lup in tlorkla. ,lha t a
c'efen; will lake notice that the aboveaib bhortiy arrival and former is ui'l
c. allaha&see
-May< the mixing (This bosom of his father and his God ." ,and of I
have )
=. protection ) the best po > commenced by | rocts of'"Unchl1'eu; tug th m ; for without tbiknowledge he the latter at 'Cost Point, AppaJachicola, Bay., Business !

r PriIe i, that can be given them, the e ntert.ritsic to the last MAY term oi aid Court. ..u uut have bucceedtd m the be .. r [COIIMCNICATCDi. entrusted to them in any of die conns of Florida: !
and ed on the 14th inst. ih adsden Mrs. nf.
R. K. ALL County,
lDdultry of ottheatijoiningCow1tieaotieorgiaor
our fellow cttize of Alabama will +!
tlf fie Uptop ns uone laud that too m Jl..e .ore 1han"j..ur. BL+ .c lADBURY, con:rt of S. .
((3 chcerg. PIU"s 'llt Sadbury isqr., be strictly attended to. Aug.3d, 1831. iOf; f
13 ) Sept. 19, I&: j.CAU .' .t or c o.e_ api'il t..u to uusintss, ajeii 43 Y,' Lit the! death (f this woman, the ifigh- _

th* T. *--Tht .-Woman, lovey wo oct pniicipleis polieluc- all, With uUas.Kiig iyMircod ave sustained an irrO|,arle loss, fur long STCOLEMAN I :,
bUlcegt gttl of heaveD without Rllile IIUh. v.il ire remembered for her charitable and nei DI res ectfi.Hy"t of-f
thee .
t aortld! loge.its : ii.uuuers, and putier.t perseverance l ocuriv dl>}jrKioU) for although! she wa- not bJes..t.d his profession i \tt- s tl. Ct f. Ci.nsof. 1 .
. \Vh sweetness THE'Subacni\.r null'i' ) airy! amount 1. \lmOI, ui bema eedt w t i Ii. +, iierc t t.i1lha s 't" nlldtH'! ( r(''t i1' .
and ar uLsb ..::tit > i.imselfor a v. my opinion lt ete '+t ; sad cr e, < are t"my.ho can testify of her : .
i 4.ri:1ain miDI the brow ov of r'.p t1 i flections, for she was Hlwa t
tan order.1.. B. M''AL L. w ; UK tahd.u aou tioGr } s ready to wipe BILLS
t angel thou, tt. the ea.) T.'I.' lr ltsi>. 51 3D1 #ueu 1 slut aCI.j.uILUlItd."id1. .-w,.y t.t: orphan tear. Mrs. Sadbury w as n.:it a n rem- t t. LADNG-Just'. pl'' !

.I ber of my church" bat their 9 ftp lou 9t )x dying ted twit ivr sole thiis Qtfige, -.;




... .., .
'. ; -
# .
t"P .. $
ili.t'. .:. 1' '.. ; .1 oV" p

/ ,.' ..

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v ,
tf_ ,. .
J. -. f 1t : !

-. -.

-_t'..'L.'Ih..b". w _._-d_ ._2 d_ .P' Tt O ;.': 1mti..t I tie 30th { PURE WINE .Administrators'Sale. P nP SAL8' : .

November next, by the agent of the United States FOR
Council <
-Ii. ctial Act .f the Legislative p.shiiJ carryingihe "
1 the
" t a* Clutieyj: ; ricrida, for furnishing such m.mlxr of hard: 2-il last for tIC rein I f d tllKit for the 1Difttl Itt e
oil tuft two from
FHESH DRUGS &O. January years, Ihc first dm
bi su-iJ linds! uni,sr.di kinds and. ii< scripiu u < 'm: ofJafliry1 '
: Vr 1'Inr.k and\tihxr Lurr.'er t he for "" .f thicestat of Is.ar.G. Teajwe Dee'll" 0 the tl urty-Ii rlit day 'of -. ,
: ns may requires i .\ .t'J.: ..: TV ;tv.a=:"ee (ten'v "iU l, sole btforcltc Court House in A'wifwr1 1834 O'D
: the building: of nn Arsenal, Powder! ;"ic lz le. FIX: & -i ork a sniali.'".- ">i ;iic following wines:- \the fourth wl.ty in Oct ber next, all the} r,-1 tallowing! Post HUlllefoan, Florida T : p
:" other builcincsr.athe ; river on will be received at this
the Jrhct-; thefT
AppilacliJcola : i
.t Madeira Cette Madeira Port estate of lit :c ,,. Teague, {c.d.-Cftl1bi is ting of iVouon.lit until
serials to be delivered at such i'olnt on the river, nt't, lIIclusive, :to be ec dttlay of F
f To\vn Lots
, twecn the junclr? of the Flint and Chatahoorhce Hermitage I Sixteen 9th lay C1fNoHmbcr. 1Ie

/ Sveet\mter CI-fc, as may be designated. The Bricl Marsala, Claret, I .\ith their im'rovcr.cis. And r.n the Monday t..., 2177. From Mcmticcllo!

when bnmed- be eij.ht inches, long, by f,ur i irwhes and lo'\in Magnolia, one Lot and a comfortable tf.-t in JcfTeison C I
' Canary. ; i to Magnolia' in Leon .
tl wide, and two, and a quarter inches thick. No s..l Store situate on Rroad-stree County, 40 milesonce an dOUl1fJt. lite

l hrirkv ill be received. The limber and. other lurnbe._, These wines have been imponed with particular: rc- The terms of sale, w-ill be made known on the thy \\eek.: **. .
II to be delivered in such quahtilies, and of such dimensions crence to the wants of the sick, and arc warranted to ,,f talc.. \YM. BLACKBL, I.el.ve Monticelloevery Wednesday A.t

' t: !and hold wholesale and Re- eis may be'required from lime to time. No ad- r* PURE UNADULTKRA'I ED JUICE OF rrUL Adininistrattr.iiDy Arrive Magnolia tile 8lrec atft ell tfft
) Frederick cs'nntv' Aid. by C llerslon, vance of money wiN be made on either contract, but ill APE. They will be sold as low as wines of iheii I 151 t. IS.V2. 37 fi n. Leave Magnolia every, Thursday by ,

" t: Crned in ihc Patcm with Dr J odkms.H plymcnt'iU be made (Bricks or Lumber when inspected iraaty can be afforded for CAS.-H ONLY. -, Arrive at Monticello! the at 5A. w
;L. : : Those whose of !last, remain due, are 'r/ Middle listriclt Leon Coumty..OhiN same! day W 6'tV, :
f 1. tie above Ointment in offered to the public as a and received. Bond. and approved sccurii} accounts year ; tlFtr co. 2478. }'ion St. tr

itk, : vl certain remedy for ;hoo obstinate diseases, will be re-paired, for tie faithful performance of the con Il'icstp.d to settle them by Cash or note, without I ., '. ARLINGTON, & ) back in AUgUStalJC to rrampaBa 1.
once weeks.Leave .
n tOr which have so long baffled the skill of medical tracts. The proposals must he post paid. irther delay as no further crcdi. will be civen after ,I JOHN C:. ,\ A. HLNGTGN, I IWo

; t .1urni( 1CO. CUiincy, Florida October 23. 1832. 1 OJ,.. c 13th of July next to any fIne whose accounts of 1 rs : > Inlssumpsit.. St. Augustine every other Thorsdat &
-r 1st White Swellings;; every description.iM TIc Southern Recorder at Millcdgvill.-the Den u>l year may then remain unsettled. WIiLJA L.HASKINS,< 6 A. M. i ''t*

;; Sore Lt':" und C.leers of l long standing.H crat, and Enquirer nt Columbus-Telegraph, an. i E.: B. PERKINS. ..Uu.. BRlh'l. J Arrive at Tampa Bay the next Mmuh u --

' J : Scijirrusor Glandular Tumours, particularly Macon Mcs, en (T nl Macon, will! please copythe a- i Tallahassee, June2Cth 1832. 45 I If. JOHN WASIIING'lON,& 1 1Rit 6 P. Al. --J

. 't. t1ac: hardened tumours m women's breasts which often }r.vc. advertisement, five PU ccR. 5v' weeks. I II I Q l.A.1\ 0 :1ORTE for Sale.- \ HA uDV.' RIGHT, 1 Leave Tampa Day every other Satur'6A.M. C

I' ime< terminate in ulcerated cancers. .'J'Cr.-Sii weeks after I'ate' application will I rs : In .Issipsit. F
t.noby the name 'N -*"- fcuj-cnor Insirtin.cni in t: .Ci llct.t outer if oliVrtd I WILLIA L.I I iASKINS & .
what f'ume.people Arnve
Hh; felons, or made in County C'.urt of Leon County for I I at Acgiutinc tIle next
I I' *if Catarrhs of every description. ...lS of administration on the Estate: of George UU:' I all luvv-Apply! to E. :L1X.S. JOB IR1thl'I.I : J J 6 1'. M. Saturday fo 1

t t. f',lli i iittfui.iilic;; Panof thcjointfl. phrcy late of taStS county dcec\'e:1. ii;iK'Iia, au
CUi bpniins and Uruises of every description or ink ANGUS JOHNSON. -- .XJ .,btAt stated suit: en this d..y, by the issuing: I.i.is :v by Fort Gad*,
l superior} Court, Middle l-'istrict of lorida, for the den to .tppalachicola[ 65 t
I flrliatpx pail situate.7lh October 23.1, 1 32. lOrf J of GardenA .-. of auathm nt ttcrcin: returnable to Ortohti Lay miles and back C
'I'ettersoi all kinds. In this complaint the patient unty tern', Ib32, ffai.l court. Olf."C a wr: k. f

in >ling the Ointment must keep the part MEDICAL. ;. NICHOLSON, ) J. D. WES ; COl TJr., Leave Quincy f
' aij| VS : } Pl'.-. Alt's.FOR every Monday after lie
The have formed J. P. r.OOl H arer1'al r
of water undersigned a partneJ1'h11'under ,
'i out .1'.l h1.i.ShlELTON. ot the mail from
i4 affected frost. of CREWS & TRIPPE for ) I )IBth 183:. SFw Miilcdgcvitle\ j r
I 8th Chilblains, or parts by the firm ii.< efclh'\lJl notice tint the above I Stp'cmbrr 12
'I will take : case
Barns and fjiriHE noon arrive at !
1 the best remedies .ippalachicola Lay the
It is als-j one (' practice of the diOt-ient, branches of the scieic: Jl was commenced of Attachment re- .nen
: the and draws tho fire out in a by process 'f LO\\! day 7 1'. ). f.
SEL1t by
Fvahb It cases pain hand (
4 of m dicme.! They on an extent. iKi'ule to the last May term of said Court.R. .

; \ ",o t tlow.I ttrcastn and lilandular, supply! of 1 fresh medicines which they will dispn! K. 'ALL, 0./1811. Lc.\'c AppalaUnoola! Bay every SUD JT 0ft

Tor Inrianr.d"omen's liberal 1 Their office is Webbville PhPs Att'y. at 5 A. 31-arrive
known of on terms. at Qu.ncy the
odictne th'icriher his ntxtdj*
is superior lo any yet : itt new store, corner of Jeffer- b
; it
Fwpiiinj; safei il.au mercurial Jac tCICount.\'. H B.! CREWS, Sept. IS, 1S32. Stf.CAUT1OJN. : THE 12 uoou. in tin.e to .
\ '( w medioat faculty It is much 4 and \lGllroc- trccts, otrersmnrsale to the public connect! with the .wad

1 i f (If any prep.irtioi of Uint ,material) lncauc it cue UENIIY TRIPPE. in general, a hanomc sorfmellt of the follow ill from 1'aHah -st'C for Aiiilcogcvilc.NOTES. .

; nut lay inc patient liable to anjcry'lrona expose to "'f'hhvilq11't1: 1 I IHllIUl articles .' the r.Kitt reducedrices for cash, Viz: .

C&Jd. CMHE Subscribi-r Wilt nol j.ay any amount from 'I'hePost
1. Waster General
1. f1.intinentha cured acres of many yours rfand- AMERIOAN HOTEL S. this date, unless contracted ; y himself a ,\ ril- DRYOODS. reserves therijlA j
to flails und
t the
expedite alter
I iai lin- to the
to | times
impossible or impiucif \ ,.ner.! WM. \l'CALL.. of
WKT| illS
LI : ,
C\lern-il; $ soro, in cutmequer.oft of the hone iiccunring allahnssec, au iut 1 1632 51 3m -iks! Black, Gnssi.cn.ip: Italian LineslrinLlack, their arrival and dfpau tUl, at any time dUnIJ"ti*

will She t progress It t the canes' Sarce-ne-t, Blue, Green, Pius, and white Florences, continuance ot tne contract, by giving an aii
:;' can \* or rotion; It s-lop remove the ofI'ensive : Figured Silks in variety, Irish Poplin, Silk Velvet, -
Hicr ;i8C the quaint v ot lie dwliaige quate coniyensation, never exceeding a i/ro rate
Cotton do.Tartan Plaid Furniture Calico
fuicl.$ and e.io lilt pant.: allowance: fur any extra eXlcllselucb sueli al
Black Bobinct and thread Irish Linens *
Lasting, Laces ,
Whitlow on un application
I tlie \\rt Felons or teration .
It cuies inny require.z.
Sea Island Cotton Shirting, Plain and figured Jat-n-
of 48 hoursRheumatisms Seven shall be
\vj.ieli have sto.v.l so long as to beeome ncctt, Swiss and Bank :\lustins, shawls: w
medicine to betaken tn- ; and dresses, handkerchiefs, Calicoes, Uir.ghams, Nankeens and closing the mails at eaca olhce, where no part

8 fvtttt-ualic 'n'.in.tIto remove t.ieifl :.q F Pt1"i:! rr sj.eetfully infonns In? frienn> fine Cloths Ca and Cassinetts.whi General reserves tu ri1nseil'he
as directed UTe Dimity, ;samers rignt ofex.
=es"b\ applying' tu U Ointment externally Jt.ul: \\it.\ t l..r sally. tilt l he lip rented tht .
.Cij, in od! vvSi.is: ;p : j.rn :- and Red! Fianru I, t'grodothC.tchan Ruisa ding the tune.
people Auction
will rehei And evm .-.1"1.:11"11'Ulidill; i tl.e We side of the j jj i Commision Business.fUiESiBSCKiBER Jt
< n
five 1. .
n wilt CUMJ the :: fcl'eeTin( ()>Tnl ur's., : .% <-. :. For ten minutes d Ida in Jj
of M.aniiiug, every ) arriving
jininhave been longer *:\j Li ii ha innfl.crna- point alter the tin.e
"Vmncr. 'I I he TII.-M i 'lavinp undcrjr rn thoroush ] lIAR BWAII E.ItE any prescribed ir.anycn.nmtl..

nnin.To *ea captains and irtaj-tcrs of vessels this otntnu'iitID'isl I "-" ,.-ir. .. .illf"! \-v! 10: here,eptior' Hoarders am1s'.i (" It for Fayette .:.unt/. the coitrr.ctr !iiait: torten lYe (dollars 'li'thedela I

l>e veij4 valuable in vviitter on our cual it being :! .| --- .,.1 1 l 1": .' i :;I'. .< trr. his >er\icestu the P, blic in the Auction 3k Com ,: .:.u x. 'j '.:" I hard, ,irJen :snail continue beyond the time for the depar

. \fir: certain in its f:tioct.H on Chiibiamsoi patsailic.eaxvhh .TCT'w: : RKAVFS.T ..is!I"" UU!IIU'-S, : is'itig ol f. WIJ ';: ?'.'S, I* mt- | .'ptl '. luieof any peutiirrgj mail, the forfeiture shall bet-

frost it like wise prc.-orves ilsquaiiUe-: uuciitnuics :" -_ --... -.-. ._- 1I,! pledges l'inelf pay strict 'fttiention to nil bnHHSU ,cissors, Razors, L : .\t'r-.l' :- :, c' r: ILE .- ftruRted: to Iii. and In attend to Adruinistraor ,. PI A:> : ,
u\\ I ..7IJP L1i _I" '-i'l!:; .t eom iete 'i s i rs mail one trip. It it be made to apr ear tut the
sof proving lue \A\W\ III: ,.9 other ae! in the
testimony : County.
;Toct A lexctMlent large mn mrdicine viiI be -h 'vvll 10 thcM*. v\ji-' I Ii.; \ i-ij -l I'fi.i1! t'H I oy lute air. His i oflice i iin the Town of Ocht'see. where he may OO'j S& HOI deiay was occasioned Pot Matter by General unavoidable shall accidentof ,I
wJacii the le
u'i"lJ ifurU.ri ItI.lnlla'.oll on application: to llr llci" I fri1'I :1.. all times be found. faSStlrtw.. nt of Palti- thejudge

4 (an... o. lo at.\ t.r 'his r.utiri/ed: agents.The I f ": JOS R, CETTON. KUIv the lurleilure maybe retluced to the aOiOuntor t
Jufovo'medieiin1 uM 1)} s-pccial" apounncit[ of August 10, 18.S I 8w _-tAlar : maoi pay tor a trip.; but in no case can that amount leremitted. f

aad warranted enuitic. 'U( &. lID 1l1 GS The forfeitures otherwise uctoodi
the patentee 2IaO Par! N" t'ru h.' "u b; ziis, (
L 15 i'LUHlN l UnuGGisr.r :.0 U ',CCb 2VcgrHG : <' kJILt'I J."Iain. ,; CARD.-The subscriber having now a Inrge and t > L.itii I' tional I, and will in ail cases be enforced.

