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wr.>rJins t(> t'.irOrt'n lrnntli Pa.tr-flilctdjuxur Uacj ttcte, :> :t' were male 1 tv the wli ini ul,tr and their i \\ Qt3: The regular tlenjjnZ cf the .Knon ltal.tist with (been, at-el l his not been heard r.d,-r our assortment the Lrgtvt and mimest raritd ut

#iTHC *?itmT romjMMwn fr w Ala- Cut, 2"i *..itP.I4.lti4..ine \tre-er* fiilh ann tlsmctl\: stated "one ot tljvorn' eon.' hurh (near Lake nrlrt>rd) will commence oaurd tti.elt that tl l.-y arc making thtir S'afe All of which we ufor at the lowest cash

War Dpaflflt.tht Lui.ianz olwittt r* and the M. tsn4H roraetic* and perfajoe'* 2' :i.1kl'ot.et -ni aro'-till in Conri n md arecn.ued! ; l in tin ,i* the 1 "ith ,r.ent. rn 1 ie-n.

a. .* be terrd hkto made from fine '1 1 Ifi 2*. e.'naitleraticn ot the sine uSjett Jvo\* whig |ali- ifTl IH A w-ud i>r UO M cfltred for Jnl 2'. Isp t ,. | IfWJ1 x AMV-&
'ix month' mta. are to ta*> un? re w a ) n.trte it meeting.l in the
\ (>n. a> Silk *clets. :J,> : i ticun an witorious asl.avjiijjfry poor menion lIerevni, cr :-tt) t',rcithtr. Inft .
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tVvtoa J JretttiTst Peth
btiu* ame akrlITd4 an< ) ace 1ii4'isCinun-r1n.t IK,1 >nansCmsRnad<,
n uiMJfiaktnz, rosti p0cent on the subject the (anti i, meI Kin<21* to jrcntwln L. 0'IMITTFDtotheLeonCt.ua'y Jail. .*.
Heine 111 the rr ce at ail.Wn instant (>Iii distant tri titU are re-sjnn-ctf..Ils| mitttl!,
a* of the rrju'artroop *. 23 3d S<.nat.ir* and \* I h it c !tt. from bringing con lucre will IK manic their L..tt.d, scoint August lh m >r *Miro iett tan.t ts arratwp"nents far acc ramodat -
fl ( Silk and flanm U thm.eehsea b l.eu'ielra and contraJi tort 'out 73 *crs old He *slic belniags It
woo < ting tempt; upon : *
had e to Ciraar's. uUerf >< i* (To'bir, all K n Our caiusti riiv!tret liren particularly*
t4IltS Ck'n Ta\lor baa 'cnA t-I l th'eauarcvs.rd. 14 31tIirciiinil1or s:.eeclu oh this subject, w< have taken uiisKlt- muted to pe u< their Lelp Vnliinlilc.l'iopeify for 111.-tn < Ilulltr : talk land Ijvli .liTie

fftbithtt time of the withdnwal Qau mant olaM datrasso., !< JO table \ ain t<> procun from eariens j lapels, some t\- Done b* order of the Chur h inwf -rene 1nL: ; sir subscrilnr, wishing to n re>,ue fetl to ctme forward arnl take I.ILI

Fantd "n arcwiat the annv.to laiVeniw arr4jirrtnenliittiriine ChKlite! IJ 2> tracts of the peeche and epiliifl5| of the whu r.nni- Aujiistr..i i i-i.;. r:. sr Liv, c. cIt W *""', otTers| 1"yr sale that .r he will be tletir **-ith tcct.rd ns to LiwJnh .

er* from the diocitiou ol the rrtnainia; ones; hJu Sardine, and other C'i prepared in <.tl. ? > M hers c f C<'y'-'l>>. 1 .>. W SHrR\V < .>D. Jmiul.r.

the re.nla arm\ eye tin at Caiajrc Furniture of cedar, satin wood &r 3<) 4!) month. (JulY). 14 ordered that a 1 ircuit Court he held at Tall aLas I roim.g. (1-; LiiiulintH fi vun-s, tools, .MUM.U.K \ N U Two NEW I IA RN ESSE?, ft r

jiMMd troorweri as.'Jt takniii ut tLcir eina-feitla& preciia* tvoe. when act, 7 t<) In Jnnuar l 12Mr. C b* r .* inLisplaccin (hue ee, on Motidi* the t 17th da* tfli Aunt. in-tarit_ 'i t-e; uctts mi f fume Lend belonging to ( sale at the low price ti IT->. Apply to

The Ttsiaa im:tati >us tbereor, 7j 31< j Senate al:d m idf i epeech| in w Inch 1 he said : .r the 1.. armful ct'n, s m < it'ne.-rv. .tl.jjciu'in! mom ti* j 1 et' i< -i c od slau htir h use June 0, l--1.- H. J RI FGR'Il'NI.

Birch for Miertrrnl n-wl arrtM.d frotn C moos, sail imitation thereof, Carry out. then, the Kpirit; of| the c niproniM the d.ek-l t 11 ti.< f. .. r, ('limit (' nit. rst rate nt-zro man, a good tanner

4 < fine artillorv rom >a i. left and on tntunic. 7J H) j art honk ti' r< *inn" al.me iie the sitppoit (1 4,0ernment *- THOMAS KALI/I.LL, Ju.L"Auiist zither with three other negroes, and !oii the Cmprea.airo
tie ea-board Smith before bad proceeded with the :<.! and 4thnCMWtntt J ,welrj-Ciimp'wed tf frM, nicer or !><, not ru; .e th iju-stionol jrutection, x, IMf Tff hand cot i) r.sing about JIXJU sid .s mi f l't1iibcd! ard fur s.le at this OrTce rr by

Gea plaliua, yt.Irtiflt 3.) which I had ho x-d Lad been put to rest. here i* Theresill t.i.i; upicr and sole leithertocethtr with ( J P. A. HVU MID.
C tai U aThrt ltsv' Ve
I >. mlantrv up to atnarKi,r KMiring : s 'mcr
hi raak a* oionel: in the armIt mil bo n.- cnwrw/ mr.4r.tVines'ilv no fecessitv f .r pr lection b l r |!rotcction with the Primitive FaT tint t1'iretm, at Ml Mortal,, -.lm.es at-nd 11)5)! pair necro shoescan l be I May en, IS I n. 42
with Mad low ncd) 49 ) After the c'it: tari.J liwi I ben in operation four r.remies. I will! also sell three road
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hem t'ol. j pr Jetlt ron C <.unt* ala Odin oith-taol of Mnnlicellu
ected l that Gen. Smith > Jwi&Uil n LLIC NOTICE !Is HLRLhYx F that ,.
c .ice*i_Pi K-nto, IiGi 4 ; teentnontL, in Ktolnr, 1 l-'tt! Mr Cla*, in letter carrall, and eight head of mules ; aj.
.'the no retnne&t of m.wntod rt&nAea. -nwl it ii t .uimt-uciru Friday b. ft re the fifth Sabbath tn tins; ha r i*til in the hands cf the pl;call. 11 will! be made to the Grntral As-i&thly
5JH | to Mfrmethcr. Sii* res] ec mg it |
iu'CJI'AHU4Ofl a* tnb that lie n*< acts. i.er nsiant Prtachers and other ir i'i\ited to attend. the State rt Hi>rula, at the next session thereat
o ion Cassia. 41 4Carpet. .' I sWilil! have pieferred that the cotnoromiso, in tin years a (productive one, and for ,
Gm foor I Headers W a lnarx ill at Mjta- BY \ITHOKITV.OCA amtnd tine act of the LogisLtire C'vntn.il of tb.
siumtunsimn.alth! arid good water, cannot
14-Treble ingrain. 7T JO all its part*. inrl'idni the 1 home aluation, could
ores at the latent dates-nr\ little lu-j-r, wr< tJa ." in situation in the Stale Mv own ) ol Florida, eutitlrtl "Ar. Act to incorpo
:36 30 have been adierd ti )
r, entert 45 mni or h i- T.eOTy.Nn 'nn-Par ir Ingram b ilt iron, 75 3f ,] Whin the present tiriflTw. uruhrcoinj.lfTatirn.n ElbCtTT for : .de by tttktn in pa i.it nt for any cf the abovePersons te' the city of Key IVest/* passed lltliet Ftbru.sry.July .
liSi ben rTeirH octhe wbere ho !* of kJ j. n roirrvz >-
news Nntherapibere4i. tin.; 3., the S, nat -, Mr Simmon-, one of the *tron the Mexiran irmt Lrter *! b ea rc :\c-d at Auunt I't, 1- l t. -I urwstl re.uet-Ud to rwarJ is, is ,<;. Vim
which ataed C at or wruofb irun .<}.ivc MKt 31 tri,'n U ij the protrcti\e polity in that bod* at.d a come
from the rt of ,
Maia&oixM hoop iron. IK 3 whiz Srtiiior fr'im Rh.dn. Kland, wud: mediate i ament, lea\ > that cut to jo xn the The \ ii I\IION ThmJ
mdet wat < \V 11. '
{ Rlacluniith hattnter and ahe.lzea 52 *. If wawtil! knvsn that h did riot azTcewith al'the jt mi.o.
pnbultt\A.; the da* sirTM'd \by thc-c letter for Qnmr, \n-mt fc, l K;. '5 AT NS.UPORT
Iron chains other than chain cables 1" 3O7rniuht fnied. .1 the t till in m n* T articular1'c! ad UNION CADETS

[htrdepannre for the seat of war \ for shi|> IOCOUM.tie & mulled it *va> not thi' heat bill t fit could he lam iri<*d, For feuile.NF '1 I E snl>TniK-r witllM; prepared, tl eeMr.. e t asoii -
Bre. Gen llamer naitA be left la roramanj at VT( H .s '.. -i'! < .iLr.1 t.. appear : rr rt' with so'trirandconunudious \\ 1
atn etijinefi, t1MB hut he H itid it vuleI n.e be allowed that it iie. au 'UK*<-
Xataitcroc. whtrc a reeiment A volt>nte i was Ubtcutioaed im I .1. u '. I <'r.lm.r f. the rmtln-a l rf s<-t rf 12 foot Gin Sezimcnts
: i c t Cotton blifd Room f.r the abutt buiiiio all
< O ibnjr irons, better attd tai- lie n'h measure wl. -h at this late | riisJ l of t'ueximn O i.,
and the tort* aniarnsd l>% artilUtiMori tin- ( n.rm\ :it t tl 1 P r j i1!:ir pindt croti'i! Js, ur-IK-a J, b* branches and earnestly solicits share tf iMur
Ims"j r.**!!: di. floal .; would be likel* to vc< mr lish flu mam el 1>- i a i?
(ltefl..ice lioxpitals bad been ordtr'J to tie j n \ in11! : lilt. -1 I .tilt. nt, st 3{ ocl ick, PM ugust ,, i"-ll. 3 J R retinae
Von.d arrna C, 4.; :ii, ject rf i.rsitinun reierne In hiopinion, (tOt( -_ _
oiKted at 1'oint Iisiiiei! for the acctnntlijua J a 1 order All business tonfulfl to his will l.is
care rtcriv'n
\Lieh Conrrr
< wa* not tune within the few das S :itc Tiix-Colitcioi's ;
Ure* untnt>er of i<-kVTe J. II ( ML'N! (' i; t. personal attention and, frtra lang
13" 3.' had to remain S'sifl. to adjust the tariT .n tapmtnte
Glaaa-Phainwnnl.kdorprrsadtbler *tt in lfd I
are iadebt ( lovce-Vcllow! called I smith tojne theen atfM posble: aati.lartwi ;
ta. n h.KW attettiunhaslaid u* u:ider repeated alIel p, loaaaapI..nvacwiers'ar4reapisdr. manner a silt', before the C urt satisfai'tioa
( ..) :" .3.. to th mf.eral inter.M,. r nc rtied" iliMitlKci oIIsis c, ZJruai, thecit 11 Tallahassee, n-t.unty ( f
heaion. tw the (r.Tejfl; items.WV lIe omit f urtl;er be rcparcd to furnish Rope, !!, -
aid ?
M thc vi h. d9eC on* ,vmpatht with GiTwlor Ii:,itdtu.n' bunk *r- : Mr ranSenator firm Ma 'w, ..< f) \N\A\ a- (torn ttuete-.ieenee efitnesub- (>n thr 2d Monday in Salt, Iron arid such ether leading Ptae.tia.
\\omen imitation kid. .4 4 rue bill sires!. Mi'iintnfl onernii on tin .
in poieQint rezret that a > manbravo men, wa _t .. r'. '. fit \ -;- rh) about tine 2'ith ult fh! fitliwinc propcrt, cr a' much Urseei-In4ia rubber Irancs retftofth '."i'rAlreatl* eer* articli { -
wao ew to tie standard of their count r* nhcn rae- costing orU -hipjnnj i it r I, I h-. .rI.tf w >. \ M I iytin c State Tax dut iii tie same f.r } t tin > <-I tIt st-ison

aarvd b a num. r MI- and va.api\ pointed ann. iuve cents thed juii. ,'; >i iPa 3.' that enter into the' consumption of ship-l.uil- ._:, _._ 1 iizit; ( r. 1..rcJ r"ntf.'t alj f, \" S. N AV 4, S Is, T 2, U 2, N and i fl.'ts? of f-tun'irti&.r., a* usual at this pl* e.
>PT-M.-dlUTO, (o1ilwai, A.r, ., ; 3.i dor i< hearil tax d. 'hi did not think, for the
tea aiaipftotnted m not h* inj; an mp.irtu u v <>f feet :jl mrhn! 1 l..ti. and 'iout t"'** oars old.- 1;intt Klonsn to Col. R \V. \\ GEORGE MILLUC C

daiaui : their \al'.r on the Geld of bittk The sugar cmmamlT called b-owa nucar. tJ :a. sake of otne html er five mauuf cturirr, that the He trill.s with a s -e.g; : 1. unitn uait. hi 1

Ce.imaialin (.etmrral *>oaks the linyajze of a (4- \inecar, -J 3d, whole" of the -lupjiinj inherent o glut Jo be sacrificed' and h< n >, ** tfii s: nk. nt tO. aid tmrar4 whisker 'lie F i, N F i and S E 4. S 2',: N _

e sad a patriot in partiuz with the Louisiaa \<.1- 'taft. on. < lit ap.a.'. wunm a ..rass ling up country arctri, inn is 31 CT I, K 2. N and F F J, S I: 4, S SANDS SAKSAPAKILIaA

Iee?. ) evinced ei .h lcritin. f lag to bit Cloths of wuol-ltrnadcluglon, raftsiioers. Mr Mcrrtck from Man land. another whig Jcnjtor rather an iuitnhlucr.t ft 11w. He was raised in K.trl V i S :, i, T :{, K J, N at-metE., s ,
coating*and paddu.ir. 1' :t. and frierd 'if iirotrction. said it was a hill t<. ) THE REMOVAL AND PERM \NFAT ('I KK
Gen the Sesm.th-tce.rnrtvselve J ) notIon Lwi
in the hour of trial. count. in iiintr' :n, i.lmrIst-tifor| to ;; to
Wear* not advised as to ht artion Imheen had Low fonnrU, bockig, tax the mt rt sts t f the riculturahsts for the tin.- frm I51jk isanml l wan there owned by Mr 2-in 1 Re. tie > utlit rn Life Insurance and Trod 01- ALL lIsr.tsE: AKIMNG I.oJI AN

kv m the Volunteers under this nutation (rate \Vi hitmeitr and bair.et. Iss.lic j,, fit of tht nIotft'nrers :" that it was unjust and unejUjl. I will ci* e Tirrnlt/fitf Dalian for Lis a{ j rthn- S H, T I. It 1, N arid F.except the IMPURE SlATE Oh TILE FLOOD

Nwrcan wecaj what nuratier, if any, < *-< alentta and other mlk pocket .** amid l moved that it last but two *t-ar, and ion arid dtli er* to rat, or rn his beinj lc,1el in the -anUction, also, E i, N U .jS 1T OR 1IA1JIT OF THE bYSTFM -

liteembraced the cficr of SeinrjOtere4 into set.ioeider handkerchief. r< stint &) for *tid : MM .t.e't w:ts 'o .rut'the next Cnnjress ant Tallahassee Jail and trrrnltfirr Ihillar, in althtiun U : f i, N U 4, b '':f 2, R 1 Nand \ VIZ :
the of 7 and neighing orturitt* to AI liberate nine rronths on thr smuect vi Atitsfs Eel, Uitumat, O&atmuUCutaneous
\ the new terms propjstdr It a a sad tis. piece pi f er | root to conviction of hi' bein; bartered kn .wi.
ounce. 5O and tin rlust| and ;irranze it on tiroper prim iplesOn ; b* a wlate person It is likely he may 1.arc a pass, TheCfcif U 4, of S s, mTlR Eruptions, Pimples tvr I'uttuttt on.tr

litto.Co4in&1 ""> and wetzhme (hiS limitation notion of Mr Mtmck, tht but if is fnrt tl, ,f Lc 1 I. <. Silacrenn, rr-ar Lake Jackson, j urpt Face, Blotehn htlr. Chronic fort /'yti. fig

/* Ac .V O Picayune .1uss.t 1. 12 ounce*. SOHlark 2i votes st<, >d-vea* :2m\ 22 Of the yeas nimo JVMES OKMONDr Charles lliamsnn IIANVRU'l II wi.i or Titter Scald head, Enlarmmtnt attd

**n BUZOTI00 cro de nan, or taflcta silk.I were nbiz s.44, and am me these are the votes nf >P1eort.| Ha .Xu iii' lr, I'.I. 1 It \I-jo, th fHow irma tew n lit< : Part I Pain of fit Bones and Jvtnl, btufJtvrn i7eerxtbyiifulitif

ROM UK U. S Hetemie Cutter PorwirJ, II BEq "4ntse k had .ili rel.Mnce E- | coj I-h-seas'-, *
.mt'ii oat..4 thst fiom
the tard, ai d e. tiiig in CsigUoJt Mr Citic i.e N. irt i. the south half of the arnmi an iiijudtcioua i.te ttMet--
Comdg.. arrived o>'erd > forenoon trom Bra2 France 3'rents, 17 21P.laek |: been driven lo the conclusion of otinjr for this l)25e(1ltttltI of Co-palt imt'Z-.lIP. said cit*. ciiry.lstifctor Drvpy, HrfHiturtor Inifnuatnrem

whi-nre ahe tilled on the 24th ultOftcer .- .ai 3 b.11" Ltfe: Jtl o. fironif L'onttitittwnul Ditortln ?
crape*, low priced rj Iir ct -partnersl ip Ln'r.l.f..ne i exi- Ieei.r tin A. A. FI *
and crew ali tsell Pins-Called pound or raixed pin .VJ 3dVeU Mr Preston nid he "wipposed it must be .bvi us L i.trm aidsMletf IfTTON X MRlNNlss l SfilT anti tf-rff.cta Tax I lIE alue of this preparation is no* witltly

Lie t. R S Jones, of the Forward ta been pro- ( ..ts-Cttton, *i 31) to eversheels th.it there raid now be iiardl such an this da* d ssjltt-d b* liititiitl r.flinnnt. Aioist t, J-jr t fmij know, and every day the field! ri iU unfair,.

Soled sad ordered to the Cutter Kwinz The rornrdbri I liirtiiif -t'ostittz ft I cents per yard ''" 3Dj adjustmt <>f the tariff a could Iw considered permanent 'r. L\NF i iC.i.O RETTON, cxtirxlins It is ap| rovttl and 1 ul.I* ncn.tri'tt-

fhl a berry mail tr .n the army. j C ott<.n i'nnts, ot eahieoeaeoating 11 cts but that some reveruwbill was ludisj. tm- ; : II. MIINMS: < Tax CoIIerlorN b* h\.ii2ns, a-d is admitttd lobe the iMnt

C,nr* \\f3td"l Mackenzie, I S. N. came the runnins varJ V 25 \urti-t 1 tu.i [' ">] l-r 4 tt B irtw* if the authority in me apd starching nparatun frt in tie loot

?trs>trr oa the orvvaH. chared with dt patcben Moueetflaiie de Laine-C'<4too worsted, We"Mr Hi**** protested roneU ar n* ted up- n, and ssjil has ever been craplocd in mttjical practice -

far the Govrrnrnerit The Courier c'f laet cemnAate M inches wide, routine U cents, VI 25Ciitton .4 He C'WifHentl believed Ih' t it would proe as del <'o-i :tt ttici'ship.IHI fruit cf lip (4 urt House in the city of M not local in its operation, but pent ra!, cxtenjut;

njKjn; the autho;it* of*hi< centleiaaa, that the wor-ted Orleans and alp cra cloth Titne ttil he. thow particular interests which it pro- r1 >ubcniIicrs hae tins} day tntentl into copartrvtr,11 On Ih first Monday tn the whole sv 'em. It mulia'iz the pol-

7.fJ'31s.fli oJwiceer* itwl been di-eharged. eostittz l cents the joareyard, '*) & rtosr-d to gutiservt a* it would l lee adverse to the general I > >, in tit \Tt artile: Illumes, undo; u:iles tl.(taxes and costs are '- elements in the blottl, and re ti rca a l althv

We har> not receired a single If tier frota MttaXnroibi :taedllentvy,. interests of the c< uiilriMr the f.rm aid stlc( nf ZETJN &. Hinc. the f llow*_ lots, leitd upon t : to the organ which generate that (floid In

this Arrival and cannot ui\e am expliatm Litiseedoil. 17 24' Fillmon, (whi2 I'M! c'mrman outer Ctm- T LANK IITTo\, 1'mlta.a.a; fr taxes due for the sear 1 / and all external disorders, the ifsult i> a

o: the reported ch nr<*s of the Lnii nna t ilnnIMT arid eordate, tarrrd, I *' 21 tailteeofVa* and M -arts, \\ht> introduced itctattd JOHN F. 1IIM.SAuz'M No Is !, isjt o P, as the I lrot.ertY healing of the sores and pustules in rheuma

UV would infer irnra a conversion r had I nroamificturcd bemp, TV 3(4( it to be only a reenut niL-asurt" ii" [I";] l-l:. 4 Jt Dank of FindaNo and other painful atcliors, of the muscular

wjtfa < e of the offnr of the Forward I that -nfnn oftkwjitn \ mr >ameuadanvfactured, 1 20 2". 11 A, as the pro ,erl) of \ a speed- removal cf the pain, and in all cast.

oaai we are not able to state Aocbrwa (2 tl That sound and irfluetiti print, the r..itiminre pervms indebted to the estate of Aliraham No '231 t2 N A,4!% 110.115, S 3 the disease from the srstem It is |i"t i>p in a

We leant ieth311! % that nolhr c 'A fJ lw cf 21, 0 P, as the conce-traftd form 1 l.r convenitnce and f* rta-

**l ha rrrurred einre ourt adtice from the liio O __ the fih.win jail and c.wun.nt! iew (f tine Dew berth* not iti. J to mike Iayrnrut to the subscriU CctltsNo ) atuni 1 is men diluted accordiii (u tl;e d rcctioiw,

aide that the movement u,' th river \\ t coinztt AMERICAN SHIPS IN THE GULF &. PACITIC. Tarifl bill. There is coniained m it a most powerful and all those hanium..LtnsntIs against said estate, w .11 'I| '. 'I, '.1, si, N .\, as the bottle will make six times the ruarility, fjnal

a* hat as means of transportation could be Lad : I 1i4 the names theve- rebuke thin present m -inenlsof the panic-maker } resctit tb.Im.dnl attested, within the time prescribed F' MerctrNi quart, anal is then snucrior in triethciiial alur-

nd that no extraordinary $.Mrkoe had broken out ads 71t al follo\Mnz in the CotflfflVS Gulf and about to proceed who, like mother Care- ehicketis, wtlcetne and r- by law, li'f settlement toVlLLl.M 'l i, "( C P, a the property cf the various preparations bearmir the nan e. The

)wwe the volunteers. I jrewr.t joice in the storm :- \ J. C\ILE\, Ualktr JOHN \\ rs are ahncst daily receiving lesliirunils; ..f

We lute been furni>h-d l lv l lt Litiit.
rWvratd with the foUovxins list of rc-ls ftC at I Squadron in tie Cufft>f_Vcrit., autdforSiattueLrun intjnr* will l In. directed to the ct.use<]uenccs of its. I \ t lo, IM ;. t Tn as an active and curative medicine

tae BraiTs, nan cfhich, he inform nc had b entakn I. San Juan tie I'lloa practical o, entit.n and .eifar as they may t>eanticipated FAIMLY following inlert-sling case n j rtsentcd, arnl

njitfi I nna home the Louisiana voUmtMrsLo IS.. Slup of tbe Linn Pennr-Uaiiia. liOgun' *. it beh *t-stbe jH-oplt. lore *
.re di..charred and ahout to return hirvenrv : '. .4 North Carolina, 71 their bumesi> a* to improve in tttt I best niaiimr, llI.i CIUC TIT-TOWITI : j. ir. roRTrNK such evidence" is unnecessary .-..a.t .
Pratt Shanuueo. Sea Lion Goern.ibvis '4 -' Iclaware, 71 Blithe aIvantagei that nni' attend the chanzt. and J ).frarfiTr Oli er'aciiWtf!

