> ery Friday at i> a m, arrive at bark. 4tce a wk.. law, which lo-.ks to a ndiictioo in the cost if trans- its slipem .or value and cir.eaey -p pamphlets, which *"* I Nov. IS I-I3. lIt!
'a : Nn%r>ai. i ilU- nest d<> by p iuJ !Firm of a hi wlier! loclnnse from advertisenicr.t [sic? it: .n. laec.t.ut. h >wtv< r. May l be allo'.vtd 1:1 > !,, o'ltaiiH-d if Asjenfs, frratis.Tupare. Mary Rj'Alo, E\e'.v. of Joseph Rj j No t ice.
% 3->ll. IVnn Newnanawilleby Fort Clark \WaIrootie is contemplated by thi Vid-ler. wu-re t'l-- sijr l hid is t-uj by: tlu rre.i-tut owner '.1 .} and s.ld (by .\. H. .V I). S\ND D.uI'm ?- I\o\\l, d c'd.rf. a!. )
and MKanpy, to Fort King, 01 rule and "I (.irvnea, tU cWmiv be.> [It-rewrite the the *t.. k iii the r<>' te. aii'l it u manifest that tl to. .r..t'. 1 Fulton street", c-.rmr of William, N. i'. I--I. appealing t-ii the s-atNfjction cf the Court, by SIX rn.'Mhafterdate, I shall present my Ems ac
) i" La. k, once a week.j tunic or names in full] ni [here Ute the residence r'a..iiiI..1- | reieiriiie' the r1rcili.- bid do not east lii S .1.1 ,., 'u LEWIS.XHN, railahas-ei-SMITH! I_ the atFidaif filed with the ori.rin.iJ bill in this and vouchers to tl. ? Hon. Judge of Pro-
,j-' Ixave Ntuniusiille cvtry Wednesday at > ta, or rocidt-'tcex] lM-rel.y prop4.se to carry the nuil <.n his r.. ,,-. f vC WLIN: lVnsa.'oI.t, F. B. WIIITING.St. Maiks. ca-e, that tli -said Mary Howies.! M\ectitri\Jcsephl tate in and for the Conn'y if Jefer-jon, and apply fora
'. arri e at Fort King next day by S p m. Na. fr 'iu to as ofteu as the adier. VI. t hi route* of !lie hiKht *t < las-, ul.tre f iur'nirse oil In lVi& sists eneralh through' the tinted it.l R.wledicd... re- ile* Uyond ('p limits of the W.d.trhanreadroini>trafor of the estate rf Clement
; Lea\c Fort Kiiii eery Friday at *> a o, arrive at tiCKni requires in the time i-taInt in the aiLedak., --.n h of ,.tcamuatt.at! tralis| oil ttii.fl I* required Stat State of Fljridi, and in the Stiteof V.rcinia, on in'tiiui )- McpLei.3, late ot said Countv. deceased.
""t Newnan i iJie e\t day by S p m.f and by the totl.mim; mode ol cntivovaiice, to uit : liv. tinsi/.* and inix rt.ii! < ..i if the DiaiN. the |>n f*.r- P.ue1 pt-r U-iile. Six hs.tl.sfor3. of the Solicitor I slid complaint: K ii 0nltrnl, Monticello Jsnuar ; JAMES GADSDEN.Recrivnl. .
2*>1J. Fit \Vsic;jii *fed to re- That the aid Mary R.mle. Executrix a* afTPaid.di I- 1-17. oJii't
' ?: IIrioaaa, Auzu- ta, and 'liocohaliv, to Fort !)&{*, SiIITi ol i ." to a greater extent ol difl reiici than on the inferior I:. ii V-r th .t it is Snd' 4saripanlli that ion been appear and answer the i.rizinal hill filed in this .
if M UiiU-s and l ark. once a wr-t-k. ouch rule*, subject, l.owner, to Ihe ecei'titi.saKiV au-l is cn..iaitk aehicv in Mieh rernarkaMe cure cflle c.iu-e. and to s-hew cau j* why th -one shout IM.t he
a Leave Wacah a4iec&ry '1hirailayat t> A marrive Foiia cl EiuRfilce to a< mp.itiy each bid %e .-tatd. Hit iliiliC-ilt ciss| i.f diseases to which the huni i\fd\vc., within four ntitiths from the ti ite it fli. A FEll'mor copies of| Headlry's Napoleon and!

.:. at Fort Dude reet tutdav by p rn.ave "The nnderMur.td [!MI.- inwit tl.e lutne of the 21. A ci"diuriti; cf u bid inm of its -. -..entialterms I ui tianie is sn'>|.vt : th. retore ask fvr Sand Sar ap'.lill publication of tl.H ord., or the same and the oni4i- his MaralulU. ALa fine Guitar for sale by
... :' L Fort DaItevery Mn a ci. arrive atWacahootie suaiai>! r and gn.irant.r5] 11 irantHi, tlot, [here insert tantamount,,( to a new Lid, and .itin-.t h. r> i, suet f ke no other.I. ml hill in tins came will be taken fir confes-e.l : January'. I 1-17. 2"i P. A. HAYWARD.B .
(._a-. next U'tiliiOsJjy t'b\ 'i p M.3"il3. luru.itj bid ,. From Alligator, by Suwaui<>e Slin N. t. ins-y IK-.) ll lii, (or their) bid f..r nrrxm the mail after the last hour wt lor irr.-iv it.ir (bifls. (bf piibli-hptl in sane newspaper published in the ) ihe last Arrivals from New York,

. : Mount's Ferry 'J* in'ks l and back, once a w< ek. I iroui t,, hi ace, |.f4, Jr., Middle li-.tri of Florida, once a week, consccutitflv TT7E have rCt'CiICII a vcrv uper.or stle of
-t ; Leave Alligator every 'I1r.irx2.iy at .i a m, Arrive at hd'l' enter intu an .tliZatani! prior to th.- Postmaster <">u< ral.PO I NFORMS Ins Inenits and the public for lour months. > V French Black'Cloth
mount's l-ci ry tine day by ." p u lirst f July i.ext vvitb jr-ml fmi fr 07. l-it'l .. ,
Lea e nio int' Ferry every Fn-lij at -" a in, arnvt ti1. 1.i I'&I1'.IW tie -iii jqiDated. _s t. lsf| *(. >'. | 4WSIX iT M'-ir l < and I Two Hurnlrod! l.i.ot GEORGE; : *?. HAWKINS, JnJ e, ic.A Superior Style of Wool-dye Cloth
Alli atr-r i.aii dav (by G p n. ci -i 'I i.-i-r- n.-.itiv opposite( I tl.e Court House, true copy. Attest, Bottle 3.*! I. Froi.i Alligator, by U'hile Sj'rinj<, Jj porIkiiton IXSTRFCTIOXS.I r t t. ii t'-' r.rn:iv >ui t. und J :zi-rural assortn.ents I. R. H\RRI, Clerk. Olive Uro n *.
.: WoiiIUnd, Ci! rry Like, C'lifton, i.ulto.. I. Sev n raiti'rtcare: aliowi d for oix-nm Mid closing nmrith. fter date! f sui! rival nit mj acct.iir t g.oiiiii" ) u ;s \\D MEDICINES.: Every -t- llei-cmlier l.M-M i 11 4m CofFce lro\v "
cilia, ta Monticcllo, l)3 nikaandhackeqwe n -fc.Jxave the mails all office where u > |articular liuiei rd.-rs ot Physicians and Planters : ot ICC.
:. AUi atorvfry Welnc-ilay at I p bi, arrivkt nj. citie t M'HtiClln! ii<-\t Friday I... p ra. there is to be no i.,]< l.iy than is ncitan lo de I .> ; i-I lrutiix on the -t.it .1! (Danville SUj-pard I his |.i-t ceiv.d a s'li.ply'i.f( SHKRMX.VSI SIX months after (the publication of this notice, I Cas'iauercs of (lie latest Style.
: Leave Miiirello! every SjtHrdjy at Sam, arm liver amid n" eive the Icijis.V. atecl said! Ci. inty i.r. <-.1. (IUl. < 1 01.OZENGF.s l < ; i I, CAMPIMU: I and CATHARTIC I apply to the I Honorable James M. Gilchii 1st, RKADV MADE CLOTHING.

.-*:\ M Alligator heat Monday by l .t tr. 'the Bi-nl is ti. I b..ci.nveved in pr fcrcr.rp to pa-- I.LIXISKTH CLi: \VKLANI), AJm'x. : ;I: \ .d .i i Mo art i< l -s.ind the tn'.*t azrteinisteriiiz Judge of Probate f r Gad-dt-n Counts for biters cdi.mi'sion 03: Call and f-urchase these who want good banraini.
T From T4li haee : .. January''l, l ii.17 *.'" 'ile |5. of! intiti-inea. Adiniriistrator from (the state of S.ai
15. to >j. M.rV s, Si T: tlml MtMters Mtui to their entire exclusion, if it* vugljtanI i t >rin BULL k PRATOR1US.
back, three timci a vvcrW. bnik rijnir it. SHKRMVN'S: POOR M \N'S PLSTERS, the S. Sncll, deceased. January a, 1-47. 2.11R1N'I'S
1 Leave Tullahaoiec every Monday, Tlmr dav, and :t. P--t tithe blanks mail bjtfi, and the x-cial; .Vr I tat .M-Hiltty .Mirch, l'? 17. eheajH-st and li.-st plaster ever otl.-n-d I to the public R. L. EDMONDS, 'Adm'r.Quincy. .
.: S tutdjy, at 7 a ta, airive at t St. Marks came diy by %;etiti. '( the 'i 10 a m. ried ttli ]sJreloiK-coivrV4-divith: <>( |hint( rCliarre ness. Xc
( > V v.rlu.-.t u .
. a o e\-uti..ns, i.sued f IheHJ
out i S
Leave St. Mark Moiwlay, Thur and tnan line idtiiittin* > Also DR. FOLGF.R'S: OLO4ONIAN.. or ALLHEALING
every lay, on > : *>( turli convevanre. > -
F Justices Con.i i |Sr the 1hurd l> the estate of SPRING STYLES.
tn f flarnIti.n 147.
> let
i < lia'.ingdemantls against -
Saturday, at 2 p m, arrive at lUhavMM: k.njc diy 4. MJI! atr--nt .ire t.< IM> ciriv..c.l> without chare) I I UALS;.%M. in iruvaltiauuli'article for Colds, ALL persons
.ft it. .
. Cur.tyvvh u \-JMUI! N Franki'ii! ii pl liintitf Graham, late of Leon County, dcceas,
-t. bvipm. on the \ rim-ijMl i ulroail and sfMi.Mt! lines wl.ic ( Coughssthui.i! IJleediin, al t the Luiigs, Consumption
( and KlihieIe !. i.i
defendant the
the them
ConstaMeol !
that to
will take notice they imM >
351G. From Tallabaaee. ud the size of the .md its kindred diseises. ] LEE & BKEWSTER
Si Mills containing
by NtwjM.rt suit tie nutx-i! r,{ (b.- fiTir( Pamphlets,
is Mid I Distritt ha ,
li-i.neil ,
uKin| lee following lands, undersigned, duly ant hr ntjcaed( within the time
,: Marl8to Shell 1 Point, ajiaiUand backtl-. fun.- will lh certilic.it (rout in high standinz
r .t| iire < ir etij-o\i.ieit; bv ll Ii l1irsis res.
edpirtinclit ; lowit : 'Ibe l I-: J (.i| Noith-tvst lion will be in bar 11 CEDAR STREET NEW \ORK.
a : 4. < I Set 'I I, its presented( by law, or this notice plead ,
a week to Nt.tspnit.au.t l once a week the rest.inc. and in that ra-, a M-paratcapaitment lot the a-i-.rt V.CtjYiZ callable elketi, can be had gratis, by ap-
. ,ei Leave Tallahassee everj I'lif day, Thursday and inj and 3lekij'ins ol the mail is to he provided f,v in' I'itVii.tlIti r4tt liv I ,ilcfelwlant.Kinue: I 11, Suiitli and Eat, propeitypointid 11Iyin: as above.Tallahassee ol their rccoverv. Beg leave to inform Dealers in Dry Coeds, that they

(: Saturday, at 7 a m, arrive at Newport ai.e dna by the ccyntraclor, under the direction of the depart Now in January 10, !iS; \\f 25 tf J. B. JOHNSON, Adm'r. have receiv d. and are now exhibiting! at THE
'i. J: in.I tuent. |lulIr4uiec *>l the Hxv in sm-li cases made December 12, IM'5. 21 MIV. WAREHOUSE EXCLUSIVELY for Printed CallSCO -
p and prov ided, I will e0s .eave Newport every Monday, Wi-dnrwlay, and .*.. In all!! caos there i-i to be a fcrfc-ilure of Ihe I H Ii.tst 'I'ir in tl.c Co-1'arlncrsliip. M. JIAIKTIX, ccc',
.. pay town vi| Jasper, on tin* first Montljy -
Fiiday, at 7 a tn, ariivu at TalULai saL.t d'ay. b;) of She trip, when the trio is not run ; a forliture < fat in Marrh. within legal hours, the jid lands. /rM IE undersigned have associated themselves to- Commission Unit Forwarding Merrhant OASES,
2pm" tent one-Kwrth |>ait of it when Hi*, JL ceth! r in business, under the firm of BULL SiPRiriORIF4 ,
levied all the
running or arrival upon| as t lie ,propeltv i.i sjtd defiul.uiut anti Comprising
Leave Newport| evrry Saturday at C a inarrite at i< so far behind time as to lose ic|; coinn-vion to be 'out to satisfy said exeeiiiioris.J'MSIAH *, are now receiving and offer for sale a lot Pojdns street, New J
Shell Point same day by 10 a m. with n.Iin! mail and choice and well selected assortment ol Goods at the prin Styles,
a de5e| ; a forftihurof, a due! protortumol : T. ISMSDKN. Sbrtf.Javiury NEW O R L F. A N S LA.3UYJNG .
l.eaveShtlI Point every Saturday at 1 p tn, arrive ( it whin a sra le .1 vrvico u r h 17. tjsfitilf corner ol Clinton and Momoe streets, opposite the SELLING, RECEIVING, AND FOR3 Of ..ZrithFench, and .lineriean .Manufacture ;
at Newport aine day by 5 p in. (leii'-r to that in Umo comitrart. ThevliTA-Miirc-s tiny Pha-nix Huildin's, and known as the Blake corner, .1. WARDING, attended I" with promptness. whicl ADDITION to their usual stock render
Proposal to extend the Iri-weckly service to StMaik lie iucr. ased 1110 jx-iulli, ',1 LI |(-asifciiit, srturd"in where I they will bo pleased to see their old I lends Ratta'rn their assortment one of the most beautiful and attractive
a *, will considered. I ;; to the nature en fn-pteney ol Ihf failure and I Ihe- Day-\t M->;idtty in March. Is 17. and all I tlu>M* w ho at c desirous of purchasing CHEAPGOODS. J.vo. W. ARGVLE, LVTJIAM &. BARHY, in the city ; and havirgyrs/ been purchased

'; 3>17. From Tallahamee, !by Lipona, Mtrion. F .rt itnjvirUnrc uf the null p lY virt.u-of sii-wlry .i i its of( hen firias, issued ( A. lil. TWICK, S. S. SlOLt-V. FOR HSU A5D SHORT CREDIT,
? Hamilton, Talofa M divm C. II., Columt>,i Mineral f. Fine* v\ill IM impo-wHl, inli-ss the deli n .
'. Springs, and Little River, to Alligator, I Jiniic.-* I...> iisU<-toiilAplaimd in due tone, l lr failing to the County tl Le< n, Mittlle Circuit of Florula latest and most l.is'iinn tide stvl.any garment that ttrmi, at and below matntlacturers prices.
r and back on re a week.IxraveTallahavW'eevery. take Irom. or d I. liver at. a ii'ist olficc. the mail, or \v lien in Mil, C'iit. X .iottrs! >.ii, and it thrsare plain- may t bi-uirhreil at their estaMishinent! and will assure Iest tee. CaUlogius of prices (corrected daily,) are placed
kt' ) Smdav st S a in, arrive ilAHizator any pat t oh :t ; fr .uTl-r! fi3 it ti U- ivit, injured, loit, tins, and Coil's, \. Fiaiicr aredet. i.dant, I li.ivelivied those who may pitnmi/e them, that they will fTMIE: undersigned, Administrator on the estate ofJ. in the hai.iU ol buyers.
t neat day b> I |i in. r ile t roved ; fir ci-.nvevin it in a place or minim r upon, ai.d will \pe, for site, bffure the CourtHouse eiulejvt r lo give satisfaction in every n spect.Tticir Janus mine, late it l Hnt..>n County Florida, Purcluwrs will infirm themselves of the state of
,t _: I>eive Alligator cvrry WwlhcSJay at 1 p ia, attire hat cvjwj-* i it todopredalii n, lo..s, or injury ; for re- (
  • or, in the eily ot Tallahassf, on the first ass-.rtineiif comprises,i in (part, t he following: deceased, will apply to the Hon. Jtidijc ol the Circuit the market, ar.d be well repaid for an examination
    r at Tallahansce nest day by 0 p m.Proponali usinsj ..tt* r -111.111(1 to convey j mail by any coach, Monday in March n.-\t, within lejal hours, the lolluwili Superior Trfiirh alit! Enilisli Droadrloths Court of Dentoii County, in the Spring Term of even if they do not purchase.
    for twice, al-o for three tines a wwk railroad car, or stcamlwat which the contractor repilaily ; <1esCil>eJ JroHl| !> to wit : Do. d. CASSIMKKS, I),,, do. FANCY do. 1S17, for power to svll (the real estate ol the decea f... k K. but- peculiar advantages for executing
    t-rvice, will bo con idi-r .? to run by White Springs in->'cid <.f Lttle ; tier of trip; in the contract, and for hut arriving alhe irituist .1 DII.K-I I It.! Fisher in and to the real and Sattin, Silk, Trivet flolh, Woolltn Tfket ilo. said estate. LEE As BREWSTER
    River will tin consKlcred.3"il8. lime Mt ; and fur selling up or miming :mri cx.I pert.oi.al estate ot whieh Robert Fishtr) late of Leon lit:.ii> Y-M.11)K CL()7'III.v-rine Black! NEIL FERGFSON. Adm'r. ,
    '. From Tallahavtec, by Mirc isukee, lc Montirtllo I- >-<> to tratismit >*oinmerrial i int< llitrence I in advance county 3' miles and back, twice a wtt-k. sail I). U. I Fi-lnr hath interst January 23, I-n. 07 jjog
    I (if the mail, a |jMi ilty will \\tv ciicteil eijual to a ijuar- an as an heir at law.Ixvied quality do., French Cassuncr Sack Coats, do. Tweed, Kotice.
    Leave Tallaha-- every Tuc Plaid For
    do. Surtouts and Overcoats. Sale.
    , a m, arrive at Monticlloan>cday by .i |> m. 7. The P.vstHia.tor General may annul the contractor to be- sold lo satisfy said writj of lien facias.A. PANTALOONS of SIX weeks after date, we will apply to the honor
    .. Leave Monticll every Monday and T'mrsdiv at ( repeated failures ; for vicl/tini; ; (|he p Gloves
    of Madit Court House It of lour
    S Cam, anive at Tallahassee arne clays by G (p in. ; l<>rdix>!bi-yiiiK the instrii'-tioiis cf the January 30, H47. 2SNATHANIEL letters of Administration on the estate ol ThcmasBurnette consists
    deparl- Cravats
    ,Scarfs Collars, I Handkerchiefs,self adjusting Late of said eighths of first quality of pine land about IOU acre
    deceased- ,
    31''. FrouiT liah*!> eeby Mantiin t .n.and (Dun* moot ; for reliising todischane County,
    a vhcnrejuircdby
    I carrier \ Stocks, Opera Ties, Suspenders, Satin Scarfs, &c., DAVID 13URNETTE opened, well watered with excellent springs, and
    can villc. Gco., to Thoma ville, 31 zuilca and bart, the diarlment| ; lor asti mnj; the contract HAM LIN, &.c., tc. J. B. BULL, a comfortable dwelling house. The are
    i once a week. without the consent of the I'osfrna.ter General, or Factor and (ComniisMon November 21 1S4G. IS J.
    Merchant all the barn
    eaveTallahaseevery Thursday at C a tn, arrive 5r neltiiiz uji or running an express) as aforesaid. December 2r, 1SI6.1 23 CtL.AU' new, and gin-honse spacious and comraodiou4. -
    Thoma Hie lav 7 NEW-ORLEANS. There is on the tract a superior orchard
    at % eame bv p ia.r s. The Postmaster Geneial may alter the contract, Notice.
    a >'ave Thomuvillc every \Ve<|iicMlay at 0 i a tu, arrive Mliii alter the schedule, he allowing a pro rata inrea Col. WM. B VILF.Y, Jefferson Co. ) OIX months after dale I NOTICE.P. of Peaches Figs. &c. ; also a Tome vineyard, which
    shall final the last from :35 of fine
    present my acO year produced to 40 bushels
    at Tallahawe wine day ji m. eof within the JA! K'IRKC Tallahassee.
    compensation, tiiction EY Rirrarincag.I
    irn- ESIJ., .
    and vouchers
    count he
    to I I Hon. Judge of Probate WHITE Its character for health
    3.1 A). From Tallalee'e, by Salubrity and [). L\DI tcrapea. is unquestionable.
    Quincy, jastial l by law, for the additional service required orhit Hd'j., Newport. ) in and for the of JelFerson
    County and for Apply to the Editor of the Floridian the -
    Ga. 13 miles and back three a ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR LAW. ,or on premscs
    ; : to Kainbridge timnt.i apt the increased speed, if ihe employment of addilonal February 0, 1317. 20WF. discharge as Administratrix of the estate of William to W. C. MILLER.
    i week. stock or carric rx i ii rendered necessary; but the II. Smith late of said dulncy, Florida.
    County, deceased. January 9,1 SI 7. 25
    : Leave Tallahassee every Tu4silav. Thiirs] and contractor may, in such case, relinquish the contract, : ? LLOYD & F. H. FLAGG having purchas- ELIZABETH K. SMITH. WILL attend the several Courts of Middle Flo

    :i Sunday, at 9 a in, arrive at liaigbridge same day* by or, timely notice, if he prefers it to the change. the interest of MFLJLKCTHON STAR, in Jefferson County, October 31, ISlrt. 15 Om and of Decatur County Georgia. Just Received by J. R. Fortune,
    d Jpm. The Pout master General may annul the contract or he present firm they will continue the business under January 3. Ib 10- 21
    Leave Ihinbridije cveiy Simnfty. Wedn .ljr, anil urtail the service, and pay when he wishes to : -: Friday, at 1 a m, arrive at TtllaiUii.ce same la) by 3 ict\f\ witli the service in whole or in part, or place tie the business of Starr, Lloyd Si Flagg. h CRUSHED AND POWDERED SUGAR,
    ? Pm' a higher or different trade of service on the route, Tallahassee. Feb'y. 5, [C] 1647. 29 ATTORNEY AT LAW Attorney at Law Almonds, Malaga Raisins.
    t Proposals for ecini-weekly serj'ifce will bo consid e allowinc one month'* extra pay on the amount Quincy, Florida. Florida Brandy Cherries, Dried Currants,
    : : ered. di.pcnwd i | with.U. Furniture for Sale.I TTTILL attend the Justices' Courts of Gadjden Monticello, Jefferson County, Goshen Butter and Buckwheat Flour,
    i ; t 3"2I. From Monlicello, by Cr vervill<*. Ga., loThomuville The payments will he made through drafts on 1 I FINE Mahogany Side Board, with marble top VV County, the Circuit Court of Middle Florida, WILL attend the Circuit Courts of the Middle No. 1 Mackerel, Sperm &.Adamantine( Candle
    '; 31 mile and back, once a week.'I ln*t odices or otherwise, after the expiration of each I 1 Dining Table, and the Courts in the adjacent Counties of Georgia and of the County of Columbia of the No. 1 Soap, Family and White Scented Soaps
    $, 4,, Leave Monticcllo every WeJniflaj al n a m, arrive I unrtrr. sjy ia February, My, A'mi find NTovem- 1 Curl Maple Bedstead, apply to November 22, 18.1.5. 19 tf Eastern Circuit, Florida. Celgate Starch, &c., tc.
    ft Th'MTmrill same d v by 3I.P m- her December .1, 1544. 20 t JR. FORTFNC. 0T>- Sentinel copy. Monticello. Angus! 22, l8.I'*. i January2,18i7. S4

    ; i

    t" I .

    I -- .
    L Ta: : -- J -


  • The Floridian
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     Material Information
    Title: The Floridian
    Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
    Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
    Language: English
    Publisher: Wm. Wilson
    Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
    Creation Date: February 27, 1847
    Publication Date: -1848
    Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
    weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
    semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
    Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
    newspaper   ( sobekcm )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
    Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
    General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
    General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
    General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
    General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
    General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
    Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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    Full Text
    .. ,
    ,. '""''rl"I." -,. t'- J

    i "'i C 1i 1iClttrs11T

    ___ _
    '- _ _
    and Rifle
    IJffbt Infkmlir, .. __- --

    SYSTEM of Tactice Tactics.Rules for the Exercises JAMAICA Choice RUM Liquors, MaJeiaViM.and Wines.. P

    A and Manacuvres of the Cavalry, Light Infantry .I Port Wine (old) # '
    and Riffletnencf the United States, by authority ot f i.Bknepndpe(wip'r.) Malaga Wine,
    the Department of War. Jut received and for ale H F L 0 R D I IAN. Aiononrahrla Whiskey, Champaj e,
    by P. A- HAY WARD. C icnac Brandy, Assorted Liquors,

    October, IMSKcrsry. nud L.IUMys.CASES 14 Scotch Holland Whiskey.v Gin! ,; Maraschino.ChateatreMarcratiT& LINDENDERGER.! Claret.UIRCHETT 4.j i

    Kiwys, ., January 2, IS 17.
    6 ldo Linsejs. -- .. -- H' .,--- -- -._, __ ., 21 '
    Just r'Ceiand tot sale by BY S. S SIBLEY. IN EGA R-5 barrels Cider Vinegar, for sale by

    I. ____.. Jamarv:; r_>_ 1ft 17. ot
    - -
    LAWS tires of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That the latN of lee Slate of Florida in General Assembly convened That E. -Tracey No.-miles 440, 814 00 ; per---diem 4: days, i J 1'

    fasted at the Second Session of the General Assembly!\ cf the Stale-hlG.CHAPTER Comptroller of this State be, and BeTs hereby, directed to i issue his Wikinson Call shall be admitted to practice as an Attorney and 135 00-total- 8179 00. f' ;
    warrant upon the Treasurer of this State for the sum of one hundred at law and Solicitor in the several court of Law and Antonio A. Canova, No. of miles 530, $: 60 ; per diem 45 days, i

    114.-[No. 44. and nincty-eight dollars and ninety.four cents, in favor of Charles Equity in this State : Provided, That he shall first be examined, i if 135 OO-total( 8183 60. .

