Oh hapless remnants, of a fctrtigsHng! band ; fio members of! no General Assembly shall increase All:\HHt' 13 c, 13CK.tit. : fumlh ot6ondt Tboughly to Renovated Hotei' lid

Oh 1 wcephi" daughters of a htrickt-n Una ; I their own pny. They mummy puss n law to AOOIEL-'I'lw: Io of PIll-i wasbrnkun, liy cninln" thebeS &Bommse I. an Elegant DO BAR io]

Oil! grny-llIIll'cl\lilthcr8\ of each martyr'd nm, increase the pay of members hrrenftor( be elected t throimh! t thu mull but uiuiii'\(h of your' I I'llls remained, I to WHOLESALE: DEALER I If IN !Ii BATH IlOUs tar Ladles
sod lit" won, iiiKbmt rullef. nlinonl KOIUI ns I had tnkon th.-m. Alloa ILIVERY
Who gained( at least the pro\ve give mo as AND; STAIlLE,
Now In by till Ohibtce s tide, but they cannot increase their own pay.Their .- My illflli'iilty of bivuthhiK limo riiiilflied. liaise fend mu cn b" rqoo for plCllllre whore
4" sleeps glorv* darker water, glide ; i own pay, uccording I lo I the constitution I is:! three boxes of ;Magglcl' Pills by KspnJAM'3\ -!'.'. sCr"U.sti OcDm.IDcL:2ay-: soy for trips
Or where Potomac f/S/f .
Oh sorrowing matrons of tin noblest cause\ always: fixed! by the 1.11In force nt the time when 130 Bridge St., t Brooklyn WATSON, :1.: ., I.EXTRACTS i1 j) VFTrt9 I IViti

That budded, perished l, with a world's applause, they were elected, nnd if they pass: any law to increase I ( BY CONGRESS. F'ihin Iaa'COllUll1CtO
Who weep fur jevelthat\ Cornelia's lovu the pay of motr befc.J it can only take etfect FROM VARIOUS LETTERS: e i JJ WI Lt{ d:4 l a.Jj)
-,-, Rome gift approv'd above, r.fter I Approved March 3d, 160:;.
Had given a remains those pushing it have gone out of om e.- "After snflbrliip tort..rt'" from lillllo'is Cliollr, two ofy.inmi'illa J C tt t rs' a.M Commissio'
work ;
Como c.teli, come all, a nobler That: this U the of the lOtlt ction of .
meaning s time mal
cllrmllul', and I have 11\.1110 return llic : .
at what God ordiln) 1 M. T. HEWITT, President. I D. L. LAMBERT, Sect'yl'i'iuiViim.mi I:
Than vain
repining 4th uriicUi of the Consttulion! U too clear for' CUTC.EZF2V. / '
argument. ady. 75 ) )
entomlied III woo that bleeps, Cedar Street, New York (AmefcanExchange rXTlRASTREET, NEW
Ofllco 87
:Mourn not tho hope It reads' as follows : "Kadi member ot .' Oar doctors IrcaU.d mo for rtironlc conrtination, IIH 1 -:
i Since Fortune\ with thu tearful never weeps, they called\ It, ami at last said I was- mcnrablu. YoUI'tlllJl's Itank Building.) -
.- If: But erase yoitrteaiv, your fruitless grlu'l resign, the General Assembly shall receive from the )lUll., \ Pills cured maim" } HTCHEI! FARLEY
shrine. Treasury such compensation for his services / '. rills! man hearty emma j T. \ /; ..
I Let vot ivc marble bo your hero's ; a had nuupputltc\ ; MajprfulV gave -:,. : ffi4i'; @ Branch in Tallaliassee,

', Thus Inscribed raise with thc shall JACKSON'S( of tributary thrice immortal famo name; sation may be shall ffxed takevcfl'cct by law: but(during no inm-nsc., u-rm of for compw-which "'.\oum I semiS' tills loranolhcr mIm'mimmmrVelimL'box, and' keep I IhuIJIIIIlu'! house-"" I J d J b I : J' -\il;; Ir. l *. REMOVED C CEJ1Jllhis1io11. ud ForWardilm
"i) licudaohu Hint /
Thin tell how JOHNSTON'S spirit, plumed l ibm Might, the KopresciHiUivcs: were elected whun such jmv '}' [ *(ttvo Magtrrii'sjin'cured hair Jc one of your my pills 'to my babe for cholerammiorbmumm. NEXT! DOOR TO DINASU'S OFFICE. APAUCmcOLA FI

