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m it ss 'u Nin tMr
I s. 'f
"i .
r4..It i "' I' - fc rheas *H. Ir that he 4t rIfc. think to derla! that the said ,
-h 'laplj'I 1'.1', "1'b"1 14C ufNNi ) rtt* katfrd u. the tr.trir prufMr "t ,
: :. I ;, % $ c4 in f .t.jc .
r 41 : ,4.,. 11,1".b;( i i\.d tu tdJ r :...tl..j4': a mrt.* this trr4QrMi rp \0 thai thkirn in-em, rxhi. Ii".- tt! iHrrr : rtiu hate rrntaincfl and do rey i
: ,
1'1't' .4..1 Il'' 1 MltlIndie
1 .a t.'t't."sI1414;; .U tact d! :. '" n'8 h id >.M U I ha't tt4t um; trc .if kr P-1' ', .. 4t a.t,-it ttiti; is i cnstutnwry in tjtlruij main tuttritr; annuHttl and invalhl; ,.iIaDtl
a" tat tH 'r' : l \
Ut. t
'j",1 Iii .i40. Ttir tirocn .rI. thr Autrrlranin t!:at urnHer the thre ; 1it". Ynrntinn.'tl
I&i in
'', :err a Tit' it. vnirh shall > t i ay,
'nl.II .
j : .. ,
dolts uf ; .' of
: r r "tt M II'. oaf ; t'
t !*aia..i i' t, ."'t j Ii: '' It t. t'it", ,' limitc' of .1' "ill .:'ti-.ttf '1''' roa.ill a Siai itb fw ft. shall r\hit} t ., nor.those who may Itt\.: ,.
ftir M
nwr u.
ti bt/l/ t't"u t:1 I' . ;...,\ uticI t.le" r' i..t.. .' to t. t' ll,: 4, ., }"*.i known by lit n inr of tt fl' car intrrrat thtaugts them, can: atf "
eit .
l'I"'J'e'U\ ; . '
( C ;
t % i. |
r t, Vullll: .\'"f'''ll'.:. ttn'null"I'r I l"I"" '.;' 1 ilt"t : +111II1'1 it'I1 Sf' lit 1twUe1r' parttn-.' : > ::s j.intji dh'ir', ami :!ho Span:*** ronanl .n .\- sail "," Iatattrs'Lf: the salt tjjrsuts tt'a'f". f .
1 l.'r M It% r in tie: Uaitr4 J. ; tI '
,U tM t'it-. i'llc'\I\i'm. the : \ t,1' (100. ,,11, wulJ 11 Ire IiICkan pmt*.. iSt 1(0 MH oft r H -;rl! I n, timr or 'n any in.,iincr r *undo3wbNrhrnptMt w ';f' .s is
tik' Ui.;'t<.d S'fti- 1 h.ts fu :iiishrtt; "ith td nt.. "'.. '. ; ; ; ad if the na",' of t;.r dt"\n1", "r b> ilrclar.ition! the. d'"tb .t > 'J". .
\ I 3 tl.r 3:, 1 .. v. ft." 1 2" "' TtI -
*. aitiefr i-i he understood 1.
I : .4 $. writ -t. M A arr rlahnrdhll to ratified. f-P \
&11''H'I'Jnll I'C"It anfx'ar
r' sstriol '
til\ f.e: i n kd Sbh' 'lw htt..a.uhM t1r erdi'd i1M'1t'ftk't'\' tlti'r.t..t ,.n'.r'ie,4 .:S ,. l I.-i., .ii.' to i. i I in the 0tIt' or tar ft.'.rr, tt J,"v s:,ail ''trairestrtl In the r..i iih t.f all \tvhnh have "t'bn4'r.....,. .

ill .I t 1 11 I \' ::..t t'd tati-J; 'j..t1!.Ie' fj'|>d ill III* ftrr : C. I.. .:.r" i t i'; rtVAt'itIr '.:'': ti sit i.!r. and ct"!'H'r. matnlrtl to iV! patch these presents rlt 4't ""I t St/: t" 'U" rrij.111a1i1 -
SttnMti 1 'ioo'j r>f to UK snarl to w hch the hall be. f.! mv hrtntl, seated with "
1"' lt JIll" IJ ; my : rsr.
anal td;, in 'I. i VjIV :(; seat .
rt and .
conlitersigrictl by the
:: l l :,1 :'., V 1 a i a "'.-4 Lh'',."t1 yea "r "in rrn ." + Ii"o lung.
'" ., .' IIIMkfur in;.irr, it"Ixurtrtl 1rtrla 1.. ntt".n'\Ydtrl'n.ay ,'Arrorl t patch'* .

p. l ;a l' t l w >; of l.- .i\.fI| hr The' ChkoJ: States hrrrSy certify, SLr. a t :
1, t ..' c 1I l ht III- *i*'&t hey hate not rrrrtxrtl tiny rums C,:non at Madrid the twentyfourthofO \<. .. ...
,tl ,f. J Ii:, j rn."*? n from trans, f-r I"inj terns 'io' I"r, < w thousand. eight I'un/f !
/I ,
'liti sa .
ft Spas
tIfli and .' 1.
l 1pt + 'bra flrnd frwm her psisaterrs. con twrvy.w .
\ :t \>* nparralioN'. Mil, ami tribunal OH live rost, sutlm ; 's.gnr4i: ) PEn ANDO. # ',I

s t ''I i I tor.da.: I' tar parts of Spain, Cur t*'r iutisfae (CO.hh'Mtl; ) JII'else,1'nI

l I. 't/,I 1Ls i a r > lion of which prot s>*on! is hiatlr **y tSis .: ,. 1.) I r, titi"t; Cu-r.Q.. J'i1i

I .. 1t iI' ir t, I :fy 'it4t '"'.H1I '.tr ; acid that .;!! pmrnt .u au.tnrrat.c : < 'at t':c >tn.ite ort e U ri'i.r t.t-,

{j' id ,, (: I e It" sf slalrvnrni or ilw" priors rn: ,1.-.I trd St tS di L.n the nineteenth days If ,
,. "' ,A'""it-. aad f ihrir true ralwr, thai :S ain ( tr '
j" [ mar 1) C' Ph:" nt .Is n;: advise! and cin- ,* : ;,
01 \11'1-. ., r D."rmwr. avail hrrsrlf the same in such manner tout to t: \.tti61'.t n. on tli" part of. *'li4 'f .

l1a a;, & ..1111110 I. a. she may Ikea. jest ami proper I thu:' Lnil"I I M.* .S, of the said treaty* ,
t.s.! Et'tt i',4._ 'Gt a .pa.1 """'LF. 15.TV in' t''.r ft.tkw'inrj vrnrtls : t '. .
J t'H'. ti'It ; ., I S a''Jt; United Slates, to give to his .< Sl"TE' MIC: UxiTtn: STi rtS, i t"
\tl. =: eXt t':1\ :'J k' tin ors taunt :f'athofir M iL'th, 1821. ,: ' k ktt i

-, 'd 4I'.! ttr141 n. rr J .. w- to "Hit h ( to crwwni T.e rebtitn ef amity feaoh'ed. to"-IIIir1. 4f tht srz:1'- +'I'': .
If y .tufco" c' I I xtt 11' ,; ,. ".1[ 'iMalimf t,et.rrnlHr l.onaln naiij .'are />rr "rjl eer< urrtnff Mrrr/u That j ';

1 A UTI"','. I )1 3' a ,: \ 'm !1ft favour tar r.nvttrrce of he snb-jed, the Srnat,1, ha*'in'? examined the Trek; .;: ' .
'1 ilt';' IIaII !t..' 4 tirm j C v a IM *t'tt'i."l.j of it"1olir Majtity, ajnv thatS'paiaish p i* of .\nttiv., Settlement, and Limits '; .

" i,"" '1' utid 4in44v: "rl' It' ; ) '; ...1 not n-, t, ..to, reddish laden ink between if'.e United States or.\mtrit s.' .1

t '" Unsold tiLte. .n 1 ll /iar.*. Tl ,|.'1Ia produ*.tiovis ofHpantsh" growth and hi* Cai'olir Majosty made and 'i" ,

., : 1I\jttl.I'' .M.t je.. ", nI ,_, am validity'United or nuurafartnnrs, directly from tar e'j>u .lad tl.on the twenty-second of F*> r .> ; t
0,6 Ir\iS( tiuhJt'l"U! : : IIf' c) t' It : .IllsI a Coatsirsias. to Cftt t'JttII"b of Spain or other cotonn, shall binary one thousand eight hundred "

per aDd 1,1aH'.' . ... ,. t 'h"C l ou.I"\" Citiiets ;(hr admitted, for the term of twcltj and nineteen, and seen and considered .
1. .A1C11C11t ".. I ,.' .. 1 1 ( .... .M Matr hall hr tppo>*t- |(i years, to the ports of Prnsacota toad the ratification thereof de by his Ca- ,a i
I Ls Cnthcl.c :1"Je"t). a .( 1t'tnj"'C : t, ::: ; t t e4"'lW PrrsMmt. by and .ith !thel||!M. AaorvtUnr. in the Florida,without r thol'c Majesty, on the twrnIJ.r urt\* I t

) :Ii. k. in *u.t ", ,. j a V I So tJ! ''_nu and coiwnt of the Sr/latr'ihiclt ,paying i ii otrWr or higher dnlio on their day cf Oct *ber, one thousand eight h'. '

,ail toe u% nto' v\ II. ; \ WttshI tian shall hoot at tW i'.r r"ua ntCH' of tonMir, tlMn will be paidy hiintlird and twenty, do consent to, '. t
;line, .. *t.:U lat xl 4r, ItkffM. li t :44rt pe+ o 1. In4 f -iliia tt* rrr of>1 1iHr the vessels of the LV.trtl Statev and WIse the President of the United .,:1 .
IIISan .:'ilti pt, n1}' the 11 .fllHtiIuUUa. I -' I 3 I, .4Htr1, rr L'ra ,Itmr tr.It .aft hIM of the first J JDar'ng i the said term, no other nation States to ratify the same." .i : 1

,, \ : Tits( ..J 3. : a t .. ....,k ail rr tifrraamin.nddr i *. i shall rainy the Mme privilr'rs within ,. "
.\nd .J
whereas of the .
in said
I 1. ud hpitis.Int n bald J Jn J iiv j| ., I.\ t iC I rte,. ..ti ..deIetfJOI t .r arwaat Mid talidhjr &fi cedrd tcrritoriea. The twelve I advkr and toasent pursuance of the Senate'ortlle. ,.' .1" "
ail' tail i I "TU'I.& 8. .! tbz t.sist. J shun dr-i 1 months .
\ f' ) hUU tilt arcs, \a >Ilt i 11 t'.ic years; commence United State I have ratified and . .
pit > L 'Jifit'&%. fu .Ht.ul IJ ...! ,\t the' J-.t. If 11aIh ,.cJ* : IOa "''' Lti.hl. trr thr rtrhangc of the ratification of f *, : confirmed -

UIl tilt bud4i9; 1".1" ,I. f' II.,t J"}lri .j I tht. j: or ... ,ry. UIJI. .,! W. (4.. Clddiniinriwrrn ahll i.kr *n oath. or l lids treaty. t fallowJnjj the vita bid Treaty, in the word"l.t ttl'. ,

,.>t. gYleetl'. nr tit'*'" ate. .:'C1,1,iota 1 t',.!; 1 !t .:..,1 t. ur N' h.fuln' tl ireisdgMg to hr mistral MI tar rep. 4 j AIU1C. 16. '
Nisi: ittu itirr.\ ( t:*. to if .'1" ..;ti*), i :.'"!:, 1' .' Mi d I.... 11. tom, .r"it" ii .t6e1r isttrll e ru'ina, for tr fiflkflof ,I The present treaty *' all br ratified : *' Now, therefore I, James Monroe,

"I' d ]>Kil4tti;,.ti .U' ill.t. ,. 'I ;II 1.1i SI i ',f:?.j' "i)' t". t.&tit...41 1tt4'a, ttn 4iIitVta' d;ai hagr ..(, ttrir .tin ; :;!. due foals, by the?eontratlnj:parties, President of tl e United States of.tnte. : .

I IItt. e. 'fhe "..,I ,J, *',1\1'!: ll'i 41t IO .u.t ,' r.4..t t' d ."CI c "r1"d eta tw ptr ltwa lit hW of ihr death akknrit, ormtary and the ratification hall br esehan(dHi rica, having seen and considered the -t I

I : tint rrtsall! he I 1t'! i itt pc, ' ,11 "I'I IrtiI.t1 :)dtbvt.t ."i ..r r+ bt. t40i.atse . ..IlIr.C ,.f any M"b C MMj j six months front this time, or soon treaty above rrdted'togrther with the + a'w .
, resat >Utanr>* c" 4<< H_. I" 4 :i II' i It.tl'J tr't+'I' 1 ..t t .c' f..1 rat t14". .ffIII"r..hi nits.emay lirAHpfftUd by : i it er ;if pvibl. I' of his Catholic Majesty I" + I
bla tiu'y'itft4'tr' ,I Ian .'\ : k..t.1. (1.. :t..:fl. if'i ''w e' I .'.,1 t't ltd ic/Mrt14. appobuImI pt a ".*fr at4. or ly tat Iof In wiinrs wherewf we, the umer- thereof do in pursuance of the afore 1J JI
r. iF Aim..- 1a ,:. tIn .'r 'IIW d.. 'i Ilttltl I'** ClM1 t** tkin > :Nir1drM llw U'Hittd States dUI iag wrlttrn HeniAtentiaHesofthe United said advice and onscnt of the Senate .; 'r: 'iI

,,1. TCte4Lf !, ,nda'; u," r. i I'. rrtt t .'* tM lull 1 ." au'um ; .1I0Vi. tie !**' I'r Srnfte, of moth .J JCammwfajr'ia Slates of.\,ric', awl of Ids Catholic of the United States, by these presents,
t. ; sac1I t gals trim. lit temim o..luitm.1 i. air wad. The s.W I I accept, ratify and confirm the said I
i.I its: A. .t n1t.!: .i.' .S J J'I'-, ls.t. I. t ; Majesty have signed, by virtue of our ,
I Iaisin vl1 L.'"' t.u.f 4 1:11: ,. .. .t I ?. 44'r l.'..nt (: .".. 14t shall hr antHorisrd lo'||xiACTS, the prraral Treaty of Amity, treaty, and every clause and article

:4.M: fnU1l1'! ''tt.. sit -I *", .. 11, 4 %" .te a.: .{'91 Ilt'MI.: Jta4 the amiss bill r.,%mNr,on oatii, r rry iurs-1'I!!'w'ttkarttit,and Limits and hats there I thereof as the same are herein before" ..

