which was olTcrcd by one of the by granting clearances to vessels public bttinesupori the sittings ('r.ro.\nf.I*. a
t members of the commitlrc of Safety freighted with timber without adequate of thc U. S. District Court Seh. Arrn, Chamber, cotton and Jurn--

'\ .\\. \)\j\ ; the purport of which was, proofs. If the 'laws in regard ,..at divert times for thc last ten Ur Philadelphia.
-- -' that the houses in Savannah, which to such clearances be not sufficiently I mow/At, arc still due and unpaid by .
'- \t\h, rOV. 13.'Ihc were owned by those hose motto '\T\C
s.\\TUnn. r.t; . -- rigid or comprehensive, it the L government causing an extreme .
.. - tea, Libertv or Death, including is to be hoped they 3TUJO9F. concerned
; may undergo hardship to citizen% who are will take notice, i,
('tnttt J J.r
I.' lr' .. j ii r, 't''hor'el.4aan in tl'eil .. houses which belonged to widow emendations a' tIer ensuing session f eft"/(//d us Lit (brave their homes JL that the following otlte hare bran
tl cat 1'1uri het+ ha..u tr'i ,1.1\ ,u R 1 hr tlttNtlrR j' and orphans, should be appraised; oft OhJrt"'". At all etrnis warn !j t a'td i inpl' mrnts,to attend to pubj tnnrerred ennTtoft'cambia according to Uw, to the cwirv I
firtb ti mm nearly in* I 1 and in the event of thc enrn.,'* sue,, important inh:rrss are ati:, lie ':u\inc.I.t their individual ty county ami wilt betried
mff rffirff the of
-.n.h riiililnckrt : j :d next term for islet COt;', to
wdl prttsMr >, ., an '. ''gaining' pu5.CSSion of-the city, the stays, tiully endangered it''!
,,1Itt\.die ('tIft nay a hardship and oppressionftt IH ItoMen on the tint Monday of February '
the cmr.t' uft\\U or thrrC' laV*. 1 num Ui" ', torch W** to be applied in every di. would seem that iur J 1cnmfft.1brin. '; the gttveromcnt enuld never'nii.ivOy a rt. in l'en'tiCola.'rbona..1blone. r

bet 1'If "Jietlt1'ts; 'crt' and t..m aMlft'In t). jn< tin: k. the town wax tu br aban* .; duly lfh itr i, could not f.o,- 'I ir i +$ir t. The (;!rd In- u. John tit2 tmmon4,
(.tsn,tJtu'y oneP'JnIi at this; term 11,afm .M M.l. rlM 113r';ad in tmoking ruins. To theJniidr sibly neglect them. An Art tilCongress :;:'1'f..leI thrre'ore in this mole M n.c1 White*.n Zeno John l PhiF.p Inn "oirit1.Paul"' trrAlbajtinUirt ..:'- 1 V

. tht" f C'f ;sarm.by biting ct tlK: ear a\tfan:.hnicnt ecru tf thfltt" whit {.a% rd in Jeb. t' J.I I' ..r rnrrtfully represent this matter CUant*. Ik ian i'r
c. of'JaahnirateII)'c'JLrt a -iftr 'ft.. + wire the proposition, when the gives the /' ,.,,,, of the l." '.d !I!ha tlr > errmrnt through thcde'h I %.. Nathan Sluckelfcmf, Philip IltUt u \
tnn! roUft.. It, and slant, au t.l 1 tat*.. republic. party was convened, :States Hiutb,.ty lo rmphiv '. a* 4"from the territory / Joseph Millswortb, Daniel Jinan ,*, ,- j
rear in)1' ,nr,'nt and a t1f'C. of h..I"m.r't..l th.-rr wa not one dissenting totcc. much nf the land ata" n...l r..rrf'1 I >*. grand Inquest wouMprr- teaandcr l.'e, John Hvwen vs John i <- w "
.. nisJar. i'itti u.JClb"J its
dollar t acli.APP01NTMF.NTS Amony the number where this re- fir nr U.S. >* ''.111M' +i. .. ry \:it a'. t mau r cf great public in- un tter muss '
-- ; al'itlSIDE.'I' I i ."., ir Brown TJ John i".trrrJamtsQntnn -
.. n-r Till: M.luhtt" un.at.d.rrt" many ul to effect the very oHjcrt* in t..I"- 1 irrrst to the District, the subject t,."Thoma* '-hanb.,- i 'I
- i the mot wealthy inhabitants of tine* and this U" iv an! ri.irit. r if uf ah itHcrftal natigatioti i U-ivtrrti twin. \:,IJUnl \. pill v*. f:ahn M'cUea,Pe- '
Jima J- \Viu..m. ref New 01 '".\ .;1I""h. and tome v.U ''c(//,enn. the interest felt up.." tl.i aw'aJcrt ihe I waters of thr Ap Ucbicoa !tiver -' Setae **. (Ch.trle 1J e.et',J"mu D. t I'I'tr \

tone 1 Consular Commercial Ant !""Nara t.. hr b su.cx and InU. The by the nat.*,,. Tlir i,"i*i..n% I:,.,. anti the Lays of St. Amlrr** t.&tt" Chn TALL Heelrr.?* If KH.Iir, far pl'rT I I \
. oftbc United 1 S'atc* al M. Jags dcCuba. (I, 'fHa f4 Ib.'e .p.e.lCuts'! Juts wetr star .lon* c41. .I.l .e-l I .n ant an rt'1 anti '..,'. ota. Thin line of ins Now. UiJ, Iftii- itMarshal's f i I
, .'I"M.*aat.il| 1ft the American' estutr, to tbr &bnr& spi:rii oft panel to pir- lan-f navigation it i is beirc! lr*>nt I
J't 1'n.'!rIS ".. 'tn.tst ". t.f A11G .,Kv I ,1't tto tie uote4 ill the \'eafu"f st'r.r our total tr inurr is 'u va- a partial rxaminaiion already Sale.

. b3n1:1. tn laC" i.rtIaol fur thv Ii*- ,; ,,. (--.ittN" vent *rrertHi !- lion 0. ..r t.'* Itr t.. : n.:1 tars I. mat!', can he effected at aft c.Mh \. '
iriciof' AlabamaVj/: 1'i'A .. j I Ir,1'Ic .ppt'i..rt.I. ,and b fr*i ,.r ,r ."lfl ti.. .-h..u co.tti. | ,* cotnj irutitely tri,iul, anti ii.ri ofV. HLfiTifai, \ t
--- 1 I tf.U. lit u.u.m ". Mi$4d t. ihr ;i.* nnanrr.t ta :asset r...kr it the dim **.,ul ? tn i'* C.'Dvl.toll. ensuie tot Jsar Ortt v*. Mr Aeira sf Vincent
- Sew Orleans Pa1t"t. !.tatr" tsxt ..q.J tf<:traitV 'Tlwre uasat .4 .nr tv rrt. fin''i"' th.ILaatic k :. < .i.iMi i.ft .f tJir respective por- / I
-r tile ra\aprs "r rr Turf 1'y, chitin. < J I j .itnrr. c.f .ud.r.xltti urrl r .it t "n-l U4tt* ,ut' llornla, sail 'wfl"?,.flh? IJi.kt, tety imjwr- ri''I1C1Tt: cfa rfcerrs inc&aneerr II II.rcolt1J.
I oMV i ." t *he November Term r.{
t1I helitl thigh w.ttr: in this ."..***t- :;.f sa srnti,th. "'i,. .. w* *:.iIw ,;"If mast of that i :"ra' a.:tlt.'ac" ; tic (t moil I D. ,tinSup r-.r: j.(v.r. bV ttt rfcjr, ia, "

" iinpi, hat" l', .*t.h 4rrn IJ1tir" ,i'! V. roi.K/' teat Ifcerr *tc r".c-. ; lrto .i ., v f. ', of Jrrs to r1t:.1 I!;_r%! we Mi tarn f<*t; ncemnro4 :J Jtt '*lrr .,i .t .* or ..r.J, that the arttal 1
iii extensive tln, crr last brcn know n J.Np'in ire,.nl rniwrc ..1MI I i,. I:I II ,,4 iatldt1If.1.. art all '''h'; t t+.rir. frlS K t tii/rn i a euniinrcattt ;f : :? D.oret be .i.jectt.1 u expo to
in ilwt coun 't'. in out' rat'a". ti. Inoprnmj : uf tt.r (.t;t(. has .. .iihri-on to .I vr'srl,, "f" Utn,. wails t1t'is rf .tir+tt lotl.il t'.)* tl tieW I it Le |11fC!- '.., the *rteenlKdir ff December
)k the 1.ttce1'c.r the .,11"-- : ', Warr i ., *f. av. property mtl "r personal bf'I I ;
; 'ttt" .lr' tioJ..r Ian +.j..f'(" 1. h. ti' a rttit'atr atto.epiihea _
f of makinR It'paiirs.. (the 1Ianlrr. ,. I'1'k'. "j lart"H'f4 ,it* brc
1>j hate Errand. th'.. lle.ur.. ,! t f' r. 'UI' Ia ,t..ie-t oft lstry.Hitt. ,.alel v.rr t. rr .;:1.11\'. .n4 at tn. ;; Tar ,." t.fath a tAoiifica- t .;'. f rrifd a., ITS) for e. '.. on t.,' diy !
t arm It .; t"I. >.Irt't, unit thelat., .. I f re.oitslUlt lirfer r rJ f" i.i.t te -tiT that wlr' 't ilw Mate ...ftikiftgsin ; son ,.t the e*;";*g laws of tc .1*. .I- **. t :t ek .en o'ckxik .\. M. at theo
I" found c'tbbr1ht; d i n !, ikU mflattwi t..t ..r :. ..1. .t't 1'c's.xt':'. the fotlosxng ; V
iJ enemy rat pail i. :W hasittrs qu.r- S. .r i.,.%. t, t\* adjnatnu&t ufan4
cro".d. 1. '\ .mn. .a yurlstlun of flab M'lnln(1 acid .r.t.I.w1 srn a ".'.:K f..*H* t M 'f tat It ammrfii J.. t I.,m' lit Set in LmT in FE"-I tft..T'rt.1 e,t.tr,5't : '
bja frrv.ii.. ,:11...'I.-:a,. t".J liar J."t "ral ss4rr Iw 1bi "" mt ti #km.wn at \\at+in; na. thr a..J 1ridit..as mar rfiaMe the B.art tit 1 lot in the city of Pen acob, ;

of :! .: f ..uMi >. .n \\ '.iit .ma imrtbryarev'c I I'of 1' r t rJ.If"=-.i.'/..(..., t :.,rift 'n. II .f't t*.. \. t fir ts::. ( '.mrnah srs r i'1 \\ *PferiJa Rihr't-IM Intemlenctji trret He,' the I II
from the rf gist
tKtr i lot comer loci ndcnri -
1 I ivt r. aa.b. or < X- : .,- -- wilt ', 1'rtwo.. t 1>t rff-cf .. : 4ritv or I:
r profKTf r* !* a. =orr .,t 1' .' 11 | nl pitikHti itrect-S sod nuprlxmt .
. ; 1-1Jto 1 in
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du.",:d, (ltf nee ill '.1 V. '.;'. fctrr* ,, u (1"'tn .\ run:.a) C 1111' >.\VT. "hr r !aitr*. ; i .! its irtdo-. an earlier the Sr-' >*I' plan of rod c.tl Inn titinarrd :
tlI bring tbfirst e/-/ : .it'i thor/ K. '. !n air sac!or.1ft 1." .if a11twtht !, rI ,.- -- ._- -- r mi.ti,i.,n ttf i lei.la ; IT tt I t-a t" .<. fjtto. c -k who n-it.V '.,1 .'Jv..t'T l.ittis efT tit" ft. d.,'.", t"Wt'f 1fi'M'" I I 1 h f..,. ._... at t'. r,tot III a t.. a '*' o f v*>f4tif.IP sue h '!&(:* !I.-r.rtt tj ":1' bundri anl eighty fret deep,
tic .. > i ii i a- I. N't'Of y . U "twrrR :I" -.on. .r f.r u.A f.f w il14 txS ''' rtr7tit! !!. aU u.c blUkL &n.t im.C'
\test + : .. ,,. ,uf ?.. !;'''*. *o r, "lr.tR i" eCTc. t u '.'f1t,,eJ I ,
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-. : "n.' Iu r:rods tlat'J.t(. I i at if* J* *l r4l, c.'i" t-.r' .. taeftt thereon. com. tin' of
f -! I".fI.r.r a% t', :riilfr '
.111:11 10.. j Du'cUinir
.1.L :. .o.0 hs'j .hertuRI L.alr1i' ;"** Htflrt t'.lfl"t.Jt I -, f .n nruo / ZL i
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ra rut 'an 1 f. -; fI asst., e l*' fi., r, j I f' f, ,' | . t '! | uVlV V.h K 'l
.lk! 1 uith .Ti% ur..+tsae j fall riddr -4 : U*!: \* * "Jfit.! b
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I August.,1't: of tia* 'i l **- proc 'h' ,;% prtiui art. nl ttUltkd to UN .s ( .. I II .: tft..t CI'P'rU b. tni. ln5 t- t
(, ts t Jt 1 1)0\1
fr1rrntfc' tle Iii. .,. t *. :'.. .a''I" r t i4* ,. ?**.nVrh':r.t t.
J bc \"nbt 1"1 j j I I I|r.1 t .twr, 1i'UW w.1.1 undcn'a.lin.e'
.4!bet kI oxlcdn1irtit t,( th.- tJ"t"Q* ,t t. taut"-t r:.:I V I' ..11. '....4 J fFt" ,' lh,. I "." ..tfn* to of tttC iiUv.tt t.. I I Ian 'i ." :... :- f..iOtl

