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. THE FL ktBA RE I1BL'fCAlf, -1/1' %- :.' ".';0 44mL&; ; i.SJ i.S hw11Vda00ej.IgI

IS PUBLISHED EVERY THtJBSD T. AT 'Eerek A chIriiHM.'"aeia 2'-. .' .1Iw a a ,'c:;;
Jacksonville, Dam CountY, -E.*.t.,111'. U .
.'BIOS..C. BLANCHARD.DoBanper b !* ifr&U; .
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walks forth to bis labor, i ing-tbeir sweetness j1 upon the desert ; iTbe** atc&xniiliipsere wi.
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At be scatters.ie1c111.obe nations their bread. our cities, and but"rafcly in-villages. : Table f applied with ever3 lnZUT7. Attentive- ? c 3 tIt1 .. .,, ? >flwifrfc6.'r : '. tim of e rly indiscrflioa.no \to ._ .tr
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HIS Tbeir banks_credits are are ample and sure; .tHis be dressing dolls,:we :now seel,.them. : : IAI" '' < *- aftj.Futifrcixnl nUl'.nrIe11.Ei b.D''YrschAp .r. ttipi. CIocbr0.14 =;f11rz, Lia. If
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Pursued clerks by never the slope curse of the poor; decked :all their finery,' parading; S :; : : : *,ccowinod&tiois. ,apply!: tor -, .. -.i .,Ria,7Jne GOld Earttaa.l'u l l In 'gret vancijPspe IhM4SDd- laspoidIJnp, r. beuai,. "and >tIUfible work .
nil stocks are tbe best in the market, the street,''and ,flirting with young.. ;S 8&OD. ;et A Scale GuLl Rln& .atvariety.Gold Pw.FeacflTooth Picks Keyi.THlmbl4 5a1Oold A. eU i..t diseases of which it t47r"
JJis shares are tbe shares of bis plough; students. 'Where on'earth are the 'ts Ukit'f ii Ifcjmi aVbarlcsto.,So.CsVabpazue II Hilrel'; lets&ttonzStnds. Gold.& sUrcr Fob,;Tea; '\ ?.;,cttrm. Chios.S& technical UnnaH$ ,. SaSS*

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-" Are they willing to allow.Bach folly? NQT.9tb.. )'4) spiS-y. .mer'tt.I-Tea 7urksbie&r : oo'i' Deuert..8puna; Pv..rv.8pooiiasst & Ii J J.t to has Pl4wji.V fa taa.baaatbor ot -
:"When his crops are all gathered and sheltered futar Spoons; uup.Ladles; Pie mires, Butter XuItea, Plckr. Knives ,Fotk Ynai' !devoted many y...
dress little miss ; I.
Then 'to -w.hy the"UIOGJ .
.When bis cattla art svvg in the told ,, jGE1AT REDUCTION Knives Fine steel Table Knives.' 6 .. ***' **>- 5"k..h. jt; ompWut.s tzad oC....
Us cits himself down by bis fireside must now beA dressed v as richly as ; IN THE 8ih VWed Tea Seta, OistorrA Oie BaaixU Silver Plated Forks Spoo*A BaUefCalrtfc little breath to pa ,MM! too Iin '
And Laughs at the tempest and cold. Ie :,,'.,? tanBaabuDmdtMicb.tc..DritaaalaW.. Te*Sets sad Aator Impose,be bas o&rrd to tbe wortJ.
and the wondei is how she
mamma ; of "eiet' BMriaat price of*3 hats,the IroitVf
A atranger to pride and ambition ; A : Rates MUSIC *' .
vllis duty be attires to(aifli. I will be able l ta outdo. her present 1.-1DGat soceeM&l|pI'ct.J.I'a -
Determined whatever betide bun, ; B Good Stock of Fine STATIOSMT YuitingrOird*: Papier Hache1 and Roaewood Work Boxes: Pap&rMache teacbcr or panat ahouU be
JTo let tbe world jog as it wilL splendo'r when she, :comes"out.i But NEW TORKnd CITARLBSTOX*8. C. and I *tbr1'cet Folio t Roeuu4snd Mahogany )'-nitingDesks; Hair, doth,. jCVamk. Teethand knowUdge fanparUd io this IOII
in th1S-gonhcad age some nevrjnven- The rate of Freight by the New York and Nail.JJt ahetl. r rJ. ') Z'i't : :: -. would save 1-.n of.ii0rtidcatis..,
Uis trust is in Him who has given to l S Cftwkaton Steamship have been reduced a* f tb.. 1e btt'TJ w I" tIt r TWia*; GuIUw Flutes,Flageolet,Banjo' 1J--J" k, anUer their .
The seasons,the sunshine,and rain: htiondj.ll'"cnab! her. accomplish foflualS 5- FluUBa{ AA.ccordcon*; Ul.tuf t.i..I I:t 1" ,. -: .' I
Who bas promised "seed time and harvest" j? All good heretofore paving ten and fifteen cent ." .' :: ) 4: -: eI- OUTLEuY_- f' S t A Pmbytemsv clergyman I t.'H'iiikr's .

.So long as the earth shall remain. As there are no little (rls, so per oitnV foot will,betakenilor <{?AJe Afe''pcr Bodgcrs Scuaors k Shears 5, best qnaTrty; Pocket Kahre*' 1 .xor,( io great ,variety: PrunIng Medical)1..11
duties be ;> cubic foot, until farther notice -' a; trpou thooaands of our yuuth ev3..
And if from his "wander Knives apd Shears. 'Porte llonaales ChnTCkset, Climbs Perfumery, Soaps Hair Oil and Wut.e by -
Led on by his'venturous will, there will DO no young ladies ; for .a S hENRY L1SSROON1.i .i C I anda great variety of tber Good, such a*are usually Cmnd ira,8lore of.tbe kind. .. *. iafluettecoth4 pssaiooa, have bt*. uZte.'.

Through God's providence life and iu follows changing bun relations ttilL. when miss leaves school she is en lie \ .SPOFFORD f ,*WESTON iA gent,.Charleston A CO.jnnTrlm .,- I 'y.J ;-WakJut,.Clock ad Jnctlry BtpmrtJt-ond VfarranUd. r. :' ,4 TTV JanlltlaW and habit fearful wf-s.cooscqarucei lf.pullatio0. withoal upon tbtttWyWuTflZpoctcritv. mfisjartti .

gaged, soon marries and takes her. s5 Agent, New York. : -- 'The eonfttltixtuMie ef thfttoaT..J2,

and place in the, ranks. for.how or when .'. j : are broken raising funiliea hats been raU/ lVH/
Gardening Flqwers. S 5- -- S -' ; I : down,and they da Bat kaow tttMSH
has she found time to prepare for For Florida) Direct :' Y... ill I"WJ" : i I the cure. Anythintbstcaneandlnueuesth.pabhe be dooeie O ZI-|
The Kewburyport Herald gives tlid life's duties? Wonder if it would k nuMlsi'liidufulultimately
OB TffsnrLAyD ROUTE.AS X.criSUIT: to remove thIs whet i '
following* advice on a much neglected not be a good plan to turn over: a -THE CJWIUE OF PASSEXOEJtS. 'W"H 'OLE.SA.LE': & WET..ATL '. human wrttchedncs. wonU euofcr t&e"r I

subject. If our countrywomencould new leaf, begin with them in season bleating ne.it.tothe relicwn of JCSM

be induced to reflect upon" the and sec i if.it not possible. to. haveagain U. S.. Mail ;:. flA'T4jflE5: theprtacnt(or the me and of iatoxwatiog coming generation.drintislain I eo.pillll"

subject. of horticulture with half the : darling little creatures, full of .. '-.rs1a' thousand to the human npon race.rtkjnaaodtseourn /"Mll

sagacity they employ in topics of life and glee who can run and jump -. "A-" I, c E fJjiJr:w'"IWvftSSQfiTED'OAN tIJ. c. behalf of the afflicted* and,Aeeept bmZ.v.JII1--',.

llou hold concerns, they would require withoutihe fear of tearing flounces 5 ".. -- wwrkrr In**the good work ?vua are so sczkilgm.g.ied .

no persuasion to cultivate this and finally have ,a set of healthy ] 1- C.1ROLJXI NDDSJOA1mIES r S One'in.copy I(amirelenvekpcdi'.3TWed

refining and beautiful of occupations ladies whom ; BUD s1I ,_. fret uC puaUga to any part *f tW t.w
most young' upon the will S ND. f.., G..1 r f i- : 25>|)onnd3. ; 15c per pound. Sutea for 84 cents orsrcIpi.scp'J1e.jpustddCODE '

which akin to poetry is its has be n allowed to shine, ami.activeexercises' :; ?d. "i- 5". .250; '! 13c" ( ) .I.V.P.M u.
FL .
-own sweet reward: in the open air bestowed him ORJ.The : :. SUG.PLUMSassor1d. 1. .2S *> tt* ;. 20c uFRUIT 16. FhL&delpbZa. < 0 \W.
; P
"Gardening was the first employ an abundant supply of,life and mcrg1"Unite 1, CAROLINA, r* )I./ oxetter. vaster will 1 'DROPS; x' 725> I*, '. -1 2Oc" '. rifIlookaeTeti oa the! most, Caafaaknsuppbcd liberal tum.r.-G'"J-. .