$ r"ini4 d.n" ttLlth. dt: .1.,; ::.It liritt9l' ; ,,'" Its ". .s'r, ..1"1J... ptt'ratfvm' .tivn reiativt to ihr said rlaru*, and tomatt' 'note aftsetl <*nr orals "sPftlin1r.nOM' I set forth. t. at'f"
t *) uVI ft lH''t."U t's. .. .Jd..t.h.! ,'IH'tt"i! the cornt; ," 4rtattti ; all xniiaStlr atbrti t"'imon'l I| at Washington, this :wraty-se- In faith whereof, 1 hare eaued'the

1ii ..Utt .i.; tl.t'un' ; V a siurlls U', t I.'t ., :c ; ,' aU! f"plt.t them vit1.i .itaK !',. sans And Span.l ,read day of February, one thousand seal of the United States' of America" 1 .4

.1 t.1t. d ,r4t ,. c.f Lt.I .::4- w' ..' t' .1 sinkt 1 tens i"ikd in tar tuiinr, rrwuet kit trrantrnt ,hal furnish, all uchmay 1 Knntlrrd antI nmrtren.Iswtl to be hereunto alBxcd. '
r 't ;;9c It Q 'ltu.yyr'e'r. it,4 1C'&, orti ij41J Ii, fr. tn tI": date or fait titf' In dt' *Wi t"luridatiadts a' t e JOHN ( tIXCY ADAMS. Given under my hand*, at the City of* i. t"

J tlW ; I ':\Uu!.. ...' }; tt.t tu4ttt'I of f.uU of ,' H 1., th' rail | rattt11S be .iIr..tV .4iriwa jar the adj"'IhM"tt1 fsiuitj LOUIS !)1: OX1S. Washington, this twenty-second day of*. : !Id'

1 1'' itt. I 'l' ;.j i retta'... i, to uic 'i,' .icc ofF mal: .u" to.'. ,VI) f!ram* ma4r Mira: tit tar aid nasals" 'ordinif; in 'hphdpl" And whereas his said Catholic Majesty February in the year of our Lord, one ,.

!nnsl!# Ydt h; > H,.H: i'u." l.itvi<,n. slut t'a t.1d; ,tit .tf J..arJ' Itlt, trlisl9t,: iffjastirr, law lass of ma.litmr did, on the twtnt .rourth day of thousand eight hundred hid twcntvone 'i. .
: : i II 1111.' ," 'I 1n : ti en, ?b.tan, tV f't-** 1)rutt4.41.J | Illt l*>c jwrt of bbCatitoli' , atid taws .I.i4llM; of the treaty 'October, in the year off our Lord one and of the Independence of the U* ':

I the II id Re't' t Ittr.alai U.r; ?'f th 'a). t', M ajrMj", for ill'Cf" 1Jtt".1U ihr two pat V% of 2th Octt1PM *- thousand eight hundred and twenty, nitcd States the forty-fifth. ," a. -

t bt" .1Ue.<.u' 1,0 t', to t'" t:1rr: At'k J"f.,<*4.{ 'I a* made, air Irl'. ; the said due nents lobe ratify ,anti confirm the sold treaty, JAMES MONROE. < Jt 'J'.1f t
I 3.oJ.tI'fI! 'A'. .(ullUp I .1' fuur4' c., aatd1 afn'd 10 ',e h.U ad 1'fAu..1 slltcifid, &wH dr 4.andrd ill the in- which ratification is in the words and By the President : . !' 'J j 1

'I I,{' t'iena. ar'. sf ut Ail t nf.".iis.1 t 'n'C'"LIt 9. .starve of the aid dorimijsaicHters. I of the tenor following JOBS QUIXC1' ADA.:3; '. ." .JI., 3 w' ' .
I .t. hi".n 11 tu (' S2 iKiith Tar n hi;-h ( "nh'1lr.t_ The raymmt of MI h claitna as may [T1unuTlo.] Secretary oJ Slfllt., i, ;:

I tII "y tb't pa:'.'alJ I: '>f In tu"c', toulh nit".ttet.wilhtlH' 'u *l eanurat <], ircof,| be' admtUrd ad adjusted I., the said M Ferdinand the Seventh by the And whereas the said ra.Gt tibns

I't' $ IC S ara. 'f hL' 11'hole t '.c n-; ain -, I on .iii 4:'ttt, and with HIT .t Sj*rt of1an }CoAimisIoti: w the major part of fnCcor God and by the constitution Ion the part of the United State, anfof

laid a'n Mchttit's itup of the t'',i_ ut.ft .ii,l to all tV dilfererictwKt.rlI I i them to an a ionttt not ecrrdtttlC RvemilKoiu ,of the Spanish monarch.klag of the hit Catholic Majesty have, beep# .j
::1 red S its f'f::+;liltt d at l'bh"tklli.; : : : I .;.!..Il I kc treits them and Cora of iki'lar sS M Le made by .Spain thisday duly exchanged at.Washingtons \ '

I'' ,nlpl0"1 totHe I.tuf JIIIU.!')', .IJoII'I, .tirw ; tars: o'td un..ntandinJ j the United Stat- cither immrHiateljr Wbtreas on the twenty-second day I by Jon Qctxct ADAMS,. Secretary; .f '
t. i>ut, ff the source of at thrir''rraturyor by tfee erraiioti of of of State of the United States and by .
the'flsa" I'i.rr wIth tt t h' w ih to l be f. rvertaiu ntxid.( I February, or the year one thousand
i '. fir all .11 W fvyitd fall j. Stock I hraring an ititrrrat of *5* General Don FRANCISCO Dtcxtsio VN ',
to nOl aSH'" *I uth 'd !n I.". tans, rrcifmjrallf'' tars per I eight hundred and nineteen last past t
of !latl: a from U t..ud.sounrc due cell of sales ofpnMk land within tbe of Don Plenipotentiary of his Catholic c M:- if
s.iutS or notth,, < ricx which tfy.. the:meltes fcs as city Washington, between % $
*\ the cair slay tx-. till it nal' h the their 'rclpeitirertire and subjects!|]the territories hereby C',)lard to United Louis de OBI, my Envoy Estraordina- I jest t Note therefore, to the end that I '.
said i prraU l ltf latitude 'Stales or in .f h other manner a.. the the said be observed and .
42, and thnrr, nay have sufTerrd untiJt he time ofsign- ry and Minister Plenipotentiary, and I treaty may .. .
long he said! (jjaralltl, to the South lug of th?. trratr. 'Center** of the United States may ,John Quincy Adams, Esquire, Secretary performed with. good faith, on the rtt. . g

Sea, MltSc. islands! In the SahlUl", The rrijmtM'.alion; of.'r United States I prescribe by law. of State or the United States of America I of the Unittd States, I hare catted the .4'tt'.' ..:. <

dd 11. wand) Hud and Art.ntau rivet'. s wit riirtid to all IH? injuries mentioned Tie record of ills prorerdinKS of : ,competently authorixcd by both premises to be made public ; :nd I do. / t 4 " '. .

i throuhOul t'.t"' (',UNlt' thus tIrtrribcd, in convention{ of the lllh of Au. :the said CommUtan-rs' togrthrr with parties consisting si&tcen articles, hereby enjoin and require\ ill persons* _:, : '"
i to t bel'ju." ; to the ttf'tcd States but the! S1Ull ft'j the tour her* and document produced which had for their object the arrangement bearing office civil rr military within .
use ofif star l '\tters and thc ...t "atcon; 2. Yo all$ claim on account of prizes :brforr them, rrlalite to the claims to of difference, and of limits bctvecn I the United States, and all others, c'ui- ." .. .

of the, i'JI1' ; to Uc 'ra, and of tic made by French pritatccrs, andJ lie adjusted and decided POll by them both governments and their respective lens or inhabitants thereof or bemwithin : .

said ritrcttrtioYUtcArkat%t tirouh., ? eotider ir5ed h)' Frrnrh tntuult! within',I !shall, after,tbc dose of their transaction territories ; which are of the the some,' fothfaly{ to'ohacrvu'

I out. .thcjcMnit of the said boundary, on < the territory and jurisdiction of Spain..'1 be dkyosited in the Dcpsrtmentlof ,.following form and literal tenor &" and fulfil the said treaty: ,and -tty.. .. I"

t.eir r
won.to the IUJ>cc.th'e inhabitant of! acdownt of the' | iiunTpf the righY, :i cf them or any part of them, shall a Therefore hating seen and examined fD tt.tlmQu1 "mo 6ayo'tau' '. .' !

"oth nations.' 1 1| ,of dfmnit at Nqf Orl<*ani in 1802. j II I II be furnHHed to the Spanish Government th* aistecn ankles aforesaid, and the seat ot, the [j "fit! S to be'a ,_ t

The tn'
tTct, ,to) C4- { >craracnt off f Spa&uh! afittUfcr is tM Uaitcd Suut- attboaii or. the Oiaersl 1 i . # ,f'"
fi I .I Jl4. I'fIf .
'I t pIIJ.1; .a .,s : j I" ,'
L. %
) '. : '
: . ,.".-.- -y---:0.1" ,A'-J.' ". .r . "I- . -.oifo.. .. ___1L' .- L :


'-'--. ,. -

. ". ,:tF"i 1t -.. r: ./ .ia o"J".T ..r ,.t t. ."r"'wy. .. '..'lIf".r *f/o 2" ;

t I., '5 k It, 'l .r 1 K
[ .
r-1 1. l"'i1
ti k
't I'I : ,; t "
.' t ",..1 1. aa.J: n.1t 4, 1.-- ,
t .
}. ) . j' t'r. > /
T \ 't .--V ( > JTII. -&
: ,'i .n J .the City' or k'asllt i b4i R.cts$ jI . 4 c u t1.t 4{..M dtsctt cn-fias tttietrtin the ,

't" Jr" h ;.i: 'tu\r{ ond of i ebraa The sa4r liicd. 1f; arrtjt 6f arrsoarr Ca fii du R'rovinciatslithet I", evil man be. _rttl.'ij* dc ", ytd; tfctt

'. 'it, t&. S'a IIJ 1&t"1'crat or ubtt>it! 4nd J4ch, of the 'IID' ': ; "ntm con.r"I undue: stenlJ. ._ to tije ab m'J J

.,. '"t.', nnd r.Jht \hii- sands .,uesseetgornmiasutrist r' of .11" U. ." t, a&nt< en sa leal- I+iltha .dqct Of omers'".. t

; 'tu't'rlt. ). tse, And \bc 50tht. \'e- Slaics Tn pttr lt*of tle"tuW'i Q it 'itti l aId tnie in UfKr dad los EstadhsKiaare I dUlr.Li The offictr'is tlel'to.1"wads "

: \. t', atldini''fnJ' c IJf they received by him frtim Ja* .f IJtrl to- the Cnid % y obrdeicaitfri dfpfJat CU'ort rights ol the..serdiciJ

It ", f \ l itch ft.u L'rt )it.rtlt !'. :cnt pf theLnifd S t ; rr; htrd ..tt..1 las leyes r i &ntl the nbligrttion of his office i

+ .# '. J.IE5 lu.\nOr.' ira, of Ihe date uf tin l1K21 O\ .t; lfrro 1 dll", dtI fobedltnl tu>the .-. autCMrjdadcJPde' + loIhorilies s 1. wet lama of honor aDd humzn,' s

'.-r tre 'rc t-icnt r ..JlIlI. and of the forty. f&jxtndcnrc I" ,l.. ef"r.ll drr drfttr.K4t4f of the m'smos'--Q.M'c'I&(, 4fit1.C a faithful executlunor
'k 'I. 'rj I uf the United '5t ae J.. C ./tit ft l/narratl II:4J |I srmc?uodt rfaN Altdotnt1"s\lsjas.! 1: tnast. Whf the toUUcr (cis the

Ht 1 ,. oax, Qutxcv A"A ',. i rica, ailcied by J"1., (d.rtui; ?4k if.... cJ Car i. user p aId Jnttdrlt,I suranra that their tot dcrrcbo titan "fiord the offil'u as his to rea
jff 'frttar1/.Jr S4l'. p:1ITh11tT Seeitfiary or bUie $ and /lew J.ir Co .. d.14, Pror.atcr. If, (e Jdti de C"-!just rights; will be protrj-idos jx 2r los 'aalhoriiy "ithwhieh the protector law the jil
'I t"uttn I lira Coittniandaut of tue, p,wtnte ofYitt ta, d./"the Gar rr. I." p Ill' I. Ca ; under the ard;an r :.). UniCos, y |t" the latter, loses its efficacy in invest
r. .. : n+>r -7y.ne into t' tlr d,.t of the Untied defrrultdd fa es.
\ : rl"rida. and Commtssjonrr' for n.r v'..tf I',. NaN..a ship contra Miniationi the surest
J.' ttr7.1 t>ct.'tvn thr.au UnILal Sh"; the dtlacrt. in the name of His I atiw; Illtu n.fi'l''Je era P"wltr+ t Stairs, and will be toda faerza y viomaintainrH 'evil of desertion is remedy for the

"' : r' : ,. :. crntciudtd fat \V.b.nt% lie Mjeii.;. of the country, tenliory it'.t""by tbe rrrerrlr rrrrttr. from all henna dr adentro. y glt! and steady dicipline Cuntainedl5; tobe sata a rU:

r (: f' .1' \.m.utb ? tlrenty-sccpnddtvof I r''. and tepmilrm irs of \\ et Florida, to treaty c nclu.:r Vt I'oa gvsxro. pot force ard violrne de afurra. ..lary it must possess both these

., J t turf. ,' PMC I'toHisand ti.'1.t hundred the I oww** o crof the United States +een the LmiedSuurs tl trtado ulcJJra- from without or }:n f* de 'lo quit kMir i but m violation of law quail!

fJ'. ': in< .l1:netcrn. in trtufarmltr with the po* rrs. rown and Spain. do i :: tie M"J'O within. hrfirraadota pre J i", deemed essential to cirforcement can be

Ubu'".f c.\ TRi by the S ittr anilfJJepttM. I '"iun+ .IH! special amlte irrrivrdS Oft the ltd day c.f de 1 I9, ydrliidaIrbtuary riivrn at tVna- fntt' Dada rn (i** Its effort neon the 'soldier becomes

Q' \I.J I I.I.\t1f 'nutiwuof i :.c nitJ )' Sim front then Captain (Jem-rat of. i yait4 mente ratifieado, cola this tlli.day Ianzacota, el dia I!*4iftipaira i f.tort moment he feels that

W'I I ; iI"\l. or A'I1'\cnn1t' Cosgr'rt; 04"++un1i'o1 ir' band of Cuba, of lh" date of the f real, .hfictd, the nirr l. Estatdon of July (Mr thottI7dr Julio en l ilsanH 44 this sysirni which governs him is flue .

: "I h..t the l'rt'.irknt of u... Cm fifth Ifr \hat, l' .-1. hupaitin; lo hiir ; 1 tut beat of I1M' tslalasy I. Espa;aI rijrSt hnmtretl de mil ochocienios $4 luatinf- in us course, or that it vio"lates ,* t.

.. ; 'ie.'JUlct he, ancl.It'(* hetv iv LU'.ur- t*,..rt:in t1 r rwyui o.ider of the S4tb of lurstas tine rid *c a tijpaM por par- and twrnl' -otte. p teJntr y uno. I the principles which -

'.., ', ized to uAe possession of tad ih'Ct. .r (>. loi,.r, irj.v iMMfd and'1 Meil Hf hi* rat "r Spain tift the w de ta iUfttSa SaL ASnn \V JACKSO.V.ttjr .'S founded. The certainty upon of laws it is ,

1'1 thctrlritoliesofFast and \\ .at MUM* C-Salic M.'jr ij rtt4iil VII, awl .itnJ hotel, and rrsien de hart nvrl- tHr fSovernor, stitute their principle con .
cfTicary, md
)j\ e tl'.;.4 unJ the appctuiagi's 01"4. ap;"' +:u-, atte.lctl tn lit SvcirtT of Stale. Dunta'ar. Ilk p.stw n.'u0 or'u. lot KI tado" K. ). Ctt, .however scverr restrictions be

1 14 theh oof; and lo winote antJaoritthr u ."ra i'rra de ('tr.trot l'oC sad 1"0"1'. t.iJtA. 1 1M 1'.ataa Acting SecretaryWtst Florida. they arc ojf Te A ',_+ ofl'iccrn and ldioj or t',,4. I Do iMiift b> there {rftwsjffvtiiit ea 1mw In tale tdos t"ttlo"t1na- -- -- "dispensed by the hand of as they are "J

s' 'irdurti;}.in. Ilf"luJ lt't' e, to the H.I' .- the wtt. tatit day tif July l.2t. Of the ted .it.t.'a : hwy.rnpotawttrntJC THK ARMY.ADDRESS. **hot oppression." justice and _

: \ttu.ia)reeJly to'the saiqulauns! ofthe 'hi*;M an era* fcad f*rtt 4itft bf the 1.. AN If''rr... the tlkkat i'rt rfof t&* a . This censure is too .

