ttorut said
eel(iflidormniMlftin'iandrrtniiniitiiin'friiiii' Ajrnt* wlmtiaw anmiiatail wM. June a. J--l'1 4i Cl to Cull :*Iii! purchase. usile-.i-.r.h ssionaly! en atrc-d. Strict attention will state may be required to aive' new s-ecurity in lieu hy my wife b'itlcter, is ju-t and true, this 1 fib Pec.

oflJ'ulMs.trarchawf; MIU have imod t4. IVI OH meed'tLRt1IZimTL\C Tdllth.t-nec, M.tith I 17, :1''. II he find to all ]>role sional cull.-*. of petitioner, or in default! therer I that said Moore be ', 1M-* A. HODGES P.

We iick it unitrr,t n, I l'Ps. 1't rcmoted hum said administration, it appearing lo Lowndes County, 6 GOth Di.sf., G. M.

R, r. Tow nfiib' artH-M. Mid Old II,. Juroli I ii iiend'i K'fMparilU Silli iIotsy, ? E.m! E'or tt(', t the satisfaction of this Court that said: Luke M ure,
ire krarr rid afart, i;,4 "ij.ii'rlt dmitnifar Hint ;i D1I.LINCJIA\CEIiY. SIMON TOWI.F. MAHIAJ.O D. PAPV.TOVLE adniinistratcrafore-aid the
r* of
; estate ot Lrster Crook
tlry are unl.Ke in etei) (urticulu, t.siii .7 n.ini: : VC It 4 X C J ,
- iuOiiUHionAt, UI4flt ample Ours ] i-r-h!) Law ton.. JJT &. PAPY resides beyond the limits of the State of Florida, or A CAISD.

I $. I". TovoMMid li no 4 ciiir. hoit r ver wa v Is no I i appearing, : to nietivnffidaiit' that J wph LiwtMi, r 'i I I l land; known, asthe i "O\erstiec-t t Tract," 9. in i the Eastern Ciicuit of Florida, or conceals hiinseif DR. W. J. TARVIN- has located fnr the Frecesit
rj wiil the Thonias- .\\lloriirys nut! (Coiiiiscllcrsnt! Law
> (tin iu otlrff no snot of jm-rtir.ine or *lirf > common, nrniifir. iinirul<-.>ninKi man.* out ol. the Slate of 1 ioiida. atid in yule toad, adjoinint (iov. iiratichV plantation, contiunintr ( formed association tar the Practice him / j WiihlacotK-hee P.ivm'r
f ffnn.nr K. ntiir iin'.tirHiimtit i.mug all the)) vr\tnan1 r.mmiviiX lit a It i*i (hiimtl, 'Hut said d.-leinlatit appi-ar and anwer 7 r >00 a its. Will be sold low, and on I | : will jit tend the several Courts ol the Luke Moore, admini>tiat(.r as aforesaid, do appear I 1 Lowntles Connty, Ga., where he will practice in
rLdra u rd tn prrpsrlneit and li<"-li, HW inr ..tlle ,. < I tin-xaid. bill! within the litre cat iflitctorv terms to one wi*>hiiit; to purchase. For Middle ( in (Chronic diseases
Mliirb tiij-iu | ( rlnnrti pn'Bribed h) law ,' 'limit of Flonda, and I the District Court and atir.wers.iid petition within lour moot us 'rom I the principally. lIe has jut nc.it.tl
lioalttt.ISut rtuocr ttn-tu UM AG4NT:
vti.i, 'l>*tlii.uM trrjw.mied from OHP whiiknim> iiati tJirr Onhn-d, Tlut, a copv
Injruiujwr rai>ni* rijMTirnrr ttivrl; ; (>if f firmik uiHiriiie nnt or UweaK lti'eiiiiiri' a rsqn in SOUK- new -papei, pi inteil in I tie Stateot Fluridd Jut,. 13, 1'49. -' ll {?>- I ill-re! in lIt (Capitol.F thertof granted : I'nienftd, That a copy ol this or-I I head' white swelling, eld! ulcers, 94 re lec, .c.. female -

liirgj HUM iii..rh iii..funM| >fUr.t crif U It hid up cvn tlie'rnuB|a <"minion%%liu<$lcrrut Luau once a inutith lot iiir>e u.onihs. Liverpool Salt. lnii.iiv 17 I ;, 1 I' pi. 7 dei ht ptiblisii d once a wek for four months in di'eases, dropsy aid other ,..Id Clint Yule atfec-

if fture tiixliririr.
hiAuhl WEAK STOMACHS AJ>D rKFKrBI.ED: : SrSTKMS: Uev Wi t4. Murth 'i. A. D.) l llt.\ JudgeSt.Cir.Fa. I 1) F.CE1VKI) |u-r Sfliooiur, Lncj Jllake.ruO Sacks I W. GAITHER BURGESS & CO JAMCS i:." RROtME, under h.iscare, will be apt to be well satisfied with
,*uinrr if uir Mvll urinj the and iia-diCMl |>r.iH-rt| of (ilnnu. Ihf I.et( TMOK. F. KING, Std. for Cotn|>. LV Li\fi'oul| Silt 1 Fut >jlc by April 11,1M9.I 15 Judge of Probates.Notice. his treatment. TtU mineral water has made rear.y

imlims an tLiiut k tint* !tt4p irnu.itine of\.iri.ium1itea tlieif lienlitif>> whirli%lrilifi, A Line copy 1 fivui the niitnit<"i : JoHN UKNIIAM. liciTiviiir( ( !, Fonvnnliiiu fc Commission cureol DyspepsiaGravel, Rheumatism&c..atidl"e

(tie It h it u limn >"li-iii aii.: II-IH to 'mdut.t| ir mi-dim tu thr e diitie..ulreci( W. C. MALONEY, Clnk.AirilM. Xc-wpt.rf, rJlst Match 1 1''. \ hopes by his iu.si.taiice,1Eat I tl.ey will cure many

wuuniird tu orre.t tciiirt.. Ui'ni '!h.. iiTiloriutmtr.. t.i |M>iir bulni Intii 15 Iy) li. L. UICKK, D. C. \. U c..) more. Dr. Tarin will cure ntg'roes afflicted with
tiunianlty. : MOORE
t Admini.strator,
iiuulu ln-, ,n iht ftiiairirg! IMIIMIIII, Pickled Mullet. of Lester Crook,
rrtlore licnltb, and | to LUKE chronic diseaseby
hr for
UlmHii. and -ALeOLccrs ---- cot cl ai> inlere.st in them.
t.tf utii Itir neither of the
ken. and mtuikuo4 i and bfi- is out State uf Florida,
Imi hOI'liUT tobxiiirbililirniitt and f'OI MJ that the i siju III!. J MHirj'\VNSI\l) |' State of Florida.-PJiddle Circuit. ; a' IAI1RKI-S) : Nn- rKLKI: ) MULUrr, oftin I IJ iu Western Produce nor concealed, but any correspondence wished with HIM location IH runarkabU )healihv.,

In* mi.K.rttuul34ug ini m to brinf lzutuiel l Ladd.Coinp., "j"jc k I I lust catib, and i in fine
( iaiid riii TRnI I C'onccnlratedllhin *. f In Chancery in the Cir- For .die low by !MXAI :<; MT AO (OKMOXD.N ) ). Fib. j'i Pnydras Street, New Orlcjn i 111; to him at Jacksonville, l'j.| where he isat ;presjeiit

1i'iies AtI2Uh'ls Stet-le & 1lizncoil: t ('ouit fni U'akulln 'W |>oit, Nut mln) r y.5, I is I-. I J'j 3, IS 10. 5 r.ni en<;a ed in adjusting I the accounts id! I Ihe estate { Xatnrc'x own Krmpdjr for Bowrl (foinplalnts.

the rrei-h. and tn kiMinlcd.-v, fifalt v tuii nnd itth t bells, liis wifc.laif iii/i-: ; I County, (ill liill filed of Lt-iter Crook, ikceased, for a final se.tli( mt-nt of
IlirytiMl Irnrn mid Kn..w. l Iv j.\ til' *irn> < < lir-th Cult ( 'HO. W.: HUTCI1IXS rp I'llix Knot i is a specific
*i | in < iii iflgiuitu) ; IM'N.) j THE FLORIDIAN 6c JOURNAL the same. LUKE MOORE.in ninedy for L'lnoL -
nitiKct'iiilcnf I'o \ -i-tt Ht-al. IT I appearing to tlie fiali-l.trtion of I Ihe Court I that Juine3it, 16t9.I dy 1 lu.x, Diarrhtra, lsentery, &c. 'it is tLe

Sold wholesale :itid letHi'l hy I the dt1usslass1 ii ideiti j, isis Slat-t but nut i in the I IS PUIJUt1II1)! : EVKKV SATUUUAV. AUCTIONEER simplest, yet the most ceitain and safe remedy ever

THOMPSON. Cnruil iti w Im h the bill i< filed1 .j f 15ARRIILS discovered, a few hours will be .siitEcient li the
JsKILI.M! A: Ct)., : ieI1.is-tJ4.r dt- T.ILL.11I.1SSKE. FL.!. I PRIME PORK, cure
lOVf Nawau Niv rwdandwdeml. That uiilok I the Maid drlfiid.uii, ; .1 i: i K: M 8 : 1W 5 casks; baron Shoulders, most violent case. Il was firsf discovered and ued

Mreel, Voile.MVISA do ap.ir] lItre and answer 1 bt eiitluiilainau', '. hilt on TIIRRE l DoinMt per annum, if pad: in advance.TUHKK ItIFFR T oMc 5Ip' b'll. St. Louis and Western Flour, hy the Chuochee Indians for Rowel OmpIairN with

1/tndly : : A.MI2S: I In- (tiI'4 Monday in August next, I lie same \\ill betaken AND A IIAI.K, if paid within s-ix months.Fouu 'srs. H. Iloxn, J. \V. Anf.YLn, I 1). C. Wn>o.F. \, ft Sacks Rio Colli-e: eminent success, and by them the' tie ot this ery

Ajri-nis! 'I'alahasEeI'! I % (lor confessed, I the fiat ft theieol I decreed accordingly Uoi.LAK, it not paid ui.til. the t-td: of I 11eear.. I I II. I Fi..* !,T. J. I HOIISO.N and! J. T. Ancti imt. Li'iuotsof all kinds. Jut received and for sale byGF.O. valuable root was made know to the white This

April 21 IMI 10;- I Iv : J'roriifftl, That a e 'i'y ol I hie order bepublihlK March |lii, l 1" l'j.) 10 ( H. BESTWICK. plant flourishes m the valleys Western Georsi.t,

**] in Nome one Ut the newspapers printed int I i-:. Those turns will be rigidly adhered} to, and Tallahassee, June 12, I IS 19. and North Carolina. It is neatly put up, ready for
hixCii cuit k no p.i| Dlacksmithing. once a w f fur t wo innnl h* ucci$ i vely. tocure several cases,
paid, miles') at th<* option l ol I tin- |hold| |i-burt| Subxcrilieis at r>(> cents per
THOMAS( paper.
ml' .tantirfl, and IJALTZIILL. Judge. will I I I be I lecem-d for I three ATTORNEY AND! COUNSELLOR: AT LAW, Just Received
GOOD cheap l1cktuit1iinge iiionilin I ut t (isis For sale by W. Rrmson &, RrMher
Newport, May J2, l P1'). Madison C. IL,
: kinds done, at t Dollar I) l six month at 1 MJ.l piactice in tile Coiut in '
ijl Ciiciij each
U p near inv Stahlc, oc A tiuc copy : (UU). L. 1JHYANT Ck-ik. limy oidir lor t Ihe WILL nrr. SOUR. TALLAHASSEE:, aiar-eand fresh II.i.E i Sie.xas: >villeC.-.S.; Psi iest.mMonl.rello | -
cupied lubt >'ear hv Millei \ llrokavv. June -J, 184 J. 22 paper out of I lint county must he acc< mpatucd with I of I tinMi
January 2U, IStil._ 3 A. A. FJSIIF.R.! I Ihe. cah, unlit I lie onli comthro t

__. ?_. -- Middle Circuit ri' 'ibil) autlioii/.ed, a '"iiN in the Stale.A sold at 1 the very l Iuiwv.t t rates fir cash inlv.JEO. ).
---Leon County. January 2P, I S IS.
(; : I II. I5F.STWICK: ,

( WILL cnnliiiue husiuenn at Inn old ptind, isuci) u Slj 1' liurne' } I In Allaclnnciu., IIVUHTISI: : M i i ITSTS: : Corner of Monroe! and Jtlk-rsoii sir. dr.
liopc'Ktoiiit Va. SSuin, rtoin s tin ->u ls-10l.() ICE: ICE May i 12 S. S. KMRHTholcsilf ,
un Mjcli)
lcretufot*' ctt'titI..iI M> lihr-ral a patronage', ;jnoini s I I-iac. I llutld.I ) linixl) i in ijflGil I Oi'. iii' I twelve I lines I (for I tlie (irf-1, nnd (filly t, cents ft square reach flE"I1LAit( supply of this tiesirable ankle tvill \\ ; X; Retail Crorer & 1'roTision Dfalrr! ,

in<; ihal all lialt liavrpoo-l article'at JJIT piirts.Pure r I 'l 111'tlefetulatit I i: and all olheiH ink listed arc hcreJ MiW'quent i I'i-irlioii. A teasonahlc deduclion L lie kept at the Rail Road Depot) lit the course Great Bargains--Real Estate.
2 1b19. I ; by notified of I Ihe I institution of Ihe ol T.tLLtIV IS*KIT, KLOKID \.
I abut *uit, will he made (ill I.zal notices, estateuotice', year. next %t-'tk. Those wishing the article will sell
and required to appear and plead to I the declaration 1 1\ notices without alteration, by persons having plea-e procure their TicLcU at the Drug SItu t. of H. TWILL ol Tallchas.w my plantation, CPJ acres, one mile EEPS constanlly on hand,and oilers fur sale at a

Sulphate of Quinine. filed therein, within I the t tune prcKrrihed t hy )law.WALKJK regular accounts with the otlicI. liARNARI{ ), JR. Ice will be delutred at lisp Rail L one halt standing in hihiber, finely rich watmd, more I than '_ small advance orrci'st, frr cash h,, all the >.hanmh I-

C subscriber* have on h: tni i\\o liun tisc i
THH ounces of Sulphate of Quitiiup, whiHi tlicy May 21, 1c19. 21 Allfor Plir. uoi.i.uih-invari.ihly in advance. No alU-nlion r .1 iritfiutit Tic/uls-'.fr-oiii wishing I lie article for $1 ,5JO. Tttmv my-One t third Cash.lhe! in I Tallahassee ni, -Sugar Collees.! Tens, Raccn, Hams Pctk,

have obtained, diiocl from (lie maiiularturctij, and will! be paid to any oiderlorarinouncemenltuiiks firm
IIPV| will warrant it to lie a sop<-riur article.We Florida, Middle Circuit.IN accompanied with the ca. .h. livered af.the Depot, is 3 cents per Ib. Tickets los : ) JOhN 1st January, with Fruits, Irish Potatoes Onions, NatsRai.sins
lj vc rnlarjcJ lork of Urur and Modicinri All religious, marriage, and obituary notices S Ibs. will be igsu&-d. ; I I'. 1JuV.L. i"im, AhsnnnuI arid allot hot article usually
our ; CADSDHN( ; ) ) CIKCU1T COURT. pub Lei:. Air, May f, Its.10. Is
by recent anivals, nnd arepropaiod to exeruto Aiclubald Mcl'hatter ( li hed utaiuifously ; but rtlilorial iiotiM.sh.r i private A Miiail. .upply of Ice will hi- at F. Harnard's, found in similar establishments.

order* lor articles in our line-, at wholesale or retail, of Thomas; \Vilks, JuarTdian I benefit, will be charged as advuhit ueIAt. where a Ti I it Let (for r I Ib*. will g I I ii otis rcI I HH. Ice. Store next door above G. II. Meginniss*, on Monroe
on the most t arcoramodatin U-nnk. : Tho' e wanting Ice in large ({iiantity, for las I ics,, Tin Manufactory. street.

We have al oa few accounln yet Jnc to u fort lie John. Johnson.r* j J( Sum sworn lo $110. Jo II, Vt)2tK. &e., will please send I their onlei > I In Mr. Nash, at HAVING ersgart-4; additional workmen \ s jojo. 17 jyTebaccos.
J we are
I two
4 \car 1817- They are cem-rallv in small amount, ]"MIP.: i.efi'ndaut and] all othrrs intcivsled will lake \Vi- arc w.'ll prep'-rcd to ci'ule Job Work, such I led for Depot so ,(hat it or three be days before it will i I I bu cal lo lilt all orders in our I line in a I
hut may at hand! if
if the whole could be pud t-Tmrtlv, it would gn tmlp of I the corninenciineiil ol tliixkiiit, hy attachtnentf a-i bills, eard'm, blank*. amphlel. &c., with neat The principal Jiot) in possible. prompt and! satisfactory manner. All orders from .

far towards liquidating ccituin sum
LEWIS t AAIES. led I MI I his case It. I F.: (.IUSOX.I for persons having yearly accounts will DNirt. LAUD, by applying to Mr l liberal discount. given to merchants and dealers and for sale byjvrertjjirciiijcjjj1TjjjjjjD

Aprils'iS.. ll May I I'-1 t i > !'I 20 Ally of I'llli! (thu office, must be paid fur on delivery. Tallahassee, June 0, ISl'J. 23 Junc'J, ISiy. 23 T WHITE t CO. .

The Floridian & journal
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Title: The Floridian & journal
Alternate title: Floridian and journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: August 18, 1849
Publication Date: 1849-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1865?
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note: Supplements accompany some issues.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Preceded by: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. : 1831)
Preceded by: Southern journal (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Semi-weekly Floridian

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-s .
r /

.1je jtoribian & I 3ouruat. : ,.-T 1

_._ ___ = ..:. I'O;.._-. -.- ---. _.. ; .- -- .
= .' -- ,- __ _. ._
=. -. : -. ,-=- .-=-_ __ __h_ _= ===: = ____


'. -. .- -. _. ,
-- ::=: = -= ---- - '._ -- -. ..
: --- .
-- --- -- -
-- ---- '
-- -- .
-=. -- -- -- : --- -- -- ---=. .'-.- .
-------- -
FUNERAL ORATION !he seemed to )live but to benefit those .
who, needed his as;1 ahulcc.Ile .- eign i
visited; t the ) and) afllicled he people-to discuss all great questionbejTiro them with the same Long before the close of his administration he had finally settled by
the ,
DN THE t DEATH OF 1 MIES] K.] POLK]( !ic encouraged t despondent and care, earnestness, fairness and. decorum: that they s
I unhappy, and li.t and clothed such as were unprovided with l food in Senate of the )United: : are discussed even treaty, the boundary between the two nations, collected the claim, j.
all raiment .\ ] this was done in that silent tl States. Tha teiidt'ncy) of this practice, awl acquried, for his countrymen the immense territories of New
secret manner, co it be ,
JMifcrcd at the Capitol, ; the City of Tallahassee onTucsilay ni generally( in i3
our obviously to enlighten .Mexico
7 which proved that acted convictions of and PT81t country and Upper; California, with a the*tern front upon the Pacific
frl duty, I the
14, I H'. genuine public mind)- arouse a ire of knowledge, and to Ocean
August impulses of benevolence. gncrlh often degrees of latitu l+". Our admiration at the promptness *j
enable all
---- enjoy the inestimable right of elective franchise, toexercisee of this achievement i is elevated 'ler when it i is
He managed his private affairs of business with and] great to won remom- j- ( '
BY MEDICUS A. LONG, Esq. prudence : the same \vitl knowledge and discretion. Jer"lllhat on' ot'the incidental of it the
sl]< his moans a aocomplisnrncnt
; alllotwith"laldin long public services and
\l :; consequent Previous! to his nominition} in May, I 1811 I, fir the office of Presidentof
raising, equipping and of of thousand soldiers
frequent' absence from his estate and his business, I,; contrived to realizc t the Tniled' States: Mr. had marching an army fifty j j
fallow Ctihcn sulTicicnt} without Polk been nominated: in several State, into a 1 foreign; country-an mirror which has by its valor and skill
*- mean's living beyond his incom*, nut only to by thin to which he 4 X
the of the State the, supply a neat, simple, and elegant : party was atfach-,1. C>r the Vice Presidl'lcy.Il' .- won fir itself amid( tilt country the mead) of universal] praise. ,
We have: met, at Capitol at icqucst t of the support, but something to bestowupon friends expected him, to fill the! Presidential-chair butconsidering This
of our City, over the were, of objects of public and private benevolence. While lie regardedthe his ; lhim'tcr mighty acquisition to our empire can scarcely now bo accu- vtrately
Crpomteutlrtips HH'S did
i i they lint
age not at liar
: : hope so soon f to Lc"grte climated. It is
JAm J KXOK President of the United' Stales, to testily( ourgrief mere accumulation of wealth as grovelling, and utterly unworthy ified in that respect.It probably destined to sustain a dense population '

for 'his, death, and our respect for his nn'niory.O of being regarded as : rational: motive to exertions yet "e was must be re illec as honorable to Mr. Polk! to have been nominated diamond, and) for ,all tim and)to all come, I to supply! the world with gold, silver, t't'!

