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to'r.'dBa' 1'1tJ
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- :4i1ifrt A. It ii a. .1 ft T V2LY f:4' 110 f' .
abtojpply :
s'SiUn.;JtcmC2. fa vi fIo ; "i"i'1.' : : ". (0 < ; : ;. t\i Ffitt'f.: ; :f4' -
- ktely teiu 4 t On r.o.1J11t1i' 't COurt." t ., tf .n'.f_'ofrnaed'l,"-zXi ), .' I''... '.jf..':" &.F.1.f: ... .... ,. tit/,4'' t. ,W3 ',:(. ".' '. '
- 4... .di1joa of tIat"h .J erfb ;. ff. ( 'f : \ ; : .' o. p
.. I : i I''
pe J4 cebU : > ; .
: .. : 1 ; J; 4'.i : 1 .,: :: : .". .1 .. ,
- llenta ot A.. Spades were plenty,' g oun luma.aM p liD b; 11 "l'rJ.---, "' L '( .. '. .1- i *7" ; > .-,. t ''. : lli..J ,
.1" 'fII steaJ, tot cettaiflo \ '-: : J i' .
and there upuge! ; supply of ottel ie- Ft1ItIll el 'r' a i. .' : ? ''" ". _. -.'"L {' 'rr7' ,' ./' 'W' rr "
.' r. Ii to, u-.zman dt ii This i. .{ I
Ienphoni. fjii'Q. ___; _. ,. =. J 7vj>ypatiocPw \ t. of1r t1i_ _' : 4. ..' 1.i'l 1 jllfI !.r :. t 3Q41r.?.$' 1'=' .10
I : .
Is therein inflict iipf 1
-Jgflme about the Dfgglngst Douglas Ch. J. the 7 ? should. net : -1 ,.: 1-ot 1'"t1' .: .\1tit
k I (L&n1attr.) Ai Tfles; and plenty of ait,. -,* :.coutt." delivering opinion of. The letter is otconsiderabli ength, and has waAtefuloess. upon h.:.ebitd.D : ,: .' "I Je"'\.'t-$ \1 i J 7 ff ;..tJ"l
ca, Hve xyWisBv kttoWWjce of tne : '. :." fJ ; i: ):1" "' '"rl .
been for some weeks before"the bIiC'-but l :
( Xde.Wt&-lob. ..ct.M.IaI" p ather&ire; greatnsuwnty.lotbe W _. ,:! .;:. ". f" >. ,
fI ,i'---; 'I,. rl- '". ; ., d. _
11 1"
_ t : 'error to Leon Circuit.Co i1. ;- 1Fper&in) rma erof"mitojOTeTrTbealapplication ,roof and hearthttde,. Until it does this, P 1* .t' ,t' ''Ij'f, 'R. .4

QAtv ,e-\Tabaad I" This cause arose out of tbel'act"of',18-, to the';b"tate-of Kent.ir/ Del sicalnvolitioM han sccompti.he(nothing! "_', < ..".,,". ,. .".v";-..' : ;.. <.. ,4.' .4
.. '
: -- '
-- brthF subjecting rights and equities redemption only* designed,--we,had-almost neglecJedto .ar own great Revolution,asle&rson says, 1tenIIe ..- -Y" 7'.; fir eq i4 i !. i. '

- rIf.. .ecanyb to execution at law; and is of much interest 1 to caH,any tention i it. t-Our a5ghborof iiilo ght ii1n.t.IUSi.the words of.that : ."Jfcjo/Mrf, 'rlt4Itbe'i'reskdentoJ; _--""-.. >:" :: ... ',., l' i.. J. t i :. .. _____
as affording an exposition of statue onr 'H' ..
-- r. vs. :} 'ti. meotbr'nti
A.: the New however, has purs'aed a stringelWprniWoTo Jiajnort4waric jhfoW4 with : 'the Unitedjijiatel "p J' < "
". l jrhai Jheart
a .t .controTertecl." nniP.'" Tbe raUM w- -- <* | such interests ana"' sympathies, and that we to &&r 41 Oti f1iil .

rJ wurwae" gfte- criejlT,."Oo it -fl furtheroceed1ns In accordance; '. i ". 'roeznoiot. FiiStC: ,;,, t will not fail} to stand byjhim In the emergency tvtobecsU'e44Acdcounty' ," a portion cfopoo .
'..: m. ". I with the opinion'of:"the; Court1''' .ugii j the fetter i in full,'but accompanied ft with an "WJi l the War is over, and our, freedomwon of any trial which his support of Scuthcrn Marion county ."&'. the east baak afil .

.. M" Ttit ''tietwe SL' 'ChL,delivering the opinidnr.4. -" *, *Mn. 'I articlev. 'r. which; especial. 'pains is taken. tothejeope the people oust make _a new.declaration rights may occasion.", the rirer.St..J 4. %d' ,01It remalD

; I 4_ dt7Ig4 A& m\J\ z ", fe Iw Kib1: i & Wet w. '. /D.:Dcmien'vl &A.Lmesral.:',:Oa.an: ., AA9"J w'to of.>rida' to'the'AboiitionW1 -they'.must declare J the,rights! of' man, ;' ,Any manwho: would.have1; voted I aP nat ; WJdJOCt aD 1 '# '
1 .must at blow at thirst'session of the General ,
J appeal from apfd/onpadecree ia Chance- or governmentsthey one act passed
|fie<5arfcte$;& j 6f"oI''i&folirtlBjTtoe.W.twifi -' \1rv an Gansden Circuit urt. '""-' .... J (!)6f..Florida-and to all whoa put aD'ena to:: all the .J trickeries of, English these resolutions- would' .have\ deserted. -Old Assembly 1 Wo'rtle tablifth tie county line, .

.4. / .*:. 1'1 ionj ;c t.t1ui;( ..:.covatrr'cecessarj. .'; The.point argued herein WaS rbel the argument coald- possibly prove.accefa- Law, which garnered up in the channel:of Zack k at Buena Vista. of St. John's wontjn restored it to that i f i'

:. Wh. rs lump$0''.2'1 ,,found. '( .-or.. Supreme .St rie bletn vat respect Mr. Clay, Views are ages, bind the wilt witbt lie.. They. must county and to U'kh :t had before belonged : -

ii I : Q.r.: i4astmg fouod !.iA l1to entered eoIlJ: parties. II applicable,> o the;uoiTerial abolition of slavery perpetuate Republican truth, by rn.' the Tux SLAViayQcxsTioaw MA vtA D.- by act of 1828 ftnizing mid county. '("

1' : t.bijieceuary'm .the Douglas, Ch. J; delivered:an opinion that We that the homestead'of every man a holy thing:which A meeting of the citizens"of Charles county Thf.lines of{Oaval' county were in .
'Iais. _, '
., 'Q.1imArrh t G a.' XIr&' toM: such a cause by'the'Conjtjtutipn.and'Laws Newt has 'ttnmgetf ponDeJ.thia con- ,wife and children. Until this U done, the was held on the 231'alto' at Port Tobacco tnt Araembly.' 'Y ars very respectfully,

:i it :pas Me by flagons: 1.;AIt,; .is bart of the State,'and! in. which. Justice. Lancaster. because l it has1 been heretofore' pec Jjarb' .revolution will have been fought In vain." for the purpose of expressing their views :m 'I a. "I.I; ;.. .W.BRYANT.

}Ii ntssable ; but ft y. .er is a Urge. quantity concurred.: I. ,. { .. ." ".i' l.,T I sensitive.ofT any,thing which v eouldbEcop. Mr. BOTTS addressed the relation to the extension of slayery over the. 1 ,1 !, J r lt,:1949.' .
.! f males II people of Richmond territories and.other questions incidental
a t to crT) are preferable. I trued into adverse to.\he great new I '
.., ,Q. Would Acre M any objection on..tbs FLORIDA REPUBLICAN.Marcb an argument ; at the African Church, on the night of to that subject. The meeting was ad, ,. Vz TAtAlkOi.-.CO1. 1hxT: _
.$flobe&tboto carry :Jools, A. I interest of. the'South.. 'jEvery Wader .will-. recollect -' the 14th inst. The Republican dressed by the Hon::WM. D. Maaicr and offered oJlItio'on' ..PrIlidat

hoold thrt.ydi! ;. there is a most rigid : T u.rl4ar. with what'eagerness grasped at an says: otheri after which ,1& Committee was appointed for information i io jfegard to ts "8ecr Prvtoeol.
29,1949.' "Mr. Bolts spoke for of two I." He IarePsented as
,!p.tChoUi* fltrL, electioneering, "straw4 Vjre thrtw out during' upwards to draft resolutions expressive haying;spokea
: Q.Is there apy pendence to be':.placed the i canvass,, and with what tenacity has hours,satisfaction and his effort is said to have given the sene of the meeting on the suljpet upon in'"Jt i'te',: 'of condemnation .of ...Jfi. .
in the"txme of the v*nels sailing! A )Yea ; 'New.8teamen. great to many of his hearers. which: they had assembled to' delib rate- Pozz'scondict.! ] \- .,T
__- since held onto it, 'as though the bladders '"Mr.B. have been informed
? we ,expressed NATHAX K. Hut, has been nominated
there is a regular lira torn San Bias! to, MaUforma The following is one*of the resolutions reported .
WYEfl. '. We are 'gratified'in''announcing that the which have been so long:emptied o( windy his intention to give a cordial support to the and unanimously adopted: >.- .Governor the a'esota Territory.*',,. **

M;p Q fmmvf l w!' % )* ?r <:v* '* "i other fUClslitaken" new .t' am Tenrieiue. has. taken, her. .'pl ie capital had left it in imminent-peril of sinking 'new Administration of President and endorsed the Inaugural Retolved That the time for argument and Wi.HLtWo "
of Ua h
for goldli! *A-Ihayesecn i it assayed, 'on the line between, 'Savannah. and New which he Taylor-the language persuasion hu pissed by, andotbing'.el. e -, 18, 184917

andl do Dot believi that there is any metal York, to alternately with the Cheroktt; Doubtless Mr. letter contains regarded as containing" Whiggery but 'patriotic action wilt! 'save' either';the. 'The Senate will 1 ot adjourn till Wednesday
run Clay's some enough to satisfy himself. '
.resembling it. I have seen specimens of South or the U lIi':1. perhaps Thu sdaf. They have undo .
;Itirge'quantities, t'out $10,000 or$15,000 and the, steamer Dlprt/ will shortly. added. moral reflections applicable to the i institution If justice were done, i in this.matter, Mr. consideration c &lential commuai 6oa [. '

worth which had.b&ii assayed. to the.line between Charleston" 'and Philadel of'slavery in ,general-but only so affecting Botts's endorsement of the new Administration Hon. RUDOLPH DICKISSOX, a Representative from tne State Dpment-in other words

: Q. J.re tie"honielaccust6med! to harnessat phia. Thus \ve have. 'two lines of rapid it when presented to the public mind throughthe would 'be like the proposal to place a in the late Congress from Ohio, and a commercial! a.$nfemcnl between the TJai.
San Francisco?"j &. No, sir, they are .not the Northern I *.ted States and Cleat Britain,eoncloded tj '
communication between medium
great of.the public press. The News crown Prince on the throne of France after representative elect to the next Congress, '
Broken it is neceafikry to break them in. Mr. Bancroft in Thi&loo. Mr. Bancroft has t-
,(Laughter.; ) 'ji Emporium and Tallahassee, Florida. .The has the' onor of being the first to infuse the dethronement of Jjmis Philippe: -"too died in Washington on the 20th. ins! I been a most abU| jud successful .minst '

Q. Can.parties piaVe explorations in winter : line from Savannah is completed .by steam. among the people of Florida the "insidious late." w plenipotentiary, vv iawill not be recalled a*.

,toad vantage? !:No, sir, they ; boats to Jacksonville, and thence by good poison" of Mr. Clay's moral arguments; and FAVORABLE Sicxs.-Quite a 'number of til some whig poliji'ians! who can do"men
'ot fall in the cannoti.j A anecdote is told Locofoco papers are beginning to growl pret- out of th-s than in it .111 lit
large qoantities ,hvn staging to Tallahassee. The fare from Tallahassee .we question,if.one person out of a hum good of WM.J. BROWN, good eoJBUry ,
uin It is clear that at last fear
ty severely. they
it difficult travel the coun'try. sent abroad to dlMnbanass. the at
rendering $, over 2d assistant party
to Philadelphia, byway of:Jacksonville 'this State would have ever known that postmaster general, removed. It there is a Whig Administration: in power at home. t'fl'
ttr H
I > Savannah and Charleston is Mt is said, that, previous to Inauguration, a Washington.-foughieepsie Journal. .
; Q..Can agricultural implements be obtained $42; Clay had written .such letter: )had not SnoaT ..
there A. Yes, pirk.Q. and, from Jacksonville $28.. Passage from the New favored its subscribers with a Democratic M. C. informed him that there That's somewhat the con>paint! down this {; '

,; Are seeds 'pity, especially garden Philadelphia to New York $3.' Fare from "free, gratis, and for nothing.1- 'We copy was no earthly chance for his remaining in way. The Locos say they knew Old Zack 'patches of ceo: = Taylor! were '$'< rt,. ;hji r-

seeds, Q.!How A.should No, air Jj be taken' from here Tallahassee to New York, by the Savannah we should never have dreamed of publishing repeat! office. "W y, so intent are they upon punishing was a Whig; but they certainly supposed the speeches starter, a?dJ4he following letter orb
tKey -
therel Thryisbopd; be packed in tin caRl steamers, t Cherokee and 'Tenn.ssee,) .$tS. it, deeming it intended';forthe: people! ofKenrecky your meddling with politics, that they Cabinet would be somewhat inii.tJ" t\ortest. Durie| Florida.wartlFxao.jEFrcaso.v .

'perfectly air J have seen garden From Jacksonville to'New York $33.; ,From :alone who have had the subject have changed the Inauguration Oath." Mr. The National Hotel at Washington, formerly -, one of P1Zack'ssmartestmiaorofficer .
seeds taken out nothing, in conse- Brown opened his eyes with astonishment."Yes :, who hai ili4e of tjie; forage, addressed -
tisi Savannah to New York $25. of emancipation before them from the day of kept by Coleman, and latterly by
him words .
,uedce of r. so it}is. The Inauguration Oath now a Dote nes3 : -
.Q..What. the b1e cost of a four The accommodations by the. boats from the adoption of their' Constitution, in 1799. reads I Blackwell, has been closed. "Sia : In obdfei'to; my- instructions
: Zachary Taylor, swear to
wheeled!lumber wajofijatVera Cruziwswer The Savannah! are very comfortable, and the timeegu1ar. Emancipation in Kentucky, as is. well support from the i Quartwta qer at Tampa I haft
the, Constitution of the United States and to Gen. Joax MASON died at Clermont Fairfax .
was lost anui tile.roars of laughter Taking: into consideration the expense known, has for .years been a question of : put mil the horses'*olmu1es upon half allowance
.which followed this 91 fry.a.l incident to changes between this point State the remove Silly Brown!* county, Va., on the 19thinst., aged 831 1 ; most tnejfcqi horses liana an exception
policy, prospective agitation of
Q What is the pr'cS.of Battle there ,A. He the and intimate this
years. was personal to rulejr'J' !. _
be *bput.$20. and New York by the Charleston ,steamers, whichin' the convention soon to assemble ,)1r.,Clay. E..dpatl.. i '
They can bougbtMj
Q. Do they search Hj&e baggage' crossing there will be scarce any difference in the there has elicited the,letter of Mr. .Clay.: Asa The_Lexington Ohi'erverpublb.hes a long friend of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. I To which the fofloilnletter* was responsive

the country f A. Yes ana trave Itrsare liable charges, by the two lines That from Savannah citizen devoted ,to his adopted State, his letter from' Hon. H. Clay to Mr. Richard His father, was pronounced by Jeffersonto, ;
each be' "one of 'the wisest that Virginia "No. J .t Z.'T.
fines for )letter. statesmen Tl.o
to sealed Pindell of l :
is the most direct but there may be counsel was invoked in exigency, and he recommending a plan .emancipation .
Q. Is there dangert4aperson! travellingfrom ever bred, and an incorruptible ._ .
some advantages to travellers in passing has candid in Kentucky The following extracts pa- a.erosa4J'rnt.
Yra Cruz to Mexico unarmed! A; given response to the call.
triot. '
YU&r. ifi :: through Charleston.and Philadelphia by the As a former great l leader ,of the Whig show.its principal features: 'CPotOma"of the Baltimore; Firio sap correspondent '

:Q. Have they coal in AYes, other line. party, however, the Mws-has' assailed Mr. "After full and deliberate'consideration of Hon. F, L. CUNGMAN is confined to his I "Mr.1. Preston will dfejie%in the Navy Departmenl. ..

but only large bituminous masses. ; tThsve Jj] not seen. any,. We hope these double facilities for travel Clay,' and not because .'there is any just the should subject regulate, it appear the establishment t() me three of principles a system lodgings. Washington'. by illness. Mark1 th'j, Next 'ioButletKing ',

Very I Southward !bi sustained ground for to him sinister de ,bea\ .the.. manI.wuUpreqr'( tjt' .
attributing :
Q.What kind ofhowe would you leco.u- ling .may amply ,by of gradual emanciPation. The first i/s The first l lectures before the Smithsonian "> ?
mend-sheet iron or \.A. Sheet iroa, if the Northern public. There can be no doult signs.. The)epithets applied .to "Old Hal" that it should he stow in its operation, cau Institution : delivered I ation. t| 1Itu 'Im' ::'aOHIO' '
being at
it could be taken out ..bep.Q.WouUdieybebthan. that the moderate charges and expeditions will prove harmless missiles-simply because tious. and gradua1, so as to occasion.no' convulsion Washington 'DrrriccLTvli ne,Ou o' House7'has .
tents A. ; nor any rash or sudden disturbancein by Profr. Koeppen repealed! so much tueiatpbrtioninent j !: hw
means will indute a gradual increase of travel too ponderous .for the force by which .
thick they would si" 1 the existing habits: of ro iety. 2d, That, relates to the diviakni'nf' fc llamiltodr;county
rn2nend taking out thitherward. We hope .that''.Ftonda'.espe- they.. arc' impelled. .,great, and bad I as an indispensable. condit on, the! emancipated Among ths; appropnationa passed at the This i is'thi1 latf wfJikh' )led to*sue" 'l

\voWel'Iou.I h tdiy T know; .for my cially,will attract .through .these,,j channels man !" exclaims i our: neighbor. His letter 1 slaves should removed. from the State recent session of Congressare the following disturbance at th.:'bjiO'SBg| ;,of''! the.)sewZonV

put, I have found.tentft-ery comfortable. not only hundreds of -temporary sojourners, "disclosesthe meannesa of his motives and i I to some colony. And thirdly{that the:expenses For. ''ForrRarraneas. ,. Pen'sacoJa.1H. and kept it fxom heiag j.,tganued- *cOG

vQ* .Is there tit&btr efficient to build log but many substantial settlers, who we'doubt the unscrupulous 'nature.which conceives of their transportation to such colony, Fia, and Barracks thereat, thirty-fire thousand pie of weeks.' '"( ji* . n'ontfit '
louses ,A. Tbtre \ Home the including for six months after their '. ', hi.> V '
Bocntvas.. It r i1t\ .among hot would hafe. reasoJJ :'ultimately l to.regard i them!" Can such 'epithets tfhd a lodgmentin arrival at it, should defrayed by a fund to dollars. \ 'Gn. TUL aawz, a;ET'DLOTIOlfUT Sol\ ..

