be frqin tUne M lime tk-uekAnd.oul inad at the mints iconscBt oftwo thirds of the corporator* named lathe moderate epeedw. : May1861.. shall be equal to.such lands as theUal
; AI 4 fatttdattheFirttScftionofthe Thirty-EioklConanu. two-cent piece, of the same e omposilion,the standard first:sectton, prjheir snceessprs, be admitted to representation : i TZSSXI9 jflVXBtilMO OTBXK TISSILS. ''' soldor otherwise appropriated, sr rot ___

weight of which sSaltte ninety-six grains, or tone jn eaid corporation upon an equal footing As?. IT. Every vessel ov riakingr any other teasel preemption or homestead has attached, as.

,caL?. XXXVIII.-An Act amendatoryof the UomeT fifth pf T>WHtupe iroy w1th ap greater dcvtatio7than with the several masonic bodies named in.. the first shall,keep ont.of .way;of the,,8aid{ last mentioned vescossrXrcnojr CuAp. LXXIX.-An.Act.making a Grantof Landa to said, which lands (thui selected in Heir of those
r .' stead Law, and for other purpose tour graiaalto al Spi **itaaid AtBidtwo tent section of this act: ieI.'I the State Minnesota, -to-aid in the Construction and towhfch pre-emption or homestead rlrt

CIAT. XLVIL An Act relating to Acting AssistantPaymasters coins; and the shsie,. nottoes, and devices of laid nc.LASbitf.trt2teiioctet. That this act may : 01- AMICLJS' 12} 14, 'IS, and 17- of the Railroad.from Salnt.Panl to Lak
I 'i In lh Navy, ana regulating the Appointment coins shall be flxefbytbe director of th of the mint, with at any time be altered,amended, repealed by .'the 'Air. 18.' Where, by. the above:rnlesV oneof two enacted by the Scnatt and Jloutc. of Repttia sections, designated by odd numbers .aa af
the Uf>tipecr.etary> Treasury) and "Congress of theUnitedEtates.. ,;r "
apprev the United States of America in Conyruaassm* and aforesaid shall be
M )
I of .
7 Cadets fa the Naval Academy. theotheraball keep tivetof appropriated keld
of the
the lewsiww jnJf rce reLutpgUo Uiercoinsge of cents Approved April 36,1918. ships l> to keep out way. to the
UedThtWere bei; and there is hetebt granted itate for the use and 'purpose, aforesaid k
: t itenactd&y1Ai&'rnteaJIoue for the of to the qualifications.conUined |n,
qf Jeprac'sta and providing purchase material and preVscribing her course subject of aiding in the That lands to"be located
for the .the shall
1 I ,4. lives.1 the tTftited Slatte 414rira Qogresa assem- the appropfrUkt i <3uti* of the officers.of.th9minnd CHAP.- LXVilL-An Act to' authorize the Issuing pf' following. .. article}- J i construction tale"of Minnesota of railroad m purpose said state from the city further than twenty miles from the linVo In n
&Zd, that whetever the Preiidentof the United of the be andthi.eerheftt Steam Vessel" John Maffl .** < a ;' 4
j the.Secretary Treasury Register tojthe n; ,r.: raonsio' TO'i vz'itacu& 'CASKS. Lake
Paul' the head of Superior, shall such selection
of Saint! every rpadt nor. OT location7"ieu
t States shall nominate any acting assistant master ean extendedJalh*fcafcog* Serein pro* Be.it enacted bytheSenate and ltoua4 of rraita. conktrui'ng'ih'ese rules dn the United States .
In the volunteer naval service, account of bis faithful videdfor. ABT. 19. In obeyisz and alternate section of public land of of lands received under the said; gr__, ,
; on of
diligent, and efficient diecharge dufy-fn Ktc.l,4ndkiiiirtAr ceactcd.TJiat all laws such s
t now blot, Thkt the Secretary of thd Treasury be.' azJhe U also be had to special circum- alternate'sections mile acnsideof and locations
in the due regard must any amount'of five per' on tions may be made for the !!
assistant benefit }
volunteer service, to bo an paymaster in force relating1 to the ''coins1of th> United '
h&rebyitthorized to issue a" register t<> the. steamy stances which may exist in'any particular casorenderin the aid railroad on 'theline thereof, within said state and for the aforesaid
end purpose to
it ehall be to his Staler aad She .arid the *
nayy, no objection appointment striking coining same shal) vessel'"John Martin.'nApp'roved .** sunnr
confirmation that be is a department from the above/rules necessary. the,Slate "Minnesota ; but in case ft shall appearthat any deficiency under the said grant of .June ?
over twent7-siryearfft so far. applicable extended to the coinage here .' '
; : Provided That he be not over thirty years'ofge.And ) lujiuthonred,whelber'said law' e"pen\I ahdpthcrT, .' April;29, 186*; In order, to,ayoid Immediate danger.' + the United States have,,when the line or route of eighteen hundred and fifty-six,'should any snckTt

r i. I'rovidcdfwrthcr. That the numberof paymasters 'who}'forHhe* security6f 'coin', regulating .nI' :CHAP.: LXIX.-An Act fixlnjr'certoin Rules and Kegulatiqn 50 BHir CXDIR AITT c1LcrxsT.&ric7sTo'1IxoLxcT' FKOPCRPRECAUTIONS. said road is definitely ifixed.. oltL appropriated, reserved iciency exist.

and assistant paymasters, as authorised! by Jaw, be guarding the process of striking and coining, for preventingxUbaeemenfW for preventing Collisions on the Water. '- r-'t. vART. ,or otherwise,disposed, ofany sections any SEC. 3. And be it further enacted. .That there .*
"' : thereof granted, asaforesaW. or that the right is hereby, granted to the state of Wisconsin
not increased thereby. ] counterfeiting; or for any other 20l Nothing In these rules shall exonerate any part for t
Sso. Z. And be further enac ted,That the-,,students, purpose. .Be it enacted by the Senate and Haute of Jicpreunta.. ship,' or- the owner.'or"master,'or crew thereof from >f p're'-emption or homestead settlement has attached trorpoa of aiding ia the construction of a

of the naval academy when examined for admi joft &svfl' And'l'e'ii.furthercnacfcd' -Th'a.1 the director lea of the UnitedState of-America in Cengrc mrw- the consequences of any neglect to carry lights or signals t.olhe same, then it shall be the duty of the Secreta- (tarn Portage city. Berlin, Dotys IslandVoi i

thereto, shall be between the ages of fourteen and of the mint'shall) prescribe suitable regulations to Jn* bled, That from and after September*one*eighteen of of any neglect to leeep a" proper lookout, or ryofthe Interior toWlcct from,the lands of the United Lac. aa said state may determine, in' a nortl

t kk eighteen years. aura a d koiformity: ; to the required weights and hundred and sixty.four1 the following roles and regulations of the neglect any precauUon which may be required States nearest to the lines 'of sections above, spe dfiection, to Bay field,and thence to Superior r, i"

: :Approved, April I 18C4.( proportions of alloy Jn the sai4 cpjnst imd ehall order for preventing collisions, on .th( water be by the ordinary practice of seamen,-or by the cified. in alternate sections or parts thereof so much Superior,every alternate section of.publi* laaffiu!.

trials thereof to be made from tfrue to. tune by the'aseayer adopted in toe navy and,the mercantile marineof the special circumstances of the CaSe .- -,' public lands <>f' the United States' not-, mineral, as ignaled by odd number, for ten lectionsjin, width

CHAP. XLVI.-An Act Increase the'Fenslonrf Ute ofthe ntlnt"wbereofa ieportthiall be made in United States Jfrovided, That, the'exhibition of,any Approved, April 20, ,1861. ., ..-. shall-be equal in amount toeuchlands as the United each side of said road,'upon the same terms and Josl
Revolutionary Pensioners now on the Rolls of fh. writing to theMIrector. > lighten board of a vessel-of war of-the United Stales States have sold'or otherwise 'appropriated; or to ditionsaa are contained in the act rrantinr Iaitd lT

# 4 Pension office. Sr.c. i-.And be it further enacted.iThii tbejtaid coinsbJl may be suspendeilwhendvr, In the opinion of the CHAP. LXXAn1 Act to provide' for the1 Collection of to which the rights of preemption homestead settlement said state to aid in the',construction of railroads, ,

/ -* Be it enacted by the Senate and novae of Jiepreifntativetof be a. legal tcnjeriin any >p jn>ent, theone, cent Secretary of the Navy, the commander-m chief of a 'Hospital ,Dues. from Vessels.. the. .United States may he ve attached, aa aforesaid; which lands said state; approved June three, eighteen 'humb2

,* <- the United Statet of America in bn qrrMaanI. Corn'to the'amount of ten' enta and the two cent coin squadron, ortho"commsnae of.a"vessel acting sing eold or transferred,in foreign Ports or-)Yaters.enactflij thus selected: lieu,of those Id.-.reserved. or otherwise -, and fifty-six. But in ease it shall thatS

.- Hcd, That there ehall be paid, out of'any money in'the to the1 amount of twenty centsV and HMidllbe lawful ly:t Uia special 'character of>h r servicemay require $ 'it 'the,' cnaie and Jfoue-of Jtepreienta- appropriated or disposed of, or to which the United States have, when' the line oVronttftfE
otherwise the bfne out said coins In -rizhta of pre-emption or homestead settlement mayhaveattached.ai. road definitely fixed, sold, reserved1
$ treasury not appropriated sum to'pajr exchhhge'for'ihe lawful cur- IUCtTLAT1ONFOR'PItEVENTING COLLISIONS tire ofthe' United State* of-Americain G>ngres d sem the sectionsand orotherirfi
;- ;. <> hundred dollars per annum to each of the surviying rencfo/.lhe Un.i. 4 StesfPxptcnte, or iialf nnts .. ,.. "ON TUB 'WATER.- u '" bled,'i'hatlin coie/of the*a'e or transfer of any vessel ofeections. designated Aa AfnCAao tft..a nn disposed aforesaid of any sections or parts thereofKgranied
appropriated -
S soldiers ofthe Revolution now on the .pension issued under former.acts 44 Congress,) in ,euitable of,the United States ,in a foreign port or water, the parts shall be heldand disposed ofby or that the right.of pre-emption or Eotef
::: rolls, during their natural lives, in'addilion to the pum9."by.lhe'treasurerpf Ihe.nifnt; ,1anI yBnch'other ; omTsicrs; : i : consul, Tife-consnl," 'commercial agent.or,vice com< as aforesaid, 'and aforesaidf.Thoride'd stead has attached to the same, that it shall befog
tensions to which) they are now entitled' under former depositaries at the 6ecrclary--of'the Treasury may ARTICLE' Preliminary niercial agenfof"the United States within'whose consulate tl iafd state for the use purpose ful for any agent or agents of said state, appoint
Kti the land to be so selected shall in no
to dile and ; Rules concerning ligbts -- ia That by the governor thereof, to select, l
'- acts of ConRresiyaaid payment from com.rnence design aid. undergt regulations proposed by the or district such sale or transfer shal I have been than miles from the subject to tt -
on the first day of January, tighlein hundred director of the mint and approved by the Secretary ,2- Lights to be carried as fol lows : made oriri whos'e'hands the of such vessel, case be located faither twenty proval ofthe Secretary of the Interior, from theh5 ,
That the
and sixty-four and to cease at their death; of, the Treasury; and.the cxpenseaincident tosucliexchan'djstrjbution.'and .f ,'3. Lights for steamships.4. .- "* .' shall b ,"and he is hereby authorized papers and required to lines of said road : An-lprorided. further.of of the United States nearest to the tier of section*
for anti account said road
4 Approved, April 1, 1854. -, ., transmission1 may be paid Lights for steam tugs. -" I- celled of the- master or agent of-such vessel all lands hereby granted in the construction of the above specified,as much public land in alternates!._,
out of the profits of4sid coinage i-
'& CHAP. XLI-An Act to nutSorizo the Columbia InslU of.eaid.coinage$ aeoertoinedjin: like.rnimtocii as u pre- "; Exceptional.S .. lights for.small sailing (vessels. moneys States under and by yirtae of.theact entitled "An act same; and for'no other purpose whatever,, and shall lands as the United States have sold or otler

tion for the Deaf and Dumb and.the Blind to confer criUod.in the second'section of the act.to whica this .- 1 < for the relief of sick and diabled seamen," approved be'disposed ofonly as the work progresses through appropriated, or to which the right of J>re-eniptjon*
is bo"transferred 7. Lights for ships at ncor. x.i > the same, as in this act-hereinafter provided J Provided -- homestead has attached as aforesaid
Degrees. a'siipplement; shall to'the Treasury, > v July sixteen th, seventeen hundred nd ninety-cigit. which !a4
enacted the Senate and of th 8. Lights for pilot vessels o/o.Tbat. > part of the land granted by this (thus selected in lieu of those sold and
Be it by Jfouneof JltprcScnta* United States.SEC. .- and tball remain:unpaid at the time of sueft saler to which tt, '

( 1-vct ofthe United State* of America in Congress atscm- S.tAndbc it further'enactedj-tlhtl if any person y\\. .". 9. Lights. brushing vessels- *andboats.. *-* '. tran.of.-r; and that the eaid consult vice eonsul.'com-' act shall be applied thereof to ain for the the construction construction of of which anv right of pre-emption or homestead has' attach j" -

ned! That the board of directors of the Columbia Institution or persons shall!,make, issueor, .pass, or cause to be Rules Con erngftjignals- mercial agent, or,vice commercial agent,,(as the :lease railroad or part aforesaid together with sections and part of'ste, .
of land have been
for the instruction of the deaf and dumb made, issued.,, or passed, any coin, card, token or device ," ,10. Fog signals. ""' !'' may be,) be, and ne ibereby.instructed and required any previous grant may That made and all by tiona designated> by odd numbers'aforesaid, asd', '
} And provided further,
4 andtheblindbeandtheyarehcrebyauthorizeland0i wliatso er. In metal or compounds. Intended *J ,' : to retain possession of,tbe papers .of such, yessel congress : any propriated as aforesaid) shall be held bysaid'itiu
;tk, empowered to grant and confirm such pupils i1 the to pass or Le passed as money for aonecent_ piece,era SteerigandsiiIing'ru1es-, j. ...; until'such,'money shall have been paid as herein provided lands heretofore reserved to the United'States by or by the company to which she may transfer tC

institution,or others, who. by their proficiency in t wo cent piece. such person or perrons shall 1 be deem '-"- 11. Twos*iling,shtps. meeting; ; and in default of.which' such sale or transfer any'act of congress, or in any other manner by com same, for the use and purpose aforesaid JvW&ji -.-

a' learning or other meritorious distinction thy'ehall <*d guilty of misdemeanor, and shall on conviction I!.* Two sailing ships crossing. ; shall be void: excepting as .against{ the yendorJV pete'nt anthority. for the purpose of aiding,in any object -< That the lands to be located shall in no case hf5.

think entitled to them, as ore usually pmnted and thereof be punished by afine'notcxcecdingone thousand 13. Two ships under steam mooting. 7 vidcd. That this act'shall not take effect 'until the expiration of internal improvemens or for any other purpose ther. than twenty miles from the line of said ro.Site. .

t ; conferred in college* ; and to grant to such graduates dollars- and by-imprisonment term not cx- 14. Two ship under steam crossing, of sixty days from and after its passage whatsoever-, and the same are hereby reserved 4.And be it further enactrd.'That the sectioni-

diplomas or certificates', sealed and signed in such cneding five-yearBApprovfd .. .. "'7 15. Sailing ship and hlprund r tcain. Approved, April 29, 1864. to' the Unitedrstafes. from the operations of.this and parts of sections of lands which shall remain, t
inner as said board of.'directers may determine, to ApqJ 22,, 104. :y. ;: ?** 16. Ships unde/steain "to :thaclen. [ slacken] act.except so fat-as it may be found necessary to locate the United States within ten miles on each sida gf*

authenticate and perpetuate the memory of such gradtion. 1 ll.'i/ peed:, ; : t :.t ? iP i CnAP..LXXI'Ah Act Increase 'the Compensation the route of the said road through such reserve! said roads sh all not be sold for Jess than "double U -

Cir'Ar. LXVIlI'-An Act for a Charter r.f Masonip Hall '_'', 17, Vessels overtaking other vessels,, of,.In spec tors of Customs ia certain Ports lands.in; which case.the rightof way only"shall be minimum price of the public lands when sold J W* '-

: Approved, April 8, 1S4. Association)-In Washington City, Wstrict'of Columbia .' Construction articles 12, ll''IS.and 17". granted subject to the- approval of the President of shall any of the said reserved lands become lnbt
? ; : Seit enacfrd btf'the Senate and irougc
19. ofJfprecnt'ttaiet the .United States Prodded,further That the! minimum
-. -- .. .'. to save specialises. ; to private entry until the same have been
j, CiJi '. LXIL- An Act filing the Pot "if the Loss of Be it enacted by the Senate anc. HovseofJ.eprc..cnfa-t ," .20. JTo ship under any ciurnstancestoneg. of the United State*'of A merica'in Conyrtt atnnbledTbni 'priq..of the.cv'en sections' and parts of sections fered at public sale at the increased price. n!

the C B. Brig "nalnbrldgc," and for the Relief' f tires of the'Tfniicd States of,America in Congrcs/t atxcm- ...:!; ; -f-, lect proper precaulionsVi" '* :' \ the Secretary increase of the Treasury 'bA'an.lhereby hfr oTlhe public lands of the United, States, within the SEC. 5. And bf further enacted That the tJs .
is. authorized to the of
the OfOc. it feamen, and Marines of the same and Ucd, That iB.' B.-French of the Grand" Encampment ,. rRrAhzNARr, compensation liratts-of.ten miles on'cich side of the 1in# of said fixed and limited for the completion of eaidroadih*
for other purJVJit ofthe-Urited Slates of America Robert McMurdy : inspectors of customs in such ports oa he may think goad, shall be two'dollars and fifty.centsper acre. the act aforesaid of June three,
; eighteen
ARTICLE I. In, the following rules every steamship it advisable fo todo; and may designate, by adding Src. ?. And'be it further-enacted.. That whenever hcndreduj
the Cftv-six. be and
of General Grand Royul Arch ofthe United the is
it'tacteJ by he Senate and JTouits of Jlcprcte tai Chapter which i is / same hereby extended to .
under '
tail, and not under steam ia to be coneidcred to the present compensation of said officers a sum not eafdstate shall causeto' consecutive a p*
E. L. Steven* of Osiris "of'Perfection any portion act; -
That for of the time tory ; Lodge ;
tbepurpose fIxing at vrhjrh
under steam, whether.uudcr, sail or not, is to be considered authorised 'ehall not extend IjeyOnd July first, with all ''drains ..culverts, vit ducts crossings ,
Xo' 1 "Z n. GilinknofWaslJtngton 'Comniand necessary >
shall the : Andbeitfijrthei-enacfej.
commence peusiocs unjerjlie existing Jaws ry; Thatanyajj
a ship dtejm. hundred -five.
of the widows and orphan children Of the officers William P; P rtell6rbT} 'Columbia ComraanderyjW. iV .eighteen sixty '-' sidings; bridges, turn-onto.'watering places, dejx lands reserved to the United States JJy

seamen, marines,and others in service who wore lost < !SmiJK, of.Xolumbia Roval-Arch CJinpfer, o RULES CONCERNING LItI1TSm.icnrs .- ,. "V, Approved, April 29, 1801.Cnir. >ts. equipments, furniture and all other appurtenancea.of congress for the purpose of aiding i4anyobjeegoj any ief in rf -'

in the UnitedStatcabrig Qainbridge.iis iiMll pt the 15; IV. fi, Parkhurst, Vaehington Poyal Arpb ....... LXXII, An Act in Reference to ..Donation'Claims ; a first class railroa4 patents shall issue conveying ternal improvement or in any manner tot
Xo. 10 James Steelc,of Mount Vernon Roy'al ARTICLE 2. The lights mentioned the theright and title to said lands to said stale. whatsoever ayp.
time which the pay of said officers seamen, ma i irines Chapter ; in fcI1owing in and pose and all'mineril Tands be aad
and others in the service shall,be allowed, the Arch Chapter. No 20 :, p., F. $tansbnry, of the articles, and no other shall be carried in all weathers Oregon Washington. on each side of the road as far as the same ia com pie- same are hereby reserved and excluded from tbe.' ,

twenty"first day of'August in the year one thousand Grand Jjodgo, Jfo-1 ; Tft Abker'of'' 1>ebanon Lodge, between sunset and sunrise. | nit enacted hy the Senate andJToue of Jtcprcscnta ted.'ami coterminous wit6 said completed section.no eration of this act,jexcept to far os it may be Jixnvi '

eight hundred and sixtj-three, shall be deemed d "So. 7; E. Kloinan. of New Jerusalem Lodge, Xo. 0 ; LIGHTS FOR STEAHSflirS. 5
taken to be the day on which the which said brig J. M. TurtotJToMIir'am Liyge/TToTlft ; T- J. Fisher. That whenever it shall appear that two donation ih like'manncr issue as'each twenty miles of said road through such reserved lands, in'which case thr

"Bainbridge" foundered at sea of Saint JAhn i'Tindg 61l'ThOassenheimer, W ARTICLE 3.All' steam' ,vessels' when under way shall settlers faj'the Slate of Oregon or Washington territory is completed : ,Provided, however. That no patents of way only shall ,be granted subject to the

SRC. 2. And be if further enacted. That the widow or National Lode No 12J. Van Riewick.'of Wash.T carry J,. i, shall hold their conterminous improvements in shall issue for nor of said lands unless'there shall be al of the President ofthe_ United States. ippss,.

children, and fn case there shall be no widow, pr tJ tIGnIre, f .(a) ,At .foremast bead bright whit light; ; so such a manner as may.require a half quarter 'se tien 'presented to the Secretary of the Interior a statement 'Sr.c.7.Andbe it'further enacted, That wheuy
B. a'Frehch No F.1 IL' 6f-Dawson fixed as'to show an uniform.'and unbroken |igh't over to be divided into two equal parts by aline north and certified by.the of the state of Minnesota ;
child or children, ae aforesaid, then the parent or'pa* Lodged :15 ;f nafvey, governor the companies to which this grant is made J
rents and if there bo no parents, the brothers and Lodge, No. 16 : J. W. D. Gray, of Harmony Lodge, an arc of the horizon of twenty points of the compass, south or east: end west.it shell and may be lawful that such twenty milea'have Seen completed in which the same'may be transferred shell have'eoa., or f

Bisters of the officers, seamen, marines, and others) in No. 17f 9J M.-Tlatisdn.- f?Acaca"! Lodge,' No. 18; N. so fixed as to throw ttu fcht ten points on each vide for 'the commissioner of the general land office to issue the manner .required by thRf act. and setting forth, plated twenty consecutive miles of

service, who were lost in eaid brig "Bainbridge," D. Lamer, o|: Lafayette Lodge. No. 19. of he. order of the chip, viz ; 'fr m and riJit ahead to'ints abaft the, patents recognizing for each claimant uchj subdivisions withcerta'inty; the points where such twenty miles railroads, supplied "with all any porticit'iI'said
ot free and accepted'rntisofii. L of the District of Col.um.bia.and beam on either side, of such a character as to be this enactment to include a'ud .where the end.. necessary drtai
shall be entitled to and receive, out of any piney in ; cases existing begin same culverts, viaducts, crossings,, sidings brid-e .
the treasury' nototlverwige appropriated, a sum equal their uCcessor 'to'be'eppomted in the manner visible on a darkaiightwith a 'clear atmosphere, at at the date of.this act, where the claim may.'Le proved Sxc. 3. And be it further enacted. That when the outs watering-places, depota.equinmnentafuanil s"te,
hereinafter declared thei several a distance of at least five miles. and established to law. shall be located, and thereof
to isrel've months' pay of their respective deceased relations representing ma- according said definitely a plat all other of first
appurtenances a class
bodies before named ) be end ((6)) On the starboard side; a green I light, so construct, 29 1864.v the of the Interior the. lands rulrod,
aforesaid, in; addition to the pay due to the tonic they are hereby, ed Approved, April filed with{ Secretary patents shall issue conveying the right and
OB, to,throw an uniform and unbroken titUfe
eaid.deceased nt the'date of the loss of said vessel. Incorporated and made a body politic and corporate light over hereby granted shall not thereafter.be subject to set- said landato the said entitled
the of the an src'of jlho horizon of ten t>oinU of the compass, ro- CIZA1' LXXIIL An' Act for the Relief! Postmasters adverse to this company thereto.each" .
laeonic.Hall Association -
SEc.;$. And be itfirUe.r enacted. That the proper by the name-pt fixed throw tlemcnt, pre-emption, private entry side of the road, so far as the same is'com ,
to the
as light from ahead io
District Columbia and by that and right ttfopointsabaft who have, been'robbed Forces pi*
accounting officers Of, the treasury department be, and nammaysue by'Confederate or grant. ted and cpternttnoua with said
are hereby, autboriced and directed to settle the ac- be sued, plead and be impleadcd.in any/court of lavT Such character the beam on the starboard' side, and of ''Rebel Guerrillas'. -. SEC.. Andoe itfurther enacfed.. That the said slate not exceeding the amount aforesaid.and completed eectiw, f

co"untsof.Charles Walden) late acting assistant paymaster or equity, of.empetezljurisdiction: nod may have 'dear a as to' be' visible On dark night, with -JJ enacted by the Senate and House of Repreienta- In 'addition to the grant heretofore mentioned ia hereby in like manner'issue as each twenty miles patentsjlull of a
a at distance of
'atmosphere, a at least two aii '
in the %who was lost in the brig Bainbridge and use &common f ealt and the fame phan,?? at pleasure miles. live* of the United States America in'Congret* awn .authorized,to locate the said road over any public road is completed f 2rovided however That

/' wjth all his accounts and vouchers. for.expendiltftca ; and beenliU6dto'UBO) and exercise alf the pow On'Tbe si ,. ., .. bled- That in all cases where loyal postmasters have landa of the' United States not otherwise appropriated ents shall issue for of said lands unless n Um pat
and payinent made by him, and with all ers, rights','and privileges' incident ,to such corpora slio'nf itc) atf'unilorm fkirl unprokc'u< a reij light, f o constructed as to been robbed by confederates forces or rebel guerillas, reserved.or.:disposed of, 'and the right of way shall be presented to any the Secretary ofthe Interiors

the inbny, stores. And supplies procured for the use Lion. : horizon of ten light over" an arc of the, of post office stamps or tamped velopea or of money oversold lands of, the ..United, States for.the pvrpose statement, verified on oath'or affirmation

of said xpssel, andAo' allow him credit for whatever Sec: And'be 'ft 'further. cnacUd That Ihe. saul ,throW the points'ofiiie from' compass, so fne4.ai to received and collected for, belonging to, and held for aforesaid hereby granted to said state to the width president of said company, and certified the by the
anm ars t- etl'' froti ." books of the de.isrtmt -corporation shall bo capable ot taking and holding tUe beam on light the port side Tight and ahead of such to two character points abaft the government the Unite.lStates.and where s'nch'robbery of one hundred feet on each. side of said road as located ernor of the state of Wisconsin that such twestr m.