    ] W. Brush, one of the Executors of Nebemiah Brush, deceased, being in term time, in open court, if vacation at such time and place & John Houston No. of miles! 590, 839 dO ; per diem, 45 days, ,
    AX ACT I'ilotl the
    to repine : ( at Port of Cedar .
    Keys.SECTION the amount of double: tax imposed upon the lands of said Nehemiah may be appointed, and declared qualified therefor by one of the 133 00-total, Sift 60. 1.- I
    1. Be if enacted ly the Senate and House of Rrpresrn. Brush, deceased, located in Alachua for the 1815, and 1 Judges of the Circuit
    county, year court of this State. Luis Aldrich, No. of miles 300, 30: 00 ; per diem, 4 days, '
    Satires of tlie State of! Florida General A..ssemblIolrl'llf'tl, ; Thai for non-payment of which, said lands have been sold by the Sheriff SEC. 2. He it further lnfl"tl't That the said Wilkinson Call, if 133 00-total, 8103 00. ; ,

    from and after the passage of this act, it shall be lawful for the ser of said county. admitted to practice under provisions of this act. shall be legally John G. Reardon, No. of miles 412, 8 20 ; per diem, 19 days, 't.

    oral Pilots of the Port of Cedar Keys, to make such charges for [Parsed the Senate. December 31, IMf Passed the House of Rcpresenta- 1Jponsillt and liable for his act in the capacity of Attorney, Conn- 57 00-total, $9 3 20. 1.
    Pilotage as are allowed in the act governing the rates of tues, January Ii.; II Approved, Januan 0, I\17. and Solicitor
    I pilotage at ] .eHor &i though he had attained the age of twenty.one Charles Russell, No. of miles 590 859; 00 ; per diem, 45 days ': "
    St. Marks : and the pilotage at the Port of Cedar Kejs, shall be years.Passod. 135 00-total, 8194 00. .

    governed in all respects, where the same can be made applicable, CHAPTER 123.-[;\o. 53.] [ the Ininp of Rt->re.entativ'hccetnher I';, is Jii.; Passed the Senate James M. Gould, No. of miles 550-, 855: 00 ; per diem, 45 days, '; .

    by the act governing pilotage at the Port of St. .Maik!: AN: ACT to authorize Eliza A. Crews aid: J. M. Crews, Ailministritnr* of December 21, b.l;. Appiovtd December 2-;", 1>1C.] 135: 00-total, 8190 00. ti j,:

    SEC. 2. Be it further enacted. That all laws or parts of laws, James Nililack, ('wca-wl. to sell certain: Real: I IIslatc.Sn : A. Jernigan, No. of miles 850, 835 00 ; diem, 4 .. .
    conflicting with the provif-ioiis of this act. he and the same are hereby ;; ('Tiov 1. He it enacted ly the Senate and Home of Representatives ; Crt.u'TER 1:3.2.-No.: 02.] 135; 00-total, 8220 00. per : .iG I 1
    1 repealed. of he State of.Florida in Genera :h.'lIlbllr01rt'11rtl, That it ACT: to admit George W. Stewart: to practice Law in lie several Courts of John Waterson. No. of miles 421, 812 40 ; per diem 4 day, I':; t I

    : [Passed the House ol Kepri-wntatuo, De !, December\!1. ti,;. Approved, December Z't.: 1st'; ] ministrators of the estate of James Niblack! deceased, to sell at pub- SECTION 1. Hr it enacted by the Srnatr and Him.se of RlTrSr' W. D. Ward No. of miles .' ,
    1400.) 110 00 diem
    days !
    ; ,
    of the Slate of Floria'in General ; per :
    -- lie sale in the manner prescribed by law, the following real estate lltir'rt hrmbl Ct't7Iet 133 00 total 8275 .
    Cll,U'TEU U-Xu.lq; [ ] allotted to the! !said Eliza A. Crews, widow of said James Xi black, asher (;corgc'W.. Stewart; notwithstanding his minority be admitted R. R. Fletcher, No. of miles \\t) t )
    1700 !
    817G 00 diem day
    AN ACT to authorise Henry IleMitjtu; establish.( a Ferry aeroChoctaxvhjt; dower, situated in the county of Columbia! and described as I fol.. to practice as an Attorney and Counsellor at Laand as Solicitor inEquity 135: 00 total, 8311, 00. ; per 45 :fit: I

    cliee rvir.SECTION : lows to wit : the :North West quarter of Seciion 2.;'>. Township 3. l in the several courts in this State : Provided, The sailJeorgw S. F. Jones No. tJ I
    1. He it rnarfnf thr of miles 1400, $l40 00 diem
    ly Senate a1ltIlulI.'ir 45 $
    of! Rrprr 135; 00 total '
    the State f 8275 00.W. .
    tables of o Florida ;in Grnrral ,
    Assembly convened. TlatlIenrJ' Mt-'l: !halt of the South West of Zection2r 3, court, if in vacation at such tune and place as be appointed, I.: 1
    quarter .j\I\\'uchil' may Hancock.NO.
    lIl'willH"l and ho is of 's 090!/ 809 00 diem .1
    'wrt'I.authuriltl'd .j days
    to establish asul ,
    charged ; Range: 1 Id, S. and K.. by a line East and West, containing 211! 7....1K( I and dec'ared: 11"ailirt there-fur. In cue of the Ju L'es of the Circuit 133 00) m.I ; per : '
    with the duty of keeping :i Kerry on Choctawhatchee river at a / of $201 00. .
    acres : Provided, That an order for such! sale' shall. first IK- made b\ court this tall.I <
    M. D. for his
    Papy, services Clerk of the
    known 1I'i" House
    place as mum for and the of fitter as Represent. ;
    from the of this the Judge of Probate of Columbia! county, and) curb. I't'I'uriliH';) I :IC.: a. Hiit further enacted, Tht the sail:: George 11'. Stewart atit't-s. 45 days 8270! 00. :
    ears art. '
    ) passage: j as paid: Judge hall require, and said! sale! made under such pioiiMon' if admitted Jo practice unJer ( piotivioiis i ol" this act, shall )belegally M. D.- ''!il i
    P.1Pfor extra services wit
    Hr it to and
    SEC. 2. further marred, That' the said Henry If l'wil, his : engrossing recording i
    j and! restrictions;, in regard to the same, and) the disposition of the pro- responsible and liable for his acts in the capacity of Attorney Journals, 8125 00. "{ : : .
    heirs and aligns"' ; shall at all limes!: keep a good and sufficient fiat or Counsellor ; i
    ( and Solicitor the
    coeds thereof; the said as though he had attained of
    j as Judge ilirrct.j :
    age II. ; '
    ferry boat at said ferry to Cftlioiwa;on.. and trams and] he (lrtht'f d may Archer, for his services as Secretary of the Senate, 45; days,
    : j [Passed the Senate Derrtnbir! ::.i I I"! I'.. Passed tinllcute t.| Il I jncscistaI hH'ltYOIt'car! 8270' 00.George. >
    shall receive surh rates of G' 'rriaZe as may bo established fromtim'c I ti\l'S. January 2, INI". .:Appro\ed January r, 1..1| [Pa.-i, 1" tr. Passed the Senate L) 't
    to time I bj the Co.intv Commissioner* of' Walton! county, and 1 ] December :1, bl'. Approved, DoreuibtT _':', h 1'\] F. Baltzell, Assistant Secretary the Senate, 4 i days, ..
    be subject to the ord,*r of said board of Commissioners.SRC. 8180 00. 4i, J'

    3. He il further tnactcd, That it the said: theory [Hewit I 'IL\I'TEI 124.-[X o. r, i.] CIMPTEK IP:).-[No. C3.J] Wiiam Blount, for services as Sergeant-at-Arms for. the House of ..!I '
    shall fail establish within : AN ACT to legitimate; and change the names: \Viltiant Ji,Ci-rwii Fuuniain: Representatives, 4 days, 8135 00.
    to twelve .
    !! a ferry months from the passageof 1 ACT t!:adopt a Seal for the: Supirmt- Cora of this State.SECTION : ;
    I this act, then the rights and privileges granted by this act, are to and, ether therein lIan..d.. 1. He it l'/lrlcJ by the Siw/"Iml limners f Rcprcscnta.lirrx Samuel B. Foster, for services ai Door Keeper and Messenger for 1't!

    be void. I WIIEI: :+s William Cawthou has nicmorialized this (corral Ac. ; of thr Slate of Florida u, Gfnrral Affttnlly convened, That the House of Representatives days: $133 00. J

    Sir. 4. He it further enacted. That it shall not be lawful for any !'t'mlly. !stating; that his infant rhildien] William/ Jefier-on I Fountain i the Seal! procured j by the Clerk of the Siipr ni" court; by order and Charles T. Fitchett, for his services as Door Keeper and Messenger f ;3{:i ;
    i Sarah Elizabeth: I Fountain Nancy Fountain, $tJ..allr.. )Fountain, to the Senate, 43 days, 8135: 00. ;:ti
    other person or persons to establish a ferry within Inc miles of said direction of !said Cow, be and the sama is hereby adopted as the ; 1R J
    ferry, unless for his or their own use awl not for taking toll. Judith Henrietta Fountain, Lafayette F. W. Andrew Fountain, Mary Seal of sai.l Court.PaHd Alexander (;. McLean, for his services as Sergeant-at-Arms for 1 1 ,S

    SEC. 5. He it furl It r enacted, That this act shall at any time lb'llety Fountain. and Hoea! Fountain, are now illegitimate, aid [ tl.. SenatiJaninrv' -r>, 1"n.| JJ.:ld! :the} 1'ui' of IJepresenUtiv !, the Senate, 45; das, $13.. 00. : : .

    hereafter be subject to be amended modified, or repealed by; any the death of their mother having! deputed him of the opportunity of January 3, 41. '\Iproh'd. J.nuarv .i.; h-'; ] ne,'. S. B. Foster for his services as Chaplain to the Houso of t a
    legitimating them by intermarriage with their mother $50 00. .1 3
    future legislature of the Sat: ? of 1'lorida.he : Icpresellat .
    Ain WHEREAS the said William Cawthou lias positioned: this CHAPTEU iJL: -[:No. Gl.j for his account of stationery for General Assembly t
    { +.eJ he Hou- of lit |>-iitativcb... D'vrniher !1-. ll,jIf;. Passed tht Senate i :ti.k !
    January I 1M7 .\I''rt\\.ll.| j Januan I I. 14';.] General! .\!' ''ruhltll, pass an act legitimating; his said children and AN AC'T concernirr! Iivnrr } $103 75. ti.
    changing; their names: respectively to those! Iereiniier; ppeciiied :- SKCTIOV: )1. il it inartid bpill, Senate awl Jfmncrf Rrprcscnla- A. Bestwick, contingencies, S13 73. '

    Cu \rrlR: 1I1 .-[ No. 40.] I SECTION: : H. il there forr madid Itj thi Senate and How nfRcprrvnla'ivts tic of the / of Florida in Gcnrrul Awmbly convened, That S. S. Siblcy, for Printing dyne at the commencement of the seas + r! t.
    e of/ thr Stuff Florida'in \ hereafter divorces born the bands of be allowed to sion, SI30 00. ; f
    tACT to authoiise Iviehard T. :Martin t<> cMaMi-li a Ferrj across> Unte of! Generalwmlly t'fIJ t tt matrirnmbtal 't
    'r.'t..I.. t ii-nrd. That from and after the passage of this, act, the lathes; gage any person by the judgment] of a upon application to be made G. W. Hutchins, for enrolling, $20 00. ; r

    SECTION 1. llr if l'lw/nllJ.I/. ,(' Senate and H,III.t,. of! Representatives II said William Jefferson Fountain, Sarah Elizabeth J"ouiltain.al1l': )' as in other cafes of divorce, who shall hate ,been, a citizen of Florida, F. Wienker, for contingencies_ $12 50. -:.1

    of the State of Florida General A rmblu coarsened, That Fountain.: Susan "'. Fountain, Judith Henrietta I r Fountain. Lifatetie for twelve months, whose husband or wife iha.ll. tHt.C obtained a di- G. W. lutchins. for enrolling for (louse SOO 00. ; .L: :'

    Richard T. Martin\ be, and 'he ;is hereby authorised to establish, andcharged F. W. Andrew Fountain. Mary Bellew: Fountain and Huacu "Bellew l- \Jrc! in :any other State or cuuntrv.i'a Win. as Chaplain to the Senate $50 00. t
    with the of Fountain! infant children [ -.ed! tin- Senate, DereciU-r .';1. Jx !t''i.; Pa.-wd. the! House of Representatives Elijah for wood ; "
    duty keeping: a Feirv on Write's creek, in Jack. of William Cauthon, now a citizen Breckenridge c, S5G 75. r ,
    !-> l J7. t
    son county, at a place known ar- t the Old Ferry on said creek, for of Walton county in this State, be and the same are hereby, respectively J"UI.I : ,11q'rotcd.Lnuaf: : t"1' ] Harry Hawkins, servant hire, SOO j 00. ;\., ;

    and during the term of ten year from the passage of this art. changed. to William Jeflerson Cawthon, Sarah Elizabeth" CntrTi-R 135. 05. To Comptroller, for clerk hire SCO{ 00. 1 ; :$

    SEC. 2. lie it further ,.Ilarl,.,!. That the !said Richard: T. )Martin Cawthon. :Nancy Cawthon, Susan W. Cauthon, Judith Henrietta : -[: ] SEC. 2. He it further enacted, That the account of Smith & Bartlett :. f

    his heirs and assigns! shall at all time keep a good and efficient flat Cawthon Lafayette; F. \\'. Andrew Cauthon, Mary Bellew Caw AN Assembly ACT making of the appropriations State ol Il< rula,defr.t(!. tIle vxpcn-on th** rf't.the! day Scnnd of November' GIIfr41, for printing done for both Houses of the General Assembly be, ; ;'t 1

    or ferry boat at said ferry to cross loaded wagons and trams, and be thou, and Hosea I le Iic'tt Cawthon, and they shall hereafter be 'known l-M;, and endins; on the '.:h day of"I.t'ICII Jatmarv', I-i7.!: and:!11 r other purposes.. and is hereby, referred to the Comptroller of Public Accounts, to b s

    or they shall receive !such rates of ferriage as may be established and acknowledged by the said last mentioned names respectively! to SIHTIOX: 1. lie it cnartfd by thr Stnale and House of Repre.'enla- audited by him under the existing contracts entered into with 1." j

    from time to time by the County Commissioners of Jackson county, all intent and purpose as though it had been originally' their names.Sir. tires, of thr Slate of Florida in General .txewrrblgeonreuerI, That the Printers and issue his warrant upon the Treasury whatever sums t

    and be subject to the orders of said commissioners. :2.! Hi it 'f urller enacted, That the said William Jetierson following sums shall he appropriated for the pay(' : and mileage of the he may find due to said Printers ; and he shall likewise!! issue his war. : ;I'I',

    SEC. 3. lie it fllrll enacted. That if the !said) Richard T. Martin Cawthon, Sarah Elizabeth Cawthon: Nanry Cawthon, :Susan W.Caul members, and for other necessary expenses, of the General Assembly, rants upon the Treasury for the several sums specified in the first sec. !

    shall fail to establish a ferry within twelve months from the passageof lion, Judith Henrietta Cawthon, Lafayette F. W. Andrew Caw as Pillows : tion of this act. t .

    this act, then the rights and privileges granted by this act are to I thon, Mary Bellew Cawthon, and Hosca Bellew Cawthon be, and WiiamV.. J. Kelly, No. of miles 540, 851 00 ; per diem, 4: SEC. 3. lie it further enacted, That the sum of $ ,000 be set' t

    be void. they are hereby declared legitimated: to all intent and purpose, the days, 135; 0(1( -total, 819 00. apart as a contingent f fund, to be placed! under control and direction Jfl'of t [ ,

    SEC. 4. JJc. it further enacted. That it shall not be lawful for any same as though;: they had been born in lawful wedlock. Neill McMillan, No. of miles 500), 50 00 ; per diem, 4: days, the Governor, who is hereby authorized to issue his warrants upon j A

    other person or persons to establish a ferry within five miles of said [Pa.-..d the -'' ebf R:..pre..enta'inDfcenilttr( i, 1-tO.; Passed the Senate KJ3 1 00( -total, 8185 00. the Treasury for the same or any part thereof i't1 .

    fern\ unless for his or their own use, and not for taking toll. Dcceiiibci il, I\ppr"'t'.DrCt.rnlH.-r! !", bl'-.] Daniel G. McLean, No. of miles 300, 830 00 ; per diem, 45 days, [Parsed. the lot! of Rt'prHeltative.January 6. IS 17. Pawed the & o- i t l .1
    SEC. ,., iio: ((10 total ; ate, January t.I Approved January C, 1S47.] J '
    3. He it further f-'lflct ]. That this act shall at any time 8165 00. J. .' .

    hereafter be subject to be amended, modified, or repealed by any CiI\'TEK I2."i.-[No. !55.] Washington Tabor, :No. of miles 230, 823 00 ; per diem, 4;days, : I

    future legislature of the State of Florida. ACT tto ti r.e;: the II"UIf' of S.-a.orii! \VaIUrto that of Seaborn! E. 135 00-total, 815S 00. RESOLUTIONS. \

    [Parsed the House of I:eprentativ -*. December I*. l"-ir';. Passed;; the Senate Raw Its:. Robert J. rod, No. of miles 400, 840 00 ; per diem, 4:days, .M
    '.. .. SCITION 1. /* tt rtiacltd I, t'ti. Smote and Htiusc :: ;) 00 total
    f 8175.
    : December il, l"l.j.; Aj-proted. Decetnbi! r ? 1 1".j. ] y r! Rcprrsrn- [X. 1.] Resolution requiring the Treasurer to i issue hw certificates in such t,
    gores of tinSU;'r f' Florida in General Assembly convened, That Joseph Austin, No. of miles 40, 84. 00 ; per diem, 4: days, sums a the claimant may require. :,

    ClIAPTEK 115.-[No. 45.] from and; after the paa'age of this act, the name: of Seaborn E. 135 00-total. $139 00. Resohrd by the Senate and House of Representatives of the S1 '

    AN ACT to declare the: dyer Miami a na\liable i streata. Walker I-.,.and-] the sntne i i" changed to that of S''aborn E.: Rawles. J. II. T. Lorimer, No. of rile 19, 81 *0 ; per diem, 4: days, State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That the Treasurer (i 1,
    SECTION 1. He it enacted hy the Senate and ll'JII.Oc f Jicjire.s&ifttircs [Pa-M-dll. IIMM. ot K<-'rt -nt.titr-,1)eremt"r't.I'1', ;. PSsedheSen 2 133 00-total, 8130 H n.) of this State be required to i issue his certificates in such sums as the I b
    ate, DtTtrQilMi ; :Sl''i.; JafHiarx
    \I'l'foI\ld.| | I. 1"1'\ ; ] i
    { of the State i!f Florida in General .hfiembl.l/ eninincd, : Daniel Bird, :No. of miles (50, 86 t; per diem, 4: days, claimant may demand, on the original warrant of the Comptroller.: t

    That the r \'t'rIiami: in Hade county shall he and is hereby" declared Cn A 120. X 135 00-total, 8141 (00.Dcnnct Provided, That such! certificates shall not be for less than twenty i r : b' !
    I'TIn: -[ o. 5fi.J]
    a navigable stream in its whole extent, from the livergladcs: to AN ,\C'T 1', rhanse the name oJ Tti'-odora! rar-'lii,.. Trtvant.SIITlnti H. Majs. No. of miles 130: 813: Ot,) ; per diem, 45 days, five dollars, excepting in cases where the Comptroller's warrant d i l

    the Hay of lii&cayne.llV : 1. lit it cn'icttd by thr Senate and JIon\r of! Rpm>rntaficcs 135: (00-total, $I.F. 00. shall be for a sum less than twenty-five dollars. 1.' .

    .-ed the Ilm-eof: n..prc&.lItatin..Dec'mlK'r 1r.. ii';. l'i1=.ctl lie Senate fIr air Stair of Florida in General Awwbly convened, That Allen G. Johnson. No. of miles 100, 810 00 ; per diem.:days, [Adopted by House of Representatives December 1S-IC. Adopted by ,,1

    lAsrembt-r :Jl I. 1..100.I'l't"H"l| i ICiiAPTEit .' ,'nher! :::", I"h.] the name' of Theodora; Caroline Trezvant !shall be, and i is hereby: 133:I 00) -total, 8151 I (00. Senate, January 1, 1M7. .Apprised hv' the Governor, January 4, l-fl.] "
    j Jesse Carter No. of miles :282S! () 00 diem .r' -
    ; ,
    declared to be altered and changed; and that hei-ccforward the said per : days 1
    !! .-[:No. 49.] Theodora Caroline Trezvant shall be known and f 133 (00( -total, 8103;: 00. [No. 2.] Preamble and Resolution exempting the citizens of St. Lucie it!
    acknowledged by
    AN ACT to re-crjraniztr! the nth Ito!:im' nt, Florida :Militia- I the nani" of Sarah Ann Vandergrift.SEC. Gabriel; Priest, No. of miles 41:!, 812 (; per diem, 43 Java, county Irom serving as Jurors beyond the lmlr of aid county. : ., ] 1

    SECTION 1. He it enacted ly tinSfiiatt' and llollfi of Rclrrsrn : : 2. Be it further enacted. That this act shall take effect and I 135: ; 00-total: 8170 I 20. WHEREAS the citizens of St. Lucie county labor under great and t.(: :

    lalirft of thr State of Florida ill General As.Hilly 'olll'cm.d, That i be in force from and after its passage and approval.Pa I II. IL Walker, :No. r.f, miles 01, $jo j ; per diem, 4: days, serious inconvenience on account of having to travel a distance 0( : $
    ) 13: ;, 00-total, 8141 40.leo. ( one hundred miles and upwards, to attend the Circuit court in Orange }
    the militia of the county of L(' /II be, and the are hereby! constituted [ ) the Il'tinr ot Kcprcwntatiicv: December! 1-1, l 1"1';. Passed theS -ii- -
    the Sixth Regiment of the )Militia c.1"tI,.. Slate of Florida. atf, DeccmU-r! 17, 1-f'| ,. Afj-rcn-d, Dvtvtnber:-Jl, IMo ] (; IL Fairbanks, :\0, of miles ;550, 855 00 ; per diem, -43 days, county : i I
    SEI. 2. He if further rnacf, That the militia of the county of 133: ; o<(i-ital..vl!)U 1I( And H7ur.I a large portion of the citizens of this county are Ii.

    Wakulla be, and they are hereby constituted an independent Hat- CIUPTEK 127.-[No. 57.] John Broward. No. of mis! ,150,815; t 00 ; per diem, 45 days, deprived of the facilities of travelling, on account of unavoidable i11i :

    talion, attached to the birth Regiment, and subject to the orders of ACT to than. ;u the tame ui l Iit-t: y' Ann \Vingate.SECTION 135: ; 00-total, 810 00.) circumstances :Therefore, .rI '

    commanding officer of said Regiment.SE : 1.lr it enacted by the Senate and Jfou&r f Rfprcsrntatins Adam S. Goodbread!, :No. of miles 1:0, 613 00 ; per diem, 27 days, Be if rexolved. by the Senate and House of Representatives of the r :

    3. He it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the I of Ihr State of Florida Gui'rul AsjnUy coin-find, Thtj : 81 oo-total, 8121! 00. Slate sf" Florida in General Assembly conrencd, That the citizensof ; ,. r

    Colonel of the sixth Regiment, immediately after the passage of this I j from and J alter the passage of this act, the name of Betsy Ann Win- II. 1)). Bradley" No. of miles 000, 800 (00 ; per diem, 45 days, St. Lucc county shall be and they are hereby exempted fromserving 'Lw' :

    law, to order an election for Major of the'WaJ..ul1 Battalion ; and I I gate be, and is hereby changed to that of Betsy Ann Robertson ; 135: ; 00-total, 195) (00.) a Jurymen beyond the limits of the aforesaid county of St. [t3 r

    alto! to divide the county of Leon into two Battalions, and assign j and the said Betsy Ann shall, hereafter be known and acknowledged O. M. Avery, No. of mills !Sit), $;')1 00 ; per diem, 40 days, Lucie. f :

    the present Lieutenant Colonel and Major elect to the command of I by the !said name of Betsy Ann Robertson to all intent and purposesas 11:! ) (00-total, 8174 00.ElMia [Adopted bv Home of Representatives, Drccniltei :*;, 16-6. Adopted byDecember ; 1t ,.
    the respective Battalions. I though it had been originally her name. Gailor, No. of miles! 500, 850 Ol ; per diem 4: days, Senate, 30, IS-li.- :Approved by the Go'cror. January, 1>47.] f.