ment of man,,and now it is the most a healthy body to the highly leave for the Charleston St.'Jobus! every River SattmUyathaltpastXp.direct,4 stopping Jcjc on.m. ,' 10ITOES.U; 20c" 1 S

agreeable*and hcaltliy. Anciently it cultivated minds of ,bur\American sonvillc Picolata, and Palatk Returning,. will LEMON CTUPu. 5'gallons & upwards,41 00 per gallon. riELIIBOilV:e <

was -esteemed the second of the fine wives and mothers, and they wouldbe ,t leave at 10 lalatksrercry a. m.; and, Jacksonville Monday 7 a.I\Ir--Cha-lel\ou m.; >S oUU lUSPBEBRYi SYBUP" u' -$ "- ", / $1 50 "S GenuineHelmbold's

arts; ranking next to architecture.Now the admiration of the world,.irl- Tuesday1at3s.m. : jii Bjs WILD' CHERRY "COUGH CANDY.: !9at1o

it should! bo the second thought : of being pitied for their fragile Charleston The FLORIDA.every W R.ecJQtsdaJ'H.Stuart,momiDJr.,Master;at,wHIIcave 10 a m., No charge for boxing doliwa-y to Railroads "or Steaunbot.p Highly Ceao llrlt.li

oC every family-the home that shelters -Istetld.Home Journal. I for"ack onvilie,. where Ibe,COlaec with the r' rf 'T. 0. BIOE'
for and -S.. low Jo.U'w I Steamer Darliaftoi; returning,will leave Jacksonville *""' C nHrn!
first the en pleasure I Ilnm nmrr'lI?
gar Am every Saturday morning, taking the'foid Cor. Bronghtofc.rand Whisker sti.,
profit nest. It is a favoite occupation slng. ; route guing aud returning will touch at Ueaufurt, Dec. 14 -154.
; -Marvs.Freight I 1.1. &VYANNAH, GA. For diseases of the Bladder 1&4K&
Head D Hrnnswick St.
; rfon. 1 ..
leisure hour to man
for .
a every --- -
last WeUka and --- -- -- -- S Secret .Discoses Strictm7eaknrysc5 ]
Doring'the cholera season, a will be UUu fur Black Creek. neTS, ,
giving to those who have a taste for Enterprise be iniitferpA w tbe Darlington at 'DIIOna' .
newly caught Dutchman made his rLj iE Q' P.4t NT \ and all Ieie$ i
the beautiful and the valuable delight ;: ; Jacksonville. This Boat'his been put- on the ; J1I'
advent in with gain ; and it should be a favorite along the line,and thojc who.wUh keep a*much '
who and .forth !in quest of boarding in shore. thtfPreyenlioa: and Cnre of, Intermittent Male or .Female: ; (rom tktnr!
as possible
woman, JUiid J iceQhrqic 4orcrdds'De
occupation every :
house.. He Inquired the first 'one. They are first chaf Boa lay with fine Slate) ,'and Remittent Fevers cause thel'Jnayliayeorig1DatK.Wno
should have her plants and. flowers he saw if they had the cholera in.tho \ and every comfurl will be ,found usually requiredby I', Lilitv, Discfisc.of: th'c7 Kidncyg,and Fevcrjand .Chills and Few, mAtter of how lopgitsa&f:
her the with the -Diseases Ague, ,
employment Traveling 'Publi'TbercoDoed dis-
shrubs all -
and giving and'the"Duchy nrwingfrom a .eootracUd'ffe "terriU* uswbicb .
house the ) was Yes ,, ,. If yon have
reply -
different Line cf Stages b.-FJorida and as far numb Agve cnera1 Debility 1.
air for an hour or two Stbmach' wbvn seated In the vffl i4
in* the open al 1o orercdLivcr : once system ,
moved his boots. He asked South a*Tsropa UIY. They conocc j ijhtheNertvYork.Boat '
and all frpms dow Iroia oentin saoUzc1fl'mining
KigktSweata other oae
Our American women and lUilroad Lines(rum this shah MUsItltfa.'laVafirrilcf J1
day. as FU"ell/to "
every old and die before their time the same .qu stl n.1lnd rccciVcd the place. :-u> :\-4 "i \". .-.1 .itr;' u .ntoddto me Head Aridity the tlton eBN.tt.ca'llartbarn of disease which have: a common tbe cooatitatioa aid Nf iactt h the lfr6 r?
grow same answer, at.three or four others. '' ; For enrartment* and other particular,apply to lrtlt r<*.I'no4.run"..or Weixbtia lbs floida Ul.&le.do not trust ynnrsclf W
for want of out-door exercise, whichcan : WM. LAWTOS A CO, 1'tOrneI.Sour ErocUU% *., 8Iok!*| or Ftnttrriaf at origin-in Malaria Miasma. Quacks who start up every day la a titM.
Finally he.found. a landlord' who assured 4Ia h tk.pit of tV. 8i imaclr' 8wint i.s*<"lbs nnd,"I1u. ThIs as' 4'NATURAL AXTIDOTS which will sad fill the*papers *!hhb'$
be better afforded in the garden him beJiad no cholera in the : ; 8.J t e1tTY :! 'rM 51* 1ti4lleelt Hrvaikl. flwltcrlit .r n.U"1i. entirely,.pmtec .idenl.f''te11rfni., .ia 'ireiteauI&ted( Vo drove be j.nfc WU|

