r 4 and viability cf
bet i i.
the Company for thirty ear, a uCicifr.i
make a frojr 1anh, the Sovth-because it would defeat I the Northet n opposition and what evidence has been I could help It.Mr. S. S. SIBLEY, 't".Y, .
would :as jet, Ciaranlre of her soundnen*. She! ha" fl>* to tbe etenon slavery. All that portion adduced the what Hannt g8n-1 would like to be informed September 2, IS I5. 7 ol all the crest fires in New Yotk ard: other parts e/f
of the disprove charge- rttfr. --
The Sentinel quotes M ,-crf.l leasts of the prefi, which i i.opposed to us, by the Senator from Ohioas he has referred Florida Royal Arrh fhapttr( Ao. I I. the Uititetl Staff and .o arrarurs t>rr business t

Beaufort (S. C.) volunteers, praising old Z&c i is rejoicing: at the failure of this measure for the daring his Congressional career has been to G<*n. Cass's position, and as he is about REGULAR MEETING cf Florida Royal J Arch no one tire can cripple r-r injure her not allow. i"rf 1,
her Agents to lake over a certain irnounl of k it
and remarks that not one appears for CASS. same reason. The Free Soil" Convention at Buffalo brought to light to relieve him from this black to give his support to Gen. Taylor. if he can ; A Chapter. No. I, will be heel! at the Masonic! any one block, and avoiding all towns l-uilt rotueljof ri

Wei! "e can afE'd to be generous in a State which nominated a candidate solely to oppose i stain on his character X&'l1ing-not a soli- give u* Jen. Taylor's views on the subject) i Hall in this city on Monday earning next, at S v.'- wood.

i Sonhern! interests, adipted.with the loudest acclamations ary particle of evidence has: yet been and what his opinion will be as expressed in clock. Punctual attendance is required ly; orderof All risks are settled promptly, aprreably l to Ih. t
said be like mile pre. '
e to posts, the H ) .
vbfre Whigs s. resolution the his derlara'ions in the J'f'I "Y. \\ .rr lh:nkfnl for the
a \
congratulating opponent lo
sented and he stand before the message Conjrres. J. B. TAYLOR. Src. .
; now country Sept 2 191! past patroio. and btgtnr frieiHl tB call whenever a
sod if this afford any consolation to our neighbor of slavery' up< the defeat of this because ."!,. Corwincannot.I ---
(: compromise There is -- they wio iiKDranrr, and we Mill lake risks on a. t ,
,hy be i i. welcome to it. One of the as they say, it was a compromise in favor c Mr. Hannegan I understand the Senator Notice. fa,oral l Ie terms a? nov Compa-n ,' equal slandinir.

loasts: howctrr, which be copies is a severe the South. N'h.itlaltmJilg: these facts showingthe no evading this charge. It is fastened upon from Ohio to my that if Gen. TaIi would ALT. persons having chime a?lir.ct the estate r.f 1. R. FORTUNE -\n'.'. !. a'

character of the whig pres.c* and ora- him with a strength which cannot lie shakenoff. interpose a veto upon the subject, he would' Idling lateof Bentoii CenKilv.dectas"d. At the Tin ManbfactorrTallaha .
l\o\f\ to the Whig*. I is this : ra"lre. are requested lo pre-wnt them, duly authenticated ef, A"izn-t H, ISIS 5 ;
" torsof the South are cscusmi, enJ c"en justifying It has been made in the Senate of the' not vote for him under any circumstances.Mr. .i i
*. J. Harriett. Rough and Ready'The within the lime prescribed bv II\ or they mil be
Py old sledge that can always hammer the j those ciglit notorious Southern Whigs whose votes United States, and in the House of Representatives Corwin-I I would not, nor would any debarred ; ant all persons mJl.b'cI! to "aid tstatc! arr Notice. f! 'i

' kilo it. Let it be icmembmd that Whip deleat- man in my State unless indeed I found himopposed requested to mike immetliale pa\merit loC 'T1!IE partnership hrrele-fr.re existing? br r e, n :
of his country.It and has not been denied ; and it can. T. JENKINS. ) J. t''
rots ed this Cmpromise, which our Northern! opponents to just such another man who had a *, tier uSscribfis was dissolved mutual l concert
I .- is a lick that falls with tremendous not be denied. Whig orators hazard bad JOHN H. ALlFN.5acau: (n the 'l "h July last JMr Isaac N. Drake i. t
Tis say was, for the benefit nl t the South and let it be remembered may great many qualities lieside. (.\ laugh.) duly
S. F., Aujtu25 bl"l.1 2m
IVnfflTi County. ,
t power upon the devoted heads of Gen. TAYtoR al o that the only izienofthe North \ho their reputation by declaring that .* Fillmorehas Hut. Sir, 1 hare to say that I do not bcliere ; -- -- -- --- authorized close tie business J. 'rf V.use Uf firm.\nD. I I.J: f;

c oarn supporters I was unkind in our voted (cr it were democrat". ever stood shoulder to shoulder with the that (cn. Taylor could get the ilectoralro'e of Attachment. I. N. DRAKE. 1 r.. ;

to publish it. Next came the Mi!soun Compromise bill, which South," but they must know, if they know any free Slate in America, if it were not for the h.Jrut.I Caurtfttrthe Id Instrict of Lion County. SAMUEL: (ZITAIL.1i1ahsasee ,'i

neighbor was alfo defeated-the whole South voting for it, b lirfihat prerails that upon /Ait subject, at Justus R Fortune, .\&gent,} August 5. 1S4g. JiB

I Below are several toasts given by some of anJ the \\hule North with) the exception of a few thing at all upon the subject, that the assertionis well at upon any other of a like eh trader, IlL r.. > D,bt S27V 11}

!il tie 1/bojs of the Chester Y olu a h.l'r. We democratji Doting against it. In this State of the unsupported by a particle oftestim nIp.n rrnuld not in'frpn his rrto. If the Congress R. H. Whitin:. > Florida Exchange. .J
defendant a-ul all others interested are HE suS cnber will
t' publish them for the express benefit of theTijlorites case Southern whii tauntiizly ask us, where now can assert any tiling, but ten thousand assertion of tht United taes trill that there shall be T hereby notified of the commenrrmet.t of this T Carnal I UK11 stand continue where the he will business al all for t inns lli. :: fa

t about these parts. There's a heap arc our Northern alies .' We reply,', that we still *, in the face of documentary exidcnre, Freedom.from Slareru fvrercr, and any man suit by att.c.hmf'nt. returnable to a Justice's: C.,irt be happy> ,lo u-e the oil fr.ends; cf the hou e and it... .t '

tind them amon the democrats. No Non bet n whig vi'lingin the \Vhtte Jfouir; dare intcrjxisr his I Ipliny to be held at Tallahassee on the 13th day of Not ember public peni-fal'jr' Persons indebted 'o the firm wtll S \':
told in of them
of truth some : cannot remove from Millard Fillmorc the obnoxious
A.D.IstS.Given .
arm n aga
stands b us but there are democrats ho do. The say !.j
k By F. M. Killian. G en. Cast-The Vol.unteers ; charge of BEING AN ABOLITIONIST ta!en t\rough\ the forms imprnrllmrnf-thcr'I under m hand: and peal this 23J fIn. cf ISAAC N. DRAkC,
only! tn'n who voted with u!were democrats. I is of August, A. D, 1SHEUU'AUD. nsust .", 1t 3 Ser.lmel ,
I should ever remember his nuble de. might te a more method f Mind .M V/EST 'op'.r
true. tat on that question, the number was diminished Corretjiondence cf the l'lundlanMormcELLo summary o.ttuf [L a ] -: .
ftnce of the country against the IJlue Lights him. Justice of the Peace.
: but it is al.o true, that of the whigs not one Ha., ..;. 2?, l19. dispotmg of Groceries.S ,
f opposition to the Meiican war, in the Vni.r A-iTJ 23, 1SJS. C 2m S KNIGHT conliouei to receive bv vr. .
was with us. Hot, we ak, how cane expect our Editors Floridian : My object; i in adlrpssinc( .
zed States Senate. ribate of ie: !rcct. ._ nel from New Orleans. LARGE SUPPLIES Ol* ._
Northern friend to continue with when Southern is to correct misstatements made : Notice. .
us, you same by FLOUK. BACON. AND GROCERIES! lie makesit t1lJ
A. T. The Politicians whodenounced LEON
r Simpson
Bj : I.ODGE0.. 5. I. O. of O. F.
the Mexican War Whi;$ thcasch.cs fail to be true and steadfast : two writers in noticing a political infeling : A PPLICATIO.V! will be made 'o the next General the intere of every buyertocaUand see him b<. 11

r as unconstiiulional : Shall \\e rely them to fight our tattles! when which occurred in this (place, on the 12th in't.I I TALLAHASSEE. August 30, 1M*. A. Assembly! of Florida for an act ot incorporation fore they part with their cocey.ISIS. .;

J ), laboiing t" thrown odiirn on the cause Uj.1 published in the &7j//nrZofthe 22d inst. alsoto I U'HCIYMK, It hath plend Almighty God, in the to au'hor.ze d company to con-truct a Rail Road Irom August 11.. 3 1 t
ourcolors ? Si-all
. in which South Carolina shed her best blood! St.uthcr men ( (I they upholdour I ; Ji"pen 4ion 01 ln,. ''rcmJener, to rc move from thi Cedar K"js.or s...me eligible point on the Gitffcoa.it, --- --- -- <.'It,

and from which must spring the biigbk-bt riht \1.n we will not upheld thc-inourselves-: I notice a political meeting that was lu-Mto- lr ii tmrnorthj brother JAMFS II. Sc\Lr : .1udlrllt.rta. In the St. Mat>'" River.orsoi&e eIugiblcpoixaton the By the President of the United f

-let the people bcwate of them.:' Yet, still there are men of the North who remain at day. The meeting of the 12ih int. was not I ...{our li.-.rfs arc frtrirkeii with deep sorrow .It/antic eoait or lie St. Johr/s Kner. States. .
glory I
our side, and they arc deti ciat-. This hasalways that of the Democratic Association, as ititimaj l>y this *d event sued we desire to express our affliction .\,iguet J JS!>. iic. ri 3m .. $ ;:\ ., 1 .
.By Dr. J. B. (;a -ln. Old Wtitcu-Tru- at !Iii 1 In... and Jarkvumlle: anJ herald St. Anriiotinc ; 't CjN
: ted the writer our appreciation (.f his character !l-- The New* :
j himself Jrth
by One {
signing '
been the cas, an J will eor.tiinii-to be. On all Iy courageous on the field of HlnaIsta., } et : l)erefo'e. I ( will publish the ab"ve three months! an! to ,
" insufficient to carry his master with Millard lions touching, Southern interests-the Texas: quc.j minority ;in Jefferson, but it was a public I 1. RculetJ, That we dwpJv lament lie! deceaseof end their account to ihn office I -; -; 1 .

: behind him tion, and now the Wiltnot l'ri.\i- question, meeting. The associatori adj urned before our eflimable: brother, and feel that his removal ----- ---
Fillmore ;into the White: House tte
: tire Northern Whiz party hate stood opposed to us, the Speakers were introduced the express from o'r miiM M j great !104 to the rommnnilv in State of Florida. .1
. at Wasbin ton. which Ir lived and ol' which he kind and ,
wa a useful
of the fields of
while cur ont friends there were democrats. This purpose opening to speakers .1
; ** By DeKalbV lie. The day will come rrieiiLer. and I that oust Older i io (!eprieilof one to' |I 1J-

when the St.'nator and Representatives in will notand cannot ticnifd. Let these fact, t"0( both political creeds. its mr.-factivearid scrceahle brother. ;i iK ijl'r, j

Congress, who refused reinforcements and be reciPCibired! in conu.ctivn with the present can.S Mr. MAXWELL commenced I the Jtsbate, but Rtolctd, That, a. attimonial of our respectii't j

ass. Theejt-fofour people he neither abused nor traduced any one. a. seated! thcdecea brother, and crirl for his I loss, we j ,
supplies; to our buffering Army in Mexico, will !h"\It opened upon -
C. J. neither did he first will cl jie! our J.od.e in Ifill I wejr.e uual badge rt law. f, JAMES K. .
be with the Hartford ts." this subject. The mist and dust under which Southera by ; (Maxwell.) ( I pursuance f
ol ,
cased Contfntioni i assert that Gen. TAYLOR had moutiing lor the pacc of sixty t..lS. I. dent of the United Stales of .America do htreb i iI, I
By W. C. Kelser. The opposers Whi;s attempt to c\.r it up, should be swept no principl..s.and '!1. lifotced. That we will attend tit funeral service : j declare and make known that public sales will bd t

of Mexican U' Destitute of patriotism, ,, away ; :and every voter should plainly see who art then turn round and assail different petitions i. tobe performed over the sra,'e of our deceasedbrotheitt )I I helter;l undermentioned Land Orfice in the Stal a'
th and principles: which he said Ven. TAYLOR Quincvon the Jfith( in.t"'.. I FLORIDAat the
nationality honor and truth. for us,and who against u -w ho can b trusted, and |I.r periods hereinafter designated! ; ,
I 4. Rfti>tt>td, 1"1.3tp} tf'thl.r to the farrilv of our I
held and favored. lie did ituwir :
John E The Federalistsalias who cannot he though ;
By Darby, 'q. hu.t.d that decea-ietl bro'her our "jtiifvtli\ their sad bf're3\"c-1 PROCLAMATION BY TIlL GOVERNOR.: I At the land office at NEWNANSVILLE.conmei
-- ---- on the subject of the tar fT. and 1
Whig*-Opposed the formation of the currency ment. arid that a copy of thus prt-amMr :, i cinz on MmdJthe ninth daof October
f Ie.t
I F. IT KNOWN all the of this Staff neat
Constitution, and have ever since endeavored NorthC'n Tistinionj.The internal improvement, ( en. Taylor had: no : tion W transmitted to them bj' theSeeretsiv" of tin. B people General the disposal ol' the pu'.ilic: land situated within th. '_
the \dl.r thus
to pervert it. Sentinel has found one or two urthr pa fixed views, and elected, on these q-joMions: ; Lrnlja |I! Assembly that.,plJr..uancp..c approved nth January: 111'. and 4th umltrriittitionvd townships and parts of townships .
that willinc, as" free suil" to be would 5.Rfiolrett That hn preamble: and resolutions viz
rf say they are inn be a" mere weather IIf Con. J : l
gage will -
1 cumber, 1..1., Chapters i and ItJO; an
Ifour neighbor can gather any consolationfrom I be pJlis'i in ti!If' n<'w"ip,T* of Tal1.a!! ;,ee. Stnlh of the last tinr earl Lad the
trust CASS. and this him of
on it ror.ticU being a- press, but attacked Gen. T.iler'viVws on : I he held at the !evera''! precinct" Ithin the Slat, oni frineipeltitmJian. .1
Staled b order of the T.ebe.S.! .
these, he is heartily welcome to it. cainst the South. Apply this rule to TAYIXIR, and !I the veto power, as expressed in his Allison ;-v SIDLnV, N G !i Tuedy, the 7th dij' ol Noenb next foch<>ospi The fracti if .L.
< "j township even. situated east rf
\, he stand! All Noitl.t IVl.i.sand I letter. This of what R. H. POST S. i three Eiet-tnr ol Presider.t ar.U"ice President of the .
Private Conversations. hrt d'I(1 ali was my understanding rretarv.. Unite "t..TI. I-'u\\af\lIttc rn t'r,(exc pl Sections one. left'n arrl
N< rthtrn that l.itn. that he he eaid. His able: effort -- t,! twelve,). arid the fraction of
newspapers] support say > speech was truly an -- Gnen under ny ban and the crest seal of tier township ten. east <>f f
The Rev. Mr. L.UI for six )'car a Chap. will not \tto the Wilmot 1'rouso. I Ilt voice ol sound, argumentative, and) logical and the X-'U'iP I ION. :atc, al (he Cap-id 1O-Ta.lahlS3et'.tl.i. Mid ri,t'r,l t'xc'It Seclienssizceseneighieennics.; 4

lain of the U. S. Army under Gen. TAYLOK, one or two condemns CA!S as being against us, is not j' speaker showed himscif a niiu (If undoubted T.kr Ii, :vrhapun. ui eds with is tidl'ur cr.n" I ['I.u. lth day of \UZ'I"t- hi. teen, twenty -uid tLnrty-oiir,) of range 'fourteen. .
try *, aflectwl, \\ hwh sv\teps off aiiinalv: sn many \VM (U. MO'ELEY.Cy Fractiotialtowntehipthirty.six.ofmangeeventesru :
has written a letter from which the following TAILOR, in a ten thousand fold stronger manner, I lall'nt.Ir.. WARD followed and though his Townships nt-three and .l
virlm' a< that f-ll d '.tmjcr of the human race' t Governor : G'veemor of }7 Jridot. twtnr\4cir. ar ,
extract is taken. This letter is being pub. convicted of tein; against us by the united voices of I! declamation was fine, his language select and Ccttnmption. Div alter day, \(lr after car, the. A. f,_ MXWELL, I[ fractional lowits'.ifu thirty-one. IhirM-six. thirfi .

every supporter l.ehas in the North. Rut.; mark a refined, his manner courteous and conciliating instiale monster hurries to the portaU! of the cold SUHlaIf Slat'. I i >even, thirlY.t'i ,ht and thirty-nine ci range eigl

)lished etensi\elj in the Whig papers of the difference' -these Ole cr two men caj this CAM in we did not regard his arguments as either I nnikilent lorn1) fresh ad .\'Icirrl to its conqu**'!. \uzoJ.t HI, b I.. 5Fire |I I te'n.Town..i.ip'l J
r twenfy-thr and fra1j -
North I Noivalk! ft life i sacred from bli htnirc irflnen twenfy-foar -
: iu -
the teeth his litter averting f that he is opposed to sound or convincing. (;en. lr PONT concluded : tional toss rship ihirfy-one, tow n,hip thlft .
o No-aie M exempt tram i its! deaTh-dfahnir and Marine InsuranceBY j !
SIR :-You are no doubt aware that I held tie of.fce the Proiiso whereas TAILOR'S Northern with cube best thiry-e, ihirty-ei and fractional
in all of I one political speeches I s1.l11.! The old, the, mldJIe.a=f.'d, and the 'oU!!, town>lip
of the United
Chaplain Slates Army abort si ix'uu friends say the same: thing c-f kirn, and he has not j we hate ever had the pleasure! of hearing. aliahkp. are 'fnoi] for I this cotnraou etninv cf manLfl THE j thirtj-rine, of range nineteen.
being stationed at Fort Jc-up, La., and that :
said them lIe was repeatedly interrupted by bursts of .1. white-lnire-d patriaich "ho'oe life otunpcral&'e Protection Insurance Company Townships twenty.llrer, (except the vtes'rrn tier _
while at that extreme southern post, I was in daily or written one woid to contradict or to I II of Sections,) thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-six, thirtv .
scquamtance with Ln<;adier Gt-n 7. Ta lor. : show that he will vito the Proviso i if pad b\ Con- I applause. The democracy parted) in fine attacks of has other nd.'rf'd ills, and his whf-!>st\e m good i imperiaus deed- i reared tone Of New Jersey 'setrn, thirty-ti,ht and tlurf -r.me, ol rang .i

