ravi d! style. are cleared ami under cultivation.! On tin ,ren'-e* Ve-'ms vxhich be is prepared to manuFacture in ofthi" riiiinlry, and we have here one ot his

General Antniy! may by law piehrribe, and (ilte1. DAMLL LADD. The community sencrisilx are respectfully reijue-iu ii] i i.* a niRifurtahlf! frame Dwelling Hous-e[ Aviiji ibe nrrtsry such a manner as to | Ieae the most fastidious. book.s- one on which he ran safely rsf his siflW 1It5

1ii1l> $ receive for his bcivict- a couipetisaliun to be Newport t, May 10, 1P51. js tf to call and examine iny-t U IK lore pnrcia! '.ni eke out h'w-es, lc. This Plantationso[ ? -ALSO- It po-wes e* unfafisnins charms nf pf-rtert 'efl2
i-a sraceful trnnknesis
.. ti\ed by law. where. Talbha>,st e, October I'2, IS'O.Hi many adu.ntaresas it adjoint the pmywix !<, M hire AJfull: as-oinent of Shirts, Drawers, Kid ar.d Thread ity and truth. There a the iiiferestw

SKC. .2. lIe it furlhrr cnartrd, That sich1f>c- The Fire in Conway, Mass. the r.uii'e i- vei_irood fr Kittle) and lung-i. The New- Gloves! Collars, Hall-Hose, Col'd. Muslin and bilk (limit: the composition author,whu-h well en-rjces as in the iniiff'Hi '--

lions hali be held and ceiidtckd. and ftc retuins \ / E iniert with pea! urc |ImC] llo\\in, 1-tter from JOHN PIIATO1UUS, JM rt :.iid (Oonrh PLnk lJoa nill pr.-s iith.itiIi > to Cravats, Hdkfs Roots, &c. the reader ranbeaudit! in the Rome,as Pari-* and London chit

lh reof made, in the fame manner as is now pre' > the Ct':way J'm.oi! ( mrnIIz. It VO\K, cle-irlv t :'on, yards of the ilv/e Ilinif, ami! I think will jo on the April r, lsrl. 13 tf rf insrenrn-f nature.OP-"*
[ traits
or run iTI: FIR)! or IU-J.L tc l'lttrflL'ItSj] a th'tTNand liv-U an
peril* d 1 l by Uw, or may heiealUr be prcscri'icil bylaw that the f.tith .f the public in"Hds SalaniandJr hue, or throw! the vlinle length e>f the Plantation; wi'l: deiiaht to l-nsrer. K
for the election cftuuuibtr lo Congics Irouthi S.ifilus not IA-CII ini ]iIac for thj-j eo.ml
predict a
< Slate. CO.NWAV, Mis*.. July 1 J. lk.il. 1 that he ha- taken the Ktoru I.tt-ly Hripiei: ] i t tract. t to Utthu''lit. bv hit 1 1-t t-f .Ja1IUI rv. 1852, noI hand and t.r sale by the subscribers : thnr's woik.- bte ..Vw Ymk ..Vca.

FIFTH GEXEHAL A''runxPaed' i l the Senate Mer. Rofl", St<>.nriii tt Co., mecewstirs: I.. (?. Rirli ,{ ,l liv. C. I I. Pood.!! ;uil I adjoining the -t.'r.; laUlyn.rijtietl : I Plantation on the wuJe line i.f the Road will Mirpa.- ) and KM Un.wn and Cleac'ied sheetings. The rollictionis Cusp rf which ro auf>"' reed 58
bylhe ('oust ito? OIii I .t.. I IWetnbcr) 3t t l>vl.P :; I bv J toll it t I Pidtorii. whtrebe Mil! I be Juiu-nffid i
flfljol (41., I 4 Water Mm-t. Now Y .ik :-Gcntle-Hu-n: .__-To it fir eoiivc-nkrtee, A r. It i- now offered for salt- at a New York Mills Long CKlh.Ensli'li ashamed. It corm's. iodecdtsm ot .Irl4ed-
MC'tl the House 4t! R<*prt'MMitaiivf!> L by the Coi&litulional your inquiries ro-jK-ctiiiR, the fate of the Salamander to attend to tlie railn itvint? > of tIi.c! \vio may be laiirain. I'i r-"ii- deirons of pureliiinr.) will ju1e.ae Long Cambric *hiitirgs.Pro. lev's"most brilhart and hishi>-fmUhtd crrnotics .

z.najurity.Januar b, 151. Sn fo, o. 8,3X1, ptnvliaMtl ju I lirogli: Mo"r. .1i1 si-u-il tatrotiizi> hi'ii in bi- line of business.He I call .lost |i-i' Chiire.s. E.-q., who will show them the : ai.d bleached Sea Isaiah shiting'. nflr.Pse sp cinif ns ol hU abilities h> whick heir rbe

4 Wm. P.ryrt- Ce., it i jn-ilmpx Mflici nt to NIV, that I lm< iwcixed, by the late arrivals, a c/u'/.r (1H4 i itftlfMtrrtid b-nil. P r terms, .tc.. npj.y! to me at my residence, Irish lisieus tr ia 33 eta to I I,2per t d. t frtled with the sreate safety to !Ms i fame >'>

L! OFFICE OF rcnrr nv OF gTT,' I am at pre-eni writing i.im. pajKrwhich W.-H in (be nHj'jifii if ( 'fut/i, i'umiiiii ft t, i Veiliiti/x, ft>rt Sfriiiu-bxrv, Flo. Linen Cambric HJk'N from !P l to SO csf.Reviere word-painter ar.d t1ui.kcrSe .\tw-Yoik In-

T4ttLaidnstt', May I I SM Safe at the time of tle: deduction of our inimf.u't>- J'aMry (tvmlx ; axu, n ytittrid ammrtnimt if BENJAMIN[ BYRD.S ht-m stichtd and scrolled bordr'd bun f, Etc IT, l-f 9. S

1 T. CflARL % W. I D< WM-XO, S ittaij of State, dneiebyreruly -> ry l by fire on the morning, of lit! 1 I 1th inst. Ihe Safe iifj 1 ItYM A HE f'L O Til 1 A'(J, Tanuarv 1Si1.! 2 tfNotice. Toilet linen.Long lawn,linen Cambrichdli'l3. N. 15. The above bodies will he frrwarded to*

4 the foregoing lobe true and rorrrclcnpies \va* on the hwr flo.r of a three rtt.rv Iiiildng: eon- All of vim !Ii, I flitter niVM-lf are equal in cty le and Cambric Jaconets and Sv\iss Mu.slins.Curtaia nerat the prices mentioned free pn
(f 1he original Artu on tile at rayoflice, and tamingo1Iikrntle iuantitieH: cf Mi.nects. p.-. tb, striped part of the United States, on the ii eejjbt| t tw ( fiii)
lierrwilli in ol 'Vi ioi
fhaCoustitutinn publuhed relative;pnrMiauoe lo AineodmeuU lhepr unJ Re\i amid it vas nt a red beat vlw n it fell ii.to a lx--l f tiui'l tIm this market. I IKvill give i,:trtieular attention PIIE ini'lt-rsiancj ln-ri by piu notice that their roJ and Kmhroidried. itb the money. Money may be sent by maiL)1 Tlrisk.

ionti1 the Constitution. f live bard wood c'jal, inbi.h it n niaitiu*! iinlniliialmut t > hit 1 bume.ainl hojK'u. lie vrill nuiit- a liU.ru! *]*-olive ofriiv_ wi'.l 1-e open fur the transaction of -ALSO- .

C. W. IJOU'NINC, SecularState.. three liour,*, \\lmi it wa.> dra n
MiyS, fr l. 37 fIn; a- H,i i IM j iraeUcable, <.j.ji iod. '1 he leather binding 2". lho< 4fi( tf el.iy's excfpttd.TIic Family Linen and Planter'sDiifling.Cr.ttorundes Publisher, 143 Na5sau st ,XAusust eW York.
4.f (tin; Ux.ks vtre lijatc-.l by the Nankeens.Huikabick 9 Ib..I. 31 :3t
steam, and naiw of ne-rt' .-ity an,l propriety >f regular ainl priilTftl ,
Boots. misc j letT'rs j were M.mcwbat Mitim-d ; but not a *ingl Pure Sulphate of Quinine. hours ff bti ine.- irs pullic I'tfifcs, arc n-rognizt-d by Diaper.

DOZEN Pair .f Proofcs Pa'.oirt Shanlf Jw.ts. |iartirle
I April 5. 1 prj. 13: .JAS )JKJAMKLE.PlOVS. not a i-irigk jnark 'ii tiny hsice ].:ifx-r, vbetlier nia.le filly oui.ce. ''I) Sulphate ol Quinine, which I they Coats' Spool Cotton.Marshall's purchased all the T.aniut i f He C
I by a ]Jicia or j IlOtleil. is defaced. Wo ci.nsi.l the Safe have otit a i neil tliicct t I Irointhe I inauuUirtiirtrs, ai.d C. \ ". POWNIXO, Stertlary State.JO1IX the Brunswick or IhJt
fine black linen thread as
on spool.
4 .. in qtieMion a* ba\i I pa-ncil) tLro'! h one of limo wvoitt they will \\dirant it to be a a tcsih tohi< b it could have been put, andv have enl ed stock ol Dru aral Medicines \\'. R IIAYWAKD i I 7'r'amirrr.I thY
9 CAST Sweeps in fctore and for sale nt low ?r our s A few cheap chain.Ctnrrruin second Tuesday in October next, or on that '
.. j_ ,) rate .1 AS. U. GAMBLE. need nut nsMire you that w e rejoice at it- mcceWe -*-._ t by recent animals I ,and are prepared to exernti ). WALKKK, lq. J'1k Land rocking chairs. p-iblicsaleat Chattahccchie, the following w .-

April 5. I KM.! 13 Mill forward you the luunit Safe, ami in the meantime oiders for at t ides Iii our line, at wholtsuleor retail,, \P.\ S. HAYNVAltU, I'ltrk Xup. Court.rc'bnary I Hi-h post Hod seads.! bed Lots :

: wnd u< anotherf tlio Fame Hze rjul iiatttni, on t the most accommodating I I lern.s. 1, Ifc51.; 4 tf Wash stands &.C., &.c IN GADSDEN COUNTY.No. .
Law Firm. for immedate u-.% Yours reniK-ctfnlly \\'e have also few due to forth*
a accounts vet us G. & J. MEGINNISS. 1 aid 2 in frac Se 3<2.contaiinng2k5iCri
BEAPJ) & ]11HEVAK1) will practice co-partner Conway Tf-J Company: __A. PARKER, Affenf. year l l'J.. They are gent rally in small I amounts., Brandy. July 12, IS..!. 27 tf S W knot! W $ of S E 4 i-f St-c .13.Siof .

in all thu CnurU of the Middle Circuit olHonda. An nworUintnt of various KZCS and patterns with but i if the wliolecould be paid bhoilly.it \\tulJ jr< T| CASK I'raiuly. W J of NF. + of Sec 3.7.T,

Otlicc in TaILtlas and -without jKiw.lcr-pioof locks, for sale at 140 Water tar toard liqmnditingcertaiim stuns winch weowe. .9. April B.1J-1.veryuIuriIur 13 JAS. B. CjAMBT.E. PROTECTION INSURANCE COMPANY Lot N. Ith of a SC in fracti.unaiiCti" '
JOHN 1JEAHD.T. street, New Yoik. LEWIS t AMES. NWandNEofSec.IandNW40'T3fl6.

Green and Black Teas. "
February 1. 18l. 4 tf JOHN G.; STEARNS, Superior Capital Stock, 8300,000.: IN JACKSON COUNTY.

A. S. MARVIN. New Goods. '- CASI1S:: fnjK.'rior TEA, which can bo ri'comimndiil. N E 4 and K 4 of N Wi of Section 35.E .
Shoes.LADIES Angu t2, 1RS1. Sij sm ,__; BKUUY tt KOV.'LES.May3 rpIIE undersigned. Acjtnt of the above CompanvL E of Sec 25, 1 *
a lar ;e and carefully selected stock ol J of S F. i. and S W i of S i
I : and Gents Rubber Ovndines,ju t receiv- OPENING 1851 17 i prepared to take ri ks against Fire 0:1 hu'jilings -
llniania, and Urn-lit Mttal t" ate p R 7, N and W. :
JAS. IJ. GAMBLE.: and their contents on the mot favorable
terms. M'rthe >
Tax Collector's Sale. consisting in part of Tea and Colfee Pot?, Frencl: Lots 2, 3,4, and 5 of frac ?vc 30, and l.>

April 5. 1851._ ._..:U_ Y virtue of in Collee i I'llleieM.i Pilchen I Candle Slickn of! di hem emit Notice.having F. 11. FLAG, Agent. N i of frac Sec 31 cf T 4.R 6, N andi'0
authority me by l.nve>led, I have Tallahassee, June 15l. 22
t Hats.HEIR 1 st-intl and levied u,>.jii fo'urU-en hunJreil ami qualities Jelly Moulds, Glass L.interns Cdfce I! YSCaiimters I ii: undertttnctI rna e some new arro'nge tainins N7Iacte .

I &. RUST are now opening an assortment thirty-K'Ven acr 'R Of Ijui.I. lym in IA.-OII) County, situate and a vaiivty of oilur ail I ides, whicl JL ii-fiil in his hnsints, rtqmMs all persons in- The Forwarding and Commissson Business h\r DECATUR COUNTYGEORGTLots
Spring and Sumu.er ILts.of the very lateM a lew mil.-H Soutln-a-t of the city <.f TalLhasec 1 they oiler for sale (itt reasonable If-nis.AUo Joliti, d 1 to rail I at.tl I M I tie up In future )te sill Lerpno AT ST. MARKS FLORIDA No 410 arid 420. 21sl District, cont3'

style. April 1'J, ) t. 15 to liehuimig td Wjjliam: E.: IvilcrcnM- and wili on hand a lull and e\tuiMve ,tock of Tit.I In-ok-i, but sell his c'-fds eeiusivery for ca-h or :sOt/ acrc.s.

;Ixj jiurjiortln olft-red for Kilo in front .f lie Court I Ibni-u, dour Ware of every de cnplioi t : inaniifactuied lit re by puuluce! and by so hung he will be able to sell at IN I he Ware-I 1ones heretofoie occupied by Messrs. Note.There is a small reservation inCounty.

Blacksmithiiig. in Talkdia-fK'O Mond.iy the lid of good workmen, and at fair prices. t the lo\\i t living price?, \\hich he premiers to do, I'ROIME &. PETTFS, will be conducted by the on. .
I _ 'l HEunJeitiBnedrespcctfullyinform' within hours. "To day Lead Pipe, Sricft Lead, Copper, Zinc, and Cisterr,I and requesta hiSs old! cn-li'inersand others \\ishingto ders>isned, who will endeavor to give as general saf- Most of tlm land ri very fertile, and scell
-' next, legal IHJ Mild to ati.
; :::;. 1 JL t Ihe puidic genel ally I Ihxt.ha inj Taxes due tint eon for the iH.-a fy the Pumps fur sale. Tin Roofinjr, Gutterins, and Jot buy low, lo give him a call. I He has on hand'a good i-faction as did their active and industrious picdrcessor to'the culture of Tobacco, Cotton and Corn.
year Woik executed and with despatch. Blankets! Cotton BEARD &, DENHAM. uf tie and iii
JSeniployed a supeiior Horse Shoer, be i- I 1). McRAENY faithfully a9soilment of Shoes, hats Caps, any person wUhin the whole | 001
a -- WHITE & CO. and Woollen Goods & &c. for and July 5, 1S51. 2G tf It is 51uated'
now prepared lo execute all work in that Hue in : Tax Collector' of Leon County. .C., lauiily plantation County, I would sell a bargain. 3 maP
Septetiuher 21. 1S0. 37 tf which place
u -es. Rivet Chattahoocbie.at
and on usual Icnns. near
superior manner, JnlySfi, 1R51. 29 Sm
F. PAYNE. Jarvary4, 1851. 52 AMOS RICHARDSON. Clothing. the lands can be seen, and I can be addre5 "_bBi,
A Valuable Tract of Land at WH
If Tobacco the lot of after which time
25 ,
June 29,1S50. received a general assortment of Gent and
t Tax Collector's Sale.BY for Sale. Flour, & .c.t JUST Spring and Summer Clothing. For sale Ga. The titles are indisputable. .

t '. Spring Goods. virtue of authority iij me by law vested, T have 11T1TT, I.e eoltl on a credit of twelve month* al ff\ BARRELS best family Flour, low by HEIR & RUST. July 5,1S51. 2S J"'N -

.. fT HE subsciiljer i* ope1IJ1g; to-day a small inv ieJL n the first Monday JLOll 8 camks It ice, April 19, 1S51, 15 Groceries

c of Dress Goods; ]15oinet Ilibboim, Florence Silks, acres c.f Iaiid, ly in;.; in J con Grtinty, rituatcd alnnit in October next, 2L 0 acres of valuable HammoclI SO barrels Potatoes, Fresh New CT' '

p ic, vlicli be oilers at very low prwa. ten mile* North-t-u of TalLJiasm-e! on time v uteri of :uid, behi.tum.img: to the estate of John FirjjiiMm, d* I fi; firkins Lest Ooshen Butter. Madison Male Academy. PER Schooner Win R, Petfe-sfrcm

April 5,1851. 13 .US. tt GAMBLE. hack CmlcjmriKjitinnf f to belting to Fabran Armslituil ceas4-J.( It is hitualcd( near the upper part of Holmes Landing from Brig Urnr.u", and for sale bvJIcXAUGHT School will commence its second 50<"X) pounds Middlings
: and will be offered for nal' in fi THIS oessionjnn- 20 barrels extra family Fjoar'
: out of the
Valley, about five miles from iJ.i Court House, tMhidi A ORMOND. the direction of Mr. F. L. Viu.Epir.rE .
: Spring and Summer Goods. Court llou*! iW, in the city of TallahasM-e, on M<..nduy point Holmes Creek i- run igablo all the year Newport, March 22, 1851. 11 MONDAY July llth and terminate ,) on 40 superfine
en Friday December il Lard
the 3.1 of Nov 'mlx -
day 5 ,
I r within legal hours. It i ii M-ell M-atiTed and well culture
TUST received general assottment of Spiing ancJ adapted to the 1 1 Ui.
To be w.ld to the Rice
; Summer Goods, to which we invite the attenlo&I satisfy Taxes due thereon for the of Tobacco, Cotton, Corn, Rice, and Su-jar-cane. Notice. 2 ,
I year 1650. I). McRAENY RATES OF TUITION. 3 boxes Lemons,
of the
before purchasing elsewhere. Only a small portion IAIU! is cleared bui
I of April buycri1 19.1 1SH.! 1S: hEIR fc IIUST.I Tax Collector of Leon County. there is imlsut SO acres of cleared land, under fence, ALL parties indebted lo me will please call at For Spelling, Rending, Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography 5 kegs Goshen Butter.
July 21 1S1. 29 Zin desk with the cash, without delay. wsioii Also, 300 bushels Corn. ttf.
on Mhioh there is log houses, n well of good water, orchard per S 00 Aoctionetff.
Corn Oats and Hay. July 19, tS-51. 28 S. S. KNIGHT. The above, with English i- BERRY & ROWUB,
Ac. on public laml adjoining. It i is a high h ant: Composi.titmn
[*ff\ UUSHKLS heavy vhitc Corn, Great Chance. healthy t-iitiatiou, and adjacent to good range for cat Hist >ry, and Exercises in Elocution, per Ausnst 2,1S51. 3l>

200( 4' 46 Oats, AVING determined lo leave Tallaha;
I 60; bale Hay, gain will be given in the sale of my stock and The impiovcmcnt on public Luid will be sold at tin 'TMIE undersigned have this day formed a Copart- The Latin and Greek Languages and Mathematics """"" r,

Now landing from Brig Urartu*, and for sale by good-will any person VNuhing to do a giocery bune fame time. JL nership under firm of G & J.C.EO. 1etnnis-i. per seston s 20 00 inn BUsHELS rateirish

McNAUGIIT A OKMOXD.wj <<4 in Ihii pUce. t JAMES M. LONG; Executor. II MEfJINNISS, The price of tuition to be paid in advance

J ; >ortMardi22,1651. 11 Ju1y1,2S3l.1 23 S S. KNIGHT.H July 12, 1851 i7! 8t July 1, Ib51. JOS. K. J1EG1NNSS. NadivnJunc2IlS5l. 2i 4t July .