it grief for the death of the deceased] is aoltr.l as our respect fully aware ufthe real value n1'Inuurc, which he used with judiciousliberality II a contention of the g 'nr; manner of preciotis stones. Its mineral .,' \
Ht ly to which he was attached, with. wealth i \1.
p is doubtless! but r knoxrn
for) his l memory is leasonatite. and its public expression is }iliol:1.. alc avoiding: the extremes of meanness and of extravagance. out ) the sam and without partially as yet, but what is known far ;
expecting the slightest; ag 'nc on his part. exceeds recorded in the of mankind.But .
tion of no l\oWI rule of Hut < t the contrary, we but presents one of the very few instances of a public man It is plain that le was selected became ) anything history '
hi. : known
')low, in this respect, tLc Jrlllr'IJ.' of mankind, in .1 enlighteneda Im ing dit.t unembarrassed, with a competent estate for; the comfortable accord with a majority of the party with whom opinions he hid wc'r long acted-to our there is It a is still destined higher value to this} magnificent acquisition to 'tt"
territory. at distant to become the
no day at
of his ) once
and laden support family. Had his example! in this respect been a conservative majority |
as of the mlion as of his party-lor [Ir. and channel of
11 e grime, because, a fellow.being lal 1 been ,suddenly cut finn more generally' )imitutid by our deceased public men, we should, less P olk bad: never in his u wcl !, favored, the views and opin-: one cause of the best harbors a mighty for commerce with India. It contain j fill

thesvmpathiesoflile+ ," while Uu"e mpathict\ were giecn and frequently IJn 11(11 pained by seeing (their wives and children cast 'ions .fcuher extreme even politicalll. own it of road f shipping in the world, and when a rail- .. 'I I, ?.
was a
party. shall
isbing ; loin from family) and friends in the midst t of \:11 and clus.. helpless upon the meagre charity: of the world. !his} character to avoid extremes because he \111 part connect the Pacific Ocean with the Mississippi; ;, as must, 'tt'* :'i:
: was a statesman i in till
practical and
tering affections of the heart t ; called sway li'ml life, with all its err.jovmentsnnd )But the most t prominent per:onal: characteristic of Mr. Polk was regarding: extremes as Jan and ab tractions alIt :; reason nature of things, soon be the case, our country |11 j;
eious mere > as must ,be enriched, alll
I pleasing hopes ; withdrawn fi'ol t the xiexv of this bright his industry-his habit and love of labor. I In this, his, great energy together worthless. : beyond former precedent. (It will }bo enriched |)|

arid beautiful world, and consigned IG the (l "I\t'fsuflll 1011,. and perseverance consisted, and to this may his, success anllll\'a. is at once impossible: and) this occasion dwell not onlhy its own augmented" co'nnvrce, but by having opened )
improper, on to atmach through: its broad.
Wcics-pectthc memoiy of the deceased, because he was a learned tion in life l! b e mainly ascribed He, literally, wasted no tmc. length upon the nnriy remarkable: events of Jlri Polk's admin boundless! xvealth of extent both a great highway of nations over which the s') j f,!

wise and good) public, servant ; who in addition to the proper dis temperance was such that he ate, drank, and slept less Ihal: ordinary i islralion of the Federal] ] ( tnt crnnu'nt. This must be left to : the and Europe" amiIa trill, ebb! and flow, with '
charge of all his duties as a man and as a ctiZlI, devote! his whole 'men" ; henrc his good health ali wonderful powers of cirhning history-when all pasiouand shall have and copiousness regularity of oM ocean's tides" and constantly) I,
prejudice subsided men leave our soil} the richest and mutt abundant
upon It
manhood, more tlJ1 the quarter of a century to til' earnest l. constant, IJdil. and Iwlt:1 fatigue.; On morn thin one occasion, in canvass. become capable orMisCerning the truth exists. deposit. will turn
as really our "outrint. the centre of the civilized and
laborious!, and successful service ,)1 his, country, and) of mankind.: Tt'IIIel, he has ridden daily thirty or forty 1 miles, But? there are a few stig! estiotis:which occur i to every mind, upon this xvhich, centre )must radiate the balance commercial of mankind world the,from \>{

And' we give public expression to our natural s(row, because ithasa and sustained a debate( between himself:ull opponent of at least" six subject 1, as illustrating the character of dl lr. Polk, in which it may spirit and light of free upon and rational very j
just institutions.
"tendency toiemind us that "it is as natural to die as to be hours-:and t this i for two or three months together in midsummer. I not be! improper to .intiI e. We have already] seen that his mo-i whole family of nations will thus be into close The j I"'
born ; that human life is i short and uncertain ; I that xvhat t we desire have l\owIIim, deliver an elaborate argument, evincing much, research striking (;haractPIflc was his habit: love and ability to labor. The The ) millions of other lands brought nclo'ghb orhorxl. 1'1

to do on earth should be "dolt quickly," as xve. are rapidly ap. and patient thought, in a chancery cause, in the fr+'noon, a nest most striking t feature of his character, as his private how oppressed have l may lilt up; their eyes and see ,
here learned
proachirig the night of death, when no mal can labor." Ando )Jou clear, and impressive political address in the ,evening andviite and public! life, is.but a )fruit or consequence iutrtelly( t : it i3Tcicncy i fate the men The i idolatrous to govern themselves and 'begin to imi- ", I '
arc thus ailmonihhed of the importance ofpl'parn for death. by a \ out the same for puJcatilllHlilre! he retired to rest. I knowof (/ or the ability,coninianTmg= success in his atoll and pnr. neighboring i is 11' and myriads of Japan China, and its t i
; be
faithful, and modest of all the I, iclativc no olio of the him in this, In dependencies, may enabled here to learn j
energuic, thoughtful discharge t present age equal to respect, except, poses. estimating the! value of this trait of character, it be the of the Gal I
may Inn and the
duties o1'IEic..lutI perhaps. Lord IJroiigliam of Kngland], may bn su cOhid"fd.: !lie conceded,l tint there is some merit in ;go
we publicly express our respect (for the mcTJiory of the dead] wrote with ,much ease, accuracy and t J'C-)1 accomplishment! of no till 1 labors! : hut they can scarcely. be said. to lay any very solid claim } flourishes, a taught in its by native religion of Christ-a system which here j

because xve arc I thus 'led f to COlhtlllat and well consider what mc'al order and by no means universal amonu our public! : rwl.Ir. to t public gratitude, hec.iu of t no use benefit to the public. In the and } =impliciIJand !purity being untrammelled j ,t
really constitutes such ccJJl and therefore( I1 was not of business of and, but forcible uucnrrnpted by legal sanctions and! penalties. (In a word, this
( tl fefe command Polk only a man! labor: / great powers qtuint (language oft past nge,, "good thoughts (though great addition: to
our respect, and because it is a relief to generous minds] to ne.lluwl.tge of endurance, hut he was a clos student+ all his! ,life. Uy method t.;.(1 I debts of gratitude which it be l and in all his : he enabled,; be ; causes, now in operation, which are
may impossible to icpay. IJttn complicated: pursuits was to except they put in act. Perhaps, wlien: the matter is rightly con. destined to,tis'ior in the glorious of '
my duty, as jour humble organ, bi icily to attempt to oltray read and carefully{, study] moM 1, if not all, the leading publications of s.idcicd, it will appear that usefulness is the real merit, of great en intellectual and { light a universal moral" religious,

the, virtues of the deceased: fr the IJelctit of the Jiving," in the the day, upon; philosophy! law politics. history/ science, ;all litera- dowments: or acquirements: -and] that it is only an evidence: of weakness turned into the political hook millt'lIniallay-whC'n) and the spear shall be" '>
pruning natit-ns
language of the resolution I)which xve are called together on this tine generally, in addili'll to his tamiliaiity: with the standard; a'ithors ana: servility to applaud and, admire men, of the loftiest genius -when the two { of shall! learn war no more,

fci/Jcniu occasion. ( of past t ages. (It t ii i thus evident that he was a nun of much who+ cither wrap their talent in a napkin and bury it in the ground, themselves great and t piinciples our government, that men shall a

The character and fame of public IH'J arc public properly, so to 1 learning< and extensive infjirnation.: In his, love of letters, habits of or excil it flit. low and} selfish{ t'IIJS.r e arc not without examples govern shall become worship God according to ItV dictates of conscience )

speak ; and, as such, should! be accurately understood and carfJlyl'lestfcd. study, variety of inioimition, !style of writing, :ali strict incflnri 1 1t in in our own country of great men-tnen, of uncommon powers of man. If all or (of a these common! inheritance of the xvhole fimilv of

' The, histoivof. eminent public mel is mote emphatically all his pursuits, lie strongly resembled, that distinguished scholar, the thought; and expression-who have performed little or nothing in their there are so any solid glorious consequences shall ensue, as
many reasons to hope, all mankind in all
1 "philosophy teaching by example," than any other species of bistory. late John Quilc.Ial". u'hnclives! ,except thatwini,2crcdloselti:6aulb'ttinnclnrl serautlin-1 time, xvill have just cause of thanks and future '

example: of a "well spent life," though in its humblest :Ir. Polk :trJJjrrrl\lw"'d c for its uses, and] not Horn that too dulgence. Such men are but two often spoken l of( as living before their idence, who was so largely! instrumental gratitude in producing to him them.under Prove I'

walks, is alvvajs a highly interesting! subject of contemplation. It is common e'siril, to appear, learned. Learning (to be tim-too great rite the age in which they live, and such like vain .

an inducement to viitue, to be. able to reelect that our 1 fellow.beingsxv useful, mart t be exercised appropriately! wh'Mi it becomes an important expicssions intended+l to cover the la-sting evils \vhichthcir pcrnicou-j 1
ill remember, applaud, and imitate our good actions after we shall element of wisdom. lie regarded: education in rllil and the examples, may have: inflicted on the public. Waknlla Timrs. .1ugust 15. '

have "gone to our long home." Hence i becomes a duty of wis. acquisition of knowledge through life, as a means being; useful!, lint l the moral example of :Ir. Pull i is altogether worthy] ofunh-cr. We arc very to sorry to think from the tone of Secretary Craw.

dear to miss no piopor, opportunity of holding up to the public rye and valuable only to that extent.: A fivoiite: reurirk of his t to+ law sal imitation-lair: pure and ]Joiy."or! have hi? labors been vainly! ford's] reply to the }letter of Senator Ynlce, (which will be found in

thl'il.tu.., and merits of the dead), as incentives to xirluo' and mejit sf.idents: ii: his ofllce-and M>\'rrl eminent lawyers of Tennessee directed to impractical abstractions and) thus spent themselves }in i idle our columns of to-day,) that the same sort of sneering, unbelieving

in the living. The lmc.f approbation is wisely ;lplaUhc); ;in human acquired their prflI i"1 there-was )that, men WtHe entitled lo lime(: ) wordIt is remarkable that nearly every leading measure of national urlllr-mace to the siuT-rings{ of the people of Florida seems now toprevail j

: nature, and the hope of being spoken I fair. and favorably and reputation! proportion to I tlwi usefulness to iiV public and not } policy! which has at any tim: been :advocated, by Mr. Polk! has in that Department, tint did at the beginning of the last tear ;

remembered" tllrtfl'l is doubtless as natural as lhat long- in proportion, : to their talents; :UIJ :1&"IIil'/I'I' iperely. He inculcated been carried out. and adopted" by) the nation.' Look back to the year and much do we fear it will have: the same result.

ire f for;+ immortality" ancient Pagans to conclude hat the perfect reliance Updllll ullinrifc: jtiNtice of the people i in perceiving !19':.">, when he first entered Congress, and call to mind the various Had :he advice of den. Clinch been taken then, which vas to

human soul would exist i J foiever.Mr. and rewarding; tho e who made: themselves! useful, and denied important questions xvhich! have agitated the public: mind from that (throw an imposing force at once into the coti'itry, there would have

.Famt'i il t h.,II'r that t III dt'ar flirit dot), raise thai any man was entitled to public respect and !atitut-th; substance day to this and! are how: I few are the instances, if any exist: whateer \'- been no war at all. Millions would have been saved; to the Jovern- '

(That t ttt; illi"lil' t l'oubt41114t ,) of true firm*-upon any other ground. This ;,'.tatlluth, so ram! which the people have failed:; to establish{ the measures which ment, to say nothing of lives, nor of the retarding of the settlement \c.
To Il'ornddihtt end Iilab..,iou,Jn "," obvious and of 1 this Slate for years, which )has been the result of not taking that
much overlooked! this clear
yet so ought; ever to be borne in mind headed, honcat} hearted pltrirthasadl] ocatedald sustained.

Polk xvas 101 ;in Xrtl Carnlim} where he received his education by the, aspiring youth of our country. It is strongly l beautifully il.llhtnlted All the practical que-j'ions! which were open at the inauguration of.Mr. advice.'

in which am a\Jt of any point of ,peculiarity. His I by the life and career of :l Jr. Polk.?! Uy its constant uJJS\'". Polk, were settled! -pernnnonlly settled, we have reason to be "Tho( remnant of a tribe less than 400 in number," and "the ;s!

education good however, which necessarily implies the tosses. \alcIIC has risen, step II step, to the'er ): He !icrc-acconJill to his recommendations and) wishes! before his brief four Indians who were distant from their tribe," ,sound very much $

Finn ',f a well Jalanct'l intc'J.c and clst application; to study.Having was useful as a citizen, as )lawyer, as a mlmlJr illacoflune.tato term expired. Can this be so truly said of any other of our President like the song which used to be sung by certain parties during the >

c'Oi"rt.t to Tf.t1 "le ('Il'\f xears of age, he returned gNluture i as a member of Congress, and, useful, pre-eminently use.J.. -; ? last war who dill not like! logo on a scout: and therefore would not ,

in' the University of North Carolina, after a preparatory+ course in ful, as Chief Magistrate:+! of the nation, not to only to the people of Let us for a moment refer to11l1. of the great questions which believe there wore any Indians to be seen in the country. It was

Murfroesborougb, 'J\'ln"s'p, at : respectable classical school. the uited States+ + but to mankind, at large--not only to the present were settled during his administration, as proof of his wisdom, energy only the sun: fool frightened at his own shadow. Any one who was

He studied Jaw! in NasSvilk.'l'emirsee! with Felx Cirnndy; an generation, but to 1 future ages. And yet he was thus eminently use and 1 efficiency-al once )ihe means and elements of!his Usefulness on frontier daring the war will know who these xvere. .

attorney, of great genius and high powers of eloquence} seldom! surpassed ful l and renowned, without the aid of superlative genius -his just title to true fame.He Now, this way of sneering at an enemy-of belittling him-

in any aje. or country ', who at the time, and for tmny years circumstances ; biitbecau.se} with hones) purpose, z or1Hluitou'hope, aw) proposed (to complete! the annexation of Texas-thai great southern never did any good.r e have just as good grounds for asserting ,

alter, was distinguished as a criminal advocate, a.UI who subsequent- untiring industry, he labored to I b, useful to his fellow{ being Thi, measure, so auspiciously commenced by his prccces5or-and! it that at this time there are WAKRIOIIS[ [ (: in )the Nation, as the ,

Iv feived for many years in the Senate of the United and also "bright example! may well be held, up to Americanouth with this wa. completed within the fraction ot'ayear fiomnthe time of his in.inguralion. j Honorable Secretary" has fir his remnant of a tribe less than 400

tiir some years filled the office of ,Attorney (;leneraJ. simple, 'this solemn injunction, (:In and do lilw\is,'." : I believe that no southern} imn at this day pretends to j in number, which he throws in Mr. Yu'eeV face. *
In 1'J iJ< .Mr. Practice of the Law in Colum] 11 Poll! But this matters not, let them be 100 or 10,000. Neither does it '
PUliCfllcJedte ; r. was f'h'ctdtl Legislature of Tennessee in I 123: doubt the wisdom of! this mcM-aire, by which all the good cotton row.

bia. :Jury county, TtIJ"j",rc, where he continued to reside until where he served. two } eai". During) rhis, time hs was, for his age, ins toil on the continent: not pre.iousleml'raeed within our limits, matter the calC of the present outbreak. Let the fault be with
the his, Piesidenlial' ;amen, he located at Nashville the in white man or Indian, the government is to blame. The Indian
cOSl' ,11'1 prominent bringijijj forward and electing leneral; Andrew Jack'on was added to the Union. -by which our mighty confederacy is augrnoijted -

capital the Slate, having: purchased the beautiful l grounds and state. lathe Senatu of(tie (United States. Daring) ;; his services in the Le.jislature [ I by the addition,) of a country capible: of maintaining. fifty millions should not have been there. The government owes the peaceable,

1 ly mansion of his beloved and di'c. aslttJc' alllCI'Jtor. Judge J (hun.flr. as rrplJtct by those who scred with Iill, he was distinjruished of population. industrious citizen pro'cctinn ; it is the price due him for his allegiance }

From this pleasant uf lt for ; and it it Ins: suffered a population to remain on our borders .
spot IIH'Ip'r intensity Cf hi labor. His I in ,
whiel facility Ho to settle the ] ,
proposed( with
standing (Treat
many' pleasing! association, while engaged in the relaxing and phi 'his quickness' perception, and his, kind" and ) cUflusilio/ Britain nng- controversy violation! of treaty stipulations which experience shows will visit
the division of the
losophic, employments of decorating: his gardens+ *va Iks, fruits and caused: him, in addition to his own duties' to draft :naturt bills touching and vast Oregon territory betxxvnthe (their'cu"eance, on the innocent as well as on the guilty who trill
nations the United
two to States in
proper of
and arranging his and toad marry put possession the portion without a moment's xvarning, rush upon and murder, in cold blood
1o\'rl large wc.J library, he was, on resolutions' and! reports which were II other This I which it entitled. ;
loth of June last uti'n.d ) mCllw.s. to was This great northern measure was ac hcomplishcd women and children, because, forsooth have -
tll day in the of his age, called !labor made him familiar thus they been ag. '
tf.tJIrtl 'ca having :
I, llters passing through' with a promptness equalled only! I by that exhibited in the infilled: ,l
death grieved white
by to cease his labors' and tI at & t h his hands; as or by vim person, we say it it to I
l'laIJ1.tllim occasion required, to mingle; to advantage admission Texas.! : I am not aware that this there
As a lawyer, I 111\'e heard (those who were with i in all day are any blame and it )nets) rrmnre them iioir-promptly, and at any cost.
say tufdatl.J I cc'at'R, by explanation and argument. 1 lie( : objections I to the! tri dram of this which is added!
\U. cll'lin'lj'lun'f' ? ,
)lr.I'lk from; !his fist the Car I ; that lee gave: earlyprouu to fur and il-tralion! where the great measure by to We may have said too rntieh--we may be mistaken in our interpretation ,
"l'I'/ntf\ explanation ; subject Union latitude of the boat .
n-quired our glorious
seven degrees grazing country of the 1lIc'r-Jmt "
of Secretary's the burnt child .
"e great legal ( is mind was stored with eitherand dreads the
'r nffct. I wel became: a saying: with tinny members, difficulty perhaps, the xvhole! earth, of abundantanirinl ,
capable producing
WH'I upon : : lil'l!. We have: suffered; too deeply from, these
elementary knowledge auddeeply ; with; I hc ; ) to write
mlul.,1 great piinciplesof was suggested, Ask I Mr. P dk he knows savages
ihlll Per food; 11 f:
Ja wand Iris uvciy ;; 'r the inhabitants of all the i-.lcathat spot the face of the coolly!! about them.
!government. style of flwaldtrU8 clear and u haps no man ul'the and within the,
rfYI. age Mine: length of t Pacific ( )loran
than li/i great We trust t the gallant chic: now at the head of aflairs: well *
IPlttiIatJ'r : J passionate or declamatory. He knowing ,
leguieled over acquired more 'for and
good sound
I 'llutatill sense IJ ilessjlalitis lie proposed] to change the rate of imposts the of t these dastardly;: devils as In does, will them
ts' a' a great science, harmonious in all its i watts; ; as a ( than d.d; Mr.{ 1 these two : tip >u importation soon give their due by

system of political and social philosophy,collected with; Jcartiiiig. ;Uir1f' J n 1 JP'J. r. Polk P.1i elected during years. foreign mPfIhan liar, so that in no instance should) ) one; part of the people sending sorno: gnu like Hartley, to pay them; visit, and save us from
was to
cure from I the wisdom b.-jsed the rock of truth and /ul :1 CUlrn'si U'cr respectable op. be taxed fir the benefit of another ; but that the taxing hand of the cruel horrors ofpwlractl'uludiall; xvar.Ki r
ages upon justice position, so strongly l were the people ) impressed, with! ,
Ji tic hoJlrllike the dews of )Heaven fall)
illuminated by the principles (jf equity and mercy, and calculated his rising IIu government equally upon i
to promote harmony and promise a & attlau. remilc,1: in that body for This! .subject hail lug many years been one of angry discus-Mon: sec ] 'ILK For: a IlrsuiM).-Such! is the ]heading affixed to a
peace among mn, by ,)protecting: I then}] I I consecutive jearsand during] that ; Iaragraph
long period
in the free enjoyment of"Jife, liberty and I he pursuit of l happiness." !i his seat was l\'fr Iionalauinnsit'and} imminent: danger to the Onion-danger of strife, in the Fomcnto, ofUarcelona. It s 'Sschcme bal i
li'nJ. except on one fcca.ill, w hen ho was indisposed.! bloodshed and all the horrors of civil Those in been projected by but talented
_" How : xvar. engaged man.uf.1C'turin' a poor young man here, anxious to
< liai iiiin is Divine Plilusupliy, ". At the first t he ale
It il not liai, )ii and uaHicd, asJullfooUut .$uilpse' ( and f1'SiOI from which i: :;trl speeches: which am still remembered )had, I by adroitly attaching their cause: to the skirts of one form matrimonial alliance with a lady, likewise without firtune, *

snectand furiiionious Apollo'ti Jute" : quotations!: are frequently made+ at ,this, of the, great political: parties ofthe nation, succeeded in procuring the which has lir its aim till assurance of competence to the contracting jt!|
day. His second}
he speech! was in opposition 'to the celebrated P.manr.i of such )laws as ,'f 'ChlIy: prohibited the of several parties. For this the xvou'd-be ;
Although en,iged in political life before he had fully attained i Mission, the President passage importation purpose bridegroom proposes lo I
the first rank in hi* profession-havingenteiedthe' Mat I egislatuiewithin ;and proposed of tlc,by Kveculive Jr. Adams, and ag'iinstthuright : articles xvhich! they'wcremwufacUtrumganlscllnrtotherrcoun: ; 1 make a rafilt of hir-selfand, with this view has issued. 5,000 tickets, **
three years from his coming to the : l by; no power under our Constitution, to originate i. trym-n. All foreign competition in such tides was thus cut oil"by at one dollar, each. The female who shall draw the prize, no matter '
foreign :
abandoned the Jaw. He was considered nal'i.lj a of the Ill'alS; i in r siol< positions wlel he assumed in this greatargument law to the! great temporary profit of the American manufacturer of what her position ,may be, will be entitled to full information re. t'