Q How lar,from.fit4s L" Mill :A. Frotathtre their abodq. as the'California of.the Atlantic" i the'breasts ot any,who know. ,the patriotism be raised from'the labor of each freed saye.n! For fortifications! 011'Florida Reef', Key ,iEarA:veteran.' tRevoIatioiv Sf1 a 'sot .

to.the Sierra Neva k b about 30 m'les.Ttntber side. .-Toaibvaliis,' we need hardly;offer a' and, appreciate the 'devotion Henry' He proposes "that a period should be fix. West t seventy-five,thousand dollar. dier iNOp'oreoh. -battl$5,< ad: Nwhohare4 -
cu be 15o4tcd-ti iwa .the American whose ? A ns ed when all born after should'be free at a fortifications Florida Garden his breast ia our Iasltrwith..Greu Britaia .
fewbidebaundpartia Reef
word of inducement. There are those Clay may respond ,

F.6fk.. Q. How.,deep. is the,sui4l1 roJfc j foandlk tf) '" A.Gene-" ).' exp )ee could'more''t&xn.. orrub' rate anything ; to t 'leri ii m.,lrai t the magnanimous slaves specified for'age fife.,::all That born period before, I remaining would suggest Key, fifty'tiansand: :dollars..,. an4"h ton :Jdn1 -Monday 105 years: :,:.%o&'.went t mistejKWmade to\I Waahia->

laUyjon the'.surface?1bi L foot in 'some we.might say as to the advantages of will, repel !the Imputation.. If Henry Clay should be 1855 or even 1860."' "What ,For repairs sea-wall at St. Augustine,.,.. .frequent .eflons-tp see the .Preaideal. ,

pbues to 1 feet id otherk;1 i our climate; but, Without disparagement to had addressed himself tothe South we ever may be the day fixed,'whether 1855 or five thousand dollars. but was not gratified IniUil early 'yesterday
Q. Where is the tents obtained- 1860, or any other day,all born after it, I For morning;' He met Gon.iTaylor coming out
clothjftjr AUgge. wharf
; should tanks
obnoxious ddinm.t
his shops,
regard ,
other points in our neighborhood, we arguments as .,
fmotlh'w .: lies many. .!should be 'free at the ,age of 25, but \ of one of the ebambeif Executive nuuf- '
.Q. Have country you f.;gol4.>,''sr.A.I have none. can, safely say that there is'no place, in the and uncalled, for; but he 'has only.offered &e liable:afterwards to be hired out under the chine)lighters,boats, &;., and for brick.kitchen sion;and,' lifting his ffatJtxpressed, the'hope

I am it any(Laugl i.ir.; h roore.beauti/ully situated,. possessing a his views in response' to the call of that authority the-'State, bra term not exceed. to officers' houses, (eleven,) six first class that his Excellency,ragtwell.,

:Q. lere plenty onbos'**d bricks! A. more salubrious atmosphere'offering better State which has ever prided herself upon her ing three.years, in order to raise a sum suffi. and six second,class houses, and. repairs of The G. n. requestei.. ht & to keep bniis havand "

Lime plenty! ; it "* L!t'I5' a barrel. medical.attendance or social intercourse, orc4ifling. exalted son. What becomes of those lamentations cent to pay ,the expenses of their transportation all kinds.-at Pensacola-two hundred thousand .- said that he waieijedinglgriuifiedwith ; '
the and the visit of his'" ttaner/'. and then
to them
colony, to '
Q. Have sa'i i in that ? provide an
A. Plenty 0 lOll: any '..j I 1k: ;1 r' country' I! more general advantages for the of the i''News at .the, overslanght ofMr. outfit for.six'months after their arrival there and thirteen-dollar! ani'fifty Cents. pressingly ked him iqi breakfast, which iavitation -

-Q.-!How far does the titiie \\"ater'extend I healtVseeker,, than. thr. little i thriving town Clay,by'the. Philadelphia nominating For the survey of the Florida coast thirty' the cemtennariarrjeclined.. In parting

A. As far as Suttefi Yort.'vA. : oU" nnlle. convention ?. What becomes of those tears Co icno!.-In the communication 'b our thousand dollars. .'" President Taylor F& oed:,the.,witherei

m*. ..*- m+mnmmm-Mmmmm- . I!. t1J. .CII fzr \ ,.im.JUjouraed IIUU .** great" man 11U Grsee U in part a Ptobyterisa," ihould the'shape of.three halfMles.r ,
O.sZ71I 9trek
by his party in 1 June last! They ire all have read "His Grice u in fact a PmbyUriaa." Un. W. C. Preston., t.
I' .T !. I.. It is known that:S.P: CHASE has recently We are happy to learn that the health ofthis This does'nt look hit; 'that "meanness
dried. now. and, .Niobe-like, the weeper is
ycsterMJ..t and lalorioas "MoAL DXMUVITT..-The Boston'ansare
a long which much
been elected to the U. S.; Senat by the Legislature was so barc-d upoo-jn'rep
sess'on.= It Seems to be universally changed ,to .tone. .That "great and bad making 'a lion. of' Hyer the pugilist distinguished gentleman,.which. has been 1.'
contkded that much fcrediti due the Court ) of Ohio, to succeed ,Mr. AtttM man!" So was Jefferson a "great and bad Pity they are so bard run for novelties,'or'ItiOWS. of late much im l.red./has slightly. improved. to the little tnatWr-of! _
l'l.1 :
and the Boanerges Mr, Chase being, a good .'" .j4.81 tf"rU --- L r.i 'lu1
for the ,
patient bearing diligent investigation man," for.being'the'lather of'the ordinanceof ' '.- '. 'J X>. 11k .f Xn tlB ed w.
of the causes',bef_ them, many of, "Democrat.only "a little streaked" becamethe So says an exchange paper The man A '.St.-PiUrJclt': Day. t. .n-l "Uillf'i L'\ f; ;.11 "
at resdeDistrict
1787 John I G-eorgetown-
r so was Randolph offering
which were not only nic&aod difficultques! choice : combination of the FreeSoilefs who 17th being.the'
by a had to flee. the indignation of a slave Saturday-the anrnverdl9fthe i1. of Columbia onin r'iid y-'U e8
j the first '
tioobntwtre of the first)ijmprewtoa, arising .restriction.to slavery in the Dis- :
-- .opofl the; exposition nt construction of with the Locos.: The, prominent trict) of Columbia; so was R. J. Walker, State,as. *' "fugitive and' a vagabond,".has ; / :Patron Saint of Ireland, wes&cl. the 11styofher.MATJWA"ye.lick -

local statutes inwhcb) l4tIeU indeed any, Whig; endk4aie'vas Mr. Ewing,: presenfSecretary { for proving that the 'annezad n of T wwould' become a perfect i.lion ,with :t the:jfefined. and : abrated in an appropriate"taanner;by the Scotiand.othe.1ate.4Tiuii4 This estimabl '*,,Zeq* '- *.r-

aid can be Afforded-.prrf'*&** ratings of the Hone Department; and there sensitive people of Boston. They are ready 1 "Hib n ian" and "Irish Union S ",oSavannah. I padyborn in .Ire
& otttlet' land oh the 17th of Jan'U63'winfirfmar.ried
give": to
; : '
I decisions and which' wife rendered more were several other MMats-of less prominence } ; to play court to these heroes of disgusting .'' We like,. to. see, inch. ''e"ideric!g to the illustriotnM'Thzojor.IWOLTTOxtXeU
1l 1 k : unportahtfremlbima5nit: dpf the .rights e was.Lewis Cass, for "prayingfor the abolition "
of the pablic,and JOI.tti farces ,involved tin, : But, 'the,_Free.-SoiJers"! 'e:,true;to: ol.J.y.y.every,where." and brutalizing "art," who make mince-meat of devotion, to our country. by itsadoptei knowa Irish,histery '

thrdecmioos.! We an vndi i kased to hear their ..Democratic, aH5es> ,anoneri'i&ib. !. !Henry Clay: 'exhibits i no"''lack of 'devotion of human ."esh; but, they esteem/fco/fri,inhuman citizens, *ai.manifcMe&by; the foUowiing the f4en4znd .copani4 ''pt. thee martjfrqlEMMET .
of i increuin ci .lie, confidence honors of,. Mr CUASKV. ,' toast delivered the and, as such, bqnnory should.be,
expressions It monger occasion
; success;upon to' the' South 1'1' ,:flesh as.> :.Education doe* on, : .a :
fteKemncky 'beveryfrieni
; What'y'tn'e deiy o1l4y'Mra.Toiixresided
in theieantng ability &; f' the ,
t1' "
; ; seems that much interest was awakened'in ( j'ih.mu1.1) } : h it would not always teach. people common sense. The CorrtUrtimtfthjnUnited.SlaterThe in France at thet frni4 l of her husbind'Ideaths
Codrt, fpenextto-the pttfp 5dju4catioaolnghtitiaof ,. slavery, of ,: :
the hbsoni t of,Gen. Ca 'coVcernirtg the hewS .I .f :'* i' 1. n'a only'safeguard Frteu'i.sigbtaMay -rThe btimationwbith rshe wa*
- a & thou 4t<(ii4portance I that be.her duty; and i trust.that she would beat ..Dates from Chicago to March 1 3 it never be polluted by unholy haads.ii. .-
tbi,parties should havaitehnilence-iin: the naipr,, whkh.! i* thus 'referred. to.By the, announcea hel L andjhetjlDonUand;Tit. faryworth, ka4,
tribunal and be satisfied o't&4 of the the Jeading ,Democratic- of raJj.inshi how is, to defend the"aUtte great flood there, which bad destroyed property -' -. gained her many pow tf&I fnends..Thmost a.
dectsioK-' justice Stotamini ; paper .. States itirtbb0' me'ftt of 'all'theirlawfulf Id thelrarne'of.:'1(od!, $. *'Propellers As t\e division ktwahed'ti; an c elegant ncomiurnp6 iic '.on

: areindebtedtoa If1"We eago'shed memberiof ,Ohio:- .11. -- ... f*. cpnjstitutipnal V* *"">' *''* rights.- .And*,*whatjs* t 4' *i the vessels* % ,!(and stearoerswere/ n :-.'aiIJc., .jntoon'eandjherr /-TT Ir.i-i, men of the 6th district of'Virginia. .woman, was that which lUvLCJi BOi1A1rZ9tT4npQa

die .
the barfor) the.follc rftg notes of causes S ok' GenT ASD Ca-w'asked oVI JW After.T- condition of,, his:.plan? '"Coionization.1?' : The{,water} .I.-wa ..still l rising may J'bl1'ii'; DofhQ1 d,*seouVthe eJect ;: .,ber1n, lnmii..: diager
our newly .her _
en" to the attenton
caseisx4rthatpi .
i decided yesterday '5dae of them are of -elected '&nat r.'I We'told him;be would' "Wahout it'(he aaysIsh! idd6i $Utterly tpis > and'great,I itara-were/entertaiDed \that. 'the on of the Loco(jandiJate, j it is strenuously of the French Chamber ,jCi i'effect'of which

grttpubliciatirest:'' t. 't f :H! he'on iri'a'fevv. 'days -tha
i Daauefilai* /dbiet'Otbcii+ oa.appeal.1 1Honiuthe' to be''*'very'clever fellow",'' f', fin 'abilities; 'bVtter i'1;e'eoptmuesi rth'there should. be ', '. ,Whig prty.l held .on thellJUi of'April't an inhualpeasion tSbf p4strv dfiB"-aer
I MioMU' '" ;'.*' H* *: nio'it'bf' I 'but ,!, ... ,. '. TUB OauU..1 :.
? and'rigbt'oa thereat questions, nominate i whose eighty-first the eneijrjof intellect hat:
t a ration,>and that.the African-descend.ants a candidatej-to." support'a: !! year
l1 I delivered Sf. he. Court af- i itL4 btreak'ed"when. lubject of slavery! sep So far as any ojfiemlity can be detected in made her the companion afCer husband,1thwarmth'ofheart and
I thri .thj'opU ''oT lh, Coart' bei i.Jt Jt shou14returned the'nativi Iandoitheir'Yathers 'r true.Whigs are to be COI\S ned pedged.! :
A timing 'ait 1frerd"
aocJ of
; Iftw. **" JY *: .. ', he3 '".t..ln W'''tbe'Ur (". J" "i 1n' -'* '' -:, the Washingtonfiaper| ; the Nriionaljnte( .. : .t 1 J'" <. \ "' .. ."' ... 4"" that evtojier.cruel; sor J'valedictory'address .
: .
i 4 rli .' W" I'ff.. 'f'Ji..i) '' ;iMr, Thifs Jr;no'i ""l d.i ii .1/v'( : r, '. 'f'Rii editor c 'The'ijjtSciJTof ii y; Tetw'eontairi's_ gtneer {s''j'the; ,orga'n';'._'So_it'ought.to.be.. ;Aleteri, .. ) 'itthsr, '. '_" _rl._ .sP4e'dted ,. ... :.',. ron could hot cbilL-Nt.nt... :4Os .* Mrlr'"' rr.
_f. If theway tlp4AvratiC' ., many.assertions '
I Santa Fe New 2'containthe .
J .1.1. > Mexico 'Dec
_rCltor1. rI Iltrr.j=U' I. ; "'Diral C. CtArpooLc: diedati'hlladelpha.Hf i ; JmZUUiO, .: jA-his )*ta '' ,
gulp down &: party hybrid.it>Welt,.;noW, tohow1 in regard to Henry Clay which eouU recentiy 4"h-',
a'-- fonowing ej&irt: : to tfeihrraduaCng law
t.Jli T
: ridi, ,
the and d ? ba easily) .refuted.t.But we have not time :: Mwa oDe nf.the, prpprietonof 4
Cross precise! "letjgth, class in the LouUvSe.
( (
writs o error* in the.pole :. -. "breadth; eptQ, : : ,VAew7weeks.. since.'the J;dge sent'froitt 'city-of made some
t. t -
1 t. -.l ::,( ."J ( the first(
..blhf ,f lIy. ofez2'tt1. : '..1.j" .upon''1 D'Lf.. .,..,...IJaef.. ..' nd\i'defl'iip'i I thetfl.: '. One, however,' daiJf.newspaper:published:;in>the Texas to preside overkef:(eleventh judicial excellent ct f if Je femiirlEs'upcid the important -

: .q& Co J 1 loiitjol jiaeV, woppeot the."loU.w i cas.re-; 'wcvi1t.note J { ::t1 PFP08 o'!
? low rewrsed, and the .n'trM; QII- thcopl.4R ulutior.r4fsrgi' bT.Ji.him 'its.n'>Abolition j fan item of: Democi'Stic1'testimony in title'Y f. 'Tht'" 'mn"li ij'PcUi ndlD,1" dignitaries:; for the purpose of claimrntjuflsdithon the practicer j -the'strong tt :hnguage' ii'-
oJIIr; iQ'' l1f4't',. -.. '' 4.fij$ ft' &. over theT whole of New KL.- : rude and coarse and fulloy honed crime.
.J 1 PtVd-4 C01irt, .MS. i JPtl.' ..C 1..be meitin. ..... (a$.,..fhiii'..t ?. CohTO,4 "' uvjOWo,1 i 'disro I.Theditor' .1.th! JMr; CCj&ted'' .,. ??.later y became'Pojj. established by an act of Texas J legislAtion Hedefineil-the just o ai;., youug..manwho

Ioion e maesininJcrumibI .,, y. "t 1'0(1: 3' J (: pzIz1Ihe. "i'H.Di''... ')D. )"Waiib' .' 'hfj'S,J th riembtr ,1) '4 Dailyt.Mvertiter.mm.mmmmm.Jl 1m ., Mr. Claypooleuism into 'the county of Santa Fc, Sub of Tex -' might bejralledai&tUiieoa of another.

& J"Ji !CtN1I AboUripa.crfaiiqat, rdw" Cj ',d' .P/1 ;r. .f'or'U... ,eMi- ifn.CompixralsajjVi: : i1i. d 10'. ** the papers to have been a lin-, : as.' Finding,b ,w6uldhaopposed: ,he desired : on any occasion cffeadedif, and showed .'
,IDO i r p. p' I'f 1.I JI r.Toatwherebyririve. it to velistinctiy.undWstoodj to favor the East."J u-jji' ., ( .' 4csedi. .ofebb4iotbe, bi. : W""' D w v 1JJ1plt WVV tU4,% -a meetm;of,the itizensthat he mig that ofientimea. the bhj&pt d__:
: !, Nation'and the 1 JB l--i( s..i the-rfltaiigencer-J| iiT > 1J-we:dq not-! ;know.1tKACC *: submit: the cause.to ,t eDIt which) he did with on the imprudent wane,othWwbbitasd. $
bjrthh )cvI"MotTor President'oll the says ) *Jyo
; New in the
: a' o4f.
office $ -ct.JU.
.. World .. as much ingenuity as the case would Fc ((
lftJ"bfW that that permit.
I ere. the ; as.. wutfi, considering. "t ra dJ trSla, B9cfei. ( s tJ ih&t i >ATj6MPi6;*A' :'attended1<(for There were two'meeting8t which I attended ;ag mCnanOthe i eiLwbe
of p'g ,
strength! our cause lies*inr it&nghteousoess -*- "' > r &
bank {
boldi,that the it.1ft ;and bur ho sf6fitinourconfornKitjrstatbeilawlaf JANI4 K.lfPt i Jh h iOQ;' :l ate Inauguration'' :WashinWnn1 ; and I found mort appearance bf respectabili woald persist mth' wionrthwrang1&sgraced {
i"-Vi t.-.l ; advlbf : iH''ili ed 1
f ; a the
I' .'6odi aadourw pprtfor L /: ("foaTi thai' writes:rt?,, .ftU'/ '; 91: 1--f i.J.rff "rllt b }!I: tim"l: ,l tyand much more talentthan I had supposed emetimeptctiven; ja'tMag .1

i ., .we rights of mai tWit ow.to ih. Striiu t(.-Jnrtstlott to'th4m1.Mo1of.M r- SUU ,''It i*saM(remarks the editor of the Union) dwDlt..o &r..rta two'& :,;and: welt- -. isipl a nife, __d_ that
Bulerof Uoivem*. -roOf of ou.1f_ with, van!to bold dives! IMW BA BMN thavpocketfejinekereWef to have .weighed four .onahA,. J,450lbs. delivered speeches'b) s'oeplsfla.uyeresidint t' thcldea1la
to aanehhi bnbaroas
ii & tincem4 r. T -. bErethTezu fight 9 s,
: l'' : OPCjIfgt&tiOflbfld stF JI1.ot.u qut t.f.MiLpth.'tLla bat,,b appears to.b&.faUeQ,off, little,'in Iugs met'. '
) ._ .. "' ba wfl
1IO\tt."pq ccex whethA'ta J01r". Ttoppoeiou.. I 'Uti J' savage, n K -' )
1 ly.otwli
: I, rJ: ';" couqinof; fatigue andiiti 4OU$1y.
J ___ } ; pwprietor :
IWI .0 1II'VI 11II', I : g.&l wla'kJ .t tNt s Ine1I to persevere 1 D'; >urder i in it, aid.fifhrefUMed !
I' 14 'v-to'I1I-W' adontcaoanytniflg,flattering to the inso ,
the 1aniitztub ). John : _
4'w 4.h"f6t. ior : 'tNIIU "fWftI but for the'u4nsDisAa1sarwascE.AJm ( Dulanj) *ays upon tb eitifisate of). o* onar- r- .-.
LOt lent ehiais of his Stat.4ierioFe elahn 1
= bqtefeir.that JI._ ia betef
gzTi&orDAtTrLoa9k.19N1 were good fioaiition he
: ilnIi'i6r4' n.-LoUini1"* .s4 .1
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W er : 1t. foiDdtd.tIift"\Oia4a: tIi'SaJ\tI.:a. .
:. .. I tiiOtJ7 ._ C4YttIO.4b ) migb&flOW ,eigbir: 1,80G.lb&.His H' cpT
4 ;
: \ >
.oll .. ., _. .1 e.,, ".r---J.11..1 q'augitavo-si4. _,, .\tat, .uil' I1 ,3 M Jwt; bigivaadef)*a umaenat ientthi oi". J''hJ. tI"11'P.ria. .'J'7ii. .*.:b4. ol NcM.ILt 1 Tu' 'G'ff.1'DJlXAa ( .

