3emethtw to 1*apfilk-4 fir die -xt1n"evi -niiiJule! purity of th- Kmth, aa is the bWl! wiie! cireul .:<' in Cotton Planters' Convsiitica Ln Jacksan.On friends are principally old men, who! were porters, are preaching a crn=aie agaLtst the j served of among the States." or jo.
sati f..ct 'onfhi 'u'n in our hysica! Its he.iitii r.nJ rights
(an anite V. no < ry our i v-tetu mevswiry to vlpor.
*2lnch, m to the bert aui uut jiraclka'ilc' imnit* of**- Tins: -rfvt'ul drainazu onBi.is f joJUu-i. uiiiuiy!! j niaiislt the the 2' Jh Farmers i'i4a.ur.of a J.w-S.-on r eaMy to County proriou, a--* i iv'fi.-e nbe! I, nurtured in the lap of Republican integritv. rights of the South, and crying Dawn with i| Since this is a portion taken Lithe Sestinel -

uniforiJi anj rtainn: .ratjtif eun iiar lly f.iil to dijiroaud keep apiople who 1 uiil and leave the slave law J'* The -
caring more p.-riTiaKnl: poor i at Mvianna to eii.i'h'r thi! .Jr'.prie' ofwenjinst I'' 'lelates They 6ooi! pass away, none to fugi.ivc: same cry htak with "
preeisioa we
Amdn-ru bl great presume Lc ,:'JI i
!aatrf J.- xvlilin: lv fib-nit to it.
lfa.ih. i.> *o
iec for t' '
}* } to the C nven$ n < t "tt"ii 1'Lsntcw to be !lit.?.] support our rights in their stead. 'Hie South 'n in other Northern States-the same I
tbica'.l 1 inail cj
I ( Lyar These and
we ean an4 do nut 114'tt1J3 rcppaa tr errors, fo fiit.il to Southern prosperity Maeon. tt-.lrLL.: on tli-* -7.i) t.f k-iolnr. and tili'1.th. I readily answer us this question : !n what
of \\S> fur tue C'.liulb.attts' we eon.i foeiJic; be corrected at will show liv.st If l for their schemers and eIernnts work-
S. brother planters M vanity n'ly may by a of t-t4kh..II! ever : grateful fetip- I are at -and the
nez'o.4&.iiy ail Agricultural A'--4>cia- i I paragraph of Mr. Cobb's letter does Lr
be h..4i ia MnUn wvU dlrev-tv-d 2bi-t ert'a Cotton llanUrs' Con-
( uIVCZ't"1. t. genera: lion in Ja<-! 8.ii Cwnity.O'i port snd cherLh them in: her rnemorv. I 1 same results will follow. And the evil will
t the LII iliy tc oc t iitin. 'fIi piorie1 iu.1Mo of Cniif.; Jam L. Bafe T. On.. JOHN ; ly deny that secession is one of the reser.i'vI .
sal policy of ni-1i n C .tiv.-iil.oa: comsTi r ti ,. erti- r \gjfn. The prom' vf a fine cotton crop iu1n the The letter of Mr. 1'anlding is a matter!v extend to the slate-hold States. Already "
MILTON w asealifci tu CKair.wboexpl.nned i\\,<, -b v rights of the States. It wont do for
Mlo wiu StaUui I the rJ'ur nriiith of the rti.d bii the! anj
tea central priin i! !isr v. e. fMn. re pl.'ntsubjieted
j< ct8 of the iMOjfiii,. and prtft nt< J fc-reitly in ari- argument iijiori the controversies of the day. ; Virginia there has been a similar outrage
will be f ir.tel'isti'Jit an'l l La, tth eaeniie di and Lb words
o3t'i'a4i.' ; a it dU&11iMo 4 a tvr em.tinjjtn- the and of their j explicit answer to qinte that "tho
t by n2et1ent Ije hit-er ,n1 Ienta! ir. ii j.rojtj jety ncevA-tty accemjahiiunt. It is clrt-ir and convixitiru lie committed slaves abetted whites. How
p'ucteid' jititers. ( )IiJ.ar4Iy > qjiert'oiKd any.V ( jt to ( ; in'.ru important expressive: ;. by by good and of the
1 this Kicanit, the varum heeUous-tU' :r want-, au JniipUiion of the yetir. This i unwisely heral; jitl to the wtsrlth 1 J sa> a sense intelligence' frame:*
It was uituiinmoslr uWitlcd! to send Di'lfgatt-s iv exj.-oH-s to view the dark p-iteniity of the : s >on may it be the case in all the Southern
..IWu.t'xm fisH i rt\ivwh hii'njer; in of the Constitution led them "
;, w. uM L vn-n fuuir Fulijoc'sctf ureat ;

the Couvoiiiuu following gentlenien
TVb'ti.is ofi tPiad /f.ll'" toll, 'iniers.. nmnuCielureK 'thinMv were non-resistance and blush of thame t states ?
by tu i*' 1 1ia\ g mutn.fi imtv-t8. a K4 dogma ; a in the of the
>yaipatliy and union wmiM !be strenatlKine lnu4l, Wtm- er. 1"d in hw. pi-icenof the raw material, isUJMU 1)i.li'Itt9i : Ho-jlhar *? burn Mr. Buchanan well remarks in very organization government
JamQJ. L. Baker, John r_ Jam >* Pit 'nm, must the brous of those Ilepnb lean a recent "
Eiiera1 Lr4t4 on. by which a iin-re iutU gintttai ti.4iiti. and ikade the nirniis <..t4i.p&iinron pKct-s for its own dissolution.! This would to
p1tn Kiijih lirvai t, InacVir.rt.: Hi-uinoji" 3. Bak'-r, V.,
raiin4 vi U'ni ofupftntMa may l b-' I'menrnt.iTnoa 1. ." | res. nt *ea-oji afie-r.Is i p.uuf'tl iilu-trati.'ii of tliiloet. *- I lenders ii: the Hails of a Congress of Ilepublican letter :
.1. lt.lhj-o'i. JUu.I flaek..I.r! KlHn--tfii M. mt. ThIhnic ',.., begging thtf q-iestion in the first jhce, ir.d
awi'qwtoi'viA vast p-cunmry hrt.-ri"it to the A pr uifcin cr.1 j in July it. proudly aimouiieeilt Uiclvinl IL L .n.z.: llwjnts it Hush, Vv'illLinMcNcally. ; St.it 's" nut l their underling; uho I *. Tariffs may bo raNcd or reduced-appro-
in iu inanifdJn 'ratiiajfl the world extra it --lin'atfl ade and t besides the wouM ccutuin that
vj a. which
1juthern pjojjl-. ext''n.liiijr til.) are ; answer
Sr.. llioma.4 M. Whit.Binj.tmin \Viui.Murma .. I i for Internal btue
pmtions Improvements
-. flH die Mir-'u'.ti. of iib..r.: ioiJ ttibra<- iu itt iK'fjv priees dt-clijie with a rapidity scart-t ly ever excelled { reach passive obed'ence, to wrong uhen
0 I :lukc rtL-4'n. J4--e44Jt', Sr, .It-Ki Coev-Irn l U not true. The framers of the Constitutioa
( enerr.1 (lOVirntnent b made
tunad ca1t t1ti'. iK-fore. I'laiiU-i-s, IioMinc on to their previous may ? or rejected -
a peajtle wio aiv p.-rs'tnnlly Htranffi-r er..pt1.i' \V. Ubiiin: C. C. V tie.:". Fraiis A. lti4ncon, V: they read his honest rebuke.
ci-an ix4 aver uino or tn istatesa. 4sf this tsoi bi-ti'-r prices. become ::!.ii.ued and n-ll mthemi H. Mi'!i!: m. .J.-N-4i Rt..i1.lh! U C. IL-lhmv! F. II I I
< Vfc fed ,ui utt-r iiialnl.ty t ($ffurreasnn ofa p.iu'c% for kvn Uui a1'once vJTered th in, i.iid ] Xot less pointed and sti iking is his comparison i lions which have heretofore divided the two
Ely. John I-. Hugh's Fhx Lnitr. R. A. Youn .T fJP.CS ;; to make the very provision: nlich i it here de-
.iMli.) .. tat; tlity wutl4 e >nini )KKJv..c liud lst;
131g&.r HOW < : 'rgtowh'eh : of the of Revolution
;jw and Secession.
j J. F. KU-N J. W. UM --, ,1.-i-Ji D nel.] John Tir"er. light* | political parties of the conn try. may be deiid.d -
tkent4vts to die noraUk c m-sMrmtidn of ttie r.ri'donbtle the cotton er ip :>. alwiys liuMe! ovorlain! : >rit j nii-d. They gave the amending power to the
Jln Krctr, Jr. V.'illiam: Hal.! .l.v c Rt.t-iaoi, A. in fiver of the
entiSit.'tin v5ofthiso inu3eii.iiy1fl'.4.14teJ. the bli hic-J fc.r a lf >- un.i He hat.dlcs this point justly and : one or the other, and
s.n3 irp't't p.VtsraUyinz
} crop
L R-\ikrrf. Dr. W. Yarbomu h,John Bird l Sr Sa States-a greater than all the others
i- power
Yt it may n-n lie u.ni:*, iu thw ee king but after many of onr lri.-ulve} fallen vie- uel tJorr-14n. hoiiotaUv, and the concentration of thought tae Union of the States will comparatively be

!t,oen a .'onimutition whlnaher*4.tinM! iileiitiealo tias to d'-lu-jun. Tiinisa wiicl.li.1: pl.'t y.and one fiat I j On raori n of Col. .Trinit-" PiHman. the name of Gen. and in no danger. Not so in regard to the nns-1 | en masse ; and this power necessarily carries
nbt-erved in Us it i
language of
irids iu intert-st, lIt !! .' ; ; tion of fer this kin that its with it the dissolve the
Jului Milt*{ D. letjate,*. : slavery- reason, power to government.
*Injury to us, as well ae j m| pr miob < redress n'3)ii of the eoaib'neJ. eot-: .:j p'anS'! r ef the Soatli. c.-.n rarely be equaled by writer. We
On motion of C.>1. C. C Y.iae. the 'ncml-urK: eif th.m.e'tini .I any ngitsiti'W by the fanatics and abolitionists! of
vvtf, for t'.ie! itfin-Jnt'mii - Tier i* .H :h- r w: r.kr.- wlichvi.s to he peont j It must be borne in n.iul, too that the "re-

iieyir ursrnirtb'pii"jvwe ir a 'p'.i'ju l>uf rtlK' ni''o wf it.ctaclnxen .- t ?liar to the c-ft'in: p1 inter, at.d wi\'h! hey.. '. s".ii:* ; f.i-m."l aa Agrieiiifiml Aiiii unrl r. 1 1joornuJ It:ive read mach u,>ori tha poLit referred to, the Not th endangers the domestic securif v, served of the Statts" .
to meet ajnin (Itt S .'tr itv: the Hh; O-'tiitn-r. rights are not cecetcrj.i
}iur'.nu..-xei'.n; 'IJSVM sinnan.1 ii.vitiiiff aUitoa1 I to i xiih'.t! fill.n o.'s : ".'ii < .". r and % h"eh ac ? '.,i.-m ; JOHN; MILTON Chairman. bat have never met with a sentence expressing tliefiresiJe peace and happiness nfc-verv man,

more pra nk al miu.h to "i.rne iis to tJjf ta.k rfjflerUans f.d!" t Vs: :t en !.'::! ri"a-d; < !! ,ra eusajc 1 1:1 tlK'tiieiiisu B. 0. Ai.nzM.ixr.hrr. much the I| woman and child iti tha s-laveholJing states i i ted, and that ore State has no contn 1 or jai -

mean hy uh;>?i Stiatheni laW-mtv beinor*' | t, h it- ;:.tiiiiAt-; ]1'u.i-ii.4-t. It 5? :tw CI>J-MI;:> so as following. Speaking of Tliis agitation nece sa/ily renders the slaves i risdiftion over another. Therefore, it fo!.

UrdStal.itwarJul! anJ lit-tu-r *eenrod KLflt li *. 1 aicf > ''y of hnVi j' t t'u- V'-IJ tb'! ,ir.it <..,'; .1 The Ia-1icrki.--ireteruce to ti! 1'evolution, he Fays :
wh-'h it iiCThi'i *. of the South discontented and nr.b'ippy, and lows thai each State citt determine for herself -
tlactoatioas an! ruin "i* & prt'.ns t to.lieen I 1)1 wm, iii:>* .f. i' 'tij'j ; nay b> {>' : c"* itI ,
!Ion ralt'eet.-: to_Hy wli'cb our f eop'e! bav vi- I h .ue pro- -t* vr *it' r vt r:.'' *: tn ai.i 1 1 ,*-.ii t"e recent suppression: oftbh p.ipc'r in H.-ivm.-,, J "It l.ava open no appeal to the great tn.ij prei'r-spows tin-m to acts which !tutuani yj what are her reserved right, and no over

tett dental Oiose rwvar.' atH that J nip. *ity wee' : p t5iv .' .is
hai generally crowni-d the IK iartrjirfotUer, uiJ laXarfuvd i t n' ai .1 '.-.- -- .- cr : \-- ')- .. .1 t;.. i tia ,-!< rjt : vane, writhi"$ !; from that: city under d ite otr I.'j rkil.t of tK! itroi.gett is the light tlu'ir.t ;- ,; [reservation is the titst instinct of nature, and is vested in any other body pclitie ti> de-

etion8 (tf >ar mrr. .jrat1y"*>h v_ .;;\- ft- ..j-.: ( '-,:.- r>- ','_, >:.<. r.',:.-i't-- IJ<1 inst., :-iys: : ** The pop;k-tor of the Far i and di'S-er.-tiotis among a Confederation of i >r this reason the Union will bo iu serious i tsrmine what they are, or how or when they
1 1l
The tb rv i.1viav1 ?p' ? r* ". *1j'K' -- of! tit- s-' .:: ,-ji (
i I-it.u5t-i1! : 4r. Fr.aSiT, isjia Am 'rican, f.; I ehrKtLtn Elates, can only bo ..tljutted, like danger whenever the Southern shall be exercised. Hence to cite the delegated -
:5st Plant- O-t- people are ,
y tae in/-nnms an.l b'e re;" rtt f: i fr i;': b.- ; -n. Th.a. wu i ;; >% -wsiz t. rly :ne ;
t nConventioii of Loon c-jau'y. t'.it irr' ular'.iy rath-- ::e ts :. -z i h :tnarig llie few \v!.,> have acconiplhhej thuiflicult < thoso of the \\ild beaits of the lorest, bv a I convinced that it is inconsistent with their enumerated ia the Constitntica

than over aupjily of eotiun na* !K *H tin c.i'v of thereat i;,'. fl.'. j a'u. i n: er'; '. ; v: l ;. i : task of p":ih-r. al l wiitiiig th! death struggle." personal safety." ,' powers

( ly < dipr.Lm, an-l constantly flajtiwt1 b4t-: r'. .i t:4: h& ii.rv>: .: i' v ;,r"t a* aai..(! S|tittiJ i h lmouijrt; ? like a native. Iii is j pasi-r Vi'e ask for this letter a c. 1m and dispassionate If such as affording negative evidence that sems'onis
priee 1, in, in our j.V. a. to a preat t trt true: if Yet!. <- ii.t t1.en. and \.rtiC* piy tiliJI! : rtoih.- hud the 1-irges-t circulatiuti of f :tny in Ilnvaniami outrages are permitted to recur-if not one of the KnenvmeraicJ rights reserved -

.. wad the same oaiite inttt f< utuac; fetsi .J'! WJt'tI'e fr- I j taue of aii! i >! in the a.i.T-:ste w gratify the pride I Mr. t's entorpiise liiil( fair ti; lead to :: readiag from the opposition-the tubject -; those who are di ;pnscd to execute law have ; to the States, h supremely riJicult-os.
tiiife i'-astniUH tate **f tEflLI', wh'.kt'n n tiMn vf a JV'v aia':I iu pl:9'.i.t>. I
eo little ofetueert. hitrnmuy. f fieLnj i'u't' -: '>,> !/ n lhtu.4 <*n crlt'tli as unrt'Ofor.1' -* I fortune. A uijjht or two inef he reccivt-tf :I source of it will recommend it to all become too weak te> do it-if fanaticism has i We are surpibed that the good sense and

wad < f action b,- tone to itie intirk'-l. an i prv in {peremptory order from the "aj'taiti (leneralti) State Iliir.ts! men. I so far overawed the arm of the law as to pre of \vcclJ allow Lira to
ijitelligence man
ten of tueJi'iiuh. Why Kh that oth.-r, and I .. .liujrfjunuitf ,)li'f->r o:irfc'.j I1O; Fur. Jy a j i.r pi r itr;. anuuti'op: : I cerise the p.ihlicatioa of h s paper. No reas'a ; any
vent its e..eeution-then the law of
) of liie! are k- qacnily jrjct*: I w I ri, l.i- pin of t.i.'fttnn zrvxrti. mL'bt, IK l nu.fTif- was gixon for Uiis outrasr--ous: invasion of tit! Ths Two Hew York Conventions. self'pres- 1 impute such asinine pcrfectl".n to Lb readers

4 liy uaecaMtijT fluetaa'J'ini": wukli-'i r.'vte1r.ia. vii.i 5 tl\e: i fl Kij pu4! ; a f.;!:y: to vatilj svo ied, n2al yet The W Lig and Democratic Convention? of ervation will coirpel ns to embrace irnmediat to that coaL! be stuffed 'csith
of like-I as they
American ci i/.i-n i is it J
rigats an nor
deproi hi btihinv It i 1'. bK.tollscr inter i--rt< no p ural y ijjhat-tiv. ;
(ave I ?H M ni'ce prulonl, and liavo jrenfrai'y tJiri.wn Ano-h. r < rror fur 'uni' nul in <'!iarad T, 1* that tli<-reill bo. Tsio )r'!ier was not directe'tl t.-a New York have concluded their labors, and -ly those means which shall ensure our t such proveaeler.

iiruuud tkmi'-i'lvc tiifli ardF and |>r t> !.:' as awwe vvh'eh 5ti Iw.-s the j Liiur to scvk for hu cotton a nwrk the ;prop-ii-tor, 1 but to tVC'Iik'f! ol'i'clicevh.:., neither one avowed any special attachment ; safety, pence and hapjiness. Hat; Mr. Cobb, also with great precision

aad pru I Inl f 'i 'iat .u.i'ttA. Tius! M; ujr3j- < t abrua, by wlileh: >n -ans I hv hot ualy !1.a.i' the was chanred: with ti"! fxceuti'm of it. !H\\,- to the late Compromise. The Convention I "J r "

have t nite4 to rtiucH.1 l5 -: iiIvc* by disc-lpliae! anJb&tIflgent *dvonta/eeujin: *: 1 by the ;jn.ti, vh is 'nght, for anartiels I this act Mr. Fraser will onl WLig I I Govsrnor of Mississippi. says :
4n. rt"te: oj? !H'7atii tu an Usd1. W : ufjir! i.- flC'1. :Jy. ovtr th" oac whose u-:' *-*- suniMury ; I could not be brought to the suppoit Tlie following is taken from a Jackson, I On the other hand. I admit the right ofa
Lihi Hoard .f Trade," ** <:banibt-i> of Comnieiwv ..;, ii.e: ll'tii tu v 1<>. !'.< lose all., that he haiciiiliarked; in tt! <_ Durchnb
ttd itlier eia1uns rw.rkA to. fey tb< e klun4\ iJvanlageprofei ed5) hi ,o< conducing hissdat hnvn the pajwr, but alo all t'.nt;;: i he; would jof have of the Whig Administration. How much the Mi-3., paper of the 11 th instant : j I State to secede for jist causes, to be determined

pusuiti : nnl ail mb .
in nietb. l-to orJer and MiiiSmn'.ty, 4sp'r3UXrn if iiterci-t are unable tu afiilhte :ai-ist him;and whr retw pact which the ConstuutifM terms, she bas
of '
er-I tW" had do with
several this received
produce .y-trs': pi-men hig industry coadjutors to result ter that we yesterday, from Darks-i
hat tniglit Lenvibe be :ailuriiioiiiuuR and in fr.quit ca n cn ,.. and yet there spjH-ari to be no remedy. his been disclosed. We shall dale! A Jones, Editors of the Mississippkm, ;
JupJict.; Wliy, tn 'n. i-b.iuM nt4 tlw1 e 1n lfltiitt the m'f>t ijnr<'rtant* fa15otiirt} .i the eina- n eearilv fahtetm ilicnwvc) < ujtoii his income.Xo doubtless be auvUed the- of we learn that Gen. Quitman is no longer a'' compact possess,
llo\7 to Cure Cold. soon by ; when how the of that
where and

zaereii w4ni.httnd inv<4in; flImeiz$4l capital briiirZenis4 : one will question the fuel that our eui' h iiidisKHaU a papers e.tith.lite for Governor. \Ve are sorry that I provisions

s uiii.r thEe Wh4tlflfl rtrthna org ( [ < t'i I the very tx ;telicc of tbe! {Miitieru if I'MjI* Of all_ other nic-nis: of kiilu.g! colds, fas- cbe part he and his fiiemh played in the Whig he has taken this course We fear tint it ]; com-act have been sioIated.-Cu&b'.i Le&rcf

e.t4 inthzewe', bii M&M ( e'.J i -t.udItIgkI I.a.i soi oh.2 of 1. ui1 wurL1, tv cli is tings is the most tfiVctunl. l-t whoever !ha* Convention. li'A .liyiw/
will be innh ions to the noble cause of StitelIlights
Ilflrll.flZUiZ ti.! ir.t-r'ti .f.ti'i" ttit s.iiihgtb' u> jxirtiouH of o ir own -uuiiti-y. I a col-1 eat nothing wlutever for two days, What does 3Ir. Cobb admit in t.U: para
rewr4b ? We enie4veibt The Journal of Commerce sis : in: tho Southern States. The electron ]
m th pr.ler: ofn3hisry They C'ialdni t'xi-4 pro ncrou.lya day1v yrm tJiC and! ti.is; coU will lx le>d.be is not
diere in be no f>gtierj(4<,ry Iernn i iven. Kiurb of periodLcti our raw umti-rirel ctused to s-uj.ply tlarlr gone, povi< From a cursory examination uf the pro of delegates was to some extont unconnected ] graph Why, that there is a reserved right

the first jui.1.rauce and most itraetk-al bu-iiwM tnl.nt demon It is ut e-sury to tLfcir very eiitens'enn4 l lwe confined in beJ-because, by iking no ear- ceedhgs! : of the V J.i and Demociatic Couvenliui with the election for Governor. We think: belonging to a State-that this light is secession

dtlie $eq.% }< < ii;. flfful in Uti* pu" uit, wliile all tLc have hut t-iwiil it; anl i tin- great cotNin; nueru oft j 1)Ii> into th! ? system by fond, hut consuniiig :- he ought not to have been discouraged by !