Sin deathlf f glory soured above thc light ; p\"soJ.: "_ I : The .iar litilo thin! );lItwelllll it day." TIL -
SHow PEISIIXM'IJ! soul (audit\ the sulph'rous cloud Slll'oul1 Tho rornpens .thn must be iix-cd, by law: .!Jut Mynn[ ell of a morning. IM; now cured." of One Dollar nnd upwards received. The C. JJnraNESL'5BINBR1DQE
found a titling ; box of ilait li-1'n Siiivucurc'd" cue nolsos in thu KOSE1'IEIIoltho'furnis1uing: IlfMP8 DEPOSITS
,/ That wreathed lils aniion law effect : your In this Savings liunk will tie kept
{ I no inc.oo-yijr the| eOl11pe\'>ltiolb'hnllllLLe\; hcid I rubbud "aw of bohlutl 0111'1111,1 .
;: 1cqIPgrd'fll3\ ( IW\2W\!; .el.tMIWIIiLrni; h\'F l\J\ ? jtl, during th ">.-.,, fr which the Representatives' ; I the nolie lelt." my MiMv on Uitcrest, and will be paid bark. to the depositor! : GA.

lAnd, ore the thunder of their guns had died, were elected wiiom\ such law passed. Thus wo SiTitlmu twolioxi's : f wantjo. for n poor family." P'V'ciiJal Iiiuri..t and:niiowed Interest on, when nil Bums called I of for.five dollars jgnllBorlda SumeWp Llna.Noticetoebtors .

., Hurled buck the billows of their llery tide s:=c that: the law in (ovce at tho time when the till"I nu-dicliiu i'n'-lo.o) a to tiiiiuityour me Is; worth 1)riemm u dollar i I. twenty-Ilvu" cents, but ::: Goods wards, Mi-h! shall\have bcrn!: on deposit for six lIlonllt@; "

y Oh, could Monroe's embattled walls that rise present Keprescnta'ijvcsvveroelectednut I tgovt-rn Mend mi time boxes of your pills., "" \previous to1<.. first' day"'" *' *lanuary and July in each ) Ml

With frowning aspect to the azure skies, tho compensation of the members of the present "Let mu havn tlnvo boxes or your t'alvu by rotui-n mall." year.Vlumn..In accordance wlthWhix JJL Charter division if
a ruinat'
S ,- 4. Hut tell the suU'eniig! of our shackled Chief, General Assembly.Vhen the member of the Jo'nt'lIl1 dlsi-HH?" of thu m I Kidney., retention of urine, ic., &c. &c.c. made' ol'the surplus each deposilur will NCC'U hi.shari'ot' I A U kl pouni Sites, labor tuing I.eonComiy demands deccslkJiUwloprwnt
: Mils shame I itpeat, his woe, his bitter grief; Mallei's Pills nruii iiurfuct cure.Oim tho sui-pluri in addition, to the ru line IbteriustThe Ibem withot
(f'; Or breathe the prnyera from honored lips that fall: prebPlltneueral.scmhly weme elected, tlll'rewlI'>, dose will"I1U.' an> one. liauk has thus! fur been ubljlo.! ;.lay live per coami.in I Eiq..DlyageU Ulndlion C. !!. ', del
"_ acceftts for land beloved by 1111"i : and is yet, upon the statute books; tinrcpoatcd FOR J''f.VA LK JJSIL4SE,' i i're'.t, I all
pure, ibTTJRYAN Ait er>dlll.t. and parties tflueJjK.or
Or speak to tliooc, whoso hearts bCl'cavcIIU\\'e bled, in full force, the law of 14th :February, 1801(;1, Pi'otrmmtioui'm'mmkmmes*, Clencral Ln.ollude.Vnnt..r Ap : 1 'uLi.\.: ;: AND S7'1, All InvcKtinenlB made In United States Seciirettos. I agmmmit theelt..t.ur smmtclmnteetmitetehI.

-, His treasured meiu'ries of their diem islicit\ detdkt which fixes tho compensation nt live: dollars: f tor hmetmhtlmiggmcl's' fills will bo louiul an edict mumi remedy..V.IiGlBL'K All.the prollu belong to the depositors others are i I.thdrc1almlmoJllbe presented wtti" tw

'Oh surely ye, l for whom that captive bears every! day ol' ucltiul attendance, and ten cents for l'LLS.IXIJH.IL"RAI' 1 Interestedrjinchc's have been. Ulxlied! In nearly nil titeSoimtim- AD hits notlre hdcbted will be to plead enld ln\r ,

Our woes "descending\ on his hoary hairs every mile of'nep.-ssary! travel," (seo nets of moo(J(), '' almost nnivereal. theIr eficet, and a euro can be illtno .tiuab: ( corgb. era ciili'/roin Baltimore tcf New Orleims.f I ptmr.mns to the 0 1
Would breathe the burden 1 of that pray'r' again page: : 01.) Thai Constitution; says expressly Unit: ,,t always: guarautuod., ,n-\ .t. Dr. .\. 11. STONELAKE, m.khnmea\II.0D. \ayment "
'" t If thrill your breasts this SOUlS of "uiherJi'l11el{ !l'I shall + .;, C'luilrmnn of .\d'loo1''ommlttee.. I > JA8. B.lore .
: they : not imici I'! no this (compensation: to (take >-. von isiLinm DISK.\SES\ ?
y 4-wly FRANK W. WEllI'TEIl.AcLing ,
of nation dead
f! hon pCPl'lcChicttnlll a cfi'oct luring: their term of ollijo but the net t of .Jfi ._ ____ _1 l' I Di 4.
,." Illustrious MilT'rer In that nation's stead, :Xothln.'j ho moro \productive cure than these Pul.s. ----- ------ Conhier! law-w
While sinks her soul! amid the wrathful gloom.( 1800( does increase this compensation; from five to I l'holrlllll1l1.t: nmvlc< : Inlluencu Is: full at once : mind il'u usual ---.-----.--- .

