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z Two moo 1G.. fp"'D boat b.rr bees Co > I from Jtcw lurk Irish I'utateesOnioas nii iu*,;'ardLea Candy : E. A. CLARI\F..k CO. ,
?. 'ekwod Bp. says a B.-an dr.p irb.aad it For tie sick, tome fine Port WiD,. Ginger Jim R c lred Candle Soap, I bts.nia Dry Good hardware Fur. -- ;\' t'

;: it tbosjht lh.T eta Je.rrten fioto some: off brai.dy. Gin Coektai'i. Claret. Lera.a \ INVITED; the puh Starcb. Cln .ntrat..J Lie, i iC Lilt.rt.0"* ,} -Were, Groco'e .

; f.the prtooci to Fl da..It, will be r.mem* I Syrup loAd Whlk'y, : examine bit stock of A General AssorlmcuVBEl IIJtll11hk! $ngrsh Mutar&3fatehe .. Sadilery, Clothing, *e. ."
(1: wisrTvbsc Wa. 4 Manwnetreet.
> o Comer Lirgton
} '. is ibU eooaiviioa tbat Su Le erOreafel 1 J\ilLiw,1i'Tftla.; ....... ';

a reeenily eacrpcd ..iLh.om. aoldirrt) :. FALL & WIXER C:? e oOrJaJ .(}::::: i 5' : JfaryTobacco, Pipe, Cigars, \Vti.ky, Sails.Ii I ._:
# (ton: tbt Drjv Turt. ;... HARDWARE Ac. \ oOd Screw, Tithe IC- L. FPJET'E. ..
Pocket Kcires Buck Shot, beater in Dry Good. Clotbin, ..MikeeNotJfres f
Collina'dteii. Hoea. hoTU. Rake. ("&!'pes Rifl Powdr, Turkey Shot, HarJware. Crockery.GrAeere -. .
--ere- hid'to .be 7,000,000 dog ten Hanmrn A: Hatchet. :;Iil.. Scrrwa, '000.D.9 \ CtDS S : EJy'a Waterproof Cap, ; *, \ Mrdk-iae t '1 1

: I {. :;,. lathe; United St.atf.e, wb'ch ct their Tatk;SpriiSnjooUiiiilroc_ WtouihtHinge caalll Pistol Capa Jiceket Caps..vGe&U Corner Wa.hugon k Freaklin *trtta -, ..
C *.TracGrind toces Cnrry 19jVt Pocket Corah*, tc.: '\ \
,: -:;,. awavr $50,000,000 Pranitm'ezrlusive Cc>mbl.lIam *.llalJd saw t
Filer retired from New York tie 1 @rCC'& L. G. COVACEVICU.
IIoopiroaRtT by? !!
Gf ) y
$4,0OOOOO.ottb cf kilVd
Li lr" by 9 9
i .JtM Ann of .-SccJi.asCnUcocsofererf: Ii aer ia Wrttera Produce. Croe..riuC.Dt.eti'DUid '
thtia aeaoaJ.r !!/. ,,t.. Knlre sad Fork, Plow Line*. Oraaf A good >Ht If cfCajeoe: Irish Lir.en.Sheeting Hardware, Stove fce .
9 ti.. .> .. 4 sad I>ad4 Spider* and Leads QC.I'an. de cripionf .bieachd and unbleached Sliirtings. tea:: "'. .
lUnd: :Shirtine, Cheeks Voile K'y
ia Pa and -
'. General Dii i t ooder NpoU oa' '. di. *good Fry aMortmeat,: ef a DRY GOODS. DeLaioe, Pact1* doth, I Jeaa. Fiaonel, Hickory Suifea, li. C. I.r:( .\r.DY. .F'. a

peaire.! Tb Irnepwnr d><* rot .p".Jno Pocket Cutlery % Wonted Bleach Domestic. i Bed Ticking *Dim.. VTfciuSbirta Dealer ia Drr Good Hardware Clo

hita airy.oore than U \.oa'cly; nettaMry.What te. Dre*. Good. DometGc Calico and Hickory Skirts thing Groceries, Jewelry ic.V. '-:: -
a rood aw't of CoaU' Threat Sewing ,
'. bro bt shoat the di&rouoo i. not BOOTS SHOE Denim, Bed '
a Ticking Silk, Flax Flop Black Mohair Braid. Bile "1 Y'
1 -- faSj know.,'bit it ia believed tbat Genet -oTinwret-- Hickory, Towel, .Alpacca a Binding. White Serpentine Braid. \ G. FERRIS: .Attnt '

al D iz. ia hkdwpatrb*.* to Secretary &.- FUHniTuKE. Ittdian Orchad Sheetiog Hair Pin. India Robber Coat Buttons, JHal riD Dry Good Hardware.Crock* .- i 1 1tfT.
..,. &c- Let:*r Paper, Note Paper Buff \
vard.*iprr d doubts at lo'th. alabiiityoflbo Marlboro Stripe Grocerie tic I
Empire that the French le> ztkoi ioWwJriegtoa Milk Pats. 5trionBeke Pan and Plata. TANEEE OTION3, Table linen BlaakeU EnreU>r\ Whit CaTelvpM, and Agent !"Alliance" line of \unJ.rs. t

foand it out. aDd tbat tb._ Backet with ewer*. CV>ffe* POUt Ladle Cloak. I'Lediti trimmings Bill Steel Cap Pea Paper, Ac. Gilleu Ac. Store-corcerVahicgton and Monroe IttHti : J
Qcart and Pint 4Ic.0 .
Emperor .... iafurmtd( it. C1tjy RA'RDW.lBtjnOt All of which we offer to our friend and cc.tourer ': t

