well Ins military achievements, eiethey commit the destinies wiuJ.au assert that Congress J has the riT (under that clause and I have hesitation in I bought a bottle 01 the- Balsam! ,which not only gave L'1 t
invoked wr congratulate impartial, no saying
ly as ours- my of the Republic into ,ucb unskilful and inexperienced names of the democratic nominee for President and ol the congtitu'kn: which say Ys : .Congress shall me the relief that my failing ktreneth required, but elj
ourselves that our rights and interests! are as have ef f zr.d make the Commission whotried and sentenced them, seemed life and S
hands and when we the abilities Vice President from their columns. Surely this step pwveMo dispose all needful rules to give me new energy. .
safe with this nomination as human providence ; compare and CAM i is unwise. What are we to gain by such a course and regulations respecting the TJR R tTW'and other was the most able I have ever seen convenein After taking several bofllcj of (the icedicine. my It.
and foresight can make them. Yet some ot the opposing candidatlTAILR of PROPFHTY belonging to the United States") to ex-, the Army ; there were men upon it of the appetite returned and with it my strength : my cold
although it i. no pleasant duty we must all be struck With a whig administration, what i is to become elude slavery the Territories, and a few senile.men and tbe er.lirrlylefl mea, a!.othe night wcal!,which preriou C
him those / attainments
would hare to give to give highest legal body were
us up up with the immense difference between them. The the great measures for which we have so lont been in the south admit the power and contend for I to this had Leen very profiwo. In fire ueeki* J1
who sustain us and sustain him-to give up the or itsexereUe but for different all men of sound discriminating jUI llent.- lime I of and hare been
one a statesman of capacious mind-enlarged and battling ? Are we to have all our labor vain ? pro'iiely| a very gained eight pound flesh I
'all our Democratic Republican principles, and The.VttM ought to weigh well the of purpose-viz : to protect slavery. Now these southern I The prisoners had able counsel, vho labor able ever since to take my accustomed exercise ,
unite with those who give us no pledge, no liberal 'iew.-an ability which his enemies are forced consequences gentlemen assume just the position the abolitionists ed hard in their defence, and the conclusion walk of fom three to four miles a day and attend to -
no resolution-not a word upon to concede-an experience of nearly half a century the defeat of our ticket ;-and there is, in our judge fIt l the north.and their allies, dfiirf them to I I of the trial left no doubt to their guilt.It my regular businen. I should be moet happy li> ;J

guarantee, whose silence is in the c'i aair of our go'ernment-in short. ment, no reason for any democrat Io remain ceutial take. They want a pretext to agitate ihe slavery a that its being hare you refer any one. who may wish further particulars .
mOle was even so palpable ,
this .ut upon .
very ec-but inthi. campaign, while thousand might be urged question in Congress. And I beg leave to say, fur to me at my place of business. No. 303
a man giant mind. and of character .fi
than words. pure uoslUied i that could be the
than ominous-more expressive c thermore, that they take from the northern democrats rumored they pardoned, Washington street. :
Others set up the absur and chimericalidea -and the other a brave and hardy soldier whose in favor of the utmost activity and zeal. We are who are doing all they can to protect the constitutional officers of the Pennsylvania regiment, which Very truly yours, h

of a union Democrats and life has been passed in the tent or on the frontier- certainly called upon to abandon n inc principlewe rights of their southern brethren, I lie they belonged remonstrated against their receiving "WM. 1L HOL ROOK. 1 J'l

Whigs of the South upon\ the slavery question ignorant, a. he himfl confesses, of governmental abate not a jot 01 our claims to equality, o alltheStates"and either only ground themselres u-on which or the they south.can stand I rejoice n ith safety however !., any clemency whatever at the hands wrapper.None genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on tbe :. .

alone. Such an utter abandonment of all the affairs-without experience sa'e in vhat appertains we can, with I tht utmost ronsi&tency that the rote in the Baltimore convention ye- of the commanding General and asked that For s-Ie by E. BAn ARD, Jr. Druggist Tallahassee IJi

principles hitherto advocated by either party, to his profession-withal, an honest well-meaning, throughout stand by the action (.f the Conrenlion. pudi trd thee {extreme positions; en both sides, and the law be allowed to take its regular! course. D. I/ADD. Newport and by Druggists ;eue.

and which are in direct collision, is happilyutterly and no doubt conscientious citizen: when we say, That Gen CAts has taken the only ground upon satisfied the Article country! that nearly the entire The good citizens; of Queretaro are goingto ally throuhout the United States.LOdgCNO.. in

impracticable. Out if such a forma. we compare the two men, thus put forward by their which, .President ht can erer be required to act, south, a well as north, are prepared to adort :rro. give our Commissioners a grand ball. __ _

tion parties, by sectional divisions, could be friends for the highest office in Ihe world, we can is beyond question. His views, even if correct, can per platform.very wisely Here adopted U the resolution on the subject.which the It convention i in The exchange ratifications was to take Jackson 1. n

c fleeted, it is manifest that .speedy dissolution not but be struck with the marked ditfercnceoin their not change the question of right in the inhabitants accordance with the sentiments heretofore entpi-! place to-day. A REGULAR MEETING nf Jackson Ixrfre, No. 'HI.

of this Union would be a certain-an in. : individual capacity to discharge the duties sought to of a teiritory to prohibit slavery, either one way or tamed by the entire democratic party.:* Gen. Arista is to be the Governor here .will be held at the Masonic Hall in this city .
this erenin Members will be in
please punctual
evitable consequence ; and who can contemplate I be imposed upon them. I gives us no pleasure to the other. He distinctly avows that Congress has (Here the honorable gentleman read the resolutionon when the Mexican Government takes up their their attendance. All Masonic brethren in good

these consequences with composure : make this 'comparison,but we do it that tie DPllli.| no control over the subject, and Congress dJs lot slavery adopted bv I the Convention.) I quarters here. I expect to sea all lha Maii- standing, visiting our city," are respectfully invited

The Father of his Country saw the danger of tion may see what little ground they have for sup. act, 1.0\1 can th question come before him fnr his .All efforts lo' induce Congress interfere with can authorities here this week-coming in. to attend. By order of the \V. M. .

this, and gave his warning voice against it.- posing that D-mocrats can see any thing in their official action io such a shape at to admit of his opinioos questions of slavery' are expressly Cudcmne in The Commissioners, Messrs. Sevier and June 17, 1S4S. 48 SL S. SIBLEY. Scc'r.. f .

Are we prepared to disregard this sacred warn. candidate which will draw them cfl from the sup. baring any practical operation ? S far as this rfolutiot. Clifiord, Arrived at Queretaro at 4 o'clock yes-
.Thy ground of entire neutrality the true
ing, and without a necessity to give ourselves port of Gen. CASS. In him we hare J the essential hf denies any power to Congress, under the constitution brouriw be askumrd by the democratic party. On t S rda r. Molasses Barrels. i

up to such madness ? We trust not. qualifications of a P.esident-ably, experience, and to interfere with tie domestic concerns of thI party ',0111 stand united and firm, however My express has arrived ahead of all oth r.Tbe 20 VERY CHOICE MOLASSES BARRELS for

The pure and strong sentiments expressed PEMOCHACT. These are re.requisies, anJ when the States and Territories, \ve are all agreed. I much the \his might divide. The coming election Mexican government express is expected sale at the Store of 8. S. KMG11T. :

by LEWIS CASS, his impregnable arguments, the U'higi can satisfy the country that in their can Congress, then, cannot act in the matter how can know would whether finally settle his this. question. in He unte to momentarily. If it brings anything additionalof June 171SI8. 43

his overwhelming popiarityTih all the sound d.datl ail these are found to centre they may then the opinions of the President affect the question *,- were for fr against, friEnds the Wilmot'meet Proviso Philadelphia? The democracy moment, I will send another express. Dr. C. C. Van Wyck, :

portion ol the the Uni.on hope to draw off from our ranks all those who are Under Lis views, should Congress pass any law prohibiting were against it. lie tope the whigs would MUSTANG. T ATE f' Professor of Surgery** ia the Franklin 4 4.1A

of his name with that brave, pure, and unquestioned every thing by turns arid nothing lori." We slavery, he wouldctoit.. Should Congress either affirm or repudiate it. i Medical Colle e"of Philadelphia has taken up i

: Southern Patriot BCTLES, all render know this 1: ulUrly impossible, and therefore we interfere in any shape or form, he would put a stop .Mr. DCER asked whether tie gentleman: from CITY OF MEXICO, May 28, 1348.- his residence in Tallahassee, and i it prepared to engage s

at this time bis nomination peculiarly aus. proclaim that the Democracy of f.rida and of tie! to their uncojj fitutional action by the exercise of Pennsylvania bd repudiated meant to say the that Wilmot: the Proviso.Baltimore Would Convention 8 o'clock, p. M. S SI of *. in Bartlett's all the duties of hi.profession." OfEce,South j

!iiou a the most probable nomination to Union will present a front to Whipgery in the campaign the veto I'ower. The South does not ask Congress! the gentleman affirm what was the present attitude hare this moment received the final ratification June iO, 1I4.Building. 47 'I.

a happy and speedy adjustment foreverof which ill prove irresistible in the end. to establish slavery in an)of the teriorieJ. or to of bi pary: ; ? of the Treaty of Peacl by the Mexican V _
this odious of discussion and iucubu Ir. BRoDHeAD replied that Ihe demoratic part and hasten to forward it to Florida.
subject Of their candidate for Vice President MILLARD prohibit it. We demand a neutrality on the part of all the Union would it. Congress, you- Newport Springs,
over repudiate They never
: Federal legislation. Because his the government-for Congress ha over was put to vote in the Senate on the 25th:
o New York littl or nothing ni be any power brought U forward a!a party measure ; the whig* I
Northern and Northwestern friend have all sid in his favor o in the South. His nomination? ir the subject, she has all power. If she can prohibit did, in the Northern Si Ials 3 o'clock. The vote stood 33 for, and 4

rallied warmly to his sUIpor. They knowhis this respect is most unfortunate. That cf ABBOTT slavery, she can fitblih it ) he can approveany Mi. DeER would thank the gentleman to read against it. It was reported by the Chairman .i ::1

sentiments -in him they sus- would have been better. He is not action on the part c Ihe people of the territories him the resolution adopted at Baltimore, in which of the Committee on Foreign Relations on the
lain against the Whigs and Barnburner LAWRENCE such a position wee tkn. 22d and the debate continued by wreral members AKULLA HOTEL, having undertone ex.
tAm over it, also can nullify it. In short, ,
destitute of legislative experience having served in sri : as we .Mr. CROPHEAD said he had read it-the position I TilE ,
(&cion. bearing-a dilcussion-'i en Congress, and filled other hapoitaot station Cut understand the position of the democracy! of the ol the democratic paily was one ol neutrality. Let up to its being put on its passage. You ception of guests improvement,under the superintendence i i. cow open fa of the Mrs.rc
the South success. sense justice the declare how in this that it did not meet with so much
cur South on this delicate it is that whig they regard tn seo op. I
he is sectional in his ,views and will be acceptable question, Congressis stoo. wi MADDEN : experience and well known quali
.will prevail-we shall have tens of thousands matter. abandoned (ind if theysupported position in the Senate it did in the
uider the IthP a tics as a hostess warrants the promise that no
I to the abolitionists of the North. He will prove peculiarly prohibited general principles of the candidate, who refused to Cham.j upeoseor
of able, rigorous, zealous, practiced advocates, constitutionfrorn ber of Deputies. attention will be withheld that would add to the .
acceptable to the Provisoists of New Ycrk, taking any action, in any shape or what his principles were, they did virtually '
say comfort and of visitors.
the position of LEWIS CASS I enclose to the letter of pleasure
sustaining upon form which can impair the of the abandon it,) let them so at once. The democratic you my
I and it for (hi. that l.e nominated. rights (10 say
was very reason was Sales These Springs are situated on the St.Marks River .
this subject. It is there we want light and had stated their all the correspondent.Gen. V
In the last election in that State, Ill received an equal participation in the enjoyment of the terri* party position upon five miles above its junction with the Wukulla. and
A flood of light will be poured loriw of the Cnion-Io great questions effecting (the interests or rights of Smith left fur Vera Crux on the 2 Ith, about eighteen miles South of Tallahassee in the
remore thither with their
5reng. tie North and Northwest at least 40.(1 votes from pseudo democrats, who the people. Let the whig party do the same ; and for the
suVjectin to preparations embarking troops. midst of a healthy pine region. open to the constantsea
of .
prolJel ty description, without interference let hare election exetcise of of
were dissatisfied with the Democratic Convention every any us an by an reason
before which Abolitionism hide its head. ) the outposts have been ordered in to breeze from the Gulf. rendering it a residence
The views of CAES which hae"i been gaining for defeating the Provis.i. They refused to vote IwHuNCCRroRD whatever ty Congress. I not this Gea. C AM' virtue and intelligence.( Al, city-they will be ready to march in three during the sultry ummet months truly delightful. V
and the position ? I it is not, we confess we do not under This i i. the true ground, a we understand it, and ; A substantial bridge hu been thrown over East River
strength since their annunciation must consequence 'allat .I. after arrive which will be in
.. J elected like 4/JO majority. stand it. I it i i. ,'i it not be admitted that his we consider it clearly expressed in the resolution of I days they a day bringing the light-house and flea shore within aa .
was by
now be borne in the front of the great battle MORE something ( or Iwo.Gen.. hours ude on horseback or in carriages where convenience
to be fought. The first fruits of that victory He has been placed on the ticket with TAYLOR to opinions can only have a practical effect when Congress the Convention, a\'cl a* in the substitute offered Patterson's Di\isio being the first to I for sea bathing will be found at all times .
shall undertake to l legislate on t e subject ? by M r. Y A cn". The Contention would have found .
now inevitable, will be a happy and satisfactory propitiate these barn-burners, and thereby to obtain I move, march in two or three days. The bathing establishment connected with the Hotel P
this the electoral rote of that State. Besides all thi*. If we are right in these views, and we believe we it difficult to frame a resolution more comprehensive wi I II hjs been thoroughly repaired,and improvement i,,.
termination forever of vexed i In less the American !
ques. days or .
tfn army made that and shower baths be
the Savannah he voted \vithSlade, are, will not the .Vrtr*join u!in doing battle for the and explicit. I denies to Congress any power, Under \yi I so plunge ran furnished .
si>s Gfor"ian. I be on t their march for I the coast. : al all hours of the dir free of chargetogether
lton.Tee GiJdinji, and others of their kidney to throw success of Ihe democracy}' in this election ? Whatcan the Constitution, I to interfere with questions (e.tnHY" ,I with the intrinsic value and miraculous
arc our we deemed it our duo open We will be bamptre some with our sick, I acknowledged
47 and 'ie\Ts a Committee appointed the door ff( Congress to insulting petitions of abolition we hope frlor and Fill- either in the Slates or Territories. I cn. : lint this cannot helped, as it would not do to effect n{ the water in particular case, present .
: a ? Gen. do than dcmntbe efforts of abolitionists or other madeto attractions to she invalid and citizen of leisure not
mole Taylor ran no more
far.ktici. J In the of when our own
them summer 15-U, true leave those behind who unable travel.
by the late Convention, to communicate ;l are to
nominee wtiiie in certain to 'or" take surpassed in the Suvlhern States. Those in pursuit
the induce to II.
frankly, and to solicit in return your own, and Southern men were arrayed in laror of Polk and a contingency deathof Congress intflHe. incipient Messrs. Sevier and Clifford; t left her for of pleasure alone can altind boa Is for fishingparlies
Texas, he addressed of the the President for instance-the Vice President, steps" in r flat(on to questions of fclavery" a the
to request you to endeavor to procure an expression a large mats meeting Queretaro with American escort on tbe or rxevr.iontothe WakaUzSpring and Ib*
of from the Democrats of whig of the Empire State, (4000 of all sexes and Fillmore, succeeds to Executive power and the Proviso proposes to do, ae calculated to !le.d to 22d, at 7 o'clock. The exchange of ratification Bay or can enjoy Ihe more exciting pleasures of tl I.

your County,opinion in public meeting soon as I ages being present,) from a booth and almost immediately South is gone, past redemption. We hope the JVhr the most alarming and dangerous consequences.sl ."- will take place in Queretaro. The chase seek exercise in the Ten Pin Alley the gam
a of Billiard, or the healthful dance. lois. word .
will reconsider its action, now that the nominations t be more explicit and comprehensive .
under banner of the whig
practicable. that tbe same may be communi. a Decency Pat-!. on colt Commisioners hare full power to exchangethere every thing possible will be dan to make Ihe Springs S r
cated and throughout Ihe State, which tanner were painted Gea. Jackson and James are before the country. I is no tim! No (language could make the matter more plain, sade or here.It anageeableresort. 1,' s

, and thft ndentoo. object is harmony and K. Polk, the latter mounted by a negro, who bore a i hesitation. The country,demands from every man conceive that the Convention acted wisely), in re- is expected the ratification will be exchanged June 10. 1S4S. 47 t

concert of action. In union there i i" small banner, on whichtras inscribed .Texas.." the full and free performance of his entire duty.- jecting, Sir. YANCEY' substitute. to day, the 26th (East Medicines- &c. S

success. We hare Irengh.Entrgensur In his address, Mr. FILLMORE exhibited the strongest The lukewarm are cale upon to arouse them from The withdrawal of the troops will be in the Drugs, ,

to tueet. it is made our acrimonious hostility against Ihe South,and con their indifference. .J any have disappointments c-:: We are reminded by a correspondent that this following order : EDWARD BARNARD, JR.. .

aD to endeavor enemy to learn and to disseminate verted a great national question; (the tariff,) into a to brood over," in tie language of an able democrat is the anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill, and 1st-Gen. Patterson's diri.ioa ; 2-Genar.Marshall's received by the late arri.al'l. a .