Sipa, jat amed, Middle eTik>., Suriah.do.. Ex.rhatige. .' .n Ohio, 7 3 M Mtkt>* a.ssid .1 J. Itra Term if th C ircuitC
41 ititt rest re.ri.ni'n an .1 .1 ImlW.' Orleans f-"
Prandiwint and vigt'roulv to reel a : reduced her to akdiIi.n.-
do. T roiies Catharine, do Miintomrry. map I Ihe disidantaxts, press on which soon a mere
.4 Consttlliti 41 'lirt f>r time count* it (.t'hn. to be hell fr the I Iamils GIWJKS; He will guarantee
Simt' 4. alrnittet) that tl, the whcle -ro.a-d
Mm. lv ano, ApaUchi", srKrit* It mu>t l he ere art pruIMJIIS dscasc pervaded mari-
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Bng'i prt
mpres MKaritan. of! the lenin otI
trial ol ciir-inuU advance Regular and good or
'4 '4 IVitnmac. 41 in {tic. pTltciHKcet! as
Aritz bill toa the head and
esa, Orleans : hontrs Sea, ( leton. contain.' 1 in tine irs nt xciptionVilf itself m malignant sores on JKX )
Gate < masted J. \Vainvvruht. Urfurt Mill, Cmtaa .4 a' 41 tery larzt p'llion of our p e.tmietionm : prr isionhich < I tin Cturtj : Flour we m.b-i.m the North Difftrent \.hs cian- ill Newark, Belleville
That Txtra: Term ol MilN
ad number not recolleettd.Anieu.d '4 ii Cnmb-rliod, 41 \\ muht have been Jiliri..us1* inet'ifutl, and j It i*. thrrrfoir Ordirnt, an -I t i Hamlet bt. Louis Cny New York prescribed for her at wnous time,
a 22 said ("t urt U bid in the town of <{m irn M. niU ; do. "
will be found a letter from 5r! Kendall '4 1' lmoolh, linn! raulit) have nnnia-iunlil* increistd the num I finally Rae up the case aa pcriecii Hopeless.-
: .' on John Adams 22 r r j ... l 1 ,!,? ??? ..,.f .. .- the 1 Ith thy ii enjterrntir next SOd that llu- 7 Casks Icon Soles, induced
WT Ol US irifll 1", an l n I4- la t Mr Oliver was to try )tur$arsapa-
12it4'ri.2l Correpoiidflte f>fln ]%ieayuntLAMARCO '4 44 M; Mary'*, 2*> position A-, itH, wi fear that it will co ft rti! into order be published in tine newspapers in Failaliaasttf 1 nim. Srvildirs, and accordingly procured four bottles, which
weeks i'mcrn-ivt-Iy. etc. Sxrior Hara,
2f 2
a ii Austin. the conrnunit*, a Inure niarutno'h it j artr/in con sparingly administered,with mans interruptions,
(Mexico) July If., IR-ll. 10 rilO...fS R.LTZRLI., Jul -c. t nh'. tar cured Ham-,
I. Fleam Mississippi, tcntion 1-iirourown p.re, we are l Icy no near disposed tiith(lie mo.t .>dbcnefit. About two motitims
Toe cii* 'it Cammarjro-or what is liift of it-rtandtmtLcKwtlinide in in rnncctoo, 9 t-> foster the t-trite of ,,opinion, nor the cnerirvot Tallahassee, Aijrist 1i I Is 14.j( l -t) 1 bbl Prll l>et fin canvass, I ticcarae acquainted with the circumstances cf
San Juan ami three 3 '4a t, \\t\s Net ledford; Sperm Caiuli,
<.1 l the ri'er '4 0 Spitfire, the to child who four ears,
iinialiafartorj CeOJfsTT
di-<' ute, although in.-i-iir us 1-1 an i4rmcr, J.casos case line is now aged
cities onU fr<.tn the Rio Grande It* |
been as> hiph u f, s. Her body was wolltn to

the peope call the recvnt flmrf it Lad fallen to. a in Spencer, the ajpartiit tlTertH if that osure wre Utter V_> 2 'th Julv lst.| ; T i:>ai \sino says 1m nauu is I U'bSU. Wiskc* ) twice its natural size the head, limbs and

.,)'iiiJ, and IK now much) les een than th.t nuuitrMn 'S Dnp l'brwnw. $0 known, there w n:11 be murli 1 let-i objection t.> tin- l.mni.sy Tiilwtll, and his in hit pos-tssion siN .- I hlul Sear, !* score almost f-ntirtl* coeretl with large sores

> o( the in4ubitanthnhaelo4t all, will never .4 a Tru\to, 1O ** It is of the first irnhiirtaire to the mtce-w of an) Lrot*. one of which iit rtKs, vi7 : John a milan about 10 kegs Let, was unable to move, and would take m mitic-

I return ctiootiinz higher ground in the vicinity wr 4 '4 iomeri, 1" ** measure, and due alike to the citizcn.ti.at it should .1) *ears tif hlZi', blae). and intt-llizent. ((1 itlvell men's) I bM! th2l any thin., only to shrink from being touched even

I which to rebuild their jacalrs, ** their Luuaei or ii a Ft. Ijwrtnce, 10 4Hirt. be tried iinon its meritIf the j foplc yield their bt lonjs to Jolm 1 lark, of Gad den en'irity. llu tinixeni Sirch.I her mother The di-"eae, at the same time, wa.s

tenement are termed 4 feboit.cr .> ju'Izment and Cfl5iTi their irits n Vs to a lain" Issue chImer ru rms 'l'ctvell si\she ou'ht, of 14a2d J..hmn Tuiccfcst Kite, severe inwardly, attended with blocdy aac-

The extent of the frethet,.r>.r.. the. .,r Pi<<,itT with lw.e, a is I hlorilti, 3 a -if tiny take i.r granted tint the ptostraticn and I.lack. 'Ihi rther nc tots ilainer sis they IM Ion,; 1 bbl \iPjrir. ion* every few hour. They procured seme more
liaa it ALSO
which the w trs >r Mir rv i. than eigInin- : 2 ruin of Airieritan enttrprne are to feline upon the (1 lU'iert J Sni-ullevn'sl! and \\i4iira (JilchnstMnsllwood .- the Sarsapanlla,sad before she had tak -noie b< I-
,1a0..erated. In this |lace n '4 letter, J anti ot I' 1 bjrudtd G and C.J- 70( Pieces hst ninlitv P.ajsmz, from the chair arid
the t'i r-nria.
of thl. lends, .r rather to provide a:i U*. a in ItH tiir e.ientv. she could s'ipdown creep
them h.me
i 3rtd an<1 ttrfy IoU-am c totally t s\*. ll christ, in Gai'sl! county, I'l.e Li awivnanli :Hi ('mis tirt rate K< ieA os* iuv ..,,., SI e has now just finished labuu

.'at ho ,< -were either rnurh uijiirf-d T 4. :sodbur* f> of irreme.lia'.ieha.n-ssn-r Icr tlst cake of ihi'Clhl.1nt aunt her lius'iamllix- tstl.H'5. 2 second bnttlmnn.-. .. .2rrezeanlb al Incaird,
jh&hitiIi. H .
\robed, the frightened the* aa' that thc |>lac ni'itlaevitablv our f ri'l.li. tiral repti ation, tall lm..uutin we shah hover ander, ahiut .1:, *IMM of T je, fjuite tlaek-l.n.ml, say Notice and fast improving in health: quite
lAlli in crowd, The Lou-v iromed atV* Totslaun. join in (the croak e.g d'st.zmir. Si-li aresolu'io;i wotild tInt wire st ,leu from t th.e! |.lantation nf Mr Rot.l tit all is C. J. WARNHISc : .
inundated persons respectfulcurs.
be includmrtheehur; >ij,rd the dotel. 1)VII rOXNTU, be fatal, aid no rnsolmttn r, itli I-land against t it ,- J. SmillwiMHl, tf D-'citur count Ga Georze. :!>> 1 will.hrrtbv.,,, II ftvtn.to- tat ,lav of (Vtober '. \ \'ery of Youth's Slate Tern. S<.

around the Plaza, and alcadc. were iujurPI b it lit 5sslof I Ixico awl all the pcrts in 'It' ulreail* there are n.ri.t-t'i > tint ur-h a rrarticoIrtaVr mars oil, a ino-C ato, 17 *,-ars nit I, a I likely hov.l lion Jame-n. Gilchrut, Jmljeuf l' The (followin; iS an extract Irom a letter n-cemd ;
haz' of the priest tliia Hnrnujh, Tl.e western M\V fctnetj ''rcnuou*!* ii'_ ed. I Iud.i-h I ve hat s, on it ami Rimlall.a mulaltoe or tlirk n.proe, about 12 ad-.t who loot been afflicted for several
vc e*t n and kej l to pr.neand Bevan.
seized Mr
tk: Althwah the wt crs the Z entire I 1o4i :itsiiie4 bCamarzo \ th Pacific will bv derived from c i.unerrr n.ot "ti mtimrlv JS-urtcd, thit ilth URli the (b ill cisssvigts *ears old, s.mv the If Ion:* to \I'luin' Gilchrut, ofatlad.n Count* ol Ganden vill of, Oliver Little & ., wIll* Scrofulous I'lctTJ, lAspcpsu, &c.. me.1
s.tt.Inz. To compute woul not amount tnuih j bhrf-katle, and tlie ri vcnnc will Leti"fl t.of..re the fustif D.-ctinlMr, ( count*, aid were ptr.u dtd ofl bv smlDiniwy mmmpBtne letters affection he Throat aid ( List .
were imjM ible it I eim.hetchy s t< ppcdj \ nduod Hen lUimxle 'Ph wlole tiktnup (;slede-n Ccul) ala with an .
for J1iiprd4 of the mbares the An-ncvi juad-- **-isi is ration t the'm-ly 'liJvtli '- posswen A. K. PiAILCXhClR', Vs., luec. 13th, Is4jMessrs
manY mizht suppon j line ftllo'Mnilist onnilt 1 amid tli mmiitiou.e! lint bv Messrs fittr eR. Uilliams sail eatate.
< commenced
a wliiehh ie-t AU! I
cf Mr that .- : near the >ami SaiuU Before
ian -
rt the atn'tint and ordir<- l to o in tl.1 A. K & D :
Lom* wetrnf little \altie, all baa teen ror now in tht IV-idr, home .listincth the e..nre., t pn.;ir4> almost
their retort; : lout two mie.- -
hasl bet wofl y
of tie people I 11 ht' Saraar.ali and Levant i u"* cs.chhty. a..ftl,,. mini tht shall route forward, your jyirsapariua. ulcer
iaz. a smst ?. It H the du** of tine press ; 'jfe keenms, until owners COTTON throat was completely
expression mv
tfl i
frightful.I.tia ot the mean4 nt. S,1aadrosi on He Il'of Cuat 7 jle.riCfl. advocate ot popuur ritTS. S c) mar a* ..-. -,,'envrne pj A, >jy clm.erges, anil tike them awav had drcatlMl co.uh, and there were fnr-

: am'iii.z 4tOiC are old tl.I ornentOsta the I Iprajreai crIeLevant. fl icer* ation intends, and at ur5i a tim'.me as thi4, cart j.... | SAM STEPhENS, SheniT.( rpIII.. UiM-'ntd! still continues" I weeks a t.uithtr that I could not speak abe

carted tnbv the sipcrstitiou4 () nl.I crnn C. S Rune Indtpeidetice, iJ lv to ).ie-hd from anj j mtendctl netr"ityof sicrilir IvJoH-tT. M* RICK, I). SIlllp'e cttton the ROLLER GiN, f-'t and esidts. the inflammalit.il Irom mv

ofthe dreadful flo4.inChES'C tt running ivor .4 Frtate Savaanah, .3 1 tine interests ct the j.rodurtic ilisscs \Ve Mutll, ? JnlvJ'. ( \nutSk3.| 1It ann! ha-n lately made nrro .whisper extended; t,. my head, *. that my hear., p was
thWater4 tanked liit a few < ( tht ncccs.nityif make Ins ( irmsuperior to any
ci 4' '4 Cor.gre whilst earnestly rrcs .irij Afler tak.r-s the SarsapaiilUtimc.m
ltotht river with' gmall\lfflIY 11 4 according, uits advocate -5 to 0:1 Esl.ilUl Cotton ami order, promptly er* much unpairctl
ruhcd toiintitnliou. i.4i'iriai modrale
th brk,. Mcr ,' 4- lli/ence amid activity in pui Pr.ces health improved. and my throat is
Savour aad llit% \.r-n, and V>'>J1* An : 4. ;Iocl) ItbtnvJh1n, () 44 ii ( tl.l &' (Ustire anti l.r..prity I cf reducing diidinds Thr last impruroltJJtncrs. he, (Rut J. P Ito-cal. Taliatmasnnee.. aimcrt well 1 am)as free from cough anni tight ness rf

tbemtortav thtpr. zn-w /VT to .4 4 -< 4. and prices before wages, ai the emily fair j inn- milE subscribers pcl.Scd Island follOQ Gins. Double Gim. with all Lime late chest ; ever 1 was, and can hear quite d.U.nctl
told her to Uit thu f 'mmf-v' S 2.) IK lore the coun- tim. .attnt sink Boxes can be seen the
neneaa near | IHWe 4' 4 \\arrcn, 4t ciple upon) which the mtisiire now ** J. of Va Island Cotton thc Planters my A. throat h** been well about three month
bet horn-, and save a. much of ]her property loWJj .. .4 Canc. 21) MSchooner ( an be! brought to the lc.t t cf exptrittice FORTY 1)OUILE AND SING'L.., have on hand of which has been effected entirely b) the use
lit try
icwnedjx *w a* ,and oalle-d mere '4 Shark, ? Tli w e Gins are known tt> be the noose r GINS.Ciint Sr MarvX. Ga., July 4. ll'1_ _
\ lUan **er tn the mute iiu es in her lun.1 to not arvestthtftu.j. .4 Vs'iCt; 4tMorolup 44M frnlh nf II7//inrj *vtnni.. Mr.tn. S.eatin, --now ii-ud Tlie improements maci. o ,ier. i -- Horses'for: Stunt..AONF Your C ale told lo leave. bUt u rf "Swaim'it Panacea these Gins The1 | f
Ajwn eumhmimned in
wa manufacturer Gins and clu-ive
4' JMief, the ell known I'otlle are particulars c i>
MARK further
wwti\ Vwj arge ..I wter rearhJ tier, a vwnpamet LetnRIon, c 4'Tn.tdl "* dice recently itt I Inla It 1)).Ilia, at an a lanced sentient, having IK on connected with Mr Doolittle, : brown rJ2.-l..ii .j.4x.t | wjn.jv... Mkuh
44 rilC4
\ W a erumiiAtTqt in o( t\ic hank,. did she receive '4 He has loll a Uri;. fortune, a- a 1'anacca" to made all the Giti in that talilishment! last season Is. sate and be obtained of Agents prat is.

':jhcitntaiRioni utitetit tlut her praeis were ol nna ace disectualate rt lativi' have furtht improved their Gins, and, for *elocit aLsO, c.n ULKYaiu .' .., Prepared and sold by A. B. i. D SANDS. Drug

*ail. Theu ii turned and ran a*iiif l as she could CUM, SHlir.UICK, Ciu8ttzuslrC.l his They and itrfect workman l '. they cannot be surpassed .1 B. gists.. 10O Fulton street, ccrner of UiHum.JV. Y.

and well wat it for her that comprise M
ute* more tin water reac l htr hou e The onlv These two squadrons w ill I'niieil State hrakace t & C1 LIN. Pen. u-ola, F. B. IVHH ING.St. Mark*.
who remained forth bv the : Jackson, -umby, the 'i''h''' instantby secure from Gins Single cotton Gin. and by Druggists generally throuzhoet the Unite
person* in the tdae were the few American farce than wa ever put will be., b* tli Ii e Like S KFF1-1 1:. to Ms Prices are as follows : Double fclo, 1'
resident, who lived in cuio>t> while the anl manned and officered a* they fail of a'CiIirplieb James Will... **l.. Mr JAMES ?45, Double <>inst with all late improvements, A NEW SIXTHS AW COTTON States
under water Nearly world they canunt IL LYNCH, all rf Leon Gins, Ituxes and Brushes wlettieap. at the Price $1 per bottle. Six bottles for $3.
I the I'xtra .tN for
city was o, r<,mte whtre >-.i. Ri'n in ol them. .V ] MARY .tM). Sinzle, ditto fco. I PER
am now writing is a large iueuit tree, m the top[ of inz all that will be required ct-,. Printer's fet reccied fun I'hcd low VANCE &, IIUKNS, I Archer, Ks l.. TaUhassecJulv 0:,- The public are respectfully requested lo r. .
that has been
St_ Marv's.Ga. member that it u Sands' Sarwpanlli
winch they built a roost wiiirh stilt reinaina 1,1M' W) JOHN
'Utrald. ---- OlIITUAit' I and is constantly achieving such remarkable cures iu f
The weather here is iniHipj>crt Uv ht4 during the nrrrnrnwcn :
middle of the day, with little air *tirnnjr, a* w-.lhe GANG OF ROBBERS in tin. city of t'nt.4iIe,in the and II R. "saddler, St. John'sRier Jl'ST' rcccncd, |r Brig Lmrlinc. the most dithicult class of diseases to which the l.a.
A i1L. .r-T-ta1 TAYLOR, Col. J. II Mclnltwh 1<1 Peim, ill. rili case | frame is subject ; therrfi r. ask for S.mdj' Snr *-
learned Ha
On their march from that iUe ;
case at Re*nosa Place to have not L. Brown Newnan ,
we Ha, Gtt.rse -kbces. VI l .Arieieta t for and take no oth r -,
whose name Net parilla,
(.eituut -ads
foIlowiil Leon Co P, ,
this, the infantry suffered dreadfully!! esiecuUv; this A man pcekUfl&r the late Tnaj.! ii,1n TI.I. <. o VillaltMicar and Acosta.Camden ,
Countylast e I (lie Stki*> 31 l"lf P A JiJy2S16 1 Jy1I
Fort son A Ma\ \ ,
side of Lagunadtl Pajanlai. or Lakcrf the Liltl ed in Henry was received at Atiteit s J mr. i iw\
ucuinstame Informal amount [-bride.'i'ie ii, f'.t. I.' !- ati. I t C0i
Birds, there hemp nr watei in the tud aid the rnlihenitt to a considerable ieecanCt- .h.,( tmTflf
djrHth! 4'.i <,iaine, Ga, that andaNoinlhr
*jn r rtinng hi IeeAiIra. t: n at S1'nta. Ga .
( h j i e I Hi I 'Ht! 'Pi emiitted


; .

- -
- -- -w -
-' r

I1 I 'S I


; 1 : o.Wlt J lli l J 101&1t MnVI LEGAL NOTICES. NEW.YORK \ !iMEi WJr1 1 l Z ISciv, I.xtcitsive*OKTMEVT and OF Splendid Remrdy for A Wormx Safe,maybe and found efficient in Dr.WOodn.'fa-- W

) :1(1 AND STAIR flU1LDIG. ._ &? .