I :

I r J

The Floridian & journal
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Title: The Floridian & journal
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
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+ ta


!' ; .J"-J Ii ----- -- ." __ .".,_ __ : frbI_, i. .__ 1__ _w_. _. 1 ol .' ir -
= I ,

i Itjd Itj-- 'V F' at r'Tr''{, I

-- ,
: '
-- ,
--- -- -== I
: -

13 1851.
VOLUME HI---NO. 36. <, f
.. .. .._ : ,
0 ___ ____ _ ---- _._ __ ._ ____,_ __ _
___ ".A'"TJlr-". I..t, ..:,." r,_ ., ._ ." ,1' I _. = : _. _
:- A. cnAfl.L.t\.' 1nL.av.u. i auu e1a,3 IUI Miiwo tu tins MIM. Let the j split.} Do not marry your son or daughter to f THE FATAL JOKE. -- ---- --
Jeulaul become general, and t the :utirlepeakiug -, a human! body with farm i was given. fcho; paused for moment, !listenJ J r-- Frederika Breaxcr on Married Men.r .
a or so much bank
(" after the of ed attentively, and then laying down ) The Benedicts! } should make the
manner men, will accomplish
stuck -
DDx. )
: j joined to it. You I
j-f t1Er/ on can fuse gold!( witht BV HELn.N C. GACK. book and '
* ; ( !
; can mingle diet x\ith ditty but -
,'nIl l the folnll{ inn pensible' title be taken, higher xiexvs i mu-t l be i inculcated. I! miles JOlt ; I I xx-as once Inhere small flic, opened it the mask stepped I boldly in, i it,i'' piece cf "plate, in token of their thanks for
lt'e ron1l111 tM married Tlio true subject the whole you possesscreatix'epower,you cannot I present a party of accordance to my directions. How( shall I I[ I the folloxviug hearty in their favor
of nil-to aF' of testimony
'j 'rntin, i tfihject }blend! the immaterial with the
mar-j j ml l'li,1., If n young persons were warmly ti.-jcu! ?ing theubjcrt c'r."e 'I'
''A the ('ihN l'I'I'tmt'tl. The I latter especially ', tiuge>: mu.'t I be understood and felt, and hus- .' ] that followed t Even not as a class. Moreover, they should all join
man to s of ;;
comes court After
t young do practical jok and
daughter i 1 ( a long
t your I I
'j.i 5 I shudder to think of it. all
*" '11. in 1uudt'fU'} the barbs and wives mu.-t t !1.. educated' {in xL-w i Instantly earthly fervently in the. wish that her time comtr'
reM ? upon ul ,
d.plr! M* not consider it a good m.-;tc'I! Ull'rt'ly-"cclIIsc interesting debate, th question s(cnlesJabuut hue may .
l.xI'C- thou \\'ho i1. it, ere they hud lied! from her cheek, and with a soon, to enjoy what she '
can all
r'IJ Ittias.( '.for are to each other ::11 mnbe"wdl to do" in the woill. How to bo decided{ in iU f favor, when a gentleman appears so soulfully
ini1'l!I,'vl Ii!': ',y ".t IIti| jiav|(- >/', to them we comj j I II which God; designed.{ many ;mairy for a "home" )but !by ro means; j \\hose' singular and melancholy: and dejectedi I piercing, and shriek fell she staggered back a few paces to appreciate,-the value of a good married 1
jf> it I nmrk of the 1 have ed heavily to the floor. Quicker man. She :
> .j --'U1'11 I ur,; deliberation tho says ,
"I! pctc; ; ,rrr < U"-( upon unman i find it a t>\\' one. ( )nl) thi-'ik! of a fine: i| air"' at once attracted our .attention, related the than I
::11'' ia make the '' rid. It i in sprang through tho Joof\\'n I confess, then, that 1 Cad and
to never
cnlt"' ;._ the only wav. : indcspen-able to a WI-HJ dlHit.t.fo .- : +frOHMble, cultivated} inltliectiial girl. ii 'd following : J' "'
to ctory
+ and knelt
a /
to side
'rtr: I
Jr. t', It., I you renifinber the only FO.1) ingo1; :urJ I I plodding utilitarian sort oft filluw, who can j j III my younger days I was remarkable} for its had rasp.tll1'r wait ;;; never have found a man more loveable, more !I
I. t l" dealif I divers,{ limes i I IIt in I baste and let{ 1 : pulsations+ ceasad.' I placed my hand!I l captivating, than when he is atmanicd '

I yard I :1relt repent at "arc ; pray wait till m ,rune' appreciate her than the 111f f fondess; such man ;
h3It \' 1\\ I I't cuek tl:c practical' J'okifllr r even to the heart that I
I also
tlhP! or.1Ji/lh1g. and loadings of 1 I'- you pet a f w years older. You need t1J!)? rii j i jewel which ha scratched up. HorriWo{ !- I a degree' that I nexor alhmcd a good opportunity I dead.I upon. ; was fctill. She was that is to say, a good married man. A man ",
. '" ""'! niniipftion with this tnutt use .
own cxjerien' in, i unimproud.ly
?\ your e pass I recall
"nl" Providence 1 I C\'I't of ixteen do not tilings; tho !' 1 j can little else that took i place that l ey'slS when! he is married-as when ho i ii .,:1
1 and that may see sault'Jigt 'this thall"xon )
; ; matter !
so turn fait to orphan cousin, I IIoU: rt tr whom I
\ was
. 1"1.1, r(I.+-r.: Uni.,:>:ii,-no, I ,'.,,1 not say WI'"t''I'' 'I' J ar d ''T'it'r:! qiiJilies in : *"en< or eight at this period{ of life will tiii j room, had been awakened by that t I porting in his manly arms wife and cLidrcn, ,
't of ft"I".h{ | ; f years 1 I" Are you wvll married ; tl'tll.r11 married? i t 'from :. He xvas sober, sedate and graceful terrible shritk and u'' .
t:n''iwliy: I; t the! greatest amount of good cnay imptovtf your vision wonderfully!! especially Sit down and in'the old! song of few, ha-1' i:', almost to a fault, very thoughtful and I learn the of the carne rushing iu t I'j apxi the whole domestic circle, xvluch in his .
: ; veryrbnhful. I j
(a. if look! cause uproar. 1101 t t eutrauce into the married closed '
about : state, around
\ 1', i lut'If.! : you you. Get old enough j }py maint.r'.,;. Yon can well! afl'ord to "J ; This stupidity as I called it, nose I I hat had '
,. .Virm-ii ,''lUll> inrfanet the" ignorant, the j i to i understand your wants tolerably well.- -j j! You are of the fexv xvho! bare gone iiit.> .tfi often| a check upon my, oolong! gayety, and it I c spoken} I even explanation been neeh!t and constitute a part of his home and "' !
: I essary. xvasovcrxihelmned \hit grief and II l his xvoild. Ho is
B- l'al!! I'uliisli the rude, ttie liiiend dis-1! fctudy your own natun'11:1t are of I h seldom} not merely ennobled bye
i : : your prom| xvay maJiiinoni.il felicity. Vro\i-i ii ;, wa that! I could induce? him to join self-condemnation.! t
"Y tlit' !:!jd the 'H\'C.'lnufo, :md ((1 I uight;. 1! denii.iatiiiir, taMesf t Good: one, of cous: ._ i I deuce has smiled (I IYlllt to any: !laugb I.d! '.au' rd'ct s''mll' of its What will probably beyouraxoraiion in life?! merely I j appears to me as the crown of
u''dl ) : You to
,. ys : j (broadly hiugiied,) upon xou. have ma- j gratify uiI Poor Hubert} the I Robert{ had torn froiii }his face ,
and clashed
O' t to creation and it is
tht.! fare of What 1 qualities: in a wile will be f ft r ; only such a man 33 this
." Irtt t,,\ sets cptu uruucts.-i likely to ren-1 I 11iv a pleasant smile and go at rneith cold]t v.ho, <
der gazing a is dangerous tome and with -
T' '' a tfiy comfortable doctrine, for one ; you the most l'lppJls' years loll on !- : home, I1111 rrmt.: How i I s-houbl like to som( the fairest (flowers, that New IJnghnd: c 1 I (: stare that I but .I!' whom I
i t,"'":, .:,K-'h! VH! ice1 I"
forbids it. And Moses
ihr'tc! t''lr sIS: upon the MOU'-'J': your choice Peihaps 1 can turn in one 'I txvo at comfortable firei} i and j and European
i "It." I 1,1 l' tll tip your "tde, just for the j passed away to eternity! )leaving,+ behind Ten days passed, and I awoke from legislators declare it t
a raving be sinful
word to and all
if they fan, or on I : sake ': married ;
of / them !
c'If'rjfi'II'I'1') j seeing a //-married a lasting of tbeirloveliness
clrNnn-1 ; couple ; a rara impress 1I11l'h't \ I, deliiiiim., My first
I for Hob-
: lthe deul{! himself.{ I j !j Get; a comp."miou-onc who will inquiry} was women would consider it a sacred daty i
an ent'rh axis 1 leave his
c-\cn truly rs ashes.
.'.."r" or I yoi; to your enjoyment. moaldeiitrj Yes, Robert} is '.rt. They }led him to my bedside ; but oh !!! to stone Nevertheless I :',
of t iecc of cirtrout" ;i j 0!cr1 ant soul into your pursuit*', who lias I dead and I me. cannot prevent
.,' Kai rt tang'VNF }1'1 > I : am the Cllnt' of his untimely end, what I stretched
? ii; .' l. blame the to tio to, the ition do A Modd Jiusbitnd. I do believe." a changej out my clasped} lllllt tLing. It is so and cannot be otlierxxise{ ;
t" ; .\,,, i 1'.i, Ij+ just your uu power dii-jH to so says the circumstance of which will serve to Plo
l"II''iJi1l"I.; ry or (UmaLilWfiH'BK, and I ft !Pj"ivlear. ,iI ; whom"' yon can butt to do so, who can icadj j i( the' !husband, taking his spoon I oat of his gla,s ; you of the folly of' practical joking.: convinee I hands, in: his an agony of grief{ and remorse, t and my only) hope of appeasing those xx ho .
hiplore forgiveness. lie nether moved I
,.,ce A* for d;cumstatico. ?, wr. |, with 1 3'(u if you read, study with you if ym !j and toa&ing it on the table} that of all the !; It w-as Lite one evening early in Septem- are excited against me is in my Anther confe.sion -
; but
I|("!','.|" \,1U lII1u1.ff'd i l th, m to suit your own ;'. study, who ,.hhaJJ poM-essa full sympathy with i! obstinate, w ior-g-headed) creatures that ever i j her {that Hubert and myself returned to our nor drove spoke home, to mheart that same the uumdaning fearful convict stare the that nolox-e affects me so pleasantly;

,,".\' aiM:, 1'ttifl''uur I. own pn4i feious. I do yon in most or in all things, who can minis j' were born yon are the most go, ( "hailoUc." j room to talk: over the exciting scenes of the tion. Alas! he contemplation of no happiness makes me t;
idiot !
,'I", iH'ii.'U' tlint: rort.lenrp! tatRuk-d you to I!|I II. her (o tin1! 1 igher and more refined wants of j j jI I| "CViiainly ceit.-iii.Iy: ; have it your own j?( day| for it was the night' after the election, I Fifteen have was a hopeless so happy, as that between married people.It .-
la\! :SUV ctlKr t'.ian! the' very 'lut, of "i i% <\. your stature, nUtJ'ho will! 'be likely t<1 -if{ ( {|I tray, pray. -l'u see how much 1 contradict'{ a fine holliday had been to us.I years elapsed since that net- 'i seems to me that I, living unmarried, or ;
." rtd .r> is fntiu tinJ!, mV : to nuble endeavour.A doll z.:.i sou;" j ejoined the l.idy.: jjj er-tu-be-fu gotten era at'my l life. I acre mateless( have with that happiness, little! to ,
1 prudl.'lIt t (or '*'' ) \\ I( < j you up Or V j I had jut returned home from a vi-it tot have I "I
never can forgive myself for the do /but it is and
i is If 1*aby: cannot do tIlL'omm I' "tt'course: you didn't contradict{ me :: being so, it always was son <
l..n St' ?'cirture! TlItul.ugmul't }ou. ; : high-minded I so'iie( friends in the city, and had, of course, cause ef so much I have often ;
misery .
I the dinner though
,',)ur wile bt' nol a Lad <1U'. '. e., mltptpd) J tu j "trvmr g-minded, cultivated; whole oulLd0- !!I table, oh, no, not you," says the t brought with me, many curious, things! whichllobert i sought and hoped for forgiveness from Bashfulness. '

nature :111'] drcmuslaticos, you cannot '' loan i i. :11,1),(> capable oJ it. Von need a mind 1 j geutiunan.44 !Ves had 1, ll1t.\.(. seen or heard of.: Among hLb.; I never can !look a mask xvithont on The power of public opinion has been felt] .
1 did upon
; licr tnt to vou fixttu tiolt, that' will{) (rtwl'itl! your own. *'s-hall ( ; says the lady. them mask the! of in all!
rrTJ r.s exct'j.t" yon Oli: was a use xvhii-h I explain slmdeer} or !hear its use dCliounec(1'ithout ages and all societies-and its influence
i/s l'Jni: ?IIII1t'lIt! for y(ur slut Had you fa- i j jI.'j have a companion. There are wives and:! hu;- I admit you did !! cries the gentleman ; "JOu ed to my unsophisticated;ii: who buglJ.duhl I I i relating my experi,nce. A ud has been always beneficial to mankind. Men ,

} th+' r'lli-ill'| paittP, you n.iijit;i 1l:: 'e found j bandwho .set are not companions. It ,';ouldhe ,' that !f" I' : x\ondcred how people could xxLh to lookhOfrilJly friend?, when are tempted you to play my young tricks exercise a certain control over one another
OP" |jn.t R'l.ti'li-d to "ltu. If there has l> 'ti I' | a fad thing to feel that in the highest' and j. if)'U call that contradiction: I do," the enough to tsar one. yon ) : something analagoas to that exercised
+! upon others, I am sure "ill to consider! by
.-,I't, /loadin 0'1 Itroi'K-tt iu the caso, \ I'II I j! most delight fill; walks of life, in the regions of:; l lady that j answer ; "and I say again, IMxvard: ', !} I was in my gayest mood!, jut read' for that xx hat seems so innocent stop and harmless, I heavenly bodies, on each other under the
.iu trtok tlie 3 kad >lf. This fort taste, of intellectual 1 beauty, are:though|1.;! xvheu I know you are wrong I will! con a-iventure! I :
li. \ u youia I jon I. tradict an anil seeing{ he xvas disposed to t miy: perhaps, in the en J, a' fataljoke. j : principle of attraction. We all, more or less, ,.
1 IJIII prove
cf:'I leading of l'it'uiicc" itlile iu the xv iIJ.mt 1 (d, alwtc, all -dosic ; your house feel l you. .not' your tlnve. Ii make fun of my maak, 1 proposed an esperiment. .' regulate ourselves by what we suppose our
I sh'1! now add.'ss inysolf! jattif-ijlaily to I j ttc.tt':1I'e of, your dinners and suppers and,I .'ut my tlave lejieats the gentleman t felloxvs think of us. It is to this universal

tin- urananiod: and mot? ,8Jf'ci:.11.! to the 1 I all that w<>ll got up, but in the highi-st, bet( bitteily ; "aud yon till mean to say: that in i What I' exclaimed m'-" comb011 do Wliat is Lore Likr.-Love is like the deril, principle we must refer that perturbation of

toner aWII. I shall not eav with t t. l'auL { j.Iea. :re of life-:!0111:1.. for thce! Look)| !Jllackhurn's, now house t i'w:1rc nu um e''': not intend to ts ear {it to J.bed, do you ?T because ,it torments us ; like: heaven, because, the generality of men which seizes on them

:feel not a wife" I suppose yon to betlnalin" well, then, to this{ hu!iness. i| titan"fourteen door, including the wine cd.Jar M I I Tar from it; I replied] 'it i is yon should j it xvraps our souls in bliss! ; like salt, becauseit when they have to face and address a number

aiioat, the matter, |perchance to be a Do not be afraid of a woman pos e c sc "M'thr Vet I \ vuJdyt] ; seek not UUILF'} .. a eel) cultivated} mind. Do not adopt the'!' "I mean to gay, relents the lady, beating', it. our soul on fire ; like sugar, because ita\ i That panoramic aspect of the human face divine -

tIIIU: i sedoil rightly. 1 tell luee, friend, i il i? !1|I vulgar; error of supposing that stink :i wf man time with her hair-bruh, on the palm of her I! 'A very just remark, indeed( ,' he observed, sweet ; }like a rope, became it is often the seems to have a powerful fasciniation ,.
life thou J must tx'<*d, !be unfit for the of house I baud' !, "that in that house there! are just fourteen death! of
the most {irajirt'tjnt step of thy as : care a gravely. a man ; like a prison, because it for most men-a terrible one, for the sensi- .
Il!\fffi lereaJW! find. Pius, lheief ern, and \ 'hold ; inuxt t ll.no'n' little of domestic af-j; doois and "nu more. j I had never seen him in a better humor, mnkcj: one miserable ; like wine, because it: fire or inexperienced in public addresses!

fo.siJer.; littie.. Think 1 what thou fliouidstIjvetno.t fairs; that, indeed ali thi nmrt, as a matter j) Well, then, pays the gentleman, rising I and I t tliougU! it best to disclose my plans at makes us happy ; like a man, because it i i-, Even those most distinguished{ for eloquence

and vat diou tLouldst love lire, I i of course, be sacrificed, if intellectual cultivaj'I 'in despair> and pacing the room with rapid 1 ,onc(. At our next door lived a xvealthy t I here to-day and gone to-morro\v ; like a uJ o-I! I have felt their first attempts at oratory to bo

l ,iir! >L IJciii-ve: nc, you am love just as( tion cxitts; (to any extent. I do not believe i it. J,j :stride,*, this is enough to destroy a ulauut.tlcct 's gentleman, wit!, whose daughter} my bashful I I man, because there i> no getting rid! of it i il ;; I severe; ordeals] ; some have broken down on- ',

(Wk| :and far more safety, if your |v-amn i !|! 1 It i is a foal slander on the !1').. "i on will gee t- j; (, and drone him ir.ad !'' ) cousin xx-as already unitten. That'N\' night t like a beacon, because it guides one to t the: I |probriously="throttling their practised ae-

and jadjrtertrt fcave coiistderaUd( to ,:iy in i orally find: that those women who possess' the| i j liy and by fire gentleman cornea too a 1 litj{ j! a, ; xve passed by on our return from the village ished for port ; like swill-'o-tlc! -wisp, b 4'..1
CPiiiieciioa with this huutafi.1:0! I ; for lore j !bert eultivr.tod mind: are the btt managersl) de, and result himself in lib former chair. \ he hilt) called and bade her good night, cause it often leads one into a bog ; like a I their thoughts in an access of helping Cory < -1-

of ..' deeps- t, .str + \{ 'Et and moEt fasting I I at !hurt>, I adniit! ; exceplions. They do, how t I. Ttnre ;is a long silence, and this timo the : and received. in return unu of the sxveetest; i f fierce' courser, )because it gambits nicely{ xvith sternation. We bare known cases of tho '

kind: and 1 &u> tare that reason is no euuin i 1 J ever, 'but prose the rule. And xvhy should i it t lady begins; :- I smile,{ from the hapj.it-st: eyes and tuna char I one ; like the bite of a mad dog, or the kbs 1 kind, followed by sleepless] nights and tears, S

tu lilis. j j I :'J ol le 'o f The 1 l'i-t di-eiplincd I and IIIO.thihly hI} 'W;:''to )1'Jenkins, who sat next: tI to ming lies. I ever belicld.! 1 1 wits his bosom,, i| of a pretty woinan, because they both maficm:1n and a wretchedness which could or.ly be jui* ,

If rna suT( T yroam-lf to ?je WimM by 1|( polished mind, one might{; mturally !!; mo "on the sofa in the drawing{ room, during j friend{ and to me !ha always entnisied his secrot ,- i a run mad ; like a ;goose, because it is 1 tiffed by some of the heaviest; misfortunes of .

mere i\w\v\ :and glrtler, and are at Uie I same.Isuppos--j'j : would oj'jly itwlf, with j;teat advan- j tt'8. I' -?, (,-rigs, how little have I deserve such i j silly ; like a rabbit, because, there is nothing 1 1j life. Strange how the best furnished mind

bier: !lid l I>v smue Mind ('up d, vou at L as!t, f tage l to the management: of dome&ttc: afl.flr.&I : *. Morgan, you surely mean," interrupts': I confidence, ,) yet ho alxvays Llu:htuIcn: I {like J it. In a word, it is like a ghost, becauseit
vill bf liiidy! to fail into the ditch." I| :j I Jim, p'r6uade it will be fuund, n t\kili-! the "fiitleman., i spoke! of Julia. j jII i is like every thing, and like nothing ; often I look of an audicnce.'TC .

