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and Studs i
a-yndeJ JAMES
: ly
reruns i t. Mc.MULLIN.ST.V .
: for theenquire 7-
year i : price to cents pir :'nttle,thereby enabling it J
-, I i.blcodicd: hands : liiic, %\ ill"plcn.se call on i i.:hti U .'t1t gl. l 1cail.! 'l every dcsci.ji'.ion; Ink-stand-, ; 'I .: tilasst'e. 'ril 1 I '33. 3t-lnis within tli'J reach of kii!i p'rrions. locorae times vora fcti-J 'oai Ircftth.ami! a: atlr ln* s r-ta; v Ctttii'st
' flrrn:: & Perfuiif-TKb of the bo-t j nai't ihrcai < -
I the undersigned, or tu ( u.i. II. F Simmo I s. & quality, paten! -
I B .N CHAIRES Ltdi. U'L.' of every 5u1.C: S'.L3vrs, 1'O'' 'L to JACKSONVILLE Dr. 'HAT-MAN'S:; Anti-Dyspeptic Pills.V ami fTiict'ition, palpitation,tti'0-.vj. t >>s, ; .-. .i'(7l

I I WILLIAM KC11R. BooKs Bi' h-ts for 2.til lir: :,:nl rli..Jr"n! BcadBnrInii..t : The informed I V of th<- l-o\\el<. prtsiure on the striurh afuu r-
c- public arc j These i'ills have been I
.. successfully u-.f.-.l by thou in the head ihzzhitv '
UuL>h'-i lU.t.-cis.Pisto's! JVi.uionCat'1- LookjrGla'tef pain or vc_'i cuafmuni *
I TURBUTT H. BETT N.Storinir -, ;-
1 that a Line of Sta- i sa.ids wh J c.nt testify to their % !
'I &c. kc. j &upcn etJIca.-y (over attt-uiiec nih} "he loss tt fl:1i.ry: tin -1
<\ behalf R. -
tt 'e R. C
mm on
: 2r _: has been established I ItCLWCI j many oihjr i-cne<.lics> now in use) for th- ctir'-of Dys-: the stomacli hn rhi'i! : I
Tala3acteLh. rice. Ib34. Sl-f TuJaha! ; Oci. Iici II.I 15 1. (Otf) ) E3 rr: gc-s ( i in i empty, :H> S. ajsi 'A\\
1 *ihuabse-t ,md Jacksonville via Suwannce pcpsia in |li their complicated forms they sjivt. strength <;lit at-d heanncr. pain an !wealn< ?s n tr .

4 : & Shipping of Cotton.KF.llR j Storage J3ursine s. ni

I STI'IIGUS willatten'i StnrLr an tJ j r-ii HK -.r--s-nl'trs lir.v' cr.itcl uudcr the st. :- .'f Lfl and am. m at Jacksonville fn Saturday-fiomluncctravdl.rs bitual cur-lvtnes nausea head-ach and sii'knei-a of die stomach, ha-j L uneasiness in the throat, caugh, p ain ia ti.c sJehrt

,. : C.ttoi-they \\ ill\ als'i adxaitocouOittou \ JL C. I'l D l ri'.U ic C.K, for the p-.rp.Se, r.'f i- utr.c :- \\ t to the North will find ready COY and manv. other ?, aflertions., palpitation of t''.r heart, at, &c.

: rmruitid to th ir fare fwr bhiijmcilt) toaiiy ; rvii 4i l:i'fjc Bus.ess i in the Tow: cf S I. -.cyancetoS Aug tin* !.y ?* iges, and Savannah. lnordo nervous sicken 'I'hi.'y contain. n 4l- The above malailiei! lead to organic afertnfL'; > ;
; 1 Tnarl.ct in tl..' ti'-d St.tcs: or tlscuii ; and will : Ln ., and juviuUt. tht strides! attci.tion. Th yL' bv th St'Mr: :
-Tiurdiasc at &t.t.cj! their Sturc" in 'Tallahassee or St.jvfarks. ( Joinr a Commission bu ir.cand: rpspcctT'illy : IlCeI I- J.ti.: 3IS33 |2.tf1 ).AS. M. HARRIS. drink late* cathartic : there is no restrict!* n in di t | sumption, Apoplexy. &c. according m c; :..
4 or iti. 4th : 'tt' 1 solu'.i *.! : xtr.idi l John Bhur 1" .. ; >
) .c: p- : "i.isi i > : -
Brll of vill
Jl.v.! r. DlT.RIl: j Union Bank of Florida. dif rlions accompany each box of Pills, Prepared by J. P. PETER?, M. D!, M.UCI ?*-s
I NOTICE.rcrJ5 -IINULXiR! PEACHY.S' which wni; j fully explain their eficrts.Froiu Inventor and ssle proprietor.

fl): \ after date, the subscribers will apply tothft M'kI: i>. C! 25--f I 4T a nipcjnir of the} Board of I irt- tcrof th<- le well known reputation of tnesc Pills fo Teti'nonids.-Nuincrou ccitiScatcs imsLt v''C 5ihieed

i k__ J Xi:_*'> of the County Cuuit iur the cut.uiy of - ______ Uno. BaiiA of Florida held at their Bankg I many ye:*'?, the proprietor (J. BOYD, Piiilatlelphiide L relative to thr extraordinary cues j* tori..

.., I.ddtn, to! Letters cf Adrn5iii&trati on ttn fautevl .1,!, ;': House n. the C: :y oi' Tnllahasxcc, on the 10thIS3 .ms it Inneccssarv to give any further detail of 3 by using thcsemethcn; b'it tht :'. !*-wmjare H 'J?:

.. Cnpt. J..h: Tlnis decasid.. M. BLUE, Fe'irv' thv f"lu\Vir.r! Resolution was a'I.I)- them. Alfftsh. supply has been received, and for sale sufHcient to satisfy the iui1Jof; th-! r.i > ; (Cl'itm. V.-ch 23. 1 13.: 3.CwjAS.: ] 1.\NEfl f 1 i-id- t by apiMihUnient liy I-:. B. P1IRKINS.
; I "TalhdJssec Not 2J.1 Fjoi'i Dr. 7jms Evell, .i'zrn o/ the Medzcalomp.
I Ktsdrfd Inn CT -h and :-.vry ti"k.hol.1er in the i I5tf
:N0TIn. ; Uniyn Baiik! f FJ' Ida I ion, or Family I'.yiCt.'Y.NL1Or.c *
i lc. and he is hereby, cori1 tituteri .
1 ,<*riJvr l is t'linV1to' 'i nnd I Ii F ss Dtr. 2.I: : 531.7"o
rc'jui.iN; > pii'' > < app41TltC. anaccriditedairer.tof Bink.
Til- ;; I teluni if cc'zcern.-This is to f't'Ty' isf::: I
)-* libcnl ciK-nura intm! i.c tius r'H'i! i lor the pnpj o f r.inyinij in-o client :he proviso
: tintc he lm I.fn in this pincc, r.nd soli< its a c IIILiI.jnnceofthfir BRANTED i vf, the 3".Jd Sec of, r.s Chatter, which Section i* in have witnessed the operation of Dr. Peter's.I'iftoiJ

: pxr< n ire. Jn t ifi'civedprr ':.i.Dclti, ice v/ords, ; \vi'j Slo'nachicr et Htpitica in a nuttbci of vtry-o"saw2

tlirert fron Nv York, a r r' r.il: assorti.ti/: \Vool.i j Sec o3 B; itlurthcr I rnacjrd, That in all m- Dyspeptic and Livtr-atrt'ci- ,nf Icn staiwi. ?.tsf

I'li, ctark tu >.i ">' '"JOOD filo-j, Hat-. II.jlkit stances in whidi slaves shall be mortgage in virtue I wise in several cases of the CnItCUVrttS: oth pte2>
1 and its atTtCts I ki3 T? no i>
\viif, C&iti'y.; t-i i Ir n-uvjngt.ry, Crockery, 4. .or, 1of tin act. t'a possession thereof shall be and rmain were truly atonit4vl.
P'' ei*Mng of tiu'1, b! irk nnd brown c.l.s: : bltK, ba.rk! i \fith the} moitirager. any law to the contrary : citation in declaring it the mo-t il-uWe! prej "rfor '

S t'.r.ibinid grey iUiaUe iijili-il t Cavijii/tcf ; Ca sinc-ts j notwithstanding, until by the covenant or covenant1: : thosr distressing ailments that has evercou -

1 f.j.d 3attii.c s ; r.riir'i-.Ji'i Fvn'1i and Amr near. Prints; j contained m sad niortjfajie. shall be la\viul hot tad e ; in my knowledge.-. JAMES EU ELI,MP 31-

hlick Lustrtti.:' f. .1 Fui.cy Silks anvl J.ilh h.r.\ls, Grotl I FILL supply of Landrcths1! i < Bank to MJZ- tile same. And if at any time the Wilk County G-a. J.u. f
ii. Nnp, &c.; Ja' kunct, Swiss and Mull Muslin- superior jrnrden, j President of fiid Bank accredited The u-ders'sned ran Lear tes'.r.i >t.> to the s tpo
or Age
; "
H, 4, ar.u 5-1 +>row) P.rr.r ii't !!, of a superior quality ; fresh- lu; rb by and fl i\v r sctUo just received&: B. PERKINS.and wairented) j there-f, shall .nake oath before any any Judge of the I i |%|"APE and sold wholesale and Re- efficacy of Dr. Peter's MtditinaSionnlui Cr3* -\! f*;

C'ji.v.n Biitlj. .uu Nc ro Cloth? ; a ptneral assort- fcuibc) 2nthv. County C"iin ur Jtist.ce of thv} ; Pca"e, tlut he verily -*- taiiJ, in Frederick county, Md. by C Herston I patcre in the cure of Dy>pepsu and Liver
7.et4t4.fSI.L'*."! ; a vriciy of Crockery Waio, Hollow ; 1 tf. ( believes that the sa.'l mortgager intends removing j concerned in the Patenl with Dr. Jadlcm j from personal experience. WM. G. JOH -

\Vzre, Catlcy, IlF.' i, "kc. Also, Cognac Brandy, FUESII DRUGS WIXES- j or is al out to remove, or has: commenced to reino't(:?. !i I The aliove Ointment is offered to the publican a'' Dr. P's Medicinrr Stoiiachicre Hepatir ar"in p4 !
HolUn-j Gsn:: ; SY.iy, Sherry Port,and Clarei Wines ; ,, the said sla'e. tr slaesIjcyund thr reach of the ?ate and certain remedy fortho c obstinate diseases. parcels wrh full directions tor usicg. rinl0'to )

t tv-ith ii'uy ott.ir arfclc too tedious to mention. Put ;- Surgical Instruments, fyc. i i1IIAVE j laws of this Tenitory, in violation of IIIN covenant j some of viiich have so longbaflled the skill of medica i' three parcels w til be necessary t.J vm--: Z

:!iarAic t.vied: u> ca'.l and examine for thennelres. received t'ull j with the Bank, it shall and may be lawiul for said : science. : i The price u> $3 a pan-ch ,
I ALEX'R. FORMY DUVAL. Medicines just a supply ol fresh ]i JutJge or Ju tice to issue au Attachment against such i j 1st Wljite Swcllingsof every description. A great quantity of the abo-e pry va!- pr

)1 .a. Tafl te' Nor. 4, 18J3. [I3tf| and Chemicals. Pure I slave or slaves! directed to any Marshal rum.uand- j I 2d Sort' Lg-* and Ulcers of long standing. tions, will be kept constant!' fl. :..< -i! '.
POUT, MJDEIIU k ML'SCJTELLE jr/.V/T ing him u> an-i take such slave 3d E. B. PEUKl-N: T.u.ha'.
S roil AGE ? STlhlAGEt! STORAUE seize or slaves, a iid ScJiirrusor Glandular Turnouts, particular I i
3 1 in hottlts, imported specially for the use of the make return then of to the next Court having eo thosehanjned, tumoursin woiren'sUreastswhichoftend Who is authorised to dispose of thru, e:: >'' 3t
,1 IV addition to his old ware-house the sifk.Veigind: & .Sno\v !(.*n's superior AMPCTATIMS. petcn? iurisdiction, in the same way a<: is prorid lime ternJinate in ulcerated cancers. sale or retail, on as reas-oi.it'ie! ttnn ai u.t-y

$ has recently erected a spacious build TRKi'iiiMr;. OBSTETRICAL, EYE, DISSECTING ]- i! by th? cereral law of Attachment : Provul'd, raore- j 4th Fekns or what s
.r 1q t ne 60 by 2i feet, forrcevincttonand; gomls. and Pcr< KLT LNSTUUMENTS, ill cases. over, that in any cave of mortgages on a slave or i o Catarrhs, of every descif ioii. Docl's. HOLMES. & Wnii*' *fc

TIMOTHY M'C ARTY.St. STOMALH PVMPS and PIPES, Silver Lancets and slaves, by virtue of tins act, the increase of such slave | 5tli Rhtfamatic Pains of thejomt.Cth .-?. HASLET. Dru-cisr TLEPCTbfc{: -
\1atk.Dimber27thth3. r or ilave shall t>e abject to the same lieu created and Bruises of JOS. FUIE>
__ j Lancet.Cases, and Nurse Tubes, &,c. said by Sprains every description or | the !flttlyh'3have
The MIo are/Vw
I A Mill Nejrroes and Goods for Sale.THE An assortment of DRIED HERBS from the March 7'h whatever Jiait situate. irg cured or grt.itIj'jw
r,0-eO'.v. 7th Tetersofall kinds. In complaint, the !1 1uent been either eJiiircly
KI Shakers) ___ pa
\vhich are Lemon Balm _ the use ot i
J among Catnep within the la months by
I sj.hscnbcrs intending to close their business -- -- in Applying the Ointment, must keep the part:l j t tti dye *
Aspaliga, the ensuing sumnjer, with a MOW i I llvsop, Mint, Sage, Sweet Majoram. Savorv: Watches, Jewelry, &c. out of watr* ter>' Mcdirinor Stomachics et Henaticinn

**t< I ofopeiiingat ApaUchirol.i next fall, will sell a. bu- Thyme, Ccllery, &c. subscriber 6lh Chilblains, or parts affected by frost.i stale ol"Georgia.
('ft 3 gain in the Saw and Grist Mill. The Mill is Situated : LiMt. JCKE and LEMON Svnur. I THE an additional just i re It is al o one of the best remedies for' Barns and Mrs. Abncr Hicks, Wilkinsontion

one mile and a half from the river on a Creek alVord.n :. SPICES of every kind-Genuine Iuia Crp.r.Y. \ of WxTciins, JHWELRT supply SIL-. Scalds. A eases the pain and draua the fire out iu a Mrs. Capt. James Willis,

: an abundant supply of water throughout the English, French,, and Pren'is's' Si fips and Perfumeiy. YER Si'ooN&c.whicli hcotT, i short time, Col. Wm. F. Bond,

I year, f nd commands a rood supply of timber, was Mrs. Miller's celebrated S.NTFF. Ma v- A for sale on his rc:a- For Inflamed Women's Breasts, and Glandular, Wayne W. Elands, Esn. La..renBryan .
cuslom.ry :
lomicrlyo-'ncd by Mr. Lhcksor>j and has lately been nard 6i Nove' celebrated INK and INK POWDEK: sonable! terms. S\\ellingfe it i? superior to any nredicine yet known to Allen, Esq. L .
rebuilt by m. The Grist Mill is the best in the neighborhood THEBMOMLTERP, HYDROMETERS Sec. FREDERICK TOWLK. the medical faculty It H much safer than mercurial C0 John W. Porter, Morga'

and command* ne.iily the whole custox n. Opt: 4th, 1634. ((8tf of any pr&parlion of that material,) because it does SanforrIChaprnaEsq
E. )
$ "We will cell!! with the mill, desired, four or five Try B. PERKINS. Tl.c Suhrniber not lay tli patient liable to injury from expose to Alexander Irvin, Eq ,, 34
Tallahassee has
valuable slaves and tvo waggons and teams. Apaluchicohi July 9th, 1834.ISlf] employed a Watch-Maker direct cold. Col.Geo. G. \lathcss.DR. ,
:' affyiihiig ft regular and market from F.nlaid! and assures the public, that any work This Oitment FOB
an improving has cured sores of stand | PILLS
entrusted years
t him Ins line shall be
:Du1'ttfl tD ;n done
for lumber makes this a desirable for [ 7 promptly ing. Wl&re it is uicke 113
property one arid m the bs' nj .'HUT. F. T. impossible or imprudent to heal the ( MALES.-They purify the Blood.
who ran devote his attention to it. The property A LARGE and complete assonicntofFrcfh I external sore, in consequence of the bone becoming' assist the suspended operations of nature,a a

Trill be shewn ct any time to any person wishing topurchase. Dius and M diiiits NOTICE. carious or rotten, it will stop the progress of the cane*, a general remedy Tor the prevailing corcpl10 = -

: New York nnu Baltimore; sule>j't wholesale recvedfrom -: SIX months from date, I will present my vouchers increase tjje quantity ol the discharge, remove the offensive the female part of societv -The Pills are PjJ"'

We will also *1l our stock of Goods comprising n and retail. Country Merchants and PracthiL'erssu, a fciitlement, and shall apply to the 11 )i. eniell, and ease the pain. efficacious in the Green Sickness. p.llpitaith .

a good assortment for the scas''.ti. and will cell, or rent plied on the most accommodative ter ns.EDW. p- County Court c f Gadsden county, for Letters of Dis cnreslhe worat Felons or Whitlows on an application Heart. Giddiness. Short Breath. Sinking "Jj T

; our improvements, consisting <>i a Store House and a SEIXAS mission as administrator of the estate ot Thomas A' of 4tj hours.Itheum4tisms its, Dejpcjion and Disinclination to E ff fulel-

I large aud new Warehouse for storage of cotton, on M -\y 2341 Druggkt Peebles, late of said county, deceased. which have stood so long as to become ty, Married ladies will find the Pil's! equally a et
k the ri'vrbtnk. It i is kown to be a good stand frI a Magnolia, Florida.- STEPHEN S. PEEBLES, Adm'r. a systematic disorder, requires medicine to be taken i inwardly cept in case of pregnancy, when they *BS noi othectc;

store and a tavern, and needs no further recommend November 24, 1334. 19-Gm to remove them entirely. But in most common ken ; neither must they be taken by persons

tion from U!. We received during the last season cases by applying this Ointment externally as directed orcousumtive habits. Price SI 50 a bor 8ALSO.