    I *YC.: 4. He it furthrr tnactcd. That it shall be the duty of the I [Pa-.tl the hone of ]lire| eiitdtixf9. rubber _:'l' 1"it';. Passed the 1:3; 00-total, 815 00. [ 3.] Preamble and Resolution relative tothe establishment of a completeEducational .1 i "1.Nu. L
    Lieutenant Colonel and Major of the sixth Regiment, ufier being I Senate, December ;.'i;, lsl'< \I'pru\cd, Dt-cciulier :.t': 111.:: >.] George D.) Fisher No. of miles 300, 830 00 ; per diem, 45 Java, svstem. ,'1 ,

    assigned to their respective-commands: to proceed forthwith to organize lag: ; 00-total I, 8103 00.( WHEREAS the vast importance of the object in view, requires that s-8 ;
    ClIAI'TEU 12l.-[No. 5S.J] No. of miles 00 diem 4
    Daniels 230: $23 days
    Stephen ,
    the several companies according to militia law. ; per : no effort should be pared in the to establish f ibr this State,
    rt\etrd AN ACT fill the bvnitlt! tt J\ickuiRhairi: : .:; !Sii.ith.SECTION' 135; 00( -total, 815S ) attempt 1
    SEC. 5. He it further That all officers now holding commissions (0. complete educational system :
    : 1. llr it enacted ly the Senate and House John Tanner No. of rr.iles diem 33
    ttf '
    814 00 days,
    Rrpre.ccntalirex O.
    may be attached to the l beats as divided in which they reside ) ; per And Whereat, while in some sections of the State the population ,
    of 1/ir.afe of Florida in General Axvmbfy cut"'JI.tl; That
    8128! 00.
    114 (00
    the division of the present company beats, or resign their is sufficiently dense to admit of the establishment of academics and
    upon the Comptroller of Public Accounts be, and he is hereby instructedto Owen Williams, No. of miles 200, 820 00 ; per diem, 4; days, y sit
    their the vacancies be with teachers
    commissions, at option ; to supplied accordingto common slational' in other sections the population
    issue a warrant on the State Treasury Territorial warrant No. 133 00( -total, S101 00. sclol5 '
    law. is to other than schools ;
    135; for services at the St. Joseph's Contention.Passetl Benjamin Wynns, No. of miles 814 00 ; per diem, 27 days, to sparse common taught
    SEC. C. He it further courted That all laws or parts of laws i1 I.J by itinerant teachers :
    the Hou-e of ]December .
    [ Representatives! ,. IS1C.! l passed tlie 81 00 total) 805 .
    consistent with this law, !be and the same are hereby repealed. Senate, December 7, 1M;. ApproiciJ, leceiub 11, 1".lli.] And Whereas it is impossible for us to obtain at this session of +
    N. B. Stone, No. of miles 250; 825; 00 ; per diem, .1 days,
    [Piswdtbe Senate, December Tl 1 l"lli.<; Pas.wd the lluui'! ( t Represent : tho ieneral; Assembly, al the information respecting the different :
    total wn 00. .
    133: 00 $ '
    tue,January *}, IM". ApprovtdJanuary. f.1; '' ti.] CIIAITEK 12!!).-[No. .r)H.] sections of the State regard to their geographical position, the a
    James F. : of 400, 840 00 diem 4
    AN ACT for the rebel of John U. DtCorrc.SECTION larror0. 1.ll'l ; per : days, position, and wants of the inhabitants, which it ;is '

    CII APTIR:.32(1.:!( -[N o. GO.] : 1. He it enacted by tlie. Senate and House ofRcprrmntativt : ; OO--tilal, 8175 (00.) we should itutQ possess in order to enable this body to act wisely necessr .

    AN ACT in relation to the Jasper I Hussars.KE ". of! the Stair of! Florida in General ASM'm/I conrcnrd, That Lewis Gregory No. of miles 54., .85 40 ; per diem, 45 days, And Whereas there has not yet accumulated a sufficient fund for f.

    .TIOX 1. He it enacted by the Smaanrllluu.'fC of Itcprrxcnfatires the Treasurer of the State Florida be, and he is hereby authoris lay 00-total, $W I 10.) the purpose of education to mako a delay of one year in its use a r 3
    the State of Florida in General convened That the ed and directed to issuo John B. : John G. Smith, No. of miles 51, 85; 40 ; per diem, 45 das, ,
    of Ase.mlly !!! a conveyance to 1h.J ) ( 'irce, or his loss to the people of the State :-Therefore, .
    volunteer company ftf cavalry in Hamilton county, known as the Jas. assigns, of the tract or parcel of )land known as lot number Ihil'l)'. 133: (00)-total, 8140 40. resohed the Senale and House of Representatives the :
    Be it of
    |per Hussars, shall not be required to go b.}-on J lie limits of said four, in North-East: quarter of Section one, Township one. Rangeone I P. A. Stockton, No. of miles 44-, $.1 40 ; per diem, 45; days, State Florida in General Assembly convened. That the Governor

    county for drill and inspection.SEC. South and West, on being 'paid I by said John B. DeCorcellm 133 00-total, 8139: 40. be to two from each division of t. '

    2. And be it further enacted That the said Jasper Hussars balance of the purchase money due thereon to the Commissioner of William II. Gibbon, No. of niles 20:! 82 GO ; per diem, ,15 days, the requested Slate ; that appoint is, two from competent the West persons, two from the Middle, two i

    t shall be attached to the eighth Regiment of Florida :Militia, now the Tallahassee: Fund, in bills of the Union Bank of Florida. 133: ; 00'-total. 8137 00. from the East, and two from the South, who shall be furnished with '

    t composed( of the militia of Madison and Ilumilion counties, and shall [Passed the: House. of KepreM.-nt.itM4's, December 1 17, t"II;, Passed the Sensate George Monroe, :No. of mic' 21 1, 82 40 ; pcr diem 4; days all the information connected with the object in view, which it is in
    orders of the commanding officer of said Deccmbci 31, 1 ,.40. Approved, January, 1M7 ] 135; (00- : $1:7 ,10.) '
    i obey Regiment, any the of the Governor to give, and to submit to the 1.1 !
    law the notwithstanding. -- T. K, Leonard, No. of miles 10, 81+ 00 ; per diem 4: days, requt'stei
    f to contrary Gcnf'rnl.semhl for the of
    ClIAITKR: IW.-Xo.: (10.) ] ; next a plan a system of ij
    Der-ml 2'i:, 135; 00) -total, 8139: (00. ,
    [I' ltItd the House! of Representative 1 I.%10. Pae-cd the Stu.
    AN ACT to admit Charles 1'. Cooper to practice Law in the several Court Common Schools adapted to their section of the State, with such re.
    4, Towle No. of 00.
    December 30, Is4C. Approved January b.J7.] Simon miles 0 ; per dif'J, 45 day, $135 )
    in tin! State. \\'. M. Maxwell, No. of miles 8, $0 80 ; per diem, 4 days, narks as may seem to them necessary to a perfect comprehension of ;
    1. He it enacted the Senate and House :
    SECTION by
    121. No. 51.] of Rejrrescntativeit their views : That they also be requested to give their view with :
    CHAPTER -[ 135 00-total, 8133 80.
    of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That to the establishment of Academies, and the two Universities 1
    AN ACT to authoriZe!' Reason F. Swilley. Administrator of Cahiu E. Swilley, shall be admitted Joseph 'Vorut; No. of miles 40, $ J 00 ; per dil'l 45 days, ,
    Charles P. to and
    Cooper practice as an
    Attorney Provided
    and the manner of organization : That no com'penstion .
    deceased, to ell the Real Estate of said deceased at private sale. 00-total, 8139 00. -
    SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represcnla- Counsellor at at Law and Solicitor in the several courts of Law and William R. Taylor, No. of miles 44, 84 40 ; per diem, 45 days, shall be paid to the persons so appointed. ,
    tire the State Florida in General Assembly convened, That Equity in this State : Provided, That he shall first be examined, if 135 00 total 8139 40.- [Adopted by HouscofR Representatives! December 3,1S43. Adopted by Senate i
    of of
    in term time, in open court, if in vacation, at such time and place as ,December 17, 156. Approved bv the Governor, December 21, IS tfL] ,
    Reason F. Swilley, Administrator of the estate of Calvin E. Swilley, John Finlayson, No. of miles 84, $9 40 ; per diem, 45 days v
    and declared .
    be therefor of
    appointed, qualified theJud"ci
    by one '
    deceased, be, and he is hereby, authorized to sell at private sale all the may of the Circuit court in this State. 135 00-total, 8143 40. [[No.4.] Preamble and Resolution asking Congress to grant to the State of
    real estate of said deceased, being one-sixteenth of a section of land, J. Cooper, No. of miles 54, 85 40 ; per diem, 45 days, Florida the Barracks at St. Augustine.
    1 Ijing and being in Hamilton county ; and such sale shall be good andtalid SEC. 2. He i further enacted, That the said Charles P. Cooper, L 135 00--total, 8140 40. WHEREAS the promotion of the purposes of education, is among tt

    to all intents and purposes, as if the same were old under a if admitted to practice under the provisions of this act, shal b legally John WeitcottNo. of miles 130, 813 00 ; per diem, 45 days, the first duties of government ; and in the present situation of our
    and liable for hit .
    in the
    decree of court : Prodded, Such Administrator shall first file addu responsible acts capacity Attorney, 135 00-total, 8148 00. State, the want of suitable buildings is a great impediment to the J '

    tonal security in such amount as the Judge of Probate of Hamilton Counsellor and Solicitor, a though he had attained the age of twen M. M. McIntosh, No. of miles 130, 813 00 ; per diem, 44 days, establishment of schools of learning : Therefore,

    Co atj hall require, proportioned to the probable value of such land. ty-one years.Passed 132 00-total, 8145 00. Resolved by the Senate and House ofRepiesentaiives of the Slae ::
    [ the llou e of Representatives December 22, lR46. Passed the Senate of miles diem 40 a General convened, That the Congress the
    No. 240
    824 00
    .UWd the Senate. December 14, IMG.( Passed the Howe of ReprewntaUT Francis Broward, ; per day, otF Assembly
    December 2;, Approved December 2l', 15 l6.]
    ; the State of Florida St.
    be ,
    requested to to '
    December: 16, IS40.! Approved, December 23, 1810.] 120 OOota 8144 00. grant
    CHAPTER 131.-No.61.] Robert Brown, No. 280, 828 0; per diem, 45 d&ll: Francis Barracks, grounds, building and appurtenances at St. Au. ;

    CIIATT .R 122.-No. 52.; ] 135 00-total, 8163 00. i for the purposes of Education ; and that our Senators and i
    ACT to admit Wilkinson Call to practice Law in the several Courts in pin
    AN ACT for the relief of the Executors of the estate of tfehemiih Brush, AN this State. Elisha Carter, ,No. of miles 330, 833 00 ; per diem, 37 day tY i Congress be requested to we their best exertions .

    S deceased.acfov SECTION 1. He H enacted by the Senate and House of Represen 111 00-total, 8144 00. 'J. to procure thf passage of a bill for luh purpose. .
    1. lJt it enacted by 1M Senate and House of Represenla- .

    L .
    -- y -
    .. -
    ...k __ .._.. .. .. A

    : .


    : : .
    -- -
    --- -
    ---- - -- -- --
    i -::::---::=r---: -5---- -T:== -
    -- Here; : Monterey, there is, and has been, a ready market for all their products, and such .
    THE at
    otn /Ac.V ir Chlfanv Commercial T ius.t continually in the will nil be hero in a short time. They will
    Changes wero occurring
    ARMY. abundance of fruit, and it has been so ces as they never could have otherwise realised,
    IMPORTANT mOM MEXICO. high departments of state in the capita) come in detachments, so that they can embark a great or
    could obtain it and I rarely conceived. While such is
    Correspondence of the .\ew Orleans Dtlta.TAMPICO cheap that every one ; our policy, the
    Xepnrt cl l Sut Anna's ag-u uijtion totally unfounded The .ilcxicins were !kept well informed by conveniently. The transportation of the dra
    War will be
    Jan. 21. believe that the disease be more accurately protracted. Nothing but 91
    Hen I IK Iji Commandant may vigorous
    Vega, ol Vcra CtuziKfarture ,
    : kc. will be
    private letters, of the number of our orC'.ipyiug with horse, forage, the
    : ::! i.f Sti Anna lor S u Lu f The Itriicador of the mTsl
    of ln troop* liu;i vl the Mexican States their towns. Feb. 1817. Peace. We
    regarding month the road from TAMPICO, conquer a must quarter the
    being just one on
    the Chuich >,. of the aud lt them feel
    Monterey including ten days wo passed at The account I sent you yesterday occupation S the evil effects of such obstinate
    en Veri I'ruz-t'rtfch UcvolutKm an'uip trJ. American force at Tanipiru. oT.
    &..c.c. well undertood that the Oiudad Victoria. I am not prepared, nor have of Chihuahua by our troops, is more resistince to our just demand Thus fir,our move
    i is
    In (J ieieiero, thj in'jabitants! wero mccheteited It now expeditson -
    The lntt< arrival* fiom Havana brought u L againit! the government and is to rendezvous at thin Island of Lobos, a I time to give you such a description of the generally believed than I anticipated, but ment.* have only incensed the enemy against us, and
    II congres which I could (; ,. Patterson is oppinion that the only S inspired them with mere confidence in
    through wo passed, as et their
    from \Vra Vera Cruz. Between country ownS
    ::i intelligence Cruz, to the 1st invant on ajuut of te! pasita;e of \\h* law ngaint hf>rt distance north
    inclusive and from the hnd there ii harbor wih, and must put it off for a subsequent letter fhut of consequence was in the pass leading strength-and, if they cannot depend upon their mil
    c ; papers citv of Mexicoto the clergy. The congress say, it is better f'r the Nlandand! main an
    Ii as also a slight description of this place.On to the city, and the loss we sustained was itary prowess on the field of battle,they have learned
    lie in
    the "IKh u'.thao. Tico! vessei's
    came to Havana the church to it.'it with a little :'th-\n lo e all, or roidttead, where can safety.
    arrival found the town under I should be happy to state this to I that their intricate defiles like the
    we light. I'as of
    the IlritUh bold aud there i ii our very Tbermo-
    im t.tcMtiirr .Midway, which arrived which they xv.ll assuredly do if iho North Tl.e shore, it i ii stid, i is water
    the command of ( Shields who had of >l.p, will aid them in the
    armed ls Hrig. en. you as a matter certainty. p contest.
    there enable the to
    ton; Vrra Cuzoi: the 10th inst.SAMA Amerieaiib tri'iirph.I'uwKo enough lo vev< get
    A>XA AND HIS AKVIY. We haennthentio Cori nerloN.-The Indicador (fri. sullicientlv! near to protect the landing of the with him a force of about 2000 men. Ho has The volunteers from the Ondiaka have not The President, with a full knowledge of all th.

    condition f Luiide The uaid! is nted made many additions to the strength of the yet reached town, but I feel quite certain they facts, has communicated to Congress,this refusal,
    information regarding the the !U) h. it lies that the governor f> San troop ; repre as nearly on

    of the troops unJerthe ommanJ of Santa An Poiosi has issued a decree intimating that hanen, but w-i'J l lM occupied as a depot and place, since the occupation of it, and numerous will be up this morning. the part of Mexico, lo negotiate; and asks for men

    :;J4; na. They are silt to ho thirty thousand he i is directed by the cm eminent to negotiate ncampment. Tu troops will bo lauded in fortifications have been thrown up in the The Quartermaster was very busy yesterday and means to prosecute the War. It should be grant.

    I.1. strong, of whom one thin arc baJJy clad, an I a .i\nriar\! or !forced loan of $;oO.O.JO: : lor the bottts, M Eb:! ten or twelvn milei fjora the rear of the town. in inspecting the wagons at this post, and ed at once. We Ca' not top short of securing all tl,

    \vhoe! At Altimiri! one day's march from here, I believe ho reckoned up 4."iO fit for immediae Mexican sea and them
    land and
    I 1 only one half armed ; the heing sovretci use of liiart.iv.. town, and a camiuned attack by water |parts maintaining east and

    -iri \ *dlv ft'd. hat they exhihit any thing li.it Mi\i\i J.imriry 'jr. News \/.is brought ..iatlo ol'Sau Juan in Gen. Patterson overhauled n with two cornpiniei use, enough totransport the luggage and we>t, as writ as our prese.it line of conquest on the

    ;: the appearance of ni-n jiispired j with llpropensities. .: toth cip.ta! that o-i: t ih) : I l.;-t th I nlf., t ll.e AmcriMjtoro'i the ha: b-tt. Tennessee cavalry and he reached provisions for the entire force now here. north. This being; accomplished, we may then rest

    'I It is ostensibly. S.iita Ami\ I. at SaliiUovn\ tiventy-fitiir hiiii> etIui.n. The pitipira'in** for the rxpt'il.lion are on Tampico sMiu'faiieoij' ljr wth; the division of There was an arrival during the day from the ill hope of an honorable! settlement of our difficulties.

    intention ti) oori'iii.e: in command of tho loicvilesthftl all v.-Iinjteeri. a'.h.u.hi Jhe\ were iminneJ a ga-il: I MM!,-. asiJ i i't! .s- >.n-tit' 5 7.' fivorabe n a< !he got into town, I5ra/os, and orders to gut all the wagons in Hut, in nnth.r.* short cf this should we be alUfu-d;

    4 t tn expel; ti.! Am ik-atis frcni tho! oi!. '; lIke troops of Le linn. They halMrrli.'d it in is! st'1.J. l'i A i il i- u'o.I| kn AM. hf wrfivnl the usuil stlti't of the discharge readiness may have come from Gen. Scott. neither do we believe any thing: Irs>s will satisfy the

    -1-.i jis l h* Iiis i rrntU solicited Congress to allow ih. fiiiiu'ies' tsr concealeil arms but .hi1vij' .i.e next m iti'.h are !kv ii's !n it"ou'on ordnance ; afier which ceremony. General Gen. Patterson has issued his order with great mass of the people. V.V trusS Congress will

    liim to lo.min inuclinivly .it its heatl. UiwiuiI'aria '>u 11 I n n.*. tn! r.W ; sit -i -a e.int: o.n'rth- Shields! surrendered the g ,vor.iijint! of the regard to the exorbitant demand of the "t-c the necessity of sustaining the Administration ia

    1- t* (-.nst4p.dy! *rcuj jing the) presidential A repr was current f\n\ the 27th ult. in the unl5; :<:il l \ b'.4. Uir !i:> !:..rs.'i;j| fi-' toxxn to him. Mexicans, and rents and all d'fcs' will have to this regard. Indeed, we have every confidence that

    1 $ chair: but according to tho opinions Sd 1 cii0 r Mexico: thai the American* hvl) taken about 1 ir>.Qt! ar' .Jg, ai.l; ojc vj ?< .!'io.'i !b.' The whole force here now, including the conic down to their original val'ie. "dcii will be the re ultWe -

    ffitt well informed at the. capital he U t ili.eu huntrel! command: of G-n. Q'littnan aivl Pillow! who The General says that he has had information -
    pirties n Tuxpini (Tu nn) which rn-ated mui-li ala nn. ale lo briiit, ab U g.Jtto have no hesitation in saving, that the Dernoratic -

    I: destined tr ratlin U long, auo'her revolution Happily: as they ay, i it proved fae.FKOM bear ..u the f rti'ict'i i ioii. are oncannsI; within ten niilei of th 5 place, that there was mnrh neglect of duty: on Parly in Flrrida, are with the Administration
    will! sran-elr! ever.I 700') ) ) men, and we expected the of thin olTieer- and crewof th"Ondiaka
    t t being anticlpited.TIIC ; : That wu haIl t isV *ri Ctni i* not to bfdoiied. part iii this irut!.'r. In tiutli, we nay v ry properly add,

    .I i Curst iSpoi.i \TIOX L\\v.-The Kw NFIItl'ING! Tflfi AUMY.Mtttthr At whit eijK'inrt; of bloo'l :in-J Irei.jre to fiOl t, at least, that number here l.e- and that he shall keep them in cmto.ly that nire-t i'ths of. the people. Whi s and Democrats

    : which ha )been od ( aii'hor-' S .lirt; cttlfi've. Thu :fore arriving with the 000{)() from Monterey until the matter U investigated.
    A ? pu by 'ngrs' of! Litulfi'i' ItMitr Cz1ie uf no one <:au p.- or will su-tain the Government in a thorough
    eiz! church !Is' d.sss' with ate M.tUinoras. How !m.g this torce. will re. The despatches brought by the Albany
    11_ I i iang the goverr.ian.t to on prop.erty (lcifrdf! JSVo'/'* Disp.i.rx-I'tal of ihe next (j I"HIUI: in, whut n to it're l>rc rcution of the War, until art ltor orble peace

    f : \vilh the \ie\vof rai>ii: Sl. .0)< (O.UOi) ), tt' ('a1./-, ? .*:i 1't'ttl o;' f t /A'* <":iraii-7'ri.zl ofCol. .\ the fort sti't: ion's to l Ito razed to l!lsf- main L-re, is a trustier t1 douhtMlo one who were for Gen Patterson, and not Gen. Scott, shall! IK? cssrcqui red.

    -.r Isa employed osc-'uMvely in the prosecution C! IIn'il? Orshid it Ij' !ias MI i.vesa behind the scenes, but I believe as I then stated, and wero diiectly from Com.Conner. Now, is tint the time for the di.ru4sion nf raetion ?-

    ; : the war, lias rc'i eJ th ire of thu! clergy to a ut:1r 53ii i.r.c //< :/.| of the service d-man U their immedid.ar.iri of minor importance. Tl.etie can be settled

    :. degree uneq-nllfd; in the hi tory of the com- CVrjfrr.n fVrV' .'/. 'V.ry, sarpriwJ nntl -> agiu-t iLe. citv sit t M. .sea :ire ti !? t-n- .o: | >, if operations on the coast are The United States chr. Xonata will sail here-tittr. Ui.T'culties l ctwen leading members a'

    '! that ;e.I Tue u h' .( > i ia t j I Is' rarri-.l on. for the squadron to-da\-
    ; S try. Th* cL.-,1us'ace: \\i'l ln% through i'it' *>/ 1 ti>r>iarki-i4 irircsfsnm' cf lirat'rt'z r on ? -t t tn' probtb ; nn either partv, hould not be permitted to come iu

    j.;. their influence, operating en the blicd niv>i- an V-rn Jai.nlc l l'uat\r. 4-c. ***". hLrcoi 4 tri.sa -,>ill I li-ke t iher. 5a iVl.lh. The ht'alih ol'the troops; jmt? arrived from The Tampico Sent-n-I, an A'nercan paper i-otlt wiih qai-stioni involving the honor ansi
    : frtltioti 1)fthe people, not .1 dol.ar will l b 1italned the arrival .% wiol*> nutty tit i.t p nnii !hr.. untiltniu.u. : : th j i'ltciior, r.if.l! not liIwrter.. aid although w ill go the rounds '"or the firt time to-d.ay. the nation. -
    IV<* r-'C MveJ t5 s'venin-r, on ot
    S fr.i.n that source, from !he beer wv..: rati. i cart : pn viJ.*il l-.r at'trxvirdIIMVI :they !h tsu- nule! I a te.Iiaus! march, thy are
    Sci tr"t Bras-is (dho! ehwei'r ."'a, Captain
    i f purcia! rr I It i is henre roiifrfently! preaua.
    'is iell ti.t uh it- ]
    i .ru.'r: vvhi: ;!- <" oii () ) [
    I lhat the clergy wl'l infallibly! get up a revolution oi'h >; iiit'-ratit iU'irmiti'rn be ;e'ing; lie.* j in tlia' Ijii.ulnn1 the mm'ltiaii.i short! n->!>.', either t > Veia Cruz or the "Halls TllF-LRIi We copy tIe follow ing iotportant letter fron the
    j v4r.t. a MISS Iv "
    S ,
    ; S uliirh! will end in th" total overthrow r Gr.tle *. Y! >ii; J-k, ll.MiiUhes ii tl.c ;itr.:: I f th-' ..te/iimW S \V'.nIiinjt,.'i I'niufi of the 1..tli ins!. It disclose a
    | i it.i: dif1 p-'i h iio'l ;> o<
    of the actual ot ernisienJ, asd; the whole v<-t xi'larnuwMi CTit'S.t5. T.* fjoidr.. Cruz one );'ar. w i.C' i. I amt a matter of co'irs", ii'ch' behind, vsS st .'c ot alTaurs ia Mexico which should brg us to a
    S : l L 1s Santa trta } 5JIfr'4 l by ozr tr-sJ. witj .i-y hai: i in th" ness's hit". a ri-I, RS the woman said,' .
    lem federation. tiers m : sf ntifr !lives :has ii vv..l to takf i it by force.Thr Jrcrriutaecskteciaise bl- w. An attack >n Vera CelL
    i eorrejoidene f tin > :r 'ri' :itc* f tewl-i th *r*', tlttIU.iY KIHIHUAKY 27, IWiT.
    i luLV&' ben far olT the rn-ul.! out of the
    In vhich'hc 'I'the decree and do.S ; m) or
    ( i'j old
    fv.-r brim
    to is--
    npj'iove tV 1th in. yello .v c-.Htuwneet -Vprii orM.tV vvi uiftoiibtwlly ; matter an This
    p fi'poflj! Matnm ,ra< Flag to
    dares that it i is his iiiten'ioi ai.d an < -a-so-I'l! !, L'I ir the Iat ida or eight w'eKs' that I I'd .
    and 'vhole .
    t-oleninly with
    aa1ehe nation Cou.ues
    vj uicor.Tti > >
    saii.; Wo draw frtrn t1i.'u' vririnmc sources, Cotton! has contiiiut to decline h- th in our on S an a ; ro[ by s tu enable the
    t that of bis army to it out, bare ben .- of ib I '' ;it''. State no'vbe. <:it kuov.noihlng'btit; believing that it is ,
    l I'rrsidvr.t
    to ten.ieran ssteaattcecui
    S $ carry the ibli.vvin. iiea". b'iii llw.n ot; tbc* na- pcop'.o j a.e: market and in New V'>ik, and is tery diutIcitt I : pe> ct to Mexico.
    :.' published but no reliujf-e: can be plicej < n ; w.irvilh M.'xico i is !b"ttor(! to write whit you are already advised
    fining lo 'tihl end lisa
    ; j test ii)11t't.( Si in-i"b of ili corresptn.-h-nre lEsti.CVC, a u. xinall saIcs! U'e sj'ieite o'lt o-n market a* r.urugin ; ustnestkabhy war:

    ;i- his profession it i ii Lvied! he \\ pa\inj! a 1 a< we d'eaa no'v --< io l'ir.i.v more li Ut on a iije y ii.'.i.,!. We ate a< t revjlliicj Lit "t. f of than to leave :inrehary'd matters of imvut from *>* to I'J, ant I but little .sieriuC. HAVAXA, February C, IS 17.
    double game, and thl? ail he i* sriiing lr. i i- hiajis cf the M ute uiuds" yet, u.J by tUc I iut1i: !! snake a dih! at events of recent I hive tl.r honor infl
    7 th theatre to of the
    .._ 5 the tceiifs novr fi>sij: na j oJ war, 'rm you arrival -
    the tlictato hip f for !hisr-oi : IIowicrl..i> i time wo reach tLnti it is ta us l. .ueJ, there ocuirren. herea!>o zs.O I-'roin l> hinton. cf the Iitih!; feI *aniT from Vera Cruz
    ve nprcnd :
    .-S f may be, it is the curifnt opinion tint the JT.--. Mt-iu&iz or LITT.N\-: Hin ITII:-frrn xviii ibeas t.vjch -n-o f,r j r tf ito -y. Th" ie of thijoverirTiit! st<%aTiers has a cen- V.'e received rio letter tr'-Ei Washington cerrespousisut with dates from the city to tie 2t1 ins!. and,

    :tt cut aunimistiaiion iu Mexico, i* far flora !t. 'J)m7..> or SO l) milwithout this mvriiin bu gather t'toni the cr. from the of Mexico to the 29h; uh.
    :: or Ih.-p\Tm::>.-O:i sar. city at
    : ing table! and (that con :jjomo: t i Ls S and) tr.f'etiug wiih any obstruction, and fruit and .
    5 5 ( prejntntvriih liio 6 n-l'. and p'oplt ut'MfSio', LtiS' r *uter t'C-.Liit' .sj'oiilence of the Charleston Courier sticb informs' which tiu.e the confusion
    i'&d at the m.nit.i: or'tif: < greatest con.
    : the ,eed of revoiti.rn! in the capil and! ao'litiiing the chief! c<''nnjind!, !it'j {iK'.hvvi'.Ii! the iiij': ulttes, in my rnloJ, so i a vcfsM'j! in- hid.: l boati arrive hen very oit-in from many tan as us of importance.Iu srnrtlun prevailed. Th- rrvrmtry yea had re.

    the chief low-as, from ihs iuHucoco vf ihe vasio'i of th In a (.'tier \ (hint t>iv jiiiles above there.T.T the lluue, the Committee cf U'aj and M.-iR
    Country. ? :I I .Mg'.fo'. ar.d had determined
    : td'lr'-d
    Sr siz.t 4l"-'.uLe to Sci'tlll:;!**, : to (Jcarai eongres to di*.
    ? of
    4-. : clergy.Movi. T.IV ..-, or lliec*>iiin.n.linjf tfii-er; there. : .rtj la-vt S.pt&.sor: I s al1!, lhat lIthe MexiCiii encamrvn'tif Gon. Txvigg-i' corn reported on the 17th tnt. a hilt iiiurxlafrj.-jr ol tin- solve ur: the let of this rr nth.
    S SAX Luis. IJ\ tiny latest mail rnau i tt iinni httey: 0:1: the banks of j the P.in'li" -
    M tluir dist2I.sun
    '- : rRt lV"h-n thi bearer r arh"tth! t city, < tneral > should re<- ncs'o internal: revenue bill of tlwl l Last se-ion. The hill im .c-t-. :I "Tho I'TZy, a? 1 l before oli'crvpj, had re.

    :.- .- from the city of Meiico. v.hirh! arrived at Ilutler! I!,, oc r in romman-l, nprn.nl the *, or agree to sink them for the present, ), three mu1"s from Tampico. and to therig'it duty ol twenty per cent on fa and coffee ; Yen r>u r filled to grant a single dollar! and were en.
    of the Victoria ,
    S Vera Cruz. pt-ovious!y tthe departure; cf the! they were tint an to !be ispi-j d. road. Gens. Quitmanan J.htionil coai and attunes f
    di*< the rs'i'; vvl.ifh di" i'nmf- enemy ont. duty on some c:1 cleavoring to prevail on ihe Congress
    V: :i's. vas prowi'h -
    Mcdiray, we I'-.irn thut Sna Anna lu! g ue j Tin-ir ami c'nvtt! for thtu and -1 Pillo'.v are qmrter d lor the present, on
    ) l "' diu'* dfji. it' rr of G'nral Worh: aol hi* divis co.intir fight run ; ten per cent additional duty no loaf aid rthu n5-suace them a2an: t Santa Anna
    S. M'ith frofn San Luis to Tti'a.Tliis the sarn sfram, though higher heinz
    .J bisftafi'only, are as tot mi Ja!ile a tn ;ir annioi.As up
    : ,n fur the Rio t Jrtmie.Th > refined sujrs ; five per cent additircal d-ety en certain "i'ome of the department or States were
    iixlures: the belief tint! I kak f within} seven tuiec: of Ala'nr.a! and ten of
    : we ira an1tt.1'.1
    4 S 5 may d. ;j-ircbc3 w "re th'n rps,a! "j. ands u'iial, there are many ru'iior cottons, and ten per ctct. oa whitf a.td red lead.. | for proclaiming Santa Ar>ca dictator, is bile
    -: in Ms favor Tarnpico. Kvervtliin here is and
    revolution! at any moment at now quiet
    the the Rio
    s .3"ia ch.'rg** i/f Ii.v'ciM ;lli'.rrie, .":hinfatilry tnnt s cf ev.-nts, abo'i porU oil All these duties are propose ta raLe cffrl up..i :ht (etherS were tor pil.in him ffowa a.'tother.Ver.i : .
    S San Luis f..r there can be linle Jdoan! lhat all anxiou-ly looking fur the arrival of Gen.
    : ; (;Iraa-le and a'ing :!Le Siera M i Ire. O.ii "
    lo C*>-lPrai: Tjv'or.! then on bit ret.rora'iu pasjjge of the bill. They are to co.itir.ut iuf this move of hOts, i is for ths of iing Scott, \vh )w presence, it i It stipposed, will be
    purpose i U'lhc 5th In'anlrr ha-
    : that ilitr'.i'-
    Lin": ,
    e rnovein-at lo .Muali-rry, from ictoria. during the war, and fur two sears .ier its tcror.inalion. -S ( eneral \ega, the rehierad pri$4>cer. The

    S 4 an opportunity to the troops there, cfck'catiagS Ten rn-'n )won..i't4 i to Krarn.'v's ronipi'v. been: ki.i'-.J 'ir caolur-'d xviih a .ml! I'arty tel S thft sjjrr.al for marching prejjaratioivs. A" I Tue bill alii provide f'/r a redurtn ansi city ccntait't-u about? -I.Of O regulars and vol.
    for him during; his arcc' in oider to nak ? dra He his fiom Mjiiterov ii.l! hef'r' it i is impnioibja; to say what will
    ; of the .1th, r.cf% >:uninied Leir.enantU"cft'o ois. *as s-r way xradijation ot the price ot pi'jiic l take tiled| miter d *r cr.dant ibr provisions daily from
    it appear that! i: i is donf without his know: .r-'ge.!' ; with d-* for (Joiio'al be done. b'it the general imjiression is, that
    to patches
    as an .co.t. 1'hy arrived at Monter .CsrLa, on the lt ot May next. Should! tie measure 5 pss: it: the interior. The castle! about 1,100, also
    Clear oli'icians! in Mi-xico! h" th" whole lorce will be moved to Vera
    bighled j[ \ \er, Scott of
    saf; hei- and Tailor! from General great importance that the will bo increased dependant on the city fir supplies.
    t n
    I* 'v 1:1 stjpeJ ( < a night proc revenue -&iaeteur
    : deem that Saata .%:iua'race i> nearly rtt ; ii is said detailed statement nf the Cruz, atrl that it will go by land as fir as Tus.
    Jfdon iLfir ( : lor the a cullioni thert! They to be on the of another
    e loato to meet en. Taj or ve >y. appear verge
    for he will! be elevated to the rliriatorship if not the whole! The pioneers have
    : thy say of the There to be pan way.
    Towards! d i-k. llttchic iva-bed pan camj.Jgii.; seem The of the has received revolution. 'I hey had much rather
    'ES P n xt day. been the Secretary Treasury fropo tight a.
    l his enemies fur the working road for distance
    on some
    : by :r-e but
    \ery the
    ) W little doubt of th" of
    the vilag! of Villa (iratida. distant twnty- capture party, in that direction.A aU for the \hoect! the! lean recently sui.ert..ed tHong j tliPinoelvcj, than with us, or I should
    of the sacrifice. He b.
    haitening was i-igll
    three iiiitsfrum Moiiten" Meeitig.jti| **. af. whether they arc killed or not, is not certain. short lime after the lat of Gen. by Con re-.s at a rate above jjar.Jlr. say the troops of the United State, for they
    .S hither to be deVrojed, as In destroyed Iur-: Quitman's -
    ; Lieut. oftlo 2d Ohio
    Miller regiment, sta-
    S let !Ids arnrrl. with an rln li hiiiiti, f jfi'iiifh.! division had left Lancers Col! 'uittofGeorgia, pclie on the three rr.l- then know with whom they are fighting.
    j lhe-their! fate will be irniiar.S tisnd found dead in the Victoria TJOO() .
    5 VERA Cr.i 7.-Tlie inhabitants of VcraCrnz ed in lrijcisi"v tore'!: *, etc Hviil-d himsf! ofhiss road at Carnanto that was His heart had been who were there when he first arrived, cam"into lion bill in ds'fen'v of the war and c-f-the President Santa Anna's army at San Luis were ina

    ; *rvic'*> to pr.jcu: rc'.rei'irnonis for hlmiiplf near place. lie took derided ground aaint the expulsion cl the state of starvation in fact. One regiment
    S.' are in oaily! r-xpcctatiuu of being atUicke J oth- the town, purposing no doiibt, to take up '
    stake hij
    taken and Muck
    ; S both by sea aid lan.J' Th2 result can'-: ?! ?b"floubtfid. and comniinJ. As lh" two vv *rt! cr.--i2! the! erul out rn.itiiate l.There on a body their sAd q-iart'-rs.: As some of the members I.of I. Iditorf the Union, and! ir oppo'itloo to the views lad It-it for tin city cf Mexico, and it is re.

    jifj-.fi lit \iita (jLtui**, in tjrlbvrancu ol that ortcd that Santa Anna had taken up his
    !. if the seigc bo properly conducted.Tlie remained behin I for a tiirv, majority
    Mexican h .-ij/licaru is a tumir, which I do net ''inarch! for "
    vv.i Jv-
    objoct.a ci: ; Tampico. ( ) HeI
    IS Tl-etlir.-e million bill is involved Dvtibiful
    expedition !i. expected l Ity many to come an have not come tip, it is supposed that they j
    that the
    : in4 b' them, *.*.bei .suddenly he threw a I.so Capt. Casshn M.CKy, Kentuckycitstzy [ mot lf.ly! will have to back to Mexico to
    I ti ii' TCo mil hazard go
    have t.
    from b'iAn in IJVIT
    S Tampico, and l nwnv of the Mexicans imagine : with about hunure l of that cantuired.lr. <> > one a prediction HI

    I it will be by land.: In this fund eTp'ctation over Htlcliic, ;);.i Kj t.rHlohi.anirnil, a.d *.uc- j have been on-J taken men The IJigel.iw, heefeeutractor for the 2J voltin'oT VI itt pa-i.ue. The chances are ag tirt it. The put down tie party against him if L? can.

    ceedi'.l in dr.ij 4.a'4 him b.*yond the town, to rrgiiiwiit, prisoner i The transport ship May flower, with Virpinr.i
    f -
    they are t-o compl-tcly wraw2; J, tht division, just arrived, ran a narrow* cs- 11s.use ui'iit recede from the anti-davcrv proviso, or
    S is. !le 'ed }b five orfeix
    mU crL'tk the -'ory was snrpri > :
    iriiu. I Here Lt
    ': they anticipate th' march, in its lesults wl: a in : nrirjdcie.l nd-vd and .suzrrn'7rre41 tri'h'HilrtSauce cti": ; a day or two SIHCO. He left the advanced it cannot pa.*. The intrxl action of that iuftiona; ? volunteers anchored here this morning.
    be ueP, of their f.es* for I himai: (] aiier rautiiaurjj; his Irrly in a divi ion. anl the th-i time all and executive I called ith our consul on board. They are
    V equivalent to a at r.'fi ii > was proceeding to ear one, : palsu legislation even
    ; j horii.J rnann."r, nu'le off n ah tie d." pitchet.Tliejio That is too imp rub-able ; mvf.pij'.j. in tine spirit, and sail again in the
    half of the te\eral divisions will i.e a'o'eto a'orvh morning
    S one *n h" was b.'s"t by a patty of Mexican I action nn measure* calculated to put an end to the

    ., : : reach there. They say that the army wlibe I are m: 'l to lie of
    :: : eaten up by mtiMjni'oi azi'I 1 flies aitr4 the! | c-int-'iiiisig :t icteh ''if th p'an oi'lh--lrh; mouth of :h* Bin Iat: le iss try Co!. Il.arney.'he : n.,* fi.l) fror i his hi'..so, and by hard ritilns, C.,spoke an h-rtir i>a the siirtject. Hif iecj* will We Live tvrry reason to believe, frctn the tone of

    tr.. roast ; that it will experience the greatest dif.! j conrn ca'0ItigiI: v..ih other importi.t par- o_ 2-il 1 l lrRc:4: icr 1iot1e't'o; of or seee'.J! in ftt'U.niT into (Qtitirutr.s! camp tolvvfd have snrne inlluencr 1:1 pr>m.itnc the wtll.'tnnt ef the Wushintrrni) [raper that c.n attack en Vera Cruz

    1S: : liculty in obtaining water, which nribt Le j licuUrs. It seeim a< il tmovcm! *r.tof dr3. ioi were isif! irn ld !.i4 week, rif'fl. !<> by the M-'xirans: up to the very lines. tin* .jui tion in a harmo:,ious spirit. It will :'e.il to LT heeu dt-* r nirwd upon, and that preparations to

    S borne along with them ; and, finally, that the j ;Ilivhie llis and tin*party were narrowly watchodi S.-ott having <,*d.-re.l the (Vi-n J to stutstu: : ). i Mr. I Hart, llu1 theatrical pioneer, is doing rori< ilnte snp'ioit for the original Uil and to indue that etftct hav<- been for soru- time making.

    1 1 : fc\vr will linihh what fatigue aud praali-ju i by energy >r during 'h-1 night tloy pxvd ip !!i.e !livitlmit'i h"re, x\ith great advantage .uneff the anti-sbvcry rica n the il..u 4. b a 3.-- ( of 'Jr.
    .t'hw iipoistoc lUichie.
    "! > th, 'tibet-i- only o.j; or iwo !IIMI! >* re,,'ii.HMt j
    -t livo 'Ilhus *
    sit 1 *
    : ?
    in y artn m : wore ) .
    ;.L S Mill la\c J>paicd.XILLITV to hi* T pk *l, bk*>i'Ifs to the delight of th [publir. don the Wilrnot
    utolfij from thf.n! ; n *c ULO X.t1)E.-ThTe4 clever bv
    _:. OK TJIR ( res.pels th* < 'iirtertnistcr for fn-sli Iv.uu hre, under! the c.*!a.n i5d} fun i>lTic 'r rn'i"ii lie has with him a very aetor *ia the Senate by the Hon. Me. YCLEC, tf this
    had into the of a suIiy.; ; *' The Mexican 5Yar-Centrcsc: &c.
    run port Vo.t Ciuz, d i:5n the irimi- of Fitzg ral !. who played! as Kd-
    S Ilitchi* !.*wand. i is b'.w of the lower in rank. Tie C' edtuo' ey, State.Icr tie! e\j>ulica if the Ijditor and Reporters
    wv tm'
    :- the ei ht daj procedin the! date of our adu- nj wardin MataiiK.ras last Mrniner. Vie are truth p. inrd to nol.ce the present position
    w.irnb! *.! ot'thnVi and! th- (; -nsra! Ind h'tn ;irre '-d. Tin- if the Tniot frees the ptvitc-irs-s if the Si nate. The
    ttor hiii2ioi l'iion.Tsi .
    S Ce.', the l riiut. T oof them, afer %LOI> Cot. IIUM.I. .-.'I'lie trial ofihisojTtrff charges xvt-re pr.v-ircd by il a. W ). !,. at first rejt/luti, 03 a ia'>#4 t-ier.t date, passed b} the
    lug their caig< rnitnged to grt out a .aiii'unmolt'iJed. ** B i'h. given In Tampico; whieh i* I the .MtxuaiiVarfiie proper awa-snr.-s to be
    the instance of (i'-a-'rHl Sjott itv ? / l loilov
    : > se'taM :
    for disoh.donc? ,* i'4 rdjrs has ri'sultcd ; tug
    S t Seieral other tes rls were oxpccted i > siM to hav" be,.n quit" an affair. With this _tdiyfed fir Us s1s-edy} cl"i.-.(n.l ml-! 55 sri sit harri'inv -
    in hi t-ii"! found gui.'y. HP wasfntcinedjt CMJSC if ihj !H.tir ha I pe.rtod! th'-m, the <-rs. Arcrr It.! Ler, rVrr-cn. Rather,
    .. : and it wa< qonfideully! assertetl!, tiiatllsey an-1 iheatrica's! I think! ;jis is j-tite a lively anti union n.-v-wjrv hi tw vi C.ngres' s and 1 r.iK. t 1> .
    ) couit tartia! tmtst liC'resiarily have been orcleicd n I'.ley, r i ai Clf.n, J. M. Cb.vtcn,
    S also would with rquil facility eia5e the i t wvr My repritn3iKl l. In cne cf our iac.*. In mv next I will be able to tell }o-i I the Administration, t't secure iLe |>a. $tfze of such Corwin, Critttr/Jt-n. Davis, Davt. n. Kvan. Greene,
    letier b-'Iw d letails by the l'zesi.Isnt, and lh.l: w.sid: r.s t
    ai. given.Sicraisi
    .I. biockudc. We have already rrrorded itiat a j suit the something al.-ou! it. measures as, at present, Scotia necessary to rr.ett the llnntiiuiion, J n.Man. Jrhr.* n t Louisiana, Min-
    of th. : Trench Irtrk: ran in, about the loth ult., hd *nwjih : OK A COM.4Axy or KISIITV MiALL :\ p.irpnc CHAPAKUAL.C'ttrrt exigencies ut the titusci.It cum, Miller, :sI&'rth-.t. Pearce, Siianvvo Upham,
    JIAU:: I'msoMi-i- \ Iftter,
    S S powder. Jan,, ty *!:iL. wa i'er'ivetl I byCapt'iin Cros, Mippose thus o.j! vl .r.s-n'JIng him zviy LVI'LlE.s ii.Vu J'flu.tt .111.YICO. i* too late to enquire intn thecixi-ses cf theW NJ\S-Mo rMlen.A% Mey, Alchison. .'ether.

    LATKST ITIOM Mr.xts-o.--.The nngliilj C'nx- it t' la.or t '.vith Mie; or, whHher it is a rL.ttoutar! sr ton, 1'swhv. Breese. CrkKf, Canwron, fa**. I'halincrs -
    hii in
    | M.t/ir:
    the Ura-fv Ciiot. > > iiin-r! by putting j fie .
    at Chap'nin, Ju.xrtorin (Currtspts.is-ie Ct' t J DailyJtlta. )
    t jier arrived in \ Cruz finrn .Mexico biig. DicUinstn, Dlv. KairfUItt HMS-
    ori lljivr-eean.
    cauiiati'l of tie! not. It B uTiciont: to know tint, there arc difficulties ,
    : ing the important] intelligence that Santa An- ;i 5C". a'acLo!: l lo (;icneralVo d"s division, i< giuitt.Tho i I.\ 'TMrif, Feb. 2. between the two (lovenir-wnts. and lit the citiZOIH ton, Ma-on, Nehes, vicr.SvuIe! Sturctt*. Tcrcey
    in..rtnin; him that I HorLin.I of ther cunt tuuialof! riwtrge, fmnul Colour! n.
    ; had at his : Major The frigate Rarilan was tilT the bar this
    r.a length moted armfron Sin
    j jJ.uis are in lu"-tile arras aziin each other.-aid.
    :. 1'otosi. Il was nut km.wa in lkin; .ii cavalry! with fifty rn 'n, and Major | ilarncy guilty ofii. rhaig- ; but, s.. AensiUi; tiMrtiiiig, and nn olHcer ami! boat's crew are The second resolution was witi drawR. The offence
    correctly oflhft tutu ttter. that es cry r-(Ttr ol iH ot-iation, made on our
    S what direction. Some believed he iich- irii.iofnt was ir.tlided, i<
    '- wa> :n has U-en refused What thru
    Salti'lo others the had h 'rn ins p: it.d at.d captured at a place u.Lv: rcprii.MiiJid, as I bays J5e1J!, (iencral :Nxvs, or a riunor, reiehel the city to-day, Pill cor.trrntuou-.lv said to be aeetmauunicaton published ia the Union.
    ing on on
    .1 ; capital, rn rat'cfor have lilt siKtain the diznitv cf
    Suolt will "talk! to him wi to ) our conrtry,
    Vera Cruz to defend that c.iled! Inronusii;!!, about liiiy milt's ii OUt .S.il- prubab'y K-veMy. probably fiom the 'j'iidron' that Comniissionrs believed tu be endorsed! the Editors, severely ccn-
    ::5 .9' city. iu the older the the rights of our citi/tns, ard cur own hull standng -
    ; f The news he brought) coufiru.cd the accou.it tillo, on tlm morning of the 2d: ultimo! by promulgating ttrritet.ee.: fie had been, sent flout Mexico, to arrange the curing rrK-n.L rs if the Senate for their course en tie
    S did so once before and! "lii) low has been aruont; the nations ot I lie rarth. hu to pro-t-i lor-
    ; ,: given in another! place, of the capfne >f .Uaj.I ( .n. MinoJi! at the hetd; of fi'e liii'Jretl: l civaliy. ; difliciilties existing between the two governmnti. bill authorising the raisIng ten regceuI's of volunteers
    .5 S Isu,,! between the licccril and Coiui.e! word nr threes, aii (iVn. J Ji inlorpii'd his It is hard
    Borland's command. The Mexicans that i jn.it bjr ppies to swallow. for the Iresution of Ihe Mexican tsar
    t" hay situe.Lieut.. the point tiC the liajunrt ? To do this, the Adminis-
    :- 70 Americans escorting JsomrT of Major Horland's locality, and Lo nuuclu'd: ) TvMi-ito, Fr.ii. 4 17 10 While we are rot prepared to Jostity the severity
    t. wagons, were r. M.
    of the artil'rr battalion was [ tratiou must be sup'irtd b. ("ui.grrss.in tirni-iein
    4 :. made prisoners near Cuidud Victoria by (!cza.i& from a town ca'lod Matciul.i! and surprised } E.h. Dilta.-\Vo hare some very important cf the otftnMVe article in the Union, in its attack upon
    also tried a few davs and sii ppnded I >r inon and im-an*-and that, promptly. A hfitating
    hi.ii that ago
    Minon. fco comjilctely not a g'lti was fired by news from Chihuahua: which is general the Senate, and great Iv recret its publication, we
    S either one inonlli t'roni coMiuaiui, and a foifciture otpav policy i it', death and Jest ruetion. It will, iKcdle .ly,
    .k1AIfl.-IIC Iixllcailor oJ Vera Cru/, of party. ly credited by the oificers of the army, and cannot sustain the! vote Vc., fir that time. l'hae harse against protract the War; cau-ee lice loss of tmmt t rinse lives
    : the tMth ult., sa\s that a communication had which, if true, reflects another victory on our ; ct the Kditors. It savers too much ot an attack
    him was absence fro'n duty, without leave. and an additional ot nulliuiis, of treasure. It
    M ATA MORAS Feb. -J l 17. expense
    been received at Durango! on the .>th, I lint analHir anus. A roiii'iiercial house in this city, which on the freedom cf the pre**. True,the Senate, as a
    It : the Lit'iitrnant vvus on his wa> is the misfortune of i-ur in-titiition in this regard
    S had occurred! at tnMfcalifo near 1'a- feiilfista-I have jti>t Jim" before the appcar.'i ins si branch in Cliilitiahui, received a letter privileged! body, had thepowcrcfexpulsicn Itwas
    down the liver, with hit cum.>: the boatoppetl although, perhaps, not m another, that such dIjs j
    .: so del Xorte, between a email body of Mexicans mail ch.es! to give }tel the last n"Wi A my ; from their agent then, under a very late date, a co'.rte extemled Iu the Cditors the prisihege cf
    a few IniiM at M t-uii'iras, Ir went necessarily ice tlio ; ot
    ttakedace iri
    : and the American advanced guard, in boat (I cannot call her name,) which arrived stating that an Vmerican force from Santa Fc, r n/itut nn a the lloor intido the bar, and which they had the

    '. .4 which the former had guttered a defeat, their I last night t fiom (Tamargo, iej>oits I the rapture into tou-n. and gut i-n aAa*.', at.dthc bte.i- a part of General Kearney's command, had War, in v.Inch our ct.ui.trc.av Uci-me enza.id.Tut rigiit to withheld-but carry it out, and might it not

    leader, General I'oiicc'-de Leon, hating tceutiSI sift j'laJron of mu.iiitcd ni"n under! Majoriairjt's u.er lefi hi'i.I hhox.'rd! tli-'iuist'hes! n.'ar Chihnah'u, and weroiinnv a-} i it cuntiiiutn. uch tut'CCsuit |j5i5i5 rK t ; anihe aec the independence cf the 'reas-naitct not that
    S I If all ths b'hi.vs_ that xi,,late! th<* rules' dike present, in our opinion, is i.o tii'if Irr tUIav.
    Mounded. ( nif-OAud of OHO company of Ken- ''iately att-icked: by a superior Mexican cuiirtesy be w il!wlJ vi henev cr an independent editor

    4 Ciit'tcJi SroLi.mo*.-The .State .f 1'ue- t'ifkv', and one of Aikanvii Cavalry, nearSal- tei: pMuice" society are, 14) b.- "hauled over hto force. A long and sanguinary battle was Prompt, ctlicitnt action, absolutely naces3ry; and clu' e prrpeih to animadvctt upon the conduct cf
    ihecoaU th old: \vill have
    8J ..t- !ha! has protected ag.iiitst the law of the Illhof tillo, whilst out on a reconiioiii-rmg .jx"li- logics eiinu Til.ir night. ii which tho *lati<;liter on both ides it becomes the duty of Co-i n-ss, instead of throwing any of its members i
    do. haJ littler cs'aljlish!
    itt' Febraary. to laise S l5JiiOtJ( : ) on ch.irrh lion, were purroiati !o.l i>) ne.iry! 00)!) rasicho. Tln-y :i re is saul to have b-en very great, surpassing, impediments in the wav_ to ii3aiu the rrwHu-i-t
    'It -
    liko that Recorder liiUwiti.
    ,. and lai, and itirrerifrie rt'd. Liiuiten-! court, something ot and the Administration ice evi-ry mea>ure which an
    property. The State of Mexico is al* duin- rug
    0 1 dined to support the Go\eminent therein. ant Miller) of the secon>l Ohio regiment, s bile The great diiHity! will bo to get a i J-,Ii;;'!) Lltimately! I the Americans were \ic- honest love of country should inspire in the tire-asia Ifumfft.-D sea see von cloud ?

    i :: .i That of Oajaca eiulaitu the law. A comtnit- procei-ding from Cannrgo to !Monterey, with presiding ofiicer S'litnilbr Mich! a tribii'ial. tori'nis, and ihey entered the town, and placing of every member, not o-dy of Conresa, but cl tlus (,,a.'de rs: ri.-Yes, an Lord.

    t zJ tee was appointed to iepoit on the tulijcc.:. ooe ina.i onU', wa nrirdered on th* roa-1. o. r. (i. .ur J'ig: in place of the Mexican, in the prinsquaie. great, this mi;ht) Rqnibl-c. llaulet.-V<'tlurks. it is like a weazel. I

    The rYhiU\ cillf Claiborne On the contrary,\\leet do w e discover in C >!ur,- .s : ttilttrrylifrn !It is backed like a weazet.my LerJ-
    . I'. They declared that the. salvation of the cotm. xiu) Captain \ L'i'ATAN. ci1"il proclaimed the towi: to be taken Iatal'tOr like a Whale.I'.itildtiitinn .
    that airived the certainty ol :t courier in the ol the Untied Stales of II not ab > >lute opposition, wee ujUdst lotuS ud t minor
    put America.Th'j .
    % try depends on carr ing through iaea :irc. teports The Courier ihs lltals lrnii sa s, that name -Vc rv like a Whale indeed,my Lord.