,, treaty between the Uiitl Stutcen I I d. l-rut;'twe .r die Ctiiied states, fcav.mi .'("unsvss oJf Cue l'. /arato, S 1Jt.\D qr.41wrns, 1 ton'u.r.PI. jusu The time at which'general it is mailer to be <,'

ii I i d "Spauj ('tUduled..11in'oh ; i,'a ,,, \J' o.i tl! c tVr'tnU-moud d*:' of r. 'w1'"i t rl tnsi alt 1..11 in the beset f 1'aasa. Ga) .f flan Js ssUse pate ha t" astonished every gene.rous soldier. t
I SoMicn clo&ra
This OfTkrrs and
in *.... year one thotr.'.n . Military"" !, andconsegn 'nt- a'dc'grec
10 1 mristcm, 1u'u. u,m fheir; *4'M (..t'li 1:1\: ; lli.1's i .dMl otIi Jth1 att4 mart,tbaitiNtit tbe Catnsutk lira&,- my div., the to an undue severity, or to the ab
Military connectiont
1 of Maid rrilOru:* tit t; ell mu d '.'!. : 04* v, anal -Ur A 1NIa4wr .r ddUJK end of tue neat Se- tadur Codesquelrt.li ly* sense of system in. the conduct of .
liar hitherto existed between of .
1 an i fie ni.y, fu,' !I.t. ; 'jrpvfccs.jtrt ..ti'order ..i ., .. ti "f..r"taivr .r.,H*, |hc HIM'.firs start of the trtb .hulA 1'1 apti- ficers towards their men, the '
and the Commander of
tott "1M-tr. a* untxenu
; ,to inuintdin u *..J '4'111. ..f"m.' >ia> i.tH CT lk Cum t' IftIM'ft HtH del I pled prevalence of desertion in \

( 1 tic authority oe the i.p' .'?:i'tt'.: ,t..t.'I-'I in''a*,*,'.%< F+as _8.siw. p.\h for tae ConC"'tO dfrz t ). the the Southern United States.bit'bionC Many the of us army have of army,so far relates to the Division OUR,' it

.', 'jy any past of the arm. ',u t ..1 u.1 l.tfi1ut. . u.al.w r... talupltrary' gotets. sieer, si .atn tin ixirtl of.toil and I the homh, I dounhesitatingly is not I
r l' the IV led States, ami tV:: tntmlu f. vc Iris; 'IN'r.,rrriraaionrA poa t. .ft'- aK"M of sr.a pt'O- (seer rstabkehlor.r together days nights i totmdcd in fact It is lue, to say
oft i -'. Toj ftker we have seen the candor
I 1" slate crtcrritorj, w''.n a !'l.. ? wt;'j n U" IT. 1tU4., ''iim to haw cgrltr .rt .** SUOher 1M tol Cnspeso un termination( Gr one Ilritwh and of two Sand' to truth, to attribute this evil to .I

I /1. Ue tu iKTcssary. i :.n pert" said ItUtt.rit .told' $s.ate by (' Mrnri, lO..r .who- a"dian.n. in hkh we have cnc cnhprrd its real cause. this will be found to". .
t. I' '.\rrti.Ild he it rcr'i"'n.1 c*:.tt of and to at. a.j"f Err trWit4.$4I ail tar tmht.iy, ci- ri.. er dkh.'II f'to. exist in the want of adequate
f.'irue*. and dan crsftarintrM punish.
t4 a<*ud. That. untiU t1.\ ,' MI+ of U.r "i1 <'*,' d ""r Spain ta t'-r I awed Staatett, h sil in Its4sciad paaw. tint -*' Sert.tl dr.M''C ftirmt farmed meat for the crime of desertion that _
\ % 11II..1 titp% ;
; :. .wn of the next iron ,- ',. ii4i ( ,,1 1t.'rti"-: lyn uritlttdrd at 'runets.ntteoa rr.... iwd'. thc p.ss.ladas t n Sal asaoct4>.ms of this i kind are the prescribed by taw, in a state uf peace

I. : 1)t'o'i..inu fur. tsr: i< r.'I'<.i..,: y ifo,',--]; Kit' :Ju,1 day ofl&tIia.'T UW, ftftd oilier s of I. raia pers..ra r persos.o. by mo-it durable and feeling mil not iranseenu the offence, and no other .t

j.. t I 'jvn; of slid ,.ri'ol'irl' h' '..;ft't'; t ..d.:1 fot.at: }HIjW'to( rt-'toSiir In sdsJ wrri- ting4.nTrtmrrttof y r?"*.tada tn 11rtoHu in my from Military tertalnpantshrutnt is authorised.While

I I. !,1' I.y t one.", all the I.&iita'p. c til, :."d ti.iC',. I" thtt to ft.ulte sod pit.iurm ..f said .'ru,,. a t. onto el 1'n* permit dtmmanJ me retiring take a silent my leaf of- this ts the case,desertion will increase,
1- j i ,tidal poweu 'x"t'\ M'l'1 y L1 Ca t:1.- all au"'b .ctte .ttd tkm. t..wtIIII': s'a.ll be tested in .
'., t"1 : .. Ii of t.\C ,' is\jn'l j.,I\'IH''U' uitrftc tt'" i'.,' V 1'm".es is h ai"IA, i *rs' f r.. line:. M"rwIt' peev'sksr.. today hwoa my companions in and.rms.Jutic.e f tl. u cir men be ever so lenient. Itisa wait
lu own
]' 1 tcw.t +Ct. i'IU I. trs's d it.t fsMs be miliuy you. my known fc thai
J 'd'.fP..ti! ito '.s lillp l1..t es ,d :"Ii fry uttades more desertions have
: 1 ,. \ulta before
that '
,t."ft. ,1 t' nb" L.t.1i plrttlt. r..d s..a't: ; IK- uu .at(. t"'fty 1M 1 ota s Oaf 1hr I t-tert's w in .. rat. citiks, jurli inns requires plstje taken plate( at recruiting rendezvous

c.6.,1! : ''n fiurh ':, .\m"\ ;.a h... 1 J. .''. I'n It'd.u. e.t.ae.- : .naa ser a, the a .lc*. Utftftatla, ; :our common ccanliy of the trtimo than have occurred in the Regiment,

', t'Ct: of e'e t ,,' tfd.t tl"'Ih..U'1t'.i! t. .ht.l.t' aRp jsar.ws 1ft" f 415 110 S.ir'It of Ist mri- Its ofkialrs y emH ny u my approttation your Militarysonduct and at no recruiting rendezvous in ihe f

I' j"+ fair the *tiivnV :..'': I.C'
: t'.raatJ tTritore i 1n inc fi-ee cnyt ehi of.aw1 t .'" lo. .1.1'1 t'\W te-t'.IOI1" .e.t .ft the n....- area n., actusIR ,r '-uai rr\anl. Lnurr me present organtLat.un far as I am inrortncd, nJ punishment in*
for the red unt ion the army -
', t'elr 11ft, Jj'-ty) sa+i .t'lisusi t i't.i *t:j.ui-i awe af the ttsM "It su tale'h" t! c in''as'i' 'mnirner 4 lot hahlkHtrsde Hided urpon soldiers excepting by tffecivil t
to tire IUt oa con res,
.. the laws of l'uL n.t'-d \: rlnmrtothen.cm hr'."rV tliCol': rwl.n (COSMraaR. tats uf aid tcrrifui ias diclft airet'jibif : authority- is sell knuwo that
F : "'.nd in 'uH( 'tit.*,. ?. J' Utrit MMiMliiatctf 4rrlar '1 in t.e f er > l'roalmias e'n many ratwable oOicers( who hate cud I in many instances the soloier, bu '

"'\ ;. "lo u" .' ct io tilt .moli:, :.ti;m T v4.,uhl.4: ::1'.., .n'th.nchiid itt peW M <'< of r.. 'fa."t .,f Ibr
A. ; ". ,htc <;fu'>i 1tla. u. belt / t'.e: ? :d I. ; ; 1 'n' IH ti,. -NiDi6n a. JIIIH'W I.--ny. 1'l'Oper1y. s rii'st-tt.dpttptr- vi. u' profession winch they had rm- ,from rendezvous to tcndezvous, 1
t- ..C'C6, and ihroan upunihc vtovtd !
t}. in.favour c Ir.p.. I:su 'd.s '* 'Ii ; u .n' rtatt'tl; 1 at llayimtawi tfcr Si't.f rlad Jtt'Ii1ut1. .1 ,t tJ J 'hl'n i y t'I'h the receiving the ,bounty, and deserting -
n"n. nlhal
b. ouro&iolatu
t tn
: ,.. rarjrocs, .nd t,.<' Uv"'s it..dill': t+. "' ,>' tM.. W ll. wcfvrtl4 r_ erne "I .c".of the 1"rstdnate de los l } > ; in some :instances this h.s kn

i t4 .. .; npoi taitvn of pc.y .n'. .f ...Uni: "h,t ,;....' cut plarsl t.e laid ttltatala. Vi.ttrd Stater. bas IMa.s Cttktos.date aAUita of)uurcuuurty suit cherishes I I pructi&cd from Boston to New Orleans. r

', t.tit,.Jt e extend i tu the .."<<. .','r-io. :.}". 'Putw ". c.: : Cssirl States Ia t lltrs- :,y ht'$ a Vf"1 ;..on pU' MI casts.iollhestl you, *t ncr Hcfcnocrti and deliverers, The punishment at prescnl inflicted for
w.'Ik wit Uum cotKtrmnt the hasty anJ.1I.wacd i .f
:':;c rt'rfc.dcnlpf: u. Li II:h.t :stK'. ,, ,ta T.,1: . .,tMt T, t4.. .. air:1 a.i .ag the .., lllia m U .%b. desertion, is hard labor with the ball
.III I.,. "Hl 1e t1acn'I .'I" '': ''' 1i, d."r .." .f test nohft leatth day of mid ittttvta el tfta IQ de > 1.,11\.1 wtuth has occaswnvi chain: but this hears more heavily l'l''Anll
,. .> :n.rnt .bd tk t tuu N hale
4I ti1"hliln the t< nn s f.. >* i 'I..t. :.' r. :... .r s: "a.tbs,. tttt'Jll UA" d. mrl t jn'r.:r-l tar dLao ilr20. tae jour s ) upon the faithful soldier who is compelled ,
v !>. ,"th, d'tri."1fi: , t.:, r. I.i .t' .u t .ntSa sir ur.4y .at )ct fo be given lo cur ex* t
n. > ;.' I d i d.-p 1I4I.t. old a Ia all the gwsarrs Ita cost. au t"-..s'a to guard the convict under a Lot '
I t"e r'hr'ru,, at*'M U.c ii w4ucr tj tie erections uf two sun with all his axcoutrentente un.thas ;.
, r.,." .. f r its oelVnvv, )
tri i < c : '. . of tsaary '
ConNrrsS, it- IMI : : IA-I l K public ecr crs, fat! aa.'s. the ar..1 du htcdkhasy 10.l"aItford..to. it does upon him whom it is intended >
whose i e' .t' ' .. c.." nr aiiy C%t Hlvu a* tnat fronucr flat
"oi'un'n.i1'- ui
.. bat 'st4s kt.d ratlwr '.ilil\1 ties ., t.tW riot c1K..tpde' to punish. Every deserter therefore
I cn *," the ac'.i fn..,;iun (f '- -r '..,. t fellow hale
.. std ,
.1" : Lit cn
( enforce the raid I' ,a, ** to hinh"H j.,. 10 t'.c nikwiwr *el wlH iy the innt ttat' C apsas.i'GrArr. .VrtaBio,.elrn* yon fauna the fatigues of the faithful and trusty
be taken
Qt ,
11 WI vibBn you
,' expedient. '- -.,." a.*4 ,"u1nirIa lr basu a.l latrSrraast k jjo- ido sirs pot'ulaitr loldter. And suppose the convict will
:1fIff", 3. "And he it ru&er t"nu't1, "n.'d ana dt'lltrred ";" teni asrliss 'CI'IHH'S *ki | arr tarut raaCLA. i ,:.as v... b"'gOiIe, orhier sour not labor, by what.means is he to be

t'.< T.h'H: the ;ieHcr' af t ne L|"u'4 du ui,rnis tfiiwtlf rehtkig alitI.rvp'rlty 1 h-vc J.r-forr sat ins, nUiMantt ,tatty, dati wild your uiul'krr dctcuJcu coerced ? Stripes and lashes sue pro-

; : States be, and he is hl'U! ,<*iu.4 .t tfIMI'mcatJ of the saidlr .4*| Gl to issue do ta que rjueda f rihismy *.io a.c let.tntu; ol hating hibilt d-there are no dungeons; guard

"" : '.. lu appoint durnj* the *<' 5if tier 'iion of \\>.t n<*itfa* incJ.41nc ttoruM- frrido y drttaran tic Ameikan. Eagle wl.t.crrr at w..sittIiindr.'ed. nouscs are pleasant places fur the lazy

Senate commnsicvr : led *u,t"\-',. the r', .'(%s of St.' Marl, and ttlilbtata'd 1I.,.".. np.MI". dug.ettosarrao: worthless soldier w ho sleeps and snores,
of&i.ers who
nboRe eonimisnicnf, _=.11.! .t eat ten tar the east oftSe Mi smtp r'rtttthrv the prrmiM+s Si to hi .* ahera f'lb- I o )wu my brother arer while the faithful ccnlincl is at hU
I of the ni'Ttl SC%'wm of '_on rn ,%, .ianru in ie svrmr uf your country, him
!.(,1. in rtttformiu .Ith irAH drt lace il ,' f to tnen the commits'o'ICr anJi jr,,) J.:title oft Ur ty :f cesftibK ii rtti4- ttrreto* lmtinela ..uo I. prim.ima icLurrrummcn\ alit"U tiraatwn watch. Is not this with that general j

t i 't'. '. or. t,...0 may he tl'poiuu'Jn th. |It4&,t d ut Walahgiop, fore tarrriswl user .M O \dAJ drrt Cap. vi. tll.t .I1II"U) kMlfr.ctuis.i; tow arts pardons so frequently extended by-the

.: 'or San for the purpose st: uihtc'i of ",,'.reran, Itl9, ha"ttre.liSatae aw! tbr tU+d l*rnt.srrs :a han Jo.f"ur ,. .. oiacr, WMictiwill rvudcr you a orders of the President, calculated: to

;iJAI in tree fourth articlc-ot** d treaty; and Vnitini States, by /JNw ,/ fir utttkr the .ui.: )Nit) tie lot F..sbd..srA ,,"orbt"th"- as sour duty so lot cause the best soldiers who are oppress
I- 1 lh- 'the 1'res'fleut; he. alii he heit: ,4Mwf twsad.,,t yonrscltr.unalt oacastns, as
a. ijfui 'h'I.. Ha..U'r Pkslipe4tntu Ids Spain ht teat- Untdftt eat. tsta* ed with double-duly in guarding the
". Vice aut ,orired to l.kc all olheit"j.ures :.at your *-ncH.i Tbe
1 C.,1I:. Thtjeijy, at" J. QtJHt led tad that hilt btectdo sobrr. lami wont to meditate desertion also
which he frall jifoVmrryln "1Rc pruprrp id'ff, ,* cr n'i jtrj of stale*I UM United of air l. M.tr of l ms; .|"e was ui tad iraiune. llougnt to be boiitc government must annex aa adequateand
t'.T l. i ;; illlO eff&chi the stipulat.uua States, btt.U: provided with f.H fnf".cr- Aoit'eita int..bIi- na aitantrswr aInsI'rdnrtrtlrsame lit mina i.at carry Captain should beta certain punishment for the crime ,

; of three sid fourth' article. which tasty hss rati rd SIft the i COIpOtadoslomas tilt company aksafalitert and ihouIUtn of desertion, and experience compels

v*"". 4. And '.r it further enacted ]Matt uf h"t fclholir Majrtttf fr4 id that Uac inkalntaatt pronto posiblr, rnla .lilatiHiS r.uudJLis child.CM.loatiuuv me to say it, although at varience with .

