( officers elect of "Solomon Lodge, Xo. with great unanimity and that the nominee :. Barrett, and DeCottes, the Convention Improvement Fund" -ubtioD. qtulitr, ttt Apotkvcirf Jhll. 2trf *mt r .b"r. Yurt s ilo U.. lriUl.r Riff,D.p it
20 then took and witnessed f-r% ..$1JJp. JI. T/JIM.itrilJ LLA*. ; Ur. lwlln'; U.Norlr,P. u,1A.tarl w
,: place, wax will be cordially supported. )Ir. adjourned. A Resolution ,has. poMed the house to JMkJuUJJ tkw 175OTICK 13+'+64$ .t4.. WN...T.z.s.fttlgiflyh'K.
o apparently with much Jat Caction. A. &f lUunrur Chn. -- XtwO -
Hart is known to the -A
possess requisite adjourn on the lard :irttL, but did not : H. t.
: 1 At the conclusion of these J. H Bfftiox See'y, W. aatJi riled Joss W. Paws '
interesting are *
qualification for the office in eminent .. ,.+
)? 4r4 M
, sn the Senate I they will adjourn r.by I. Jsatb. .w..r
--.g l pass suppose ere ravdidale fvr the oflfat ufjo4f*tA l'/wU.. 1'r ,, ..
the3Iasons c
\ ceremonies, with tbcirinvited degree, and we doubt not but that a large Vailed States tfcoator j about the :27th, ,)"".. ('uyay, w au UM "UQ ejr oenjioo INT lawn, ut ryt' 1 will evil W"lb.. big W.%.' i.W44.r IEI

guests, theF repaired to the majority of our citizens without distinction The lion. Stephen B. Mallory was reelected .,..- J.At rUJ''CJH; ry, Jfjf ul-lrd,11., IfrjtfctaA. &*<&*, Sib rTM Arrr, +xt,1 C.wrpr tc..1'r' ,iii tb.t twtslunr .,

:3 Jndsoa House, and partook of a sumptuous of party will be glad to see l him elec to the United (State Senate on Tbe OWe'Jg eu!r.OJ JM U, J I, r.kdairs'M iiI L-.11w.I.aiQ.-.wb w.m Ifni Ik.".J4aa llmalah c.r j

: dinner prepared for the oeliOD..1 .- !. Tracy, of Ns js w, w the After the ted. Wednesday lint, receiving thirty-eight of rnenabtir of the+ euste. lie came to the ,M d dl biig iiotcl; .s4t+I l IN. fvrtiiw( M<**$. 'r,.Qpt .,

.1 "want* of the inner man" had The election ix next :3onday! the fifty votes cart on J joint ballot.3IA0AZIfc J eguliturc lint in '1845, and If we remember liar i. )Lai"jJ,!.,,"Jdti.'HI Wu'44/ s. .1I4.J. .1/W.. .
I 'I. been la.pnv.awtm
e amply supplied, fraternal I""flow of I. .
-# --
correctly wa on11VMg I Nr
, uJtell .If saihdatwN wr l..41 .
coa engaged and,entertained the company AreA t Scorr. This inoet Important IIAllPU3 -It will be, 1)0- Fist of the uw4nuee river Before l J.b Nf Jim M34Uric11ia.tarw l/.'r.W'--a

,I. for a space of time Not being of case is now before the U & Supreme tiecd that Mr Drew is thus early in receipt term of ode .expired, Juwever, be had, v" :101 I+' CI.\II. tcWw U III rcr.utit'.:

either of the Fraternities ourself, we Court at Washington\ viz : the snit of of Harper for January 1857, whichhw the t dad Jn pf fccinpr j quite. If &%& I.-ClIiJlJ-; -"V.I. I ...

i been on his, counter fyr several J ds.s. entirtatffof thi p?>.at the Capitol J tJ ON BLAOK CREEK.X
were of course but a'looker on in Venice'but Aral Scott against! his master t far hi* 1J1J.s",6 .
...- 1818, he declined 1,1
j the universal brotherly and jovial 1 rccdoui. The mother of I Scott wa* the A Bloody Affitfr In nUllol tioo, aud3fr, Stewstt, anolllcr g v4 1 U.Jaig( LVO'-lV" OPCD. 'rn ,.a-.

1 feeling manifested at the fc tjvc board laTe of an officer f in the army, who moved The Hoch#tcr American publishes aocxtrat I and true, WM elected J ea hire iBccowr. In .FOB tit, au+ 4..Uu. 14$tn.s rilitbrg Uw.a.y r A- ts.-4.tr.I .f parr I t.4"ktl? f.san_

made us almost wish that we too were in tritb his family and slave, into Territory from A privata letter, dated l )Ian' 1861, be was returned to th? &nst.,whet) r 4. (4VHr.s twutir4 I. I yrrs.r.a r,l.4.1r.1! n+rirn.I. W twl
! 1.ltftlrl SJ M."t4 as a 'JO tl.s rill. airy III 'dHl-f A..". .
mouth Warren IlIiiwMr
I the I. where the 31i&ouri Act prohibited Co, Dee, 12, re- be found Jilroelf again in "gloiiww mi Ukfs OP't.II J-u; JJ+dyr, h' tNwliasfr 'M t&sr t. wu 1Ifl-w"" ,IUkIlll tint T.r I,, l *,
The first sentiment offered The citing the Particulars of Moody osc+ rreDe.e noritybut if we mfeteke not the sinus WfJk r Janet t'rrxk, n mi1Jt rims ha. WAgtb. II-r N.il, ,m tier prwiirw'tta. Wtb.w Aesfaml
lavcry. During his residence in that which took then Wo PJljp'-4I"It"' i< iH rrud.Ow al.114 I44 .jp.J II'' r".1 tI."if
wte Tway J
place p.r pmmrtr f ia.fwetj
of the tirn there Is #
q better d -
i Master a a m .
Worshipful Solomon Lodge. y lit J hu'a rl jrd'aid H biMr4. awl r.rnN lvitb "f.wtr r.r4 4k_ (
4 Territory, Scott wa born. He was afterwards A bloody tragedy was pcrfiffrocd at the ing Ifs this AI it try, M*prc ncc here s l urs dry aitnu..l ate, sir!I sapl4ir4 wild, tear ""04 J 4..nK.; .mat affil'.,cv...+4.said t m.wbrf. .

; The Worshipful Muter, F. C. Barrett taken to Missouri! and claimed ax a "Baldwin House' in this city this alter during the pr?* jjt+ wo&w J b' wut fcrtu- tlw tw.SIJ dwir Jilt fa.4& water.ws sit U .11 44.Myuti4 .. .let I frI 1'.1 ... rmatf I N44iatsjid "f
'Jf'4L..i"t\.u to 1Mllt.
!-: in slave A little more than be noon I was converging with a gentlewau nato, lie 19 a man of fine p&dic 1I1! >wise E Tow bf4, it" .IJ 'tit + lJ.,1.ff1 k Uur4ia ,"" b> r" wit
' responded a pertinent and fluent manner a year ago I JI "" ir rinr pout lo'u 01"iIiI for lwfl,:4jlt"' .114."h.r.r'r_.'d.. I 1445 eb
He said that seems as be did onthis sued for his freedom cu the bails c/f birth in Dr Thayer'* Drug Store t atouttwo cod considerable cxeriflnce fart a k'fii<1a r.IIJlWdwfJ, _jUt; i*H.,",.."Mid J" wsa,, wiwia f awe 1H"1t" weir astrI.. lea....L
o'clock wizen the terrible of + s.4MJ 't Ibs 4/W" rvf VTA tr1JV; ; ., fir" J
tor.r s.ad UuiSHn"dl. "
cry notice he i iac in .arykt
occasion united band e drat frorjuently+
an of Brothers the $ "
trawrr Ithflut
in a territory covered by the 3Juottri murder was J heard and all started out Hl t.qd ; CtlIlIUelJUIIwI.IN G ", IHW "1)n,1 'f6'U, S J4 r.c
gathered together to honor the we the Chair-having )>??JJ President of rise C1r.rl .fim 4 aai G..W r".vl_ L' JSJ..it e
of the.Holy St. John the Evangelist memory prohibition. The ease has been once err to discover the cau e. We were soon di St1 himself, over which be presided h. prUi14 14 f4r.u. adnslrp' Ua44.; -. :. Yw4r. ".a i.t HJ.Jtl' .,, v1-ii..,:
one gued before the Court and is rected by the throng people to the abovenamed with tutrK J+a.a my..uw ahbsr p1.daa uti 'k rirt. +r. r.p iL.u .. Tuax .*I .uJJ T m
of the most eminent Christian patrons of aeopened ow dignity, prowptneHB fftidffie]. b"sertrxl fuuJie4 wbu bards IMp.S''' w 'Lid i"f Y'M4. r"w rdtrw. ,
'' Masonry, his heart warmed with renewed r for a final dee iOfJ. The political hotel, distant only a few aids, j W/ gr t to Jero.froai. the ..femstIwtbtt + tp.4 UHf r r awt v.'j 4 .j".!. is J1, s$.. au,. wit:, all. yard *f rrI4T U. tea. i>.ahpsd.Ia..i.40. .

teal and love for the time-honored in- questions of interest involved and there, weltering in their blood, lay with the expiration of life pr eat 'tri..Jt.t'llt 'JJI U.'l' > tml tJfvtt' rwwM irMJi awW .W ritbia r: i4 y I ,ar+t'aisr j t9 Jo.p.Wi1+rA.Nr
.MAI >f.wiss .,
ptitatioi of which the victim of the roost sanguinary, single tens, it fr his l intention to retire from JJw;i+fattr 41.14, ttoirf t'otte.,
:they.were members.. First. Whether a free black is t, I..fldJ ripe r 4tta an I'Nr YI44.,t arr. p.. .wt AJ .I k tie
E He earnestly trusted that their loan a band coufljet it has been my lotto wit* public Ufe. Wehohe will think better J.c U.a.4e *pa;, trill take l t .urir rs prati4ir.>t -.W nrrrr4.$l p* III wlutrtrr 11.4..4 ..

meeting would impress more prCeoteltift citizen of the United States, so as to be ness. It i is imP**ible-to! ,describe the of it--*uel. men can be illy( epsred f in Tiw 5. ,Os xttuwuw4.tiaa.f eat.rf raids as wu M4 Kars M4 a n.- irbdlsr b..M... !:rift "
strong! #eat+ aajM.tdv.
drwnbfd .
yl.rbwlarly la ii.
ly than em-upon the minds of the brethren competent to guc in the Courts of the horror which depicted the wages of that these trwblwetilJuw from the council of JSIH,4 ("I- f( tCnt led"+ said attar. w brluawr w.jf "

the importance of Waring their: United States .throng of spectators called there cf a woment the Btd .-Talla1lauu fJmti,". a..4 M44f.V s ta fwj s fu crab riH w..w wwhpat.: rd" .: 1-.
$ ,4J tl) ,
in Itknd4WW, a3 _. .
The circum9feince IsK .
warntoe. t'ttlAI K>*PO'.i'
I aetaoa by the of virtue and .Second. Whether' lave carried are TT' C"1""uf. Is etmda.iuawr uk.J" W e.U fwd a4tt
tgwrt morality a rolontariry +kcr nlr Imo ,ltl.hrer.
t.. : -of all follows: A Mr, Fleffiing, an elder/) VIMltr", FJJo. Aria,!Ja, x.rs; us a trial', .4 err nil ". 19LKrac' _
:. closely toe IB O things that vet more by his master to hw home, is a gentleman, and two form about 2$ .to :2&; M oI'nA, Due, 24,.Afire J ned nd4dti m tvr kH few s ytaa.i cars &w .44 atau "u.fpu- 4 hr .hi ftr4 3lwtSay'i,.Jsaary;

;:f.; their'eyings upon upon the Itttl of when time free wan by virtue of such temporary residence years, of age, had called upon a )lr. Cro- : here this_ morning, by which JlcckJe k We J baru udder tlea4ayarc.dsltrr l.wnw J", l wrrs4warat; .1Id. III Ybyaiata."JMri-,NMttdamute uii- ;

ahtll have ceased they mar be the Better ; find, seer at his rooms aL the B house, armed : Wilson's livery stable, with other buildbgs ,3, and 1 "ie a errs 1,m.'If b'A.JjJJJ, t" Jaetrilk' VattJp. .mtt. .
I. I each with loaded par
a pistol ,to the
prepared to obey the gatefot their Great Thirdly Whether trio eighth section latter into .coerce in.the.-nch i hborlwod were entirelydettroyed. ( J# ,. TitQ31PAOX, rrnprictq. AJ H'.f
Grind Master and gentleman a concession and retraction )l44ivbrrg.itre.ub." t trs-rl
1"-. enjoy Him--in i. of the Sluwuri act of 1820! prohibiting The lost Is __
eetinuted et 920 ----------
a calumny affecting the'derutiter WHITE SPRINGS \
the Celestial Lodge above, aa uninternpt- slavery north of latitude 30 2K is ST 1UUUTIIESTAGE .
constitutional and sister with which 000.
ed season, of blissful rffrcihm Past Matter or not. charged 3Ir C. who, after some pretty -. -A'PPOOT. fIat sad was .udw Lt'
"...'u.lI. '. adS. JJIHi, U wire ,surly k for na.pr/m i.
If Sbfeooa bL1riDg-n" Gco. P. Curtis of Boston Iieverd warm language had pissed between ,the
The 1 111.dJ' rrd owd riM dubi
i on the hip The prier! +
4. Past pondedi Johnson and other eminent legal talent is parties, agreed to ana did sign retraction prsirengers 1"11, LINE.npouojr ,, mud*/lhiatis.c 4 Y.brur.Dt.

tooehiBglyaBixKng to the many familiar i I engaged on the cac.WHAT in the presence of a friend whom theMt'wr.Hcm'mj ashore *t I druspt t, here all ben res (WITH CIIAXOK or HOUSE* .sd I ttt-91... O.J.11UILRAY.
: ]J1al1I. ( erred : -- ----
faces +uglitxthtitela.IwmediatelYafter Ill tlrtt ,
that aai. IM "
sere now seen no more 'Liff >Y. .
among .. ...--- -. IL A, I1OUK1WA.VU .I .
I. the -
them-some separated by death and delivering paper fa* ,
aHr.KtIO.I UI Dorot
? othecs by bog distance lit TO >BE POXK?-The Boston into the J>o* e"ion of their friend, the .F 1 AR'E t $ 2.00 tatsAEJYEEEK
f namrag among NEW YanK, Pee 22.--TJj ..tamLTKIllJxrfllr k OLOYFbtr,,
Teleyraph the 3IeM V.. of the brothers -
em&ccn of the leading Black Republican or one to3Jr
their eys '
lamented of the New "- I.V.staxxuu. (Jro.D'lt East-Ay a.a
York '
Fast Master Thomas Douglas, Past paper i in: 3Luwachiwettj, upcaking of C., "I am going to cow- hide you/' and 'Savan THOI70U! IT*,'/' rtJiK IN pen are J4 fa. ell.l nVT ..turoJT :

Master Gregory Yale ,and Put Master. the incurrection in Tennessee, contends and one of the boys holding a cocked pistol nah line, was totally burned ft her wharf Anir horN AMK Coocd alJ1J OtqfOoixl ,Ca; <'. *.'*.11.-* the haft fit t VKMXM isCOR&I.JUL8

W. Dt Hsnow. He also to his head, directed the other to inflict this evening. tone driven Br andiesal
referred in 'a that Black Bepablieanism has been and sad tW ptr****} .ti.MtM 'f 'IRTi23es,
1tid&J-' com limentary manner: to I'- de- the threatened punishment which'heimmediately ... 111.pfuprictor will tu lirra (Jkv li. Tbs public
WrJ.W.1frsut. I would brethren said fensivo,. whether it will_ not have to commenced. He had struck SrZAf.E& EvmOL.\DE -,,\r e notice' itca nuts."f't nrbri. >4 aA r deity ttf t iWr pvrxM ur ,'r ,1.ClIaapape .
Ioe that ( be changed to three four blows by our New York exchanges, that bltxsxr. ttWr'Ui) (rwllrnu MMUMfMTX Knau Jipr .
thilWefe' all with,ust then, antayyreutec.. movementagainst or when C. 'pulled a Jew **) .tM79lM4i4>/JTMr .xprnmrcv f I. IW ,
ed,' be fulL lean but slavery :itself is a question which dirk-klHf from a side pocket, and; paw steamer Everglade, Cu pt Cowtttr tIa.tP.,.._lab eavUcuce.dais. .b.r Ib1ie,uf Too"t,,lJomule 1/tqitan uCBOCIS&IBf .:.