    A deputy moved to repeal the law, bin hU mu. from (fener.il Ta lor xvith despatches ofgreat Oil the lUth of December three American, letter particularly stated that the men importance cvtry day pr cntid, tojriitr.Kt iliM-u-- SH MispE.vnr, ((rem memory.)

    ; lion was unhfsitatingly rejected. A rumor iiiiort.ire| : as being killed near liamos, a vessel* of war took possession of the l le! ofCarmen. were principally Missourians, and I immediately sion, deity tines, and, in the end result iu little else T the Editor of the Floi uliaa:

    'i4t was current at Vcra C.'iuz the 'Jbth ui.! that siiiali xiHi ige, notot ious for the rascally! inhjltitants The authorities of the island assured sot them down as Col. Price's men. I than bitterness, discord and contusion ; while the SIR :-Mr. Calhoun's speech on the Three
    : ., the American troopsaftrrevacuating in anI 1 about th *re.Tho the commaiiJeroftho American squad must say that this news receives more credit the main object is not arrived at. In the mean tune, Million Bill, and the remarks which were elicited -

    '.: .: were advancing on San Luis by Tula. second Ohio mgiment leaves for ron that its inhabitants adhered to the T<>- here tItan; any Mexican news that has been in the War is protractid at a heavy expense-the reason from that honorable gentleman by MrTurrtey .

    ,-_. Santa Amu had putluhcd a rnaniii>sto, in ; Cannrgothu day. Thi f.rst regimynt Indiana niincittmciilo of Campeachy, and like that;city circulation since I have been in this country. for active operations u rapidly! passing awa> ,- during another debatehavebecn a fruit.ful .

    : which he t'rLrCs, that having entirely re. takes its place. Iu FnV.e. X. would observe a perfect neutrality in the war So hostile are the people around Tampico and the result must be, either another expensive source of newspaper comment. Ths policy -

    '. nounced tL A'residendy of the nation, ht- The troops will! embark this week-.-Jesti- with Mexico. Nevertheless, the surrender of at this time, that they will not bring in their campaign, or a disgraceful abandonment of the War and principle involved in the latitudinarian

    4 would not permit either*.! Sonora or any nih.er nation unknov.n, except to the commandingofficer. the place was demanded and the flag of the cattle, or sell them to our butchers for beef. We cannot imagine how the War can be honorably [ scope to which the discussion gate rise, have

    s point, any political commotion'. Uuitcd States was raised without resistance.On From Victoria down here,, they have paid abandoned in its present position. True, we are in drawn forth questions, upon the correct determination -

    14 The government by a'decree of congress, isauthorised leaving the the Government of Yucatan great attention to the orders of the big men"of possession of a portion ot the Mexican territorj-but of which, rest in a great degree, the
    14 to portion oil the contribution of I BI1ASOS SANTIAGO, Feb. 4, 1847. published a proclamation to the inhabit their country, not to furnish us with anything her strong bold are jet retailed by her, and her well being of our national character. To

    . S : 15,000,000 required othe clergy. (;eztlcmtz-Active preparations are going ant of Merida, declaring that the Americans to eat. There is one thing certain, people as insolent and uncompromising as at the judge them correctly, we must, to use the prudent

    i M Senor Eipinosa de lofe Monteros las been on here, for the expedition against Vera Cruz. evidently have a design invading the whole that if they will not bring in their cattle and commencement. The results and consequences of and wary expression of the great Carolinian

    : appointed Minister of FcfreJgrt Relation, v/iih Several vessels with troops and stores, munition country, and recommending to them measures receive pay, the army will go after it and take wars, in times past, have not been visited on Mexi wait for further ** DEVEioPMExr1. So

    r4t1 Senor Kamircz, aa his &!cretarJr'On i of war, &c., hare Bailed! already. Gen. defence against a foreign as well as it for nothing.A co. On the contrary, so liberal and forbearing baa rapidly and mysteriously do ihe political erenU

    .5 the 20lh ulL, the protest of the State of Scott and staff will go in a few days, and olh. the internal very malignant fever prevails at this time been our treatment to her citizens,that, instead of a of the day evolve themselves, that they seem
    ;L' : Mexico, calling for the abrogation of tho law er troops in transports, with necessaries, will in the hospital at Tampico, and many of our curse, it has really to them, proved a bltsing. It to partake more of the tricky transfigurations

    p 4i : sizing church property was read in congress. follow! as coon a* possible. The regular Lyell, the Geologist, asserts that there is soldiers are suffering from it. The physicians has caused our government to expend million of of a harlequin, than the staid, dignified, and

    ' : t: Many other Stales go with Mexico and I'ucbla I Iroop*, under the command General Worth, more coal in the single State of Illinois than are much troubled with it, and have now pronounced treasure, ft considerable portion of which has gone uniform deportment of that obsolete and unfashionable

    :. 4; -' on this question. : are still encamped on the Rio( Grande, but in all Europe.aLsmss. it a mild type of the yellow fever.s .- into thep'cketsofotirencmny; and it has given them being, ycleped in days of yore aLL

    1-: : -.-._ __ -,. j- 5- .
    -1 -5-
    5- S--C __
    :. -- S

    L -


    ____ _

    T I

    -w---- .
    --- ----

    reasonable;; ; creature. then-fore. hold sir, 12th. On all Shows, Circuses, Djut-fitrian or Theatrical AMKVDMCNTS TO THE NEW YORK-1847. Manufacturer* of Musical hittrumentt and GADSDEN COUNTY SHERIFF SALElSale

    that the JetfJojnns policy ol Mr. Ci'lioun:; is Exhibitions, a taT of five dollar* for each exhibition CONSTITUTION OF THF ST\TE OF FLORID\, I'uMi.sher, nf.llusie. .

    for the a license to authorize which, tnu-4 first be SPRINGGOODS.rsicned.Imporleri F. Riley *. Co. 207 Broadway. Day-.1st Monday ii Mirch, 1917.
    the true KIiCY. It is not political whip. obtained Iron the InlrnJant and count. rM ned btlifi \ TR POSED AND ACRCm TO sr TIlEPtCO'nota.
    virtue ot writ of Teuditioniexmwm. issued
    ter of adai.'to un-lcii-fanJ him. Treasurer u ider a penalty of double the' tax LRAL. A5'IMSY "r KICCT TO THE ACTION T'tllEurtj Jobbers, and X"holeX Manvfactui, of the Improved Patent Double.Action B from the Clerk's a office of the Circuit Court fot
    Bnt tlns'policj t''*"s nr>t appear[ to actuate herein asieutcd hut neclect hcre'tfbiC sale Detr! in the City of New York, invite the Harp. the Countv of Gadsden, Middle Circuit of } horids.

    some of the woulJ.lie endr.q', advocates of J. lit further thda.nrtl. That there shall .In .let t t ta amenJ the Constitution of tjiu State attention oi liuvers to the extensive and varied assortment F. E. Browns &. Co 2l Broadway and 73 i Chiro- and to directed,wherein XVia. Hobby. XVm. Hul. t

    Mr. Calhot I have now lielore inc. a paper be vutl assessed and collected the tallowing property tax, a' to eftrnti ti> ati free irhitemale inhabitant of Slocks with which thee are prepared to hers street aid aid Wesley Snead, hate merchant. &.c., trading

    after tc< the! echo to : brine ntteni r( the I'mttJ States, who rhalltinre supply the J-mand, for the coming "Sprins Trade, and undtr u hobby Hustird i. Co are plaintiKs
    which alJiiIg
    very l 1st. On all imj'rord and unimproved town lots, a reiJftl tins respectfu'M! represent to the Southern arid Western .Manufacturers of Piano FoitnR and R >l>ert L harrison, Executor of James M. Nix
    irit/nn .Va/e the tlec-
    Mr. Calhoun's Three Million"pjxerh, M\S : ta* equal to two-thirds ol o>ic )per Cfiitutn upon lire fianchi't one year, Merchaits, that the facilitiesthcv possess in making Glenn X Co I'M Fulton street on M defendant, I hare levied upon. a-d Till offer 1

    XX e are enlaced in war, and however much wemav the \aluation thenctid 1 lie it tnartfi l>v tie Senate and the earliest anl 1 best select ions, triable them to complete for sale, before the Court House door, in he tow aof
    (He eroractim PliXsictai or Surgeon, an SECTION / *ucoe !tlullv with other market, and at the Stationary Ttlank Boots and Paper < Quincv.on the first Mend 1
    lament as all g od men lament, it existence, ,l !! >!etrnfiittpe* of the Stall of Flu- any i> m March, IS n. w itb.
    that annual tax of time (!olhrkl } same tune to otter to the"Country Merchants the Rich; & Routrel.Gl William Street, Importers of in legal hours, the following described
    do not hesitate to MV Jroroa1iQffnn twit
    *e rita in, (jtiteral ..1emhlicotirentd.. That the first property,
    One er\ prarti-ini; Attornej and Counsellor usual inducements, lo make their foreign Stationery ol description Manufactures :
    tntmyvanteh at lo inaki it ititiultf so as purchases every
    the tnlirilyj< clause of the ixth article if hue t't'mstirittion I be so
    this nation." at Law, an annual tax of tune dollar equally favorable in every other respect anal l Dealers in Blank Hooks Paper, C.tlJ Li X> nt. with, thoiirirtrovtmcut* tUrooi it'late .
    the of ,
    en part amended is Lotion s S ill : Lverv free white, male
    1th On all colored the ptr- '
    malta between of
    ares Pens, Copying and Seal Presses Manifold XX r.ters. anl Ijing intte tnan of
    Quincr. of
    4 Now cir, let us see how fir the peq-iel] of twuit\-one and lilfv scars, an annual tax ct tui dullard SOIl ('I tie age tt Iwtntv-ont sears and upwards. and JMrri anJ Importers af Si/A on ] r'aney Goo Jit. Inks, and all other articles of Stationery GooJ Gad den. heretofore irs li-it upon bi John Lwuntj G. Cam*
    \\lio shall be at tiie tune of ojVnnz to ti-
    of Mr.C.'s speech runs ** on all fours" with a < I'red F-lnaids .V, Co I li Pearl s'reet fred s' own-prices very low late Marl! l i.f the Middle District of the Lute Tunt. .
    ot the United Slatt* and ho hall have rouled
    the sentiments of the endorsim; Hditorv That "ith. On all free colored frnales between (tie a.es zen ss Cla-k XXork. & Co 12 Pearl street.t roi fir, .
    and had his halutation. domieil home and rlace of
    >f twenU-one and Lit \. ar-, an annual tax of [use Boss ca & McNanre, 10 XX'ilhaii st corner of HtiverCbt Fiee Trade Ptices. Levied ujM.n as the rronerU of aiJ enlightened statem.ti Mr. Calhoan I mean) ol.le Honda .
    ( dollars pfrmanet in lor .oc year next precedmff -
    cbrou b, Stearns i. Cc 37 Nassau street, oppo- hunt rirother, It Exehanze: Place are impertnc a ti blJ to sat sly aid writ of vend ti .
    of the war CJh. On all white male inhabitant tie election at which he hall ofi r to vote, nnxpo.na
    between the
    speaking pays.s Cite [Put O.F-ce la'M' aas >rmi.'nt tf English, French and Gerrran *. I.;. C. XX t: TT, feheriiJ.
    *. _\ to the war I have dt:"lored it. 1 have Jrpjred aee of went-one and Cltj jears, a poll tax t>l one arid w ho shill, at such' time and br six moiitl nninedi Clark, Soiithworth &, Tilien,2"asau and 71 Cedar Good which they tiller at i great retjjction of January 3u, 1-17 2% I
    it for tin I lave dtplorrd it d illar each poll.7th ttl' preceding nd time, have had his ha'i.ta-
    eontt yarn rex upon} streets, opposite Post OtHce prints in cons )jirnre of the reduction of the -
    fgr the manner of bnnytnz it on. As to my news On all la\es l between the arcs of fourteen lion, domuil, home - reference to the 1 hav k jitiwJent : assailed and fift\ an annual tax of dollar J'ivriJ I in the count v mwhi I irhi ht rna olir to votehall Iw Nos. 127tr.d '
    ia wai osc : I2'i Willuin street, Goo-'s' at the lowest rate otFite of the ( 'jre'jt ( <>urt for the! eounlvofGad

    Lrre aiI throughout the e.oir'. m.. (neud* ur td That tin Cit t'ounr 1 rair e\errr-t from taxntmn deemed a pialit.rd voter at all elections undei this J. P tit i. Co. No 1il 1 Ptarl treef.Di lebruarv 27, 1' 17. 32 den. MiHiednuit of Floridj. and to undirected

    rae to com out and explain at the laI nor Constitution and nom others, except in eUcti,n Iiv >:ul.'e.\ KiclurJ-t. X Co H Pearl street.Lr.M wherein XVm S. Gum is plaintitf, avid

    intended to remain MH M until I naw a suitable oj;'- infiniuU on application of theM.cr or agent ofJUirh general ticket in tic State it l>i tr cl i'rei.erib..d l l's Marcus C Stephens u defendant, I have levied Uf*'B,

    And hue Let alas law, in is hutch cuss. the hector iti'I i h..vf fu-eu a 12, sit Jalbfi Il and will
    jHiTtunilv toT explanation iie iuwhat \ ci > ten, rr aol of S'lrpff anl J'jnry i.fet for ale, before the Court Hou-te dots ,

    ja-l now cotw* in n.y tmnd. It BHV la aked. 'th. On all rirtle .l sc luritc l his i cr their own resident ol Ih- state oiw vear next 'ne, ,ui thi Hi if ttntx TIIOVIVS ( fOL\TV f.FOKMl.ilersigned.havinztaken. in the tow n of Q nncv, on the first llydt\ MarrL.

    thinking a* I do, a* to lie caui'.t4 the w .r. win 1 tune nithin the limits of the cm a'i aniital tax ol election md St.x tn'untlu wiihm the 1-clion :tistrirt T XV. V J T M tore i. to N",s. ?r Peirl s-reet, I 1S17, witLm legal hour, the followitu; described

    did not taLe * arrrrt tht M licit J Gen. twontx dollar-, : and it tin wine i' i.otaid li\ such its which he oflTH to v.Je : I'mpil't, that no <. .i- 5'.d. .1 ditoss tbov.' Mj..hn! Lir.i-. 1'JIF the abo eriaintd proMtrfv, to wit : .

    Taylor In the tittit ['Ivce, I L ver beard that thrnarch < .4sc.l then a tax of dou'ue! the amount to be paid h\ tImer. freiriaii or marine in t'!.< r.iui..r .\ or N ivv Pi-' in<. l.'ivks& XVhite, N.. Ii. I', ..rl #f n> >t. ;: !i 1- House, is now rnpired to ar- rth-wef 4 of Jecticm 17, and the Ninth j t>t

    was ordered until I a I.>az titut i aft. r ihc ord r the m-Ver ul such .ila aOn <.1 1 the tiittrl 1 State-, tjiles lit v\tr< a ,ij'iid'! rIp. t0.t i. L.tttitun, (Goods l-i tndiaua,) JljVill..a- --s- moJate those vvho nay favor bun with Action Pt, m Towuship 2, Range 3, North and

    Yia nen The'en.itor littn IKlaare [Mr J. MCl eli t in tie slaves hirini: her cc their own tiiue ton of this !St,ite i rev.tI'> hi. t'ilisrn: ;it w siieliildicr 'rettJoi.as the.r f..ttenat. His charges will be moderate XXe t.LtvitJ. 1

    vton,] cave uu the th.t i'tin.ti.n that te! order within tb Limits of the tit> an annual tax ol ten M'aman or marine in the R *rnlarnav or ('otidinr&! Co. 1V Pearl ntretXVni TIHJM\S SIMMONS" upon a the property ufi.aid! deferKJanta *
    Tf ". vtu1e. la Ftb i3 .
    had bull issued I rejmod that it was lopooibk, dollar and li thee siarne is not ra; H I>\ ti'rh xa\c Navy ot th I nitt-d Situ's. or of (Put r v< i :estT ice. ?'. i.iimuus .V. Co. Inl Iran slr.-et.! li 17 3j to Jf sold to atulv said isrit cf fi-n tatias.II. .

    In itil tlit latt iula then tax of double the t.f \ the ball tx considered a re ule'it ot tin? State in coa ciUence Tieed' \ n'loii. Phm No. tBnwd .' ,
    and could not IN '10 it \\ was rr > a ainnut t to paid >\ > :.to n C XXEST, Shariff. .

    certaitted A'ler Gen l.yhr Lad A iuallv commenced rnastet of nucb .d.tve 1 Piai>uJ Hut it si.-h slait. of bemu staiiursst w thin the amine. Djremii i. 'Cixo-i, NIt, 3.' Nissans?, oppisii I' -iOific January 31. IS 17. 2-i

    his I aid Tl friend sIaes live within tlit i-iri.--\i--t the Passed Senate l>crem!>f-r I I. !lsh. *4tile and ll !'
    marrh to *n of uiv or \ or on preuu t>-t Furnisit"g: lrv I ) JE

    lit outfit to tfr ttj>i.ed, it trill bnitf vm far. I sid silt ncranied bv his, her or tiu ir n.a.n.r, t'.uen! jnd in I). H. MAYS, Preuuden2Setuate. Cv J. i.uing. Ill I I and | *'i Uilhams Va; t j) virtue of a writ tl fieri fans, jested fr. i* the I

    also, it rnraemorv < rves m the nine thing to the that case no inch tax hall b. ili.rd roan said II AncirrR, Secretary Senate. Malcolm & (nitl, \o, 17*> Pearl strict. I ) Clerk's o'fire of the Circuit Court f-r titus fwwity 'C

    whom I firsJ domed Passed ll'HJHe. December !$. JM* this Dean XX'vks ", and lot Gadiden, Middle Circuit ol Florida arKl i
    Senator from Delaware lit.ni IK tfro or tML t< rHb V ii 117 William st. t* rmw

    tnv. in format i on. ( I H S.Mia'ors ti ted. ) 1 aiu to < On all f.41r-5h.l 1 \.lea nr,' Cam.c a ia\ of KUBFRT niwxx.N, s-afctr Ho. Rep. XVanhi'.,.'on Store j directed, herein Lanier S.. Norwoc are pbtntifti,

    him anJ other. th >' the tHv;: m and M \u ati < i thre >dollar On :11 P.u if<. Milkt aaiitwowbvelI M D PArT, Clerk. \. i.
    tiont. are isitim2t. l coiantnsl. thai a war with, Ijipind arrives, a tuol Iv. .. d uaisItiifa (.4-dar. '1 1.yrf: are defendants I hare levied o,, o, arxlul

    in refrretic- (h4)i1, v < i(5! rtaiiih in- Onti. r\ -li'i' |j'i'l! < x'l: ;tidbv a \eni .7/1 .Irt to mnrml the Can'ti'ntttm f f rtw Stat- so ZilTTRKH., rtr for sale, betinc the Ciurf H usa d *>rHi

    a* tfl make f e *riiotn nf the (Genera .}Mnafny .T I \ ( Uc' S r.rh. 1* t th; town of tJ'iiTHV tn the first MenAiv
    vu1e in jt C(54tlUC.'ii a var w !ti :M.\i, auJ (. 5' ii bail tii i.'n|' iSti 4 lit.i I N if( !lr < in. (>r witlmii relate F Casis's ezdustpe ; f.xvi is o it > > r in Match.

    that a war niita Mexico, e.l i JIM. >ithe .4 war I < iuult i tiiM >t 1 tsr i ->jU ((3,1\ ,i. id -d ati ait.ist l ale l/irnunil tnxtiaJ i'f an'tuntOEtTH I Le i. Lre ter. 4t t.dar street fjil'| cruti i that in .tnil: l-l">, I was taken iti, within dl h urs, tW following described

    about QT+ at all th i :.. ;\ d. iLr- % Lase % 1 I'i it tni iiJ h/ the bruit. *,;./ tb MMlofron which I had ;ropertv, to \\i\ : -. Ip
    Z M r e- < |IIreeit < *< : it n. : a ? t. \ tt\t > r e fj *o '5 the net ftiilv

    u1ovrd.fficN1aeith: cnad.: : 2 i.i rH-. 'ret '.- <.\' (hued l ..id! 'dVt O Him if Itf tr'nTw, fft'.f Sla9c r>f t'la- C'mmtvu'i .IfTrhamfs am t J+'nf ,> tie- Fate rScti .'cit, whi n in Aurm* h.joiiiZ 1 I w as expose p N.rtb-\ve 4 rf S.ietl.fl 17. and the North i wf

    Thai than rw-wiuc it. (, iiaI TII.'I in it>t/ )> itMa t .4. IH J lui'ttn i>i'ainftl, 1 iiM all hireis ruiain lirrteral.1nnblt' rsiienid, Ttsat tu! ct ouch f R-<;fit Mtrttutft, Cuttt.ii Fun ,., -. to th water, Awhile bmlihnj: j M.11 wl ich restilfulin sort ion !", in i Township 2. RaMret,North and Vest. lifi

    ft iud ih'tt trfii/tJ 1 t1. rl b\ the I hiitcdOet clause ot tde fourth arli !< of (ihe ( onstitntii.n ol Ii *, l>. M StehbtM. .No-sin. btutu Iuue wl I>-vnd U!>ona< tIer propcrtv of f said Metalants.at.d I ,.
    Ot/C&f U. r.ti.pp'i : I /jq art Iuiiatcu lo IK i->i; u'i 1 -i_':%u tus jt'atk i t ttui* Chil's! tid Fever, for which I

    >tulifn a tkf tmit: t.l 7. ',.j f .i Iht ., J r titan am1 ciiiiuciaiid i t b' 'Lus' TnieOIIu r, shinU :uot !ti: is- this Statt bt -o amolM'.id J- to r, ci 1 as f..cit.s. ; .* :, t'ed. rJ t<,' :. I ire .liiaiitiiie cf I tvtr &. ACPI* Miili
    tffttfit Ir tn mi ekrd. unl r v1:/i i>t fturit .// f-j a r. .-'uid 1 :t..r a st' .lit r period t lii..n t\\ Lvi ra .ill1 I s ; l'i<>- .d. The members .: tin HC-IM? 1,1 liettCOiit.ii5> G. Dully JL Co. '> Uid On4', lit .tii-&tt I'ta-laad with'int finding any reliefnitil Jmnjrv. l'h JO: fret C. WEST, S.SitT.Jan'aar .