t Prti4i fm.l CioTi-nrjei.t .t Mriu- . t1"-n. .. I t ,ti_ I \\'... II ,r..ts !}Cut ",.rts.f :j1.1; Tract tjI( Ln1\\\

co. Tt.'J' '0&,( of thrhlch pactla, x 'f .1."tLL ,\8:: '. .. : ,'. . '. ....:. ttf' I f t R J It" (:,.".1 l'"t"t ;rl""nt !tl :3tt ,
,. h" brr't fJ'.t"Cj ti". tt. .II l e 1'z,uraas d I Oat. o't' past !.( f i ,, 't, h'.' iii. tR .::J 'tut.tlic tsar u"pertaftct' .f.tr h t i.'a triia tr 'ntainilh 180rper.*. :
.t ios be in for tt.i id'.I,", It'd, "r", i1 fl war C'.t. .t l 1'. .'. f .,if." . '.': Jut1, ti.c parts+f Ju". .Cf'"t of tit-: I'eact ,.1lK'tb, ate+t >J' o''t w .t.\(e(and n.t.&CJa-a 'Jurat-
.t !' :. ,.f '." .. ......S. If"If I .. '.,, 1' that 1
a.e. 1& t'uC: Sul.u-nir !:.%"*+* ;tw at 1 ( j r. .nu""t ; t' Sri rp's. *: fl..thrr.1lstistr AU* to pan r stir n tyrtr,tint con"r,t L" ;
J II' >lexic' i'1tu Ifs !' .* ncr.liyj t. .1't. :V".f1t. p.. Jol.. , I j is'"" tarsi. f'-v.4!* f IJ.r ,, f ih- law enar?.,! at ihr bt wni' I' t3b+:IfIjY : alt obimien i
I 1.0 1'0.. .I it.1 '. Oh"1_ .a the ; Jt', da t). .: ,. *fc, 1 %\ .% 1 i .ta.a ".1. If ft'- ." c.f the I.rg"l.tivc t"'utI"'' cfriUj It.r.t ; _1ft .u a.tho ts: r.tcr"t'c '
IG&J" tiT H" jcncrzl c. 34V t!., 1IN s_4 haI of' ilk,.' ] trt'i 4- .I rrrat p. i klt.4a. N"p"': *tie% ..f then .., the art I'rtaa1 Ueere aat! tots.

t irefU! to W :'..m, ... .u. A'1 it h 4' ''Y itrlt , :" r.'h , %(.: fc 4ItI .t,. /;", ate, w hach rrt,.. r, sti' !, fliccrs r,1w Marpfle.Atic-tt tiruprrt 'It t'ah h" itsttsiil.iIENJ. 1'e ret. at airy t..ier

easy in 'Miir vftti! ** p"*' I ..i :t t. I i..;Ji 14'. in t>.i. t'trtt, tie .tuls It rnOtf..i'.I" t.tr, to tfccir a VMAN/?. ..

ItfW k 1 induce then t s aM-ri a ",_ ..IJ 'i b( r it t,', U thr: ( '..rt i* h.W 1 1I I Af'tC"sr.aIKC't t',c eea.tk cl.u, lle..1 I" f f n "UiKCn.UrWnf 1''. F.
Lire and abio1u itd<'j>rnd 1\0' H < it .".* .\. ift.4e..*te tt..ts ; all ntdrtaa.l ,iuf Rrs i* cratsta' .'1 1I. i'ewsrc'+.! r : '. --.St. I
N Hsi. f..ttd ; but 'U' JMTI er e i .i.. r ., ,1 ..,....11I. .. wr+v "1'a.aturraL' V frft tterr. aura-I 1- - I I
ban (;"aamah, cheer was c>.> I ,r '., 1'r bt it' ,1*
k*National Cotjfctitut it A. I d, i I.V-t.hr tr1.tCt mal wi,rr .rt{i4Nri.. them. a*. ..fsai 4 *.** :f a" ..;.fl? I T.ft,) 0.1 tits.2.J ttasaant in ,
a 1m of the L'uiird I'r .\rotes of ;::!.1'i 1. d. Y p,, tI" .,f t1' ; f4atiiw I...... tara.i* rrtpirriB**'! esu.' sid ,liwxlt I. :... '...Mw.._ a neI i
IJ I ate g. Centre of Atnenca.Tlt. *. rmblj 'It '>.', tt. iap t"tis4.'tii'tu' 1a.t.-r the toot :a (i..1 I..;...: are ...n..dol.,i1suit.4 :I ro :arr. -It .cat h. .ttanttlf, j

.i t ap;, iinted, oi the li'H Jw!;,, 1I .. } a I, ',>ti,. .. t fv'at /r i *,:. I* till .l"IJ p".... i dr,i in *! t' .:.%*- 1t.,11 ..fr'N. .t',; i J, J.J.t 11' 5 :1.c. A.u, j

, there C1UZt te, to (oifn, (iru.iioft jly > t 't '.., .'f..1 tt .' I .ttt$1 "III !tit f Ui.*'**** *'. t .' Lati bW5Iilfit ; I .5a,5 t.4esrtrai 10".4_ ..t air. fire I
; "the utrrtb" Levi U' !tr Ian t f I'e' .cmao loss 1- I.t .. J. st h." f."t ..Uwr11"'p" T'. '.rand lances: w&uU re- ( t't b wb+ well et, sal or a ttllun I. I
.1 ;1Jr" .\fan..; J. dr .1rt'li. d :1'i: V for t" r MU+s Il,.r' : C'.' and Nnar,:. 1'.O f.Jx* 'i; -writ that a rrMifarU c'p> tf thc w .plt'tt0l arwltw a'he betu..gii !
Pedro ilcLna'nn4 J&.JI' .' ,ears I. ...br4 11r.t .c s'.rw t1seir >!r. \t uiti.lbnd; of firk Ct"m'Y. AlJ -
It. II' ,. i HJ. 1 1I .4 .l ***. matte, t * .. jtn... lie had on uhrn liken, a tong
tt t itlirtrtn. .sd t 1J'Ik. tlit tbwi" .basal ,.tfM swat a'tsaan' 14' ffrf I t tW'. tat tOh'1: i1ar w.I."t Mqt 'w tlar' i sat
blrVbmlothc 0% 1*rr*r>fr tror*
,S. "h lirxtcan rv\.r". i gat .ti' "t.."i'.' .f the t ,... Mi" it.. .ihr t' toot 'II r s'Pi' ut pss'iIn: . ..drti .* tt* United Mates .1- *rr*, Ttor osiertt rrqurtrtl Ut prone i

te of the I>'h ,\u"t>,- t f.' ...!..% .If, 1 1..4. .x -f,f hate la.at fir IHI% .r saw, itrr ..it.. w,11 i '- rise fo" We*: riiii4au (tae lit- property. pascMZts2M1take> turn aw-.
tr.- ClfT.dai 1"1' fr'..It tt3. C+a'.tan.rla! ij'inuat.tf.; V. Ili Ls 1VIadaR'rY taw ihanly datriblaedJ t tar frif this Trmvorv,to "butt ('hl a. \rCartv.J

"Supr"uu Lit' :'.u." 1'1 1.10'.1 "rt 4' "tr.i !q altt4si rWr _.- J .0. tiata1 1. )b.t'Ot pt" t. ,"rii n they are rrrwwnicftiletJ, X. it. Hv appljin: to 1Ud Goa.alesa. ,
Mcxica, ;+ ,, ' liV "J l.r ..t.Nt t'r tUr hut hr AI:Ut.taU ., tie CtiUM'ftf Pair. the tI'N'Fatr t. -
1HJUM "!!,- .'1 il. **mfli rt1'II dob-, and kht ; i 14' U..t.t., 4-| I i ulr wits frtr prrtYrtKM, to t aria y t'1'pr tt kl"" ; attaaatt,1 '; rr't? aSAift tArll'ctt rptrdilI I,,*4ail nceesury tl1fut wttete u

l't Coiistiiu A-M 1"t'; ; j M. '':' "',al t l.t. we t. lltNP" Iwrsiitsi. 'I *%, ...i !'w. .1t.1 .... . r rtrtA.att ....r t.r '"' brit lnfOJI'(.al tad lain N"o,. IJ
l'A,ae trl t Pto.f e ',..,'rc \; .tl. ."t -. e. a1.d irairrir tt1li'eitlrttetl .t. ..f it. ahbtt,.. .t, ,,' 1'"r. <.I: a'. t. : &I t ttf" prrr5rtriIts.'I'i II \: AAY from the_"b tv... + x
lr ttIfIfl.to.1). "ue. if, n,. oJ 'I..h s.t'ata."et 'If bt,.y... .,,4 tie l I'k*,. (. I,1e, *tf / ''r 'If1.'t '.' ....t- ., ,- r.. asMt tiw|.rt farther retlt ber in lrrocoia, some true in

, m, a sy,5. f,, A.t,, v ,jir 'iIo trtl'r.drttrwtll+ u. '.> .ft t 01 fw .i sits I.." t...1.rM"" 1.ir eV1' .l a J"pF .f these their July bt. a negro wo.'nan called J a
,tire adored '.1. x;: 1..c..lrt'h.' irk I ,.-,; T't oltn gtery Jft4t Iti t,1 t., t otisk.I t a rtiij II "ails Itt1.piwelt i I pliiHtc |uc,eaittrnin after King IJi'Uv. tir HClsC'I.
j two nation ont t...., .,:,,i ,-f..I. t ,, ate \tai, ( ..W", i tsar .e has i. .m.. p.at fit t., .-.Ii. :,.pI tr.t i.| .m Or rrcords of the 1 abort anti chunkrr ..h1J fl 1 }

t1, lv itirri-ftti- in % .'j.,"t.II' I.i.rrtt I t mt. ti Mattt$tf Itlr opt'-.iMlr'%b j .y tt rr ,"'..' 1011. % ..1'. |.'., t. e..rt. tit" ",rrt-r* .! 10 be puMUbc'I in fic.hcsty iunkan cyst, tJ' 1 +
w1' "F tncktii uj I ti,. .a1.Ua1abtl; -tt ..d 1 t..n h. v''efrutnetti CtitsttstilWtspr ran .n: J LW, mo't 't"I' J .:,t t'I j." m.sa.t 1u.tf"t '"' wt duuuttAtll..,..a ti.-. it %*M Md plants the means j Itl't' (fVr.i Ii.r'ltla.lirzMt bcrth.athnxoot rrcoJIected. If trl..,rfeil .

1I!rat : jptar tv !;r .i \.iia'w.t MC i f'/rt t. I turn the riifivrt )HHr. i wptrh safrt II.hlM' ptraiIA afratt+. i I i : J. J bibs Stn. 8, l St.SiKI.rd. ', I or Capt.to Itobert J,.=ilitctKll Soap, *, n. at.the. in head Prni-c.cf K\v.

1 lejthuuM r.-j:,i'- t ,,, It i othi and I 1. r%*, lir total 1 want iif (*fciltvftWor rrit .ii 'dfri!rr* an<$ ttl'3tIubtic I i lair or myself! near sputa Aloarw. I
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we h. '. .rail >friani lets .t116et+pi"d1Mtrrd wfurht thrrt&Nr teipcfai4. lUll
'f ..C'rmnS.c\.C he ia harbourrtl by xxne ,;II.&, ai.i
the 3-i J..l C, I!':.'. J. ,. ,
.J d hQrlura t'f't1Il lay/i1' .f tie taw 1. tly 1.pis.r rc.t rar+ .',' trurrst nt ii) the tl w. II. ;t'tt'tauI heist) .\brcns. fur intbrnutton oa which I can cuntict any 't
h the trragrit:" .I. hi faun, t. a IU t..dly Wain u ion tlM e t'.n"lI..nf .f ilw Lnited St.r..1 II J.I.U,", Jolm JerrUon,jr- pcnon,bLck or whitr. fur narboi.rin Lcr,
b d.) buprctrnr Lx'cull\t' I'uurr a If !.1,515. bt ,atstir .rc ofrat"A lu ttiipprat '''tCh the litK_ie from tht Sit i il." -"if, I'raneiato )4Jfc ftOtt I will gist one huiMlretl dollar.
Ijt rne'clbo1y Mtxitud .in Ih ttldn." to tint tobtain anglers fJf tltit aricr kn.I") titr iwcr.iiy and l.imyior ltpWA I.tnrtt. Ua.id UowUnd, (*eo. Howie. ,a
aiguilin tile plr.sutr : bad the fur 1&4t..hII&Ji., 1 sac Jenw.r, Oct. .slh ISlJ.'t. '
with j Contrqueticr It, tliiltl tai. r of an early jppioprution
which .
"t" h'atl.rq rdr It ..I&'ft.on..1' Simp*oct
t.= Cungrr/1 that II,. 'Supreme r iiit/tt i-itriisi drptedMlM i th* a'atisrahjrctt. John !. tl.eu. I 1.1. pcrwMu itNlebtett to the esut of
in accord with ir rltr..I lute Vrti a.id :n da:ly rwmiuit- 1. nr r ir." Jury fur the %*id On motion of \Vm. ?. Stttle, tI UUIWIt SaiU'"tps late oftbc Ciy of

7' rrpiuitjn,tie was JUt t'uJ.Jt"d it. d<''rImnlhg ling Upon the fcaid land*, tbfir ,'alu<- 'Iii.t .tuUl alto reprctfull; r.sq. t'nited States' Attorney, that .'cni&'Olulc the(,are aubteribcr herebv require, awl all ta perw.ttwbo iiui.pATiA .'