' hope thit those yet in the Itndof the living occupies the 'mind. of antislaveryw ( JOg at the same, time his left arm around built" fur the trade' between Charleston perf W.abshbs"oa; .ti.t..dk.bgd-.. .tN' .m..'.. *' ""
will,at some future time, enjoy like festSve the neck'of the one who plied ,the lash, Jacksonville, via f:13nria&st\ !3re lat ,.I, MAtttlai 4 I)11f1112'H'7, die 3, 1s..t., J. ,
occasion- and: again stimulate us to tabbed him in the left breast, and as New York for her first(trip to JacksonWJit 'Hl .t a.n+ti.. LM-1, to d. -
.. ._ .on In;VfUf ,
deccU- of benevolence and charity. I : norat Arch.4 ,JlfllODrr. quick as. thought, withdrew the knife and 'ii1Ie. ,. thc.4th. runt..S '... _; _w...... )tine*of eye,/ Itail wo tlw Uirrr suJ all!! wit. .lfBW'.FAtL'j it

give : .; Worshipful, Sir,. struck the one who held the pistol back jlllw,;O'IIkf .nl 1'ilT1w Lure: tried iu. -lice.trftftap -\'iD- a',
At aprliw
'convocation i.
of J.ckonvlllc ch handed blow vrhieb reached
did the
TOT OttATOE OP TIlE ; /of these rxtnordiflirjr; nudletinenU
Ooli C.. Ai Mi MITCHBL DAY thereupon: ter Nol2"-of= Boj-al' Arch Mason,on'the flr. >ltto:: the heart of his victim., r dl.nrdrrs"fall dlm.en,. rta&rrtbero- f 1aJIe ta.t1N* Cask ''Stfre;: WIiter .;..tJ.

arose.and'responded'in' ,.a very becouiiojc evening of the _20th fait the following; Both brothers received their! deathwounds ublr.u ail 1 wJw>Mrurjr bj,sia/ir mad., :nary. 1 -- _..' ] -- .. .,.---- .
g in'leer: than
manner to this ceapliment; Though one elective:officers were,,duly chosen -viz :' both jf two. "u oncllf'.nd til* must t ribJ. ,1IQ1I';' sl.esfaria mill, U 'G org e.,. ,S.R WW01L ,I TOE s.ders mpt td.f I..UH aft .'
were in
bloody irlldie..k4 'O
III ihf ot'b -
) tnUD&
of ordinary form on such' F. C: Barrett corpses a. t trh rJ lbo'pm ... ii .awe wolf
occasions i heeraerieaced II'1'riut. : Theodorenow after their alter U. : F I'ECTFUtLY Mr r*.ih Ladher a, .
they were rfrucK The old map had b/ s n4 con rrritirof opts tr t e sad Ckflttem i ,.4 p1114'ayf ue.d''apresrrl7 LIStaarkh

fading feeling a present of the fraternal assurance're-nnion''pc Hartridgc, ,King;, Samuel Fair? nk e', gone'put into the+ }hall. ,nnJ'! locked .the <>B I.'" lojntrfi,tbs urirtioni. nit iN Iw.fll, tbrt'b.ariil up.aed,ad bk'cnnvonjinr D4nr 8..4 cuttnItHi sea.1 I bet afar eanslatlu/c a.artaaiar sate we If.4slr/tMi.ellb n.liass.f is pkssr..L p.

that K 1rII the -- ficribc; William Grothe, Secretary} door and _UI'OD'tho ooUide with a MOO fKf.., wont rucaoiT twllioov. 'ftr r, 41- stucbof'Y4)J .- Waer(loads, .IIUDKI aft Mlta<-uUiami at/low.bt t l ljlarr ihr .."..
ofepriufjof sineeriwarm and, I antes and sknnaeb euinplalaL Takra 1 mss slack uat III at'M.d' 1fJ.larlr
Edward ,to keep out iet4nco. The a* ,
II A pistol .aflracreatedan 1
end brotherly hem Colonel : Oak Tnawrerj John L.Chctplafn .Ttotirr r".I.D' ; fur 11&. f'Lri .IW yawed '
immense cicilementhere ,.ibfjr fcrifQr U i/ktn' *Jo&th. disor: ,! B Y GOO.D s,
t wlfl( br able a.1..t.ty
lIl..ur. remarks Hale ,
were continued. ,at ,, | I'anurb yon: The young man Crosier i den eonnquoatapoa change.of reutptratare. and f4.;pl n.odd ai4 o.1Ai a.. Btk.04 o.1 sub .ri ,bat aitrsqtl
I. tt+oare i leaglh t and were terse, chaste, and .,. tinder arrest deprira tb. procew of aecJimttioo pfiU prfndptl{ Alpaca and M.riiio. FAIKT Babe,phi.and +cw "E'( Onli = tic.
1, a .' Maioaie.. having surrendered himself -d&r. 'EmftjnuiU'to l the r..iw"tW, batter ; fld'd OmrtuBM, uuek' nd OuTd Hirt*.fcHft,. INt'ie wprdl'
-Oars and Members into custody. and u to 1IDdeito'ai.. ci m. there ttoproTidoil arfrb t Implement of him: |p; ,tlutb' T-ttnu> Nrjrrv Cloth,BJaaQu '/ all dee .u4.. 4ta a/o.er. ._ I.....
-- -
,t of Florida Solomon odge'No;,.20/ F. &,A.: M.. inationtatnorrow. i without ; than criptlgaawbhesa eordrs.ebDleaebediada h,; ,lasl.w tri a w ys lad It./t.tyir.n
Lodge !. 1.of fb' Independent ''Order these aDe4QalIed eorrttlrea.. ". ., bleiadlecl 1Iotnet'-l.MabloU: Jana;llate..tts tag,-o $v. Wes a .! bs4ws psreba W I"k
of Odd Pe1J JACHsoN I 1 Lr.L,:'Dee..27,.A..DAt !.1 6.: ; The'eympaihiea of the peoplo'are meet and. Broad CU th._DjmK. table{'irrtE SlktJ ..._1..i ...J_W ..ritesb

1 1. '" Ttis was lied a .regular communrcation. ,of-jthis' \\y"trith:OroIier.. lie acts acid 'look* the 8AK04J- > 81. J 4 fJLGAJUf I'f' 1 ; K .Shaper,U C. Uaadkrrtbie6,,Sin sad fitnwixV =kspis flrstt mf.ja i Jfw.lleill.
rep1i toby Jiidge Living- 1 'FQR : tU siaLaWn ad _('a Ribbons,8Uk .UT III ... .
picture SAL
I ton,_of .t .e JUe spoke: oft eas' Lodge cld] this day the.folloiriog resolutions J diespair; .He is &young'mesa, ; ret',1mmb' 'Holfis AA&.CiaIb lid"epN. aer.rte.rtkiaa. b.Msr: atltLfJ .1f iIku
: "_ and' the some 27 to 80 year,oldk and unmarried.' :f.1!DUB TndA LaDdI'M 1 1b.i EI al4e 'Wco1urm,C tq selst'aad,t3laeree,.ct 1ae.lJhflr'tw M Mvks 1M..
objects of twO.fo- .were. ,unanimous!adoptedr: : Ho is said,to have,J been ,engaged;to, the .K .tt atw 8L njaboBt. eiKbt to .aHVU! "trlio l4e1'fD'd 4Ya RI I lion o1 aIL .r ..L Ifr .
tlnitie.Jeiaed ui ihil fe five occuion and Sefoltfedf That the thanks of this Lodge lady in qUeatio."hob i 'abov.taslLvawla of aok.oaviflsxan.tof: .Any eia tpWwtrty, Via I1bva get Mkt1B.,Drs.M 1W. Aa _t ._
:jaiA merited, tribute to their! at present cut.of 'wblck. 1a.NO acres; ooacPoUiaa l20r crami ,' bDatlc ot. kl fw La6. Ae...
charitable} be and A
.leei& ,. rft hereby,tendered to Brother 0. I u,q State.: The,other parties' were',respectable UM rrmalatajr Tract eonhktoa SO acrtau; 'TtIID JaU ..e4.t.rdi Thiel!. &rI .J I

'"The OSoe.lBd-.MembenoCiaebo ;;;. LJJircgEi i for the; eloquent; and farmer and two,of .em,J f..gn.derstand "d r.tbe Tract abmra Traeta adjoia *eb ether(u..+ .u1.' '7.!;,f tL w ; : : ef.eJu..w.PJ.air II

e CJrrpter lio..l2 of appropriate addraw\'with which; : he, his member. of the cbnrch.instand' good tyC of pobllc land aepeMtad.firvQ.Aft.otbffv e..Land+ 'are..w'bSO orf rues well ,,OT 1II.; err ,.la'tonbf. '

Royal Arch Ma- this day favored tzsuRaolvtdiSkA US y dID bcrtdj'on obt of.Uw above tracts ''an aer ralBfW1 Boaiaess sad 01'1' 'V' 1.: I .. .red a eboter.
.. .t.A"'Ai
,& ; ,,* +* oC. bt bona LI .erftIo8bfrtt.n. ,
the thanks,of this ,..1'' tots: r i
Lrtalied'eot' Lodge < .. I fear.'. ft..L ad--.Ir1it& and fepa, Traaka,;VaHcca.Abo .r dau" ..M i iilia
i ; : the Priest apoo' lot .ll1mS" ,
:HigK Ia.Kdbgttwtt1i
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-- i. Ii

THE- FLORIDA WEEKLY HEPGBLIC 'VID N.SI:1:Y I R ijf .).DECEMBER -$1$ 18 6f-- -' '! -. i 2


tJll finglIFr llob're Ibt$JtIrt.\ .11na", .Isar. IJOOKS; 'i1B io WATCHES CfeOCMS JEWtt&Y; .- A MEDZCAL'I 'OLU 'Ij5. !T Ij

L-.I.y_ILL..J.ne eM eftl'. .Jscba"WULIM 8 the:, ,JrY.Iai+r I boar.N drat. S t a 'i:i o. n.c 4 e TERY!! : r THE. W *. ',,. A ea r.

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te 1mb, &It .uu, ,1aetac8 JrMlb ---"-........ i..CKSONTILLE.ST_ FLORIDA..
.baby Cd dati.. thence Knob, Kitty NEW BOOKS 9,380 PriM( U-Jowftt.. __Trtea $101 -.--r., .
i.g".z-c. IInr eIvrea tbt tbilnt rp'Utb sad pt thirty LJHrergai'aI gun iWrrton tro; !.,.,,..Mfttr.. RN XILIT I'. 40ADDY *1TAVJXO jurt returned from New York. :respectfully invites {he attention of the .

ImtJ ebt rS slu .bort w Ibs pt.ae of The D rtiy ClnKtr r,U,,,.,.,.,r *, Public to hit stock of .t
'I..d The JIm. f U.Rb.UmU.. LOTTEft/
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1riligra DI. ASHk'am t'uw 311' I I { .....".".""".",."."" WARE AND FANCY. GOODS. XY'S INTM 1MITa.ts..r.
rlit4..liI"ma 11uR'C and arbor ,.......,..,.,,,""' .,...,. bt drawn In the City of WoWo, Xl.i'wn';fo -,' :3
Bed 4 trIM' &It .1i.f'J $nndry f'rntC i.rbr Em .."."".. I )ttbbbttt on TAI.Id'rJAmbcr$ wWwiwer 1" ',' 'Dolng tho JI'J> i abd rlchertJUwftmentcTcr Drought to 'this 3Iarket, coD of THE GREAT- COUNTER DUUT.LXrj. 1'
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..Ttawlwair TICKRTB ONLY !' H $1 If ff ff lecher N F > Cups, ?. klM Rings Silrer SnuffBoxcs ,
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f1Ifr aril tlfnlt..a.+ftl..Ywrt'ru'emiutorFlwi4a imT II;. M'"* .'-N. P. WBII-. Work, f In OJUOL Afc SCHEME X+ 44e} t'ff1 ,i.U'! Ual.le'j Ts4 l k D.len'',,, Ctt .umor JUr u.I Angrj Eacrnorj such u SALT Ramp
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,Is.a, '- -. -- Martha, the Iatc l work of Jalsi Sr,,.,.,, Ntns lit""..,,i/JlIl) b".;..",.",,4fJ1Q Jk4 J'iAiUut4N44Jttr t YnA.R+.l4Jtings J.)atastiet ,k Bata Wwod Writhe PeikA- in all parts of the world prove it* faK! :

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$ ; III 1$ W ''.0 PM ID eases of the Jraetm of the i ifsosed -
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ttw prvikt; IKrtruat; nGrrl of"Ut J'riJt III f-Q'Il'.JJIo-JIJ ; tw Uoo of the sinews,it ia enpiored u4 I, j
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Iw.lt" J ;4. JG c f.0: 7 YITva1 nwd.ff fJf- filar J Qtfrytberiiaibeci JAC KSONS'ILLE, LAT FLORIDA .UNDENIABLE Medial Staffof th.TBBTIUOinr.Tb French sad So .Ul Af-' t i
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THi.FLORIDA 'vJfEK11 i iEPtf_m_ A'N ___ ; -

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# .V" ? V -' SA 1".JfJ iJ'o. TON : JOITOThVOR

I I r n'. tpWicmtT. : rnw: mm IT ;: iT iTS Steam .Packet Line. S :\! ?EntY} A.'VIgfi

Iii The' wperW SlefwshlpWltDOX. Vegetable,: dakmtil
. '.\ '. S S fJrJ t'. U AHDENJoroanaackr.
( : 11.', FINE ATTllMTIONSFORTHESEAV9QN V S 'jj .: ,.Iaye tSr.n.nah e.al and: tsteraal'Be-.hif"

i t V LzDTLiTkEDxubATiT VV .. :: V : -. VV V -V o -, '. ,for, CbArleitofl'.e'1 n--. _V__.- II
'RE &.' .. If STANTON. ., .;- V_ V S S.r Wednesday and at..r-Ja1.lftenvntts at'o'clock. I oftpar\StedPftPUiUOeiancei.411"?!?*
'' '.,., .V : ; V V __ .: -- RetornlrJg lean Charleston: ererjr Monday and This *of wonderful eiew .
1 V ______ S \
i if 1.. *.. ''.-.-- V USS =. 'i: ir S V V V SI Si Friday afternoons at 5' 'o.cl ck, connecting with mnIag paia9 Uwa "T other oedjet* ita.!