    ututivn Is .rt r. \( iittl t ix r r/f/, Thut k<.eier-, id 1 I Ph I iarti fih.le1&i Pin stall be eh'-n tv the <;' ill:id soil >, tied s.l'! .1scne XVatr. whirls time 1 nu--., d my Chill until the first of Jjre, j 30, 1517. 23B

    tie podium whit h I 'cru:i\ ( 1 thelKn. I u lHcred MtM or }i v\lins; A 1Li' s. ( I-" i m'. n t. t called,) tor the unit of t;st \ ir-. lr' tn atid titer t'dav .. h. nthfv returned in ar neviolcrt and a raral."i -
    of the lirst election utidi-r the atnemled CUTISII.ti.tion. virtue ti f ur wr.U oI fieri aries 'iisZ
    it mure iui oriaiit to a% ('id u vr with 1 upland sushi l be (HTiiti:ti d or ,\A.>Wf d 1 t tu 'j5:< i.nt a licence CPnfs Cqs.iiserei', Srftlaoj trot. Mv skin b cane swarthy and mvrie* ,

    botit (>rPoII. 'jun j warw th \MtH. imi u-j.int a, urab-ti period tiun l\.cU< tn', .t n, bt.t not ks and no ID;ui'-r. aid) 'he ss u.ii-i of the Genral '. G hutch & CoJ XXjJuam sreet. c rmrMa.den turiel fellow. I tried v.tr'mon; ru'inehmu.s! but with the from I the CUrk'i otfke cf the Cireait Cowt

    I thottfht it w t. av ,ij til it. That it nra.- iu.Lrt.ant ) fluSh three month at th ruUf t\M '.. dollar* per As utl! Ivh.il IM loini.il, sod ci.r;mt-ac < me directed.
    I mld maintain the kind<><4 and ni t Inend'xrtiatioo ni'iiith |>aTattl" in di sinceSec the fourth Mondav in Nscitti.-n 1,111 earh and ci< rvseroml f'nmluau, iklzian and Cicl.sh ('Iet.s.' t'a.utwpro., anl I a hi x ckf the Pills, and in twit ietdi s* steady use !). L. Kenan Win s herein T J Kenan. Ad'r.of .

    with the I'rsid tt, lu order ttt I --Ixmldi&t r Kr ft'rtitfr rdtttH-l, That all wlinaneo v< ar, or at such either (unit s a> may b prt- Vesting,, iml (inrcut adapted to wirrar" ; a1**, j ct lbeii. 11 iceordanee with the di e-'ions for sjHhj i plaintfU and I,' (Itc.oth, a,,.1 Jw e McCnIt aw

    \ some \\eicht in bnu 'rn: the iHi'Kon .,.ncetAunI. > or |M'Iol oni in'i' eo'mftieI tiix astli the true cribe bv 1 tiw. t>ra-r* ii American Cloth,,. Ca*>iineres. anti j rjs>s. I effected a ptrmantnt end ra' ira' cure : and 1 '[nut ,of J the vvu arh nuts and G.Mxe (Jri wold,

    aa kmicaSl MttldUtiii ai.d tlu! if I were itsaete. ii.ieitanrl; m atnn. ; I fn.01 JIM i e, bt and tbe s- -. J. /!' itfiurlae'r rnoet.4, TIn* th t'hinl! : 1 I.t-' P.4i!a ur a-ries, together with Til >rs* TritainM.n tr.i'i itliat time t ; the present, I Lace r-o\ej| good dJesKlin'- I L.v\pj.' 1 I. r.l cola Land Com|>MiT, we .4
    of the fourth article <>j the foist iiiuiioi '), siiitti .t i ino f a'l k 'Ph-murh b "er than I ha I for uj on. and will onVr for
    c li-- enjoyed
    in rderencc i > the ordtr v< ;i t. G nru srnt Sit h-1ciflI n.uaed.l.iat.t ; s son.etime
    sue before the .
    Tailor 'iiufiFi ; that the same *li.ill reaul l a> l ll iws- (i. Tr-ai the I j F ? XVir) 'rn V Co. 70 Ctc'ar stret Importers adJ tu the attack of site Mei'i.Ie.. Court H' use i T i r, in the tevvn .'f ..
    it would. I f ar<>d. ph'iin. ici ri -/ aml .ip.uruiss-d tLu i llL( day u: 'brury, pretiwTs Qnucon M..ndjv, the tint day
    of Mar 'h
    f #n* f t\e Kfffufirt i! d j r -i > iht I tl7.1.i. Repr eiitative sh ill lie chieco on the firs Moist -vin 'sb<'r< f ELrhsit. rench and 'nnuan tl thu. N G. GULLY. within hours the 1517, :

    luisbt: bare wth it xi It -ii.-'i ]ti. ..f i .ti 1 li, T'.saisn., Clerk.Ieb.iixry the in >nth if )<;-i. oral 4 .u.tis ad.nrd! : t \> ut n'tTailors' Pn t Q" cnrit per box f r the j tl.s, scsi $I per to wit legal followingdtri9ed jTopeity,

    with the boj e that t it >r 41 qi '. m ".._Ut t in c.. '. ._e:.. NI.;. year fr-M i and after the first '-i iui u'.d.r this' dtnended wi-tar, Triauam.s i.i grtut variety, bjttlf for the bi'ters Lot of: land number .
    Sfn nine. %
    Constituttur,. vr on sutl: oiltr <*. v ab luuybe \ fres'i LEWIS & in McNeiUr ej.e .
    tied Ut-fore an a ti.;.il c tifli theU\et-i the lorein- snjtplv just rceeit*' at AMC5T four
    d *r G-u. Tn! did the" u.dr risa. |. rut.t.lae directed bv law. .Mtiivfa.uert and Jefer. In G* r> ituj .SAi-jr. Tall ianseo,and far sale by ajetts ID all parts cf lb>- >itt Li-sLed lining acres, tore or !hew. [
    : DENTISTRY/ See 1. K* if further r-rtrtf. Th .1 t 't ft1h ea'ic! op n M properv of said defendant. tTaud
    from aflib (ttkeftrif I trmlii ti.rf.inFu fiar* .\. i A. 'I. Tr.usk. l. MaidnLnXV SuuH.i,rn cuimtrv
    takes a illS re tn aittit th M rv4. anrf issi4 rrttt 01 the af repaid ariirle hio attended Its t' iittt a* SiQtth Brirrn, wccer of Kirri'uU' & Rrtnvn,m J rbrtiary 2<), 1'17. 3! ti be oid to satiate said w rita r f fieri< fetu.

    follow- IT: Th. S, 'u'or--' ill I h. c WSMI ">v tie % Mi, bailie P.. C, WEST, **ritT. .
    No. ft Vatcr tti-t. .
    tkr 511ItS near
    cc'I| 'uie mu'-u ni<>rt to sa\ into ntl en< nil. .\ 1 t '- .
    lLie Ca'14t UI tit' wji win h 1 iud |K !| jiit u.ital Ol'IWKL aid: M c: j: !<-?: Ihmits it, from VjO qiidlinwl elect ir I itir I llu tt-int "I I I rr v.jr', a! the Gram :. i. l'ttttn. 5mm Maid. n Lint, near 1'eafl s!. :AotitM*. -January. >\ >_I7 2s Ry JAMES hag, D. S.

    ** fame time, ir> tie MI.M t: j intr alt I in th. J.ITM' J, H Rin rmLCi : Pt. rl trtl. -
    suit.bc < *
    offic ( eca-in. :f ('iiaudiers! street. N w Vik. would n>M ectfulUan ; r1lrF. rni It hereby cauti >ncl isrvm-t trJinrtor .1pY virtue nf a writ i.f fieri arias, israetl

    Hero *ir, let me p:>mt sjt. In a f or jut Ia :i mn< ci (0 tin itireit,'. (if l 'i .tliaha M ? at diriuit} place R..prcsetitativcs wh -re they: a vote'id no hr'ti i ifiub a-i httI n of| le the a lone Sena',of r cutji.i |'r.rnisory tut.e. dat "\ ouetm e n__. the Itrk's office ef the Circuit Cssrt for te
    Low -ueutk d it n it ho ta t.k. ti (linrti A' th <'it> H( :< 1 for tnef 1.1 the *s I'tr or iruitg oi 1 1", fur *>->J'i i and >avabl 1 eounrv Gad-dun, MiJdle Circuit of Florida,act tui i
    jWMtions, *nt *rnus is, in unless he 1 be a whit mvi. a eie: : if (hr Tinted : iy.iu/1 Lfaint-U &. Co 171 IVarl: street
    >uri.o e of pra (tivng IHN j pr.uheui.n. when all c)|i. >' it. fu >mai,kinsr.r bearer, credittd with ?l'i> i.I i me directed, herein James hoi.Ts is plansM amiBfnaT I
    thcM: hard times to vndrz' Jutt'eM tateand shall have b>tn n i:i'! .ibi' nit of hits M te .'
    you are Crsti.italliWntauII) ( :o tin st un e ot i)eiiJi tn will the d at tars is tis ie*, a> the slid flats I l.a. been pail 1 1'b | >m A. Noah is delend ml, I have levied upon, .
    ery sure of your own soJiJici.I P wrMI- 4*. i au ittV att<-ndrd i. fir list sears next r-reetdn.J Iii- victim 1 aid Jmpntrr eJ beaters its ItitrJienrt and Cun.\ ;. n. mlul. LEWIS M SUDER5j rId v U ol,-r !it sale, btlo.e the ('..tvrt House du.r,
    tat vear nalert of tl o di. I ui 1 1 r com Tv t;>r ulnth
    jJr : hr. .V. b-'j.-1 leufl( ti .. u\ IIMt. tt-xifie had an r\- a XVoite & I l.hip.; t))7 Maiden Lanrc.nner GoldstA j F..'nurv p., 1-17 'ii 'Itt 11 the town n1 i'tin.-r. o-i tbe Fr.f M ndav in March, I
    he shall be chosen and haI 1 h.i' atint'd: the
    age XV A. to 'l| Maiden Laiwao .
    th Niw V 'rJk ll";, with Mr. CalLoua! he the fur ttii-ne practice in ti'v ol fur surni. gii following *>
    sajs deplored tear I of [Wf91.fjvcear..
    e.rs [list, (sit b ru ',iu1o..d to .11* .a,lion it di:ring .. \ Wa5ti.a i. TtiCktr, 17 J cornell r.iti for Sale. property to wit : b
    its Si-f I. flu it fnrthirniart Th it th xtht'iueof
    cPIVpSsrX.The ( cold' r. .1 I uU-.al( (! hue th l ey 5 oi I E 4. of W :l'i 2 Rw N
    tie *ta-< ei *du.i: th. agi.sa d I artiel- 'ii. arre:.Ht- f a, t u r' nd .!. r lands, l late the property of J. D Edward-,
    edi'o-s I.ertntt.mT &. D brow. \ Pearl stnvt. '
    onHiir-intr : ay, lL<* war u enJMfitaM 1. n. hii'ua{ his eXj.erelu i nUkiu iii .rit :.f a l art ; > > ophoueitc E 4. Sc-c 13. 1 own.hip 2. R. ize 2. XX 4 rf N XX 4.
    follows, v7: : Th > lasstr. ti itt of Vuat is. as nu the of the will ntit Li b Ji ol S.c IJ, lowishin 2. Ran.c 2, all N arid XX' .
    tird.*' ( on j art wit on i :in iuu .1 ire pi'iitr pa reuieN. : 1 ,' .
    tl 1 uL'H Montiecl'u'u the tirst
    ref tilv held b at
    the first -ssiou ol 1oeti't .i'-U sitS RoVii'i. it 1'ean str. t : ; v on Mordayn
    Mr. fathom Le the fur U. I.:.dl;< Wl.-lli2 hlj f roi. -4uiu.l 5.1jC: f 'Levied! 11,10:i ss the p'Of-ertv cl said defendant, and '
    ) wj deplored war h \ car l" -.lullcoiit n nnchans'i' on halil Itt ; \ \I..rrh. Terms, hbcrilteb .
    < Ldwm HIT Platt of Gold
    .. .. 'a street, corner Agent t4
    will be wj:till i v ji their lesidnresI500ii be sold t'i suti-fv said writ of hen fctu.Janmrv I
    tbe ninnrr of Fir ciog tt on. <' is hen, a- ncarlv! a> pos-itib -h'lltn h'"wnfofv for limits Douglas \\c-s and Tools : i.r IJ, 1M7. 30' .
    utbntijrs 7, 14.CZtJb1. 3'.1M7. 2t K C XX'EST, SberiffY
    The cnd r-.n eJitor8 say, the war is rr.tire- i < r IM r< ifitr liKtim.1) !P. for ih ti rm of I four stars XVolf A.( (,.llespie. llt5 lean street

    on the of the nation Pinmlttl. hntrefr. and it ie herchv de-l 'red, tb tt A. L H.Kted X Son, 7 Platt street Cheap for CaoL Just fleceiveIDtEt'T virtue of a writ i-f lien facias, issued (rent
    part sc.. the T rrti i.f oihee lit f hit rl i. of S.'ns'ir. uoeti. univ.Lnporter.. rrcri \V\NV B3.. R. FOKTINE.Cli tie Cle'V o'iice t't t tb. Circuit Court for the

    Mr. Calhoun fca\v that the tnanh tif! (ftu.Tayf&r 1 < N | nc md | < r falLul; ru 1tuitpa is" Saons.f red at tb first c le tion .,md"r the anti oiled Const ifu- ,rrs ert-r. ri of the brands Ci>untv cf Gad-d-e, Middle Circuit of Florida, aad '

    vjnn thf JM irawir, av :Jj. hi ban sIu >r.i id..i. 1 d r -\i i'i' n.. Lain. <>rainmars, lion, h-ill \tend to, and xpire on. the first Moudavin ttf Satldhrtf and Coattt JtuarJ ware. 4.'" > N.. I V. asht igtoi R'gaiU vjrio, i to rn dire" ted, wlrem B. II l obins">n Jt Co are

    l>ffn 8hepjw'J. Itrcavsf it iroufj bring an a war 1ushacs OreeU (.rainiuar, \ .litreck; iramuuir, Ortnber. eijht Ni linndred and fittvS John Van Nest, 114 J it ail 1 s'rwt 2.'' ft C 73Jirp ;pl.un'ir1*, arid XXilliam New'.om deiendant. have 'p

    ih *1ndiI ttatf ken arotdrd.Tlie l.fon Latin (.rniLdr. MrLI.H, t In B 'tain c. I* it further fettil. That the first elt-e- Abraham Iiin Nest -i-li Pczrl street, opposite 1 ut i Pniript.; Steam Boat Dra.i-1 In u'4! upon, and vi ill otivr for sab?, before the C*>urtH

    I>.iv a V >nrK'. IIIK, l K .-\ s and Cttbtc.il TlocLs to ti'nfnr fssen;bl m n, under thii amended Constitution PlatfXV -use d ,r. in the town ti (iuiocv.on tlteftr t JUn- C
    cjiJ'irMii HJitfinaj, tli? wars tatirelq M.n'h i 'w Ar.ihtb .t ha'l' like place on the first Monday ir Oto- 5 Imperial llegiha,
    < J. D'He. Extensive M.inufa'-turer and Importer EL day in March, h'41withinheueal bn'irstheft.tlossi,*

    jafifialrc .' *Vc.4Mr. M (jtitl Kciettic: iMlnns Looks, her, iiZtern! hunlm-d and fortveight : and the first Smith, %right &. Co P.(9( Maiden Lane 2.2,'ifCI' "i I'attea.Tulipan! IegaIia, -scribed property, to wit :

    Calhoun sajs. that be would, Iiv rewu Kdiut sliucuts 1 .4 1 (. nt K lain, session of the General sniblv, under this amc-nd- Other brands| %t'rv superior rjtialiticsAL A trart er parcel of laixl. 4>>3 scres, mere or less, as '' .

    Atijstli'c Reader Nus. t lj, 't. 4, led Con,t.tuiinn.n til commence on ttn' fourth Mondav JalJelrtvT* and Il-a'er trt J-'rench a
      ininz John XX n, H. O. L
      lotion, &.c, have Mopped the march of < en.TaIor. ()-'Tru! j urt Ct-I I! \ TIM.\CCO 5EEO. yi ,*,
      i o .;ptrs \ iruil, Snulevrjtbnutic, in November, in the year eighteen hundred and Chnmealt, K entinl his, 4rJohson Also 11 f bas iiarana !>rown Sugar, a floe article smifh, and Jonathan t2ln, lornacily occupH\l by
      l but fir fear thst \voud! hare placed
      Juvenile Imwnig BooU. Oxford Drawing Bouk fi'rty.eiht. Moore &. Taylor, "! Maiden Lane 1 box WLite Jt-s'ieflyrd.

      linn ( Mr. C.) in htxiilf relation tu the HiCCtfttVC. ETIL4COPaI .uhudi: % SlisI iuoks, &c. Passed S-flits, TVremb'r 02, 1- K Ftbruar 11:, 1>17. 3nJl' L vieil upon as the proI'ettv ol said defendant, anti

      AL< > < >,> i >. Mar.nnbi Military Tactic 1) if. MXYN I'reaid..t of "Vtttte. lnjiorlerg awl Mltvletnle Dralrrsin JJrvgtPauiti. to be s:>ld tosati'tv said writ of hen facias.K '

      The cnJor'iiis K-iiiora MT the war is en. Jtir -%"*. fr \ Lanelon Parsonage, II. ARCtrs, S'-etet.'rs n Scna.'. Oil*, liye Mt'f* atvl Clitnne tsHav'iiaml Liverpool Stilt C XXKST, Sheriff ,
      I) .clntiiI Tr* tv, s siimds h iiicot>al Mmanac for Passed house of R i resentatnen, DeeettSer 2.'. Keese X Co MJ Maiden Lane 'T re eiinl in tore, I lr salt b\ Januirv 1.. 1>.17. 23 I5v R F Joxr. D S -
      ttrtly justtftablr. jrt. tio'Ari.hituti'lingnil *.1" lirowi sC .iau jr ance, f> RoJ & Paulo. 4 I.uiert st mar Maiden Lane Fbittar', H 1-.47. JJ J. R FORTUNE. 'A.

      ihw the rud<>rBug E Jit or* euJur Sir. K< i >i a..d! O-.tiu rme5 bf-st I' its, ROBFRT RR' rtVV, Speaker Ho of RtpsM It u.k-it 4, Memck, No IM Gold street, ( lived .rn if.sirtuuci if a writ ol f lien Codas, iuej (rein

      C. fVi'o rib aUielhi.i IV nciU. N i Siueers <.f I filors, I>. I lAry. ( link Itu.u.c n, ; mom Mtidrn I.aitiI) MSI Ae nN fur several XI)I f c('. ctTx-e ot lie Circu Court for the j

      0 V P< ..s. ntii n.u I'iuut.> V.lut lad D. e<. Febmarv _>". I< !7. f.mrTMJF mm'i'a litrira i ot t.iaicaU, lle.ino-'s JujtituPute -.. county "f Gads'ien, Midlli Circuit of H. nda,where*
      I Lave ''j Mr. Fl'iridian. thrown these tt the lintatioii of the bbcnber!
      tnT rr lirup r ,
      XV liain Scott and Jesse WOOd
      1 li fla-, ., N"w ist A 1 Cdin: ,r. at sar.tv.: ic in is plaint, and leo

      discrejianciciojretheT, uot with n 1 K leuce f.tber .- ac.. u.n -ai. hy 1'. A. \\W\UU). UISP'I' It.ltt$( (, 1'irlths, II ..ill* I Piel's!; i. Co Imp runs and XVTiolealeIK '.iI." 'nt 12 ules North U 'f.tLi.Iaa'i e, on the XV
      to the 54aUUjDfI5 iii Mr. t"iw .if vrs. or to ,I February 27, 2 cr;. :.JSlasi E ',rL9hcIlA.. l rla l>nus. M'-dicm. Cii .Miiab), 1.ie ih Jai. *a"% 117, a sn..li inrj-i colon.d cure ofbr iW sale, before the Court house dm r, in tie

      the ountiie' s of the sirs of the endorsing stu.!:s, l'imits. and Oils 142 XXater street Mi LL. TbeeVnir ct sshttii'wii please come fur- to vn of Quiricy, os Monday, the first day of March, r1'S'
      h. J
      .ubII'M! ii. S lhl< inf f l.iJL \\dni. PI% exjm&nies. and take !tier asstv. with l hours tlie
      ral following
      tsate'Cntzri.. Maiden Lane N. Y I 17. n ; described
      Lditor l hut niereh with a hrart-f-It desire ol T;:' t I'rtvttmu' hs trit ;i.U .t:ii! !i> put1!it t hot OUott, dtI'eso.n & 127 Iib.utrt 1 ., 1M7 :iij 3t J. L TAYIOR to wit ..
      j ; Jiw? oh the set ond !Ihtriet, len Cmiiitx L.v re-ctr ti. Kee-e. 121! Manie;i La*>eH propert, :
      inmleatins this \ j rpjJL. ireH .--.- .- .-lie hai taLet. a 1 Itas > n t I u..t,'>v< i-i shi i ih.- Lucv a'wxit 2> of and her child
      trgreat liir'Mn .VCo. I'M and ti John street a inn years ar. ,
      wiJ:i hoLd their Cuurt .i tbeMicoiid Mo:i- II ;
      n<-M t < nt Iii term ci t v;ai,, .UK! v.ill b-1; riptrul I.> to'- LAND SALES.
      nu a I 2 old Jim about
      MOl\L! -Neier cudone a taaw note, cinuarJohu XX flt and 52 Cortlandt street Ilcirery, a >out )ems a tnan, 20 ears
      ll wno mav tavi.r t Ititti with their pat.nuttatc m Burger,

      and at the same? tune. iisiiout! it upon iu face.Jfyo'I Wii.n. J. XV SLiraL 1 and Rob rt FJ ct T., are tin A* reffdtdi tht miner;<\ 'itsal u S its ot the vva- IN rnrsnance of leeal authority, the subscriber w ill ol age. t
      will uumrfierial orfieer of T Coder eetnentol Ieq.ofkrs and D'ater in.t'rfnrh and Kn fuA Chtnn t' r |h"r sale at public aut 'ion, ->t the Court House Levied upon a? the prowrty of s anl defendants
      do "foitlKr $ urt. an wr
      te\elopijecti. tflhs ; tla IM iaed bv watering liar-
      let v cannot MI. | sits | satufv
      Glass and Eart'i'WtreneRirb ol Miihsot County between the hour nf ten and and to be sold to Mid writ of fieri Incise.
      the Maai-trjteV. 1h re wi.l be bat one rollertit TI,. f'Zwill U 'tied I lie i ridav ,
      .kmi-rira by :
      assured! vov sr.Yowi in v OJM K. C
      } ISK docket which will be under the due' tion of a majori H F llavilind No2 Maiden Line, above two o 'k.nn tIe 13th day! dn or \Vnext, the XV1XT.
      v.i.l b. incwh'
      March Charge tiers
      January 31i 1SI7 2> Hv JAMC HINE.D.! ,
      RP9r'ifuy I'.arl- fuli >mnutn, 't< tl laud, to wit .
      i* ol the und> isrned Ju>tKt a. Ea< u o(1i( r will will lie paid lo the comfor1 ol all who ia.iv
      II 1 1UMl L tJbJird.op4IEXTS.Ntv I att< ntion Penn Cuenties The SI E! 4 of S tun 21 "I
      l.i- hand i'rtre X C uiUm, 7t "t corner SlipS ,
      tie hicihd rt-slK.s.uuI.i l hoT the IMJKM put in favor bint with tutu eonipuiv; The sub'onVr M ] Y virtue of a writ of fi-ri faeia, issued frrnx 4,
      POET IV h. -"i. I'I.l'ICl time Court i. II: XX diets, 11 :J XXattrstr.etilesrv The S XX 4 of Section 21 l, i In Town-hip 1. EJ:
      for coktn.! Office, lot the j resent. at with goodaiuiUitt.iul servauib tnr atatulas the (Cbrk ofiiee of the Circuit tcurt for the
      XV Jlavdoek &. Co 71 John s'wet. The \ XX' 4 of Hout lo-ohurs. Couutv of Gad-Un, Middle Circuit of Florida,
      and atIeIIisc
      E. r n. R'RTLEIT. J. r Suneo i I>. Skilhu, 101! X'er street, vXVali doci, totlow The N F i of t vctio> 2 .. j jTh. i
      Invalids laic ring uud r 'lu f4 iowita diseases BMV w herein 1);iv i'i r'enuson n plaintirT and John Wyita
      % \\c learn frons j\s. K\IK\: J F' strecit.Muiuz.fatts.rers. F. ..1 I N tion | rovv.isi.ip; I. R S& E. ii Tftdant I have leviej and vvill offi-r for
      Tiie New York Sun -a\rtna'ient upor
      The XX' fction f 1 li
      that JC2 CMK- LUUi. ui.n", .1. r. cure : Ii.upeouta.| !tltabettu-', Prrulsisssa: Ftera, J tu, si'e.: b-lore tLe Court llcu
      our foreign corresjnind over Febnnn 2". 1-47 :; I all Linda olroaius cfcztrr de. rrt]>lie>n ffftrai Uen- Oi the lull CUT of MAY. at the Court Ilonseof ( on the first Mnndiv m Mirch! Ib 17. within

      ItO flerJin?, or alitnt ten iintlioti* of dollar t ( painful ditt< nlerbof tinTh elos. tens*, and Dealer in Panenin. ljesiorn Jeff rein Cojnty, the follow ing tracts will be otltredlor littal In nrs. the (.t1l.svru deoe'ilted pro[ ertyto wit :

      in *i ecie, will lie pliipiM-d to thi c.>uuin from .11 a Moil on C'olloii 4*c(I foi Suit*. Pain 1114 Siloon will IK- iu r,'->di'.< fur t.l 1 vied Palm Lmf lint*. sjle, viz 'T.\.> s aw Cinsone Mule, out 11 cit. about 2 vears

      Iln:UtiJ before the 1ft of Ma} The prwul j jjlIH JKiS' Tll rT has tecnt'd a ,tiall lot ol the who arc loud of t us jra' t.ul awl |.b ;isiujrrcist'. L land & \Mi.n, 171 Pearl. ci>riHr Pine trrtlJoiiu The \X' 4ofc 11, ) IdLe
      C. llmderson X ('c'. 17f IVarl street In Tow S Ea .
      The E: of s.t 11 1
      i flange >, ietl a< tlf of aid defendantard
      low rate nf Kichinse makes this siitvezii'nt ali"taluabl< seed. whi< h i* warra it l jr uuiue MiNCIs; A HI v; >N"Fe'iruarv upon pro; ertv
      saroiiinher.. IM! XVater street The SofSee3l ) to bt sold to aid writ of fieri facias.R. .
      Thi*. J rsiscid l la-t t.e.uit in J< fit ron 27 I-517 U s ssa >
      |>rofitdl !e. It is *> nd the U t'ik .f 1 I'ncland ii. < XX il .am i:. XVhiimc& Co I IY. Pearl sr-et The \ i of Section t. Town 2, Rane 5, S i. E.Oi :. C XVEST. ShenfHJanjarv .
      ( iuiittrotn Ml IJ. .M, ., v M-ed imported In In The Jour lal". Tallahassee} Advertis..
      engaged in it, anJ \viI l p.irt with tint amnnt \ew OrUans U-t Manh and hdViuz t tn-en pU'ued .%pd. c hicola"Tim.*." ( ttuTiuttUa," tS'htig,"'<;.rifiiT, Cd.r.J PnJgei Co. t'W Pearl, a.d '; ) Beaver the 2":>th day of MY at the Court House of 3\l-47. 2* Cv R F. JoiEf.D. S.B .