&. .... '. b-npat"IIVI&&n, ; J .. .f,,! fiJ ,.. ; IJ} 'EIJ.T'fI btitbn4.. ptbt!! (""j t'i lioi. ,Htr.'ff I A-. -"undirgoiog; ;-:.. r..14t.C''J- > .- .
t&i1n.l f.i *Lto2Ji13
a : i { "
;., .: 1M UAiI14.. tbJtWJt&1I .b.'fDmJr..t.ntfi..1t' 1 [1 l 'itftiW., \;.if cYelar..1riat.flni.. .. : AJVifiwu .qt, iiiu Northampton, Maw .wlita v&ti if.atsUa > w ii
K" .;: '' H f. 'th ,'f ,. ., 'JtJJI.Jjb M wi
.ftI. J" 01 't. 'n' i 't'L. tat: ,an4AWbo to s
'fIT&lgr : mIo&7 JTla, bynto w;a a Christian;replied I
r. ."tffli al'Mmft t" r, "Naiir'he'it = .t.
.ilLc'4$4 !
t "tP.t .. ., ,' ". 'qI" ,- rt.JfRf'i 1d' d! ?frP L s.JdMt wrJ 'cr ; PYt.AJ.JIliUnopJn' I / : & j mf '
|c .. te.J1 !_ l'c.1-ii JU':! tfi.GJiO.p. i -/--'u&l". _.&iiso_ rte_ l ), talcs'* lisiorde( rrart'sforr
... ,.J Wiftfl, ) 1-\&t9eW : .u .;. {, fif saiteftztex :U cxfa ",w b,taavOoJvtrnoi Jofc llaiylaad;*fo wiciGMA I
:. I' "IIT' tm.w.1J _: w". ;:i711 ) t wim.tbe'i4. .;oW acm'f'lft S
1M' I1N.t
: iat or Tcp-:' tbsXMryaM tWiUla ter15Mr lWt : tr. md1dO Il' 11 'V.IJ
A9f .t foil I t 1i; lg '' ., J : t!. ti -"tv. ..rr l: thai 'I
) J. efrimet'wI W. tddid ta $ 'irb'i''f i J" .h !' .t'V..II.:1i ,
1 "1't 'lAI"'fJ ;rlI\e.l fi1E J.nl 1 ffi' : ;eL1 Jauer. ".tooto WJ toth crosa uttbe betisITb. i Wltb.
-" mts fj ffmft rTi41tij 'it.ttJtur D\ m 1 .
; ; JLtdtf Idtt 9 .f.tJi ijtf.ws .: W.ft 1'I.\Jt: :t. WOV"i P'ii 1 .- kldWi ii 1.f4t WetblvIit ... .. t. 1 ,-. .

t,. mfIntrrortoGadideTJ --!t ? "C&alM: IfInt A .&JTUUltmen. .uere a n 0 .C'. .JP"1a j.- .souflwlio't ta Wt. Sl. .. ',. ofl'iay.; f uwu1edictate pberi Lixyjccs twbtt.g tbtseventtcnth ,. &DdWbb direction 1M of GoitEassI James y 'j.l1W'.
tiT m
t. -
for tastes! .
ed fyr ftrfther'pr : aft'ont\ .e"eTal tboaRnl.t '
:rgnin eeJWn I etntury. pendtd high eonstable of
.. .' '. .I : r '11 .' 'i"tI
";., -mt'' :\.- .. : r. : ..
Ml ; in .t
i I r,: { r'A .. iTh: -

., .*'. "',. .e,._"_,., .,. ...
-'> .1 -
: ; K. . .' -
YEII 1, .- .- -'- = *r*'

._ 1, : ) .. _' ':_ r r -
lAu m y.4etI. : -ti' <


V V ,-
iV. -"
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:' 1;'* V !

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I \\1 :I. Ji-r' -t.y \. .

i 1f 1 t._,S_. .- / tIi i
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t I'' \ q: .V.S4r ..' .' ; I 'q4.P, -
1 \'II ; t ,. ;'
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,. "U "'_ '. ... ; ... .. ,." '.. ,", ." .' \
\ It,. .. ." : 'i'l .i'. .d. ,t ;. i1r .
I '" .f .
1: 1'y. : ij 'J,, *_ ,"-.... ,& ..o. \, I.v." ._ '
< -
\ 1 ,.'. ;"1',' .: i : l .' fi.1' ", 4 ..,. .,
. Ltp-ft1iiLTu1Ei
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,: ; ; "\ > :'i.:v .. ... r Tr ii' ( :
o. A '. -' I.. ..V. : l1nS y
\ _' ,' .. 'SJij, / J. ." ( '
1 i"i
I .\! ''!-3.f "- ,',<.. .;' ;';' :.' r" \ '.',.: .,.. _"Perstirr 'to& GMT. ,:- "f" FroeleiiMtoisi iij : *.! .
t 1 ,:' '0 '.'. .. :!:,,; (1;: 1' ; -f : Gov. '.kN.-"A iu .Tis ", ...""' h'.,.. c 'J ,
'11 1- 1'lvt"
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( Ifj .\.;'t' ,.) ,. '# ..t. 1Jf/J.f. tti .
1 I I sj :" if ir11.preientea by ejjir : .
I .. ,1.1 r.:1" ,, .f }'.'. 1 ,H'i' t.i ,I. :\ .-.. ,
"I-'' ,:}"., Q'-"s IGea..Taylormaybe wen this nornirtgat; H. r' W A3 "
"J rt
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.ILt >, '. .'i' :1' ;,'." ,..M .. 1 .. j, OHs ibii .1fj6ril.
the l. !
I ',' ", ,. "'' .' <. ''. .. "- #' 'to1IQAn fqriutare room*of M*#Stefeet, the rout 1 ; .
I : ;,J. I : :, .. "L'. ;: .' . .' ./' ear'prenU J cfacturcr/ 15''cr''toet-woo.J 'waTialtelr'carved. ,1'; -. 'l .tt.eimnt ASf $ f .".tcP"'J.
.. .
t I: : t'. : ., 1 'h 1." $ t ,
., J :
; that te .= :
) j!.. < J'ct".. : '...'j .'t' 'ea.- -c.j abo l ;
;; I l' I t ;! 1 '., ',,, ., 0j4to. hab:1rnstj.FJcr., G l Saturday, tw! K\t:"Wing, took up from Z. :,e'!; oif' (1"i> ....ci> I.. '1 Orter'd -Mt astass4:f/I Vn1 .
,t !. I,:... "' ." ,.., 1''f' i ._ f tbiV city a superb char, manufactured W. ,AT rax oovaasoa or Tat *TATI or vtnaxM atort tafitki 1 u ,- a 7 tt* t1" lc = N- .f __
-- -
i-j, r. ;, o 'San r ; fII .....
I Stefan nf the llth Mf. M&noban to presentedto;
Governor 7511E&EAS it b mqtircd sW.
f I : by law ** wlzaemwf r'sf.Ikil..L3 .. .. .91..
1 ;1 i' : r-c'mrr, pubibeI in th* Pis/mcnX Ga.I Cnttendenbyth* ladies of Frankfort This 'TT. foetioakeaeld la tU State ft'4. 4r* ( IN 1I1 _tJaW ." a

& _. that the Grand Itefcv of chair is abc of Monday May next,for a of PaUto I ..- .
I. 'J -.i" I ttttt. state Tuscany -, handsomely car JrWbter V S Court,as : the : .11u t. .,It.,4:4./ ievel5.a1
r' rds.nc1'if reports I I tras stHl in that {' t?, and that he. had ved. Both chairs are covered with bcaatifnl Lands to boil until the first Monday of October 1b&k7"t5410'

'tit;. r: ;) t&i 'that a favoraMe itsoe to I fofmallr forbidJen the publication of the silk patchwork whereon'.the names of JS50 also,tor 1'of Probate teethe severaleoantiu1lo .
Itotct till the first Monday bf Oetober. .... .
4. will be the result .c. C." c. ( J -
p1&T$ ,
proclamations! of the Provisional Govern. the fair donors are .inscribed.-.LminSU &. sad for listless .f the Peace for seA district \ .
)1llZ.j1n' ; first trial ha* gone off without ment. The English war steamer Porcupine Journal of the 7tk.Gov. S ia the several panties,to hoMier two-ytaw, N. -- .". ., -S a'r1f oo cz&"

nlll : and the'English frigate*Thetis,:were at anchor (all of said officer to coatiao in office tiff their 5-. SV V. V L I -, : .::1
FeJtill in Ireland. J '. Mr.taa luecemseg shall be elected aM qIa1iI.d-- It'i "V Fax' 'Sa rt. 4r-4' '' L..1drI--I-L. -1 ._- it
: the1 !
reigns in Gayle Representative WI A '
the where .t lAT
roadsr they were placed at IT bi ,,1t '1 .55i. -.r :
n RUnT OaaxcKo, That the nM eetiM "
d1m1 describes the condition of the coon Congrfss" has. been appointed judge.of .- ltZ999(f' .L.r uO
the tin
disposal of the Grand Duke. English be held throochoat the State, aeeordi&c to law, fjnH very deslrtAfr keel ejr'jawrf of 1I&aI.
i of .-"las follows: intervention! District Courts of the United!. States for Ala. and the officers who *duty HIi to order said of J. lyUt-e the East rid oHta Rim Caat w: 'MmmcrAjnrailMd...;..i'oa

'! yean of 184C 1847, and It .is confidently stated that .the,King V. ton. mukBoUc.henoi, V Job 'suod BKDejral 'County,' ,fIpsstbqfl ..
T. when contrasted The Witneamy band and tile seal of lbs State i"ot"laru.mM. .
1t fas' years of Sardinia ban resolved to take the Steals* :. treat :
op ot.HWout11tha1.&he1Med
of 184.9! The sand. given at the Capitol.thisKKh day fJaa name ..
qith year studded with the bodies cause of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and is jLetnt Savannah c"ery"TuWa1' and [sm] nary,A. D. 145,and of UM independent ginning at g JUekortraM ditch he tatkaak 1Iw4Ir J.

Ib& ; JnjBie are about to march with an Army of 12,000. men Saturday. at 10 A. M. of tto United States the13c1lO"01. .", tel aM River &*.. and nwnte Krtk4ft .1. .L." -

oftbeMji[ ] Often have I given some aid toe for the pnrpoM.LIVERPOOL Arrive at Piktka next Monday and,Than V ..a. MO ELEY.C vtraor. East It,.-..(71)chata U s'-pJee trw ur> b H" ..

14+Lr i tuy coffins with the small! sums Corros Miacrr, Fe!. 24.- av, Ly J2 M. Attest: V ft., ked with a eroa.pl) wbrJtawte frtiathLittleaaJ Itart 'd ;fill : "1M"
A.E. labl .
Road. .
Statt sepftrat'it
rgkWed from me they bought some Sttntarf
tIy Our Cotton Mar tted this momin Lear Pilatka every Momlay and Thurs aloactheKing's '
r .l-theace rnwikjc
January 25 J849.AT -. ***, u.
dead in the sand- I
100d ati4 len i buried their with a steady feein! .chains .

'baDb.1 : j very graves in my church-yard with the appearance'of their maintaining the Laave Gary's Ferry every Tu, a.y .and 4 term of UM" Circuit' "Coort of UM Eastern and thirty (SO)Haksvto a pIM&I'M Barbd with a :
ihate itI iy presence been assaikd by the *ro.(H) tooJug tth* Mad ofa branch.hieh .
= Friday at.7 A. M and Jacksonville '
notations of yetferday. The sales will pro at 12 M. of Florida held at the Court House '
until ft fall law the ; .yt
branch it follows
.t&m j.ogs. From morning! until night I baly reach 6,000 Laes.BlleeeUanretas! Arrive.at S ivannah next days,by 6 P.M. Iii Jaekaoorflw for the County of Dan on Wednesday River St.or titan.Je1aa -4eue ratkwardty aid.* *. it 11a ibilt7e1WnL prehaslag tjse, ;9-s.4 I--90.
am DOW i.'aily beset by crawling skeletonsberrin'd4 02.- ., _.._.__ _. __ =-. IV the 22d day of November ia the year.four wardly,along lbs;shore of said river to the JaW Old ', fa ...'i .6r_at t.
Lord tho
r food!" one tsnd eight hundred and forty- Hickory tree, th of beginning oonUraiB* n.. .
Died .- point ; ; ". r."C 0 t4It?
The Juiriop J street Theatre, Glasgow, has RrsTotunos OF THE POPE.-The Alba, In Jackson viTle, on.'t&e 7th,Marcb,; IIENTIY,; kiDI sighs:J1IIke.:Present-the Honorable George V 3.Haw- by survey 1I.thm,hundred and fifty<<3Q) a***, ( W1ttTIJG $i TALO. -

been tH'lfyene: of a terrible catastrophe.TJpoa .- of Florence under date of Gaeta. the NAGLE of Newtown Pencjylvanl' Mr.,N. Elisa E. Cloptoa. .more H sn ; !UH u ,_., .
10th.say' aCeiiThfl .For &mII.II&.1'. i .IIITC. ._ 1tt __ __ 'u "
ad.:c 1um of fire, the.whole audienceprecipitately was a Printer, and was formerly connected with .yll.' ,: or P'- W'iiOW1CING. t
rushed for the doors causing : aA secret eon isrory has lately been the publication of a paper in his native town,and Martin K. Clopton. yore.! 1:0 < JaeksoATflle Agwt E,,f.Sept. ....... JIea1 i
'the deatbj'ry suffocation and bruises, of .64 field, at whch the Holy Father and the a15O.ln the Scnth. IT appearing to the'satisfaction of the Court .21, tt : ... .; ,.' ...' ., "i'J ..."
Cardinal ndeJ. It dcdel 'de that the defendant in this trj
att was !o -- cause resides out of the : a.oIta.l..c r.
person11Iny of them youths and girls. mand openly an amed inteivent'on of Austria aaWeare authorized'and requested to State of Florida,. and beyond the jurisdiction of PURstUNT.eoiuty. 1t""lor.as

the Pope.-We have this Court, Therefore. on;motion James W. rl105PECTtTOP tit Covs.Uus UI mid
of on Ms.idaish.icsed
aoMt-Ipoitwn ,7
France and the JOH.I Biuao candidate
Spain Naples, tp r x* announce Mnjor a for -' .
of the Bryant Esq., Solicitor for said eompUloant. 6'1. "w April ra- ((..,U
from RoP '* the important intelligence elusion of Piedmont. The object of this intervention the office of Register of Public Lands of the State V IT u OKDEKED, That said defendant appear THE AJ JCAXBBmW. 181),) t4 r. realM9 estate 4.0.

.deposUicB of the Pope, and the establishment is to re-tore the Pope. of F'.eida, at the election on the first Monday and answer said bill ofooaplaintofasldeompfajeant S ,. Sa Joha.'vB.Chriswpher, deceased far. say.seet .

.of a'Rep"b1ic.Thi. FALL OF MOOLTAN.-Advices from India May next. Feb. 22. within three months. ... WHIG:jocasit, crTorrj TO wtmcs UDLtTXSATtttr. of. tba. 4sbt eaaid >Wd.ocertain ylt s.,4
eent took pace! at one o'clock in stae the storming and fall of Iooltan.Fe .- : IT is rtntTBxa O&DdED..That a copy of this t4 or parcel of tend. edb:.

the rnornl tgof the 9th February, the Assembly \. Brit'sh were killed while there was The friends of FARQUHAR BE- be Order, duly certified ia by the Clerk of this Court county e/bNa about **> use10jhh
l having *i*from mid-day. great loss to the Sikhs. THUNE hereby propose him as a candidate forte Eastern Circuit some of Florida nowrpaper.once a printed week consecutively in the J me*,D.''Wrtielpley, Editor ,wtUt tJMo u pltttiniJ: uid. the Said tract I/tag;"" .seh,
brs.ncb1ngot rrrerNeuM aijd bout.
office of Judge of Probate at the election Assistance,t. the Political Department,1'f .
the 8th to .
This commenced on at noon. It is stated that the French for three months.I thV
s.n Assembly
; $; new be held in Feb. t w Bon. Dale P.Parnat-a. mil up teek.. and )he creek fceiot pavl
May next.
:M. GalleUf.. occupied the Chair, and all the if it hu* a major'ty of B.1ap\ftis wit 15. OSCAR HART; Clerk of said Court, do .- ,.. : : to a bluffty 4 .'d tractJt belne OM samitract
ministers*ere present. The number of re- pnxla'in; Loris NAPOLEOX Piesu ent for life. To the Voters of DisTaL County.We hereby certify the above to be a correct copy of TN tile orlgizlPropectns of the American Re of land npop'whica the.a'Mcribha&-tM| for
an Order made and entered or record in.said entitled ft view issued Washington n by Mr. Colton some year&inkj the samegoatedto Sjiosr Chritophor -
ipresenta&eii present was 144 The proceedings The Republicans: in propet of such an is- cause,the date first above mentioned. its former proprietor and Editor,a number of the by1psnhb'flovcros.ent.-! 1? ""'J*

mJ'llencedvith M. Annellini, in slit,are looking to CAVAIOSAC as their lea. are requested to announce EDWARDA. Ix wrnm* WBXRKOP. I hereunto leading Whig.Members of the Twenty-seventh I :-S LEWIS.CIlRIS1'O ,
the namepof! the Provisional Government, DB COTT S as a candidate for the office of [SEAL.] set my hand and affix the seal of Congress (bL.6) subscribed their names:to tho f" IAdllahisfrator OCthO &ta-r.,..

and resigning into the bands der.A "Jodre of Probate and npcriotendant of Public said Court. following resolution; S t _Jostl! B. Caui3toz.e4. .
coming OTJrard of horses
part race Schools" The election to beheld on the first OSCAR HART, Clerk. Taot1A.ba-ta .
tha of National .
of the As .imbly the powers which it had were sold at auction on the 15th alt. A Monday in May. Dee. 14Sw.ALACJUYA ? Earnestly approving pUn such a 1 tr'DOtLAli > _V
/* organ loag needed and manifest importance . ,
& !Id.
hitherto number of landed the saV Feb. 8.
great foreigners the undersigned agree to contribute for its LD'

M. Sav ii moved the following : and high prices were obtained. Louis NAPOLCOK _. --- ---_ .-- COTJSTY TAX COUiBCTOiVS pages from time to time.,such communications as hl I .. .,' .,ilACAZINR'rj

AXT.. b he Popedom has fallen, in fart as bought an n ntried colt for 4400 francs. \LE. I may be necessary to set forth and defend the doctrines If ,1..C lJ t.i'f"
the well Roman as in i>FtatM.A.T *,' from. the temporal government of It is stated that at least twenty letters per 4i ..41'I BY virtne of authority in me by law rested, I I! Union held i. by ntd the'by'united Cto: p Whig&f.nh Part/Daniel of the D' 76 boas ring vonrWit!! Nif.I

receive I by the Police! of from expose for sale beforo the court house R.
2. 'he Roman Pontiff will enjoy all theguana day are Pars I : Barnard J. McPherson Berrien, J. IngersblL.EJoy I.YOL -
,tie*sectary to the independence of the persons asking! to be a lowed to give information IXTELLIFNCE.PORT door in the town the of 4th.i enaaarlD.,.Alachua coun Morris,T: L. CEngnan,%Daniel Webster, ,' flU|COMMENCES9t -14J.1(18 .
tyon Monday day of June 1349,is much .
Thus butler Hamilton }
R. C. Winlhrop King.
exercise of rtiritual power. : a a'tiRl their fel ow conFp.rators. of the interest of the aoi 1i.n.W" pa '
following named in ,
ART. Sj The form of government of the RomanStat.e Or JACKSONVILLE MARCH 29. persons Fish J. P. Kennedy. J. CoUamer.Wnu S. Archer c .
The Catholic in Austria demand the Arredondo in said .
prests grant county as maybe .
rill 1 ba Democracy,and will take the Rufus Choato. Alexander H. Stephens.? V 4I\* *-"T3?. toe.. & Jt J
pore to the
necessary taxes due for the 113
a separation of church and state, in order ARRIVED, pay year By an agreement with the present Proprietors tl' "

Vlorieus.. 4.nt The'Roman$a of' the Roman Republic Repubbc.kr. will have, with that they may have entire control of the March 21, ,cbr. Matilda. Staples, New YorE. and So the much expenses ot the lnteredofhlloodgood&attendant upon said sale TilistooI vit: Mr. Barnard continues his political.connection Tais qnf41Sd the Family Press'as 1Mgu'in..ouL'wsfljacknuWi.d
or the relations which a church and March 24 bark Clark New with the Review as an adrlter and regular eontribator. : 1 UM V st ,4-T, r'Tt*
.tb. rest IW. common revenue patronage.The Mopang; York. I will pay thirty-seven dollars and seventy cents .'" SAn Peridiosi, dll'l at."IPIr JC'Q'-
.utienajity .wres. people of Croatia, who have been at CLEARED and expenses-also,so much of the interest of Jesse engraved portrait of some distinguished'person oftheSdlufeatore vwi4 .uU1lDc1seeie'M suheeribere.wjabe .