::1 I T. .*' a-boai.-d of Uitee comni.hkioncrs t'.c r.\.-,u'., n i.te CHIT jioitaMl the inc,eof ".In. in Licit n dew* !.. liirn&i herciotVrc, watn under the 'more refined and sensitive feelings

I I s Ili;:tee jppu. ileii. runf<.i'tuiUly lu IMCsJiiiulativiu l'n'snt; o'tW Cnitetl'.!ett, with the Cflt; ?1rat in "tor n- cJt \. cnu. my loMmajKi, to watch over at with of tine day-must restore corporal) pun- (,1

.t of tree tlc\' ui'i: kiiclc of *uv ce and 'Vaflt qf the Senate"f the :1.01; .r tin 1 nit-d formlot pttr i. k falhei lentl"ru.4 _lid carte. treat ishment in ihe regulations foe the gu- \ \
t'raid: and the President of tuern hue cbitd.cn, anintinish them,
I tneatyj of the as it formerlyexisted
L'n.d; 'M.u on inot ;, i tUi United Siats is he 'ehl :.tonzeti iinctionf hate hern dly ;+areefiattit '*> bet HiSurfUit Kcdrrat, y *oU if unhappily adnu tHltrii wilt not and as it now eiists i in the
tv take ir.c-j-urci which ne fc.tc t;desired dT .l. cu r>ioo uiusuIMC and insuhordinationwill
nuy desertion
aUf .
-1 laud cxciifttt ed att u.tH tot' :> the p'l"i| !t. Imilidot at gerr Xaty or
t ; dret.t exatrltrnt, fur organizing the twenty ; : ,. ud hoard of comrrtissohcri: und, foi the f'rtvsrfh: of the Indepct lrttre Qf ,,: and ad .tglus, derrcb, eitimunuiadet rues rt ably produ e a spirit of insubor- honorable; why should! it be'more ,ain 1

.. tells purpose, may appoint tecictary, tie I.nhrtl Hutes of America by lrneral mtttrd to the rnj ymrntof d.ti. ulnal un.1s destni .li c to an antsy as the Army than In the Navy ? Is it I

." ; wet ted in the French and Spanish ', l)
i ii;, 't ,13nuaq s, Itd t ; Vaich appoint*. }' of his.Catholic: Ma jetty rinbts aIMS lUtados rn .&ier and ditgra in the hour ot five stripes and br ordered to immediate -
rn'-ntstif m&ti- du,ing the recess of the ; qor battle thin, as regard your Military be manacled with .t
it", an J Jn Jm.ry .trl""", Seerriary imtnuiiit of the tieUntosrrinmantenidot you duty, than to
: u ,Senate, sh.atJ. at the next" nievtinj IfJ'r { .,f state of the C. Slates, accvnUne in rilijrrn *>f the Uniitd ptolegi reputation, and ).>ur cuuutry'sgc..ud chains,for months and years, an object

I. that bud: be subject to nom" t uD the tut,umeut signet* on the same d'y. Siitie--that tins en el y (1'- you MIUJ.I prevent. Imploring of djs Jst to every: freeman, who sere i

,. .1.1t. ,fur tVir advice apd ronscnt.frc And the preiri.t delitcrjr of the in the mean tithe frctodcsalibenad ffuer from Heaven blessing upon you ati, ibid hint' more properly an appendage o f

; 5. And be it further enar ted, country is made in ord.T, that in the they shall be m.in- bi-nr, religion you an affectionate adieu. ancient despotism, than any tiling le- :1
:, : '''tat the compensation of the y ; (blpnad.) institutions I Let
91:1 respective execution of the said treaty, the sote- tained and l das lu lips fun ingto Republican
1 1J t oltci-rfc, for whose appointmentprovision f'Ci iity and the property of that pro led in lite free m- ijue yrrglamientosmu- \S DHEWf-JAt KSON", the deserter in time of peace for the .
: is made by this act, shall not ''vine vr West Honda including the of their Ii .V" or.ntt I CUtmIlIlJ..1.r first offence receive" thirty nine stripes, '
:' 'exceed the following sum S f ru'Ctu of SL )Marls shall pass h the joyment x rtj, and tian atcipales al tiempo que en* tree U/Cwia* uf sir Soot. for the second double that number, and ,
The commissioner to he appointed laid United States property for the third offence let him fret the
the stipulations the '; they rrV el Oobler- Not t-My ofricialdutieshavitagpre- ,
conformably to tic fourth article at our of the hw. I will venture .
therein expressed. that ill vcnlcuthe promulgation of this ord.runui highest penalty
profess ; no fopanol ijucdan
the rate,' by the year, of three thousand And the said (ol. Commandant 'laws k n.aDitipal rn vigor y que to- this tame, an opportunity bat been to say that a few examples! wilt frequency I

dollars Don loan Catl&vat has, in CODWfO'IUMltr, ttJ1IlabCJnshKh dot lot oficitle 60erciarzistefreat afforded, .f seeing the General Order, put an end to that extraordinary
j 4 To tbe surveyor, two thousand dollar at this present lime made to the Comrnissioner rmnleados rnear- "dated Head Quarters uf the army of of desertion whtch>at present

t *. of tbe United Stales, Major the cessation of the -ados de sn rxccv* the United Stales, Washington Lily, prevails, and the cause of vhich* has I
i of the three Commissioners ** & undue
. '/:1'oeach General 1ndrm Jatknon, in this pub talc governwrnt, ctot (con exception June III, isai,"signed"Jacob Hrown." been so unjustly imputed an !
', ito he appointed conformably 'to the #lie cession, a delivery oflhr keys of the remSinitsfullforre; de aqutltos Justice to the officers of the Southern: severity or to the absence t.tCsi'tcr.1in
j4t rent'l article of the treaty three town of I'rnsaco1a of the seehiees do. and Mayas Division well the conduct of ofuvers tuvrards their
I alt civil o$- facvltades me han as as to myself, compelsme .
I r thousand dollars. cument*, and other articles in the in. rrr, charged with si io rsprrialmmteIheir to offer some remarks upon the men.** &-, which
To of the cauV
thc Board
1"" Secretary two Ircntory before mentioned ( that order. I sincerely regret the
.: derlaring csecut .I. thousand dollars.: that he releases from their oath of alle- cept those Whose quantos lirnm i su "The prevalence of desertion has has given rise to these remarks

1 To one Clerk, one thousand five Manta to Spain the citizens and inha, potters hate brtn cargo la roltrtade been an evil of serious magnitude, reputation of those officers; in common
jhund i
"' I fit:1nd he it further enacted choose to remain under the dominion me, and rtrrpt al- coafirmados en sus "by view of the past condition of the toils and dangers is dar to me, ,
JT .t for carrtin};this act Into cxccti* of the United States. silent when I pereeire'an
so, such oflSrers as rmpleos duranle el military rsUbl hmenl. All research I cannot remain well-
.'1- a tion.i theaum tor one hundred thousand And that this important and solemn hate l,een inuutted bmepllcitodelGo* M in this field for its causes, has been"unsatisfactory unjust attempt to larnUhlhelr dice >
'I'a! he and hereby
appropriated, act may !*> In perpetual memory, the I| with the collection bernador interino, the charadeof the earned fame, let the motives be whatlicy \ r\ II
." ta'taXen from ray in the
moneys within named have tignod the same in of the retinue are 6 hafts oira protl- "mUilary profession Is honorable, the ttled the objectionable passage brother .

.". [Treasury. not otherwise appropriated. the English and Spanish languages,;continued tn their dencUttlterior. $4 soldier a$ weld provided with com44 -I\t may. These remarks my of jtia-

t. j JOUNV.! TAYLOR and have sealed with their l'U peciie f one t ions, dariag forl* as thee cltUeja, la common life, [t officers flow from a pure source, fCVA

,i '" Speaker of the seals, and caused to be attested by their the plnttsre or the ** and his occupation is neither more of t tice to you. Popularity 1 hate caar .ftf k
+ .:r f sued the
r House of Representatives.JOHN Secretaries Commission the da j and Corernor for the ' t' M fensive nor more laborious; there are sought. I, have pnt done j iv

}.' + It.o GA1LLARD year aforet&td. time heirsg, or aaitil restless, dijconteHHLsplrU in everyisphere |which I deem rl Jbt.u\d have jfl'fot-
.j : 1j .Pres dent"of the Stiate.pro tempre., [, 811t'ftf'C] ANDREW JACKSON, prorislvn' shall Y per II preunte otffifct wfcj no indatgence tice to all according to havertntlettd my best ta

'. i 1 s rf Y. Co""'r oW tAe jrar* of iW 17. 5.JOSECALLAVfA otherwise be made nhono jr tnando & "nor kindnesstjj&toA to stability;ii went. Ths.I trusii.1 hads the honor I

/itf' ; pproJJ IES "IO ROE: rstgned] I do hews to4o lot baMian*.; "bat th<, ] ei J do opt exist intttV.tlif soot all dnrinTlhe time I \ :

; !I :" '; .'Wubln.tou"; i b.3'/ U!'. t. I.'1 t .C". "'!r.tert..tJi.. c..v J1mbort' and enjitlk.tes, ,.{ 1 Ions jwmllicktttit. .tmlrit-to ranjte i"u command. yon, J That. appmmjl' Pntjr'L..I r". ,., :1

> '
'i .. ,'., A t j) s. A.? 1.

k ,.4 .. . .. . ... t.Sf .. .., _-.e R.- _..' .,. _..r-L r ____ r_ -j I._ .a n.&r.' ... d' RL

._ ___'_. I _. . _._.___. -. . .
---- -
- -..-
Y!= .1 J

.'--irl"i < "!11- .. ,
-c. r
... .
.E .. .
-" ,\t= :
.. f. : .
6. ,FI ,;

4Jir'f 1. ..' \ i..1: '
i 't t".f-\:,' :. '
"Jf, . .: '
\t. : .
a ; }sy'yotatfa- fiavrmtntt c/ -/c/r, fiD that << 1 : ::
r aU; .n ; .ALF "D".., 4 e.. ,. to
\ o
:, ay ,1111f cpPoldicr rrciatr yonrhiortht4 Ib\as ,. <*uc'h *tnirht be tntde.J' It is about! # ..DSt_ ) 7

t" 1..aU be my .. ':hirtl rtiltt from the 'ft; t >
) riti't\"u '. srajtneaniignine I. "" I t{,... _,. '

,os.t sia 1NDRtat: JACKSO f' milc/)) hating art rZrrcnf tttnflioute '- Cbe t'8, ' rs+ty she pitl4Mtaitt tt ., XE Ii I 1.' -tl.i \I ..:... '" J' -t14:

li, 5ufK.' ft/rifie governor, tjftl'a tevrrimeaning 76 Ton Pot partkHlv e*.. grr t t approboti JTs.b des, sits 'agi| !r' :
J8l1.: ef and
. 1uly.21t_.oarttaawca- -- .. [ that there Is not a uCJne11ou q'"d 1OS. alat* :h3A. TAlatdtltlte earl do perk 1
' mackerel
rROCL.\I.\TIO t. or :a toner in the town,and that I p and wbMen Theatre, ia the clsmracer do whisky at Oasaetq . ,
Angntt1a.4t tatf
: j ji of' hii'u 61st T
i Srigfttis
__ ,_ I, ,
Jatlh CchtrngrrGovernerof the 'y"U"'nur'l house is a very mean do sperm, &ft 1 ,
11r Ccl. .!!qriJIl.TRA"UT'Oi. For Sale, Frtlrlil or Charter ppearaece Boxes cider, twhlc "'
Jaet cdihrr, al- ost in a state of rern.} (lit p : ; j
.) THL Schooner, &tttr1alEreaina.btb.19, Cherry bran ct'oil I ,. ,..... '

Inlu"( *" of tut.norida. Should: %re at same future period & l: So"l.1 .c.\ Will be presented, Kottetae celebrated do sperm- catuMvfrdVtfciaeoIatei !-f: edo : l

To n the the lath nsl. possession! of this .ptmrft leisure for the purpose, we _, .. ,, burthen 34 tons easy draft war Play of segars and new:m bates ; '"' .f "'Ff'' __

n aitlhegitrn to Cu1. ItuniKrd (i iBl may amuse our reader -*1th some ter, now in complete order to receive a THE ST ANGER. do mustard, rose peppermint ,.. ,

Pro\'iUCi' (.'( ,:, 11triat' t ..II)' au. 5 further notice of the walk of tr.r cargo. For terms, apply to The Stranger, Mr. Scott-Baron .. cordials j ....:

,, nt.'" bet. the Cnllrd State*. The rorbnr-Commrmkntrd. JNO. 5t J C. KEYSER. teinfort.. (his first appearance) Haona' do garden seed and fish hooks alt. '\.

