n- ltnil H5'5HILTON.[ KMI-: to thattIrsolutiona I llif city ni1oiil4, AleulHwIll lu' fnrnNlied) flt hoer faro to
: In k'I'rmtl.' do! i I II snltihotravelsr. Tiers I In any
-\iHuhlf to the orciiMon.Tae Soullicrn <. < I AND ALL !SORTS: OF Tallahassee aPINE
( coininilti1)1 retired! !, nnd: !, lifter deliberation ,
,a'i>orled' the t'ollo\\l-ig; pieiimMe) andic olutuiiH\ : ICiupiruStjiti') : (In-. Co., : : Aiiuuta.Home i BAR ROOM

\V"inui-\s: TluI'mLel: of the J5ar are (pro JACOB SUR K HIM ,

(luiioilly( iuipre-sed\ \\ illt the loss which WI) hare lmnrnlr'lt(14)., : : : Elltil1: llI. PhllltIUon Gi11NIS.CLOTHIN( Httai'lied II"t the l H"I( i el I. There the bent can bfffooaij,
,u''l'ilnwl in roiniuou with our lellowciticnliv -., ; ; Merois.nt: : : Tailor: 1 he niiiltn of till'" Hotel la, us It haq nlwaya io'en, "'YVoJ
Honorably GLORGK. Jt'tiVi'-ou, r ii Co. Vijinia. alrl'e topical". _ jinn gl-1y
tbe t: ilciitli of the : : : uniTico: \ \ : AXD DEALER ix
\ AfJ Iat.1ur1: a/itifan In giving: oxprc" ...iou
'oO our" .xorrovnt phi, mcluncholy event it i is! .Fame- River 1 in'-lll'ttn't' Co., do GREATINDUCEMENT: ::
duo no less! to the memory of our departed

brother han to ,ourselves; that\ we record the Home In;...imuicn Co., : : Xe\v %orl:.
estimate in which he wns held iw a ti\v -er anti FOR'MEX. : Or:1'UI11)- .BOTM.Gentlemen's .

a citizeu-therefore, llHIl'l'Titt.l''H: : do I
he U retoteed, Tlittt, regarding the ilou. CJeorgeK. Furnishing Goods, ..

Walker OK luiying been possessed of a high Home IiiMirsiiKM: : Co. New Haven. ;
order of mind which,whilst in the active dutiesof For an Enterprising Man !

the profession! was! repeatedly illustrated the Putnam Insurance Co. : : Hartford.
constantly on hind, a variety ofHKKGK .
Bar and knowing how often the resources of his --

mtellecl were called into rccquisitton for the benefit National 1 Insurance tiewOrleanMARINE ,
I aru anxlouii to nettle mr old hunlueit thl.
and in the of the interests AS
State promotion
of his
) :HARD.A.RE, winter I shall o9er for sale the following YLla;.!$
of Ills fellow-cifeens! we are deeply 8enoiblc Silk Mixed and Fancy Cssaimeres, Property, ID cad scar the town ...f Qurncy! ?FU.:
ol the low which the country has sustained by of'.
his death and iiTiiil ourselves; of this occasion to MARSEILLES, DRILLS. A Tract Land

testify to the high estimation in which he was AND Adjoining lown containing (Ifl? (M)) acres, not 'tu bourpasseQ
held by his fellow-citi/ens at large t for his abili- CftQeKEftYAgricultural And a General Ajuortmt-nt of the Flue- : la the country. On this place, there ii a San
treamof water, with nfflclent tall to turn a twenty ?bl
ties and the moral virtues which adorned his INLAND NAVIGATION foot wheel, and aflordin' a good Ue for a Cotton la"'tory
character. VESTINGS or Floor Mill. Also, a nno nearly new Dwelling House
Rfulcfd, 1 hat, us u 1'rieud, our departed brother and a two acre lot attained, adjoining: the above p:ace,
BY TIlE well tlnlahrd with dye rooms and foul
3re-plKre nil necee -
was e-incerc! and faithful; aa a father affectionate LINEN GOODS ary oiit-hnlHmj":: Also

and kind as neighbor, considerate and jttat, Implements, .
; State Insurance Ac. & Ac. &c tc:
And citizen, devoted to the best inters tn of Unit' Company.iforgia A Good Farm

as a may ;-4m __ __ _-_ ___ __ __ __. __ half
bin country.Itmalrrtf Two and a uille from town, containing' Two ilai'd'ej
: Th.t 1\ e tender to the t family of the ( Home [n-uraure: do and iortyOMO) Acres of excellant land, with good D eel.. l
I sincere condolence in their bereave- tt c., iti':., lire.AT VARIETY STORE. liU: and out house. on tho place: also a line atrea-n of
deceased our water and splendid Mill site.
I :vent l-utatila] IfontH'+ f in4rtt'111' (JoIJnilervvriteis' Also niy

lie olced That in further token of our respect Dwelling; House and Lot
the deceased, the Attorney :\-.uciatiull.! R.EMUVAL: : !
for the memory fllK: NearthsCoin Home Square, being a line Two "Sty
General\ requested to present these resolutions .. building with ehht(8)( ) Rooms, all well furnished aad:
at the next meeting of the Supreme Court, with r -nti""l (lI..tll..U'.u.f 1npuHJ-. .. 'JIIS iuiitutloii U now permanently located hetisueu 1'la.t..r.'I.' with all iiHceaeary out bouses. The lot being
.k ...ku"".....y .t..e t.. ..1-.'.1 ..t'-- Itr ,"Inlll" I 'I Lalltesud JUmon'B, whoro everything In the line of thrco-liiurtln of squure, with an excellent weilofwmer
I Appropriate addre,es were made by Judge!; with a;two Alcoa lcre 1)wriIJngconvenient Lot\ newly fenced to and the well PoplicSparc,,
Woodward! nut I Patty, after which tliepremulileiud LIFE POLICIES LOWEST CASH PRICES.I DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, A leu. Imurorod

: resolutions) were adopted.On FANCY ARTICLES AND NOTIONS Three Store Rooms,
Editors in this city were re- .
I motion, the bunch ot tin (ourt non f
e ,
11'11I1) found In mitnrlety.. Special! attention the proceedings' of this meet- I ( ; ( Ainu
uested to publish per annum. g Dwelling near the Depot, with A two
I. Knickerbocker Life Insurance CO., routine ofCROCKERY ,Herr Lot 8lUrhrd.lao, '
. meeting then adjourned I Five Building Lots
I I U. P. IMGLK:, l'hail'llwi.' ( I-!' SEW Yon\! : .
I which Uyina uut of dour fur want of mon,i- '
Uii.K.V. I IMILUY: becret.irvAl'fKAItlNCK .'. I 'ti .irrhe ill.. lew 'Kef-Ii" until Neap the tliu llrht Depot.Monday Allofuhlrhl iuneztUeceiaberrhen will IPI1 lIt prltat b.lo
I :PhotograpIle: : : all S:1zo: I will 0'1'
Hie '
, semi at public nalfl.
.\IIIII:4uiu,1: tile Los ot f.hV. or fir-onul! lu- PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS AND FRAMES
\Joo'l'UEIl! : rtb1 THE!: ClIOLMU.Ve .- Terms of Sale :
cholera broke out amous! the jury, by the I and iubttautlali and trlflet too numerous to iientlou
\ l I1\'lllhal the LARGEST ASSORTMENT
<: THE
Uiadilock'sPol l'I..e step In and lake a look. due balf l'\sl(. the balance lu one (1) and, iwu (c'i yearo'thus .
uegrocs on tho Lawton place, near !M. M(('{)H1\UCK. with note h..urlnget" t (II) per cent Interest, wltli
at UiltouHead Inlaiul, on alonday1U.I.) L'p Traveler's Insurance Company, July lU-lt. _U T1BBITTS, mipurity.. The pnrchaser'flavhng the, privilege of paying

to lint evening thorn had been twelve deathou FALL AND WINTER' GOODS Court-in the Account eUlI..pl'il'e lain of adjudication tolh..rlIh: in United-axli. States Internal
UAUTFOKD.I. ( In Leon Circuit
the iilumt, among them two white men, ashore OP Chancery Ki'veuue Stamp* attached at the vxpenaii of the purcbat'cm .-.
!name we were unable to learn. The \i'iUPl'o.e'll i I ELLEN E W. lm, IM tlio llri>t Monday In January next I TI-ill .ell ull of aiy
curried to the island by a 1 ,. .Billol'Divorc.JOHN" .. Ilousi'Uold and Kitchen r'urpHure. A pas Piaaoaal
to have !I'dlieieo! any ofthe ho\e Compuuieh, ap- Sewln". Machine, Al. ,
'' o
I IIT Mutes
WARN my llorncs.
Mott ( Carriage! nil
(Wurmen who [hud[ been plying birtccn tuot I I. plv to the inulerBltcni'il' at tho ofliee of tile 1 i I apprarlii"to' I ho Court by affidavit llkd In Iliitoaiue, three p.1)) \\ agoin. at public outcry for ('ash, only.llrury'.Iru :
place l The lil'iCII11:10: >, Wit L'L.V'8T\TK: IXM'KWK: COMPANY" Tnl- Ever l 0 OerB o 1 in this Markot'IHtI.E.lE 1 e eliur t tliu dulrndint re.lUe beyond the limit of. tills Aurbody desirous\ of ierinj lilt! abo\
{fearu, lti nhrclL4ubutedlt Jii Tybeu Jilund, there laha&bee.nuff I I Stain lint wllliln the I'nlted btatea. It U thorrtore. ordered llnil, nm at all time In lay offlco adlolnlnir Incdsyu&
B. I.iWIS.U. : that the said drtendant! do and ; Store.Jahcy .
more than ordinary 14-th l : appear demur plead or au-
!euig no hlck.u<>B camp ii-kiios, of wlMch Ilieiu art) but :a, few \\ : Df'purlU1-lIt will bu ..cjiarateIV..in the nuhllettion of thin order or Ibo saDIe will bit taken urOllf..d. _( Fla I :, July SB, 1WW-tf _

,"1 fy-es.: -,S;U caiiiKih Xtin. I'C'II. .1(11\ DKNUAM.: and the rnuiu will\ bo let for ahearlugonthe:
1 L. HI ... . . . . I fitetschurrdInsaidbill ; and It U further ordered that a ,
the In:1'."I[L Store, and will t1u'ui.lt cope of thus order be published la lame public newspaper
lu till state for three month .A.1DErI.. :EX..A.1\TG-XN'G&

(Dlntiuwt... H. L. RITCH & CO., I Juno l-w.1m! J. WAYLns...!BAKElt; Judge ASBWINDOW .

t 4.,11':1'11'0". ': : : '" or hoops I II MOTICE.
DiED: la tits ell;: oil tie njorulnj i : of the tlI; '| i aul. SHADES.
<.f after a lung and ialulul] lllni*!, Commission Merchants I bereh.n that whl lie made the
Yulmonery dl'aol', \ application ,at nextteaMon DKALFJW; IX ,
UADV WAIUIKN. coif.,."L of hU W4RIIKS. in the ;tbIt' IS of the (;" iterai \..e m,bh' forau aniendment or IMroR'I'ERsn FHEXCH, S.NG1ISH fixtarei
1'01'1.nH": and Country/ UERCIIAXTS: at the I Itrumeulu p"rlJ n:, WIndow Shade: and -
rofheragu, NEw "York.: alteration of' the Charter of the unit Georgia Loads, I'or.... rannel, Gilt Corners. Mande &:c.
fler life wan melt tit to .%alu luc her the esteem of all Jtall Koad! (ompany, to auikori/e mill Comauty| todn Line e AU &good hold t New York price with I 1 retgbtae.ddstl
who knew her purlormiu"> purl U Ali 1 the nl'\cd\ re- of the Branch lloitd.' from live Ollk to the tteorau" : ,
lutloua of iennutlfe; alldlUllber.(11\ cheerfulness and WUlhl' {'OIl.i iguai ut' of (Cotton and otn r produceAdrsnre4 LOWEST PRICES and the Kramtii\ e In r .|M'rt thereto and lor oilier purpoi 112 !l 5rouhton Street
fcuibautl tee cluldiq >.'. ,
tdflitx, Sherave.Ielthldher( a 1 .. -..- ,
nod many frlmida to moiiru tier 1, '* ,.I Ill! bo made OU uhlpuioun\ b,' E, HOCSTOCX. l't .. '
t :
I l J .. \' .\ :
l bite 1..1Iho brlshti-irt IwlluiouV( of her sxeptuuca' \\ UUioU JOHN OENHAM cu., Profc p"n. Jt fin. R. H. :
e ure..ln!" in her luat 'mum.'J"*. her eatiru" trust tl1 ';0-1' ynttic.UO.FIII., TaUib ..fc, Florida, July .IT. 1411-1y. ; I \u;.i-jJ'u, 7' i. ,j: ,mays. wtf .a a '_
Him. To henlaatbwsipnla. ", lIu:14--11I1I.1 7" :: J

.IA 4

t'I I




_. ..- .. .
....... ,. ..
,, ,. .., .
....... .. -..
:: .L'!I: ..

-----.---- ---. ._ .. -- _- 7'-:: -:- --"" rEDIQNeI., w.e.Ltm.d' _,-,_._
-- -

:.", ,, "" -4l! "aSernandma:-- : "R: si. ; Brunswick-ttnW1i;.t y : &c.laV ''MachineryD.eppt.rL.. R. STAYNER, SEA ISLAND COTTON"GIN..

I Jltllrnlo and BAIail, Dctilrf! in '

ya ., Engines, : ; I'I'IJ
I B' I1E S'-
g.I OIC-'E
\ I I !
4 1n SA11'1ILLS: ; JTUbT tILLS \ _._. 11 ,_.. .
1 P tent Elastic-Roller Cotton Gin

. f gSYLVAN COTTON GINS? I I \lines. J.ifllwr &c.I I II OsgOD i .


\ I I ri UE (HINT IK nn ]iinproU'inent on the McCarthy ltHlvltll the pnb
!>tnntlal'fUl'kll1l1l1phip ol th
:-:.'Wi<:. UEI/nXO: : (1 f. U\ 0 f11) .L calculated! to do fifty per cent more work, with legs power, while, with the fact that the mauhlnp< pant is I\Ol\ I.

llnlilo! get out of repair, niukes It tho most desirable Gin yet oJl' red to the.pitblie.