than elsewhere. It' is a pity they house and.there.the Dutchman ,con ..' : .'are Cbuklaa,$ t.0..ocSuCMatlajMMAiioa.Dr."t".D...."...tern la,sIylitp.tbtt$,:.'tbe moat sfckly'or! iw'amuy 1oeafi *,I1t11n amy sot aeqwuated with their trteks,
could Tiot learn something of their D tfbpposmow LINE, Fever an*dull F.la la 51is II fad,'.I... 'ot,Pc.".;Ague<*r Bilious dlMa ,- .bat.nr.ol' any injury too careMlp.Ihe.olecttuaof&rtcasrs | TJ
cluded to tarry rawhile.. The Landlord I' ruo.yeftoweez'sol P.$ki. a" EjreaPI* .. is.w5. :from omasa Uy iithaliov Jtf aljiria or Muuaa. S S
EagH&li cousins in this matter. The and Carrying the U. S. Mail laack. hi ulimk,lLe.,a"4u Flub of lest F ItwalinstanUycboekthiiAg.inpcrsoua| who The Fluid Edflel DIICL.t.4 *
increasing interest taken in horticn- was pious man, always t' .. 11.' -alHW..aTaWk _-_ij. .. Ihrr6lqla"'Fkalr; constant .a:lntlc.Dl evi2aaJ have auffcrcd;: 'frvn any'length of time from oat by eminent physicians the grwiMtknown. azaq.
had family worship Before separating .AGaL_ r&in"1' ..; great d.euloll" flhpirU-- S S dy l) 't..eD&.t.n., ao that tlly'a'eed never Io It U medicine per 1 .
anSa Ga.
witnessed in the cxhibilionsi cuaWUI,.t Jatf' \ ..;:UAN.tB&EFKKtmrALLV: CURED Of % JAI
ral matters, as for the night. According to the custom S. _5e'S ijf8ii StLL"1'nE'WAT -\y J, have another chill bycoatiniiiojf in n* according taste and rerr innocent tajti ,
is a hopeful l sign in the com of ( > ; -1u.. H..OOFiAND'S.CELEBBlTED to dlreetloas. TbetaUcof aroncbetiator] thorough that 1 U aaaiWalrt vcrypirt114ul
therefore the family assembled 4 VIA PICOI.A1A.I BLACK CREEK. ANDJACKSONVIEFA.PANIT.MAFY'5S '- .- .* cover.appetite and strength. aqdcqotinycs until> rut and iwisonoas iru*uf this cfNtI4riilS .
of the "GERMAN
munity. The gardens wealthy BITTERSi '"' '*' 'bther Toaedks dues not 4ri l
for During of,4oe 8aUft8WIOK, AND OA peraancnt radical caret*effected. and.' unlike |"
filled with choice fruits and beautifulflowers exercise.prayer.the r'famihas progress ; '-1 The teampckct DAfftEH WELAKA Preparedly; :Dr7;: d.JM ;JaHrsoo, On. or two bnttle1! win.*.wrer for ordinary dictIeiathsbuoL. $f1sl1'"-" '
paf CochtoU
groaned i S cases; some may require more I.recttonf priako 1if1,bronl\loo
nursuries and N. Kwo !
Ibt leave
and the C.pL Pa- No. 120 Arcitrie4Philadclpbia.Tbkpewer *
terrible' which butivei
and Dutchy in ;jQtraun French and Spanish aecompaqr each a :most' dueaae.
popped ith'jr. latka _
Tegitables of those who make gardening ,up .. .. every lOada1mOrniDK i : "/ ,- < I bottr Prico'0A 'DulUe. #liberal dIscounts usda ofthe human rice to natimJj JP*C. 1
0h .TatlshdermatterJ' : .tl_ eve'&. chore Di* mstU. ala ..fl.d'ar.qiiad'byu .
f1' brillianl b
Lprt 'Arrives IDa d.t 0. and. .. blastitig 'pes 4tp.riet'Pint1atb.
have improved i
and the Uaft.Ja1M.u
greatly leave : ,oberpr.psrauow
business t"JaeboImUcumeYeD1Dr IIJI
a .big f
t bod tbe tforioa*
the last ten but where 'NothingEays'mmc host, .and tbe. ToMday,morning,.t 3 o'clock topchuig at all the Ibser.aauest. .ss1csEs. ane- ll "R't t 5-*f'A.iBDODE,- _- __ fT ProTideace.'B-,:_., noble 'jonth.' can be cured br Oat s.f
)years; Jteme&lat ,. pkItsbs4r1kd. ; r' ; S ?
*plAccsu .c
reading of Scriptures went on.* t.lik' wnrtliy'tM,atUaUaaS *fr.vallda.MaIEaIeIrtliei t EnDEyCE OSAFETt: .' Bvnicd/ 'And, as a medicine waka*
lud.iso'plentiful: ; and attache Jto : Thaongb Cm from Palatka Pieolata and Black r "ddto.u of Iiass..s ', *' d.fed !tt'..
In a sfeort fimc however the landlordgroaned CrOSkj *.' .- ,. 'a Ibi' 5- : .2i wTbncjBD; |Vl S. everybody;from the siaiply
there ad. : : : -7"j6. .T-CO taw lewer, "..- .UM 4 V"..
nearly every dwelling i are B I4v r ml UUrnU. atmicarehlatpoweivfBwtakarM ''1 have\, mad** a ehemleal'ezamfnatioa of and 1ngiavaJ4. a* ea>
again'ancl again i Uutchy : CAfe" AatidoU to bulb frevrttirK
and "Rhodes',.wr.and Afe er acting aa.a.Core
vantages and profits pleaurcs I "Through tickets-ftniabecrtr m Jacksonville tiva. orfs*.rtty are,.withal,Mf, ceiuia aad pica 1If"
i luvtteAted It lur*nenie
started with his flalanIasnd Mercury, 5- 5-
up cJlkEa -
{ I to Charleston ton-- asu ; r "a
*, #.I /
that the > *! "-v -j* *-1" a 00 -
in a garden poorest may *__- -> i- ; CtTThe WeUka connect*%illw one--oMh New r'' r ;BEAD AKO DE CON WNCED. _,iTetl Qainine. andJStryfiSwin ; bot tat*;not fimadapartkl BemboU's HJrhl c CIf&ll
with the -wealthy the laborer say -. eo. ,_. I .,fmai AlaosiMa Iie.l. "OfeLo.U *'of eIther In it,nor L. ve I focbd any qb-
an4 '
JOY iah'cohiedine York PJifladelnhia steamaoina from Savannah 'Jr..U4M..Iu 1. would COMPOUND- fLSARSAPARILL.EXWj
'OhrniuibGotLidere i4iid GetJW' Pmuitepeepaisd bJ' aka Cd iu OHnpoajUoa tbX proTeinjuriott. ;
with the'man of lei re. 'Train the I -.'.' L'I enrf.\VcdneWa1". : *> .', oa; rIaUad'e&la.ria.. p.1.it..mW .ctd7 to\be coDtLLtluL 5 w i, -.' .
domatterinit"jouV I "S S 'Itactra. ; Ktrvwuainat ,
for lAnf DrP Ha.saaJe ,
Tines npon the sunny side 'of your 4No,' said tli Q l:1 1di rd,:Q drni"pi'! /I"t. K'R: Dun Palalkatjf DebUk1.PII.ai*01.Lla M.i4la-<l..,.,...&e.I'14kaOIl IY1DEtC.OT'.IIEUIT.1w1ula k; P"ri/v. 'tUUa J .. .a-
/V13BEE .Uc.ip 4l.teP1sabet3O.l51sWi
the little CANOVA3ok.onle.
patches by .
houses dig ; Union ,
up Ce., td 1 W3.Ma. niMgf.11
)4y .
'1 "Wa Mie iska. <> oro.nsa51L1.ipsis4we4n4l
Dutchman Ibm ,
and way of quieling.tho ama ; ) .s.--Ki LAFF1TEAU. S | I .J..Bxoon Pear Sir Tha of dWetoe a_MIif
your* oors, rear the trees, grow .-_. -' %J lt t* bIayrjvsib1. r : pox m .
Methodist; and it's a'habit of.;(be.: S/ ttlJ. 1. yoga lea*'me was duly ftceiY.ed.tbo 11 th of 4rWIAf fAIa- $ lf5 X-U--
the flowers' e.
: '
the! vegetables and nurse 'la lI/ri i b.t:Afm.t.'M, I'fliMM.J
members of .that 'church 1 CQ WELAiirkI : ApriL 1 have told nbwU uot half uf it. aa] ao 1. .aly
Tbcir-fragrance will be at your win- ", ( groan .-. .s f'nlf aal
  • aO UMfatt libel
    sale those wM lMJ H-U Umynaea.
    during&ligious exercise ; 'bas cored .Ubaaeertalafr Homed jh,Ajn** Vkersde.f' f1saJZ'f. *
    0 nave eti4ar l4a
    birds and I I Ldc TJm people eaM w fcytrUllaf
    sing cart.
    the vrlll come
    dowE, Up jumped,Dutcbv hat and4 baggage .4 \ paiai'ao for! you, the melon, the plum, the pear '. slat '***., and continue to year valaibl flitters,__sad .wIti..Riul&! ;: atcpate 'wore oMonj aUodine..- >!/ sIsters who has bad Uibr.flve aai iZt&.Zy.ZvS'as VL54TbisrtlcLe ..,
    and scudded the [ ,
    along street .Dd .DOW -
    kNQVL.r .5 or sir years bact. coufd ntrergttitstopcd _...
    aid the apple will Ixfin their season, at the that would shame 40. make repil*?WM tp that place evIrZother'Wed.. cr.r H1eVTa+., Ala.t1..1I1UJ. 1, 1MJ, saW: | ) / except by QnfnincMnd that oily aa.Joog'as most dnn.b! hn&oWu"1M W'1'
    aid'liow ,delightful, morning andevening pace [ ne Liy th ren uqn farther natleeT T" MTb Dinm ito seLtag.U,and I ihUk'UM>will ena.Use. ; ahwuld; tak..it, Ia bow, J tttak, entirely. :proved aoore eOoieat InbatsllOo cdoI"
    For frcf rb t dftfffo*pplf to --* ... ia4i6.rUosto Dote who "
    racer. Seeing a physician's signle .or, +> udr.1M4. of Sffe(
    ? ) Sttwparilla rt
    with wife and children and *. J. rr3lSJffiL* CANOY&. baY.ps.dlb.u.N. -': r' "-.. '-,- ;' I I.curtdbflourrsmodj. "
    Several Sypb4
    rnado Ta halt and .called .the ,doctor Jan. (Dr'H r"L..1aIeI .t'40r10.IlsS AIsJiu. "; .:.CiJ. Lc.unl eusee of ace a4ir1- )
    the ,of 1 25th, ISSStt' t".Apata. # .
    mark have eabni/
    friends, to growth puge- T ( ) 10 IWI&UI' "OIIr Bitlrrs. have doM wos4eesIs 4. 5 and Scrofufems dlseasea _r-
    vhich-may be gathered in the .to-run quick t6No.-rr; :" & .ftfUotl. A yosib.a toa,at U.M.n.Waln, Et,.. ,; :-: j'ff Aoo,Sm8EBL the Incurable .ward* of ear Fib.' ,
    titian; said. &* .1..luontyjlai.r kcwirort *..ias a 4vrUiitu Take ."tb bad Jbr tears ieldidaX:4htljI. a'fr
    'What is the matter there, $ For no;more.rseoicv Tooiea,Uerearr Quinine. many
    Ent 1ri'
    fill for in the winter!1.I" % ease 01 aMt rtlUf,sad Me : jW'
    support p I Febrifagei, StrrcbaUie, or AnU P rMdiea of say u : .
    doctor the-cHolcra i'j. l .. ... .
    ,hayatiicyrgqt; ; ; : cat*rW'ds $"tl.EI kInd.-Tb will known rb>niatnngeftaia DIPp of the,
    eridIate ia.D8X1I0S i
    aM .
    the PhiladeUpkia ? $ ... .
    the above & JaW '
    ;Jfyropot of .0. arWtinginfeterctt
    medieiM la I -
    'Nabut' rain o goo t.Qott and 'Him- Id L1iigs IeN.&t.f4SM at.1I.(s.u., ,ldIon pTQvOS .to be a.oepriD eitMr of f ... ,
    oa theTri ; aster tot .
    ; Ledger gives the following'sim b.00ied1otAkiUI' bupeti re ssetc& Ja Ltc00 Drbipli( OP of,ieeceOSrT1ckLTheonly : iIt-
    mcll dcy has got der mettodit -more .' to befli 1114 SroreoV and W booea already; _
    1e'dircctio'us for extracting the El ir St obn'iiver, .4. It Iii sawptljweN' s.d&" reaaoay la eafrtenot that awe '
    periB&e worse as der gollera,"&ndderlandlort 1' The & r DARL1UOaalnu NoatEdyIy-rgnTu SOUTh.II. hanalecaxla v 5- 5 5 5 5 1t0T C'L ".reJI : 1
    of flowers; an' additional interest 1 ncxwil1 .W. Cbaatr WUer rx. UiiiackrV:Oetoswv 15' / 'RflODG8t FEVER AND AGUE CVftL.1Jor and Pr&lsMa of several lic&aJeen14
    will diemititpefore ktttdire ; t SJaI&IQUY1I eTO S Wdy. isis,. aaM: ."flavfcif aoK .,ttaw. i .f "WJDaau.pa
    YoaYrBtUy careqjmS
    their atKl.tk tala ta Tlahaeo! ,B.H.A ;-.Uaper-- =
    cultivation J 8 dock daTalatka
    is thus rnot o /
    given to : ;attiring *aama '
    : I- ; a.II l' I''>1at has bo
    If 1011.noJ i'u r1.t Les *< 6 o'clock aornia Inccneclon STOlID SI: SxmI: DIoU&Pwnr.au. rnpata
    "Qather tho with'asrlitUe 'U Monday ;. e 'mMtW., 5M' '# ; .. S t "ca J1 Extract 01 '
    flowers '- with tbe tej r*Carolina and WeUka, a1tlsb.<.tneJisaV,1UL Ltar.i add by. deafen generally.

    stalks possible,and.pla i"them in A dr htcn'.Lavfjcr: ;gejng' :; :i c WlL700bWLik, $ Monroe same day. 11141"ald"WI MhiIab.s ksttra IeQJbat. J.aJ1C.I... Jut dI.prla.. ),.. S "_ or'.'a"JUJc FlaW.1&SktraeC "CN-r-__
    wUl 1y ial.adb4Uid tepu.wlota
    f )es teTpnso at 5 o'clock Teesday morning .
    ; .
    ajar three,parts full of almond or :Chnrchas dbscrvcd by thominfstwho : :r : nd P&latk*** 6 o'clock WOdIitd* mLluilI 5.1141arrivc which M*'teca fifM iV a1t.iMad tu S .p DYIHQ. AND b.tuorIbuleaM k, r
    ofive After in the oil for .Iflaes5.. abe.ftaSS*V.JbeS IS.I (SiJT.asd.J.W r ..IJ; "e phIo.oByrup ot
    oil.! being jiddregsed.im *'!, tdor &tJack, 'uvtfle samdsp.o 8iiS .. ....K',1'GiR.Llt $1, M": S"P"a
    twenty-four hours put ,them into a bearthe& lthl.r EKKDAJr'taUatMitUl3 "We ba'v.lssid 'aasyeer.upsr0w.e4 ''".7 .lWdl6tihlc'>. Cbe00L ctsaI s0sS ., 5Ka's -
    JuW" L 'EE4DAt't adSr. "JIM.. af D*.Uoofl Iad'i Germ .tlttwa, aada. ; *. "if" ;
    7 8AyAJN4JEz HOMW '
    co&; e'cloth and squeeze the oil from' judgm Ln. ;Tbe,Il"Ier,8h.kln '-: Z "4 5S$ thfTa.It la to a vatabl Mdfcla .!; -T 5 ..l S I .5es1cnrlr'seh w.
    with I! s':4 'J.GnsjntM1Ky.. as.. ;:...,.p.w. ," "- -' 'P .w1 t j l. ",, 'Vgr TODeWeI'
    thei This;process fresh flow-, his Jbead with drunkoa.gravity,,replied -, : 'f Mrs.neetIIIIe4 ,ia 1ittodsehaJ.er.I.oflu4tt.bL", 1DD 8bscb r 4tel ,to, hfo patron*'aDd .S of '
    Is.- to ,bevrepcatcd according toifee > "! hare ,Jtvrentvfivtfyears a r1y. tar,. rknUtoa *a4oti tf*..*i.. Uti.If, ..U* T. 'ftlahilrior f their_tiD_fkvor*woa4! stat 4ZHdW54l'Edd MSZnflk ''?
    en -
    :pra tc.ed'( half.. ':1" ",4 w.Df. ::= ..tlli .I Ie ao41 i. "
    the desired.HFhe .' .. Taai..Aldtl, i
    perfuse al.tjXfl2IflS,
    strcBgthvof dIrC1'
    : at;;)tio-: barii; 4.hfL.Ial&1 tL&Ie1Jt1T!, 4M1aahd.-J'Y S -, 0W51011(V'sff it ,. I to nindSentJinas. -'
    oil beinj {11 llius'thorwighly fond' that 'grcatestrascal is the sad ety.no.ftt. I". -0's._h-I!! .-, 1... ...- t1PHOL8TftIw
    .5 1. h w. tvs r.1Ir.
    br.hic\ .abk4 to
    hose Me now '
    'f' ; a. '
    W witK the volatile principle of ,first,f wy.t,ura S.tateXevid, Ace.I. J t4 Ii 5st'btsWorks- ibsu .SlNb,* lI I ...7'.. .!rrealef vajtttr of CoWaon .SUfeja 4Waole; ,; : u _, r ,

    the iowers it is.to-be'aixedwtb an I.- .11f" S sad sit.ita. lent. .. it..can raaevBhaIa,Ac.,which h4 traaH witf|enalI7 'a7'5JIP e..iuskally osa1. _
    be.fttilaiaataswii.. .. iD'*
    t. :;!rato aRwbwy.frwithtp.onsg.; PUJok
    Mnl'quantity-of pure rectified'spir- OnOotWnvjj4se ..pis6: I.POI.".1t...tt ru- ., ''tIt.t, Oentlemea'a OarMaaiTDjtd; CleaaeSor BDO- .Ab.aL1:.c Mttrua-w.4".