..,4 4 IVotii'c. PRICES REDUCED subscriber are mm receiving a lIne assc.t-
1 mo tl,.Mtcr (lati'. I ..lsihl; arll| 1* to (the I II. nf of CLOTHS, C.'ISSL4WR. & rpIJE above preparation Worms is
(.'-at door South f the Union Bank) f SIX.". :(.1 I IrotJte\\ashinetonCVmilv for ettleiii .'T TiE TXTI"IVE ET. BLIJElT t'oR INGS, which they are prepareil to manufacture in X lain remedy It has advantage* a 'ffJ ,

.' GIVES notice that he u prepared !. ( ,'nt and nn (the estate if Jehn lottdtH.ease PRINTS ONLY, BY the most fashionable manner AlsoalargesipplYof other preparations 'for Worms (rom the O"tr fact tDu.1

I I ) IIILS friend and th:> pnMic.' 'llatc. nf Sid (llntSILRpI.ES'\.. LEE BREWSTER READY M1DE CLOTIinC, can be given with perfect safety to a child t tt
with) articles of :
any CAUNtT FV\N- \dm'r age ; nor it it necessary to give other Mtdic'1wilh
be made ourselves) in (helafest style,consisting any
I t > made np workman in )in tlieStati 10t to M v 0. [TO] I I.1'>. 4:: *.in 41 LCDXR STPvEFT, NEW YORK ( up by in part of it, or after it, as it operates upon the bow:

surpassed any THIS of PRINTED CALICOES, nearly canning away the Worms and cleansing! the
and l at prices corre"|)tiding with tit I Notice.3I SOCK FUAWCISCUS WIE.SKCKryi .Frock Dress and BusIness Coats : of unhealthy secretions at the
f various kind, ttcei IX weeks after date I \ to the Hon all purchastd d fir canli and short tr.dit. same time.
t imes Burciui. SfaJ Tables of "t.31 apply ( ( .\Kl.S this to inform the public that he Black and Colored Cloth, Frock and Dress Coats, Ji trial of tt, tee think, will
K9 AT are .
and descii i andstvlc Jul-e., Piobate. in and (tor the County' of Jeffcr otCJ gnewocft .
i: A'arlroJ<, !, cver> plum JL has removed his Cabinet War-I.ouse to the Cloaks and Overcoat", Tweed San Got ha anyone. It may not core case
order repaired at iluvi 'n for h ttrn of louis m> ," at from eveiy but '
n 1Ic
of male to or > IJn.ili.lraliot"J
:I '>rto t notice.urnituC'II* is also prepared tu coutrat I l I..r .>n tlii C'"ldt.( f Fv relt Vltite. late rf si.1 l Co-inty. 1 to G Cents Per Yard building Peek'Tin formerly occupied by in Starr the rear* Co ot,ne-\t hich dow he and Beaver Bus. Coats X Surtonts our its confidence.in it, that. we are willing! to *3T1:
to Vests benrfittinir in
and every instance
'- the luiUm! ; of Ilouies. and such other \irk .* .iC ..''N',1: TIIFOPHILUS I I I m\TY.- I lJIfaeory. CABINETAIAKLK.UNDFRTXKFRandUPHOLSTI Plain Fancy or ttieraon Jlu4CFRTIFTCATES
intends to be refunded.
t i ,' < nerall> donebv. hot,e carpenters His price in J.!, rs.n Ce.'inf\.M. h! y' It.. !ISI'!fi.; .: C I.OWR1'Jl..' TIl l'Rlts OF ,lJIUL ern': .and Clack and figured Satin, SilK Cashmere Valencia,
tlns lepartment oi11 he such as ti induce tbd% inous & Purchasers are piaraiiti-cd (the |'rices-and and Silk Velvet. '
I, I\oCiee. feels well prepared to execute any orders in either Dr. Woodrvff: Dear Sir I have
.i. of buildiig !p ve him employ, wliltle'I\I-] f t l\mo'ithsaltirdte, I shan | resent mv. arcounNfc5 allowanct, mtl' fur a given i period corrected of (the above branches of his bu-iness. PANTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTIOX. child! that has been sick for nome time had a injl*
rcnexve-d and daily-) Not
ll! of )his work if it does not i.r/ p o 1 : wi and yoifbers as executor of the U'l will ndte(1Tnoflt .laced the hands of lie is provided with the be t materials for (the ALSO-A \LR L.\ROT SOnTME'iT 0.' ins; what was the matter vilhit. \\e had
in lie in
t rijiitl work done regulating ( | ii< es-are j retl1111'd
J _o the any citizeng of Tal"ha thi.tity.J *-cc. an.1 1 inrr.. i'i'Iniir | fIr Richar 1 G WlC.rc. de-! (eased. to (tbHonoraM bmer. and ",nt with .jinxJs oideredJuni manufacture of new articles cf Cabinet Tables F}Bedsteads.urnihue., Cotton & Linen Shirts, Cotton, Nett, Merino given updoing any thing (or it ; however M a I bit!}

'intrv', lie would bil mo t henitv thank* f..r ,' James F rromr, Jud.( of rroh1 oLe I ,;. 1M;. -I Iii ly su:h as Secretaries Unreins: .4 Collars, Lambs-wool. Canton r.urt.e concluded to try acme of ycor \\.
_ _
the and
in neatest most
Gnu aiit 1 Churn JLc, S.c, perfect Spetijie
I pair.ni e he II ) .ived, I \triiuihat \. m it* mn1 i r a cishajt ai suc rcntoratvlastestatnonlai \ Stocks and made Flannel andJeaiijUndcrshirtsani thinking it probably might be \\ortnt !
the htituf're rCl that
$ '- *' Inmlian said ( Cintm Court. style He will also repair any ile-mption of furni- had reduced it so much-accordmsIv !
1 .rCI'OI
\\\f tniv continue to ;ive <:li.f.ction. 8'1 enj \ ( \ Cravats we comment*
J their cinikne,I m,1 1 t".o". will i H.XRLI-S S. SIRLF.Y: To NoviMnrr TERn r. l"ll. tote.I loves; Drawer, giving your SpecifIc,"(which,bv the byr.ollltate
< n :'jn. I" |t... .m I 1\\011d.rl'lllrn( Ins, grateful thanks to the citizens ruh tlv named when
1"f'C r / __ '" __ Iv __._ .- --. ;- C.II1mll.0'h.: ) npliLdcftinUnt I I and all peronsit ofTallilia-.ee for the liberal 1iafrt.niugr lie hid already Iland'chieftsiik! nmHalf' Ho.( ., ,) astonishing! t<> feilj it ecminenced .
: Worms
Notice. V J_ llcl.tll. are 1J.t.Lnut i- and solicit continuance brie, &.e. Hats and Caps, passing; and continued doing toftr

.t 1 CJImoitlis after date I shall present my ar Charles Alillor. ) I fled 1 ol the tiling of the petition received lie respectfullv lumse'f! a to cite atis- Suspenders BootsandShoes, &.cEury several days until it had passed more tban fir* IBdred /

\T7II.M.VM. BROCKENBROrGH \t-I'S JS '"nl.and \t1r4Io tlie II(-n. James M. Gil- for forl'loslrl ol Inortga.ze n> this rau,l', and tl i.\ of their favors, as pledces some of them a foot or more in lengtholfcej.
( ( faction all who may give him their inlers buth in to Gentleman's Wardrobecan
to requisite a
,Iwisfeil and knotted
\ TIN F:. \\WrLL, will practice in r artner'liip chn-t. JII. l of Probate for the County of Gadtdi] I are rejiurttl to app ir .11 d plead to tin Mine, it any together in hard bail,, IO that
( of his work
-. I They will attend the counties of lh) Mid and pr v for:a linal iiscliirze from the :Xdminislr I plea' they h\'I,?.'niidiiut.>lafhi' niurtJge i"on price anti '|iialitv be found at their establishment on the most reasonable they could not bt- separated without cutting then
dl f ) .t net of Hori.I JakOfl and h ra.ikl)i n coin tion of the estate ot .\rchil>ald Smith, Sr.. late of real property,Ml atc noi.'li(::1 I M.mticcll,>, anti l known January Mi, IS 10 2 terms Our stock will be replenished the apart. Knowing that Worm Medicine, so taloabU

I tiP, in the \palacliicola Dii'rict. The count v i.t l said comt\ .!ec,Me l lUIILOUGHRYS- a! lots Nos three and loin, in the north Addition to '-)'-0 the-- friends of lie Insane.rHEDirectcrs arrival of almost M'l'ryes.t.1 from New York, du- j 23)ours has proven to.be.would be u-ed by hondrxJi

I'hnm4.le'rzia. The Court of AIIeab.f II.n.l.. CRFGORY Adm'r the town <.t I Monticello, ami wan 1'fIt' to secure the the Lunatic -Xslum rinar (the "f'ason. by new goods jinrchased by Mr. if they onl) knew of its virtues.I have concluded to
anl the li.tnct and Cir United r' I and uittrc.IM'NTS l of Virginia STILLMANho will remain North during the give you this certificate,so that all know
> J- I UNJ i
t i Qiine* Jjlv !I, ISt I M > I ( in pumuitof -It9 may whn.
onld inform the of the
__ __ public
f States at Tallahassee __ ___ __ \ M'FNLFR winter for that l'ul'pQle.Vc flatter ourselves b* to hrd a medicine that can be relied on.JOSEPh .
.' Anthem States that by a recent law offIce. Legislature -
ROIIPFfCI* June I-i| .19 Att'n. for I'ItiL! such an arrangement, and b). iellinr{ EXCLUSIVELY SHIPPET
t WM. II. niiOrKENnROlWK.TaTrs :.. .4 IX mont'is: after late, I shall present mv' account 0 _. : __ ___ ,lucy areein[>oweredtoreceieiiisi i patients, FOR CASH we "hall be enabled to sell cheaper Columbus July 29, 115

I.. I F:. M\\'WELL, .. and ,'ouhc.to tho Hon Judje i.(Pr< lii lie Cir (;01110'? lie IUlttlcCil'c.i pa*ill! board, from other States Tin '. i is tilt lIld.tt than any other establishment in the city. All
tr bite of Leon r..uaIY: ae .Administrator- of anuuThetis Institution ol the kind in the Union, ba\ing been
April I: IM'i TM. ( lo.itu. ;persons in want of clothing are respectfully invited REMARKABLE CORE OF UNIt, OR TAPE .
--- cl.'la.I.| and ai'plv' for letters,of dianai.tcionfrom IN H.\IU.TO: COlT :-IN CHCLRYAhir founded b) the Colonial doveminent( in Hoj; and toe;.11 andezaminc: and jud>! fr, thf'm.elv"9. hue WQIMThisistocertify.thatl
i.1! admi'.ittration. W S. TIIFU is, from its location best 3d..pll't1] l for Soulherners.bein use 01 Dr. WX'druff'i -
: 1 D. ,: 'lu \\ ) ( LXRK&.STILLMAN, Worm in
Specific" i
Miv : I i-i.; li.m" removed from tlippiercins- if the North and mv family rq several .
1 i. ;___l'_ __ TinNotice. ;_ __ Hill fur Divorce ;; Monroe street, next door to Starr A. "lapg. with the cases.
..1. (A ,'J L:1J: _f H.rV : r< > from the enervatinti heat of thc South Its curative happiest efect In one ease- it It..n....
f .. VIliant JL! Uilinmo. ) "Novemoer I. 1"1.w f:) II I immediately some fifty fl'ermi
of the ordtr out often away of the k
in all the Courts in the Mit-tIe I capacity] is lushest : nine -
.: i WILL Iratic.. -' on the c-f the 1 ap- f < (Iiiioitlis alter date, I shall ;prtsfiit inv' final IT aIP.arill tu I the: -iatisf. ,.ctioii i.f (lie Judge! 'fttt t the. eas re'cover, if rec..ived within the first six months SPRINTS"SUMMERTOODS. called l .' tuT d -but its no t remarkable effect wu

( tirlll.lr li the C3 account. and uc'urs a.s the \dinitiistratnr of I tin rcmll.iu.l.t's S.licil.r. that tIe- of the disease It is of access, as steamer daily exhibited in another case, a girl of rather delitJt
I it"l. ith w iiz. room formr ((ul'lt- I. sla1i' \\..,, l and apply to the Hfnorable n-r<'M.ltnt "f the State of I((rill: l'aoy H subscribers take informing the h'allh. who complained
Secretary of the TtrntorvNovcmlM .1mlc'"c'1 still p at a wharf IIl1t t far from the As lum. The modern T pleasure in pretty constantly W her
I r, l 1"l't Jud. ..< h.Ii-I'CO\lh' for lff fl 11 Olf Id, Tint; I tin :aiil defendant. dl appear treatment, upon the non-restraint ysfem, is in citizens of Tallahassee, and the surrounding abdomen. Being satisfied that she had been troobkd
t _Ii_____ "f ,li.mi'icl a:the! \dminisJra of aid ostate. an"\craid. I.illlhil $line, in,ntli( or the umc successful opcrat ie n. The apartments admit of clas- country that they have jut received by the last arrivals with Worms of some kind we administered the"Specific

.JO!EPH nR.VNCH. L 0'1. BKVNCII.J. nil.LMM S. \\ OODRDM hal l hc ,' ccnl.>s>td; Plddtd. That due "ilirat ion of patients according to their tate of mind, from New York a splendid assortment of ," and to our astonishment it brought from he.

.. A L,. IIK\ :CII ..-lisoi C.srair, May J"3' I"I'| *,. n I I mOl |I"Llic.tiun! be made clf I this:t.rd.r. in spi- and also a complete division of the classes of society Fa"hi',nable, Fancy and Staple Dry Goods. And a number of piece of Tape Worm, from two to

CSND! NM'LLORSTLV in this Circuit, ome a week for three they will be from New York six or eight inches in length Since that
1 ATTORN CCJl olce. HIP fare is e\celent! and the board 5rl I per week constantly receiving time,btr
T LL41 'JE. I-L.ORII1.t. .\ months 4.tte. I tie d! will months sncce .i" l lI >. We have neat Iwd-rooms a parlor taste'tully furiiiahe and New Orleans (selected by the first houses in the health has considerably improveu ; and I hate no
alr inulersunid j ure- >,'tul 1 v th. |1.1.| ;.
c.mn-ction with the So" .worn LiuIn n- \pril above with the and doubt but that the Medicine has relieved her
? O l xsith I curtains cari>ttsola. centre tableottoimns: places greatest care attention, of that
.lit his and the .
; TilEIR: &. 1 nut '",...nj)anv' liavm;tntinlv ttased, Pi'jbat'ffjffn, aCOIJt.(oiintv ', voncruis Adininis'rator to Judjre the If i (.1:0.: w. I\R.\. JuJ ','. mirrors. books and a piano: airy verandahs for sum- particularly fo: this market) all seasonable ponds in much to be dreaded Worm. The Specific" ,a

they will hereafter tive. their atteitmi 'lllrdvI etatef. He'irv..' T. Co > : for Itttcrsofsmissimi on M. O I5Uir:, ( om j.Llihalt'. S.licilor. men retreats : in extensive enclosjre for evening he above line which they offer low for cash, at high repute in this place, and is without doubt a cal-j.Udble
| apply
llc.anc .\ true t cnpIn in tin I mi intcu -*,
I for Worm9.
to their professionThev di frmn ilie- l rambles; a amaze for morning and evening rides ; their s'ore in Taltaha""ee..rIonticelto.. remedy
4 wil attend tlixipr.in- ourt of the St,t. ,aie(4.1.C. I:. :f sTErnrxs cicrkJul a rading room furnished with books and new spa- L & H GREENBERG t CO. JOHN J. LITTLE.

and the Court fur the Middle Lmuit \11.1\1 C.nlprrIL.cm'r.- II ,_I'tti.l :1 l __-in_ __ March Whiteville Harris Co.,Ga. Jan.
21, JS11. 35JLFFFRSON lo
'..eath, .. .. Jane i n -7 Item ; and noreover various m" ans of amUK'lncn.- __ I&-I5 I
> ._ ------- -
1 0' Slate Tax CuIicrtoiS: Sale. .X Chaplain results in the building and preaches tot COUNTY

p J :tlS JtL5IINE. --4 Iotice.trtontl ,'irtu.f tin |'<.wer *e.ti.tl l in me law 1 I 1.(. paticUl'i ever Siblnth Lettersof inquiry should DR. WOODRUFF'SDYSENTERY
IX s after date, I will arcountio BY I Tax Collector's Sale.
., present mv ) lw directed to Dr JOHV M G.\J.T, Physician andSuperirtindent
fur al. l
t : "11. Y A T L A W iia *.iclier, and make arPlicatitllo lie Hen door l "hal '1..1! .. idi.rc .f 1 COl HoiHtl I of I the F ..sicrn' Asvlum,' \\illiarns virtue of authority vested in me b) law I CORDIAL.For
J.tsper, By
in County <
<'. incj, Florida. J.tdzo <.f Pr
e Justices' Courts f.f r.ircnifCourt ..!*!..n ion as aJrnmi-lrat"r( on the e-tateot. DanulG The firvt Wmiluy in Srjiltmbcr let, March t It I, iMi; 31 row1"w door in Monticrllo Jefferson County, on the I Dt/ienfary, Cholera 3forh I

of Middle Iirida, Smith, t.ce.btd. late of said CotntvH the folloTviii prop*'rtv, If orilltll thereof as nil First Monday ill December n'xt Cholera Infantum and Summer
e adjacent Cojiities of 'f'ria., J. DUISdm'r. I fi iv the Mate -i:uS Coutitv t.i\cs due on the "- Complaints of Children.
anH I H. the
WILLIAM WARD following proper(*, or so much thereof as wi'l
*. I" tfiONWRctilNT .Mv l l I.11. 41 "mPolice. tl.c voar. l I'.t't'flee :
-- .\TTO11N .M LAW N GENERAL AGENT pay thp tax due on said pr pert4SE4S3oTlR4S3tEcontainmg:
---- -- L Y A D )
I S I. 4 ol SeC 11, an.l 1 the F: i of the N 1 J 4 o. i \/ *>9'>lacrs. From lIon.. H II': miltard, late U S. _

-- --- !IX M'.nth. after ilite, I hal present mv !lnal Sc f lan
.- al\u:1: anti vouchers:to I! in. Jud eol- Probate and the E: i of ihe S \I t.f Kc 2>j, all of '1 : I RESprCTFUI.L announces that he will attend lotNo. 2S2iT2R4N"A.E 115 Hoi IE or RIP.E*J:1'ITAnTJI.
in awl f<;r the County. of Jellt'rson, and a''lvfor R l-, \ and I' The N I: 4 , and the N J .f of Claims before the several] 3S2JT2R4N&E: 10-Itt Washington D. C., April I, 154G. j

I. Front I..ee. a
RLE .XNS Ln sej.'. :,lueiizi: ;, Idti. ef' .al.1 COllltd.f.a..t.1 | ortin.. to twlnn:to the .tat.. of H'Ttor W claim a ain"t tie I nitenl Mates for Lands Money Ii 3StIT2RlN&E.I HIr ., i received the Cordial which IOU were good enongb to

\ :UYING.sri.LING. lFtFi'KOING ; '- Iltfll-111': 0. IrW"r. "\No, th.:W 4 d the SF4 ..f S7, T I 1R 11.1 I I o the settlement fI( Publicccounts, to claims be- C. 4&6SST2.R-lN&E." 1IjU" send me. My friend. Col Seaborn Jones would

4 U \ : with Ir'lIII.!: J. ir.riiC: rtji.t%, Mav.. Id;.. 1 hI". tl. ;'n N and E., Iurr".rtin.; to l isloui: to the (tate of fire Commissioners undvr Indian or other Treaties 1S 7.T'U-1\\.E, ,O" have part of it ; the remainder I have laid aside for
I -- -- -- -- - ---- tV.ishiiui.t1esi D'ma"I. to Pro-cmj'tion and other Lan l (laiin", and l tu) I the C. 3S 7T2R4N&E, ( > use when I may need it.

I I'; Not ice. AN ', the S 1-4 of SHJ, 'T I I. R 1 11, purportui'to' to pr>ciinz of Land Pjfiiifs, to Pensions in the Army 2S30T2RIN&F. 121 On th. other page I have added a statement of n;
: illsintrdttr, -ball. pre-ent, tn tlc! Il,n. bel" ,; to tin- of I Injamin ChairojM.O appreciation of .
Sm cst.ltP ad.1 I Nivv, clr businessconnccteil (therewith to (lie ii it lS3uT2It1N&E, !i3'. it as a AlijJicme
). ; ;. ( A11iLi Jr. {l of Pr.itute ""r Jcil.r-eti! Ctiiirty, mv I nil S-ctiotis ; and T I R 12 Nan.l E. "
: in bt.tilling. of Patents l for !ci,'nt i fi< or useful I InventioiM .4 lS31T2.RlN&C, O. Having u:ed the Cordial of Dr M Woodruff.I

!iona nie.to the r.ti/on. account and. ruuchcr as \tnnni-tnlri\! \ <.f Jert-tr'.ii I tuurli.nljiii z to I It'on': to the .">tate of Thornn Livi and to all other business of a .public nature re II .1. <; .1. T o_ n .L x x. v_ ii '.(I do net hesitate to nronounce it a most valuable Med.icitic. .
Drew, la1t of tiaiil Cat, ; anti tl'napll i .
nl \idnih' 'II.I 11"I.n. ({'linns an AcentClittnsacunst ii 3, S11.T2: IH, X &. E, 11150 Indeed for such affections tt tbeboweUu
tf far letters < f disuiission a such A tfniJ-ira. the U i of lli N F 4 of S ::'r, sometimes
17 1.0
tux", individuals promptly attended to, 2.SIJ.T2.HIX&F.. *0 we suffer with in the South, I know nothing -
---- -- -- H.\CILHIIHIi: : The K: 4 ol. t the S W 4
) ) 'r'l N 1..t.rson County. Ajnl! I II I l l :. : riie-K: | tin :I r.: 4 of s :v;, Information given free of charge. All letters to lying on the Lake joining Gov. Mosclev, Messrs HENRY W. IIILLLARD
) JLLUH'T Xllton The \V !
I 4 .1 the E4 .f S 1 be t paid.
> -
JNolice.SIX po Dccgett and Rouse said lands entered
.. .' '. ), :. TIle N E: of the SI: 4 of Sn, : vvere bv To I),. .1 '
( l"lori H
tnntlio after! d. le. I t-liall j>rf'sent t!the Ion J'J'ER E'Ii'CJ : Charles Williamson purporting to belong to him od"f:
t .. 1-I c of l'r.iaattti Jclkrsjn Coti.ii. li\ final TleSW 4 of IIiCS \4 .f S ,'7, .1 m T .', R 1:1: Hon .\. S UHITF, U S. Senate. S W 4 flf Sec tiT l.R I. S & containing 159.S7 Dear Sir : My little son was attacked with Djseaterv -
4OTICf.:. N i-id Klio, the F: } dlhl N 4, awl the Wi .4 1'\: H\ssjLGAV about six weeks since
account Illd.t.heu as lxll"r: if 1 (!" L acres; ESE.IS >?, T1R .1, S & F, containing violently I called
'.. \"l.J.I.te of sin'! rountv, (deceased] and lil then < the \ 1 4 ff S ., T 1.. R I r, NanlK:'..purpoiting ii ALFX BARROW, 7">M acres, entered b) Thomas lVrightjoins )jth the best medical aid. without arresting the diseue.

'" '.' 9 I apply 1.III.f dismission as such Fxernt: to I l"nl tu the "fat'. ti f HarJv Rn anit. C. JAMIS: StMPtr, Settion.and! said to belong to the( otate of- Dade. When I had nearly lost all hope of recovery I ata_

: '. >co ON;si-:i_LUK A r L.xw, IJFNJXMIN M\NNIG Al!o. \4ff S JO.thcW J.ftlNE4f.fS) n. R. ATCHISOSJ, The a1\ lands to be sold to the County taxes cidently came across your Cordial. After rein

... Ir"_ 1'lnrlil.n.several Jel: tt. tu' :F.I c.1 I the S W 4 If S ',"', tIle S W 4 of the 'C C. Allin.J. .\. I fir 1"Hand IS II, and the State pay and County taxes the certificates gentlemen whom I see recommending
-'- -- --- --- s u s i-, r. i til- s \v 11 f si 17. ih.. v 'C
: Courts of Illdle F'lo tilt fr J. IIRDIN, of Illinois fnr isl'iAlso it,} concluded to try a bottle, and began to nvi

4 Vxratur Coa:itv Geor nii .. No.e.. \4 of th. S I': 4 "f S 17, all in TI I Ranee I 11 I.:N .. S. A. DoUGLAS, the follov\insf to the State and County : it by directions one morning after breakfast, acd by
4. N IX months aft. r d ll ir 5n'1 account I":., to belong to dmund H. \' pay
t! present ) p'Jlhlrlm: a-s 44 \\-ILI.I'I GREEN, of Kentucky taxes for 1M3, viz : noon, to all appearance, the disease was entirely
I .o au on twice hot has
Lot No. Ii fractional
< since
1s.Z.zir.. Heir, in Sec 31, T 2, RI, N' A. E, ,
I t "\ ) ) COUNSELLOR AT LW. lie! Sc<*ttil 'tSI and apply to the Hoi Judje f.f i rp.rting to Ixlonz to I hI"fitc of ttni J. Mills 44 S. C. S\SIPLL, 4i entt-rol bv Malcolm' Gil"Irist. and contains SO acres, been stopped as readily as before.
t of Countv 1 rhttcrx JISIIU&KIUIIas MILTON JSbfT '
I'r'.e Jdf"ln C. R. SMITH 4iJ
,f in the S and and Dr Jermanv's plantation Verr resptctfnlJv.WM I .
practice p ri r -.J .
.t. Tav C 1. ,
J f \ t of Jefferson Count v, uml in the \cnaini.'ratn.1 .\LFXAmR'COTr.. J't-bruaary 2-, IMI alt;. ex.ofrn "tmZT3BW ) (0. 44 J. It A. BOWHN v. n''S..of Missouri ii Alto the 'ollowine lob in the town of Monticello: L. BALLARD.

I ,MiddIelitrktandtIieC'in- J.-tTers.u C: ''h.t. April ': ; --- -- -- 44 Nos 1G, 11, f 3 and ttJ; owner not known. Georgetown,Randolph Co.,Ga..Sept 10, 1536.