SHORE Agricultural Machines Fire-Proof The (Hand. Gill, ciichteen-inch Roller will produce 800 pounds of Lint Cotton, worked by inid. per du
: The Motifc-Power (Jill, twenty-six Inch Roller, will produce COO) pounds/ per day. ;
'Ihese figures hate been obtained from ACTUAL, EXPERIMENT In this city, where tfe-.r! bare bccj

1 APT .1AJMKS TIVKEK.rpJIIS 1::) Snres cYv c. encccsl'ful operation the past live months I"

." .. *.' vw -.;i: ai'OlJoBHS The machine has been inspected( by the bent judges, and pronounced. then the

'. \\.c, \) 1\\l\\\ I.Ir: M. A1v.tES': Most Substantial Best Producing and Easiest Working GinYet
(\\: \\\.\ the following list of article-) to the public at ,
to the fluctuations of New Yrkllld
CELKBKATPD New" Orlein according muskets: ) introduced The Staple cannotbe Injured, and the Seeds are left perfect. mid fret from lint.

| Steamer, purcbuleclllnd filled lip f Iprp .ly fur (lie Agents will be (' tnhli.hell throughout; Ihe-eotton-raising:; country, find supplied with Machines and .' ,
Jl inside Tonte.t t between !Savannah and Florida I leaves TEN BARRELS NEW MESS PORK, dials for repairs IN TIME f Oil THE COMING( CHOP All Gins arc guaranteed/ to perform the work At
Jacksonville KVKKT TIIUSDAI' NIGHT aftrr nrriral Portable resented, and Planters in need of Machines will consult their,! own interest in examining; our sample niC,;
j of the train from Tallnhae, and arriTci at :Savannah'; on Steam Engines By the barrel or pound o'lice before purchasing: elsewhere m

SATURDAY York Irllm"r:MOKMNU. fn lime to connect with New The Staple hm been rzamlopd ud pronounopd perfect) by the following }
Fateen(>ers by Roll Hoad: tan go nu board lntmeddxtely! ONJI rusrrmKD: : SACICS NOBLE A. I1ARDKE A CO., -I. L. VILLALONGA: Kan.,

upon arrival at Jackstovlllo. without going: a hotel. Mcsr, TISON: .t CiOHPON( : WILLIAM BATTEIWBr, Esq.,
A'lIt at .InrkxouYllle.' & Mel"'r5. KRTTIV L Iii Rmn:. Messrs. GUERARD' .% MERRILL.HOUI1! .
.. (T.antnnnlaTi, i; 11s,9IJr .If '
..oJ ";"_ ( FivOi Ground( :M\il[ ], '
till \ nll.4I 'T1\N
'. FOR CHARLESTON. jr r Toro VV bite Suuibfra Corn roniuintJy on html ,

1.',, 'Y"ta n ht: 'rial1Allrt: Irun.\r: rk. JlraItnaht z. ".._..,. .,,;.""" ')J!.'.f.,i.. ,11. I PRIME RIO COFFEE. ,-c 1e:1-L1: COnl.D:1i.ss1.: :: : : 021 A..g'e 1 11t

:--w !:" '. >\ l July ir- .w STODDARD RANGE, SAVANNAH, GA.
"X. : :i
......: : _..._ .
FRa : .. ;H' >'.LI --- -
"" .,- ''-T '+ n. 't : TE.A..S: I J. 1J. SANDERSON {I. K. WILKJSSOT;
'rti11'V.c. ) ARTIFICIAL !
\ :W".iJ'ft. \ \"'
I '-"..,... 'i- :f.j\"l';;.. '!: Iiiiperla), GiiDiiowilcr.] Japan and Houcboni (orTnirlifhHreaklSM. ,
,. ff.GQ &
'.:u )" o.::{: :
( 1 I i"' :' << ''li:' ,' I t.l I"
-'!"" 1',;:' ARMS AND : '

; ,'v", "'5i i-...... '.; S TT Q-ARS I SANDERS & WILKINSON,
....- ... Jj > :.rl I
.. ''''''' ." i
.. .... .._ "' AN ANATOMICAL I .
( inv \\liito t''hi,cl (Val, for il.ble tiff: I tlloti and Krown IJ
{ gu1p .; From Four to TJJirty.Five Horse Power of ariouK graden.Flour : lifll and l Lst-Jninteil Ankle, like; the< I.i'c Katural, with One.Side end Mutton a tl the J VFOTFS.1T.K:: UKAJ.KK; )IN;

,. -j .ra%? a.1' r, I
!, ( OTTOV faXS ,rOTTO.\ (i F i S1 II! ,

.A..TE' ,' Jt\fcl.'AKTIIY American, and Brown Hicclsior:, Taylor t'CTTON Southern IIXS.niirlc.with. f'ra\en Knyine ,- (Codfish l and !:No. 1 Mackerel.] '' INVENTED BY A Sl'HtTEO( f Har1o & Saddler1

(\\'t\\\\ \\. \: \ l\\\. or hone I'ower.

....)8. J. LOCKWOOD, COMMA: :hh1R. _.may_l6-im( __ _.. .1 5}liay street, Savannah C(he.NEW BREAD ,

( :New lr..t1I. La., :Ko.;; '." C.ronuolct MrnL.1 I
Horton Bii-ctiit. OFFlChM.I. J UNh'l: : ST. \N'JJK\VS)
Biscuit :Soda Btauit: Wino l'ilotlr.ad.: 1JXLLBROUGHTON
ja., dare to the
IPH13 *' Steamer having been placed p rmuneutv! OB GOODS. ; Oyet-r rackpra.. and Batter t'rat'kt'r. Augusta;: ) next!
Ciiarlentom and Valatkn.Fla., touchingat
.I! the line between
ai.: :landings w the St. Johns River solicits\ a share of I DO TOLAS 15 LY, 31. D.,

public patronojje.: Being 1'0mmant\C(1\ ( by officers of experience \Vhiskies Brandies Wines Surgron and AnMomi.;! .
well all unsurpassed 3<:.....,od.tloos for passengers! and freight: !, PRATORIUS & CLARK, .llTildrc'i D::.lily at.n<4trc9tUfflc_ (!._ July 91-'lm: : ,
otDlortnnd safety cnn b. relied upon.
guarantee M
, every
9CKHDUI.E: .; :-l.t>ftves Charleston every !Sunday, at 7 A. 'V'J.n )n]< sA\'ANNAI1. ht\ .
811,; ]leaven Savunmh. Monday, at 10 A. :II.: arrives at J.ickonville MERCHANT TAILORS BLACK SMITH I NGH. .- I
TucBdnyn.Returning did Cabinet) Whisky, by the barrel: gallon ;
; !
will IrllfO' .l.ck ou\ilin I'vnry"rdnc8dflY Old Cabinet Whisky, bv the rase of 12 bottle ; tn..yi-t-
Morain" at H o'clock, mm ing nt Savannah on Thursday, X Kyo Whisky, by the cafe of 1\! bottles ; I
and: Charleston on Friday.PMtencers TALLAlIAbSEK: FLA. X Rye Whisky by the barrel! or gallon : B. FITTS & CO. :
arc a-wircd .af potitivo connections will be UetmineSCOtcliWhteky! SADDLE
mud with the varions \linen of sfnmslilpn' from savannah AJU ,

and Ctarleton for :New York Boston and Ilaltimure.; now rer.l'ing a line asfovtuiunt of Cloths {'II> of3LACKaS
"Y\fKarc !
JO1IN S. :SAilMIS: :; & CO.; :
? T liinerc. Vt'stiiiKi. Linen Goodp. Clothing /and Knrnlshlng AND CARRIAGEESTABLISHMENT.
j.Jane t4 Y 1! ._ Af-entsat. Jack-_ .=oil I-%''l11e: (Jood*. -oiiiihtins, in part of the following; : MLtINU _. wIn _
t Fine Black Blue and Brown Broadcloth' ; ('/ Brandy boitlca.. for J'smi'T ere the bout manner, find an low in the con of nmtrrmi, Ac.
: Black DouHkiu. Fancy ::)ring: Cai iiiK're : }'ea, <'h Brandy-vood. will admit of. They haTe eeeuredthe UTI ice? of .oin of
: Ll P lacola & GonrOCia Railroa a Blue PIl\nnell. Black!:'Drap'd Etc; ..: ] .
Jilack and Colored Imlian ('Ioth 5
: G- r: = The Best Smiths in the State.I I I II
White Colored and K.ncy Linen Ducks j I -
6F"SCHEDULE.f White! Colored and Fancy Linen Drilling. : Pure Ilolmnd Gin Tho* who may favor us with their patronagi will I tin..1 I
CHANGE I Black and Brown Silk Mixed Coatings ; ; guaranteed entire i&ti.fnfiion. 1 HAVEJCS'l'LLtEIVEbAi.ABG.IS'toli'1'11FV': ; :
Schiedam in
Schnapps quarts picttDrake' : I ;
Nancy and White Harspillc": "Shop marly oppofiic Ihi Po-lOfiHc. ofiood i coo-iitirjofn't

-.: .. I BUctMlk' VclTctand i filk \ ostlns:; ; B1.1:1ers: : axict CoclJ: .tnl1.s fIb 8-tf
-iStyx- .A W hit,'. Brown and Buff Linen !siiirtn; : : ; y (;ontlrm. and I AUIC ft' 'addle.) ,
,. .:.,,=,.-.- --'.>. : '' '''. .Steil :" ; Linen and I'lIperVollllr1.181e Thread : I Pine Doablo sod Mintrlf! \ llarnr.',
1 ',X -. Cotton and Merino Half Iloee ; ", Plantation Hitter; .A.G-EN'TS VV'.A.N'TEJ::} Hriflli"! Collsri and Whips,
':. i... ; Kino Cotton mid Oan/e Merino Undershirt" Dinner Bitters ,
C.C :
/ > SJ'"I ;- : ; I :-addle Cloth i ,
..... .. '-. Fine Linen Fine Jenna : ('ktails< of Brandy, Gin sod Whi"l\ >'. yon THE LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS:! OFCelleral Shoe 1'lndingi of c.ery drtcriptloo.[
TiU.iUi.,fcE, July 4th, Ifs 00. Cotton Plannol and :Merino VndershirtB; $ I leather of :all kiml!',
Little Thread Berlin.nd Kid Gloreb; ( Stonewall< ) Jackson j jK Travelingattlu'H\ nnd Trunk ,
ON AND AiTKK:: THIS. 3>_...T1THE will TRAINS OX lol- Handkerchiefi., Black and Fancy Silk Tir and Cra\al<; WINES : ,,addle! and Uaiiecs JIardwari';>
run aX
nnd Ifnilmad :
r"u"d.'olu (i
!huf. h h. DaliiwjMi. ]D.. ol'Vn'PIIV ( Carriage 'J'rlll1l11lul.
lows: One Quarter-Ca' of French Claret : ... Wagon and Buggy ]lebs.Buggy .

I Leave Q ilncy rt ... .EASTWARD.. .. .. ... . . 5.1OA., M.Ar.irc .. AI.CO A TINE LOT OP i, Pure I'ort the Wine bottle(of Grapes from the Trovinm. of Bar J oulv; .'landa'd edition aiiihurUuMiy>!otrrpliyorthF; his niilow.immortal The Uor author,). Tho It"x1c.: liafti..s,and:Siokc] 'p'-jjtj; and',Rims.

at Talliibutsce at .. .. .... .. .. .. 7.10 :MhX. YOn'II'on) BOYS' gundy) by gallon. J1Cl'ffIIl1ilIH"TlIllInil <,AiPfol'Smltofthe'bristian "oldlec.11'c .
Leave Tallaliao'ee at .. .. ... .. .. .. .. 7.3S: .". Madeira Wino, by the bottle or gallon" : want an .\ et1t In cvorr:/ "nllt.... Send for circulnr!
Leave Monticcllo ... ... .. ... ... .. . N.40 Cooking: Wine ; t'ider Vinegar.) and "t'l1 our icrnin .\fide] e' CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES
1 cave Madison .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .... .. 11.95 SPRINGANDSUMMER NATIONAL; I'U U:1U\G; I'O.
.. . .. .. .. . .. a.4S: P. K.'WKSTWAHD. ,
>rrivf? at Lake City kt JLEXD: poirrai.( ) juno 12:;m :-n. yt4 ;e"'mhtr: i't. Klrlunoml.. ot e'try doecription.)
CI..OTaIN'G: Machine lielttug.
fj [.,live like Lily ti! j".. ... .. ., t. : /. "I'.SXOA. M. XOTICI '1'0 Work! made to order and Kepairuij done with Ji"
Leave .ldiIOllil1..f../.A./ ... .. .Cr. .. V-- 12.tLi r.Ar. .} ft''rH'. ,\]" Allsop's ludla Pale Ale, iiulm, e...* H-ijv\n patch.Atent .
LeaveMonticello.: .. . . .. . .. . l.lll *' inchj.7-rtl-. ; _- '_-- StoutlI.au' London Ponor. PL.A.. TEEt..JoS. for Wht'I ,1 Wllson'e mid JTnwp'H" M.W1N6;
b, Amvo I at, TallauabHea ut .. .. . .. 3.50 *" btA11INR.3.: .
.. .. .. .. .. ., .. .15 oct :)-tf .I. ,
E l'l.Rn
a' Leave Tallabaseee at. SCHOOLS. __
. k11t1Ata. . .. ., .lttH.1I\/1.. . HHNJAM1K,. : .FCKKILI. !. ci3.-qCa:: So WANTING n. ___ ._____ .
Arrive Quincy' at. . . .. ,' .. 8.15 .. .... .. ". . ., : ,

Leat.Tlahasea] ,ST.au...MARKS. .." T1U1N.. i.W A. M.[ Vonmuiucer. in caddies "I'*) lb. each. ; u AVISO BEEN: APPOI-NTKD! nCl'ERIN'fB'rDP.NT M. G. EHRLICK
I L school for Freedmen in the ,
Arrive !St.Marki'at._ .atVfr. ll I..SO ", & FEREILL Pride of the Navy in caddies ot 70 Ibi. each ; Leave :St." !tInr:1! at.. .. .. . . . .. .1 f.xu :M.' ; ? GUEKAED Whole bores of Tariou gradp<--tmoklnt} and thew,, ing; sSfe of riorlite, in the place of anil L. M'Tcuberi. Ilobhv n Dorr.Ai.l, urALPu:,
\ Teaclieri
1iOP. MJ i IC *C Solace chewini nervous wishing "
#ri'j.iI.at'f \ '-K1 ;
I1I1.\u1."tu"l1ti" the
B-P w / ? wiihina: Schools, will udilrem me through :
I rv.7Uo.lt'lu. hour will oo given jon.llia wrnvol of the cars Tube Grand Rose H''ltl smoking\ : Poet Ulllce and when prevent, will find me at __ Millinery and Fancy Dry Goods,
T, ,Tallah.weee; for Dinner, going{fara and comlngthiB way. : \ t smoking 8moklug'inl \ ; 4c.j .: the Methodist Pllnonag-, In this city _

: andbetw6ettMontlrelin V: 'iBLfl of ctairee Iwtween*duel Qiimuy Thoinnivillo, Bainbridij, ..will?and coimccji Albany. ; ,(Cotton. ( Eactors{ 1 K n. DfNCAN, TRiMMING, LACES, SILKS AND WHITE GOODS
may .
with the train, t : .
t J ROBBUTrWALKER, j / fpfMS'; [ 'nnCLAmitly) on hand a large; (torrmcni
l 1 I i
I .
taygyl: Huperintendenl. I
: .i. ._, : t.1J'D tDswJloieifnfthoiceCIfaif.; : 'Im MI-.D AND \"N'1'nJUIED:
: : : N"G-E

; ::..;.'Aj)Ioatlc lUd-lli d ![ Rail ROa, Go.'R 1.'Iel'l'hants 1GeulTal'Coimnission I Rail Road. :Mills: Snuff' ; TI3F C'OKKEU TCf OV CAPITOi.:MONHOE HTREBT.OIT01ITC Hats,Caps, Bonnets & Straw. Goods,

JC !
description ul
t t .In Bottle* and Bladder! cry
._ _.....
'OF FARE >I.* f iw --1' .'
DiIC'BIQA Bay :Street::; Savannah Ga. ADAMANTINE, SPERM AND PARAFINE CANDLII. Ilysuppliedwith -- ,'Jt-, FANCY AND LADIES'' GOODS', .,,'t )

: the very .............. -='-7.t-i(,
PIJle"'r 'r/f.t! .L:=J'' r=r. :.: ..fit.: 4LIQUORS .A.T WEiOLESALE. '.
..na.b itj's Potash .. ; "r.1o. .
; -' Proodduco I tI"W. y.II ..,.. ; "" ;"{;
s tJ y _r" rl' "Lj1LL fell on {'ornuJl "ion, Cotton Timber H .... .. "' It 'f." .- .qa < I\i 1' V cud Merchandise. ConuiRnniente solicited.: When ifv.....cent..... p h t take Nl, e Ga1\ona\ or ..al', ? "'" ;
1 dehlrod.we will chip cottott to>onn friends in Sew York '" -- ....
.... aid LlVOCp<1I1I, llbefal adrancee the y ; ICE will lie J..ept.m Imhrt ctnry duriu
mnkllll ; on wane WASHING SOAPS I day : th4 'u imer, UNDER :ST. ANDBKW.s':; JIALL.[
.. :;i OFFICE, "
Ul'ERDlTEo."DFST'I :: I and crrry relrehhincut provided that can be fouml iu any
Atlantic and Gulf JUU Road Co., July 3, 18M. |}: ". :cIF.TEIFNCESf( similar.tahliHhmuntlii tho South.In .
jyiliOM and after Ifonday, July 0, the faro from Savannah :j. ... front IS I" J Ihcenu."I our READING ROOM will be !found a select Hn of Jeff ex" S O :XX: !S t; X" O O t,