J tIB a, addition t .fnec5al works adrerlised in an" V -' V_ : VS tbe Florid Boat both ways.V eel to ,. ublic. And these tesiiowaJaifc tw*Zr?
I' J IN I aow penuig:a.c. oice and V : I J..P. ItROOKS. &,,Md.. .
'1f per annmn,payable upon ordering calnmn. am V V .J." 41 A n.c..j not alone from the Ignorant, bat from MTSM
Ckarltib. .
of # E. uufiTTE : '
late assortment :. ---S ;: V every decree of intelligence and every ruik 3u
: a w .,1l paid within s k nonth *3. if BOOSS.ST. V S4_ et. I, 18 6-ly'3 Itiysician of the first respectability and iZzennrrrsant

>rtba expiration of uw year, M will ROMANCES -S < with the nature of diseases Jtr JL
- \:=' CmyertiseinenU J Ni&D IVOltliS dies hare reeommended this aa e* *f. -
S W#
4 'will be fcserted at the following NURSERY := -- 1L__ .J:1r ra- R effectual in their line of preparation* tar aTStlnetioo

4 J. ....I. V ." JUVENILE of pain. The Palo Kilbr j U --y
M n.One Dollar per winare(of twelre lines) fur the -AND- .iLi OFFICE F. A.A O. CENTRAL RAIL ROAD> and rzlermRy, according to the _be..aUy

- trit< nd SereotyFite Cents for every subsequent JACKSONVILLE, Fiu.Sep.25. 1856.! I If"PlIE f the complaint It has been (Mind to be 'i .
inaertlott.' -To yearly Adrertiscrsa liberal discount O11KS. Stockholders nf the Florida. Atlantic and lent remedy for sadden colds tnmthjt land .'-
will be:macS&AU transient adrertiscmenU (cx.i TOY _S ; V _S V:1 i Li JL Gulf Central Rail R ad an hereby notified ague, a.thm.and ,bthisIcp.u tW'.

V-byrpersonsbaTin'a running account witli thoI : -___ that the eighth instalment of fire per cent upon the kidney complaints brnne*and sores knrwaiZ-4:

I oftee)nwt be pwd for previous to pbIicatioD.I j. S. VI Capital Stock of said Company has been called sir, ker.boils and ringworms, weak stonseb.and !
. Persons at a distance can Tem their remittances R flEL1&1OS& S AND CHURCD B BODK iS S to be paid on or before. the fir t day of Novembernext. bility painter oJie broken breast 'Jk"w2J!

I: ; adrertisinj by the Mlowinir rates: V complaint and dysentery,cholera lirercwnEland
I SODS tIqUfe (twelre lines) published sir or the various denoDi ntions. JlT Dy order of the Board. dyspepsia tecthache Jke. la, -. pTISBOKT.

w.......... .................. ,0 ( Adventure, O. C. GIBBS )(rthas ;
I Twe $qoare ftir six: months,. 15 WLegal Books of the Dog the Travels Horse: ,SpifU Cookery p:. Gardening! : VV Sce'y Treasurer F. A. A O. C. K. U. Co. This may certify that I hare med DW Vinerw V.

"- and other Business Cards per an.m. Late aud Popular ; and Engineering ; : Sept. 27. 165*. td table Pain Killer with groat successin..

I n. ................................... 100.NoUce \ and AJricltltllre; Surveying Reckoners Ac., A. ; V i V -It* New and Alligator Advertiser please. copy Cholera latUntnm.common bagel eampiathitis .a."
... 700Application Books fur Mechanics, Ready : : s .
to debtors and creditors.. : V S VVpV.4 S _V .. omghs,cold*. JL, and would clZeerfti
for letters administration, 5 00 STATIONERY. .To thc, pUbfio. commend it aa a ratable family medicint. '

. Notice of Application for dismis-ul asAfmiuktratorV. Good which waa sared from the "Apo JAMES

-% ......................... 1000 Plain and Jacksonville East Florida. TUB Hall"has been taken to the Dwelling r/llltor.r the BaptMl Cb.
Jar announcement of candidates for of- 00 Writing and Note Papers- House owned by Mr. lionel ton Newnan Street, Thi!, mar terti' that I have"* Ptrry.Dari/
5 .
fleeJ..,. FANCY. Second Square on the First Corner abort the Vegetable rain killer in easeaTaad
:,VV '-Kpannonacement will be made unless the saonoaccompaBled well known House is now ready for the reception of Boarders ; having un Bnffington liaise wlwre will be kept lien it to b*a very nimble medicine I bee

- Edit I. notices with for private the amount benefit charged.will be charged Pocket and Pcn-Kjiivcs, with numerous THIS a thorough renovation/:all the Rooms having been newly Whitewashed, dJ (JENERAL STOCKOF prosenbetl fur it children extensively, and in it bowelticuarly I U ia nyrVpi0iper ;!! ..

the rate of advertising. articles of Stationery for office situated the Corners ofNewnanantl Adams .,
douok and notices will Painted and Refurnished. Being on t l!{ >,r In any preparation I bare crer aed far
; Religions, Obituary', Marriage nse. Streets near to the Tost Office and all the Churches, and in the most business part : relief, nf thona ui.ei *n. tt.

! bepubU&htdgaUs.Vo Communications inserted unless accompan makes it the desirable for the Traveling Public, and more especially When given tn children I hare arwayt mntfJUt
of the wore
V City, ed it with the f. of
"I led'by the nthor"Dame.AlI PERFUMERYAND Health Pleasure. The pledges n ill ill il illll RIill "rnp pirn arabitatY' tea ZJ.
Job Work must be paid for on delivery. those who visit this place for or Proprietor to a teaspoonful of the yrop..well mtxed., 7OtK rf

himself, to spare no pains or trouble to make his Guests comfortable. Table hare mixed it with milk and mol uu.mxoSr,**. ***;"
HEALTH OR SICKNESS Toilet i I Articles.i I shall not be surpassed by any in thus City. Garden Seed, 01 an kinds and or this year'. This certifies that I hare for several D L"

Board per week from 87, to 310.-The Western Stages leaves this House soon Jtt'owu. Also, th. Agency fr S. Swan I .'" Dark Vegetable Pain Killer ia aereraf .TdS.

..CHOOSE. BETWEEN THEM. Soaps, Cosmetics, Brushes,jn raricty. after the arrival of the Savannah and Charleston Boats. Georgia and Alahma! J..oUmes. A fun SUprl, of cases for which it is recommended ant Unit ft .
of Thousand Flowers all articles in the Urns? and Medicine line will be rery useful timily medicine A. BC05S09raU .
Balm a
The November 5th, 1850. SAM'L. BUFFINGTON, Proprietor. supplied by the first Meamer.J 'rntthr2 M Bxntiftt Church in Fill.Ii,',.;
-Price 50 cents per bottlc.WI'filling -______u, ------ -- !Now is the time for those who owe me store 31 K. I'tunr lUTM-Sr-I? bare nvd j hi. mr

1>K. IIOOFLAXD'S V \ HOOKS accounts to come forward and settle and enableme (.mi11..c ur medicIne, called "1'.;" KilVr", r

; Papers CEt.E RTtmGERMAN : to commence business once more. I dependon many purposes, and hare f.and it a very vrfct
I Prices. collecting what is dan to me on this occasion. and raIu-bTc Article I tVrefore! very cberrfaOr
At Northern
. Assorted Sizes and qualities. For sate BITTERS. I hope no further appeal is cece In'1' recommend it to the public rrsrmK '

Prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, I ..-- Very pectfulIv, Yours very IruclV.! hENRY njlXl"
0I ,:t1ho :cc1f3tcre Earnest Linwood, by Mrs. Caioline Lee THOMAS McMILLAN. Pastor of the Bupt'sf Church in Wed Lnl4p;

No. 120, Arch street, Philadelphia. I Hcntz, .. $1,0) Nor. 1856. St-10._ _ _ S C.u.cnu. Sew. 41t I11E .
C. DRBW WILL EFFECTUALLY CURB Miss Murray's letters, 1,00 sit.i. Ptunr r.*rw A So Cunflnninjr MT
j! Hcrtha the new book of Mrs.Dremer luO THoMAs ALEXANDER. respects of tho 4tb tilt,, I find it neeroary ta ad.
L1VEi PLAT l I I Susan the Fisherman's Daughter, 2 rols. 1,50 dress yon again aa mr. most anguin
, SOLLOWAY'S PILLS. Ocean Street one door (rom Bay. DYSPEPSIA The Tangletown letters the author of (Or TOE LATK TlV.lt. or XUWTOX AND A1XXAXDKB.) tiona bare been more than real a... The experts nil$ fcr*
Jacksonville Nur.,J85C. I I "Records uf Bnbblcton Pariah," 1,25 valuable
.V. 6"Z3 ) U&Z3t.t.Q &lD your medicyie i i iucrca sin V The blood furnishes the material of every bone, I Jaundice, Chronic or Nervcous Debility. Margaret}Maitland! by the author Zaidcc, 83 that I fear I h.ill MM O be unable In ken pa e

, muscle gland and fibre in the human frame. I 850 REWARD ,. Disease of the and ; Conquest of Florida by Tbeadoro Irving, 1.25 -AND- with it. iljr pHrlicufar! object{ ia writing MW M
Kidneys .
health to when : j The Song of Hiawatha 1,00 ta beg that Oil receipt of this trill .
IH When pure it secures every organ; rf EN DOLLARS REWARD for my negro man yon kirallr 41
. corrupt it necessarily produce disease. HOLLOWAY'S ': 1 Heeler who has mysteriously disappeared all Diseases arising from a dis- ,;I The Myth nf Hiiwaifla, by.U.R..Schoolcraft 1.25I UPLA\ DTTDW patch another lot aa ordered in my teller of Jaaf

V PILLS operate directly uj>on thcrlemcuts 1. from Jacksonville for tho last two\weeks lie has ordered Liver or Stomach : Widow Bedot Papers 1,25 -ANDForicardtny last. I hope I will Due beent rclront I, btf rr"
of the stream of life, neutralizing ihe principle of been either stolen or may hare gone off in one of Shell Constipation Inward Jilcs FuUne to' Sparrowprass Papers, 1.0) tad di5patei! reaches me, of which bovcrrr, |
disease, and thus radically curing the malady I I him some three months as Nausea Alone-The Hidden Path each 1,25 B.XOE F.A..OxOB.. hare nut yet heard from
the Boats as purchased mood to the Head, Acidity of the tHoinacb I', loti.J.
whether located in the nerves the stomach the since in Charhston. llartburn, Di"pm-lfor t'llOtl|, Futinrns or Weight in the i' Cumming's Hunters Life among Elephantsand and Coin imiWo Merchants L. CARR1C.
liver the bowels, the muscles the skin, the brain, I II lector is S5 or forty year old. Mack fellow, a J5toruacb,Oollr Kructaiionn: Hinking or Flutn-rin at other Wild Animas! in South.Africa A SORE CURS FOR .\ FCLLUX,
I er any other part of the system. Tailor by trade, quite affected in his deportment. Ihepitof the Stomach wimlUinJ 9?tbe Head, IJur !:! with colored illustrations, 1,50 This we know will be jrLwilr taxired by i3.
./ USED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! He formerly belonged to the Charleston SteamboatCompany. ned and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering of the LIevt. j Victoria or tha World Overcome by C.iro- NO. 1 EXCHAtfGE-ST r\-nd r.c."LI. the...rvnc i'fir l rt'muirnr, ,'tr
B. HOPKINS. Cliokln or:5l1ftil'iujnZlenlalion when in a lying posture j.I j line Cbeescbro, -1,25 even .1-. jdranrr-l.. item br relived aaj
I' UOLLOWAY'S PILLS arc equally efficacious ,Dimness ohl.iont Pots or Webs before the Sight 1 i .
in complaints common tp the whole human race Jacksonville, Oct. S-tf-l Fever and dull Pain in the Head,Deficiency of Per-pi-1! .a..ND entirtlt, ciind I by Itfcliiijj Ihv 6nrr or part afl: ..

,j. and in disorders peculiar to certain climates and %Xcws copy. V ration,)'ellowne!.ot the Skin and Cyra, I'ain io the J i BOOKS FOR YOUTH.The SOUTH ATLANTIC WIMRF ted in J'r,,* I'eea'I't;,, KlUtr inr V:U aa hoen
V | side back cheat,limbs, &e.,Iud den Flu.heof Heat, It flu been 'hronsMr .wVnmrei; .mr
localities. zsiotico. Uuruiog in the .'Ielh. constant imainin5 of evil.and Balloon Travels of -.Merry and bis C1IAULESTO.V, S. C. failing rmi dr. A r'vINfli! t.-tt"oItIt.Jt.-
JLLARX1XQ DISORDERS. d! >rc* ion of ipirlta.The i Young Friend, by Peter Purler 1,00 ;
V indebted to the firm of Parkhust great ( 21-11-2 and we would udru sl sy rfoubl U tat tie.remedy. .
Dispepaia! and derangement of the liver, the ALL persons Jaekson1' will please call proprietor in calling the attention of the public to | Adventure Gilbert Ho-ahcad br Parley, 1/H Sep -_ -_ _ .
at 'e.
V of Adam, this preparation,docs so with reeling of the utmost eonfidrnce .The Wonders of Science or the Iwrly Life
of and suffering and the cause NOTICE. 31 J. "'. p.Ih
Mttrce infirmity and accounts immediatelywith t Sos-.. witll'llle
and fettle! their notes in lu virtues and adaptation to the dweascs foj :, Tis ll
Innumerable deaths, yield to these curatives,in all the undersigned t, as said firm has been dissolved which II is recommended. i Young Humphrey. D.iryby Henry May. ] hereby j iri>n that alter publication of this notice ed the h.;.f .f1..1 t a<.tt*,,(n,ir rtfebraUl Pale K J-
I ease*., however 'aggt&YateJ. acting a mild pnrgattTe. by the death of John K. Adams one of the I 11 14 no new ann nntiied article,but one that ha stood hew illustrated- ,00CutL1ie IS for six weeks application will be nude to Irri" cTcril rj vs..r ibe Jr ent-ry and c"'tIara
, S alteratirc and tonic; they relieve the bowels firm. The old business mast be closed immediately the test of a len years'trial before the American people, Architecture, fully nton's 2,00 the Commissioner nf Pensions for the i issue o( a 9j'bUi mtlrn; a hew months posit, and devmisr '
! purify the fluids, and invigorate the system and in consequence thereof. and its reputation and niile i. unrivalled by any niimlar Irving' Life of Washington in Sheep n duplicate of Land Warrant No. 23.651 for eirV y r it an act.f Ij!iH-T. 'encr to h.r_nlJ" ri.t' prm.s4

p the constitution at the same time. Their customers and crerr other person can still preparation the most prominent extant. and The' well testimony: known in Pli iu>>favor icinnj given and In-by Thirtl.valuable Y et Standard, Prcfrcott's Works Phillip for II,and. many other acres) issued under ad MreliitI. -)\. to rci dit br the fffl'-ny .f a common humaniir, I mist

I tieneral Weakness-Nerron* Complaints. be accommodated nt the old stand with all kind of dividu.tU in all parts of the country!I. !iflfliiIe and a sale.C. DREW, 4C"'t.la a Priratc in Capt. ..*.;',L)'cum .nyoFlorid.1 checrfiilir: rr\nnTicnd i it.i use tat'.such as mmiRriu be

.When all stimulants fail, tho renovating and goods exceedingly Line fur GtiJi ortly. Call iu and Careful perusal Ihe Almanac, puM..h.d annually by : Ocean Street, near Bay, t'?!nnleer*, in the Fiord'tr.; The rnmi ihe "C>enenl.oa: .I or rnrJarea. dii..
bracing properties of these Pills give firmness to sec for yourselves. the Agent,carnot but>atiry the mffft xkrptiral that j same baring bvcn I lost t. and a c.iveatag4inst its location A. B. HUSSEY A2eat. this remedy i*really tietftnriug: the grtstceVbfily! it nut I July 9, 1554.Souther. eJlclu l ;
the shaking nerve and enfeebled muscles of the having been duly entered in the General an rtinvry. Y nr TrTVEDW.tlD Mlrretr.dlY.