.... .... and Grits' Paper lid Linen Cellars, at liberal price JOHN JACKSON t''t
The new Cbaaeftot rifle ha cojt tb* For Coils or Country Prodtrt Dealer in Dry. Good Hardware. Tia ,
K.lltj Joni Umbrella! GinghamsSUN m .:- >otiva G roccrie*, 4e ,
-' -French army t2<;).000,000 thus far. Ra,., A goof aatortaieat ,of Crockery. ( rL""l fyGm vs A CALL JI -', 1 1e
.. aia, for tbe Uem'agtoa rife ba ':: SHADES ,)
paid ,- REDRROOK. i
J. S. -- ... .
It COT lId stand opposite the Florida Bent
ooo.OOO..tad Aa all of wkWh we rer>ect/nlr! invite Hoop-Skirts, lamp 16th. 167. J-tf. .Groeerie* 4t: t
+t Great Britain ha paid $13,000.000 f,>r irtt
our coaioraer* 10Nllaodeuaia4L Tneyiaay Store-Head of LalajttU Street jl
: ? '. at the.**w Snider rifle.i La Cm coat Utbaa kit find 4oaethio which they seed that we can Fil.I:: I o.J e ill- ","-,-l..

',..'. that to Uw Cbaasepot bot itia allirea.jury ell low Also Look HereIF H.PFfI"EUa. "

.. d.srtt,r .ill to tba'expenoe or'-ill For Cash, j 'Dealer ia Dry Cool. Hardware. Tia. .
ware S,. "uar!. Groceries 4'arttidgrLw A Fine Lot of Kennedy A Darlirg'* old tiaad.V. ,
Jut Rtttirtd from AVw Or bant."cffIliES WASfN-
: t;:- "... .. j

..Y', tasstaltatatcd, -Or exchange f.r the foUowiag article : "Re \ -tn.Ae CloUiingAx F ALL & WINTER ',.

iDue: PnrncuL-foUowiof obitrj I
c *. -J wae,eeat to nit, the writer Mppoain', Cov-JIiJtt, Den Stun, Betnuu Talkv. -' 9El -, DRY GOODSCALL Proprietor Grange ,.

l 11 that I wet nffl oocaected withTOx .'
: pmame Obitaariee Wrought Iron, Call Iron. Srati, C'I.U1.ltj U lllcc r1o.163ot .&. D 71 A. ro I W. U. HARRISON :
..t and Tootfjaton are too ,
I* AND EXAMINE Shoemaker loAd ..Repairer.
.a; oCd fit more --exaggeration*, acd mad. Copper,Zie. Ltal Old Got t **. Hoe*. Spades. .

1'' the vehl ialsof toner ltg faWbood to po.dl. JUST RECEIVED A FINE STOCK OFOroceries Over. 5pi Jert, E. A. CLARKE & GO'S II. 1Y Eis; ,
; <- ss' ton, Rope, Rags, anything of tilt trr.d Fr>ing Pan*. r BID "
;w '- .'" Throogb ,h.. mcdiom a any rreJ ] Tea Keiles.Pocket! Manufacturer Saddle: and Hare**

,';[.sai.ttd afUj;datbs who ta/i/ir. bat rv- .Ja1'- \At oar old. tan J opposite' the Florida .. Q C""kih;:Sto-H Koire, *. NEW STOCK ", '" ]

,., eaibe'/aJL. Not to, however ia the Home J S : 1..bl. Knira. J. FLETCHER.
5, Biker d dealer ia: Confecttooane .
h a:>
SI-'Oce. -0-
iprieeet .... Though tar aeo aaiataacei I I GRANT i CRAFT, I I Trice Chains, Hor*. sad Mule| Collar: and li ro.eries. :
whh the deota .d limited and of abort .
\ was
Tampa MaT :.L tfUlllil IIALDtti AYE,. Some. Ac, Ac., DRY GOODS.Calico 'J
rwdttradot, eisoiccieatl tratt to appreciate Print, J. FERRIS.r. < li

:)J. liar ana1.ataiat 1., chrktiaa ttrtaee. It CI1I([ FifKES[ CROCKERY.WRE, MaeCROCKERY': Gingham hennas,. : Watch and Clock Repairer. \ ';

-- .at BJ forti> i to'spend sometime with her iuu..in De Lines, .1 e

w- ,ia the: -early prt :of her last akkaeae BOOTS AND SHOES :wiuHo.1i.:) ... BLACKSMlillAGAXD{ s '
Irish listo
;' .a' :? Eetlpoa, aa it had ever be ea,siaee my ac. Beady Hade Clothing &c. OlE rer i Barege .

.iDtaDCt..wlth her tHmtd"iU to be all Which r will Mil low (.),CiSli.JOHN ; j Destriptiet.Tnl.l Ed..illgt. t
iBcertiott*. ..
0 0
"' 'her joy lad source of comfexU Iler' faith The A 1 SteaIDhirl JACKSON. -o[>Ki'- Sbirticpt .
Tampa Nor 17. SO tf .'r I
.h..tiD'; 4 _
,. r ;; ia'her: oars iodividaal. acceptance with WO 0 D. W.AS IE, Drilling : .