J[? to Thomaaville will( bo reduced to iJ1V) Twelve Dollar, "Itohert Hahon.h"111 & Son. Savannah; Ge.Gee ... "' I iPowder latoNcwfipapurn, from every part of the country, North
,.: atiltp other Mntlnn* in proportion. in and !'oflth.'III'L.HGE. OMt UOQlt FROM VlloriilllON: ,
I W. -\Anderson doj mill't'nnisit.I' '
V ( ( Kegs / : AND C'OMPOJtTABLK MlLLlAil!
EXCURSION TICKETS, not trimrft/rabk.' \ and for { SALOON -
oho AntluJ\1v'orter. do .
.?K date of 1'lekotwlllI11bo bo sold ut jfurl-, up .Lair;;, \villpio\ea plcBfantplace of resort to
Io1ve'4lye hurl 5
: \
1/ K kHunU r (fctiaiiimujl. .do.I ibose who in r1N 4\[[. 1\;
one agencies'! diu-ing1 the present month each purenaji'r1' | f "J.l' iitl;. VillaloniraJ"I POhrtthijollardoc '. / I shoi. Gum- (111''". J:c. ve.; indulge thuiimtmnywtf ') W. ink.KtfBARNETT): '
.A :
pnyiuat! ;! tho rate of 8 cents per mile, and KKTl lUiINUFKKi > t !(JUt I _! NUWLiN.:__ I
:.: J. M. SELKIRK:: iovernor; J 1). b, Walker. Tullahasecu, Da.Ui CE..O C :n: E :E'I.' yo '
july 10-1m Oanernl huperintendmihV & CO.
J.H.1Jull. P B. BROKAW'SLivery .
l'h 1181Y: : WlllauiltXrTtte: d. *' fPT: 'do T A lar c ni-ortmeiit to arriMby t tUu \I'I.tl--hmll1t! lute ,
'IailaAcle132: J'X.GlIv'rllor-.r, lCrAlllh'iiKT7iiinc-Fl COTTON FACTORS.
t,: ., : savage; & llnile, GaineH>illu, i la.Sumurl .
: ., Swann, Jack.nurille, Kla. wc, = > "'VV.A. B.. E : and Sale Stable I Grocers and General Commission
:. : : :; Oil Paint and VarnishSPEAR' C. O. Barnard. do (Imuy tl:. Hi-Jy.(.;
..... ,, .
--T --- -- --- ---- ----. Tl'biPitikptri.
;: ::
\\1<<' 't < i V ::i y* U-Bimrcln.' Brooms;!Charns.: I Snf TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 1E1RaaA.N"TS: 2

:. C>R.J3..s.: Noah Wheaton : .W. V. Nru| >Uet. Wiou Brn-hco, }ra"C1ltJackln' ( -.;, ..- COLl'MJJUS, i\., A- .\1'\I..H''1111 '01.\. KI.A.
fats Manilla
<'; Door KOI>O
r oc I -, and ': Cotton ]Hope for Plow Lini s, ,i<-, ,@e. lluggles! ('or- f.". ." _'
',, r& FONAFFONPARAFFINE Mid It tin 11 Dealer In WAGONS.riuit'tfmd, ; IIlInlC."h'' 'st:::' '. yon I)It Oil("}' Hth'iillonpIviMi! \ : tit all C'infi;!iiiin.nU.iinlSiililciite |'-
,. hund mid for gale. I of Cotton to Now/ York,New Orleun- stud: 'It.erpooi. }"

? ya.urACxonsae OIP DOORs.s; BLINDS FRUIT &c. .',,". 1 _uovt-tf '-_ ______!A'_. .s : \. l.lbt-ialaihiuicL'B-Hindi<1--on cen.igument

r. OILS ; WOOD, Sauce'Canned, Jcc.lellic .tioodn-Pi-aches, julnvvc.. Plumy. t'rll11bttrr.YI ,1'ULIRN BETTON 1 Receiving. : and Forwarding House ,!

MOULDINGS, ,\ 's (urted Inluiubluri'\ and Jure t UKMJiK IN :\P.\L.Cllll'O.5] }'J. \.
Wool Rosin Gas ANDBuildtuig : Brandy Pfiichus ; '
Machinery, Lubricating, .\.\'lII.tcIIl'lcIo.1c all kinds and i-izeH ; I' Boots Shoes) and Leather ,| A17J,! 1'I' fJl'ctfulJ' ) call: intention Lila fuel thai 1'1' liar
V and Lard Oils Materials Catsup* and banceg-I'liglixh and! American ; I V esinhti'IwtlAhutieeluApslnehlcuitth( ]l ( lorh1afurtin.
Syrupit-rLenion, UUSl'hCl'I'Y\HIII'l.borry. Current, / Ac.Kx ; I ,i ]purpose of doing!, U "eueml
. .... VARNISH 2fiS& 270 flillal Klrcol nrold : tract*-Of }." / i TALLAHASSEE:: 1 FLA.
,PITCH! ROOFING CEMENT, fARAFFINF near: : way, As.orti'd aiiild'k; .I ; COMMlNSIDN[ : [ ) AND FOR11'AIJIJNlBnahtess.

NEW :. layer 14uWii.-New, In whole and! half boxes ; I'irft Dour :North of the stale U> nl. | IIi111 c.lllbli.h.II'I'I"Jluij! "f ""'
"r.lGON( GREASE YOHA \ ; with slime
.., h.'..' ''.'..' I'urraiiu-OfmeryBiiperlormi.iliiy ; \ .I ....!nee. ti1y:3La :... 1 ben holme III t'o"'I1; and Jom.'ot1c porti. nIi '
larKu'usnortinent'' ; of \'al'l lie; stylcii lOimiuntly on hand C lroll'rurkl.lI'rul1c ; I ace piepured to oiler uniibiml mbantayes i"
;, White Lead and Colors of all Kinds mid outdo to order. Particular attention paid. to shipping Almond ulll-I'eellulll'uzl1l1J1ll'rt.-hofl and paper shell, Itordeaux; lV.luas A.Ca.S:: I ZITtII, rhlppem) if rot ton nnd other pitidniv

k. orders ._, __. may 2' -3m I'I/lrdIIlO')1I quarter und hnlf boxes ; 1'11I't'llIlutlentlulI will he given ID ull
AND DEAI.BI1S 111 ; t'oiton ut'iit UK for wile, either lu
'J'ablo Salt-In boxen'und pockett; Machine and Boiler Shop our own or any ForeignMARKET.

".. Southern Pitch McKIBBIN, & ALLEN I .
Rosin :Itvli: .xxBAKER'S HalaetQil. In'uldition! toour I'oiiiniipn-lnii! lni hll'.M. w" \11111 I." I" "i1'
; i TALLAHASSEE, ]KLA.'pllK utimtly on haul it large: block of
IDIl-VATlXK: OILS, RC.\ZL\G, &r( ., : tubfiuribci having Ol"ned a Ui Gc::: 3. O O: 42.1: '9. O S3 .
Hhop on promiiie ,
<(p WHOLESALE' DEALERS Tapioca and Corn Starch for Puddings L opposito the I'nubenger/: Depot of the 1' lIollclh111111 Which will bo united to MiTflmntc mull'lnnlpl'.lIt( )iiri"
4 402 SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE Ueorgia lint) loin, for tutu purpose ofRcpairill in thu Xorlhl'rllllllli Wci-tfm Market, merely 'tuldbntetat ..
trtuixporluilon.) ,
.::n.'J :U 1ItDRY FARINA, GELATINE, MACAHONJ. \Vo\\lllUc y .
I IWNJ 1"'I! II'"llo aecoiinnodate our Mimlk *'
GOODS! [ Engines Boilers and l Machinery I ndxaucvion I'UTTOy sett ItB fur kliipment ur sale, ant
W-4im Groceries, 4 ; [ i furnish lotto llUbntrt'tUund! rope for ilu'cuinliijir1"1I : !
"- -- -, -- )J rd..are.Qaeeu., : I Kiiil (hiring the i'iiUre ,
TIY--t- i Will repair or":build new 1'uilerii Smoke acorn>
y Slacks,
... ncD
are AUspice
N. IJ.-Oiir coullul1t'11lit
hoiiio in
of und ColiuubiiH. tiu.. will be
: l. 'E. L. NEIDLINGEKi Cloths and Castimeres,. I'cpper( Boiler Jtallluij!I'lato lUreti any pattern all sloes, Piping keep and eourtautly Elbows,ou and hand will thu old itaiul, corner ol bt.' C'liUr' and Idoad l .trectt.JLItNE'I'T .
Wine and bole
Liqnorn.i and
Ulngi-r-\\ ,
'; I Porter Ale and Cider l'innnmou, ground .r I rarniiUCa.'(n8*
:e.. i* Wooden Ware Nutmegs, short qulred notii'O., and Cotton laws dim luuimed repulred.and put in order/ wliunrt*. June Sl-Oin. __ _____ .. _- -
"61 Tin Warn,
; Mace
fi .Saddles. Bridles &: Harness Fruits and Spices, Clcnun, I 1 am now prepared to furninh Katiuas end M III. from the WILLARD'S HOTEL
Iron Works
Washington at "burl" N. y. Persons who
... ."" f- Jane 14, lb1i -ly Ac.. Ac., Ac. (A raway ailed desire to purehaiie Engines and Mill, of the above patterncan
Ibr,.. .u n' 1:"' A.O TLPNQ'Biue/ / : I do to through; me, and nloo have them pat up.
J JStarch
!) 1 t.( 6 Belting, Saddlery fare, Leather, &c Engines and Gin Segments! I Special Carriage attention, Wa,1on and paid Buggy to Plantation WorkcJone Work of order.all! kind QUJNOY, FLA
Corner Broughtou t
.. .. .. GEORGIAj4w. I1 prc e11 for Ginning aud Orludiug sad 9 and 10 fool SulpUor I bone torcctlie i bcxc of the public irona.:'e J ofh, W.. torPblle.I !,.
Uln SegmcDts delivered at St. iorkTjg. Pi" N, B.-rClU{ ne door t-omb of W, JJvely' Dm? 1'e nmta b. 'I'. jThA SKTT, ..,, y.r. "'I'L'RD'
"O.IAVO. Storn '
: \ f-im may it-it I July J -tf 1.0.-tf J'ropr lstor'


-,... ... 11 iiI. .... IJir -. w...,..... ... .. -- -.- -- ---- ".. ---- -'---

The Florida sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida sentinel
Uniform Title: Florida sentinel (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Sentinel
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Knowles, Clisby & Smith
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla.
Creation Date: August 16, 1866
Publication Date: -1866
Frequency: triweekly[ -1866]
weekly[ former <1841-1863>]
three times a week
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 1, no. 88 (May 19, 1866).
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended 1863-1865.
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering begins anew in 1865.
Numbering Peculiarities: Issues for May 21, 1841-Mar. 9, 1858 called also: whole no. 78-947.
General Note: "Whig" <1842>.
General Note: "In God is our trust" <1856>.
General Note: Editor: J. Clisby, <1843>.
General Note: Publishers: Knowles, Clisby & Smith, 1841; J. Knowles, 1841-1843; J. Clisby, 1843-<1848>; Benjamin F. Allen, <1856-1858>; Edwin A. Hart, <1860-1863>; Hart & Shober, <1866>; W.A. Shober, 1866; Shober & Oliver, 1866.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 26 (May 21, 1841).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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oclc - 08807470
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-.h ._ H_ __-__- __ _. ......... -__-.-___-.-._ -_ .. I --=J
r k rr h3Yk r k. r ,.a_ >.--,., .....?.!""i'-. ..._..

'rRI-tiV: EEI I.'Y i ', I' ,j.r .'. '11..1 '.J.IW .
,- 's. !. ifJ'J It' '
J .. ,; !!::I.

'I.- i! k ,[ ,[-; : :: '(lli

"'r ( \ TM"' iii 14. I I
I 'rT F
\> 1 + en
........ l J. ;I.. .-J, '. ) J : 'a'fl. (; i{ llJtt..o.I I ,


-- -.--- __ ____ ___ __ ___ ._ ..- ---- J
-- --- --- -- -
'---- --- ----- -' --- -


____ __ ___ __ __ ... r"}:
II... -- -- -- -- -- -- - .. ..-__ __ __n ____ ____ __ __-_!'. --- ----- .----

The* Tri-Weekly Sentinel SMALLWOOD, HODGKISS & Co. 'I'IIE VIU'Jl"I'IE"I'I'; VA D. :I To be Amended. One of the saddest!' effects of the war, to the

Give me the hand that I It warm kind and ready; The "Civil flights," or Negro Equality bill, chivalry, is the taking away of their right to whip
Uivn the hand that In culm true and
II rTlLISBBD KtlRT i COTTON FACTORS Hive me mo the hand that will never deceive steady irt; ;; which hits lately been 1aEliedover the President'sveto women.-Columbus Journal.

.-.A1'D- Olvo me tho hand that I aye may hrtlptc thee, r is, it I is said, to be amended at the next session The war does not seem to ]have that effect in

'May[I Thursday ant Saturday MorniJJs, Soil in tin1 palm of d.licato w umim ; of Congress, imposing the following penalties New England. Read the follow ing from an exchange
.,, ___ ___ ,__ __._m___ __ __ __ ____..___.__ Soft Hard palm i If the or hand hard of hand tho rough It mature, aunty" not yeoman a.ver;I I on those who refuse to recognize "Culleo" as' :
------ -- -- -- -- G n ral Qmmb i o n Mhat f n i Give m. tha hand that ii friendly forever I Abolitionism thinks he should irecognized : "1YIf1PPISOOFOlrtlsAPPRovrsm-The School

Terms of Subscription : For neglecting to step off the pavement as Committee of Cambridge, Mass., has reappointed -

Pert rum -thief timfe .week . . .. . .$U fX) Give! me the hand thnt it true 8Shrotbtr ; Sambo or Dinah passes, a fine of five dollars.For R. W. Roberts,,master!' of the Alliston !School
Do. twice a week.. .. .. . . . 4 off hat
I NO. 10 BEAVWl STRJj Wr. Hive ma the hand that haw not forsworn; neglecting to bow and take your assistant, concerned in the Ialegirl-whipping
Do. -once a week .. . .. . . .. .. \4 (X c) '
Ulvc mi the grnpp: that 1,tullY adore it. to them, a fine ot'three dollars and a half. case.