J. flttanitt the "von w1iich tai tHu,' greatly letJtnwd, 2t iiicalcfita* prrvint as a gneaneelthe stye ufthitiK the |.ullie and general prvsentmenls have ants dcmami* a-ainM; the a.id e.
Attc dw tier JltlluJl! nation I.to a tcdr fa. hlqifijur) inHicied "1)UII'llf'country in tin li_triet in tcniliur of the irtrd Inquest for tate ta prcenl tU tta In c. by '' %ucu waste. Il is inM.riouIbajl > tf. I..- payment' of dues Irom the \\.".t Florida fur this term, should
Af rntn cver4ljfhc l Mexican ,],,"?. cargfx uf ..ct, iifiit"r an KOI f rnmrtit ui fit Terra ,
AlroliK (!'rtcstaintl istax' 1J.* lritt. In o- all creditor*, and en-
mtittuklly shipped from the ports aii4 <. !.. a. this legatee persons
F Spin t'reaSrdiif the I FlC'rad, itlt'aAli/f fcf Alabama: and 11aa a.1a,1ourrl io th'r districts ia the l"n">': "'atcs, OrterrJ. j tilled to ditnh'iion u f the iaU estate.tb. .
.M iu .II If t n act of the legi..tife CTtrncdof ;
'I.j ;o Vie of 1hr % tllem of the !"rinea. Irtupr.A it elli* to port of the it isbilietft! that the t. .. Marshal presentment be furnished by the ih.by T 4 rmory or Flon.i*, approved thotenly
.jj 'I r II' rt'i.Futf i tile I'eo1,1r t:11 ltd Statit, ar 4 1 it is more than i. always farnishrcJm delicate Clerk of this Court fur publication eighth da/of June. ItfiJ.all claim {
::; lPba.itaU1IJ the v.laimecl, \U"j."tc.cJ, tbitt many *if those tar with competent ru.'Y: accordingly, Agaiiut the'* d estate ucla sbail not be
J'.er. to the 2stl: :ur: paper ulunry gQl", purporting to be for northern firtmfillv all the expenditures Ins A true copy, exhibited wtthmUo; Tears from this date

,. a'Y$ amount ",fiIt 200,000 dulbr. fJt*stare found theirway: to Hriti curml during the if rm% ftf n,f U. JOHN MILLER Clk.W. ahatt Dated furercr iticnacot after be barred.this lllh day of '
f r. ttReic ,.t11CO'-\pUGlicly fm'ht iu the city. cr _h \\rsl Itidia Islands. More S. District C iurts at the cl.sc of aT October I8JJ.

gall> : I. (ia:. than tins, (rom the tfreat extentof each sitting thereof ; vMe in IA' HASEtU HUNT" D.C. Julia De La Kea, .*

The Ptttiothn jr the the I'lorida coast, it i. quite UMrM tf heat >/ riJtft which, JnnIt"11M vtitf 5
'r .&. th lught to be Hun.an'. practicable and known to bt the, from its recent settlement by citizens U1\SC1"\l\ER our kit" gNaa.8t. .. '
,4J, l td t when it oat LChnirl.hJy exem fact, that vessels of rnall burden of the United Stales, front the THE .. .,s.wt..re JHM N. +

7 ah1 de' 1 had spontaneously supposed that make their way ipso thc havens on general character of Iu prwji "nLL I'8'Plty W s 'he set fist to the uninhabited of vU f aa industrious *say adun-trltltb may be cvat- do
itr of Moscow "w points coast, country popttUlioo, win deice deed. 4p Cuudn f '
n aW
/ : cn the and fanners depending milted to him Las de '1-
l f Uti'b.fre ahip such cargoes without ever class of tffiall : Slaves
believed the appropftltt
Pak ..1ft
to be 1U ,
r. l.th&Gg ap. thinking of a Customhouse In their own exertlwi atlas Jolla Latl'ISy
: rruonahM i
Savannah in upon f. and en the wt '
( ,,
J our Hero- ItaIM ,
tlontry war, the Inch instances thc officers of thc for support; and lastly from the and solicits the oNus of hi. rri Power of Attorney &r &c.4 -,
'body resolved inhabita.ntlor customs are not censurable indeed extreme pressure of the times, and W 1.1 AS ELL JJU T.1Sa .r Jt 'ffi, .

upon a similar but il'"" 1't I1 1Ir t. .n ?..a t ur a ticuaa ''1 surd, af .\\0.J, '



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i iI .

I JI West Florida remtinlnr in the Pod CHARLES PItfJDAR, F\\\\! ,\.E
nistrict of LJ'Tcf"tUtn
tuzT11tSau .Srptr. JUJ and if not ,
t ttltttuf S 1'1tl1ClJ1'T.. taVcn CM! within three month will he fat HAS JUST HKCK1VED,

itih'1.rcnty. Itobcrt )Mitchell .anted to the ffcnen! 1'ott Office Mtlead A t'Jtl-:SJ[ SUPPLY OJ.m J1. Valua&ig

t JI;!r. undersigned having betil autho ".. letter Cyixttew rnirkol U u.* belong to the no13SE &LO
p tJ- ri.c.\I.v an act of c-uuJ..rt"A} .nf the Chn ktic,Tlio- On P os Street,in an elegibk
thinl of Match last to "reccUc fend mljtt mal !SpaUftir John 't1 Hobtrt Alliton li'MtA M will Jj,j'.e tif." urt'Jm".t/4Ili" for* store or dwellinIfroe twJU
,t," all claim arising; that putt of the McMth. William <*.ritochan -Thoma' ADleram ferN,,, tO.T or Groceries he e Ca ge'
'. ,'n. In Partition.William Jeremiah Auttm.OThnnu4 111:91t .Flour rece'j;
\\cl t-'lorabu mute I
territory known 31% ment, nr a rea onablo credit

i ., the ninth article t,the treaty with Si.....,. liamwiti. Iln.Jamin W, Ile| fljlcslenrr nndlej.II. Hrllow lI'nry.nicker*, Major Wm.IlrafUOTtlTboimHryI ,. .1' I'rib.e York, good c\lritl-'p'pl,. to givhl .
t' 1C"'c'\C nn;iet'i that lie W ill attend; to awch Ko rrm John Krattam, crackers
claim* RMim. be presented to bit nat Colin Mitcltcl an l IV- ,;f'lrl. Joan 1C.IlelU Dried Apples JJcnj. 1ti'yma1c .

his .'1"''... err Miichtlandutbcn ) Old Madeira ery superior.; rt, G.-tl
= It i f ell -ct"'! that the claimants v li u til not n. (:,(.*.pt ('"nltC'm.. it. Chmtan, Ilry anti sweet Malaga Wine. itA.WAVromthe

.'tpi/ Ili.*;." /I"ft.,. KnWttMii Campbell 2, /f DI. Collins. John TenrnfTc Wine, her in Pen-wcola

clans VT, (1 TUX ishrrtb}' git to, h. "111'rwtn C-1trr.' fibre t in casks ars.lb'ttk! ,. July b., .a tome time II

t n.c'n'u"lIl.l ar J srcfwpary else **i... w II:. i \ i.r |KT"Mi% Iwn'iti, or 1.'ft"C'.cl"'l to I-atajta M. /nobai, :. Mm. Dni I.ontbm Hrmn Stout, 4 negrowotttsrt caAkd

cJl'F.)"j1rN..-, taken btffotf *ftnir faMi"*r .+1t'u bate .m < tatr. ftjftit tillr,intrrrl.f Uimi tit+{.John l>inal.lon.lk .\ t in MbU amt UfttOt. Betty (Jf Betsey'
t'll' .l.'Hi".I. in loot the ">- I.',<\r IVkk Jean tills .1t1t .! ,. and tins abort
;,rac<-. or .imlfcHd oflircr: of % h iri- r K HI prrniiv i and chunkey.. round _
tI1'y.r.t!. cohitw nf fN"1s or titlirrJncun.tiusduh b" rri.airi :r
to autltetttic. ". It tu! eft.. nflM1'. .jrs 1I.la. in the State of 'innlon. IIt..I' r'niir, I bniwn black colour, about 2J ors

|)Oki'iCir ol \'.;tncfcico u of trj'int"T! } <.<..{*, dill pvli, In the llnnorablf thfnJnt..s II-rlrtrtV. llane, llenum HjKk H'm.Harper. ski. t'nmrn.. Jirrcloathmjnot! ) recollected.years If ski dad

b<- tJUt;. diN tntM in hlc fii,;in* /a1krs1 . f twin (. rlhr llt tnrt tf Ucvt ImiKi Ilwl-m, Artb4Ml l If.Innenrity Iin llnlIin4 e.tlt Robert Mitchell E c|. in Pe, ,;

.' t)1 Jtnr! ,nine judicial olfio r. "*h ;< 111.i is* mt rt, fcr*rt/., to br I lirH lit ren artlal I IAi.ebt s. ib. I'enhtr., or Capt. John Siropvm, at the
& . tt'tihe'wadi H'.m' the f\rt M W.in I.-J.+trn 14 JfT" ( Jo" Inaalralrt llav headrfJ
; + vpcr ccr.ificattf d his official c itr,1' r un 1ntrt. J" ;. br myself near Sparta Ab
I ..1tttJw'tticttfura rutxip ..r }, .\ku..I U. tnme, Al",iu. will(.
1' M r1lt1.
; |I. M. ItatcltiMiiitl r. Aal ills. tI'l ttU.th. ,\fr.luken in PenVoLtenA11)
.r.1 taut"ttusct d f.r Iatri. or J kHH.K .f w.thin
or 1'.ftf. FlofMla
rl" ftfi. ylllfis
Ju.Ic'tt.'t -,aM) ifB"hc
rt tlwttWf.c.t.fnutI, ,.I"I.tH \b.t. .' torwl tluf
I IChut part t u".rr..r.I'ht.J sts fHy dolbnj' hue
1. ltt'It' I.. ... | ,ln. Vhomat Ir.M hi .
pilh'3rw. wt ss1r. 1,ing ,ntlltft glNtbri \i4s of all ,ut is harbmired l by s
i I. .itrss' vf taii.Tsn atttl Jlsrk.. istb .-llMffb dueler M.tnb,d. MclUc, I.t.It. same rill v" .s
**untltr flue /'mil* be'tarrr i ;t I : ; Irw R. Uss' in.nsl ".iftli.h. which lean
.. 1 I Ik..r.rt .f "ftol ... Ahttraal. \. MrauU 2.* Cf 4tfc, \ ...rul. CftKnMrtfe CfIfJct
.. black
.GarruJ1 } ; -r"I Sf.I;', level JH' m, or white, for harbonri ..
? N .s.Lthn11to11w; ed.u'e j-Jvt'.t.tj :.aJ 1, 'sMSatcd nsn alts ..1 tJtC' peewit, Ftnniiar +'AfUn Mc; ,"" J.... M'Kinna .11tJ ..1..,./M .i vsl.n' ( I ill jp\- on? )s'smlreil dollar. Ltt'
J I It I Jamr \It'.KMi U f'. 4.Hi .
aslaalls II sdnt tkiith tt. \b'k..r 'r ea} Murray. {
.pJNlst ol rUin fur |)xs r !. r :S- Un'.ltlntla& Kfarthcnar .
on 11*titan. airs J. I'. .*. ). ...'. Gco. non-ie.
I 1StC that teilh t-pum. v i Ht'I'| J t. ht I I.,,... twtlt* .ft1 1i1' ..c!I. l sir' tNsfiu
) 1..1. .. ) 1I.IMlab' : ..III ", u. eaL .\J.'4j4. .1 +4tts. Oct.V lh 182: .
. .
"' t i ii for mur tirj* uv r. ..! jf4 *- *, .La6w rill .
i'1' tlrr tt tt "I ..i 1* -I ',. ..Ml.rc tli,.l r rtrr. )1... \'Jr I..h. 11f!. - - '-
rj i' !hA" bcti tUtKirf'i lsrnj r t-'-t |n. J..c& _. i '.f. perv.n. ind
i.bt14 Late 11snsart1 I., loan 4. l' ',*, Krl/ I'l / .r. b'edhthetJbt c
mot, iwtti4 ifs 1 |
.. '. '
IThr u'i..I.\lfC}kn teq.\.1 i> < i'. ;..a. 'tsar A' ".... .Apf at r1', J..thN N i.- .i,1.1. If*.Ml jit. r\ J 4iAI J'I'.t'S.1 t'(1.1BOD" II.t.*: ob.c.:\I'tUgn. late oft!. Cat) tf

,.I. +# ., 'itRnllwlltallars. ,. I hcrtbyregttircltoatak
tai n for the Iu.I+ swill; n }*. < r ,. .; tl/lli t"\tlrDJa jujr ment t) the .tbscrl5cr
.1 tale II -....t "R t. Iba.r 1 1U..C'f. 11.g .. ami all
lctl c. to have ,u"tfcitud. 'II ; 1rl.n;tk .tP tfcr ttt wholu. pc1310
ean denniwU
i' 2s1. Ills ltitnIt1% tiC tA..r J... ..., I 'wsdk44.flt... tt.andsr>tst.tlIa I' . ... 'rUg sl 1 lseHlnJ'lt ?afc".11) present the arainst the aid a.I
t I '''.1 .. .... .... ,. I same withott dtbi
it 1.Uousg
I.risl .alCl'laxtu tl.l._...1' t.t..r rr : /., '. .. .l tr, l
1 . C.M1KI tsaI .".., . .. Aa.- .. .. .r "
; .ttlt.in t1 r.l i'ImiiI a"t"' 1" rs/r'' ,. ,. .11"f"r 1. 'r t ? II : ft" .
t . ., '.. '.J tlirw Il II I. .n atf.at7.s -'A.'T .mice, ill Ilr-tDY 6Vrejr
'sll It"K" art' .aid tu Iwli' i. . r' ..s' j 1"-- id : 1y/IF. i. ( I
1.w. phis '. ts..t4...Wa"+ .a III aara.. 1 "J..rI 1. .. tUi.h.rt /, To all creators 'legatee* avid
II. \. !Hrarkritil! }l:*. j 1 per***.
'ud "".' .. ...,llbtr f'\\h talit' 'Ii.I..II.. .MKUW.lt. :title.1 to diitnbur.on of the td ett ifc
J." r'\.f..f':. II "f / ", .J t,." $e.- \" U '-1 that by an act of the Urubti.e CQllaeiI
' 4 'rpt. J t, 1K;>;.-t f. '! | 1 u..1 'f'' t'eP.r 1' .I.1t,m'. 'J'II/.tJJ(:ff'.IL.IS.c.ll'.1 [of the Territory of Florida approtedti.