; real and personal estate..personal and real, shall nev to bc visible dark as has not been caused by thedetaolt or negligence / miles lave been Completed in the manner S
on a ,with
Arpr&iPt.d Ap1' 1*, L54't. :. er be dl'vlded'among 1he members of,the) said corpora et a'distance' at least night in'o miles.aelearatniosphere\\.t. \ f of the postmaster,the IVutmastcr General shall SEC.--5, And be it-further enacted, That the sands by this act and forth with reqaini
lion,.but ehall desccnd their fucccssora''dulyclocted when to'said state, shall be
'- be, and ho.is hereby, authorized to credit such hereby granted patented
(d) The said and red side Shall be postmaster
green lights filled
-' 'Cnj LXIL-uJet1mEeisn'Act entitled "An and appbintcd'in tbymau'ner hcrefnartf r dccJaredbyjio with/inboard H-reons, at least jn the settlement of, his ;accounta, with the subject to'' the disposal of said stata" for the purpose)
pVnji-c'ting' thiee
AVLtoefili % *o as these
,p ," approved July. ,tbe -4.- '- xteI. g' ilfltQreI d i -two.U .- rerjrpsent 'Prot.-iV,, said corporation shall taker the postmaster.has been required to and has account the.governnicnt the United "States free from all
;- e of Jtcprexcnt- and hoJd no more land than 1s necessary for a site onwhich" LIGHTS FOB 8TKA -TrCS. ed for and paid over to1 the rostofflce Department, the toifor*>thT charge,"for the"tra sportation of any;

tires of tfie .' 'in \. >f.Zwtcs in Cbngrcitptsnn to erect a masonic h.alL suitabland couycnient.for ARTICLE 4. Steamships when towing other ships. sum or sums of which b* may have been so"robb'ea,' property troops of the United States. of
< the transaction of the
bled, That co line officer of the Navy,upon the active andthe, business of the no'eiatten -: shall carry two bright white masthead .lights verii- as aforesaid, the Pbfhriastcr General authorised to Src. 6. And be it'Jvrthrrenacted; That if said roai < the

j list, below the grade of commodore nor other promotion the jyincjples.and purposes eaIly -in'addition to their side lizhts, io' as'to distinV .refund the same to'snca'postmaster.. -14 not co.juj.letil within' eight ypara from the time of
any aforesaid. But this provision shall '
not prevent the gui b them from other ISL- '- ( "' the of tliia act.,as provided herein, EQ further
steamships; 29
naval officer, shall be promoted to a higher grade, until said from Each, of th'esa- Approved, April passage the
,corporation constructing Bu-table rooms and mastheadtlights shall tie of the ss.ni construction .patentsthall e'fiutl for said"lands, and no further
his mental moral find fitness
all his duties at sea shall professional be established to perform the offices in'eonnection with the said. hall.to, rent and character as.the jnaathljul Jights which other steam.I1iisarercquire.I CHAP. LXXIV.-An Act to aid the In-lian Rufugeeto. saIeshsIlhemadear4 the land unsold shall revert

satisfaction of a board of examining officers to be renting the same, and receiving rent therefor to be to carry, ,'. .. .l.V:: i .return to"their Homes in the Indian Territory.Be ,to the United States. -

appointed by the President of the United States. And posesaforesaid.applied to the.production' of.the '"principled and pur LIC115 rORCIiIJIrQn1?.. U tnacicd by the Senate and ITovicof'lU'prc cnla- SEC 7. And be iffurthtr model, That the United

such board shall have power to take testimony? the sCx; i ..4ndsc'itfuriA' enacted.. That the capital -,Aaiiet'i 5, Sailfng chips underway' being towed tiretofthe United Stale of America r/i Congrevtassembled. States mail shall be transport over' said'road, under ;
That there be. and ia the:direction, of the .PopVOffice'Department, asnch'pricft
when hereby ,-
witnesses out
present to be sworn by the I'resLlent stock of sale Wptl1tbash&1l aotezi'od th sum*f shall carry the same lights a* s tea msljlpa under' ;' ; appropriated direct Provided. {
way. as Congress byjuw :
of the board and to examine all of any in.theTreasnry not otherwise-appro may
matter on the files the money
tbree Juiddthousan&doliars and exception of ibq wliito masthead
and records of the department in relation to .offi- jhat.tho-stock* lights, which' printed, fur ho removal and temporary relief c\f the Thai unflluch'priceis fixed by law the Postmaster'
thalf divided
any be into shares of twenty dollars eaclt .they sbaljl never carry, : General shall havfttlia pwcr l"termn9-the! same.
findlostituto-Icdians in the
cer whose CREe shall be considered by them. refugees pouthern super ny
SEC. 2. &*dlcit farther cvactcd. That such exanfing and such abal be.deeped as' the; personal property traps fcrablein ,EXCErio5it Licuts'iOi WALL 5..ILINO VESSELS, ; nt ndeney'vizfo expezise'. of transporta1on snd ;&KC. 8.And, left.[ fuckerexacted. That auy.xaiload. '
board shall consist of not leos than three officers, said manner corporation may jdjrect. the of in tb A aiate of Wisconsin,shal
Bay Superior
senior in rank to the officer to be examined. _. sc.4'td beitfartJier cnaciof eels during bad weather, tbegreen and redlfghts can. : jari'd dollars';.fof tenlpbrary, subsistence in with the-said railroad for
e. 'be tot connect
BEC. 3. And be it further enafted. That officer ia not be fixed thtesb) lights >'shall'be'kept on'deck. the Indiah'ceunfry-'refugee and"aestitntc Indians permitted
any ty days aftej{Jhe.gasfapf llui ac the corporatots on the cons'Tactionof wl ich ,the sail .landa are hereby
be acted upon by said board shall have the right to be named in the&rlt Section. pfithenr-ir their respective eidfs cthq vesgel,1; ready fur instadt to the*Io8< of-'present fiscal y aryone hundreti % which be selected the
ora < at any'point .by
majority granted, may
present, if he desires it ; and his statement of his if any refuse or neglect tqocth n a majfrily'of} exhibition,.;nd Iijlon the, approac>:i>f'or tdolttfr and'fifty-thfee! thousand dollars/?/ for feedsV pioughS( .T-reSHffiat and directors -er'taid 'railroad' omrany.; so

caae, on oath, and the testimony c f witnesses, and his remainder, shall cause books of subscription to the vefisels. Lecxliibftcdon th'eir respective .idtsinjufJ and necessary ag'riculUial implementa' enaMe thins permitted connect theirad road, nd the Haul rail
examination shall be ncicnf ifme to ) ; toraiso acrop the present season, eighteen thousand
recorded. prefcnt'collision
And Euchmanner '
anyniatter to-
on captUlr toek. of thVe'aid"corporation to be opened'al '. road permitted to connect shall have the
the files and records of the department touching eacjr nd for make tbtsnf'most'risiUe. and eo that.Ui'e. greenllsbtf, doHvt.] : '- company h'tra orhave
tppjoh jftsuchplace aperiod to'b* fueil, 'right and privilege nsport, transported
case, as may in the opinion of the board be necessary sliIlI not Ve seen'oti the pcrt.fiide, nor the red lightioiu'ih04tAtS i_: 4pproeday.518CLs. '.r- ;
by said corporators, qr,a msjorty'pf /public no1 ,. over the track of said railroad, for the construction act
( ,
flrd eidei S. .: .1"
to assist them in making up their opinion, ebaJl, .to tice of which b 'advertisement <> ) ..TTo : -- of' 'wlikh said land all '.
may > givpu by or othj- are hereby granted or any ol
; snake thutiofthegetam (biiAP.t'XXV.II Ap Act to vacae slid tell the present
gather with the whole record and finding, be portable lights'nSorei
presented erwise aJcorporatorsor a of them cer freights, and the said.railroad : ]
/ majority inn "Indian $pcno1gcTCr
) Ue ju tu
and eryationi ? UtaiTerritoryand set
to.the President for his approval or disapproval deLcrmnine; and suli cribcrs upon said books to the easy, they pliHll each be'painted butif the finding. And no officer shall be rejected until-fef the color of, hfljlrgh tbty pcttivtly contain, and IndiaBiotE5id..t5errit9ryi'iar.tle; ; Ui.nta '
capital stock of flrIc rporattoii shall bo- held to>be 1 '" : tion' of which! said Inds are h eby grantedrshall I
ter such public examination of bimscir and the ,wilhui.blc.. cre4uai s o';.! &.? J Valley. : *
re. stockholders : ProvidedThat have the sanfe'fjffht and i Anv liege to transporter.
every ubterjbcr thajl :'Be' it enacted,oil the 'eai Z J7s 'iJepr .sciia-
: cords of the department in hit case, unless' he fails pay at the tiine of;sibs ribing. such per"centum of ,' (I LJqaT6nii'a noft n.a, fitefof'tKe'fnitM'Si
to appear before said board after having bceu duly th amount by 1im ubsert.ed.to treasurer elected' ii Asnctr. 7.- Ships', whether; steamships'of- sailing 'btbtth&Settetor'of the' Interior be. iaijd he ia, passengers over the,track,.of ,the,paid railroad of,the; and

t notified. th cornorators.or a iporjty Of tb9 i'or _'.ships, when at nn hor.in>roadsteads or feirways,' shall hereby, authorized and required to cause th'e'Yeve'far, 'com Mnys'o'perriiit'fe'd'to" and said transportation 'ther
EEC. 4. And be it further enacted,' Thai no officer in Li. subscription shaI uIl and void..AmiI whe between 8unset\nd eunrise"exhibit here it can best Indian reservations heretofore made, or occupied as 'sh&U b rpatd by-the mil road''company using,

the naval service shall be promoted to a higher grade the books of subfcrjpliop to the.capital stock of said be Been bu a-Jjeighfrnn pxceeding'twenty feet above eucEIn; the-territorytif Utau.exceptinff'Uinta valley' to.the railroad:;company according' ;the.same, at the der

therein, upon the active list, until he has been exam' corporation shall be/ilo ed'tlie corpofakors named ih the. hull,,a'whiia light.jn a gobuiarjantern ofelgt; tolbei'sutvryed 'into tracts i>r lots/ not exceeding. usual rates or charges which may be imposed, by the-

;, med by a board of naval surgeons And .pronounced the first secfibn, or a inejority. pfxlheinf and in caste inches in' diameter., and conitructcdaa as to show a eighty acres ich.underThodirection of the coram'ia- said eoinpaiiy'upo all."<3theV. cars, heights, or passengers. -' bly

physically qualified to perform all hisduties at eea.4f any of them refuse or neglect to act, then a majority' .cJear nnifprm 4n4 nhbrok'en light yisibUiall around sioner of the general land,office, andiupoji the'coni- .. ; "' '. 'I .,' ly

\ -.And all officers whose cases shell have been acted up of-t; he remainder*hall,'within;twentrd:; /ivrenf--' tic'horizon. aiMt'i' ,'dieLano of at least onewile, ,. plet ion ,of..s(3cU; ( surveys ehallcaujajaid tracts or:lots Approved. May 5, 1S84.CnAP. be

"on by the aforesaid boards, anSI who shall not have Let, call the first meeting of the stockholders of said to.be Bold, upon aid bids, to.be duly.invited ,by pub- the

been shall recommended bo for promotion retired Ly both'o them corporation, to. tne !t.wUiiu} : ylayrjhereafter, for pilotjvessels shall 'lid advertisement, for ,a, period qot.lessfthan: throe LXXX--An Act granting Lands to aid in the-
tlije list. "
placed notfinr.ry.ulioAHTICLK '
upon ,hechoicVbf-Jliretox8pf. 'public notice shall tootiir tn bths, in newspaper or general circulation..published'ih -. ronstructioulJofMrtain Railroads In. the State of ,
4 8ic. 5.And be it further enacted. That all officers n'ok 3ilitsreijuird sailing easIs,1 bnt shaft carry -.
be given fortbretays'1pepub13o newspapers ptrtjw7Jtt the Mrritory oC Utah nd also'
a. Wisconsin. .
"recommended for a'g1iL-ut theinastlad1visibTe all raui1 newspaper -
promotion uo.der the fourth section lished 4aity'iu.ubington ciIyo; Iy/:; n per anl shaD also exhibt! ''fare.uj tliq.or1.'b& 'publishcdin/Washthgtoii; to Jhe hihcsLaru best He it enaceJrtAg 'Peltate
of an act entitled "An Act to establish and equalize senMinotjce eerved. ntac4 jtockhol er,. y tie secretary (- teen minutes. I '1i14. ., .'vry.f- bidder;:' aid.bH's''hSay'be'filed the.'governo.f of., .,ftf-'tki Uni'ed8ate*of.America Conyre-ix axscmll&L of,

.-> the grades of line officers of the United Stales navy." or clerk of th e.jwrRoration, And In all meetings 't'.' $ ,., .,.. T'i. ,3fl : tmL said territory at (he"seAtof 'gnvernm'ent'thereofaidwith ', That there be. and is hereby,granted to the state

approved July sixteen,eighteen hundred and sjf-1 wcj, of the stockholders och.eebaInljUe the holder ,; ;. the Secretary of the Interior in Washfrigton!; ''of Wisconsfp'. for fhe.purpose of aiding in the'con-'

ehi.ll have the right to present themselves for exa'irtnation to yoteto; be'given in persdnor. Ar-P'y. yCirfee'cl 9. Open iUhing boats and otheropcn. 11s such bids aa may be received by sajd governor ,hall, strtictibn b'f railroad from'a'point on the SaintOroix. /

; { according to the provisions of this act, and' And be Uftfrtheffnae.Ud, That the government shall not be jequlrc/I la carry side jlights required fdrotherys.elebnisbI1. ,without opening the tcaniej forwarded 'tiVth* Secretary riyer->or: lake;-between townships twenty-five ,and it

if found duly qualified, sod such finding b*approved and direction of the .aITairf.tbqqpir&torp if they, 'd$ 'p'pi carry suchhffBtscary pf>tho Interior, wli.io the ga'ni ,. with( the*'bids 'tUjrty-oiie. to tho. west end of Lake Superior and .

by the President of the United States, they shall b shall be Invested aboatd of.dircptorj?. five in number. a lantern having a'green slide on the'one .filed with him-ht.fl opened in-the presence'of thee from some point on the line of'said' railroad, t bo selected and
I promoted to the same gmdaand place ai if they had elected by the e lock holders on the first Monday sideaiid a red slide on the other 'side, and on tile'apfpfoaeh'of cretry; !the/Interior the commissioner ofipubliclaniLijtt'ad by said state, to Bay field, every alternate section to j

been recommended by the board, and shall receive ofRrpauber in caclj jpar/rom among,the corporators or toioth'er vessels such lantern 'shall'be the 'c jmo.issiotjerlcf India&i affairs,' and of public.land drejig ated byo
the corresponding according to the service whicfy UUIO. in./tJiejfi.rls'Bectioh of thi .ac>,-flp4 f'heirpud- exhibited sufficient time to 'prevent collison 'no any bidders .wbaitmav 'choose, to be. presentat the ,feil B in width.on each side o'saidjoad.deducting said i
ciyma -
they have r>erformod from the date of their rank cossors,ejected! or.pppoiflted jnjthi n f nTJcr.hereirnt that tbe green light shall not be seen'on the port sidi,. (Opening thereof J and the Secretary,aitheyInterior- any nnd all lan'da1 that may have been'grante'd to effeetlmmadlstelyi'a

that of their promotion. And no further the promotion declared by masTvebodies they represent whj nor the ntd. light on tie starboards aide.' Fisbin'' vessels hall p ppjy.thjj pf-o'peVils'pf i su< h ales to th .,construe, theslateofWisconsin fortkorsamB "by th'9aet said
hall be mide upon U e active list until number shall hold .t.heiy oe forcn ycar and until otherp apdopcn boaU.whea Cnehor. the which 'purpose.
or JaJUche'.r'l tT.nfJmprovemfilta| .reservations of of.jjune 1hr
hundred and
congress eighteen'
In each grade is reduced to that provided by Jaw. are dolyqustifl. tpsk tirpJacc asqdiretore, their nets ood *tafiwBry sisll{ ethibIt a brigbt.whit0':! tnaV'be tablfsed'dnde the provision of ihjs'act oroy fifly-s'uc, ,
c, & Andbe it further enacted. That any officer 5at end the sail dtrectors shall elect of their upontbeamnterms and-conditions as are .
( ) o'ihe .
number ,ight Fishing vessels and iKKytsahalL.ho\r &tlifir'awfu\a6ti6ffty6r| \ ; pf stock. '
;cIle naval eervicoby and with the ad vice and cotiMiut ihoshtl ) open ver purchase! Cfihtained in'th'egrantin' lands to the state of Wis- >
*, bo advanced, not exceeding thirt ac.b.presiren1MTh pot be prevented from using a flare-up i s Jdition, if igti liltth'af lin'jslementa.6rsuch other"u>efuf artfcfrsaa consin. to aid in the constructfon"of railroads in said in l
of the Ikra
; Cumbers senate, in his may own grade, distinguished apngucf from corporstTh11ha their Thfl seertitary Considered expedient .. ., to him may seem best adapted to the wants and,, atat$, approyed. Jnnej threev .Eighteen hundred and city ; ;
among oM.he
xtracrdmary heroism. RULE3 GOVEJINING FOG-SIGNALS'.4 i requirements Jndimre.: Provided.That pojra 'fursix. But in cae it shall appear that th United
jnhaUle, or foresaid, who sHajlj f the j.
lP* eecrctary oorpor} 'of lonl'shall'bi'so'd onder'ilite'provisWns bf VhM ings t
? <; St..Ih'4 hiv whrn the 'saM'road
line of
rhattloj..sjdsnLf route 'is
nd U itfurVter enacted. or
SBC.-?: A 02!
w. ation, and? bvhlt( also choose a treasurer, who FOO-WGXALS ; tIobftii teas isin'-lt.epraised 'value "ti
.. the United States shall appoint paymaslefs pf'the4f shall.-gjri)Vpnd? 'wHh surety to said corporation, in ..{AonctB 10. Whenever there is a fog, '4.vhe'Cheb3'day Ascertained' by commissioners be 1eflnhely Lflxed.eOtlTeservet.) "or :otherwise disposed red j

flet fcnd engineers of the fleet !n the same manner *(eii'eunvi* the said directors may require,* for lhfaithfuldsc or night, the fog signals describedbel6w jhaH'be! Secretaryof Ute>Interidc/or'.tha.t purpose apperntedby'the- ,>' c that .r' of parts .th Wfi' granted as aforesaid, the i iba
and with the same rank and pay M fleet surgeon's\ of and.used and ehall sounded or right pre-emption homestead, has.atr ,
: ( ar 44'fri ti Jor tjfofthedifrectors'ahall farficd af least .
; .A.jp evdry ; i .SEC.,2.t4ad be ,
) > Jurlhercactetl.: That the' suipermtendent ached
.;and the retired pay of surgeons paymasters eagi nf eral f for the transaction of .lni4ut.ee,4vi1-1 ;; iruil of to the same, then it shall be lawful for any |
and other staff officersin! the nav'vshallbethe irjnqrm ; : ta Indian\affairs'.for; ,the territomof-Agent r>r agents,.'to be'appointed by said company, to j
eaipeai Steam'shipsiMnder/wayshail/
business > the board of ( whistle
) viteaMT
andjnJci.se.pfjiyaca"BCj in use Utah be, and he is
I ; hereby, authorized and \
that of the retired officere of the line the wjlli required ,eelec ,aubjfict,tq ,the apprayal'of.the Secretary of the
of navy directors ry the dtsesgnsLion} or otherwise, of -placed Vefyre the,Tunnel, not less thanjeigh ff at from
I i wbom they have relative rank dfreOt asionod shallBfec. the ek .toc.pllect.and settle all, ,o ,'sq nianyqf[the- Indians Intc'rior.. from the public lands ,6f the. United States '. ;
Sec.8.And be any !'t'7 pc .thereby pid'territory aa ejf'oiindpracticable) injthe nearest'tb'tH6 \\lr of sMiohss' boTe'specified, as much
m* further enacted. That all acts or parts tX) Ailing shiBs Hnde? haIlpa,4g .
remaining dLrector.fyQui. amp way horn 'whichis .
; 'UintayatleyinBaid i
| terrjtprjr set !land sections
[ acts which inconsistent hereby alternate or parts of sections e> are with the *
provisions ilpue4n the first setff'4his oat, (fc/'BU-araibtpa! and sailing nol under fpr the settlement
;this act are hereby repealed* theirsuccessoredur! electedorappoinie4 In the Vhir-n abell. ehipa.ihen tft ''apart bttIop19faIch'4ftbodilrent.'tibei' perniknent and exclusive ucf bcjcquaLto-such land'theUnited States-have sold -

Approved, April 21, 18C4. mn.anr ,, 1 1tl qC'Indluujlof or therw ,sa apptqpmte.d.or.towhichthe right of .
'a M faM said territoraint' be'induced to Inhabitr ibe knaelSecv3. pie-emptimror' has attached! a's aforesaid, tive :

'i1ri And be it further nackd ThatfortheDurr which,Iand3.thuas( 9<:ted fn )reu pf those oldfand (/ ,-
CBAP. LXIV.-An Act to amend an .Acifor enroll ri 0. And otfUffthjsz'pin&Q That tho directors ] .uu1 XE&Vft. ;pos ; of makig'aiicbltoral1lmro.vemeiit' f 1TthUifitaValleyr to'wnlch"preemption r" homestead right iia at- )

and calling out the National Forces so A*tolAcret>, shall have full power w mate and prescribe suRh by* 11. If two sailing ships are meeting endVni ) fomtbefco'tnfort of the;Indisns-who-may tac'h'ed'"as aforesaid, together with se'ctlons and -.
the Rank, ray. and Enrolmentof.tha"Provost! laws, rules, ana regulations as qyblI deem ncedi or nraly>end on;; oa. k invcl vs risk ef collfaibz .the inhabil.thesame1'andio-enable] them' tel be ornself p.seetionadesignated-by'odd 'numb .'aa'frforesaidVrt parts :

t* Marshal General. fut and proper for the(disposition end management htjiupjofboth shl'bq put to port- ;i'. that each may jfuttaining bv -mdahs.iof .agricnUnre/there'.is'her'ebt,9ppiopriaea aM t/\T teil na otQrid,\ B ha-il .be r trebi V w.said ories; ;

ir ,JBe it enacted ly the Senate end House of Tteprctcntt* the stock\pfpj>ertjrj eitate, and effects the corpora} paes.jqn. t ort side or the bluer. ; wptol any money:.in-i the.treaauryi niH iate forthe, use- and purpoe, aoreaakt:

tivetof the Un.ttc4LSt4zfea of America in Congress* attcm) Lions, Boticontrary to the charter or to the Jaws.p/ TWO a1L11O' iifl's' izostao.'Ab otherwise appropriated, the sum of thirty thousand tIat tho iIatl Id b tucated shalt In'no 'ca be Jose;

Ihd, That, the rank, pay, and emoluments ofthe pro -United States and the ordinances. JVulifngton( city; ] A1112 Wheflitv Ili g ih1p au a.64nvo1ve dollars, which sum shall..bo expended by the eupei4 Jurhe4han weutyl miles.from the'line "of the said (
and shall have
.vott-manhal general authorized by section five of power to alter, or'ftmend the same a| j Ior'sald; .upde4 roads
risk 'of ellision, ThentIh'ey avehwjnd nor hal} s.uc.h se eot.ion or location jbe'made fn ;
&aid act, shall be thos of a brigadier general. the interestthe'corpcrajlon, in their opinion, mi hi'rVcton'Jthq lieu'lof liwds }
:'rnon dilTentsides, the '$bip'wltl the'wnd( ,, jrece'ived under the'said grant 'of'June been
ac.2.of AnAbe itf.thcrenacte That all actaand require.Tmf(Jt*" tbe And*._the 4.Jt.A said'Lt director*rt J v lhaJl< .have.power i te1ppiib port: side..shall keep cut of the/way-/ the'strip : -thtett ighteoV hundred and' 'fifty'siir 'butWch'seiJec
parts acts fnecntUjent crUflate4
t herewith are hereby ft, to'the$ 'd'itJdendi wU .the;w d..0n the Btarbord side.etdeptin'therAfe: :- :: > ? .a ad.kcation.tney he made for the benefit of \V
rlP1d.lrntal1.hivo pr iBjvhicU the ship wiLhtbeTvind: on\h sidcia: close rAn: Act' for 'Pje'venUoa and sa4 stte..pnt lbr the. pim.rpoe aoesaid, .
Approved tbt-jic'a' { > poSreic suppjy ;
-. April 21,1SC4.JBu'f .a oftthft clock held by indtyldpals toproyldp, fotbrdem'vt1is *, haulded. And,the other ship- free, in(which ftetf thi'latter"ship Vessels.PunishmeoCoTTfands-I in Bclatlftnto" the'Kamcs of ny'de1lC1etibyundertLe ,said rant of'June'third,