.; .Eastern District _______ ___:_IIi u ] + a J :M Jll'IUI.OJ SMITH SIMKINS,
Jeflerson Ojuitv.. A Icc. ( I 0 44 I hENRY DODI.F, of Wisconsin Shff. and tx Tax Col Jeff. \ fresh supply of the above valuable medicines
t icello, 1 N 01 I'IRCE.S rich <>I)1 ,lins, Gini officio Co.
I t'. TM'
April 3S
I t th him, yy ill be promptly itt.n- SIX months after date, we shall j >tnt our ae- .'00 liains. Rare.Ilalzarinee: Mnlin Ginsjums Juno T, 11 I'; 4fi (>rn just received and for sale by Lewis & Ames, Drn ,-

ant current anti touch:s to Ir Hon Jud:e II Shawl, S<'arf., Capes and Collars, Gloves. Co-Part urrsliip.TlIF'iin Leather.BD tints,Tallahassee; also,by Manning?. P. M..Man-

2 t 33 __ __ __ of Probate fur Jtflerson: Countv, and If.ei apply for Milts, Hosiery', : iiij>iri< r assortment of Laces anti I <}li rsi i nl'c1. having thisdjy i as.ociited] t them sookie nmton, Leon County; Jas. B. Beard, P. M,}Jicto-
Harness Leon
; letters el dismission is ext-cutoi anl I f"fulrix of : Mu hn rrunirin ar.l > T'pper and Sole Leather. Oak Ccuntv ; S F' Burney, Miccotx;
I i lmuri.llr.J > s, a yaruty of s together under the linn ..STARR,
.tf-Xol jBroadway. Samuel
4 ? ; Jo.;eph 1 White, late 11 t-aid COluty. dcea>edTHIOPHlirs articles tK, fl'ilfleriaUn. to uuiition Just' receivednod LLOYD and F L.\GG, will continue the morc-intile ', for sale by M L. BAKER. Pulestin. Druggist, Montlcello ; John G.

I .1rs 1 J. BIRGE I I I I I 1\TrY.: for nab.Sv. I business at the Store formerly occupied bV: I'. -- June-(0, l-i'|-;.- i i jf Gunn,.Merchant. Quiiwj Zabnd Fletcher. P. M-.

I n EU.EN: : .X. UF:.\ L. &II f.RPFVPFRG &CO.I Lloyd, where they will be plca>cd to sop (heir foriifr Last Noli((. den i-nina County llllJ.l. D.(ls Baker ten County Joshua Davis,of Gads-
J.-fT.'rson r..ui.tv. F.I.rluy '. l 1"'Ii.' 2 in; l :.' P M., Cliatuhoochie, and
t 1 Kve store, -between til CrT r .- -.---- ._- :- -rdII"1 __ ______ custiiners M ST\RR, ALL persons indebted to the estate of Htnrv J. Wm. Power Merchant, Marianna.

.. ItVNKLIN HOUSE. wherein. Notice.SIn'nTlis ISIIW BOOKS.EMIIA W F. LLO\D =, deceased, late of Leon Count) arc May '., I lb-16 42
I choice tion of FRENCh Fibrinrv I n, 1'Ij J ; 31 F. H. F'L UG.I hereby notified t that be
._. payment mu-.t without
... r J.lf1 I will prts nt .v 4.lb UXNDMXM, M.rnunf. \'alvit-the !
1 a I /mis. c .XSSIMCP.N, \IJ:=T. l 11 t.i tin I II I'.i. Jud.t (lrOI" of I [ : >i. Hull's Pulmonary Balsam, delay to S. S. SIBLEYgent, as no further indulgence III the Circuit Court of the
f r J f u I h solicit a r"mt into \'lcwr" :11'It"r. can be granted MIDDLE CIRCUIT IN A>D FOR G .
t respect' I"HIH ( .. ; .1 I ""I.t.I j 'I'.r 1. tic- ..f I-ITI.-IOII I. i"t"? ,y ot "r.r.Cotdc',-oruAttics, F" I'Hii hx, Colili, ,1thmai, Croup Uroncfuluf, ADSDEXCO
of Lii F londa friends:, !Ii lilY i 4.!uii'ii.tr.t'.r it the stati. (,f Jam*'! (iiimns, lit M a.J.\'I "r""d. 117"Jf'1'111-\ K.h, liijlttfnui, Hoarifntrs WESLEY MWMNGdm'r. Joseph U illiams and Rebecca E. Wit-

_. .! to give the! the i::".! cOt It. ..1 b'..1 r'xmtv. d). ..<.av..1] \i"i",plions .\lah".i.lilnou\, .\"t1.,'. ('"' ;ir. .S.,,*f vr ['';'6 ii the ehext Spitting February 0<5,_l_ '
1 ; VH.\SL .XILINr : .Xntt ./. S.II..I. Xlrs 1 I.tnc lrt'. IV.taii.*. of Blood, CoHiitinption DtJJitulty 1SEAV nOOKs, Ar. John C. Banno and Margaret E. ]
-. 'ri& "'. .. 7 _ :' .rmr '_I II.I, 1"du.h..tralor't i'; :ft __'n ___ Xfitbon. .. .I.e..f.. .dret'k H..I.r. of Hirathing 1'c. SerjllHS JIST reccivtu per Brig Sampson, Narrative of the Barino, heirs of El us Barino, deceased -
-E I isk. s ,r.- k Griu.uxtr. libetoncal) : ..( to the r*. In
Mountains Chancery
Rocky and
Jt'a.t'r. I article his 11C' to Oregon
M'CANK & SPENCER A I %01cc.SI long en held in high eat ltmaI James
New Xirk I 1\I"t'.r: | ; and North California in D. Cash,\\ 1li3m Holland. Sarah -
JL 1S43 andt.J .
I ATTORNEYS: A'1 LAW IX n,.ntl.s after.1 !, tin iiTi.l"r.r>.l willn* f Nn. II i .11:111.: .,, whirlironclk ; lun s,I i..n aid for is offered the cure to I(the diseases public, .( of the brea deserving and C. I rcmont,price 3"i ctsHu ) Capt J Jane Holland. Benj C. West 1
as a remedy
-1 U7lLLprsctice in the MuMk! Iil.) i-_his t\al f'llr and. txliilnl, to thJiuLjf ( f IVo s.Iiriler.? are r'tjuest..l In call for their remaining a trial ball who are thiid alflictetl Lrevent and lie Cn'ss, by' Eliot IVarburton, William II. McMillian John G.
t Y .. hate for Iccn t'otiutv. ..s .lu.i.i"luluuH( :1'0 t-MLdti.. Lsq, Illustrated edition Camp, and Charles II Dupont.
f tnet and the Court of A and in n'"nlr. Particular directions each bottle of the lIf the Pilgrim's Progress,
_'{ owcr Counties of Georgia. Tpja1. M'llcelo' Rjdenck Mclnnis, deeeasi-d, atidak for a dis Life of Jr'1! \.11) f It* John \\lntilioail. iiicdirino Price "jO cents accompany Tupper'sl'ro 'e b a1 Philosophy a book of thoughtsand Ti'appearing to the satisfaction of the Court by

4 L'I. Sept. 21 I, t'l. charge as micli administrator !Methoilist Pntestant( (Inirch li.illint.) Sold in Tallahassee. Florida, bv arguments original f treated -L the affidavit of complainant's solicitor that( Ja..

; JOHN 11X'G., Admr Revival LEWIS S AMES Illustrated edition of Vicar of Wakeficld, D Cash, one of the defendant to the bill of coia-
RUNAAYTiU------- t.Iarela! I I'I, ". I I l.aize Wiapj>inir Pijx-r, *.<' Druggists. Dant plaint filed herein, resides
DocPtrbtr f, I IS1"I 2JCarmark -* Pottical Work, translated l hv II. T. Cary, beyond the limits of this
j ------
t east of Talahosc on the night of the 1 4 ISdce. JiHt ureived au.1 1 I fr sale bvHtl --- -- ---- -- The Phllninnhv.. i\f Kft.wfni-v_ l.v ri<..*!.. State and within the mnwlirttnn r.r. 1 c Linst a negro man' five feetfiveinches .hnini.lrtor't Judy" 2'", l"I'i. I I'. X' IAYW.rn.nu Sau..C'1 'V. Samuel B. Stephens -- Holmes'-life- of-( Mozart.lrnold's -----J, .u'u: Mates, that is to say 1\'i hlth -State' of Texas- ';-Ku

I and a half lugli light complexion, and ai inllU"eut SIX 1.t.o il. ,alc'r. Ott.I. .'all :1'| f M the lion -- and J. Wayles Baker, Rugby School Sermons Ordered, That the said James D. Cash da appear I
if Leon
a-.tv for I.
1 li. loe ttirsol and
countenance Ir.i.t. UOI C.
a pake.forheac, witti ;in" ATTORNEYS AND COl'NSFLLORS Parker's aids to and plead to or answer the bill of filed .
far AT LAW English ion complaint
di.mi-i.t on I .
.t extending between I II. .at of ( hot. .X. Nilf.ii, f : :
root vf Ju. 1. te' of 3.00 IIFns 1XTllKn.GGG.. : Chances and Life herein on or before the first Monday of October
-i DOM about thirty ol M. \ .id County. 1}.o'.e..II| Jpv1formed a pirtnership in the practice of Changes, or as it Is, by Charles nest that the
IIJJC..I..h ,
'ear Hupt.I''r or be
Kurdett Rural same taken
The J : give (their joint attention to businessKiindeJ Economy Bou-singhault", as by
ai.overcward ,
-LI will b given to any p.'rv.n unmJI.IOT ,tic /" Book said James D, Cash anti the
the Colonies hue Ieuc
-; aI- to their cart in the Middle by John Frost, complainants
1 prehendjn, < si.1 slave Tom on the deh.erv oft March) 21.l :M.;. Slr.jil.Iililrl..r 11 / .. JO. II-Nll.M.: and in the, Counties of Jackson antI Franklin Circuit ol the Book of Good Examples, bv John F'rost. to proved expurtc: Provided, That a copy of this
name me.at ? X Jul 1 1'.u
plantation I I 1 I' 51 :
my ; 3uui order be
_. _. The book .f by published once a week for four cuntlis
.1: CHAS L. -- ------- W.h'rII Circuit. SAMUEL U. STI.PIIFNS will continue c Christmas Thomas K. Ht'r '") pee-

'.4- April 11, I
r"nll.af'r.I.lt! I hli.ll pronl mv final ar. j; :: w.k.after unto, I h"U ap1ily tn the lluui. and J. \V AYI.H BAKER: at Tallahis-sce. One of the The quiet Husband, The Squire The heiress, by published Dated 1 Ith in Tallahassee
CLTIl1NGCLOThll.- (; : 1 J. iuude firm will 'I'"wl 1 a part of his time at Miss Pickering May, ISJtl.
to I Hon of in and fore Apalachicola
alI Jjl/ Probafi Tlf.U (1.c'C ,
t_ A LAKGF assortment of SPRING and SliMMER! in and) for the 'Jclerl,. of,.tl 'rson, Ief( e''II' cf Jt 'r"ta.: 'for leave Ir.hate. thc r.'al.- Bile vyill atttiul to any communications directed to Ascanio, or the Sculptor's Apprentice, bv' A. Dumas (Signed,) GEO W MCRAE,

1} CLOTH G: Also COOTS, SHOES, |1\l: frra discharge as Administrator. 4 tln($lntC appl el t a.1 I II(. Jl": < .11:1: I II., (If t .li(1 Courtly,deceased : that place Love and Mesmenastnbv Horace Smith JudgeS A. Cir presiding mM. C. for Cadsden Co.

I t xc. re'che and for sale bv !teiI'; ) '!\\iM.lf, late <.f sai.1 o.uutv ileasislSOLOMON I i ic real e.lale Iinz nut! t.einR In thp ('.;uuity of Sc- Dl"f'l'IIJI.'r. 20, I 1"1.'J'2: The illustrated hiotoiy of Palestinebv Jim Kitty, I. R HYRRIS true copy :
t .. GREE ? The Manuel of Matrimony Clerk.
co. ---- -- by a Bachelor
-- )
&I. ERr 'm iuulere'.tcuI. will -- ,
& fake due
1 March 21. I IS 1C' 31 J,'llerson Countv lib 21 I I"t.i.' ;:.::1\TIH: ; ni ln.1 thtrc.l.pcs.n SMITH SIMK please INS. Apalacliicola, Land Coita uauiy. Mysteries the Backwoods, by 'T. E. ThoCJt. .author Ma K. IMG 43 4mIn

-- ----- .---- rll lk(1-LJT( ; ; / 'utor. |,ersoiu are hereby warned not to of Turn Owen, the
E. -jl-j* > ALL trespass Circuit Court
!!I ItltAICD, Jr., tN' A Winter of the
4 TN FORMS hi triend and tin 1)uhhic 0tict'. Jefferson County I July .;. : 41 to make us- of, or commit waste in an) unlawful Needle-vyork, for Ladies being instructions in MIDDLE CIRCUIT FOR GADSDEN COUNTY'IN
rn jnt'.s after .1 manner, on the lands if the Apalachicula
lie has taken the olore ui the CM- SIX ito. (the Uld'roin.I. Laws of rioiida. Land Fleming 1 Field, Nich Bigelow. The CHANCERY
Company which have Girl
been Orange
'" "r J<-r'milJ' not regularly dis- ,
Monr and Two Bentley
Huitdrt'd 1"I.t idrtr.on dated, late ff FEW copies Laws of liorids late posed of bv us, of Venice The West Point Cadet Between William
I Count || Pamhlt or our competent agent or agents Bellamy. Ex'rnT .
nearly opposite the Court house. ) wilff"'llt the! aCCOII1 and A heretofore Love and Murder Durbin's Observation .. ... A.
t vouchers M HIP &S.iOI. 'fur by as the penalty of the law will be strictly Bellam WM cw,-
(may be found a crneral ao"rhncnt *..1..1 1\"' .,'". l' stid County, March 21 1H .. P. A HAYWAKPBOOKS. enforced against all oPendcrs East, Clark's Ca-sar, r1a fair's Euclid.Noe's platnant.Mary Bill for foreclosure
(i AND MEDICIN'F 1 'ron 14,1; ;lhini1lratinn. : New fur
'I.al- Penmanship. M"' > l'arU Window
.... aiitl I PIait 1 Applications may be made for purchases leases u's.
or of
: order* f P1- JOIS S.: ) a"d Be'rulers, & iro4>
> Curtains House Rowles
Par' ( &c.
o J 1u l'y.. Ioinr coal. :LHl-VII/.Y: Acmr! .. NC' otherwise for the un.li-.potoo of portions or tractsof P. Executrix of Joeph I 4.c
: A
} ,,,,! a supply( | of SIlEIt't.N'S||,:, JolWt.r.ein (, It.\11J.. :I; I I" U;. j, < em it LISON'S Miscellatiie. coinj lele, j rice f1.'ilon' l..L1 said lands)lying and being in the counties oVa- For sale -"O;. 27 HA\UARD: R Rowles, deceased, el |
J CAMPHOR and CATIIXRTl .j \\ 44 tulla, Loon Gdd5deuiend Franklin, and known as -January 21------ Defendants

''ZENGEval'I.le article and the ,iIl'at a rf'- I l of ice. Parrot's Journey to Ararat, the" 'bos Purclla.'(.,"to our dulvatitliomed agent TO ItIUN''EUS. T1 aitr'earing ( 'the satisfaction' of the Coui I. by lie

tMCiOflnflfLlrnifli4ninirrne4kine,. C IX I'r' Remarkable Criininal IriaN Mr. JAMES. BETTVCR, in the vicinity of Oiun Tyji.Foun.ly .1. affidavit of complainant. hat tie
___ mOlll. date I 4r Pnntirs I defendant, said
1tJ'." .n .n ... I__ Illal irsenf tu the Aubiune-'s, History of tic Krfuiiualion.WamAn Furnishing; Warehouse Mary Bowle I ,
a '.o --1 ?..m.. : the J 1.1.. ... _. ._ -I.-, JOSEPH DEL.\FIFi" rill tiE Executrix as aforesaid, resides out of
and Lest J'J.AsTrn" 'n."a' II ann lor the ht'Ml'aniilv. ... _. have the State
cheapest plaster ever : of Prais, .T.T.'rt'.. wSi opened of Florida
-l COII.V / and in
the Je/fuon. the
Aiirii.3rsF? -
h 'U" State
lor .Ili. my fllnl ac-coin" nd \midirrs The Lenten 1 D c. L.iflO (.0. dry j cilY 'II \.,\.' ._ I It is ... _. Virginia:
i RhcumatisI'D' in the: Back, Side, and Weak I al.Adrn,iii-1 rat,. ff hanitl Fa"t. .uble witnns of the Church, Trustees of the .1pal,,' ready to ..r.. allt'v are T15 .k :.i .ir----
: orde'r
W I : SmkB.de-c (d ad luppcr'u Provtilxal Philosophy, supply to any extent', for answer said bill
then : 10
ICU. &cAls. !hal appl for ),?,'? ,lf ; January 184fi r job or fancy any kind of mcn'hs-or
1 DR. F'OLGFR'S OLOS:XONI.AN'. or AI I.- ." : ., WILLIAM djsiijio W' '.. ) ;! Li s ton's Practical lr'r*'. ) '\\'' on Chi1rn. tJIiC-- Rule, Steel column Type Ink do., Paper' Case!- Galleys Brass shall be taken for confessed Pronded, That pubh-
JfFALING 8ALS.iM art blearticlorC.l.U 1cm-mon COnt.r. IICh'l XVanderiiid J.w illiistidled. lfI .hn(l l. duly authort/rd Composing Sticks, Ch fat.onbe. in deof this order
Mav'i.' of the and \.je in some
_ _I I Cotigh Asthma, Bleeding at Ih- Lung. Con 'imn., -. -- ---- mi/--; 4i Cm Young Duke, Roval Favorite, J.sie'!Ilirtalions, "In .""''? of the .\palachieola Land agent Company The every article necessary for Printing Office. ed Ira the city of Tallahas e, once newspaper a week for print four
Type which ,
Hon and it* kindred disease Ransomed Bride, Lady of (thedulpli,, J.-pared l to itcH or rent such are cast t in new moulds from months vuccexsnely
c Notice. Portions
PampJfII. rtan! tracts entire all
UIR certificates from in Three to(the Three Jr laud w ithin the Forbes new aet of matrixes with Dated Uth
person 1ulluetairI asetjual Purchase, as have dN'p (Counters May l;>4f..
rc after not bee are
iaectinitavaltiableefTectacnn4c had Ila..linr. ". SIX munl'l dale I shall apply to the Hon 111. ( albrt, Pernval h'cnl. reguIarlTdipotcd of by said. Land warranted to he-illrpassed hy any and will be sold (Signed, ) GEO W. -
pAin at gati"' Iy e.f Jr.bdle! for Jercrlon, Coint, for letter Loin de Cavalier, Il ore's I- .. sonal interviews at prices 10 suit the time!. MACRAE.
alf"I. aI- of di"ri"icl ) < j'< *uri4r> ma) be had with the subscriber Judge R rr presiding, ,n M. C. for V
Tallihajnec. of aJ rs"-11* of Ma Savage, late 'I he complete Florist, trianu u-riDers. Gua-//or in (ho nnghDorh.Kxl i of at Printing Presses furnish, and M D Gadsden Co.
Januuyl For IC I. -2 '-if--.- -. caitl County. .( Pictorial( Bible Nos to n 52tiS,, Ac..SCHOOL directed to him brought (the Quincy Post or letters may be g.nes s. of the most .pprowl "aUt'rns.also Steam' EII- A PAPY.true Solicitor for Complainant. \ ]
_ Offices copy : II
._ .. at that Comoojtjon.ii., _
GEORGE JONEStSoffce. place and .t tn. n- .
Tallaha. I R HARRIS. V
Cirsar. s Plavfair. y "
seiccira : .. ... ij 11111'rl.
I.&L | I.irir.rv of Jefr>J CUmh', Alra q' .'" '. A tn-echinist
flip -
A mot approved lU.elanM.I'eition! (.f nfaudan --------- I" o'J 'Il Anthon's Virgil JaS, PliiIt.sopIiy: ,(.t part: JAMES! Po.: nB.TNFR.jf/jrnl presses and elo constantly in atlcndant"e to repair M.iy1fi,1S4i. 43 4m N

works, (onllfng of about thousand voJuincs. Key. to Dn.ls No ', 2.Walker's.DictionaryEclect"'nmcll'i I oJt/I' T""u6ofth <"*"
For particulars, apply t! 3 IX nw.ifhis after date j j '(;' Copy Bcoks, U riling Parch -.anl1ary.2.0 iSli J ). 25 Iy as much Newspapers. \tho will buy three times I COPIES Received.
tie undersigned. A lininr7m .ales. Green flnre-.l tIS their bills ANTHONSIRGIL.
JOS V L p for Window amount to, .
J YTIEWoOI !tTi"f John Shw, *"seJ>, late ol 1.eon ..,","3<.inches wide, & &Papr CUr- nsW'@lO above six months'insertion in their may give the 1 Cooper's it
naary K i. 1 18. 25 Ocilla. '
( o papcu,and send
\ his (their 6 "
J.t r"Cn wil present 'final mint
( aceiunf received papers Masonic
i. a : ncr brig: Fjiieline.and HFFTINs\ Shirtmtmrnt containing it to the Chart,
.. tu : sale by S II\Ib8clibns. .
..n"1 tf-er. -.II.',llnnoraMJudga'., discharirA of_lrrtbatc.f.eJnLTOX_ M.VJ7.1SIC: 41 P. A. HAYWAKD fo : of Stall. "n.1.Onnalnirga.. J'ft. .n and__ a.large. LOCKROFT & OV. _RKFMn_u__ IQ .1 _. ... kt u 6 LeTlzac'* Trench Grammar
EF. nor receiving per Brig Eell.\on, ret f': __ Boofs. Slice, hats( : -"'J ury boocJlI, _FHiruarr 51 I. ism. ucun. a. n. I. Caibmin'., 1.1(0 ..n.t e --i.-_
f A ; .e. 31
ia t' i 5. ..c.
York. and Schooner Hop. eOrl""s i----------. --____- __iiia trade for .laIc thrup by suitable for the Spring im Pocket Diet:, nanes, for ale br

Rio, L. turt aol I Java ( and cnnlied r: ISotice.SI 1836. LAW N01'JCE.JQXI _June 27.134G. 49 P. A. HAYWARD

: *tr. Wine Hrandy-Flour, and complete! a"--4- IX months( aftrr tUto( I "hall pr/scot in) accounts Arril 18.1 1'\11.;. STARR, LLOYD & FLAGG. IP. !UVL
Nail, lie. F 1 ARREIS 39 ruriiitnre for
of Iron MONOKGAJFl.A WlI1 KEY; Sale |
Sel. and urhcrs to Ihe ofPrrfjate T <
Judge for Gads ; resume the 1 r ashionable Sofa
31 WILL of .
164" \ Law.
__ '__ Un Countv. and ask for a final//kchaige from I Ihoacminillu'tiun date-warranted ; lialion. of the above LA'V NOTICE. YARD practice OFFICE m 1 1 Bureau with glass

Porter mid Clairi.J on Ih.*/ tale of r. GiUilanc. dec brought lot his market unsurpassed. For sale byn any ocr before Tin' : undersigned. have united in m the practice 0'' April 2', I$46 10 b l Handsome veneered on curl the maple top bedstead with

CASKS LONDON PORTER. AKCHIR XLD Sliril, ., They will attend the
.' '::11 doz. Claret, just received and AT sale bvSTARR Quincv' Ju\y' I II I, 1 ISI'j t | AdI'r Mavjgl4.) I S'I'itRR.42For L.OYJ& }'LA GG. I Law and .,ltiif1 in the Middle Circuit aeveral Courts 01 Just Received by .. n. Fortune, 1 Dozen casters.fashionable

3 and the Counties ., __ .Jf Florida Chairs.
LLOVD F L.AGG. -- r .i..:. At the Ph nix "
-- -- Eu.ldinp.
& Vesfern .nu Jackson in per hug Emeline from JmjW/ J- FORTUNE.
April J IS. 14*. 39 NOlc I Sale Circuit. Also, he n,,trict, New York .
j< IX months after cl.tr. I ttlJapplv) to the Hon. IIANESorttR United State to be held at Tallah Court of Java Coffee Fresh 4f1Notice.