11e(1tiv1i to nc''i .jn i 1 oihers av.Coic'ding. ...- the woriJ will b.* traajfu-'jl fimn IJVIJ.-JTOUJ.. Havre, j Unt: .surplus which e.rased his di ease: :?, M-e regret to tay that nc-ither of the re.-ult last week. He ha made noble -that this right may be exercised for
a <
tlien. ilx- iii'ciy f<* abittt

of our indumnal pnr-uiti and a nmretborou li nntltrstanJine ..liCiiieN,, tr. '. ;e'nF. anJ lio.tile oryani/Atiou whirii the Compromise nuiure. The Democratic fight sin: e the 7th of July. If he had contin i
4 four mutual) &nd mxwt.k.. the removing cause. And this phn of fatingwill tied think he would have been victorious State must determine the exercise of for kr-
I wants Iia'e Ion:; -. fjfctciip wbiuh KUMret itwli' lb the SKsenib'In tifa c-n price, w ili be at an end. 1 lie sjnnncr* will be be iound more Siect'ial! if he adds eoj-i- have declined giving to those measures their in November. The people of this State will ; self But the Sentinel comes to the rescue,

Cotton riaiiti Co'i\ 1
rflHiiUkp' mit-s'ty Maodii, or at w.:nn; rtbt* pi>int in them to '.! bupphes, upon \vl Job t5u-ir a'l' de]>eiifLs. the time a i person i is able! to hat abou*, but exj Hi-it sanction, by Isyimj on the table; ((7'-2 not suppoit dated and says that Mr. Cobb holds this to be tEa
liarksd A Jones
Ooarj i.i, M<'irtR..uuTy, in Alnbama. or Jackson, in This would certainly hu a great end Raine and one, suiTeiing however & :-\eifly! from a cold, hits t<> VJ,) the following resolution, offered by The letter of : was right of revolution. If so, why vilify secession
Jli and for; ilic caUinp of ulticli let that n .wtmpoe4 the <5th iut.:
JBfcij lii, the achievement of which woul justify a long and Mr. I 1'onler, of Orange county : admission
belbe fasted 0113 entire day an.l night, le will begin and abuse secessionists I By your
: to be bold in Maeun, pn puraUiry slop. eanie't cxertion.Vt'c lieinccil That the Democratic The Democratic CandiJnte for Gorcrnor.jeneral .

'ml, via {? '<'ti ef.ii-the nioretiiormu bau'itatiou of die are fcn forced by the unnatural jiofitioii in to experience a relief, a liglittiess, a freedom in the party -( Quitman having declined being a : we are no worse than youiselves-
State of ..NsYin k will adhere
f abj.-ct, will brin to War many praetiwtl min>!b a* yttlamoved which we have placed our-"lvpi to ell to thoe, wh>>, from pain, and a clearness! of mind, i;,. faithfully candidate for Governor have the
4 ) and will net-ore all) the oit.'ittnee of iiitellijtBt while thny( are in pre--in necil rf our supplies! uiTect delightful tontratt with th.-tt metital stupor to the. recent settlement, by Congress, we run up the difference between usbelag only in name.

plnntorsi ft-oni every swlinn of die Cotton States.HaeL not to want, iiad thus take ti'Ivantagcof the! con litioaii awl caused eolds. And liOUiiiliaiiti.Iy of i thj q't> 3ti.>'i3 which have unhapily divided name of Col. Jefferson Davis. This name is But that is not the game. It is not every
convention w mU it only be able to devise a have physical pain by a tower of strength to the Democracy
; a wLie-h we placed (.nrt.4'Ives. by concentrAtm; the people of these States, and \\ ill neither every the di stauUtion -
who be hoodwinked
|4aa liie1i: ifoarri
the evils complained! of ; but would wn-1 an iuflacficc being no ouceit Iwtwcei the cotton growe-rs and colds and freeing the system of dise-a-e, t'.ian, countenance nor sactioii any agitation is ceitain. The gallant people of I running through every arganwat of

home ti tlo; p''opo' in the persons of its dde- those now controlling t nw sac' are jircwd. sui-l medicine.*, f-pft-ially than: \inlent poisons. or legislation on the subjects embraced
gatcfand ibroudi the einincut character d the Cu.itnljon ; the redundant supply T.hieh we have uu\trsily! p<-rmittcd in that settlement.' this chivalrous State, will not condemn one the opposition upon this subject.

\ itself, wli'i'li' would po ftr lowanls MCUI'IIItltdrconSJi to crowd the niarke, f'ircei* u- into com in.tition A big black buck negro was charged yesterday This icsolution, it appears, (after an affirmation so pure, noble and patriotic by electing Senator -1 j The Sentinel knows full well that tie 33sertionof -

( noe and ooippration in any plan ;irted; for sales, nn 1 we thu bi-coaie the means of dettrvy. before the Recorder Foote. Something -
- The Cuin'cntion b/nijynu; *orgau'wd the qucrti'-n may inc; our own pro-poet*. by one the genius of the resolutions of l&H),) was defeated I'very Democrat in the State, every State I[ Mr Cobb proves nothing.
Priso as to the t.plicreof 3t duties, nnd the cliaractirof Jut! there i.' still another item of a 1 vantage to the stealing-or rather with being on the ground that other resolutions, aivd soldier in the Mexican more is required to establish 4 ?"
Rights Whig,
ibe reformaUons it muht pw jH.ijy att' inp'. jilaiJtt-r! growing out of (the tran-f-r of the rnaikrt ficTn caught isi the act r.f a.tealittg-hi5 boots out of I every bgot

- We Mi jrest that die ftrfi btep mi lit be takt n in the abroad to hi* own do_.r. The incidental: cxjieu-* in his room, fit an early hour of lle morning.A .- upon which the Convention had united, were war, will rally to his support, with an I sition. If Mr. Cobb feels that he "'te

lTort to nial e oursi.heb: einiiKiit u5fqruerg. rather cured l by trnn'-l.ijimcut fiom New 'rk, (or< other little! !limb of the h\v one of th- sharp class, sufficiently explicit on the subjects embraced energy that must and will completely rout ;' himself in a tight place by admitting

than its jtlifiters. A great evil licre exiht and meets )ports to Mhich} we m(*t fro jucntK" thip) to Liverp was right a
ivgro ill this There of
and united was a diversity opinion
is* at the ll.refcholJ, re.ulrin a poATiful )n 2O.Out>0 bales, i is an wiiji inous item in the a;;reg ist.s in November next. this
effort to ovei eotnc. 1 be cxhauvunj: preeess of cnlturv! te. Hie low in weight, n-'nltintj from torn r.uJwaMod in his cross examination of iho} : .!: ? however in the Convention this i out of it with the mere declaration that

t to our lauds Ht iid euic dal iv 1icy to ourM.*!vc* of Klinfrthedistlnctaen pa
I of making the hrprtt unnilxrof bales of es i* another, and when can-fully summed up. or that yon were in bed when the negro entered point. he consented to the use of his name in case Quit estob-

I cotton IXT baud, ratliir than that <>f rcnilot-in? our inakean amount which bear* oppressively nn the your jooin. Did you see him: at the The Whig Convention had under conideratiMi man had declined-consequently we are acting | must discover some of the features

fanns and property more j nrrallj valuable! and our jlautin interest Tjiuware fcubjectshich we tliinkmi this theories. And
; (time ?" and defeated the following resolution advisedly in matter. We hope our j lUIiing the i fentity of the two
familieg c-mbraeing our crpcration*, more coriifirttible ht cry propcily cn ac the attention of a C'onol ,
0 : and happy, are ex il 1s t<. be d< pn-catid, aud aj'c to radical vcnlicn i cotton planter*,nn I Ithrir ice..nulfln.Iati..ii Xo." previously passed by the Union Safety Committee brethren of the press throughout the State, j until this is done, it is fair and logical for UI

in their characur as to in\ite iitunc'diatc atuntlon. we have no doubt, would gofjr toward* oflvcttiig any Did yon hear him ?2" will immediately proclaim him the candidate, to at the simple denial of the truth of a

; Thi brn s ui, t ti. the -onwdiritiou of a <]net>tiun, dianc they niipht *. ;pijekt.Tlicre of N. Y. : and then go to work to elect him by a major stop sikwof !

en wlikb is based the various euoc *s and reverses of is i. anotln error tO whii-h attention might l edirected. No.eH (then did feel him ?" RcsoJccd, That, in the opinion of this ity of thousands.As declaration sustained by not the least

the plantinffinUTi-sts of the Southern pwpthe! duty It i is that of j>iekuij: out every rotten and you fmther
No." meeting, a agitation of the slavery an argument.
and propriety of no dmrrifyins mr indubtrwl purfcutfi: damaged: boll OF cotttm found in our flelJ during FOtma LITTLE OK M.VKU1AUE AS TOiSIBLE.We .- "
> to devtltpp all our laUnt refcouret*, and u\ail
those Ix.untiful' ;4 ov&ofla: 4)1 f nature I l.yvbkJi ;: Tnctor nii'l 1'lautcr, write* lately in the X.O. stealing your boots( I" iucaltubble danger to our Union ; and that copy the following marriage notice from M Cobb. This is and unvarnish

wenre sum-unde.!, and throMKli wlia-h we may l I.ee Commejcial Uulletm, \\-hy I stm-lt l.in: opened and we will support no candidate at the ensuing, a North Carolina paper: says r. plain secession

rentr' oiu of our my poets ryes very or any other flection, for State officers or frmnem'uers Married in A she County Wednesday, ed. He (Mr. Cobb) recognizes

pursuits oflife.In a'l 1 gin: moles Legislature remedy
beautifully it and Congress or the 15th Mr. William! Waters as a revolutionary
strictly jtccunlary iene?, fuce *sconslbU batU tatuhieh expiesscs -stealing giving August, (a ;
n h-t of hah* i n-ci-i\e l, and eoiit-tiiute a '
iu tie! ill-sir profit* of the anu at the -nd of i fji.ed] the ni]JJ decline c f w-ttwi.'* odor."-jV. O. 1'ic. who u known or believed to be hostile to the dwarf about 23 years old, and not more than i I tirely agree with him," says the Sentinel

the year, after deda-tms nil the e\j -->is
gnpVieablc to tin; innkin?, housinjr, and getting in the crp or lieen Itunjed at the pii-hou-e, it wouM, in the opinion VSalcrwlon Szar.-TIio Chicago Tribune gress, or any of them, or in favor of reopening Elizabeth Sawyer, (a full grown woman,) all Sentinel for the "Go*
the form same o: fish. The strong
t.> mailvet ; Mid after.\nlue.ns placing that in which il wis <..f thi intclliciiiit \\riJcr, Lave made a elilfei eiicu in acknowledging the rcccijt of a small the questions involved in them for renew of Wythe County, Va." goes according to

tnemial: condition in f.ivor of the tales ('four last croju.f at least liftxii quantity of genuine saccharine matter ed agitation." I given righrof revolution, and,
this let
test extracted -
found at the bogim.ii'g of the yiw. I'.y This is one of the marriages. We cannot therefore,
millions of eJollais, l'Mtu! iiifluuwin t.)
$ our inurv and
examine the evidence of suw8 atteudlns the smnual from the wateimc-lon, gays :. The defeat of this resolution will certainly him, secession is revolution-
the cf thicc
the present croji to amount thirty- conceive what it was that induced tho lady tier*
op-rfttUrti* of but toi many .four plantingfrh-ndR. TliCM U x(4iit We have fcccn an I used sugar untie from bo the leaders secessionists are revolutionists. Then
tl.ough (
aic grave, sonic < 9)tCnEttive a damper to of the self constituted
1 The tiret and treat pi'oit to be gained is theJursrst items and f-liould demand from tLo&e interested cane, manic, corn aid beets, but we have to tie herself to the little gentleman, unless it the
!. This i is a distiiw- Constitutional Union be issue between parties.
umlMr of bales per hani. Parly. They and can no
rxwwible and a careful c(4AI.kkrati'fl.TI.eri never been any so pure and deliriously gweetas was the hope realizing a handsome profit : A
of our pUmUr ,
tion under anxiuavly a m'i ukeu courte-1 ktaudaid l.y niai.y ol ju lRtin-iit, m mt p. II.Ta5l i ja one more ugetion \ hich we would trin this. To our miid: it is equal to tho best their party have no countenance from their by showing him round the country at twenty- The special argument of the opposition te&Intion

-.....- :. ,V fcure It. the i ucc wful, the aiiplanw eo Rnx.ou to the notice' dour Cotton growing friend, ?,,and vluch :.juality; of honey. The watermelon possesses brother Whigs of New Yoik. five cents a sight This would doubtless bea that the withdrawal of one State is a
of iLe
the i.tkntioa ('onvezititn.
pought : while kight i a 1-w-t of Uw more iuiixn-u.it! Jemcntof might cage ] a great amount of eaccharine matter in a the which holds the State
which, it 1$ tie lt.Y! f Innking'nr own liagig, ..ntJr very (: r Hon. J. W. JACKSON good speculation and if the of compact
nuec -wnibraofd, in (ZtM4 running by fctate and! we do not Southern Rights ice were lidy, doctnae ot
initcria1 tion f1.idi being pure see-why making the
a ( 'i establish
number the d.-fieicwy i imore ha ( .w own raw geot p1 to
in together"-tI1at
if our bales are reduced! rove-l, eondi.i'mofur (ia1flflCl end ttaim-d. in. unfit for finer p.rpoces. sugar from it could not be made a profitable candidate for Congress from the First Dials we should certainly adopt this mode of establishing fate a
than atoned for by theimj? the political
lands feie' building, ,4tflek t A-C Arc. Tiw planter and ucually sJl at n merely iircunal rate, kulin.TVHIJJ business in a climate adapted to the growth iet of Georgia, addresses the voters of ourself comfortably in the world.- secession, is to hang mere Will
I than to twtll the number ff bale.- State
better purpose
l Vrinc in b nlinjy lw lrt all h'w jHJc$14J1c eierpe:: ,iumb to the of bull urglc w r ei.d land of, and no thus C'wt a icuurlion in [.V2CS. CottMi Man.Jn of it., _ _ Thomas County to-day at Spring Hill!, about However, the lady mlglit have been in the condition of each of the upon thirty co-SUte

4 tuttooolti-n permits !ha bnJ.to fwli. ztn.l run u.wartc c1o'o2rc tn wcatLor p-iljip U-ttr iiian tow. .r the Crux ot' Co INCI i icc i.-" Fntlerik.i Urcmer twcnty-three miles from this city. Yesterday last stage of old-maidism, when, it is said, and pleasure of facts.

and t-xliausting culture f be- hvy mateiul out ol whioh the Gnnny or IinlLi l hag- on Married Men," and "Gov. This is a miserable distortion (
and by injurious -taml the vutton h-nik Briggs ho was at Tioinasvillc: ?, where he made asucechi. their motto is get who I can / Sairyers C5t31.hislintent.o
m.v3i. It i.ot '
'it. his liou Jntwi- 2a muy "
valu.lew while gisig Old Maids the heads of State-the
eWwliirclj on rvro of articles in revolt one
- 4 4 co'.n'crtof lus fcfiuly and for tie well] r.s liwp. ia ilstnmut to a foreign market but ifWP ; Col. J'g. prospects are very Hattering are good bate, and when cast in the Waters
:' acJ for thedoaitetie Gotten market from abroad t to all tho newspaper?. in Thomas. of revolutionfll be Atten'a
flodd the
Irirg r-vi I right
etkctun: anl efe icisiig 'AM\ tt iid k and ts nrI' are apt to bring forth small fry


P = '


Letter of Hon. J. S. ru1athg.
pencr.hly submit
or forcibly resist, for they Notice. Castings.
(If flot I I1YDI I'AUK, DUCK'!! count, N. V. cannot get out of the It follows
tejiiUg stnr way. that nnierrrncd Trill rereivR aeak'wl propo!aTi; on-! GENERAL awortrnent of Pbt. Orcna, Spidert
Gth 1 .
I September all radical TIIK
;; tc s 1ijh liods! theTYP'r .91.GcTLt1EN l clinnges in the political relation th- tenth day of October next, for buildin? a Kettlen, Ac, tc, \ibich we offer low.
ermIet: tk's of af. :-Your letter directed to mo j jat of a State with a Confederation of State must r.RIUGK ncra the Ocklockonee River at the place SiptemWr (i, I6I. 37 HEIR & RUST.In '

bUt thC troI1gCr New York, convex ing an invitation to ad- 'I necessarily be brought about by violence and krvwn as Stewnn's Bridge, of the folio-win descripMi -

: tcrtb; Vflhl1.( jndee4' tie- dross a meiting of the c-iti/.ons of ChatlestonDhtik1 bloody contentions.: Those who catmoi live 3Y ts! MORNNG'S MAIL. and! ditneri"iof viz : Chancery.IN .

;; LlU: 1AbiUty-I l state iu.d to be hdd in Charleston, South Carolina together peace, mus.t not part in they : The F.ri Ige. includirej abutments four bun Ired zr1'eventytwo LEON CIRCUIT COURT.
peace ; arelk-.
f.-et l Lri. with' twenty-three *-
'y !1 : : briog a!** an era rf on the 17th inst., has just reached me i iat must repott to the right of the strongest, and Three Days Later from Lurope. Nine arches tO be placed b the bed of the River- William W. Chetvtr. Complainant,

( __: : *dns to tLiL1Ii tbi ;placexhere I now re'5de. fight it out.'I'ltus ADVANCE IX COTTON'. tonrch in tie centre oftlie stream being 2s feet hijjh, A. Frockenbrourh.t3.E1lei widow and administratrixol

: : (;etB OU For the compliment thus tendered, and this the extermination of a portion of our an-1 the Bri'ljc to be leveled l'y that arcli-the arilto *-* William II. ckenrron ;h. ceaed, Lucy

language ia which it is conveyed, 1 bog > ou Mlow-creatures, perhaps our c> unirymen, i ia Xirar YonK, Sept. 23, P. 51. e\pan 1 from the crpsill to the f.iot to such extent BrockenHri'iieh! Arthur S. Brockrrbronwh.Tfc's.W. .

: rvtke A )O bort," we % iflB to accept my acknowledgements, accompanied an indUpensahlo; preliminary to all great political The steamer Waihifiy'cn has arrived with as stron to th.so-cure the greatest practicable amount of Crocke: hrouih, 1ecre: L. BrockenbronshiGcoigo ;

ti. ; ione o1 the Southern by regrets that I cannot comply with chaniri'S ; and hecatombs mast lie offer Liverpool dates to the 9th inst.COTTOV 2 piwts.: 12 inches squire, to eich arch-1 cap'iII wife, Thomas S. Hawkins W Broclenbro'igh arid Mary R Hawkins and John, W.hi*

luive been rceenty) | your ifehes. Distance and space, the burden ed up on the altar of Liberty, bc-foie! she can had advanced an t-isjith! ( d.) Th? 12 bv 14 ir.cheanl? I 14 f-et l ,v to each arch- nn>rk nSr' tiKh, iilanf children of John W. Brcckenbroush -

: ; jn'i1 td01 |of years I should bear with me, and, more become a legitimate goddess. The establishinrnt sales oa Tnc-day amounted to 10,000 bales.XKW.YOBK 1 horizontal brico or sill 12 indies Rqunre. to I' deceased. Lucy B Mjxwell, ElizabrthV
'hi beeu than? aI! for tenanted an-1 morticetl i'Uo mch poet, 8 f.-et from Mj\neM. Simeoi Mmwel!, M.irjjarr, Cfiamplin -
ri' my incapacity; public speaking, of this piiucipk': conceding the right of
the fiot-I braces 10 12 to each arch! thc
by ;
the issue between Sims, widow ai-d adrri'infratrix of William!
:: compel fliP to decline a tat-k for wliii-h I am Revolaticn and den\ing that ol Secession, : Sept. 23. .T. ir P. M. two ljo"om br ices to In tenanted an 1 morticed into W. Sims. decM ed, Martha Mason Sims, and Far

1 ., ...t. .f1'1'' partlt4. ?t I I lowe totally unlltled. What 1 have to say, I therefore j would, in it application: to the case now ui-: Lower qualities of Flouraro in fir demand the po tin and horizontal l-r.ica or 51L The top btCe- ih Carter. IMVndanls.BY .