}luvo known: those who have regreited that 1 standing the sneets and ":IW8 about 1,11! :e "I I do not mean anything of the kind," answ r- II t Some coil spirit, I know not xxhat else i it'' talked! about} but nex'er seen, touched or unWe -

iu{ the choice of a wife, ,they wire led 1 3 s, i! stocking c, Jitenny ladies," "di11L'stic4'r L- crs the Jad). could 1 have been, prompted me when I proposed tiCl'bt'JOJ. Rujjlcd 11"Llcllr.t1n.pleasant ,young

much}. by passion and so little] by reason, or i |, ry
Sere so tio'j/nless! in a matter of to ;reat t'i :3
importance. Many t very many, best',w far '; fe c'earto l ijeenlirely circumscribed 1 1 by the walls !i ing his h.md, and looking, up in agony, sieis I'' self i.i a suit of clothes' to correspoiui With! the who lent a hop-pole to a raftsman to aid him{ by a watchman, who began, with all '

uure pains in the choice oft Louse, a horse Jofdieir i kiteheusw Such most bUiely think i J Ji ;(an, to insiit upon it that .Morgan in JenJe I musk, which, by the way, was the most I I in getting some logs off the shoal water of'I insolence of officer{ to file a stein; of inter
or o\' drets than that' the .* chiefnd; of i is l kina !r'j j: the Kennebcc into the stream. It J rogutories, in the hopes of being handsomely '
cn: a ih the fcelecliou of : j rna'+ to fee( clot!! ., I I frightful looking: thing I ever saw, repair to I happcnedIhlt I
wife{ or hut-lvuid. "I1e !i< ase nut Iwi rareai sleep w"ll, nr that WOll1anI tletigned} j Un you lake me for a perfect! fool ?r' exj I j the (!lit rlling of his friend, and call her to the i| the raftsman disappeared for a few days paid 1 for l his{ trouble. ,

fully cxnn.iuei': '. the hand poiis of the horse i i to .be the wrvant of m-iii's lower npetite| 'r, and} J| claims j the lady. D>J you suppose I d. u't :i door I bv; rai'pingI' I was to stand l n+-ar to wit-+ j I II !its a mysterious manner, and was supposed to What is your name, sir ?I" t

hokhll1f I 'r. and the dness turr.o+] oix-r and : not a coHinuon] + of his xvho'e' bt'ing. And'f l ;; know the one from the other Do you su( Pne.s; j the; result and pal ticipatc{ in the joke.u4' be drowned. The river having been dragged! ". Five shillings."

over; but{ a companion{ fur life the thares: uourjots has Ella indeed no J.ig.r, inis: .i i.m. than this *. :[ I povj I don't ;,1I0\\ that the I man in the bl I (He blushed, hung his head, and of course to 110 pu pose, all search was given over? Where do you l live r'i, i

and MH-IOWS, the manager of all our1 i i Is' Uiis the "bibs'! dengned by 1'roxidenoe as'; coat( teas }lf. Jenkins fI t refused. I had exjtectetl thu, but flatteiedmysilf when, one day, Inmlll'rll1:1n liN1.y returned Out of the King's dominions." I

n"nueshC 1iJccjw.-dl: is no.hing-hit or ;:.; ** In'I.t' for man+ ? Is this; 3our view of the'.J I "Jenki.is: in a /bhtts coat: !" cries the genii that I could! easily persuade him to to !his work. At night, dripping{ wet from Where have you been!2" ,

nuts-ht'jv ;yol n I Fay, !If' not hasty in this I[I matter ? (;u l lire in Tuikey, friend.{ TurnTurk. i i 'man with; a gioan., ".leukin ia a blue coat i (the contrary. It x\-;:S, hoxrever, a had+ r .II IIi his labor in the water, he started to return the Where you"wou1d hate been with! all t!; .

Ll1silt' Lo.-k think, before YHU'roinniit i :' lint shrill have soulless xvomen for I i"A man who' xtould suffer! death rather than j task than! I had: antit-iiiated, forhisunr.'illing-{ borrowed hop-pole, when, rm'l.tingtbe owner your heart" I f ..'

rows 1G A knot of this kind is easily tied} |, this world, and a houri for the next, if h1am.( J I xvear anyt'ii'ig' I but brown !*' i ness t seemed greater than ever ; the reason I Iin on the road, the Litter taking him fur the \\ here are yon going ?I" .

but f like tl.e old Gordian knot, it cannot b(. inin be true 1 repeat {it, belol, ulraid of men-1!t.t I I Do .r0.1 taro charge mo with telling j uadilv nnder&tooil. ghost! of the himbenn, cried{ out iu great Where JOU dare not go for your ears." t

united. Death! ai-me can: cut it, und 1 would Ul culture If you can appreciate it in a wife, 'untruth {f' demanded! th'J ladJ, bur: lin i.1IoI ; I noh'd; } and j J'*haxx'ed, and finally threatened consternation, "For God's sake dou't come The officious guardian of the night thought r ,

Lot have you tliink! ; Lim long in coiiiing.{ 'by all means seek it {in Jar. I tear.. I to expose to all! the boys his cowardly disJNrilion back You're welcome to the hoP-Pole-b ut these answers sufficient to warrant l lure to ,

One of the great .jrcts for which mnrfi II And ;intellectual! cympathy is perhaps dcejerthuu ". I "I charge yon, ma'am retort* tlie, gentlert. :; ( as I ,pleased i to term it, and tender don't come back !!'//os/o/i p(,t. take the young man to the xx-atca-house. "

p was suh:'itutt'lt i is, as 1 conceive, tlietntillectuaJ any tier! and will bind friends u1u )i I 'man, starti-ig up, with being monster. of. j feelings to Julia, xvhich! :+s yet none of The next morning, on being brought before
and moral iUIJ.rcl\'l'.lueut of tiff l strongly' to get!her than aught IJI.. id.. Iti\i j j j''contradiction monster of :aggravation |}had discort'n.d. This J lust argument th,1II1! Xegroc shreicdness. gentleman sent his} the mngestrate: }he told his worship, tbat as '

(parties.p The ohjtx-t {is a high, a |terma eutJ! .PJf.i shy between the highef-t faculiies of o ur''r i" a-a-Jenkins in a blue coat'h:1t! !have :;i ,more s-iccessSul! than the: others, for Ite"Pill l servant to purchase a fresh fish. He to the first question, his name was Thomas

one Tl* uaiou ought to 13 for.ucd11.; a nature, he immortr.l 1v at. Von cannot enjoy ': 'I done, that i bLould I be doomed to hear sac'*' : knexv that I nex'cr suffered; the ll! tthteat to went to a stall, and taking up a fish, beganblack Crown : with regard to the second, Le lived

ti W \0 the whole life of man: ; his; intellecti i the 'highett happiness of which yon are j';i 'statements f I remain nnfnllilled!: and! the! fear of I being laugh- to smell it. The fishmonger observing him, in Little l'rit-.in: ; to the third, he had been

'al ter gad togs} life; his !lif- here and N3f.I i'J 'capable with a wile who is riot able to moot, \I I Ito w-mce; t..1 l at, besidts betraying that xxhich he most and fearing the bystanders might catch the taking a glass of wine xxith} a friend ;-and I i
tew look the in tbi" i I the ; wicked ; courted a huxorni and he 'ulded I scent, exclaimed: that as to the last, said he, Ixas going
J 'I''I'd'd' UOO" mntt.'r i aiue; extent, higher xvants of our u: j i Ivtsh( to concealconijueied, } ,
t ]!house maid mid when he should! have "Halloo "
6C : et r ti}IMI, it with hitch cieu s !- 1 lure ; with! xthi I se Hpirit{ yours csnnut in most :| been though reluctantly, his consent. you black rascal, what do you home to my ";:[0. The magistrate reprimanded
.uant'thine .1\--d ',\ prej} amt to marry }bar, decamped 1 to I'art s un- sna'l1l11J fish t for ?" the watchman in severe terms, and
nsado 3Ut-tluPIU: i : can t I beda i cases 'blend. Von cannot truly marry outward : 1 CVPII exulted owr my triumph, though I
to known.Well. The 1
cuter u\o \cry 1Jil, (," 1Ia beauty or form y, or landor houses: have often since xvi'ed! my IiJs had beenstruck ntgro rejlied wished Mr. Crown good rnoruing.EJ.cIungePuper.
qty 'ou SO ? T1w.aret1e I Ann, ElilJI1', mistress, J01l\'c lost ,Me no smell your fish, mass:." .
You before I haJ
the not V views w orionoftUH | have a oul, and cannot join it to thellritJs. se dumb n'tercd! thoaexordsthat
of the uai: immortal )t.iufY&- ; : You can leally marry uIII.:1 !human your )lover, havnt Jon ? sealed th! ,' after fatv, of two pure beings. What are you doing, then, sir !r' w
Tier !ho b i ? Oh indeed! )he'll A French Woman's Kerenge.-Madame I.
hack. Why
no alarm: ; come me talk} to him
nova massa.
"II.U such ,'h"'s find ft'CJIn"'s !- +r'fm1|, liamionizinj ;in thu tasteful and beautiful! :' : i j l lint in mv tllot! htl''sn's I Pished heedless D. had
wed fur I have l h's: promise to mary me, and in I And i i'hat did to the fish, eh ?l""h.r a magnificent cat ; Moris. C. amused ..
I you say
bodv and soul Lutla.u xxitb in whatever! undertook ofconsequence
J"e .- 1 your owu. ''IJ 1 on regaulles* bun dr I
-'f. '
= one day by killing it for want of
: too ,
t writing: me ask what at that all 1 I
foundo' *lI***** ran "'st on liU sun c A few words to the tnarird..1re you j jnslI Indeed let! it won't ?' I ?. 11 I.r" tlu, reckless! sirithad ] news sea ; something{ else to shoot. Mad. D. caused to ,
Lid me FCC massa.
that I
married J Then the recollection been tamed.Vhen I. ?
"diulaid l in the hu- : of the days '
Than i I So from betxxeen the] be set iu her 0\n house, and in the houses of
EOU out 1 leaves of her 1'ible. "And what does he to ?I"
Ileauty I say you
j all)! of courtship arc yit fresh Keep it Do' i \ at length all was arranged to
( my friends
{ j I ; Ann !tuced sort of { lIe hedon't all sorts of mousetraps ; and when
Outward 1 pro a i rcmiasory note' says, know ; he no been de
1 I } the horrid mask
in{ a L not cease to cool t because you arc married J, ] satisfaction, placed oxerbis three four hundred
dese fche
) were caught
to'I eeks
rClIHng tree
BW'or\fco iiu., I it lI.n not tiiy. '.tjand very reason of all others why you thnnldContinue ) t promise as: to,u\\'S: J I face, and led him to th" mirror. [lie I r had them put into a box, which was forxvarded .
moral qualities{ in do for. this } lII:1rr.r1)n ninety started back, and invohintrily place l his
so opportunities
rUrt' are a more ; days after date value received J Ditrk Developments.-See here, Gumbo, Madame de C. at her country house.-
tb em,possesMoa.and the Time ueives but to improve now ar better than they were before. He justlS I I !BIIlIl'b'c 1 Juurnal.I hand} to his head, as if to take it axvay, ImtI11Y w by am you like a blackgnardt''ebber The lady eagerly! opened the box herself, expecting

Marry 1 cnjo viawit of them never. cloy". I careful of each! uther'sficlilD*, and just as interference: p-evented.: He even pleaded .\ guess tat {in de hurl, coz I gin i't, to find in {it some new modes ; theo I

Mu Lel.IU.u>ur M'i.Vn{ sun} ; friend, marry her solicitous to letain each other' good opinion I Woman's n'ill.-\ disappointed lover, of,, that the penalty I had threatened to inflict in I you black fuc 1.: You i is, honey, coz y u mice jumped out and presently filled the .

tl1 qualits+ attract. : you. Then I <\'- as )before. Fix up" as ftnartly for each, our acquaintance, writes as f follows ; case }he refused to go might bo spared him.- watches mass Jim's store. and "OU' not a house, "hile at the bottom of The box was .

rr}4'r qUllIlUIJII which M;; makes, every day' other's society as before. Go; right; on doingall Dip the Atlanin ocean tliy with a teaspoon; But I was inexorable] ; I was anxious to see I berry white guard, dat's sartin{ Yah, ha, ha !' found! a note directed{ to Madame de C.- .

Let on'recce, every look 8he reads will aid in that is{ {gallant; and booth-III, as before. twist your heel {into the toe of your boot :; ,! the result, and the delay caused by his un- .Now, Pete, dat am berry surpriin, and Madame, your husband has killed my cat

r"psbk rJ.pro Zross. and render )her moread'ni"isteJii'i 1 Your lover, madam, was a gentleman. Vourmiflrcfs make, customers( perform their promises, and '1 willingness vexed me. comblustificating to calculate; -but, niggerwhy ; I send you my mice.

and { { t ? to your improve.You I sir, was a lady. .Shall not the} husband subscribers pay the I'l inter; get astride of gossaiir I A renewal of my threats of exposure sui c- i is you like a gentle'm i Dab dat stump

capable hapNtless.} lJ}h you want! u w ife and wife remain the lady and gentleman ; ; and <-ha: >ea comet ; choke a musfjuitowith } I ceeded in removing all obstacle?, and we immediately I- him.' Di n't want her Stockings LJirty.-hearda

and tetter of aM H..tlll''OU| .1 to become wi"c r Do not forget your bow, fir, nor you II a brickntd) ; in short, provo all things set about our adventure. Cal 11- Bress my soul, Gumbo, I neber tink ob good story told of a rustic youth and country '

taro \\:11l'i: to patch your clothes.jj tour courtesy, madam.: Lice; the best of theseto hilbeito. consiiiVred,: impossible to be possible '' tiou ly as tJl'i'Cs'c crept through the yard 1, dat gibs her up.' girl who set facing each other at the sup* t I
>oQrfstockings, or cook! dinner ( each other Do madam, study and each of us took station, 1'obert at the table of The
} "\'uur you yosb u-hut never attempt to coax a woman to say i I :lh, yak !-so does 1, sensible I i3- per a husking party. youth,
\0 knnu' 8l')'IOW many think a woman need Ilu 1 a ad's tastes and character. Understand she trill when bho has made up her mind to door, and I at the window nearest him. been tinkin of it tree days, and am furder ofl' smitten with the charms the beautiful maid, ;

U nothiiig else. Such almost: might t j! him 1, fully. If you are wish, (this} is a secret) say she zro/i'/ The curtain was partly: drawn aside, so dan I was at de start !' only vented his passion{ in sly looks now and F

tktue'cu marry a thread and needle! a knitting+ I you may manage: him altogether, and he goodman ,l that I could easily distinguish every object ,then touching Patty's toe, with his foot under : r
Ire or a cooking i to r e. What if you will kilolJollun about it. If he I It begiven As two ,\'Oul111JO wits were pushing along in tho room. As I had anticipated, she was Tho Day Book ;is guilty of the following the table.) At that time there being no Bloom .

blay a '"echauic, a fanner, or a day-laborer[ t I! to reading and Mudy, do you read and in their gig (to Brighton, one Sunday morning, alone. Tho domestic had rttired,and I knew arithmetical piece of Wickedness: ers, the girl either fearful of the purity of her :" tc4'

da tot, ought not mechanic, farmers and I study with him, it pOf\.iIJIt'. If be is fond of they oveituok n clodpnto blowing his fingers, i her old! father too well'to believe that ho was 4 If txventy-seven {inches of snowgvesthrle { stockings, or determined to make the youth

J"r'f'Ii, to grow wi'r and better. Have 1 having things] snug and quiet, do you take a which"were benumbed with the cold. Well, I anvwhere but in the arms of somnu?, for 1 1Y {inches of water, how much milk will a cow express what he apJpeat ell so warmly! to feel, !

Writable boul}, capabla 1 of jm.1{ great deal of pains to I have things so.Inci I hevill John, said one, "have you met a swarm of( wa's I! ono of thoso sensible persons whose give when fed upon rutabaga turnips ? bore with his. advances a while in silence,
Pavement tl t And do you not want a wife I i iJ him to all that is good and noble. You bees on tho road this morning?" Why+ no< ," maxim i is Early to bed and early to rise/ Multiply the flakes of snow by the hairsof "I when she cried outlook here, it you love

':/ Eou Darning stockings and cooking find your account: in it. replied John ; "but I" saw two eenfouudedgcart Julia, and I shall never forget how lovely! the cons tail then divide the product by me, xx hy tell me so; but don't dirty my stockings
I are important aflairs the latter I. Are ill married Are the[ drones, thou'!h. sat bcsido small table {in the !"
( esi you yon suffering the was, a eel+- a turnip, add a pound of chalk, and the sum '
ftlI!,i) and may be peculiarly to to }you.- consequences of thoughtlessness f Matchesof I OJ- Till tho mUtiess that 1 have torn I tIle tro of the room, apparently deeply absorbedi will bo the answer.' .

iOulow not, however, by a woman with a thoughtlessness are by far the mobt numerous curtainMid a gentleman to funalo, domcstic. |, in a book. Her t fair hand supported her Who's Cupid." .Aminl ed, who }is Cua :
lIla ;! nSi thinking, cultivated souls ,- in the world, and you, perhaps, arc among Very well bir, mistress a will! it- ', }head, and her hair fell l gracefully down her: Senatorial (Compliments.' Hale,' said i pid l" ;

reason not do these thiugs. There is no good tho multitude. Well, you need muchof I down as rcrt!.' put neck in beautiful natural ringlets. She was brother Senator to the Senatorilllllepresrnt. One of tho boys. lie is said to be as '

e\ *llY you should not take the most 1 I the *4 martyr spirit"J You must make the a delicate wild flower that l h.id budded andrid f ti\'o of New Hamh&hire, *oo you know what blind! as a bat ; but if ho is Hind, he'll] do to :::

Jbia business vieu'a of this subject and go nbo d'i Left of il. One good tiling you may do ; you I r 'Tho'Illost amusing man in the blossomed under the shelter ofa father of.of Cass says of you I'No. travel. He found his way into Aunt Nab'aaffections :

p o in a sensible 1 rational ar. may prevent others by your advice} and influj,j'i is a Frenchman in a pass-ion. By gar, you I and the sunshine of[ gladness, and the dews I ; t and I wouldn't have thought that ,1 ,
. de jou Wy Clone can scarcely find anannfr'j i ence from dot g in this matter foolishly as,|i I call my \ife a woman three several times{ affection had ever }lighted and cheered her He says you aro ft Granite{ gaosf* 1 I any critter in creation could have worked ': t

i aU eyou recommend." Somewhat difficult, I I you bar done If you kayo children{ save j once more and I till call the catch Itouse, : way.n < Just tell the General! for rue will you, that : himself into such narrow arrangements wif1"J t io' i t

owBut} it is to be feared but little d le-'j 1 them from the rock on which your Lopes have''!l and blow your brain; like a candle; by tar .*'i, At length I gave the signal, and a loud rap }he is a great \lichigtlnder. .. his eyes shut." '_ ;;
I t r 'I'
v ..i ,

t t_N


. ft I _, 't ;' '
c .

. ___________ ... ., .. _. .
4I'.t----4L 'JI -- < _- .. ,, -- __ 'L' -.
1 L tJ'__ : .. __: _:== ,.-- Ir2i ---- --- -- .-- -i t 1 : '-? A. -. I.i. i ,- = -" .. I _-_

: \.','j View Prim of the tAr Xonlrtd Canadian ffrraftl Press' Avyvtt on the J?. fia- [[The Another following! letter letter from was written Kossnth.by Kos. [!t1jc) jloribian & JonrnaL" -- Now and tutve: fugitive Slave Case.slaves have been I From Failure the of teb publsh Eedton, it I When the S01tl Te Futue r people- so-fw- !

, p 'It van a Massacre euth a year ago, but it has never been publishcd brought back from the Nbrth under the operation will be seen that Gen. Lopez has failed In themselves A to abandon the right 'tuttir1

: We are no friends to unjust invasions; till now. It will be read with an interest, TALLAHASSEE: of the law on* tho But L his efforts against the tyranny of Caba, and sion,all hope ofredrcss for J le .
bit there khould !1' limit to the wrath or thevengeance which attaches to every thing emanating ,- Jat uLject
. the
,J of mill The recent wholesale from the pen ofthe illustrious exile.] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBEE"13 1851. for the most part the law utterly fails to accomplish that he has suffered} the pnnly of death.All .- by Go\rmct\i belt tte

( ".i. : butchery, at Havana, of all the fifty foreigners To the Chief vf the Hungarian Refugees its purpose. Even when slaves, his men are takE:, i tanc patriotsare Togite it up, relinquish the SoteJ end

\. 4 ;:1 ... taktMi pris(IIl'III, without arms, and inhnly who arc Killing to emigrate to America. COPWAY'S. ASIEKICAN INDIAN.-The aboveis are returned, it is at an expense almost equal 1, left to fight their cause as best they can- ties of the St.te to deny the! nature ig

: J bhot I like beasts without trial I, appears to KVTAIIU, Aug. 23. 1850. the of to their value. of is a melancholy result Sad, sad indeed Government, and concede or
an interesting journal ublih. Every impediment everysort I t to the
"I have received with the in- I
p t : l be an atrocity which, not merely the your report
Ii : ed is thrown in is the fate of an oppressed people who can I merits of Government
82 !
Saturday, at Nassau to make the recovery unlimited
:.' ,I : and nation of the dead, but the safety and closures I f;11l\1I110t forget the sentiments street, New
- ; '" honor of all living, require to be justified or expressed by the organized band: of emigrants York, by George,Copway. This paper is I I troublesome thet.ay ar.J.S in.tI3. ;, : see no hope of relief. There they are, be- on it depends the future safety of pou.erl the tp!f

,.( expiated. under your leadership. They have assured devoted to the general history of the North the anti. \" hope t H inoperative I I girt with Spanish bayonets and watched like Some may suppose, that the Sout J

: <, These undistinguishing massacre sin cold me of their firm confidence and brotl erly love American Indian and American literature.It .- a law which they cann ffurely felons in their prison-house, afraid to speak haxe Liken place in Georgm, Alabcma ,a

blood, hi the nineteenth 'century, on the part and I pledge them rnnst solemnly that I will has :1,10 contributors, And judging disregard and annul, and thus secure indirectly ,or act, and hopeless of the freedom they !! nessee and Mississippi, how that T.
of governments which pit-tend, to legitimate spend nil my life in the service of oar dear fatherlaud man. tfo
I ,}t <' authority: : wliosenetshiuldconeqnentlybe, and of the children who have remained from before us, we have no hesitation i- though as effectually as if directly. ought to enjoy. '\11 does not sympathize i| has l been repudiated by those Stiles. ligft

:: not the impulse of blind or sanguinary pas. true to her. in recommending it to all who have a done, their great object of defeating the with them in their misfortune, and breathe the I' :very grave misapprehension. There".