'the town of' his residence during his whole flf1'r career in Hal Congress c.d the, prl\'aif'cl in Congress, and Ila\1('\1'1 since been regard the 'prollihit,1 articles. This was deemed.l a dangerous: principle, for s pectin' the f physical and moral quality of the gentleman, who, on '
IlrliUt as Irngprinriplcsol'our government. in this lespert. At the if l few articles might be number his side will also be afforded the
and ut t every return: a constitutionally prohibited, any same advantages. If both +
l"u'a"llil tll was: engaged in causes same: session he agree
( t various: magnitude. \n man more car''Odly studied I his, clienl's so as to give ,the, prlsd:1' President all'IIII1nt oflhe Federal the Constitution! might and thin the manuficturing interest might bo erected I ata71lin" to conclude ,the projected alliance! they will possess a capital of 5,.

case, let it 'be great or small. It[ was a of (he l11 l that be. directly to people. Helea&oned monopoly( slate of things whorl' inconsistent with the 000 dollars to support the charges incident on matrimony ; hot should "

Mr. Polk 'seemed always exactly equal rl'rar -never s'ioltllat which in?: system must d'll'eiil a republican governmerit genius} of our government, a government designed to insure equal either object, the .money is to be divided equally between them, each

1112 to the all-elation of declining small causes, 'because: be, stoop., to' that:, ,office:any, in contingency who+" favor: allowed there had the le\ttiol of a citizen rinds to all. This law was I felt! to be so unjust towards those against being thus furnished, with a dowry to enable them to make a choice, -

rl.ldil engaged ;in the most of coullle high c not been cast even a: whose interests operated, as to lead to great dissatisfaction, and( in which chance shall take no part. The plan is an ingenious one,
important, or of !
making electoral of ..
great plurality) : or -, as had their ) ,
COlrts" where smaller: ones were in better well in the of 11 Jr. J.Ioltllar'Oll". recently happened perhnps to some: extreme and erroneous opinions. While one portion though it3 accomplishment! is beset with Jiili. ulties. To what a
ta"tf.I4J" pre.l case AdlJ of : contended: for the ut the law it stood has calculation "
pared, his brief clear null our people principle as pitch : and speculation reached.
arguments were His ,
It is
impressive. inm.: this
: on occa"i'H io trace the whole brilliant t
Her another! portion adopted the opposite extreme, and began seriously t to
was earnest !
sincere and
ever that
true of .Mr. .
Ilrl(81 which is ,che.riJ and atlJlcII'J po- course 1.,1ia ( omigres9. It will Cot).Utltt'! no iIIO.idl'ra. contend tint no tariff( law could! be either jiiil or constitutional unless KIHTIXG A PUJR.Tho ijority of readers seem to think that
\'ilc'd 1WfIJ8 towards ble! ul'tbr ., the ,
Idndll'f! part history administrations of Mr. Adams for; four
ihoM I it levied t the] same rate of duty all articles The be than edit t t
imported. to
with "hor he min lI. His dignity of ,manner and deport yritsl(;cncrIlJaclisonfrrclghtyearsnu: ] the, first upon one nothing can morn easy or pleasant a paper ; but of -

tut fhl consisted of that simplicity, which lesults: from a happy corn Ibatol 11 Ir. Van Hun'n. two .years of extreme contended fir any indefinite degree of protection, direct, undisguised all the! dit&reiit; employments by which men make their bread and :

IJntion of modesty andconfdeneedto Til 'aril.t.ald. magnitude( Cftl" subjrcl.which and total-and the opposite, for no discrimation xvhulevor, butter, there r is none, xve firmly believe, that so taxes the mimi temper "'

aid and were discussed' and) acll,1 upon during this period, are filli. 111\1 for; what wag called a horizontal line of(Iulie To reconcile and iiesh, as that of editing' a paper. There is none that requires .
by suggestion! the and
encouragement diflidlit iar and it .
( | members of the bar him, young may b4 Fal''rly.d'tiruu'd that :Ir. Polk fli'c irr no : uc these extreme opinions was impo ihe! and hence the only mode of a nicer tact a sounder judgment, a more constant application, '
a pleasing duty' .
as and
was to
I CIJ taut practice. Iwcret the court, he was candid. respectful i tal'f an]acid'c.1 efficient part' in (tl11 all. IK uasureessiv'elt s settling the delicate and important 'Plcstioll13 to prove the error a quicker) wit, or a kinder heart. A churlish temper could never *
11 Committees of Foreign Relations: ali ofWays of both from the letter of the f succeed editor
and' ( and towards the bar liberal frank parties constitution, and the history ot as an ; nary narrumindt'J man, nor an ignorant '
and .
'afH'EI the.
courteous and Means
: two most responsible in the
House ofRepresentative" !
devoid of, that which too often positions our legislation under the different administrations since the establishment one, nor hasty one, nor an unforgiving one. An editor must of necessity '
wholly envy corrodes the minds oft'Uii
To these
) eminent discharge laIJIrl, he was selected+ frll, i of our gotfflrnent.1 r. Polk accomplished this delicate turn himself inside out to the public. He cannot be a t
rivals' hypo.
professional J ltlind to his,
wag ever! fl'l great 'powers, he a list eminent men, rarely njsl11JI..d. in )one deliberative! )1. task, by proposing line bounding the powers of Congress on this crite any more than a husband could be a hypocrite to his wife.- '
to appreciate and applaud+ those of other, '
ready men. He (1'. That he fully met the' (expectations: of the country and of xvhich then seemed and still seems be to all 1 He himself 5
regarded l the 01. subject, to satisfactory must expose all that he does, as much in selecting the *
of the laws far the ,
: as most .
uJmiuhtratiol beevern important dePartmentufgovtrntneitandhence tress, in these arduous. and( prominent positions, is filly verified, I by parties. The principle is so clear and simple, and )'cto importantthat thoughts of others, as in publishing his own. and, therefore, the bet. ,,

or indirect ;'pusedall attetnptsdirec t trot fact that he was twice subsequently elected speaker' I the !louse it ought lo be kept in remembrance. It is, that Congress }have ter way for him in the outset is to begin frankly, to save himself from < t i
to use the courts as engines of wrong and oppression, of which, filled for 'j|
Representatives, the
< position fair last
: constitutional under from after
tnalicc year! no light pretext collecting a tax a particular contradictions and mortil catiow:. Whoever succeeds !
or cupidity. If cause, presented to him,E ,, was clearly with which he. remained. : in (; In no instance 1 tolerably *
outlaw and < umgri'ss. was an appealfioin import, lo fix the same so high as to exclude the article altogether well as an editor, is sometimes more than an ordinary let

He also justice, no consiJerlol could ;induce him to espouse it. his c'ciiolt as Speaker, sustained !by the House, and) ho left ; and;( thus render the collection of the tax }impossible. In nther coternporaries} Jay or think of him as they xvill. Hulden's man, his.

fed 1 deprecated all attempts! to sway courts and juries' ; by ill-advi- Congress Owhich in J IsjHO: with the nninimous thanks of dm, House over words tint Congress; might constitutionally)- the rate of dot Y Magazine.TUB ,

popular clamor It was nut tho popularity! "f I his client's case:, he had: so long presided, the enthusiastic affection, of (the
dillerrnt; articles has been done the of
pro upon as since! origin our government : PRESENT rmwis'iJ TUB Pl'RIT.XS.Tire
pits justice of, which commanded! Mr.I P4111! leady (Itrliul. Per'ap8 Ill> Tennessee, and the respectful, : aemiratiol of the nation.! and I by the} illustrious Gainers of our conlitution, and : lathers: watched' over not only tho conduct of 'but the Puritans cut of i r|]
some Ils most memorable forensic efTrls'veto put forth a- In 18139: he was elected Governor Tennessee which he ill'fl'ur persons
6a'nstthe' o"r discriminate : of those manufactured in this country, provided their g:trlllt'llts. The present style address, it will be seen by the. 1)
popular excitement. Such! occasions have often held for two years. He was unsuccessfully inn for the same ollico that such discrimation did not amount to I
prohibition. not i order
called forth, from am ewer following: was not much admired by that 1'1 raj ht.ftct'll sect '
}him, :
that ,
*' 'itch" degree of firmness rand moral courage, in Ifi 11 and in 1815..) These three canvassed. are believed to have: that at this day there is any public man disposed to gainsay this clear July 7lh, IG39. garment shall he made with short sleeves .
so st'lltial
il and
: (I In so ornamental to the character of a faith"lawyer. been the most remarkable! that have': ever transpired in the political L and solid position of Mr.1 Polk, or to repeal the Mature passed in conformity xvhereby the nakedness of the arm be discovered in the t ]
may wearing
word his i
and< lIe a acquirement' i !I weie solid and virioi's. history of our country. On each occasion the many important (!ue.s- to it. To him belongs the (distinguished honor of settling this thereof and such as have garment! already made with short sleeves*, '.

t oat profession was consrientioirs and diligent t in discharging, the duties of lions of national policy then dividing tho .public mill, were most great, perplexing and dangerous question, I hope forever, with so shall not hereafter vyoar the same unless they cover their arms toe

As a to which> he WHSl great an honor. thoroughly and ably! discussed before; all the people. Instead} of low much bimplicity nuJ justice, as 10 extort almost universal applaush the wrist with linen or otherwise ; and that hereafter no

nor t lne Ian i' his,! llr.' I 1 u1'! was ao\'C' !'ll'oath. I il< l>'*Ii(ved that at appeal 'fo the passions and prejudices of men, but too frequent wit 'Vhcn1 r. Polk was elected( President, he proposed to settle an whatever shall make any garment fir women, or any of their person sex, r
.i I whole I !life' was J lic ever B0 mIld| as accused of politicians when before the people! for office, Mr. Polk maintainedthat of Mexico and fix ,:
n-+. or injur. old clailll our o\'t'rumellt again to by negotirtollwith with sleeves more than half an ell wide in the widest place thereof; } ts.

o attempting to injure, any human: IJein 0. On the contrary, it was at once respectful :!t useful to the electors-the sover that nation the true boundary lines between the two trpl hc and &o propurtioiublyfor) bigger or smaller persons. i't



l- -


,. _. .--- .. .
i.Vjrs "
:i r = 1'l l:P'.V.1 T" "f
from the Dry D1ti'AJ1gt on North Fork. of lquor. :, and so on. These prices ap.: !j'' FLORIDIAX & JOURNAL rlhat I t of ;Indians. You: )propose to raise a "{ The Washington Authorities and the f1otld.a t tIndnt. the scorn and indignant reprobation'
but do the Ira1der : I TIE force which would be than the entire 1)(th
Journey: into !. ln1 flXfl frrm pear t-njrmou3: they not piy II greater I I whole people of the State. "
Soilt - - -
too xvell for hi* loi, lime and expends,' I force of the India n I confess I thai I do not We do not hesitate to prononce the conduct
carriJJ of Grats and Gome -[Taxiing r rWolri.sTJie I: A. E. MAXWELL R. B. HILTON, What now is to be done i All
u ho hai folloxx- miners their work. the
to to I; see propriety or necessity!' employing orlhe administration men or il
I Ciima' The ill.t Washington tow if(I-j ,
Cnunfry '
i in1tipeJ ing xvLo ar very in i!Ii t.rTIRI "I PRoPR.rTc the t volunteers of Fh.r1dt and without xvhich, S att', except a few grumbler! who
,> Agkdurf-FIt1L'; with :Le //a leltinfi fipricou" ____ tI (he authorities oflhis State, in relation to the fear
tlu-ir nrm"mants be :'ng : running --- -- -- -- ti I could 1I/lud\'isl'lht' Pn-siJent to muster them by their; correspondence, have
dian-TJ. G Jd c'Iilul. exerted rer
Hardships of digging.
> after big ttorfos," HS a "rf'r ::n termed I Saturday, August 18, 1349. i into' tie service of ihe {:nill'd States.; In ad recent outrages of ihe Indians an insult to I 1 proper inrl:i *iice at Washington: ) an

:, lli: THE NOXTM Foisa June 12, 1919.EJtiort it i t lo we, the o'.herday.: Th' prices ofall neCfssiric j I --.::--- ... = -' -- -- dilion In \1 tutu our Iale r diupitches: from t ihe Stale of the grossest character. The rCI'.1! 'I J as to the of' the hate agreed
X>c.T/a 'I find myself on ti!lf DMNotih are very moderate! at Sin Fiancisco Oration Mr. Lorg. h Florida, on either, side of tht' IVninsnla, and i ings dour people have been trifled xvilh, arif? course pursued IT

DIgIL3 oa thc l'oJk. two mi! -9 fi rom: and at the! city ofthe' Sacramento.Th commend (to the c perusal of readers d-ited within, the 2Sth arid 30th ult., both in. t heir just alarms treated xvith liitle less than (llie l Governor. We are happy to see thera Is
that very rapid tircam which flows into, the < miner must r be his oxvu wahern-o. : \\e our elusive! indicate that lire violence and( outrage no distinction: of parties here on l ibis
Sacramento lome fifty miles beloxv at a point t man. Washing is generally done on Sunday, t :}he Oatior of .' I .A. LONG, E-q", delivered exhibited in the vicinity' of Fort Pearce andat arrant contempt. The history of the cise But the United State authorities: SUije:.

: about one hundred and seventy miles from the a* xvell m taihilag-by xxhich I mean all in i the Representative Hall on Tuesday last. the trading house, on Peas' Creek were will justify even stronger language than we xvith his not c<7uteni
disapproving: conduct
bay and town of San Francisco. I came up manner ot mending. The address is in every way appropriate and done by'the same party of Indians which did use.V c appeal to that history for proof. and thtj! 'De
bcre by the high fad from the M Embarcadero There are thousands of miners just at ihU : sincere: beautiful and truthful not exceed t five. If right in this conjecture, The barrassing the state of things, do not srorvtto I
," on the Stcramento: which is allo call. I ime wandering .from dry diggins lo dry dig I tribute founded on all the concurrent proof which commenced their murders and i : t tell us what Did they have: given, or intend'
td the City of the Sacramento, a town, lid j 1I j gin*-from creek to crerk-and from river to; t admirable/ in its simplicity, offered lo have reached the Department, I think it will depredations more than a month ago. Within I give. All is ambiguity; juknt'J f0

out recently by the Americans, and is about : river. The dry diggins, everyxxhere, appnrently ;I[ 't the memory of the departed ex-President II) be a subject of regret at a period xvhen the i three or four d.iys time they attacked set. t They do not and Ueerainty. .

one hundred and lilt). mile! from San Francisco. I are much dig up, and do not yield proI 'I one \ho knew him intimately and \ho has, ,j 1 1xve United States were about to attempt the peaca. t tile tlements wIdely separated. The whole white venture? if, say !that war
) does exist
I portionate to the expectations! oft..e! miners, believe, judged him justly. We think h! removal of the Indians from Florida, with not or t that: something should! ait ;,g

Although it is now the s<*a'on whn all herbage ;! and as the floods produced by the molting of I I \that our readers xvill with in t the hope and probability of success, that the' population, scattered thinly through the country d one. But they are silent as to all!! it i is
join us mIlt
; thanking
looks green;; and fresh, although w' pass. the tncxvs on the Siera Nevada, keep the nv. j authorities of that State would fl'10! substitute I and therefore the more defenceless in its I i important for our authorities: to know.

cd over an open) timbered country, for fify ers ktiil high, as yet they have not been able j the author fir' his excellent production.NEXV t another elemt-nt and place at hazard that I I 11 I I position, and stunned with nn undoubting conviction I Ierer others fur Wha.

wiles, the most picturesque that I hle't: 1 ,1'0 work in the wet dig is.:: The vet t!! ins: I COTTON. : which appears lo be the object) of deep concern i forced upon their minds by strong I a force in may :1)ve are maintiDiJ],
Wo understand that the
seen, \vt we had much difficulty;: in find.ng i: are simply; ,the bars and sand beaches in the I t lo Florida and also a du'y of the United concurrent circumstances tbit field until it can be known:

as much grass as was capable of sustaining; : I beds of the rivers which are approaclitble! ; II 11-'vans brought to this place on ihe fbuiteenthitist. I States, the removal of the Indians from the the savages: i whether the United States forces are mg.

cur animals on s. holt a journey. The ton j J only xvhen all the snows on the mountains ., a load of six or seven bales of new cotton I soil ofthe former.I had resolved lo renew their cruel butcheries dent for the emergency. To abandon I

looks so barren( and arid, as tu be capible: on- j j have,. melted away, after which the rivers dry raised in this county on the plantation of have: the honor lo be. were thrown into ihtf greatest consternation. seitlemenis now to their fate, without Ib, i

lyof pro UCIIg rank wN'JumJ scrubby oaks ''up in a jjreat measure, :and the miners arl i Ir. George Jones. Well tone.' Very respectfully, I They fled tlnir homes, and sought safely in i in*: whether the Government has know

We had not even ei'i-n a deer, M other game : i t enabled; to wore xxith profit. I --- ---- Your ol.t. servant, t the thicker settlements. These Acts provided ;
but and heard, hideous howls The, btt t diztiis, spoken of by the old I sufficiently for iheir defence, would b '
ever anon we of I j C :7- The JacJiSoncille Republican, received I GEO. W. CR.\ FORD, communicated to ihe Governor j both
the prowling coyote, (,r praiiit-xvoHJ driven r miuPI is thehidJe: Forks) the North, the Secretary of I War. accompanied cruel and criminal. When ihe authorities'
along I by, the rage lfbun t'r. No such tiling! : j i ins : i ld.h'. and the Souh: Forks \hich unite: "t !j this morning, gives an account of an Indian I His Excellency WILLIAM I D. MOSELLY, by appeals from all quarters of that country Washington condescend lo inform those at
deei elk is in J | ionic distance i and run into the Sacra: alarm at the house of Mr. Barber, thirly-txvo I Governor made all clashes citizens hera
a or seen our: camp: although j /, \ j' qf Florida./ I by for a force what they have don, itiIl them
we have' here (mm Oregon, a large number i j ren10' liver. Th" Middle 1 ; Fork, i M )hemmed:I 'I miles! from that place but the presence of Indians -- -----.----. sufficient to the defence and protection: of the le tim

"f the best hunters in the world. The climate !' (I I both, tides by very high mountains xvhere, I seems to have IeenC'r)' doubtful. August Elections. settlers, and for such other enough to act ditT..rpn"-, provided they i nd
is pleasant: at this season, but quite' (loo ; xx !hen a horse is i taken, two men are obliged t to i also We give the last accounts of the late rer! action as the emr r. enough force and of ihe right sort, hut not be.
mentions the arrival of
the last ,
cf I
cold in the evetinsd:1rif; ; the nights aud i in hitch on to his tail, lo prevent hii stern from j i I II L tions in to day's paper reserving some corn. !gency might' require. The Governor prornjtly f rc. Their folly in not advising our GOT.ernor .

the mornings to I be entirely talulirious." yet1ills ; i going down foremost, gn steep: are these inoune tlp Indian lliver settlers, xxho report that no ments for next week : I ordered out troop, and as soon as they of) their action, so that h*
might the
i much tn-ire, agreeable! I here than at ili j I tjiii: .. The North Fork i is not to bad of ape ;! more Indians have been seen in that quarter: ,,, could! be m-istered despatched them lo the (tpr guide his Let.
iana-JI'JUocralic) ic Gox-ernor and demo own conduct in
town of San FiancUco, where a keen, cold proach in some places.: Hence your readers jj. j but that there must 1 hate been a greater num- scene of action. lIe also wrote to the I I behilJ'of th
breeze J-etg in every d.Iin the year, immedi. i:iBtely "il' perceive that the life of the. gold !irtr i ber than the, four xx-J.o ?first made (heir ocra'ic majority I1f ihe Legislature have been at authorities Stale, i ii wholly! inexcusable; ? and betraj an
Washington, the
after twelve o'clock: in: *the:day and cur I. j i lot very enviable and that gold: is not pick appearance I, elected. There is a loss of on democratic representing condition indifFf rence to ihe safely of our citizens which
tinueu during the whole night, until sunrise i j ed up on the surface a many believe, but i is; I judging from the furniture, &c., member of Congress reported.Kentucky. of affairs here, stating what lie had t the people will bitterly lament and

next morning, !succeeded "by excessive heat; j! only' obtained by sweat and toil,-by enduring |'! carried of from the houses. The fruit crops ; .-The democrats have elected I done, and'urging ihe Government; to speedy I ly condemn.The indignant

until noon again. No person uhj"ct tu any j j privations and exposure i j i had not been destroyed.. The settlers had ,, acii n (for the, relief ofthe settlers.! --- ---

pulmonary affections can pretend to icbide at: i| There are many sailors and soldiers at gone somewhat extensively into the culture I f four of the ten members of Congress democratic What was the reply, what the action of tl Administration-Abolition Officers.
ian Francises, without, much incom'"llicuccand : work in the mines.; The sailors abandon ; gain of one tnerner.! One District t eWashington The
j of fruit, and] it i is following from the New
a hardship: them York
: authorities ? Not
great upon word have
.utTuill their ships at Franciico and a ,
no at-
j Sat one j in doubt. In ihe choice of members ol Conslitnlional .
There may bo 1 cth.r parts: : of California L, I j i tempts to prevent them. 'J fie bodi! .>rs all(; as \.1 as a se\'rll stab at the prosperity Jfl; I Convention ihe t hey co-mnunicateJ as to ihe force they have I which boasts of Lai ing been Gen. Taj)" r'.