: tU4C Of Jjstusin. It hope you \\ill permit me to add rets to tier cousiJeiatiun, leave no resource to any at firm rales-better'qualities languid. Corn to be UjicuiteJ aal morticed into the r.nJ cap vir'ue! nf an fJrd'-r of the JurTge of the Circuit

Iiave been you, through a medium to which I am morejaccustomed. member this Confed<>rati jn, under ihe most has declin a sixpence.Ivowcrii silkT1i' Court of the Mtdil'e Circuit of Florida, pranted .
s t *ngit to other arches to b?cwtrrxted of timber of the in .* cause on the 10th September instant, wa
:: ho wit! yct gnup hu intolerable oppression, bet civil war, with all was expected to arrive at South 'line d mensUHtt and la the same manner, except lint will oflVr fir sale before the Court lou-( door, in'h
Liv Ab it appears from the tenor of your letter its aggravations. It leaves open no appeal: ampton, whew great preparations were making the horizontal braco or sill H to be omit Jed, and a City of Tallahassee, on the Firxt JUon'lay in I '

: : Jafk of their poUueal ;ah atot*. I that you arc already pn'lk-ii-ntly! an arc of the to the great tribunal of reason, justice, and to welcome l.in.: mud eil! suUntituted, 20 f.*>t ln and 12 ivh.quare .-* Dcrmftfrnrxt, at public auction, the Honing describrd -

1 '"I* Convention and aCanvaiUao: | OIUuifl I entertain with respect to what i b humanity ; the right of the strongest is the CooLs closed at OGJ to OC|. with the jio. ts ten.inte and mrrficed jfl'() it LANDS\ to wit :
Tli! above timbers are to be of heart cypre- except Five thoi>*ai "' t'nl: can ie- ;, wimu-icr-li y called tie! CY.rajr.Tni.e; I will j i right dhine : and sciiions among a Confederation *
% i, i'o onlv body the mu 1 bills, whieb are to be if the heart of yellow Land in Gadlen! Counfy. caned out of Forbes
: | wibjoct as the right of a | only rouble yon with a brief r.t ci pitilalion. !! of Christian States, can only heditisted. Eusicrsd Irae ta between Col. Webb and pni. 1'urchasc at near and iround EsfeSnalci! Kluff. beirjix

ri', (- a that it ': !n my view, it was a gross :and jKilpable uo- j : like those ol the wild hcastx nf tin- Gen- VIoul.ItOCItETr The sleepers to bo 10 inches "qnare.riili a. lap nv'and hundred and J f>rty acres nf J-irv* Inr.crrity'agl.srve
j 'At n-puaiat* it. 'Jjititwi of that great fundamental: prinrij; iniexr; to Rtbir.aHollin
;. "fcl. Action 1W4.frL State that there between Colonel .' pors to e.ib: .rch : all to be of the bot Ir-art of '* three haidred and twenty acre tract at
T rt* every
aT yellow pine. Ttro ils! cr braces, 0 by In. to !>o tenanted the Son'h point rf that R -* frp, as appea.s by In-
W the e11tEt tyro iu tie of the Coustiiutitin, and forms the ba'isoii i of mankind in every ape and country ; but \Vobb and C.cn. Woul, just hetro the review nitd me rticed into the pwta of each! arch six r>praril is' de<-iJ to Joseph! M Vh ite,and t the remaining F

I :': '', Hk knows very ae11. this Confederation ; a most unjubtiJiabie at- never till now do I recollect! Mcingit asserted of the military. ( en. Wool is said to have riches bflotv the CJp'iU, to art a* cnpplm brace-tobe ; five thoimnd two hundred acres adj.irent

, ? | ( too that if inck on the rights intavst, safety and happi- that it wa-s the only justifiable mode of settling jiven the lie to ColonWebb! i ii .1 polite
..I tliio cauoa ta say, I I ness of one half of the Mates composing i ir, controversies States and nations and way, when! the htter threatened to publish! a covered! Trith heart yellow pine planlv 2 belies thick, r .U Land Company to Joseph M U'hi'e.
I, ;
.vted (iowraor of Georgia, letter from the late General and to lie 12 feet Tri.Ie l bet'ers railin?'. Itailin.T 1 As! ( eiihtefn hnndred acres o( Land in Wakulla
I j accompanied by insult and obloquy ; a pretended jit is with no little egret I fee this doctrine Tnlor, stating by 6, of same material, to be projvrlv brwe-i, and aI! County, to wit : Lf3 niimbT nineteen, twenty F
' n ti bosd concession wrested the force sanctioned whose of such that the deciiive battle of the Mexican war twpity-fou'-, twerty-fivc, in the tt'aknlla
; tl i w 1 iavc by mere by one opinions are the work to be dose in a workman like ntanu nrrey
l.n: %ictolyLx4Luse: Mr. C0U : Of nutiibors of the majojity, zi&ti! that, in! itsres I high; auiho.ity among a Urge portion of the would have been lost had Geii. Woo! been The abutments wi the W. tCTii cod ". he raideFTIPW antI Let number soventecn, (factional,') rn Hartf.eM
: allowed I l.is r> repaired so that a convenient -cent to theflrlge survey, a'nj six hundred! aetet in the Waknlla njrvpy -
I it will fatal the ]I Ameri.-au 'It,. 1 ba\e dwelt way.
pro e mure to | peo; more cuphatit -
let ninefcrn this last
Ixj Lad. atlj'jitunj .mn *T COO
: RI4C in caw of tCOsQ,, pro ,h>rity ;;ji td ba-j;;iness, if not the ex- I ally on this toj ic, bccau I consider There was! aUo a di=pnto ft? to whether The may coTipU-tioa cf the contract V-hg acres !<:" by 3iiOacre" relea<*t>dby White to Rerrien.rhe .
i. .. !V ,,f a Stale" to 1nU viiii1s Ltawe, of the Ui.iun, than an measures that i the right of M ef ion as by far the most isnporiar.t I Cen. \Vool or (jov. Hunt should re\iew themilitar. those nmkin; ? [..roposolr4ll state at prdrtjt'red 'VIIIat teira rf sate! will l be as follow: Onthird

,: i." :a grn isdrird may be lesorted to in attempting to obtain of ill the questions involved in the tiiie they will finuh the work. A preflroncerill be ,, cash, one-third at twelve months, and one-tf.ird at
'. the credit instalments to draw eistlit
jedresR for the pnft, or bvcmity for the futuie.j I present c'ntro\erjjy ; and the attack on it as sjircn to such proposal a- bin thj-m.-tlvea to complete oyear percent
the Stxi-'i interest from the day c-f sale and
..mrn * "-i, j >*ttch bing 1113virw of the subject, I am, ( one of the most insidi. us, as well as dangerous of the Slaves.LT'MosE S. SIIfTAHP..101IX the tirle! to Le c nvevfd upon payment of the I st

-: t mid always have been, of opinion, that tJie blow?, ever levelled at the rights of Fugitive J. MAXWELL insttlraenf : and in d f{
of Tr.e J].\ }< 1J). (iovernr.r Lowe of
1d oilier pa'raginpis ept. s.'iit instalmr-! : stand
tii: | originally taken by south Carolina, and the States, all of whom are deeply interested JAMES WILLIH.
i this Mate, has directed! tienentlj the risk f ilie otter ib\3 notice
; r au, quotivj by the CdUmsand |tnust of IJHStmthcrn! JState.4. iu opposition to | in the issue since those who are now the aI gIgressors Attorney September 2t 1851. S3 2t [Sentinel f such re-sile.(> forchSscr, thirty
Brent to attend ti! t i.-il: of the rioter >
1. Jfitol the Ksnnah Republican the primiples embodied in that soiies of I may one day be placed in a position j i irtijro r.p\rj: r. WIIITNTR.
: at Lancaster, oflntil.V.! ; ( >ne of ( lorTh'su.in Cigars dc.TIECETVED .
'I Ki-o-'loi, todHW lliat Mr. -lucasures, was not only justifiably but demanded J wlicre it Avlli he their only refuge from the OSCAR A MYER1
v'a'! a has bjen arrested at Lanertcr.
; > I negroes stliooner Elizabeth from Near Masters in Chancery
for tlu-ir uncontrolled of per
F by a proper ivgard rights despotism a majority.:
C! ,).),!v.li: tl"'t' l!<'* frt-ilg"bte8t: sect of I land their honor; and that an abandonnstntoftlie j With regard to the ej>etii.! 1103* oi tlie! State JLi. York September 00. IS.'l. 37 titj3
Senttm I
4UOft str>eri ir Prcn- Cigar*, and \Vakulla Timr copy
., PJU.|, natty cnn tLire.-nve, one poisiUou thv then asMimml, and an zc- 1! of South Carolina! exetcifKJg: this right of ECitv 2 half b xe. No. 1 1 chrrin Tobacco,

I ;:.t ir toP t tike ( r1fliou (f u Uf ureS tb y iej't1ethly de.jcl.r4.d :$ ion, either now or at any future period, it ;'j Fmn-Ts will! rjo'cc toJft4W that at List tliey can 2 'K do. 5'- Honey Pew (iO. Clotliing.T7"E .

iH"'ti"al 1 i-.j: :''Ii. CobI.T. : ti'inwould] KM 1, "at nli hazaid*: and would, I conceive, IK* presumptions in one so jir
; 4 ]r% 4" lo th last ttemity," unlots accompajiiod by far remo'od trom the! scene of action to offer times in curui the various ailment-* of cattle, such aswet.ny 2 do. Dutta Cracktrs, t > aa.ortnitnt of FALL and INTER CLOTHING
v1jigtiIk I Hi'C.truer sas : j 1 5 Bags Rio Coffee, which w ill be soli low.
t l a fiak acknoaledg of having been bis opinion, or intrude his advice. In such a stiff complaint! dutemp-r ijalKI 'Vut1i1P, 3 u Jura CoCte, HEIR i RUST.

'; i.i"g "' : ianp wr4min, the lifbt i'letuwtv0uK5, i in the lanof -. crisis, South Carolina must act for hciself, I sprains, ronnge, fkrcy, partml blir.dnf, fere ye, 2 Ebla. Cider VLnt ar. September 2ft' 1&51._ST tf

'. ?;;. i]., -t T v:: t ti i1.t'! nvijI. oftt .1 j- gw4ge the priiit d tesolutiotis appended toi '! and rely on heis. alone. I would only ,bqere laniciM m-ni prain, lev tf UIP jointrater.. or con- ALSO
if :Mr.t Notice.SIX .
: t.ur.uU! td'.!- .- atJ upj'oit Sr.--.ic. The urtido; furrod is IL 40 Pirccs heavy Wool KiT>
-I. i jour letter, be what thy could not submit tliat in thing a fctep so decisive as that jtrcrtf.1 e.r.s < to cy3.
i V \vtrdicwe; > wn :jro fit '" tOMithout C. F rrt'llV Ar.il.iaa Lii.i-ntiit tL lna int-Jianc: 40 u Gray tuutad Wool Keriep, months after date I flail apply totlie Judge
( dieiionor. li ciioh an r.banduniiwnt I of withdraw! in f. oin the Union: unainii'iity a- 3 ever -
havt' n-> 25 Cotton Kerst-ys. f Probate f>r SVa-hin.ton County, fur a final st-t-
?, ,. 1 l.y the; st'wi'iifiits' we qr of all previous pl dgi's and declarations her citizens or Eotnel-ing neatly I i.etvrd both ftr win or l>-a-t. Sue stdvertifumuntHIMll "
t : ta-iui.lnfc wiU not |b jniong v.p. 20 P-irk, f>r Women's wear, tleraeut ant dicharge: from the tetate of Joserb B.
jr.-et:3, 'Ly' our >!! 11,111 II I llll < lal | I llll III l> i I ill l I i HIKAHSIID.
t r : | ;viv the result oi'a uhscqnent convicli'in of proaehiiag it, sct'ius indi't; nsnhle. It.ipj-c-ais.! i iJ 2CO pairs Itezro TT.a5Jfi.-ts, 81 50 1 75,2 W, Locke y, deceased.

,?'liiHU'.tetL: : y L1lO(4. zZ4I t'1 1 J avi i2r! irreatly vm-d in mnl.iug them it would J however, that many diati gui Ke.l men an.ongI I 2 25, 2 50; 2 75, i a CO per pair.C.C.CYP.D. ARIA LOCKEY Adrn'r.Wtthi'Etfln .

; ;.., .uiJticu,! U r11 tliI I be Jmimrable and mgnar.iiiious. But such I you, whose reputation is national, whose opinions | On the !ITfli rijint, Lj tl.c Rt-v. Dr. Kutle-lge, Co. Sept-n lr IS, 1851. S6 6mSASIUEL
S3 tf -
\ ..dJae! Soiitiiiel: i h npv furtl.rr! evilV : IIvar; not t(. be the case ; Finee even the ; are entitled to great \reight, and w ho ETCHER WIHTAK.IB.:: Et', MM SARAh ScpternLer7lSi1. IIOYT & CO.,

. ((;fliee: him 1ae ecticsi oc ;.advocates of a<'quie ceiice feiiil continue to have heielofore tali'-n tue K"d in opp >.ing | JiLlTOX, tl} ird duighttr of Turbutt JL Betu; Esq. i South Florida Arrow Rcct. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS

]a ,M4tthe prinrijiks m \\ high th<*:e pledge ; the coniproinis-f! }.Iicve llsut! the tic: l n ; all of tli crv. '
fw* victory, oreiBsrrieiL POUNDS friL ARROW HOOT
c ( ( ri: 1u O:!a Zf\ just ret IS THE m>G AND SEI.LI5G OF
rtwJt I laud dtclarations were ba rd, asvcll as the I secession is not yet come: that the co opora- 3 t>O ctived from Key We t. Ft>r sale !hrc by Every Dascripticn of Agricultural Implements

: L$ e cinuot jn-rv>!>g< wim-h fit called them foth. j ti..n of at least a majority of the Southern! -:;' 3h:. EWTOII: I'Jeee in-4rt he nr-mcs uf Jas.WUlw G. ci J. MEGiSNLSS.: ..tsD izt cIzixEx:i

I j The Association h, I b'-iiere, right, in its I jStnies i is al, olutely! necessary to the Miccessi Eq, CL J .1.D J. ili xweli. Col. John! rf. Shei>- iepten.bc-r- 27, 1851. 8 -It A LSO, Georgia and French Burr Mill Stones; Eu-

Ze 5n second re&oluliondet1.ring its belief that i ful! is ue of such u measure ; that it is best to piir J and Ju'Irt J junta E. liroorne, as candidates for Cotiirtitte'J L.\_ sf-as, Colagen, Culbn and Boiling Cluth*.-
i l th.Cnibpnpr
: !; ibLe0 < 1
IiriitgiiAad Seuitor, .u.get'r. with S43uth Caiuiiiu,**eilluT in re irUiuce or | \\hvi3it-r! tlitfj, will be aUcnipt J, asd if so, I prnathing MAX VOTERS. 0 mo- a Jail negro in Tal'uLis vroman' who, on i-ays the her 25th name instant.L b. I csn paid for Wool, IltJcs, Deer Skia", and bLippiugFur

.:3, will casl 1 iiis- \.io at tic ai MCtSioU, j is it \14'ai iiiij ri l libi<', PO long aft ] wlntiier they w ill produce fcich co-operation. \JANE, a'.J' that *ke heIon to! Francis Law- SAMUEL IIOYT. ILVilPTOX L. BILBOEEFEUEXCE3
I WE authorized
; J. E. JEFF- -
: 1II thc Cftttd.;age of the Ctt2vral Those whose \ie\.s coincide with the resolu.} I nt": arc to annm-nce .tcice,of Columbus, Ga. Sai.l negro i U of very
: ) t j COAT a* a caruiJate for the office of County SurU hht Coipkxiou, abou, 4 feet 5 or 6 inches high, anil
Asfeoriati the ,
cnetktd : io\iiimnutt are? Arrayed agtht Jstatej RiLt3. itious adopted l.y your n, on :
., Prij oftlat t'UThy crforljuoa about 1C cr 17 vcars
in at the election in October .
j Sor Uo i &IHJ any rton for hcli.'viug thni oilier htud: Iji'li.ve that lanna ditte secebsion, 01JOHN H. RHODES, Ja&T. Jlcssrs. AxnzaON & Co, Savannah, Ga.
hwt. A
t w.\iT.witliout enrrefou- any! probable change of administration will 1 or CPStion after waiting a reavinable *itne'for 'n-st- September 27, IfeSl. SS tf 14 FEASEUS Jt DrtASTtEr, "

cr: ftl-e Mon: T .'LTI] h," ain141izent jirodttce a. cliange of mcufeures; fince, a& the co-operation of other Sinks, is indispensable t.T. Vi'E autlwrizftl to aiumurice EDWARD ."* SVTIFT.WtRSTER DEN&LOW it PALMES tt ,Co. *"

t c mttl i fiund <;f f i..? <-.'.ilors, wli< 3ftn zJ.E '< yuj will lea ccivv, from their repeated decla-! to the safety and honor of the State M. WEST, EMJ., a* a candidate fur County Stneyrr Bagging, Cue.T AV.-L P. MILLER & Cw, Near York.

TL.t 4rli: e 1hefl2t. rttU<.u?, ail parties in the NoiUi unite in dea. i of South Carolina. ULieh of these parties at the t-V-ction! m October nest. Arg. 23, 1E51. } ECEIVED an J for sale, (\per trig Charles A. Coe, Krooii-s NofE3, ilA ox t Co Boston.F. .

; uiirig!: fclavcry, and mhintaining tlie i"onatituti will eventually! predon.inate ICntiZ1S to be ilfr n New York,) K LOOMM, E.-q, New London, Ct. *
t tt *l1.iw : I WE are asth< ri/.ed to cnnwuice COUNCIL 1UO pieces Gunny Ea rin 1L S. McCoMEs, EMJ, Wilmington, DeL
difitled 1 shall
Jiiul rijjut of C'oig.v'i-A: a-s well as itiiiiU -. j S'(12! ; and isjitil ti.! t is content
Hvn; ird t'i t wcrn'e3 xibl the of ces-i i R ALLIES' Eq, ta a. candidate for the office of T.x'Asscsvtr 20 coil- superior iJa'e R'-jie, September C, 1&51. J3! tf
duty, t j prohii.it it> extension to any imt>*1f with asfeetting: right ni: : tit: urI.)UUIU -outitit ns well aJ *' and ('ollec'cafor Leon nt the eltc-
j : tatt.. at may heiuafU'r admitted into the ..1-aiing the eypeditney: of its exercise to be County C. C. BYRD. Bagging, Rope and Twine.
!:M. .1 i: .lu-i<:e 1 Li it-n ou1-d upjirti. ; I'liiuu.: iVotn all present aojuasaiu-es; the' I decided by the resJilt. Slutuld it be found lion in Ocob! ncit Aagu 9, 1S5I.To September 27, 1851. S3 tf T7"EXTCCKY BAGGLN'G,

M1 1; iVi.l I tin :.1, it p.iju.r; t on a jjiiiavijiles embodied in thtf cunipron.i?e will | thfit a veiy considerable ininority i- not only the Voters of Jeflorscn County : .LX. Gunny du.
.- '" M'J.I a t-i.i.tiaJ' i j4-.n of a ranxjr N> A Card. Sea I.and! do.
continue to bu tlie bans of the future but will resist resort to this
: ; policy opposed, a rinit : r Col. James IL Tucker, ShcritT of> JefferenCnat'r
I'M J -.v IKriu.l: j seems probable, cy grievances, having docin"d! fr tlj.t >fSce for the
Ltttir runrjing L Twinf it ifcc. For sale .
.. Baling by
f li'.mo t'ac cl-i\-:: I have a he in general ari i tae' L-Kies of ToUahassee! and L
> that the States which live minitted! 'liate would be hazardous in the ext'tnio.
to adoption
put I candi.Ute G. & J. HEfJlXNISS.
mat u-nn, respectfully smiioupoe nijpc-lfa in that he
: -T Juti '' i inon; ivaek be he ii s vicinity particular i? now prep.ired receive -
;? ,
j. il I < Ln'w } huh says roul i ir.v j wiU i be equally quiescent under future wrongs. I Hut when great intrerts are at stake, I for the .me. WILLIAM II. ADtLEWS.I bchoUajs fur trnction n Music on the PianoForte September 6, lSl. 25 61
; iai a report ; Having thus biii: liy staUni my \icws with much should be rLktd in their prea rvation. lie will call at the ren-lence! of Tn.raoa* dobinii -

n zu.tJ t ::4 h i is whuly uaauthotizrd, i-cgiid to your firt r.nd fcocond, I will now For my'ilf, I x\ill orly say, that were I a I \ y \v K arc auth.nzfd to utnouncf t .. CAR A. to take their Ijssona at home, either ia town or: Bagging, &.c.

frs t.i: c In- has su la mott oi1ant or .
I your tnj n oiutiou any I ) coils ,
; 'MI'H) jur Mi' A PLtio Room will be rea Jy on the Grit of October Kop
t Mt utiii will be oul
< 1:1: tiinsti
f1 us '' ;, narael* : "t'uat ftiliti TJI r in a reasouabic I State, I lru--t I fehoulJ not l be found among I Circuit Court for the County of Leon. n.'Xt, fur those hut wi-hing to take their lessons at 20 btilc-k ''funr.y Cloth,

t1s j: a of pc4iou. I tiauto ubldiii IJie oopiatiiii of otlior South- those, who, after |.lici.g! ilieitiseKes in front fcjWB; are aaih! > nzcd t.. annouttce JOHN NU- home. %VUch will be sold at low r rjce. .
Tt i -: : i.t lig'nce: t', the their Sloxverb For terms of tuition to the cndersigneA JAMES B. GA1IELE.
and into
urn tatts, iSouiac'rn Caroiiua eLould alone of the battle, leading a COMB, a-, a candidate for the r Sic* .f Tax Aenr please apply 6, 1S31. S5 tf

Erfl1 .: u ,r :d a-3a.i o.i of Geogi.Csj %%jJhI1iw from the Uiii a." position whence they could not ietnat withOUt :okd Collector for Leon County, st the t'.--Jion in Atzurtl6lS3I. S2 C. eowtfDANCING F. BAP.TiL September _

j at Scn.t: .-.-, among tn.! Stale Ui.lfil flItti1i I It fcitfiifS raiuur lute j j.;; tie day io IM* calf! ]: di>hoi.-cr, retire from tie field oily, it Otrber next. July 5. Is.5t. Chain Pumps.

) ;Ilia a!.t'' l w11't-} \ I to cofabat ili olu cplodtd doctrine ol f, would seem, to see if the enemy wooL pursue ACADULIY.j A FEW endless! Chain Puraj. fixture. f' r ale by
oJHHiiv-ucc nud noti-rcjabtnnce, the as- I! them. tfT" WE are authorized to unnounce JESSE M.as G. & J. MEGISSISS.

Icath of Cocper, tlis Kc reHif I erit ol which cost one monarch bib bead, .\ lew woras _mnre- ___, 'exiu men, in!.. oruer RO1Ei1'SO a candidate for the ottice i.f Tax j r> K.Tf5ni\IVnfesorof D.ancii'5re! < r>cctful- September C, 1851. K5_ 4i

i -I. l h n-,(, ofu.'U'j.i wiUitaai i uitlilll' rPgr1t1.t i.u te.it another into j perpetual| exile. Yet, j js that 1 niny not I be* misun lerstood or miwepre- and Collector fur Leon County, ci the election -1..). 1v ,tIfflI i t1o CtirLa of TaUalns arvl vi&in-I Piano for; Sale.

rMiLfrujJ i Aincrifan novelist, )I> tliat
3ati tat.ii; o. Ci uj' IT, i h no tnore. He i some oj tiie highest nain s of the RcpaUic, it i icu'lb time or p-lience. ii;- WE are authorized to announoe HALEY 7 o'clock. P. 31., for a ink., and Sutirdalt.t; Novemnt t1.August Apply 16 at, 1851.this Onice.32 tf

W atlas : iuoncc in New fr a pa si.ig notice in cot.neeaou with j If I know myself, and the innermost feel BLOCKER Es.uire, as a candidate for the ofHce of, I.cr. lo) o'c'''
Yor r Oooj rstov n, !1 die i-uV'-ct' of tui !Kltvr. It wins Ptrange, i iwu ings of my heart, I am a better friend to the Sheriff of Leon County, tt the election in October | moat fasliunble Dances and modes of the day will be Groceries, &c.

oa tl.1 1 :III i; the pr, stit mouth, in tuattbia long buried moustar which re-1 Union than nnny of those who, while loudly i.ext. May 24, 1S51. taught TUST received from New Orleans,per Schooner Wi
1S51. S7 Sin
t"p CiJ year of his ag<*. The COOJMH&t w '1 ct-ived its death won ud,iu die two revolutions : profefeMng! their dcvoti-m, are tter.dily ptir&u- Stpttraber J R. Fttte-s

1'zc': oftlmt Uati* says- !' of England and Auit-rica, fclumM have been ing a course of poKcj' tit! has alterHy r.lienat "5?" WE: tre aiith< ri?.d to announce I). W. J. R. LLQYDS DAQUERREAN ROOMS. 7200 Iba." of MiJHng3, '

of its citizens and OWYNN, ; n candidate 4.r tl-e office! of Judge tf 15W Shoulders.
hms Jug U aud rcsufecitated bydi&liiiguihli Demovmlic <*d a corndeiableojlinn; itS "
FiMiui.nore bwatned litt | ] 750 Ixr-t sugar Cured Family Haaai, .
lLt one o'clock lo day.oopw lie drvd frw Hej> fclaU'Stnen.' 1'ioin ull hat will assuredly! bring abin.1 its di olution. It 1'n.lwtc fv>r Leon County, at the eltctK-n in October bKY-LIGHT GALLERY. 2 Boxes Dried Beef

from n fain, *ud bis lam the darkest regions of the civilized world, this j; its under the influence of this} attachment, that; rnat. May 17. 1M1. 2 Ebls. Mess "
moments were t4aeir. establi-hment i is now in successful operation
ft hub been baiUhed it I have lent feeble aid in opposition to thatpolicj anthrrized DANIEL THIS 2 Boxes Smoked Tongue?,
JpW tie toad liwn coufined aboul' portentous piiaitoto : as ny ri-fWe are to nnnmime f.tteJ out b a superior OtVl fir the reception 2 IDid. Brown
o rnt ;Coojier Wamt a member ci w uuSd [.jx-ar, only lo find! refuge in that u hiihprofeset *. !N either force nor coercion can pr* McKACXY, E.'qr.as a caiulidatp f-r the cfHce rf of la'l.es an i gentlem-n anti a'l' tin's* strangers :1 CiariJ Sugar, ,
t* ; be a--i sen-e'thc Union voluntarily formed on the baMS wLo vi>it the Capitol of the Land of Viva- sugar
tsk.p11 Cl mti! > to the most free enlightened. Sheriff Ic i> County .tt the tloetuniu Octobtrnert.5 may 2 BLls. Crohe-I "
list > village eaIy! I i'here is not a liaroptviii wri)1! or atKtttaias, !| of perfect equality : nor do I believe it povible -- era arul Prtt'ty \\ ornfn. All will Live a favored opportunity 20 Extra Union Mills Flour, a superior
ii: 1 aUndau (' ;- Y"E are at!. .rized to actiounce JOHN H. of hating the human face divine tran.J'trredto
the. or tbfologi-.t, of any i-bUUihlu-d TepUtai'ni: to preserve or j erpetuate; this Conlederation article,
< outil the Silver or l\ory Plate in H Artitical manner.
bodily weaess ca.ndiFitc f.r the cfl'.ce: of Tax Asrc- "
RHODLS Wa'liinton Mills
extend tV 1 as a 25 Flour,
Ciifj1d thai; would to the tUvitU by to [M>werstf
uw Vfiiluic proclaim any att.Mr.pts Land-< Scenery Views, l\untmg MinLtures, .
Itiriti '
Cttib tIC
e%jced hat IJimfig 11(1 principles which have been abated by < the (lenvral tJovcrninent !he> end the limits r and Collector 1 fur Leon County, at the election in copied correctly by this 20 25 Mess Globe Tork., and