: .: ion i but the result of humane and calm deliberation Your declaration has affected my heart fondness for that sort of literature. claims and rights of Southern slaveholders. prayor that the little band of native patriot, I no issue, made in those States the

../.' .:- -are far more revolting to the feelings deeply and joyfully. .My unfortunate companions There has been a striking case of f whom Lopez was unable to join,but who still right secession. They have upon r l

; ( nnd stamped: with more inexpiable guilt! in bondage assure me that, notwithstanding Hubbub about Nothing.For this method recent.operation in Buffalo, N. Y.-.1 I maintain their hold of the eastern portion of'I that the Compromise ((1)l) of the last only e ie
than any crimes which simple individuals liable all they are called to safil-r for the lack of better a 'i i0nrf
to write
;, of fatherland far something about Judge Conkling granted to the island, yet by some miraculous! ; Congress was not sufficient
to the continual: influence of corruption, holy cause they are enough I habea corpus :I may pow. j cause to
.. enthusiasm, or illusion, c.iti commit. from surrendering: 1 to despair. They are firm \llig papers are making a great to-do negro named Daniel; who was in custody succeed in their brave struggle ? j k resort to it. Anilit j tirl
I .. ,__._ ... I... .: nvcr enmn iVltirs in the XfivYiirlt. : ., I 1cr ., iuupedIuous to u
'1'1. : HL'.L u L' I I ..nIl._ nni".I1... .. ,* ..ifci ltiiii_ i.n. f'nntinllro.. ... .in. 41 it Pull 'fl .J .1 ,J' s.
'd' -
I" un. mere is
.t"'UCH "I lac "i U'SIr1\n lIUCller, i unuer i ui HIS vastclitterence
uay- I II IIISMCT, upon me I between
.: nan, appears to have been brought to America ;i. I t'lurnv p-tl of ,martyrdom r convincing Herald, purporting tn have been drawn out!t ,,;; ground! iJiat! the rUI law was not intended to act t I O That Flank: Road to Quincy., what has i of s'ich a right and the the t. ;
by th<( Spanish: Genen-Is! find ';\'crIlHrs. I proof that their! love of country is still pure by some members.of the National Democratic ., I I' of it ? I there any progress towards! i I. ejTedicmj of U
I and steadfast I retrospectively, and tlir'foro its provisions; I irg it ir der given circumstance rc
The patriarch's malediction may pos ijl.\-: yet Committee, appointed to for the I ,! getting it started I Who has hold of the mat- j V,. c
reach thorn all "Cu.-sed be their for "With the! utrno-t nstoiij i.hinent, and not arrange could not apply to a case where the negro I readily understand: how diversity &
anger II call of the next Democratic Convention. Iti j ter to push it along I Come, come, thU de-i oj.i
it was fierce; nn.l tlwir wrath, !for it was crnel. without g'ief' have K-ajiu-d tlirit many of onr j I *t :! had run away before its passage. Upon this\ : '!'inayariieia' reference to the i v
iVllo'.v( I. i ii a to spoil all the rich talk the i: I1 i is wrong. Nobody denies that it will exptdiencvtf
I will divide them in Jacob, nnd scatterthem I e.\iles, e-iuking under the burthen oi pity on tubjject j rning.! was and has since I o .; it in: practice bit
| putting ;
'., rnWortutieshave: I but thosj! who fllid rdt'set 'lead to improvement oldie country. Nobody: cannot see hl ,
in Israel.1 But the end i isyt to come i Jur thrown themselves ab- know the truth of the 1'' crossed Cnnadl.r .; is denied ;
; I- both for Austria and CUl'l.ulth America, '..1l.'ct1.tt the feet of ihe executioners! of our t matter have thought their duty tu do (\'r to e h.nc no ptir-.I, denies that it will add to public convenience:; or impaired thereby. Nor cao WJ
,' I dear fatherland, : i so.-"I j pose to ( cas the correctness or error oii t I i iI 'be led to believe by the! ftihr.inatior.g
Instead of their !
nll'ent is : .
fit not in 'hh.h1150 and comfort.
a countiy .- ; The who! !) tiring: turns out to IK work of' 'I I Nobody denies that the! ro.vl :: ild lute governments cm venture with. safety onFtich i:I I honor nitii ni'Led: by manly perseverance.These tlc i this.decitioi. It i is Said that will he done, i is desirable. Then not ahead !j clamations of the opposition, that t the :
two Greer of very pforvj4
Iowa and
men, Donaldson) go
of I.
a pytctn of hostility iaiiiit the peopleus I unfortunate: men have begged the favor 'l.tt'r the United States Supreme Court." I i wH ever disavow the right of
of being ii.Itte'l to live out the remainder l"x.a', who have no connection whatever \ with it I This constant talk, and! no action, !! Siccjsius;
i iwith
befurE l' "
i1i7.ltiunis l)1i
was only practised \ I / But I.oklt it i in the spirit in which it ua9 I .i pecially, since the opposition
.nOvfl. If governments and! rulers ter-k to I of their! miserable lives: in that: oppressed! land!, the!' Conin.ittee( and no authority to act': made will bring us into discredit. 'J'0 work, toj I'ot. I cannrt r,rg
\ and! in its Can it he doubted I'j them i to a better remedy for the
' exterminate, it will happiit, in America, niIcabt despised: by every: fjeuerous soul. They can- or speak for it They seem to desire nbovevervthing ? I crl'ct: \, that i is: the tUJg-tho arm and the:' wrrncit b>,
I not have realized that in this ]i: that it was a dechiol made in the spirit of which they be
4 t, that such government) lint rulers are -toor ing to disi else the nomination t spade: not the tongne amid its I may oppressed than rfruVaaan
more liktJy to buffer than ii.USet estwniina- i honorable: course: they exchange the glorious! of {;'.1f1' !:! opposition i to slavery ? A decision of one. oil I illegal remedy, sanguinary i
nnrne of for the mi eral.le nttitude of! Houston for the Presidency, and they are tie- j Qvi rM.vx W i The : I iu fr
tion. Jnartyr I j \iing to catch nt anything to strike a blow] r n UUAw x.- Georgian I I; gross and doubtful in its issue. 'Ifc.
Man dcftroys of risU his fucrnics who arecrroyed j 1 ln-: {. Thdr.z'lofaCY, will wiigh heavily on voting themselves to that end. 'I write at Southern institutions: I No one ;j of the 10th Ins a telegraphic! despatch stating; never come when Southerners 1- suppose w'il!
jigainst !Kirn in the} battle-fitUk It i is : their Ends to the !last pulsation& of their cori :( calling of the ; tha' the JnJge' really thought! that c:1 :. } that Gen. Quitrnan has withdrawn! from thecanvass !I right of of :vfan, 9j
the z ri1lt of self tefciC? IJut: when theseenemies i !hearts.: CongressI'did j n majority Cor.grc-ss t.''Iat, ; tij
role Convctk'n-wlicro:: it shall be hilJ and I ; for Governor '
are prisoners, ilisairned and deftucc-! : .\much as their shameful recreancy has i': not inti nd to provide for the return ofJ of :Mississippi. No'I Constitution at pleasure, concede the rj'i bt cf
S.. much the!, do I exult inf I \\hel, and how composed, all what it shall! J slaves that! j I reason i h stated, b-rt wo he is driven
Jets, tho tight to destroy them! ('(': I'S-tl.is gl il\'C1Il', sj: more i : were fugih''s before the law:5 suppose j II I the Government to compel them bv force
light being founded solely on th* ri;. l.t of ELI the: nssuitco! conveyed by your report that I do ; and the replies they get are paraded n s i I\ pa (! r t mattered not what he thought.t .- i I off by the result of the late election for dc-le-f i i remain in the Union and voluntarily t

(!(frflCe. Hut ht it be ncrted that thetecaptiveH ':-have ti cornphtriofwhor.ro: ready to ('I- I something very important, something showing |1 t I was his purpose to defeat the laud release gates to the Convention. The State has indicated !! upon themselves the obloquy of i'It1!
nro 't'liulols; if "o. let them: I be j dome even the deepest mi.-ery, rather! than be- I the deep machinations of Democratic I that she : rebellion and
; in tho Com1
tried and convicted.! But: in the ease before:\ i f tiny the] sacred CIUHof Hungarian eldom. j j I: for tIt (' l the n'I, and any quibLIe would! H'f'C j r.i acquiesce /! treason.This.
iif, tin crime coul.l have b"-cu committed!, !' And J !.ile those who have surrendered. to the :j parlJ obtaining power, and its utter reckj for that It is just this sort of thing that the: 1 promise measures, and Quitman bows to that. doctrine of revelation
f if : demands of our country's feluill I j Jt as to the means it shall: use for that t !! \ by giving the field to his I Ii I supposes!a rig:,
even any had been intended.! The! prisoners oppressors, ,j j Southern people have need to keep an eve up opponent,. i.i the Government, although the
were taken: out of t.do''n! bouts, without : !1.k through life with! do'.vucat head asbrindcd 'I j purpose. Because these men, in what seems What avails iiijniirgpsr.
I upon. a remedy for wrong, if i CO" We would be glad to see the follovvj ty, obedience to whatever
reM&tiince ; and for the Governor of Cults culprit?, }OU, my beloved brl.tlm.n"wi !: to us a fit of blind fatuity, arc trying to bring I usnrti.
.p ( fate with foiihead i that remedy is to be con tlntlevaded ?- ing suggestions of the Sentinel in reference I tions it may be guiltyofand todcaoa.icetej.son .
to indict death on forcfcnei; for imputed j | 1tl y b our open in the into the same fold such men as Chase and I IVuzi. -j;; ;
Intentions to do evil, i id whit ro independent t t',': proud com ioni-ncts that your p 1 perseverance II I \ R. King, Giddingi and Gen Coinm.in- j i What avails the acknowledgment of a right 11 i to the losses of the Deputy Collector at St. 1 and death upon the injured States, i tty

government can permit Eufn.it:! to, without! [ |I and your fl'rfce-:\'(proved you true and! I t on the statute t book! if that right cannot be L t Marks, acted upon. It is a case of hardship dare resist its mandates. vii Us to the.
the sacrifice of j ils: honor and dut\_,. i' tahhOil i-l.ampions of Right "I t'I .-. .{I!. der, Van Buren and! Ritchie, that, fmiQotl, t enforced! ?lI li which may well be commended to the notice Federal Government unlimited I :
It is: singular that! utnuIn: began Li s':! You will be )beloved and honored wherever to be taken l! foreshadowing the designs of' !I {owrl-wh\t-
Mr.Setter thinks the of it do
i observance of the the Government for relief ever may however it
: ,
career gainct tie Texans }by shooting: in Virtue, FathciUnd, Love and heroic Resignation the leaders of the A I wrongful may tn.
ft'ld blood, a large number of prisoners, promising aro vtilued, even in exile. The piece of-I j jj' I conclusion to be Democracy.. very witty)' fugitive law by the No. th is nccescary for the I Among the losers by the late storm R ft.i i j force with the sword and the bayonet V>'t

young men, few of whom had attnined I diy bread pained by your rugged toil will tate sure.Who I salvation of the Union. What sort of obser- I Marks, the cae of our friend, Mr. ,: can characterize it by no milder turns 4

their! twenty-fourth 't'ar.Hi' tll ronJ' : sweater: and prove more nourishing i to you but those heedless of the present I vance l Will it be sufficient that in a case the United States Deputy Collector miChlf'l j doctrine of Federalism, tending to consolidation tan .

one endued with the feelings of a human being ,' than \1 ciurr.bs which tlese: hapless recreant state of parties lnt of their past history-V j i like! this the aggrieved party may appeal to t j port, i is a hard one, and we hope wi appeal'I II j and unlimited usurpation. Let the
who could retrain intti. brutal ext rn.illatinn untried; and di fence- :: of the i insolent executioner who det-pis-e them, Southern Democrats and Northern i Supreme Court, and get the decision re I whole of his household effects every de-j j people hut throwaway the right of Stets-

JCtlrctpth'es ? Was there anyone who did] I and which they must receive with blushing: I Frecsoilcrs I Of I versed? A beautiful observance that-the negro scription, including even clothing, amounting J j i. sion for that of revolution, and misruli! :n.

iGt! detire to see borne adequate infiiction up.nil J faces. I give you, who have braved Jour i iI course, nobody. Yet the I in the meantime being gone beyond th eriosiljhitsT I to some value. All these had been(: j arcliy! ci.i war and permanent despotism,
such ruler and such I fate with fortitude, and I i Whigs by their publications, would have theI I of carefully stored away in the attic of the house '
a a povernrncnt i t- my blessing assure :;, rornnturn. 1'1 ri I ( ine\'itaLII
11ae duly of retribution came-fcanta Anna I;i you' in every crcumstauce of my devoted af--I] people behave such a tiling i is seriously con.I I deemplated. tI in the w.master's favor, but what 0"- does-- -Le I and no doubt of their safety was entertained;; i I At nodistant the Southern

vas himself; taken piiaoner, }but not thot- i j fection. j t That )Icssr Greer and Donald- I I' but the water rose beyond all calculation,and,'I I I day, States ,'i t
Yet it would not havw been more tg .imt the i It would have givwi me great }pleasure] i. son would bring about this result if could get thereby ? The satisfaction of a barren ,. the violence of the waves dashed the house in'I called upon to ac in their own defence. The

a Jaw of nature and nations, for his captors to i i nJiave y beloved brethren could have been permit-. they I i judgmentOr! will it be a sufficient observ- fragments, so that nothing of :any value }has;:, i i elements are at work for the emanciuition! : cf

] slot Santa Anna in cold blood, than ted to await here the decision of my fate ; I! may: be true. But who are they ? How I 1 ance that a man may get his negro, but after been recovered since the storm. We hope ,i our s-s or the demolition of oarselTci

., for SUltn.nna to have shot his prisoners i:I but this is for the pn-sent impossible.] May: have they come to bo exponents of Democratic ]largo expense and innumerable that proper representations in hid behalf will 1: i 1 The partial slumbering of abolition fanatieuia

(amounting to fevcial hundred young men) i I God' guide and my blessings] attend you on I designs ? Or even if Gen Houston and the jeers and taunts petty and, annoyances be made to the General Government,and that 1 {in, the North bodes .
in cold blood. The far (!iitant As I curses of it may see the of i j us no good. Like :an e-
crimes and cruelties of i[ your path-way soon as I gratify an unholy ambition, consents to their j I equity compensating losses j
governments nnd rulers ate of deeper guilt, '{ shall' be }liberated, I will follow you wherever schemes how .I enraged fanatics ?IVhat is the advantage of! sustained by a public otlicer in the discharge[ I j f fof ruption of Vesuvius, the molten lava of fansicisrn !t.

and call for deeper atonement than those of,j j you may be. 0 does that commit the party ? ;i such observance as this ? Yet that is what I Us duty, through no personal negligence ;, ;I|! i will break forth afresh, and! oterhtmI!

individuals. However, the retribution approximated In conclusion, I invoke the protection of rI r lie can be as easily thrown overboard for i i I Southern< men have to submit to. We do I and which mu"t otherwise subject tem to ; and destroy those who may ftand iu i itjfati-

at least, to expiation. Santa Anu.J.'srower Heaven for you all, and again assure you of I j jmy his misdeeds as were Van Buren and Benton. !I!I not see but that JJ r. Webster's fears ougrt toe great inconvenience. I way. Nothing but the strong position assumed
by the Divine will wiet-ted from i paternal blessing and fraternal love. God I The
was democracy stickle not for their I
and great :j b aroused as much by these Arming the Steamers by the South, (and, has
him t
.I and his and blessing with impediment Inirest\
country vanquished you } 1"
f par ) men, so soon as they prove false and unworthy that make the law We Jr says the New York Sun, that L i f been much weaker
celled! out by the fellow-citizens of the youthful Loris KOSSCTH." really of no value, and | than one we might and
.. prisoners whom he bhot in cold blood. the traitor's ban is 'put upon them ; i 1 serve to excite and madden the Southern peo- i'' the U. S. :Ui Steamer, Cherokee, which let t ;I ought to have taken,) has c\slda momentary
Cuban Gai/i ring; Mustang Island-Gen.McLeotl and so will it be with of their leaders 't this!
any on afternoon check
in the Field. The Lavaca pie, as by the open nullification ofthe law.- I port Tuesday for Chagres I in the course of the Northern peo

r The Cuba News in France. says : Commercial who seek power by a league with Giddings, The effect upon Southern rights and in&titu. v ia. Havana, went,well armed, having on I I ple.

The government Washington i is uneasy, We have been informed that a Van lumen, or any of that school. tions< i is the same ; and it would be well for j board ten fine guns, six of which are to bej I I We have lost much by taking too low a

in the looking at tlle'rJ rsl'\'r ir.gn'ss with which numbering tome thirty persons, :comllny.!( ; Why, even the true Northern democracy j him if he thinks the non observance of the j j' 'placed' On board the steamer f.alcon.Ve ,I position, and much more by not taking this

In their tUtebolding efforts to State regain push the their pretensions., neighboring city of Indianola, for the rendezvous would spurn such an alliance. See how res- ;' \law dangerous to the Union, to see that thcober..J.nce J| lear that the commanders of these vessels 5 1 I at an earlier period. And now nothing re-

ity which they have lost in nUhll'aicdJuaJ.the Ol1th. We expect at Mustang Inland for, at the which Island point of Cuba they olutcly they separated themselves from the J ] is not in name merely-not a j[! have instructions to resist i promptly, for the J I m mains to us but the exercise. of untiring vigilance .

have l&Uly t-jiokenofa league formed between I From infolmltiol transportation we have received, it i is free soier in New Hampshire and in! Vci- 1 thing|: of words only but of substance also. ,i future, any insult or indignity that may. be of I| !lii in discovering and} united promptitude
there States and a powerful in pro mont. See what the little band i id doing nown ___ I fered them of I i in
party i j |bable that a large number of Texans will be ; LJ nn the Spanish vessels of arresting the of abolitionism and
..., .., California! in order to arrive at a division, by !''1 assembled at that point for the purpose of as- i Massachusetts, boldly! and fearlessly defying Death of Judge Woodbur. war. This the}right gpirit I will meet t 1; the usurpations progrS of the Feder Government

which it may be posUble to establish slavery Mating the Cuba patriots, in their struggle for the combined power, of Whiggery and lis eminent citizen the hearty approval of the whole 1 t 1 under the domination clan abolition
about half of the California jl I \meric.J.1 j majority.
upon territory. I is rumored but j in New (Hampshire on the 4th instant. HeI
We have Independence. I we do not fre >soilism. See also in how I people. The commanders of the vessels I Ilf I do
Pennsylvania we to both
to-day, to notice the exertions attempted know with what of .I had been i named f&i we yield a Constitution-
degree truth, that Gen., long distinguished as one of the I
by Texas, in order to begin again a I McLcod has: over to Christi! they shake off the filthy contamination of are brave and experienced naval officers, : al I Government to subversion and J'invite tea
: gone Corpus of
as great mm our and has been forman
struggle] with Mexico, which refuses to ren- i it is supposed, with the view of heading the frecEoil There is yet lef some virtuous patriotism i! RepuLJc, and if they core in contact with any of the establishment of a despotism without a limitation .
der m a marked favorite of the democratic
The up fugitive tlave exj edition.; If tho Cubans have made even a North of Mason and Dixon'g line, and [' years I Spanish hirelings, they w ill give a good ac- I to its power, administered at the vO

or quettion tome favorable would be divisions rg.iin of annexation for tht'tla'chcJding o feeble gallant effort volunteers in their own who behalf, the number Mr. Toornbs was right in saying it was in be 'I useful par.one, and. His furnishes life was a a good laborious model and for I i of themselves. We should not L surprised I I and according to the caprice or interest eta

States. As for the of ri I arc now pie&.in' ; found among the Dpm c'nts. What folly to to hear of a brush between one of our steamers mero numerical majority.
conquest onward to their assistance, will be sufficient those young men of the who,aspire I
Cuba, it if, we can say: the fixed idea of the I to enmre them a successful termination of therevolution. say these men will yield now. 'rheyhaveso j tto I dUtitiction and country and the old Caledonia, or Iabnllr before -j I The guarantied rights of l1m' people must t
favor. A and
Southern States. 'Die-cctrl: power does' all I t far withstood and defied I an overwhelming public strong Ion ts' be sustained at every hazard. The rights cf
it j osfciUy can do, in order to obtain from J active tdll'c I diligent application, industri-
] public sentiment, and is not to d "State "
i j judgment, interposition and action,
the flavi-holding States for the A Pofcr. A calm }Jlue-crd habit and "TiiE FILL term is not
I lespcct treaties self-poscssed( they 'jous ?, a cultivation of moral excelilence t1'EHS-'Lis
and the lights of nations; hut it will }be young lady, in a village down east t, received along : .wi now fl into the jaws of tempta- :: which leaves his name without a stain, I. generally understood, but the New Orleans I against the usurpations of a iniiruied Government
.A 1 f zieceIbiry to fchut our ces, in order! to not t l call the other day from a prying old ton.: They may be crushed, }but they hH i i! which the definition must be respected and maintained. C,
and It 1
made him paper gives ,
ornament in and I : It
pee that Cuba will be tubject; to annexation I spinster, who, after prolonging her stay }beyond shown themselves: to hne a spirit that will :;: :' private i says i!| nion and freedom, are terms of si-ltnm moticrythe -
in a certain lime. even her own conception of the not TieVhins} know this. Y I public str.tion: ft.d him for a career of high I was familiarly! used in tua French and other)!
The London Morning Herald, of the 12th m: dv's lndurlce. came to the main qu'oung would'id,1 to attach 0 t til' :\''and honorable success. Early in life he ac- j' l languages, as,descriptive of a class of adven-j i:J one to a people at war with as ia

Intt, published the follow ing: which had hI ughl her thilher. (tol the pretend some importance to'I i! quired public confidence, and was raised to( 'I turers of all nations, who, during the last halfof :, overyfetling other to us whose rights an
There is i not dor.bt thnt the United I "I've been crazy schemes of such men as Greer and I j wrested away by them. Depend ,..
any asking a good many times if: ,the bench. When thirty-two old hewas the 17th century, infested the West India upun
Plates covet: the 'pot-session of CnIJ:'. )lr.. you was engaged to Dr. Now, : Don.ildi.on. They m:) hoe; to make mischief years I I Islands and the cost of Central America f to ,, breach between the two sections will go'*
i elected Governor of New r
Bancroft, and minister folks of it but
cr-emcyc plenipotentiary inquire again whether you be or nc nothing. more. 11 wider year, and the Southern Sbtes
.if the United >'fates, in this country, what shall! 1 till 'ern I think t" Three\ years afterwards. ho was elevated to I j the t purpose of piracy, and who wero in En- every

'I w.iil, in his funeral euhipy: on President Jack Tell! dim,'' answered the young lady, fix MODEL BnicK.-Col. Shine had :brick in I t the United States Senate. lens General I !iglish more commonly termed Buccaneers.:i;t will have to decide: distinctly and fifjsfy"i !

