n co>t.-
Few, if aJ of the regular population! the ctillection-wei 46 I !
) markable! ) in
Th importance of this vote will be 21 4t Bin! detrrnined to site barsam all shall find it
Tuten, J. G. Smith, J. S. Purviance.C. Smith, seen on eiamining the eleventh! resolution, took any part in this gallant exploit. It t is composed of gold and quartz, the I J JSO. thrii interest to;ive: he s'Leurr' a r..Ub&Te oir- '..

'\'. Penningion. \ \vhichadopts the Missouri Line as an extreme But (the fact, which, of all others, has. pro thickly. coated over thc latter and : Notice. I Ch3"IO SLSANIGHT.. .

From Columbia.- 'Hancock J. M. concession upon considcrativn of rhat is, duced the strongest conviction in our minds nl" t1iro'ih it in beautiful veins of the aftr date, we shall apply tf> ti.e I Tallahassee, June S, 15CO. 2l .

ihe favorable! disposition of titc people, is thewillingness been refused !or this piece. Jud cf Probate in and lor Ilentoc
have .e
Crews, J. M. Jones, W. M. Ives J. C. Pelot, due to tJif stalilily of our institutions. flit 53000: The Mojaticello Mail ;
the ardent desire discharge from further adoini :u. I
Address then for nay of ail the -' >r a any ;
W. II. Rosseau, J. J. Knight, G. 1)). Miller, Gen. Pillow addressed CHm up the consideration Convention and. officets and men of the Expedition, II> make The Area of Freedom."-Walter e.fate ol Charles Laing,deceased. late cf .
Souh Florida.C.T.JENKIN. .
pre.liminary ,
John Frink, J. U. Durance John Prevail another eflort liberate ,
Jas. : 'to moving ce.i tain amendments ich, to the Inland. The Lan'lor publishes article in the ) ..

Powell. adopted, he said, he was authorized to state, persons who composed Gen. Lopez's command iminer, in which he predicts that the J. ALLEN, 5'Adrr rl. I If
From were not mere adventurers and marauders, proceed in annexing foreign 1 50.) 21Agency r.m f
Afer&Kz.Wni. PHI, Samuel fl.sell. *. would! ensure the vote of Tennessee in favorof as tatcs will ( ..
they have been represented to be. They establishing in them the English: : .4ITS ': J 4J.a o i-Y w-
I the Address, and remove all objections! from and( of I
other quarters. The amendments, he said were young men patriotism, zeal; and high and laws, ulll tth.e Union xvill embrace now carried in a FOUR HORSE COAClIanI : <
From Duval.-S. Buflm.-gton L. R'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES. \\"iIlI..a\'e Tallahassee and 0 .
Ran Monday Friday .
did his honor. Tb'yr le not the men to join in an ernlties; and climates. Wilhin two every
not express own opinions, for he was AHY BALSAM, Pectoial Expectorant, \ uiornif sat GoVIotU ; and Mo t .tscello Tuesday
McQueen'! Mclnto J. H. cyery
Cole, I). C. Pros enterpiise which contemplated forcing a Rio d'u Janeiro and
satisfied with Ihe Adciie&s people centuries, .
( as il so! .cott, "'. II. G. Saund irs, Jno. Broward, Sr., prepared to follow up its principles into union.; into a change of their government. They 'Le the richest of the cities in the forty. ; \ .. '' Mixture, Nt'r"ineVt"r.1 Pt'rJuaVi hn to travel by thi line or to end,- .

U*. G. Chriktopher. But unanimity was necessary to strength: and had been furnished with an abundant proof of Slates;and will contend with each other : Sjrup, Heart Corrector, Humor I exlra b.1Zgt",will apply to Betfon & Hisrpsin Tllahabsee. -

submitted these amendments in ; the great oppression and wrong under which of tho I two speaks: with most purity the Cough and Cathartic Pills, Female Pills, RuinHerrins at Herring's s'ore, J. B Heard .
/rom St. Jolm'-Gcorge Center. deference Miccoiockieor Mr. West, UrM's Hotel in
the people of Cuba suffered, and of their de. Germans &c., .V.C., Used by him constantly at at l.
From Pulnam.-J. fl. Cole. to others who were Jess thorough than himself., Saxon tongue unprecedented icces in the treatment of Monticello. Any packages entrusted either of t Iba! '0:
The General spoke remarkably 'ell I,and much, sire to rid themselves of this foreign tyranny. Hungarians,. will sing their inslIrrt ; !. COllunlplion"Ihma, Heart Dis above :g nttt. properly labelled, will be delivered as !

From Orange.-James B. Cole. I assure you, to the gratification of those who They participated in the general feeling of radifionvn.' same :tongue, &c. Scrolula Skin Diseases, Rheuma{ directed. No others will be r''f i".d. ,.

From Marion.-P. Province. received the cold shoulder all the from all Americans, thai we are bound (to help our )Jr: Landor is evidently a convert Complaints Piles, tc., &c- THE CONTRACTOR. "
way when and of the ': unequalled Patent SiUer Plated Ab June 8, IS50. 22 4t .
neighbor, oppressed down.trodden doctrines
From .1fonroc.-\I.: I). Papy. ihe Tennessee River to this City, only week 'Manifest' Destiny, Supporters; Dr. Fitch's Improved Patent .

Which Peport was received.On fcincc. lie was followed by an old man, who as our fathers were aided in the struggle: of school. Shoulder Brace; Dr. Filch's Silver In- Pure ulpha Qf Quinine. .. I.

said he wanted no amendments ; that the Ad. their colonies by foreigners. They felt that subscribers: have on hand two hundred and _
motion, it was ordered that the said dress met his views in every respect, both as it was an insult and shame to this republic, The Boston Bee records a hockin THE uncr of Sulphate of Quinine, \\ hich they

Report be amended, }by admitting all proxies 1 to temper and sentiment ; that he left Virginia that the unoffending people of a beautiful dent in that city. A washerwoman CELEBRATED SIX LECTURES have otTainecdirf'ct from the manulacturers aLl->
I island within hundred board icn and cureof Consumption,Asthma, I they will warrant it to b.a. superior arficje.Ve '
to seats in the Convention. And tho Report for Tennessee in 1793, bringing with him the I King a miles of our took to drive a nail through a .
and the method of \ ha'vo stock of 'ind Medicines r .
shores of the Heart, &c., on enlarged our Drug
should be
made the slaves of the other
distant from
was concurred iu as amended. heart and principles of a son (,f the Old Do. a Hearing a scream Health and Beauty to an old ase. This by r;rfrst' aq ival ,and are prep'areil to etecute '
On motion of D. II. minion, and it would be his fault if his children and foreign dc.' poliHn. As the bearer of the entered the next( room and found that be in ev ry falfiT the Consump orders For articles in our lineat wholesale: or retail..

Mays, suffered through his pusillanimity! in de. cross goes forth encounter the severest perils driven the nail into the head of a out I the only reaitona&l.e nope for "elie! on the most accommodating terms. ,

Resolved, That it is unnecessary to occupy fence of their hereditary right Gen. Pu.low's to discminate the truths of our holy religion 1 had fallen asleep reading ** the Robber :. the directions it ejves for' the care and \Ve have also a few accounts yet d nt' to us for th*
he so did these ardent ropuiticans'IJeem has since children are invaluable. 7S.OQO copies 1 year IS"!. They are generally in small am'unts./ .
time of this Convention The man
by filing a amendments will young Rhine Vnlley.
call'l i probably be adopted.' have passed through the press, and the but if the whole could be paid shortly, it would ga ..
of voting, but that we proceed to I They do not affect the Address in subblance, themselves hound to respond to the call He died of ihe book-nol of the nail. ': unabated. For sal ll by S. S. Fitch & far towards li1uid.itiQg ce&Zain sums h ch we 0'\l". ).,

candidate and take the acclamation. and are mostly either verbal or in qualifica. of the Creoles of Culri. to aid them in s curing man that would read the book, BrojJwav, STcw Yoik, and l hv LEWIS & AMR.S. ;

I vote by I tion of a few strong expressions. There for themselves political institutions, whose hurt by having a nail driven into hs:: SHIELDS i GOLDWIKF. JuineSlZi1.1 22

Whereupon, the name of Maj. JOHN I other amendments offered blessings are second only to those of Chrisli.uiily. [N. Y.: Quincy, Florida. '
were some by other Fifch's Guide to Invalids.fr Directions to Notice.SEALED ,
BEARD being submitted, and no other name which with Gen. .
members proposi- inc Dr.FItch'sflenedtetobe hid,gratis, PROPOSALS! be received. by'the .
presented, he was unanimously! nominated by lions, were referred to the Committee; (II There could be no doubt of the proofs of thbt! The Wife's/ Adcice. Agents. 1 = Comrciltee of .. St. John's Seminary of ,-

: acclamation! as the Democratic Candidate for which the Address was at the same time re. desire on the part of the Creoles. The Expedition Turkish .E
I Congress, at the election in October next. committed, without instructions. The Addreos, was commanded by a lain Cuban quering Tamerlane, pr0po"d to ;'.' '* Dysentery Cordial \1nti1l'2o'clock. J.onSalurdn' ifie 61 h day of July ,"- .
neAt, for 'turnisiting niateiia!, (rrpctirg.and finhincomplete
with the Committee's amendments, will be citizen. Its chit f ofiireri were Creoles of the sdtpe fr lit. hold," said he, two I ''cl'lnir'e, ; >; "
ol ooda main t'
\\ ; fifty by thirty
Oa motion of!). II.
Mays a Committee of reported to.morrow morning, and the vote ta. island, who had been driven offilir their political qrq ettrr .ttn! one ; I will'! ask ': Krieml' and Liquitl Cathartic, K'et.two stories hih, wijh r'o.\ wings, each twenty- .t _

three was appointed by the President, con ist. ken. The vote, by States, will be un aninious.But I sentiments,-proscribed, and rewards whether .1 had_ better carry him : **Anti-BJIjioo Compound. Sup* PiUs of, Naplhs, five by thirty feer. It '

ins of I). H. Mays, G. .\. Croom, and R. B. there will! he some dissenting Whigs from offered for their heads. All accounts' |Ion fig-'' ,.'!;Tonc! BittersTonic Pill, and Vermi The whole wurk to be completed ready. 'for delivery 1. .
the2Ql of Drce bei nxt. Bond
Hilton, to inform Maj. Beard of his uumi.lutioii. Alabama, and elsewhere ; although it is questionable the most authentic sources, represented the !lis*"ylflr] replied" Quinces will plea Corral jaftbful by performance day: of the;contra, ; will' l be' required.for the i, 1

whether they will venture to express Creoles as ready for revolution. They only besti because they are larger and 'nd Tetfrr Ointment, French Mixture, Persons disposed to bid can retain: m' re specificinforiastion (I,

their dissent in \Vrilin Some of these gentlemen required the ball (to be opened-the revolutionto V, Uowever usefql the advice'of *'Vegetable Coated! Pills Ant and i.Fever Bitters.Pills as to the .c arilctrr {.r I the wrrk tp b* t'
On motion Caraway Smith, the President be commenced. SI\ done, and also see a d"ftt te !
have come here in very bad temper, The Iqle Expedition to be, rejoined Mass.rcil-d.yn, it is Vegetable Universal Pills, tuilding' personal; tt ',

of ibis Convention added to the Commit. which they are at smtll painn to conceal.- Cardenas has satisfied all who were engager 'jo follow' that of a woman, .' ; I am *' Vegetable PilU. application.to &.\'RTO C. .
tee as Chairman. They look upon every movement in the Con. in it, of the truth of these assurances: It is to ,a''e figs." '" Eve Salve, and Thompsjon's Eye "VTaler' > THEODORK: HARl lUnGE. 4

The following Resolution; was then offered I vention indicative of spirit, as a Dcmqcraticplot easy for persons to say, Why don't the Creoles \Vrjep he arrived in the camp, :vs's''' Plicer.jx Con':h Biters Svrup.; and Life Pills, PANIEL s. GRAHAM.jSviMbig f ,

l> Mr. to subvert their influence ; and having rise themselves,-why don't they qomnvncc amused' himself with throwing the SI"I1 \lolI'! Bitter The? above wejl Coiiimiltff.Proposals :, I'
y Ryan : the revolution The I f will!! alto be received an4 considered for. 1 ,
more strength in the Albama Delegation than answer is nn hald head. popular rrtnedies for sale by '
erecting byiidirps of b riciBy "i
Rudccd. loiant/notajy. Thai ibis Convenl'"m in any other, they are perpetually getting it obvious one. Their position is one of pecti. A t every blow! tyass-red-dyn SHIELDS & GOLD WIRE, u'rdq: of I the. Board of Trtisrfil' I, :

4 records with feeling, of the deepest sor. into a snarl. So hard !it is to forget party even liar peril and difficulty.! They are different ,q God be praised." J5. lS O. 23 than Qnircy FU., CHARLES RUSSKLL. '

H w and regret, the death of the Gr u in the pursuit of principle. They have been sItuated; from other: people in their revolutionary .,. .Tatffrlan| ; I i inquired what hs rpeant. Extract Caniiabi Indus : &t"co. B. T.'Si. Jof.r/s S. ..f i.V i

ElUt), erOf'r," John C. (fighting iheir colleagues at horns all their trllg ll's. They live on an island which I arq"thitnkTn God. that: I did odu>n or.Liquid Adhesive Fluster, Florida Senliiwl, Pensacola Gazette J.ckon "., '
Calhoun. Comment lie eiJ and blocked arfvictf ., kf'n, Nfrvims, yule News and Republican.. Savannah Georgian, in?f fCharleston
i H bis lives, and t they can't consider t ihcrue.lves 1 safe can lIrroan by a naval ray wile'i_ replied Mass. ;; Courier will and lorwaJd .
b\ please .
i unnecessary came is hit and against which the .* I I' instead and Bone Linimr'st. For sale copy *.
epitaph. force forif had
in their company abroad, unless they stand power of.foreigi brought quinces SIT! r.LD ? & GOLIAVIRE.. bil!- to Board Trustees.!
!l Tt.u we also sinetrhr! dfooi'1'lre the, loss of I facing Jbcro with drawn weapons. The Whg; nations; can be concentrated.: A na', cannot i 11 I *h,>ud! certainly; ha\e a broken head J-ne 1'. IS5) ?1 than Qnincy ria. June 5,1850. 22 5t -M





t" 'M
-'-' t .. --.. __
THE -t.- I .r __ _nn._ .__- -. __-. ---.-- J ., ... L ,_ j jr
--- -
- -- -
i --- -

131 GREENWICH STRIETE\\' YORK sT.uILITy-sEcvnrrv-p1ItpET VTi MEMPHIS ilEDlCAL DEPARTMENT.INSTITUTE I I :cgal vla 1.1trthjtmt11t9. (@IJc! lortMuu & Journal.I'UCLISHKU ., I !usinss ( "

:: proprietor be .h. &! I
THE tit call attention! ; ol| co: $900,000. -- --- --- -- ---- c.
regular of Lectures lh' --- -- --- = ,
course -
Ta he..U of TiIR 1 in, ;< |Institute, | | 1 "--- -- H
eur* in aid the familte to j, ___ _______ i1! _
I the choice ami Ta coiatner.ce on I the lust rf N<, ai.l) Jefferson Circuit Court. : Cotton
rnrr M.1f"1"'inn of i imnortH b'themod ', I F.VF.KV \TURDAV EVENING.TERMS nrokerag
THE MUTUAL LIFE IIT5UHANCE CO.OK ,continue lIalilllw: i I 1st: ol! Febnury. Theiutom. !
hither'oiitkn'wi ii ,this r-t1rv. which,, \1:11: tin Palmer, --- -- ---
by their fra ,'*!nr inl it-ltcary, C in'iint! l with \iipm NEW l'OCK-XU 3.) WALL ST.TrT ., student cal Dei-ratmen! bv the; first will 1 ol be Ocioi.er.open and r.II.'I'. receive r,. : BERRY & ROWlES-
ptnity anl The ll'di.1! De Catharine Ellis! and Charlotte A. Parish. ,
trcnsih. prol'ice aa infiuiua of -
urpa THREE l Doz.i.tnu.perannnm if in advance. adJlllon to their .
.in rirhne and, nUv. \r um; Nov tt. I'.19, ? O.- partment( will be under thedirecliot Ihefolloivin"I ( Bill paid IN I tuinp- ai Anccn,1
; 'r. lhle.IIId. ) to sell -sid.-ic> of e!titeof James L. Parish, to THHF.Kixn ,\ ,( %I.,'. if piid within six montt.s. Cr.lhml5-IOn :
The T :1. UJ I, tiV..Te'I isi: HuiiUaud Mortazon rRO.'E 'onl.I give tl.) Swho
'i* fffff.l are l\e foUoicin*: o.'lrch' .I pay de'it d'l'Cnint'lainint.INlhiscaU'e Fuun foi.L.R> if not pan. until the end orlt.eVt'al r 'I,,., setting oVCOTTbTS -
The JeJ.la ni.i.iai, a CUf.k Tl"J. at St I 01 per Ih. r..d.! estate I in i I )Ins, city and l 1r'I'II.and stocks I Z. FRTF.M, M. I 1) Professor of Anatomy. it appeirins from the bill which wis f may not find it convenient planter I an"'fllba '

S.. N iph, '. d.!?. .' fl 75 u 'if I he State aid: Cilv. of Xt\\-York luiltdSt.les R. S. New TON. M I). Professor! ot S'irsrerv. i Circuit! Court on the "th d. y ot 3)-The4e teims will be ns'ully adhered toni(!I 1I lei the arrival ,,f the ilt.'arntr.t to attend and *':the

4 ILari
I. O.ne.-a. a Greea Te, I fll Thi i iiinJ H rapiJly increa\inhy a wiJelyetended lire of Medicine. that Delendnt, Catharine. F.lliresides paid unless at the option ol the publishers. Subscribers the market that may offer. any "* tbg"1|

'I Tf'.f u. .1.. It O 7*, u 4 aJ (>r,.siriinH; bll.i"r'-. W. Ihnn POWFLT., M. D Pmfcwr Physiology, beyond the limit of the State of FloiiJj, namely in will be received for three months at One Samples may bele'lt l for exhibition. .