other:} than those I II.He. sen, that may ju&tify\. :, trtke F.ench leave of\their quarter' *. Some sol I .that fine region of our State, to be thus drir. have 'been beaten.Tennessee. Emancipationists sent, or intend lo send. Not a syllable' have 1 j first and mo't efficient supporter, and of Lein;

the flatlerinrrnd extravagant: accounts published ;. ;( jdiers arrived hpre tlm week, from their '1:1.I : j en from t iheir j liunies. 'I badly they t written here as lo iheir present purpose* i now his be.-t t friend, will give our reader
) in the United Stales! I by the writers on tens at \'t'n"tia, on the Sacramento-v\ih-: -Trousdalc, demo.,elected Gox'; some idea of the dissatisfaction
California, Lut all Ail in meeting ,that para. out leave, of course. j ci::: SoirEL J.:DOUCL.XS, of ibis city, has error, beating Drown, the present incumbent in regard to the Indians. Not an expression I I springing against the which U

disc of the world, that clirnote! of llraltlH.t The custom of emigrants uniting then been appointed Collector! for ihe Port of Key :3000. A reported gain of three members! of sympathy for our citizens, nor of a design to p' j j i up It will course o'uIxi? aihmniri.stration. .

country! of flowers-unless! it is the J edra, that( : f elves} into companies and associations, and I West, in the place STEPHEN R. MALLOKY. Congress by the democrats. Whig I punish the Indians for their outrageous attack!; !i al No show what cause tta!
papersf South has
poisons all who touch it, ( '! out various kinds of machinery : : to complain ofthe present .
creating very pain. bribing heavy L} upon u?, has reached our authorities. The j arranje.j
I Nashville admit the Ios .
ful and troublesome infiamtrMtiun I / picking gold on a large scale i is Nothing to say, except that this act : of two Whigs. merit of .
"f almost: a very j jI jt CJf I Governor; and the Slate if j thing* Sp"aLing of (he Department:
the whole tJodJ't"o'"aU flocks cf game I; imprudent and a rUi:10Ui one. In the first;1I t j i throwing ox'erboard an able man, who, enjoys; S Tennessee has: done nobly. as unworthy to be I j of the Inferior, is: great power and influence

nre no where to be seen ; and (tho crystal wa. iters i place, they fall out amons themselves during the reputation fan honest, faithful. : and ra- Alabama.-The. Congressional delegation unformed of ihe purposes of the, President and I j i t the Herald proceed iLm ,

promise to be very scare-,\\ heu the nov"'.. |: the passage, or the t1diuNhich is perj I.! pable": officer, flirnisln-s), another characteristic remains unchanged. Milliard beats his xvhig his Cabinet touching our most vital interests pare ,| :
flyods fchall have passed j fectly uveless hell it does arrive, exhausts all left in of the "No'v. (o whose 'hand Las .
ignorance tlrermmg.
away. I I \ ( i> illustration! of Od: Zack's pledges competitor, Pngh, in the Montgomery! district movements and I I ?
no.party (
itheir finds in and the rnenf, i new
The freight. transportation Department with all i its
native !
Mexicans ] ire.
: race Californians contemplated action of he
or ( administration.No .
are very few. amounting in all to less- : acrogg the Islands! ol'Panatna. In the second {I| Mr. Mallory's crime \as that of being a pood Collier: dern.. elected Governor without op. dita mendoris influ'[ >rCP) been (oufiJpdrLv.. in. ,

than SOOt), residing in what are called! towns i| place, these, emigrants associate together democrat ; and this reminds us of the! follow. position. The Legislature probably) demo are given lo enable our authorities ttjulg3 > I t ihe hands of .Mr. Kxving of Olio! one of the

-which would be better rolled villages, excepting I l heedlessly! xvitho t taking into c/nsidtrHtilJ j!I lug spoken before the election I, 'Faykr'rtat ? critic. : of the necessity or propriety of further r mo!t rabid, and energetic vI' the n'JuitilJni' :

Monterey and .Sn Diego. This i pop. each other's physical competency to \\ 01\, t)r | spoki'snnn, )7r. CrirendeI :) Xorlh Cerolina.Congressional representation Srate: action. nut instead of all this, instead rI I '>the" North' !
uJation ; to endure hardships and privations r : the of information Is it tn be wondered a? (hat tlrs, .
i is some the
already from the to Governor xvhich a'rJn **
receding by ;
approach. II. Mr. I
unchanged six
: is that th into and I ( Crittenden! ) la..een a letter ii Iilayhir's I xxhigs,-three (democrats m ment shotild: excite: the !
spill -
ee of the, Anglo-Saxon and European-they. j consequence .y pieces, :I I fien. he might determine as to his j je.etisy. ihe alarm: ,
hand xvriling, in which GI> adrni'tins' the 'Ieclinn own duty' in the ihe
cannot harmonise together and ifCnlifimliawere I uhandol their ponderous machine. I. I cfStanly! v !hid, I i i opposition, ot the SOUl!Ut'fU sections of th
an aricutural: ; Jikp Oregon I The only machine useful for washing gold!, I! Talvr sai: id l 1 he: \''i1ld proscibe no rnnn It-.I is probab'e) though! not certain. In a Di. matter: there states us in the face, adding in- Union ? Here we have a man whose} fierco

which xvou'J ensure its country being settled rapidly; I i is the tin }pan: dih, and the crid!<', of xvhich.a :1 ,'ocpttsanl j cause he xx-a Whirr; n Democrat) 1'd! ; that both Dlo'l: J Irict which give Taylor: a m j Jr'IJ of JO.'il: suit to our injuries, the brief I letter ofSecretary i p-irtisanship! is well known, and whose hojttlity -
by at the
end exten'iIy, th"re would BWH: be. found ,oa.4 drawing was given by a Dr. Jack ori, in .i: f Monteri'X, *, ; he heats his opponent, as is reported.30! : ,I Crawford.; L''t Ui turn fo that :letter. : to the domestic institutions ofthe South:
sheddinj blood votes j
tha! Crcstciit ofthe t luth 1 of Iat t, ns. ft their together h 1-8'(,rmpcl his chief sock! ?ia trade
> { I-Vbiuary ,
; This
r ( "',1! Vxi'r.Sii placed;
:j. ( :j.npula-( I for their anJ I he wotil'J! be the last Speaking of ,
: | country t Kentucky
lion rallii'g! tb nisdvci w lu'i. i',:11; as niy mt-rnoiy: H'I vi's mo. IiK.V-i-d; :i!! ,I man: I .1 is a position: wh re he i ii e.nblerl! to wied! a vast
;I I convenierici-s be had here j I i lo deny to the ftIcralP) a fair share of the J'l'nnrssel'la1J:1IUt, and North in process cf bcizig placed on the southern: I J j amount oflhe fiLl
can by patronage .
At present, almost! all the male population, 1.fe pay.' i l i office.' CUlIll'l general go?
ofOrcrron are here in Feaich ot uoId. and|(j ing a little more for them. I;I --- __ na, (and Texa*,) the Union some ( ,j settlements! of ihe Peninsula xvill be[ adequate I eminent so as fo further Ife'iew of ihe faction .

tLc-y all! agiee in( saying 'that with no induce, I I The rivers which are still hich. are e:c- i::i Crawford's Lttr.-'I1e Indians.i used the following language, containing more i I Itruth lo their full dthnce.'hat force ? Whx" at tIne North xvih; which rit ba. beenacciMorned .

ments that could' be offered, would they settleon : I peeled to fall in about a mrJl1h-or; six i weeks, !j Beloxv than most election l does he, not condescend lo state_ its numbers ,t\|\'I.< to act. Is (his calculated: to attract
xve give (letter from prophesies i
I'ich soil : \ Cram this time; when xvoik i an extraordinary : i I i ihe confidence and of th > :
a as that of California. They wi Irf''Jmtd I Why does he nct hint .support peoplesouin fth"
j: the Secretary War to GO\'. )f""et'It! Thns"!" States! are entitled( to 49 members give some of what i is -" -
set no value on it when compared to ;Jon ihe wet digging!i and drv diggins, '} is i oroi ir ? citizens orlLe .Northern porI .
and I have not yet seen one that! t would Oregon settle[: J which are not 1 held as profitable) work by the ;I 1': 'i in r"IIIIv one from I the .loxvrnorlolhe t President :ami, sent to the host Congress 20 dtrrnocratsami coiis'rJered at Washington a sufficient force ? I lions i of our Union, xvho are free fru-i the

in California ; the only attraction is i its( gold j I miners, wile entirely abandoned. i in relation to the Indian: outbreak and] i3 xvhigs though! Gen.; Tax, lOt received Is I it the artillery companies which rumor I t fanaticism of the day, xvhich seeks, under: thainasl

The nboriginees are the most miserable, I I There undanc; of gold for the taking xx e ask! that it be carefully read. That majorities in 27 districts and <;en. Ca.s illlun t tells! us has marched to St. .\udu line 1 If so, I 1; of a superfine |.hilar tkrophy, to engross
may h
and diminutive in size and condition, of all of f it out of the boxveN! of the earth, but it is ht Hi. Should tine elections result now a* I i it is sheer mockery call it a sufficient force 1 f i political;: power "-flhis great coninnnily otYreernen .
the North American tribe, and 'I seldom that a piece can be obtained on the j; G en. Taylor, who has fought these Indians on j t then, (HIP republicans! ; lose fiiiran,1 the f'der.I i If j > I ? Again, as if to give additional rh>irit

wild and savage. Theyntleinpt cultivation entirely surface( of the gr. undo The gold of Califor-1| our soil, xv ho knows iheir mode of warfare 1 alistsgain l : f four ; but we shall; I he disappointed; t tnotwithtan'iing Secretary Craxvford or Gen. Taylor ever '! (tt to, these considerations! ., it ID infuse more

of the eoil, and arc not skilled no in keeping I Ir tiia xvill last many years, as a profitable em. j and the great difficulty checking iheir hare I ( th* .' sweltering! *" of the |I i IlCard of ihe late Florida war, they: : might 1 i i venom into the sling-we see the Put OlHce
cattle( ; they live chiefly on acorn nuts and a' J! I ployment) for labor, particularly xvhen ,the i j I baritics, whose experience and opportunities I. Good Lord good devil" senator from; Con- j, ummon up some 'faint recollection t iTral it is ( Department placed under cor.lrcl of'anot her

species of clover that i it found in patches in I !1 prices j of necessaries will be regulated' upon j| f for information ihe necticiit) ifo'," friends do not j.ist reverse the i i no trifling matter to deal xvith these Indians. j'! al(11iliollisr-JIr.. ColMinT! of V rmont.e .-
the mountains. T'E'USP.' I the Iowalld I t the I basisofa steady! I radl!. Tfc 'te is no stead- |f on subject ought (10 have I figures' and gain/ four \\ lilt t the aJministru: i jjrion l ihe : force of the I! \\ know not by \ h Lt proee.s.* Of niicr-jscopic!
arrow largo United States then I
,: rendered him more funiliar: xvith tho hole m j lose fitn r. The House I I then ;
from 'forty to sixty yard, and said ; mew in thealue of things in the mines ; acj w XYOIIU t arod i'uesirgatinn! : it vas ascerlainrd that (he per.
are to
!I 'matter I han her : I 102 democrats I 10'-) whigs' and) I 10 frre-soil-1 here h and a part of the time under the command 'I xrhoin
be very harmless. A tall Kentuckian, 'from I j cording to the scarcity ofthe article value is j'I any o: member of his admin. sorngc, nobody hut ever b"ard, ex-
California, told inc the other dathat he did I j set on it. Sometimes i a pound of flour is vvoith t I i iI istration, should: have turned the Governor's er? ; leaving 17 members still to br chosen I Taylor himself were inadequate :to c<>pt unfortunate reporter or d.x rk<*er/er>? i.i

not think that they were human beings at all)!, I a round dollar, and a pair of pegged shoes ,I j communication over lo another without I from the States of Massachusetts Rhode !. i protect our citizens against their wages, and Congress, was exactly the nv st fittini! human
but p t ten or twelve dollars. The which is I a 1 1xvord lutd), Maryland, Ohio, Mississippi l and Louisiana being to place in ofthe .
some kind of rarmint. gold of advice were at last f forced to end ihe war little short [ charge; Post'n'ce) arrangements
or instruction of'J his 0\\ n. i Is, t loj out ol which the democrats
The Oregon men charge these unfortunate found in the rh'cr is of a finer quality, and < : should, ofdi. of the United States. Hut weds)
Indians with having btolen their horses and i ; much heavier, as to size, than that xvhich is j say the ICJ&t'I'r)' surprising. Then, that and xv o think xvill elect_ 12_ mncniers., ,_", grace t to our country, they have little reason I know that the Postmaster General has already!

killed tome of their men ; since when, the Olegon j 11 i found' in I the beds ravines, or xvhat is ('allt l lliis h Secretary, xvho it seems, is to do as his Indian War in Texas u! Warning to Florida ,j J to expect (hut so small a force can subdue I succeeded in giving us abundint, proors mmi his

men hoot them down wherever they: : dry digj ins. In the latter, t the} sold is foul. i j own will "advises," the matter being be. "The 'lbiaTl | the Indians that remain. ulter t incompetency. He,too is an oiti-iijf! ,

leo thorn. Some months since the Indians! i in perpitas: or r-juud lumps, of all sizes, from neath thin pl idellt'l. personal attention' account of the atrocities newspaper of gives ihe nn appalling i|' Adequate lo their ,full defence' !" Whit us we have: said, and he has turned' out almost

came to give the Oregon men battle, some: : t IIH 1011 part of a grain upward* : in the I should have written t t'he of Indians upon does this mean7 Does the Government limit ;i every Postmaster in the country. The COD.
distance' from Outers mill!), near the old dry: j wet t diggins, a lump isiulJum found, it i is all in I a Idler so unsatisfactory: authority Captain Lewis i which arc \ itself sequence is. that the \"hole department t is instate
diggins i when 106 of the Indians were killed, ; flal I jia ugles.! !!! and contemptuous i is an insult to the Slate, and represented exceed anything tk .t ha occurred merely defending the frontier ? Is its i a of most beautiful 1 confiion! ; alm xt equal

the rest t taking flight, leaving a large number[ ; rltne go to xvork in the wet diggins, I II a mockery of the. ft-ars and bufferings (,f her hole in Tei.ii for the lull ten years. The "sufficient:: force" to place itself! only on the to that lo which the Post Office at \Vash-
of behind. will give a long account of the manner of; coii'itry Ijordering on the easlern side defensive, without i in:ton has )lu-en reduced in
tquaxvi The Oregon men Wl'rt I you CilizPIlSIich, xx ill rouse the stern indignation uflhe Rio (;iratid from Laredo within some steps to redress the j consequence of
not a bit hurt, as (hey lulled;!! the poor sa'af1at I I washing gold on the lars in the Jhes. t of all her: )people. t miles! of lirovvnsville f is represented lo tilleen ,! ihgrant f injuries our citizen hare already re.1 i being engaged in making repairs." Cora-/
Yours a*
plaint in
long law. I am fold that there is alw1hcrtihe trul\I ceived ? lIthe [ pour upon us from nil quarters in if
SAN FRANCISCO.The We reserve extended comments for anoih- one general scene of de. laio1 and ruin-the policy ofhe: Government be ': j latiun to the
Indians: on the line of the, San bungling manner: in which the
,, : I
who are 9mwhat civilized, and ha'c'cr Joaquin intelligent er place! hut cannot fin hear here to call special heart sickens: at the dt! cripli"n. here rightly and t fully indicated, it is clear it i: I hii.inrs4 *'f scores and scores of tho country

chiefs, that: manage to keep on good r .New York Herald thushistles down I attention to the concluding portion of ihe _\l1lfae inhabitants have been forced to fly will grossly neglect one of its most imperative post offices is now conducted.

terms with( the gold (digger i t the I Wilu I the I inimitable 1 I administration at ., l letter, which expresses regret thai the authorities of from f ihe their Rio houses Grande.across Many to the.}.aYe western swam bunk ihe duties-Ihat punishing the Indians for the I lIe.t'then, we have a clue! 10the furious opposition .

1 am sorry to be ob'iged' to that Washington. I I i oflhis I crimes which begins to manifest i itself! against
Bay many Staltj M-ek! to substitute anoll"r: river xvith i their clothes lied upon their head*. outrageous they have committed against the
emigrants flr the Uniu-d Slates After all, the melancholy truth i is not be : I administration. An immense amount
tn"rl. I esiis.dcaniii1 lIt" touching the removal of the Indians,, xxhi'e their wives and children "aIJef'n our citizen I ofthe
of the better classes of the
of who I d; patronage has been
wiriety be government
I :
; not
been! already aecus'omrdlo' ) do hard \01 I,l I ile nicely, and'] muuly) and cOJ1ro\'elrd-ii! I II and place at hazard" that much desired end; I I dragged :intocaptivity by the relentless foe." But, there is a "confession," a mock.humble, deposited in the hands of men who are altogether .

themselves/ rnNerabiy ippninti'd. Iteally. .,,p, I j I with t the vet blanket t ufoll fappico\'cn'dlwr i\'IIJ-t t ld. i -all which simply means 'that it is wrong, .I Here is an exhibition: to which (he people of hesitating sneer, that the h propriety or necessity t sectional in iht'ir'iew, and I feIings.t .-

gold digging 1 is not the tame soil; I of plcusanl romance :i I r iiiuitration-'his' very administration xvhichi I i iuiprii'Jent. impolitic, and to be rt'grelledllaal Florida, at well as their State authorities, of employing! the volunteers of Florida'i I If t i is not surprising that the South should! feel

that it hits, been rlpH'scntel; by the i I j i was Ushered into existence. under Mich favora- I t the Governor; : should! call Jut volunteers de- may be xx'tll referred fur learning in tine prej.cnt i is not seen. Whether this is intended as deprecating indignant i under t lhee circum lance.. That

book.makers of the Luil..d States, nor puchas i :!: h hie! auspice!, and amid the cordial f fend the fionticr. I emergency. It! is known that a large force the ofthe portion oflhe union beholds with great alarm,
accunl. Mark the steps Governor f throw
it has been fancied. insulting impu. >r not unmixed with .
Ii is hard, servile! j i timJ 1 of a patriotic! people-has not of U. States indignation: the dispensation
work ; i1 i to {'t"tur rocks and rubbish ; 1 itis : I j: public CIJI!('laliols. Already there are, far I derfce of this regret" If(:ur citizens are: troops is stationed in Texas for I i ing volunteers into the country lo defend it, we I of a large amount flf the patronage of tha
to remove different btratag 4'Jclay and for j I alf vide! indications presenting ihemselvcsxvhich cruelly OIU Ilt>red, iheir \ hell and children I protection of( her frontier : and yet this l eave lo the candid reader. To our compre- I j general government, by personages openly

matiol of soil rOI'kt, which form the beds] of point to great and general discontent I drix-en in terror from their homes before mercile axvful devastation' and slaughter has been committed hension, xvhen we connect it with a subse. j jquent ; hostile to Ihe views ;and feelings ofthe Soutb.

deep runs, ravines ami ti I lie s, until i I (he so) ,I and disappointment. We hear, ntar oil)* murmurs 'I, plundered "regretting"
impenetrable" ) rock is found ; it is to bale out I which threaten to swell hereafter, into and I rralnrs. Not indeed fro'n I i from office has not been alto,r eiher without eiCU.C -
water, to effect theoicav it is another clement" in the p an'al1t of bra. Gox-ernor, is substituting a new* element" in.; without
It ion, and it t is towa4 h I l loud and distinct utterance of dissatisfaction wa) I ; or provocation.
out all the, rubbish thtl: i is dug out! ot the bole,, and opposition. It would 11 as if the [pop. of some merely mental purpose of Ihe Authorities very in our army, or skill in its officers, but t the mutter of removing the Indians, I '

by means of a pan or a cradl"-and the re. ular masses: were almost ready lo exclaim, addressing i at Washington, which they have to, h because: as has been again and again prored, new "element" is evidently the whiCh'l Another ludiaa Outrage.A .

suit might be, after much toil, to find no this administration' : We called I *' regret," if our Governor takes regular soldiers are not the troops for a con. of volunteers, it has no other meaning: 'letter frcm the lion. John S. Taylor ofJ3enton
prompt steps I I
gold! at all. TLi. ;is the modus njtctamU in I for bread, and ye have given us a Hone ; 'test xvith these murderers. I{ County information bat tbe
t lo furnish relief and defence lie must savage Mounted deprecate those st'-ps.' hit is renneniherecshnat j gives ( on
the wail I
dry diggins, when* gold i i" I asked for t
generally found we fish, and c have
given us a
in pockets ; Jnc to find a pckei r, it is only necessary I scorpion !" ) Iho t slow progress of things Washington, men, taken from the backwoods and frontiers,I causes prompted ihe Governor's tnoxe1ments 21st July a party Indians burned t the ho-is

to a fool), with good luck. One and if lIe does not, but chooses lo answer ihe i inured to hardship-xxho are acquainted with what dangers he felt called on to repel j{ Daniel S. Whitehurst, oftbat county. Tfc

man will hit on a hole where he, will make; Three negroes, runawuyn; the! properly urgent and unanimous call of the alarmed set. t the country: and Indian mode of warfare, is I what accounts suffering and distress I he family bad I left their home under the prerail-

find'hundreds of dollars! in a day, anot'.er will not I o citizens in this vicinity, xvc-re lat Sunday i leis by efforts to relieve and protect them, he t the force required lo !suppress and nvenge ceired, what wide.spread alarm prevailed le./I/ ing alarm to seek shelter with numerous others
two bits. There are who brought to the ot this place Col.!
cannotmake t by MeGahagin
expenses, and abandon! many t-urh work, aionly of Long jai Swamp, charged with firing is i to be rebuked for it. U high government t the e oUlhr'alu.nd jet with the lamentable the settlements, and what strong and earliest: I (said to be fifteen f.tr:1ilit's-in the ngjpgate .

becoming canalers and dilcherb ; truly, l a fodder house, and 8UOIIPJ building at officers cannot helter understand the respect I l result of their system of operations and I appeals for aid and protection were made to I one hundred and fifteen persons) in a fort

It is better suited to the, latter than to the fine t lt that place. Tfl negroes confessed the crime, they owe In a sovereign Stain, it is nol surpri. defence by regulars, in J'eias before thoir him, it will appear the greatest! presumption in near I by, and thereby escaped the attack.: A