( Ron, that Gene-Jil. at the! time when he! Lea ing her (':11 blue eyes in nnblushirg steadiness i. his hand the other day, which, we think, \i I I| Jackson's Secretary of the Treasury, and I !! The J Jfi term was derived from the Spanish name: i whether they will abjectly submit to furtier
dCtlllis army in 1 loiid.i, was anxious to conquer upon the inquisitive features of her |I federal encroachment or break t fw that
] compare with the Lest rn..de where. II r continued in office till the close of Van Buren's of a li ht-boat, vessel then in common use: every
Cuba. We know, nl. o, by certain i tell thtm you don't know, and are those any 'I(, i i 1 1i binds! them to the Union. Let the people! re-
in m in the West Indies.
proofs accidentally, within the knowledge! of: B.UIC it is none of your business." general use. here are of the soft sort L | Administration. Mr. Polk appointed i I ; I J h member that "the of is eternal

our authorities, that Cuba is considered as to scatter electricity), and it is desirable! to i | him to the bench of the United States Supremo CHOLERA ix LOUISIANA.-Tho AsiaticCholer [!, price liberty
belonging, I by right to the Ui.ited AH to the ,V/Y/HJAA Government.-In recent stop that sort of i \'igilanctand that peace i is the time topre-
States. n thing, the Colonel is evidently j Court, and in that station he remained till his] has with
debate in the : re-appeared j jon
Loid Pahuertton and Lord Aberdeen Spanish Cortes, on a call bent F pare for war.-Con.t .
IJlno illusion on this subject, and blieve : for information "concerning the antecedentsofthe upon doing his share of the bu recent death. Red River. Dr. J. L Martin, a native of1 I .

that the c-vei.t will be rcclited in about twenty latt expedition of pirates, commanded SWCES. The brick shown us was firm, compact Judge Woodbury was highly esteemed North Carolina, and about seventy slaves, ou DEATH or Gov. McDow-ELt VA.-TL'

.a years." "! y Don Narciso Lopez, against tho Island of and heavy almost as if of solid rock.- i in the South on account of the non-interfer of a plantation of seven hundred, belongingto : distinguished man died! on the 25th nit. atLU
There is for Spain one single way to pre Cuba, the Marquis Miraflores, one of the I was made in the fine machine he has in I i rig position ho has always maintained in reference Meredith Calhoun, had residence at Lexington, Va., according to.I
b pervc Cuba-not for ever, but during nIl the ministers, il answer to an inquiry proposed operation on the cdg3 of town, and demonstrates to the of Esq. fIenictims correspondent oi the Washington Republic.He
time that flavcry will lai-t in the United !>y Senor Bad in, one of the Deputies, observed that agitating question slavery.As .- to it It had also made its appearance on I. had been long in bad health. He WU sI
t .States. It is to pronounce emancipation of that all he could say at that time was that! we can have good brick of our among Northern men lIe was considered I Cano River. I I gentleman, scholar, and patriotqne.ce Ihs'eIi

negroes in that colony. This emancipation i is the naval,force of England and France, and own soil as well as other people.! When he I as belonging to the most trustworthy school 1 I i enchained listening Senates. IhJ

not easy; Cuba has 4.'H5COO: (; slaves, 205,000 the state of our relations with those countries, gets his engine, which w ill be soon, we expect on that subject. The loss of his name and I LAND IV.iRg.iNTS.-Thie Washington Republic I virtues won the affectionate regard of all who

free colored, and SOO.dUO( ) white: ?, without offer us the certain means of preserving tho, to see bricks come forth! fast and thick, of tho influence of his counsels willbe] deeply learns that the whole number of land were brought within the sphere of their iuence. *

: .: counting the army and tho foreigners. With integrity of our valuable) itland/ -Boston and of a quality to astonish all electric fluids f elt. warrants already issued under the act of St] .

such element, although in a state to make a: Tranlttr.WliafanEdaorl. Ho is right-bring out the engine and set i September 1850, amounts to 33,5-15, and tat, Teltyr"lJlltJ the Charleston .Jldr'llTY'

francs sacrifice of three could or four hundred millions of !-'He Rochester Daiy to work. Every thing of the kind helps' onto i MISSISSIPPI Cz.EcTIoN.-'I'hero is to be a the clerks of the Pension Office are now engaged l"EW-Y OR s. Sept. a
only gifrcc.doln to Times answers this Convention in Mississippi to consider of the The has arrived with
t-laves by relying the lice colored. question by stating improvement, and every improvement I leads upon the cases presented from the21th Steamship Franklin
This i In a difficulty upon almtvt! impossible to be- : and editor i is one who reads newspapers, se. (to some other. duty of the State in the present disaffected to the 30th December, 1850. Liverpool dates to the 25th. Cotton was m

resolved in a convenient manner. > lects miscellany, works at press, lol !s, packs _ _ condition of Southern affairs. Recently an active demand, and had advanced | : if
I and directs (papers, and sometimes carries DEATI OF AN EDITOK.-We regret to observe Uplands, 5j ; Mobile, 5f ; UaleaDs 5.
Be this as it may, the States of the America i. them Death of Judge Tucker. election was held for Delegates to that tn
-prints jobs, runs on errands sales since the of the America*
S3W8wood in the North Carolinian departure
published at
Union continue to grow larger in their Judge Beveily Tucker, Professor of Law in Convention and the result is *
0 mid woiks in tho garden, takes care of ba. reported to Fayette\ille, N. C., the announcement of the, I dOO0 bales, of which Exporters andtp0
to to the woild
progrets, a &pecta. Lies, and rocks tho Cradle talks William and Mary College, Va., has greatly in favor of the Union
f do which has no parallel in the i of to r.ll his recently b part.- death of its editor, WM. H. BAYNE, Esq.,who lators took 7000.
f ho old nations of the earth.-Le history SUcle i patrons who call, patiently receives blame for died, having attained an honorable old age in An immense majority of the died on the 22d inst. Te deceased was a The steamship Georgia arrived from Cha-
Paris, August l-ilh./ oj a thousand things that never were nor never tho service of that Institution. Ho was never ,- were elected ; and we notice that this is put native of Washington City ; but had been a gres last night with a million and a J

:I II can ture's be restorative done, has"scarce time t enjoy "n a- much before the public in a political character forth by Whig papers showing what will resident of Fayetteville since the 4th of July, gold. 9 I?.
I sleep, and esteems himself a 1840 at which time he took VAsmNcToc,Sept.
ozyoung: preacher who had just startrd particularly fortunate if he is not assaultedand : but tho wrong of late inflicted upon the be the result of the contest between Foot charge of the Capt. Platt, of the United States shipJ.'

in his travels its an itinerant, was one fine battered by some unprincipled demagogue ; I South by anti-slavery, drew Mm out t to: and Quitman. We shall see. Carolinian. bany, reports to the Government a
evening holding forth on the Deluge, and after who loves puppet shows, and hires the tho Nashville Convention, where ho acted a Heavy Defalcation in tion he had with the prisoners of the tt
describing the manner in which Noah rabble with a of brandy raise Charleston Election. Philadtpha.-The state decei
gilS hhn They they were .
to prominent Oar readers Philadelphia Bank has party. .
built the ark and filled remembertho The a
it part
with election
animals city in
\'i VASIOn.-
of every some petty office.-That's an editor. Charleston has resulted t. false representations to join in the In
I kind closed extract wo made from his in the 8150,0004to to $ O0OO0 in its books owing to whoid j
by pair, in n solemn tone, racy speech before success of Gen. SCHMERLE for No Cuban offered to join them. TL
I thus: You must know, my dear hearers, thai Abominablr.-To see three or four old that body. He was a true Southern Mayor, o\'erT. LEGEH HVTCHIXSON Esq., by parties.being Tho allowed Bank to overdraw their accounts. number of prisoners is 130. The iw drC j
it was an arduous task for Noah and his sonsto bachelor) smoking their cigars and talking man, with all (the l high soul} and chivalry of l the(olowing'ote: The fully covered againstloss. has asked for the prisoners hrugh thI
:, get a f air o/uAo/M info the ark!" I of tie horrors of inarrkd life. the old school BCUXrrJLE.,. ..i... .. .I i. .. <. ., < < .. ..1 SSI. Cashier, J. B. Trevor, has resig n- Minister.I mercy.
; 'j,' of Virgians. UI'WJto:. .. .. .., .k. ._. .126Z. ed, and B. Cormelege elected in his place. I Spanish

I "

) J,



.. I a


4- ;_ ___ .
= :L'- --:--: .- --- -
OF THOMAS COUNTY. way to preserve the Union. To confer office .
Chasing the Pampero. Disastrous News from SAHUEL HOYT & CO.
Cuba. .
those that have aided in
on The U. S.
wrongs Revenue Cutter Jackson arrived MONTGOMERY Ala., Sept. 7. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS 37": A Barbecue will Le given ty (L. SoatberaRgLt
ers oftl.is County, would be but to indorse those Then off the St. John's bar ,
Rights party wrongs. on Monday last in
The Asaxaatkin of Cenfretille, rear the Mount
outberfl melancholy news from Cuba brought ix THE ctrmo AST> srtusc or
'Ilie and ( ir1y while desire to have fparrh of the Pampero. Lieut. > i
regul&1Y ap- we ardently a happy Davenport Zion Church the Third /Iii
de1ePtt arrived here by the Cherokee, is confirmed and be Every Description of Agricultural Implements c.n String
b the
by Cutter's
13th ult nominated me as free Government, to see the American Union barge the same may ASD iLl CuLVER). lr, to which the public generally arc Invited A 'i *
the evjetuated We learn that the relied on. The Cherokee arrived at the hevee
poiIttJ, f is it not while LSO and French Burr number of gentlemen! frota this and the !
( t1I( IIousc Jepresenta. perT our duty to withhold cruising off the this Georgia Mill Stones; EupTJ8 I. adjoinir j
coast, overhauled a steamer morning at twelve o'clock. ..L t. Culagen, Culhn and Bolting Cloths. Counties be to addrtss the M
This nomioi. our EiifTrazcs from those who forced may expected et1ng '
tlic neNt Iiegitu. Georgia o answering to the Pampero, by firing a shot The expedition under General Lopez has AL o, every kind of Pnxiacp, JSorth and South, and August 23, 1531.

t'es it more nitetiflg tO me from the to the solemn! decision of submitting to wrong across her bow ; and instead of the steamer entirely failed. General CA-H paid for Wool, ILde, D-er Skins, and Shippizt g

tGfl 11jbe nnetpcctcd and unwniglit, and or sundering the Union of these States, find rounding to, her crew gave three hearty Lopez was taken Fu r. Rates of Storage at St. Marks.
it vaS cheers prisoner on the 20th. and taken Havana SAMUEL HOYT. HAMPTON L. BILBO.BFFCCEXCT ).
'tthS t .uetadeclme it but the elect others to office-who will plant themselves put on all steam, and went abend. was to / lOTTOX. per bale... . .. .. .. .. ;. ....12Jcvy

il"? aW induce Lieut. Davenport, after conferring with the where ho was executed by garote on the *: MERCHANDIZE, per barrel. 1/uH ,.. .. .12i

!>: 'i firm comic ti ju that your interests upon the Republican' doctrines of 9S CustoTTm&unse ofiiers of this port, returned tothe 1st instant. Messrs. ASDEBSOX ct Co, Savannah Ga. CORN and other Grain, per busLcl. ... .. .4cSALT.per

do I should be wil- 09,, and secure to ns a pure, just and fair ml- Cutter early Tuesday morning.We After the battle with General Ennji, Gen. *" FKASKUN
t to SCO Itfl(1 krio' that ministration of the Government Our understand that has been re. "Wrtt-Tm t PALMFS. St. Marks
I noI process 18I.
Cr0 opposition force August 23, 33 3m
tJ1'' hopoz's was reduced to the last extremity SWJFT, DEXSIOW it Co. u
fu'V! rrofll S the same pohilkat fellow citizens, is not to the Union.. quested by the Collector, (in pursuance of his WM. P. MitttE & Co, New York. Tallahassee
no renewed ammunition being exhausted. Cotton Warehouac.
instructions entirely
j.ttLiiCd at my nomi It i is to men that abused the ,) to be placed in the HcbcuM NOCKS, MASOS t CA, Boston.
jtb oitn.1 rnj-1"!fns powers of the hands of the U. S. Marshal, to seize the P mpeio After remaining sixty hours without food, then F. R LOOMIS, Efq., New London. Ct. T lIE undersigned i< now prepared to receive od

'nd a I !:ave nrt anl1"Upn to KratlfulJ >'' Government; to your injury. In this freo wherever found, und that search is now me prepared to disband, and each shift for IL S. McCoiiBs, EM], Wilmington' Del STORAGE the Cotton of the J'lavlrrt f.nr rding -
ctjon' bgly injure in the in America I made for September 6. 1851. 85 tf to thw market The buildZng U ft'rt-proof anJ
not know country, hope the people will I being the vessel.-Florida Republican hi mself. i immediately oprxite the Unum Rank, near the Mar

rd, *f* tlis intercsts of the great Jiar'I at I leatt be allowed to hold their public ruleis Sept. llth. General Lopez was hunted and taken Committed to Jail, ket Ilnuse. There i i* now. alsi. in connection with -

'hic1 I act, I hcicby decline the to a ftrict accountability, without being, The following Extract of a letter received blood-hounds. by IN Monticello, Jefferyon County Florida, on the 20th the the above storage, in of cut Cotton,'e of, all trecti under, iron-pro/the immediate ftfi'dt eontrol fur- ;

*1 Permit me, lionrvor, that I am chacrmifltitfl with being! enemies to their Governtv yesterday dated, 'Cambiltown, August i3d! One hundred nnd fifty-five prisoners, mostly year August* of age, as wln a runawav says her, a name negro is BETSY woman ,about and be 22 of the subscriber who will receipt for eucb Cotton

kind fiiend will account for the failures ax may be sent t<, him, and hold Jiimndf
? obli itionsto the me nt. recent of the j.'I longs to Charles Powell, of Jcrfcr'on Counfy. Said rttprmible -
Aattli a n Eastern mails. Americans, were taken by the Spanish, all wonuui !, oliout 5 feet 4 inches hi-jh no visible murk i fur tttf deliver!, nf the Cotton in the wane order
honor 4.
conferred upon'b97tTtl There are matters which in tffiich it it r'rtheL
ccmc before the have had a teirihlo time of it, to this of whom were condemned for life to the Spanish Htr owner is requested to take her awav. and pay : The tulr criber aLto PuMic
H prepared Cotton
who to cli '
&e aUo were ready Legislature peculiaily effecting the interest L po int. We struggle through the storm for m'nes, and are to bo sent immediately to September tges. 6 15l. WILLIAM WEST, Jailer. Weljhtr I to weigh with correctness and JJe.-'patch ail
d re --the end. Col. Sewaul, at the of our own State. The Educational Convention :30 miles this s.Me of Yellow !Uiver, tnd then Sp ruiri. 35 2t Cottons delivered within the, corporate limit of Tal-

4-iu -.- ut fiien is the \\hich the crashing of timber which fell lahasee. and may at all times be found at his Old '
our recently met at Matietti fia., around us The most extraordinary in the
I..:ili'ion ol'inaliy 1 ; In the battle of the 17th, in which General ( H'vrld is Cotton Yard, reaJy and wiiliriij to accommodate alL
that have warned u-, to take shelter in a little cabin the great Remedy for .Man and Beast !
hope prepared which
j (' Of f our illlrt-v'and every a report will be picscn- which we Enna was killed, they are said to have fought CHARLES A. NASIL

: Lid' of t Sottl! and the Ulio" will ted to that body, upon the subject of common u raged until fo'tnnatily abut 2, A.saw?r. on near.Saturday Thus'orm morning. like demons, killing seven hundred Span- II G. Fa i-rell's Celebrated Arabl-m Llnimeut.1.ap Tnllaha"tee, August 23, 1851. 33 6m

*tue h rt-alons auimoit We are in .1 CI1rt OOPj. There is no subject which claim', : Yesterday (S>:tnr lay) we stauted again iar uib.The I r1 miraculous cures ;pi rformeJ by the Arabian Piano for Sale.

( &'ii& The issue is not Un- more the attention of au enlightened public but wo had to swi'ii every ccrk. 1 Install inpugents arc still in the mountain:; JL physicians in lhedj\s of<>hl. wi-re then looker it FIRST-RATE P.eeofld-hfld PIANO, for sale low*

14'' near 1'rincipe, some tevtn hundred upon; a- the resalt rf ini iic, bat since have *I.\. at this Otfice.
fliiiitl) ;: < i, as $wy woujl1 *iavcIm than that of education. There are hundreds my baggage, containing all rny papers:, note strong we beci Apply
1:1: of hand Ar.Vc had commanded by a Hungarian officer. me intimate with the hiitory we can thuarcoant August, isi. 32 tf
: horse
it i between ill1 principleIlepu'.jlicantsni of children in the sparsely] fettled portions of swam one ac- General hopoz previnis to his execution for their curj rising povv r over diiie Their aftjinmenti -
cross a Mill! creek, of which the darn had the :
m of A
knowledge nctiicine Card
oa the ono hand, ourre r country who, if educated, would I declared! the motives wh.ch had actuated him were the *
: occupy' broken, eiut the mail &c inL1 Mondrof, the while the
: my baggage; aqp at uarne tine the ac ice i- r rhIT.: cxernVa t-f Ml SMITH'S SCHOOL
ae tvirt irt of i'cdcralinn on the a l'l.zee among: the brightest intellects in the j a leaky boat The boat sunk with u and it in making war upon the Spanish government. <*nI1U < C f Chemistry, which! with i them had its ljTI1t t, L resumed rn Wednesday, 10th September.will1 Isi

Ta.S.vth: ( rn Bi iliis Party dire toHt lan ti. Those who are amiablo: t., educate J was only by great cxci lion we saved oarj sol object was to pjomole i the advancement : Aa[* to thp iftol :ihe world a sealed book." Ar.din Attest 16 Ift51. 52 4t
.y' arid happiness of the people of Cuba.. Hotany thiy were the must zeaU# r-f student?. In,
t tii bU, t the 6mt" tune tjlo-v themselves have a right to expect something j' M-lves! the cmient tunning; awf.1. The mail His Uing words the heaulif.i; groves which skirt the ; was saved, but everything el.-o losf. No were- bta : |>l.inU and cdorom' wnfriJs, whenceall, Leon and Gadsden Plank Road.JOTICE .
;, mail, has leachid heie fiom the East. I tinder4aud iss: and fragrant ha 1- \ ,!* hertbv ijiven, that Bock* of Suhscrin-.
the States which compose that and liould far hopcz hail jut, ail l7is *3inof winch this inrompardliie liniment i J. i tion for t'i -
u of poor : as as possible, COIIM- that tree,* have fallen across and or countenance from u Ci mposed.anj Cupita1Stock' of th" Leon and Gad*-
('rrotes by whose stimulaf jnsf.urtctuou*. penHrjtin den< Plank Road Company will be opened on Saturd -
H). tent with the means of the country, be made broken the t'hipola iiiiJgi?. The storm appears ; anJ ;n&hne properties il U, when applied, in- d tie 3Uth( iait.int at the office of F. H. Flagrir. inaiiahuee

T> doctrine* of tJiooter' party will sureU equal ia receiving the benefits of an educa to have been worse to the Kart: The We a;oja n-kr .*ur re.vcrtotli adrcrti'eaicnt >f r ,>ta tanlaneon l d>Cii4 ii l thrnuh, the whole ntrvou, T mi kr j-tiperintendiT.ee of R. K. Call.