.. up shall keep out of. the waf. But ifjthey eighteen.hhndred aM'fiftysixshouldany: i snch'de.
on fair and equitable terms : Seitenactedl 'iXe'¬e &
Xamesot'fL. DI.. 'zc :iLu sthd4 1( ItAve tbevipd pnlhe title, or if one d thwn has the < *difo4ise of.RqneI.zi ficiency.exist. in' ;
iri00'epSSS the IiitrIct and wind'aft,'the'ship which Is to windwdsha1Leep tivet O/AL ied&ass'Df1btei.ica in congress asxjni ,,.8rci! 2. >And itfurfltr.enacted, That there be, and of
,. Jc.bofly ororganUation,, nan e44ntbe first eection ofthl tsd. That,.everyeteamboat of the'United States shall: f
of the is the
** out the way,of ship,which is lo/eeword. hereby granted to s ate of .Wisconsin, for the
Jteii (nmttdby tie &nat,4 E'ov.eef tritettf ;actshajl, be entitled,.during 'tb "njo' ,(h.pf,lfpVtembep in addition to having her name painted on her storn; purpOse of aidinaf'in the 'construction'of

th4VifdMf.At..j"Mcd %S Z eighteen hundred and; ixlyfour. axi appualIy4hereafter I :-1! SPIS rKPtR ETLLM -. as nowirequiredby, also-have the same consplc- :pot the town of Tomalcin, the a Monroe railroad, dot
1 That Ue district of Prcsau .ie, jn the sta .Tf to meet and elect, by b&Uotozie'ot its A;?. 14. If two ships under steam are meeting 'end uously placed in distinct,' plain letters, of not lees in! said state, to theSaintCroix river county'of' lake.between \

Tennsylratia, shall hereafter U yowtoltu, di,. numbers a-successor to the person then, or lastj on.or nearly end onso as to involve risk of collision; than six inches in ilengthon; each,outer side otthpUot'.hQue townships twenty-five and thirty-one.every?; alternate -* tri A

trictof JirU, and th port of Fmqu T.4| ngll uere. representing it as roember of. this corpoiation, whoso the bjEJmsof.botli! shalTW put to port BO'that each, if itbaa s.uch, and,:(i io.case the said.boat section of public land designated by odd nnm

after be known as the port of Erie. annual,term expirc'a put thereafter pr.which nay may passs'on the port side of the other. has. sld -wheela) alio.on: the outer side of each wheel l. beta /> -ten;sections in width oh each side of-said] !
tl !C6t. hare expired next before the time, ihat 'said toripontion and 'if
.- Approved, April so : housol anysuch, steamboat shall .be found road
4 shall'forever consist of ,- TwonIrsvxmtEzsTw5; ; ovs deducting any and all lands may,hava been be
corporator without haiing'her 'aa
Act In Amendment of each,of the aaIdmasanlobodieinamM in the 'AttrMt If two ships under team an so name placed hereinrequired, grail ted to the state of Wisconsin for the same pur- said }
C0AP JJCVIAn an .t first crossing1 she shall be'sub/eot/ to thesame penalty and forfeiture '
I I titled "An Act relating to Foreign Coins anvth# seotlenslofthU pelt'J.+evited tkewcvert That) should as to involve risk of collision, the ship thieh has the as ia now provided by law'Jn the case of .a vessel ofIbfl''UBited -poe ,!-'bythw actofcong'resr/granling'/ lands to said bare ; J
to aid in the-construction of certain, in
state railroads
any ot the said several roaiouic Kaies othet .her cwnrstarboard side shall the i
4 Coina"oof Cents at the Mint of tho United Statev naawddflCtbe] on k'Oep Pulof lates found without, ha jjg' her"nameanil June hundred
nrtt sectionbC this aiUror on-j wof the other approved three, eighteen and.flfty.aixiipont1ii'th1etins ; : j
approved February tweafy-one, ttl chK > *
t from
; ; 1f.y.'r"cn. -1 I FMogviced MraiTaDt be |>r any cause cease to bei !'n -p n rb swrp 'Vix'a $rx411.! ; )$ 'fasr stem, arequired by law. ntkee'auTacfref June three'eighteen' hundred and
by order of free and
4 z14 4 e c4IZsc qesctd..'I J* VIJ not thrr.tfVen be entitled to accepted representaiJ mae n., O'Mtt)3 tro hJl oe o ;'bIc1t 1Db,.ilflngjC LC-4tRd' $*-.U furthtrrtactedi That noisstori lfty-tix-4 Butfa '&sq itshaU.appear that, the United

t o41. j tlottsS4 any lb.other a. sti&nshi are proe&ediugJa $uJ Jk woej, r.agfit pf toy vessel cf the Uniui4t a States have, wbeu -i e line or route of said road 14 def* of

mb..9fwt vcty l shall in any way change the name of-such'"vesjeior nt$ Iy'flxedi sold", reserved, or otherwise disposed! cents

( 41 w e the.. t v L$****$& by any-.deTice,advertisement or contjiv of any,sections,or parts of sections'granted' aforeiaid -; ual

e't7 wr -.4 AUerupt to or that the oftpre-emption >or homestead! l lSEC.

a--r-- *14l gctj 'isn'tberf4 1zaLstttehed, to th.e same, then it shall be lawful for

? ? ory ier: aay gent. ftf genti to oe pointed by lAId itate tolabj take

/V ,,ong, uCo1btt'uxavoft' ,'vJ'eu ,,! t, tt t4dv.pprotal otihe Secret ipf to* .. I

i 1; -- -
--- _

:, -- -' : ._... __ :,._.

The Florida times
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida times
Uniform Title: Florida times (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Florida weekly times
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Reed & Hodgson
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla.
Creation Date: January 25, 1866
Publication Date: 1865-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Oct. 5, 1865)-
General Note: Publisher: Joseph F. Rogero, <1866>; W.H. Christy, <1866>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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A -
: -
r -- ..-.
-- .
: --
r1 1- 1 _ft Lft '" ". '. .' 5SuBxsoADyEB.af .. -
& --r- '9"tT 1 J : .

THE IXOBIDA,TIMES: ,:: THE r "'F" 'LJlI.I: \ \ .,-I '. 'S. -- -

11 r J.tI wxcxtr TOR 1'J1B1Oh.lftOU STjosErn 1ft '. .J. .1 For one squaw,(10 lines or feffl,)first Insertion,|,$0*
t ROGERO .. "r' c firalMwqwntlttaertloti.MTeinj-five eentai A liberal 5 ,9

la BOIO.JbDdlog,ad It,Om'Ito t ;,"store :, discount do'1' oi%Wf advcrtlM by tie jiati-
050e .... aLIoBGsoI; JPj-bpIetor and Union jfow cu jFbrctrt o '
\L&erty vj .l*sezzUe ] Terms-93.OOi Per.annata.VOL. ,' -s- S "
.payable In.ftD. tea .' S S
usPper znnum, i JOB riUmd1 h"t 5
aadre $25i, AH, ptpente decodI %., '. e-rer7 cr1Pt1oD-l Clrcu1aistTx4th1q _
OD : .
: :
coPfeI.0&be a iutocflpUon fcxpirea. ". .. A2WARY,2' ;, 1866.; : ., ,tNo[ .. '8.:9 Posters) Cardai.Bin Ei Letter Heads, *a:&C.-n.I1J '
and S
expeditfoQsly executed :
it the Tntn Office.. ,
y. 1 .
: :: ;
. ,'DIREOTORYI1ANTIL .: 'KEWTOEK ADVDTIS'RVRNTS.. S Kf.THE STREAM. < : ', ; .. &OsIQsyrE1w&; Annie 'can'jgt.putio with" .
Bray each other and
BusINES as a wdeplay (rom tho i' :
wire la
: it** J \ ob S grass gentry sayf "Our Jo$ ft puthi -, .
a. o'thathigh shelf without ,
; .' ; main ohjeclof heflife. .
Ii.JATAKNKD A.C'ARXER' :. H !. J.J "A. s. : "' f t lleg' r
r' "
and 3 ;
.oir5atan Ci ,
jrcry probably'you will bare'oihcr'eibBldyrn :I been 5-- S
.I '
S : had employed etcrtl weeks : :JI. S
11 t. .t. :55
._ / .5 upon ,.
.. MA.-vf'ACTUua .' How 1 loathelhis convent ,
u. j gloomy Then
; :
c' -morro4 willS '
.ford 8..SAJIl'fIIS, &, Co. : How I hate thi prisoning wall'Longing /, ". \ : you k picturt of greater importance t an'&Dl'before 1VRtU& The Chineao gourmand*.cave", ri _
PLAJtf AND ; make
& COMMISSION PDTINW&Tlrs, JoiJrsdOatfl for Mr. Leonid, And'will' begin Miss Darn recorded ,
EcE1WaI AWARDING: ..' madly for my' freedom attempted. confidcntfy declared it a method cooking turtles that ,
JtETAtL'DJALEa.s IK .. DKAttB. ,I. II"' ;'. I:am here a captive thralL .; ,, wrdnwbchisbont- equal to going:wrong- would bo'accepted at the autumn exhibition of even a London alderman would esteem hoC' A
6 'WIIOLEULJ .Britannia and rutcd. Ware S Dad I wines, my loved MingulIIo,-" s -S all the .** -T bare haifa mind
1cgLxTS PtANhnKD Cutlery; y through. to paintipgs in tho city;' and Mr. Leopold briefly turtle b put into water at:first only moderately
Soon I'd be within !
GESEBALEBCHA1iDIZE. Sad Tinners' Machines thy arms ; '
Irons Tools
Jacksonville Florida; : Trimmings fa., 278, Pearl Street, Sew .York. .' .,' f Leaving.Nuns to- Ayes' 'dismount, and .help yolimyseif.! It trill be a advised me to make the'attempt,backed by his warm,and covered o'erwith alid3 sufficient
S combination
December a. tb. b. $AXILI. .,I Get 27 3m. And pray to the Saints 'gainst alarms." channtna! of forge. and studio S ; favor toget .it'in. It was the working up of the to admit toe animal'all but the Bead and neck..

Z0EJ L I1v A. A.. CIXOVA.jl. 11', Cold and bright,Mary's river, '. Won'titfrLe6poldr odd fancy,In,which Annie and I had indulged Within rcacu of his u1Q i. 11' placed' bowl
m1BLIsnm 1809.h Close beneath the ConTent walla
KAtEIL. SONS S _Smooth'and fair, but treacherous ever, ,?, Mr. Lbo oldjmiled, but assented, as .honghbt so long ago,-that tho 'forest haunts were not filled with higbjyripiccd "ine. 'As the -wtei t.
ENOCn, MORGAN'S .' Like '*' interest in.the matter was by no means -, deserted did invade. becomes the ,
O. .JEFFRIES, S .a shining serpent crawls. ,,: proportioned ,even though man not them. ? turtlegets thirsty,and is t.. S
COMMISSION' MERCnANT.11CdOl'VILLE. .\ SOAPS: &C., "} watch 'for hours behind the lattice," to hers; and I could but notice that In a clearing the midst of the woods I had thus'induced to driqk the spiced wine, and witH ''ft,. ,

W.A. 211 Washington. Strcctvycw YorE '\7at6hi the wan and crusted beach, both Miss Mcrton:Jand :Mr.. Lang looked as' if assembled, familiar squirrels,.birds, and flowers more and more eagerness, until he becomes so* d .

stte1tlo1L to the Sa1e'and htpmentof '. : Heedless of the Angelus ringing, 5 5 quite enough of 'thissonny pring morning had to,play.their paitinthe retch Nature takeson completely saturated.with it that when cooked/ If t, '

l'ays .pecIal Timber.& Gentry Produce, WRIGHT& CO.:, Scorning what the Sisters preach. been spent inexamination of the new forge. ,summer afternoons; and from, .the. gnarled every part of his body is impregnated 4

eon. Lumber usual s4vsnCei, when desired.: lt ao to pltJ'o Commission ,Merchants,' I have Of the drank Lotus, my from loved thy Minguillo lips, S So replied, hastily,-' N trunks and twisted Jn.es. whose grotesque involutions delicate Savor of wine and spices that is higuiy

=and the lonrarding goods for the Intei4or.tiOffice 'Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, *' : ., Since that Dight.beneath the citrons ;. 5 S "Ob.w .JI Miss Darry, if it will give yonanrisatUfaction hinted the serpent-life within to the .prized. S '. S
at prcent in Reed's bnding! oppositeIirket. : 'J hare wandered in eclipse.". S I '11 finish niv work here at elves which peered from beneath the broad dank S5
.2\OV. -3m Represented by our Agent, Calm and cold, St.Mary's river once.1 leaves I had A PIUTTT CCSTOM. One of the pretties ( '.'
the JOUN S.. WRIGHT,Esq. Like .5 reasserted the old childish faith. o .
OSEPH nE.lrfGTON, oct27.-6m' No. 69 Wall Street, Jew York.' Smooth joining and fair, lerfeut'glide., ever,, 'Thank you Sandy.. And now I think of it, \sl.: have Mid Miss Darry approved my picture Christmas customs is the Norwegian practice of '. 0

joWJJtDL'G COMMISSION MERCHANT.JACKSOSVILtl # WHITE, 'YUIMMAN & ,CO., .J S Many a thing the wate'r hidcl. .. Allice,'a Madeira vine can be trained from the thoub only as a preliminary to better giving, on Christmas day a dinner to the birds S ,

nORmA.trea. ? shelf up over the window to make a delightful things, saYlD ._' On Christmas morning, every gable, gate-way .
& ITIeu's Fnrni GoodS "I know you'd smile uld see me gazing
Clothing 'Iiiiig you jJ'
nude on (.ttii, NaTal Stores Timber As if I could hurry the feet of time-> green curtain. A man, you know, never understands "You. must paint Chimborazo, 6r some" of.the and bam-door is decorated with a sheaf of com : p "
******* ProinM ic., on Consignment 234 and 235)Broadwny, NY.; \. S '.Had I my will the trunblinggrey beard .exactly.how.to plan these throg" I mammoth California scenery, Sand The microscope fixcfd on the top of a long pole where-from it S

Eli Cedar 2y George W. White I I Charles B. Goverton, '' Who rings for the Nuns their evening chime, = "Ah, hu I have planned, Miss Dairy 'This : not:the canvas, is the proper instrument is intended that the birds shall make their t
-1\OY. 10 Edwin Whitman, | 0. Tilton. / ... Should S And sere climb the the floating belfry sound before pantDowu the,sunset-. box will-occupy window; bat it is to be I by which to scrutinize, the rainntc. Genius Christmas dinner. Even the peasants will con. ,

FRA1UtLIK DIUBLE Arm! andJ\'avy.. Mi9 Rc JyrJfadt IJJdMacl, t
COMMISSION MERCHANT, tf Order. '. coil.01 silken rope I'd cast. tiny fish, for"Annic*8 pleasure, when she makes Nature through her key-holes S'b1t; can enter her and what the birth do not eat on Christmas day; _

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Jjoors,.Sashes :Blinds and"Wood Rippling low, pt Mary's riverS i me'a.visitJ": open door and dwell am.d.U. grandest scenes remains for them to finish at their .}Icisaro :
Glides like serpent close to her feet
crraoDcCE: purchased or LDTAICS 15 CAsIt or New Uppli ITIoiiIdiiiKSCONSTANTLY I The leaves ofthe a fragrant citrons shiverS :"Y a mean to establish a kind I of nursery I of'the nni verse." through thc winter. '' : S'

l\ made on consignments to C. D Nov.DIDDLE 30, 18611., on hand and made .to' order, of any S '=AB the trancing. winds of evening meet. see. I hope you won't waste your time, San :(To It O tinW.) -." -' r S ZS, .
1'ork. \J dcscn beautiful) "
retorted Miss ... .
nOLEsAL dy, Darry.
AND RETAIL "I cannot pray with the pallid Sisters, ', below is from the of lIon. George S/ t
BUCKMAN, I could hot to that her of COMICAL LEOMLATION ix VIRGINIA. The pen .
T. E.COMMISSION. AU orders by mail will receive prompt attention. For when I kneel at Our Lady's shrine fail see disapproval Billiard :
DEALER WM., -JFNK1NS, As I have to do-the words I utter my interest in'Annie Bray had not abated ; for legislature sitting in. .Richmond, is discussing "I confess:. that S-"'

TN Late JKXEIKS: k PORTER ,. S Are ouly these-Mipguillo is mine. no plans formed with reference to .her'seemed with much annimation a proposition to reunite S ,increasing years bring wittt f
I think sometimes 1 cannot bear it, them for who
lumber, Timber, Cedar, Mill Logs, Shingles, oct27-6m No. 94 7 Canal Street, New York. That the passion I'nurso will be my'death, .to meet with approbation. And so' I 'was thmortl West Virginia with old. Virginia. The latest succeed increasing in l life respect thoso words men do not -. !fi

Laths, etc. Also in FOWLED CO. But I do not care so thou caress me pleased wbcn.Miss'.Mc on turned to.mc, phase of the suhj ct-is .the- following appeal, I as are commonly \. : J '
used. Heaven Is said be ,
Saw-iulll !JUacbiucrf.T. .If thy lips arc kissing away my breath.? as'tbcy-were.about tb.ride away, saying- gravely offered ia the Richmond ifouse of Del to a place oC.tbosd : S 1'
(FORMERLY OF ALEXAKDTIA, Y J..,). Chill and bright.St.Mary's river .who ,have not succeeded on earth ; .and. it Is
11 "I ask the week Mr. ,,
JsckMnvflle. .t to other last
11.-. Like a poisonous serpent glides. S forpt you. evening 'ito egates by Hansbrough, of Stafford celestial '
that does
." Commission Merchants, Many a secret lost forever, bring tha*. sweet little girl to Hillside some day; county : > sure bloom in the hot blaze grace not thrive and", ;,. S 5 "'1,

L. 1VARROCK, '70 BROADWAY, N. Y. S ." The smooth and treacnerous water hides. or let her come alone. .I will find plenty! of Resolved, Tliat thc jfommittce on the .Union sometimes arises of'wordly prosperityIII / .:

Auctioneer & Commission Merchant, October 27-tf 'Ii' "The Vesper bell from St. Mary's towerS amusemeatTor her that shall not interfere.With of Eastern and Western' Virginia be respectful I dance success of qualities in themselves from a snperabnafr- ;?. 5 !- -

BAT STREET, JACKSONVILLE. FLA. ; Had shaken the .air with its silvery tones, the.work which Miss Darry is so 4csiro sh'oulc.l ly requested'to' examine into the propriety of goodm'
STRASBURGER & NUIIN, The winds in the orange and citron bower the SS conscience o too sensitive, a taste too fastidious; %. .'
all articles goon1' adopting following appeal
in the they ;
win purchase for parties country Softly sighed in tremulous moans, self-forgetfdlncss too" romantic, a raod HAIDES LINE 'NEW
lowest market price. 'July 19. YORK They all laughed merrily,as they rode away; Sometimes, in the course of 11uman'et'cn'tSr
IDlY yigK at the Leaving the Nuns to whisper Aves, retiring. I will? not so laf'as'to lair with ..
largest' assortment of but I lilt'in' .mood.' I thatI trivial'circumstances i friends go a. > .
lIavingimporte&.e To pray to the Saints( 'gainst all alarms, co gay was provoked separate good ; and, S
that "tho world .kws
CIIAHLES A.: FAillCIIILD, TOYS, Yncz" has met the dark Mingujllo S had'yicidcd 89.r adHf to Miss Darry's wishes; as in the case of Araham and Lot, one.goes to living poet:' nothing.ofits .. j

DEALER IKDryGoodsGroceriesTol3acco ,. CHINA, 'Clasped Smooth hfs neck and chill with&her milk-white arms.- irritated by .her evident dislike to ,the only the right band and the other-departs to the'left; men, but there' are forms of greatness'or at" I p
Mary's riverS least excellence, which Vdio and make( sign ; '
& SegarBAf "FAXCYGOODS". ; Slid like a serpent close to her fee.', person in- the world whose affection possessed! but when'passion subsides and reason is enthroned there are that miss the palm but: riot,
< BEADS ETC. The leaves of the and citrons shiver "] dismount and the remembrance of ancient martyrs < .
JACKSONVILLE, FJUA.Kov. > ; orange V7iy not help me herself} friendship .
STREET, S the stake withott the
2tfHAMCV Now offer to buyers superior inducements jof an.aiUrel -, .L.. As dark Minguillo and Ynez meet. i iDii I: muttered, i impatiently. as. I broke open'the prompti the kindly feelings of o r. nat. re toreconciliation'and ; ", : "

10 1865. !new and roost carefully selected stock" bought, for she; die'hy his"burning kisses, coT.cr.of..my .box. "Farabove me as she is,she mutual esteem. It grieves'us querors. .". without the triumph.- - __.-
cash AT THE PRICES.Orders '
WATSON & Co. LOWEST mail attended to.- Trembled her soul away on his breast- < N. has n .;bt.to, interfere .with:i my friendshipwjthAnnb that there has been separation between ns and I MUXCAY.H -'-- -Tin YmclL'c: '
by promptly 'Drifted her life : STII.n TO : i.
the of !
on waves iuch.-y!!"efi;
GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Got 27-3m. S Ask of the lapsing river the rest.' '. ." 1 if-she- does'nctgive,. me herown. inisplao. our western brethren. Bound together by trbni- respondent of.the St.Louis Republicrtnwrites'
DEALERS IN white face crushing the weeda i : ." ... mon blood, a conu"3a,lsnj> and the iron
AND PmUSIJER SHAW, STEPHEN CROWW.L, : tangled I .h, iagc from Quay mas, Mexico, as follows: -: S
Groceries I'ivLb1oflViUC. Xiqnow Secretary. Pre" iil. And Up a through heavy coil the of cold olden clear hair water' gleams, hOwever, -t11e. morning wore on, I became hooks'of interest,'what shall separate us! And "A I leading merchant of this city,: whd
No. 2 Masonic Block, Bull street, interested in my new arrangements ; the decora- bound together by mntual l limits, who shalf turned from into the
EMU W. CROWELL VictFrciJcnt.PHCEHIX In the tidal flow of the river.streams. ; to-day a trip interior expending -
5 S tions of low attic bedroom'vcre separate.what God hasjoined i Shall
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. INSURANCE COMPANY: Cold and bright St. Mary's river my displayed ; together t two hundred and twenty miles eastward, _
Still like beautiful t f to greater advantage in the forge, where I should poverty shall tribulation shall tho sword tear:
fyjUl orders by mail or express promptly attended to. NEW YORK. a serpent glides, told; me that one bad no idea of the bitter feeing
<> Many a fc torj.l os t forever S now pass so.'mnchmore: .'of.my time ; and as for ns asunder from our brethren And how shallwe of hatred towards the French
Sept. 8.1SC5. tn OFFICE, 133 BROADWAY. ; The deep and_* terrible- water hides. Annie, :(ter all,she would enjoy seeing it'tar divide the glory of the Old Dominion he went among. the people. He.usurpers visited Sari .

LAND AGENCY. Cash Capital,..... .,$1,000,000 From the Atlantic S "better, w'jcn completed." Before noon, too, I You are.too brave and generous to.Teqnire us \Iarcial\ San Antonio
Monthly. Teoripa, and
.. ... ..... Suhuaripa S
Assets;. > *1,300,000 5 :TIIE FORGE. bad opened an ;account* with one qf. the most in.bondmen's key, to say; -"Pray, master, forgive AlibcchL Everywhere ,be encountered most _
A. McCORMICK, -00- 5 .5 prosperous farmers in the neighborhood, and'in n.s!1" And we ask ,submission, no' humiliation ivelySnaanifestations of the .
RENT OF Ocean, Marine and Inland Risks taken at rates Continued front ]'. 8.ChAPTER. enmity to Empires
1GKST FOR TilE SALE PURCHASE, or FIRE, as any other first class Company. hard manual labor my excitement passed away;; from you ; :but? ..wl. h, outstretched One of the. chief officials at Sahuaripa said to

Lands in Florida. Ptertievlar attention given to the Jnntrante. of farm IX. S and'I presented; 'myself at Hillside at the appointed arm's,.we invite.yon to.our.. .affcctionate and tender -- him, "Such ''is ,the hostility to the French in
AddrcM. Jacksonville, Fla. IiolaUd: .and thtlr .It.s' t before I was establishedin" hour toits i inmates ever.S embrace. .And.beholdhow.good and '
: Property, Jcllig furniture, foronottlirccorjiveyeart long as grateful ;, pleasant this region.that ,a, man would be safer in tho'
1) It 0 F J S S ION A L. ,. S my licw ituati.n. Mr. Bray Raid; roughly it IS for brethren to dwell together in unity.It hands of the Apaches than in the hands of our _
Losses and 4I friends is better than them CHAPTER.\z. is like the ointment the head
Equitably Adjusted! Promptly-Paid s'poso new your precious upon. ,' citizens, irtbet: supposed he was a partizan. of
O. 12. hART, in Cash. father picked ont for yon ; leastways you must S 'Perhaps no art differs. more whlely i with.individual that ran down to the beard,even Aaron's beard. the French." Men and women'in all the towns' _

& Counsellor at Law JOSEPH REMINGTON, Agent. try 'em and see. I don't say as wouldn't on 'mind and temparament than that of As.thc dew of Heaven, as the dew.that descended unanimously .expressed discontent and S
Attorney resent-
JACKSONVILLE, FL01UDA. Nov 10, 1865-tf._,_ no nccount tate you back if I found you teaching. ,,1 soon appreciated this under Mr.Leopold's npon .the. mo ntain of Zion, ,for there theLord ment towards the French, the Imperial cause,

Will In the United State and Sute Courts. Agency fur: the Sale of f CI1iforl1itViccs. couldn't pit along without me.' You mustn't training. For the first few lessons, I commanded the blessings of lifp Jor'ever- ; and all who sympathise them. Ifahy'otthe ', _
practice ; have'dlat l look'of Km.\' iwcntnii1/ fltrflY*,.\Vben! to no copying,given'no verbal instruction more., S S .
THOMAS C. JEttqEA'gcu; was put friends of Maximilian imaMneTlhai in S
j3< n ,
No )(0,18C5. 2y STa
S S : ,-' flu RtaS .As'1I4' ; cTc" "" .#- : a hos lepr is in y.our hnnd,and you'rc'ready to '; ,;Tie' showed meLLow_ 'to'mix.oiJ.coI.ofIJ! cxpoetttigTns The official, report adds'thatiho Houso imVlUkAASAa. f A:llfiA A pop ?*t.iQntl1d.e.ttb .r lt-** r j S
shoe him fCr.I slfau't bc to be for-WraJSrhciuanJ" S ._ _ _ _
C. P. COOPER. H. UKBEK. ; by brlnrrou-back: to prepared 1tJ iatcly.ndiournecL...._ j 3 la of'.tiu1e m e"fl .5-
COOLER & BISBKE DeLTJ.CE'SBitters aginPMrflrayah1 ctgcrneS\ pro lucc an effect, he did not care : -.- .,t4 _-,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW Syrup Cordials! Ct lorjhg for Brandy ,- to stop for thoj: purpose himself; and for the .{ .-NLUjruui i w CONDITION 'drSSTATE.Thejtmericanhlnion.Commission THX away French soldiers and t" Irnal--Z! ( ; I: ; -. 5

: AbYmtbc, Carncoa, llarascliiaci; Ginger, '. "%VeIl, it is rather a long Tide"for_ .dIC!'grand restad+iseit'rn 1 to>'watcb him, which I aid nar has Mexicans paid by the French, and.in.iwenty"oar ": '.