'raH: Il..s'c. ;. "' ) t'tlll-.Jl. ::1tf. .:;: l o. (h). **, 4illenCl- Jutt Satil1cu", w. mmmodious house, ca-t of tl.e t"ilitl.1.fl'a.| .., i. Ir't'.eP 4. Persons who make piopoi-ais! will state their

.-.-.. 100( lo. dr Pom ll-uiktls, .-. IXil InlrUlKaCl A GENERAL COMMISSION AND Al'C- ,. EATS AND CAPS: [pnccs by the year, payments to be made quarter- t

4 W: 'f2ggiTill : ti ll'J On. K..SC & nufille J.vti .-., 'v liuxim, he holies to receive a libeitil, .suj p.ir. i .1 lU.CiU Ltilt Iv; m the months ol Mas, Augtst, Noren1kr arid !
a ei'iOl Cl.i
'0 Til :K; ASTHMATIC A\ U Ut.LSU.tPI'IVF.r.1 ;, U.xlcs >( nstir Jihotiis: ii hirtir ', &c.Ij u ihe public, and pledges hiniMlf lciilu I :e who HHJ February, one month lioiu tile expiration eacbquaiter.
and) fatal of all Difecasrs inci- lJCZt'J; Y. ctI.111H I. r him with their buttijies., HI use his l Itt'st efionsromo'e { most fashionable; IIA I S & l Ai' 6 ol )

lIE most prevalent ."'iO Pieee.s l'\i.: I j -stics their interesis. J. "WESTCOTT Jr. a. t
; Comumpfio .-nmyfTci.orallv > I i.r. : 'I ,
_.941 -nt tocnihzed !(,Cif.t-IIC 2d 1831. 5 None but a free white) person shall be ra
l lea..l Alarming ol' disorder I 150 Do. J U: traced to the GROCERIES. plowed to carry the man.J. .

si flight Gut rpp'.rctntl: I cold. Uy estimation: it ul'I'fa'th.1 '* -:4e--... Auction & Commission 11Ilsjl1 Proposals should; state whether tte personpiopot3 ,
From New-Oilvuhs: ChOjIIU { S. A lock ali '
one huiidreu aal fifty thousand peiwmsduannual ) ( hcNATIVE larirc{ .h it> anety. n.ulri. t
dreadful. % uilsmij to car ry the a lour horse coach,I

-J} of be the attributed consumption.to common Alostof these col'J and a negligent.treatment n! rl'IIE: suhscriber ha\ ing Jjcen ap- }-'LOTI two horse coach, or otherwise. (1

of the hltrra"I1; cough that generally nsu .*iawhich 150 nhls. \VlI1i.i.\ nuctioiieer for I o-n county. t.ft'rhi 7. lithe person oiieru.-g proposals wishes tha

:. is usually followcJ b) th'ult brcathitip pain; jO: I Jail' (It). old! d.' _. : vices: to the public in I auction flIdCCbiLiIUj'iIt: LlI i- I Tifty Built :- j : ; ( \. \\ heat flour privilege of carr\ iug Ren&papere', out o 'tiie Mail, ct

the idp, and at last Ulcerated L'liifrs. Violent and Jut P.bls( "tl1pc'rfil1t'i'r. \\ heat FLOUR, L-S. Uc pledges liinistll'lo pay strict; aitciition to all he must state it in iiis but; otner.fvi.se, he cacnct

ru repeated Asthmatic} attacUp n'.sn brinpou: Clln ufHrli'cf'mpto1t.c 100 CcilBALKH' PK, ,jsiness! intrusted to iiirn ; and attend estate or other AL O.p. enjoy that privilege.

One- or two dollars expended in tht pur- 100 ricecs Heavy Kcntuckv BAGGING! tIc'sin the country. His ofiirc is in ihe tow n of Magnolia b. Proj it isitions fur ai v in-piovementsintncs-
10,000 Lbs. JSijddhngs & >hoiildcrs cC'OJVf; where lie at all time be found.
may Glass Ware
tJijeofn. Sadleiy, y aint porting the n::;ii j, as to tnewan/itTisfcariyiii:,w- 4
PILLS 5 Hhds. Canvu&M-dy/.UJ :.nrhU ''I 1 1M2.: 30t! B. BYRD.
4 RELFE'S ASTHMATIC 50; D'\cs& Kcg sbcst Richmond] TO.&VJCCO,* Tin ware, Looking jlasesSalt, Ready create fffxpfttUion, extension (.1 rot.te/rfgi.: ]

$: ,:1 a Ii'tc: aUn'.ioi: to t'ouir timely administration will 2t n) Do, P ,rUrand.7L/J, m.( ttL 1)Q'HE made &c. &c. of trips, or any ot..er improvements?, are"wvlttd to l,
of the disorder, and g ?uxrally I '' clothingstationary he slated the and will be considered. .
Ottia1iy 'ii n.on mitigation ** 10 UozcnCiiiiLs1 & Cos. JIXKS, I1 GLJ\ A.:.-just 'tcei. Th li'U are t1tom easy and effectual 11)1)) R.lttJJ' JC JAMES '
ef'ct a ('l1rl consisting 01 SIII'c:fine Bruuu Cloihs, Cassimc,
v< U1e:! lor the mptnnn proceeding and accom-Cold tiloul's/ Steel 8iw Cotton Urns.rg .-iiiritHats, Boots, fc-i.oes! &c. Coffeebiskey: Tallahassee, November 15ih S31. 31t: U. The number of the route, and its begins

t'31rinz 'lie! \ .t"nHI. and Consumption. For triclur.ougs. I uin, C"i ;niac Brandy, and good. wines, Mickerel, lung and termination as udvettiscd, ioud! besia I
and -
1jtrico'.ty of IJiiMtliing. iichtncs 11 nmg-and: many other ariicles which! v e wish tl-c -- tcij: in every hid!; and eproj/osalsruust t fceMsfedj

,"rns" thT.tC! \Vhff/np.; [pain in the ide. Spitting this IIE Subscriber has:: au assortment ;I-uulic to call anJ examine for themselves. Frcs directed to H.e "General l'ost Office of Mail C-tm.t <
.1tf !h'<>/,1. &c. Few cs rs (:11\ occur of any Dr. Helfe'e -**- II. i.-.unt's tx-st Mcll Saw Cod itafl Gin.asvn'teo, l I I Jru.p and .\icdicinc.: D. \'. ILL1AAIS, & Co. tracts:" and superscribed "I'rcpcsals." t

iiias of tlkorJer in which the for purrhaserof their trifling expenditure. -11:0! I ii I(Phi HO Jo 71 1 r>.\\ s, which will be hold at !j'2 nnu \lcnti'lh, Sptemltl': 4lh !5": 2. 4tf The following is a proper ion lor( a Proposal.hl '. t r
jait1wi not find a rich return Ji,25 saw on a Credit until the first clay of Jauua-
i P"I' Eraintree Cotton tct// convey the Mail, asrrujt/iy to advert(* I

vvjiolc: boxes : ) Tilla, 1 dollar, half boxes rv next, to bfttr rts1 on&ibk rirdascrs.Iir.IJA3IIN!: Gin. \\menl, on route 01\0. ,jrcn:_ -.tcfit'
I BYRD. 55 SAW CotumGm, (Iron fra- t '. i
J. :i Tills "y,. c.'uti. ...mo'.i.x. :V.a) 22, I::i2. 41 tf FOR ,) from Braintice Mai.iuaciory.1 Apply. to the yearly ccmptmsaiion cj-tuiu.is. ifw t
tie must state the p&ce! oi ins m :uence and {
Klein St. \j arbs. ;
Ladies c.itC I cj'hV. 1 : j J
nTa t,1.0 f Ii t:,:\ I: 1 iJtML,-t-r.ers f.r sate 1.tJ'1 '1 t '. \V. K will receive orders for other Saw Gins of : 395TN5'IRAsCL a Contractor 1111!.-; accompany nu bid with sal t.i t. J

White and sound Teeth are both an ornament; and IIf 1ISJ-1 wadt.lJy Air. Jehu bchlj', of Louis\lII,: lie alJove' nirinufiiclnrc. ; i istactory rectmmendations.

jcsiing.! The best security for their advantage i h to 1)3 .., uoir. :. u JU I fcj uA lo, 2 Alcxaiidtr's l- 1.1- July 10, 1 Id 32 47 tf B 10. .Tile' distance, as stated, are estiraatWijriui I
in the of the .fj' il.e iiUm; Gii.f. v ill be bold on reuscnuble tern ki
Sound ue may not be entirely cnrrect but ifanyel'T'Otsha.c f
PTIC DENTIFRICE. It ( ni n'hs fi.r ;_(. ii H."I.rll). JO- Dr. JOiiiN B. TAYLOK
.ll.Y'l'lSf increase oi
BRITISH inn occurred in relation to them, no {
,. *,,
Ct.tum; B""i5i J ouli and Kentucky
;:, .
with a vrrv' ,itlit-- usujftedicatHs his fri iitb anti the ubli- hat lit wili be allowed that account.Tbfi (
This elegant Tooth l'ow aldl i i-> > compensation
the scurvy in the guniH and prexeulithe ac- -g 'I HOIIf1' f"f Ml1.11 ..ZS urit-sujred, as lo ena'nluhii.i, II' .esume hisprotes.ioua i Contractor will mibrni( himself tnat poini.

iramuiation (,f Tarter which IIot only blackens but 400 i-a. 1 k. iji.wn and ..&atnd Liverpool Salt, : duties. July 30 1S32 iO if. 11. The l'lht Master General rescn-estte
their decav The - - -- ---- : against bass or uuinaire lj EIRE can
Joosens the teeth and accelerate causes of ..iflVuite 50 10. ( oat he Alum, A lMl>TRATORSM ,'j lCI ..- \fl i perMliSiL:1xill B. be effected on tht_ m<>>t laviuaLle :crtns, on apph- rjgM otanuiiliing any Contract whenever repeated
Dentrifice hus removes the prrailing FII-.I", Bacon, Lard, .e.ri .L._ : cciiand.s! : against the James Baniiistcr failures to arrive \\vithin the contract time shall
healthinet-s and floridnesN of estate ot act ( n to the :ubacribtr, a ..tntof (the Protection Insurance -
: breath. prrsrrve the aliahussK; sept. .b, lJ-32. 5tf. to 'l J. whenever failure shall happen **
the teeth beautifully white. ire lequircu pres. lit cm duly authenticaleJ company, Hartford Connecticut. In every application occur; or one
the gnms. and renders -- within the ime irescribcd bylaw.] -Ail persons indebted the fair Cash value of the property must LK niotinting to tilt loss of a trip; or whenever any arection

Price 5U cents.BO" unless! signed on the outride I Ii (J It S;; LE.II. to 'he estate are requested u. n.i,kc immediate stated, and satisfactory evidence, furnished of the cor- which he may give shall not be promptly
None pennine
arts sole T. KIDOI'K, 'W. : B Is n-.bkey, payment. NEDhA.M DUDLY, A m'tor. re.ctness of the representation, and thc goot1 moral! obeyed. .
1nmetJiatl'f'uccestlrtothelate primed: wrapper, by (proprietor.Dr.V.. T. CoNw&v.I .- U 35" Krcsh; ? I t Flour, Tallahassee, Seplemlxr 25th 16Ji. C8w character of the applicant. The solvency of ihe Office 12. .No bid shall be withdrawn afler the ume IIt

No 99. Court 25 Bags Cofl'ee, and its fairness and punctuality may be confidently rc- for and should pe III
For sale at his Counting Room over 200 Corn. -Foil receiving It has expired, any : IIt

"Street, near Concert Hall Boston, and also by hi* spe- Just received from New-Orleans. SALE. 'icdon.Tallahassee. .... 22 J831. E. B.PERKINS.27tf SLit refuse to take a contract at his bid, he sf 1

appointment, by E. B. PERKINS, (No 2) E. SEIXAS. Jl }'.Jl1'.J 1 dJ'tiJdJtOJ. forfeit nil other contracts that he may have w1t

Druggist. M"f1l1lh 29, 41 tfLUKfcfeTUilUES \\ ILL sell valuable tract of Land STORAGE &C. the Department, and beheld responsible wr al t

.Tallahassee. February 24th 1831._27u have I biluated two miles east of Lake Jackson KERR & STLRG18 have spacious and safe damage that may result from his failure to cwn-

17 lately reCtlvcdlId and miles -hjus. s at Si. AJarks for the o' ply.
REMEDY FOR UHLUMAT1SM. have on hand at their stores Tallahassee and seven N. E. 1 allaliasstc, a reception .
desirable and c..lon IIn or for shipnient and will make 13. No Contract bid be transrrredwithout
excruciating pain-the decrepitude and defor- bt. A.nrKs j the lollo-wing articles merchandise viz: healthy residence containing btorage nor can 1
THE : five of lair advances on delivery when they are allowed to approbation <
eighths the
and the premature old age, which arc tho 125 Piecch Cotton Bagging, excellent Land, one ; special and written
bsual attendants of the disorder, are suffered by many SO Coils Bale lU.pe} U < I and sixty which is in cultivation and under forward and consign the same tr. any of the following the Post Master General; and an signnientofa ,
in the efficacy goou fences, on the same is a commodious Dwelling Ports, viz :-toN-w-Orhans, C hurlest >n, Baltimore firSt obta -
from despair of a eure, or disappointment 200 Ihs. Bailing Twine contract,or bid, without his consent,
antidotes to effect this House, 1-uilt of the same materials, a frame Gin cw-Y..rk, Providence, Liverpool or Havre. rule will never t
of the numerous pretended 800d( 1Is.Bactnidcs i and Hams, ed in writing, shall forfeit it.
t made fair trial of house, with a fifty saw Gin and running Gear, tn- On all consignments they will charge 2J per cent
But those who have a 30 brls. Mess, and Prime Pork, be departed from. .
purpose. tire new, all the out buildings Ten tot guaruntteon sales, and will be responsible to tht 1&r
equally good.
DR. JEBB'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT, 50 Kegs Leaf Lard, twelve likely,able 4-odicd \\ orking Hands, the above or owners for any less sustained r-n the voyage, throughany 14. It a Contractor or his Agent shall w&J 1&f
30 brls. and
even in cases of longstanding, and of the most severe Monongnhela common Whiskey with all the HOUSEHOLD." ) KITCHEN FUR- neglect on Iheir part afieeting insurance. the Post Olhce law, or shall transmit eorninercm
brls. Baltimore
character, have received certain relief, and many have 5 Jamaica and r--Orleans Gin, Rum JSITURE, Horses, Mules] Oxen, and other Cattle, august 28th 1832. 2tf intelligence bv express more rapidly an the fl31 -,

been cured in a few day, IIOme ill 24 hours! as a number 10 brls. Molasses. Bacon, a stock of Ho: Waggon and Gear, and the his contract shall be forfeited; and in all ease* .

of persons in Boston and \icinity, who were formerly 20 brls. Superfine Flour present years CopofCorn and Fodder, will be sold Just Received when a Contractor shall'run a stage, or other VV
Afflicted with Rheumatism 1II"c'Cf)' fully testified on accommodating teuns, by ] Leslie hide than lie:
40 Inl Is-. Mackerel \ns. 1 and 3 appyin to A. more rapidly or more frequently
Certificates are in the |'o* ei.-ior. of the ProprioIpr 400 Sacks Liverpool Ground and Allum Salt, Thompson Esq. Tallahassee, or A. B. Overstreet, P' 1? 3ciuKnerMILO, from Baltimore, and for sale, required by contract to carry the mail, he sgh'e ,

proving the moilAhorou und urprisingcurea by Which together with a general assortment of Groceries Agent for the Undersigned on the prewises.ELIZA 1600 bushels of CORN, the same increased celerity and "reluelnc-fi

means of- thin powerful LINIMENT. in cases where Goods Hardware QTERS'l'REET. 1100 Bbls S. fine Howard Street FLOUR, the mail unless the Post Master General 8 ( t
failed. Dry ,Crockery ware,CastingsIron (
other approved applications had uMe-Iy. assorted, Cast German, and Blistered Steelc,- N. B. Persons wishing to purchase, can view the 15 do MACKEREL, otherwise direct) and without increase of com

DUMFIUK'S EYE .\TJ;R they offer lo their customers and the public at lair picmiscs at any time, applying as above. 40 do HERRINGS, (Susquehana.,) tion. .

i for ore or inflamed Eye, giv" immediate ease ard prices. august 28th 1832. 2tf aug. 14, 1832 52t Jan. 50 SACKS SALT, pensa 15. The Postmaster General reserves then t t
tl .':. i h moft nalutary. 006 I bw AC ON HAM (superior,)
telitT. On recent sore eyes. e 'f't ; ;URSALE OR R SNT. The wnca
.-Wbe"c the complaint has bieaofearsstandnp. New store on the Suwannee.WlJLL .a which the subscriber resides- tract of land on Any persoi wishing to purchase the corn, can have curtailing or discontinuing any route,, 1 ti
containing 800 a- in his interest shall tfqwre
bad .the credit until the first of January Ly giving a bond with opinion the public
and in some exceeding C3"( must unexpected DQ 60 U'Q W tLmai I cres. Two hundred and sixty-five acres cleared and so f3U .
relief has been found in the use of this se-rIv TIMOTHY > TARTY.WILLLMB and in such case the contract sliall cease,
and desirable under fences. Their ,
open a new store at the good are eight acres of whole,
sugar- relates the curtailed the
to to
other had failed. part, or
.fne water alter every remedy any I cane 15 hundred bushels of 1.
; corn and of
of the a quantity extra
fc-uwannee WithlacochetKixcrs NUTTALL month's
used it. it the best am. discontinued allowance of one
have preparation
wo pronom fodder. A small stock of cattle and
persons hogs would alsi.
about the first of the '
for these complaints they huve ever met with. and May next, purpose ol he sold with the land. The terms for the land will be have formed a Lav.Paiinership pay being made to the Contractor. th 141ADE
especially in coses ofaoreness cr inflamation of long receiving forwarding, or purchasing cotton and very liberal. Persons wishing to purchase will and \jt practice in the Courts of the .\J id- 16. All Contracts routes embraced in

Standing. Pri 25 cents a dottle.v supplying the adjacent store and country ware-house with goods. They intend and examine the present crop, which is equal to plcasrcall lie District, and Jackson County. Office near the advertisement shall commtnce on the first d y rl
; erecting and any
running n I
z v None are genuine unless signed on the out side Poll Boat between that point and the town of Magnolia in Florida-the situation a pleasant and healthy as : Planters Hotel. January next,and continue two years.

f Jrrinted wrapper by the sole propl clfr,''r. KIDDER, goods or cotton purchased at either place will bt-. any in Florida. PETER C. HAll ItUs. : Tallahasseeaug.7, 1832 51 3m Decisions ou bids will be made known on tP
the lata Dr. \ T.
immediate to
Huccewwr Tallahassee October 1832. .
forwarded them reasonable 7tf ninth ofNoember next.
at day
by a freight. They will
For sale at his Counting Room, over No 99 Court The 1tr"re are authorised to announce
1' purchase cotton, hides, and deer skins, and will have JCP editor of the Columbia Telescope, will. WILLIAM T. BARKY,
jttreet, near Concert Hall, Boston and also by his spe- please give the all ve six insertions und forward H. General
band extensive of Esqr Candidate Master
No 3. constantly on an assortment good of as a to reprcsein Post

.iaI appointment E.: B. P: HhINDraglti8t.( :. descriptions, such as Provisions, Groceries, Hard account to this office. P. C. II.T .('<.n County in the next Legislative Conncil. GENERAL POST OFFICE DEPARTMEHT, I

and Hallow ware, English and American Dry-Goods. OTIC E.-Having been appointed auctioneer : r _-.- .. ji.- _._I-.L _ _r._ July 24/A, 183 >
Tin-ware, Drills and Medicines,Hats, Saddles Shoe for IrJE arc authorized to announce G u-;:- ill
I Lec I offer
Tallahassee, March 4, 1P31. 28tf county, hereby my services to th 'V
and Glass-ware ult Iron Steel Nails &t' WARD, Esq. a candidate to HAbKlNS
Crockery public in that capacjty intend keeping an office in represent Leon Count WILLlAiM L. ..