a perfect c/Ui'.eralion of State lio n. Etery thing like an invidious tliotinc- woods; are blocked up from heie to th" C'hatj j j II. G. F.irroU'a! Arabiin: Liniment which appears i'i s-'stern.'hrt allavin the most intense pain in the incredibly 1- n). P. Unique, p_ c. WiL*>n. Flajp, and at the office of
$' tihoocbee. Tiie road h another s lim'? "f0 or I'i minutes 1ft action iii P. W. Vrh'tf, iit QUIUCT under the
I' completely blocktd|I tulunn. nnd liv vL-u-h} will see i it ii Iii.'Ii- superiritenJence of
creation of a groat ContniJ lion children with without you i I'o mt[ po.veiful and effectual, witlmut' tie ta't .c. IL DuPont A.
U. Lanier
among or means, from Chattahoucheo to Yillovv river. Ever i i lv wonmiended ; in ] this i* r.'t all : he; project"* ttd It the nVh C. Baker, and L II. Harnyit
Government, and in the end should be done in I i' I i iiicatu* r.f tho>,. who have, ned it and rxperi rI.er. penetrates tolhebonc, relaxescontracted
lidted away our schools, and a bridge is gone, no vehicle can j ass over the t its It-nefiHi'l inJ ; coids, restores use to limbs which have C. II. DUPOXT

,1:s f1Uflh de4'y Iibesties of the system of education! equal: to all, as far a s road for several wetks: not even cuuld a led tvi cures arc ctrtiii.lv eilc't.ry* I rich
o'itin blood
r1e. ThK, at kas areiMttofvourfifiowcWM.fi.the honett on- ran be established. 1'have thrown out these l horte bo got along at uuiht. 1 do not tl.itik it tno.L-iti! t4 wrtv]* (f *tt trfol. We n'tise all toco rt-stons the $)ii vial tocirculatefhrou rl'iidor J >int .U'jler.andthis 'i iNveinIf !-*. Pw HARRIS,

that tliu ri5iils: can jrt-t along in time ovin.i tlie indent, who v- ill fi.rni-li a rati-, 1C, 1851. S2 Comiiiiuuoner.
reflections tlmt the public mind be diucUd : i J" con- is th? rt'-ison why it has b.-er. "n universally succesfulin -
ij : may to th diliici.hy of tiaxvliing at uiglit. In a I !I ti.ii.injj i.aijraluibc! reccit.ts for the treatment of: c'iriniidll tli i a t*< of the Jr.tnN. In chronic Notice.
JOHN DLNS()\. t'.i I cat:!,', tc.
to : subject, as (leorgia is laudably Ish .tllictio-.sof
: now, ort line we l.ope) ; to have all ihingagain. strr.ighi t t z __ the pin pLi\fr, Ltin s an 1 Kidorv*, wei'k after the fir..t publication of this!
this i reat Arabian reinedv, FOUR no
attempting to educate her childien. i .-Pentacdu Daiocr, $*']>t. 4h. WE ; unparallolled ; I will apply to the Iltn. Judge of Probate
ftio'; c'i; : 1 S' C iyi &utlie- cicffer..n

I but a.inal iiut .3wcIJ ff to you II is highly probable that) tie! \V<; tern and The llandttlf-h Srgroes. A wih, in the COAT as a cantli j late fr the cflico of f County Sur- c-fic: ; and for Rhftimati-m it Ju< j performed scir.e i otlh ( .J Real County for an order or decree to sell the following
---- >r nnt t exlraordtnarv Estate, belonging to the e"f.ate of T. J.
Atlantic 1 cures record
tCUI ( vlucliZwi. Kail load, which cost the St.te up- Baltimore Patriot ho i is \ ve vcr for Lcoii County, at tLe election in October on ; aUo forTramps. Heir deceased! to wit Lot X .
isartjl' of the g** feeling v. travelling i'i Oi.io, j .S\vcllif e;, I'ains.Vounds, Chill>l.un#. : thirty one, ((3lr) sarhi -
pepk wben occaiuu t i1'13 of fuur tuitions of dollars, will be clis- gives tin* account of the Randolph! negioes, Ile_ Nt. Iturns, U'hife, Sivdlin2 Tun.ori, &.c Xc. It 1-1') l ani 1 oxcep-in:; twenty feet front and thirty foet
trtii: tO" dcer in the N. W. ,
of ail Lot
wed of. I fit i \vho it ill be remembered equally; efficacious in diseaws of .\nirnah, sii'-h corner together with
not additional diiven from as
piL s were MK. EniiotYoii
legislation ,
L: ''i&e htuortd :ue with their cono '| : will pliat-,0 announce, th'j n.une: Fi,ttila. Foil Evil.Sweeney, S'iff' !Complaint, Di 'tin- tho improvements and fixture thereon, situate, lying
uill 1 Lie their bo'i( s whirl( b bad: been procuted for of J. FOPwSYTH icin in the of Monticella
Iwait-fvit thatik- required to sustain the enterprise.-- BROOMS a* a can-lij.ite for the pc-r, Faicv.Spruin* fruises, VVour.ds, Man e. S.oav. town
flI l )
to express ty If 'it should he difjxiMnl of them by the wMtes: ofnce Coroficr., at The CiiUfl in OctobcrJla. nxt. ins, Vlii-i.4; Splint ; and (icr nearlv all disfjx s, V,'. S. DILWORTIT.I" .
ij9es i ta tlicju LIlT the kinduess thy have alKv sonio dip'izitioi< 11 j lrov, abont) twenty miles from Dayton ; ,-ithfr, in man 0, l>ea>t\A hich require external, Admr. of T. J. Ileir. deceased
G. P. ai|
A iniiae. I lave gwwti uji in your will have to be made of the proceeds of -alc\ J is a small and rather dilapidated; town, lie Hvuivwiv ami M.iny Voters. 1 liiicalinri,.ihu Li>iuient !and at the head cf all Aojust 9, 1S51. 31 4t

rti from boibood, dfj.M.dit,. : UJ OM my cx1WD8 In this event our people) have an interest in L, twc n this place: and JVqna.; Along th> can EDITOR :PleiiStf an-.ouncc the name of ( EO mwlicires.IJecr Summer Clothing at reduced Prices*

to take care of myself.Mieu 1 ::r- this fund, and distributed for public! impnmmcnte N j! !''l 1 i the major ity of tiie Randolph! negioes are F. HATILUVAY as a can-H hUe fur die office of Complaint, Ery ijrctaiSf Rhruinnlism rf.Rqvwicg / WINO to advanced .tate >f the seaaon. I will

with this }portion of the State shoolu j j located. It was i in the 'uljnining country of f i| Coroner, at the election in Detour nextMANY MARION! Co. Kr., M.iy 27, JSJ?. Vpell the remaining portion of Summer Clothing
ed!l at manhood, the poojil a \vann i Mercer that at reduced
; the large tract of land WHS pur- VOTERS.y Mr II. G. F'AnauLL-Dear Sir : Your Liniment: greatly prices, for catli.V. .
claim from ;
tad: generous detiu* t. jtrouwte uiy int estg, (leoigia that justice which has'c| ]& & for their settlement, fmn which thie k *elln'? very elland doinsj a va.f dal of uood aino.v T. MITCHELL

codi.Jiy and (retiy sastaiiKHl no.Nooi.e : long been due it, 1 cannot enter details u'iwere! forcibly ejected by the white inhabitants.J I WE are authorize'] to announce EDWARD the people.! It i has cured a bad c.iseof ERSI- August 9. 1851. 31 tf

j il. VEST, E.-q a a caii'li late fir County Surveyor, pFHi.and another of a B\D P\I.N i.% THE
fituated from trnwlf on these vanous subjects. Hut! should I (( 1 The' condition of these poor creatures is a sad I BREAST Notice.weeks .
diCcrcistlj I at the election in Oct*>b<>r next. Aug. 23.1P51! ; A (ladx who was confined to her bed for >everalminth
tmpprecUe the ss oli'.ig! emotions of gratj I j elected jiv entiie efforts thal! ba used to adj I- | commentaiy' on the miserable; policy of c.iiancip'iling i. with LIVER COMPLAINT and ArrtcTivx I OF OLX after date, I will apply to the Honora-

vaticc the bebt interests of the ; : negroes, and 1 allow ing' them to retrain: JjgT WE are aut1i.iujzel t.) announce COUNCIL[ THE HEST, waenHrtl> cured by the us? of your j >J ble Juds e of Probate for letters of AdiuinL tration -'
rude that vcre awakened in my beat-- j country and :! j in this ctuitrv. Ttie m joiity of these once R ALLEN. E-q, as a candidate f-r the office ,Tax- Arjbi.in; Liuirnenf., Sheoid tl., doctors could do I upon the estate of James L. Ross, late of Hamilton -
received and faitlifully and honestly serve constituents her no nod. It has bee.s applied to a fre,h cutand I County, deceased.
Vth tl.ey tne uj&t-ld my i invaluab'e,
open arms j servants are now worthless pet S j A MC nir anl Collector for Leon County, at the elec- cured in a short ti.ne. I have been afflicted with ELIZABETH

n>, and to tbcir L udneia and the bountiful j I I Itn.T"j according to the ability I may possess.- upon the communi'y among whom they are |1 tirn ia October next. August 9, 1831. RHEUMATISM fora I L.n* tim?, and just before a wet Hamilton Co, Fkx, August 9,1- 31. 31 ROSS.6w

of the Almiglity 1 owe what success I Ikr.e [ 1'ully identified with tie! interest of the peo-: l located, ant! often want for the common neeessaiies :- To the Voters of spell it painrd me .so much that I had no peace al l!
of 7 Jefferson County : dav I a-id i'i the night I r<>inm ncvd b thin
life. I heard several ; arid rubbing
with ia life. Here and there I I It ;pie of this County our rights arc the express an CoL James CITY COTTON WEIQHEH. '
met same, ardent wih} to return to the shores ol Roanoke ::3T R. Tucker, Sheriff of Je!T-r'on with your Liniment,and before I wis done rubbing .
?t 83 aged fiicud who tlood by me in other our cause one cause, and that is I know, where C again, they once had j lenty, and 1 TTAVING been appoifiteil one of die City Cotton

davt I a-e the middle aged who grew upwtb our countty's canc-and whatever I may did not know what it was to suffer for want." next term, I respectfully announce mjselfa eun1i.Iat e Miff Complaint, Strtrmy, Diilrmper, Corhs and -i-i Weigher. I notify the Planters and Merchant

me,an j tie utill ciea who! haemsnifcftd believe, will promote the honor and glory I f.-r (heanio. WILLIAM If. 4\NDREVS. Sore Kyti Cured. of Leon, (Gad den, and the surrounding Counties, al y ouster four the in A the fJforjjia Planter, that I will attend
o Detpa'ism Ita'y.- constantly at
country protect rights and Jibe correnpondent ollip -
JCjy WE are authorized uiuiotuiccj'AU ..V.MYERS M. Mitchell, Potunater at Fiat, Fulton Co. I 111.Mr .
thi-ir friendship! for HJP, audas r cr (i of the people, and sustain the Tirou of hondon ChiLtian Times records the Dep< ; I manysuch a : "
candidate for the ofilce
as a of ClorL of the COTTON aal 1 TOBACCO intruded
eintry has stdJ up, I hive still met with I these States according to the true piinuj fob j in; -tar.cesas the following, of the honidc'esj'oti.iu ; Circuit Court ft.r the County .f Lt.in. H. O. FARKELL : Your Arabian; Liniment ishighly Scnle.-, brought from New Yoik, will to be my adiu-ted rare. ant My

ctucriam: fimds. To political fiiends and I of the Constitution, vull Jeceive my LeaMy i I j now reigning in Italy : praised here. We cnrrd one ol ni) neighb ra certiried by the In.pwtor of Scales end V.'eights of
1 the Sliff
horH < Complaint about
by (
I for the advi assent aivl snj>|Mit. But whatreaclits us to-davfiom Lejjhonipasvs t:JV.'C are authorized to announce JulJX XU-; I cured tour <-r fivenr the Custom House there. My station at the Depot
Cpnet am uuJeroblitjitions a|>|.licatiois.i'il one of tny own r.f the neeney. -
Thf Uniun is not a mere hobby to lie used ; 1 imagination. Towanls t-vening, 0 ill COMR, a*, a candidate for (the office nf Tax As"-e" Our cheriff, Joseph Dke. curtd his hoi e ofab will poses one great advantage over any other nearer -
%icempnt of inieret.ta and all It
private I for party schemes, nor is it honorable and'1! the 3d July, a few urchins of the street weren. and Collector for Leon County, at the< e.Tli'-n inOftober d Cork with it ; he a!.;o fried it on a colt that cents -eaving in the Drayage alone, eisht
tender on every bag of Cotton the Yard, too, being
my profound acknowledgments.If patriotic to raise the falfe cry of dLu: j throw ig:; atones atoah other. Unibit'inate- r.e\t. July 5.1S5I. h d ihe Distemper very h3dr.rdcurpdi'irnrr.ediaediarciy. ( strongly fenced and! m cood repair, the Cotton will

there e'.3uid be any error tvhicli I hive j ion to rfeciive the {.eople. "J'is your country I) '.v, one tell w'iclc' it was not intended, and t: WE are authorized to announce JESSE M.ROBERTSON. -. inedi'-me.,' He.e ever sa>sit use.l.;u det-idfrily There have the grca.ext been numbercureil horse- be more secure from injury and can also be forwarded

committed iu the cxeciilion of the trust -'tis mine-bequeathed to us by our a n. struck an Austrian sentry ; an Au.-trian se rg.uit of sore Ecs with it. I find it a very valuablemithcine with less delay. I hope the Planters and Merchants -
a n candidate fr the ofT.co
f Tax will '
Jesters, hit us it pursued t. e b'.t u bi/J. tot man ai.d!! beaat. give me their patronage. &i I am determiueJ -
confided Lt t culprits they ran
L\ precne young
to ni0 the nplc, it was from a pure. 3'ourUnion deserve
jx A e.or and Collector for Leon Cf>anty, at the election to it by strict attenion to mv businesa.
bo m.iintaincd the of swiftly, and being close pressed, they threw
fect o? judj:neiit; and nt from any waulofdobire upon principles in October next. June H, 1S51. Beware of Co'tnterfeils. guard azamstitition CHARLES L DEMILXZ
equally, juMiet', and the Constitution,, au iv themselves in one of tho e canals that issue Jd: t'lefolftitcing Caiffu'/y. o- Cotton and Tobacco Weigher.

to faithfully and honestly discharge let the spirit of IlepuMicuns be cherished aid; i from the sea i.'to the town ; theeasily swam LrWE are authorized, to announce HALEY T. THE PisMi' te |>aiticulail> uiioied acainst a Tallahassee, Augu.t 1S31. 1 tIJ .

oy (d lUj to tlieci. It is buniira to err, and a i instilled; in the rising generation, and when to the; other fide, and disappeared quickly BLOCK ER, Es"uire, as a candidate for the office cfSlieriff Couulitjtit which has lately made irs appearance

literal and fair-minded fill-lie is always reads. you and I diall be called away from the business from even the tight of their pursuer. Next: of Leon County, at the election in Octobernext and iscali'H by the Imposter wt'o make it WC. LaborerstakeNotice.
Arabian Liniment. This
i i.
10 ct j ia a nolle spirit) of forgiveness. of life, t e generations that shall come day a commissary of police \.Uited, on tliis May 24, If51. fraud and mi.re liable to deceive from his>a bearing dangerous i the \T7ANTED> V and immediately, to wohk on the Florid
Georgia PItnk Ron'!.
up after us uill call us blcsstrf.JAMKS account, the qualten of the sailors called Wneia ; of Farrell. Theitfore
; name be
Again, bj the 'ntfelicitation particular nevrr to of able bodied Laborer
uig of fiiend.s;, r WE are authorized to announce D. W.OWYXN xshite and black, td
: L. SF.WARD. ; threats aid promises lavished to detect call for it by the name Farrcli't Linnn"nt" fcr whom good will be
ware toJAMES
hj lime i before a* a candidate for the office of of CIVPII. Apply
> you as a candidate to rep Tk'rncmrilk. September I 10, 1 1651.i the culpiU: were of no avail. On the 51 th Judge unprincipled dealers will impure ths: SPURIOUS L. TOMPK1X3, Contractor,
r ecat tLig in the Probate for Leon County, at the election in Octobernext. Mixture upon you for the genuine but a/u-ayt a County next legislature > infi. ten bo s of the Vcnezia were arrested At the Camp, near Newport.
Georgia occasion which f.V Later from Cubi. 1 i three 12 1 two 11 I three 10 and 8 May_17, 15I. II. G. KARP.ri.i/s ARABIAN LINIMENT," and August ?, 1851. 31 2m
an would naturally out- me lake no, other, as Ihe genuine alirays has the letter*

wing o r,tta pa4, and call to the Uy the arrival of the bug .Somers, Ca;|it. ( yeais old. The governor's palace, where: 55We fcre authorized to announce DANIEL:: i H.G. before Farrell'-, his signatuie is also on I Iutsid tie Superior Claret, &c.

memory Uatson. from Havana, we have news fiom |they had been conveyed by the gendarmes, McRAENY, EMjr, as a candidate for the officeh wraprer aid thestwr; b'evnin theubs-f
irm-bfirted of days. We ,, '. TUST received Tallaluwee! from New Orleand.
friendshijn; past that city to tlp 2nd! inst. ( Leon Count the : ii. ( FARRELL'S ARABIAN L1XJMENT.PEORIA. per
Ireit tire ; 'n. Lopez was; 1 had the appearance of an elementary school ; Sheriff of. _" at t lection in October. ne". : ." J 20 boxes superior St Juliea Medoc," Claret

rails of a political criii?, andtior. was executed at the I'unta, one of the Ion tione of them harangued his fellows, an, l ex-:, j WE are authorized to announce JOHN I H. AGENTS WANTED in every Town, Village and 20 da da St. E thepe lo. da

ofoeuiIs! near the cit} on the morningof horted them to be men. Neither threat nor candidate h Hamlet in the United States in which one is not e 6 do. do Pale Sherry Wine,

iew> Wore tic!: thp lt inst. Cnpt. Vi'ateoti knew hopczprevious oifer were ppared to make them confess : a RHODES as a f.r the office of Tar Assessor ?a.ulisbPd.'! Apply by letter to H. G. Farrell, Peoria, 1 case, 2 dozeh French fruit in natural juice.
country. and! CoiK-ctor for Leon Couuty, at the election in I III., with BERRY i ROWLES Auctioneers ic.
to his leath and i good; references as to Character, Responsibility ,
1'h I bisi. !
baing seen
golden w.t'i was proffered to Nicola lleri
corn2ecteJ wit the Atigut9,1851. :Zl: tf
Torrjtoj u. October next A pril 19. U<51. i.r.
% tie < body a fehort time after fie was executed(i. the boy B years old!, all in vain ; he did not --- _-- ----- _-- -- .- Call on the agnt who will furnish Free of Charge :-:----_- S

te 'oveniment arc familiar leavt-t l no il/jubt hat Lopez died by the (Jarote. know what to do with a watch. They were To the Citizens cf Leon CountI /. a Hook containing much, valuable information for BAKSR, 1 1AT tTTiY

: IL nn-er Leliered that the At the linn of hi* execution ho was: then transferred to ths fortress, and submitted : r roai. 'ct fully announce myself a caikMate! f,r evi-ry cla s of citizen*. LAW

outh ( jtai: i te, t I havc iievcr, : surrounded: by the American pri anpmn Hivini 1! to the bastinado ; (he scourging was jute r. I the otllce of Jii'ljje r.f 1'rob.ite for the County cf Leonat E'Rlci-25 cfs. 5C) rts. and one dollar per bottle. ,
Las k THE ONLY Ge.M'ixc H raanufsrtured by 11. G. TTAVING re umeJ the practice of his I'roesion
fhe' Some eighty in number. Tliere was a mpted to intimidate them to denounce the culprit. tIe flection ia October next.
3 vuar ea, ueen la favor of Ojr iu ebefetsjtteni of ( s tritg militaiy guard on the fjiot, and anim- No, no was the constant cply.; One March! 15. 1-.M JESSE ATKINSON. rVtiiizcit, No. IT M.iintr.et, Peona, III., and[ for Office at Qu'uicy. August ?, 1S51. 30 2ray
rn vte eniwure of ] to the sNotLcc. tIe wholeMjleand! Retail at Proprietor's b
nent cp the fa people tee exec of them got fifteen blows ; the ;poor creature prices

&rd 'the earji,, if honefctlis 3 t ion. AU the reports .igjee in stating that l.'e Lack was all unskinncd and bleeding. Tbe[ September 6, Ib51. LEWIS &. AMES.et Groceries. .. P

fifi1Iy ; it the duty of j died l like a Fuhlicr ; and he. mentioned justbefore Austrian brutes remaintd t till disappointed.rn .-- P. SMITH'S School for Boys will commence I on onrv: BUSHELS Com,
te ta l his death that all J of Octolirr Groceries &c. OUU 3 birrels Leaf Lard,
gtirj againg abuses nnd Li? proceedings wet e horrid talc requires no comment i" the 14 next. 1 Tierce Rice.