Take fioiltc.AN ,._9 Jndce (If Probate if Leo/Count)., for di.im I A BUGGY. BRASS lIUNTEI reme Court of the State of Florida.t'e. and 'the n-sheU'iI Almonds Butler Malaga and Rains .

extra price will b f tid (for Hide ltr.ttlc thou ax F'xeculor of tin I U411, and testament ofi.key _ two horses by"ill top suitale ole or THOMAS RANDALL thl'l Ship Biscuit Crushed Sugar Soda Cracker, kJ IA week after date, application will be made by

!p :anr tli* Indian fahln. bv W.If.if.d. II \s' S' MRI.F:V. p .A THOMAS H HAGNFR: Olive Oil. Brandy Cherries. l-> the undersigned to the Judge of Probate of Jef

hy IS.. I- M '. \IU.h July' II 11 I'i ':;"I ,!f ':m T.ahlalia.i.,, e. .lin| > .". I |Iii HAYWARP.1. I AUornru and Counsellors at Law Lm 4. Rasp. Syrupg Sup. fine Northern Flour ferson County, for letters cf administration on the

I ,lhha, tr. I;'httjaivOI!1. I sir 31 Very superior" chewing Tobacco, .small a.lld Jargf' estate of' Henry Felberg.hate of said crnntr. deceajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjRj-

I I r IiCs May 23; i'i'l '44 '


.' :

a .. '
a ( '
'i _
,5. : : 5! -v- --a.
_5 _, - -

The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: August 15, 1846
Publication Date: -1848
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002060561
oclc - 10589672
notis - AKP8647
lccn - sn 84022794
System ID: UF00079927:00463
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- ----- ---- -S.--- : .
- ;--- ; -- -r,;. '. ,- 7--: : -
# "',.: ;" .." ." .

-- .
; -
S -

/ ,1 -
; ;

....- .' ..- ... X.fO .. ..

:1'n'tl. --- _._ ._
: '
-' "
, -- '- -- --- :_n _, -, .
-- -

\ \'o I. lJic rrs U IIIA: \ IN.Ni. : M.\TnDIIA -

; weary wading *1 l li Ii-e- The captain of a ship had laid in n "l'.ik't

> tearful shrinkiag from f&* .way.No TIlE of care for his,own ta1l.ner being s.m.

dread of summiT'* Lot and (ijwgNH ...._. FLORIDIANI at 8l'a. as he was overhauling his cabin

hidden ztif: ; stores, he thought! more bottles) were m'ssing

\i Mild and eheeilesvi:i of dt'..(-.iir, ,than he could! remember of hiving I! II._

>,"I' vain petition for aswiit relief, _. Whi'e reflecting upon the subject, the Wea!
\o tearful
Care has no home I bY S. S. SIULEY. was (Ihe cause of the cfrficiencjr.! To ascor- !

In all the re. lm Hlf(cej ele!* prajcr and *un't n i ip'-TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, AUGUST 15. : I lain the truth of his suspicion,) I
billows break and nett in SATFPlY V0. YVITNO. conc'al.I
|If; away foam ; -- -- .. 18,1. 1. himself iti state !
a and
the mansions uf I ; = ___ room, .
l'u from ih I.i..it iroMglront the 1 waittrlfri
fj lhi..ng.The and -
; towards la1, every rye was turned And, oIl, what increase urwro, 1 heard the; I second -- tim for preparing dinner. 'n't boy isstm :
t-lorm* Mack wins"; ni'S. .\It once a horriblt thought nails :'ppli.-J to coma F mishap drew the attention of others came in and
and ,
my : ons Strasbourg that offer having arranged th table!
was in some chances. ? went
Rt'ITPII l whojoincd in the
I Js never spread athwart rtleMul $ki -. !t me, a cOn'ul.i\1 laugh broke fioin me the sound lcbp.ir laugh at the mate's expense.: Would like there to the basket, took out bottle I .'
to ? a said Jean
It* waitings Mend iit y>ith) the voiceAs of IIptiu and exclaimed!, / Ige gave his hat a twist, stuck it you try an :
; mad' All the his
aht a At that tight on
instant E- von Dorsten born
>me tw U-wlfr "v.v n-t fade and dies I! l very n1' olde my head, went below without "Oh with all my heart If we do not in.Holl.rdal, intends mirriage -
assembly rose instantaneously" like one Ixxly.)'. dcatcst iiicMid, came into room. lie ant saying a word, succeed side with Miss Rosina Claret l
No ui-lil my irjpei but he made on one we can turn to the other. bormi in Iurgundy. .
night .. Mveryoice' ruiset a cr of suiprisi terror formed a long journey to see tr oncemoon' way things move around Wo should always have more than .I Notice is hereby given for the first
dtW the ) ecks one
H* chilling ( <:. n; tt'no. r fratno ; ; and of %' during; that trip, was hasty-and his string :
I knew bid own second
to an eternal liiruuell to the to and third time
Xo raoon U nmod! thtte! The lijrlit lsicL l i ffl1 all'rwars hall/'lct ; com. I 'ovemenfs our bow. ; if no man nl.pfrf to

TiDt land ot glory 'Iron ihl Maker caiae'! no'.hini O;. p.uiiun; of f his childhood. They made way for J"rftysome strongly deck betrayed a disposition to I shall set you down, then, for Lyons and forbid the banns,the ceremony will immediate

No parted frit-atl: him. He lushed forward! and laid his hand!, overbcr !-Sl. r passenger and throw him Strasbourg. Say a thousand again each ?" ly take lace." The roguish ,fellow:
O'er rwurnful recoHecticns! have tovvcrf*! When I recovered my senses I was in )l'tl his faithful, fond! h.UI on Ill)' bosom. Oh the Luis /n.rle. Yes, le us stick to that figure." on placed the.bottle to his mouth, tln.n'Ii-i ,
N_ bed wf death einlurin;; love ltcndi'j. looked nrlncl-Lknc"w I every ""i"c in warmth of t that friend's hand i touched the **""* iht C' -E- --cy- Shall you remain long at Paris ?" and cast it out of the window. '1'hus captain '

..' watch the ruining; of a j"alselt-ss sljx: t.No room. The sun shone upon the window curtains inmost fibres of my heart, and it sprang to icr ,lc, (. I-n.' Ifl"/"tl'c I slluld like to leave as soon as posiblf." said nothing, but after dinner w?ut upon dec!<,

blasted fiy\v! cr "Idcl were half closed! : I was s>ensibe meet him That emotion acted upon fur t",. /&,,/?? TnJur"ll1 You would like to realize soon, then 1" provided himself with a good rop-V end and

Or vMthi-rcxl bud C.letid1 l garden* 1..410' was f\ening;! I saw no body in I whole lysttI; the IJloo was agitated ; } .\ Incl l. of Go" ortuiie I acknowledge I should." caltclhe loy to him. Jean," said he, Ivo

:No fWrtrchins dotru-tiou:Mast "r lik-fierce rulhle d<-..cei din< 4ioer the room ; and when. endeavored to comprehend began to How ; my nerves trembled, and a OH. A MOMiT.g MISTAKE.A Not a monthly settlement, then, but cash jot something interesting to tell you : fin #".
Sitttr: :a meN !
: ;' who I was and, why there, I 'faintness ; comul-ivc sigh burst from my disenchained ian down *" ng to have jou muritd. '-" ejecnh.ed : .

)hattie wordStartles came over me ; I shut my rjrs and tried lungs ; every fibre moved with a sudden bound, ill poor the come w., had, fiIC, (| al,, |ho '1 Hal's the thing let lie cash downA !- Jean, cl lin> .f'I\I' glance at tin

The 8''ng the ef sacreil ieaee; Creation'host vv ilh tnorninpar fear .n.' .Iread I I l lI ,! to sleep when some one entering the! rom like! the cordage of a ve'>"l l struggling againsta paits med) hero t h prommenMlieat.the ponmless loot. fOm (|u, ,1ik., (. wonderful man this, truly i !.") ore's. en-l', have me married captain. ?"_

awakened me: ; it was J ) (J_ might I breathed sn, foim| him WelJ. that \" :uvv listen and see that it i ii iltnn
SHW? wherever angel miD!>t r'h 1rea1IAI : 0'iic111 r. sea. again Hut so self, alter 15 absence, drive. now it is settled, I wi l lea*' ar. i I
\110 approached the : ald aUlt 'elr examined Midden and so unexpected, was the change his years: ,y find cmii.Ph0YflCflt | :, j'ou: to attend to the 1 business, unle! r*. cording to law. The captain derated H*

141 d iart me for the of few momMils.WhiNt in fm that idea m declining years. ler .- voice so as lo IJp heardiM-. ,!. ............m.: _.1
pace an to mind toaccompanv ,
If !ol't'l1N IiIIi.< await tl'c meary semi i ) ale cal( my o.ie had given him a letter to I cried, Know r.llj UIKI
: he thus looked at I that :01: "T e IS no need o that ; I should prefer I all!! men that} Jean :
me he
t.' \.. ujt thou Uicken om Th wIIulCnllJral: I percei\ed Ilat not real-tint I was again deprived inendation to the theatre tor Vaudeville "Com. 1.1 born in Rotterdam von Dorsfcn,
Shall bleed no more at control.IVilh ho changed color, his hand'trembled of 'ri, I a walk. intends with .. I I
!oomm u-rn reason. Happily this doubt soon and he lahin. :marriage Mi s I.I I.
was seeking it with the modest I 1 Ilarbara
v"cw well will find Ropes born
feeling n'l you me here at 3 o' in Russia.
fjilb our tc"1*. my puUe. in I K w and melancholy I ca'I'I1 A cry of terror, and these of ) Notice i is !
} *' '' wonI finding employment in some third or l loin}, cl ck, rather I do the honor of I hereby given for (the first. .
While-roved. and inr.uccnt to leaJ the vv jVhv \', whisper he sai.l, my God, how he i it s ut..r.,1 distinctly enough mo rate class of > wi myself second, anJ third ,
Cir and with times
\ tear to It'ng', ill Jordan rnllini tid., changed !'' I then heard : voice at the door I to hear ; put all beyond doubt. The noise charact'rs, very Ilrl ,i calling upon j-ou. I ; if no man appears to forbid Uanns, 'aI

Aad find the ocean of eternal. dav, say nny I core .1'r'' The I Doctor did! not and 'bustle' became general, and some voice pretensions. to salary. I IIliving I, inquired tlK .Oh, by flu) means I i is I that will have I the! ceremony will immediately ,tlP place." .' ;
he told III
-- -- way was would find it the
LIGHT FROM .LIGION.: answer, and my wif. came gently into the I claimed : "K-, has fainted : raise him the Iltol of I the street pointing to him lie' the..honor" of callirg upon you, to see the reWin. I I perform Hereupon the jolly sailor rai..d his. arm 'lo f
I interesting(
If nil oar hopes and! ail our fear rOo I. She ( *orr wful ; her till, carry him hence tint he not when he ceremony, Imf, JieJr jl
t 1:111d may rne V ivienm'. At the end of the street, ii: tIp I .And we will sctle it all at the interview.here I it descended! Jean i
Were !life" little hi und were wet, am'' over burn I his fust proclaimed, in a loud
, 'rricGnt.od in < : eyes me opens eyes I.hololli' 'friend. Orders place indicated the comedian ,! I I \'oic. 1
: tIC}
stopped Ron is card. IJaDn
AJieu. "
If, travtllers thnmeh) this vale of teais.We "ng tears l fell upon my face. She 'look 1113 I exclamations cries of joy and surprise, ished, befijrc a tiKignificent structure. A my natural we meet again. I said frJid \'har, you rascal !" I .:
eiw' ito bttto'orld be.d. ; lands in both hers bent her clo in.eased I very brought him back to captain, "did jou not drink clar.
lip to I Itt instant. All .that I an'ict. "
O what should chex k tin- rtiiv; hi;.:h ? { my every now What a theatre thought lie.I' .- he Bourse at prescribed hour.There I ct Yes ; but, if know my
What tliilJou.i! > and said, William, d<, you not know'me call I i-, that I was hued out of t lha coffin, and ALi 1JI..ndid I knovf you it, you also!
earthly pd 4 \\ then! in pi-ir.. '>o jl.l over die : r' A long silence followed this question. efore a good fire, was completely brought} to mand talents fr proportioned to the magnil agaai acquaintance. I you }Ind forbidden the according to law. If

Or who would breathe a wish to live I tried to answer, )but was ii pable of life, and found myself f/iends. banns, as I do
pronouncing !lrn.llrtl'J icent exterior ; ind I, poor fellow, shall probably "What Here Well I 'lulc not hive touched it." IO\'A.
1 arail sec
Were life a duand\ de rrt u.oor one word. I wished to show by After some week I was ,rlton.J to hlalJ ; I meet with a contemptuous re[>ulse." are really a spcculatoi" you cul not repress a .:I\I pgtl|
Where cl'tuL and KiisN eternal some ign, that I sensible of her had death heartv1f.1! -jjj .
rr'aJThtir was presence. seen as near as povu'hle, lips The I ou but
al.1 had
my poor man mistaken the BOlrsCr I not at all I an the most fortunate I bl This } go
t>lootn\ h'illJchin.l, before. I fixed my eyes upon her, but heard say, had seen the bitter portion; which one day I the Vaudeville.! This : al'\'ret, : cast Ms; I'
And tempests (Lainlor: overhead J..r imposing a.-pcct of he fellow in the world-I im soon to r. .if"** ever youreyeson
I an
.. amidst deep 8.:bs and tears Alas does must Jet drink I., the la"i drop. with its forest cf I hap CKmtcain, shall} be to M I i*sRopes
WliCTe not :a swibeam breaks the' gloom, *' building, COIIIII'right'wd' engagement for which I siall h ] you \"cd.et
And not a fion'ret smiles! beneath :- lot know me And thus I perceived my (f ---- him, and he scarcely l l the power ofp"1 I jou." 1.'htel t in s'-h' a style that Ji rgct thoceremony 1

S Who could exist in Mich a Icmb ? Girls had 'icen in vain. The Doctor now "I'ICKEL) UP. even LI.: wretched parts he had at fJI.il frst I "indeed." I' to jj"irday.LinzuiYezrs._ .
VlMJ, chnll in daiknes and in death : took, wife the hand I -
by and led] her from .
my BY : However he either at
IOUT.UR. a piredlo. mechanically idranccd -a first rate engagement hsn:RliDI.-The selection I of Dr. Elliot-
Yt"t such w. :"' "Itboll' t.w fa\ he room. .Not yet, not jet," shin said, with. It at the entrance whom shook lie with a salary of I S'". .
is ,
a common saying ui this region, when all Lie, Lyons or Stransbourg the "e '
From our '11\ Ine religion den ;; drawing her had, amid I relapsed! into delirium. :? C.Ie ofI &f\'i. : :
: nra.tioi
but to
an a sa. mistake cither about meet a t former companion in the orchotraof I francs. Oh, how much I am obliged I.I(> -- .t
'ils: this that m..1.es t.rk"sI! .h' inti\iJualmakcs I
tit our : : ( V.1 en again I became sensible, I foil His before that has excited !
the Bordeaux Theatre. this eon"iferJlc
/ur ho
"Tis t11il that llloikes our l'rth a heav'n. his o\in powers any matter, or those of anamitagollist. I jou introducing me to agent. .
) 11ridlt i-. the z..II'n "1111 hnd ., ..' as if I had .awakened from, a long amid deepsleep. that he tlnJi: himself picked .Ah, i is .that jou V exclaimed the I knowledge of affairs i is wOII.rfur and he I itierest among profes'lll.-..ngJnd. -

.' .\ to3utitull le 11"wl'r.. lust (ilumAnd ; I still snfleri'd, but less severely ; extreme its, instaiic'! ., wlli a up ;to grasping. his, Land with warmth. BorJeJi- seems sure of his plans.:" I I Dr. Elliotsou, fur a number? of Ja.

all is j.'y. and all i i" l Lvc, I I CAvakeiies* had succeeded to fjver ; fr pol.tici.tn expects : be I :'as devoted conMtleraMe! attention h I> the pheaiomena -
Vcs indeed the : sir whom spcaki.ig
n 11"I....} Irum a'"- I It., C.JtI(,. eyes were :piinfiil, and a mist was over them my: I continuo in (,!icc and furls hi/ielftlrcJ out, replied cOlc'ral, inioccntly. I _::.'My dear can }ou h of mesmerism ; he has wri'ten on :
.- -- -a lover h.ild; his hopes on a nnidfii, and ot f
at first I was not sensible! that in this subject, has maiiitained both by his 'r .
one was introduced all
And what I here If
? of the
IbjJ :tLL.JCJJ: : : any some more t fjilunate; I wain cuts him out,-apassenger are jou doing Why, gentleman J ou "mes
a the but and hi the reality of
objects writings
._ 10.1 gr.lt.uaty 1'camfmorc em'jaiks! on a boat with the promise "I have como to try fortune. (a Short time ago in this very place.

-- J"tm.. ll-JOOS .1t..iaije.TIlE -- distinct, and I \ Doctor seated by myl of goiiig inloacdiad. !I, and : twod.iv "Take care ; this i is )daiigt-rom place; I .hit jou speak of a theatrical agent, al merism as an important agent in surgical operations 4

l Ipd. lie said, arc you better, William: !" .un'l l(1.r for I who deals in rl- and ia his treatment of various die ) J
roviu: or u-\IJ"alr '1 when some choleac! ; little take mj' word it. I 0" no! venture hen, this g -ntlemun i is a broker, .4

Itvas nearly four o'clock! and I JroJ not Hitherto, my inefKctial? ; attempts: : to tu'ake: dertakes to whip and gets thrashed IIUI. but: seek som'-wher t-Ue a foifunc less &U'l way stock." scuses. ,

)prcpircJ: mj'rclftn give my In.'ure. 'Ilic tny'*lf 111eritoolll:11 iu.t gi\en me pain ; but himself. .\ case al1tlfr.Qlalt"/ to these, a* a (lcl but more le." I Come, come yOu are joking we ta\,1 On the occasion of his recent address IK*. )

heat: was 'pressire, the air Jifavy the ikv now ( impossibility of d!./ing! so was a murtvrdom. certain Congressman used to say, occurred onboard I was ju.t thinking so im.s 'If! The conn- about theatres and engagements more han fore the Royal College of PhJical' a large To- f t

: tem stu'.iU% ; and 1 felt a sensat'' of ic'ltss l I \'en11(1 boram aware that my' one of O'J .<-tca"ltri, in which an old Ir with a moderate income, would be ju.t to[ twenty minutes." ant distingli'het audience was present. ::
: strength of mindva; leaving m<\ and that: "' ) I The other him tlir ('""- walJ close his. oration he thus alluded
m-ss ami! nenous irritahilily nuiti-unn-ual to IJotlal, the mite, was sadly! "pid II.p Ill tasU on making : repeat
me. Dining tLu la"t week I ii ul not cnjojcd death! was approaching. Tn;
hOllr' several dan. to arouse IIJ self from this sort of ant have talent and the public \ mistake."WelJ. A body of facts< is presented to u., not onlywonderful
one !!> tranliuiHitJ : pcrhons cIt.ath'l science more fully: we will give Ii.conil's-ion j-ou ; but of .
gcrously" ill airl rcquiiin? my attention had like slumber: mu-t have been '"erl \' publicity. have oiMi you the stamp tf their approbation.Do dear sir, jou are nui'h more in physiology awll'atboo"\- '.

4 called far me. One in pailicular (the only" I i: a cold sweat camS all river m? : I heaid arti1uiiig I II A bustling, farmer-lookinjj! customer stepped jou; uo1 remember how they 'ued; ,1 to applaud I l fortunate: C\'tl) than you antivipatd. Thc Ihe very highest importance in the prevention ;

support of a large family) gave: me great anxiety i I 1 as if my ears \'ao full of water, and aboard the boat he belonged to. a few you ? t that people so ,fill:! of spirit all en. 'broker has understood, literally t financial suffering under .the hands. of the surgeon,

ami excited in 111.) mind extreme: sym.jiatliy. 1. my limbs were convulsed. I seized the D.xtor's :- minutes II.tre she pushed, out, and holding outa thusiasin?" character I spoke of, aut he has padu a large and in the cure of disease.- authors The of chief all period phenomena

In this state I got into the carriage to hand which I pressed with all my strength.I $I U on the bank of Mi I i ouri. begged Ah that was in my palmy: days it is now I operation in !tuck.for; you." are indisputable ; ourselves witness :
I rose in beJ and k'<.ki.'l wildly! at ?- lil I then in An for wK> have not a recorded tlu'l; and we f
since that (
go to the University. At that nvoncnt an unealfd hiT him to change it. The mate' lhinking t'it ano.IIill SC\'ei years: (imne. was operation mo- day. 'FlueflO&iCel
I This did not lat long I soon fell again into and I allow that I did velleiiotili .! the:n-some rarely. some. ner\ ... .
note was put into rn)" hat: d. I opened ; ) stow held it out to the clerk my full strength, SOIlS .,.. -- ..J ..J

it immediately. r'!jd found! it to announce the weekness ; I dropped the hand Wlicl I had : and a\kld away}if il was good. "' ( lii.ye.o I. in comedy ; and in the character of ., .'."'%*one'.-' **who.IUt'n speculates? *; ,.You".. .are.,:..not!. I ( artificially alt subjected to our

cr death of poor II-, for whom I was so much j ): Clrl t/J111 mon. amid can la j am still the 'I most Credit is all that is necessary, and m re.comuiiiemiulatiomm alt letcrminct
m- All that I remembered at that moment the ) ) The los .
interested ; and this news atfl'cted mo deeply. hell passt on lp[ 10 caI, leaviriur mate not .surpassed.. ., 'I\I..J financier that has ever gave j'ou. common fueling (ancesthcsi
The stroke wa the more i.c\ere as I htid were the words of poor Doctor "( -, with his 1,111. .<;0,1 as \heat."tr.n.:.. '; "i.u'" at. ItJect." h l Bu*. if I lose ?** ) is but a form of lal"1. and in it