V: victim general debility. Jacksonville,Sept.lS. 3m.Zev obtained I'li.tcipM O/Hrc and Manufactorr. No. 90 Anb-tiu .' Quarterly Review. Land Office. O. HART. K. 1WLh1i.I'sbr.t .

., / &ELJCA FEX.I L ES. Barber Shop.MR. Philadtlpbia fa. jFLORIDA j 1st No. of the new Series of the Southern JeLl, 6t-3 Attorney Claimant.. the !.t ro"'rtisa: Church. 'rtstrc.lIU1
. All. irregularities; and ailments incident to the II. IIIE1L takes pleasure in saying to the THE ., under its new change of Proprietorship roil is/ixTi-:. I'ITK. Tows. Ar ici, Ian.: f. Ii4.a
TE4TIMONV.K MftIs&4. I I' UTi'I'ClltF'tThe -
delicate and sensitive organs of the sex are removed gentlemen! Tof this city, and the public generally Ws>T,Fla.,reb.l 24,I! for de'lircry to subscribers, at f.1 per an r pIIIRTY ACRES of g!x>d LAND in the town I l*.:.n KilU-r. wince hippy fc. I"". U rtIu
prevented by a few doses ofthese mild, but that he has opened a Barber Shop, next E.: O.Gwynn car i-" ome time since I l. Hiht or anrcck num. C. DRLjutvP \, I ot MmdaHn, Hist Ei! >rid.t. upon which is a I in gift r'ht h"nw.d I'"i..1.idlJvi I; are h.I
S S 'infallible alternatires. No mother who regards her door to Mr. Paul B. Canora's saloon where be *al<* l lre,a cne of your German: llim-u liar ISoC.SluUcriii. _ _ _ fine Sweet Orane Gr.*(. in fair e.:>diti.>tt ail I in Jt1'rcc.tl."ll.: 1.1&1'0:, Itu\ xl'\.lt.d\'fftalld
1 health should fail to havebem will at all times be to see those who may lug been troubled with derangement of the I.ivcr trvgeteer ;
her children's happy is th-j :
healthy. l.Johns
own or n-ry Ihegruve diiectly ou lsT .
& Cured .
. ; within her reach.SCIESTlFtC require his services. He hopes by the experience with Tile, and vainly oii2ht a rum from phyrk-i.in. ; Slaiiimuriiri' River.ALSOForty. fur tlw l -.rt c!-. sn't eun.knty: aotic'JW'te a
entire Mtisaction to all.- I tried ths flitter,and I noon found them a perfect cure, Ky Dr. IVYfJKOFFOF trade in the .'.it. Ki3'r.hollog.E :
V ; ENDORSEMENTS. of many years to give I niad a nrereut of a couue: uf hollies tl'seine_ufferig Acres go Ml I..1. twelve miles : : ;: THml OS. H.ILLI co.
.;ne London "Lancet the London "Medical TL'O patrouage of the public is respectfully solici- frit nd",and they alco found the relief they hall cugn PITTSnURO, PA. from .Lcksonville. S >nth, AH the King's Ruad tn Mc cs. P. Dirw Jt Sos-Gc trmi *

: Reriew," and the most eminent of the faculty' in ted. sept.l7= elwhei in vain. I'rom th.ireeouujendaUoatoctht Without Pnin Surgical I Operation. St. Augustine, together with or without a >:iutll 'We h-I.t :11. iicreas.it drnllOd for t"I

r t; Great Britain, Fiance and Germany bare eulogized Sllll-.ING AUTICLES.Supply ers,I flaW my cue ol Hitters entirety eihaunted.and lull WHO: will send the cure to any part of the stock of Cattle aud H.>:'. Twenty acres of Mi.1 i l ll Pn: KiKcr.: r..pun I. a'rk: .P.r'the article are fnrjie"'.
the Pills and their inrentor.JJbttoicay'g inquiries ror ihrui constant. should' therefore 1M pleas the of if 10 and the l Land is under fence with it. Oa I
:, SUNlyof flame received i er Steamer this cd i<>hive jrou rend a quintily immediately." on receipt ; a crop now on i Wf hue t k.-n I!. l.lrrtr diaJribiitinr fi."f
day, (\'I cdne bv. Gtb.) C. DREW. ASTO'IIiIlNG KFFECTH OF THR GERMAN HIT money returned if the cure i is not t'fI"ectu1.11* the premises is a go>xl Dnrcllicj: Houc and nut I butt!,* am-.j&wr fricivl, wh, !fa eve snflcrri *nTcrolr
PM are the best remedy known $20 ItEw.A.Ew..lTh : TEiW. CERTIFICATE OP DR. W.8M1TII. letters must be addressed to Dr. WycknO. Box buildings corrcsp m inJZ'. Apply bt fnmi tM rhenrvntim.jwh'ch( : is very pr-

f1 in the.'world for following diseases : about four OF PINi: HILL, RICHMOND CO'Y.. 74'i' Pittsburgh, Pa.,in care of .Arthurn, Rodders Get). B. HOPKINS, Jacksonville ralerit in Uii. Hjntrr. and in "very instance i it
; AN away from the subscriber N.C.,MARCH 4, 184.Dr. i & ('0. Bankers.P. or to J. M.J. lOWDEX, oa the place. has iwtifjctoa:: Every bus we sell
:;V Asthma Diarrhoea. Influenza Stone& Ora .M5bd weeks ago, a negro man named WILLIAM, .( .M. Jackson, Pbila...Dear SIr: 1 hare been a i S. Correspondents will please enclose stampsfor au; 6--tfALL given gnat .
! .Bowel com-Droply Inflamation rcl..plaints a black. about tire feet six or eight inches high. subject or Dyprp, in its worst form,for the last five n.turn ----- makes aa opening for a larger .n.f'. .
S Debility Inward Secondary about twenty years of age, a likely fellow, and ye... such was my condition for twelve month that postage. --- THLUS. HOLDEN A CO.. Melbourne. Aa'dnrlll.'
<3ooghs Fere rand Weakness Symptoms was lately bought from the l Estate of Tbos.Starke the phy,ician. and all who saw sac said i muMdie. CACTIOV.-All persons who cannot produce my NOT!C1. Suld t. 3.tst-v. El.L1t. and Draxfc.
t Colds Ague Liver Com- Vernal AflVc Enterprise Florida. The above reward will be While in this condition I was carried tn the \\"awlne genuine certificate, are humbus.sep persons indebted to the Estate of Maria and Mrdiciue Duller crcrjwbcro. October!.**V
places in Virginia Tennessee and Not tb Carolina,but 2My-2 Dr. W. .. .
Chest .Di-Female com- plainttions paid upon bis delivery at the Work House in was not ben flued by any water to which I was taken. jc* Ute If Dural County deceased are -
eases plaints. Lowness of Worms-ofCostireneu Charleston, or any other jail where I can get him. While on my way borne I stopped a week at Rutherford- DISSOLUTION. hereby require: I to make immediate payment to BOOKS
55. V Headaches Sprits all kinds. W. E. HASKELL. ton,a small village ia North Carolina,to try the effect ol the undersigned, and all persons having claims NEW
Dyspepsia Indigestion Piles Charleston Sept. Sith 1S56-2._ rome Chalybeate water In that place." About the last ot THE Co-partnership LAWTON & ALEX against the same are requested to present them
; *;*Sold at the Manufactories of Professor HOL- the week 1 went into a drug store to get some medicine is this daydisaolred by mutual coo- fully authenticated, within the time required by -AND's -
S V LAT r ,80 Maiden Lane New York and 244 Strand Notice, for my child and U vself. There were several of the vii sent. The business of that Firm, and the late law, or this notice will be plead in bar thereof.
London by all respectable Druggists sod Dealers IX months after date I will present my accounts lire phyf i.n.ln the euxe,and one of them seemed to Firm of w.S. LAWTON 4 CO., will be closed I. D. HART.TUOJIASL S T CONERY.:
take some interest my(.e.and,afleraiklngme swine T. who is authorized to settle the
in Mediciae throughout the United States and the and vouches to the Hon. Geo. atew by Alcxapder, EDWIn .5.
V question,siid be had been a dypeptic,and teen greatly reriWF
business of the above and will continue the 3Ionth.ortb
k eiriiixed world, in boxes at 25 cent, 62) ceuta, art Judge Probates f>i Nassau County for set beDditttd by thc aee 01"Ur. .JOflaod'l Gumto DitIe" ang 20-3w Kttctttort.Sundries. Three per Cent per Bardett.Tlfu .
fut'oruge and commission business on his own Llring work b. Ct rlrt -
.lIt -.1 new
V .ad$1each. tlement-and will make application Iota final tJ preplit 7 "a and bc insisted that I would try
!&'-2bere: is a considerable saving by takirg the discharge from The Administration of Tho Estate the bitrr, '. lfr.also,C'al/cd tile.lIe1 day at my room account. W. S. LAWTON. work 1. luring a Mritl sale with the rfsAinjr
larger sue'. of David Lang,of said County 1cc'dZlLl'1. and insisted so much that: I would try them that I asked TH03. ALEXANDER. ] mrnnnitr of lh .,Ji. B.r-DirectioBS for the guidance of patients iaerery .\ LANG Ex'tx. him to(Jet m.one bottle! lie did it, and I commence. t The Hill of thr Shntcrane,by tie..tnat.ntthe
4: disorder are affixed to acb WL October 39 1356. 6 taking it as directed,and I do t&11 was more benefitted I NOTICE. Red Marking Chalk, Yet..lic Eyelets(or fatening Wide Wide W.J? Q.Mrehr.Ae.....1 2S
oc 25,1&5 1 -5 by it than all the water or medicine I bad ever Ukcn. N withJrawing from the above Firm I solicit a document: snk Tuste. un spools. for papers; The Works of Julia ICaTarnsb.! i-eluJwr
:; j After reaching itome,one of my neighbor come to me I continuation of patronage from my friccdj for Drawing JtJtper and Brass Pios; r.n1 Office Tape; Grace Lee Women ol ChrJ ti iitr. ,AC.DIi
1W.lI& "I'ay ivl::t tSioit Owest. for a preset iptien and medicine(he a dypepik,) and I Jliwic Staff Pen and Blank Music Pape The "
Mr. T.Alexander5Sep ; and in .
made memorandum give him nearly all the Uittrrs I had left which fleeted paper.John
ERSONS who hare accounts ;
P ''. S.LAWTON. Rudiments i>f Drawing on setU of curds, for the halifax Gentleman in '- y'
with the subscribers with much good in his eae. lie bsu often called ou me for 24-ly-2 S pt
-ANDvcr fliers of the lana kind of medicine,a1In:he was more young: Tissue Paper; Dna Elnelofloi Paper; Ulut- author of Olurr, The OgilrieJkt..... *J
V pay up in a day or twu'arehcreby respectfully f/utfinent benrftUed by it than any other be lia 1 requested to call in and settle. A tilth not been able to Itt any more for him or my'cif since; Just Received sheets. Copying> luc, and Oil Paper; Fite-boanta frniU. ;vr>r.; 1:l.., fully iUlL ".! .**
V $ ? s'tab1cs. does not admit of a further extension of time. A will)OUt therefore,(>lcaite ship me a dozen or more as of pasteboard, fur filing Invoice: in 7i.s S.aszY**-
away jxipcrt ; bound tel Twrkey '
... wink is us good as a nod Ac, soon as |tlOfl.ible.Re.pet"Uul1.your.. ami for Sale low for Cash Books and Letter-holders Letter and Cup size. of theL-
one of the richest prej eut btuks
Tn'subscriber having taUD (the old and The*; Itittersare a.iTrRKLT TCOETibLi and lrce from CLOTHS, C4'Simers Sutinetts. Tweed. Jeans For sole bl'C.. DREW. fl.JWest Th.jIesll#. .
29 1856. 7 'I
). oUhe 'Uumngton all injurious inredienu. Kor sale by every dnif i.t and Lincys. \. 1 Case Huts. Ocean St. n ar Bay.Graham's The Amricnn Expedition to_Ia pa..Ml
house IJTeI'f f\tables Yt tAes 1easure in announ- store keeper in Florid and elsewhere.T. Call aud see. L. B. AMERMAN. the China Seas,'*ppict4'n* ruBy .UUUJIC'.1

ting to the citizens of Jacksonville and the traveling New Groceries. MCMILLAN, "ov.J9. Magazine Edition with views o( all tho principal sCdje*

pablicthat he prepared to iuru'sh' at any and obitfcta visited by *n e. I'11011110 aDder
.i Dour. Borses and Carnages, double',or single THE Subscribers are in receipt of a largo and July 9ly._ Jacksonville, Fla. For Sn10 FOR AUGUST-FOR SALE BY C. DREW. the endd'Mmeot j(iKUDiidurtt 1 PenjcCvefMtL

I: and as good.Saddle Horace as can bo obtained selected stock of Family Groceries( embracing Private and Confidential Correspondence ce A Valuable Sea Inland Cotton 'I"U.: August Number of Urahani nuutuall/ .Einedttittn. Price......... ,.,.,.vtj K
the community. IHavivg an experienced and at- almost every thing in that line usually OF HENRY CLAY. and rarious in cuoteuta. Several of the The lIiawntl1"-\Midtln"t Copes.Iflehinns fr

I tenUre OiLIer, he feels confidence in assuring called for. At their terms tire cash they are disposed .. FEW Copies i.f this rateable work. which PLANTATION leading articl*being illustrated after thIS uuuoer Worcs: The Christian 1111Ih1artt*;
Cbos of nis friends who wish to board theirS to sell at the lowest possible rates. A SITUATED on Pablo Creek St. Johns River 01 J '
may 1UUUETT & .tLELfSDER.Novcmber commends i itself so much to tho ardent ad. Bar.containing Two Thousand two I "IJU.TUh Swart! s Let U my Godchild1;Tajlor' BJ"TIJring
Uoncs, that they will find as much acoommodaturn I NEW VOLUJIE OF HARPER cnr Knencmg -
and Summer and1fuiterw
.'th mirers of tho -great Clay, on hand and lor cab Hundred Acres, seven hundred of which I* Dytngr
at the House 185C. rcrr J .
"Buffiogton Stables" as at any V with "u"ofltfns a suitable lime subscribers Soul and ntlier 'hi.uble Devotioaat '.
bf. C. DREW. ,
similar establishment E t Florida. Prices V fine cotton land,four hundred of which is clean-! *!, to the work. Those wi the June
> Oct. 8. 18.;6. 4 begin :Ling Niun- Inm's.CO:1quest of Florid iAdd1tj< l
J and all under fence and in good condition for
moderate a .
-Terms Cub. bet aDd those be
OB.ANE'S following,can supplied for .
any ..
)ples, ., .. .m VTAppictoit's
V A,,W. DACOSTA AgentI Sheriff's Sale. crop.next.year. Excellent Corn and Cane' can be period by payment ta the subscriber in ad-rww, oti1IOr1tPfA -

T.A,B*-A large and commodious lot suit..uletor Patent Metal, 12. 2:rial Casket. be sold in front of the Conrt-House, produced tract of onebondrvd upon the lands. Also a according to V tb. usual: tqrau, $3 per annum. Urge royal Kncrclopedia'cUr.rot.bound Is eaM-\-
Drovers is attached to the Stables. p. WILL \ acre,forty-five july 23, C. DREW. *'* GO
m the City of Jacksonville on the lug the Bingwphr; to the Uterf perfc
.cleared all
Hammock and rich up
.,!Jacksonrille Nor.12th, 18.6tfMrKJ2GDo3xFoIt A NEW Invention and an improvement upon first very .J/tIN'f aIIIIP101'01t.
nlL all other Metalic Cases ever offered. An entire Monday in August next within the legal 5in quality also upon the Pablo Creek Dissolution, of FIne CPpiaa iD 1 Tot '1.01 .l ptl'.
fconra of Copartnership.
sale the
following negroes, to wit:Joanna The (brat oCfcred land hn the '.
rieu of the body is Ir'"cntberhole top being upon
: A HORSE. covered with very thick and beautiful French a female about.t'ent.be"lertrs of age, and premises a new and Urge family dwelling, built '1 HE CO'partoe..bip heretofore existing bvtweeoJ "tJ. .r'.1I"t''II .ft the .r.H"l.t"-.. .