JACKSONVILLE, FL-A. ', .,Cor ia1,...Ki.l'nnt:1.\c.' ,- : ; folb'\ i> .lowo to'Lower' Warren; and Amos rowlywhile be worked some'timesby the hour received: an interesting l letter,from its,agent at5Little : hour Sonoia WOUld send np frO! every

{5r05.ce-Second story: _SIIOtUL,'" .E1 I. :. \ :S Especially for the Southern'ilaikct.. Cip'.R''farnily55inan, of course they, wqufdu't without jpeaking:. When,1 commenced paint- [ Roc: Arkansas from which' we- .take-,the town; city.and ranch a tempestuous shout'ofIt
Oct6, 18C5.. >. lj. DEALER cipect him to be a-movin' to suit tTlem ;:und.aa ingw4hereforc; I felt as though .I was making bllowjng extracts j. .. .. joyjt '5

B. B. AYDnE"'S, WINES, BRANDIES. WHISKEY; &C., &, he' baa the trainiu', voutbcythink.it'Il Lie constant. discoveries and began to think, in the 5 ''Oar, night of sorrow.. .,Is relieved,by the dawn is stated that the 5-i'alla of St. Antnony i.Et4tflj 5

Attorney & Counsellor at Law, NO. 34 LII3ERTV STRET- all 'rbt! I b.o it will, Pm sure.;" ., conceit of rby youth and'developing .power; .o.f.better.day: Social order.prevails ia every undergoing change; that during the Spring.ofs 1859 '_
T Annie looked ad.lcr J ,1 llt that I wblking without other guide than neighborhood ; families$ were,scattered arc
Ittle' t1la'l..usu wa. my
Between Xassan and William1 Street*, the
JA9CSOSTVILLE: 71.1.trOUoeg' they receeded about:250,feet to middle of the rivw,
NEW YORK.Established S saitln9thingxntil the morning when Iwas; to : own intuition; until I found number of serious returning;i',civil. government, is organizedand .
It .
fllock'overProvost )fTShAFS.g. and nearly 140 fu.fth.ei the next Spring. is .not'jmprobable -
? 1838. oct27-3m commcncft :work at the new forge ; then she followed errors indicated. Miss D rry'a teaching mademe i everywhere rcspcc ed ; r venuCis collected, with-! in' .:
& 1, 18G5. .1' me to tli.; loor ivith.hcr little strawbaskc feel that. I could not do without hcrj Mr. out difficulty ;. the'court: are holding J their: scVsions that afar years they will' be destroyed alto-

JOHN A. WAIUIOCK, I S DICKERSON- AEED & CO.., % in which 'she bad packed n nice lunch, Leopold! that j just so far a< he carried me!'I'in adjusting claims and'enforeing the penal- getber, leaving nothing' behind but a long reach of roIlin' ,- S

ja.ttoxrn.oy atnbcsris I"a"OT": I IlirOETERS? ASD PEALEES.W cohered; \ lilac-leaves; 'rom.the .ulh. l by thefrontdoor. ,turn could take sonie one else. 'tics or law as in former times.. Farmers are tumbling rapids. SS -

FLORIDA Tin Plait, Sbert .Iron, Jcppcr,. 'rIr' J:1.tlli'i ; '- The)funirrjcr days:wore,on. ,My hands grew preparing to,rebuild I .their houses, cultivat.their 'T [orrtcLti1'S 5'5

Will practice in the C untie*of Saw nncc, Madison and And all other articles for Tinners' nse. / You FliJ"on, Rhouldn't bare time to come rougher'and coarser with hard ..work; yet'jnst as : farm?, 'and 'resume their social' 'relations with S ORDINANCE 55 ': SS ,_ '

ColumbU. [y] Aug. 10, 18G 29'' and'si CLIFF ST., COR.FULTON-, N. V. homo e dinner,. ni' you go (to Hillside this_ "afternoon. : surely incrcWd their dexterity,in 'holding the cheerfulness. Merchants tii mechanicstradesmenand 5 oJ'TWC..Cl'U'. JACKSOSVULZ. S .

Oct 27-3ml: SS : Sandy," she said, applpgciically, as she brush' witH i firm grasp and giving flexible_ and artists are. busy,and determined .to do pat Be it ordained by theMayorand Aldermen'o/f&Vcfty"

!? JOII.\ W. PRICE' ESTABLISHEDA., IV 1802. ..' .: tlippeil; ;it. into .tnj:,bnn'd. <4I, .hoe, it will, ,be 'deflcitetrkcs to finer work.' My lessons and things? Enterprise of all kinds)is receiving anew Jacksonville, this 6th day of January A. D.,- 1868y 5
Attorney & Counsellor at Law' .Parasols.ISSAC .' time.for the and impetus, and prospectively moves fbrwartl That Ordinance entitled"an Ordinance touTax
,Umbrella and ; longbefore you go'away, altogether, it: _would ,new,forgeJ.efi but'Jittle cottage an ShoWS S
jACKgoxviLLE, "FLA.; SMITHSON, & CO., BO'lonely without you i" ,and the tears filled. Annie'Dray'. Moreover,she, too changed at a speed unknown in the past. :BaiIroads are Exhibitions and Theatrical Performances*'passelS April .
'Will practice the United States S .thiiOnih' When did I ever im1 projected,'ano GUI leading minds'are" bent np 24th, 1847,bevand the same Is hereby nde1goaztor
m District Court and all 1IfltF4tTflEt, her blVVcs? :'- .5 5S as wore on. readafoUoys:. .: : .*
other Court'wiUiin tbe-Stale. Aho, prosecute all S Xcw Voik, lcant.a1yiuys S I witS; all 'glowing plans and manhood: pcning new channels of commerce.. iTbernin- theatrical
405 Broadway, .Why \v Ji5ut genU9,rippca1ing > ngine, my ,All shows eihibitiong, performances or cone
claims attend against! the Government at Washington. Will oct278m: ,SS luring me backo the village life, whose'rusticihomdy itliat't'she"at was to hive'her'>vork/rid purpose eral resources'or the 'stat ;various and ibaust- certs In the city"of Jacksonville, shall be 'taxed not exceeding -'

,trY' ; ,''n to his the long collection residence of pension.and guuorol*fur old knowledge pensioner of BAUDOTC, ways i I: was learning to'dcspiso f I coul J : iilthe \vortd! .Yet she! bad made ,her visit to Jess in-therasclves- are soon ,tli undergo- new Fifty Dollars for each and every performance. by.
the knows of it Hillside; .had, been not only amused and deligbtedbat and thorough investigation.. Labor feels already; day or night at discretion of theMsyor. <
country, .the locality of Real Estate throughthe (LATE or, MACOS, OA!,) : not tcllj, but. part, and.parcel though ._ e-
whole country; a nd can give any informaUou in 5 she was, bound t5 it by parentage and pursuits, ; 11cted.by all sbasaw .there I the impulse; of a new life,; and asks;'What will, Be it ordained by the Mayor anfr Alilermen of tia 5 citf''* I

regard location to and improved value. u well .u' unimproved land it* Commission .Merchants, .bad neverfaileilto touch.my' heart., I ftoopcd ,wais too deeply engrossed in self-development to thou have'me'd(r From the'ruins of the,war! of 5 Jackg uvillethis 6th day of Jannary ..A.I I P.,. 1866,

,. Sept. 8, 1865 .5 20 I3EAYEU STREET, N. Y. nnd kissed her, w I so often bad done before,. continue my attention her studies; but Miss I will arise a new state.'whose 'magnificence and That an Ordinance-entitled '-OrdinaDc.'CO"pment. .

S. ,, dL INNER, -oT and nnswered-laughing: Merton, inspired .by, Miss Darry's example, or resources will excel .past mgging into town diseased brace and MuteS and sof-

SURGEON DENTIST, IBFJLU advance' 'raatfcJwiCOTTOX, : WOOL- T9' S ''.'Go away? Never,' Annie, until take :you attrlctcJ by.the, modest sweetness so..congenialto ; : .The tide of .immigration already coming be feting,and the the same same to is run hereby at large amended," passed so April as to read 2-ilh.aa 847.foH, -

JjyOffice-on the corner of Forcyth and Ocean Street JLJ BACCO, and rroduce'gencraUy.CONSIGNMEim.'SpLICirED. S with me.!' her ovn womanly character, undertook the. in,bringing vith itythe elementa.of.a higher ,lows:' \ I

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Sbeb1ule&5theold; happiness, stole 'backinto uhwonfyn\ ro"ccnpation of teaching; and _Mr. : ci ivmzat.ion! ,andiS receiving, a hearty welcome .No horse. "lOiges'mut. of males, .or'othcf animal
; S < fronVevery nian of sense ,and. good,.feeling.There .-' haYing any contagious disease;shall be allowed to remain
XOT. 21. IimG'' lief eyes' at the'first kind word from mend ; Lacggreatly'to: my snrriseencourngedherJnit. ; .
MHIBMHMV' the week Annie went is a prevailing.disposition. forget the .within.the.jCorporate limits of said city after the owners ;
fbe returned t6 her simple, daily taskijwbile ; 'ft: cc.afternoons in' -
PRACTICE MEDICINE i'SURGERY. : : or persons haying charg of the.same are required
: "r.5 Orders for Goods' promptly executed: f of "instruction,1 _the grcat'innjprity .tired of war agreeing to3t"
'I.filled with ambition and pride in my to HilUidtf Jo..receive\ ,&)course past; : have them mDOTecJand'i'anytperson-orpersona shallbrngddboorhorsesmuleor4muIesorothe' J--.
Dr. ESSI Elr, .SApAL, i 5 new 1ifc"S.dismissed. ; her from ray rulad., barren jof system; and l conducted_ with supreme to:*trikcr_hands forapcace and,good will. Those '. 'S \

-' Respectfully tenders liu proferuonal eon-ices to the cititens :- SREEft 1O 5 5R6iIAiTs -1 bad meant' to ask Annie to help'me,in arr disregardof, plainer! ,and more .usefid! branches, whpse.wounds arc l r ..s re seem deterintnc4 to ,diseasedt.nimalinto: theliruiisoCuiddtyheorthe'v; :, .

of Jacksonville and vicinity. Office and rooms, i or:acon, Georgia.*" : .: ran rhyiew forge, as she1 had helped'me vet brpgiog out in_ a .graccftulway,all\ her, pecularlj' heal thcni! Angry..conversation, is studiously on conviction,shall forfeit and pmy.afino of Thirty 1.
for the S MKKCHAXTS of Atlanta, .11" 5 ara, of imprisoned not exceeding ten days, for each aiiJeverjoffencetobecoliected.bywarrantfrouithe3layor
( radical difference
present) at A. A. CAKOTA'S avoided a -
residence comer I refined hours even .on pointswhere .
the Annie's rarely
and ; tastes.
Ga. with firt-t picture! .whcri.
} .
Bay and FLKMIKO WntEtssa, Augusta, my { necessarypurcbasers I .
all time Washington, except wben.profe ctreeta, where he maybe foundat ,' now AltD, CALK ii Co., Baltimore. 'were.mnde and in their places, whqn admitted of jriy, walking home, with, ;her u and of opinionmust'preya'iL; .General* Reynolds y..:

Aug. 31, 185.. ionally. enlaced i 16' T..T. DaoocitL.l. retersburg" a.v.13. : thc5woinlzving.intbe other part of the bnildr though.dccaslonally she topped at. the forge,. ; commanding the_ department6ays: The' Be it ordained by the,Mayor and Aldermen:of the'ett
T. Du cu kSo,II, I inc.I .oecnpieJ had swept .floor.. and washed oh her'way through the village, it, was only.fora'mo'lntiitj' 'only dissaiUCxction existing prcy ils; among of Jacksonville this 6th day of January, A. Dn 186d, -,
J. D.DPSO.Y.DENTIST.. JONU kCo... } my. : meJ portion' of returned Confederate officers :"andrion That Sec. 4 of,an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance TaxIng "' ",
Richmond. endaridlooked 'and'.that'often'atusy qnCjwith .
soiitafv window .which vas atone : :
I1JUEJ & Fox, r ,'. inr. soldiers of Merchant Hawkers, and Peddlers Billiard 'ales jJf
.. -' >October 27.-.am. ; S S : toward, 'bill!!; I resolutely ..determinedi Shelhadgrowntaller and paler/sadder.in 'exprcsi coinbatants. "The returned ; bbjh Bowlin*Alleys and Retai1ersotSpiritous IJquors"poes.l J.

JACKSONVILLE; tpiuii.. S CO: i; 'deljii.'tlict:.'piJivMjUng of A ,box of pictures .ioV..too\ ,' I fancied! ,. .notwithstanding':'_the, sides are' aIiul' 'quiet"nl orderly and- disposed April 34th, 1847 be,,and the stone ia.hereby amended S
jy Education.r r ceiv'f 'at. tj e,Pennsylvania College; :"C. H. BOW rAN: &. ; 1 and' Jbookv of" which .tJ1OJ.latterl'wera' to fillaumail new ihtircRt' at,''Hillside.- S But ,then she' was to ret r to peaceful! pursuits.': : by making the fine' therein provided Fifty PoXlan.'Beit S

__of Dental: '..". .. .. ,.Aug. 17.tf Importers" and Jobbers: above,and the former to hang'aronnd leaving'cSiHhooil' behind bet; 'her "Sither''f.i., dl S "These'raalcohtent8wefe formerly civil ''offi-. crdamed by the authority aforesaid, that Sec. 5, '. .
r_. Dr. J.-Ai.S.'TOD1>,' .-f -.: .J th
HAS' UEMOyEp'lp;",TACK89JYILLE, .FLORIDA .:DRY GOODS"' assist i mc.4 Decidiugto'reads,, therefore and ,v1 .momentary: j"ity..and wonder-that 'occupation gone;t and determined td pposo'ho'prcscot. '- '"j"6 SS

M4 1 continue the iil.. 5 until stirrie custom sbould fall to.me, ,. I she wM [,more shy1 of-my-fond-.and-brotherly, civil government reinstate Jthem- Belt ordained by the' Mayor and Aldermen of the atyprjTOkaonTffle '..
1 'ta ebe .oltioo.practice end ,Roams-profession upstair* ln'C.whore in'all. /ess; 'DRq4D V\ t" NEWJORK.S, : knocked! a narrow-board. the top of the ho4 WaWtJiatr) foVrnerTy/I, : ascribed- tp-.thcse.ordi- eelvca.irr office. 'But President Johnson Has this 6th day of JarittMy' A.-;D., 186SThat'811 ,-

J ill .Building Day atioct, .he may be found. S '' 1 ,-- 1 : : .it."i-" .' and alipped* '(iritluintrJe: look,.when T earc.ftb "r ary fcaniis;'pnd kept steadily iny'work ,.It already declared that 'therewith be' no inte' ef.-' compensation Ordinance-entitled of Marshal,".passed"an.:April Ordinance-fixing 24th; 184T the be;

9VIaroflJl8swnaU1* eog ged. ; UItCUAXSoin Sordi.jflHIo.well to cirnfncitt II: lllll LI' .Of' v iscs' 'feet 'nnd 'aorn{!,. -T":tn M ritbe: priteq.of.so.brUlianta: : woman 1 ance witb.the-prcscnt organization. Any effort and the lame,ia hereby-amended to read asXoUQwa.-, ;: S
.-. .t.1a"l.. :: : '8m our'8tockTfj-hicb* comprises I full II'line 6f, 'UoQ&' ;.t ;' f j from Hilllidcj'[T'retufnk 55 asTFcui' DarryV- and a rising geuius'to they can make. will_. n i in be but ntn a i ripple on tha''ciIr-' The compensation'of the City Jtarshal shaD be fijECfl .

rjt. CLOTS, .1-011.. I' r; .' .a..u. 8'Y ." PRINTS, '. S,.. .. 'S S frop a.b baclrlde. Mr. Lang, mounted fiT paus ;iri my"car6brl for the 'paleeh: k of'theViflaW r q: ,Ac f. n ))1t 'fard p'co.nd.prosperjty a< the fonoTrfeg rates" ,. to'cbntimze'' .until altered 'r'reedvIzU4 **'.'
& **
Attorney at L&'.._ tana. Yt1\ew.York. "i DELAINESSHEETINGS i ,, ;? n.." 1'1: .:' ,. ;..i't : his magnificent horse, hurried forward.arid.rodqfalfiy bl kimitb' dat1 bter.' S i'nthtsstatebbec: fully.'ccjtiaLto. that p&I 'S :* :F" S

L.-- E. CLOSS &-JQ. ,... I 5. ,'."" .. :" It:".. I the feinithy. ", .; '';Mj.inj'rconrie'yfJUi f MrVL rop.61ddidnott I ; .becordemofamiIiarwith of'anO t e !a!o9'the,StII." Spec o tnnnalsalary; $ OG OO/ } Cfb ..,.
.. 'r 1i".:' within : .1. ; 5 .r1 &t ... "S: S 'I Five.per cent on, taxes collected;.l; 'J .
Attorney. atXaw .Crgnerax.Agent.i- I S 5._ FL--NNELS'! ", .- ., 'S : : )Yby : SaD y, c lta1J1p L! ,f.cJ'' (Lttiongb ]: iimeThe! idea o!his : i, Rve'pcr.'cent 1 'money coUm for Jffoya&flaldngcattle :t

NO; 281 f STREET "sT5;; 'J I.I" .' JJ A*****P1} 'f.j: USJRESSGQODSI 1 4 V, it.wuautngbt.thatjWarriprstuoulu't not-l lookii;!like"i"genuine artist ;the"-:'disappoinfmcniand''fatkrejto ; JdEpUTL BROW2-ThO.; 1Iflledeyille. eo _' across the St Johns'Wver. f: ? ',.:' ..
'VSCi'/T ,', 'his 'r sp 'DCJ ntrJot'tL 'Cpinpati. EnquiitT thus .Fifty **;cent on all flnescollectedV a be fifloed,
;, : r..j 'lH'i' first'.v 4tor, co how he paws I 114 comprehend pictures p ;
J' (Neil dobr'fo.WAGXOP.' -the Xew:York'St. . kjjWjJ), "S SJ < CLOTHS: It. : ,! >l "- !". ,.j.; 'tCASSIMERSiu'.J yopr know* .you,aud, will> be gettiag. a shde .cffr for chai! $ed intoTawei: f/tHe, Inner,,force ..91thy'man.kJl'beheWb'la iouchcs: "off"'ExiG v rnor 'Joseptf.,Urbwn:.- : ,-tha, same.costs Constables. ''S..:ii_or;, --.;4..ff_J.

-. ..e. .,1m, _S ,, 5 ; :: "_''H"' '": trnnr bpncfit/'. S S patient, earnest labor. 'Among thd others_of dome".prominence,who: Be'ltordameif' the rr'an:Atdennra': -tftie citj S

T : : 'F.OB.SALE." -- "It S ;VESTJN(1'T'S ::1 : I patted my old frieird.'who arched his neck8tiU To !tnyJfigembfC Ttllpw.comprehension- of the worth of may be daily_seenJUjQfJilieiXapitol is'Ex-liov-; "I of JacksonYiffe this 6th day of January, .4r .;'18IS4J,

.* 1.00,000.ACRES LANDlin trtO from on. _red S.; 'R4W' <. ..,_: l inorcproudly,- as though-haidly.: r d(tip'gthe 14 persistent effort, after the attainment er oriBrown, :tho.:famous? --oldiJoe-BroWr/ I That Sct'S of an OrdliM entitled! 'an Cnlating .e-wg.

thousand acrev embrtdnff some, of;the;inortufalaaUc nOSIER"S': ( s I" .;.:. familiarity; when'"Misi. .Merton.. 'MiSs. :parry. ofalM. pedJo1'realize"W'as'marVellbn rUe Georgia, whosefanj$ may,perhaps have extendedevea -! form of trial.before md ,Intendant'a Is bereb Cotu$,"/ passed ndedptrilfDq'ounhlfW'Ons' ,
l&beDa plantation Middle and East Florida fen many WHITE GOODS .; s ';.1' "S :' .1 n d'1.' !..Loop9ld.l .r.d, the stoek i
,#Mity.r will be Bold.,corn,There At,, neceasary to'inake fcrop., LINENS. : ,. .. ', ,_. Are}ou.entirely .re dy. for 'work.Sandy.1"1s1Cd'1i8S -x ;" l lence:Iii cred';1ver:I a'bovlum'waitiog: .like,a who js.popularly snpppsetl .to- carry.the_ State in' f.l ., S
i turpentine Unda. are also fine bodies of timrbM S .'" A'IDBos.' "v' S :H t .Darryafter: thi firsreti g;; '. t Sutf QI.;biKty".cothe} .ihe.eseed loul of ,!his breeches1 pocket invincible,before the people : Be it otscdbytb&Miotn jjderDiclaf'tlld ciC1 Z?I
I .ort.hiJl he' toifed more nnr at 1e 101 of the of JackaolUe, this 6th day of January j. D ;J84> -
ValaaWe bminea and residence Iota In thu .city to S s S _., -LACES .-. \ "Ready for .w rk,- 'but' ,not quite m order 1napiratn1and; unequalled ti9qeetingU-eJ 'sfiall '
.l :wi.T" Miinprofed, A. IL McCORMICK YANPIE NOTIONS: ,t.Jtt.s:- here,".1 replied. . S mltting"than' ,I in'rnfrtrnpglc'fo:existence .t'J wflS\\ h. and **"'r gf53"J6*! nd supposed,, That: from and"afier' to' congwtaW,this jJ tc, ,lasemble notI&Wf4,. pad or: loiter fo?.)- "
:29-b1. AgeL OOP..sKIRTs u1o; }.-.' 1'' 'bfeoktticre 1 f wrid pf Art; .The secret of this.hoi wer c'it.rjpt.fqr. the downfall tot th CpnfeaeracycapaWe.df'traMraHtinV aaTpetson the
.. :"13 qr anything is )Jacking! ,'whi.v ,a. e: ? [ upon any of the rid'71*' or corners ct streets of
\OInexvIle' .A.c&demr,. COTTON BATTS* ,' !" ,, J. 'Why not attitgc' matters at, once!r? i n1a inirVa ,, b >w> rf t t8'cated .to my gubernatorial. ba said city'to:h8IDe or hindranc/of pwacnby, oxl; _

\ '. flUE nerelle ot tlzli I-.i1 U were resumed on ,WAIiDflGS' S '\ ;,' i. she cbatihriedi wffl! ;hT"customary, enerCT**, quesUowasiio g.. '.1tlet coiwqerate. MO [ 1P f hQ to his son 'as"a rightful inheritance.* On a.&ur| to obstruct togethetaiMf of the sidewalks of paid city, .
i lit. MoadayJn$ September. : '. ', Y.An s. S : nen J sense implying natural in. race old :Joo ,has.never been beat;. tBo'towns' by gather standing f loitering thereon
< yhavt W.. shall S ,t. dtJla u M\Vhat is'that shelf-for L.and old ''box? : inany and yiDg t e tJSttile' to the.annyaace'or hindrance
,,, Tulthu fA the Utera11.X corp ta chcriL. 5, 5 : S S WARP, You 'as.-well'confess:.to:-any little adorn- tercbac p of thoughtor5cOnfidenc; ; With Miss may cut Mm, but the bacfc Country'will roll himuptbou.Mnds.evcry.Ume. Of p-ssersby, and it shall be the ,(, according to grade ,. :& ,' ''" "' | may 1 be'was Ks/Trce Ib ataral At he is doing -* oniW. %
-4I t25,and per S &e4. : .' / ,&. ; in nts'it.?'- S Darry, the'contrary present one Win adv the n1lentl..ee tbe J: All of which'wiH.be sold'on tfic"best terns! ;:;'": : S 'I bJi\"c'a'fcw'books and j jt! one.o :two old .seffi; "Wfheneyer I: saw, them :together, 'Iwaa but,littlQ in tho"or1d.pOJI L. Hia'prr-- u any such person shall negiecix*" refuse;.tn-obey the 5.
II1oa. .. of the ur Ord..wOI "' : ; him few dA.8iQ'cc. order of the Marshal, it abaft te Us dnty to arrest them
1211. recelTe'prbrapt'attenUon. his. nature went out to a
1S that, great pertyinAtlauta-wasestored >
.' '... I''Oct 27.l..t "i .1** *, if"i, *)4'i- i "' >.J. ..tI' picurethei'e I replied} rel l zctanUfl L"butt/ ( ; I and eoniE'j them beforelfieJfayoi'tOaI.'S "' -
1'Iukf1J1 for theliberal .v" vir T'n/\v .
i t tliatocfore ,
41" a av .
of .
pa rnag I $we baYe fact: which itaeemc.'tt 'JdJl. -
bjrs a, !
". 1'CCe\od S 5- i ifresisUVf to 1.oo ; :
-' ;
jCothem C01 yictE'l'If' .g'
'Q tho eo1ioi1. ( ,bav- PA8,1t. tor inina not tat I fty'iersol1 $1f
put we bcitnnne j : t-aDdSl
of Ibnilar h -J1 { : .up .
''.,'\ ktbiutnre 7 F'or'lurthef'won Tl ,fa"on. : oea..t ., S 1 itfl 1ltttMzflit3r*rj b1 p nIS f tf 1n8'hO"w 'Car Je 9' anreth I. Venturing .ibtWtbe' politiear arena again. IIon.ionhfsOrdiIWl(._ 'l t cZceeillj..tte
refet 1-morr .
"p 'i"-H" '. .. _.{. W.J.L g 14Jfl1JlATflETAlL A1 h r'cII1.r.Ji Ytbn"1ser.q. .S "al ', c1 dthy'itb bim Y r l l3bL 'l :Should, h 'do(60, it is hinted as ifot nblifcelj' !dollari 01'1mp4ioad qf' f a .
f EOFEJtA.cr' 1 A'i'nA.U1'lUDrTl' .\.1I p fl' ." { -t ..thoCabit'1IS the /'-' ,5&Y .S ,
-if: $ S.
!6't-1 1 : .S .. ', -, ,on4\" .? pgto -thathC1mar.J 1J fdi.-ufJbtf'tr .
ficiJo2. "Vee.l(4 IIIS rt.x.1 : ;. S -) : 'A '
.. z. .: I ,.., ."'. ,,z .., .. .. 't i \ : 16' ,* "***'" .' I ;.: y-
i :
"':: 'I '.,1"." ,' 1" ,F "' ..: "-. -'If., ..". -'fV .,.' '>,,; S '.,, ..I. ,. t.. ,I; .:.- -1..1 ". :'f : : ?-!!2fe--. A4, d' "" ZS .. ..:!.:-1-.r. ''- 'SS 1-; :., -.'. .> -v; S
'oil f '
:1 '
"S"1':" : "_) J \ 'S '
-' ,- "
Y/fI S. .
5 "'*' ". .' .-. :
.1 "
., 'I. J < : .'
"- 4S. 4'. .
r .5 T :

\ S f -
.: S. rO
'fl'.J' .. y. ,
i'- 5
-S -< .110., ,' .", .- '
1"*, I.'. '.' ''" t"Io, _

". S UI ** 1. .1 .