;Jas. D. Westcott Jr. & J. P. Booth, Marrh 13th 1832. 30tf Tallahassee, of which due notice will be given. In the ,n the next LegislativeCouncil. any business mkbeciiy ofN w.YO'. '

interem, any business left with 1\1 r. R. 1. Wellfort! 1.i..mptlyand faithfUlly execute any Ccm11s0.
Florida. The mm1JJC8&J A'TWA WW 11aJamBSlQLARGE' ICP: : WE are authorized to H
HAYEformedaLawparinershipin will meet with attention. R. J. HACKLEY. announce A uEXA-- tKiiutcU to him by his friends in Florida, and the r---

: and ot and complete assort- c-f>lcr2d 1832. 7trC2rTJ' LER MARTIN, Esq. a candidate to represent 7\'*atln 'r eralfy.. I
the latter at West Point, Appalachicola Bay. Busi- gc.
: .mnt .,Fresh TMiirK/and Medicines -.- and Hamilton Counties in the next Legislative ;ew-YorkJuly I 1832. 52 tf
nesa entrusted to them in any of the corurts of Florida ( just received ; ..
.or;he adjoining Counties of Greor iR or Alabama, will from New York and I'altimnref'>r sale;wholesale] BAGGING and Bale uiicil. I

be spicily attended to. *Au .3cJ, 1831. SOtf and retail. Country Merchants. and Practitioners supplied received and for sale by u V%' E are authorised to announce miBm't NOTICE.-The undersigned 1 I
on the. most cJt.m COLEMANrespectf'ully of- ;EDW. SEIXAS Marnolia, ".7,1"32, 51 tf. tt Esq a candidate to repent .a.ouGranilandandVamsh Career, and the *M

,DR. hia profrasWal ,*frvirt<* to, the Citizens of. rVypf;! Magnolia Florida. We > Gadsden County m the next Legislative Co n- .? Charles illiamsoB, andisintruste'1-1"1 rt1* "" I It

1'" 1, huee andth_ Coontry. .. M."c f' tt" DJ' art. audiorised to announce 41 tf. .. tiieir landain' Florida. AU persons are ( de !
.r JS-\Y.\ : iluhorizfd to THOMAS. BRADFORD, Esq. a. Candidatp We nre authorised tu NATHAN .i-om (omnitthtgaste on the same' and the tho subT.
.B LAN X BILLS OF LADNGJUBIOflkcv tJ L announce announce .ngtoreni may do so on -t -licati D to
prill-.; cot JOSrPH 'M. 'WHITER aUQdiddetl".4 to represent Leon Ownj% in tfa&mst 'gisJative. BYRD. Esq."as a Candidate 'to represent THOMAS BALTVeb ZE
: and -or, ie..thio .' F ida !-.. fhun'1 ux gjji 1icgiatwcGDJn4i Fej44L 1 .

The Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Floridian
Uniform Title: Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Wm. Wilson
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: October 30, 1832
Publication Date: -1848
Frequency: weekly[nov. 11, 1837-1848]
weekly[ former 1831-oct. 15, 1837]
semiweekly[ former oct. 18-nov. 4, 1837]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note: "Laissez nous faire."
General Note: "Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note: Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note: Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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__ ... i---- --'..



-0 .. . '. ... _. .-. .. .. f
. .. -
I ': : : J J'I r .I I'J'

1bG 1TIOrnit : t RE FLoe- v, or in .t. e the *.iio far v i i. .M* -sir"r -

f-Vt F 'I months.attrr such introduction shall not con- ;

1Ii l ccny l'rtesdoJ lorllillg at \ ttuuu to 4>e pu'iiikly used and applied!; i in the ,

unira ,--01 Five in SK mnUlS I _'-...'r- _- I United States, or in yiwr of.failure to become, *
lie d\'!l '- ., a citizen of the United Slates
.SCOiunucdunlcssaLtheopt1on of a'!r, iably i to I
"LAISSEZ n"tiCt'en at the MrIi. t period within ,ah1L
tirl'd. iOUS AIR E. \
.t, bcf\.re\ ? ; '.**h tU be eutitlrdto t
U'1ot; )., -'- t < iWcbtne u citizen oi tL6 r
in5crtrd -r. Rws -'- -
i at F- smy'
be conspicuousJy
} :p-t rit tPd States. '
tf1ilfI1\CJ\ts" ntLQ U ,
Jea.ata per square for the first insertion, and 'tA ..n.&JQIlIBi Leo '? Qll. Qa__ ;# .UU 0 ':..q44.. )ppl'ortd I, Jolif 13,1633. .
n LJC.'S1iPH
r.I *) Path subsequent continuance. All ad- : A J1 AN At/i: tu eijiorce-
I '."rr0 Its toll be continued until forbid,unless othcr- t L.- DD. T::) :Planters at the port:of !\ cw London, n'vo tbau..mol ..(11-t 1, Be it enacted by the ,.Senate and, Kegul House\tipna*. ;

1.1 d3crd H\Y\t't r' ; nl'.. .YalWQ\ t.UJKU&t': FOR S.L\ Lb.-4 ( :"opjvtr Boiler, lars ; for the purchase ol'a lot, and the erection Representatives_ of b the .United.State* of A moric f .

di.t all lcttersand communications to the Also-Cot.per Dippers. Skmir-ersand: Scoops: u ol'fl cuRloni-ltuuse and public >toro at the port a.in i engross assembled, That ir in the
r on a; rt tCl'l i r: II, ;+sanrii ,
"pos'.1c"'C 8 t J reduced price Alto JO Horse Mill of !dew Bedford fifteen thousand dollars: of i
. paid or they will not receive attcnntus ". rates '..rockery Hare"' pair Stones : opinion the Secretary of the :Treasury: tha-.
jiI, tj be! I 100 < ast Iron Ploughs, Apply to BETTON. & EMORV. and for the,purchase of a custom-house at the rtivruue cutters, revenue boats, f
or revenue
AJ..y 15. 1832
50 Bbls. Pork (Mess clear and prime,) S. : ..I.tf. :.._. x>rt of Ktnr.ebunk, sixteen hundred doilana{ ; officers, employed or authorized to be employ.
1t AJ I'1 lt'ljU- l ;..-l.r. t-ar'lr, losjl" :Nfuli)' 50 10 Bbls.lihds.Fresh BACON FLOUR, ftiORE NE" GOO'5it. bi completing the custom-house and fence ed I for the purpose of the revenue, should bo,
ZCIt.t I. 'I .UUS.a,"ee, .nd) its vi<-,- around it the
ol of
(J1 insufficient
thc Newport five hundred
,,a.11$ I 60 I hls. WHISKEY, port to aid in the execution of the I
w' -i1nrtnr: 'I"J 10.111 niiiienre uU Fiidft} 50 Bbls. 1I I I-,. RUM AMONG the great variety of ooda received in this dolla r:. qultr inline and health laws
tt,I,. inU-f large+ (II otr,1'. "' l'SII.- i season, and which are offered low for any State or ,
. i ill 10 Tierces .
*" Cheese
r....ttO',..,1.1. 'tho %, j. cr.rru-rof: .the t capital t uare.ctsa 30 Bbls. MACKEREL, cash, there will be found, at the new store of the sullsl'ribcr 'lpproetd, July 13; 1832._ the regulations made pursuant thereto, tbo" !

. ,.' \-\r cr "Illcon,3( 'J lInnet'n uuys, tWO uaYb 3 Bales Osnaburghs, .OJ ,. 3 Exchange-street, a choice lot of funry AN AC 1 to carry into effect r.rtain Indian said Secretary may cause to be employed *
'D.c + ten doilais.s' Cloths and Casshners a part of which they will treaties. 'h additional ,
. 1"" 30 Dnzrn-JJouled men- :" revenue boat and t
: : Cider re\"nue'.of.:
j1Il.\t tuition; will be, for the young 1 ladies tion.
t ',(u s toiu o'clock i:. the niorninjr, null from Liverpool Salt, t't Sacks and in Bulk, Super blue, crape Finished, Broad Cloths, beit enacted by Senate and House of Re- (ficers as he may deem necessary for that purpose -- !

. cJl..4.t in )l k in ,he ("cliin ,- It nrl for the young gen- Fresh ir/.VES OLIVE er various kinds, do. Velvet do. pres utati\: of the United State of American the said revenue boats to be I of such size>" ,

-I., fn',n. 10 to It oYhvfc A. !\i., and from BUTTER CRACKERS OIL, Patent finished (West of England) Black do. [ Longrcrts assembltd, That the sum of one and description she may see proper Thia .
Pll'dtJkf.l"'..J. except every Saturday afternoon do. fine Olive, do do do. act "
.I:6uC Lard, Butter, hundred and htly-se\'cn.thousand six hundred to continue in "t force: until tho fourth of
: nisi practi, ?tlldhu. do CinatnrutBrown do. .
Lou'. And an add i;if nal su ply ofmmmU and ninety-four dollars be and the ia March, one thousand eight hundred *
ftC"'I I caci; alt tat'' reeular. 1 sap": au.lptu Bottle Green, do. same and there, =
ir! ,.r .11 rt aNgrlll."' ,. clad "+\\"i\lr1.t-, if l01"c-It.I-anJ UiT L'i SQ Saxony blue do. hereby, apprupriuted m addition to the bal- threv.dpprortd. '

'(111\111'loft, 1I1'o\.ru t'.t-l11tnat.tlc Ijg\Uc of .IHII i IOns, reals 1 Which will Ins I l"n.i -ss'irimeui, are offered exrernely Lavender Drab, and Dove colored Cas imcrs, lance lemaiinug unexpended in the Treasury, __ July 13, 1882. '
i )low for A
G te7COTTOJf variety of silk
J"Itc'JII" or HIDES. Vesiinjrs, (new
'IInU', :.itis his balls. Magnolia handkerchiefs patterns.) already appropriated to defray th- expenseof AiAt, : to rjUcnJ the lime of htrlal.f .
snlltlyd 'C' to practicing Ap il 3d 1832. 33 tf. Flag Pungce do. issuing; .
NIct IIS:1t1:1ri.mllatUII 1 titmicv \\.Ii continue White and fancy cravats, transporting and subsisting such portions og Land \\ arrant to officers and soldiers ;

| sttcry,tWO wi-tks, under the same regulationsod Storage fy Commission' Bussiness. 4 do Dozen fine fashionable linen sh'le, the various tribes indiaus as have heretoforteinigianicd I-";-i the ;evolutionary'-'. _
11-"'(. Bosoms, west of the lilt iisippi, or as Ht" it enacted, by Sentae and House of 3e
; .ill be icf the bars Gcntlcmens' -
pj ."!'.p'11I1111ts t at ol silk & Merino half hose
I .juJ '-u'and I tl h 1'l flat r's l HOM-I ; a: ti j at the coniccb. do Colton and Angola do emigiant during the present rear in contornn- pre seita: tires <)f the United States? of America

0'11II.. \rs'01 Ir.'Wcst. Urt.,j.,t'Itl 'r J6h 1632. 'Jit'Ii ..Ioo .. 'I JW Silk and silk Velvet Stocks, latest fashions. ty vvith the provisions of vanous treaties enIP I ungre.y assembled. That the tim? allowed J

-1s i.lrchIHI1 tl.al have been In addition to the almvr they oiler a splendid assor- ter.u: into with them ; > or the pay.nent of the for i-sumg military {land U'-irrents to the oC

.U(J1 ; : I' aj .. ment of Ready mal'e' Clothing, manufacted in the !latest account oi John Die Lherokee Indian ricers sad soldiers oi'
ijlv.aid'n. I I. .. a the
H' J u& agrntanda.- oj rii : ,t .., and revolutionary
I *,..ft[ .d } crt tIii L,1ey m ,.1.. .tll transit: ins' .hllO'i.tss tu Hoiida. A. IM. in. ";di ns ire-tj use, with a has nt Cotton to be ;freruim,.--Consisting of blue they bl-uk warrant three tnuu-ana four hundred and thirtyfive"h. DO extended to tbm first day of January
:Ifu.". :l t<> .ilJ .1I\\c.tIU K. (IIIJSnn, arc re- r ss i f:'' '''Cpu, post of]larking cotton and skins, and brown, Cinamon and Olive Dress Coins super do Frocks dollars and thirteen cents. For the payment: eighteen hu-iurcd an;; thittr-five.
'I'd 1.41 Illtc; paymentnd 1 thos I ,s-rs.m Lavingiun ''nijiirs.in Courn f T shipment, it will he in opera- do Pant. ki-. silk Velvet ; of John V\ l lowers |
I. Vcsf,1 Florentine silk dir? i a Cherokee n.dian, tit e rec. 2. .ind !fc it fUl1h; r enacted That the
; iun, arc re11l vud lu j.rebi-iit tljtm 1.11\ in i st11rt time. They arc now ready (lo pur- Valenci and Marseilles all '|
). H'WUlCJ ll-ey will sri I hundred dollars. further
crl,: 'lr:1' 1 oJahsibif i' r -.nment.. base Cotton or make liberal adtanrps on Cotton MO- low uV cash. It. quantity of three hundred thousand }j jI
t.ub 1: K...IA11. TiL'lOM. red with them for shipment to any )i ort in the I-. S. A. Noember JS31. B. & J. B. "Bl L bee. 2. And he K further enacted, That theI I a:'rc.s of laud be, and the same is hereby 1.

...., OCt.L.f': 16,11 1832. i+tf Their charge for storage is 25 rents a hale by the sea I4ifi beet of War : in ap.
lall\ll"s! _ -...!., tt Inch they do etart' be, and no f is hereby, author propriated, addition to thp quantity hereto i
not exact In-come the
*-- -. "M-., .-'! ++ be suit!. llY union at OolitesfiM -,-. t haters. They haH a number il'they of first rate vessels pur-- W Al frED Iz..li & directed to eau ;c any unsatisfied claimsot fore appropriated by the act entitled '* An act {

tlt.i." 'd' *."" lunlay! .J.I,' -\'cmlitr I 1S. :-nit) r .i.td to freight for them to Mew Orleans, New \1 fc, 'D .n1T\"J":" '." r n..t t .Juiin ,1.1 lowcm i\icholas MillerYilliam .for the relief{ of certain officers tend soldiers of l
,. ._"j'. ; :{ d 1f\1i' .
". ,,1.41t C )(i iflNOf*, \\ III 14 a t. _.. ''
; 'lit..11 til 1' Llt i..t d. "'f- Fctif- 11 fall) If" -. :ii: l t hn;lesion, and they will tn-aj.e to carry frtitrlil .j '. I art u and Joseph Uod&} >er Cherokee Indian, the \ ir;mia line and navy and of the continrn
rwunty ,
lattdi li "
.. Uj.on those (places as low as any ycsst Is in the imdr, ,or, btoi-i lint them ,'Ml l the r
,.'.\it. .I c', i. river. IpiU..lilt. i ll.l'lll.t blear u 'Id i no ch.trgc will bo made for lightrrinrr! of Cotton by respectively by poliaIIIH1 army during revolutionary war.*' ap

(..1. .liuor uiii'iii .l',t'ocu.ij .oaciosc to iiic ri4Jfbicuacr ..hipped by them. J. G. & K. HAM! EN. F 8'j'1, i ./ d v xv 1IN -: ( fonuni'.ted b} emit'ns of the (United Statesin I proved ,th o thirtieth of May, eighteen hundred: t