.uty{ views of our associates. mere sectional one-denied that the Southern people ic paper, .o fancy they have been -ronst. we uggesting the propriety of commemorating the Division ; 3d. -Division-newten i HAS addition to bis stock cf GEN. ,
them to sacrifice their erent at least, by firing a national salute-a suggestion : UINE DRUGS AND all of
Very respectfully, could ever become a manufacturing people without pray private griefs upon thealtar regiments ; 4tb.-2d Division ol' old regulars MEDICINES
the we think, highly worthy of observance. which are of good quality, love for CVuA.
Your obedient r-err't, &c. periling their power to retain their slaves. o common good. We invite all to take under Gea. Kearny ; 5ih-First Division of Also.an hand a genuine assortment of the following -

JO JIN P. DUVAL. The name of FILLMOXC is enough to sink the part in the contest in which we are engaged, that Cenernl Taylor. old regulars en. Worth which are warranted genuine riit
GEORGE WHITFICLD, they may participate in the glory of the victory We have 2001 sick taka with Houck'v Tonic Mix
whig ticket. or we very much mistake the temper of great Will Dudley Selden, of New York, support- to away us- Fauecea KowaoJ Improved
A. E. MAXWELL which is destined to crow n Ihe efforts *>f the democracy this will cut short our transportation for the ture, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry Erandreth's
the of the That his nomination
M. D. I'-PY. people Suth. can of the Union November. Gen. Taylor for the Presidency, after the following Pilis, Sherman's Celebrated CaJhartir, Camphcr.
SAM S. SIBLEY possibly be acceptable to the whig of Florida, no Leusemem well.The Worm. Cough, and Dinner Lozenges Boupland'.
her that UNION succetn. sentiments uttered by him at the Clay
HUGH ARCHER.W. heavy batteries (siege) of Lieut.Hagner .-
one will for a moment believe. Even should they Celebrated Fever and Ague Remedy,Luceria Cordial. '

ARTE. ratify that TAYLOR, they must certainly scout at The Baltimore Resolution meeting on 2d inst. in New York ? and Capt. Rowland, marched on tbe Thompson's Eye WserMcMeerins'F.lixirofOpium. 3
0 Slavery.The 28th tost. Sands Sarsaparilla Turner's Fever and Ague rule.Tler's .
that of FILLMORE. He may do in New York-" he '' Fellow citizans, I am opposed to Z. Tay.
opposition tc make The from Paebiica and Cneravaco ditto Gordon's Billious and AntiDyspeptic.Pills '
Whig dominations, and so on. may be good enough Morgan to pr- pitiate: the vile press attempt 1 appear lor because be is a mitay (an. I Loll you troops Berkirith's Anti-Dyspeptic Pills, Peters and
that the Baltimore Resolution in I
lefertnce to interfering their march direct for P rote.
The long agony i il last over. The mountain has spirit of fanaticism and deadly hostility to the Ihe olSceof magistrate must never are already on Spencer's Pills and am Agent tor S- P. Townsend'* V
a with ff.tio" of sjarery. w not rufilcienlly few-aid of achievement.So celebrated Sarsaparilla, in bottle. at $t '
Labored, and brought torth-TAYz.or. and FILLMOKE South"-but in Florida hu name will be hooted ha l d a military quart per
explicit, and docs not cover the ground of the substitute I able from the BY TELEGRAPH. bottle. Alto, superior Lemon Syrup, prepared frr>u
*.1 the(Candidates around whom the Whigi of the out of every assembly of 4he people, a unworthy of offered by Mr. YA.NCET,of Alabama. That far 8 am judge history, pure Citric or Lemon Acid, far preferable for th*
... the suffrage of men who are like WASHINGTON, not grave of liberty has been in the head of the From the Savannah Georgian. old Londo
Jnioa a expected to tally -at course they cannot thi i mi t< or&nary use than that usually* ,
a gross palpaUe it seems to us, .
xrxpect the to support them. The Contention ashamed of being slaveholders." will bt- arK to who take army. If you love your country, if you desire BALTIMORE, June 12, P. M. Porter, tc.. tc, ,
ecrt apparent one will
any caiefully consider to continue the institutions now enjoyto J.ioeli,1S.tS. 47
met according to appointment and after pre In opposition to him, vie present Ihe name of the Ihe two resolution The one adopted by the children avoid plucing you military men The Steamship Acadia which left Liverpool -

"limiiuriei had been settled, first with dated doorta chivalrous and high-minded BUTLLR-a soldier of Convention is in th. following words : 'your When it is on the 27lh ult. arrived New.York this FOR S. LE. Apptyto C
: in the Presidency.; SULKY
secret eavttutt tLe public were admitted! and two wars. of tried valor and eminent abilitof attachment undcntoo J. R. FORTUNE,
.'7. That Congress has no power under the constitution that such men are to be elevated/ to positions morning. June 10. IS4S. 47 At the Tin Manufactory. V
permitted to have a lock at the elephant." What to Ihe Suuth, and of Southern birth and to interfere with or control the domestic institution there will be no end to war and When the Acadia left Liverpool, the Cot

the Convention did.betide* the nomsatjond. their residence, and a nan of pure, un.'ullied character of th several Slates, and that such Statesare I aid opposed to Gen bo.hld. an. ton market was dull at a decline of !jd.[ per Western Produce and Groceries.

' Candidate we cannot learn-the trail bringing us and reputation. Can there be a doubt a to which the sole an.d proper J judge 0 everything. appertaining other t That class of men'M Taylor hare lb. Fair Uplands were quoted at 4 jd ; fair TUSTeeceived a li/je supply of PROVISION*
to their afiair reason
: own ,
nothing from which to gather an idea of their subsequent I we should choose? Can there be a doubt i to whiche constitution! that no prohibited by the Mobile at the same ; Orleans fair4jd. Re. .1 AND GROCERIES at the store of 'V
all him forward
thrust the
; efforts of UK abolitionist orother sought to are same
doicgs. If. however, we might be permitted shall clJ.el'e tow not. The people "'i i made to lousier Cong" to interferetilh who in 1844. ruined the country under the eeipts oflLe week prR&"Lou& to the departureof S. S, KNIGHT.
cry June1Qll. 47
to preic we should ay that they hare not erected ratify not only the nomination of tV1E but also qufitwni, of ,slavery, 01 incipient steps in Native Americanism.- : Again is (he thc steamer 60,000 liaIse American.- V '
a .platform") -thai it to say they hare pay that of CA... relation tlnto. are calculated to lead to the mOt party. Sales for the same time 28,000 bale. The '
resolutions avowing a political crred upon the merits alarming dangerous consequence ; and that all organizing, under Gen. Taylor, for tie pur.pose depression cannot cease nntil the affairs of the NoticeOIX -
uch eflofti have en inevitable tendency Lodnuinushthe bearing down foreign Tote. mentis afterdate, the nnder gned. Adrain 4 C
which they will before people and abide A Correction tb become settled. Mid :ling qualities .
go of Ibe
0 and
happiness people endanger Ihe stability O trator of 4he estate of Charles Btctstein. late t/
their verdict. 1 they bare Dot put forth such a In our last paper, we denied that the ori.1 and permanency ol the Union, and opght not From the Mobile Tribune Extra, S/A iiut. bare been forced on the market at even Leon County,will present his accounts an I voucher

( ce we shall b forced to conclude, with the let- : had ever used certain language imputed to it by the to b countenanced by, any' friend of our political in.Itilutiofs Important News. lower rates. The manufacturing districts are belore the Hon. Judge of Probate for said County.

i \ef Mr. WM. Corr JOHKSOM before us, that the Sentinel in regard to the opinions of Gen. CA. on LATE FROM MEXICO-RATIFICATION OFTREATY. much depressed. and pray for a final jelljaeient and discharge frocj V

I frinripln 0 th Whig party sum up in the few be Proviso queLi vu. This.on refexecce to our LJes, Mr. YANCET'S. proposed substitute i i. a follows: The excitement has subsided in Paris.- said estate.THE&ESE BECrCSTTElX, (By her agent) 4

1d "duitoWiIy.- and ,numr' I we are we find to be a mistake. Ibe l Sentinel WM right iu .Remhed. Thai the doctrine of non-interference _MOBILE, MQ.IDAY MOBBING, J.ne 5-9,A. M. There was a commotion at Lyons. The Assembly JOHN B DE CURCE- V

fcwttkea io thi -if the result shall prove that the its quotation and we did him iBJustice which i with the ef property of any portion of the Tbe.U, S| steamer Hetzel arrived, at New disagreed with the Executive. A report May 20. 184S_.44_
: Whtg Convention las screwed itself up to the point gives u* here pleasure to acknowledge. It may not peojJe of this confederation, be it in the Slates or in Oleana1atc. on Saturday night from VeraCru..bripgingtLe prevailed that Lamartine and Ilollin intended .
othe than the
the Territories by interested Teacher Wante&17'AflEDat
f Lad absolutely and unqualifiedly pulilbe to thelo1 be improper to state that the article in our last paper in lhe.n. is the any true republican doctrine pulie recognized .- ratification of the adoption to resign; and that Marias and. Arrago the Acafrmr
a Mt o piMtpl upon which they would ,'a written by the junior editor, who did not write by (his bdy." of iho Treaty in the Senate by I vote of 83 would succeed tlxm. France offered her me. % Y TEACHER, who*Is well qualified toteae-*

:* .the GonrDmet admini.tre-r we sty, they he article from which the Sentinelq'aoted.but from That Ihi latter resolution but reiterates the doc Jea to 4 nays--being; almost unanimously. diation between Austria and Italy, tat it was the English, Lalia, sad Greek languages. Kent

15. *<"* thil, we shall cbeerfally acknowledge our a knowledge which was obtained by examining the trine contained in the first, every candid and impartial ., This vote was taken at three .o'clock, p. rn on declined by the latter. A tt'rrHuiurt"c.; need apply t who cannot produce satisfactory refer-
mistake, a** will admit. 25lh.of lion bad taken place at Naples in which about ences. To a teacher thus qualified, a good opening
tak octagon to contra Wt.i: princi- Congressional debate that General CASS had nHH reader Indeed, to our ttiid, it is the May.
killed and the afterwardswas is here eB<.d. Applkstion.byietttTPOSt1aid)
le wah Democratic We thinV such a creed is I expressed hircsdf diferently" during lh last or much mure comprehensive, and would be preferred Major Graham was hourly expected at W.tra 400 persons were city or otherwise may be made to the ndervgw K V

due (ro the Whip; to the country. With tlie D. any previous session of Congress,he unhesitatingly by us to the substitute. To,say that all effort of, Cruz \\ith i the ratified treaty when Ibe pHUged and reduced to ruins. The Mini Miccu.ookse.

raocrtey, tee is DO concealment. Every voter and as it hastily" denied ihe quotation in tJie obolitionutt o others made t. induce Congress steamer lie zd left, and one of the naval i try was changed and Prince Corrall appoint. GEORGE F:. DENMS. Secretaqr

*:0"CII rrixipiet: -there is BO groping i ja th* tie SmtlJie O'e TJ* wrrter of the :::cr quoted fr*= la interfere with tie 't"w/ :lutrr, 1(take : Hearncrs of he equadroji wa ordered to W fd. The National Guard bad been di6baa- Juncj$1S. 48Ip lt


----- ---

__ : -r----- -

_ ; A -' .-. -------v---_ -T-TEi1--1: -
I-- .- ,J
-_- -i -j-- -flL = j:_ -I-- T-_i -- -*-. -- --n .1 L-_- "' AXE7IDMENTS: TO THE Boot and Shoe Making. ST 'GLAla w '- I

; Bar. Yesterday a case jfroposals lor a Loan Spices, Pickles, &o. hlEunitersignedbaving purchased the
) Gcnavnlyofth* Constitution of (the State of Florida. ,
( 1 of extreme hardship was brought to the notice TTNDERWOOD'S pickled Gerkins, Mangoes. OnU entire stock and materials of LPAERcHrci.D. Q. i
= TREASUHT, DEPARTMENT, ions and mixed Pickles; pickled Lobster, Walnut .U who is about leaving the State,
; ;(. of Judge Kth. A young gill was convic. .April 17, I IM-- and Tomato Ketchups,.Capers, Olive Oil Mustard Proposed and agreed to by the third General respectfully informs his friends and the

1 led of the larceny of money under peculiar OEALED, proposals wi be receive. under the act Pepper and Pepper Sauce, Cider Vinepar fresh Assembly ; subject to the action of the n'xt .. public I that he is at present at the old stand, where JAMES TUCKER, MAITB I

:1. circumstances. Nearly two years since a 0 of 31st March p. on Saturday, Goo.oeberi its and Currants in bottles, fresh Salmon he is prepared to execute all work in his line with i undersigned avails himself N
"t : hoarder her father's house missed a small the 17th of June 1S4S for sixteen millions of dollars Shad and Halibut in canUter*, Curry Powder :and Assembly. promptness and despatch. He has on hand the finest t THE the public that the of liii, 1Io4e.

of United States! stock reimbursable twenty ; '. Preserved Ginger, Cur all soils of materials, and will new SI
Gajcnr.e and -
\tr: ;:":.. sum of money out of his truiik, which she con. years from and after the M day of July, l1',bearing rant Jolly rant rroi.Cbt'rir VerraicilliRussia and American AN ACT to amend the 12th Clause of the JIb Ar- of calf skins short, notice anti in the best manner, GEN. GLASGOW 13 now River performing her regulu *
make at the Suwannee between
: frsled to hare taken under the supposition 'is percent. interest per annum, paj able semi. Isinglass, Irish MOSJ, dried Currants, Prune 'ticlejof (the Constitution of this State so that the TLEMEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES of every description. This boat is Colatnbo tnd" f .
her. The of thedefendant annuIly, on the first das of January and July of( Judges of the Circuit Courts shall huld (their offices Keys. strongly built of t. be to : and Citrons. and
"! that it belonged patents Boots footed, soled, otherwise repaired in terials and by two 1
No bid will be received below rat ; nor of instead! of during engines, and caP"Wa-- *
each eight
Cinnamon.Clo'el years
Ginger for a
) He will
o restore the ta. NutmI' AI.pict. and at reasonable charges. war hundred
had promised prop. thereof 1bf [ good style carrying one tons burthen IE
: ,
will biJ be ; in"ei: one per rent and behavior. or.coo
r. any (otuMrf ". Sage, Savory gooo} be to done in the place, "
from rant his work to equal any with suitable *
but .were prevented iiiit probably of the United the Senate and House cotton, accommodations for Ie
city u dep! sited some depository sweet Marjoram, nun e Flower, Rose Se Peach waters SrctioN 1. Kelt enacted b1: satisfaction as to fitting as fornT
.mt. doing so, in conseq-ience their pon'rtJ.Ihorllim .- StJtc at or before the date. fixed lor opening Hie pioposals. extract of Rose, Lemon, Peach andTantll3..- Representative of the State of Florida in Central and to five,rkman.as good any sengers of light draft, requiring but seventeen, ''V.* "

: ; tiuce, the girl! was married to : The bids.in all!esmi'st be unconditional( For site hy L'WISn: :. 4, .tuemWftonv'neJ, That (the 12th Clause of other w JOHN LERCH. es water,thereby enabling her to per rrorm"r !;Pt II
hid of others, and of this State be regularly at all seasons of the year between Aj III
refeioncc the ] the Constitution
And without! any to I leeetnr! 4, ISO. 20 the :11)) Article of tf
which tha
; respectable young man, prosccu'orcommenced o MiySl 17. 42 bus and Cedar Keys,leaving Columbus evervTrS"DAY 01
*!hn\lt tate! tiistit.ctly; Ihc( premium (f .d. The no nrnMiJed as to read as follow, viz: That at thectt'iraifsfl
1% (proceedings sgaiust hr. Tlic propos sic l shouW be soj'led. and endorsed I'roposa Fine Perfumes, of the present term of office of the Judges morning at o'clock. A. M. and Cedat i- '

i". mother ofthe girl wan forced to appear again>t for the loan t:f 1"1(M," and addressed to (the Secretary From the Lubin Paris. of the Circuit Courts, with the exception hereinaft NEW GOODS. every FRIDAY morning. Should sulfide1 parr fo
-. her in Ihe performance of a sacred but painful 01 t tli* TI.u, Wushington City D- C. The .ums Manufiirlory c t mentioned the Justices of the Supreme Court, age le extended or the interests of shippers t;
l..1 which labe atpl-will be re-jtiired; fo be paidto TTEDYOSMIA! lelilropo.! Jockey CluS, Rn.e Ge- ami thd JIII'KOS of the Circuit Conrt ,lhaIJ' be elected subscribers would call the attention of the her to perform two trips per week the proprwil: twill

I. duty, and it was snot t likely! her testimonythat the d. paisitary of the United State. nearest the JLJ. rjnium, Millell ur*, I'dtchouly, Mi nionte. fur a term of ei.ht years, and shall hold: their offices filE 10 the choice and extensive assortment cheerfully acquiesce in, and make (tht ntttuT 10

.. ., influenced the jury" in rendering a reraict places ot resilience of I ht persons re<:pi-rtiv i 'ly whose Ambrosia, Seringa, Der. of \rhl., IJer.de 1.1 H'int for tha term. nnle s sooner removed under the pro. cf f (GOODS now receiving Per Brigs Waku'.la and cb"ne.oradd another new boat to the liDt..r fTv'capacity Ie

of guilty. ,ulers may I be successful ; hut the amount of .the ac- Iljlaiitirie: VanilU., "Ilt.t*, H.'rgamothdin, 'i..ionrn3dt": in this; Constitution fur the removal of Emeline. Their stock has been velectedwith care, to the one now employed. As toou'ii B I.

; Judge King said that he had reflected tvrpted l hits. lr.ni bid-lt-r! not ri>i ling in '!U luiltlSlatt" ALtrrocain and es-i BfU'IItf' Jdvlijesjby address cr impeachment ; and for wilful from the most fashionable establishments in New ticable this boat will extend her trips thiifa 1M. j

and had determined upon m 1st hi d It posited. with the a."i i.-U'it tf'a At n. Gloria's .\, (( and Preton & nc liClj of duty, or other reasonable cause, which York; and,has ing been purchased at reduced prices, wannee river to the Upper Springs, and gj vWithlacoochie

?. ()e case, revs at Nw York, Boston, Philadtlj-hii.or New Or Merrill's: 1 Extract: of I'razrant Flowers. shall nt< lie ,uir.cient ground for impeachment the they are f"nahl\lto furnish their customers at prices ( river. "j* at
ltyulMllb nominal! wntence, believing' : that C".loinc aNo h French and) TheirREADY The wenld farther
: leans. The true Farina tie (Governor: shall remove any of them on the address proportionately low. undersigned tate that I. iotheis

I the end public! justice would' better sati.sfied To give a:pportnnity to al pcon'to participate American. Lavender an>l FnriJ.t| \% .,' *, Cay Ruin: of lwo-thirds II f the General Assembly ; I'rociJcil.hoicrtrr. MAD 'OLOTM3NQ proprietors of this boat, bate availed! thtll4 r

* : than iflhe severity of the law were in. in the investment ..f funds il this stock, bid will and A"'I' de la floinfite -jrnlics, rich Porn ides, That t the cause or causes shall be stated at selves the provisions of an act entitled, Ai tat.
d.nominationof certificates i Hair-oils anl )Hair-dyes Shaving and Toilet Soaps, the of is of the best of materials and being manufactured improve the navigation and to 01
her. Ho then decreed that she I hrer 1 i\o(fo he lowest' length in such address and r-ntrntl on journal navigate the Sow.
. flicted upon authorized! by law-being for lilly dollars-as well fine and coarse Combs, linnhes: fi-rthc Head. Teeth each I House.. .1ndprvcirr.Tht the eau'e directly under the eye of Mr. Stillman. all nee river, and for other purpose therein mtlllinl1f'ci' oj

.. : a fine of one cent, restore the property, as tor higher Nails and Flt..li. A sujif rior article of CoM ( ream, or caus-'bs shall be notified to the Judge so intended fear of shop-trork is thereby precluded, and person enacted at the last session of the Legi Iaari( f ifc' &I
I )undergo twenty-four hours impiisonmcnt.A ; All tvrtincates under one thousand:. dollars wi be in poti. For sale Uy LEWIS &\U: to In removed. and he shall be Emitted to a hearing purchasing may rely upon gutting an article well State of Florida ; that they have rel'rntl.rpll zd! 0;

member of the! bar rose and aaidth it l.e was transferable! 0:the boohs of the treasury ; all December-, t"17.BULL I in Isis own d.-fence, before any vote for' such removal made. Among the articles comprising their their company pursuant to the provisions cf nld let