J .. ... .,. .
- ., -'._ _. H '. ; "-1 '- ---- :000.
J 1I

? 'J THE: FLORIDA :TIMES: -It U known that the rebel GOT. Jackson,on making or'We lie glad to chronicle:the fact that we BOW ',It- P1lL.JJ"-Pnu. ,. .s,.. .. f ,- t A inLt. Freedmen- S i S,COUSTY CRIMINAL COURT.

Ifj? trf entitled An Act concerning Schools for 'The Mowing U the art of the Legislator
his flight from Missouri, took with him aom* valuable pa-. Late dan/Jain dn'the railroad to Tattahassee o-a 4'tW KEWft ITEMS. 4 S

a pen from. the office of Secretary of State It is said the 'The Canada which arrived at Hau/ai yesterday Stfrrios I. Bi it enacted by tht 8eot. ,aJHousi of a County Criminal Court .
k'on'If.aDBrr.-Jdi"180o running tim*. has been" shortened. Tralas leaving steamer JKeprtttntotntt tht BtaU tf Flmdttin General A*

GENERAL NEWaGen. Jletcaer: las information: that those papers' hare Jacksonville 4 a,'nL, reach:Tallahassee at 4.80'PL m., brought European advice tolhe evening of the in 24th the Kwii/Vj That the Governor shall appoint an officer, by AX ACT.tO K3TAB1I3B, A3tOMTJtmf oouar.Sxctio : A COtkTr I

been recovered. Capt Sawders who was sent by the and returning .leave Tallahassee' at 7 a. 'm( 'reaehiag December Further diplomatic correspondence Adams and with thfc advice and consent of the Senatel who shall I. Be U enacted by the.Senate I
rebel bad taken mister
pirate question piacfc IDIIL
TTov, AssSsOuit Clerk of the of Common Schools fof Freedmen
k 4 mey, St Governor to Texa to search for these papers reporU Jacksonville at 7 p. m The mails will be transported had Informed the (foreign secretary that England's proposition be stvled Superintendent the RercsentatiTes ot the State of 'Florida".reta S
;. .died at b bear Washington, the 4th, aged that he found them at Marshall-- ,that State Zeus declined Government ;who shall bold hfa office during : .administration Assembly,' convened.; That there "
r.e o m together daily under the, charge of GEOBGX B J and' J, P. fof a joint commission was by our shall.
:i 69 ,e.1d.b 1 delicate health for:the'past! with aH the books and papers of the rebel government JOHKSOX;two well-known'atid trusty gentlemen, who will Earl Clarendon says England cannot deviate from of Sea the '2.Governor.Bt further enacted- -That- the said Sop rin- lished and orgfnized each county ef this ShtTto.
known and aath i4CoanhrMConrC
and that further on the subject be designated .
I her correspondence
of lOMonri. other relics k of children! 1iianycoun.
'Among aboot- de shall where the number
{ and tendent '
secure safety: prompt delivery.f3T' i
will not do good. The steamer Ites had been wrecked which when orginizeoV shall.have
any of rtj
I i I. c ( to p fence warrants issued by Reynolds.: The books,papers, S ." on the Irish coast and twenty lives were lost A Fl'n. ty mar Juat1fr1tj request the CountjCommissioners who: concurrent juriadfctioa with the circuit court hv*&

;; Wcermgtme c a Nortbnrp t commit etc;are bow en'route for Jefferson City.ThpToronto A bin WM passed:.Tby the late legislature grant- Ian leader Charles N. O'Connell, had been found guiltyof such county the to appoint an A&dstantSupennte1defl and oat his instructions & of all or any of the'following offence, connDiaJJ:*

: \. Supreme lJuut has ane the rulingsand .Globe!".. 3d; hasthlj; paragraph: tog Mra, MARTHA Jf.'REID,. a pension of f OOpyer; treason,*and eetit
tl Terdlct of 1tl"given; In the Towe court, "We, were informed yesterday, telegraph, :that the for life.for services l In confederate;bo ptt \s.This'strikes is confirmed with!that England.President France baa decided to aid her extradition fail, neglect: or refuse to appoint. said Assistant, the Superintendent assault robber and;burglary battery;malicious sault! with mischief intent; tel"**kin,tjaJ
treaty y grmnmisdemeanor
: Edward B. Eetchum, Indd for forger/and Collector of Customs at Buffalo had ordered the stoppage -us as a dangerons precedent,"andjlfolJpw dioaH'deserving may do so. _: ?- aLd'AlI offences re -1IIi'
transmitted to the House nputwt gI0It
Johnson 'yesterday
.. betzlement,, was sentenced Saturday, by.Recorder Hoffman at once of all exportation of live 'stock ,from Canada to or destitute- parties,.would impoverish the State.fjf' of Representatives the, diplomatic, correspondence of our Sic.3. Be BtitfrthertaeteJ,of That the the said Superiatendent dismiss- morality and decency: Provided ,That the
with the
serve a term.of ( and eli months the the United i of may, of the same does not affect the life of tbCoi. *
( t O 1 Stats within his district This .dosca the S Government France in elation to the recognition for incapacity negligence '
Assistant ,
.ea Superintendent,
3. A Frcedmens, S4igsBank was opened at Savannah any Sic. 2. Be it further enacted That there 1IIaI' J
that it will
Maximilian. Our Government informs France
.. &r. traffic at Fort Erie where animals transferred of for sufficient cause and for like reasons
many are duty, or any ;
the llth inst We understand that such by the Governor, by and with theadtfcj Jf
on an pointed
not Maximilian eten if the French troops'are
-T! tl1 statement-of the public debt t te from the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railroad the Black recognize th Governor may dismiss the Superintendent and appoint
to '
4 : Institution is be established at the this withdrawn.The sent of the Senate, a Judge to preside over th
to -
'. January been issued the Secretary of .., Capital. ai. another in his place: Provided, That, should any vacancy -
4 f h th Rock ferry-boats. We made inquiries at the who shall hold his office two years and
CnsionBridge 1III\iliia i icesaor
) State, before- long. New Jersey Legislature met yesterday. James M. occur in the office of Superintendent,by dtemi&al,resignation
j Treasury The deb ung Intr in currency amounts at a late hour ,last evening,and learned that no I-I Scovel, of Camden was elected President of the Senate, death or otherwise, the Governor shall fill said shall be qualified and shall receive such ee J

: t $1,179,475,285.60. In cin$1,167,148,291 80. orders had yet been given.at that place to stop the traffic. fjf Senator CALL 'will leave Washington this and John Hill, of Morris'county, Speaker of the House. vacancy by appointment until the Ipeeting of the next tion for his services tithes by way of both salaoutofthecountytreaanryorfeesOr tow

t., t .If atured not presented for payment, $1;166,880 82. I week. Both are Republican*. The Governor's message says that General Assembly, when'such appointment shall be submitted as ft,
Debt ; was expected, however, that-the" order would speedilybe of commissioners 'l'be. AM ?
county may pm 1
bearing no interest, $439,819,980 '3'., Grand tot .. S'S the war debt U $2,818,119 President's policy of reconstruction to the Senate for confirmation. S 1 *
J Deb wouldbe and in the selection of a suitabletheoMceofJudgeltsbalIbenGObstacetabus W
but it
given; was supposed that a day allowed by provided
t :, $2,807,810,837 99. .Amount in Treasury coin PRIZE .ONEY. is approved.A SEC. 4. Be itjairt/zer enacted, That the Superintendent (
t to the animals actually In transit We wait with the aid of the Assistant shall S
pass Superintendent
occurred Nashville destroying .
fire at
i In The official statement of the amount of yesterday morning ment that beholds another office .cot oIDPI\iIiI
Amount I
prize ,
$45,735,55069. Treasury ,
$44 money .
currency, establish school for freedmen when the number of children -
the full developments of this Important'mlvemcnt on two stores and several bouses. Twopersons were ,
Constitution and that he is incumbent
:.998,281 11. Total $90 : Amount paid to each of the leading naval officers during the war in onsties will the an e
\ ,'5,881,80 of Debt, the part of Mr.Seward before making further Comm' nl" killed. of persons of color, any county.: : the offices of Judge Probate or County Commi
'; less Cash in $$2,716,581,630 19. presents some curious anomalies. Admiral FARRAGCT, the Clarendon house Chicago warrant the same: Provided. The funds hereinafter provided ?
> Truu -The following table shows the number. men raised A fire yesterday destroyed the thereof. .SEC.: $. Be it further enacted, That wneneywfe'r
shall be sufficient to meet
., ... ,.;,1n the 'Stong' 1r' case' !the. jury, after being by, the several States for the war: who did the best part of the fighting, gctsless than $60.. and a, adjoining building. Loss about one hundred SEC.for 5. Be it furtherenaeted, That DO expenses teacher shall be tice of Peace shall, upon the examination of..?, .

F. }. locked up to forty-eight liours. disagreed and wer .Aggregatere- 000, while Rear-Admiral LEE, who did none 'at all, gets thousand dollars., entitled to the benefit of the fund hereinafter provided, plaint made before him,determine that there are nj

r .charged. They were two ten-ten for duced to 3 year nearly:io;o. Admiral. FOBTEB gets over $90,000, Secretary Stanton has ordered Col. Ludington, Chief who shall not have first procured a certificate from the grounds to hold the put arrested.accused fort

\ acquitting Or.t le dnidc crime (t we i States I Aggregate.standnr&: which Is none too much for him, while Admiral 'DIBL- Quartermaster of the Department of Washington, to sell Superintendent(his or her 'competency for which the shall commit or bail the said party for his cc atfance
Strong adultery, whilst ,the the time for trial and forth fciti
all the wood of the Quartermaster Department in at proper r ,
Maine .. .. .. .. 71,745 6S95, surplus said tsachcr shall pay to the Superintendent or to his Assistants
entire twelve were agreed in convicting, Mrs, Strong of New Hampshire h .. .34,605 30,827 GUN gets a little over $9,000. small quantities, atreasonab'-e and stated prices, to the- I upon Ids order, the sum of five dollars for the r papers in the case to the Jddge of the said .

., .. that,. crime, Vermont .. ..". ; .. .-;. S5,25 29,052 'The whole list is so curious that we reproduce it here : poor. I benefit of the fund for the common schools for freedmen, shall forthwith i tone a writ of venire him facia-,die .
The VieeA&lmirilD.ltear&dmrral&P.L.ee'1 . : .. Stanton has ordered Gen. John E shall authorize 'and the Sheriff of the county, commanding to saranwt
: Secretary of the Treasury, on the 9th, communicated Massachusetts'161,785; 123,344 G/Farragut ,. .$55-443 Secretary Brigadier which said certificate empower attend
Congress the statements the Internal Revenue Rhode Wand .. .? 23,711 17,878 ... .. Jl.. .. .99,45ft Mulford, United States commissioner for the Exchange ol said teacher to.teach in any school for freedmen for one ty-fonrgood and lawful jurors to upon the jy
: .! t of Connecticut;. ... .'., .',& &67,270 60,514 Real-Admiral D. Porter.-. ... ,? ... .. .90,348 prisoners, to turn over to Major General John E. A. year from the date of such certificate, and no longer: said offence, on a day to be specified in the 1J. '
for of the time and
": the Third District of Gcora earnestly requesting NewYork. ........ '455,568 380f,80 Rear-Admiral S Dupont. .........Jj'>.;....58,476 Hitchcock all money. now.in his possession belonging to Provided That the Superintendentxor any of his Assistants to notify the offender place of tr*|:j.

.. modifications of the "test setting for the New Jersey. ., .;. ,l. .. : 79,511 55,785 7ear-AdnnralTheo. Batley. .'.. ... .T., .... .'..89,098 the prisoners. S may at any time cancel the.ccrtificate of any teacher vided.of That comp'laint any person may Justice, notwithstanding of the ta< t

I 4 : peat difficulty' experienced in. procuring suitable personsas Pennsylvania./.. .. 8B6.326 267,558 Rear-Admiral S. H. Stringham.' . .. ... 14,447 The important documents and other State papers of for incompetency, immorality or for other sufficient sal any instance by.ke a his Peace nj

assistant transact the business of.the Delaware.t ... . 13,651 10,303 Rear-AdmiralH. 11. Bell.. :.. : ... .12,207 Hon. John 8Ji ie11" are advertised for sale in London., by cause, of which they or either of them shall be competent in of the the first criminal, m complaint who shall before if tie j51

I t Dtprmet Maryland. . .. 49,730 40,692 1iear.AdmiralTP.Green. .... ,..J.. .10,368 auction next week. The lot seems by the catalogue to be judge. county court he he_
j in that section in consequence of its prvision West \i nIL. .. .; 80,003 27,613 Rear-AdzniralLA.-tsbIgren. .. .. ... .. 9.S71 mainly made up of Congressional document, presidential SEC. 6. Be further enacted That a tax shall be assessed to believe that the complaint of is probably weBfi
his writ the the
General Howard, of the Fremen'iDarau. reports District of Columbia.. ,. 16,872 11,606 Rear-Admiral ".JlI.et1. ... . .. ... 7,943 messages, etc., which the rebel minister obtained during and levied upon all male persons of color betweenthe issue for same IA incases 11II T.

I t the House that in consequence of Ohio... .. .. ... .". .. 317,133 239,976 Rcar-Admind II.. K. Thatcher. .. ... .. ... .. 5,460 hw residence in Washington. ages of twenty-one years and fifty-five the sum of and may issue his warrant to arrrst the sce
1 instructions received o I\enttve Indiana ... . 195,147 152,283 1 Rear-Admiral J. S.Palmer ... .. 4,510 in his that one dollar each, the proceeds of which shall constitute a SEC 4. Be it further enacted,'That in the proof
restore Gov.;Marshall of}Minnesota the said
its message says court indictment orZ
( t abdoul property t Illinois .. ... . 258,217 212,694 Rear Admiral L. M. Goldsborough . 8,021 the fund, to be denominated the Common School Fund for no presentment, |
there entries of land during amounting to l
former owner*, when pardoned, the tenure upon it was Michigan. ..'. . 90,310 80,865 Rear.AdmiralC.K. Stribling.-. . .. .. . 2,251 were There 210 miles railroad year in the education freedmen,which said tax shall be collected pleadings shall be required, but it shall be Kafi

\ i j J BO uncertain that steps taken to allot it t Freedmen were Wisconsin. .. ... ..: 96,118 18, g5 Rcar..Admirulym.lIt'I'vine.. .. .. .. 1,473 ation.139,232 He acr< the equality are of whites and blacks before oper. at th e same time and in the same manner as- the State put fence the and party facts accused which upon the his or her trial that 4 J

I 0 countermanded, the revenue 'resulting therefrom being Minnesota. .. ..: 25,034 19,675 Rear-Admiral A. A. Uarwood. .. . . 473 the law. urges tax is now collected by law, and paid into the treasury of upon ,same is founded or.f
Commodore Wm. W. McKeau.. . the State for the of the Common School Fund for plained of are plainly set forth with reasonable _i
i materially curtatled.t Iowa .... . .... 1 5,6O 68,182 .28,610 use
very Missouri .. ... . 108,773 36,192 Captain J. Marchand ... .... .,. .12,490 GOT. Crawford of Kansas, in bis message to the Legislature freedmen aforesaid.SEC. inthewarrantofarrest.' S
: __ -. Hallock, the founder ld'or..many years pro- Kentucky. .. o. 78,540 70,348 Captain B. F. Sands. ?. .. . .. 28,516 urges that all the Indian tribes in the State be removed 7. He it jurllurentJdeJ That the salaries of the SEC. fi. Be it further enacted That the trial iT.

L prictor cf the New York Journal of Conrct. died at Kansas. . ... . 20,097 : 18,654 CapUin N. W. ,Walker . . ,.. .34,518 to the Indian territcry. lie is also in favor of sustaining Superintendent, his assistant, 'and of teacher?, shall be fences shall be by a jury of twelve men, to be Anlofcfrom

his residence,'fn that city, on the '4th. -- Commander. E. Jonett. .. .. ... ...27,449 the General Government in every good and paid out of the treasury upon the warrant of the Comptroller the Cat jurors named in the retura

> -Gen.Tobin one of Total. .... *. 2,129,041 2,653,062 Commander'John JAlway . .! ,... 54,431 laudable effort to preserve the nation's dignity and maintain Public Accounts, from the fund aforesaid. venire r .
I ,1 largest planters of South C H. B. Caldwell '. .10,573 its honor. SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That alt'uestlc
,1 Conupander ..i .SEC. 8. Be further enacted. That the salary of the
California Steam will dispatch
.. Carolina, i making the t labr system progress very -The Navigation Company Commander D. ILRidgely ... . ... 14,134 The ice-house of Lymnn R. Lyon, at Lyon's Fall, N. Superintendent of common schools for freedmen shall be the trial, shall be decided by the Judge of the coot*

uatisffojiorily on his plantations He says the difficulty the first steamer on their line from San Francisco Commander. H. Wyman. .. . .. .... .....24,003 Y., has not been empty for tw'ntyy'lll'll, nor has a poundof one thousand dollars ; that of his assistants two hundred it, shall be his duty to pronounce the sen tenet rf

In -of '!I c of the system is her foregone .. to Honolulu on the! 6th of January, lost This will be Commander.N. ColI\ns: .. .*. .. .. .. .. .15,222 ice been put into it. The building is constructed after dollara-pcr annum, and that of the teachers of common court and to see that the same 'iaerriedintoe, 5

'the'wa the SUCI8 .t 'important' event in the steam navigation of the Pacific. Commander S.Glisson. . ... ..... ., 30,426 the ordinary method end when it is designed to fill it a schools for freedmen, such us shall be allowed by the Su. agreeably to law
", ,cncuion,on part of;.the m'ority. of planters -The completion of the census of Illinois reveals the Commander Gcbige M. Rausom .-. :.; 29,191 rose jet is placed upon the water-pipe, and as the water petintcndent or his assistant or assistant,to be paid quar- SEC. '. Be i it enacted. ThattromtheiS

that it must tail C.ommanderWmBudd.-.a.: ? . .. ... 38,409 comes through it is chilled and droops into ice-house, terly out of the treasury npon warrant of the Comptroller of any question of law, arising in the progress.of tin a

"Ffy thousand Northerners, expected to spend astonishing[ fact that since I860, the population of. the Commander Prince Crosby... .J. .. .. ... ..23,896 where it forms in one.solid mass. out of the common school fund,'and from no other fund. an appeal may be taken to the circuit court of die_

..'the winter in New. Orleans. & State bas increased about 500,000 or nearly 33 per cen Commander. 0. Sundt.,... < .. .. .. .. ..21,115 An accident took place recently on a Tcnnctsce rail Srr. 9. Be further enacted, That tuition fee shall ,ty, in the same mannerand upon the same 1enIIa.,

-Four of the Fifth f umv_, Commander P. G. Watmougb .. .';. .,, .r.24.272 road and the wreck took fire. One passenger was burnedto be collected from each pupil,under such regulations the prescribed for the taking 'of appeal from the '

companies United States Cavalry; -Tbe gold, coinage at the mint during the month of Commander S. D. Trenchard. .. .. . .. .'. .,.18,569 death and several badly wounded. Sii p nten nttMfhall. r; ,1)ib) !hs aj) e paid into the supreme court and the judgment of the'circuit e
*-. serving in the vicinity of Cumberland Md. have, CommanderJ. . shall be final, unless the, Judge thereof shall J
ben' R-Millay .... .15,441 S' oenlt
the of the conTCSS
of State ,
irdcrcd t rpor i the commanding officerln North December was $1,126,000 silver coinage over $103,000. Commander Wm. E. Dinnison. ., ..-14,444 Henry T. Coit I D.'D., Rectofta1'- S .- .. &..1" .: -oo1, Co"'n school the treasury fund for freedmen ,Provided as portion That said Superin- S bt. : ri'1LeXlTth/ff>se may be carried to lilt' !

fA l) Pfifl )'rl' 1.. iwi-.i Secretary Stanton and Judge Holt both decline to Lieut Commander Wm. S. CheewmnC-- : 4. ,19,178 co.. h as be nJ e cc'. .6 prudent of Trinity College, Hart- I tendent shall have the : to determine, and specify wreme court for its decisioit* ** !
Lieut Commander R. ILJitf1'8'' '-.. > ,, .rJ p ccU of the college were*.never more power SEC. 8. Be it further enacted That the proceedqJl
for assignment 8StfP'': lU'l' "nm-r- Wiz3j eulogy 'on the and'cbaracter I of the late '* awson..10.525 r. irti.- Ai> i what pupils shall be the beneficiaries of said fund.
VrWa t ActinAss'tPav'i'* all trials the criminal unless
Detroit Tribune is responsible for the'following nm-fOTU mm P ncroftha8 been selected. unl,. ,9-M -.- '1..aster10. J. Corte .......10,430 cheering. SEC. 10. Be it further enacted, That that the Superin- provided in for in county this act, shall be court conformable, to oton titpil|
-Te dismissed the United
has been
President Lincoln,an WtbTpKKt! H--jkw )i44--, rT( ;jSThant Wm. B. Gushing. ._.J... .16,100 Major General Sweeney tendent of common schools for freedmen shall make an .
important disclosure: We learn from an entirely well- of War for absence tice and rules of proceeding, including the right d
r -A Government engineer sent to New Orleans trom Acting Vol. Lieut Fred D. Stewart .. ., .15,073 States service, by order of the Secretary annual report to the Legislature of the number of schools for the of the

foe source at Washington, that all the books and. Washington, has-arrived there, and commenced an exam Acting Master[ Charles Potter. .'. ... . .12,045 without leave. established the number of pupils,the amount of the fund lenge in like prescribed cases so far as the government same can be made circuit
)left in Canada by Jacob Thompson, the Acting MastirFraneis1lurgess..12,045Acting The Fenian Congress has resolved itself into a court- expended, the amount in the treasury the number of tpp
moS'acve the view of and the venires shall not be
cOt ination of the levee, with repairing rebuilding Provided by challenge d.:
ad debased of all the rebel emissaries hi Master Alexander Walls. .u.u.. 12,045 martial to try the bsHijerent senators who seceded. teachers employed, and all matters general interest to beloW the number of men necessary to constitute& fry
his documents it at the expense of the War Department. He Acting Assistant Surgeon A. Shirk .. .10,027 The new fifty-cent notes are to have a portrait of General the education of freedmen in this State. unless the be for ;
andacunt challenge cause. 'I
containing correspondence ,
province ,
Ira authority to call on the Department commander for -- Spinner. SEC. 11. Be it further enacted. That if any person shall
SEC Bet it further That in all
showing the disposition of the rebel funds in teach school of of color in this State without 9. enacted ems
From the Savannah intt.WABnisCTor any persons
the labor necessary. Thps5Zican20i 'e Prescott City (in California) is so blocked up with snow a fine,penalty or forfeiture is or may be provided**.!
first obtained the license or certificate hereinbefore
h bads havel.le secured, and are now in the posses- "The Savannah papers state that the'steamboat lineson Jan 18. that it is feared the inhabitants will starve to death. vided for, be or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor pro and fiicted by any statute of this State aa the punishment|

don of the' government authorities at \Washington. the river have adopted the*annexed tariff of freights News received from:'Havsna says that id vices from The State debt of New York_ $51,041,539,86.; upon coavution thereof shall te fined not less than one any offence by the court organized by this act,thepea
These will be of rare particularly Mexico unfavorable towards the of the upon whom such fine, penalty or forfeiture bt M
papers inter t'te from that city to Augusta: are cause Imperialists. Quebec b much afflicted with Fmall-pox, scarlet fever hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars or may
frontier cities Detroit which ,.t ., The inhabitants of Montorey feel n* security I in than posed may, for the'non-payment thereof, be put a..t
against a great and measles. imprisoned not less thirty days nor more than sixty
I i ,
Goods by measurement. .. .. ..... .... . .. .$t 30 Maximilian's and the Over 30- labor as the county commufioners of the coisaty iuSt?
troops, are leaving city.
; portion of the machinations .of Thompson and h cot- Goods by 'weight.. .. ... .. ..o. .... 1 00 000 are said to have left in three days. Sintloa alone remains S Eliiah L. Pnrdv.. "the war-horse of New York Democracy days, at the discretion of-the court. _. such fine, penalty forfeiture was imposed mar dire:;"

.I throat, gang were directed. ,." Salt per sack. .. .. .... ... ... ..... .. .. 1 00 in the hands of the Imperialists. ,died in that city on Monday evening. Mr. Purdy CONTRACTS WITH- -"PERSONS--- OF COLOR.. and shall be allowed compensation for his or kti.|