:- eleven hundred bnl-s cotton, ad rpect to receive RO WAND'S TONIC MIXTURE. it will give relief. And even in old people, whoa : The celebrated Cambrian Tootn

about the same quantity the present season. a perfect and lasting pains have been of longer standing, it will ease tbe Pills, which give immediate relief xvithoatu ,
The terms of'zny of the above property will be cure for the Fever and Ague. For sale pain.To injury to tha Teeth. Oa trial this will be to O 53

made nccommodating, and great bargains may be l hat! wholesale and retail, by FLETCHER: sea Captains and masters of vessel*tbia ointment the best remedies known for this complaint- jct

of us in goods, for cash or on a short credit. & WESTCOTT, Druggist, ..Ippalaehicola mast be very valuable in winter on oar coast it being centa a box,

HARRISON & RANEYAspala Florida very certain in its effects on Chilblains or parts affect e'I None is genuine unlessaignedon tilC ouuiJ.Pll8'
a 21st February 1935. 28-tf I hereby appoint Mess.Fletcher and with frost likewise
SALES.- pros yea its qualities in allcli ted wrapper, by the sok proprIetOTl.
F. DUERR AUCTION Thesubscriberhavingloca Westcotl my agents for the sale of"Re wand's mates immediate tha Dr. 'v .
CHRISTIAN atiii to
I in successor
is hereby fully Tallahassee Mixture" COUr.
to do
proposes Tonic
a in
; sed to collect the debu of the late firm of PEACHYA. commission business, regular sale general I the Territory A large:mass of testimony proving the value of this For sale af his Counting Room, ovcf
days, Tuesday of Florida Eastern
MACKINDER, and those of the subscriber. Persons and Saturday. part of Alabama, & moat excellent medicine will be shewn to those who street, near Concert Hall, Boston, a d 6 E.)
indebted to either will please make immediatetinyttical. He will also attend to administrator and othersalesm Western jwrt of Georgia ; who are able to furnish wish further information on application to Dr Hers cia appointment by ( (> *

.( Individuals who iadc purchases of Cotton the county. ROBERT J. HACKLEY. the said medicines to all who may apply to them on tons, or to any of his authorized agents.

iJagcing and Bale Rope ore earnestly requested tosettle. March 23d 1833. as favourable terms as they can obtain from the proprietor The above medicine sold by ipecial appointment of Tllahassee. March 17 1831, 30tf
33tf ,
JOHN himself." Signed, the patentee and warranted genuine.E. I with
BLAIR PEACHY. N. B. Instruments Obsene that none are genuine 14j "
St !21 and # writing executed -with ncatncrs "JNO. R. ROW AND."I B. PERKINS, DRUGGIST. ten signature T. KIDDEK, OQ the onto* I *
4 .-4 despatch, by R J3ACKLEY. "Phjjadelphjb Oct. S4ih 1833."
21 tf Tallah see, February 21th Lt31, 27tf. wrapper



*! :i---- -_

The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: May 2, 1835
Publication Date: -1848
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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,. "" -
>" 'rriIIt r
:' -r: w _

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.' I; a __: .


-I--------__ I :
=-- --- ----------- V
----------- '
luihoris'od to announce Col. -- --- -- 4. I ;.

'-Tf arC I.WHlTKns: a Candidate to sixty-six ceals for tile year cighUtn hundred and It :
UPS THE thirty-three, two thousand two hundred md
11 in the 24th
*o' Territory of Florida, FLORJJftAL' dollars. ;

.TC.. rnt. 0 f the Tnited States.l -. TTTTT For compensation to the clerks and m< ssengcrs t. Vt.:
,<"*s': ----- in the oflice of the
-1h.n.t'J! t.. announce Colonel JAMHtf"EJnSnE"icAi Secretary of the Kavtwelve. j!

if' .Jiitatctorci'icsrnt the tfirr thousand eight hundred and1y dollars. V' : ,- -
I G 111 t\ ( 3hConzrc'ss of the Uniled I -- For compensation to tIle Commissione'S of the r j .

..p .I f'flow1l .Jui'' 1 i'11 1 t'33, !:') I. -- _LZNOuSE."j[ Navy Board, ten thousand {five hundred dollars. l'f' ;

.. .}
:c I1I0l1I1Cf'lnj.. ILLIAM For compensation to the clerks, draughtsman,
-- to : ID\
: i.t\0f11.cd wmQYU1L
11 *V4TT r a candidate: to represent! thc icniI if i- cti1Q mi.\1L iAilAi bmm9 mA 99 a.sn : 'Y(01J 'YaQ 1' and met*
of the United till* TnW. Tinnril. I'lirJil tlmneatnl. fiviif 'heir .Jr"A J
1 "lll C"i>' icss : j n.
i 'he I ? .. V .. + A -'0".w. l tvrui mOlu U1IU
,.:.efFlorid-M"f Julv27th lR3 J. :0tf "I Election ---- fifty:J iir--- I: ;
'_ Notice [ BY For t&e office I ol t'Uie I
; :-s. iiI1.I AIJ'l'IORITY.j J Register Treasury, three I For '
; ; Jf" 'OTICE contingent expenseof the oft( e of the .
UII'e is
-----.E.lrl' lutlllwi.l"l} t / I hereby given, that :an Election for Dc- thousant do1!:-ire. Commissioners ofthc Board t H
\ ,- as a rai.di'latc.to representne l. legate to Coires: from the Territory of Floridaidl .or 'f'e oJhte: of the S'jhejtor of the Navy one thousand I
| Treasury
rtr-d. iu the ,!4tb ?onSr,! of the tini- \ be held in the of Leon eight hundred Jolla rs. '
; comity on Monday th? 3d I V
..Vori' of one t.oy a. dollar*.
N33 Mf of For the of the '
4 iUy May next, at the following Precincts vix salary superintendent ot the
A.:1e.: 1. At bt. \1a Ics : I'f: : the Commissioner; of the, General southwest executive building and the i
under the watchmen
'- VV\: arc l vuthoriso to announce bert Slurbs, C. F. Ducrr, and sup Win.* nnt--ndfn C Miller.! of Ro It 'I 1 Laf 1 (('tI't': !hit hiding one humhcd thousandparchments < twilve hundred and fifty dollars "' ;:,

nFN'NIS. H'l as a candidate: to represent'Flconn1" 2. AtValkei's store, under till sup. rii.teridtVce of f auJ ro-,1 of printing; patents, twenty- j II For comptiisatiini to the two Assist: nt Post- .j**C V
I \ tic!I li'xl I'Strive 1 (. HlICI. T. JelT. Green, N. \Yalker.antl 1 two thousand dollars. .
; : W. ( Cai.ij.liHi.! } \ -- --- masicra General, five thousand dorars.!
..iarchEDtW, .1.\-11-.----- --- 3. At '\'rinslow'slndcr the Rnperin'cud'-i---: "f Eli I LAWS, OF Till.:.UMTLD ST.VTLS PASSED AT THCSECOND For ajlditioii.il! ; I drik: i hu.- in the issuing: ofmiiita- \ For compensation to the rlerks and messengers i V

--CHANDLER j>lia \ msio\, Isaiah: : l'cn l1"n"IHd Daniel S. Rich 51:3910TWE V-THIUD CONGRESS. ry land crip !unlai:; '!! out of patents t lor %'irgmtiiainihitarvlnrvev. I in the office of the Postmaster Geneo!, forty-one j
.-, iii-l l\r\ ;private land claims, and thousand V
one hundred m duUa!
AT J..WV. 4. At Bloclfi's, under the [Public No. IS] in I .
ATTORNEY Miprrint"ndcnrr of John adjuring the accounts ot surveyors general, For
..(1,1' t Ill' n" hirn" ,'. Blorlvcr 5. :At, Tom Pi-tcr Chaircs, and Solomon W.\lkcr. !. Aii t Act making, appropriations for the civil and di- four thousand!' dollars.! 1 thousand contingent five honJretl;>eu dollars.l e.! of. si4 J ofI( :c. scvett .

.j'-ilah'\; "',' \1:11".11 7 1.b\:\ J. :h tIti __ _ C. TsUUlinsscc, under Ihr siiprrjjitt-'iidence of ploni.itic expanses of Government t for the year For ij?)mpcn[ ----- Williams supcrintendc'U-y) the !
: : ", John lien, and \\ in. I Hilliud.o. \ l buildings ranking :
one tj-ousruvl! eight hundred and'thirtive.Be I I : in jtii :
tojuid; r.tz-kteriu! sites; of lands, and adjusting
At ; blanks and .
STEPHENS 1 Edwin Hart's i riiyation
itilJE14 B. under the superintendence ot IUP comi> to two .t achmen : 't1i '
I it enacted l ty the Senate nncll I House of hr actoimu; t of :
Edwi I I o receivers pubhc i amid
Ilnrt lIardy'Illtaker, and S. Hirkhill.) moneys :1 OI1 lalorer".ixtt.i.n! 'tumdred and lot Ity dollars. I' '
.'.IItorflfLaw.!/ 7. At Tatum'1tlllsr the snpciintcndfncc ol" John, Representative of the United States of Amerl and ibrf'>p<>niii'.r tract 1 s tilS. mu' ::ag indexes and I For additional: cl rk Lire for the ciglueet.- 1
G.j.M'.rii Counnritiro year f
II h.lI'i: !Hl1l-'lf \.lUIU"Y. I Tatum, James Cameron, and I) Samuel SAXI 1. a'm Congress assembled l That the following bnnurins* tij> oilier arrc.iis six liioiiMind dollars j hundred and tJ1irt -cli.lr. thirty eit 0l thoiisan'l 'j.i
fl'Ir.. :m.i:1:'\ : It1w Ap- t5. At Sicwart's,.' under the supt-rinlrndrnrr'of II. !Iw and the For v-newing the ulJ"ar Dlltce index of Virj three htindi.. : a-; :
sums same a c hereby, prh and tif'v-fivc dollars and '
of ( .Hh.\:, Leon and it nppn eighty four I.
Courts j j ;; ;\:;,
','15! nJ th'. :' Wiihrrs' } Jamos Stewart, and James K, ndrirk. ted, to be .)aid outof;a'v: umppropriatcd nion-y in j ginia mMitary; warrants; and patent i> gEfl Cll'll' :. '', 11.illIPTJ I '. At Parish's, stiue' under the superintondcnce of the Treasury; vi/ |''I :; mde:} to satisly! the .same one tOthanit! live the services ota ,! t .
-t- year. _ II' '*d Par.h topographer and map ma .
: ; Joseph Joyner and Grorjrc E. Dcnr.n.ll jiunil red dollars.: ;
---- For and of the members of kcr for ol',
I >. Atllavis'' under the superintendence of John i pay mileage Congrcs I Miiuii! nsr'nals and ,drawing maps o : .
VMKS\ 31. SCXTT, 11 avis, Hl'uucnlwliHn and John 11. Shcchce. and Dl.'Il'. .ltf', three bundled mti fillv.three' thousand chcufc For tiC the preparation-; maps. to examine and the several[ States, and Territories one thotibaiul 't-,., J I

11'TJUS1Y; .il' 1.:1W. 11. At A. Cromnrttc's, urder the superintendence I two hundred :and fl-ty-eight dolla ts. quantities: and c'uiii-il' : i'eigiiaiion l.f! dollars. .
MuntiefIlu J cfii'r of A. ('romartieVm.. For of t'ie oiliccrs and clerks of the Senate !, ;parts; ofe fractional sect \.; "old! piep-iratory( ti> I the, For ( ,,.p.:.! .
..'atcd I. ,,1< >lf in on /lobwts, and J. L. Vickt.. pay : compensation( to !the Surveyor (:cneril t in
I I..\\'I\G : F'A: : tndcr! ;, \I" t.rnf" .,.:1I11.11 ..crto 12. At Magnolia, under the superintendence of and Home of Representatives, thirty-three thousand issuing )f patents, and in comparing the charges Ohio, Indiana and Michigan two thoiisadd; ilollars! : i :

('c I ''II'Y.' f. C.t,1 t1l< I ultorr (IHra\iy. lIe BenJHinio Byrd], L. Crook} and 11. Paramur. seven! hundred dollars. made by; surveyors general' with the lines exhibited For compensation to the clerks :11tIe offkv '1 t.;'J..<, t.I t.

'. till. '(. tit ( dUn of t1.., COJ.1I1t..S of Lean' GivtMi i tiudcr my hand this ) For stationary, fuel, and all other incidental and on the return of survey.one thousand dollars. I of i he said surveyor, two thousand one hmtmndrc $

,c..t ;..r'.I..r"I-' (",i-.ll n, ;.oJ the CourLs o Th011l:1"t t1lh, day of April, 1 1633 \ j I contingent expenses ot Ihe Senate, including twenty For Writing, recording, examining, making out dol1.1.'s. 4-

''I.!.c,q'do GI'c.r gIa. I Ic (11-11' 1c1tr: Ill: cr\'il".s L. A. THOMPSON, Judge. thousand dollars deficiency appropriation for lists, and transmitting eighty thousand patent I For additional clerk hire, in order to bring !

":: ,,'I', i-i':
.''i< t0t.clril//: :; M.d "ttC'I" "ar.. 1'ic! .1. ,1 Iii- I BOOKS UF SUBSCRIPTION hundred and thirty-four, the sum of eighty-five For Additional clerk hire in the bureau ol [private ) said office, for the purpose oriiaving! the n o .j' ;t'

I >.") the Stock of f the East thousand laid| claims to aid in I the investigation of land preserved 'j'
". I II T Florida lUil Road Com-I five hundred dollars. at the sai of Government, three thousand '
: ) I ; :
'I" '\ ; --- I p.lty111 be opened nt the Central of For'stationary, fuel, printing, and all other incidental titles; aid| writing and recording patents lor., private five hniul-ed; dollars.Forcornjjens.ilion.
-- \ i : : -1 Florida on tin first day of and! land claims and deeds of
; \VHITK. I May next, continueOJRIII and contingent expenses of the House uiUcprl'scntati'cs ; recording transfer to the surveyor in I :inoi and
; : -i
Jro days uudcr the direction ofComniis, ol reserved
lands to indi\'idualiltdian.c.
PI.o'TO: : 1. \\v in .i.i Courts of MulJ't onersappointtd two hundred thousand dollars. under treaties Missouri, two thou>;aud dolors-!
'It-l1J the
'V F.
'- tVrt.-r. V.'aal.avseei :;!' --- ----------- : of the ordinary cxpcndi: of the Sen rs four ai.d :
\ ". .>. X \ > ---- payment ures surveyor tru.>u>; t-'g'nt hundre-l : nd twen -'E3 .
,, :. ,, 1"i.. j i i-M 1 NO'I'FCE.B ate and House of Representatives severally, and For, translations, and for expense of passporU; ly iloflaitT.For V
-- ---. --- -- -.----- OI( )K s. for lIb 'np1ion to the St..k uftJIl.tTliilln, to no other purl\[ ( e. and sea letters three hundred dollars.; adiliti,;n V;.l d'rk! : hire in order! to 'bring

.Il nEf .t. 'i' T 'III LOT, Rail) I II'nd: Comi>any in the 'r(-) ritnry Florida For compensation the President and Vice For ritaling; and printing the (public accounts W; the arreatsUM; tr:>uj- nbin,.. the field notes of said up ,
\\'IJlIIf* opened! to-morrow 10) o'clock at the olhce! President of the United States he of the yeW?' one thousand eight hundred and thirty- otlice I for t the!
: Secretary ) ot them V
..tNI'TrIsrv AT i AW,) I purpose[ having )reserved
< ufV ,
nvsr.'U i and
< WiEsq. continue tb. five oni"v
, r open sixty )" thousand four hundred dollars.Foruonrpcnsation .
! ...71I.L.:111':! .;' th1 I'n'irlnf; Ai/:.MNThe, I Talab31: : .t",-. Mar'-h 'J7. :H3-tr I State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secreta- a t thC tit..of govfininent. ._. one thousand dollars.. ? .,'
of War. the Secretary of Nlv..o11' and vvnfiiinen I.- : .1 i? < roo ,
'l :ifl.,,. ,;I'.i L tlq'ilUb.tul.all.i ];,d-\ -- -- -- ry. &I the-\- -- ----] the_u_ ; i vu "njic.1.. .iii'm- 10 HIP! r urveyor u-neral in I j
1" -. !1', :; \i' '. y .,1' 1"J,1\ i ; and! in th Ht(- \ ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Postmaster General sixty thousmd dl llars. of lhe Iniildiogs occupied by1 Treasury; -I I Arkans.i.-,, one thousand tinhlltdrecl.rin Tar '.. .

. 'i; "j- k Oc'Mtur co'nv I--: E.f the- S,uth I A LL !pitsonhaving. claims against the estate of For clerks and mes'cn'ers in the office of the Department, including arrearages jorone'thoiisand, For rofrpefi&at.Mii to clerks !in said )ffice on" \ .J!

i I. -f :ti.i- ;: .' <1c"i'gii. Ucsuli n %c : SitAUiiH lloGF.i, deceased, arc required to Secretary of State, twentvthiouiid, three hundred eight hundred and! thirty-three, the! sum of I Iwo I tholls'wltlgIf, hundnd, doli! : 3 .1'f 41:
:_;' \ .'I. -23d ifcin: i.itf ;r' sent :tv in dulv aurllC'1icatcd"itlllll) the time pre- dollars. thous.: ; ._ .1 sonbcd by 1 iw-Too',? indebted to the estate, arc re For | I adilit'onu: d"in.. -, in ordpr to hnrj, TJT .. ;: : ',\of I';
; For clerks machinists, ant in the Patent i I incidental and contingtyit expenses of said t the arrears. mid! lOt trtnI'ribi; the! field fsiid ': : t *<
joiIr, J. :\ j) :t.MS I. Ollice t five thousand lour hindred dollars. I building including fuel!, labor, oil, repairs, t furniture ; t>ilici'n, t: the C1t f '
!:tr'h I ;, i- ? ; 131-dwj L H. n. ROfiF.ftP. pup( having: t .rm preserved : .: r. 'I', J
in'f.K.vr .':' /..'.mMY \ ) I For incidental and contingent' expenses of the and for rent, amounting to three I thousand at ihe seat ot iovcrnmenr, one tVvjsanJ! : '. .1

.ir-i \11 lltPl\'fRIC] Department of State of seven l hundred: aMt: l fifty dollars, eIght thousand dollars.F: .: t
\ ,uii lllllll"j' to : );, "< U.iy. including the expense ;. !
dollars.For! .
I II :Ii i ;. i 11'II.I".l' ;.rial th < LIU is li<.Idt: the- d A beautiful' lcl'p! red sorrel now ri- publishing and distributing the invs, twetit.v-five : or ciunpt-nsarion to tiie surveyor in :Lotiisana, 1 \ V. ,
: -.. ,"> l-iiT-y, :! s"d'\ Mui.ui'i.t ; and! 1\!.,' ..uMutl I irrm !' four old hand thousand dollars. compensation to the clerks and messengersm t\vo thousand! (dollars! _
sIflz I j aifd'in
.' I'" t, "j', .\IcI.t! H T 1 Il.d..h I"'o. J.I t'.ej' aHAMLIN : years high, For and of the the < h'ce of the Secretary of War twelve thousand For corniu-iii-TitKMi ., f: f:) ,\
lliI clerks
i 1.:_'h hesdlh and vigor, \\ ill stand therI1'niI1g contingent il1l'ilenta1penses | tr in thentHc of said : .f; ,
I .1 1 K; '.ttt.) j''f' ;pit t. wih lie atl IId.d"... ison at CXumry, Oadsden; county, Florida.at Patent Office two thousand dollars. s. hundred and filty! dollars. surveyor, fiitivn! 11111111 rt' l dollars. :J i

; ? r7_ i ii-,-''C-1MM[ ; -----' '- .-- I Mount Pleasant, iWainr c-Mnty, Gco:, at Tallalia's For compiling and ;printing the Biennial Re "ls- I For contingent expenses of the office ot the See For addlt 1.1:11 l cerk hue, in order to Jn'r.g .., :. i

: : .t111)). e, Flosida! and will be !Jet to .Mares at 8" the si'iijle ter one thousand eight hundred t:lari. G i retary of War, three thousand dolljrs. the arrears, and transcribing: th fit-Id rotes: up of ,. .< :