. gentleman or the physically incompetent. and] stated' that they had done it so as lo create sing Ifnt 'they should) fail to appreciate con eyes, it teems that the Administration at I one at Washington to speak tus( on the sub.jecl. scouting party, under )Ir. T.tJorHut 'ro

Uefeidun, the gold digger .!eepg under a L t the impression that Indians were :Lout.- duct dictated by the Washington has determined to discurd fromIhp. I j Oh but the t White hurst's place, but saxx'no Indians,thou;"
tree ban strongest impulses of hii.rnaniiy government was "about"
ire no tent, and he finds it imposeille This xvas to cause the desertion of the scltlement -
] carry one, when he is obliged to re. and give an opportunity for plunder.! n as well as by the plainest principles" of t service protecting our settlements the peacably to remote the Indians: and the Gov. there were numerous signs of their passing

I ( move and pack his, luggage, work tools, and I Col McG. nabbed the gentlemen xvhilein the duty. mounted volunteers of Florida, leaving (ho nor should! not have thrown in the "element"! ; about. The party: sax the remains of Tour

,- )provisions, on his own back. Many pack ne barbecuing a fine calf. One of them citizens ofthe Slate to tho merciless exposure volunteers to interfere: with that e.- head of cattle! which they belicx-ed had been

their traps on homes, but they arc tcarcc ; a fled, but was nested by a buckshot in the WAKWabhington IhI'ARTu-X'X') J xxhich is depopulating the frontiers Texas What had been done towards pnrpo killed by (the Indians.

dred'little and horse fifty! i il worth dollars two and hundred the or Iwo hun. ancle.-Ocala Argus, Aug. 9.Lfgal August 7, 1849. $ Florida may: rejoice that she herself 13 equal; l or who had been authorized and removing instructed them, He also states that a Mr. Johnson xvas <""
afford (loundeilakrt
country Sir :Yourletter ofthe, 'JCth ult. addressed I t lo .iha task protecting the lives of her the same dy of tho chased by a .ma"?
, no grass to feed him on. The, Oregon men Wit.-Henry rskino, the famous t lo thrt President has been refeied. to this De.pnriment citizens : it ? We believe no movement of
lcd many horses last ,'ca for want of fodder Scotch han ister, a great wag, was once plead- for reply, and I accordingly have ; and that the State authorities xvill not t (he kind had been made, and as to what was party of Indians.-M The whole county has t to"

I :teM! that thn SI:: \vM! parch up, prercr*. in i
Jy everything green, and the lone; mougru win I tie XYU& Git i Lc r.jctt iitmaie: l terms, and Lip.pening ,. of lh) Indian xvarriors, residing on lire soil of I have thrown upon (hem. When the G"nertlt.m'ernmrul an unripe
cause much bufiViing t to all animals which can. j l to have a client a female, defendant. in I Florida: during I tho p.ut y"ar lo bi correct, I has given thought in the minds ofthe Washington (Xr'The Whigs say they 'form the. only

not migrate with ibo, Mja8"ni. The miner ;an action, ,,1 t the name of Tickle, he com.inencco and which f is greater than I hat reported by Ciipl .alarmed. and) protection to the authorities, that, forsacth, should make it a national party in the Union. The signs C f

must L:his own cook, aud 'frequently he will 1 I in the folloxving, felrain i :-"Tickle.,, .'' iiagnlf., ts flU I..tely had: t the superinleiidencvoflhis endangered( : inlla1ilantliuhalitl'J'l ( miller of"resrelhat our authorities did not the times, telegraphedby an election no v! and

'have lo pack his grub from a far.trTdistancc; I my client, the defendant; my lord),"-Thauditors 4 iribe.I I think that the !or''(' which iin i\i I net yet done, and no one knows when it t li. idle and let t the Indians continue their say then, show that th* nwjori'y ofthe peOlC! are I
where the trader brings (tu sel, to his camp, I were almost d.i\H into hysterics : j i pn-cess of being i placed on t theisonthern will do) them| our, citizens may lay by iheirirms
set work U
without the l of of h" *
ago fear: being repelled-!! not the same opinion. W* f? wfl
where he works. Ham 8. now i.t 81 50 l laughter by thn Judge replying :-" I bUIl'UtAfll.o( Pcnirr"ulwill be adequate i II, -but until t this is dune, no one will
per pound ; flour, 8y5 per cwt ; cot e, $4 ; her J'ounelf Henry-you're as able (to do Ofl I I heir full defence. That force when assembled them lo be guilty of uch expect A Governor who had acted thus, instead of not be considered presumptuous( i ii the I? .

, fresh L fr when God sends i) $ ; bottle ul I will, in numerical strength, be quadrupleburned their brethren. cruelty towards I promptly going to the rescue, would have de. thus to dissent from th* h'gh'3oani'5' *wr

served! as he certainly would have! received, (lion of": "n! the decncy'u /*

--- --

w -- -

..Cj ., ._
-'-- JpLJ II i n i rr

Our fries.: uftuojcfcwr.uc; Netes, from people in Southern CieoijM and Florida j I miles long and 8'30 miles wi 'e. and more discoveries iuuv,. uexe 55.3UO bales t e market at the 1 -- AiEX. C. MOilTOtf, I Proclamation by tho Governor.

vt.os" pspcf wa tckc iLc following, will fee The unexpected success of thu Institution has being made daily. In time ol high cW \hi:\i..jr eli.rl.ily! r'epresst-d. ThesNu:!; inland Attorney tiC Law, & Coaiiuiioiierof 9

Crawford that WP already brought about u wonderful chance in water they say a man cannot count on more auuunuuuis to O'JU() bales. l>rcad5tuTgeneially ( & Deeds ior Floritia.OFFICE .

ircm the Jitter Secretary the appealance of thing in and about Thornasville. than SS per day ; but in dry weather, $16 to were dull. Turpentine 6. 6. (J AT COLTTMBU, CrtnsiA. -ty"VTTJLL .

tare Lul little to hope lor from the authorities If the improvement that has begun SI00 per day.I The English papers contain no news of give faithful attention to such business sI .

ut Washington A to Gen. Tlor, he docs in the place since I ihe opening of the school am, as ever, your devoted brother, general importance beyond what I have al. I V tnay he entrusted to him, in the Court of the "

condescend to notice OUr grievances, should continue for a year or two more, the WM. McL. ready forwarded. Chatiahoochee Circuit, Georgia composed ol the *
not even Counties of Muscogee, Harris, Talbol. Stewart and Krectlon of State feen>tof.A .

but turns tho matter over to another of the town will be literally' new, and its popuia. In a postcrip? to the above the writer adds : Xr.w Yonx, Aug. 10, 6 p. m. Marion ; and m the Counties of Russell, Mucon and VACANCY hating recurred rrthe ilc if
lion much flclf'1V0t. \ Mjjhi"jii :
octemvirate club. A prntr ret-irn fjr tl.< rf"i5)s \\ Ly : I cannot advise any of my fiitiij* ;o rome The sales of Cotton to-day amounted to Harbour, Alahjma. ..ii. State Seuutor-in I btTwelfth Senatorial District,
( ni :ittionsaie: I making became mote and IS, 1519. 32-Cm
August occasioned by the resjjjnafion of the Hon. Jiseph
to this conntr. The climaje is cold 2000) 10
ai tales 11 for Fair
only a and
run-mad I vote oi FJtK; .u. las' falll: I mote oliiioas every day. Thomasville is t ihef Uplands B. Watts : his hereby Ortltrnl, That an election beheld

OUTBREAK. jcu' of an extensive cotton growing country, noon, when the sun pours down upon the Oilcans)i : I the nurket, closed rather heavy.- MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA. in mid District on Monday, theftisl ilay ol Oc- 4'tober
THE INDIAN mountains. The people are subject to Flour has Session of 1M9.-'50.THK .
slightly Western
from the Chattahodchee riier many improved : -1,91 I next, to fill said vacancy-
A month has now elap el since two men at s'.ieiching mi diseases. It is a long way to com, and a very Corn, ."9 ii .r>3. Sale* ofSjurits ofTupentineat next Course ol LECTCKCS wtll b* com- Given under'my hanrT, irtt the grentRw
and Indian River t the West, ((0 the Atlantic and Si. Johns in the on the FIRST MuNUAY in N'oTttaOtr l oftfiV? Stale of Florida.at the
Pease Creek one al were expensive route. It has already cost me J. Sterling Exchange Spremium.
murdered by the Indians. It has Ions been East: and not a school or college of much no.tuiric'tV more than $700, and I have; undergone many nominally, aid continue until the first of March following.FACULTY. [SEAL ] Capitol. ir the City ol lUliasr- .
within this whole The popuia. Ihi! Inurtli day cT Ausvjt. A D. $
communicated lo Goveimnent; that the Semi- scope. perils and privations I never knew or There 103 of
; wer new cases cholera, and Vtand$ rf American Independence I Ith7ttayear.
lion of this large belt of country can perhaps GEORGE M. NEWTON: M t)., Profesiorof Awliiiiiv
HOles are in actual war with us-that they appreciated; the comforts of a home until I 50() deaths reported lo day. I .
boast of much wealth and 1 will arid rVan ol the .
have scat I e re J over the whole! Southern; hall as pay more started on this trip although I have been Family.I. W. D. MOSELEY,
-- .
---a---- -- --- A. DI-'GAS, M. D Professor ol 1'u)9iuli.gy! and
that all children, than a corresponding population in Attest : Governor ol FIoddi .
of the peninsula in small parties.- something of a traveller. 1 omitted THE ridt1eo1j Atiatcinv. ,
cither of the South. With all TUSTIJIOXV OK IKM'K: To THE VIKTCES a C. W. DOWNING, Soc. of State.Aognsl -
the settlements on the frontier are abandoned any portion to mention that flour is worth about $10 a Of Ir Corbett's Coneenlrated i ALEX \XDEK M 'lANS, Al" D., Professor Chewistry 4, t-zti. o ( e.] .*'

Ruth by 'thiS timn, probably, burned and laid these elements about u* and around us, with barrel here, and ii is worth from 50 to 75 ci* and Pharmacy f fI.
the demonstrations i hat have already been S rnp of Sir .:ii>:*rilla. I. P. (; AHv'< N. At. 1).. j'rofessor uf Therapeutics General Orders.
waste by the savages We say Government per Ib at the mines. There is now 04 or 95 This
intahtable and Mitena Mrdica.
preparation dui R drawin
n to-
the last five months aid informing u
has been been in possession of these facts al made during to us vessels lying in the bay without a man on .WirsIs ii I Ihenntice tg l the most di'tni<;iiitieEPAnTMEJ, 7

least three weeks, and what his it done asvet our conclusions, we say, what is them ; there are five more vessels in siirh'-' ciani and Chrruist in the Untied Sta'ts, and i* j pr- Practice ol Medicine. T.iJlahua'.re. July 2S. IS43 fAN S

to protect the lives and properly of our there, what can there be to prevent the rearing The crews desert as fast as they furl their scritird in their practice wry generally, the Formu JOSEPH A. EVE, M. D Profe-wr of Obstetric ELECTION Fourlh i i. l ti-ri-by of Fl Onlergd iida Militia to be Itlil, thu in
Institution lint l la of i jt s and 1)i4eaaes of Women and Children. HrijMde
of an at Tboma&vi fe I'Tpparation being treelj placed with them
citizens ? Why two companies or to of Ar- up sails in the Lav. first in OCIOtJrr the
fur exan.inanuu,. Monday nest. at placr appointed
few PAUL F. EVE. M. I D Professor of the Principles
tillciy have been sent to St. Au us'ine For will livu! in a very years any other iiiMitution rLet aid Practice i.f Sorgerv.H. by Uw for the election sit County Ofl>er., for a

real service they might as well have been t in the b'outh !' J'rQ:7z: the Cfiarlettun .Meieury ,1ugiist 11. ne following be read alt -ntivcly : F. CAMPilLLL, M. D., Demonstrator of Anato! Brigadier General lo fill the vacancy occasioned bj
any A College of this character can, and in [From E.: II Peaslce. M. U.. Professor of ..Anatomvaiid the tebignatinnof Gen. ChatleBvrne.. -:
bent to New YoiU City my Arrival of the America. Physiology Daitir.outh my.ROBERT .
College, and I'rtifes- AU">, ar Election ishert-b Ordered Iobeh -Id in
humble will be reared here in the CAMPBELL M. D., Assistant Demon
The citizens: of Fiorida fondly belived that opinion up sor of Atutoinv, and Surgery in the Medical School the Third Enjrad.' of Florida Militiaat thetinne and

the nnn who was lanji'd the hero ofOkee- short spare often yeais, suited lo the wafts WASHINGTON, August 'J, ]1849. Brunswick, Jlc.] A Course strator.of Lectures Medic 1 Jurisprudence plce abTve specified, for a Brigadier G.n talrrcasioned -

of and of all I thi i. p'irtioii of the South, t that has so long Ilancrer. .V//, Dccim'itT' 23, 1St?. upon by the resignation of Gen. Samuel Ruse-1I.
chnbee., knew Mirm-thing our wants j The steamer America arrived al I Halifax will dc-liveied by Professor G \nvi.v. The Fsc-
1 ami so deeply felt its importance.j 1 first lipratne ac<] instruction ?
mfltfringR. and would tpeedily seek to relieve on Tuesday morning, and her intelligence u'.tv will endeavor 'n make their as ( rmonsiralive '
j The Institution! : I believe, is now Concen'rated S\niM.I| S.irsapanll i. prcpnnnl hj Dr. as possible.KeipjUites the Cavalry Regiur.enotihe&.cnnd Rrigade.Florida
them in the most judicious manner. We are !> from all the represn.ied t reached B.illimore on Wednesday ni.hi at 12 Corbetl.ol I lie Shaker; Society, somewhat more Ilat, for Graduation as Iiere nlnre. Militia, on th first Monday in October nextat the '

much obliged to him lor hi* two companies of' counties in Middle, and four I o'clock. She brings fill:i pass-engers, and Paris ,lour jears agn tt Ihe tune he made ltd precis- composition Hoard mav b.' obtained at Iron fell) to SI" per place* appoirftd by law for the election ol County
but know better or five in I/iUt: Florida. : public lo the cirt-itKi- I Ihe I Oilirers, to till the vacancy occasioned by the resignation
Artillery, no one ought lo dates lo I the 20th. London), 27th, a nd Liverpool XeH.irnp- month, every I thins included. -
All appear to be will pleased wilh the In stare Medical Scit l* It was at once believtd tnjtt of including of Col. Sairiw 1 S Spencer.OtEcr .
than (;en. Taylor that a thousand more would July 2lb. The fallowing is an abstracljoi The te-s for the entire course Lecture .
he formula then 1)Ut)11)1.d) bDr.) Corbel! couid commanding Hriijic: '.. Regiments. Battr>I-
drive tlie Indians of f Fiuridi. ctituti'Mi and the ince. Tl.-e exer<:i .es of the nd : Hospital Ticket, are .'tt-'i. Matriculation
never out her intelligence : Tail io ions, and Companies, within this Sfste
first five months closed the prove a moM valuable irmedy in all ca es in tii-ket, (once nnh,) !rPractical Anatomy, (tob<- are herrby
No !-It is not by the tactics successful at i i i on I 3d in
Monterey and I'uena Vit>ta that the Indian-- |j was again resumed in the Oth, under the ij.reclion | ( uIuuulueIci.Ll aflaiis during thepa t week j irrfl. Tlmexptx-tatiu'i ha*, on trial been fully The friend- a'ot l alumni of this institution are invilfd liuiits of their respective commands r

of Mr. Hunt and ihe Kev. .1 Malette, realized. Il las peruLir elllcjry in certian (disease the the ot W. D MOSELEY. Governor.
arc to driven Irom the Stale.: No couutrv present no specially new feature. The pros tf seud to Faculty, dining course
in the Male and the Kef. Mr. "f th- skis an.i of the dize tivc apn.tratu-i and inseruful&us Lectures in imiii circum tanresvh. July2 IStD. 29-lOw
Department, :< nt >
in the world i well to the Indian of trade person
so adapted rather improving.Appearances
pects generally are rviidilionv The ircrrdienNJ (XJ-Sentinel. nepnblican.Nevr?. and Ocala Argus
pt-nerally. s'zrziral haj
j provi-tion
method fighting. Ten ular armies ot! Lucky and MIJJ.i River*, in the female.! The .itljel, tnay r.-qmre operations as will he-above until the
re i indicate contini'ed activity illtusidess to I the Sirsiparilld iNelf.of which it contains j! been made for their mnodition whilst under copv | tat tOctoberandeud
ten thousand men each) would little interfere I school numbers at this time mote than I 120() pupils. The itcconnts fiom I lie manufacturing tflirt than the other': preparaliuiia I have used, increase | treatment.Hv bills to the Office ol Sern-tarv cf State.

with the purposes of our foe. I Hid I in he rt'. 1)). S. 15. districts are satisfactory: and u fir its alterative etlfds, and render it d.uretic, order cf the Board. Executive

of the that chaotic j Thomasville, Ga., July :JO, IS 19. and woollengO' .tuI(1, in most rae*., sli-htU laxative al-o. I rerom- (;. M. NEWTON, D m.ArciMu Department, )
cesses Everglades, urn i iof business is _doing in cotton 1'iend it to praclttioners ol medicine Tallahassee. July 21. 1549. S
as superior lo Ga Ausu t IS. Is4i 3'itw
mud and alligators, saw.grass and Miakes, Prom tfte Florida Sentinel. >d airy Svrupol Sarsapanlla I lave vet 1 lri tl. in cars : TT IS HEREBY ORDERED, That those persons

water and wild cats, they may jet scoff for The Overland Mail from India had am rivet! reiuiri.w| ; tle! admin lratio-i of li.is ren,.d> ; i.one Medical Department 1. who shall b? appointed by the several Judgi-s of

at the effoits of the whole United Letter from California from but phvsiriri} :<* hein I in mv opinion, corn pet i'tt to 1 n.bite of this Slate Insp. ctors of Elections lo beheld
ten dates
with Canton to 2IJmnbay..
years May
(Of)l RichmanJ. Ta.T.IK .
niruisJ., the j>rcci>e condition* in 'S ).ich it i- rcindicalid. Ilampden Sidney College, for County O'Scers on Monday the first day r>f
lalcc to expel) them. "We ate indebted lo a gentleman of this j June 1. and Calcutta; : to June 7 which f !ate ')
> ll ctnbernetshal1aIsactaslnspectorsoftheEece!
;* I':. K. PKASI.KE: : Jl. D. I : m twelfth flOat coute of Lectures i in ihis
It i is only the men bred and born in the city for the following letter fiom his brother that the business of the season hud mostly I utution v\ill conimi-we out AIui'tayOlobtr lions for Officers the Florida Militia, ordered to

countrv* who burceisMiiMv!) with closed and tic! commercial lairs : : FDV.flD nRrXLHYAi CO-. Sole A-ont, 22d and until the xnid.ile iii March. be held on said first Morsdav t>t October.W. .
can engage ; 'iu the of California.' | at weie lily, continue : !
j now gold region j jj Noi. 3 <>iiti 4 South side F.n.tnl I I Hall, I'o tun. I). MOSELEY, Governor. '
them. A mfii lent ntmilier f v ilunteers can quiet. K. L. aoilANXAN, M. D Profess.-.r of Obstetrics ,
Though tint intended for he has July 28, IS 13. 20-I wl
be raised in the State who j publication, LEtVN11 and Iu-tpa.e4 of \V< easily can aecomplibh lircadstnifc in all the nritkelsweie
priueiil| ; (zAll\ the in the Stale will this Ofd
furnished il of S.ile Aii ..! lor TaiUhaive.To L. \V. CHAMBERLAYXK, M. D., Professor of Ma- papers copy
what the whole. regular aunv < f the j kindly to us ; being a very in limited demand: and th* prices of I I leira Medica and Therapeutics. r till I 1st Orti.li.! r,andsend bill to I Ihe Office ot the

Union can never do. Trail.e.1 i to a bfr i.i the I lute date, ii ivill, no doubt, bo interesting lo most ailidex, }h d a downward tendency, owing --- JS. MAUPIN M. L>., Prottr-sorof Chemistry and Secrctaiv of StaleProclamation

woods, knowing the swamps ak well HS the our readers. to thee confidence Jell that the haiu-.st in Voua33rs for the Florida War. j jj Phaimacy.j by the Governor.

