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,4 I, Spirits I >HI 'I ..il' Via agi-iu \.... ar.Jiin. h.iry ili.-.llrra| M I persons hiring claims
Dyspepsia Indigestion Pile 1'tlyel1.b..r :111. a..ti. ...... ln.UfUl MT.|fi IM 'ih .1.| .. .. .'a'stat r .... o: rn..ttllt'tllItt, i.f LAWTON 4; ALEX. guiit! the .une. are retiuested 'J proenl tlwin
i:.. Sold at the Mannfactorirs rf Pmfcsxor UOL. --'- ---- -. I, II.r vv. k %. lit ... .M .11.$- florr 10 gr| -sIs uir M-iui* j m ANDEIl it* Its d iy d s*.lri-d by main il C"iiM'lit. fully authenticated wilnir./ the time reqmrvtl! by -

..1'.10 Maiden Lane New York and 244$ ? traisd2oidon I i ass) Inl > mi into II *flnr. a rr .*." sal ilm vilIi. The bnnTnfon of that Firm and the lute I lur; or this notice will be plead in bar thervof. '
by all respectable Druggint and Dealer OR.ANE'SIalcnt I .-- |1.1.,,> mi iii II.. .!.. ,ad IMIIm "".". M-t-iu..1 MItaK ; .rm..rw.t'\WT.IS.' ) & CO.. will be closed I. I D. IIAUT. S T ..i'i: J:01\Tma.T.

ia Medicine throughout the United State and the JlolUiir Hnriai C'aUct.: iNiii'iniir .i in lla)'I'S I?. i dTi i .-,1"..IMI r I Iqu. I by T. Alex.ss.dtr wh>. i. :,uthiurzj: tn settle the TiI03f L ED WITH.ang .5.
..n' id l Psi. ii .p-Hir| and rrutriiilIv l L."i..c.r the ul Finn; Three Cent Month tse f..
> and will or "
eariliicd .or1d in boxes at 25 otnti, CS JX cent. .a-. .. i ire continue the 20-Sw Facae:. pr per
JH-II n. .1. Hit- il-J'f iI'M.fminlVi; lIit.Ir. ..
.Dd 'I eacb. invention uiid irunu I fit r"pf and COIIUHI'NIII bu.in.It" on his own I F.pt Lirmg-anew stork br Cl- 'Ild Hardett.Tbl .-
an inipr .
>iViinent .. .
ANEW lip I .I..a..I.| ijr > a l lie h. dill I I wxi'itir' ) !' i .
*,'.Tbere ta. acoeatcerablu..ln. ;by Ultir g the ,-r Met ilic Cje ver nfT-ri-d. An .",- liar I'l I l. II. .I-.... illfil ilif iirn alas at ins rntNiiMini i scc'.uut v. :. L.\WTO I "cork II lining a 1'I1d1.: wiih tfce rwJinsr

1: iarcrer shve. tire view ..f the "HMV i* jjiVi-ii-tlie whisk t.'p be .....1..$ .<* inir h lit>i I V.MI!.| try UieW ill ii I i**.| I I T&IQ& $5. ALEXANDER. Sundries.Red r..namani1f" hr ilip U. St-" Priw.$1 00
: B.'B.-Direc&inn. for the guidance of patients: in ing covered w th vt-fy Ih vi and Urtiut.lul French In in t..:.1..
*rery,dtaorder are.affixed to each box. hide (.lap.s! (H-rfcctly m-cnud "JP"l&ete.dt"II'.r; ii i. .'if.. ... ...11.1.l -. I w'' UHXIl....fii; .i I IIa NOTICE. Marking Chalk Metalic Eyelets for mtcninjr Ibede; Wide XV-r'iLQt rebr.'Jlc., ...I 25

Oct. 15,18SS. Ir-5TBE break. The design aud fitn'h of thte Casket* is ) n Hi. in..'I Hi. w-u.aHrItfleft. lu.1 11.111.. I .... 1(k- n..Ul X withdrawing from the above Finn. I .solicit d.. nmentu; Silk Tante. ou {'M>O|*. for |papers| ; The Work or Jut! Karnr ich, iaeMJitfGrace

unique! and cxtrvinely hnid-itne, gdive-U-d of C :s. Illiin ll III lil-.it m ll< |(llUmirlMll" lUIIIrii I roiii.niiMtion. .f patromige from my friend* f.rMr. Drawing Paper and liruna Pius; Red Office Tape; let. \V iucn u'| CLrUtiau.tr. It- Mikd
: 8.iIL--.JEJ thy and .H liar a I' ca iiiii u HII.I ISIS |<-iiif jdr n d ty-.<*>iili-.) 4iid I I T.\lexnnder Music Staff! Pens and Blank )II.e Pnpe ; The and in ".( .
coffin-like of
gloomy appearance other ritn lu-i. IK ari> .ill Hi>' Iit.is$ at I l li'|. wiiili.(.--e.| Kudiuieiita
Metalic Ci'iie* oflorvd. The ;...krt i ill|>erfecty! uir- much ftt I in lu<...*. |li. |.. iifieii ai ..i an HIM fur I IJ l-ly-- W. S. LA WTOY. <.1! Drawiojr. on sells c.t cards f..r lhyouuir John Ilnnfnr, Gentleman, in paper-Vy,'N

: -ANDk sight and the cMop.itMii; t.f Metal ,Ironi wh.ch m it..r |II.| a nitvi kill.lur ""......raluy 1* ww m iri- I II I ; Tissue "Paper; liuO Curel I"IJe Paper; Blot author i-f Olirr.! The O lTirn Ae....... SO

Iliry are c..ted will entirely |irerent their runtmgorcontd.ng. 1w..fill..ll.y l u Uwn asia) .-I'.*! hi liail 'la"en,Mil I IrivrN Just Received ting Paper wh.te mid led in large and null A f(,r y r.b. iu 1*>, nrvneotmltK' aakL Q9i"
being finubed: w.tb baudaotiieChcrrv if .ureis t.I- 10 g,-, any 10 ire ii. baja nr m\>rii.ii.rr; livet.4; Copyiojr fisk. and O.I I-.Iocr| ; Fileb urdaof l* ..,l r&ff, fully lTTustrate& aM

X.d'eryta.P3.e wood tjuieh. very will .un. .tln-r.-loiv.. 101.| a-t" ship men d.zrii ..r imire a.isili ml fur Salu lu\v for Vania.CI.OTIJ |I..t teb urd. for tiling away p-pvr ; Inro.ce, bHI nd in 'ofl l Turker il'''CIa,: 73Uuite .S.arwiw'-'

I 4.. The kbo*> : ket, I' iiit.he.t.tii Boika and tter-Loldcns. :lUr.ud Cjp nizc. of the ricW prriteikt bmiks of the auoL-
C be had
Subscriber e cnn by applying to the : rt'ut''. )'oU., n.SMITH M l II. Ctiiimer Sitinett. Tw.<. Jean For : '
baring taken the old and t Ihb.r C. DREW.Ocean ,
known ( I undcr.igued who are the Mile Agint !iorEi Florida Tlle-c Kill l.are .'IITI"U.: vca"T,tai c a.1 I fVf.fYnin *-u. Lincj, tic 1 Case II it* 71. T tm : Tit JJ/ao"f .
Boose ) stand of the Bnffington. CALVKN O.tK & SON. all niiiirintf iiiiiii| uu Km m'e l I'f every .lru; ? take
Livery Stables pleasure in announcing I Nor. 5, 1856. 8 'pkirn| r in .Ela.riat and ri IrWlier.'It. ( tbe Chian Ben, pphet.anatiillysxlestrikdEd.ti.4t
Nor. ly.A .
to the citizens Jacksonville snd the travel- MCMILLAN MagazineFOR ; with views <.aIltHf prin pal ad***
f PR pablic, that he to furii prepared any : w .AoprJva,1.Z- and bjfcU rialted by .'ID.. )lnbliabcd vadcr -
.; bo.r.. Horses and Carnages double or single, July 9ly. Jacksonville Fla. For Sa1.e, AUOUst-FOR SALE UY C. DREW. the eiiit nrQictik of CMuuuMd.ire Pvnr. Cb*(.' i
aDd ss good Saddle lloraes. can be obtained in ; .. JUST arrived | Solonum &abm fmm -- .-.- Valuable Hia Inland Cotton I.I liEU uatNr.nibvrof Unhain i ia unuiaushly lUtExh ditii>a. r.ec.J..I608.Tbt"
Private and Con dp.Dthd
the community. Havivgsn experienced and at- I ,'t.w York a large supply of PORlv. BAtu. Correnpondenco PLANTATION .. full and various in contcuti. Svreral fir the IllawuUm.-Alldili..n.J Ca.a .
tentive .tlerf be feels confidence io aMtirtng ; :>. hAMS Fulton uurkvt BEEF Pirkltil UI.SUCL..\Y. PuMn :' leading atticlea being illu>truted aft r the manner Keli.zioa itsz The Ctwiali lastnefar;
FEW Oipivn nl Ihjs | on Creek. .St. J..bna Ever
: YClIU.I,1 w rk. wliichciiiinifiidit
those of his friends who m.wil'b to board their TOSUU"". Ac A SITUATED ol Jfirixf.T11L WT
'l" flore.th&t they will fiud much ; pTerma i itnelfiki much tithe ardent ad. I I I liar ContainitifTw.i Thounand two ;SMTaruVLdbr* tt QotdcWI4T-Ja.i.
aa accommodation J CARH-rm ive'r.BARRETT NEW VOLUME OF HARPER .
st the 'lluuse'SubhV' mirera i>f the :reut Clay, uu Inud and tar llalo Uiiidre l Arn-n, m.-rtn hundre, l of witch i. r,-rr commcncing L.riagaaad; Driti ;%> tUnur..lldfiaid'.t i
"Baffington a. at anr it ALEXANDER. with June ofi'vra ..u.t.be! time fc sr5iili4V U-r .
f b, C. 1)UE\V. Hue c I ton land (four hundred ,,ir'iich i is cleared Soul sad ntlurr f .flt'-b'! r l rrottnoal Weeks
similar establishment in .
Ea-t October
Florida. Price t9th. 1 S- $ work. Tbone
wi.l.iIlJt.hC'JIJII aal
Nnn :
slid all under Irt otFloddddditU.4pacet.e.
moderate Terms Oct. R. K'fi. 4 f nce, ami in p N-d condition' for 4cnp tujj 'Couqaest .i
I -* Cosh. next year. Excellent (.'orh'and Itaue cut be b r and Uxiae li.IIoriojr. bu.11"111.1",1 f.runr ... ............ oe
; : .. TV. DiCOSTA A ent. Per Railroad Tilt: HIRELING AND T11C SLAVK.CVuVora :. II\.rlfo by t- the ub
f > und Moaumbfp 11..tnC4.-C1 IIIMII the 'land. Al lsaafe a | payment rrib r in adraiicA.according Appletuu's CsseyclopedIorBieFPk:
Of N.A
i for.Drorer is large and oninmndion lot nuitsble ree"red from North Carolina ai d New and otfor Focms. !iracl ofui'e1iin.tIrd acre,"( "J... tu the UaU il term, $3 Itttr aiiuutu. A urge ru".1 'iChf"d.-b"'lanci ft cai1bt1fisag

-'Jacbonvflle*NOT.. attached to tbe Stabto.! JUST.. fri L'arrel!* Extra FLOUR and flu COPIES .f the new fd it inn of the i, tein sat VTm ., .cfC'&tt'fl. all jiiioiock,IIlId very r.ch July X4, C. DREW.of the U.ripli; np'tii the "lftl p5154. 1-

i 12th !85tf Sacks of the "Mine "-irt." .vmf, Ch.irlctuii. "The Iliching _ 'in qiLiIily,MMI uixiii the Pablu'Crwk' .F".aw tIpTS,ua I tat eh,o(SWP",Jhwr.

;,) taNGDOM; FOR A HORSE." BARRETT ALEXANDER. and the MI.ire." tu whIch Ins Wn added Vhiiciar.. The tint i'itfvrt-a land li.iupt
Octoqa.i 291b. Wed. and tilhcr putMim-lor a II"llAIWEUS' ;preniiv.u new'and 1-r'o Uiuily dwelling Lnillycur ,J 'Ii.Copartnership. heret-.f n;.ailli tft O *- ,'.Jl.e.w.w.f r iL JrJllft'tf1l..1e. 1 -

i EXCELSIOR _ -- -MAOA7IKP--------..!.., aai and. sill oih,r iicftm-ry i ui-buildiii2ii.$ the IUt.r. t. under lb r n'nii Seal sIre .f -ALSOitiuna- ,
; for October' With qinrtcra. tor ixtr IIIIC""" Toe',puce' ia EU 14. Lvdwith Jt (%... this dar d..JreJ br. mil. A rai-ev it ehep' !Is.paper by ge4nitih..r.

New Fall Goods UrerN 'Otitti is". Mra. Grvr'a Mr*. IlcntxV. luralthy Nffimtinjr.br! wn'dinjr a few miles,.t the fin lu.i cunseiti. .: .

I LIVERY AND 'SALE STABLE. Julia iTaualij-'i.; ., Hud Once 'Ajj'i.l.r'a CtmllI| e>t 'oyMvra und tinh. .CSood ,w:tcr and cxcvtlcntrnuzt Tbe basiiieM! the firm will be setltrd by SunOal S'TA' rdNJiJaT.

NOW IN STORE. woika. in .t ffujp. r,c", .rs. at iiuthcni urcc*. cx. i fur atoekof itll kind*. The line of l Uud'ia Ellis' and will be OMitinucd by him on li.SoWUaccount. ISWcai
.r piClid.Alao.. bounded 4Vvii ptf..II 544 IU.I'fL3Wt 'IVIPk
by the Atltntlo on the E.ai. The owner Therefore all l n..4 h iru ir\M Illexl
i THE new and splendid Livery and Sale Stable Subscriber has I.--jo*t received a choice John Ilalifxz. Gentleman and Three Per I wifhinj ti; enter tutu.other b' 'IDI:1IS'will if applied *account witb tin fIrm ..11 e.llllnd ,(Ule itaiue< StatijMkatmfUe.Oct. tfrnr l r"

t completed by the subscriber near THE Cent Per; 1"u'b-p"f"l..r new. works Jut tmtu lair tk .r" January 18W, lake (fiat .the entire dwtely. SAMUEL ELLIS.
M 1 I Qood slid
the_ Judson are new
Boise U now in ample readincxaHiate the 22. &"
4 accit all the styles Lnd of Full Imiwartistitana consisting of Fan .-. C DREW pn'|K.-rty. ?.'tND acne. nre: tbuunand doIUra caohupon WILLIAM LKDWIT11.an .
pe.ao"nJr of .
portion the
; manity who CT and Staple Dry G>iod, of every description: DISSOLUTION. delirery. .For mrther particulars apply toGen. 27 ADD-ON U1CUARDS. -
>I may. be so kind U to bestow upon ylt. and Shoes Ilanaook Mold II. hIOPKl $, A PERFUMSDMBAW_ "
their r.np.rtnersbiJt
,UHI Travellers pW'ona will.confer.' special favor Slipper L C. Handkerchiefs 'J'I the Mibacrttwra under bervbifiireex the name sting and between styli Jacksonrille, E. Fla. Notice. What Wr er jctntlemaa w.ld. r mi. !1 *'

; of him suitable conveyances fur visiting by pmcnr.ing the it-- Ties and Ba"ktas, llonierr and CIIu"*. ul' 8. 1) Thompson A c.,., ia tb!. day deaulred brluntoal Sept. 10, 185 .. '. ALL persint baring demaoda against the Et- the eimrae ifs. diaarmufele breath wbe_ ".: !

tmorofthexoantry.In ., Hats' aDd Caps, L-c.-n and TrimminA"rint ouuaent. .All. perwma.indebted lu tbe paid of Mary Darby, deceased, are hereby the BALM OFA 'T110USAXDA rLO .

2 -. short, with many Fine Selected *, ShK'tt1, 'y m.d $h rungs firm will'pleaM call 011 cither of the 'undersigned, FOR SALEAT Uotifled 10 ,prevc-ut them wabiu the time prescribed aa a de..tfri| would! not wnlr.ytodrr i,.

Bones sod the faithful and OinplI.m'C. N"51ot' .;!.T.hnu. at Midd ebnrp, and tett. their acatunU. Tbe JI by Law or this iMitlce will bv plead in bar bur INn: tU 1e lh white 'a* aUha*MliivDHMta ; -,

j: wlxtee. services be hUe expertOtlcr with Fig d OiT'idine, tziib'ijW: : "li.w Drapery bnaiue-a will be ctmtiuued at the old ttand. under I of their ''' and all peraon*'indebted tu said di- au( Krniw their brwthj i ia Wd. ..'

considerable i and 'S UtfM t'ol' Ct"*"."", 8iids, tbc firm of Uedjpj A Cole.. R. B. THOMPSON.c : Estate will make..,UoioedUta pur went t.. the au.denijrncd. anbjtXl fa sa dehcata th* frttod. *>i T/t WT
expense procured
.. '
M-Mvtbe unbonded.Ywnrtray e"cr.1.ltd Plain S .nlt"- .- .- .- JOliNJjEUoE.l9.s6xt J.'C. Brown's Cheap Store. FRANLld E. CRISPIN. tx.niu Poor a tiRjrl dnp ofth* BAJX J?
vMraw Silk Tne, 4' Chm luTlmbcr 12th 1854.' touthbruah.' and wash MerA 4"t4f
prumptoe**. which be is upsble'of uteadiug on ettl. liddlebu'lt FI..OeLl. .; I Almonds.Walnuts. Preserved Aamiuuliatnx.Ifotlce your .tin
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:;*tin Striped Tisnoes. Linen 1&Mtiners:1'jchafls'foraIe ,, Ttunoriuds
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of the and '
pletautivg pttblic at large. travelling Swif-s ilnnlin,: Minee[ Flit ,CitrOn'Current; Tomato Sardines. U tb notify all persona not to sell any A BEAUTIFUL _
Parasols'and ; of the Catsup THIS
Victory following .
Luwn .
Pisces Model Terras Cash. tS JJ&
% ate- r Prunes, *. Wares or>lerchndi. which they easily L. MQAi..t W aaiII _
India bout Mu.d Ejt'dnd: Plain DeLains Divisions: r it
Ornea. intend rill
DAVID E. BEAU. .4 ., Figs; charge to me;by any tine without a writ. 01-4 TIIOUILND )1..OWEL .
: .- Jaeb vill.. Oct. 15.'J85$-ly-5. ,Pers1anBys. Hats At. Ac. From New York to C' \Catiso. ? "r' iLtiaons. Apples,, tea order, M I shall require' on the MtUetneuf of TA$. fUIt'1. and F&5CJtU. .-

\ LI- Cloths, Brocade Alpacas. Fri'tuNewTutt. "I'Jrl "' ; A : .'fo.\- Uaccsroni.Yirtn'ecella. ..Onions.' the same, aa order for ercrj jteta io lb. acoiaat. I.'in II ass. B u1t and roseate b. Wdpmrou
Frtnch and Chart
English liar-Cloth Caimen ( the
$-tinet BahaiQ4 Bank .
I Wetice Limited ,Oopartaenhlp iooes. 1. Tweed and Jeana, Frum 8& MtrktiN i .w.Orleans. ; '.1keta. Lh.Ts r-*id&uisuy. DMrruaceoanta- D.UABT.as I intvod sad twwwr tferte drpe. -sad.l.$411;. ..

t rrai aobacnbers hats this day armed limited' l lor-d sod :Black' AIa-Pen' '*. Line,, ,Oem. From Nrw Orleans tu UnlvMton... Sugar Pap Coats, Dates Potatoes,f November 5th..1 i&'14fWIHE night morning, .* -- .
Corn ,
i X partacrsbip for tow transaction of* generalAittomsrTiBra paccaa, ./ 4 Tns, Stripe. Check Charts of the >Vet Ind "' ,! : i \
" BUckbury Brandy, a ;" .SHATBWHAMWETytMT .
Colr .i4 Black' Ilo-Tabls Damask Unto N.I& icaLilha.n.e 18 '
'4 Awarding bwlar : I i
' bsyiiuss will be hair Lnxtres "Damask NapkinJ II November Ixth.'h36.' ,. C..DBBW.Uua R4Pburj BraudT,. 'f' ;' "t iciouc: sme1nah pr
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t Iflrli .U It. sameedesCQl Bombaziue Plaid': 'Mar To-f ling*, Diaper, L _. ". Ui.ier PMIM!,. .-'i.i. notes sod aoooonts oJ Tfceodnr Tlotsrd onld water*pnvv MI IweiW thres UPIOrA'THeCAlrfLOwaw'
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'"B W Colt srs tbe. gtntr.1 J--- : ThJ'b3. : r .StrawU-rrr. .Brandy .# unless wetland will k. ... ioII" )
! tI : Gentlerae0s. /, they are settled bj the firrt Monday ia il > a :
A.f.b9 is tbe
11fqA spsewl part .Uur4tau..t December wilt be of sba i[
JelnbeobtJneduf the
Shirts CoJUr aud CrirtCoder Shirts snd:: C'OJnl. T"'Ud I ,pissed.in tb*hsadsjif the prouer fecihitating vppaiua '"'
1 As4.&a .Drawers, % ; .)U.iB t1. AI.E 4NlJEJL. Jennujr Lind Chewing Tobaeco,' officer ibroullection. J-UIBj L1TlCQ IUN. Fifty Otaw FJr" .ia J* ki*
I of M1441tirr4sso4ib.tiimsitib. .- '4' .. '. .
JI t"'QOt d b11:4! ''J- J ; ( PaUxUiSegurs, "' Ith i> .8
".r)11'1 b part. .ap14ceJl'. "IyIeIt' 'Blella rnusw1s.-. I 'Palons I q., S IIM'M' '.4..1 1M ,

: f'b 1IY mra_Ctoaai.btt_. 4.*- b.reiL, .et.I."K..I- 1o-tioe. .5 :'RlLIa1flp.s"t ,. FOR SALE., J* July' at 'J.iJ.. .:
.&B.TUOMI'iON. and :A-LL person* baring cisiuis int the .tle -." 3., ; !. "', .;"f I- .. i .
: tt. -. Please call ,examine flir jronraelrea. Our : ag .t : Jars..Iu BUSHELS of COW! Ibr sale i. 1 'If
r! it"lo : JOHN &O& Good are Fn b fr*n tbe Mannfacdrbt ol.diffrr A.:til' Wnitain: U idd.k,dceseed L, Ute i.UoralUtt.ityt .''S ... l.. ., '"LarDalgiM,"' .3'3 ,,.bJ aAkgbI5ILL8.p4Lk1N4. ; ; J.SiLAL' .