1 presume it is on tint account that >oa propose tone grti ij opposed to the Proviso. wh.vdoes I spirits and confirmed in their political faith. him for enjoyments cf liftN calm evenine, AT SOMERVILLE U\tf ry. .f"

some questions touching I am the willing\'iewt to of reply that,di Dot! he not, like CAM.MV' sot .Are his opinions so I Though we were much with the |people on huh sumJ.fil'n f fustcninc iti fangs upon hut'ital.! CAPITAL ?.A.">(-Chartered February, I II I Town!hipj thirty thirty-one and thirty-two. "[ ".
I hnlsbe adl\ldu.l that wedid not hear democrat lid teariu him from a w&rld ever bright to tnind- ranice twenty-one.
and tlat the not "orthIf day, any -even
{ am a politician or have any pcrsonalwtcr.! good pure people ire t '
. us Townships thirty, Il.irly-one. thirty.two, thir'
est in hit nomination for the be. 50,1 a luke warm one-much Jess some Inch look complacently en days well! fpcr.t. This Conpai insur:'*m Merchandize.Furniture, : .
Prticen\-lmt knowing them ? If he is w.th us, let him say j strong I three and thirty.four of ran;e twenty.two. \
Is there for the afflicted ? No I
; cause I am laid under !la -tm obligations to that j democrats at (the close of the ( help preventiveof Buildings.: Macbiccry Foci ones, and property gen- .
and not refuse as he has done, to speak out. I meeting, express the l4ii honest noble hearhd man-and I would pladly correct their determination to vote for TAYLOK, Central 'tickle clime ? We think there is. And if the .111.- onl\f'Dday.I"e'11fC' nh! day of October nect, s"
I some of gross mistake that are BOW afloat : "A for the disposal of the : leads within the
; his chaiacter. glorious Speelnele. I Committee or no Committee." C if ions of t those who are at least entitled to veracity, DIRECTORS.! public undermentioned .j"
concerning; i Under this caption the Sentinel quotes with com- This for Gen. BROH-S max be behoved, there i. a preventive and a remedy. William Edward Pavson, N Y >rt. I townships and parts of lown!Dips,\'iz : ..
In mpn.
. Gen. appointed
politic. Talor i'. a fl'li-in rcliij'on, day was South of the base line, and Cast of the principal '.a
nendation the lannae tf who likens U"ntars F5jUim of U'lld l Cherry is offered to a Peter L. Strtktr. Matthew Rud-tdaie. "
orator j -
i strictly orthodox-but in neither i* lie extreme, ; some to address the citizens of Jefferson, but he meridian.Tovnsi'iips .I jfj
maintaining hi* well-formed with the calm the ad"cl.t of Gen. TAIIXH to lo the adieut ufTtrinz \orll a- such. It needs!* not the "atheiititious i. James Ta\lor I J. S. Mcintyre, Brooklyn.David : ,
opinions power could! attend of r I I eighteen nineteen and : aid
winch I not on account indisposition aid" of a lonz ftricg (,fictitious certificates to Sanderson, G. F. Power twenty .
decision he mamlested. on the field cf battle. of some 1'ritish King to the thror.e. THOMA JLTrcn lie and well fractional Uv nlb.I. twenlv-one, cf range Issenty.
With regard to slat cry, and extension of territory, was, however ably reprosentcc give it notonetv. It" tr'le value and intrinsic exrel- William J. Bown ht.Fractional. f I'1
I. I asiare you that neither for a slave maiket nor any o-v alna's ail that the old fedeialisti had I i by the gallant and chivalrous Major WARD.Doth l hence are !sufficient to entitle it to the con!dl'nce of I \}t THOMPSON PretiJtnt. ei:' township nineteen! and low nabip sti:

ether object ".a Gen Taylor in fat. .or of conquest t taI their empathies in favor ef kinzly sroicrnment and j parties were invited to attend-fair plaj the public, and"lo Waft to fame" I J. VOORHEES Secretary. of range twenty-nine. twenty. 1,.1

an Re sit ion. He was not in favor of reremng thise accounts fur the fact that their descendants on and iit
puppcse I and no gouging seemed the motto of af!I. benefactor Township twenty-four. fractional tow Lip .
the nan of its inventor a a of las spe- : AeenN are authorized! to state to the fns- ."
into oer Union, nor in favor ol the recent war t 'f3
the fund of THE went-five, of thirty.
1l7tist are so range
comparing Messrs. HA\\Kirss and WARD

t i> xuth favor !fe1ico slavery,The that I rnJy ever evidence saw or head of his of,being was the in TAYLOR'H rise totheiise of a km?. .The old leavenis I sides of the Whigs. :Messrs. }'spoke\rl" and on the J. 4'jP4.No'e genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on the I the Court: of of the this di.lere-iit Com a.ny State!that they i
fact, that he did ,hat eiery man al the South rnu.tdo still \\1'1 kinl. Do the empathies cf the Wings. CAR\WAT SMITH on the part of the democrat wrapper. (where they have agents,) in ca!e of differenceand 'I thirteen, twenty-four and twtnty-five,) cf -it 1
For sale hv I E \RNARD, Jr. Drusci-t, Talla. rang
their ini'ructed to confirm the
f. that to
I Aeents are
if he would have servants viz- either own cr like the "y in pat hies of the IVderalistj t lead them to *. Timo will not allow mo to give the thirtyemr.Townshipstwenfyonr.twentytw. D
DL'MJl), and Dru I iI
hue slaves. 1 d.. well remember that a at least hii e", r.wport. by sristsgene1 usages of other rcvj.oajible; : Companies in the settlement I
. of the colored people living in his family part could read adopt metaphor, tinge I all over with their 1:100l.r-1 particulars of what was said and done. S.if- ally!1 throughout the United Statc-s. of IO..(:. I, and t went* >I lIrandfractio *,twenty-three, ,

.. well and were tery pious. I never heard a word chical cations lIne men, these, to talk about the : flee it to say, that the cause of democracy was -- --- -- The *\!>eriber have been appointed Agents l bv f of thirty-two.- alto\\lIsbiph\'fnt.fi. .

from the General in favor d the slave "v.fem.lul'n oie-man rO Ii"f'r. They are as consistent as a creek J Jis well and ably sustained by the young and talented Horse and Buggy the ubove Couipjnj for Tallahassee and its \-icinit\" T'nshirninetf'en rarge Stetion err, two. three, ?

c the contruy, his decided. preference fci the institution : straight. They repudiate their pnncij-les fur a democratic orators. At theclose of the FOR; SALE. Applj f" LEWIS s. AMES. I Section* ten to fifteen incn>ive, Setlivnt ". }- ."!'I
Anzii I 10. IMS. 4 fia
and customs ot the North. & & :
I him though i.e doctrine meeting throe cheers loud and enthusiastic one to twenty-seven inclusive, and Seeticn thirty .
man, run arc-** no agreeing ,
It is a pity that Gen. Taylor should he out a j S!pfetnl.r 2, 1-IS 7 1----- onr, thirty-lour thirly.fivc and Ihirly-sis in fractional .
; pro-slavery man because his government keeps rae! tic- I w'n'.cn lor CA S and HITLER, and three -- --- -- -- -- --- In the Circuit Court of (the middle Circuit of I t township twenty ; township twenty-one ii. ';", ,

at the South, or for the wrong ol ;lo\inj his plan- tures of rcja'iv-the only: j-uie cue-n.an I'rircillf- J j for IIAILEY and I L' AL. TAXES.T I Florida in nUll for the County of Wakulla. ship twentytwo! (except Surio.ulir.e. twelve, thirteen :1

" tat ion to be on the Mississippi, in ( the b.nlJ and then turn round to kbii-e democrats, hecau-e I The Wing speakers, neither at this m"c.1 COLLECTOR'S LAST ROUND. To Spruit Teni. D 1>43. twenty-four and t\\enty.t*e,) and townships lJ.I .
the ConnecticutVe
ot an infereuce. are allowed to hang no man I they will not do thc sar.c tliini;. This won't in; nor the one first alluded to, said any thins l firkin! nndersi TnrdTax! A .eior and Collector o Leopold Gieenbe-re. Charles Green twrflty.ti\"e arid tWt'nf!. ixof range t hirty.t hrec. .o
upon JL tot Leon County hereby notice that he I be1: eI Ienry GreenCu.'f':..rad Adolp Assompait Section three, four, five, Section nine to filteen *.i
I assure you. that if lt ed, he will do more for i democrats have better sense than to swerve d-I' of J'iLi/noRK. They seem to adopt with regard gne I inclusive Section
will attend at Kline, merchants and co-partners damagesAttachment twenty-two to twenty-seven in. ( -
peace would be emanrpatio1 allowed to da. than any Northern man 'their principles for any man, be he TAYLOR, to himOh t.ards Mi re, Miccrsookie. on Saturday the d.anti I in t title, using the name stIe and SHYJO.I ( elusive, and Section thirty-four, thirty-five and 4'

notorious a..oc a.e. MILLARD KILLMOKE"! no, we never mention him Monday the Itiidayof j'teuueeer.! linn of L. *c H. Greenberg & Co. thirty-six in township twenty 1\\0. and township) .

I the Boston Atlas, a staunch TAYLOR. pa. -- -- --- His name is never hrard." Scho'il house, Fort braden.oii IVednesiday.Gth Seplertiber I .,. J fur $Ho ;... I twenty-three (except Section one to six inclusive-,) j ..
William S Carpenter, of range thirty-four. f S
paper, the following? : Millard Fillmore.We Allow me to assure Jon.lhat need haveno 'I
appears you and all other interested Fractional to- n.hip tte fccr *
Jknjatnm Hale's Fort Stani err}, on ThuiMlay, "th defendant person twenty-two eastern y -
.Cot. Johnson of Upper IVjua, OLio, \\to wasseIectei understand that Whig orator told the fear for Jefibrson. She will still sustain September, Till take notice If the institution of tins suit I I tiers ot Section in township tweuty-live. and Section _o

by the tVbigi of Miami a their delegate to i'people at a discussion held Ben- I the cause in which she has long been nobly Roach's Cross Roads, aft Friday, tL September, by attachment, and that they are required to appear one to (four inclusive Section nine to fifteen t. -r
the Convention staunch, undoubted Whig-Mho recently at engaged, and bear aloft tbe banner (;f democracy. I>aniel Huuck's, Centreville oa h. uiday, l-th September and plead la the declaration filed in 1 hu cause, according inclusive, and Section ti.erut -two to twentycven -T
has in a long life devored to the cause, done it haden Wakulla that inclusive in of
gnat county, Millard Fill. The of A Jeflerson to law. township twenty-six range thirty '
request Whig .
service-a delegate to Jlarriibun in 1539, and to .Manning's Old Place, fmnint"n, Monday. I tub JAMES T. ARCHER. five. .
Baltimore in 164-1 and who has known Gen. Tailor more, had everstood shouldertoth.ocildersjth of 1P40, shall be gratified, if we can have : Sepfeiiiber, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Fracl ional townships nineteen and twenty,of rang

. Ion* and intimately, written a letter before us, i hath I the South, in resisting the assaults of the abolitionist timely notice of GOT. DTVAL'S visit to this 'lord's Shop, Lake lamoni, on Tuesday, 12th Sep. August 12, 1SI3. .a. tin thirtv-si\ : ;..
is all that we could desire upon this very paint. pla.ct'We rather seek than avoid discussion. t cm 'f'r, At'the land office at TALLAHASSEE fomrcen-

S writes that he has heard him declare, with much upon us and that he was, therefore, I am, Messrs. Editors. respectfully obedient Schoui House, near George Young's, Lake Jackson Horse for Sale. I. cing on Monday, the t ent.third day of October

Ibrce, that he regarded slavery as a great evil to the unjustly denounced by democratic prints, as your em Wednesday 13th September. iNE that werks and rides well, and is next, for the disposal of the public lands situated .

cntr and expressed a strong hope that the time unworthy of being trusted by tlavcholding servant. DKMOCH1TUS.NORTH Court House Tallahassee, on Thursday, Friday and I per fee'ly safe in any kind of baiueesis within the undermentioned townships. and parts of 0 ,;

aiht arrh.f when we could get rid of it altogether ; Saturday, the Nth l.'ithand bib StptemUr: _}He otlVred low-price onlvV>. towrisbips.foisit:
and Cot Johnson declares his firmest conviction. States. Now, that any gentleman-any hon CAROLINA. For the purpose of receiving the Taxes asJl..ed August 12. I IS H. 4 J. R. FORTUNE. South of the bate line end Eatt of principal
that General Taylor i* the last man to countenance orable who knows of the Governor aud ILgulaturc.-TJe official (or Revenue of the State and County for the year meridian. \ ;

its being extended lo any new territory, that may be man- any thing vote for Governor (says tbe Raleigh, N. C., I S-I". I To Builders and Contractors. The two eastern tiers of Section in township '

Iroufht into lie Uniot Co!. Johnson upcak be Congressional history of Millard Fillmore, Standard,) is not in, and will bo Tax payers will pleise fate notice that this is my two the east half of township three and township
frora bis own personal yet not probable that if their PROPOSALS will he received by the four, ( the eastern tier of Seetwni of .
I remelbere. knowledge last round for collecting Taxes are not SEALED I except ,) range
should make such a statement: is surprising under two or three weeks. CourtHouse e1-1
ad an arqnaiaizace o over thirty j ears." any All the promptly 1 paid belore the 1st October next, the law on Public Buildings, at the three.

Both the abore extracts are from leading for the very opposite is the truth. We counties, however, have l been heard from, and compels tne to levy and advertise. in this city, until Monday the 21st instant at I' Township two (except Section one to twelve in-

we give the following as the unofficial result : Hours of attendance from I'lJ, A. M.. to 3, P. .1. It o'clock, for new roofing the Court House, littmz elusive, and Sections seventeen, eighteen, nineteen s,
Taylorito the free States. And | have shown this from documents which,can. the Court Room buildme a front and back Portico and
i JAMES SHERWOOD.Tax up thirty thirty-one,) Section nix and! seven, in I.ihe .
Manly. Real.
now, orgns what think of not be denied-the records Congress. We Assessor and Collector for Leon CountySepteraber aud enclosing the Court House Square. Plans I township three, and fractional township five,(except ,.
re3deu, d you ] SO.G.j'j iso 'i, 1&4S. 7 and specifications may he seen b, any erie, on application Section three, four, fir* lad six,) of ranrr four.Townships a
: them ? Did you ever have PRIVATE conversations have challenged the whig organ in this city, Currituck, 400 maj. ---- --- I at the Floridian Office three and four and fractional n.bip 4=

with TAVLOB in.order to : the Sentinel, to enter the list in )his defence. 'Cherokee! :-2 21740,24th A Card. Aueu 12, ISIS. 4 five, ot range 6"e.Ttw 5j
Z4CJUR1 Sentinel and Journal It. *
:j- copy II ip five, (>f six. *
his real sentiments, this Chaplain and And we here tender to that print another challecge MISS SMITH respectfully informs her friends Township nine of rang ranf't"-.. '
a ( the public generally that the exercises other |
Col. JOHXSOX hare ? IF NOT, HOW CAN ; and we now again assert, in the rno tuDcqui.oeal :i9,3/jJ/ : 39,393 SCHOOL* will be rnsumcdtipon Monday. the 2d For New York. Strti"n oTje. eleven twelve, thirteen, feortrrti, j ''a
Section Iwen" .fbrt'e to twenty-seven irclusive, -J
YOU VOTE FOR HIM Don't you see terms that Fillsma-e has never October. She takes this. occasion tu return them $j and Seeti thanks for their ti.rmcr patr"musge, and solicits its I'
). that these men have every advantage over given a rote, on any question in \\hich slaverywas I 847 continuance for the luture.[ Temik as u", !. & AI 'I ranrethirteen.Th to\ll I'.hi-Itehn.. and townships eight and nine,of |*

you, in these conversations, which to be affected, to far as we hate been In Currituck and Caind;n, we understand Septersbcr 2, I IMS. 7 M j .._ .,...-.tnn... -- r'- tnwnain__ ____.'. 1Il'.n----no_ ".itn.t.1'__n_ ......,. "w.t

Gen. TAYLOR pri.ac to disavow ? Beware able discover, from a careful examination of the Whigs have re-elected their Senator I bj.: -- Committed-to Jail..- -- I TIlE REGULAR Lt01 PACKETS between Suwannee n,er. cI" range li-urteert. < jj

refuses 23 majority and in Macon county they have j Vork end St Maiks ar.d Nev.po'l. ynll Land: appropriated by law for the use of school. 1
tilt you are not deceived by the Taylerites, the records, favorable to the South If he re-elected Mr. Hicks by 13 majority.; This NEGRO( teem' naned DICK aed abnnf 1! commence running at the openinc cf the fall trade, : military or other purpa-es will be excluded from isales' I It.

who has his fiiend challenged to produce it. 32 >ear", lee-t G inches Inchstoat and and continue s tlin'iiiii.l ; to this Southern man are leaves the Commons 60 to CO and the Senate .EA built lIARG.H1TIII.vlle: t.
aria you ,
suppr ; aged a- Brig W.\RC ALL.\, J.-i-stljn, Master, I The oftet ing of the above mentioned lands will b* t
with Northern (i !! It is true, he voted for a resolution, which, in (with Capt. Berry in his seat from Oiange,) O'i' >ear, and CHARLES, their son,aged OCILLA, Trim do. | "c.mmf'IICffl! on I the days appointed and proceed in j .

___ the language of the Constitution, affirmed the 25 to 25 ; but if Mr.I Waddrll should hold on about 5 years, were picked up at koa. in a canoe, a LUCY, H.mmer, do. 1 I the order in which the sreadsertaedwitb all con } f,
now itaudt the Case I to his certificate, and be admitted to his seat, few miles from St. Mark light, on the 1 1'itli ult. In SUW AfF.r., Clark Ho. (n...) ,i venient d.palch: un'i1 the whole shall have been \ jr1I
The efforts which were made during the last day right of tho States alone to regulate! slavery the St. Marks Pilots. Said negro uy they belong .' W.CISS.l'rrry, do. (new.) I ofTtred and the -ale thus closed. But no sale shall }
*f the Senate would stand 24 Democrats, 26 lo a Mr. LlctJd Hill, e>f Marion County East Florida built, he most rub< tantul I I be kept .rn IonT than two weeks and *
Congress to jtMet the agitation on the subject of within their own borders-but the South does Those Brirfs. are sot. .manner oj no private -
t *'a Whigs. and were list from Cedar Keys, whither they r"Ple..ty for tiiis trace, ana are commanneei uy entry rf any ol the lanrfs will be admitted until
er have (ail Patty factions,and the interest not thank him or any other abolitionist for In-1840 the W'bigs carried North Carolina had cone for the purpose of making their way toNew careful and experienced Captains. Freight and passage alter after tbe expiration of the two weeks. IIIJ

I 0l treidenl.maktf have defeated the compromises : that tote. Gidding voted with Fillmore for by 12,000 majority ; :in 1842. by 5,000 ; in Orleans, and are now i in the custody of tbe U. al the lowest rales. AentsCOF. GJTpn nnder mv hand at the City ol Washington this
tich were intended to remove aU difficulty from '' S. Marshal as runaways. ANDERSON t CO. third day of July,Anno Domini one thousand right .>
tk 'I' the lame resolution ; and the abolitionists, 1844 by 3,045 ; and in 1846 by 7867. The owner is requested to come forward, prove ID Heaver street, New York. hundred and forty-eight. S.
smUject. It it important thai the people of |he
South of them know better than lo at. New the Whig majority-if indeed the Whig Pror>er!.,pa! expenses and take t them awar. JOHN DENHAM.McNAUGHT By the President :
should keep in mind the cause which have every one candidate has a majority at all-is in bun. Apply to C. W. HUTCH INS. & ORMOVD.NewptKl.. JAMES K. POLK.

Pruce this result, and the mm who hare aided in tempt any direct interference with slavery in dredsperhaps in fifties. Gen. Taylor's no U. S. D M. for Middle District of Fa. RICHARD M. YOUNG,

-important, not limply matter of information the States, although, with Fillmore, they would principles and Fillmore's Abolitionism, have Tallahassee, September 2. IS-I5. 7 Newport, August 13, ISJ 19. 4 Committioner of the General Land Office.

o M something remembered to be deprecated and approach it by protecting XECKO STEALEBS hung like mountain of lead upon the Whigause stray taken Up Medical Notice. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION- CLAIMANTS.E .

IOre over, but u developing fart*which should and Abolishing slavery in the in North Carolina. ON:: Monda",21st Instant, a sorrel mare y person cut ted' to the right of pre-emption
I M* strong and controlling influence in guiding among us by --- ---- -- a Haze face,and one white hind I M. f. WIltT. M. D. J. t. CALL U. D to any of the lands within the 'ownships and perls of

r lu u action the canvass for tbe District of Columbia! and in the Territories.Fillmore'i CORWIN'S SUPPOUT OF TAYLOR. foot, about ten or twelve years old. The I T \KS. WIR T k CALL have associated themselvesin townships above enHmmted, is required to estabflsh!
H present Presidency. and owner i* requested to come forward prove property, I LJ the practice of Medicine, Surgery, &'.. and the same to the intisfacllon of tb. Register and Rrreiver -
w Hinds the cas.t( j The compromises first whole course OH questions of slave. In his labored, as we must confess pay expenses, and take her away. offer their services lo the public. of the proper Land Office, and make piymroftherefor.