;) :! f'ind. FUn1Hin visit *4i. : I prescribed by the (VnstiUition:ietI' coaftruetl OcUUr next April 19, 1621.To Surpn. art Vy which we lend 5 thousand of the very h'et Spanish Cigars F

lv of jjj aae l, 1di Mr. \ \thoroiufh dibcuFwon of this doctrine of agreeable toils It tier and Fpiiit.jThefrst .- the Citizens cf 3>cn Coucty.fjff" Our countenance token to far absent the friend, ever broiT ht to this market, imported into New Orleans
Re. leave bower.
: jastor, 1 1'pavue Or a
; direct from Cuba mistake. For sale
Iatt.i. i br
of its -n<
: u peti1 kuurs eacli dny ,tt oiimiKuce aid: t3o.resistaaIce, on the attempt to coerce anyone : I peotf-i'ly' annotmce myfvlf acandi Ute fur Whore love Lvmcnts the parting hour, BERRY A ROWLES Auctioneers
'" ayj and convenation with : part of equal members of a < 'onlederMion of'members' will be the band-writing on the wll the cfiico of Ju '?o of Probate for the County of Leon "Where ch3Jhot wiJ.is \ti-i.'omo f.xce, SO, 1S51. 34

lim lie w senuMvp for the ;ataU-F, would require more pace than i is I {predicting! the fjx etly I and ceitain fnte of the at tho chvtioii hi Octuber next And lovely woman's gently' grace,

M. c0' had even1. i proper for tue to occupy, and mare time than i Union. It is not tobe presumed t.'iat great Mardi 15, 1K.,1: JESSE ATKINSON.rff Or Arc lordly each"man's adroitly imperial pencelled frown.down.By Just Arrived, "Old Dicky .ones."
not been confined to tin I Stties of them equil i1'' extent to FEW of the Ol l Friend for Mediciual
tp J ofr1,3nee you CHU gparu ou oceasuon ; nor to many powerful ---- lively elves, who are shly working, A gallons same < -
frts Xavhr History of it 11ie of i&tancc and inhabited by I increasing: ,just received William R,
tie jileem noccstary. right kingdoms, A ni M>;jicr: of the Central Axoos-iutiin cf thCott&i In a tiny box an J nimbly worlwg.Tiankful purpo.es per

's' a j rnnarkeJ by acot mdi -j by foce, as respects .Stateb and couimuiiilio, { miilion of freemen, joalou of their aight' V Ploiitirs of Ltrn C.mnty, will IH hell ct the for thoiry liberal pationage extended Pettes. BERRY Jt ROWLES, Auctioneers &c,.
'8a iis CKtcu-ion of the individual of brave 'ir'.ted and enorgflir, ran b for the r.a4t, I in conclasiun mut address you Li the ,
7n WorkofProf and hitercst and only an light high Fj 1' Court House on tlio fir-t Saturday ii O. tnbtr titnt.Mi'Mibfn .- August SO, 1S51. 54 tf
'f the inusrta1 _
'! clidefenceiiich i h law of nature anteJctiduit l eld volnnt.i' cohesion. language ( Byron
a together except by a iitor
literary xtcutiou aud constitutes anI others Htd, are r.q'.2cteJ to atttuJ Pre-erve a likeness vlale you cm.
1'OPthy ; and pni-aioounl to all laws, r.nd all This Confederation, natty bo Hkenod, to the 'I ell thin hare end. Groceries.
tnt! to tie puu'-'Jually at 11 o'clock, as Lti-Im s of ir.jpor- For ?* lovely must an
senicehme Lomic4IJli"ent cotbtitutioim ; which cannot bo alienated or great evfetem of the univ< rpe. and it i i', only, lance wiU be submitted to tin- A'-ocL.ion to act upon Roonu ovi.r Bu.rn2.rJ's Di-u Store. Instructions JUST recivcd from New Orleans, pet schr.'Wm.R,
ao &iIfU. the and of attraction the art. A line size Charnera fur taJe. .
veord. surrwidewd by the adoption of any pyslemoforganization. by benign gcntkinilntMico: aul eevtral iatere ting letters from abroad read. given in qr. 4 Ca>b. Sides,
FoT.T\l iociaJ 'Jliia doctrine is ctlab'iislied that the bright shirs of our constellation EDWARD IIOUriTOUN, September 20, lt>51. S7 tf 4u bbb. Extra Flour, a

TorN Edvrin bf\ond conlwvmx, bv thc uuaiibwcr-! I Jean be kept in their otjiit Those who at- 40 Ohio "
Si Notice.rpHE .
t the Retorillny trclary.Septembers
Median, made I apPflce t-d: and unansweiable) aig unents of Sidney i I tempt to bridle or spur; them, will, in the end, 5 barrels Leaf Lard,
?, PCI. 33I. [S.itin1. firm cf J. T. Herring & Co, is tlj* day cliJL *- 50 sacks Corn
ait the Broadway Theatre New arid Locke; by the assent of all the great j; fate like the ra'li fool who a-pired to direct at co.LAll
York <.ihed by mutual coutnt All but-inew of the of which will be sold low for cah. br
15th i11sta1L ancient as well as modern authorities on the the chariot of the fun. paid firm wiiTbe attended to J. T. Hrmng.If. .
jo the character of <>. O. I .-A Rc,'uLir Mi'o'iiuj of by A. H FELKEIL.
lamfl( !i:. i' ha law of'nature and nations ; and, if feuch were I am, gentlemen, your obd'tJ. sc'rvt., r:? Ii.Jze. Na5, L O. 0. I', viU be W. EAhON August 30, iSlil. 34 tfA
a ajjsi'nt from ibe die been and K. I'AbLUING.: ( J. T. HERRING.Mannington .
e flerI Out cose, it has always always --- : *- held nt heir Loiltrf Room on Tuci.byEveiiuig.
Sar. A coneporadct of will be, acU'd upon ivheu the occasion aiises, To T. D. Hichardsone, II. II. Hammond{ V/ 30th in'nint. M.inUTare r.'jut sted to Fla, July SI. 1351. [Sep 20, St Card.

Ar says- in opposition to all :authoiitie It is Hue that II. Pctonncan, Committee, &c. c.Charles- be in atund.mce for th purio..e of javinc; quarterly THE exercise cf Miss CLAYTON'S SCHOOL will
ha (IU i-8 and the trau-'uctitin if the l.uitics Kf..rcthe New Goods for Fall and Winter. -L commence on Monday, September 1, 1851, at
( eea1d hiig. t the flrouiiythu none of the writers who assert or concede: ton, South Carolina.Coronsr's. rfic. JAMES LDOOKEUM/vN, A RUST lave just received by FHoomr the School IIou.se attached to St Jehu's Church.

td jn liUtouly bv having tie houM fillw'ry the light of resistance, have attempted to define Inquest.Tlie 'ptemlxT 27,1P51. S3; &crctrjj..1. HEIR from Baltimore an assortment of I'Lui- Aiigu iS, 1851. 33 tf

lani. nigl.1, w ith his rowdy jurtj.Tilurwla3r the precise line where rebi-t.ince: becomes ---. tation Goods ito i.ccon-L-tinf in part of the following

'j see1e j evening was a jufeliflable, because it is not susceptible! of de- body of an unknown i.egro woman Fall and Winter Goods.RECHIVFD articles; Cotton and Linen Onaburgs, S-4, 7-8, Laborers, take Notice. *

PCUliar One. 'f i ve ptioz was not hui tinition. It i? a matter of feeling, and can haxiag been found in the Ockolockneolliver, nnd 4-4. Brown SLirticgs and Drills, 5, 6. and 10-3, TT7 ANT ED immediately, to work on the Florid
'UU ; f p-r and Georgia Plank" Road, a LARGE NUMBER
neither bo the Road
was evidt thtt the defined. Bridge on Sunday
analyzed Quincy
'ereLIii.g b'lioys or near AND WINTER GOODS, consisting pair Negro Blankets, and 20 pieces Bed Blankets, of able bodied Laborers, -white and black, to
w t ''Wc5i' watching for any signs of An cmiueut Ametican fL-itesnian, high inodice last, acting Coroner John II. Lloyd proceeded hi part cfK'Tcv Black, Mixed and Fancy Ca simeres for Pants, Kentucky whom good w. ires will be given. Apply to

1 t U< "f wb : 1gbt; would nbured. and a candidate for btill higher honors, hold thereon. The verdict n.inlr't At, Jeans, Sattinetts and Felt Clotlis, FhuireV, JAMES L. TOMPKINS, Contractor
to an inquest
iidlf lie! rebult 'Hie speech Forresly whoso opinions 1 vhdi to treat with all due Jlnwi aol Rlcnc-hpd Shirting and Sheetings Bed Tkk. Bleached Shirtings and Sheeting of all At the Camp, near Newport.
J j* !"uu'n1jr coudenuied liru- has establish of the jury was-Found drowned." Tlieflppenrance Jiur'Mi! and Ampiiran Prints, wi Uhs, Toweling C.kmbnc, Handkin-hiett Prints, August0, 1851. 31 2m -
: \\as respect, litcly: attempted! ) to a
IJlict a'i Jeans
rnwn. Grey Kentucky Mu>lin de Lnia-, Ginghams Ac, tc.
broad of the indicated that it Alpacas
and inching to the distinction birtwetn Hexolution and body "Sutinetta
pn1On f rosjicctableaud F-hie. BlirTc and Grey All of which will be sold low. BAILER,
there the ; l br, rtrange to tty, ecebioIa ; in other woid the liglitto! resist, had been in the water a considerable time.- Oat>' :n Striped. HEIR A RUST. ATJLY AT
ere OXflt ''and the right of of icacli of the White and Red Flannela.l 20 1851. 37 tf
1pIareUy retiring out September
rept.ctale ,
p1 e vre The dress was a click frock, with under Ladies and Gentlemen's Merino Vesta. HAVING resumed the practice of hU Profession,
teen Tickets for the 'iHeatre have \ necessity of resulting to n-w tance. His pobiticn calico bo hi* services to the public

Hfle a ia3 every day. and I pie- I if I rightly comprehend him, i is, tint dress yellow -ago supposed to ALSO, flagging, Rope and Twine Office at Quincy. Angu.-t 2, 1851. SO 2mM. *
the ( ibowa about 20. A general assortment of Fall and Winter Clothing. of Gnnnv, Dundee, -
hut a IJQggar1y ac., though a pcojileor a State may have a right receive, n good eupplr
hear that I'orrest ALSO, TUST and Sea Island Barcins, Bale Rope. A. LONG & J. P. K. SAVAGDHAVIIfO
to icbict force in certain
purchaaetl by Storm. It is stated
eonlockoft contingenci A -
derg QUTT gravely by
t'rtmentf Ladle Gairr Walking Shoes and Twine which will bo sold ai low as any in the sociatwl themselves for the purpose of
the ,
'Fbeatre. and thus obbcfow they have none to ietirei the An n*
1itiIMl caceably beyond the Bangor Mercury, that Goose-egsjs as Call and Law will attendee t
tj anti IuJ Slippers For sale at the \\rpt prices by market Bee us. practicing give prompt Ilk I'Qt'lie.tiienS 1I11n j reach of injury and opprct><>ion. It seems large as a hail-stone fell recently in a shower G. & J. MEGI\NISS. HEIR & RUST. any busings entrusted to their raro. f ,

I tiey have no alternative ; they must either at Danbury, Connecticut. September 27,1651. 89 4t September O, 11. 07 tf July! 26, 1S1. M t{ '

; PPT I Ia 1 1I'

II itgcit


I ____ _

MD IY. To\vle &. P. P. LEWIS bvcrilcinrnt9 Ie mflttle ; ,,
Amendments to the A. E. MAXWELL. Myers, gnat liiiacef Jw .1an and

; r CONSTITUTION OF Til ESTATE OF FLORIDA. MAXWELL & PAPY HAVE on handand are now receivinga new and Local Dentist, Tallahassee, Florida.

ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, orment! ol GOOD1*, consisiiiig ol ac-t.5-c:: 'li T) OOilS ii the new building imtnedi- In Chancery. II. C. l-'arrtll'a Celebrated Arabiaur.

Gold Lever Hunting Watches, atel v East of the Post OiT..v, where MIDDLE CIRCUlT-JEFFERbON COUNTY.
.idoptrdliy, the fifth Central 1ssrmby and publihedtn T.LL t.tS }:} 1LO1UUt. Gold Anchor Lever do tUflhe will be founil, unless : mincuions cures performed
profee* T bt
f nance of .iilicle .YYf, Stclion 2, Mdvina Philips, ) t c
A '
pin en8eI. physicians in .lav >
F lnmryF.lFM. Silver Lever Hunting do September 7.185O. 35PIIEMIU1U > Gill for Divorce. "icid), w eretheai,
R the Constitution.AN M.
of Silver Anchor Le\er do upon a* the result of m,0,0, but me .. .
CHARLES V/ DOWNING comnion do COTTON GINS.ET. Robert Philips. ) come intimate with! the hntory efttf
I 4 the satUfaclion of the Cf.ruf, by wecantr
4 ,. ACT to amend ihp Eleventh Clause of Ihe Fifth ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Gentlni Pin,a general a'- TAVI.UK & ('0.. Proprietors of (Ihe Co- JT alid.mt appearing! inide lo in this case, that Robtrit Philips, fur I heir surprising powtr over d;* .. Iff'tainmentsin ,

c Article of -Constitution ot this State ; and asn Tallahassee F1crka.ar ortmcnt of Ear and Finger Ring, G( 1J Guard-* and Cotton Gin Manufactory; base the atislaclion Defendant, does not reside in this State, but in the the kcovrUif e i St t m-Mc, ," *"e"
: to amend An Act amendatory of f the Twelfth Keys, Fob and Wt Chains, Seals, G'ild and Silvei to announce to their and the Planters unknown so that the ordinary wonder of the age; while at the same '.I ?* ""
patrons United Sla'es, in 'me t
a Cliase of the Fitrh Article ot the Constitution of Office at the Capital parts enceof Cheraflry, which *
:: Pencil'Gold PerGuldand Silver Spfrtacles, Gobi general! throughout the Cotton region of be served him : with t htm hadV ''
growinsr cannot
subpecnn upon
; : Ihii Slate, and al ipU-d by the Third and 1iuih) March IS, 1S51. 10 tf Sleeve! Collar and Cos.iri FJiJllon, Silver' Pearl and that they ate prepared lo supply any number // M process therefore! Ordered, That said Defendant. Robert was to the ii"tofthe world a aeak. ..*r' .,

: General Assemblies, so a* lo give the Election ofJttl Shell Card Cases, Glll and Silver Thimbles, fin* of their celebrated PREMICM GINS. a.id the Dill i-f Complainant in Botany (they were the most zealous 'f5tUdtp) A J

f I .;rs to I the People W. G.. II. DAVIG;, Fan, Silver and Bnff.ilo Cor.bs.ANo. Where these Gins have been useil, it would Philips filed, in appear this cause answer within three months from the beautiful grove which skirt the ,},.,?,, I* [Ia

i .: SECTION 1 I. P.eit enart'd Iy the Senate and ATTOIINKY AT LAW, Frrr.ch M.uille Clocks, TaMe Knivp. TeTras 1 be deemed unnecessary for the Mannlacfmerstoyay the first publication of this Order, or s-id Bill will bia, abound rare plants and orN r'm w. ij *ClAra.
; I Represent it i tt cf the State vf J'loUain Pialed and Silver W'ate, Silver Table! and Tea are cbfamed those aromantic **
word in their lave suns and
a r, as they led] confident the fra
taken ni bini abode at Tallaha -ee, nnd will machines be taken for coiifeed asainst him. '*
r .:t )- (ienrr'il.lixtnihltfeoiiteiifd, That (beCky. HAS in, the Courts of the Middle Disliict: Spoon*. Plated Spoons, I'ork', Cram and Soup Ladles have been bn>nght t" such perfection, that At Chambers, Tallaha 'ee. June 20. IS-M. sams of which this mcoraparabie Isn-ijir. 0'1 '*

PWtfo Claiueof the Filth Aiticleot the Constitution Counties. Plated Waiter, do Tea Sets, Castors.i C.ind'.e- their superior performance will recommend them, WAYLF.S BAKER, &c posedana b) wh< se stir.iuaing! : tinc'imn* J! "
and of Franklin and Jacks- Judge,
', of Ihii Slate, and also an Act entitled, An Act to sticks Solar Lamps Silver and Gilt Girandoles. in irefcrei ce ball other Gin now in u-e. For the JnneSI. 1S5I. 21$ 3m in-; aol Anodyne properties it is, when apJ. "'
March 'I l IvMJ H
amend the Twellth Cluuse .tt the Fisth Article cit Also. fine double ban piled Gnus, Shot and GaireRacs satisfaction ol those who have nclii-ed the Gins, sfanlaneon l* diCn..ed ihnnsih the whule"5"

t : the Constitution ii thin tate, eo that the Judges ottbe PROSPECTUSOF and Fla k' fine pocket Knhe Poite? Monnies, s nd are unacquainted with; their reputation the Proprietors In Chancery. ststem. allaying the most intentppam in iKr. ?

Circuit Court* shall hold their offices! l'r (Ihe Port Folios Vit-lins, Claroncts and Flutes, fine Ra- need only say, that the FIRST Premiums ihty short time of JJ cr 15 nnnntr Its ,? ***'

I term of eight year instead of during p>od beha THE x*>rs Strops ic. have been award. d to them for the JtF.S1 GIN ex- GADSDEN CIRCUIT COURT? prompt, powerful arid eff-ctual, w.fkU. | the..3l*

viol** be. a-jd the .irne are hereby! sj amended a* SOIL OF THE SOUTH. Best: quality and general a ortment of Perfumery, ttiliitedat the great Slate Fair held at A larta.Georjrh AT CHAMBERS, TallaLassre, July 4, ISSI. danger. II penetrats*.the flesh! tomb,. nne "

t read a follow*, vir. : That on Ihe first M ida> r''llE undersigned, a Committee ol Publication, on r.. &e. TOWLE & MYERS ; also, at ihe Alibana ami Georgia Agricultural; Genoa C. Town cnd, } contracted ends, restores iwt to htr.bs which ''***
I iriO't'tbcr, i in I th<- year ot.e thowanl I eight hundred J I. Muscosee and Unwell A ricullural 1S30. 3S been palsied f or the
the part ol the Se1lemIwr2. and Mechanic'' Fair, held) al Cr.lunbns ; and at the r,. V Bill! for Divorce. years cau-mj sin ucled I"1
4 : and fifty-three, an J on the first Mindav in October Suiety, i especially; invite public alien) ion lo annual Fair rf the Sruth Carolina Institute at Clharine LTownspml.. J JTT grow cut indrich Mood tocirrulate thr<" ,.