,UEO. w. (. eat oountrie. *., Our ffi rtdntoif'/a..-' l of :; arifyeq'wiC4tW jovient'U"'I: within .: i, T' sndnthr'ehoiceBroidrn. :a .' S. '" 'A ;Pei',(

.:"iii z P11.,0Ct I. I 1554 6' 'F&iipricel.pkid! for C tton.'t, ,' :'thtfjun preacriixHl ilX i... tar this notice. wilt b. P-rt; Madeni mud .HWf Wioe*,'' ttehoappa. Pals _= ,
.' ; i Uarol Uwir a'U 1 Ier.IIJ
J pled. nconry 1 'ptrsuus Indebted Hi'Ahd.y'ReitlcPeecbBrsndy;. Old ,(40).l.s.e
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"_ lrisb'Putaties, ; Ibsttf'AL&ANUf..tytcl1..JUWU. Second door from tbe of 0 sud ". .. .
comer. .vsa. . payuttfut. JUUff JI.JUOC"II i N4ttg thPgy4 IO 1c1ftt.Vt".tt ee'a1t4 M' = :. .
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i -) r. (Ic 't, 'W ,A. ( -"_ L -J J -


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:: _

The Florida Republican
Full Citation
Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00079922/00352
 Material Information
Title: The Florida Republican
Uniform Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
Running title: Florida weekly Republican
Alternate title: Semi-weekly Republican
Portion of title: Semi weekly Republican
Physical Description: v. : ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Columbus Drew
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Duval County E.F. Fla.
Creation Date: January 7, 1857
Frequency: weekly[july 1856-]
weekly[ former june 1848-apr. 1856]
semiweekly[ former apr.-june 1856]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
General Note: Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
General Note: Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--1851-; Thos. C. Blanchard, -1855-- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -Feb. 7-Apr.16-,1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--1857-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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. CALVIN OAK'A SOS 16)- ,The following beautiful and patriotic From'ATHjcitor Abc!-Extra. -
FIridaHepiblican.WILLIAM nLmJJ1mm; rlilAIATI 1 1or IAGNotlt ;
I1EYA71IIIS m auou"ZN" l lines/were written for.the 'Republican Appointments of$reaches;of.the Fieri :

da Conference, of the Methodist Epi.
during the late Presidential contest .37. AtQQt'l.L'
w. lIOOREEDITOR. Church South.Taltahaxtu 'apt;

GUNS PISTOLS &C. which alarmed the apprehensions or. :Dw/.-J.; .R. Flummer.P FOUND'FLUID EXTRACT BTJCHIT T ;

every,true patriot, and we regret exceed. ,, E. t A Diseases
For of the Bladder Kidieys
Oscar Hart : 4
bigly that it was overlooked uutil this I TQlaltlls.-$. M Wright. Weaknesses Obstructions Secret >
LAW I 'AI.ID5.t''f .
ATTORNEY AT late period : Leun.-G. W. 1ratt.Gdd.Erasns Female 1
Diseases Complaints,' BOARb_.Jc ji '.*;
Widbwrito.rufa. U. Duncan.. and all Diseases theSexval J
Ij corSC. of ...ROf'tbe.rDtararJlrs.-
G ttrt H-i *q ure. '
O 0:1 toe The Patriot Warning' -(incy.-J. Anderson, ;..J.: Sealy. Organs \ sing every qllltl Gcatiual. and. v.1aeZsiw 1'

Washington M. lyes, BT ,-. c. s.Han Sup.. Arising (rum Exce'.e* and Imprudence* m'life.' will bare the supeid'nb.aiber
-.1icit& eoa&1.
Bad rcuYiult..n Imptvptr li chige* Item the .af
A1TORXEF AXI> coGSsnios AT LA rr..litigator freemen,the knell-of a. Gadsdtn.-A. W. Harris. Uladdvr I Kidueyiur.;3 xiiu Urgau whether exFro'ui TJpdi-r_the prevent man er Florida. uureuantrjn sounding; Wa-a1a.-V. Cannon. itiiig' i n with tbeissstncsctsb.pu.st4
/rc.d dread. *iv its tone, tin the &Irio&'a ear nude U : '
p gir general.satls&etkMU ,TW haw II
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lIiw.1'.1! 6. 1 Y Like the tcmpatt Lashed billow, uo the shore JVtirpart.-J. O. Branch. M 1.e or Fe B1e, I detli.bll.il1I ; the -r **"* II
EDWARD M. WEST bounding wb&Ievt-rciuae they sissy hire ric .... I
We are Wtuthiog uutrsxd in fully'*career. .. _, Chairs \liu.-U. B. Standley. undunatk,t Lair 11-,aAu.daqg'ivi.g health Poms'Airy, Clean, 1I4.A.. ;

.f T T oK.vr r1 T L.1l FT, AT flEI: OLD ...TAX -'. J. ...,Jlt.E1' Lum Cnl. J'tf *s.-J. H.M. Gardner. aid vigor tw the Ir iue, aitd blo' n* tu tbe pallid f1U'l&Wltel Azizdwmzi'. 'Um
TALLAH.VSSEE. FL.1s. ... From the craggy shores of the poor pilgrim first cheek. e
.';; JacksonvilleEast..- Florida. I laud .JlpaacJiicula.! W. Fagg. JOY TO THE AFFLICTED !1It Ii watzag; m ''W ,I

:_ -- WOULD tn<>*t repecttatlr tnrite the atten- The sounds of disunion, now fearfully sweeps ; Tract cnr.-J. Peeler cure NerTMia a a a DcbiliUtcd 3uffr\.r*'and Beng"llrelr bnilt of wood whinh r.s4 i"-
R.\DFORD & McLIX. '.1 the white, tit their LARGE and }.rul&tLe rating place too, uf the HaaevFoIdiDi J
at CAREFULLY SELECTED: .t.. ck .r D) >nb e and |! lh femes eutnea tu us, swelltug. awful and deep. fouud .) ug Du.r, with F.rrpUo 8C. .
Attorneys .i.aw, Single Uaan, R He* and Pito1,i"f avery Ue.rrij;>- Bainbridgf Dist.-W. M. Kennedy I iadit onto windows opening throogb ta tlw ...a 4 ;
itWS.L.SH.Lt. FLORIDA. ti,.n. Bowie-Kuire*. Shut-B g* and Brit-, Powder I|II Say freemen, shall! the tide of passion'! fierce ExtTt ou, Liwa or furdu delightful: prumeoad of fOO Act;, rf *rtvctatb ,>
Fiavk and Ilnrnn. PUtlrd.r. Shot .nd Lead. Cap. I Iur [ curre.it P.E. P.\r. L. .I bi>p efr. sniw. cold ..:.
Ort. !.-I* S. ___ ._ -_ I IZICI all kind* E'er' ** nnd !Ul If..in'I %Wad. Hand- I,r Engulf our dear country and sweep it sway? Bdabridge.-W. L. Murphy. lJ'!,'U.I y oi Breettn..g l1cw.ry.Oenueaa fi;. a deiigbrfal RITUAT fmta ..

-i.P 1'.ciEcnrrr. ca ui. T. 1'OWX1G.8i1WIICTT C ;fE; D.g C .!Ux and Cliniitis Melting Indies, W.u the b'Ood: of lIur&res p.ured like a torrent, Brunch. tr.1 n ll.rr.ruf X.*e ue, sliseejoni .raheeaF .T1aes.aa."TIfI'"
& DO\\'I\G. II I L ck< and K..1't. Fiahiug Tackle of erery dtcjiy -*- i That we should destroy bjr a d.-vd of a day ? .I1.hany.-F. A. Weak 'ierrea, Trc.u\lhujE'.lJnad. a reutral position being"the Suwtb s.4 r
AT LAW 'XDGI: 5 I: >ti.". Ac. Ac. .JIiord.-J. M. N. Lowe. I fill U..rrur.C A.ib. 5.gbt bweaU, (A>ld Feet, (n.m other booses. It MbM 4S VWMsV 4M1cunrenieneies
-.r P..rtia&l..r attntnn Seek '. the safe g.urd of nntim tu io general sod/o] avp--* $ i
given In #- sever; Nirlon.-J A. Towers : ,-.kluh.ctoli. Xmui ..i Vu<*.u, LabJu..r, Uuire t
roc CLAIMS, I All wurk w.iTMUtcd. U'fliu.d: <> to rder,, and : Would yt u.iw here the last ware, over you roll f I(I ai Loa:.lud0 ut the MuculAT! SiyaUa*, UtrnaEurou cannot be ixirpasMrd.P. .. "'- \ J
No. i90, fcci'culli trccl rr4uted tu k.U a Turkey three hundred yards. 1J 1 Ii>urlibvrty dmr. to die, now and forercr .Morgan.T. C. Colcman.Dtcatur. a A-petile wilb 0/t. .S. -ilr object io adrtftaiajr the sbov J.i.
..,.. 1 I". 014 ..-1\ I Must we be blotted out(runs history bright scrolls. Uvl li-u }| b.b 111411 tfwdr p ,ptic ywptuuiJ, make known tu nay fre&d that this. :. Lithe ,
ir.i/i7.vGrav c/rr. I IMYSTC .-T. A. Carruth. a, iuj> |{ut Jrypesiuib* rutnre.will grre sansltctlos .'.. .rlfe.

1'\TIL.L TKCticr before the C..urt .f CiiI! HALL SEM'NARY, I. Does the fl:gbt.'t! oar Eagle upward at last tire, Blakeky.! -R. H. Howern. 2>kiU, PittiiU the F.ce C,Mi Pain.iieuanctt in the, and 1I. Erupttoua k. UeaIUCMI vu or no cbam v will be mad*.'. I, solicit. a UwL>41 .'. .. \

and 'pf'""\-** Claims bcf.tre Cssrei. !. I Ab droop* t, its puiiou,thu .m to its aids ; B1e P. Richardson.Thomasvi'.k of the Eyeiida,I'he 4.pt.Angutlnecsr1o &:
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Ujatineto4 j..i2y \. ig.j' j'jWFSrMCDFORD Il.t the .t h $ 181.t TJ ..
dt&e( I MASS. : ami .auccras,a* ghera.d higher, queutljr BLack SspoU _
--- .;.igvd .t U iho.r\-d the CruMuieut wide. -
C I :;rT" F.re toic! fn ui &$t..n. IS J JI ulylUgtavlur. S't. Ma1.oi" .
Dt/.-P. P. Smith.P. tbe 1 r..a. .
JTTOR.YKYS .ll T LAW, TEES Pn.fe.*.r* ai.d Ticltw a T
JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA. I I r.r" th- run h i'mju, Educ..tii AltcLluib, Oreut Jlubd.ty, Real eu fc*, .st'= the reception ofostmI..4
(jrv-k. Ilk! m..cl.-ru p..:1,. LLgis3g.; lI..ie I And b.ds je to a tl"e. tilt last hope >f the brave; Thomasville. Graham. .'lti liorrur &uc. Trartleni' ,and the;.ad nBttfto V-ql'
.}h ?. ;-. ___________________________ ; ty, uture dnt-
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.-- -n (;uInt. Pi4i><>. Han; ul Oigjii; JJn.wII2' will shriek and weep blood at its fall, r bie to.ucfc Y.c.'uc. than d>utude. and pure pain' or expense to ica&a .
J. P. SJ.n ers n, EniLri.,dt.r, '. IJh""'.'jrr"j>hr. and nine knid* of U u.ie 'i.r.uts wili n.cl u'er Liberty' grave.Drr GrOOVt, 'Vitle.-M. c. Juihh.Troupcille LI.IU'c urv.d twr }'c.r of IbcU.Mi'-outitUgtbei runs ct n>fi rtable. fits table wilt sJwsyB !

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iTTonxrv Mtcetr '\JCIJ\.ltd.! A Parian l 1-tdjr reH II drear to the world, shall that black b"urof S> cuUti. u. but a burned ruoodnig otuntry fiord*,.fresh a.b.o111d1
4ri J: r;;o.' :1:1l: a I ..d. in IKfjimiiy.| : I g.uoui bWh.caa Grand Bay.-J.: Jackson.Alapaha l 1'r..ua.Ltuti Iruw siUs iIt, wild gam.4e..tc. Tw Iioia&S. lmtirsiid .

Jaac.ti.JLa!_'. L" _ f I I : .tds t.. PtI.c.du&ti.; ..;. tn be f JOHN W.: PRICE I I al..h..ulCU.II."J'J: a Gfluna.shi.. IIwIigI nitre; vtt.cr. dutiful river St. Marys,and a dri'f4riayalidiandigbrs.j.th1a !
Flint Xivir. F. U. C. Ellis.
:I (srrlct'\ 11'1"." .i'.i I SwiuiTnin in thr 11ultc K.nr I Ye uwy u*c up the book, for the caa*e of the Tb'DlpfuWII it .li wed tu ou which: i Danti .
; -
&nlI: I\-: AM 'OUxcnLLor. AT LAW ..dt..1 ll-; ,r,'hack KM ":. Ac i wi-II-traiued aadM I lie* Qclockntt JMisx.-T. J. Johnson. this nied.ciue iuv''...Iy rcim.tr*-gu >a f.ieowa SUn Ic*T rs tbe house tL re times a wckSjeW. .
jHcksoaiille, Florida I dk: b..r..e .1..Itrtt t. tIeniiitT.. I IAL.4I.r Will fcvTtr.g-uu triuoipli; Lut through ocean of Moultrie C. P. Murdock. L_ct.dcfr. r"oullU6" .J.pWJl i.-.. sue tuck Hills.CeafcrerUte aa4 Tradr'.Riip4 ,,-.
r r..<..te in itit I;trcu Circuit: ui t : U.a1! .u.d .i'.m.u rwx-ntir! .ded.> will I g..re. tit wn ch the patitfut Who Cau annDllb Boils lynch iq g'uintjsd' cos1. .. '.
WILL--. .. aitl tlm C.juntic clf Cluil:. !,i nitb'ca fen* Vonitg Lifi-' t4b.ibtasfl&dLUisiuu-I Jahellato be supplied.Fittchtr thAi Uie exce a are may but expire.lrt.queiitly fuliuwvd by.ay per'1IODA will ont biwbeu DCnOTeI1ieMld.1IIi&'ird'BH.t

UH! ('amJ.-n..c.r Uurpia., july' f. *;. :I For Circular! Mddrf < ilie I'n'lc1ft.I. I Frecnieu heed the knell of oar dmutrj i.i IoIQudilig Institute-E. H. Lackey thUl6e dardul la.&$ 1"Ult flU (..'pli.o f tbel desre.: Prices will. .Is J '
-- I MKS! THOMA P. : IITII. I //rca-l, tlrcud are >t* femes sit the patriot' C'&r. Te Ulcb .I the L.4.4NS .d il u. aud II.. nae- 'nd with first clas'countrr hoteU.Maiyt. .
James EL Baker, I R:,. ::ccs.--'' ll... Uxrt C. \Ilithr..p. I L.ke the tetup.t _abcd bitluw, on luc *i*..." aucbuiy Uc. tbi by U/w Lear aiuple w.t- 'T'aOJrfAS1J.a .t jk'tL

.1TTOJI.YKY _'IT,1 \nr.cUI.'tllJ \ I I In..u I ; th r H..H. E Itrtrd Kvi-rctt: ll.f.ii; the I t.lIad.uc Madison Dtst.-J. W. Mills P. E. ue t>, the truth wt tbe uijs.ua e-!nioua. Iu WUIILc .Sept. IQ. .-ly.' :jt ...
I I I UT. CliarW Hr..ki'. \\\>t MrdJ. rd: the ROT. I \\\ .re iu_hiuz onward i>t foily carver.FOR .b1&uw. the eiliibit.ou .
c..i.1.Ju c.r>TT. UIT F1.UUIH. i .. Madison D. L. Kel1of.d\'. uaatwvi.c1e.y uppeara.lb JXJ $ ,
i I J"ltn l'lt'rpoltl'.t ilc li rd; F. U.4rd..ur.Y. ; I -S. c.u"tcu..c M uctu-uy aoddeu 1I1ul qu.tc .. JfcliPLEXT ,.
jW-,>-.mt.- ---,_ _ -- I 1.' 1'l'taCtI,1| J I II--it... Lit-ii $d&.. I. thv il.m. Abbott I fHC OC10A EETCSLI AX. ,Mjn.'icttk-S. Wood berry. I.tulu-.c.tucr U.rtb u..r Gruf ever r.& fl.th..u.d" ? Of T1 y.,, .
.AT .*::TU A. CAUUCTH.SHiTH j I i' L..'..filC.. U bt.. ; tlf fii-V: linldl id \Vlll"!tiW.Xi .1it"'I' AdiaUoaGcitlerntzi : kou.\ wl the *oiw; cicvur tt ia roASrJ,1u- amred .
11 ( tbt 5. .
.. V rt.; iu iLvV I .MI JlrfjriiU.. !.., AiUi .i' Hamilton\'. K.. Turner: J. Car- Itcu..te. JUST djj per brif .
& C CARHUTH j sale at tb Iwwtrt cask fa U"
>.> in. I U r. U'.ti.u. II .\\ 'k. D. U. IS.i..l; the : As the law allows me rnxvay :01'. With wueiu iDea Qres wan drrpair cliazagefor pnces, 1

.1 rro /j.v/: YS .1, T L ji Jr.I I: 11..:. >a n li MI* l"'E. JjKllddlebiira to muier you ouce exery year, fur CfJulllfiaA., ( )JcCo k. Lw wli.u aui&uda 11. Jr.el &k1'u.lcd." COTTOX.HIDES. TALLOW;. .

.'..4..tiaor: Eat: rioiiJa.NOIIC2. I i } ; .:: tL! the lu'1Hr) drill ami exuniiuationas Santa Fie-To be supplied. ebuity>u. upk.u i a Uiuu uivt aLiU trrtib. io e, aud lIul..boa..'brought gr.vea,thuaai than. uI911iAz: -. .