Plate Glass, pcifcctly secured against accident or her two children a boy named Sam about four last year and all other ceoMsary'oaUbnildings the subscribers under Uia Crm and style of -ALSOA -

EXCELSIOR break. The design and finish of these Caskets is i years old. of Lericd age. and Sarah, a girl about sir months .rilh quarters' for sixty' negroes. The place ,is EllisXcdwitb! .C41..w thu,djy duut!lrvd by tnutuulconsent r.rietjr o cheap pnblioitiwi*,. ra1'lper1 S .
upon a& the property of Pool Doonere few the finest t authors.1Jacksonville -
unique and extremely handsome being divested of: healthy, affording by'sending a miles
LIVERY AND the gloomy' and coda-like appearance p( all other I to satisfy sundry xccntinn in my hands infaror oysters and' tiah.. Good water and excclleut! The business of tho firm will be settled' by Samul STATXC N"EJEL
V SALE of Notlo A. Hardee
STABLE. and James C. Webb Hisbcv& for all kinds.' The. line < Ellis and will be continued liiruuo his
Metalic Cases offered. The.Co&skct is perfectly! air. range stock of : of land is by own !Waal 'k'ML
_ .
S ... Canuora, Charles J. It.atrc"r2lon.s.'rb Dnnbor.URIAH account. Therefore all .\.lptJ 1&M'w..1.I
tight and the cumnositijii fir Metals from which bounded by the Atlantic">n the The owner p notnt having noarttled ., '
.THE new*and splendid! Livery and Sale Stable, they are cu&tcd will entirely prevent their ruttingorcoroding 1IOWDEN.bhcrilTof wishing to enter..into'other business will, i if applied account with this firm, will call and settle imiuediatuly. ; StaUoRerr'fawy c..D; ."

completed by the Subscriber nearS behg finished with very handsome David l Co. for before January, 1857, take for the entire SAMUEL ELt4I4: .
-th* Jodson House is DOW' in readiness July 9.185; lire WIllIAM LED ,Oct.:23,135*.
ample Chcrrr \ruod finish. property.', OO seres thousand dollars cash S WITh. 5-
to accommodate all the pleasuring portion of the The above Caskets can bo had by applying to the -f The above sale has teen postponed' until upon dclirery. Fur ,inrthcr particulars apply to 4 IUJt 8T, ADDISON RICHARDS. fl---, -, ____ ___ r l '
the first l lTUBIIIRGUNG .
.eoanBulity'wbo may be, so kind as tob*>stow upon undersigned who are tho sole Agents fur Eaat Flo- ilocday 11November. I Gen.'K: HOPKINS, V '. A FEJIFU&flD)E&EATA.Wlutttadrcr
V him their patronage.ry ndC.1LVI OAK it SON. AND THE SLA YF. J cbonUle..E..FJa. f' Notice rentlemaa would'ft.ta.ldt
S V :of bin suitable conveyances for naiLing the in.4snofthe % of FLOwBtt:
V Mary Darby,' deceased ar* hereby : the Il.JJ .A' THQCSA'NDS
conntry.In' N'0"00'.rrJVnJ. I COPIES,of tho new edition of the" Oem of Win. I IRSALEI] ,notified to present them wiUu'a tfe.tim prescribed : S as a dentifrice, would isiS only render W I'*

I short with many Pine Selected f' JUST trrired-cr: Solomon' lt'Srom and the ," of Charleston. TheT Hireling by Law or this notice wilt be plead in bar but lear the teeth whit a* alabastert ****/

Horses, and the faithful and expert Slare, ,to which: has been *added V *CbiconC.' -, "" .- T- ; of their recoTery; and all persons indebted to said I persons J(not/k ow their breatlt i* W4w
k" Ostler whose services be with Sew York a large supply of PORK, BACON other poems-for sola \
has Estate 1NTfI"
V : ; payment to the undi subject U so den t.,lnclr (frisahSufl 1i
V ; I
eoDiid'erable expense procured, andtha HAMB. 'Fulton market DEEP Pickled, S HARPERS'jor 3f4OAzINE,1o V : CheapStore ;igued. V FIUNC1S E. CRISPIN. ;!' tics it, Poor& bjcf."eUi- qf tM T .'

( tanbondet courtesy" energy andS TONGUES uctooerLererV V S V .' : '1J'C.BroWD.'s .tforemberUtb, 1M G. AdminLjtratrvc. yoortooUbresh; and wwhl&-l***!****_.
nptaeas, which he Is capable<"extending on t3f Terms CASH-po Itirelr. Dumas', Mrs.: Gre ., Mrs. JlcnU's Preserved Ginger. nwroio*.: Ji &yt.bttI..-1"; .
V ,
Ime'wo'part' n*'feels asurcd that b*will gain I the BARRETT 4 ALEXANDER. Julia Kavanabg'sand'Grace jcuilar's. complete 'Vat nuts, Tajnorinas Notice.' mr i .

.pood will aod< approbation ot the trardUng and October 29th. 1856Y ,.\ works ia stiff paper. corers, at oothorn prcea. ex-. Citron; V Sardines V .'wtJT ..
pectod.; u. I |. tn notify all not to ,sell
Iflaeriajr pcblie at large 4 V_HV ". I Tomato THIS persons any iUJJI
- izzicos. JCodeiJUe-Terras Cash.- i11nllrond and Steamship!.: Also John'IIalifaz, deittleina ,\ d'Three Per V PI'tIQ.- .. ,Tickles CLt..ur. Wares $r Jicrchabdije, which they MAT f eMil, b* amairtd br iD> the "
- S > .DAVID E. BEAM. Cent'Per Month-popular;,nsw worw V just,from 55 "j -.f.31 Orange intend to cbargt9 me.by anyone witbonjl A writ., OF A THOUSAND FLOWERS.* n.iII"-
V North
. V Jacksoo.riUe.OcL' is, 1$56JyXiLQWth1te&CoparLnerhIp.-* JUST' receired from Carolina and New She .._ OC&LV *. .J>,DREW "Raiton'p S<(r' ,. tea >!orderas, sballrqnhhesetUemento! ( TA9'PIUPLES, a.a f R OKLES fro _
[ 60 Barrels Extra. VS FLOUR and fiO .". \ Apples, .'f' eI3n; aa order for erery'Item,i. the gnt.. (leaving it of a soft and ***| to* W.-"
S Sacks of tba "same sort. \' > Jiacearuni, 4.i' .aIOJI ." : iM
S : I.V1 DISSOLTTr, .I. V Virmecelta 1 :,d.JftU' I .Ja paid as many negro accouab.. .T intend poor qD two or .thro drop, aDd* wiih
.. BARRETT&2LEXANDELOcIoqa fIIE Copartnership heretofore existing between S .S to, .:_ '- ,, 1. D. HART. night dUxernlng i' !J T
V5 SugarL3oaI' Potl\oeal. "
I .'-rpflE subscribers hare this day formed limited 29tb 1&Gr V V .1. V the subscribers Qodcr the! namo, and "*trii ,; ; ." November :tb,. 1 4H ". --, IsVV r ...
l'opCorn4 Maks,5
.1. partaershrp the transaction of A general ::- ; .. .. I of S. B.Thompson A Cot, is tMf iday desolred br. ntackbut'1nt, : S, l'. .. .i .\I SIAYDIG'.AM- ,
< -rlag and fonrardiD twsincss. To 'Mariners.Chartilor ., mutual consent. All persons indebted to the said Branc'lUsbnry.Brao .t"V t. I < t ( i '-:! 'Take Notice., 1\1"JOar '$b1eiflg-hru. IswtTnurou '. "
V .. bniJneq will b onducted under the firm will pleaM call on_either of the undersigned, .
name Brantff ? 1 eet t..Or.
VS Sale of the following 'ri.V. : H } :'mID notes and accounts of Theodore' Fkgard
o" '
---1'MyIbtIhdgeCobe! -I .Middfeburp, laud .settle Ibelr'aocoonfel The : S .FLOWIM""
J ;
dpa aDd Geo.'W.Col..tt: the general '. v Divisions:' business will be' continued: tbt/bld stand;under V "CtierryBran4fl..8trb.rri3rsndy V ., ', 1 '. 5,.- are still Jn the hands of the undersigned, wail'LTHOSbND add \t !witt *ak.a.tperaUoo beu'.h A .
; 8
December =
:. 5 will bt in the
: "" From York Florid V JOHN : : '. '": placed baedsntthopp. I Ia.
New to S HEDGES. -*
V 't lennnr Und For ute ia J
(VV iWl;' ,_ t % .,,. CaewJiwt Tobacco., er officer fw collection. JAMES LIYINGSTON. :
V *n.'tdcnt*o'f Mlddlcburj, Charts of the Bahama Bank -' V .t. :.( VFrpmlfew V MiddleburgFZ&lct.Ii8e.2t._ _. S > ; !: *. -*' .nc.t .
V I4t ty/Fldrids; ,and tho tcfffl of th* part From S .arks to'New Or1eau." 'J V V V.. -, r" ,;>, Y"." ,V PatztqSegara:; NoTembtr.lStb, 1S5S. S. ; 1t 3A V .\f.1Iae& sea
v V .bfb&e hereof. Oretn "No'U: V '. .. PtOflReI,5S4 ,. l['M II.J04
nenUp.J* for tWOr-1e&n11h. m toilalvcun.V ., w. -V V : oe.I t' .5 "" .. Jftt,'at -. V .
<. E-*" 7 **. THOMPSON. Cb.artiot1he.testIadies.' E !: rt)1 : 'vLIi gersons tiayng! VCi&1WS pla"t the ts.&aw [.." '. S.!; *.:. '. .kjartOSntP Ronpc', .'L ',1;". fn 1 t FOR SALE* j -

\j :;, ri--i1-.. 4 .JOHN HEDGES:. :-ddt leal A3manics-48T, v ...,.,u .k..J, i, JjL:c'< WillUm Jla dock,deceased,Utt of DuralCoantyaro I. ",::,. '. '. '.Iivp1fno1uTP. '3' P4-k nUSBEUJolCOINI'rMl. "
', .
V ., OEO."wr: COLE. $oveuler l \ l 'f ... *_ C..JnE.W!; requested far present lb,'sam,witWn I I '. ": <;.",aa} (l t.c'r ttler.teeB"ad. :" S ,UVVJow.br. .C 1.SAMUEL ELLIS, 'J.r.Pe 'J.tnJr;

-. Jiil"'ptl'E.R1a.; Oct. I,18U W VS V the time prescribed by.law,.vrthls Botice will be : Port Madera and other W1nes'hnsppfFa1eReatcbIiraidyrlloUandutn SepL4th ISfit ,. r. k"M1tt' .
t.-- V S )-_ 1 VV ';I1iesc 4' :::f.. VV p : plead io bar of their Yccorcry: all-personaTtidebt- ""ntaDdf, '014 =W "
T TV ; .i
;, IRISH ; :, I ed to lAid estate, are requested to mate Immediate UooQngihaU Whi kBjr o..1Aev, \ Aftl'dfWarralfs'" c4oerM4 B. t MW."' '1 ta. JI"o' -
\: .LtV f
4)V1 BBLS. good Irish Potatoes,just received CURB ANT and Gun va Jelly can b 'obtained of gsyroent.JOHN HADDOCK Nothing charged to' look at {bearCcleVand1pHcd : 't.wIfJr '

41p 55U by BARRETT tt- ALt. \SDl R.ktober DARRETT4'.dLEXANDE, ..I ,1Umi.IINlcr.. XJjgnit times."Call and see for yourselves OASU PAIOf; OR Ltth W 1tIUST8. mbt..8ft"QU'tellou. fOr auplicIItW. .. '

o'-4',.": ..... ( 29, ISC 6., 7 li rwsbcr f th, 1S.s September 10, 1856. i i NorcnibiT 12tb"J lS50-t 4. C, BROWN* V''pt'2T ., 'SA3iUKL XilJJSt aur U J \ ... O.-.

'S ,;" .

e .


The Florida Republican
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida Republican
Uniform Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
Running title: Florida weekly Republican
Alternate title: Semi-weekly Republican
Portion of title: Semi weekly Republican
Physical Description: v. : ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Columbus Drew
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Duval County E.F. Fla.
Creation Date: December 31, 1856
Frequency: weekly[july 1856-]
weekly[ former june 1848-apr. 1856]
semiweekly[ former apr.-june 1856]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
General Note: Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
General Note: Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--1851-; Thos. C. Blanchard, -1855-- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -Feb. 7-Apr.16-,1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--1857-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002033813
oclc - 02707282
notis - AKM1526
lccn - sn 83016261
System ID: UF00079922:00351
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t, .

,. .
1 -f.------- -r--1J.- o
__J- I ,4. "A" "1 **&* "r'** .

.a0.. i: t Lt"t" ) qpj YE Lua )th'ainrYzra; : .111"" _- -" _' .__:"

.- ,. $ LL \iJ ._
8 '- .
--r L::. fr "- -

i ; :

0_ .

v4. -'..._ t..f't.Ok... 'L_"

I- ..', 0 ....-. 'f'" .. ._ .',

p -b-_ .' 0 Cj.; ,-- ,_'.> ":1't'-'tJn', -., ,. "'".,: ,.s 4' "" U -'. .' '"* } "I .l'< ,"'.0 ... .- ;... .. 1.r4H4iC. .t-"If." ._.. 'Ii: ..L'.1 .._ : .... c._ .' a ..

.,'it ...,< ., .. DsisT.'.I' '-' .To 'TTflAN1S-OBEDIENCE TO odb." ",' -" 'tw( utt..UDt.tD .

< : :: a .. ... .. '., _... _. .. ._
i- '0 ". ._L. .
( I. _
J..... ...'N. . -- "'' --: ,.. 1 -- .4 ', ..'. ._
?**C z C .*>, ; -
: -
; : : ,JACKSONVILLE\yJEpNESDAY; ; *fe 1r"*."- :

'.lI' .. .. .. NGDECEl\ 31 18i56
-" ;
: .NQM: 62
,. .. I ,_
S 5. \" S p- I-' -j !--7 .J ,'. -. .