I crery siv wears thoreatter, there shall be elected by the following Prospectus of a Monthly Journalto be Bonnets, &c. Charleston. The Collon iinnr l on Iit.ci' Gins re- appealing to the satisfaction t-f tie Court, by It restores the Snnjal Fluid or Jo >,t % ala, *

I the qa1itieJ electors of each of the respective Judicial published in this city, undei the auspices cf the a- TUST rccr ired n gcniral ortnunt of Indies and rei ed the fir'-f Premiums at the exhibition I iehil in atfulavit! in this cause filed, that Catharine llTonner.d thu is the reason why it has been so ny Cr,4' Wices

I Circuits ol l this
t Court, who shall reside in the Circuit (lor which fie The work will he devoted lo the interests( of At; Jenny Lind Hat. GentBoys and Infant Cbina sanj'lesof Crllon I Irr.m tliern, ba e been e ii ibi tCl. \orul the j iri'diction of this Court, and cut ol the aflYefini.s of the Spine Liver, tune an. K\, s
4 Way beelected, and continue in office for the term riculluieandtioilicullur >. Iimeiic and stud Pnlni Leaf I Hat French thi, sreat Arabirtn remedy sUndi
Rural Econ Pearl, Ix-gbr-rn. Panama *, The Proprieties; have in I their po.'-c 'ionnumerous State of Florid : t>i>[ *t\tr,

cf fiN year fiorn and alter the first day of January otn% Under lhe-e seveial, heads, will be included Sprig* nnd Wientha (xu.iNand rolored.i aol %-t I ( f rlifratesfri.m PJ.inler, Cotton fJri.Kfr Cf m- It is OiJtral, That I he said Defendant do appear, Aune Cake or Eidr.rg-mert of th! v. >!,...? ,( ,? '

liest succeed.nz hit election, unless sooner removed all thai cic.rnsbecuttllreoI Crops, the impmvement tvbito amid colored FIri" oK Pa- I mi.sion Meichants and Manufacturers of Cotton plead, aii'wer, or demur to the aid Pill ol Crm- cific ; znA for Rhenniati-n it has tt'rvr ,, "
in this Constitution for
under the (provisions made <>f the Soil, the management of the Farm, I tI.c ra'olh tlr-( and Sun SIinde Bonnet S-i-li. Neck anl Gor.4! testif> ini; that the performance of the Gins, plaint sithi''' three month or said Hill will be td- the most exlraordin> tures on rprncj. 3><* ,'

,. the removal ol ioi1ti i by' addicss or other impeachment teasonablccante. : Garden, the Oichard, the Flower Yard, and theIloti.c.keeiers Cap Ribbons, black, wliite and coli-re-l Satin Ribt-f-ns. ar.d the simple prrdnce-l by Hum, cannot be excelled ken ;.ro confesoaid l thjt this caa e he set f
I AaS for willul neglect of duty, or Iepat tnicnt. In tlnir connexionwith For sale liv HEIR tt RUST. ban> Gins ever manufactured. log at the next (tetn of the Circuit Court for Gadtn *- Hums, White Swcllrna, TnTrori, i.c f f '
f. tvbict) shall! not be miibcient ground lor impeachment the interests ol I the Soil the other indu-liiol All orders for Gin eiinalljr etTicacious in diseases of A'HI *
April 19.! 1S51. ISQuincy given either to our travelling Viunty in October next, and that this Order hemblisbedm ; j,' ? '
: the Governor shall remove any of them Pursuits of the laud, will receive their appropriate or local -\senl or forwarded to I the Propiiptor" bv some public newpapcr printed in (this Fistuha. Pull Evil.5vrcenev, S'itt ( ,,n,: ; ?.? "

on the)address. of two-third of the General A<*<.&}- attention. ; Male and Female Academy.rpHE mail, will! ilwaxs receive ;j-rornj.I I attm nt inn. Gins ;taleonceattk for three months, and that Cunlainant per, Farcy.Sprain Croises, Woume, Ma-

Fe-ion will warranted
n' comnviice on ,
in such
address and
: thai] be stated at length outer-
of Charles A. either in nan M beasrx hirh .
supervision IVabody, E-qr., and tO satisfaction.JOS rei-nue; inevm.plrration
Ju! 7tli nt wl.uli time it is exjxK-tfd that the (
.Ind ,
don the JournaU each Jrovi.e(1farIfr, \
o : Cot J.unes M. Cbamh r' Mr. Poabody has boon for L. DTTTTON, Apent. this Lir.imint stand at the ttaa
will It fur the tf tLc rop-Attebt,
Thiit the shall be notified to the new Academy ready u-Cfjitu.n *
(tU44. or cau s '
.C'nrKCid with the AIM {cultural! Press and medicines.
> Columbus Ca.
wo jef School.Efficient. February S, 1 ISil. 5 Iy P. C LESTER, C-ltrk.
be removed and he shall be
Judi co intended to ;
f eijualU dKtinjrui&hfd a* a Practical and Sciei' titicFainter
I admitted to a)h.-aritig in hisown defence, befrre any and Gardner. Cot Chambers is one of the and fji'Lfnl Teachers c-inj.loyod in the Just Received and for sale low July 5,15il. 2t'In Cm Liver Compfaint, ErripefasSflUifwicK
vote foi siichtemoi'al snail pass; anI I in such caws, several D). ] !!tmeiitTl.f !i'l'itutiiii i-. j.n>\iskil l
sl intelligent and successful Planters in Ihe.South.
Ky. .
Chancery. i
the vote shall lie taken bv >eas; a.id mys ana entered They will lie assi-lcd by an able of Contnliti.tor with an cxen-jvf Chcmkal. l'lii!<'-oj 1m al, nnd ilathenuilicid J. M. WILLIAMS, t"4 ,
coip well "elect ] MIDDLE CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA IN GAD- ?Ir II. G. FARRH. .-Dear Sir )
oa tlii Journals ol each llunsc, resmctively.SBC. AjiruiiiUti-i a < < Library, and a : >nr Lii- ,
*, the aclical Farmeisand Planlersol the ; AXILLA null Cot Rope, assorted size"
2. Iff U further en art rd, That said elect ion j Land.among pi vKiiiuble CabiiHt of Mineral The in Spades, : ,
.. shall o-coT-l'i'ted, and the relutnstlieienf made, in J Each number will contain '5\lrcn pac of quarto nunilt-r of ftu.lnt frorn abroad having rendered it Weeding Hoe". P.itent ditto, CHAMBERS, June 21, A. D. JS31.EIbrt monj the people.ant-ther, It ola ha cored a bjii r s eiELAs.diul

the manner now preset ibe 1'ake Johnson BAD p\i-> iTUK
pi lit new l pe while I I paper, Ovens) l'.ts. Sj.ulcr", J Jr
for llu* elect inn ol member to ideil buildings f. r lx> hIiI.e A lady who wa* confined to htr h d .
Jie preKcritifd by law and lurnislu-d to, sub ciibet at the rate of One Dollar new :i sjrling on a Old and Young To\vn-end'o, Sar-npnnlla, ?. > Petition fur Divorce. ot j ,f.months
( oilgreMs ; nil H it shall; be tht.t1fl13' ol the Governor anm'im which more exit-mix plan than the farmer one was, Lave Johon.. with Ln ?u C"OJIPHI ji be in
must idiar.ce. Trace Hfth
per paid ILiltrr Irea-t! Stretcher and App : )
Log HEART, wit entir cure.l. In ( ,. ,, ,,
1iijinse a cninmi..itm, under (tlm seal ol the State, liwn crwtctl, aji.l lire now raider tl.c tltiirgof th<* THE ) i !
ftj-: Po-l MaMrrs arc authorized to act as Acenls Chains, N the filed in tiii f
reading petition cause, and Arabian Liniment thc aid ;ihf inrr]
lathe n-ri'ivnt.Xllie hisbest numbei ol voteb Pnncipal. I tarn! ao l lie obftiint-d wi'li evt.ralrejKctable O i4 c r.i -
person and retain in tltfir Lands may
they may I went-five percent Ftr.ip IliniPS Patent TXilances. COO lb.Spe' it being made to to the siti-faction 'if
appeir her nneod. tt ha.beenapphid ro f.j,
Di.liicl \\luch election ,
the .
Judicial the < ,
in the in is f.iniilitin jjlace. Tlse price of lx ard i
of all subscriptions collected by them, or il > fns: Knives an 1 NudIe'! ;. l'erclt.si.n Caps, he Court that the Def-ndant resides beyond thelimit' cured in a short time. I hjve b 'on jC
Jiad.SEC. t the> pielor I it t, a of I the \Voik will be ent to varies from ?8 to ln' JKT i.i'.ntli. ]Fur further particulars Ci iT Mil'. Cott.ni ('jird f j wRKFTMATISM
copv < Thermometer of thcS'ateof Florida lo wit in the State
I 3. Be it furttot funded, That whenever rates of tuition. AT. *. : for a long time, ard l jar | ,,,fr 11 .
months who will retail respecting sto printed (
Ihe ttMieial A -- mill) ithall cieate a twpaiate Su- any one jrratuitou-ly, vUch be obtai-iwl bv Cut Nails, Wrought Nails, Hrr-c Shoe Nails, t1 Alabama : spell it paint-d me *> much ihit? I I ,'d r..i. r,
foui naroes with four dollars.fcj Catahigue, may npplicution to WiruUir nnd C.uie! Seat Ouirs, \Vi'.IuwVagtais // is tfitrefiirc Ordered, That a hearing be bad inIj4 and in the nig'tt 1 romrof-n'-eil'T !, ,
Cu'! ot'it t under the i thy .
i>rciao Court, or ouil, t provi Communicalions rjut be adJresed N. IL STEWART Priiwii I.Qninry I. ; 'uit r -.
( All pr>*tpaid.toU'illiirn JJurki-i; *. Tulis.) I Piiryns Sieves Tray.. ( ( at the Fall Term Ib51 of the GadsJen
long ul thi Constitution, the Judges (thereof shall I U. Chambei, Pullisher Of The June 1 1, 151. 23 &t Drooms, i.'C bing with! your Linimeritarulbvii I w i ,tnnr ,.0
Potash, Sl: S Hla. 1liiiO, Glue, Midd>*rSitMin's Circuit Court : the ceaaeJ. JOhN
be elected in I the umniK-r provided in the first 1 section South Columbus. Ga. bing, pam iiUcLI.\
wf this act, and shall bold their otlicvs tor the same Soil of the ,VAN fciipt-riur 5" s Tobacco, Rail Road Sau.T. 1'iociltd, That llii Order hepnbli"hpd in one ol _
LEONARD. Committee Notice.
aid Ii. ) Ri>, Ln nvrii, and Java C'olFee. o-ar-e it fine Suit lie newspaperprinted in the City of Tallahassee
lertoand be subject to alllheproii'.ionxol I I l t>l lKtictiou K. A. WMH V ofJ Stiff" Complaint, Xiretnfy, Ii ., .p : J'i nvijt ii FwtprC'S Tliat I the Judges of I lh<- K. hURT. 5 Publication. /COOPERS tt WHEEL WRIGHTS WANTED.J .- Sjif-nn. Adamantine, Star mid I Wax C'.indos! fur the space cf three months previous to the firs. ore Kyt, CurtJ.M. .

Saweme Court slull l he locted li> seneral ticket : .._ A ino, t oxcflleiit (ojHJitin for a fi-w i.9Ktl! workmen pM-xi-s Rtimn Soajt, ditto for the Toilet, (J i'y of the said term.J. .
Columbus GJ April 26,1S51. 16 3m of alxne trad" if Green; .t l lIk.! Tea. Pickles Lenu WAYLES BAKER, JuJ e 5.C. Mitchell, Poatroaster al Fut, Fuiion C, ".
and the Judges ol the Clianci.rv Com t shall 1 be clec- ', |.jrtifiilarly steady, iiulutiioii" Syrup. Claret, ,

.. lel! by general ticket, or bj) DislriclR, as the Legislature NEW CHEAP CASHCLOTHIN'G STORE nnd willing to M oik forri-siimu.ble jnv. It would Soda and lintter Cracker- I"me Apple Chee e, A true copy-Attest, ays"Mr:. H.G. FARRRLI. : Your Ar.ii ian Lnnriohighly ,
may direct.Sac. Is' wor-c tliiui ui.lcs.->r others to cutcrtiiin a tbo-i btoimtin llacon. Lard Fi mr. Mackerel. P C. LF-TER, Clerk.
here. cored
4. j-: 't fnrlhir tvaetttl. That fhonhl avwfaney of to NEWPORT. 1.irjf and Cm-hc'l Su ariih the usual ooii as- June 25, Is'U. 25 "mNotice. praised erie I no n-iji$
: '.iilfrenKr) has ojx-i.-.l n nernl CLOTHING) : hi.rH-H ct the Still Comp'aint hari< iii |i'irapf.iicat&ft19and < r
eunr in eiifn-r the S'iprome, Chanrrry, 01 THE May Itt( 18i1. 18 itnii-nt of articles in the Dry GorxU ; ,.
rriJNi. iiiNt; ESTABLISHMENT I cored one el ray wr, | \ e,
Circuit Court, by deatli, reclamation, removal, or one Shoes. I fatI, I Hirdwre; Crockiry. S/ulJU-rj'/ .
Our ShtrttF, Dfcf it h.. '
Jo-eph n
door South r
of Miix Lewi- Aimhcro
he i is
uthern'ise, it slial! be the duty of the Governor to nnwlpiii'iZ Bounty Lands and Pensions. Owli TiirnniU-.' and Doinotiu Line. QIX months after dare, I Iiall apply to the Jndze ney.bad; Cork with it he also tried if in t
( well -itcil ffoihiotu.Uf a ; t
a fc airii'erit <> unl
issue a writ of election to fill* Much vacancy, and he flEA I )Y.MAI1E CLOTHING) sU.efl.r stilted ii. II E 1iIdemsizJmedhJwitg i made arrangement.witha R M rnis rvjniruil enumerate Fancy Articles. i._: ol: Probate of Madi-on County i for letters e.f dw- had the Distemper viny b-wJ, and cur d i'dutely.
shall give at lea-1 sixty dajti notice tiiereo'f by pro- r (Conc.Iu.-ion next week.) mission Iroin the administration of the estate of
the r.in-i-tinir in art COATS VESTS and competent and experirnrtd Agt.i.t in t tlu'ilof ( \ He sn.s it i is tleticJw'.U the ert-a is, '
IM u. ,
rlam tioti and the Judge elected to fill euch va- j 1'J 1S51.
00 Ajiril 15 Daniel Flinn, deceased.
\\'a-hint.n and t'iug: with! the rneili' ine he used. There bivcbteicured
t P..XTAIOXS.. of vari .in styles ami! qualities now )protidtd i ever
nli continue o.Tice Irorn the time he ;
ca-icj in ijual- white aid fj'fc-y d-lorol SHIRTS all qualities Silk. p,>roved antI requ-ito f..rinswill .tend t totiiecoN I Pork.Q SAMUEL WILLIAM! Adro'r.March of Sore Eves with it. I ind itaverjciedciue vaiue.e
18La UnfIt : bin commission, winch e'hali be issued ; 22,15.11. 11 I Cm
MiTinn.an 1 Cotum Under-.hirt- Draxr 4-ction of Claims by po.\er ol attorney for rtoiintv both for rn-an arid beuat.Ittwareof .
immediately after the final canvats of the votes b r.; Gloves A PARRELS
> : Mess from Ura-
and Pensionand Clam.< fur L sal Strn'ces Poiklanding Ilmig
H.-ry.: Silk ami Linen I Ian IketvliicfStock Sum- < s-f> a
hi in determined Provided however,
which retuni : tJJ
nu. and for sale bvilc'NAUGIIT
Lands for
the ITnittd Sale.HAVING
States Gov rnn.ent.OtSctrs Conntfftils. guardagmtiiion '
Hiat *hou'd' it become nect-warj' to fill any such vacancy I mi r TkS'jr'i'li! r*. Mn.v li-lt*, Shoulder P nice upon nrpo.
before an election can be held u'idcr the ;{ P'w- P.ck.-t IVif.k*. Coir.V Rruhc&c., ; TRAV and oldit-rs of the war ol 1 1S12, r.r (,fan\ & OIUIOND. puichi cd all the Lands of the Crm- Head theji>llwi z Cm''fully.

'isioasot Constitution, the Governor i ta1I have pio- ELLING TKUXK CARPET HAGS and VA- (if I the I Indian wars i.inrc I 17'-'.), are c i.titled l to llonu'y Newport. March! 22, 1851. 11 ,, as the Brun-wick or Chattahoo- THE Public are pat ticulau I canticnrd uir.:

1 Lands ur.dei the late Act ol Consies-t. For -cr- chie L.id Ci 1 vvillsrll until the Base Covnterftit which has latch n.ade n. ....... .
In* power to fill uch vacanc* bv tppitnsent, a:4 5 : totlursith a lance ak.tmcnt rnpany. privatc-lv
flue person so ap < intd *''ial h. 14 tt< cfBce trom the j of Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &:., all of ViC rendered, a moderate compensation %% ill lit* Coffee, Sugar, Soap, &.c. -*'Ofd Tu- -hy in October next, or on that cl.y by once and isc.slletl by the Impi stern ho make,n W
Lih will bv !J chaised, upon deli vm cf the warrant; or the amount SACKS COFFEE public -aleat Chatlahoochie the desert- I R. Fatrell'Arabian Liniment. This adarzetnij
date of riiicotcmi-i'>n until hi* *accts4r ha Ii be : M cheap for ca-li. | Q fuhkwing
collected D P. HOGUK, +J lo barrelStuait's bed Lois fraud and mire liable to deceive fnro hN'ear'i'! duty elected ar..1 -j* 5d.Srx W. T. MITCHELL. yellow Sugar, :
f 5 Se tt further e* f.W. T>iit the second *, Mar 3.151. 17 tfSorthtrn G. U' 11U1'CIIINS. 5 l'iz.t! UreaJ, IX GADSDEN COUNTY.No. name of Farrell. Therefore be particular nttir ta

(ection of said ac' t > nead tb : etf-r ?;i5e &f tbr March 21), 13I. 12 (tf 5 u Crackers, 1 ar.d 2 1 in frac Sec. .containing 2CS acres call for it by the name Farrtll't Lintment. ; r

Contitji v e1 ti4 Sere, ar a- af the thr Hst al Life Inswance Company 70; boxes fiiuilsSoap, S U' i and W i of S E 4 of S-c S3. unprincipled dealers will imn.se( this SH R.4' Is

t4 IQirib Gre( AsarwiL-s be arid of Lcuisicna.HAVIXG Sight Exchange 24 -.uj eiior Tobacco, itc., ic.Ijindiiig s.nt %Vof NF:1rf'ec33.T4nr.N&: \V. Mixture upon }ow for the gt-nuinetut a/tfo **

the *roe is here* *b A *aed : t a* tt s* fcereb* pr<>- V'-i ar-p intt-d Ai't-nt f.r thealmre CurnpRny ( N NEW VOKK, \VAN.\AH, and MACON from Lry Uranu-, ansi fir> salt. bvMcXACGIIT Lot No 1 ith of a Stc in fractional sfctinn 5. forll.tt. EARSH-L. ARABIA.V LI.IIMEST. sIt
\i. .. .___) for sale in soil bvTHOMAS N \V 4 and X E cf Sec 4 and N W Sec S take nooifitr, as the genuine a'iroix has the iri'-i-
vHed that the Genri A *err.o'.y ,htl., b} the concurrent < <-i.iiiz\ it tsnnH'os-ary to vote of the two Houe* thereof, at its next irirrun< c ar.d atlvaiitaire of the mutual in-nra'Hv' J. PERKINS, Newport, Mart 22, b51. 11 T* 1, P fi. II. G. before Farrell'hi..- signriitsie isiU 0'' 'Ke

fill the onM! lieit ch. October 12, l i'0. 4') Azenf Mirine Hank.JETlf IX JACKSON COUNTY.N outside wrapper, and the e word.- blown 'hcgsi;
Tegular!< < sion, el ct *v>me pern to ricancvtvbicb jtriiK-iple. rt-jwwnfuHy H eeinMi* ]<>ratoii!
v ill occur by esiiiration of the term of oflicerfItist i; ed f the citi7.'i- nt Tallalia -ee an.l ii ii'y. Any inforrativc Bacon, Lard, &c.t E 4 and E of X W J of Section 3fi.E bottle : tt. G. "FARRELL'b AKALlA.N Li.M.VENT -

ludee who m*y draw the two sear tern, under flillt2(41 t it,can be obtahiod bv'ealJinij'on the A INSURANCE COMPANY, CASKS Ilui n SMos, of S E: i. and S W i cf S E J of Sec 23,T 4, AGENTS, PEORIA.WANTED in Tt.wn Villn .
the of said second station which ..ul-4fl15.r. Ii[ 7, N and W.Lets2 every ii'
provj ion* i% y. S. KXIG1IT.ri. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. ffi: Slioi.lJcrs
tiefin i above declared to be aboiinheil.FWTH N.verib.r I.o.: 47 tf 3, l.arul f of frac Sec 30, and lots.beiDg hamlet in the United Stares in which one i' rifablished. <
S Stock- and Cotton in %Ware-bou 10 barrels Mi-s Pork, theN A offracSecJIofT4.R6NandW.con- Apply b* letter to 11. G. Farrell. ff i t'\
ihe Senate BUILDINGS
GexKW M. A sEM8i.y.-Pasnejj
ain--! its bv* liie. 2.'i; Flour, Ilk, with good references as to Character, Responsibility -
t.V the Const it ut io-tal% injj'itiiy, Oect'tnber 13, ISVJr TIlE TRUE MEDICINAL i: barrels ] taming S"I-J ac es.IX
d the flntiiM' the Contilatiotul
> ol flepnueniativee by
w -
January 25, 1s50. ::3 Aent. 'ratlahaep. 15Vhikev.. Call on the agor.t who will furnish FrrrofChary
December 23, lbitJ.Ni. OIL Lots No 419 and 420, 21st District contain! '
Just received ; ,
JH.T Schr. Iarnar! l and for ale bv a Book containing much valuable tiijotmatu/n a
JEF11L ill the core ol Scrofula, Consumption, A. B. CLARKE, McXAUGlIT A ORMON'D. 30O acres. every class of citizen

[ .. 9.] m, \'.thiiiaflr.inchijtjCtighj. (roncr.y CLRKE U sril.l.siN,) Newport, March 22, lt-51. 11 N.4e.-There is a small reservation in Gadsden PRICE 2"i cfs. :ht() f N. and one dollar per hoifl
AN ACT to ansnd the Seventeenth Clnu e ci the and all dieaes ol the Chet ni-d Lunzs. A Mipply County. THE ONLY Gc'eteE is manutirtnrfd hi H G
ol tins valuable medicine i is 2 TTAYING puihiCMl the interest of Mr.Jtil Mo-t of this land i i' fertile, and well adapted
Filth Artklol the Constitution of this State. just received, which is Real Burr Mill flock.t very Farrellsole inventor and proprietor, ai.d whoieo,*
SEcTioN 1. Kf: it fnnrted by the fitmite and warranted pure, and of very suprrinr<|u.<]itv. StSllaan in their old bn-ines. can be to the culture of Tobacco, Cotton and Corn. To Drcigc, No. 17 M.nn-trett, Pecua, III, an !
Jfatufof Rrprwntativet: af fff Stale of Florida For sale by LHU'H & A.MF. rid at t their oldl;a iid l on iMonioe 'et reel FEW Pieces real Fnnrh Hurr Mill RiKk, IS by any person \vi liinr! the w hole of the land in either s.ile wh,il< aleand Retail at rrestit,
4 til GeniTal .f* ',:zFq rantened. That the Seienteenth May -25. i .5'j. OQ Tallahassee, Fla. where he will receive in -w da\- from New York _. 't. 2i at> iicnIzr.! fc.r sale at c.t and clunfibv"' County, I would! sell a bargain. It is situated on the S-pteniherf3ISSI.! LEWIS i. A'4E.