'' Cluint IitMrf '.i'1': Ml : t .t. 11i3' '.. .'l hot 1t....'. ,Jr.t Mail! Arnuwtnrm.t ('/, L, twenty eighth day of June isif.,fl daiH,
: t Jf'J 1df i .. ... ..
I II t.. iiI. t. "lw0e 'tt .i' : apumt thr %aid estate which shall U
.<..hlItl'lt't'rff/ > | .-*, |. rt. .rv..' 4r 1"'I: .MIHCELI-I.VEO US, clh.bltctl.i.lun two year frooiUna not d
I ; t .. : N I If ,u. t >'r 1 lei it i |, u *
tt'A'.h Io r :t 1.i I tsar' ;. 'ft.rlrtlMl east I r i 111c -- />all forever after be barred.Dated .

anhc. .: rIJ .... '1.. .. :::. I .... 1 ri ..rtlrt 4 .t ,+I.r""JII..j' '. wry '.j. KfMtl Altuliril. \\(\',\ \-\\\\RS. at 1'enucobth Ikhdarrf

etc oft tr-.t/ ".tJ' ,.;,a t. t ., .. .. I. ,...' .... . . ..... I...f .1t. ,r, October 1613.
.1 I I. '.'): ,',.... t c.. .. Tie wtkich bw.tt from time tl time nuke
+ -Jo' -\60
'c. eitl t. t..t'jtlr..t. 1 ltd' 'f I" p" ( John ])c La Rca
. I .aAtt if.% 1..1.4.h... a..llCJcb f. ,
; t. tt..4 k
11...' Yi'; ar. ti: Its' 1 -, If t,, f't- I".1 -- .
; .,
Mitts h. h df'lttarwl."rc. F.utJd./ but
l.vtirti u. .d' I :. r !. .. .' It ?, ut*', t.. ji4V I: r l. at.i ." ,1 err,.' 1 -f \' ti w r \ \\\c if
of li ,t" -. '',." f(1, It', (.. I.. '.!.. .'p" EE" .'.. I errs' t t If* w.H .l ntmme natrly pmctir; front 8" "rtt/tntnm it .J Ra+oltt

I iiiebi .: u :' ". 1 ).' ,* .he 11' ,..!)'. j.; :. j, ..t 1._.._ Is .tatvi tdl. .1.a. I the ir'h a }prn nl and well auorted Stua .1't .wnu.l.XTCE.

t :Uh'.j" .' '' r Hitfjiiil. . 1 t. t -t' I.rrcm, a It . .'." U IU.\MK r 1 i U f !I. r.\ f.. .L set .

, j'1 :. '. tkiJ": 1 P,. rt. tf i.; ... I ,ttii II"ttw'.Iltaass. r1, arh .t",t f.. ," V T'tH.'ifrf ./ |ltf..i1. s'it7'fo.: \: Ill' :
.. ,. '4tl tpta. i i n.. .. : :. ..t1 .- mn.: 8'ibriben inform the
;4-i ld'tr ai -.II." '11 i > l' > 11 l f. 4 : I .... %S tt. 6 lan. t I po&Cc tibr
"t'Lh \.vi .t.1
.. t.'tr{ ''- t If..", ell fiMw% that be .il r-cfiwe from an they have taken into ;
tJ.1 hit i v. ;s it. : ', i. j.;#'' 4 1. t .t...k atl.arvilra fr Mt ,. *. partner&p XL
.! i r, .'f. : j111'r 1..t1Id t" ( '. .ff r, ; I r , t. .i..., 'tla.Mw ... t. elrt.nnt psbI.e itch Acnir< ment t. ". fi Lars, and that their firm wi35*
.ti. !>.ids r :i t'.f :' t t "I J t. A J ". lit. I' '. bIj. t t. l'" .. .r.ttallt a. resin h-Ier tfM rf.Ift 'f, continue bus in future-Lainlmtmjr, rinmr. nJ C.

5-te_ ,. '' *. Jt < r I . 1of"''.....::.tlit . 'i ill' I ''?I "* .l slrrtini rsl-s .'II. fIb r.ltliiatlttleM -Mrtcr.lt.l.V. The) have remorcd their store to :(a.

1:K-1 to ,* < jjr ,*". ct...* J ....r ', 1.4Nlr'4..I.r. t..t."J.-h :0 1 -.-rti aril t.' \ Ilan-U Hunt. 29, Crosier, near terse itreet, and .21,.

:II t. a.: +4': ' :'. *U. \ *v t. fi'um ', r., f a.i ..":" 4 U " '1\. ... 1.. j 1 ." .* '. .'.t ,| .9 l-.V.aI'C / '.. I-t( herttofotr.actastrrokcri of all kbd rfcvintrj

.. .. ; : ti.* I .r:. '.' jA' ..H. I, .";:1"';; . ..nt-' .,. '. '. . I. ir > fr. .,.t \. It .t+1. It. II. wi )tl rt.fN etfMlIy noI I nrwluce.I .
. . ,. .... . It .swll.. ." bt tatari ...l., | .
"' Itr xali1 ..* .' * ', f *.*'-*... ,. qs.st bfall tsrswe 1IWk..I.. hlri. to make AIJtJrcaux'ieOBe.
,. .. .. Jt\C" .' \' o... .
'' (' .r 1 I. i. .
t a"" 1 *1, Jr trI t. a MMI t1Nikp.tnett.as.ant olfun'lstnay Vew-Orfearrs t'pt. 29.VV .
1N t .itared .... '.,"'' t'.t rl vs. ." .
"l..Ia: 'F. : : \ ) 'I i. * MM* -,.. .1' , s .irivaNl eratllp KtV. f'atwrr optratnns. :hers-t.ta ;'
. : oJ. t .
1 ,1' . .jfni.
$4 : .i .' 11.. 't a'Cte I : .AI ... .. II... pmienaeat d
I ':'*. ....*. '*.' :.. h. *. + Jl 'N h :_.. .. J...) t.. 111' . ,. .. . I.M.uM, 1"t . ..W .'. \ HAHKLLHCNT, 4 If: pubLc t11&its ont aAoc.c 4 Jcurmaaoa
'' ., .. .. I omietir r. I. Gamier, e: leor n-
(, t if*' tr < f\r" < .1t..fIff. / 'r.,,,, ., 11.5..1 I'ft.A.t.," f'.srir.u ..rulf.r
.'.{ i.f' .>' .1,. t! iR ff ,'. < ', rJr i JiC'ftII .-'. ta.f PA' *-t 4tiilC'h f . . . rommereulescrx i 1'A.- : Laadrtafft,
I. "
wt' J"
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.' t .. .. .,.:tp* "! If f V at \ ,ci tr !4O.
; :.i-y \ u .' > <-<&bt *' J: J : .1.t %* < W .
,' .', .,o"L.J..4 a.1i'M t . . 29. ;a U loce et Errtrwtromnv
; i't pr se
VAij..tor r. ; to" jtk!. "l I t " t fi.rthrraj4st'-i-t p hi*avwrrtarnt ufll'tk
....ttl.n.,' s."l S. ,,** t. .;" ' ,." .: . .".lIlj'1' .1'. . ...1 \\ I Dtn.il. and Stationer par !e pauc au courtage dc Sftfentes

1 <.llIlh. aft 1 i.1'. %.it '1 ,.,.' .. ' ;iII . &ft4 ,.! \rr. J. *.. T !. denreet slit |")i.
. *, : ., .t..1 l .. .. ivf. sfuten .ill, nnilrcaiiv
oath tli. h' t* '.forti" .T< J' rtktcrot : ." '! i. .1 IlVKi X' \\ien .
.; i't.-!. be :. ..!!'' ..,I.n' t .. .% ill' u. .. t". .sit; "" '.. .! ) Ii.141, IKINS* %km.ra uI Queen r-'ub, : Sept. 39.
t John "Millrr.' !.;ui' 0." .: ;" . ,.. .... Ito \\h V U.a.trU. rr.r.t..t1nt't" ..' _. .

t11 fIt M ,..'. .',. ;,. r. .\ re.n.1 .
'. . srlti I. Itt! HA HI) J. ASTKK. Ccrttaamptions, \jTUil.t"aTt
( l4' > If II .
; / I ". 11. r' r'If' . .. ..1 U..t., .fr of('! 'sc.K.itat ,

tt T/i!l ivV \ \\\,\"U\ *. j i.. trvtl.:11i"I 'trk. 11M' \Uuvuu ; \\\ \.n\v ,' :mr t. (: tki.m. .\ I('T1ON F .

' IIZ4c to'. ..rsdr! .Ata. 4.. '. l'r..-. :.."nlt.. ," .. . t f %t IV.*i. w ? 4f '.t..."p..e. rankerrM, rncsulJt their vrrKw to their friffli!

.fi'.J ta; . Ili -.r. .steer l itr-.!- ricr'V rpwl. .-t *t_ : .,r.. r.ff'1's (W.1. n'. 4ml the public tn general-and asf
f a1tt.\i.- hatch +..q' .:,.r., I e" t,.,' . err 1s ,.. .. t. 1 hey *4t jir rirc 1'\ the ftutNb tl1's I ..:1 !ltattt.Ili btwnr confided! tn th eharyc tri toed

:yt-'V' John t.<.. larAJ.t.1 r+tt4 vk.i/. ttit. ., -' .111ISMPtt/anil t I I : 'J. l rrnamal ..rntts f 11 fit gnt .'shat T. sbment, with tnet and punctual attention.

I'tltrJt ,i.Wt .. ".,, I .'. j : ILi t.I'.g ..'Imt ta'st'e W t41t ., 1 J1.tN ;'. !.. Ilse' r.4rfj| wilt MsU xsasstaNrtt".Iina swrttlk. JOHN (.A. UK.
Lllk//r.Ir I s.lk, ...)111.t./ ,. U:;. .'toJ :, .iP'. b ". 1" "' t!, .. I r foo_ .'. \' S. Ut <.* \t.A'* .id ....'. 1)Ma..tbc Ilc.fiA!, (.:U. W. UAlIaXIT.Aprl .

'. "b t..-. rt, lik.l; ,.. : . ..t ., J r \1. '. ltt ts . Ialetrr'M'ids $1.k j . i. I taw+f w fi &. . 'i at \hL" *'h,.in.f ft.

+' slum s'Ir'' 'I.'r..- hi*,. t It . f tlwt1 ;.: _ors tNrssEyww ir.rl't.rtt .e .',.. f ;. .' /tat Imftt. *t 'IIs v| f .. ftir i'.nt.c

H(fvn tl'i.. t. W.w'. t .. IPul.lJ ... '. r 'f f b ,I ". .. ..". ,.... :' '- .- ,. If* .U ,rt *. *ltI I1aaau** Union .f 1ta.;Ian t. NOTICE.nnilK .

1..1.:.1"f. rr*., ,, J "d': .. f"A. .rfii"it'. Irtr CtI 1r b.. w.t ,. 1 t.... 4 II east's I.etlrrs tst\'Ott&'i WI. copartnership of HWDLl If

t'eI.'o' I r. ,.: "... ;,i! m h >, ,: i .' J./" p'J'. ..... \. to 4'. ''" "j' "' sass 4 t\v' ', .jy ',\ ri .. f .c tarit.t. .. ".,::,. u.:* .* s.c.. Letic. brine Heath ofS UL Ktuu4ilersesthatingsletasnilr.eptnsat

:'* r ttr \'h..I. J..K . !1'.U.. '>. J ...t'a.: . :'5ti I'I t' I':. rt.r Mt4 s'a u"'f'Ilak I I smite*
Jov-U I N c, / IU.fi'. ; *. >,>, .' I IAfit' .... ',' "- ''t, "III"f .Ik ;-. Itu.L. |'U A< find*. If"ir an I j. Sutler* At li.u'nnal'e requeued **
i:. |U'm,, .-f.l ,." ii !, I ...n z J" .",',.,; "A -., '. I.I. p". /i4. IArft tt U. tit sJ I".r raper. q..1h. .tc I"s.s!", &c. &,. t>tv,rtt them to the undersigned fix sctItr1M'Rf

% JltWJ' ."tsl is .f ;-Jtr.. : :. r rlY : ",1 .. .: :: ,! h,.. .- '. \ V 1'". a-1.1 Itt/l.h ate e..pl, vI ,r it.rn..t r .g,1s I'::.-I f I .

f 1 J.ra. s.. i. ..' : i' ",. I J ''' '. ;F..t ; ..',a t "IS I -f :<* .. .fIr tat pt1tM.Rt ". tbe ."el It. L. mcurn
? \"ii
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:" r r.... '' . .. .. < J ,. .r ;.; .TMres |*vf. Srl srv,inJinJ p.racr.
\f, ,,11". '.., .. . ."'4 '. . ( '. t ,,,,' , .1.,*. *....t,. 1.".,'tfc. >X".<(,+ t.t a... s.rg .- .. a'I ,kr.t'pt 100, r,' k rtIt. JIt \\ ''\ \\ e\\ %..< 3d.fill Jb'J.-JI.
k .., f .. .. ", '.. I K. I I _. --- .-
I""J' A" 6. : ..' .M .... '- tf"; > h t'.Ii. -----------
1 -' I '.', .'to .. .1 1 ot' .. .. '
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J. : 1- : .. <,.' ." IK Uf\4lc| rtigned.Kespect/uUTit& *
( : : [. ". !' .' la5a.. a i u; .1) "f'I1''J.lt.. ( ""Jr.t;
. : 1 .'. .,...1 ja- .f JL hUfnpml and the public gencf1C _

4. . f, t' > !_ ,. .... ;" tafi,'v untl {':\\\in *iln\fV Ill''tW.\ ), a ISmunce that he ha opened a ritifvr orrtd rt
> f'. %, 't I \ Sv iftr **"v.t .f \',,'erley. !: rear of the Tenement now occupied -/ I

.,- ; ". > .r.:: ..... 1 .i ". s I L4I.1.- u. .mto .t. Iw, r.u u> Ulwlliil -, U tsai!, 'a'tL W. >t. Head, on the *brck |

H-t ; sr t .' .j! I ...a' J.. .. t t4Atr/r ...- I' r a C ...,.t. .. I'tMr'.Jana,.. wllti < !oate all -nunf which nay I*

.I '. .. tff. 1' ....h M*.. . ..i ., fl, r t. f 1.101"Hs. committed \n htm--he will also StUrtls '

,. 4 ,.. '. I a.?' i i f I ",...1.1 t &i *(pr't4' """h.. rmtf f ,'hlslrr+' J c.. .Ww), wills bond*, mortgages ie. w

I .M' -, r .t rt I tiyli.... a. f> ,!f" ..*n, f...ar. neatness accuracy and despatch, aa'l sea
, \. M I. '.. i.*,. t T. **f I .... Hi Sv *. pt'IItCh of Medicine: the most reasonable terms.