:. \|(1$11tle: I(! }: noakon, if paid at any time within theMM.snn For the superintendent and waithmen of the I! For hooks, maps[ and plans: f for the AVar Ptrpartrricrit' said: office, for the! p'irpose of having tl em .>; ; ; :

I yI1: rd .1.1I : \ *>1.", if j j.I.t id 1 after the sep'i.n cxoire.s, and $'K) nortntast executive building, one :thousand live ; one thousand dohla rs. : r\'c'd at tleea t of! Government, one thotisarut. pre- -' *it. : 1
.JT "V: 'V
''unfidi lnm ith nulus- as s.i m i as the mire i is ascertained to he in foal or )four hundred dollars.
I \\ .Uiiti t lid to bu-in;': .ti \ For For )
.ailed! with Also the paid : contingent expenses of said binding including compensation to the surveyor Misisippi; :
OK f'. 21-.1 I PJif : ( cents to proom to be For ; t
:-.d.: 11011,11..lllV compensation to the Commissioner of Indian
{i 's. '.r".. -liSCllAllU-Saiul( JAS.D. VKSTj : -- ill rvrry case; a* soon ns the service is rendered. fuel labor, oil', repairs of'the buildings three Affairs three thousand dollars.: two thousand dollars: I: .1

i '''IT .., K:tjuin ?. I PnJlgftc. -Kirkpitrick: was cd by Monsieur thousand three hundred and ffty dolias.! For For compensation to th clerks in the officeof f., :.
j I, ______ Torvson,, oneof the uyostivlebrnu-d heipscs in th- State For compensation the clerks and jiessengers compensation to ti.r clerks and messenger said surveyor two !thousand seven hundre I dollars.: ". r i

i F roh I CJi ioeiic. Vnqinia-Mon&ictir Tonon was by the Pacolel, in the olHce of the Secrttaiyof the Trta3urix. I in the o'ice Indian All'iirs, five thousand seven For additional clerk hire: in order to bring up ,, .. .: '!
he by the imported horse Cilizrn, he Paeolel! of thousand hundred hundred; dollars.! the I arrears, and for I t Ii"' ,
by teen dollars.
i Ihe has received and utTers : seven transcribing the Held I I notes of : : 'isi
j subscriber .just England, he by Blank and by Arabian For contingent of said office IIJ .,r' .- I
iuldolplun, For compensation to the First Comptroler of expenses eighthitindred : "" >, loathe purp}>3e Iming them reserved ". 1. t
I i bbls. lrih P f t .10 d. s'.t r.r.i: ; 1'Juui-, limpiiitc-d Bc.lfIJI'Jr.., his r.lnlialll by Grey For to tie clerks and FtJi compensation to the clerks: and messengerin hundred dollars. r. 1
:4 ('.,'.' .Mullf-y I imported O-car, imported Fearnought, dam compensation messengers I the office hi'I I lit General I 1JK i i1
j "\xr. r in the ollice of the Fii\-.t COr'21>troler! nineteen thousand ( : Paymaster t four thou- For 113ationtot"eurveyori1J I.darna, J i 1'
I J-t J.> S '()tCh I L.i-ui.g-, l ilr I Ilcrod, \\ }110 was yoi by Pwjmed, 2d by Shark, 3dt and six hundred dollars. two thousand dollars.F.r ;! q 1F
, ( 'Ii!i\'t' 4th Lath 5th t three hundred dollars. J- .' ;.
t Fcarnonght
iijil-i.' Sju-nu Candle: hy by by Ijv Jauns For '
For tIc Second of.t contingent expenses ofsiid: ollice, three 1 him ooniptnsationto'! the clerk and draujlu t. ., .
:30 dn. So']', :7th} by 'Vhi tin lOl\. Hth by Janus. Tom Tough compensation to Comptroller ,dred dollars. : ; >nwnin : .1 "
i -1'). :M-t'avinu PjlJ. -:., was gotten by imported Eseape, out of Cut lloome's t the Treasury three Ihousaul lIoia: rs. the ollice of the said surveyor, one thousand iio'-: J
2y k<- :s L-ird, c/-lebi-atcd Fairy, she by old imported Bedford. out of i For eomp'ensatlon to the clerks and messenger I For comp nstljllI: (to lhe clerks and messenger lars each. '/ :,

in Ho Go'Jien I!utter, Gen. Spotsw' Jtid'.s imported \lamlll illa. Tho- who in the office of the Second Comptroler\ ten thousand in the oilice of the Commissary General of Purchases -I Fur additional clerK hire.; ii:: ord>r To bring: up, V :: .t.tI

1 f" !I... :c4'r' Od":1.I, SU 1t1'. dubitc: to SfeIlwn' detailed. acrount, of his; }jiediprceami t four hundred and fit dollars.. !ind for a clerk employed at the seat oi'CiovernnifUt I the 3rr 'ari.alld for transcribing the tit-Id! mies of 'f Ji

W. -i *'il': 'J'i.1 ii Sl.i\lt.r': TUff Rtjristci, January: No. 1832.Monsi For contingent( of said office hundred .1.1d
1 Tivaanry: three thousand dollars.! expenses eight served at the scat of (.)\\'rnmelit, one 1'I0tlSutl t.
< -T"'I"I! I i"lIi' T in (n's colts ha\c: suld at very lj.rh di':!h rs. II !,'!!ltrs. "
For tl clerks and .
to : ,
compensation *; messenger
1 : ;. { : '-, s : I MW their improvement he having: hud last For ) tiun "'
.1' i a to t the clerks in the office of| Ft V 4 "
j I in the ofiice of the First Aiditor fourteen thousand mpclI r compensation: : to the suXeyor in Flt rilll, 4 '
JT>1I wimiTS thin the of other horse in ,
: TTi : '. '. rttut *- his sin; ; : -r ii nrkr.owlj j Adjii-tant two thousand nine hundred two: tlioiu.iiKl di II.irs.
has'' AlHc.rf'tll': ; ; ''cst eri Jencc, I however, of opinion nine hundred dollars. ;,, i i
x'cisivc lie my
V "I.e: v : v : lla.trun.t.e | and filt dollars.Forct .
V ", '. ..... "I i; ... ;, ,'iscif! U.ttnotliinjr (nhi, part, I
/ II'3 I"< !' av the r-coj/4; ; in ji'. .i.' r.t.! dollai-b cash fur him. Cl I'Mtrfifl! )1. Va. Mh Ft b. I IH3I.W. I. Treasury i I three thousand d)liar.->. I sand dollars.ningent expenses ufsatd office one thun- i I said Mirvryo,. throe tli-ni-sand: to.ar'4.: Vi' :' .

1LL. I'I'n R. JOHNSON.Tlc For compensation to ihcclerks and messenger ; |I For :J.Jd1ti.llnl! rlerk bm., in (mr' r to h ing !irtne ; t;

--- TUn'oTIC1.----- -. j prc tt p-anJ.un, Kiikpit Kk, was purchased in the oflice of the Second Auditor. seventeen thousand For compensation to the clerks iu the office of'I arr."irs. and t tor transcribing th% field; r oft:' rt; r 'V toI

\11:1.1: : I \ o*' C .1. 1 HoonK'j 1 of I IJuwliujj-Gr-fi; I I Va. at I the price uf10t nine hundred dollars. the ( 1 rtcr-l11astl'r General, two thousand! one. i iI I said. 'tPvv. tor ihr purpose of having: them prtI ;- 1 Jl i
LL 'l.lnjO thl \\.11,11"1 ;
( j.itf
4A : : I )/, \; len a S'ualUolt, and i* d! seen.led from his ill- For to the ThirdIIJitor ol' the I t hundred, and fifty dollars. served at the scat of government: Jlund-e"t', ( It- t
compensation i r
; 'V A ; \ !t-:-;t I.t .1ad ktI1 (')11111), 1;' ('UsI, : .
t* "-jd and highly apIroSI'JI'1C, ) ( 111' Imrses. Thus it For contingent expenses tisaiJ office, six hundred : Jollars.' r', )
f' V ': .. V <(. nniu. :''iKtt jiayiTien, to th_- tu..t .- I Treasury three thousand )l1ars. .
t uil i!ll'e i s'cn il.at KirKpalrick: combiiica! in an eminent dollars.: .; For compensation the .S ,1. V '
.. V ', _' .1"C :tllll'Jt.tci\t'lj; a,41 l tht !1 For compensation to tlc clerks and messengers o .ecntnaf.pmtc; :
.. di, yiio, two of lie most' approved stocks of horses in I For compensation to the! tlerksin the ollice! of I oy the PrtMdcnt nil fr t
lands sohtor
::4: : .V j '.::1t t Paul cstu", arc ruiicsjtfij to j jr in the office of the third Auditor, twcllty-!Jur to sign patents: ,
' ,. V .:. ':, ..I1"I..I' if'.le: wi'.iim. tiic time }jil CV England) and America, \'iThrItfky JAS. 11. T. LORIMER.and Dionicdstocks. i thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. I the Goiiintis&ary General subsistence, two thousand I I granted under the authority of tt.vU.. fj rates, I I

:,"'; : c: :'cy will In: f.irev';!- ',"rrt"j j I (.,' idtJcn Co. 'lo. April 23, IS'iJ. 37lf I For compensation: to the Fourth Auditor of the niuj- hundred and fitly dollars.; per act ')-econd :March, ci! hkl'n. l.-idrd: anilthrlvthric .1' '

'T110MM.. \\TJ1IIJA .., I IL Treasury three thousand dollars.: I For contingent cxj pc liSt'S ofsaidofflt'encluiding onr ;housund five 5 >iimt: tl:1! ![ m. : V
J'niiVii\itor' : i (X v'W. IxI: ,-art ifa : tt. //oi Col. Fo.rtnfU', nrf,J. : For to the clerks and I' printing advertisements two lhousinc five hundred For %'onipc'n-ration to te;: C J'..niisioicr of the t.l ]

r -. T\t t t-}1-34 : I-lillli; I u AL r'saids Ivnkpatiick, I have entertained a high in the office compensation of the Fourth.uditor, seventeen messenger thousand ,I I dollars. :' Public Buildings in Wasi in wwu) City, tw,. thousand J.. ,

'S HOTELL op..iion ..f Iii\ ; the! first season on a. short training, tote dollars. Fur compensation to the clerks in the office of dollars. J
NIXON hundred and t ,
t the sp'eil! of him and Marion, Pi tnan's, colt, t they seven fifty !I[ the Cl.ief Engineer, two thousand nine: hundred For the purchase ofhlJk"\, for the !library of Con V '--
fil.\ 'J.HV.\( : ()JVV UUl \C V. \vtrc tried on a 1'1\ -h of twu miles when Kirk was too For compensation to the Fifth Auditor the and fiftyjiloliars.! : .
five thousand dollar.For

Tin- :I.ra- I I
'UI abort: the same: space: between them! as they starledMarton Fur compensation to I
!,I II :f.'i' .!r u.c [1'11"; ,1idt: II' 1110. again t'jiciitil had the order-Kirk was then turned out and the office of the Fifth Auditor, twelve thousand : dolir.] nuns. and t l7>r contingent expenses of the library, : J.

V. a littler ,4! 1'.lil: 1 KnirrlJiinnv: nl ill llicby I got very fat, had no exorcise but walked"\ water hundred dollars.Fcr For expenses of the litographic P-(SS of the and pay of mes.-enlTcr, three: thousand C\'In. : hnn- t..

'i IU ,.'I"" ', nll.j L"l''s liis, tisti d! .uienliop to twice ;per day, quite Bough, when) thire. w'ts.\ match eight compensation to the Treasurer of the: United War Department, seven hundred) and fitly dollars i tired and fifiy'dollars.For : : .

V4 ". '" :i- '-n L :: vi liberal bb.uo; nf [Hilihr (xtlrnnHvinj made t') run him a :.iint J. Bu'WK'.s'SJnzy! dash of a States three thousand dollars. For cijnpcrvsaikm lo the clerks in m the ()rtlria mire r new articles furniture tor the lib 'ary of V :;1 fa

4 ,,ittly 1 jmn-linsffnuH Mr. Jas. 11. Hara mile, which he beat her with i tire utmost case, under Office, two thousand nine htimlred and fifty doWars.? : Congress [fifteen hundred dollars. ,.. '
) 'V: : .u1Ii: uin'nudiuu- 1 lOll c ftmucrly ,x-t:uv a pull, in clleltunc.\ 'Jn;: training him tIle last season, I For compensation) : to I the clerks and messenger For siiting,; Mit expenses of said: office, eight litin I For compeii-sation to the otlirers and clerk of. .- 'fl

l 1 'V.-.; inni, n.d! | luiown as the Unincy Hotel, and he was taken with the colic, \\ hih I supposed would in 1 the ollice of t the Treasurer of the United Stales tired dolhtrs. Ithc Mint, ten thousand' six hui/dreil d, !hn. I I. II
1. gifl&ui: 'u lu lurtucr .tullt the .:nter ol"1 J For the clerk in the office of
"Mi tIld compensation to I For compensation to asoi-stants! in (th l,. several' ., .
I : AJains' M nets, In- will be prepared to acvisitiiig tionni'd medical 1 assi tallcc. Audi I know when, he For compensation to the Register of the Treasury -
the General eleven hundred & fifty dollars of the Mint and of tib
n'nl\a' Snrgfon deixirtments rcrsemployeil
., (t ra.f) ad! J.\lII11C5 tlic I place I run, he was in no order, and was held in by thc rider. three thousand dollars. wnpt-s : V '
I. For cSitingent ot'said office t four hundred in the various operations of the !
I'fac expenses estahlisf&i i
rOull): Kil k and Slizy run on a heavy course )httfe over a For compensation to the clerks! and messengers I'
., ",J< S "'.M arc Lre, r.nd will lie atter.ik-d' 'by first IlIlle--Tlm\. Ii sc.: The coll I have of Kirk's get in the ollice of tIe Register of lhe Treasury, twen dollars. incur, including one IhoHdJiiJ dollars for th? salary 4 ''tiI

'" r"J1l.\r.: ty-four I .
,". Bureau"fine thousand dollars. dollars.! f
J. 1. NIXON.Ltrehl3 -- -- ------ -- --- -- ----
; : r : '
-Q:_'.I UIi.., : 1 :lj. p2-311l TO PL\ TEHS.1J I I For compensation Land Oluce to three the thousand Connui :ioner llnllars.I of. the For contingent expenses ol the Topographical I For incidental and contingent expenses ind rc. .$ ,,I

.; S I IX !m\lIII: -after-d-ttc, wc-t hillul: ;;;;' our arYuurl.usus EGRO Cl.ithinjj.such as Hats, Shoes, Woollens, I General For to the tleiks and Bureau vV 1" (_Obnabur: Cotton Sheeting, Bropins, Bagging, compensation messengersin dollars ad and silver ) I .
; ,tll'h 01111.1. Kxcrutorsff the ebtatoofCourt the ofiice of the Commissioner of the General fifty cents. in gold coinage of the Mint, thirty- :V1 f ; j
Bale and Twine will be furnished favora-
Rope on as
r "' For tlie of lhe Commissioner of Pensions thousand hundred
V : < '':'l>t-'dto lie: lion tlx1 County salary nine six and fifty dollars. : ; .
V i-fi-M-: ( bl: terms as they can be procured fiO'O the factoryat Land Ollice, twer.ty thousand) J live hundred dollars. l> :
J'iI.Iy' I Leon, l adisfhar two thousand five hundred dollars. For defraying the excess expenditure in the
i < apj1)cu i 1w.
Soliciler of Treasury
the the
V the North. The subscriber has, some orders for For compensation lo -
1 ;.a JAS.J. ..<;TElt, > thcbc artR-lei.for 1 ne.M Falls consumption, and will furnish three thoussnd five hundred dollars. For S aries of clerks transferred from the office I several departments ot"the Mint l for the yiar one ', J J
r rt
1 I fj \hrh! 'V. J, L'c..l.l. S IxtNY cutors. others by leaving orders at his stl rc in Tallahas For, compensation to the clerks and messengerin of the Secretary of \Var, four thousand eight hundred ,thousand eight hundred and thirty four, beyond .it i iI

"_ 1..J: 3.,. Jl-Gns: GEO. LANMAN.April24th Jolus.I !; I the appropriation for the year one thousar einjijl 1 '
-- .. .. see. the oflice of the Soliciler of lhe Treasury, three t
t ,r I Hook'IniN'- --Hill.ljll- -------- 1335. 3alf thouSlntlninc hundred and fifty dollars. I For 3.-rl.iric3 additional clerks, ten thousand six hundred and thirty-four, arising from the extra I ;': : t1h .

hundred:>lollars. coinage consequent upon the net of the 2bih; June 1 '
'V. ;
i1'J at.n'I.r.!:\. I "'''(,.tfully iiifurmv l.isfi-'ivls- r3.i J'On. NEW YORK. For compensation of the Sinking to the Fund Secretary to the to seventh the Commissioners of-VI\ For a
). Ja.a.tj, I'Jok" Putl; IU -nfralthathe. has rc-com-I I A DAILY expected from Mobile, the thousand hundred and I the examination claims and accounts, in gold coinage, including wastage on said c:il1ageJ :' '

1., 1":-"d', Lii
."I fd, I s't V" ''I"},JaiI1isSLviin E"!. All orders foi Liml-! ___ __ immediate despatch for New York. For live, twenty-six dollars and thirty-nine cents. I June v."J, eighjecn hundred and thirty-two; granting For compensation -to-the- Governor, Ju !:csand 'i. : .; f4' ''
1 l and stationary, printing
-'atncss d For the ,
at, J( :e.tNu.1:1I.t -j.ntch. Old frci"ht} or passage apply to the captain on board or to expenses rcvolutiriiary pensiyns, three thouandtour hundred > Secretary of the Michigan Territory, including .
tuany of the
I and
T".aL l'a'I'TI1 IVV4lIir.ttk STURGES other incidental roniingcnt expenses
KERR k '
V St. Marks April 25 Iti35 if rs. five hmfljred dollars of V V I
n t : O-tf. several offices of the Treasury' Department, the arrearages compensation : ,
For in the Office thousand the Governor of
n sscngers pension one Territory, from thirtietk
i IT. NOTICE. PUBLIC NOTICEIs following seveial suns viz. tw hundred and fifty dollars. of June to thirty-first December,eighteen 1 undrcU :

n t I I *, tiV4lf'n": <,f LroHCouniy Court, as adI hereby given by the proprietors of For the office of the Secretary and! oft the incurred Treasury inconsequence For tlj pay of temporary clerks employed for and thirty-four, ten thousand five hundred dollars ,
e.i1 Iira.tor on the KKutc: of lt Iaccouiiuand the Lands in Middle Florida known as including the copying expenses .
George tfor
,c r'r" '.flt wc-y, I five : to prepare a statement under the res contingent exiJEes of the Michiga Territory l 3
j iy vuuchors fur scliletnenl.JUS. ___ _ the Forbes' Purchase) that prelcminary of'tlic lurningoftlle Treasury building olul mOIlI" the Senate of the sixth and thirturh of thre hundred anofifty dollars.For .
JL'I of thousand five hundred! dollars.! -,,
W. KLEIN. for the disposal tIe twelve
are now making
o .ry._3! arrangements June, eighteen hundred and thirty.fZur, requiredto compensation and mileage of the embers '
1 __ J25GmA""dt same f and in the mean lime, those persons who are 1'or the office of (lhe First Comptrolcr, one thousand '
Ir be made during the recess of Congress, at an of the Lgislative Council pay ol officers of the '
them well others to
settled as as disposed puts hundred dollars.
ITJK five
a( 1L ri", :>g ed will : chase, arc upon invited to apply to John Carnochan at Rocky : For tlie office of the Second Comptrolcr, one tverage eighty dollars per month f for each clerk Coudc l, tiiel. stationary, and printing, nm ; thousand "
rot t\pplIX weeks nftcr thc hundred and
nine one dollars. nine hundred and dollars. '
.e t.Irff. Comfort, to Peter Mitchel, now momently expect- elolla thousand twenty twenty
,0 ; to tl.c }honorable I thousand five hundred rs.
1 .Cj7' COUlit: dy f:" fcrirusiion tu, eHI County Lois Nos.Court J9J of cd), or to the subscriber,nt the City Hotel, Tallahassee. For the office of the First Auditor eight hundred For punting, stationary, rent, expense of procuring For pay and mileage of the members of the Le- ..