    it 'and ehakCir e very'day fora fertj ednWilLiee' i'i i T I '' p.o' ..1" Il i abed, aa.- baWtorfnnl iot-4 mm cc I1R"S
    ; : i1 I .
    8e.t __ 4 itkcwisb 6. .raIlyb& I =..
    : ,
    gfetfvhen' U ,may be poured fof 1 iellIerothe apeonscxcept'treei'i'rlie /' : 5 b 'Z -: J -. rj -S ,,III.U.. M. 'i d -" boIM&lng doen s.bott.# "M

    ready' for use.kAl the season for ; next S '. a- f-> .' -.,-.. .IMIear &Pn.ene4. l. A. ,',..,- )
    .i twi4hot
    Ii.IIJ' '
    eweet-scented blossoms' is. at hand;' q'Sdierf, "fB.aalIfltoW,:, 'h:, ricItI'ft4'& .4 5 .I '. '. :-.r,

    tbicBetbod be practically.i fi ted;: wanted .t'aip7'. :,se a.':Valkio ; .- l .-_wt.I1tl.laaa et SM' ..LT"I" :.lJi '.'r. "' : .- '
    mot1dsbIoeIIp ... .... :.'1r .. S '
    : : valise in ,
    o Optafldand .
    t great trouble ao4i1k a ... eUee; TObSCCS
    u4-.1 o any _. qj Xt ,. : '..!$'!-4 ; .eJb :; 1"'jlcoea J.. )O t
    pense two carpet bags in the other 1 f W-tl '010. FLAGG. : 11 Jt ,oiu W' T. .

    S -

  • The Florida Republican
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    Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00079922/00288
     Material Information
    Title: The Florida Republican
    Uniform Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
    Running title: Florida weekly Republican
    Alternate title: Semi-weekly Republican
    Portion of title: Semi weekly Republican
    Physical Description: v. : ; 58 cm.
    Language: English
    Publisher: Columbus Drew
    Place of Publication: Jacksonville Duval County E.F. Fla.
    Creation Date: August 9, 1855
    Frequency: weekly[july 1856-]
    weekly[ former june 1848-apr. 1856]
    semiweekly[ former apr.-june 1856]
    Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
    newspaper   ( sobekcm )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
    Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
    Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
    General Note: Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
    General Note: Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--1851-; Thos. C. Blanchard, -1855-- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -Feb. 7-Apr.16-,1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--1857-.
    General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).
    Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
     Record Information
    Source Institution: University of Florida
    Holding Location: University of Florida
    Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
    Resource Identifier: aleph - 002033813
    oclc - 02707282
    notis - AKM1526
    lccn - sn 83016261
    System ID: UF00079922:00288
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    Full Text
    ;' vL49_ v.n. I
    ' : t. (

    e .
    .. ', ...... .. -,'. -.- _...
    .. .I", r. "._ -
    -f' '. .
    __ :. ,..j: ". ,"i. '.
    : 1'6
    ., q. p. ; t. ..411 ." .
    ft' -
    : t fi1"f iJI/it.
    ..,.qY .
    p -
    -11 i. -# .9 tr ,. .. -
    -- '
    _. .. .. ., .. .... _I'. .I'\ ., _L .,.-" .. .- ..F... 11'. I' .. .''Y', Of'f1tA. .
    ... .1t.. ..U1f. __.,_ .Jk. J b ,L ',._ 1I ..:' .*,..1.. 'to .1. -.- "f.i ...(#."
    __ ,
    r r 1J -. rL.1)kLk ILTfLj 'L -i-1 r & ---I-
    --1 U I- 1 -
    .. 1 ._ : .. -I : : -I
    i--- .: .:' ...:;I ;; I ; .u.- l ; ;i3a .r .v"'S' %l,4m&a! r tti.: t&j .. !i ", b : L' 4't {,: ".j 'f".4''. 44.''J i.., h"r ." .. ": -I It,'.
    I f .
    ; .
    1IUa JIa' .b, ." .. ,.. ; :.l.J'. '.t t-C... 1fpJl1 .e.. )11." cot .i'- i. ) i ,'P.r..r. ... -
    t. -. -4 t i.... "A4 oI' Va- "t Of .. I ', t -"' -. d/ ..rd t .' .'} .' ':."" 'fI'I fOr \Pt:' l 11 ro' ...._ /. .
    r.d4l U- . jri: ,. .. .
    =- .. .. .. .f" -' ,.. ,
    :=: .< tlf / ,. m--* ** I"'IIW jXJ i **""* i' TTCMtW7 S- J'a *- -! ,
    : I rn > C' t < ; Uf i orf. r f ***.* : '
    -.J :. 3 : i-.1ocI. '.J i JI mil 8 az.'I' 't B 4', .- ',..1' 4. ** : r ."l ?lJ' '- "W"9IMMIfflft
    v .1 -J.. 't. *. .' iJ. . .
    hiL .S. \00 r'Ax .. ,:
    .. .nY t .
    ; i t Mol'1
    4 :.7 _
    _. a.-. _,- - -. "T* 1*** ssrt '* *. M* fc ". f*** *- i j t--_- > -i r __?_ .t : ,' ., >-JU..tl !''-.Ir..t'-j. .
    .A. ... .10n" tia* Be-kiii3ottijr. -:' *-oald?take.hiaarffi:h1s'own;' bOtntQt! ; r 5. .. *S.a--.f..- iCw.r. M... .5. ;iiIi'1_i" ; _. :_.T- :_. ,. 1 u tii t.wfi; : tW aIr'It '
    : oW > fsiIt -** jIi : iIioI 't' ;I- "lA. .
    I { .. \ -" l. ; .
    ; :: empToy tof iBtfctenVand'that..thecontenfe within five: mmntea of the i time;of ia5ST .5 ...v .,\ \ "tJ t))"t "-. .. .0' _r.ae"W ee41. ",_"
    4 p f" ... I r1itTm. .
    ; ----- Wwlllet( L' .**"y tWfr, j sAtf."' wi "; tis :10' Q; .
    -C"- ;--, .i w"-o 1-".. r.' E.4, wl ,l__r 4 t .saiijng.. && ;- 4'terderet' fijr:', "-4 f Wp t\li' ati4"t.." ,1" \ .. 4' 5 :l .v 5 ;i3a i.l.n' -u_ 1i1" = .'.: tAKHBgA. itb&1IN ;
    A'V& .;. of Jit&ataq.! ***- mi-si* r c a *f I? &f .S.aaaf.m1 _. .;1 ,. 1' ....,...1MBIIjee. ofem$6 f fii- = j *n itr5;
    W*.juufXicBfeno t. ,8 :Jlio I i5t .
    t p'.0 .ttim / l ; i .d e Iwr Btk.
    } .
    ,. 1ft '
    t .
    ;; at.-a.-,. '\ ." 1j'jftan&t thojn.handT-stran r:.Irft J .vTalbo t,rwallct ,': oLi1nsd.IaJl; Ii4pT f JftJfitn 4I, .v 5 iJM: .1iN6 i.iai I : : .1 IIOJ t 1. ..'.

    S .flu, I . ;ware9ethBg! .o1. ;-ftbwJiorHble. yTv .J .. I-\bu&'lt. : i. ,I1IW.tJb4SSpIi re tar 4. 1upQft'th ,ji,' r t.tt.f )? bd" e ehe1.owa .' .r (. ? ,1=.. JIi ji JIr..

    tJi!u.ft.Ir aIit-.n.4"OGI'. the'lastre'of. iiifl 1ae'earegr T 'npceaLwL p.u"taav..AiIUtU- : ; :' ..corn1urder. It tit. ._ T'\'I\JJao i.d1c ;" ; : t S I.u. 'bat '".. '.,, wu- ,I Iiit. I-YII.: .: ;Jt
    *' *
    ,QsW. ptby !bd.. 1J4. ."F .IS -- **titt: todthehoid :*- 4ju.t: t 1"0 otuL ,U1dtbe. .'- Wi a..T .ua a''L.' 1Ia _. r..U'1 It.. aner.ft. .. .1 e4aI
    \r. 1U. "
    .. ::2"J" f
    r" ?
    .tiIgt brUy, .J itt tia n : er..aa lIt JLGCIaH .i..7'1 A t.. .li :. .I ..
    .rf.'." "1- r. lido' "Btern >e> ..t .into'his udtY llX'TIlbet-beceddeit&p: : i .t(!otTh ..T.I b r"v sn-! 5g.f't :-5 iI-5-4-S--' aVSik 1'. I... x .I.-' ". .

    .OIl&H.lipdl.. new occupation,.Tritk. ft-.an3 con ;:I'.i '_para V Jla6r5jp ''I Dt'i al I J.7tLT,. 1ft11er":1 L..Ll\" Ly. S 1--n.a."o.-aa.- .
    r'' ,-. ue.l01I Hr. Talbot hunli *"1 i : ..Ie8" kees w\'Ir. i rf* < '
    ." pfeh i1ia,"Slewed htti1"v &(ad.. IIMLt'aII : ..
    Uitir bcnr ; JriiRi 'W J. ."1I8dMaa..am tllt
    .. AI : t i ..jlr l
    s.c.Je 4art bonzos, !moral or mental pJCtC1.1 gufltyi! ., *, u' .' ., i ..p liJ letCt I.-l1ti CecI .iI. ..'1tJt- ; '.ili"I... .- lib "r'_ 4) I.