"; 'i .55.. . ." .. C, .11h.i- M11. !r% t .. |r*. J:.**'. tUMik ktepin,. Edw.Sept. Read.
It .
d r. . _. :" I. off .' .f.ilr Mil .' il tr r-q'. !..l ...VJ iinuI..jiUnd4th part 6th- St.N. .
t . . si .4. to '' M il i. ;; i r; |, nrrat I'jftan: *. '*
I ..' .' s.1t.r,".r.i r,?'' f.. i '. '., < '* a M tJir : B. All btiurx-M entrostru to ft
of Y 4. rnyt I" " .' ,*! *-!.!. t MHiMktt 1.lr. lhl.1 ". in *
U oftiiai n. nxut *
' ., $.1's1.s:1 4 t!,. .. ;i atn .. J leas: ar. / taeonflslentialnature w ill be *
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4'.j .:..n.t1. .lC', "' '. = iAlrx. I IJ rrs fitly' :betel! to.
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I. ,. ,,', :'. .n' n. .. w tut. t. Satalllah ai lufeut Henry F.stk White'.

S.VM.! ji.t it '.. ., .t .,: J I .. ,. .. s. .l sir ar nrildirrhrsc' 1 lfolta' Ziff. SUCJAIsmSKEV.. MALAGA '

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-- - 1" .A .' .', .It tl/r .t k .r the I..rr MrAti '-mat.n''ork.. '
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L+IwlitDf t'.%:-fit lies .tAr "I.d W*. ir'.Ilst1rbs44irl .. M. } !ur-. tn lie atnnet'. Works 3 rule, t1t h.11.1CJh" F. II. N
I' :;;.r$1.; set 11f I.l,1Itri 1".',fad tift tIM '* I >UU lUnk Aivt tttbrr ilaaks as '. \ltl..hC'.

i r-T uU' |,',. wf .!.. i ,.t tl.|;"{., ,. ,I".I. ) .. ..sat 1\Ili+44 acllacra, kr t.r.. t-r.t. -. It a' Ms..... .... t. I.ris, sn tAass. Itcnr''s t..Lt..t.o,, 20 barrel N. Orlwas Sir,
rt'' 'heat: *tbd .1.l ioui ,n for.% k rt .,,, 4Sj. INl. a-tt.1h4 at|4J* MM .. | U*-. :. tt4e. la4. kit., ."tIC'' (c..I". Tn .-Ibl'pinuf. 20 do. Wkbkej. .

e .wld} lift tticn'arr .nl lid a j ,yJ'i + 1" tI,.. f eI t. ... jiltarosl '.1 C kMtN. ,c- IN tiM t* rrttwt* wi ..rt U. and Ilre.tifrl.tt 1.....ic (:ikrry, casks Sw't iSlal. Ali

J. tiN' I.J l h..ak;.. Ail kits l..n ,.6 .n .. 'h .. :..: I* % ..N Urge true iii U.dl lwi,i,, of .'.n..,, UC't'eil'Ilnok., 5 lr.

thtd+c' .' a.c hH isfr, ", t ssri L', t *.,trnLed': W Is. tNstsiiiwl oti. k' .' ai r>.r1>rih ( o. "lj' hrtwrrn taw ntrri M. 'I'kHinjf' Tim* J..K'I..itb'.l'ltil Loaf 8u'r, H ck.S t,
( "I.d, YC sini/. .. .:. Ua r 'f- UMIM wf d1e 1'rw1- ... .by i I Natk anal .Iiul.twla, In U'C trRti.ty i s n nf the "World

COItfcU iacc. h 1,*-,|ig *ttOUM I*. I,.. {hits'c. r s,4at kwrt i pSt .rrtrd, a. .v..:UH.*bU l CIi t L.IA afn w t, hd.J '. 'aaateoiSCottt tLO.l'f\ L"lO\\T.
that .h.M 1'1.11. tll11 ...li.rzw .lilt p l'Ifr.c ere lirrrb, (u autUm; the ihhc ,li
r (J, ,.tsJ in h awl pup burr tbrM ..! *l boi i p Chiefs by Mia Vorter, to limn'
Af,J/cr f'a tttrctoTo f t icI'lI, *J. Uyt Ire tulle 4ivr i*.-lt./*:. a i wealsIstiII I .a;>u/l.t IMlfC'I".ttC' any Stan of the %aul (.iir e'. lli.lunr nft rrccr,4 tol". NoriCR whereby girea Ught read '

ai., oi.tr, agUtt. 'a4 ., ,(4T. ... I. .- tlit. .1 .1. hals.t.d "u other 11"1"1 .IstN .. t.In1rrri, 'tr any Skrtchesnf 6!d Kngbnd, been moored Floating near the entrance rl

raciersat frMiii Laid nfkr \ltiad.h', tit- I.will .. f ulknr.I..1. p.tl. 1"> t*. UK! madras|*r' Kt1 Ilstcat-IV, IMkngtttg' to the %au t tar I'ockrt 7V lamrnts Concordance. this fort tritKn tjla West roml fl

tic fi1 dly ("f toett ?. e.Ul '., r .11 1Jtitm. Isiw fwi9, *. irttftMt m ........ bubl ay ntiicrwf tl.m, as llrowit'tlhctHinanrofthe Ilible, ItoM i.ltt d. and bran nearly :. l1f_
1 !It* \ioi.tion. \&fjttttsf tiiftrftw *. t..,.n a... 1M test taw,prN" JtolwrlJikllt'lI t.Mfif,f I :tend, i&nl it Q.U1 tu slut utcb arc on n'unltn the h'lt'. ,S 1'JrXant pocket lGbkr I1Kk"
I U) tal asa Inab.s t Marion auk .,1 ll. U abtmt 30 feet trum the horiJon.be
1 arses fit b.t..e WMI. mler Vilbge Sermons .
IItkJltC'1.J tfcml 11.\1.1 j l
\ I'ent .. .. .. I 1.1..1 UN other. Jr in ( .rk..un it. t;. an l eipuUtilr ben 0,1|: Tonhee'c Sermon to Ladies distinctly! seen from 8.water 10 to UI. d-
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all U. t -this IJjht can be "no riJc
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'j'htitmi J.Vvchf, .'.kr Mitchell.t111JJ.111. "octt tire ttnnftn, to attempt the bar !at aic"
1t:3.-3i. T. tilt' itfOtl ItellK l, clIu''ru CSttr'a attire I'rrneh Hranch llietionary, tct lanes aa a beacon for the b&rbosw "'

John IiuicntrUynml"NV .fWh.-. :0. .J-cr Ch.aponc'Votka by which TeaseU may govern their p
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,, .tcrcktedtn, and rc.j on ihleiorb , 1.",. ,: 'I'll Y41 5l'' l\SCl\'l.n1-\ 11K 8ab.erDrr, a r nt for the propneV Memoirs of hitunhoue, .AttJ.s Ct tlte0j
I IM*, will!) b.
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t? It 1""" \SJll 1t .x F IL 1i..Irl MB4
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k Ncts. cY .e, Au'ust l ., JiJJ.- Powers of Attorney
A 2.-it: t-- Jo'., bolt Ire .. OI1ce.4 ,

Title: The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian
Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Fla.
Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: November 15, 1823
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subject: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00079927
Volume ID: VID00698
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 10589672
alephbibnum - 002060561
lccn - sn 84022794
lccn - sn 84022794
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. .. ti


i. PE i S. COLA. : 8A rURI) Y. NOV }lnt ]l15, t8 3.
a _A t. ---_._.- No. 7.insone .
-*-----hundred words, twenty live cents, anu u excc=r- scnpuoni, which said
seals when so provided shall
take the
oath before
ding one hundred viuitis, twenty cents per I hsndred ;t'e, deposited the office of the clerks of sail courtsecspcetirely nor. any person named by the Gover

I'ords. : and until seals shall be so provided for
already written, six and a :paid CEO. MURRAY,
For comparing all paper \: courts, the process issuing out the saW courts
cents for clew hundred words.: without. a seal shall hate the same force and effect as if President of the Ltglitattvc Council. {
gutter rarcverv search I. for tt-.- "&1' \ froar, thans" *cvcn and a '::a seal were affixed thereto. Attested, '

half cents, an d for cC ry rc-r more J onr, twelve Snc. 6. lie ttfunhtr fnattrtf, That all constables in F. J. PATIO, Clerk.,
and a half ccnta / thU territory before they enter upon the duties of their (Approved July 3d, 1823,)
for each ofiiciai!! certificate bfolfjce, under seal, one offices, shall enter Into bond to the governor of thisterritory tWAI.

oUar. with sufficient r"ltitlt'O filed in the office P. DUVAL,
The :Marshals 1 or Sheriffs: ,!tall recei- the fill owing of the clerk of the county in which said ronitable shall n Governor the Territory of Florida.
fees for their service*. "" .d" in the penal sum or Ii\e hundred dollars, cor.di-
For levying an attachment on the estate .If an absent tinned! for thr faithful discharge of th? duties of their I:
debtor, i\\'o dotlarsan4' if on real rstatr otic dollar. I said office, which bond shall nut lie void upon the pay.
For summoning. Ki tiislly'enndrndlitll' went of the penally, hut remain in full force, anti th- AN ACT
For scrlint: ; r siUo1-.u l fifty" ern. constable! and hit securities shall IIP liable to the suit /
For serving ad rrHp'onduiduw fifty cents. of any pcrvm for neglect or malfeasance in office.hie. w To prolate for levying a Poll TAX.
For the return for c"crJtoeta". twelve I aad' a half 7. fie further matted, That until the county "
cots: courts shall appbint other constables, the per ton\ a: Heit enacted by the Governor and Lfgittativt Coun- I
Fur taking hail flits Ct fib. J!:,... present c't"t\.hinJ said ofTicr, shall cominn fa eer- ell of tAr Territory of Florida That from and after the .
For executing,a luticrc fat ia\ ', nilC'ss.icmt"nl.: too dt,1s ride the 'emt" : /Vr//ri/, That lmnd It fitr" by them Ant day January, which, will be in the year ore thousand !
> For removing a pri,onrr" ten cents for rarh mile. : *. ./-* *,>. if/MrMrr mtff/nf. That the district Tied i and collected yearly and every year, a tax orC"tn-)
commit'ing prisoner II' jail tine dollar.For :tt.8 niet afcall rrcrivc fur his s.rn irrs the follo"ihJ; ty five cents upon the head of each and every free i.ale
releasing prisoner twTWtffiseeriiw.For fees inhabitant. of this territory, who shall be of the age oft
serving a fieii facias, one dllar. ; Prs6titill-er'y: Jmlit Intuit or lhrr prntenliuc on behalf I ''"nl, one tears and upwards, :and upon each and every -
For levying a fieri' facia and making the matpthereon .r"des.r"'J' prw.rrutrtl to ,.o..1ictin. the um of able bodied slave above the age of seventeen
for the tire liundrrJ dollar t'IUe" 'jw-r r coil aid krst .4s, tt. Ike I'. ill lit tl.r Jrf..H.:aMt.tr if the .!rfcmibk car*, and not exceringc the :age; of fifty years, to be
far the remainder two and i half p r rent !;at whr..r- : .:bet to pay: the smr, oat: of the county paid by the ftwnerofueh: slave or slaves.Sr .
err the sale 1 und -r any *'s.rctli'm'ull *\r ujrd.. bv: au- u t .c. 2.if it further tnattrt, That h shall be the
"onolo''rt",4It'.th..noJti'h.'o' the **wve eom- duly ofeverjr free stale inhabitant of this territory who