1. j. 1..1w' .1.." i I. I.JS.7. : te dt l slant of .u.C.I'li '.vii'lM, Oc!. 9 J. 1KV2. 8-f. : the yeah one thousand eight hund'ed and] i and thitty, whIch said appropriation r-h.ul bapplaed a
': s.. 1U, :t.\vns.llilLCtortZ : 1'.1111', a/ .uitiou to his olu'are-'I t flu f
1 lOtl-t' 'elltt'l'i b"", aiu one thousand )hundred in the
..orJ1 aij.1".C. :, Ht.n.lll .:I :.6-ltU.rcleo- OK'l HAT. LN'J IO\-Tllt sulslit'I'Ir91 i: ." .1:;'cri t r harecently erected a tj.arioi" !'mili !.!' ** *"" eight i j I manner provided by tae -aid: act s
,>" Y, t.S. !Ja 1 ', 1 ll.e llh, (lll\I'icr: 8"\"UII 1, c'"I- fens for sale her house and lots in ihe! t.i\\n '-finicy t er( !iy2A feet, fiir receivincotton and Ptls.. and cite litmiie, m the Territory of Arkansas: !, :i to 'th;? unsatisfied warrents which have been or :
." t ; .-lU'Ji1rr.!>. t.c.. t..u h.is Gads.len I; dcu to tJH' U, ltt.Otalt's the Cherokee i i be issued therein *
'U'.I Js0 a county. It is an exc* lien! stand lor I > TIMOTHY( '( (, ARTI. by may as directed to the <>m- T
r.-!'aL'a' 1 Mi.J."ks: { U'C'.J .h. ;her. c'l lJcllt.btC, .tn-t U'l.iess: ; i. hlSI.t.t'1I1ollg and alh\l1t3, v'U"Y! know n St. .Marks, December. 27th. 1R31 ''Shf ; tut: u. Indiana, in the month of May, oneict'1 I*!I: ray and >Dialers! and others as described in .
,., (' .t'Hcr: ;Iaci'UUJU.. Lalom: aii t ,- f UI'lic r4
t (
c rt 1\1 t., > [ entfrtainmcnt. 11n quarter (;< I h ARham I -'- ilivua.uKi tight Hundred and twenty-ei ht, to 'j i i 'iie first, fifth, and evenih sections of said .
.".."...1. .1' S ilj'I .t .:' n in tUIl 'sir.n of Cr.si ia-c J.1I.d, Tracing 70 or SO ai c s in f'Ui- S. HAWKINS, LIHIl' '|' ,
r.I._ S t .11" ay e n..I.I.j! ; 5U a ai. .ion and paid! in the anu' manner us .
.il1ill K
: E' \
01. cdiately a j : the tiwn ti\ lih :! e < + and counsellor a LA\ \\larn' .
t,- ,. -bi: 1nv:. "snort d.Miinci b. low U..hce r pof ro-n and f- dart, and the stock c.f :lops nudi 1. y, '. lo" 1"i'i ?R. fannarvtihl'a! : I : 0": -uch .!} nhauuu.? ti.id iircti committed lH cur f If'l'I. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted That tha
;', .\ ;",.4I' .it'tll:1, nver. icniis ot sal (.,1.. :lc, wiih l iM.ust hold .
: tire
t.1n : J" 4tatojirn furnitur: Fir :e .fn s. ct'S.-ion ol said tt-rntory, on tile prit i- paragraph of the first section of the said' .
I 1.: .&1". ti-: r'-" .:JUt1,: Halt payable the i.r. i ... ply to .tfihn K. Camjii-eh: f -qr.. '1 xllahuf-fcci': i r t.si.hscribT I 1.:1'1 ED from ./lt+j. JolnTny i .<..' 'Pi": o. tiir aft ol t onjirfa.approved March I 1 I act which authorizes the T
;'taan.lsSi i : i. a UISCOL.JII of ten per cent up"j: on the premis- ARAH} Hi LL. : E;. r 1 n L' "n county, Fl',rirla! ,'nhe I issuing o1'warrants .
f"i ;:'ijitjij ..I'll'. allahasM e, October 9lh I IS32. d4ul. .- .,- n .t.- wo hors(j y ; the: "tic a :*.t y,w. WillU..th, one thous. cud ei:;;ht hnndteti and two, :: upon an affidavit that the original uaf lost, and

tea .. ci>:>jardjym Dtcor.bcr 1SJ2, vrill tcs4il.: ; lout( ; snitch tail, ,->"nip ma 'ks i-n .',. tlItltcJ.n; act to regulntp trade and irate r. !i I i upon the production ot an official ropv thsre- i f
;;R. .iTi':'lo'.o11m.m: iRi' ton n r.1 u;:... R. c, o- course} \+tth the Indian tribes a.id I ; shall be and the 'f;
.', VI' : lktglIfIlHy-lhf; : other, a biigh-"ir: to preserve i i j same is hereby repeat. '
1 oI.l1t:1 q" .IMI& of luO ucrei ol river land ,mi .. ,. ;
..ijji ilo!l",.,nli t.c!. 1OW&I. J.\\J.; .1111.3.S \\1:11 tw-tl. : wjitf- 'o'asnrc u: his ad it. .\ peace on cue fiontier i ;" and tb It tilt Sel:re. ''.". ,I i
tIc" ,: ll':'J <=.;:. ..t.s.IJUIIJE :;I..r'11, ', t \\.1I jD n. t li.irdf ." -ry ::11 il-!: taluf \\ ur be dircvK-d to endeavoiH to ascertain .d 1.p'1'OlJE.rl, July 13, 1832.: ', '
.5 I r /

: CUUMY, Oc rv!ff, OcCi.'i: 1:3:. T \vr r 'P. tilt it-unes unite person" who committed I' auth'iriziiig tne Secretary of \V$ .!

I' :'v i1L.:1'.1'* |iu-'l': <: a v iie.tl I>y nutitied tha. 1 I. _<_ '.h} .; deprecations upon the property of said In-ii tit pay>' to ''he Seneca tribe of Indians. the is/Ij'Ij'C

I ()o.is lciaiul; Uuohy ...tsMiHiatu1!I; TirryIH.. r tJ iit lum, .nd take hUitaMe ftep- tor the pro-ec ubalance of an annuity, of six thousand ( ol'i.( !
\iuumi'8UtrMi! :, to tt nh.+ni '. S.oicvire hnicni ii
m- rfflOR1Tt
jtu and puni: oi -uch and lar
person ; a *, usually pud to said Indians:
and '
t b ae: Lanofof one Abraham 1-evason, \\h .n .n 1:1nprm re- } l
;, > io the of the vnlue{ of
Mobile Fi'ind.to recovery the property mailing forth
to dch\er ihe same to t unpaid: ? year one thuusuud 1 jJ
fe\l.'r \, Gat.tlr Jr., :md John \\-. CampiJd atu'rIVTS plundered/ or dostro\i: by them. eiht; iiiivjrtd: and tu'enty-nme.;

a; 1W, t tl\r tic purj i>r of coh-ci'un.; All pe] '- Th; Rnct s ever the Tal- ,CC. J. .nu !be It lurther enacted, That rile: lie it cnctcd Ly the emu and IIotic of- tj.

w;,arc as hereby Cltlo!! who f'rtt arc arn.d Donnd l not to to]pay trade the or vunic ro't-ivr, hay th.nno ".- l llluiSse L our c I-1 1 unnititi lilt'lailc slid sums he paid out ot any money in the R-pre>t-nalives of fire united Metes of :America ,,I i;

i'aioUt OCD noItinnt to j ,ij &iid notes; to AbrnLiiiLtviM 1 rt.t'ourj nor oiheiwiMappropriated.. 'in v on;. re:s x-nibled, .'h it the Secre ,

l. As 1 bhall; In-iJ tie! iH.rsrnis on whom l a .d!prored t July 13; 18.,_'. tart. of U'ar be authorized to pay to the S *.n* 'i

G.Sarcdranl, ICSj'u.siftc.VM.' : l-'TJNE, (.ILL ccnitii* '. cdnr-sd.iy jlll'cy -.\ Ai e.xu-ndiiig furihi-r the right oi debenture ecu tribe of Indians, the sum of two thousand ''I ,
By his dttorncyJ"ts IGnr. 14 other, (l.iii u t .i.ii.fUc .'mr six
uttys.l' to t no of Key West and hundred and Iburtcc do.I.ir
tci"er 16th 163?. 333wt port altering 1 and fart cents t
.. ;: t cay.-JoTKty L it.b |J.\lr-t. &:to: lure mile! the limits oi the district oi Key ,r cst. out of any money in thr Jn.M-.nry not other.
..! t.s, 1I11'\IW( n.b'C71. LAS Ol '1 hE LM'l ID k1
Storage, ::iid CoillI1115:un, &c. .. day.-jJ'JLtC, IXM mile heats, entrance: SI" STATES : he it enacted: u\. the senate and House of \viie nppropriatisd, that batijj. ; the oa ,uke dud :

unj. nej has T..IIU I'A-Sr.J AT TH JI. t J. SF. >. % ('. C iiepn> 'ntittivcsoi the United on the
and luo t
T1L rtl. large c 'II'CltI'nl41re- u.ay.- : ,--one mile beat entrance $!0.31aro States ofme- iinnuity payable to said Indians or the

J.s .9 t. llt. Cut.on sl.cds, .iii>.i is lJ'cl'al''d In retT rt.'c a"i an. :.t+isc, or Gelding in the Cnitidr. '_H u..a 1:1 undress ao-emhl. cl, ihat ail l ships or year one thousand: eight hundred and twentv ,
1.\ OODs, Cv 1'TOJN', or other pr-x.ucc on Sto t tau ; sui jest t.j the: rules mid orders of the C1u!,. AN ACT giving the u>seut ol"Con i s> to all veels, ants merchandise, tile Umteu ume. "
t*. ,.r A ilL J.Ll'.t'lIy's will be of the L arriving in J'
|purse oon.jx.scd ol the cnmcfc act ( gi5fi+ture otorh Carolina
s}, -too.n StOft..3. s Id or shipped, and rJl Coninn:"uiii .'.\ UK.IH y -uid die _-aie IU-OH-J of all the four caw v.. entitled An jet to inco Si.rtefrom anil alter the test day of August Jlpnrorcd.JuIy 13 J9 1832. .

pBii !nto-8fclr.ctlv attended to. he'IIrus a &li.ire rf v.ne u.ik hca the 11Cbt in fire, free the all Horses, poratc a company, .. next (rum ihe taptof oood Hope, orfiOtn .t<< \J i' concerning I'anuage Tfatoa
fjFA.'hejmtr 'Ii'; r.: "n\\ AltU tie wmnin l horses ef the entitled the noanokc inlet company, and/ .i
8EIXAF1 ;: I'rcctl'ding: days cm y "g i allY place bo jond cue same, shall be udnuitrd Spanish vessels.LH "
|, Vr. iia, Ttttb. 16, 1 Ifc32 9.f air ir appropriate weIghts. and the loosing horses to for other purp ,scs ;" and also, to an act amendatory to mane e.itry at the of ; I
t j- -- DU ml'iweu n deduct l tn of six founds fnmi their thereof; which port entry o: :- a p.iiaetej; by the Senate and Hon-o of .
ap hasped| in one: .
' ) "
t* are autliorircd to announce upnaie weigiits; and all hordes that have not runM thousand eight hundred and Keyest Representatives ofth e t Wiled States of* t ,
E1. KI.c h.\ .. the prececding day to their tw euly-'inht. Sec. 2. And he it further Enacted,1'hat hurc- : ne'j ;
; .fica Uon' .
Glut' "i, C-.q. a { l1d1.al\ tu representCouncil. carry appropiiatet ]Het enacted by he Senate and ilou-e : rc1* :+yrubleJ. That no other J 1 i
ttuny; .n tilt' JIt x; 1.. atatyt; \; IjTllUS. Eye after, all tile ports, harbours, shores, and waters or .
;ic.rcr of
duty tonna-je be levied tim I Iport5
. en per c't. will ucducted from each for the Representatives o:the United Suites or' America in ;
purse that
ot part ot Florida, extending ( of the ; I
U u'mted
) m.1I
Club. Starts eN
/ t- ure authorised I to announce use oi the tIt s assembled, Thiit the on ve.- owned
, .- ,- The mcmbets of the Club ongrt assentof Indian river to tamp ua;., and ot the island; wholly by of
[p Fti.Mimh! I. '-4]. a "'.IIIil a'e to rrprtsj-nt icr are requested it! (C'oncresd be, and the same i> hereby subjc td Spain corning from a
GldxteaCaun.y HI .' ucx LL ISM'ivc Council.l? mot, at the Club loom on the day proceeding the (Races given, opposite aria nearest thereto, be, and tne same port ill Spain, than/ shall, by the Secretary ofthe
; far the be
being 1 ucstiay th: 18th Pecenibcr.THOb. so as same m-iy necessary to the is lKiei>} auiu-xed to and shall form a part of; Treasury he ascertained ,
to hive been 1
BROWN validity thereo;. to an act of the Le paid
. iature ( the collection
A Ke \r
cKR1) Ii district oi est. I on xVirierican
) ve-sels the
Scc'ry Proprietor.. of North in ports ('fpain
the State x aroiina ent lh..dn act PFeyhe
Sec. ;J. And be
Tallahassee Oct. 9th 1632. it I further enacted, That t VMUS tu the
f.vntuieth October
HE 'r. 8tf.L f fui one thousand
to a entitled this
Stock incorporate ito I
uxdsulu; dw company au- pruvi-o o, the third section oi tne act ot' the eight hundred and seventsen.See. .
CtmIIDtDCl' '- hltil, have A FA YET'! E'S TU4 ')\&Ii1P.-The subscri- oke Inlet Company and :ibr. other purpose ;tto cuth '
SC\ Oi lay, one thousand
.t; C eIght hundred 2. And t
\.1) utitj Lit\ ..nf lier, having been apf/linte, the a.+,ent of Gt neralittlaytiic : and, also, to an act ot the said Legislature oe i it further enacted, That

ctl'.y.ll>Sit N isUai.IJS'. to disjHJS; of hit !Janus in Florida, is ready amend the former, wnica passed m the anu twenty-two, be, and the same is hereuy, vessels owned wholly by Spanish subjects

lhlu adJJUrrI ihrir J.ICMMH i ..IU1I1CttJJi.US LuJJJ to receive proposals for the purchase ..' any port ion thousand hundred and Jearone repealed so tar as re.-peets the port of pry comin. f fr m any of the colonies of ipaia,

.. 4'Ut< "<, <.r-.c* blads anu uoUbCb cur iho 'k, nflt less ihan; one sec.ion, of the general's township> of eight twenty-eight. 11'esl, together .vnh all such other parts of said citiier directly or after toucnin
(nCot.n re cep' land. About 5000 acres in the south Sec. 2. And be it further enacted i at any other
ljl. west nut tae
1ds'C. f quarter d act as are inconsistent with
'r : their the -,
build1J. of
l..rage shall
port place in
gs the township is reserved from The pay, ports of the U*
Iril..t'ar.ltu1: iJ> \t. Istu (Jl. Tru-yres.-ectful- sate. terms (.f assent hereby given to the several acts aforesaid t Ihe act.
ri1i'uharl' "1 1' sale will be cash, or one fourth in cash,and the residuein piesent aired States, the .same rate of duty on
shall be deemed and tonnage
and taken
i | extend
ji edge (the mUi- to
annual instalments .Jpprovtd, July 13, 1 ,32.
tyeataabl loaf be
tic pirfonnaiiccol satisfactorily becured, w iih inttnM levied on American vessels in the
'to tUtlr u1eummisstunseitr on the amount of ear,, instalment from the the provisions of an) act winch may be passed tr
t8.rt day AjN .it.1 uuthonzin the ot vessels md i Spanish colonial from whence
l tACii: V ti ol "a11J1s, tow ship of land adj .miiig the city of by the Legislature of the State ut'tur.h '..arutetchaudise -r entry ish vessel port such Spar
.uACKlNDER. shall
tutu Tallahassee anu, in reference to arriving from the Cape o. have last departea ; the s .i&
CUL.JOHlGAMrlLE ; locality, health, fulMina, to revive, amend, or carry into lull ifei t
1L uFlt A\vAL, Jefferson ness of climate, fertility ana adaption of soil to the the of the acts aforesaid tat the Good Hope, or beyond the same at thesof : amount to be ascertained l y the Secretary o?

S culture of sugar, and cotton, is unequalled by any other purpose ao as purl ot Eagartown, in Massachusetts.Be : the Treasury, who u hereby authorized, from .
assent of Congress be deemed essential
GEORGE township cl land in the Tcriiiory ot Florida. may :
LORIMOiiE. ) it enacted by the Senate and House tune to time, to give directions
to the officers
ROBEuT \V. 1: ILLIA tit ti. to the validity thereof .
Li.J\ME AUA UsIllMOR.:S, ) j> Gadsden. Tallahassee, October Dili d32, 8 tf Approved July 13, 18,11.Ruh representatives ot the United States of America of the custom* of the United States for tho col,

Ic.L. UDE. i iss irJ111c Southern Recorder, Georgia ; the in Congress assen bled, 1 hat from and lection of such duties, so as to conform ,the
t. !arM, Talla.a ee m-n. Enquirer i tH!rA11 i J'I, lc J: .16 tftatlr1j a customhouse August next, vessels i oi to any variation that may takt
O.iiouma the JSJtimorc Republican, Maryland ; the in the city of i\ew Yak, and for other merchandise, arriving in the United States place in the duties levied on American resseir,
2s. .Ncutu:; e Banner, 'i'ennes, will insert the above ad-
-.Utrof. ai, iTlisement for four weeks in succession, and forward! purpt.C: Irom the Cape ot Good Hope, or from anyplace m such Spanish ports. '

URNEY AT LAW.ran'r their accounts to this office forpayment. Be it -nacted by the Senate and House of beyond the same, may ue entered at the Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That

'\/l.L! Ja' <> rat the| Coo rt.uf ***** ismct, and Kepre eiitHtives ol the United States of America port oi dgaftown, Massachusetts.. whenever the President shall be satisfied that

Ii XB.t1fel'&ll k1-'Jll''unlY Street, '' cst that Florida. His Ofiice Jtt ERHANT'SAA'DPLAi\TER'SBA:1 MAGNOLIA.-Notice, is hereby given lt, ,thai OF in Congress assembled. That the Se :redpproved, July 13, 1832. tho discriminating or countervailing dulioj _of
"W10811* of
':' thAi! rrlstrtmlcnts of writings wiU the Register.be cur capital stock of said Bank, has all been taken, and tary of the Treasury shah be, and he is hereby A.t 1 concerning the issuing of patentsto tonnage I"i-;d by any f.T<-.ga nation oa die

T.1JS It st attention to their legal accurac drawn. agreeable o the charter, an election for nine direct ..rsuiU authorized and directed, with the approbation > alter for useful! discoveries and mentions. ships or Vessels ol tHe U. b., shall haV teen

&k.6t J nne W, 1829. s9tt.y I take place at the Banking House, inMapioJiaonthe of the President of the United States, to abolished, he may direct that the
I IStli of November tonnage July
and the stuckhot der
li. JO Hel'JJl'LEJJj OIlE. I are hereby uay notified that the first;instalment of the capitol >- purchase a site, and to cause a building to> be lie it enacted by the Senate sad House of on the vessels of such nation shall cease to bo

jESPECTII{ ULL Y stock ot said Bank.will be due and payable to> thicommiiiioners constructed the,eon to be used as a customhouse Representatives of the United States of America levied in the ports of the United States 5 and
informs/ the Cl- en the same day.ALEXANDER. in the of New York and that in ause duties 1
La Itenstt' 1 allahal't? I port ; fie congress assembled, That the privileges any oi tonnage that may harfe.
e. bold
X."ttrd It lUftlltd I f "'
l'Joc or' pUt Dill) he l f u urnlnthis office next door tocor BKNJAMIN; S.llTH'1 5 thA same is hereby appropriated, out of any nest section ol the act, to extend the privilege hun, subsequent to the abolition of its das c .m
bar 'td amsUhl' tV'Bradfo"1., or *t his residence ., L. \\'. liUll.' moiH'V; in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated of obtaining patents for useful discoveries and inating dutes tif tonnage to bei4 refunded.dec. .