Jro Md carried in the Snae, which took from has bee 1 opposition to the South, as the able and plausible speech against slavery in J. R. BORINSON.a Office over Drug Store,Morrticello. Florida sty soon at practicable after seeing; Ibis notice

conzreis and fr .m the Territorial Legislatures, any ry the Senate, Mr. Corwin announced as follows Tallahassee. August 26. 1S4. 6 4t $. O Aiuust 5. Vs4.eI. 3 ly and before Ihe day appointed for the ronxnencv
of abundantly -
Congress ,
authority to exclude shivery from the Territories, proceeding prove the grounds upon which he would support ------ Six Hundred Dollars. Divans. Theist of the public sale of the lands rabneine the

JesTing the and his supporters in this State are defied to tract claimed,otherwise such claim wilt b* forfeited.
question, under f h. Constitution, lo the Gen. Taylor : to purchase immediately! Six Hun of Mahogany Divans, fcr sale hrP1RCHETT RICHARD M. YOCNG.Commffr'oner .

ei on. 0 the Coujfg of the United States, "ssde.C produce exceptions to this sweeping charge.He "I declare, if any body is concerned to WANTED, in Specie. ONE"pair .V Ll.VDENBERGER. f the Genre'l Laisj (ffice.

ate by the votes of rt'gAf Soutktrn H7 .. The was ;in Congress for about len years and know, what is my opinion on the subject, and A pnt tJI ISIS. 5 F S. KNIGHT, July 15. 19tS 32 July 23, ts4 ,. 1 lOw


: J --= -- --j-- --p

: -cMEDICMJ:-- NOTICE.- flP folo\inl.which w.. extract horn the Cam- Newport Springs, Florida. AlE DXE'T' TO THE Boot and Shoe Making. Attachment.If IIn I-

U from the Rer C. L of llflundeedgnedhavingpwrcbaiecl the Justice Court for the M
Frazr. Con&titnlion Ste of Florida. Jhttritt of
of Ibe T .
TV- XVIL'; N an4 VAN XVYCK. (late ProfcwrU Kertliaw Distl t. S. C.Fartningion.Kenhaw. entire stock and materials of LDACSiRcHFTLn. Justus R. Fortune c ,.

;' I of Sur< ry in the Franklin Medical College of District, S.C., ) & who is about leaving the State, Agent, J

.' .. Philadelphia.) have (rmed a co-partneMhip for for t the May 10. I S-Ij ) Proposed anti agrffd to ly the third General respectfully informs his friends and (the R. U. ?Whiting. J 3 bteiaso.l

practice INsmucTzoNoFMIuLC'T.srLmENTi; ( MPtICia4SURGlRY&nJ. the 1 tla"t used in my family Dr. H-ill's "eYr and Assembly ; subject to the action of the next public that he is at present at (the old stand, wherehe rilE dert'ndant and all tber are hereby

p accommodated. .Ague Pis. and al.. Dr. Suencc'r'.g.. table Pill. WAKULLrV having undergone e\- General Assembly. is prepared to execute aU;work in his line with( commencement of this, snit5 Dotifif'd*
distance HOE
from .
: Patient a can TMIE
'k b wel the Hotelier for the two years, and have no hesitation in prunou !i,'e improverrenl is now open for ire inception promptness and despatch( Heat On hand he finest Justices Court to be held at Tallahas.ee re-tOf1tahJe
.. aoJ on reasonable term, them excellent lamilv inedicme of calf skins, and all sotts of materials, and will on rt, :
10 Mrs
of ( oi
nd of
Kinsj be .rthesuperiflterH tare day October next and
( \t" of the Vh .Article lo and
g s Private Berlin HonmMofiheciU.andcan receive AN ACT to amend the I2lh Clause appear pW
: -and as an art of justice to the worthy proprietors MAODEX. and well known qualities make at short notice, and in (Ihe hit manner, GF.N.TIEMEN'S same. \ to lhe
hoe experience
Medical' j
f1th. the
; fiom the Sr'iW-ribf micli aud Surgical at- of the Constitution of this State
t 4 of these; invaluable PilU I will state, t,.the information a hoe 8\nrunt t the promise that no BOOTS AND SHOES every descrip Given under hand ted
: : .... ten ion their casts ml v' require a : fXlfn"| Judges of the Circuit Courts .hall hold their offices my seal, this 2d dllo1
a and satisfaction of all concerned, that mv ir attention will be withheld (that would (ion. Hoots footed lolrd..nd otherwise( repaired in gust, A. D. 1S1*. Au-
A limil-d nuiuVrot OrFK'E STUDENTS w i.lV wife prior to onrm rriae, had been m<'re or less; conifort and nleasure of visitors : for a term of eight years instead of during good tyle and at reasonable charges. H..will war- EDWARD M.

e .. .. ; i received. whnwil b! Mipnlied with Books, P1If the subject of Chills and Ftvrrs l toe about! eighteen Those Spnnsrs are situated on the St. Msrki good behavior rant his work to be equal to any done in the place, Justice WEST of (USA ]
Rvtr. Senate and ITmne the
Anatomical, SH.TIO-V: 1. Bertenatttdbythe Pear
4 Qlhlr Prep"rlt.nwil b.regul ,, ; tried vnoua lemedics without tiuc.cc.ss five miles abote its junction with the and to give as good satisfaction as to fitting as any August 5, IS.!. 3 ,.
the Florida in (; 3m
Slate of
examined the
rlv vf m-
in ar-
pn !. thlir !lu1its Ill was very much reduce! in flesh .A (few about eighteen miles South of Tallana.t.e, in the other workman.
*1 cirJmz: to i the nnylo IHu'lhin the Urge Northern nal _-h tn>/liconrrned.. That the 12th Clause of
davs after O' Inartiece she coini.enced vtli. b-pen. mul-t' of region, to the constantsea JOHN LERCIL lathe finu" Court of the
a healthy Middle
b* tsu'ht to aud } pine open (Ihe 3lh .Article of the Constitution of thU Stale be CfrruUi
: dispense
I Sj ,itils-\'il cmlfuul rr', Fills. andm a d.)'or twoaftcrwards with lluirtiV frlml the Gulf:rendi'ring it a rfiJence. May 5, HI 11. 12 tf Florida in and for the ,
; : r IJ'lci's. and 1'H in theevery minor brecz so amended us to 'eaJ as follows viz: That at (the County Leon
) wi / / she use-d ab< nt half a box of each ; the re- the sultry Bummer months truly delightful .
Jlsfr duties the durin. expiration of the term of office of I the Judges
day Sjr oon-Ulcdnj, Cupping present TO SPRING TFRM A.
her D.
She rained
suit a > t nl bndzchasbecnthronnovcrEasf NEW GOODS. is isLeopold .
was. RAIICLCUIE. healhInd luh Rvn. of ire Circuit Courts with the hcreiuafttr
it5 Da'idaginz. &c. AePerlivi exception -
i1 ,
th and has no
atrcn Charles
verv rapidly, htJ ft"rn bringing the hight-housa and sea shore Greenberg, Greenberg. -
., Pmrate Oce in American; citY ( mentioned, the Justices of (the Supreme Court
t4 n anv
Chills and Frrrr mee. I believe these nTHiicntes hours ride horseback where Henry Gre.nber
in .and
on or carriages, con sHbscnhcrs would call the attention of the Adolp
of and approvedremedies and he Juigts of the Circuit t Cn"r!,,hall be elwtedfor Awuttpsit
tI4t TilU aT'id! variety n v rHE
:. ,. a -rl1tr ( to b<>harmless and *ife; and whtl us,'d as specifically veiienre 'fir -ea bathing will be found at all tunes to (the choice and extensive assortment Kline merchants and copartners
!. practical facilities lorstuJcnts. a term of eight and shall hold their olhcrs damage'
or jreif.it more years
4 .t ... directed are attended with satisfactorresults' The bathing establishment connected ,,ilh the Ho for that term, miles. sooner removed under the provisions of( GOODS, now receiving per Brigs Wakulla and in trade usme the name,style and SI OI.
I.. L HtAZFR tf-Illa" beets thoroughly rerain-d,and improvements' Fmeline Their stock has been selected with firm of L. & H Greenbeig & Co.,
L' I ; : In soni'Mon with department. it ni% h p" made in Ihis; Constitution for the removal of care, Attachment
I : ( made so that |'lun.e and shower baths can be fur- from (the must fashionable establishments in New "*. (
J"l l Infirmary' ; address and for wilful or 4(3J( (
: a* > :i to slats a p".
per t1 .1" The following te-timunv from an inf!'lential 1'laT liod at all cr lbedafree of char ,f. t'\her William S. Carpenter.
ni h'JUrs I l' which York ; and having been purchased at reduced prices, J
;i :& Inc the of both Msdtcal and Sirztcal PaI ne l' ct of dirty' or other reasomble cause,
4. .' .et' tCtiti"l IIfl stU.IIII1, th.ojpoltt.jt ter in W..hi"lon Co'wt., we take from the MacouTt'ie with the aiknowledged intrinsic value and miracu- I shall not be sufficient ground for impeachment the they are enabled to furnish their customers at price. TIn: defendant .and all other .persons inferrtt l
"i 'ililue raph : lou efieet i.f the water in parliruhr ca-ws, presentattractions proportionately; low Their take notice of the institution of )
K Ja tlnljittg ,. Govern hall remove anv of (them on the addressof t thi.
tf fifpiaetifally! ditm W a.hl:i ton County, Ga, January >, 1! I7Dr to t the invalid and citizen of Uisnre not by attachment and that they are apt/
Gt'nc'ralC.cmth f to
of the
: Julv' lsJ | two tin d" ; Piocidtd J\W tlAD:} (LTNNS
1 Calvin I lull-Dear Sir-It I I.as Seen oulIlirte I' F1
: T.Ihuler. J .' I urpa-,ed in tlu Southern States Those in purwitif shall and plead to the declaration filed in thweauL .
: T. J. UII/sOY. M t DC hoirftn, Thlt the cause or causes be stated at .
.. -S I u.ing \.nr rrlrtlll tmd boil for tlsliin Iof (the best of materials, and bin.r manufactured cording to law
f yeari.isee t''lm-ncr pleasure alone, tan al \a\s l -
C. \N\\UK.M D. length' in such address and entered on tin-journals of
r.. .tiue and .11'fi.J Pil.. on zity rlantalion I parties, or l'x'ur-i\M to the. Wakulla ? 'ring and! the directly under the eye of Mr Stillnan, all J.-\l\tF. T. ARCHFR
'I ha
h II.mse. That the
.qndprorle.fisrl/ier t
V -I!22_*1__ ni_ ,___._ have had a e ber cases. of Chili and Fever Bay, or can enjoy the more excitiiiZ |'ileas l ices of the ear causes shall be notified to (the Judge so intended cau'eor fear of *hop.tr>rA 11 (thereby precluded, and pers
; L.b: '.. Notice.ALLper and ""me'f..w of' Millions I ever, in iv. intaure chase, seek ex icise in the Ten Pin Aller the eame (10 (tie fl'lfsovctl. and he hall be admitted to hearing purchasing may rely upon getting an article well July! 2% 1919 2 tin

:' : .1 t on" bavins clanus! against the ( :tetl ef either formof ( Fever have I failed. l to etlect of lull ..-d.?, or t the heilthful dince I In a word I 11 his own d.-.nee. befote any vote for such a removal made Among the articles comprising (their STEAMER

1 :! .: Dr. I luc I D N.-wt t.), e1 creased Loa taken a cure at"hen the commencement direction were of followed the disease and the.1 were hare every thing poisiMe! will bt done to make lie Sjiriiu shall pass : .11.1 i I in inch cases the votishall be taken FALL JA'D m.\TKR STOCK GLASGOW,

$ '. . Countv. are r requested to |.rr.ent tl.em to the under- an a reealle! report I bv )eiis and na sand i entered on (the Journal of tachHoi.
be found the
,- .. : time byl had. greater t Riicctn- in UMI g your PilU, than with June 10, !i'.IS. 17 .. maY ( following:
ige Adinstrtur.lhinthe rr.srib. I ctber I have --- I e rC"I'Pl''in'ly.' Uik rench Cloth Frock and Dress Cla.'k Q.
.. anv ever u-cd inmvlunilvtliere : --------- --- -- -- Coats ,
: l t" this notice will be- plead in o( re- i mt.Jitne S::. 2. be r//i/rMfr tn ar/el, That the Jud-jM fir tAppointed
-. is r.o l when used according to direction To Country Merchants. I Crown and Invis Green, Castor Beaver Sacks SjaGolhi
: ; an I all ,per :* indebted to "aid. ( tate' arc under (this amended Constitutionshall be
$. 9 I. o\erv : will eflecl and radical Mixt Tweeds and col'd Coxsimer doPellots '
speedy fancy
mAe immedute? lTe. Tin Manufattor lias now, and constantly JAMES TUCKER
.4 .e'leile pjMrtcnt Yours with rpflf divided bv lot into four cl,isses. The first class slial! and Blanket Overcoats &c Pil..tand MASTER.
'.& P.VI RICK SMITH. I respect L adding toil* stock, */ co'iipltte allotment of I Heavy
; EMANUEL BROUN hold his or (their office or olfii'es for the term of two Beaver Cloth Overcoats and Cloaks of fine Blk C undersigned avails himself of this
Til mode Jl
; .t 15. ISiS. .12 2n Achninitral.r. Tin of all ilfscttpttoni It has adIeu r,(\v ma-
: ,
.. Jul 'l'arollhe econ"l for (Ihe termot four 'ear"the third and Blue Pantaloons Black informing the public that the
above valuab'c medicines fresh and Cloths ol French Cassimer new
(tIThe j: Sleaarf
I' :. Molasses and Sugar. nine. are I.,r-aletv' I.EWIS i.MF.s, chnery before in l!:t this v which.lace the woik, is d ne better than ever f..r (the term of si ix .year,, the fourth for (the term ol Blk Ribbed do)., fancy Plaid, Check.Srript'd GLASGOW is now performing her regular trips e.

1 ;. ., I T BARRELS EXCELLENT 11OL.\SSHS, July I t. 1 hh. '*) Tallahassee Fla | alii.ar! tight i years : do. ; also,Tweed Sat melt I and Jeans do&(.: VESTS the Su\\annee River between Columbus and Cedar

:IS. do. Brown Sugar, .--- .- -- -- --- --- .---- There i.the a Pcller Suwannee travellmi River to from Marianna : [Passed the Senate bv the Constitutional majority, : of Black and Farcv Satins, Striped and Plaid Silks, Key*. This boat is strongly botlt of the best materuls -
For sile low In the packasrr Dr. Spencer's Vegetable Pills lu supplj the Merchant December .22, I,17 Pissed the House of Representiiivts Velvets, Plaid Cashmeres and Valencias, Plaid Silk and propel'ed! by two tnilln. and capable of
who always !
I, I ItlKCHCri 6 LINDCXBCRGHRCrystalinc I A\D : can riU on our wtp'm going : by the Constitutional majority January C, Mazurkas, & .C. carrying one hundred tons bnrthen or 400 bales of
: and del
o. I'trough thc section a >ove named Bering thc j!
: Jly n. IIM. ;. Tonic mid Restorative Kilters.Ft Tin. orders! sent by mail will he IS-li) They have also an extensive assortment of Cloths cotton, with suitable accommodations tot fonv J 1'.
Anv attended
prnnpllv I April I r, isis of
no (r itoU.
t. Candles. : hit Purification of the blood, and Restoring of lto. and delivered at once to the Merchants ___ Cascimers and Vesting* unmanufactured consisting sengers light draft requiring but seventeen'incbes .
the all .Murbid of the I in path: of: Superior French Black and Wool Dye water, thereby enabling her to perform her (
I trip
5ysn from StNriol \Ve state that o-tr prices are always the .me, with [ S. MAIL LINE *
: ,. t.. /"I ::OD A* SpIRI. f.,r ale at '.i(0 cents j per pound (;land, Mi in und L>rtr, ."orbd Ilumois, and out die least variation Cloths do. English do do. do., English: Blue and regularlY at all seasons of the year between Coluo.
4 the b the I I (Invisible Green, Wool Dye do., Black Beaver and bus and Cedar Keys.leavingColumbuseveryv.
: Vitiated State t>J -y."mr. We haveon hand (tliefolli wing ailitles.( well
r\Linr.nj: < do French Black Ca do. DAY morning at 1 o'clock, A. M. and
nlCIr&LM! > 'PIIE Pills and Bilters havi steidilv jiainJL en'rv thing kepi in our line : : Castor II simer', Ribbed do. Cedar Keji
J.ilv I 15. do., Fancy Plaid and Striped do of the latest and every \ IJ1DAYnornin?. Should suffcieaf .
} in ulanv all cla not .
I l'li. ---- nig po, among .!,{-are now I urna 'e<. such is every f.innlv needs ConkmcUvesof patronage
'. :: White Beaver Hats.: among tltosc of d.ublinlfficay: or experimentalcharacter the most apprClH'tll..ind in use. Air TislitSl I most fashionable styles! ; VESTINGS of Black and he extended or the interests of shippers rrqmrr
but can be iclie-d on as compositions Fancy Plaid Satins, do. do. Silk, Silk and Woollen her to perform two trips per week the proprietor.
ltlc uj for Chanibers PaiHis
l' and mo t fl jl1 t re- ves 01 Oificn Coflee -
'a.llon.II will
; -o BEST ed quality by founded tiM, >n eoi reef therapeutic prinnj'!cand Roish' I)uyle Rod Iron Pumps. Ice Cr"lIfJr'c. Velvets Cashmere and a'encia, Vestings of Rich cheerfully acqtmsce in, and make the necessary

v'* 1.. July r;. isi J" .'>.- a Tunic <,r .1/ (irlt i! needed, soil here Juno :1.I 1 1"1'| KHavana : Tlaon&h ill fvrty-tiro hour front Tallahassee to ALSO. AN ASSORTMENT OF capacity to the one now employed. Aa soon as pnc-

t. -, --- --- a Purgative1 or .imlle Cathartic alone i i is Dtcdc I, the Miron, unit to Chttilfttitnin thru days, I fats and Cap(nterev'Bro and Bleach'd Cotton ticaule this boat will extend her f trip op (the So-
Notice. Pills a/out ill tun' to take the .Mail Boats Oilw wannee river lo Ihe Upper Springs and also up tit
stnd unriu1rt -siiup-----I Linen and Lotion Shirts, i Undershirts
1 .. .. QIX months after dat< the undersigned *.ill fre0 They will po (, cure, and Finer in thousands 1nd Pftfrrrrt it I ( \orth t/n-fos-ll, day Blk Ital Silk Cravats, 'Silks and Merino do. Uilhlaconchie( river.

ent their accounts and \oacpf to the Uonur of ca- Dspeps: Jaundue, liver 10tll.ill"| *:* IKiEOranqc) Ra-btrrvand| Oran: 1-'lowerSnij's 'I Iir Stale will leave Tallolhaf' on Mondavs; "Fancy Satin doLambs Wool and The undersigned i would further prate that he and

r. -. lie Jude of Pr.,h:te of n Counts, and apply I:.nil lions of the Skin, Sallow (inflexion, cnralUbi 0 I JL 'Wednesd'vs, and \ndivs, alt o'clock A. M, Rich .Fancv Satin and ; Undershirts, Angola others, proprietors of this beat have availed them

.. ; ,. r letter of dismnsi a Admin.strjtor, aud .}d- 1 IiI)'. Loss of .\ppelite I Suppressed Prespmlion, .J I dhz. Havana Pre*Tvr'', in Jar, and arrive in Iacon. (cia Q'uncv, Bainbnd, New- Plain do 'scarf-, Brown Cotton and Cotton- selves of the provisions, of an act entitled An art t t.

4 ,I .,!ni.lrri' of the rotate of Uilluu Boyd! tile ol kc. &.c. .\, an ixcellent era/heater f intrmry I Hjidaomc Gra* 1I."lIrrlock.IIPl; i> li'n, Albany, Amerietiand Percy,) on Tuesday, Jenny Lied Hliks : ade Drawers, improve the navigation and to navigate the 00...

: ... .,:d C\unty. dc'ceaeJ. ,from t'/H."ftr t these Pills:aid Bit hers are'unc |":Ic'fi l J. R. rOKITNEjint" i 11itir&dav and Saturdays, at 1 lf<) o'clock P. M.in ':lk. White and Col'd Kid Gum Elastic( Suspender, enacted nee river, and for other purposes (therein mentioned,

:\. A A. CL\RK. 1 be indications reijinn-g Spencer's Fills: and : June, l"I|t. -II At (the Tin Miinilirtorv, I ti'n lorthe cars for Savannah Leaving Macon on Gloves, ;Merino and Cotton llalf1 at the last session of the Legislature of the
.fr ", A.niiilrat'>T ald AdministratrixAnu lets. :and when the\' should| betaken without delay asa MondivsVednpsdavs, and !"ridjvs. at 4 o'clock, 'X' Hose State of Florida ; (that they have recently organized

1, ,ta. l> ton Co. Fa.. .il t. l I".. I ftT> I preventive of t\e formation tf acute ,l.1: i ewheti Ice Ice Ice I M., and arrivuiRin Tallahassee rn Tuesdays, Thurs their company pursuant to the provisions of said act,
: and Satuidavs, at 10 o'clock P. M. "Tins Patent Leather Shoes, Umbrellas, Money Celts, under the name and style of the Honda State
: I lie tvngue i! furred ; when uIint is di-liver ICE' at the f Ic* louse days line
Notice. TIII'lII".crilwr.ill
highly colored ; \\ hiv' theta i is pain in the lomarh erv fliorning, at 4 unls tehailat -j I connects with the Central Hail Hoid, Savannah, Allu Shoulder Traces, &.c. &.c. Improvement and Steam Navigation Company.
.4 N APPLICATION be made at ths next I and \\'t" CLARK i. &'ILL/I.\\. The Coapany will soon complete their
wi and bowels; when there arc irritations ; the Ire llnuse or \ cents per lb. up twn Mille-dgeville tern Hail Road to Co- arrangement!,
:. ', :JL session of the (; ntral ..!>cmU c.l I Florida, fort when there are in the luck Ie\\O'I.and heath ; when Person living in (Ihe surrounding villages bill\\ befurnished Itrnbus, Ga. It aUo connects with the Mail Line October 23, 1S-I7 14 of which due notice will be given, for purchasing;

charter of' incorporation of the Stockholders" of the skin is hot, fails or cHow.; wl Icti tin. ap'ctitois | Ire at the Ire House for :IJ celts j'er I from Q'unev to Chattahoochie and thenceto ApaIjclnei ----. Cotton and other products of the country or nab.