.\: And swells the dirge that chants that nation's doom, eight dollar per day, mind iu so-no insUuices, by Thubu coacomltniits remuillus of nre ililn made iiu>,'a of itlHtresHliidisease thu purutt are romoved. S. S. MILLER New

-' Thy country mourns not 1\I0rol her fate than' thine, counting every twenty miles a day, eighty) dollars. VEllKTASLE COMPOUNDS. locAtER IXMahpgony Savannah News and Herald ,,

w Condemned iu dreary prison walls to pine .
,, Yet sad'y' bowing to tho stern decree, They will not harm the most dellca'to female, and can berlvan '. DAILY, TKI-WEF.KLY AND WEEKLY,
If this act is; t. take effect before the \ v7 .A.LN''UT, '
,; A new NIUIIB seems that land\ to thee ; ) expiration! wllh( good ull'uct in prescribed doses to the YOIIII"cst
I rilbllkiiecl lit
< her \ I hand of the term for which lie present mem litwere: babe L= MilT1
has fallen from palsied ( ,
1101'Chief swor Is prisoned a chcerles l.iud, elected, to my mlud it is; a clear violation of the FOil CUTAXEOl'H DISORDERS \ & Pine Furniture 111 Bay Street, Savannah; Ga., / & 11 \ :
murdered children lilt a thousand graves, Constitution, and I hiivo heard no ul' umentswhiclt And eruption-\ of the pklii the Salve Is iiiont InvaluableIt ,
If: ':: standard amid tho tempest1 waves doubt does not !heal externally a'one' !but puni'tratet' f hAS THE '
11cr me the
droops gives e\'elll1
: subject. with the most Bonrchlng cfl'ucls to the vary root ol the
TltvAr.indsttr..l.5r5jwJtli dory ardor bore Tlie only suggestion i I: have heard In 'favor of tho evil. I'llXCII' AND COTTAGE CIUMBEK SETTS largest; Clien Ia tloii. PAYS FROM

' That STAUUV Citoss tutu field ol carnage ocr, constitutionality: ot this bill is, that thin Stategovtrnniemit -Mt"Q ")- time City and Conntjr and thlt section of Gooi-ela,; and
'.Vndbtctnnicd the tide that too obavurod! .
soon soon, IR. JfAGGIh'L'S PiLLS IN Florida South Carolina "
'vl'lio which eouImtlcssstormim3 endured is u new government, mind is to bo t CUAa s cs.TTB.DSSES extemilva ono ull over Georgia it AND ATGl'eatY"Redue.
t' ,. gloaming light : QJtrH[ nnd other Southern Suites, lathe OfficUU PAl'EK
considered It til! existence Invariably, cur 8 (the followlii" diseases : Asthma Dowel
having no prior to (
i the tattered( 01'b
ijfil(! ruiso remnants> more, It ban a Large Corns
(lever 'L'ostlhmcss iif&avunimb.:" )
CohN, ,
COll1l'llIllIlI: Coughs, (host Diseases (
tI )r'HII its! vot'rles thro' thi battle's roar. the adoption the present Constitution ; and, A. : mLA.I i TON ORDER; Corretpon-
iiJHkludUeaeu Keitortert Contributor and
nyspeusla: Oliirihnftt. Dropsy, Uebility Fever amid A"! : lito//f, I ;
,' .1 Korjioru amid\ the stubborn shock of arms, therefore that it is necessary that tho rate: of compensation \ L'txidncne. ludtgostlon, Iniluunja liiIlituuuT* 'dents. .

i %U'B snowy folds their gushing lifo-blood warms ; shall bo fixed by ulvw I of this now tlon. Immms'aodVe ,klle>s, Liver Complaint Lowness of81't..ltsIUngnurm 147 Street .."'. (
UrougMoii '
:J -* It draped tho pure, the cold, the marblo brow, government. To this I answer that not only) u liheuuialtsm, Mull: icheum: nnd Healll. o. Amons Its KdlL.rs are ( 01. W.Jones'T.. Conr\.llblp"I) JjJJ51IOHH
V That once was throbbing(, yet Is deathless now ; EACH lION OONTAUW: H PILLS-ONK:: PILL IN:: A u. me author of "MaJ. L. ,JoIn:8 for- AT
law, but tho very constitution 1t. c11'ut' this new SAVANNAH, t.\. .I Kditoroftho .1101'111/19.\.10" ; and Br. J. Jovrftal.
It o'er I'euiAM, kissed in fund embraceThe UOSE: dJ
\ wept has fixed Ue rate of I nerly Editor amid l'ub1l hllr of the Meridian 4.KIRKSEY
government, : emphatically: :
I Btnilcof death tUat hung on JACKSON'S ficc\ ; jyT": XOTICK.-None genuine< without the engraved 8fJ.t !) b..nnderw0 charge
r. ) And, then, with\ legions that beneath It fell eomnensation for this General Assembly.] Lookat trade mark around 1 each pot or box, signed; by Dr.J, AIAO- -- Tbo nrsixuss:< DEPARTMENT Bud tovoraniy kuown 5' & J