,r. .. t God .U..D.eriZlii her hope wn as ALLIANCE TjlANOY\ 1'RINTS: Marlboro A: Ilickary. Strip*-,l) .
'- PaT Meatnre *. ChrtksK'y., ,
4. &h.1IDcIoaJed and Brown SheetDC.Keotudy Doetrt Varke: Ba *
t oooodsy *nn
bright as FABEEE Jean. kct,, Pactrj Ba k.t.. with t :p. Berrtl CMo: :' rr.. Flannel.
: IMT joys seemed trial pUr.\ and oomplet. Commander Cores Br ,f. WjreSift- Bonnet Ribbon L..lis Belt .
; Bleached Cotton. ,
: A 1JJ1A :- Button BaatterasIloopkirt.: !
< 1j, -: .r'Ia J,.u3tag,to '.the. writer tbe i incidents Table Cloth. dc ere, 4c; .. Lawn. -

,: ,-w oatteeted with her boobacds coerer iootbeae ,- Toeilio :. t: Lilies and Graf Hooerr: '
= of- nn-- W j\i o UoJr..Li rttt I II } / -' } Gloves. Colan! Boca. 1''REEL.'l\IGR'\1-\G. t ti.j
to man bag:
wet *
years 'borL: Hat
.. ... Jeut Coati Pants .___ .
Rtttitedfi Yew Orkoou. I.I
.,' j5- I I
God SAiflVrinjiing reU Cater .t Over thirta.
x ... prajer to -tboegb LrTOIGSTO Commander, I st.io-tarr Dill 4d for tile bv GROCERIES.I i i 'rUE UNDERSIGNED i i. BOW prepared to Ii+ ,:j

?, : rt pain yet the love vf Chr \\!1LL FORK A f-EJII-MOXTHLT LINK U. C. LEON.\Il1lY. I LADIES' BONNETS: iI i!I, .t.order for every description of __ ....
J r '::p::: ftUd her.oal with joy that ab. involoo l U>-.ch -.:s ai the foajvinwar ; f'OrU..h N''t, 16th 3o .'f.ISE I II ] I I Liack..rithiLs and WhetJwrisht'tg i IB a "rle' i l,
; j "ii: P i"-:a. Apt al5icol St. Mark -__ i Code. Tea. Su ar. B,poa. I r.1. HbO. Rice OF THE LATEST FASHION ii to be 'crMk>*ed Ba ey }:ak;,, ieir> .
;+'" t 'taritj:.rose up ia her bed; to shoal the prats1* Cedar Key. Tampa. Sep Wet sad Ihr Tor. LADIES DRESS: SHOES. Surch Siap, st Jjk. :a;era'us I ink. "Ac. will to* door on raoet! tc-rma.- t I

: .... of'her. .,adoecJ &:*deem FeacLei CLerrieq toiay'friead for their pat pauonaje. l"..1.
; .ia. life Lad than many J bat CIIEDCLL OF TiME, : M.n' B iS Hrngan,, Toxato Ctisup j ard hoe ther will eire me a call ti

-ebe trill trn'y! adopt the Iatjva of theTtscfcsbe Th. LATAlXA wit l ar. New OrH-u1 e.a A .n1,11 lot of Crtxkeiv' Perp, Mustard, 1 Flit Ut .T SiPDLES; and BUBLES | II. KRAESL r 1l
tk nth,snd the AW.tSCE oa the Moth ofeach Guo Tube, Coplrts, Gtrg".... Aliee.. Biu' Spun 'i.Iu.. Colliri: ir. I Tamp. March 14ih '63. 47.J,. :.jI
;!t ,h ale: "' to..Cod who jiretbhcsjheTicloj r&ooii. Cork,. Kerorc: Oi:' Cattle L nii-" and '-
throe h' oar Lord, Jets 5. S. Al Wick l'ot..L. ILird Br*.!. Cracker of &,'1 I 'f.-,1
1 fence. F ...iCarary HAIt D 1VARE. Salt Works! J : /

A ,{gist. As *ith her.to with every on '.-=- Leare sew Crteana.S-Cth each month Seed. description. Lead Powder 'I ..
;1! Arritre at Tamps' ThbLeave .. Just Received and h* sale Cbe Shot Pocket 4 Table Koirea. File. Door PadLock
J fi/ejof failhfal obedience will etotre a "p. Gun Cap Chewing Tobacco *.Axe, Trace Cb& DlI,>H.chore! aicrew '.! OF SUPERIOR QUALITY R
Key West......... 3oC.h" D. C. 'LEONARUVS.NOT. '- moiio, I&baeco, A Tack*, raviag Kaire.Ilatih SALT .
k .,, a+ ',: ..;-,'pat tl'' I if mot a trimpluit death. Arrive at Tampa .......... 41 .. 16th. SoilFKESH Ac, It., et*, Gna Cap" Fry }'..:.*, Tea Kettles. j;i iIroa i fornibrj. io ant ja.ru"iicsrtqurdi '.: \\J 1t t
What a LJa f We of sorrow aDd taflVtrjr. Pou, Bate Ovens Ac. tie' "J: \Ch Point Salt" Work*, on OM '
.f i iI ; delivered in this '
CODFISH Trap n"y.r City at
t' ef sad shsme tot Also fine Lot of SADDLES.
.' .s .., poverty coaparrd S. 5Ixarea IArorc. a
,; ke Tra, rates. t'
llw, a splendid 1 Inortme&tt
-Tbe bit .for ,
welch death f enjure*
a sew Orleaaa ...... Sthofeach mc th. YOODJT Hi&'>a Tea Apply to ;
Y .. ; a aaooMttt, whila! the other.i* e_ ia etera Arrive T.* ......,... : ,.a .. Blr.'tl'.I..*r,, Bridles &:. Tube, PicfiBi, C'hal'ttIo Sieves, Brcoas. BrIM I]1 H. ALBURY, A;est. ._ ,=
th of the LaaveKey Wert......:... .. iijjuti top F.oi.r *t VTrii liu,iU, liotx I\ T Mar .--. '
: Giitiei. "Let tas die.the: Uth r Art 1.n! M.hes, Also: brt.gibes 4 cu<&t.. Aie 1ldvea da '' tnr B, bS3J, 1857. 48tf. "