-- -- -- NEST YOR.r: : .. I lovely the tho palm hand of of tin the: fair workman, bine-vcinedmeleeilorney n'erjedcn ; : For refusing to shake hands, eight dollars. 'Ihe girl was about seventeen, aril she VVIH

Rates of Advertising.On Lovely or iwly, it matter not-nover t For refusing to kiss a wench when you meet publicly whipped by the order of this Roberts

:"quit, for the Orel tniArton! .. . . .. .$1 alOne J. 1,. ?iiiJ.t.wooD, *ormcrly! Hmallwooil, 1, Rarlfl A Co.' and lilt me the Krusplhat i J. friendly forever t her, seventy-six dollars and thirty days imprlbonrnent. before the whole school. It Is a part of the educational (
Sonnrr, two icccrtiou.. . . .. .. ... 175 t j- j. L. Sirlwood, A c-o., N.i system of Radical Massachusetts
Tno. lIODUiitt Us. ICiio. Give me the that ii honed and hearty :
a rM grasp ;
One 01.1".H"Square, three wr k.. .. . . . .. ., :3 i 1/7 W. SCOTT PH.Jjiie nmigluiii, Scott .t,, Co.. N.V. Free ae the 1'r..o.: dad) 'r88 rLO' r'l(htJ'umiit.r'. For neglecting) .to' nurse. ,- their babies in street. scourge with thp whir) Jollnlallies.! But as theV'JUl1l'nu.IUul.f.n1wf.
; UO n. Tooic, O.. i iTT ti ) Cjl imprisonment.. Enquirer. --'
V .. .. ,- I Im [ ;r/ frfendaIiptliv.Yh: i tmu nt n brother; For refusing to see one home from church, .
.; OlQ.ptue luuld
I i I:> i I i .1 tv KJ.1 In all till | the 11'haw wronged( not nnollior: .re.V
'H mjvi. >" o.UI' .Jl ar ova twelve, dollars. .
: a I ;: J:: II :; i: I k: I !SOUTH S PORTS, or forwird !from TUlt"PORTI! Soft\ palm or hand hn.1d1 It nutters 1I0t-lIp.r I A :MODEL ROTlu-'l' 1e proprietor uf'n tea

,:I : 1 9 : g g. I ;i ia to N14W 1'OH\{ or Jive m! the.. :;;rllop.. lint friendly_... for 'or. I two For dollars.passing Utem on them street!. without smiling, River Hotel has ported up the following rules
I -- -- till
I regulations : .
,I' 1 !" :a :m .1"1 I LIVERPOOL DIRECT ;From the >ve-r York: 'I'lm".l.1n For asking them to \\ ork, ten dollars. Board mast be paid] in advance, with bonus

_'I' ":- mom filfndt may l\>ri>fi r. i.i..bt ''''''rln.- rf'ut HIP Yew: Urlttao.iJot. For refusing to invite them to your table with $15: ; without 1 beans$13: ; salt free! No extras,
I'1"' In LlViRl'OOL nick* wUlfth*\
Our connection are ; dollars.
1. ; : : ) 31 W I you, allowed. Potatoes for dinner. at all
:1.1 11 ) 2''I/ \11 liO'' :Ja oo! :JH s 50 ( \ ;; ( li'O; otircintom<>r. elUli! allTan'Birrs- ofUletmarket..Apply For believing/ you are as good as negro, live meals forbidden. Pocketing
strictly Gentlemen
11.1 v,, al 21 O'l1i(1' : 45 Ut) 68 r4)) 11iO, j1r.ol .S 1W to. The moils hi\: brought the material for ormI hundred dollars and three impri onment. are expected
4.,, 10 11 K) :\5\ 001 41 iiO li11MI IjIj iict) 75 IMI) tlMI 1)11'112) Ml; (; EO. W. SCOTT A-\ For
\ !oil) iiI12!)I \ 50 IOT r1ov saying that )' better than a negro, No
5.ere 00 '"oJ roO 57 w li\l\ IMI Wt2'l, water. charge for ice. Towel-bags at the
i 2100 W a) hr' ro I IIMI !II ton) WitH rnr 82 60 1 -, -tl!. T f Hol.... ,", 1'luEARLE which preceded the ti'acmbling of the bogus ten thousand dollars and fifty years imprisonment. end of the house. Erti
., 3t 00 77 !ill 11:1: ctOl10H w't2IM1I' )' 2 rctitH1( W I Convention at New Oilcans!! and which throwS u charge seats around
8.1 3500 57501 I h11iU't05' OIl' 12:! ) I1P2 1 )'' m 2H1 Oct consiilernble light the Irt and the stove. Lodgers must find their own straw.
9.' :J9 80 60117 IHIltI: ) 60155 04I 2)l) ') ro272{I W CUNNINGHAM & Co. upon 1 P purposes For refusing; marry one, imprisonment for Bed on the bar-room floor reserved for regular
11001111 of the authors of the These I confirm]
10. 43 00 5(11127(( !iOlt'III! INI 1 O (N'k) d SO A15 IMIH. life and the confiscation of your property.For cUl tvll1CI'Ii. Persons in
46 50; 1:4: (ctoi I 115 IMIIIlH: IXlllli) (1"1 t011) 2111) 00''r.5 1M! CHITON FACTORS I fully the opinions Behave expressed; to the saying tho Government ins made by sleeping are requested
OOIWI' WI !ict173 511) 1(17( r.n1'I.,1IWi\jj'! (; 110 and not to take otf their boots. Lodgers in-
12. 5l 01110 IMII anillw ot the gathering, : the sent of the reuponsibilixy whits: men six thousand dollars and fifteen
111. 53 OIl) till nol Ilt: r,01157' r.nltHI) IMII2111 m.\ril'' ) IMI13)., IMI ..A.rPDCHull j i for the cal.uuities: Unit 10110wec1.I llc silo, rif c at 5 a. )ii.; in the barn, at (0 o'clock. No
14. 50 00 10'l WI'.IO' ooY'i, lJO 10Ij) IN)! 22'1 SO't".19 fdi83s), : IJOJ5. years imprisonment. fighting allowed at the table.
NO OOtOR, Wt47, &lIli7 110"100" 50 2t J;; 0o'NI7': rd) w 1)0Id. ) The public meeting held on the night of the For saying while soldiers fought OK bravely as Hit/ Any one -

17..t 6'.1 d5; 00 00)0'114 OIl 165 00IS11 G0'1x71)11227'! 0I,217)!), (11 60NP'K)'WOO; IMI on) ::81)iIN] )) on)) ai5 39.l IXI ullIs. ( SIS Oil ]E( reI hnnls I 27th-as!' reported in the New Orleans journal did the "colored troops," two thousand dollar} above rules will bl\ bImot.LncbutrytlulmN.
OOIIn' of the following dllY-WI\H n lilting preiiminaryto
!ij OO.I'd, ;; 110) tiO IMI 04 m'2J.'I1J1J' : ) i.; W) 616; IM14H10n) I ; and three years imprisonment. .
'- -
t0.i71ODil1gOUIT7G09L'1UO'24961127UI I ., : !. : ,, 01XI,42t60Obituary NO.7( WALL STREET, the dibturbnni-e. It was .svtmedly meeting The fines in all cases to be handed over to the The J. Reporter --
iGraugc r that
in favor of biiflrnfte( and iiddrcssrd says some ncgroe-i
was bymeutbers
-- --- --- : negro executive committee of tho Abolition and
.rolin II. KnAf.: lormeny :'maUwnod! Furie A+ ( '). party, in Meriwctlier
and "i, not
Yrriag to he
of county wishing
Kennel :
:Notlcet of
the Convention Mho
upon when the ig
Adverliscments.edvertisewonte. money not to hlld.BenJ. F. Butler, bled with
will bfl! chardN'1'rausirnt\otTcrt olher !, '1 hmna J. !J'orVim formerly! !"mullwood Rarle L <'.i..ud, I their colored auditors the duty of preparing to is to be sent in order to collect it in or thelrold father, who was old and ill-
) ihargrd the um"'u spoons, firm
Lego: (:BI'I'ielhim to a brush tent distance
.1 1. I'n "some
CnijTPntion force and
Administrator the charge! stainthe by upholding
ff, :.opt Notices of DisraiMtun u whatever rise J bo may be able to find. from their cabin
where, a few after he
tortich shall' *r 118. \\t\ resolves though !t,t the COSt 01 oiooasnea. A*1 days was
A VINO lu the idle 01'tlln and other found
eiperiiMicn dead
Ions: V- -- from starvation. Mr. Booker then
n of the < of ,
homherniprodme. we rviisctfully{ nolieit couiiK'i: The object meetingva? deqlared by one
jiH'nti, uHf a-c prepared to uitii advances/ for. which thu speakers. a Mr. .Jadd, to 11/1 "to strengthenthe SHI.IUIH vs. BANKS.: -General Hanks, the Red former master, was informed of the facts and on

1\'l1fr! 1hHU'thi.\' apply to coming Convention and to give it backbone River hero, better known, }however, as :Stonewall going to the spot, found the buzzards preying

-' ------- -- TI3O5. J. IMOKKiXS; & CO. ," its utterfincen now possess Hpccial significance. .J fick on's t'ommi.x.sary has written letter to the upon the old man's body. It was with great dif
-- -- --- -- And of ficulty) that :Mr. B. could get the wretches to ]have
they were utterances worthy a
A. WOOinVAJlD, Si I:., I July! 17-ly Tal!.lia eae.' ,,.Fla.: Parisian flub in the\ caily days of Bobebplerrc's Washington National Republican: on the Xew the old man buried. One of the SOItS'tJ.Yo as a

Orleans riots in which he reason why he did not go and see his father bur
Universal suffrage was insisted as :
a says
A1'l1.J. power.
\. Solicitor in Chancery. Tallahiinei-, Flnrl .-lie will GEO. W. SCOTT & CO. II right to be (contended at, all hazards ; one of Contention' was; theos-tcnsible.amlnotthe -"me afcered him will ketch me.

connection with the inn c-I II Y"W.unR. I the resolutions affirming that until this be granted ; latent; cause of the outbreak ft was a peaceful -- .-.-.- ---
7 V/aihlnetoi attend Hi,* < "."tma of claims
before f the p' >.111".nlo City 1111he"to 1 r pi o'uriDiliti'te, of Coil CO'ITO\T FACTOR I "there will and can 1)(, no permanent peace." foci lawful I assembly. One word Iroin thereejg- 'VA.'rKDouTlUms ]lean I TO JIFLIins..

yre.v. ] .jttn.21-1y-- ....._ND I,' Dr. Dostic, who has since: paid the penalty of his n'r/.ed" authorities' of the United States in New Or- R.lD1CALlI.-1t ]having been deemed necessary to
--- -- -- -- 1 violence, thrcstcned annihilation to those whoa lentil would have secured adjournment.! repeat the old game of"bleeding Kansas" In order

.:\. .J. I'1'414IAi4i CoiumissionIIercbsiii1sTALLAHASSEE; ] ould interfere with] the Convention ; and therrgrof's General Sheridan, whose word even the Radicals to }humbug the NorUiern voters at the coming
instructed to repair armed to theMechanics'
F. )-LulllDA.-/ elections, a number of riots aro desired various
A TiOUNBY: l AT LAW 'rALLAIIAS'J Institute where the Convention Ciinnot: doubt, thus disposes of the mutter :
A. Office atalrsovcr the Slutu Bank Office hnoia FLORIDA. met. prominent' points at I ho South, such IN:
from (3 1\. m.'I'10 1 p. in., and from 2 to :D; p. m. y.1 The tone of the proceedings \\'as calculated] to XEW OKLKVNS, LaO P. :JL: -Aug. 1, ISOU.; I Richmond, Mobile, Memphis nnd New Orleans

octMly_____ ____u___ ___ _, __ __ KEO.V.. hCOTT, Via.] I T. H. IIODfiKlsS( ]:: ::0.;. produce bad feeling between the blacks and the To Jf/i.. U. S. Omnt \\rufiingloti l ) D. U. : If twenty or thirty negroes, marlys to liberty
I 1>. II. POOLE, N. Y.
J.L.i !
whites, and to incite the former to IhecoursethcyBiiljtequently of
be killed
can at each these much
\ I1AIIT You ere doubtless' aware of the serious riot places,so the
,: .. l1el.' .
it TILL ad auiou Mud hip ('<;tton to Liverpool, Now pnr lvhii1oecnrrel in thin. ily on the :oOlli. .1 poliliwil better for tho radical cause. For. further particulars -

TTOKNET AT LAW, MADISON. FLOKlDA.-Mill \ > Yort, :Sp w.Orlcani, or Savannah jnr! 17-rl'_ i A procession ol'colorrdmen rhino after the body, sljlhiK: itself the Convention of 1801!:!! ternis of compensation, &c., apply to OW
.A. practice In the fonn. of the Middle) Judicial (irmtft.riec13tt i I m/ cinglnt! in its progress through the streets met here! on the 0th;! for, as! it is the Thad. Stevens, or any other member of the Reconstruction
alleged -
: : __ .___ ____p_ WM.\ H. TURNER. ,1 furnished a, foretaste of the disturbances of Mon1 .. present Constitution; of pmposeot'rentodelingtime the Committee.-Y. }". JfcruttiGi .
d.t\r. The PiCny11110lCpmis the majority us carrying -
\VilITNIOII :-lIMe. The leaders were political agitators: amid --- --.-
\\ -
1 clubs and'heavy missiles,and a' ninny tt'CI'Cunder II
l11t'ullull time action of the Oouvcntion
A 'riOUNKY AT LAW. iT DIlON.:. lLOKIDA.Will ( HOC En i the effects of I liquor, 0otlihion3with: passing'dtizl'n'l rovokitionary was linlile to produce, brrai lies of the I I1>: lt1J vocltBE.soN.-The New York Times

/\p-ictlcpintlm <'ouil ol the 11 nlille) I 'irtuitd AN37t's were ,\ tth difficulty prevented by the po ) public commenting on the proposition to make Gor cy.

<"! 13tf --. lice.: Later in the night] contiictH \\ ith the police pence. tail Hungarian General, commander-in-chiel of
PilttSiOi' } .n ere1ta nt worn precipitated! by negroes in various parts of liadmndonpiuymindtoarrfst tho head men the Austrian: army, say : "Wo would have to
if the of the Convention
.3 \S. I D. WEriTCOTT proceedings] were calculated -
.. buffer defeats before
the city. :Shots v\ere limed, knives and sticks many our people would

'i-OUNEY) J : A'1'LA1fLLAitMSEI''LA.-urtca( FERN NDINA, FLA1'LCIAL were used, and it was only by the interference) ofa to dirturb tho tranquility of the department) think of Gen. Robert E. Lee as a leader of our
i : but 1 had for t.tiol111l1tillhev
A. ( 'na> mention' sit'ii to the purU'e. o ale! and chair! enabled hold their the overt\boutfortywhilesauI blacks were\ Well why ? Do doubt
HopLiri. __ ___ _____ __ __ I ,: were to ground. you Gwi. Leo's capacity
of .llli.iud. of Produce gad Merchaiidne OrilorsrorHiipnlipH killed, and about one hundred and sixty wounded.Ecerythmg .
I V mint You
? for
The of crowd of cannot :know
assembling! a. on you have not hit
with tte cublor Its negroes; you
AGUEE.A'r'l'ORNF.Y : : mntt be accompanied ]is but I deem it best
now quirt
JAMES:; T. J to equal. Do helieve
and fear
equivalent In Kade. jO'Y9-hlll_ Monday, to applaud support the Conventionw you or that he would betray
maintain in
the fora
amilitary few
AT LAW AND I sonciiou IN ('IfAN- I then not the impromptu or accidental affair ibiipremnej city the trust Will any'mnn in America cast

\ \ ... -.., Floridn.--OBice in Marine Bant THOMAS H. AUSTIN which it has been represented to bo. It was part days,until IhoaH'air is lully InW'ligatcd. I be- fiticlj a reflection! on Robcit K Lee' Then why

bl1i1 'rl: oppoaltc'J'aluni. .. a Drng_ Ktr_olar_!24-tf_ ; of a preconcerted plan, for the accomplishment lieve the sentiment of ihe general community is should you be willing to suffer many defeats before

of which tho active: spirits of Convention ]had : great regret atlliisnnneccbsnrycruelty.and that appointing such man to lead the armies

;1)i:. MILKS II XASJ1, Commission .11 iereInnitia. I trained Mid armed their colored dupes. The' the police could have made any arrest they saw fit .ifr.,va Teltgivpk.ilaj. .
) : c I II witboiitoiicrificiug lives.
fICr RKAU IIF, PUS'rOFFI'E.:' 'I'AILAllA .ltl. :. city, indl'elS not taken unawares, for themeeting --.-----
.7 () Florlda.-ft .idrll'e..1l11Jr.oI. NAn(. the procession, and I ihe disturbances of P. II. SHERIDAN, Jolui Ester Cooke designs; publishing] m

jrnotu._ :.__ ___ .___ .._ __ 9:., RAY >TIKET, : Friday night had m ealed the recklessness of JIajor General Commanding.CoupucATidx1" > the fill a history of tho self devotion of the Women -

J. '4.\ BOND, I C. II. RANDOLPIf.JTR4. SAVANNAH, CEORCIllV ,. revolutionary leaders, like Dostie, nnd the orj ---.--- of the Sauth.V lIe requests full biographical

ftlIl.l'II __ j ganized force, of negroes! who were ready to do ;.JATEINO:'IAL ".-Of tho cur particulars of the }heroines of the war, and detailed .
:. B0ti I D ADi'FKR \- \ "),cKS; maLl "u t1Yorl Conaagnmonte or Llvfrpoul of Produce for aoof !, their bidding. 3nt the fart is clear that. the civil DUll matrimonial; complications of the HO'lt11inuilil'fi stalcmcut! of incidcnIs with which they!