J not foteseen the event, and consequently, had I: who, thinking me dead", exclaimed at last sa\ s the mate, I'll cash it !!' and forthwith I appeared While the old player was thus making his 1o not be alarmed, funds were down- wounds give no pain. If can thc
of his sufferings arc over him over I Jndi ma small bills in chal '". is induced temporarily by art, we, of necessity :
not been able to prepare the family: my pa-: pays with all the candor and sincerityof and )OU have gained. Nobody "rongell
Hitherto the i Many hours passed before I recovered my In a few minutes oil went the boat, and I as she own eulogy So recc'v' "c the good enable to undergo surgical) operation .
tient for misfortune. accosted This is done here daily. persons
a '
ro his
great was
real artist
II amI' companion
of which I beI a
senses. The first sensation wended her down the cl-rk, without Whether the artificial .
, chair of declamation Lad always been to me way str..al broker, who announced, something important fortune Providence has sent you.
I I'C'Wlf sensible was the coldnessf the air mate again: in contact. by a to (liehiroko's production of these or the
rather a pleasure than a labor : the abstract cal" him. The Ilordflais immediately 'll player and his friend repaired :
theories of the sriicc; had amused my mn.1 : which felt like ice, upon my face ; it seemedas j Well, Ike," sap the clerk: who burnedyou to office, who presented him an account performance of the processes which RO often
I leave of his plajcr.
of felt in
but this evening I a degree u4ea ; .\dicn !" said he, h business compels me showiig a balance \i ronl
I were stretched igainM: my body, and though Mi i, Hiri !" I can likewise determined I by experience
: on spirits f-,r which I cud! not acctvint.Iie if should need assistance, in thot'smd {francs.
my events of the day had so deeply afil-cted; I was lying in a I.t inconvenient; position, Counter ft:il !" exclaimed: Ike, what do to leave' but jou here is a gentleman who will Tomorrow, sir," saitlhc broker, I shal '. It is the imperative, the sole.nn duty of
it. I tried to '' any operation
it to change and
incli. yet was impossible mean ? again, the profession, anxiously dispassionatelyto
me that I felt an almost insurmountable : you business be II to receive Jour
.. nation to repose.Vhen I reached :he entry 'I speak, but had not the power. Some time af. "I mean," !is the clerk, that the Mis. au'llto your the ctt.c.ral, )added, alP), you to pursue this good for determine! these points, each man for him
Then addressing lean
around) the ';. I I tcrwards I heard the steps of many peoplewalking souri bill \ou showed me at starting is rather presune self. I have done so for tel years, and fear.
r look at } -
()the hall, I cat a I recommend this gentleman to )LI as a tune.
in the room, .something heavy was set ba't' of Where did get' it ? ) wish to abuse declare that the phenomena, the prevention
ally full audience, and as I passed through the I a money. of talent, and the most skilful all! accomplished X, indeed I have no lessly
crowd I heard the name of a celebrated doctor down, and a hoarse \oice pronounce these Why, cuss your pictur," says the mate, I Igave man financier in Uoideaux." fortune favors. I w ill stop at this.: of pain, under surgical operations the

bearers. At words : Willian II-, aged thirty-eight : good money in change 'for that IJi, on thousand francs him a life production of repose and comfbit in diseases,
of in haste almost Tvveity-five g\1
spoken as being amongst 1 thus ,
my after
another tin j these were circumstances that j I thought he was older !" These words re- the strength of your recommendation !1 And words, of the rlpeatint., he withdrew. annuity of one hundred louis, a sum greatly and the cure of many, even after the failure of

I called to my ir.ind all the circumstances of my Good !" burst in the clerk, ha-ha. the coml ambitious dreams. A mo all ordinary moans, are true." I
would have given me pleasure, but now they lire Lort The broker, thinking from the {\\lcfrianricr\ beyond his most .
understood that I had ceased to confounded ?
I than
illness so ; him
ha was green
; you done
incrca ed confusion which was indet-d rich bowed ment's ni (take more INFLUENCE SEssoss.-.t Trench
my for in. that he addressing a speculator, hat OF THE
that were my Missouri counterfeit of the !
dUcovered that I had left preparations miking Why, its:1 (') o" hard that the number of deaths in winter .
(npJr1c wl.f-n!: I my dead ? The )', and said, I years writer states 1
terment. I then body was here a dozen more join. respectfully '
\"a worst
notes in the carriage which I bad dismissed; laJf "Sir, I am happy to oiler you my services. i is greater than. in summer, in the proportion

intending to walk home. It was. too late to indeed cold and How inanimate could! it; ,IJtlougl was ed in, laughing at Ike's the "It t is I who shall be obliged, sir," replied I I>KIXU\G Ur.-Major Jack Downing, who of three to two. It is the same with the

send fore them ; and I was now in great per not exlinc. and that trCt'Sof His first impulse was \to tear spurious the plajcr. immobilized himself at the Capitol a few I births ; there being three in January or February

and hastilyran life had disappeared! cxterioriy, sentiment bill, but, on second thoughts, he carefully folded intermediary I things for the Gincral," vvhcie the. are two in July. The influence
shce doing
I ,
to a.
opened m If me
plexity. 1 please accept jour
}portflo still existed in the chilly frame that was it and off his wrath hj stirring the you years and I
through a number remak. that I bad I up, le I hope find reasons to be I has betted himself in New York, commenced of the seasons on the human constitution -
I the ? you wil
be to -
now going to conveyed grave deck! hands, individually collectively. animal
them off his supciffuous varies to the In
hap. according
thrown in there without arranging ; What a horrible idea .My I (:0.1 I is this a The boat had reached Smithland; when satisfied.i letting The ptriOlofift.
pily, I fell some novel observations upon nearly Monsieur i is agent ?*' netbrn, by writing for the papers. infancy the liability to death wiltn
upon recalled to
real I "
that dream ? No ; all was : my an old-falhionet. quiet looking deck passenger the I ; hit the "natur of the thing, M fold what it is in but this decreases .
insanity, and I then: dclermmed to make mind the last words of the Doctor : ho kii'-w came to mate and a.ke<], as a particularfavor The comedian infant Jruiiialic agent I I'oluwiu' ; at summer ; .!aMIty
the of offhand lecture.I broker stocks so the conversation : till, at the age of ten or \ it is
subject my well the signs of death to allow himself to that he would! look OUT bank bills trlin talk !
too any .
considerable ,
followed it'll make my From that till manhood
then sidesAgt'mit almost
Lave but a confused idea of! wli.it No continued with a mistake on I sposc nothing. period
which 'be deceived! by false appearances. hope the clerk mi htgivt* him in change as he was fashionable life, and likely seinewill the vital heat much increased, the
: hut I remember the applause coffin .' not exactly, I am going it to being
in the and i Irkcr.
saluted entrance, and which became still None I f(1 myself being describe placed all the horror not acquainted with we"tcr money, waafr.id No matter ; it aroluls to the same tling. persons shall only expose my bring. influence. of summer is more to bo dreaded I
louder when my tnv confusion was observed. As \'hat language can he might get some spurious or depreciated "True Do you wish to ae ihen ? I ing up. But I tell 'em folks. that ain'tI than that of winter. After the age of fort),

soon-as there was rilcncc! I summoned all my\| of that moment 1 paper passed upon him. inquired "That i is my great desire.l I bru1 ui>, and put 'em where lOU will! shine the effects winter again. become perceptible.;

and began. The first words cost mc I I -I remained in this sit- I What kind of money have you got ? Very well 1 think I cal. direct you SUC- I ICeSSfuI. great cal better than them that is brought and persons beyond sixty suffer almost as. much t

courage continually I knew not how long Ike. with the You around among Jour colleges, and infants, from its influence. On octogenarians .
infinite pain : I hesitated, and stopped became sensible I am perfectly nCIl"ailtet up. go as young
; but, I by degrees I recovered myself and nation : in a moment. my But heart what thought Ito A twenty'the on a Philadelphia. bank, answered state of affairs: and I have some iutucnce at I look at tie Professors: }'ou'J find that the Iran and upwards, three or four die in 1
of when ho
confi acute "uf rl passenger. who logs the smartest wasa for in summer. 1
chopped winter one
the attention paid to me ga\c me the board. ,
great dead I ? Is Ike
\\ithin for
everything me Ma be I can change it you, says when he is .
dence. I soon found the cloud that ovellpreadfl myself; inanimate ? My ) I have no doubt of it, sir ; you have my boy will chop logic the smarter The growth of the body in summer is considerably ,

became less the soul ib well as the body, eagerly. and I tru<4 all hopes of a man. And 't is so in fashionable life ; you greater than in winter. There is a I
Reuses clearing ; idea entire my .
otl my nevertheless a proof to the con. onl.wish could chimedin conttlt.ncl'
was I ,
you earnestly woods who I lived alienation in
confused the came readily, and comparisons tltIj1 take a man out of the among stronger tendency to mental wann
; wor. i What i is then become of my trill to the stranger. success you. all his life and fed on of
ciowdcd me. movement i is very decided. bears and wild cat potatoes weather than cold. The influence summer
and expressions upon lo 81', to live 1 Kverjthing withinme How will that do ?" inquired Ike, handingout "The present I, him enough 1
I Lad only to choose then I went on myobservations speak, Funds now very low." I ( and he liny, give money in exciting the passion of men may be
\ and is as inactive as if I never hud his $10 Missouii bank bill, and a ar. the middle of a !
sleeps, settle down in
became more striking, and! my the spurious Alas yes low enough. Most llineso and let him from t:je fact, that crimes against per.
: existed Are the nerves (disobedient to $10 gold piece on top l of it. be before '.e'll be aheadoltlien violenceare '
demonstrations more clear and comprehensive. I are brought to a city, and it \un't long ; son-that is to say, deedsofpersonal
of the brain Why (1)) those \viflmcfescngcrs have the stranger, operations "top. and
I was astonished at the with commands hi no objections. says is then to }as, our proceedings that were born in fashionable lift then twice frequent as in winter.
nuclC refuse to flItllc soul ? I recall- "if will pay ,fare. I lecess1) ( babies. He'll be smarter
IJil to it
I fa. tn Ioni of things. brought foul
which I expressed mjfclf. fuuld great instances of the the bills upon up i THE POINT.-It is oftbat
mind almost miraculous .Try Map ; and were passed and be in while to take STICKING re1tet
t. sure a
according. ,
sc\cral difficult subjects, tie Yes indeed, we muit progress thaI they are
in treating that he
and Jeremiah
duly of minddirecU-d too.ic purpose ], each pocketing the exchange with a nervous the It's the natur of things." I celebrated lawyer, MaSH
which at another tim I should hardly La\c power Ir." .. ( leat of law before the
urged 1 by impulse. 1 knew the kind ulacrity. As they sped along, every was once arguing a question .

dared to attempt. They seemed to me clear of the a ladian strong, who, after the death of his now and then I the mite would steal a t fugitive You have already lost I suppose is., hj- IIdownward \.! this is the late Chief Justice, when the opinion of the .''
it not surprising ,
to nobody
triiles. 1 Next
them EvEUv BODY.-
as movement
and simple, and I got through find that I wile, had oilered: his breast to 1W infant, and glance at the deck passenger, which would skilful l \\1 suffered by it. known: and whose court was given upon some point in the case,

Still greater became my surprise to had nourished with milk. Was lot this be on his part by an anxious look inretur. ; the IfS \ most important personage which opinion was adverse to a t former one

my memory which had hitherto I been slow! Tcct of a Mioug i will ? I rn)!self had seen flowed D-n that fellow," muttered the but you wi n'gl\il. however place tho former is often compelled sectarian to supply.knows : upon the same point, and given by the same .'

and ilp.rf.c suddenly bacame Ilrac luu tl;! and motion restored to a paUicd limb by I wish he would get ashore," and at a I "I hope it may Sl. At present, Every body, says the political exceeds, justice. Mr. Mason in his peculiar manner, ;

ly : : brought hack the most trillingcircumsuticc rfibrt of the mind ; which had awaktiifJ matt ood.vard he tried to leave him but the stran- I can (10 nothing. that the righteousness our par'y the looking the justice full in the face, made the ,;
a mighty We be and Pharisees while
I cited an So much the surf that of the Scribes ; h
of my long career. the dormant nerves. I knew a lan ger hopped on hoard and sneaked away back' hetlr. sllJ Have is the troubled following significant inquiry, "'il your honor

author and with io mich exaclilude, that one heart beat slowly or quick as he pleas! the where the uneasy conscience of to act according to c: Clm'tanc"s. I wickedness of our opponents a Now it slick?"Concord Patriot.A ''
lIose on d.c" direction f which cast mire and dirt.
taken paiticular waters
book in views up
might have imagined that I held the to elucidate !. ed. Yes thought I, in a transjxirt ot joy, the the mate ( carry him, every now and your inclined to think any the North n1..ds the best is Nobody, instead of Everybody, that posses. GEM.-In an account ofa lost child in

my hand ; facts all ancCJ"lcI came the will to }live rcmiiiiH. 1 is only I when this then, to sec if the passengers's countenance am chance. Does the North suit you ses this information.( In tho same manner, : Missouri, going the newspaper rounds, we .

m)thcorie and demonstrations ; ca- faculty' ha jicldcd Death) can becomemaster betrayed suspicion. At length. they reached I "Perfectly. I have already acted therewith those whose vocation is to fabricate and vindicate find a sentiment, and for a simple expressionof
RCS of that I had \vitn *s'ed in my of reviving, as I and the cause of the mate's disquiet i
insanity of U.. I felt a hope .Smilhland, creeds dogmas: and ishions in all the that confiding reliance on the Divine care
)oulh, and which I thought were effaced from it the vigor of my will. lintalas on shore and left the boat. After some success. then. and divinity believer in a
may express by stepped Well we will operate on the North, ( of law, physic which should characterize a
my memory, imbed back upon it as if they think of it without himself that he had not \rions f'partment acknowledges .
assuring shall surpassed.The
now what that have
I cannot even How much shall we say ; on figure uniformly a\ Everybody Providence, we never seen
ha rcceutly happened. I became moment fast chuckle' at his success, JandIUU
every fear The momtlt were speeding away indulged in a we fix 1" the accuracy of their several doctrines little boy narrating the incidents of his

one dea more ltell.e promptness with which. and by the noise around me I comprehended while they were steaming up stream ho en- Ah that's the difficulty." and princp1cs-whcrcas. through the afore. wanderings, when night came on, !als" It

WWd another exciting every .lac- that preparations were making to close tcred the del k's otlice, with a broad grin on Two thousandwould two thousand :answer said character is entirely grew. dark, and I asked God to take care of
u1IJ" andwordscaiiieto lie transporal
At that; S"'e them coflin. What i is to be done ? If the will his countenance, threw his S"20 bill on ?" deprived ot his rights ; what legitimately little Johnny, and went to sleep !1
a pLc.s.onof Email bills incichamige
great terror took my the it, how hall dock and asked him to furnish indeed thousand is quite c. to Nobody is placed to Great
I)2mind.. It seemed to that h:1 really: power atriJlctlo Yes, ; two belongs A BOLD FELLOW.-Frederick the ,
rne some unknown I oflcnstrongly the established
for the
dangers, which. I direct it ? During al my .irvy. '' the nough." Everjbody-thus reversing after terrible engagement, asked his
i was not i il andinovehut tickles Ike ? inquired i is a very
my power desired to sneak COllt j Wliat down m his maxim that during i
the broker
lo avoid, hung o\'cr.le. -.I._. < .,.!, While was putting E\'eryLdys NoLoys.I officers who behaved the most intrepid _

The supernatural pocr that had hitherto not do so. I now macie anomvi "strength/'rt of I clerk. leaned back, and, indulging in a guffaw, I memorandum book two tholsand in the North the loveliest customs of the the contest. The preference was UDDmoua1).livel
the utmost Ike the
sink the wrestler puts forth Line, to sell on his client's account, was among to himself. Yon are
supported me began ; my thought* be. muscle to raise his antagonist, so 1 related how he had picked up" a greener ern to himself A good engagement (10 bury their young at morning twilight the boldest feller was a
up the
r confused faces clerk comedian was saying ancent
came ; strange and fanta ticjmag"s every The softest in. kinS
and exchange. the replied
all that my will could command, one than himself by an indeed I the Northern Department, ; for as they strove to give twenty times during the
flitted before The employed of "hcm
my cjcs. objects the impuUe the bill, examined one PrcshurJ'sDetectort to death, so they imagined that to a
to nerves looked at of Lille Iwo thousand francs tcrpreta'tion and ho did not ccaso vary
my theatre
endeavored to impart the engagement
, of which I had LC(1 speaking came to life, found his fully aid hail stolen thorn
last hope It and! thence twenty !I" Aurora, who loved the young, o'e lime.9Jo1t4a'1 "
volition. My could riot tho
I I hopedhetcr note w
of that It salary
I and I seemed like energetic
a magician \Iw. by a word raise one described a well-known rmm/'rtt' We have to her erlrct. .
did 1 to as continued Ly
rendered visible the living and the dead. I I Ittoprrd' vas in rain ,' In vain try sigh the rlerk's turn now. rxn I Ike's The broker .li
hrcait -to utter one was,
-ath within un
Th* moat perfect isilrnre! i'iiiirJ r



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;I t- the i.nttll! the inailf'cn Iho route, oer wl Iitli: the lio.ins (hat if he will CelieU hue with a n-sptcia-! way cf u ,. Tl.cre is haidly a city Wre of v K L

.. 1'ti*i Pie .V. 1'. Journal cf tVn.Mr l l.nUt 1.io4it.ftu) lb;. j in IMI.'I;: ,-audit waJ'und TME VLOJUJHAN.1IIUA1S J ) pei lcM'f timos- CMiiiitics ci.uU have no (XHsihle con- tile rrronitr.endation. and by g'xxl! security to the which dorj not ha'-mdcJcnely Ht.u,> f a ( rtarct.montlilv > .

:li&t: a ;;.xii! dal of f i it tas rn fin.-, ( nving am ,nnt r. jiiirtd by law for lacify aud ability lo rs of
f the Unitcd thcfculate
TIIK NEW TAUIIT.Wo tr.l. It fortunate that the C. >n tt: ':lMie pa: ; many ir, cur niJtwlich -
i to a ehanve in the bpeJ of the thsks.! ) as sncl. tt! discharge theduties, he can obtain tIme ppcir.tn n' vte do not *
u HI gM1115
j-l.own the "l.ET 57 $ Stat' 4 makes pru :i.i d I r carc.t0lh.an invaIuab1e month.
haxe <
already pr4inI tit t etniu* in COIXiCtItti; : \\ i'h 4IIr; own wtxH- cfth Here do not think the otficc worth tl.o here -
ff the Fjstemcf 1 i.iinumiriis, a'd' o* ilIMMJIJ lo cacti houi3 of C m.r.'st the ru'.t' to jud t; we anpIcation. vthil- m Ihc ,,. j interests, is threatened
Iiettiig \ this doubt wo<
growers.Hi \iou im I.tTZih1).tY .tI1(1YPT 1. isti;. el-totet *
ciiiubcr ly
/ <1mzlLiic.ltin4! : ol its own ,, of nufficirtt
articles of uniform her afll
duties not patronage I
picifie upon ) I the only agri< n'tural article! whicJi it is j

I. ralo, Iiy cnmnoliing the poor, annifn ininadfTMo 1 putMhli* to tIritect-ltJfl I. ty l was : OK Tin: TLORIDIAN.TUP : :'.t-. Cbdi. wcngrct tosie, 5i5tLq! o to IHJ. B>it wcfo'pe
tuad.rts -
circumstances, to pay rnwli! higher t itveil in (he new tarilTal 'M per cent. IfthecarjM'tinvn ranciofcon!>titutiT.al law.Jn tie_ O/ UliLIC LANDS.Wo m-( ;; the paper will be sustained, hy an increased
artieV 1't.nTl4N p'iMishcJ every ciitnrhiy, at i jig that C iirrsi ha* ro ripM'' di=rPSar J statute want to know what the duties *
fatties in pi ate
the rich. !like l\\ T i I itrC ii LI. \IS! iiiii'tm. in'vsrialty in artta of! tatin the rweptirti cf Iii niemier, aid, we this oil ce-, t\hi, h sa5 created at the let sessf''*
they cons-u.-iK', than! aio ;pid Iiy the q'lertion with th.i ft lunrs. The 1'llt?, or rtiiF: : Fii'TY Ii raid 5vittii si month4i a acijvunted lxf.>ro the pio- our Imucmruli'friesolsni( doubt to ,- .uit kr 1 1'lantern cf the South will sun et r prise calcula-

4 u ual iiKtJcs! nation, all pay in pr.i'- t former are few ill number lLa !latter: are huure ( ttt: : time ('1 .a.eribiuag, or I'tIR 1)01't.) 'IR' ittii trust, will become better Wecansc.irdtybrin some clamorous adherent., ,) time salarv ci W"1C" saidotl.Ceti t led fo tin so much Rood 150 down w itlKiil an eff.tf to

ti(ji It, their projxrty ; Je>hn Jacoli Aslnr, v}:i .! ' A-M> Jut.iti J jcar, rw ..tAMl'Cll preterit if.
.4 nnJ tlio T CN I)4)LLtit&) Adw.rliietuient-4 jmtetel Ltiai ff! If thbr' '-f ""' Mr. C., up MI r.rtection TilT or THE (;lovne.Ni R ?
6'f' .0t>OO pet nntmni, jvoor im: no.f'iinr I. 'lliv inm are fivored with n dn'y rfV rnjr tie- -5--
intn i ti ra'ea A hibcriL (1t4cQiat DJd3 jeoih adDH.MOCRATIC disfranchise! anv portion oJ his Where are time lands that are to be registered, of Democracy.N" .
Hut lirta'iTJie cnt"
| tor ho has no property.( : ) per tent, un1-r I the ut'w bill, which at the ,.crtis& could -on records, surveys, plats, maps, field-notes, patents. Iltcsslugs
( p H>r niiii ha* :i Mttninch, as well as Mr.A 1 I'r't'nt prices of iron in Ivjn-pe, will jive fellnvr cHizt-a iilliu.rly : it tmtut havo been the &.C., that ate to be de.pusitm-t in the oft eo ?--an old true d mocratcv review the action r>( the

it4 r, and like Liu in'ist he CLil!
l him tn'ist provide for hjs family ; aiitl lifcauIn **- l ftomthe extiavaar.t price < }' ir.m abroad is u- ta the!halts! ol Congress. Calm reflect ion, wethinkj t this kind that can be found, arm! we know is of no -ut a feeling high hope ft r the future. \\ ith

? M ol Zig*tl to cooiit! himvolf with! an tnfiii -- 4) IK- C5Crt(4I! ; !hUt Fiirli i* the increase ofnnmipti ron CONGHCSS, ; l convince Inn (hat he wa* deciilcdly wrong in lauds hat require necessnrv any for sICm' any! reui-trati.n lands beloniimz nor to anyrcgistr.tio.1 the the aid of the Congre-s which has just adjourntd,

jtj3 oo.ls the ininimnii;, nn-i 1 icitcdutie .. : pressing his clziru &o strongly, Uin Iho minority will the eimi > of state is a> aiii rut the republican
quality& ( ( > : << Jor lail rLk! sip! [ nxif-, aii-l aJlntj Mate. TheUgiste"r, we tenfire to sn >orDO : ; upon

tax him j'i a? much on th-t ii:11-. 1 ;! atil rther 'bin r*. that I tlr* j'fi.-e; is liLrly WJLLL1M\ A. EAR candidate. He mi.Lt, perhaps, under! the ctrcum-j TWO MONTHS WORK IOR Ills 'Fii'ns'n DeLI ) tack[ ," awl the democratic party can nv witness the

,, nor (juilily t>-. they do Mr. A ior on the l* *t. | la coitiisie high for a lon time !, corne.- ncfSha\c taken his scat, i.i the first instance, und. n.n '. He I bardl knows n bat Iris oiico is. He i ,-clical rflectscf the principle Wind thy love

It it iinJouL:. ,!!y lnt*, that many a nnn not 1zs'tiu1atc-taucts (IfS wool tint otherwise proviJedlor r the (lOternor's ci-rtificate : but the first rr>.< merit /allowed whenever his tractllinz ffftntft., the in public tuiling interests, limrrtnJi They can nows' whether the spirit: of the-sr de-rcec

worth Si000 in "iLe WIll! "more f fr; OieMij ln -irtjined, that anothet, his> mpttik-r, had re- in hiopinion broad for institutions ard danr-rour!
mufaeltinMt ,
Luiinttt or loo
ps are (sYyr! : to tJO per rent duly- in A. JfJiO.'ihe reiuire it-that w.ll be, trhenrr'r his racy is !
)jxjrt ol the natiornl!
with hi* $J.! .OOO.UdO.( ) ( () BIt tbi I?< n1tLo 1_ II. D'-mocrats tuliuit. ; hiin'wlf credit, as will a* service in an- h IHLI. He has the uthonty to emjjloy SUCh a- opponctkis pretend to l>eitve-ttaf! smith is the caVe.