&p"e"r.AIJpififfcii.[ [From. 1M ritz SWU Gu.J) S I easy., Only two steps ind the figure to:labor ir 'cOvrlth '
I-\.o "UDeL't'as. green i mor Orleans-genial', and gracious [in
O.t I -. 'to 'a "1'-CXATDUK. S wa tho complete; an'nwkward, tcpfrom occo.. 'Various Blimps *:of :cigara midst of.a court, while the old courtier MAGNOUkSIJSE4; I

to Tyrants -Obedience.toCroi_ As"bending e'er tbU little moobd x>(earth ; gentlemen vis-a-th'an S !,rip'went around thefire-Dkcci&dicatedaqdic? and y 5'
Kuisuaoe. __ F6"wJLLrAlI"V. r y ,:t1 I t tl 9 J lady's, skirts, hoops tc. then tion the ', diplomat was stiff rigid, UrnaTtZt5Y. ".rt; 1
T. e. fal) ,: a to weed.,.and mj companion and cold austatuot: It was all the ,. 'ma.8 "...
ool Mjr jaioting tool doth stro Ie to'tre came. apologiesretreat to.the i 5 "
: dressipg nn4'
-myself were .cngageaJn, discussIng m remarkable from the fact thatrj .L Uaol1l1iP'.1' renovated .dftrthEth.putsuoie
.... EDITOR. To tboigtits,which crowd iU portals all too fast. room-repairs :impossible! -had'' to I i the :PS4III1Q.
,probalMlitiea respecting the four hours before _
For the former had
once again I stadd beside ,w .
thy tomb, send home f ,
-:. : Oh! child,-fondly.lored-so earlj I .for the carriage-and, instead past*proprietorship cif a gitid.on the been 'defeated;and tho latter was a .l.o'tll'S
Oscar Hart lost5 of 1 A.WJJ.U J AUOS.T.I E
?: having J,
While shnmded silently ic deepest gloom splendid evening hearth when a: quick, 'heavy tread victor in'a struggle' tor'ono of the QA1Df2SLc. "

r7'OBSEY AT LAW, Mjr sinrit vrestlessJone'and tctnpestrtoet. Blanche and I-sbo sat dorm on the in ,the'hall.warned fcs' :to put'on oar highest objects of human ambition. Forth1r N Unt" .&Wt
scat now, and I,took her dear little most demure and l sing sva taa sdn
innocent looks as The qa1icatisnand .Ue-c
rJ F/oriJ- these
JcLa Oh! personal o.f
Yiaadredana'fcarfalthmjrtbfeer t gloved band in experience, .ut 'ha the la."
mine and aboutio aperioten< 'ne
l. poured we were
-. J.II tH c-n uoue square.' Ijr 1tOT'U. The heart'JStoJe..,, its lut support to Ctil- consolation into see the next President two individuals'was in fact'.well ex -ecrilw.IOH'a coattovuevof pa Inittw
-I To hot Scwa-to her hcart-rodo ; of the United Statej. pressed the chance the Under the present'mansnosemt, .rerr e tio
wildpray to kneel- meeting
Washington M. Ives home before ; with the tsmsUae w&touule t' 'r'
11 o'clock. 'Oh ottferprMMt V Is
And crate of neareawbat yet can naught anil r11ee'tbc&tiJl I ,- jremark of a stranger concerning gallantry, the frankness and the ttp9fc ml satMtiirtio. T1alilt

.rrTo1l.ttr COUNSELLOR JLT,Ui JT i in slumber,oh,, mj child! Mr.Buchanan would naturally heartiness of the one, .which.captiva- desirahJl sita; W, the"n. I

jJtKgalor,Florida.ESWAED I clasp tb/little tender hand fa nine CHAPTER III. be, "What t a fine old 'English i ted all; the coldness,the distance the Rom*Airy Clean, aid.htat.t v. _
;oAJ C rr.1t,1 1y '. -.10 .,: Ign.e5withi those ejcs,'dirioelj mild :In i a few days Blanche and I will : gentleman !I" ,I had been introducedto self-concentration of,tbe other which: fttmithed handwaufyiwnx .. YoMaji

,-.- And Uj raj- check. once more, all close to thine. be married. .Hoop hurrah The him many' years ago 'at Gadsby's repelled all. A' somewhat, severe, .:: wtjfj1f'I I S J.,

.t, m. WEST, > And jet-and yet I would it were not so.- wedding'ring \ it was some Hotel in Washington ; but the interview but still acute analyst of.Mr. Adams' free Being entirely! twilt; .f wood,wbldi, rsaOtrsj,ii '

'.q.T T 0 RJfE- Y .Il T LA, W-. For it ls'I loneliness too darkly drear other chape, it reminds me so much was then of short duration. character, says: Undoublcdly, one Foldiofc from Doors dsapaess.with: flrepbact Tbe rooms*conocUJ n&blisEssd bj

": TALLAU45SEE Tit start-to wakeand all too soon to know, of hoops-now lies on the table.- I This time I had possession of him for great reason of bi3 unpopularity'washis windows opening tbroa b to the Piasxa.' .\uc1 sA .
t: Thnt my arms boJd'tbee not-thou art not here.I And general fbrdsadelijrfaUblpromensdeef 100 feet; &pr* :
jsi that cart : One
load of of the first
the I ro cold,antipathetic mannerand the teets the boose fpm rip eold along crowded
pass busy 'treet,
saw going into her house marks he made, elicited by the forms a delij:itfal KSTSJUT from 'eoofla'eoiwBt'mt
BRADFORD & McLIX, So thronged with happy childhood's budiflg charms one day presentation suspicion of selfishness it, suggested, aUaeasots'ofthy. Tbe H0BM to sitwtad in
And ercrylcrely little one I meet last week-reminds me tl11t'the .bridle of a New-York caricature, or at least added greatly to confirm. a central position, facing tbe Soatb deL retired
Attorneys at Law, 1 yearn to clasp within my longing arms. dresses are being built. was, that the portraits which bad None'approached Mr Adams but to from'other h& It eoeUJhu 4&, roan(nd "

5EWSAXSVILLE FLORIDA.i Ever "Blanche," said I, "is'there an ambrclla been made of him during the canvass recede. He never succeededhenever cannot conre&Ieocies.e sarpassed.in gtacnJ,"sad" -'.tat- ,.seponffnodstMsj' V .. ;

..OcL8.Ibi.. : 4t. The fillet before bound me is that little bead, factory near you?" were mostly' all caricatures : that triedto conciliate,' I P.S."ll/object io sdrerlmDjr but. ".14(/ : ,
TuL T. about the .
TT. nnwrvcr.BIKCUETT& golden hair-
.JB.n1t known to
friends Ibis
Blanche hasn't been to church those who had not him must imagine jnj tbat noUN fur
for seen
Then anecdote the
cumes the sodden tbonght that than art dead, an somewhat future will rite satis&ctioa ss rrprcsenieaornocbsrnwill
A bd my heart sickens with its own despair.I tjjree months, owing to the narrow- him, from his effigies to be I illustrative of this. When he was a S be- mad.- I solicit s trislf .
ATTTOB- SiT CLAIMS LAW AND AUEXTS ga cd around upon the darkened ruom ness of the pews and widta of ber gram ns an ogre, whereas ho had i candidate for the Presidency, his _EL Augustine.S pt 10 ISM_an ly CARE.';- tSot.
I bold within my hand thy little toys, hoops. scarcely ever known an nnchecrful political friends it
thought advisable
l Jfll 490, Seventh street Till my soul shndJcrs at _the sudden gloom, ChAPTER IV. moment jn his.life." Jn fact,in spiteof that'be should attend a cattle show .':nl'-y!_ ':otoX, S
tSMXGTOJf CITY. $o soup 8B C. c4ng to deyart joys. the THE.t*.named Home Is.nowopsn
practice before the Caurt of CUi I sid down in my arm-chair, and weight of responsibility he at Worchcster, MasC:,so as to conciliate tbe.receptioo of Dnwrders sad
WILL! pnMccate CUinu before Cmgress Oh! lis the irrrk of many a weary day, wonder if such things can be possible evidently feels, his countenance is the numbers of influential men Trsrclers, sad the aadersijrned ftfocabes'

-4-&M.--8C'I't"f'. Ih1iutne. -;: -July 9. ts; T.school to softer thoughts the o'ertasked heartTo and if what was, was right ; andI the mirror of happy thoughts, and a who might bo present. Accordingly to rons spare comfortable.neither pains flu or table expense will! to always nuke bis be MB pet.*

CALL.ITTORJfEYS t FL1TT1G1 leach the Mnckon soul to bend and pray, have come to the conclusion that benignant disposition. He looks a be.went, and, while there plied witb the eboMcesi bat tbe nurlxt aod the wrv
I And bcr in silence its alotted many rounding i country affords,fresh.fish,oysters,Tt.-
JIT LAW, Gire'tne ub, God! this healing part.truth to know everything is that is. : temperate man of sisty, of..massive persons were introduced to him, and boo wild gme. Ae.,&e.' Tbebo xe ta!up-'aa4 .

: JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Tint though my heart be sorely tried and men,, My wedding day I "Now, old boy?" intellect, hard, undaunted ener- among the rest, a farmer of the vicini- airy beautiful,and river within St.a)farjirdrof IXp.nd is the a desirsbU Iandlr! es place tbe

jaJs-$. I,;' Tbongh now a mourning mother bere-below, I soliloquizp', yon cah only go gy; but with caution as the predominant ty a man of substance and great res for ioralids and ethers as a sunnier resorts -The
j.': Sdllersan, A blessed angel traits: fur me in Jlearen.A through this operation once in your trait of his moral and intellec- pectability. On being presented, be Stage leaves tbe boose three times week for Woodstock -" .
Mills Centrerilte aod Trad'. Hill,'sad tbe _
ITo-EY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW., ---- '.- .- -- life-three or four times at the out- tual character. I judged him to be said Savannah Boats toochin piin and eomtnj aI this
a- : :1l =:l'7 l 9 Hoop Story. side. Just raise the window and'see one of those naturally imnctuons. U Mr. Adams. I am very clad to persons will not be ineonTenieneed,bat eta leave .
3ar1j.iuflIe 9. IS54. if when they desire. Prices witt be vade ta .
July characters ; come
daring who 'by practical
-- S CHAPTER if there are any unusual operation see you. My wire when silo was, pead.with first class fcot Ii. -
JOHN W. PRICE And waited in the drawing-room going on in heaven above, or in the experience of the folly of yielding to a gal, lived in your father's family; r'l'UOllAS' B. \JO-:fI

ITTOrhNEr." ..lac's..dlle AND CO I COCXCELLOB, Florida LAW, till I: thought jny hair would grow garden below, or over in the neigh I impulse, has gradually acquired the you were then a little boy, and she 5LMim.EnL1O.1S&-1y.. -.. -AA :

WJU. practkr: in the J 411x11 Circuit of gray before sIlo would) appear. The bor's houses the other side of the habit of waiting for "sober second has told me a great deal about you. .J.\i vv ..GCCDSVD .

,;, and .tW Cwuullc wf CluirltouJ carriage was at the door ; it was a street. Nothing. Then nature is thoughts" to check and govern bis She has :very often combed your, PLENTY! Qf TJUST & ,t
-4'f. .hurx a .! ". 6. .
every action. His countenance shows head." arrived this day per brig a. n inauspicious. There will be
r- : cold bitter:cold.iiight! I could hear a row IBa
; sale at tbe lowest cash *
: prices'or
James" H. Baker, the coachmaa ngi nz and slapping to-day somewhere!f" this Occasionally his face will ,I Well,"said Mr. Adams, in his chane''r 0 %_5 .,. .

1TTOR.'Lr' 'IT L.tln his arrns to Veep his bands warm. I Prophetic words! We were to be lighten; up. both ot. his large blue harsh way "I supposed she combs COTTOX.BIJ>ES TALLOW>\., S .
w4TsI. COUTJU Ctv.rTr, CJLST J'WIOJDA.J I will distent and listeners WAX/ :; -
.' .. wound the musical box for excitement married in church, in grande tenue, at eyes are yours now j" SKINS, y' 'p
I compelled to sink their before The and COtTXTRR PSODCCJK also liberal adra .* S
: and listened to its soulless jingle ten o'clock in the morning. The gaze poor farmer slunk back like a *
< viir *ITW. x A. C lLlLtnl.SMrI'II his look. ees made on CotUm fur shipment at.Horsf. 1J1e.t.'
,2t CAnRUl'H, I for occupation ; I had made the hour came, carriages, friends, &c., along profound, scrutinizing lashed hound, feeling to smart, but Bar.treet,JseksonTille. br "
: .qTLWq1I little King Charles spaniel stand on with it. We went up to the denly, however, one of his eyes half utterly unconscious of tho 'provocation -I Oct.22 JOSEPH C. BOW J
.1TTOflTE1S .... ,. :. closes but'his head slightly inclines --
All&itor, liavt Florida": Ms hind! legs-till be began to think.i church. Wo descended, walked'up towards, one side, and every word .-_--- VALUABLE. LAND FOR;8 Lii
rfy '.'* that l normal to the door-side-door- narrow -
his J tried very
was position. The Basque Amozone,Ladies 'nEBebe &; .
to be weighed in the balance "SUB-'
--' -- -- -bride couldn't through appears 0 JL abtraetsfS.aaiJr.Sgs.Jai&5Pi.LisJIOn.
with right hand to coax UncleNed" get r hai.
DENTAL OTICE, my before it; is uttered You .
"V M. OOT'YhWn.ddn fully i i.f in- out of the piano-much to the could not get into the church.- I find that are conversing, with always We really Jon't know where Fasb. -s .- hundred acres)_at.wbidi MOOVr .'