: their proteMlonaindervlreeftO ihpfuitii1imiif .1. Shipment to authorities lound their jurisdiction! threatened, were connected, whether in the "perils; of the

f ,. ;. thereeidence-otJir.Bovn.r J'. t' % ..l jnly2R-am.:! .:... and were) therefore justified in ascertaining to of Europe( probably none present a more field," or the dangers and distresses of the ho
Otacri t :_ :: :ljulyln-1y.. JOllY... AijlBBSOS.W.'A.NDCne0S, UKOllOB Joni R e.-. .SI.UIlJattTOIo.'JIl.>II\101o. J", what extent they might rely] upon the federal mir.cd up aspect than that of England present, pita!

: s. ] .BANK n. troops for aid.To s'Oppearsfrom the t following which >4.--
J'OrX\T: : 1 we clip
.11 i(1l( \\Inilerson( & SOliS.i this stag and subscqni'iiilv the mihtwor- Gen. :Sherman: : has! given his opinion of the
Ihe Mobile
OFBoots FLORIIIA.WITU from a to from
i I Ihy Union men of the (.Ry nut! State not only Rump Congress. In his speech; at Cleveland life

took! in the if t the Convcntiouist : said: "I seo the Atlantic cubic has been successfully
; and. I | ;: u ) part agjution; ( I
ve:!;' .r\!:::!Jr 4;.n!;J 1 '\\J c.o) Wr.. }.1 c.w e r ft'i'j'wd ..'r'.. .r!1.i'} ,l.J r) ./'\I I' Commission Forwarding i | but opposed it as I'rnuglttilh 1lI1'!<,hi<'.- 'j' "r1 h1 Queen's eldest] lon! -lhe Vl'inl'eotrfll'<:q- I i laid-that's a g'oud.thing.. I also sc(' I trot

The it-gnUr President of the Convention in 18(14i ( is married to a daughter! of tho King of Denmaik: Congress has adjourned-that's a good thins! ,m m.t

and Shoes, J.v.CE I-x.C ANTktCorse : i ]'('fl1s'I1 to convene ii, and ninjoi'ity ol its hurvii I who hiv.been deprived of (a Urge poi'lion.of hit il'the hot weather" only"keeps on, that too u ill In

refused attl'nJ.01' h this all.i territories the ICing of Prussia father of a good thing. ,
at'Tt' tyton nn(113ryn n.'ot: rye.t,a. I Ting members to by the .
No. V9 Coartlunilt :'ti-cot. New York tjnty '( i I In addition to the dispAttiieswhichweie) addrcsse I husband of the l l\ en'f'lll'st!' \ daughter: ; and this --"-o -- -

\ .4.3m -- \VANNAII, R.A.may' < | -- -- has
--- -- -
--r----r ; hie; intci(position on the Occurrence of a enema I the interest of the Duke of! 'ugllsll'nhur. whose} i reel'in'llldl'I'Uphiu Information: bunt the
rtTE r President
13%. F. :EIO: ; 'l.is I l ; iniidu brother Prince ChrUluu has bet i that the Legislature:: will be allmved to
Lit '
__ j contingency, rcpri'hPiitulioris] were prrSOmtally : younger ; n married convene without hindrance 'the
01. l'L01tIH. President :Mr. Ilo/.icr to the third the Princess on (lIh. 'liel4oterror
to the ( hy whohaij Queen's daughter: ,
HILL & elect will
BRADLEY 1 I II bo inaugurated on. the !Jilt when
ideutitled\ with Louisiua ,
"ITU Iwu for lwentlui' ) -
JI'al" lIrll'lIl1)l'ollll( ) the Qmeti's first cousin, Uie the.ulUl'ersoflhe t i
I[ : :and i K tlesciibed as (the' oldest, MI\IJ1I1'III'i't been provisioial! government hill
1iugof1imnverhnajut: deprived of his
co. :7v Cerclmi its; ( abdicate.Jen. .
I'llR'HKSTKll' : ,
: '
: j i nu
'O' n H"L"attl) iJCALaite IS SAVANNAH.( (Lt.4P : nn iipponcnl( of theiibdliount; the time when I army;- the t nel'n's Kon-in-law, the Prince of I'm- j ( Sheridan was much 1 pleased, it i 1-, aid, ni

Dustie, 11:1I1u-11I1..111"l/f: ( llieCouvcntionistb I on i sia is a commanding officer. Third, Prince Alexandrr the repartee of Texas paper, which quoted his;

Toreign and Domestic Hardware; \ : HAVE COMMODIOUS HRl'M'HOUK W.AKK- \ whom (the Trlhln1'lt t.s' isiiipat'ii' <''! wore 1 of Hesse, who commands the Federal army I jest, "that if ho owned Texas and Tophct, he
\ lure Cotton :SVLI' ( \ fetortaondl'iodiieoufiicrally Lhitnnt adhtrcnU.! ot Ihe rebel Government. 'Mr.
> hon t., mid tire prt-iwied | ) raised to the King of 1'1'11"111is a would rout tho j former and
oppose( ( live in he other
und 165 Aniltri(ft. imuitlllio.owll fl! inukii
V.1t'o:0: BS lit-tkniuii in any | I Hozihmfl''I'l', wailed l upon 1 llit> President, bOUciiJnu Prince Louis tho husband! of Princess and
: &. *..*..- -.*- l'.r,4\rij,; \ .!lind>""e!'*.011 ull roiulKnim'iiu. .. UN.t'o can I brother to I place; ctirtlv added "d-n a man Hintwouldn't

Jeriordcrspr"Inptlyatadlvilo: < : _. JnljSiiiui o i'in"iics: :..-.__ __ ,. .! "T" "" ..'-'"nrli\ _':;!ljL"SM. \i' nmlli.it-1\ l' :: hit.i;!.<"interleicncc...:>x( iu Inlwhlllt'ot'llIelotAI-.. ,., 1 aui i The Alice 1H11, I lIP U I't Queen'. iiAi-v,,wuttj.y-utjutai second; < ,.'uw'. Fourth..u.nm, .... .stand uji fur.!!hisown otiutry) !"

V 'RSI. W. (iOIIIN. c'un !bn no doubt that in taking tfii-i ; kK\Y\ nJ1itt \ brother: and brother-in-law to the I Queen, holds" I A decidedly ridiclllolI'lhi1uJ'e! couimunjeai
'1'.1Vr. )l! : \ H. :TIuOS.I .I : 1 fl.-rtod\ I the washers (i' I he gre.it imijoiity of LJliouI -
1 1).1. :. : :. :. : V command in the King of Prussia's army now in- correct intelllgeimcowits,5lieu the London operator
fists I in the (stute. In this circumstance! vc have vadinglhutover-whichkingdom] by. lime: way, undertook to tell tho Ghisgowansof grand
- tcrtnilOfltut, T1SON .V: iiOliDON( 1tho best atibwcr to the mKri'pj' ',cnt.ilions oftho I Iot It : until the arcrsianuiher Majesty: lol'll.ell'art of smush-up of tho big house of Polo." Belts, and

: t ourcotcuiporaiic: !, ratio depict 1110'ilot a. ti | the territory of the Kings of Etigh ni. And lastly astonished the Scotchmen with the announcement
i'O'rloFA'FOR', i
AND HE i-rusjde! ufri'brN, ::, tth ,uch. againstlovtilifts, iw
: Prince Teck, recently married to the] Queei's of the "failure of potatoes and beets nine

COMMISSION & FORWARDING\ MERCHANT Anil Commission and Forwarding J Mercliaiits i I:fciti-h. ]rttOtttlnCl/'olnvcutirniii /... '. Tiio more I it first cousin\ ,the Princess lnryot'Jllmbriclge, holds million pound: ."
iu ( e\-rebcU
jlJ't1m ; vvti'e :>; | a commission in the army\ : of the Emperor of -*.-.-

FKKNANni.N'-V: ] KI.UUI1XA.toay I Ui5 HAY hTJfEET: :i the mol/etilou.s 1 : bUPPOJ'tl'l' of the civil power Austria, mind may at any lime have to leave hU The editor of !the \Voston (%{o.) Timimakes:

2t-tf __ ._ SA v ANN.A.H. Gr. were tried and inthienlial Unionists.tiin. bride for the seat of w ar, to fight the King ot the follow hi' announcement to Ids readers ;,-
( MieridanV name has been used IIIhe
Prussia who has the Queen's son-in-law and the "Hereafter!
wo not notices
tf publish marriage
A. F. HAYVVARD; __111..7 22-n. .. -- I !.!', of the C'onvcntionKts as an. iiTtiilablo I Ii i imi Queen's broiher-in-law both ollicers in his army." t for 11othin;,hilt will bo happy at time to announce
ioomvix A, *i-. iWOIIDo. i witue.' their ,;hll'. I His word, it has been said, any
Y atA.,) wl,lea 11. c. . . . --.- tho death of pur friends} ,"
'F W,4'fY: ;\1'1f1l4.U . . vrtluld} settle: the eunltoteny in their favor.) Well, .
: :ll SHH/EE: : / : JSO2Xr cfc OO.IMPOllTfcllS & WOODS. I> General) : Sheridan has been hl'llfll fioin 11/\ dill.l'atl'h .\ lirango decision has just been rendered inNorth Mu. SMITH'S ------ -
GOODW.N Cu.m'l'Tr. Smith, of New
li> ("Jen. Grant, whkh11) piibJUhiilycsU'i- Carolina. Chief Justice Rufliu !has declar ,
] OF) w T'mSD. : LHH'OIlS : mI'H: )IN:< I II day. IFc attributes iiniu'ccssary. cl'lIf'lly' the''!\ against the proposed! new Constitution of thoState Orleans, has Wl'tltllllJctt'I' to the Mayor of
.SJomngsl.lt )- and the late State The Portland, Maine, enclosing u $.jO Confederate
Convention Chief!
in arrests but leaves
police making : no room
Iar hant.St I! Paper and Paper Stock 1 1I i for mibconceptiim) $ a. to the Convention and ita ] Justice says : note in aid of"the bull'mro"!. !by the fire," and requesting
): that a portion ol it l he sent to the Buffering
I members. "The lender) *," he nays' writing. full "I consider that this U\ no constitution, because "

J'7; DRY b'l'HEP.'J' (Xenr ISroadwn.M NEW OltKKtf j I NO. .'ijN hTHKKT, \ lew of the fuels, "tlio leaders weru political agt-i your eouvcntionwas rata legitimate convention, and destitute citizens; of. Columbia.__ : S. (

constantly on h811111IlIl'g.) *. .lu<'1. of flue nit VVhUVy hblPN tators and revoliitionory men, :.ind! tho action of and had no power to imiUo constitution for us, I --- r
p :ButW'aelINUrsesan Il1Ut1V1Ulaittl alter which \\ehad ) r !SLOW Co.lnHu"spl\ of'lhe Loiulonil'imes,
:alle1.HiTII :i the l'unnll1ioll wtiis liable to produce brwchcsof S or to that fries. I objject -
iqTw: YOr :K:. the public piI(:C. 1 had made up mj mind," I to the organization of your convention be. bays that In lhiAuf. >triau tinny time big dl'lUlI'Illrt'

F. W. ANSLEY Wrill_. PrlntinGuud llIu\J1"\ Paper<: ___inure ;2-1111: I ho adds, "to arrest the !lend men if tho proceedings |I cause it was called! without tho consent of thepeoplt' drawn on carts by dogs. Tho 1'1I1IlIl I: i put on a
sort of wheels
go-cart, with shafts and a puirpf
oTthe Convention were calculated to distill 1 by the President of tho United; States,

JEWELLER.ND WM. L. PEABODY, 'b th! traiHiiihty| of the department, but I had or under his orders-tin net of clear anil Iletp/t and ns. Pompey troU along the drummer: beats

WATCHMAKER, I no cause for action( until they committed the (/IlII/'p'lttm.;' tho Jhcephkiu.--- -.-- .-
\VHOLKSAM! DEALER: IN overt act" This, then, is General Sheridan's estimate I
ntACTJCAL JOBUKU, -.-.- I A Paris paper apologizes[ to its readers for being -
of tho ConvcntionMs. 'l'hl'ywcl'e "political
compelled make au erratum, it having
ONKOE8T.jTALLAiHASSKK.FlB.adjolniuc ) BOOTS AND SHOES agitators and revolutionary men," whoso prijceudings J 'Die published report that negroes have been four ninrriages under the uter'snlilehead-
"I| ''kld the coast ot Florida and placed
upped on sold
Mr. (Cieo. Dauicm'intnri! '" were inconsistent with public jrancpjili- "declarations: "
Every del poop of Watch rupuiruiaj8lt -f I to Cuba is denied at the Navy Department Inconsequence ing of failure.
01<' \.141. ] ID ty. The I'iot uccet: itated the Interference which .
ed andwerrantcd. [ _____ --
.: :: _! "'; he contemplated as probable and proper. of the reports the Department dl Idle
StZ'COtOPPOITa : Horace Grceley a Vermont paper say,
:Lao CO11g2Oalti reeled Commodore Winslow commanding the ,
A YKAK made hy l any ono with *15Mieucil ---.a.- t ,
said that "I-mcoln
) Alai) ) } :No >rleui'* Gulf Squadron to make investigationof in the cars last Monday i: was
.. Tooln. exn iieccMitry.tmbler TUB, NanaaTl John NiUo, the founder of Mblo's Garden, iii a thorough
( could drive him
j'retldl'nl, *. and Trraturnrt nt :3 Wanks Indorse always wrong, but you right; ;
to > the matter and he that the stR.t"lI1enta,
)... Aildrcn I bo New York died, in that city ou July 10, aged C7y and qan't drive
tbv circular b>*Dt free with .mp .hTNAFi CUORQ: ; .... Johnson is alwaysvvroofr, you
6AV >without the foundation.
American htcnril TuglVorl..*. .S>prlrp*.ld, Virmort **'*. He left a large and alnable property. ar slightest:; tim
7 rrajg4sw
fag Swam


right"j j i


......_"---..., .. .. .


1 .



'.!I'41'' .... .- --
.. ..
...... -- --, .
--- -- -
,- .. -= -- --- -- -
tind )JI'-ia> ;;r: str.'itio: : .1- their per to prevent I a reconstruction! of the | Washington Correspondence.

ijj. \rffhil( JTt ti lu ihffcO d ys, when Secession: kinked! Upon Union, by demanding such term" of the South, j jIH 'THEFLORIDA I

ni ono of the mot horrible crimes that a people' they know no people not utterly lost to every! [lP'RO\T urn o w x to it 11.1'0-: KT T. |
::::':._ -=:= ::; -- I
BY SHOBER Ik. OL E CBH be guilty of, nnd when we, in the Houth, lire \ sense of shame could accept. cn'g( orJc "orwu T.i\l: .-Will ho he Holon,,'df-The[ I'blla-
... ._. ::::: -. : .... .-- brnnded us' infnuioiiB! traitors!:!, ostraci'-ed i treated New llnglaud:: ] ha no excuse ; (she "'Iii never i drtjihla Xntlnnnl t'onvpnttonVlin, will ho Arlmlltcd ?-

< *s a conucrod( people] and deprived of time rights! given cause for a '\vMi to separate! from the t t'robnhlo Duration I of the Convention.WASHINGTON, .
:' "
'. ':.... "' '.1_ .-\_': ., Hlcnuily gimrntitied to us by the Constitution, I Union Such promptings come cither from the I Ana; !II), J'JIJ.\ SENTINEL
.(110\\ ;; ? ''' 7NINJ'nrVJ;,,,''''
KeporU> fir the spei'ily rek'ii ofDivm tTF.rFI\t!: SI
/ >74' ft'; for having had the !nndacity to assert:! that! !MHITcigu most t craven fear and selfishness 1\4 In the ln-l :
I i liejrln to prcuill I I njriiln, and probably' 11)H'e)
''r Elates had the right to witlidraw from n war with Omit Britain, or from that despicable]
Solar loundi; tiOfl. Tlie lupsr ol' thin1 hni entirely\
11k'L''A\ \' which they had 'o"IfI'1"'ntl'red into \ spirit of: fanaticism which hr. clmrnctcri/cd
\ \ 'Cllcii iisviiRsttiiillini I I .
; ,! I 'I (-.t I llii1 t charge iigiiln'lMr.
...... J ", it may not! be,, unilll".re 'ting toll(ace the origin I her ever t Mince the "so-tolled!:! \ I'ilgrdaf" landed ou IAVI. }'oi' eight! tnontlis hl< lilllcrest eui'mlf.i!
l '
..',.. r'I; I of the cli te I mlii e, or rather !its first t practical' !I Plymouth[ rock. As they in their righ'tcnisneM I have, hel'lI flrnfrshiif the "rwers mud gutters of so- 1A1MO1Hi

.U\!l(") ; ,. assertion, I\nlllhc first ojcn) tlireat-s to carry It.J JUito burnt, wiu-ho.s, 1 liung; Quakers cud otherwisepuujhed I elcly, for erunturemv! \ enough deirraik'il.; cnoaghn .