L : sure that his brethren around him would raise certificates. lor that shin and upwards: will be transferable --------- ---- ------ shall pi.s : and in such case the vote shall be taken F.ILL JIJ\'D 111VTER STOCK under the name and style of the Florida S '.1..."' U
L' the bock of the or by l ant entered the Journals of each nat Improvement and Steam Navigation I'
on trea'iry delivery PRATORIUS hvra an< nay; on
.. the money on the spot, if the Court would with! attached, at the option of the bi
Lt \vilhhuld its sentence for the present. To avoid(coupon cxjiejn:1, : confuiirn, and multiplication of At the rUttier store! nnlll Ihf Vminrl Office and ft. De further macin,!. That the Judges first ilk! French Cloth Frock and Dress Coats Sacks, Bla.Sass*, of which due notice will be given (arranges parchuiiur
Castor Beaver
and Invis. Green ,
The sum about 830, and the whole out was accounts ah certiorates with coupon attached will opposite the Tho-nix Buildiiiirs, appointed under this amended Constitution shall be Brown Mix Tweeds and colM. Casimer do- Cotton and other products of the countryor -
Gotha. fancy *
be for the of thousand Collars. four cla-wcs. The first class shal! liberal cash advances, all ihippi i.t
'. in the of three miiiu'cs: obtained-tlie aunt one divided by lot into upon property
space NOW OPENING; choice and well selected l I'ellots and Blanket Overcoats, &c.. Heavy Pilot
The s'lcccs.'fiilbidJt.rs: will be todeposite : office offices for the term of two when rerjuiretl. As soon as practicable Uultsuitable
oil required ARK hold l.it or their or a l
Commonwealth CLOTHSSS1MERS Cloth and Cloaks of fine Elk
Ulcers of tho throwing : ol and Beaver Overcoats
the amount a".ard.d in eciiu.il instalments in eachof \ST. years, t the second for the term of four vean, the third packet will be established by the Coo DM,
( Black French Cas-
( of
their costs at the name I lime. After the mono the mouths of July, August,September. October, INGS and READY'-MADECLOTIllXG. great f.-r the term of "ix }cars, the fourth fur the term ot and mile Cloths, Pantaloons between Cedar Key and New York and New (V. II
spJc'cti.t hese Plaid Check
tIlt' of goodi Blk Ribbed do., & Striped
t timer
'a nJ t i n fancy
had been thus raised, the prosecutor step. :and November of the present year except for sums care la.h'besto\.d t-iglit yiars.Pai leans for the conveyance of freight and :
: oy warrant them in saying to all who wish to purchase do. also,Tweed, Sat mdl and Jean do.&c.: VESTSof Passenrtrt
; : (H.J forward, and positively refiued to touch not exceeding; twenty thousand. dollars. where the good bargains, you will J. well to call! and, examine [ .-d the Senate by the Constitutional majority Black; and Farcy Satins, Striped and Plaid Silks, thereby securing to all its patrons, a safe aad ..I tl
) bidder be desirous of making immediate payment December 22. 1S17. Passed the House of RepreentatiJcs ditious mode of transportation of their
may .
a of the and desired that the our stock. It would lie a gre.it tax on time and patience Velvets, Plaid Cashmeres and Valencia, Plaid Silk property to a
penny money in which (;<,- the whole amount mav at once < by the Constitutional majority January C, either market as well as return cargo to its place of
be extended to the unfortu-: lo enumerate the ilit'.erenl! styles and pattern I Mazurkas, &c. &c. C
utmost leniency all destination.
he dipoitnl. The stock will bear interest m ca- 1-IS.] The rates of transportation "IU ill
composing (this assortment : Miflice it to say that a Thehave also an extensive assortment of Cloths. BO I
Ilate! oner.-lhil. Ledger. the date of 15 ISIS. 39 Cm instance exceed those heretofore charged
iOTfl deposile. April ,
; 4/ imers *
I portion of these cloths! cas" are 01' III II- Cassimers and Vestingunmanufactured, consistingin t
will b .1 the Department for like services, but material
The l.i.ls opened ; Treasury) a reduction of
The Kick Man's genii ( IlIllS ItonsK'tl I.H,tro, 31t1lhcclutl.in1 and past of: Superior French Black and Wool Dye neb t
1racf.-St'\ral 1'tli June, IMSin rates id
SJturdy.lhe at
at 3, p. m., on i U of Notice. : Blue and contemplated an early period, as soon
every article of their stork a style and! jUdlit\ Cloths, do. English do. do. do., English I
.: Il'r on board.: c steamboat on a sou.htr river, the presence ol all persons who may desire lo attend that will please the most fastidious.Tl.ey persons having claims against the estate of Invisible Green, Wool Dye do., Black Beaver and the increase of business shall warrant such teduclioa c

p were noticing and commenting on the [plantation ; bit, iinih'r a provision!inrolnd, : : into the act would mention that these CLOTHS are of ALL: : H. Crowd!, late of Wak-illa County, Castor do., French Black Ca"simer?, do. Ribbed do. The facilities offered to parties of pleasure and others a

;1f. ? they were passing. One of tht'U en. of withdraw:'.t of March his liii last!. On no bid.'r!*will not accented be permittedto the the finest? texture, the bLOt t English: wool dve, French ,!'c'\I.! are rC"lu'J-d to present them, duly ant h1"n- do., .'anc Plaid and Striped do. of the latest and the to visit most the Keys,and at all desirable seasons of the year out .f c

L jiiired ot a plain and ruMy.looking man, who <-sited) in ahanrc(! will be immediately wool .h t e black,do.C.I.ilm.'r,London wnol h e Mack, t til'ah'Cl.ill.in t the t time i prescribed by law, or they t most fashionable styles; VESTINGS of Black and and others healthy in the State and the beautiful retreats for invalid* t
do. Cats., Frer.ch and (German; black c1tlid.! Cass., will i Im'bririeJ' : ; t those i indebted to t the c 4ta'C"a.re Fancy Plaid Satins, do. do. Silk, Silk and Woollen and roN c
( him: who I : place rittirrw.1. The whole) pnmiuin on the amount a- tic of the Suwannee
near will. it is
"too o\I.llle cl'llt French fancy t'a..imd'4.nTI earnestly requested to make immediate ta)men!. Velvets, Cashmeres and Valencia, Vesting of Rich scenery supposed& t
Ibcl $Zi Mglit. Mr was reply. ivaid-xl rIb! deposited: ) as part of the tn>t payment : S of tine M.wk .' .,Iin. fine plaiJ Satin, HARKIET CKOWELL: Executrix. Velvet Plush, &.C. &c. inducements many to avail themselves o(so pleu- 1

.g m a \eJ Mr. J. has a splendid! ,f.rl then! ,' re required. in July next. R. J. Silk, Woollen Velvet. (Ca-hnvr: and Polkanelt, XC1x.rtplil I I. HIS. 37 2m ALSO, AN ASSORTMENT OF ant This an excursion. ,

tho gentleman. Presently another WATIFP Cerro Gorto and rherubuco" Montercv checked. Company having as they believe, made all I
lurtd Secretary Treasury.April Hats and Caps(Monterey)>Bro. and Bleach'd. Cotton requisite arrangements for the convenience and
." MADE l Fine blk. accommodation
plantation:: with its buildings trcttJ the at. ?, l I"I Notice. Linen and Cotton Shirts < Undershirts, of the I
: public, they solicit its ,
: French dress and frock coats, do. English wool .Kcdo. o- .
trillion of these anl 1 ---- creditors, and legatees entitled to Elk Hal. Silk Cravats ',Silks and Merino do.
::'.a,".. gentleman tl' rough do., French Cn',imer Sack Coats, Doc-skin d..., ALL persons age.For I
: )looking : applied to for name of Groceres, &c. black and fancy cloth Sack mixed doc-skin or otherwise interoted in (the estate Fancy Satin do mal \:1 opera
the Mr. Johnson is the owner,' in nnn .| hIntS SIDES, and coats,black bcoivrcl'.th It.lC'and over-coats, black ot Anderson Snoedlate of Jefferson County, Fancy Satin and } Undershirts, SMITH & Co., Columbus Messrs. SMITH 4. HARRIS -

; proprietor. lUjUUU SHOULDERS: Clojks. l'anlalonn of tine black Cassiml"r medium (deceased arc hereby notified exhibit their claims Plain do Scarfs, Brown Cotton and Cotton- Madison, Messrs. PUTNAM &, RICHARDS,
' said he. Indeed the same man that ownsi" 1"'"I Ibs. best Leaf and demands within two years 'from this date to the Jenny Li rid Hhks. ', ado Drawers, Cedar Keys, or to the undersigned. 5
t JaJ. Jo. of fancy CasMmer of the
the other ?' Yes, the same.' 5'f-t' Ibs. Carolina Utcst, a tle.great variety J'tsts of dficriplion.pants Military undersignd.' ) or the same will be barred ; and all Blk. White and Col'J Kid'Gum; ElaMic Suspenders, JAMES TUCKER,

'.: What a foituuate man this Mr. Johnson 2'l' bbls. St. Louis Flour, i| Trimming'', I Hosiery, Shirt very*, Gloves, Cravats sell.idjuling persons ,indebted to said estate' are requested to make' Gloves, 'Merino and Cotton Half-- And others Proprietors.

sacks U.o ColT. e, immediate payment i Hose Columbus, Florida, January 22, 18-18. 22 ly
'. must be'to possess two such cstablshmcnts! as II Stocks, Suspenders, and almost even thing toWILLIAM
choice Li.juors and Winc-4, SNEED, Adm'r.County Patent Leather Shoes, Umbrellas, Money Belts,
these third fourth and fifth :lulol'm' ronnected with a gentleman's
: even a 1M". (!,)Utde rectified! Whiskey, & P. are preparctl) to execute all orders accord. JetTraor, March !IS, 1< Ig. 3"3m Shoulder! Braces, &c. &.c. Jefferson Circuit Conrt.
under the notice ol (he
plantation passed gen- In "z-n bf,t P.trt Wir.e l ins to the late>t and most r approved style CLARK & STILLMAN.

.t de men, and in reply to their questions they II 1" MadeiraVinc! N. B. Bv the tiext arrivals we expect torecehe U. S. MAIL LINE October 23, IS 17. 14H. IN CHANCERY.
t,. : wore informed that they aso' belonged to Mr. .1" "Sherry TilE REMAINDER.October : William Bailey, Adtn'r. de bent non of Join W-!

';. Johnson. And who takes care ol'all!! these S Claiet Irt, 1 1-(17. 13 5s2? DOLWORTSHI J, tiny, deceased Complainant,
Soap, Candle*, Starch, Che, Pic'iclt-s, Olives, vs.
L. J firms for Mr. J. ?' they ilquir J. 'I I take Olive Oil. C-il.-iip. Mi-tard; IVpper.Hround Pepper, -Sale--jwtponed till tat Monday July. Attorney at Law, Tilman D. Purifoy, Defendant.

care ofthtm/answered the plain-looking tna ii.t Green and Black T-asi.c.. &. ., at the new jtn cervaloreof Sales.BY Xontitello, Jefferson County, Florida, IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Ceirt, by
: S. S. KNIKHT.; Hamilton Tax affidavit made in this that
cause, Tilman D.
.Vell, it must be a deal of trouble, and he '- -- attend the Circuit Courts the Middle Fvrifoy -

:, ought to pay you for it.' He does not, April -20, 1M". 11 \iituoof the IHC'r'd in me by law, I From Tallahassee to Macon. WILL" ,and of the County of Columbia of the (the said defendant, resides out of the Stats .(
weI 1 laalI'.c for sale; before (the Court Hou;e Florida, and in the State of Georgia, on motioa f
: if he ought,' said man. What does hegive Pure Sulphate of Quinine. door in the town of Jj.per, Hamilton County, Florida Throtizh in forty-tiro hours from Tallahassee to Eastern CircuitFlorida. the solicitor for complainant: Hit Ordered, That

you !'' asked the gentleman. He on ygives on thclir.-t Mnndjin JI1I1P.I''I."thefoll\\'in .Mafon, ami to Charleston in three days, Monticello, August 22, 3-20. 5 the said Tilman D. Purifoy do appear and answer

: : ms and !' said the T lIE siibscri!>eM have en han.l two hundred and desriibtd proptrty vroH much thereof a"11111 in time to take the Mail; Hunts on the bill of complaint filed in this cause within four
my \'ilual1 pay Notice.SIX
cots fitly ounce of of(! which they .Yurth the .
Sulphate; ijuinine fourth day.'HUE months from the date of the publication of this
who to be the State and County Taxes due thereon,f r the year or*
,man fiappencd [ have obtained: Inert fII the riianulacturers, and IS 17, to-wit : ta111 leave Tallahassee on Mondays", months after date I shall present my final ac- der, or the said bill of complaint will be taken for

a; Only your victuals and clothes for doing ail they wilurrant it to be a superior article. TheSW 1-1 I of the S El I 1--1 of section 33; the entire JL Wednesdays, and Fridays, al,1 o'clock, A. M., and vouchers to the. 11, n. Judge of Pro- confessed : Provided, That a copy of this order be

.4* that well he's : mean fellow !' We !! (nlrl our stock of Drug and Medicines section :il the W 1-2 of sclion 35 the E 1-2 of and arrivqin Macon.ria,(: Quincy, Bainbiidge, Newton bate in and for Leon County, and apply for letters published in some newspaper printed in the Middle

.e: _ _ _ _ by '( ari\I*, and are prepared to execute the S W I-1 of; section 20; all in township; 2, range Albany Americus, and Perry,) on Tuesday, dismission as administrator of the estate of Joseph Circuit of Florida, once a week for the space cf few
= -- -- -- orders 'lor articles in our line, at wholesale: or retail: and : at 10 P. \1. in
p In Hamilton Circuit Court. 12, north and ca. t; also the N W 1-4 of section 2, Thursdays, Saturdays, o'clock Allen, deceased. months. (Signed)
un the most :accommodating UTin. and t th. N 1-2 of section 3, and the N h E1-1: J of sec time for the cars for Savannah. I.cavinlacon on COUNCIL B. ALLEN, THOMAS DOUGLAS, Jidrt.

MIDDLE CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA. We !have ai a le-v arcoll.el 3.ie! to us f'lr the (tion-I, of t t. \\ :.hip I rain' 12,north. and east, pnrportinsto Monda, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 o'clock, A Administrator with the will annexed. December IS, 1847. 22 4m

"r'4. MAY. TERM, ISIS.. year I lsi7. They! are cent-rally in sHul aiii unts. ,IK-I.>nj to the Estate c.f Hector W. Braden.AL )., awl arriving in Tallahassee on Tu-e1av- !, ThurdJI !- February, IS 13. :32 6m
but i if the whole could he paid! shortly, w ud! co _
and at 10 o'clock P. M. This line
trW John Williams, j> "O-TheS E: Iof! the S E 1-1 of section 31, fsittirdajs Middle District of Florida,
for towards liquidating! cci tain sumwhich we owe. connects with the Central Rail ;'avannah, Augusta Doctor John P. Duval
Bill Divorce.IVUjia I 13 north and -t ,
for ,
> township I. range e: purporting te WAKULLA CIRCUIT AND COUNTY.
; Williams, his Wife. ) & belong to the Estate cf Benjamin Chairr Milli jgeville and Western Rail R-ia -rri 20, 151Q. 41 JOSIAH T. : Itmbus, f>:. It also connects with the Mail Line OFFERS Daniel Ladd, Plaintiff ? ,in AtaehnetU
: TT appearing to the satisfaction. of the Court that. li.MSDEN.Shfriff, I ihassec and surrounding country Office j |
-- -
; JL P"lliaUilJ, the Defendant in the above stated Cigars Cigars trojtrieia Tax Col. Hamilton Co. IS 17. from Qtiirvcy to Chatfahoochie, from and thence to Apa- in Wm. Wilson's Building over Hayward's BookStore Thomas LocLbart, Defendant. 5 Debt *327 53p
lachirola. can Tallahassee to
P.4 cue.dot-s not reside in the State of Florida, and MJfdll1I'I H. 31-3mrj Tallahassee.
i that tit defendant resides in the State of Gtcrg.j 1 /: Ann SPANISH RKGALIAS: just received ( The above alc Las been postponed until the Columbus! in three days, and but one night will be February 20, IS-13. 32 I OTICE is hereby given to the laid Thwnu
Lockhart and all other interested in
1-J.UUU the road between Tallahassee and Macon. persons tilt
aol) for saio by pent on
first in
the ordinary ot law cannct be Mon.l.iv July.
process The rest as"urrd that attention will above cause, that the plaintiff Daniel Ladd, baa instituted
LH. (; CO. public may every
--- '
fccrvcd her motion cf M. D. L. IJU. < II.
: Solicitor: for Complainant upon It is ordfrrdbylF4e lte'h., May SO, 1 IS F. -II icci; ;; Circuit Court.IN lie paid to the comtort of those who may patronize this suit by attachment, issued from (he office
this Line. SURGEON DENTIST, of the Clerk of the said Wakulla Circuit Cow

4; That service b p.-rlc'e upon; said defendant by Eun-\UU TjVr.ST, CHANCERY.Creditors' FARE against the lands and tenements, goods and cbatttli,
: located in
permanently Quincy,Florida
)publication, according case made and Hill fur t'ttUment of Estate. HAVING
.1wl it the Cosst.1.ziat Notary Public James I R.: I From Tallahassee to Quincy,S"2.:0; to Bainbriilgc, tenders his services to the publicin of the said Thomas Lockhart, who resides beyond
:. provided: u hcrity ordtredly Broomc and otheis, for themselves and
the limits of this State for debt due to the said
i to Alhaay, 5II 1 and Macon, 22. a
the various branches of his From his
: .. the said; Defendant appear on cr before the first T.iLI-ilLISXEK, FLORW.l. other creditors of .\. ). Gutliu, Complainants, ; profession.
; WEIGh! IT & SAWYER, Proprietors. Ladd on a promissory note, executed and delivered
:. day of the next term of said Couit to be held on experience and success in practice he fed assuredof
April I I"I IS. rto I vs. JOHN M. and payable to W. H. Perry rr bearer, dated the 8th
Ky VR'iI ent.
able those who .
after the first Mr.nday in October being to please patronisebim.Dr.
Wodnesdaj may
next Turbutt !!
R. Rettein. Sara A. Detron, his Wife, I ecutri" -
; fr5OlTlcc at the Planter's Hotel, Tallahassee of November, lS44due one day after its date, and
) B. refers the
.r 2T.J answer the complaint (,fiLe. Complainant in his If1. Gatlin, and others, Drftmlants. public toCol.
Spring and Summer Goods, E. B.fUV.:1'111: ; at M.ij. NATHANS, in Quincy. W. T. SToCKToN Dr. J. M. W. which note was transferred from the said W. H.
i s liil: charged,or they \\ill be taken as confessed, ar.d an order made by his I Honor DATrDSON'oG
WHiKr\ J.iy! 17, 1-47. .1: C. II. DvPONT Dr. R. E. LITTLE.Otlice Perry by delivery for a valuable consideration to the
. ;\ tIle Court will grant such decree as shall seem proper .I.A JII.ke, on fie l I-t Dcemhor n. .
and interest
said LadJ to
. in that case made and provided. BIrrL'6N ,\ IIKJCS; I Is* 17, I in the above! ('tat tiled came, I the under- -- ----- -- opposite the 5!. E. Church. Ladies waitedon Aether to, now the amounting of three principal hundred and *
$ A true from the ot the Ccuit DR. J. REESE'S at their( residence as usual. sum twenty-
? copy min.tel : vigoed wj- appointed other things lake
+ It B.E now rertirine a hare and een<-ral a.rt- anifing II, 1S17. S seven dollars and fifty-three cents : Now the said
*,.' JOlX S ptrn.\XCE. Tkrk. ZV bent of ol SPRING AND .SUMMER COODS; ;ri. a( "'lnt 61 t what 11 du-1 t'l Cainll.Iinants Inrllnir I September defendant and all other persons interested in th.

