
be orcrlookrtl. And besides, we hare discovered the power who aiU on higli, and \vl judge you 100 gun on the 9th iniL, in pocket, stands before the country as the CABIIL
of the in j 1639 I -I have stated in
elevation demagogue and
great honor candidate private public;
of the of
nomination the
n nice way of getting call-tfartian1, which is this-Juat and me hereafter, as my eolemnbe t if this Tex- of Pierce and King, and on higher law part." We Into* some everywhere, that uudet no cetvable state( tb t
as controreny had not been NUlod ngree in the the eveninrr of fJp nni* d.'u LATJ .. i.,.,.. of Mr. CubelTa constituent who
Arrival of the Franklin. call on the Quarter-mailer General and /wjitc beg --- J ""* uijj' I 4LLI..4IUUUmeetIng. are not indisposed to case, will I vote for man who repudiatej principle! *

; NEW TotK, Joae 16.-The steamship Franklin has the privilege of giving old lK ty"a" fire in the rear' would manner have culled ensued the:' lilood-/nier oirjustmeit n e 9 ood, cnil._.would wit Among the speakers was CvL Jefferson Davis take the stump in favor of this man who hanFe Aw dear to me. [AppZauseMr. .]

; who' LearGly endorsed the nomifes. principle* itf his BOTM concluded Lw speech. w Ben Mr. C o.tTSl
arrive from Ham and Southampton four days I with those cartridge prepared fr Webster or Fill- have been 7ied ; and who ffl tell t cite would A ratification breeches pocket replied to certain remark directed
by agansf
meeting 1ms also! feeen
j;. later intelligence. more, hut wbirh won't burn now that Scott is the have been tlw cou enuericc/ whk-h wa aldrea ed heH at Jackson, Miss tThe Whig press, in notrchig the Democratic him, taking occasion eulogize BAXIEI WzBtrxa M

The Liverpool Cotton marlcet was firmer, and quotttioo man. Do that, Captain and you've got them. I cf'ntx-ndcd that the tinn held at by Col Davi., Gov. FooU-, Judge ratification meetings, pronounce them the author of the Compromise measur .

bad advanced an eighth. Wright and Gandj'e ; the point of the bayonet nation leofHie eove- Tarpley, Jloa Jolm Henderson, (who served whit show the value of such taIl tame afikirs. To Mr. BOTTS-With no disrespect for -
Gea Pierce in the U, S. Senate we quote from the N. V. sail that Mr. Clay was the author
circular says that the tale! on Saturday and Monday .t HStephen A. Douglass, of nilw.ia,5tis reign States of this Un/ hedged byiUit ) and others. Etprcw. which, u noticing the great New York meafcnres-[This was received with of a P P C'-T*' T'

; I, ir re'20,000 bales, and on Tuesday 10,000. Of r aid, intends to pak before the people in twenty- own Prime Minister toUcih, it had determined tr The Savannah Republican aays that tins Resolutions monstration, says: de- _' "

4 be O.OOOba1e5 told dosing the three days 13,000 wen eight States of the Union during the present Presidential that 4 mer 1or d be shed by I, of New Jersey to which Gen. Scott referred '.It was Ike ,,i,, eItthIi.i431c iid {:3T Why will the nominee of the '

w. ,. 1 :en on Speculation &ai fcr' Export. Fair Uplands canvau. Happy to sec him in the Land of 1 thee American army, tbarj ''sscssion should i iI'ilu in his letter to Mr. Archer of Virgin! u arc noaninalson which the Ienamsj-t have had harmonIous fur eight t the next Presidency be like the acer4'id
: it 51. Y1.jwtLa. ) delivered to iu r Wur. tLo er'i and may mean everything or aotuin"." I,fc3tttieza years; siit-c that(/it had lu'l!nut soemi so impj ,., ,nuzI- bim* If by falling on his sword : .tBvcanst' rir
t -I. ': G.t vJ J2c/o,,." he wil! be Pierced the FaH&>" ***<

I Ii -
,A )

i ,4S 'VIt

S,. .t T?
'm-. .4 .i1 : .