The Sutb\'tier" Rail Road of Florida. poc' ; when there are relt chills ; when the- pound b} the hunJied v.eiplitT.llihisf ) I la. Passengers ran go from Tallahassee to Leon Circuit Court.IN liberal cash advances, upon all property shipped,

I Ju1y 1 _51-_ _:>Im_ _ _I dreams are bad or startling in sleep J. & J T. D.\rF1X i Coluri'nw. three days, and hut one night; will be }I CHANCERY. when_required, As soon as practicable line of
I If taken the ?.f. r:: l IG spent oil (the road between Tallahassee and Macon suitable packets will established by the Company
,. Wanted on occurrence of any or of (theseindications > l t II i Ci editor Rill settlement
al __ for Eotafe
__ of between Cedar Key* and New York and
I assured that New
'. of !i"case: The public may rest every attention will Orleans
( and
:" ._ 4 SITUATION'as Ti': \CI1U:. in a rnvate famih approaching pam- James r-:. Bronme and otheu for themselves and for the
bad sickness mat be | revested ALACHUAHOUSE. be paid to the comfort of these who may patroni/.e : conveyance of freight and passengers
aademy.hy) who has other creditors .
"or ol A.1.
l4lng gntemaD The above.Medie.mes fresh l ,and genuine, ire ior tl' flU this I..il.(. Gallin Complainant!, thereby securing to all its patron, a safe and expeditious -
.' <|)(.iicnce in giving tIle dillerentraichei ...ii..Ii.Vtwnantriffe! Flurda.rji ; FARE I "8. mode of transportation of their to
a of E'lilish, Clasjical, and [.t hwatk.1.1uatiol. salebv LEWIS.MFS.: i t 1- suSscnber having purclia!id t the Iioust and : Turbutt. Bct f>n. Sjrah A. Betton his Wife, Executrix eithei market well property
I July l'rninTaUlis'ee!; to Q'lIncy.11 I to as as return cargo to its place of
'. and is in ettr. <>ct Gatlin
-p ] pre- 5 1. l'remiseormeily( owned and occu;.ad JW I and others, DefendantsWIIHKII4 destination The raid of transportation trill
J.v k to.\Ihaay'Ilaridto I Mac .''>. in no
,' tireyouths fr any college in the Cnim. The ap- -- I: j ; **, By an order made his Honor
Pearson Ntwmn-.nllo E. bv
\) : r., i ii low RIGHT(; X SAWYER instance exceed those heretofore charged or allowed
Drugs ProJrit'tors.
.:. olicant can fntni.h teftttionials of alulitv and eha.dlr 11dicne ready: to accointnorfate' Boarders and Tfil\'cllfJI diid : fly JOHN M YARN ; Don.LAS, Judge, on the 1't December for like services, but a material reduction of such
: and 1 will b. mti1: .xl with a moderate salarv I : Ins exertions to make his ,I Agent l>n.in (the above entitled cause,the under.
hopes hy rates is contemplated at
as M m- an early period, as
: ) guests !%}' OiFire at the Phnltr'it Hotel Tallaha CF soon as
B.\R\RD. JR. ee- I
W. f Saiannah Ga
\dJrs II lie hal si nc'l was appointed, other to take
Tillable M possible good stabling t nd" B! \I LEY. A eitdtMa; |. N.\TIJ \\S ( among things, the increase of business shall warrant such redaction.
July 1. 19ti. _____ : received by the late ariital,. a first rate ostler always iii attendance t July 17 ISI7 M in Quincj I an account of what i.s due to Complainants for (their The facilities offered to parties of pleasure and others
In Wakulla Circuit Court. tr.h addition to his ,tok of GT\- FORGE M G.\LPhNcwnansville. ". I claims, and to nil other creditors of said A. M Gat- to visit the Keys, at all seasons of the year, one ei
um.GS AND MhDIClNrS: : of DR. J. REESE'S tin, with interest thereon and it was ordered further :
I May 13. ISIS -II ; the most healthy and desirable retreats for invalid
SPRING TLUM. HJ-j C are of, good quhity lUll fur Cu\h. ._ __ LIVER & That the sail, Master do cau!e an ad\'ertiie-I and others in the State,and the beautiful and roman
Thor-*tin Lumpkm, Agent 'for ) Groceries &c. MEDICINE '
Atldlmtnt II a ;general assortment of tIle follow ment to be published in the Floridian, a newspaper tic scenery of the Suwannee will, it is supposed,offer

.1 Robert Lumpkin I- 'isi.( genuine, \iz : in nnfl Lns. BACON HAMS, SIDES, ali P ERSO\S of feeble constitutions and those of se- published weekly in Tallahassee, and in such I inducements to many to avail themselves of so plrat-

A s'cWnter j Dond *1tY). How a til's Improved Tonic Mi\ 1J'JJ'_, ShOULDERS dentary( hahiU, are often troubled with habitual other public new spapers as he shall think proper for ant an excursion.

: William t ( .: am (Ir Uild Cherry Jrandrtlh'l: lirf, Ibs best Leaf Lard, costivencss, which cHen exerts a very unfavorable the creditors of the said Alfred M Gatlin to come This Company, having as they believe, made alt!!

r"pIIEti JL Ie'. '!'aiit. and ot hers!inteiested "i take no.I : Celebrated Cathartic Camphor 5'W Ibs Carolina Rice, influence upon their general, health, which is particularly in before him and prove their debts, on cr before the iequi ite arrangements for the convenience and accommodation

lice of the institution <>f the '\it by at.achment. Uortn, Cough and Dinner Lozenges, Ilonplan'ds 21' bbls. St. LOUIS Hour manifested by irrciularifvif i if, not tl.tallol of I t first di v of May next ; and that such of the creditors of the public they solicit its patronage

C and appear and plead to the declaration Celebrate Fever andgue Remedy Luctnta Cordial 10 sacks Rio Coffee, appetite. In this condition of the system, this ar- w lioshal!not(come i n aDd provetht'irdE'btfby t the time .

filed it the case within the time prescribed by law L Water, McMunns Elixir of Opium :;'M) gallons choice Liquors and \Viiu, tide is confidently recommended with (the a.&urancethat I aforesaid shall be excluded the benefit of this decree For further particulars apply to Messrs. D. P.

-.. H N' GRAY, Sands.Sdrvaparilla, Turner's Fever and Ague Pills! V) bills! double rectilicd if the dvse is properly :adjusted sv as not to I ; and that such persons, not parties to the'bill, SMITH & Co, Columbus Messrs. SMITH &. HARRIS

.. Attorney for Plaintiff T ler'a ditto I Gordon's Oilhous and Anti.Db. slept irt 10 dozen best Port Wine, move the bowels too actin'h relief ina, be relied i- who shall come in before Ihe said Master to prove Madison, Messrs PUTNAM A. RICHARDS,

J-ilv 1.1910 ___.V r. 39L___________ I' Pis. IkckMilh'k Anl.Ispeptic Pill*, Ibicra' aid M I" Madeiraine, citron without any cr even the l ka f unpleasant consequences (their debts, do. before they are admitted directors, Cedar Keys, or to the underpinned.

-. Molasses Barrels. rii. and i! Agent fur S. P. 1oAnrntl's I.' Sherry resulting from the ue of common purga.live contribute to the complainants their proportion of JAMES TUCKER,

VERY CHOICE MOLASSES BARRFLS for celebrated apanlla, in quart b'JItI. at I per I. Claret medicine. u.iullv resorted to. the expenses of this suit, to be settled by the said And others Proprietors

... .. 20 tale at the Store of S. S. KNIGHT. bottle Ala, superior Lemon Syrup, rrepar from I Soap Candles! March( Cheese Pickles, Olives, Persons subject Iilious! CholiC; may rely on the I /Iater.nd it was aho rderedttat. an account Columbus. florida January 22,1949. 22 ly

June 17, IS&9. 48I'ROSIJCTtS I pure Citric or Lemon Acit. far r the Olive Oil, CatsupMiMard, Prppt-r.Ground Pepper, ,rcventive proj.titu'! of this medicine by using it on : be taken of all securities or collaterals held by the BULL &. PRATORIUS
'. kick or ordinary use tL n sold, I.ldoJ Oreen and Black 1iasic., i.c, at thc new' tie first t intiinatuiof an approaching attack. There creditors respectively, and a report Le made of the ,
Porter &.c., &c. u"uaUJ sUreol S. S. K IGlIT.grocery ire some constitutions liable: to regular attacks of I;- same, and 0'' the \alue of each" And it was also it the corner More under the Sentinel Office and

I. June 10, I Ibl a". 47 April 29, I I" IS U ftulioiH Fever almost every fall ; to such the use of ordered that all parties may be examined upon interrogatories opposite the Phoenix Buildings

p The Soalhrrn literary Gazette, --------- Jus medicine is commended. beginning to use it and produce all books and papers in NOW OPENING a choice and well selected

-, .. A WEEKLY .OVRN AL. COMMENCED IN ATIIE>', G.v. Western Produce and Groceries. Pure Sulphate of Quinine. 3v. the uiu!.He of Mav or first of June. their custody rr power, relating th reto.upon oalh ARE of CLOTHS. CASSIMERS. VEST-

"' .. fcATl/HIMY.. THE I ITH OF MAY TUST received a large of PROVISIONS Those whose digestive organs are feeble often ex before the sauTMaster, as the said Master ball direct INGS and READY-MADE CLOTHING The great
supply HE subscribers have hand hundred "
COIFED BY WILLIAM C. ( il AND GROCERIES t the tore ur JL on two and 'penence a cnse ef fullnesseiJit and oppression care and taste bestowed in the selection of these goods
: u not, S>u'>i ol th > RCH.HD": single S. S. KMGHT fitly ounces of Sulphate of Quinine, which they '!about (ll.e slomatli( alter eatin?, will find this m'dirne j Now therefore all persons claiming to be creditors warrant them in saying to all who wish to purchase

r.. TiERE 1 whose ..\\s object n to develope and June 10, t'7| hive obtained diu-rt 'from the manufacturers( and dllord almost immediate relief. of said A. M Gatlin are hereby, in pursuance of gxxl bargains,you will do well to call and examine

.' fr-ter liferarv t*..te an 1 talent in the South; and this ------- --- thev will warrant it to t he a superior article' Ladies near (their confinement oftc stiffer (rom said order notified to produce their claims, and the our otock It would be a great tax on time and paticnce -
Tact is certainty. :suthcient reason for an tamest at. We have enlarged nm tock of Iruiis and Medicines liearthurn and costitencss' : to such this article is vouchers in support thereof, and all collaterals and to enumerate the different style aid patterns

tempt la e.tabli5h such a journal The failure tf ironths Notce.t I by remit armaN, and are prepared to execute highly recommended, as it ran I be used without the securities therefor, before me. at my office in Tallahassee composing this assortment : suffice it lo say that a

; .. .', previojs efforts cannot be regarded by the intelligent SIX of the <-sUtcef, Char les Btckstem. ld. Adminn orders for Articles in our line, at wholesale or retail least t danger, and with great btnclit I n sick or nervous '- within (the time limit J in aid order and portion ot these cloths and cas imersare of *Brit
late of on the rno-t .icctrnmodatiii:; (terms headache it invaluable otherwise comply with the isions of (the al u' Roasted '
mnd as an argument against Jch an attempt Those Leon Comtv will his is )I. same Lustre, and the clothing and
"' failures! may have been, and probably wlrp.the re-I I before* the lion, Jud present tf Probate accounts for.an said I vouchers \\ h ive dlso a few acc!-iiiit, jet due to UII for the This article \Iii t lx found to act a? a IIIe.sant cordial that they may te admitted |p..s' to the said suit. every article of their stock; is of a style and quality

S *'jit of circumsltn'vs no longer existing The nerd I and final e County), )ear I IbIT "Iluv aie srenr-rallv in small amounts, and tonic. r. storing the apptfile, and at (the. Dated this third day of L mber, A. D. 1SJ7 that will please the most fastidious.

r tf such aa organ in our midst, is S universally acknowledged said estate pray ro a settlement and discharge from but L if the whole could be paid"shortly, it would go name time ''nllillill\t ',' intention that the common SIMON TO\U, Special-Master They would mention that these CLOTHS are of

." .. that not to attempt to supply the deli..l niF.KE.SE BECKSTEIX hr Tar toward juidatingceitain iims which we owe p'rrgativcs arc intended; to t'ff..t. 11 i..purdy rep- December, 117. 20 tfW. the finest texture, the best English wool dye,French
(Bv --- '-- --
: oieD y, would indicate a disregard cf the signs of al.nt. LLWIS & AMES tlaltle, and vvhtn used according to the direction, wool dveblack.do CassimerLondon wool dye black,
,; '; the times scarcely more .surprising than inexcusable !I May' 20, I IMS I 44 61r -April- 20, 1'i1'1.II will be found an invaluable article,pecialh to t those 8. r)3.tltoriiey J 1. 17 rl if' ifil, do Cas,French and German black clot,,do.Cass ,
) --- -- at Law
The progress the age, and the rapid advance 1-- --- -- ------------- afflicted with Ivsf.-cIi.ia, Derangement of the Liver, French fancy Cassimers.VESTINGS .
the So'Hh in Cora mem. Manufacture- Ilt In Hamilton Circuit Court. Cigars Cigars or General -hilil}. Montircllo, Jflf..rson Connty, Florida, of fine black Satin, fine plaid Satin,

.'.' I Improvements, i itujieritntlv demand a
.. ; i-liaice r htrrature' 1o aid in this great MIDDLE CIRCUIT 0' ILOKID\. 1.I, and for sale bv Georgia, and for sale appointment at and ot the County of Columbia of the Cerro Gor lo and Cberubu, Monterey checked.

j-d. he has ethLi.hcl) a UVeklv Journal at the seal MAT I ERM, J-<. L. & II. (;.REFNBFRG & CO. I E. HAR.N'ARP.: Jrj, Ea>tern CircuitFlorida READY MADE CLOTHING -Superior Fine Hk.
John Wllialus. ) May20, I IM->. .11| M.>nticello, August n. 1tlfi. S French dress and frock
tf the [ \ (rpta aid rallied around it I Drug Store Tallahaste, coats, do. English wool dye
., .'. the best writs ra of 'he soith tt > Bill for Divoice I \NIFL! L\DD Nexvort.Monlicello. do. do, French Ca simer Sack Coats, Doe-akin do.,
PruiaVjlluKH Ins I\V.\ltn) :\. %VIT Notice
Wife. ,
.: l The Editor is a'.urc.i of tie supp<'rt hw Mernadj'itori J black and fancy cloth Sack, mixed doe-skin opera
4. .: in the Orion Maga/ine, and asu v of much IT aPI'Jril, to the aati,Urtioa of (lie Court that Notary Public, Q nncv. I SIX month after date, I hall present my final ac- coats, black beavercloth sack and overcoatsblack

thr assistanrr frrrn the most prominent writers of Prusia WIliam3. the Defendant in the above via T.1LL1II ss CK FLOllID.l mnn-,.' ,n\'AV.! I and vouchers to (the He n. Judge of Probate Cloaks Pantaloontotfine black CassimeFK>.drum

0 the South The G.IZETTE is made up ot f both ted in the State of Florida, and \l'flll., isie. :{tt i Agent n ;,nomas county,G orgia. in and for L-on County and apply for letters of do, a great variety cf fancy Cas.imer pants of the

I original and elcc'cd.l ; and comprises. tnale, Essays, that the said defendant resides in the State of Geor May 22. 1 tSP?. 4\ mission as administrator of tire estate of Joseph latest style. Vtttt of every description. Military

.' : Sketches of Travels, Poetry Critieiml, and( a General gia. that the ordinary process of law cannot bc Spring and Summer Goods.BEVI'ON __ Allen, deceased. Trimmings hosiery, Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, sell.

.. Miscellany of information in all departments of served upon| her : upon motion of M. ]H. L. Ileeth, '- New Goods--Spring Trade. COUNCIL B. ALLEN, adjusting Shocks, Suspenders, and almost everything
Solicitor for Complainant, u erdired by the Couit, '- -- -' Administrator with the will annexed connected
; Literature, frt and Science Particular attention is I & HKGS with a gentleman's outfit.
given lo Scientific and Practical Mechanics That service b(perfected upon said defe-tnlarit b, now receiving a large and general, assort- S. F. BURNCYT I-'cbcuary2ti.1S-lS. 32 6m B. it P are prepared (o execute all orders accord
publication, to law in that ARE
-S ." In Mechanical execution( it is surpassed by no con provided JJntl according tt case mae! ant ol of' M'RIVG AND SUMMER GOODS TOCLD return thanks to the public and country Doctor John P. Duval ing to the latest and most approved styles,
and the aid of the fine will be : i* hereby tdcrcd ly Court which, V" I N B. By the next arrivals
: temporary arts not to they invite theattculiort of the pwl.tlic. v planters generally, for Ihe pant t liberal we expect Lo receive
That the said patron
Defendant ;
5'. appear on or before the fir. his professional services to the citizens :
wanting to enhance its attractions Portraits of THE REMAINDER.
ISIS :3r he bas received from (them and OFFERS
of the aje; respectfully re- '
day next t term of said Court
Southern "riter. and pictures of Southern Life and to be held on continuance and surrounding country Office October 16.1847. 13
of the
a I have
-5 ,: will be presented. Wednesday after tho first Monday in October next, qiests same just te- in Wm. WiHcn's Building over Hayward's BookStore 1
Senry. and aniWtr (the complaint of the Complainant in his Just Received, cavedper Warcallar from New York,a CEN ERA L TallaiiaMieeebruarv Fine Perfumes,
: confidently appeals to the fiiends of A T I.EWISMES': Drug Store, a fre-h ASSORTMENT Ot GOODS, whi"h call and ,
LiteratureinheSouthand( he is happy to announce Bi ehagfor they will be taken as confessed, and XI. New and Valcalile .Medicincs-among supply int for yourselves exam 26, 1S48 32 From the Manufactory( of Lnbin, Paris.

.,.. that his enterprise is of no doultful issue, By private in that grant made such and decree I shall seem proper are the follow! : March -'">. l i-ts. TG John P. Duval HEDYOSMIA. Helitrope.( Jockey Club, Rose Ge-
case provided ,
effort a large and generous has been obtain- DR. SPENCERS VEGET I.E PILLS Patchooly, Mignionetle.
r e.1. and upward of One Tou.nd Svbtcitierliavcpledged A true copy from the "inute.of the Couit : AT1VE Birif:RS, AND RES- Martin, Smith & Thorn, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ambrosia, Seringa, Ber of Arabia.Bet.de la Reine.

..f. t .'.: their support to paper Until tins wan June IMS. JOHN 4 S.$ PURVIA.NCE( Im (Cluk. Designed for, and will cure. I Iypt-p.ia Liver Complaint Commission and! Forwarding lUrrchants! WILL practice in the Courts of Middle Florida, Eglantine, Vanilla Violets, Bergamotte, Vervain.
: Marrocain and
.t'. Icomjhlhe. the editor w'a* unwilling to publish Piles, Scrofula, J..undicefld all kindred No. IU. Poydras Street, Court of Appeals, and the United States ess. Bouqnet.