J'-. -. tooiir past \'cal.2t' deportment. 1 S. .JU Jdison-T. R. Baruett. l>l..l.ugibe auib.tu.u ul tu.uy UwUt' youtu It aDd COUXTRX PROD UUE .raJ lt J
DEi'ITAL cuu be cui cd t>1 lUc uac ol loa era made on Cotton fur shipment si.Ho* (. Bkfkv :
and} delicate Madison Miss. To l he .
J "'. -. will do -O. in as speech cupplicd.AuMa. lUjtreet, Jacksonville. br 'II

.... UOSTWit'K.ruJ r.. .j-etRfuUt .- 1 ,. t a muuiiur as po-ia.I Ie. Iiupcinpr at the .-\". W. Griffin. INFALLIBLE REMEDY Oct.2 JOSEPH'{XBIOW3L s
:.n.t Itzi i 1c"I u J.d.... .,:!.,. Aaut I r, Ii you are suifer.i.g w.tu any ol the above dis-
'r LF. iui. u.'.i.; "j,c.ctt -I 1" ,..!:!s... !" 1'1 Mime tune, there will l be no laughing) Su "an1UtV.. P. O'Cain, &r '.. j AUII>"UU u. .<**1 Attract JJ..j" will VALUABLE

.Iu" ."'. .. :,." i t- 411 l i/r*ten.. i.2 l>rui. .try. n'r taring iu th* ranks during the /JI.igalor-J. M. Heudry. cure you. Try at aou be courtucfcd vf iii s.aey.LI1JA12 LAND TOR F&LL 11',
l&or _. .I'i; -....1 .u.1 c.Lt' I.iI- 1.1 .4ati. I ON BLACK CREEKFOII is debtor .J' Qt4U02'1 LtJLsaJbOC.2OIA'1 'J'HE SobMri&r eteri fcr.*
,' jntrude as you, Captain a .1raahJ.r CLoI St". 1L-
; '"eit.... .' LtL, ..u .iVrd. ; .I ,
,.A.L J.!... ..' ..1".. HGeieral I. 1'w ( and it might hurt his feelings. ) St Marys Dist..T. N. Gardner ,aerntfmixtdLoudrrd aaJ'iaEii t .
: _,_ __ 1 OpO:2- who fdWlr! 1 b Mt uf abdtuea and refencirs. Cti- acre trf-which!!iII._
BLC: =zge.rii ; .1.- .."..
f. u*,."".s".-d 1 hot,, ,. ""': t. dTVL' ta,.. ..4li Make.'Ut yi ur bi!.*t-r I"-t>-r tl J doit gmtlcrncn-! St. Marys G. W. Points. UMikey.J expure b/Ctll.ugor aeudiug for nanSVileAlaicbnCu0filVjF1.qids.-. rV-J.
I h I.fK* .! ita.t--. 1 llti. .:U:% f.v r..| .<:a ,... j" Itu ,It-" un. a tiutUe ol tb,a |*->puu>r and cycc tttutaijf. The last ht p..Ja.s4y s4p.sL I tbssm1, 4
uiu.ua-t.. -J. i-irj.ll..- ..i1.u lrr2" ut s ctic 1..11.1.r 'Ii';i. ...Mll I l'i .! 1 li tl.iT. Ul-HVlJ .tlctt. .?! tll>- l I.-It( il-ind.e) 04btaut fuI11 dune. Cmtarville & Satilla-G. Rovt-ter. I It4iLaMiI I I.iu And ii1I.iu.atats&i, is perfectly IAmv Cutton. and will prttdoo. Jpaud Curi.k.
It je Win r -4 t.
.tb. *. i .i *1.. Lj4rc. L<.llcr> t.ar.k.! I n: .(.: ('if ;. z.:; tni.'i oIls it! "."uil.. Pocket " -mt: lIlbcenlll d."e. F. M. \Vihoii.BrunszthkT.l 1,1&.aaall' iu its t,Uc and odor but uaiuedi iu There is a gisid dwellnag bott e-. ..
any r e -
..J" JT Jiif-uw't: .a. w.'J! t* ['r-.aH.1: r r- t.I. (\.1.!i t.!."- -ii'i? >h i,ii ., fl: r .1'| Uik rtii.1..1 ei.t ** II. -nuM.tt.buc iii.lydi c Gardner. u. .&1... gniCasbinatwuwaiula and' a apnuufwater .i..ali .
.," Ii Ls': -l. >t. J.!liuf> r "-. r *,..1! >c r. .r.l a. .1 mrr'i4 ..4iIw2s HBLIiB.JLD'3 EXTRACT EUCSUI i>n said. Und.' U>eat.w pt. ,
i": t. U. ''ej..1 ai1q$4$4tL .. .1 l Gull'TT.cn-ll1m) ir5*.d ct .I1'tamaha-W. Hall. healthy and ii. a thickly settled nctj buckMiAppn.Ted ..'
i4 C!. IC'h1.-r i, UII" ".t. t. -41..1 ri1iJtM1 .- a j.ttre cir ] : .r 4J.j| |*! vx.ii ycv.Nmv pri|.rkd acc>.rdiug tu the Uuiv* of fLarmaeyCutututrjf th I
t "I'. .. ; UlJ1'KI j jJ IKb.>!.f l cl..1.'r. .1'1\ '.< i. Ii I. cU nill ti Gt iits. you \\iih .Jhe Simple! U'arc.oTo-\V. Peeler. IIW : Will thIS "n.t accuracy alI1chcwc..u purchasers eaft bare WILUAJt iatnriini QLWL.J" '. _
...,' .T'i\ .... -t 1 ,MHHU! ftrtMrr.pi.."i t.. Iv '..Hi.Th J'd.Y..hd dating terma.
A ud
kuow IU
( : "; : aadge Hi Cuui-
__ .. .. .. i.illtand in the rear rank, FOou Hotemisvitle J. McCook one Oct. 8. 1S3& lJ&u
-- --- j>' Ci: 11. lh<- .ttr. t.t-r. r p>ii I itii.tutlittc- btu"t.uu. fete J'rJ'rwee'a ,..I..IIlcVuru wu

r L ,.Ej.lX.: .. 1. t.1I;: !r ia ....Itl"-.I.. w Iii IK?>ifji.ii ih M BARRETT S: ALEXANDER twuch .n th- d vrn T return ir.j. ; n4i sUudard wotks of l1ocLc.u-
--tCF- the >>tt.Mtitr 1J 11.":tiiti ti.ticl.. IK coi.iiict.oii thJ n f out hearing, while you with Brunswick Car-A. M. Davs.lrwinJ. ")('HE PLANTATION, 'known u furl t .

r-l V. f-.T! > ".!.r. AMHU.T.V1L : "'.tI. ihv Cli rlol<*:> =Lt4ur the Shorter, commoJity come to the B. Giles. 039100.01One : .situated. at the n>* th W the Eivwr 6tE
fJ'_ l' the fir. .1 l/:.- adr Mdd.e-; .at Florida. Thep ceb'S beelLtn..t 1IRwt
: Ur. \1.t:::S IY As a pn >t << r iI1'g e :
Cra', I'i:1' .,iris. OUs! To- I burg po4.ii urer .her pi ice*a.. t''. river, welt front, and hear your Captain expaci- A'ataha--3. L. 'Villio.ms.Cli hoidrel dt.J).,.w.ll bat paia tu any Physiciau ably known for many year*,and a* 4.-
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I'1.':;" LTr:.:% t-L !I I.I.T 'ft'..:. r. Sh.raid yip (n." Debtors, take away St. Marys River Miss.-S. G. .pr.r ir.iu sue wcvk prut i.. tb.rtecu tin. .wudi.l g bate cultiTdth n. Tbe null i ia fcrtilr..is4ptod.ss '
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l.rd; trim ii l. 'J .-rek.-lire included. Much rutbcr jrield them longer time,
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lxu3:U Lrc.:. J'JilN CL.UK.'i' yr- uud. IH c.t.cIui.iai we*"k J' M< t< cull u> .iil beard. M. V. Wehhi.PrnandinaWtu. hue /<*." MM/.-..d u.t u ....:c uuUuce wf a failure tie Owellwjr ,with all .iee1: ...
.r! UK a tru'I. atui We will I.rtn.u" "bctUrco Aud ltt. aa uft we're baa .
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----- & >nv'ii t;.r lc u. tuoLU Call be at Far bancat ii-rti, require not law Davies. IIPlN..r.-d bcfre uie, an Alderman of .1 U> periectlr healthy far Whites sad BkR'J

,\5iA. G. McLEAXnnd an_* ntbrr tt. lt>Mire ,4! lIiitiitA.iiiurtit UId. iu I Fh_KKuj'ii.Up ,*ic.4iu.-HI T. make them come straight up to Uw, Dbva.1! .Miss.--. A.: W. Jnhn on. tbe C.My ut 1'U.Udeipu.j, // y JjelM.Att Clieut- ;0.the wh.if. ;ear* The line Steaaer*.-.
re Sunday prejcbui
(-lIu.ioll I I.frall Q'zIied! a.Jldbunr ; Ijt, "tags t U.ii>g uu.j .wuru dues pay that Lie prrprti Ch.rteetaan twice a week *al.riat Iftaf
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and lunpecior uf Lumber for I u tuuL.Lla u .r..1 c. tucrcury or ibjuriwusdru beat trunipurtatiue. and market farilities>- 2.Applrto .*- t
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... 't' 11;< kf't'ic arc den.red that the U. //cliuuxld, S.Ie Mauufictnrer. .4gtatfw J".r..71JrJftk 4aIJulyl .
0 i.r Now jrentlemen hoping lC'ntlnsv./lc-J. K. Glover J. E.
'I'U''l. rt. si the*.a..ra.t S. X. Wilf < r4th. .J\ Swum ai.d .ub vr.bed btfc.re use thin 23d day .. : "-r"IrcbarIeeton
b1llt"; .-r rr.4c Mrs. U"la.tuOkr. ST. AUGThTINESTAGE lung billed bipeds in the rear rank .1)a rd 00. uf XuTcubcr 1 9 A. W. P. B.bb.ord Aid. Mercury pleoM eowjr_. wHf; Iff

.. i; banet& atd inwardly Atrbid. -T rr 'W E.:
!have heard digested Orange Mas.--L. G. Giles.Vu'usia'S. -
-AS 0p.zOOT.ATA Price $1 bottle six bottles $5
J..J'.:; Fia. J J6-rn per or Jor ,
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.. rationality Captain's argumentative -
--- the your S. Cobb. deiitered to address SCHOOL OLOtES.
DAVID IT. GALLOWAY, discourse, without look St. Johns--A> Jubl1.-on. Accompanied by reliable auj rmi"ii.ib!! eertiti- C1Obei-.LNWJ t

f'Y'N t. J/ ,. Xeirw,7ie J Cia.. LINE. '" BO black in the face, as you Chaps Hast Florida &m1Ilary.-J. C. Ley. .te* tram l'Nk-ur.i Med.cu Viilcgm Cl.rgj. TWO Terremlal "WI'
AXD 7JJeClI/GJ/ HVr/f CUAXGKIn (Ii" 1/tJJl'CS) 0. Welt and t'lbera.Prepared JP.tf"
is trr T TAWI.TT or Urtt tllW..i4is.Jj,, .. in the front rank do. He. your Captain and K' 'd by IL T. /ftuss. u, Pmcticjl tflllLES-yety atWal..i _
"0 his permission return W. P. E. ttnd elyi.uU t,1frlU.at >o.at ouib Tenth Bibles-rge'ednv. .SW-.SiUI. lit ..
gives Cooper,
you Tampa
:: Slrevt, be.. (;,ra.r Jrrut!/( 1l..J Wttll.SnrSS.n. FAIIE $ 2.0'0 quietly and peaceably to you Tampa-D. B. Leyne. Win. G.!iii>*. Paternuater Bow..-coo tab &p .

: \'\ GtO. -.- Mvi-ral occupatims with the hope| _lltfn (-To be SUllhiCd.HboraugzJ. T. be had uf f X/r. McUttxxx aud .>f all LPTUJ. and fall collateral:readuijc'betwe 'ttT .
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A& .A e, which he .,ft".n' \I tbe! PttUlie at THOUGH .*-J and Otttnl.rt ..P'.ucII *. that f liould lie be to unfortunate as to 1 r. rftprkton.Iltmand CiUi'Aiiji d lirUi 4i'Ptwvi' ce tbe...purple, richly ,) .! w "*"*t- **

--.LI. rwtc. Ihalen ir.mU.4. w U t<> jjlreaeiU. : O".d l.>o*h.r,u **0t ttc-r "!. ch rjre for &xtn. t1f' delirery! at tit 1tb DableAmericainedsInabeainlUsalletterss4with :
: b..n.t-iaaid drir.r* and tin- p.r.w.n.at! atkntiti hand of lore ASK rue a..aoLD.-TU&XO LTB.CU1ct *L
It.aar.d.-.nmbolt..t. time extend to him a .Uanon-J. J. Richard namenm fine plates usi maiaiiiilBoond _.q
line. TUe publie ED.
fuvpriet .u.bs? g re i tti :) cJli.l.N.J.r "iiD.1.h 1-11
'M *iiahept. 1O.IS. }r'I__ teed n 4.,. -\- ai r ld i> .f either prr.. srLhJgzige. and not one grasping the amount: of K.y Wtst-W. J. Dnval. in Tartar Slumeei Kred.Upiftcoial .' .- 'Ut:: -

CAP PAID FOBBounty The .ubeacrbrt"; (recently.Ir.nn Mao-ii indebtedness to J. Juho on. 4 kerp Cash litore. Prayer, ._ .
I or..r t1I)' t..T"e Iud ,IU..c ye.r txeipce in the his you. Cedar KYI-B. $ .Cat Mo leCOPYISG Pftl,.... &

Land Warrants I M1M11lt4.can .hit custdcsici ..ure the public: uf CAPT. LITTLE CASH Su.mpttr-J. F. Andrews. .. PR J .-O .psra l.

.. -BY- 'PHILIP' FRASER:, I perkCtsIIl44et4n1.- We ahill be"J., h" Sn.!".n the arma! fJ1ASOX ntr, of Hard Times County.1856. George Wilson. puVIRT'S. noaA', "t

r .. Je.-it u&t 1 DIBBLE, TALLAHASSEE, FLA., Uec.23, RESoLUTIONS OP THE CO FEaE.'CE. ) ESPEUtr iuAnr s tbe Ladie and e n. One e'p7'Il-Witt'; Flora* Dictionary lIP.

-.- .. --. -. $.. .\. .l.tti: Dec 1, -'. ... E B k J..cLiaanvlte and..rnauaad&ftJto"u PftIJeI1U.,a W9. --.W..ItII'
.'PIERCHAT"4HOTEL. I I RE"'rEI1t; CE: and Best. The following resolutions were &I"'Iu.t1U' binding, with en1o. plates. ,.
Last and banliial
r thut he tut* .w .p.ned new -
1'OVG Lds can be tanjlit ma. on the j'I Utcr fir ercrr U4M t.u the tt.rer. and .n wb Scripture.Di.ck'I' given the unanltnouj'jy: adopted by the Methodist I try 'b'Ck if Fall and Witi: O itkhv e nitin'gportly LAKUEUrpa PBESD1'. I s .
PL4IM Furl e. by awlriHjr ,, 1 I Jwye Usid u., Due. 6-m The lullowlU'toast, was to their adjournment r ocUrucbotce PtrMU Ooii* tIIII
'at r!ota 'M iA.c.c.WILLIAMS nOZJ:1U -- oilier day at a dinner' iu New Jer' Conference. ; ppor \ et>n ten's. y I .. f..A
NEWFALLfliter4oods. : DRY GOODS.Caiiene These,with .othes

& GOIffi -AND sev'by Daniel :. Dickinson Ruolt1id"/ ( That.. the thanks of tin* *. ptain and njt'd .. BTk and ColorAltMCvs. iuthe Statioorry.liae,tie sate- Ly:C' ..
-The xvomen.of the and lariD. FAMT Rnbi pUia and
the citizens : 'O.r. ;io.tt
Conference; returned to eJect Jy; :U -j
of statesmen patriot, and tit'd 6 D Jw. *. BUck and Silkn,Silk and ;
i of Alligator for their hospitality ClwI .. Nrjrn* cI.1 tn. Blanket -f all dc*. Tim Ru.WdW.L1; :'ei bczL .

iiillll _:___ .. wururl" and enll'b..lv and ca l'd rIlDcI l ,Bieacb and nu- : '! '
w I I -aclc.CItc:4 'tjetf.IUj _i isyitri aU.I. -The Women of the Present .Day ; in, duertaiLziDgthePreachler, bleached llinuej/un. Kentucky,Jf' gJ&eoeUca' the HIAWATHA; .
TilE .Ied L'ZlW"It' h.. arte ..4 w.IL a. hone during our stay among them ; and Bnud .CU4h$ Dam u k table Cloth and XU. tku.. beautiful mrtb."'& n"'m
j'CKSO'JU..r .AMflUA.7ierchantKoteL. .r1e4&IuCk.ut p.IIeIIJ exp'e.aJy .,r Hoop hoop hurrah I" / officers' for ..t-.1J. .r.1. C. Ha dkl"l'elticf..S.lk and Ktr.iw The 'HUWATUAIleurj
else the county .
Y.- to }
=. .J mark&c..iiis'rnt i ui.t's.uy .,use 'II1"1.tI;its.LL Bum ettitrPtau od lid BibUwWi Silk-and V 4- B.jchN kTau .. ;
1 .. sb..sc an"dl..d.apta'Ct Ia pfrc' 'U.' RtmarkaUf'difference of OpMi!.-- the use of the Court' House ; and to elTfitnuiinjiIuin: and Cmbric Ed:iUjc*.N. *l KirratMius'ul; the Indaae,u ....

; .4 .als tee guilty .4 v4yle. but 'asThi p baa Uiscovercd.t that tlwUHKt the masonic fraternity for their kind- W. OJUTN .'hinieett$ and Steer*. H Voef andSilk 8cho.>lcratt daring a loofoKe+1 i.l..
; .ea'. Iifl)3' ttXt kt I&nt'et ...f11CGl.arfl An dfiliauge Illu* &.iakI.UrI1Ie* "E 'FbiIde.Board I f. tbi1ur.I* markets; w"lda h Itel. .. u u' Juable..r ,:. :about the J1 e& and kcuurtej y; in offering their An.ticMl Fluwer*, T-U,.JUu br
Day 9'.**v c.j .w1i be able..,.ell es.w. u.4..at, Ir weather .i is that.tba. ladiwpow ball for ueRuiivid. .' U"OMtiets.aIL kiud low Lidu and UeaUemaM. frau the eabStibsN4L .
at fur
1 ffuad! wOi be fraud .. btil alitait. ,present Wlutebu&cs Be U and a wetof Ilo*b.
1'ftJfta1k itattuos, the latter.lhirebecB aj
cub .d JI pr.odllC J..IM faUUklly .. .
.canceled with I.br BCI--1'. ...". d* I.* ..111 'isIs 'r yr* #<3U, HL. uaiKijsomo: sew "f lura.1iutt : the! .the.Secretary .*orn- .U.. sced.. : < xl '" '* .

.}L J'EAESON All-i1r 1t.big4! be.w .d'iev mzs41Iastd l'sed -it' bitter..cold" for ,the season, Mia copy:of( :ihese.jreqlttti6nlo the. J.O T I.IX. G; trTcacqucst.frr.!rrIai __I

.3 "S5u Proprietor.LARoGIS : sad Me..11 jism*-.1&4"ii&.n.c, 1,1d'Tis.&U'"meeb.4'$hC4V41tIte while otIeho sre..uotwcU; )*oia-. editor of Alligator ddecrtwr for Orea. Bninm and lff'C1.oIIt.,P""". Vests, L.B. fL.iowt;: # ii': l"'n
JEu ,. t ./'," d. .' Jrl n$and Ora. Cramt.Hat ? "
or. 12,185ft.A b4$ a CAli bdUN .rdI&a ecI.declarousDt-rIt..alu.t i .. HhirK "
.. .. h" I. Jel.Lie uuWu b.u&d.d ..11 *tzesIKa ftJ; t f I publication., .4 dj .' ., Vatkcaad:01". ...lasgvtber N.tS.fldi
wbdY. 4' ,_ i.L1'mo
't ; ;M. O'niy a for1aliIriIl 't wiib'ajargtf SMurtmeniaami .
fr P'Se.eS d. 9
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; 3TT* E. stc .i. ) rg, .is4.M .ccfl3I.t'U l '" dt..'fto.fC01 ctt, "weiI4tiII .Tbo\next"ABDUU! ..Conferencebe ..Jll ; .
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8J i.
....__ > 'G!" ERi' :J af4fl4daPw4bs b.'..-.rf..c. .y.ir''r'f rrqs htI .fa' p,1i, .. "fl', .. { ." 'held .at J a nYUJ u't i t., } ,B:I.oozs4 ; : btrvbyote4t.prsse.tio&Wt the udersIas4'.' lIs.