..4 Tit"k.t41u. <&*. M O 50 It The CU.f", ; decUied a ilivideitd of profits fif- Pathology, Mineralogy a.d n..olu y. the State of Alahima : Dollar-.iv months at $1? &). Every: order (lor the erate, and prompt returns made. Chare_** o
UJ-fi Mi-iiurc, *roRiva 4J .n flh 1 '.t'I' uer cent on all evicting; 'oIicits: on the 3Utif J Ki\r., :. I Protestor of M jteria Medica Therapeutics // i, therefore Ordered That publication be made paper out of tl.is county must be accompanied with January 5, 1.,50. '* '
e inwt J, ISIS. an-I Medical the cash unless the order through of |fTarte
rare aqJ ctinire ,'ury. Jllri prnt nce. in some newspaper in Talliha-see, Florida, for 'four comes any our -

Tet grnwt <*n i$hi frrtileauJ All the ProSt are divided among the Insured. J. MII.T-IV Stxnrn?, A. M1.. D., Professor of months successively, reijuiringiaid Catherine Eli! regularly authorized agents in the State.ADVERTISEMENTS LEWIiIES -

ffeiiiil *,.1! of Assirn. I Oi') Tii* |\tehltl are pa>'able incj..h annually, tri.j
IVitb i nto<*n-n4r ;. in'nvlurtiiv,', .,f''",' "tinuillur <]-i.irterly, Irlre'I: I added on the J. A. WILOV, M. D., Profc "or of Obstetrics! and the fir't Monday H Sept'>rnlierne\for theme) will DKALEKS ( :.
ti'ch1i i Tea*. it M fll) ? iu"i"\ the ; Diseases' Women and ChilJien. betaken feint, ami set d for DRUGS
t'1'ltllit'tnrc con
Jd.l pa% %"II'! hearing cr- Will be i inserted all the rate of One Dollar ppuqu3re PAINTS, OILS
te> 4utribUet Ut. annnjr1he t; ir'h...T.. a -pintiurtTejiej | a.lojited by this Company e. parle al the Fall Term of said (four of '
j Tie rj-i |l'nurI\ CLINQUE LECTURERS. twelve I lines for I the first,and fifty cent for each Toilet ,Artiflrs
.CT0)Ct. .i1 tn the ir.t %Mr pro < Lib
the p, r-hs' ,er mill re.-eiv: e ,.IM'1i:. in nt.: $ ti fh tie ot the ad"antaeii: without) "r.'rr./-l'r..fl'ssor! > R. S. N rsv1o'v May 7, ls.o. will !h, mule. on 1 l-gal notices, e..talen.Jljcf"1t.yearly PAINTERS BRUSHES AD COLORS, '
paeftt a n" -r ,ti .at."i'li,,! him; I- I .11'lefil'' 'ihetn to the heavy drax\back of acruinu- 7.. 'nF..: I. N M. D. AnatnmiralTh _A !frucopv_ -Test, notices without alteration Apothecaries Glass '
oft_dsaee in fyf u_ _npmmor"'nr_ __.._!.. _... by persons havingresju'.ai are. "
4tiitnh'litn.* fr r'rraf'" 44'flt.' C. (;. FIFF, Clerk. ,
bioS oat, ,! i"lI.relmm notes. ; feior| a lull course of Lectures ainotmt to accounts will I he office. rpHEabove constantly on Land: and
the n" the "-'"lih.m; >nmiitsI' t.W"". 1..r.u: may effect intt-uranc on 'their own lives one hundred and five dollar-1. Miy II, ,is.vi.' IS .tm All announcements of candidates for office, FIVF. lo\\"eit market foml aitbe
vaifuuii'iiied mrr*'. flf T, tn... alie% lu'es'dl -------- -- pn
o other woiuen can in-
Each in f'I.LEWIS
the Proes.oi's advance.
In.rrl.t tickrt 15. DOI.1.4R9-invnmbly No attention
f 1\2arl! i I
lea tol 'I1ator's fir.
!,er (*.t &
Qr In A
*.tll"'U..I" .n..re. wilt bt :iv"n life of her hmSand! tilhnelit* tl.t Demonstiator's Tee will he fniI to ordertor
.urt 81Gradualion ( announcement unless .
$-.20. i any November
aa"v h 20, IS 17.
>nJ if
rr..rdMi2 to the following; *-,?p' .-cured law for the esciu-ttve of her ell IS
5 "i, < uy Those i!$" irini further information! will pl"lst' ad- CIRCUIT COURT MONROE COUNTY FL.\., accompanied: with the ca"h. -- --- -
or :J -I!,
Tee HI $1 l tJ" 5. ,'. f .4 ? dress their letters (p..st p.id) to the Dean) : and -tu- M\v TERM I ls'?). All) religious mirria??, anti obituary notices published 1J1'fOV TOWLE. auRIAqO D. Ppy.
( s
| ) 5 to ,
<, mtn a' all tlcrdieiJt'it! u salarie dentsanitinzin the cilwill gratuitously/ : but editorial notices for .
51) 4' : pl.-i-e call him TOWLE &
at Julia
1 It. Thistleby her next friend
J Wt, :f' 511 eciali i invited ,
ire |> > t to ..ilthem.h.IIrCNlrC the Commercial te1. R S. XEWTOX.Dl'f111 1) benefit,will be charged advertisements.
'I"J" ,
:5. I 0 '. t'tIt i 1\ Il nner, !
tlicir! urvivii families be secured Attorneys anti! Connsellcrs
A'hsrehy may at law
of the Divorce.Hezekiah .
33 t. ) :1 Faculty.LAW \
1 q I. 1: 2 irota the ol -
e'il jieuury.fa.ap DEPARTMENT.Hon. L. ThUtle. Jon WORK. HAVING[ formed. an asfwciation for the
J Practir
% estilant.iiy of the principle of Mul'i-
< ;i 1'rit.; in ,it ;;It*. 'S!,Vt si.' .jl Li t lnurance, and illujti iiiuz its advantages.vitii E. W. M. KING, Professor theory 1 and practice PROOF hr.vinz been mate that Ilr/ekiah I.. Thi- W** are cell prepared to execute Job Work, such Middle: Circuit- attend the several Court of i tfc.

no.e UHII. rift N'pf'jOf 1"1II"H) rir."d T..i. r u (. ot apiilii.'dtio-t\ in.iv be obtained l at the I of Liw. : ( out of the St,1tp of "Florid, It i. Or- as bills cards, blanks, pamphlet: *..c.,\\.ilh neat of the Florida and in the District Coat

,.. tIi4 1'ri1' i n .".."1'f..jon, w thaw will heji ut) the Company! si., or of any of its JOH.V 1h.L\F"J.D, !:0:1"] Professor of Commercial dart, upon motion of S R Mallory, Eij C"in- np,s and d..spat'h.11 work of this description U.S at rallahao..ee.11 bIUlnUHntrutt'

.'.\..,. (.. ( c.t a 4et1..r.'i'." oftf I ffit'f'ftt. I"lce I. :Wl Jurispiu. &- "". phinant's Solie-ilor.lha' a hermnijof the tjctscharie except for [per.on* hiving yearly accounts with; to their care will receive prompt attenlioa.;

ftfo.tt'\ \r."t. ;e.1 TERMS ,. l in the Complainant's Hill had be for fc- Office in I he Capitol.
r..llti..iI.nl'11N.It"t.. In t. TEE -$50 per S sion. he ; and that a the office must paid on delivery.
a4.tr..e4 ( 41 p. S) utlie Company* 'rrU notice I thereof \le pubi!i hed, i in 'nite public ---- February 17, 1i 19. 'I
Oqi a- All communications fiertairiinz to newspaper -- --- -
10g. P. David C. Culden, tindepartment! -_
S .lb'Wit h"fI 11 c.' Vm J.{oUne.}"P. Allied Edward, mu-t? be adJre-sed to I I.' \\'. M KING: E.S.J. of this State for JOSEPH the"j>ace of four months at least. SPRING GOODS. lIEUIC.J.OTICE.I I -

---- '. !:. II. McL'urdt. Win. Jeft! Memphis, Tenn., Feb. t>rt, I 1S50', 15. \XCASTER. THE i-u'vcribers are jut opening their Sprin
----- ------ !Fred S. ,'I.t'JI.:* Joseph; m."t. Key'cit.. Marri JUII.-c.-. Southern Circuit. which hai bl'clt"l'11 and carefully se Dr. Charles T.
f' I 12 tin Darby
Notice. C. \V : 'r, I lUC (;, It.aron! lime Faculties! (n intellectual abilities, moral -----------.-- I le'lthy an experienced hand consisting f..1( Staple

T YE 4i,1ft ti'i-4nfira ."i.,jot1M' 111ft ct"lft '' hhu I*. Velveitoo, II.MirW.11i, woith I and "profosioniblc acijuircmeiii will compare ACTION AS-U.MPSjT)! ? UV ATPAUHMENT.Haley : and Fancy Dry Goods, 1Irdware Groceries, Oils, T) ESPECTFULLV: announces to the public i in P I\,

I ."'..: fc N,IVm i i. mi dv diwilv l ,hv Pheo. Scdawick, Win. Mooie.fary favoialih with the mat 1 distinguished I our count,rv. T. Blocker, Paints and Glass, Crockery, Hollow-ware, Station IV eral that he has permanently located hirr.!pj| 10

tMal """l'nt11 "orw,
4ir fi wilt f.1"11I' '''.'<"",. "II''. and t'nw' il1dd.'. d Jnhii; II. Jona Miler. or IInotlu.rrnll'llrv-all of them are able fcctureis J amp; D. 'I'I ral!'we 11. ) l dIIIJ'C233- 0 U. nettled hy the planter and his family. As: unless professionally engage !. Strict attention \ii

,vllllRlke ni\ :ne.it either of wid fir't. Jan! lVadi. >worth, David l k. and the best teachers.Tho : mid all other interested great part of our stock is bought with cash, we are be pdicl1 to all professional calls.
S. Rohert "e who w ill contemplate cur geographical Ti, persons enabled to give good barsrains. Please call and see.McNAUGHT May 5, I IS 10. IS
4 A. 'L.l rIU 1. Cnrdl. Shu\h'r. po. are hert.no:lficil of I the commencement of tinnlove -
A. 1. X )Yt.. Gnl". :1 Wilkine, Jatnes rhainhertJ -, Mtion, and the I extentf our )4ipil.il Ion can luve im -iitan,l re.uirt-l to at the Term & ORMOND.$
] next G
appear EO. ,\r.
'M1t'n; doubt as to the eligibility of nir >iluation' Newport, April H, IS0.. 11 HUTCIIIXsfAUCTIONEER
ihn .
If Fh 'fw ). 'Q, I, '"l < I'riivii, Jo<|ih Ttirkerman, for an en- (on the fourth M-imliv October, A. D. 1S.7(1.) of
eof the health --- -----
< kint. -
terpii As to
Fred. 11. including all eaonsofthe the Circuit Court for the
WhitleeI'p Grinnel County of Leon, and( State
Select School for Ladies
Leon Circuit Court. Chirles Ely, \Vm. .J. > jearve deny that ANY OTHER CITY of Florida, and plead to the c.iratiin l !; tilfd! therein Young ,

Jahn C-Crujer, KuseneDutilh, n\s JIOHK. WALKER: & GWYNN QUINCY. T.iLL.1H.lSSEE. FL.1.
Sl1o.u.Q, ,
P"I1.e.nili aid ohr! .l Walter Joy" 1-Y.iticUS A common error e\i t! in the minds of stu-
Lathrop, ntiny Attorneys. Plaintiff. next session of I this SCHOOL willcommence REFER TO
U. In d. nt relative to I the place ol
> Iv-j itly. Alfred Pelt J. O. Thalcller. Miuhing medicine, TIfF.
L. .\. M&a ; April 13,1-V 1 II I 3m June 10th. Messrs. II. Bo J. W
ou a id ntbPIt. ) JOEPJI I). COLLINS, Presi1ent. those who intend practicing arnonz the di..ea-.ei of Having engaged an ac- :n ARGYLE, D. C. WIL!O.I

Nil'tCE i is h re'iv ji; ">n I., .H p."r"Ou ChUnI"! ISAAC A TI fl ATT, Srrreliiry.JOS. the Westjnd' S.mlhshould certainly educate themselves Notice. -1 I e..mp1ih"d and experienced Teacher to take charge F. II. FLAGGT.J. HOD"O and J. T. ARCHER.

.'inank rai inl tlif funds' in m\' hand CLflNT Caacdor.JAME' at' a "school whose Faculty are practically of the Music Department this School now afforde't'Q' : March 10, ISJ'J 1U

I"Qif1C" to th! h-ir- .f J."i" IVrHame'io IV juianted with lho-e ili Honor- facility for \ninu! Ladies to acquire a :sound --- ---

e'it t1wm, 'it11 j tt"ih'C ,'r/nt tn. it.tin. lh I same.pr. January I I'J, .,' G.Ul:14'1.. -yCQTTOJ : Tdabasee. That i he public rna\ lip satisfied: of the! permanency i_? a'! Ie Jude tof Prolute in a'icl' for the County of thorough, and accomplish Education.J. J. L. SHIELDS, JI.: D. J. a. BOSD 31. D.

t.llf fii.% i'i <>r Ih of this Jeflerson for ;tiischarire: ;.is one oj the Adrnini-lra PHF.LPS, Principal.
| lav school el l it
1M. !! .ff'.t i 1 J-ilv, n.xt, ", we l li- our duty to -.state that
.e ourt iloa*" in l'.IJ.hJ.hilp. oriifh rUira wIll' the Trustees ami Faculty torm a UMT in action, ters of William Melhmy: late of said C.,uitv:. d. Mr. PHELPS, ) Drs. SHIELDS & BOND,

thereafter hw.l aid th.fund diitjbijtJ. [ GINS. which aIl2"r" well foi iN future siucceand; that' ; "fHfd SMITH SI.VKLV-5. Miss! !Htrp.RAKD, \ Teachers. assorijtfd
Cv orJr of Court.BEXJ. the pcculijr internal organization wl.ich JcTerson Cq min' \'. Jinmry 19. 1 IS-;U. 2 Orn aii- TOWLE, ) HAVING themselves together in I the

I. cannot be connectsthem I ----- Quincy, March M, 1-V'. 12: lOt of Medirtne Surgery, &oc., .fer their
JESSE interrupted.
Notice. -- services to the citizens of Quinc and Ibe scrrl.Jund_ I
-- -- -
titer in Chincery. K M. ,,e. RIXG.l'ulIilwl \in: country.

..I.i"vi. "t i ot KIN JI VNLTACTUKKn. of the Faculty. SIX months after due, I will apply t fu/ the Honor Groceries, Fruits, &c. I Q'Iin"yAIlOZU.,11,1"19. 31
----- My 11. 1.-.0. I' : Jud c of Protiato for the ------ -. -
tim < of ---
Lee ( Ci-nniy Wash- received per Schooner William H. Pet tes from -----
Stray Horse. 1/7mJ/r. County reorgm7"OULI ington (for let ten of .miHin from the .jmillislJaIi t JUST\. Orleans, Thomas Jeff. Heir,
\ \ ) inform his friend and the public $20 Reward. ,} of the Esla'e of Mathcw Tii'-krr.
x. dereaed.IIENIJV .
O HIAVKlJ frnm1hejhcrjh. rtnt- St Louis Flour, Rio Cofiee, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR
/rtoTS ._, planta- > rllv.. that he runtinues the ahoxe bu.'". atiioldtaiiO ) .\\.\'\. : ,
stan. bout I lhefir of ONEAL.: Tobacco White Beans,
07 l.'th May,I'ur a on Sltdnlh where he willbt- hippy to supply 'her V J.inu.iry Uta Iizht coiiplr\ioned January 2, l l5'i. 52 Cm Olive Oil, Oranges, WILL practice in the Ciiciil Court in each
rf roan MARE, 7ni. ''y.aro with' a rutr mtiele. As evidence negro fellow \ of the \Jid.tP Circ Jit.and in the Supreme
an of the --- -
oM. l; M I ; "tnri.l.. ''HZ', while fr.l 'imed 1'1:1CInuo'll' : ,'i IJ) \i-dtsof, azp. about five -- ------- Brazil: Nuts, Lemons,
hu1" hind foot, a '|itlity! work, he would that out < f the I Notice. Court and United! States District Court
> a
.Ialf feet '
the I I'Mnches}
chr :I"u f-ii.Iw.d.! ai:Ii l '.otne marks of the harnes s or hi-h round faced!, remarkaMv Whiskey, Ham,
l.trze tnimhoi sold b\ him t the Tallahassee.
Ji''JUin I hfi anil past year, not one ha< 'itMUtiful v\hite letth, lr-M left aid i" Months after the date If this notice Gin, Claret Wine.
a/ bafk s'II"r. I will give fail d to "ivu ".w'i.n-and HIV ; ; hands : SIX I will I MonticelloJanuary 21, l"-tS. 2S
a Moral/ r'jvai'f. 1o anv dcitviT 1)li.ct would a< i reference ii slow in his s.iei-ch.and; diaw, l I. ou: his Words w hen my vouchers and account- the lion. For sile by

.-nt.T.m" I' nv ',1! .n-*tpr'Bn n. or to M-"srs. Millar$ $ail Gins in, givethe name "1 any one who ha* one (.t hN ;iti"\'eti tug a 'iuf'.lion.11 particubr iiurks about Judge of Pro! ute for Leon County, for a final settlement ALFFIED: E. HOC. -
ae. I IliMsintendinjjtoenhri.rehie i tailiOitnent ; CARAWAY SMITH,] [W. S. DILWORTH.ATTORNEYS .
Crekaoia TaUahau Any information & his body l.y which he could he n-cn.nizcd. It j is and} discharn.from the "Estate: of Dr. I. D.I March 30, 1ST 12

lu lid inaie *ill be IhankfulU received.I3ENJAMIX. relating he rHn.jll'fI\' < vejr. hv which: meani he will probable he miy be oor.Iolwr"! in the tiei hhorliood) I Newton, late of said Couitv,(l l'cea-d. r. ]JljJ 5 f1.] y:" rrt
fia'tli'd' fl *fit' orderwhich i
BYRD. lat t > Mr he was '1- III I Thomas county Georgia; ;$, he haviii-r [''elllurn in PATRICK swrndn'r.. Watches, Jewelry, &c.l.f.rc$5 .
Ule AT
to d.<0) with Gins, if pin-ihle, IJiu eriortoanyevrmamifictiire' LAW
rert ..c'.t", l'nI.I. 1'.i I 'll i ; said county. The above rew at d w ill be paid for hi* March23,1S3u.<' II-Om riiilf* subscriber* have just receiJL ,
I in mihxtexternGor ia.
I Hethinkx (
t ,that every ,'er".evjienence i-nahles him to tmke a I Iittl. safe contiaemcnt! in any j j..il, M. that I can pet him t.-:-i&/ veil a good! supply oi Goods, MONTICELLO, FLORIDA.
ag-aiu. Notice.
Nunn's & Clark's {. h..tter .Y .L among which are Silly 7, 1S4.X 27.

: 'TEn 1'1 I \ ( Heitisa, arlile and withal, C T.FT' N-w.tal.J: : 4. Jrctjralme.1iUic. .Sopchoppy, 1'la.IrilI3., |'' 30.
O ''a\'l' grand action 1 -IA. IbM non ? ( very fir-t cla'Siliallhemau-, n I o.n: !' JIid2c of Probite: of Leon (OI.nlfor Irtters Hunting Silver Levers, A. E. MAXWELL,
-- --- --
-tLoAttahcnt Pi.I'J it.cItirod i in his.hophefefl: l- sa'eiJwarrantjns; I them Administration on the E-tt-ite of Seborn huh L'Apien antI plain Watches, &TTOJW3IY AT LAW
to nberate; to th satisfaction of the purchaser lie Teacher Wanted. comb deceased late uf said! (County.May Chains, --aNaiil Kev, ,

a'jle l ola, :. f.i i .i (ovet-Pianos,Pi"n4nb-yith Ti' Tiinp. till d'-Uver them. free of chug to purchasers at TKAniER i wanted to IAecharr' ; .( theCentr 4, IH.VI' 17 c G. C. . < .t1141. bad l\ ---- L'osom Cutton' Sleeve Buttons Oificeover S. F. Burntv's Store.
by apfili"-ati'in ,Ii) D. C. 'their plautathina.AIIengaremnents. -ville Mawinic Acarlnny inimnliatdy.! A reasonable -- fjC- '
W1LSOX. Notice. Gold Pou and Pencil[ Cases, Tallahassee, Oct. 27, IS.!. 42
June cnsipeiiiiittioii will be
1SbiI. his : given
I. 21 If maII travellins Atnf.,, > to one of a|'-
or order to the Proprietor at Palmyra, hall be proved pi.ili6crftion. For pal licul..r, apply to I the V.'e after thte the lui'lersisnwl .\dmin- Gold! Pens in Silver Cases,
'iromptUa'tended t to. Board of Trustets. flf Willum Thens deceitswill] l Silver, TabU, Tea, Mustard and Salt Spoons, S. S. KNIGHT,
I %)' Repairing pro,>eily done in the mot durable n. K. CALL Pie, !'. to I the: I Honorable Court of Prohitc for Leon (Countv Marble l Clocks, Wholesale! & Retail Groter & Provision Dealer,

nanner.fSV F. F.:. CARN. Src'y. for an un.r! to sell I the WJ of S. E.: 4 of Section 20, Plated Castors, Spoons and Forks,

( *! WORK ,'f all ; c HP i, al o' .\2*nt for the 'jle of rhanrnan WM THOMPSON, Township 2, Ranges, :N. and E.SIMEON:. Sells ol WaitersVc.. &c. TALLAHASSEE, FLOKIDA.
k ] ,4-nii i t in.' 'JIM* ,.i 1 Precision and"P"ri''in"l. hv Ri'idallV.:. & Co,'" CST IRON lon ;E POWElIT. J. ELIOT, TIICUS, ..AJm'r.1 TOWLE & MYERS.: KEEPS constantly on hand,andoffers for sale at a

the titii ' ---- -- -- .
I4iticul attP'Hi.m, i I can be made wi'h mv Travellias Aseuts.ny K. Br. IHlIY. --- ------- --- articles in his line. Flours of approved qualifies

p1r< naz.of all i i.solirid.p: to.couiitiy order*, and llie \ information wanted with rezard to the c...t and C. C. FLETCHER.: Notice.SIX Buggys I Buggys i -Sugar", corr t.,, Tea, Bacun, Ham, Pork.