June 'i, t"i .ln| .which they invite the atttnlion. of the | u'.dic.: ( !Uims. and to all olhrr crrJitor >,( said A. \. I;.t- LIVER & DYSPEPTIC MEDICINE. above suit are hereby required to enter his or their

:' .. In Hamilton Circuit Court. March 2;, 1" IS. 3'i' tin, \\Ith interest therein ; and it was ordered turilnr of feeble constitutions and .those of se- M. D. PAPY, appearance and plead to the declaration filed in the

'J TliJt the sail l Master tl<> cause an adverti>einent PERSONS habits areol'ton: troubled with habitu..1rholi't'nt. .f msy .W9 said suit, on or before the first day of the next May
a MIDDLE: : CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA.SPRIM New ifoIRSprini Trade. I to be puMi which often! exerts unfavorable
a very lIlTII.L Practice in all the Courts in the Middle
l ; TKRM, !',. in T..lluh.i and in such
published weekly st-e,
> kulla otherwise will be rendered
: ,or judgment against
-- ----'- influence their : health, which is
STATE OF FLORIDA : other public as hi- ..allllink!! for ujH'H general : partlc.I Y Y Circuit. Office on the first floor ofthe Cap
r-.i. TIE new"1'3IH'r'| proicr: him them default.
To all tehom it may, Concern. S. F. nUlEY the creditor of the siij .Ml'nJ) M. Gatlin to come I nEatly manifi-stcil( t-y irreguUrity.il f not total loss of itol, South win?. room formerly occupied by the or by DANIEL LADD.

t fl' .' ,y\7"nEREAS Elizabeth. Staj.lcton did, on .the \7t70ULI) return Ihak to the public and country III beiorc him, and pro e (their Lbts, on or before the di|'efite.i i'l In this condition recommended of !the with system( the this article Secretary ofthe Territory. February 10, 1S43. 31

: \ : of February last, file her petition > V planters fo the past liher,l patronage first t day of May next ; and Hut MKI ol t the creditors confidently theldoso: is assurance, November 15, 15-1;. 17
that, 1ft properly adjusted so as not to
I I lor dower in the real estate of Alexander Sta-: he has received from them, and respectfully n- whoshMl riot come i in and prove t thHr debts by the ti me -
Watches Clocks and
the bowels too actively, relief mab relied JOII.EKSUIXE, Jewelry
tt.t _"..5 Jldondd.'eas in the Circuit Court lor quests a contihuaiire of the same. I have just ic- aforesaid, shall be excluded (the benefit ot this decree move >! ,

: :;. County, Middle Circuit of Florida.: Hmilol, reived.per Wnr.lhr. from New Yrka GENERAL: ; and thai such person, not |!arties to (the bill, upon without any cr e\cn the the least unpleasant con- ATTORNEY AT LAW REPAIRED."HOWLE .
frcm of
;' : Iu'refvre. to command all persons interested in !Mid ASSORTMENT! OF GOODS which call and examine who hall come in belure the said Master to prove juences mcdicinpJ resulting rrsorled use to. common purgative ( Florida. / & MYERS, having secured the service

' d-: ('Ia' personally to b:and appear before the Juc!
::: .,. f>f sod Court fur said County and District, at the March 2.>, I41 1 b. .1>> contribute to the rornp'ainirits: their proportion of of this medicine may rely on it WILL' the Circuit Court of Middle Florida, the repairing of Watches and Clocks exclusively,

, t (%-uit House in slid County, on Wedaesdjy atr! the --.---- I the expense of I his slit, ti> be 4'IIII..J(! l by the said the pre'clllifopntil'tir t intimation of an approaching attack.by using There on and the Courts in the adjacent Counties of Georgia. are prepared to do all work in their line of business

l"% fut Monday! )' in October next, bein; the first day of In Jefferson Circuit Court. Ma>ter." And it w ss also ordered, I that "in account some" constitutions liaise: : to regular attacks ol' NoVt'mbrr2'.ISI5. 19 tf ted and promptly.
I nct Term, to !how cau1.* if any they have, why lie r taken of all secuiilies or collaterals held by the QCJ- Sentinel November C, li>47. 16
Billions Fevcjr almot fall to such the of copy.
the SPUING! TERM 1S1*. every ; t use
siid t-hould ,.
.' petition not be granted, according to creditor n-"rw'liH'I.and a report he made of the
.,:' ::. law in that case made and provided.Wit.'ies ChjrlesLrovvt". > Petition to Foreclose MortArthur same, ami I of the value of each.:* And it was also this medicine i is r> commended, beginning to use it LEWIS &. AMES Notice.
: the middle of first of June. ,
;. .. : *, J.hl S. Purtiance, Clerk of said Court r. ordered) that all parties lOahe examined interrogatories by May or
; .a' $ of Personal J ( upon Those whope digestiveorgans are foible often experience /A LL persons indebted to thecstale of Louis Joiner,
Ihis 2711') day of A. D. 7jJ B1ley.ga"e f'rlJ.Tit and all books in DEALERS
.l-: May 1'ilS, and produce and papers
: (EAL ] ; def and interes'fd a sqnse of fullness, weight and XJL late of Hamilton County, deceased, are request
year of American n.ant. al persons arc their custody or relating thereto, oath oppressionabout DRUGS MEDICINES PAINTS OILS
Independence. puwer upon ,
; notified of filing of the Petition for t the stdmich after eating, will find this medicine ed to make immediate payment ; and those having
JOHN before the said
S. Clerk. Master till said Master shall di-
c" PUR\'IA1CE, as afford almost immediate relief. Toilet Articles if. Window Glass demands are requested to present them in terms o
i June 3 til IQ. 4 Foreclosure of Mortgage in this cause, and they are reel" ,
: / -t and to the if Ladies near their confinement often suffer from the law, duly authenticated.
.. required to appear ;IIal same, alYpl'a I' Now, therefore, all person claiming to he creditors PAINTERS BRUSHES AND COLORS,
: Hamilton Tax Sale.BY haveaccording to The is heartburn and costiveness : to such this article is ELIZABETH JOINER, Adm'xFebruary .
they : mortgage on personal of said A. :. fi.illm; are hereby, in pur' .uance of Apothecaries' Glass Ware, &c.
;.;,; : ; virtue propetty, and was made to secure the highly recommended, as it can be used without the 19, 19JS. 31 2m
of the payment said onl notified Ihc.-Jr
: power vested i in me by law, I r to produce claims and the
; least danger,and with great benefit. In sick above constantly on hand and for sale at the
hundred dollars and
of fifteen or nervous -
shall! for wtt'rtst. vouchers in theieof and all and THE
expoa sale before the Court House support! t collateral market Furniture Carpets &c. for Sale.
THUS. headache (it is invaluable. prices. ,
door, in the town of securities I t then-fur before
< Jasper, Hamilton County,FloJida meat my ollire iu Tallaha -
jl for Petitioner. This ariiclo will be found to act as a pleasant cordial LEWIS & AMES. AIR of handsome Mahogany Parlor Couches,
Solicitor 1
the first within _
'. t Monday in November, 13, the >*ec, the time limited in said order and
: ';a following!! described property or HO much thereof, ai March 11. lS1.. 31 2m olhrrwixc comply with the provisions nf the same, and tonic, restoring the appetite, and at the Tallahassee, November 20, J817. IS I 1 handsome Mahogany Book Case, with drawers

:: ;; -I.. will pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for that' they may be admitted parties to the said suit. same time fulfilling every intention that the common Notice and desk, 2 handsome Carpets, 1 Double Wheel Patent

: a *7.jf'kvv' the sear IS 17. to wit : Just Received, Dated this third day of December, A. D. 147.SIMON purgatives aro intended to effect. It purely eeg hereby given to all interested, that six Corn-Sbeller, the most approved article in use.
4. ttable and, when used according to the directions persons J. R. FORTUNE
The IS Apply to ,
South Writ quarter of Section 31, Township LEWIS! Drug Store fie-h TOWLE, Spt'ciollhstcr.. months after date,' shall final account
&AnS' a !supply will be found invaluable article present my
1. AT an ,especially to those Feb. 5, 1S4S. 29 At the Tin Manufactory.
Rauge 13, South and East.purporting to December, 1M7. 20 tf
belong to New and Medicines I Hon. of Probate in and
and vouchers the
>i::< ., J. Mill ; -among which ----- --- -.- afflicted with }Dyspepsia, Derangement of the J.Liver to Judge _
'" Wili I are the following: for the County of Jefferson,and-apply for a discharge
John General Debility.Prepared
:"I'-; ;;: JOSIAH T. Sheriff. P. Duval, or Tax Collector's Sale.
4.trd: t D\ISDE' DR. SPENCER'S: VEGETABLE: PILLS AND RESTORATIVE Doctor J. Reese Pike as the Administrator of the estate of Anna Brooks.
: by Griffin
; and ex offit'ut Tax Co}Ibmilol Co. (or '47. ATTORNEY) J AT LAW county, late cf said County, T)Y virtue of the authority vested in me by law, I
: BITTERS: : and f pale bv
r4sItt': Aprils ist v as Georgia, <>r appointment at deceased.JAMES
: 13 shall for sale. before the Court Hoti**
in the Court of Middle R. BROOKS. expose
.- Designed for aid: will cure Dyspepsia, Liver Com V\7"ILL pRactice Florida i:. BARNARD. Jr's.,
'-' -..:. plinl. Piles, Scrofula, Jaundice-and all kindred V: T (the Court of Apj!'e.lj; and .the United States Drug Store Tallahassee, Jefferson County, Oct. :0, 1S47. 15 Gm door, in the city of Tallahassee, on the first Monday
" Notcer' in the following described
August properly, or
Ii .
Court Tallahassee.Oflicein
: : : from disordered stomach > DANIEL
: a impure LAUD Newort,
: who I resulting; or
.r'. AJ.L persons any demands against tlC state ef Muod.DR. Wrn. Wilson's Ruildingscver hayward'sflock Monticello Deaf and Dumb AsylumOF so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay the Statr
of Theophilu Baty. decraicd, Store, Tallahassee. and County taxes due thereon for the year 1847 :

rc: hereby notified to present Ill'm delay to the at IlL WORM LOZENGES, February 2;, to I.. fl-j [I Quincy, KENTUCKY. Section 15Township, Range INasEpurporting

I., :f undersigned!, or to James r ,azent of I the un.derviguJ. The safest t. ro ;' and pleasant preparation HARDY BRYAN, HE subscriber as the resident agent of the said to belong to W. G. Gould.A. .

: ELLE.V A. BEATTY, before the public, for the eradication of WO.IMS, in Notice.SIX Aient for Thomas county, Georgia. P 1 Institution offers for sale,ill tracts, and upon A. FISHER, Sheriff

.i. Execufriv: Thoopbilm BeaU!. deceased. Children or Adults. months after date, (the tindcrsisned' will pre May 22, 1".17. 44 terms to suit purchasers about Four Thousand Acresof and ex officio Tax Collector Leon C..

i ? i _. ._ _f\y HULL'S COUGH LOZENGES, Ills accounts and Vout'heu'o (the Honorable Notice.SIX LAND, situated in the county of Jackson, in the January 29, ISIS. 23

:' Notice. Will PREVENT Consumption and CURE al cases nf Judge Probate, of Leon County, and apply for let- State ol Florida. Also the Right to Ltcate, to a '
: Colds. Asthma, ot| Blood, Pjins, months after dolte.lshall present accounts G. HUTCHINS
Spilino the Side, ters of dismission as administrator of the estate of my limited extent. ,
f:;- ALL cre-lirors, I. 1tM and peronj entitled f o Shortness cf llEath, all other Pulmonary Com henry J. Cask ins, late of said County deceased. vouchers (to the lIon. Judge of Probates of The above lands were selected at an early date by

i: ,. "' in the F.tat.Theophilus Ikaly. plaints. WESLEY 1I.XIGdm'r.. Jefferson county( and apply for letters of dismissionas an experienced judge,and are believed to be amongst AUCTIONEER ,

.)Wea,ed, are hereby notift that their and -ALSO- J1y S. S. SI BLEY, Agent. Administrator on the estate of Henry Feldberg, (the finest in the county. T.iLLAILiSSEE FL.J.O .

:tl: .. !mands wiil b. lt I expiration)of two vcars DR. HULL'S FEVER AND! AGUE- PILLS.! Februaryl9JSI3. 31 Gm late of Jeffcrsori county, deceased. C. H. DUPONT, ALES in any part of the county attended to, a'iO

front tt'l grant: u.g 'l 1 letters testamentary to the on- Well known as a Safe. Certain, and ft"iCure: ; ; HENRY GREENBERG. Adm'r. Agent oj .1.?. Sf u. Ji. oj. Ay. respectfully solicited.

f.t:;.;."ilf. d.tln l unless the sam are exhibited within the: I for Fever and Ague, Chills and F Newport Mineral Spring. Octohrr 16l ll7.( 13 6m Quincy, June 47 12, 1847. y REFENENCES :

sakI t"'f scars to the undersigned, or to James. T. and al other Fevers. l.ic reduced to Keccnty-ftee DWELLING COTS FOR SALE. r I Notice. H. Bonn, Esq., I LLOYD & FLABG.
: \rcher.ller .'ittuiisy.a Martin Smith &. Thorn
VL .5" per Box.. J. W. ARGYLE, Esq., | D. C. %Vu.aoNEs't
r7r.X..- ELLEN: A. BEATTY The abote Medicines, flesh and genuine, are f rule undersigned being fully empowered SIX months after date .the undersigned adminis- Commission and Forwarding Merchants January 22, ISIS. 27 _
k'lLr f'
wrntrit of Witi ofT Realty, deceased.. by LEWIS .t AMES, m..TJlI' make warrantee titles, has had the of t tl1e| estate of B. F.Lipscomb,deceased, ,

; : .April. 2 iSis. 4.1 \ Tallahassee, Fa. ly around the above Springslaid will present her account and vouchers to the lion. No. 02, Poydras Street, Thomas Jeff. Heir

: ..: TVotlcelSIX For certificates of recommendation, and other information oIl in good size dwelling lots of upwards of an Judge of Probate of Wakulla County and ask to be NEW-ORL'EANS. LA. LAtf
acre each, which he now offers for sale ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT
1 low. Plansof administratrix of said estate.
: concerning the above Medicines,see future discharged as M. MARTIN W. .
: ..r weeks after date.' we shall apply fo the Hon. advertisements, and which be ob- the same, with terms, &c., can be seen at Dr. E.araard' E. E. LIPSCOMB. Adm'x. practice in the Circuit Court in cac h>

:; ,t ; e of the Probate Court in and for Bunion tamed of the Agent pamlIch. may .,Tallahassee. First come has first choice. February 20, S-1S. 32 Cm Refers to WILL of the Middle Circuit, and in the Supreme

'.J(44* : County:Srath Florida fur letters ol administration March J 19, ISIS.I 35 DANIEL LADD. J. W. Argyle, A. Best wick, S. S. Sibley Tallahassee.J. Court and United State* District Court at

s4t1' n the estate of Cbarlca Lang, late of said County. Newport, February 19, 1818. 31 L. Smallwood, R. L. Edmonds Quincy. Tallahassee.

..: deceased. Attachment.In February 12, 184S. 30 nticello. January,2l. 1S49. tfc

., .t ,'.. C. T. JENKINS. ? Cabinet Making &c. Notice.Q Justices Cor 1 for the 2d District of Leon county.
.tat ,
JOHN JAdmrfBenton
B. ALLEN, riO-PARTNERSIIlP.: undersigned have IX months after dlte the Administrator of the Daniel B. Fislier! Agent for William E. Fisher, Notice.ALL Coffee.9A .

W .... County. 3. F.. May 0. l'"". 41 fit t \J sociated themselves together, and from this date as- O estate of R. Humphries deceased late of Leon I I r persons, creditors, legatees, entitled to di,. BAGS OLD JAVA COFFEE

: { : Ice Ice Ice (the two shop will be united, and the business.con- County, will present his final account and vouchers Turns Welborn. or otherwise interested in the estate ....sU 50 do. Rio do.

deliver ducted by LYNCH & VINGERHOETS. They: are lo the lion. Judge of Probate of said County, and 'rUE( defendan and all ethers are hereby notified ol of James M. Sloan, late of Jefferson County, deceased 25 do. Laguira do.

.ff rpIIEstibciibcri JL from 5 lo \YII. ICE at the Ice House prepared to do descriptions of work in I heir line, prav for a discharge, from said administration. commencement of this suit, returnable to a are hereby notified to exhibit their claims Just received and for sale by

: at (Ibe fee House. or every S ot morning. lb.,at -cent .retail with fidelity and despatch I,and on as reasonable terms November 27, H47. 19 6m Justices Court tobe( held at Tallahassee on the 12th and demands within two years from this date to the Sept. IS. 1917. 9 LLOYD FLACG. ,
in ( per up to sn.Persons for cash or approved acceptances as any workmen in day of June next and to appear and plead to the undersigned, or the same will be barred : and all
:41'1". furnished living Ice at the Ice surrounding House for villages 3J ,,i be the country. The continued! patronage of the public DR. J. S. BOND same. Given under' my hand and seal, Ihis 31st persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Buggies for Sale.

pound by the hundred weight. per is most respectfully .olcitlll OFFERS his professional services to the citizens March A. D. IMS- immediate; payment.JAMES. received four handsome Leather Top BUG-
J. J. DAFFJN. and the surroondingcouotry. made expressly for'thu market. App'J
t4a47; : I & GERARD VINGERHO "S. Office at Co! Fisher's Hotel. Justice of the Peace. Jefferson Couity and er offici Adm'r. to R. H. WHITING,
r, My CO, llS.J
..f) rt : 'f.t.1Iu 4 Tauinassee November 6, 19.. lf<5 May SI*, IS 17. 45 April I 1,1848..!, 37 5ra February!, 154. 31" 3m March 23.1S48. 39 At the Tin Manufacteiy.

if i'" :

I -

L : .n"u.t .i $ 'N ,.

;s, '. .- .LI1JL.. -' R -. iri .I" '. 1" ,, .:. ._. .,'j ; .. ... .. .": .'",.: ;".. ; ..' ,.;_ 1...:. ... c...:...... '_.''_ .. .5- '. '.--'Sr. '4.'::,= ": ,,:,:,,,,:, -rr;y- %

The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: June 17, 1848
Publication Date: -1848
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 10589672
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BY AUHORT. placing the pistol to his right temple fired it. :

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passenger vessels: and fo other purposes. SELLING DRY GOODSL

Ze it tttr by the United Senate States and lleiueof cf Rtpe- People generally think' 'that it is very ea' J .

Ifm. of trmWW, That alL vessels, whether ol __ __ __ u_ __ _______ __ ---- -- --- --- -- -- ----- -- -- --- -- ------ -- ------- -- -- -- -- --- sy matter to stand behind a counter and retail f

, tike U itd f States *t ajy other country having nulLrient } VOL. III-NO., dry goods ; but a weeks experience in the : t
capacity, accordin to law, for fay: (-r moiVjspnKM. BY SIBLEY & DYKE) TALLAIIASSEEPLO11IDASATI'IDAYJUNE17,1S18., business would! convince the cleverest mtftt I f

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employed in transporting such passengers : :7"- -- --- -- : hI
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S tween for the ue of such pa-wengers a bouil notation of the act aloresaidand in computing INTERESTING rORmSPO: DCE I principles, \ ilb an unshaken reliance upon FREEDOM OF TUE SEA ]I- The office of talesman embodies in its I "
way to the apartment allotted the number of on board ucli ve<- necessity for the shrewdness of
nier the passage leadas passengers the energy and wisdom of i oldie opinion, and The Briton once 1r'"Jt.JThe a politi. s
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Anon' that one door or win Andbf il tnaetrd That this its and it has been Dominion o'er (tIe tide. pudrT.cp of a pick-pockcf. There are sales r--1
dec.*o constructed S>:c. tf. further art DK\R SIR :-You are doubtless apprized of to kefping, ( so com-
at all times, left o!K>n lot shall lake efit-rt, such tesM-N sjihncmm PW many ares he had thought} men who make it loose
dow in such boule may b in respect to the fact that a National Convention of the re- milted more than three-fourths outs existence,) '1 hat genial LreteVa a point never to a '.JjJ
and all vessels so cmplojed. and having ( in the United in t thirty dajs I every O
tentilation ; ; polls St.t.! fll what has beqn done is at the reward of \ cmloml'r. COne )
hundred and fifty "enor delegate from the various portions of once his. 'till( Yankee merchants taught .
to one pa the time of its approval and in to
every publican
the capacity cary rpect exertion and the motive for The Frcidwn of tie 4Vu-i. of these gentlemen, who is in a store )
ouch houses and the future and,
more shall hate two ; such vessel !ailing from port in Innrf. in i\lv the Union n!!embled' in this city on the 22d past "
Itxiri or ladder leading down to the aloiesjid. apartnt days alter such approval ; and it is }hereby made t the instant for the purpose; selecting candidatesfor at the same time a guarantee for the accomplishment When nations vexed and core rpprev.d in Chatham street, not long since was called ,j.j