v r, nfthe ca e. lithe poor nun i):*ly MV h ip now tha1 by a f.epirale bill ( '<>n.n h.-ld at Centreilc! in yt1DestLl3the oth r nntc-t. by honorably resigning his seat to the gwts'' as he may see tit, and pav them out< d of the'eopte'i to The test is n/.w bcfro the wori>'-lot it be cl n'y
tanzidate3! I finepir&ingitruly- way
_ | ai I taxes t.) tinj, noiiinvn', evon thnut! t rat ; >s.< will at once proeod to lay a hiV of'JOi ) .. for th'i' purpose (If nt'a.uu1g people's choice. It would have given the people make votes.money How- many of these ngents ago wilt Lesimm- observed, and let mankind krw the n "If. We are

4 fall pmpnrtion c >mpai .l with ihe ri< hi.n:.. per cent upon; tea an 5 collie.'e dare say t'<) tie* next regisatr': much moore confidence in (he sincerity of )hi* desire tering about next October election lithe Register not afraid of the trial, for we believ that the { tin-

Lis jMi'iioTifm nii iht r'iidtr' i it toJcraMe. T u' this i!!<>towill bo wanted. Tlieie will I alt Is sec t'icin, rather than lo serve himself. has found! out where his otlice is, we shall be Mirpried which Jefferson, Madison and Jackson had

v.hat if )lie were oWi! od to paj" a laif; t j. ., ( of c.mr' b") a check! nnnrtices! Mr.KiN.lI.7 I "tIccaiMl1'aJJ tr Con'ieti, To read! the a.Mr,3 throughout! one ii at a loss to s -we d->n't think the Loanlature had any idea of ciples
whn upon > 1sreccncuurc what he would have to do, for the TIIOVS. MJ DOLr.Rs. faith in, will work well in practice. Dtuiooafsare
ftc it the rich ? to the inanu actuiot 'Icllrt Ciayandf
tit > "* tl.e
a"* .4 jititilth 1st of IocembiT[ in order ( & know any tiling about hi* political xentirnents. Is
and those of otbrrs ? jxil.lical parties, who were lu- He will run about, like DcLzoii 'mith, sale in fallowing the !teed! of surd men, and the
t..cm .
Li hard ai ,.
out eariig' to Cior tut. tl
? '
n **
cite iifdtuty. On l I he Whij or Democrat ? I* he Tariff mm or a Free the HOUJUIMS
vthom Tjlcr sent Miiist r lo or
like hini have made thrir fortunes in a yrar., 'he other han-l. Sue d'lty on some aiua, i uir him at he ("unit house, tod ]but to Track naar' ? Is ho Hint or anti-Hank ? I* he Sub- some other outlandish people in South Ace-rica-he

a and are litinj: in splendid! palaces while I IL!tie :I4at the ni<>ct iinportant me is increased.The1 .-..... I Mr ..nn was nvich ratiiie-d at the respect incedlor Trca ury or anti-Suh-Treasury ? In fact, where M ran about over (he whol continent 'o search after best-

: pines in a ho\elT What would( hut.rin na-L wdl t b imported moic freely bejbre the i r.r'1 by *" nunxvoui an. alien linrc of his! frhi'- t them sorncon** had to be sent alter Smith to tring What has been done to gain fcr the democratic
he ? Two thirds howtvcr l.e distinct
lure to this ? Vet it is exactly: wlnt' isj ; Irt of Deccmwor tli.in aiterwarJ*. I Ii 1jfl3. iltI remark \\t-ftt lutL-nM In with great is upon.; t hint l twk-hse tsk good rare not to be found however party, now in the asccr.tlan-y, the praise cf harm-;
say j every bndy! die in the new States arc Iii ftr c-f the until his out that will be the
was -
asinji"itrfore; our r\ep_ c\ery day an-1 I HIiUCflt. O. i \Vhit the minufact: :rers, merehants, and atfntin, a-d we are nell nre hut the polls! will year done their duty to the country we will Lri flv act
j irilh fainJt.ll'e
4 gra huliott of the price > fly FULJCCIIIJg 'furtigu articlts Ii j others, now h.ne to do, i is, toad.il] them* 'hr yjv. the fivonblo: inipr sionvliith Lii remarks He (tells Vi plainly fie wnnlititgoto t'vn< rei, that algal hunt up ft* pi-ocet
IrugaUtd<ieS, they nr" either cidut n. aal their bi>5n-'SN as oon: as p.s- iie! I to( the j jadto day upon; h;* aidiencc.V -l>wj>cak a cnn.l ; and girr the name ol these who toted to make dow n theont-r : M of a great majority of the people
ho has hisessn and thai if the
ccme out on account, ,
iit cly. or greatly enhanced in jrue. J ib M.it.of t1.iu. SlaUIity! i U what they ( conidration for Mr. Kain vicns'and illu>lra- ANOIHCR: Ol'KICF.R FOR( ( THK PEOPLE TO a tariff which enabled northern manufacturers to net
; people; will only elect him, he will do almost anthii'j \ FF.KI) OUT OFTHKIR HARD KARNINGS.: If
.. 1IAEe things zogiiihcr, cniisI1t hat i Ca1 cd' all nee-1!, morethan aliaos-'any thing eke.- t l?>,i< i,( the Democratic .ith.. In the course of his rich at the expense of tLe farmers and planters ot
; they waiit him lo ds, will tote fr lusty hey were democrats we hope the people will lay
rotcctifl." Hy cnhinc.n-: the pric'; 1ft 1 thIbicfeii <' j Tint can now In hid if waMe'd. The! fro1j I emarSti upon (he tariil, h iclusitt-Iv: rrotcd that t'ic people tell him lo, for 1'ri-ki'Lnt, any the t thorn on the shelf ; if any whi s wi-re amonij them the country. This effect of (he tariff is shown by
lit case
article, the price of the damrs..c artrc j trade men w.ll l Iu e coirenMo leave the t.iril! i ii i t 11> taanifeiv the inrrft of the cotton spin-x -like Toot Tra>"-thry shall be punishedfor be- the fact that the manufacturers were making from
the lloiuu
to of
v/iti! which it come in c-ur.petuion, i alro i as it j is," lor a loiij; tiin lo come. At least'' i i t his) country (t) ./f/irrtt tle price any. twenty to fifty per cent on their capital, while far-

enhanced : and thus whiLconMirne:5 arc 1 ( sucli i< our inij res iin .Pie1ief. It was idle i j'islly rnnit"l tint t'.e inttTmt of the 1'ureipcanM He is \ mighty iriIIbssui, truly. IVe think, howovtjr ltobberles and .tlurdtrs. lae-rsaid ( lanters can make but little mere than cne -
he uuth taita'C4 the of il hoh
,E liar to the g.rtrrnmci.1. thc: a I! ,' j to vujij.i.st tint a t.irili's.) t(coiljit-inl as that of | ;uf tetnrcr will imlu him to inrrcauzh to pay expenses. Let the eople of Fiend
The citi/ens cf ladsdon, Leon and the
"r'firfW-cr' (!oacr it may he Uvo .n-e l *4 (..viudfjfpr.nnent! the li1uI' nf the ay j ,nrti- raw tmtcri Tlie pr. .( fr the last two ipcstluu to gain their good opinioiii and volts, by adjoining I contrast their profits with these et time matiu acturers -
I have for Iven
counties lime
-.. nnnuficltircrs or *!* : il. \ Ta'ili'cv i'! an endure i his oarty| profesMiKis. Even some of his own some pat kept in great
liuijidt .
jr < ; except iwv the nvcr.s rri-v 4r c ton has h"tnI cents ; ac.,! they will hate the best attainable commentary -
ccrsclllie comue.'zn b.-jKtadisfiUbl him, end excitement by the numerous robberies, negroes and j jhorses
..i party we are perfectly sat-
It is :: pre a ni'vferafe on-. Thf'a\s eifras'Hc'ioa; are ,at a liliimal l e'st 't| I j cenls it This
( HT ,
tended that the ; | |1wtind r. njj the w big tarifT. od.cus law the democrats
pice of ihe comesll! :ut'c; !' isenljai nnnijrrrd. 'oe wvrld: M l> free.- [ Ufl (that Democrat' will ncvir site for a douSlfulU'hi sti.U-n aid (he diotcry and arrest of the upon
econtig | t livi-n-d at the r.nt.-rn fjclune* n.akmz the
oij I cniirortut have abolished, and hate substituted
; :: prccisel) the amount ofthXv on TLe n arifl is a riililic oHi-ial expression of1( ia preference to a staunch and lo.ig-tried Drm- thieves and murderers. Whe-n the matter first came one
tho t ) bin fJ CC..N ponnd tv.iL! cost
foreign 1i.-r ; aft which will bear more equally all interests.Thev .
article, fur such is n(' tv-riM-oniy j (fr.! t-wt. 8ucei>s< to it, and the c u.trv | o'rat. Like rtiir'-ps.Uticians wt- base known, ho is lo light, four arrests were made, and the criminals upon -
Le fact Various c !laJcral) circu-nVau-M : 41: Ctf. t per pound i ii incurred by the European very likely to tall bclm-en the two stf.ls.lcni ,-rinniiie-tl to Quincy jail. The confessions of some hate abolished a Uw which taxes the poor

conic in: to .jj.xiJy! the -resu It is i1i'irnt i I'ut. tu lliuti'tan. naafactnrer fir iti doliti-ry at his (artery, taaliBphe of the parties, Rave a certain clue to others, and the man's clothes as high as those of the rich man, and

for our present purpose la hiv, that afr a"I;j :XII.S>IO.\\U\ COLLECT.S.:\S.Mu aw rmtrrii'l est him \ cents per j-o-ind; ; thsu >ler of Public tamnis. cilucnsof Gadsden, with! prai-ewoithy efforts, imI passed another which makes the rich man pay a tax

\J t Ii }a.a'n/Hr>?. ?l .4.-jjJo! .,. ,1; him ij ,jt. I L..biTLZ.Tlo: cause of missit'ns lies 1 the jste-rn rnann.joturt't; fi j<.y-t\jirotrrtinn of25perco'il \\\ copy the followi; article from the lat .\palichtcola I mediately set about th-ir arrest. One of the principal in proportion to the value of what he consumes -

.Mr.gives tiio *?v% uear my litart. I was found on missionary : retnllinyfrotii hit petition. Wien the jrictof Advertiser. It is lhi iao t diaingcnucuse actor*. Alvin Flowers, for a longtime the drivcr This is one blessed effect democratic rule.

try ar.d, \VaIker-a ct'! : j ground, converted under the prayer of a faith otloti i-t ten ernts it will cost at the Limit fac- \\- have yet seen from that print, since it has been of the mail stage from Quinoy to Chaltahoochrc, Another good measure of the ekrmicrats is time

iclesIiith! candid! man he > ;tt >. ful riii 'Um try. and have travelled on iii ijonry tory I 14 I L C"-nts, and t" th. .Manrfntlcr tninuf.tcturfi undi lh control if its present c-ditor, imt.d mu-t hive sslio had been charg with frequent robberies of Warehouse Dill. It is closely connected with the

Sj-erifie*; ;: iiuiu 1 often think of the minion |;j ceitter pt ufid : tl.c) laaternrranuf! ::ct'ircrthfneuvs4 boji in-life.1 under .' 'ftr ignorance, ariunh zeal the tariff and is of the
,t ntnUIacJures! thea'e4jf-te ?, and I or the jo.(jI '//(/ htn'i nut tic Go prcte cti Iiacco *]>ti, the plans hose( whopi the people have select made his escape for the \Vesf. A was immediately -fTeot! will le to sate the country from darrcrou*
cotton, \\ ol l, and jve I have tar making culicction tho li.! raw mile rid !L-l!1 (,.- E, !,,di as V) n ats. the ad. d to control and administer the laws of fluctuations in
molasses sne< c. s ; our made up by (lie eili/ei.s of Quincy and commerce, a IK! to increase our commer"c. ,-
ttijir, piper, o Iait iVc. : % !.!, <' of the I.Tt "s and
j 0:0. nid with all ; rrtin AlieleIon'd. ic. overt S'lale.Ai .
gln j, hats and : our pl.ni! :>, young Messrs Charles M. Han is, MJJ. W. Gibson, and Besides, it deals out the measure ol justice
eiii. i .rawjjraid ; O'n and in au? we (fali: far shoit of !- R i.'is'-'orGcnn nrr.annf* tirei-. ibut r { percent. State in
and eaithemvureen tli raisng a wo arc our infancy and it thould c others, Martini in pursuit. TJiet left in advance ofI to all our merchants.
i amount annually for tni sioiia that ft4 (!T:& cle'ir, to tie c..r itiiiieit iN.mprrhcixu.i''. not b' that
ofhirh in lit TiHi-tl ab vre arc prcaumtd IhoJirt -lature would be | I hostage,w Inch tlmigimt convey i'ntoF'l-jvtfr", Another good result is the passace of time SuJ>-

803 in Yaluc-t! i. <-iiju-: Inn to Iai?. tUt it if the si-ri.iI J inUr> -t it t the "l-rda of Of: miftent; to enact laws, and all the needful regulations and Mr. Harris, when the otage ottrtock the company Treasury bill. The whit;* wwild give u-* a Bank -
afraiJ SOUK of ; arid keep dowa therle for the
ere not yfuture. To do would bo
i S ers in of th a& H> lo a-iume Ml his hcrse, and travelle-i m time stage( to They would charter an institution whrse power can
coiiseq'icistv <* liluslriouc! : in this f ji.: a> they should! be i <>! 1e- crrat'I; tIC! South : gd that theultftff that the fit,,? ly islalnrctre
itfallible. As weunderstofd Pcn acola wht-re and vt il1 crush Iho perify cf the did
IiI to the duty on the f Uruti he arr.vcd m time totake a steamboat prr ctuntry, as
.4 >:- j r, hoiv Ki.ny missionary sermons have I f the Hiirin; ,ina..uftetur wll icdncc j jittn mil'rrs and Ihincs, Laid hort-d here .
which! these c.n'Iie lp.J we on the eve of leaving f,r Mobile. The next day the .lh! Hank of the T'nite State?-an institution

0 593 ; and is in fhrr, ., J chtircL-s cached oa your circuit, how many ; I" iwrvaw ha- j ru- I In li"! higlx-ot point it will was a s-irit; of ci>rn|>r'>miic with! (lie people. This he was fortunate enough to ii!, U-ct amid secure FUw- which can control all (he mTiied interests cf the
'i ,he can obtai.i. -S7", | how have, rich been spoen! to on the subject. ,' n-jf This it i KO pUni th it t th.- Mi\fariiig man may we still believe, and further that it will be carried ers on a steamboat just arrived from New Orleans land, an-l which, like (he old one, can course the entire -
'. t lormons sum, accnnh'n to cjutiihu.muy,,,, luf nji-n have you .JsLeJ far a ,read ail; u'ei5-r-tttd. ont in (nfnre legislation if not inter fend with by lie found his fuends at Tensacolacn! his return, and Union with a most awful panic, leaving the poo-

_ >4 calculations i i3 pau* i<> the j preacher \atninc j bimself.flir rh'ips.. jet every I Mr. ratett'* C'Irc .lir, Ar. rabid, iar'on ideralo <.r dishonest politicians who -acl.ed Quincy with his prison* r oo S-lurJjj lest.( pie in dreadful suspense as lo the security of their ml

i producers of th said ns. j sr be i ia d<:"ng hs before ant he ki.ow wbtth- XV.n t cx in time I luit nu'iiel an aJJrtcf i'r.Cdttelt hate at heait tli.-ir own immediate inter. sN, regardless Great; credit is due to all those who participated in vet-ted! interests. In place of su-'h a monster as this,

I rir fellow citizen Jury urgs others to the ii-i.le} if Fi'ridataale ef he interests of time people in general.In this time democrats have
do principally
fI I tji-! c.nnrti to theirs Oar hart up capture, as it will douLlIcss lead tn others eiuilly adopted a Sub-Treasury, which
f /x-opfr gtt the imthfy '-I 1 ajij ul- to th -r .-> -at'.io. and oarmtt the first place, the Advertiser states that will in
1 revenue t.e! ffnv. att'l ft/ girt ,ff if ut untie nj an promise tie I < imp-riant. O.i the o\amioation of Flower' keep safety the public monies, without flooding

.L luctin $1,301,1 rj es'li. tr: it jr(iir arplicnliui t i do jjst \\l tat tii-s w sh hipj to d<>. if IKVill H'-jTi-tter of lie( Tublic Lands reccitw twice as much I ba-T'T, alter his arrest, a bui:ch of skeleton kcrs (lh>? States with paper rags. The experience of

only 6 i I7O3. llt. I-j Xow.; Mr Eo'tor. will alli \\ ou?> rt'rt Aim fiif time to Conertm. U'e re- salary ar the (
,. ul! and many f tTje" ic* 1 {C"nation-A another. } f-'t rfvWF"sfnl you >xv n't toe a' slig.ther srrel t\ct-oliMRly that it u tot tf our p wi-r lo sole The Governor receives gl.W aviar, while Iontinsohe( ( Stockton P. 0., which had been stolen( this measure If they have not forgr the workings

; i are contained in his re- w |<: I oti3 V* In i JIfiieotlrctious toi' l.iir., aol shall !le- hligfd to stf. I < fir lum r :! the IVgister when appointed under (he law, txi.ulde by Flowers, while e-ngazed for a few trips( to drive of Florida hanks, they w ill not soon consent to see

iman the childrvii! the ImJechildren. / '- o.,!} i/mf ti,i. -,,t1-. the
Jenale [ \dvcrtiscr cdior the from Hall's United States Rank established.
One state an
made in r. mpiiunce : ith th trreal complaint Landing lo MocLtou The They will start
; ? ( ir mis. ianary boxes llth ( at3 there arc no cluticj to he performed hy lie
-. that Itody and would] not S him }* n. lht C nrres j audacity arid roguish finish of Flowers was c-sc-mph. hack IrisLtcned from a propositionwhich will place
l'i.accorn pnatrhi will pcn/iit to rflutn l.u .. .
? only talk a little al> )'it his ten .. {I Register when appointclLi t him turn to the law t jet( time
i The actual addition: to the thing and st.irt the !;rik'iciabruigh! .atte-ulm) 1 ho h dcbtami-d the I route from Marnnna, having succeeded the whole country under a Bank that may affect Ihc _
> Cover- creating in-
.. | arents, particularly the i office, to he t< ar.d on pac I 1J3 of the ,
die article, says Mr. \Val- Mvf/ntxt I think! they will succeed. nor's certificate l>rfi>rc all the nfvnu tamr in, | taut act? pa .- -l it. --aim tl.-ro f.nJ lip dat cf tie 1 in robbing ll.c mail of all the letters, xvLile in the people! throughout its broad extent as Florida banks I z

,' n prices current and sale Tbi 1 I knoumz ought ha\o > stage, he being the only! p. sscnger-the remains cf hare afTccted them in this State. Floridians then, |
*, plan, I think would work! wul iiall lo knuwn, that il all th< re- j lt'-go-ter (to W, in the first rlacc, that he s.lull" give the (
J difference in pr: v of the otn, l SablVith Schools.! I Have I a box attahcd J turn which had bot-u tin.oieiahly rr.rted, were ,' lx>'iJ in thcsutj ttreiitytfivti'ttnildollatwlKfyre letters having since been found in a swamp on will rejoice at the passige of the Sub-Treasury bill.

_ _ ic article in <
.! la rid' 'j'his i ir xide.J.t to cast into the I 1 caittd4te-tl.it; : Mr. 15. had a cltar second ho it is believed, wore obtained. Flowers had made it is to hate the country governed by demo
treasury a ]>crinn: of thortoy titfijaiily uf lie place, thall base (he custody ef all (he

home and ubror.d, ;.
I cigii and domestic, prices espcoialJy anxion th-it parent fhuu!< f! .* w ts entith-d to hw scat C'.ri.irrt,,j so contidt iid i- a'i I all other etid'ncf nchin, It.e title and de'siMjtion purpose, it W33 thought, of robbing the mails on ttas a niewire peculiarly obnoxlw to ns of Florida.
pro j -
the chaises an! I a I! I board of he boat. \Ve deny unde-r the Constitution .
and any
4 1r.ti24.r. pare neat little lux, with a j ro r .lotto %cry properly came the scat to Mr. I H. j of (he public di>uuin and all lands granttil fnmer / m i-

1 lather, with uumvr i. in.i upon it. and put it in th care of one if the j!; Mr Tab! -11 calrul tr 110 Lirgclx upon (Ihc *\ar>i>nt..it i this St:itet! ("entrcssor which! may herealter be Oi Wednesday niii'! la.-' about ten o'clock, as the internal improvements; an-J, without that objection ,

2 ; actual impoit.iti -.s oj-J children. who* duty it should be tomakc j -> itI t he pcnj.I.. I Ifom-tprclear he nin\ think hn ;a rants-il *] l.cdutiethe san.c as reijuiml of the stag' from Chattahoe.chee was passing a small creek (he policy of the measure is bad, nay dangerous.-

d Iierehj.Cjre hy 1:1rt Inn's application lo all rlit to the ; within half a unite! of Q-iincy, t the driver Local improtcme-nts should be made *
t ron-rs and go* is for i mis-j ( seat in ('onCrs-ss. up n technicality < f j'S irveti.r Ccnir.il of the United States. I.i addition was hot by the States I

I laracfer. \Vhcn.-.rr aucciiToil \ i; jicmary contribution! If ihese little clildrcn LAW \shirlnlid not put- time fcrall the rtsmrn4sit (the 't lo this he 'n likewise chained; with the duty of while sitting on his box by a villain concealed in a where they are needed. It would be outrageous to I '

-ii In comj>ari : tLcs! <* < coul 1 tc taken to C'unftrence. j \otis in the *<- oral! se- thicket. Six or seven but-ksh> t entered his hip, and tax the pempIe of Floiida to fr
., to prcsut their j cotir.fu- to come in, thtu oh-j lecdiij and *'curing t the tjriom linds tvhch lute- pay clearing out a | t'
) nji has invariably! ?been ta> lox thciiisfhfs, at the missionary: Inching, l.iiiiii.r the Gre-rnir'a rtilicatf we are of ppmion I 'been or may hereafter be ira'itid h> Congress. he died about (two o'clock. The dtizerm-i perfectly little river in so.e other State. Vet this is the effect -

[crhajis it uouM answer as an ap'pca'to the that the people thtinwlu-t, %mmoa an inspection of | Fli'sidonUioiu, consists ol Js-rninary Land, C.SMOi incensed at the outrage, wiylai.l the stcral road, of the measure ; a measure, too, which is a favorite

1 II. l ia'! lie .Sectclary's ractiai! : < ns j congrcgatijn without many speeches. j the folUmiri'i nlurn. now on his, in the Hvprutirc J i ; fixing seat e>f Government, 5,1 Jo acres: fur secured one of (the tilhin who give item of others one with the whigs. Besides these general

t : thing Iic! ecorrec' can din If this plan! could become general! have | oEc: will think olh rwuc. Wo luv 1.ul,1j311e51! *n .riial iroprovcinenU.VXiijacres sixteenthsec- who hive since been arrested, and confined in Quincy coisidcratii( ns, the mea>uic which Mr. Polk defieat0.1. -