Inditns tljem <'jves.-and fihtiiig the Indians SAX FRANCISCO, June 10. IS 19. Great liii'ain would realisemust sanguine ex-1 j "NumernujroniiiiUnicatinn: ,* h.ivinz been recei- j j CHARLES DELL GIR; O.V, M. D., Professor ot

in their o n way, they would somi expel them pectations. j vwl by his Excellent} the lovrriior, Irom prrvnI j S'urerv and Surgical Anatomy.
Dear Riot/icr-I I am in San Francisco and I CARTER P. JOHNSON' M. D., Professor of Anal-
from the oii. These men mu'.tbeimmediulehfJiUcd j After the arrival of the Hibernia. a speculative -I djforeit s.-ctions of the Stale, r.fleriny their services -j and PI jsiologv.
shall leave to-morrow for the i ias only
out by Government. It owes MS pio.fectiun. dry diggings, demai.d! had risen for Cotton, limit sulu.t In raie and organize Companies to sttve a- DAVID II. 'I 1 L'CKKK, M. D., Professor o{ Theory
the Sacramento and its !
It i ia treasonable to withhold; it tributary streams t sequent to t lie arrival I of i ihe Overland .Mail, Sainsl t the Indian-., and n-q'iPstin Commissions to and Practice ol Medicine.A. .
are so high there is said to have fallen double E. M. D.
; PKriCOLAS Demonstrator
j cf Anatomy
from us. a les active tune prevailed!, and on Thursday ( that effect, am requested bv him lo slate in answer
the amount of snow in the mountains the Election
'and Fiid.ty the niHiket wa quiet. The com. thertt'i, thjt no tuck tniihurity is rested in lii,,,. The Mmer.m, Apparatus and illustrations for the of tate Senator.
A Bad IMn. I last win'.er than ever did in any winttr before A VACANCY havir. occurred in the OtEce cf
mou qi duties o American were a shade: rasi- Should liedet-m it neary lo call out vc/luritfers dunonstiat'ir departments have recently received
-hence the high waters. Things have JiState: Senator in the Sixteenth Senatorial District
In a correspondence between Senator Ilen- er, hut this feejinii) vva' linitu.i: lo hut a few for the above! purpose, he could only Cotnrai-sion i many aJdttion>i, an-1 are now very complete. The ncca-ioird by the resignation if the Hon.Em .
ai least met most sanguine anticipations.My
tcn and Col. Doniphan, the latter, who is a my quarters. The general chancier of the mat- upon the election i.flhe si veral offireis by the re- i I| l.ictlities; tor [Practical Anatomy are unsurpassed nT:3 I D. Tr.it : It i' hereby Ordfrnl, That r.,,
the is The Clinical advantage*
hopes as to gold fully realized it are fully commensurate
; ket is bat ofconfilence which: is lined jypeclive eomtnand election be h -ld in said Di-.fi itt rn Monday I Le first
; etitert elect then
distinguished member < f that party, says that is as abundant, from all accounts that I have j '\ Companies Cap- ) with the war.ts cf tb vudent, and especially vjlu- day ot October next to fill said
\ by spinners and dealers. That; business i.f 1 tains and Lieutenants lialtalion elect their Lieu ble to Ihoxe prepariiii to practice at the South. vacancy.
; ;
the Whigs of Clay county (his residence) **almost received here, as ever 1 thought it was.- i 1 Gicen under nij hand and the great seal cf
the week has s.fnno Jerate nn'l th'i ofliciul Clinical Lectures are given !v\ice a we-k in the
Colonel arid elect their Coionels.
quotations Majors ; Jleziuitnls the Srate of Florida, at the Caoitol ia
Some from
ih Anli WilniolIVovhj people are returning the mines which is in immediate -
unanimously" College Infirmary,
oppose of ihe Il.ianl !Hruke.s J f-ir l.it ( contiguity
week the
I &c.For [SEAL] : City of Tallahassee, this S5lh day
with their thousands while others with I he College,) and once a week the Kichmond
an ut
Kesolulioati of the Missouri Legislature. com-1 have been continued i but considered i ij f-l July, A. I Ii. lHlt>, and of AnericaaiBsIejieiidwIre
{ are. not
ing Lack bloated from diink, and prese'it: purposes, in the opinion cf the Goc- Alms Home. I In I Ihe-e I itsit uiti.rs (he diseajfcs -

It i* from tlici-e Ilesoluiiciis that C
Ija appealed to the p "Ojtle of the j I Those who have acquired much, are larg. i ij I 5.$ ; Fair Orleans. Of ; 1iddhin'. .1 force consist? tf two Cutnpaiiies from Duval and and Ihe student- ac'pfiinted t.i- the most with their eligible ppporruniiitsof and treat Attest : (;oer'rflortf Ffcthta.C. .
I PoMTirtL; I>TCLI.CI:>CR.-Aecoun'sfmni' ? ; W. Df> ftale.Jniy .
Xa twit from Columbia from Mirisrn vr>itGT Seerelmy of
Stale, and the Whigs in opposing them arc j strong: huilihy men, who are accustomed to Vienna admit that Jellachich Ins suffered >siu, nee one rnrntTbe, tieiu.nry| ol Surgical 011Tau11k b k-re 2i 1 9. 21'-Hv
.. : it i a (roa Hill-borough, ar.d two from Leon Comities the cia-s. t e'-t1p-r with the firisitie-j frr rvirnt
!I. .a(4. as requires hard work to obtain j ? .r.
taking *>;Jtfv4ui U''qton.t a COSer.tinel.. Rptibiican and Nerr?.Jaior'rbtfr
j d I'em. v/ho d his *
comp -lent by forrn en- the treatment of Surgical case, rend-ra this of
C. U DO\VN1N1 one
the class of ,
die gold ; men just spoken of can will copy till lt Octoberaid send bills to the ('f.
Il io bu.c .u>uuv<*. in d complement at ti.c hi1 id of 50.01)0) mn. Tt.e the b, st SChools! ol Practical Surstry.anK" of'
and Gee. nd interim. lice ecietarv .t l 'ate.PrWCLALc11uNIY.
about Adj Insp.
gel $6 per day now, and men who
are M ttricalatio.j Tickets of the
S-, Pro-
; -
ollVsih has been raised b
KtWf state fur tlu* i'cal! lreds; of siege } te! 1 aperi.alists -
pi a num.Jft ifFS able to do hard labor can get $G. .Men *.* Sentinel, T.uUahasceew and Republican, fer i0| >. Piactical Anatciry $IO. Graduation THECOY PvNOR.!

M party cn-Tces t f/3 wliat they nay, tosuiUin who are accustomed to pulling the oar of a !j after fun days hard fighting. Marian! Jar.k"vuville, will pubii-ih three limns. TtjU"*. oard, including fat!, lights and ser
] is evacuated. The IaLa l I) eliEsIme leeu 1 vant.-.* altccd. u.-e, oaj b.> ihJ-.in at S-l fo
boat $10 12 !
Li.a io & course antagonistic tu outh1ern j ran gel to per 'ay.I
..driven into (service, and their Chief Knbkt-, per ncet. S. MAUPIN' M. D., :

iii 'icst* as is thai of Col. Denlon. Hut ]j I Goad mechanics receive :$10 to $20 per dine, has been nrdt red t to leave bi i.. |>us'ition. 5JVTE: are authorized and re. ue.ied to announce Dean of tae Faculty.'jrnst .

i>f bow much torer condc-triaaton may ;hey be {]i day.House Any lent i is sailor: exorbitantly! can get! S'i'iO high' per one month.small I 1 1i A buiieliri i.'ued by the Austrian: (Jovern- 'i C..!. ALFHED FISHER a? a candidate for re-c- I*, tSIO. 32 49

thought worthy, who bating his party, and clc- ;; ho&l here rsitfl; for &45.000' a ; ani 1 intent sav.s that the I Hungarian I Artm (lit the I II l.'nh {I lectirn tn the office SherifTof Leon County. ;t the University of Louisiana.

.. % i. < i. y-nr; rnarrh- p..n Wai;?"::, !b''t were ,m-l i liv the eiisuini clt-clion in October nel.I Election of State Senators*
li' "'g 1 .--c."i.t'n '.'. Zis .-. ;,.. ..i Oi > .1 i.au >:-vtiai; einaii rooms tutu? r'jn'- ______ MHDirLPKPAKT.iIENT-COUKaH OP 1S49-50.
Uussiiii' who fell bnck the I VACANCY occurred the office c-f
it having in
> a'vanr-
\Vlsigs iJ Missouri, will forget all ed i for ;1 10UO per month ; they do not think J enemy areautWt/.ed, i'id r .8ted to announce | rpkJI Lectures in this Institution will! commence ::1.. '
yet persona i (-d. The next t day t ha I Russians atlacked I II fjjjR 'qui J I : State Senator in Ihe t.ghth s nalnnal tti.-irict,
i_ MONDAY 12th November, and contiiie
asking less thin $10,000 and up to 1OO.- on l lv the dea'h tf Hon. Jnrrits IL T. Lorimer, and intha
end party anlm.niues in their zeal to uphold ;eorwho Mr \\1E--? 0. I'ONEY as a candid/Te/ ftirthe Of- I
? bfi
occupied a position crontha.
; strong re tour
; >
QUO dollars for a small town lot i Ihirteer.tb Senatorial district by t1e reszna-
vary- nf Tar A.s.sor and Collector for Leoa Con ntv.at I
this arch nposiatc. To the thoughtful! mind J> ing according to location. Any thing ] WailZtMi, wiih 41.UJU urn ;ilu.l I I 120) | ier"s of i iI I 5c.e FACULTY. ? lion of Hon. J. P. Sandtison, aUo, in the fifteenth;

this fact contains most portentous evidence cf. to sell is in 1:0: demand liquor you'have I A rilliery. The cinnona'Jing; on both sides the en oin! election in 0tober next. Theory and Practice, JAMES Jo, r.ii, M. D. I Senatorial ustrict i b> the resignation rl Hi n. I.orti*

except wa triMiiend, b.n the I llu I uLtI:irians rein inmnstiis Surgery, WAEKEN STONE, M. D. Aldrtch : It is hertly OrJettd That an election be
the nnsoundness of Whig sentiment in Mis.' : and lumber.! Pine lumber is worth from $3.1 WE are autborra and reiiiested to announce sjid first
; C I of the fit-id. On the L.t'i thnjtiriin 55- } ; Chemistry, J- L. KIDDEL, M. D.I held in districts on Monday,the day of October
aoni the Wilmot Proviso to SGOO) per thousand feet : brandy in bottles } \JJIEL McU.AF.NY! asa candidate for the ofuceof j I OWelrics and diseases of ? .. TV neal, to fill said vacancies.
upon question. by the dozen is worth &!1t4.! and in proportion j bo.y| of the !'i-: !>iau Army \van liroughtuii. Tax Assessor' and Collector for Leun County, at the Women ana Lhtidrcn. Sj Atl.. VE>AS, Vim if. Given nr.dfr mv Land, and the sealcf

1 an'l on t ihe 1 17 they attacked Wait7."ii. j Acatoiny; A. J. WEorE.BCBN, M-. D. the State cf Florida, at the Capitol
GCrThc lesion Alias, wing, says, iLe by the gallon-at the retail shops? it is vvorih ; i election in October neNt.i j t tWE
the i } Materia'Medica and Thera- > [SKAI.J] in the Cit% ol Tallaha ce.'fhis26th
| Xutvvithi'anding desperate: re> iance of
drink ) G A. y M. D
25 meal of f
\ rents a vie- '
per common
; j .
ttroa est poliiicians we ever kr.ew were men ( the 1 peufics ) day of June, AD. IS-to. and 3d
tuals 150. betf 1 15 cents Ib. salt iluitgaiians they were compelled to evacuate -i- are authorized and requested lo announce
per SI a Phvsiolosy and Pathology, THOS. HCST, JlD, tear of American Independence.
xvho professed to have nothing to do with poli. !j jtics. quart : mtjl! fryin pans SI I .rr, ). small batcbiets the lown. with the lu s of j two stan Mr. OSCAR A. MYERS a candidate for the office Demonstrator ol > j W. D. MOSELEY.
." The of old Zn k\ letters in the i dards, cannon, and .">00 prisoners.A Y. R. LEMoxiCR D. Attest A. E. NAxwEu Sec. State.vz .
staple i 61 1 50; to $1 1, tin pans of middling size oi, Cleric of Leon Circuit Court, at the ensair.;; elf c- Anatomy, J :
large and enth'.i iaMic meeting! had been Clinical instructions will be given daily by the I I ( ,- The Florida Sentin!, Flnida Kepwb'iran,
late campaign was, that he. never mingled in 81 1, held in London to the Professors in the cMensive wards of the Chari!)' Jacksonville News. Ocala Arziw, publish to day
public s' j
politics' and he look special pleasure in te. j never was to much astonished as I was when; express [ unpa- Hospital arid in the Ampilheatre. I election, and forward accounts to office ol Secretary
j 1 turned out to buy my camp equipage-it is thy with Hungary, and to rf.rlun.t< the! Kugli) ] c::;- I respectfully announce m> elf to mv ftHowof The facihtiea offered for the study of Practical I j I cf State.JIIIIA '
thai }h wou'.d b
pealing not the candidate i iof < enough to sny, when I tell you that the prices Ministry I to 1iC' gut ist I lie I Iluugirian (;Jovernjii"iit. j citizeuu Leon Count v as candidate for the Office Anatomy and operative Surgery, are very great- 30. !?41. 2ft.EXECUTIVE .

any party or cli'jue." The Atlas man )has of every thing here would appear like! :Many Quaker members of ihe Peace j j'Convention of Clerk of Leon Circuit Court, af the ens-uin;; "Jfc- subjects being furnished free of charge. DEPARTMENT.Tallahassee >

probably made his acquaintance, and will, j robbery to a man in the Stairs Irish! pots-1' (then in region: participated, in lion inOcu.berncxt. JOHN B. KEEN j TERMS! : ,Jone 26th, 1549.AN >

doubtless, set him down at the. head of hU lit toes her are worth $3 for 25 Ib, ; salt pork i j the proceeding i *. When I one of t the speakers Tallahassee, Juh II. ISI!>. Ticket of each Professor, $1500 GEEaALO3tRS 3
j proposed aH lo Ilungiry by taking ui's arms Ticket for Practical Anatomy, 10 00 election is hereby ordered lo be held in t fce'
of those 25:i cents per pound, bacon .10 cents Ib.I -
strongest partizan who have fiee. per Matriculation! lee, 5 00 first Division nfthe I Florida Militia on the first
I Good in her behalf the meeting rose as one nrin Lessons in French.
ly made professions.QZ7 Dry *. of a due qualry particularly, are Diploma lee, 30 00Nochargt Monday in October nest,at the places appointed bylaw
no-patty in demand with shunts ot war. A petition was adopted; r .it: i with the for attendance on the HrapitaLGU.STAVUSA. for"
j no at all. There are very levI un1.r4ignet1 compliance request the election of County (;OCcer for a Majir
Southern I la'lics here ; a ship is now fiy the meeting, which was presented to Parliament of several! etntieme'i desirous to learn the NO IT, MD.Dean.. General Command said Division fill the vncancv -
strive make engaged to 0 to
Whig papers to I Alazallin after and gave rise to an interesting debate l French Lm .n p, hjs piocurtd t Ihe old Ileadinj New Orleans. Julv 30, Ic49. 30lw occasioned by the resignation of Gen. William
democrats believe that they are tied on to the a cargo ff women. Riom of the F'.ondian' ():tics over the Store of Afr* Bailey. t
I liun I aiian airti
| As to money, it seems to be as plenty a in- on !: rs. Hoc. where h" will cue a s-rics of L"ssnn<, coinm Improved McCarthy Gins.VAIRAN'I'ED. And an election is hereby crd.-red fr be held in '
free.soil] pa i ty ofthe Noith. How comes it, long the The .Sardinians are delaying th! completion of attend
people here as black-berries are inI 'ncinon the first S-ptemVr. He vriil the second Division of the Flffida Militia on lie!

then, that the Southern Democrats denounce I June. 1 must acknowledge that I r.ever saw of t ibe I treaty of peace wiih Austria t and it i is Ihcra (rim 7 to 9 o'clock, A. M., anti from 4 to 6 has the fiiSscriber Srs-t Monday of October next.al the pbcr* appoint

sach abundance of supposed their object in so doing i U lo aid oVlnck P. M.. an'! will accommodate studfr.n as A YEAR'S experience given id by law ior the flrct.on t f Count Offset for zMajor
the xvholc tri. e of free-soil men, and repro. nn money any where in Terms tuition JA. a p-rh-ct kn ilfdw of thee Gins and repealed
their convenience rr I Han I i the Austiian
by detaining t u ini
f life. The here an troops has ncf only shower! him Ml the detects
bale in the tdron fkl terms free-soil my gamblers have as much which will be moderate! may b' learned bv anplication experiment vacancy occasioned by the resignation ot Gt n JarnciG.
every as the Wall street brokers, and then the com- i j Lombaidy. The Austrian commander: had to JaN 1). DeCORCE. but' has enabled him to overcome them. He Cooper.

movement ? In the next breath, though, these I I mon people have as mu :h as they can corvc. '' made a peremptory demand I thai t the I Ireatv August, 1?, 1S19. 32 w believes that they are the best Roller Gins in the- Officers cnmrnandi r Eriades. Begirner.t9. Eattal-.
world and leels conSdi.t lha? will satisfaction
glue -
papers tell niently carry. prices of things here j to any one disposed to try thctn.Ovvinsto .
I of S'ardini.1 had appealed to I the 1'u'si- Florida Land Sales. to carry into effect this order within the limit -
dissolved. Union and dissolution at the must come down from what they are at i King i! increased labor and e\pen on them j .
pre- of their conrnands acd make
I from the fact that ii I' dent oi France lo settle i the. ilitliculties. "ITfiLL be ottered ar Auction numerous tracts of the sub.scriber-is ccmpelled to raise the PHO* to .me I respertive return
name time This i is a bright whig idea, j sent there about 1 100'j YY valm'ile Lai.d, at the placet* ariii times fylliiwin hundred dollars. J. M. JAKROT.Qtiincy according to law. a
Venice still holds out against tearful odds.
sail of vessels from TV. LI. MOSELEY.rJ
worthy of the man \v\rn\ \proved \\ facsimile j' coming the States freight- J! serious division ?. viz : Au-n t I I. 1S19. 31-sw | -
i I vd with goods and there is poo.ls enough A exists among the majoriityofthe At IVn>acoU on the -1h! December next. ( AU the papers in the Stite pnblisL until dayof

and sick family are the sam thing, winding!, i iup here now 10 supply the markets for six months French National Assembly.! A portion Milton. Santa Ilosa Coiinly, on the 6lh Dec'r CHARLES H. BUNTING, j jOFFER5 elect jnn.

his proof wth: the fact that black and while ; to come. I know of no opening to do business of them has determined lo withdraw trout K'ichepamia; Walton Co en the 10th June 30, 1540. 23.
Roach's; r.luJT! Washington County, on thtrI3h
the ranks tie Hum i and forma .
ol t
part > sni q
arc one. I here, if for no other leason, the rents ; D'cemier.At his pr.'fessional service* lo the citizens r A. E. MAXWELL
would the stork of rate ju,ty. A suspicion is entertained (hat Jackson the 15tli Deer ,
eat goods up before you Marunni. County, OT f Honda. He will attend with despatch

i[:ron TIII: U.ORIIIIAN AM> JO8SL ) could get them open, much less to sell them ; there exists an extensively organised Leghi-: .. Lott V Mills CalluniTCo., on the nth to any calls thit may be Wade upon him and .TTUY ? LAW,

TLETCIIflItE INSTIt7T. and there mist conspiracy. It is announced I that the Q'tincy, fiid-den County, on I the 19th l>erlonn, with care and skill, all operations entrusted
are -1,01)0 pack mules now crossing "Tl fl LL attend all the Cunrts of the Middle Circmf. -
TallahassiH-l Leon County, on t the 2id! to him. His price will be moderate and liberal
which had] re-landed after the as '
On the towards TailaliHKsee I i
road the \
at the mountains with goods from Mexico. troops new* (X- Office back of the Floridian A.
cello Jc-tll-rson Co. ihe 271 h
Mint on t t as they can be m.i>le, consistently. His residence
distance of about four hundred fn.inThonuKviiie of the surrender bf Home, had re-imburked Journal Reading Koom. ..
yards Two-thirds of the people thai are in the lidi4)n Court I lli>us!', onlhc I 2.I>tli al piesiMit, isQmncy.vvheiecommnrncatiiins

i* situated the FtLTfiuati; IN. mines are from Chili, Peru and the Sandwich Iitt; t their original tiest i stat iouss." Jasper llaniilton County, on the 1st Janyitor will be received by him,and immediately attended TlIa1iasee, July 2S. 1S
'TJi of Uoiii under Oiidinol's 4' Columliia Co., en the 3d "
city ; Iranq-iil ;
HTITCTK. Islands, and other foreigners What REFER'iCES t tfHon. 9 14 BBLS Sf. Louis Flour,

The plat of ground 0:1: which lh buildings steps will be taken as soon as our fleet fftts adminUtiatio!!. AH public acts are ordered Trn s. :-One fourth pavaSIe at the time of sale, CHARLES W. DOWNING, Tallahassee. ,,.'':14 20 bbli. Cilu-innatti Flour

are erected i is one to ail appearances deMgned in around! the Horn, 1 do not know. There in the name of the Pope, who will remain at and (tie balanc desirous in I three to know e.\ual\ what annual pirticular i iiistalmenuPcrsntis IracN. Gen. C. H. DuPONT, Dr. DAVIDSON.Co 3ej ... Whiskey,

by the G.iJ of Nature (for homit such purpose.Il has been a bad state of things in the mines (lU'ia: until alter tits accouchincnt of t the are to !h1 e sold. ts lit !b f'iriiialiedMtlt hand bills on |. W T STOCKTON, Dr. J. L. SHIELDS, SOOO 010 Ibs Ibs. Bacon Shoulders Sides,

rises by a gradual accent from every direction I already, mostly, however, betivcen the IndiaiisanJ (JUCKII of Naples, when he will: rep-iir to application In the Post Muters at the above earned R. E GlhSON! Esq., II. Kev. J. PHELPS. &00 Ibs. Hams. ,For Sale low brS.

; to a height nearly rqunl I to i that on which i iThomasville I Americans ; several have been killed Rome, to resumu I his i temporal and spiritual places or I" the sub-ciilier at Tallahassee letter Mr. II.THOMAS ISJO. HODGKlSS.Quincy.Aujcust 31-3mJ. S. KNIGHT.