; ogireh,.+ iif.()oV. mill then-r 1 Aututt 18-; t Count Wtntersen (by an Amateur)' sizes,; f.a ,
p.ftfh h-YTtOl1' on the! tlati' Allen- Fran- Bates of hops and,tobacco h I ,
'r'cam C'ncU.rt' be There U ntAt..1tWn1ln this place a Lrwii--TobIas- Butter and Cheese ..../to ,'
mCOltttun.oa.1t tnt' ut\ll' will FOR NfiW-OIlLKANS. di. Mrs. 11 slier/ ; '

:6',,ue sicd'w! t IIC' of';t t,rs and troupe or Post-Oflkr, and tfG1I1.ttno1l.I' Mail BY shay of the ri er,the hooDavid Mrs. I.e.To ?> A general assortment of shoes fee. .;, ." r ' '

L ( nttt"d SUM., i.Rt"('(' M) to the itu Claiborne! Alabama, the moM eon.s'itttrnt ; conclude with the Fart ofFORTUN Pcnatola.Ub'.IUt 1&J" <' : jYtt 1

,:::s.lY" ',m'iudcIsf. t'i"a.itl.ionta ibis ,1 point of khtnsectiuo, with the !kiS: C\\\\\1,1-, ES' FHOLIC, f'tt': t' '
Co'"t t'e "
.1I ni h''aruar. "+. 1..1101. the rural w.r- Eastern, N'otbernntl Sou!Sera mail \ II.U.ma'IU.to sail on or ab.mt'the on, rocs. .
nstof? fie 24t Orto''cr,',1t. and other 2 Tor TilE TttU/t US; OfC// 5, 'ILL dispose of for Cash of ieL- '... "'; .
Coautu. The I'ott Master-(; tMrral bat tag made *nh insU freight or passage, I\\ .
1 vTCie"'l in tray p I'JA'otil*itlt. as a 11, ; baring excellent aecommodatHnis apt Snacks, Mr. Allen-Robin Rough. at a irn.Juef ruandYed -( tt
tl.tdttlihrt'y of said 1'tot'ince.tsaoth he necessary arrangements, with hiiftual IOU Arpentsof PRIME L\NDbVr2crinf! r
;vti foi ply QflI.oard.or to Mr. J. Keyser. or to Lead; llann--Rattle, I. rgp-Banks, t i
?* the.dclncVj' is ef1'rctrdptic pttrtttptne and care for the ex' Foster. on the tort at Baraneas bcJowe" x- r,
)Ieun."yche TaJforoactrmnt: Lea i*-Clown,
<"',,,,"!\ aUlhurit)', in tltrettc1CIAeth itch tended usefulness ef iris department.fionttjiirtr JNO. k J. C. KEYSER. Shot-Dolly Dackltns;, Mrs. Legg.;col> Sounded as follows! viz; fronting <:; i

,';orv u ill cease,anti the Ameiican tfKOJll'IIILAIIELI'HIA twenty arpents on Ttsacdia Bar: ,
t Jt August IK-- Nancy, (by a young; lady her first ap- '
.. ,,i. I" "<* with a like depth of twenty arpenis-,
Dr.tA the arrival
'J' -By carance on 'tA .) "W'M'
any ;/ ;
r "I,n duty to inform 'f"of ttm Having; lately had this invaluable tract
jt s '
of lam that Tickets to be had at the Theatre", .
the eer- Jt
'"" rtnt cJ.auge. I hatciilrtadj' *tau .4"1The rrglar Packet or at Mr. Kenner Admittance, Box of Land surveyed during my vi&it to : 1

'." 1 ,.,u t'flc sVipuLttou made hy our twin and official itttelfigeitfe of the deathf I \\T't" t .Amir, SI Pit "5 cents-Children 50 cents. i'eisacola reference may he had to tt.e #' ... ;

,".t, tuMWiit ti ecru:+C to \"ftU the free X,\\POLrONJ bim brought to : 4jj/i....... Oi **nu Master, Aaeust -Itv. phi now \n my possession. 'As uu ,.tt;.*** ......,_ '

>,'rf.,' of the cat'iohc! tcltgioo-thrM JamaVa, by the Tartar frigate, Com.I '\\'Hid in a lea dy*. for tightpatasa giMC' retreat* having. the atlvhnta Je. of ...

pnic.% i of ouen !' prupcrty--and. ell the Sir f.. Collier. ThedrathrOaualfrogs ,;:r. having good aceommodatiwis.to \\. ;vuhtt, & Co. two never fa;linjf sprinls: of water; its" ", .

- ,tnfn;sthattUe: tsratrs'3 ;'tsanntt.i !. to the Ca&ft board or to removed their establishment elevated site and proximity to tLe, ''I'
uf canrrr tic: c\nc. He was bttrkd intM HAVE Sea render it tt.e dninMt :,
: litc'rrh'- once mo.t
i I e.. c mfurn..J: yttu )!'JLEE k ftRUSOS.'j""TH Mobile to this place. They ; a. : If
k +,te.risen .$',Jrd hv our go- r w' '..dtcI < t, *eJecf ed bf hiweJf; a situations in We t Florida The titcI'a&' ;
kr'; Anne letter
% p Margaret baipU nffer for salr at their sine on the beach: ,
\,,;"neat 10 211,10W; aMo mar \\S1; to drag ng vf which was cm ford the left at Capt. .\. tift-s. first Uk>. live Main stiert "ill be warranted against all claims*" .i

t".r..tt" w my pert CJf the Spatitahc ,frila''''. .- August!*._. 25 hhas. Urown Havana Sugars; whatsoever. ,)
.... nius. an.1 ()utit ut.\I'J)' to the 3 bo es'White, tit> do BODO ADAMS.Atobile i# "I"t" :
b'sllrl' ofL C luo,. IIjIJ"J'uMiof'.f..n tri krttr ta t & Cn\\, A. Aug. C-Jl ', O'
16 Lags do Co(Tear
hut Meltaith 'as aaspen4rd for the r7Y.Jk.\.lbS green ; .. ; \;
tu commanJ, .1 .tr L.II r
t .10"- uc 40 bk. New E fUnd Rum f
L 1'inited ft,. arrival of the mall, hut we fittd nothing ; ATAMEBTINOOF tat'f
ft'n..;" wu the time I \\Ml.L praetor in the different 41 do. Gin ; IO do. \\1ti'j' ; :
.ht' ft,' I"\t'n1 or :nl1(' p"'ltkutat't of in}' ; new',or iiitrrettin T Cojrtt ..f West Florida. .and Iou boxe Philadelphia bottled Potter the Board of Health, for the city' .. :

cvon.a'iic. .ohni.M AI......... of Pcnsit-oU the of .
(t. :l t r. Itcsp"tIii ':burr U pajretof matter In type the tate of and Ale ; on 21st day- !
,t :err:re tits tarrion: of*n' stppie'ri. .ie oit August IS-tfHOKVTIO In') do do. CrafjCtder July 1321, Present Doctor JAMS C. .i
and much ;
01*. Mcafiwhile' those drsiious of re- we w.seoidabtyr 3o do BRO,trun. President,and George Bow* .. tI I
: 1 H.,l .d. Cerrnromal 1 Ion the dMetfor H1GLOW, Soap : .
rnuv tic to I-! *: u.n alwavi Tie iityont S do. CottSih \Vtiiiam Barnett, John lirosnanarn,

' T 'a' 11 .tide,- t ,cser, John lnneranty :" 6

.:- :at .it ",,' 7>.>'.*ci, ; itttd wtw4e'rt' st, ,\u?
I am r:**'d. to t'...'if.. t4)WaM. ruse the on the public square. net door to 150 bens '
Sacks of Oats.,
t+ :' i:'rear nte'en ;acid n-Iri...ii luu tht'r |:"7* Su'ttc4bes'ft indo Pe aseola<< who. tr uml e of iie' -/*'*'',.,..and will practice ALSO; '1 he following ordinance was read and I

J c1tj'd: to. not artier t'urir pper"a. trill Prpll I in the" several, Con ts of tW Pro- .,* ainrtmtnt tf DRY GOODS adopted by the Hoard, to wit: '

/'I.,44t.'Qn aT now going t*> at' tV Office and designate: their wince fir.nt Honda, add in Aiabiiaa. it,1, k t bleached h brow n Domestics AN OKDIN.INCH '

E;'u a v $wal r nr)f of tour *'irtuev. 1-r :rci, J:11 ce. lie will make tratttlations of legal ; Rt'gdGtlngI.atlit / frftdietiH1 in ,

c i'ni; tdi Ma t.i cst*' yoar K. ipror t- ...". ", nts from the French and bpai9 k i sup. Steam\Lo6m Shirting: ; the Ltty of yVn.ucos.RtsotAtD .

r .,.1" '. V 5tn iMis' q:liati",f, I1..)' al? tV .& < languages, will attend to every spr- )n+h Linens Print Printed Cotton That any r hysician w&o
rt: : t'usies that drcul'l.tanc.n mA' lIalhlkel'CbidCnntSy shall adnvmster medicine to Fcnsacota

ha*." made \:ou suff'r x itch but 'I LW1Ute hiDT.NT.rijait . met-antikcontracts Italian Crapes. Black Sanaettt or its depeudancies, except in his own ;'
n*iJtf,:** oti ri.':.j.' ,\& a Whtnexr cf ntt "* t'noMKiLTiv. efJu Imo. tads, tad to preparing notarial papets fiorobaictts Rot Bknketi India; family,without licence from the Board i ,

J".,.,i' an! & proof sf the ...r1t1w I c\\V "f t,*e l:. S. ... 1t'eit If...... srrner4iy. :Muslin S
jU'. mail' to "oji' "ounti.ISall.a% I mir: tn.t jail of Eari I l-1wW, oldest August IS.-tfIOM1U .""d" pax the sum of twenty dollars. ' c ci
_ _ _ earlMtiriee; CORD..fCE.11wJ t e
al' ;"rt tJ", c cnr, tix'ar i.tit,'oti; ro' ...t x ...' '" .fxl of taw Care, to ,4e at in few Rtsotjko, Chat any Physician inPensacofa i i' ,
to receive
a day
. ton;t t'tAtr J ITJ. app,-ied, of, tti'.j'nla'' itn ,u' <,!4, | my pn.fes u,nt scrvkc by the Schooner expert Planter, from Philadelphia : who may wish to oht.i.a : ;

11 : ru-u: '', \tt r .rn .tY ELlet/ ofTtnttl5ttt', ""' and Coahsrilwr atLair license,practice: medicine,shall: make ' i
. t (ratter myself x iti the! idc-i gnu tit'+111 1 \\-'J1H \ .1" the U. States for \t'. Plo. [ t my office i* Mar A. Collins Ho a large assortment, particularly application to the Board of Health for ; ;'

j.tot 'Utrpy. ":Icla.s: thf s'n,a: 'rf rt"iv. uf ,r..ia.t'1111: pan of L. fiorMtt, west tel. I shad i.tl.bd the court ifi Mobile, of found Dry Goods, which they trust will that purpose and if two third, of the :'

r. I'our, l'Mc-tsd and r'Uq"t3'.f'8 of t'," t'._;jf. Hlakclf, I ort Ua!M rtre and Cooecub: be worthy theattentloaof country Board are satisfied,that he is qualified, t. :!f l

Jt.ter CnM'IJ''Gttt C'j..tI. \\itn4 1'. DeductKtatuekvtor .ali.c state of Alaoama. purchasers.WANTED and that he u of correct moral t fI ,

St Augustine; July 7, 1y''!' ''be 19J CJf the tI b'Atc r..F..y.In'dl 1. amxat to prepare a Di baths character, he sh.ta'be licensed accor- .
I --- --- --- ____ _. (;, Unto, of U..rgh.18ra4. the Law of the Stale of .11 loo DALES COTTON' for which dmglybn his to the the ,
: the cash will be paying \
ri.i ;\ cf r..ft.'$uridw Lkh are now m fwtce. Proposals for p&td.
\: ()\. tf stain of five dollars. -.41.
J 4*t:* (;. toHiics. of Year Yuck, it. hkb will be wrtly; circulated. August IIL- Every practising physic in the .

':"ll',!iAY, ALf.LSi 111. It3a.Ve'.are MarMal' of she C. States fw the I'land JOHN It. CHAPLIN. 1. tt.HAS Ut.t't'l\\\" city of Pensaeola person who shall have a patient t
Perwrola. Aua u-tr .
\ st last tic pleasu-c of pre- :jS. ; JUST RECEIVED, and for sick cf yellow, or bilious, or pestilential "
air 1 he Miturs of the Cabtwba
wrmnp .oui"chc* to the publu. -Cu* (;V.OUr.r.ALTeSt cfCJeorgiaSecreturj HiintsviUc and Fort ,I at the corner of Water: and or infectious foer,between the # ;;
for Wot Florida Claiborne papery t Market streets, No. 2. first day of June, and the last Jay of. t /It'
di Uv i-as been most unexpected andpir.fu1 are requested to mkrtt the above three
\\ ILLIAM G. \\.O.T1It'O"otr, olMarjlund. Black and: figured silk coats ; October, tn.every year, shall forthwith t
: ut under cirrumstaifet, tJto-, Secretary of L. Floury Umes, and forward their bill to this do do pantaloons ; make a report m writing to the Boardof .' ,. r

get <'r tfiout ou" routrol-for which .\",,/('_It U udet.0od iu art the ax uM'h do blue Bumbuettcoats and pantaloons Health, at their office ; and for neglecting 'i

*' appeal; to the fa't& Our otc+ ira' >r ip.vMntmeaf; *, thai Wen Khmdaj at;-\\\'nt\\\\ tt, | so to do, he :shall forfeit'for ev* ..j

/ c:..:(.,*d from 'PhH. ;r'f,'ni early, In Apr j I !rJ.." > all that part fir lut llurH .I"J: UI:1tS his professional serri Totlinet and common figured Vests i iWhile ; cry offence three hundred dollars. '\
which lies westward ttf the Cape. Jean J. C. BRONAUGH, Resident "
cc* to the citUeitstof I'c ucob."IC' and Linen pantaloons: ;
'j-It was ft'';ipped on the.It'. of jfua Mine i I Aftttis of Nortfc Caiolina.Co'ljctir ; \ IR-tf Fine Linen shirts ; Physician, and Prttidtnt*tf r )

last, and h'n-!rd' here ou the lutlt itst., of th-e CiiM.m* at Si. MarU" do Cotton do common shirts Attest lat Board tf llcaitk. -, 1
\hu"u\tr & tttttrhint i iGillfhamolin ; ,
d ; then : be |11t.-P to;. lUrvtcv. or 1'iinia. D. Sm (
i ; s ire we trust t'IJ accordcii k black twilled pan 'jov, Scc'y. 's
or the Jtet.ft1U
us "e.hue |'o.t no time. )41' Inlf"dOt" looM ; August 18-tf "
at bi.A .\IJt."Uttif1". UGHCIIANTs.OFFER Duck

, iCe enter now fairly upon the dis- :-',x"%> Ors: Si orrt of the DfotricloJColcin'fx. their,sertlc-* for the sale .1 r Ladies'pantaloons kid and morocco; shoes, various AT A MEETING -
?*"u e c.f our duties, and 'hope to re- collector of l Caatotft. .. '
Country produce t colors: ; the Board of Health, the city
teem plcdjcc made. We \\ IUd,II S. SMITH, of the DwUkt Retl std IVrMwal OF a
ctcty re-as- estate Childrens morocco bon and boots ;; of Pensaeola on the 2:d day of : ;.
, of. Cot friend rr.
wry our that we Kill spare tm Gentlemen's fine aDd common shoes j jIt j July 1811. ; J

i pain, to make cut paper useful and In.tcresting.and tirttt., :" Jsatrtcs, of; Sooth CIlttJU- .tag. IS-tf do do. boots and pumps j; Doctor JAC C. BBOftuon- President
\ tit }*UIA jr aid liMsOor vf the HeII.M of -
Boys fine and common shoe ; of the Board, being desirous
of our facilst'en, we are & fh3ttr
"fflue' ..t I'rosuaut. tir'Cttt "
Clothes brushes applying for permission to practise me* '
t\u'\ mote at'i'isd front front' ctiv.r IAV1NG c; commenced business i hi I 'Gentlemens's' fine and common hats. dtcine* George Bowie, Esq. was called r

iittA.llrtrhr; .1 lit' sy/.r/ta'weota.by hIa.RAtaarriy place, tender their services, .1LSO. AT l70&fL t Ito the chair whereupon, Jauaa y t