4' 10 prosperity of th- no duubt but that we *houM huncrcds of then before, but for f liavo ; jail. Others wilt doubtle,"* l tie arrested aiwf hut w! u- > ..I.- -:. -- --" J x
nnntj- er lU-j toj ii
_ 1 ., ilolirs! get > pa tn) the j l nIIJiV)1') acrrj--MaLutC: III all. l.Iei4ui arris tn i
men, or at t the roMpirntii** ( Ifl'rt- th.m .\E- d. I Uut iln'xi nt i i. e5&srS asion 14 5UIi ri'i'tiblifch them.litnrns liicii (he pwjd of (lie State are entitledThese trust t tvs (thisguij; of villains and robbers are about to supported, prot ided almost nothing for improvements
: kk. f" r interests, e jio.-i.illv! that j comparatively a small! part of the .od lands be broken upPS it is believed several of (bo n Floruh, while in the
t lie
g ac- : an file .Mr. 0 I, l Isi ,, n l
yjreaiet ul'nil interests, the agiiculiura: !. 'Ja. I j compliihod! ty tin phii we should iistil i I I ito (;orr-'* tirllfintte tm Mirrtlo .Mr. CaWJ.rwW. Legialmture wvre all to be locattd, registered and offcrcd leaders are already in custody. Judge BII.Tzt ricer received an appropriation. What will the peo- j tl

_ to king be human nature as it is, and not ax it ,tjrht the tender minds of our children tie prop.erprirciple > L'aMl. Ttal.. for sale Who was (o att'-nd (to (hid i. ., his ordered an extra term of ('itirt for (heir pie of Florida hink of tins ? Will they not applaud j ta

can any body wonder that lh< classes j of benevolence! With thar years fl.vsmt.ia, *>, j- 210 unless (he Legisladiro created importantiiilcrrsl trial, w hen it is hoped speedy justice will l-e duly Mr. Ilk and the democrats who stsstain his triews,
first mentioned should )be this blessed .saMiKosj .T. sn ofHctr fir
rcluctai't, rrinrijSo would ; 135 173 administered.
t p-irt ripen int) matu list A law rather than jield to these who
puro. for
| his act of
with Walton, 5-.S purpose was so regardless
any portion of their! rity, and to UN 8W pad, The
873.000,0() give to Hod's
() bo-m'y cause woul Leone but tlie greatest excitement, le.irn time
( \ Li-.iist l we I Constitution, nd
i of Viehingtun. 'o I'I: Ot iluro udjouriiid witlioiit liiaUini prevail in at the same lime arc so partialin
j-er ann, (<.r Sj9.000.000: () )( () if this ( i is I i isirerrcd. he grcatist earthly plcasun As Jjcli.n ; an ( adylen and! the adjoining counties
it i
> iX -'I 201 >(> appointment of liegisler, as (lie lies- ._ and the citizens their favors, Argettir.cr Florida alte>getber ?
; and with the contemplated
) cry Kiiin, Ruin I'm l'uod) present generation l-'ranklin, ;, are ill on tho alert for
; !, we late lo 39 137it Tlie imi rlaace of this more of the confederates who Turn which will
cilice way we we find the devotion
and Murder, if the deed should! l b. preach, to biv, to s rite to C5IIt(4n, a 2 uGddJen fx* as considered by the are known to h same
r'lIalU.! plead ? lurking in the
mited] ?" i thousand lo andndopt a 2ft 371 4'.isjS7. Legislature, is eviucetl b> (time fact, that the Legisla and other vicinity cf Quincy on time part of the democrats, in the interests ef

Now bear in mind that j of what way njvcfzeo'il a small hiortion Leon. Wa 5y (tire, after ntiimrous s>iicre ->ive billotings, places. the people. They are opposed to higher taxation
a large ,f we are abe! were unable It has
pvi ihj< actually to give U'Aolla, 67 come to light that those han is
>* lo arrtstrd
't ls roine to a choice. At are mem necessary (o support the while
S7.j,000,000, or S.'jO.OOO.OOO is NutsI I want to ?ee the JefTerson the very etc of time hers of government,
paid by men day, vhen we need SC 9q I>t3731 a regular band of illains the
MSfion, the Governor cxlcntled frcm Florida w nigs advocate taxation for
in mouerate ciicurn>.tance who are ctrcc1v j not labor ?o hard to get people to Mdiv.ii: 1-s: I'd 255 being advised that (Ihe appointim to Texas, estimated protection of special
able to make the ther fji'c, or ra- lUimlton, __ lit i-uiiit devolve him by some lo number more inditidual interests, even ,f It clues j in'pese heavier
ends of the year meet, and distribute tint which ( Sod has entrusted in :SJ I > upon by special mc!>- than three hundred. The a
paid to men (in numerous cases) c/f ti" with Bit' I want to AUchua, 100 71 231 s e, re-pme-st.-l! that aiiolhvr efTirl should 1 lie made the authorities on the way are kui then upon the great maims of the pee>ple. Demo
Jbrlune leriied Fj.Jendid rico sec a generation (Vluuihia. *W 103 371 by time Logi-laluro to ulect (hat on alert, and it is .sincerely hoped time gang will crats are fcr letting the people their
?, from this lon -conttnued but up, who will give all Marimi, 'ofhcer. This ye- be buy goods where
titi broken
they from S' speedily
can, 175 <)U.-jt was with up. Since the existence of Mur- (they can get them the I
hilf-conccaled oppivssion, and you miy have jirincij'lc, and thru we shall have thr IVnton, *54 7 vj hut resulted in no chon e. rel's of robbers and cheapest, while whigs insist b

I( the case a little as it presents itself lour own to send the < !o pel into every place and mean the* Lety, 5; II, 111 A resolution n is then p.tsaed by both Houses, rc'piesling not been gang cursed with murderers, the country has that they shall buy from rich manufacturer at home,

inindj. tiding of salvation shall be heard, Oranjc, *: l ts 21Duval the Governor to make (the appointment, anti Much a worse one than the presont. no matter what may be the price. But we cannot

Is not then law hnJ.! Let in every 1s3 IT* 3.V: the legislature adjourned. information has been obtained from (hose already extend this articl __we will
a which nm-n.-s (hejrindin preachers and jieople' ; all Iiy and SI. Johns 172 tIP 2'39 Viewing (he responsi secured, and several hereafler.probablytell J

4; ) ineqtialtiei oft ho (anti >f J 'J 12. by done-alirnyt! kfcp trying!, and the work shall, be NaMiii, 71$ ** Ja" duties bility oi tot a the permanent appointment, and believing (he owners, hating_ been run off negroes ami .oM recovered... I., M. ,. by (heir :ur readers. something more of whiggcrv and democracy. -
abolishing minimrms and Fp'cific d-iiej! nut 1 PASSIM.v Iatle. It II 2) presi n| jear would not materially in -T .ivac 3Lcundrcls. -

which dimi-jislj: the exc ssive bi'rd'nrmc\ terfere with his other duties, I the Governor (hciight .V r/A
; T.\\LOK it172 Ill he above notice, have ) Caiolina AVcc/io ._Thi.s election
2123 we took
by the masses fir the benefit of a I .to TJIC I'JJK IUKACV. A 3013 proper lo as-umc the responsibility himself of purposely omitted
c. j jnra. i fl2Ca'xtl's ap names ; vte will give them place on Thursday the nth inst
4 iiorrfsjxjiiJent but
hen-after. .
lively ST.all portion of the peep! ., a p M'c i 1 ful'iitw among lie volunle-e-rs writes as pointing agents lo locale time hmis, (rusting (to the this mornine', mail our exchanges'by /
Jo the .iI obit! Herald I wisdrn are provt-kingly barren of
blcwin ? And! of tho noNt any )
it : Lrgxlaliire
cight not to be welcomed! usmQriiy: 51Tlie i to make a Miilable The Southern CultIvator Hung
i "I I was Mime*what lection satisfactory as to the result Time Cbarlcstcn /
by c man whether rurioiHto Know what f'.liu'.sio additional fer a j ermanent Kcgi.ter.
ofict This
cry turns
a manufarluier or l the fcitdlen! t( were suLsc ueijtly duty he has We reminded, by finding (he Augu-t number :vemmmne News of llm, limit, satsnn >
not, w ho loves justice more than wealth! Iran popMhtiilyuf General Taylor rcfc-ivetl, an lie if rontiruiol faithfully (to ili-oharcv, ilhoul time of this
i\ti i! I lri\c y Secretary > hope periodical on our table,, in._ ..nv, .,.-.... -.us: ._ mm slip (rein the
I from the pocket of their fellow ci iz.-n uiih! upon| him. U hen the; ovildier! | >tate, and hid.! heforr Ihe Ct.n.niillceon Klf-clions of or expectation or. dpt.i,,. .r.f-. .i-. .-. -....- K.HUIU,, its favor by of viii iiuii in S-lnrilay afternoon Wilmington t'hronifI.-.iMud
I iiiriiur
In-ard of his nomination. it.. i'11icsMniny way frying t to preserve lo the South givms us the re-suit ci f the e-
.... than
oui an cquivaieni ? fcurcly it ou 'ht. or our % -- -- it)- the I IIoiuc ol Kfri iitatne9 at \Valinglon : a consriomnevi! of having; at least discharged one of its most valuable iettmnn fur ('*ernor in i "" counties Br r .wlck.
at h.aus publications.
moral perceptions are strangely LcwiUeieJ. h incciings: in the Union, he bhowud as rrorkrnli s. Culdl. Total.it his dimly Aft-nts have teen appointed to locate fears that after the expiration of Ihe There are limifat.Nrw- Hanover, Nt.rlharupton, S-mpso, and
Complaint* Late been nude that dyc-siud : fi'irjuis-as any ( fu.4. lie went farther I5lifliioe. 15J 73 193 these landsa..d they have lrrady tinned( to Ihca- it will be discontinued present volume \\ ayne. Miephrrd's majority, m f.r, i is Pt>2 ; ia the
and and cxj>resej: a deti! :Je-1 Ililisboritighi. <; and Ar what.'-for thotat.t U'"M last election. GrahamV
raw materials used in nununicturm are opinion against the .VI hit mount tf yrxi.Oiy( ) acres, which will cost the State of sutfieient :VT" majority was

subjected to a duty und<>r the new Lirillf O.i making election Jo tint oJlue: of military chieftains Na-Emtm, ',! t II 'Jln not the first red cent, and (he fund, only the tailhng If (his is permitted patronage, it will to reimburse be (Ihe publisher

examination, we find that almost the whole! an exception: liov c\er, or excuse, in c<>sf e>f their location. So far a burning shame upon 05- The Charleston
favor of(icn. JacUxoii lot 3j'4 as politics tte-recon- the south. As an Agricultural Courier of (Iho fOth.slates that
class dye-stuiTs, except indigo whose intimate friend H 1%; ceTiu'd, in the appointment tf paper, it is invalua the Rev.
arc assessed FR .
he. was and for agents lo lecate (the-sc ble. The nunihcr before M eiP. LICK, formerly pastor rf St
whom contains
at five cent on their value had the land, we do one single art i.
per ant J no more. strongest not believe such cuKstdfrdtion tie John's Church in Tallahassee
worth his
e-te ,
Indigo, the most iinj$>rtaut utah the tIe.4. attachment. IJis worJ*, au given to me, ran 1X1 1rackenirougts'j! nisj.Iy ( he nund of the ( r onIcrevl more, in'inite-ly mere, in our view, (han time accepted a call to
.p.i\s sotiet-hat in this the aho\c it ill ic Certainly Ihe aj>- time price subscript ion fo wit pistoml ohirijo of Christ Church, in Mobileami
ss obscrdd ,
.iitpr' : -I hate been that Mr. l rockiitiroii : An
en per cent duty, while under the"tariff) .{ alwajs !- > pointinent- not evidence any such intent. Six Culture and IVov rn the will proceed (here in November
1842, it paid *ix cents a pound. Kite opposed to the el -cii.'n of n.eire t>o!
cent duty i is little more than: nominal ; per yet to rite presidency. Tliej h.ue no business in II \\n aw-are of tliii fart, ai he must hate had ac- whi a, and!, we heliete, three; tire democrats., at least, arc extremely low-only t 1. For I this small sum, a far ;- A letter fum Adjutant General JO-VESstates

we should bo quite willing that it wvrp w holl a citil otlicc of so great leujMtrjsibility, and ((554 to all the documents \\hii h appeared before (the much for his political intent of the law. So mer may have a paper which talks in hi own lan that the Court-martial proceedings in the case ol

dispensed with in reference to dje.stun" It they are usually!! unfitted Ii) education and ex.pcrience committee. And J< t in the fare of this f j<-t he lcidc! the se duties time hidgist.f gtage-ss hmicim cotmt.iins t he' experience of nit-n wimorse- Capt. THORN ro.-x have been received, and announce

would not amount altogether to 8'2">,000a be for it. It is not piub.ihle that I can strenuously insi.tod upon[) Ins rigit! ( to his fci-dt in and execute all deeds and r isoMijjcd to mate opinions, if charted and practised upon, will create the gratifying fact that he has been aopuiiled( of all
conveyances of these in
year ; yet it t enables the manufacture, to crjxjrsecution \ tcn4ed; to \ioate! thij princijile of my IiJ { Con ross, knowing that (here was a inajoiiti/ lime lie lards, keep his office puh- our planters new zeal and new hopes. Cut we the charges against him.C'vrrespoimdmce.
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support of co -crnment. THC at! time Executive ofTce. True, hut? \\i uld Mr. C. ain General the Slate under Surveyor sustained without a goo t and v.xteiidive circulation. GTojr Curs Augujt 5. tSI
STICKIroi>r.-It is related of that honorable tbc United States( tnd We doubt The prrsenl session is
Then, again, it is said the .iiianuluclurers celebrated lawyer, Jeremiah Mason gentleman, lake the advantage! of so equal at least (to those of both the Register and Kecciverof the if the Cultivator has many friend in tidjourmimemat. and ,he unfinkhH b-iii the time ii
that ho Middle worked
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are oppressed by an increase of tliti duly on was onro fellow-cidVcni as the the United States Land so, we would advise time I'll.with an astiniimimimmg'
arguing n Offices "I1'-' &iih He-uses
question of law are
wool. By the tarifT of Itfl-j before the people of Ilillsborough! and Monroe counties and wherever backward to he so no longer One patriotic and hard at work. Every
coarse woo] late Chief Justice when the they may bo locateH,9, salary J3 pub thing, and more than was es-
costing not exceeding 7 cents pound u: the court was giveu opinion' of the refuse (hem a voice ia the choice of their only rep salary of the Surveyor General is > The lie spirited friend of the paper, Col. MCDONALD, of itectcd r'J'w been done this session. All (he great

place \vhcn imported, was charged with ('uk! which opinion was upon ad home point in the case, resentative in Congress, fcr (he rea-on that suffi/ ri>n/ clerks to assist him ; and the ,500, with( several Alabamaproposes lobe one of a thousand who will been cairktj out.!l.hed n with the democratic policy have
vet sc lo salaries Las
5 per cent duly, while wool! citing morn 7 .ijK>n the same ptitit: und given a former the one /W\vas not allowed by law for the transmission of Register and Receiver are $.VX) each, besides of time', undertake to obtain twenty new subscriber, lo com a session !when so much?has" been' perhaps tccomplished.m never.been

per cout. a pound was euhjct to a uuty of a 3 justice. Mr. 'i1 a.tOuI, in hi* peculiar by same returns No one disputes that (he elections in both sites, double or Irible the amount. So mlch, perm,, mence with the next volume, which begins in Jaii- The panic-makers; have signally failed in getting
cents a pound and 30 per cent ail vuoiem.? looking the justice full! ; inner, courticn were legally lucid, 11 that the number of high salary of the Register of the (he nary, 1817. Is there no one, or arc there not many, an excitement against the new Tamift The coon-
in the State is
face made the of I lorida.__. who will try determineml to
second this
Vow Iho fact is tinder the 3 I'otctf a 4 elated Mtrc legal tote Oh but the enterprise in Florida ? give a fair trial, and net be
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quantities of wool were cir>,- arc lobe lhrov\n ajde and iliair jtdid only because praievtotthy undertaking shmM not ho may herealkr
imjMiir.J, Cnttf n'l rt ,f. Adterhscr IhinU (ho ollirsa( stnecuro, arc! would milled to hncuisli per miuiggest some modifications is not improbable -
'h'wr H"" i r p.1 l nu linn ( for the want of ad ; but the
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sgs-r Miu tin, re?tel 'ii Northern friend .irr ahoad dmn by tvhrttuuai in advance.

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j ) to convinctctntl P. lll-: sub -rsUr
I'll re'the Fr. ,cb Station UU1. laKlji Saute cxleiit, Iwing all well mounted < 0011 in rtCame? that the would hare in nreil him urcen arnl eminenct A Li Wakulla hating j urebased the cix rii ,.t
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Hhertti circcmatartrea lound them at the residence of Gen Irwin !, .I LOACH WORK in the best
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M Lan luTiaRuer.1QI4I Lwor- at b4fpa.ct| tuoo clock ra: where they had stopped, apparent! for \nirnati d 1 bv a spirit of patrutism, he joint-d a dep-4tchatid on u ua.sonable terms, as any
4tM 1..ter. Mr in the morning, and sitniK! t1 be n.jt Gen. Irwin made time re>juirtd by law, er they will be in the Ceuntiy. Domm'tterhigii
tain"h Pr'-l i'iiit_%, will return in O. tuVr hi" Jifl e furyouinelvcsII
**' Bttchana'i w Atfiit4 u hiuJbc: uc- t'.e' *uu i- *.:t UI|> but s&arting nfl al guests, and took promit to Mexico to the aaL4t.lmcn.; of GUI. Tajlor. aunt l Newport, August 15, IblO. 4 2ci ;
: audi an u sea- in o.r.on to t rieit Pair the H LhRRY.
*onjil I .rr, and being f -cape, by fastening on their wav he ivas taken ick at M< bile, and Jul!
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The SenaZ Ir f'le-on as was a con-istcnt STOP THE
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> < in s'n-d The part> then started let rtGaine the Methndiit Church fr Saturday ccnm5J, August siid, l but that yen can have all and aiy
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ia bi1k h* 'Iii* llbor!>' bait has c.sred raacl1 ba! what. it nnae dn It (lie storu reality of thin ris mers I cirs seated 1 on 1 t.i..niee, w hich were led b* his death the jrr eeinaa1et trnire } lv tie a *tar btln| rerir-us f tliit hi to two wl i.ile men to the house of ( done in the best manner

t:n i' it (I L'inrthv a dicre: 4. r'aIIi r. the jHr- .!iawli.> IT ,L the arrest One pu* ner, diSCIflts,4lm.pj l Fjunt( the in, Lowntlt C uimty Gt ngia, well ; li.ci..t I t.l.; 2o
it now at rest n Par-ultsi 11
Ad res 1a.i n'4 %el appeared.- There i< ii iiini *:rni: -no irtelltjenn. as }ttof un'<*ilakilr to escape, wa-s'iot through tie! head God 11 dt ath llw i/ens as Jot dan Jlvntli rind ky *
.s MIS inure niots In his tl
"' "ranch enTii'.* to H3it jrea-ons h.us !.* th mc: i nts cr hcreajoi, tt f Lan le aunt vid killed A large amount of money wan found jug in Ito! SrCICC or his enentrv.R *- arnud, and liv force rtbUd me <>f I Ice.

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ku. and taafl ChM. him w it'i irr, mo. ..nt < Ticor of tle Araeriraa (orcv Lore. *vieh! t inlivnititU in Si issiction el ctuntrv who, horn has died within the short cf three Taylor cnrs-ahl tao Hi,r-ts, si,) in whith they made %V. Itor cv, t'rreasM, arc htrebv m'tiiM-dltt pr*'

e. i( Iht sake 1 the Sute, lh.4 Midl14PIJ com,> tli" adraoce C'Jard if the arrn> if ima-ion, their weillh, lad been-4cl! < das tbjtctstf j luni in the bloom and IIT of pace vnemth ard manho*
ie ; *1N te pu.1.c ia In, Z' r i. u :iin I will *i u theh1. G. \\ K.T.flIVi' r. Anting Hum wsCtu Irwin, at wlusc hiou.etiie.ji fatality H I'c vividly and painfully does-it .\\ is a strong built man, tice will be pleaded in bar of them j IK. e uhn
had stop| tl at the tune uf their arre-t They admonish uol tht unccrtunlv t.f life, and the iron iliohe4 hiph complexion n.'ej will pitas" make panMiit to Ihe t xic-

:': er4.n4 Cngr. 4 L& ( aCtI (dir he4 ili'rii OK 1912 AM!) IMS COMI'\RED Were lurnishned with all the n ci
., '/ the lateXnal R.a.d! which as.emll d inv \ r'Ynparsnn of the ratr of duties; tjH>.n some of and their preparu4itmon wire unusually ci m- srar acriMM Ins forehead, and is about Tallahassee, icily tI.iS.ie. 51 M -- -

iM c tSfe! wrre man} thjnjts cIccUni;., l'atalnaesce lY H about 1s years old, and u taller : yi ii

'j 'td wbich c a1 J nt pr w rh br made ,iublc.f and tu t Ii I I. i-doa the anir I.* the tint: to conic with a Tin mdci, ail well I t>r<4tii7rd ban!, who -ab9tt DUtrlcf. lie hi? blue ets", black inairmrmehntd (

the ro-nhers will Ua e tlu @ekt aatlppcir intour'tio Dtceinbcr i
f ii Moiilj*. Then our tnetropV Lttriu .. 1> 12. 1 -4'; should] be on iti pjard These ue tlie farN, aw< field, Atuust 2-fl. strong built as Jordan Irus, MetllcLies, Ialuts. Oils,

ie1 dull. Wiae*- Onr-j:aiR e, 1" TII have received lit m from cthcri.-Tlnfala Dimo- Ihe Hurrrs
; % fr Ta'laha'-Mrestatiin.Ta!liln se, J 0 D'tmptMn nf Irtitlcs! rrrfnintrj, &r., \\ induuPUNTERS' IiI
Bwemidt.. 'J :fiMadeira. era?, .1rg. 5J'i Thmaiile C'.unjm, Gnninl, Sijt. *-4.i flUmilton One is a tight strrtl M.re. ,

/ .'wi ffcrJatf Ptfaifutu Extra, :> 30 i Swift Cre.-k, 4* I 12-ItMai witha mail htatkitt; on Itr rump ; anrsucs AlSO coLo**.

LATER /ROM THE ARMY Carpets. -U illon carpets, ?3 3t) ,i ll< tr I"rA Keening Post sin Madisfi, i' 1<> j(> r'>utid each ear, caused from strings ntlohltt-cails' Glass Mare, te..

Ornct dY THE N O Pic rr> \ ? Turkt-j -' 3-, -4 Bie, na w I h M ton J, rf fur ears w ork." Tro:;pillt, Achier, 4 ,'';-27. thei.i lot the staggers, and a small 'IlEuihcmy- corstantly on hind, and fer ssk I at ll ,

Oily four short years 340 this month, (Jul ) awhiz Warrior 4t Ottibcrt.. The ether is a thrk cliesnut annml: low eft umket prices

Capte"lflU am eJ aJ the ISarnrks thi* Glus ca-Gent letaens real kid, -2 3.i Consjre *va> in senaino at Washington. The Montit tllo do. ('amep.tns-t'g. S Iloads 44 It-1"> )ars old, im marks recilltettd,

; **' from Ew1 tl;ree is mile -tr.-aka t n one. if her hiiul \\f imayn received bv late arrivals large atMitiontt

nuaz fteha', sVLn rorl? >an of AtI2tua! wbce < ntl<.men real French bark, 13 3u sas a bill ft.r raising: nciueblem duties on P. SMITH. P. I:. It n also sti'p.se.d: j list they stole at plies of lirtis,*..W'tfinnt* ami Che unto t ,* lirtt*

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