I -.- .. :.
: -


: I

f. I
_-- .& ___ S --a _--.*_ _r- _. .
: :- - _- -_-_ -0 4 .__ ..- S- .. -_______ ___
5- 5---- -- -
5- 55- 5- -- '- :
x r. Xerung root; I I r.lfs; : DourL-w, tU, ull fcid IMt rhvla tf watchful to -------r: : -_p I 7 Lc

Ftk1ifl icrw, on Kczcovzls 1 S fi if nds, and tbfiv! sis the lam uf one ix e or fell, Lej pi-ciple: :c w our national one brillmnt gch.-.l talei.tj.., ort of knotvwlial the 7Twr will do. if he is-but a* any Groceries, &o. -. Jr. !
f I Was acvorditigly dated or iK-jfctcd. fr .tatcbnj i. rate, lids a noble fellow and tlii too we will ever Sd S
j Paiti. ,
Offico.tf S and KnijT bther--forr jUST received by ths iaat arritals from New Or NW'OR7'
from I But another" Polk S rmphatically) tlie tick- %
bcouo has U-rti enacted at Balti of the eay of him. hcther he gves iii any office under Luor -
ftti Oca. Pkrce to the Lighwl) office mujo. The people! haxe nut, juI, taking thrir .: -' f pt'1ie' tIy eanu. btfore t n.'t with ctain a.lLriuLtrataIc uot.AXOTTIFK 'pills HOUM luw been frtt-Jd tip, ad tmdored -
pL I. j ilri.l.-tcJ to awnkcu nu iukrkt .inveJ lot,5) tI.etc oxviihaudf, tl.ev Lnve :iil reward for long t/trxK-es or distiuigtisud; ) uk-nu_ S.OOO pounds Shoulders, 11 comfoctabU far the reception of
:.D ofbU' Ox>ngrewioiial camT, wWchiKut 4 ttie ,ld fos-it-b" jjid tlie lopplvj riy are n.t 1U ti' )wcnt jw.iiitii1u; the 15.000 Sides, w.wji -i B i wr r -t MiTo : .
"XOLII-- foies"Ailing, j tI nts ngc- TVoNnEn!-Important to ( &Iid "
ctc to a cW! b 142, nt the coin- in their M o.id, 11 nun vluuii the C..ngrts.--"al win.-- j eurnbaatkn of cliqua and Lcknied Then. prpic*. -Dr.J.S Honghttri's Prrwiu. The True Digtative OuO Hiuns, Invalids (her* will bo clow attostfeto aad i !
I !iuey are bpUhj out Ly the go bbls. Extra St. Louis Flour, to hasten rocoverr.TheUblewillberbrcis. *' /
1 ,
a g.JtfILat c vi 1'artillytoiiJ puli 9 usuvoly thou-Lt! ofund for v>oui uolwdv 14ndlug pei.J.le as the FluW, or (Jastnc Juicv. prepared from Ken- .* -
fy t1i lIZIXMC4.V of J JtflUC1 nia-Je! I -1 of tU pr5ncflelicL lii.b CO Ohio d with )1SIIIMIIIXhthings
e&rsty ajout S .cirJjc.orxxioto bio-iaphKg. iI bt< iiet,-.vr the Fourth Stomach of the Ox, after directions -
iul $ I I This irmly y Com-utution. and 30 VCRS Leaf Lard, u gratify the ppetitt, that th. tnarkat dfcrdtLnd fM
: : : eaid, partttIIy i ijoMilikt'Joii j is anothvr ch-ar c 01" the triumph t4, unc'iirglv lru'k8 of IJiMi? IJebig, tin: great Phxsioloj-ical Chemit -
2I'' .( .% of thf di nistJ...:: vrtcin (>f in1iteu1 of ] )tmM-rji'- '