C'uie ol tiie Fifth Article ol the Con titu- one of I the mo-t fomnlc-ie !>' o4iinenls I "I llradti- Newjwi-t, May 10, lb.11. IS I). LADD. Rivt-r near Chattahoocl-ie al wl.ich place a map r.f

lion of this State be, and the same i ii hereby, Sn Ice Ice Real cool Ice liZ nlr Clothing and (, .,t1tju'b J'anry Goods the lands can be seen, and I can be addressed until CITY COTTON WEIGHER.

amended as to read as tallows, to wit! : 4'ThieShaIl of the cixil FttnT ]lirerol e% t-i off ri i in tni iii.ukt I. Aljo, .. 'ienfial a--"ori- Valuable Plantation for Sale.rIlIJE the 1st ef Angu-l, after which time at Columbus,
,.ictor each Circuit who shall rc-ilc IOTS ( frr-m the Ice ment of 1'rencfi, Kjiglidi, ni'1 Hellion Cluti, Ga. The lilies are indisputable.J.ilv ltv CIr.'
l.* one & lor ; ill the ni'tinhis at three PLANTATION w?.* reon the late J.lma IL HAVING been appointed ore of the
therein and shall UeelccU-il the voters ciit JT jwmdiy 1 Kluclt nnd t'utu-tf Dottkiiti *iti'f Catalan, JMack : r,, ls.li. 2 i JOltS C. RLNE. I notify rianfir and Mircbs.of .
by qualified 1. the small iiil! 1 I\nl) finn. nv re-i-lml in Leon *. the
'. : quantity two c -!itami a Iiii'f County, nrar
byhe unit J'ti i'nxSitlt
S'llin anti
cf such Ciicuit, on the fit Mondav in October, in hundred wi'lit.. All from al/rna-l Ciittiuitie, Like Kric. eontaix.itig1Im acre*, cfLich some 2'iO Lt-nn Gatli
the year one thouand eight hundred and fitty-lhree, mve it packed in Loses or cakh JHTMIW with -. \v lu-t can x which Le i i. Pr-.red! to rnanulaclure anchared, ami lam her cultivation. On the premises Summer Clothing1. tle Georgia Planter that I will attend enn-tantly

wd every four \ears thereafter, or at such times as qiir.oh. LADU.ac) rcDAX1LL I ihe hoi lest notice and i.i I Die mo-t approtid; $>i\l Ic. i.. a coir.fort.ibkfiaisit Iv.-t-ling! IIou-o, with the neCessary AB. CLARK has just received from New Yoifc, tlie Depot in Tallahassee to receive per-enallj u

the Geucrsl Asur-iably may by taw pie rril>e, and "P1t. May 10.ii.; ] R tfTl The ci mmnnily eener .t' ate re perlully( requested out IK>UM S tc. llii- Plantation pos..e<<.es general aornnent of summer clothing ol COTTON and TOBACCO mtruftnl to my care. MSctlts
call and
thill receive (or his service* a compensalioii to be to examine t yock! bf fore purcha' iii:; eNewherc. ninny aiUanta e-.iia: it a ;jiffir-teds.:

1 fixed by law." The Fire in Conway P lass.iiiMrt Taiiaiiasu-e, Oclo'ier! T2, 1"> <'J. 40 l'n-' rare, je vi'ry gosl! for cattleanJlior. Tl.e New' most reasonable terms, at the well known store on certified 1 by" tie InapectiT of Scales and \\ &>

Sec. 2. Re ft further fnarled. Thai 'ich c-lcc- JOHN jvrt and Oi-orfrb; Plunk Road will within 4uo tooo I Monroe St.. formerly ocrnpitd by Clark & Slillrr.ai. the Custom House tliere. 3Iyt.ition tit the Dc '-

liana shall be held and conducted and the returns 7 wiUi pii! ; ire (lie following letter from PRATORIUS, It( ) yard.of the iis!welling, ami I think pa.-will t lie, Also a line lot of Cloths, Fancy awl Clack Doe-ikins, i-ifl TK .-..t"t'ne great advantage over any otleite'rr
Iherenf mad>j. in the same ttinnner as is now preicrib the.} COHWHV: TIKJ! ( :iiptiiy. It sLowM clearly I[:or TIM i: 1. tTI: IIKT or WI.L t rnvrniiius,] line or tl'r.iiili the whole leni tli of the I'lant.itinn!ji ;: C-vhrnarettes, Col'd. ar.d White Drilling, Drap'Kte, the Stortsavmg1 in the Dnvyaire ul'-ne. ttJ

4 bj law, or tnav heieat! be prescribed bylaw that th faili: of tl.-i j ul for the election ofrnembur to Congrtts from Safi-o ki i uot been ini-plarcfl ; *.u VeMings which be is prepared to manufacture in strongly fincd and in good repair, tin- t'otti'B' will
a > that be hati'ken tbe.tore lately ocesij icd 1 to be oWe ] v the 1-t of January, 1S52, tmI'lantatiiHi I
Ibis fit ate. CO.VWAV, HAS July 1 1, IK.'I. such to lease (the rncst fastidious. rV al-o le''unaided
the \\j-ole line .1 the a tnaancr as j Le rc > secure from fajcry. nail can
f.t.by C I H. on Road .
U'ood. KIM nuj'.iiiijii,' the store lately willurpa-
Farm rtEwcAL ASEMnLPa4Scd the Senate M'- 'r". RofT, Ktcanih, for
liull tt Pratoriu.v.ht'ie will lie convenience, etc. It U now o -reJ for sale
Le at
( by
by the Constitutional majorit', Deceinbt-r 31, 1SII. Co., HC Water si teet, New Voik :-GcntN-nicn-._.Tovour ycujued jJeiiMdt ain. Ptr.M U nkiri Alfull a? oinent cf Shirts, Drawers, Kid end Thread -* will give me their aronage. as T am
t I' attend to the tiiis nn.l t w.utto ot the-- who bu flie ( irous ( f jiuriljaiiny, will pleat
Pasted the House ol Kxpreeentativeii by the Conitiluiloual inrjuiri- re-jiuetuig the fate ef the Salaman on ( > will how
di-pM-d to h.mtrtiItizbun in Li- line of ),t1simie'' 4-j lisq.Vhii> them UK.
I majority, January b, IfiOl. Safe, Jo. 3iSl: j urciasvl! ffjou I through h \Iy'rs. bun!. Firttnns lc. Cravats, Hdkls Boots, &c. CHARLES L. DrJHIl.Y.Cott .
lie ha rectivtMi, by th Lite nrrival, a Win. i Cit p
Urjce : n jHrliaj) btilicicnt to siv, that Apnl5, 1S3I. 13 tf m and TolaccoTalIabas WeigheT-
4 Fort Stran
burv H.u
wli-.fhffrd mjijJy "f ('IntJtx, Ca'nfitrf, ]'titlny*, > ,
Omen SECRETARY STATE ) I at nrt-sent '
or or inn writing on jiaKT| which wa> in the Tallahtiuttt, Ma)] 1 I ST.] J Safe at the tnae of the deotruction( <,f our manuf.irto- 1'ancit* (Jftf>J* ; itlno, a p. iii rat tixtur tun-fit t'f BEXJAMIX BYRD. Cry Goods cc.OX ---- --

I ICtiARL.r.V.. OIIWKI.NG, Bi-cietaiy of State, do ry Ijy fire on tLc morning of the 1 1th inst Tim Safe AJA) Y-JI..tJE{ c 1407'JIL.VJ. January 18, 18.11. 2 tf__ Rates of Storage at St. MaIk-

herebveerily the foregoina t to be true and correct va on tljc lower flour of a three! Morv, linil.lii ..n. All .>f which, I flatttr mj- -lf, are equal in tyle and band and for sale bv the subscriber :
Notice. 4 and 1U-4 Brown and CleacW sheetings. bal,.. . .. . . .... ht
c-epiea of th* oruinal Act on tile ut rnycllice, and taiuins; coiisiiStralJe quantities of n-a.-i.iK-d l cach tirnx oiuilitv. >
_ Jjerewith puhhsheil in pun-natx-eof the provision ollbaCon l \ r, air! it was at a red beat vhcn it fell ii.to. a lstl l found; *in this markt-t. I IK- will jji\e i articular nttt-n- THE iipijer-isneil liertby give notice that their re- New Yi.rk Mills Long Cloth- rr baml. bulk... 4f--c

titution relative to Atnendini-iiU and Revision I.f live liard wfjml cojil. in vhidi it n-mainod iinbiilletl ti'iii to hiS Im'inwj", unl boju-tt bo wl'I merit a liUraljatroiia % orliccs will IK.oj -n f T the transact! of English Lni. Cloth-Cambric hirfings.Bro. ? CORN arid other Grain, rer Luhel-----------

of the Constitution. almut threw hours, \\\hen it was drawn rmt nn, Irish linens Ircm 33 eta to 1,23 \d. DEXBA3LSt
C. W. DOWNING, Secretary .etotc.l3.1cl. a* fiofjn a, practicable, ojn-neJ. 'hlie, leather bindingof NoM-mbt-r 2 3. 185u. 40 tf ( cxeeptcth per BEARD A

1. J7 OraBoots. the l books were liesited by thin ht< am. fdi
ICKJW JKIJUTS w .re &)IOe %hat stained ; but not a HHple Pure Sulphate cf Quinine. lioirs of bu-int in public ( fikee, are rtcnqni/t-d by Toilet hinen.Lonilawn.linen, Cambric.hdk'rs.Cambric [ .
lurtii In of in law utah and ire loo abs ious to rt-quire explan Tallahassee Cotton "Warehouse.
l.eok ,
paper any was injurwl, and i I <>oli-ciibcis n.ive on Inml t two liondred and u-ag Jaconets and S\\i les Muslins

t DOZEN Pair of Cro..k-H Pafc-nt SlianT, nut a single maik on any I lnot.e JKIIKT, vlictl.ir n a ation. Curtain Mualins Iron IvJi to 5cls. pr.d., striped THE undersigned is now prepared to rereici; "

4 Aprils, 1F51. 13_ JAS 11.GAMRLE.Plows. by a pen or pencil.) N dctici-d. \\ eon-iJ, < r the Safe have .t1t..j neil t'ii'-it I I loni'.ii; rn tiut..CI Lit CIS! and C. W. DOWNING. Scfretan/ State. and Embroidered. the ('..tlon of th? Pi'Mf'7$ 6w

in ]Ue-tiofl a-s having: pa.f.l through one of the f-everest they will vi.'rrslit it 'o .je a tnoeiior armle.We iOu N P.EARD, CmHj.tnJf'r.W. -ALSO- into tin marlcet. Tlie bv.ifiling isimmediately !*-[*'*/ ?

tet to which it could Lave lx.tn put, ami we ki.4re eiil..it-il oi r'oL:. of Diugs and .Tedi- R. HAYWARD. Trra ,rcr. Damasb Table Linen, Bro. Linen Table Cloths rposite the Union lar.k teS the X3'ket

2f 3U? f\ CAST Swccni-- iu bttrc. nnd for Kile nl low need not assure you that we n joire at its moceii.Vc .- cities !,\ i i"'iii; .- ls: ,K'(' 'i niepartd (to extful.ort'eis I). S. WALKER. lifff. PnUle I mh.R. Family Linen and Planter's Drillinj Ih'ue. There is now, ahio. in Co.t5)fl iithi

rateK. JAS. B. GAMBLE \ will forw ant you the burnt Safe, and l in the meantime .01 PI I tick- i inoi'i (lic ..t t\-Jiolcsjlc 01 retail, S. HAYWARD, Clerk Sup. Court. Cottonadfs, Nankeens.Huikabaek the aliove. in Course Of erectien, irun-ttc f ;bds

Aprils. 1 KM. it: _ _ wii'l us anotLir of the fame we and pattern, on in most i _comtTioi>. ;iiis t itiins.We February 1, 1851. 4 tf Diaper. the storage of tVttcn, all cn.!Vr the iflJ'

Law Firm.BEARD for immediate use. Yours, re-juclfullv, n.'ve alson ''eiv vcconott.el doe lo is for th" Red-tick. Richmond Stripes. trol of the nb-=cribcr, who \iill receipt

A BRCVAHD will j.ractice in -paitner Gmway TIK! Compari--A. I'ARKKR I AyenL year lilO. Ti'ey aie "Ciuri'i'v' i>< sm-ll I at'tO"OS Brandy. Moss MattrrH-ses, &.C. ton as may lie sent to him. and hMt A/'wv re'1o, '

all the Courts of ihoMildlo Circuit of An jn-sortnientof vaii"in cizcs and pattirnwith bul I .' iiie) whole t-oi'lil be pai,<' M.orl'v.; !| woi1'1' 5,0lai -S CASK very rcprior Branily." Coats Spool Cotton. .sitile fur lie d"liifrii cf the Cotton in them* Qt'

FloiiJa. OJioe iu 1'alLJi.iSbCc. and without powder-proof locks, for hale ut HG Water I ovsi d I iiiictsting cci lain si'i.-s v.ii'th '. e ntve. .1 A pi'51 5, lb.11. IS JAS. B. GAMBLE. Marshall's fine black linen thread on spool. in Ufc* It ;.. rern'rej.Tho '

4 JOHN HEARD, fctrcct, New York. LEWIS &i AMF.S. -ALSOA sub-criWr is also prepannl ff' /> wf| C* 11

I T. W. BREVARD. ALMOX ROFF, June 8, 1850. 92 Superior Green and Black Teas. few cheap chair' hi'eiUlJer. to weigh -ftitb corrvctne-s and CCsIatCb! T41af.Let'e *-

JOHN (J. STEARNS Common chairs. CV.ttoiH. delivered within the 11 M< '.
February 1, 1851. 4 tf rocking er.rj.Wr ?
CASES TEA v.liicli lie '
A. S. New Goods. superior can > recom- found at W$
ilARVIX. 3 High peat Red steads. ami may at all times be
ir. -niie !. KERRY & ROWLES. 3-
I Shoes. August 2, Ml. 30 Sm a larme and carefully selected stock of < Wash stands &.C., &.c fo oJ"in/, ready and willing to aoci./,twjjaw
3 1851 17
-I OPENING May 5. tt
liritania, antI Hri'iht Metal Vane, G. & J. MEGINNISS. CHARLES
I I" ADIES and Gcuta Rubber Ovcrcbo?s,ju.-t recta v- Tax in July 12,1S31. 27 tt Tallahassee ISl. 33
.LJciL Collector's Sale. confi-tin part of Tea and Coflt-e Poi, French Notice.i ir1i August 23.
Coffee Filtereis. I'ilcheis; Cdiio> Sticks of dillcrenljualilies _
e -
__i Aprils, 1851. 13Hats. J 3Y wize.il\irfue and authority levied in me fourteen h.ybiw vested hundred, I have Jelly Atonlilt, Glass L.mlein, Cake Hes undersigned having some new arrange Leon and Gadsden Plank KoaiATOTICE

--- --- :-- upon rind Cannnter!, and a v.<. iitiy, ot other aiticles i t which Jmcnt iii his business requests all persons m(1 PROTECTION INSURANCE COMPANY of S
I thirty-seven acres of latiul, lying in Loon County, nituate they olTer lor sale on rejson.ililc terms. detit I lo c.'M I ai' l sf tile up In futuiele will keep i is hereby given, that F.ock JjJ
a few miles South-cast of the of Tulkha HARTFORD CONNECTICUT 1> tion fir the Stock f the Lc..n ar":
city >we, no !oolvi bet sell his goods for cash Capital >
Also hind eelusivery or
t &. RUST are now opt-ning an oilment on a mull t.it1 extensive stock of Tin ('a
HEIR Spring and Summer llatu, ol the \ery latent liur1din to belong to William li. Kilcreav, anj will Ware of cveiy (le ci'ilio| < inanufucluicd here by pioihice' and bv so doing he will be able lo sell al Capital Stock, 8300,000. den Plank Rood Conipany, will be opened II. liigfl
I Ik) offered fur> sale in front ot th Couit Hoiit.c door the Suth instant the office of FTullaliassee
day at -
l the lowest living nrice, which I'e promises to do, '
April IU, 1S51. 15 good workmen< .4 !.-ii i prices. K. (
Btyle. : in Tallahassee, -l ._..._ (lay Lead Pine, >>nco( Le. il. Copper, Zinc, and Cistern and leijueslsl'is uldni'-toir.eis.ind others \\iiliingto THE suwrintentltrce
licit, ithiu, legal hours. T. l be Bold to eatL-fy the Pumps for sale. T 1 < i Roofing; Guttering, and Job buy low, to give hira a call. He has on hand a good I prepared to take ri-ks ;jigain Fire on build D. P. Ikigue, D. C. WiL-on Tbss.. and at the '

Spring Goods. Taxes due Uic-rcou for th year 1 f>50.D. Work executed failbtully and with despatch. doifmcnt of Shoes, H. ls, Caps, Hlankets, Cotton ings and their contents, on the most favorable ttrnis. P. V,'. White, in QJncy, under the supt'rmt l '
lIE suIerilkr iHojKJiiinj tonlay a small invoice MeRAENV, T. WHITE & CO. ..nut Woollen Goods, &c., &c., for iamily and plantation F. H. FLAGG, Agent. C. IL DuPout, A. II. Luuier, B. Baker, and

of 1)rcss G oJs, Ifcuiuet Ribbniio, Florence Silks, Tax Collector of Loon County. September 21,1S50. 37 If uses. Tullaliassce, June 7, 181. 22 ris.

Ac, which he oifej-n nt try low jaia.- July 2C, 1631. 2'J) Sm January 4, 1SSI. 52 AMOS RICHARDSON. C. BAKER IT.r .

April .5, 1$5l. 13 JAS.B.GAMP.LE. A Valuable Tract of Tobacco Land The Forwarding and Comniissson Business I. R. hLARR1Angust
I .
--- and Summer Goods. Tax Collector's Sale. for Sale. Flour, &c.I AT ST. MARKS, FLORIDA, 16, 1831. 32 Con.
virtue nf autlioiity m me by law vested, I Live be Hold the Ware-Houses heretofore occupied by Messrs. -
BY on a of twelve months at BARRELS best family Flour pjceS-
w of and WILL IN
TCT received general asiortncnt Spring wid lotiinl three hundred 60 at reduced
iijxin and twenty (, \\ashinigtoim County, on the fir.-t Monday 3ca-ksRice, & PETTFS: will be conducted by the Undersigned Summer Clothing
.J Summer Gooda, to which we invite the attention acres of land, l 1) jug in Lw.n County, situated about in October next, 2'' 0 acres valuable Hammock 30 barrels Potatoes, who will endeavor to give as general sat- WING to the advanced state ef the se1-

uf bmerc befmparcha ing elsewhere.hEIR & RUST. ten iniloH Norlli-cabt of Tall.ibaAsce, t>n the vati-rs of Land, Ijelon injj to the estate of Jolm Ftrpii 15
April I 19. 1 1l3l. Black Creek, ;jniriKM-titg to Ixjlong to Fabran Ann It is hituatoil near the upper Part of Holmes' Landing from L'rig Uranus. mind for sale br BEARD &. DENHAM. at greatly reduced prices, for ca.'h.W .

: Corn, Oats, and Hay. ct<'ad, imd will uu olFcrcd for sale, in front of the Valley, about five miles from the Court Hou., to McNAUGUT & ORMOND. JulyS, 15,11. 2G ff T

Court HOUMJ door, in the city of Tullalias, on Monday which point Holmes Creek is naijjable all the >ear. Newport, March 22, 1851. 11 August 9, 1851. 31
4 \ flBUSIIELSLeavyhiteCurn M the 3d l day of November next, uitbin legal bour-v. It i k well watered, nnd! well odaitted to the culture Fresh Groceries.
JUU 20<) Oats, Tube sold to the Tuxes due
50( bales Hay, twitlbfy for the of Tobacco, Cotton, Corn, Rice, toni Su ar-cane. Notice. I Sclu'onerV'm R. Petle9 from New Orleans, Notice.
1850. McHAEJfY PER
Now from Bri Uranu and for sale byAlcNAUGHT year Only a small portion of the Ijuul U cleared, but 5000 pounds Middlings, this JI
lauding Tax Collector of Leon Count j. there is about SO acres of cleared land, under fence, ALL parties indebted to me. will please call at 20 barrels extra Flour rriHE firm of C. C. BYRD & CO. i*

1 A OIt3IOSD.V July 26<5, 1831. 29 Sm on which there is log houses, a wt-11 of KWK! water, orchard deck with the cash, without delay. 40 superfine family do. 1 solved by mutual consent. Al! .
ew1)ortMardI2,185I. Ii 4C. land July 19, ISZiI. 23 S. S. KNIGHT. said firm will beallended toby C.C Byrd.C
Chanoc. (ill public adjoining. It is a hi<*h and 5 Lard, C
& -- healthy situation, and adjacent to good range for cat 2 Rice,

4 Clothing. HAVING (determine lo leave Tallahassee, a bar tie nnu hogs. Co-Partnership. 3 boxes Lemon, r -

'td TUST received a general assortment of Genii and be given in the sale of my stock and Tim improvement on public land will Le sold at the HE undersigned have this day formed a Copart 5 kegs Goshen lint ter. Jolf 19,1 SSI. -continued by i-,.C. BYF4 3t

I I Ho\ Spring and Summer Clothing.! For sale good-will lo any person wuliing lo do a grocery bu- same time. T niTahip under firm of G &. J. MeirmniM.(5KO. Also, :HV) bushels Corn. The business will be

3ow (bv hEIR & flUT. itipss in tin place. JAMES M.! LONG, Executor. H MEGINNISS, BERRY i; ROWLKS, Auctioneers, &c. the same Place.T.ehlabassce ?

"I July y.lb.M 23 f S S.' KNIGHT. July 12, 1S51. 27 fct July 1 1,1831. JOS. R MEG1NNSS. Auguit: 2, 1551. 30 July 1C, 1S5L

The Floridian & journal
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
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t. .,.--- .- II---- L I.
'- .
: : ,
: -- --- -- -- __ __IlI -- _. J,. .,


It 10ft tatt an 1 Jouru" : t :

-- "
,: --
-..'-- ---- ..- -- ._



-- .--. .
_. .
\.:' n Yar.1cc. oi Bachelors. -- -- --- --- .-_ -- ---- -= -- h_ __ _ ._ _- -. ----- ._ .
J JC* *ij from tlif ,A: O. Piramtnr, u
,1., |,:a.d-oiiu'friend of ours, who, a Whenever we hear an old bachelor talk'about The Creoles of Cuba. I An Auction Scene. The Ruling Passion Strong in Age. An Exciting Scene.A I

'flff i fii'icxwas poked out of a very''1 : 1 being lonely, or sick, or ,discontented. Since Strolling through tins city, we chanced into A sailor, during a whaling voyage, while -
return to this
,4. ft', tceetb j l di,;. Ui) the river, I las I betaken I j I vef4)rt:1ie .many to lu/'sd\'s-st'rn's/ light, old asked so mv maiy: questions and citI! I have have heard been could an aue make.lOn.room to see what bargains we I,, lamenting to his messmates the soei-ty of his i few days since, on hoard a steamer from
to recover from tlie follow FO i The auctioneer was upon the 'female acquaintances, whom he had left behind !
llaiV'TiwhihN I| -you brought the rheumatism !! Memphis to Cincinnati,
rWfl1.1 about was a large
f I by too many reports Cuban affairs, that I besta nd with of very I
a piece calico.
1.lm" : 1 itS iWIiiiiTs I liv our un- .:.free indulgence! in the I wound up with- J crowd of
'tl.t pleasures of \ lieve Wo found
; :111':1 : this life it passenger in
F "" : III f1'It : 1 j to truth, to the memory rf the Eight cents who a man jj :
r. a v'ard ten "I I tell
r tP ndlJllllltitrllt'IIU. !I'I1JtJng !by 1 high living, fiee drinking late hours I! tP you what it id,0035, I've determined ; QuahrIikcttirl', sitting
I I! -and martyrs the Cuban cause, and to t t'ie! Cuban 1 I'll upon a large chest ,
,. !' ,f SLIt na 4 have 'had instant effort t ; if you ten, says an old Iad3 to kiss the first woman I meet, after I land, decl.ning< that it should not be broken f

t r>l.:111"1. 1 t'na i\\'l1t1* us I I.If'I'I 4' W'e people general/ to iais>e 1113voice, ,, "Going; at ten Going !-gone Yours that! is, provided she's got a single tooth in :J unless they killed him Soon from the open
> bl' fp I vfm't go home till l morning" however, humble and unknown, to state such madam: ; walk in and settle." her head I chest, I II
l11"n kttt'r9 hieh), zuuotig oilier that H, furthermore, if she'll let asme. s iNn distress heard
U'I',,IT !facts was voice
J I It'; nUl 'tlf a dl'sflt.'rlk> quand I1mttI" f]| sounds hateful in your care: now, you have no kn as circumstances of. have given: me specidowledge : "I didn't bid on it," exclaimed the old ladvadvancing. ." 11 I!I of a colored person. apparently r

f"II" u ht't\\"t'l'U f.'ut one to blame, but' .v'onrK-lf) for having yielded ; Good," shouted his I II Ii
: 111"ud tht' bttut :1 | I ) companions ; "we'll Let me out-I had rather 'back to ,
II.'I I sokomnly slate lint ( go
: ,,J dp\lrt' "hf and a real livv Yanhco Retdvi" so complete'h'! to those pleasaie-s of anise j 'n. Lopez never deceived \e'n thank persons not to bid if they I remember that, Jack, and hold Jon to Jour : massa ; oh, mercy I can't stai ht-rc ,
., ( I one about) the feelde any
which cily uu't "
1'\, : trod on t.' '( .' t}tW for. !| sooner or later bring: a man to the so- 'evolutionary want an at tide, said the auctioneer.i .- p.omi (. i I longer.l .
:. ;
J1a' )l'ltt'r: i her Fecund thoughts 01! Ii.(,. When ing in Cuba, and the eo-ojK-ration ho )hojH.\l ;i < ; then, at l' than The
| gllt110 '
more party separated.
; rolled
., ti..: .iumn the! lormer( thnateuml to' v-on were to mce-1 fiom the Cuban. 31 -says Days on, and Look hero, my friend," says the captain, ';
Illi1** I gond looking and v position 1I\:H"laim eight I f""Nine the 1'alcon"
r. the I11i'r. even tempered )OU might} lay at her moorings. The "
abi" will have
: If t!lit' ( the last you to get ofl'that chest.
;I during "
; out have e-ighteen months of his life
'/Ill'1 1" found f favor with the sex and I cents, said an old gentleman crew wore paid oil' and ,
l k we OUt 411 the 1 CtIiu. a sweet t!''oiuhle! op- were now starting for I'll be darned if I do," he replied. ,
.III-ir' / to
.. 'I CU' vife and! 'two or three Jonly children state knowingly: that ll'tI'rfrom po:ite. home.Tit. (
JI l111itck'uu out Of tijisCabin 1 r, would | all Oh, elear! let me out, let me out ""
"I'", of i the- came
1itv4iiiI parts: Mand have often called i ille"ine!
\t's : e frhuldem-d the noonday nnd'I.'uinO' of !-who says ten ? Going at left the ship with heart and !
HJtdlcock! oft
out distinctly from
** the chest if
kick JlU', r- b him atd Iii as in
: i life. Now, however, v'ou m-.ist trudge on a-1 I : & :; friends, whatever might be their I nirI negoing! !-gone I Yours, sir. Cash 1 takes I 1. it i seemed to them like entering a now world, j I!! saffocaiion. apparent