It<;' -._"_ _-: ::-. '; : ----=--- I : taecutiou,by.w be1rnW\\.itJ.IWH: .fmiitlieiiioii. ::! .. .W1-. ...< all who,," ..differed from them," so nowk \ nwrMir' to I fiilirluiotls roudy tunic to I'I1l11110 their .
4'ullnliavscic, TJmrsilny, ,4 \.1: tu, 8I1U.' We !01.'aU' ] m>t bcrcjijtempt\ to cuter into they womiki tmausr, JI'CLW nnnUlIl'lrl''-eei.om1thm. ;1 moat Is---'lIut'y... hl\"t"liJlJllll' few blll'h vratLmta'.. ,. .. .,. ,
: the coiiHtituliontil right-a right which tbe fm- C'T1'man'At'lftil! : ;!! cohuVa'te their -property: hnd' \ 'i Kvcu: aunlnst: our fiivlor, t tjvo 1 false wit lnwes were.Mf. .
.;'ii' : "; ; ;;; found. lImit itt ,tho'niiili'rl.v\ : n-itoft of locr.ns: ,
.. I1 i (Juvnn IH our General 1 Aguntjiind I In fliers of the Cou.stitution btllcvoiHn, null without I they trio jJO\VCI'\ '
authorized lo I"CCcI\'l'@lIh.erll'llolI@nll'l""lIcl!! nh'etli.lng< t nhow, I they! (ImvenytiI'nnnd\ rue ltre.'l ol eridenee
: which they would never have entered\ Into (tie Vi'v IMe said that Yunkfedlltlll"Ter" had came JOB
cttlcct 1 monies mid ixocijit' Cur the "*ym>. : that can i i !Zit( herol'\ fl.IIII'"I''I'h.. I 1'nt.ulcnt litis hen PRINTIN&
,1 compactjhich: so long bouird ir'together, and ,I to secede. Would to dod thc'luneconl: !be said |I foiirfully dcrt'ived! I liy tlic1! nifii.I They IIIIMeon-
nmllHautj Under; which wejhcd)\ ( .II/(> : al\d of thu.voor'itafufltwate( : : ) people, of the: !South' ; .
That /singular fperuneAor'1'1111'11'116' since I happily \prosperously \ ; I taut I-: :i fljauri'a l llimi. tliiit t tlllrl'VU ,Auimlnnl t ciciTs -

( : Miss Assx HICKI.VON, i I' -1oid! to be l rc- until the apic cf (lin'ronl wan thrown :uuougus \ what ocean fil blood, micht have bccu nved!, und U'.I't L<, rii1) 'IcjL 71,1'f TA.J.: y\J\ *6f.fSnlplltfilJ: I 1\i tile, Ulshftitli'ni' .

:\rIii;; '1\\ l o' tin4\ ""IIW 1111"fni.. It\l 011(1) 'lll1ll of I by the families of the North, in the shape .(>f I what misery and anguish might\ Juno been spared, "' (' \s! Bdf( rnm-i! 111'nI| lieyt\ lifisSionre.si'dlfullcil >. J -I ,

.Aifl1\; .o)1IIN. .' i|IIl'huIitioilil'l1'c 1ene thnt subject to abler'I'I the mothers throughout] \ the Unr
-o'4.'-' '' pens,) und winlliic ourdehcs! to Ille more intwjtion i iI i unlrujjptof :Sew Kughtud. not bavin:! ? tho during I' tout I I tlnit Mr.1 I IIJ.\|is miitl' 1 be tried for I I Irniton or ESTABLISHMENT.

.1'' :,s 1,1'j ;.,(' -.iiuiMiitt, oflhe hundred'and', tell connlH'VAi.ni.sW I. ofjuhtro! ond i 1.JThOIll the i1) till : ) miijority t ovtr 1IOJi. It j jHH I I Hhallllll longer\ lie held\ In mllitiirv. I'II.tlldf.I', .
giyt of1
I| threRtcned[ be curried into exmitiou. : execution, remembered the fable the.monkey . .s- 4
;1001\1 iflloiisos'1 1 WIIM bound l tfi,' May: home, I hl'lt rt'-nii'intjered, Afi'i, lvvi I* helll"- jsii"nertit'irm
: I i nail the chestnut iu the fire nnd, from! that t time '-I. ,
| 'U do
have back lOlL iu .i-
so we
period Ulll'hi1l1lrr
: 7' : )j ,: IJ logo : :tI jirtoner\ nl'wui1 I ,iltlren I iyintli) alter I I the .,. ., .
', l'rlnl'niil' lite: "choice.. i. . .; .,. ,. .. resolved to make lI c'ol' the South, to bring about I. -i< 'J
-- -- .1 udl. wui'c.ditjliuit.ilian; ino: t wopk juvlift.suits ..,
-' : ; ,! : tci'tnljiiitliiii( (tft'hl' tmmm', It l I" n itRiveolti'iu'Osf.ilnpt: > "I> ."j.
.\. priViiltlilTer; l t from ,Islnuu G. 1 Harris, at Cor- :
') !
1; ] bands with holy horror, nt the bare fear and trembling. r'oMhis puy/w.-Cnw/) '., dt II tlu. laof initlons to lit hi prNoni'lof, wnr ..rtcr: the ,.

t1ytttcxiL'o, is pnblinlied in the 'lIytt I villo idea of tuich thing, and arrogates .to itsell all ed tis mi 1 by every conceti i able ncl': of opprc'-Mnn, dent; lui< Ilctl'lnin"t'IIIIt: i t I I Mr. .I Dvvis i !s'liiiltV"; I i, ; oltiicr; j jut i ; with h4"'
Ho to !Ihonm! die in Xcunpuper. WI' 'JII fUt
(Tcnn.) Observer. expects the I Simon: lnrclsm of Union sentimcut.! It hud I openly\, nullified the, fugitive\ ) sin" & itt tv' : denied tinei1 releiuoil' or el i'e )111111<11'11 over. I In t thc dittodr 'I IU : 3II'

Mexico, fliRt regrets: : .nly. the lilunderM of tho it* origin during the last war-a war which; was! to us our uqtial I righVln 'ti mc Terriioi ieiutimn; ,; (,It[' tile clul aalliorltlu'. > :- : .:

,h0l11hprn lenders.: .. : mainly entered into {1)thr\ main tenimcc of "free ,I J Jed\ tht lit 11() dNf.mt day they would emancipate i it I uni chul: I loser. IImoll.U' you i' ih'legfltes! ( I to the _; ; ;

i -- t trade amid sailors' t nil our slaves: -anil then, to add! insult: ] to InJu'rlttllntcil \ 1'hil.xli.lj'liiii :Xntiiiniil I Convention{ the n.init1. ot t !
The; Alliuita; Xew l>a !says that lung; trains: ofag4)fls rights. which were Mriousyendangered ] [ \ ;
j worthy rcprfseiitiithes: :Mc"srt. .CAM., AH- ', .
your j jvi .l.'J;
and reproached inn.l of Congrcss 'I'UIlh''I'O. I
out -
the ] .. Ii
loaded with nuichincry and supplies, by arrogant assumptions of t'o.eMolhcl'VouIlII'Y '"
\ i
> 'nml MtLvon. Those ore the kind I 1 of imien Limit! I .
that' the miiles : and in which Xcw with I not ]having the spirit to preserve( our\ I| : '
from to ; Lnglandthen :
have gone out city gold I :' I litScii ti i mints i I lo reiremiiit[ her I in that COIl: :; -, '. ,
.hi' Upper Georgia. The mines are Mitel to he.l.i'omisIJJf. as!: now, wiii: more interested than all the rights by 1"'edil1gth81; we could not \en be';I volition.' | )I'Pl'IHI1Inll m! I It, they will'i i be received l by j
rest ol the Union combined. .:3o the war be I kicked\ out of the Union,' so low hud our spirit '
I mn.V the (C'oiiveiilton 1 m, with I i "1'1'UIlI'III", amid they I will U mid
---- nil, to have been wngod] ]l'rincipIIII.r| on her account I fallen. A.s wits intended, these continued( I "dl'/II' I thtfiii jvcn'Ihero: ulnony; :: Huiirefmf! men HLoi! themsi'lvis. -, !

'I'lio\ icll-to'-grnph informed us, in our OUjiatch I and I for, ]her own peculiar intere-as. limit ] of J lulling water wore away the !stone:" tiu) :South' En'I'ulle. ol'thu! Southern, :s:>tito., I )I.elit've". j OB) OFFIE11IN ; ]

1)iiMihcl'iii! Ttiesdny's; ,; paper] that "Ueuernjs nuforluuntcly for the'country, the people of that 1: smarting under the present, and :apprehensive[ of I I limit now chosen (ileli-sniti1, mid 1 tie lU-lecattA, In j

O.t-N, UY, ] [tiTiTii, : !, Judge Adterctte, nnd\ fJcnerel "pecul'mily ]holy land," then 10n'IIJ, Almighty the future utter appealing] ;: in vain to the justice j ji I even,' I Instance, lire t the very men uho l euii 1 best I' 'I"- j '

7.;1T, bad been nppointed/ Commission," ,&c. Dollar atunuch as\ they do now, and preferred it i I .mid magnanimity her brethren (,I' the .North,''| reo. mLtit-. ,, ,JhIJIIL"lll'l'f; 'nI I i lIII'I.tl..nllll' it/! the"wibijof. [ i

ft Humid) luno road, "Gens.; Hunter, ('lIn1l)'. iiiufJmllfl FCC our i fliig instil ted, mid om sailors I forcibly t I i imprcssed I|I in nn evil hour amid unforttiualely\ !herself- I .111'I.1 :' 1"? I ; ill !! j I. : i

A ships
!, lution, to the ndiiiNsion; ol' I Ii'lurid,, .
( : 'i : "
: -stk -- -- New Emtlanul had lilies thrcatfucd to i ido
: than to lose for time onc-of( the lcllr.lliners : so mniiy THE STAT
: a ( .
:Never mind ,
the ,
{ \ YIII'I"IIU'1'1 r KAVMOMI I unit th* j .
sjnid tluit the firbl bale of new cotton re'iihednlilneon which loved belter,than honor : to wicrliice tie Union which she had always : .. .-,
they or ; -
: : country i Sen' York TimeIt. tilt iio.t. t stupendous\ piece, ) .
; wis' bought by a party I ]loved well, and to seek in mud i in- -aa L
so /! a separate .. .
else which brave ', '
might in/in prizeu highly ; find.j I cil m I linpiuleiiee I Mr.I livvvovti: : to diet itt e to t the, U ,. .1 "' .(I.1'
..nieiil gentlemen of that city, nnd sent us OfPI'Om-j] I dependent existence, that protection nid security 1 V'. .: t ) ,
when their sutler\ from cini- "S
commerce bcnn!!: to Convention! \\lio.-luill bo memberuiul!I who l! shall .i .i' .: .
ent to AxnitBW JohNsoN! President of ser of) the enemy, and their trade to decrease: their I which the Union no longer afforded.\: ( On the. in- (hc, (''id muki. :Xeilher( Mr.h I>AKMO"M: >, nor (uiy1oilier .' ---- '- aot1" ;' iW.1hu ,-'-
ted :Stntfi.: It I: wns shipped by the\ Xntion'al Ex-I longing for the "flesh pots of E \pt'' overcame! I frtaut 1111'a chnnged at the North, 'us if the HCI'IIoIlI'Hlllih.e' ; him. \\'lll l bV\%' nHnwefl to hilvu any- iI,'ntI'\'Ii'j. r

JI'tQ. ; ; .their patriotism amid they begun lo murmur loudly i v> nnd! of some mighty Alngiciim hud passed over I tlihiu I (; I to do with I the Convention.,; cVnbltciiu .
it. The despised Consiittiliouvbich hnd been j'Senator (1 0"\ HIM! Si'tiitloi', h Dooi.tm.r: will be
and deeply, IlIukillg'lhl' land rcsonaul \\ ith ; I
\\0 1itvurcceivet1 tInt first number of tho St. ,
'I. : vvek'omed I lo seatuiul I Invlte | .
: td
declared to be :i "covenant with death and a < participate freeljin .
their complaints, so many pond f frogs! ou. the I
Augustine E.xiiniinor/l\vhich: bus been revived I the I'rocecdilJL.Hill! \ l Convuntlon i will I lie i
j.fler! "yielding to the inexorable fate of war-tt" approach of night. Murmurs, ]howe\, crcnot I league with hell" became: nu object of the 11l0.1intcu !: composed chiefly of Uenioerals,;, and Its. ,'ictlon Trill i ii NEW TYPES!r
nil their cronkings could hnve been borne, adoration ; so !sacred:! indeed that it na-s i I
icstly(\ printed paper, published at St. Augustine! : easily i I be controlled 1 liDi'inociuls.I But no (Iclr( .(.ite will
l Pt. Jol n.. rOllnt '. VIa. Subscription price/ $::3 n with-they became, kix and indifferent to the duties I furled-hidden\ away, from tho eyes of the profane :j': be exelncl'd, no i matter t what liK antecedents: mnybe,

: : which. they owed to their moiimmtiy-ftiiiii.tlted\ antI millions 01'uwn called on to defend it. i I nlui I lIu. hecu n eon-iflent! I mid\m hone supporter i I of

(lP'II' -__ but few soldiers and I those! gnulgiugly] and at J :New Knglsud: especially rolled her saintly eyes tin'PrcshlLiH's rcfctoialion policy. .

The liist drive of log's containing 6OtIOiJUO4l ( length began &seriously take into consideration( : up to Heaven, and thanked God thai she Wllci not Xothbnj 1'11111'0, siiiil jet uliont t the [irobablc rtaru- !