'rro1KS.! It i is their r j intended to elevate the peoj; K of Cuba, and September 13. 1831. r.G 2t [Sentinel 2t JUST received from New Orleans,per Schooner .s\-. 10 barrels Ilxtra Flour,
crnnu-nt and
n"o they ------- IVttes
T to i tln-m fiee Girls a// a JLirc. -Two ladiesof ,
ut 5Uthj' gke a ovcrninciit. young 2 d izcn Cbampaigne Cidar,
it tIle evils which} mav (:'aj-L Vi'atson diJ not leatn wh-t was to belie Indianapolis, who belong to the trtn-n\ : 7200 Ibs. of Middling*. 4 pipe old Peach Brandy,
tome "
up it months itf'r dat,. I lial! to the I 51It) Siitnltlt r",
by te! exercije of unwanat.t. tl hu fate of the piiboners at present in I were out ri-liiig in a buggy \by themselves*, apply Judge 750 best Cured Hams J pipe Consc "
cd V J Probate f>r \at-hitIt.tI C >unty. { r a final Family i pipe Malaga Wine
or ly Ija&1 fi:1: upon the art of hands of the ( ivenuiineuit. .tiiion the numi and after dm ing through the various fashionable t k-mt-nt! and litharge from the estate of Joseph B. J! Boxe Dried Beef, Whisht3-Rye, Raw., and Rectified, ahi

Colgre' L K\ery patiiotand! true lover of tie!i her, is a young man by the name of Chapman: avainits they concluded to try the j.Lmkroad. jockey, tecca-cd.! 2 Bbls. Mesu every other article usually found in the grocer business '

j C1c.d who says he belongs to Chaileston. There Well, to the j lank road they went, MARIA LOCKEY, Adm'r.r 2 Boxes Smokd Tongues, which I will sell low for cash.
l"l vj ly their liighcf inicrof : and while Wa.bintnn ('0., Septemb.r i. 1851. l tin 2 llhd Brown Sugar, Augut 2, IS51. 30 A. H. FELKEL.
( w ateh the are RO many reports in Havana respecting I the trotting biiskly along they we < 1 Clirified Sugar,

LfljLd..e toflUt litir j.ublicncnictp I capture; of Lopez, that it is dillicnlt to learn suddenly arrested by a toll-gate keeper, who I Bagging, Rope, and Twiac.T7ENTUCKY 2 BbU. Cru.-hed "

: 1)u14jc) and to cones tn! truth. The opinion generally cnteitaiueds demanded hid loll. I Iov much is it ?I" asked Ii.GaIN(;, 20 Extra Union Mills Flour, ft superiorarticle : Groceries.

ena4ch and tcjiudiatcMich acts that he was taken by homo countrymenhile the pi1 Is. For a man and horse," he replied JLV Gunuv do. PER Schooner Tallahassee from New Orleans, a
tare not it is I'-lan-l tl\ 25: Wa .hiugton Mills Flour, 10,000 pounds clear and ribbed Sides,
in the fifty cents. then St-4i
Coflitent: with the rreit priucianj i- atlecp w ods-he, having been get 25 Glcbt'. '4 4 tierces Sugar cured Hams,
; oI : ; completely! broken down by hunger and fagot- uuC'of the way, for we are girls and a mare! Bent; Krntwkj Dde! Rope 20 Me-* Pork and 2 da do. do. smoked Eot4
justice nLich Twine Ao lc. F salo br
the Con- Baling LtttjQfl: : of our U-loved t iij'je. Tlie ammunition of tht patriots Cet! up, Jenny, and away they went, leaving 0. .t J. MEOINNISS. 5 thou an.l of the very Le4 Sjanishi Ci 2 boxes Buffalo Tongues,

e country was intendMenre. le&tioyed in the Lite gale on the Island, and the man in mute astonishment September, 1S31. 35 6t ever brought to this market, imp rtt-tl into New OrT 25 barrela extra family Flour,
leaiw direct from Cuba mistake. For sale CO; do. do.
far -no by superfine
doing Has, no honor'J they were afterwaids at the! of -
mercy thiirThe L 12cc/icc A writer in the '
te ri Uc Daily Bagging, &c. BERRY 4 KOWLE3, Auctionctrs, 1 bogsnead Clarified Sugar, ,
TiHl ... man jJouU ever charge you' (IC1111C$. patriots fought desperatelyand \VUcoiifeiii, says: When I first came to \Viscontin Aug. SO, 1851. 34 1 to. Prown do.

aCeorja tJivjuionist. it Ssbdievt-d, killed and wounded not lessthan I I chanced to meet an enemy Judge!{ 25 PIECES 50 coiU Kentucky Bagging, ____ ___ __- 2 barrels Crushed do. <

j from two to three thousand The Rope, Just Arrived Old Dicky Jones." 2 t boxes Df d her men. and ,
hubbell doubt
Convention, decide! that ; andbeing a stranger, no 20 hinny Cloth, 5 barrels Me?? Beef -
she djj r-ot hIoLpital in Havana have a large number of a little inquisitive, J asked him what were the Which will be K ld at low' price" A FEW gallons of the same Old Frimd for Medicinal S do. No. 1 Mackerel

tea8ute; approve of the Compromisewould wounded in tbe
for die sake of the --- September fi, 1851. 35 tf .
t.tlion, aliide New Cotton Plant said he, I helped to elect him, and theery --_ _ _ BERRY A ROWLES, Auctioneers, &C. lOt ba hels White Corn ., "

convention by them. The resolutions of The editor of the Oiloanian has seen a boll firtt suit I had in court' he refused to charge Chain Pumps. August : o, iSSh :3t tf 600 BERRY do. 4 t Muted ROWLES* da, Auctioneers &l.

tsaty which assert principles! iu?c- of cotton, that deserves the attention of cultivators I the jury in my favor, are enough, and suggestcd A FEW endless Chain Pumii fixture for sale by -" Augtit 2, 183!. 30 ,

itoted %indicate the rights of the South, on account outs rauid grow th and j along train of recollections the v ul- G. A J. MEOIXNISS. Groceries. -
for. and of election." September 6,1851. 35 4t revived from New Orleans Bchr. "Wm. M. A. LONG &
I'DG icy expediency| an per R. J. P. K. SAVAGE
Heport I voted against, 1 beith t-atly maturity. On the 1st of June lact, a JUST
t4t5.I'i' thassed tru* hearted Southern men lady planted in her flower garden a few i : Q& An Irishmanvritingfrom California, A Card. 4 Casks Sides, -TTAVING Llpracticing a Law ociated, will themselves for the purpose of

Ohltjofljst* and l ton seeds ;presented her by a gentleman. rotOn says: "It's an ilegant counthry. The I bedbugs ) Jfl fubscribcT bcjr permission to Inform the pubcnve 40 bbls. Extra Flour, any business entrusted to their give prompt attention Va
dorse such ws unwilling to cn'ften. the the 2f>tli of July a boll was ready for picking are as big as dinner pots, while the fleas J_ lie in general!, and the ladies of Tallahassee and 40 Ohio July 2t>, 1851. 59 ifNotice.

, slander against my countryftli ; and at the end of sixty days from the are used for crossing creeks with-one I hop: vicinity 1 in particular, that he 'n nov prepared to re- 5 barrels Leaf Lard

If Georgia! could' not the (tin e of planting the and they are over with two on their back." frchflla") for instruction in Music on the PianoForte 50 sacks Corn, at cort .
approve acts ; cotton had arrived;:1 nt
l He "will call at the residence of person dcwrin" All of which will be Bold low for cash by
fi Congress, why should we lo c illon- maturity-being in less than one half of theour 03 In order to protect more effectually agaitifet to take their lessons at home, cither in town or A. H FELKELL.: THE firm of C. C. BYRD & CO. ii thd.ivtIii.

ftTt w tdie for those men that time it takes the species now raided by the encroachments American fish r- ia the country. August SO, 1351. 84 tf said firm will by mutual consent. All business ct Ih*
ent w an4 very planters to do so. The lady was totally unacquainted men, arrangements have been made by which A Piano Boom will be ready oh the first of October at tended to b) C.C. B>rd.Cf .
det. approved these wrongs, ard] with the next, for those not wUiiug'to take their lussona at A Card. BYR\
such cultivation of the gi eat Canada is to place a steamer at Nova Scotiaand SO. Krl4'r4
meaeurcs *'vUe liberal (, J.atv milE eierd of.Mi** CLATTOX'B .SCilOOL will .ukt -
and Southern staple. The seeds Email vessels in the 11)S3l.
were introducerby two Gulf of St.rencc Ls For terms of tuition, pleae apply to the und icr- J- commence September 1 tat
Monday, ,
I nAto the if Mr. Hyatns, from Yucatan, and are led to enforce the terms of tlie Fishing Conition sgne. ti.? F. BARTII.: the School Kouxe on attached St John' Church. the Tl San s business e place.Ta11ahaee1. will b continued ty C. C. BYRD, t
people this
is the 1' t the Alica \ of 1818. August 16






;:. __________________________________________ __&. .__ _t_-______iw____,__ -

Amendments to tho A. E. MAXWELL. M. D. rArT. Towle & ALUAB
Myers, P. P. LEWIS, > I Jtga: [ 1bcrtitrntflt9, 3OOX 4JrST
CONSTITUTION OF TIIR STATE OF FLORIDA..1J MAXWELL & PAP, HAVE on hand,and arc now receivin .a new and local Dentist, Tallahassee, Florida. ruimLisItEl) AND FOR

ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, -Ksorlment ol GOODS[ cuniibtui oi ,, in the new buiMing 1niedim In Chancery. SALE fly

4 ptrt of the Pot OtScc, wl.ere MIDDLE CIRCUIT-JEFFKRSON: COUNTY. JOHN s. 'rtYLon,

: tn piirttiancc cf.Illicit A7J' Stction 2, Gold Anchor T.evcr do he Mill be found, unices prufi. fionally Booksellor & Publisher i4

.L of the' Constitution. 1S51. 5CHARLES' _ Silver Lever Hunting do aictL September 7, 1850. 35 Mi-lvina Philips, } Tassan St
; : : Silver Anchor Lever do ta. >' Bill for Divorce. I 1tEfoloccieg_ buk5 si1b! ,

oaraenJtb Eleventh Clause of the Filth \v DOWNING, Lapine and common do PREMIUM COTTON GINS. Robert Philip*. ) (1 postaee, to any pat? ,,t 'he Unhtd$ ;
: ATTORNUY AND COUNSELLOR; AT LAW, Gentleinsn and Ladies Bo om PinQa general, a-- appearing lo the satisfaction of the Court, bjalfulavit the receipt id' the Tr.oIit-y I r the
f 'Ciintituti ol I t this State and also '
Ailiclcof in n
I, ; Tallahassee Florida.Fg orlment of Ear and Finder Rin-;., Gold Gnaids and ET. TAYLtIK t ( 0.. Proprietor of GieCo- mjde in thic case, that Robeit Philip: *. be forwarded by raailat the risk of thp"' !
Act nt the Tnclltli)
amend An atncndaiory .
( : : to Fob and Vet Chains Seals Cotton Gin Manufactory, have the miat.i'taction Utfendant, W not reside in this State, but in the
Keys, Gold and SilveiPencilsGnld < THE SACRED MOr.NTAPiS. fi'fi'P
I ( Clause ot the Fifth' Atticicct the UonMitution n: ;
Office t the to to their Planters
announce the
& Capitol
i ; : patrons tluf the ordinary
PenC'udand! Silver Spectacles Gobi United Stares: in parts* unknown, so 3
Ileadley.- I vol. 12nio 1
Ihi* tate, n.t l *d''>|'t *d t b\ the Thiid and Fnuith March 1ft, 1S51. 10 tfW. generally, throughout the Cotton in:* rcdon. him Iuustratd ;
Sleeve Collar and I'twm rullon! grow snbpcena! cannot be served upon :
Siher and fmcessnf
Peirl. 00 cloth
gilt .
General As-seinbhe*. so as to give the Election ul that they ate prepared to number ; edSe rxtr, $1 i SO .
Shell Card Ca es, Gold and Silver ThirabUs, line any // is Ihtrtfvre OfJeral, That said! Defendant. I\o- THE SACRED MOUNTAINS'
I Jnd2 to I the !Pe p eSECTION' G. M. DAVIS, Fan", Silver :md Rufljlo Combs. of their celebrated PRCMICM GI.NS. .- belt t Philips, appear aid answer the Dill of Complainnnt Ret. .
1. tie ft envrtrd /t/ the Senate anJ Where these Gins; have been ?fi it woti'dbe Headley.-I vul. IS w.o. without 'tfce 'l f'Stindiy
: ,. intatieroi Site State J'tor ATTORNEY AT LAW, Also, French Minlle! $ Clocks, Table Knive*. TeiTra once filed in this CJiie within, three months from S< hoc! edition. .Acls. F tt
f nrprft> of deemed for lime Man>ilactiirerl
\ ?, Piated and Silver Ware, Silver T. ble and Tea unnecessary to say he( fIrst! publication of lhi- Order, 01 Said Rill will SACRED
and will )
taken ni bis abode at Talljbas-re, > SCENES AND
llrnertil enrd Tiut t theElevcath ,
LI a in *lrinMyroni> H\S a word ir. their favor, as they fctl confident inv machines CHARACTER
Si PUted Spoons. Fork, Cram and Ladies be token for confessed against him.
the Couits of the Middle biIz&ct, | Rev. J. 1' Headley.-l
in vol.
Ihel'ittb Aittclool iheCon-stilution
Clmuseof I t have btfen t'ch I2tro .
that '
brought tu
; I Plattd Waiteri, do. Tea Sets, Calor, Candle- perfection At Chambers, Tallahassee, June 20, 1<<.); SIlolrW.!
and l FMii'xliu and Jackson Counties..March lull! cloth. S i! W ailr ,
entitled An .
I (>f this State, asiJ also an Act Act IL their superior pctlorm.ir.ce will recommend them, ; Si o.
sticks Solar Lamps Silver and Gilt; (Girandole; J. WAYI.KS IJAKEItJudge&cJune21
J amend the Twelllli CU'i#" ..l the l-'illh Article, iii l 9, 1,0.! .i ; in prtfereice to all other Gins now in u-*. For the SACRED RCENHS AND fHAR.\CTFR9
AUo. fine double ban riled Guns Shot and Game I l l'St. 21 3m
.; the Constitution ol tin* State, o (hat the Judges ol satisfaction dl tho-p who hve not iied the Gin, Rev. J. T. Headle -1 vcl l Ps mo ith
and Fia.fine ckft Knive Poite
Ru. Monnies
.$I the Ciicuit Couits shall lint1| | thtir j offices for I Ihe PROl'ECTUSOF p and are n.acquainted: : v\ jib their reputation, the Pro- In plates. Sunday St-Uol? uin, 50ri. lll
Poll Folios Violins ClaroneH and Flutes One Ka- Chancery.
,, term of ejfit jeart, instead t1 1 during good behaif THE jirirton need only say, that flue 'FIfti-T Premium? HISTORY OF THE PKRSELL'TIONsX\Di: : :
; .
:; >r," be, and the same are hereby, ca atn.*ndd a> SOIL OF THE SOUTH. jeTs: Strop* iuhty< &and.c.I'.tf general assortment of Perf'imerx have been awarded to then for the PEST GIN exhi'iitrdat GADSUKN CIRCUIT COURT. TI.ES Of THE WALDENSW.! B ,, ftT.j

t real as toilo*, viz : That on the first l .Mi.Ti.ia> ninlortift'ud.a C( In 01'ber, in ti"! year o.e (iiniHiil: I eight bundled THC gia ; also, -ii| the Alabama and Georgia A rirnltuial C. Townsend 50 fit. CIoa.|
t t part ol:l the AIu-'cozce and Resell Agricultural Sti tember 2 1VO. JS }
; nod tift>-lhree, and on the tii>t M 1 uda in October S.> respwtfiilly in\ite public attention to and Me-clanicVFair, held at C >lun:btif ; aid at t Ihe r*. > Bill for Divorce. HISTORY OF THE WALDENSES B, R..
I. every iv scar* thereatter, then* slull be elected b\ ciety annual Fair ( f the Sruth Cari-Iit.a Institute; at Catharine L. Townsend. lleadley.-l vet. Th inc. Sunday
Pro if I Journ3l be Bonnets &c. )
I I the fi.lio-Mns ., thc undci re- to the -atisfiction of the Curt bvalT.davit
the a'Iui-ajnir )
published inihmcily. auspices t'l f the above T lIST received a jjemral: aMirtmeut of Indies: nn'l ,
% Circuit* ot this State one Jude ot the Ciicuit reived the tlr-t Piemiurr.s at the exhibition Fold! in TT AND HIS
natnd Af ociation. 1 in I thit cause filed, that C.iihnnne L.Townsei'd DISTIXGCISHETMii.
p 1 Summer Uontu-K St'avaml
.- Court, who shall r" iJe in the t'icuit fur which he MU'Cs Spii'iij m ('hirlestnrS nth Carolinaaril ai P'aii where SIULS. H, R tev. J. T. HeadUv.- ? >
4 The wrtik ill h *4 beclecteJ, and continue in > liny ,iridiction of this Court
i icult uie and I Hoi tici.lture, IJ"tni ;iir and Rural Hconomv. I4glrn, Panama: and Palm L >af Hit* French send the \ and out of U.t
: ,
?i\yers (rom' ami alter the tit day of January Pio;>nHi rs have iii fhnr possr ..j<,ti numerous of Florida : AND CRoMFr.L: n, R ..
I'nder the-i- several brad will lip state : j
rlin l
Wreaths (white niul ) H nn 1 fi-t ,
nest *ucceedi; ; his election, unb'-s s-n.ncr tcmoved Sprimii'I ceiliCrit'rc.m Planters, Count !; K Ct Ifea.'I.-v.-I vtI.t2r ( ., Ilttusirato.t full
all that concent* I the culture ol the rs. m- It in OnlcrcJ, That thesajd Defendant do C'Ob: ',
Crops, appear.
4 impioienient white and colore 1 FWr! .M ttiu.. FanPam iln, Parast,1h4te
iaa1e m thin CntiKtitutinti' for mission Men l.nnts. and R.IMP.LES AN!) SKLcilEs. r
the MiTiufacturir 1
under provisions of I ihe Soil, I the iitana ernent of I Ihe Faun the ol CettenGC plead: answer, or d-m'ir to the said Uill r t Complaint Rev. J'g
r.inl Snii Sia'l! IV'i'iict SaIi.. Nwlr and
Ju.l aJJif 01 nnpeaclimcnt : *, s ) it iou !, IeauL-! I viii. Itnts.. tthitrt.j1
of I
the removal es; by H.S, ten ; I at lieruut irr.nt.ceol I the Gins, monthc said Hill will rni
withu- three betaken
Girden, Ihe Oiciiard.) t the Flower Yard thellouseLoepcr's or
and I
AnJ far willwl! tu-ulort it! dutv, or ohPr teasonable (Tap !Ribbon*, black, while and colored Satin RiMirins.Forwlcby : .ind Ihe) simple, produced by tht-m. cani.ot be TIlE l'OWFR (iF RE\UTY. t n j T
p I Department. I In their conime Ion HEIR excelled j.ro: ronfe "o, and that tin* cause be set fez hear- tj.
which ulull nit be suIi -lent ground for nn- A RU6T.ApiillO *> Gins !ey.-I vt-I I ITno tttusratcd;
.- Cause nil lit t lie inteie ls of t the Soil, t the other i indusltijlPursuit. ishl. y ar.y ever nianufnctnre-d. log at the iu'\t tern < f the Circuit Conrf fur Gart ,;
I paChtne't' tie! G.Hernor s'ilI r.-inwe any of f them 15Quiney All orderfr Gins, given either ',n our Iravelllrcnr gmlr edzes. citra, -;.> ctsLLTTEIN
.* of the lai.d, will receive their appiopriuleattention. (IOn County in October next, and that this Older be
I *m lh a'Kb-o-ti of tkvu.lhird* < :Geneivl AcmMy local \gr-n! or frrwarde-d to the PiopriHors t by : FROM: THE RACRXTOODS ANDIR
in thi
published s.me public printed in
: 1'f 1uhI, Itwewr, Tin' < he rata ,-, causes, The '' Soil of the South" will be under the cditn- Male] and Female Academy.rpIIE mail, \\il!) away! recciu i > prorj t at trnt ion. C Sins t.ileuncpa week Ion three newspaper tvuiln-i, and that Complainant DIRONDACK, By He,. J. T. llwdlf !

i-hall be stated at least: i ii such ad.lr. 's nncl entercJ next fii- &'on will commenec on MO( ?> DAY, wiP be -H-nl to ativ pirt of the country and warranted take testimony in the >mo-. full cloth, fr( ef.'I
vial r.f Chat !es A. and rause.
superviinn I'oabody Iqr.,
4111 the JournaU << e*eh : .i.tt/ *si.i:1ei.iii'lie'r, Cot Januti] M. Chambers. Mr. Peabody bjohern lot J- July 7th, at which tiiri'! it i i' exjM'Cte'l that tlie lo give s.ati>ia 'tion.Jos. \VAYLES IJAKCR, Judge. BIO ,\PttY OF TIIR SAVIOUR

Tlut the C.1-4-, 01 ou r.tt!l 11) J iit'lilii'd to the wo jear-ennnecUd, v\iih the Agricultural! ) Pre sor.d Iii w Academy Mill be ready for the rccc-jiliui tel the DirnroN, A nt.CoInmbiM A true ropy-Attest, APOSTLF' With a portrait of each,