. 't or .II 19. 10 tl' of f Tallahassee April 25, 1835. [f37tf j COLIN MtTCHEL. dollars! revolutionary records, and other contingen- gislative Council, pay of officers of the Council and !'
; tl.t rta.1 ".:.. being cies in tt office of the Commssioner of Pensions the incidental of session of said '' '
"c :
.r fUthe Antonio Lambert, deed to be EDGE TOOLS. For the office ol the Second Auditor, one thou- | expenses an, extra
t"Jr Imt six thoivftnd five hundred dollars. Council held Detroit in the hun V
i. "at1 fYlllg u'c dcbu of tIe deed. at year eightei n
sand dollars.
uI V .- b. HULL ) THE subscriber other Edge expects Tools,lobe from supplied the manufactory with Axes of, For lhe office of the Third Auditor eight hundred For tht! salary of the superintendant: and watch I I. dred and thirty-four, four thousand two lundreil
r 199JJINLAMBERT.\ and dollars and .
S men of the northwest executive building, twelve sixty-eight eighty-one cents.For !
Co. Massachusetts
. OJ-lf Warren, Hunt & Douglas, dollars. ,
will sell them at wholesale, at factory prices, with the For the office of the, FIurh Auditor, one thousand hundredind fifty dollars. I compensation to the Governor, Judges, and I

h'TU". MILL, SAWS, addition of cost of transportation. These Tools will dollars. For tIt contingent expenses of said building, Secretary of the Arkansas Territory nine tiousand -

4f t..u. S14n$ rV, lUll} American, Ctrcubr' Saws, be tr a rranttd( -should they break from a flaw, or from For the office of dIe Fifth Auditor, one thousand including fuel, hhor, oil, lurniture repairs of building dollars. 'i

Vf, \.: IlItry for Eaw 1nlDr -'Udgeou", Files, and other too high temper, they will be exchanged for others. dollars. the sum atone hundred and fifty dollars for For incidental expensci per act oi. 24 h May t "

i e prip llls, cllhcr 011 hau 1 or furnished The Axes arc now being made for this market: and For the office of the Treasury of the UnLtedStates the roqt of rooms occupied by the Bounty Land eighteen hundred and twenty eight, seven hundred V. .,

1 I Y GJO. LAN l.\N. will be received shortly. GEO. L.\ .11AN. seven hundred dollars U urea U' and a deficiency of sixty-six_ dollars and and tweitfy dullars.T "
3t' ,
f V
April !18tb, 1S34. 3-6m< I


V -

-----' -.r .
; r- -- _
--_ --

'ii :

-- ---- h
-- States to France, Spain, and Russia! th'eflty.S.QVCX) | tied, "An act for the relief cf certain officers ar.d 01X you ftumpy little peace breaker, I knows ---

g For contingent expenses of the} Arkansas Terri- thousand dollars. soldiers of the Virginia line and i.avy and of the whst} you harve been about-you've been a drink-

I ttrt 35O. I For the salaries of the charges des affaires to Continental army during the revolutionary war," ap- log."

c Si : fW rompcniatitm and mileage of the members I Portugal, Great Britain. Denmark Sweden, HoU proproved! the thirteenth.day ot May, one thousand "You nose Tt! do you?-much good may it do you 1'i orn -the-- ---------------

nf the Legislature of thp Territory of Arkansas ( lamLTurkoy, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Peru, MwciC1 hundred extend the and thirty, and the act entitled "An Can't a'inan wet his whistle wilhotityou noising!if* LA'lt Charleston Co11,. .

t irirlninijj fuoJ.-UaUonary, printing nnd distribu I cp, Central! America, Nrrr Grenada, Prussia and act' to to the officers time and for soldiers-issuing military the land warrants "No you cl n't-it's agin the law, A'hich is very rixuiU fcUKOPC

lieu' oHbu lav in addition loan unexpended bal Venezuela, sixty-seven thousand five hundred dol-! I! war," approved the thirteenth day of July revolutionary one thoii- full upon thi: pim." The steam packet Columbia, Copt"n
nncc of former appropriations[ of six thousand right la r. i sand eight hundred and thirty two, and the act c mi- "Pint! Not half of it- --I hav'iit got the stowage arrived last evening, about 10 >

hundred :md St verity -uvo dollars and fifty six nuts For the salary of the drooman to tiLe legation j tied 1 1ol "An act granting an additional quantity of land room." New York, bringing us files of O'Clock, *

V The sum of two thousand five hundred and two the United States to Turkey, and for contin- for the location of revolutionary bounty land' warrants "I'll explain the matter, so yon needn't be cotch other Northern New York

tLL lolir!: ; and forty four cents. ;entexpenseu of that legation, six thousand Jive ," approved the second day of March, one thousand any more. jVow listen:-the law vinks at vot it The papers to the latest date

.; (Eiiij'e t : Fur compensation to the ( overripr. Judges and hundred dollars. cicht hundred arid thirty three be and the same can't see, ankh lets them off vot it can' ketch. Yen packet ship Gco.pe Wanhingtor b

Secretary of the Florida Territory, eleven thousand For outfit of a minister of the United States to are hereby appropriated, to b'e applied, in the manner want to.-hreak it must dodge. Get lloldredge, arrived at New York or P
you ,
for you snapped
provided m said acts, io the unsatisfied warrants last from
hundred dollars. Spain nine thousand dollars. < y
seven ] quietly in bouse and the law don'tknow bringing ,
whether own papPr
iid r ongmal or duplicate which have been or your n th:4
For the thcxFloriJa Terniory For outfits to the des aiTaircs I ult. inclti-ive. Fhe
contingent charges to Venc
expense may be sud as therein directed to the officers, soldiers nothing about the matkr. But never go [ politic.l ilittihigefle
a I throe hundred nnd fifty dollars. 20 e1a and Portugal, nine thousand) dollars. and others therein not.of much t
described; and the cirifiate thumping anL l bumping about the streets, uhcn f importance, accOunts
,4 For compensation) nnd mileage of tl.c; members For outfit of a charge d' affair to Denmark or to nf s rip issued pursuant; to said acrs shall be receivable you are prind and snappecd. But yon come under don to tfic2 ,l lint log bcn from 1. .

I >f tbe Legislative Council of Florida, pay of officers Prussia, as rmy be mjtnrcd, four thousand five I 1 in payment lor any of ihe public land* h.ib.e to the niuzzie of the ordnance-you're a loafer." ed.I W, refer our Condors I % rCeiy.

I and servants of the council, fueltaliomry, t hundred dollars.! -lie at private entry: Prorided, That no cnp shall "Now look here. Big Ben is a going to belt (ICEICO of- the New COrres,0
and incidental art of 18th I For of all the missions b isMied until the firzt day of >cpteu.ier: next, and York Star, for !
; *t printing : expenses, per contingent expense; abroad me like a hoc a fire-he sayshe will and be will. the latest
warrants *} \ll be received in the Gene il Land Ot mtdhgem-c r
: :
pcctiui iii'-
June one thousindjht hundred and thirty four thirty thousand dollars. / Ht ; Frtr.h ;
He calls !
1 ; me and is to take a stick andkillit.
ike that
until day
and going
nnlj thirtieth Jur.c, OTIC iruwand eight hundred F ora balance duo John Randolph Clay! charge ]) amount exceed s'ix hundred immediately and titty thereafter thousand, acres if the, ." which will I lie r)idfv0RibI., .. qU'Slon.:

nnd tbirt.-foiir stivcri thousand four hundred dollars. de.s affaires at Russia one thousand tlnt'e hundred It will be scon from thf
L I the Convw-J'-ioner >f the G n-ral Land Office -.hall He can't.--the law says he mu 'nt; and if be l HmvUl

j1 (!( lnr.] i, apportion the six hundred and lllry thons-and acres of does, you know, it's no great matter-lit wilL be c-.al adv.cvs that at, advance has tdfcen! Comm !""
For the nnd distribution of the laws For a balance due Nathaniel Nilcs ]Into l land the **
: printing charge among warrants v.-hich may l te then on file, put in limb / in the Cotton market. ace

: I HnJ j-nirnals, and publication of the laws of said des. atfaircb-at France, (live thor.' nnd and fifteen in mil satisfaction thereof. This was a species of comfort which} had but LIVERPOOL

Tirntory, in throe new>,i.ipers. as nquired by dollars and sixty-two cents in addition to the sum Sec. 3. And ben further enacted, That the second little effect oi Kix-ky Srnr.lt. He cared nothing Man-h 23.-The* sales (,rr
for oti
., law, one tti asaiid eight hundred and ninety dol"f ]- appropriated for his services as charges des affaires; s section of the art making apprcpi i.uions; for the civil about what \oud! be done with Ben, after Ben ton tho-xvoi-k rndin2 on nV orJL ilish >

,. Jar aforesaid, by the act i0th June, 1934. I! and diplomatic expanses: cf the Governnunt, for the had i mount to 29,450 bales, VI2 10 ton a'
j|| year IH'M, is hereby repealed and that the Secretary done for him. Tbe result of the matter, how- r
For nHnr/aTifo to thp hw : assistant counr.cl. To CaptitTi John I\wno :h Mimof one thousand | 87-Sa' 111.4,! nifa:
; 9100
agent I o the Tre.isurv be nul h is hcrr I authorized to ever, was the promise of the watch to tike care of ; O-eafl! ?
I ;M I I and district iitturncy, under the nets for the and eigh'V dollars in u'linburscm-'iit of the con of |. t o the collectors, naval officers, ant th..ir respective pay t Smalt for the rest of the night, and he was accordingly 3720 Alabama 9 a 11 1-4 &7 3 I2-

H II PPtilemmt of the private land chums in Florida presents Sandwich to Islands the native whc authorities in the the Society and j I j clerks Iol ogether with the weighers of the several depo ted. Whether Ben has executed In the early part of ihonrck
commanding squadron!
: fjur thousand and fifty dollar''. the United States of the Pacific ccean. ] ports of the United States, out of any money in the Ins threat is Jot yet known.-Phil!, fade Jlrcz.'ni. Mve orders for omo an-1.2"-
I. For clerk hire officer | 'j IVasury not otherwise appropriated, such export were received. !
oxjicimsof m'erpretcr, For the salaries: a f the agcn' for claims at London sums as I dilators .
':: t .::'it, anj stationary, rendered nercessary 10 thfJ and Pan, f'ur t'.vi'
:i : t uljp of tbe Superior Court of East Florida nt For the expeir> of intorroursi: with the Harl-ary compensation of that in the year IW,would according have to the importaions "It isnioet i astonishing," said Kicbared Mrrvvn Lions, spinners and (IeaIer purchased
t St.. Augustine, in the ]performance of the services Powers, seventeen :hoa aud lour hundred dollars. to receive if"the year aft as of they the 11th July, 183'J had entitled as he relmqu&hed the attempt to rise from tbe gut I freely ot thn nrliclt ; altogether, the dernnd or

required of him under the act lor the relief of in- For the rehrfar.il 'reccon cl American seamen not gone into elfeet : P'oritltd, That rio officer s iall ter at the cijrner of Sixth and Front-streets is-as steady, the each tiny len

t Kibitantsof Fast Florid: of June twenty-six, one in fori.gn countries thirty thousand dollars. r receive under this act a greater annual salary or is really astofishing bow soon this dreadful I climate 5000 bales, and prices

;r ... Thousand tight }hundred and thirty-four, one tboufi thirty For tiirand the contingent itoliars expenses foreign intercourA compensation than was paid to such officer for the of America brings on ole age. I shall never survive t.on advanced l-8cl per lIi. dscri..

4 ftar.d six hundred and scventfive dollars.: For Cvinponsa icn anti expense of an agent to i year 16'W:; : and that in no case shall the compensation to get I himeand write a book about the p'u.cenever. obtained extreme ratej. rni thc ther kiiid
For to the ChiefJutiC the as- of any oth' r ofli-ers tlun collectors, appraisers Ilre I six feet without market ck
compcnSatifl Hai.in.i, to rr cure the archives of Flori la, lour and am two, my with healthy semi
.C1tte )UdgCS aci distri1t judgs ()t the LJnitc1 thousand: rive lu.Tidrnl dollars. wise,surveyors exceed the, hcthcr sum! of fifrecn by salaries hundred, fees dollars or other each stockings, sprawling; ) in republican gutter, without ed ooOO bales apperrnce; cpectilatur ptircI13.

., .';tatcs. eiglity-ont inous-inn tour juumtcu (I(11L. For ci'inp.rtii.R a Dig-*. sif Commercial Regu per annum ; nor shall :hc union of being able to help mvst-lf out of it. There's a American, and 350 Sut;
.. ; For the expense of printing the records of theo l: ot }'orgn Countries" ur.'ierthe resolution of thes" ofikrs m one person entitle any him to or receive more lump winking and blinking in my face, as if it nxportcr scoria 1300 ,\tnetieri, t-iIT'lro

Supreme Court
1 'f t eighteen liur.dredarnl thirty-five three thoucundU ol}%cue h ecu thousand rca: fire and hundred thirty-one.dollars including for the sum whole number of custom house officers in the United a big brute (4' a dog just now no ed me to s c (-;, Saturd.iy.; thrs.iUs uere etiroj
in | Ja
i'ljf<:. expenses States on the 1st January, 1831, shall not be whether I cat.Vhat t
> increased vas good to a [ 4000 bales. lo-da
o 1taI1ii1ig uiioimation frt.n foreign cuuit:cv-he sum Conn-v! there has hem ,.
4 For tf-p salar.i --.f tht pbif justice and S'iC1iIC until otherwise allowed bv Congress : Provided what gutters.! and what liquor' I 'nilv a (
<>J MX t >uuiid iix bundled dollars ;,jok nine demand; and full hivil
: yf il.e} Di'ir.ct of Columbia and nf the1 I firlhfr, That the siid collectors naval officers and smaller.s of prices liccu triiii-d
jij''i. judges For compcnsation to Lemuel Slater, for ser\'icc; whiskey, and tvh .t wi''n tat! and the
shall : sales I
nndcr bat
surveyors 12,000 ,
I judges of the 0 ru1LtI'; Courts of the said DiStricr. m tollecting information, in tic! State of Rhode I. ( and th-} an account, quarterly to the prcnnturc old age, I vc :!v belivvc I'm assas-iinated principally at the rlai. Of.r
: I other ouVers : ,
herein named 1 thir. ,
T J ( )t hiitit 4iO .
rune thom-ar.d: five hundred dollars. \r.r.up\ l in the extern anti condition) of manufacture.- l reierrc'i io, ?nan fnaer an or .,. .. .-_ ._ ._ .. ...,fcv pspccul.ition
t For compensation to the Attorney General of fit :' that Mate, under tl.e appointment of the i1cc,cary collector account, quartern-to tIme Er. Mrvfm I ; and 1000 for
respective of the customs when ; ;,0v clamored that export.
f they are so Uuully ass.:
the U. State*, four thousand dollars. eipht the hundred Treasury fiu-I, < i lite-dollars n hundred& and thirty-two, employed!, to be foiwarded to the Treasury, of all th*> '""ce :;,tnO.aCSjcic Cotton( Upland, 8 1-2, 9 5-8 a 11 # I
the clerk in the ofiice ofth ten twenty-seven crnts. fees and emolumens
For compcns-mr.n to whatever by them ptrJb.The.
For ie5rCtivcI.! t.1cre'Vhat's the ?
th warehouse Baltimore matter
cjinjiletins ? public in
At.vcnoy: Gene nl. eight hundred dollar,. .... thousand dollars"Fu'i ceived ; and of all expenses incidt":; to t'h- ./ .Matter I'm Yoik Charter
c ynursell being done v; EleriioiN!
: offices -a-hcharcoui. r r.pcc'ivc or a> z OrIt han >.
oiT.ce five hundred doilurt. ;<
said UH
't For a mc-'sStrgor in tht payment of the balance of the salary of oath oraairmation.aif. t rclufcreilon people would bay, I'm doing. The march or'iaind j j -.ulted decidedly in f.uor of the Xilnim.
:: Valentino ( usy, la c Miji'Tintrndcm of the Cumberland in sul forn arid be has tripijcd.-apd llicbard for tn-
For coitir gent CCflcC1 of ;aid ofT.t'e fiv hundred RoaJ, cast ..f the Ohic river, eiirht hundred MXytv.o supported bv u fr0o ,0 be presc lt>Ct| liy(hc 5ecrc' himself. Mervyn is to deep I (ion Only font tit the tificcn wards ee -trj<
: the 1 rite out ---gently--there. Ain't I inn
: dollars and wi: 1 jcrstir.-; will in his i opposition Aldermen. Tin-re
dollars.For eighty seven cents. as judgm itt best vu-re GO'lO') v !e5
p : compensation to tbe reporter of the J ci- F'T the purchase of a site and buil .jr 5 a cu>tom- enfori' ,ng pruvisims ol this section, and show its pretty picjle Th.s" is what the Doctors call I less tiiken th.in at tho election list

; is'iona cf the Surpreme Ct>urt, one thousand do.iar: hoiis. in the <*ity of Boston fifiv ousaiid'dolla' Vcraticn and cftc t. Pi ?ri.rl alst>. That any salary gutta sercna/.is't il? Returns from all ihe year. V
addition to 'what may tc obtained- t' *! .lu or compensation diu for the year 18 !!, shaLl not bc- "When I was nt school the boys would have towns in RhodeUnrti V
'I For cocipensntion to the district attorneys and: j 1 present cu5tc.n liouse, proviV.u a suitable; sale site of the be affected by tins *c--ln.Src railed you a ttutterat. give Got Kranci (Adminisraiion( > amr, TIty f

rxarshaIs, .13 grunted by inw, including those in ( ob'.ai'ir-i: and a CU TS. honse satisfactory to the can Se- 4. And be t funliT cni- ted, Tliar r.o pay "They vv&uld'nt have known much grainrner if of 70; or SO \tes. It is -inted tint a mi.joritv .
I the several Territories, uiid including the smii ufIhrec cic- ,, ment nf the mow; appropriated by thi-J act, or the dij. I'fti "' I the Seiutur A
; the tit
t : oi Treasury can be built to" c *t not exC any a liquid---see me drip. > anti R ;j re3cn ativ -,
p thousand one 1'mndrcd arjd cavntj five duilars cdiir- these ropriat.ons for that purpose. shall other a<*t pr.s-cd a. the pre.-em session of Congress "Oil! ho!">|>uid the watch, "du'nt try to be lunny opposition. are

being derlciencv in the appropriation; to For the rep ur of the pier and wharves connected be bm th'i nutr or notes of ariy Bank which shall ; I knov/-"yoti:; well l! enough, nov. yop've wij;e.t1iice. l A fire
e : meet the expenditure f T the fourth q-nrtcr of one" with the public sto/es on Staten Island, in consc- not bo at mad'j par vau! < :t' thplare wheie such puym-'iif your ; You're the chap that: iocUed me inmy occcurrcd among thr !I.agg.i: ctr the
1 Thousand .eiht hundreu :UK! tbuty lour} fifteen I qti'-n" tl thf damn c done to them by a lite gale, for may shall be coiutn d male tJiiit; nothing here contained box onct:, and when I burst the door' up [ Rail: Road Cars on Friday l.i-t| s'or> ftp
t thousand iun.lre.l u.l five dollars. the rcbuilditj.cr of ti.e stnre thrown dov.n in coii ..eqncnceof to any thing but gold and open you I- t they had departed fr.un Tiordcrtovtn. I
eight seventy the breaking ff'Ii' fund ion which silver a fndi-r n payment of any debt due lr<'ra ih knocket me sjcels! over head, and !leaned it." : tio! I.