S ..: ( it is now given to the public with Hamilton Tax Sale. iWas resulting f.om a disordered or impure NEW-ORLEANS LA District Court at Tallahassee. Also Glenn' Ashland Perfume, and Preston &.
-. the up'1ivOll..suUlle that it sltal! be ptrmaTflt. glaleof blood Ollice in Wm. Wilson's l\ildingfonr Hayward'sBook Merrill's Extract of Fragrant Flower.
r' ; TERM'S-I.I I The Southern virtue of the N. M. MARTIN-fi. W. It\UTII-TtlOIi. L. THORN The true Farina Colognet-also the French and
Littrary Gazette i. BY power vested in roe by law, I DR HLLL'S! WORM LOZENGES Store Tallahassee.
p'Jbl.hf weeklr, 0:a handsome imperial quarto of shall expose for sale. before the Court House :H safest, tnosl efltKtual, and pleasant Jtlfl to February 26. HW 32 American Lavender and Florida Waters Bav Runt

... pa es printed from new type, em fine while paper door.- in the town of Jasper, Hamilton Countv.l FIoI I before' the rut>lic. for (the eradication of preparation%UOSM in J. W ..rgjIe.A. RfMUvuk.S. S SihllY. T..lIahuft'e. and Agna de la Reine,fine Coscne ics, rich Pcmadrs,
1 _. .aids, on the first Monday n ro\ember. ISll$ the Children or Adults J. I.. Smallwnod R. I.. Etlmond, Quincy G. W. HUTCHINS, Hiir-oiUand Hair-dye, Sharing and Toilet Soap

,T : 2 It M furnished l to sing1' subscribers at TiroDollars following described properly, ( 1< thereof' as HULL'S COUGH LOZEVGES I ebiuiry U I'sJ,._ 30UK. fine and coarse Combs, Brushes for the HeadTeelH
in and club will the State and AUCTIONEER Nails and lesh. A article of Cold
: per annum to of six pay Cou ily Taxes due thereon for Will superior Creair
PREVENT Consumption ant 1
for Ten Dellnrs. \ the ve.r 1S-I7, to wit : emu all cases of ('. II. HUNTING T.1LL.1H.1SSEE. in pots For sale by LEWIS &. AMES
Colds ,
t a (fJ-AH communications not containing(: remitS The South. Wet quarter( Section Township Shortness of Breath Spitting, and ol all Blood other Pains Pulmonary in the Complaints Side SURGEON DENTIST, SALES in any part! of (tbe county attended to, and December, 1547. 20

: ;. tant..or 1"licit4 ailick's, must be post'j<*id to ensure I. Ringe 13Smith and natpuri>ortin;, to belong to TTAVING solicited. Spices Pickles &effDERWO0D's .
permanently located ,
William J. Mill. in Quinrj,Fi v"la, REFENENCE :
S.' :';j. atention. \VM C. UICIIARDSr JOSIAh T. \ISDEN.. -AU.O- 1JL icpeclfully tenders his services to (tl.e public H.! BOND EMI]., j LLOYD & FLA GO, pickled Gerkina, Mangoes. On.
Sherif.lut DR. IIUI.L'S FEV ER AND AGUE PILLS in the various branches of his profession } rota his J. V. ARGYLE 1| D. C. WI Pickles, pickled Lobster, Walnut .
Tax Col. ,
May H. 1"I5 ex officio Hamilton ( 17. Esq, !ON, Esq
". .;;1; I. __ Aprils, ISIS 38 (ts Well known as a Safe Ctrtan, and Effectual Cure I experience"e and eutcefs in practice, lie feels assured January 22. 1S43. 27 and Tomato Ketchups, Capers Oiive Oil,Mwlard. -
: ;. :; Notice. for Fever and Ague, Chills and! f'cverlntermittt'nt of being able to please (those \homa1 patronisehim. : ( Pepper and Pepper SauceCider Vinegar, fresh

-a: :.' rpu u 1Iedlcal this day formed a co-parf- Leather Top for Sale. and all other Fevers Price reduced to Stftn/y-Jir Dr. Ii. refers the public to M. D. PAP'! Gooseberries and Currants ID bottles, fresh Salmon
-'r': 1 ner"ipunderthename and style of TAYLOR Bugg Cents per HOT: Col. W. T. STOCKTON, Dr. 1. M. W. DAVIDSON, Shad and Halibut in canisters. Curry Powder and

-7' .. : PALMER, for the practice of Medicine, and offer ALSO cue second \ Horse Barouch. The above Medicines, fiesth and gtnutne.are for Gen C. II Vvro\T Dr. R. E. LITTLF wQm r & .J19 Gajenre, Brandy Cherries. Preserved Ginger. Cur

'1' '. : & pror' "ices to the public They hope, Aepirt.I J. R. FORTUNE, "Ic by LEWIS &. AMES, Office opposite (the M E. Church. Ladle wailed( WILL Practice in allthe Courts in the Middle rant Jelly, Macarroni,Vermicilli,Russia and Amer

; .. .-t'. \ by attention.innatt'huin."I, to merit a continuance ol' June 3,1SJ40 At the Tin ManufactoryDR. Tallihu iee. Fa on at their residence aa usualSeplembei Oflice on the first door of the Cap lean Isinglass, Irish Moss, dried Currants, Prune

\ :. farmer ltatrooP.a For certificates of recommendation, and other information 11. !1H7. 9Notice lId, South wing! room formerly occupied by the and Citron

lr B. WALLFR TAYLOR, M. D. J. S. BOND concerning t the above Medicine.ure fufnn.advertisements .. --- Secretary of the lerntorv- Nutmeg, Mace, Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamcn

..: THOMAS. PALMER M. D. OFFERS his professional services to the citizens and pamphlet which may be ob. November 15, 1845. 17 Cloven, Vamilla Beans, Sage, Summer Savory and
and the tained of the Agents months after date the underpinned will sweet Marjoram Orange Howrr, Rose & Peach wafers
:;! Monticello. F. August I I. \\I\ 1 1S48 3 3m surrounding country SIX pre JOHN JCRSUINC
.c.. ... Office at C<.1. Kiihcr' Hotel March 18, IS It"". 35 hu accounts and vouchers the Honorable extract of Rose.Lemon, Peach and Vanilla.

_'. % ._' Thom Heir, May2J 1S47 : if Judge of Probate of Lon County, and apply for let- ATTORNEY A'r LAW For sale by LEWIS A. AWES.

:; s4t.i.: Je. AT LAW ---- Cabinet Making, &c., ters or dumiion as administrator of the estate of Quluey 10114' _.. December 4.1S47. 20 .

i .: .. ?.L. ATOR rladrt: in the Circuit Court in CIC IiIt.t.i Notice. C O-PARTNERSIIII'-The uodcrsmned, have associated II Henry. Gavking late of said County deceased WIll. attend the Jt ticcs Courts of Gadsden
WILL the Circuit Court of Middle Florida Furniture &c. for Sale.
WESLEY Carpets
themselvestogetherand from MANNING. Adm'rByS. ,
: of the Midd.e Circuit, and in the bupreire OfX month slur' dale, the this date
he S. and (the Courts in the adjacent Counties of G araa. 1 PAIR of handsome Mahogany Parlor Couches
two will be united and the SI BLEY
Ist.t..!' Court aid United States Court O Iratnx of theestateof B F shops business con Agent.
!'ltI: TallahasP.< 9l. Di.tric a will her and Lipteomb,deceased ducted by 14 LYNCH! VINGKRHOETS They are- February 19, IS4. SI Cm November22,18-15. 18 4fXJ .1 1 handsome Mahogany Book Case, with draweu

)3! ( Mqnfv-elt.s. January 29 IM.t. (. Jude present of Probate account of Wakulla "ouclfr} to the ask lion be prepared| to do all descriptions of work in I heir line, I ( : Sentinel copy. and desk, 3 handsome Carpets, I Doable Wheel Patent
with fidelity and desratch'andon an reasonable Newport Mineral Spri g-- Corn-Siseiler, (the moat approved article in tse.
terms LEWIS &
discharged as i 5ruiiutratriz of said estate. AMES .
NotceI for DWELLING LOTS Apply lo J, R. FORTUNE,
cash FOR
E. LIPSCOMB or approved acceptances aa any workmen in '
? .
Adm'x.F.ra1 -
; HEREBY GIVEN the next session of !6 1649. E ,6m tlte country The continued patronage uf the pubic rpHE undersigned, being firtly empowered DEALKR3IN Feb. 5, 1813. $9 AHha_ Tie Manufactory.
the Geneisl Assembly of the State of Florida 3 is most respectfuMv solicited II JL to make warrantee titles, has bad (Ihe DRUGS, MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS,

's. ..:*.4'.'. will be.made to that honorable body for FJ. LYNCH, nil trael immediatEly around the above Springs Toilet Articles Perfaatr/( ., Widow Glati Dr. C. C. Van Wyck,

applt.to r charter of incorporation for a 'Rai Patent Shower Baths.A GERARD VINGEnHOETS. laid off in good size dwelling Jots of upwards of( an pA.Uf'nal': BKClHia AND COLPKI, T ATE "Pwrfeasor Sueryitsthe "Frmklia

- ., -2r Ibid I' eiteod from tbe town of St. T the Tin Mtniifactorv may be had a neat and Tauanansee N ivember 6, 1517. 16 acre each which he now offers for sale low. Plansof Apothecaries' dines Wnre &c. JLJ Medical Coliegt" Philadelphia,has lalen up

: '. West Florida, to a upon the Chatlahobchie ri. convenient SHOWER BATH, intended for a the same, with terms, &c., can be seen at Dr. E. HE above constantly on hand and for sale( the his residence in Tallahassee, and is prepared to engage

.; .&r. at or wear pint of bund, line be-i l.tmber II occupies but little room, and u enclod SULKY FOR S-LE. Apply to Bariard'iTallahassee First come has first choice; T lowest market prices. in all the duties of hi* profession Office,Sovtf

.. ,." 1.Wi \reen Ri"r.FlrrHa and Alabama with .id rinI. ] ,. so .not to drip water on the floor J. R. FORTUNE, DANIEL {. DD. LEWIS & AMES. of Bartletff Building."

ii.t4 July *' JH 2 3 I June 3. ISJS 4l June I", t biS.17 At Ihe Tin Manufactory ?fjewporf February IPIS'8 31 Tallahassee, November 20, IS17. 18 Jnnc 10>JB48. 47



I- -
------ -

,. ... .' ... .... .. .
-- ,' '-. ; :: .l,. ;. ..r! : .. : .

The Floridian
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Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: September 2, 1848
Publication Date: -1848
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
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: '
,' C' .


---,,,-_.... -- _&_---.--- .

( frOm the President, -- horn Totdto lay the Com pr ml** bill I iheible. I
tTVZNIN9 THV OKKOOX' BILL WITH HIS r This makes nine Southern Taylor
aIG1UTt"JIE. Whigs, who, for miserable party capital, play

yjU sitar*/Rtprcttntativei efthe u S. : THE FLORIDIAN. ed into the hands of the Barnburners and Ab

When the President hu given his official olitionit.-Ridm Enquirer.

action to a bill which has pawed Congress,
7 requires that he shall ootiljr the House : A Gold O-ie.-During a recent de'atf' in

uSkhit orig sated of thW (fact. Tbfc mode Alexandria, Va., between Mr. Green,of Mr.,

.-- __ __ _______ (dem.) and Mr. P Va.
J.jtial iM notification has been ai\praljLJjtJW ------- h q olelon (whig,) the t t

delivered by his private secret* ,. BY SIBLEY & DYKE following incident ocurrt'd : 'I
t"U:ingthis day approved!aDd signed an act TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1848. VOL. XI--NO. 7. Mr.Green, of Missouri, replied : and, with ;

idee! **An act to establish the territorial -__ __ ____ ___ __ u n __ __ --- .' ,. --- -- ---- 'his humor, .arcam home tbru ts.at coon. +
--- -- ------ - -----
- -- '
t foment Oregon," I deem it proper un. long established and acquiesced i i in, to excite : SPIRIT or me PENNSYLVANIA DF.OCRACY. /Vent tit JV. O.'C.u S. 3 by churninc the butter to them with them cry, kept Ile crowd in a roar of laughter .:
ea t He
tirougho k
communicate sectional divisions and ofcooa-iU .inj
to jealousies alienatethe didhia.o ,
circumstances ; to FILLMOREISM.The F.
existing Democratic hosts of the Old: -: I with the skill e
solemn form. people of different portions of the Union Te Kpy Xirrir.OREGON. I a veteran hunter
!CM in a more are opening Ibo campaign in whig journals are laboring .trenaoush.bu I of the animal. I '
The deeply interesting and protracted dis. from each other, and to endanger the existenceof style. Disunion and find no vainly to persuade the people of the South, can give you Ilu little of a i
taken in both houses the Union itself? disorganization speech| which was so good that 1 laid aside mr
i fusion*which have place resting place in the democratic ranks of Pennsylvania that the whig candiate for the Vice Presidency WASHIXGTOX, July 29, 18J r and
torrrongresa and the absorbing interest which From the adoption of the Federal constitu-. is not an abolitionist. Fillmore pencil, thought only of enjoying it. T .:
( the efforts of emissaries from .this They say To the Senate and House I must, however, how ';
subject has excited throughout the country, lion, during a period of sixty years, our pro. State to the contrary notwithstanding. The voted for the first of the Alherton resolutions.This of Representatives of the I; S. : cornered the whigs give you the a stand sample and be 3I .
j job judgment t this departure from the grew as a nation has been without examplein is true and did upon esper- 1
in my of ; Giddings vote for it. GENTLEMEN Over has
wstifrt' other the annals of Pennsylvanian gives a report a great meet. 1 : a )ear passed since I lately John S. Pendleton, of S a., who sat br '* this
{f j of notice observed in cases. history. Under the protec. ing of the democracy of Ducks county, held The yeas were 194-nays 6. The latter the settlement of the Oregon question with side. 1 give his and their language "f r

)I this communication with a coordinate tion of a bountiful Providence, we have advanced at Doylestown on the 5th instant, at which were Adams Evans, Everett, Potts, Russell Great Britain, and the proposed admission of Mr. Green .you The : Jl

branch of the government, made proper by with giant strides in the career of over 5000 persons were present. Says that and Slade. It was a huge merit in Fillmoreto that country as one of the Territories of th. Mexican : whip party opposed the i.t .
referred to, I shall frankly, wealth aud prosperity. We have the in war ; they opposed the ''l of 181'. rNo
the considerations enjoyed paper, "The people-the hard-fisted yeoman join Giddings voting that this govern. United States. We have waited very_ patiently I am mistaken
and without reserve, express the reasons which blessings of freedom to a greater extent than ry of the land, poured out by thousands, and ment of limited powers, and by the constitu. for the consummation of this dl'sirl. were not in existence-they didu'; for the whig *t\,;
constrained me not to withhold sig. any other people, ancient or modern, under tion has party tiI932"-luw.( j Je{
tire my a Ihe enthusiasm was greater than had ever Congress no jurisdiction over the institution and month after month have flattered ourselvesthat ing lo Mr.I Pendleton! for his S
jttare from the bill to establish a government government which has preserved> order, and before been witness in old Bucks. The old of slavery in the States,' &c. This we are still remembered by the people j f Pendlelon a!$cnt.Mr. l'

ever Oregon, even though the two territories secured to even citizen life, liberty and prop. and the young shoulder to shoulder, and proposition is so plain, almost self-etident, we of the Union, among whom it in our boast to i they could (interrpinJ.) I And :

ofjCfW! Mexico and California are to be left, erty. We have now become an example for hundreds of stoo graced the celebration by are surprised that even the old favorite of class those dearest to us by every bond of consanguinity ,j Ilerf'llre.. "Hear that it. :J
ftr'tbe without None imitation to the whole world. The friends of' the J. 1 j r'.n ; gentlemen, Mr. 's
present, governments. their presence. whig party, Q. Adams, could vote against and friendship. But,gentlemen, !, Pendlelon of
doubt that it is proper to establish a govern. freedom in every clime point with admirationto Among the speakers who addressed the assemblage it.The it must finally appear to us that we are forgot-1 jJohnS.I Virginia, admits the '41
Indeed, it has been too long our institutions.: Shall we, then, at the trutl. the |r whig party was not in existence till 1632.- ,...
pent in Oregon. moment I were the gallant Gen. Patterson, is as soon as first resolutionwas ten-that we have forfeited (God knows how) : Loud while
[ Mr. P. -
delayed. 1 have made repeated recommendations when the people of Europe are devotingall i Col. Wynkoop, Lieut. Col. Black and Capt. adopted, (Fillmore and Giddings voii in2 all considerations of protection-and that we :,": mad euotI ex fdently getting '

to Congress to-this effect. The peti. their energies in the attempt to assimilate ; Davis, late of the Massachusetts ,'o1unte-er.- yea,) the louse adjourned. The next daj-, are no longer to look for succor to this gov. (!j, yetthe. fairly caught from, said nothing.] And +i ,

tions of the people of that distant region have their institutions to our own, peril all our blessing Col. WynLoop, a the daring leader of the the oppositon to the rest of the resolutionswas crnment, which, of all others because j the whigs gentleman the Pennsylvania sid that

been presented to the government, and ought ; by despising the lessons of experience and brave Pennsylvania regiment won unfading much sponger.: Fillmore, Giddings. Adams social and political tics which connect ofhosf Ui I,. true democratic were party I Jefferson will and the '. ;

lot to be disregarded. To give them a reg. refusing to tread in the footsteps which our laurels, and it wi remeOheret althoughhe Slade, and twenty others, voted againsthis respective of all others, should b the fli.i iu :(..I tnenoR, a story P3ItV.the gentleman tell wn.put -me'; 'h"I

nlarly organized government and the protection fathers have trodden ? And for what cause left his a whig, yet openly and indignantly plain andsimple proposition of the fourth extend to us that helping Kmnd which we have in mind of. A skunk once got into a coon's v

of our laws, which as citizens of the United would we endanger our glorious Union ? The renounced his allegiance to that resolution-*That Congress, in the exercise sought and prayed for in vain. We are xvith- j j I hole while the coon was out. The coon returned I

States they claim, is a high duty on our Missouri compromise contains a prohibition of party when he found them giving aid and of its acknowledged powers, hal no right to out laws-without any municipal regulations '. and found his hole occupied. San 11

part, and one which we are bound to perform, slavery throughout all that vast region extend comfort to the Mexican foe. Col. Wynkoop's discriminate>etween the institution of one for the weal of society-without arms for our j 1 I he' Who are you 1'01 I am a, brother ;.* 'j
there be controlling to ing twelve and a half degrees along the Pa. portion of th unless reasons prevent speech on this occasion is an eloquent and a organization as a pre. j says the skunk. Well, says the coon, you ihave
it. chic, from the parallel of thirty-six degrees withering expose of the influence exerted by of abolUhinglhe one and promoting the oth ventive against anarchy-and entirely abandoned I I I got a tail like a coon,jou talk like a coon. .

la the progress of all governments, questions thirty minutes to that off)rty.rinedegrees, and the Mexican sympathisers in this country in er.' The trch here affirmed, one would sup. to the mercy of savages. Yet, Gentle. I' but you dun'lsmeI like a coon.' Now I say. .

of such transcendent importance occasionally east from that ocean to and beyond the summitof protracting the war, and fully justifies and pose, is as pliin as day. It is as p ain' at all men, you gravely consider-while these ml. to the ;:entrman! (turnip to Mr. Pendleton,) .eta

arise, as to cast in the shade all those the Rocky mountains. Why, then, shouldour confirms all thaUhe, democracy hate ever events, as th dcmorat you
of a mere party character. But one such institutions be endangered because it is charged upon them in this particular. We and in fact il a corollary from it. To deny expediency delaying the question of succor democrat, but like a demo a

oration can now be agitated in this country; proposed to submit to the people of the re. copy it from the Pe.nnlvanian : i', is the equitalent to declaration that one portion and protection unti the next session of Congress [ crat.' Ious YeJ laughter,smel Mr.JPendleton: ::1

tad this may endanger our glorious Unior, mainder of our newly acquired territory lying "Col. F. M. Wynkoop then appeared before of the Sites endowed by the/cunstitution: We not been importunate in '! getting,. more red in the face, and looking 'i"

the source of our greatness, and all our polite south thirty-six degrees thirty minutes, em. the audience, and was greeted with the with rights mid privileges not possessed bj our demands. We have exercised patience, very much like the detected skunk i in the old
teat blessings. This question is slavery. bracing less than four degrees of latitude, the most enthusiastic applause. He proceededto other Stats doctrine at war with thejwhole and thrown ourselves with confidence upon I coon hole. .