T+llditta.ct, 'Iarrh 6111 str(e.1'.12.. GEORGE JOSEPH LADD 1IAMLEN. J 3(0" to.be applied to the pui poses aforesaid inventions to certain persons therein mentioned .,4. And he itVurther enacted; That the

& !llatj llItd. ..RJm 4 Magnolia; Oct. 9th 1832. 9lf.t Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That for and to enlarge and define the penalties for second and third sections of this act shall be-j I'QJ

ay&u.f\demands a'" "'\"' Eo- All 1 Boascollie the improvement or custom-house square> at violating the rights of paienteers, approved April force and take effect from and alter> the first
tfoa against the estate of 'Vm: C AOADEM7.JL the of New Havfiiin ,the State of "
are requeJ, to the ain- LEON_ port of Connecticut seventeenth, eighteen hundred ; be extended day January next.
bned adminietratr withi present lame > "wjo'ta'a..c. Ib'.1 .I" '' 1't'rel' d.on nine hundred dollars be, and the same in line Approved, July 13 1832
law,0 r the :. the time r cscribed[ 'i4" ps tttc: manner, to every alien, who, at __
same JAB.will be forc\'er bnrn-d +oud.iv iiifrf mi: JC good health of our city, h hereby appropriated} to. be expended under the time of petitioning fora patent, shall I be A.N ,ACT. to amend the ..
acre entitled
j 1 1832, CAIEllU r Administrator.8dw. warrant') us e. w The inviting terms an Tuition imiueuiate remain return unaltered.of country:. the directions of the Secretary of the Treasury, resident in the united States, and shall bare for the relief of-certain' n act;

!r*, > By nae order of the Trustees, f provided the same shall by him be deemed expedient declared fits intention, according to law, to betand.soldlers of the army of /l r'iY1g..offic-er- I

'wrra'j 4..if" Pia.no'CARRTER"' gives lessons (.n J. H. COX Rector, ; to be paid out ot any money in the come a citizen thereof: Provided That every lie it enacted by.the Senate. .B .retpl iion.'t-
ate, in a room ad'ti of Leon .ariTjefewe:
niter Academy. Treasury not otherwise of
Ir.Iials, appropriated. patent granted by virtue of/this r
aehool-'fo act and,,the Representatives of lfee
III ladies tsiitteeny Dui Four or S boys scan be accomodated with board 1 i.> Sec. 3. And be United Siute-6f
further '
it enacted That
the thereto
ate: !-
a 1- ould devote i ; ivileges .appertaining shall rIca j
ast. her the slime car early application to the rector of the Academj., ,cease and in Longre. assembled
4oar t eta? d l ;'ht..t, now und r her inbtr including washing I following sums be appropriated, out of anymoneys I determine.and become void tha'av_ '
hstiw e, f Ic..c ; r- Board per quarter, bedding am absolutely without 'section of the act entitled t
Per tlIr\3t. 8a .uiniJleu-. .* "... .- .". . . ... .8u w, I. in the '.'resentY uot otherwise appro- I reaortto any legal process annul or cancel haY oi& certain An act for tip i. .

; SU ar Mill Board exclusive of lh- se,. e. . .Jib (hOe 1t mt+'d, for the purposes heieiudittr mentioned i the same in case of a failure the of the surviving Ceera and s .(Fliers i
on tot
L G. N H 0Lt '. \ #.ble at the end.of each quarter viz : for the erection or purchase of a Custom-. an) patentee for the of part I army of the rtvolution'" APF; ,.ed tote
P-- .N h Otubtr 9lh 1834.r 8'r' space ono year !ti om filte nth day of
boa ae IeUd1CUar "UtHr ."HeJaitt ill, which rPetved i t mtll .. .M-.f id public ator. at the port of ..iiddK- tno issuing thereof, tu introduce into died Muy, une thuusaud ei.n. tot.,. f i
public I and
. 10 redit l + until 1 e'ih c eat. .' J oe for J" o.a P1{l,1j1: ; *..Executed with neat- t,w-, five thousand dollars ; for the 81 e lion use in the United States the invention or im- 1 to emi/raco twenty-eight invalid shall not be ,cflei-frtltd

aad din,tc, thia. or purchase of a cudtonj-boiue and public i fat {
Peaii4! qi inv&1Wt Wdteca sl tll 1 001. C c1e d4 ,


P! I

I 'rt .'._

., T"
,.". < .


I II .
I, .

.I 1 ,
fed.t.mtLe amount.- receivable' by. them- un ;
tb;- ." lid .ict.. t for the use of the bcdy =wr which he nnd fillh"Auditors' '; the Treasurer; Register tJ ., f I i jj i s..f : 1:4111.: hie subject hfurd) to

.J... r,{, .?rOc'; Ji t-.1.' I IJLN pM'-idrs ; to,"the sevtral) Colleges: and- !iu..orj.o Solicitor, and Commissioner ot the Genesal lion I)1' :hc Irlislature, until nlagp !. !. 8

, .\ C ."' "l}p:"i!<' .. ,..;rt..7tia I -' (li'ih: .r' tan 1 J! ;rd Historical& Societies amd! .A>hencenmsin > Land (.'(ice ; one copy each, A W.& Will9 plan could be adopted, bytblh aait1e: the

o' au nrt eitnl, i! u :n art to establish! th United l tat 8, and the \ raoemy; al U eat To the War Iieartrnctt! thiiteen copies, would reccivf'l1l1 tte tier efit. that 'te

\ pfnij".i| *' deli: try .t Port \ onti hart tain and ,. Pi, .int, each OITP copy;' far 111f'\ls" nj .thi- Departrmnts namely : for the use of the Secretary, one rrRSDAY MORNING OCTOBER 80. to ,jf'l1from the donation;, made it'is.

1)1a'uitj') and U.r other }p. rpoaes." State, Tieasury. War. and Davy, copy ; for the ,use of the Commanding General affair ot' honour took on 25th" io ernlllt'nt for this purpose. bI''iii_ t
i Bt ii .*:iaiod: 'I iy: the Se.nito and House off."Re. .Jive. copies eat+) ; for the use o*' the Senate, of the Army of the United States, the tornmiftry in t'l Florida. is not more peculiarly
I r "lit +livs nf' the : ifn, >, fHte- of Anifl '.(en copies, and for the use of! the House of.Representatives General of Purchase.-, the Ordnance near Hardens ferry, on the Alabama line, be- j it is important to the union. It sit a

i riru iii fon-jr* .* -tmbkd, }., I ?o mu h J '. twenty copies of the MarThais' I Department, Commissary: General .of Subsistence tweed J.'s. D. tVestcott Jr., Secretary of this :f tensive: sea-coa.t. more exposed baa.to ,

! the huh: section o. an act, entitled I. n' act t j jtt ret* riis of the fifth census, and of the revision I Quarterma General, Engineer De j pe ,,oo, hu any other
Haltzell counsellor portion itf l''
& Thos. at law. !
i .-stihi;:; ports of delivery at Port Ponicharj i j t of the former returns' of toe United partment, 'I'opographiral Bureau one copy territory, !;.' M.,tf:" ; COft.tf'quPDtly mipbt f

tnm mid 1 Uelanare rity, and for other PUlj e Slates ; and that the residue of the copies each ; and fur the use of the Military Acade- Two shots were f'xchangtdlr.. Westcott' spec Cal 1t'>,, lation, and an exec Pro}>e dJ 0f

,j po ,:.",'; approved March second, one thousand thereof be deposited in the Library of Confess. my, three copies. was slightly injured. I II. general rulewhich ?ti ot ern t'!!ptiOQ'i'roQ

t eight hundred! and thirty-one as provides, 10 I the Navy Department, fifty-four copies ; I gard to other territories The'ongreas putl '. .

I for the appointment ei a surveyor to reside at Approver!. July 3, 1832. namely : for the use of the Postmaster General The Nullification ticket has prevailed in S. now, nearly all paid, and the at. .fC

Piopcct in the district of Belfast, in the stateo HESOLU'ilOIV, repeal a resolution, approved one copy, and for the use of each of the Carolina, by a lard e majority.-The governor s: no us,. ,ton the money arisin "from rem the ,r

Maim-, be, and the same is hereby repealcd. the twenty.nintb day of April, one thousand Assistants' Postmaster General, one ropy. public lutlds.| It i- my opmlfrn i .? tberef qh i

eight hundred and sixteen, authorizing To the Library of (. ongress, five c"pies. has called an extra session of the legislature j!i i n i a men.orhl wa adopted by the ff. P1 t

Approved; July 14. 1S32. the President of tire United States to employ To the Library of the Senate, ten copies.To -The efficacy of the *. peaceful; remedy," nullification t|I council, (.tatinc the ':fact that most or j

skilful assistant in the of the Library of the House of Representatives land haw ,.,th.-r been sold t
AN ATT to amend the several acts for the a corps ei.- will soon be t,8tI'(1-lt i is a feartul: j or
Chtablishraent ol a Territorial Governmentin gineers. twent) copies. I \.',..._. .I.!u",.. n wi''th....-i.<"OY.-. ..__I.r' __ Rrantc ,114 4

Florida. Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep- To each member of the Senate ami House ; acd we onl) hope that it may not rei i! u'q11t"-tlll;; < ongres-; .uuttwuutatPerb pas a law r

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of (I rese ntatives of the United States of America of Representatives. and Delegates of th>; j t I suit in consolidation, or a dissolution o** our''! eveiy :tilei, a quarter section c/| land .

Representatives of the United Hates of America !I in Congress assembled, That, from and after twenty-first and twenty-second Congress, one happy government. would IM: done It i? my IJllPnlio, >it ehr,

: in C '.II:res* ns-embt..d, That for court ofspirals the first day of October next, the Joint Reso- copy.The I .to. mtr'lJu e, and advocate surh '
: Itttion approved the twenty-ninth day of .t\Pril Justices of the Supreme Court of the i Ins pKtii would give a home
: in the 'f Perritur} of i' Wida, iMablsbed *. : Lcslia A. Thomp.-on. .E qr., has been elect- to maajo
of ; one thous. nd eight hundred and sixteen authorizing U. S., each, one copy. I ent.rp.izing itizens of this
in vi&'hiP of (he fourth section the act o: eri cashier of the l entral! Bank ot t i lorida., corm tr*.e ,
the tw 'nty. ix.h of May, one thousand tight> ,I the President of the United States to ;. To Mr. 0. Rich, a;ent fur the ( onj/iess thy: ?old live v-ith romfort and "
skilful assistant in the of Library, in London, to i he dispoed i i an.l w .mid have a uapoiii
buti an amrndnienthall be composed cf the be, and the same is hereby, repealed. of by him in some -uttabie man er. in return re-elected .! time, n den-e white I population\ the t k .

juilj,ed m the superior courts in aid Territoryrespectively proved I July 14, 1832.tISULU1'I for a donation made by authority ol the iirilish governor of Pennsylvania, l hy, a rn.+jtitY of;; t.bo would muse formidably defend the .

Government, to the Library ol t.ongre..s.. 4000. and I home, in time t c,f. war.thln
a tnajoiilv of whom shall be ne- ( \ in relation to the execution million* .
wi nf the Record ommi, sioii +hratlons.v | on i'orl.fications.i'here; sr.r'
e. a ury to I>H prcst nt, to constitute a quorum of an act supplementary, to the act for the put i
r. "ro he *r and decide c'au-t"'s ; but m,y two of the relief of certain SUI vii ing officers and soldier >.upp I the I several I .'tales and 'l'errituTo The Clay ticket has pe\.tiiplt"in New-JeriY, aninny other I tere tin- ;

shil} ,ud Oi* hall be tuftjr.ieut[ to make any in .- of the revolution. rierf of the United States, iMghty"one copies, and the Jackson ticket in Ohio. vthieh ot.gJjt to engage tbnttenriourta.: .

..niton. .rd, r, or to trranf nny writ authori Resolved i lIy the Senate and House of Rep- viz : for the use of thi Governor and each le r isl.itme, to which it would be tedioutat( '

.t' ttzcd by t ny of the acts to which this is an a- resentativc* of the U nth d states of America branch of the Legi-iaturc of every State, one \\e :Ito. It uque-.tx to tate that a U four j!i i time:, to advert.
nenCircrU. I in fonyress assembled That in execution copy ; for the use of the Governor of, t'.*th 0 I j For the confidence, win, h
the day" meeting x, Hi( be held at the AJetiuniidt: my fellow-cft;
1 t*c. :. And be it further enacted That the, of the act sup .1f'II1t'ntarltn this act for the relief of the Territories one copv ; :and tWit oi.ies I Ch'ireh I Ii \f m mledted in me, by .-ertir.g! : rue tc thcil coo.
contained in the of certain, soldiers of to be deposited in the archives of ea+.h of aid i COmll1 ilCfll 011 J'hur- .iay- the Yc v : in 1831,1 : h t provUi i: its and regulations surviving officers and truly>;rate f'
-.n'v-nfiSi: septieu ut'the act ot th<.' t entyfcvisth the revolution approved June seventh, one 'l't'rritor.es, for the use oi: the Legt. lature I r! Mcssrbtilrs and 1'1,1arc expected tu.. It has always bven mv. wi .h to btgoveu,.J.,

t of eptembcr, one thousand sv n hundr thousand ,'ii ht hundred and thirty-two, the thereof. I: preach. my public ir, by those sound republican ,Do It
II To etf h inr;' .-.J l 'I:<% :" and athenaeum 1 ciples which prevu.ied in the
: h the ju'\1t'1al couit of the U. S.," in reliH" .i shllllile taken and computed us a part of the in tie United : tai':. no; exceeding sixty- 0 i'HE VOTERS OF LEON COUNTY. our preMiit happy system ol :onto astral

: ..It1 .>f ru-r and appeal.; to the u-I j i period of st rice. nine-, one copy. I have bf en announced as a candidate tore" I. Thee principles were defined and UPI

., <; pr -.. : :,ul ..f tits L t '(i States, from n final I I Approved .July 14, 1832. .-CC. '. And he i' funhtr resoived, That of present this county in the next legi.-lativ council by n'aatnngton: aid /<$mo/?, and led our Jto

: Judn,' n. or uecn c in .u y suo. \\\ the highestC I llL.SUIL '1 lOIN directing the transmission of the opiea of the Secret:I Journals ol the old a d my blsinehfts prevented me from volutiouary struggle, to its glorious te:ult. I

1.h' o .-t.itf, -hall bt' ongies, remaining for di.-tribntum, then' be such learned: them not only from the cold
uit 4'r having
-quit: ap- the r : ih v tutus: t t.y ]Psi au. a irenrral personal interview with p.g i
..V.ilto: writs of eivor ,iui .tipea.K to the si further distribution a- l"..low s, namely that: tellow-cttizeu I history, but warm from the lips or ,,Iris
j 1'1 i ; lie olv d by the Se,(ate and House of Rcpr my would wish. I consider DiY ,
Snpr.-me imt t of th" \ : Vi titefrom. the '-(. itative> of the United State* of \ meri.Tin one'opy l of fcacuolmw' ; n. deliverf to eachmemt.eY it therejoie, due to them as well as to myself who took a full hare, in the severest ,trod&

; hi'Tb.ot tongre, aiid that that I should make known .some of the for the independence which we DOW en ,

ju i isolation of the sn.j; j ( t :r.,itt r, 4ttIn !! t\R' Filih C'on>u>. \be transmittediee } the residue remain: for a future order ot distnouiion. pleasures which I should support, if elected, J He told rue for what he fought, and sufleH

a- .' manner, as writs of error ;*j>p.i: j i i : HI| postage, by mad, to Me-nbers of Con- and the punciples by which I should be gov: and bled: it wa fen those rights and prm!,
Sec. 3. .Ind be it further rtsnlxed That ihieere.tary that are so dear .to (
authorised now to be taken and prose ut< dr JTM-S, and other persons entitled to receive the erned. ges reemen. lie I
under the aforesaid twenty-fifth section of the ] :11 1:1'. of the Senati- and the lerk of the 'j he station of a representative, is .importantand cated them, among the earliest imprestmy

i' net oi; th" l wenty-fourth of September, one / pjHoVi'd, July 14, 1832. :io''+t se be, and hereby r"-, 4+lrl''It-.1 t" uuide : responsible. Acting as the agent of the mind), and left them as a sacred inherita
ihousatrd l eve t hundred and eighty-nine from ihe remaining'documents o: the t\vo II uses : people, whatever is calculated to their (lit w'eal or in woe, they s. all Jorntr be
H 1LSULL:'i'lU.lU. \ the HiBnnial lr, promote
any; court in anytate ; and writs oi error and respecting iristor. from the fourteenth to tin .-.uh e nth v 'liI.rt') -s eretand welfare, it is his duty to 'nrr. ; guide. It wa under the u.fluen'.e oft.I ti t tI .

f a, pe 1-. in virtue of the sad: twcnty-Iifth sec Resolved the Senate and House inclusive, and to ke-pne'. ior the u.- Iii ach ". ;it 1 paiiLo men, I conceive, should snP{ a I principlethat I acted, while a raemlxr 1t
by of pursue t
House ill their nee iibr.iiio- | the couniil f>31, and though ]
authored IHtaken and
lion to respe straight-forward !
are reseritutives of the United Stalf-s of America upright course, with firmness I
:sec 4. Allfroc it further solved i'h-.t the !been keen in investigating and crutinsz'In
t p ru-c* uteri *rom the highest court of law oifequiiy in Congress assembled 'J'ha. additIOn to r' ; and should never he deterred or ,infiu- ?
i t IJ.I vin. jurisiiieiton tt tho subject mll- ihtf matter heretofore contained in the Biennial i copies of the Jonrna. of the : On\IlIlIoll ior diced from a faith.ui l des hare of th, i ir duty by ) prcJl' cecimg it afib.ds me great satisfae.
forming thr onstitnt.o, remain! IUM ;o say, that 1 have ht'and a sino
tcr in U. aid territory.bee. |pn'sf'ut '/ personal or party consideiationDt1' never
t 7-lej.'ister, published ny direr tion of a joint icsoiution for distribution bo .il\'i'. d betwi'euthe ption ,:riection i> to 'he hick 1 PUf3U
3. And be it further enacted That the I thr rquily: and intrigue, may be in.ij.krtfor; aw hilt by th .; tour-e then
passed of
fegubtiouj.prescribed by the hp.C'ondt'ct on on twenty-seventh April, two flou>ns of1 OH..Iss: to JL k. pt tit theirn exertions t :honlu it fall to my lot, to be elected agaioa
oi interested t.zaI.:
but ti" 1-k{
thousand hundred liar
I one eight and of th fret, [Jtitledn act in addition to imirt shall be included list -|1', .' live Ilhlilrc! will be torn e.fi", oone '..ntci, and trul'n and w cot your -prestMitativps, my ah.litieshurw
a in the next \\
1- ..mll'lec1n act to mend the correct g- .I!--./. I d.| Jnlv] 1 1>3J. principle \ bie as they liMY be, governed by T KUTHaii
juilieittl A
system !star, of all printers of the laws of the U nitr'lSlatt vruprevail. :,11 b( + lad in this. h.cs
: o, the United States.. '' approved the 3d I i the 'uLit i mi in i. the; several I copiesui atforded me much con l latluj"mId su.-taine, PltL..CI1'L.., will be unceasingly exereis i ilt
subsequent to thirtieth September(:r,
of .t;;.' h. 'n'. thousand eight hundred and one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, to the returns of (tne fifth census printed by me in all im pJlli. pro cdu' +_;. In the t....:nr.il promote the prosperity and happinfssof, BJ

thi- ..* tar as said regulations shall} } be pi attcabie -'- the thirtieth September, one thousand eight authority ot the act of the twenty-third of of i&3i miner this iUlh.(lice. I found (..,'- f.'iiowcitizens.iliOMAS.