,'. ((11111/1. Mr. Hitchcock'I11"W ,, '. with nothing bat your, oyster stew and :I I mber., No letters or news have ever been i itt nine Cel.ts." 1 j to stand upon the land and again tread the \ Mate said the
ki.k ,
t j
: rn V1 captain
in this bring
forge-d som
M' cily, and I astonished that "I didn't 'I
? |' iJOI le to bring even a gleam of | am : I|I bid, said! the gentleman. "I 1 i firm set earth." I
iIJ "he Yankee : mouientary take that
i I gh'F'Of{ *J very such accusation I men, person off the chest and break
atrl" satisfied that it was 111111.1 satisfaction to your 1:1(. I! an ('ould'l'r have 1 boon mad! j I doI nitant it ; I wouldn't give you five cents As the crew were leisurely leaving the slip! ;' i it (IpCIL"'h'hme ,
IMC against the few ,
Devoted friends who for the "
iuicercconvinced whole
In .
Mt's an address recently; delivered bv rillc( nndIlldll the
GOT. of them
touc.h iWUt2V11 11-liI :U j up rpiasouc spied showing seized
ill I I person fight was bvtho -
1 ly of I
.1a.: of j' IJriggs, of Massachusetts he ?.iI J the goodness or the :1IJ\, [Auctioneer' : g-tting: mid :] If any one a I Ibiels fernalo coining towards them.
P'0 laUl all
.. "::(* >011 : "? gave bnchejj.n j: I passengers, believing l.c was carrying
"I I tell 1fnt old ; }lots a good 'humored scoiing, pailiulirly spaied'no efToil, no sacrifice, to serve it, j.. again, the3' 'il'1 haw to take' the nt'fc' A good chance," thought he, for Jack i off Mr.
llradley Darkey, to law
d contrary made and
;:neveH''!! tilt j and have .. e-d in it their j
lime' their into
11't' that class of them who grumble nt tix- !' enjja nauiei|' or get trouble, [throwing down angiily to camhis j'rnnmieintexeruuon." lie ivided. The
'h":,,. I being and their I step-i pr: mate seized an iron bar, and
m. "I; "r; d" I'-11-, I I ed f for educating other people's children.Ve I than the fortune, with no other guarantee 'i I the piece: of calico.] (;Jive something else. ;] pod up to Jack, and, clapping him on the j 'breed it between: the lid and body of thehest.
i i1. IllIr word and honor
\1 of These'I Ah! :
. wont t't back much (quote his language. one man. gent'e'nen, here i is a fine piece of diJ per. shoulder, said, Jack, there's a woman bearci I! .
it I .
.fl.ij, !\ -::!-*? yon hntt be |,1 1In' ** Am I to be taxed to rupjKnl children not let tel S have r.ov-er I It'e'l written wih 1; the I intention ; I \\'h.-it can I get for this! ? What do I hear ? I Iall.tilillg ing down! upon u>. You havn't forgot I Oh don't! kill "
'Jkirki'ig, i is gcnendly to ( of their your you'll me, says the stif ,
deceiving "
: fault is
""r" my own i" grumbles, the old bachelor. only exaggeration von please promis-o, ha, Jack I" 'I l led! voice I
$" ..ltl Unt.Ut'Y is oni"oWBricrimoMi t ; want to get out I want to
: ; JCf"! .11I'U 9 not :t" regardthe: J and wUhi i I'll ; go
feelings stai it
1,1.1 ( fu Ten The others
r )u )bmg) .j:1Ct'ti 1 IJIHI4I'tt'S t.'rt:l llh'. of the! Cuban at ( ,says anoth hoard the remark, and all fell a back ; oh, dear! I shall! die! !r'
;.1 : I Hut I e-s people, but as to tie! possi!i er.Iiiit3 f 'uI of Jack and
r.;' have; no children cf ) insisted that he should fulfill Hold "
own. out few
ra"hath my minutes
t .n rdi JOIl" suit un cVtI3' I *' of immi-diate action. Circumstaiu-cp! "Twelve 1 and 1 J half his a longer, says a ,
j J third.t
MI much tho a a "Thr- promiae.
r 1'I.I. worse ; you ought to havo | say good natured
" ti .) cSt j have.been I: :t the expedition the lu- teen cries Pouiteen person, stepping
UttIl after 1 them. npI; ; (\ j'I'' an old Iad3 fifteen': Well, look hero, now, said Jack, as the I out, "v'ou shall soon be released."
It on mrc I In lion-had I
nian8e tn kN'1' ** But I have no wif ." I broken out on the 4th of July in i j erivd ?t-verfcl voice-: ?. woman approached, there's in all
I'I'r i an intense
be had an old! roan PUN feeling J was now raised in
tlttaftlnlllUn.U. to "
i S"ld( ( fixtoen rail ** Bad again : you ought to havo a wile and t I'liiu'ipc, from many points Patriots I I 'ifteen I am ofI'l'redfiftc'n! !-done at J things ; she's as old! as Mcthusaleu's wife, and i the crowd,, when the mate forced off the HJ
jump otn" |j jkweia had ;
{ stai ted and concentrated in the ( t
fifteenctn't "
m3re.: 'children into the bargaiu.nd not hI'ing:1ifl'9 J Co.coroj I : dwell-going !-.roi-II-rr-. as homely as a minx. as it camo from the chest
: wJ a ny tJlfn that: i 1 0 I an uncarthh, demoniac -
' I' i UUU.MN H-: lwj 1 wi i whic'i: no good l be mountainsho were and tire still defending GUM i ii : Yours, fir. Step whoever i>iJ." No excuse," replied the
.JlOCk' u i IL! Tvv-ior three I tHa\S: I man ought to with- i;\ themselves I up crew ; "Jou j laugh came from the old clothe-s with .
!LdWii'n'.v,!! > |( "t:11.h., :md 1 told: UriM it ov, j, omit(, and no cliildivn! wUeh a-e alsoneccs a-1 against the royal! troops. The''1 No one came up.-all (' *CS starting in vaPr orui-et1 that: yon would kiss lie( first woman j I which it was filled, and no sign or appearance '

utirulv rv, you deserve to be doubly t.a' ('cJ. Go; and government, of course, immediately -xp'-rted j j rious parts: of the room. yon nif t, that i is, if slie'd let yon, provided she of any I living thing. Amazement

:,tat it-ouKl He was water Wf'fnrryan her, and ill a s-itous anlffll present*; Jour case to some good lady: as one i I the and arrival took all of some expedition from the States;,,, !,,! --Gone", then, at fourte-cn Yours, sir, walk had a single tooth! in her head." on the countenance of the before an-appeared ,"

\-\ iti! face twice as long as old fit .for. her fyni|>athy, and if you are deserving necessary measures ; an eats wore 11 p here Lucky' thought} ," said Jack to hirr.'olf; I"a J I g ry bat now bewildered lookers-on. We
I8auner a of it will made ; the, armv- of spies reinforced, and all I But the bidder coclJ nut be made to walk single tooth her he-ad.
pwonVwra'* on m SabLalh: div.tII I knew all you certainly tind it, I ni She hain't got j were shortly after let into the mystery by the

so I wntrlu-d him and The editor of the Evansville Journal, too : suspicious men mat keel and closely watched uji, I none: I'll swear; so I'll board hrand run the: caj.tim, who informed ns of what he was bo-

: tine h:1:0 ni-d IyiRZ.for three nijAts re-r'lar 'IoJ having Int 'lr fakon to I.iIl1 I i self a wile, thus The jtiiscoures General arrive-d. Hut few Cnhan joiu- "Thirteen, then, madamou; can Live it rk sk. Well, boys, here goes," and off he ; l fore aware, but had forgotten, that tIle rnimi-
!L J.i,. ,U nan tit.., old Ii him, it i is true, but how many-tried fojoin ? at your Lid." I started.
to I tlIile'entriloquist, the Fakir of "
:!'oan coiaeto my stable old about nl'adlwould beel-Ume, :i 4' What are you baeimiIr&'I'lit for in this world !- j be jailors of 1 Havana f may answer that question -I I didn't' !bid. What do you think I want I As he met the old woman, he found her ex- stood by, apparently an anxious Sinr,

adjust d about ilavLflut What| 'I 1)3' stating how many arrN were made of that! article ?I" said the "old! trenie-ly< and I spectator
her and ride her oill I dien good are yon doing your country ?- lady, iadig- aged, very respectfully addressed of the proceedings.JUG.
bllik the
on roads jsiiico the I Itith
i What August/ ; they nantly.! bar,
'j are yon doing for I'lI tl>!'itJrhJt i i
blacksmiths I
: look may old nure t< the tilt interest have you in the 'generations; yet mm- can answer it by telling what i i- the crime, Here, Fit tlnko} it at ihirteen," exclaimed, I say mother! -oxccse me-but I want :fUIUlS.A : .
i.ic'ues ) and had
cn'ks made about four long, br rn' von road off1J! (>re will be when j j committed I by over two thousand wretches I a1 voice at the ether end! of the room. All 1 to ask 3 on a (;uestion"s company of great story tellers, had asenbled
Your Iwcl Otis you
I'nl Ipipd! to !her liind' fwt I 1 old men, if)'our \ile halitii"t.'r' permit j| now in Spanish dungeons or transpoite-d to I ey
tpr! iutnothiu' to (':0. I took her h* m,\ :' to firiive at a go d old aire ? \V'oiit you be pain.i The soldiers) also answer In spying { el airnau.t: stepped forward. voice, rhat is it i." tavern out west, and some astonishing narratives -

""ire her about ton feet halter, and tied her ., like lonely, seared and scathed trees you stand- I j IJOw many have )been executed behind the \Vho says they'll take; it at thirteen ?I" Have( you got any teeth ?" t -real whoppers"-Lad been given for
rjit! in fie ei-ntor <*f th,.> stable, fed lier well j bushes of the Aguacutc and the 1'ena Uhn- "I I do said facts. At
; ing in a 'big clearing ".*imout a companion.I an old 'fat-faced farmer. Wli3wlat a q-ieer question, replied the sure logth when the imaginations
o'clock) and i
mill! oat a! out nine: taking a f uu'ri v'ouilife unprotected from the frosts bv ca! Will, Mr, walk! up and take it." old, lady ; bkssyoursoul, I ain't had a tooth of the narrators of these tales began to fail

f..,,tdsnmkc, wcntf truth hM: knowing animnmil l and that thzmtk'l my y"uu ; saplings; and shrubs at his feet ? Or, Say that: the Cubans are paralyzed by the m I ,'I'm afraid it's stolen goods i" says the! in i niy head for more than twenty J.ars-! them, somebod3 called on a quiet young;

old marewas a uli-ig::: ( "omm'r you be like pumpkins in a cornfield system of terror under which they live ; sav" j, fat-faced man. V In, what made yon ask !t" man, who sat gravely in a corner, for his
give a pod' u'jwrt of herw-ll the mor-'j 1' more prominent because of prodisious: I that they are crushed bv' tyrmIlJ ; that the'3'j, i The autioneer, now quite mad,sprang down, ""Well you see," said Jack, I've been off! sto\* .

uingWaiancliod I t fiy; a4.elm I before) the oM$ n lin<''s and Umcliness, than Jour the stalks at j lack( iOM ltte leaders, capable: of forming :i i L and was about collaring the old! man), when! a L throe years, and on the way home promised I Oh," saiJ lie, I havn't anything to say.

"(,ind wanted to 1 Know whatflticartli < your side laden with golden grain i Hold pJaIi111 j of loading a people: without anus '!; pcj&on right behind him, cried : I'' shipmates: that I would kivi the first vvoinin I might tell a story, but nothing to compare
was the matte-r, out at the F.taMe.1ft j i'! your heads up md talk like men, whcthervoui 11 I i and suriounded bv, the mo.t ii-gonious system: i I Don't strike him It I was me that said v-ou I I met, if she had a single tooth in her with: that just told."

> \' 1, 'yo tll> t". p IVsnry ; it's notiiing but'K&&V 1''I of spies ; accused tlu-ni of cn'arc11J'e:11lIe8s;, 5t ult" them !" head.< however, the insisted, and the
i vou can act so or not Now, don't fe l' i' I company
I licking oil tiie*, 1 guess. 1'ur1iv ; I II I I.asliamcd* of yourse-lves Look at till you girl, but do not cast infamy on their name 13- representing t The auctioneer turned round, when a big Yon did V replied the old lady; "stopa young man began.
soon she hunched me again, tnd says I about l lI yon, all smile's and. sugar-J .--''us (- I I'ejflH them! fighting the Patriot*, tracking dog( Ipp: rent1y right i at ii. heel, sniifled LIHII I bit ;" and the old lady thrust her finger into I The adventure I am about to relate, 1 is

e' I with! the man: who bus been their : baikcd moat furiou. lv*. With her somewhat }but it will
I \ iwing with love tie gs only j : a sudde-n spring- : mouth and felt it all singular, not surprise
iill-d i
to o"crJesrcs
: on I j
"Mr. llitrlirock' du nu.,1 v\hat j ;
git: up o" the fi.; i-t good fellow that can tOUt,h i heir j I j hope ior two 3ears. .1| upon his counter, he ordeied the crowd to I -it is I so." you after what you have hoard.. I was once

in tIm wtirlJ in the matter with !vate. \i rich !.t.'h !PVISI- i ipathieFftdings 1 was in Cuba when} Gen. Lopez arrived!!, i l eave. An acquaintance at oir elbow, no I: What i is it, mother," a4ed Jack skating on a very smooth and extensive piece
as \
"by Etill, IVggy" ; Kate will take cans of r{ kindred Ppint can soon be worked into: II\but-u L and I Iii1 only say that had it b
htrdt: I :II"I'S. !! ter, and spread over I'.e until ani i /o join him, 1 rroitld nn! rw Fir in Amer' Ui.. ; l lo.d: laugh, as a genteel littlo man passed (mu: have got one- old snag left yet !I" h Hew. Indeed! so great was 103 velocity thatI
Wall. the u-n1 nionimg% alwnt daylight, : ; "our you J hatts tho.-e who !know willnot doubt] I at! the door whom he told I did not air hole
Jack did
happy as the 'birds o If Look 'em ; me mv-1 us was Blitz, thet'l1ll'iOtld m the buoinuaa, and as he turned away see an which lay in my
; i.piug. at .
Bradley with; hit luiJle in i Iris !hand, come tu ;land! feel the j' xv OUI./ Now, while I a'n convince-d, for hay:. j j vi"jingmv'Self t exclaimed way, but dropped into it like 3- bar of

t iht} stable, and as trtK' as the book of (.ene- J 1isuustiag jwifition which you ,, seen and heaid I what I FXand --- -- --- ,: By thunder, here's the ruling passion l lead, and 1113 head was shaved clean off
in the my
SK when !h.. tli-. old roan's sides bead I |eu upy cabbage garden of humanity.- j Go it Bob-Tail.
taw: i | having: been amor'gst the Cubans and strong in shoulders! In the sharp ice."

and sum, lit cussed; and swore worse than I j I j U'bat 4 are von hulling] back for ? Now just i: ed 1 to the fame danger, I oblige nobody1} expo to'Jfchaicmy A specimen of the genius Iloosier" was age. Tins assertion made a great laugh and t

you did, mister, ben I come down r i-put on Jour best looks and Jour I com-jctionsIlIt I will tell the inj I- found liv Captain of the steamer -, Woman's: Dress.A some one asked the Jung man how

I01'8-" / 'other cot-visit the giilf J ice cream them, j i credulous9, go to the Mand of Ciba: do not J J! i in the engine loom of hi* boat, while: lying at late number of the Uoston; Medical and! times his head would bear shaving ofE many

"Arterbroakfarttnat nwrnin', Joe Davis tdk to them prettily, drive them, walk them,, I I J I seek information in nt-vvpapi-rs published nneicr ': LOlli\iIlI'olle I line morning in Jmo.: The Surgical Journal publishes} paper, read before "Hear me out," he said! gravely. "You

rom. to tiiyt'Hip\ jiiid fisys he, imam-,! please' tliem-then projxipe-, get accepted', !|! the most vigilant: : ecnsor>!iip', nor amongst ;\]I 'aplain inqaired: to JlUW'htt he was doingthere. the Boston Societ3 for Medical Improvement remember, I said I was going very swiftlyand

RradKVoMrnin is nearly dead-she's! !1 and the country will ,{'Iy on you as |! men] who arc interested in thowing that I 1 ," b3' Dr. F. Coale, on the present that the day was very cold. My body

cut mil'!1 to jtinecfi;, and can scarcely* wove." ]j I I ;It faitliful and well-disposed citizen.-Phil- ;island h quiet, but mix with the (Cuban", I thl'j,: i, Have you peon Captain Perry'Z"? was the iashion l of dress amongst our women in its re then, with its acquired velocity, went under

"I I want to know I "boon artli ,adtijikia City l'm, ie lation l to their health.
wh'rlog-vlne > The
says I _. come their r.i"lIdlet'Ullf. observation I'* ponce' following pira- the ice as fast as my head moved over it, until -
&ld.. it 11:11"1'11: | | '.'' t Temperance.- personal, and then try a little con.-piracy.) I Don't know Mm, raid cnn't tell what that I graph merits: the wise consideration of all!I corning to another air hole, up popped my

Now wuite we were biking, tip come I Tlie greatest glory of all men consists in .Onl3't )l aspomble and aim fifty( men, 1 warrant': I j'j.l lias to do \\ ilh your bung in HI) engine room," whom it concerns : body and my Load froze on in the exact pre ;I.

that cveralatiug liyjtocrile UradJev, and j'I will j find both I!; replied the! eaptun, argiilx 1 *. \\ ith a view improving their sliapetht would have
Ba\s ''virtue, but the greatest glory of irtue cer -vou men awl 1110:103:: ; bat! : f--l''i' i -union cleared. So, you see, I '
I J I tai a'r'. I It.-I]owl'S to v-our.g IUd Tlu.'cr'' i' that, if yon arc able, withdraw your head j i ii *' Hold on, that's just what I was getting l loxxer part of the dress of women now consists, had ni3 head cut oft.and [put on agaiu with4.

"Mrlliic-acoclt, my old rom is n nod." ;! youthful have 0 not advanced into the oil i from the noo!e in \,'hit.t0:1 had dcad3: see I' at. You see, Ctph.ia IVny aske-d me to.ifl: MX, eight, or even more, skirts! made ot out tle least exertion on. n -m\. rnrL". .'
"" Du tdl:' 'aye I. j I lions; of life, the old have arme-il themselves,1 tempta.} : I it, if 3-011 have resisted the; trials of a conspi-]I.ator's j' t take a di ink, and so I did l ; I know that I various: matemls ; cotton-the stiii woolen I Lucky !" I .

he'g all <-ut to jH-ices," cays Le ; "do J With exjxjiieocc to avoid them : I ,'r life, if you can c.-cape, yon will soon u i wantt-d a diink, or I wouldn't! have ocemu so I| material| intended for curtains, called mo'ecnilannel Hut this is not the end of my adventure,

voa la'lt know "wbctli r die was in *yourtabh e i I tin1 young man, full or of conq'ier passion, and'strength i; I'I'Iut be back) and will say with me, it must bes'X'n )r \'rJ drv. *>o "apt.-tin Perry and I went to I and at times quilted with! cotton wool! i for on niy return home, I sat 'by the fire relatirtg ..

44 1Ji l.t ,' and daring, adventures his untriedpiesin 1.I I to be believed or understood : this peoj:: j: t the ball-Captain Perry was putting( in some -weighing i together, as ascei taitu-d 1 IoJ autu.t my wonderful' escape, when, my neck

W all, miI '>with this; F let out Do yon (! [ the war\\'ut1d1.v seduction and I 1 1pie: has the will but not the power of mnnviui y ;; extras on f no toe. I snug (tot go it, Cap- al t experiment) ten, twelve, and even fifteen beginning to thaw, I undertook to blow mv' .