,sball b furn.illtd with a hand rail uf wood or duty of the Secretary of Slate to give notice in the the two highest executive offices of the United of iwliat we have to do.'n can- Had entered in the fight upon to how a very fastidious and fashiombe 1 : '

strong ropeProdded'for such, netrttheBuohhat.ies houses in vessels I luting! perls (.f Curope ol this art, in such manner a he 1 States. We are gratified in having it not conceal frpm, ourselves that: there is a powerful To settle totig deputes: and linn lady who dropped in while going to :
m,, bf substituted may deem 111Il'r.; (.atmtr differing from in Determine which was rihet i lewarts"irtsp rich silk cloaking. Kv: f "
permanent dek. Sic 1" it further rnattnt. That !rt much in our power to inform yon that! the convention party iiijtlkJ in ryarticle
three / Our took acl h'e'I'.rt
Ssc. 2.,1nd leitjw ,"en acted.That every slchVPIII ol t tht, first -*rtmn ol' the act entitled -\n Act rep- with great unanimity: )', agreed to present rt' art to mail) of the fundamental! princnles But country not on hended an knc*lI- of I he kind Had was exposed 10 her

employed and having the legal ci1.cilJ 'Iltinl pa*-eiiKt'r ship and ue-sels,' 3I'I'rou'llarh your name to the country for the office of of our government, and opposed to u. in their To gaits a i"intat last necur'J view-the whole store was ransacke]-nothing i

for more than one hundred such passengers, shall .' eighteen hundred alul.indfc'n, any "tltr President and us to communicate to practical application, which will strive as zenlously The freedom of the Sea*. suited. The costly material mi ti"mat.
least two ewtiUtor to purify the apartment that limits the number of to two requested '
i at pa""entr ized trash
ns we shall, to secure ihe ascendency of ns everything was common, and
J ( by such pa-jseneer ; one ol five ton", i is herein repealed you this nomination, and solicit your accept The second war with Britain w sTu '"
or apartments Mrle '
which shall b in the after part of the apartment e"tr HOBT. C. XVINTHROP, ance. In performing this duty, which we do their principles, by securing the election of cam the sailor's righN not fit (her a lady. She guessed she would !I Io

or apartments, and the other shall be placed in Speaker of the I louse I of Representatives.( I with great pleasure it is proper that! the resolutions their candidate in the coining content. Thatparty Protection on the seas-f"r this to Stewart's. The salesman! pretended to :

the forward portion of the aprtment or apart mert'e:; G n\LL\<5, t the convention and containing is co s.osol( of our fellow-citizens, asdet.ply The che-erf'il Ire-etnan fights I be indignant rj
&nd one of them shall have an exhausting cap lo 'ice evident of I he United State and adopted by interested in the of American succe proclaim"! !, Madame," said he in a tone of (injured in. I ;
which -rity our com
President of the Senate. the principles t lucy Lflic1'r prosp
off the foul air. and the other a receiving car upon Though Britain disagrees
I to carry the fresh air ; which said ventilators shall Approved ilay 17, livlv : the government ought to be administered! mon countryias we can be. arid seeking as That heaven-horn principle she taught noccnce, "I have a Very beautiful and rare 4;
shall hare a capacity proportioned to the size of the J.t1CSK.: POLK. I should be laid son. These constitute earnestly as wp are to promote aid; lerltutteit. | The freedom of the Seat. piece of Goods a case of which I divided

apartment or apartments to be purified : namely if hetm'enough for all true democratsto We shill'soon' present lo the world the with Mr. Stewart, who is my brother in law) ; .
will lawfully authorize AX ACT in amendment to act entitled, a platform A mister-spirit ur ,'d the views
the or apartments NO. 31.- an ? but il would be useless show it
apartment to It
Mihlimo of the election of Chief to
the of t".o hundred su!h passengers the .An Act to amend the act entitled! An act to stand upon, and narrow: enough to excludeall sptctnclo[ a Of patriotism, and preas'dThe you.
capacity reception of such yentiltorl shall, each of them beequa reduce the rates of postage, to limit the U l and those who inny: be opposed to the great I Magistrate by twenty millions of people! with- sutiject! on the minds and hearts is the only piece left in the city." '

\ to tub of diameter in the clear correct theabiifCcf I the franking pnvilege.aiid, for principles of the democratic party. Tflat'thsc !' nut a single resistance to the laws: or the sacrifice Of tho-.e whom he iiddrrWd ; 44 Oh, allow me to see it," she asked, in an .

tad in proportion for larser or smaller apartmeiites : the correction of fraud on the n'Vf'flei of the will rnet with cordial of the lifo of e>ne human being-and The European; despots grant, anxious tone, and continued, I had no Jnten. :
& all said ventilators! rise at lea t four feet Pit Oilier IVpartimnt,*" passed the third ot principles your America to please, of j
shll tion of
l this loo, in the absence of all force but the annoying you, or disparaging themerits
and six inches above up|>er deck of any such Mart It, one thousand cicl't hundred and forlloe.Br assent and support and be illuvtrated in your The principle: for w Inch we fought of velvets." 1m
selsnd be. cit t the most :ppro'e form atnl con it tnacled by.the Minute all ll<,tt f (It Hiyirtnitattrt administration if called! to this high office b moral force of our institutions ; and if we The Fnedom of Isle $tDJ. your :

struction.; Pro iJ. That it appear trom the '* vf l1/c. lntts i\f\ ,11/ in your country, wa do not for a moment do'ibthut ); should add to this an example; of mutual respect The salesman, who was now watched in

report t t. bemade an approved a? p".i..d in the I Con; nss a 1rmLiJ. the ra'csc.l; coiimi!one, feel assured, that whilst you forbearance for the motives t of the contending(! [eatties, The man who 'Iac'tl by frrnbin' s vice. breathless silence by hisfellow clerks proceed 1. -4
. seventh section ot this act,that such '( i4 equally authorized to paid to po-tma r* \I.\o llw first !,'<- (Ircst that the be Our vicvrs thus to proclaim ed, as if with much reluctance, and with ex. .
; contest carried with
well b>o any other mean, such other tion of said act, shall! be allowed and paid to them. with firmness, you will not f.i to I s>o might etn I) yntilte .
ssioui of(fear that '
it would be
, shall be deemed and held tnbe on the amount of postage ricmtxl in each quarter of exert YO'Jr faculties to maintain the principles that firmness and energy which accompany The merit due lo Fame, pr injured by 3

leans, a compliance with the pro\mons of'his:.Il'tiun. the year and in due ;proportion fir' alll'toio less and just compromises of the const't'ition: in a deep conviction, and with as little personal asperity Oar toast, "Free Trade and Sailer's Right. getting t .rnbled, lo display an ancient piece of J ; '

, SE 3. And be further enactid. That. e*ery reset -- than a quarter instead of being. on spirit of f moderation and Ion, so vitally as political( divisions permit, we should Our banner to the hrcc7e vesting, which had been lying in the store :? !
carrying more than Cfty such pa-wen?. r!: hal! the amount rlin.lor a jear as was by mistake. brotherly do! more for hit cause of human freedom Then bere'III1I1CCCl to LEWIS: CAS5!, fur five years, and was considered unsaleable. ',-,1'
of the
for their use on deck, and cenvenientlsirraneed provided in said act. essential to the perpetuity Unionami great And FHEFDOM or THF. Sr\, !
at least one hou.t! or cooking ranse. Stc 2. And be it further maerJ, That. all post- the prosperity and happiness! of our common throughout the world, than b}' any other tribute The lady examined and liked it much. ::

the dimensions oi' which shall be equal to four Icct mars, hose c<,mrnis-i.ti! hate bl'fi diminishedby country. We offer our sincere congratulations we could render to its \alne. A RAW BATH AT CAPE MAY.I That was a piece of goods worthy to be worn. .
long, and one foot fc.x inches wide fur c\cry two their Icing allowed and paid.n the, amount of lot .* ** How much is it yard 1" ,
in I upon this distinguished mark of We have a government founded by the will do not knotmost exquisite Spirit, V"t
be made
hundred passenger ; and provision .h.1 postal1 received i I a %car. instead of on the amount Twenty two shillings"
tho manner aforesaid HI this. ratio or preater or I rorvivi-d in .quarter, shall l be tiernntlcd! to resettle I the public confidence,and arc, with sentiments of all, responsible to the power of all, and administered whether you have ever been at cape May, Oh 1 that is f t:

less number of pienaer : Provided, hoirtrrr. And i and odjiiit their accounts accordii.R to the frt ec- of high esteem and reird: dear sir, for ihe good of all. The very first the greatest bathing place in all creation, but very high. r

tolling herein contained slull. tale away the rightto I tioti ol this act, and shall. !be allowd! .aitd., p.' sii< h Your friends! and obedient! ( !fn.anll, article in the democratic creed (caches that the ifyou have, you must have witnessed some 'l'hI" exclaimed, beginning fold i
make Inch arrangements cooking between sum as may lie j'istlt found their due (>n suet, rcst.t A. STEVIIXSOV.President there. You will have it up, I knew you would say that." '
to themselves sights seen some
people are
competent govern
'. if that shall be deemed de>irahle.SEC. I lenient ol' their arcuunls.SLC "
decks : don't be in
4. *1nd be further rn art /,That al vessels j .1. .'ml br iZfisrZlee-r enacted, That tl.t p'." National ('Ololtion.RoM. it is, indeed, rather an axiom rather an articleof thousand or fifteen hundred amphibious individuals she stay" so great a hurry" (-S.I
taployed. a aforesaid, shall hut oil b for the master General be autllofzt' to mpl,% t.mporsri. P. )unhI1: ol I Me.. C Go English: of I, political faith. From the clays of leneral; shouting and screaming among the cried, I'll give you twenty hillin;. 1 .

we of passengers, at tho time of lea\mg the I 1 ly', uch additional Crle) at may be fcund necessary. J. 11. Steele ot N. H. J, 14afcI. ol Hamilton to our days, the party opposed to usof breakers, under the noonday sun. and enveloped Madan, you insult mn again." t r H
bet such vessel shall sail, well secured foi the ri-'(nltn'n' account of C. \V. (.'lupin, ot Mass.. Ttlr J. Ru-ltot Ten, 1 in such of Cut me -yards, and you can makeup .tP\\
a preternatural variety origin.
whose he the
ptbene least filteen Bounds lostll.ll"f DJVIS, of'to, Au.tin ofInh principles was great exponent
,at irs Wins
pa"nber authorized bv thi* art 1. the deduction on some velvet which I 1 i
ofgod nary bread,I e pounds ol; rice, tel pounds; olntmeal : SfcJ ./ ,/ Iff it ,further nluttJ. That, to tlf n P.. Tllrltnn. ol U I., Solo. '. Downof J."", I if not the founder-while i it has changed al vestments that the sex is frequently undiscoverable for the almost re.quire .q;
ten pounds of.wheat flour ten pounds of pos'ma<-0 terx, at "lutes where I taatl isnpil.irlx' to Isaac Toncy, of Conn Tbotnai Martin, of Ttnn.. its name: has preserved essentially its identityof i xxithout a closer observation than trimmings, entreated the t.itft

peas and beans, thirty-Ihe pounds of one I arrive between the hours of nine o'clock it: nuilit 6. }) Wall'.ot N..J., L. o1Ictu.(1 K% ., I II character : nnd the doubt!, be entertained might perhaps be permitted. You might :' fair shopper.
pint of vinegar, sixty gallons of fr *ratOs. ten t.vein: the morninc, llierommiion ( tie fuse ..we- ;I J. ( Joii'-s, eif Penii., larlt.1.1 Io\v I. I I awl of the t for also if nocturnal avocations rendered The salesmen, afier much persuasion sold tJ.:.
taught capacity mm Keltgovernment your
pounds ol salted pork free of bone, all coed tIred dollars collected in ole quarter may be increased .\. J lUmv.o' AI k., .1..1 lcfn.tilnlt, Ihe lady the vesting, for which they had sought 'f1.
sufficient of fuel for cooking I G. M Bowers of Mo. S I! | I has exerted a marked influence early rising practicable, see some adventurous .
t bat at places where either rice, oatmeal wheat fifty I'f'rcent.I C. J. McDonald, of Ga II Howard ol Md.. I on its action and opinions. Here is the very ; specimens of the male sex emerging from get shillings per yard, at price a. i.- !

,' I,ar.or pea and bean cannot be procured, of' good Approved May 17, I'S. J. \\'an..lonof Ala., 1VI. P Scott, ol Va .starling-point of; the difF'rence between the I the ocean with the sun, after enjoying what bove indicated. The profits oftbe sale on .J
". Mality, and on reasonable terms, the quantity of J. MrGehee(', of FaV.. N. Edward, ot N. C., is known Haw Bath vesting and velvet, amounting to thirty three r ,;
which divide technically as a or
eithtr'or of the other la-t named articles be I Powlutan Ellis, of Mi s., J. M. ('umnmaidrufS. C. two great parties our country.All -
o'IIf any may NO. 32.-AN ACT to require the }hintdeysofmihitar thereto dollars out of which the clerks were Permit. ,; 1 ::1
IIfat ucreued and substitutt therefor : and in case potatoes > land warrants to conptMatp the land oir.rrts R U", Enh>h. of 111 other ditn-rrtncps are but subordinate and FJufTBath ; being impelled perhaps ted for "
t> The best
j cannot procuied on reasonable terms, one of the 'nited States for .ervicts in relation. to the To General LEWIS CASS, auxiliary to this, and may, in fact, he resolved by l their innate dislike to the approximation pay supperofoysters. s ;' :;
. pound of cither of said articles may be substituted in location of those warrants. 4 Washington Cily.lirjjij into it. Looking with doubt; upon the issue ofselfgovernment of wet wollen to the skin ; or, more likely, of this brief tale of dry goods is to be

In Lea of fi e [unds of potatoes; and the captains of Be it fnirffil In/ the t.>tnvte am? limn ftf H'prrtenlatirf one party i is to think I from some hardy wight's having annexed their The lady had her cloak made, and one told.'j
r.or luch vessels shall deliver to facl pap of the of General Cass.WSMI.NGTO. I the public authority should be Mrengthened bathing pants ; or even perhaps from their
ooe-teoth part prui : weekly fiest ant bhd. That for the er'illa wlutli mar rest of the velvet at the
J' on the day of and daily at least I O. and to fear change lest that change misht baxing. in simple purity of heart, came down same price. ,
: commencing sailing be rendered alter the pa of I this ct bv the reg.isters \, May :HO, 1S13. any There
is moral
I. in this which
of water, and sufficient fuel or cooking sale the without of the necessity -I a anecdote .i
three quart ; I and H'.iH'f ol the lard offiii-s cf tIe- weaken the necessary force of the to Capes dreaming
.r tad it the pajjengers_ on board of any sucheiel in 1 United States, in earning fiut the! proaisitur.e of tle (;K\TJLEMIN :-I I leave the honor to acknow. while the other, strong in its convictions of bathing pants or other paraphernalia for we leave to be discovered by the ingenuity ofall 4 ;i

which the provisions, fuel. and water herein required: : ninth section of' the act ol eleventh 1'ru3f. one ledge the receipt of Jour loiter fllc; 23th inttant. ; of; the intelligence and virtue of the dipping save the close fitting suit made by the our lady readers who occaslonaly go shop (: :,
shall not have been provided as aforesaid, hal at thousand eight It\hdn. arid, 'lortv '&evtn, -f anytime be put on. shoit allowance during any voyist I An art to rise, fur a IiiaiUd time, an euddeticnalmilitary the convention of the democratic believes that original power is safer than maternal tailor.
1 1S ft ,the master or owner of any such \esseU: Khaliwj : ft.rrf, and for ethic jiunoMS," tl.cyl.all by delegated, and that the solution: of the great Well, one morning last summer, a benevolent 1.
to each and every passenger who shall have been each be entitled to require,from the Ioler! of ,1r- party its candidate fur the office of .President problem! of goo me .,
ai : I
the ol three dollars lor United States, dj'I. eke.I
on short allowance sum rants issued tinder that act, for and fthc '
pit one
.. Iiav I been nr GEN. .
: tb" r"uo'uitoes. BUTLER. .
iCiI'urin 1 niinlit
and nn
t for inrliridinl flPV' ... ... .......
have been short al- nr ,
each and every day they may on sixty acres the sum of fifty cent for each and from "-om" restraint M is compatible/ with the preservation little bJtm "I CI|- ; t f fer
: bvtne*. h* .ov"it to.sri '.ecxrt Ihv i.uUtrlB Ul HditaillB, IS9IKU UllUtl 12CC -bl.t 1"\> a.unWllile acceptviih deep! gratitude, this and the baths of
o the sundry
of the States : Provided, nererthelets for forty.acres, the sum of tw. 'ntv-fiiectiiU. cacti, 3 indeed r of the social: fey stem, thereby securing ing rising sun, raw In the second sanguinary battle of the rir. ,

. I Arid nothing Unite& contained shal prevent any pasonger -! full ronu>ei:"',ion f".r thee serv ;.res : I'ri'ritlrd, That elistingtiisliecl honor-and distinguished to each all (ha freedom which ij not essential shivering bipeds who were endeavoringlo Raisin, on the 22d January, with the t '."
of from fur- t h and for it is-I I do hovilh a fearful apprehension( of the sca-shoie wIth industry worthy a I British and Indians another of
S with the consent captin. I in all ca<-!where thee warrant is located v I II (to the \\'I1.Il'in; of the whole. enjoy act sclf-devo '
b.D. uhrng for himself the articles of herlin specified the use of the volunteer or soldier to ,whim su< h the responsibility it may eventually bring with I happier cause. With these avocations, our I ton; was performed by Butler After the routo .

D.Jl. ; and, if put on board in go order, it ,hal fully\I such warrant may have hem n isius-dfor services riTidertd -I it, and \v ith a profound conv iction that it is the Asa ;party we ought not to mistake the signsof fiietid combined that (hinting what was going and massacre of the right wing, belonging! s
frt the provisions of thil so far under lbs act afore said, noroTnpenotionfcl.ail : the times but should bear in mind, that this
: of teilow citizens lar tk'1'
alry kind confidence my to early risen ladies who might Wells command the whole force of the Brit
That Icrmaking any 1.isle
ihc ,
I.I. food: And provided futlher. any passenger be ch.red.itltr by register or has I ii an a"e of progress-of advancement in all .
tdid Bay,also, with the consent of. the captain, furnishfor'himseli I more than any merit of my the elements intellectual and in the xvairler that way ; information which they and Indians was concentrated against the f
. an equivalent for the articles of food required -I Appiovcd Mav 17. lS. placed me thus prominently before the American The power might perhaps have preferred acquiiing for i small body of troops under Major Madison,
'.4t" in other and different articles ; and if, without people. Arid fortunate hhull I be, if this opinions of the world. general govern.tileitti themselves. that maintained their ground within the pick' :e.'j
waste or neglect on the part of the passenser, or NO. 33.-AN ACT lo autleorizelhue i issuing cf a reg- confiJcnec should find in the events of the iiI thoiild! a surne no power It should exeirise with 1
I there two
approached a lady eted double
A barn
>d ueTitahle accident they prove insufficient, and the I ier tot tli})brig Kncarnarion, none which Las not been fairly granted Suddenly gardens. commanding '
II. t captain,bal tumuli comfortable fv to such ;pasK&SCTI Tie it fnaeteil bitlir, .Senate and Ilmi" nf Rrpretentatiee ture. a better justification than is furnished bJ : the in the federal compact. We gentlemen, enveloped in dressing gowns, carrying I the plot of ground on which the Kentuckians !t

*. di ring the residue of the \ yage, this in rcprd -, vf the United States of_'mnr in CongreM those of the pa't. bv parties. a bundle oihiathuingclothirs, and evidently t stood, was approached on one side by the In.
10II. I to food shal aha be a compliance with the auenulilal. TIt there be loaned und r the direction ,. 1 have care'ully:' l read 1 the resolutions: of the ought' to con true the constitution strictly, ac- I bent on having an early plunge.Madam 1. diana under the cover of an orchard and fence; '
,_ and) soun.l principlesof r
; ; : tothe rqceived ;
t the S cretarv of the Treasuiv rqi..lutothe ronling : .
r- Ul IUI ol : Democratic National Convention, iaing (down after
aid S' 5 And; :l ilfutur enacted That the cap- Lti ig: Enrarira'i.in i, u.rmtilv! a Dam-h *(' >ll!, ) I the JefiftTson school. I Blit while! rash experiments 'C said our friend, hurrying the British, on the other side, being so posted 6 : ":
is autl.o-. Jew the platfurm of our political faith, anti I adhere them, "there are some gentlemen on Ihe I to command the between it and the
b. i tan of any such nise I employed, hieby but now owned by John n.\ Jr""n. Jedeediab eft. I should be deprecated, if the governm'Mit as space .
. and such habit of ol. in the State of to them as firmly, as I approve of llicm cor beach sliil Cried he, .
irke rued to good discipline and Mark P! rmorv.: 10rllrJd. I of they swept on. pickets. A party in the rear of the barn were t4
I I cleanliness among such pa
b'7 I t the preservation and promotion of ; aid to : having taincd great ddrnjpe on a voyage trim St. I shall do so with a hacred rejrard to *, the prin- ami refuse lo accommodate its measures within Do know what I mean"aDdtbey All saw* the fatal of the secure *.
I that end be cause such regulation a l.c rna\ : Thomas to Portland and the' afircsaid cwntr- luau 1112 : constitutional: sphere, cautiously: indeed, but 1 1I you consequences '
sbal f lie constitution! iiI' : *
VI.Dit adopt for thI purpose to b posted up before sailing the aid vessel *o repaired and f SUrd foi ciplcs compromises (< aii'J clieerfij!! .-to the !entiinents I vanished into a bathing house. lodgment of the enemy at a place which would v3i
a:board such vete1, ,f a place accessible to such (3\1f sea great expense : Provided, it shall be proved teethe i and with! an eurnes-t desiie f,r their iiuinlenance I xv Nely } of the advancing it xvill (find Piqued and curious, he had not long to wait present every man within the pickets at close 1 sia
and necessities ,
J pu-ieneer, and shall keep .the nme 10 )>* the and it is hereby made the duty that the ot the and refitting said vt. '- its moral force impaired, and the public! : ill
ront of
voyage repairs essential thee
to '
perpetuity with
.riD i i love, fo vitally the avery if 2
the lady walking Madiso there who
inquired was no one
captain to cause the apartment OlCul"f by in the, Ututcd Stat. ., s xceeds t.rf-Iourtlf} of ihe determined to do what the public authorityitself young .
ouch passengers to be kept at all times, in a : original ro.t of building vessel of the sam tonnagein the Union, and the properiland"* happiness wouM readily do, when I the iikljcat ivies 'I modest gait and having her head envel would volunteer to run the geunllet of the fire irti.