Door 'ipeiation of ti.e milU. ran he oStained badJres April 27. !1';". K.; received at my Carri3ge Repository, Soap Candles, Lard and all similar articles. .
Iock. HcjiaJreJ e., ,'?. ;- months after the fitM, publication ihii no J JUST
S DEUILLY.e. ina me at P.dmvcaLce. Co-.int> Georgia.March -- I hall apt to the 1Ion. James K Rroome I Cu;:"vs with tOt :1, aether with Fruits, Irish Potatoes, Onions, Nut?J

T.U.1nne, Ulav 11 1.CInLl. 20 30.1 I.",(). 12 J Jy' J. M. WILLIAMS Judze of Proh.ite: 'for Leon County, for a di-ciare! 10 *' without ti ps, Raisins Fig", Almonds,and all 01 hl'1 arttcleausually
--- 1 Rockaway, 4seat*, found in sirrilar i establishment
jiM received Sclu. W. R. Pettes the
per fromcw from adrninislntor-hip of the estate of
Madison 'emale Seminary I HAS Oi Ivans. George 1 second-hand Carryall, Store nex' door above G. H. Meginniss'on Monroe -
Provisions.Tf 1 ,
oung "ceasc'J. are ol l.fon (county. i"loriia.DAVID .
1 which will! be sold tie, best of terms.
on street.
J5T recejrcd prf Schr. IV. I Tctlef, from New !.lADlSN: C. H., FIOI11.rIm ) .\. Flour, Bacon Sides and Shoulders, One I D"YOFNG, Also! on hand Saddles, Bridie, double and siult'i April 2>. '. 1C>. 17 ly
Hogshead Brown Sugar I Harnessand h[ everY vaiiety of JoMlsarid Wares usually --
March Id';, t ls.V"> I ID I .
Clear ,idef, the FIX ony of July, will commence on Wednesday For sale a. low as any one' tl"e. ? m I l found in aSaddlt-ry E-tablishtnent: ; and all kindsof GEO. H. BESTWICK,

Shoiides ne\t. April I 2I.) |x.o.; 15 Notice. woik J',n.> at the shortest notice, &c.
Fira iizar Curd I lams, In addition, to the rxowent Faculty, three other ------- -- D. E. HULL. Wholesale & Retail Grocery I Proiision Dealer
---- persons holding claims ajrain-t James Black
Plain flan Ttlf'hff be f-mplojed to 'begin tla-ir services ALL ,
wil New Books. Mnch Ifi. l 'O. 10 TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA
-- pimp with the \ Term. ;( of Leon Count" l lcea;ed.! arr no.fifinl .
4-"f I1r. FINE -election of tle Nov th.,' I lh.*\ must be pre-e'ited: to the ir der-isne l l.vithin constantly on hand and for sale at I the
Star For 13rif'ulart, sr-e Cirejlars and A l hoi the .Ja10- Claret "Vine.t' KEEPS}
rAf.14" Catalnsuee. -. the time 1 cash price, for n:h,alllhp article* in
This Institution i in it tl''I' with manv others, uch BrucrV Life pre i'itl! |It\ the tatufe, or IIi: .
feat jo now as
:! SUtcfa. FMa1 It; 4ffordgevy possible stirces'.fijloperation, and and Travel. I Humboldf.s! Travel, Rambler in Mex notice will be tile-id! in birrf their recoverv.EDU'ARD FEW cases superior St. J ilitn, just received I t this line of business Flours of bestqnafities t Suijar,
ALFIJi D E. al'antp f/-r >ounsc Ladies to .1. and for sale CanJI Nut.Ral
HOC. acquire thoroujh lefiued i ico, Los Giinijos, &c., for sale bvMcN'AUGHT Bl.CKI.Emadm'r.: by Coffee Tea. Bacon Hams,Soap.
23 a Fxlucation.AV. .
)y 29 Maw r, 1S.V 20 8t McNAUGHT & ORMOND. sins, Lard Whi.key, and all other articles usually
A. :M.
--- -- J'lnfpal Newport, April 13. ].-.i"". 14 found in similar establishment All persons want-
--- Newport, April I H, l l'o. I 1 --- ---------- --- !
Notice.MD. Notice. m in I u! to purchase any of the above article*, are respectfully -
--- --- -- --- - .
OF TIUYTF.l.Iiin :?. --------- -
UaDinetiviaiiing.HE invited to and them oeiore bU .
PAPY lid G. W. HUTCHINS au. UV.. PARR 1'n-Mdent Boatd.IIjn. Paintings and Engravings.SMALL SIX months after date, application ill be made! price
i elsewhere.
:rt Ulnp subscriber taken the ins
-- rp having
hoi zed 1(act a* Uiv .X'/i-uti* in tfai- state of r I 1. II, MAYS I SMALL and Choice .issoitment' ; for "jle l Iov. the 1 1/,".. Ji.l:<' of Probate f'fr Leon Countv ,;- .:' I Shop and Ware.n..flm recently Store (formerly occupied bv L. & Greenberg

iIi.riila.. S.;[ S. Sf U4Ef.y \'. r HUNTING, 1 "I", :\k\-\UIJ; & ORMOND. for letters of ili' mition from 'the "-'a'e' of Thuina-" t occupied b_, Mr. Gerard Vin eahoels.i. & Co.,corner of Monroe and Jell rson streets.

': I ISi I). \ A URINSON! ) M. D., Nt'wporl.IItil 13, 1 1"0. I.j While: Weavd l late oiai'l| ('rlmh'. i i. prepared to Manufacture kinds Cabinet Furniture May 1-2, ISI9.! 1'>
------- SAMUEL: C. WHITE Administrator.May .
1. TdOKi( :, ----- ,
Ilsq. and' his now on hand good assortmentwhich
DR. S. F. EURNEY IS, }10. !19!I fn
H. BRADFORD Florida Volunteers.
7. will be sold low for cash. GEO. DAMON. To the

flffiff first Door \\c\l JuJc S. THOMAS, Isq! Treasurer.N. : WOl'LJV rif pectf !l>' call the attention hN Notice.ALL Furniture repaired at the shortest notice, antI on undesigned will attend to the cellectionof

::, |1s..i i ll.$ -.o UaJzcl's.May 15. The next "?es>..i..n will' open in the ROLI. !" and I the public generally to his, larjri* havina: el.iimni ain.t the reasonable term January 10, 1530. 2 Cm THE against the State or the United States
ani.11! ( tuilfork persons :! Estate of
aof- ol
-- on the premises!, occupied hv (the Principal. ; late Davis Piiolrauvv-ll (or services ren-lered' by or supplier furnished the
THE TRUE MEDICINAL Madison, May, 2: l I":.O. GOODS, compii-ins every ariicle, both fancy and attested present tbem.tl'i- rPHE Quincy Male and Female Academyrt'opl'lIl'd Florida Volunteers a\led into service ct the State
and those
-- ---- ----- -- 21)i staple. \I-u-II) >-<,ld in i ihismaiUt-jll ol. whfch he lv ; ii.debted to the said Estate, JL January 7th. The econd session during the recent Indian outbreak.

COD LIVER OIL HEAD-QUARTERS FLORIDA MILITIA i is ii-ceivinir ddilv. will Please mike pus menl to the subscribers, at will commence June .th. Students may enter at I Being i thoroughly onvpr'3nl"ilh all the forms

in the May # IsOU. Match I 10, I Iv'iO. 1 10 Charleston, S. C.F. any time during the year, and,after t lie second week and business fer the collection of the same,
5 nece '?
cure at! 1'dlalw\If' jJ" C. ry
TJ"Fur. Srofll (Consumption' ) PItIOLE'tU.T. > of ,the session they will be charged only from the full
he will be enabled
m, t is .Xt'C'1I he flatters himself to give
Atlhma. Rrotichili ,\\'lzlt. C. I'JIOU\U: Board be had .
Turpentine Axes lime 01 entering. at prices
&c. may
and all with
dl.ea"ll of the Clc-t and Lun, A MaylllS.-,0. satisfaction to (those entrusting their claims
fuppl 13 fit
; > > ) month. For further I
from ;$ > to $10 particulars
of t Ibis valuable medicine i supply of the above No. per I him.
io jml r *cc-i vol.} which i i.j AFRESH Axes; aIu'> which be obtained .
warranted pure anJ of erv up..rinrqiiaIilv. 3 1 and 1-2 Cat 1 Plows, .ira points ; S..udsI I Court of Probate. see printed catalogue, mav Reference-All who know him.
For sale ', & Spear's Cut and Nails by application to N. 11. STEWART, GEORGE W. HUTCHINS.
LEWIS & &c., .c.
.y AME. STATE FLORID, "s. ) AT CHAMBEH, Jan. 21. lb- 0., 3 Principal.
May 25. I 1"J. 20 TaII4ha11ieeIia." Received per Brig Kmetuieand for, sale hv, Washington County. J Match S, IS.IO. > February 2H, IS-"('. 7 .

-- --- McNAUGIIT! & ORMOND. the matter of Sion Smilh Gu.dian of Robert Notice.
; fl eeeI ion nf ,
Private Boarding House. WHEREAS : Florida Militia Major, was General lucid on forthe the: Newpoit, February 23, 1650' 7 IN E. Russ, minor i heir of Robert Russ, deceased: months after date, I shall present my accounts Fletcher Institute.

EN or twelve Geatlempn can he accomoda'ed' as first Monday of April ultimo, and it appearing by a On the petition' of Stephen J Roche and James M. SIX vouchers to I the Honorable Court of Probates WHEREAS, Madam Rumor says that stnuVnls

J. Day Hoarders I the re.idelbcefJ ihn fl. Lloyd, full canvass of the rturn'made to the Executive Provisions&c. Long, securities, praying that Sum Smith, Guardianas for the County of Leon, and ask for a final settlement lo come to this Institution cannot

on Monroe .treel net house to'the store orrupitd Office, that BENJAMIN HOPKINS i! duly Hected 4'-1 BARRELS MESS PORK aforesaid, may be required to give new securitiesin and discharse as Executor ol the last will find boarding hou e* : To all whom it may con

by Mr. L* Br\an, on desirable, t.rm". Also one Major General of said 2d Division of Florida Militia : G do. Prime do. lieu of petitioners, or in default thereof that said and testament of William Turner, deceased. cern, I send greeting.lhat 1 hate in my house on

'furnished' room, now unocrupied, foi a gentleman \ilc. bl it thtrrfort knaurn., That the above named 5 KI-IJS Leaf Lard, Smith be removed from said Guardianship : It appearing MATHEW TURNER. the h hill at Imtilution( maple rooms, well ftirnished .

and U'ly, or two)ingle !cnllemen.T.lahu.p I'.ftijsrnin Hopkins is heichy proclaimed duly 2 'half barrels Cranberries to the!: satisfaction of this Court that said February 2, 1S0. -1 f.ra icilh fire places for the accommodation of

hy II I".(). Iq elected Major General of 2nd Division) Florida Militia I hhd. clear side Bacon, Sion Smith, Guaidian of Robert E. Rus, minor heir thirty,students,and will promise to give them plenty

and \\lx-n commissioned, will be obeyed and re- 1 do. shoulder do. of Robert Russ, deceased, resides beyond the limitsof Notice.TIlE of good wholesome diet, three times a day, furnish .

Flour Bacon Lard &c. pected accordingly. 10 bbls. St. Louis Flour the State of Florida, but in oi.e of the Slates of h light, and tlo their washing, all for tea dollars per

THOMAS BROWN 5 do., planting Potatoes, the United States, to wit : I the State of Mississippi subscriber having fitted up the TANERV month, one half paid in advance, t e other at the

TUST ftein.J from New Orleans per schooner W Governor and Comrnandtr-in-Chief. 1 hhd. fine Sugar, to that notice, of said petitioners cannot be iervedupon this place known as Baker's Tanyard has end of( the vear.
II. IVttes, noon hand and will keep all kinds of LEATHERfor
20 him
bushels SMITH.
Petit :
By the Gov..rnor-Allest Gulf Cotton P. P
: Seed
Flour-Ohio and St. Louis, L. A. THOMPSON, 10 barrels Rectified Whiskey. It is therefore Ordered, That thesair! Sion Smith, sale ; and will have fine BOOTS and SHOES Flelcherville Ga., Feb. 21, IS- O. 1 3m

- Itnrnti "il. niid SlioiiMors, Adjutant and Inspectoi General." Just lec'.. per i schr. W. R. Pet lea, and for sale by Guam dian as aforesaid do appear and answei said petitioneru doubled-soled made to order.NEGRO lIe has SHO.on hand:. a He superior would article here of -
within four months frcm the date return
May Q.'i, 15O. 20 McNAUGIIT of the Cheese &c.
3t Raisins
Lurl. ITIolasscs : Su ar. & ORMOND. his thanks lo the citizens of Gadsden and the Figs, ,
..1 ; Newport, March U, 1S50. 9 first t publication of this order, or the said petition
For sale by J- M. WJLLA IS. Pain Killer. will be taken as confessed, and I the prayer thereof adjoining Counties their past patronage, and say )0 BOXES English; Dairy Cheese,

May 11. 1S50. IS Plow Iron.AN grantfd : Presided, That a copy of I this order bepubli to them that he will continue to manufacture Leather 10 Drums frcs'h Figs,

A FRESH supply of Perry Davis'Pain )Killcr.just'I .hcd once a'\\t'l k for four months in some news- Boots, and Shoes, at his old stand in Gadsden 20 Io\es! do. Raisins,

Medicines, Toilet Articles &c. received and for ulfhv assortment ol wide! Iron, say S, 9, and 10 in- paper published within the State of Florida.WASHINGTON County near Qnincy. He will be glad at all times 1 Box Citron,

T. WHITE & CO., Agents. suitable for Plows, received per Schooner TABOR to exchange any of the above articles for Oak Bark, 10 Boxes Champaigne Cider

NASH & TAYLOR Novel her 17, IS 19. 43Bagging Abell!, and for sale by Judge of Piobates Washington County. I Hides, crippled negro boys or his own paper. Heidsick Champaigne Wine.

---- McNAUGHT & ORMOND. April 27, ISSO. It'' 4m I {jrj- Good Boot and Shoe makers, of steady habits, With a variety ol articles of the Kind, eei"ed
I ) resnctfully| : inform their Newport March 9, 1S->0. 9 --- - can have employment. per Emeline, and for ale byMcNAUGHT

friends and the public that they'fr AND SALT for sale hvMoNAUGHT ----- H. BRADFORD w. n. MCMILLAN. & ORMOND.. .'

( rt.i\'l.d a new upr>l\' ('jjoods!, ROPE & ORMOND. I PRINTERS' AND BINDERS' ATTORNEY: AT Lffi1.111 Tallahassee,February 2. 180. 4 IyJETNA Newport February 33. 13-)0. 7

i of Medicines, Perumer Newport January 5, 1S50. 52 ,TARElIOLSE, No- 2'J and 31 GOLDSTREET-; -
which added lo ..orr.r I MANLJl'ACTORYCOftNEROFIfloOJAD Tallahassee, Florida. INSURANCE COMPANY, Bagging and Hope.

.received makes Iltt a"O|I. Tin Manufactory. SHERIFF'KTHEET, NEW YORK.The subscribers offer _April_ 20, 1850.' 15 HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. 9Q PIECES Kentucky Bagging,
and lor of --- -- -- -- ------
I4"di"r that sale their
Gentlemen own manufacture, their improved Stocks, and Cotton in Ware-house .deJ SOcoiU Rope,
(! *- Medicines, can call and ex- HAVING engaeed additional workmen, we. are patent Single and Double Cylinder Printing Rail Road Notice. BUILDINGS
loss fire. 1 bale t'
I by Twine
; nlock r Perfumery, Soaps fill all orders In line Pies for
amitp O'l &c Jo our 11a pt> newspaper and book work; Card Print LEWIS k AMES, 2 bales Gunny Cloth.
May 4, 1SO. prompt and satisfactory All orders from ing M.ichmcc I
manner. Proof '
1 Presses Hydraulic Presses a sale by.
and for
January 20,1850. 3 Agents Just received per Schooner Pel!Us,
country will receive immed'ale attention. A with wrought Iron Cylinders, Geered and lher _' -. -- McNAUGHT & Or. lO-tD.

Grain Cradles, &c. liberal discount given to mercha ita and dealers.T Standing Presses; also Lilhro-rraphic and Copperplate -' NOTICE i is hereby given to the Stockholders of Garden Seeds. Newport, February 2 ISSO. 7 _

DOZEN SUPERIOR GRAIN CRADLES WHITE& CO. Presses, Binders' Materials, &c., &c. Chase Rail Road Company, that on
I June 9, IS 19. 23Fruits Ca! Stands LARGE assortment "
Imposing Stones Thursday 27lh day of June election
ReapScthe I look*, .. _, next an will A "Fancy Sugar.
Handle and Scythe Stones -- ? -1-1 i &c., "c., constantly on hand, and every article ne- bu held at the Office of the Company in Tallahassee just received Irom the celebrated garden of GJ receivedper "1

1| inch Manilla Uup for Cotton, &c. cecsary for a complete Printing Office including for seven Directou to manage the allairs of aid Company R. Garretson Long Island. For sale by 5 BARRELS extra" fine Vacum Pan Sugar
Ire "* and for sale byMcNAUGUT
< luihLe !! I Tpe and I Ink, furnished the LEWIS & A M Pettes
andS4w AJSINg OR \NGES( on most 1 favorable I for twelve months from that date.R. & ORMOiNDJNewport !