      01 Fjwcie to gain the ditlerence of exehanjje, b\ Hll allan (nut all other eottwti, and great can '. Flag i. Advirtisitr," Muuiutg'umr'> will pleacopyK Maiiti.trt4.Swift A. Co 62 Cedar street, opposite Post Gddfclen (Countthe following tracts will be offered \ v!riue ol a decree, parsed inn caus wherein

      vhich i< aliotit three |MT cont. cjaiI\ to a profit liaiin: JHII taken to k<- p it pure and j j.rense it ii! e a 'Acik for three mtbs, .otul i'v* J.aper to.i- Oitce.fhi.e.cuuze. for-a'evi7' : Ira 'Sailors is |I" titiopcr, and Jirj Swan is

      of S-HJO.OOO; ( P() on :hi sun lusncd. w uii'l, it it> lujh warranted t. U genuine tint o Ic.- taming the n ttice. and th. ir b.lN for the bJiut a* In Tcwnship 3 North, Ranse 3 We't. defendant, I have levied non. and will offer for sale,
      obtained from this seed, can above Fractional Action !i All of Section l .
      A of tU cotton
      The Sarah SaiiI.1 brought on* I 0,000! ) sanilule| Jratsr. jim I\T, .*>ili and 1't'onl lit. .f ectio'i 7. All of CAll -, l before the Cement Hor e door. in Ihet vvncf Quincy, ;
      All ,
      be sect with it whi< h is of the ia >st *Jjwrior quilit i
      M ndV. tht of
      on find i day MArch 1' 47 within legal
      Ittiol all Ant,li
      in coin. It is s'at !.1 that the Cambria hai en \ I or sale, b> th Iauulielor * ,
      board the of .C I 1,000,000 ; and that at t. .' "i'the' hmshd. Th'w tbeed rp \Ki':\ Uj, \In the usdursinctl. about tlfiertjitwn. All of 'JectiOii i 13: All of 24, Rob property : ,
      large sum Stilt i. Ilurlbtit ii-: Water street a nun, aged a'x-ut 25 ears of age, and Eliza, .
      Mill d. will toinake iUJin dntvf; liettioii toK .I tut' 1 itlu iuuSt alit, at I hit IHaiitationbe.I All of 17,
      enieiiU have been nude for shipments I lark & Co Commission Merchants and a woman, aired about 2U jears.Lev .
      nga II. I LRKV: : I IIITIIIJ; I', tin istate of iW-iijaniili t hiires raptr In Town lnp 2 North, Range 4 XX'e-t -
      bv. the ol Marth! 4lh.An Deal, t' in Bonn* t*. Palm Leaf, I. -;luVn, lauarna, ltd upon as the property of said defendant, and
      steamer J>O- n.ill 1 l..t if lh abtAi Si d l fur sale at in IA'on cou itv one sorrel MARIX amid oi.e duti-col- All of Soctio.i 17, j All of Section 3i). to be sold to said decree. i {
      Fur, Silk, Hrush a:id Wool Hats, Caps &-c Le. satisfy
      tie sane t<.riui a' tie -.1 >t. < f ore ISaisa the Vomit thtice.Iau.on.i
      IW 21 street, opposite t
      OMliiinncc ILiNlUM: TH, I rwrd, ;prove property; arid take theta .way.or they OT (the 3Nt day of MAY at the Court Hou-.e ot Jan9ttrv :io. 117. 2P? JAMFS HIM. D SBY ,,4J p pGasI.dcii

      To TJIM a Ritrnuc (lor I Hit ti it if 1 Talljilias fir F.bruarx ", } -l h. J Ol M ill- :i < itt? Iuici! will be sold according to ins C. Con MuEE. r, Straw toixli, .irtifittul flouwrs,t-c. Jackson Counts the follow nip tracts will be otrcdlor SheriliSale.

      She \cai 1-4 '. '. llendi Co IVirl trettXXilhaci sale, nz : jj
      John I x 17t '
      county ibruarv 2 7. 1 17. i At rwi > \irtue ol two writs of flail facias. issued ( '
      Intriilant and I rein 4
      urtiaintd byAr
      CTIO> i It tt 1)R HILLS I F.: luting *. Co 122 Pearl street In Township 5 North, Rinje 11 West, '
      CviiiiMvn Cuvnrtl lisP ritttil y*i'r, 1 1fi.s' S \ the Clerk's office of the Circuit Couit fur the ,.%
      & XV
      'J state 3't\ .llirni' :sIc. All ol Section t 4 4.XV atad
      the lt, Td, 4th, rtli. 'ti. "lh, ti. "th, l Itth. I lit1) Wtvlmalr f-alri\ni 1'alii !.enjauul Straw GooJt, SaiuclNE.LtmfSer2. iof N E4.S.cfion > Ccuntv of Gadxleii, Middle Circuit of Florida, and VTto <
      of tht % Oil t d in n.e bv Uw, I
      o.v r whtrein and J.
      uirtctcd Jilin G L.
      and t Jthrli >\>i (witii tht .i.ceptian ol tI.t |Mr> o* ORM: LOZENGESIC1HIIORFN BX"virtue Ih Gturgt Ln it **, I"- Pearl strvttJnportm S I F.: 4 ol MCtioa 3, 21\, ) me 'ifi
      i [ for salt', < ii l< uttii 1uisi..y iniirtit ; S-nallwtxidare plamliCs, anJ A II Campbell isde-
      the lith hiftimn !i ;prondc* that tit t it\ TuCoUertor \ N of .1, < XV 4cf Srctien 22. Jlfendjut
      \ m'xt, before the d,>ur of lh<' < <*urt I!touli', .ii 2 ;, I have levied and will ofiVr for sale.
      f hali re. i< <
      collrctrd IM hiiii, aiid paid into the < :t i\ > K r tn wlia I if1met n me IMS d< neX detfiihtd I tiols. so n.nch Ciarnt, &,*. AiudWruhSEj i S i &. N XV 4, cM,
      1 ftJO I lie following or .1! 1M7 within
      the first February
      of i u c.u Monday div :
      Treahuri) ai (ird.nan i-i.tilk-d An ord.ianre to
      UK I.t.t <*ii>s < I to (in z > I In* nut as will pay the State and Ccitty taxes due J'A. I .ulerwood, 121 IVirl Mre.t Sectj..tt ) All ol Section 2% K gal hour, the following described property to wit : i3
      raise a Revenue lor thy ntol i'sttitiaos.eon4eii.ed All f S' tmn '7 All nf 2,;
      |) I'. i i. I I ii.I --- III I:10 i .i. 111 t < lit on tie same for the vc or }1'- !1'. One negro Iwv named XV* hmiton. abcxit lt years *J

      and rvi'.ed Irom il th<* tx-veral ordinances" cit lh& 1. II VM ti li Ii' i -i.' 5 u nt, ii i j i, u if 1 .' lau. sup| i; I i ...ere. 1%jug in I IMinJ1 purx; itin to Importers, Mtn'irir'iirir atJ Dealers tn fin frryStiupfuult.rs. SV4'lofSE. 'slivt 27, old one it'trnuiboy named Jim about lo sears old ; *,'

      Cit Cou'tcil |MI.* |i tu llw eai ill I and ap. jilv of sir 'irm Luau n .i- tint I b. i Id ui1! out, IM b.ng to the estate of A. It. ltlo'Lta, 11 (;l.n'rti, ('scrcls, St-r,1s, C'eijms, Section s, Allot 2% al-w, one negro vvo.na'i named Ellen, about U5 year* ""jold.
      { ruxed Augu 1 4h, l-H, I.e ai avid c.ud I aVt H 1 At I ll hrr illmas .a'iv_ Ito ire, Also. -JiiO acn*, hin in IklmtV t.liy. p rp*> t tI
      ff awl
      continued in lull rte cf4ci.Sec. H Hatch Ni.. "7 XVilliatn( rreH N IV of 10 Allot 3<>,
      that t. 1 luuiie will 111ktnjct btloli < Siveel Charles 4 levied ihe of
      Oidaiued been kilpplud to alii( J | jou jog to to I upon as projn-1 Iv slid defendant, and a ]
      2. lie t furtftir fur foiluwin, Thai the las leied youi ).eiut tit lease a iuu h ;,r. ut-r supply Also, tisut acres. ;jiurp; >rii2 s. leonz! to tbetti' F:. Stone. Grea< n, J l'7 XV illt.tin stud fi> idinutnc'ets, NV.&SEofS'ci2, All of 31, to be sold tu sati f. thesaitl writs of fieri facias. i iD

      fig liceiiM tu | uriu actatI..iHi, wlieii le tomth this scm} agIttit. Tiwiroe in try of Jo< j ili M XX I ite, a-id I Iv t tig i'n Si A win w's (IS;iv. David X. I li'rnirk.! "2 .vlaiJen Lane aod 7 Ltbnttyitrett E1t l NW. 14. Allot J2. C. WiT SheritT. *.l
      matter UiUiueratt "
      Itert shall "
      railing, and lamilv lia 'iceu ii! grt dt I.iiifit. F-dw Ji:1! MrC. rtle, Also, 1GI acres lyine; on Ih hcado! st Andrew's rtar XXillnmanl K: 4 t>f Section 1 >, All of 3.1. January 2, 1-17. 21 By R F. JONES. I.). S. tf .1
      U- follow : All of 31,
      as 17
      and | I Is': \. j v i.OffiO to a child if hi*, fur v' irs old, and Dav, iitar McCtrciick, purporting to beloti tinColl Allrf "
      Ii.t. Oa all taerr'iant' ilIupkdM.L j r .iu1iiig 1-. All of 3\
      the far-4 dose brought awav th.tlv or li rlv worm*.- ins. Inijushr Mnufiirtuitr of Grnll>me n't and Allrt Loon Count) Sie'ritfSale. ifBY

      piKxl wares aw! nsorcliai.di.than whow th..u.4-id aue dullarcau < apita -. Mi XXillmn Mc|>aintl ht-1 a child wbota the j hynKiaiis JOHN XV ('(50K. Sb, riff JAil/irs uniiv'tiii*; tvi.hGto. Allcf 1. f All of 3t,. Virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued from { <

      or stock in trade i* les, live to IH ai.icrti.n.oil |>r'rtM>uiiC4-d iiicnrab'r, sod aid it vvoul 1 die, and rx of/lew Tax C\Vu.sluisegtsui.. CoFebruarv M Tracv 12 Pearl! MrcctLiijjuitcrv .'tlliif 2'.). the CItrk's ofLce of the late Superior Ceurt
      dollar I North I 7 XX'est
      annual lax (1 l twentj-nte I TuwnutiI'i flange: ,
      Jus- but the child was cured bv UMHIT I 1'r. I Hull's '% unit J", Ifct7. 31 Cm n for the county ot Leon Middle District-of Florida, -4
      on oath bclure the Intendaiit t>r Injure some of (Combi liritihfn Cutlcrif, Ftc nc/i, fractional section I 11, j fractional Section 21In .
      Lo/cnges. Yours. trulv wherein Jo'.n! A. Craig'ii* plamlitf. and Haley T. C
      lice of the Peace, More the hicen.e is grai.ld SILI'IIEN LUNKIN UHSTARS KALSAMOlXVII.D ChERRY, fo llnglix'i and tinman tancif Guinl3. All 1 2'l, Blocker nod John XX' Lee
      defendant I have le- Ivied
      .Jd On all u.eitliant aTid bhiIJi.rvI{ jM.r ei.cing Price 2'i cents box \ \ mlebv LEWIS i. AMES. White lasker, Nns 111 and 113illum street, T T N, l U tI' XV11 of Action ISIn anti will are for sale before, -
      and tucrclundizc, who.e cajital or tier T 3 .N RIM IVest. N J andSXV 4, and E J of upon| expose the Court 1
      good ware Ftbruarv ) 1M7 31 XX'a>.hinton Stores
      2 !
      A fresh suppU just receivtd bvLI.XXIS house door, in the citv of Tallahassee, on the first 9..
      stock in trade u fi'e thousand dollars and upward, A. AMES Lyman Cook, t-7 Pearl, opposite the Pearl Street S E 4, Sec 0. All ol Section 14 Monday in March, 1M7, within lejal hours, the fol
      djlla'id Just5IIHDS. ItCt'iVed These lamls, selected for the State man
      an annual tai ol forty House. years
      February 27, 147. :U Tallahassee j towing described property, to wit tOne
      : Uu all \uctiuneeri Ct( > dollars bacon Sides :JO do/pt hot Scotch Me, since, and Lying in agreeable neighborhoods, are named Russell about '
      negro woman 35
      4th Ou all comini.si.ii rnercLantu forts dollars l Shoulders, 2(5< ijt PI rter, Importer and Manufacturer of Fringe*, Gunps, very valuable, ,

      5th Oa all retailers of spintuou* liquor* in <]tuntitie ChARLES AUCIICKTNI 2 IbIs superior llainn. 10 bbls Almonds, Ilrail2 Cord, Zephtfis, If'vrttedi.c. eD TERMS." One-fourth cash, and the other three- years Levied the said defendant 5!
      less annual tax of ninety dollars >Sat Tallahassee, and the plantation ; street fourths in three annual instalments with interest upon as property ol s
      than William
      a quart, an ktc;* Lard, \ nuts, and r-ilbcrls, A. Booth, 100 and to be sold to satisfy said writ of fieri facias
      of Col. R Mitclull. 1rotnas date ol sale advance
      in from the payable in ,
      ; 10 drums
      I H''I IC i kins flutter i Figs, Sheriff.
      A. A. FISHER
      Oth. On e cry Billiard TaMe. Nine Tin Alley or JcountvGeorgia, at S.Si $10 at.d JS J.S. 10 boxes Soap. \ > bbN dried Apples, Dealer* in Linen and Cotton Threads, Comls the purchaser to give bond with approved security, January TO 1517 fo ,

      Kowling Allc!. techtucaih *o called used lor hire, February 'M, 147 31 30( Sptrm Caudles, < 10 ba.sets Champaigne Button*, Looking (Glaiies Sfe. and Impoi ters of or if any purchaser shall prefer to pay up the whole

      annual of dollar French and German Fancy Goodt m cash, a discount shall be allowed of five percent
      an tax ninety 0 sacks Salt, \ XVine. English, price Sale First Monday in March, 1647.

      7th. On every Dray"or Cart used for hire, an an Lot nud Dwelling house for Sale or 20 bbls Whisks. J For sale bvR Levi Cook &, Co. 13* Pearl street on the credit instalments Trust Sale.

      dual tax of ume dollar lleiif. Bft XV. POST. Pike &. Ladd, 39 Nassau st, opposite the Post Office, JOHN BEARD, a
      Register of Public Lands for the T HE Steam Saw Mill with Grist Mill attached .
      'Mb. On two or lour horse used for ,
      every wagon the February 20, I%I-17. 31
      hire, an annual tax of fifteen d >!Ur*. LOT number one hundred forty (140.) in Jlfattvfacturert and Jobbers of Umbrellas and State of Florida. J. all in good erdei with 2i" prime slaves, and MO

      Vth. On every Hack or Public Carriage used for addition of the city of Tallahassee.near MoIa'ces iind Fists Barrels. Paraiols. Tallahassee February 6, IS47. 29 3m acres ol good land, situate near the town of Monti. i j

      Lire an annual tax of nine dollars. the Court House, with comfortable WELLING HF undersigned has on hand and will Henry Keep &, Co 122 Pearl Street. .% The Savannah Georgian, Charleston Mercury, cello, m the County of Jefferson, will be old with. j 11*

      10th On Public Livery Stable, an annual thereon, fronting on Adams street, now occupied by T constantly SYRUP and Columbus Times, will publish the above six out reserve on the first Monday in March next. ]

      tax of thirtV'iix every dnlUr R. K. %West E i Possession given on the tat March FISH engae IMRRLLS any quantity: the of former superior, holdup Cypress from 17 tj Cm Cutters and .Manufacturer of Solar weeks, and Bend their accounts to the Register of For particular enquire of the Editor of the Horidian. -

      lltb. On every Hawker and Pedlar vending good nett. For A. flF.RThlF.L tT or 41 gallons : the later venial Fish barrel *w. niobet and Kick Cut Gina t. Public Lands for the State of Florida," at Tall has- l f 1M7 23 If

      wares and merrhandire au annual tax of one turn.droi 21 Newport.Feb n. 1I7 TO DAN'L. L.\IJD Turner & Line, 43 Duane street see. February ,
      r. t.t
      doilar Ft r nrv

      .. .. .
      -- -- -
      .. -o .. -- t----- -- -

      I _- -
      -. 1--

      ;- -.- - -

      : __ _

      _ _ _ _ _
      i : i r __ L--------- --- ,----- :- - : --L:

      ' 4t Extract from the act of Cixtgren of ZJJllarcl, Leave Tliomasville every TLar day at 6 a mr arrive 10. The distances are-given according to the beat SANDS' SARSAPARIIXA, Commissioner's Sale. State Tax-Collector's Bale."DY .
      I,4.SFcttio4 1. at Monticcllo amc day by 5 p m. information ; but no increased pay will be allowed, "QTJRSUANT to a decree of the late Superior Court virtue of the power Tested in me by law,
      "And be it further matted. That it shall be the 3-)22. From Quincy to Chattahoochie, 21 miles should they prove lo be greater thin is advertised, i if FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT AN CURE ji. of the Middle District of Florida, sitting in the JL> expose for sale, before the Court House door ia
      : j duty of the Postmaster General, in all future 1ctinu1 .* and back, twice a wick. the places are correctly named. OF ALL DISEASES ARISING FROM County of Leon, in a certain cause wherein the Union the city ol Tallahassee, county of Leon *