    "s..rtlt,. 1ta UW&IDI&t.5a. ., '. Sten berg3ras:.cmployedt to write I S 'My;ch.l'd1'-r'J.. .t1"i.no..y".t&r t .h'.1l i&' 1 the S bgundayIthi4-l4k i oi3a &inehdent IOWN at' .a &tinee. : I I"UQ 'Get.. 1hll.. t"Jr1 I:
    '&he quit"ar! dewdrop gie&rn1it ) all Hr*' r lbot' most-confidential believe.- I dare not believe anything spring the "agile ajessonger sprang of. cel .- .:. : 1 &xoes :! :iiici9' :to D .uU1 watt a..e..tl .OR. 1_.."

    1.In T_- on tbc op DUIA'&wer.'.. letters'and'-to- attend to' -his most My :good wishes,ata for the youth, up n*the 'partingwharf-receiving a :My father's retnnLwas a forfunatecircumstance' we reached our,own,door. .' i iI with. me. Jlotlttr i Sa dyaJ5

    xJtatCuUtf111'114'-Ute wu-tldc boar. ; private accbupts;; 'ftr thV me rchant't !but I feant'will :go-.hard with him lustf her fromHhej
    11 'njbUpo. .4O' : at .tta time wdi deefry t infblv&Tin_ ftt tbe'tr-anl' .*.-.> -' J %*5 'WiLnessoth '(.at. ': ": ':' = tho] SDiri{ t of'insubordination 'Go/-ay son, ;and-,oiice-meie1et me meknckofy/and k. -&.

    SedtInthebo1anIrctflIL Ort woe frienUl M 1tta.D er'a Iwtr.Ci S several''cpmp1c3.tcd.EpeCUlatlQflS" -* '*,>;*Allot .* ,1. 'Oh n re nn..de(1'. .' 'anny. fe-. Jldb.leaned Lis, ',).cainouttu1Iy stirring'within. -rac; I*saw by his beseech a'lt! think*" .npo-n what I sister. ,On the bed ptflf,.. .ifIj.

    iDdlV! in OBM humble dweuiag.. which,if supccss&il: wero.tp benefit: "ep- yj 4n.r."t.! so-,. oven,'if yon .upon,hh bantl s; and I gazed v abstractedly manner!kihati: : It(,* qisplcaS' 'him, baTo'aaid.' v : marble lay my aether :,.'

    .1.na the aJD'pathisiDg the.whole.syBtem of" commerce. .A : tbfnk 8_ l flziqrir4 .. ,upon the reccdmgTslibre\ *. although for a few days. he said nothing :-w'I.shan't go to'Jeho,'iid.Ii not undrcased. She' ha tllrl.U. _,

    t ;Uwbetrt u filed! with udneu.'i After several monthsoC'unremitted. :: Meantime the day of,the trial ap-- '.Suddenly.ho.bctbougbt.him of his to.mo. alutit.JtWab.n.aftcrn.- *- .. I She looked Diahe4'ai.1B1 boldness herself on the bed to.rat j W.

    ..- ,4 we..iId.weep.4 fur jo,dotp&ad oott cunt.fl ". .. \ labor, the schemcsjended. in a*sudden proacbod? FaUnyTa.tbot'badwatcbedt ,l tti.: :He.bpcnQd it Affd'tb( hlsjurpriso : On J in'October' but replied flrmljr "Cert&laI1. go again to iae-riwf wfc 1ii'

    ..Ln. "___ia ,.ftirit tr .,'" -&Dd- !u.._-. ..' -. .,., failure. '-After1: horfdrably I satisfyingthe d'O('Pdb1i 'opi iolt to-1 discover .- a-roll of b nkbilI.fclltfronijt.dThpOri bright rand .golden. .; that. my father you will go,.Alfred;I com-act 1O"J. a ,(& t.-t' a1eerda ,llzoCctedjtor T whowere involved ;' ItHarahe uriiver 1 W'v c.* w S He;$ ( },:tfiey'*-Vpw'" y. told me to get, my' ',hat d" akc a i, 'I will not,'.Midi,witfcm. 'tone'Or to her rooa. t':, .
    s..11 '
    the IDIIII 'f' .
    ,"raptM14 iD ia fI..a .*b ftad urn, through 'iLck ..unfortunatespeculationHr against i 'the .ungraterotY bg'"jnntl alliMlis I of" }largo..amount. .," 'l v' walk:"withhim.." We*'turned.'down defiance. r "1_cannot tell 'yoa my",M I

    :f IMB tboM W* t eydid$frc$h treeing od warm., ; ::alIt"was enabled i wocouldqidj( jr 1ii t ljQ.r r i., : 3 t" puQwill not.. :1k ejusiq4icloaedfroiiione an open field-a favorite play-ground 11'One of two thingS Ton' must do, looked :Bpoa her ; .x *IQ.t: ..
    *..fi* k th&tear-dn to "coKtrnpe.hiaj regular business, ployer'a daughter. Fanny also..watched : w h believes In"yol1r.tOOo- foe the children in.the LCighborhood. Alfred ; either,go to acaool l ibis moment tenfold more bitter from tW.

    0. > U>e wild teonpcstoas ocean.t. though on very much reduced scale.I 'her father'sconntenan *tov gain "cen.Cb. "Whcn4you make,the fortune :After talking cheerfully"on the or I will lock you iayow roos that she.wwOd'aevflr ksowKlieved I>'

    .Yai1ar Set U bear bu'h the with rap deep-emotion. ,- I A profesaionar friend-of, mine some' 'cha 1ee -of acquittal but .she which I know_your'cnergy will dificfenrtppics' for a while, my father and,keep-yoa there till yoa are ready myself to fee: a...*'.ti I.

    .JI&iuuiwa.nuc; Godlike form.JJ .. I wishes a secretary ;j' will'you "accept could. "glean itotbingvtherc>. '" t achieTerin: tho'new*country la which asked'mV'ICI: observed1 th.afbug. ,I to:proraiso: pU obedience to'my. fell oatSebed beside her.. I.

    t!'tbo e feeder aceenU tolling. the siluatidn, Ildo 1 .? The}salary 1 isgo&d' .- 'To-any.,thotrzaLt takes. lace/lear S.5 yon ire sgoingyOflcafl' repay.. tficm' ;' shadow.t thrown ,by a mass of rocks wishes m future.1 not "} My heart banrtdia _g''
    '0*that w pinjr"mothcr't* cur; ; far better than anything JT -fath r 1' ; s if you like/..to.. J'ut. '' t *** '*" that jtood in the middle ot tho field. : 'I dare-yoti to do.St! at"I.( 'ybB bosom,m1 brain .all oa fire. My

    c 0aitc.nM&c be lire rite: that! child tif Jews w dear.calling! can offer you, for just now, alas.!1,1 '.Yel.my; apgbtcr.Jf.o' Co" w,' A I ."I : iLiFANN.9: I'replieii that Jdio% can't get mo op-stairs.! to sister threw her arms aroBad me taA

    4 .- can offer you nothing. mentioned 'You, are to sit-in the jury!box-one Three years after,the above occur ; My father'owiiedth: .land-said )f"Atried 'el1ooS6' 'now,'; bid my wept in silence. Suddenly we save

    o'Lrs. D cone. forth in!*Borrow it callelh new IIVlc ; yoa*to my.friend,telling him h6 could ,of, 'the twelve ;t. : ..: 1. ,"f',- rencc," a young man'- Jay sick to death* -""* tIt''y-1"-TV o" upd. "** mother, who laid feef, hind upon myarm. slight motion of motif's .naa ttfeyes
    But! the micron echo ftllcth not find one'morc capable 'and more "Yc ;dear Fanny 5 r" 0 Eouihii: bed,ravi iiQ': his dehii1ito' boy.-The roci stood.thera then. To ., .. She trembled YJoleau.r, and unclosed. She had ,feeorefedconsciousneas .

    :.Oa the quickmed deeper'Ut.jr..4withtLeerLbcfOud1. unexceptionable; iii,. every way thanyourff' If .'is a 4readfuTuppa h g; aO" '. $00 Hr. Rcdfield ldthi; father or the me it.I. I is'': '\beacon; arid/whenever-1: was deadly p le. but not .

    *It. tie tsnkn hear Htn p2ni. '< .,thQ,fate bj'ft human being',; and murdered Isabel' ".C* look vat it, I rocal.a dark spot {In my :. *Mf Ton touch me I will! kick you/ looked me and meTed.Mr 11"-.

    ..' blood sweat atoning 'I cannot sufficiently thank you for terrible m st.lie.the remorse of:.Him Hr "Bed field'stood"beside the 'dying life,"ann event" so; painful. tojdwell said I'in a terrible rage., I could understand: her 'wet '

    11 Jew.that huh the/ wiarpres trud. your good opinion.of me and of your who,sentences a brother (a'an.ignom- couch of tOG :man who S'to upon, that if it.were% ,dot as a Varn- Will you go, Alfred?' 'Mother! mother! shrieked,,

    care for me/ replied Stcrnbcr inous death and.after wards,.when it hive-been the husband of Jiis,daughter. ing to:'yon'Y.'shourd'not'speakor it 'No/ 'replied I, 'but quailed beneath only that. JOB forgive me.* SM,
    the Borronnded '
    :Bet BT it the OB rare crow uf earth tud hell I Ila warmly. 'I :will acceptyour friend was too late; finds the murdered man <.. f +jft -, Listen, then my"dear"boy, and.learn h'1" could not say it with to Hp ,.W4
    S taU Umb fur ainnen wouuded offer, whatever/it; .may"' be, on your aslnnocicfht'aS'thc one-he wad thoughtS 'I-.am sorry to see YOU so.low, my wisdom,from your father drrors. "Theri follow rne,' said she, as her hands pressed mine. Sbeinifffii

    *Lore's tub&meit Dorics dwelL recommendation, and' .I hopo tho S haydiaifrdercdr i *- ***.* :.-* : poor Augustus;/' said Mr. R dfictd "My'father .died,when I was,a mere she'grasped my arm firmly.. I raised upon'me ; and lifting,her.tWa .'wbI.

    Ok! what bosom could endure ill! result will' prove your good word for *How; Btrapgely."j'oa' talk)' 'exclaimed kindly.':." 5' rtf. child. I -was the only son. My my foot- -oh, my' son, hear me I I hands, clasped my own withis' thei'
    Sql! waa crtr)lure like this :"* ". 'Oh I Spdafc-not'torme! It was I mother : raised foot and kicked.her,- and. cast .
    Cumez aJ4pruStr'te fall)bcfur..U Z me, not an unjust brie? ;' Jlr.Jalbpti5tartlcd; ty her was a"gentlclov.ing ;woman, my my hereyea. upward. =
    Sicncrt. Lore U haf pines Mr. Kcdficld tHe'professional gentleman words and manner. .. whaE1ahbed Isabel! exclaimed they devoted.to her children and beloved sainted mother! Oh, my head"reefs moved her lips in prayer,and, t .