t' They( drooped In death, tho nmqiifred: Vummr'nincl'\ \ !' the 1st section of time 17th article of.thVCuusil-- OIEL. .. New York, to counterfeit which Is felony.v medicines. -iIi'-T 1'nbllsher if Mr. TIIKUIIORB of: the Morning BI.OIS, Jfewt long Dec 21, 2.
I dealnis !ir !
Baddl'iicd tution of this and will\ Hud Sold hy all respectable ..
With spiritscntly!: 1'11I'th\ flap/ new government you United States and CaDiidiu, lit 25IulIl.l.cr! H "r E nns;

: That fla lujil I o'er plain'and( deU and mountain-crag; that it expressly declares the act of 14th Feb- boxorpot.throughout the : .... .. .. .... ........ ... .*111 00'j'rt"eklYI

I ,.--T ht brightened hop\J :' Ana, 'neath their gloaming, laughed the foe to&corn.Ii' as follows, "all laws of tho State during an.il since IIl1vdoek, No. t1 I'lne street', New \ork. "" 'I'k1y'cr annum. .. ... .. ..advortillCd.... .. ea"I 0rato. I'A'EIt'l18EN'1't
: Yes furl that hoc itl lied unto "freely mmbommt their eOlnl'lnlnt"l.lIull \ inserted u per
:\t banner, *liopcs are ; 1111I100 S cRam >
the tenth session thereof in 1800 not"repugnant "
: will be returned 'by fllllowiulIIull./ WI'ito(or iUmmg- CLOTHING BOOTS.
.i Tho fearless arm that boro it high, are dead, reply ..
-- \SOV.: .
the Constitution of this S. \v.Edtor. )
And cold and tho! silent field to : Stato:: or of tho United L'K-1's'rivatmeiil ct'l)1m4eIM' ? apjj
pulscles, on medicines cannot bo procured Iu your eeclloii\ and Prorlul)! ."..,, CHRjsTA5 CO3(5
time !
Slates shall bo viiltd. No If
that the
Tlielr Know not but in death to one pretends ,
I courage ( yiuld. writuaud I will forward, It'mim.mm-y ,In, enclosuil.iri'L'ory HATS2 ::8'1'0.2 oct SO.tf)
: Aye furl that( banner," let i it shroud each son, act of February, 14th 18(11( is in itflTOict with the ( & Arthur, Affinlt In T.illaimnseo.

5, ;, Who rests bmeath monumental stouo ; Constitution ot this Stato or of the net of 14th Dee IS, ISC' ly '' N THE NEW BOC
And, if perchance, some vandal seek to trace February, 1801( I Is made by the Constitution of 72 2 St Matt} jaa 105 1 5 Bryan Streets, TUU QUTRBnN GB OflIAUAINBRIDCE ,

MI'be lifeluB dust within ll\t! hallowed place, the new government a law ot time }land as fully us SOUTHERNImporting SUCH A COLLECT)
nervelcba bo th1 acRu-bUd BAYAKNAII GA. )
""ubi 1 hand that daro it word of it hud been written down in the ,
Disturb tho slumber of ImmortaUthcru! lU-wSm \\\L
,,. oct CEORCIAIluir
Constitution 1 itself.:: It matters not, therefore, "Ir1t
Lamented W..UlItI'IOkell s State shall write whether wo consider government ,,"cnow live House. ..- :;-. )D.I tor.
Upon that scroll if.lfemo hi living }'LANNEIE..W.PltUMMOND. jjjQQiCJ3U:
light, L.J.OUII.MillTIS. JOHN : .A.WilIJlimdde
To tell the story of ffftatal day under as a new one or continuation of tho old Dl' 'W' proprlefor.Goo. 1 du..DO tbeb"r" of the

t That Bwcni iu death thjigallant liCe away., one. In either case we find a law recogn zed by L J, GUILMAETIN & CO ;E'Adr.101S., .'.. for VI I hippy efte
tho Constitution valid which tho -fl- clrPPEII Ordo. anvth
And gave Vh.glnl.dI\ 0 us prescribes baa the large-t flff UaualJy
Tho glorious\ kee. tfAowuj: dust. compensation of tho members of tho present General GO11DON OTT,, ,tJ.CTOnS 0 IIlabUihod 10 iss 7\.iUorl.\ .. Ibo [toter.hi0 Bo, cl thom now be kep
hONE .
And there, If .:j"::. ,, _3uence may dwell Assembly, and a clause In. tho Constitution t '.. j} eul"tloo In .. v ,.. maoriclmI to Is mated thj.ao" alOflg.v
In words, bin/, -my laurelled name a spell, declaring Hint compensation so prescribed bhall AND (orgl"lI. beleltesO. '50U":: {""I'rn I" c0ll11110n' e dan ISO, to servo cU8tmer.. \111 \