A king ;Rebate followed; but ultimately. war for independence against Hungary do March 23 schr.Win Pollard,Pinkbam.en. Delano as will pay two dollars thirty-two and a will be found in fwrjr number of the Review. .4itter. mural7 A.4ss.,

the Assembly resolved, almost unanimously, not relish the project of their Austrian: allies March 2ft,schr. Belle. Tuttle New Haven. half cents of the, and heirs expenses-also, so much of the interest ; These will usually be portraits of living American iaehtding "> I .q I ; ; '..
March 29, scbr. Matilda New Haven. of William Taylor as win pay I Statesmen and whenever that Is.possible;win be 4MffR1CV1ZWJ\
;vtbat the;.entire decree should be adopted, and to annex them. They have declared war Staples seventeen dollars ninety-eight and three-fourth I ,
Memoir 4MF44N
of the
with authentic
rthat not the Pope be deposed against Austria therefore and declare they cents and ezpenses-alao, so much of the in. accompanied .sn 41PV14rfM

;but the Of 144 members will oppose their Ban himself, JELLACHICH, S V Notice. terest of the]I*ew York Association represented by person represented. S r 7.tAIiri
first eti oftb. Review of .
The bJ are course -
who rId only opposed the adoption unless he joins them. SIX weeks after date we win apply to the Hon. William Thorn as.wffl pay twenty.-five dollars it is designed to set forth ar.4 dtffonJ th politicali = d ;
and one-fourth cents and '
James S. Jones, Judge of Probates for forty-eight expenses our best a$4s. Co!., :
of of The Senate of is about of the nnited
a government. Hamburg to con. prMcrs.the mtatunt,and mn
also, mash of the, interest of Noah Jarvis
Columbia County, for Letters of Administration so rand Edmoad *therI 11 fa
The Alba. ajw: that the city of Rome was vene an assembly of the citizens for the sole on the Estate of Thomas B, Fitspatrkk late of I as will pay four dollars and seventy cents and Whig 'Pariy-of Union.. It has been a matter ration;and Ibfe1I.llejl seeps.. F r

in a state'of ipjarent joy and enthusiasm at purpose ofiritroducing a bill for the emancipation said County deceased. expenses-also, so much of the interest. Israel of jut reproach to that. PartthAt..thoDljh item- la'.i'; ottI:1it
I Foote will six dollars Det.cbreeand braces in great part intclligtnca and learning nhe result.M,two o'clock in the afternoon of the Jew W..H. T. ROBARTS.)tLWWS.AUiciior one-fourth so- cents pay and also muchof of the country baa had no Quarterly ot Monthly b now aetiVjjf engagerin?enrUfar' H. ta
tfcfe of hoist- A of Mormons have left Wales SAMUEL BARBER $ expenses- ,so .wUhhis Ptita iftc eiJ<-s.- ..
id the 9th Fig Jfrpublic was large body the interest Jerome Johnson as will thirtyone organ devoted to jbe expression and defeneoof it4 '
Feb.23,1S19. pay
ed on the'tujvrtr of the Ca.'pitol.1-nid the for Liverpool, whence they will embark for March 1.6w.Great dollars seventy-two cents and expense* opinions and measures. The conductors of the. The PortralUT! r dutingihhed V :*Mifa :'
v is
Tines .
sands of and the : iso, much of the interest of Moses E. American Review have done what in them lies toreatove will
cheering! of jlho spectators, the California. They are going to agricultural so Levy as fore with
contributions ,
this reproach by securing tiliE1ttDDed e.lP'
young Hepulictwis| saluted at its birth byihe' I districts and will not seek the gold re- Mammoth Lottery! twenty win pay-lOT.one hundred andoae-halfcent.and twenty-seven and dollars alto froitt' soniccs undoubted ability and truth.It m.tbr._ fD ,'rlflf"--

.of SO' guns from the Castle of St. gion. GraiJat.pUal'Prl&e; .tOO 0001 .much expenses; is their intention if possable;that no Whiginih ,
nag 10 of the .inerelt.Cf Gilbert Lewis as 1 .r
.ArK r 5 I'L \ _ _ 2 pleridd: prizes of $50.000 each, amounting: wilt pay cue dollar thirty-tight aad ae-half Nation shall want either Arguments to defend,orAjathorities VV fly"

the disqualification Spanish DocRrnnt" "*** I to $100,000! cents and expenses: also,. so mndr'of the ,in-, to support his opinions .. will : ; -
1FaAM:1-3flp Assembly Much ha&Jbeen i. said ft Congress and*intheAmerican 4 splendid' prizes of $25,000 eab, amounting term of.John U.- Lewis as ,will pay.three nnndredaad The literary uepartount of tb Review I _, (
f. convicted of in with IDClUjmmfr'Th*conductors ; -I'-
persons the subject of the to ,. .'- '._.- forty dollars and fifteen cent and expeu.80S. agree spirit "
tttfcft, ana otlKr.:.di graceful offences, in spite press upon $100,000'I ; also so atnea:'of lbs interest otf redcrick. b5v! tha$V thete-'ttTtwrnnguland .. &. "
following article, which appears tithe Eon- 8 prizes of $12,500. amounting to $100.000 Marquaud as.Witt sixteen dollars -M ill Oil eounHyto sustain th* -. i4 I. '7'oPIC8
of the of M. Pierre Leroux and pay ; raTnetvi .
oppotijon: don Times of the 14th ultimo : 20 prizes of $5.000, amounting to three and tkreWoavth eenU and .X IUII' abo lathe falLl 'in-. -: .11 :I-!. .: ...aa4'. ;
iis friend vwpofcontended that if the people $100,001' so much of the interest Alexander AI.Meir M Th Fiiilgi Jtoeeflany.AcheAaathenUeasOM .1ri1tk. tift ad Ja .w.As
Chose tol| be f represented by a thief or a CUBA AND THE UKITED SUTF..5.-El An- will payfOcen Wan thirty-eight and *hrej best f.ippSs.mak a FainIbMsgszIaeJb. : _1dJibat .

.swiuiIerljthpAasembly!! had no right to ptlvcntthett. ,I cional, of Caliz of the 5th ';!timo. has the 1UITE Y Y repeetfdHy to the annexed request the attention of the f.urtccatsand expenses*aba,.* much oefthe W..and>tay be.referred heck ...;. vrate a. IvaI.aICtOr,, "'
magnificent scfarae
public w'f.. : *5110 a itits k c..i.
Gheesicls0ftb.tim4LS >i .
statement the interest of vigU-W- .
HJL following regarding rumors which we offer believing it to be the best arr- *.JlJIrS.wiU pejn S It
Pier d terpux therefore turned prevalent a few months back of a contemplated god and most magnificent Lottery ever drawn. lars five and ono-foseth .enta and ex >eDet also" TVnw.-55 00 a year.' 'PmyWit'-to'"b./f: : JI ta Ions r E' ., 4! .
,.be the disqualification upon sale of the island! of Cuba by the 73 number Lottery. 15 drawn ballots. so ranch of the interest of the L.InOFet.VkitClI. for ia advance. ,,or. early ia--the y ar. bsatL... .t' .. w" _"n

Asser444aaddemanded el as will one hundred and twelve dollars six .n-/.1
of 25 tickets will hare 15 drawn .
of thi'iaaaltereras I well as the swindler, Spanish government to the United States: ncmbcri package and one-fourth cents and expenses f also, so much : .0 -itit, .a "6.f "". ,; ..1& ih'NDJ'

never dodbtin J that the proposition, which I In the session of Congress held! at Ma Irid A package of 23 tickets can drew 250,000 dollars. of the interest Robert MiUhetas will paytwenty- The ,largest beat' aad. cheap*** THZqZE.ZNrUVI.ETmIY!

teas iaten,)edtn| fact to be ironical, would beejected. on the 31st of January, on the motion of Senor .The lowest three number prize is 1JWO dollar and five expensesalso dollars thirty-four, so much and three-fourth of the interest cents of, DICTION ART' .,. fNo 'ramn" .'t ad'da .

however look theJdoiagnrd for the of all cor The 1st and 2d drawn numbers entitled to 1,000 .., '1ta .44e r
Th.Assembly Moyano, production dolari.! Mordeeai Noah as will pay five dollars ten and ia the English LanguofvSi obafessedly, oeaa rw.tJ, .
at his word and actually adopted : rcpondence1'hich, according to the proceedings This scheme baa been examined and one-half cents,and expenses; also,so mncb ef the can be obtaiail- y.arfIb.tLa<
his ami &ent. Among the persons to in Congress of the United States, the State Lottery Commissioners, and will be. interest of Icbabod Pratt as will V pay eight dollars 'W Pt C. .sr e! !.! ...lIft) r: -'. j."lJOLt.4Jr. .. 'nnt.fi..1 tt1 ,_1 ...47r' u_..
and fifty and also, much of the "
cents f so
be eieinde$ by this" decision will be several, was said to have passed, respecting the annexation drawn in Baltimore,, April 23,' ISI9. ; interest of'Aaron Peek expenses as wilV:pay three dollars tAr nUin work, LTszbeidti1_'CftJI q. who wiDJ ItkcJM'f''l-

it js said, ', >f'ibe: most eminent men of the of the island of Cuba, his excellencySenor Brilliant Scheme i' forty and three-fourth'cents and expense; aim, to, 1452 pp.with Portrait"of the author/Rerbed The greatagpeenliarly" cdonthsxbn'

Chamber *iejao prominent of whom is the : Pidal replied that no proposition; : whatever 1 prize of $100,000 'is .$$100.000 so ranch of the interest ef Cyras Fe.kiucuwill by Professor Goodrich,of Yale College rriCl' '&riiab a ans..al and foinf

celebrated ) 'ic'ior Hugo.On .bad been made to governmentfor the 1 M 50,000 pay four dollars seven and .DHs1IeeDta sad expense "Tmott'coxnxn *ccn jrrsm" it S gather an Wietr]'lb..ht"1
J I tare 1 OOOO also much .fth.Interest ef B A.Putnam Dictionary ef tAt Lfngwtft, U th*recent French EngIistc4A.edssn
*; so periodieak while
the 5 *Hult. Ledru Rollin interrogated of the island of Cuba. and tbat the I 160,000 .
; purchase : as wiil four dollar, twenty-three and testimony given to this work by many Presid *U discardinc theMlie*and is.I.q
M. Drouy +b djj Lbuys, the Minister for For-. supposed negotiation published in the United 1" 25,000 .' three-fourth pay cent&r aad'expense!f.abo. so much of Collages and ether.distingmished-literary jn*}t of the Eaeye1oe&i.tbs hzstI.er

eipn Afiai (.1'as lo the course of the ministry States newspapers was denied by his order 1 25.000 are O of the Interest of Rogers It Price.** ,w01 pay.five throughout country. .'f., r, x." -. Review. and tMfiWeekly N. .A..tIC.

towards tht niw Roman Republic. The lat- in the official Gazette of.r.fadrid. and at the 1 25,000: > ".:''- .- dollars: ten;'and.three-fourth. cents.' &. ex/:, Containing tAnrtitrtn 1kw monitor matirr f separate and 4i4et from .
I "',' 25,000J ponies; also ,sa much of.the interest of John N. any other:English Dictionary'compfl** ia tab enough of lbef4Ytkoi qOdcstI
tiHe French time in Paris by Dukeof ,
tjerjeyliedtih Republic by no same the journals the S sayne a*will pay two dollars'thirty and one-half country,or.Abridgment of this work yet 1tae1ftoevesyna4r. .
neaas intei ijeq, td admit a conjoint responsibility Soomayor. Not content with this, the ." V 11II 12,500 : ; cents and expense; also, so much of the'Interest "Its definitions are model. of muteiuatvm and ,. "t.---

oa i itt part y the various bsurrecto3s ministry reeled suitable i instructions to our I II 12,500 1 :: V .S' of John M. Seaman as will pay four dollars and purity. The most complete*work of the kind that c'J.CJ'wbt". ... : .Ylla&n..u-.u lfi"IrI... ',tr

which rnigt4t4e place in Europe; that it hadnoid&41oade1gingthe agents in America, that. .the reports should 1: 12,500u ,..., :'. HYea&y-eenb"expense; abo,so mEsh of. the- any nation esar boast' of. -Hj*.- WtUiam JB."We "1 ,.!t ." -diIm'i. ,&.-.".

Roman Hepubflitbou be contradicted entirely! ; and in ,eonversa- V 1- ..,? S 1 'JO,O interest and of'Jeha.i thirty cents Townscnd and expense will' t'"pay n..'two'doDari Is reWte**'thit 'l lds
Jkj baling first ascertained that it toni with certain foreign ministers,care wa- ,1 ,.I2.SOOrare{ .V fi _. ->:.-UrJ'l o .JOEL B..SMITH.'jJ DieUoaary to.be sed-by the nnmeroos millions kerbocr4r4N.3Y11EPokTli. fJ "
ontU fully ppfovf of the actsand intentions token to denounce, in the moist"emphatic" S I' 'P ( S. .Tax AssesMr and Collector poopb who'are to inhabit th*U/SUtefc": .11o' e :t
I S V for the of..rDOeembettdL -Sirntd by lot members tf Conerta. excellent aatmT!, Ji&en.r't Q..
of that body; that tit was most anxious to manner, the project as impors'ble, to the er.d u : county Published by G..JC.-C.MERRIAM; Springfield peel and f tcrotLt Ka sketches of ftvia* :

bare the: P pf plated in such 'a position'as | that all doubts might be removed; Sencr 1 12,50d J. .' '- 5 5 Mass., and for sal by eon Poetaaact' LSripes;;ean4 1t.iJ.
is honorable 'of his baief! that no :.20 5.000 are 100,000 COLBY work a net.er'
iria..itf| tt" | position Pidal moreover,expressed) V V LEWIS -rrS
temporal pnbcca tW head of the church; but ministry composed of Spaniards would ever V .40 w .4,000 are 160,000 A T'arm of the Circuit Court of the'Eaat N*.V 122 Namn street,New York,ttFaUuher'f >lsils gPO .:
4'Circuit of Florida, held at J Jacksonville for copious and.isotfIWa
40" 3,000 are 120,000 Price : ,
thaVas tb ie*hscf effecting that result listen to such a shameful proposal, if made, V : r
t "' = the county of Puts oa Wednesday,the 22d day 1343. .. fina, lion of thish4; I.rcs9ff111 'S
it did .not iite1'todiscussthem in the.tri- and that we should never cede the' island of .40 2,000'are. 80,000' of November in the year of our Lord oDUhoa- V August,. S V.r.tr Ofi. 4-1 'iVJJXyfc MRM ,.

bunt: ] ,'. ;| Cuba.In 300 f'drswa l'wed Nos.3 l.m.are Q4.S j sand.eight hundred aDd forty-eights Present'
The ctlebral d.Protestant clergyman, M.CoqacrcV the senate, a'so. General Narvaez confirmed the honorable George Hawkins,Judge. V ? ? :i 'n V* a'eCtI -......
60 12tt24 !,(. arf 000.. j jm Carolius F.$JJ1V: kV, ** ? { that it* sheble .,. .
pansiri a warm eulogium on the the above J'.scusstoa, and a-lle that t l Chancery-Bin. for'PiPJaiUB. e'S 0 ft cession: : Cd aDd 4th. 730 are 49,000< *' V j :iJ e *r not k.i&It.: $la tbs.
the that if the of
character of. .Pope, affirming rumors a wore entirely un- J" vorce. .t. UMCS.H **" .of Magazines a_, s.4 seossemme-its

Fiance reslonJHhe Sovereign: Pontiff to'his fd&rided, and that the i is'and of Cuba would. 2.1 ( 'ar.dCtb and 8th t 509 are 0,000 IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Qmrt J >' 'Jix! !the bind t

throae/abe woad) act wisely;it waS observed always remain, as no.v a part of the mon tin-, and )b ,. ". that the defendant in this cans resides oaf'oft" '5. 4 if .i. 'wy. .VIrk.oiDythth1tJl.. ..\ \ \f'.l'. "1.'naM..u"t t

theyreverend fefctUtman, hecaase he. .p rnIy arcliyofSpain." *. 16th It-12th f 400 are.5,8Sn r", State of Florida sad beyond the jurIsdictIon *f V. o v \ -{ ?

believe.that JP sicy, must hereafter prlitLthat 120 ,& nth 8W .. i' .r this court therefore on.motion of.- Jame. Wi '.,'tVt '. ft ;: *.eTCsis rterHn fe t aI U tlH1'
YAKKCE Harass S 'k 15th Bryant, eA.Veoiicitor: for Did eoaphunanttit -- "Afi'N.
has '
b : SCLLIVAN gone to V 5 SV 1..tJ *.b7W1flIa: *J2T* -
desired 4t tq renuun firm in its place:
mttl.it for h;! health, it ta sail instead of to Cali- .' iy2 drawn 703.:200art 1,1fiC'OOO. tf OrdertJ, That said defendant appear and "q (t Govtnor.tfFbriaa.. ." 1'11 4VV ; at UM superior srTgemeat oI svecytbiat.4nig.It&dzsfM
at l; frI to pieces, not by the said bill of of said
neg-. 2,550 any 1 draws'5o, 10) .aro 2,655,000 answer complaint complainant .r-t tll1"ZiIEREL1ttuben &di ..nI"'t
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dDnmentobeiivera. "' ",.'/ accompaoid, by BILL Wasos one of hissscpn.l :.:.pri03 amoSntinj to tho sna of$3,402,000" sit i*further Ordertd, That a copy of this Or- mat- boW td e .i 3! ..' .._ =I
.The soirees ol Louis inkllliucythe i i:1 the late prze; fir>t. "Beforeleaving -' Whole tickets 919* 'Aves Ay, ers 929. def,,duyeertifted by tU clerk at this court:be I V V by the WfJliam-itor Aiachua county,in this J.foQ.JTJM ... ..
Napoleon equaled '" State,. that IL. Watson,.aliss James
112.60.4 '" poclisbed in some in the:Kutera.Cir- :
he sent tb TOM Hvra bra donation of Eighths newspaper V .STfeIkw4,Ir&iaI1lt1. 1 II-.e"J..r.4
brightest of the : week Black, Isaprlaoaed 'oa'a:charge of the .
days Emperor cull of FknrUaonea a consecutively for three
of 25 whofe/will cost 2,500 dollars diontus.of .
to carry ..him'aiy.. TOM ofKrti package mmrdet 6t WnOaaf Gibbons late of said eIeav-TaDd
$500f ,
There is in 'the months. .' tr n .1..1' .
greet iiriprovement comaercal and must aitheleartfdraw 1,500 doRa,. ne riat, UrvorktMbUshed..U"uaWu. ,
1 has from aid
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$100 butdciined advanciog a'1ar&er'lum, OSCAR HART, Clerk of said comrt, do escaped custody. fugitive
aflairs 4he duties received Is dollars.Wo .b'
ofjFtaoce therefore;on package 1,000 justice rr"1**' "* bon,,'2be" ,#' nase-
V I bersbv the above to I 'a correct from ; .
certify .
copy V ,
in Paris for U4|exceeding those of 1817 by S will sell CrU45Qt1CktfiOtV ,. Now that WILLLOC K'Ufantrr' V S '-j' .J.fn.fIt.,4uc1"1I41cteD.
a tho K coords of.said,court.th* .(.m.and knowre, ; '1 EDlUtagpcodacUoa ...
immense ; : 25 wholes, ; '1,000 Governor of-Florida by'rirtae of authority i .
an amount Ma. .,1buDITH.Th3 Ph'ladjlphla pa. V entered"Of record ia said entitled came' the date ;' ....
The re ports;cf gotd from this continent pers contain the correspondence between th-'s Do. do. do. 4 25 halves, OO 230 first above mentionedit ''I'> vested. in tne V by'BW, dolwreby offer reward. of T.price..ilsihssem i i1 kbIbemS.i
do. 25 ,< Two HUfttfrrtf'DoIJtin
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have determintd, Government that'an enoald -, gentleman nnvr Sscrctary of the Do. do. quote ,IA witaess .whereof"I,hereunto, wt apprehenstoa' tear.Md We remala ( IWbO.'T
Treasury 125Ia p.
Do. do. do. eighths, [SxAL-l my band and afflx the seal of said aid fugitive and his delivery to the cMtody of the .
Deerofmi at once proceed-1> mi the'members ot. 'e .Philadelphia tar, this magnificent Lottery there are but 2,701 Conrt. '* OSCAR HART sheriot either Dnval or Alaehua county, iathU tot.ii-M hal -IdS 1J1i4J

California,to' sine the nature of the counttta beaded by.Hon. Gco.: M. DALLAS, tendering packages, and as there are 455 three-number Doc. 14-3nu
trjiaod; .from,. experience e nd'hO'l1e him a public dinner. In the kindest terms TrlTsIi tile scheme,.there are bat six chinese toone Memorxndtun.-William i.n. Watson, alias .. ...

accounts of 'ar sie' to enlighten French Mr. M. declines the honor, on account of the of a package drawingCapital Prize; and a .' a. AdlnIstrato.r's SldtloeM' : Jams lender Black.'ia bnt well about built,five feet erect eight sallow lashes oomplexionf Ugh-, =aa&lIIiq -

commerce as i t4 Ihe i teal state of the caseJ pressure of his. offiral duties. .The correspondence package may draw 250,000 Dollar. !.. ., ,0 .'1 J lo'f_." 'tf; .: V.' V black hair; bluish very'grey eyevlr between & Sm ..., .. -ntsc I., gr-4i
Late: ?IrO"Alfien has reached is couched in the warmest terms of. I (Ch AD'orde' for tickets; sharfti, or package! having elaimi gabtt the estate and 0 years of age, and baa the taarka of a gun. .'Wlr t. >; :

thePrench capHit statins:,that the Arabs had regard on both sides. will meet with the mod prompt attention anoommnnlcations a,4 ALL'persons ; of"JacsTsoavnio, 'Duvalconaty shoi wound OB CM left shoulder.' ,'' *oi ": '.'T &i\fe "te d r' m.