: ..., JCftI E.--t..dl..Gqru t,b.aa t.IW&s.I O. ). ,: 1Je l! #. 1 : ,. ff .J' tei cMt.ii cribecl.I. il 5 lie
: ..1 t ;" me re44 : gu d flau '
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:tid.zwra1&g: ,." -.1.--.1..' > t .. ..-- .. laj"il. W tti.1. .1i- .GJ .. 'Wilj. isiad' Irdfsrr.s.t.IIM".J. .kept' eu Issis4Alaa"niri47 ... iY.Abf&. .
I I i &Jinl! !
JD'lIEAtaII U --- ,1f2. aVOUl Uc1Uck .
: ; L, ,.. '. fotM' "aa
; ..1i1VJ-n08." .II; dJx &. .? *L 1.OJa.J.Jwet.." .I'fu". .I" ." 10".._>. .L.., ".. .ono..tti. !I.frO. 1""p_>.' MJwiam4rwa1Id'ex*.me 1 I 8l rf:at.tW, C-rulioa*:intcTwEt4 Burner.bo- ..iC.1awr '"\.. .,

('M. 1)14I icn.- t. .f '. i't; sri tlrtrtwrtr.A1 AaK takejrrwt .
: cp.xpI.iL'sr- t.uts .:. '1 ,2 ( t.. .' sIs p rebJis ..
I., ..4'f.\.i<>) .J.1&- I" \ .,nO'--eet.WI.1."t. .t INreJI.t ;, t i tlatT ptsa.r.ilC try u.r a pitas*.U UMM r*OM cuy Uw.th -. -
1IaT" .1 .:Ti4.,DII14! c I .jt1-WititiJCl it ..i1.ltl\ .r me a c.&Mi. \If.traa"GOUItt. -
'1t. ;:
< : -. r .r.tJ\'k. .Wa'Rr V .d1.: t 4. T h ry@, w" 'WfJir7. 1'.t: IIN T'.titr 4 i. 1 1 I. et 1. .
..talt 'I' .I" 't. J h..vw.l0 n. i :
:1 .t ff" .i&r'
-- J lL i$ ,"" & t... ." ..l _.. .'" r"v' t._ I ,
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111&-- .
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'_ #' -- .
'c' iY'71; :
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..._ _. .,... j 4. : ,
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t.- .: J )rittfQ (or tb471orkRepnbllcan.L 'a. ,'. coBtly set it aUted ia a paper publisMIn ROLI'T op ZTIBZct
1iriba1tXtbfitafl. THE,. tf r-r., '*.--- & '** -'_,. { G Ucc 11 t'. yrKn1Ui4TMOIQ1T4: Jfertlaad, )Ie.,- 'a city of !less t1ae ,
the re-eater3rG becoaiiBgdisconten ,1 o T w'PtLD nu
11:4. ia1iabitant that there over
:turcby&nemooD tiefmncli'Iookcd : ; ,* 60.000 are W1m.s18t.
: ,ted and un ppy. |th':pro9pecjof a. rational : T A .N o4" .mI. 9 5.000' Spiritual awUt is but three/8I'! \ : -.. .. 1J
.! Sam rEvROUDE fiS'
r.1 : for
; :
:\_ camoglidjngup 'admuustratioii of affairs Ste roM S. four : :old there 'while wo kn6w .Ditrcac a.are the opinions of
.conWnktlvp o ;
aJXCXSONVILLE.r; life, of.life" and .Could? Edwdstand and years ; ye men tr
the river &.t'liing of and
; $e same ?
of entire societies ago country abort
under Mr. V cJianan. The, peeelilIJ3i ITopkins together with their contcinpora- personally many religious IQt
was greeted with three hearty cheers from who have embraced it apparently the simplest and lean
as a
S.' in the earlier NewEnlsM
which he rios and H BAA
Wednadar Uorning. Ia.nuzzy '_1S7._. Jthc cr jrd wjfio had.ss emJblcd ayfe| gJ?1 I la, in t h;o.Senate_4, tJ thc in .Presidentelect theology compeers l ,rise! f o-day from their Extending as if'does with dencfniina-! i to T lsco8fbtfclIoaH. 'b Dei fe Ut -I.
1 -1: icouTe'Ticr. arnval IpreSae< InVopinion tions it must embrace .ed a that n\Yets\ 1.
t wo1 S66n i after lier and visit the numerous churchesofflatidd necessarily people / ? foncnnniankraditrfaVor fI
t.uP C. Bcntr, 1W Brown St. U ourWfrbaiahaC"bictfpUno. i would! prefer to sec Kansas a freav graves of all l different religious creeds. let till of aaywroolor!
.n.d die Captain, as perfect a specimen of a : they would fine scarcely a : 'j
rated eoliettiof all mould due this State, is made the subject of much sharp testtge- ..remaining-, those. doctrines majority rejecting aa they do their .older regarded u (to use a lawyer _

.. ..Y'CM'kc-&t.T.-, --. __ .__, gentleman and jailor' as- one. oxn findtlnr.vitcd .J fiti ism. 'Some .of"the more/hungry' of which: 'lhey"sd' powerfully 'set forth.:- faith embrace what may bo called system ..U rapl eridenee" ofItt. Iso ,)
S his fnondsonboard where tlicywcre conclusive is this
jSi-.p. allied to that of the "Coine eon.,..
UTCB boar aolhnrized Ajrrot at the oce-s ckera ;at, thef South*'&e\ ttf t Even ihos 1 cteifomraatbnii trbicb''silLre>1, nearly 1I
Creek to reeetre and receipt regaled with the,."delicacje? whlc j eso_ denying Lain! the name,"do'not relain the'tenets as I. Outers.'' The Bible is generally looked that many theologian urge it p _
tIr thia Office in tbat ,ectiun.1J.LELL break the 't ree of this"eclar by att&fitbtt of materialist *
after being i written by spirits throughthe au sr&slc
well knows how to supply; part:1king : in'those days, for the |point where Ortho- upon as ,
-- -'
:: the authority of Mr. Bigler to, jnedinnishipAf ''Mitli'iw and its other argwnentin fa'ror'o&
of hich'he escorted"thtin around to. ddxyr ends.and Unitarianism .coiaraencesis M
.1Ii Itht4TyTor mankind teachesanafiVwm .speak itqrMn Buchanan,;but the prevailingopiniqn ,yet undiscqyered-notwithstanding the I writer: *i and entitled.to-jnor, more credence JIn -'pon.oalyb;

ITi1 I tbit j or ultra- view her splendid proportions, spartmenta ,seems.to.be that slavery. extension powerful efforts. which ,have been. wade I than the f'uiodcrn\ T4el tonj.'* Gbrist can we obtain'the.uaircrsajjfJTzni2nir JoncwnnII

urn feeling and machinery. Tho Evi2toLApE.cm to that effect. regarded as a Spiritual i medium of the ; man iU jbtaer point
invariably begets an opposite is not to bo promoted by the new sail
phatically! Jacksonylleboat,bein. *owned 'OrthOdox highest order while ,with the ,tnnscen- questions mankind,hate agreed
;i 4.it; andjsro oaly wish to admin straifon -The Richmond lflu9. .But Methodists, Baptists/ orPrcsbyter ;: fcr."' to it.
: principally by some of our' enterprising ns'nd Episcopalians well dentalists they regard the Holy Ghost asa

i4.D'I$.iierrb: ?V- bon" "timo back in order to merchants, and officered. by those-who are says : understood, and we propose to 'take a '.nonentity. Sabbath w not regarded In the; esiljeiwc'(,t-gtfrejne Greater

prtcte_ t t Under this doctrine of S'uatteif Sovereignty view of thoso less known. Of the .Uni- J..S/'particul 1thoI1, and the usual' ordinances alrtribcs and racef of man concur. 'ntj

,4ir LUg is.now',the scat of all the favorably known among us require of 'course Kansas is obliged to tarians who ara.moat numerous i in some 'of eulogy., If,wo.had. been asked to select boa free State and that told and dance,with their
4.illIehi, elements-tho great focus as wo are ,States:wacafl:say'but little, u'they have Both.jjreachcrs nicaibersunitc peculiar taAtelibit1ia
'i all,tto' seeds of ultraism come officers of tho boatCapt; L. M. COSETTEB, by Senator Bigler, is'what Mr Buchanan as yet adopted no creed, and embrace UI the festivities of'the ball-roomAlthough thorarrr'"&- ** i.O d,

tho Mr. R. H. STEAVART, first1 officer, and the decidedly prefers; and, preferring it, everything not classifying itself otherwise.We c\"erything conducted with the strictest tKey arc ..urwhimows.jjl.
*& they have crerkind, Mr. L. F.Roox, Purser,would the inference is reasonable that he will 'will speak first of the class or sect propriety-'and'ojuwjt be objected,to ex- In the efficacy' .HonbwaTa TJnfvenJ

SSSvtl of tho !'.May-flower" at Plymouth choice and exert all his' official power and influenceto variously known by the names of Transcendentalists cepcn dancing .and. late hours. One Remedies for tho cure of diaea* a, J Iii.

r1 i: 'Tbe Puritana.fled from what they hnvo-been our congratulate prevent Kansas or any other Territory Free Thinkers, and Como thing whicH! '_some of.them have embraced unanimity exist ,in. tb. ,opinion of tke
Charleston,our own citizens and the portsat formed into' slave State. And 'Kas, them than world. AH coablries; tribcs.TaaJ
; femed persecution'of their consciencame.to being a Outers-thua termed' from their comingout cast mote disgrace upon
]d. : the then inhospitable which she may top as well as the trav this 13 to be the fruit of his administration from all the sect-, The founder of can be easily effaced; wo refer to the upon earth employ tf1e8e'W
the advent of such -this the entertainment to be spread "Free Lore" There is class derive benefit from their
wild of America where they might be elling public oa gentlemen this class was Emanuel Kant, a Prussian: movement. a use. .
out for the Southern people Our.worst at the North the of ravaccs to whose ears the
with such a magnificent boat. We by birth, and for many years 'a professor numerous considering 'very naa
&exeaptfrom\ : that tyranny they so much apprehensions are thus realized cven in of the who discard the of Christ has never been
all feel'proud of her and will liuo in a German University. This man is enormity thing ;jet 1r
f dIipIeed &nd. feared. every advance of his inauguration. Under the probably known even by name to but very marriage system entire, selecting their are familiar with the, properties'D,=

4tei ii few years their numbers multi- care that the interests ofhcr owners shah doctrines he holds, and the policy of his few, yet it is questionable whether at the wives from "affinity," and when they discover ers of Hollow3ya external rcnediet.miiwionaries .

j.d'&nd tHeir strength was augmented. not suffer. administration, not another slave State prevent time are many men whose influence their is no "affinity," taking to of health havt

o'Oou dare the ta- Her dimensions are &a follows : length will ever be added to the Union. is greater than his. His peculiar themselves a new husband and a new those of the Gospel ; and In ,D1I1II 1
a ruling majority .
' .u. of Keel 16i feet; length overall 172 feet; -. ideas slowly but surely gained a footholdin wife; all which they consider necessaryto instances,'dlC pftyMcal relief imparted Kj
bleavero turned and what deemed We the attention of
tJtey ee wou'durgo
depth of hold S feet ; breadth of beam 29 Germany until they are the popularones their living together is the aueut of the former has obtained and secured far-

:. rsecuiiott i in'Old England, they practis- feet. Her principal saloon is elegantly our readers to the advertisement in another on theology. Once established in each. We were once told by .a prominent unable audience for the more abntract tail!

, *.!d to ;'.greater extent in this. The QuarcTh column] headed Jacksonville Male Germany they extended rapidly to France, Spiritualist lecturer, a husband: and intangible! bcsin! and has the
I: '} *ra _g the first who wero to be- fitted up greatest advantagesfor and Female Seoynary." The principal, to England, and lately to the United father of a J large family, that he had selected sought} an opportunity to ?cstor.

light and ventilation. The EVERGLADE States. In Franco it reckons among.its his wife for the next world and Our reader, when they hear Uut
: excel-
: luro they:had escaped from ono country, Mr. STUCKEY, comes to us most
has state-room accommodations for diciples Madame DudevanJ, better known they had become thus engaged. But Holloway's medicines arc emplojcJj'
to be thrown the shores of anoth. recommended to establish this institution
P4!, .on IDO passengers,and will carry a large quantity lently as George Sand, and the best known and among a large majority there in a deep every people, and advertised in crerj

vltoibt_ more rudely'dealt with. Men of freight on a draft of 4} feet. She of which we have iong felt the most popular authors ; in England, Carlyle hostility to this. In regard to the future tongue on earth, may raile eonteapramr*.

. "who.'* differed from the Puritanical code need, and which should receive the encouragement Thaekcry, Leigh Hunt and many state, they regard heaven. as a second material ly ( as we did,) and'think the tale a law.

; ton-.'were denounced and persecuted, and every is propelled by double-inclined engines, of our citizens. There is others, and in America, Emerson, Longfellow Paradise, where our occupations differ bug: :-but I let them be convinced (as we
manufactured at' tho Morgan Works, New not from those of this life but have been, ) that it is
effdrt was made to force them into a con- nothing so deserving their special attention Mrs. Child, Thoreau, and thousands widely nothing but tle
,i I' "in -.*, f York, and capable of working up to about : of others., To these and the great still the inhabitants know of the proceedings naked trot:). Wherever types a ad print
, ;, formity with,tho outer semblances of ro0atiu. as the means taken and efforts made of those iti dais exist
225 horse power. She measures 393 tons I preachpr of those ideas, Rev. Theodore world and take a ins presses Professor Jlolkiway
.1 Laws.were enacted making it apeoal carpenter's measurement, and was builtat to educate our young, for on them depends Parker mast, we look for their tenets.- deep interest in them. Oa entering the I employs them to proclaim the iterlia

I offence. to be absent from divine the future character and wclfaro of First, The inspiration of tho Bible.is denied. spirit land we enter upon a state of endless merits of his remedies .-wherevtr the

I VJI*worship>M ---, ami- many other enactments Green jnt, near New York City, by our place, and we trust that not only in this It is asserted that it is the opin. progression, but the height of glory do NOT exit he has employed aceoauplisiioil

:' .j&j&aQj a*, tyraauous in their character Mr. SAMCJ.L SNEEDEN, under the imme case and at this time, but in all cases and ions of the men who wrote it, containing upon which we enter and forever continueis ) intcrprdte a. lOll) rx bli-sh1
I superintendence of Capt. CoxETTEa, a mixture of good and evil, and to be determined bv our goodness when we .special orriiiM at make known Iiuerytonj d
jBarkHhat era Tho "Blue Laws" of all tiwes will unmindful
whose judgment is a sufficient guarantee at they not prove read with the liberty of rejecting tho one cater ther." Where tbeec i ideas aw obtained ; l'j* to which the Bible ..apjr .%.

.1 -Coaaeeticnt ant? many anti-w!thcnrt en- that nothing has been omitted which can of it. It will bo seen at a glaco that and accepting the other, as of any book we know not, for they consider the are t ixjacut with the uvuciixl. JQU,

f .. apteeate and disgraceful deeds stand out add to tho comfort and of her Mr. SIHUCKEY has adopted a very methodical Second, The perfections and consequently Bible contradictory and the statements of of the prat"plivsicLtu who.haji acattertH
in bold relief to bear witness to tho incon- pas arrangement which) can hardly the Divinity of Christ is denied. It epirita are certainly so. Looking in the gifts of henliuir' over all Iamb and.

eistlnerpof early inhabitants of that sengers. It is said that she will, in smooth fuil to give satisfaction, and wo trust that is asserted that, like pthcr men, ho hid spirit of candor we feel compelled! to say The W ird: H in the witnca&bux and l

section-of these States. What was tho.consequence water, bo able to make from sixteen to his school will receive such encouragementas his failings and committed his sins. He we cannot: find anything better offered rives cnthn"iastre evidence in tune pf

eighteen miles per hour. Her trial trip is clawed by their writers, particularlyoften than: is presented in the BiMc. We arc Profe'vor lIuUorraya remedies; and Itt
will it to become
of this kind of legislation ? was from New York to Charleston, with a cause a permanent by1 I r. Parker ia his theologicalworks fullv of t''Utopia that the reason why thos2 wii) "')ufd! impugn such 9tinuny

In the place .religion, as it was under Institution. with! Socrates, PJ-ito, Mabotnuied, .so little is vQp gilt of the Bible is beuie bj nli'Ju04i i in Sf) doinjr by a fnrilj'
and old salt told he had
rough sea, an us -U.-
1: st.oofby the Puritan, a fungus growth of WALKF.HAXD ins 1'ORCES.-It- is estimated etc. Thirdly I The peculiar sanctity of it is not read ss it should be, and wj of n".J ni1. they ftrike at the very foondwtions

I Infidelity showed its head, and that be- never known a_.better_ boat. the Sabbath is denied. It is asserted know somewhat of this fmrci CXn2riCflc.- of r.lici' and 1 ruortlitv. Tile
{five thousand
that have
came in its turn the great lever of fanati. Indian Outrage at $myrna.A I over men that all days aro equally the LonTn days, What is offered iw by cither system we I world is i in lh<* w tiift<-KK srnl pivn it

cism. The Mr. }>. Shive, formerly of Philadelphia gone from this country to join the forcesof and what is or id not tinful oa! one day, have examined? a rc-unlon with friend ia I 4-ridcnca for llollowav. -Bosfa* Tl'1Ir.i .

Bible was appealed to to sustain attacked at"his house in New Gcn. Walker since his first descent is or is not sInful on another fay. Thu ke&vcu ? The Bible! tells us that 'if our i tile,.

treason, and finding their positions! unten was upon! K carng1Ll. At last accounts all!! in (Germany a I lecture is delivered in the earthly- lionc of this tabsrsnulo ii ilwsolvc ...-

: bleb a resort. to the Higher Law" Smyrna, by the Indians: a few days since, his forces consisted of 400 inca; under fcranoon Bud the aftcrooou: aud eveningof .l, we luvo a haute not UJltl- wit' ; SI'ti1% AND Civixo.-A W mID inI

they flung it aside and denounced it-not and himself, wife and two children killed Sunday spcst ia amusement, an-1! the! t J hands eternal in tjo! ileavcas;" Joe i iI ht ; .hna: \t'3 v.y :'.n J or int t to mi--
i in .
only did they deny the inspiration; of thatBook and house burned. Mr. S. went out in the Henningsen, bsiej/ "f>Q American Prcacuera occupy: o:1ljt t the t I a.&'arj us of immortality? xlo Biblj! I ;lhus I sonr; "ry racctin.-*. and singing. with gr* t
men under Col. Jr.cqucs, garrisoning Virgin forenoon. The that tlm ;
Fourthly atonement of corruption iutt i in-
: but morning to get some wood, when ho was put on apparent: zal 1 anSI terror.i1r .
denied it a place among moral his wife Bay, end 100 at the two forts of Scr- Christ is denied, It i is asserted that good comiptioa: and this mortal wust put pD
shot and killed
at thereupon
works.*. TV come> down to our own times at piqui and Fort Ccllis-in all 750 rnsn. wjrks, and those alone, arc pleasing to immortality;" does U give u. happy ab-taJ. 'be" mrJblm! t"

i ftc we. point to the slavery agitation seized the children and ran to the river, This is all that is left him out {f the (;oJ. Fifthly, Prayer, Uaptistn, the ceptions of JJcavcn ? the Bible gives con-I But whenever! the plates( went round f r,

: and the Maine Liquor Law;" all springing but was pursued by the Indians and all 5000 who have Lord's supper and all sitnular ordinanc&J: prouiisj of wore than our fiuite uiind can i contributions, she always nng with },1'f
i from the original source-tyranny in murdered. In addition to being shot men gone this country are rejected as being empty csrcoioay, oonceivo when it says that "eye hath not eyes fixed on the ceiling. Oa one otra-
his standard.
- their throats \were cut and the bodies to join meaningless and worthless. Church organization seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered
.'' the Puritan etre transmitted to their legfeubaie otherwise mutilated. The Many of his recruits have undoubtedly is likewise discarded. Sixthly into the heart of man to conceive the zion, however, a negro touched her wit'i

children The &larcry question outrage was returned to this country disappointed, but Tho permanency of sin is disbelieved. Jthin.23! which thc Father hath preparedfor the plate, and said, Stay, its no ne for

' Baa received Its quietus and again we not discovered until several days after its a large portion have laid their bonesin "Our sins in the sijrht of God arc as the those that lore the Son." Then let you to tin;; Fly 'bro 1(', thoti miitygospel !

I ii thea attempting to resurrect the buri- occurrence, when a Mr. Sheldon visited very the soil! of The stumblings of a child learning to walk, in us cling to the Bible which has clung to us ),' wid yu eyes fix.on de- corner of
I the place. There is much excitement in Nicaragua. misrepre- its mother's sight." Seventhly, It is asserted I and .to our fathers through so '
lAw many yearsof
.in Maine. The Black Rer sentations which these unfortunatemen do cclin ;-it no use to sing Fly 'bread
by that hereafter
i that wo shaJI at! be light and .darkness-
vicinity in through so
r many
( publicans of Maine and other New Eng-- consequence..e. have been enlisted involves many cleansed from sin and enter on a State of days of joy and sorrow. lit us humbly alien. 'less you ye sotactliia to make 'nm

Ztkf: orta to bring about greater string- where everything whether of merit or ponsibility. At last accounts three hun- greater than all material things, greater earth and the beacon-light of llcavcu. ------- --,-.-o--- ---.
than the Bible his soul is created IfviUdy's' Pill bare bern pb rdbj Ifc* I
BCf ift&4 fyw* &t?S ?r measures on tho not, must be printed, it is seldom we can dred recruits from Now Orleans and New pure. ECLIPSES 1857.- There moccoiisriit II( mat iird.! : at be hrsd .f iatern*
etc. carnal N will be
reason, are not are intended two
.; din their Icgt&iaalc with in the world rrmcdr: T,) S.IT Ib\&. in warm eimaU! tWfa
','; past ?; meet; anything literary York were on their way up the San- :I to Jbe .used on religious subjects. If eetipsc next year, both cf the sun. The ire th.>n53mls' tboiuand of
uaa aaa-
c1 .so much-praised,ineffectual for which wt, pan recommend to our Juan river to join Walker. They will any doctrine, the irio-lty for instance, first will occur on the 25 of March. It alit from (falling upon a-ieriCot .. dvapepisus pcn. dp.t

'. gcfod If not positively pernicious. In the8atof But we can refer such as Tri-lh a re.'ders'l have to fight for their lived., Government docs not confirm to reason, he is bound: to will .bo invisible! ia aU that pact of the 1. dillrrb,.colI.tp-4tlon:: lirrr cumpbni, eisW
New York, tho great reject such doctrine. We bay thus alf \1t1 utaUtonit ( n,. etc. I*rs*
supporters w imj4f
literary visitor of the first class to The ; ought to stop this recruiting from United 'States eat of the meridian of
*&ai: measure, through their and thrown together the principal; ; points! <5f lute Xirt: atteJol,1f br clouds' 'sit witMtfrs. X.
press J.Yati m, the attractions of which will bo motives of humanity if n from considerations doctrine Washington and partial and visible sufierer fn ..
-p: their not methodically perhaps, west >m *o>rbwti a ections cftP faiW
p1Id ,speakers, avow they have been I
I found stated in our advertising columns. .of international comity. as they aro cleaned from different authors.In of Washington. The second is an annular to experience rvlivtfnmi them and they aN ',

_ mistaken> / *!in ,their zeal for the public good, It i is not often that sueh an array of ...SELEcnt& New England this denomination) if eclipse of the which will aotet-d tocitrvcbronie disrasM! of the. bUraIorjiin
and:declare. there lae"ecn more drunkenneas talent as ]1. Southworth, Dr. Ocksidc, IN 3IoBiLE -A few days such we may call it, is extension. It the 17th. of commenceon ..which h.re pr* ;iooljr b iflll 1 ae skill ?

during the two years the law has been Benjamin, Herbert, \'. Eliot, Alice ago a municipal election was held in Mo- finds its diciples in all our country towns in the United. "States September and therefore midnight 'he most- sncreM fiil. practitioners.At .. .. -.
invisible -S --
in operation than was over known before. bile. A regular straight-out Democratic while 4n' tho larger :they are numerous, n.8RIED.
Carey, etc., represent, arc engaged. enriching clergymen in Massachusetts in this country. It will be visible ina
aro supported
"Wfc, ef.the_ South, have another record ticket was in the field, but-the Americans --- -
-- the columns of a news-paper, for instance -la Boston Waltham of Asia Woodland. han .. Ifw 50rkulliino.
large portion a part of Africa, Crwalr.
carried for their candidates
. .r 1bitb4ws a great balance" in our (a. while tho humorist, the literati, the seven out of Worcester, New Bedford, Barre, Lynn and the whole br Rcr R. J|. T/dia-v H" ,W. V.
v6"1Thittho the Wards of the Australia. JIcCAtt. Key Wr l. and Mia UABTBI tt.Datt. .
North The *
has failed to do eight city. Advertiser .
Farmer, the Planter, the Newsseekerand and we know not' how many others, of -' S.. of.the firmer, pUcV. ,
r bj, Sn* ,we have found voluntary associa- in fact all closes have their special says : these Mr. Parker's is the largest, and his DEATII07 CAPT. CASEY, U- 8. A.It. -. .- _. _r

1 3 ttoM to i have effected. The characters of department, thus ministering to the wants We can say to our friends abroad that congregation the largest in New:England is our melancholy 'duty1 to announcethe I DIED..