,t healthy .tateand the owner ofevery curb vessel *" t the United Static.Approved of our common COHltTt; feeling which and opeshitean enormous bathing bonnet. They of the British and Indian lines, and put a torch 11
sentiments clear, clearlyexpressed. ,
to construct the decks, and j what and which in humble of popular arc '0 L M,
required Mav ,
employed arc 17 1-sH. I has made us we are ilnecteu uieir steps lowarus a party 01 mrcc, to the combustibles xvitbin the barn, to save

'f'tlo Tougnly ill parts cieamcd of said;apartment and they shall F that also it;provide can be a thO-\\ -- ---- -- -- ----- ------ reliance upon[ Providence, wo may hope | With treat. respect, grntlemon, I have lee I! who were diving and floating out by the first the remnant of the little army from sacrifice. .

. V.PS ton eaient privy or water closet, for the exclude TiE KINGS 01- TiE EARTH GROWING Cl\ IL. is but the beginning flf \ heat: we are to be.- honor bo obedient servant, I breaker. The other bathers made for the Butler without a moment's delay, took some :

l of every one hundred such pas.u ngeu. And The Kings of the Earth are growing pro. If called upon hereafter to render an account to your LCWIS CASS. shore rapidly, on seeing this female apparition blazing sticks from a fire at hand, leaped tho U

when the weather is such that said passenger cannot digiouly civil, polite and lieldil The ac. of my stewardship, in tho great trust yOU desire I descend among them ; but the devoted tHree pickets, and running at his utmost speed, thrust j
be A. STE\-KXS,
their it lIon.
I. ke mustered on deck with of such bedding vesstl "al commodating coon that only wanted to I be convinced to commit to me, should I be able to show proceeding outwards, xvere ignorant of the he: fire into the straw within the barn. One s
the duty of the captain every cause Prcsitlciit of the Irm.) Convention, and
the deck by such to be cleaned that it was really Captain Scott, to that 1 had truly redeemed the pledge llius pub.licly of the shouts from the beach made them to turn who was an anxious spectator of the event we .
occupied passengers The YICI: PItI: tlHxrs same.
IT. J Jt. i with chloride of lime or some other equally efficient come down the tree, was a mere caution in I I given, and had adhered to the principlesof round. Two of them broke for the shore, narrate, says, "that although volley upon vol. ,

elt.. (' | disinfecting agent, and also at such other times i civility to the monarchs of Europe, who for tin democratic party with as much fidelity which they reached after innumerable strangulations hey was fired at him, Butler, after making

1IICu hid captain And may be deem necessary.enacted That the master years,past have: been grinning defiance at the and SUCCCKS as have generally marked the administration 1 if"/ andn't Progentj.-f! every one and overturnings ; butthe lady heeded some steps on his way back, turned to see if ,.

: Su owner.or owners iful any such vessel so employed people frcm their exalted eminences. The of the eminent men lo whom that ; were honest, xve need not lock our doors. them not, continuing her steady course the fire had taken, and not being satisfied, returned

to which shall not b provided with the house orb I great King of Austria with his army of 200- party has hitherto confided the chief executive If eery hOtly would t mind his own business, towards the third, who, bewildered and stupe- to the barn and set it in a blaze. As

o'e the a prescribed in the 000 armed men knocks under to a mere "mob" authority of the government, I could prefer there would be more business done. field, could do nothing more than crouch and the conflagration grew, the enemy was seen

:. of t rusge."oaJI. of the this,ventilators act or with a I ofschool.lo)s and bloused laborers who throng no higher claim to the favorable consideration If xve talked less about other people, they cower as .the waves rose and fell. His situation retreating from the rear of the building, which uJ

prescribed the eambowe in the or cooking ranges with the; houses the streets of Vienna, and in deference to their of the country, nor to the impartial cominen- would talk less abrtut us. became critical. A crowd began to they had entered at one end, as the flames .

.rri I *er them, I prescribed in the third section of this I wishes, rends away by night that wise old owl, dation of history. If xve conversed less about men and more assembled on the bank, laughing and halloo- ascended in the other Soon after reaching alIce

I.Pg.. : l; shall severally forfeit and pay to the United Metternich, without even a change of linen. This letter, gentlemen closes my profession about thing, xve would have better friends ing. The lady approached nearer and near pickets in, safety, amid! the shouts of his t C

I Statesthe sum of t".o hundred dollars, for each the and Frederick Willian of Prussia, a general, political: faith. Receiving my first appointment fewer enemies, less trouble and more F n'e. er ; he retreated, with his face to the enemy, friends, he was struck by a ball in his breast.
viiioM y j violation of each ol ofor said neglect sections to; and fifty to dollars pro.fore liberal, well-fed eld coon, is disturbed over his from that pure patriot and great t':poun. If there were ftxver novels in the world as far as be could with safety. At last, finding Believing from thee pain he felt that it bad .;
- L and every neglect or violation of auy of the tenth bottle of Kudesheinier by a great outcry der of American democracy, Mr. JHIerson, there would be fewer numb-skulls. his situation desperate, with all the courage penetrated his chest, turning to Adjutant (now .

Previsions of the fifth section of this act ; to be recovered in the streets of Ilerlin. "Vat does they more than forty years ago, the intervening students \rould read less and think more, of fear he advanced in turn, by a dexter. Gen.) McCalla, one of his Lexington comrades

_.1 i ( f by suit in any circuit or district of court which ol the the I want" he hiccup tothe waiter. "They wantfreedom period of my life has; been almost wholly passed I there would be a larger number} really great ous manoeuvre: turned the enemy's flank, and and pressing his band to the spot, bo ff
Ud the
. States, within jurisdiction I Diet thee service of and has been I then broke in bee-line for the shore lined said I fear that while
Kid vessel may arrive, or Irom which it may be I a convocation ofjthe in my country men in the country.If a this shot is mortal, but
'h,.*rit 'taut to depart or at any place within Ihe jurtsdic-I and a liberal sufa e." "Let them have marked by many vicissitudes and attended w ith I the mistress xvloiild scold less, she would with spectators. To his horror, his persecutor [ am able to move, I will do my duty." To

. tio5 of neb courts, wherever the O\ynf or owners, I' 'em all," responds obliging monarch, who many circumstances, l oth in pace and war. have less need for scolding.If turned and f followed and when he arrived at the anxious inquiries of ibis friend, who met 4 jj.

captain of such vessel, may be found. turns again to his never-failing !(!acr. If my conduct in these situ.itions.nnd the opin. you often charge servants with lying they the margin, exhausted by struggling with undertow him soon afterward, be opened his vest, with
Sic. jJnd be That the} col-
.. KSor of 7. the customs Ufutlr, any enacted port in the United Bang bans Drum drum Rattle rat. ion I hive been called upon; to form and express sill soon become liars, if they are not so al.reaelv. nnd breakers, she was not six yards: a smile, and showed him that the ball bad !

I Sates at which! any vessel so fmployP shall arrive., tic from time to time, in relation lo all the I I behind him. Stumbling through the bystanders spent itself on the thick wadding of his coat i

t. i from which any such nutmay about to de-. "What i is all that fuss," again exclaims the great pal t f topics of the day, ilo not furnish: a |lfyour'g" ladies noxv-a-days did not }become be made for a bathing.house, hut tripped and on his breast bone. He suffered, bow- .

Mshall appoint and direct one of the inspector monarch. The soldiers have on clear exposition of my views respecting! them, xvomen *t thiiteerl, men would have much III the deep sand, he fell, and, in an agony of ever, for xveeks.ADMIRATION.
lithe for such to examine such genial fled
- ,and customs to report in writing l.ort.to such collector \\h es2 <--- the people! and killed many of them. Oh, and at the same t time a sufficient pledge of my I, better wives. i I desperation, rolled over and over till ho gained .
second faithful adherence lo their political If xvant to get rich, work hard and silichus Rousedby ABROAD ro AMERICA.- Irt
tttrthe .provisions third and 'lad ; let us go out and thcd! some 'tears application you : a supplementary garment.
'j Wh sections of this act have been compliedwith into very o\erde dead. Accordingly the easy King whenever and wherever I nay br required to spend lilll(. : a 6liout of laughter louder than the rest, he affecting 6Venc.-At Venice, on occasion of '
"sptrt such vessel ; and if such report shall state further I make sober drunkard and and beheld consecrating the tri-colorcd banner the T
fur and wails hideously OUT the deadbodies art t, HIIJthine might noIJ'" would If x on xvant to a man a raised himself on his neither by

. _I I compliance deemed and and be held approved a conclusive by such collector evidence, goes of the klain-sar* his soldiers have be men delusion_ unworthy of myself. and 1 give him a wife' who wilj scold him ev. his fair pe maccutter,taking offher!bonnet, transformed Patriarch that city, in front of St. Mark's, '

f LhuoLSIC. b made a great mistake ard he give the justly on.inive lo the great party in whose cry time he.comes home, then storm at her ( toaxvell knoxvnjoker, whose practicalhits the American Uonsul is said to nave been the P_ j, i ii

S. And be it further enacted. That the first people everything wi. Hut the name you are now acting. non Hill, kick Toni over the skillet handle I exercised on others, had often moved only foreign diplomat invited to be present,
section of the entitled, .' An act to regulate thet'1eofpaasengers they \.lt uth and then drive them and in the of the ceremonies the
act Prussian and Austrian reonarchs can't lucida immediate predecessor in the nomination dab Nan in leo m him-but never so much as now. course com*
. ** in merchant vessels! apprcv- stick. boat for Philadelphia minder of the exclaimed
hundred and candle in civility and to Leopoldof by Democratic party, \\lao has since all into the kitchen with the broom I That afiernoon he took troops on parade ;
- !Fey twen'y-second, eighteen poltencs husband is forbidden ', Attention Honor to the of the United
be so amended, that when the height or Bllgium.hln! enlightened king established *o many claims to the regard and If"ou want to render your unhappy ; and sinew then Cape May" a flag

f. *. between the deck of the vessels referred to heard of the French Revolutions, he told his confidence of the- country, when announcing, scold him for everything he does, rightor word in his house.-Neto York Spirit States America I" on which the dense mm
Vat said section shall be \t than six feet, and his of similar wrong scold him! for doing this or that, be- of the 7'imes.Strange hurst forth in shouts applause, with cries of
Minister to inform the people, in the iatigtwgeofPefer four acceptance
Ie ak five feet, shall allowed to each years ago whether he did it. .* live our sister republic !I" The
. the b 1 also his determination not fore know Long people,
t J *er siileen on the deck, Brush, the seed statesman, ministerJalized honor, announced you
fee I suicide. A week two since, I of all classes and conditions soldiers and
cea ,
I civilians
ta 111:5401 fourteen, prescribed said section by tho of Joseph! C. Neal, to bo a candidate for re-election. Coinciding
e 15the Vigil o distance. between the decks shall *' that he "un't nobody." He was .clean 1 with him in his views, so well expressed, and The Morris Jers 'yrnan tells. a good story of man named Bruce, living near Cincinnati threw themselves into the arms oftho

- U 6e feet, there shall be allowed to each goner"' and was ready to sink into his I original so faithfully carried out, I bog leave to say, i a well known character who frequently I I fig. committed Kuicidfl in the following manner : consul!, embraced him, and kissing the 4star
superficial feet the Kew Whilst Ie went to the church-yard and dug lilagrave spangled banner," pressed it tojhelr hearts
; rf the cea o insignificance whenever people desired that no circumstances can possibly arise, \hich I tired on juries in YOI k. on n ;
muter any such vessel lhltke beside his xvife xvl\o had been buried while mamy.ith moistened
II hostel ;.vesl I. ia any port of the Uniltd State it. Sweet tempered king Arcoinmoda. would induce me again to permit my name tobe jury, 'o soon as they had retired to their room \ eyes, reaching
Ilret e connexionilh the deliberate, he would button his coat and some sixteen months before. Having procured I their hands through the dense crowd merely
'Q r cf passengers I than it allowed byiht monarchs May shadows never be brought forward in to $ up
Q with ting your coffin under some he conveyed to touch it, cud! jut but articulate M Vavail
pretence ,
e intent specified in said first lesi !-N. 0. Delta. chief magistracy of our country My inclination (turn in" on a bench, exclaiming "gentle- a
.. 1 thus act of eighteen hundred and fortyIsIIa.ori1tbS155I and sense of duty equally dictate this men, I'm for bringiig| in a verdict. 'for plaintitT it to its destination unobserved. He console! rica gil Slati (huh !! tint la granrrpublica

- :.' *11 ''e of any such vessel shall f take my (or defendant, as ht; had settled in his mind,) then took off his clothes except hitvshirt, put !" And in the evening, at the
io; beg port and bring within the JU. The women of France join the army.- coursp. Therefore on a night and laid himself in the coffin theatre, there was a repetition ofthe enthusiasm .
: all creation move me. cap a
had and
States greater number of No gentlemen, ever higher mo- caft
Otbe.Olte of New York patty
I55 How beautiful a regiment our in the his box
wake which he had preViously placed newly on tho Consul's'entering with
thisiecliota, said have all agreed with me,
Ue by mas- lives for exertion, than has tho great democratic aa soon as you
I."b dss. look! all armed and equipped as the
1.1 !! e"l tlcA th fc i11$, of a milemear.pucitbed it sod the law girls directs would party of the United States. With an I me up, and we'll g$? in. made grave, with a loaded pistol in it. lie his wife.

I 1L I .

ryf L _

I .

.I' >:..I'fO'f' L:: : .- ____-.-_ ---__ ___ \ ------ resolution "
&: : j;' / BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH soldiers of -country : He there P. -handsome piece of cake U sent, i ed, deeply l as he regreted tbe whole policy s f THE' FLORIDIAN.1 political faith; ,layIogdawt andthgj Ik adhere plrm rf tt
' vinced the frater be in letters, annexation, if the result of these measurescould 1 tlem a
: 4} i : or digest courage ; \vi placed large this Proviso [firmly a* he approte I Ierit
wounded when other favors added, a b? to engraft the policy of t cordially" ,M
nat affection in his > gloves or are "
carring brotheL 'LET VI when be state
! : ; William O. Butler American LOll. that'll.
: : L t.\ General and inaradically our
in upon eJpleity.
f4' out of the Massacre, which was continued foi piece of illustrative poetry will be given permanently, : 1 General Government )

it i :.;4':;/: or KEXXTCKY.We :niles along the route of the retreating army iddition. When the editor attends the cere- system, he should" regard it a that a blesigcheapi ha, in Saturday, June 17, 1848. should exercise none which ae hats D pow.

: f; -- commence tIow! well-written sketch, and from which so few escaped, even of those nony in persona and kisses the bride, purchased. Because been clearly the
; : pror little band of granted by parties
e, ,,; rf the lifo r>f tho Democratic nominee fir Vcr who fled unencumbered. He subsequentlybecame r of the whole ought
. ,. .j; I President .'f tie United States, Gen. 'H.O, 1 adjutant general in Wayne's army. iad tho most appropriate poetry that can be just twenty.two fanatics, out Constitution STRICTLY construe t.
.; '1 ; ,:, HITLER, which wo will continue, in distinct Of these fie brothers, fur had sons- ) begged borrowed, stolen or coined from the house oif all parties, East and West, North which and roa parsinxrsr: or THC CJMTED STATES. : ceived and sound principles according of ihe to tb .

\ bS' part*, until completed, not baring: pace for twllm. with one exception, were engagedin brain editorial." South, (against Belser's fanatical resolutions, of GEN. LEWIS CASS, school," be bas given every J.n

I'j;il: "t ihe uhole of it in our columns at once. IIi the military or naval service of the countr) simply discouraged the agitation such or MICHIOAX.i crat could or a Presidential D
\ : .:: MRS written$ fir tbe Union by Fn.' l:1S P. during war. To the Hon. E. C. CADELL :. this question in Congress, and deprecated should give.uk calo
; ( 0 Hi. of We shall take Is?. General nutlu's William address in this efforts to disturb the harmony of the people, i soft vice PRESIDCCT:
t .; ; :' Am, Esq., Maryland. Rkhar 'on StaIn assuming to you
;!:h[>,;" the liberty of presenting i he life undor various! died a lieutenant avy, early in the last public way, on subjects (that are legitimate and to llnion.endanger Because the permanence that be voted of tho against American QEN. WILLIAM O. BUTLER, gest HU reasons whole for life reposing and history Faith afford in lila the firmnetj slron.'

". I beads. and at introductory! relating war. His son Captain James Butler, at Or KENTUCKY.
give, part \& .
t "
: which matters of discussion between the representative the resolution of Mr. Dromgoole, and in favor and trust in bis pledges. We a
.' to the head of the Pituhurg Blues, com. trs tnu
,t, ( '' he commanded in the campaign of the and the constituent, it is not my purpose taking away from the South her slave representation FOR GO TEH HO* 0,FLORIDA : who has been in active public I ia every
; :; TIll ANCESTRY OF CEN. BUTLER pany in and thus GEN. WILLIAM BAILEY. of arnid all the
i the critic Congress prostrating variety vicissitudes,
northwest, and was particularly distinguishedin to constitute myself mere partisan pitions
! : i ') .:.= III memoirs of individuals! of distinction it the bate! of Mississinnawa. and act on the principle that nothing goodcan the South, and discarding that great compro. TOR COKORESS : of party, ever adminiltrtion tot fort*

f j '" ::. is uMial to look back to their ancestry. The 21.) Colonel William Butler, also of tho revoluntionary II I mise of( the Constitution. And because that, WILI P. DUVAL. years, and go faith and political! In.
Nazareth. Far from it.
k'- come out of his elevation the chair, be have been
l- ( feeling is uniiertal which prompts us to learn had two sons ; one died since to Speakr' tegrity, yet queaie by
tJ ... ': lomelltmjj of even an oidinary acquaintance in the the army other a subaltern in Wayne' am not partisan enough in my feelings to. has organized abolition to take Tea PRESIDENTIAL. ELECTORS : President, Senate or people,

1.i4.; "'r in whom interest! is felt. It will indulge army. nary He was in the battle with the Indians move a peg, under such impulses, nor to take i charge: the interests of our territories, and GEORGE R. FAIRBANKS- Of St. Johns appeals now, and with justice,to bis rotes atrf
: of the District of Columbia. It is because CHARLES II. DUPONT Of Gadsden. evidence of the faith that
i 1) .': therefore!, on a natural and proper cuiiosity to in 1791.! pleasure in pointing out wha I conceive to be that acts, as is in him
.Tt..:]f'. introduce the subject' of this notice by a short 3J. Lieut. Col. Thomas Butler, of the old of these, and many others ofthe official JOHN MILTON, Of Jackson Cuunty.BesoIotioBS We trust a man who, in a long public sarric*
the of to
r :: account of a family whose kinking traits: sur- stack had three sons, the cMht t ajud e. The errors politically opposed me.I and private( acts of Mr. Winthrop's life, which exhibits always a brave and honest heart_&

; .in him so remarkably. second. Col. RolJet Butler, was at the head I will here, however, be cmdi enough to say are in direct hostility to Southern rights, to unanimously adopted by the pure Democracy deep patriotic American

Htnrral Butl r'. grandfalhar, Thomas But. of Gen. Jackson's staff throughout the last to you, thai I belong professedly to Ibo same Southern character and to the Federal Con. Florida Democratic State Central Committee. feeling, and an unflinching frnt'uhther

.j'.j''I. was born .April 6th, 1720, in Kilkenny. war. The third William E. Butler, also served school of politicians to which you declared stitution, that you have been censured a his Retolvfd, That the Resolutions adopted by the standing alone in Europe ,.trp di.
He marrit-d there in 1742. Three in the army of Gen. Jackson. in first circular to the voters supporter, and not because ho resides in a recent Democratic National Convention at Calti guise from British diplomacy, an displays

his five sons, who attained manhood, Rich 4th. Percival Butler, captain in the revolutionary .. allegiance your able free State. Having thus restated and cor. more, embody the same principles contained in the her self-agrandizing pbilanrbropy.-r our
= ,. r nrd William: and Thomas' were 'born. abroad. war, and adjutant general of Ken. Florida, though I have never been to rected the bill of indictment under which you Democratic resolution ot 1844. and deserve in like rank at home he billies with the Bank, IDS

; !. : '"; Ititrcl the father General Wm. O. Butler, lucky during the last war, had four sons ; first, I act with the party to which you stand attach are about to be tried, and which you have so manner the full, free cordial,actie.zalous and continuom Tarit the political plunderers of the pub.