(J Wide ald Mil bar \PJC I Iron, R, ALMOVDS LEMONS: terms. Printers Publishers and others, wishing to K. CALL, Pres. T. R. Co. January 5, J550. 52 February 23, 15,0. 7

German Steel I. N'aiU. Heavv Hollo-A Ware, APPLES ONIONS, establish a News paper or Job Office will be furnished Tallahassee, April fi, 150. 13 3m Blacksmlthing.GOOD - ____ !
IRISH with an estimate for the same, in detail -
I'lanlntion Hand MilU. &c'r.. Salt.j' i
f'.orI1c OKI. II. MEG1.NNISS. MACKEREL: in half haireN and kilts, desired Machinery made to order or Inning lion Nails. substantial, and cheap Blackeruithingof Liverpool !
and Brass Castint to onlrr. They also kinds done at the SACKS in fine order, (bleached Sack,)i just
Way 4,1650. 17-4 w PICKLED BKEF: TONGUES, manufac KEGS Agawanand Fall River Cut Nails,just Shop near my Stable occupied 100
% Just received and for bale by lure superior cast bled, 11 mill pit, C'ro"s-clIl.cirru1ar; 80 received and for sale livMeNAUGILT I last year by Miller & Brokaw. received per Barque R H. Gambleand; 1

JOHN McDOUGALL. and. other Saws. a supply of which they keep conManlly & ORMOND. January 20, IS.I'J. 3 A. A. FISHER. sale by McNAUGHT & ORMOND. j

W. 0. M. DAVIS, December 22, ISI' 00 on hand. H. HOE: & CO. ewpirt.Aprih13, 1S50. 14 Newport, February 23, 1650. 7. _

ATTORNEY AT LAW, N. 15.Proprietors of newspapcis who will I I insert S. S. Knight
the adveitisemofit t hi,' limes and send Saratoga Water. Gentlemen's Clothing. I
London Porter. ee us a number
taken up hi. abode at Tallahassee, and J will I of their paper containing it, will be entitled C\ DOZEN ( ) WILL, continue business at hilt old sland where stock of Clolhin
quarts Water selected
to Congress well
H\S pay just re- to wait such of his friends have SMALL and
in the Courts of the Middle! Cl CASKS, quails and' pints jnst received ar.d for on as A
DJIIICI. merit <'n purchasing of us four times (he i\J cei vi d and for sale by received Emclineand for ale byMcNAUGIIT
aruouut of
and of Franklin and Jack 9 IS50. 9 e1'01'", April 1J, 1 ISM. II I ORMOND. i ug thai all shall have good artichsat lair prices.
'ilayl, I5.'jfJ. 17 :C"l'OIIprit 13, IS-10 11 April fl >4'J. 17 Newport, Ftbiuary 23, 1SOO. 7"f I


h -

The Floridian & journal
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Title: The Floridian & journal
Alternate title: Floridian and journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: June 22, 1850
Publication Date: 1849-
Frequency: weekly
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
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Succeeded by: Semi-weekly Floridian

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t _____
I j'

r "" r. ,

'j1''. .' I+_ .": -J"-'" d}. .1- u -_ __,_' "-". _., .' ,,..,sJ-. ""' .'_, _, -.gf'' J io-- -. 1 ."'.,
r t .
:. ,,'
I. .

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t 11 ,

\ t '

I, I1 I .
EJ= = -- -- i
: : : 1 : =- :


-- ------ .- .- .- --,_. _. ___ _. _. n .__ ..- - --- ---- -- _. --.- -- -- -- _. -- _. _. = f; ".. _
r--- -- -- -- --- ---- ---"- -- c
,,\ Wakulla! Spring. I have l been less than 300 lb,;M and it is quite: bo.it and many there! are who will not and j THE IBUDAXi OF THE YEAR. Oh Gui.] justice, where is Mary's inurdrer of manuscript, and commenced reading very .. .

I of the Mastodon.To probable! that it weighed as high as -tuo Ibs.- cannot: bear lo take a serond look. DY D. .F. M'CARTUr. 1 Shall I nut find-shall any other closely.Ve reached over and took a letterout .t
If f The Bones Supposed One of the leg bouts which 1 have described The 1 water flows over the rim ..n the south Yes the summer is returnmj, hand than mine slay him ?" of his hat, unfolded, and commenced reading .' v ,

the Lditor rflhc'almUa: Times. weight GO Ibs., and cou'.d not originally have side, which is nearly an opposite direction to GoKU'U Warmer briguter braras arc burning; Xol l look! on the other side of the mountain. it. I He was so 'busy that he did not dis. ". .
NEW POUT, June (GUi 1350.p weighed less than 75 or SO Ibs. They are I that) in, whirh il makes its entrance into t the (t'oiuc uiurnings t l6 gad the purpletniiigs\\urlJ f You behold a giant of nil aspect! in cover how wv were paying him ofFin his own .:
ITS Sin : I mentioned in mv- letter to you more or ]less hollow, :and there was a hollow basin, and at the deplh of sixth or eight feet. Nature Irnni her l&ng srijuumiii once!;more. fiery red hair. lie leads a company of tory coin, until u e asked him what it was his correspondent ;'' 1
on the :3J instant, that I would in time pro! a. ill the pail: of the} tuk secured of U I lv:! to 3lICl.t This 1 Spring ia I the ptincipal source of I the In the vMiidT house ut inouriuii*;, riflemen. They, ton, art mountaineers, and was writing to him about a woman. ,.t

lilr for your next number, give n more pat tic. There'l're no thigh bone to be WakiilU: iner. llopfctliilly! your, -'c.' With tlU' tight ol' hnjHMw:pet ,11114, by executing. as ica nut as the brother f foerwno '. Why, look here, srj'iire," says be, you _? .
ular account,{'tr.ot ihe immense bonewhich.. 1 found. Their length, judging rclativcJy"nrj.st! : GEO. S.; Kl.NC.( : Cuinetli I'nim: lhu-e dancinc f>'s I that oVer the Idletre waters\\'C{ping, |' I their 11\\ II land uho "trll'le! for it and, libeny. surely are nut reading my private If.tters!"- .
1 liv the askance of Mr. (;J. I.. Urockenbrough, be near or quite 3 i feet. I P. S. Siure writing out the abc accountof To I our thi-tai.t slmrc. That captain is Tom Uell; -the robber "Certainly, sir," said we, "you are reading '.
|succeeded in raiding from the( WakuMa! Spring I have now Sir, given a description, as neai i the bones) etc., I find that I was mistaken Oil the boughs the birds! arc singing, In-fore; the- war, and since the murderer of our private lOa nu cripts." I II I e was )!ag.1e1I. :.
on il-a day-ant* us it' Ini-v: 'be a ''l'>t'' cur'uus as I can at present 111'> I these! gieat bones awJtUl'lk. as t tn their i present condition) ) and I the fact i is Never i
vitb some to Know how tI'ce: bones w n'ah... taken from the) bottom of Hie \VaKullaSpiing. now fully) established I that I they) are t fo-sils. I he'For dolu the* l hI i liriUal.flopy N:1.c: a-rinirins lecked with its snowy paper to do ao no) in ,re, and we quteven.! .
from frequently' asked lh' \\ hat i nlJrllrtI 'I or C.: S.:; K. -- -- --- p.
rd. and being question.I tot) can .\n. anyone All I le green !n-lls on I III"* brandies : i till on goes the !,11I0.1)'IIr Column
Idll, with jour jtcrnmsion, describe the eke, give us us to what desciipti"..ul of n.4ii doth bear ; '' "atedly! charge! and !bieak--!Jormandclvar! e From the .inrifnt City .
in which it done. The} ? Could lie \\\-\\f been Another Prophet. l\lu"j-slul..l'lI SUWANNEE RIVER
manner was apparatus they belonged \ a > :I g.tiu. Campbell, Cleveland, c\'iu. Shelby! :
which I used for this purpose i is of very timpleconstruction species of I he .Mastodon, or was 1 he i>ne of The f.IJII\\'ifl" t.'uriOlI' Matem"nt i is made in 1 Half in hope It d"lhaki'n and lull in, fear and! Ihe gallant Lacy rule America's tide of I propose to notice the livers, Streams or ; >. .

made expressly fir the occasion.The I UICKC old gentleman] ) himef, | ? A number ol a recent letter of the regular P.tris correopon- And d-iti? its (t-stiial: garments tot, the briJjl uf the %>vnr, liur.-.ting up the mountain cliPed side.Vrgistm's water Spring runs &c. in and near the section .to
most important part, is the iron grapnel :t'utltmenhen', who have seen skeletons of dent of t the London Atlas t : \eii : blue eye shine like a star, and of country to which I have before called{ .
or hooks which arc peculiarly arranged, be. I the Mastdoon, bolh in I Baltimore and Philadelphia Wondersillneer cease in P.ir'u. A ; p TUIII.BI'IrCl1: face burns like a comet, above attention, to wit : Levy and Hcnton counties. "

ing composed of two prongs only about three bay the e bones arc much larger than discovery whieh bus I lately! 1 Let'ti made of un!) Now'Tn t fI the.! \roY\ i-I'd-fllr east gives warr.in, Ih? surging sea of tod coat The Suwiyinet? liiver being the largest and[ :i' .\
fret in length ; one prong was made ttalionarv -I any they eter saw. Can he be a non-descript. extraordinary individ'iai 1 living at the Uarrleie: 'e'-t truant Hum nuptial Kljt-ium; zooming.Sx At length! there comes a turn. Fiirgiion the most' navig-itet: !, of course is I best known,
by being firmly' secured to the lower end I assure you, Sir, we are all!! here: quite curious i d'Enttand who proclaimsli'inselfto' ihe world], fi'iUlch moiiiini; horn the May shapes a huge wt'tl! t".hkpculmn:1 of solid! I hutu: its iiii-iortunce might J be more extensive-, '
oi the first part of a shaft} composed of five to know ; and if any gentletinu c-in: give tithe > as the heir and successor of Jesus Christ has Al! the jpii-sts art' in their ""I.tc.-! glen! niinz: blood-drirping }bayonet, and slowly I ly known, I will give my personal knowledge
i/icccf, which were of. wood.: Tbec pieces desired inforniaiiun) or can throw any I creat.-d the greatest t curiosity among the mir. billies I Hjwtiiurn-nith i pale while hi;weddinz h-! read 'lares- ;pl tel th" \mericans in the eastern[ foot of the uiit.i .

were to he connected or disconnected at ;plea light upon the subject, I at least would Le i acle-hunters of our ct iutatI.: This m-in i is a ivviiif-d with Ic'tirfl! snvi; >ntliiici ->tavoors- e u i ii i e'mice. This river may be Raid to be navigable at ,
fiire.; bv means ora Fp1icf'Jint wth; iron bands much obliged to him. pea'' nt of the mm- of IVrimond :al.o-it. five like sweet country madens.yin :: hall then 10,1 t 1 Xo. S.'C:1 terrible! bind} all:! seasons of the ear for f'teanvrs to Troy .
tad keys to connect. This arrangemenl of the And) Sir, there is no little speculation] afloat and forty years .>f a:'>, of simple and iz1r'teti. a white scolloped (ri Its to-day ; of I tbf .M>ol J and} true from the ranebrakes of 1 15 mile; above Santa Fe aId 1 uj> the Santa '
shaft was necessary. because, one connectedfcbafl amonst ns, as to how the old fellow ever got din.z: manners: and homely speech. I He ?s, 'Xtath htr tat of' straw the peasant French Broad four hundri'd miles Away over Fe 10 I miles, or to v.ithiu :20 miies of the town '
could: not have been raised to so great a into the U'akulia Spring. and at what era of;j however, manifestly) : tihder w"my extraoidinarymagiK'tic Nor peimhtcth, sitlcth, \Hl"h1.nicsln\'c moved round the mountains of Aligator, Columbia! COli II I}. About one
iieHit out of the water, by hand: as would the world it was that he took that unlucky influence, for he has cured, by the Anv of her kindred present, fr 'mjhe wes-t. They are headed by the half ot the year or during high water, steamers .
Lave been necessary. In using this shaft the btep and got drowned, for drowned he mu-t eflect of his touch alone, tinny? hundreds of 'Specially the milk sweet cow !1ip. rifle with the white paper on its muzzle, and can run up[ the Suwannee to Columbus! ,.
parts: were connected or disconnected as occasion have been unless! he was some amphibious persons who have: I been I to"\'ii'itllim. I Il I e. re. E'er to l leave he Irall'luillihadl.; they discharge a cataract ot flame into the 160 miles from its mouth, but the balance of

required when lowering down or raisin" beast, and died there from some other caiie.A ceives all strangers: who seek him with the Or By; the tilt edr lictliicj<;. BrilMi ll.ink. Look now how the scarlet uniforms the jear it is usually! navigated thus far by

it up. and while one end rested on the bottom lDOfl LUg one of this place accounts fir hi> gieitcM: t simplicity" disclaims any credit for the Of snme stream or giJsy! j-la.!e, roll backwards up the acclivity faster Uargs.From. -
the other reached out above the water. 1 gelling into the Spring upon this wise. This, woil-Irons miracles he performed, merely repeating They l IIIIIk. Uj'.n the sr -e! halt. wistful, half afraid. than they came leaving many a red cross behind Columbus barges a cend to the Low.
The other prong of the books was hinged to you kuov., is a strange country of) ours in one the assurance of his appointment! by S p S them. er Mineral Springs ; and up the Withlacoochee .
(4i\ the stationary prong, and was worked by a particular at least ; and that is, becaiisisofiU* our Saviour who, appeared to him in a dream: IJnl Uirds lht ateMnitin tuide-the, !Uci bride is coming See again: -the fieshmrn!: have learned! how Ili\er. at times to Troiipville (Ga.) ,

j' line attached to one end, which line also reached I numerous large and deep lime sinks: as they I to go forth to the world to testify to time I truth Silent lakej amid? the mountrt'tu arc humming; to charge, too, without 11'1."onf'llI.' They I The Suwannee runs mostly through pine i 't
;11 to ih1 surface of the water. The end of Hare j called, to be 'found) in most every part of of the Jospel. 1 He I( is of holt stature, and of Loiik bat r.atiiiotpeak their mirth ; charge Ill: coalesced column! with; tire and hot country (until it reaches Suwiimise Old Town J !' j. .
lie prong to which the line was made faht livIng ; it. Some of them hold water even to the very I and exprcs-ive countenance. I His hair Streams <;II b undins in I Iheii <;ladi!-, led, and drive the slavs down the western, j a countr> abounding in good yellow pine timber 1.

: much heavier than the hooked end, the brim. That mighty! } ) beast t, the gentjcmui.; ''fiII on the forehead, descends on either With Tr'ees a bow[Jucrhanali-.m down t their inadnefK beads! in; wonder, slope in disorder to the deep bas. Then the and it i is believed well adapted to tho '

hooks would, when allowed, open of Ihemfflves. thinks, was doubtl'! walking It'illlll'idoll, ; side of his temples. Thert"JJ1f1: be nothing Clouds of purple part asunder! breeze springs up and clean the mountain ot T-I lumber and turpentine; biiMness. The same
All that was then necessary, (the I one, to him unlucky day and ju-t at that, spot, rennikitble I I about I the person oft hi* man wereit As the maiden of the rn<*rninc; mist t and battle smoke and the broad sun oj!, may be said too of the river S.mta Fe:1$ 114
!lOoks*> !being letdown, and the t tati01.a IJ' prong'I uluni! all of a sudden, the ground gaie: way not l fal': the ciremittance: : which has given Led the blushing bride to earth heaven smi'es' on the living and t the dead.A I couise i is through a pine country with the ex.ceptioa .
placed, by the sid of a bone in a proper manncr. t beneath him, and into the deep they went, lise to the wil'lllit', or i the unhappy delusion, Kright as\ire\ itli the her;''tauut.: .cn'o, ai hot t resort, the brave Ferguson form, of L"g Hammock Ichtuckriee Hammock .
f; .) was to pull, upon the line, and they would I I trees, earth, beast and all!, and the: beast beins I whichever it may be, that he thus openly! ad. She advances tilanccs, his entire force into columns:. to cut his \\'a) net. aw other small Hammocks and
... ,
"", firmly embrace and tecurc it. In no instance: unable! to extricate himself! from the sad: predicament I' ::1ICI'S.rcm i il! not for the extroidinary s.'igma j or ner azure eye arc Heaven -! oi mai awnn" circie' 01" nrc.swoid He'L. Itmmigs P.u fj'-O: I swamps, and on is: banks, it is said, there are t
'.1' did tliey) let go when they had once taken hold. into which, his bad luck had phmged! P-t on his hands and feel, and the deep cicatrice And! her tubes are un-biai.s woven, wildly on!) high. lie shouts in thunder, i( as hue turpentine lands as any in the State. J
I 1"11" pr-pared by means of this aparatus to I him, did in this way lose his liie. It is in thi in his side, whence during (he whole of And her beanteou* bridesmaids! aieHopes .. Foward-chtrg !" The next instant he J It h believed that the Itchtucknee (a spring ,

work at the d"pth cf seventy feet, 1 but did not I way, too, the knowing one fuilher says that II Passion \\'Ct'k, have iisued large drops of Dreams and dt licions-wishe- is a corpse. A rifle ball from the muzzle river) aol the Santa Fee below the Natural .

lave: occasion to \voik at that '!('pth. There the appearance of the \Vakula! prifJ; is to be blood Many! people worthy ofbehiefhiave told Joys from some set enadim; Itr. wreathed with snowy paper, has gone through BriJge adorn good mill! sites! not only for lumber .
were no tones to be seen except in one spot, 'I most rationally accounted for. Hut! that he me I that I hen* is no delusion: about I this. The And heavenly hued illusions gleaming (rom afar his heart. The 1'ritish, panic-stricken.'hio-.v: {' I but all ( poses to which it might be necessary .

which was on the north east side of the Spring. would not pretend to say at u hat lime these hndK and feet are pierced through ;and through, Now the mystic rite is over- down their arms and cry for q'lirter. A number to apply water power for the want of 10
4,' ntH scattered promiscuously: over an area ol, things happened. and the wound in the side is ab lit two inches Ili-! >-iniis on the l lowd ahd lover 'fI'ml! to the whole American army are I the counhy. Near Charles' Ferry on the Su. .
thirty by eighty feet and at the depth of from I I Another thinks Le may have been the Itarsr Ion" and very deep ; that they, have h-.eu the Strike Ihe tabor, clash the cvmhals, pri5om'rs.nd now the old man raises a i wanuee, I here i is one good water saw mill and

; thirty to forty-live; and in two places war 'lif.ty : :, i which Mr. Nunrod used to ride out a bunting m I"blood ooze from t th, se wounds slowly I and drop With Let: tb.eri's the notes) apf of 1 le jo\l hlo resound is''III. ,' hoar: yell that sounds above the p-n 'ansLo.jt I one ex-ensive: Ttirp-ntjrie jdanlutvm.