With the slaveholding States this does not em. question whether, in the language of the Texas address them as follows : I spirit of the onstitution-a! doctrine advoca. your altimito generosity. We have, whileour I --_ v

brace merely the rights of property, however compromise, they shall be admitted (as a Old friends and playmates of Bucks !- ted for the tie purpose of cloaking the designs : homes around us have been rendered desolate ( The Disaster at Albany.-The fire, which i\ ./J ;::

nluable ; but it ascends for higher, and involves State) into the Union with or without slavery for I was born I have wandered I of tbe'abolitionitts upon the Southern by the axe and torch of the savage,blessed has prostrated a large portion of the city of AI. l\ ,;J '

the domestic peace and security of every Is this a question to be pushed to such extremities long from among but never you-have forgotten I States-it, ists much as to !sayCongress may Heaven that a day would come when the I j, bang, is a sad calamity to its inhabitants.1'be .- *, J:] '

family. by excited partisans on the one side or and heart you has earned towards as you I disc iininatttn legislation against the South.. arm of a superior would be interposed to at- number of houses destroyed is nearlyJSOO. > :

The fathers of the Constitution-the wise the other, in regard to our newly acquired dis. : have my sojourned in )distant lands. The you same in favor of tie) North. It is an act of insanity rest this unnatural carnage and restore us to The fire commenced about 1 o'clock in ths" J

and patriotic men who laid the foundation of tant possessions on the Pacific, as to endanger 1 1t which influenced to to advocateeuch doctrine-it would be an act comparative security ; and this, gentlemen, day, and continued until 4 o'clock, when the 1 '

oar institutions-foreseeing the danger from t the union of thirty glorious States which con. I impulses to fight battles you for tend country's jour of treason I carry it into practical efP-ct ; jet I we have done without repining, or brooding f wind turned completely! its eo ire from south t **

this quarter, acted in a spirit of compromise I Mitute our confederacy ? I have an abiding i honor soldier and your, influenced your Cheers.) this doctrine which Fillmore the abolitionist over the agonies already caused us. But : north, a heavy shower followed and cherk. f.f"to
me. (
sod mutual) concession on this dangerous and confidence that the sober reflections and sound and whig candidate for the Vice Presidency, now we begin lo murmur. We see, in the II i ed the progress of the flames, wbicb could not ,
I went out from and I I
a whig can
delicate subject : and their wisdom ought to Ixs I I patriotism of the people of all the States will count hundreds of among you kindred I'| sustained by his vote, alonjr with Adams, hikeringl which attend the measure now be- ;, be stayed before by all the exertions of the : .p

the guide of their successors. Whilst they i bring them to the conclusion that the dictate ou-but I come back my whig to a full-blooded among I'' Giddings E'erct Grennell, Saltonstall, you, a desire to exclude us altogether, or '! citizen and the blowing up ofuiding.f The lo:

)left to the States exclusively the question of, of wisdom is to follow the example of those democrat-as} the you, red-mouthed. Slade anda 1na few others. condemn us again to live over scenes and en. fire originated a verj- .-- ',i

domestic slavery within their respective limits, I who have gone before us.! and settle this dangerous venomous democrat whig! And say I n thank the Mexican I filly to }boast that Fillmore voted for dure privations to wbiche hate already I appears that while a woman was washing r" :

they provided that slaves who might; escape question on the :Missouri compromise, for conversion. Loud and the first it the serious of tie AlLe,ton resolutions been l wedded too long. What to us are your I spars: set fire to her sun 'bonnet. Without 'i

into other States not recognizing the or some other equitable compromise, which war my ( pro whin the Fillraoreites know that he vo lines of 30 30' your ordiances of 1787 ? a moment's thought she jerked it from her : '
cheers. From the moment of Ii
ties of slavery shall "be delivered. up instilu.1 would respect the rights of all, and prove sat. : longed into Mexico) until this time, the convictionhas my en. ted against all the others-even against what your imaginary boundaries for the prohibition \ head and threw it she knew not where unfortunately -v* f

claim of the party to u horn such service or isfactory to the different portions the Union. try been of the falsity the one woul think the indisputable and almost or inhibition slavery ? while a country i5' i alighted in the stable of William Tf

labor may be due." I Holding as a sacred trust the Executive au. I rottenness pressing, of that upon me I to that, self-evident proposition that all States groaning under the ban of blood, ani her cit. j Johnson, which in a moment almost, was en. -I ;!

Upon this foundation the matter rested until thority for the whole Union, and bound lo party. clung party are equalin the eye of the constitution izens let loose, like wild beasts, to herd together veloped in flames. Several distressing casu. *s 'J
with all the ardor of educated whig.
the Missouri question arose. guard the rights: of all, should be constrained, I an Fillmao went still farther than this-he without laws to regulate, and without i alties occurred during the fire. The family 1 '?
But I when there i
saw, a opposing
In December, 1319, application was madeto by a sense ofduty, '.0 withhold my official sanction and because party sustained' a< well a be could the resolution Jaws to control them 1 I of Mr. Johnston were burned severely him *f

Congress by the people of the Missouri from any measure which would conflict I jut red, American necessary blood! war-,had blCo-oo offered J' Giddings that the negroes \ho committed We have something else with which to en.i I "eJ and child hate died ; big wife and dau* h. 1

Territory for admission into the Union as a with these important objects.I American soil. When I saw lKen their disgraceful upon. f most atrocious murder on board the gage our attention, than the question of seni. ter, also badly burned, are not expected to ,
&&Ie. The discussion upon the subject in cannot more appropriately close this message -! brig Ctole on her voyage from Richmond toNctv tude, voluntary or involuntary. Give ns a i! recover. A man named Daniel Harlikly + :
I became disgusted and I now '
Congress involved the question of slavery, and than by quoting frbm the Farewell Ad. trace opposition back to them the burden; of the Irleans, deserved no punishment and regiment of troops, money to support thorn, died from over exertion ; Mr. Fisher was

vu prosecuted with such violence as to produce dress of the Father of his country. His warn. I war. They caused its great prolongation, and I were rt t amenable to the laws of the United and, if needs be, then combat your political j badly hurt ; a Stern was taken up, after foJnl l' J

excitements alarming: to every patriot in ing voice can never be hean in vain by the them the of the whole States! wars. But until then, I implore you, in the i from a roof and it is supposed be I. j

the Union. But the good genius of concilia. American people. If spirit of prophecy guerilla charge upon that authorship vile system which has Butthe Bulletin and other whig newspapers name of that people whose humble oracle I am, I{ recover ; Mrs. Moore, in Lydius streetdread.CuMy ,

tkm which presided at the birth of our institu. had distinctly presented to his view, more thana system- favely assure us Fillmore is no aboli. to refrain from driving us to an unhappy al.! ; hurt : a man Ira H.J ..... ..N MI- '
that finally/ prevailed, and the Missouri Com. half century ago, the present distracted con. laid 8 many of my brave men in foreign tionis'and is perfectly sound in his opinionson ternative, the nature and extent of which must t i led from falling bricks ; in Church .tree a :

promise was adopted. The eighth section of dition of his country, the language which he graves. Salas pointed to the great Mexican : I tb subject of Southern institutions! only be known by comparison with the inex. ''I woman was so shockingly hurt that is supposed !
in the United States led Mr.
t by Clay,
die act of Congress of the Cth of Marcb, 1320! then employed could not have been more appropriate party Wha! a man who sustained his brother. ab. arable spirits to whom we vainly address our the will not recover ; sit other deaths t*:7:#,
and his fellew the
-to authorize the people of the Missouri Ter. than i is to the present occasion.He : .- urged -citizens to adopt gu. olitialst Giddings in his most damnable de. rayers. Surrounded as you are by al the are reported, but the names not given. Immediate i 'd ,
erilla system and to hold out against the United of civilization, from i iredations have been taken for the
ritory to form a constitution and State govern. declared : clarion that murder committed by Blessings secure dep. measures je- 1 .
States forces until this Mexican obtained .
neat," &c. provides; "That in all that territory "The unity of government, which constitutes the n and then they party should is nothing more than a ngoesuponwbles jUllifa. of an unnatural foe glorying in all II lief of the sufferers.,___ H

ceded by France to the United States, you one people, is also now dear to you. have an cendencJ without loss of te r. ble tssertion of their national rights the desires of the heart,you cannot appreciateour h I

under the name of Louisiana, which lies north It is justly so ; for it is a main pillar in the edifice Let the bodies peace of the brave officers say tat such a man is sound in his opinionsre"ptin condition, nor know the catalogue of ourofferings. Terrible SframO Calamity--Collapiingof -1

of ta'uty-six degrees and thirty minutes north of your real independence, the support of and ritory.men who fell along the National Road Southern institutions, is an outrage But, sirs, whether you will admit Flues..- fnt steamer Edward Bates I'.,

Ittitade, not included within the limits of the your tranquility at home, jour peace abroad, sustain in what I of the terrible de. and common sense, and an insult it to yourselves or otherwise, every drop of I was towed into Louis, on the 14 h inst., f :1

State contemplated by this act, slavery and of your safety, of Jour prosperity, of that very I struclion me which this horrible say system caused. I to thee upon whom the assertion is attempted blood which cries from the ground foe revenge by the Lucy Bertram, having collapsed two ",
involuntary servitude otherwise than in 'be But every sacrifice which goes to swell flues of her larboard boiler, one mile below
so highly prize. 10 belmposed. I
you brave looked their friends home
lbert.which a i men to at i fo
Or the of the Indians inhu.
punishment of crimes, whereof the parties easy to that 'from different causes, I and for the sac.i I horrid trophies every Hamburg, III., at 4 o'clock in the morning of

shall have been duly convicted, shall be, and and from different quarters, much pains will approval they made.encouragement What did they find ? Inj j Frt4 the Bvl Com. .Me., Saturday evening, man wrong we auf r, and every' hour of an. the 12th. She was on her way t Keokuck. : :.

b hereby, forever prohibited : Provided, aleI be taken, many artifices employed,to weakenin rifcr of bitter and fierce Fr lit and Ei'.ravrdinaryDiiplty'of archy which you wilk at, is jours to answer Capt. Johnson bad not long retired before the tf!

I I soaps,That any person escaping into the same, your minds the conviction of this truth-as denunciations approval-almost!, hostility the I Courage by a Lilllc Girl.-As I, for, yours the responsibility. Were therean I accident ocurred. She had been running un. .p'

from whom labor or service is lawfully claim. this is the point in your political forlrf's against der which was to destroy preparing us. But the gunpow.crowning I two gjntlerr.en were crossing the suspension I I'' excuse for further delay, we would cheer.. der a pretty goo press of steam, but a she 1 J 1

i td in any State or Territory of the United which the batteries of internal and external act of all which drove the last drop ofwhig I| bridge below the Falls, from the American fully again Lcki on our armor of resignation was at the shoal water, the engineer

', Slates, such 'fugitive may be lawfully reclaim. enemies will be most constantly and actively blood from me was Clay's Lexingion side, jn Friday evening, when about VIOOIjardsfrorn I I ; but none. In vain may you was letting off sear and the boat was going j* i

ed, and conveyed to the person claiming his (though often covertly and insidiously) direct Loud Henry the Canada side, they heard a :! attempt to gild your neg'if. nee with tain reai i at a slackened rate. .
And where
speech. ( ) I
or her labor or service' aforesaid." ed, it is of infinite moment that .,'ou cu"r. I| iioiselike the falling of a heavy body over I &Diu did I read it 1 In
Tbu compromise had the effect of calininp properly estimate the immense value shou1 your at Puebla. And from a good that Spanish moment newspaper I read, i!j the f jrecipiae a few rod above the Lrdgel I) lion knows no such terms. Despair never j were collapsed, carrying everything fine and I J j
tie troubled and I observed little acquired lessons from the of expediency, aft, dealing death to one within the ?\
waves, restoring peace aud national union loyour collective and individual in the dust, :| and immediately a girl running i i il boo every }
goodwill throughout the States of the Union. happiness ; that you should cherish a cordial, my whig principles God forever.were trampled Great t>l towarls: the bridge. She passed several men { nor does it care to ask succors it-the influence of the steam, and of the minsilea 4wh'ch t "1
so help me ( cheering.)
The Missouri question had excited intense habitual, and immovable attachment to it ; ac- A few days after, I saw in a Mexican | who yore standing in the vicinity, and hastened I slaveholders or the anti-slaveholders.! As for scattered onthe lower deck. The death t,'

agitation of the public mind, and threatened customing yourselves to think and to speak of I the of the ppper to the lower side of the bridge, where aws-we have none ; servitude-the idea is among the crew was appalling-numbering | \{

: to divide the country into geographical parties, it a a palladium of jour political safety and proceedings Philanthropic Society she descended a sort of ladder stairway made a mocker. But it is not this which actuatesit I over twenty persons, aud the wounding of a- j.**
of Mexico and
constituting Clay, Gidding,
the of attachment which for driven into a large pole is the tempest which heartless politicians bout others. \
: Alienating feelings prosperity ; watching its preservation with other members of that society by pins being or log thirty s
whigs, honorary -
I each portion of our Union should bear to eVet jealous anxiety ; discountenancing whatever for their exertions in behalf of Mexico and placed, in an upright position, and reaclingfrom would stir up, to carry out their base designs, Total killed 28--wounded 30. 1

| cry other. The compromise allayed the excitement may suggest e.el a suspicion that it can in remain fellow-citizens of that ,society (be lower side of the bridge some or without caring to relive their brethren, left Died since the boat got in port, Mrs. Susan .

J: tranquilized the popular mind, and any event b abandoned ; and indignantly may until they the end ,of time. (Loud and prolonged 90feetdown the precipice, to a sort of recess pioneers in a distant land, and abandoned to Bowen, and Isaac Dozier, jj
restored confidence and fraternal feeling. Its frowning upon the first dawning ot at. under the cliffs. every cruelty which the malignant savage can The wounded were at once placed in the -t
every I know both .
authors were hailed as public benefactors. tempt te alienate any portion of our country know cheering.) your candidates.I Wlen she arrived at the bottom of the lad. invent. But, gentlemen, we will not believe cabin of the boat ; and every attention paid I; :"f
j them both be soldiers and
I do not doubt that a similar adjustment of from the rest, or to enfeeble the ncrcd ties honest I know to gallant well and der, die climbed with increased speed alongthe that you are classed with this species of incen to them by the officers of the two boats.- "

the questions which now agitate the public which now link together the various parts. feel with men. all that Gtn.be Taylor entitled side of the hlJ, under the overhanging diaries. We will continue to invoke you un. Some of the dead were interred at lambug. t
is the
I mind would produce the tame happy results.If For this have inducement of of you the American for his rock, to the from above which she had till the end of the season ; then, if still our while the boat lay at that place. .:0 I
the you every gratitude people con and few she invocations are unheard, we must consider, after the boat landed at St. Louis.
legislatioi of Congress on the subject started, descending a steps was shortly I
sympathy and interest. Citizens by birth or duct as a soldier. The very men who, six
of the other Territories shall be observed trying to raise and some ob. and forever,that the link sympathy betweenus
not adopted carry
choice of that hasa months talked of i
a common country, country hands and hospitable
in which the who had watched is finally broken. r
t spirit of conciliation and compromise, it ject gentlemen
to The have thrown
right Mr.
is your afection. graves away Clay, with interest With I the highest considerations of respect, The following extraordinary account ap
impossible that the country can be satisfied, name of AMERICAN, which toyou in the representative of their feelings, for her movements increasing soon "
or that the most disastrous con.equenccslbaUfwto expe became satisfied was a child that had fallen over I am, very respectfully, in the New York Mirror, a paper de. F
your national capacity, must always exalt the diency, and have taken up Gen. Taylor, the MEEK par
the They hastened to the end of to Gen. Taylor : *
ensue. just pride of patriotism more than appellation head and front of this unrighteous war. Gen. precipice.
any and down who had Special ag'l.for the Territory of Oregon. The from tbs bet J
When Texas was admitted into the Union, derived from local discriminations.With .- Taylor has received his reward, and you mightas the bridge, sent some men undersigned ha.i }
the of the accident. The child lit. authority, from a gentleman closet I'
known a /
SUM of which not
spirit compromise guided shades of difference have the well
slight you expect a blacksmith to make a good The Plot call the earnest
our tie of 7 8 of was lashed to Tlden.-We connected with one of Gen. Tajlor's aides. f>
predecessors in the admission of Missouri girl years age
same religion, manners, habits, and political watch Gen. Taylor to make a good presi. atttention of to following short
a that the old General i ii \
of of the and decamp, constantly
Barter of the back one men, brought *
1 1 a century before, prevailed witha You have in common dent. I friends
princples. n cause give away lo my Gen. Pat. extract from the Washington Union. A whig
in the of 4suited
aaj serious ition. The "joint reso. who alive, although greatly injured, having one or engaged study political economy, I
oppas The and Col. Black
fought triumphed together. independence 'e-rson are able member of Congress from a slaveholding State
the of the United
ltd for both of its legs broken, and one considerably to peculiar position
annexing Texas to the United and the work of than I address eye would b
to lor
liberty you possess are am Jou.-Albany Argus. expressed the opinion that Gen. Taj
,, i-.uu,approved March the first, one tbous. joint councils and joint efforts, of common dan bruised, but it will probably recover. not veto the Wilmot proviso-and}he i is un. ,*
tad That the child was not instantly killed, is tru- We are curious to know what book son po
tight hundred and fort 1.ive that and Chriitianit.-Last I
provides gets, suit ringx, and success. Courtesy Sunday, condradicted by a singele southern friend of into the -;
*w, as it mint have fallen over 100 | litical economy have been put neo-
States as may be formed out of that a well dressed stranger, just arrived in the astonishing !
(; P" ocflr said territory lying south of tbirr!. With such powerful and obvious motivesto city, entered one of the churches, jtist service I,! feet perpendicularly, without anything to impede Taylor phjte'a bands-wheiher they be of the free. '

"*Mess thirty ID HI ut as north latitude, com union, affecting all parts of our country, was beginning, and walked up one a of its progress on the broken stones be. From a SoInn Mrrnler. trade or the restrictive sort. But i i not the
I while experience shall not have demonstratedits low. The defeat of the compromise bill in the remwkaMe specimen fif Lumbugge' iv
fly taova a* the Missouri\ compromise the aisles ; but not a pew door was opened 0 .ost
bsbsll Le admitted into the Union with or impracticability, there will always be rea. to him. Whereupon be retraced his steps, The coolness and interpidity of the little House on Friday was immediately followed that ever was practised on a free pope! : ,4

0ort. slavery, as the people of each State In to distrust the patriotism of those who, in the gallery stairs, and entered the girl, perhaps 10 or 1 years of ape, sister of by a speech from Mr. Adams of Ky ; in in this most enlightened age world :, |T,

a** d aission desire And iq such any quarter, may endeavor to waken its bands. "nigger mounte seats" where room was promptly the one who met with the accident, was also which, we understand, he declared that he ever saw, and in a country which acts so con. fspioious
may which believed Gen. Taylor would not, in the event a on the theatre of both contin. -J '-
State In contemplating the causes astonishing. part
or States as shall be formed out of said may made for him. On seeing this, one of the
. utritoty north of the Missouri compromiser I disturb our Union, i occurs 8 a matter of se church wardens went to him, and requested of his election, t the Wdmot proviso; mid ents, when it rl"qlirethe highest talents f, ) p

1 b**, *l*.rery or involuntary servitude ( riO concern, that any ground should have him to descend, be would find a proper Impromptu Sutler.-We yesterday \ that he, as a representative ofa tlaceholding understand and conduct the affairs of this Sir3
except sayin Stat lie would not! Such a declaration should be taken from ? k!
rerme) shall be been[ furnished for characterizing parties by for place is so sweet milk converted into butter in four minutes hoped country a l'dier lh
prohibited. place bia. proper
: dash have was never before made upon the floor who never held one office, if
discriminations Northern camp
- .The territory of Oregon lie* far north of i iI geographical for me, the stranger I as where I find ; probably oficed-water.would c\"i
''rty-six degrees thirty minutes, the Missouri '. Atlantic and nut; whence de.: the most rep1ed courteous company. Thisis brought t the butter in_ J ss. tile. won.derful of Congress by a southern man. And what no politician, and who is taking his first I"?

i W iexas compromise line. Its southern signing man may endeavor to excite a belief f r the bestscat in the church, and I will re. effect was produced by one of the most is still more surrising it was permitted to pass 1tSQ in political economy ? The very pm
t difference of local interestsand machines that have be by any southern whir. Friendsof position i ii a burlesque. Bur, according to
- r* 7is the parallel of 42, leaving the that there is a real main where I am.-New Haven Palladium. simple churning we ever
- JJmoediate! distance to l be three hundred and views. One of the expedients of party seen. It consists of a square box, having a compromise-friend* of the UninfI Gen. Tajlor's rule he will requi-e no kaovrl.
t with hollow hers of the democratic party, \hat you say edge to conduct his administration, as he will
'"1 geographical miles. to acquire influence within particular districts, : -It appears from the statement of Hen. hollow perpendicular haf two
U4Tit is because the of this bill is to misrepresent the opinion. and aims of ry Wilson, a r representative to the U national anna or tubes it the end. The aha to this revelation 1 Can you support a party have no opinion of his own, but "'i implicitly

y not iocon& teat with provisions the term of the other districts. You cannot shield yoursehvesoo slaughter house, from Massachusetts, that rests on a pivot,and is turned by small crnk whose member speaks thus unrebuked 1 follow in the wake of Congress.-n asig.

nsouri compromise if much against the jealousies and heartburn. Leslie Combs assured him that if Abbot Law. or cog.wbeel, the motion causes, be air to rush ton Union.
extended from the
s lio Grande to the Pacific lags which spring from these misrepresent renco sboull receive the nomination for the down the tub i into the milk,and produces a commotion The Raleigh Register (Whig) says that t

: I ot fek*liberty withhold ocean that I hue ions. They tend to alien to each other those Vice Presidency, he was willing to pay $100,. boiling water. The butter began Senator Mangum Toted for the territorial bill. The great English Duke Buckingham be.
It embraced territories south maocti'on.Sad that .- who ought to bound together by fraternal 000 for the honor, that sum, of course, to b to come immediately.and after i was made I with the firm conviction, that i had been ing bankrupt, all his property is abort to b
q b
Promise, the com. affection." expended for electioneering purposes. the milk was 8 sweet as new. By this pro. offered in tba true spirit of compromise and sold off His literary antiquities and literary

ads; .Los would question bar presented been for my con- JAMES K. POLK. "lord of the loom" is seldom wrong in his cess churn butter may be made for break conciliation, and that it would put to rest this treasures are very valuable. The catalogue

and action ol a it far different Washington, August 14, 1849. financial bargains; but be certainly made a fast by go roy family after the milkman has come exciting and aggravating question. Of tAi ells for 15 Ihiing without which no one
a torrulp0ded with my upon mast mistake that time. If the nomination for the in the morning, and the luxury of pure fresh vie hate not a doubt.! can see the Uetin or attend the saJ.
p my convictions. worth muchis enjoyed the round. Whilst thecakes Mr. Haskell, whosaj's Genert Taylor is Including the plate, whole is al
J. V&fbt w. now to disturb the Missouri and The of Hanover and the Duke ol Presidency is not ten cents, butter year ,alL
b T King for 1 baking or the muffins the "a Whig and a Quarter over, states, in a pub. over half a ro'll:on o-jnds sterling--
IUIeompromiaea1 this a" that are len of tbe once one for the Vice worth 1 We pause a are toasting | m
at late
Ought we Cambridge are : card that had he brn h .
1'shed would
"/.!'O attempting to annul a has bit been so numerous family of George 111. fcly.-Cin Entjuirtr. head of the family may b? amusing himself present ? millions! old dlarr .