: shall! be observed in Tc-pe l to all writs hundred and thiilv-three, with the May, one thousand eight hnndreo and th.rtv. elf frt-qin-ntly in a sinill mir.oritvome BRADFORD.

r Ot rond: appeals from the aid court of :'Plour- allowed to each ; and of all printers compensation within Resolved by the Senate aid Hou-o .tt ;"-presentativcs lime ullJllfl.i} votes pc.ik t fir Ihf'rn-elves, -
thi' aid tothe of the United State.-. Atnerua ,owl under HII. Information having been recetvrdthat His
p i.i territory Supreme the aforesaid test, I care not how rh
period in ( elY they
of the United Stalin. by Congress, or by any department any way or officer in eon<;re-s assembler! !t, That; the .t-, t+ tirv, arc srutirnzcil.. Iw-nt into the io,;iu-il!, not : Exc'>ellcney.V P. i>uval. had arrived Lasi

4. ud 1m further enacted 1 but of the Sei.atand J Ii k t.r ih' Kt Point, a meolingothe utizeasol theto nppa.achuola
"l'C. it -sp-: dflhe Government with the compensation allowed I- iion.-e or I I a p.uli n'-IJt as an iritri<;iiernor 'v'Cltlld 1 .
. '. p als and fits of error may be taken and pro- each res'-rifjiivo: ran-' the jet..rns of tht: M.ir-hai- > to designatin; th? department or the 29th i ito
>get-utcd, in all cases from the decisions and officer the of ih. St .t-, .I.HI 'i l'rrctnrr ol th- *:n !m< '.i my feHow-cilZen- was disposed to let all nit., for the purpose of entering :,.
be ;
causing ? to executed
\ iad im-nts of tht: highest court of saia territory : and that aid Register printing shall contain a correct: lion u' +h >nSiti.it.ioi.. > t thf L nit, d Star..- '.,:tnl ret upon tjvir ut+'rit*-, and oppo.-e or : arr ttgt'iiient.N, to give His Excellency: a put tc
ihe convened at
t i to the supreme court of the United Mate*, of all 'tnd !h.' .-.Iwetll.l M' the ., h-ie null-In t o: poi- support them aeronlnig 10 in- be.-t ju ; mcntwithout dinner citizenapproving,
statement allowances made by the PostMaster : U. i *
' \vhere the amount in controver-y exceeds ouc General within the period la.-t slur e- inns wifuiii ilk L'fun' ot+.to> t-ikt n .,1' cording regard to local or p.iriy cun. :idemtMiis. Raymond qrs. otI r-Huuse ; Judgi
the rhaiij
Richard hw"ndofl:13
th! JS.Ll:1! dollars.Appiovd. to the L1' t t- fi-t tv! I was the railed t t.
said ench ( r. : provi.ung fiiumertion among ton n a of tlueins'rant
to contractor for. currying the mail L, ?, and) H. K. hison
t July 14, 1832. the :: of llitn aI! (.'nt, of this United Stale.printed .-, .-.hv, about ei 1;Jat }enr.- age, ranstinto tilts i sI r.r apIpointedecretad.{
discriminating sum paid as stipulated
ny Moved and second Ib-it nitteeuf pits
i w AN vC 1': t', :uthw.n.-i tho sale uf certain public the original contract, and the sum as additional I W authonty, of th" a':t oi Con:rfi-s .i i ountry. t i"lIlHit' dilhcuitics ar.d inronve- (the ha.nnan to !h included a. one of.I tbt t

lanu, in :b, -jte of Ohio. allowance nd to enable the Secretary of the twenty-third o. M j, ctghl' Mi iMijdred, .iini nipucewhIch w had .u l'm Hunter. Nothing wait 01
the chair to
thirty to be ,,;u.. j III ,-uitalne biudmo, iui i but the n'iO-t .fl. it,11. indu appointed ny
11 lie it "-n.ut.dy tie Senate and House of State Ifcomply with this resolution, the several ; \ >ti} and Inlet,i P' i>ecou III- arelli\ 10 : what partKuIrf
tiic t' teat th. ame be paid for, out of the contingent >d overcome lacm.,. No ny as--enan on
Repr.-ieiHat.ve oi m t'c1 >*t.ttes of America heads of departments, and officers diri-ctii for } io .iitry p* rhap? rtto;
slit eonveirience to '
dr.y u Wi i est p
.-. tut d of the two .ouse, of Cott rr.y. wa- t'.Nth>IJ un;er I'l11.r, s'l -S .itw" llit: the land incurrm: the or the allo. .i many ai-:'ttnntagex ;
expense{ making 1- ot: a public: ilinnei. the foBowmJjeutlemen
berrtof'r r':4' iveti f<.r ,.t'.t.I1 I.nhan trilics i in sari c mentioned hall cause: tho lists and the Approved. July t\ leis 2.v .md ihte laws -hr>uld have been st? Irani. -d) as t to hereupon. committee.
> ._ that
: -l -- foster and wen :r,4 pointed a
tht ,ti.- tit (.,", ultlIH"-;' ;t. ,e ded t herein! -- incoiirage that industry and luter-
u matter required to be added, to btelo ; andHo-
: .iC lftAI--l.1 .1 a' k: f' ifI'J in-ii M. .- rs. White, Black, \ 00.1, Lewi3,
the U.ated Stit.j try t.'. tie r.ti..f" nn tin. 'iM-d ;in th,= offi e of the Department oi pri c which hns, in so short a time brought vwndon.
inveterate in iir-nr'n
E t\\t..!'. -'.lurtn day of Mrtn-h. m lh ys-ir i.ne :: tat., us is directed in other cases by the resolution HOVVr.VKH; fiotnlnknitfrold one b) a application!in! Dum- this country to such a [iiiih atat-- of improve- Moved and seconded, that a commmittee. *

thou und eight hundred and tbj-ty-one, and tlh- of April twenty-seventh, one thousand I fri- s' Oidtraeiit. llu- |1"'para'lfllI| (lin th'n
sixth day -\pril..one( thousand eight hundrtd .M ht hundred and sixteen.ilcsolved expeditiou tace-ind c"rlaluly.tamJ-* ntirivdl-t their imperfeeticn and ainbignitiewhuh l ( "o appointed by cammgioloeff
led for the cure of this iro'ulites'ime mphiint. U la so often ocLit ion embarrasmt-nt. the net essarY arrangements for
and thirty-tw, be and same are hereby attached That said Register shrill contain I m ih'lr, a'dmmis-
rapid!, a?vvoli as certain in its :, iHtion, a< to core thnJi ,' the prereding lesolu!ion. Whereupon
to, and made to form part of, the land a correct list of the Presidents, Cashiers' and! i ( >Hgfeei !iiedi8nrder: roost ctiectaaily in out hlur'up t.; atJOn. the codes of some oi tile old states, the following gentlemen were appointed tocompose

t districts in which they are respectively situate, Directors of the Bank *)f the United State,', ptiC'ttiou only which have neen tried and found to be perfect that committee. Messrs. Bullott,
and liable be sold otbvr lands it due ant contain the least particle of mertnry. or houlii have been adopted, with .Vucb alterations
to as public in and :its branches, in office on the thirtieth ol ,
.1dams Allison
tither daiiirt'ioMs ingredient and may be applied with as would make them Simpson, Carson, and
the -tate of Ohio. September eighteen hundred and thirty-three ;I perfect siti'Hy: by pregnant females or locliildien at dition of suitable to the con. Moved and seconded,that the prwee
< Approved, July 14. 1832. which list shall be transmitted by the president the breast our territory. of this n.efetini be published in one of the *w I
REbOLU fUN concerning the recording-of of said bank to the Secretary of State by the Price. :3? t-3centaa box with ample directions .1 he financial affairs of the territory, is a i rida papers.. ,

Patents for useful inventions. first Monday of October, one thousind eight NOTICru is hereby-givti, that s.x ft KS after date matter ,in which the people have, and always

Resolved by the Scnatp and House of Repfesentatives bunared and thirty-three. will be iiade Lu na- county c- ui i otGaMsden feel, a deep intere t.Vhel1 they pay their To His -JFm. P. maid
c-,unty, for letters tit! at.lounistral.n <-n hr j money in taxes, they have tho Excellency
United States of Americain Resolved, That all l Uiennial Registers right to require of IM
of the under SIR citizens
estate of Dr. Mark M'Han, late of said couniy de< a s- a full should -At a meeting of the
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the said resolution of April twenty-seventh, ed. Ocioljer( { 30th 1832. 11 Gw ', in expo-itiof which be made, of the manner town of Appalachicofa, held on the 29th w.,

State, out of the proceed. arising from the 'fees one thoimtH eight hundred and sixteen, shall MALE OF LO'i' 8 UN A'Ol' :T-VEn\li'\, .- il'o of this it has been expended. The people we were appoi- ted as a committee; to wait on

on patents for u eful inventions, discoveriesand hereafter be I-omplied and published conformably ( undersigned trustees, appointed by. ih.- ac; "'I the:: county, have been regularly paying your Excellency, in order to invite you to pat'
the to the principles therein' and hereby eats b OIJltncil, to sell and disfnise of the Ids in Mcunt Vcr- high taxes for the 1 last six or -even years, and the citizens
improvement, procure necessary non, belonging to the heirs of JoJ.n 'I 1 anncr dect-used, I mo.-,! of them are ignorant of the take of a public dinner, to be given by
books, stationary, and other acconiodationafor lished. will on the first day of December 132. s,"!.1! at public hich their purposes tow and to ascertain on what particular caj
f recording the patents issued and unrecorded Approved, July 14, 1832. auction, to the highest binder, such nf :'he above 011 n- that money has been applied. 1 believe it will best suit your convenience.
tioned lots as remain undisposed of. The terms will I I a proper revision and amendment ot the tW
as well as those hereafter to be issued, RESOLUTION directing the distribution ol It is with pleasure we embrace
laws this great
be made known the of sale.
day upon subject would
on relieve the
and that he employ, and pay at a rate not exceeding a compilation of Congressional Documents, WILLIAM S. POPE, ) TrusELIZADETII almost entirely from the people opportunity of personally congratulating! JW

twelve and a half cents for every hundred and for other purposes. TANNER, S tees taxes. 1 houid feel payment of territorial Executive of our te-ritory upon his arrival

w rds, no many clerks as may be Jcquio It- Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives JOHN M. POPE, J in disposed to adoptregnl this place, especially as it is the first visit to
ite t ith convenient despatch to record the of the United Stoles of America Mount Vernon Ortoher 30th 1P32._I ids. and make I" ouoiny the expenses of the tHrnLor}, Appalachicola.
o same. in Congress assembled, That the Secretary u'rCB.-i he subscribers having been appom! ti j taxes, on the people as light as Isolated as we have hitherto
are ve
by tho lasi will and testument, of John Cllio'Jno pO.oSltfand: also, to place: Such
Approved, March 7, 1832.BE3.0LUT10N ot the Senate and Clerk of the House of Representatives dretased, late of Gadsden comity. PX" curs <-n his i thoc officei P. whose it is made guards upon prevented from taking a conspicuous part
the of the Marines. be, and they pre hereby, directed estate, give notice to all persons .having claims arainv> f and disburse the to our government, and wo sincerely hope tI
respecting pay (o distribute by mail or otherwise,. the said estate, to present them legally anihet itj.atelr\\jth.+ public revenueas will prevent personally! witnessing our privations <
compilation of documents directed to be in the time prescribed by law, or they will be barred any thing like speculation, negligence, or a contrasting commercial *
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives published forever, those indebted to the estate are requested to u ippliration: of it. lu regard to the "our importance
by the act entitled An act .. capital excite to increased l zeal the part fOJf
1 of'thc United States of Americain making to make immedi te payment. thud i have but little to One on
provisions for a subscription! to a compilationof ts JOHN C. LOVE, > Kxecu- way. thing i is excellency f, obviate as speedily as 1 pc S"e
assembled, That' the subsistence certain, that a large amount of .
Congress pay \\ LLIA1\-l FORBES has diJDc
Longre sional Documents, approved tonqutncy far as you have it in power,our
emoluments, and allowances\ of officers, March second, eighteen hundred and 'ct> bcr 30th 1832. 11_'' been collected and expended from which the ties. your
non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates thirty- trintoiy! has derived but little benefit
-ju.-tice and
I one in the following! manner to wit ; VU4FTiT1NF : all When Sir, we view your long tried
of the United baresj shall parties that
anne Corp requires a fair and tet
i ? -
To the Presidnt or' tho United States, and I : impartial ful services as l*Governor Florida,Tour
I be th:; same as they were previously to the first investigation of this matter shouid.takeplace I"
to each person who has been President one FRESH DRUGS &C. and of service, exceeding by far the greatest ;
thousand hundred and wherever the
t of April, Mie eight twe utynu.e blame i in is
of time of that of almost other
':'! .h.J >-j tri; a in u e to) there let it it any eXhi
real the
and shall continue until shall copy.To I has
so they the Department of State, four copies,, .N,;\:-\ 'n-k a small (1111. of the tVMoivni. .m-s:- money been improperly i officer in the union. Having also, pa

be Altered b\ law.' viz : one tor the use of the Secretary, one tube Madeira, Cette Madeira Port, sponsible.ixotrnng expended. turns one ought to be re- fiery ordeal of persecution unscathed *e_at'V.

1 A; !provrd, Muy26, 1 1832. deported in the Patent Office, and the Marsala, Claret, Hermitage be constrained to believe that faithful public

JtL ULU'J'IOi\t ts.e distribution of the r etwo others to remain in the Library of that de aud citizens can of more importance to the vice alone could have influenced aQref

l"rus-of toe J ji.h. Census. Canary. ot* this county, than some well regulated quittal from the numerous chargea .p .
partment. These wines. have been imported with pill ocular reference yjMcm_ 01 education. Much valuable
fU.Ived I tiu Senate + and I louse of information -
.. by Rep.m Fur this Mi.i: :tern of the United States, ir to the wants nf the sick, and arc warranted to could; be against you by your enemiesicoIa
+fttaYiye-i of tbn Lmted Suttee of America foreign countries, tin)' copies, to be deposited; be PURE UNADULTERATED JUICE OF THE plan .of' obtained, a* to the various i Your visit to the >ns 1pp] j
It"V "n rrtzt{assembled That 1 the Secretary in, rind distributed Under such regulations GRAPE. .They will be sold as low as wines of the 1, public education, which have been, i is interesting (rom your traveling in the gt rata.
bf invtrncled to iimiifh each as quality can be afforded for CA:-H ONLY. in many instaucrg, -uecessfully' adopted insome citiz,. by the R3
Of'Stt". to mr r n- tie made th Department of Mate.'io a private guarded
iimy by % of last
Those whose accounts remain due the northern
year o
arc state It ia affectl
1 her of thcv p I('d tit{ on;-rt-w,.tind the Ot le:;-t8 the Vice President of the 1 United: Stiles requested to settle them by Cash or note, without j to be regretted that th- veiy much due to the -tattOl!.you occupy,& the
r children
1 from thti 'I eir.torn?*, the Pt"',:df itt and Vi"' one,rcopy- further delay tus no further credit will be given alter the : ot many of of a'lrt'Clhl' jie,;ipJp., .

Pitsidvit '1 f tl," l/nut-ri; States, tf eifi 'f|<:, 4 To the Treasury ". dr: --anti..rwolvP copies'I the 15th of July next to any one whose accounts I f ed early emigrant ineol1 to this country, who.N. tft'l- We u i.1I j on Sir, in the ripeantyoft *
the Executive: of last year may then remain unsettled. # MI many eu.elle and haid:hipn, t*> hea'ts plea .flt trip to our t..wn, and sa(,
i Jtnti ,
: to IVTC. for '
CoP 1(40( :ramely. : the u.- ul J tlio; Secretary, one E. B. plat e the country in its Matt abort all
present of' and
I.}and Territory" ..nd the prc'aidirfg officer. of each' .' -..1j'i. cop' /."i'nd t. for. the use. of I tho., First acid second. Tallahassee Jane 86th, 183& PERRINt3.th j bijooid grow up without having sap improvement op-- taitisfacu'on turnf' Tails m, a four syrE!,executive a reputation function *$*

.'.. '

.( ,

t: -

I -

.-' T ..


!4, ,
rr 2s
.'-. .., ; '

-' ,.