ighiW. 6.C.C. Arrive at Tamp ........ lMh! ." List Receirtd. per -l'r Dill:+*& f..r, it,1ja Pans, I'a2., feints; ...el.tLf.ul*, cvJfou \' ;' z : .
For Fffi..o:... wLici ....i1 t.eaftI'at redaccd t B. C. LEON.tlWY'>. : Fine Lot of 11.\TS & SHOES i .. .'.' .
.. Dr o.=Of TyphoiJ F* *f. at B'tow.. rate*, or parses*. apply" to :So,.. t'!b. 3u tf. ZA TH!: ARE &c- I 1orSa1e : '>' : t

lift. : ',oa the :$-b ia. ..Mr' *.)Marrs ta.wf.= .r W. PERKiNS Bo'A fr G tl'f1I''n anJ .Laditt, P'&te--ca. i>rc.tu>i JT in-uct oe'u;t; :.
.tti f A Cvd ,:1- and tjtYfal p>.aabe7 of society W. G. FEHPJSs, SYRUP ItARCELS.: tt. li4""" i1..J1U1o..L.c...ur-I -' :
AgectTatapa, \Vhi b-c. lcncr.. :-...t tset. ... ; r|
: sad aa active, piwaa 'and i iateQifcat+ chrtttiaa. PIUIIHI! re, wiU oleaeepr.ear. their ticket > irui' ta. .aaerwc5.e ; ctf.1Y tit... ;' '.-
v\),I 3 Shr w3s.evef ready to minister to heer g tag.e. b.erd. Snw.rn To-o', w.t.; A USE S IW: IRCG'.F. witho.t harm:3
'''', the wants of the sUkT or d..tr..td: Ia 4 Twin.Jo t Pi1W i 11lt, t.rlJ: i is perfectly: B : : IiJ G ROCS RIGS, runic. order. .f!
: received. : '
,. t. ,.a at II>>, eharch and eomaoaitf have aas .j m A.1 OaOO ill it. -..l-:- .''.. / : ",

; c.tsii..s. a great Ioa' and her Lreif.l haa- COYAUBYIGQ. I Chew: ?:lJt& Brrsd, Et1irr.' hiAS, {:.Dir, TWO !!OttC WAGOS. with hat /" :' / l
bead aa4 ch'iUrea aa i iffrjJar1-1 ODe.t Cofee Put*. Kua. ) .
G.WI IbIUJ. -H. fic**, *&S.S: ivo.l; nothggcrderg ;
&Bit__.iy pot I lost; aha ha bal .pies LL. ". 'f1'.17"':. 0 m i IrFptr I Spice, 'PL* aborc &:t..I..* I will rill cheap fur Cash ,.re {.

't' '.laMe before its, aad bf the bet!, 01 Cod 1. ?fit.'t1m.. Muter.11TILL w \itr.t: : : iilIl.10: 9> : M!1k Paa. Me*.arc% A: Tea, CoT! I I It. -I a..d eta be seen at any time by callieg .at /" )

w7; t ,well ia*ether there. PLY BiXSULARtV BETWEEN I COTTON FACTORS at.t, Soap, t.my So)p. HENRY KKAUSE. ; <

& tar A e but roe b.for.s, II LA.. pasta MfTampa MJ New OrHu AND- cz?: :!:J:: !::: 1:asdlrc: !other, TazapaSept. ith. Slit 1

1 dal' real b fe...., tt'irt Uaa t.>.. For fiv jhl ot pavuig* apply( t(;tltI11 Sl tai g.; CLr' ii; T brrt) k itrostn CU.v .'.,.

cr ,/Wkea fear*,an wiped".'eT.nr ey. to Mr. L. 0. Cov'ACLrWL'Tatups'' CapLortatk u sly J1trr fSaraatstab ( I '

'd.dlteR+w bnakson. *> CapUio oa board. t ( Ctuttt clUC(. I Acd other artxlc ton vturrja tomea* ;>II Notice. t tI
tier. which! we iaviu var fri 4* to till and
4 $ ,_ .".'" ...lasede of the ffesl4 Jg..f& 3n, Geo) 'examine. AIIJ1'ill setfor4'ttSat '..
I ,* AD4 frog eases std rc..n reltrel, /' (II) f, Caliavl era-mUe! tae G.nls fcr roarPd" I i j I. T hereby forewarn all pcrtota from trading ; C,3 :

$' ':<, '1JMre". JCbJ' .tress trots ttoibuy,J'1. HXE LOT OP A 1 (XK''lntri{ tdTalltnplll l! ei r: tix.! Cf i f..r a *r.i" note, siren Vy George> W. Well .
Steraa received" I Ot. MtnttlH \.N\t tc.WLCowanf n Tea tit;'" old Steers. I
jM& from Kev year
". Ii.. Aa4..I1(e1Jsuet rat.t' .. : fI'A} per'.eboo.tfDill, a..>. for IWm rr-n. lj! fll'td!? at JG.-r\l, lirrld A.i. .k : Ice lit .1.1' of \rri!. '6So" the said. cota was ....- C _
'--- ;. Zt 'I U. Whiu I' nles. Eaggig I t H l..L
.I' '''' i ,at titan .a t&t cwrK1& Itpi l1rm Tier. I Iceli1UUr : E. A. CLARKE; CO. rt t ..