-tnaTiro! ; people being essentially different whether or not Americans must rule of any sect, averaging nearly three thou : decease the A& be qrcb'tt'a Ilnlet.J*o. SJofof bewirVItS
of the
of all
and on 25th
'different' mode making it peculiarly a family America," it is very certain :that they sand. There is at present no, ,denomination evening the, Iuojpi,<;v0rc.W. Cain of RattimMr.Jtt*
;a was The law of S ,
adopted. We would distinguished gentleman. Capt.CAsz'r m ofOcor A. Girrof 1-urt.1" Mr. CanW
rtandi paper. advise our readers to bold and mean'to keep possession of the so rapidly, i increasing, especially was Indian, been in tbcitybpIjsi l d.T.bavI.tnrhii .s..LIa
*aloo'j'ud.doea- not pretend to in- give the advertisement a careful perueal. goodly city of l\I bile.." among.ihe young, as the Come ,Outers, the .Seminoles appointed :Agent, for ( health lie was (.nn.rlr iattoof a.-
Florida in 1849 .
tawiihour diets,our meats drink while the In ,-nnd, Wm. Ilnehler S+gr Uann&ctanr hi
or *, -Se. Thi, is'an and influence, of the
example the unyielding! with a short interval, performed the functions mon. ( CburlatAn i'biladelpbia., sad Jblu-n

ztleMQsz1Jturo and- a due sense of prinezpte''oiDtIiriduIs following item of Indian firmness, of the American party. It has church and clergy, has and ,docaatpre.: ,of that responsible position until his pap ni plea? e ecV| ';) 4'-
: to work its own uews is taken from the Key West correspondent ent decrease with a rapiditytruly alarming death. Than DttI*'UWrll.' & *; .. tb*' .Ud' b.t
been purged f f all its. dross and be, no man had a' larger -
now GeorjrvP. KhJrvd .
of the Charleston to those who feel anlihtcrcst in.them. ** : rr*
I Supreme Court of New Mercury: circle or"
.. stands beforo tho firm united Ono
a other claaa of
country more recent date
lorEJ'I' aciaea tno Liquor Law of We have late arrivals from Cape Flori. I friend, either ia or out of the Army, $Itolntloof Co-P ;t."nll;:
will I
and band wo notice the As is
: tL lTto1ieL ODltitutional and other da, where two Companies of tho Second unwavering of patriots. Its well known these, latter.Spiritualists. The funeral rites, .under,tho superintendence mID Co-iMrtoeralrin I"retofor,saWing WJL .
: Artillery are stationed. No Indians have 900,000 voters are the nucleus of a great ., day rappings of the Military will be teen .subscriber La thu uadiom
Wf&odatare to, be tried in order to been the first originated in Rochester N. Y., some rert"orm- hI t tnuto l cun. ot. .
soldiers and and ;
seen by fresh ed at 2 o'clock
powerful triura'pbantf\party.
although : It 111., to.day.-J fa J'enintular
AU imieltcd ear-
12 since and Mrtuiui ta the late Irta III
avert;|te-dangers of drunkenness so wo- traces discovered in thc retains its years increasing at first slowly 1 ; I .bold
were neighbor. own strength. No one of its 2,1th vlt. neatly'! Tenanted to call *o F. C. liarttt at
fuJJy xUeribed by the enemies of disorder. hood. The troops.aro occupied in, opening nearly one million of nati\"o-bom'voters has at the present time attained aforthold ,- Illl. .. atand and a (Ue-b4 Wo/f/ an h*T3a'l',""

W vaffyt I leaving these ,things to moderate roads Along tho borders of the ever will be found recreant to bis duties. Un in We nearly' every city arid 7to 'village in our land. State', iceis: : and cei ir.all and liabilities roceipl/or will bo allsmnnnU M'K)by him.'doe ;ib.ir ,

i&u glades. White flaps have been placed dismayed defeat, they will do'not'propose notice tbe'earIiet Jhe following- named gentleman F. C.BAURETT.
t snd the people individually struggle on' ''of!:this : h Tebecn .
history matter ''is .
by order of Gen. to although, as e V' ** U. ALEZAH -
Itarnoy at intervals victory. :
; anTftajl" U >fr "*(. .' see/the day when on the borders of.the, everglades.proper -. ._. ". :willingly' admitted bv Spiritualists- them. re-elected as State Officers. Thisis'a JackiovUZea.. ), ,Jaa.,7s t8.3T-1*, }, :' 1

IM14 eaaetlaws prohibiting- entirely They.do not attact tho:.'.friendly notice' of! JUDGE QP PROBATEAnother.. .d!&r(., selvesunder1 different names it' has. i high compliment, to tho efficiency ,tOTZGi.rnflE 'J111

,; .WTenjb7zncnt, We may bo for Indians They treat them with disdain, call, Vi to1),.-'.Ihe'vote.polled I ,at' .tqetvariwisrprecincts ,been known.in all 'ig s'ofi .the'world; notonyinthe.days.whed and" integrity which have 'characterized Snbaeriber bariac porc&aatd. &h fa1'.

'vsimstraintby law but not posi- pull them down and defile them, and by ; ,ifl.the.,County for this office .; .Safe j : :'they'ver .hung. on ,thair.adminUtrative) duties. JL of Mark .tte ,,$* UM narcaaaj b'
.i jr : this means. express their determination.to .on Monday last' I 'hilli but when the statute of 'Esculapmr : : JP. L. yiLLEPioui of ness O&t.Ateima rwU1 bi.! .
was light.
And Sufficient Secretary State
.aa enjoyment we : hold pave audible responses: to the.devoutqnstioner Lee."I ien4s M4 oataam a| S p14

4 __ th ,jentiments we/thiak of the no intercourse,.with.., the whites. .-', .returns have- 'been received to render certain ,'and simitar wonderfulthingsor M. D.. PAPY, Attorney General, T. W. and.. a"-HiiVaM!\\IM loveitaortof ty.hpenHo< .( for a C r-H"\ w.li

1Ii 1.r WB DB ithat.fJU ject. But the 3Ir; Jons W.. ZWN, AuibrotypisV the triumphant election of .Qsc B''' e>Cri those elder'' days'of the" !BREVARD ,' Comptroller, C. H. AUSTINICreaaprejr ,: F. .'.0. JU. '
: WM. Scbxr .
HART apostles who'.commanded:usto ,, Clerk ,of.the SupreraeGourt .J... 1..)-1-. .c.
jf era people W and rri9typist.whQJlU been Esq.the' American Candidate 'trythewbethertheybeof.Qod. : .
a mass, must, have ,spend f : tofu the occasioned
:: vacancy
; spirits : '
: .
*. tisMmij. wIei1. ,.-* 'iizi 1 ny' them ,up, fQrben.bcaccehed ingsoraexiuieln our ,city, comtemplates over nomInee.1\1;..\WM" ,*'K. CoLE,:the 1)eniocratio. mbst noted,Spiritualist author*,gives ua by the* resignation. 'of Mr.' Sa.7>*M.M. penoo. *NoUce.iadebMd to i\ ITM of FW....
hman&hirel.! TLiting.Alligator, fljadison, Mqnticello, .twenty-eight different; species of mediums Jctonaian* Adam** at Jackswril1 flpS -

0 It .! to. ing nidi'' aaac' and perhaps--Tallahassee- ;; ,the. .. "course. of "Still Another American S. Victory! ; ,.bui,the following! are the J1j.uea( ',1''Doctorsaid, i -S..a 'gentleraeo" io his aird with.the tU.uad.rslgn.d their:::"&.,aaaaW aad;.aD"arm .1m'8'7 bssS

o'barst./ utithat' a few wesks" Vo cpmmen$' J&n to .tne* We,'in.common#with' the many person' vfz.which .1 1 are ;coinni' o'aqd:. usually' Visited;, physicun; .isn't! ttera a ,dUease called lObed. 'Th br.tbe old ro .
..i i MU t. citizens of ih w placet Ant).beapdtkim'tbe.Jiberal al and'political l, friends' of Hon. W. 'W,\ rapping', tipping, Witing, :.talking, shinies$' II Ye, 'to'be'sure," 'replied I \ hi' ttftK tINt_ 4tbMountianed h.'qf" -
r. ... : trJLr if clairvoyant, pantoqiiimc, sinking,healfrig1drawing ; .Qat'! L 'Then I.bave it said the at &U .14 stand bg.Futbessdtrg -
.i to,1hioh' hi. got & .
;: ,'.# patronage gentlemanly McCUlXj.congratulatoliun onjhe: ;change -. These; nttnbr ..bltwea 'ar rab- patient "for the '. Tb ir flostomen aad ..fII1'I'..

_.. .i. 1.th", Bl ., 'deotuientsth1_ 'professional.ahiU n In_>A,his.**- a..domcftic- f* **- f,* relations*' and doub$not a* -*-, vision* .prteb 'dasse .one 'ofhiehpte&fit : rokea, *out'in. 1-dOienIes;.roof_ my.month. ,," ," is food be'CCQlDapSa&e4a&.* QW"*JIturyon.liss. ". ,

kn.' & ess AJ'p entitle_. ;hiY' <&,guarantee'that 'all 1 who.miy thAt.he j iU\.PJ'Ot!'ltiI".r! : tfce' at_ and tUo&er: ,i inhe !'oi t"-\r" .--- .!!Os .- '_ "1.Q.aI I

.... er 'I favor him wUh.aUitting wilIIe'- .perfeCtl' half' .wd.hearth 'J t; unconscious. or.mesmeric' state-. ,Theb'cTp.l1 ,iMy W,", ".aaiaa" 'oWkdr, ; ,,liow 3ayII2.s S ; lI4d t.rf..7"tt;: ::2f' "
J thjs arejncrcAsin r must .Joaah'' bare felt .
.. -D tl trhea' the rHAJtPJIIIEUU
.,....' 6 Gef uiae o-q-' N .. '.'._ftttod__ _".'.wiClAi :picjurprica -ps., Bia. 429 P4 i l .J:1! !'.. .BJ noaapzdl tban..snything gi.';t the.ri... ....'. atij1J ieda.7D: ; t'hta whale th.&DLY.L .! Al1ft Iw .. '.., j

0 $. : .!_. zTz% -." ,. .. .re yeT'pode. t .z ," .!!,;,,.; '.' .,>'4-J joy lhat Heaven, PT ..:t1 "ot.th lo..M1.. : 1 .... lr6 o. :!
1.1i' 1c .t. .J ztrJ. .
; ; 7. 'Ii .1 \ ; .t . a- .. lOS.. ; -J I }-"Ita. ... 't4- '
"-f .. "
-. -' .- -" S ,. -" ,
I.' ".,. '- -. O
.. l


-- -

_-w -
.-C ..
.- -- -j_ .
,- .
--:- --------

: aj :11

r ,1II ift :

J1, --W '. : '
..' ".v** .
-.Al4 .. Ull_.. /8SB5| .e."t" .*_ ?, 8gM . '- gfr p'l'3! I)1.: Wif.yviajfc. A. '*-*"**(. llIoI,..!.'.'. __" .!" rBa _' '. _II.I;, .,;. .. ,
-4-.j. .:_._. r' ** .l f' -* 4 *X3WP *4 ** *-i **- r"
+ *5 Kjd fv."r. _"_. .

-p !, iijj j li1 1fi'm _. ._.__.. ._ .
\ : ; r ;. ; -,- -- -
r .f'.J.A. :. .
.A'V.1. t..f--.. .. J ,,, ,to .:

: FLORIDA 'VEEKL.Jt u ; -.1. "j I
Jl 18 ; ; -

--- .' k- .. r .- -*,_ --- -. ___ c -- ki.: __ _r, '
-' -- -r---- ,
: 1 -,- v.-. .. ,;i 't.: -.f iI i 1E -p : TL, r
; I 0 "
,L* i 1._ .1fE& J&B .LIae. .. : t .' j1 Y.o '1 !I:

U BENATXON. ; ; ':S'.E .'III: A tt : A1'Wfl 1t 1i h flfi u t-ID W V. -:.lJ tlJ. I

df. .r- ;*caJS.ich hd ... ; .S. '..0 .1

J .)41. iu i SiK2re intoai i .JII'T, W_. TO BE DRAWN IX MOBILE,. '
*? = SILVER-WARE" Ar4D3| .9'tp.9 $ >
win :
H1ETb" cDicUunoK'. mIlE Scbool eosBpm* both Hale and Feaale CAPITAL PBIZE 4OOOO; J" -
i .,
1113c. .
i. tbe .
..Cc,. %?I2UTtP departmeots,each baling its appropmte e. V p.
rP JO'd call oa1r..ceo.a. Boom. Prizes of$4O, Guaraateea t _I3J..Iiltc: : GcJ9.
ftId .d d the I an It will be dlrided into three Ora4es.The -
e it
d. arr OKI TXAX-oxm rtixx to tmr TXJT Tterm!I .
'.Vilbotetpete regard I first Grade will indode '
** smp'!' SpeUit.jc. Reading. p.. JACKSONVILLE. EAST FLORIDA.
tie Star Writing and tbe first principles Arithoiatic ILIad 3st80 PrIces I-Lowest Prim.340 I *a.
OF AMERICA. UfOthpbJ" : : S.f '

WXTEIS.IbfoZ, Papn- which contains i The second Grade will indade principles! of SOU"J.'IiK.. IIIL1T.UtY 4CIiLtOTTERY. HAYINGJ-ed from New York., respectfully. Invites the' 'attention. of the, .

'BE ATIOS aDd JHz ll .stc4u .frithmalte Geograpbr.//istury..EnjflUk Grammar ,P b1iatohiatockof. V .of I .
dae u-tt,. U.-wfU Natural PbiJosopbj aod Cbmpcaitiun.Tbe .
< .,11I&caiclll' CrAwl acdtTsdv .third Grade will imlode .Geom-- a.tcJ1 ,. :'cnQC ." J wo1i'y,,' &11 ver-.: '
HnmoristM. trj.Freaeb, Latin aadGnek.DirisloB ._ CLASS V \ WAKE AND FANCY GOODS.Being i OIKT"BXT.. <
.C D. of the Year. To be drawn in the City of Mobile Alabama,la. .
KNIGHT' a1rtcb is wurt1a tbe wboeNATION the aad richest'assortment ever brought, to*toil Market of CHEAT : inrrt 1
_: Of.-bida IIditS 4Ie Tbe year will be dtrided into Quarters each ?. public. on Tuesday, December 80 ISM, .largest : consisting .I ;

( ..s. consisting( 11 weeks.Division. on tbe Plan of HLn l.Snmbenl I Tine Gold Magic Cased Watches, with 'Wtafall Tarkr &8&ut Celehnted Tae Tim uf disease-oftaf .Ii- 4

of the Dar. i SAMUEL SWANTxaaacer.Jonx S London Movements. htercsl orgaar !Bfi As ( J
: >
There will be two Seasipns per Day the first i ncrrxi 4 W,.W. :.Esqs Com'en ".t. riftKnlrevCak j SA "Batter do.MM Tbt pen trsHajr O ..
Lerers. ,
IS EDITED UY brining at t A.lLand ctmtinuin till line.Gold Uuntiais CP-. f| op : baad .. it fa ruhe.tinlesame aba.W'
; 12. the 'S. Fruit do.. Children' .
I M M setts of Kaire*. Fork and
)'ulljweledp.tent channels and reackisv t>ration '
::5. l'I.IiIGELOVA Rcomd beginning! / 1.as.
fiOUTBWORTU, Rates of Tuition to be paid Quarterly. w. a Exposed Dial M Card Case*,and Fort DScauln. ia IN kidaerafl lirer.tW
1If. PATABLI tx rcu.wrraotT zanccuox.S.
E. 0. &1 taGW"n .ODe uf Iho.otT Th first Grade......|5 00 per.coarter, .. ** a ,Bunling Cased Lcptee, Plated, TTarc.B .1 other Impart cw *& It psneil : .
w. w WRITERS IN A.ERtCA. The lIt.'CQnd, Grade..... 80O Purchasers baying 10 Tickets when the Nmn-o w..t.-.nin aiD for Ladies I to the*uttrko .Uuottp tiaj coesV
POpULAR TLe third Grade... .10 00" stock CtfS.I Patent LaYers eoaumsucate with the ak* .: .
Castor Cake afl "q
\ tbc abcn we Lc eggt1 **IuU.jroll bets eodln 1, t. >,'.'. 2. .Cfara cur., together witb a large er patterns ftfSflrerplaled w. ; .
b.4c1t A drdactuin of tl.00 from the Taition of theuIi1.IL auteed a Prize of$40. Anchors aad Lspinea-all warranted gwod time Dabttndi* sticks,Cud Keeeirra* awl Vases. Into the ferrml.ErtTT earibd1e, Ita "".'...sdssuguart1nE .
: DealT W. Hcibert, Grade of aiadies, will be made ia favor oftht ; '.' keepers. I CUTT'EflT ., ...asnx

tIaJa 1f. 1V. FO$4ic1C, ss who arll bejnanin the La-la: lanrtuin for Prizes sunonniias to -II Among my assortment of.7ar.:, mr be found : lJlSEAST.'i'4S'D ClO..i

A1ke carr, the first time. El gaftl.tt-f.Florentine-Jloaate. P.tntlng Of the celebrated \TostenJw.lnn 4 Sod. L X.. V .rELU u3.. )

.. A.- r. LA.c. A. Pa.--e, Tbe Sefcnol will cpen on 1L'5 lloadar in ., caO"j'Will ...-Lara"-aad Gold Stone, with Braceletta L. brand,consisting of pocket Knives, with Pearl fpec;e .exterior britafSaa Itdaeed q.scI1- r rr&U.T -

..raB-F. Ellet, Bea.Case4aT, Jaaoarr,1807, In the Old Ae-irtemr. be distributed according to the fallowing to watch. Fine Gold Fob Chains.. Guard Gold do., Irory 4,Shell! Handle*. &. Shears, ILtZora I by the aat.HdaJa.moo& ..4..

tt'r1Jaata, W. P. UnunUULA.4 G. \V. STUCK} Y, PrDci2I.lu ORIGINAL SCHEME Test d<5U Ladie'a Chaplains rich tylea BneVIe; Table& De-ert Knires, *f superior ftaa'ex.1 Angry Eccmows,sacsrTXTTSX. -

?* ...eroothen. J. C. THOMSON.AssXR. Guard' Fob and Badge Keys wit': "hai-. pressly.I for Silver furks.. i F.&ntnL41. &zzewoss,,'8eua Mj&ii,

TO TIlE FAIR S-:X aQ'&Ucu: 1 Prize Clr....$40,000 is.:-(. ) Slides Pencils Braceletts Thimbles gold and Ncm.a Ragx,Scanu(or Ins)1..v.r.
I Prize of.12.'iOO is.12,000 bands Lockets Charms Gold 8peeta'F GOODS torn no more under Us spplkatiaavpcrie -M.ii V.-
.ur ahcct. Tlie.r Ie- Re,. .J. Breekinridge D. D.LL D. Professor Ear
commend Brooches
cie\Sleeve Buttons.Stud, Drops
is. .
ptLctArl7 1 Prize of..5,900 5,000 ca ia ail r the world fafcHbUity -
.. with the eitntm4 carr. of Tbt"ulan ille Kr. i Pin. .Id and Jet Fine Maches Baa Wood Desk Land parta pI'Ote"
t Will lditn Seminarr, 1 Pnze .2.">00 is.2,0'X> Badge Cmnes gold Ricgs Paper WrUIar ia di easesof ihe skin tbe fcaseM,AthiMraad
;r-f'UPt'O tI P"ctl' t-b.lr zlp4rrd tixn Jcr the col- Rer. F P. Hnmphrer. 1). 1'. Profssor of Biblical I Prite of...1.1)i.is..............1,000 Pins, with JJiame4 Jiir Opal and Pearl Retica1t .If arrocto bags.Port FoZio*. Pearl andSettit tbe 1ucIL iCLCE&X
.Q 0 tbdr cpvcd 1cut. auu.aall] and Ecclesiastical l/i b rr.. Z/anrille Semuury, Plain and Chased Rings Gold Tooth Picks, Shet jeWel easea. Odor eases Wax fruit Ladiaa' ,
.u.'t' 1 Priz of......l.OuO' is.............1,000 ,'$01lE3.-.4S. TAO-
."uenn:.nnICCTITC.UIL. .UU3T A.L Ky. Jec.oth1SGtiU.tflGAEs 10 Prize .f..2vO are..............2.0IM. Pens Ac &. and Gent Dmsing eases,Perfumery Fancy s aps,
--.--.-.. :Tba effect this iarrtabd cttcrMi f Voa
*gLI.rKt l ---- lly asMortmeat SSrtr Wart Is now complete China Puff Boxes Cigar Stands Bra!bea. Tbermomerters. aaaa
CORNER. Prizes 4t.... ....1O' .rc..l0.000
AND PLANTERS HO Serofala and other virulent ale** sad
FAMRS' toas.ndAgr5cnItur. BARGAINS! 100) Prizes uf......... 70 are............. 7,00u .- .Telescope Microacopea.. Corals, Pear !Is almost Il. It irgdjse. .
G ct.;calSugg t'OR SALE. Plain and Threaded Table Spoons, ADd Sb.1I card cases. together with a Tarirtj or .
Gttllta 11i1gacsiirbttd; aH culled lrmi tva the j Approximation Prizes. .* a Forks, goods ia my line, all of which will be sold low tarCPASH. wLkh pindoeea supporatioa and prmid .. .
111 SLhe and containing illf'nuath111'bicb I nEE Tracts of Land lying on tbe East side M Tea thus the cures which U. hauling prp.i .

tal- tbcra. i. tbc '-u L *:uc.ir. L of the Ivirer; Ht. Johns, about eight miles 4 Prizes: of $150 \p'g to t4 .') Prize are.tSOO a. Spoons ward complete an sale as well as pmsamtWo J :

-in pntu act c brDt til. above the growing: City of Jacksonrille; one of 4 Prizes c..f 123p'g to 12,000' Prize are..500 .* Sugar K. B.-TTatcbea,Clock*;and Jewelry repaired ut. 8,1d. Bana"aid $e. V
"_1I-0I't of'nr 11** will rcecire which: C"'It.dll1) ores; one contains liO acre*. 4 Prizes.f Ilk' Ap'g to .0'p0 Prize are..40-) M M S.t1L !' on reasonable terms and warranted. .
11Ar.\lkr jUtIfl4DftI rpetvely dcnund. each L*. and the remaining Tract contains 80 acres. Two 4 Prizes of 75 Ap'g to 2.'>"0 Pr.ze; are.OOI 'I si Mustard NT.125&. In eases of the frctitveoC th* bases .
&tk t1.t-y Prizes of 50 Ap'g to l.M) Prize .4-0( esB ed by steam explosions, Bra e' VScate
t jdld cnrrfuUr!! ir.-pwe.lt.) meet th* cf the abore Tracts adj.iin each other the remaining I 8 a'e.
i" nrrc a1!( nt its ndjo.mgt.:1. TrAct iep'rttd from tie! other by &0 acres 40 Pr.zrs; of 43 Ap'g to 2,00 Ilmeare I SCO .- ,Jt $.Snrrczss or ftC
':ritd b.td. cf:1: k u"i uwtatjtg*:'UriS. I SttaI-idl of pub1e land. These Lands are new and trellttaibcrtd [ :.vO'PrizC'l of 40 are............I20w0 c. -. .dIL f eoatpetieo of the sinews it ia aaBpfered;and warav. .
rt' may ly recommended by the faenlty. TUa asxraUMrem
lit..ril namWnjg .i.-U Matching*. ; on one of the above tract are serer*! 1-- -- has been .