*know" it (the "i j.nkt-e. hew, ii; illustratitif-, J I|if JJ j"J be maintains those principles in I' It has not been mv iiitcntion! : to get into'V'tuin:a |' : Perry, it3ou 1u.t Jour bile-r? With I pounds.1 Each of these is supported by a nose, and threw my head-chuck-behind ,

e( a sudden ativanre on the dandy, w ." I Ituudt 1 1.I i (] to him )be-Iongs the true honors temperjanco of a I:l long discussion ; I Iun no pubc! writer, and'( ![ that man steps nj; to me, says he, ee lucre, I string drawn very tightly around the body.- I the back log !" ,

m for. him, unconsciously KS it tve re,| and heio. I it ij i with regret that I put' 1113* name before || stranger, you inu.-t loave.. says? I, what We have seen tlio marks for elays after the I! And what then 2"

\ol, kn1 It,, you nu-suuled, squash-headed'I ,! 4 conquerer Temperance a is the richest in the the public) ; but returning to Now Oilcans, 1 'nut 1 leave fur f Savs he, S'oti're making I tkirts haw been removed-we have seen them Nothing," replied tIle narrator, gravely .
tn'llIlU'drtorl\ ?\ !'OU i !-v<*u liav-hotikiu', corn' j(young man.s clown of honor. As excessive t' :have[ been painful af'ectod 1>.\' the rcvr.bionwhich i too muc'i' noi.-o.' ::IJS"C I I been in 1 bigcr even after death. Here, then, is the first feeling his neck, only my head I believe

,' imder.fugin, c'nt.Ln.jll' whiuJ I "- ciovv (r : |j't sensual! indulgence di'udc-ns tio! se-nKibilities Ins: taken place! since: the news of the = pressure quite as well since !
dumb MUm, )' "OU', i .IUdC kkk; like n tnof p I ;atid huts out beauty from the i I defeat of that heroin little pnrtv whose dee-dsj": and didn't leave lIutlll.'r.i tt'i that! ho took constraint that these strings Lccpnp, ident- It is needless to say that this is the last big 'f j
E JI&.;.1'11.'e' reduced the thing tu a I so does in all add will )be long spoken of I In- the SpanUh so l'- |i h!me LJ the nap of the- neck and the s<'at of the I embarrassing great I 13 the organs within- story told that night in the country tavern.
III'e f' temperance things to
The Yankee t/1 die mind and loveliness to the fVatute-s.grace Tomj'j! ,diers, who( more generous than his (;overr j breeches-and 1 lien. As I was shovin! down I When to this, however, we add the eight oi Star Spangled Banner

tig 5ot teased to advance ment gives .:iuc credit to an that -trect, I met a Iad3-I knew she was a lady the skirts, wo cannot but at once perceive ,
f.lf'dlnd" is the ; onl3': j
moral l
tn.ws I Id jorancc most graceful j j rcmaik A Ccurt of ;
made. I h how Errors.
She said
astouWlIUf'ut, to rltre'lt'In ; attribute i gave way: to a force ten times 1 l i by a 'Joung great an additional force is set to work
,' of the! individual however i : stronger. j
no tL' man, it is !
ceI..at .,' JI Lime IaUc'r l being ae-i I IU :aUo I II the louixhition If ; I h ave heard accusations murmured ztgtiIu ..t man, I icckon you'll go home with mei'! j)particular if its operation-as exerted upon Western lawyers are noted for oddities,
'Iit the(arty,J, In apparent detnotutration 1 to I j6df |, of home, and it i is the m- tlJpl':1 of C the .jov 1 I(;('11. Lope-zand his noble and generous friends: i lolitene s wouldn't: let me refuse, and so I II'd Iwellt. organs having amongst the ins -Ivcs a mobility and we find in an exchange the follow ing a- '

jJ the I "on to the the word he found him' :igre-atncbS: of nation-. palladium is tine, I 'who feel Je-ss the loss of tIll ir fort-mes: their I! ] be-e-n in the house but a minute, I almost as great as that of fluid-be propeihestimate ti.using anecdote, of a "limb of that tree ..

a line, roeU ball," u,,,,,Jiaj |Ji'lrkwart.sI', I IO'r I Iof instinct, but the offspring! Temperance of reason arid not liber-an: nanio < xposed to the attacks of vulgar ciu e- I when: I hard considerable of a knocking i ,('. To protect the abdominal! isccrangainst which is so thrifty in itself but whose! leavesof

: of 1I..g'J: ani the the door. I know'd the! chap wanted to this remember there is nothing parchment cause so much unthrift in thosoon
I' 'l' t.elriw" kuee'I; I t.acraiilled '. ;It i is ono of those }biglier conditions of i, lilies, than fur the los, of a man who never gel I pressure
lloti as le : ) ) :j in whoever he was, or he wouldn't! h in front tl.iu whom they fall." We are not but
Fere-al! f1 up, a tu-.fe1: i.ciuI! life which this of ern ,t and suflersing i i I had an unworthy thought, whose motives ve kept at least save a partition ot sure
1' ,. ,0 :1C !.,14t stulluillg';,, U: 'n from un rill" m i is de'duJlilltIi ago it its (i were pure and geneious. G l'lI. Lopez had: such a tremendous racket. Jty-and-I, says woman's soft and tentionless muscle. That this old attorney was right in attcmping to

'dcfratav total 1 ; a fe w moments after' tl" epreads bcnifij j I /11.1. ntrcd mo ] his friendship and confidence.: a voice, Ef you don't open, I'll bust ia; the those viscera should be forced downwards i is have the error" corrected in the court by
rent the ty
1IIIJ. beer
2 ,1 :JS(7 draS'S hisown trunk on thore, the hand powers) of the toiler diiving, and cup into fro-n the! {i I gril.I.i" loss as that of a father; and, I ItlJiik i door.' And S') he did.: I put on a bold face not surprising; that they must in turn exert which it was committed :
tull: r'k.-1'1cbcC, )ck f j5sh -d his story on the' !i itV pulse of his life of the I that raising IIIJ'I'lk voice to justify( and says I, Stranger: does( this woman belong arj equal force downwards on the pi Ivic uscera One of the old-fashioned attorneys practis
cr as principleone
a : most '
\ :
')1, JAJUiS ) I to { ho She does.' Then is tug in Indiana, insisted i on
I lnv.illrr 1 gloiious auxiliati'-K is ) added that I I him; his iends, or the cause for hich he lIi.>d, 3'ou .iys apparent. Here we arguing a case
! being to : ; is to me a duty-is< "l'n..1l.tilllIQIJH1 I kmemory. S:1J I 1'sbe'sal.idy, I think, from all that I'Ct'l'n have an explanation, and we trust, convincing fore Judge II after it had been decided.
gathering of o
thzrjk Re1iadtheTjn fore-herald array hopeful possibilities( 'm Ilir iejj'Iie i j :'j his Those who insult his ashes I of Ier.'jIlt that, he CUlll' nt me with of the frequency of a disease in thc youngest The judge repeatedly told the unfortunate attorney "
V have the of this would and tL! 13-
L: : seen the *followitg El"Unrl reign of peace calumnies arc guilty of an act of cowardice't.?, a pistol in one hand and a bouie knife in the and heartiest of the sex-which: twenty that he would listen to no further argument
riS U3h to r(pw tJ The peace. and I would be as guilty if 1 te-maiuid silei,it. oilier, and being a little! prt.'s.Nltir room, I years since was considered j peculiar to those on the case. j

Jo.o jrorMl J.(all !we: .ned to call him, among'Of I hemencp intemperance of men has done unreasonable veitl I confident hope that thno will justify l himin jumped through the window, leaving the hig- whose powers of Iffe were greatly! exiau:ttdby But, may it please Jour honor," says tho
loved lUaitie ., I lad a fiilinglie, < I| more to perpetuate portion of rJlt.tail.8 I 1\\.5 streaking demands them advocate your honor will hear
4 V* 1113' certainly
ger already anargurnc
good !< than ;wordsluave done. 'J'lie i t e eyes) of the would, and that if I have upon or were on
-aor'lut' Eac-1 xvas tl o state (>f ;prl'cip.it.lIIc it down town with! .it if honor '*
Us the
fragment fluttering the decline from explanation I your hasdecided]
tr2jt that of i not )been aide to save him, I Jet ODC dl I i age ; an may wrong.
> no ono could trust hilil. I-Ic]j ) poor emancipated I In'one may to the breeze I met a frit'nd-I Knew "No," replied. the "if
I t4efore one of those grand accidents offato revolution aid in avenging him. have no pertonal interest he was mention in passing, not Jet offered, as far: as judge; you desireto
I day rcsortpyl to a tuck, to an-1.| a I, lend 1 It a remark he made he I other I argue the case more take it
"er the engaged in the Cuban: life- .1 3 -sa\'S. 'Go;i can ascertain, by 3113- writer. any to the _
great deurc //lis i always blinded thorn to the, sinister cause ; in3
, of actsrOfUiiir "
JI : i'' | : it JJob-tail he-'s againin'on *Ofl.' And that's Dr. Conic that, until the last fifteen court of errors. ,I
c! took two (tyrants, and has exhausted them I is l1l1 could give to it; and if 1 regret btingtoj says
into! cafe bottles, put) a nuartofi|! hat jc-duccd fo i 'obscure and unknown, it is only because amore 'i( the way I happened ill your engine room.- years, although" dress was at times worn May it please your honor, I don't see *
li one of they were easily
? pocket them tht'fn I put) a lle in once more I elevated position would havo I I'm a good swimmer, captain, but do excuse low oa the chest, it was hung 1)3' broad shoulder where in the devil I'd go to, for if this ain't .
Iii! take, and ttartyl,l for the store. bondage.With more weight to words-words which I me, if you pleare, from taking the water.- straps often coming from the shoulders, a court of errors, I don't know where to find
1113' are
de Eb a qCait of your rum, said Un't temperance t3'rann3 cannot cpntend ; Louistille Journal.OzrAn high towards the sides of tho neck. Prints oue."
he i before i dictated by a sincere and wellconvincedheaiL 1 up
placed the temjterance brutality feelelh ashamed: :
[ bottle the
too t' empty on i illustrating the fashions of this
n and : country priorto
is I
mute. Would God that
The .,.,_ _._ _- '_._, to. .,the young I..u I. P. P. GoUUXAY. elderly fat gentleman, in discuss. the time mentioned, and the c'ostu-m s of 0:7 An old lady who did not know whether
.rum Was and the bottle "UU arc IIIImJSlCl1Jn 10 .IbPUII i J tile IK I her
tl 1a his put up, repM.ia u of this world might esteem gon'rll.m'nt of New Oilcan/ Angn 9, 1851. i::'g a warm beef-steak at a Highland inn, England or France for any period prove this. plantation was in Virginia or North
pocket when Uncle as one
Kb Carolina
ws pulled the most exalted called to the waiting Inn', Donald, bring me About fifteen years since, us a ball dress, the I found when the line was run, that

*Sorter purse of a dollar w hat at a distance might seem the virtue of qualifications of man and nations flr: Finn, the witty crmodian, was carving more bread, for I e\it a great deal of htvad to shudder straps were left off so that the upper I she was a resident of the former. Well,"
'4Th;* temperance. a goose at supper, when John Everett, the ni3f fteak." Donald answered, with much lino of the dress was perfectly horizontal, she, "I'm glad I don't live iu Xorth '.

the trader. nolliluor but t-n. Uncle Kb, saidS' oziMere: bashfulness without merit is awkward ex. 1illistl'r98 In other,called out to the carver, modest simplicity, Ay, and please your hon and this, with the'elastic views delicacy so Carolina, it was such a sickly State." .

: ? Vow it'S:1 said Uncle Eb. and merit without modest3 is insolent. from the other end of the table, what sort ofa or, and 3'o eat a great deal of steak to ycur. peculiar to flshion'ns often low enough to jJA news-boy was hoard to say that ho
quarter, "
I nut modest fowl 1 is that ) bread. I disclose tho edge of the arm-pit. In this had quit
ts tiu I ..d the trader "I shan't take merit has a double claim to acceptance brother of yours, Finn ? style selling papers, and had gone into

it. and generally meets with as many It is almost as great a goore," responded (ttrA man too busy to take care of his there was danger of the dress slipping down, Mesmerizing business. I get five dollarsa

all beholders. the wit I Ecufa and it would do so but for the ingenious contrivance week," said he for "
4"U'g I've got" patioiiB as as health, is like a mechauic too busy to take I playing. "Playing
V --- of whalebone upright: the lower what r' asked
ono of his
will of his tools. comrades.
er.r can't have care "Pos
you the
Uncle Eb, without much} nim' 0-: An Tow paper Says a cC'rtain'i1lnge 03":: Remember, John," said a Pennsylvania ends of which are supported at the expenseor sum," repied: the bo3

from his the de-muring, pulled thereas recently visited py a "JUoomcr Sheriff to a friend who hud shaken him 05" Slander is more accumulative than a the inner vital organs over which they are J

lzatjer took pocket r it quart it of water The frc1'a't." On being questione-d as 'fo what rather roughly, "remember I don't care a snow ball. It is like a salad: which everyone placed. SE>SIILE.-Tho young lady that would ::
poured into '
and off walked Uncle EL leis rum barrel, he meant, the editor say, The water was copper about it personalty' ; but whoever will season to his own taste or the taste : Tllke of the not walk through a potato patch because the :, I
chuckling.S I Incc high in the streets." shakes me shakes the comaouvvcallh." of those to whom lie offers it. care paint. as the had hoard thr.t potatoes have eyes has adop _
.1 I city gals say when a fellow goes tu kus 'cm. ted the Bloomer" costume. -

i .

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jg ye js.iauiSJLlaiijljljjgji:
-:;; -:.; =

: before tho i.eyng our own doers that! will not \ i ami
Convention at Kadisra permitted to rot au w-ivte away, >
Cotton Plnters' thtin th .u in intere.rotild Utu.biless! be & journal.TALLAHASSEE At the latest accounts (Uorsuch was We, implying! duality- Jar
Court House Florida baud e>f t.ir.e, vuhont the ea.-rt to j>rottct by parties < r.14 rp pr.rticular young fl
r \ etch needful and title P, i might, under a in handling thai i*now tlw ca. e Ve will by: of he
ly rcpr.it sp- stu:!! alive. Ilk deposition, containing a suecinct wretched
raroafiiit t.jotice.. a fi'rti.m o f t'-io CItO n 1$14-r?i icitiniia af.orde-d them. tLc average U>tU n crop to be 2,5C'0OC-0! bal s.ILw reason ee.sj.ht I
j tuore j jndlcsitb 1 In,3 f M.i 1i*>n wouty. a-tvniWi-d( at tie \-rii of the out I have brought .
( li! stock, horn. and rm.le-s; ci necewary to *cc'cew' wt-ulJ reijuirc.it jyr; laV, and e.t : iK-count of the circumstances upon JOJJ Iit

.. t'urthuuae ( t2 ?:aIIo.Lt: the : ih .urp'-& al aeshre, are {H nnitU, fe>r want of proper y ird to w e-i;:h one nIh J a Lilf pouu K ut-wlv nineteen _-w -- '- had boon taken. The U. S. Marshal more grape" tfc.ia} sour ,
lwTi"th >nik-l\p ut. 1 UV ; si-
ytiet in rage
& r taking 1trIP to tdeiiivd them the exe-esslve culture! of cot- niiUk ai' e>f ptund* ofcet'n. and fcr re>rin nearlr areqtnl
bl'Les by SATURDAY SEPTEMBER S7 1951.lar. "
,: tpttt* I'liu't't' C ii%outk>u, to be LtiJ in ton to j'laP wiar y nl die, or breortie co.ij ar.tivly atn unt Ky thia mjai" tJThtHng over* t.ne. from( Plaaclj-.I! i.i, the V. S. District Attorney, hid! racked battery. U seems ha l can't

4( Man. (jt"., in t1uet hundred thou-and bile of weirtLless -
From the rime cau e. !he SUiNto cotton wi.uU see anything less than
i ahuli.by pmer'.y. and a U. S Commissioner from Washington an Irish 1UC
raVc h>s pork, :and is tin u n ndered dopt-n.l.ri on be cou-sumeti. we ch>.ul I.I iUc4 Ia tb l iuiiMudilAiu W Liiq ofdoltrs- now amiuiliy tent abroad for accompanied by a : of the U. S. Ma- distance of one foot.V had
Vf ;:< *' the New Grlcai. or V/orte ra imrke tu for UlIte} of b.uj'jiai letter from the ll m. James K. Paulelng company no iutontio
ii'qua.te4 to ati z $ Seen inr.JiveseJ '. Ati tlits.-! and rojx% and at the iiae t"n<- lt- s n tho oatouut of cf
that iuil ] article: of getting out and
pkinut on 1'hila
iM-iiKr.he tinesa'id number of the Iphia police range 06'8 t
flratte& Jotge MCGIIEr sd- addressed to the Southern Association a cxpobg
a'1diti.-t1! Rights
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e. /' it &t WIILUtigtli and org&.vj tli* unpi' rtaiioc f l lajt.r'' iiscwne, and, it w u-* until they are \icu\tl intbtir These *.ugt-ituis we throw before our br>- Charleston, S. C., \viil be found in another had arrived at the scene of utrage and the most gentle of the species to to njnrdcousafire. -
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.fhii ceJeiy pretcut i.iiiilff exLnusttt'! cud from the Kales of eott. iiK with hope \\Q able to give to the eye of oar readers a tile!?. "Com* r

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I of Leon coanty. KU&Jo d with an r< appeid u to be procured houses and fewvs dilapidate itiET the i&UTpit nt'd rewarding the iaborof tks Cottea piper {
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bnnlnr |piiut1s .1, the one r.'fut-ing comfort to it* inmates, tu- ]1)tanh1r. citizen: of a Northern State. The wmit'r- tN! .
wiatAS roAvHi'ns ti. sr la% r fmditw? &> pn4 otliur an air oi cloth! and uuthriftinrcs to theI.atitt.1 \. lliat we h-re.read with satisfaction the This is and atrocious tier arose, perhaps, from our use of
& ruwaIi flacuutluDu: tu wuicL it Itu4 tat'ac4 gt ing piwee'dinjis *.f the recent Outon, Planter's Convention | Ion feince retiredfrom th? arena of politicil an alarming outrage. that edj.I .

1 t'a4vc1e4i. i-Nui1.r( :. : atHH-diii"in-reatcd ins exjwiulitnres.cure pr. Uction to n-pUce to the crop them.I and.- cf Leon County, and tbnt ve mite \ iih them in rccnnuncnding strife, and trati hnvejio political aim to gratifynor The blood of Southern men, in the lawful I I tonally sounding pronoun we"_XvLi \

.. 41icu3. flItOOU uy ncE. a ul stntUJch I lone nn4 mcltii fxiverty FriekenanJflp'ainiri'3! a General Cottu. i'hinterV C-.avention, to he bo \vith prejudiced pursuit of their property, has been shed in a Kings and Editors seem to think they
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that be h.Atl in lii* 1in4 a ppt jirvil be hel J in hbiciin, Gaou the i7tli Cct her. ,
; Ji.lre. awl wliicU; ; i lie pn>ji 6<.'S ti. uu-l l iy <'n tlietwirht ly rn to
t.i4e for aA a 'JJi :- the ni tiig | r.jioe.- s.Hl s'' jfitc-* to represent us thfiv jilf, ,! ing nnr-fhcs-! unite for these ; we Live no regard for this '
0 tthae f> bo rcpIs< at sr&n eipcue to arc, at an early the Soaili. His mind was unprejudiced by Who j h responsible murders ? Who swelling assent
Ih' uiJ brother PInter ths in
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it geuifl N Vpui. Ifttiti'r*4itw1 be the uirot-nt'Mite htcation eif the ji'atit ..tt.nhouvhji : mt.it that r.iny liwu c.te.!. calmest judgment. I His eminent ability and Aboritiomts of the fret States ? They teach a IJepublicac's! prituYg- rc k
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1e!) th eonvt itU c1j't; ift.ff it t;'the! Jeiy There ofaiihs na'iiemut.and heavy iims erf espctK? to tlje |$!ai.ur (. by the Chair ; where uj>on the Choir appointed power to his opinions, that they uiI4! hailed of the constitutional laws ofythe land, pat use only to denote ourstlf and pregei
a CoramUw; and ni'ift a rt-jiort. the f1howuir tre-ttl.-nez: '
wli'ieh hate .
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1/eine Oo w'ljtxilnn totlie course ijN.oRii!-ihe chair tln". w.: n'3 ti 3 ft.t be su'-prisK.'d fr.the tu pr.v.find )his]:> r.-fcojrec e f cotint I ( eti. J.ilui S. Dronm.\. N. Lip-.e.-tmh., linn. I). U by State Rights! nun \viti! enthusiasm and arms in his hrtmh, and aid ami abet in their i lint, to proceed to the subject matter of

reidtd ItiIl t') prtc 'a. Tie 11dh.win ripurt wa exltatuted. :iiil he |K'rlmps in the! niid'1 ,., I c'wdittgy! reid i and i. Ul m the tjMe-anJ on flk'thW .r, U'v. D llinkmK.U.: ;. Mivs Hon. J wiLL vU y. sovkaisr a F..SuS/ of the won-ierfnl un rterv. : ::1 Wu iuvo read tiii letter v.sth! sat5faetion. much of in theory is only the musket Party Issues. lie says :
4. ( cfJu1t MCGtE.t; ; w4KuaauuTtfOXt But the rum of this lalse fysiUt!! of agriculture sto;'s R \ Hon. .1- C. Mvd- -I.. T. S. Wiitioek. H..U great -- so ,

i, of this CUUA v i.tior, :- r.t4 h' rt ; th* i is only the ei.iiii] thmu! h w h'.eh U i\p- t W. P. M.--l-v. Ut-r. it. .1. :M.D.vi i Walker, J. CPiU'ins .- : It is a matter of congratt.lution (hat, and bII; t in practice." Is such guilt to bo- Now, with a vii-w pointedly toLrin th:

IEPOiT.U'e1 2lk4 itIf to UK iiui.vhluai: s-.ttlrer. The bl:. hiii<; J ]IL L-iv, an 1 Di. l>l v.nl t'ox. I right ol secession" in itsrtet a"
j commit
thousands of Noitkern tolerated such asns-inaliou3 !be
On i'i.ttiyn ofJude ilctehee% the Cluurmzn xm although many: men I -arc to repeated -
piti.n of lilt ( t2CflS a'1 inu vrvrs viet$ diJiise themt-i-] <*,iinj reife-Ij or. 'fpartineut i the secession of Mr. Cobb
added to the tk legation.On have deserted to how do\\n the shiiaeof ? If the sword! of civil is already adilrtsj. j
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J&iwm omnty. Fl<>. i ?b4. ? C LVtfl t*> The subject of laboar. The fimdn tints txpoiidcd in procutiisJuitwcwUouH us I so, war
ed him letter
'" nio'ioii of H. K. WanHanq it was c.r !cr<"l I a demanding, in bd.alf} uf t rj9
ifII4d (ratuu jntittv C4tnt'nt..Il, t be '\ raise our&4ve',r.udwlt t\v have ample
0 *bi fanaticism there noble in unhe.iehce2.! Hut what better could
that a cpv"f thw n-{<-rt .js 1 )jr. be iumi-i! are omo men : people,* of (Jeorgia; to know his \it\vsC-QB
of CrtittfipA of d ia an.l
telil in the city of Mno *, in the JStatc WJ m<-rti!; at but slight cspi-nvc. depart from
the7th d4y oOoter tn1uflg. :i he tbui' nu4 us and fro-n oar fctctioj aiiiua.l ly and \ermane-ntly to the 1'Ihhassee! then pitpr.witii, -Itmnel.; a request to puUIsli. t'uit section Who, rising above their follows I have been expected of the negroes an j abolitionists -I that particular topic. Mr. Cobb? reicl[ j

IIkveg&twn w1 'Ii i iur Iimitei 1U* ft41 fl1.fl! huvene thu e jai l5tut5u a emiree of perpetual iinpverih- The Convention jc.T; : \II1X a ; WALDO, Ckairma in moral courage and grandeur, fearlessly and of Pennsylvania, when Gor. Johnston the 1-th day of la-1 August, at great le-nsta'ta

4 r i13owed : wa Lave 4'&tflflt'L an-1 etdt1C ( iftac iw-nt by taking fio n n* that cire-lur.lij: principle; i with! "e
1 great precision, reneatrdly dcnj .
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