:.:, ) ', Qtb,180d.; I ea wt 1.I, Corner ii'atdagtcr. rf Hari ,. Strict I I rampi Fig SeT SGih. il T. I J a:.. a).J1.: TK03. H, WILDER 41ItH
< -1-y. r -. i. w :. .. ,
t ,
-. .t\
., ,

x: .00 .
r s
7 -
F e u
p, o ""Q---. ___ 7" --' :-'> ""'" ... "- .4-C. a ...
...". .
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.! 11JIIS iIII"f ._--':''.. i ,., ... ,". .

.... ...., :. --, -r. -" . .-. .o.'. ,dZ-L: ; "-". { jt'i :' 9 '. -.1JP"r..:. I." .-'i"II'. -. ., ,
-1- ,. : iJ'tT 4 : ; _
,' 4.t"
: *

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: .
.. : ':-:'
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_w F;.. _lkT- -- : ',',-, .,--'", .- ,. : ..

: j', 1 ; :
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ii I .

Iw : .' .. -

'Y', -_ -. -_-, T. -.___:._.r-. -'.:_. ,_. ..: : J : : .IlJ.I__ I 1 .- .- l

4L:: I \ -.-_ .ttmr nnrnt5,1868 :- -. '-fir 5: .- -A
NINstitn -. bDrrtl. .. 1"11
; "
IfFLO.mUtII v. 1SGB : i.I1J.jbJrrtl1 :' ,__I"" r. .
we i. ;
) J4VLT.Alt4tV2
Is' or laW !
-- Time; rnoney-'b'I co %r.e -i
1 I t:' Look Del-eft ,, !! 1868' SIx..montbc after UU I will rrewnt !*,.. : JJ
could evetiicgr
H .
: you \ ou\htts to th..livu. JnJge
,' 1' ;' I : 10ThoSouthorn- of'Ilil: fork 1i'
L }ProUt ( !.'lxm>cg1 Coonty;
LTif: What gentleman' cia *Uh ny Mna t, Favorite t -titLtof lie. ul.ol MicLe 1V2hs11 i .

of p.opriety, ak fat lady to lean on hi, W.E HAVE JUST RECEIVED A. Fresh 0 cease4h.! and atshesawetjmewillapk fora d. %

%* 'If, npplv (,f charge froaf furtL'er'adroinutMtJoa \Lrtu} &vJA3IGktfl.Mo."r
arm I '. '
: . .-Thnice ..who, t' *.* of ftE-.Q'CB.BIES.! : : BURKE'S VEEKL Y Tarn ps M yl s.t. 1,67 S:4. -,
; _!_ TWAFLA 1oUtg.rIlQj. 't jj ? Ami) other article which -_
4 :' ) vt t rti prt fully
mrod" was broken inteods hnTa'urBpnired. -: invite call FOR 'BOY'S AND.'CIR'L. 8.EEAtTIFCLLYTLLUSTATED. IU"111
I our1rindianpatrono amiexamine. Notice.; : ? : .k

Jj ': .S.\TUC.D"T',1_ I1J c Dili. IS68.. '" __ or ,\ We feel under many.obligntions: A '0

.".. I .. -- '. ITa who 7 rises 160 iu f denT!/ to j the fi hei{iblAof for ,pHst patrousjra mnd L"I'j fur a'continu i I S rel't on* having demands against; thVis? ,S .
; We Will never Leavo the Land. anre of the same. We will endeavor to : -0- t.( ItfAtt Wirter*.-lute nt )1iIul'Ou: 1 h, .

-. -.-- q4 ._ fancy will fiud to his cost how deep continue to Ft'll!! at prices Pr *thineed by tit Southern' Prcii to' lethe C tlt.in theftteof? > riclsddC'fftIOtd"{ / *ill '

i ill the de&cc'nt l thbIu.di"r iDi-, u To fir*'or.d let Z/ef.'' most ctv'7zRtand taltntcd yovnj Fre4eftt them 3uly auths.aestt.Isis.t I alt rer"ins .
; BT :gy. CEORCr o. eVlTD', JR. ; jnJbti.d1op.did .nf*I. ire '11ic1fM'tf1' .
nt. ; LARD. SUGAR SYRUR ptoJ/l'l00ptr printed this
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4 : f J tiie: 'n ew' Tn Xew'Zealand'lhe t boys.'-'- .' Wira: A. rivers i OFFEE. E1CE, .country 'i eretlitors'a U prson..ntitled. to' d litnt>u}. ( ,
: following Matt 'nys the Albany : HOTTER, CHEESE, are sow ptiblishinc Jfawtr't MaxJ? tjon by the will.are hereby1 m>tlft' that tV.ir j
-_ :wb: i' we Cad ;ia th.' Utlll; n/r. f.[. oplll and'cita! !'hilUjogo .to, Il oot. In this, NUTTER CRAKKls: ; W a .sequel, th Young MitK'iirand claim will tiarredfil th. ex:(>iratK>it .b( t..' t.

J- -. ,, *lfellioJi,t, ere fron the nora, fonni'l fig'btjpgcioplkin country they' frequently stay Hway fiorn, SUGAR CliAKKRS: : ufi JJol'll. or a boy' aJettnrf in Tun..l.\ i..At' (rosa thii .datet unley'uhiwteJ f .' withia'1'rrEr.rz.tr'. I.If -
l'he tf Fuiiiin'e5 ni u- 'roDou 'c..J "i-oual to hat time. < j
\1 ; ,<>f Georgia. Ilq wa Mvcrdy their iclscol.to s\vra! uTeri" and 'tlirabliit'a SODA) BISCUIT, be 'Wtt '>t MJVI.O Kei.lV! elirie"hall .1 1 ;'

: :wcunded in the Ut war, but uvre *.o, iTtiilii : j Ii . II I PEMKSULAR'PUBLISHED 1'J LOT' BUEA>. \.();in iu the tirat uumWr of 18"S, a thrilling' .1uto. 1 .