For defraying the cx rnsi-sof the supreme, circuit n stood! by tic? saimg up le ; and for putting cn on t !' a Ua'cd States tJ indiviimlsJNO. "That's tri. I'm that thing. how do you like efforts to extinguish it, the C.ir.va "vcrtuned; I-.

p I and dismct courts of tue Unitod Sntc-s. imm. new r>of and other repair to the remimm tore, BKLL: the tips and: downs of public life? Isn't variety .""Hid being then unable to net at the fir', the

I : chiding the Dsurict of Cuhunbia; also for jumrs; the ?un of thirty-eight thousand dollars, to be ex- SptfiV.or' tilt I HoMre 1 of representatives.AI charming?" : | passengers ((200 in uurubt-t) had to tan( b?

; I mid vritries es, in aid of the funds arisingIrum yfiidcd under the direction of the Secretary$ of .lie: VAN RrUKN, "Itit wa'r'nt that I'm a public functionary and and witness: the df strut-tion of their

I fije: *, ;pctuliie?, and fortviturcB incurrcil in thepj' | Tre.isniy, ant the Work to be done upon contract 1:1 Vce President of the United States, musn't givc: way to my feelings, I'd crack our with the proprrtj-,
j of
the ordinary mode uf I'-Mting contracts fur anti Picsidcnt of the SenaTc. oxcrption a -utitlcs VUKUsn.iteUed
lumdrcd atuithiity-four pubic cocoa and '
> eighteen jreceetlmgjkcars Arrr.o\c Lease my mind by doing as I was done I
we rk>. March 3d 1333. iiere ( lV |in ihe fi inies. The .lull!
and iikcxv e lor di.tra\itg the] by. I'll nuike
; < | expeuei an example of however
: United States Ir pax mcnt for preparing, printing and binding ANDREW JACKSON. you i j big, and ati the : t erostrocJ!
ti4'5uit9 in which the arc concerned the documents ordered be I IP1IILADELPIII You're my prisoner. flatly cooahi tu the watch'us j novvsp.iptirf ,

: I ,: and tf prosecutions for olfcnces cornmiiI'dairatust Beaton, under the same rc to trictious prn.tcd and by reservations Gales and POLICE. That's the Hutch h'r being tucked up." |j aportton of the letters aved. The lo<; o

the United Statts, and for the safe a> wore roiifimed in the appropriation fr the same ; "Well. gr'e us your arm. Don't be afbid of property is variously estimated at from 51P t ,

4 fteopuigoi) prnout-ia, tic IIU..UK-U ii wu9and dol wlyoot in tW q.-' cIt May illiffli.} ( lyhifeu hundred ROCKY SMALT.-Tliere are many person; in the mud. Gutter mud isr very wholesome.! -took 000 tlWiars.

l lars. and thirtv-nui, fi-ny' thousand! Jolla. ?. town who know a little fellow, called by those ac at the pigs, bnw fit it makes \m; and if you like A snow storm set in at New Yoik on the M
Foor the payment of sundry f
t I-y specinl acts of Congress, one thousand tbrtetuJtidrcd 'I to the pill-he huici,. and! for bmd.iic, an-1 for ongra- the ftther-weight.-;, atd, like numbers i>f that light fat? So-sof--..teady. yon Now 1'J/tell/ yon all about niwiunj; of Thursday last, and continued > I
and dullari. \ing the ncccu ry imp::, oidcied to be printed thee c'jsj he has 01'the torerioon.
fif.y; by a d!eir for t'other .
great pugilistic honors night.- --I was passing; <>ur box in a tntnd-
a J For .ate ten thous.m; 1 ei ]lit i unti red a md dollars] y The
the and maintenance of sixty least Mathrat. ,
houris at Prophet The trial of bif
suppoit light a certain portioriot'them. I >
And the lolbnvnie] iunii :ui' the Milnarv: is read promiscnflus sort of a way, thought you were
floitiitj hg.'it, beacons, buoys, and( "takeages : Academy enough in quarrel and t f impaster is Mount Ptais cT-
1 at Wet P.it : umild like the glorious re asleep, or luid run (down, and I turned the key to t flow going on at nf.i

ir.ci idmg the purcb.tse of lamp-?, oil, keepers"sala- For defraying the cxjvns .- of 'he Roaid of Vii putation of victory; hut the intermediate link of wind you upIf a watch aint wound uji, it can't An nccessful attempt[ has been made hhi

I, ricrejf.u'is: nr.J improveaitnts, and contingentxptnst" tcis at Vct Pon': two thor: and dollars. the chain-the combii-is always a stumbling either keep god time or even go.'r't.hl -; counsel to plead hi- insinity-z .pc. ni,
; *. two l.midicd and thouslind"ie I For toe!, block winch .Snalt
s'vcty-eight t'oragr
; sfi'iornrv, printing, tranrtn-! cannot surmount. When what else?"
hiii.drut and fifiy two dollars and lion and ro age, uiU'- thousand a I jury appointed by the Court Invitig: pfuatua-
fiftyninecents : nine hundred and dispute ripens to thai crisis Smalt '
invariably Why then I watched the bok apd when ccd
ixy f.ve doi-r.s.! check- tire further yon him a sane min.;
4 progress of the affair came out, I b xed the It z
by inqui'ring watch. Thai's ill.!
To rnnkc a ry>o.l deficiency] ifi the funds for the For ropan imprryc'ricnt? and '.xpens-s of build- the wtiglit of his antagonist declaring! that he- out of > grew I A posteript in the ;nravidrncn; Inly! V *
2ns, irrounJroai my disposition
rtliei of sick :and disabled: hamrn, as c.tab1iIici 1 jc s six thutua.d five>, !xvij.uTt nts ui'\!, i I'ca nvei/v-right-, ear's and dollars ten- J' cannot pitch liim'
VIhe aci3 of sixteenth July, seventeen hundred 1 1I Pur ray of adjutants an 1 f miicmcacr's: : c'crks' '' as Snirrfts nelt wci"ht! Ujust, ninety-four pounds, you up, and to do it in the same way, I'll take yOU 'clock afire bioko oat at Woon ,oiel! n- I
ftid: ninety eight and third May, eighteen hundred 1 ii'ne: hundred dollars b'tois', hats, loose clian .-. dead before Machine
i .
of F.
I j' latch key, clothes the watch maker, to be cleaned and rcguia'ted. f shop tinV )ons( cIel: L to'
!1tl Pur philosophical! apr.ar.ituc iii.l n pairs of the niul ail, he is sure to twape. The odds arc invai .-You g? too fast, but he'll put a spoke in < Conl. which was Consumed: it tmn cwnamij -
For revi.u, o* the marine hosjntal wharf at same, five hui. ircd and e'jrhty-Jlvf dollars. i I riably against him. Ti make
Chelsea Masrichusetts !00. Fur nioV Is lor the Dejahrnent 1 h.iwever assnrance doubly your wheel; hVIl set you by the State IlotiSv-, ana j I c ted to the Cotton 1-mct'rv tit Mr. ( rtr ffI I'')
S oi EriginccringSi -, sure his first ; in make "
tvp his keep I I.11y
venting time.
you g.iod I *?
For efitlosing the custom-bour lot at Norfolk \ hundred do lars. to pick a C. aHon! ; will -h was burnt-then to the s urff :

tritb a br.ck v'I and foi) repair.! oi thp cubtomhtrise For C'implcting i'ic' u 'om hcus? lailding and en- always selects one qiiartcto ol :th* largest pick dimensions.bis man: ; and be \that I, iVatthVVou'r a wag. Why don't you j| of *Ir. liylei Darnels and the PoitOfice.'which Z n
the lot The say waufa horizontal
clo-inj and
; six thousand eight hundred dollars. you htted me u >
biuldiriiT'. three thousand four Ins ; awl!
hundred audJiftv stronger burnt. The letters >
Fur models fur ihe draw op'Ninjnt; the inure Kucurity does like a patent liver? Yoin'o uideawale wtP pat-r[
ing department{ now but
d.il'ar.i. | ; and contingencies for the departnuru ol chemise npparain Small feel in his contrasted! ] weakness., But in one that night Vtt wer'nt up to trap or you would; j|I uerw sav d!-'then to the store of 31 r. litsen

For rcpiri: and fur building an cdditmn to the L j and repairs ot instruments for the iialhematical instance, be was doo'ml 1 to find that his general have caught nie. I caught a weasle asleep that;' Ballon, ffaeli was burnt-pit t of the gOdS
4 I houiv oceupit.. by the revenue oltirtT having depaitmeiit, one thous-'ud one hundreu id rule ivas not without' } it ; > time I
j eighty xceptionand be received fresh salt siores W'U1acksmnth's
put for I in both acdthen caught
I ..i.nr.v. /iV f>, r.nK!, > 'HMTMTtV fit Sjlfniv MlKttf 1 P I I IIf fi,>lH.I .< :i iiirrnal: uotieo that \<\* 'a.. a..r,.,.,... .1... ,1* .. s..you. .-....- ....once.. Lc_...... _.. I" wore otherLtiMings -
; nt N *w Jersey. lour hundred dollars. For the drpfcrimeRts of mineralogy, artillery and firt f convenient opportunity aKe refused ----- shous> uRI scxernl :
? : a Ktick and to wx'c! a further and !'
I: For expense in relation to the nlief; of certain sword exr. i :t One thousand: four hundred dollars.! -! 1 k ill it-tue pronoun "ii" step sittini; down ivhich l were b-J.-nt. The tire wa not ;'I t
for Smalt on lout '
standing a
himcr.Hlcnowntobe avowed his
J Zt&i.ji cnt debtor* ol> the I'mfd Statee, under! the hundred Tor increase and and expenses of the Li raiy, ci ht s el! l hi ; name step, walker. resolution, declarii under until 3 o'clock tr.-i> ijortung. Tbcftuperty :

ct Kevt-nth Jiietghtteii hundred and thirty- For miscollaneous seventy items three dol and! ars.incidental t expenses Btg Ben' the in the "\ wasjot u're name is i walker or not I j! 'LVhtethmer was insured. Los!* nu! ascertained. ia1
four. five thousand dollars.Tor ihusand habit ol fulfilm-: |his you The estahli 4 > nt contccIted -
one live h--ndrcd promts
and lit'y-eig .1 t dollars. to the letter, and must go. j ; largo Bleaching >
a beacon on the piers at the mouth oi'Gen- For pay of the ollio' rs, cadets and intis.uans, fifty the tribulation of"jt'' nijy be more easily imagined "Not withoiS a go-cart-you can't force me to ; with the Cotton Factory of > tt nor.
*< ( river und Sodus bay, as authorized by the six thousand one hundr and thnty-two dollars. than described. He UMS unable ; I'm
: to cat and una go- a legid tender, and you must take ifle. I Company, in Manchester, Coon w\n Jestoj-
ucl cf the tiurtieth June For subsistence of ble SlCC anti
eighteen holLered and officers and cadets tinny-nine to [). shook with Havn't I
trepidation at every got aiiii1ice, oral least a public situation 1 ed fire. of W-
A property
thousand live by large amount
four hundred
ihi-ty iu addition) to a !former appropriation nnd sixty-six dollars. | sound. A lew evenings here
I For Mnce, be resolved to purchase on the stefJs, Mr. Charley Itattlestrap? If : nation f *
t t>f lour thousand dollar?, the sum of three thousand forage (officers, one thousand on hundred a little of the I longing to the Company and others I;.
compound of mast I Khal be
essence the
ad fifty-two dollars courage go, | on yankee system of rota-
seven hundred and dollars. and 1 'su med. No
t fifty tranquility and
the insurance.
; tion
For that -- tneu wheel
clothing of ciEcers'servants three hundred and coiisequem-e was, bariow. Kelbrm me out
i For n light-house or beacon light on one of the thirty dollars after strolling about for ? u.nc, be found himself regularly." e t -

4 -. 1 piers t the hrfibor of Oswcgu, on Lake Ontario, For recording the opinions of thi Supreme Court t too happy to walk, and sat down on a cellar door. Persuasion i-itii; useless, the officer, procured From the special correspondence rf tbf\> -- (are L-

i as authorized by the act of the thirtieth of June of the United States, two hundrod and fifty dollars "So!" soliloquized Stnalr, "he intends to beat me assistance and & wheel-barrow, in which Mervyn LIVERPOOL, March 2J.
1 eighteen hundred and thirty-lour in addition whu-h recording shall be dona by the Clerk of does he! Now' the
to a Court said s time-why doesn't he come was placed. Away they} went. By next week I shall know tutu certai tt',
former appropriation of three thousand six presently! alter the delivery of sm-h: and it? Calig
hundred opinions. 'il ln "So
H" inc to wasn't so tired we gOj' Jsaid Murvyn. "Charley's j brother K
nid dollars the of For the publication! of the what\ the French will do. My
sixty-six sum six thousand four new System of Disci and it 1 hadn't a little touch of a pulmonary I'd a barrow-nightf me. Gently over the stone. ( t ,
rt hundred anp eighty-five do'lars.' pline and 'I( -tics fur the use ol the -irmvof the Um- start off alter hirn. I'd and dun him I don't like buripers| when I Pans, and I have the speculation rel-iti";
teiI States thousand go for the except get them of i
; I For the rcmov ii of the light-house! now on the compensation, two Wiiifield Scott hundred the author dollars; and for I hiding, and if he would only squat, orlctnie stand porter. This f 3 the way lo Wheeling--hurra! the( Brogue ministry from him. .1,
and '
; ii north end of Goat island, near The harbor of Newport piler, and for superintending ,the punting of com the on a chair, I'd give him a receipt in full right in- cart before the orse"a! | 'fho Peel cabinet arc ctrt.iinly: &W,

;- Rhode Island; ) as authorized by the act of same, five thousand dollars. t the lace undt-r my own hand and seal. I'd knock When arrived ground here, but more with! the people! l'1j iairliamnent.

m the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and thiriy- For additional pay to the officers of the navy and t him this-er-way and that-cr-wuy, till you couldn't sisted upon bifuig wheeled up atairs. and styled j I' If Peel weathers the storm ,ne> '

lour in addition to a former appropriation of thirteen the -ivil establishment! of the navy yards, gnmte.1 !l,y tell what} end of bis bead h'u fice is on." the place a torriic-nial castle. j Ifortni-ht longer, he is Piime '11ini3t crI

thousand six hundred dollars, the sum of thir- act and of the present fes'ion of Congress, tv.'o hunt>Il Smalt suited the action lo mime word, and threw "I'in a modest nan," said he, "and no stainv. If j I King William

q t two thousand four hundred dollars. two dollars ninety-five and thousand seven hundred and thirty- out his blotvi right and left, with great vigor. I cant have a i de uj, I thiuk myself entitled to reigns. Ifl1i1t -"
seventy-l'jur cents. of
For rurvcyifiR the public lands, in addition to For alterations! and repairs in the Capitol inclu Suddenly, however, be felt a heavy hand rasp draw back"I I(I 1-"ItANCE---.The changes w -

an unexpended balance of former appropriations, ding the domci ol the chambers of the Senate and his shoulder and give him a severe shake, while a So escape, not ; France' has not excited much attention

Seventy thousand dollars. House) of Representatives replacing and renewing deep grull voice exclaimed lug so nimble tith his li-et as \vith his tongue, be 1gland.' In fact, as I told you last week, n'v'

For surveying the lots in the town ol Peoria. the copper oi the ram**, and pinning the ceiling ol "Halloo! ivhat the deuce i.s all this about? You'll was soon cauilit and lugged back, being, as he 1 not a change. The premie' fortitS the :
d n the Slate of Illinois, as authorized by the act of the Rotundo, twelve thousand live bundled dollars. ear your coat."' said, like goijinit Its' works, beautifully! chased ( exception ; unless what is
third Murcii, eighteen hundred and twenty-three, For salary ot'iL gardener employed in superintending Ouch !" -,liriehcd Smalt, "ah pray don't-I Willing handsmake short work, and in conse-M t I ahIon accepts the war ministry. .I0f
five hundred dol'urs.!' the capitol square and oilier public grounds, holler enough." qucnce, the unavory punster was stion carried up' mm'S' j
'I is
thousand correct list of the
dollar a present
For the.salaries of two keepers of the public archives one For Why, little 'un, you must! be cracked. I won't aloft, and next *norning, sober and penitent, paid (
lighting lamps and kt the France Louis Phihpp
in Florida one thousand dollars. walks order epmg grounds and hurt you, his tipsy fine aid his carriage hire with a doleful -the deputies of
in including costs t.l trees and shrubs MmniStt
For comnencation to the recorder, two commissioners lour thousand five hundred dollar 11 Ah !" gasped Smalt, '-I tocA you for big Ben countemnce.-- Philadelphia Sj>ortsrnau. President of the Council itid t

and translator, for the final adjustment of For protection of the ucste water pipes nnd air and I vas alraid I'd ha\e. to break the peace" Foreign Affairs, Due de Broglie.!

private 'land claims in Mmoun, from the flrst January pi cuthc aqueduct of the capitol and repairs of the ) "That wouldn't do; but I'm thinking it would I A JOKC.4 J ) Yardstick, who traded in Minister of War (ad inle.iin)

to the first October, <-. -hteen hundred and piprs, fiw hundred dollars be a little! peace, if you could bic.ik it. I'll carry contrived to mako hitr.self R igney.
1 thirty-five art ()1 the For alterations and repairs oi the President's home all the pieces that break off rich on the of few Dupcrie
per iv.raty-scventh June, Ho'ise.' for you in my waistcoat L patronage a by exacting an Minister of Marine, Admiril

: ,'ithteenhunhed ami thtrty-luiir, the sum of fourth rroui.ds and gardener's walks in order salary, ,including and for keeping the cost the of pocket. You're only a pocket piece yourself unheard of er-cemitage on the sale of his Minister of Interior, M. Thieis. .

: usand five hundred and seventeen dollars. tree* rnd shrubs, four thousand two hundred dollars..] "Nobody asked your opinion- o away. I've goods. One? morning going to his store, he Minister of Public Instruction, 31. UJ

.. For contingent expenses and cffire rent of said For laying a line of iron water pipes from the State got Scotch some at thinking once, to do, and or"-you bother. me. Hop observed a l|>le cut through his door near Minister of Justice, M. Percill-
good man,
board including five hundred dollars for to the Navy Department seventeen hundred dollars. whci the Uuchatel.
conveyng "Take baj passed. He made Minister of Commerce, M.
care the immediately
I the final report to the seat of government For improving Lafayette square, three hundied rru.yor squires have gone
,one alarm
I I houeand dollars. dollars. to bed, but the law never gets asleep. It's wide an thi his shop had been broken open Minister of Finance, M. Humann.