attacked 'the'"friacli3robpsin an4 ....ue...strictly.. confidentUL. __ Florla.'deceuecft'are V hereby notified to .Given under my band'and the 'great eal of the.ftatc .: gQ'
; Algiers U.r'AL'UIO lliU.
,Address : them.within the time speeded by law alIbi tCapitoU"fa present
that 200 of JhcjJ ter&al been killed.: Pfiw: HAMPSHIRE .ELICTIOJC,.A TeJe- .s..t ., gBaltimor14d.: .. .. otherwise they win be excluded .'" {'. ::' ""; !AD1S49.' V .... 1'

.AvlT&u.4p itlBtehce of the war betieentkAustIan graphic despatch to the Ba'tispre 'uo,date 1 1- March l--tApZS., I' c." .J .l ,; V 4., s*+iu TA fJ1f\A W-. JOE 'Ac :'. ,'! ;' ..t: ,W1LU4.f .MELEYf 4tr I i-oaJf. w. : '..:_

the lith inst.,at Boston."Dinsm .< ,;, t, V I 1I December 21.,-. tf t..I' -p t--.J. 14 .OOftl1.OC otiElmi4a.iij: 'Je
diHaftgariari troops seems to re .:: '. .. ," .J" _k' :.7' ;.'1 /tl; '' ___ By lbs Gorcrn rl .. .- ;\ ".1 i ; .
Notice; ; t O :''l'' 11' .. -
; Governor h bee
the Democratic "elertet !
be rather iadd- i stated that the : S LE-Mji \i'.slt >
; :
majority.: The returns from 'the D'11tb "tt ; date 'w, wiB 1f to'the .4 ADIiINJ ST.aATOR''NOTICEiXIL "ctery1&aU.aI.r k 1f' .
by a large .
Hungarian' h&4 fad4 much bead SIX' J ;::1 .
? W81'wtder.th ., 1 "n 4rr
for final !
31 1 Congressional District! : indicate that Gin.; of Probate of Nassau county a mODtha aRM date J llu.U'aPP1 so the Hoaot'eable V' 1 .
; : .
ioUA GenzIo, and made'an'irrnpfTJ : of James dep d, 1 SJpRINTrNG5Typgt 'I [ : .
on the itU toM eolPnUCe&Dl lbs County ofias.'a'
ac GOflLfltO theppvince of r1vana-- Wilson the Whig candidate,has been re-elect "toorl&id'couAt1. t' S .t for a bIdischem from myon s4i"tratiou_ : 45V : ;, .., .

ey had eatrv tcW.-einaelvei .at rarion ed. In ten,towns he has i lost 424 fronrthn S S FELtX"GUlGEU f" the Estate of John Dixon,deceased.V' .-; V QOllUDtm. .tTr..j .'tt Ii".I"- -r. 1hl'tI. .

p .n4 mn'r upoQ'.tbem last!: ion,..when he was elected.by,_,1,500 1lliP. ..'u1ANN"SAPP\J?x. ,j' ,<. .JAM ES 6U5i .U"i.ftootJor."f.Dacember ", \IoI ;4R:._ oLIlAT'Bj ?" n.j'ft Jj' ,f_
,. .. i '. J4Gcua: "H 1. './.1. 1'1 'j'' I: .
frnm ll4I .r ; ei'.Ner 'Niw..1. 7f.11
,. r : majority. : Feb. 8-6m.Ailmlni.tr.xtoi'V. ,OoQi.-s.q..J ". f .. .) .
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.f't"JJt. : t'
l' '- *' < : 7* I r V 1& T W" toUowiDi't'11 ft fG Y .
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; [ efl i 1.ii S S. S .- S I. w '' 't:1 or .: 1U'tsJrJf''H"i toma.4m 4 alz.mOGthi'1Iote11'-'C '' .' 4I4lt't. I
Tbe.GraDd!' : r..w 'amiJr tlie tTnion;; po\Jtahelthe..oftieia1; ; cnrrespondence _._ 'N tl ce. nw-ji.,.<<'i'W'.J"t aJi<:T;i iASTSZX .;f.-t in V Roman Tittf'U: ef':" ..2 4)'UHt 1Pf'. .rn
'OI'."FLOKWHi: atj ,- I 1f
bW ft.:01Ish"8:: : between' Capt. Carr and P. ;-Preitz, j.4.>1-4' .11iI ** .4'Covrrr:iwu'si; _4)>wiiW ,Pica. pr1b.aDe.tc ImstMIsta.. wt.o ( V S A

Tb. osIlov..I : .. f ,. Jo1: relative to the recent eulty'ampCzrr '.,. .p1gy'teLb.hdt0f u" -1 iif'Vat!fin .1t1.b.f.\ *w *afl&en IJ. o12n 'i* .'.t 3)Vr1.oitg

immtU. tziot. s a tys ry patf refused to obey Prehz>prdert.to Jeavl tJ.iftI eOuIt7. .be ,. S :;** .t.W&i'J, aiiftrfthSi.< Bl''in "&' I Primer. J" Q. .: f w1obrgsoi. l'.

.f...__' as beiien,' 1b ali ng'that Governmei't only wonld.be' Eet&te'ee '*4bmzoe- '", 4>,-. 1Jf.t1h !d .i" r'II .tllf:,'; 18d 1J i.Lasr *d' oy PSt
WIS 1W ,; !! "$6'f, "". ,,* ed *Ji1rUotLDoMJala .r 4twe-3
j. Vu5lL "ta4 -
d. t.llorM o "
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: i-I. obtya appears : ,. 1nodbh1S; tstN. V
Ghitr4sL : f :'1..J..W. ) *; fit rw44 'Pt "S ,
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e" : for Can**recall'tot tteyv bail ;DOt Adm'f4bi ;,11 ,"' \ I,:joQff', '. .JH1'I.1"'I'J 2"" J t
rurJ."J iJt'J
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W. !_ & reached jiio i 4 tha,ute of,this,(Ocr ivis- 'fT I 1.0tfy..EWI"" VV t''su f" t' <} I't 12, ._. M, istot'D t _

,(Ii Wn. : '. whou. The whole aflair..was belie vtd to U'of;:liitl_ ,;.; 'N '; ; & .. S. .'I \ic'la 1IJ} t\j wi W j_ r.2.!uS J '1 ,l-M'fPn&W' -lr i'4Ji.ii

.. :4 a. moment V SlIt. : *\;4-r ,'ffNt''J ,I "TAd IY' zl m bnrtsU3 Q.n J.i'h'J<..dTtw'GIt..n.1 IMm"IiJ'e4J6tpfiN.qtul b' i .. _

"S '". 11'P.- "alim aj. .'Of* .t al Jew,', Our Faaoota as IavaiiaW.1 _

mu. sa JehieI' :j.iTh uii V -1 4 a4.fttPa1I" "liW :!1I&tt"laC SJirffe4jfl.* >6 '!'
ingen ? m1&Tb&cac1attathaiths
tJavWsDIfl1).ssnt7d.' rilk F E1,
On the&IIi, & ufl the flight of *pae. which *young.ParUian bel.' eeu8II.'ftelaIIl_:. IIf' 0 = _
thi GllD48He. ,. who is fondcldancing .'. 11. .I.Ifa&
9 TU' traverses iatbe!mlotos' 4sbt.4)said Estas1. R tot i ior.
Ni)1Gsrg .,.... ) ftf Pari'wh only ptrformiiiBT contra iami4l'qmss4s'a4 *o'nsms.rhe1ng4.ens nut, & 1li & lit .
41\'JJ.tR ti
I HfI',. "Pzo1'tI" dances, amount,*U bn W
rithJ '
"L1"ft.dA' ... 1Ialtar- ; o, hw, 15Q.tl1Tfl2i ad,that frencIiJady; wIthJa.&IIs---.1 SVV GEO(1.'FLEML o.,1tJ 1 )eqi.U.frrirl"the:date beflof1nd&l1Whlbh, a failara% fa to em "'..41f"4""F'" I ;_ S

: ".. fOD :oI,waltang.IriJl.*piorouad>r iaroat S {r. i. $1C' /afatAdminWrater.; ." wked.' tbsMt1Lt
T.. J1..t': 'J' do 10, IbM 4BQ11tt w.., J I .a.'f\R'I. =i -
...__11 night as often as tht.wbaels.of'a ctetsbeat -tftf,.-->- *,.aMz.rr'; then.. .. Oeeas4moo .- w she S !. _
: b-A"DraM. .,it t t".liwr It"; an.i' revolve in going from Calais Dorert Fe1 1-2n-_ V V IT.ml__ O wrM* That etrtW.8OIt" 4isIyIbtle*to Prhrten,'wh* "_ex>4 twit. ,,tsA. !_:z the -t1 4 1 S

'ir! ,; 1 tkVV
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14, !. ., > -|
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d ''""conJMnUstpWIW..a .VI' rloh lega "K'oWI4rrTtt. -: ; I i .f:; ..
gup of the club. 'f.t..ift :
Aud'ontYgetf spst.b"Sbecnptjona '
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"hnt4 tc" vDIfLhi4Prkia-11t &ylcig1IycreditabI! !to of fithjst Grabm'all mcatfcnl muttlegddrcMedpoat V 3d14V'Ih5 !' t J
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I Book torah aollari.' S
5=Jtr .i d .c Bn dict has made a,most voluabl Five Copies of the fTaturdayKvcning Post andtThe Editors'-1 qt ) t i. '1( N1 prwtu..lS ,:0 : .'; .'. .& an. ..(1lJ. I \\10 i
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Jr" r.. place in every intelligent' family j** I dy 11300k fqr ten dollara." ...t-"H"i1 i '"tlU'fW < 1. : ; V1J,!.) .. .It&t I.' -.rol' ,- -. ; !, -
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.I' \ ial\IatiW' and comprehtnsivenent'oT design. ;Benedict's ;wo ottho4'bumtain. "iouainl1Jg i etoilg. 'lfCSMi o'fmH :rtJ"I 11847. 'c1) rl.3; v trifling lthe.' -how-+direful t ..'cottsccniCnce! ..- -U' ? ? .- N o.tN jor. }Jou.la twe.
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) m't.. 'N "1ii'O tttfAiR FLicT I1)W A.TCnM.J' .- .,.!J).'for, full,. ,doUara." w t :"t:.. "lJ v. ,:r:>,t ;t"U th..l'rorelll oitto tifeiUnited State has silenced the roice'pf$rnd nee} if you will not' .\ athaa4Ifrdtit.tf.C9.df.. ; EaZ1RQS.-.' nCtOp.c .
..1& VZ! atzt01 4': I z3 What days and nights must''havbecn given.to ; OaPIStOd take precautionary measures to prevent disease,
,, .-::4Prtniiwei o.tfer.J "J : Digest and Supplement now Jttst ; : is in WarrenNl. a& ; ..;heir remit HMM-rcadingf to bard ctndy, to iellection of : 1W7. This great work baa two.Iii the cpreparation. of Iistenat least, to.they dictates oT're.D., ant),' Ridgeway
made far" Ralei&ajrt.tii"tlM'jtW.'lb .
documents the examination of dry details aDd ex ltum'btrer the;:last, prospectus andpuulication for more, toaft twelve cured ere it is too late1. 'Attend asM:htooldM: fae L 4 ftt'BailBSad.3jtlf t.qI ,'.,
.fencI.-ttIIh.li.'.1 "I le.1 ; tensive few of the old firm,win beladneredte and continued. I atio. fo.tftcar* .
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feel the debt -of !whlbHtLey ti'Le Post Office ofaay WDt: the Union,from officers of the College, tS1&A ssIaatiq&ad3L ,,1b.
-t UI). azr.Deeply gratitude lab6u'It..u. iUpreparatioa.?: Yotimetl: wa$ consumption in the bud and avoidjongyearf,
.Jo. ,t1nn"4rA 1iI } whictt shall ei\l.th greatest nambsref: ubj- tilt. '* IIfi
Wf fex MrvBenedi f t edited the Hon Therea-Metcalf grave.
.q we lirlnk : ;lra St1bj :. scribers to,the Saturday Evening 1'ost dnifn!(they by cd appfic D. to the dffap iiCoO .
I Tvi 'bIdnsElE'ArnsrV-Tho contents'of the ; C. Perkins a5d waa ublisbea in 1841; Volumes not'deceived by thE too tnanygpnriou* worthless ,
I n ZtdtQXi anT m'f ."C 11tnlO.ri +aJe'twee1 the J'N otell1ber.1847,and ihe 1st Wild Into ithontfiirtherexnmIu at f J :. .
: .Jfi4Oru whole'we to w,a:treasure;,and 2 and 3 edited VGcprge-Ti<* Curtis. preparation/of Cherry ushered no-
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t.\f..L, November 1848tHe to be mailed.to such MJIdbtt J '
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1 ,.. from thv:fovrtoenth Uthe.. seventeenth oentll .' year Putnam }sq., corapjetes'the Lngert or eerol- Anther Invalid rettored'to Health? ; ] .
"i 1f tL .. ,_ & oiie, for.the the whole tho expiration of the year for which,their subscriptions Common Law and Admiralty Head m thetaost larka1Jl'ure or con's4mption : '
_'' .. 1' .A jrioetof workvsTT M' Ji 1 1Tii shall bate te> paid."A7' ume of American TO"Ttigt'nnptg- iTTllERi ;
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OhKrurfAir'IfDltx'.- volume ns The papers will be continued OD.-eitherto- S -I.J"1 ANDSOUTHWkW$1&TES1P"4 .
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-t---: : -z : fl-. f .' -. '-. LEWIS COLBY; 122 N ,.aw. Blmt..Pt.w. .' 18r7. in one volume.Of cold and inflammation-of-the lungs, which was I. ;;-i j "4.i* 'flt
THE OCEAN STZ.U1fls.i usnntf: ,'J.f .4' "'1 ".t t:,l1 tfw't h3 t* jthoayi tit 'Adwtna.j < the importance 4>f this work, if well done, accompanied wijh-a-very distressing cough. painin rja P. /
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;: vance. Subscriptions may be sent at.our J'ilk. lawyer :-The following letter from Professor G reen- of offensive1 inncos from the t ngseiepL-' 7e.r.: Mol atpq.r t' S
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will give hetiee'of the hew firm and 'en* limited States Digest..Ypv will recollect that several ofnmy.Iungs.During this time,had tried
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4' ,; CraMw/, ..' "f j .. stvleand, dding:Jq it such.JJ\w AUld attractIve' larged paper(we osk not that they shall be praised) year ago strongly advised the preparationof various preparations and prescriptions, but foundno character as givingto.its.ct3irpcI.s-to interest intmc' ,.u minds an i
rMsSafeton? CVpt. JoWloi't" NewIterinIjmC York features'*s;shall'serve"to'-entWe1 it to a intheir editorial columns-; shall be1 entitled to an General Ififftt of all the Judicial Dttfsions relief-growingall; the time.w rs.. Just hereI please'air tastca.-" Beside l4Urrint ne'ps'Ior-
1.ft-" high position The literary flI the exehejige.-t Saoh as arc-already entitled to an'ex- of the United Statet down to the time of its pnblieati wa*advised and persuaded by a dear friend""In CoaUaeat
8& 'n 7D" I among periodicals eign and domestic, the coIujwp'.oC taj *
for the current shall receive the nnnd annual publication all
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combining with that experience extensive facili- thankof the. acW firm.:' ,'111\. th&jfecisions in the preceding year after the manner Cherry. I must confess thatiprerionslyil, had ,
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of Harrison' English Digest. long medicines/ 1 I $
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eb tb. 15th IUId 4tIe 20th of the .
to the Profession as It would furnish and the. choicest j crifial traaala .
acceptableness but your'claims .to theprofession'and
WheD to. tax hi. exertion to the utmost in orderto empirics, understanding .
I6ODth the! f&Ita the I
n4ay. day of the Common Law Inall tions from the ?. France/andt.Germany. .
a complete synopsis of medicine and having ; >
from New York wiflt render the"&aix..tn"inoro worthy than ever of Saturday Gazette practice ; ,
rt 1I1 Je 21st.) 8Clectjoa'l S. I
a- ,. the liberal patronage it has already received and the States with annual information of Its progress implicit faith in the saying of my friends *forthwith : :? *
.. :: :rKRDKirr LIST* !: itverp't | ol. gain for it a.wider and.. more'enlnrged sphere of NEW YOLUMExCONTAIKIKO and improvement, and would entirely super- purchased of Dr.. Shaw one of your agents 7V Litt" ; I*.ettt, *
of State besides relieving theProfession
usefulness. node the use Digests, a few bottles, and commenced its use. My disease who haveUisiM 1b'n&M aUetkt
MORE Or.UTERATt7RB .MDWSTHAN pronounced fc/ali
United States. Capt. Hacksti&J for. Now' York. It will not bo expected- that, in the limits of a from the expense of many separate volumes was' at this time of twenty twenty-five months? Y vindications the South;4r.tw': derallllflr''

Wed. )1&117. ;: p brief Prospectus he riionld go into an enlarged ANY OF ITS COTEMPORARIES AND I of Reports, and the trouble"* and.delay. in' standing, and consequently was deeply seated.' I falsehoods northern .firntfajmi t bat ev t.emanated -
$*t.h.&nds, Capt.. Thom tor New York detail of the STANDING UNRIVALLED AS A PARLOR procuring them. however considerable relief from the Use
he Intends ,
improvements tOt carry into I found, ft om. the Press,will K'jWloiied by otter
Taj1 June A. :j, the publication of this excellent periodical; sufficeit (COMPANION AND J1R -SIDE'FRUND, Year five volumes already p_VK bed bare fully of the first four or five bottles- jut being a public artc1eozi the subject of'ouRd4sr! .il MlaUon .'
sarA Sands, Capt. !For New York, that design, tn a manner, I believe,
to say that whilst the aeecoiplished speaker,I frequently attempted to preach with involved in"the crusade n6 vviiriifjir f against 'M-
Mon. Aug.7. I2rah I- Sett and Artutic Talent eal' Gazette now enters upon lVthfrdyear entirely satisfactory. It is as trustworthy as any my increasing strength and thereby ruptured institutions of the Southern sl-es,>nsa th* *
Literary : pin.ofdistinguished
Sands, Capt. Tbompeon/ For New York N and its publishers have abundant reason to Digest I have bad occasion to make use of, and tbose8ssels that lzad'already begun to.heal l'ln
T4Qct.10. in the will be engaged.to add attraction will find in the library *f Southerue4q.pkewjkiit67' f!
country congratulate themselves anon its brilliant success, naturally a place every this way,1 doubtless,my cure was greatly retarded;
For Havre. ;;,1 t > to the pages of "THE LADIES' GARLASD," its triumphing overall competition,and obtaining for careful lawyer. Nothing remains but a tableof Inconsequence of acting thus imprudently-1 )

United States- Capt. Ilackstk.'i'for New York readers will be compelled to admit that their patronage their enterprise the reputation of!being/rst among cases;which is' mach wanted, and the issue of to use twelve or fifteoa bottles.befor I;was perfectly justly classed among the mis*, bfej predMtlew--

Mon. July.10, | was never bestowed on a more meritorious the family joumalt. f. the supplement at the close of every year;in which restored. I have.no question a innfhsmullor of that able writer, is givenI44ire iirta.Immediately -
k publication., In short, it is the proprietor's intention It has often been remarked" that the Gazette l1 t good work'we shall wish yon all possible'Su Cfl8" number of bottles would have mode me sound but on.its arrival ia thHj pitiry4 A ..rieq-s r

f.C "J L11Z-jft weekly. to make it one.of the best and most popular, more 'of original thought and useful informationin Your obedient. servant. for'the above indiscretion?*Tho Sni- 'allayed tales, illustrative of AmerSc ti |u4oi s.is ia.preparation
( c. .JlarruonT'f ,N'w York as it undoubtedly will,bo the it than' Is to be found in any similar publication S. GREENLEAF.IJ.n the feverish habit did away the distressing cough, and a series of<, '' f'iM'
Wed. I. U ; Cfieapttl Magazine the United Statet.. ;while the raptd increase of its circulation, Table" of Cases above refemd'to will put a stop to'the discharge matter rom (the L.fterifrom J& < *toner* a* }

Caledonia, t&pt. Lcitch, FroaBoston: Wed. .The large outlay or capital which the'proiecu-; now extending into every section of the Union, be ready Tn the course'of.the summer.'---- fangs and gave them and the entire system goodhealth. will$Shortly cominenced.J I. J' f'' adiot1-
and unparalleled in the same of time, affords I have deferred offering this ccrtifcato
May 31. ::1: tion of .space eontaine'd the United States tjculariic, Our close to'th.'lfRt 1..1
his plans must necessarily involve,can only substantial evidence of the general approval with I Lift of Report* tn till now. for the of being perfectly satisfied : pros
niberniarCapt: Shannon, 'Fr &,ew York, justified by a corresponding increase of patronage Jfigett end Supplement 5 rob. royal 8ro. purpose lenT eomlJ1erciaJl.'lLDd I1tezs of the
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' l which it is"received by the reading public. with the of the sure, and now.that
Wed.aJ ne7. f permanency tnt4-
es' to dissetothe'latcet
1 on the part of the literary public. Thai this S Tola. connligencc' a .
'! offerit with pleasure.REV. .
feel Dcrttctlv well.
Nfirtra.;cart: Ryrie, FromB< rtWt' Wed. June will be secured he c&1lDot.doobt, nor docs h. ques- I "Hie Uuftdasud4gn Mr. United States Reports, including all the Circuit .n J. P. JOKDAK. on all subjects as fjftoftfptry 'snyor. CNr"

.zII.c / ;.. \t"\" \-t: tion' the fact that when tho.subscribers; to. the By suitable etnsmcnt upon tte wprld as it passes Reports' .. i.: .' .75 DttblinCountyi'N.C.F" S ,. northern'contemporaries f itll** ogrpsper h as
'JaA "G JrL. D", we specimen of..what:he intends tho most liberal arrangement*'have'been made Maine Reports, .' .' ". S 25 .. ; ., large and eap.w&.feel: tbjASf a hen at least am
STM XAV. Co'a, Lwi-43r.Soutbamp.onndBremMh .- that Magazine tobcLhey will wonder how so superior -j|i to secure an array of varied.talent, such as can be New Hampshire Report, '. -" '. .-'- <.' 12 equal claim with the worthi .pf Jlhrst to the wy-
: be furnished for hOTEL TVasniiigtbii city, tro age of'tLe southern pnbtCf tt *r3 ee pecufiarint -
a publication can possibly t I: found in no' other weekly publication, and thus to Vermont Reports, '25 ; .' .
Hermann. Cap, .Crabtreeffi": s f Xew 'York, the insignificant price of its lubsCri ioD.' Thcy'imav ; combine in the Gazette the-best features of the Massachusetts Reports ? 51 : 'D. C.,corner "Pennsylvania avenue 'and reals;:onr Jown li8 esPWJ.'.ai.'id. .o-

W.d14a'1Wa1iingtuntapt.,- .M U -. be assured,however that every promise made Magazine and the Newspaper. Conpeeticut Report*,* -' .24 12th street'EDWARD II. FULLER}proprietor, tenntoetl to A* all in.eurpojt samIflksktronago .
)ohtoa.jj of'New York shall be scrupulously fuifilled and the merits of It has, from the first j been'the steady aim of NewY Reports, .. .' ': -' .' 7f who most respectfully calls the*attention of liEs IJ zuostrespectusllsste1.. I A44.