4 H,.irii" 'h 1I'i J 1 to whalE itI t *. .' r ., 'I i ). SARDINES CONDENSED story by a'lu-ly of Virginia eutitled -EtLi.HiNrL& TssnpaF1a.flee.2t.fl9.1 .. ... .
Men are toro nhhlwo eyes-but" with,, MILK, : .t Uifoftltt War," which will run '
"_Ihe ltn.l rnr {rraiKl nlJ father** for several rn"itl- .- ; '-
; Von from jfst *td'from' foe?] one tongue. in off!! .tbl\t they should suetwice COOKING SODA 0 \:[LF..S, SOAP Ainoii% the "'ular contrihnton to BrrsVkttrt :" Notice : \ 1

: I I STARCH RAISIN'S.IRIII : I \ are I Ryv l .U. (;out in Mr% Jane T. .
ainadi ,
as they .
_ fc1 say })rOTATOES MUSTARD, H. Cross; Mr: F.'r.!; Miss MaYy J.1'i'hter ofV ,
; 3 p1 CMfln.Jd. Tf'O J-i.1e me Truths first jouos then rain then' 'J '4 .. *.. nr.J mary othvrs.TttMi SJ IXIOTLS AFTER TIlE RATE HERS; l
are < ,
'. In the L itoftliefi ltt SMOKING AND CHEWING of. I ,shall AJmiahsrsturontheF.stat .
: J t f ., I 6" 2. JAr in a.iaflee; Three copies.| *<
.. :2 AnJ yen brnreii, Iorm of l>.itjj I Lt1nnJ( foi .Toe ""l1j1olt'Iiy (,f: TOIL: ceo fur $5 ; Five copi s for f 3 ; TcaespiefoIs Elenaor Ttawlis (l Ie fj'-l. j>rcs tD\ ray' account t'
;_ 1 .t'h nil utronjV tnan** mislitf i is the IIDs of the and Tw uty-oue l'ol.iedoJr.| ?XCUrpyin" and l voucher to the Uon..Jud;e ot l Vrobal\ nffonftty. '/ '
: l1 t i.-, ;cow. eomr!"1 ftan.' up nearer.Gra one: cealury coaiinon YL11\5Y. ; SECAR3, MATCIllii: and MASON'S SHOEm.K : .n akd Tcathert furaUhed at {1 00 %anatH' ; for a'fiimi t tiettlem ot and 'tjl" V ,
I. : I I _' -.. : ,- ': p rae fiiroly W Italian'.!- I next .-( kp pr fin num. to l be tlischaruol from the further admiolrtr- '.:
44: J An.iiwbitr b\ Heaven! with INOv lion of Lb.said j'
-J _. re The 'rolsunehcstins ttith the Julv number. tfStAta. > "' j'
; .. You, will rie *er. leave the,bn-li : Itev.-Mr. Spurgeon.has fip! son%, aged I ; AT V l -ALSO- ];.&.k uumlirr laSS he >uppi) '
t .
"t i i the .' A'good, selection of DRY GOODS nnd} fir,t. naJ (ill early ub* for \
who be educated]
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: Ti.tiehfldrrraflao1tl) faMieri' years ..r .' .. '} ,rfftf TUIMMuo5, cbtisiliug of .' ; i.umlier for the t5r t nix inwuths. tiuhcd ; '
:- AVon (rent furr,t s>n'l fri_ fo*,- '. : I..illi.try- lIe has no oilier children. ; Shotting*. Shirtirgt in an elegant illuuiuat rvvcr.AaJits : N otice -

-\ .MaJ theirs by i J\o1.1 J.u-illil'. r ; A *,. ,J.V.. HURKE CO.. .. 1

-. I And with roaiv a '4no r"b)1I": There are fifty,Iwo million dollars worthof ,., .,.' Ilitkory Stripes, OnaLurg.Kentidcy *. r"I/illtT1I, J/a c fl. Gto.Jaa. J
; :-I .. -Our .:'ter Jiei; tic lnl'i, .1. Jeffer- : i' Jt'liO". Flannel, lllh. u4LAGUX'W I hereby forewarn all prr.ons from lr -'Jj An.11"f'N p.jr m'oh' rs lie; J government property. in, store &l Ulack Worsted Urvd, Alp: cca, '; for I cert.iu not, given tori. A. Allen.for t !

; : 'Orr r." Tflutret' t.c.i.c! them fgntille, Ind. '.. .\ Binding. S.11; WASTED FOR TUE ?15<).)\ tlateJ !'ut the time of thi .aU; ".1'

$ f e*-"When 'odtmsth': treshau! J!.. 1-: : : 1." Coats'. Thread Flax Gray Jackets.Ltvtd Term of the Circuit Cotij-t in Polls Cotmty ja j }
oj ..-; ,*.' .*. ? During the! summer twelve or fifteen: I iI8, iu the confiJ.rntioa for which aId note 4 1 1wa .
.- # I '. --, Ns.iI.s: Combs & Un1tCaSteAe1e! [ &, ...lfldtnU' tlll'1 Fought and Dittl fur given ha9 fsil. -1**' IflI'IlEX ,.i

; : _We einnot "J"tmf'" ,h. [ largo iron ftitnafes mo In be erected at : : -._ : -. \ I rlI, Kni ;Rg Na.Hlrt'II1i &1'! I'm.' Jirk. U'Jt:( InciJtntufltni. Stitches lIOLLINGSWOKTn.-, .