<.Sr.(riff f'". ".uhittJt.aU (2. .aip. >evr Yurt Orurge Trees some of which bare borne this 1i i 3.230 Prizes amounting &...._.....(204,000 WATCDUKER AND JEWELLER too Into ly all tbe leading utrvdaerdl Hospital Igrttsbrnttar* af Jwofa.iapato a4

: Lttct Pan* F'tLiuu.i, )lrjcticlCrCfifts r T.r. This Lindljing upon the tine River 8t. aoosebonld aboald wiUwat isVNDENZABLE
CtUe no print be .
(eLi UulVcs
|2 50.i .
Wbolc Ticket J5 Quarters ,
Jio : ,
f- the ll u.b .l l iint l 7-U-: "The Lit- I Jt.hnV. nx n whose water the Charleston and .
:T .r n.nirtinrtit. Gent Injm Pn.s aud Sarannah Steamers .ous"in sight going South and V STIOirr. .
tie Out i KerfrrJniJe.. J7 .Uirieal Sketch, I returning nff nl"rrrry fidlity. for transportation Plan of the Lottery I JACKSONVILLE, V The M.d& Staff of die French tad EaIeWLr.-

J'ut1rT while the hc4lthfulne of tbe climate otters every The Numbers from J toSO,'JOtP, eorref inding most pectfnlr!' invite the attention of tLe public, to JaisUnGEand mies la the Crimea bare officially sigaei their aa-

TJ'IIawJaic".Ic.r.\TIOS i-i-"u iu Qart. Furm. (eight it.doccmcnt to tbe iuTilid and emigrant.Al : with thuse Numbers on the Tickets printed on 'ep CAREFUJ.LSruCTED stock uf proral of Bolteway Uiatoteot,M tft*.rrfi-
1W hn.ulm cm.Uin .U>tM&t tw.. *. three i.ou,es nnd Ms in the city of Jack. ante slips uf paper, are encircled with small tin V ble dressing for sabre eats subs and gs.bitrouuds.
r ? ,)aad rat' aonrille in and situations.: The in wheel. liii aIm IIft4 bf. .ctt itJrtie4Navies.
thus rum Uhaigf-ir Mit&(r- eligible healthy tubes and placed nue rf -

u-til.au iLe te.gr.i-iz..-1 i4 the je-T with a '..'. .: om.1'I.DCi abt rc ifscr'.bcd; property will be s< ld gcther oreVerzttI4y The first '16 Prize, similarly printed and encircled Watches, Clocks, Fine Gold Jewelry IBotl4
piz. I4Z1.M4flIUt4 1.c1l ui&uiiNL4IrJ t> suit purchusers. Term will be lib- are placed in another wheel. The whecln ,
t-ral Further partieuUr.4 enn be learned by ed- are then revulred, and a number is drawn from F A 1\1"0 x GOODS cto. lie Ointment and PtTStlytdin ,t.iJJ.
: .Vrellefs. S"kl'd'c.., dressing the nntlrrnigned in ptrsoo or by letter the wheel of Numbers, and at the same time a ,

.'(--.. *- -!.cr irA orcr 100 OriJinal alJ&r u"Jic Flo. Prize is drawn from the other wheel. The Number Consisting in part as follows: tAe j' ml:' ,
; and exhibited Fine Gold and Silver Hunting Case Watches. Bunions! stD '
JAMES A.GOFF. Agent. and Prize drawn: rat are opened .
lri..cINt"Il Dec. :& is:%.. tf. to the audience and registered by the Commissioner M Ezpomed dial Burns, IhdJ 8".ea.: 2
; 1I1E?;ATI'N
.,k't aeuizsand Ci. BSUtC Tttusj In- ; BOOKS.S drawn. This operation U repeated until all the raotine.Mosaic Pins and Ear Drupa. iu sets ChUWaic*. lonBrti ,.,.!

,;.rr-'I'n. .Jrrcr.JL I Prizes are drawn out.Approximation -A180- Fistula., Son Tbrntu; -
". (.1'i".... .. ... .f llannum'' Prize Cameo Coral SemI and Fruit styles Pins aad.EAT Drops with Bracelets to mitch. Gout[ So'1sfaUkiad7-

t4 tt.ued.Irei"".". .c) totir ta t io n er)7. The two preceding and the twu succeeding Nona Diamond Rings and Pina. Lumbago. Sprains, .. "

e" ................... :ir,. ., bets to th-.se drawing the first Ifi Prizes will be 14 and 18 caret plain and chaste Rings;stone set aod"scale Dlnga. Gold Pencils and Pen,. Ierena1Eruptcn4, $LIfJOInU_. "

to'l .............. .... l 'I) WRAPPING PAPERS. entitled to the C4 Approximation Ppr es, sccurding Gold Surer, Shell aud 1 TOry Tuuth Picks. Gold and Saver' Thimbles; Jet Necklaces and Bracelets; Piles, Tetter
Tee ...............1:.. to tbe Schema. Gold Necklaces, Cnxsea, Lockets, Charms, Ac. Gold and Silrer Spectacles.Silver Rheumatism, 't1JCe '-' 1A- .

i.Jt< ""i'J tree!d the p.tur nj of tLe Cuts The 3,000 Prizes of $10 will be determined Spoons. Fork, Ladles ; Frail Pie and Flab Knirea; Cup,Ac, rail warranted pure coin.}.- .. Ringworm vnch.J Srei; .: V

.. TW..An FANCY ToiLET by the last figure of the Number that ilver plated Tea Sc ta, Coke Baskets Castors. Candle Stick, Spuoos. Ac. SaIl m.e.naf'oaa4a GI-all l2sS ".

d. *-*,ul:1: : CII .rnV-criptsor. fn.m the ." .CLES. draws the -10.toO-> Prize. For example. U the z1 1'Ve Z1ve& X Scald. .-
in t4d.tMItWt: (. tta" Sold at the Uar.a&etiwienf Cau"
J'.r.IN Ir..z'i'. .ua..t ti'C.'e Number drawing the $4' ,0'0 Prize end with
The largest stc9kcf fine Pu Knives ever brought to this market. pg"CaH and KoJgcr
...: ,.;.. !:.1tt" t"F earii ubHcnbr Ni1boKs.n.aI1 No. 1, then all li.e; Tickets; where the Number Sle4r and owIY.-10 Maiden Ian,, New T e.e co.ml.Clt..l: i.111.1'IJ' 11a Ua.ivd S ate cods in 1 will be entitled to -". If the number ScssurNed.1es Strand London by aU reapeeUMv DfriWfe*i Sad

: Uet't..n !. tQ:4.: ....; .... ......'1 75 ends wiib No. 2. then all the Tickets where the tl3C., :o. Dealers in Uedwa tkroaghaaT PaSaa11"
t-1: b nIJ be rcgie1t4i4 and Ti.Hn and Guitar String of the beat qoality. New Sheet Music and Instruction Itook and the civilIzed world, in ,,as 3ft i.
.tt:4r enl L.inZ nj rrr i> The J;' ( (: "in. 2 r.!s.... .....1 50 Number end i iu 2 will be entitled ta tit, soon
,aMi.iif>cir to 0.ST. F-ncy GUIIh. Pt' umr".Toilet oapi. PowderPuff l jies Puff.Combs and all "ther inch good ecu ta. and $1 each.! .
rvMvmibl f.. The as fou'," in a store of the kind. The AbaTe rtceircd and for sale EaTTcere is a cocsdenU afIccar *
tCfr..1. "aLd.11'' *J/* vX rfrc The PriiTeof tbeh'me'fDivid..I 2; : R(menb.71'.1lut erry Prize Is drawn and are ually gooda just cheap fur CAAII 1&kJa.c'

swI Phrniziana... ............ ................1 Ou parable: in lull without deduction. tiJ" TORE IN HEED'S BLOCK. VctaS&rtet, A'tar ay Utrtft.N. larger&1Z'eL ,
"t! : iit t. lgvt \*' f., of $1W- and nader, paid immediately B.-A Urge stock of Guods fur the liolidara.! Terracotta Ware, Ac. daily expected Brig L. B.-Duretions r ur the fuidae of ..
$! ic3-i "I'c .."::.... ........ .............. ........I 25TI' J5tf All prizes per in Jiatmler
..J AU I., : b t up hl'J ; afu-r the dr wiug-other Prizes at the Oct. 2?, 1 J 56. \y. .uger. 7FOR entry are affixed t.osthpo'V
1'f *
.\t" !. & :S;"b"frwi..a. tJral.r WIll,... ..... ....1t.1 (3 ___________ _.. Oct.22,1CZG. .
in : riLct.to _
lac"U I rect-.t .1 *: "tu&J' :hc1er.t,':4 I1gIiai..j 'X) Usual time of ?0 dirs. tSINGER'S
fl. t.o 1'.1t'r' i.....1. : C.N.!. !! ,jI) The Jranagers' Printed Certificates of Podagra -T'1 1 an.c1. : I the
); j Thf; Axr.tnd .clh.p..t ; n matter of the Pe1 A t tbe Regular Term SEWCfC VACHCTBt. '. .
'r; ." t RIM tr.t mlua\': 1 Kh.1.; t*and their tl.ri'. br Hr. O .: .1 25 of 10 Tickets wilt be sold at the fiIuwwgrtc : I. tlUon of the Administra- (I of tbe Circuit Court These celebrated machine art in practical a4'

i o MIC." t. II. -. .Iij'. .Pi.trm i The Tu-' CiurtLaa.-. (: tt.&r wf 11c'.r .-f ItsJvlTe : *, which U the r'nk: tot of the Estate of II.R. )V of Eastern Circuit. ofSadler profitable use ia sO part of the eirOrasd waL__

twt'.h L.iiwrtd .( .:t&I.-.L.eC'.lt..r\. ".,. I ......................! fiOThretPv t.VrtiCcate* cf. Package. cf, in ,')!.'. ) CKllLSfD! s. c. AVAmH GA. deceased for MJe of | Florida Fall Term la sH the rarion trades and a scwinie *aryaaiCof
.fLler I.fl.4t ...' ..lrr.a T.r f'rt'o !Cc1t A ii. tU. .r lU *'r I< *>f J.J1t U.. .d llalfe*. SOQaarttn Real Estate of said Estate. J J 18A, Doral Coast fabric,either of dot or leather they bare aaan.

4-, 44'4Ir ....ta.. w"1..1:0 114,' 1..11,1&.11; t kIT -t 1r.; .... .... ... ........ ......... ....1 M II II ', 15 Via Fcrnandina St. TTPON the reading and fifing the Petition in this fully tried and approred. Sewing tairlj If Mf 91 V

r1 ..*-- TkO N. 1". at:" : ;IuriItlt.: .... .... .... .... ...... .... ...-I I OJ | To the Public. Fla.t Mars, U matter in opea Court it is ordered, that CCooper they manufacturers often fin to amrk,k asSINGER'S > .
n. S t.q.t'2u .. '-r ::j''tt. ; lj 1'11"1't"t. '"aPe .1w&:4i', ....c.lm..f t:. UI"Ut.t .r j At the s.ictti..n! of i.u ny pnrchscr, the Urunmtcl and Darien, Geo. Gibbs. be and be is hereby appointed MACHINES AUTAYPFRFECTL OfLfl : :'.

% ....,..,... a!..t O rL'y: .rrlk"'j w.ta .iti.;;. i n..ti..I: 2i i Southern itil.tarr Academy Lottery wjH fcerenf- V Guardian ad Litem of the minor heirs, of said being strong,d.raWe. euz r 1 K\\ .

L'-_' _' 'IIlVji.t.I..M,_ i A writer ia JJ-t-l: ira al: a ftm.nivr iu Sp.tii>, Iler be uravrn ia iljbio! about thu 1<44 &&4 t1'cfe THE NEW AND SUPERIOR Henry R.Sadler..deceased "is:N.B.SadieL. *-. in contrivance sad atWaip. A perfect act*. ,

i.-3 .-i'on ;. .lit.r.ry ''tr. J. :n A.- 11'W'! ...... .,..,. .. ...........1 h ro-mtlu S.Sadl r aod J. II. Loud to Represent their ing machine kept employed aJturdft n ...
.t '_"IJ"\.b.: I. u' N'ti.i.4 .. At ls- t'C cnJ hU".ti, b> Margaret! Fuller -1 Tie rjrtGalc.dcnT' Lottcrr will cnntmne interest in"this behalf and it is further ordered of fl,000 year;but an imperfect oo*Mof a ,

.of..' Lt4&pi4 C. 11 g.,, 1't1t.1..h. t t_*.3*-..'I .. .... .... ... ...... .. .........tea. tQ be cirawa itt AiJtuU: wbt'Ut the::'Jlb..r' ercry STEA diMEBEVE.RGLADE. that citation do issue to the ssrcral heirs and Per constant rezatioa and Jaa..u.

COt .1.. ," i" n' t'. 'Ku.U.r it I. to not ic? \-:ct-riu i .tr tlC WtrW t.rcrcumc.... .. .... .1 5 month.: sons interested in said Estate, requiring said BttiTT of our machine is nna great rcsna k' .
S I 'hP,1: (.. 3hirL..tJfrr.. !I'.. EhrId.1L. The THUuhv; Pilfer. !>y John! Hnmrb.ull..I vO All c..mninncati: strictly nfidentiul. The heirs, 1 legatees and others interested in said Estate, their unparalleled popalajitr.ilACfltS'E '

.14 U .ui f'fI':1' I.t d. p. .i r.-t.-r>, TIle riactTalt. bv I.! rrtinn }It'h.e..l.;!! <-0Ik. 'WD..ItUI11 f'. wiil bv forwarded to purchasers to appear and answer said Petition on or befon EOR FAMILY SEWXSO.uf .. .

il.r'tiII4t "Lc i..I..1 ,= v's4r's1-. ._d .hr )I3riei-,1'! \\iSU. Woik*. in pnrt.Mi5" imujeUiaUlr after the drawing. the twentieth day of November next at an adjourned a frail and delicate eonstrostion.U'Wn ,

l nt,
Idt d a.pit'.I 'Ut.:;. 7-VjT.4u la.Jw4lp14 (criptun: ... ... .... ..... .........109 uf Tickets either tit R. U. Stewart Mate. }) the and it is further ordered by conseut t>f'Partiee. mad* to catch tbe eye. oat to.periurrawork. .%bvi.
.r '- The Taugl' 'wn Letters_..... .. ........1 KXHcrthi SAJi'L. SWAN & CO, Atlanta. Ga. L. F. Roux, Purser. ) Carolina that the final answer or order in the matter of this Tb truth Is./sm1I.1sewiD.c .. -.I.IS."'

*' t .ror anj firjllr: j .tv.* tre hre not lie l lat4 tro-k I.f11 Urcne-.1 CO (.r 1'. SWAN, Montgomery Ala. eommenee her regular tripa. as abore Petition be entered up Nunc Pro Tune as of this to be stronger than say ethic teto '....

It. .blJ.CI" I..oIW'UIOC'; it tin* b.t :ukftl;OUt The *-.ng of II w.tht. l..orf! w..1 Ovj or TiioUAS MCMILLAN.. Agent WILL In December. The EVERGLADK Term Court.WILLIAM less skilful band than when loW to -- tA I-

4 Mu&ir.t ..h ie itr L..ti. b pric3re t1w.lb01 The Likens lIt m..w&tb-bdng the,)riginall St1t. 10 Jacksonville Fl... baa been built under the special sqperiotendanee A. FORWARD Judge tnrers and are used.for a prater rarietyr.-

dt. ,. VuIti..4. I'.. 1.iiIk-n.: l I.- rwf! the Indiauy, itA narr&Ud orral of her officers expressly fur this route; baring of the Circuit Court of the Tb machines which bar pmred best fcr aH *4b>
.. 'i. .:.atic.:.. Lntjncare his official I Eastern Circuit ol Florida. er most be beat for family sad._
eii.e .t'C"s'J CIIcn. ( I I3 tn U B. Sch-jolcraft.dnri g MARYLAND STATE elegant! ruomj and Improved passenger accommodations. purposes na,
tb ve are bWIH! l.yr.w 'li' t" :T.t.; Ui MTTlce nftwrr.tr J.r among tbe Western :. October 20tb, 1826. are Singer The speed of oar BMcninea baa..

lit to'?!* rffv rrirT-. tW NaTn.ii i. oun- cs. T&1tb; the cbsracler, L < TI? TEIa.JmSFon Connections will be made at Charleston and been doubled. Jfo otber eaa compare .

11..c w."-cJ! Ubtal -t4 ttMHui .jtti-r. and kr! fnithfu'Ij io'r icced into Pniit sor JANUARY 1.r. Savannah.wilb the New Turk and other Northern State Florida County IofDoraL in quantity of wort.tT

"I.i i1 np..ih au .". -l-t "! U." .!. wwhy1)T !>.""..-.*!m*. and arc Taloible 1 com- .1It Steamer Freight rr-sbipped free of charge. f Few macbioes oHM latest bnpwad atrW'
.. .tufffr-m tlw !iat.d ..!CT.t' ..Lr.io\d autW -Iuwr..l
**"-!>.t 4U D.ftjntcU. ..nSdential Tepoodeneeof Napoleon .. JAMES O. UEV) ALL. Palataka. ) the County and State aforesaid, do hereby machines ef oar own make, or fur aaaiatiia aaa-."
;. The GRAND MARYLAND LOTTERY UARTRIDGE. JActaoaY l1e. certify that the Weguing Petition is a true oltbe Lines of other nuaafactorer Local
It L.i tLc "i bc Qt.ful\ er.graTrJ IK-CJ e with !I.i. bn.ther Joteph, 2 Tohu in sufTior A T11EO. copy .11.
; eai.tctti' ilevr trrUin. .-8 W COUPER FRASER Sarann.b. original DOW on the Record ia this !. wanted to sell our machi ..J1
rttr,3" .D t arc | binding.... ........t. ON THE HAVANA rLAN.ulLt.u .
i::: t.1 iiWju'; ; ._J...:--.b-.r&iu-1i. Sinini rk--cunll'roJlin ail fir Redfield .W1LLIAU TUNNO,'Charleston In Witness Whereof I bare N. B.-All persona desinag fen lsnsssbout .