    *". S LIFE'S SUNNY I.* SPOT. witk whom Sternberg now ,'Father.lido Stctu berg is 4 i irlnocenUfather nima'hwildly.Al1i by everybody. cmcmbcrlierpale, as the torrent of memory rushes over she died. I remained

    .. took "up' his aboderwas a:ln.vrer'oCmnch cry:1ik j1oomY'TCp1fed .t1re re horrificd these words.: beautiful.face,.--her svreetafleetionate me 1" I kicked my mother-a feeble beside that dear form, 8tillta

    'l\IIalh life's a dark and. thorn/, path, repute, jiracticing' in The city / *:*-* '. 5- '5 :niSiinother and:sister, imputed them smile! -her kind at d.tender. yokc.I&inychildkood : woman my mother I- staggered sister remoTed me.
    lu iual tile bileat U ujb . to delirium of but when Ilovcd : back a few steps, and leased 'againstthe'wall. for she knew 'the load'
    It itt some spot*of sunshine bath and.dwelling in much style a short 4 :An"d dcar'fathcr von m'asftfdibdfroit ,thp disease ; her sincerely me, heavy >
    rtbit-smiles amidst the gloom.TU v be grepr.more lm,and solemnly,ret I :"as1iertrhabiy f"rontiier1that -She did not look at me.II' .- .KAAT t.-Wy; ?, y*i.
    : :
    ride in the country; : tJ bis death .lr aittlio.qV\e S part atlietossel .. r..nQ
    friead who weal aDd woe partakcc: ; : ; her hbarVaga1n5erbrcast Sel, 'am ",
    Uodunrud wLu 'u our l lot, 'Take carp, of n'y refuse 1 1 LriuI1IwI1u peatedbis asser ration, thoy.were' and she fcaring 1;was'bccomlng saw
    yourself, Ildq you. rnu.t. ,to 1 oiinc ; she' :load of.flozro w fot.ata.. Tries
    JTkt kiadij soothes the heart thai. achtsu _- -55 1..0,'o*:.1 rlfuUn .
    : Mot*SBH87 epoL' him t > I.:* A* iy. ittheparticutarsoi I /A Jill *- i cried "I 1ve-.atm..ae. _not_ Jo Y of .
    t "
    hand and4ooking upon Ion. i nts unnatural oeca.It'sccms hk t"a llftPl kl i.tlio T AIKS ,' gg& ..s.w .vY-.I1_. _J'vuI. ;. -' P$

    TU.JLod triCe.tk"tlaut rho half*our rooanWk burden' bean, with the fondness a father. .. .'But child. ,my friendship -towards that the proud Isabel, boys,, I, lost, in a measure, my fondness then passed'the door- and seeing my 'Wake. ..mast continue as bag a.

    nacho hand wipcsvfl oar tearTBhfeded"al *, 'I hope you will not forget your him is known ; 'my reputation will from* the time 'handsome Stcrnbcrgentered for home and'my.reverence form mother, pale and almost unable to )life. God is merciful-bat reaorse

    **- bcr own; old friends for your new ones,' said suffer, may be ruined in consequence.1'But t .her father's house n.d.smiled mother. and it becamo.more and 'support herself;, ho stopped ; she for past misdeeds is a caalL'wom

    .Wi.Eadi treasures banJicr;onc'forgut cverr kindly, word, Miss Talbot,. with a. pretty blush. S then, you vill."Ja"c.e. ,an less J graciouslynpon; '. ,her affianced, more difficult; '.for her to restrain my. beckoned him In, 'Take this boy upstairs in. tho heart that preys upon it, far

    jlad'. curul LUthttlj u a bird-. 'Father and I shall expect to see youas innocent man from ,a frightful death. ''Augustus. Raymond. Stung to'mad- impetuous nature. I thought it indicated and lock him in bis-own room,' ever." .

    "SLt't iod a suunjr spot.Tke often as you can make it convenient And my dear father, no one can suspect ness, by jealousy, ho had watched a want of manliness to yieldto said she,and turned from me. Look- My father ceased speaking, .af, !

    child who lifts; at moru and ere, to give us.a: call. you, who are so uprlght'oC partiality them together, had heard Isabel, the her authority, or to appear peni. ing back as she was entering hero buried- his face in his ben la pnrrr its tiur voice Fanny Talbot's bright eyes lingeredwith .1. ; the n room, sho'gave me such a lookit saw and felt the bearing his Ttrr&
    Wbo I knew that
    JTNTTM.be c''its pareots griert, I evening previous, appoint grove tent, although my conduct -
    Aod j 'rs wben Uiej njaice; 7la him as he'entered his new abode. 'Well, dear: child,we will:sec what. a meeting-place,' that she had pained Jbcr.. 'The epithet I most will forever'follow me. It was a tive had upon my character and eetf
    WboM wbow bert oripht w'ilbviit trre young a blot gauius, ?lows, They look up from the paper on him; can bc.dQ 1c.to sayc him/. something very particular: to say to dreaded was gir/-&oy./ I could not I look of agony, mingled with the in- duct. I have never forgo it

    Is fresh and pure as turner's rose- day ,after day as it lay before him i 'Father, you must promise me/ exclaimciFanay Stcrneberg. '* "' bear to hear it said bymy, tensest lave ; it was the last unutterable Boys who spurn a mot ,coalml
    That child a suanr.poLTien's ,Talbotwith unwonted ; heart that ashamed to that Itay
    from a was who are own
    acpompahjed pang
    upon Agustus repaired to the spot before iois that I.was tied to my mothcVs
    jet upon! (c'1 weary road, him i in.all his outgoings and .incomings -'vehemence; and thcn-sho poured into ; sccrctcdf himself heard apron-strings From.a quiet, home- broken. are wrong, who think it maaly to re

    Htert Cue spit sorrow ot brii half!!furjx-ts icr glow ita, load, ; their light 'liai become, the. her'' father's cars the deep; abiding, day-dawn the.conversation ; saw"th reluctance loving .child, ,I ,became &wild, rois- "In a moment I ,found myself a sist her authority yield,to W,iflueace. '

    And tors no longer flow; ending! !: star,of.Jus life. But''yet' in' .interest 'she'topk jiTtheyqung:man,' orsrernbo" he iP;!tlb0 SpSlsftto: .tcring boy., "Hy pother used every I prisoner in myownoOrn. 0I thoughtfor .Beware 1 Lay. not t Jlf jSr1

    .OwdufcT-iy FrwGoship!mar.LuuIbtut';Lber.L.!decline's his numerous yisiUio the merchant's herd c pSQatcd.cpntictipnjpThis} : ruth, Isabel -avow her.Io velar,him, and persuasion 4 tq iaduce me to seek hap- -a moment I would) fling myself' yourselves bitter meaorioa, .*""(

    net still. BuJimmed; that spat; will shine-' house; Ildo preserved the"sttheres- and innccpcetra'n3/the grounds sof 4ii m. to1 ;ni4ke' 'her'J)his wife.i iness.within! i .the precincts 'of'homo.Ee I from the window, and'dash ray brains tatar years.' ._' >
    urge I ,
    .&thJ .ligLu thattput.Selected pcctfiil l distance, of,behaxior towards toe convictions, *ayingalso",that jfho SternDerg rofascjd.her*.gCJ 1:.but. 'exerted Lerecif.;io make our,fireside I ontbutl felt afraid to die. wasnot "..sJ'lrst' ---

    the bright Fanny that had marked .<*were hung andcoaldhave, ..been I firmly.; At f first: slie;, !!. angry,:'bathe attractive:and iny sister,followingrerselfsacrificlugjaamplesought-: penitent;-At times my heart ) 0.

    : Storn. i his conduct from tho first. + u *<... saved'b?herather-she( could not'lfvcto'brthe I. ,soothedher; "f.utOnqulof.And left: i { i was subduedbut'iny.st' bborn pride etLat.
    First offers
    are very
    -. horror thtf thought: in an i instant, and bade me not
    rose '
    )[Talbot-was once more prosperoqs ** :: nfeeintohevthat1i to entice by'planning. and
    A her* after c me games be too eageriy
    l :. of mother but they should not ,
    EDO s'rsan3Ena. ain sdom '(rr 'Dcbplj"'atrtittrid by his! d uZhtr'sp1iTh244 him yield. The pale face my
    C1pe- acquitted
    She- :
    )l! ..I 1g w loved another. di"crsions"'for.mtc! ,1 Why they are so :readily
    the ,
    rience.Uc pursued'lhe.beafen path,of f ; ;; To Ibo J lth er- io-< !1t- of att ittrig1*\' nho Blightest* Of saw.all: this, bntLdidnothed' it till haunted.nie.' I flung myself on accepted., caaeasily und r iid,-

    4 TILS. OF CIRCCMST STIIL EVIDCXCE.tTherc wcalthi leaving chimeras to 4he unitiatcd. tend.the) trialwjth! : j l tp1crnprprnisc gaining'lieEloyeanCasIhe'turned'to it was toolate. S :." bed and fell asleep ,I awoke' at accepted we lady is taught to.:COBaider -
    < savb tho "* stiffened with the damp Every young
    irn.a certain heart sinking .. *r v ; .* ** to.:do'ftU"in power.tQ. .. depatcshe. ; smiled s'cctIrnpon him, ?1t,*was on an afternpon'like this, midnight, and terrified'with 'frightfof marriage as the great; aad.Btimato !-
    look about the seedy stronger&R Mr. It had been grown'tober toward prisoner.-pi>r'S' sn jf t evidencewas *? and' iaEirdfr! : y ttd'cL. him that as Twos.abdnt leaving th&dining night air, jwi1d liave sought end other life. I{ Is tfeat to

    Talbot told him he was in need of thp close' of summer when' Ildo.Stern- J 4 The trial proceeded ; the against* the cxcept"witb: Ibe love' f'a,.,ister, 'but, table, .to spend intermission betwe -. :4rC mother IDL,at'that.: moment_,. for I which ;.she looks forward for haypl-

    no help in his trarc-roonis, which berg entidtlie. ,.office ot,Hrr;Red \ 5ill* "convincingly no one". C urd.\uppf1)j.i"P. J J e..r. tj.'morning;rarrd' evening school my trembled with fear, but my door was ness, and in,which she hopes*to-rival
    1 ole 1 1 B1S9.wnl1"words'were1a'fow.
    cursed thit fcr.tleman to look upgiia field! one morning somewhat; later. )tin :declined affections ; M b" "1f cjJ1t in.tho street as.nsaal,-my mower laid With'the daylight terrors or excel her associate; ni evejp?
    than usual, and told him-he could'no .and pointedv i He. any* PerfcCtlyjntiated.1 Wjtll.'MQJ : !d said fast my married!i ia iiualfctt'
    from hi 3 ledger and eye thej *" but i"- -binctynd.&rnlypronouuccd -. !} ,jftosj maa intmrclosclr.Tjfitka J >:;: lodger rromain 7"iri'*'his employ. In. expUnatioa-ofJho case, 'that' hetheairfuUcharge Augustus'Raymond' .beCoroO'1her miMly,' ,but vfirmly,,/My-: son,I wish .were i all goqdihnpulfieV.: The a;matter of'no.small 'eomnderatloi'-