IK sttuatt'tl, ( hli2 highetit spot in on both sides. :authority.) Nothing I ha* yet been said as la twntaee puid. JOHN DF.ARD July Ith.t lD. 2T

the county,) and present* an area of some forty Thvre is rather a bad State of afjjirs here how (he French ansi)' is to be paid ; but it is of Public Lands lor the Stale, ol Register Florida. L. SHIELDS, M. D. J. S. BOJiD, M. D. W. S. DILWORTH,] -[CARAWAY: SMITH,

or fifty actcsof high and airy ground, once among our own people, inasmuch as many reported (hat the Knipcrnr of Russia has a- Tallaha-wee, Au;. IS. is 19. 32-3myjr 1 o

under cultivation, but covered greed to lend his Holiness 1 10,01)0,000) hot Drs. SHIELDS & BOND, ( m-i
now Kji.ttt.ely; of them have thought that San Francisco The following papers will publish the above ?

with small pine, with bom undergrowth. was the gold diggings ; they have arrived interest, t ihe prineipal to be repaid in inslaliiK'nts once vek for three months, and send their accounts HAVING' associated ther selvw together i in lite- ATTORNEYS AT LAW !13

Two large and commodious brick buildings here without of and of half u million annually. I o t he RecUter :" of Medicine, Surgery, &.C.. fler their MOXTICELLO, FLORIDA. '
it is
one cent money j The papers in Pei.sacola, Marianna end A|>alachicola .ei vices to the citizens of Quincy and the surroundin -
have already been elected for school purpo. about 250( miles from here to the main dig The .t met k-uima Consul! has not yet resumed I ; tie Savannah Georgian and the Republican ; country. July 7, 1S-19. 2?.

ice upon this !cauiiiul sjioi, and arrange. gings, lo go the nearest possible way, and his functions tince i the attack on his palace I Ctiarlesti.il Cornier and Mercur ; Mobile HeiriMer Quincy, August 1 II 1 IS- a. :31I

mentb for another, larger and more spacious how far it is around by land I cannot say- by llm French soldiery. lie withdrew from and Ihe Advertiser ; Columbus Times, Ga., and the Notice.SIX -

I lie after I t the Reih! ; Standard and the Register. Epr Sale at Cost. Months after date I nhall the
than both the others, will be im
the want of the people require it, w hich. from ; on the 1 17ih levied atiibute 1 of 2000 Q SCTTS MILL IRONg, Vf the very best Probates cf Lson County tot a final settle;
$20 Reward. > quality,each Sett ooosminu of Wheel Crank menl of my accounfsa.4 dcainisrraicr lneEtat i'of -1
the inhabitants niter which he
present appearances will not be Jong.! With 1 cannot advise any manVbo is doing well pounds on Q_ ANA WAY on the i'sth of July hV.a net complete with 1 10 inch, 1 II I inch. ar.d 1 12 inch JesseTownsend and Daniel Town ci3, dereasc4.

fcuch arrangements, three hundred pupils can at home to come to California, and particularly took np position) in the neighborhood. The ero woman named M1LLY, a sina-l and sweep, Pitt man Irons. Stirrups and Guide Rods tor arid for a final discharge from the adminutratioc of

be well provided for u ith room. thoie who. are not very able and more people are collecting! in several part of the c4az, intelligent house servant. The said wonin Saw Sash. For further particulars apply to Iheacesli-fs. 'fl\\ perton* interested will take notice

At tho I lioie this liiMiiution: v.-.i 1"CiiicJdoubts ll.au willing to do hard work and to live hard.I country and organizing thcnHelvfs into ___>,ee,1, has a scar over her right eye, and on the McNAUGHTSi ORMOND, Newport, or accordingly.BENJAMIN MANNING
armed bands with the intention of runt side of her chest The above reward will besiven G. S. KING &. CO., St. Maik* Milli. Adm'r.
v ( t i-'rMa'ueJ: bv ? 1 IO'J days from New York San
OVIMI Us wanr.es was j4St to tut her apprehension and confinement in Newport, August 4. IW9. 30-JVT rJaateat.rr.herEsq.ia my Agent to attend

. IL1Ir; ,t'i a '" 1 rir-.t. j.j,. P.I:1.4: .%-. Tin Francisco, and t ra roll i rig at a great expense Garibaldi. jilt so that *he may be obtained. Information any re'gjmctittsj ----u-- -- to'l! m ttf-ri coaar cted with the adcinutraticn of

'mvr'.s -= (.f ::1.' .i': -t .: m-tus v. ;.t.1 all the lime. 1 was oil 5U from days Cutlao. her will b thankfully received. Addrcf.stlu MedicalNotice.. these estate* B.M. 4 -

than >a- ht-ni' o' j.npiif. 1 jls t\.Ii( nigh laii Thousands( of men are aiming at the mines New YORK, tu;. 10. sub-criber at Tallahassee, Fh.V. H. c. winr M. D. 4, j. 1.. CAIL, jj. 5. July 2S. 1519. 20- m

iaeJ nboo and igettitg: by the overland routes, and the vessels are The English Muil by I th.h A-norica I has A'.iti': ? 11!). 32-It POWELL. DRS.V1RT & CALL of Medicine have anirfclaied, th cnelvcs JUST reived from Ni-wr OrUana, -Neff' Sugar

f1mcnger atid around [lout I All the ciiculars in Surgery, &c., and Sidrt and Shoulders, (a .
ttroiIem fvery day, tliat ii cullttfreau j now coming in from Cape been received. concur .vnnh RepuSlican and Nw Orleans Picyune otler their service lo the public tuw article) Sio-
and will he reared nj here m evervvay J must mention that it is said by thoiO who I the quotations heretofore forwarded. The will publish Ihe aSoveoncea month for four \ Om'ce over Drug Store,Monticello, Florida gar Curd Haas, 20 Lblb. Floor.JOHN Jtc.MeDOUGALL.Julv For sal.! ly. '

sjted' to 0


VTyv,--. .i- --4_ __,_

LEGAL Just Received
c \t 1 1 < ) .> i.n: : .\ | ,

A f!! n> :. r ., ( i.fl'/' tn 4.1:.'-. .J 'th ynUBJnf AT LH'.VI! & A.MLS1 Kiu) Sure, a fo-h surrlX'w \ DR. TAflVIN'S LADIES' RELIEF PIUS
,eu il.. rrf ,, aud V.ilu4jle Mcdicinca atr.uhs which Notice. I
i- | -f .B-Mnul ad i.w. t.I n'uii* to pot Middle Circuit of Florida.
ip ; fir.r'jiv .-. %> b tt UM k civil 1'r.T.'n.etV. SafMfitiilm. air the Ii i H1.PENCER'!- Ht'-u : I months after date, the tmder i ned. executor i A RE an efectu.,: tret dy 1.r ;the toIlciinug pair.i|

dIqh.1 ,,: .,t ,t titJTCIrVt Orifta*!. r. 1 bsi.i..dis 1tui County Circuit C.uri.-In Chancery. D VHOF.TAP.I.E PILLS AND RD- SIX the lat will and ltt: nient of Lewi i'm Ruin- mr..1! i-r. -sin;: l.iridV r < n.\\ !jii.l v jn.t'orrhcra.r.r -

0' r.I nrtcr wit fl M ftmnrr.} a workCT.m rid Aea Mint TR .T KWI.LLr* JAMF* D. TKADE- TOHTIVn PIT! ERS, rlHF. RF.GFLAR LINE OF PACKHT5 between der.deceiisi-d. late of Le.'n runty. will present hi. I. obructtd! met."filiation. I y inf

*, .M tht '.ite. Tel frf f.i-imt s the title of I>r..f WEI.(.. Adtnin<*trr ol William Trade well.TT Pea'; raed far, ard trill turf. Dpep4ia.) Liver Cem- _l_ New York and St Marks and N.-wport vuil f final account* aiuil voucher to the Hon. Jod e cit or painrul ar.d unjt| :let n.ensjjujiu n, aITjd.4
4* f>ur>-. of retain :c liC ) i 11 Ii.<*U appearing to the Court on the affidavit of com1 ;plaint, -, Sh-i< ; Jauiidice-and I commence runnms at the opening of tl.tlall trade, and ak to -profuse f(.r a t
I4 i tia pita* i ; ) *i toyTri!, iiu4 i pnnrtuip wi but the plainsrt't! Solicitor that the drlendant in the j fal imeagts rc-uttini; Ironi a disordered siouuch or impure and ctmtintic ibnnt-rhcut! the entire year, viz: SAUNDERS, Executor. erable ticneand then entirely -epj-r "..,J. i( Lh.tno.

r.xVtjpt.: 1IXAL cz (NP. J r.g, TeMJ. *riia -i\p stati'd -.u"p does not rr.idc in Florida but in j I (rtalt'of hii..41.! Una WARCALLA, JoseUn Master, July 21. 1St. 2SGrriNotice. or green-sickiie**, Lencc.rtluiratr W

>*.se.Liit MB H ttt4 tir't liVrevx. feu bitiif cott ol s the Stale d South Carolina: It in Ordtnd, That the DR. HULL'S WORM LOZENGES, OCILLA, Trim," do. and eases (lit twrnefhfr-Snr-r.re-sir.nr.1 te i.Yfu
Viet, *ml ttif .ijimiiiw ,rt i u.tiil defendant appear and answer th.* complainant's Tl esaf"-t, wo t pleasant nrepatafjonttefore 41 j LUCY, HtM-mer, do. Spitting <-rd.rr Lfotdin cf
:wu.ii ( f( I1'.' A .% g 1.rA C 4* !I -lire the first day. f.f Diounliorncxt.otf the public for the eradication of Wosi, in I' Ibecuir.i*, Convulsionsor llpilej-lic fcl,, Lriic Cf
on or ) 5UWAXXEE:, Clark, do. (new,.) Month after dale, I shall apply to (the Hon. f fspitifa
!hi' inrtne lw taken fonfra. fm/if Children or Adults. SIX Dehihfy and N. tvou.ni'-., Cosiiv r.r % tsi nny pri WACISSA. Perry, do. (new.) ot Probate in xsd for the County of Leon, 1 ,
in fwr/Sfr Drdrrr-d, That thi notice IpuhH .hhip upon renneas-and many other duea**** that are too te-

,.'tflf' n.-taJscr printed in Ihe M 1ii.circuit! of Will PREVENT Consumption, and erne all ca es ofC. expressly for this trade and are commanded by the t goods, chattels, anti! esUte of Thomas Knight, t diM < towrr.tiintbat are gfM-rali} can. d by an cbstructiun -

F1iriJatui lavroicnth* u pr cii!>rHf>v law. ii(1 At1uma! Spittitii ol Blood l, P.titi' in the Side, careful experienced Captains- Freight and pas d cei-ed. RODERT DUTLER, Adu.'r. i or want ol tone ia the female genital trgaiv

: THOMAS HALTXCLL, Judee.J S"rtiH'5?) of Breath. and all other Pulmonary Coins at the lowest raft-s. Asim'ntmm- March 21,1 1-t9. 12-Om t *.

$lv 1Mb, 14-'. plaints. CUE, AXDKRSOX .V CO.. 1 They promot all the sccrt tiois ar.u* cxm ti, rt, m

Alrwrot.Attest : I) McTCArXY.Cloifc.J'tU -ALco.- |I'O Skater treet, New York. Notice.SIX i t the female orsanbri; they effectually remove all

-Jl!l 1"la"$ IK J. H. Krx: D C. DR. HULL'S FFA'KR AXI!) AGUE P1LLVel ?, JOHN DF.NIIAM, obstruction frura the female coasts tttcn, iinIio. ct>nphcated -
'p: II \ known a* a .ifc. Ct-rt tin, and Elkvtojl Cure McXAUGIlT months after date, I shall apply to the Hon with some other d>sra ear.d then grealy
wS & ,
4 for Fcter and A Chills and Fever tertnittnt Jndge Probates for the County of Gads-- relieves introdnri-d
\liddlejudielal Circuit of Florida. 1 ; n>e. : it. Gradujlly into the ?'>stzr,,
and alloiher 1 Fever Price reduced den for letters of dismission a? Executor on thees-- restore tie
to StrmtyJireCmUjur j they a healthy action in uterine and ,
Newport An ,
( ousi.-To l\tll Samuel Strickland!, dec'd l 'e nf xaid
'a-lmhn Term, 140.R. ROT.Th late t : connfy. {j api.endat-ii. The ere.it advantage andsoperiontv nf[

!*-tt I,. I'lltuomlSun !attjcliincnt for I the .- abate Mcdicin, fieh and i ennine. are for TillVAKUI.I.A: HOTKL II. II. STRICKLAND, Executor. j the Ladies' Relief Pills ver all ether fttdicine.4 i ,

r*. L> .utn dl s>7<>'.< 'jo.Hfykiah Mlu by LEWIS fc *MKS, January 27, to4\e\ 4 I j that while they eradicate disease, I hey in iscraiete!:

.\ I : ''iuui1 h. ) lioiid in 1 ,*>>K). Tallahassee, Fa. AT NEWPORT SPRINGS, FLA. iHMly. Many persons have been cim'tl by the use cf

'I"ui. l-f'ndant nilfi! nil other person it tert'"U For rtificafefl of recommendation, ard: other in- A=*--l PHN! I1OTKL has been e/nnpl. tul, and! Notice. these |>ilU after an affliction often year.. In *bur,

i. rfr- luTrity t.4i11td ot ili, n .Muti. H of the u'lt.r- f iit i tnation crneeriiii i the above Medicinr iee future M.I I. now !jirc enr- to the public a d..irsIule SIX months after date, I shall) npply to the Hon.- !, these pius are a perfect regulator cf the monthly

... -' ; lilt %li> jrlnnciit, and arc rriirei to ajin ar and a di'is! ti. tK'iit, >, and pamphlets, which may be obiiKd !huC4:-n if( n.oit !ler the dpuroachinii season.It of Pr<;bate for the County of i.ti'rson for evacuations t.t females. Il they are profcseer irrf"-

.1i- ot! tn ihe 44rdratitIl! fild tN-rein within, the t iii| the V."its.Mateh I t i i- itil t .il -i :n( d ii. c.ary' to sji Mk of the t adv.itit.iredt ; l letters ol dismission ns Fxecofor of U'ilham II.Mathers oar, they (the Relief Pills) restore them to thti,

OLD lift.) .1 U'OIJ( ( TOWNSF.XI()\ : I), lilum 1enC1bt1b. luw.; l 1jdIfd; J-ily 17lli, 1M' __ 1 1. 1 I'-I l. 35 1 rived from I the waters :-rd bit ii.uz: by t ti.-.s.' who late ot said! conntv. deceased. I regular! period and proper iju nlity and quality, aud

IIM.1 "iti.t\. : ; \l. %t.i-i' i\r.t::: ::<: "i IIIK I I'.W. WllirJ:, l JIL'i. A1t.Juk luie frc'j'i' <'iitfil? the "u', jiu.i. The \itt'ifof i thewaNr SOLOMON E. 3IATHERS.JtfTeraon do likewise it they are taut < r vb.+trncttd. if

( ruiiint* Touiwiui SnfeapariUa.I 21 1lt. ''i Drugs, Medicines, &c. arc well known, ar.d require no adulation. Coiinfj", Fthruary lu, ls4t 6 6tn Many females are thrown into convulsions or Epi
t I In addition to I Ihe fornv-r at tc.etjiiru an Ice Hri>ic leptic fits by the suppression IT ih-ttructitn of the
014 Ii, 1swii..4 I i' i >> bif.ul \ tn nl( 'r' tiM tii. t.. ElV.\1t1) RARXARI: ) JR I monthly evacuation
In Chancery. will be well filled with tin desirable artK-I", and a.Mint Notice. *, (occa-uened by cold or sire*
f $ J''t.Sft .r Ihe
(tp. ki (4 A ( StI i
I'sv.v: ,: tit.lui.vii.J.fVh 7( ll'.S x, s '.fRf. MIDDLE CH5CITT OF i I.otiL.IN: GAIS. 11T.' ivcd, hy the hilL arrivals, atn'sji I (imdm near by. 'Nm-w Stables are L.itsg ererted we.-lcs utter date I will make application fo other catue.) and) r< main object ol pit*; and distress,

mj t w..w li'' II ..iiijfllr.J t.. limn tf> m 'JI4A tUtI, h'.4.l1I \- _I_ J_ .!dii; ion to his ..tork of GKNUINi and visitois will receive every attention calculated SIX Hoa. Jtjrlae ol Probate for MadUon County,. ;; the remainder ol their lives ; these pill cure by re-
: : CUrilTThe .
'id thr JiI!* cifwwnWil 1
IIW' i l Mi liwii Iw-i* iIt i" 'VMt. the
-fi1 : IUCJS AND MF.DH; INKS, all of I ; to snake: their stay at tinSprinjr* pleaant. ( It moving cause firt prrdncrd the disease.
C t.i UK"rily li hid |tr. w( I us worth ami Mnmuoliw or -tiers ol Administration on the Estate ot John ,
e II fcnd Ii'itli. .l Itif -ir ..f in in". iimfl'ulevi a Kratirii iif th.= Rank 4.f tl.el) y.A_ which are 4.1 uond
IIUUSroIi Iis4 td. H *i .,k.d ..i .ta. di''i.'p. 4 Stale 44 ALthatiiU! i Couij4l'l :%I'm', oil ti.in.1 a ui-iii-r.il assortmc-itt ol the follow.tl May 2iSl9. 21-6w take cold alter or during rdngutinent, which cause j

*rlIs dvisth. pTHI I.d $&'fi'' t.nr isn. w ,.d.iul i : which) anw. nuiii.% viz : CEO. II. BESTWICKVholcsaIf the suppression of the lochia ; for that, and all sirri.
11IAUU IOWKK.rr ; ,
fleHjtflitI C. %%'e..t,'hcriflditi&iiIlutVal4t1l3UffitiU H"Ufk'. P.tiiect'a lhi l I's tar disease, the Ladies' Relief Pill*
Imtirnvi'd Tonic Mixire. air an etTtcfEal
$ ., inr !: #rS ,, ., tIrt ti ii 4 h) hiI i' ii1e es Notice.
P.14 i' It.i 4.Ild nit ;iliir ii.i Ii utt1 w 'iS Ii.S / :iini.! J Hilt to trtlmoi. l VVist.r's' :.. -.. 'd Wild Cherry 15r.it.dnth'ss '. \ i Ilctnil (Grorrry i Prevision Jltalrr, remedy. They are a valuable! ap rienf dnrirj con
S iIee n4taist'.rr 141 $Iitflk d titli ItIi II4fl imM tic 1jrii4Iltd *>u llnj K: 1-$le of J, iw Iniii-tar- j JVloitjpge.: I s, SheiitiHtiV Ctlehrated ('.st hat Catnphor. .I.1 ALL \I H.SSiiFLoKDA.KIIFP I : : QX'.ionths! after date, I shall apply ro the Ifnn.Judjfe finement, or to correct a wfixe habit, tick head
( to Iwiiie it mlii nn.nni'l 5 iiltee. wlirn it* nntiii.Hii> ji V. d..c'd John i'". I 11101 i$1lV.$ I '.V.4 J '.f Pmbafe tnr the Ci.tinfy of J'Br ijtn"Ctrt iils. and Dinner Lozenge K
,1ur, b, iiiiwu and iptvi''d. I'lil* Iiwe ki.Ci.W *, >>npand'sCt : con-t.inth on Irr.d. nnd lor sale at I the I ; they rer.rnrand
l l.iifi.ts of dismi-ision Executor of Esther Korne4
William P | ''tul! uril) vinli-'i:'> j as inviirorate the
C C1iIl41ui1Y. iihrrttt-d! F '"I Rin *d\ Ltirenia and
I VP .tI.IIJlf'd Iii P ver \s\ti < Cordial. rne acthily to
t--t : ( a-liail the tit It in
|.ii t Ic. or t I at I >
heHH.iA'ii ofj'tt] 4t! csod.
jtuftt t'x-ntr.it.r.r.tt: : rnEl.w.Ire'fl.% ) Lewis \V. ltIjl aiitl j 4 late Coun'y. t the rn-rvou* ) tm t and
Thi'i'isin i K\e: Watf-r, M< Munns' K.xir: < 1 I Omum, : liisji.u 1 fit t iin-it.f sFkurs .1 li--t 1 s ure the EiiU!.'sfy-t the
i .s.Su'ar .
%wininilrtrinri'd tn tin- Urgc.t rai *iii| H rttl'-il lur thM'iell HtiPi-L! Minor. DefendantTT ,*. j ( u1uiuh t JOSHUA AYI/-R. St-nr, Execntor.Mireh2 most certain
->itlltr l.-npth unit l,rc;nl ih ..I the lanii.4-tpeci.itij) u U SI foui.d ai-iSs: n Fever and A ue Pilfs, CiyJiie; T< a-, liaivn I h.rzi: Soar>,Cuk Nutm, flu l-K aperient know n.thy are larnilVs* and
,11iitsh! l afT.daut fihid Ti-r} s .t ditto, ((7'.rilniis Piiiii.iiH and Anti I l h rtipfitirlilli. >iis! L-iid: Wbi.tcy, aid ail other artirU'j u<,u.iilytou I i innocent lit their effect$ For young ladies vrho

tiiI.kt l V..niir fT Tots n l' it imjifiVM$ vtMl *e*. iiiil J in lhit *aiie, that J 'lm F. Innwairj i r.iidub.! ... neck'Mih'ji Anti-Dyneptic) PilU, IVtff'andSj I : d in similar abls.tricnt: | '. Ail %vatitina have arrived lo the age *f vtonanh, and hotfvien
never',$( pr.' h.oii rq.l.i. tmt. f tr r.ttflr ttornrr nw.: IWCMMM The birbeil it in |WjIYd|kiIIIV.JVdVi B t \oud the lin.it'sol' I the St.it ot Fi! < nd. t > wit. ti the- p'uici'> Pill, and i i- At'15I' tor S. P Town>end' to ptirrha; any ol the abo\c articles persons, are r -si -- Totice. 9 are too feeble or relaxed to biir.g forward the

triioiitt III4.Jbc i.tiet 4i&i..i'fiC% 411 Uw rZ, hav nil I been :State: nl Al.dunia!: : th'tViU.itn! P. Innr.ini reid C iioirLIttil Sarsapaiilla. in ijnart bottles, at per |1t-etlIl i !> iuvittd to call and price them betciie buy SIX Months atler date I will apply to the Hon. natural evacuations' the itks') Rrliel Pills are a