1-lmTj.Ti.. C zit: edition Ret" ntionary.Tales and the : CONSOLIDATED LOTTEUY OF Ml). Dee. 1O'I85For .6 hereunto set my band and sewing macUaea,eaaobtaia ttbr aeptrincfurao.py V
aiJ ft'tV1dlIi t.l' 25 EXTRA CLASS 1, V Seal of said Court the 4th of"L U. SmrerAGk'a .aests"a.
TUre:f r"tu fc-r ji!t UCM a piprr. .mlerl1.nman'S; the South.1
.a. ttu-lirxi$ -.1 tuMrts I'. omtntl Margaret Maitland. by the .uth..r .Zaidce, 68 To be dnwn in Baltim 're, Md, Saturday, JnZlit Florida Direct. da} of Not ember.A. D.1826 paper devoted entirely to the-L It 'wM b&nt
.rC LuMs.) 1S57. GEORGE STONE Clerk gratia. L N.S1SGD A CO.Princple .- .
B eUrmr*k.ihr l.tcrarvaud I'Uci.J Wi The Couq'n.st 4f Florida, bj Theodore Ir- ___ 4
( -
S. October 20tb 18M. Office, 223 Broad war. NewT rC
VeCntff.nigh: Pa. AgiUt.r."Itvul ..... 12:1 .
T:DZ .. Prizes amounting to. :132600. BRANCH OFFICES.
.un bi-eoute a &c..tit: paper at the P. ...1 00 Through in 2$ to 30 flours.S. NOTICE.ra'nE
parniagr-.t.4 per distributed according to the fol.lowing 47 1 Hanorer sL, .. '142 Chestnut sC..Pbila.'
be .
t'1k-I4Tjtk. f... ObiHt\er.stirtlHrn nod Advcntnre Will undersigned hereby gives nitice that be "
:wc.t4.4a 'tM44 pip rf. but Ja i iit : Books for Travel. -!' ew. Splendid Schemes THE UNITED STATES MALLCAROLINA 1. baa been duly appointed assignee cube as 52 874 Westaunister Broad st, Newark aU. ProlOS*East Baltimore Foanh at.,1 at. QMia" I I9S
..III.uno.1.rr f.-tct-d to .,fTeroMi unr pr';n- Prizes sets William W. hull I late merchant and re
ElephanTS. Numbers -1,000 547 Broadway. AlbaayXaiieacn, Illinois.loverivifle '
Hunter's Life Lions. 20,000
dicx sad cuwia.a4 ilit'S.&bIM'lour UMilrrA. Camming' among tents all persons indebted to the said Wm. W. TorLl55orti
1 J..11*. UwHrtin. j n :.Ct aad tithcr wild .nim31.% with antRtrIducti4n Prizes Payable(full without Deduction. hull either by note or bout aecuuut. to make immediate ,New V.srtb.SL*
Ilareoel .
._ B Tajlor colored Chapel New ftt. Chubs at,
---- bjr "jrard payment. He further girea notice to the ;
Whet!! Kliall we *>prad the Summer T !!floatrasions..T! ..................I i' SCHEME: creditors fthe said William W. Hull, to present 11 I B4zcln& at.,GlaaguwW DupIabr K.bilc'0cL25,183 .

\VP.d 8oeo % ra Hontrr'a. Iaf........ 125 1 PRIZE of........... ............t2.m.OO certified copies of tbeir claim to him on or before $. am7 '1

ROUND"HILL The Golden Dagun, CJ1'up and down the ira- .1 M '.'... the first day of December nut that they mar re- IB Circuit Court astera Circwt et.
V .
waddi. .lOrienul no 1 14 .;............a........1(1.0u0 cine their rata distribution of the asat. Id&. Conntr of Baral .;
u.tinunce..I.* 1 ..............ee..........5.000 THOMAS SUR7IS Commander. pro JOHN HAAS Samuel 1TS. .
A Stratton III
WWII ID M9flMI? Obrue'iPut4rI.egi1U*... J* ;2 u ...".....2.0 IJMO*) WILL Jean Southern Wbarf Charleston.S. C, )tiddl bo,. Sept 24-oo 8 Assignee. VlaGunearyBiaiurDfJnliaStrattoo. .
.... ...I o1urtdlD'II ... .
T..bndi'a Urarelsin i Peru.. .fl. o'clock P.M Jackaonrille, ) .
t. Mecca,and Medina. 50Ijirard 3 U. "............... I.\ I every Tuesday S the TAX COLLECTORS NOTICE. rTappeaningbth.utistctioa ef tak c-t.. .
Pilgriawige Picutata EiUtka aDd the usual Landings on
INSTITUTE T.u'lor' Work, at the regular pnees.LM.rard's 1S7 ** "..........*11APPBOXIMATION John's, Rirer., THE undersigned,.Tax Collector for the coon I that the dddJdu.1. la ti. above-.

Ninerob, Slepbens' Central America, PRIZES. Freight fur Black Cretk taken also.! Dural, gives notice to all Tax Payer who titled cause; resides out of ti. I&X.S fandintheSUtaofSoathCvroliaa. 73si4... .

AT SOCTHAXITUX, SACUfgKTTS, Arab'n. .tc.djThc 4 of $JIW Appro'*...........$42,500 Stages connect at she places named with Alligator 1 Ian paid their Taxes (or the present year io come .' 'ncn6ft.ss.
above arc all illustrated works. 1X) Tallahassee St.Augustine,Orange forward nd exhibit their reeeipU to Dim at Jack motion of Oscar Bart. Ej-. Solicitor far. i4'omplalnaut .
100 Madison .
1'Eall.the local$ adnntigea wbch and render.ttrac- 4 4 of of V to ................- ",.OtIO Springs OcaKMieanopyandJampa Bar. sunrille. His books baring been burned ia tbe It if 0n&r*& thai said D*. .-. _
taohaiMMi .nmnwr.teus
$M ithvri fc rrlaxatinn 14eaurr
rci.iug The II .. ... .... 2.0u0 o'clock Thursday mornn .PieolaUat EUr- order to ascertain who bare not yet paid their tax ,or the same win be taken a*eagaiuatLer. _.JI1\ '
th4 of Btograpbj of 70 :
rtatdi ttnrivmi Fur the fccatU elf Encyclopedia ; 8 .eU ee a Eight will! be .
grat A with tbe shore st
** ........... I. Jacksonville Friday morning at es. compliance reqn .
.1at4o and r.s1 i n- d.t&ri by Dr. Hawks; Yate 8 ..f au ....... en o'clock and Jo
$ ".al.at'ts rvr.ylnrnc it |1"1k"h" Jenny many Japan ExpeJi HearjCUj: P.orkn, newrdtMD 8 of 50 44 .................. 1..It Three u'eloek arriving at Charleston same ereoing,. considered V a special farnr. VaUGIlT.& It it *.ffrJsrrd Oat a ecrtilrd costs .
OYer l:1U5t; "watering place C..rreap.ndeueeof .....:... 200 and retarning, ATHAJT1L order ,be pablwbed once a week for .
ja& after tbe in 4 T'ol. f5 Unnt. Urea ofAmern T56 of 10 .......: .7 Er'Ihia.boat; Cfinnecta, gwng V
a three months tay. called it omiplae ; with the N. York Tax As.A Co.for D. C. months enasccntirely, 4a aoaUtbediata .1f. -
Part4i.' America. m.iies! from tbe South, Mercbants; Burton's Anatomy of Melucbolr 1,000; ................,..........$13 600 with the.Daily Tuesdays R.Uruad and Trains SaturdUys, and with Nor. 2.. 1au., at Eastern C of said Stat '. .JI-. '' .

S aPsLt4)f: ,aW 1 ia crrryexpect desirable! : Goldamitb's Animated *trri.Lenipnerr'a Halrea Quarters .2.5O. Ream on State Georgia'every I ovembcr2Th& .. .,' .. -t
W tlO t Philadelphia Steamer Hane'f Arctic Explorations. .
Tickets the
ar, Whole' '
ti,,,$4;. Parent, aaxiowa that tbeiretHMUifationa Ctaaaicul Dietioaary;Spragae WILLIAM FORW1TTD: Jadf-* ;
Ben i'a other T.ed.y aDd Saturday, received and offered at the publishers .
1dIrII in Sheep SCHE lE. ?
ua1cl of Washington tii
P' pad on rn- Irvin: Life BRILLIANT fret JUST 01 the Cfreait Cowrt af -
SLUdaZdWurka Freight r.'I1ped' oCciiarp. Dr. Kane's Arctic Exploration,
'1'.utu.: a 1- .,.-p-. __jld//"a4! that a fc-w Thirty Tears,and many utlter ralaaUe GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OFMARYLAND. FreirUreceirVtl oo Monday the 6th feat.V price.illustrated with views.of the rariousints Eastern Cirmit of rWila V .
baadscmely .
'tL.1C; ia tire braezng mpon m air r,{ fur &. : W. 1L LA Wt6s A CO.. Agent Sitting b Chmacrry. :
risited Dr. Kane,u2 $larga ruL Price
.iad Hdt" .;ta it. sri>teinaUe, inrigirmtlngetpoaesaw i RELIGIOUS BOOKS.Cbarcb : ". No.18 Southern Wharf. o by DREW.JacksonTflle hereby Certify, the above tit beatnureopraftbeorderfbr '
'pvIu,,.w It&be i i. uf retIIacep.va.alt4LIrace Prayer aed Hymn Dunks... the ran.otia CLASS 0, JOHN BROWABD<, Nor..11. I L Pablkatios tab day saatia amff V ,. .

and tbJr whole denominatwns. plain and ornamental; with To, be drawn. Baltimore.. Md, Saturday, Jan. .nf'. 5. lOig. 8JacksoerWe, Fla. V entered of record in the above enUfldC aJNr V :T V \

L1eNIId be jtk ly abe fswreeaergrc, rum. the many cbotce works vu rtw &l snbjccta, .acme "tb. 1857. Tax'n If otlce.the taid Court., .',..,;.V -

: tan*prm to physio derelqpmenLASal J new and by the best aa ,, MCilliME: fifths; llayeAESIVED first llnodiy of larch 1S27, I will sell Ia Witness Trnenof f Vrsnta -

P1tj edy the proprietor,euatiaaca Ltparr pRIZE 8tt.. '.........$G&000I Those, ; Olf'at the Court House In the city of Jackson set rnrtb .. .- : .

atlrcUua to -V.emca. Q\mic and BOOKS OF PBACTICAL USB.Agrievlturv 1 : ...;:... ....... .....".V80 rUle, County of Dnral.State of Florida for the Seal et ...o..s' .:. .
weaaIIL; ,Tbe sacee which has attended hi ia ; tfechaatca; ,Bogineertagj; Surrrlinrlteady > .*.*.*;....10.000J '! back Taxes and Taxes of 1854.with the expenses 84. day of J.VIbueA.. V V .

($ *"Jagsucb cucnplainU by bis fy-tea Beekooera; CXAery; Fameryj; tb* ...'...... ..,..,...... .OOO .. attending such sale So much of tb*lands being oE IK lUlL 1 .' 1
Z41tt7l! SIS 1
baa girra Lira a most extended Due j U* none; Book-Keeping k. ,' i' j.... ..r.4> ,.!.!-...... tAn. -I hi said State and County,aDd belonging U one' .,
item is fuaaded oa new palltoaad ,- ; } \ 6- : gi. ..;.... ...1.oooU J. Forbes. 'Said land bounded aa fuliaws:On cmtabtr 1sa.a. 4. ;
Liriixi ; too .- .,.. ............ IlRTOMtKAYFS! .'
-s' br it. permaaeat cares are JDTE5ILB AIUTas' BOOKS.Boiki 9 .. ;.,.......ne..eefl'..... ...1OC3 the K. A B. by theSt.Jchn'aBiveroutbo&n 2i4.Vs4t4iIfJmimea enrus Rv.t.us4.. j 1II'IJt "- .
eats "
.b wttb
aa eaae aod eertaiaty beretulor nabhnsdf 01 manly rsere ea 6" Yooth, ; '. .,.... ................. ...100C3 lands belonging to Palmer and.and oatLe 'X.-'Li"tea'. 8iJi.J.--' ,, ".*.. V
fc ,, .
= BeaIMdevI4e. $ to tbe care nf Eo tfliameuti sad L Ijatrsetiia B, Boys .!t..t Y t,.,',....... .. !..t.60ltS .' : f' i-.J ) W. b.P! ., creek.1 Tk< Jftutaf Lia ._ 'csvse. 3us".a.. -; .,"t ;- ;. 1
.r dan.ic..4; .*. Haricgr u4 Glia. I1uk of 7a. .5 rsery 4'- : .. ........,.....,',.s!.. f..60UU' recerred Set*:ani CompJet 'Assort- .. YAtcilt W.. ,) S V. .. I 1

1fears.tib e.dafa 1ldropa.dtIblIItIIb M .................,.....-f .. HAVE of Merchandise the, t, Tax V Aaseasor A Collector n.JIn.-.J.'i.; r-rr.. C" rt. ,1

aad wiGua that time banajr Stationery orE-very Descrlpiton.- 2.tI" ..............'...,'. ** *tWboka > 10u Winter V Fur DaTal Couatjr. -Z'kJl. .v..l.--.rA !: _.... .\
7 tsjS.M.III the snort FguVNMd Dec.3d .
eoaplieatedilrwbirt 4ato aad, MaUrmUi, plals4iey J.eb leE.1l., V
.btbNIIad -. $ few bare Writbt. papers ....,.......4liO2.OOO .i .rs-rvfoftrr'. V .
:: ptseiiaoauting i c ttaattffitiMinrpnrebasers. 1
vAef I which they
wf _. .. rrsde Casb Paid for Clean! -
atill" control .
t t proandL 'and: :; .. Umii.sS lw,* il.'i'aS r /
PAPEB 'ASSORTED 632E3, O galaea liD; 'a.i Htlla suo Their stock..n* fall AiseeOaneoaajentunnsing V eJpDf .
tLV.IL TEHnrC ; article for FmdTad .. Th.M1ai.vatuzt rtjc. .
G. Lmm 'IT. KarC. 'AKD TPILF' KTAH roara.fcr tickets It P* f ill anth.harylsad Jf most required liineij ,& Cotton ) "
'IaIr.PL.. Ka.. W-aJeos. PEBFUMPBT Lot1srleswiII.TeVe ptempa- .PIaa&aUa a BJ*, ajso tjJfiU and.Inmber par 1,0I0O S B.H&np .w. .. :
J -
IjpnD DO***.TO I To the shed States se,'. prL.rpsr iai<--** .' ? ftnreror
6."V.: and dIoia1.s I otberH'MEJ&S arigissad nti-m, aod lbs drawing mailed. peribaicri. .., G..". Bee" .audad1ery.JbIhk :. RAGS ralaabl. Bones and<('a4Mtk, .4 1
& few .
A e4& skj.1teTI1iQ1.AdthtU :
? u. l.5
Jniina ,
CO.V '*3ncGsdaWuada1st; .i
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the Holidays. HUBBAur t.uaovEW
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; P i/ .
:ff2a4 at.t' xo..Yq.u.mtiirBozWa.4O. ; I'ICTURIS' MBB.to A4 will yes.!ibis 1 qaaittuafyUarLiaimeot : '
frN !cr..3.at ,wfth. ,,,. .
DUW' HoIIoir .
; C. KuJJ.DL Hardware crockery. "irotay 'rdinarX 5ar ,
J' t1imoN iI ais-m. 'IlIt. V
aM Co&ioDJM & Dee MEu'tb suit.Tsrioaa ; V .
Q, 1. '
i t .. anaaai a aa : ,; ,
JioeviuL'N 81'' -
at.- eIa, ." SaT, b t W oOa. t f.,,GooaL ..AT.TRZBOOQUt3l. v WT. >,. V ::!::: "' .
JL JUtUU.x. P. : : SALE. 5or.Jt- "t :"t .-, .NU"-y. 1 "
i r$41Ia zxOLLEcTows "
"oK, "BU i c"r JH ..".Ih .. VV. V .
-"r L1&a. 5.. ,. ..*** U.VXST-J vir.rs oitborll7 ia ae vested by law.f 1 __ '- c ww.-.k. J _

.. ., .TCI'Hr laIe.r. .&* m B will.krUssls w.1M CeMan BOGIe $*d p-V Q IX"ish It. tan vs&r&a. viE,sp. 110&1'I j(was.reai a asrj.. : .

.' ,'. tr (tf+ the awn MJck5SOVW5,i n tte first Moo 1 # pit 1 eOLGeseW 1it".I1..I. .1 eoLt ... 'kr. 't/I'l .. .. "
: z1P7..Mw.I .V* } r door{tD Mareb nut thi olowIa 4IeIcribed hnda mr WINES- AND I* jDO e, Probata for Ui* Cffiaty OfINsaII1.LV litters of "'Or''V'-- ; .--. ."1'I .. : ,: V
-. dDar. 7 .- -,.lbueot tiM BI1WofiJV(Carter Uof r wIIb..t.4rar.. ;; .
eaAe .4misWnttoo
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DraWa Paint .f't" .
and ilcdidflea. -
:h. ..7 : .c! r tM SWTA and Conn tax:fcr%pre- _-V
&late aaid deceased. JACOB De&:1Tt.-r. .
Comty GEIGEg
: : --lL.I ...tM A ,oOCJr All of which* *.y will I sell.aft.very- .. ..J4 '. \.' *+. tt; Tae' "
: : TUatoa5ank ... II : _..thttheSe5cC0y_'.E.te.Y ;- :**: II V- .' -P14arePr,- .a41.
.. crf.rt' 1 tab
: bZJar.l'i .GUVl88tiU coatinnesto V ILT PICTURE : .. iJ1 r "..
$ bswfll 8BIPNJI.8 FRAMES V .
....' .". r""tJj IMI. .srTeotPe*. to Sammie nawb.ri ef recaired Slsamer this Ud sisea far sale by C..J'J"." V
k .it/ _W ..! biIII for Soppfy sam per
:imess0 'r' ; a- to writ on those who ealoalorn.
W.b.Jaa _
..v AUGUr. barn A. day (Wednesday, fin.) C. DREW. ', U UC,
_. W' bt(, wzJ4cJrexTJzL ._. T".Conedor. 5 r.2f,1
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.. ,_ ., ";, .rl < *. N.''" T '. __"r- .. : .; f --f, ,.-J -F' .' .1 I. l. I ,
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:F ;-iqti iitltbl\ ttut.1 mm; 'IDm: : fJ U)![()iu1 $ rftfml rn:]'ffi. 1)T :. SAVANNAH AND OttUXfVtlTfackct line' } I F FStfl QQTEWOj( ) f ; ,; f. .

iouirt7J ... ... ... .". .' ". # JivTb.At snperW Fteanwhip .V t'

-.QoRDoY.flARDEN .

-'Ul'! 4l aT. FINE ATTRACTIONS ? 1 P '. -__ .. '(Y.oi Dander. leave*,,.yan- iueiai J.".$*
# -
kS1'A4TON. ,orI 'SEASON. # : ._.'Dab' fur 'CharleatoTt "hfY ICJ'
E _
:. -- .'t -I- I. ... .
-. .afternoons C o'clock.
'I \VWInrd*y-and Saturday
or \ 'h. .ralted
t r- P.. Y S.i.dtoX .. .. .' 11 -. \1 and :I NpehtN I. .
\ -- .. -. J. + t, Returning leaves barlyaum' every )Ionday kiitimset.'if ita d .
I iI9. ta.IIt"'c-i 'w.rksaarerts:&.. in "ne' -- Friday ?ltemoons at 5 'c1oc 'connecting with than .
1 I mining pJ*. [
', a"bt.a. .ordcrng1 Iy ctnumi: I sin.rw. sepeIm. -I..j a.: r It lbs' Florid Boat both W.fL'' L cd to the Dahlia. .anyotheriedieieTw A >d tkwse ..-'alar. ;.;
') I I littc assortment of I -T1 L. J iJJ'iROOISnvl4.i7ets. '. 11qt stint't 1M t"rmt.Wz; .

.ft pa1binIimnnt)*, '' if ::13ocxs.. E. UFJTTE cll".lutc.. .YfrJ degree i..Uip\Ce.ad 'Wais ef

upro'aift1.yer$4 will. .' ,Oct.1.I8.36.1y3 ,h. drat :1.
: )fb..ici..r pt'dabiUa
r4 *a4cpvrranl
\ \ If
STAXDA'itDV6lVKB, ;-:: ----.- with 'N.Dalart..C disoa
-51b. Inserted st the fiflt'Eing ---- sa4" .s-
I -r- hare rrcsninsc5d1 tbs
v nr1* esjv WDM KrflVetoal
: p CJES, ,.,..J.lV! 'LE : re (oc Iw'eln 1iMe) r 'b -_ "**- q.
.T 1)- 'W5 tioetitta f paitc -P..t Xl..,.
t..aD4 Sereuty.Five Centi'fur eieiy subiwqurflt : OFFICE F. X. tt O. CENTRAL RAIL BOAt). I nally snd eximwlly, acc' | aa the .'

t lf.__' Toudrertiaers.)ibi.ldiannunt" JACJUOXTOLC.: F&.... &,. 2.1. 18.W. f complaint. 1& I. been**UH! Uba 11
*1Trd"'ticide.. tAJ tni.ieotdrerts'ment (n. TOY 110 OKS. ''lIE Stock holden.i.f, the rloridJl.Atlaulic and J lent remedy SJ T *nd s lda. ct-oraa. 4 ,

',e. 4\by persona h*vmg a tunning acomiit with tlie 1 Gull Central Rail ,R"nd sn hereby notiHe l ai.d,gue; atlma and l 19the.Pai. th A *
4r )tnvst.be aid for prerioaa to pub1i tic,. that the eighth instalment of five cent the .
: per upon kidney ci'mpainl! bm.es ..adn T1
; ?rta OI'at a flUUnce can govern their remittan. IIELISIOs.AD;S. ia I3Rff11331S H Capital 1 Stock of said Companr has been eilfcd( far, ker. bails anti ringtmruwv weak atoaMch aadaW, *

.., i fa4nrtilinJf b,.the following rates: 'U be paid on or before thirst. day November bilitr pnluUfvj o4ic. bn.ccn JtjrtiMVl&
,:" lairs': (twelve lines) published six Of 't the various denominations. : nest. complaint and drMiittrr,cholera. liver ILI-JI

"Tm no''fhs'ir.;..,......,.........SS..... I'Oi ; nn ___________ BT. order of the B*aroV .,d.4II.pqei.tI.* ..... taatplafn
Two[ sqnares, ftir six month. ...... 15 w Book of the i.g.the Horf,Sp irling. Adreutntv. ..w- O. C. GIBBS. T..rar.M..IJI: SI

', ".,. 1i i*| aDd olher'Buwneas Card*. |lau*u- Late and Popular Trarel; Cookery' Gardening I-_ _- .- &-'. It Treasurer F. A. A O. C. 1U.! Co., Ibis may errufy ,tkatl sArr.n4 ; ,
um.'*; : : ; : *"."S 10 O. and AericnltMTv! : 'i4iwvtir.g'aiid Lug herring; Sept. -.'7. litfrf. td table Pain.Killer with ": .t'.