    \ half audible) i iJI h,and" with vain. ttr,. eaficld u.rg.li m.fir a ,. 4 topdn: 'St fl 1 g" wdf iC:;';and'r:: ydrio co&tbm'f would hive 'irvrcsiuting rvahtbmught meals,,but I di4 These circumstances plead ..ekqasftfr'lyin

    .aairor hopeless! 'utter despondency.ohjectrof reason ho"would.-give 4ione,jnerely was.not:'gui I ty!of> :' J-t. proachodhez'iiioreliko_.. Q.dcmon.thwn. 1 i rebelled, hut"some' thing i in:her manner a did not-tasto them.my 1 thought the favor of'the first lever:who

    th his scrutiny had trued. saJ'ing.he'hnd'mo.de.: :up his-mlnd' ptererfocd' ragainst hJm > diclI .a*'mjm UliftciJ&3fidy: : --.1 r= ; (/ awed me; fihe put ba her bonne W never end.. :Just at twilight makes the' dear proposal TH *
    S day-would '
    to-lctve the count. room. go South AmeHca.S J -' ,> His1 -ninjeslic'.manner bi1'Th1ioxcbo .'Her .ma'nucp4vas eo.haugh and Bald rac/We wHl take a littlo I heard la' 'footstep approach malo heart Is ,naturally kind 4

    Suy a moment,young. 3uhntu In about 'ah hour'an a ialf ildo'left I i much- tbwards'establishing' it- oineBtiL'all i fodigriaritj; 'th tirts rio wlth-.j 4loiis1, walk 1 together.' I* folljwcdr( ,her iniIeccu'n&asraipi.zingout the door. light:It was my sister, generous-ft feels its' ewa w.kassandinabflilYtO0COt
    Ion do! the office. l1 -. "wassummouei !in OJfl1aOr .. and**passion,** her,*-discarded.:Clover : of H iagl'

    I hare ncrcr been uccustqmed to 11tDO;'hicld.est'-daugh- theQ vidence.betng.sb,itroog.and dc-?., pldh d)1i; djsigpr3: ti!jl h.crrIr Os; the. dopr I observed oneof my rude who." called:nio-mj'c.Dame.U'znothcrforyou?' the snares and troubles el uk-sad
    'Whalmay .
    111 kind of business except ibat ofectettry i ter"had been found'dead in'thegro cided ;againsthimi*'thaupresidingjudge om, and:then dashing.into the thicket compariions, ulkihgaljb.tilthcbous'o. *...- j_ ,in short that. it must t lean upoa !elh-

    ,. but 1 possess an.cxccllent woods Tjy: the' 'feaSide, %hchbad closed_his i .speech with t roD080- 'made Ha:capowiththe .c and, ,I-bow-'he was waiUnff for me she ANothing/I asked.! replied.,. er,'; ia order to eigoy lfcr&&iiaatoftt

    I !d3Uon. and suaicient energy todertake ever becn,her.:.favonfo walk.t! Her ;ting the prisoner"'guiltyandrecom- mK ctlUtioa.tha .elodcd thocy.ca.ofalt He'sneered as I went past him. Hyprido :.," 'Oh Alfred 1 for:my sake, for all congenial to itUr1Te
    'tie'tcs ,
    I and persevere in any pur-' sister. had seen her start.in the 'direction -. nTcndrnt, --Tv.,flTdfjury, .ii, : \- inc ufld1lOcdt l !k thCQTfUIBCC1'Ct! J up in was wounded to the quick. He sakes, that you ,are sorry. sad the esanUoaof thee

    au that may offer,itself.1 V.' :of;tho groreIn; -the.*earFy .P9't.1.! .ttn".t.o'lft1- ._.I! .m'.. .Jid'. I i hlh OW f 1Lca.rtJ1Ch cscaJjt..ltho'iltbot was.a very btdJ>91nnd being 'spine our forgive say affections,in the. exercise\eL: Je'
    She longs
    nero was a certain something in. morning, and had alsq secn youag .th cirqujo1soqcty! ,, :-t1it ,f'.,. g 81 s ted ,cioi'thb: fouldeed.ds .-' years-older:Uian.myself he exerciseda M.'I won't be.driven JOB. to school. the 'enjoyments of the ':
    1M: young man's manner that'in-i Sternburg take th"sarnOpath short Tbe. impatient,;multltudo.-itaottt : .IThe'i ft i&I )4 tir 1 J :d:,the gre at influence'over taoM followed ,will./ 1 1 replied.. chie! ycoBeist It is:thas the lat u._.

    tecst1 the good Hr.Talbot..,'.Ho -time after, 'seemingly. folio wing-in andwithin: awaitedthc' decision of father.of the"mtfrder d-girl*wished mr.''mother liilvi11l1 -r cll d against my will go if she.wishes it, of many young wofijea beeoflM"-
    hoursv A.t vBatyoB :
    tc4 hUD to take a feat and>ns\rcr a her footsteps .* 5 5 : thepanel for-tirelve :to'make ar tlba'tb the falsely" ao'ctoed tho'spot'where:!! wft now stand,beneath r-AUied"JDr's said pleasing- degrees irrevocablvfixed"! J"f' -

    I?-X tcawgOS. Istb KedHeld' was 'o, belief a :length l they'returned,'andtho .crowd1werVlius1iea.1nfii 1 ;:Sternberg.'*.:>*?. -. *5SS d 1ti' SWi rock. t P1. .. .' whom they. were formerly '

    ''r e rOung man pleased Hr.JalbottiRtnU. dark "i1fut beauty, .full., 5of-.hcd- ;. iilel. o..y l9ponw .rr..t / : S bJ'i tigtlib V" a,i ad taken,; foya1dtbt: hiourq.1tti4mTthGrb J"If.U, ,,-o .c'>iconV' said Ij"P.D&..1.0Uneean't. regard with the, Btaiost i
    J" ,
    dfronrher'ivitniid 'wo:1e8n1 ; ,tcs4o4tkusP4 Jwa.1
    confidence up bcJjwn troirils5ion'a t. PaTalbot edt&'hel'father t .r w chhascaa: another word about it1 if Dot with contempt, msrtif ,

    them, thc.stranger sprung coqfidedtp; s' r1c1-- ar If'rfT-rd1 Ci"wi\i 7 r--s j th idle.. 'orb .l .:oftho-' otep1Q :wlffife t itenaric> :$$ui1iIthblihesi. 'I 'arkt.eliadow overemy..wholo" UT U 'Ob,say'brother,you will kill her, latest principle of generosity a
    r.ratber of cpesti n. b-'t .h-L.: J' 1Z"1I. frame ot ttar feature
    and impenqBy-mistress ,ththIthMthhimf b.beoracanoffere iaoae original
    H.gppd lIlerchmt.lils Elq141.l h.a I. kill her land then cannever ing
    S will-
    -ties. :: pressing. .both. fatherand. : mother..*nd>ini_'tact. ,' :enc1i.. 'Pl :.A: } '"4t.11'd' 'fi:1tl \t ,.Toc..wq qufetpeace you, happy'mojneBt.roo' ,a principle which ia absolileiy
    -- Jia4
    *1*' a Pole by birth r ; he had the'*eatire-< basholoVSome .of-the pre8id DtYen, 1111 ii r'Oyer-th'alI e'1rlrOl"" .'- or' l aQ ,* M1-- ofTaindilchould'.cnjoy., But! '"I *Made no reply''to this. ,My S necessary towards the 'talaBcaff Ithetrre
    I t th .1I .. .
    field 1 borers/bad, BOCU Sternbefg W *VV1W* Wfc J .w itf 'his exile. nol like-.qdi-1)uip. .unsightly pile, I still & rights sad easei,
    I 2? &Pllcd of hom! frtaji:ad i ; a 1 ; feelings were: touched bat
    ri at one blow. He had served closelv v conversingwiLh, :he1 ;i i4uts gA : Woncuy* ot +!_ r i w.t'w Jl t 5'O1'C-:da-'thinow. : at the'monument'of;;.my,gu-ilt for. resisted their 'inflaeace. :My sister as well as the rcg ktioa 61 fee
    "prirate secretary for several years ful Hiss Kedfield SrTtht?grpv6'Bhdassoon the., :prjspner7s\gailMr .... 5 o1F j 13* f1 .r bi1i --- r :.,. 1ta'. ever' :',t\ ,P- k ".C. called me, bat I. would not aaswer.I of either sex-tol elfc'* :1)
    1 .
    the news' of her:dajith reached'th ..The"jury .apinwithdrew: faaaeir YOi :.5j 3'ri. health : .... ** '
    English Boblemanfbut a mis- I as a hoursthis -passed.before. friends more highly -t ; "ii1 mother, being feple in heard hbJoot.tsps slowly retreat S .' f4'TaurK&
    m'tforlCwr( .1 ,Ukeijld, .. fire) thirty; tltaiih J erfir been.Iwfore. and me to 8it flong'myself the L
    between dO .on
    fading occnrred. .I. -their, :thej" --nncCd5ecofld': decision,' mt ,, J. f inland: :.a .A *:
    ; he had come 10 this country, they: camoforwardto> ivein ati .th tftlit' ,rerdlctotUV.wBHeUe "'! ; \ .aiItwaith's proad and exnltant 0".10 I. IM.r.'L' .g..nn: a' .fujiopdemw.fr b ia pass aa her"1irftcJtM and eaced M.lv..1HI'rlei.-aII..m.iI M

    **d been here .tenths, tejUmony..- 'ofthelaboscr..dQs& "it elfth'juror ftlii heart1hst" 'thhIth 'ti. ,present, towoaldnot fe rfujplgbL/Ood'wwitched; that; hU wife's .' .