IfmfU. ntii n ing
,PSrAmtIIII| 4 H1P)iaa'Xnr turdiEflhI1.*|. rula% fnot 1w1irue., U in will n4 kimw ionic ID m"
lwk an inert nr ul" i. nnd uilirr w bicil it r. 11 oi-d tn |*ejmriftf Santiasn Inneranty tiid4'i IxjoLtl the .in.its til f t'st? I II *ick or ordinary tJO than ll.ut usually sold, LODUOIIP li. Co.C'irnr-r of Monroe a:>d JclK (son streets. James H Gibson, deceased. rive mitch benefit from an occasional) ve cf lrt* r
it f'.r u-v. $iftMtartrr r. (. w iind acid. whicta to tavriiiU 1 Sate ot Floridato wit in the Island of Cubi! ti I will
,,, ; .it P I &c.. 4tc. May la, !lS-l. 1''. It. E. GIBSON, Ada'r.March pills ; they serve to keep tip, and 3e5j5f nature
t" the fsjm* tes imqvYtH. <(f i {
y.si.ii Lcn i: W. Minor aid lk-l *rt Sli VIIitt>. tt>*l UH cf.titctt pMimu mid re i<.'4 ill thi 1 ._1t-4s.: 47 10-6m a healthy action in the ntenne tor.ction. -
fMV|*r>ti'>n, if ttiy Me ii'.t urrw tvd lia tnnttjie praettt, the !Ji i"ii' ol the S'aieof F5"ri kn'K 4,1,11.) t" th ca5wflo4vt l in ts nmnufwtun M tliBV talrtilr frrinnnlrr. lltrl. fllf'tf) 'KHir.| .if S ?r lrit t BAGS RIO
f! 1 OiTi 'd! deft'n .'Tit* AIap r?! a'.d ar.s.ver the bill "I TrrceiviBjf New 1 COFFEE and have bug been used the jar
from Yf rk and New Orleans by r.ti r with
11 uniWr fi'-nt. are ttw tf\ r/.ntf/o. me4ul preptrlit *&bi i iO IX months after date, I shall apply to the Hon.Judjjs .
,, | rf c-. -'-. 3it lil-d 'rrci", wi'Ha th.* titre< limited s do. St. Domingo do. t the happieit and '
t universal
i t..ltAIWVI.fwNI | ft a lull I ius1 rh'-jf-e ;- iiiuert ol (ji.'.eeritc..tu- of probate! for the county ot Jefferson, for success ; tley ate
r do. White Jjva do.
rii 'ni.t .tr ir i # : I I titVra Ts i cim !> ti 5* ;- t>> say !hi* P&jd Juiinj : i-f 1' nH sidts composed entirely of vegetable
Iu.4 75 ii : if *, and Slio i| j>r l letteii of dm i-ii'ii administratrix de bonis subsfarcc.They
Lirh ., ;> non
i i. i U + do.
niiftr tmi r 1 IJrown do. do.
fimu i iMtirr ir it* <.* t"> I j F I-.nri5TH> .Uw :> W Mi':u'r. ai H-loise 5ir.wj ; : Mirk. ril: No. 1 .ind J, Catidle*, Sap, I Flour, CoSee act favorably, both as a mild aptrieut and Icnic, mall
an} ttuns eI. thttit ;in .t..i'i t ,nr,. f' sj I 2 KbU. crushed with the will annexed, of Jeremiih J<>hn'on, !late ol
liquid. < r 'im ,* i ..iqu..,i ".- .; tt.ri c' :1 s& l..r. :ic p<*! !i.d t f fur wi'h* from ih. dicol ; Las J, Tol'afco, 'IVa*, Almond. CitiidieXev\ OrItrais Sugar, said count v diceaedMA K Y S. JOHNSON. constitution, and without injury to any. They
,Arlu1.t. :xvit er su", the ti'st 'PuIIfln Mthictd.'r the said William 2 l fluie Loaf do. have been prepared with
III iianiek' ; Suijar, if.c.Ai'ich 1 olli-r low l t..r cah. trreat care ant are indrrd
Jefr.gsnn 7th 1W.! 1 1
CENTINE n i.iki.OLD DR. JACOB 1 P. Itin-rart> wt'Knshf ji<-ri Kj of two iKrtl.: : : and I Store removed> ni-xt doer to Jhn VV. <\ivic-*. G'ien' Ihitter: Box, and Pine Apple Cheese, Supepprif County, April what their name implies, Ladies Belief Pills. Many

.TOWSL'SISAI'ARLLI. JtV ;! Sa1;'!?".. l Irnfr"-i! > vitl.in the period <.1( MS; JOHN Mcl>OUALL.J'jrp ( I r Family: Flour, Cider, and White? Wine Vine- testimonials cf their efficacy conld be produced,

1. .' ;itrj.f.4 tm: >ii tf .c nrfdir.li Th Tic.T1'r: in cef. \jil teiett the said bill cf rotnr' '.u. 1 <-1". 'Jll 1 H'tr, Codfish!,, Ilerriii-, Chocolate, Candies, Sauces, Notice. hut a few only will be given, as the public will% be

; r i r> i r<- 'i u't.-d e'.l-\ thC t :.- .; iri' '..etaken ac.>fiJ >std b> tl e iid defcnr.r 1'irkii"), Almonds, Fizs, Table Salt, iic. itc.Kcceived month* after date I will apply to the lion. better able to appreciate their value alter the Lave

11r141 i fit <>t t
lnt Hurt.4 tiw4a.thiI i.i.r r.jfew >*>>< d ri tt-ji 1 Ui.T<-*Tv, Jj; j- iris or v'.i r. Pr'* -dtJiat! I I5 isc l M'NAUGHT i. OflMXD.N..wprmrt Dismi- ion from the adiriiiiijfralii.fi ol the estate ol that you may in a great measure become tour osn

and 1w. i'is pr f trdtiberu'h.nj' : .cc a ae- k f*.r the ttim *.f lour I .ZI1-\:: : c; nlc liable, March 10Kt.1 ] ': 10 Xorborne T. Tailor, d .c. II. D. BRADFORD. Physicians thereby relieve yourselves cf rnariv

Bn ,t |5' >rfn i er t t''h. *
Cute of w'U \f ur C' *.' *. *JKI conV-i vflj iic9 nx'tiJti f'u r 1 THE GALPIN HOUSE. human race are exempt. Each box contains thirty-
,3..e tE V.4 j r IMIK u'j-cril. l.att- od tiLt } I
r *u. ti
i ir lire-pnof
U I it* f. fay MM E ;tirttn.i *vt rv- :-i a ifi *'t>sp; (-i |iut1li..tuecp.bjtu | '' 1. but-k St.t. ., alit lake ti.i* cppoiMiuity; to* inloita NE'N.NSVlhLE J* L (O It IDA.e Notice.SIX three pills-j rice &I.GO per box.
HmJ*" te tiw 'af iS, liBii! fal iht- .L3de Criit of Fl .uda. Ker for, sale by
( flX'r-VPTr',% f.yai ?i. .L jrv rc THOMAS BALTXKLL i ihir (lri.r (!N aid i twe j 1I1LI! !ic jii-tn r i'.y of lb / :yV THKp'i'ihc I i : arc informed that the GAL-: Months after date, the undersigned will apply F: O Welch, Drnssist, Albany. Ga.
t'I..IIXT ".f a LUll Ff rij.i: fjrt. Jkine thaukinl lor tl.e) hbia] patronage tlipy Hou-E"'is i the Hon. Jitd e of Probate tot Leon County Rafcerconntj,
ile-n PIN tied fur the
l S-ixas
1. ROW-op reception Th
Judge. i Drojruist, > HeGa.
f +*, ma
( 7 -J f
.k.tti.'f rm *, ,.et-tTIX. fJJIu C. IJ. 1itPtr, S-:1. for Ct'ni-"t-| ] have heretofore received, they solicit a cunt i nuance I >.v .H.ot Hoarders and Travellers, and they may ( for letters of d'nssi.jn: : as Administrator; of the Hamilton W. Sharpe, Sharpe's Store Ixiwcdes
Dilate of John Smith. deres ed late of said
ol the same and pledge theuiM.ltei} count
JP-rIT: tosfiare no > assured th will he
: :IE ; A Uu* *-* .i\ : |pain: rest -re no pains spared in makinsr county, Ga.
,t a 14 *, *' t, id-ifrqV I J. R. HAIiHlS t'l 3' r;< 0;:, M< n rimil, Court.f jiLt the accotntt f datioii( o; I tht-c; who it.ay p-ttroine thciii cuHiI'-rULne a* tar as in the power of the Pro- PATRICK SMITH, Administrator.! S Puleson, Drn st. Monttr*!!*. Fla.

t 4. 4r lrfin frj f4, t.,4 ,,/ .-,? > ,' w* torn, u& ti T f:* U. C. L,:>T .R, U 'putCktk.. thHii. Tl < u S't.'leare silu.ittd on \Va hinston J pi ictor to do so. ii-; table aie new and in first March 10, 1510. luGmrotice. E. Barnard, Jr., Iii tgisf, Tallal a. MeFl3-

f 4 frit L.1L *. f..C hi ,. L.' fit' .t i.ue I; Mur' I u.Jcfferzon. Stjuarc, in the yr.l eorvenif it pait I ol tl.e: t.iv\n, atid j rate order, and a Cr-t rate ostler always in attendance. \V. Briosoti & Brother, Dios&Ui,3Iadi-.ora C. If.
h ii.* rtt ,' ia '*, a ':0 |"i>u.,4* *.**V pir t for cuitnilia t and convenience.thev! cannot be sin Ha.

I t 'sr'. Ui'M*w a$ t-. .1t.-4'* .L aWtwte 4 tt b Circuit Court. pad l by ariv Stu'n'rm< the J-'outl.ern count!v.XO N. B. Private apartment* iilway* fnrnhed: for ia- SIX month after date the underigned, adminis And by t? e inventor, at the Mineral Springs,

p4 -h n? .4.c %.-IIM-I| I IS !1' IS -*. (;EO. M. GALPiN, | de boni non of the estate of Samuel Lowadea county, Ga.
\Visift; Jafli" 4r IX CINCEIIY.b'.nii' .
n ? rH'tm rh-f .
I.', 4dt i oii I! iit 'is. a : 4 Nwnan ville, June 25, 1SI.'J3 Proprietor, i iT Thesis, late t1 Leon County, deceased, will present
n'n ni jr.ss Lelit I Ip .
J&.MALE. 1PLMNTS. nih fir 1k2uf-Fe.i r LEWIS 6: AMES, his accounts and vouchers to the lion. Court cf Pro-
It ii-Pi v Zl uer.,
ta. #i.iii.vs t-n. g j I i.:'lii, .*1pt.. Irvtiui Fb ,! L(1)ap. :ut I Ir i t Liiuj 2)Iz1t IN WHITE SPRING, h.-te fur Leon County and ak for a final settlement 3LinIo:' Covvrv.

t of :r. ,. ,. : I (:iitsveal.cc, &c. ar.d Jiatharge from his said administ ration. Some time about;
j eight I
ft.s*! It. .,ii. '1 A 4 l liig..h1 and Davi DIMTflS, MF.HONF.S! : : : PAINT5. OILS, IIAMII/rON. COUNTY, TLOIIIDA.'HK SIMEON THEUS.MJ.V years ago ni.scarri,
*3ir ii iii 'uz .. l fart on JJrftt.ITa' j which was the second time that I Lad done su -
( triir Toilet Art if Its. Pfrf
t,4 Iti. &r \\ifitldw\
iS '
i of vc'i4? '%l I marry. ; Gia suuu'.tri4ued: l respectfully inform the public 10.' l&to. 20 Shortly alter the last miscarriage I
jrn* t 10! S4 was to
rritt to tht tiUd id compelled
vt. r.l' f rrtu 4 i XiiC } thU 1 eaiin 11 ithc 'iati-f ctionof thi C< urt, hy I'MNTJ-K.s' I'l'sJJ | j. .' NJ) fOI.OKs, thnt tl},,--. l.a'.e k.ued this .*/>/ in t'' T a te.'K: cffirs. -- lie out in the word* all night from the Indians whirh

'!, < tjud in this c;<s \tu <., .. uc.: I \ : The 1 ti.iner-il prr>( erties ol the water are so Notice. caused me to take cold, which caused obstrncf, i'inof

itil tiiti $$cr% !it. .f ft. b'* t '. ? 1' iii .tte f rl.ui'* n wde oil *.f t).<. Slatf? Fl 1$ NG! 'r'zttujt. .Vri' ",i. 't I ia' Jiia, F. juiivii'lion I (it thin 1 C iiuthut tit Ihc United Stat cn'irtly disap
aw.vig < <-v : .L lo\\& '-t trial lit / -s. I I that sli'. 'Ct.
j/nn I..1 !mini-.rratorsoltheeateof William
,,iip ( .fp f &';. | I a | S Then, peared about three years ago. Since ticn I bate
It I, n. fti' I ii jg h.ttIiy nrtn| tiitf. i' ft tv (irdfn-d, That thesiid dck-ndiinlcSi! <'iii > 13mg! LF.WIS: & AWES.Tallahassee To t toatbctcd!) ; \\ith fits

lie* U>nt>d iri, Mi.rt p...,,., rotss. | c-rirtu rr iiinU,.- tni 4-l cRiwi? i> f.n-i I M. t IK I Kill of
it i i fiiinn--t.r. unlii tiled in thi- within I f
*%ti.ii!> ii i ift tii- I li i.4.igid the iii.'iu M* |.rr |wr ;irm ; : the d teof the ptiliiimtinii ol l this uri Confectionery and Eakcry. \ .'.-beliexins; from its iruny almost rnirarulou-> from his said administration. lieved me Item those unpleasant diseases above rnen-
lair. 'il l *trrtun.k '. i dot, or the cald Hill!! will taken for fav't I' '
tic ion
Hurt ntnriK. r.ini.ii > nil cHnriiet" et-cted! its that also
Mud will
%L4h1Ii Itii I'Jl FXRV KI S DON would inform his friend-sand; \ cures by ute they he siinila SIMEON THEU3. tionedand from experimental knowledge I wenld
11 .latir.-
m r 'IiN *v*t'-au 1i list thu. Ili.'ii i ii'ist thetri (Jtdtftd That
The midlcine ; Jlndiliifturtlicf puhlir.it J.J- the publicnn. ; jy|! I that he h.u- on ha1! d, aiidis ly henciltled And vesay to all who visit tlui. May 10, ISt!>. 20Administrator's recommend them to ail my. (.male triectfcin affliction
ion tin's
jou y jirp-rwliieiiilj! need ; (if ) idft he made in stitnc
II' I 14fl uny nf th< ..* tJi:IICKr ,1 5 ,,]i. | 1tawida ittfe- pul.li-.ljed at 'Tallahaft- ttock for news-paper the coiistdiitiy: iiuiiul-ictun.ig; CANDIES of ail kind*, Spring, that in the event t that they are not ben>-fited! and Idotlm.k. fr. m the experience I have hal,
hfl.ii'- Tii'. |r..unf m.t'. ,i m.1 ,. c'* M |rt- IiiE four. months. SliCe a spaceof uch JH : alter a lair trial, there will !hue no charge for boaro.Thf Notice.c they are worthy ol all tK.f; is el iirr.pi! for them.

Ci21iUIj W1TII THE OLD Ult'S, PMl'l'KRMlNT.: LF.MON DROPS seekers of pleasure will here liud a delightful I MOLEY lIVflSTTFVT
.---.--- .-. ...,'.,. L 1i i lut Univ ii I cert ily tinahove lo lie a f me catty from tiLe rec- f'IVV\M/ I place to while away their in.f.I TX month-' aft.r date 1 j-ball prr.ent my accounts I
(I 14UIO1L'iTIIbI. 'ml j ordsot Jtffersoti Ctreuit i' Ut I. The Hotel having been renovated and the t,) and voucherand jnpiy to the Hon. Juilze olProb.'te ] I do hereby certify that the above certificate is liferaltv -

irNfcVEH; SPOIlS, C.G. FIFE, (lork.M.it'is w1TEUREJN( i: \ RLE CAXDY; made comfortable and supplied with, new lurniture romr. : for Gadsd'.n County for a final settlement troafrud lit* own km>vri>dre.GEO. .
,tlt. tfcr IIOARIIOT'XU ; ,
ol tamiKf. lirmrniitf. and Hmrhif tit 31 iM->. is: ; and dUcharze Srcm the administration of the estate E.: UVERSTBEET.
41r. '*e hope to give general satisf.ictirn.
r.ithihUI 11 I jnui Irufimiii'lJii- __ And v.iinu* others, : them several that
wiiir. arid Madison
liquid stjnonir are Fla.
etftlu County Furt
tfieir. imud d 1 o Archibald flhisrk, d.c. ; arid also a settlement anti near Ilaiailtt/n, April
imagiH? nil.ir Mu-t Our for &c. such
jfimij. arraflgetT1Cnt' supplies
not tliii Imrnlik mm h useful lor colds andcouuh-and if are as to
found yfm w/fY..U tntk may
miit' \\ hat IK ,
caimi < ieMia bill and set Marsraret flack d.-c.
fccwlf ft.i 'i nut nil ktiuu tttui ln-n l.tud Ci.ur'm tn|our itflnicfcl j Sdiah M. V.'liititig, ) In Clrjnrer\ I theCiu'tiit I trliolfmlr and rttuiHe /. the Suth. apart to as widow

tUtiuli mif lifti tin niti hf.rt. lsimi r.iiiij.lm'iit diurrtxi n, it!) neuttry. colic, i Fraiifi-. Whi'iIJill i hied.j der that the allords and with attentive E. S. SIIEP.tRDAtlrnr. { 1 I took Cold which brought
ed! rmrufitnia ot tUI.. mm Uhntin -rutula (bin an arid l iitan< hes. linm t!he plain J.oattif linud, lo I the tn"t country 7th on irregularity and rh-
April lr!\ 11Notice.
tJOmur in Hie !> ? U'tiHt |*.rflur<-' all the h'lfii'in which j T '1' app'Mtiti'J i ) to I tl 1.t- hati i1drt tiltS of llie Court, that exiuisiuCains i i t and I'tn. Pat t li-s and the public ostlers.Pdssenzer. -jiruction of the monthly evacuations accempann if
nig4iu iJU.i.| nf Sli<- fkin, reId llc-uJ. fiiilt Uhi- I> 1. from Tallahassee and Jacksonville will with Lenccrhcea, or Whiter from that
iptaI, U'lute F > Jhe Uefcndatil I Fran M IS. Whiting, s n-icit-s in j ct'i :bfacei.tninodati'd I : by jiivins u i timely notice ; time, n.y
wvIllum. fVrr S.rri and nil tilr -r tons: inIcrnal Te\rfioneof the | at I tl.e likot: and meet with no inconvenience inc<-ltir> horn Alligator health gradually declined, until I was breech t to
and entrntI t ll 11 n'lttimj under tiwtven. hut arid ; S aft-t ml>| the L'nited St.ilciiat.d out I > Coaledionaiy on Jclirrcon blreet t I avery
alnt'iree lnrh wiim. and tdu p.s. nil the tin.l< an of tiie j '.i( t t'rut Slate, H>I lh.it I Ixjdy. more nr K-*'. IVfcat canst llhcunmii-iu bid a iah.tuiee hrii; ; them without any delay.U.jrJ \. John RtZetnanlate) cf Hamilton ronr.ty.deM I I to set about. I took! medicrnes from several
and flu.'! 'm sb nmr or : v. >! uii'iii him : / i* linn funtlfrrml ami vt I n
iniinui4&r> it <-lf ln\w n tin-j.imt und -se- will be moderate. reas.'d, will them lo me without dt- and loond but little relief, cntjl I began
bere. irrit tine "nd inflmninf thr dfiiran timisur' % I That h'-arititf of the fa< It. cI.irg.'t> I HI u' 'id bill I IH- present i.iy.du- to a.-
ll act 1 MI
Crranprd tmiiiaa tin riirniai.i.u.tun.. 1104 sicret1 ajl tlin/uiUiecU winch alfl.cl i 1 I'utt, i in the <-onir\ \Viiktilla, at which tune ?aidlfhldiit I ('I I 7, IS4D. 1 JJw J 1 Dm JOHN G. f shortness of breath until sozsetime *
a in SMITH, | last Dtcembe
%ftr i> it out n-irriUie to mtkc and usct3.in4 / wcrt 4 U't (LiiOUIte.G infinitely trot it | a in.st ti.ii'i hill dnil if i* fmthtr <>nltr l, : CLOTlli.NG, Ihtr w.th JuncO, i3 Sheriff & euffitio Adm'r. j I 'I obtained from Dr. Tarvin some of his Ladies' Kelief -
}'}:''L1j:, i-tNG. ACI1 tog. a lew aniMu MEDICAL NOTICE. l lI Pillsand I do hereby certify that I have fr
Tit! .1' >uc Ij
CO.MPCJXD"OF :& a mr''> lhi( (>itiie one &l h asDrills
K. I'. ''IO\V\SKN'I Court of Probate--Leon County j more relief trctn then than rr.t iicir.e I have
1.1 1 lie) tIt.% -|uii'i: pIJJltd i ii 1 this Ciiciijt t OIICC a ) Irnp) d'llte% j'In any isr -
aa4 ft I.e w.u.d I.an ti.\f it iiil..rit.ml) that Old fir. Jirrt vvuc4 for ieaiI thtee, tlu' ) Dr. Charles T. Darby <: taken, and wuilii %tLercltre recoc.jnend I LIE t lo
- TE.nIdi' fr,. ,a. Ur ?.*at lur.,;. /// l It ail i.MlTATJO.N <, at snout > I'ash&icrcffcs MaiMiitts, s.r.leto I the matter of lheetate ) CHAMBERS, j! females ia similar situations
(iftiw Jnlrr.nr jm | ,ri TUd.MAS UALTZKLL Judge, ) EPIICTFFLLYaniH'iinc? : the of Letter? Criuk t1cscd- 1 1'J.'
1I'mvri I.MI iijt 1 tnantif.Ttnre.: nnd to he di-po-Ml of furCASH 1" <-> t to public inzenV ) April 11,1 i j
forbid thin i. 'i4jlt| lar l amuul CAl I pet petition Cailey, security
hip HKwt lanire < 1
fftnba! r< > t>. I pr > > ; O I do
*ndwhlrli uticiuid Imwtind rIirJr F A trui eop> : (JIIO. I,.. I5RVANT.C1 MntitjCfllo, FKrid.i, and will IK- lourid at all limes that Luke Moore adn.ini hereby certify that the above .faternenf, made
lirlnr d >wn ii|<"" Ilit' Old 1irurh \m.ud; > (sli.IIIV Lot itt- thur old Iriciuds and UuIOVI- praying