I : ,,,: 4..tVe And enot to *tf%jn 14't.I:'rn tbM l.ar.l 11:1.1 l cr.l.l), fliig 1 h.uLflyPuuIvania. t. hI'p Skirts Kn,1, n goo, aritle_ of ]Mcn'c: of MIl billie C'vnftJerary.Cornprijinj Mareh8Oth IC3. 2w. '. .
erAT var.
'. An J.our tatler', o.l! I I; 11 t Shoes. jWIitcb we offer'; for Cn ,li or : Ilrrati\"u of I'ernonal'AjTfntur' *'.
ti.' '>.j*." -AndnotbrApt" W'( fJtsi") JIUDMOJM* I\n.1 halter .' Tha. Apathc In.Jijns 'recently csptme-1, a ,, '-. 'e THE I l CounW Prod:: ace/at jut plJ!' tl\ol1 oppaUi; I Army Ijl. Navy Adventure! Home Life, NOtice.r.i\ 't
I \ Partsn Jharin Life In the Cntrp Fi'M ac.1 l lllo :
F z ..lu.l DO 1I1NiI t vf fo tlt herd of ltl6' Tuscan Arizona lI : -
I prUon ; argn cat near theFlorti nso. : :: :
i I __ vf'I'aU.Jri\"e! u; wording. ezik5, f itjl, Totberwit.h the S tmigss, Ia1IaJAuecaotcs .

I .' From the lan l'we Sof' tot wI1. t .. illin! ; two LerJtr .' T"i'lfnJI\"Ot.19th, 18G7. .,: 2C-fWM.XLEE : "Vif.ir .nt.i'l'nn>l, IIm tal.lu'loTU".n.1..h.Ii.vi.Uirt.. of the I '111'.rt't. ill f.rea.rn \th? per.on not to traJr.. far. J 'J. I
Or Wine hi'o..s. 't'II."T'
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1ea .':' ."]tt*' O- : .; iltl.n"I( .are,goirg: tq ho the fa,h-. ucreaalig.h '!lrcT 1aUon \ APTHOP rrilCRE( i ii rJfn J jM-aiva: of tho; War tat ( cattle i.ow b the" control;: of" lit i ;.iiIl. MGJ '
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r .611.T\\ arc.n<1 f w J tIle battle. ioa than ( '-', :. I i" :.) .. )' 11 r. JL tnilln 'vpr p,V iato the rcgalar hUtoru*. I l'lIltar,1, known a* [t.ho Lejlie: .tock. ,4can'. I
Dioro' are bJ '.
; Xcrtb raio IIn,1 l ciingwin1.) They pretty nor be cra'fo' ii iw ''n' rcin-in or r0ttryhi U '"\' nife haa an intere.t in s.ii.1 ; !
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r E : .-4f.T1all' not flirh.V from : Locating \i., -i-y"rtr.il plaIt e'flt. and will, if .erv > ]
; suflV'ri'-g' /
tl.inq, both! veil! rv.1 .IH Jif$. ..J >* --t! ..;, ,3 -, l rl" a pre aid lh<- uitl MelVrty has auth'crity to 'di,.
-. i I' tirinVj! the ernhll..tnd' ',' \ \ 7. 'ritiir. J idea -
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pll tAftd louit well a) .1 fr.Trin; well. When.ha njm'a -' t hi. : : OF: TIlE :. FE of ill* spirit; of tli'" co-ifl-ct! than many tlry re- JohN A. D. t
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,-.. I .;;: ,'. -_' ,9; ShMlfwuM *wv tlic uiclit) : :* .. ,; '.' ..* .: posts or careful nnrrnt'TV* of t'\'enlll ar..I l tl.U April; 11()h.[ IF.J.' :4 4 -

: ..' T .2n.1.al1ih eorro& l,tithi-. ttT.. '-','.. Vhfben. Ire Jmuffutict < ; ." '" @! m part I'tll' cno.1:! tII'! c"r.: ho f.lo. the pvt'i .' .5- :-5C>'(/ .
r -,: In thegloryof tlelijjljt! l. : . "* <>f the w ar. Tt.is iJln-Ti! ..ts! the tlnrnc-) -,
; ounJ. ; ; \ -' ler .r tt' Iv.t'lrr4, lie huiiinr of tie! <.iLers: Notice.'vY; :
; ;: . \. :
.- I .Jw"Tu..n : w. tlie .1",1 ion e.f1'1I1'AI. Ll.... .1 of RICH. ; .
:- trn-r Yn C o1. 1.rol1lt'r! wj j h to offer our hand) tot 1 hh'! PENINS'TILiR Tampa, FaV ItHrf J'
\ \ you of oaf !ir6tf the .ll.
y Our father*'Go 1 I..i} our*. '. > 'I i I Il"e pjaik !1 *, ruis.ucc!\
,, ,: .".l Who )hm lilcsavJ ustjtb f\di: 3t1rl1flC,. -hoo
i- : p&ih' hneb fruit ard tYO 'in- fl,1'SAJ1.Leo I _rs\ .1 Valia-.t an-1! Drnr* ltare1! the Picturnnl c talc o.r.\7iuil':: Korrrlatwo'f Po ,
,- f V. to" to'c'o! it ;s whtn the-i is gelling, put cf .a : ( )rJr.bth tTi* Win nnMsr- ..!. ....::,'\. 4i!,"'t.-eL it 1 ;. '
:.: :; .w 11'11 &l l.lt'Il\"t 1.'r. ,. ,'. ATcw 5 il th chance f'>r.\iJ.WhiXVhifcv-w t :4i1U" Y I'P1CAt ts.ii .1.'Y'tlt
; ; R'i-.ile wllt\ Jii till)! U"1.di..s. can' ;36.( 10. : .1 I.t r. ;' : snO LD, ;: '. :... i 1 nml te'UJxle, to t"ctif .IfUoIlif 'Oir *,I..t on*. thi'Te'uliraa.I 1'athotic! athi| the 'tfti.--l, t: :thuuW: "" V asel nh. (.rt..'. ".
1 :: : 1'uLlic Ilouiain. \v 1'1I1I"1"\1:1a! the Wnr arer-Te tit iIIind\' iT.jt.1elt, s ::.l.f"i-t' arr i' i"
it :411.1):1 3r, ero4)'ri .1 ft .V 1'1'1 X&ueL't 3" ) ,..
-. t'r 1ic. I lrn\r l iii a r:1J.-to.lv r..iM>T. nt nucrhi.t" ienni..I ale I.'d.l 'lo the U,<,'r"1."I.f'ol.; AUereor ,
I .e l... t'euieJ: : t"e Ili-re is a leap year uialojrue, :' 'M'.* vi'' -.1 .,. .- .' 'ForUsce! Sam ;is rich l ugh\ f |1.1t\ .
4. i: Kl.VI : tn\\ ro.nntii% nniUrinsfU th. DU'tt .1111.1.. bll.I'r'if'fil1t.1 t., .tI"rri) titi... ,1 ( :)