\ fret.; They were I Ij'ing upon sand: ofvhieb1,, I lon, and becomin<>fra.cti<>us one day, ran away by drop for boms together during the past lilu-ihin? like a maiden's bosom ; of nin'.-li iid.e! 1 strong throats-'' Kin (: There i is a Spring run at Fort Fanning that j
Ilo't't r.I thiuk there i it hut thin strata above: with the hunter, and because he could not get week, and !that during all this time Perimond With the crtfsm-whi'e! clusters pearly Mo'iutain is ours I tl Jr ever !" is thought would run a rniM! and the Big Manatee .:.J.
the lime rock, and of which "tek i is funned the! him oTbisack\ in any way, when !Le happened remain* exhausted on his bed, lying as it were Ol I the pear tree bnd.linR early ; Thus terminated gin. lously an engagementin Spring below Clay Landing deserves no- ."
true foundation of the whole Spring. Such IP to get these, took a notion to jump iii'o in a trance, without food or nourishment, arid With Strew ill thecon-iwrated treasures from the ground meadows many: respects the most important vaed (lice, and perhaps a trial in this rrgaid.

the perfect transparency cube water of this, the Spring; and drown both l himself and mas to all! appearance: dead. After sunset he revixes Ltt the guests with vow fraternal; turin: tl.e war. It struck the savages of the What strikes the explorer on the Suwaunee
Spring, that these bones could be seen as dis.. ter. ; the !bleeding! ceases ; he recovers }his, Pledge each other, frontier with terror from Ohio to Florida. It from Fort Fanning down to its mouth, is the
tinetiy: as if one was looking through an airs. A few lines more, with your further content senses) partakes: ol some blight refreshment Sister, brother, i laid in the dust itain's grand scheme of Tory im.neiise quantity:: of Cypress on and near its
instead of a watery nvdiuin. Mr. Editor, in reference to this Spring aud passes lh.i whole! ni;Iit in prayer 11U With; !he vine of hope-the vernal} co-operation. Lord Cornwallis heard of ir, banks. Steam mills at its mouth or at Cedar
of man's better
Mr. IJ. and myself left Newport between I alone, and 1 will trouble ou no more upon dress consists! of a short tunic of white linen Vine-juice isttajie of man's truthful hcait.nature pained J in !his triumphant career, and ordereda Keys would find employment for years ia sawing -
eight and nine o'clock in tlJt&moruinu.rt'i\'t: (II I these subjects, for the present ut least. I pies reaching! to Ihe knee with long ful: trowsers rerlevt'ra"c ha'ty retreat to U'innsborough, ei:hfy miles it up. It appears: to me that this would! "
a' the Spring about noon, raised, the I-ones s I 11tr to bu A little particular, however, in di-scn- of the same. On) his head he wears a white, And, forbearance, in his rear. Marion: and Sumter heard, of it, be much more profitable than sawing the pine
and returned Newport the sara evening.The .- fling this great Spring, for hku the desei ;ipliosis, j linen t'jiban of the Jewi. h tonn.; lie c lrriciI ; Love and Uhor, sons) and art, : and renewed their! deadly ambuscades.Tie !. lumber, but the two would! have to be unitedas 5
fle thin the cheerful! creed nheicwith the world
day being propitious fur the work air I.I of the falls I naystart. the battlesmokeI a raft of Cypiess cannot: 'be made to float oritsflf.
01! Niagara, I have never: jet seen I on amMit un his person save a gold cUsp,, : : battle-shock! wasover; : -
theaparatus'workin} : well, we had no dilTicul.. ; written out any description which 1 thought which fastens the band to which his waist is i I drifted away on the wind, and the sun shone I 1 j : Texas being trios! of it destitute of
tics hatever to encounter. In ten minutcifrom I could convey to the mind of those who have: confined. The police I ave been most active: The Battle of Kind's llccntain ; brightly! on the dead' and dying! on broken timber is becoming a good market for Jum-
the time the boat was properly stationet d i never beheld this maaufialh opring, a distinct j in causing the strictest t investigations to !be' On, THE IlEiiO'S!: UF.VKN5I1: : ; arm aid: bleeding! bosoms when! jury.mar. her so also is New Orleans.
and made fart,_we had one of the t large o::f j idea of its Hue und wonderful magnitude and made, into. the. history. and, antecedents, ol in'' A Tale of Whig and Tory "Warfare. lial sa.t to decide a question of avenging jus. The Cypress commands a much higher .

tn"se itnmetise bones resting upon the gunwale grandeur, and if I can, even in one paitii-ular: I mm ; but as yet nothing has been discovered Do \ ou remember this day 1 It is the 7thof ; I,' tice. Ten atrocious Tories were sii.nmirilyarraigned : price in mai, !:et than pine, and it seems strange .
of the boat. !h was my first impression !I ,succeed in clearly for to the charge of fifty murder so !little ol it }has been manufactured: : / mar.
placing a correct desciiption which can in any way SI'I't\ as excuse inoleKtini October, }l3lf, n' arl) two fII'lIIthafler the :answer
that thefe bones were in a state of petrifacj! I Itio j ; belote( the minds of such 1 will All fact ket frmn Florida.If ; .
persons! : him. that i is known is the defeat o If{ icneral; ( ales, and afier the ar.nihi- ?
:. Hut upon examination, I dud they are I ,consider the trouble.! : ih. wretches for this river was in the older States the
myself amply repaid lor that he has recently arrived from G Iienoble, lation of Sumti-r. Reader ol the richest history Amonjr 'se pale pleading Cypress _
p'S Jiot in the least degree petrified. To be in a J The bbape of the Wakulla Spring Itt its where he had li\ell a holy and religions life, in t the wurlJ-the history of Jour own me icy, Turn Hell the hercules! in red hair would! ioon be removed anti the land
'ute petrifaction, it might have been eupjtrtsod \ j brim is neatly or quite a regular circle, and much beloved by the old peasant woman who It\'olutiun-can ymi have fir: oltpn! it I has ':I was mo.t abject ot all ; and so earnest were (much of it at leas!) cultivated t tu yield Rice. I
was necessary in order to their being i this shape is as fully maintained beneath the even to the !hour of her death, declared have it been buried in oblivious silence beneath accumulations I his prayers and promises) l for the future, that It is probable there may be 2QQOtl; acres that 1 L
preserved for so great a length of tim" as must !I surface: of its waters two-ihiids of its north he the : .1 f being when might be redeemed and: cultivated, providedthe w;
found him one morning l 1\, lug !beneath a hedge. I : of inure' pompous events! 1 I II a was on point: ( acquitted
'iiave. elapsed s-incc the death of the aninnl. j portion, and transversely in every direction, near, her cotta1) trace r.f his pare.iijage j its lurid battlements! !bi en cclil't'J by the n'l an old! man, with streaming white lock, broke rise and fall! of the tide is Mitficient or that .

Tfaf outlines aid shape of somo of them are \ the curved lines are nicely! observed' oven bus ever been I'lscovcred.' lIe never slime a. leone Eplfiidor, the fiery glare! of more gorge. I through the circle of C"tianla* : and confronted the water could be brought by canal! to flow it
\ ill some slight: exceptions, perfectly' retained duwn) to the point of the greatest depth. The bioad, and discourages all l fleeting, as cmbiies Lbs victories ? Or Iris the rnu-(' of a continent: shivering culprit. when required. .
, -aud from the absence petrifaction, their ba iu : :.! *. remember French Droad and the The Umber, however, i h a and it
the luiui is Do
commencing at distinctly, at :his house ; therefore the utnhoii'ies ol! j jPalis yet lound no son, who woi.ld stoop: to s-inir i: the )ou certainty
fxture awl general formation may be seen 11 milked: at I'.om the south side. IGth of 1" is to be hoped that the sale of that in lumber-
point. :
every have nought to do in this case. Several stormy deed hunters ii.htin without t tl1 .ij;, August
now) as distinctly as at any other time. Their of the tim at its conimpnremen'' one.lhird of [.11)$:iciau\ of eminience Irave alread: ) fed on parched corn and receiving no pay fill! Save me from him !" cried the Tory cap. may introduce the capitalists! try what some
outer formation is for the uvist part an enamel -I the distance) across towards the North I .tain, fcietirhiii! forth his chained hand f.r helpto would now call visionary sch-m.'s. There i is
appears 'been t fu'j,it him: but none have: as yet tin1 :ol.Jfn coin conscience! ; and the promise ,
(which is perhaps a .peculiarity., ) of from I IJ the mlJuth of what }be and doubtless; I I the astonished some ditlkulty about shipping lumber front
seems to i been able to solve the mil tl'r) of the long fast t of t their, rotititrj's good(! .' bystanders.;
, .S 1 to whiteness} J of an, and inch thick hard generally hard of beautiful be. is, an immense horizontal cavein, pointing, !I aid bleeding.! Dr. C-, the great auatomisl f See yonder on Kind's Mountain: a table \ Have you forgotten Mary Copeland !"- the Suwannce itself but it is believed the ej. .
very too to and discharging the from its asked! the! old! his toothless Ira expense rafting the longs t to Cedar Keys
water grinding
with knife. The lower recesses! : after remaining two hours ii: his room eminence, with a level!, at the summit, sit hindiej man. .
cut a tipper or (we towards the north, or t t\\o-thirdii i nl. I till the blood out the foam of his would be trilling. It is ta be hoped that these .
puilion' L'uins ran on
cannot tell! which at present.. ) bone of each last Fiiday, left in despair, declaring with uu I yards long, by sixty wide, lies the ramp j f "
obtained ready described. The roofifl( miy topeak.) oath that the juggle! was too well uunage'l of Ferguson hollow parallelo rain ofsc.lr. lips. I resources ot country will: not long lemain
t4re.Jt'g.bicL were Jit-
lie; upwards of three f feel in I measures 13 inches a of this cavern composed also oJ lime rock, for discovery, und, therefoie the mystery, like let( uniforms!) black tiriskets and 0 sharp briatlin 'I did not kill her-oh you cannot say I 11 undeveloped, and that especially! where there ,'.
length, I
,( in diameter at one joint, and 13 l-2or I 11 i inch.e where it is been terminating, ,aiid seen distinctly that of the ecstatic virgins of the Tpul, remains : ateel.. The drum rolls. The red cro:s killed: her !1" exclaimed the coward, .tailing on i are mill bites, the water may not long be al!, .
in diameter at what to be, the kneejoint. at every point, presents an irregular! mystery ttill." The acclivities are defended by fIIolI'l his knees and seeking to embrace the feet of lowed to waste its strength in the desert soil.
appears and jaggard outline, commencing on tht'a t Titans of dark rocks. Veterans his enemy."Xo AN ACTUAL SETTLERFort ,
A I -- --- - fctiois I '
obtained of
tingle the
tibra, belonging! joint either only to the neck email\' and west side] about rqui distant from the rim Zatis axy Trunk." dined in the fires of a dozen campaigns, stand "but% you forced her to kill herself as Fanning, 23ih. May, ISol
i or on either tide, and at the depth of GO feet, it the mountain's Il i is Killg'lIolln.. the sole means salvation from foul dishonor .
. of the back 17 inches and Ia the of on btop.
measures coaching the
( was npparentjy rises in the form of days : over Proxi. From the .ilbany Patriot.
an irregular! arch to with. !
\\'ho shall think its
i : trom 1 to 13 inches I deuce before railmud, tain" too ol storming
. more originally.) in 25 feet of i he surface of the water. Aconsiderable turnpike, ; cars wt-re in I hides 1U'e Oh I did not intend to harm her," persisted What is Best for the South.
across, one way, and 10 the other, and the I use. and ba:guge crates existed and when steep
its elevationis the false Tory in the dust like
portion along gicat writhing
shall see presently.] The letter of esteemed
which admits the cord travelleis hau our correspondent 4
ujfiture! spinal measure to keep a sharp look-out lor I
*, 3 LJ't 1-4 in. The of quite thin, and a number! of holes or u\s ires their Look three parlies are climbing over the the meanest reptiles. '* ''." has been received, and we have only 1
principal part 1u2lt'; : some forty or fitly :
1 1eah m< lie seen quite through to the passengershad I Then rise and swear it answered the .
iy penetrating lh' old walls of nature'shandiwoik .
rock ascending >se time at to
hip bon obtained indicate a lengih oflat i just stepped on board old lien Franklin! ," present give our own views briefly.
least, 4 feet or more. They ar' so much I water beneath.A and got underway at Xarra lust tt IJav. A built dim, distant centuries ago, other with a grim smil, \Ve do not believe that the proposed compromise j

broLen, however as to render it difficult for lady of my acquaintance recently wilting gentleman, who had: occasion to get some of perhaps in the morning of creation. Oie; The wretch sprang up and pledged oaths will be at all satisfactory to the South, or I I.
I t us here to determine- what were their real size: upon! the subject of the Wulculla Spring, etc., wardrobe, had just liauld out from an moves( to assault the west end another to the wild! enough to wake the dead.: I that its passage would be a settlement of the I
. ia every particular. The socket aloaa: where will please allow me to sligh'Jy. toddler with immense pile of baggage Mowed amiJ.ships, east, while the third will charge the centre. "Do you see this dagger ? inquired the questions which agitate the country. The
tic hip aud thigh bones joined J, measures nearly her as to its greatest depih: : Hy" the aid of a new black leather trunk portly I dimensions Is it not a brave sight ? Rum you cannot see aged htro, pointing at a silver hilt glitteringin Pr sirlf'nt's plan is simply a determination not .:"I t

,. I l.! 23: inches in circumference, or neatly 8 inchc the line and plummet, which never errs, in. studded with brass: nails, when a little withered : them very well for \'eHllf blue mist shrouds his belt."Mercy. murderer. to perform a known duty, that he may avoid,
J in diameter. A part of one blade bone stead ol by the means of fancy and a guess, I Frenchman: of a mottled complexion, atidfashionably the mountain) through which the e. e. of the mercy rhril'keillhe the responsibility of doing jutice to the South, '
"h 7 and several others were obtained. That which ascertained the greatest depth to be 19 fathonis : dressed, darted from the crowd, I sun peers pale, as if sick at the carnage about The eyes of the old man shot sparks of living in assenting to the establishment of civil governments .

,-rved proved to be a part of a tusk taken from the I or 114 feet-and thus too, I ascertainedthat and interposing between our friend and his to I",. fire as he said, in a hoarse, hissing whis. which would make the Territories .

,..e depth ot! forty-five feet, which was spoken of the mouth of that great cave n is 8U) feet property, exclaimed: courteously: but 5I 5- The approach of freedom's warriors is covered per- free to her people and their property. .
> of the of
pos the
in my last, when viewed lying upon the hot. in perpendicular heighth, and the width of its tirclr-i by the thin mist and thick trees, and even This darker, on night lath If we could reach the ear. Southern men

lon: presented a 'length of not lees than four mouth at the bottom is about} liOO feet. The ** i I beg your pardon] fare-mais, pardonez] now I the black rocks aid ttiem.SudJenly August, was'in the heart" of an angel. Bat in Congress, we would 8:1Y- I '
- f.<*U and I think it was nearer five than four.Ihe distance across the Spring at the rim is in ev. mai-you have pot ze wrong cochon by ze on the three hides! of the steel and now it is in yours, devil. he added, striking Is. Let Texas alone-the South is not pre
steel with motion
shape of the part of the tusk geeu was, cry direction nearly four hundred feet. The oreille-zat is my trunk !" iron parallelogram, nine hundred rifles roar home the sharp a prompt pared to barter her soil and thus stab her institutions .,

lengthwise, a little curved, and is nearly round. water of I this I truly magnificent and wonderful] 4 Not so, monsjer-I hope I know my own and nine hundred shouts iso ; and then a and powerfilllile! lightning.and then gurgle, and for money. The boundary of Texas l'
There 1 was no perceptible diminution of size Spring is of such perfect transparency any trap f thousand lulUl: muskets answer back with There was a mo in, blood and a the victim is well defined and as clearly! iccognized by i:
for the whole length of this part-anJ at each) bright substance! us small even as a half dim., .4 ueslez: trauq'liJle-1H on-dans un in. boa..' thunders of death. ibvn a gush of warm ;feet Compact: as that of Georgia.

end:) it appeared to have been broken neatly can be seen on the bottom at itt greatebt depth; f btant I nil prove my props ?'-aha you see Ferguson is not-cannot: be surpril elJ.- lay Five a corpse minutes at the afterwards avenger's nine otrnrs-equal 2d. Doul permit Congress to touch the .' .
Mj'iare off. It i is to be regretted that this piece on a calm sunny day, when no gentle breeze dis !key, eh 7' Applying! it to tl.e lock, he With; furious calmness, be attacks the assail i homicides dangling from Slate Trade in the lJislric.t-r.tlit no such
and hung
e of f tusk. could not have been secured entire.- goes rippling! o'er." Owing to the great transparency throw up tw! l.d, and then struck a triumphant! ants with filed bayonents, and f forces t tj em to traitors the limbs of-oak and pine trees, jurisdiction. It t there are immoral or offensive .
WLe. we had raised it of the water, it is highly refractive retire. But they only givea little, and instantly I swinging '
I peihaps ten feet, not attitude. .My J key unlock Jour trunk-eh'? there the summit of King's Mountain exhibitions, that i another. thing which i
I J-av in IT strength enough bear its own weight and aided by the white sand on most of the tell me zat ?' renew the combat.! Every massy rock on should call his own may he made penal and regula' by the coun,
- \ It broke in two, and f fell to the bottom again ; bottom every hue of the rain bow may be of. Stand out of the way !-it's in}' trunk, I becomes a battery-every pine tree burns which no king again anymore cil of the District. ), I'
and the largest piece then to bo teen was but ten distinctly seen, reflected and flashing from tell 30-1." powder. The marksmen of the back! woods 3J. \
Let dar bill
\ little) over a foot This we raised, but misfortun any substance thrown in and sinking down. 'Hold on von little minute sosc your hold their bullets in their mouths for swill re- Paying him ojj"in his own Coin.1-In these -It would fugitive be worse than: useless gqa passed dJir-iol \0 .

still pursuing this piece of Jusk, it fell The apparent: color of the water when viewed shurrts, ch 1' loading und thus the lorfent of fire never days of impudence, a practice becoming far and it concndes to Congress an authority over, i .
ram the hooks into the beat, and) broke again in'any) direction except perpendicularly, is light To l bo sure they are !' ceases. The officers on both sides fight like too prevalent is that of looking over the corn.postor's the subject! in the Stutea' which the abolitionists '
"hg !. into many "piece It measured, as I have be. blue, or bluish green, according lo the depth. Zose your drawaires, eh V common soldiers. It is more a wholesale shoulder in a printing office, or whatis have never dared to claim. If Congress I,
lyre said, 9 inches in diameter, and judging There is really not the slightest tinge of any Ccrlainl) !' murder than a battle bv rule. nearly &? bad, going into an editor's sane. can prescribe bonds for the master and : .
frotn: the fact that there dimlautiori color and the blue blueish Yak But tell me-who are those two standing ajur! 1
and Of
was no apparent or green appear. a moment-I vill prove mo proj s, turn examining his manuscripts. for the t>Iave, it can do all else which be .
- in HZC for the length of four feet or ance is owing to those causes which produce same. and the little Frenchman: rummaging foremobt among the Tennebsccans on the \\'(>s. course no gentleman would be guilty of eitherof fur the robbing oj" the may the ? f ,
necessary one and
tare, and from its enormous thickness; it could the same: appearance in any deep clear beneath a pile 'ifIhirts! and socks produced( a tern edge of the mountain top, disdaining t-hel-! the above impolite acts, but it M difficult! to emancipation ol the other.4th. .
|Lot have been less than ten, anJ was probaJj1) I waUf, that ol the sea for instance. Owing lo bottle, and said deliberately, with a hideous ter, refilling to yield an inch ground, defiant determine now a days what really constitutesa 4
! ; near twelve or even fifteen feet length.. I the great size of the inlet into the Spring, by grin- of all IJritains' bayonets ? Do you not know gentleman, unless we presume all men to be A.dlJereJirmly to the 3/mcwri Compro. I ;
L'Lc; piece obtained prove the tusk or tusks lo means 01 the cavern already described, compared /at your bot-lelle of Dom-frees Ish (Itch) lheu-the old man-how dark is his silver gentlemen whom we have never detected in mite Line, and let consequences lake care of-

- Jfebeenofputc ivory, cucaecd by cnami'1 to the quantity of water it ejects, there ointment, sare, eh ? Av you got von leetle hair with war's sable smoke-how dim looks an act that would:! entitle them to the appellation thcmehes. that is now rejected by" the; '
almost transparent whiteness. The weight is no perceptible current or boil. To get into I hit ? Zis you Uemede !for zo lepros (leprosy,) tha \\!bite paper on the bladk! gun's muzzle of no gentleman. We all! have, our standards North, what reliance can be put in any new ;
,IDt tJf' these tusks or tusk was beyond a doubt! al.orrnous. a boat, and push! out upon) the bosom of these eh 1 Ah! be tam 1 know it was my trunk. heaven how beautifully it blazes now, a* and ours wil| certainly not-fail! in meas. compromise 1 The South i fe easily satisfied ,*** I
)for. so d { The'mice which we attempt- beautiful waters when it is perfectly calm, the It is needless to remark that our frieQd immediately death rings a tore's or a tyrant's funeral in urin a man who would be caught in 'such a -she a .ks only equality and justice according" .
t to raise, and partly is that of ended. wide evfrv Peal-u''ln' that' 'hl)111' grandson still as described fteutico to the Constitution. '
} accomplished, was quite: appearance being 8u j' or Jl jaling opened a gap' between himself scrape as the following, by j:3
- lea' ? puH for Llltb Mr. HI'fl\t I".rIUfI'" !, and in mid airut a great height, ; and the unaccustomed and the interestingiclirn .(.f two of the 'V6f. bebitlc him His eyes flashed: destructive 1 of the Louisville!! Journal : Though these opinions ar hastily eIPress d" :
). It murt hs\'e "'ei h IYJ 11,; anJ observer, when looking over the bide, most unpopular! disorders: blOwn to suffering joy, ,I IJB malhclos restacy of the battle'j A'"few\: days ago :1\ !nt!f..mm: ((1)) came into they have been deliberately'formed in rjevof 1,1,<11 ; ;,
i iPf.p. \\'hCl1c weight of the cmirc tiuk could uot with hurior fchriuks: Luck, and clings to the Ii ucu nit)'. 41L1! yet I Lu i is not satisfied. lIe groans ;- our tamttuiii, took of his hat, picked up a bit all the consc1uemes I

/ 11


P'f'U Yt I\ :F!>>r.?" -- \-:. =- ,= ...., --- -- --.-----. -- -- -, -- --. .---- :' __, I-", : __ -__'_:1T. ._ ', :'T ___._. _. ._: ..I --. _- =T=_. ., .