Till, turned b OWL the rev'rent eye shall fall not be increased during their term service I and Wholesale Dealer? .. of Southern Ad.ortl.ln/l'alli 1iiedlU a..d ''lIlahalo, t. 1
tho bright classic .' Importers SHIPPIHG AND UOl MISSlaNJa.O'X.A.1"oTTa exceilufl* Travcllllir Agent tt
Upon 0 name ot CALL, beg to suy further In regard to the act of 1800( 1I1101Ilu. ]Man evorVij'5 time QeueraI slIb""rlpllou, and -
the -
And goulus-that his valor
weep gave. It is not and -IN JOliN roeel.a
that In my Judgement never was 1I1r. II hIm
I' a for Ui bl wwbe
Consigned too early, to a soldier's ge.Hero for of (lie (0"080'AN .010AtIvertlMfl1C1m uJ'ac" UIIldo TAKE
valid law nay purpose. jjy looking at iho ... and ad 0 rDr.
too, tho peer of many a "gallauTLAMAK '011._ "
has gained tho niche his com 0 won ; Senate journals ot that your the last Qov session puges 231 y/jflBS/ Liaiors ann 3Ollr$ 148 D \Vest of the Exchange, oOUlpliud willi. ,
will find tim1abill i :
2 'U rnor vetoed SVISSCRIFTION
No prouder name in marble Bleeps 011 1'1111, you it to tho Somite ANf.AJI, a A.fIOXSIQNM TERMS (;1' .... .... : .
No nobler soul a hero's can tiud. tlllretul'u6 ,In which It o- ; . . .... . .. .. ..300UO"oVy.htUlUOIIl. Rose1s
grave I U did\ uot pass that N'I'S' > omme year.. . . .. ... .. 1110A.h
Yet, when the youth Iu coming yoara Blm11 trace, / rl"lnstedIud body by the 148 JUv STUKET, lIcltiMl.. upon 11whlclJ0l1lliSlJi11j| { I ii copy .." ,. OP aT
(For thcso reserved not lea* aiiliauorcd place,) h o-thirls majority rocmlred by tho Constitution! 'f I \' "' ''''. will bo lutt.lH. PBrtlciilur oro..r.lor --...... \\10 &It l '
mill tu lllllutf/ ; sIb, TIlE
... voting was tttlaotCntloH nu The Florldian! UKACCUI leave, whole number seventeen, eleven SAVANNAH CA a .. JcI-..dill --- .
sculptured t>anie Tho Timber .-.. .b"r, Waol.'UUa* .50. u4mS __ ort1- ....... A,
To reap the tribute that their deed receive, for thejjassage' of the bill over tho Governor'sveto --.-- :HrSTTnrl'U._ ; \- ... l'J.1)U'S':. OP-
I :
The scroll of faun will o'er be Incomplete, six Rgalustiu, Eleven not being two- D"1" 1SWI.....3m _._ S-, W". b "'\*, \ .
\ Till PAiulUILL'lInalUll: the tablet Bhall repeat, tlmtrds, .-seventeen; the bill did not PIIM. At first I Ithrough --- lld.1 PV.NU.O\H.. \U ,.....,. B ;: ,, 8*. CO.MVOUTBH W. 1L I '*tftf I ,

And REID, !and BAILEY, POPB aud SIMMONJ add, a mistake the bill was declared p"....tui. I oTjr1'! x- T. WM.Jit.Jtt;, fe HA: \ BPEOTAE
ucceBBiva glories to the record sad, Benato JournaKpHSo ) ) .. \P 1JB.I\" J1I A
bseduf1nt1y ;'Sl; '
"lie BUTLER, ANDERSON and BHAPKOKD? tell. but lI ltiWuW J-rrrcu>. ..,f1j \ thIs c'itaeie.

iu. fnl heroes Iu the struggle| tell. the Sc-nnto**_ .aekiiowl-'djje..... : !! \ \ Wines\ \\\\\\\\\t\\\ \\ \ : t1iiiv 61\ taO
\ '''' ;;'',:tth t cli"'d J ",0lU ,; \>\0011 \ >17.'1I\\\\\\\l, tIwrofUra ,... \ul1m of theWl.tCnl.of 18UU.Wi.\ I eOUlh Ad,, 4.IhlUI\ ,I-i tuttie um Cummmpam city ufTulluUni-F,,..- .--.wtumclJ4 uuuu n iWAVfn In thor Th'aut'SViSUS\ \ I \ .. [ .