't of. hunbcr, and covering over ."00 acres OI"TIl'I'II'I'iwll \- the propriety nnd policy getting out of a place I like the ickcd! publicans of I the South, \\ lioHcofl'ed ', lion will! not ol'llie I lie Convention marked! hy ;Imstr.evecpl The I tlial t I Utli it, prof'l'lliuJ\trill I I ['I'oloa"! i' Ol i l 11!,, LiileM' I h'.i; 'H.,

.! at Bangor from the U.per l'euou c\ that wu i so hoi and uncomfortable' ] where the' : \ at the holy Constitution tutu! the Union, lily be devoted! lo tempwrnrv or,;,;iinuutlon ; the lotb '

:nul[ in tributaries) on Friday.! The daily ]producL dollars were not tii1not, forthcoming, but the which the Lord knew had always been the pe- I I to('imitmiji II iierinnnent tee ou ivolutioiiiHud onpuiiziiUon\ ; and tile apjiuintniont reiuuinder' to ot/ a sI ,,

of lumber is 1,000,000 feet nnd there I is a scarcityuf pious cars were continually liable to 1)(' disturbed l'1 euli.ir\ ()')jCk <'if worship, with his thrice blessed i full I i and \free interelmiiffe! of views in open( Coo cci i- !!

vessels fiir, its removal.The by war's dread alarms. They then W'llt.oO and glorious sainU of Xcw England.: The Will"WIt'i tim'n. Tlii-ie""l'in cifllii-I I.'omivent it ,, will I I I probably I Ipontlinie
I Into I Ito siioeccillna; week I New Power Press
--.4 b.-- far In their wild ptojec.ns( actually to assemble I carried[ on with great vigor on l*>th sjdcnud iLLA !I
will remain
: Wusliingion until -'--
I : withstanding the 'cnt disparity of minibcrs -
ill Convention to consider their pcculiargrie\an- I g [ '
the 27th ot August, bays: the Macon Telegraph, 'I A South Carolina Imly died lately, who, for
tnudo l much
-a disparity more f'lrikinghy'j
und dc\ise and (
ees to ways; means 0 gelling out .
when, iu company with the Seorelniy of State I j, thirty-six inys! \prior'i to I her death haduhsNied 1
of the scrupe. they w ere in. Our renders; nil luc\ four or live hundred thousand men from nmong |i :solely! on water.-Ar; ]'(orfc .';'/11. '' .
and perhaps one or two other members of t the I .
heard of the odious Hartford Convention and its, I Us being ('J1wllcllullIlcl' the 1 banner of our tot"" I \VJiat: ;w'e to think! ot' publicjournals thai ', 1'( '
Cabinet, he will go to Chicngo to attend! the "' ,- tiupn.M '
Oon'.i.AS: monument ceremonieshichull! : take unholy] objects. Had not fortune( shortly after I the :South; gained! many splendid] victories, iititiasvmmkcited : I I I dt-teminafihmiichlhclr(; ;*" ( J pditorialVoluimi-; : I II I II i \LIIUIHIt1JI.i4, l.v "tuf us i by Hi- k C> ,
pmili'd on our arms, and given uch a turn to our I the admiration of time! world. Bul it fi
plitee: in that city about time 1st September.:\ i'I trnnsparentfloricsy: ; : : n p-ir: with I I i Iii. t foregoIIng ; ,
fairs[ us!: to render) an honorable and speedy j jPCIICP WIIt: (11 YJill-in 't tin we bled, in vain \\ I' :, I I I" I the I \follow tug : I,
-- --- ---- I
The JXew York of certain, the people ot'ISew: England would' died The North Cllt out her myiiads against' 'i I The I'lt'sident I bus entirely! i'UIII'cll"e!! author- :'

ExprK-s Monday: I>ays :- ]have carried into execution their well known I m', and our bra\ ti and noble people were overwhelmed ',, I Iv oflhe (;oH'rnol' tif LnuisfaiiH, ]liHTing virtuullvclepoed '
CJueen HMVA: Hawaii, i is expected hereby the numbers alone. And the radicals 'I [ him nud ('miii irril gubernatorial: 1
threats: !and wishes by solemnly] seceding from by ] now powers ; INEW JOB PRESS !
learner .lava, from Liverpool, and still\ probably] upon) 1 Hie .A I torni'., ( I'nl'l'llI. \:
he Union, in its hour danger: and leaving their carry all their own wuj,; our people arc I
arrive to-morrow or Wednesday. The Queen [Hero another lie from the i-ame source.! : |
brethren to fight their way out of the difliculty ulripped of their political rights after Jiral being I
''las been, a" Is known, on a visit to England, nnd The "reeonstruetf'd"' have grown bolder in the ,
the ]boat way they could. Of the truth of this deprived of mo.st of their property, and are still of
is now on her wny.home. She witt be received' i tillerrancc thoii-feelings! in proporliou MS the'militar '
fIrm with the national honors.which are customry there can, be little) doubt. The[ olloljllhung\ denied udmi5.-ion to the Cuba; though during' |j ,\' }ra-p upon them was: relaxed] )[since:i ] .'
over them ou this account, for many decades of the war the party now in power insisted i that Iwe i ih, Pre.silills!.[ police proclamationapjie.'urd! they

'> paid to a povercign.!! *-. .--..- years, !and was only 'wined: out, if wiped out at all, rote nUll ever invnt be in the Union, and could\ and have lately gl'lIlunllthrowu( they: have been ofl'quite their bold'in]loyal the disguite utter-, j I ..Qui"Clur-o( to ouler, l h v (bar. p Inrd" New Y.rt,

There i is; something of a rebellion i in the Phila- by their becoming all at once the best of Union not possibly get out of it. Such i fr; the consistency tneeof their sentiments. J I

ilelphio. Custom Hou;>*>. The old collector, TIIOM- men, and lending theiraid to put dow n others of these men-thus do they;) {prove their lovo to It may iutere tborne of the "reconstructed'1 to !i

\s, it is said, refuses: to be removed and intendsto for daring to attempt that which they themselvesthen tho Union by trying to destroy; it, know that the editor of the bun h a near relative]

test the ]legality of his dismissal! by the Preiri- and subsequently! openly threatened to do. That the good, true and conservative people of of one of John Brow n'h men, who was hung at The Very Finest lafcs !

dent, in the court. lie addressed letters to tho When most of the Hartford conventionis.ts' had the :North, who have been for so many years Charlestown, Vu., in 1S58, for insurrection and

Treasury signing himself as collector. The department gone to their graves, and Iltel'e-.thnd: grown gray overshadowed l>y Abolition and lladical murder.Atlanta Jfia.TELKGKAPHIC; .

however, rncogni/e Governor ..Tori.ao with the accumulated! load of u third of a century majorities may slurcced under the lend of our -__ __-,- _-..- ____ _-.- .u ._"__ ')

us his! successor.We of years, we again hear threats of {secession noble and patriotic President, in hurling tlie vile NEWS.

-- resounding;; through the land. Thi time the hireling crew of STEVENS: : & c.. from their $r 01; ,' :.;.: J1VVk : ..
-- -- ------ ----- (
regret to learn from the Quincy Common- threats came from Massachusetts, one of the most usurped ]power, and in restoring to the }people} of -- ------ ------ ,

vfcslthofthelOth, of the death of lieT. II T ftl.uaticalaud peslileuti.il: of the New England all the Slates, their constitutional rights, i i.s the HUKKIBI.i llHDER-TJm MURDERER: : AR- 11
WIM.IAMS, of that place, which occurred about State' This time the vexed question! that caused prayer and desire! of every true Southern heart.-
Aug. It.-An atrocioiio inarder
three o'clock, u. m., at the Presbyterian Pareon- the outbreak of the "odious and unJmo1doctrine", Then indeed we may hope that the Union will be TT us committed here yehte rd y. A well dressed man '

n;e, after only' a few days illuess of Lrisypelas! was the admission of Texas into the Union as a restored! somewhat as it used to he, timid even yeta visited a huiwe on Race street!!, accompanied by a f : ,', \" f .-\;\ -i \
young lady, and after remaining about an hour the
of the head. Mr. VT bad been for several which horrified the formed between tho"0 wh. I
years slave State: so good people friendship he were john departed, sayingthe; / lady was asleep, and he
the Presbyterian Pastor in Quincy, which capacity of Massachusetts I, that they openly] threatened lately mortal foes, but whom God raums to have did not wish her disturbed. An hour or two later I

lie was univtrsally. esteemed.. hwy would "Bccede from the Union" should the decreed !'ltIl111i\'l together at one nation fur-, time found proprietor llio girl with of the her hOllsTlsit..d head nearly severed the room from and her 'I ,

-- -- admission take place. If we mistake not, it was! ever. body, with a beet tied tightly around her. ,i! I
A telegram Irom Memphis, Tcnue> ef, dated solemn amid deliberate. legislnthe[ action -. -. -.- t>nbbeqnpntl.v( through: : picture found In the girl'b yti'mi( djue, l. In t, I I. Ila" U-i qt ,,.W ,.'r I
AugUbt the ttth, says : "The officers of tho steamer u subject trunk, the murderer was aseertatned to be Newton I|
with them A t'orrcpumcntofthe; [ New York Time writes Clmniplon, x-aissaiit| | engineer In the navy. He j
Hamilton! report that Helena, Arkansas, had
been taken by the fll'ty-nixlh U. S. colored' We now come down tii a period more pnrltci somewhat amtrcatiCimlly of the 'va is, mice, frU/es, was Tho arrested.womiin'b. (,
troops.1UCJ name was Mary (Curnev and J ln bad .
.. .. .. .. .. .,. u'mm.t't'4,. __ .. _._. i .. _, .
V* Vlb UKUf, MM MW *MMM.,v.vt v4 MAW ..*.......) ..- .: "' ''''. ,11,1.m nl'pyen our very rods, Mpieces .r.vl'lrt'l. .41. i < -.ll.'Jto.'t- i .4- -.-"
tmil i wore they -would burn the tonuauc: kill young men. Let us lake a iioted iuutuiuuphort -_ ".1"V ._, (' t1IAl'k 1'1'0, trout NEW- tlRK.tW ) EVERY KIND OF JOS PRINTING KNOWN J3 TH; ..tH,

every hito person One citizen was latally time before the war, society of the see. other /sk1epieceliulges, full bloods, mops' : VOKK, Ana. 12.-\I'I'iI'etl-Simmers, Saa .

Bounded. TluJ excitement t intcnnc ami tho wonM met iu Bo toll, and parcel the I following horse tails, sweeps: fuathers, pIlOS.li'1eIl, 111111Ihlll'ri Snhador uiul Uenl'l'lIlllul'ne', from "aTannah >
which sported by a. chusof are very
(1IiCfl4 were flying: to the; woods" resolution : : I'aki'K of eliulero vesterday.NiilhmU1 I
. "Kcsolved, That the one great Issue before; the (,-C feminines! lit Newport who seem\ to have a c. itI.ho11 Insnraneu broker, was. tiued i

Tho editor of the ;>.'. O, Picajuuu says'e country \\ustlisMolulinii> \ B. \roIIlLCV1'11 urrerled
have beeu the cholera from 18W; up to thitl time, ; ot which\ 11.1otlllr\ ; issues, ,llh the slave power they invest very decidedly in hair. 11' furthermore C'liirn uf \bull.\ Itlnliop 1 Is tl-J yi-ar*and old eummitted, Rud liuu fmwnnt -

nnd can f>ay that it hcldom attacks men ot regular are as 1 dust in the balance' ; therefore. WI' give offered\: briefV/ dictionary for ,ilpUse. yearly Income $100,000.(

uud careful habits; 'Oifc.I ersoue prudence ourselvc to the work annulling the covenant uf tho ignorant, being. ; follow\ : Vem: Crn/eoiir-plriitorb advices,rupurlii H ho, It Is Muinljor Huld, inlended of 'ul're1l1"killine ulalleged .'

ami t.elf-posse-iion.( But though Jt has frequently with death, as essential to our own innocence and Rats-Bi walls. or capturlnir the French nl '(.'1'1I11L that\ city.
l j-eappcared bincu 183'i it has been Miee1itilcth1s.. 'I'lio French tl'IUUPI'dlllmis Imn been bent to the
never yet the speedy and cscrlnstingovrlhrowof: Iheslnvenylcm. Karlets-Curls in front of the (:/11'. Klo (iruiulo to bloekude )Itih anmorui,. There U an I Mimmth ?Tr riW l ZhiitI p pJ1 [
destructive I as tliPH anti it I is ;
as only the 1l'I'1'orllof : : Bulges I Double] Hal Hugo at6 ol paper[ I yellow \fellow\ lu Vein Ciuz.OLI'llct. tf -

that terrible year, as they conic down to us by lu support of tnw' 1'1'.llItion't: 111'.1 Pail.- hair, anything to imike a roll\ which looks like a ;
ix-monal recollections: and traditional rc\'cl'hrll') said : I burlesque on Bologna sausage.Full ;
; little triangular pyramid*. I'mi.Auti.iMiii, Aug.: 1'i.-The\ grcut \\ I igwitiit fur i
tions( which, make us go much dread iU reappearance "I entirely accord with the sentiment of that BLoitii-Qiieer" bunches ot'hnir.Afiicuincs the N'titional Convention will !bu completed bv TIH.-J- I
Bo careful, cleanly, nbhteuiioutf,. calm last resolution. think all wo base to do, U to Tuil.-I.onJ.A l kind: of wig tint crinkles, evictIr JHV, It III tIme l largest structure ever hulk for a PUI i I '
IlIll'lIll.\'ulhel'in '. "
( largo mmiber ; II
\ ; ol'di'lcgalt-s 'tfi4j
and '.'lf-ioieiwed\ | and hone need fear the oholJlciLwi prepare the public mlud by the daily and hourly like a 1If'\ru'h\ wool. arrived, uiuontr whuin are Revcrdy John .oll; \ IIun',1, -" .

f'1'1i.. ., I prew>ntatiou of the thi-tn'iie of djNi4 It iou l'vcnts: ---- ;oinery Blair Stoektoa\ of New Jersey, 'l J I I ,
_- Wood, C'nwan, of leiin i\l\nnia, and .
nutty' other I IilUltnguIhhcd .
I1iE1Li;; : : Eftfj., Philadulphia, I ii perhoually which, fortunately lor us, the government itself (:f1..o-i.-ln: im elaborate estimate Iu the New \ ( pcrouiii.. Ibu Kxecntlvo: : (,'uinmlttei .
HiodillVrenee and other parties! are i lrOllul'ingth\ unexampled !: York Timco, the yield is put down ut nearly one ]1101'i '>' rooms 1 ut the Continental Hotel. Delicate
tenting llct'cclslllrc and
There was quite a bile to-day over a report ,III time Carte de Visite .
olll'le..t aid.
freed labor In his: rice plantations\ in Georgia. Of rapidity, are halt of that (of :] S60), except In Tennessee New ycirk HeruUI that Governor Curtln of pcnn-I i

S.. than three hundred! colored onco ETCH; while the war was' l'l'ogf61"llIg, the babe Floildn, the hist being;. 100,000 bales ugainn (B,. (ylvaiilu, had becretly' culled. for 2,000 uilllita, former. I I ii "- 4
more por.-oiiti, PIIILUITH boasted that he had "labored for lUauy'eal's 000 in 18(10( and iu the former 1$.j.OJO titles vIet iliirinff! tIme term 01'1 the <':OIlcIIlun.tlld( \ that | \. I :..:: ::, 1 WJ
his blaven; ''11 but a fow base returned ami iicccpt- trouble wilt iirulmljly' en ne. Till, I U believed to be "k' \
ed tho \'/Mgcs: : ho has offered them The contract to bring( about dll>unioll." agahibt \W ,404 iu 1880. By this! calculation, the a ruuurd. Theru U no r'II lIlItll bUjiiKue\ that the' ,.. f .

Mr. UUTLKB: and the freed made President JOHNHOX hhnMlhuitt; Lt the Senate estimate makes out u J'Jellot' 2,640K)0) bales Convention nlll budUturbed, notulthstandtn" the : rf
telwfcn people, ruL.cblc.lJtlilllrtlpleij olVoius of the IU Kt Uh their rounent and the approval of the }';ecd-; February, 1851: that the Abolitionists of the against, 5,1S.j.\I'.1lnh'\ iu 1ti1t.. will 1)U oMieorgoljiiun, of !la..liel..c,1, !i/
wen's! Buniiu, bas IH.-CU, loroially eousiunmutcd tot'tucBJUaCieJlonof :Jforth ""ere nulh.fil'rolltud ll'"t, loIllsts." They --- --

{ I ;. all concerned )Ir. BcjtKu'nLfrkai : have nut even yet abandoned their favorite doc. 1L I" I ltitl that a ttcrfrom the Chief ofij. 'lfEIZUm: It'' A. VESSEL: *'tilt : BIL-IGW I' ORDERSSOLICITED.joii I

| anticipate that next year hii crop ill be trine, though MCtiiig under a different name.. To iiuilian's; Cabinet has been captured, iu which C'ajt LriTOs, Ansr. I':!.-The C'oliectur bu, st-lred, Ii
the call them- Santa Anna's visil the .Uu'H'd' :States< termeda tbe BrltUU Hark B. }?. Stiaw, Caua aterlrom. Havana I' i
- i larger luid nwro rcnuin"ralh e tb'tnlu nay formrMllitlJl. humbug jMor dCI11l1"dl:01'1l'lltcy to ; 1 for ijivireUu| : The ('mittai rffmios to "

Bf I vcs "'l" ,ionht*." whilo they do everything iu great political event. bond, cuminitteiUo JaiL ; I| :it I OLIVKK: j'iopriet.'e. I.I I.I I.