    tbeIngable! to :'&1 th1:3orbiid 'the .young lady' iemedTer7ainerntt '<**..tea. : tI.Jr"....J1.r1-'. t..t 1i.. .:... ,.. -v.. .,i ao.t3; :: ; 'alt, but:utlll conadifi 'howfQanttlididBolki; ;: .' ,1M.'.i.JtIV.J' .". .
    *r? .elk". eed a Jtera bee4e bar..' !?.&Ifre '
    pcatIsiis pin.. b JDt1 It71. l1J1II rvpw u'oj. tai ii1ia: lo.. ts .'a1ew.aid febdiad -- .;.;.. ) -
    '; Ld-aot W\e4_ CeOcI frtbre4ay& aW n iaidt1iat.si r .:. d.th&'o; ui th111Se1C.tLr.t5tMr had wo* ',. .. '" Mi da6"e&!<&I:'*h&TO yo(bet Te1. ;.Ji ter.. mea 8 0i kid hy aeaatY ,
    ,"1\ aid, ea4: ltat a seeed to be zpostnlt1'wibb.her I 8ri 1..lIHl. 'lliWtt. \r a .I Cti41 '1t' a-'iI 'W
    o. "
    tIo& .. : _atla' = A .
    + 'di' M.r. wrGt H.w l< aiypamemothe ? .
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    } Ur f 10 j. aIr :. : ', =
    itrofl.Ui8.aacertaiat1 55fj .'.; It' till' wu g ..f.411'0$ 1._'flY _1! : .otf: t 'I" yei.b&ro ilMf'. .t' J. t
    \be put his hands IntoJoekete $&" bfju pM lg riyMHf .1 f. t ;J:", t .'k.p' '.:'i" f ... B_1'Y"ta.t:jfff .0".3.h'e ,",0'-to : >- Nt' : 181 : -. &n.. .".. 4
    r 'Alfred EIbMLCO
    I M t --"la'Jtf! pc.eVIl..a S
    hzding4O1GZbIeau.tho faag-' 'I J4 rn i *-- ..'$ --- flMa B** ,Y1..,: prllOaert &* : yoa : 1" S '
    : P itojF+ % dy ; beha .
    ,Wip"HIJiI iI$: life .ie',
    lill 'J eoaJ.
    iaoadingw JdI..f'a irfi4iiaaBa n ) ''+*of.mi., f BheaI' .
    ial l" f sadbl aiie&I ur- yg-e- : .ul l" 4QUe
    aod sake hbeetlliint.* S t, "'' __ .t.-.n; F 'K EtrIsa4e& wi
    ti f' "a iii11'11a ..thelre i'' ? T- ;41M : tO&te. '.-, ; _;. .m
    :with : 11ieft 111' ". :h. t fiilt8Mi .111..rt4t_...i&IM: L if'c k' rtt u.vt'Yr; ra.. .tba "0.,:ZI' kI ..IMII1w'" __ .-... ".ua.
    UltIthveed cothI r".a ;. .1 "ia'.t.; (' ; I ..
    awwD.. !- '1tp 0.
    u1ske&S ,
    'linit e'.1MtJie '
    'h tt t' : > .. .
    ? .. ,; : S 'V' J S .$'; .v- .' '. .fo'- .. S .** 4-' .
    '' .- f S.
    I I >

    J ._ ____ r -- _
    :. ---a -- _;. S ---- : -
    -------- U _
    -- .
    I. T ': :: -
    I- -U .- ..-'- d' .-- _r ii A T1 : i'ISouth. ____ -#_I, -11p .
    How Sni
    inr o -
    : !L floriba tlcpubKcaJACKSONVILE. IL :A ty '>; ]

    ; qou .t.. Pn.ssl a L.. *

    t'ulD ; MIUWPL LuuI ,
    4e aM Wpme, cbu.VLi.1La .

    Oak,wbo WM _
    185We ted t nw s-
    Thursday August '
    drawn by bullocks; and after the grain IWUd1JT whkk cee 1 the Iatat ewf Wiprd I.th? Th.foJ&; ( :--- -", jIkHs S ___ wv_, Li siMI.g&Iatbst,

    -: IL I-p' : tiii&riiiir5' ztcnpy rf

    & A.. b with their b lKT *artoio-a er fbneTSnt tb41o iig I i 14.PI? a, !bsnd esdedwthOq4s I&dOV.tTS'4*.

    .IL__jiuam thu now they go to\Sebaatc, witb"their ballo* 40yjI.ai I tie*. JostWto kltt rtqutrts .m to tnake known
    hM ? )) ). a.4_ *ibut&,bs
    -_- trains. ,, and sell, jbrre' not -ojBTyjb4lf ralns bat atrenjrth- on oqrjfrontjer. Oen.JgoMh S*j gaiderable Lta th.1 t. &iLafSaibtAtfftC'tegWeaa _
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    Porlhif anrr'anTalso tXieiF ; bia f ale preeoedtega N eserrywblle mdIt
    bnllocta anpply'oT nhbe h1tiw t4"proatc. Hi nek '
    of noyI t&3
    number tbezel.
    Wax 'tben Br4 tad ss4g _
    I Tould alL attention to tbe adrerCse- carts for fuel, and return witS their p3<. The4 War time tf oar-gVwg to._ &f) 1 OM K Tvth.th.44st.I.I III3..DtaS9Dro'sun ?o$. tosWajh .upis1a ,C erfrkt a1u.& 'nUtof appoint** eiftg 1.S 1. Is
    ofMT.and Mrs.ioxzyzu 3.
    !% It Far from beinRIoI1estuet.ySL4 ThU$1aI2lutd' We tare it from good-eu and rIght bsarted pertnoj wb. tssm !_

    A-r L- t .- t.11I.t'; -- -- -.- ______________

    I ncbogW1 I eel4ffand'tbet'hi b LWC %.
    paity me erpoin cosel

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    the ts& 2I WVDJdttT L1W fiO b S C !M" ? *

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    Major J.B.Bko.; of apn; hW &rftf4aG 4 -tie. _
    bad ? 4ii3nrwrt: Mil fro.J.A.- *
    tbe 2&Columbia\ tIT .ilL L-J 44f rs
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    UD Tacaday afternoon by $ I 1+ .1* _
    r4iOo u4 ingelitfl,
    yu4tI taken with ro o &sr7 erascIAi I ; zuiq;: '!)118sL3 j1J 1 1I 1 ; hcc&r1) t9J hflt4i detM$4i.:

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    r1 ; p Pves1d6t: byLe ct 1namat Ihxbar kipt.J }reely from the Great fefiibtoo* ; .. Q' tiw 1MtIpI
    2. 1rck2vM trca4 inteTew'41'h1%, d'' the f&bL titadoWiLbUreEdflC ) I a&aBMWf"i MO I b44. tb.tabl.1 ,,
    : ; !ut SaJI wjkl ? $ I d4c&y. :lr; 'ifi 0a moOtSnacU S

    life"aJMTfltf'CtmfcisciaBof t tJIsterc, Chaity proper solidity and relieC !T* thruit&1 into $ *erla ; Lttestt L 'f 1 4aj1r*
    iarebndbee 1air Wis fitFUtekftfler CotKHi ** ibyi&'Clinreb
    rodcbted to Mtsstal. DaWrrr 4 tatCn Inki the ?iUIe tW
    are ,. : rQ1me I The L* s.D1tneAttoFne 1-- '-J ? p hdeUITedI jk'Ib3j p e" _ed-two 9 ** yiupw in this city, conplaied (hahie mania 4i4ttkd I a; ii.
    pTh'1istmi tbi4bki I 'Eak n ffqj tlttttif STeh artZIWdIktIf:4p nialthckra of tho prtaon.j ne 1-.w.tcIw4! _4 qtiij4y'* I ..oi4421r.1I4 '!' ftd i&LI1 S S
    this s1ianefi4} punishment in wed deDesraistttP.
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    'Tte tn CT';?*er4Rn tfflLe ttOpIQW jbiJuZdk *) dufia1 socIa1snd puJtirciuvatfn.I e w4 thd sAedJvht4 s( Mr. Ltaa*. J .un.ijuqcq

    "c ttnr:4 t! ,A.- _Jk..- ? I j -IlXiM I bi : (hJikt, t4niqo Jrtdi7g it health of

    dt tbe Condemned Q.V rii! kffP7 cm place,. .fli tti$vX4th jrtt .We au;, zr'T 1 Informed al. jtbalanfkni, 11!,.to I4sIy remot
    in fi GriB cj;Twp treaw ; 4* ** s .4. S* <*!* Tl. A lj. j *! *
    Tbe511 5T1L Aa the troops were on the ey 1eI.rebefore1h exifctI. -* .I, 4I ) IQ2s5ectud3rDeT iicUy.. toy Kt>?n>' mg flsj tills 1tflhdTtaQd1 ps under _
    'r Mitr&iLltrcr&! thne drjtiaThg e.* IL.b UI. U4 ongrn-U35t:21ratn: fl Ob.d icb State, f3r tl. I HOT from*Jetst ir the? j coflracl fltey be&sc1" e ta& .?ttr jan! rU I. family hid jun.4 ius bos t

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    fJ4&3Pri Crib and overspread tberskr WCTtT1DI4TIIbZ Itirsprca4. 1 J.1c,1
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    the,.whole .CMiflt1tWJSt whkh was to raeeJre'ifi'jilW&fiTixfrgr 'h'g abooJJ hairs
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    to ipIitIn.
    tbt uute
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    ; ad4i,4&1svJ-I: ..bIO411ZMs)24 this information wberi b/a nadib 4if914 andd-rienedl I .. 5
    a'i'lbkl 'at ,
    of !marble'fronT?*' qt1trr7 ku1.p ind to enaoleTiim to give'ullcranie Wbia>ejiUtV- ) .bf iiBa t dAHr-c a n 'ff & & *b1&1 L. ,.Is. 4 ,I. ,r.
    pecirneni ; 3P
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    n tbt .frrA G ( opTr Qi, Arknaas, 1OTiUO 121,54 .yjri j 1 v* -/-i tfssg K ana Tm corere 4IP1tY 1ear vut needed
    Tet tpi1.r 1cT f1fli1 that d.eeijpedjto s>e bn! . ,
    iU.4U CtJtGL bIP3 siiI byjd ..too ; btit a'comroon maTefactor: wa' tetLerth to'qcn wuieli Jba-new>br3er>|{ Vi t* 6&htrIbi florida. 5'O22I ? ste MIi4i4frLt b1 1tb71rowh : } aDd ordained S deacons sad Ij riest. lier*arVI to I3mJ; lI7 rbO

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    character otbera this American paflywneneratetI., lOtj %* <'' 4 ***
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    > wheat, girls from 7 to 10 years at 25 cents 10toferar Kuroneaxi Catholics( who ? recnmih r.in such in.only to be kept aa subject hi ch'ten.icK. theebUy* : -f;, ( (ht e ft-Sehi J. Bo FertmaJ.Kttsarf5F'* ;
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    ; ONLY Tin THOUSAND Hutull3ns!' .I Iter. tl J.O uJsaPJPESt. r .r1O 11'CJX:0 C/C.,d pWe'bit at a tram of Sbia Cost as tie IN11, '
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