1 r "'I"hcIIY the Buhs.-riiitliin or smock mul will k. ttte 5i ; lor Crltl&d t&te
... .0 f..nen c&u..e w....... \\1 I :\gMn r"l\18\\\I(0; : ..Jlhat .\\ch'rdu"llrunIIt.- I >-'I'UuUkiiud U-Uuco'' wovlUof ai. 6tu"kiilwImvulicvii .[ iimlllTwuul ''\ GINS 4tMIt ) CU'I\IU: }, '. .It, ltr'lCe. U m
\ \\<1 laW .f't.o7. \t\" \eg\t\lnl\to utxurllu'd Cur, atli-r bleb Itnntfiu| vlli tern ( v, n. \ II .pose "
a. : t.nmtem'rttsg:; : *5L a "
,. iI\. ... n \ y.dH' '\u.c llvY' tI:1: \ ,IJ't') ... M'5755
,) "" N'lt" : : fl 1i1tOKMI'OI.1,1N4I r ... "Ittle, "a\ '
'tliclr of t .Melt 18tI. 'a Ale ....' ", : .
c"rl\tl"ltll''i.\ out I 11AKKH: gJAMKS ; II OolobTatod \a. b ,11011"1. bO frammie,,.
... :;., Ii, 01' 1I,1J.t. nut 1. T MAIUWK: BKUMtNH S'mitb.'s 1'jfl4t 1" 18 M tdu"c wt
t \.y r jj"ltf IJUd.'ntlllilstt \ \ 1>. ittlI: R. *, I U..2.7 'u A.. ..".VU.liIn'_ It ,

Iwuimi "l'lw. WLUAM 1, TUINKR, fIT 1i', It
;Urn 01. LU 4tli P, IHttfl, 1. *" I .- V A"UA.
m Vn .-fl "'f ,'mii '

The Florida sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida sentinel
Uniform Title: Florida sentinel (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Sentinel
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Knowles, Clisby & Smith
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: November 28, 1866
Publication Date: -1866
Frequency: triweekly[ -1866]
weekly[ former <1841-1863>]
three times a week
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 1, no. 88 (May 19, 1866).
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended 1863-1865.
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering begins anew in 1865.
Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for May 21, 1841-Mar. 9, 1858 called also: whole no. 78-947.
General Note: "Whig" <1842>.
General Note: "In God is our trust" <1856>.
General Note: Editor: J. Clisby, <1843>.
General Note: Publishers: Knowles, Clisby & Smith, 1841; J. Knowles, 1841-1843; J. Clisby, 1843-<1848>; Benjamin F. Allen, <1856-1858>; Edwin A. Hart, <1860-1863>; Hart & Shober, <1866>; W.A. Shober, 1866; Shober & Oliver, 1866.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 26 (May 21, 1841).
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...- '- -"" -...
\ : --, A- w' ,.' .
.. ; _
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T 'f
Pp- .7 .
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C I r .m A if'r....: ; ; '

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4 ) _,, .. .._ h "" .. "" ..-" .. .... '1;( .' '" ; _' ". -- -, "I :i" t 4'I..' ; -
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. ; j ur'I'j : "
; .: .. .. : :.1;
', ,,,. _. ,., 1 ; '. f.
j.. '",\ t -Ii' ''''.'.., )>" "" "1 ..' '
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.,/ It :
( -- : ( ''. :
: ,
.. f :--

'I \" k.L;

: ,
'- "j : J... 1

.__ a--

T .,. .J llpplemen ? u. the emiFALLAHASSEJi -!? kly' 1"L/!), 'TT. -

;'i '., ..


.--'- _____ "--- ---.- .., '
-- ,L.. -- = =--- u -=-= -= on =:= :: ::: -- : -- '

virr or TIIU GOV.UNOIt Can Trufii Yon'

llC tfldLtttt12! !] tntind) Relative to the Piy of the Members and Offlaws pjtho Convince MACHINERY PBllsacola :

L General Assembly.EXECUTIVK Has Logic of Facts any Influence! .
..---- --- ----
-_ --
.. -
.-. -- -- -- -- ---

jcc. 1J: 18G'!: ';. f Stationary Steam Engines

FRIDAY, DECEMBER. .-28- 1868.-- ----- .tfl'. Spcakc/' : p_l"lIEN) If so rend the following! proofs of time; wonderfn I
curative of
I herewith respectfully return lo the House, in ,
which it originated, "joint resolution relative to AND COTTON CINS, T ,I

the pity: of members and ollicers of the present Theco words lire oddi>c8"cil to you, victim of ncato ells TillS' % '
General Assembly." cnt>o. To yon nervous Invalid.! To yon, tnyrtcr of prutrnctcd Wood-Working Machinery O N AND AFTER IJI '" I,
I illness. Hero Is opened to you m a certain prospnc the PeiiRftcota and Craoiglal
I htive already( approved nnd signed a resolution of henlili tin t you, have never known before. Away will will run dally as follows : "/ '
passed nt the present session entitled a "Res trumpery nostrums and worthless ptiniiceita. S.A.Ws BELTING. PASSENGER TRAIN GOINC '\

olution relative to the pay of members of !'he A KEMKDY FOR DISEASE FirG-Pronf! Safes &c Leave ( uiamcyflt-------------:7t3??..':::.\'.A'.wLravu ..