_. __ .. _.. u__ n_ _
.I. I I

: lnt'llrcrticntl'ntN.House\ ; ... 'TI .. .
.. .. o. \V.%: CTT.V( o.I I'OOf.K.: fCOTT.l : ? -? ,-
-- :. -:' .: ". ': -: -:.,:- -
Tun 7tu., Him-\*> *eiby" tll.It.! AulruitlarExaminer > '
that the IIplt'mllIJI11l1 1 is In Ihllt city, do- for RentroMl'OUTAlUe SCREVEN HonSESAVANNAH.

llhtlnrltsrttirenswith their delightful! nuicic, nod
; & Co.
t> \ ilaekMHi Scott Poole
vvelllnplanvf froiilliiR '
the well I
71\\nlnll\ r: for icmBche* a reputation ) may .1\ Square In this city four room below and two nlinvoMntr DE\LKR IV
Ie 11I'Oul of.Ve understand! they will with the i pwid Kitchen ('ktern.rll of Wiilnr &t r. I II. ... .
to thii city the hitter part of Sep Apply at oni-n tii A, .1. PEr.t.KH: : As.'tit, ( .. I :."t', "'.r'tit :"'tis .
reuhnent, return _Aaa.!:. U-t1) -- tit Sn. \\::"}I!!...11. ll-nik' 111111111111! 1 I. ; ;' '.' .

tember.V _. .
f .I"- NT: aye. -

\ # \ had the extreme:: pletisuiv'ot sr.npinfi I I : t.! tile Situation Wanted. i i'I Tallahassee, Florida :I .
t' THIS!
newly-married Editor apt.
viand, on Tnc'dny. our l\"I'IdiH.lYwhnhn)! = hnlllwl'nl} HU8' utperlcnccn :: I I II I ,
\ I I
.(. BKURIEX: Oi.ncu who ha" for some time, li-.<-n I'I 1. u Unok Keepermul'Ierk. ilc'slret, : n vltnntlnu in r '

:absent from hi' pot lo filltill ftn cngngetUPnL! the" ome.Vppl.v: hl'lIl1l'hIf at thl" nlllc-the '"er<1I1t1h' hU1I1,('.*. :nig 1 1.1 1 Q: i ----n.- --- ... i '

remit of which him already been announced. The WGLASS'L 1 S .1 ( n O.TEl]

Cnptiiln will! wit the SmvarmOF Spring' In. thin PRIVATE t BOARD8NC.M1H. .

i'when tivti'\ ,he tvnd will i I" c ie'l'f'dcllo umo the duties bo ilHient.iiom"I or( the; cdltorl.il/six!N' 'ult du-:< iiuTH XKWhOM! 1 would rcs'pii-iriill'>' ;Inftiriu! .the I: WAD1 sd i n Ediil sl{ S tDr 1I 1-1i 8 ,41L15, is e OliIl HA '. IN i, uij\;;;:

roliinl.lu, to furnish lliiitslui In (irrpareil to receive flay llnnrdWHat I .
i '
I iwrtmeiit, of rhl pair We hope! fur rpold'nep. In the En'tern jinitlnn of this fit.'. Kcellunt :\. ..jt.l'iLlTii AND ACK't'ATE: MOMWtlXflForwilohy r /i \ try'
I II Ij 'i8h1d
our reader with at 1I.oecll itl.llnl.1ettl'r from him accoinmoilntloni ", ..I/l.r fart. I, :SI. 1.1\1\ Renovated and rill' :
Apply to her nt her rc-ldrnee or tlmmqli the POOl Dllli\ ,*. i N ewiy
; ,
l'tlltlwl"II'ort'3\Undcl1!' I rJntTsrVT 1'ittltli"1CnlY: '
'n' li- lutn' r''f | .1'nllllhll..c.l..llI.. ll-tf / 11 M. ( ). .
.._,_,.t,4' f. '" > -- I F'nraatsby M. {.tICtV.
J'I I U i : ,| ; : : II "t9
1 )
: I 1' :\U oft.i'o! ; : 'n-u:
i i' cllcn t in the IVt-cd-! / \UtMNK; MX OK". IIi:, ,variuu 1'rumln.
V THOriHtt.yiuUvijr oun.Iit: .Ion.e BufUf no prophet; ; I I II ST! JOHN'S"HOUSE I, V.\:. riir-tileat. the Drinj f'tora' _I ulgiroved t I'UYF.L):' f/fttb., : *? i ,} i' >/'IIU't"II'ItECE110N /; 7
,in. U hidden by ] i '
to OF IEAV2 .1I.O rum.m: ,
ioresutt. moIXI': Oil AND LAMl.
foretell! hi fitturu. One tit'.t ) III.j V 1
we l3 the freod'onrof\ ( lu\'('. Uc now\ oel'1i For t'th St. Tine j iFR SH'i' ARRIVAL \ Al the 1)rus More of- M.. LIVELY._- --,- ... ". !"It ,
the; war I i near ., )1 un{ : LINSEED OiL .-.._'.r. ,. ,, ii
pJatliirm in the acale.of t"cl"U'nce.! and/ I 1 Lt51ALYi)1'1t1i ,,'., ,<- ..
pies ii higher Forsulrntthobrug8tultrot ; I .t.
Jacksonville Fla. ___ .: ..! :. ._l......JC
Ill- tilihfolncw --
entitled tn a ('OI'I-POIHt\U,\ ,';, rwpel. 1 r;
ii" : iidit.r.1) LINSEKD: ;; : on. (English>, ;; :7; G. McGINnY;
i tolil(. l1ln-tur. dm'liur stiturjlulur: II.al"ato.J "- .i',tie at the Dm.'Store) ; ol M. !.In'I''t;
,- ntlt1'I1It1J1t. -hiiiild! !Cetjre'tiVfhitit! hihtlnts- rand IIIIS: lliiii'i, cnlireh' ;., 1"I"I'" nlllh s'elttuttrl. I II Il 'fU J.
1 laid loinjiletcl.v' flttPd up. U U"ilii. : At.\ PER EXPRESS. : 1tPEN: TINE .
.. 1 l\1l1 l'I'will fume the unlettered. < O Fur sale at tho Urns Store ol 1 LT' MAI PHOMUETOi.
-".III"lr! 1 cP opin for tlie nl'-nnl1l1nlltlt': or 'f'":L""'' rrs "ii'l\ iill Mr .
l J
'.n\'l\i"tI1! '''''' 1J!''' ''' 1' ttutuierf.UTUuIV.. ::; .e--: ;- m.'tni 1- "
-t.j the t't.jf'IM"llf|> ofttiiKlunTi, rut''t';:;":/J ;reJvV '. : for t Ilic'. liluTal[ paimnni.!' ,,nlnuv r.iii iho 11.[->*> I l 'II i 1t 111Tx.;".[."'M'. \n. .,Kvtm_._'and.Pure.OIMU1TS TUBY 21-I\'Sm .

and )iul trtl' .
: :' Tntrolled liV the;inrlucnci-" 'tit iltreln'pnsslons IICP. v\'ill be oilerI'd for llieji'' plunKiirc, nnd nrtiil'oi I VI: _ViirBAlejiulialJrugmijrpnr:, Of''rl" rt., '_.at? Lt> ICI.V T H. BOLSHAW &MO
JFnt IKT1SAT.L.. -n.
ftiiiiitif will h.ive no hand to think. MOlicarrlo aal I lII : -. I' I E PAINTS, for Artlsts'.uaef I t:
: : .!I'mprirtn'! ;,
= :::. '_
Eor silo! N.
r,' --- "- .. in -- -.-ly- -- '_-_" .__' ', --.-".Un"L\_ 7rfft'IlaAi; f' 'IF .\Lr
1.'C Ii 1nn rS' I 1r l'SOM> SALTS, u lnrLi; > xiipplr,, '

HillsllOrO" Iilitary; AUttttollty1 "uI6 For wile' at!_the'. _.Inig Su>!reof. _M.:J.lI'.L i: yj
IlrrlOVlMF.ST'-\C;: noticed u short.IIlne' .ll1t., ) 1 I'iJf I I
: IjtNttU j \lt COPPJ?1BAS, by the )iioiinrt or liarn;!.
rhrou U tli nc columnthe mauj) impcovemeats sale ntjtho__Irurbtor8ojr! _. _SLLn_ UI.Y: .

whIch were then *toins on In the way of ivllttinj; '.plIK; Klf'litll .\nRlllltHe'.lnll nr. thin ],nstil; tiiii nillmniI I) LL'i: !STON i:. lij (the efl'k. barrel, pnimil or oiinrc CROCKERYCUTLE I t
:md tebulldltur yrcpurntrtrj to ills f.ill! IntMnc-s, myna on the I Nt.r ot H-toliei" next nutl rhue nn tl..c.. ) Forsnl.'altthrlrutbtnrrnf.. :\L 1.1\' Ul.\
lust, r.l'hnir. l Nn. It IH iiott unili'i" Ito dh'<'''lion ofGen'l ALL ( 'OIA{ Ij : ------- -
vhleh( !promif"" to be moreettcnslie in Tnllaliu! sif OOYAL TfllKl TOWELS.

the comhuq!; fall, than It has born before for inanrvciirc. 33., :E. Colston: ; IV. For--Mh'. -lit- -tho-Dnift- !Store- .of M. I.lI: .\

The-iitiple! fact that -t"I' rent i I" unprecedented :- ) HoDES' FiV: KH: AND 'ABUK! : 'nm. YJ
( the biMliinlncfof thl''lIr.I l I'm I
rOI..rt..en } :.1 1. For ,wile I al the Stoic ol At. Il\ I'.IAOsOOOD's :: .
!; hinli! :: tliitf_rcar. guei to .-how -.vlial .u. iuiiillll .fe.wir 111 the ViItOINi.t MIUTAItt .INVriTlTi: Iifeaclletl.. BI'()\ II ;and J'Jahl I _liras I .... _.
'.\\11\ 'otll'.ln a'i \lo tllllt The ciiir eoritii.lruction nnd the Dlieipline] will be on a : IX])I.v CIiOI.Uootit1.111111101.: : ( ; / /- / /.ii' -:::;; ". '
l1lNl.-e bu.lncr'. ylr' .''1 l'Ol\j It eoniplete. MIIIuivj bl.Iaud: h 'neh u. to m.ike: the rwtlt'l\\y at Store of JA\' Kl.liltALLENHKIIl.IIU'S .\'. r
7'' lit t Ait JhoiJiiii: !! __ 1: ..} : j
otfurm .I, ",,\ r !:rem 4 ,t.1im} : mml
eucour4ial! : t'jnniJ: ) \n: PII.I. \
.I.Tbll. ...liost. pr ,iQmuut apwut'thl.C. '! lir POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL; O For: mile! at the_Onitonor I / .: .JI.!:.1.IVt!:1.Y.t.ll.Miit l '-' .
iVtlie oil
", muuiioiM! splendhf{ hotel; corMr north ofthe DOMESTICS I i ,
Capitol known a. the I'luntcr'a House, which practical\ :and ;apuln'd l Sell'lid'. .1 LoEV'; . .. (--------r.--TOI.t,' .nll nt the Drug I '/ !htoricil. if.- l.lKI.Y. 't{'ERO f, ETO B: : .LJAMP; \ ,'?', .

'.xa been for m>tur> time In course coniplction amt AlilillLMliiuio: I'm'KilinN-iclii oliolild 'lie iiunlu curl'}' lull;' I e > PUItT UT\K.: : 'UI"'rllll'lJlInlll\,n' meillr.il iiui. 1a -III
llloon lie opened tor the accommodation ot tiur- superintendent.. Hillflioio'.' Xmtu Oiiolinii, la on the I tin" Hiiloliy LIVELY: .
North Cnrnllim Central I Ittl!:: Load and III \ IlY (CR.1DE.; i "
a ;rt'cUnt nn'ur I -
rlemutidUllor! I -, Ciiiit. J. Jicksuv" the proprletor. puaf.iHl fur henlti.C'ita PnYVlJ iA aF' 'Oi'Ihll'.IShyhnuil'; : +'umrlvdllcdlJlA\ onsof: ; :: T.ii4iiieriliiii.jj, ; Oroodn.,
) lliinIntroduceJlnfpi4ovcmentn( ) litho eafiihlifhneiit "-01ars, cont.ilnln' full (pailiciilaM. ran In* olililnpil foriitleh!' M. 1.UKL1.: "f ''''-1 I. ,It

.- which haH hitherto been unknown in I thleltt. fi oni I; / / I 'ir-A'' IU1)) LlVLIt OIL. Ilii/i.ml i 1.11-11',11' and Uunhton'ii {,: '' .'"" '.',, aJ ." .. .. :t.
t.ES'l. 1!. i;. OOJ>'ION. ( \ ; ( 05<. <.Xi<:. '" j
nine Hrown Denims) i .. (gcutii0o.lbrwdeby: .)L L1'Ei.vCER'INMA'IIINE .-' e. ,
and whicli will ; ('ttreloliimLtI patronage sup'I I HI1I horo' liIIar.cntl"1111.); nun 1 ( ) --'-- '----r - -t # I e t

the. cnterprlso justly merit- \\'.. nlliule \In bell ,slug: Ill-:(-trf-Jm_-" .] .. .. l J i Illll' "Io-'f': : i r. II I _7ForsdeuFtheDitlgMore01'" : OIL, II'cd| for all flnc,M..inartilncr.LIVIJIA'" : (G5 ST, .i1' I,1A S AND 4oi"fiFtVAN' hSV.
.. trpi rtinnluj: 1"011the variant room Into the of- I -; '- ;
: : ill W- I
..ice. h. t'l nioni-; anjothciconseuieiiees i which are GENERAL KENTUCKY JEANS 11_. For. pnle_ at the Drug More of 11.61VELT.rhoOTl :. II

1"111111.1llId. \ In.lveltecgUlatedholeI!\ *. The Ciiptuin'iclmis.to ( ISIU'SIICS alnrgoa,: .+..OI'lmenl. SdI'luah ,/ '('\") ':;: ; .

:, that i'la-oof men opji..i'd\ to old t'o.;: .ttl. I .. -wli,! }nltho_DrngStort'if. M. LIVI'.LYJOHN [ I

and vie.: ireyv-veil; by him, that! the, '"I'lantcra"! will nut} a-x I}
.! \ OItI'rlHHt.a'l'pi'o.d Insurance Agency \'\T> : CASXLI.L: A. (0.. M.NPON
tie leii.i
nnclpli- -. of tlntei-keepiu.'; ,
ntbi"inipfoTeinentiot'a! le'4 Important character
arc going: on in all parta of the {'it.', and weionllilenllj dish. taken }by the) tbllovviug FrusT : CASSIMERES. I'llK-BUrXENTIA( tXCHLI.I.NU I ( .U.f. OTHKIfS.[

look! forward to a Ijrtrc.: bn-ine-i' next MIn\\ .
'l'hodl'.ld.rHW which t'olHh'r thnn'Iiu most' J1e..t-rt.
all!! br.inchei: of trade, I1lMllllf lm''''. &c.ieetiv ('LA'::' Companies, against: ljo-:,'- r.nmh ll ullhOIlh" pim"enuai! hiiunliblreli-aniiliii, :;
power yet It duce 1101 prolucs. the sllirlurnt Irritation of ) K I'III." .CMMTOL.TALLAHASSEE \ .
-- bIJV i| BOOTS &' SHOES: the *Ulnof the Ufiul which.oolrcn prOllurr- lJdrll rt, andercu
,) ::; of the )axe..lt ol' D.uiiiiji'C< ;! .\ i : pieiiinliire( tmlilni"-".

a iiiwtiiijj of the MeniliiTa of tin-! Uir. in KOIt e.lt. : liT 1 ,

TalLthua-oc, oii'Ffulay\ August U). Isiid t I D. l>. FIR.E :1\1 LI"VELY.: :

HOOCK, Esq., was ctilW\ to the chair, anti limn :
HATS AND CAPS Jail t-j-tr BY J. t L. McGUFFlN.
,\.. l'oHt.II'll" vcqw".teil\ to act as' bccrctun T '
I ,
The chairman aniumnooil, tlvnt: themefiiiio'iuilbeen : : TilE
row:: E WClothing
called on uc'counl ot tin,! recent death j of the Q.

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