June'missions >hallfallow' v<*. ., I :, faO.CnU,\\., !shall. unlijrrt taxation uncJcr the prnrhiunsof"tliia
Foricrvi"Ta eWis -d sstisfacirndum, ,two uollarsforcichdtf'uluM. .; :"',i' I I'rr"dr'JtIAr, J'X.d4'If1t Cvtnclf.F. act on or bt f'irr the third Monday of February in i kch'
; *- and every year to enter his name with tht' clerk of the
For mo.'....::".-, m lure. on ea. *a. l. r same commissionas J..' %:r1o. ( ktt. ce'Jnt) in which such inhabitant shall reside, and every
is allow- "' 0':, a fit':. whirr w "a''e takes It I..cr. ';, :{ ApprwirtUuI; 4 It., U7J.VM. person' who hall be owner of any slave or shies
lot wbiNin a fu f person by order ol: r'b+i imo ,1..11. on the same day,deliver to thr said clerk a ache*
dolLrs. ; !I \ : P. )) ''..\ II. dulr containing 3ti account cf the uumhrr of alivrs,
Forkeepinervery 'l 1i1&' taken iu attachment, twenty. f..r ( f na prr d.. *"f h .Jf1''' bei** allowcd'half: a pound! of *ale! m-a? ar N-f f one perk of for 1 iiulian torn ,Ire **** t.. t*r *u.Is etbc Wr of slates owned b) such persons set opposite to
rations as rna) V veyt+ivalrm tV .., . .., ASr ihrir names ; and thr said clerk shall :annually on or
For calling ajuty in-* +u'* ;r':f\ 1'<" 's. :\"rlJ'' W/ (rc the first day of March, in every year, deliver to

For every *ur-.i. '. '. 4; <.'"'', I ; in IU0"P'" 14I 1Q"' '' ssssl.r" f I'ba' :.u%n i',,,t t d11. at tk eMatJ the sheriff of his county a copy of such list and account. -

for, t""rnu'C'" .t.'v ..I".f! !.c- ,..... f.. .. .
Foroouatry s U'J": .'"t ""l ,4- .r L, T,* *a f - :t """m in test 4 S*<'. 3. !kit former enacted That it shall be the
four 'f' ':d .. :J'JI..r.fI. fIfJ'i ,1 "..,.r .1 I e:,.hUrt a Carni4' ';iatf .f the several sl, niSol this territory on or be-
Forrru"W .;.,. '.'; :., I .. ." hfco."h.. : .,s 9'i'vr. q, ..{ J sir, ..n.rla.at HI t.tae authtrsf.Shrtktut f"tr die firs: slay nfJunr in every year: to give public
For scs ling -..'t. '' . .I.'f'l1t ,.1. 1,1,(' .1. .......... ,.... l..tt...., 1 f.... t"tni'.s Iy the ''''tire for tls*. prolaw of thirty days by advertisement,
For taking: b">. .1 kt" fh? 'rt'** : ;._:f M& tlrrs.f.t t.r I.., iir"n.* ( Ctorf...f feus trr- ia the newspaper printed: in. his county or if no news-.
For every mil s '. ..- '" ... .. 'f, ." .. ..t.. ;." ptr+escat'., c, ,...... lAC .. ssrd titc' jfitJr-v cf tin* tonifrc" patM't I*** p JlitUrd in his county, then in the newspaper
four cents jK-riuiN: t;".. ,:". *...< -.t.- ,\" a4 whrrrsrr fMifrfi'Uctf nearest tu his county of the time and
turning. ,1.t. 'cirt ...t C..I1... iJ,11 .. r .j, sss Il.t at s. ofitsrrtt place at which hr *iH attend to rrreivc from all perIM .
1'orallseryicrscr, 1 .1 :: ,' ,( f'J' il_ ( Q1": ", : +lr+strus J erLrgisi.Issr t eia..tsl. tkr rnuttrlr rsi4 wri, may be iftcfudr'*! in the list delivered to him
f>rnSatiun..S shall Ir .'. t. !.s it... t.r t.. t .,.11. t .k. s4ah btr un4"'f'ltvvdt.ad t.\'C' JUnulk' by lie' ckrl. tile turn of money which oy such list may
paid out of the count} '", JM"t .' ": appear. to > r due frim sue H person or persons ; and if
Constables; tlullmictihrirwt% :; i.of. the r c';. , '".. r.F.O. MURIUY, sir prrw. ,r persons shall refuse or neglect to pay
ifk fees.<< ;. Y awclssttin or Mitt' of in>ne), far the trim of thirty
&<..iDI) a XarrDNt .a t ',I c..... rt'tI C"-'s.Levying ,,. : ," b J..n,!cnt fif die ssL.Htl;'(<<;M.. =iL i" .. t "tt.t' f e-ll rati.,... .r t1,,.. .''Y','' 'tja.4. .,-.4 1.6cd
kD extcuuon HC'* eii. '' " 'I' *a:. by the \M sheriff it shill br the dUlY of said
w A rstro'
Lc,tinp: aft atiathnnt 1't y t"!.',, shrniT to tlh lran the Kwds and chattel of such defduttrr -
Serving a Ieacr.r< wa'' i h .t. ra ,t.n.- d',*' ",t'. F ,; F. '! Clerk: J.dyl, i:1.1VM. : tn an amonat !Cimt:lent top.y such *.x, together
Carrying prisoner 10 Jtl'\'t' ,..< r tV'} ;.t Sr ; 'I"O't.a with ibc cost of such distress, anti to ex' pose the.
For collecting moi: t Ly sale fr breed ru ttt;.r rtfution saute fur sale at public auction after giving ten days
*!' the &fitc coinuuti'>r4 .*> .iff' aJiwwrt by Lw notice iftbc time and place of such sale.
to siicriffs. C.test.orfalrtic. rr,145Ar2 .r i lr.sida.t S".e. .. Rt tt further enacted That it shall be the:
For summoning a jut}. *.vriitir.fivr, rUlh duty of the said sheriff, from time to time, as he shall
Serrinhescry not.ce "rwmw'n." I.*.fnlf Sir rrnli ---- colkft sut h taxes to pay the amount thereof to the
For every trjilr travel :u ibc irrtice tJ ptoces, lite. secretary of this territory, taking his receipt therefor;
1 same fee as the "hc+ifi,. .::- ,< N ACT al the said reury shall receive and pay and aqctHint -
Coroners shH n--cit", for, ftjnr trriicrs the follow-. .' '-.: fur the same: in the: same manner, and shall give ,
jog tn. aide fat 1M sat _.... ..t tear n.t'. ... ,........t e,1et.t eke like security a* by the act of the Legislative Council
For summoning a jury a-sd taking an inquuition un , I4...:..e (.,*.IM.I entitled* an act to raise a revenue in the tcrriior j**
a dead body, to be '..' ,cd if the same be sufiit It; :t. if R'JI, by tsr couhtyof ft4 ,:0". #aaGttr1br rte liueeirfran4 J"C'.J4"tC..II.. n: and the aiiUrcretary. shall receive as :compensation
(;lbn. *. -II j fMt 1'41.' t ;J ',..,.ntIft. 'rlrait the CnIH..SC 41. far the services required bv this act, the. annual sax '
Jailers ihsH ri '':arc! T-r their terriers the fi !ln TiMr I nlip gisrts 1ft fail contpra jti'* far ttpr "rn.G. tart of one hurnlf ed and fifty dollars.
fft\. 1"''''% ferrrinnfif ltrrdtstnnl.'srtrtsus '>te. s.1... tf further' Gtltd, That the sheriffs shall
I or putting :r. ;:nou ; nd i., erasing, cat h, hu',,,,, J. i"4so* turf clrrK of the la'gittireCt tereivefor their icrvice uhder and by virtue of this
'l renii.Ktt .' :, 1))1") '"'- the "I. 4 1..r )1-1' lUc %km wf h suh ac t. thrrr (per rentutn on all sums collected by them,
it!;. :.-.. ;; ....\"tdinlIt. .+lelitur in jail, fifty mats .__. bd c.i' < p-r day. ..tgrtlgtrls 'i.< f I..,L.f... tfce tilth hr. virtue of this .art *."o pet centum upon the amount
Kftpiu; :' providjf: f.'f crtfcrr )/.iioi rri thirty--*cern day *" Ma,. ...... i...***!,.. one A ii,,!:f t. hU prr d.\ j 1''!'.'" I1., ." :'thcr fht ...sS.K Ck-f4 trims the
For tU .(.f* r% *m iM'hitif this tcrritoty. rtuftrc.... :... ..:)1.,. ti r sees r.tut... ituwlrtd and t.C'nty GEO. MURRAY, b
hcntatkd st;. ..1. tc ..:Uo,,"cll Jiy tin coun" *) '.u't t. bef I sdtt.. rruiJtn' of the Isgitlattve Council. 1
paid ovtl I ttut.sti 'u':2.un'. t T.-" .'i \ Twits.Mi, rh..rum ( ffrfk, from Attested,
: P -. ;2. J f :l/*r t l.t t r tits f trili Th.4IH "" "'. 11'; .&.. '_;.111. day tf J.nr, t H* *>*.*" uf fctii t% :wa dollars.li It. J. FAT10, Clerk, t
hait tae ; ,..\ -i .ru'a'ier" ai+'J b,. rsftai.' ..f'ay "" :t,... ..Mfn t .rulll"< rjrrk, fewm the 29th. Approved July 4th, 1823.,
law cf th-.t\ toral')S 1 :'f-1. n"/ .. .'
rtfl"p""I.< .a tk Ju..YtII era |.r.*t\ f air ctu..n. .
,prutidtd'at! !:ar S 1atl f... -'II, I. wept r. hr ';:_!J t.titrr T .J.i Llf...."....... clerk from the Sflh June, rW.tit.
theterofnpr lame <<,.slrnsaF.. .:t I., .'stlirt+tr" r'.s lair tv ..r e. \IMt' iii fis.. dull.r.... P. DUTAL, ,
for. th '.w< .*; i'r '''t, !:.&' '..hi.... asr4 T :Ji.Uf Mrimnl, Sfffrant at Arms, from the :uh Governor of the Territory of Florid. ,.
TrhfcVc It' co pMifc4tiuu is t.t,?.,1..1 I h> ]lass f. ..t. .1at' it,1 I;y. IItl> lusts of eighty four tt.IIsrs. ..
service: he h..'! he' ..!1thl... . from the
t ;
v 1 i" \r ti.rtrfur, a iia. TJJfI..IA"'tu".r ..f the C'ntifHcil, -
koiaMe comp"f.i.:i.... H ibr t..cod I,> ihr jtHfr tif theccnnty Mtfc .} ctf) at. tl.ro um. ur .isty ihrrr dulls,. .
r court, of t lit' t",u..u.. / k ,," It suds, .J1i.. S_. f. Jn4 Iff IIJllrr "'fI""I. That, the (,ovrriMff AN ACT
Cn shall rrsidf, or sue I. twi'r sF.ll| ('o-l+,y f.: meal '%t ami hr it hC'fCby auitM.rurd to c.uteto be audi* 'it

.In Stc.the 3., lie further rw ,,c/r/, That t.,.. t ou. rr. ( a suit t..lilli,. aertiuiitk fur stationary and other contiiiRrnttgpefito To upend M act entitled Man act conc c urt of au% j ,iiicf the jn'.rr in this h'riw. incurred fur the use of the Legislative Cluncit. lions.nt ." #
ry, \\\11\ not ('x.d H.t' aur.I wf 'luur rlolLr, ra..u'h .
ormilca )",and if any !juicr ofli j I" .c'r or rutrtatlc CI:(). tUnR.\\t. it enacted by the Governor and Legislative Cem,.
... within this territory, s'.-;iI 1sett, dvtun.d or ircritiswy J'rettdent ef Ihr JsfHtattvAttestrd Co."tf tl!of tAt Territory of FIoriJJ.1'hat actions nr salts, .
greater um Hun four dollars t xrlu,i%t f snilragr fur founded upon any account for goods, wares or merchandize
ttte*r on account of the cost fiT *ns' suit: Lt<.r",,**- an)' jus- J'. J. jrATIO, Lied sold and delivered for any article charged Ain
of the pence .f this tertiur>, ti r (rxc' %% 0rr and an/ book account, shall be commenced and sued
above four d.1I"rs.u demanded, ,estate 1 and may !>r rri (Approved July 4th 1823.) within two years next after the arising of the cause of
of covered of said justice or ron.tnMfoHpa.y jut;. such action or suit, or the delivery of such goods, ..