present General Assembly," hy which the Comptroller In Its Agricultural Machinery Tallahassee nt .. ......;...'.....2:80: ".
modi oust imimite IIIK! virulent forms Is nt length PCotirod. "
.... .
Leave Junction No. 3 at---------;? .r4:00:: : I
is instructed to issue to each member and Helow will be round Idunoo utinuuh to 81111srytho s . "
:EX. Leave Madison No. (0 I, at. .. .. . 6:2(1: (
:ivi: A.1.VIES':
officer of the present General Assembly warrant most skeptical : Arrive nt Live Omik at.. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. 6:413: CYOTT
.. .. for the amount that shall be due said member "1'mcer. Know all mrn by tlicte Prevent, That, on this, the twonticth CKI.EBHATEI: Li mime Lake City at.... ... .... .. . .. 5:15: "
diiy of ,Jane in the year of our/ Lord. OHM lhon"ani v \vj \ \) \ \ ijjlit hundred and sixty MIX i pcrsoual'y) mini1, Jonepli )Hay
The appropriation bill having also been passed dock, I to mo known as Hitch, ami bcln diily K\vorn
tILo bravo who sink to rest and approved, it seems to me that the legislation V.CIIII"!States lollnws\ mind: That )he" I isthu t t thereof pole ,/frciivral for >prcpnfattoiis ngmll fur tin or Leave Savannnli nt... .. .. .. r.... .. .. .. 7:00A.M.: sc iITS Consignments of Cotti,
How sloop\ ( wishes blest I on tills subject is complete without the resolution inuillelno known depoiidi'iicies M.YUUIEL'S I PILLInlld 1 ) HALVE, Leave Live Oak nt .. ... .. .. .... .. .. .. 6:0G: I' Y. I ibr sale ihlpmont to any
By (all their country's IIH .. .. ... ... .. ... .. 7:33 Stat Europe,and will make advand
now under consideration, and much more lci'lbetthan 1\I"llh"t m I the following\ cerlillcntcs nru verbatim copies 10< Arrive at Lake Citjr at. .
When with fingers cold. menu.
spring, dewy thu best his and h"liI'l'I Arrive nt Madison at.. .. .. ... .... .. .. 7S::
Returns to dock their hallowed mould, it will be should this resolution become a of' knowledge JAMES; SMElTER; i Arrive nt Monticello at.... .... .... .... .. fWiu: Jicd DANIEL Monticello..
; sweeter sod law. --I, .... .. .. .' ;lne!t, and pyrtleg confl
Slio there shall dress a Notary I'abllc. Arrive nt Tallahassee at. ... . 10:20:
trod. I a. s. [f .... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. 12:0011: He i 18 prepa
Than fancy's feet have ever The resolution I am now objecting to, tnkcs _,_ Wall Street, Kc\v York., Arrive By fairy hands( their knell Is rung, from the Comptroller the right to audit the GOING Ing al. .
Bv forms unseen their dirge i is sung, amounts duo to each member and wives (that pow Juno 1, 1555. FREIGHT AND ACCOMMODATION "'I ,_

: There honor comes, pilgrim gray, er to the Secretary::\ of the Senate and Clerk of the In. MAcmiKr.: :-I take my pen to write you of my irreir EAST : 1 BBPERKNCBS!
To bless tho tnrf that wraps their clay( relief nnd t that tie awful pain' i in a my pld 1ms It-It nirtr .. I.Lenvo .
Leave Tallahassee nt .... .... .... 10:20: A.
And freedom shall( awhile repair, House. Why this change should be made I can- III.t hunks to your medicine. Oh ,doctor] how thunkfii Monticello nt. .. .. .. .... .. .. ... 11:30 ,, .' NTOYOKK.'N'.C.' :IGeolg
To dwell, a weeping hermit there. notjConci'irc. It has never been done before I am t that I can got some sleep\ I""lIl1e\'r ri I Ito ouoaili Leave MndHm, nt .. .. .. ... .. .. .... .. .... 8:88: .'\I. [tCQuiflR.I since the commencement of the government. I thank yon auiilii 1lI1IIII\IItl1! amid am euro that: you lire Arrive nt Luke City nl.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7:35: .' BaldwiIIA Y.&A.LflR'D. n. hart;, J.
friend l'OUltillol w-rt Co ,ionathan
really a lie of nil sullurers. 1 help\ hug[ ; I-stitr
Time Comptroller is the officer IIppo nle'i by law to .iou, and hope you wl'IIIO''I take It ale lmm. ACCOMMODATION GOIN1 Bcer. 110 Will Street :
I :land of the bravo t thrice hallowed land to those, to audit all claims against the Trellsuryl1nd I can JAMES JlYUIiM:!, llll Avenue D. FREIGHT AND AtGUeTI,_e.-i Dun- BOSTO'Barrold.]