.I c.t'f'II4 J M If.... as-rta,, ral Hyson Imperial k Gunpowder Teas;;I''C. B..o nT\t M. D. presented hisfrcimtthe
Pubtorlcalsad Tc/egraf'31roI 8kacKawntl >E,. Mcade aad Xoi funimi Mon ..Merchant. Buses No. I Soap-do Cider superior . diploma, University of Pennsjlvaniz. -

t t of the nI)1m', L'4'. 6" J. (i. lset. ;,'"\. They will make liberal adnoees on ceaigM ', quality ; which was deemed sufficient,

Tttis MO"! co\1aiul a' hua- J. C. HM" ftc ; o ai two
*" : those a ho war be pleased to honor then I DI',. Mackerel: -
trtd pins, rhirfly ent actcd ttwn J. \'. I). VtMihnRL, M. D.IIeaXL Of wits their i imfideftce, that strict punc. do Jamaica Rum and Holland Gin ; Doctor Bronaugh then resumed. the tea

t rtrlm, Unmans anti i t-:1it'ut" the re- .......1'. I"atitym he!' "-uened. and every e*', 2 hhd*. bacon.: chair. ,

, mt.Ller; ; led out toy tw tract% x BihSpsnthe C.ah.: n.hwtz, ,)talftr.U"tUU1 ertlvn used fur their Utet ec Pen acola, August t--tf JoHt: V. D. VoonHtcs, M. D. r tI

: : Ihk\L'tT. tear tuvr. trots ta S.LID :, I presented his diploma, from the U..,
act of eoa;hrst id.t"r9to FOR SALE,
nivcntty of New-York, which was dee tweed
:9 "
; t''e n'lr1da.+, and "n': entrant from M*. Whisky; A HOUSE AND LOT'situ-' -, sufRcient and was licensed ,
llHKtl .
M raJtdla..r direct from the
.Af' trf'atyor 81, tct'n Spin and 'it"ssir"I M.elllU:1T: :: }ALDLRMEK,4 53 :Mills; Im1 trd in Government street, (ron''t 1 to practise medicine in the city. ;f

f'tat Uribirl. The honk: is ornament.aits .1(41% b""AKm, 65 n>es% and prime Pork; tnyy the vacant: lot between the: of Pensaeola. .
'td houses of Messrs. Micbelett k Man. Doctor Joitx BHOSXAHAM, producedMs ( '
?hen:graved plan of tHt-toxrn Jo to n"O"AtUM, '2) 1& ? M Dctf: I "
of t oJiM"n, it t' mouth of ('"ot. Pia, ,\Ignaiil mayor or,ieriiT., d9 u Shad The ,situation is one of the most eligi, credentials, which were deesned i' : ,
*< ;
AppJaor -
(h.ITF.R CURE, Hurbar Matter, Lard ble ia the city for A gentleman residence , sufficient, and was thereupon licen&d .
! :, 10 keg t
rather'town that /* to b' ; and DAVID \"aUGHT, l '10 boars Cod;FUh and perfectlf: coavenicnt for the to practise medicine in the city of Pen-. t rr
the Branch PIlau. '
prefr ir. chirQy! denoted theTraia.'s Ll""UtClIt L..coL". S 5 Hhd Sugar man of business. The house is new I sacola.

of the tract of country called1'orL& Ccnutl. Port Warden.Jutticci 8 Barrels Porter spacious and completely finished. and JC% BRONAUGH, Ke&tnt '
; .
purchase, of which tbe said :o Boxes Lemon Strep ; provided with every necessary appen PAy Utan and President qf tae< .. i '
dage. The out houses are commodious < Attest, hoard V' lltaltk.
1'a of the Peace for the of
is to HC the metropolis, We county Cbewinr Tobacco; "
I there is an excellent well of water' D S.14)iXO""Scc'J.
.r Efccamtiia 2 lib/i Hams.
I no private view*, no in the yard, and agood garden adjoin August tt-tf
10 Hbd Molasses
iquistinj* wards tporuhtion, In this lttp SiUKKOKt PretidrnL ; ing. Possession will be given immediately .
ll"tkt.tiClft Jour CiAttfclFRt: r.DWAHD B. Fo TTH, 5 Tierce Claret Wine t the The (
ud rettainly! "e lo Lot 0 EDWARD Tow"ts, N. SlUCRttfOHO.W. : Corn, Hay, "ocduaad Oats which to will purchaser.be sold at premises Q : 0 '. ,
a bargain,
bran to ar uf Mr. KorVs t.f the sin 1 1f' Household furniture, consisting o r great ..
of' L. If AJfKt'M, Prosecuting Attorney. & rent at six hundred dollars per annum., t. 1r 'E }II ..
uriuality in his production. He JOH. Mi tLta Clerk of the County tables bedsteads kc.lOO '
For tetms apply to John M'Conegat at. "Jl f ANACER of the Equestrian CoW.Jrfv t
this EXX; ) Shingle (juniper) t
been expected
extremely successful in hunt- Court. the house, or to II. Bigtaw at his office, '1.TJL paDr.1'eCt.tJ1romll.T1tDa.bcrs! .., '

jr Ltg UP and scrap'ng! together, the acC The Hoard of Health Is composed 01 1I.s.in Bacon a day or two. next door to that of the Floridiaa.Pensaeola .leave !o.infann: the, ladies and gfntle .,... .

of the Council mante'will take
City place t
hutteery. We are connct'd lh Orden for particular dimensions: forwarded <' 1t'E1,1G S.I ,
).! On H'WINcl4", 2d.4118'1, tl';.
r. rorLts is tl to Mifflio* sad other mill to bisaved. I
not jesting when he decl '
3. ontra4tc, J) When Ttan or...1.... ::'
>rtl that! what Ar hot < bbl*. prime HerHngs, this year !I .. "
lbreonal written ft fromj. TJ ESPECTFULLY his Jet..l- ir.t.\TKD TO 1t.'RTER, ran,may be had on early application.M'ELWCB ;rt\\t.S ()t.Q'rst. 'Mli, :. ,
*lrrvatltit In proof ofi i LII, eel to the public as Land Suney- One vessel of light draft of water,U, h FERGUSON. '

:***shall male a shirt pr1ir can produce indisputable teiU load lamber at the ra-d do.i August H."jCT will be exhibited,.worthf.lWir atteet1as)

i'" tt; tcc not or Ptl1Uc.ota.. J'"I monlats of bit qualtficattoost: he will i Oar do.,to carry about 50POO feet ta: -t"-For patticftlus, ebwof' the dtiy.,' ; ,

I4T his ioWA also act as conveyancer and dratr in load in the AUbama. 'Book*;ParanbJets, I' .KT1 ,AtIe1 .ace=-First &lc I '*! On.: ,

1 a11-la_.. -" ;it in tbe form y strum*nts of writing with ceataess and One do. of about 3O3 barrel to I loud and every d<
, Mar t .n,OTo1JohC'juarr! ,harlnp're" .fp J dis slchfc I corn'on do. ." .. with neatness k cx .-...ol'" .. I\k .;.* '

tJl4,,,'idt strscs. '" 'ct. .and, with, I e ,9> Pfaitcds, August IS--if ". . 1'tssuola.Aagett llti ridita Press L. \ "1tat... .' :'L'1J: ,. ,.,,_"_.. 't.q .

o Ms. \I< .: ft w..... '
I b .tf' .
I. .. .. >>.. >(' ,.. :r <
.. .
.t t 1 fit I... ..... .1 ,
,. -..-.. -=--.. --. '''100.. :;''---.I I.ahirA"i1, ,... .;.. ti't 11 h. ...... 1... 1.- ....,k' _'I... :

s.I w
1 i ..
..dtlsttu?rlrtttrtWriiitilt ilrtsJ.o. -I,- :"".- ,...,. ,.'"',- '". ..--! ,A::...,;. _;. ,...iiS&r Jte.......- ............. .. ,.J..._ .- -

\. .

1 ,. .. \ .. ..r-.' .. < -' -
tl")1' -
: '
. arii, \"I ; : A .' L < . ala
'to ,
\ ' ; ,' ,:.
o 'f ,
." aI .
t ':1.t' W., .fJ'! r"S Q.1. .' ..It' .. iL ,fy ,

,,") F I .e $ rtatuliail IdI1s, dth a mAN ORDI N t injp hi air civil cavt shall be ccmd"cel!I W cO2 SALK, J, '
: : "i
JQ j"
rr"i ,. .R"1'1'. worilbifcad iiELi f. rot prtser.utiodet' M .ik led, except a* to the e..ai : .' v-Ktkiiuuac." ',cc LOT >sltua&d 1 la fk"1:

r. ,11,".,... Mth 'Q\ta7ui.. a fcl't, I Stands Coimbiarcrcmd--bcrlong:' fl. city of Pmntol 1I" witprvjc, according to the course of Jvcrnracat Street Forpartka! ,
I. t, .' ';.' Ttsc following Odc/Hrrjiiien aomejwcck I suflcriugstitdcdt. 1Fromlhlte C, Mjj Gnu rat ft ..a1"JJOII,I the czistingrlaws, or the list of Spain and terms apply toGARNIER ,
:.. '.j since,,* was print-ir-aHjr 'designed height of her fame,)took*I' p.Corrraar t'k P.llttt' q/t tAt and in criminal, cases, according to the] & HUTCHINGS.
.1 "t ., IbMc-wlinffs of patriotic abroad nnappall'd, .If"- .1."d.'rrrr l1t ,/tfIfHn o/Me I course of the common law ; that is, no .PensacobujVug. 18-tfUtmtfcr
. ..,' pride that should a !m"'trcVM''itiun Still by Wisdom s cur'd, arid by VaJllor Cefilain (,. "/amd J Nor Itm4tf person shall be held to answer fur a _-
defended.jf fy f Casa the rapitsl or otherwise infamous crime :: & \\ \\ ;
'* of i ; tAr htUl of .rr _pals ,
& %. our coM %!!wyttry, tOuUMtipta-- ,
,.t Her Alonrvc lire can boast I.rrr.on unless on a or I MAVK 15 STORK
ting "an actjuwiimi!'to the Republic, P"trl, tad At s f presentment intHctmmt'' FOR SALT:,
t ; J Her bn.vc Jackson LORI, of a Grand Jy, and in all vo. niac Brand/
/ crim.nal
1, which, by ,r&faforing coutimlou _and a Aid',.. re$.lreifrrSee. ;
,, complete "tliCj9li&c. of its Sca-coat, .And the strain of)her heroes shall neverbeloM. 1. That tvrty rrsscl arriving raspy, the tccusct: shall en jay the right:! 'Holland and American, Gin ;
.virrtyt' to a sprcdy,and public trial l. by an im-| Old Whisky;
t., makes easier and safer the tomniunarajFori Nrt_crn the hi day of June and the a
i I: On a continent bV, &". each from partial Jury of the county whereto the White Wine.Vine nr
/ betwpm rcmotp putts of it* territories :I.tu day of October in year, t'
ii'jfwt .I and thus tl'bds'biJst tt inrrca- I And far ha* the blaze of those, hearon- .any pelt between the Equator and thirtytfcrcr :crime shall have been rommittcd\ arid t Bottled Cider and 'London Porter;

: s \ the'wholc, to compact and contoli .- fire glrd j i deftrr of North latitude,shall to be i"rotn"t"CIQrtht" nature and cause Porter in barrels t
".: .. .,:date it-which acids m w possession On each natch-towersignalrespon-j 1> lars w};tti to at the Daranca, or at of the accusation,to he r fronted with I French Pickles;
", ,' of Ilrahh( the witnesses against him, and t have Philadelphia Soap
to the, dominion* of FrccJoni, and o- ie are liyfcteJj ;such other point as tl loam ) ;
..pens anew'f.eU to th<* culture atiiine f Itttun least in tK favour, and to haie the LcmgCork Clare ;
at and tin1 steppe of LutEgrixr. A *opy yard, <* -t'b".rfJtfr a assistance ,
of it, rnclo( ed, under a4 cnrilajH1.tu ; And "In.erkai*.,Sn firm phalanx and an mw -, the Editors of the Nation. futcllijjencrr u hi led, err at II..., or set h other point at .. There shall lie a Clerk ap Oat in barrels ; .
I forpublicatiwn,may luie failed! Shall liold ai dc Snce, the hoot ttr Health may direct.and pointed for.rarb of said County Court Fresh Hay ; .lit :'
J to reach its destination, from Hie Middrn'iand '.rr.lh..lu.tl..fIft.,' the Hoard of Ilralih may 4crn neersar who shall receive for his services,such Mackerel : ;
: lamented decease, on dis route Xor a 'tr.ttI l,ctfa.. I1rctdom! *. sacred .-, cwt .o -att end'Tort' _) tom' on as the Court(which he Heavy Cotton Baggier

to Claiborne' of.mv amaUlea d l tnurli aWgancc.I .->r' :. That ,a shall be eMaWi- i is appointed, may from time to time, August, If-tf.
't esteemed friend and towns'iiin, Mr. On a COItt Mitt bt4d, Stc.CaitHT shed a 1 JIUTI O at the U. JUKI, w atsuch and ittach sut, tax or allow ; and ,\'- \wet & Vct nJT'
I the lUwjvi ,,. Health there shall aha he a Sheriff appointed
\ burroughs, to tvhokc !ranch I had print ai may COMMISSION
crowA alttl in MEHClt.tNj's
liurope each
may If* Court, to ciemtc the
direrl for the arrootmodatkxi of the process
co'nm'ud it to be ,furwaii3td to its Palflfox _Irtn,
suremala o/t/totite
bsrwly the
thereof Governor.
.11 ad4rtss.s sit k .. ..h l.lian the whose service shall be compMrnttted -
.r as U.
i'. : ? : I.
t. To I )dfttdf tl, I. ;1inRna by the Court to which he is ,\ faithfully attend td any bu-'
: If you deem it of*wifficicnt jftUiTcut Hoard.f Health may foot time i n time Mncss
t. : \ i it vl. rtaMiS atnl that oMit the appointed, in like manner as is provi-i i :
an met to occupy a } cr in }tour coluntit ; ( They hurt for alf
I.t Ahk'f'k.a' b..w.l.n 1 a general .
ratsa'erstjse dad for the ,
Cleric and also !
\ the said Clerk
'Ilht"ln1'st:ntt1tonn.t1t''IU ran Untied States,shalt eM .:ilUli a
, 't insi-u it iuVu4" I.rdillh. pgMir &l'C'hnwM" at eh I.iaretto, and Sheriff sh..I $ive bomi to the prcidemr looking Glasses mint of I '
friih i her ;
tmit hemrn'sswsMs
0- .. : L1'i;hnG; ttf"t aU tint Mte"OU g''mf'1t ILr cart s us such .n I.ttaf os tbs011rahh % Justice,f>r the faitUfuldUcharre Hard, C I
aud rutcers, u'tk'.t tt'rl s 'rlf ll' ,'1'j \'(, l' oftrerakd Colkrtorof Pottof of I their dulies.See. Japanned, I
*, in t'n l.da'.h undtTt.kin;; its t a.it. II .A mi .its..HIT asiLs.Shoatnspd . Pen**,ola may derm arP'hasshallhr 5. Each ,County Cturt shall fink =y .
I you hate t"'n1"a4"; "", rilh4, rrd+ tmd<*r the dweruww of the hoW Qmnetly Sr! *i.taW kW' tocbntinwe Earthen, r
I I" (trm"'q. Impatimt tVfi rtl(1s trralsrtattt Irball hush to rammitlldiag offiter. of the troops at : tits some until all the Su,in w pend- SAors ;