,b'e of the Territories.; That the The Cuban Despotism; ne". and lymniiysrfnH be t the loss of the Isl- TThe 11 r! .
Kwolutioni of the Southern partition ( fIonium & :
i involved' Sljc) : }3quniat t.1 I /lul i and til. lives of Ihofe'tvho.attempt defend Washington CorrespondentOf
June S 1S50. pclacl of a ronTedeiacv! of Sratc, According to the teaching) now put (forth in the \V,!
NASHVILLE it for hpr she neither receive or df. *
of in which. ------ -- mington Commercial, a
1 i i q-iarrek i vr tic: fruits u war I u'i' Whig
relation the conduct Americans engaged"in paper,
1. Resolved That the Territories,i (If th- the A merit-tin arms w ere cruvvwd w;th g'orv' ,i Lliuniltating. \- R. B. HILTON I &C.' E. D Y K E I to erve but little sympathy from the rest of the speaks of the coalition formed between th'."'

United Slates: belong lo the people tftIi'e. '. ; That .he inc. rpoiali ) of the "'il. EIflTOflS ANDSaturday PROPRITORS. thc.late eff.irt to give liberty lo Ctibi. Kos- world.'" ._ torSeward and General g.n1.

.:: fJrsl Stall' of this Union as their comm in mot Proviso in the utI"r settlement, u prop -.--.- -.=-T-. :--- =:: .:,-- kiusco,and Pnhski were pirates and LaFa) Mr. Calhoun'a Views. : Taylor (to dlf'at: 3h:I .

that ihe' citizens of th '!'..ralKtatrs and DcKalb merited the Relgou Clay's Compromise plan, and also 0'1- .
s States June ette hangman's
properly ; oMtioit which fourteen ? regard UK di8po r.I 22, 1850. rope We have often desire, ( .0 Ie.

? have" equal rigliU. to mipra.e: wih; their I aging and cHshonrmibX! : i is degrading,! lo lhcountry. .- - -- - -- -- The American Colonies in 1775 engaged in f say fluence possessed by Seward: Over th" Ad.ministrtion :
the Charleston Courier. and (rust, a .
these Tnt ihll > anJ ) we not
property| to f li. arf eqtialli}: : A terinitviiion to lhi controvert : -
DEMOCRATIC contest Enghnd In resistance of
entitled to the protection of the I-Vdrr.il! Guvrrnmrtit I \'y the (disruption of ihe ('onf-J-racy, or lathe NOI .\TIOS. I tyranny. improper or unprofitable curiosity, to obtainan That arch-demagogue; 'Seward ;Kj is
The chivalrous and menhom we jn.i
in the rnjouifht 'if that) pnj: I'Y<' -n abandonment! of Jhe territories to pieventuch FOR daring insight into the religious opinions and ascendant, his dinning has truimnA! j I iVt .

long HulheTtirriioriebrtMiiaiii! tinder the cburg'* climax to the shame CONGRESS : have mentioned, flew to ihe assistance of the hold this AdmmiMration 1 3u *
:a r SIt.'OIhII a views af the illustrious Statesman and philose. now 'in the

of thit (;O\'ernlUellt. which : : .ht controversy' which it il MA.T.[ JOHN BEARD. weak against the strong ; and their! name* pher, whose death our whole country mournsas I hi; dirty hand. My (ixt I, what a sbame p.rr! ofI .

-. *. Rcsohed, That C<'ngres ha. nlo power h.' paramount: duty of Congress to avoid. I. '. have become hallowed words.. The tyranny That a thing of his appearance (were thT,
exclude from the Territory ihr Vnitt'rI a national affliction. His intellectual *
13. Rrsofrrd, That this' Convention other whatever
wi of towards America compared with reasons ) houd! fur
States: any prrop'rl lawfully: held; in the .Statesf ( lot conclude that Congress will \cjtur Wlh Tie \%'gATI1F.LZ.-No rain yet, :and the England klrength, his wonderful powers of reasoningand moment. have'tha control t } of our honest poJ

., the (Union, and any act which miy painedi out making an adjustment of this controversy, crops are suffering greatly from the dfouth.I .- that of Spain towards Cuba was hut u the analysis. his almost intuitive perception of diipoied.gallant President., Howunforturru, .;

\Congress to effect this result i k a plain violation and in the condition in which the Conventionfind I The corn crop is n'arl.destrop'd.. In some little finger (to a man's thigh, yet the epithet recondite truth, his moral elevation! and purity that Gen. Tayl.rshoulcbe eatrangr1 byti(*

of the Constitution of the t'nited States.: the question* before Congress, it does sections there has been.no rain of consequence "tbi \'cl.h !" !," pirates," are the character, all combine to give an interestto inlringue1 lucl a man from those nhl

3. Resolved, That it is the duty t(4r1r'I: f el| to discuss the methods suit. deliver could him
nor I > at liberty since the last of March.Ozj' terms applied lo those who would Cuba only ( to noble and patriot';
tt provide proper governmpnts' tot Iho 'IVrri.torirs able! f,r 1 resistance lo ma ures ii'ityel adoptod from and who cannot applaud his thoughts and convictions, as to the things 'deeds How infinitely heifer would it |

since the spirit of American: Institutions which might ;involve a dishonur. to the bondage ,1 which belong not to time,' but to eternity been for the if the Vice ja .*
We must decline the! country
publication of Gen. Taylor' red hot zeal in behalf of the Presiden
fjrbids thn mainiainance, of military govern S'IIiher St.itec.from : which attaches perhaps to those of no oiliernun Fillmore, hud been the friend"and
in of and all laws litre excellent Temperance Address which cur interests of the despotic establishedover
nnts time peace: as! ---- -- --- --- authority of his day and generation. We should adviser of the nJd patriot. he has fajer|

oJrc existing in Territories onc belonging? ; tic ,Montgomery (.//
to foreign; powers" which interefere; with: the What is to be IIl.tving Is necessary fiorn the fact that if we publish of the number of the wickt.d-no better than like much to be enlighted in this matter, bJful and pro'ect him. Seward's lo&drs exult gl\\n':

full enjoyment religion the frivlom oflhf information from an authentic source : but, .
; of f b. en in the country for :few days one wo must publish all that are sent the heathen. So the public is to think, if it : manner almost insufferable ; he is really the
press; the! tritlln': jury and! all other right in the meantime, we lay before our reader, main pillar of Abolijjonism' and he and
Cr8'II1 nnd a> .tkcUCi d] or recojjnizoil: Ptlt: i, Wr have taken Home pains to ascertain us and to dr l() thi would occupy more space will believe the ctrines of the partisans of b-
followers would
he "fthe the slavery the following cheering evidence, taken from sing hosannas to-morrow ,
on Ii
In the Constitution of the United SMte* areIece5sarihy opinions "sovereigns" t than we ran devote to that subject, importantas the Administration.
could have the of
question: in general, and the proposed an exchange paper, that the great championof they thronts every siavB;
: : void s.. soon as !such Territorit'sbt'ciime it is and feel for its
as we
in : cttpJ. success. Our Southern President, Gen. T.iylor, can owner in the Souh'r: Slates cut, ,and H.
compromise parlicular.'c are the South also soldier 'fthe Cross.
American Territories, it is the duty rm'urt I was (
that, have not met with single do nothing to secure the South her rights in themselves free* from danger. I cannot ,
to we a I tbim
of the Federal! (;o\'l'rnmt'llt to mik! oarlvprovision : proud say The Democratic Convention.The Religious rews of Mr. Calhoun.-From write Sew.ird with

(fortbe enactment of tlio.e I h\\I which I individual! who is favor not warmly of resisting-the most 'I proceedings of this body will be found Territory acquired IJ) her blood and Irtslre. the report, sas the N..Y. Observer, which patience or speak or temper, for I look on a him fair:as share an (.>!

may be expedient and necessary.tl<) MCIIILlo) enthusiastically) everyapproach from Mexico. Says not a word in her behalf; those about him a\'l of the last hours of this of the Constitution and of the South ene.rny
encroachment Southern; i i in cur paper to-day. It will be seen that? the
the inhabit jnU of and t'lI1ir.1l1hi; to sueh Territorie to upon lifts not a finger (for her defence ; nothing can distinguished! ; man, it has been inferred by scrupulous: ,!n akio ;and with.zakns: UI.
form it SntIiCier.1
rights, in whatever shape or may pre. Convention confined ilself strictly to the busi-
the full bcr.rfil of the coutituli! d to die
) make! him
There it cannot be denied, induce him to utter a sentence in ( rp, ilion many af'< to not only very; vjllainou-ly .
srnt which called it and mis
rights we ,;s'rt. ih.df nets together ; having rather as a philosopher' than Christinn.A "
found such moral monstrosities 'is to the Wilrnot Proviso. Yet no sooner is therea : chie\ous. absolutely dangerous.
4. Uf"To.'rc/i! That to protrct pro city oxis-: ')cca"iundlJ unanimously nominated a Congressional can. Southern. .gentleman, we regret that he does .
Soiilhern interests .
ting in the several States of th. L'riio'i the :lltlu'r men opposed to the lidale, adjourned sine ( four divisions prospect of a Ht\'olulioJ h) which Cubs: not give his name, assures the editor of (the Mississippi and Senator Foote.
the to le.1
people! of t these States i invested the Federal I but they form (exceptions) general may be separated from Spain: eventually to Puritan, that this impre sioa i is not justified by
rule! that: the people, wherever the maier lias 1 I I.f ihe Slate were represented, though several : The Vicksburg' (Mis?.) Sentinel: of ihe Gib. ,
and Mr. Calhoun's We .
Gotrrnmcnt with the pjwers of war negotiation become one the Southern Stales-a Revolution character. certainly rejoice
md fcustniniiig, ,! armies! and navies" been investigated, and is correctly understood, I r Counties had no Delegates in attendance. o if this be so, and we take pleasure in inst. uses the following language in referenceto
i ( likely b come only as our
mid prohibited tl) State authorities ihe rxorcieof :are entirely l sound on the subject of the present I One County not represented, Jackson, has quoting the following, from the letter abovementioned the recent course Senator Foote :
difficulties! between tin North and the South. own was successful!, by foreign ai I-than
the! ame power They made! no dicrim- held a meeting and expressed its preference in respect to his religious con- "The Yazoo Democrat, the Jsrupian.;

illation in the (protection! to be afforded or the \h)' should they hesitate now ? Has not I (fur the gentleman nominated, while there Is heaven and earth ure to be moved, to prevent vie:ions : I the .Free Trader, t the Mississippi Democrat,

of the I be defended every new fact which has been brought to I ,. In the of 1341,1 I became and all
description property! to nor I Americans from extending the assistance: to Spring acquaint. tbr other Demoratic papers of tie
in reference to the wealth, resources and no reason to doubt that he is the choice of all
was it nlloncd to the Federal Government to light which De Kalb and Pulus- ed with a clergyman, who had been the settled State, s far as we hav seen, speak in most
I I other
determine what should, )be held as properly. power of the South, in the discussions of the the other Counties not represented. LaFayette pastor fmnerly of the church (Presbyterian decided antI and unequivocal terms ofcondem-

Whatever' the States deal with a.. property the slavery question, for years past gone directlyinto : The utmost harmony and good feeling prevailed ki gave to I Ihem. I am very sure) in Mr. Calboun's parish nation of the course of Senator Foote. To

Federal Government is bound to recognise and the scale. of evidence and, proving continue that the i in the body. Indcad, we have never List summer, when the Cuban movement for more than 20 ).ars. oay nothing of the glaring inconsistency he '

Vfend as such. Theiefore it i is the seine of! North has been, is now, must to i like it in was preparing for its consummation, when its He told me that )Ir. Calhoun soon after; has shown, we charge lh/i.1 1 he i Is acting in ut.

this Convention that all acts of the Federal be, entirely dependent upon the natural. pro.) seen an)thing a political body.- !his selllernent, req-iested the rrganization ofa (ter and wilful! violation of the sentiments and
of the South for all the elcrnentu success depended csienlially upon t the l secrecy
and riches
ductions ,
(o\ernment uhich tend to denationalize:( prop. I, Highly o. encouraging accounts were receh't'r Bible clas*, of which he desired t to Ipcorr feelings ofth.people: if Mississippi i as expressed .

city of any description recognized in the C,,:!. I of her commercial importance; and ;i I from all portions, of tho State, the Delegatesfrom with which its plans were matured, forth is I a member. TII'r! I
a'ittition and lawn 11'the i Stairs, or i that dii I prosperity ? What has the South to fear froma 1 all quarters expressing the opinion e that issued the Proclamation of our President, by' ,I I I Calhoun never failed being present when at tion, by the press and by the Legislature! on ,
Union) f it been
criminate in the degree and tTiciency) of the disruption of las not I with Beard candidate which the Spaniards: are advised (their danger home circumstances permitting. He be. I a question involving hermnst vital) rights and
Major as our there was I
protection to be afforded to it, or which weaken made clour that in the event a cat as. and alarmed into sleepless 'vigilance. came, to use the words of his pastor, the most I interests. He i b at variance with all his col.
ihropha! -however much it is to be deprecated every reason to believe that we should be I II
or destroy the title of any citizen upon Aincrican I devoted member and the most thoroughand Icagu-s from this State-with all thp Senatorsand

: T rrilori.**, :are plain and! palpable -K1| (! has everything} to gain and the North : successful. I The President is WJU.TI. when the Free Soiler* genuine advocate of the great fundamental Representative'' '* from the South,

violations ftht' fundamental: under whichit :,. even-thing. to lose ? .\nr have Southernersbecouu' I -- and fanatics of the North are mustering fur I doctrines of the Bible, us understood by orthodox I such as John Hell, Houston! Clay, and except Ihe

exists.ft. so spiritless! so degenerate, as for one I I! Major John Beard- aggressions upon the South ; he can find no : Christians, he ever knew.' lie bp- like., He i U supporting a scheme for settle.

Rczolccd: That the slavcholding States I moment to entertain the idea of cringing and i It is with unusual pleasure that we place language in which to express his disapproval ; I Herd fully in the doctrines of Regeneration I ment .rmorp odious than hat supported hy '.

cannot and will not ouhmil to the enactmentby : recoiling lit.l.r the arrogance anJ bl-.bter of the name of Major Heard at the head of our it i.; only when some measure i is on foot that and Sanctification: by the Holy Spirit and soeep'J Benton and Taylor's administration, lor while
and f when all the
law I urbi'r cupidity -m, II he with the truth advocate the immediate
: of they admission
Congresk ofauy imposing onerous con. was impressed of
colums! a' the Democratic) candidate for Con.
to advance interests! that
and all the real with themselves promises ,
ditiuiu or restraints uponthe rights of mastprs I right power ale Snuber them, and of his own lost condition that very California (granted by Clay's bill,) they do
? Must the South now be made lo bow Neither seeking nor desiring the honor his Wilmot Cabinet allows him i issue
to remove with their property --n'o the Territories I gress. I to sentence often he came to the prayer and enquiry meetings no at the same time cxcIuJe the South,

of the United States, or to any }Jaw: making down and prostrate herself in the very dust I he has been chosen by the unanimous: of disapproval and condemnation. I and with tears implored the Church for that bill doe. from everything else. TheSenators a

discriminations in favor of the proprietor before the feet of the North, because the has I i voice of the party as i's standard-bearer' in the is then that our government i is willing to sink i I his conversion. During the ministry: of this course tp to the inception: of this

of f other properly uguiust: them. I i h'rctoGrl had the magnanimity: to be gcnerI I ensuing contest. The fact that respectable i: itself lo the dirty office of to the i ii : clergyman: the Church: enjoyed several revivals miserable: scheme bad won the admiration of

0. Resolved, That it i is the duty of the Fed- I ous and forbearing to her eflmit.t, ? Mustshe .I )a informer but in none of them did Mr. Calhounfind many wb i opposed his election.! But we will

.ral Government plainly to recognize and I consent to be outraged an
firmly to maintain the! equal rights of the citizens I because the has generously I t forgiven former I II i all portions <.f the State: he was selected from I from impending fate.. abandon his orthodox sentiments. has raised an irrepressible feeling of indignation .

of the stvera1tates: in the Territories, of I wrongs and insults ?INortherners I II I I among all the prominent members of the party To all talk about (;en. Taylor's Southern In conversation with another clergyman, against him throughout the State.

the United States, and to rep'.diate the power I themselves from Websterlowr. I i without a di enting vote, as its choice, contrary I and Southern birth, the answer is about two years ago, I was informed that Mr. In the same spirit sincerity, we Leg him to
if such distance be with'in feelings
make discrimination between the to Garrison- t before found the retrace his and loose from the inuld-;
to : a : t propii his Calhoun had, a few months steps cut
rtora1f! diff rent species of property in Fed!" rtlLegislation. : ;' the grasp of human) comprehension i i to own wishes, for this responsible position short but! decisive. No statesman himself he pearl of great for which he had so ions flatterer; and advisers who have bevvil.