.)' ,-t ,3). ;, ;,J the "GABMND" be so enhanced as to win its wayto Neal'tf Gaxette to render a welcome visitor in the New Jersey ireports1; S. 20 old friends j and patrons, and tho travcllingjmblic pOt paid.' : !. .y!, "_ .._':-.
public favor in a manner.unexampled in the domestic circle, and to secure to itself the reputation Pennsylvania Reports -. "- '- S -' 68 in general, to his present establishment now in T E. R.3o. f.l't' ,
bDUUDEn' TtiKtis-For So444tOfl, Havre, history of the popular I literature of America. of being pre-eminently. the Ladies' ParlorCompanion Delaware Reports, ".. '. 3 full operation, having opened on' the 1st of De Single op10'.the C ntiDe I1 'raT: -

and Liverpool.CnitedStates \ ; Maryland Reports, ;' -,". 25 cember last. '-The building-is' entirely new; and. 'Three copies,1, 4t": .'JJ6
For S.* flavr$, 'row New York, TERMS: And;to this end, our columns have been and Virginia.Reports, -. <:- ;: 42 was erected under his own immediate wiperintendoflc Seven copies,; i-.i4 ,.'t ,IC-
'st.Juee10., ;? The terms upon-which' "TRY LADIKS'GAK-j: will continue to be, graced by contributions from North Carofina Reports, '. -.' 26 ;with:the strictest .attention to enmfort andconvenience. Twelve copies. .i 'J. ,. Ii

8aitt"Sand. For,Liverpool,! Prort New York, LAO Ain DOLLAR MAOAZIJIE" will" be furnished, < ladies of distinguished rank in the literary world, South Carolina Reports, -' 30 The rooms are large and airy, with SeventeenAllnew ColCS. '. ft.ti E:I ". ;." J
*Viday/Jnly. 7. ;:J! t"Sirah' are as follows: ,; tho pastyesr 'having given'evidence ef what will Georgia"Reports, .', '.' 4 fireplaces in each, and furnished in a manner Combining subscribers awgor i.cAr1l.l. wU]b1

Bands., For.Liverpoolrtop5sew;' York 1 copy, ,. $1 .00 : be done in this respect, by furnishing original articles Florida Reports,, F. .. : -. .-, 1 lnxnrant comfort.The furnitnrej beds,' entitled to'a pamphlet evpy c. '! Tierq Irons lb.-
.ftlday &pt; 8. !t t 4 copies, .'- -- ..- 300 \ from Miss Leslie,' Mrs. Sx J.:Hale, Fanny Alabama Reports, s .."f*.- -, -' 25 bedding &c. are all new throughout the house-i South,"comprising 1ettersifHfjVGesriu L lu-
5arah Swids, "r'Jyerpoo1."'' "' om., 4ork\ 7 .' 'r "'. .. 500IS. Forrester, Mrs. E. F. Ellet Mrs. Hughs Enna Mississipplttepovts-- '; ..". :. 14 The ladies' parlor i is most spaciaiw, fronting oa sachtuctts/aodto the Soclpr "ae.aW. eke- .

Friday, Not. 17. 1 ". :.' ..,." -' ., 900 I Duval, Alice G. Lee, Miss M. J. McIntosh,Mrs. Tennessee Reports -. -. -, -. 24 the avenue and opening on a splendid balcony,the back n'.mt of the paper eSon. -, 'im, 1
LF011B 17 -- 10 00 E.-B. Smith. Mrs.'Caroline'Orne, Mrs. Angels Kentucky Reports S -.'. 43 furnishing of which..in taste tand.elegance will & gratis. jn .
:. '" 3J" 1500 i Hall,'Meets, M.Duncan,Mrs.Carolhte H.JJotlo.-, Ohio Reports, i 15 compete with any ,other in the Union. l'ri\ teprIori' . S SS \4a-.t- -.__.- n

.T1Iov$4wD : 81 CLUJgBING I Maria Roseau Edith Hrvey Blanche Bennaird, Indiana Reports-- ''. -, ; .. .' 6 for parties rcquiriftRSttch aceouamedat ol1ll. 1'1'' (O PROs1'EaII.f jt 'n.
.n t- ; ? 'I Mrs. Griffith; Mary Morten'Mr: Elisabeth J. Illinois Reports -. o' 6 In the arrangements throughout no ejtpenqfe has Tf S
PuMised) ar &*d as mahnthioft For the convenience of those who desire to it. in .OF .' '
may Barnes Alice(8eynH nr.'Mrs. 3. J. Hewe, ancmsny' Missouri.Reports, 8 been spared to. render every respect unsurpassed .
:\\'t'Y.nr "'Ii 4th. form Clubs, .. make the following proportion i othe.'wbOlle'f'Od ctins are"knjionorto. Arkansas Report*, .- -S 5 by any Hotel in W bingtoJ,1." The .I dljt'a: ; Dap.l For five dollars, wo will furnish three copies of i orfr'eountry mje volume'of'the Gazette now tion is every way desfrnble; being about midway To'tllt In; f wt idI ;ti ;?
:' su Q '''t1It. all .., "The Lad &Garland/Vand two copies of the' llotuo ; *
President's the
649 and
commenced. will be-even more brilliant in this re- Total of volumes digested between the Capitol, .illtnuWl;i. the dwrnttfr* t* 2nd MIl
t."II'H '. "Satnrds.y.Ei'ei4ng Post, for one year. ?> t "pee t than7-that which preceded it-and by the aid 'Of a inajorlty-cfiheae Reports Digests hare executive department"j toIJlld Political Prne-- s' .
.rrMot tMe. ral" 1"" tr')'jd':, -Fatvtea dollarseevca e Fcajkrmel,2.; :'. t irzut :,$11 ._ 'VIi'- j.. and four copies of the'i" Saturday.Evening ,'who have1 won enviable Digest are'old; and'consequently imperfect; and ( eighteen years:'in the'city Washington) he1 TILE coming contest isfrwtvrItiporba...
Ftdi hl. pit 'tiiI tfJ it' th Post" will be furnished- .. .< reputation as writers! ;'Neaft.Gazette'may,'in the expense of a Digest of th.United State Court feels assured !of affording satisfaction to all who to the Whigs of -. HreiU- S
Wetter and Southern tctt' "AWJ.rlishers. tu thPUb For fifteen dollars,seven copies of" ".The T..odue'thrland" : I all its depatmonta," challenge comparison with Reports, and that of several-of'the individual i mal honor him'with their patronage, in soliciting: zeus for the first,Florida-IP. the' eflq fec-

-s.i xS- ': and seven copies of the Saturday EveniPost" my periodical of the day.on either side of the At- Sti>4, is as much or morel than,the above-de which no exertion will, be spared .on. his.part. .to. Chief Magistrate bA1fepl'R1
With the above work mA'y bo odc Iatiiy Agentit'ina.aPTITLZEAUT will be furnished, with an additional lantie, a* regards Its h'gh'' moral tone, It. interest scribed Digest of all the United States Court Re merit their approval. tire!tii tft"-.Dlhlta ES ': OIl .U.

: .1 eoprof.pcb to tke;Postmaster;Rr.oJberJipeyKJrvthrough for all claaBcs-of readers. .., and Its essential. value as ports and all the St&te'.Reporta80 that lawyer The charge for board $UiO per diem n, State aretoie'chosen.sn44.ies .sisited
whom the Club may be raised and the a household visitor.- will find it cheaper to buy theiWHOtc than to buy The Bar is furnished with the ell1 ieeaL, leot.iOlt upon whom< will devolve* thett.utit..of akJ-
i" royal .r4i'-Jo; & izw4t remUUdvl /III > i Wffet4j It tnoney, his that the diciary and a. United 8taiWrp J
only those of the United States Courts and own .Winos, Liquors and.Cigars market
ift 'Miform ,Hi" ,.iIII t1J, /: For twenty.dollars, we will furnish teD copies of I' 'S&iaZ4rnuscrneietifcrMe. Ymtng.t State. mar 14ACADEIIY. -, affords. i fttue it invdred tbjirriitiazi. 5I of Ilorforears'to
more than J5 page*.' 4I J. '' H .ThetLaIes''GaHana 'and'ten' or 'ohhe Jnoonfornuty with the iniprossioa thai the week ,. S S APorter will be in attendance 'at 'the''earan' ; reese. ..Thi'so4i t.. 1I&t& '

The Library has keen-.Before tbe public suffi Saturday Evening Voey:wjtbsr premium copy i!y newspaper,exceedingly important to the ju UNDER .THE.DIRECTlON their arrival to convey'baggage to the Hotel free mastery; \and. the..remitvanquished ZIMeD1IbII.
eiutlylong to be'known as eVMainne a large breach work for'bhe'yeSrfo the'person raising the venus branches families,as a means of awakenr OF LADIES Of THE SACRED HEART, of.xpenae.: a ,- perhaps irreti ;; :B. Chen.-

amount of valuable reading and f &Wber'of exM Pub and retaitting-tbe.moheyk o"" ; .. v*<)<1"'I ti ingjiterary taste, and for;ercalioK a fondness for NEW YO1U ,, .. :, ,. becomes the'Whigs to gird tb4Z1v'Witb might
cell n>distinct works no"bee elp be found.rpuVJUftedkin 'i For thirty dollars twenty-four uopks of".', innocent recreations, it.will, be observed that at- "u 'ITd\ --- t and'to: go into the struggle wlhWsseIand(t d.
tft.i$, otalni .werebf separate Ladie Garland"and eleven copies o(the'.?Sator- tention.to this point is a leading.characteristic of 'rhflaerecJ Heart Academy about eight "" .. FALL SESSION OF. :=- 'i aInati "'coinm iiMirate .Iha.'C'isi1si.
ki TWKVK poMM Wionld) pel IJ'fcicha .them day Evening Post?.will be enW-together with a the.Gazette, ajjithati nothing is neglected ieh the,city-of New \ork, in the vicinity i. Macon 'v interests at stake. .c'I I I ,'

| f. . premium copy of each ofLkaid I'ttblications for oat, may contribute to an end of so much value to,therising of I Harlem and Monhattanville. The site "flaudo1p1i, '. : -i t O.pllegeThe'.FaJ .., .5 c Intheca1Ln ,1&1"; ..b ettb.FJ..ORI .
.!iDw &IIMt ''; 4 .* ., .. is romantic, elevatedhealthy; and beautiful. The j' Ii" '
)T ear.i I t" J w geoeratiotut > i, */ 'i' Eti< Cession of this .Institution wilt \ VmGs.eMciAazf.rf.,.
;111 bbl.'1.-.al .;. : 1D t .ll.13.L'bft :90F Orders'mnst/in all aiestesompne1 m ,fAgnetifttralMJairt.PjWHftl .. ., buildings are erected in handsome sty Id. The \ on'WedncsdaV'the 9th 6f Angnst -'' WHIG will'not bcTound'wi' shbaere 110"
for recreation neat and
Z's4 Th4I'St .It IJ'6 r by the money. T ',w<' 9* .s "''X.r ; pnTns"wTIl.ne;la1 el1.hiish"ihe grounds promenade are IMS.1 The'Prn atry fVboob at R Ugw r trmnpet'wUh' IIlute',. '. r. r.m
agricultural surrounded and
.. ,. 1 'Addrws8AML..
x" j'eaip readers tt
..1r wti e mort and important shaded by forest and trees., "
tci1 i14pt&d grove .. National Convention and!wrH Msesaey otk
purchajingThe ,
Ladies' Garland and Dollar Magatiitifu day JuI. ;
'. 'Intelligence in: reference to all'matters connected This institution,' in its plan of education; unites "j .c "
for ell. 1t,.... ": -vr > Ko-.' Cfie .? Pluu.;' with t3v culture of the soil and the that be from ." F ACULTI. F liOLLc.GE.- .. 't great andilorio pripcipRes4 '$e.1dg PP.Zt tit
". . ; every advantage can derived a punctual ftIU
,'. .1 wm be f undftsrtesswdbf
to t !"' -A"f" J} p4 J'p'.t."C ; JG .c" "W. A. Smith D.'n.;,President arid"Professorof ever :; ,
,., .. ., .,. .. conit41lsio ; and conscientious care: bestowed on th*pupils 1ira1 -" ''" ,bIle
PublisHers append i'ft*of the noficcs '. r. ; '. -- 'HI' 1 .t, if lI&o 'j. Mentar knd Phnosophy. "11 _a l1 Proper oecaeions;htny pl4t .ot3-
\' '\'.,' "EW\\ERQ P $ attended te..' to render of peenliar interest .' in every branch of science becoming to their sex. S 'David Duncan, A 1'I.fllrokllSOrlorIADclettt$ .the principles Modem 1b4ew,.iJaaDu..Ir-

thHisryIe.reeeirMfPom the rt- to all mtta.of,business; '$nd' willbe:'found Propriety of deportme it,Politenelll,personal neat- Languages r.- I- r."J' s" ,ft; 'IJALWAYS INADV.ANCE.1. .', : that o reports- of the. markets, prepared.with hess uul principles! ormorality, are objects ofunceasing Exekiel A. Blanco, 4..3t., Processor. pure. :\ ,'"lq..e.JS- '(uUyj &sr,4izu1! tcompr1-

.:b. I.__;% .'. ttl '; ..i r' -' .-. 1'l*"('. .' espe<&J "reference to*the objects of the mercantile wholesome.assiduity The The-diet health of is the good, abundant is the, and applied !rath'emaics.( : "' : singly committed to a .vigoejtaccutIon ..r

14 4to &ne4let'eUWcb Vem>,to the.t TRULY. AMAMMOTHSHEET. ;' community ..art far more'Correct more compre- and pupils 'Rev; Charles. Deems A. MI, Professor'of a'war against LOIOUMI1 i aisik--
i of constant.solicitude and in sickness
*nook of much' al .v Ifft naa"madeUrr r."- t-- .n ;'..) hensive.- nd:.arlier.in :their intelligence, than object with theyare Experimental Sctonees. "'. 0 'T.T r.trcatt..m err JIrr' :,: s1 i orVUh.ie"itou..ruthE"

xtrirts from the >tst6ry>elihMennonlteMl ; l1tEV C-En'PtlICES-TOCLUB3;. those oiany of our cotemporaries.the Agriculturist i attended of religion ipaternal Will tenderness not be obstacle j to T Oliver JL P.,CorpreW, -A..;:, Tutor of Ani:: ;.caaa fcf-
_' 4& '. aJsotheje reports of advan ,.Pifferepce an clout and ilathcmatics. ; edtH 1
;F *iltbt.TLrlf the work i arc great I the admission h'f' .ladies provided Languages i\'\ ,
J wVlel/ furnUHes-'tbeso, theUx | >in t6 our THfi'PrfrprictorB'ofthe: SATURDAY EX-EXISO taKe, furnishing, him with the price ofpro4uoe ,tall conform young lathe they are of 5' PRINCIPALS., OF l"REP.RATORY't. *I avoked$*-
wiDlngti general re'gnlatl '
Ktiffisicinterest from the tKek: the leading points'oftrad .nll rekeepen as ** : f'CIIOOLS.H aid in ei'endiDgitur1UIati > !! ..pw soI1
y : etircV s bare; brides their*w : POST it1ed experience'ef two j the school. ,.., i. .
I tbti4< ti<*iJ enarnt'or'noTeHy.jrA; *o tbeBap.tiHsVr years that it is the manifest destiny| of their III theeo: ntfythusiiare.the' authentic'.detail)of Coiwae ftT4i y JBdaeatlon, Wni TV .DaTil. Principal. the'Preparatory w p1aeedinthehads.ofevekhs DiM.trJe' .
-- tketJhlU 4 compiled a'miss'of bfstod iirMUfn *iwtttf t*ie be Ca id;.and which Worthy than ever of its high.position. They accordingly \ l"e.1je&petJeJ1 tj; n4: beJu4tl the9 primary object of a good education,it is treated School! at Garovsbnrg. ,. "," charge THOMAS B. A142XANL1R.S ? _
waldit1- r eat.'of ih i WWriber, make now havMhe uroorEa1ling the ntUntion prides letT'OU''the Aftllnesss eompleteb, an with the attention due important. a matter AVm: c: Dftnb,'A.:M., Prmcfpal'of JSe Preparatory *' .f&asS'jtdimiier T(h4-r> tf1'T

nd has been greatly yenlarged *'.c the Union''bestows'much care in this respect as lowing every class and department the*hool. ,The'collegiate-year is divided into two seseiona.:. Far y...Cepies,1jf... '. J:fI"}: 1 U -!:BtF
I.C I. This eu1argein ntD&b1esjbrmto lay the equivalent the Saturday Gazette. And so in reference tGthmoney ,The course of edncatioo comprises reading elocution The first begins .8 weeks after and tho second ftt te fP :
i&C.ftke of eight more''eblnmni.'of reading before mark,stocks, exchanges and other topiesof ?writingarithmetic,. French and. English weeks,before the 2d Wednesday June. 'To such : .H iO' / ) .
I&inwrd Ksot1vs &rktj7 their subscriber"weeklr--b ing; fact, an addi- .similar.inUrent; furnishing .each.number.. grammar English\ and French polite literature a**desire to nter''College ft'is important that .5 r t' i'L.lll G i! NC. .u

laIyd.p.1LSUa) Ut.rs4mi 'ion of one-fonrtkto the C4"pf the paper. BosineM Manual of.wellr rranged and minute de composition in ftrose in both.languages, history, they be in attendance at the opening ef the'.MjJlIioD. ;* _)J -
Character ''Papt1' tall'. ( sacrpd.and profane, chronology:;geography, the A shortabseneeat that time may place .NOTICE nY' .
', 4 1 t..t f1hs t'thrll ;t.QW.E8 i;4 11piUc B; '11-:: ) use of the globes and delineation of maps, the element student under disadvantages which will impair(is "ttMf1.
d :
Tlaeri ii fa f. en.er.liawb tealralt
: ; & f44:11r? a3i .: It has been under the!cttbervisio*0 the present toe.4sopyNe4l'i*,Saturday Gas;',1 year.' $2 00FoureopjM mythology*of astronomy geometry,eh, miatr'lDaturallbloaoPh1. scholarship throughout the' session the:Our epurseof often ttnto Uw ptwoeatsncceeded'by ". 'if Jelaimj sgdiiS
tz ) is
arranged wants
*do uiqt-j<> : : 800 ,studjr. .to tp meet of v
Yiik shall be maintained. ornamental tiGraI.Qovernment d&S bsi
I 4ttt Editor- needle-work embroidery and silk che- SOXiru.
4 Eight do do doa '> -7 00 young men who desire to acquire ao'extensive Ii
I 4t shall.be neatral ia Pelitlesand .RellgJoujrnt' Thirteen! toT ,."do *f? 'do 8'00 nillo,'gpld and *ilv r,..rtfAciaI8.wer..ad every English education,:-without studying the-Aheient great labor'an i'ingsby M.tQ1 b4To--