,F:#, s .' 1'our 01-o..t,: :"n.nt. (1. a romiiina rh4.baasi Ire bPlt as: t thetem shall l Ik ttapwfted of. The Brashes, of all kinds i
t:. -ntL'fHUR.. -. .-.. . .wwra err. ; That the QIaItIti he nmiti irst Se* rH to be held .t Pcnsacma.tin iVindsorand Brown
u j
I fJ.l6 i10't31E1'1.: -- -' shall a.cauaaa.shul ravreus; 1Karnrk4ia "'the first tomfay f f August neat, for Crackles;
:' diiertio ; tlir hurbor ( th" Lowly of ambv4wf, at St.
It TO mr a ) t i *n test Loaf SugrrBrandy ;
IIOV. JOHN Q. \DAMS, t.. L. I). fly Ail isxcr Matr fiemmi'nndrrtrr . Fort :?i1 <'arlo'de Itj .. III' at MKl Aut; iMiM, on the second onday of ;

', .1' :. becrctan' (If Stale of tV lJu !.*d Jir'1""O" tlfr.ft'lfW'.fllw I..9riarrx .i..t. 2iuH.Mrd of Health may dtrect ;. Seitrmber newt, for the County of St. Snuff and Shaving Boxes; I
htatcft of Ann-rJ-! .e, I/f/ Pi"1'1 tS. ,. thai art pr. us pet .%be' J&M-qhfc power to adjourn the raise Combs, of every description ,
r .' The f itw1tjf Odr, I w flW' graar ,. 4,e .t.rad I .i.'f to, sir 1 .%iAS had c *amk.n ra. from tiM to time.See. flaying Cards ; I

a : ;. "., UViten: 011 an ocaJon, tCl tnt'? (ry.rrnT rt, 1.tlrtrI. flr J"I."fI rj r #'. I..a wigs .ny %. > i or ,"wl* untlr t. Therr halt not be Jess than Letter, \"ritin'npp {
; .. ;.. of vJiieh, tai. uU-nlt a-J teal tomterially ..ft'r"4 s'hstrrrv.. .MI.f lair t2earsIttarAtw ...1, 'bow Marts' ten Jvtlees of this Peace c*.mmu!n- And other articles which win;. be soUi
4 . Ii.t'rw.ri ,.v r"IMI rd breach C.. whose juriirtictu'iislialt '
i'- : UMiii'ibutr-4, 1r4rrAsir weih.wt p"'nn .r...4f'ill Load koh1.s1i.i rr on moderate terms
.Tr { IS UtHf'M INsrHIRRR Rt ''''. : from ,:. Vr l nt ymkMH er llcaitn i nlrml to ,all,) aril rav m>t exum I' August t8.-tflh
I ,. :. \\'holtulbtt"'J\"ithddi ;Ht.;nJ hats That with a tiewt hat ...ti. i shall CwrVit and pay UN MK tMMlufxirr ,f'ft fifty dtitttf s If**''K to the pars FOR of.l'LIrr.I
111I J)' not \\'ilt out profit, to e<:* r:,'tr-,icalptcrrpts rri ihr spMMl ordrr MM 1INIda tat Ibr f'eccr afliar 1 Lrvr a l 1)(4U,>,awl tieso ,an Appeal to iht County :
\ tats a .r.'C.1IUnJta. i&s e'o.tt, iw all .' wherett the :DD
5t- , iufiMcetl and inapt -sited t h,. it leap/' n the cmnmon j. rut a rs mutttr 1 \- Brit Green Coffee ;
J'. t . clo'|burnt ""amr'r.---' *H sjx""uas hire ORUAIXsSrf. ten's stet rxt ." NK sia a d'..shall:rued the sam .f twenty 19: Hhds. Muscovado Sugars; ito
I. That tinva4kll he Srr. 1 .. for cftt doflart ml shall also be anthosi. Dote bite St brown
). a patriot and a utr*miifi, '',t tells apfo ntod i. at the mote twajty w Havana -
than he admires and ett-t-td* him *. aIl .I. by for'(*i.<>nKK HftUy, a C,iirf .N''Jt t:...+t the iMrortfirtH .r red. hi all trimlwU a.s" exact sure- do. ',
iubt-a"d who "Jc.I"+ t"co 't1.f11lt1tr'i! Olfirer to far of ti! <* ruirp\ with ctcuuutul kvhnbs .'..e.ii be ralkd Udrr.gar hoard of lira., which {Utter prrv m ;ftixfeat.cs in casts butbMe, for the 70 lit*. Ui cf the 1'\11. : .1ta aft&lIaf ..,. slhan t.it 0 .udtrerM Ue app0satpal ." '' of'Se aecitse*! before the IS common do. j I t'
.d rt$1+iw aD Qp apls'r1Y reatssant sad cjJIeu t.r !tiMlnitami I':.,,.,. t.wity Covrts.ec. 10 4I Spai'ish Branclr. ,
O JJn t '/ \ award g.stsitria? IR fit she. said it* Mayor .ml .ildW'stst'a ?tf I cta. > :. Tint the ..:uRi a.Mn or all to t' RUin ; I 1 I'
tS tl. cola loser HMsa the Mcwdraitii PIsysws ."JtBir -% Wklhtlt the JNti WlictlOli_tMC 3 > qr. Casks )Mal S* 'VVtac, ;
Written; on the anm*< Uon ..f the Tlo. .r. ,. That the acid. ilayor and! Maflprt k ; r eels fttr of lab vrt* &'" :"! except wits.n tttelr: per seal atrvnlatrc 5 Tt.\1 rifle do., '.
1 riJas to the TciritMtittt .if'a; j sale ('."itIudl hart b1 surdiiao' tur 0s.We twtronarl mt m.ise, arum a .roiL cannot ht prwiwred, shall be S Bis. \1r.e ar;'

; r-Union, a tirrajav w ht 1arsa art t ., lime to time alter '..h lass and tigo. klHt wee ease and in opera Court ; IS kegsrtanuiactureduioEtcc0.

1sY ftnu\rto .'fiUJ''. its ws tv,t',f iNfrattkll Cthri R1P1. i.ti Ht% .% terry i,",y deem Mvvwrar) Wraster 1"at the paL'ttrs fit,* conduct their. suits So b',. Prime anti ?'essi fore;
.ludirf r iumss dd a;... 't"f1t.. the) dwIK.' t h H UM CUy.Nr in pf"IW.8. by sorh conftsel as tlteyeNioiet 10 41 Cider and Frtdr; I|
\11 inJt''orli.t't'tnarnf' jam Tit't',r/' fir c'r purrs. 'n'-f deem uAewarf Inaad t"Irrt' tattle .. ). 1 lost "Wft'shah be a llralthomerr maar IVutrtlrJ, that the ..dvelwrcmvmettars SO doz. first tjduiity doM

J : rl1nf 1""ru .ltf'fJt- ty '. .ti-.ca. to terjr s*. It lairs a' apps laird and sratiosasl at UK .. shall have HernIkenefd 30 Fresh Flour; i,
lit ,
rrn ,C'. ,iria -.v uth'i sarr .(brtbe soppiKt of OaM", or at such Other fH *M .s tit .wh to ractKV ia the Courtsf 20 boxes Soap; "
err utnxrm uiimitn :
t I
ill ,/ Hor. Car. !lt; ,. :', < t3i': 1. ii'r' sutra)t+oerettauwwtl.ct . .0. .HraitN may dIr-.;: duty the sail c<. territories,by the (o- IU.' Mould G nt'Ioi !
X :s tw dlltWaa IaWNdL itubrwrrstcd it shaft br to l ran| emery sesset v ernor.Aee. 2O '* Smoked Herring'';
TO blithe rrcdom,-th. snhkt.tiwx tk .sagisst6hfckiUtei w. SwuiMi s.rard$, tv vr that tinr patasi.attu t. The Al alrs shdllOt'tintie In bis. Mackerel S: &had;
tuneful choir rainr, ? ,t is' +tr.dsiis,6_ that III eidt ht rsr4w.C' ( 's s .ttt..K r, tJld all MKJltio teLwa. --I .,*%*.the po\ef..f Judges of pro- 100 sacks fine and tours<* Sill ti
While the harp's tnanHHwj chord .., dw.'*which night fee f Met tanked a*the boat of rah* may ftar.&rc ..j-rf UO haters ofV.th.Notaries Pub.folJBMkestftfce 300 Ibs. Lard ; I'
breathe the thrill of cJe\4Iti tn, .i;H tefjMKt to the l J"'t"lsohlte)br.ur strictly complied trios ami report ..' l'c.', and such 20,0 ** first quality Hams;
Front the lips of the :five, bursts tin and Council cm vm uhject.. that from tiwr to tti. at tree asssnaaaa may re ''>et povi.t$, &pt ertAtftiftff to the said 12 casks Nails, :11ortecI!;
anthem of praise, he said Majorind Council he awi n rzrtl C1"lft to the Hoard of Ifeaitt .: .#cr t, as hive itttl been otherwise dis- SO tons Svrecds Iron andjploujh! ,
at .. And the hearts of the brave beat whit to sate piy timulation for the Src. ft. That w.k atwwwirrs shw.be ,.ri..ted,._bIg tie rilC' of appeal tithe ,Shear moulds; ;.
kindling emotion date..nun thereenildth tWy may4rctn made to the Resident lihyacs.n MN. County Court in all caves.Sec. 50 bl! Tar; i
Peals the shout on that gale -.''o'f'c, llealth oftcrr (all their service taci.. 9. That the Judges of the said 60 Shelled Corn; {
Mingled voices assail fcec 4. atottlcr'torcfnoYciUtioitVuon d eel) aa shall awl exceed Owe)<*llar a*** County Courts shall have power to im 10 II Corn Meal ;
Kindred nations unite to bid Freedom the subject of the Hfofe of tur laid oar half for each perMIt en .ru ol pose lack late upon inhabitants 10 boxes superior Loaf Sugar.
t'j{ all hail tu*'n of i. ) laaffli its IqrtaHkttfi+ n. rash tassel, td he rrjpii.ted aad oete=. .4 their counties respectively as in their JOHN k J. C. SEYSCK., .
. s', On, a continent bas'dahose proud cliff as well *i Cn.plane m !., wois liseteHon way be necessary to meet August 18-3t ,

i court the skies, j '<* [ of the Mayor attd C iicil, all atothoriied to ir.rive futn awry evrl awl ttefrar the expenses whilst may be 'l'W\tc\\\ \ & rat3filt ,
Whose bold coasts curb the fid, fire he fuufltmin or ,]*lMf$a. r. tshids the cr' "f silt h it may 'xcomrNT denoted in carrying th s ordinance into \ ,
dym'-i temples amc. tree Inhibitao w nuiilirilr r ] ",tli tra_ : eMarj 16 land and stwre, ch other rft"K' -- -$
From the AvcniSne mount vhciv her '<- it Is or4ahterf, that idle kworwra. a. !services to the for the transaction
1 rest hhe had sought, u-d limits .r Mid town aiMH W a% f.. pad f.pears irM.iwr l to tae fBe.. sHall hate and e"etthe powers of public
When false Tate would adorn the .lutes : bouttoVU t.. the 4titii and cast I..asa, vI.wIll! JaM 1821. directing by special venire or otheri of C6mntisstur1Jtt3iarrts.j .
r t fane Truth had carted, "f tie; hatbox., to tip ttO*t !J) u.n: ((5i rd. ANwKLW JACKS e. the iUHim on)5! ) of all jurors General
.From'foul traitors,w gilded the: ruin tarn Lagont t1r Dif CUco, and in II, t:ie t;" rmo tirantl SL\ ..11.*petit. Those who favor them with cbusijjn--
i I. they wrought tie N'orUi %y a lens 'ItPMNlg *ftr, .%.tr.om I It. :. l.\"1.u See. 1 1. That the aid Courts! shall mentsmay: rest assured tb:1l'ery effort .

From, her altars profanM'Freedom (ide Spew: to tt ctr .ch bar .\ .ng .,ecrlar7Vtst Florida. have the power of creating and resa. will be exerted to promote*their iateresl. -
wzndrr'd dpjwed. rill liitcnwct. the lattnii of Tars Laixc. tiif* their pro<.and proceedings from TX.

t; She fled 'from that 'oW' ,:. i "jr JIArycr (irxrral attar Jj ':. time tttiime* a!% they may deem necesvry D. They will pay particular attention
: Once thelny of Row/-, S. That fU"hou.., lt.r V'' I'reruw' sf .oat 1',.. and shall as sown asconvctuentaAcr to tin disposal! of COT"rOwi

And found, in Columbia, a' fastness and as .4l M suU .I"of net, de- raattrrri.ag MrVhrrtmv /rssrri of '..rafse their or sntzadon' prepare and other conn try produce. %.
home. wri..n IJiUlu" afac e.WAtd+ j C" ,If aenrroluJq(1k. itstrsdars.c ',.port a fire bill to the (lotcrnor.fur bis ncrtasxcu.Messrs. .
1; : On a continent bas'dac. all be and the t' is hcrrbv sole ;/ tor J.I."JJ('i,1i, maul 't. .. ;approbation. J.cob Peabody :{ Co. nosto .
'. "fF di tr4 junJ prohibited ladder the prt *it ,.... of ..fIIl J',.",,. P o ( .1 '" 12. Tnat the said Courts shall Samuel_Marsh! ,Esq. XcwYoric.taoturd .
'O'er. the wide; wiser of waters' fcu- > of two hundred Ovllait breach r n- ly : h:ve.and exercise fxryond the limits at Jams, Est!. ITaiuranre.
whccl'd her slot, 01&111- \'ktiw. awl l'easacwla Anti Messrs. Stokes & Smith, Petersburg
the _feUuof all tote \ from the eitr t of the ceded \taCUttlhe, the pu'- .
The wild strand she survcyd, 'm an's apparatus or niadifMtf .r T towards trrriioeie it U-coiur crof pfsnttnff and tecahsnr licences or igniia" .\ug. 13.-tfu
s ss t s *$jiry to make
weak perfidy mourning, I tall rommiwiwi ftwchpieMrr) well such UiHi; \ s m I pea .mots the tonvrtiivMe 'cnmmiiisiofl' for innkeepers, retailersof \ -Vi\t, U C \V\\ix\\u
But whilst doubting she huvcr'd nordar'd a*jal suns oJ moacjr;Mdi may t*>. **-,. vf tin inU; :uil."", sad ucftpttdy '. li tH.rs of every description and JESSE: T. WU1G1IT, re

.i 9 to night, I I zed by the public oiiker or wllirr | cr- r,e-MI"on of the I.**-wne.*- Hee;rrs of billiard taMe- and to reqwlrtrvf ISISXT of Kim lIti Kentucky, iffNttrUrlcatts
pilgrim herself: with the pilgrim w>- ramme.lsalf to vw.rd.e isfurmrust ..' fore, and in tirtor of the auUwmty tes them such surety! a% they may on the asih day of June,