: For stationary and books for the ofliire of CoraT.issioners For the annual expense of two Creenfiincs, two I awake, and all lodged in my person. After ten and robbed; |ut upon examination ho missed It is said, that th new Premier i if

14; I of Loans, one thousand two hundred hundred dollars. o'clock, the law is Charley. I'm the whole law." no article, nijt even a pin from his cushion, or who has a mind of his own, and that stip lte

i tI '.(JItar3. For preparing the the niches for the reception of the "You only want bristles," muttered Smalt, "to a cent from is drawer. A suit however, was I that he and not Louis Philippe shall bjtual
statutes at cast front ol the capitol four be another "
hundred I sort of a whole animal. erter
Iw I For additional payment for the statute of Wash- and sixty dollars. "Whew commencedigainst a young man for burglary head of the government. Cusirmj

( .ngton.Yive thousand dollars. For repairing the culvert at the west front ol the I mean? confound I'd hit your little kerkita, what doyou : who conlesled the act and was acquitted !!t was the last Premier who had the C 10
For the discharge of such miscellaneous claims cr.puol. three hundred and eighty dollars. you unofficially, if there was But before tting he Sit ce
discharged was asked I and maintain this
I For any use pegging at a fly. right.
Tgainst the United Slates, not otherwise provided I L completing the work of repairing and
in urrVr putting "Fly! you're right-I'm off" said why he didnt take some of the goodsjto which death Louis has taken on jn
I I ;;?r, as slml! be ascertained and admitted in due the Congressional Burial Ground, six hun Smalt, takin* he ; Philippe chat
., -oiiree settlement at Treasury twelve thou dred dollars.fc'cc. the hint, arid making a spring. But he had miscalculated : replied, 'ji found thoy were all marked so actual government of the nation. ] i1

- .. rand dollars. 2 And be it further enacted, That six hun his powers, and after running a few high that I ould'nt get em off mv hands, so acter of the new ministry stand 'h

I4 Perthsalaries cf the minister of the United I J dred the Quantity and fifty"heretofore thousand acres of land, jn addition, to steps him. fell down, and hi* interrogate stood over concluded rfct: to havo any thing thing to do Frai.cc- owing to the general! charatU': .W,
I f.t appropriated by the ac: enti with them.'! t" MF
_ the Due de BrogJie Ho is fenowa

. : : p


"t -. I _

w -
: -- -


tt '.-"-- ---.- .. -

i r1! independent man ; and ins mcrH the neutrality"ia which 3UU pi you; had II it very&t Uli early couaictcd declared wim in they iire perpetrated. It was i weak and murderous ground rent 't ) the descendant of t.'n old apple wo FLORIDA LANDS FDR SALi .

: r the demerit* of his coleagues.Ii0 your paper.If policy our sister State 0 extend: her laws man. undersigned, agent of "the Kentuck1' At'r-"

in the most confident terms, that neutrality was the obstacle to announce hitherto over the country occupied by ih? Indians, if there THE for tf tichTng the Deaf and Dumb," v ill s-ill '

V* 'ier intends taking up the Amerirification the names of the candidates, I was then and is no shield furnished by those laws against the Horliculfur.al Anomaly( -The shaddock fruit always on accommoJfttii terms, all or any part of :tb- lands .
r i still am con'ains 32 aeeds. These seeds have been experimentally .. -t
as one by which unwilling that it should have been waived outrages of the savages. Travelers are muidered belonging to- said corporation, in Florida.
question, on my account.I on the high-way almost uonth whilst the planted a great number of times, and it is The lands which have been selected, arc gcieralfy

F ,.Ifl3Cm1 or fall. j: learn from good auf *in an unconscious party to the wrongs" of Executive of our sister State every ets sconcedup invariablr f 'und that there arc never, amongst all eligibly situated and of fine quality, and there i em tins
brother, who resides which you complain from the the 32, moro than two seeds of the shaddock thai pro be selected several sections which I be located
pertinacious and yet to
from my unauthorised at Tuscaloosa may
and her otlxr
functionaries .
ter high duces the others bitter
same fruit. The some
conduct of produce
) that the Due candidates, and which upon any unappropriated lands in the Territory.
official make no energetic efforts tc lining the offend the forbj-Jden fruit which are all with
,-sonic ,
acknowledp- silenced invites -
muzzled irchase
I? you and The Agent gentlemen, wishing tr>
tt -! p>nr chief anxiety is to have this qucs- Iped you individually.) My political relations para-with ers to justice. The fault lies elsewhere surely the shaddock, varieties of the orange species. The Lands in Florida- call on him in Tallahasce, ho -'

I pri'f'186' .-.h.-js little delay as possible. the peopled the territory remain unchanged, and than in the laws of the State, ind if so, it ought leaves are similar in appearance, and! until the trees for the purpose of closing ibe ufidirs of.the Inst tution,

,j jfl81 >, \va:5 of this opinion, and in the same monies which prompted friends at an early to be corrected.-[Knquirer. are ftctuallyan bearing, it is impossible to know what in Florida, will sell low for rash, and on terms In suiti -

Sieved sentiments arc un- period to present: my name to the consideration of the fruit is likely to prove.- II appears lo be a variable 'ttchii5en R. C. ALLEN, .igett. .L '
ftf{ that his the Florida have under and mc'iinpt"' hcnsible tree ; for the seeds of any OLh 1835. 3-v .
community, 3
a continued According to of April 4
I con Washington correspondent
g :e J1 venture to expect there. f.dcncc induced them of the frmv-'ir: of any sorts produced from seed, although !- -. -:
Voumay to re-announce me as a candidate the Portland Advertiser the Lbrary? .of the -
Capitol 1i
cabinet for the aken fn m a tree remarkable for th excdlen NOTICE.
question, place of
made n Delegate. It is
< bo true the
**;,lu< -ill whole strength} of the Iircvai1ec that Cot. ".Vliitc would not he ,a eandidae opinin contains about twenty-five -hcr.isand volumes. e of its produce, will frequently yield only worthless LL persons ha vim; claims against the estate of

re:11: ortcd bv the inl he h11nsclf.ickriuvledges that he would The room is ninety-two feet ''ong, thirty-four : fru*' *.; uV..7)-'* (/;/' __t WILLIAM KIXXARP, deceased, will prcs-nt th j
!irP rrninc'Jt.; I have every roashn to i'tn, could he hare obtained from executive not favor wide, and Ihiny-six high. It i? considered the fame to the subscriber within the term limited >y law, 4j. .

icifr?!! iMt the actual debt, as acknovvl t hi- more desirable) place at the Sicilian Court than most beautiful room in the Ca pit.l. It i is carpetfl YuitT FCT rj- THY INirF.nnMiilrr TTF.c.-Ti't? or they will be barred; and all those indebted to said 1 3

,i ;O. will he paid ; you will, tSur of the People's representative in Concuss,- furnished with tables, prints meda'-s' &rIn >f C tih.-h'-s! .n t the United States computed enat*' will come forward immediately mae! pay -- ,,

h the trcat) annunciation, howcvar. had no connection -vith either my I the library are a bust of.letTen-or:, in marble, another :> 5"0,0'or' a C j'*. rut"" of"tir pi? d-itioi; t'is Calvr.i ment. GEORGE YOUN3, t* ,

.0; nut jc paid interest.il the designs or i-xpec ationsr.f that in the same Lafayette of Gen. : ;t" B t'i; it ; :T 43t3'f', ; ',iiii.t Epieoti, April 25 163.1. 36-tf adm'r of Wm. Kinnard ilcr'dFOR .-t..
It pentlcman.and as a patrhust
rcho of that intrornonlh.s 2.Gf:9 lr1260000 -*: .- .o'noO _
will be an I had not omhuitil ; Cngr"gatiunl, ns
: ; to induce him Jackson
e to retire from one niunutiicntio portrait of Columbus S\LE.
) () t'ivr4.tTiss
I WilL tcmcmbcrivas T rlac. did 'n. tn f'p500 ': '1 tOO,000; rS
: .,. .igo. ()tl adimmstru'crirninT It jc a.uwed, however r.ot ecnnibnu to help him to another. presented by Mr. Barntt. late Minis'er: u> Spain. "2Th..; abyvcmm.vie is not probably TIERCES of prime Rice, very !low for &-..sh.IU t .

trtV made under his u'crs'tndj I'1ajorVvat. that a. political civ txd-.tf:utiray did :. a Lt.Lr or.e from :hc par- Qrt. Casks! of TcnerilTe Wine, waTanti<*

&e' % to power, backed by n and viich OCCtjoflel betet'n ( o1.Vhite ntl myself, WATHIXGTON April 13. tit: : inttf4J. pnrr W.C. MILI.LR. I

"i rii in-ii': ntvrtban. before, he is pretty form- diction, was tli'}my motive(Icleat of ly his a fev being iites a candi. at a The trial of Lawrence commenced :,t half past St Marks, M.ty- 2d 33wMARSHAL'S i *
j5"1' the ninasuro.V'Tte date. Whatpxvr attitude therefore you place thateiitlC'.iiMiTaiid 9 o'clock on Saturday morning, and Lvii'd until G BOTTH IN HORSr.5.l SALE i'I

carrvin" bill will most however ineffectual your "warning o'clock, r. >z. Mr. Key made a spied of lit tern 'iiiglit; r>;, year, ajr.>, the Hon. John Elliott! ofthiS virtue 'fa writ of Fieri Far.ias tome 'euvr- ..

Vocnwn: indemnity admLttinns1'seem ;o Jiave been to" him as well as or twrnty minutes! ; the balance of the day was s f Ztttc.: 5 .-Ln.'lcded: t:> t'ie' T.-htor of this} larICr. I' :: i, I shah r.\j>o cat public sMe, before tie dot'of .

b21)h:) :. PCCt with considerable opposition <>'herit is certain thAt Major Wyatt was not originally consumed in examing witnesses, prii.opaliy: as to j i Mu!int-iiv:, st.-ni-for.Mssoivcd* } c bof.s: in in nidentsd-rits horcs. I love, as tried a Suvereigai it, and : the Court-House m the City of Tulljiha e, on th '

chambers hut not sufficient to cause anMounTd as in opposition to Col. White, the sanity of the prisoner. The returned at first Saturday ia Jtmojicxt, all the ri-bt, titk c'.ain.
:bt' hut the jury ( in l h r H-'rit d} from that day to this and have nor
as hcii' ind! inten-st ot J.il-.n Lruulamin in and to tiicro louiiif
apparent C and ;
r. M returned thefollr-.vinnvcrdirt iu about i i.l a .sinsle LSi.'nce fa'Icd! to e'fTect a cir''. His mtru.ioiiS -
Tljf qucsiiun, however between the candidates isnow i l dcscnbud LOTt > wit:-- of LOTS No. 81 and 82siliuMi'd
parts -
; is brlicvcJ that the ten minutes : Not guilty ; heinp of the opinion ; : vw nto ds o.'vealnrn.jj ol b'ucsjonv abou:
1drt'cfl-It lairly J-.rfore the jirop ', who on the first Monday [ m the criminal plan of the town of T; Hfi.Ii.is-:
Uussia that he under the influence of the si/--- of tft i.irL' f: b-Tt in a half of brandy,
was the : pint
insurrection. is inssrity at .
111)C for of May ni'xt, will det'i.leho they will have toserve ; I 5'-'. AI so LOTS N >. 201, 202, and 226, in the North ,
dil : with! litle nml -
time whiskej or r.t a wiTfr,
the rommittod. .n. giv
The then > I
ire act
into that slaved thria However in was court addition ill r.iTown levied the of
of military dep.r.'te your eves, hy a ; : on as property )'
remanded the tlie u to the hor.-e ; and ;f .t did not relieve him in ah.ilt
: 'rt.rr.iny a mistaken view of the"subject prisoner to jail. \Vt- will! publish stid Laudanuni to aid in fivor
iS it.. a few very on your part, / 1 satisfy cxccuvon ot"McMuIIin.
ii-c" rxpectcil hour he doe. The 01.the
; to re-.i at ; aenm spurs
: but f>e the conteNt the whole trial as soon as it bt tike
there- Sal
: may you may lest astnrori that can jep.areJGlolje. Jaiut:; ti> pbce within tic u>;-
l madness of more ready th! !l-liii? stone wlien in
to I course upon .
The people :"rc gtbaicl STilt is i..n dirnd d hy mysfif or friend- in this quarter [ tut a! Lotrs. TIIOS K RANPOLl't:, At. 11
I a powder the person using it n-ed be under noapprrhenMda
Shn'ild E':nliia; eour.tv but afford nip the simj P.- A A 1.T.'TSttlKR n MBY I
: >i g>vmg too mr.cii bltu* stone as a halt .1 '
_ _
-- t *>it which ha been so pjrnciously granted on foimer relative Hail tnIce i td I
-- Important tn
_-:- -- : fad 1oudc.-Flte Baltimore pint of skirls will not dissolve mere rirtu: a proper __ _
I occasion, my election will be eertain, notwithstanding Gazette states the following re.-nltsif experiments do>e. S'a-f: u\vners. and trawlers should
wngone-.s ? Ice !
Ice !
Ice !
) ih'% and which
j1onEDI4N : veiy heavy wnequal weiuht made on the Baltimore and Ohio Hail Ho idWe idvavs carry a bottl of u with them ready l'P' .
you Feem to tliink 1 have to in 'tile rac. noticed s-iW-rilvr !Ins rcceivrd! from !
carry in December lat the Mucessfwl attempt and tnimr..?should never be without it on th'-ntation. prtr- TUT just tli North r
T Respectfully) JAMES OADSDEX. to piss a Locomotive steam rn in ,bv its own .-St '.e Rig'it's Seutnrt.JUVF.NILTEIGRATS.VhCfl. T.ii';; "i" ICE, vhich i% now tore*' at St.M.ir .
power, with a moderate load attached to it."over the !:.?, and will !> si'IJ on reasons5)f-! terms hi qnilitios 't

I SATHIDAY, MAY 2. FOR TILE FLOflIDT.% inclined planes at Parr's Ridge, on the Baltimore the Ajax was to suit purrinsf; I"Cvill be k-it] at c Conin .

__ < and Ohio Rail Road one of wlmli }has an acclivity Tallaliasiie! for 'he s-jpply of t iu n't- .
llt n nu oitl; ada; anti a true oive, about to tfIjl from Liverpool, five boys from
of about
.-The niDSt( stuiumus: exertion* two hundred ami sixty ftrt m mile Since R. K. WiST.irr .
7; Ei-'ioi; ik-il-.U Colomfjt.e Ne1; r r part \ ith an old friend, f>r a new onr." that time, the stitcesilul running .f tlr Locomotive 10 (to 13 years of age secreted thcmsclvo.q on Ar.rT ? rt:1: ,. '
tf M'-idiy: next ti> --- --- ---- _ _
': ---
t', : j 0 4.1. "White i.: like maiden gold, he hns ban tried Engine, during a reason well taped to furni- full bourd, an were not discovered until llir>y h.id; NO'hlUl.: ta"
: : .'* rtiiuiii; { the most deadly has oppcrtumtv to test all kinds of dithmlties that irihr
: ,
iVw. I l
the Ucroidcal of his and he It then late
been 3
y p'.I.tieal 2 at
oppontnir, 01torcmcd days sea. was too
ti ht'r will on that day, 1 lt', be caused by the weather-harf..lted m the satisfactory Dji'ii'2 my nbsrnrc frrtn t'.is i
,. < )= t'Ji'fc *> ;
j :-7: ( *! 4I tho tnnaliavrk"I I his always r.ime thioiish t.toruri! !'5c j p ur andunsul- aud entire conviction, that l-omotive steam ) the matter, and they succeeded in 'I'rrorv. niii'rr; 3. 1ieko-E: ;. .

f j/i'ac t tiT'MTJ, burying j ir_vl. JIc has (jojjo ijujic fi-r FI;jrii1a, t'.au' any ncI engines can be constructed on thee jinn adopted and ihe schenge getting a passilge without pa hen-bv cr.mnfutn? rr.vi"vnt nnd Attorny., .

I f ,H-.M; <:.c., but prpind to di-lntLnt and I c in, rr over !ii% .r ever \\ j'l bo aide to do. Unless he I now pursued, at i Jn :nanuf-ictoiy oT Machinery of men! acs the atlantic. (Ji: their arrival Al)! U35r.JI7-tv/ ESEH. WII.US. ,

with adilni'iiisl rrmrour 1fltflg ; j is a i.mn. of< taknt and of the Baltimore and Oi.io Hail Hold Company in this -- -
tin war j ?, cquil honesty, uiitni here of them shore and made theirescape ------ "
earh of which two got on ; : NoricE .
: c r
Colitsti aWc city, engine. wz.ktle use of anthracite s r A ; K
ibo prostration the moment lCrcrVer.Thc' : can we a
-. iT fa the The other three>
: coal as fuel, viU be -apull of hm>r ortin with pre.sent. \\ero '
'lTeitel Let the jTi'p'eoi" ;he !1 man ? Col. GncKlcn, Col. uttull, and Mnjir'y- Tlie St. 2
fnKe and
hundred with Marks
:: : < rrrtainty sal'-ty, one assengers brought up to the Police Office and detained via .
\tf'-j.P look lo i! veil U-iori they give tb iT j ut: nrc .i!*. worthy} J'i-'u, i" j.C'table eitktnsantt the requisite cars to contain tVm/up nn inclined until it can bo determined hi \v they are to be \ILm-lTa!; 'ii1! ft, fllt!>r ltrrri.rv : '

aTt-rtuin whether the excite I thy of trust. IV.i: ?:hall v,c disband our old and failh- pl.inc ascending one hundred fccJxfi the mile, ar the A-i7 te: Chittaholte .--
'. L' t.i-m} : oiTX.. Y. Jour of Corn. or
; ate of miles hour. Th. and dispose .", .
ol'tbt. I fill sm.in.ji> ha? bcn trit d, r-v.l pmvcn faithful, an 6 Triumphant Norlhcr.i z.ti.i: :-L -. T-lhTiasvc every ct' :"r *I-i .
.'r' ic' :-Js v'n Created on the subject '! highly important result furnishes additional: evidence Tt 7 r. Art st Mii' .., ?. j : 1
I nieuly Jo try a J.cv. i>nc ? Tne l>*-liJV \ill be bad. t'1 1,
*, >atrMhm or yuibitionr.vi in this ac of wonderful disca-ones, of whit At in dame belle R >ttirnin2,1! r'f. 51-uks (
:;:.in iM!> at-i in j 1eint;. if |- fellow-citizens the ada :c it will hold a lJll; lately Richmond a v.-s :'t 7, .\. ?s. Ar ivc> :iC
my { be the -if ,
\Vi.-lte tiuft may ac-'omph-hcd by use s'cam pow-r-thi Tal'a'uissce by 2, r. M.takea .
fiJCTids 4)fCci. -to ackcd rustic! who stood her
u\ < y t" the: C' "d. Now to the and shew a f )untry near
polls extent of wh.ch it i-bnost imagine
my eoiuitryjii5.il, : : impossibe vcn to SeT "' t'c City llr.v t Tail 0Il&rrevs
the eoiJii.iun'y that v<'u arc not van'in in gratitude.A -a? evcrv month, every wee', nings to view, in a cotriiJiet ring of four or 4rve d'eep,. ur.-7.inj; Si. Mmlc-i. and tl.e Post Otct iiar_ ,.. ..... .j qi

CITIZEN OF JIHLL POINT. nna into praetira1 MCC, soni new beneit conferred on ou a pnirlwnltzmg, "pray sir, how ilo I'Mt the 3 Tare thrnu-h, $2 :>0-30b3! of B-----jje -all'-wed- toe ,'i : _

vi: j"iie'b nndtrrMsiv that (iemmi: April thl5.: ; man by th'- aid of this p iwurfnl agent i valtz! ?" tm Varfa Ji," (said the quaint gentleman) .ich Passenger, :.r.d wluu the Stajjc is full, TOrxtns: i
Srnumlos until LL :c- The (/bviou1? benefit?, t.l thy mn* tiulv be said I b ran I.c.irri.. d. All '
:.. .Vis: .r.li.wvd ni tn be immin.ie in heir extent-whuh vill be derived 11 lt the /ittpfi/i part very well ; bui 1 dont! 'he g.1ze risk i'ftlc o vucrs big .ijc and parcels s.1 .