**s** Ko iodcb\orindcreditors!.... 7 (>0yApplkatioo BtM>ka fur Mechanic, Ready Reckoner*;Ac.. .. t:._. -!- -I_ ..- ---- -1.r .- .,:h. News stud AlJigitor Advertiser pe'Copy I''holer Infantum.common great b.IIIIIeCna wrl. is' .
o iebtti
- .. ,. .. .
: for letters administration. 5 00 -
STATIONERY. *. OHijjh*; 0".&.. and wId etci
.Pu.bUC. ,
Notice of Application for dismissal as
ft > nun*! it s* alooble family
.Administrator......................... 1000 UB G>ocJdl which: 'waa saved'ruin the *Apo iq.- .' -,& .7 ..UU Co.

1 "For snaoanecxneat of cspdidates fur of. \Y1"ti g and Note Papers Plain and Jacksonville East Florida, T tbecary lllj"basb taken au the Dwelling "P"f "p"h\e .15.

fee ............-..-...-............... 5 00 FANCY. House, owned by Jlr. >|'howe l on.Kewnan :trrrt, Thi*jnatr. wtifV; that I hare Perrr D i.fVjfriabW
I No aaBoaaeement will be made nnles the same I I I Second hqoure on the lust Corn.:V. above the \ F .IC'tJn.iD oasa/s
be accompanied with the atnnttnt charged well known House is now ready for tho reception of Boarders ;. having un- < rnrM Lksj
Pen-Knives with Buffingtou lloue, whre'will be kept I here it fen ai valuable
JEdttorial eotico sbr private benefit will be charged Pocket and numerous THIS a ; t/rr jr LB dicia.. IfcV
\t jdosble* tha rate of adcrtising.t ; office dergone a thorough renovation, all the Rooms I having, been newly Whitewashed, GENERAL STOCK procribd it >ttrptMTflr tn bowel. ennphuBLMM*
of for
articles QJ .
I : : ReligionsObHnarj, sad Marriage notices will Stationery Painted_ and Refurnished. Being situated on the Corners of Newnan and Adams QJ ticnlarly!., ,R .preparation I.'dl'\". nd I it hove m ill tny oeiainq sep.Iacris.r .
! { be. pabliahcd eammanieatiAns gratia..No inserted onlcss use.PERFUMERY, fctrceta,, neait the Post Office and all the Churches, und'in the mOt bnsineM partof HiOF tI'IDJillID relict"f lh. *e d.jKs.*. a. t W

1 ) Jed 1>T the author's came.Work aecompm.I thecially City, makes it the more desirable for the Traveling Public, and more c.spe-I' When gen U. children.! I hive arw'NW..

I. MAIIJob. > : mutt be paid for on delivery.. -AND- those who visit this place; tor Health or Pleasure. The I'roprietor ] ilRf I rd I.."it..w'lh.".the. fat.rrnp..f she nfg-im snap arabic..rtV isW.say d'sp.'

I himself, to fpare no pains or trouble to make his Guests cowful Lle. His Table bareniiivd it will.. wl4k:4odPs.1ausi.s.1ii41iwia:
: ORJ3IGKNESS Toilet i Articles.i I shall be in this 'A. IIUSTJSO. IIOT
not City.
surpassed by I I
any Garden S fd>, utah kind,*..-. of, this y"r|* : This rcrt fi_ .lti t I h,rr t.r tcYcraI l, TMM

.f CUOOSEDETWEEN. THEM.HO'LfcLOTVA.Y7S Soups. Cosmetic. Brnshc, in variety. I Board per.week from S7, to 311)).-The Western Stages leaves this House soon growth. AU thff Agency fir S. Swm A.(:. |Uri.* VrgiMble PJI Ki Icr ia *"cral .f TVU u 4

" Calm of Thousand 1'lowers after the arrival of' the Savannah and Charleston Boats. Genrgiii and Alal"uw laitlerie A full 8111.j| ly ol cvs f.r..b cli .t jOt rctMuniciMlud, and'.11411'
The a all articles= in he Urn. A. 111105309

l -Price 50 cent per bottle.Wrapping Novemb 5th, 1850. SAM'L. BUFF1XGTOX, Proprietor. sUfsIliesl l by the first Sieinirr.TNow t tI tT I I'..I..r.i.l !u.*id u'M.t ClinrrU ii.Fair Jj..,

lt I :; i i. the time for those who owe me>tnr MR. I'uu1., -r; '.1 I.1oaecIl'. MTm

lt t PaF ci\ inc. 11OOFLiD'3 I I BOOKS I acci'ttnt tu come forward and settle, and rube! f..iIS t..II' ...t"tI.c.., "Heel! r.ai Lflr' SIr

| ;. .-: .\ .: IGERMAN me .. comnieiici* bn*ill"p. once luorv. I ilrji.d' tn v |>iirMNirjiy| and harr (>ai d it a very --'I

t For BITTERS. I[ At Northrn Prices. on collfrting what i i. due tea me on thl;* occiaiua. ami T lu-tbi?'itrt'de. I thretsas.' Yt'1..cMtrfial1r
Assorted Sizes and
qualities. aae !i a
I I hope no further appeal ia i vcery nc.uiiiiriil it t. tho I jHiUicrrrr \"" .
! T :the :B cItcrp'C. Prepared ly Dr. C. M. Jackson,1 V\rr. R'nfctfullv. y.'uia .inx-fr: hENRY LUZ
.I No. Arch Earnest Linwiline Lee TllUilAS iJdIJI.L.\ P.>I., sat the U ipt ., Cbnirh in VTvt a.
120 street Philadelphia.U'lM ,
Ih-iiix S S _1.00 Nor. 18.: :5t .
DHEW -10. C.\Lcnu. Y. ". 4th. I
,' EFFECTUALLY CUKE 3115.Mirrc's Letters, l 1.1101 I )Jasn l'uI DATU A Sox-Confirm

.;1 Ili-rthi. the'new book of Mrs. Brewer !,..' THOMAS ALEXANDER. I III lite 4lb ulL. I find it n cv ta*t.a4.dreas a"tC1tI"'Cb .

, ; PILLS.The Ocean( Street one door from Bay.Jacksonville. rLlVER eOBBPLDYSPEPSIA ] T. nllll1. the Fi' iernmn's I D m<;hler. 2 vol*. 1,:0 I t'.. a.shti. m.r eassi u..gsIss Arjn .
; ". fI The TanKletown Letter br the author ofReconl (Or TOE LATE riBX Or LAWTUX AXD ALIS.'' I..)
> I 1..0 bsa.n
Nu T. 1 18.iti.S50 :: I tiaii4 tisore Un rsaallz.L' ?%a..fl c-
I -
--- -- --- -- --- .I a. of Bubbletim Parinh. 1.25. !lIJllb.. na t.cil" in i inervt.iii ;
.U .AsrD Tour
farnit-hes the material of l'
blond bone rapify
muaCle. *1&nd. and -fibre in the human every(riime.- RE WAR Jaundice, Chronic or ftervcous l e-' Margaret MaitUnd. br the anthor of Zaidee 83 itut I lear I bill .M>n be unable tu kwp pass
. I Conquest ot' Florida, by Theadore Irving ,25 AND -
t \Vben pure,it secures health to every organ; when 'C VOl.l.mw; \f ,. n." n'grA man. I llity. Disease of the Kidneys, and TlIC i.iig it Ihiawgtha J..Hi :; with beg it.thm Ujr j.riiculur..f ihifct Ibis i in writinjt .w i iII ia

airrupt, it necessarily produce diltot't&'Co IIOLLOWA"S I Heeler wh.. !h ; d '.,' all Diseases) from > on receipt jrud will kiadlj 4Ia
r '< I'lV J.-r-: >ii-r *:ij'\ : arising a disordered TlieMythnflJuwatlia 11.R.Schooler-.n! .25 ilJPLA'OOTT'OR patch an'olhVr lot a, ordered in mIctfrf of J.
PILlS operate directly upon the leineaia Jirkw.J'villf rhi. I lie b., a*
fr-mi thoen wckia.
li' : WdenUedll'IIIIWf'lIo 1.2: .
IIf the slream of lift neotralizinc: of Liver or' Stomach : U U I hope I .I1..t becutlreljTMt: baibrajav
princp'e -ANDFoncanUny -
f-ili h ff f in of ) .
: r M"leii.: IT 1111" y ire j: m f one SfNlt"lW'ftthiA .llt'r". S S 1.0
*"4isee-and thus rtdicallr: the malady, $Iii'Ii I Fiillnei' la>t dL-jMtcU reaches me. .f which .auwtr. I
lOustip.stIsiii ) I'lln. to
curing I the BO.-I*. a. I jut'vi't'1 h.m ur.j l( three months ( wan ime-The Hiddrti Path, each 1.2Cultlmin:9. ..
whether locatedin the nerve, the stomach, tbelirer. iiice in Chariot...n.Iiect III..nd tn iht* lie:". \i-iililj' uf tli* Monurli, Namx-a .Ifiinter Life a.zOEf 1.cTcx.. bare D..I .rvt Ivan from luG.
the bowel. *, the mUl'Cld. the skin, the brain. lIalI.arll, I t"'U.1 r.'r P.HN|, FulH*i> nr it -izIitin the among Elephantsand J. T* CARRAC.
anr other of the .r :A SS .ir f<.rly ve*r "Id. black fellow, a 5toni.icliSour Lnictaii.ins, -'inking of Ftuticiui) at other Wild Aninia! in South Ar.' and Uommiuion Merchants, A SURE CURE FOR A r ELLXT.

or part ytcT. Tailor by trade, quite tificcleil in hi* deportment' II lie pit ni ihf ""',,.,'h, .iwiniiiiinenl lie 1I.e.I, llur with colored illustration' 1,50 This! we know will LcgUdlj ix vtT 4 by all!

- USED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD lie fonnerlv belonged Mthe Cbarle--to h'1lmbo.a' net and iMfficuli Iliraibuif, Flnlirrins o.l llicllraitI'hokliit Victoria.r the World Overcome by Caroline NO. 1 EXCH NGE-ST readers \Vheti the ...rrni flr t cnman'aa eqr
nOLLOWAVS PILLS arc equally cfficacimw C .nm4iiT. B. HOPKINS. i. :u<;.ratinKiMiiit.iiioi( whni in alyinapo<- Cheestbro: 1,25 arer
rn when (Ur.t'lr nec l. it can bi ret C"holl aaittntirtlv
tur..I'i"ne.i* iifrinioN, llota.r \\ el..I'eli..lh.-'ijlit,
; in complaints common t. tlie bole human race Jacksinrille" Ocl. 8-t.1 Frrrrand, dull Tain hi, the lla lt lflfi..e.r .IVr-ii-| -AND- I ciiml br Ii...Iin; the fingv or i.rt U"e.: .

'. and h,- iscrderl peccliar to certain climates and .'Nrws c ipy.ilfi'xr. ration,yviiiiwii nt the $III Ias Alld K>._, fain In" the BOOKS FOR YOUTH. SOUTH JITIJUWIC led In 'j'rrrff&JttS /'./ Asr liar bill h....

locslities. RarlMT !Shop. .ide. back.......hsiaah.a, .e.,.<'ald"n Flii'hemrilrai i WILARF, I h hra r beets ihruur! tcs..d. anti prurraaatvtr
AllSXiyff DISORDERS.Dispepsia. IturuiHf IK the Fl*h( cmi,iam iinnjiuiiig' b"i eYd."lid The Balloon: Trayelavfflabeit Merry' and his CHARLESTON S. C. liatgrensedr.! A F..llun katr.as'lvs.mcthiss!
'I'L U. HIEM. tnfce plnanre in aayintn the jrat dei.ri'.usu| i.1 l .until YI....$ Friend, by Peter Parley, l.Oi.i '.
and derangement of the lircr the genteinen of this rilr, mid the public peuerallr. 'I 1 $IKi i 11f"Irl. i.t in <-"II..ar! the 3U'1I1I0I..r ihc pnh'ia tllthi. Adfc"llIr .Jtlbt-rt Ju-ahead. br. IJ..tl.J.CN. > sep 24-ly 2 and we v uld advise all ao trwableJ U tea la*

eeorce inflrmitr and suffering, aud the cause of that he baa otenttl] H H artier Sli.m. next prr|>ar'ti,"., d..-..aa with (.... f of lite unu .1 t-..ne.rsI The ,,".I.detlt..f Self no-. nr the Easily Life remedy.ilLeSMS..
;;- innumerable! deaths, yield to these curative*, in all d.M.rlu* )1 lr. Paul) H. Call"""'" jul.xm where he ... in It* I iil..*assil ;ii |aiUMHi' n> Hie rfi...<.*l-.i ol V" llciiry NOTICE. ; Pun IJA1'IA.1 Soi-flag ..
lluinplirey UJr.\.
, eises, howcrer aggiaraicl. acting aniild pnrgijrt.aUfxulire will at ill tunes be h m-e lh.>e who mar" Wi jell ll U r-TuniliH N'lrti. hew unr L.' '1. .! I'S hereby given; th it alter pnbHeitN ,afth,7s notice rd the b.'IJetici..lc l tf<,*..(vonr rrkbratod Paiat Kit*
,: and tunic; they Mete tbe DwcN, n-quire his -rriceA. .1'1,1"]>fK bj til tripr>eiictf J JIIf .II i-. .. irw 'II. ii< ii se-I n ii If.l hut un-ih hiili -.1..1 ('..u tiTlun .- j! : for .i ix wct-k nj.j.licat.on n ill be nude let in -xrvrril c.*r* .>f the dyienl try sad cMara
fully illnMnttod. So ii'I
;- j *! O' a I'll %rm* mat 1 lti ill inni '
; ;'p'urify,tbe uidsand iurigorate the system aDd many yejr t.. give entire ml ;....11 Ii 1111.1 1 t i! ash ii.irjmiitio-i ..1 I ",,in I iIIKII> ...1| it i to> ic..III..I.my |4iiinUrfr Jr'wr' 1.feS! \"ai4i.iit.aia l 111 Sh fp. iJentini's | that (:'ommiviit'iuT <.! Pri.sionn. fc>r the iMir i.f a I maybe* with! Slat .Pew m.Mih* and aWauaf
consUUitioa at tbe aame time Ttfl of the : ia i..ail| ci- I, .. duplicate, cof Lnnd Warrant No. 2H.ii.il (.r rightracres it an act<>f uvnvv* J-iict to tb* iffrrinc.pniaiiihiibv
putninagtf public reopfcifu'lr ti Tt l .
|>nr. nzui it>C"M'i "i'lill.p:$ I II. and 1I1:1"I"tt.
: ;Geaeral Weakness-Xerrons Complaints. ted. b.I.. 11-1 I ill** ....*! IKOIUII.HIII ..d) iv.>?| kit .,vn < li>.i i iin >.1.1 t inittvMirii tr v .1 Iu .li'e: .Sf.ud $4 l \\11''ik., t.>r ". iJOJOce! under, net }I ltri1i3il l I. IS-VV. fc. Arc-id,. the 'fel-ng of a r\iDin.n bnmaaity. I BMUjmflVrm
I \ in ail'1 ir.ri.ni ih ......iiii) i- :J'li...-..**, nii-l 4 .tc' 'it:,. file II L'rirtte il1 C IL LcJ"l: C..p.hor tb-"IIII. ro.nnJ. u.s .rb ma atay .
i "Wbea all stimulants fail the re.ior.tin? and; :C tie', ,- 4| C. DUEW. : lW .
fthi I lao |WI'Is ii hlnnni. j.u e'l II'" ely M FKitidJ voliinlriT. in the! Fiord.: W IIr. TbVame ; hum -uwrt&.con. or a milar La.s1l.
i. bracing properties these Pill' C'v' firmnefs to month afti-r d .te I IIc.1 I tli- \e- 111hili hut e ,tn.fi i iti.iiihi Ocean Stn-et, near U ly. ..f.. ,
- SIX 'illl.tt'l'Clit lilY tI e n < et It'I.t"-A| : Iiaviirj boeii !r."I!, and it c.iveutiigiint its Io.iliiMI .1' .! .a sisal r..rJ" hi? .tisarvmti.n. ,.
'the shlking.nerres snd enfeebled tuutcles of the and roncheit tu I Slew- j I r.-11".' i n ally<>...rvu K iti n" tc-Vi.iil> ii IM* July y, 13-V;. having bvea dull! ir.UrvJ in tlw? General I auiiT.ciual \dt".h'* nr" rw..II

" victim general debility. art Judge Pr.tulei l I.. Nu-sau County fur mtlleinent ""Ioig.'d.ru.fiMl$ iiRitan.. SouUisrn Quarterly Review. Kind Office. O. IIAUT. I IOct. }I.\.\:) K. }ICW"ril"lOr"f
*** : | } Mai.u'.i t i' KQ. JJ \r. hI
DEL 1C A TE F EJI.4 L E. -ai.d will make n, pl.ci'i" H.ra tiual I'liii'.d ipJji i. 1. tit-3 Atti>rncv for Cl iim.mt. ISLI I the b: nlr..1: CIstrih..arsc3Lua.Cara .
d.charge ,Iroin Tim Ad in iniM ration if The E.latouf 'r'in: ''ill >". oftlic nrw -\.rw. oftlie fMMHh, rnn -'
: raKi Toirx. Araic Jti.. l'43leti.
AU I irregularities and ailments incident to the
11 < rt.-r uI'r: l its IIf FOR ;.
delicate and of the David Lanjr.ul Mid Cuiiuty dccM Jtr. s Ti;* riM'i\V. y. csahic Pr.ipr P. |l.,ru4.S( .< -l>cir.r: *
' : organ* fcex ar\.rtm.\ ZII.IJU.I.SO. Ex'u. tv'lObI': I'.r Itot."t'-\. kubscrilx-rc, m 1 *ran 1 1 I11BTV .tcr..arwd LAND in the
p 1.11\"
Y I 11'1 iV-i .W .
:. \ t. I I The Puin K.IK-r. we are h'rr.y t ia tli.ii
'..' :Infallible ed or prevented altcrnntires.by a few No doses mother of whu tliete'mild.lrd,hut her October J9 I N.S6. C rn I:. t..'ow.. ,s.----... ."..-.. || .. H||. | .e..h..... hw ':Iiu. C. D1U::\\'. I it! 31 iidar.n Eat KI rId-i.; njom; whicb: >* a Cn>d rrp'il ft.ri?.\IH| ...,"idq4i a-jr.:111:..".t.=.
I .-- n-rk M I..t' r ;i>ur ':"flh't i .' own 4)?'her children'a health should fail to bare ., I. ----- i"- *t>pr.-c.atcd. L trlr, we h ire. treat Litaisii'i
'I. a I aHi ss itt 4r tn.w i i V\* I .
i- h.r .
bern within her I ench.SCE3'TlFIC t':)' chat tlioti O\\- ,t. C. lull II. .tia : "'sii; -. ":11' n .."". I ra a. ..a'_ 's-s i'nri'" ,,. Hltt..j iA tx ..r.iiii.Mjrlax; C'uivd i Ji.Iiiis r ry! ILiir.tLaea.I'.etty.. Toepruvo: i U d.rectljr; ou tho St. fc.r the art e:.. ...! > ij.lrnir;. aaUeiat a Uij

EXDORSEUryr* PERSONS wh i hive made uieirurandiini ac- hl,.1 ill :nt'r.id i _MI:' ,"UIh.. in 4 |ni ?. Thsltnadon with the ."!o4..lbcrc. w th pri mi-.ii I It.II I.' II po..1 m .-, i 1It.IJ] ; 4 IM>I|.. I -."..* .>iftrllw. ... I Acrr p..i l Lind. tw.-lrc milo* ; THOMSON u VI.LI.CO.M .
"Lancet the Li>don! "Medical.Review tn "pay up in n dav ir twii** reh.r4by rwiiei-ttwl- ;:: ..,. .s-.., ,pui ul.. fi."i. ltiiirl.1 II.., Ii.i -.''f,' 01' MTTSIWRd. PA. Innii J.-tckiuHiviiUvSonth. on thd Kiii;** H.KU! t.. ho. and the nut eminent of the faculty in I < I. tVlM rHI V:ii II I- *... III .. \ tJ.o'lt I'ahi :;. AIIU"tilu', ..p-thv-r wills willn nta pinuil
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