Nashville Press that the freedmen of that Coal per ton .. .. .. ... .. ... .. ...10 00 The Herald's Mexican dispatch reports the arrival of had held several local offices, and was thought a great deal boy, in reduction of his fine or forfeitrr- asmavltnl'
says ,
-Te .
a rainperbushel.o. . 0 12} of the whose leader he Tie following important act n the nl jcc( of contracts sonable and and he she shall be
i : celebrated the anniversary of the Proclamation the French Admiral Dedalot to confer with Bazaine on by Tammanyites, was. just; or not 1J|<>14|OBE|
city Emancipation .
Fertilizers barrel. ... .... .. ... . . 1.00 with of color has been the
'' per relations between France, Mexico and the United States.It AH officers and men who served up to December Slat, persons passed by Legislature labor for a longer period than shall be necessary b*
Jan. 1, with much enthusiasm in a'public procession Lime in barrels barrel. ... . ..; 1 00 and the forfeiture and
per is rumored that a large squadron will follow. Its object 1865, are to be immediately paid. and approved by the Governor: satisfy fine, pejrttv 10'
with regalia,:banners .and excellent music. Onions per barrel. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 1 00 1 j variously stated. and cost of prosecution the said county euma'

fa we observed, they.deported themselves with great S Potatoes per barrel. .. .... .. .*.... .... .. 1 00 Tolucca, the ancient capital of the Empire, has been The slaughter of wild-cats in Connecticut is S said to be AX ACT IX RELATIOX TO TTE COSTEACTS. Or PEKSOX3. or era may hire out at public outcry the said party tftwl
a Biscuits.per barrel. ...,... .. .. .. ... .. .. 1 00 taken by the Liberal COLOR.SECTIOX i person who will take him. or her for th*shortest tasea|
.' propriety and decorum. Among the. notable spectaclesin Flour per barrel. . .. .... .. ..... 1 60Ironperton. The House waft engaged all day in discussing the Suffrage A history; in the Welsh language of the rebellion is 1. Be it enacted by the florida Senate and House of pay the fine, forfeiture and penalty as inrosrd and af

the procession'was, a"'dray, lode with a number 'of .. ...,. ... .. .; ....... .... .10 00 Bill.for the DistUct! of Columbia and passed by a published in New York.SLEIGITLOAD .' Representatives convened ,That of the all:State of with in Gt'neralt of color- ecution. *
black children wham rates. .. .. . . . 1 -S ; l.tr contracts persons it further That aH Mil
over Grindstoneston SEC. 10. Ee enacted AII"-
( ,'an. b vote. of 116 against. 50, giving the. ..elective. ..fr, ..n/-hise to the' PASSENGERS; BREAKTHROUGH shall be made in writing and fully explained to them before *
; the 1 .( choice per bale.-* "\\'05' .5dI4---td.uu; q1Llittft..4_. I urea and penalties, imposed >vi>C3>onb!the_
soechinc to high or a lotm2r ofyg''u Hay npoav :
.. Ddf Ld _. :. . .i OU two credible witness-, 'which coctmct sha'I be in
---Joo.o.e-.a. In the MrO-\amitb THE ICE INTO THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER-NARROW : *
? -- Senate made ?
criminal bti. !
-. u /," ." past cn LOn- Gunny Cloth per bale .... .. . .. ,JO 00 speech* advocating ESCAPE FROM DROWNING. AND FREEZ dupJil.lItec copy to be retained by the employer and ty court organized .i. pai"rt
a policy toward the .
and suggestive of; their present enfranchisement fromcompulsory Bundles Brooms .. .. 0 generous South the other filed the county treasury, and legitimate -.xprcsfsnttrsij'
Spades Selves. ,, etc.. ,:. 60, Mr. Wade followed ING. with some Judicial officer of the State'and
-- at length endowing the, equalityof a prosecution in the said court shall t.e provvJ rti f eve
; unpaid labor, and a state of servitude.It ., ..- all before the law. [From the Cedar Fall (Iowa) Gazette.] conn'y in which the parties may be residing at the data and '* of <
of said the >
y paid treasury, cotnpeusaE jos .
I estimated that 11 rcuil'S,60o able-bodied :We publish in to-day's paper tbe.new school bill denominated .. S WisnisoTOK, Jan., 19. On Wednesday morning, about half-pa/t 4 o'clock, a ofthe setting contract fcurth with that the the aftidavit'ofone terms and effect or ofsaid both witnesses and witnesses,called to testify on the pat...lie w*, ;
': men t b constantly trterlng te oc ,who 7,500 a Bill to be entitled an Act concerning In the Senate, the credentials of Mr. Marvin, Senator load of pa. 8enger8, confining of eight or ten gentlemenand were fully explained to the colored and that he ecution shall be at the option and discretion of&he te!{
( die of elect from Florida -.ere presented and laid the two ladies. attempted to cross the river at Dubuque, person, of commissioners of the nCrS
every year. Te amount property annually moved Common Schools for Freedmen. Florida Is the first on table. she or they bad voluntarily entered into and signed thecontract. county respective re J'SEC.
r The bill to the of to take the early Eastern train. The sleigh was drawn further enacted ThatiLrs staT baa
11. Be it
Freedman's Bureau
powers ,
the hundred school' .
water staveaStates And
State of the late to adopt a common no contract shall be of validity iD8t
i 1-trl-'f &two.tudi were discussed and an amendment to the bill adopted by one horse, attached oome distance from the vehicle, any p.intedTby the board of county commiafiioner3 i'i '
sninions of doll ad the amount annually lost by the system_for the education of the freed people, and :the roakirg valid for three years, instead of forever as in which also contained the baggage of the passengers. It any person, That of contracts color unless for service so executed or labor and filed be: made Provided solicitor, if they deem it necessjfv, to bold Mi *KI

casualties t sea, averages twenty-five rOD State has reason to be proud of having en the first to original bill;titles' given to negroes by orders issued at was the public conveyance running from Dubuque toDunlei for less time than thirty days by parole. may their pleasure, whose' duty it shall be to conduct
-The Da n ( C.) "ef.Era. Bays: "We learn lead the way in establishing a school system for the colored l. Savannah by Gen. Sherman last winter.' tb, and the agent accompanying it carried a lantern SEC. 2. And whereas, it is essential to the welfare and part of the State aH prosecutions coming before Us*t;j
o.s In the house for it was dark. It had proceeded but a short distance and shall receive for his
Ur. of criminal who
< Connecticut court serricfefcf
Dorinpr made ,
that Gen. command of this of the entire
Dis people. We are gratified that our 1 legislature hastaken prosperity population of the State, that the
l Mit speech maintaining that the Governroeit has the right to when the ice gave way, and the sleigh gave a lurchto interest be sustained and compensation,by way of salary to be paid oat of thewafty

"tic 1 coming South a representative a compa- the initiative in adopting a system which will relieve treat the Southern States as conquered rebels, and raid the north, and the passengers were precipitated into agricultural baj-is, it i is therefore enacted, that when placed upon a sure Of treasury, or fees, or both, as may from time tOthne.

\ "tyof capitalist in Maine, with a view of. making investments the northern philanthropist from the labor and expense there was little loyalty in tLc people, their submission river.. S color: shall enter into a contract as aforesaid any to person serve as established by the board of county commissioner

in real estate, .and(forming colony of educating. the freed, children. of this State. and. being an act 'of pece-sity,and mentionel a series of guar Col. W. H. Sessions and his daughter, Mary, of this a laborer for a year or any other -specified term'on any SEC. 12. BelL further enacted That the Sher of '
immigt city were the The Colonel went over
antees which ought to be exacted before'representation among paswngers. shall be the ministerial officer of the ccurt
-On retiring from the gubernatorial to takq ourselves the task of providing schools for farm or plantation in this State, if he shall refuse or neg, county
Goveror upon backward and nnd trunks
cur of
should be allowed, including'perfect quality of blacks passengers came on top leet to shall be entitled to the same fees for his service
the of
Andrew, of Massachusetts,. addressed the LrgUsture a I them. Under the. ,present system of schools taught with white* Iwfore.the law. 1llr. him. The agent bud jumped from tho leigh as be aw disobedience perform of order stipulations his contract by wilful allowed by law for similar or the like services i' tU

Borne lcng giving lila Te on the su'Jeof recon by,northern teachers, only a, small portion.of the Slate Smith, of Kentucky endorsed th4 President's reconstruction it going down, ansi, in socking to rescue those in the his employer cr his huthorized, wanton impudence agent, failure or disrespectto or refusal cult court SSxc.
I end denied that the Southern water, .had broken in and lost bis light. It was so dark 13. Be it further'enacted That the KIjshed
admission f policy; States coup
thinks the i the States '
I lately .. can .bc reached,, while under the new law an organization to perform the work assigned i to him, idleness or abandonment -
,In were ever out of the; Union. lIe claimed that as now they now that nothing couM distinguished and the situation of the by this act'sball be deemed and held to 11. s.
rebellion should dcpen&upn" the following five will which In premises or the.employment of the
con be perfected by every neighborhood was terrible. The Colonel was perfectly self par- U
were obedient to tlle.ta. they ought to be represeoteX possessed with horn the made of record, and the clerk of the circuit court &
ty contract he she shall
was be
(iton Their guaranteeing: .civil rights t the col- and upon every plantation where a sufficient number of Adjourned to Monday. and repeatedly cautioned those around him not liable, upon the complaint his employer or hid shall be the clerk of said court and shall keep all ita

.J ,erd a shall establish their f equality with the children can,' be:brought, together, a school will be .5 ACOCSTI, Jan. 19., to be frightened, and they would all get cut He knew made un4er oath before any Justice cf Peace of the agent coun- cords and papers, and shall enter, in 'a i -okbe

whites the elective franchise laws Brig. Gen. Commandant of tho Post his daughter was in the water but where she was he to be arrested and tried before the eriniiial of kept for that purpose, the minutes and jcdgajnrtJ
; I making,no distinctions taught. The teachers sent us from the north have done : .Kin" at Augusta, could not tell. lIe rot hold of a lady whom he supposed ty court the;
said court'and he shall be entitled the 1eua3a-
to same
I i based on race or color\, ordinance. ofsecession all and more than could be expected of them. They while ride near.the city this afternoon, accompanied to be her, but soon discovered It was not. He held her county, and upon corn it lion, shall be subject to all the the same or similar 'cases in the circuit court, 'tndi( "
II aunJ his wife and another and pains and penalties fer the of
lady ggntiemaa, were. prescribe punishment vagrancy -
; disaffirming the ratifying,the antielavery have been an upright, energetic and devoted corps of instructors by highwaymen and robbed of their horses. stopped up however and finally got her out His daughter bad : Proridt d,'That It 'hatr te optional with the em- said clerk shall provide seal for the said court n4 w i

i amendet ,'and wear grateful to them nd Idte'p1 1Ao. S S ST. Lons Jan. 18. gone entirely under, and came up without hei bonnet.- ployer to require that such Ub.orcr be remanded to his til the same is provided,his private seal shall be sufi*,
She was finally helped out by a stranger, who told the
attest his j jSEC.
to acts.
II -The Chicago that the.California IhropUU of the north who have sent them here to labor service instead of being subjected to the punubncnt as
paprt Over The Kansas Senate passed a resolution yeiterday favoring Colonel it didn't matter what hu name was. 14. Beit further enacted, That the Judgeof sii,-
land :Mall, b rfo .via St' Louis and theHannibal for the interests of the freed people, but the immediate the trial conviction and hanging of Jcft'Davis and A ladder was brought and put down into the water. aforesaid trial : Provided that the further, That made if is not it shall well founded on such court shall have like power, aa the Circuit Judge,toI I

and St, Joseph Railroad, thence across the necessity which made the colored people dependent on other leaders. of.the rebellion who were cqmlly guilty. This the Colonel grappled. and he says it seemed to him the court appear shall dismiss complaint such complaint and give judgment, ish for contempts and to attach all persons sunimonei>!|

i plains tit destination, t b eneed via Chicago, the north for their educational interest has passed away, <- NEW Yost;Jan. 18. be could hold on to it forever. But his muscles relaxed in favor of such laborer against the employer for such sum Jurors or witnesses, on failure of refusal to obey such '
S incite of him, and he went down. lIe came and *.
,thence we by the Chicago and North-western Railway and it Is now the intention'or'the citizens of Florida to Cotton to-da"* was dull and unchanged.Cold quoted ran hid arm through the rounds of the ladder and up held as may appear to be due under the contract, and for such mona, and all trials for offences shall be had and cento'

to Boonsboro, Iowa; thence : take this matter in hand and guide it to success. ,We at 88 3-8., S on by his forearm. lIe went under the water three times damages as may be assessed by the jury. ed at the county scat. *'
SEC I 5. Beit further anacted. That the Sap
NEW Yon:..Jan. 19. SEC. 3. That when "employee: as aforesaid shall be ,
i pany to Omaha; and .1len shall now be.able to give'many worthy people employment S before he got out. Mis Sessions went under twice, and Court shall prescribe fcnns,'rules and regal**; '
O.elnd young in the of house the proper
Cotton remains unchanged with a quiet 'roa-ket 900. when,taken out was almost insensible. Her clothes occupancy any or room on premises
.,Line,-via Fort Kearny. Salt Lake, Idaho and S Fran .as teachers who hare heretofore been deprived. bales'were sold to-day at 50 cenU for Jidd1irs.. ,' were soon frozen stiff and she was unable to walk. .Her of the employer by virtue of his contract to labor, and of practice for the government this court and le *

'cisco. This route affords a saving of forty-eight hor of.the opportunity f1a1 ng'ln the field. Gold 38,'a decline,of.3-8,since, jcslerday, father ,'bo118 Jhelas-tof all out of the water, having be han be adjudged to have violated his contract; or shall bi .uniform the throaghoit Governor the State 11 1866.
Approved by January
,! athnandtbemallawrnbetrais.nittedfje. of c The bill may not be without Its'faults, but It is a' long 1S forgotten bis own safety in the peril of others, was still when any employee as aforesaid shall attempt to hold ,
: f active and carried her to the omnibus shore possession of such house or room beyond the term of his
:Ithe tn'tbe right direction and the first bill DEBT OF NATIONS: : on 'bichdrove
step being enacted
Iveret : contract against the consent of the"employer i shall be '
rapidly to the JuKcn House. Here Miss Sessions ( The following despatches give the state of thtmometerat'T
-D. Bdfo whb held the bureau,of dmnit: in the United States for 'accomplishment of die. The following table, which represents the dejt and population kindly cared for Mrs. the the duty of the Judge of the criminal court'upon the,
.wilI by Russ landlady and was indleati
i '
I of the department of (Le city of.New'Tbrk,1iavlng ends proposed the 'surprise is.that it bids fare to meet of all jomJnent! nations(in the world(t our own soon quite fontfoi table. .?. application of the employer and due proof'made before o'clock! P. M., the thermometer

t l> n.t A t the malfeasance. 'of the public trust confided the case 'as'well;a. it dees. It is to'be regretted, ,however,' excepted) "'ilL doubtless be interesting to many of our S ,TIle Colonel,took the western train of that. day for him, to i issue his writ to the Sheriff 'of the court, commanding 7 degrees above zero in this city:

confessed that he made with about was students readers. 'The debt is given in pounds'sterling:- home to inform his family and allay 'any fears they him forthwith to eject the siad employee and to New YorkJan,8., 7.above, |
-thahome.prcn. made
': t him away not instruct to ', might have received from the'drculation of false put the employer into fun possession of the' premises:' New Bedford,,,,.,. .,,. ............. 5 "

440,000 of the public money in the Wall street robberies teach under this lI system. We wish the schools to be r Countries. ,National Debt Population. received two dL-pntches from his daughter yesterday reports.He Provided Three days previous ,notice shall be given to Boston......, ..,..,,.,., .,.. ... ... 7 *

Istca?. I taught by Fioridiai*, and' to accomplish this, special'in-. United Kingdom.! .. v 790,000,000. .. ,$$9,000,000 and the was quite well, 'not even having taken cold.-, the employee of the day of trial." "5 Concord .... ...*.., .,ftf..t. &... 9Burlingtonyt

-.4 '- ".'' -The PI tie County. Railroad of .Missomri,. caving .cal instruction required for the teachers. The ground 'Nftherlan.. '. ..';. ;.-. ,-. -93,000,000. .!. 3,000,000 The colonel came home in the -came clothes he had on 'SEC. 4. That if any person employing the services or .. ,, ,,, .,i,. .. ... Sbelowxef ",

failed I to make Hamburg .'. .... ..H' 4600000.. !2 .OOO when he went into the.river, and we can only'account for' labor of another, under contract entered Jnto as aforesaid, Montreal. ... .. .. .., ...., ., . .. 2 above to" gPortland'Me
a payment ot $300,000 due the State,laGs.betn work of.the bill will be .sufficient.. lor:Ihe work of the. France. .. ... ..-...-. .)' .. shall violate his contract below '
'd 400,000,000. S6,500OOQ the man being alive and well in'''consideration of the'excitcment by refusing neglecting to pay ......, .. ..... .,;,-, .. ....25 !
forfeited, in accordancewith'.a'. .' law passed by theLcgib1tnre first year, and we have :no,.doubt but the.l legislature at Portugal. .:' ... .!j..5 .i3qOQ,OOO. 4,000,000 which must have'attcnded one of his diilp08 tion. 1 the stipulated wages or compensation agreedoipon.orjny' BangorMe..-. .'. .. .... ..'.. .. ..i.V. :. 6 *

last wiater, and Coj7 JJcJcher has *ppointediigenttocperateibeioeduntli its next,session will make.aay amendments to..the< bill Spain.fu.I' .,. .'O,'. .10'i. .000 ,., 16,000000Austria. TheoUierpaasengersaligot out safely. The baggage was part therrof, or by turning off'"the; f employee bcre the St Yohn, *, .,.. .... ......... ./:,.'. .. zero

..} ;jtcan be sold pursuant die<7 y t and his 4.. .. / ,. 24.000OOO"" .t ssoooooi, also saved., The hone and sleigh .did pot into the expiration of the term, unless for'sufficiert cause jor"un f"f).. zero
superintendent get
.. o'law. < may suggest i S Belgium... ... ...1. J.'.'. 6OOOOOO.. J. 4,500I river. The of n'water made less such right is reserved by the contract, the party so BafWo, .: ... ., .%; .r.rWheeling. n above if!
the ?
I .1.1 The ejected parties. have protclted'sa nlt the 'Wear) gratified JeanU ,the Gorernment ,baa .BafIN.*-., ,:..,,.-.. .,....,,.....",.V.,000,000.;. ,,. ''oa' ,.00,000 about twenty: .space feet square. It 'was a by perilous break situationand was employed may make complaint thereof before the Judgeof St .3. S 55 .'.5 .,4. ...S.7 'J.1'._. 44

/-f'. : action. of the Govcrpor.i .commissioned the.Rev, L. U. HOBBS as superintendcnt'of Hanover. ., v> .,,..;...*. ,--7,900,000. 1,600,000 aarrow eecapc.RAILROAD .' the criminal court, who shall at a_,. wlj-4ay, on reasonable ., ,..la ,. fl5

r-In: response to tho Senateresolutions asking .why education.for..the. ,common schools of the, Bute.:, .The, Brtinswick. .,.- .:... .'.,.,r :llOOooo..f.{ 1 3,090- -. notice to the other party, cause the' same to be. Indianapolis.... ,..... .. . ,..1C above if J

1 : Jefferson Davis has ot yet bee*tried the President, on Hev'dgentleman. {Ja. most energetic and accomplished Saxbuy. .,...". .,.. "r'' .,. 9500000.; .. 8,100,000 : SCHEDULE-NEW TiMK-TASLf.: S-By ''refer' tried by a jury to be summoned for the purpose, who, in. T 1

\I te transmitted ,. Denmark:fi'Ar.; ".';., ":".<. 12,009,000.L. 2,600,000 cure to the notice of the Pa. .& Ga. R. R. Ca, it will be addition .to the amount that may be proved be due Under Dayton..... .... ,- .li "
llth; a message eae1 .uleuer from ,nan, and has had wide'npti.ence is the' management of Greece.''...u./.v. ..- .. ,-.vvu",000.;.|.: to'ooooRussii. saca that daily train each way will hereafter run the contract, may give such damage aa. they''in their Columbus....-...18 u

L Attornej.General Speed In which he1 slates thai no Clrniit schools. .;.-!.'.,. i;:..::? .'. .*. i.-. 231,' .OOO,*...111,000,000 npon this road, and that the hours of the arrival and departure .discretion may deem to be right and proper, and the Zanesville..i.i .s- .. ..r.18StJolm "

: < ,Court has been Itcld/n.ih I : ? "l te'rebellious districts ----- I Prussia.. ,.,.,.,; ." .-., ,42,000,000.1.. 18,000,000 of the trains at this and all other stations,' hasenchanged. judgment thereupon shall be a first lien on thq'croj'ot'aIi burg.; ... .,... .4 .i .. ... ..10 below fl j '

- t. ncc the termination of hostilities" and held the cr'Senator Gout( from Apalachieola, one'of the' Wurlemburg. ;; .;...;;.' 6,000,000.1,700,000 : ; kinds in the cultivation .of which such laborer may have. ., .3 iI'
S '
- lathe\ late .opinion ablest men of the State.Senate,}in 'a recent'',speech ..n Oldenbius .. ...;' ,.. 00,000. ,.; 294,000 This looksas if die energy: and enterprise which' formerly I been employed: Provided That j either :party shall be ..... .5'boyaA

insurgentt now awaiting trial bltoald only be, the bill for rernovlngthcoj s truction placed tn the Braril.. -,.. ;.ft ;..r.. ; .:'.'.-W.600,600;i 7,700,00 .characterized the management of ibis road,are fully i 'entitled to an appeal to the, cfrpiittcourt i as in eases of Port Huron/,?,,.'. : .. .'. ..,...,JODetriot

L_ *rledfore the Civil Courts 'when"fully and ajfinallyre-l ; river i Chm .. '. ;..;!"._;...;./,' 4,500,000..' 14400,000.1,100O00.E..t,50OOOO; ; restored. 'It will be bailed with pleasure bythe business Appeal S from' 'Justices of the rea' ... _

Morel, and be bat not thought proper to advise! }be President at d that,place, b'y the Confederate--c" authorities.., .stated' .thatthce or'W1I1'.: .." .. ;_... I; ,: and travelling public.-TalUlaxize Sentinel. SEC; *, That If any person shatl, entice, induce or Uh- East Saganaw.*
__ & i V)cause criminal proceedings te be aitit against'' obstructions were'.placed 'there't not for .def pce' .Sweden;..... t...'I ,r :XtOO.OQO/,. :3,700,090 ./*" TALLAHASSEE, Jan. U, 18M. cruise persuade any which laborer he or employee to quit the'iervice .- ,,, ,. .'. .'...; ..;. ./.'.;..;.' 7 H, "
Davis tr other in [against federal gunboats but for,the purpose.f divertingruzmlngZut -. OB and after this date, the trains on the Pensacola and of another, to was by contract before Grand Rapids.. ;. .. .....'. .. ..15owascp W :''
insurgent Stale W of the '
any kr districts : the expiration term of services stipulated in .,r :;... ... ..... .-;.is $1
1L___ which the trade. .from that.river to lie railroads to FIVE' UuSOOED' THOUSAND DOLL. STOLEN, Georgia Railroad will run daily as follows;, -. said he shall be of'a *
,tey werciiot actually present 4urbg the proseco'tW Savannah. S FROM AN ADAMS' : '' S cobtractj guilty misdemeanor, and Lan d8uhlg. ....... .*.,.. ..... .T.1.12 '
I of',t.iUtieL" : EASTWARD. upon coDvfctiction, shall be fined in a sum not exceedingone Anna Arbor. .... .
1 S ; : J7..' ..... ........ 8
Al --4" --- -I I Leave Quincy at.-.,,..,,. .,. ... ....., 430AM. thousand .dollars or shall stand in the pillory not
_ -4inai papers relative to Confederate nigratkm ,. A.Vuo.- ;oY. WALTM, In our judgment, rery prop, TotheAtttotiaiedPncufThe.6fosof EXPRESSr Arrive Tallahassee'at .,... .. .. .. 6.80 more'than three hour, or be whippe4 not more than thir. > The present weather'wiic&! has lad morel eeS'P

A toMotloo, w tb the plan*,of Maury .and Gwi, were jfcriyvetoed a bill passed Jry' the Leg**Ift; paying tke S :; AdamaV E from Leave T.nabaasee.DO ", ty-nine stripes on the bareback at the. discretion of the I the telegraph wires in all directions. The contracj*
I Nev,.YarkjfO Boston, on, & "\-UI116tbwere Arrive at Madison ) a' ) the nire caused by the cold bas made innumerable** *'
present to the Senate member and ofticM. at. ,. ... .. 11.00
oil the fltlvlii which letters Sper.1, mtUg to the u. ? 1 '
all their'content with jury.SEC. *
f of .
k I : from M. omero were produced;ibo.ring'the undereUnd4ngbetw at $8 per every twenty miles: travel The1 old law'the two p&roeISwMChth&rifled thkres.in their has Ihe jxcepfion overlooked I.eave lIadiso .at.., .. _. .<..,;/;:,=;,JI.80' 6.. Be it further enacted That the provisions 4f( wherever there was not sufficient slack in tbaj *1 '
t the
k41 ArrivedLake. City.:'..; .,..? ..../. .;.:, .OO E.1L this act fhall be applied to aH contracts between employ veen poles to allow for it. All the telegraph i
the UBltocsSaleiiMaBdlhe Insurgents in. .XeI: pay: at fS l per dayand Constitution says The extent.of the loss b'notyascerta1ne4ut it,is supposed S and are suffering from thU cause, a'nd there is,coc eigreatreduction'in ** \
& .the UDI1edStatctr. : ''" -'i!.. the pay members shall', net be increased 6n1thterm to be not less than fi vis hundred thoiand dollars ,,WESTWARD. ere employees relating to the 'lumber, ,rafting,or mill- a the number of wire in order*** !. .

t ': to' tnacan1laa In xaoDo d.dc.. 1 S Leave Lake City at.'. .. ... .. i.. ..: 8.30 A, if.. Jog business and to all other .contracts with persons of graphic '
) m1roC..ce4 abt D 1h e for which:the members re'elected. Thereto wax .5- ; S color to do labor and .. pnrposea. -
perform service.
5 JI'It. Madison : .. .'
.Tenn 5 5 ., Arrive at at.-. .. .12.20 P. M. Nnr)TOM Jan. from
I J *8iau* uuM. i>'(, too miuif,, It,1, fg :even) ftOalrca(1f l .verrfddenlnthe Honse but 'was)JBostalnedln tl>*I(Senate .5 u)>erintei>d6nt"Adanrt' Itpreas.Nrw .: Leave Madison at. ..! .;.., .,.. ,..,12. 0 ," 'Approved by the Governor' Jan.' I2IS6. I' telegraph stations, north.8.-Noon.-DespatalieW apd west, dated aL'eEghQ" ,

I inenti ot artJHot. tea regiraeat&of\ljfy *n 4 ,5 ly.t 'and'tie'jrpproprtation wai made for the pay.f embera.I S : 'nlmn"l'j." IS Arrive at Tallahassee at. .!.. ...... ..;.. 4.8ft 'a. S tljia morning,r how that the, 'thermometer r r w5Sff

ox: PlT Jnlantnr, each bitch to consist of a t1'oode I II e- S fliVr 'Jan.1 ",-The amounttolei from the Leave Tallahassee at. S .. .;;. . 5.00 DEATH .OF AN EX-CONGRESSMAN degrees below to 1 degree above wro. In this $Tat j '

Will!t r or Maci t1'O> fti ccr 1.1rb1te. .: now S tr"Tbe Legislature was induced authorize the t t Iron'car' of Adams' Exfttcss-Compaay, orf:t s Boston ArrivejtQuincyat ': .. .... !... ?.?.. Dolr. member RUDlti6 j of,the Jan.Berks..-Tho Hon.bar Jacob and K. McKenty that hOw.1t was 10 degreesi) low ,zero, 5d* -

U 'Y that the Ss.. .ue of$80,000 in bonds bearing 6 per cent'Interest upon man 1Ie'on Saturday night( as-. near as cti( be ascer .BT, MARKS TRAIN. county lately a memberof ranged from 1 above1 to degreesbelow zero, sw1"* '
from this died
offered a resolntiondedariiig seceding Congress district at the residence
I y W the assurance' ef an'individual in attendance that ho tamed at present, U about {500,000. The ttj was prob I Leave Tallahassee:. ..? .. ... .,. f.so j.,M. his father in after. of to looatIOn.-Forne34'i Frttt.NOTICF..
p1cc2ifDrfeited their; and Donglasville, to-dajr,. an illness cf five.
_ afcl made.apoecbdt.1ig ably entered while at the depot in ,
1 Kewjxbrk. The Anive.a'St.Marbat. .. .;..,.;. ...,.. 9.15 "
a fey iniwf BtAt */ 'oui&ibtIn'themoneonthees 'par.. : Perhaps btiIi thieves pried off the lock oil door of months. Mr. McKenty was admitted to.the bar fn'1851, c-S' '. 5. '5 5 .
OcmaTmien one
jo j(meof i ibnityoftb trt'car.and also I Leave St Marks at, f.. ,.,." ..... ..12.00 } and the district
_7 [ the PrcfiUeai had'oo right to restore tie rebel j' < U-perhaps fIt: Im any event it walbad policy for the locks to 'two ef Adams'C's sal'.\ Therlefteipbtj I Arrive at TallahRwe. .. .. .-. .. 1.45 P. M. represented the session of 1860 Berks-county and 1861, having in been Congress elect during **- .