: ... *wt wk aS4sqiaeatg az the.ame' 'Um..that' jt-. haU] not,Xear.to rpe Vit Eighteen. 'of the Gazette.will be ont for 15 00Twentyeight spesws. f/Bcy.work, aecordingfto the wishes.o( LaDp.ge..The benefit to be derived;from rthe'. collection and prehadivplJiJythevaedcoti
IJ $aeM tbao..orZsasd1staeets*. *Itlncreaaeiw ,re$1t. .!!, .rc'/_J. r-a.f t.-1J '1&' copies will;bff ent for* III' 3Addresv 00 the parents. CIor1.f ; use 0(;tbe.>Liharie8 and fromat, ndance oa the 4 ..1teaui.YeiI'' ; .? ol'.ate
b ww1q Ibtesid a 1tadvo erjrIudsl ... ..urzriaZ fuad;& 4rticLes.. ,,, .s ,- ,j ,..kl'UBLISHERS w. ? T. erlDa. Literary Societies,'.should, strongly) induce iTn*taVd;! taf1 c\5 c r!.tf the c Kf :RjThrf-

wbleti*$ tMOlilbetb7_4 mV.rva1 sad iti QdbipIalesk.tce< ma&shi11be Third, near cI1eflut.iti.. "Philadelphia." 'Board, per annum;rX.r.V ."t', .! ."J,' r$25Q young men to prosecute their studies Here.* In, tionf oBthe earliest peOd4, itf 'aJe'the
order -
w -I docameine.-1h. of the Uigbegt character.; Tbe faults pt no. article 'Postage, books,' stationery'and.wasting, are for a student enter the" !. termlDatloD. thereof!, fo":wit{|5n*name; of p.cErof '
upon English coarse
I ptbllca&Iou of the earlier workir$k4101 Spro- aD'be over looked, from foolish respect for 's. oTO THE. PUBLIC? "" ., charged to.the parents. ;-" he must be thoroughly..Acquainted- English the line1 knd stafofthohp6int.1by-
l gsishsa be.. in thvestJgatlttk* character iU originality j v ,,-/; T ; I asi II.t4i! CIhSA.5&b5 tLI1I' MoimtIdI, :.Jts 5eloct' d Articles will be procured,fromfirst .<.TI1EjWME.JomAL: ,, S 1.q ,.':., The Geography of this institution,M,+follows,. to the Returns. known &I that''W. $ hiagooPse
expenses :
1 &*4MI.m41mbM mAde LeO44(tiI addS sources; and Ihe reader of the POST may depend EDITED BY MORRIS &''WILLIS.m 'No d ductlon''ilt-be made for a-pnpil withdrawn Boitd: session,'.!.- ,Tuition' and'Dtposfte pera'tk .StstPaparsr.u Aber.iwonL -
per '
uIorm4.. rbkbbu.sbied In IkII upon finding In its pages.the bei\TaJes., Essay*.: before the expiration of the F 6 : Jnformation (fvm the areUve | d-Gft -.- tad
I quarter exceptfoPogent ; mtoRtheeolleg'uOe '
that eithet ia the fipreiguor domestic ', KVSRT isATCEDAr, riri'I CJTJ 0' o.--per/wssionj- ot -: State'' ; thIRI' c4gjsg"t.gtnefratan4'ratoabi&ividooe4 11.'
I tmsr4tkIIterSesl 1teis 4ed.sd 'withLek ItCji appeAt. : -, si, r"-.-.. 1.- reasons: '' **> J i' exeMver t. ncidental.expenses.. veromeD ;
thl. port of the IIuki'Itirestlng, magaiinos., .Thus laying .the, whole'English; and ;" ':.1 I: III!" 'tORE. No'papil: wiltbee received for a shorter'space which lnc1ude thec t Jt books..';Jfuel,,'furniture sflIkslkbypeI4
sadwoytbi- &T Polum.rae ., American' "contribution.; ,;t. At 1 too Dollar per Annum' than months. ,t ,; .,* : .,, '"A' ;&c,, for ro 1;1 Collere: 'respectfully vats individoa t Ik* naa a ai ., 01 tIM L-

ltbewIW1iifeMed revew1 -nU ,r. f.'V Jgricutttiralv ... 'Masie.oa the piano harp.I*guitar drawing and ad".tiarenU that more pocket monty than le necessarV < tinental!and Sta ,,"mnr.' -ia .
*,Itsi oMimialeoaotliObAortd :Tb.' Afri nltural matter, >iof iditch tht Post -- paintiag, the.Spanish German, and Italian languages )to npplyf the reasonable-,-want of tfstijw. ''promotions,services', and tMefleers tr.I.r D. S

Wi* .'of hot alwayt fitt heretofore, double the yuan/if jr of IN November last-.we commenced the publication are extra charges i ? ,.-. .. dent u;inJurio11l..,The practice of-contracting. of'the medical taf urmatesr'-
J theta ezoeedlagly.eui4.sa as Is ant ttker paper, &*U be composed of the best ar* of this family newspaper on a new and novel The French language.Is fluently spoken in the debts with tradesmen ii) too vicinity of College, u Tey&tif' *d!aotheariss4af1J1G 1.faadeihe

Uien tides tkat caa M found ,in the numerous periodicals plan..No similar.,work,,intended to contain the institution ,. fcnd.Ts'.taught '.without'any'extra: in a high 1 degreepernicioD.**A law 9r> the1'State CJI11.9CekIiD er
devoted to the jabjecU ,Making Iii tJa waytifAgrievltarml riCK of the news,'el ga ji *;\9pinioPe and Uterjture.bf charge. "V"?; ,- '? ; V" Z I ofVirgmia designed to provide aremc4'fkthj eommnjssaq I I geaefttl.:T ,> '" I '
our iirae, :.to"cuu/.froui th wilderness of cersln the ,of.the 4dra1tep-
;Department superior ti what it ; 'r'1 Gen.r.a1.J1.t.tlu.t. bane of all CoUegeg. istojhis..cffc : That department
S eould nade.*by $jcrvioei of aoy single writer. the hour's-re.-,flowering caprice"aid,too Rxscux Th:aDDu Ji ca1io 1:"ill..commencecthelastweekrof mcrckant ,who.h&ll.gIYC credit.to a Gollcga tn-any ral,toclmjing deputy?'quarter 'UL
the good things else lost In the bewildering'floatageof July,and MhoIastW duties will be istant depaty (oartemaster'4etsajtag.
.itiiMc,4 4 l : 'Hm. ,&"r..I."IJ. ; resumed dent tirithout special authority froaflkispareatcr
ioll fle4 "
4i ; ts4IoOmsflQfto4V1koaN novelties adrift bad been previously attemptedby ;-J .-. 'J d.attmiL -
4M the first Monday of September iA catj.i.The KvorStattj shall of the : O'A" IID4'Jo .,.
I The News.7b h'Jforelgn domestic, shall be upon eonvicticn. fact forfeii
I tull..iIIid..tai possible accurate-and be Uid others' \:-/' <>ic, *t.yi For further particulars,II required apply to the the'debt.f rfe4t hla-illceBse.-and'be fined$3lI.i- ; r om 1ten. 0. '
M ,
That have labored f s U
;; we successfully our vocationsnoddcedWpkpcr1emarkftbIo Rev. JIqeIs.md w'arniy i
Right Bishop qI.fIIIt..to the lAdY .
4ti) before the reader at the earlled noe i"b1e"moment; Sup.nor5 Let parent*and guardians baye doe regard U jthtt
... ,_1"WI' for Its InteresV' : &ct1d Heart,Of in P.A..rgouI.J3 South Iitg .a|>pomtin uu. dich.(t15.fsisis1a
.' > vilael .r.- ,.... .. lawanijwberojt may,be, necessary.to opeD.conllt."l an ae>
\ / and popularity,'and one adapted t4 sreet'ewYork; '- -I b* TT& &I..q tidrfteM2p._ .t.IIitfti
1 Th. Bank Note Ls Is ecrrckd weekfy.A the wanU of Atf/CLAssea; or ocxryjw.I ban 'TbefwIll'pasS ManhaU& vlfi.\ m' gd' bg d',i1 d merehaDt''l "tis iDtJtYiU thilllntwtlleea 'b6leilgute tipfsIaitersirp.ljo .f

I tflhi5iId&eesist .But$...ef-ihe-.rketl- sufficient evideno ia our extensive and rapidly in It the 8a.oted'I1earl"'trhoQenr tbere thethoun1. ecijlc and '.r .or&1,,." linen flate sfv.the'OppoffltJ..-
I sZsi of8tock are. : f r' 1:1W 01 C!" Sri3PRE1'AATORYiEARTMENT
1--- seekIyivea.Engravings creasing'D1atloD, ia:universal eommendV I tor1fronth.1asUIution;" ihi J. T, In-ra oQ'L S
1r palsc.pl&
i I TLrtozi tion of the public press and/above all,ia the flat- : kaent aid service att1 aBoMiof. .w .

. t saaaI cM Iiifois.- 1. ofy.fflle1.'lt; f also tering enconraximent and.cordial Approbation of Harried.Woman's. ftrirat Sledlcal \ primary'object orih 'Prp ratory.SehfeolsIs .'aooonotsigivisrileemed the tJDQD .r..Wtka.

t tI4m. sad excites ti .oedr $4iiirt.der how', a'h.1111Q1. .fr.r .aJM of.11'. our numerous LADY READE&81in'ery.1 Couip iilon. ..tai'iPj--.$ .sf 'i.Dt to prepare young men for (.ollege'.bhtcthe important In the acij ci"' w.
I sa4l d.tl3,:Sr i6I have 1t4UUeCteJ* "_"owed.t iie e.t 'J f.. tIQnQWItrLwn.try.1 ._-__ __ -_ course of study is such M to meet the wants of theneighborhood lUfpffleewjOrtotheiTelklmeff widow. ar Sla1i.'edIxfg
h.oaflt of tooknot" e k' The IOOPft.:4..ln lehalMtIf,ottlJer Hox.oun. ,. rA.. JM uJ1' 4J" r.-dtf"W iYi T6 r1litl7ii1ociite4,and3oaflflX7studehtsftbeordmnRj' ; ,. U'Ji. ,
,1 tijtk satbor bai &vatlod 4PthSIiifbriMi ..". Jt itfl. ,i'.cmdi. ,?J.Nt ailrer from tho ofany Dewip&per here-, ;UOt. U"dbA" ocCuati ii.of pio Jt\D4._, o A 8"Mtr

xo 'auA'-rl6tlt .I UfJ', '. W02IMtaWaht.s.atTU' 1' S1Wa :1 ; '-; :b1JtJ. fif, '.;; :iI "J butt niO ::fqlO ''Pifj $ ZThflti F
i I rfBraaf Ccmtriora'iri'tb, r6. lags be attention of tbermQ'f business;' and be ,. I.u W:,.51b. 't. ", '1xe.iobqe1 .t\.tTic l-o9\U." ".. i
lO"- IW. &lw ho14 instruction and entertainment.Sth.domertio'nre.ide "I''HH ll oj. CWi .tH 4rI'a ,. t tile' I cU.OD l.Ktf\ta r.' &. ,'lubt. 1as uof betttgran; ,

'; ;. purchase ferlicles off tou .Pi' .U. a 'lkM, .rfe'W ': i liec4 b' and spccossful TeacheiV-nd lay'o1m" cdl c ,*6hUs"v ft n6e Muto:
..UonedtothArmeriU.ings .iBut aitrs W.ON 'i.LI oombbatl..t.bo atdktlll aod b el' .: y; T "iIlOt tu' tryfcrs&f&xst.Jffit $z-$9 'J:
vwtkIgwerkwtthIntiTSiI are otsTridiculooseitaracteif ua4 'Ipa h. moter. .tl tttii ..,, i4o \ua'7.9tZ. : trfisaloTji wd Batioi* art tb iaie aj thai
f if uIrt00tld oiay save &b' wives aid as thelt.ofpnd1atm ., 1d rC n L aiah.. .'t t ef'tL', M'Jt11ft0), F1rr.-I
t for .InaUoK-The 1'o4itj' au 0 ew
i bay. 'W ( Ju_ 1- 8 .rIthMc t 1tt IflV n1
TIi .r fkmilypa -ndno le Do.-.ea1a.tecl to i1J 1D' .hle p grDj1
sip. ic1l
iFU.t1a'drek' bJto"5ih ylIe ', ., tIll iN. eMie1J10 btlMiobtlii'lt
t11 1f ,. ftot 1' ( 't't'J1.w f.QJ.ea. O w The.revelations' eontalned'In: Itf,pagei kayo uition, per session,for Classical stn. Ip ;' etda-

1) ___ _______ .'ts .'i O: : "tr.. >rRfI biJat. 1denta- .. 4_. SiS $2000obaidd I i

I I 1 _ H b1&riutU ? iaathQl'.iU.M&t... J r DI'18_ _lei' ,
,);Ikr.lje,. ,( e"wtr4,1t.t.\.' ri ; \\'fe\ .rmr".rS, ifffi4 Ootudr 1 f LELW
.. Uut I"Md41lP lM i ( r.u&If i .

4'5 mr ii- '"61 .!I 'UwJ.UIO ".. m.Msm4s1es14sirtaLode Mri r l1Ieuol. aytN1. *

:t I ; a *. -Y-1efSt- $1D' .. rt .I"14'' ") ," lIdi_' _! .41 fi ,,:U.n.re .

;- 1k_k-ft i--s: ___ 1'I ; M4 ":e. "n'mn IUIkAd & ; : Peep -
r ________ tif .t4Pr.i''etJ .I''J4 i 0
L 1 J4'* 'Sis ., 1 j. ."1Iln !ttaO ba I t iidt 1fJ. j 1t1i

Mt ZtdI ;a'tcsi rsi '. r ? A" W* Dollar, the "Mif n t.QMaett'ttdllit ni Esh, caught directly from th "I *t:

;,. odi I m. .j; ,. 4 f4' wi: *%1cXsOl ..r Olla. ..ItlWil6M1.l. ati, on" will be i3 .cWJ tb.n i; I (zat, lt' 5sftot3trs ,a .

; ; ,", t .tt Wt at r ,_..t".-r .41.I .-" .i; .'I'fI' .vr-,1 'V -*S 't' ,dt. if, *: : i'C'I .

; ; ; ,
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... ." '--' _S ___. S S
:. ,"' '. t' .'tr'" : -'S.* -.5 -- .5 5
.- : ,:,. t; ,;-: _... ... ; ., C.- - : .l:: : : -

The Florida Republican
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida Republican
Uniform Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
Running title: Florida weekly Republican
Alternate title: Semi-weekly Republican
Portion of title: Semi weekly Republican
Physical Description: v. : ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Columbus Drew
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Duval County E.F. Fla.
Creation Date: March 29, 1849
Frequency: weekly[july 1856-]
weekly[ former june 1848-apr. 1856]
semiweekly[ former apr.-june 1856]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
General Note: Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
General Note: Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--1851-; Thos. C. Blanchard, -1855-- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -Feb. 7-Apr.16-,1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--1857-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002033813
oclc - 02707282
notis - AKM1526
lccn - sn 83016261
System ID: UF00079922:00010
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iff -., .- .h .!.c.\.i1o .J' .lu M 1ll .i ..: h.- .
r; I"'t. .. ---1' > --.oJ. "S. "fL. .1. ,.1 .. .' _" ", .laT1i UJl.u"SW".4 A" ,_ .4 .
._ __ "f "'" -t.'T '.vt-'U"it. Tm _" ___ < n.
== =": '=< ''O.11M.-. ,
:I CTUSj T j }'Ll iHyjft'INsil'r tho'V M .Atheii ... Lei..rejnt lilrorin .;. I.A :' -- :- d.j...:i: 'e: ,J l ?' 'I-I---ir-L-1__ .

j (ir' 'h n I. :0' (fliorfett& ThiN1i1The "Tk'1tf: ; "j .II'e cie&ie Money rnzt/bit.
l ,. 1U jrorjdcotbjef.perSl6 thII ; -
i Ab ul' iidt i801\i #
.f.(1 c 'tia .
tt )1 P} ttA CE Jute ; "" .bDt.Jsprjetlyath
FLOl\QI' At _a meeting of.the Board of TruEeeaeldIn !, a(l '' '
h -rt.oft1&8"fiUe. the foHow1negulation1ereiadopted ; Tabernacle''ojt'Monday.Vvenirig't. ; : ; ; sppjy iimueise The
i1 i AIiD'
i ;, w for the ce'-n ell of aij Institution ,hear! -! th rton'sictui :on CaliforriJa. ;' 4bj'p9rett. eipees'3I be.de torunh
AGRICULTURAL ADVOCATE. : 'l'hclICholutic year to consist pf one.term, .hthe't'4 'a4 Jive rrflifrtrntaft-a man .
*t 1j!i ;: of ten months and close the first Thursitty la Ifecembcr 'who*:b>d actually leen"at th 7'dingt, trip '> .,1aege -

A ek1yperirt t| bi'pbeJ la Qnlncy, Fla. of eachryearv. I \ iI both"wct'' and "dry. Alftorjgh._* r.thrtitvdoubt1ess t n : ; ., 1"I.1iO'7'.Ttti tPCI.D., '' __

lal "t :__,_.; \AT:..OF TViTiON." ., J tenVbtad ) :'felt.mo"re''at home %, 1 uue, .Pl e8S'' u.. ? -
i ; ;in:UieY:h I\h Sacramento' he3un: Ju i f"or.ffi'wy 'fjDi111 ;
B1'jF"11} *4 t BARTLETT ''' Orthography reading*writing- nail arithmetic, i' as > :;, 'i, _
I : per term $16 1 the above;with English'grammar self,?ngted,1hptairi, straight-tb-theinaark .Te ; "".we ." .PI'. o srllas b4 je4e4 beef, 'jl.
t'j and geography, $20 the above with the manner i iif'which ''the suM ". WWJD 1btflla _
TIlE te or:the Qmncy Times, under ; ,, higher and substance"of ger : pexao try,0ta1o bre ( are
the repeated Pjpr Ooilaliot;of his patrons-who are branches, mental of an and English moral education hilo opb1rbetono.loie. :embracing natural his bowle'd"u"i np ried 't his hearers, he ;:tlI ii'ti 'b rdJfpt .my. ln&of Innfr4i4J U&iCI4tak

mostly comprised lalU"he friends of Temperance g botany chemistry geology,* bookkeeping might be-copied to advantagetby,manyper- the ; me next summer e bikeifoigthn '
: '
,Agriculture,and tI\JU industrial interests of and political economy $30; the ,above, with latin Eis .whb have.had more experience i in.pub has .' .
'Society, has drttmii3 to devote his Journal Frcnchf Greek algebra,geometry mensura-- lid'speaking than; Mr.. Athetton. A gentleman pa wer.
more exclusively tUm l>,iecU indicated by tho tion/ .
title he attmnedi e1 .
ew b.4 drawing and painting extra,.$25 of -
; use piano !
The Editor laU oum\ld to make this change per,term $4; for wood per tern $1. One half ,.bavittfJ mMe a few introductory- i, jthizll b
hot eo much with the expectation of pecuniary the tuition to bet paid ,in -ance..ija* .other,balfthe m rks,introduced to the audience Mr Ather ,; -1oFall -. if ergoceramenEand luara to the citiafitiitXE! ik

fain a* with Utrio the.desire O.t*fexerting a salutary State in moral : .first of July. tO ,'. "o.tomJt.enced: .* a' gre I ) JyJ>ftfptajyi.JiH i ift Cajifor,1 1hc-hM tico ____
Uftttw* >tf *ur growing re-
rari to Mtyicta,which h ]bold*, of all ,others toM BOARD OF'1 ITJU7CTJOX.Mr. .Ladies-'and Gentlemen::On -my arrival in ; would 4>e as valuable there as! l Vera CthzAts ; 'iT 3.J SE ? M4'U$

paramount UaporUtiee.The this'eity three or fout days sin e'I .'i.But snch'ia not the ease at Theie'ence

cause of Ttreperaa**; tho interest of Ag- ."William Rev G.hunt, principal"or male; "department' plied lo' by a' large numb of'''pe.rsons wasap-for \ an evidence of-.this,.I may.say1 the tag tjetvhicb owin(tfte1eflhdf
rUulture; and'ORt' industry in all its relations) ; A. Mallett- assistant ofmala 'I. .
reliable information : t Saa FrancIsco the lnIIt.w4anv
when Ileft
and varieties will be the objects to which the attention department ; Rev. Jl. 1L Lackey principal of reference to Califor : ,were "

of the payer nil be principally directed; female department; Miss. Mary Ann Potter assistant :nia._ _,All. ,the information. 'I.have. _in reference. IJ! J'iK!ld it'pri es'higher than .
and as connected'with' tbtae interests and as bearing of female department. Board may be ob 10 iuai" country, 9 i nave ireeiy' imparted, to est am '.wis' in Wall Ur et.Thit _
them, ac'd' u influencing them a reviewof tained in private families in the village washing the I distwt which I _
upon extent of my ability, to all who have the.mining I have 'U1e..D r: Jlf.IOTIU11 t&ra
trill foreign** be affair'. ', of forcigti. and domestie markets and month.lights.Tho included Board,of from Trustees 8 to have 10,,'dollars in course, per sought it; but.if I were to answer all the inquiries P11 i along I the valley,of the.Sac- W Guanajuato* iJt'greh.Zes.flfe, ? nnzies