-- -
---- -

w----=-__ _- S ;i iii i..--United, the democracy of I.Iorida"'i Our BP en'Q.iYTi h

I. THE VERY LAn T KKWS: riiber to haibor' or n 'taiu biru. English au- [FOB TiE FLOBIOIAX.] THE'fLOBIDIAN.Saturday] carry the elections this fall by a handsome majority Our hat er.

i'r1. Firtf i l'rd ty Elettrie Telegraph Special Express, 'hoiity supreme throughout tIme country.SKCO.ND THE VETO. turned to Florida, and after a E;
; ling ,
1 .
DCB1IX TO tlVEBFOOL : "LET v. ALONE. through time East
1.0NOOXXU reached
roM the WestWe
l M;>IBLR JOCK- From Mad-ton
\. FOR THE ?nw'TOItlLRALI': ; Aug. 7.1 P. M. the like day last and addressed on n"-
. .. 2-1-8 have cheering intelligence. the people.!
LIVERPOOL (Saturday.) Aug. 5-\flOn. Further Particulars oy the Britannia. The efforts that a powerful party are making September .
J. ol __ We caution our friends to believe the numerous During his speech he produced
to render odious one of the chfef dl.fencr no and
Cotton market is read
a i '; IRELAND.{ The Liverpool qui the against encroachments of the DEMOCR.TlCN0MtST10NSFOR pubishedIn! the Whig press, letter addressed lo himself from *
I ... from Dublin te! The na'e! were lighter at previous$ quotations. minority, repr lr.FIUJt
If Our pecial mIfwiZrr the writer of and fbr in the) in relation to Abolitionism A- *
thr of
to the Whigs
.3'I' .,,; North and South Ireland, have just arrived New Orleai and Bowed! Gecrgia were q-io- nujority, suggested been PRESIDENT OF THC UNITED STATES : majorities tie .<:. '
) led! The stock band was csti. the other communications which have CASS West or Middle. Wo are satisfied they are We should like to see that
.i t'.; ;ringing she i latest news from all!! parts of the 3| to 51. on the GEN. LEWIS letter j in priai.a
1t the )
'I ... : i h!anJ. mated: l at OXMI.COO bales. published on same subject propriety OF MICHIGAN. not correct, and the polls will how this in and, although Mr. FILLMOEE 1 hit
> mite error.
; of his to counteract
'If'J.\ Our Dublin correspondents state that the Cur is quoted at 'M to 32<. for white and! contributing what be has written, under many disad. October.A that the letter should not be publuWMr. "QuetigJ
1 ." 'rains which arrived that from large the South force of at!con.1 that. ,elow. Consuls tn escaped SOJ( on to |board. an Americans.csSiel vantages I should tend, in any degree, to effect GEN. WILLIAM FOR VICE O. BUTLER, friend in Gadsden writes us on Tuesdaylast CABELL has made it thus public,b,lei r"

ilF;j ; : ,- '* 4ityeslerdny, fl'I"rt fillm a diflcrt'nlltillt l and( \pursued by an English steamer. his put pose, bo will be more than compensated OF XETt'CJY.OR thus : ring to it in a public' speech, thcpeopk ju";
s t.Jtxar lftll'rllCt't'tt"ll exertions have
;itl)F: of the 3J, and otbe, Tht veatherfurihi' harvest in Fngland! was 'by the reflection, that his slight "Sins : We had] a meeting on yesterday, right loses it in print.
*., 1 12 O'cloetontI" night 011 ihe ,
not been utterly fruitless. contrary UOVCRNOR or FLORIDA :
*lt : lerd.iy niorning, o as to bail. The potaloe rot was extending.. and a largo and enthusiastic one i was. 1 J Will the honorable
it cailv hour % futile be hopes gentleman
{ : tin should these exertions GEN. WILLIAM BAILEY. gratify ,
lfiU had prore tLen
An have been deal 'for
France continues good ten
mixing a
; ,f tie crJi quiet. attempt years
iii the direction > et'l the Let the
attributed to Whig
L "Httl be publish it.
that the failure will prejuJiccs press
4' *&'t. .'- to \vbirh is by a been made lo assassinate M. Tbiers. The FOR co!r ElVILLIAM !: past, with parties in this county, and I assure If tie* ."
'k. U.iuntain, the nmin arcs : of tliose'lo whom they are addressed, not, if furnished with the letter *
'" the Miminin> of !". insurgent* have htl transported. The cholera \ P. DUVAL. you I have never seen more unanimiy.: I we will
t t' ?" Jeep and sullen gorge Bre or to the weakness of the advocate, and not -- have much enthusiasm LBT SEE THAT LlTTEK.A
; MiriounJcJ with huge Mones. has appeared! at Ji : at each 511.1t". are ) to the want justice in his cau c. FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTOR* !
.:: --
: The allairsof attracting general the -
'i said to Italy are '
t ... A body fit fMnne lit I( ) constabulary are a'lention. The Picdmontese ba* been This will be the last of his communicationson GEORGK: R. FAIRBANKS, Of St. Johns. democrars. ifOVClljr. \
.. but of the army The ticket selected .
11". ; he cngA ed in ibis movement, none the vit'o' : and, before parting with those CHARLES II. DUPO, T, Of "Oadsden.JOHN / : We have at thi office copies of&tej"u.r.

bt);: :' 'roops l.3fe been called on to take part in it. defeated it every point.? who chance lo read his csays tbe writer MILTON, Of Jackson County. For the Senate-.\. K. ALLItON. and Southern lives of Ceo. Ca,!. which ein bt ,
tI'. taiJ. nevertheless.! !hi' entirely The Tribune's! Xn-s.-The Boston Advertiser may : by any person that may call.--
]I' :h- The latter are would earnestly invoker !ibe l tuttjtcl more I : = For Rrjnrsentalirc-Joseph Chandler, Za. liean. JatkmtiUeS wyw-
i 5 : rut by fatigue consequent upon their nu. in noticing the news" published by consider due to these authorized to Dr.
:: : up reflection than they may : are announce bud Fletcher, Robert Gibson and Wm. II.McMillan. .
of OWe
Has the editor
: :"' merous and useless! maicbing: and counter the "nbune, sap : very imperfect attempts to illustrate its impor.tance. F. IhRD, of Miccastickic, a a candidate two lives of Gem,. TA!.

J. .1":::! .': marcii": !'. In the camp.| out-iJe: Tburles, The statement is so extremely improbable to represent Leon County in tilt House of LOR likewise 1 Or has he the two speechei

i. ;.":.t the poor 'MIows have to lie on their I aks, that it may be at once set down as untrue. The veto power was first exercised by Representatives of the next General Assembly It is a strong ticket, and with proper exertions Mr. CAIIECL about his WixTtisor Of
their ),as" tot Such could not have been concealed tote?1-
nith ,their ammunition 1111 news he \\b contributed the of friends will be elected.
i .) '. t WASHIM.TOS. Yes, I of thc State. on part our Perhaps the one would be intereulo
't tieeight of the caitouche box ;from the regular correspondence of the English I equally
h dry, human being; to --- -- --
! t : ;:: : keep more than an other conquer
;... ounJ- of the here.Ve ) }. U'c have U-cn l toannonnc ROBERT with the others-procure them all
> or fy refl'I| ,
t : being !(me seventeen: j pres press m3)I for the States the power to Ann their own (tec Relieves Slavery a Curse. neighbor
= 't. .. fiom UniJiin to. bate letter dated II. CUTLEIC a candid.ite represent the people will have
add that at
The whole line of railway, we : seen a seldom erred, : ., -you quite' a 7Mn(1garit-lOCn
be wl.esejuilgmers Let them these Let themlearnas .
lb: ;. government: ol Leon county, in the ltouc 01 of ponder Ihingnl.
: I. .... : vranls the South, is completely qnicscent, and me!-ibe seat of the pretended fight-on theCJ and whose integrity nc'e warned: : bo who the next Legislature of Florida. ltlrccntatvC they will learn, not be deal thing worth seeing."Vengeance.
corresjvuident who bas tiavelled: along inst. which has no allusion to these cir llut framed time --- and blind to the truth-that General Taylor id a
:: : .. najs a in the
j 1" ti! J course ot FHday," nothing strikes cumstances.Tbe, presided .:,- \W have: been requested to annnounce Gen.CEO Whig in principle is in favor of peace,opposed to all upon the South.
: tfd-jriag and that adopted
1 :: Constitution unaniaio'ely
lh the believes to lie to the ,
of hcatiti- Mr. \VHITKIKLD as a candidate lo represent I war ilaeery a curse country The
that Sentinel
remarks in
: Boston
I ,
S 1 < ''t; one so much as the too \ rcto : he was the fin l to exercise a power people < f Leon county, in the Senate of the next and dtirt itt t.Inlinatol and is opjwstd tt> the giving an account of th*

S .tii',;'t ;.: .. hess of ixipiilatiwi. ejected! l by the thre.-fol.l J.imos Diigan' of tbat city, a native! of Ireland, wl.iol.;. 14 now .l(nuuticcd as \ urpali"! i l.c 'i.loture of Florida. further t.lnuiol ,tUfe n-/o,". When they recent Free Soil Convention at &fuJo,atJ,

. ; :J1;. .. .. (',use ol ianiine, extermination and iminigra- has !furni.''i.-,| them with an extract ot a letter was during the first sessic of the second .- --- -- shall learn these things,we believe that no man who it a loco-foco South
I. lion 1" from a friend in Liverpool of the latest date, I CC:>- We have been relllte toannounce JOSEPH truly loves Ihe Whi |Isrty,and who believes its success oppressing Convention,
.Ii:; \' :.:. The tw-rntv ibree reputed rrlu'N <.f Rillianiry I which shows! the ,feeling which! exited there I Congress, \111 the government wa' hardly. CI.\JI"ai : reprecnt the people of essential to our safety and prosperity can for a having for its object Vengeance upon the
: ( :: three old, that a bill wa: passed apportioning in the House of cf Ihe
I scars (ounty Reprcentati\rs moment hei"lt to IHievehisihitj call him to giehim "
into Dublin vester- tbe of the His South. We
who sleam-r. the
brought at : correspondent indeed
were pily man
:: ; I who
: tl'plurc representation among the States in next General Asseinbl of the State ol' Florida. 1m ardent and zealous support.. CIa.
taand, in Kiliiiainbain, are to l lie soulla" writes-" Ireland bas in a state I _
1 l. 1' ... Imlgeil heel I such manner as to give to eig'i( of them more So the great of the Tajloritcs! not tell a tale with more truth than hu the
t- ,: ,.? k to Tpi: erary, and tried by a Kjiecial coin- agitation 'far tt'l dajs. TLeie are 40.000 0 (VW have been requested to announce JAMKS says organ I
e'S .. tI.'.."::.!.'.. :. mission: 1 l"/r high Irl"1 lIn. Some of I be pii5ouers i. 'oJieis! in tbe country, but I they cannot turn I j representatives: tlian their popiiutiun entitled T. ARCIE: a:a candidate to represent Ihe (peopleof in Massachusetts, reproaching the Abolition Sentinel. lie forgets to say how many TTkigt

:4. :" : \, were wounded at tile skirmish! on S.it- the people.: A great titiiuber; bulb bidosbate i tht'l to. I: Lf county, in the House of Ucprcsentatue'ofthe Whigs for hesitating to support old ZAC.- were delegates in attendance, and also that *
J : 01 ( of the Slate of
: Mr. Jefferson, who was of' nc\ Genlrl Assetnlly '
<" .J' last. been killed, ami the is alieady! I Secretary very distinguished Whig, no less than the
is '". urday army State has the following :iccouut of this -- -- Florida Taylorites: do you not believe it ? ion
I. 3fd.S.ft. More arrests t have taken place at Dublin. siding: with be menmIe. ThP' has been a i Inittter.I lie;gin'l; < I Ij : DEMOCRATIC MASS MEETINGOF has General TAYLOR made one declaration of JOHX Qri.Ncr ADAMS, was the President of
., .. I night,, the /following seizute of an-1) sa) :
.. At a late b< tir on Thursday pi.t'3 swoids in Liverpool a-
' "i.:;:?:.,: .. were committed tj Newgate, on I. morig: ibe : and tllcf. aic great terrors I j "Tbe President caUt.d on mcJ : persons TIE
. :
' 'J :. rCItcrl fist t and (first introduced some other matter i for tile Vice lie
: < the warrant of the Clii'-f CommU-'IOII"r of ot ." ; ) inch declaration: can bo furitf-we assert it Presidency. forgets to tell
S 'J'r... then fell I Jill, which be j jI AT QiriNCY, Friday, St'I.I., IS1. .
I'oliceiz : Gilbert'hiteIaw cleik ; Frnnii : ---- --- -- oltlc Representation such declaration be found them that Y.Bt'REX and the Barnburaen
Front I Iliad in his '! for the until I !: posith'clJ-no can
.11Jam Edwanl tf t'omtti, 'I't tilt.LXTERFROM now PPt.t d.H.
I"&H--: : : I Ih.nalia.c 1I\1I11l': and Andrew; (James j' MEXICO.Our .. had before given him in) opiiii< in writing The Democrats of the Middle and West You cannot show that this assertion of the who commenced this agitation, refused t fj

#: &:' Dovli O'Donohoc, do. ; New Orleans correspondent, under that the metlifxl of the apportionment was con. I will meet in Mass Meeting: at Quincy, on Atlas i is not true in every part, parcel, and agree to the nomination of CASS and Bcn.ii,

4::.i*:..'.: The, printer.primers "f the Nation, who bad been date of Wednesday last, at 9 o.'clock P. 31., ':'trary to the Constitution. .l. lie igreed that il. Friday, the 13th insf. the day after the Tay. particular. for the reason tbat both were opposed to the

S : '.t: '. eijtnmittcd tn Newgate have been released, stales that r an arrival at that place had brought I was contrary to time common rstandmg of I lor and Fillmore meeting appointed by the --- Wilrnot Proviso, and too friendly the South.
. 1.1.. \.io.. on bail, with I r tlia I exception of three.I, intelligence I lioiu the .Mexican Capital to the that lrtrlmrll, and to what vta uderstoodat liutler Cass ant Florida ,1'Iil. lie forgets to tell them that the Free Soil
> .. t." the time bj the linkers of it : tha'jet it irou.'d Whigs. Jh"OCU.\T Cos* men, and in this al-
! been made in the Whig orators State
, ) "" A number of arrests : llth il& :nT.? papers ticket will receive more vote from the North.
<,. ( :. provinces, six : at Coik, Galway, Iluscrae, Tile ci'\: of Mesicoas! quiet at tile last I Lear the construction Uhicthe bilijwt : and beubbcned I turn out, and outnumber rhe'hig, or T.iIor hough they cannot deny that CASS letter places ern whigs than from Northern
S that the fur and iinkt the bill democrats and
J": f: Cloumel, Nemsb, &c. dates, aiivl Coiigiees.is!Jdilerali ing a to a I vote : a Av/iT/i 1 and \ and Fillmore meeting, to be held the day pre him in opposition to the Wilmot Proviso, that the Northern
: .. The co'ii-nissioner of Ojer aol Termincr reduction of th<* Tariti': j was perfectly geographical vious. The Whigs a strife of tbe Mid. I whig papers are almost
I.t.z: Tbe \ rote-ami I be t li-arcd should! be i ij i ii propose Jet sa that he takes worse ground when he desperate from the knowledge of
in Duh'in! TueMJay next. Mate The f 80uhrr ) so many
ISa on government was acting vigorous, die the Wet the
opens to number.
: against as greatest
hl,. TIle j i thought to be taking side with a Smthcrn par-1! leaves the people of the Territories to settle r withdra\vals from their
; ; .. trials will l he procee K'il ss euni:jonr atil J adopting measures to rev ire the cuiniueiceol ranks to join the Free
: bU lear; that there. would the Democrats be behind ? Let ,
) ; He expressed Wi the and add that the char.
served the ty. slavery,
\ s have already! been on jury.Mr. the country. President Herrer.i was quite question Soil party.
., : of tao! Tribune intend j be ere long a stparation of the l'ilm" . t tC: ... Hulun, the printer popular throughout the coun'ry.Parrdes acter of the country and of the people will He forgets to tell his readers that for
; Mr. .M.idis.ii eve-
lor and Mr.
': to plead' guii'y.' rely:-tig. under 'his pecurx was supposed to be in the capital. | Washington sent will be numerous Speakers on both sides, and forbid its introdction.'e have often

ti. : !iiar cilcrn : lUl'l', a the clenictic! of the The HC"uulivl! under his guidance was en. l Rando!(>Si. They concurred vi'h Mr. Jrj/cr- I thc piinciples of the parties will be fully! discursed. ex- ral years past be cannot refer to a single vote

I )1IJ T'--. :.:,: vrown.Of tirel) suppressed, and the insurgents I:' $(*/!. Washington, thus sustained, sacrificed I plained that! CASS. or any other nnn, .is Prcsi. of any Northern Whig in favor of the interests
: ti.pereJ.TIH
'.tt' ,; the whereabouts! of Mr. Smith O'Uiien. depieJatiom of Iiuii-itjs con. I' all other considerations to his convictions 01 : dent, will have nothing to do with the right! of the South,-but universally against every

. ? ... .: mil )[esrz. Meager and Dobeny, notbiiig late tinned. All was fl"ie at lt\'era tliI. I duty, and sent back the bill with hi rcu. II III Tallahassee, Sept. 2, 19 19. of the people of the Territories on this ques. measure where the institution of slavery was
Mr. adds
( ,1 -: :: n Im)\'I1. Tbcy 'Jr.cel'ILI! ,\,ith wotrleifjlucce Cotton was at a stand at New Orleans, I : The Democratic Club tion. When he stops the action of Congress in .Jl'tion.
.A few of the hottest friends o" tIme bill f
S :,:.It;;..:.. r flrtlclrcJj\Urt'!*., in 'liflhuig! the We anxious fchould t I wishes not feel I s-irpri-many there being; to no J.&ue&. Four }was linucr.Freight expressed passion ; but till majority vere satNfied Meets on Thursday evenings at the Capi. against tn J,)his veto, as he i is pledged! to do, He forgets lo say, likewise, that to Northern .

.;0 : ; 'ed if they ba\e actually made; their (cape, ---'t'llooI5.ltls. and both in and out of doon gave tol. Gentlemen of all parties are in\itcl to this is all South asks of him as President, Democrats has the South been indebtedfor

j : :" ;', and flrtd to \m..rica-the land of thc free.S .- .A LIITLi: MORE CRM'ir': FOR -MILL."RD pleasure te) have at length"an instano of the attend, and bring Ladies with them. The I and it is as far as his duties and power extend thus far for sustaining their rights,until recently

: .. .:. Oar Belfast correspond: in a letter dated] FILLMOI5K.ANOTIICU I negative Thus being commenced exercised. between the I' speakers! for the next meeting are JuJge Bre- But why! do the Wi igs make this objection to they find Southern Whigs were recre.

! 1;' yesterday evening, $*}* that: every succeeding OK UlS \lvLlnOOTFS.. and the South early that struggle for politicalpowcr Xlrth ] vard and M. A. Long, Esq.-the latter gentleinin CASS ? They are as vulnerable on this point ant to the South, some few abandoned them.