The fulfilment of this duty by ;, knowledge that the South is contending,!: for !i is the' highest evidence of his worth. has put himself in the h'ndl of a Cabinet, a long and earnesl pricer ; that his mind was dered him into actions at variance with bit

the Federal Government, would greatly lend ;! nothing which she has not enjoyed since theItevohution : We need sriy now or hereafter little in his majority of whom are Wilmot men. North calm and at )with his Redeemer. own recent course, and destructive to the

to restore the peace of the country and to allay! t years bcfoie the Government was praise. Hu is known and esteemed throurh.1 I crn l fanaticis-n is deadly l hostile to any mo.e.1 That Mr. Calhoun was an honest and dearest inrt"rft' of he pope! who have cwo-
the and) eicitrtncut which! f,undrd. They do not pretend that' she has i cf and fled in and honored him."
exasperation nowexiitj out the State ; and where known )"e ment likely to make Cuba one of the slave j; most upright man, stern integrity
between the ditlerent: sections of th* t U- ever encrached upon the Constitution or up. almost unexampled purity of private life-a

nion. For it is the deliberate opinion of this II on the rights of the North ; yet luc3'1. she teemed most t : big life is one of irreproachable States of 'the South. It is doubtless to please true and undeviating: patriot, devotedly attached TIE CKOI-S.-The latest accoun s from

Convention that the tolerance Congress: has remonstrates against being deprived of her i ij interily, his character one of spotless pu.shy. these Northern Free Soilers that the Cabinet! to his country and her best interests Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee

given to the notiouth.it Federal authority might j constitutional hh-agailt being insulted, I The late venerated statesman of South which now rules, has adopted the course which I i: and honor no one can deny. That he was an :Js iiri .
confirm the > already !
: ?!ta raens!
bo employed: iiicidcntally and indirectly to swindled: outraged and robbed-against t the Carolina, the embodiment of all that is pure I it has pursued. | evangelical Christian, and died supported by '
.I violent! destiuction of those institutions! : which made relative to the cotton We
weaken the in&titution crop.
eubvert with Christian
or eiitticg: in. in morals, wa not in all the t the hope, and philosophy
: more exemplary CIrstian'a
the States confessedly: beyond Federal jurisdiction I her enemies themselves maintained until they We give below some facts in relation to thet \ no doubt." have the statements from almost all!! the coun.

and control, is a main cause cube dis. I were no longer profitable, she is set upon by i ii relations of private life, than the Democratic character of the government which is held so ties in Mississippi. The estimates: vary from

the whole vast horde Northern fanatics and nominee. With such who From California.We .
i a one
cord which the existence of the Union cndicatE
menaces : sacred in the Northern Abolitionists one.third two-thirJs of From CaiJo
eyes ; to a
I destructionists almost too vile to be decent I o have received file of the Daily
and which Las well nigh destroyed the efficienl as will stoop to no foul means or unfair expc. I a

action of the Fodeial 1 Government itelf. ;I I ly: tolerated! within the pale of civilized so. 1 dients to secure success-who, despising all i after reading which, we wouU ask our readersif Journal of Commerce," published by our old Parish, from Shreveport and numerous other

they can make no allowances for the zeal Louisiana th but little
ciety. parts accounts are
I frscnd Bartlett at San Francisco,
the aits of the demagogue has secured Washington ,
7. Resolved, That the performance of this I These cut-throats have recently] made a I II of yet a I of those of their countrymen who would do California. We gatFer little which has more encouraging. The Tucaloosa Observerof

duty it required by the fundamental law of the I new demand: upon the patience of the I degree popularity which the demagoguecan something to deliver this beautiful Island from the 27th ult., aol other Alabama papers

Union. The equality of the peope! of the South ; they now modestly ask the immediate : I in vain strive to attain, or if he attains I! worse than: Egyptian bondage ? not already been published from other sources. give but a showing of the prospect in

several States composing the Union cannot I! emancipation of every slave." can only keep for a day--with such a eandi.I 1 I I The Legislature was still in session on tbe meagre

be disturbed without disturbing; the frame of I What is to bo done ? Must the South yield I Ii I date, while! it would be no reproach to h's
the American: inllit
violated in the denial of the citizens of(the I How much must be yielded! ? Will not the upon every imaginable be bent the and cool weather have made the crop more
body seems to on playing grabgame"
to triumph. |I ) consumption, the
production expenses
slave-holding States of to enter into the demand for 1 upon
power yielding] of an provoke a new Backward than was ever before observed since
As the involved of living arid of dying, upon their with a vengeance in regard to the
regards momentous
territories with the : rel
propeily lawfully Acquired ell ? Does this ? No q-iestionn
j an experience prove ; he first settlement of the The
in the States. The warfare I ion and upon their infidelity, upon their litiga. mines, having passed a law '* for the better country. very
against tli. ripht!: the S nith h:1 already conceded too much.- f in the issues now I/efoie the country,
: and their weather in the South is not calculated .
tion amusements."These cool
is a war upun the Constitution. The defenders The more she g'cs; the more she is asked to I t I is enough to say I that the! Democratic' candidate : upon regulation of ihe mines and the government recent
of this defend rfihc. ConMitjtion. alike that taxes are expended in supportingan to allay the general apprehension of a
right ate *, give, and honor and safety require Is in his principles, feelings and opinions, : army of 20,000 men to intimidate the in. foreign miners! mposing a tax of 820 per
\ihodenyorinipairitsexercise, she should! concede no more-not the millionth short
all that the most devoted lover of the South : labitants,to man the Spanish na. month on the foreign miner, and permiting crop.
unfaithful the constitution and if di ancSupport
are to un. part of a hair's breadth. Nor will she, unless .
ion follows the destruction. ofthc right; they are ::r she has already consented to become the could desire in one of the guardians of her vy which is amolt! entirely stationed here, to I the native to dig for nothing, and keep all he THE COTTOX CROP I.N MISSISSIPPI.-The
1- pay the s-ilaries of officials, and to support the J '
the disunionuts. basest and most degraded ot tributaries, lote rest a. gets. j Mississippian of the 7th iu t. saysSince
and I
s. Resolved, That the performance of its and elected the chains of her profligrate government in Spain. Several magnificent ofiers have been made
: to w a own Maj. Beard, elected to Congress wi .The Governor General is absoluie, and I publishing our last statement of the crops of

duties upon tie principle we declare., I s1"\ carry with him to the office, that business talent makes such laws and regulations as his caprice by citizens of lands for a Capitol, provided the Mississippi, we have received I letters from about .

would' enable Congress to remove the embarrassments But may she not compromise ?1" It is his avarice madictate.. From his decrees Legislature will locate it at the points offeredto
in which the is now involv- energy, industry, and experience in pubic or fifteen additional counties ,. We are
country maintained that she ought if thereby she can the have The be donated. One member of the .
td. The vacant territories of the United maintain her honor," it said, is all {life, which are so important to the faithful people no appeal. press Legislature sorry to say that we have never in our !lift
under far than
\hih i is dumb more rigid
States, no longer regarded as ptizes for sec.! of its duties. a censorship Gen. Vallejo, ofiers to give one bun. known We shall l
she can now hope for. e do not like, and discharge A North Carolinian by that of Vienna. Any petition signed by more a more gloomy prospect.

tional rapa.cityaud ambition, would be gradu. do not well understand, this kind of phraseol.ogy. biriliheserved! lra number ofyearsin the two than two is deemed seditious, and pun. dred and fifty-six acres of land, and 8360,000in not make 250,000 bales in the State-the

ally occupied by inhabitants drawn to them by We may lose all but our honor !"- branches of the shabl.e with persons money, for the faithful payment of which he number
State. be bales
their Legislature of his native imprisonment. ought to 270,000 at lest
interests and The institutions
feelings. In[ our humble opinion, when we consent to "Martial. law has prevailed there since proposes to give to the State ample security.The .
fitted them would be Declining there a Congressional canvass
naturally applied by-
whatever of what is andconstitutionally
lose anything clearly 1825 which offender be incline Views
by a suspected may Legislature, while they to accept Dissolving ,
governments formed on Amercan ideas andapproved our own we have already lost which was urged upon him, ho cams to Flori. .
hurried into the of the Moro to :
the deliberate choice of their dungeons or Gen. V's. proposal, have nevertheless passed With Lectures, by Mr. Ale*'
by con. our honor." Let us take care of our rights da twelve years since. In this State, to say the without a chance of defending Explanatory .

etituents. The community would be educatedand and our honor" will take care of itself. nothing of other positions! of he galows, or being succored by his friends. a bill, submitting the question to the people ander A. Young.-The juvenile portion of
disciplined in baliti under of self a republican administration and filled We have been, and are now, in favor of a has held for nearly four years the highly important "No trade can be followed, or goos!old of the State. our city should attend the Exhibition to be

__j government, compromise," provided it be a just and fair office of State without a license. given by Mr. Young on Friday evening next.
loran association as a State, and to the enjoy Register. The mannerIn Important
But compromise which asks the South The Creoles native Cubans are excluded Vot. Mr.
a or
ment of a place in the Confederacy. A com one. which he has discharged its duties is wit. It is interesting: amidst storm which is An hour or so can be passed proftably.
her constitutional rights and yield ; from the the
to give up rigorously army judiciary, week.
munity so formed and organized, might well to the demands of insolent and tyrannical pow.er nessed by his re-election in 18.1 by a majority the revenue service, from all influential or lucrative raging Washington, to have occasionally Y. will be in Quincy early the coming
claim admission to the Union and would
none would not only not be just and (air, but it approaching to'unanimity. positions. the benefit of a vote, as a means of fixing and
dispute the validity of the claim. CHASE CREOLE Puni
9. Resolved, That a recognition of this would be offering an outrageous indignity to I now remains for the party and the peopleto No one can have in his house any company I discovering the position of parties, long tossedto OF Tie BY TiE
-The Gaeta of
The South May :
it. cannot compromise"away amusement of sort, if he does not says
propose or any
principle would deprive the questions between say whether they will secure the services and fro upon a tempestuous sea. Such a vote
her rights ; and we have no hesitationin obtain and pay fir a ot $2,50. .Ah In five minutes nlore, had Key Wes
- Texas and the United States of their sectional saying that the Southern man who would of such a man in t the cause of the State and of Every inhabitant lc'euse compelled to pay for a .as just been given, on a motion of Mr. Stanton but been one more mile distant, the Creole.
and would leave them for
character without disturbance, from sectional adjustment prejudicesand propose it, is, in disposition, D traitor, and, at the South. The appeal is to them. We license to change his residence. which declared that it shall be no objection with all the robbers, would! have beeli'ours.-

considerations of i heart, a slave. make it boldly and confidently.Mr. I No citizen is allowed to walk the streets to the admission into the Union of any There was nothing imposing than the activilY

passions, upon magnan. south with the Northin .- after ten o'clock in the unless he carry of the Commander. Gen. Armero. H*
The may compromise evening State which shall hereafter be formed out of
imity and justice. _.___, __ .L _,_ .L __ U.rFn.: .
this she Yulee. with him lantern and obains! sioou 0 me uecu 01 l me ..
such successively steamer
some : may agreeto a [ .
of this
10. Resolved, That a recognition the territory lying south of the parallel of 36
would infuse of conciliation remain in the Union heuelf and allow : The Se1atine is unrelenting in its awaults leave of every watchman on his way,,under a urging the engineer to put on more steam.
a spirit
principle California to come in provided the boundariesofthe : penalty of 89 for each offence. 30, that the constitution of said State may au. At first she made thirteen miles theu"JJirtleen
- in the discussion and adjustment of all the sub. upon Senator Yulee; nordo we wonder thereat.
latter be properly contracted, and the "He is not at liberty to lodge any new per. thorise or establish African slavery there. and a half-then fourteen each hour.-
wculd afforda .
of sectional dispute, which This has in .
jrcts of and satisfactory deter. i North will throw herself back upon the Constitution gentleman two respects, doubt. son in his house for a single night, whether a What does the reader suppose to have been No one spoke-they scarcely breathed. The

guaranty nation. an early ,. and bind herself faithfully to carry less, offended, past mercy or forgiveness, the native or a foreigner, friend or relative, with. the result ? Doubtless that Mr. Stanton's proposition matches for the guns were lghted. Onward

ni dominant out its provisions. How the South can com.promise" paper which so much gloats in abusing and out giving information in advance to the au. onward," was the only so rl : broke
in the
Resolved, That event Then he is mis.
11. adopted. vastly
other with hone thorities." the silence of the which they
the on any principles, ridiculing him. He has done the Whig cause t ocean
shall refuse to recognize great
majority takenIt rejected by a majority of 11. shouts o'
was would resound with the
is above or below our com. hoped soon
constitutional right we assert, and slid! con. or, something much damage. He has been sleepless and A cotemporary remarks : their
prehension. Tho doctrine that the fanatics of the Garrason victory. They merit all praise from .
tinue to deny the obligations of the Federal unfailing in his devotion to'the interests of the
"Such is portion of the grievances of merit its for preserving
a school have contended for that country. They respect,
the Southern
maiutaiu them, it is tile sense We hope, therefore, Senator so long no
Government to South. Can any one suppose that the Sentinel which the Cubans: complain. We do not the neutrality cia strange land. It was '.I
dthis Contention that the Territories should! and Representatives in Congrets, will resist, other slave State should be received into the they
that can be resortedto will ever pardon sins like these ? If so, let think they greatly over.state them. Spain their power to punish \he pirates, but
be treated as property, and divided between by every possible does not recognize in the native Cuban Union, has at length been recognized and controlled their just They desert
scheme and him observe the of that towardsour any vengeance.
"compromise" course
of every
- the sections oI'tbe Union, so that the rights ( every what it paper political rights ; she does not allow to him, or established by the House of Representatives.It : credit for the forbearance."
both sections be adequately secured in their other scheme, come from quarter may, faithful Senator. 1.hes are matters in ;
# this that does not afford the clearest and fullest to his property, even such guaranties as are has been solemnly determined that t it shall There is a good deal characteristic Span;
shares. That we are aware which .
relation to
respective we are not careful to answer gi\en by the most despotic She has
but protection to tho constitutional rights of the powers. be an objection to the admission of a State in U is. Who beliefs but
course is open to grave objections, we are ni those whose business it is to detract from ever pursued a cruel and extortionate policy ish gascoudate

ready to acquiesce in he adoption of the line South ; and { any one of them to consent to his character. If be has sinned in his too towards this Island, which is without parallel into the Union that she tolerates slavery, tho' that the Pizarro would have battered tbe lit.
would be
less degradation-infamy
of 36 rg. 30 tnitu North; latitude, extending any thing in the history nations. Prostrate, bankrupt she should lie South of the Missouri line. tic Creole to atoms if she had been able to do ;
devotion In South those
to the Pacific Ocean, as an extreme conces. treason. groat we leave and degraded among the powers of Europe, This is a vote well worthy of considerationand ? .
considerations of what, is due to the whose interests aro involved to sentence so
lion has
pas Spain always contrived to her
upon A Lawyer on his death bed, willed all h. preserve remembrance. Does it leave any ground
of our institutioni. of condemnation or approvaUupon his acts. national existence the derived
upon revenue !
12. Ruol: &1., That it is the opinion of(his property to the. Lunatic Assylum! saying a from this ocean gem of inexhaustible rich. upon which even tho most sanguine can e\- The Ohio Free.Sai State Con\ertiol! pet aSheir'caudidate

Convention thi controversy should be ended, reason for so doing that he wished his prop.who Rev. John N. Maffit died in Mobile on the9h neu. In return, she has done nothing but peel justice to the South from. t the North ? If on the 2d, and nominated Darjfcl R. TIJ7!
to return to the liberal data people
recognition of the constitutional city affection oldie heart. taak it for the of b' cannot '. : for Governor. ;
ritber by a palrunircd him. : ult., with a l"r I penalty r grccdi. BO, we perceive. .
I rtrbt of the Southern people or by an r utl'l: .



i, \ j

,. "
,o oo ._ =-" -. -AagentIrrnen -., < .. .-_ ." 'Ji."I .
"i' -
: : :4..Cr.401. :
t V--n _-__-__ '_ '_ - --- --- --' : __ --- _: --"= :, :_\ = : .

200CR&SIC C01T7ZHTIOH.: tJIIl r valued son of the South : FrnnklinI. t in the ether Delegation arc gen. be created by an unorganized people, :: of tkc Viper.-The poison of SHIELDS & GOLDWIRE 4s t \

I[I. EJmorr! -ihe successor of Mr. Calhoun. orally Him md; inrrr.nuwl' end I-Orne. thi ever unanimous for change and >n ists.of a yellowish liquid nee re. HAVE just received a l large and general 111,1(11'' i.
Georgians; noble fellows (If I bare the The Creoles 'hare of Drugs, Medicines, Ohamicali. ,',
situated imtned?
Convention of the Democratic party J[)i"jih,h.'isicrnavcd: them in the moment ul our widespread "t n! I structure ( Painta Oils and Dye Btufia which they will Hit- : .
At Ifiture I \\il! fmnit! x-ntonal kkelcbe of retreat ami ,
jou ( operate in, as the patriots of the skin on either side of the cash .rt!
I on the mutt itaaonable term lor or ippro _
t of the StAt of Florida.; US'P:: 1 !t"i M t It..' Low.) J Jrr tt In, sum of lie leading members. But il is likely country, of Mexico, and South America, ) i is believed lo represent the par. credit. Persons wishinz genuine unadnllrrarrJ medicines .

Sjwsiir.ee: ; Springs, Columbia; County, on .Like the !9=tter diied i fo'ir.tain" thie will be my lust letter. R. Despite these great disadvantages of (the higher animals. If a viper will do well to call and 4inic. their .oclcb :.
When ne.cj the Io
i the 17th: day of JittiP, IS:id : oui v\us tCrtit -- --- -- !they are ready and willing (f.r the eflrThey bite something solid, so as (to avoid iefnre purchasing elsewhere.Qiincy. '
Monclsv) Wliich \ 'a'l ordered to be entered on the From the .V: Odto1 Delta. June 15. 1SV). 23_ tlJan ,
motion igfD. fl. :Mays. C.1. BEXJ only ask a little sympathy, lie following are the appearances t
Oa J Jcal1l"J journals of the Convention. What the Expedition has Proved. men', and aid, from a people whom they microscope : At first nothing is seen Dr. D. Jaynes' Famlly'Medlolnes,. .

I J i1N F. WHITXER, of Lon County was On motion of M. D. Papy, the thanks of the The clouds Falsehood and Inseless I tumors learned to rt'garo:1s invincible. TV> 1 of salts nimbby Uniting in the Ii. /"lOMPRtSfNG( hi* E, \ l.ll.air Tonic AlJ _

to the Chair, aadSAXCELti. ROGERS, I Convention were voted to its officers. which have gathered around the late; Eip di- here that if the people of ihe United a very short tim these: saline part \ terative Hair Dye CarmimtiToBalsam..T.me '0

J Fraukiin County requested to act as Secjetary. lion to Cuba, begin now to clear and disap. will help them, they can achieve their t ot out into chrystals of incredible! V c rmlfug*, UvPtll..and Aij"Pill,.f.' u1e- bj ""' ; .
also ordered that the of SHIELDS & -GOLD WIRE, -"
I was proceeding pear, and the real facts to bft comprehended pendence. sharpness. with something like tlJm QuineyFl :\
21 ,
moved that the roll o' counties 1 h? I Itr. this Convention be transcribed for publication and nppteciated. The principal and most The officers of the Expediton lo and there, from which .these chrjs- June 15IO. I

Mays in the Democratic Jownals. throughout! the valtinb e fuel now ascertained t beyond all were satisfied, beyond all expectations, to proceed, so that the whole! texture i j, D r. S. l.. o\vneiidf 5>ar :iparilla.Ur. ..- :; .
bf'ginnillg"it E can liia, and t that the I doubt is the f favorable inclination I Sand do- ,' '
called, > of the favorable
troops, : d5sposition, both of the Creoles >r represents a xpider's web, ll.oogh ,
Pel."atfi ia nttendance: fiom each County, State.The the readiness of the. Creoles to join the Expediiion of the troops., The Expedition will and more minute. Th'tp'. Dr. Wood's ti do." .. ,
I Convention thwj adjourned sine die. Dr. P.ut.'s _ _
present themselves, \\h.n the County they } the indifjl'rence and neutrality! of the prove eminently advantageous to the darts, will remain unaltered on the Dr. Comlfock"lI do. .

i is called! ia order that their names BENJ. F. WHITXER, President.S. foreigners and the positive opposition and triumph of the cause. months. Five or six grains f f Dr. CoiastocU'- Pain Ectractor.'I"

'orenent G. ROGERS hostility of the old! Spaniards alone. It was poison mixed wilh half an ounce For sale by SHIELDS & GOLD'.VJRE.Jnie : t _
I ,be rr'rocI1Iich! } was accotdingly done. t &crelarws.uj. Nashville Convention. 15. 19W 23 than Quiot''. Fu. .'
may J. 1 RUSSELL, said at first, and the erroneous stalerrent has bl!"od, received in a warm gl.rs! t,
Mr. Mays moved that a Committee com. I been reiterated after the refutation has l een WP hy before our readers 'the !. visible effects either in color r The Illustrated Domestic Bible, ,; ',

: ; from each I BEARD'S ACCEPTANCE. .that General received unanimously; adopted by .ihe '' .
of County published Lpez
po ed on* delegate rep. no ", nor do portions of this poisonrd V, INGRAM CUCBiN, M. A. This bean- ..
jrsented, be appointed for the purpose of nominating 1 encouragement at Cardenas-that the people Til*} nrldressvc have also received, but with acids or alkalies: exhibit: BY"H FAMILY BIBLE mil be published in .
MINERAL him in and that his was still under consideration, and would! Number at 2" cents each and will alro' ,"
ofiicers of the Convention. SPRINGS. E. F., opposed a body, men were' When placed on the tongue. twenty-five >
pfrmanent disheartened and their ably undergo some alteration, bf PJt ui; Monthly parts! at 50 cents. ,
June :
17. 1S5U. 5 discouraged iiy recep sharp and acrid, as if the tongue ".
1 Which motion? prevailed, and the following tion. This is untrue. Cardenas publication till it has received the final The distinguishing! lectures of thi Bible ar, '
con struck with "
BEARD something "calding or
1JOIX I. Seven hundred Wood Engravings.
gentlemen] wrre appointed, M'Z : Tallahassee. tains a population of MX or eight thousand lion of the Convention. The general but thU sensation goes off in two or 2. Mjny Ihnu'uncll\luglUill Hc lddlM. .