1 'J hhoufi ,J In the house I iViU' *Ur* w ury) in funding'a )ew debt S thomaad in greenbacks d 4t tWnin.1 Half aa hour will be given on the arrival of the cars to fill the ;caused the death of monthsfj will to- the J
; **e** o. "Kf. dollars la Gosemnt.. vacancy by the.Hon. JOUR,1 date we apply
: Jtotes,ou ther -if tit* w" at Madison for Dnnnr! SEC
I W Iso: "f Io1t to- rda ifiroca la Ufor of a I Jl j *!. J > II I going irotn :and coming: this fjt Sch. wart% of Suwannee County for Letters &** ?*
,, 1 t3T *>: iiwrea lJrct wealthy j i They got oat with tbel plunder at Crowd trffee. The A fine o.stages bff fgR-QnJncj anoOfj .. [
ttftdip ,uffrac," i** .kto/'Ooml/ Wa. Be s4j40 f* ji citizen of| offida&ofth* BainWdge from the administration of the Estate of Dinirl X
t .oJahtd f $' !t'le coa.et .DI1.JDt4t!! 9007: kit tfc. bit Ja* wieUoi r.Jp his midecce>The robbtr"v4 f.are" ..,. ttttt ii'jlo. tt p.l'S "v, and between leonticdlo' and ThomasTille TfU! coj ', Savannah News pays that negroes who are convicted of S L. W..KE1TU At '

_ lt11J1b1. JP'Ch 011 st.u <. i',? "'0" .. 4* S ; t, ,' tUbthe- trains 'j. o::1.q tagrtncy are put into chain gangs and made'to clean tho S J. R.J.EWISAd
rnOlTSTo. ''M streets. General M er' trial to be '
it \ 'II .r 1' to proceeded with October IStL, I86i-

I ,. '4

:i J :$ 1 .. S S -

"- -5
----' -- '

-- ---
-- -
-.-- 'w -
-- -- -- -
--- ----- -
-- -
-- : --



.... .- ..- -.- ;_' _. __- .___' _- _" ... 4 1
_- --_--,.--_- ._,. '1- __._._ __--_-- -- --- -y -_- _ -_ _- _- -_ _' '_ _.'-_n_- -__- -- -. -- -_-- _____________- _- _-_- -_____--_- __-__. ___ .
Ttooeedifigs of Sty ..Council.Cenrcn When flow than be$7 per barrel tbe fire ** applying ov borne market &W *,Uqaana Uq-': aali ord.me4 bj the XaJOl"and Aldermen olCh. city 'DRY eooui IF. S. MATT UHE.

i :Caunxs)*n. 17, 18W. loaves shall weigh.,11 muses of the best and most Improved brands Europe, I of JackaontDIe this sixth day of January, JL Dn 18&6 I : _

to the can of his honor tbe Kayfe When flour shall be |&O per barrel tin fir* bi addMon to jay own XHstOay HoBand for the manufacture That aa Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance-regulating *-. :
adICII"ASD& cent bares than weigh..<;.;'...;.{*..!' HareaBjreing thrown'time" be and the same 1.hereby
i ,
Present* Hon.H.HHOKJ, Jfiyor; Keel Out; When flow shall be $4 per barrel, the fire of the "Schiedam Schnapps.' repealed. WHOLESALE RETAIL. l

ACOSTA and Wiuum MJermen.Qm centloaveS aballweigh..4..H.11Wha u The latter, M long tested and approved by the Medkal 4 ,
. trust flow shall be E3.W per barren, the fire Faculties of the United Statues West ladles and South Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city -rl-

. motion cent loareesh'til weigh.;!.....:...i.i.s.19 of Jacksonville this sixth day of January A.D 186$ i
" StMhti, That Ids Honor, the Mayor U hereby i f- When floor shall be $3 per barrel; the five America u an _Invaluable Therapetitiea wholesome, That an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance m relation to T '
4 korind togpmenth.aty&acka in &he F. .L A G. tent toares shall weigh...;.:.:.i*...20 pleasant and perfectly safe bereragt In all .nm4 and Slaves ftghtin*:.Jtt,"be,and the same iahereby repealed' + iMl

& ft. E. at the annual meeting of the stockholders, gee X. And it if further ordained That if after the during an seasons, qdckly excited the cupidity:of:he ie it ordalneVl bribe Mayor and Aldermen of the city NEWNAN-ST

11II fctaoerer the tame shall convene, and to cast the rote to aforesaid first day of August faext, any Baker or other home maTmfartnrea and.rendaca eta syuitoM artiaU naf of JtdEsonrine,this aixth day of January, A.D.. 1866, C ;
- ,ya dd stock are entitled provided bylaw.Thert per cit persons shall make,Sell or offer for sale in this .me-Dami-- That aa Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance prevent the Jaokionville Florid.00 .. _
the favorite Steam Packet known tie
being no farther business before the Conndl dfy, an j Bread which snail be deficient in weight, ac Introdnctioa of Pauper*and Yagraata,1!bty and the samehiberebyamended.outoreadasfoI1owi truE formerly u
cording to the foregoing caeises be, she, or tney so I trust that I bare after much toil sod expense, to*- : -. .AL-0 Johns, now named the

'1Lit n LdjtiyQ". offending, shall on conviction thereof be fined in the rounded aQ importations ns with safeguards and directions No person persons shall knowingly and.wOfuIly bring 800 pieces TROTS. E1TPIRE. WAifiirrTA 4 Hellen Gettj

5 -. .-. ran of tea dollars,or imprisoned fire days for each and which with ordinary circumspection, will Insure i or introduce into the city of Jacksonville any pauper or LUS 8PBAQTJE3 UJCRBGIAG and others, commanded by Cap 0.Tw CsGRAO AM, Is aJa permanently r

4 Condi Csjuan,-Jan. it, 1866. erery such offence, at the discretion of the Mayor; and their delivery as I receive them from Europe to all vagrant or any person not baring means to support him I from.... .. zOcto, ,Me. on the line between Savannah,Georgia,and Pa-
to the call of his Honor the shall forfeit to and for the use of the City Marshal all my or her, and who unwilling or unable to work or other 29 bales BROWN SHIRTINGS AND S&XETHTGS latka Florida, touching Darien,ErunswUk, St. Marys.Feraandlna .
Cocici1mct pursuant such bread as shall be deficient in weight u afore customers.I wise support himself berselfin a respectable way, with ---Jloto. 59e. ;and all Undines en the St Johc River/td

; ": Hresent: H. H. Dom Mayor ; Messrs.ACOSTA 0. See. 4. And be it further ordained That it shall be would howerer, recommend la an cases where it is intent to make such pauper or vagrant chargeable upon 11 eases BLEACHED SHIRTINGS AIm :. Palatka,carrying the U. S. Mail.
. and CA.TA A&Ime the duty of the Marshal to examine and weigh some part the charity of the city or citizens. For each and every
'wztso; ; possible that orders be sent to my depot zJ Bearer street, She will leare$ar&cnah every Saturday at 10 o'ckwk t
" I I of the bread of the taken and renders ef bread in this day that such or shall remain said city ING3yrom Me to l'Z.
meeting read and approred. HiaHoner pauper vagrant A. 1L arrive at Jacksonville on Sunday, ted rrarain<
New that j
jtiatifcietbist ,
mad of
York or purchases be accredited
: city, at least once in every mouth for the purpose of my. the person or persons so introducing or causing him or 1 case BLEAOLED-W In.PILLOW CASE at Me. win leave for Savannah every Tuesday at 4. A. 21. ,
the Public
ths Mayor,Committee to purchase Square causing full effect to be given to the provisions of this agents. her to be introduced shall be adjudged to be guilty of anew 1 eutIj 8HEETING,. ... $1.1' For freight engagement*or Pawnee apply oa board or ___ __

- of the estate of CoL L D. lUrr, submitted the following ordinance. In addition to a large stock of Wines, Brandies, et&, 'violation of this ordinance. Every violation of this 60 pieces TICK. from__- to iie. to JOHN S. SASIMB & CO, I

N report: See. 6. And be it farther ordained That nothing contained in weed, I hare a considerable supply of old tried foreign ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty 60 pieces DEEMS, from .-We to e50' NOT Stf Agents.: :
. in this ordinance shall prevent the mating selling dollars or imprisonment not more than thirty days at .
authorized resolution of the
**\ Yew Committee by or baring for sale any sound and wholesome kread made Wines embracing vintages of many years, bottled op before the discretion of the Mayor.THE pieces APRON CHECKS from-iSe to SOc,

It Coandlto make purchase the sale.of recently the' square held by nopiUk the E.t.110theHTest&te as the. of other floor than wheat flour. the commencement of the war,which I can especial 50 M es BROWN JEANS Crom----Sge to 44e. JOHK JOlfES.
- Biert, ly recommend to all connoisseurs of these htxaries. 40 pieces BROWN AND BLEACHED CANTON
so as to perfect the title of the r .
lit An Ordinance in Relation to Bar Booms and Eating FLANNEL' from ..4I1e to 50e. "
f. titr to said respectfully reports that he purchased Houses. In conclusion I would specially call the early attention 'LAND'AGENCY. ----1"i .
ths Muart as instructed ; and that the Executors of thefejUte Aldermen of my Southern customers to the advantage to be derived SO pieces KENTUCKY JEANS,from_33e to 60e.
ordained the and
Sec. 1. Be it by
the fact that CoL L D.'Bur bad contemplated Major from__ 40o to 50c.T .
is rkw of JOHN A. ANDREW of Mass. President 30 pieces GINGHAMS '
the city of Jacksonville, That hereafter no Bar Room or by transmitting their orders without the loss of time, or -
the transfer in the sene of a donation to the $ DsLAINES, from 25e to 2c. WHOLESALE AND DKALElfDRUGS"
" foe the of uniting with the city authorities Shop, or other place in which spirituous or fermented calling personally at the depot in order insure the fulfilment CENTRAL OFFICE 27 BROADWAY, NEW YORK pieces RETAIL ;
city wi purpese 500 pairs BLANKETS Blue Red Mackinaw Whitney <. _
liquors are sold by the drink, shall be kept open after IS '
said of their '
said title, allowed square to favors from the present large and weO i
bi perffcting nominal of twelve o'clock at night, and any person or persons who selected WILL, buy, sell, lease, rent, or exchange City or Chelsea 10-4, 11-4, 12-4, from VM to$12.00 MEDICINES '
for the sum ten dollars CHEMICALS -
be bid off to the city :
Loans transact .
, of the shall keep open any such bar room or shop in violation ISIOrtmeDLODOLPIIUS property, negotiate or pair. '
_ad prepared to make a legal conveyance WOLFE.Dec. other business connected with the interest of the South per F15CY GOODS P1TEXT '
of the first section of this ordinance shall be fined in a ,:
Yellow White and Shaker
,fIit si 3 m 8 22 Bearer street New York. and West commission. 60 pieces FLANNEL Red -

a*I T oar committee therefore recommend the adop- sum not exceeding fifty dollars at the -etion'of the Those offering on property by mail will please give fullpartieulariwith from., ,.._...-,_ .'_"4ie to so. Perfnmeiy:Paints. Oils. Q-lassis.- j

tba of tbe following preamble and resolutions: Mayor.& 2. And be it further ordained That no Eating [omcuL.1 terms those who apply for Loans win .40 pieces,PLAID LIXSET, at- ..,. 43e. &e&c.&e. "' ____

Ii The City Council having secured a title to the square House or Oyster Saloon shall be kept open or do boa- ORDINANCES mention the security and their references. No ekaryg 104 dozen LADIES'! GENTS HANDKERCHIEFS, Jacksonville Flo.HAS :.
PwUic formerly ,
a. bon on the plat of the city as the Syart Or THK CITY OF JACKBOimLLK. except in cote./neeeu. Inquiries promptly answeredby dozen.
ness on the Sabbath day; and any person violating this from_._ i-n-j.M to$10 per
their de- hand and fc
that on
reserved to the city for purpoee by VTHUBBEB constantly reedvsBgalarjfe stock
.. teased fellow citizen CoL L D. Ha&r; bounded on said section of this -ordinance shall be fined in a sum not exceeding Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city SOTJLE CO. 101 dozen LADIES' and MISSES'HOES goods, which will be sold at greatly reduced _

plat of tbe city by Ilogana, DuvaU Monroe and Laura one hundred dollars at the discretion. of the of Jacksonville this 6th day of January, A. D., 1866, Agents .' from_. ., ._i _$%.50toI10perdosen. prices for cash. Dealer will find it to !r advantage. to' "

1_ StreetA, which; title las been confirmed by a sale' to the Mayor; Provided however, that nothing in this section That anjrdinance passed April 24th, 1847, entitled an (ASD SILL nun nouns) 101 dozen GENTS' and BOYS' HOES, examine our stock before purch&i&g' elsewhere. -
the and shall be so construed as to include Boarding Houses and Ordinance prohibiting running pT Hones or CILtl JactaiTlQe Fb. tad t1wi t.. S. c.jaM3m' .
. city for a nominal amovnt thnngh generosity rrom.50. to$10 dox. tS"Prescriptions carefully prepared at a&hears. |
.. irab&spiritef the Executors of the Urn estate CoLOMUK.B. other places where one or more persona are regularly through the streets, be amended so as to read as follows: IQ' per The Store will be open on the Sabbath om-iuntlllO-i' ; -

0-- HART: and CapL OZIAS BCBIMJTOX, and by the boarded and lodged. Any person or persons who shall be guilty of running % 20 dozen BALMORAL SKIRTS o'clock A. M, and from 4 until 6 o'cfoel"P. Y..d.*

- Adi acquiescence in said isle of the heirs of the estate. I any horse or horses or cattle through the streets of said PAINTING from_-_--- $1.80 to$4.00 each. Ans. 17, 1865-r : _
It U unanimously Sec. L Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of city unnecessarily, shall on conviction be fined not exceeding 20 dozen SHIRTS-Hickory, Colieo and White w',
: hereby the city of Jacksonville, That if any person or persons ten dollar, or imprisonment not exceeding fire -0-- dozen. : SCHOOL BOOKS ::- :
)?eaoZeel1 E That the thanks of the authorities of the "CARMAN from__ __$IS to $50 per _
shaL break injure, deface or destroy any of the Street days or both.
.. *itr tf Jacksonville be tendered to said Executors and Lamp Posts or Lanterns or shall without due authority, -. 20 dozen:MERINO and FANCY WOOL SHIRTS : _p-.4Jxrz .. -'."
*** Sietnef said estate for the liberality and public spirit : HOCSE, SIGN t STEAMBOAT P1IXTERS, I :'8 .. '
Jight or extinguish the pas in any of the said lanterns Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city -

fIIiIIr thus manifested,regarding, as the City to Council the dn, end the he, she or they shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor :1 of Jacksonville this 6th day of January, A. IX, 1866, Groining, Gliding, Glazing, Marbling0 64 WOOL SHAWLS, from.-424O to $3.00 each. ., ":
ornament city.
|wbfic square a prospective more than fifty dollars at the discretion of the Mayor; That from and after this date an Ordinance passed April ALSO, .0 -r'-TT .:, "
or which as and Pap Hanging. .. .
aad a public re- \
.dornBteat preierration '
. and in default of the payment thereof the said offenderor 24th, 1847, entitled "an Ordinance relation to Slaves >.' '
the aatborities will always esteem a pleasant NEEDLES. .
nil" 4uty wraticB ui lie which will preserve in remembrance the offenders shall be committed jail for such period as Free Negroes and Mulattoes be, and the same is hereby. P PAINTS OILS, GLASS PUTTY, TARNISHES, 1C.. FINS, THREAD. .. '..,-.: _

.. .(tbe City's founder, as well as the generosity ofIMB the Mayor may seem proper. repealed.Be Jacksonville Fla.ty BUTTONS, HOOKS .
name -
it Sec 2. Be it further ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen -AND EYES Ae. .
those who have thus ratified his is
and of act.
aforesaid That if shall it ordained the Mayor and Aldermen of the An orders from the country promptly attended to .y-
.r therefore ordered that this expression of Council beronaerly any person or persona by city The above are Wholesale Prices, and 5 per cent. .
the Journal and that the reservation without due authority, take up remOTe or carry away of Jacksonville, this sixth day of January, A. D., 1866, Dee 14 SAop in Hoe?. Block, vp utain. ly will be added for RetaiL 14 Dec 14 6t and : :
11 spread upon from its place in the street or on the side walk, the cover That from and after this date an Ordinance. passed April -
a.l.be PMie Smart conferred the '
catiIt be the known donation of bUD D.. HAST, and confirmed upon of any supply pipe box be,.she or they shall be fined 24th, 1847, entitled "an Ordinance respecting the duties. NOTICE. To the Citizens of ST'ATIONARY,. : r
city by not leas than fire dollars nor more than twenty dollars at of the Marshal in certain cases," shall be amended so aa SIX MONTHS from date, we will apply to the Judge WHOLESALE AND RETAILK. /'" _
by tat kgal representatives.The the discretion of the Mayor, and in default of the payment to read as follows: Probate of Suwannee County for Letters DismLa- JACKSONVILLEA5D '

be. report was received and adopted. of said fine the said offender or offenders shall be It shall be the duty of the Marshal to promptly arrest eory from' the. administration, of the Ertate of' Daniel W. PERRY & CO., .' '

e a. The bill of IL H. Dora of $31.00f r repairs to tbe I imprisened at the discretion of the Mayor, not less than and bring before the Mayor or give information against Keith: SA'V' ANN A'II GE CG'L.HAS \'

..- Public Xarket was passed at the amount claimed and two days nor more than tendaYL an persona who may be guilty of acting in.riolation. L. W. KEITH, Adra'x.J. SURROUNDING COUNTRY.
rtkdie.i.. Approved September, 5,1661.SPECIAL any ordinances of this city, and in the event of arresting P. LEWIS, Adm'r. just opened a compte Stock of <'
, ordered U be paid. any person or persons in the night time or on the Sabbath Dec. 21- m 8ASSIGXEE'S GEO. A. PECK.WtCHMMEREWEIZR. -
TIle Council hereupon resolved itself into a Board of day, it shall be his duty to commit them to jail andto .- BL.\ -BOOKS. B,,

Jj ffkh at prodded by the charter.Tbe NOTICES. carry them before the Mayor for trial at ten o'clock of NOTICE. STATIONERY, .11..1; '.

following preamble and resolution were iutro- the morning of the next day. F K. HOWARD baring mad an assignment to me of SCHOOL Boor' '
all Goods Were Merchandize Notes and Accounts SLATES c
JiD benabe. .&*eo& sal passed: Post Office Notice Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city due him all persons indebted are required to make immediate OCIAJ 8T, JACKSOSm.LZy .. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM?, ,.-J. :_ _
Wixaus. the small pox is prevailing to some extent OFFICE this sixth of D- to R. K. TERRY And fine '
nocRS.From..8.1.Y. of Jacksonville, day January, A. 1866, payment a assortment of -; 1- : ,
c1da1l.L mong the eslored people within the corporation now to 5T P.M. That from and after this date an Ordinance passed July .A- lately returned t"OlD New York with a large ARTIST COLORS-', -

for the purpose preventing the further spread of this Sundays-from..................9 to 10 A. M. lV, 1849, entitled "an Ordinance to prevent the improper During my absence from the Sfc*t*F. C. SOLLEE,willaetismyAttorueybtheCOflecnofalNotesC1aima HAYING of the latest styles and patems of the most which they offer at the lowest Cash Price.. (. i:

Bedfc.redeed. diaeaae and improving the general sanitary condition Mails close and arrive as follows: use of fire," shall be amended ro as to read as follows .. fashionable goods, feels confident be can offer to the We would particularly call tire attention of tHe Trad* In*
d. the city, be iL NORTH : and Accounts due F. K. HOWARD. people of this State a better and larger assortment than ';
' t1at Ketoltei; Tact the several Ward Committees of the Arrive'Sunday and Wednesday Afternoons. Any person or persons who shall make use of fire in R. K. TERRY, any other merchant ia the State, and at prices tar below FLORIDA AND GEORGIA, .
jI.sna. '
City be reqwired to vwit their respective wards and Close Mondays and Thurdays at 9 P.. M. any manner unusually dangerous to his or her neighbors, ., Asague of F. K. HOWARD.. any other establishment Among the few staple. articles to our Stock and assure them that we can furnish aft

compel the inhabitants to thoroughly and efficiently po- WEST, or any citizen or resident of the city endangering their __Jan. 18-4t- I always bare for sale all goodinourlineatthelowestNewYorkorPinladelphiaprices. '

derbjcntftl- use their prenuei and take such measures and precaution Arrive every evening(Sunday excepted.) property or any property in the city,by their chimnies or AMERICAN WATCHES, ._ -.
II said committees may deem necessary, and that Close M (Saturdayexceptedat) stove pjpes not being in a safe and fit state or condition "A PAfTTLY NEWSPAPER. In Gold and Silver Cases fj? Orders by mail promptly attended to. ",
the afternoon of January 18th be set apart for this duty. "E. H. REED P. M. shall otherwise their 8 U6Notice_tf
epem for use, be5. There being no further business the Council ad person of their neighbors or other citizens of the city WEEKLY COMMERCIAL In heavy IS caret Cases, '

Journed.U. Hews Depot by neglect, carelesness or imprudence in the use of fire SWISS WATCHES, to Sportsmen ".
bai& H. Hoxc Jijwr.ornciAi.1 For the Tear 166. and from$15 to$11. "
in any way. shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one Of all patents prices,
mwakiItesui Where late Northern and Savannah Papers Periodicals -
resumed las business
.01. UNDERSIGNED having .
hundred dollars or imprisonment not more than thirty THE LARGEST,. BEST AND CHEAPEST WEEKLY LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THE "
J dited.l' [ it, to, are received per every mail steamer front days for each offence, and the like penalty for every repetition LADIESFIXE GOLD WATCHES Bay street, opposite the Taylor House,. Jacksonvflle -
11ft. ORDINANCES and win make and all kinda of .
Enameled .
Plain repair
, the North. Orders from the ulterior solicited either for thereof. >.--
Ken'dnJers PISTOLS UE-
tale again or for private use. throughout JL of the best GOLD AND SILVER CHAINS
the and Aldermen of OM xnxrtAL one very GENTS ,
r.e it tt-laired "y Mayor city Be U ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city :
Tt Ww.radl .f Jacksonville That it t4iall not t. lawful f w any permm the State can be supplied with any thiog they may hare of Jacksonville,this sixth day of January, A. D., 1866, FAMILY JOURNALS IN.THE WORLD, GOLD AND SILVER RINGS.DIAMOND. RINGS- DOOR and ott'r LOCKS0

otr cns to dip any graTe or enter any corpse in the a can for at the lowest cash prices addressing That an Ordinance passed April 28tn, 1849, entitled "an a repository .the treasures of literature-containing Fine assortment, from$. to $300, of aQ descriptiona,with Lespatcb.y _- '
Tta City Cemcter), except with the permission and uuler Terms caJi in advance. E. H. REED, Ordinance to prevent the sale of unwholesome provisions varied and instinctive Information on all tapir of current i I COLD- AIL ; 1'1IIJCJLES.< : i rtrAfmae.** i r i .. 'TI"'UpU"-J.t? .- tuJ- .... ,. 4
ef the SciU the the interest, and wct'p1ySng. reading matter adapted to I I Sept 22, 1865- 3m J. B. \. .
IJMtitr'junn the dwciiou a, or person discharging Jacksonville Fla.ToCousnmptlrc be, and the same U hereby amended so as to read BELT BUCKLES

ad. A .<*><-' B ,. Hfation of tlju orJuiancc, alioll, on. Any person or persona who may sell or attempt, or circle. Independent party and without sectional P' BROOCHES, ,
4" -* ,,;, *rtJf.bIIfaI4 in a sum not exoeeJ2nr fifty *. offerte sell wholesome provisions of any description prejTvHce, ivtakes broad and national views for the maintenance EAR RINGS, single and in sets f It Wholesale Boots & Shoes.