The importance oft tfco objects and the aid I of erection, two brick houses, with two rooms in that have been put.to me, I should AmericanTork. abouLSO miles in MexiCQ \re' :-alao" Mjn,5Tha
which a well conducted/newspaper could afford L each, large and commodious,'and will be able to have no'time left to attend to the business : and covers an area of about cmiQuere8xothei C 6 Q'while

them are queatww! whlijb could not be fully discussed accommodate comfortably, 150 students. The for which I left California. Numerous let *; One panful of:common the 'Americans Mexic'otheai.'Mexic*,

in a paper of th&;sort; but it will be our houses. will Tho be Flctchere completed Institute by the is 1st under day Februarynext. the ters have been sent to me,. requesting me to :the.gold> found, when care Good Btoptrfng pl cj?.'jtndj bedS h Teb
to explalh i nd enforce them in articlesoriginal I control (
purpose and selected, which may appear In our of the Florida Conference of the M. E church, I give public lecture; several of the papers' ed yielded on.an!average about established by tfee"\vners of star MtIbdaihde.Yoddhjz7 '

columns. .. i south, and located one u.!f mile from Thomas-I I of the city have called on meJo do so, and : / of gold ,usually took about PMYdiitenp ; .
The Editor of the, TEWF.RANCE ADVOCATE will I yule Ga. From the proverbial healthiness of the personal applications have been.made" t0,me t) 'trjin tes'tp wash 1\'p nful, '6f ch olat"q' taTtiDg:iir ihVmorninsforyat
not in any degree interfere with party politics.- place and the well known ability and suoce8il.as to the same effect. consented but 300 : 8.qirt as Ure uiar'ttie "Ter t or 10 ::;io<- breatitrttel i1 d'.f6.
The events of the'ttl th* of experienced teachers, of the Board of Instruction ; gentlemen 4.t'
( occurrences i
passing of i it l about Ito
;I assure yofl that it was relu;tantJy! "I ce .r : course} tajge tome tilIdinnei9oq1gt JUU"
selected the
the week, be will mticewith as much truth and L by Trustees we hope to. sharea
impartiality as ttojeatnreof the case will admit. liberal patronage from abroad. would willingly 'cline the h nor, even now, (he earth: and qtrrv. tQjhe.xva- a day average fliktW eight miles an. hOi,

He believes himself ta>be tree from all party bias H.'W. SHARPS Sect if it were possible. I have reduced to wri- first ,;known instances of,peisans.'go- an.4 ehange'-hoiiv ry-houi' Toiicaa
and ho will to preserve the columns; | P. P. SMITH Pres. ting a portion of what I have to to a!) ; ; of gold, who came bo4'disap- buy fruit at all of M stopping'piace.1' St 1g

of The his paper.. '.enlarge: eonsiderably BOARD Or TRUSTEES. that it may be presented with some say method you,, Po:!; { c.essfulThey did]' ot, faU s'tQl'b '

his. endcai' present site very, and to make REV. P. P. SMITH President. and in proper order; after which It will giveme J, vjjgging," and, did, not;re.t i laxara to. lt! -'i1I"tonfJqaaaa.
other the patronage offered I great pleasure' answer any ; iheir expenses., Those. who raPCrnz erery
Mithorise it. JTtrmt REV. H. 'V. SHARPE, Sect. which be question did ) those who. "go'in tod large Mexico to Veral
to As
of > .-Two dollars per annum L' WM. POSDER, Esq., Treas. may put me. my appearance did o& tliosV'with delicate onititu- It wotld t'k efieltaa\ 1r1
In advance or threfl if not paid in advance. pu.blic.as a lecturer is unusual, 1 beg
IdoUan, REV. R. H. LVCKET. in bre underf@p&1I.Q4 miaetpainted"witBeo i'o tJ f r wif
j you to excuse imperfections. I
REV. \V. W. GRIFFIN. shall make of this my many not It js .spmethinr a lottery to on QTa8 el"i" 4'V .
lecture t divisions !-. ,
four'general r
NE\4LL41, PAPER.at REV. : "
G. A. M .
LLET'I'. as follows J ( Iggmgs." When" person or a rout.d ::,J QtQ' 'J
: life
Will be pMiiMt ti sut.1y. 116 Nauau REV. IRA L. POTTER. First The face of the climate ject; fcrani?i-n gli"t'spbt-oihera'ire itw: ke k'I' 1 "at1c, oJItti1'
.Nt.rCjf'k.THE JAMES KIRKSET countrv, '
4rr Esq. of o'dig in the same Jioie buttbfty ftivn f i *'!
productions California .
ItO'' tCH &' READV,' Capt. DANL.BIRD, Sen.: river Sacramento and branches of ,.?-The exclusive, right to dig The stage.fart f m"C" l'

.co :D TAKE,\ liE." 09 The school will open the first Monday, in I freight, launches government of, the price coun- (.It i tedis, however', only allow eg '-$!-O. t J. .11 ,d.ertzet&. piiIr _

:trlt} February., try, &c.-&c.c *' ,. gold ; JY ,occupied by 'the 4ggr.-- tli rtM'lY t1it ftl,
Being and cheapest at
the lowest price very, liataiely, newspaper ,Second,-The mines! mannerupfprocuring that veryirmlteiJfiicnitiesiiof--- thiaPtbth': 16. dpA8saie"i tb, '
OdLLARtU. BRITISH PERIODICAL r t;San F aAei8Cd/ hduldby nM-tW. 't
ONE YEAR payable in. advance. LITEBATURE.VALUABLE the'go! :average quantity per man, probable ,
\ end.that .lalou.-me. forbid tin ** dt r
\\\l r Bupply"wef dry diggings'cdmp'ar : lQ umn *
This will M jissue. $ every Saturday on a PREMIUMS TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS! storehouse 6orM e3 :
paper some instances' q )r .be.seat. .around isit-'heojary.Va.rthefe1 ilMu
handsome sheet with' "an elegantly engraved title, Subscribe while success within my own from J' J 1 -le*'* found fa tfie: answntjti-; tothe7
early the terms lore! qoeJffoApromiscuously
are .. ;
representing General jT.ylor on horseback at personal observation. -. ..s" ,1. (1 ''' -\ ,'
THE BATTLE? OF:BUENA VISTA Third, Advice ,to"e migrants i to, California, : "peak to>u 1 fW artlcfek by ttt audience tp the\ .
It will abo be illustrated; generally with handsome REPUBLICATION OF articles'necessary for a! outfit, &cl &c. the' an outfit to California:!'Inth1 rtrat theetlcgh close w, ; .lI5cOIIrWinI
engravings aeptesenting the battle scenes oCI a&, IndiaRubber is tdeb1f lgnbab11rtof; th Watt
I THE LoNDou11 QUARTERLY "REVIEW I. Fourth. The''different routes to California, } Teat IcOn- ?
the war, lie J' I the of the le. .n. ; habitable or not habit bh. Mr/A. XQiblttrrtfpadence
will the cUlras THE expenSes each,, with full particulars of rbis bep.roeuted
It. adrocatjp and support thenomination 11. EDINBURGH REVIEW '
of 1 r J p TUE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW-, the route through ,Mexico, (over ,which I there i8co at ajess"pricellhanji would thai! &thought X powible bra
; it-h ifo and tan rrit 1b amaa1dpoeat. f 'lUtlti lepour1
traveled! tl"
: TilE WESTMINSTER REVIEW on my return from San Francisco,)
I'USIDllNT. with .distances expenses, 'and :manner 'p| ; !! who is going:ta bio wants a'pair ing in upon hiD( tsalifrijin ide8 i

AND travelling Mexico, and which is .the most er- long tocking5. _. hescait- a'1t ptf80D8.'o t(a i ia'y
It will go for .$"tRu ffaaBd Ready,"-rty BLACKWOOP'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE. advisable' route. < San Fjancisco' also inthis,city... variety f ctMn' tcit iaI
or MO ,party, as b..rLkivcrybestm&ninthcUnited i< V '
tate to btt JYresid*$. .," Under first/general division pf my eub- one & shoes should t>e worn 'over good ctaf vOice'lfal:01 f.
It will present alijti* dnUib and Incidents of The''above periodicals arereprintedinNew ect;1 will remark that the soil Is generally ha : ) r vkwlclngsj'io'revenCtfie I rie2tb1suJl
tile 'war as they ir*|henceforth received la New ] The cuttinr the Teet of persotaai iwiN4u1 iPth1net
I tIt York/immediately on their arrival by the British good and capableTo'f'producing; al| tb l ? ordh .. __ tiockiiigaj' ,
York. : :
steamers, in a beautiful clear fine white ii : -... L" Ida' Laag* 9t&kaw
will be running over with anecdotes stories-, type on nary'grains. a good :wheat jpountrj ; po.v. "& .
exciting *dventuntajfcc. ._lt will abs tell all(he paper Blackwood's and are faithful copies of the original, The red wprm, .whiel.destroys 'eo'much of "' ( ti woult e'en;.per5Diratirn., ifdJe ** ..id- .4IIOIt

mws of the week (1 be A GREAT PArfR. i in'all respects both for views of the three great parties in EngkndTo farifsmy.know ledge,extends. _}he.nt first wet thbfe iTh' Ue&ah1y 'WejiYI t1t1 ri 'ib

city and M.. r y, Whig md Radical. '"Blackwood" and the went.to California in the month January & tion WbIChSiiLchee4 .1Ib 1hoo6ri.1II' bithz* ttQaWt *
ft is eoantrabe*iirery Urgest man cirenlation friendly to of] "London Quarterly" are'Tory; the"Edinb, igb 1847, Jadd'at'B' dagi, wruch .about thirty, gm I .rWnlyte r ': 1ieNtnut.t

tb1 any election or Geiwrs Taylor will mbscribe for Review"Radical. Whig The "North; and "Westminster British Review"Review"is miles north of Sari Francisco:wa ;'worth two I t emigrant should take or sepd Jng vessels at San c'ancisco! A. Yearetgd.ItyThIq -

iIt. will be sold\"'houaaadr aU over the eoant" of a religious character having, been originally more dollar 'an acre only) ;. when I left, it 'was man 'for 1 ls-oi\-ii'u8i'bnf not Iti 'cI ..9tQi4ra

EYe? pnstmAatr..4.nt wi expects to be re.ape by Dr. Chalmers;and now, since his death, worth )twenty dollars an' acrelSan: Francisco street .riecessaryf IoY freigif "very Uft an> a WI

pointed fact, WIll is act.TIJ1tQ&H: aDd precut.AND nbecriberw.The READY being conducted by his son-in-law Dr. Hanna, or Yerba.Buena, 'as we, call it, stands ; i Frau ciae'and up thetiren ij the western aide oilaytiiA.1Roes 1 i

will be the ncop' irg1si or the fdellell of GeD. character associated is with of the Sir David Brewster.order.. Its literary as'you' know, 'on, the large and beautiful gold : vise,any. man to go to:CalUor- -, j; ni Ii eiadW ..pl

Taylor who are'In por .t hi. being nominated very highest bay of San, Francisco, and contains:the most pie, doing well .here., .Ifhei rdping f l'iuUeai' e.'of'lJ. ftBilJl4f.-
and !j' l PRICES (IF'U SUBSCRIBED: FOR EARLY.) magnificent harbor in' the ,world, and '..he' gold le('him'stay. The Inconve tArtfatte&iiroalilq

ELECTED r "tUE PEOPLE, For any one of the 4' reviews, $3 per annum; only safe harbor all Upper.California, xcept"San'Dego.iAU : very-'greai,' such ;as'%Twa'ys travel in a carriage aUiiouileea.r: & t

bet every, well.wuir of.. the. eoaatry lend'his for any two, five dollars; for any three, seven dol the navies in the.world, the: 1'i! 'everynetf covntryr fi. Arjtl. AifiYeJ,fit
,11a.r. forthwith to 4 : I lar?; for all four of I tho reviews, eight dollars; for ne, could ride.in, as,Jo $ ,," :jgtat jnanywprivatioas! summer .iflriate eieiflyiiwisl..1ujrdy

WiLKINpt Iii Co.,bllhtrll, New"orkI.rico ; Blackwood's and three Magazine reviews,,three nine dollars dollars for for Blackwood Blackwood security and repose'on its,bosom.r The perfect ; no .il ; : ) to;such..as have.obd health;: I !. oJ at J tna rciv4 I .0
; j
1IIcaMrt.Mreet harbor is entered from the their no labor and are doing ; Q; 18 there any aIpger off taba kfta
and tho four reviews, ten dollars auram. ocean by a narrow -
Scents, IIn t1\ .ir.ige. profit llo..cd'arnts tt. per about or two.miles wide and : !layihg flpnothtflg; ;I'my' Jh tcJA.4'* etylxiUh9ethere
passage one ,
who buy- In :ntitSeii.'f Payment to be made in all roses fn tuiNJICt.I'nEMItMS. with high bluffs on each:side,v-This bay extends open go to California. Tho-.fakbtai&g is a large. part. 'I .",ttMi 1&1 t& .A

... Every eo1ln paP*. who wm pritt thuproqctus S aoout sixty miles: to the' .east of'the }} best-iA-California. I would Q. How is t- tker-abont-ihe,.Seria

..hallI "The Rough It Read," Ccmsisti.ng'or'e1i volumes or'tb following town of San'Francisco- and about one"hundred If -okI h'frame-Vfor d welbe e fr : .

tsnlI,. ,. e i luable works vie Bentley's Miceeihuty; the Metropolitan va miles to the northwest,"and i Jrora fiveto to ? hipped.Co JOOifomii1O Be and cyprnsdifiTlThl qity, which

__ _.' Magaune; the,DubVn! University Ma- fifteen'miles"'wide.:" The.foivn'I: four or cure' !:. c s rTitWbuk4oW 4aheye4)Iip ed'do_ .'
The ... ine.BJ4tkwood..1\fag the ; O1 = 54 ot 4 11 :" sa3Qllow2chLUve1U
"C._ I ," ; 1Andonhe five miles from the ocean:.In January, 1847 are '., J1J1cl.Vh L"LrI't'n ,' 111
i -r Ddiob',the Foreign Quarterlyand the Westminster '
will Be : : 'Vei'Cm
For the inform tmof.fUr trave11in readnUli eviews. ther 'wer& about six' hundred i inhabitants in' tjme l V /soon,alT wou a t4ti
Any to Blackwood
one subscribing -
."..) J'' .. )4 rl .,U r or to one of the Jt .views, at 3 dollars a San Francisco. In Apri|J last, just before thegold" to, bly-W'consumedtroneshouia MUwril tA 1y1-1Aitidi6l1 ysottn
e!: we Matetne, 9Y8 ; aepaijnre$, ,;o f .:year or to any two of the; periodicals at 5 dollars placere Jwere":discovered,8 there were h ; pretaleneerof UMT itnmg } :n-WaJI.hi* 1ts r etpiases4dleeezptaui'J '_

tkc.caa4 stezmirt .. .r. i 14 will receive,gratis, p*; ofa&fi of any of the jpreminms ahojtt jpnethou(and: inhabitants there.- cl ; i ; .Uuncccaftdurin jbfe"mr % vlt I !: 1o.w &.If-u

above name4. A subscriber to any threiof There were.Jp May and vJ /. J the' oughtfojbwt! ,, '1b.re. ;.q\VIIaI-it I e, f
The teamsirp ?Z *carrying; the tL S. the periodicals at'7 IdoIIari a 7ear.'or to'the-4 ( neonly A \:
review dollars women"and children'the; majority, of the ) n ce p..f good .Ajrithin\vo.. aEcCrniafrih-p'eieM3. tMtcqv.u
| iveTw .
riiis for Ha- a ,<.wl\, /- premiaor '
: ;
mail', ,TegularlyJf6m'4Charlest6n j t <-i i volumes as abOve. A subscriber to. Blackwoud pop Ja1 ri'having gdnef6thft(| | mines. When ( tYancisco;' 'lnneis"Ttasily' dOI-I4t t b ;IJ 1hEytanvnlma.nn _. .
vanaoa;the.m.Jtm, 1f h of each monO and three reviews,'at r 9 dollar a'year/OT fo the Uleft; many had returned:' Tne'ton-n'was san j n1r'cIiifieali1'.in CbiIiIlIIKtg S3OJ1LndI:' : ,

(receiving mail.lp; eDgerR from Savaa- ''I. 4 reviews THREE,and Baekwood volumes.,,at 10dollars" ,'wil} receive filled,:bv :'emierants.arrivine,from Ore g b .mlWlit' "I : ,i,4ifw tIh .,aaniaiI .

nah at' Fybee.. bur, and' touching':at Key ,! ck premium .. V'. 4l l ; i1' "* t'." .Ild i sie ., Valparaoa.n4aLITtbeneighboring ; ecopu 'eQd-MY.' e.x.t'.amoo '!IQl:
;:-------i- .tn naming thefremitunt were 1 ; taken toh SanTrancisco hy"tbe Aol id3itstt$8oooor&
West 'Flai:) She l3 nr from'Havana' fox I desired and !work Ivbtcnbtd fOli..J. '-' '-- placer3 ,Tlqre are eeverv.other '
)J1 .. it Rid fheVe'iiJf'cfieaV wth eaineoif&jwaeld.elliocdiW4lr4prstnL
---5 !. | thsicin'thishay."Th& principal Jones are:
tleaton. on Jiif' *na : 2dIZf1 i ''':tttYBfNC..u ( .< i :tV4Ur ": Son ma' San Raphael, Santa'Clara,"and San'' Dn.k wilfi the f.reighvaddee> Db1N to .iuosesqm

Ipjn\. t .i : J : .,' :"54, 1 copies'of, AnyiVvalf! ,
lrhe tea-mCh*Tmneuee: I leave- will -:viieMdren"OR'payment of the fegnlar > residence ha*-been -at-San-Francisco from i last,' "-", ,ftroll'JfUO.}J 'toM.t.'. "'lr.ll., p.. ,;ti
i'l ubcriptictti for.three the fourth'copy.being'gratis. January 1H-I1t fli' t t1b':fitb daY'tifDe. > ( andflour m aou nce bd At*tr4e'tt han lck m

eacb, SavaabYor'tr.-w'York.. nH" .,.t 'f. I"JI.i ftti: 4: *. jnbeJ,1848.1. ',r.;! "' "71 ,, d' QOt& w.ouk. : i'Cl(m Oregon'PrSfe pOrthMfcd f $ic'r: ( i $ c.2etI4ig1

WeaneSd I" -It --, Y., (..!", ,,'. j ; : crll pftirv( V s mtide'-tatlukt: viir.bt,given nor wiirpremlurasln where Jhi aboretufoMnre i A ,retatipnca OJ .r.P H:lJjJoJ11iJ\J. .The t. "I i "": fiifiesj bat bnJyfiifWh.' bridle*ar** yf Jwut

'D.l I. 1. ; i' ,. &l, .N.C d ,'ante. th5SUbCItiOI iI sfe1y] saytha it,, is J.I t u aJ f- wel the difficulty and expense cd I Q. Is it posse, er .l buy any amoasloJi _

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