-.Je or and 5na1ly life rownrJ or YOJ UNT.RRR TO\ ;TS. \ : ,

"" foul rrcun"lif.c r *. 'By fire Vice Prrside 01 the Andrew' "r From the N. T. Journnl of Com. Oct, 10. In act my dear (Vcnr? -f confer ,Tr. '! in. -Jj11Hamm Faith ,of aglcrous: immortally-wicti aa.:0

I.. tall'! 'nl sentiments of great J:",-k-tin, iVrtidHiu of ih" t'ntted day SIX DAYLATLK. t KUOM '?':OROPK.We qu.ilified by hiA,1 ilitv. ed.ption.. in- : r the able! 'tfcirh sju-! read r, "S;ls rh Kar (I't-
iUI very .
"t' arc, "Ir"i States.uiy .- are indebted to. < Iapt. .Stoddard.-of the du try tru* 'ih'i'nn' entgj "' her m.i iy y'-ar1 si..I"t y t"r .,j ;!!"t' riA,
obedient servants > I he bo triumphantly.''-.'li| ..ted 1 hipatriot rp p-inriple<. nnd +c3cp : equesttfi it otwutu'bf nt' ,ell l Lff
must shit.Huritsvill .
'refpt'c t, JOUI' I i is t,,1 his splendid I for London paper* I/ the eves qti;+i'ttcr+ with mankind to contsnti" to be 1 i -- .. .--.... -._ _
(Signed.) ; public rvit.t. tits political ni-tf of 7th and _
; Liverpool to fa'h'hl;
> : nnd xeillent ,fli
j and mural : -rr. let him bp AND. A valuable tra-s .
I honesty: and his firmness of churacter ; 0.t tunic t sit rc l lur-
8th inclusive. ,
t are the host I.h rf a "f "'ir gtYPrmNeM nnv -.p '+roo T 10pl'i SLA ale! ,containing 720 acres-uitr.cr in 1 art or whole*
sT-Pots.T, \rPALAcnlcoLA.h Y. lUtr..ntrp.g'l1 can havtj U ldt'r The accountfrom Portugal not late i to suit purchi ?n w d :
T } are so { t him. t nether! it bp horn or abroad." ; r-ic s mlj. ining the vo\\ iof
sept.1st 1831.conferred l providence; lor the safety A' the union.. ((6 as have been received at this port direct. .Mon icelta, in JeHVswn minly, Ft'Tid*,-" n rant I nd
chC't: -. there shoo 50 air s riearcd. indecu
The honour on me ; Consols for account left off the 7th at 84 -3 the t pied at present
i on Ci"a,11. s What
.ltN- is by Dr. Holt the
G,: TL. Jly the President ,>/ the rearon.aid part near the t,vrn. Persons wteliing -

".1 h v uu, by. m)' fellow citizens* of the town s f fr.; ",11, and IMunroe i day.-Arlarns. Jef- 3-4. n 78. The French funds were rather im ., VIT in I brlv to n verb pretty one, that I + t r purchase fjili pleuwv f '.rime:: he( la.. lleeouofAPPal r' 'd' x-Pre ident- of the U.tal's.HJlviil ly in the undersigned ,bo will
'acht'cola, is highly v proving.Accounts :'nn :, es .y hair so hp"omfn./ly i' apj} TV give gr"\. onrgam -

JiM adieu to time, on the ever from Naples of Aug. 16th state ''.,,:ugh I try all" possible! wav v' & 'Tn 'p yours, m the same tr cash, 'r on time by.tilowin ; ::in'tr-
Mly DPPrcctated inon.orahle 4ih of Jul the a silr est un the purchase money. If not ui iat "I4'd of in A
) May Pbr that the of lava from
dine with them is ROme- streams Versuvius des- explained short timea
o invitation to ac c P ptThe replied the prond beauty : dont iuall portion.of said land'ndjOimni the
| na ove omnious of
d on Wednesday' next, I will avail myself p good to tbo public troyed the path- by which the summit of the V(' ee'hat 1 adju-t my curls to' th" form of town, will be laid nfl into lots, corresponding w''h the

rut- i I (ilrastk.landing." .) mountain was attainable, and that it hasthei- said town, and seek! on dl: fiVai 1 1V of Dcctmhc n tt
rraion iO mingle I with I r.'v' felldw.ritiyen rny countenance' whil-t \onrs always Mm T ,
bt' O By mu Black a- -apply: t- "
The "r04 t.- :
of Esqr.- union of fy
t. felt the most ''ivel* interest' : fore been necessary to i-ommonce new one: wav from th face which i Tjllahassrc
;. I b ate ever state*, Hiid the of the very ugly. October 30th 1t 32. lltffFtrsH
and the sovereignty states. 3 or those who desire to obtain a near inspection -
I 0"! .
prwpenty L --
t b..improvement cnpe :.] I'RU"t ,
for of the interesting: phenomena r. 1 1t'I' \' 110
Its situation at the lit.Qrb.-There is .
Appalachicola. certain i '
a '
of cant 1":1f "
"n #!, ( 'pt. E.J. Wood. among m tr- 1 ik anti Bi.ttmcnr.
1 nee of a noble river, watering a rich and ,,b0'.jvc ] to di tin -May we always be ring.t iuthor touching the more delicate feels i large supply otjn ft gas 4- t. t.-i, will he sold )low

country, for many hundred milena- zealous| ;UI.h tho-:, who hy a faitbfuland The official( cholera reportol Sept. 7th imps of women-their strong susceptibilitiesstood. for cash, or appr ;rcttrw'< if distinctly tmdtr*

cltrn.. L team-hot, far into I.Iltenur. discharge their duty. distinguish states the number of new rase. in Lngland and liabilities to that interesting climax that my nd no rte aorta tJ food--and martin
{ : of .rl ,.
them elcl' C.TP brrtau when their
aU ] = s. 13 chter. quality it net entir:
V> ] and Scotland the last y 'atura.SOrG9 -
during returned
day _
tees to your growing town, a commerce R. C Adams. a broken heart ; but I believe to the purchaser.Anun .
By .
Smcd.t (to rival, if not tinier-end that of Mo- 1 citizens be -Appalachicola, may iN 47o ; deaths 159. Total cases from the commencement there are as many men die of broken hearts as ; the articUs received i is-RowANnsTc.vir jinc-

!I united, and continue to prosper. 47,87-1 ; deaths, 17,684.e*' women ; indeed the only broken heart I TORE-whtch i is rcprcsrnttd by the propri" AiitE
3 cheer,. evers
lit .
[ J case nt Liverpool on tho 7th, 32 deaths 9. AND EFFECTUAL. REMCDT FOR THE 5 :D
: aw
was that
of the ,t'3.Ioan d cotton and of It in
cultivation a man. was the Anatomical
Rajarcane AGUE.
The .'. K Allison. John K. B. PERKn\S.
-- P. Booth. Charles X. the
-May Ex-King of trance has
will render Museum of the celebrated Mr. Tallahassee October
perhaps, your export. the citizens Brooks, 30th 1832. l"uf
F in, I I : of Franklin, & Washington countitvs take'n his pa'-ports fiom the British government who introduced it
inferior notice
vcars: : VI lie only 0 to my all ill P .
DarC\f unite in electing him, their representative { intending to depart immediately with pathos of Nr.UOOK- -Just received and for sate at ihe
which '
was capable. Here k-sore
the ; ophite 1:. B. I
to : erkins'
1e30' legislative council.
assured gentlemen that so far as ruy [3 cheers.J his family, for the Austrian dominions. !aid he, is i the pnlpaMe illustration -n bro I ,nig-store.+ Tallahassee.

Rrst r.| By E. W. Curron.-Our invited guest Maj.' LON DON, Si-pt. 7.-Noon. Account ken heart lieidemanf, u u :vtl 2 vols. 4
: I this heart in by the author of the
raited innY.cncc; : can promote the welfare of' |I B. H. ; this heart, sir. is the I .
Duvi\l-whilo.t we honour the father, let t from Frankfort that Austria and Prussia h spy. .
say ''art of '
which I is + identified with Of horn !V girl! T. imn
ncceariiy tif
town, j ) Pales of the
yI our } us nut for; t th: son, who accompanied him demand of the Diet crt. Germany 40,000,000florins at hH Early Age.is. bv lo author ofDrtama
and of pau e. Of coal) heaver.' Crnii'hton House.
calih prosperity| our country, It' a ct h+'.
thl' be faithfully) and zealously exertei I to our town. [9 chet'r..] to defray the (ppen>es or their armaments ,\ ho died suddenly from the effect ;,," thatrent rod Rcrcrnf a quk.t man. 2 TO! .. by the

t The kind manner in which have spoken By J\Iujpr B. // Dural.-May happiness for !putting' doxvn the revolutionary sp'uii I ,'m."d by over-trained; exertion in I 3: itb of tile : -Y'.lk ...irrior.t .
Ion enrrv-
III andiuitllc pro-pent be the lot ol every honest citizen in Germany, and it is i thought" the Germanprinces ing a Arlington; a n( ervi tendered. be-ivysack of coal' FFj/mo/
? es, IS more grute11 Warwick. xpedi i"'H' he i
of I ffly of .\ppalarh: c'ola, 6 cheers.] will be forced to comply) with the Niger, hang ch. oo amt
the rc.qust. 36 of the
from .
l J feelings, recent bitter and l lcles Fimily Librxry..V'Mrroniby
} my T. '
By Welsh.
persecution, which a few unprmcipb d Cnpl." --Washington, ;.a r ayett : Happy mistike.-Some vhort timn n'-e. i In oi, 'ii+ [uclertua'ontts,37do.: |
.'. aid Ja ka.>n.- T'iav they he Our arrivals h Lives : Ccleii-a d! .
forgotten u
with untiring malice for the last two v never this morning are again of avery Pari.- a thief on his moonlight ra.'b'' **. d f'- > Travellers 1.t. :*. Jo.Jotnptete .
, ill'i"M b) the sons of America [drank stan .catty description.; :ith the exception termme:! (: : M t s ol th- .,,wily! 1 frarO, iojs.l I
urged me. Theentence of pore ? fl elewint mansion Anenl,
".ar: }raft upon m. I very Percy "icb, 14 i".trait.s, an clcgaul voLSvo; I
a Senate of the United States, (
tpe vott', lut Iy: a vote of all parti--,) has put t.y Joliu Young Esqr.---M.iy the Pistonrod worth noticing. fie had cameH the h Icony o*' tho Browns Billie DicJou.iry: 12 v>.'!. 8 r...

If of condenmat'on tort clan of N Flonoa ever run true: ; may her hoilers1It'er It appears that the flames of war are again t floor, and openhu' the indou- ( rrpcsSurri i-al Dirsiorary! 2 \'.;s. ,
tbe gal on irous wa ran .Tibbr.ns' fl.;mr% 4 ols.
bur t-ajd may hr executive, never: kindling in La Vend e, of which no doubtthe tioualy ent"rino th
cha r!'" prrlcrrcd ag-'inst m.uHl left im' room, when hp was wantteam, to stern; all difficulties. |16 Frvnch .'overnment have time.K information d'nl.v'arrf'sted in > .
hi, -stic duties
menthe bv >ntl instruction
to judge.ment of the high ch Prngrrss a -f 'nan.X to young married L$

[rerruturs.'tribnii.il. known in our country that ot public es.] nnd tii asures will be taken to preventtheir who. rii'-hin! from H hind a curtai", prentpd : I
By Capl. I). Thorn '50//-JSullification.-The ory on Bvfmrnts.G : .
spradti2> a pistol at hi- head Your lif ,
p r'Rirned .
1 h
opinion.Presrnt legitimate( ; ois;,rmg ot' aspiring demagogues. '! be ,UV attention this i is drawn ** is .u' e.:v rts.
pu muining ; at .
mjr tnanks to the citizens ol thilo 3 my mercy, but wJ! tnke a more Ja k -fIn : ractice. .
L r-fieer ] to the voluminous ,",t- .- of the ank noble n'\'f'n2p. for' M i '
purt om tetra
t \n Appalachicola, for their kind attention my injnr"d ',n(+r.t I \\i ii ill -f .j.Uon

1 ,' iiidividu :'a.\! m and esteem .' y 7homus Green Esgt'.--- : he mbwrs doom mitt -e, and I'e ariou.evid+ nee !i"t'n on thij i; permit you to leav thi hon<\\i'hont further Hct f t' t. tiolera, .
fX ept ) sped to the citizens of ., bicola G:en!'"" on (J o'eia.
abundance. nation.d! .
r Your .U.\\.cltJzpn. rJ; .he..I.. Ipalac ( ) udjecl ; amongst hrh: i i-i generallyimtite. : molestation, but upon one cond-tinn-; 1' pN.tYOII .tlsLx', .1. .

M. P. DU\ AI.. that o. the great rift. rapitnlist, who will meet me, as a mar of honor 'o-m.'r H u
. The comniittt olVanangeiiient.Thecitizin. .-. By R. H. Uallagh Esqr.-Our country an-, is eli sifted, both on f foreign c xchange andtin ro m. rnin': > in the Bois II l,. n'Of'n' ," ''hf'aI'tm..hpf'l im, 1 "It Te( h. <

J. out <:" nntry s f. iruoy >. v I -..-us branches f!*1"oIlII rrc" thief, .' ho bv this tim : :a.z :I..eh ll.lwt (

1. : E. .1aell/ r'sqr.-General U. K. Cail i! \ ag tin have as po-ttv'., for 'he hutulretb tit :,it he was mistaken for Don perceivd lni -iDjiIc.e setts* ;' V. ly >r"Pele.
.- assembled, at Mr. O. Marsh'stavern some n, do. Select iA tl3.!
[::qr.- jji tctiiloi indebted to him and tl! '.e, l:1t: the DcL'ian; alFirs' .
Un and at 2 0\ lock 1'1.., about thirty ) { are now on the, j promised comnlinn''" and mid": nn hononMefir d\efcnen\las. ,.t:., t .; kt .nd Stfttion.1rJi
ma she the debt at the election. eVrf .etllemrnr. Ii of Tvhicli!
pay next [6 rr P." roll>'f 'J IY. will be sale u .i"oini: trcertns.I ,

c. Peronft .iullwrprepared cheer ] The Sha i.oa oj Hull.-Tbe distressing phif fwre'k I JOdN LAL.\VIN. a.
by him, for the occan- aft.:r the ( !S i YroberSOth I2. ..,
y this Jl V-o/uu.Jter.-.Thc n.ajolltin th' tabs I -en.tto of tlii.< ve sel at Davis' iSlraits h.ts be n ; foi.W rt.-n .,_. m" i I13w_ _
cloth l removed l following toasts were L Q
;8 cnmk. of the L'. S., the 4ib of March will di ; already: mentioned.. The ollowing is i an r. I"-, _. -- he had kr fAl A DMINISTR.1 t KIX'> NOTICE---AII! pest-.I3 .

l cover whether havt "be1 .t af!"a I from f illuVI'I_ cl unison th. estate of Sam' el I'fvf n Lire
they served the people tra= tier Mr. iiMpbell, ,utg+'+in Thetvhitr-iicssnf: his soul,a red thus M; n >Vr him wept'Departed ot> '1' .il thas.-, aG'r:1gFtace, ,' ,;

UKGUL'AIi T'MSTS.l or a party. [". cheer**. onboard .tier an account of tht shipwreck I 'his life on the 12'h Vtoher 132 ; at I h-s; lily authenticated within the nquire time prt< e'rbu.presentem by taw, .f

.t. The Pitsittei-t r Hie. Untid Slates. Ly 7' 11. Atltititott EsqJ'pt'rpttua Ii on ,the 2 Jth April, in conie:
J union 1\ ;hl: liar L chr.cr..] an iceberg, he proceeds,_"\re got t'1t 11l.;*t:. Gen. JOHN < 'L \IIK, furmcriy r'.f fir r;ia. On r s tate*are requested to make inctiate (paY J Fot+ hirenowned df'ds,1, : t; .r. -is v-riloui, tie : e :30 h oi Sqntin'oer, while cn ed in the LEAH
i duties
: jof AN .
I ijy E. J. if ooa .I..q"h,. President i an 4 t th 4 rrpcftstlt.t "fC the se4i dtd not \\\-.h I ; :i trix. ,
so tilt liie-i'ttj.
\ has hint tb i a: rurt ,-Le was, atttirkrd wiih billions Tallahassee, October 30.n '
rt! : placed or* uj.he t prtnc:Irur I- I h 2. Irfw :
unii(6( cheer2d. -.. '*. Pie>uiot of the day. [6 che,....] much over us, and made ourselves fast with fort r i t S Vn'.i-i-'iit i iblnnd: nnd was carried thf.nrc 4. !

fI" /; Dy TIle Company.-Our host,0.iLtr; h l Csqi.l : rfJ'H'S."rheo! we ('ountc"d 'our men, we were 'n a'a'j|. -71 <," hi.s rc-Md
t .Wrwry oj ashii.r/oft.-LI t us imprcs -\llt y hc nr-el MI til that .surcess in his av->- j 16 men and 3 boys Mior;'. Ue were .icvt L Ltlrv n i ie R'rtd, I'liti'the' evening of the lath: i iH ntiu-, Eubscribtr takes this }I.JM rtunity to inform ;I;
ir. iiuirllinle chard-t on <>nr hearts, a ; .t \httll.1 l-it-a-hftl:, his Insf. .
i canon, he ::u rte 'ent.d by merits. 3 che-ri the ,t rt't.'k.ltU.ur Cust'.nurs, and the public gent-tally, that hei..t.srein :
; thiiii'
[ ? upon to eat Few"11 ;
my : hive i i-vcd the
liewhich: hp Hvtd ,
lastini; nmctnbrance of his tab-tits and his J ,-at an tved his Confectionary 11> the house +.i Messrs.
Virt.t: ;. (drank. -.tnndi i.r-'t't3'i After which the paity! aceompanifd his Kxcelleney : but law beef and "Hour, aim call carter to drat.ik. '.. t'ly I (pcru-d of: hi1- existence he sflcrted the bestri.ci of L. & ... A Armisiead near the Caoil""! Square, htre f'

to the vhari, 'where in It ws '. the lif },!?s as his> rules of action, in nil the- various relai.ns lit
-7r Herat tht Revolul on--The ir a boat WaR propti flip : 'Ipre wvje keeps constantly t-n hand the best. of LJQ.UOK3 of
ttj + wailing, to take him to )'.:1St I'uutt, and taking picked up th t I huuid ..kt i ,iiios .i. of i l.'f'-! ,-un to the lay of his death, he adhered all kinds also various kinds cf .. ine and Cordials
faifnful services and v.ilourous deeds, claim surviving : heni w itb a '+'inacitv, wilh life
p co-exi-tinjr itself! Poner t
; leave, an adds. r'sa was delivered him \ L. that they mij-;": t ri.k th bla "l Cider -CaifliKSeatmeats+ Pickles,
and -.ha1: receive our grateful acknowledgements I bv > : tr u\\ II +sti. 'hecaptain : tiring the stru r.les ot1 the revoluiKr, he usually( dtUnded .C.c. 1'ilFcrtnt kinds of Udu.hts at all ti-ucs, ail ref 1 a

and that of succeeding generations. White i.i qr., and eplied to by hi* Excellency.To and! 17 111Jf1't'1I bhd: ; : omp or.uiktheir : ; h's .ath 'r, the gallant Colonel Elija': C'.irk, andkiriicipated which he offers on (liberal i ternus. He tendcnI his sinoe4e -