JuUc t.i> intunci.d ?Jo lie ri'iic'v.-'l ; and be hhall be S equally di'linpuihhed asa Piacti, al and 5cie-.tific Sdu. .1. Ga. Fcbruaiy 8, lsr>I. 5 ly R. C. LUSTER, Clerk. on steel. ViI? an aaIy on the Clnracter milL,

iH.-lniilU'd to a h.briIg its his own 4i.1etU tet'ore any Fat trier MdGatdtuT. Cot Chamheis is one of I tin1nnsl Klfiiient and l f.iitliful: Tonther are rnijiloyej in time J,1v5JS5t. 2
vote for s'Jc'i removal hU pis: ; aiit: l in suds casct--, intrlli fii' and cces-ful I'lanlois in t the South. M-vt-nJ D-j>:irtnients. The In-titiitii-ti \is providt.ilMith Just Received and for sale low "by 15 enerat ing-i. SI : git;l edses, extra, Sft)

I k the vote hail be taken by te is and tii': ana .-nter- They willbe a i>!edb) an able corps of Contributor an extei ivtCl.emiral.. lluiiflF4.Iht1l-a1, oral it.ubcmaticnl J. M. WILLIAMS In Chancery. THE BKAUTIC5: OF RF.V.: J. T. liF.ALi.py
cd tb Journals of each Ibuiv, titiiMclively.SRC. With! his T.ife.- v.1.
on *, amon Ihe pt act ic.ml Fartr.cisaud Plai.tciscf the Aptrttm.| | :i w.'U s.-hcteil Library, nnd a iJIDDLC CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA-IN GAD3DFX Ismo-jlllus-raiitl. ,
2It"it fwtfirr q'nruiiI Thai siii election Land. valuable I '.-.ljiUt; of MiucniK The iim u'.> in the ANILLA an-I 1 Cot Pipe.j a. orteJ sizes, : CIRCCIT COURT.AT trill eTgeu, extra, Pet.

nliiU b-coiidu'-lcJ, an I llu- I et)I 1- t tiei cot ntaie, in Hach: number nill] contain sixteen f.f HHnilnri-f MuilonN from abroail lM\iii rreiidinHl it Shov<-!s. Sp tdemimiI Axes, hEROINES OF SACRED HISTORY.-Ey Jj,,
the ininner now pu-scrib, or which may lierealt pasp quarto We.livf IIie Patent ditto, CMXMBEKS, June 21, A. D. 1S31.Elhert Stet-lf Illustrated with splendid
ize, piintfi) with new tppcon vipciior while necv, siry that moici'.mplc acromino.l.itionbonltlb I 1 ,- pnzratm -t
., In prewrilifd( h* law, tar llnl 'rti >n
Conirre ; and n frtall bellicdui> ol the Ctivcrnorto ; per annum whMi mnur be paid in advance.trj (rnive plan than the form r one wn-, baeIKOII : Old ani l YOUTII; Town-en.l's Snr=.npanIIa, [-Petition Divorce. !f I ; gill Mfae,'. extra. -SI .,O. '
issue a commi-ssjuii, Ufider lm fal ol the Slate, Trace, Fifth Halter Breast Stretcher and Johnson. ) TtinOPNEUSTY! OR TE!! PLENARY
( Po4 M '.. totho peisnnn-cciviriKtbf biatuM i utnbei of votes and I they may ictain in t their hands I Iwenty-ihe I I I'x.nril i.iay SIM, be obtained wih: >evKil'I ('lein ; t the pttition filed in this muse, ami tF THE HOLY SCRtFH Icl-X Bf pt

in tha Judicial Dittnct ill winch the election i U ol all fciib-criptioiH collccttd by i tlun.cri pttcenl. itt re-jiflabie faniili-! the thice. The price cf l luuiruI strap llin os. Patent Balances. (COO) 11*. Oreadine made to a1pear; [ to the satisfaction rf ft-s-ior C.-ius en ol Geneva. Traiit-latid b R ,

had.i. That whenever t they piefertt I, a ropv of t the \trk will be -erit to varies from *((5 to 1 lo per month. Fer further particulars S4\irr| !'tmiv..s reid Needles Pere-a--ion Cap, the Court tint the Defendant resid--i} bryond, the N KirkA new and enlarged edition. I ,0J umo.

rc. 3. lIe it f..r17cr fnartrd. any one Ivu-ltv mtuit! .* cratuitou-ly, who will remit rej-jifrtiiuy rates of tuition. U\SH-e ]>rhited Cffee Mills. Cotton 'i4rLs. Thermomiter limit" rf the S'ate uf Florida, to wit : in the State ., 4 1 0 paces. el.I

a the Jeneial, A ->emhl\ shall! ci--ate a separate Surcme foui,' names u-itli four dollars. Catalogue, Mbkb may hut blamed bv HI-iilication to Cnt Nails, Wrought Nail*. Ib r-e Shin- Nails, of Alabama : SlI.NTYTitE BLACKSMITH! : A TaUof llher

]> C\'Uitor Cha.uviy ouii uider I lie! provisions :55- All roinintriications mM be addre ifd. pnt I N. I IL SThtt'AItT, PiincipaLQiincy Windse-r aol ('an.- Seat Chars, V'il! ot tins Coi: *litnioii; ihe Judges (hereof shall
paid, to Williim II. Ciiansb-'is, Publisher ol The June 14, 1m5l. '.'3 tt Itinke-ts. Tubs, Pirj-Sns. Sieves, Trays, Hreiunw, tKi- ra-e; at tha I'all Ttrm, 1S3I! of the Gadsden ted, 50 rent
bael"cc-d! in t lUe *uuiiuT ;>tovi'ii d in I the first section:( LILY OF THE JIr,.
Potash Sl Soda ..
Soil of the South, Columbus: Ga. Ficli-ro (}!u -, M.idde r, Circuit Court :
<>f this act, and fh.ill hold lu-ir ' lot he aaic IS !llbistr: -d. 50 cenf.
VAN LEONARD, ) Committee Notice. Sion's r-ujHTior 5 s T..l.uee.,, Rail Utr.ii] Snuff I'rucitlnl, That th"? IVler hepnblished in one of mo.
term, and be i>uijecl! lo .ilKlu1 1ro-ins of aid (i'ttnscliuii R. A. WARK, V of l'io. ]jujm-rrt. and Java CoiTee, coar-e .1 t fine, Salt, the newspaper. prinlid in the City rf Talldhaa-jee THE SHOUTF.lt: OTF.riHSM OF THE REV

: FtociJtd hoirincf, l nsl t he Jud rs ol t lie J. i K. HURT, ) Publication. pOOPERS WHEEL: WRUJHTS WANTED.S .- Sperm. Adamantine, Star ami Wax Can-Jl, for (tLe pace of three monthj previous ta the fin.t A *T.MI: LY DIVINES. With fWiihour ,,,,,,-

0 iJajireme Coiut hdll t>e elected 1.> irenri-.d ticket : Colnmbu Ga April >'i 0, l s,1 10 3m .- A nnt fxrt'llfit! ojH-nina fo-a few g.ssl l \voik- Iloxe Hrown 4uuimIu, ditto f ir the Toi'et, da) of the said term.J. ol Lie Scriptures, in svcrds at ler.th. Pit
a 4 the Judges ul (beCliaucfi) Court shall be clec- Then of alinvc trade, particularly if inilutrious 100 $3.
steady ,
Jreen & J.Ik. Tea. Piekk-s. LemonSynp: Claret, WAYLHS BAKER, Judge, &c.
tel by geitci.it ticket, or b} UiatricU, as the Legislature NEV/CKEAp"CA3IULOfHilNG uiiil. Milling toMork f.T reai-Hiable It would Soda ami the
STORE.T pay. IJiitter C'nu-ke-rs, Pine Apjile Chet-fe, A trnecopy-Attest, E.rtriicf.frcm pinion* of Frns.Kacrnl .
iuy: d.roct.Sec. lxvrore thuii unle for othvrs to entertain a thought Paeon L-ird Floi.r. Mackerel U. C. LE Cleik.
4. lie tt further cnaclul* That should a Kecnf and L'haratttrs, the Ret J
vjca'.icy ocur in fHli T the Silirelne, ( tutnrt-r\ t.i lIE F: snleiilicr ha-: opened n irewral CLOTHING (If CIII1II: 1.1 NEWPORT.May Loaf aiulCru h-d Sujjur, with the usual gnu,.! na- June 2S, IbM. 2-> 3m T. HtNidley Thiork may very inoperNbveiin.'

Circuit Court, by death, rigiiati.ut!, retnoial, or.4herwise. and H'UXISHING ESTABLISHMENT e.nedo in, 18ol.; 18 fortnient of iirtie'le-- the Drv) G
it sliaJl belhtdtitj "I| thc Goiornoi to T Southeif It--.r. L-vris: tt Ames, where liti i i- now I Hats, I Iardwa re. Croeh ry. Saddlery, Jefferson Circuit Court. the same athnr. Its rty-ct is to itbustatenj
Lands and
hqe a ivut of elect tan 1<> till nwli vacancy, and lie opening! a well K-lected. :a-Mirtir iit of MIJHnor an 1 1fahionable Bounty Pensions. Ooaih Triiiimin and D.) >nietic Line. I IN CHANCERY. render taste lk-bkf"lhe: sarird ssimIc., \\\a

t.h211 civcat le.nl silly <*< >"' uaiicp li.ereot by proclamation HEADY-MADE CLOTHING 1 Miited to < F I HE I : undersigned, liavinzmnlearran<;i merit with Room is re"jnired to enumerate Fancy Articles. Paul Ulmer, Executor of John A. Culhbert, decM. Q oi the aut; or'de-ign to supersede tl e Bible. But

and the Jiid. c f ('oATS.1.S'IS and JL a C.1fl1'eteit| and expeii nced Agent in I the City (Conclusion iea.tutk..) aznnst I hUvti-h i is toncitea licifnde to chum and toteC' -

catc.v fn311 continue in ofike troia ihe lime be tj'ialjlac PANTALOONS, of various stvl-' an.l <|itmahuie--; of Wy-lun. ton, and btiii'4 now. ppividal with i theved April 10. 1S.11. 15M Jatet r.ds.laizviuianu: nynUill.and the widow >n& intimately acquainted and pcrltclh Utralur,

MU'ler hi* commissionlmli s'lall' be issued M-bite and fancy colored SHI l I UTS, nil qualities ; Silk, 0 1u'r > and I le( ii-iu- forms., \\ill i attend to t the r<.l-.lUctum Pork.b and heirs .,t John A. Cuthbert, deceased. nil!> itt lii.-ttory, doctrines, and IJ-AS : Inmi> tttrnths.

immedutely( after( the final Cdti\a<.dtiiy? to imbibe its spirit feel its power. ard jw-

which his return i in determined : I'mvidrd. howwr, -iery. Silk arid Linen ll.in.lkerebiefStock, Summt Lv'
That should it heroine necesstrj to till an> i-nch va. >r Tii"-. S.ijKnlerMoney BeltShou'ler' (traceisPures. upr>n the Iritid St.ites (3nv rnmoiit. *-) w ., and for sale hrMmNAL'GIIT from alfidavil to Fifzwiliiani ny satisfaction that defendants measure as it deSemb PS. this treasure winch i, indeed -

cancy befare an lcclirti can bo held uudet the pio- Pocket Bonks. Combs. l'ruhoAc.. TliAVELLIX OfFicers!! and ldieia of t the war et! i lbl'3.I or of any A: ORMOND. James Gad>cen and Hjrd.-all reside beyond beyitnt* price. We i
%i i'i1i: of ttUS Conil''ilutim, the Governor ,taIl have <; TUFNKS CAUPET l\ns? and VALICES. iif the I li.u Han \vjriinre 1-ttti'( are etui ii Ii d t tu' ll'iuily ,- Newport. March 2'2! ISol. nCefiJe the limits of the Sialu of Florida, the one in Jar beynnd any of the authoiV kniur work*-f\t\

the power lo till *u-h v.ieney bv p-in1tuenl, and UMNUKLLAS : t' !rther with a lanre asw.rt- Land.uidir: thel-'eActol I Cunsriess. For MT- South Carolina and I he other ir., New York.solhat ,ticJtin. th.arreil .

I ihe person s<' apn
dale of bis coiiiis.i.'n until his eucctssor ihill be which will be sold eheajt for ). ujion Jelivtiv of the warrant or i lheatn..uitcolkctcJ upon : T. Headley, anther of the "Sacred Mountain! *,"
duty elected 4nd puliliid.SBC cah.W.. T. MrrCIIELL.TallaliflBsoc. I). P HOGt'F. 1 ( ( H'utfitrcfrrf CrJtrtd, That publication be made &c. Tiii work will add reatlv to the rfuutiin(

:5.J*! it furt f eaneftJ, Thai the second May 3. 11. 17 tf G. W. HL'TCHINS.Mjich20 .I_ a.F lo biirrtlKtunrt's yellow Sugar, foi lour mouth in a r.ew-pappr published in Tat Ia.haee <>{ the acthor. In literary merit it niere than equ !,

4 Iflli ciaue ol the l is-i.; 1-2 II 5 Pilot Uread, Fiorida, rupiiring said defendants Catlsdt.n hi* Sacred Mountain*."' Mr. I-tdle cxrdsia

Constitution: ol this Stale, aid a1'spt.d b> t lie third Southern Mutual Life Insurance 5 Cracker, 4M I Ihrdvill to plead, answer. or demur to the Hill his glowing style and vivid Jescripii' rs. Hi. nprli
Company 70 boxes family Soap, ii{ Complaint on or before the first Muiida} iaSepliir.ber lirh of all the ot thrnghf
and Inurth Oeneral Aeinbli as aforesaid, be and of Louisiana. Sight ExchangeO are a srea-wry sublimity ,

i the same is hereby ab ilmhed ; but i ii M heieb) pro- j' fTAVING ben apjx ititeil| Az-nt f.r th.aUiveComJ \ NEW YORK U'ANNAH, and MACON 21 I siijM-i ior Tobacco itv., itc.I.inJing ruetP"cidtd : moving tenderi.e-is of pa5sttinarid tici-r.utisstrtigm

t viJtd hit the Gc.ieral A.semhlv shall, by the c<>n- | *- Tumy. :aid iW'.iin it iimiece arv t4> di< u.j( the for sale, in sums to suit tuv'ilIoLs from Erig ln.nus. ami ft.r s-aT- bMeNAUGHT \ A copy rf this Order be duly published of expression which are to be found in all the tanirnasrea -
for four herein direct
('flflftll? *' ite of the twi Houses thereot, at Us iicvtregular importance nnd ad\ant. if the mtitu.d in : J. PERKINS t ORMOND. months as prior to the said bv which mortals declare theii ciuds.-fit
-uraneeI Nert. March 22 tirt t Monday in September H I'iI l ) nest
n *"ion, eb'Ct sme< per on t lo rill the vacancy I prinridi.; would n-pi-i-tfiilly; M-licit the con-id* ration October 1-2. 1 t-i-i. .jij Agent J.larinn Hanlc. 1851. 11 Daily (Sfo?e, Jan. 5th.
March J.
which will iceirhy expiration of the term of occof '; | of the ( Talheha-M-i- ami Judge.A R \ iel.itV.! Any inf< rmatioii .
(hat JuJ, e who my draw he uv. esir tert'j, under ivla.ii\c to it.eun be ob.uint-d bvealin! on the ETNA INSURANCE COMPANY Bacon, Lard, &c.4 C true(,.i-t.ny FIFE- Cleik., have not fir a Ions tine sat down to a trok
ions said tecuiid siclion wliich is with anticipations', nr fc!ind tfir&
the ;provif of ub-mlje-r. CASKS Frfu-e-n- Side?, mote pleasing
S. S. KXIImT.4ivvt1IXT 1 lI.-'iJlTF'URI 1 ), CO.N N F.C1 1 C U T.pUILDINGS / April 12, 1 l'-i. II 4m
berei*> shove declared to bs ab iliihed.I'jrr io.: 47 tf _l 2 Shoulders, antitipa'ions more hilly realized, than in vr tn-
;! ( EIft.L. A tli1MBi. .Passed the Senate ) stocks, and Cotton I i in Ware-hou-f !mu barrels Me-s Pork, sal nt the svrk betore u?, and we knew it w l\be

b liv the Constitutional tnajoicy; necember I 13, 1 KHJPji THE JJ iu-urco d jiust Ris by tiie. 2.1; Hour. Notice. hailed with gratification b\ the many ..(JrmrerscfIhe

ed the House ol Re1it-eipiitativp by the Coii ti- TRUE MEDICINAL LEWIS fc AMES, 2 barrel.and HI kegs Leaf LGP!, SIX! months after date, I shall apply to the Jmlzo talented author. Hi u Napoleon and hi i-' Mar-

lutiun cnaj ifity, December 23, IboU.N' COD LIVER OIL January 2rt, 1 18V). 3 Arent--, Tallahaee.TT 15 AVbi-key. Prt'b'jic< Mddi-on County for letters r>fdi"- ha'ls"! was. perhaps, a popnhr.awl tc-mid rt hta
mi-iion from the adn.iaistratiori of! the estate ct enh'isia.dirread&rsasany( book thai cart-ce
Jti-t many
rcciived Sel.r
Unmnrd. nn-1 fur ale l's-
i in t the of per
[ 2.] USEFUL c-ire Consumption, A. B. CLARKE, Daniel Flmn.cJecea.'d.MUEL. mentioncJ. We think the Rarr-blos as.iJ 'kit.Le'>
i'rn. .\.t rii I rmIIeIm i t is,CiiiI M.-NAUGHT; .t t D.Newport cf kipreviouly
AN ACT to amend the Seventeenth Clause cf the and all diea- s of thf- Cht Mfd Lun s. A "ipplyol (F'UMFRLY CI.MtKK iVI.G ST1LI.MAN,) March 22, lv">l. H \ UILLUM s Adm'r. are d.'stined to be a* popular at least a< irn dui
Thrie nit a'prer
Filth Article ol the ConMtitutjon qif>l this Sl te.SBcn HIM valuable medicine i is j'i-1 rocoivod which i is '.u-' \ put ulia-eti the inJere-t of Mr.Stillrran March?, 1S51. 11 CniSuinner published works. is" infinite
\ 1. he it cn.bJ itI've Senate and warranted pure, and! ol supcriiirquabty. X-L in tJeir old bi-ine.-i, can IcJLL Real Burr Mill Rock. l" in f>work, f.ll-d a* it i-i with nn

Hause of flff>rfxfntnlivf>n>f the tale ,f I'toiidain For ,lc by very LEWIS t A MK1?. l-jiii.il at their old! vtand on Monioe street,, FEW Pier- mil French P.rr Mill R.-ck- IS by ClothingA -. .etv." The ant nor has ample olhisfirelali-ntstotmi reom: and \fiyt-

(;Sf-nrra *1s i-mby concrnnl, That tbe St euteeath May 21. jS3J. 20 TalUhissce.ITa. where he will receive in a few days from New V iV A 2o' ineheif.. f>r sale at co-t an i ant successfully
C1aue of! liic Filth AttHo ( use Con-utu- one of the I! most complete aitirieaU> of' Heady'iii -i- a general asT.. uient of sumrner clothing ol | are
>c.rt, M.y 1't. 11. 18 D. LADD. The sketch rt( the 4nlli
cit! the toik.
lion til tin* State lie, and the same is hoi da tonmenJid Ice Ice Real cool Ice idr C/uu/iit.t: and (itntlttnm'g J'aney Hood* every variety and tle, which w Il be sold on the hioirrnphical* con-iderei..itid.idJmnt

as to read asfotlows.to wM : Tiiie %liall ever oil' rout in I tins itiarkt Al-o, a i neiul a Miitnient t- rnc-r rea.onafl ? tenin, ar the well known store on H interesting and welt (
T OTS of tlie ..l Ptnff Valuable Plantation for Sale. which is in a Vet!
c< ik-Iivcml value the book
from time Ire to the ot c niji
1)9 one Solicitor d>r i'ucb Cucui* who shall reside 1-J of ftwcfi, Jln tigli, and Pridian Clut.'it. Monroe St.Jormerlv occupied by Claik .t Stillman.Als. .
therein, and shall; beelerl bv the qualified voters HOIIMin the IH..ITII at three rents- ]XTm\ -\ Jilucff find fr'Ieb, I lhepul>lbi er. feePmt-

of arh Ciiciiit; on the fi .t Monday in Oc'olwr, in by tinKiiall] ; ; quantity. am J two ecnt and a li.iifl- and Fif-vfied Silk, Safhs, C'tislnmre, ail I'tallettiti I I vrd I..rfuut-m it- I t -i.he! l, i ia Leon County, near Col'.!. and White Drilling, Drap'Efe) land Tranteri/ 1, Ihc15th.. writn
lime 11t1idttMi -
i.4 the year one thousand oihl! bundled and fitly-tliree, -iglAt. All |Hrms fiii abiond oil n, vxhich he is prejMretl; to niaiKiljctnie alIbe Lake Erie, roiitunii>L: -ISO acres, ( f which some 2!(>ii White and Fancy Mars-iiItesS.tmrs and Fancy Silk Mr Headiej is one of the most primtsins bet

*;, and every fmr years beioafter.or at such times aIhe < bavo it packed in IKJ.MT,