-.>) ::4 pt.'ictti' litr; the.ir removal to) w? West, rork TIlt: n.onrDUN. from ihe result thus nsceri.ur.rd, ar treat reduction j like the iwirlin' rou d. When it cuncs to Itvgin R. B. It3rSr" } >

j- ;..i.'i :' :'. i; i is t-xpectM that :i iurg e uoitiuii of A ttvitcr 1 in the Floridian who in the expense of yraJu.itin the roadbeds on most J won* like to stand still.No Talhh.nssoc. AprilS.X! ISr.K 37tfFOlfSALE ( f |
ni ( rrcu '
; trni spp routes for raiwvwhi'li in puntn-s even ir.ode- ------- .. f t
< --
i V in nviilincps to Tatt: ----
.: He u..i -------------- --- ,, t
sig:ns liimtrH' U'andoU, anti wliom we take to bean ra'.t-ly undulatini!;, will prohnMy be a'b.ast f.ftv per F\l.! ta: Rsol! .t'cit (at less thatttostj :

Indian holh his and his ; rent.-nnd fjroitir.reas.of prnrticabltroTJ' fir the A N clr! rniu Fall-lnr PIUF.TAN with d. > .
U-aru tliat -urrs Jiui.iaktTi : ) nnint1 principles ;;r 1Tr. .
'IVnn: j'TuuIiul 10 in location of raii-w.tys; capable beingiised heniSn- Ix.U l never ?cc J.m jar re, 4: a. P-HS Kly-Xct. Pole and Shafts. A1 ._ ,
lie ha5 so' -
: io oranise nn Agricuhnr::! Sociuly in KJcpptd out from Wigmam to enlighten ally without the aid of Ktat'oVnry po'vr. It is now Sii1c thus he lilies! to roam, Iyni.niulril 1 vihbra: >?. The Can-iasp sas by

it2i3k.T.roi the publicvith: rcpoct to the qualifications of bclicviHt to be not merely probaMe, bit in fict beyond Ai.d.hen ins cab stups at tl}:
Mij.: \Vvatt.it a rensonablc doubt, that a route vill be f"unri say-I'm not at humc! and the wnrk !fii ; |been cxeutfd in tlio ir.rt-s Trno't o4 :
0:1 examination,n, for tho} continuance f the B.'iltimor siibstaiiti.il
> .
Tn..mr. It
; 4) 1'iC c4ctiuiI: ,nut bo obvious to even one that Wvandotr He riilcd last night when Julia sriiilcd, ran be seen liy tni.tv'ii.. '
and Ohio} Rail Road to the Olio river, free ataprli- aun> ,> Mr. PatnVk Hr.-r. Tall.-iliass .
* t' Mjtiihy; : nest will be looU-d [fur with much uishes to cut a lijjuri' Probably, he may hr: >c fioin all inclined j lancs that imy not IP pis--rd over (Tcy must have n.etbefo.c;) Itth Apiit, r3:.1.; f 1-.i-3wj M. G. WI v irP.ni j.-.t ,

..r #*v.W, therefore, re-quest the ft-vtr.il I PosJJLroiin boon vitliotlicrs of his red brethreon, at some northern without the aid of stationary poorer It is alsn not If tin* by here! i l'euicti! -- r .
less confidently belirved that he 1 c: j
thc 'Frvtrv tn forward 1 t" u- by the I Col!! 'fe. whii-li vo think most HKely, as he the whole distance, in pass'iujr-rs eaih direction rnit in conveyed 21 riljicvcr sec him more. riLL: >>c s.>Td to the hi ;Iiestbi.iIfr.oi.S! .ita-JIr; .. .::1

-fkra.1 the state ol!' tli Polls *U llu-ir rpe riiVO j jffiiwirtsrtiJ is fu'.fy itnprosscd with the notion that none but a hours. I'll Eis. nr more th 51)flg hrloved.. V V the 2d day tf M-y: next.-Tst,, ?? uTrt.rI i.re t 4- i : -

cumin.-.*. In this way v.v hope to line scholar and accomplished: orator I i is crigibJir to a Nil thin hundr.i! and tmty our, fill ] .-t.t rf. I.r! -p l i.-l :i If
plity 'iltr.cs o\r; hrry fe.ttr [ I I the .
1J] iu .iigin.il phn..f ,: r f ,,- -f \/ lj
? 4. Wire
* U*.of IWO iTitrk.?.. I j believe that this is the case from his great pretensions Springfield, Massachusetts, have itventcd whnij I'l'ficver: pl'-.i-re hii; mor I dec--ajfJ, !laic of Leon c Mv.itvn.r. .. t t; ,
they call a cylinder cannon. 1'pon the cylinder j
I to accuracy in spelling ;and dcfimnuv! a mat I'll c'lirpicr s'Hin love' ; fo.> ishlL\in'*, cnr.r.MNAi.uv -
: te "V1Y 14rt1 I to r' 1 flad may be placed as many barrels as yen pleaseoaeh J 'rtu.tee.: \pi d 1 st, 1S35. .".J.jxvNOTICE.
ter very common to schuol boys. Now it docs hanvl capable making two ihischagcs a second j I' ')' letv lc.'ti' -- -- 1
t.A.Vjite rc'.ivttU1C 1UiJ- ----- ----- I I .
iu>i require niuJi wisdom UnlUcover (:mtl perhaps It was built for a company ill Lowul, who hiive; vhi.titr I hear l hii ailinie.i 1 I
tc d.ies of
:r it wa-: ncvc-r o.\tn-rol? tIt ihnn afcuc this SohiHnn! ma\ one day lind it out) that the Cpi.. procured f rit a patent in this counry and l'raiic ill l ne'er j.rohoii'.ict: it moi c IX v/rf l Ivs nfrrr dar I \vill .ipply fr> t'-- II- ,-.->r.i:>Tr .. 10 '
: dctij iu4ulutn loiijrt-r l-: .-
tn: Judge r.frhc (; '
and have now an asent in Knjrland for the .T.nry Court Mr?"Arrorty cvf Ii '
het uf of
. atc loses l'nrloic .
: ., t'Utt11iV t tb4'4it1 i44: 13vc irti ri i1 JJilling Jione its npprohriumiu of getting it pateirtrd there 'ft was to us: ," 'j he '.1 ut.f J.iirl: nnst resigr., I I.ptjti fr l, Vt' rstifad'ninislrali' : n nn \\ nrrso.n eE:' te I : .

4 % ti ie p't of 1c.Ja, !Jiatl iLuy <%< acl In; ing attached: to a name instead of a place. says the Ifampden \Vhiir, "altoffilher a novelpieciMif TILt next my hart, I wore, late ot's.ik! cr'tti'y: ilrr" -f'(!. -

i Doe not tl.al; cause look a little lottcring which machim rand the idea ofa cannon be.ing He tjo must ycld ihit trcs of min<*. JOHN i>. COLE> :A:>*. .. ;,

requires i-.ii t-xpositirc of tLc grammatical inaccuracies : fired, gun after gun, by an oprntion like that Iltjs'.olr, -\\neu troth h
Vc t4 itti to interfere hzvetnVy.in.- ; of an opponent l to prop if itVantfotr ]>. of'a boy lurninj1 a grindstc*. :trucl;us as strangely The tiiiiKituift I iisul to tiacc, 1 : .
r i:ll' ; hcrrti.fu.is .
ci-j nrrncrhp 'ro' i tZ. .
Ic-l Ia v.K. The sara ts may fight \ : tilthousih) not the Chief of hii Tiibe singular. A ill ftil roniautick o'er, uf M. \\\ Dorv and J.i.II.-fc K. M. I> .r- .

r :&: .4UivA' >jst suited to their lastrs..tiI i-j a 'rue aritccrat, :iii.l this being the case we do [I'll ttiir fioai its rnorocce CBSC, 5y, was solved oa; the 7'.h instant. Alt reF :>-ins iad"Mcd : k

)4t v. }' not wojd.cr: il.al bricks and ni3rtar should he FO Iahze.-The following icsolvrshavc been adopted Ail-never kiss it men! will jLas.c malvc! payment tn J. l. lV> >ey. : il

by the House of Kopiescntflivcs of Maine, J. it. PMIS 'v. -r .
Nil]* i..vito him, as they indicate labor, which ol Tbi'I'ii-iis < pril li 1435. ..
hy a vote of 129 to 7 :- gi "t-I must return. 35.4w InL)1: EV. -I

I l fetf, TinTjf'3n-ed !k :}h letter mLirf'seil J y j \Y\andott, who probably} has been under Co!' King of the Netherlands was an era ha.ur rented thir
I r.rt'm1 JHt r t'ihv Po 'tcola (i'a7'tt'< ', and win- h Whue'a tuition since Ins return from college hyuay a decision of the question submiitd to him, \ve Ajd trample on the flooi i'fo-is!: Warehouse! iormerV I IE"
U fca iifw.'ui. j yonr papor! of thtlaf vc<>3;, tl.t9fis.ji.at ot f compensation) to his master has told us of cordially approve ilsifjiction by tie President of Iliswunnct that my album graced, i huliro Cr tit,-, ta'ces this opportunifv mf invms: hit: : i

| !. t-oii cl .Maj' ir Wyatt : It < outaihsi some gmd! things that he has done to benefit the the United States. (?*t y tears thus blot it o'er.) fricisj-s! and r'.e public! enc'M'.Iv, 'Ii i' :i":! c--'U ; it rt.i -

i- t s 111 paste, with tc shah haw his strictest ntt"'j'.ii, .u-J :heir :

1 il ur Vv'yatt1-. n."Sn' iLrf'5noTits ami It'.uw country.Why. Eastern Boundary line in qne.1ior involves tne !l-' rs\\ilbe attended to with proirsntisrst sn.icfcsw' 1
L 4Avi ; '>\ i"< 12c ne'r behold itmorcf
Tuuto r.tiblivi] r, ihT! tILe community may did he stop Lcrc, and not g.> on a little ture jrrowth and prosperity of ilm State, the executive April' I KOV' IN W. DOR:.EY. : y

fi/ju-jn-nh! I <\\,\ tiuacniiUe: ti. tin -.nrf- <-f cc- funher, a iu tell u > of what he has not done-tlierc of this State be requested tr. urge upon flisKxecvtive I'l vhltz: and flirt with Ensign G-, 3g.tf .

t.ti 'r 'l'ha !.tjj .t... rnzA1t: has been a few thinp-s initted perhaps below the of the United States: the jji'tTit imptirtance ('lltotiht! voted :>ft a bore!) PUBLIC NOTICE: ,
of settlement of thIs !
? j1dtfa': iui j ] r.4i\.7: to all], and it t" lor thes3t liiriiilv of a line scholar to enumerate, and would a eedily exriiing In sbort I'M! show iiiy heart is frer Is hereby K'VI-H by le propri-tor o.* !
j question in such a manner wl: ; the territorial -
| in I\liddrF'loriit- own is '
If wii his shall! shtitJt the riirbe I'ur.-lnse! tint
meet prckmi\Tir/ -
F1 ::1)arU1lIn.; If U i aiitiolt is so averse Jo. oi 17&J. eye .
trraiigiiiiezit j art nosy inakmy fir the of tie '
"'CJ V/i--; j cotaujly n> xt linn1re>ien mm' My scornful glance bc/e; rl.ipr.ja 1'
Citizens of Florida behold the
t open your eyes- *a m o i and in the mean time. thr>.-.. riCisoi'S no nr<* .
the ,topklave b--cn viou > mentioned settled them
j: } j jiri locliine contended for by Wyamlott-are you 4011j,1jr nt Karihfiuakr. : n diy upon as veil as : that a Mimhr jironieva) luim"tiTenjvjt \vilitir! to surrender tights to fine scholars or two since that an earthquake: was f.lf ut Omoa, I'll sec hi jmt-UIKC r.i.ift. chase, arc invited to apply t-> John Ca i.: !'-Tnr u Roc. '

: lit IIIIiity 4.1 i.LlrII, up your (Central America) on the 22d and 2&1 of January. ky Comfnt, to Pttcr Mitdiel, now riO.rT.iliTiyeit :

I': "' : if'-iatitjHs ol luiiilmi-nt of an Miirt and :uT >mpft>hed orators, in preference to the It was occasioned, as we learn: from 'lie Boston IIYMENIAL.Married ed, or to the suhsirilicrat the City II.-.f. !. t't1a! isc. : .

|; ""* which i-i ,0 justly due iu another. If I horasl yeomanry of I the country. Transcript, by an eruption of a tnout.bin, east olOmoa on the 30th tilt bv' S. 1!. Duval, Esq., April 25, 1"3.V [37tf] cOJ.IN M'l'T :EL. : t f

I .:2tFti ta pay regard u rumors, I could repeat BLACK HAWK.COLVMBUS supposed to be thrCongrehoy. The none Mr. DAKVS ASTLEY, to NZS MARY HALE, EDGE TOOLS.

F warlike the sound of distant cannon, nnd continued alTof this county. .
crs Busily tin- above I oth subscriber
a'.absurd cii
as ; expects to bo i'l
18 hours. It was heard at the Bciicze, Honduras "Ohf love, it: suci: a wilderness ns this!! THE supplied w Axes. .. .
I. :: :istjjil 1.eVcs; it J.as breji n-poit-d tha! I t April 17. other Edge Tools, from the ninhif.v.-ry of 1-
200 miles distant, and irn* anucered by a Warren, hunt fc Co.
i ti'u, vi v.-.vJd ciTtainly -vjffii.. or would be Indian It is with feeling of Douglas, Massathus"t s, and ,Z
Outrag? sorrow
salute from the fort, supposed it t.> proceed from will sell them a: wholesale, at factory pricey, with the
"s '.vaiv: fru-lida to ennMc to beat William Funnin IiAi1iiNELIST. .
4 ft ,"' Wv.itt that v.-c record the death of Mr. a man-ol-war outside the Keys. addition of cost of transportation. These To >'a will- '

y :*-:-'T* "ihtv tontradietm"v siatcnic-nts will #J far a young gentleman t>!' ihs place: who} was hilled be warrnnlcd-should they break from a flaw, or from k

r\<>. .".- tu the Jlepj.] nj jj;s. relu'l that thl.r(* 13* no bv. an Indian in liusseH eouiit''. Aa! on Sunday APSLEY HOUSE. POUT OF ST. MARKS.j too high temper, they will be exchanged for' ot icrs._ .
**. 1.e.4. c lo tie I1ICC, 1U either ant- (thtit Will ever la'sf, Mr. Fannin left here on the morning of that The following' curious particulars relating to Ap<- _ The Axes arc now bciug made for this imukt: and : j j

.'v-'Ac; :rtrutrts,) that ih} > rare MJIIIC v(1yCttx.a' lay, in company with a gentleman by the name ley house, the residence of the Duke Weliii.ijlon, AaI1IYED' wilt be received shortly. G EG. LASS!AJf.. J if"April
their at" Paik not webi-licu- generallyknow'n j Apri!J l>, hirit Sea Flower1'yltr. f ora New York, lStht 193-1. 36-6m
urinu tie rejiuhre me in ui t-ycb oltsu of Corner, and after proceeding on journey Hyde corner, aie .-.
Fort Miichel1 they however, be relied on as facts.- to Lyu i.I "
miles beyond i may
iV- "c'i7ei>:' some seven or eight fired In-, As Oeorg'-. was riding on horseback one day in I 2s'"hiirusrtm(;, >ra Smith, 15 days from Charleston, TO PLANTERS. 4ij

i.j aiy for inc. however, to d< ny on the Alabama road, were on by two Hyde park, he met an old soldier, whan he recog- S. C. witBindi.* to sundries.schr. NEGRO Cloth; <:,such as Hats, Shoes, W?. Ohier. '

t:.',0. "" te' wl"a oib.ion with any, for all do know dians of the Uchee tribe. The ball of one striking nu>cd as having Ibu ht under him at Dittington, and El Ann, Green, 1 day fium Snwanija with Cotton Sheelirg, Brogans, B. gging.i
isr.tr prenjuu'J Mr. F'. on the left breast entered the region of the with great condescension fell into discourse with him cotton to ft'- C. Milhr. Bale Rope and Twine, will! be furnished on tts'iivcra.:
UJMII a power c hcari ; he fell( from his horse and immediately cx- In the course conversation the King asked wh.ithe 2.f, pilot1 boat spuke
? >.
t TT 2LLay aSain support me, have done i it, I the Indians, two in number, inquired what they returned tilL soldier, my wife keeps an apple stall CLEAH10. these articles for next Falls consumption, and M ill furnish .

f'T nth ai' independent -xerei--e of the meant. They made no reply, commenced reloadtn" on the bit of waste ground as yo-i enter the Park, i if April 20, brig Rilkan, March f'jr New York with others by leaving orders at his store in TA lahas- 4 t-

.7 "rDce. as leaves them at full liberty toi'Jttr their rules which they again discharged your Majesty \wuld be pleaded :o make us a grant of 403 lks l cotton by R. l.yuu. see.; GEO. LsNM.N. 44
it we might build a liit'.e shied and improve our 27, brig New Hanover, Levy, fur New York, with Apcil2ltb, 1333. ?3tf
V tf" ,
\aU: y I'1'1'1: witliout regard to any after Mr. C. had left the spot and returned some trade." The King '-oyijihied with hs: request, and 1C bales cotton, 2 trunks and 1 bux clothing, M boxes .

lit. JIU'-lt' rursnc. A .andidatc may resign, two hundred yards. Mr. Comer, after coming a the grant was a---oididglv given him. The shed sr-ar3, 3 barrels rum. FOR EW YORK. tI4i -
t u-cjfleaol
j.i "r-M.r r'ji' iiifj in ftvour ol another,-i alia i mile or two lit the direction of this place, met a was wrected, the situation was excellent, and the business 2'J, schr. Galaxy, Warren, balast, for Apoilaeiiicola. DAILY exfected from MoUilr the
ra 't"mnK Irionds of travellers who with him, went back of the old became brisk and 1
*, as you would stock cat- company woman prosper SCHOONER LrcixrA, she will recccivettnmediate .
' C3- an 1 will, <* 'mp.>rt with! my cbti01 to scene despatch for New York. For
hut his of the late King was forgott The then JL until September next, and hereby appoints
our IlcDublir-nri invtii ;.,. < Fannin dead, and robbed of every thing grant or passage apply to the captain on boar or to
I attracted the of the Augustus:Alston and Arthur Macon either of them t
Lord Chancellor by eligibility or
seemingly St. Marks
some of which was torn, April 2S 1835 tf KERR &STURGESfreight
JA\1ES GADSDEN. clothing, part Fannin situation, removed the old woman's shed, and laid his Agent"* and Attorney's in fact during hii absence. 4 :
of him. Mr. was
Editor if the Penwcolc! Gazette. done iii the act robbing of J. J. out the grounds as the site of the mamion. Alarmed, Apriljlih 1835. 3LtfTH. JEF. GREEN. BOOKS OF SUBSCRIPTION 1T 1-
t a young man, 18 or 20 years old, (brother but not venturing contend with such a high author the Stock of the East Florida Kail Road Com '- !