. .. .; hy: part brings of with the public it Mill, greater and !cl'pe excitement<.!!)' of the onbe Soon after in the the Hou adoption,e cf of tbe .\II, rlon resolutions I which has never intermiUl't. The sane ma. having been prevented, by indiposition a he i is. Here is what they said la the Leg. The Scniracls3)"s ofthe Free Goil Convea-

S t'\ ... rpealers of Belfast, with regard to the state the 1 lib and 12th December Representatives, 1S3S, against on lign spirit is still at work more tuanbalfa from addressing the Club on Thursday Ulature last winter. Col. LORDIEK and MrSMIERSO.V tion :

of ibo Gouth and West. Tho Dublin f .. man >s evening utr 'iege.l In u manner I TU> tIme sad exclamation, "I fear tbco ivill in which said The Constitute Sooth, and necer-no rtEVER let the 'freemen of the
; ; every in every stage, Mr.J Slade, the notorious I DUVAL, who bad just returned from they :
J .' f .:vitb parties clamorous to obtain lIlt latest in. ; be a separation of time Union !" South forget that it springs from the Locofoco put';.
S formation from the head-q-iartcrs of ihe inxiirns. !j abolitionist: : of that time, oul red a preamble I Thiity years ago, on the Missouri quetion' the East, was present, and addressed the Clubat fields to each State or TERRITORY theIIXCLUoI and u headed by a man. up to a year or Iwo ao represent .
: and resolution expressing the sense of the abulitionists id tel l hem asa" Northern man with Southrraprinciples.
.. g* Tbe club nyMem has been cCII1Irleh'! at their Tne whig this same spirit causid the Union to like I its lat meeting. He gives the most cheering I VE jurisdiction over persons ; and Las i.* now the crtLem_ man will
that anJ several of tbeleading pasvige. -or a from tb centre to its cttremiiies. .\n'the enthusiasm which they accompanied this with resolutions Southern and misled inhtn.
: : : : abandoned: in towi; few of the most unscrupulous! of ; account of the prevails report principle, by party
I ', ] confederates est. f f'f. tl.tI-al same insatiable spiiil is still urging its agjesj j tionthe Cassites are supporting him against alias t
'. are nan I ITbe pretending that FiJlmorc voted aainIIILfse : among our friends in the East-and bad no which the Whig Legislature passed withouta of lIe South while the Northern Iccofocosind

4 t .,: a S. '. neighborhood! of Newry Las become I lesolution Atberton, on time sale grounds j sions ; and allied, i.ow, with an enemy nfiinitely 'I hesitation in saying (that the democracy in dissenting voice, and from which we extract son abolitionist concentrate- their support upon TaD Bo.
'be dreaded.
'. .. mucb excited front the imjmiJeiil an-1 ; 'for which Messrs. and Thou.j.1! more to S rent Thus,the South being divid d.Van Burrs will
Waddy declarations
Wis the
:: impli'l Ambition'lie is bo dreaded but I that, section Florida would! present an undivided following :
S .. I.. .:.: .. tic, conduct ollbe magistracy refusing son opposed them This these men know to to tere possibly! be enabled to slip in, and trample us under
under which aji-! and Xovetn- .A ami correct of the Constitution his feet. It well, then since Southern Cisiitw
I circumstances
in October
1 : to lid as a special are even front at tbe polls just interpretation M
; any person be ,
false I
f but
.. .: utterly ; by way of completely tion be \irtue." Corctoutness, ujttd ot the United States,ve-ts the TERRITO- will expose u. to this danger, that the South should
.t;:!::' : i II !peced J favoring' repeal principles.Tbis .- j heading their attempts to dodge, let us sec how may i ber next. RALi-[ .well a the State Legislatures EXCLUSn'I know before-hand what Van Buren proposes to d,

':".. .:: is only! arming one part of the populationagainst Mr. Filmore'ot'd on the counter abolition I with ambition, impairs the dignity, whit it. II Mr. II. 13. Smith made a very forcible jurisdiction over the peron- of individual with us."
the other a which the Gyv. strengthens time of its ally. mbine ant'their I respective limits
course energy :
; 'i--. of Slade. Tla'sp weie as follows : addres, which was listened to What hare the friends of CASS to do
all the hat argumentative mTHE ALONE have the to
in active right
one mass '
ernment m'it bitterly ere long. passion .HRtTORY
:.5; :-t .. AFFAIRS IX iepent FRANCE? Whereas there exists( and is carried on between distinguished the rc* chiefs in pflde- I. with great attention, and at its dose elicited l determine upon subject, [exclusion: iT slavery,]] VAX Bcaex 1 Nothing but to oppose him as
: respective
; the in the District of Columbiaand and for them, WHILE REMAIN A
5 Our I letters from the capital,dated last night, pOts monium, with the arch-fiend at their hea and much applause. it it TiEY they do TAYLOR and the abolitionist FILJ.MOH.
the shall
i: ;, S other ports of the United States, and I < TERRITORY, and for Start. they I
;...4 .". .. }hare just arrived, by which we are' informed der the sanction of the Jaws a trade the compounded demon \v..!J be an anjpl I of j ----- -! ask to be admitl as a State, to any whether the in- It is an uphill business for the Whigs to at.

< .. '.. ; hut) Paris continued tranquil, notwithstanding in human beings, whereby thereof of them mercy compared with fanaticism-tbatreujzied i NOTICE. dilution ,laetry shal lit within the limits of tempt to make this i&sue. Democrats, Cm
: uneasiness which fell the wretch which professes to war unde the j The Democratic Electors will address the such Ttriilory ,, ; they haing.bv a .pst interpretation
"t some : was respecting
: : are annually sold and transported from said of the Constitution, EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION men, friends of the South, rote for your can
,: disclosures! contained in the of the comtnitle.e banner cube I'JIINCK or I'KACI: ; which tlinks at the following places, viz :
report people within their
;,: I District to distant parts of the country, in vcs- I ( over the subject matter didates, CASS and BCTLER. You can rely on
it the ordinances of OHNJS- j
; appointed by the National Assembly to can improve I Fletcher's School House Gadsden limits. a
I. ,. .. sels belonging to citizens of the States County,
"aut'lCt; '.. S consider origin and intention of tbe cmcu'csof I and whereas such trade iu\'olrlS Unitc an outrageous ; I CIEXCE ; and in the prosecution of it inijious \: Saturday, 9th September.Near Now this is what the Whtga Eaid in the I them that your rights will be respected. CAM

-r : April, May and June laM. The discussionS designs, would, Molock like, exult to see j and BCTLEK are sound on theWilmot proviso.
< Chattahoochie
violation of
7" I human rights, is a disgrace to .hvsnuMrc, 1 LlooJ heIr County, legislature. People of Florida mark and
S : .. .' .. the report bad been postponed. The af. the country by whose laws it is sanctioned, Of human and patriot vu ill tears ** I I'Jth insr.Quilc remember this-what the Whigs now condemn You cannot rely on either TAYLOR or Ftti-

:1 .;: iiiirs of May bad been declared against Ihe and calls for the immediate interposition of i I This ICrifre., terrific spirit, is : !:1tional.\s"t'UIJI '. That of Jane: Social! ris saying, (supposing
a : : : ) legislative! authority for its j We f lo> Wakulh Tuesday, 19h: inr.
suppression'I'iierelmre : day acq-jiring can no | Wilmot
whether the
\ !strength. ger he will or will not veto
..:i'I.. M. L. Blanc L. Rollin and Catissidier version be themselvessaid
: their
S./. : ; ; : : to the end tbat all obstacles to i trust much to rile of those w-hoence Marion X Roads, Jefferson, Wednesday, 20th. to right,) they

':i ".i :' had protested in an excited, but ineiTectua: the consideration of this subject may be re'l opposed it in its temples.c'Tnt Apobtacy has ttken i, Miccosookio, Leon County, Friday 22d. in the solemn form of resolutions in the proviso ; the other has voted against the South

: manner, against the report. Their arrest was moved aid f ,he Lake Jackson SchoolHouse Leon in instance that an opportunity ofiered-
: a remccJ' >r evil speedily some from us to the enemy, amid fear &si- j Saturday23d Legislature only six months ago. When every
t I ..: ...:. hourly expected. ,lided- lenccd others has I inst. I
I the of
majority Congress unsound
; Whig orators tell CASS is ask Our "
you "Turpitude.
," for the
The Bank of France
I : ; ',. past Resolved, Tbat, BO much of the f.fih of the I been overcome. and there is hut one constitu J The Whir State and Electoral candidates :
( '. ', week feature worthy of comment. them why the Whigs adopted the views they Some gentlemen from Mississippi reported
: possess no
a : resolutions time
on subject slavery, passed by lionat means left in the hands of the people by i attend and
: "':: '. ./.: ,' INTERESTING FROM DENMARK. this House on the llth and 12th of the pro- I which the power of tbe destroyer may be toyed I arc respectfully invited to participate attribute to him T Ask them why the same early in the spring, that Gen. TAYLOR had

:. : '. Our accounts state that General IJaderna. sent month, at relates to "the removal of ; and that is the Prrsiential veto, wiich in the discussion. views which render CASS so obnoxious, do not expressed to them his salifaction with the Ta.

.' 'e/:." -". the had Council.arrived at Copenhagen, as President of slaves from State to State," and prohibits the I coma .misguided partisans arc trying to wp- CT- Read the Prcidlnrt Message on the Oregon render them obnoxious also 1 They denouncehim riff of '46, and his opposition to S ; .
action of this "
: ; Von Krogt had been commissioned, ad in. house on every petition, me. press. nil, to be 'found on our frt page. for changing ; have they changed, too 1 Bank, that he justified the marcL to the Rio
S resolution, proposition or touch Divided the of the South
.: !.S. :.. tcrim, to assume the command of the Danish moral be paper people are ( \ ---. If they bare, why should they not be denoun. Grande, was in favor of a vigorous prosecution .
; ing" same, and hereby is, rescinded. erless to stay the invader ; united, 'they nay New Cottomi.t

S .:: ...:S- ,. army.demned.Mute German ships Lad been con. Xi/cs' Keg Liter, rol. 55, p. 230. do much. The day of trial may corno in spite t The first bale of new Cotton was received this ced for changing as well as be 1 In either of the war, and, among other things was

; .' ', Here, it will! bo observed, that like se"er1 ,r of them, ; but what tnii-,1 be the infatuation of! bear at Newport by A. PEN HAM &Co. on the 15th view of the case, their own denunciations and opposed to the Wilmot Proviso. Upon seeing
The Elbe i is to be blockaded fur
,S I" time. : entertained at Co.\ of the Athcrton resolutions, the q'Jcstion of i i those who are thc designated victims, if they I Angu't,from the plantation of Capt. DANIEL. RIRP, abuse recoil upon themselves. They cannot this, we said he was no Whig, or, rather, expressed .
". ,: tome lopes were the right of petition was not touched, but the I 1 paralizo each other by internal dissension of Jefferson. The first was received at the depot in
that I'nissian forces would! not II I it.Generals. our that a man entertaining
>eil.agcn : surprise
: ] escape
: r'. object boldly avowed by the abolitionist, Slade, | It were mi !ne s not less than that which Tallahassee. on time 'JM-since then. to date, forty.
..:. ,' advance.. W.1 to put an end to all obstacles to thc con. j: impelled the inhabitants devoted Jerusaluminto 1)'en bales of tho new crop hare come in. these views, should bo held up as a Whig.-
: IMPORTANT FROM: GERM.tNY.S. and TalorWIaigEvidence.
: "": cideration of the subject, so that tho legislative civil war at the 'moment when the eaglesof : Tie crop generally is fair, though we have heard Cns' Well, soon afterward, TAILOB contradicts

Great: excitement prevail at Berlin res authority of Congress might be invoked for I pagan Uom were hovering over their :, in some srchons of injury from the boll worm and this report, and undertakes a vague eiprei-

:... peeling the oath of allegiance. the suppression: of ibis tragpoui violation of heads 7 and the fate .I many, who now lookon : in others of the rut which i i. injuring Ihe coton.I .- For the benefit of all who arc blinded I.) glen of some of his views in ft letter to one
I '. '. Many trades bad stunk work. DUtutlumces ) human right as it is called:: the of General TAYLOR being the owner of 300 negroes -
S ( t : rights passing events apathy, or assist in has.tening !I The present warm weather i is rapidly opening time I )Jr. ALLISON ; and because, after this contradiction
,. were hourly expecta.J.The Ila\ebolJcr lo b-iy or sell, or to have their the crisis, may be no lees awful than cotton, ami an' early storm would cause :very heavy (although at the commencement of the ,
S. cholcta! bad made its I and after his views of ti
: &t expressing
:. .: appearance negroes transposed in vessels belonging to I that which befell the divided how> of Israel. loss. campaign it was only 40)) and are willing to
'. .... .. Berlin. citizens of the United States. JKFFKKSO.V.General veto power, upon which his Northern tup
: Fraukfoit( adu ices, to July 31 I, announce that For this infamous preamble and resolution, tgr: The weather 'for the past wet It has been warn- go for him on this single ground, we introduce porters,to a man, found their assertion that h.

; 1'. :: war "'8 to b actively commenced with 53 persons voted, and among them we fnL Taylor's Xortlur Face.-The 'i er than any part of the summer ; the Ihermctneter the following additional testimony from two trill not reto the Wilmol Promo, we object to

; .. Denmaik.: the aholtiol phalanx! of John Quincy Pittsburg (lazettc of tb.j 14lb contains the extract ranging from 60 t to 55, morning and evening and at strong Northern Whig presses, as to tho light
.' : SPAIN. Calhoun. (coin 02 to 'Jl his position as a Southern man, and say that
Wiiam Tom Corwin, FILL- of a letter from Thomas Kwing of Ohio I' non degrees. in which Generals CASS and TAYLOR are regarded .

: Madrid] letters of the latest date say that :\Oll (jIUG', Sahonstl, and lade.- lo Wm. II. Johnston of that city. Time Old in the free States on the subject of no-man, no matter where he lives, who >

'S .: -:. Narvaez would dissolve! the Chambers, and t ./ Rrg. v. p. Salt Boiler! as he is called, de. I From the East. fuses, as he does, to laY he is with us, oughtto

SS' c.1 a new one, to meet in D'ceI11t next. After (this testimony: will any Southern dares, in favor of Gen.r.'miarlj 1lylor among Gen. DtToxr and Col. MILTON, our Elec- slavery. be supported here. The Sentinel-that very

% Ta LATEST JflCKLT BEPORT.Livrpool whig have the face to deny that t>o far as vo- other reasons, assigns the following : tonal candidate, returned last evening, on The first is from the Cincinnati Alias: and decent! paper-pretending to *e"

,f' :i Corn Slarlet t*lvg. 0.-Tbe toneS ling and acting are concerned, Mr._ Millard Cass or Taylor will bo our President.- their borne from a successful tour .In Gen. Cass, the Democrat have a candidate modest "MfJ
.: of our grain trade is steady to-da). Little doing : Fillmore is an abolkiooist ? If thin proof does Cast is in favor of(be exercise of tho veto way very pledged against the ordinance of 1797-bound by inconsistency in our course,exclaim :

: v i--' but ibe fJU l currency of j'e_tenlay ;s maiutnined i uiet bhow him to be one, his joining his fellow- power; Gen. Tnlor is opposed to it. If we East, a fir as Columbia. The other coun. to the veto very tOl/iti"upon Congress tehitk may he was past nomincttd.to prevent its bold,unblushing turpitude I I"

for all articles.Literpo voter Giddings, in kidnapping have a tariff and of ties will bo visited hereafter. We are gratified any bil toTAtio
S negroes \'ouh protective improvements the Utt'0& of tlatfrtIN. G.n. TAYLOR, THE Now, if we assigned one positlois
I Cotton Market Aug. 5.-Tbe not. rivers and harbors: we must have them by a to learn, both from these gentlemen, and HAVE A CANDIDATE PLEDGED NOT TO the report of others, which we approved,

c: ales are estimated' at 3JUO to 4IKK) bales.ti'tf .- -- -- vole of tbe two houses Congress. Taylorwill letters we have received from others, of the I INTERFERE*WITH' THE ACTION 01 COJCURESS UPC:I upon contradict the report and
: ;is without variation to Tho that Gen. Cams been Executive influence : THE :SUBJECT. and he himself
.- \arker steady, an a wbigs baa not use against cith.
$- ; favorable of the Democracy in those ;
) }
price. in oJlice many )car and make this an objcc- of those measures ; Cass wilL Taylor will prospects I Next from the ,'c York Tribune; whose takes another position which we disapP10Tesand

-'---' -- tion to him. Do they forget that (ten. Tay.or not veto cither them ; Cass will veto both.We sections. Our friends in every quarter are up editor though be dos not support TAYLoR, 1 is therefore we change our language, where

BY 11 LtGUAPI! has l been in oflico every day for forty gain everything by electing Gen. Tay. and doing; sectional and personal difficulties nevertheless a sound and able Whig-perhaps is the fault-.ours or not T lie removed himself .

aSi4S&tPi. \ t Trajitmilted for the Savannah BRITANNIA.Georgian. Jean, and tl at lie yet hold on to his commis- lor that wo could gain most thorough have been settled, and the party, we learn, the ablest Whig editor in the Union : from the ground he had been placed upon
ARRIVAL THC ;in the ? friend of-those. lose all if Cass
0' as major general army meaure. ; was never more united than at present, upon maconceitfd and mtf-
ARREST OF SMITH O'BRIEN. Again : Tbe presses are is elected. The same is the case it respects W We understand General Taylor to be pledged to and lays he had been
"h. continually a i all their candidates State and National.We leave this (Ihe extension ofelavery.] to the lurpiJuJLteb
: the that Gen. and slave question Bold. unblrul
5I' free
territory. represented
$ Oa Saturday' c'cningo received the fol- harping on ha unbiassed action of Congress; WHILE Gen. CASS
't ) lowing derpatch from our correspondent, the been but once elected to office by the people. I are exceedingly gratified t learn this. STANDS PLEDGED TO VETO ANY BILL EMBODYING 1 The Sentinel had better look ID il tbi

; (; arle&tcsti xu'u-r. Now, we would! ak these gentlemen, in re. TU Thirlv.Firtt Congress.-The Western: Nothing hut a want of union has heretofore THE PRINCIPLES OF THE WILMO venom it.- spits at US does, noiau.6 t' II .u_""- itsthe --

S : A'lg 20 7! o'coc I'. M. turn, KS to bow many oflicen Gen. jylor has election decided fourteen Congressional Disricts I given the Whigs a temporary)' advantage. PROVISO." What! when a man tells'". that

The tHAJfsTu Keaois'nip Britannia ba Iri'rt at Bosl been elected to bv the people. for the 31et Congress, viz : Illinois 7 ; Our friends have learned wisdom from the Here is testimony which Whigs ought not best friend. Wilmot profi' t
I, should learn with Missouri Iowa 2. The result is, 13 dem. their and TAYLOB is opposed to
AH WAS quiet in Ireljtnd. Smith The whigs Dogberry, ; I io; reject. comes from own party
> and we trust in future will not lose sight. I that heI. ITJrIl
*)' iieu ha been arrested and imprisoned that .comparisons we orio -.Yahfit ocrats and 1 whig the same a in the present I past in we think i conclusive. ani 1e. to correct errors, writes

Dublin. Th.pp ? (the maunUini refused Jnion.; Congri, principles by indulging personal nnimos.


-> .. -----, --' "7 W' 4 t...J ;I-J., iM ; W ,.tf t -_

ii .- : :

I -- -- .I._ .- -- -: : :-- .= .- -
boen* nicmcendand misrepresented" shall whole Southern delegation, with tbe exception of we have yet to see the first Tote brought for. what is the opinion of the Free States of the Jackson Lodge, No. Is Fire Insurance -

we fopport him any how ? And because werefuso the eight, Tcted for it. The whole Northern delegation ward by his friends to sustain the reckless assertion Union, that if Gen. Taylor was not considered A REGULAR MEETING! ( Jackson Lodge, No. I Br the jEtna Insurance Company
with the of democrats the Masonic Hall in
with exception twenty-one as being committed by his published letters a-1 I I. will be held at this city
to do eo/'are we to be charged who voted with the South, were oppoaed to it. Why of the Benhaden orators. Is not this gainst the exercise of the rrlo this i I this t'fl"ninIembers will plea; be punctual OF HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT.

bold unblushing turpitude." Truly, that where they a remarkable fact ? Ho has been held } pourer upon \ their attendance. All Masonic! brethren in gxnlfstanding I fill continue her .
opposed to il They say, it was because up subject he would not get my Tote, nor wouldhe ,i-itine our city are respectfully invited Till! Company .* Ag iwy it

Sentinel is a funny thing-indeed, its slime that comrprwnitt yielding every thing to the Southern democratic press as an abo.'i.'ionist get the vote of a Tree State in America, if to attend. ltv. order of tree W M !! b3'-t'e. The pr in|