: 1 .tnd Edward, the youngest son, were born in Thomas, who was a captain, and aid to Gen. ed ; yet I may alleje by way avoiding the ingeniously mutilated, permit me to call your rapport of the Democratic party of this State. -whether he strikes the serpent

I .I: "t':: Pennsylvania. It i is remarkable that all these Jackson at New Orleans! ; next Gen. William censure which you will visit on me for disagreeing attention to a few extracts from (the after part flttolvedtTh t the nominations LEWIS CASS for of Abolitionism, or breaks the cup of Wfl.

., men, and all their 'immediate mile: descend. O. Butler, the subject} of this notice ; third with in that so of your letter, and sec if legitimate deductions President, and WILLIAM 0. BUTLER, for Vice President mot Proviso poison-whether he breaks ii.[
: :' a'lts, with a tingle exception, were engaged Richard, who was assistant adjutant general you many particulars for therefrom will not verify the old adage, that meet our unqualified approbation-and that sword when disgracefully .urrfadere bj kit
I I' in the scnice of this country. loose have been my party attachments dog has his day." : commander, or blasts with
military) in the campaigns of the war of 1812. Per. every 10 long these dis.inguished nominees stand open scorn the
I "'" The eldest Richard, was lieutenant colonel cival Butler, the youngest son, now a distinguished years past, that the majority of my votes have In the language of complaint you say :- the elevated a platform. of the Baltimore resolutions, factious traitors who wouM paraljse ih par.

4 .;: of Morgan's celebrated rifle regiment, and to lawyer, was not of an age to bear been cheerfully cast for Whigs to the Legislature 'a Your desperate efforts to make the people of we will cordially support them and earnestly! recommend riots arm in Mexico. We trust man
1 I" him it owed much of the character that believe that I tainted with abolilionism who has been twice
high Florida am
I b. arms in the last war. Of the second genera in a county, too, very nearly balanced, them to the people. tbechoiceofalarem.
. it f4meot'itsol'n, from the olher have but excited a smile of contempt.The jority of the Dele
, :. Eve a apart tion of the Butlers, there are nine certainly, first on the one side and thenon JOHN P. DUV AL, Chairman. people
.: :4 corps of the icrululion.! The ceol disciplined and probably more, engaged in the presentwar. preponderating accusation is too preposterous. Born at of this wide.spread Republic-the lime
1'1.;',;...v valor! which gave steady and deadly direction the others. With these claims to your in. the South-reared amongst slaves-living and Independent Order of Odd Fellows.A after an ordeal and scrut'ny of scn for years

I' ..4.. to the rifles of this regiment, was derived This glance at the family slJo\v8the character dulgence, I will pass to the lu1'jcc of this expecting to 1 live and die among them-the Lodge of this Order has been organized in this before formidable rivals of all paities.. A

;.; principally! from this officer, who devoted himself of the raro. An anecdote, derived from communication. most of my property consisting of slaves-ibis city under the style and title of" LEoN LODE, tSo. man who exhibited the magnanimity at once
: '. to the drill of 'his men. charge has really appeared too ridiculous to the field for the
to enter candidate
lei promoted a letter fiom an old Pennsylvania friend of the I have read, sir, with deliberationand 5." The oMcers elected were Jos. R. MEGINIISS, wh de.
,J ; to the full i command of a regiment sometime parents who transplanted it from Ireland, tho proper deserve serious notice." Here again, it apt .G-.S S. S..LET,V. f fated him, andvho has been since alwajs
: the last of
4 'u during the and in that capacity commanded care, numerous to me, are at fault. I have read G.J.I.SALI.Srelary. tbe most zealous
: \\a shows that this military instinct was an inher. pears you and WM. N. TAYLORTreasurer. The one of that
':,. W:)ne's loft in the atac on Stony itance. While the sons," says the letter, cations, public and private, which have appeared with much care the strictures ofthe Florida ed utder very favorable number Loge of open.new successful rival. We trust supprer Ai. A i not
\ aUpicesa
; ,j'r-: Point. About the year was appointed were absent from home in the service of the in the public prints, addressed by youto press on your conduct, and I believe that I can members have been adJed and others proposed. entitled to confidence, then cannot placed

.HJ\' major general. On the 4th of Novamber country, the old father took it in his bead to your constituents, or portions of them, in say with the fullest assurance, that no word The regular meetings of the Lodge are held on in man.
1791, he was killed in General Si.Clair's has been uttered that would bear such
also. The collected to any The Democratic National
go Icihhor remon. explanation and defence of vote for the Wednesday of each week. Convention
your evening
'. ;} bloody battle with the Indians. His strata against it ; but his wife said, Let him construction. I will go further, and say that analagous in its Constitution duties and w
:1- combat with the Indians, alter he was shot, Spcakcrship of Congress, and regret to say I don't believe there is a voter in Florida, pow.
,; go I can get along without him, and raise Letter from the. State Central Committee. era, to the Congress of the United and
' ':t gave s'jch a peculiar interest to his fate, that something to feed the army in the bargain ; that I have risen from its perusal, under the however indignant he may be at your course, was only designed to affect us in our States Federal

; .: }.f.. a representation of himself and the group cur- and the country wants every man who can painful conviction that nothing has been said who believes you tainted with abolitionism, or The following letter bas been handed to relations. It bad no right to discuss or dV.

.,,.";. rounding; him was exhibited throughout the shoulder a musket.' was doubtless this to mitirratc._ in the. slightest dpf_ rff>., the .mten.' wanting. in ultimate fidelity to this great insti. us with a request that it be printed for circulation I cide local questions, policy within a State
I -- -- -- --- --
:: ..* Union: iu wax figures. Notices of this ac. tution. It in simply, and I think truly alleged, o
zeal of Butler which and at hare been The
t .*'.-" :. extraordinary family sity of that public censure, which, spectre like, our request we per or Territory. most it could do would be
; comp iihcd soldier will be flnnd in :1rhat'a induced General Washington to give the toast. that your devotion to party has made you, to milted to insert it in our columns to.day.Ve to disclaim the propriety of such discussIonwithin
.; :- i'\ Life. of Washington, pages 290, .- The Butlers, and their five sons," at his is pursuing you to the shades of private life. a great extentforgctful of your duties to the it.TALLUA3EE. itself or in Congress. In our opinion

* "*... '. In General St. Clair's report, in the AmeriB own table, whilst surrounded by a large par. Your letter is wiitten evidently under some ,. South. This is, to my mind, a self-evident inie at.ntion to that Convention performed its whole

:}.::;' "- :"! can Museum, volume. li, page 44, appendix. ty of olcer. This anecdote rests on the au. excitement of feeling, and you appear in one fact. But the accusation is too preposterous June 16 1848. on that subject, when it pledged the duly up
;: ';* William Butlor, the second son, was an officer lhority late Gen. Findlay, of Cincinnati.A or two instances to forget that the people, or -jou were born at the South, have negroes, crattc party of t the whole Union to the seventh
The Democratic Central Corresponding
throughout tho revolutionary war, rose &c., &c. Very good-ifthe charge had been
similar tribute of respect was paid to this resolution of the Convention of 1841,-wbich
of hern, have the undoubed
. "; to the rank of colonel, and was: in many ol devoted house soldiers l liy Gen. La Fayette, any portion ( right made, you might be offended, though you, Sir, t the Corresponding Committees of declares, "That Congress has no-power under .
'r .. the severest battles. He was the favorite of to canvass Jour public acts, and to censure are one of the 1 list men on God's earth who the several counties of Florida.
. in a letter now extant, and in the possessionof the Constitution, to interfere with, or con.
:; % the family, and was boasted of by this race of a lady connected with it I by marriage.La .- them too, if they think them deserving cen. ought to have complained a it. You and The Central Democratic Corresponding trol the domestic institutions of the several

. ; ::; heroes a the coolest and boldest man iu butll Fayette \>s, When I want a thing veil sure. I will, then, for the purpose of getting your friends set the vicious example, and what Committee, cordially and heartily approving States ; and that such States are the sole and
::.. : tie had known. When the the nominations of LKWIS CASS and WILLIAM
;: they ever army it sauce for tho should be for the
done, ordered a Butler / > it. immediately at the objects of this communica. goose gan proper judges of everything appertaining to
; : reduced in rank and file: and c O. BUTLER invite full and frank
.J'..' % was greatly der. Let us call certain reminiscencesfrom a
From this retrospect, it be seen that, up prompt (heir own affairs, not prohibited by the Con-
: : "i tion, take exception to the whole article above of Corresponding .
.1 were many superfluous ofcer they or. in all the wars of the counlr-in the rc\o. the pas. Let us inspect a leaf from the expression opinion every County stitution ; thatalleforts\ of the Abolitionistsor
::' !/.". gatiizcd themselves into a separa'e corps and lutionary war, in the last British war, and the alluded to. I is eras \'e, insincere, and a to. dirty canvass of 1845- and I am mistaken if it Committee, from every meeting of made to induce Congress to.. inter

ti;j .. elected him to the command. Gen. Wash. I present Mexican war-the blood! of almost tal refusal to plead to the allegation, a charg. will not, in some measure, reconcile you to Democrats, and from individual Democrats, ohl questions of slavery,or to TAXI INCIPIENT .

h: :.-.'.', i.igton declined receiving thi novel corps of every Butler able to bear arms has been free. ed by a portion of your constituency. The your presenter, particularly as misery is saidto in ever part ofthe State. STEPS IX RELATION TREBKTO. are
('i. co.n.nissioned: officers, but, a proud te titnonial I lote As of non.concurrence in the nomination by
? co i a matter history,
I shed in the public cause. : charge to which have been called to an. pany. calculated to lead to the most alarming and
:. ?:. : did honor to their devoted patriotism. ) you known to and ethers but which I our Delegates at Baltimore renders this call
. % Our next part will be a sketch of the first you many dangerous consequences ; and that such of.
*; swer is this : "That you cast tho entire representative will repeat for the information of those not so appropriate, and we believe it will be answer. al
Thomas, Butler, the third son, we glean campaign of the youtful Butler. I forts have an inevitable tendency diminuk
vote of Florida, a slave-holding well informed, Mr. like ed by a loud, clear and distinct voice of sanction I:
, the 1llowiuig facts! from the American ho.graphiral Brockenbrough your. lh happiness th endanger ti
2J*':..". Dictionary.)'. In the year 1770, GENERAL C.\S IN TiE NORTHWEST. State, for a Proviso man, and an abolitionist, self was, born. in the South, and in the old do. and approval from the Democracy, bear stability and o pole of the Union, Id
Slates the intelliar.Drc.ia -
1"H"t U "as a student of law in.the office ol in practical and offen3 sense of thewore -- .u3zearedamont. slaves-was ing to our sister cheering ought not to be countenanced by friend
., every and any
: *" : art t1..r.. .t.**" ---, ......tu., stJ \ 1W i'n'c \\d to rite ooum, 101 the Spennersnip ol iTing eipucling to .;. __ .1..n. tones not to be mistaken, that we ..ai.vwir pnlifio J...i'lu'Ion.." whirk; rtalvtion
j* '. :. he left his pursuit and joined the army a the most of his property consisted sues.! are children of the same family, and understand .
a Wisconsin in relation the Baltimore "
to nomination if likewise atom
And how by our political
p-. subaltern.! He eoon obtained} the command Congress. havo you answered it Yet, Sir, he was not spared by you and your and will cur maintain the principlesof adopted
: ries would discussion
; nf a company, \\hichhccontinucd to the NOMINATION OF GEX. CASS.-The tele. I By boasting that you did if, and justifying friends. Do you not recollect the "prepos. our Democratic fathers and brethren. ject, in preclude forever a and leave of .hslb
*, cluse of the evolutionary war. He was in the of the yourself the ground that the former Demo. : lerous"charges with which the Sentinel, your We invite discussion among the Democrats. Congress
graph brirgs intelligence nomina. the people to whom it belongs. We
*i1! ....' ..rll every action fought in the middle States tion of Lewis Cass, of I Michigan: for the Presidency. cralic Speaker DAVIS was just as bad a man. organ, teemed weekly, and which was echoed We call upon them lo examine the history with the illustrious Hayne, of South Carolina agree
: :' ".' .. during! the war. At the battle Brandywine Gen. Cass is thoroughly identified in Now, it was no part of the intention of your and re.echoed 'by tho masses of your party. and character of the nominees without prejudice when ha :-
'* : icceived' the thanks of the Do not recellect that he satisfied that must and will receive says
,' %. Ilr Washington on interest and association with the west and the constituency to stop at a simple comparison of you was charged with they The question slavery I one, in all id
->''. ', field of battle, through his aid-de-camp, Gen. northwest, fir: the last He crossed votes between Mr. Democratic Speaker Davis being tainted with abolitionism, because the zealous support of every true Democrat. bearing, of extreme delicacy I and
Hamilton, for his in forty years. and Mr. of an article in the District Address of tbe Every word and syllable of the Baltimore ; concirn-
: %., "-y intrepid rallying the Mississippi when there were but 25,000 Whig Speaker Winthrop, although a resolutions ing which I know of but a single wise and
Sg : ':. detachment of and late writer in the Floridian has demonstrated Middle Florida have will meet their
retreating troops, giving souls in that Democracy, supposed.t to hearty approval.-
there is for the
.. now a safe rule either states in which ex.
t T the enemy a severe fire. At tha battle of nle-wbtr the fact, beyond the shadow of doubt, that been written by him, and which alluded to They present the time honored principles of -- .. .
: population
thriving 6,000,000 ists or for tbe Union, it must be
'f.; Mcnmbuth he received the thanks of General Gen. Cass is associated Mr. Davis was with the Couth, and Mr. Win the prospect of the slaves: of the more North. Democracy. Those principles wa cannot de. consider
so closely with the and treated
entirely as a DOMESTIC
:? ', ,* Wayne for defending defile, in the face of an't west by tie that can bind a man to his throp against it, in all the test votes upon urn States receding South, and il in the course sert. We can support no man or party With to foreign nations, the accsnox.
; severe fire from the enemy, while (Jo!. Richf home, that avery his nomination throughout the west these issues. Yet when you shall be able to of lime becoming the interest of those to manumit which does not subscribe fully to them. We the respect United Stales ought (to be, Jngiof

*t aH Butler's regiment made good its retreat. and the northwest will bo regarded the make it appear, a you have attempted, thai the few domestics still retained. Do you support no man who takes the name of Whip.We cerna the of our own political tht family
$'/t : At the close of the war he retired into pri. strongest that could hare been made. a It is two wrongs will constitute a right, you may not, my dear Sir, recollect the hue and cry are not to ba deluded by new and false and therefore peace cannot permit it to be touched

I.il. K ute life, as a farmer, and continued iu the en. natural that (here should be wide differences stand justified on your own grounds of reason. then raised against him ? And last, though I issues, which mean nothing, effect nothing, and in respect to the- slavc-holding slates' UM;

r" *-* ; joyment of rural and domestic happiness untilJi&V" opinion amid the numerous and conflicting ing ; but you will pardon me, if in this examination not least, do you not reco.lect. the famous and which, if successful, would bring into only safe and constitutional ground on which
the year 1781, when be again took the field of I refuse lose of "Aif ro Witness Bill which men and principles subversive of the
candidates, and it was therefore all.important your acts, to sight "'a trumped power they can stand, is, that they will not permit it
fctii: :': to meet tie* savage foe that menaced our west. that the convention should select statesman the (true issue between us, and run into a de. up on the heels ef the election, and when it happiness and prospeiity of the people. We to be brought into question, either by tbiirsister

5';lri >f (r frontier.' lIe commanded a battlion in who would be regarded as a national 1 candi r fence of the course of Mr. Democratic Speak.er was known that ho was far distant in the know of no compromise. We hold no fellowship states or by tbe federal .-
14? a' disastrous, batticof. November 4, 1791, in II date. Daxis. This has nothinir to do with the. East and had no possible chance to renlv. or with Whiffgerr in any dis ise.- govrnmen'I
i is a matter for ourtalves. To touch
whicb his hrother foil. Orders were given byutzp In a candidate bribe presidency, question and h sale dy'Le disposfor afford any explanation to his (riendwJb'o; ; There is no middIe'gouod. We must be is to violate our most sacred rights-to ka

Gen. St. Clair to charge with the bayonet, wa, suppring and freemen, do not think, the satisfaction of erery candid were daily filled with these slanders 7 victors, or vanquished under tbe venerated in jeopardy our dearest interests the p
. '.; and Major Butler, though his J leg had been nor ever republcans bae thought it to hold truth. You are a lawyer, Sir-y6u are con Do you not recollect the bitter editorials of principles Democracy. We know of but of our country-the safety of our- paC

:.:4.: broken by a bal yet on horse back, led his every act of a man's life necessary perfect ; for,up it versant with the rules of pleading-you know the Sentinel, your organ, and the imposing two parties in Florida. The Whigs have altars, and our firesides." o

battalion to charge. It was with difficulty may be asked, Who is perfect B ? No, not the necessity)' there is for pleading directly to pieces signed, A Seeker after knowledge-their candidates, and we have ours. AH who
4J" his suniviog brother. Captain Edward Butler, one," is the impressive answer. Wo hate the charge. Have you done it ? An equivo. under difficulties," attributed to the pen of a vote are either for us or against us. When we see the dangerous attitude o

I; removed I.ir from the field. In 1792 ha "'a always considered it sufficient, when a nom. I cation or evasion is ever taken .prima facia near family connection of yours, young gen. The life and political history of LE\YI I Mr. CLAY in his Llingonlpeech and resolutions

continued in the establishment as major, and I inee agrees in the main with cur vnws, to i evidence of guil; while a direct plea, a fair tleman character and promise, in which it CASS. have been long before the country. He I and party that
1794- he was promoted to the rank of licuten- give the fairly-made nominations of our meeting of charge, is evidence of inno. i was asserted that Mr. Brockenbrough did in. was prominent before the Convention in 1844--, if he is not nominated, that party would be (Si-
ti ; ant colonel commandant of the 4th sub-legion. an earnest We do this party the cence. troduce a bill in our Legislature, to render and received a majority of rotes on many bal. organised in what he calls the free States-;
support. now
-" : He commanded in this year Fort Fayette, at more readily, because wo are satisfied that You begin your answer thus : I have paid negroes competent witnesses against white lots. It was universally known throughoutthis when we look upon the fact that .o one single .