t .. >rra 'tlir citzcni nr Jack!Mirile! an.l i iu chagrin! of that instrument, whose Hoops too large, door too narrow.I I you' an fonis running to, nor can we S coltiration*ear'Mlowaolf.' .JtTbe .. Suansyffle
and ,Alaebua Florida. *' '
l his pre :
emphatically Coanty
rtrmitr.tU. otiicr,.u Furujth red in the face boiled man, un-
t.turnip >jrteJ*u miion:15 c1asic.llnusic. I beat grew as a tend'to predict where she land is .
will pecBiMrif adapted' jpl
mil grtt>
iH lItk1td toe trjachi-K! of Iteuttetrr, pretending, unostentations simplicityadds stop.
n..1'Dot4 .Nru1e.I .isI e.1'd'ull l minner.f a retreat from the realm of sweet lobster. One thing, however we think she is LOOK CoUoa;and.will produce jcood* Cuca,Jke.' -' .
rather than detracts from this There is .
a good dwelling boose namber
':TSrty aching tarUi, Jlirrtr tr sl tritium! sounds io that of sweet Put her throuirh. I easned.. confused and that &
fpelitgs-my doing, Cabins two wells'and 'itssAsi4'
uI j julr *. *'It. If impression,while his unaffected amia running away gro ; a-spring
? patent leather boots were 'awfully agitated, and vulgar 'with the wits of tbe ladies and water on said land Tbe JocatioaUpIeiaitt>s4 '
---- -" -- turning .
General In blissful I heard i "Sir-r-r !1'1 said Blanche, ';s ch language bility and hospitality win your heart, their healthand i&a thickly settled neighborhood/ '
Brokerage. I tight. agony at ercn where the judgment- has resolved pretty beads s! Only think Approved purchasers CaD bar the most aeeommetln ,
THE Urr .:?i.nl ta :'r.\C"tl.rt'f'drlJ t.,kITe the j, lat the opening of a door, a musicl at such a time ? of lady "dressed to death," and then & Urma. VlLUAilOAYDT' .-?
,d lar-r in fc:" ;line ,.f i1nri. We re-entered the ditto to make resistance. I am a Republican oc.8Is.6.; t.__, ,
.' 1 I;uglt!I, the rustlings of silks, and carriage, over nil to'mount a gentleman's '
1141 wiU i&e c. U*MV tif X- roc*, Lands r and be is a Democrat but reg
lif .It.- rfil-ct fJjCcJ i i. b:* turreI'I' there, before me,just giving the last the friends theirs returned to the I ; ularly built frock coat I Do not FOR SALE. ::11.' rrr'HB
"I'rI.f t\Vt..ta..ZI.ill be j-nmttlr reia her brides house, and then I, Arthur pay him ibis willing tribute, that start kind PLANTATION, kwnroaaFurt: c
j4i.d iii.gri"r.I H'If"VlJhnce this State tightening to glove-lace, was be approaches as nearly as to my reader for it's a fact! JL situated at the mouth of the JBirt SU Jeal '
si4 *tk,nL, relMkr it uun>vrurT U append rc- Blanche erccan. Such a seraphic O'Bandylegge, recived a formal dismissal ideal of All our fashionables, and poor. Eaat Florida, The placer has been,repaid fiirof .
f trr, : KK.VJAMI.V; ) IROIbMINS.Jekimstilt. I got.the sack.Correpond.nccottheN.. of.a gentleman the old school nfashi ably known' for many yean and a 'dtHed.diecriptioo "
smile such voice > nables,7' know what
..J.lr Stli.tCCCTT. lLt a cooling S ; -, ,- --- And I did keep him waiting- T'. I I niecLMr..Buchanan : the long-skirted and short-waisted opal Island there are upwards,.of,.1060 acres, ./

!. tf V. AUx.'J't*. tho dear little Author And did he Y. Tunes. was kind enough to coats oj the dandies created, when cnltirstloo.high land .The of which soil Is 400 fertile acres cad'are frro3 IDa ces state einrlle ;.-f

JAIRITT & ,ALEXAUDEB.. grow fretful ?" A VISIT WHEATLAND, make with.his they were first introduced, and bow tcrupa of Cotton and Pnrriaions.ItiaalaawtH.
; /jcp JUT.UC. r me acquainted niece all the little boys adapted fuc the cnltiratkn ofSonr.. Ik id .th.high .
lexicon which when
tmJJzo.u.C IB the laughed
lGfr1Ctrici. politeness the presidin" grace of his fair domains ,they Und there la alarg*boor of ID&ftIi' 4.
SqtL nn\LEKS i.frorisiajiS fate has ordained for a bright manor WHEATLAXD, or rather Mr. Buch and out that the sincerest homage sawa "shanghai" on the streets. belonging to the PUntatioiv easuy sasoMKibtoTafdraina

Jioi's, Oil; Tol'acco the world, there is no such word as anan's house, lies about a mile from to; .beauty, ,innocence, and every But'what will be said now of lovelywoman'heavpp's I for manuring a and hi.fb purpoRt.ner cultiTatioa or of-..\beiOf.* >isced'a tamoaat S

Scgars, Liquors, &c. &c. Lancaster. Those who rememberthe last best toman of rocrwhich '
fretful, I answered.I I virtue and charm which' adorn gift chefs the best Km co )M
fit tkecMrner StMrr in A. M.. lUcoV Ex. Uoildtbg can -a is .be obtained laabaadaeev There i is*.fi>nbU *
and /- taking to herself the
S : had been this answer HerI1)Jtagel.Ashlan J Marsh- .coat
Pijers X r-TcnajOVTS Ch.jIy studying high minded. and intelligent young Dwelling Boase.< with aliBeeouarj olbuiM-' .
'. .UoroB'S for two,hours BuUrergavc the les- field, are not surprised, on approach lady, '13 respectful silence I would (another.part of bis drapery has long fag and quarters furCQJTejTPe*. 'The'ctlmale is
i it to'find that the Democratic : since been worn by of the fair also perfectly healthy fer.Whites'*ndinjf &td.v-
RYE AND WHEATKtlTr sonAs I replied my eyes fell 'on ing great endeavor to show how grossly they some the whole Tear.. The line .4JSIeesLiroa .
>mtjntlr uu boa5 a4 C&r sale at the tiLe! ball costume of B i nche. The statesman has selected for his have erred who.have ridiculed, as a creatures))of the sterner scxButalas Charleston pass twice a week thus efjiar.. "tketrsnsportatloB .S

(!H>4 1i1I. .1 IIM*, Gr ham, Rye and pllyramids of Egypt were evidently retreat a spot so quiet and so 'resplendent bachelor establishment 5'the future it has been done And several best S and. nAxtetfri1Appl7to .1I0J'UC8. -, .u

O-TB meal. and UrUt. a&the lowest cub priees.C intended, to be represented bjr' that with natural loveliness, of our most'beau'titalladicS have,appeared J, 'or,IH.J.JolySl JL,.. .
1fP..ted. a..lla'| the tacal **hs.;. .fartieM domestic, aVra'ngcinen.t. of the White S f '.,. ",..
.tetitie*."M itt rirru Jtw iW M-lt twn Seed dr.cu 'be 'head nib and the that it would appear next to impossible i in the''streets dreSSc'd"aa 5' ,
.. .
Pita stul Cre.. 'S 'Jon CLAYIK.a. .. .. .. ___ _____ Shanghai! What makein fJfCliarleston Herearr please eopyweeMytJ-.
T '
sight they
[tor tno noise ana uusuo 01
.: vottotn oti tier SkIrt me nasp.I t a1tr t, .
-- .. to-pen my.eyes ,wide to take i in the the .world, to penetrate there, I was Meeting of Gen. Jackson and.. Q. Ad. koops and loQg-tnil.coat! fiirbid.SCHOOL 1 S '

.to4LW3-t.: G. :)fQL&Al.i i full circumference-there wa3.no.end reminded by it of a rich dwelling in ama at,President Madison'. Leree. S What next? Will it be boots; vest:, ; GLOJES.r.K; .

- '.eb.OUmIjoIi4.. "ad, LgIy'iQitaIified as i I to. that lower hoop 1 I., the midst of a highly cultivated oak The following account of the rencon- and cravat ? No one can telL ;If' mwo Terrestfal :Globe rJf '.

PtralCon.tr.aad.JaapeClor-vt- -Lumber' forM '' Can she get'out; : of the front S opening, ''which 1 once saw, in the trf between General Jackson .and'John '' Fashion' dictates so it will be. Thenwe .1.ENGLISH- by Josiah'm Loring-1.Bostobr!oeaatilsbeco&ale ttU loch.. 3'ty*... : "

''lOa .fa lis' t&rieire4 door?" thought I. M Granted ; yet, Far 1Y cst. Fragrance gUed the Q. Adams at President ,MadisonVlcvee shall help to complete the: foil Bibles-Jarge ocmyo rery :fbf ta4J -

'J. CJMII** rri4i i-r-ir.r.,4 at tlte lLy Jk'e.t VShILtIff-K..'Y.Corner Wil-! can elio gc into the carriage?- atmosphere, and the silence'was 'Unbroken the! night, after Adams' rig-put in'male attire, by. 'gallantly. Win.Dies,ana Collins.1. "r.oe Pt ren rDQct 0.1 tor r Rowe.ntsbii.zausan na*. ,L.istnatios+: :
.1.and UobDI Stn.-da. ? Hadn't J: better ride outside with the! excepting by the"gentle rustling -. ,elec1 onot'er.Jackson for tho Presidency saying, "take our bt, Call collateral reading:;between the toramiis. : S

.J.cbu.yiJk F1a JuftbIS.mo! driver?" mildly asked her ,this 'of leaves as the trees were ,arf- by the House of Representatives In' this'we would not be considered Tarker the otbr Morocco purple t"cliD..gilt.;DM: DtaiateBw- .. '-r#<*

DAVID 1IGLLOIYAr, last thougiit."Never tatcd by the wind. The thick .foliage is taken' from Peter Parley fu'RetxUectiont .as interfering with ** woman's u.iS,trit1a' tateL :hjt( 4 S S

tcueee"IoJIl1r; !" t;; rJ..cf; Ji.) 9car' Arthur, on ,snch, a prevents a close scrutiny Mr.. of h Lifetime :" rigbts"' -- h, no not' for ttye worh.But .- with Bible,nomtroos American Hoe cdilS!pktea.(e.bcsatfBl and iilvninatedstsss letter and'paper. i '

: flLJ1fl night as tYSf# JUde inside;.only put Buchanan Dwelling uutill alter 'advancing I shall pass over with other individ what'1 are wo poor: 'men to do, Boondln Turkey Iderocco & In j

n.&l'F\(7hR1-n orVlttltr i : ( younfect'nnonlho cushion i .h4a .1': .through the gate, some ,.distance n present, only. noting an incident, ,when the dear creatures come in'and .Episcopal. Prayer BoolSu7perfect T-c

-t'.Ii DIES, /tan* rtaua-Up.lf. .'. ';:, '' from the road. ,It is 'a'. tridc which respects, the two ''persona', 'in.. poach'npori ours? .Fonts gone! coats 'Cathollc.IntyerJleeJu.iI S

bae,'l""fTI.7C..l \ &,'" **.KdJjthd? Ianclicw," ..thoughtI two-story,'double brick house, "paiii- .tho'assembly J ,, who, most of all others, i 'ditto! Tests bootes,. .cravats .and good G F **. ttm aad t
ur .liW.<. ft f $ broad plea- thoughts of 'tho'' visit fiats[ng-or wpjaro .macfe .mistaken .'-MES. WIRT-S FLORA'S DICT1 ffAY'
vwtl! a tjngrdssedrthe
iacrifices for ,
WYE..1 fa theeoustaa* f dried FrwUtte ,. whai ,on make- one ttftle.d, wings, One copy} .Wirt's FU Ts'&DISIJ'S AM
S-.k. ..ar. ..' Public .t i'ypuIovcV'' S I sanV en trance_and wifle' ball,. at, the ,ors.r Mr. Ada ras, the.elect,Mr Jack for this is"a .progressive, age, present for lady.. Ia: quarto loroLJilAe. ;and suit

Ll-ubae. x.h1cs.. Dealers 1orBaIxiRJf woaW J.. wrU a.jjircmt "} entcrcdVtlio carriage first ;.:Uwasotgnllant'bnt : extremity o r.,which. latter a ',passage spn!;. defeated.. 'It.chanced in the, and knotting' ) shorter., binding..J.UGB.p'R; witheotoredplaUs.: rTTTfrr:?-."*.TrTnTMnfMht.lanre 7** .

r r ._J\teallliaoat. : c1eIiY.rr:. .j th en,she insisted_upon leads into the left,wing, .which, occupied -i course of the evening"that these vtwo"persons >The basque amazont, seriously,' ij an SS ?octaToi tt._ e. 4," &x,_.. n<$;'$4<:.{jpchoieecontents. *- ,
] .7f' : involved'' i the odd looking garment; and when worn S ?! ., *
avt4nv2 > 'f' I itkI:4icA in by Mr..Buchanan a3 a : ,. in .t throng, ap- with nameroBS after B '
- ". t \ S. ; :J 1 .'\ trflit1kidw Theft stand '.Here_he'recenresihe i greatest_ 'studY'j pVoachcde ch .other, from. ,oPR site is sort to provoko laughter look but if Tbeset tbeStalwoerrliSAfccaeft. .; .. ** - M -5 CLSIIF.UD FOB l .' -, nJt '' '. ecrram.ed uu :Directions yet without knowing it.. our fair friends want,.to' pddly Co Pi
.f; 'h cr'e8mot nis torsA negro 'll
; '
r.QJBOln. :
Q.a..J&IPI : Jyfif.n.
I "nt J ;.P. ndbpldingron'to the etrap ."ui, Into this room and informed Suddcnlytias they were .almpst torgether'tho and make people laugh. them, they ). ._ .. . .1 f I ..

U .,.. ...bftohJ'D n..d -.< : cirt. .iUciid :-r.d e' 'ns thAt **Mr. :;Bucb nij9' ; would .bo persons .around,: seeing haven right to .wear tjjcm, most af- TIlE.
.k L.1-A14h._, ; Wv4' : : '.0' ; ; '
( r' It: gwrcdlyj especially .aa there aro in L.OSQrEL eekerated &.meies. eem'
IaL'Y. :.: t.J&J)4-,4 .t.d ., -- v at(Vprand.ball ; S with us .in'a few _minutes': ; !hIt Voslo appcn-ysoLot[ :in- i ; ; ,; ,- eibodrt.rr1sosV
'k .. .. i' / 'whose I the stores no.cloaks talmas mantillas !beraOfnt :
1" eews be:,had lady caUers I stint, Jlt teppedtsidaJsidJeft'! .them;; myths sad tndtfoas M U* l
1 _, "PJP. c'S : :: : ; shawls to of the The HIAWATHA LEOUDaJ "
e. "kc..1l1ei-H.. .._ t" n' tt,_.. i r 1 r botisC ho wit- ronldLi t : Tjodes'| from .tbp:drawing-rddm" qmteannibyated face)toJace, 3Xr.-Adams.wU,1byhUIi-, : or keep cold. U. A..ScbColaralL These 1 !
.9 w_.._ ..t'lhe-. ;,t.. ; ": '" the idea 6Cu bachelor/, .ael;;Oon ,Jackson ha a large hant1- ( Tbe garment are.talklng about oral narrations eflke XaAsM' ;t .. '