I' :Who mourn tho cause that perished (as It rose, see no i('115(111 for changing the law us it now i WEST : bar. ,,,,,

L .7?/'r.f\\,8Icss{ i\ grief proclaims a nation's woes, stands.: I am not aware that the ( Comptroller Thl' U to certify that I was discharged from the armj Leave Luke City at.... .. .... .. .. .... .. .. .. 6:15 AI!. SAVA P .-W.V Wad. I MONTI(
r .. OII, lI.r t'clentlcss foes,- with Chronic Ulnrrlurn, amid have been cured by I)r. Jhi"Bid's Leave Madison nt.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0:67: loy, 1IILR.&EkC0. JgoRo
<.4l tell J/JntC/l< . .. I 7'IJ0 11// 'ssIcc.1t-3'hOSC lustro tlc'cr shall pale Assembly to deprive him of his legitimate: New York, April 1, 1811:;. 27 Pitt Street. An L at 'JiillahttBsee: nt... .. .. .. .. .... 2:5: P.11.
1\01'///,110 P C
-'ll I'epeatcl o'l'r and o'cr, functions. ang25kIIJflVIT
;., 4CI'O- II S I'V.I'h/'t: ;, whl\t It knew before, Thc communication which was: addressed by The following is Intcrc-tlu I :! CUSP of n nun employed 'rnlllllt8 ST. MARKS TRAIN.
4. ( ): ,'- ,'onell Jo'OtlU:8'I"S name( time Comptroller.: to the House informing In an Iron 'oulldrywho.lllpoul'ln multnd( i Iron into ltak Four to: Thirt-Five: Horse Power. Leave : at. .. ... .. .. ... . OA.M
: 1,111 f."bhll J8 s 01' 1\ yesterday: that d.unpaim wet, catmedan explosion. The melted .. .. .. "
) was { I ArrIve et St. Marks nt .. .. .. .. ... .. 11
: 7'hy '. 'iant( and undying fame them) of his views of his I duly under"Ihe t I Iron was thrown, around and on him In a pi'rf''cl shower,, : Leave !St.Marks at.. .... ... .... .. .... .... ... \\I r.M.
;' 'WlIl/f; :;..v .;), orJIUlIol.tllLEE.! laws and constitution wa:1I' spectful certainlynot and he mm-.,* burnt! dreadfully. Thu follow tag/ cu-ttllcntt! OOTTOPJ; C i"JS. Arrive n' 1lllllhll8800 nt. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. . .4 G.SHOP., OBE 'II'AUCUSTA
l""I't'ihs shall forgotten be, was given to mime by him about eight weeks alter the nee!- *
7', ', intended to give oflVnco. A 'htStn/ cs between Qnincy, Bainbrldgo and Albany )-
:--I .JJ;;: ., bright land 1, beneath that fatal lido, I fully! coincide with him in the (opinion expressed dent : :New: York, Jan. II I, ISlili.My ;McCarthy, Ilrown, ')'1\\1'\ Southern.' Kaele. American! wit connect with tho trains. CEORJ
children slide Craven and Excl'I.loCololl : horn
of Uins, with
thy Kngiiiesor
_" ;; i.;",!4.. irom the mom'rlBB by him Hint time present General I Assembly nam<<> ,Is Jacob Hardy' : I am an Iron Founder: I w pomi-ci." UOBERT WALKER, ,
:-"t.!,;..'" liS. fame established by theorld'il decree, can no law to increase their bully liiirnt by liot I iron November hint; my hiiriHhualud. oct 25-'Il Oen'l SuperintendcLt.mmm 1 -,
iior word, nor deeds, can glory! add to lice; pass but! I bad a running foru on my leg that would 11101 T. L. KINSEY & CO ---- C. HEWITT
"",,':, ':" :But Love bespeaks a tribute, nobler far pay.PortheJJ hoal ; I m irlod Maj'',(lelV Salve, and ft cured me III a few oct 37-wly Jones's Dlocu, Buy street, Savannah': Gn -- PRO
5".; .,. '1'hnlFUlILe bestow upon tho the sons of war- \ to do so would, I think, be clearly in woi'KB. 'I'llls IH all true, :ul1tlIllY/ body can now ceo me at _. _.. J.\T.A.TI: :C>N".A.: !UTE OF THE
J.HAKUY, ---- -- -- HEWITT
tribute tho heroic dead, violation ofllielGth I I ( t section nf the 4th nrliclu ofthe J.ickson'if 11'011'ol'k., and Avuiiae noT'IE
A worthy It!) Ooorick strout.
Who for the cause( ot country freely bled. Constitution, which expressly! provides that T H EOLSHAW & Co. mmPli boea BE"HOT L.. und<