.. ;the prate of this territory with tidal dmu.,;c* and 8\1. I'. HUYAL, wares and merchandize, and not after; except that in o
triple costs. of such creditors debtors before
the case: of the death or
Stc. 4' *ir *' furthfr e attrd, That if anr ofHcer Governor of the Territory of Flori/U.. the expiration of the said term of two years the i
cribb territory shall a.", 1'rnatuJ or ittf **t for or on further time of two years from the death of such ere., '
Account of any M-rvict:* peifonned undrrand by virtue -- ditor or debtor shall be allowed, for the coraiacnce *at
01 any law of this territory, any, grater' sum than by of such action or suit. "" ,
thillaw is allowed for yii service, the amount so de. AN ACT, Sac Z. .<*d bet further enacted That.the fifth section .
jninded or received over and above the [amount by] of the act entitled aa act eolcemlg HraiU a ts. ,
by allowed for the: same, shall and may fe tC'wttra' In s.d4hiontoan"act MtliorUiif the ppolntme of J rakes ef of actions" approved September 13th 1823,'be aa notion, before any coui t of record within this tet ri- the pcsce" samel hereby repealed, ,
tort, or by action of debt before justice of the CEO. MURRAY,
any .
ttce oC this territory, with triple damages and triple He It tnactrd I* the COY rm'r and LgIththetr Gret ; I Prctidtnt of the Leg it la five Counted .
., molts.Sxc.. ell o eJ
*. *fit further snsll be appetoudby the G.f tmr, daft Atees ,. .. :.ttJi :
enacted the
That of
the j.c1gcl.r peac FAT10 J.e.rk.
the t..ye. r. J. "
Superior the .
h County' Coasts of this territory ue there sbaN We .0 judge or Cilice pcau Rejected by tie Cererher aM poised by Hie rte"* ,. ,:" J Yr
ruby lh
said authorized and required to provide for their nient, before .hetR pecan take deice th-c- cpebbeedd te Ut _ary of tht cwmcil .
courts ) lawful for tucli} or :
rcipcctiYdy, calf with suitable devices ud U shall be


t'J. \ I I'i'

WIU- ,


'i' .
memorialist believe that such I law r--- AN '
AN. ACT, of Florida. Your of the Y"E5OD5.. OHlI a!,.t1)iCt,
't would encourage the merchants and seamen T. amend all OrJ4nantl tr

To atrcndti act entitled1 act regulating aril pJ'OCcrdi11rDr ." United States to occupy the wrecking ground, and JUSTRECEIVED 111 nm5er,,.,. City Pruac.1a,'Gi a.".:.
of when at "1
would ocy'atcinopcpinfi a source << revenue,
should see fit to exact ,c.I .- PElt> ffCini. .'IRGO.rol'fl B& it ordained br the Bottd..
t it enacted by the Governor and Legtttative Coun- any future period Congress men of the Cat "

ejftfihc Territory of Florida, That in all suits rt- j the period to he assigned for the exclusion of foreign Philadelphia( the Cues ase.red 7(or Of'Pen.tb. _._.-......

may be brought before any of thr courts or this tcr 'I I I I vessels! from the wrecking ground, your memorial Sixt( ball: 'H! pa KI+ M of berf1fe the .

tor)', where the process hall he returned executed six ts conceive it ought to be, after the expiration of Packages brr,tinct the collector I U beet Ly

't y clays! before the court to which it is returnable, the nine months, such an :appointment: of time, however, WmT OcWSJi ( to URtiain. ; for all tuu Qnchle. tt

;-' plainiifTshall; be entitled to a trial and judgment, unless '' would' seem to be nugatory without the essential: prerequisite 2. Ile il fi.tano OrJaint4

J'OQ"aUhC be shewn for a continuance, Provided or some provision for the encouragement of A- \\ \ ,\ tt) ttis et I5fl n. lector shall rMintoie the bl ,11ryp{

mcrican wreckers a reduction or duties or other* TINT and Dnflkkl ItlankcU Plaint, eachmhtiilualother ror Use
the declaration in such cause be filed thirty days bcfoicMaitl i i by month, 01 i:
wise. JL vipersn.teemnon'Ctotb.. Domestic her anti !Utcernerof the

i court.SM-. 2, .Be itfurtl.rr flatted, Thai the defendant On the subject of fishing, your memorialists snbmit Ml I'laiel.utel,rtlny:; anal Stnpcs.>. Itmvni: <* !.. mbs amt Wool hteixhedctir7 half' tatc an.collecting unpaid the prfIe1ICfproct'cd saor 'h -

shall Sic his plea or demurrer to the 1 plaintiff( drtlara- that artist fish at Havana is almost 1It)..., S,c. era X Jtf (t fitrtAfr Ordain*

.4 i lion m least fifteen days Itc'ious to the first day of the i 1 entirely! supplied l from the shore and inlets of this ter :z.s bnt! nl H MafttiRk: Wine, I Cate.lterrtheCdleetorst' ('n.t.b :

tcitn to which the process may he returnable, and if litory, and by uni>,rrrNand American vessels And ii Store, I tram' he shall Be entitled toUj*nstnl :...

r should fail to do so, the court in its discretion he-I arc excluded! from this employment, whether this !.e ,JO [M. fint '1.It1, dJ .n L'igt"l'. A. are allowed I"trili.tbl" tLe In.(.

gUe somc'reasoiublc time duri'i(; Ihe fame term fur an not a fit fcuhjrct fur negotiation t with the Spanish (;ovrrnmcntaml 1111 da.. Kra.luetlr tin. Territory..t. ilfun/tIt'

imparlancr, and) if the issues of law and fact are not whether a demand ought not to be made I.rota, .,." lick r"ftf' Itr tU orchnar.ee to OrrafIUJ wtiscltUsua;(11St,,
\\ lH C'oHVc
kr,1'rt. KM M-, &c. :'c. for
+ made up, the court shall award uch judgment as may o f that govi-rnment that American .vessels shall! be ad- :bar Vr anent u ii i4enniitcnt 91thI t a

.. be conformable to law. milted, some participation in such supply ,.ftltc Havana i I:.0 II. NTKNW.lt tw1)ct.M. j I I bet and i i. herchy repeated

SEC. 3. Be it further enacted. That in all actions market.nd I '"" JC1-.r l.steil Cram:tor..l,

., founded! on any judgment, bond, bill of exchange t promissory A >our mrmoralists finally !submit that these subjects ----- 1'. u. .11 ir.

note ot "'ritin obligatoiy, for the payment of j possess an inirrrst ..f such thai importance to \ i\\ti'Zl &: 'Vn\ JUMU3 PBSCAV, I

money, and in all olhcr actions founded on contract thr welfare of the .people "if thi* territory that your tl r';r vrtres tft their Iriemfcat yccrrt.rr. I I27th

tl where the sum due shall be ascertained by the oAth of memorialists deem it a duty tn urge their consideration ,I Stir p"l,i afi %..ncral. :a* 4profCd S'>,. 11\13tJ.

the plaintifTor his agent or attorney, and in all urtions on Congress, at as early a period: as practicable.7fV : ArCTIONKKItSfllllK. 1', Etta"

of trover and detinue bail shall he demardahle ofcourse *./iW Ay iht I"gdr,. Council"lAe Territory .\S'1)lmuii4chlt 1hJ a

but in jail other actions bail l shall not be it-qui
:) red unless the plaintiff his agent or attorney shall a copy of the foregoing memos ial to the I'resHlrtit of :} pica;;f Ibenwhe tn C'utaateaf" J"a&/itM"r 1M t""7pnutirn I

rnakc oath that !hecrih,' fjclicves that the deletidant!. the t'nited States, and that another copy le tlelivrreilto 1, : hats ne*.. "lrw,ttd to them w itU! an/.IIhAn.Jic, .J 1M c"J"JlI"ll It'"

;_ :t will remote httnsrlfor his effects( beyond the jtirUdie- the ..rdrJatclau shall be clerted to ivpresrnt this '!# m|>latttdr snit & *1atr. .'dC1ll -I J'tlicr.&r

lion of the court, 'judgment can he obtained; and Territory in Coc;re.sttut he may: !hate: the subject in '|'. A \\ .olr"r at prism ..!*, a fewekref t1 V46fU"'lI, &

such affidaut ,li, ial rfttdCr.tUun. wpror t: i? fJrrla',, 4e
upon any ju officer in this teirrtorj ClarH' \\ isle'l'rnrrilt' B ,1Jy lltCl7r1 tJ..K
may endorse upon the writ an order to the sheriff, to llw Csti f f'nuatja> a'4iy

14 require all, which: order shall .ilso specify the sum in .-......_,..-. ilo.Ni by tf huitftl hy'utttfvtniy eJ for 1*+....
!'u'. Itt_rhe
r which such hail shall(' bound.! .\\ -(lrlean'! + Rum.SiiH'rfinr compfnaUoii tl
Major, in x+Ulit.on to fees of
,I +s Sr.c. .:, lie tt fttrtJtfr rniictrh, That pij*rs read:: in. .SV. .'.Jfffxiiff.h Juvr 1J//, lt;' .j. | Flour be three hnwlmJ .IrJibn pet t

k! e\Mencein any ClU'JiC'whi h may be tried in any of tfcc Hall Href mUle ;" rer' tinr of thto t

1 courts of this: teriitoiy, be carried from the hun trrtt and Ctr dollan .
may b.1rhr
Sill-I parr< hern diwrird t*%' tray f rgilitirt t'omtcil INirltrVhilr PUlQrma
l. the jury to their room bv., the rrtr.rnt of liutli parlic*. of Pcwt front any fund not ejpreWrpr,4rtl
transmit ; the
to you npl' r.UcnringIUIWR' to otltr *
Si ". :. Bf it fitrtkrr 'ortft That tlie \ J5ean. r purpo CJ.
:( r fifld, >tt- passed, the' in\* nt. Si,. ill Byte chill be
4 trcrith, twenty, fourth t ...'M* .*,filt. tttmty %tact; !., (wt)' .* Whereat many ontrnirntirs aixl rifiiiarrastments : !Salt in 'Sack, eke \Ijror: penon to be caJJediJ atm .

sixth, raft fifth and, ti\t :!h ""'tkm* if tilt I'onvublt, ad another
) > j. : sot&.q may ar'nr from th* neffstatf delay in Jit'ing Winilovr (i Ia* 4, perion .)n

ti 1 which this Uan.amts I IJm(-sit j' s'taH;' : !' be, atul. the %'autt afje., |uhicity! to the a' 1% of the I....;:i,lathc (,'wiKil is etA 4 Ca"tilr k. (*immon Soap, an be<|recommended for who> xt.by:,e the shall City be

hereby h-jHaled. lew toob iate a\ rat *\ pr.c titahtr l thus inC tttrnl- \ 'a 7-r .* nfti..,"lor I to act a* hit deputy.Str .

a I cJn. MURU.\; ; ciicrs, and rniati"*mettts. 7A'rrrr, 6e tt Hr*.lr4&f N<.\:\ Hcnlia (rind Stones I ,-I. It .V I lf be the duty rf t4.

1',..1tl".,!oj the / w/* *rrAtt'strd C-'C. ., ,tAe 1-1(tttrf (..**( /. *IH4t she Ci."rn.or l.r rrffUcstrd ShiM"., aborted in l'ase& Contble an I hi;.(kput to fee i.
J OnLnmcr* of the 13aarf
direct of 0 AJdea
= to a nuft. riPs rtipf all tl.e at t% or.tlt
F. J. 1'.1 r1U. Clerk CliiiiA and ( las AVarc duly executed.and tn
< -* cite and
; 1 1)ft'1Irnt sr.ri**tr ftf ihr (OQ"lMiI af"ir'''Atd', to lr fore the all hr

) (1s .j. ,,\i j': (n'C' J uft _Ii 1t1.jd.. cut paal' rot+rs...,. d the clerk if il.. crralroutf JUnnk Hooks, d/etmi)Major be .'uly ofrcndtn proceededthatI .I...,..

.1M1': f'".. l>.Mfi t "f \Vr,. rhwrid., ;anal ..ne to thrnfrfcr uielle', Uritjlcft i-: Valicc'*, alw be t1)e.r eiprru duty.b _.
1 .
> w I ,1.1.1! 1.1.\-\\' : C'll! cw..i.ty cf 1 rot at.. (iil'i t"r l.atnltlack. &c. nil eiWvnn:. ur.bl they on be

(iovt-t" '1":11': I emu..rl'f, 1 aarr,; .1:.. .taAbnr to INK. All t.r,..U.<;h ..,s. U(w4ti lo. fo'" ea+h. bran the ami Jlajorv w tpjCiOUt foordrrlj .iautiogtit

v. .. ... tfu'llr '. ... f'tOnt ud
. .pr | n :- U, Ocf 4.I JJ.-'i found abroad without .
." -"--' r t J. i .rto c. t.: C. .- ,. -.-. -- thi..r nuuteorniutreue enuom

: 1 Nor II,. I s ..Ilrtk, i. J VST.LVJ 1l'Y,1, M) nn inX lie the, Uc U. whKhitUafl\ ae k

ViX UM. I' utAI duty "It/ie C ir, Comfabltocaiae:
V'O 'VUVi iMWK.VTOil FO/t .'.1 J .E h
I t.scrt.... if t 1 Ie.i-:.'. 1'? t t-.r. !.. ruftx"t "I,; | M. from 1.5tt
: ..S1(1'Nt:\ h1a1 )'nntieK; I'aper. to Wth Apn, ami at nine H. )t Goo .
.1 'J iirdn i'nlrcap WntdsJC'do.JOIiS April to UtTi aeptembetinru6
: rn't.i *
: ; llfZr.l'UAl_ _U JL fita" ,,. ate.4th. All yc
- -------- - pawns tobet'irc

!i I,." '. .. .,,J .. IS..8. Sm" ,bl'OfJfit the Mator, rfbaht1l
J r 1'l n7rr.; ) i1 41't7f., :i tfOtl bide, shall ie final i.ME
1, .... .. c '.. 'w '" .r a ..... ..... ,. ,'."" .1. *' 1. \\ \ .5 )I torsfccctwndofltt>rfattls:a,

I'. ". ... .. e coSit.bleu rf a tree ptllull; ad t
\ ,. 0 flIt ( .
o fU' nt U t CapeW.IOUI' .
.,,: ., trl '. __
'.\ h f da' all lac trhF. j
I .. ;-i, ... .' ... City or ifs.......a..n k'.eftI_..
. 1" ems
'" :jj t".J! 'ncJcl.\ultc.fparn.nt: ittt7ew.
H. .. : ,
'0'-\ ..... lrhel.ctt. W
,_ tie mil* avtftaintd, ... titlit M tfrt N tD 4UrkU' srtp4 ..
tuC.s: $
drlrptaic 5t.:1..A:
rrsm a
::1 t 1C SU'Jobtcrtc ; IIUiriilid "" JcIff1. ('r U:.,,1.cr' Wiruitli. in entertfrwrsnntja nee rctnsirrd b: tt.c oru au en if.*
thkt uilli a t..lntl ... ; f J ""' UM krwl .V ,3 jm| '. !
F1 1 .. *. tt.*m :11, thrrr .f by (he .. load. the City CofrtKTjth k: a:.1.1 tesnt
.a.\ .
'quantity of g0vcny :aruro.y+ .mss' g tcnmrntpf I. q, S1.t \\ mrJS ftinrtrofthe
trutcU Slates. . LIt}, twUlf'"
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shun on the rosU of this t *triluritulrn i : ".rJ; r fc. lla per month and the deputy: fifttea..
cJ +a'iil.h ( .Mf'.
[ 'wrecking'*.-U, Dud.carti*:d away t. the ,ptwi 6f; lit It-Jt. tsanrafarttrtr4 tn t par month.Stc .