]! i letter f x.WASCIS". April J, I35. Fannin, who died in this place a Jew weeks ago,) ity she consulted with her son, who was articled teari'attorney f NOTICE. pany, will be opened at the Central B; nk of .

;' 4ntu2 for tf nMarianna of the Wth ult.was modest and retiring manners, and by his amiable how she should act ia such an extremity, THE tlndersigned has this day taken into Partner Florida on the first day of May next, and cot luiue

4" totheniihi cnsacola Gazette. Not that I1 disposition had endeared himself to all that The son calmed her fears by promising to find her Mr. S. C. Stevens, the business will hereafter open fur 30 days under the direction Comnu's i Dners .

.ftonsiEif"y" U ofvits Concn| hut to the crro- had the pleasure of his acquaintance. We feel, a remedy as soon as the structure should be comple be conducted Tallahassee, under the firm of appointed by the act incorporating said Compan r. .

( '"' 'i"iheaeut traQhttcal* Vc character placed upon the expres-" trust xve ought, all the sorrow lor the affliction ted. When this was done he wiited upon his Lord Sanborn 4. Stevens. April j, 1335.: 3 ltd -_ ,
/"Js 'iClDn of your paper, nswe remuneration for what he al- They hive on hand n good assortment of Dry Goods,
T with to request some
relatives ship
l\ f *' We CaO'n1flentc which those expres- of his friends and numerous ledged be on his mother's rights. The Crockery Hollow Ware, and 0 roccnics;amon which Book Binding*. ; ..
i1 I
ri krId111 ?recuTaed to reproach you. or any in a few short weeks, filled alike their hearts and onablv founded, tendered a few hundreds of pounds Port, Malaga, arid Claret Wines, Jamaica, and St. 'I and the public jn *tneral that he has re- om-

it. 'ety Political attitude you might in any our own. a compensation, which, however, under the advice Croix Ruin, Irish WhisKey, Peach, and Cignac{ Bran menced Book Binding in this city, in the store now .

.td, .trIflore Proper( to asurne. having brioj Whilst recording tins melancholy event, it may of her son, the old woman rejected ; and on the next dy.-Also.a tango lot of Negro Shoes,manufactured at occupied by James S. Lynn Esq. All orders for ifodin -

? ,tro wonderf1 r a sense of duty to friends. not be improper to call the attention of the public interview the son demanded 400 lb. a year M a duincy.and leather of every diseription: All of which will be executed with peatness and despatch Old

a : "maS: a re< avidity for public staU authorities in Alabama, to the frequency of these ground rent, when his Lordship acccdrd to tli<> pro will be sold at a crn.ill advance for cash. books re-bound to any pattern mmired.TalhUassee .

'TA.t ii r lu'Vtion ori your professional with which and Apilcy House yield to tins day the above ToUahRssec.Mayls! 3S-I'2r7 IRA SANBORN. March 7th 30-tf. -
I fcit a delicacy In ureinp a b'oody! scenes of late, and the impunity posal,


i_ ..__.
p. _

_. _.._ -- ,
: : w.,, --- C- -: i - --

_-_ _ _
kJ .LaJi New Book Store.HE DISSOLUTICN OF COPARTNERSHIP. fROWAND'STxIc Acmtory of Florida.
: RAIL heretofore existing under the
ROAD NOTICE. subscriber has received and will i imm- THE copartnerhip MIXTURE
T open of H. & Co. is this dissolved
A.&ERSOS day ,
THIRD inSTALKtKT O.H STOCK.tPY diately, (next door South of Mr. Maner's more) Hardy B. Crn BryanC- CCr
ordei of the Board of Directors of the TallaJLJI an assortment of BOOKS and STATIONARY, and would by mutual consent. All persons indebted to the firm, i. AND an d James Mills,Comp1ajnant

ei has*>.r Rail Road Company, the Stockholders to be glad to supply his friends and the community in are requested to rcike immediate settlement of the j: ANTI-COSTIVE PILLS.

t said Company aie hereby imformed, that One Dollar general, with any articles in his line on the most reasonable same to H. A. Pienon, who is hereby duly authorised IN cof sequence of the attempts which hare been ( Jo hn PliaganJas. W. EUII1 IN

.. 1 on tAr\i\ Share .? required" l e paid on said Stock at term Although his assortment is not yet to settle the busincs of the same. madfjto impose spurious imitations of the above j.and Joseph Russ, Defendant.

9 t the Territorial Trcusuret's OjF.cc on Monday the 25th very f ncralhc expects to make i: so by shipments already HAV1LAH A.PIERSON, valuable Klcdicmes on the public, the proprittor has cc-- 'I It appearing to th* .?.. j

I .i : d1'yofMzy t.txt. By orderof tl c Board of'Directors. male, and others to be made by the first vessels SILAS M. GIBBS. eluded on he necessity of confining the salt of the Mixture I that John Phagan rtsu of the Cr
a' Tallahassee, Aprl 25, 1835. 37tf to established as are to that
j CHARLES AUSTIN, Sec'ry. from the North. OjgfctP agents just sufficient James WI: Exum ,tnd Jo'-h

i 4 __ H dsy ..f .pr.'. 16?:;. 35ld He has also the Christian Alm.inack, published expressly H. A. PIFRSON supply 1/3/ ? reptlcr demands* A full supply! of these Di stnit, iiit in the County F

for Florida, calculated for the Meredinn of Mcdicim will be constantly kept by the Agents, j F I Di strict of Florida, OfJacksnint eIt

1 Ten Dollars Reward. Tallahassee, and containing local m.uter in relation whose r mcs and residence are annexed, and the J i therefore, ordrreil thit

.4 kyi* .. q STRAYED from the lo Territory, which he offers for sale either by the proprietor wishes it distinctly understood! that he in'//id( appear and arwcr ill- unless said I feid1

: p plantation cf the nujicnU r) press, dozen, t r single copy. not bt responsible, for the genuineness of any Mixture f, on or before the first 'd.nsI.iv\ COftiolanants'f .4:1

; -." (Micka&oohy, Leon county, Dec. 13. 1834. I8tf JAS. S. LINN. sold as hiftby any persons except his authorised agents. \I the same will lxtak'- t pro "CTI

b1T $. on the r.icht of the 7tli mst., Casks Lime, Spurioiuljmixturcs have I cen made and sold in consi-j it I is further orIr.d ti-a .. thet
H { n
t 00 I 1 derablc uantiiics two physicians in Leon and ; hGailsdcnjicounties l in
: a sorrtl llorrc sixteen haids 100 bundles Hay, oy I some new pdi. r przLe-,
p .. high, a star m his forehead, 50 boxes Lemons, and perhaps by others, an will ;i a week f for four months stir -< x< Talh5 *'. nce
Merchant II- Tailo I 1. doubtlcsj'be l imported from New 'i orkand cl : rt-markubie crocked hmd Jeps, and wci! i ijitcd. The 50 barrels! Potatoes, accordingly: TI1OS !t .'INDALJ
of said ra Those, therefore: who wish to procure tit** zenuine i \prillO ,Jud
F'j, ebave: rew ini %% 11 1c paid fin il.p delivery 21 bancli Onions, -JVI.n :
41 H Ma Eiiwards- his article can be sure of getting it only from the ag-nts. _
rseto the suK..u>er, or to ] fi dozen Riiih ami common Ci.air?.

; ovrrsffr. IIKNRY U. EDWARDS.Jlh Expo-nod daily per brig Wallace, from Boston, on r LLATtA5Er, 4 FLORIIA.DIRECTIONS. The >llowmg gentlcmenare Agents in Florida.E. .

I P J : _:April.1faH5 ;3.ifTREASURER'S' __ ___ consignment, and will be s"ld low for cash. B. lcikins? General Agent at 1'.lhhiae. Thro. L rar.r. (f '3 i
Kerr 4* aturges, Agents for St Marks. {I P1rtralt1 hIf .1 itu. Eii'ni..e '
NOTICE. The Wallace will return
brig ''nn-r' Cards .
James C. Eccles, do. Ciuinry. Di1'onis. ; ,'zira nd
:. i E.iTl'RER'S OFFICE, \ to Boston without delay- For fifiyht. n GoldiK? &. Folsom, do. Mtckaio kv. !; Door Plates, and ail kinds of M ts- Enr"7 S

: lgj TALLAIL.it, March 8th, 1 35. $ 4 j ply ary. BETTON & EMORY. Dariu-'i.\Villtanis&.Co do. Montird'f.il )J eThomis uud| sri a superior manner peclrens ;;

it I r.n r.ct pAwd tilst Noy\iber, 18'29, it is pro- IV.rn.issre! April 4, 1 S33. 34tf Alexander, do. Hicksto* *. at Mr. 1'Ok -tcirewhere c.drrs r -

Ft ;; BY vthd 'h<4t all BandscxorntAi by Aicf.cncerssli.'il F. Pts!; do. CMutt.ihtKt.-hec. 'I'J. a1bah&ssiqlac_ : } IH'h IS.V, r btI

1I! b" forwarded by i." J.uLte of the Coutry Court JOSEPH LADD Malc-.Ivi Furguson, dj. Thomavville. !I ; *.-- an.Jonarnental jnm ,n

I to the Trc'. u er iif ttj" Tt n!it
c I 4.1.; Au.iO.c-: thai:! tj ..rtuily r"i t. ich year i% :nmr.noi. > f j _HHL Yorx. a central assortment of GOODS usually &. Williams, do. Cam .hclItiwn.

V i I the I lbtuf.1 u.i ary, tnnsrtp: tt.c TitasuvcrJt. i calkd for at tins season. He has the i JOHN 11 ROWANP, Proprietor. .\ Sali.

..kr aih, ir.ltm b f-.rf '.''m( 3 i.d :('. a ccpy of all Nov. I131.. I N vru (-If a writ of ,,,,, fe ,.. ,
Best or X York and N Orlcins Flour ; < l'2GiijSlOWAND'S fonu
: F I sv1cs effected by h
IIM* and jilnce nnd for whom'Jie
F Now nil Aiictuii.ef* arc requice-J to tike notice of Mess and prime Pork, 1. Round the rhi-st under coat. Lots wrh th improvements thre T

( I y.id In\v, : < -'la.fonn to it, or suits upon their Bonds Eastern Potatoes, Onions and Cheese; 2. Do. Waist. i jCity of Taiiahawerr'and"! ; "V-na-fT.nT: ftV'!

', rrn: tLt in if't-d.: Judge* tf the (V.unty Courts arc Candles Beef in half bbL 3. From bark-scam to elbow and knuck'c joint. TONIC MIXTL'ItE. th.r, ofasON| 11 i and ll.\V ?,nie.P

t I re.3ttt-d; ijC"U; !1L.v. to foi w:mi, pro; crly cttlined Sperm family ; 4. Roind the thi ;h. FULL supply of tin valuable nif
fe ::4; iid cprQVcL3 !f.j Bm.1"' ct: A'i.tii.iicf rs ;n -.eir r csn Niter Hall Powdei ; 5. Fran the IL!})-juint to the ancle. A I shall tio'caftf haeitr.onsiantlyonhand. so ld to di-char an e.x cmion in j fav ,r 1:1
ClIARLrfs AUSTIN ivnd Holland Gin '. illi! ln vs Al"on. &- .
o Country ; By the tbovr s'-aic of mcasuicmr-nt gentlemen at a .- \ \S ? The sa : le'
1. :; if] Tretsi.er. c bc Housp '
CENTRAL BANK f FLORIDA. ) Brown Domestics the bale which i\il ever p < f with nv-> utcnlion.H REMEDY lfR FE\FK. AND AcCE, iK TAKEN ACKEEAtLETO I : between 'e'1 hqur;. '*
by ;
1 TallaLwe- eTth. 1SH5. $ THE .( % Repoits having been circulated 'r i. R'NDCLPH Ma
AM kinds Cut Nails and Brads; that this uuxturc contains arsenic I am directed l Ta1'ahasce, March >. 33-tf
HEsab 3 TI ctufed thai an taimer.t of Two Dollaf.n > Hollow Ware ; N. Orleans Rum; those of his former nu patrons>y respectfully, and the public mfrm -- the Prpprictor'to say that thf-.se reports are idle iy f'je .A LI., P-'sn, mterf Ie, ar- rnoj.V! 7T.X .

,t each share hasit.-n caj'td' fur by the Board o: Peach, Apple and Cognac Brandy; gtnera ly, that ie will coniinue the Tailoring Business -00'M.15 and I :?|i aUo aiithoris to offer a Rernrd P! to-, ., *- j 1' sT1s.roer' his SledV pyi.n m thK "*
Lt4rur*.. a.d 'hit th .irnf" .i! be d nud ; avte / to any one who will prove the exis'trc Offot? thCi uny Cr'Ar' f G. 'vin, r :;
All kinds Shies by the trunk, case &c. or. his own account, in all its various branches, at nr
Y z .tie Bai k.r.r HJU*" :n TacU!! ;ce .r. ibc frt day the old established stand occupied the of the U..t particle! of Arsenic, Mercury, Anirnoiy, div: shn of the es'a'r of 5I..rrr.: >Trrjt jpf .
lie wi hs to purchase Cottw In?c r Sklnt svd formerly by or oiler ,, &II antI vr-i;i
't L A May urv I. A THOMPSON.' CV.sh. Messrs. R. B. J-B. Bull Monroe any piiismous ingrec'irnt in it. -.un ; at the .i' x J Coir IHJd.-M.ijrnoiia. Deo. 15. 134.. --HUt 4' on street, adjoining [, In onU-l r
; !
lii. ;r rtbs. i the Watrh-naking: establishment of Frederick I to prevent imposition' from rojr.terfk;; >. ,i sa rinv: fi the- app'iy'.t- r
I per on rcept: authonstd arcr.:* will L.C liirrt.sf-cu i.\ r s. to !tv:*}'' and ar.urtj.rI s. id
NOTICE Tfwle E vilie-e he will continue hand
q., to keep on ; y
Merchant Tailor, tCi.l1'C Prop.-mr: with the mixture- s'-h nriin. I r- 'h#: OTT.-. t rh. f :'r't:vt ; :i iI
T l'> Torm of Gadsden the a assortmmt of Fashionable and Seasonable
e next July ,
p ronr.ty
T'et: ocrs r .;rth if tht I'luntt 'S Ho! (cvcept a small lot S'-ld! t" Ir. K-c't-! ) ,
; B1RGE, re pi tfa.ly ir.forms tie: pib'utl.it itur of JOHN II. TODD, deceased, late of Gad- clothing to .he order of thot--f who may please tofavour smile l % I r Pt.
JJ. not a ililejRis bt -n >r w ill b. at.ir, or soUl A Qu.-i..y, Vr"h itT .- i
I <;" ris j K* rv" .*.Cd a .neral fnpply d; j i isuitnt.o den: county, w' be prcccutcd to said Court for a final: him with their patronage at the .shortest notice, him, to aliy in Middle Florida -- --.-- .-. -- _

::. t\try br-t.'Jicf h.s profession, '. n ..- : : 1 settlement oo.the pail <>f said administrator. At the: made! in the mo.t durable and fashionable style, and I i ion } If .-ltSeiti- has person been iicorrred in ex-'tpt riiii.tre to:ul'J ire :'

.1!; prttf-:' ButBirkM;: r. I, (;c. fn, IIV.UM'-I Grf-r. j :rasr.e t.mr, the said administrator will apply to said] reasonable! le-ms. JCj2" Liberal deductions will be 1 \ I cuitn fit must hart le<'. in >c-if of any the; fpjtno"s: iini- : ri'-rf han idr .i.-' --' f *

I 4:' Uianr-'s-; Grin, atii Ehuwt; Bit udcioih! striped ;
; I .lrat, Lnd> r ar-u T. a n i :> .ral Cauni-.rti VCFI- j.ir. j..t il4cyad.: JOHN J. ADAMS, subs:riber won't return his Mnccre thar.ns} for past fa- Tunic 311ure-should b7Tutiov.> of\\ hm : i j !rrq 'e' U poi s : P -t -.i f ,
nur- -s
f- : s, ,',. All <.f v.-h5i li xi.. txm ide tof.rder. LaHics ] Alt'y for H. W. Todd, Administrator. ors,aid hope stat by his assiduity and strict attention, chase itMy i.iucl: w ill be on every 1-ot'le sold they by me:: I 't y *...PTi rIrur-.r "**.- .! n-; ; n .
I :;ci4jig ci: "*ei at d cioiJi': i.ade M lie most ushi jnablc ] aiii'v>: Nov. d, 134. [H Cm] to T merit and rr fivc a generous shaic of ; :roi.gc. E BiPERKINS !| Ti me 1'rti..j 'IV !ac, rnr -,. n .v.w. .btiurL
: Sole Aiet fji Middle Fu nd. .
Tallahassee !iVh April 1535. 37tf >
S style. j : i !hy ihst.t and all Cr'YI '
:: ; Nov2: -- ; : v. v *r -
Orleans Packets. | to
!! Ii' pfc i"jr, l.-if ;.1 !f the pubho h<"- StflV sat< F i S? t% :.l 'i.5C r.vke iTIiyTh'u? .r-: -.

Jtt 4O j1Ztt flJ1 1th4'flt hC iiri P-. Tl.c: schooners LA NY WASHING- CEN'niAL BANK OF FLORIDA, I :': ( ; -lM

: : ;(' .4t O' Lf 'varra2) his ium
I qua! in rt.w.'kijjhia cr New York lit, w.'l'l uan "f Directors r-f this Instit'ilum }have 4 vsr'r'T v rviiT TI
CURED. t :
very erdavcr lo plfi'if vvcry one that pninis.esinm ; ; regularly] dunic tl hr sensor., every month as Packets.uetwecn THE- a Divi.icnd of five .
centum'i I F .
per ) J. TL .r.- ..
s /
I a" 1 as }>. is a pti Ti !ncnt resident of T i.ahs. Nt-.v < >: 'fls aid and St. Muius.Pi '- I tho aflUitnf Capital for the half DE LA 3Ip.sTER.\Ts CO1.rlfl.t'EGETACL! ; !. r./t.jo= : k Jf|{.
paui in, dI ic7yzr .
; year 's--: t- vuMl K. s ,
sec iceTj ficd solely wr.'i its interest he asKs. tht > 13tt.. I U 1 1Cms :: I yc.is rj
MIJ t < ;. the Uh HIM. to the Stockholders [
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i port of tt.e pt i..t. hza1 rffrtsei.Mtivts? on and after the 1st May I the os* VT'-.A' .remeriy ; rr yi .h \rred t\>i Isf-s., h.t* '!' "t-r \Jt t.y f hLfn fit a ., -

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