1 "l' I. On journing each the other! to .to use ef tie lawn ; I kd in we y the gta .rftMent of tin; l-i. drem proper, and impose such price with money amljetters of credit, for
w : hilltop she grazMStraight and that each attd ctcryjpenHMi MJ r w- ted. States, 1 do fur smith licence as in their opinion may the purpose of purchasing Goods and
'' an altar was raUM, >-ic ted lialll 1If',ahd stated coII..nittcod to. UU DA IX be reasonable. other business. Said
iSec. transacting -
; And Jj'igh the bright flame of the prison until the whale ef said ier. 13. That it shall be of
l' pure fitit .. I. That the ad Provinces be : the duty Wright has ahvonded, without attrnd-
incense blu'd."On costs l hc paid and moreover i: til 1. divitlrd as follows :All the country aid Courts in rrgulatingthcir process. ing to my instrur tions, takinjj with him
a continent bas'd ic. shall have found prod antJ aura If I It !, and proceedings to confine the parties ,
'j iiiif twcVn lit river PetdHto and Su- the monrr.-He is a portly young man
'r'-' And grateful the smoke of the sacrifice &u rctr, in the sum wf fire: httmltrd dollars w any titers,s ;its.III iLr iU.. ds therein, strictly tr the merits of the cause,and |; of is or"SO years of 3g ', black hair i
: ,for his good IK!irwr for and during shall to cause all useless matter, as well forthcad
rust. !*rm ofie county to beH i E. ns I! and whiskers, a scar on his ,
"Al1dncctpted pra>,'r of the patriot the term of one)car. ca. .. unnecessary form to be C'tnintd( from had on when he left here a graf frock
{ . ascended Sec.' 6. That tHc Mai r and A14cr. All the country Ij'mff EaUof the river the pleadin' at the expcnce of the party I coat and pantaloons. Merchants, Shop,
Columbia was heard midst the campsof men at i is provided for in this ordinance hn*>ny and every putt of the ceded introtlucin the same, so that justice and TuYcrnkcepcri arc cautioned against
her foes, shall l be known and called tlc City Cotiu.cilof territories nut sigmaed a belonging may administered. ID the most him Having been raised JH I

,Thoufjh loud lioxvl'dthc. storm,and ,! 1 Fcnsacola, and in that mme may to the former r.ot.nty,shall firm A county simple,cheap,and spcedymanner. I respectable Commercial House oj
1. F ": the battle: impended. icqujre and-.ispovcof propert/ for public l to be called St. Johns. S"r.1.. la all criminal cases, the a Lynchburg, Va. he i* well calculate
. Like tlic-bolt of HeavV flame, uses,aid stir and be sued, and plead I I Keel. :. In each of said counties,and process and indictment shall be in the fur business,' and capable of imposing
f God-scnt Washington came, and be impleaded, on all subjects trla- for the ytivrtnfnent thereof, there shall name of the United States, and there!I upon any pf'non
S 't ", -. To dispel the dark cloud on his coun91&f Ling to, and connected tutu the said "be eitalitfcheu court, to be designated shall be appointed a prosecuting Attorney TALtAFI-RUO REt\O.

;' .: try' fair fame. r town andiudrpendcnckf. |I a County Cou:t, and to be composed of for each of the said Counties, I. .'r>ftnci>Tillr, July SPERSONALLY E3t1'rneacJtc _

W.On a continent bas'd,fcc. I Sec. 7. That all innkccnm, j;occrt, Etc lattice of the Peace, any time of who shall receive in each case, a reasonable .I "K"" U. IMt.I .

; '::peep; deep in the hearts of/fcer tins and all other retailers of liquors, are by whom shall form a Q.onum. and the i compensation, to be taxed by I appeared .n .DIOUJ
this .
ordinance the
: expressly eldest Court. Fisher,
1 are ". prohibited by appointment to be President me George .
,i from furnishing or Milling : of aid i I *Sec. 1 s. That the Police the roads of
The deed of their sires in the conflict atiy liquor or' >urt, whose jurisdiction shall w i one of the justices of the county
1]ardent!spirit whatever to soldier extend I and bridges wilhovt the limit of Fen-i forroi
*- who perish'd any to all idyll cases originating in '! Escambia, and made oath in due
' a in the service cf the United State of the vhere the sacola shaflbc: under C11
Tor In Freedom county, matter in controvert lntmctliatcdirection that about two or three daYS ago,
great c.aull'e\.dan" America,under the of the of the said .
w 7 penalty glfl for r shall exceed twcntr dultars lod 'to' his possession, a utdu"r1
f F. 4- Jlr r And fpr m Gratitude'they brav'd breast shall their each offence, rind to stand committed to all criminal cases saving;to the parties .II County Courts ; the Police of the city MARE, about fourteen hands hi:# nj
wS a ,1V _virtne 1>e chcrf h'd. to the common jail until the aid penal the right of types)to the Governor, to be exclusively-confided to the Mayor :about nine yearn old, f11'-t. said. mare
;4a ;T On the ficldi'whens fell ty with co 1&arc paid.Petuacola in all cases above the sum of'five huuj and Aldermen I it ts strayrno brands; perceivable,she II
they !
f'1 I JulrUth, 1821. deed dollars PenaeolaJ il JI I 1831. '
I. !} shall fond ; and that tberc shaltbe noctrcution < A natural trotter. f ,
t. 111+ N it SJS'D ed AN'UUEWJACKSON. r cuddate
': > for a capital olTraccJBoHl the ANDKKWJACKSOp// Sworn jo and subscribe the day
Y 'I .;l' AndhKb'dFarit1; L Sf_jjtt L jLJLii i A** Mf ou Ytt'1lil"f.1'tnJrie .' ylate Governor' warrant of the Governor be lint had. By ihe Governor i above written: '$** ". **
\ moo 'f: .1'- CALL. obtained. R. EL Cat sbyR4iSOI::aIO' ELLPa.
f ..' \j " t3 n,4ntwt JA./ Acting hotelier of We.t FloriS.t' .- "5ic.' 3. That the judlchl proceed- ActfogStcretlry eili'est iVrida>* C&o.4s:Fls1,1ta. r. 1': . 5 .
: .
t. ,
c '
J' j .' %

t ..Yl .. .. ._, .. *_,* 4.f -4
M. _.
t J ..._ J, > !. 1 LII : --

J ._ -
-- --.- .

Title: The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian
Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Maxwell & Hilton
Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Fla.
Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: August 18, 1821
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subject: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00079927
Volume ID: VID00583
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 10589672
alephbibnum - 002060561
lccn - sn 84022794
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r. 11

-. ... .
--= ,. '

_.o.. I'_ ___ 0___ _______. __ & ,
W1..w iI -- -- ..
-- -a .
t t"t\, rlaim and prtU'imonf", to the Spkn: aisflll ri. t ls_ t 3 -
-- .11tUiflt M'r.1SK.11' I c J.kTtt"ta 13. nation with respect to the ccttldu ,
rrilori *s di u ribrd *. the said line l1itrt.' "q t.w01 j'J" I 't
fe TUNSTALL, \ : dtimtts and navigation tioncd awl vtpalatcd inarticles ;ld a $ r!
DY NICIIOLV that it to Say : The United Stag Jhrrr- tori11 oaf Sj" r .i.sb Solos flips Ins :
:t ) d ftJ r&Q in all), and I Improve and r .
It ,Idt'anre-sor 8M I h reds hit Catholic '
r aanunl } t'I 1lajtttr. Ifl4tCatutU' hare. "
I t articles, of
rtcepthra'thc t \ articles .
eAery one r
Atthiw:'0t11t11 ufti-r romm**tu"
r Cent jniitoi col iiiltscnfitioti at :uHII""'U'ft,tun* to "'., I* rjUntrtrs ifttrg ftttti .tt.n If liar' ,."; P' rot of tars= ' .ti arttrlr, which* haYh.JC' bean thc i and, in YluuN..tbcl

t1, dt'tnTn of tin IxJitui-H., up to M'&! diftJ math of tl,r i.Smr tti1. .. '. !" .,' .r ers '. r. Ithlg whe'rd h. tabs treaty, or Hat tna ,tt'tir4 f .approve and rktiiy' ti ntii "tpp<}mJtl g.11" ti '
scliortI' or atll 1 ."lir' s. !;;. and, in like matta -r, his ... ". *
'tM:" deM'.j t "3 1' it x I.f. f or E' "I.'A'err 'Irir ratirteaaeutien, are Ito the talus and .gJlt cf'a x.tn ,,to eet-
I Aot'atr#+tMtAl.by the'ttlurttr. 51 for Mjc; I4t1 r Hi.. to dolt taM :. tgt '; des l. ... .,. ., s 1 . 1.It .rt ..e t i!. jnn.te and obserrtT them, and C2ua y ,

I ttc'firwt,and )0 eelSt. fU1' it'I "ttat"rI' all":li* rti/ftv, <1.4 in* and l lSi ." ... qr(i1 d t W',, II 'pI I. -' J ",'aI,. a.e tt .t'1 r.'pA-t l. the Uth artlrlr or them tv br nutN and obscfVed entirely ; t

Ctcrt tn. it i I w\t 'f 1. 1t'ut'i'r' r.'t1 All' tiotlh .tl. ,., I' \IIIlxt .t t'w t"gtt,,i 1iawy is :fir,' (;urns' irrty oaf Frrtid hip* l.imK"miK "" as art myself had slgne..t, }stoma 1A'v

I' 1'1tEti1ENT) ; or Till *ill Ion'. tied fai Uimv If. tii. INHM' aad'' 4tpt...il ,\.1.. l. {I! tars /tltgltia* 'tAll tr" '... i uf IT S, m wh:. H it t* anti that the eiriuntrtatue of havdnt; : '1

. Tide L-N'nrn: : T TJ: Mil! t "fooO"c'. (Ktwnrrk all t* m tu ll rUS I II' waf t. a.Mtk'ai ; .. I'"(. l..l i flit); *r .li' u,rr tar ,.vrv fr *;; in j tU rcA f. wm5irtfc ft.. ,4 .. 1..0 if .". 4',. '* ..r.[ pIVfW: I* 'WIU h..,.l. iifnir t til'* p*r. ft>r the etchtiRge of the ratlficwton in F *-

.11'llfJCflfJ.1111'r/a.) ,: I I' rn 4. I i t r ', ". <'. . .1.k. .,-,., to .I lh % :bjll br at'sItta1I .the IIUta artak may afford;nootnt + .". .

1'.1\\ ,'brft.- t'rx .It: "f \tnh,, *," .. T
t(1t and Limit.. wi\\nw tits I ti;lilun and 4o j,tafr the len'1.rnr1lt "pltIi Iii.- .0.' ,'' I'', r .t I ltb 'l .\.1Id. 11M, prs iplu t f.t* if ..h..r I that !'.r nrrsettt ratification be as Wami \ L _

;..,\<* Ill \n'f'lca .l hi4 1'nt1iit 4<: -Hull dt': -ii:tf "\. -ly+ 1H* limit* .tCt ... f IV ln r.',.f..g pa r ir, 8kHII brat 'urn and produce Ihq ojnc cJVcctaas ... '

""'. "'iUI w uttt .ulle' aad I.tt 'If''Q toes Will* tut 4 MI*,inch of tW c *'trtii+ itl ,. 1'f,. fly .e..t -h;, h '. f ath.l,. slat. FU. 4 third part> }. MM! I?* "lhr ., :.f it had born done within- the deter !y'

l '!; .... tlfir I'Irtulwtt'hl"at'ltx I i in Ilalaii NM M.... tiMttbrftH" Mite tvt lls.c, +(Haft net .. ,.... .1 f r ,. 'I.rM <* Nri lral, thr hag of t;wr IK.ultal shall t mim% l rritNl. Uesiruu at the iatue ..

,.ea 'c' twrlity ,'nmtl d"l tlf 1- I ., "r "ft,. t Cars fto** tats ilAh' fII l". ialp I'll**, fruit tl4t J !r rw .. ..,. Ira aesrr t,iv prvprrty of rsrtairs. w:.". winos. of av lidin ants dtmbt or ambit, ;
._in llu *t..It. ri'Ui 1.al'al| oiullttiu. ; ,, r; alrmItwat avLIw ektlr lbit itI'
: : t'I I..; : 'M Ie.. frtwt .t S..1m k14"IlL. priMi.I. Cart whist the meaning of the 81rJt
J ;1'i.l4tt buu4lu't'tl, 1 cant: niur't, .. u, ttliirtt' il'I4 .* .M! nut of otHtf ora" said
.4+ H l'' clIt t C' n. rivrr, 't1'C"4 to''! :. To .n. ..,,;... t...,J ley Ir rrpc'dllraa treaty, in respect to
'IL..,tj, wwiU fm H4rti<. i ,.Mk fiillow is : rim "'d to JI,'k tMP **14 linr, frwwi. tfcr'Mt : ; .r 1st"aawla, U. 1'.i urtl \wte'ft t' [ r date which is pointetl out In it asp

I [( CUtl..I. \' . < oath tar tin HtftfBe 10 de Hr4f .._ 41 stW1 9h'It'd .1 ::4rM.iIrl,. 1t'ith rbhlral tptertks, t.hhlni; it.Cat.wlr tied for the cunitrtttatton of fie' 11gaat
IHIr\: 1; U" ,"nt H! c Ur4 Hwr w tlw their m.... *amiiutcrm by iff'w1ia4 \of Inntl in tho loridas.. made try ,
'k1oI .. ., a'.d Ut *.ft tain fluT t ..t.i 3. 'r., It. I..n.r pat 0I mI *jv9 ix.situ ihri I nor Uy i',c competent authorities in > I
.f' ./ //w' St'tlcMi"f a:nt I "";'** bfrr l It11 d | pans n. arm r a+ary.lt
1 i' K ''tf f'II"I.f .%.'" ''* rJf ."11:' r't'aI t.: t. ,01:&<. or the aM rivrr .. t. .'t4'11r1rat ti.0 . ,t.-C' to tIMI.nutiw mvtrh.itl my Cabal name, which point of.date
Star : .I..r.1 .,.
I .' \llh,. <'11,11',1.1' ',. "I.. 1.I i ftnttt' to what is .. JoIf : s \a. hair ajrrr4| il>at the sailurrItha w m food 1ft the positw unilerstanrifnjj'wf : .
1 T j w Imu' e! 't.tt (.i '\'"f"k i :' and 'f 'ci i H,,onnd *tiHU.. artsttbl'E" ,at ."a. "I' t{ i e lilt V pwu' awl.. tvrr'ito-' hall dr; rt arias tfcwiran4 awls ,inta'1' I tJ.r'three tmnt of land made i in *a. .
r'iali' "mail. ,'.. cf the I 1 '
nil tiea .
h,', ,1b,1i.. llrlc' t' ,1, "," c.si t/f 1r I i't:sJ.. d.'trcrr.'t1N >lisliteillkesti ea.i i parts bf t c.r .. asI.1 Leo iirrestrd \.HrUT the Juke of Ma>n n, the Count t
"ft'r.'t' ,
".',111.:: ', sell ;, ... trl.'f' I,:s' ,,, tier IW: ,' "::1:4.C l sri4' 'p i tilt 1. 1t"j=.H, .11 I.iil'dais, .t br ra .;",:h viW. drlitr.r.t MH at the itrttan'r attar of lunt.nroHtro, and Don Pedro d0 f'1
,- '
fl ;. ti,!It.I"I.' I\j I.d! .11.1..1..11 I (.r j"un-.dtll t' t"
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