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] 'rtrtl'togiUtl: .M > 1 1'artidrnt .r ,IIC .th'&tt'f"!" lAeaMiL lift .. ...... ; hcretcfcrej ctuCnCaidla!
legit ni* -.1 < h-w recks" oii& n + s. I+rsa I, er'tl. ,. ,
to be r..j/J yid 1 Uv tbr g(m :'irn.'t.t and 1v. oh : ....,...1"........ .,4 rernrlnaap. ape t j!( wtet + tent to thenance pt'".)c'ssosaoi tlrr t KrTl
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natarrs ,
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tn.aCar. rlMt.K, !b..t,. ru do. CA.
iHlj i.sw op(i!+ted b)' tLt t?f \f rnna..C. 11' ..........- Per. %- uis y 2Sth Sept. >

fortifin povicrAmongst J,; ,\..-,......l.1'NRh rte 1Jw: i. .'. U. ?13BET.Pr"HI.aI

the "au', t flf Kira; t"I: )'t,lit .tiK'llll' 'iatt'ould ' r..% <..r..i. .i". i, tclamt, d.t
1." i./fJli. ( tntnril. J 3Utl. y patent JVI.1US PESCAV.
HtIOta tin' ..t ; ; r' ;r,,r f I :J. ..J..t.l1)ln't.
1'.1i cstoura .rIuwIv ...en : .'({ttrtar w,
wreckers "by thenxistcnctofany n.t.lI"fa ( .. . t\r I
.uirrnural.... ,\pprvt'J.Ott.It.ls:1
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That ..
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sue!, ritawr-ft4;: ,., ia its Baer t.r t srrnor IH'' trijurstril. lo pron ...I o P.lhI
Slates TficrnroumMiioki. tar \ ftifh maHwrr; a, re may deem ibfotm title. ... .
:. If a tic h Y_"'"<<'. proper .tit' p1uu+ .rttal, .... .ii1lt.UIULNNGE ,
htalhd..., it 1rrii't ...y :'. .:.'.;.. ; .n tl.ar r..i"" ,1t' a".a" quanliv and .hue offish' l.:.. .. 1",1oar I tIIt, 't. : itiIal..Ilt4tu Wahlttr. ,, .-

1 atitiaafU fr.m for t!irrs M.d shirts of this 1 .ke. f jc *...tlt....; itnpr.( a'i4 rmr I
t'4 ..'' Tt ,it. ; U tiMi UtA.- '
( r a wl of the numVran.l national :* rv
tc'rmim.d, i.a''it JLh;.', :.l..I! d..fi.tbcrdttc.: .... ... charactrrofst J d. ,1.1 jjmt I pM.nt !>L*..Vrtoi f'!f for C:3 C..til.PtftNl(.... (101&1
of the.) u:4.: d ;f': i;.: 1.I.S" ".. ", ..,.1.c....... It...\ : rr..a1J tS.rMin. and the |Ittih or sitart .!.'. lHuY, .tr..t. AMI hut pLitr. '''r.1.ctiMft'n.
in ;all'r.nn; fo: u sr i* '1t.t ut"l't.. a :'f",Jt.... hard eualf'i o t'f.!' chirp kttt.|ltr4 with tae same, and that lie lit" ret I 4u. 'i h tr.,c14'r. aaa.1 tad t..nc-I, 'elfltliotu: : be it OnhtceUAMermcn br oJIILunIJ'.r

as maynotbe l (..limrdHmitrd t b,,' tt.of JU ,1w r c,rrrher+ \\ri test intsh the nest guUliic (:outaul with I .... .rI"I"tat bn..a.1 ...wtthun('. of the Otf 4
time.VounnemoiuliKtsfcyLn.'t. x .tt each inr..atirtn. Itr* ........".... I..IMUUIC'' rc hu...i, cope.a1.tr. .I I Prn'.cuIe'Thatall OrUironcrt aadhitiof -.
:: (fpa). :\ICIUt.\ ........... f""Ia..l nvmM'h. ..Water I : >. mw in force, which Emit the**
: .
:t'ia zt t wiwl aJtc rrrri a rCOLM 1 I'resMrntof ;,.... ;\",1brtn .tt.'h. .Inm.uf'k check beruf Auctioneers br, and the :sate s'tirr
or this vould appeai t". jr-. fil i... taf': to.it" !\ta.a- rtlt'Ir'I.i liar Lcgi latite CeunrU. piMa.. f ...L.rr. ).. IlIhC"?" .hitr;:'t anal .lay h'f't'&tt'd...

Tne wiecher mt' a-1 of j t': ,mt :.c.4 ti.ad: -.d"'l1r I r. ntr''*IfI hn..n..,., h'rAChcd. patt.nt Lnee. AppTUTCXl,
of hu claim!: fur s.Jsr.; mu Ipens'uc ;t.httctt'art... ...bt c- J.JT1CI, Clerk .. .:......u".ln..ti Iinrn Mail thcctiDTV liwMirtrtt 1'. Alt*

( ,' p proceis in 4alia" e) "d"t r_:' '. .ia,1e.... Of anol .ack thcck. I.ITn.tn: u.U .tum .lan, .

",('rt of :dt.1t i .s,1;.. t;..* J!., I'"'' It, tilt" Pail 1.1"14 I. F. 1tHtkrl.tongclnth... chile jeann+t..w. Tf.r.J. .
all Uu- duti. .ri; a dt'dfing.rrrwchenkraatsncti hahtnrp rtSCIY1IU'f':".'ASTOLKN\.
imp tu car filfJ ; tall ,
l s
u1IorU"d u.cftr dlr t' 1.r.tlJlrl' Connelly ct c* l.. lutaii crapr .
fcrcntcircumstan"'ts ; ai. i,'h'rd Ir'r.'ili...... .11.! July 5M, tb2.I. 1.'t'n' I'"P'M' irtKi, furntturcr tai,- .

portion of the! good *> mar ,,1..\',. rlf' oikcr clailttse.ti ts nary a.wnrtt ....i ttl U and cotton hula, OR laSrrr

i that portion u placr'l bey,i 4i!':is toi.I l Is. .. 7/rttlvrJ That in addition to the. farmer iihtottarretirade I rtttl..n..a. dt K anti) dart IM,*C. ulk. k.J. & ,.:tt 0 h.ltic\t'IJntmabcl; i1 -
a to lltr ch'rki used ofi( ..rthr -ast'f Kt..fT, 9.3 alt.tt un.bn arwtse'rer'r.
And v.oihJ its IrgUlati S-
ourinrmorialittA Council Grand
) : 1 faitw, lmit a, am*. ,ai *. tc 3'13J! tn ie ManUwl
1 thr iorethor *> Un'hho" Ma.tru
t riser cause of the evil .lIud -.I(, to, thr M.u-r.ittt'iicr uf : rrqursfed to audit the aetouuu i.f .....'lC'tc-l..f, dianJ b\nc.l.1n. l.uttcno.. ;. endorsed, warrw ec4 '-

a s any laws to ir-hil/n; jrrr.tr-iji: foiHgn' \ct: %..u. fium fir.I Fr anes j.1'atilt,chit r elrrk from Ute fiftli .Ia! \ of Jttil'ail | I.s Il.i. ...H.. .it rvn'panr.t... t.bbuntpll.Cwan; drawn from b)'J.J. Cohen Jr. and parcud Uic I bAr eL
1 ti the, twelfth dar of July imlusiie, at tit' I Niiraalrr .. .. him in U""himOft-ain
tier *i
of h
I cupir ur.ckinj; I'rout to the rate e o Itth'nt U'fC''t., t.pfc **
prejudice tf *
of ret
A- t inituU: F. S. e. ami B >!-
: r jttrrrCZII HU\"11. dollars prr day, and tin- account of leui Iluguin f.ir I....1 a \anetI;, C.I' hurt go*!*, suttrtt tu the to the : wF. 1U b(1:1.J : .
Your menibiulisu" in rC.'I | tettke* on u.... fifth dav of July four dollar", .I'rtrr |KCM nt ami pruachiuj,; + :UOI'. swqtttRiatts
;tt sting on this!
S wey had the power, would dent it :subject, i.if. .:Mrtisid Sergeant at \nn,, fir srrviccs on the ame (rockfr>" & (ila H Ware. S. Cl'Ltrxt.t'enaacola ."-
J pact a Uw which might opt-utr at ?,, absolute 1 and in, day< two dollars...d Juts, |..."r, mr scngrr; ; forsrrtt i i- 21: in"ir, nawn jU, 8X 10. 10X13: Xu,.. 8.1 ti3. -
5 res on same day, one dulla. and fifty ttf %1*, rnu..la".t
mediate iiiliiiiaion of foreign wrecking' t'r"rh fniin oins.CJHO jifttntc. dare .nUtU Ul leFi.LI .
our shor' for such MUHHAY dtfwnptiun. ,tumblcr% wines salts dccaaerrs (
1 ; might s *
operate as a Urn- President "c. I pt'r-tUM indebted/ to the r*
: j porary injury to commer ;by tM Legistattic Council. \ ttcdri .
rs' drprivinn'rut"l. J S.ctugtRJtG Jtc't Lat
.,..ftll....:'..."......... v....r.un.... .......oUII....... .u..,.',a._.."...,. ntt"_LL, unlll, a'. ,a !_._ in Attested, SALT.Hit I nuke immediate I pA'ment.inj n. ...
t could 7ground *"c-wrecking I'. J.1"IU, Clerk. earl;n of the ( .uontr Amanda the MNI JIlt
la supplied by the vessels and riitrrnming Ualtm, cither" b> the sack biahel.L elain.a arainat 2.9tb tan KtI Ii
hercb natifictt, tlut by
r seamen the United Sla r. Sound (policy would .. AIXl-JOSCwJcrwrhani* itte Cuancill "
qua the ac .,f the 1.C'If'.t ?
therefore appear to dictate this assignment of -- Putt tDti,1fot1; -.-
a a .pecific! 'ftJ ('ptt'q\L.r I ill IW.
period after which fore Itn vessrli may not be engaged: .\uut 2- .u: Act ivulktti<( klltN of AaGnuaians! '
in wrecking en cur shorts, and previously to which, Isgblatirt Ji t11511'J 16 lClnluAS 3. NOTICE.STOMXV l.ftCf. ) 1.uc..htJ.. slid the tlesreutor ...

suitable. encouragement .,,3y W to the Adminutratont., ,. h Gass'
and seamen of the United States given merchants \ reports have enne abroad injurious from the Subscriber, on th* the same will be barred of not t .
r to occupy the wrecking the public character of this ) to / l....\ ThUS ,COft4 withmnTc" >eaw. and by tW 31rt .rc
ground. Jn ofthis xccllcnc) (!curnaor lu .... nvt k
wlH .
pursued- Mintlnr
policy your memo- val and the iuhj clothing and %alu,)blc p a. of sail act tGtraiil cUiroants
*t said
rialists have enacted a lair to provide for the reports in the opirubn of the Legis JM'r.. a note drawn by H ra. !King, of AUUaiiu entitled tu receive ant diTJdendchunubc it.:
;r. adjustment salvage on wrecked property arriving prompt in lathe Council, are lotav!! unfounded fir tt therefore ,dater! 13ili .\ul"U" at three months,, noleiliibitaU within taoa

.ibis territory and also providing that wreckers shall Ketctved Ay /sgltlattin Cnnrif >V.ra, That 5(1 with interact at 8pr. cent for 2)1 doll its II. .h. llisley t
the conduct of His ecuts aKo note drawn Bccbc Col
be entitled to the of Kxc"Mcnjr has met their :S9: lsJ-1t. .,.
greater part << such wrecked proper approbation' and that warmest ImtarvlVm.. Itch lUtetx the 34 Sept July .
t ty, as after a year and a day may not be claimed br t.ny for his uniform, they express their thanks to him with interest at tt per cent, for two hun IUlIBEIt.i
other owner. courteous and conciliatory demeanor died dolUrs amt a due bill on CUM. Pin ltaMtreltlf..
Your meraoritliits In submitting this policy beg during the present session of the Council dar Air one hundred doJfcn, and a> note I? LOOWNO acripUon -royals,lant.aa1 by
( leave to suggest the expediency of a law to release President CEO. MURRAY, fifty "two by dollars Kry bows pajahlc.data la S MX pU mcatlM lit, for 3
from the payment of duties or s considerable portion Attested, of tht LegUUtive Counc Ii. -I h. dill.. '.
thereof, such property as mar be wrecked on the tout P. J. PATIO Clerk, J.iM w Lcrinus. '
Oct. 4tls.1S -1t 'Nalll f'.nCHl*! R t. AiIIJt'J :'

I as

3 \


itt, with a spirit wot thy of any agv hcnsionin the course they b&'e his cite District, rrcuLMnLT demands !

:r nation, a% may be known from I therto pursued, in regard tu> the j jproofs the course pursued in uthcr districts 32I&5& ",t. i'4W'
the following passage of M'Call's of the timber about to oc exported ; it has nevertheless been I .-.%

History of Georgia. not having been cut upon I here, at yet WIIOLLI neglected. It I'ovt oVAHHtVrH\ina.. \
tUpon thin trying occasion, the public lands; in this respect,if pub. needs only to .btt,that actual disbursements
patriotism of the citit rna of Savannah lic report be correct they hate by Juror ll'ttntiiet ), ,
was tested Kelt. Cen. Call, Blunt, t'erditlo, Lumber
by a resolution eontinunfto for
f err grossly years, Deputy M
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