I;S 5.., Pitshur ,and prevented the deluded insurgents the people of Wisconsin the nomination but little regard to your charge that I had betrayed people and he challenged a denial, holding State, that his name would be again one Northern Whig bas yet been found is
from taking it-more by bit name than his of veteran a 'ilushtin distin. the dearest interests of the South, be. himself ready to prove, by competent white of the most prominent for nomination. His Congress, or conspicuous any where, who it

f.j4: ... forces, for he had but few troops. Tbe close guished a statesman 1 Lewis Cass. He is cause with the entire Soutbern.Whigdelega. witnesses that he did ? Do you not recollect : opinions on every important subject were with us, against the Wilmot Proviso ;i-yhea

:. ,. ';::. of his life was embittered with trouble. In peculiarly identified with a our territory. He tion, I voted for a gentleman to be Speaker of how the torrent of popular indignation beat' known, and thoroughly Democratic. His we see all our Southern Whig continue 1

1603 he was arrested by the commanding has been our travelled the House of Representatives, whose fortune upon Mr. Brockenbrough in consequence of name was used in discussions, and by the unite and affiliate with with them
governor over nearlyevery
li.:: general (Wilkinson) at Fort Adams, on the county within our borders, is it is to reside in a non-slavebolding State." this? How he lost votes by it ? How his Democratic. press every where, a one which fir the warmest Wilmot Proviso men, to tie
' .t" b. Mississippi, and sent to Maryland, where be ed with our wants and our wishes, and ( it Now, Sir, is this a rep'y to the charge? When good name was centemned and derided, might be nominated, and would deserve and highest offices;-and going into National Convention .
: was tried by a court-martial, and acquitted of said to us by a democrat who has resided a I and by whom were lOU denounced, because though he, like ourelr was born in the receive the cordial support of the Democratic with them-and nominating one of

.', {..' all the charges!, save that of wearing his hair. in\I Wisconsin come twenty years,) Gen. Cass, I you united with the entire Southern whig South-reared ) dtc. ? low party; and though individuals expressed prefer. them a Vice President ;-wben we obaerflthe

Ha was then ordered to XeOrlennl, where if elctedvould be a President in whom Wis- delegation for any purpose ? When and by you winked at il, and connived with ences for others, in this as in other Stales, alarming and easy facility with which

J : he arrived to take command of the troops, October con in could repose the came confidence as whom were you assailed, because you voted who were carrying on their work of moral yet no organized body.or meeting ofthe people Southern Whigs and large slave holders per.
!t:1': : 20th. He was again arrested next one born and nurtured on her soil. simply for a gentleman whose fortune it "'a assassination ? And how the injured Brock. bas uttered a word in disparagement. of him.or suada. themselves! and fancy, !they cal persuaib
: month, ; but the court did not sit. until, Jnlv. nf.f -' others that all this is "
.. --. to riicl in non-slave holding State Are cnbrough, conscious gfhi integrity, and rely. I preference of another. We- sent Delegatesto right; -\ pf
tim next year, and their decisionsn0tk0. Mr. Cass' Position upon Slavery Question. you in the attempt whic you make to ing o the justice cause, martyr like I the Convention, knowing these facts, and of the Democracy] ofthe whole Union, whir
? Colonel Butler died September, 1e05. Out .-We believe that the th position of Gen. show that your crime conli the fact that stemmed this torrent unworthy and popular with his name actually flying in some of our : can pass and stand by such a resolution,

.e1i; of the arrest aud persecution of this sturdy Cass upon the Slavery question has been much you united with Southern Whigs,and then the. outrage, battled nobly for principle, and in papers, a one of levera which would be perfectly I we cannot understand what idea short o c J

veteran, Washington Irving (Knickeibotker) misrepresented or at least much misunderstood misdeed was, that you voted for a gentleman I the midst of more personal abuse and detraction satifactory We partook in the lusion or hallucination, can induce Dm
has worked up a fine piece of burlesque, in in this State. It has been some time residing in a non.slaveholding Slat? Why, than ever before disgraced a canvass in organization of thai Convention, and voted in dissatisfied with that resolution, to 6,

which General Wikinson', character is in. since we read bis celebrated letter this Sir, if you claim thu right, as I ho party arraigned Florida planted the colors which had been the nomination. We gave up all individual ty which not only cannot dare to pass any r

,.:: imitably! dfJnpah of the vain and subject. Our rccolledhn however is upon, that he to revise, atnead and change the bi committed to his hands, in triumph on the po. preferences fer the sake of harmony. It olution upon the subject, but is already locked
- : j>onijous General Von Poffinburg.i'ercival lakes decided ground against the Wilmot of indictment under whch: you are being litical ramparts of our young and flourishing would be a faithless in Florida a in any in the embrace of Wilmot Proviso pO'ld

Butler,the fourth son,father of Gen. viso, and repudiates the doctrine of inter Pro nothing will b easier accomplishment than State? Do you recollect all this Sir, and then other State, to withhold bar approbation, te. whose only hope of success is t
any -
Wm. O. Butler, was born at Carlisle, Penn. ference at all on the part of Congress with your triumphant acquital. If you are allowedto complain ? And then do you recollect cause defeated in her choice. Such conduct expectation that the Barnburner faction orts

4 1 sjlvatiia, in 1760. He entered the army B, Slaveryeithenin the Slate Territories, be. make a new, unheard of and absurd im. Thp Defence," "The Exposure," from his I would make Conventions child's play, and a Democratic party in the north, will "cs

'..,;!'. lmutcna.nl at the age eighteen ; was with lieving that the people of respective Stales peachment, to which you can plead, there is pen 'which followed-how the slander was mo'er.V should subject ourselves to from u as they threaten, because th., .
'it' ? Washington at Valley Forge ; was in the bat. and Territories are alone competent to decide an end of it. You hue discarded the true I crushed-how the slanderers stood rebuked ? an imputation of bad faitb, not sustain the sentiments avowed by our e'

. lie of Mnnnv>iith, and at the talking of York. this question. It seems to u;, that the doctrine I bill ofwhich'you se out to complain, and to I Yes, 'Sir, you do. In the midst of sore defeat which might exclude us from fellowship in didate in our favor, upon this very subject. ;

. town-being through the whole series of si rug. of non-interference on the part of Congress which you were bound to plea and have their recollection must have come over your any future action of the party.- Strange, indeed, to des.r a party unanimously I

. gles in the middle States, with the troops under is the (true ground, and the only safe one for fancied yourself under trial offence of feelings like the blighting of the deadly Si. Indeed, under such an imputation, who would repudiating a principle, because that repudiation J
: the commander in.cbief except for a short the South. To allow Congress to interfereat which no one complain. and to which the moon;. Innocence stood forth in its spotless unite with UIVe should lose the confidenceof is not in the form of words they pw- !

.,* |'eriod when he was to a light corps all, even though it b to us from any most effective eloquent plea would be Ii.Jtlce. robes, while the current otis misguided popu- parties. If; therefore, as sure of defeat fer, and embrace a party, a large majority of :
.. commanded by La Fajette, who presented improper legislation on protec subject by the The mere fact that you voted for a Jar sympathy reflowed its sdurce. These are as we are of success, we should prefer defeat which cherish it. A monstrous alliance it&

. him a sword. Near the close of the war, he Territorial governments, would be yielding a gentleman whose fortune i was to reside in a some of the reminiscences of a by-gone can. with honor, to a disgraceful victory-a victory would be for Southern men and Democrats--

a ,.; weut to the south with the Pennsylvania brigade pint whic'a we think (the South ought never non-slavehokiiog State, was never assigned by vass.) To make an abolitionist ofa Virginianthen to be won by our aid, over our friends, for :. who contend that the old Mexican law, irhiei

where peace found him. He emigrated ,. The position takes in the Balli- any as a cause complaint. No, Sir the t a no great shakes-it was all right- and by union with our enemies_-by a violation [ abolished slavery repealed by our acou-
:' to Kentucky iu 1764.. lie vasthe last of(he more Convention Congress not in. ,'inin2' rile chafed and cuiltv conscience in the benefit, inured to.you-but now.. when. vonrown of every DI dDe.. and an hnnrlnnm. ".nt nfevery tion of that country and that slaves sfcaiir ," -
tha -- --- -- --- -- --" -- --- -- ------- -- -
:.'w. old stock left when the war of 1812 comm nc. intermeddle with subject-at- all abl, is,i in-our this periphrastic circumlocution of yoi-i is acts have, to some extent, identified r you principle. We cannot violate! our faith I into the new territory, whether the people wj

'r'i ,d. lie was made adjutant geieral when humble judgment the only true ground of safe eidencf of the t fact that ydtj deli to dodge with Ihe enemies of the South, and xvbenyourconstituents -we will not desert our Hag. make it their homes wish it or not-to/

. Kentucky became a State, and in that capac. ty for ihe Soulh.-TC'o7um6ia, S. C.,Slate Banner the true issua. It is not Lf lUle Win. examine your conduct, you claima We concur with Ibo Committee which themselves with tbe Northern Whigi "J
. \ Jty joined one oftl.e armies s: nt out by Ken. Gih intt. throp had the fortune to be born in' a. free perfect immunity, and the smile of contempt communicated the nomination to Gen. C4B Bunburor who contend that the law i D

,.i :: '.. lucky during the tr r. State, that bit election was odious to the is tbq weight of)our reply. tbat the principle of the Baltimore resolutions not be changed, and slaves iWj J*.

' 4: F wad Butlar the youngest of the five .UarrigAn eastern paper gives out tbe South. It was because that all bit official presenting you, Sir, these reflections as a I ( .constitute a platform, broad enough for be carried into the Dew t territory, eve. if -

'pa! .tj brothers. "&to enter the army in the first DotCO to .all whom it mil concern I acts have been hostile to the fnstitutjon; of tempraryalace, I will tak my leave for the all true Democrat to narrow people who make i their homes siouM wish

S' Hage.of the revolution: hut joined! t near the :" slavery. Because that he voted for, and urgedin to you again by the enough t exclude all lln. 'p a b it. It is to They hare 011.
4 clone! and hid men to a captaincy when Grn. "AH notices of marriage where no bride intemperate language, the passage of the next mail, on other topics discussed in your to the great principles of the ofe to see the incongs repuiate the *u_'
St. Clair took h. com nand, ancll edi t to that I cake is sent will be in imill Because that he I'. letter r. c* th'TWilmot
) sat up type, and Jril. said:' "Much at .. Respectfully, ; and it seems 'to us that when Gen. Otherwise they would, aeu
J, dimtruui defeat in which 1 many of the best i placed into some outlandish corner ofthe page. this ivar In which we are engag. A CONSTITUENT. in d.tinc reply, d clare thai he hu read the Proviso Whigs power, an 1 ft


_ iiij .

:- .. ..4t._ : .- .:: :, ..', :. ..' ..i; ,,,.__ :. ..:;l'. ;. .t. 1 : J.
"uJ' .: .: "I "+'_ _'. ,. .1-.-'#.,' .- -.. ..:" .: : '. .'. .. flL-

L T : : rI

I-p -- = _
jU Sg>g do S it C=loudly 3 W-prohibit. -Urtry' InV !-dark--with u.- W.hart-eerer- declared our cotrint was le to make the remark.'that be (Gen. C.) ex rpt- ttejn m rtfalun thereto, are calculated to held in readineu to convey him to New Or. ded and; i ordered; to leave Spain 43 hour*.-

1 7fV" territory ,that ftfccting, by their own ..oo/e/e"-we stand to and abide by tbei, and it pressed himself differently ewing the first session," ]Iu mottdanp[ alarming con'furp. leans or Mobile, O his arrival at Vera Cr%I. Ireland WM disturbed and some Insurrections '

he contend the will b unworthy great men who compo lbs (torn the representations of the Wig pren. They ces does l-c.r ground of non.lnterference( The English Courier, it was said, started bad taken place.! Blitchell conreBtkra (convicted .

tie d.eanee, tbatwlh n country they can not do. po.pe Whig party-unworthy the country an the age-for after Mr. CAM speech and rote against the Proi.o, is an abrity. deny that it is not ute ,unqoal- direct from Queretaro for Vera Cruz immedi- presume is intended.) England was :

who ourselves life we are proud of our North. I our opponents to seek a accession to power,withouta charged him with baring: changed on that question, ified condemnation of the Wilmot Proviso is equally ately after the ratification. qulat. English funds bad declined, aDd monetary !

ror CASS, who hai the full, free, and explicit declaration of the grounds and reliance being placed on these statements, the absurd. What Goes the Poil propose to do ? It Gen. Kearney [says the Free Americanof affclrs bocome more unsettled.! ConsoLe

r candidate.LEWs* Um Wilmot Ito.- on which they demand a change in the administration senior editor uttered the remark which was deniedin proposes to interfere' with questions of slavery**- the 28th uh.] is ordered to tbe command in were sell'nj at 84 fOe .

teit of *tatisfied Toe "inl with his decisive opinion\ andDmortic of the Go\ernment But. ious terront. our last. The Sentinel cannot hare forgotten the to ncud slavery from domains common to the the city of Mriico, in place of Gen. Smith, M.
NEW YOB June 13? P. I
tfi are *
the of the
sound, practical, and statesman Of the candidates whom the Whi* parly .presented hue and cry raised against Gen. C. N.rlh and South whole Union-if, i i an" incipient step in relation" to I who is to superintend embarcatinn '

given in hit letter to Mr. Nicn. to the country, we hall all know. enough in on the occasion alluded to. Indeed, our neighbor'sfaith I questions of slavery which meet with condemnation top*. Gen. Patterson, it ".a said, would The furrign news is not yet digested but
down Vera Cruz with General Smith.Greatuncasinesi holders are willing to take lower prices, and) .
of Tennessee, December 24, 1847, due time. The name of TATLOK is ("milia to (he i i. still strong in these false clamors, for we from the Baltimore Convention. If this does come to
OLSON, was felt in the city of Mexico sale have l>ea effected at o decline on lastweek's ; %:
which be ssys : whole country-nay,we may say to I the whole woild find him reiterating them in his paper of Ibe 6th not repudiate tb doctrine of interference by Provifoists -

ja Brieq then, I opposed to He exercise He has acted a conspicuous part in one of the most instant. He there lays," When the Wilmot Proviso ,.abolitionists or others."except by the parties with regard to the menacing attitude late- quotations. We quote Fair Uplandsat :
a of 6} 6} Fair Mobile Ib. ;
assumed the Indians whose cries a ; 7 to 7jc
ly by per
by Congress over this mnff righteous, and wars in which any countryhas appeared in the bill granting two millions to buy a interfed"1n I questions of slavery we are a
necessary Sales last week 5000 bales.CaxaLaaroJJune. t
.Death tDtIiJ lire the Judians I"
:;'the vople of any teMY may be and receive the respect and admiration of every 1S4C- ,Cen. CA S was among the first to embrace an substitute propose no mfre,an but reiterates, A her escorted Lieutenant 12. ) h
ofwagona, by .
hereafter aut rgh regulate i fo- Democrat in the land. But beyond this they cannot strenuously advocate !I" Now, how was our neighbor 3 we have before said, the strong and comprehensive Stead's lrin I loft Vera Cruz on the 29thult. 6 o'clock. 15 m. P. M. J

ihemselvcs, ,cA gena principle o the and ,'i not! go. They cannot concede to him what placed in possession of this piece of information ? position taken in the resolution adopted. To all fur company There sent The foreign news has had a depressing ef .
Jalapa. were
C & aft his warmest advocates hare never claimed-experience He cannot find it in the records 01 Congress-he will this Gen. Cass moat cordially subscribe,and to this wagons up. feet on our market, and caused a reduction or .
.ii0I. Cruz the tick and !
t nu in lh Constitution any gan in civil affairs, or eminent abilities. That he only find there the bare unsupported assertion of a the Democratic party,through their delegate a
Orihere puiepoi3erin Congress ; and is an honest, and cuncientios man, Whig Senator. To contradict it, he ,.il see that I bled in Baltimore, stand most solemnly, pledged. are now at Jalapa. has been active, sales reaching I.l&O bales, ,

not disposed extend a doubtful precedent be. we read it: ) wel.meaning.; the name of reason and CASS and Dicrrxso were the only! two Northern I That this is the interpretation Ilaee upon tIle CITY OF Mexico, May 2.3. 1845. at prices ranging from 5 ttic. fir and fully

.pnd Us necessity-the establishment of Te. common scn*e. are these the only requisites in a Senator who tad the patriotism to express their i resolution in (the South, we need only refer to (he Eos. DELTA.-'fe officers and others who fair are quoted at 6} to 6|. The: rice mar .

{tonal G1cn when needed-leaving to President of the United Sales ? Are we only to be sentiments in opposition to t.tr Wiig from the very large rote it recri'et in the Convention. to bad !tnlenced bo handed on to day ket is without change. Sales 4tJ tcs. at 2

1* lu the rights? compile icilhlf I told that he has exhibited high qualities in his bat. free States, and yoe against the Proviso. Where, prove and that ;it L also so understood by the Northern have bun respited by Gen. Butler, by a special 15.16 to 3-10 per hundred lbsf

,1 relations they bear.to the n. : tIe with the half-starred, half-clothed and vaunting then,doc* the Sentinel obtain the information upon Democracy we refer to a speech delivered i io the order of the following substance : )

t 2. Because I believe this measure (the : Mexicans ? Has there been a Gen raJ, or an officer which he boldly asserts that CAS .a.among the House of Representatives by Mr. BR< CIIEAD, of The sentence of death, which has been 1ST.R'SJ.S.UI HOME.

iTSmot Proviso,) if adopted, tul weaken, if of description Mexico who has not manifested frat embrace and lt lrenur>u.}ly advocated it ?" He Pennsylvania OB the 3 instant. In the course of passed upon persons by Courts of the American Boston, April It, ISJ'i- '

jut impair, the Uni ic< of I h Sla.; and would anJ, traits when brought into coU.io with the finds it in the journals of his own party and placing his remarks, M. .said : Army, whether Americans or Mexicans, Mr. S. W. Fowl

CMC future dicrc which would '? And are these the only prominent qualifications reliance upon their statements reiterate them.- .The speech of the honorable: gentleman from is hereby suspended until further orders. Dear Sir :-1 hare been induced at tbe tupgrMicu
the enemy of many of my friend, to make known to the public
South Mr. Rhctt sithfied that
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ripen grow vp into harvest o which are to challenge our suffrages ? We This was exactly our position in 1547, and the language are a few Caolina gentlemen) of extreme] opinions me in the southas am not aware whatbas influenced the commanding through you. the (Treat benefit I have derived I rum

calamity" I do not underrate Gen. TAYLOR'S military services. which has been quoted from our columns on well I the! north. Until within the last few officer in suspending the sentence of the UM of the medicine called .

Stronger Ur to express opposition to the They have,in common with those of SCUTTCUTLER, this point, was uttered! on the faith of Whig U ( months, the doctrine( of non-interference upon the death upon the officers and others fur the murder JHSTEJfS BALSJ1M OF WILD CHERRY

Wilmot be found in our Ian. WORTH, QDITMATT, SMITH, SHIELDS, PILLOW, and tions. No one, not better advised, thought the con part of (the genera1 gc\r me.t upon the subject olslavery and burglary at No. 5 Calla de la Palma in the hope that others suffering frogs long cotn- .

guage, and when coupled with the fact that others, been most brilliant ; but something more trary. We were mistaken, however. Gen. CASS was vehemently enforced by scuthern statesmen but really it does seem to many a very strange plainll! may find the same relief by its use that I
and southern representatives upon this floor. and has the .Lave d'ne.The .
General CASS has always been an uncompro. than the qualities necessary to a good soldier, are hat never, a we stated last week, matt aluc.\ The right of tJ( people to petition Congress in relation proceeding, surprised community latter i'r' cf last summer and in the fall. I

i'' roiling advocate for thorough prosecution of expected and demanded of one who aspires to the favor of the Pro o, or given a vote in the r was denied. During the discn
the 'a with Mesicoand (or indemnity land responsible and high position of President of twenty and when the Sentinel or any other Whig paper, the last sesaon" the whole south netmed to he satisfied one grossest outrages erer peipretra- difficult of breathing, low of apprl ti.and ci her I iniptom
J I being tbe only attainable) indemnity and with tie position of neutrality or the Missouri ted upon society, and hare, to some extent, which indicated a rapid decline. Three of
r -ht millions of freemen. But we look in rain, and ask attempts to maintain the contrary, they do it in Ihe
his warmest northern friends have been compromise. Now for the first lime in this House stigmatized the corps and At my to which the mo.t learned and intelligent medical practitioner -
tba in in vain, for these in the Whig candidate. He is face of the truth. the honorable gentleman contend that (he legislative belonged, which IL only have been pronounced ir.y case consumption' and stated lame .
.,; Pour wares supporters Congress against mOlt certainly deficient in these important respect, power of the general government should be exerted they that nothing but a change of climate could be of
; the Proviso, and that bis nomination received and hesitate not to that the country will The Jacksonville News. to rroe'hlUtr in the Territories. wiped out by blo in a manner sanctioned the least powible benefit Io sate, as my lung were in
ter sanction of nearly every vote from our sis. I we say for We most sincerely. regret to see that the editorsof who. advocate what i Is very improperlycalled by the laws of country under which they a very inflamed and diseased slate At this time, in