.i". .ivis .M b. oWc"L :: g1 4i1_ tic..lleart'ota.prima reIdcnce.5, Keanw&ileJwe:; 'lookedireae'd : aJadon: 'his arm. Tber-Jtcok3 (l lesfwe may be'njisf ndcrstooil). is| 'acct tbiW'ea&mattil cnC.JIlrinC t.JODI.-NI hI'uir... S ::
-... A 'tl _. J t ..Ideiiiit s-o1lsahesdTI'r! n.1h .: jpoththm ---*"* '- ofcloth [with'tiny bstton, bisbop ; S
: &
S-/ r 11'I.' -S ,_ J 'r"and/ as two s ideS t.ot.tho I at'. ; ji Jectl Of Praor laiIo'?Jftd' d
Ji ri; nanjctnga 1t"aw'ePt M5.i-t :; canforbble o jEt m were.P ( General aeb" ''J'd'f: ;i. skcvi2s,;nsd.,trimmed 'abont 'theends' : aPll'tria. .fta !.iriq4.*
eftwa1'lll.yj.th Blanche* ;oneo"only4' \ <' \ and with! ,braidrtho,collar tie Jat&er.ban tIef:4.t WJr .a'..I' ,M .
edgw -
"i .1
i ea d.J)tb lt 1V d raod reachiBg J9$ Ioita4 -- '
fIf 9JlIlt J.houghHt tfl.opwiihA' 'WhaT.' f :; ;of: .1 > aTTtfJL'-ti:. Ud rKil'A ms1 : turning ra!er I :fallfrr-thaa! i 'that, Irviug'.Ccoq of'--.8- 'a S
.WJi&I-WALB... : LID- 6ft jrvgh, little ,'d T.. .. l'' ofPUrkkVar.JS .
bones ob..Jl'-R. ; : 'nitidfr6rtll"Yt' 1 a geBUela 71rrrect! 5 "
r1" r .r..ii'1I1 'I .
14)tij ; 5 pt. _
: ; f
L -tt.U1C wlid. 6U8 pr : J'owner / S .. '. : "p'if J 7"1' i :
,o.pilb"0yieWWeep : .i. i\ : ) 4 : : _
airan sc' Ldeioted ta
thc< { thofir"tioj4.yoa
tks1il '
I l jel the : I.Oce. ,
/ I : LtkG't1kir8 f O4w ,.t. "-' J..I' of. 'A'lady relatiflgifeer matrimoniajcne'riece' I -
.1 .
*I -:1 un.&r1.were, \99i'-i.t- are. ve-.w e1T .sir. .., > 'L .--' .' N.I= Ikd..!vsM-1.rwffl, S
SL roHid'k'll W t 'c1' lA.rwij "- aid' '' si1 tj.V! : : = .. ,
#twi iIiy WlI8Q. fabecy r. :
a1YJbtJ r8 Jibl r : :t..d4vberW w 4 "-- : kln i .iratt-lli. ot at't oibt rW.l-1O..ct &S4EW.. >:"
'iiC ec 4L.5. IftH Ar4ie Xr1A'd .L/I oC 1fr4,5 5't
e. .g 5'
: t'dio $ ih'"M'r'. ;I .
tnriiroii. tw uu.1wme
a ? .. .tothen&ieeble'i aR4JQtgbIr.rJ m1' ; &J' .t -
.: 1. I11tj.t..Lra. jul_ 41_ .getber.1we uaa& > ; ; mt ''Towdoa- :iittlea: wytksMfMt : f ;;& e8 S '
.. af'Rb. i1 #Do. "fll'tUf. ,' : ,, : } ..f rI.. S ,:
"" 1>:b 1"I".!4h1etnf },. : AJ'D' .1''' 't 11 1' :J t, := Sjlt"3wa& i5epty JrOr4er Df iN.... 11 ".'. .
I. i" ; .T eri1' t--.w, < : tl ; fJ .a J JJJ Co.1..1 .* o-"ute.' ._ ) W*. '. u 4-.; 'r. -"J1.A6 y' J81t.0. .- '. ., :: : f ;
if ;. : t. t ''' _+ ,
) ib1 .I hete 1'l,. :1-.' .Z't1w"V- 1' .5.- t. S : 1..8 "C- -
... -S ,'",_. :! .?i l _ier w; 4 'Ia if k" iAel" :j.4dJer5ja'fla4I7'8 : WRx'J."ihiaalJ L MOB} -,llfcg; ." P.&f r. SS ." .i

S t''f'naIffiYl iior ie rit hi; '_; aud' A't't,tweit; He'tL :tlH1jftt1 good ; *kk6jlJb&rrefe) ? ,.Mwer-' ,, JJ- I1 : ,'5' 5 5 '
t ttTh1tS : cfeairSv'iBot toosJiaxun. Q s >QJK t ,.,< 11f 1f e1 are.'well l hooped. ."'.J:1iflfr: : : ; .. : d .. S S
ter4 easy "* '
S L 18 -! wc'-&J@" .S' .;iMdriU -S 1 ,' S SI ,: ,. '" j';!" '.' t S ,. ._"._' S \ ..-.'r' ." It '.
. 5' 5'
.. <, > S'a, '. I I. .. f.


S 2


i 11 iL -rw- -
r- .
... -- .
: .. ,. I i--- : t' ; 'y,,4 rfitsii"s' M .+ -''-- - .
w.arw- +.w+s ww> .r I4 ,
_ii'' :: : ;TJJE'FroinD.f-\vEEKEi WUBtJcx' ,v.iD 1DiYM IN tsr fi56---
I .
$ t L -- _... n : _; : V

t v'lu VcsBonserto'Hoatt- r tp'thVcdTtho .Jbrahn1_ A.>itl lea."C.,, 3' cv !Id". ,t.il- : l Cllr' i, adJe lI l._ I'MMJIi. -' OALY0 .t 101

A riba r 61t.t ii Xby, \ESa Jairbanta,.i' t licdjft.a iJntto' 'fem.' s'Covet: ,- .'- .ot" ..1'' tL 1W '" u.u i '.8dfiJ' $fII a. i.' JJ'AS'IIIJ 5IIE II.. .'._::1;' } Jill"G
; 'I 4 4tearerl : : .
strain of.excellent ; .
Ul.n.ttl' !
'. {. : .'.If.- ., 'bfie lIm.. .. p' ., s American. rte',.ai. .1i'I 1..- -- t1 t. +eelel! '; : 1II"'thl" '#r. r-1 "i .

J. 'to Dr. H D,'Holland) ,:Cant. Htcnardson( bled at tho Court Hoa eWflc4tsoDviJl OB :lets #to be abb to giro' you something Jnfrom fCefvc,1 win&iiiples bout ICatr sad .r. 8 PISTOU
__ of the steamer Clinch, ana C. Drew, Esg', Saturday evening, Dec:'27th, 1850. tmttlntf the nothing 1INt"ct.put.CI. ,'ktfrj''ft.taa.Boo. cTW

W dM,'Ubrnm&Deodmber 1'1 :SO,' IBM in rcpoao"to calla,'made brief! end' ;pertinent ,Dr. -t.8.UIILDW1.c1. 4'called< to,' *the} hi t aMplr pe-rt-le iaterestng! >,' I;'. trill ttnl biill UrJ't relit arbe .==. ,

marki-manare.tboJt. the heartiness Chair, and J. ILBunTOX, ; appointed. Sec since! ray,lost. W'UJ cl the.r.1 prt..p ire fit A ik sal, : .4 It.iP
with which they partook of tho genial r I
uu.ti. b..r.l07' UroolDt.8L iatmrI rcGt" Tho'troubld'abont O"abl
: J who shall bo tho
aatbotir d I cedar for obUiaiofnbacriptinns andadvatiss.rta feeling of tho occasion and united io.. The tIMId 0.4. will ..Jad.tb.pdsdplas afArltbsutk
and colIeeUDg. all monk do thus the tributc.of respect offered to.the. Day. i The Chairman stated the object of the v :&JBenatoT; !Incrcww, 'Frwn what I O. pbr, IMCA"1'e">t,u

ofiet.to*tw YortCUyrcarr .4-- After a proper compliment to.tho gentlemanly I Convention to,bo for the purpose of nominating can, 'J learn'Mr,.Lorn, the,*tcrrootype asj roar.Tf aslant,ChlrcJ fl MUIOI'df will y J ,0001II"
Cap).E.Bores !la authorized Ajrrot; at and attcntire.hoata (of the Jnd- m m.1Ioust a candidate for tho,offico of Judge plrant- b losing** -ground!' ;,but :hi* .partic 4 try;rttucfar'1-aUa u4 Or**..
Jlf l Blade and YearTh
Crrtk.to 0fifc
race ve receipt pIvi.toa .
tho dilpetlcdthelIu
fat aH meats des this Oleo ID that 1HIJoo.' son and, Odd company Nellow, proceeding to of Probate- -- vacancy having! occurred in( nlarfricnd,'tho'Ex-edtorot( this Floridfan( ,' *' fwr trill t* divided Into Qtf rfm, eacheou.f.t
l in due coneq el1co.ot, the focis-uatloaJudge:; I J learn, 14 :still spreading, binjsclf-'I and sine f II woks .
their i to
Lodges adjourn
Tire 1 *Male respective fill Which plrlrtoa or llao Da,. Rata OLD 1 1'.iiD-It '
Hopkins-ran election to vacancy
form. : think that he should be tho' man over Hurt willt.. two-A.aflcnrdpn' n" u. I'. .

The Celebration- the 27th lost., by haying been''ordered for Monday ail! 'o.thorl, '"T ieg say" that 3Ir} MaJrlory Usji>i"*,a'.!' A.' ). end "'.lIul,K MIJ 1 If/ 'fN 1sob+otntll.. ,"II>.-PltH'tlf.j. ,
Masonic friends passed'offagrecably Tic tfakonld Ball the fifth of nest '" a our day January 1 was not t.bo'cboJc_ of ,the. party of Toitioa to be paid q..rMff W' .. .Jta'1'

and.was an occasion of interest not, only j jto ccremonies IiI connection with the interesting On'motloo'by 3foj. F.. 'C Barrett IiW'AI when, "they*' were, forcedto.take; :.blmt I ,Thy Orst Oradu.."";f,5 00 P-t' ga.rter. ,! C.'I 1ULIYAa1 tkm.f .t ;waetiJ==

the fraternity but also'to the immense < appointed and observed by resolved that ,members_ :of. tho_ 'party Th,sterna UN4.,. 8 oa"' ,,...u.. RI4.a sad PMWI rf "
the 3Iasous, it is, proper''to refer to the and his faithful service seem eta' ,have. Tb tbSr lU!'.,.,;..I0<0tf .."K air' .. '.d J.

throng of the uninitiated, assembled Ball previously I announce'! by: them, and (from djJtlnfprcchl, j in, the, County be, rendered him >no* less objectionable: now; A drdttctfoB of eAlO from 'N T.Wo; 01 tW dirks sad. JI".., M4. +sof
in the Presbyterian church to witness theproceedings. of allowed to cast their votes by in (bird Ur.of two***, will be mad* *f. fcrffi arft1K .11 kl.d* a H4 ri.1 _
which made tho large Dining Hall proxy ... You know I have no business to bo tslk: ., +s."bI srs brxfaataq tN i,rtia InuKw>" Wt CeR+, v.,.c..fi, sad C IN .

The Masonic procession, the Judson, House a ceno beauty and tins Convention, in-cUe i of ',their laving Ing 'about whO the t 'democrat*' ought to tbs Oqt U. ,,.eb a,. len.s,FWlfDtf1..fi'tit iiWy..

which was largo and imposing, left their innoccut saId1'on tho night of the_ ,29th..Tlve empowered :any person or persons so to do elect, ,but'think' J'wtl1 permitted to JTb. &bou, lIsS1 i',*will the MM 09 Ae.-uf4lml.UM grit MvaXir. (J. art rln.Ca.t& ",,''tte. rewfa .
hour of nine found &
tt large A wrk"am" '
Hall at 12 o'clock and proceeded to the company in writing. o. "TUCKEY. wi.' iii.. .. .
of ladies and gentlemen ireshcnt. This repeat irhat I.heard a democrat ay tho flu l. C'JI1UJU1SUS'AML'DUlat.ca ","I.1 kJJJ aarty.tanr ,.
Odd Fellows Hall (which fraternity had A list of precincts {being+ called #It ',,1nISle1. rMYiT1C
appeared .
hour was greeted with strains of music other day-that Min new man should.betaken ; .: 1', t.l

been inrited to participate+ in the,proceeding for the Dance,.blending' that William Andrews of Clsy Hi',' up and elected, and do away with B.T. n./. Brfcttaridfr, P. P.LL. D Vrvfdw1t HA 4BIARY. ,J
) where the members of this societywere "Tho 411ft//'D'') a..brtfto' barptof o'er tbo bUll, represented,sixteen American voters at the "standing ca didaIl.stern. .,, Mr.MsHory of Tb.r.e Y/Amrilfc I'. llttmpfamr ftmiiMrr.,A A*Kwfcyor r.B of BWWHABPKIWMAOAZMJfrr .. WEi?roe.LHPB f"H LatMfa,

retired into the procession "in due "Slritf tbe fpriagt of astute; that precinct William Wikonof Piney ; eft' and Y.ukel.t. heal I J$1u'1J.JIa.Us.! rta+aisv1, >t8 r .
"With echo for their ebOf'''" J it must bo adoiitted, is i decided. K"., -ZDb Las/-tt rr Yv lalfc,hit.

and ancient form" The. procession, thus The participant' and spectators continued Grove (Thom lymo) represented twent,. I )i.y the ablest watt of the two; beside lieU J.A. 1U1.- SIXTIES, Pnfw was.aa Tweb.,,amid,
-s tb "sJ rt.4
increased in numbers, presented a truly to increase for several hour, and four American voter of his precinct- the mct fit representative modem C. .U)'W Latta,Greek T.wiklw>v,a r.'tJlII6f Jt4'.d04 s1q

magnificent appearance as it wended its time and F C, Barrett of Jacksonville held! both Pored nerand JJn. llGf. -w o.r".I'Lt", harp aid 'C/r1't. 1''t
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way to the church. Demoted not ij( peeJ, no swill it hew proxies from nixteen voters of tho party J Jtoman Catliolie This alone should PULL noo.LAROE IKDOXR* sad I'al..aj Fmbrul4.rfy.,. urA..awat 1'twe xmpb.r assaa.r.qu.ttr sad .s$..... al
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The proceedings io the church were Were tm614 its trin'* neVr ttrt Ij'tfJ, butsoared from Black Creek precinct.Mr. him> ,to the undivided support' of his wilt. smeller ncwout JJwk, For S4kJ .1'c. J"Y.W'. jj I.J the,7.Benny.t1' lJaCitJaW-. r"- WJ ray

opened with'aa impressive and eloquent liuiwd iu r..bd the dewy, morn and nratf" nlxbt. JIcnry'K. Sadter- wovcd that the 1 party, Our folk," I fear, will Dot ?,..21, \KA. (Vr..III.near 'lt.r. t.allathrukr M4 .W 1 Ia pj r,. ,.l..t"' _' lir tw l..4# the
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prayer by Ber. B. B Bushing, the Chaplain AtrrnLIlicae4 .u 'n.fur it. er,4kas, fii pa.; Convention proceed to a formal ballot for 1I I be able to accomplish much Every F. C: BAHRBTT! I (.,cdll l +if''C' H.im",1tt'is' the IS9i.wr 1/1.t/ >tl.
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of the Lodge. Following which an candidate for Judgo of J'rubatewrhich 1U4iaK.t. S wril4rala.d ssi
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appropriate ode was by a choir of It will Jc carried. 1t Notary end Port Warden A autlwr lull ,11 "...
sung #en by the proceeding* of was t them, however local l in itt. character; in m rraa'1 sddsd .
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our best singers, under the lead of 31 r.Ochns. the American County Convention which appearing 'that O* HABT, Esq., received )by the democracy as a pvlHi l JACKSOXVILLK. --. FLORIDA. Fur CirttaJ.u,sddrw u4nc tlw fibres W aldris.das.. _(' '{II..

had received of all the votes Hnir D'4!'. and Toiah +r. lui,. TUU'II YKlittj
in another' a majority
we publish column that O
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move, accordingly. JflNdg'mad J-rwa LItJ.W '" "( !lime. B+Utrt t?. W..
The Oration by CoL Mitchell, was HAJIT, Eisq, has been nominated as the cat, he wan, on motion by )Ir. A, T A considerable number of the D.\CIJ.o I'rurerwrr VTowf Hair a.a wa- IL- : fh* J1 chute and and I listened fvithfutt tire UtUilJtoV Jl.ir Tank! with a vr*Mfo<.Jt .l5rfrrj >r-,
, \ elegant, was to candidate of the party for that office.We .- Hollaman declared duly nominated. arc "down on" 31 r. Yulec. It *. (jtafr.Kf rawUmy T. 41a U'.t>. iLdw J.4N Yirat, \ MJt>f J;r. .".A.I.r
with great attention. The Installation ofhe Icara that the ntmination made After remarks from 3Ic s r. Golf, of Tlx t ,inaixl Mstwer.,Trtfe "IN.l< Afar a l'rindll. lf.,sam /.tfa$.4,.4. ib.11 m. ...
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