S. G. Roger, G. A. Croom. X. \S'. Walk souls. At their first landing, which was at of the Address ha already been set iorth ; There are only five cases on 3. Thrre finely exeuntd Slel Maps.
Dear Sir :-The duty i il a'signed to us to former letter of our correspondent.; 4. Numerous Improved r.t djngs. ,
two o'clock in the when it bite
R. B. Hilton, F.. E. Blackbutn, I D. 11. morning, was quite following the of the viper ; ,
m, inform you, that the Democratic COln'niol, dark, the troops, not knowing who they were, Convention has on the whole shown : been observed that the effects! are 5. A Corrected Chnin.-lopc.il Order.B. .
J. G. Smith W. Dell, S. Duning'.on! rle and the of its I' The Poetical Baoks in Metrical term- "
Mayi. spirit, bearing ,.
) assembled at this place! have chosen you by fired upon them and offered a stout resistance. when the poison hat been re 7. An F.xposition nf each Chapter. containing the

Gro.i Center, D. Province, M. I D. Papy, and unanimous acclamation, ns the candidate to The cat'se of this was easily understood.They .- less than the unanimity of its decisions, j jhave ; the extremities, particularly! on I the peonce.t'.t the best commentator*, with Diuch original .

J. B. Cole.TL took the members of the Expedition tolie t : gieal influence. Thn\second i( toes, at which parts the animal matter by the editor. .
be supported I by the Democratic party: at !she thi body will In a still m-ire. imposing ; 8. Rt-teclionsdut\\ the subject of tbi. Chj'. '
Commiitf; rrtirt'd. and nfier a short j jn1J'rtJCP pirate, and determined to sell their lives : ''] (as it were by An innate in. '
If'r.and giving,in a coivlrnsed torr.1,its 'flirb..t in
election for sentation of ths South and ha\'e:1 still ,
ensuing Representative lo Con. Iht:15 I
dearly. soon as they comprehended ) ukei its aim.-F. T. Buck.
rt'iut.cJ and mnde the port.
cress from the State of Florida.! 'I th"ir, real character they surrendered, and ileferrmirife significance. It will be call 9. Dates n.Tixcd In the Chapters for. eicl morning '

Report. \\eie from joining in the of review and! pronounce upon I the : and evening' reading, comprising the whole Bible .
The Convention are aware that you would! only prevented cry .-The :MiledgevP! Federa1: :
FOR PRESIDENT.B. ; and !r' the Congress.Charleston Mercury. in one rear. .'
Lopz Liberty by positive: com- .
i have greatly preferred that their the 1 tlh inst. says : "From eve : Then rJ\! t are never intrrdurpd fr>r lh"t1t
F. WHITNER, of Leon.JOHN chuiE nunJ of Gen. Lopez. C..pl. Horton, who Cotton We i is alw3! the Jllu "
hould have fallen other Iut tacturies in Alabama.- we hear that the Cotton crop >s to explain trxt rra.in; places, manners -
on some sen
; FOR ViCE PREf1D1TS. pot ; wall engaged in the Expedition, assures us shown last week some samples of and inferior. A late vi"itllf sever and customs of the ancient .
the unanimity: has prevailed is the soldiers the A IN umber! with recommendation from
great \lich that Spanish evinced strong specimen .
HROWAKD, of Duval. ginghams, checks and osnaburgs, in South-western Georgia BtTirm
A. G. JOHNSON, of Hamilton.: the best 1 evidence of the propriety)of ihe nou .. est enthusiasm in behalf of Gen. Lopez and plain, made at the factory at I nt'ss of these reports. Every plant. ome issue ol our will I lading begin divine-about i it the flora firt ready.t of July.The and regular a

ination, while it furnishes (he strongest reason the Expediton, and had his force been a largeone which, (or quality and durability, would heard peak of the subject, admit Number ''ill! be published nn the fit t and fifteenth _

j FOR SECHETAKIE5. for And we cannot they would have joined him in a fJodr.- pare with similar goods made in the : cotton was less advanced than at.. of each month, till the book i conipMe..

": S. G. ROGERS, of Franklin. your acceptance. It is the heliefoflhe officers of the Expedition turing towns at the North. The lime last The corn generally Agents are wanted to procure subscribers fr this ,.
doubt that' it is the mie harbinger nieces. I year. work and Ihe oppnMunity i is a most favorable! one
that is the innVnce of the and
SAMCKL: RCSSELL. of Alachua. .. L'u .,__ ___ _._u. _ .1 so -great name- I I goods were excellent and were we not o fair. In mo.t of the lower and Icr them to do well. ,
H C laKC we occasion 10 express me uignpcisonal hetoic bearing of Lopez over the, soldiers of clto the should have in this State the wheat! ibe .
Which Report:1&: adopted. contrary, we crop It will be r.t 'the mot beautiful, comprehensive '
regard arid esteem of the army, of which he was once the pride and ced them Eastern: goods. The factor or seriously injured by the rust : BiHles ever published and 90 cheap at to placeit
Col.! Whitner t>n taking the Chair made ornament, if brought into contact with large ''ihin| the reach <>( all. .Apply pot paid to
Your obedient ncrvantR Florence is doing a thrifty bnsines. c mnties it is said, it will yield ah :
Lii acknowledgements to the Convention for Spanish he would seduce the I S. IIUF.S ION.
; "
army gresterpart looms and
BEXJ. F. WHITXKR: i 46 turning 1600 spindles, 13T N%.,2U street, New Ycife.
tip! ( confidence implied in his election in np. I of them into the ranks of the liberating OOO() yards of cloth week. B. j, I Jane 15, 1SSO. 23 ,
I U.n. MAYS, arm '. The soldiers! engaged in the affiir at per I Jlarriogc.A1 r. n"piIJ' __ ____ _ I ,
prortriate terms-alluding in a finv {renpral re. } large amount of cloth, it manufactures () j county t !Ii s., aged 50, recen'h,
GEORGE ,\. CROOM, Cardenas. were few in number, but lh.y had dozen of thread week. The weekly Notice to Turpentine Makers, j r. ,
the of per Miss Mathews. about :3.
mark lo grounds neouragement on a aged I IblJsinels
; R. B. HILTOX.TALLAHASSEE greatly: the advantage over our men in he. sumption of cotton is about COUO( pounls: this alliance OR to any person who may wUb to enter into th* !
vhich the Democratic pari'iIJ enter upon tight, on account of their firing from windowsand so extraordinary A joun; man, with a family \bti )
750 'ales of
eragiug cotton per year. i are nfiicled with Rhen,; had several '
parties has in
years experience making Tutpen-
the msching canvass and the importance June 20, 1530. the tops of houses. The. only guide' by instance of the of facloiies: .
prosperity neither have walked a step in 25 tine, in the vicinity! of Wicaingtrn.rC.| and who-
(,unanimity and harmony. the action of the Gt'ntlrmen1 have received your letter of! which the men could discover their whereabouts region, a new one i is about being e.>t;, the brid-j is unable to dress or tin- 1 understand' the pro e". thoroughly. wishes to take
x' as the flash of their guns. Of the the the charge of a bmSncsa, the ensunj: Tali where _uf-
Convention. the 17th inst., informing me that I have been regular force. Jmwrvcr, thirty or t forty voluntanly on same stream, on opposite The reason assigned by Mr. j ficient nnmoer of hand* are employed to afford hima

On motion of J. S. Broome, a Committee nominated by the Suwannee Convention Gen. and which it is calculated ill consume 40 Mis'. M J., i i", that some I j HVral !.\ary.'! or an interest in the bosincs Frr t
as (
joined Lopez, beg-in: to tear
'. of cotton per week. The factory in he married a woman: that could further "otr'icJ'3n, addres W. H. K., Madison C. 1
<-f five; was appointed liy the Piesident, con the candidate to be supported by the Demo off the Spanish IJlirorm.lo assume the red is about increasing the looms. At this ago*he ran off \\ith a driver, and ]tl H Middle Florid*.

;;: "i-tin: of J. S Broome, E. E. Blackburn! M.! : crulic; patty, at the ensuing election, for Itt p. shirts cftlie Liberators," when the General it woiks only 40, which are chiefly a wife'that he WitS stage certain couldn't i June"IS., ISW. 23 3n J

D. Papy. L. Ryan. and W. M. Ivt-s, to ex. resentntive to Congress from the Stale ofFlorkIs. commanded them to desis Having made up in manufacturing the four qualities; of: !I Notice. :
his mind to re-embark and land: some other In few weeks the number of !
the : & present
amine the credentials of ;
:: Delegates peseni, point, (;cn. Lopez desired to avoid compromising I will be increased The cloths --- I ,A LL persons are b -rby iorpvrarr.rd against tra-' ,
and report the names of thosu entitled tot I contests and to 72. < MARRIED. j I[ .JL dine for a proK.i- iry note, dated about the i3ihJino.ury ,
Though averse political i these < and advised them to hold
m n, and
I this factory are in high rep-ite meet I j la-.t, for two hundred dollar. pable "n ih'flr.
iI" i'ttE.On diffident of my ability to fulfil the hopes of my themselves in readhess: to co-operate: with ready sale Tuncalwia (.11 a.) !' }, .n'i Thursday Mr.cvenini AUGUSTUS;.:20Jh: in FLURRY fsntbv :!j .! of January next to Nichols: Lio>d or bearer Sand

> motion of D. II. Mays, the iwial par. friends, the circumstances that attended my him, but to commit no overt act until they May 19.Hundred. t1LY Gilcr-risf.FILLY A W, all of GaJsden Co. 1:I -izned l-y D I>. Fi.h"r and note'\V. E. Ki,her, aj the "
consideration far which said was eiven has
were ordered.As ,
i i 1hmeutl.1'rult'1i. were adopted for the guv.trnmont nomination forbid toe to decline it. failed.: D. B. FISHER.
bv H P. P
I It the .\ t'"t'nitlh instant, <'v t'
to ( favorable! disposition of the Creoles
t of ihiv Con"t ntion. I I My trust however, not for the success of Mile Match.-The trotting S.:F. BUUNEY and Miss f SUSAN C., Jinel5IS. 23 .2t
JI I there is not the slightest doubt or conflictof against time of one hundred miles If Jjme? Kukse E1.. all of lhi city. j'
The Convention then t look a tecesg until 'the Democratic : only, but (.or the t.latt ment. Not Creole would Notice. : .
: single
party per a hours, in harness, for a purse of S 1,000, .-__. afl_% -
J': Cl4:1vtk P. M.1.t manence of the Federal Union, is based upon jyin in the resistance otT red to the Expedition. offycsterday at the Centreville cour ( --- ---- -- ---- \ LL creditor; legatees, and persons entitled toiJL -

the the remained in Regular Meeting. distribution in the estate of Lf.njsa I Newton.
During day Expedition
force of those minutes 9 o'clock the
t the truth and ptinciples which twenty past .RI-: will be a Rejnlsr Meeting cf Flo- late of Leon County, d.-crase! are hereby notifird
Caidenas the Cieoles their houses
3 O'CLOCK P. .V. the immortal Jefferson made ihe ground.work opened to made, the gentlemen who mad the rida Royal Arch Chapter, No. I. this I!j that their claims and drmant's:: '- : be barred at the
the ofiiceis nnJ men, and treated ihem with (Mr John Purdy) himself driving, and !!, ct the u-ual hour, at the M?!oic I expiration two jear frrm thU ht., uiless the
The Convention was called to order. of that party, and which were illustrated by the : and exhibi'ed! to the 11b'"Ctihrr and all
greater cordiality Iw"pilalit.The was accomplished in nine hours and mninions will: take notice, and jrovern !3l11" are ; persons
The Committee on credentials then made! I the lamented Calbo lI.I (fallowed f :n. Lopez about, and declared their nine'itnd-three rputT minutes; -or ten I a--cordinplv. Bv order tat.the t II. P. who have any:. .iemarni pgainsf th. sad: dec'ensed are

\ following Report. Accept, gentlemen, indiiiuuillv, the assu- readiness to join him when be gave the order.All minutes uilliin: the stipulated! r'"i JOHN B. TAYLOR, Zecrtlary. Ficreoy notitieilto t ; 'ent them without! dlav sad .
,. I [ quarter IS50. 23 / those indebted tc <>aide"tatp ar: ru.v ca.'Ud,; upcn to
The Commi't'e appointed: to examine I! t lance of my sincere Cbteem.JOHN. I I I t tl!.e Ct-ui.s; ; and! the t for-igners;' except: the I this i is the greatest performance, in the -- make moedidttf pa (;enl t, "

t credentials the : CD.t i Sjuniar i npresswl their! mpAtbv.," in the ting li.is, that has ever taken place ( *t WInbareh; will trive a LEC- PATRICK SMITH. /, m'r. ,
report following persons I BCARD.To Elp:diwn. They did not join it fur obvious! The < after merging I : at tho Capitol -cxt Friday Evening. June 15, 1630. 23 Sw
r tilled to teats in l'li' i; Convenlija, viz: : f' Bcnj. F. Whitner, 1). II. Mays, GeorgeA. I luasons. Gen. Lopez did not them todo country. i lIa r ,VUstory. &c..:UU'lIratt'd !Sv rich and I'
urge trenvndiMS ordeal, exhibited no S Patntingstrorn London in the eirHiniu! | .- Bacon. Pork, and Flour.
From Escambla County.-Dillon) Jordan: Croom and R. B. Hilton, Esquires.Ccriffpondcuce so at that time, as he did rot wish unnecessarily excessive fitigue. The diiver, of the illumination: The DinouP'iV .'- OACON HAM.SIDns. AND SUO'JLDERS.

Walker Andejson Aaron Hendiick, and C. h) compromise theru. They were most l.I the son of Mr. Purdy, win rode at S o'clock. For further particulars. I L) 10 barrels Me I Pork

; I). Kntpp, by Caraway Smith. Prosy.i' I It f the Cliailesion Mercury.XASIIVILLH I ly tradespeople, \\ ho bad all their properly in second! ') an'l third heats of his great half rice obtained 2'') .. St Louis Flour.
\\hich would be confiscated if 50 cent; Children ; : J, received Schooner. 1 R. Ptfeiaid! (ore
t From Franklin.-S. G.; Rogers. June 10, 1830. I the town, ; they Sir Henry, in 1 15:21 -.V. I Trilunc. :. I t per 6.
sale by J. :i4. WH.r.I.-\ IS-
) the Had I I it been .
It 11
2t I
Gr.NTLF.Mr/v I sent 1J I June, 1550. 51
''ram Gad Jin.-G. A. Croon, \V. E. : you ) esterJiy's: however, it would have been easy forth MAMMOTH SPECIMEN OF GOLD.The __

Kilcrease, and W. U. Mitchell. I :mail reported, an uncorrected by Gen. Gordon's cnpy of Committee the AdJreso and as I General; to have organized a large buttal- Orleans Delia of the 12th! inst.l says:! ; I Peas. Just Received. 1

."':, From L'orz.-fl l F. Whitner, ThoJ.. 0 ion of the friends of the Expedition: in Car. a numoer, 01 of PEAS for sale by POUNDS BACON SIDES.6OWlbs t
we inspected very 10 000
\\1 ordered by the Convention to be printed. I I mng I I"p".irn..ns [( S. S. KNIGHT. Shu'uders.1o4.o ,
Hodioii.( B. Byrd, R. U. Hilton, and ). H. herewith enclose denas. But this became unnecessary and of Gold, in the possession( of -
a tnore accurate copy. The H50. 24Notice. Ibs. plain Harris, .
: when the of the railroad.
mpolitic, occupation Williams who has just arrived from
Papy. llcsolu'ion: a copyot wlitcti 1 albc! Rent, were B. 5 ,fieicp- u ar.cured Ilfm"; : I A' ,
I taken this morning, and the lu iy a large Spanish army, compelled them, to brnia, and bears with him the rich :43: barrels Kt(:.. t.P
From l'ul1a.-X.?/ W. Walker. up preiiotNques.tiou :
being moved )by Gov. Chapman. of Alabama re-embaik: for another point of opTatio'is. .,f the treasures of that wonderful land. : aft..r date I shall apply to the Hon. 30 Whiskey :/
From ,Jcfirson.: -Caraway Smith, E. E\j\ The attack made upon the Expedition, as it even exceed the accounts JuJ;. of Prohateinand for the County 10 Me-t'rrk,
the main and the specimens
question was Res.olutions "
15 IVirr.e
1 put board ot the Cieole (fur le. ve to Ml the real e-tate! of Walter!
BUckburn, F. P. Miller: Jothna: Tty1or.< was going on was planned have heretofore received ; and! in gazing
I we-nllbrlllJ; h by a unanimous nIt. t'xe'Jt'd late of the Coui.M of Jefferson, de- 3 hhrK New Orleans Sugar',
; From .1Iad 3rJ.-IJ. II. Map, B. Waldo, I The Tennessee Delegation, to ths surprise and as the Havana: journils themselves their I tempting brilliancy many an ,' estate lyinc and bxing in Ihe County cf t-5 kees Nail".
say, by a bod) of Spaniards, (l iscayan citizen will make his mind to intercited will please take 3 barrels Old Bouibon Wbisltej".
I It G. Mays. John S. Broom and gratification of all, through their ou*' up : All pf'r-ollt
I organ.
\.) and a few soldiers from the neighboriiood. {'<'p.tcific. Oae nn-thp thetecf. Brnndy.Rum.Gin, Pt.rterand man> other article;*
i From Hamilton. -A. G. Johnson J. E. Gen. I'ill'oted to a man in tie! aiTmnative. wayto ELIAS! LASTINGER, Adm'r. v\hich will be sold