      ; .1( contract!! for the transportation of the mail, to let Leave Quincy every Tuesday and Thtir.day at 4 pin 11. The Potmaster"General it prohibited by law IMPURE OH HAUIT STATE OF OF THE THE SYS BLOOD Bank of Florida was complainant. William Jra- On the 2d Monday in February next,
      :'t the/ same, in every ca< to the lowest bidder tendering an ive at Chattahoochie same daysby Up m. from knowingly making a contract for the transportation net wa defendant, we shall, as the Ccmmissionets the follow ing property no much thereof as wilt
      KJlTicicnt cuarantces for latthful performance, Leave Chattahocchie every Wednesday and li idv of the niail with any person n ho shall have TEM \17. : named in the said decree, on the first Monday in pay the State Tax doe on the tame for the year 1S4 -
      :. without other reference to the mode of such transp at I a m, amtc at ( iiincy same days by <> a in. entered into any combination, or proposed to enter Sertfula or kind's Eail, h/uwnntism, Obstinott March, being the 1st day of said month, proceed jo WI.N W 4. S 1 T *, R 2. N and E., adjoininr
      I rtat!'T i than may be neces.sry to provide fur the Propolis lor tn-v M'kiv srv ice w ill l tie con-idered into any combination, to prevent tlie making of airy (,'utartf.ut KrupfiwH, Pint fit te Puttulei on lAt sell to the highest bidder, ?t the town of Quincy, in lands belonging to Col. R. W. Williams, owner
      t$ eiecc.Tity! certainty ,and security tit such transportation 3- 2'J. Fr< in ('hittahia lie. by Ochi-st-e, lJlc.umata. 'ud for a mail contract by any other {vrson cr persons .Z"ice1 Btches, Bile,, Chrusei.c .S.re Eye:, Ring the County of Gadsden, the following described real known. not
      E ; nor shall any new contractor hereafter be required to'.Mi, lob, and Fort (laiMen, to .l.aleliie'ela. l.'iiulers or shall hare made any acreemcct, or shall fcare given Worn or Truer, HeaJJ HtnJ, Enlargement and estate, to wit : The E J. N E4andSFJS2.5NWj,1
      i to purchase, or (take at a valuation, the and back, twice a week, from l.-t October to Ifof or pertormed, or promised to give or petl'orm, uny Pun of the BOIKS and Jviitft, StuHfirn Ulcert Lots 2, 3, and 4, in Sec 2, T 2, R 3, Nand W ; S 36, T3. R2.Nand E ; E J.SE4. S 20; W 1 ol
      Q dock or vehicles of arry previous contractor lor the Jm.o in etch 'earaaj once week the residue.Frou" consideration to do, or ntt to dv.any ll.in hatefer SvphiltHc .lyiiipt&M, StuUica or I.wnba, aid '- 1. Q, r ian'J4in Sec 12, TS, R 3, N arid W ;. W J, S 30, T 3, R 3, N and E., situated near Manninston.
      ,,i same route." l\ Oiti-ber l 1t jmflY. to induce any other person not to bid K>r a inail con Ihtettaet aiisimffrimi an iitjuJieieus use of Mercury W i of N K i of Sec .T:>, T 2, R 3, N and W ; purporting to belong to Lewis Conner -
      1: :. 3t-: Bidders will I1 careful to read the form* nd Leave Clnttahoccl.ieevery WednevJay and Friday tract. Faitk-uhr attention called V> the 2St'a sec- .Itcitet e. Ibofsy Kjims'ire vr Impt inline* N W 1, Sec 3.,, T 2, R 3, N and E; the Southern Life Insurance and Trust Company and
      :-i instruction* appended to this advertisement. They at 1J nsarrive \palach'ci'lane\t (lay by 0 p tn. huh of the act of WJ, prohibiting ccicbtcatiotis to in Life. Alfv, C'/uurusc Ucnthtutionul lUtordti W i of S W 4 of Sec. 33, T ?, R 3, N and W ; S 17, T 1. R 1, Nand E-.excfpt the E |. S E 4 of
      4 .. arc requested tu -tae, in their proposals, the mode Leave Apa'.acl.icola every Tuesday and Thur>l.iy prevent bidding. r UER prcpurticn is a combination hitherto Unknown Lots No. 3, 4, and 5, Sec 7, T I.E 2, N and W. .aid stction; a15OENW1S13T2RINand
      bv which the intent 1 to convey the mail. Where at 0 a in, anue at Chattahoochie next dais l>y 11 a 12. A bid received after time to wit : the ICth in tho hitgy tf Medicine, differing entirely Terms of sale cash. W; 1L: N W 4S 9T 2.R l.Nand W.ownernot
      the size and weight of the mail-! or the speed called u. March next, at y a. m., or without the guaranty required i a iU character and operations from the various C. 11. DL'l'ONT ) Commissioner,. knos'n.
      '-4.. for in the schedules shall re pure it, the -onVrac;* l-'rnm lit June to lit October. by law, cr (hat combines several routes i is one preparations of Sarsapanlla which have been F. C. CABELL, The E i of N W 1OfSQinTlR1Nan4Iv
      *ill he made for coach steamboat, or rzilroa l convey Leave Chatlahouchie! ivory WcdiH- day at 13 in, Miin cl compensation, cannot be considered ia competition at different times offered to the public. It act specifically January 23, 1c17. 27 -It SO acres near Lake Jackson, purporting ta blcne to,
      arrive at A >alechic ance.as the case may l be ; audcf>n e.juently. *u< h ] by a ra a regular propo upon system, JEFFERSON COUNTY Charles Williamson.
      routes will be let to bids piopoinz such mode < I conveyanee. Leave Aulu-liic.tlj| every Muiuhy al'9 a in, arrit eat efrav.'ant. under its direct and immediate influence. Although Also, the follow ins tcwn lots : Part of lot No. 174
      a In all other cases the mules will be a- ChatlahiNich t-r\t Vv\dne day by 11 I a M. 1.1. \ bidder nay: offer, where the transportation possessed of powerful healing ttik-cts, yet it is entirely Tax Collector's Sale. in the north addition to the of city Tallahassee,
      I filmed to bid > iig the cheapest] mode U Iran.portation. .- Proposals fur an additu nal weekly trip lom I..! call.sl for in theadvrrlifeiucnt difficult cr impraclicaMe harmless, so tiiat it cannot injure the most iL1icate BY virtue of authority vested in me by law, I lot No. 70 in the south half of the county
      i rnpo quarter of
      (.) iber tKt June will bi> <-. n>id. r 'd.tiJI. at c.-rt.iin seisont. to substitute an inferior constitution. When in peitict health, no ef- expose for sale, belore the Cturt I House saitl city..
      J From SI. Joseph'* to ApaUrlucol, ?.') miles iaod ol COMvtyante, or to jiitt unit ervitv a spoci feet ra pnal'iced bv its us* except an increase of appetitit door in Montieello. Jefferson County, on the A. A. FIShIER
      : TROPOSALS roil CARRYING THE MAILOF and kuk. tn ice a uttk Iron l l.t Octohcrto 1.i June, tied tiuntUr tfiay5! vsetks, ur m..n1is. Me i:,..iynopisc : but whe'idisease isse.ittd in the frame, and First Monday in July irit, Shift and tx-offttio Ta\-Col. L. C.
      :' z J. the United Stales from tte 1st of July, IM7. to .nid once a vvek the rcMdue ol the year. lo (iiiit MI'oflice that( is inn f--- iLc, or is cnr>ir.; last its vctua ;ii'iir4 thf p.tlli of life, then the following property, or a" much theitof a.s vni'l Auru S 1M'. 3 f.m
      .. the 30th June. 1V"I inclusive, will (b received at From 1st October to 1-t June.LMV not on the stage re.:id. iLc rail\v y r at .' ft'csrulM.ail.i'idiiif.as nt iii\-ioiijfs n.Jueiui-is (I. It .tint si in ; iteiikindlesne.v pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for the
      : the contrart office of the 1W Oi&ce Dejmttmnt, in i.e.iil'i un 7 a i.i. irrive at ApAichm lj. same tla'nsbV 5 n. all inlfllor Cll I the city of Washington. until 1 t', a. m., of the JiltliMarchi p N EJSecand N W 4, Sec 53. and W i of NE BY power me hy law, I
      ,'- I r 117, (Iii be decided Uy the 1st ila ol \pil) Leave Apaljchn-ola en-ry unday: and Fridjv" at 7 : t'r..0 dit*>'ren.1 tlys: ..ri l.i'U- i'I! Fscriox." LET i, Stc :ji. T 1 R 4, N and E., purpoitiiv; to be- on the second Mondjy it. March next,
      : on the routes aa p in. and ai.ival, pnnntid i-o ii.. re luiuu'.: !.. e ,i- .--ktl. Tilt: F.U'lrt SpEXlt bull ltciqi..r': -'lllelollowit big to Duncan M. Quarles.W expose for sale before the Cotirt House door, in lie
      tiz : Fr-nn 1st June to 1st Ocfohtr. and it i it itiS I i..U' t bat tie nuil ci .1.(.xiwii 01 ithej'ubn : < or.'niccis i-> oly .iuotcr! I link in t the great chain i N W 4, Sec 15, T 2.JI 4, N A. K owner not city of Tallahassee, County of Leon, the following
      $.4 FLORIDA.3.V)1. Leave vt. Jost-pl/s cvci Saturday at '. a in, arrive !- .tcciinciiHluttoii i* pr 'juuic. d He n..n .t-khr ot tfstitu'iiiy tv j its merits. Let tluitllicttd! rend and krio'.s ii. described properly, or so much thereof as will pay
      \pal.iclmy.las4Modiy b. 7 m. mre ninnins time lo the trip, dJin.4sj-, citn it! ba cons&nct.t. Wi.at it has; due oi.cc it will do the State and Taxes due
      ; ) From St. %u itirie. by Jacksonville ail p Lot No. .1, frac Sec 21, T 2, R iN& E, SI acres. County thereon for the year
      :t XirUaridto St. Mar'G&tOiniland back, cure t.cavepalaciirola! every Fridiy at Tim, arrive uunider ul days, at icrf.n sca-fi:> (4 j wuluily bad ii nn. .1 ii 2t .4 jiTR I.N& E, -i IM'J :
      :: t week. at St.t Joseph'* &:ine d.tv* by I I'ipn"' ( r'>.itls : hut bey end tlu se chAjtit.-s a pnosal! fir M r- CH\KLFr'VV-M ?.I.s-J., SVpt 2td, 110.Tliu |, 21. .1. 2. It I, N &. E, M o E i S W 4. See rt, T 2, R 3. N and E., purporting
      et Leave S|. Aurisliue every Wednesday at 2 a in, ar- :3From Rridmrit..e; (;a., (by Chatlahrnicljif, vice ilifreri mit Stun th aiJv.-rli-i-ajriii w-1 U! prverit its uy certilv that( ;a' -iti, unw a.psI l >evenlienha ii 0 5, it .31. r2, R I, N \. F, -'j''a's.. to belong to U'ef-Iry Forbes, Trustee, i.c.S .
      .'i t live at St. Mar}'* next i'ay< by l 12 m. liin' :zoiJ. Man irma, Sctii locks Spring W<-.bvill.-! IN i-e t-oiis.deri'd in ci'iiiix-lili still, a rcpibr bid t ttu tor ten years alA'Cttd! \> ith the s.-rofiilous ii ii I. -te, T-i ft I, Nit E:, Il3acri.hi i Lot No. I I7''., cfumal plan of the city of TalIaha -
      t. Leave St. Mm' every Thursday at 1 p ti, arrive ( 'amibellton) Geneva. Almiratit<\ Miltui and Flonit n> t set acute: for e\ti av a jitct ; and win re A bid Contains .lufl..t. At tl.t-a e oleven years hi- h id the measles l mit in t ll.e bend of Micc(>srx.kie Lake, near the plantation sce, pnrpcrtinz to belong to Wm. Maner.
      :tJ at St. Au jstincnext day l by It |i' in. 'I! -\n, to l'enaacuLa, .t.U miles and bickthree times a.iy iii. thialicve lt, rai! .$: ll.eu dialrnr.tazra \ri.-h f'rlta1'v! caused this humor to make it> ap- of idosetevo'.ncr not known. Lots N >s 2.VJ and 2North: ; addition city of Tal-
      3-*)2. Frowst. A'l-fustine. by New San ma.Si. L',- n vvotSi.L xv ill be timated tu ci-Lii-ruig it vvitb < tl.cr rrwpcS31 t"ar.ince ri a (rest l Mn ular isis coveriiii his body SMITH SIMKINS, liha-see, purporting to belong to estate of R. B. Cope-
      7 1 tic, and Miami river, to Key West, 0<*J ciile and ave Hainliridze! every Sunday. Wedr.e diy, and -*. trom hn he.-d to his l.tt with small tumors. I con- ShlT. and er uffitio Tax Col. Jeff. Co. lain!.
      ..i5. IEiektsireamnntli. Fudjy at -' a ia, arrive at IVusjcola tvcry Tite day 11 There should be Lat one rnt l-id lc.r in i f.rvsd. sultt.d a Doctor ot Medicine, and he examined him December 5, 1--H 2 O >'in Sec tTR2Nand E; WISW 4, Sec 3, T ?.
      :. Lease St. Aazustme on the lt ami f.ttli of each FruJay! and Suriday !tn I p m.avo thr.--dtys in sUv--essiuii, and not understarulmz his R 2. N and K: ; E J N E J, S< e T 2, R 2. N and
      .. ;c month, arrive at Kiy Wett in t-iYon days. L IVn 3ciila every Sunday, Tue 4jay ail ( ri.lily i. TlH'rtnife. tJi.-iu ttit-e.tli' yearly jay, ta.: !> !- ca-e udu-vd tijlo consult Dr. R virol New York, Trench Slior* and tfppers. E: ; W | S E 4, Sec. 3, T 2. R _>, N and E ; W \ N E
      .0 Leave Key \Vt-st nit tie) sth a.ll 23d oi each tuuitlh, at a in. arrive at Iljinbrid every"TuiMlav, J'r- r.i'tK-.iiid i sidtuctr. situ the narni 1.1 t nhiji( .in- I then tvin;; a rest k-iit of that ( lt. Alter a long JUST RECEIVED by the Tallahassee from New 4, S.-c 3, T V. R 2, N and E: containing <30 acres,
      $ : arrive at St. Atizu.tint* m *ev iVlj> l.urMUy, and Sunday. by I'* p tn.IVopusaNl her of the firm, when a c"iiip4i.y c.lVr( sh uiil leh and critical trirmtntion, bavin more than thnlv a J Orleans, purpwtini; tofwlons to William hail and the Southern
      1'roposals for aeraiceolice a lOonth will be c a Id3.VJ3. >>r .-...f; ered. 1 .!l bt* con!>uff<>d. I ''i: h r i.iititli.ui i>ii-"ir-iha'- is-lftet..?. i'1. trtt.utiueetti: it S r.>tuu, or Kind's }'.\ iThe\ S. P. Mil Hoots. i IMt No. Northwest( addition to the city of
      .: : : From St. Augustine t* Pieolita, 1-s mik- Proposals! f--r onei- a week, also fcr twice a week I i l'';. The bid s''ouU L.- tit r... r ?l, iJJriv .d c-iiUl; \ t* ihu prescript! l fir, and eumrnenced taking 14 Mimic" Fallaha'-'ee, piupurting to belong to II. II. Rankin,
      J and backonce a week. erv f* e. w-ill consult red. I in tIe First Axulaut Ilinj|. r GerniJ, ruth medical uiruig' trim tied tnue. H grew worse until Cloth D'Or-ay Gaif.rs, Aget.f.
      .z J Leave St. Aniline every Tut-why at 7 a 13, arf '('ifi.; Frotn M.iruiii4, bv Oaky Hilland Holm* S. M.til rr..pi.o'* i.. th < tie of -.-.--.--." \vrittcn 'n Jii'i--1 if 5 I''':?, a.id then hi |MUU" ame allied 1 i inci Call patent Lu'-e !?o..tst Lot No. 2. Sec 30. T 2, R 1 N and W : Csr J
      ..' -' | riva at Picnlata anie djy by 12 in. Vall'-y to Lcht-ti Anna, ''') notes aul back, .ttce awctk. the (sc.- ii SlitI I 1. l'r ; j'id -fi--'hi h.' dpipat.-h.tl in >n ; ," Leave l'ieduta every Mim>l4} at 10 p ta, arrive itki. iiiie t" K tci .:v< d i-y ut btlVie List lath March n-xt, A pitt.. cl l tioi.i came ,ixv: y tn>m his wider-jaw, in Patent leather P..lo Alto MHW.ISIRCflETT T 1 R I N are! W., contamin'V..' acres, purport-
      i i St. Auyjsiine next day by n t a in. Leave Maii.inna oven Thursday at <". a in, arrive at 4t .> ..V..tck, a. m. i"ie ultit | lace, as lar.e as an l>iili-i! .' .d.i'it, apiece i- L1NDUNCERGER.Januarv ins t" belong to A. F. Dnvjl and Ihe Uiiicn Bank of
      I Vrop314 for twinalot for three litaca a week LVJi.-e A idij next day by 1t in.Lav. I ;. 'I t i lie conti. ia ore tu be rscculcd by cr !r"ftiT<- from n hi* forehead aj lar easa -!!teute.: and a [piece 2, 117. 21 n ..ndi.W .
      ,\ f s scrvice, ill be ciiiin1eriJ. .' (\liec AIITM every Tuesday at 0 aia, arrive he tat l July :i- \t. Tom near (!.*- cr-i.vn it his head It then went to J S \V 4, Sec 31 I T -.', f{ 1 N and W.,
      '.e- 1 3.VJ1. From <:ari'4 IViry, by Fort II rIc-, Netvi at Marianna n xt day by ." p tn. Ia. Ptiiia< t. rs al offii-w sifna- iin; or IMTrailnKMN ;he bji-L anJ side! at>d tteltrg.d in three places.Yttn .- c)3 : W N E 4, Sec 27, T 1, R 1, N arid W., contain
      j naiiville and Ellisville.ta Alligator, V'cules and ;::.n. From Minauua, Jack > .i county, to ft. Andrew's l hot tuii.ro Iliati n,;l-ty ro U Irt-ui a iiot.| [ thfice to one ol his linbs, separating, in conv ATTORNEY AND COFNSF.LLOR LAW, ing I'ii acres, pirpoitin to belong David Robin-
      4 *. .- l back once a .et-k. IJjy .;" nulc.s and aeL, once a week. ii ill, iiniuwh-t Iv after th'' I 1st April IKt, r-'j-uit ,etice cf SIC ulcer.ition. the muscles and cord sou, arid the Union Ih k of Floridj.
      ; ? S Leave (tare>V Terry every TuewSay at 4 p tn, ar- Leave M.iriaiina evcr Thursday at .; a em. arrive atSt. hdlf.nl t. the d ;'. : .- : :4iU,; ti. u Xa t it I a- (. .'M the (untie, ul the ?nkltj-iiat on the bark piit.- November Jaoper. Hamilton I I-U. County 1" I<'l:>rlda. Lots NOS 77, 7S, 71' antI l l0, North addition to the
      . The at Allijaior! fu-\t day by l I'i ra. Andrew lUv next iav i! p iu. aiuv froci tinrulnvd d tt. and bow otiicrwi'.* I lie Lad at one time lilteen riuuiin sores or issues i i, city of Tallahassee, purporting to Wong to George
      t t Leave Allixt'! >re\fry Mmxlay at 2 p ta. airnealGaicjV Leave St. Hrews hay werv TtHvday al .5 a ta, npplied wifli the in til. to eliabiitlie I'ostma* lieueral r'ia the cla-jsol: the throat .iiri those places I have !;. Walker, Trustee, &c.StV4NW4SecltT3fl2NardE.eenajn..
      - I, Ferry not diy; by lit a in. e arm-" at Man.:uriaiivxt clay by i p tn. to t'lrt: rt I li: j rt-per soj i'i-l.v I to bo utadtIi.. L. lu''i.lioiitd. lu l > iii. I lived in Portsmouth, N. H., -
      ; 1'roposali fir twice also t'r three dimei. a wok "!"J*. From 4h.eti: AM., to CJjy Conk, >* mile1 he railroads by trail uit.atMngir-i, fr tu aid alter tliilit ;ttd: he rt u at.cktd ruth a Rn.-utn.itir Fever, which PI: VMK: IN in:: 4y acres, purporting to belong to the heir tl
      .. iervire, \sill 1 e eoiss1t.rcd. and back, once a v.eek. is iv! m .xt.K sr-tlled in cue of t his hips, ii hit-h sweilxl as 1.irge as T>rui-, Mertichies. 1'ah.tOil*. Lady C. I ii rill.
      3.V*>. Frora Ji-Um\iilc to Alligator, 7U taiks I..-.*a.. (icilel .i *.%..i. Tu.-iiy$ at t'a ta, anive at '. Fnder the art of Id M.it, h. 1 i 1"., the u.i'.t- i" t'rt! -e of th otlier. B< 1115 nailer Meilic.il treatment, A. A. FISHF.R! SherifF
      aid back, once a w.vk. Clay Bank nm,- f.n !ty .". |, m.LeiveCJiy tia belel '.Hhe l"ne-t l b-jij. r, toiidetiiitliru i-t tlici i 4'.O Liu laudaiiui.i until he lost his reason.i'in .- Toilet Artirlr Prrfinnfry; if- Window GIas, leon Cennty anti fje tfieio Tax Cviltctor.DecrmU .

      : Leave JjU.K uviIlo nof> Tuesday at t> p in. arrive l'aiik-v-rv Mi>: a in, arrive uunra'itns t< r faithful |.ert i-aou'. \\itlnut thrr a i ?i'e.ne al.um.d, and! sent fur a liomsonian. p\INTT.RS'Bir-.tr.- c'lLon*. r .7, !'*16. 20 r J.,
      : at AlH ator nest day by I U ta.Ixave at lic't..va same d.ty by :i p tu. it tVrIK, tn the 11 betecessury I l.s ui< and r.-s rid his reason.t AE olIiorsiricV Ciln-ss XTarr, Ac.
      ; Alli at jr every Mn vide lur the e ttrrJ time he was utt-icked with this f f.-vt-r ini AT CIIAMLF.RS, ?
      : Jacksonville w.At duv In a ui.TrofiosaU t'tki.li to Mobile. 7. niiUs and back, three tiuits a I artS -. .-'iil\ ot'M I h ttanshittIt..tliu. I i li, vvt.cu la-arm ol Dr. Sjnils Saisapanlla, and r"I ij IIK t I: :ibt.- c'>tjnfly mi hand and tot sue at the Tallhafe, January C, I l.i-;. J
      . v e.-k- Win the l-.vvi.-r ai--de of s4tiieil that ail other me.hcmes! L !".iait t'urket! j net -. YOUIIJ Johnson, \
      'S fr twice, alao kiI three Inncs a week | >.t j i'EItUSCS a C' nv * .. j.enice (i n thi r ii :Eai)4. From Pilatkj.byOramfeSiH-inai, n>rt Kii e.Loos Jibat i |> TI,. arrive at Mobile :i-xt ito l by I 11 I a Q. security, aud e. Nritv < f the mails! aside and by the time he hid taken it all I considered We have received bv lat< arrival 1 tree additional Ddila hIunuphircu,
      Leave Mobile! Motid Ti!iuradav tr'uu litiuti foi ( lit will l hun ll. Those healed he ufplif,ot Ih i,. *,. 's*>n. j
      . : : Sv\am; Oijji) mka, Fort flute and F. it Fitcr. every y. nodclay Sitwr- at.y ac< mi ><> rat lutZ >e mlill \.t places became bright
      to Tanpa, I'o miles and bacl: oacc a w. ck. at I I. ui, an ire at IVtisjeoU next tlax s bv 7 a ia. d t-- the route and Lsely.-ciinr cai.e this tire and li[>s-trom toiTftlit-r with nuut ut the popular patent rriauhe TN bra: case, it is ordered that this bill h? filed, and
      ; Leave Pilatka! tcrv Tue.od.iy *t lii a in. .rrie jf pri.ns.il.: (or it oh ps.ri ieo ii iI; he i'.injdril. _"'. Wh n the b.! net nrn.en "i1. cf coRvcyance (hat ticie till the Kail of 1MI, his rnmplainfs never ui.dt-r r.ur a'rfnir.t 15w l tar.rest and L-io-it varied in I that the same be set fir final hearinz on the first
      ; Tampa nest Friday by p m. "0.1'. From Key We>t, (by la.Jian Key, to Charlestin. it will l I.e taken arid tiittir-ti.ud, i to )I.e |I..itl.l.< r-mSItd i.uu. Atth.it true he bee.tine itt .if, which the Slate. All ol \\htt.h ue oHrr at the loe.t cast, day of the next April Court l fir Leon County, or so

      Leave Tampa Ct'i> Tueiday at 10 a tn, arrive *tPiUtka S. C 7. > wile and luck, ohr a utonth. liiwt-l untie 4>1 cvuvi ) nce, t.> wit : on !nrsel> rk coittiiiued uiitil last March when his ri Lh.t eye became I,' it-5. SouR (thereafterdunns the term, as the iarre"can be
      next Fri>lab\ p ra. Leave K.<-\ VW-t from the l-.th; to the 2"fli . : Proposals for tivice a week .et ice will V conulrcd. ? :' arrive, at Charlestoa with all | rac'irjble dts- tiaiCiLiit. slid! im II'Hie i.5 conveyar.ee ii sf fed fi r .L5rt ot the cyi. si> that ho wisiua great measure state ia Coh1ecot'a aile.B of (Ihe llahifcJ--ee p-apers tor the pace ot three
      ateh. the in tlie i\erti I months before said final hearing.TIIOM.'iS .
      < rr-iite a< *< Riutit mil U ccn idtieda k-pnvr-dU aught.
      the .ttl in I in law I
      \irtuetil inc: ,
      3507. Frnrn Pilatka. Cuterpiiiete Ml'iiilk, Leave C'WUton no the Ut day of oath month, '.tl'( .IM; o'l'j' I I.r, 2 letachuk ct'iiV -ysr.re. Kn u'(154 that Sands' Sar>apirilla was the only shall 1'i-r pomr sale, before th-- Court House P.ALTZELL, Judge.A .
      :I l 2't mile and back, utuv week. Mrivc at Key! "t st with al! j rr fcttcabk- d.' jiach.Propo I Sii.re the | door town ifJ.n1tr r.C-uinty en
      4 leave Piiatka eT> Tueidav at l"atr.., arrive at lto embrace Cats e'Florida and St. Augustine ti.ti lit -'i.') !ii ii of Ltd I.A- been rereis ej. It '\-e.Citi to' Mr Fowl.Ap 1 .thec.iry at IS,'stoti for more. He in D. McRAENY, Clerk.
      Mell nvill iwst du h* ". j. m. will !'i. t< isiIert l.Fr l. ies u..ji .] <.ti, mey UKC, but engines to carry the I its; taken i tiltctri do.iar* worth, whu h has removed Thr first Monday in February ifif, P.v JOHN B. KEEN, D. C.
      Lea c M U Biliecer> Tliunday tt i aint.ir- :t. ..111 Kev W. 4 to St Augustine, .*' & m.es mail I wiin; o-rtaicty, celcritv n.ndeeiirit iisi'i I tie i he hui/K.r front his eyes and hearing, ant he now ti-! > following propertC. or so in'K-h thereof ts mil Jammv C., 1-17. 25 3mStatcaTax
      rive at Pilatka ext dS: > p i-.. arid back, Twi..e a tnitb.}) t..,IP,- < I the lass Thtie bid are called. Iron t the app .ar> t-j k- turin ai.d radically an. I verily l-e- ;JM\ the State' and; County taxes due <-n the same fir Collector'-* alc.
      -. TVj Froo JIt-1 1 r. 4.k t'i New guivma, 3IB ik* Leave KU"e: .t oa the Mh and! 23dc( h n.ontli. manlier in is hit h they are designated on ih<> bonk. ot l.ire all this litter troiil.le rni4it have tx en avoMe the t-ai 141 -..
      at St. Atij'i-Tti.e the ." I had '1 Iti S F. 4 tt SeC Tl, and the E of the N E 4 of B virtue of the power vested in me hy law, I will
      a*! '-ick. once a week guilt in st-v.n day ;. dc.atm( ; alas Itidi It hrf* IK tn decided, it continued thnrouzly the use of the SusiparilU -
      I Mellon: .. t v. r* Th *3 j at 0 a tn. armeat Lave !i. A'ljfMiiie 'ri tn 14 and l. th <.f each atf, r iii.tiurccoi.M l ration, th..t it.id (>-poii.. ape- vvi.ca l.u is-is under its inll'i-uce the first time. < -r TJ, and the entire ucition 31, and tie W i <.-t *H-C expose for sale, before the Court House door. in
      .1% and he E J of theV 4 of Sec >?. all ..f T ;>. the city if Tallahassee, county of Leon, on the first
      irintith arrive IVrst ,
      at in citic thueiiare the
      ? Smjrr.a rtt ." !.* Srrn XTedDeda; v a tn, arrive .; osals to teiminatethis route at Cedar Kea in- h.'tse c..ach transportation is t" be preferred to Ilia, ease, and I leel it my duty t I m..ke: t luinc (.iris known K r>, N and F.. The N E 4 of S 2, ami theN j ot Monday in July next, the following property, or so
      S :: ai.d (tue N E 4 t.f S I, T I K 11. N and F.p'ir- much thereof will! ; ay the State and County ta.aon
      mt Me.i-- iJlt MSK hy S ,' p ta.3SX s1 a'l .f 5. .ni'istine trill be cinsjdered. star I/id The txj crn-i te tl.edcpartuii-iittuablc to the public, fur the benefit of those who may beadhcted ,
      I Frotu r w&kt t ill* to Ne Ziaet.t ..' xa.le* rJPr. .; '.la 1 toT wipply! the follow ins office in it to lay down lie following rules, \jz ; in like manner: feeling a full conviction the pvrting to tielon to the estate of Hector \V. Hrad..nAN" the same t-r. Tie year 11''.:
      sd kicc. core a w *Ht. UI-.ri !Li. ata -mn to be named, and subject to the V.'l.en the mail on the route n not so large as to cur has been efWtcd roley l Iroin the ctlect of this the S E 4 .f < '11. T 1, R n, pnrportin? tibeiomt > Lois N s M7, fl-s. }! 22", cricinal phn.atd
      ; : Leave Tie nsi.s .!l lt even WednrsJi* ujit.u -t t..i'.g limited to the mtl procted* of the r Hj'iire t(%o11ir54coach coiive.ance, a star bid, ifrtve luva'uuliie cv.-'liriiie. to the estate of IVniamin Chain's.JUSIA1I (17.', north a-ldition ot the city of Tallahassee purjK -
      meat New K '-emtuc day t by pa. 'the-, are invited : .t, w ill be preftrred t ii the sj>eciic Ld. HANNAH W. RECK, CMain st.Sitfiitt T. I5AISDEN >rtinj: to bcii/ug to Daver.tx
      : Leave New Rtr< r vryVedbr.iay at 1 a m, ar- China thAi, Irofn Quincy, 12 nules and bsck, onct 22. When the mails are it t such sizearuil i weight af -> *i. Voiton, Octu'ier in, |s.jrTlitn rxrSJiully ShfT. and ex officio Tax Cul. H- Co. A. A. FIMICR Sheriff
      live at Ne-.vn.UJM!i i. aaae d > by ie ia.3"ilO a week. o reml r it ruece'sarv or expeditut, in reference to appeired the ahove named Hannah \(\'. Deck N'.VMnbfr I II I, !l'l'-. 17 3m and er officio Tax Col. for Leon County.
      December'; 1 > .
      23 6m
      . ;. Frut-i Nenan-a4lle, by Santa Fe. a id F.*tFaanitr. Reform, from Quincy 10 mile* arid bark, c-utc a them aliee, to provide two-h rrujrh conveyance, and jab solemn oath that the udove ctrtilicate, by Gati'dcii Circuit Court. >
      .. : ta C'edur Keyf, l'r nulei aud luck, once a | Ilir perilk bid. lhiirti the hi hc-st, will be prtt-- Lit ubsciil>td, and! tateiuer.td therein contained Dr. JXO. G. GAMBLE Jr.
      its tonic
      , -. rvef k. Troy, (ruin Columbus 3"i cuU-s and bo k, one awe red to the s-tar bid. to the extent of a n.cd rite cittterenee .re truo. Es fnre me, V.'ra. J. Hailey Adm'r iton,} ,
      f Leave 'ewnaiiiik! v<-ryV<-dne Jjat 7 am, k. in the ci>tnw-n .atioii, in ca-sr thedifP rtriceis JAMES RICE:, Justice of the feare. with the \' ill annexed uf /. Belbmv | OFFERS his Protei ional Services to the citizens
      I: arrive at Cedar K-y r e\t d4> by p in.a ." W Leave C<*d