-- -. ._ ---- -.,.:-- blood as it was drawn,-other* with a I !. ( m l.c many skirmishes and i-atiles. in Lhan!:. to hb nislomert generally, f;T their liberal *-

{dranklanding..) tiios-e uliiicteu \\ ill Lorl1 little flour mixed in it. A' man I ;l.icli that active partizan arrior was cn,aora? -at fivers the past year-and hopes by unremuteiltion i
young uomhht.'tland .it.i
4rb. ) 01
The fourtpc'lI.lhe
Uuion.The nlradktor principles q ti i.telebratedAlbto- G'utnl'ta. are subject cf this rj'uire, was s { : to business, to merit a continuance theiffR.K.WEST.
) .
1. tci affordsinstantlelief > at the moment h had ieternuned: *t sehnolin \ :k. C'. North Carolina. ehe
espoused by our public futtstiunr ril-s, are find at chc fame time dissolves jnd draws did unty '..a;rol1al". ri
to throw himself lint lon rtn-ai. l lK-f
oerboadibtl: I nut that ; ;>rc a sco..rinjj raisul
generating evil*, anti iniu-ing poison into our' L. < KIM o there go a; il.Brnisli ant! Tiics l.t j- iiud themaUtI Jtilv:
/ lmTIFICATII; = To those ufilicted with Corns were two vessels -riiiri. towi.rdthe 10. iS",2. 47 tf :
t moral end political rrrnncm''nts, would they innr It1 docmily that 1 haveu'"ecl the Albion Corn on hip. This produced retch M -Lden; after his return from that expedition i finding an op P.. S. R. H. V est has just rec Ted direct front f t
transport of
sere guided b tbe l cl Wa portunity con'p.ny to the place where ht left his
t Ballimore
c ol1n ol >hinj.tonttnoultt (
) l'ia!ter. with large supply of the best qualitle' of
1 1G 1I coiiiiletemrcf| s. Before I had used rendered lather; very :
OIIH 01 joy ah us almost ptchKsr I he ab nd > 101 a he
nave to tear. Ixix it ; ag:tin joined J JJi I LiQroRi ANP coxr):cTloxART.-His f fritrOi: the
nothing ((3 ch'els.j5thJrtll. cmnpiPlely cured a C'rn vvlucli hart: tioubkd ; an f i
me (stir: in \, ,
time r : ranks
and all that of; his ,
could downs and
r P. Durat, Governor of the Terriloryoj lor m.in) yearx 1 make tbin public! for the benefit ot we to }J'rC's- ,: him a; te!! lassie countrymen, fought ut.er fusers of good eating- anJ dtin'-inr, are i i\itcd, to caB i
those affl.cudvitti tbt (sinful: conplnint.VM.. each other by the hand, and n turn think'to sixteen he re of Ar;;usta. At the arc of ami judge !li-r themsrhe*. ('C..3u.h laS$. tiff
FIHida1If' has in !
been weighed was appointed lieutenant: and then? Car tanol

1 ballan e, atui f fe.und not wanting, we rejoice Flushing, L 1. Feb Lei I'." SHAW. l odour! de- 'Militia. In 1786, he was elected maj.rand in I bucapacity V ': IItD1A.x't; I..- Will; ;.e sold on !Satu-ca! y 'j

. al iiis pn cuce among.- us,-a tried and fits{h. 'RtCII.5oJ cent, a box. be I i iht he ccmnrrtnandtd in 17S7, mulct his fa; !, r, i 5LH" Ii"h' Nevct,:b( next, at the residcixe of "'ra j l
Danish brigs bv which the wt'rl.1taken in hatch: foujrht with' the Indians at Jar 1 '* f k. 1 11.I .
fI' i.r\nliin '
U .. survivorn M Tn.l'hjsscc l to- ho,- +.
lul public whom : kLLf'H.O.tJA'TIC* PJLLd I OR r1: Those 0 sr s? QldrV'
proud to honour.setv.mt, freemen arc always i !MALES. 'J liey roof!} the Blood, quickett tt4fcula- oft, several 1 of whom, ho*'Wer, died vents .><"who that region arc now will in 1'fp and rcmenjlft die! ear I .,r1 1 I..s ol houstL..Id and trcr.eu furniture, bcing'parfrof r i
cheer. in .
recognize .if
(9 ) iIJ1 n.i' me :;\IK\ r <':urt al f ,
tion cs.a thin Abi
the > 1
assort l l emtMtii B.j a sod ;
< f the
li ture. few vani
nunj.eii( oj( and course ot n the effects '
His area days, irom > : departed, one who in the bloom of tin Rmovihg i
and the following youth, wa Williams .
excellency made
arose :enel1.llt'rueI J fur ibe prev.nling I rphaiis !>y orter: of the Hi>n. the ;
i !
complatntsamo rig their previous The los i : spirit and rallying time brae d ,
} reply. l'ntinai,> hart ulliOciety-'n. Pill utiering8. total of' point, at a 1 lc & i j, J -e ot the count} cotr oi Leon county. Sale ta '
are paiticulnrly dis-itrous.: 'ban'he troubles of .;
lives was 28, besides of the revolution. ,If In.C,. at .hrtc 'cuck: F.. \1.
tttir.CIOlJtI )
'. ): FicsiHent : n u m Green Sickness, 'oft the many 9urvv 01 Smd lit .
r. Palpiiatioo
I :
:- the s. n'lbi1lty rose in npid succession to the :
f /
cannot-express ;Heart.!. Giddine**, holt Breath, Sinking ,>f the 8pir beiti" maimed in consequence of freezing, n.i1i dii'ertnhrna: s A T OMPdO.N 'rdiarw} t 1
; 1 feel i upon thi ur c l-jtn.s 1 he h. i ilb, Dej coon hnd UiKiiiclmalmn command, until he was elected by the ,, legislaturn .( 30.; i2.; Jltds.
to EiercUe} and t3oc rendered invalids for of .
honour, life. Gforjjia, hr gitlier, and tlipn major curt.,1. I Ir
thus ;;
unaminu-.lv conferred by tlw meter rn- .harried ladies will fim! the 1'il's' "
equally a"eful( except Nor nis
LO> DON were ftllow-riiizs 159'jllin] confine y
fcep. 6. -Don Pedro continues n3 to to R. t, L I'E'
of our ""ouiinittee will be chtrish- in cane oi. pregnai.cy, when they must Dot be take .
evi-i him civil ,
in m a capicuy, :h >se rixhis and prhilodiM, .
ed by me, with uratefui retoilectiop.! Nor can : ; neither mas they be taken by person. of hectic Oporto, and it would seem a.- if his hlghcstamlition which he kid so much and so SIKCC-sfully I cOiltriIUItt11! IDee 1liJ.t'It: ( I IDm fJ1P a

0 1 te n&ensibe{ to the flaUi-ring in orcttumtise tidbits. Price Jij 50 a twit wa. to keep that town-advance 10 su;,port and. protect in the camp. As she ill": aim :! a of I tL*' III'... eth'cKCiifUinoni'i'OUiidsin( the .'i1... i'I
nwnner AL: O -1 he celebrated l111
tI which Tooth Ache being out of tht question. Hixpen.sit representative, first in the IIOUM-,and then in the sea psi I i 4 I RIA ).EDltA lor ll.r f} rare of! that cla'!! efintterat'
you, sir, and xomwrttee. to theud Piii; wl.ich. love unineniate rel.ef, without tre lea-t .
your of the
I !
I state Itcislature rf the ,
.. H aid, amount to nearly f2,00ol per day : ; respectable cciMityrf Itt+:UMndi| ci-d I by an iml-are :t..t( ,'t thobUod
tba Teett
came of injury ti On trial this will be ;
the lound of
citizens bi h. one Wilkes it his .
hi l ola l
.Appalat \t' was foal fortune after years of service and citrate; .' habit ul'budy, and exhibiting
the in the u-e ilj
the bcsj remedief known fur thuJ people city : to know
' Price 60 ar'l.ry .
, wmmunuated tnis expression ol their tit complaint. 1 It aive; complete sati .facti+'n to his ,'ons 'U'ents. thru *me.in the lbiii'?>.of .t'crofhla! t'all K i'JinLeprsy .
oeau. I [ crate a bea, whence th'yare supplied} !* Ue cannot tell Near the conclusion of the lair: war at critical } St. For IPter
heat leave to far a most uithonv s CJn'" (t ":n0 fjtll11.e
assure you as ass iiiy 1\on" id gei.oine unites signed the c.uhlide tins
limited on who isthe sleeping partner in the concern. and dangerous; time, the command of all the f rc. s batter are atl'ectrd)11'hite iSwetM"rigVil aH'tnd
influence it hall zealoalj tea w r.i > by the auk : KIUDKK-
extend i | jropncton
may t (j.fi. } destined for the protection ami defence f she seacoastand with Dr. Jehb's Liniuteut) Foot and obstinate Lki-rs.;

4i. + 1 exerted, m pro muting the interestullt of f immediate euccetpot to ti.a late Iii \ 1 Coin: **, with CAi/i. s uthern bound'try, of the Si ate of Georgia, w '! I'CIttle o and eye* scald Lead in children scuiiy and"
For sale al his Treaty are favored
Counting Koont over lif99. Coor.ltfPet (
l says given to him Gncc' !
r i town. by rurr! Tarly. In IflSheaseiect- scot butte foot, Pimj.It-d or i'url: >unclett Faces. fe"lertiigcoptioii.
Permit near Concert Hah, Boston, and aiso bv his 1'1'C. the New York llf"fcantile.dvcrtisf'r) with the ell by the legislature, ele-'toi ot President and Vice and \'cnn al Ituttathtrugt.oatthebody. tulnch

.I ate in conclusion to offer a sentiment vial ar.pointtueot by (No 5.) following extract of a letter from a very les- Pr"' ItJt.Ilf of the United States; and was afterwards i \\ last case the drops often c-:'f bU n mercery
,- E- B. ,, ,
I3t t ire ln n< ureclM-iththe rffire of ot the ails l They also the best ,*
pectaile gN.tlcman resident in Lhiii% to his royernor sae.; are spri r and Antumi.al
4 The'+ curl 0J ./11 palachicola.It is des- t. Be id. s 'he forecninf;, he has received several other nnphysic to purify and cleanse! the sVMem how huinoar
t Tallahassee, March 17 1&31, Jtf3Uth frit'lId an this city, announcing the conclusi i'J
. tiDed 1 oinlmeitts+ and( ronunissions fiom he which *
' to be a commercial the legislature and frequently apptarat ihe e *as"ns of the yea: -
great citymay
arb I- 1'USALc.-il of a commercial Treaty with that governmentby governors t.f Georgia. They also aid the of and :
11 and in oe received until the process digestion by puriff rug
-. keep sciences, freedom and enk-i prise P November next by the: agent of the United S+air: Dr. liumm, our Charge d'Atlaires at %+al- In 127, he moved ro west Florii! and sought a retreat tt.e blood. preVeul the oec'etionuf, n.alicnant i-amtium

i pace with its future renown." ((9 cheers: ) u. tuuuc,1Ycrida, lor f'uruisliing such number of barn paraiso. We learn that Capt. Hicks, of tbe f om the cares end airmoils of busy life, on the of the lungs. The proprietor confidently relies opon

1.T 6ih.-La l''yttle.-The champion of r H- <>uriitt-.iiricks, and such kinds i.nd otscripiioii; of : eluded} borders of Pt. Ar.iirews Bay, where he hoped the vast number of tuipmmg cotes effected. by 'heso
--kshiphdward arrived Providence
hrny, and helpmate \\rWihingtou-hI8 nametame. tier, il.::k, aid! other Lumber, as may be required at is the u: spend the evening of a nest uneventful m theieii- drops not only in Boston and it* vicinity, but thn Bgh-

and will l.e Liiilding of an Arbcnal, Powder Magazine, atond bearer of an official copy( of the 1 fl'ilty, and joyment of domestic! quiet and r pose 1 he expenses out thus Union for the botpruofol'their excellence as
ever live in the heart of A mer- is now on his incident. tll a settlement in a new rendered an nnldilinx alterative in all the
s Iet.s. oJitt' builoings tIn /ippalachicola river : the mu- way to Washington.ALPARAifio country, soon medicine cases abuioapt
((3 cheers.) crals to be delivered at such |x>inl on the river, ist **\ June 1832. it necessary for him again to embark *n active business ( '. fit'd. This article has recently been pronounced
S 'ltb._Thomas Je 'triton.-.The unyielding etn for juuctiuii of the t lint and Chatahoochee, anti and the appointment of agent, for the pruecuon by aPh)sicMnof the first tespetlability. wb had witne -

:1 not t may his -entineut talents & virtues .-..wictwiutr: creek, as may be uesignated. '1 he Brickb"hen Among the events which ha ve lately trans- of live-oak, having been tendered him, he accepted. it, >std its .urprisi, eicucy a-, t-ntitled! ,. in his ..Vini

a e remembered pre ounied, to be eight iijche lung, by.t .w' inrht-h. pi red here, is the iuler ,ting nos or rue con- and notwithstanding duties were arduous, trod the i ion. to take the lean of nl: the popular articles known

tude ever with tbe warmest get ttttwide, and lu or arid a quarter inches thIck. No 8C.: cG.sto" of a treaty of commerce and navigation performance of them attended with constant exposureyet for the aboe complaints and indeed it is fast ga.n Jlg

by his countrymen drank ictaudin g.) crick will be receisl.. the lin.ber and other lunber, lately made by the Plenipotentiary ot this being urged by the department at "Washington, tti this p<*iut+ in public estimation, ihrooghoatthe country
3 .-The 7 Territory l'londa.-The to be delivered in such quantities, and of such uiau.us imtn- bring the businesj to a clot*,and having; the kindestregard Pi/Ce $1 B thJttre. I r tf bottles or $ 5)
:1 used fur. as be from tine. government, and our bate d'Arlaires at for the future prospects and welfare rf his I
servant of the United States .y niay required time to 11I IIC.vUHceot'Donty faDYSPIPSId Oii INDIGESTION
her fay will be made on either contract, but t7.Uhah0. This is u nio l gra ilying t circumst.lnt. mily, he, at the most unwholesome season of the year, .
.1I maocipation be speedy, and her adoption exposed himself in the discharge of the in- Of longstanding, and of the most obstinate character -
.1J I .Wo j iymeni will be u-ade for Bncks or Lumber when ;i. e. and really important lot the growing a'July, to .
.1t the family of the confederacy, be held as sported and received. Bond, and approved eecuritiU } interest of our merchants here clemencies of the most unhealthy portion of his i district has been immediately relieved and often {-j-eimdr.ently

l picuou3 to the south. (6 cheers be rejuirtd, for tile faithful p rforniance of the con residing as and fell a victim to the unrelenting hand of d nth. cured. in a variety tof C8AeI tat have ccnired ia Boston
9th._The Town tracts. .'he roposals must be post paid wt.ll ab for all the citizens of our country in And :n that str.ke? that family has sustained a loss aud vicinity by using for a chart time. '.

s : of .Bppalachicola.Mny it Quincy, Florida October, 1832. 5w. tbio republic. which no time, no circumstances can repair! Dr. R ft"11 V'eJetabl.'pt'cific andanti- iHeaa Pills,

. speedily local realize the commercial advantages its The Southern Reorder at Miiledgvill-the Demi "In tact, we have long uHeed; in : As a man, a citizen, and a politician, honour and integrity both of A'Men are to he taken togethet. wcrimfiBjr tu-taU
J condition manyways are the of his fame -it i I cable {plain and piactiral din-ctiouii tho #
pillars arconipanjin
must inevitably resualt in. crat, and Enquirer at Colxunbus-Telegraph as
any for
the iwpcrifa
((3 cheers.) iUafn Messenger at Macon, will please the a- Want a general agreement, or hie as the materials that support it-as a l Specll, : Prrr S.fent* each.

. 1Q&- __ adverliscrocni, iiv bucctssive wetks.1AJSO .copy convention, Urtv ten the two nations ; mdlTo then and master, the deep anguish of those to whom None tire genuine uniera signed on the oat: i/e ptin-
x to Liberty. The main pillar of our ii"W congratulate you upon tbe event. he stood in those relations, bespeak Aw worth and their 'ted wrapper by the sol proprietor T. KlUDEfl

astitutiotr: reared by the iadefati'at;'.e ir
I bowl of our immortal Washington. ''3 cheer-J .Ir : "p 1I0r 1QSCi uaUn m tctllel1t..orde jt Otud accompli&hed object a I Christian, when aked if he bchVved in the eternalefficacy "'or alp at his Counting Room, otter No. 9. Court .
3 I Ith.-Jamci D. ffco % r 10 t' talc j IoM- Ahply to E. fEIX-. b tier could not bt1\ been u.atte thann..t of thee religion of Christ, his last audibhe words street near Concert Hall Boston nnd alt-o by hi* "pe%

j '& May Stt rotary of Flu- A,ap noha, aug. 1 4 1 832 52 t... I oi Di. Hamm. I hiveu lived here ma- : were, "I believe-" He breathed his last without a cia; appointment by E. B PtHK1 S. (Nr I) '

his labours to promote the puttici "" and believe 1 j stet glCi and his countenance in death bore tIe impressof Druggist.,
years, am well I
a nod! be >uperioi; "uUiLllu,. lc .Iatric, ot Honda, tor A ) pretty ac- -
crowned with abundant and I (peace and content. Taliahaswee, Felt.l7. IM3J., r 6tr.
. 'fb success County <>f OudsdeuAi. 1 .r with the people generally, an dI .
J belong live to the tit h reward MCHOLSOM ) 11 Nor further sci.k his merits to disclose ro-
. reap they lust b- tuat ihia gentleman have
lnatlI seeniH toy
merit. ((3 cheers.) VS : > d. understood Nor draw his frailties, from their dread abode, Jas. IK Westcotl Jr.. & .J. ,F.. Jiootji,
J 12 t h. t''. E.:, ...SF:EL'I 01'TIlE and appreciated, the Chlar.ctet ian Law ,
"grtcM//ttre, Commc'ce and JUaauP'J Th'=re they alike intrembling hope repose HAV'Lfonneua !iaru