. <; tl".'ca S .!,|J t JkJre than thirty dtr", at the The advertiser, having been vectored to health in a few I whim tbe limits of slid city, nball be fined not exceeding of the Union, and welcome the era of conciliation GOLD, SILVER and STEEL

m.. 1 .-. J'. .' weeks by a very staple remedy, after hating suffered for twenty dollars or imprisoned not more than fire days. and harmony between the sections while it advocates BOWED SPECTACLES o (
raW"IUr. Air *f3uae 27th, IE-ill every intenst that tends to aid in the advancement EYE GLASSES FETJUfCR & POLL.\tt ,
affection and that dread
several with a severe lung : '
yean -
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city indmdad and geneial prosperity in the State and na- NAPKIN RINGS. 175 Savannah
Itb"al Aa Ordiaiikie for i> Better Regulation of the Public disease. Consumption anxious to .make known to his of Jacksonville, this sixth day of January D.. 1866, FRUlTKlfiVES, Erongfcata street ;
Market feCow-euflcrert means of cure. I That an Ordinance passed February 22d, 1850, entitled marked excellence of the Weekly Commercial'1. cHARMS, Gold and Silver, ARE enabled, through their permanent House E?_-

beIod See 1. E! it (---4,. ,1:4'4 by the Maror and Aldermen of To all who desire it, he win send a copy of Uie prescription -I "an Ordinance relating to carts and drays," be, and the the coming year will be itsLITERARY Large assortment of to furnish Jobbers and Dealers In tMa city n*: ,

Ttiftl. the eit'r .:" Jack ,.e. That It An not be lawful for used (free of charge)) with the directions fcr preparing same is hereby amended BO as to read follows: DEPARTMENT, 30 hours and S day CLOCKS, with without alarms well as those in the country with more advantages. .jj
conveniences in theBoot
iz7.pes'.er ',- to offer,expoxe for sale orse1! any It shall be the duty of every person running a cart,dray which careful and judicious selections from the choicest .
. b- r rem Beef hark. Mutton or other butchered meat game and using the same, which they will find a scat CCKK or wagon for hire within the limits of said city, to applyfor literature of Ae day, and liberal expenditure for original PLATED CASTERS, KNIVES. smd FORKS and Shoe Trado .

.._:. excepted, at any place within the corporate limits of saidcity fur Co&scxrrioi, ASTHMA, BKOXCHITIS COCCBS COLM and procure from the Mayor of said city, a license to productions, cannot fail to render especially entertaining SPOONS, CUPS, than any House in this line. nov IiJ 5m." : .
I except the Public Market House and any person and all Throat and Lung Affections. The only object of be numbered in the order of their issue, and for every and attractive CAKE BASKETS-

if os 0"t..AtdI rotating this section of this ordinance, shall be fined in the advertiser fending the Prescription u to benefit the such license,, the person applying for the same shall pay The acknowledged excellence of the .CALL :BELLS of. TEA BEST,.Ae. Just Received ,
a iam not exceeding My dollars at the discretion of the to the Mayor, for the use of the city,for each cart er dray NEWS DEPARTMENT Large Varlet.
I_ Id JIJoyor. afflicted, and spread information which be conceives te be POCKET CUTLERY, ','
' drawn by a angle horse or mule ten dollars per annum, of the "Dully Commercial b a sufficient guarantee that RAZORS. -BT-
' ecaw.aellt t See.2. And be it further ordained That every day in invaluable,and he hopes every sufferer will trytis remedy and five dollars per annum additional for each additional : the M Weekly Commercial will continue to be all that STROPS (1. L. BOBIF301F .

Ute week(Sundays excepted) ball be, and hereby is as it will cost them nothing and may prove a blessing. home or mule attached to each dray cart or waggon. can be desired in this respect aid we hare only .to say CUPS. BRUSHES : :, _

* appointed a public market diy within this city, and the Parties wishing the prescription, roue, by return mail, And it shall further the duty of each and every person that nothing wQl be omitted that is necessary to maintain POCKET BOOKS. SCISSORS and SHEARS, (And now being opened,) -*}_ -
pllblit market shall be held at the Market House license cart or for hire .
present procuring a to run a dray, wagon, Us character is a valuable medium for the communication CROTCHET NEEDLES *
tic... at the Jud of Bay and kiss greets, and not elsewhere will please fUr**" as aforesaid to paint or mark the number of his or her of the fullest latest and most reliable intelligence on aH PURSES. ALAEGE.AND EXTENSIVE STOCK OF '

unless the City Council shall to determine and Rrr- EDWARD A. WILSON.Jan. license in durable figures easily ojstinguwhable, in some topics of interest to the public. Sharp Gold eyed NEEDLES, ','

w- establish. 11 ly WilliunsUirg Kings Co., New York. conspienous place on the side of his or her cart, dray or COLUMN in large Tariety, Dry Goods, : <, #t _,
See. J. And be U farther ordained. That no person or and for each and every violation of the several THE FARMER'S BELT PINS. .. ,' .
n shall lien wagon will be in the hands of a competent editor, who win Boots and Shoes.. ;, .: :.
pcrjons or offer for sale any species of Meat or : provisions of this ordinance, every person so offending, RUBBER HAIR PINS : ,
b v.:esstablei or other provisions at the Public Market,be- Errors of Yontli. shall on conviction thereof be fined in a sum not exceeding make it a prominent feature of the paper. Original articles TAPE MEASURES -. 'r'.f: '
ti. ,**' )daylight in the morning at which time the bell hall A gentleman who suffered for years from Nervous Debility fifteen dollar, or imprisonment not exceeding on agriculture and kindred topics, and facts and MEERSCHAUM and BRIAR PIPES. Groceries &c. ." _>;;,

, :v 'I ':. -5 for at least three minutes,by any person offering Premature Decay, and all the effects of youthful ten days. Information of interest to the farming'community.be CIGAR HODDERS BANJOS. ACCOBDEONS. Jacksonville, Aug. Iteh, 18 3L \ -_.
A. III embraced under this head.
Ip S tar sate, nor longer thac eleven o'clock in the indiscretion will for the sake humanity send I
1ftr suffering VIOLINS and BOWS FORA.L;; -. ,
'.pi : ('r.u:" except oa Saturdavt ben a second market Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city THE MARKET REPORTS:
} it i, raay*e 814. eommendns at three o'clock ia theafter- free to all who need it, the recipe aad directions for making of Jacksonville, this sixth day of January, A. D., 1866, of the"Comm rciar' are prepared by competent And VIOLIN* TAIL and PIECES GUITAR, *STRINGS e. TWO PLANTATIONS. GOOD EXGINE, Jfc

ti 'd". poon when die ben shall be rang in like manner u in the the simple remedy by which he was cured. Suffer. That an Ordinance passed March SOth 1850 entitledan experienced reporte and the mercantile community of dust Grist IfHT, French (Bun- Kocfr!twoi

ni.z,41a.getoP morning, and except also, as to FUh and other aquatic ers wishing to profit by the a4y-ertLtcr''expcri, can Ordinance in relation to the Fire Ladders of the Town" Baltimore testify with one accord to their superior fullness FLORENCE and SINGER'S SEWING MACHINES, McCarthy Cotton Gins, one Saw Gin, a large fifcfi clasa'
.e. nimala as well aa to grain arid fruit all of and Gin House, a 'WH Store, fine Stablei scii .
whitsh mar be do be, and the same is hereby amended to read as follows: accuracy reliability. I
exposed for tale at the Mulct from dayttgU until sunaet so by addressing JOAN B. OGDEN, Any person or persons who shall remove any of the LIVE STOCK MARKET.REPORT ARNOLD'S WRITING FLUID, Sheds,large Corn Cribs aH nearfy csir (--rtcated two

3of IIi4 on every day (Sundays excepted.) And any and Fire Ladders of the corporation from the place or placee is feature which commends itself as of indispensable RED and BLACK INKS, miles north of Sanderson,on a beWifd bill on the'Cedar

every person selling or offering for sale, at the Public Jan 11. ly No 1? Chambers St., New York. where they may be placed or kept by the city authorities, value to a I interested in Live Stock, and it cannot be COPYING INK -. Creek. road at the Bridge, on a 20 acre tract. ? ;

turnoneddcclIdaL4. Market,any of the foregoing articles after or before the except to be used at a fire, shall be fined for each offence gainsayed that it is superior to that. furnished by any BLANK BOOKS AND STATIONERY Also IJoiiuc( v'21Q acres. the beat Com Cotton and
,.- iwwrs above named respectfully, shall. upon information A" Strange, bat Tr e. and for each ladder so removed not exceeding fire dollars other Baltimore paper. DAWSON, WARREN A HYDES WARRENTED. Sugar Cane land on Cedar Creek, about 100 acres under

pj the Marshal or other satisfactory proof for, each and Every young lady and gentleman in the United'States or imprisoned three days, at the discretion of the i An entirely new feature which cannot fail to attract GOLD PENS fence,a double dwelling house Sugar Boose, Sugar Mill
*rery such offence, forfeit and IB Ebony and SitTer Holders Boilers, and other cut building*, a good'Peach Orchard
pay a um not exceeding will be the Ladies'Departmmt. ,
attention the
can hear something much to their advantage by return Mayor. favorable coming year, PAPER FOLDERS
ten nor leas than five dollars or suffer a forfeiture of the very of INK ERASEARS te. A first class 4-bcrso Wagon, two Cart r Plow?,
under the
article or articles so offered for sale at the discretion of mail(free of charge) by addressing undersigned. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city heading WRITING DESKS, I Harrows, Cultivators Cutting Machine Corn SheOer,
the Xayor, and any person b any wise bereja offending.' Thorn having fears of being humbugged win oblige by not of Jacksonville this sixth day of January, A. D., 1866, THE PARLOR which have ,the services' PORTEFOLIOUS.RULERS.. and a variety of finniag tools and household furniture.
for the conduct of we engaged
J-for each and every offence cithw forfeit the article address their entitled "an Thirty-four head likely "1tJtk cattlto. about WI f hogs'
noticing this tsard. All others will please That an Ordinance passed July 6th fair readers to interesting DOMINOES, -
who will treat
of our
68. or articles so offered f.sale in the River St. a gifted lady. BOARDS and five head of horses;. one'buggy wagon, &.. tc_&.
Ordinance to prevent Bathing publicly CHECKER and BACK
"r ?**.*. And be it further ordaiaed. That all Scales obedient servant Johns and Creeks of the corporation. be, and the same articles on the fashions which and aQ matters their attention of householdand and DICE and BOXES. PLAYING CARDS., A rare chance and a great bargain will be. venby

J .&*< Bailor Steelyards used in the Market for weighing THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, is hereby amended so as to read ar follows:" domestic their interest economy, engage. GENTS and LADIE3 TRAVELINGCOMPANIONS. applying soon to J. C. BROWX, Agent ) lOn

&wed for measuring, HhalL from time to Jan. 11-ly 831 Broadway, New York. No or persons shall bathe publicly within the excite the trio prenude&r. ;
person the of to
The terms subscription *
r1n time be t.eJte4; by the MarAal and compared ith standby limits of said city in the River St. Johns or following are VIOLIN BAGS, CANES. Or to aHEOBKSOX, <

;, I art that weights aad mcamiMM to be provided the city for J3THOWES t MACT, Dunn, S9 Wan st. New in corporate any creek within said limits, during daylight under a I I Weekly, Commercial RATES OF payable SUBSCRIPTION always in advance: :. GOLD, SILVER and IVORY CANE HEADS Deo. 14 It-tf Jacksonville Fla.'
and .
ibO: ."?,' V Marshal correct purpose shall be after duly being certified thus tested and rtairpTbTS York. (Formerly officers of' the fart B n1.) Four penalty lug fire for dollars each, and or imprisonment every offence, of not a exceeding fine not.exceed-three 1 1"Copy I ft;Year.Months '- .$ LW 90 t Toflet Articles in in great Variety such as THE- BIBLICAL EXPOSITOR., .'. ..-..

J ; and any person or person who shall be guUty per cent. allowed on depositcs. "t& 8.00 I PAMPHLET of 32 pages, with the stove title! ;,rI
fbdowtem 6" -
of ielng or *&ttemptin to seU In the market by any The business of this house ia the same as an Incorpo days.Be 1J ku', -. 15.00 NIGHT BLOOMING. CEREI7S.COSMITIQUES, A voted to,the diaseznicstion liMitl and Juttorleat

( fthe'weightor messureorofgany scales, balances rated Bank. it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city 20 u" -'. 21.00 RAm OILS. TRUTH and the! cultivation ofcttr spirital affections,will*,

abore i Itffiyardt or measure-T certified or Persons accounts deposit and draw as they of Jacksonville this sixth day of January, A. D.1866, 25 .. 544 -. ;. .- ,25.00 POMADES. be published HioctLJy by.the undersigned,as IJQCn as tie
I St&z4ed u aforesaid, t been deo1&Ped may, That See. 6th of an Ordinance pawed April lit 1851, M M &a. 2900 COLOGNES, necessary arrangCBU-ntit can be made, at -) r annumpayabethe ,'

belojPt.4 ,1 foe IJ the the Marshal first t for use, eIW1 0,Clouict.ion thereo please, and win be allowed interest on their dally balance entitled "an Ordinance Regulating Quarantine and appointment SO 40" Io6, _. 36.00 An. entirely new Perfumery, called, .. delivery of the firs*number. A.

ere U" offence be fiDe4 not ezcaedig twenty dol- at four per cent. of Port Physicians and his duties JtcV be, From an examination of this table it will be seen that MUIJABIRO, -. The EXPOSITOR: will contain articles doctrinal eugetlcal -'

era I fetce,"&be 4 if MCOOd any person time shall be found guIlt rf such If Collections made on any part of'the United Stat a or and the.same is hereby repealed.Be the Veekly Commercial" is" available to clubs at a The rery best thing out.80ZODONT .' and historical first principles in theological raretigations *-'
.abe or tIle shall h 4e. and dirfcassitruj of .errota '
addition .expoehkina popotnr ,
above; :\ io tot ibe thetrm forqo penalties, be espcllell from the market Orders for the purchase or sale of Government or other it ordained by the Mayor and Alderm of the city lowerTate than to any flub other thirteen newspaper it published b sent for in a Balti little 'HAIR.'NAIL' TOOTH. BRUSHES ._ a- series of brief articles on charch discipline,solationaof..:.

$; "labove ;. And or OH 1ear. Stocks, Bonds and Gold, promptly executed for the of Jacksonville, this sixth day of January, A. D.. 1866, more.a"dollar ThUS and a fifteen cents year to each member; to I SILVER SOAP.- FANCY SOAP, cases of conscience counsel for the trodlr 'ml ungodly,
vha,57 pei'olOD baY made a pvcbue III usual commission. octfJ-Sm That Sec.5 of an ordinance passed Jane nth 1856, entitled over each TOOTH S01P, TOOTH POWDERS, words comfort for nonroers instrau'Jbn for 'doubdog
p% the markeCICXIOei'1i dub of twenty for one dollar and five cents to
_ _ a
). a ::rbelow .1-tt I. _. ._tba1_ be. or &be| has been unjnstlrto "an Ordinance in relation to Dogs and Taxes._on member to a dub -of thirty, for ninety-six cents and a forCfaristrnas' and enquiring chriatlms, bin for masters, di-reCine- _.
s ?.'. -aedLately- --take- 0 t w LahaJ"eagn;the or IDeUI1lre. and ab: b TO THE CITIZENS OF FLORIDA: the same,"be, and the same is hereby repealed. fraction,and to a'club of forty persons for one year at Large:; .. Variety of Fancy Articles ems articles and a brief sommary of religiooatateffigence.-
article aad. all'
or artldM au All unpleasant and : tabie cvr.trovrrrfe?
3 it1i I pfde4 0 being 4eflc&e1Ltb the greatly reduced figure of ninety cent for each mem- &cpto
.. M! be the duty ot the karshal to wei.-bt CI& measure, it shall The termination of a sanguinary contest which for the Be It ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city ber. la the obituary and marriage notices, eieeedhtg: six. .Wes iavv
.J.Jj way
) :, the cit, scales or measures -.ure thell.me* past four years has presented an Impaadble barrier to all Jacksonville, this sixth day of January A. D. 1866, j4dresaTM.. WALES & CO., ofDOLLS.. length will be exciuded' '; '.i: '.
Jj" -ftIe IIIIIJ require. That an Ordinance passed entitled "an I Ordinance prohibiting DOLL HEADS. As aa afflictive visliation of Divine FrovljenceliiSInapacitated *
j and to deeide whether and how far the social and political intercourse between the two great Editors, and Proprietors,No. 80 South Street :
of slaves and free of color TRUMPETS. forpJeaJXngUweanswofOirisfc :
weIght or the whipping persons the proprietor
t Md
Lord tsetnn was deficient Baltimore .
) V .. Sea 5. And be U further ordained That. sections of our country, baring at length happily cleared in the Public Market," be,- and the same is hereby. repealed. CLUBS! CLUBS!IIt BALLS. ,.TEA BETS from the pulpit he appeals with'tcmtdenee to his!en

I Maces or part of ordinances conflicting with the A.nm.L orfi. away an obstacles to renewal of those .relations which is onlyneejssary to examine the rates at which the FANCY BOXES BIRD,CAGES. and brethren to aid him in addressed doing so through to hint the tCThomas-pest_ '

i VH ,-H' I,catta1ned in'this ordinance be and the formerly bound us together in a fraternal union. I take Baltimore Weekly Commercial is offered to recognizethe Cbnanunieatians may be
lame are Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city TABLE HATS '. vile Ga.- temporary reaidence 'until oftgwjge"dLfecte
lerebf. This a. adrantagt$ of organizing neighborhood Clubs by ,
; ordinance 0 take efr.d Oil the earliest opportunity afforded me by this auspicious of A. D. .1866 JOSEPH &B4KZR.*
1&i w&dal cat Anust of Jacksonville, this sixth day January, which the eosiof the to each individual greatly All nCwhleh'X..m sell cheap aa the cheapest. '
S I' 18GQ.- event,-vet my southern friends and to solicit from That an Ordinance passed Nor. 10th, 1858, entitled "an reduced. Alkie effort paper on the part of an energetic person Call and examine my stock before pnrthaainx elsewhere gptronwIIbereecivedattheTnx3 office "

2 M Ordinance to RegdatTthe, themarenew i.cr that extensive business connection Ordinance to prevent Negroes from loitering about will insure to the inhabitants of each Tillage and ; will treat you all kindly whether TOO buy or Dee,21: -1 .. tJ -i-i---.
XTdghtand Prices of trouble to show All warranted
not-no goods. goods
which for be and the same is hereby repealed.
3 ordain4. a quart.,11 century, baa been uninterrupted Btores, neighborhoodk first-doss newspaper. at a very moderate as represented. I Internal Improvcasjit and Saap } Landst-:

:11ft Se Gl I.the And city be of It Jacbon1i11e bl the Mayor and Aider. save by the great pub1\e-wmtl to which haTe adrer.te Belt ordained by the'Mayor and Aldermen of the city cost. Make up ani send in- jour Clubs for .the first number WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, KESTOUED TO'SXAIIKErNOTICE / *"'

-.n be soLd, ma4. kept II' expo That** for aU sale Bread J within which the It. Is scarcely on"i of Jacksonville this sixth day of January"an Ordinance, A. D., 1866 rda-, in January, 1168. Repaired In the Terr best.manner and' warranted. II: .fa hereby igiv i that all tbe Interval Improve-' .
CIIII'pCIn&e limitS of the laid citl shall necessary, ,,tbrahold of a business That an Ordinance passed, entitled TO FARMERS. Remember the place at the old store of C.D. OAK Swamn todi af the 'cat of Florida,"-
.-.4-.et lour. bemadeofmwndThat reunion, I should repeat the wan*,, ?, often given to i tine to assemblies of Negroes and persons of color for I The attention Fanners is invited to the merits of in A.M. RaIDS Building entrance on Ocean Street. which btve heretof been offered for safe, have been<-'
.1. friends or other meriment"be, and the same b hereby and especially to the market Dec.21- I' been restored to *
&I41ft. further ordained from ud after my beware of aH those spurt*,and deleterious dancing the Weekly .Commercial offered for'sale iTe r.arketbfthe
--LLw Aun4 next the compounds which under repealed. . report wtich are made up with the greatest care. Trustees of tbp'lnLemaJ Improvement Foad, tl the fol-". .
Loaves of weight oCATe-ceDt tbepe and false tides of the Mayor and Aldermen of the cityof itself FOR SA1VE, -
Igbt -1 hour Dread Be it ordained by The lire Cock Market Report is in worth. the iofn1riev .
the fQlo table u4 when shall he regalte asdkito imported Wines Brandies Holland Gin liquors etc Jacksonville, this sixth day of January, A. D.: 1866. I price of the japer' PLANTATION OF EIGHTY ACRfiS SAFE In tet1Zr0reULafl4t S3 per; cent above".';'

pes; therein lei luith, m this f10VlbaIJ be Qf the I. bare been equally deSrootive to tbe health of Oq-citizen That an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance relating to ,' Fame'Column win be made a prominent feature A land M acres und fence mostly fresh law,*at their anirai3ed ralue -' iII
city ivj
'D be CII the welgitcther ,. &DeI1oa.cent Los,.. as prejudicial to the Interests of the legitimate fa orta. Free Negroes and Mnlattoes appointment Guardian the coning year ttodet the editorial care cIa competent rood loose and oot-buildingvwen.watered JD&flt0! II S jcap Laada.within all is&a of any railroad-a |3fSwamp .'. '.
ahaJ1 of and"the same U hereby repealed. Sandeiw .ea Cod* Creek ; \
priceI be ot Many of aad Tax, be, editot the range 2J mUe from JO peracre.- < '
life havebeefi
'1'Wbea ..that Sa tQ yean my put expendrd 1 U aa ,Make up 'clubs, and send along yon names for tbe Baker count Frf sale at a bargain. i / Lands;mere than,six miles fr.many* railroad,

Thor abaI1 be $10 the open and candid attempt to expose these wholesale r a Be'it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city new year. F .... $tfl-55ppra,' .' -' ', ',

'-. weida..,...... I..YelIIbaD ....1'. No time nor expense baa been spared to fompliah. ,this, of Jsckaonrffle this sixth day of January, A. IX, 186, When & Chii.c Sdbscribezs has been forwarded. ad-' ,A. ..v..IN n 1'I.i.'t.t I"WO'.. Tenons ownin3imrQremenie. twr .. a i*.faairife
Wh1ocrsbalIbe Ii Tbatan Ordinance entitled Maa Ordinance ,,ru4 ? raade it the lame terms. It a notPY&butha o.tbep remlas entitled WiLe eei _
per b &ht I. salutary purpose, and to place before'by frieada aad tbs 1 1pibIie dttioos may b to on poi .
lit "PI shall ............... Slaves end Free Person of cd from keeping Board *>,. 0. In. ;. embracbd; '' ''it' ., th&
"WheaJlOlU' shall be ...11 generally, at the lowest postiU*aarkrt price,and I-"tlJt'CII' siMnfnjp 1Ieae&Q4.... tm Iscc'tt -. i tonotthM.ut1ec... ""-_ -. ., i'C
too per''the An In such iantities :. ;4 i 1'iI" l P05TSASTEES\ .. .. ,.. -. '- '- tii'Bl .
dw ht'1'
II .t
con'ftll : : _
et hi sa mi a tru1i t .
1WbenAtTIhaflbe' shanwefgh..........: .......1' 1& genuine imported article ir 1sfiyo' and Aldermea of the' cityiiar1.iceatethiszthdacfItnnarT4D ar4.-eqaeeletl -. ,'. : pL s.l nif r' ." .R
e IS per barrel the a. 1 ; 186'- "oiIi' :." .. "{

"1IIUt -.ahaJ1.etp..........:...1' U Twenty five years buanets"tranaactloM with.the'jai; T&tanOrtMisBCfli entitled "an .Ordtatace prdfetoric CiI"ilrli'ec ,;, .. ; ., ..- .
1oIf .
C'tI be $7.O per bun tbe aYe eat and most rstpectabl. etporting hnJisasi'ta Jrsac* aad &tinsLiqwwtoBla2 r _. '-., .7' ---4I1 0'..OIU'

ab "u..f.....ll 1& Great BritainJ re a&tded ttf,nwrpasMd J aifi" for ftMr'M.. .. .I i -r..
"t' JI'. .
.-s- .
"$ -
.\ .. \ tp-- d4 ."___.; .. ,-, -
; ,
i- '1' _'',- ." i11... .. :.,-... .'".,. f ,-.; 0 n_ ,-.. .. ...- -.. ., ..r." 4ir- -

-'. .. .'..r \.' "If.y..Jj ? ,
". .. -r. "' '. _. '. 'f" t i_ -'--- -- ,
. < ,-. ..'."

F _
It -:' .. ,
------ -
-w --
9 ---
- _

I -

_ 4

; -. : : -
-- -

'. -" --q.-- ... ..*.;.. jeed.rIf; ; stop an'd.reverse, pain'of the forfeiture of such vessel ? Provided.That mtet. fronr,tapnbll< laid o H niuaguTj -
e e ,
[o1ctL jL fiuB shall b* now In existence or that 1iereafUrbTiiitiLute4it n ary
.- *M4U V* *>4M IBAVy J f* -* wjv w f wwtcrmihed may l3 when In' a'ibM a this act shall not take effect;un til,,theeipiratioB of nearest to the tier ofsectitasabove specified,as !
L1WS OF TOE WITED] STATES hy tb>4ire<;t