7' ,. 4 ___ you; jikOjiay:nrm J'--'Xc; 't'r'' anSI you too r COMMEND I: IT TO. u j jI :; T.'rieu& all afsriiI 1" cllill'Y'I 1 iimt'!: : itu.l itaJ.ij'o 1 Lu.L. t'-vt: th> I[ 'ire Iurt-l.y lotit\III: kw;II.t.ir ,*Julli-M-. will l WT *r+, -
4 TUB Anvs-:Mits. The: Al'y'ini.infr .c but.lha d' .o -* *- State Land for Sale at 50 Ctc\RTi nr lui-K-fti'i l f<>ilh.! l''rivl a'! tta,- -x;.Sr-i!: v. .f two irrfrvm this \. j '
iJi: >
1 \ pare_ nnu1r-plit!, .t.Jd. } A"'fl1lnO, III well a! ir.i!rncti fj \ I *
: : ? ntitfl.:itHjr .t..lhe woo'Iy-head} thick .._ Loot' out that! ; Iaiproveiacnts \ tniy I < i'
bachelor! 'Then ): th slip t acre; "your ieti.: 'liri'Hujl. : w. *VM
r' rdplit.1! MjnVl foxr in tvtry pipo. M srrHj.iae[ i. .1 Lt.! V i \ V Jta .z' .
Jirrtol' fiuti Ilib.f.1li1n41 t udl tb. ,
% re- tiS E are not entered /L.lt ;'lld. HUthciUt hiflury. II' .iiifulvved i! !. 1'1-. r.:',.}: I'JnL: ,
4 d, London) comic pipers are ()fI,1) of repftfntinj t.ka :it t. as m, y motto- I'r i is, go the whole ho.> M .EPw CHANT S- fr 0 tn 11 d e t 0 a !' h. \" in tin- work' of IItl'M6rarr.. :I i r.ut'jw.Ju* 1 :.', 1559.: '8*."*'': s t j

-., thfm.Jl'lhejari n rrr .! of the ?rnoILn- t t' Jrtuif J-sufs( inJ l \SnL! f.>r I itvuurA uiul *e* o.ir i..rro.. KhtDUil a .__ .1 k- .
Oj 'U!33, ; Furiejrd( Carc !- .- -" -' -.1 .I '
: .
-Hjuin: ] Arts with th' Orei.-k P/rll1.l1l'l't'. f rit Jf t 4 f'1\} re. 'lr
: ;' Jtw;,Gil.i! *&.1} iho negro-the IVJo.iinfcft A gealTcman in'Wetlcrn NeT Y"ik ma'i ncss Guarautceil .3iN (\ ;r f> 4. CO., .Atlanta Oa.Janlllh. iiotice. 'iftj .

p .. 'u's niij chTrftrtcr pfetloTiicaiinj: ; ,i in I! "ur". hi grnp-; .vines. 1-y burying at .tII .<> I ANDOTflEflS. ;\ J111.r tt1l. 18C7. H,(frn.. =-- t tNJV t i ." : ;?,, -

;: 4 tbe mixture, and) ,ak'g quire n ditinctiiMiHM 1 I toots ibo l' ra'c* of 'ta'l! cat:*. A dtcied A X TED C'h: mOtin! "r"J'l! t nTl prc f""t. my acVJ :

j ) ht3'a11dr he.th'tks is ) .JAS \ AQCXTS TO SFtr.
thus im 'zi/I
': t i 11. will ai-.J l-tr.vi'Ut .1.,!1i Fuluipk: I,, H.lo ; .
i statureihaa the Anjjlo! Sao?, .four, I f J t .I S -t ; r) < c r.-r .' s pgeo. .J loa:h and wiryan.l the women parted t to"the grapes.HQJ DR. WILLIAM' SMITH'S the! lIon Ju) i,u of I'lol-ftte s't f .11 I :: .
< '
: :' 1. IIi" Ilan.hJm .' 1'h. r---t-\tjill\ : religion i of! '- GOOD IMOTIONXUY: OF 'THE HIW.C.! ('uU"'y't'r ti.t1t'ttfU"'tht! >of nlhjr.'rfrOm : \
I Cica d IJ.f; BpJpt I, cn.&lork. .ti.1 I.xteu.Js.t: .il". .ta iU t" I 6" ''Q _
.- f the country Ts *C,ipOcGhrrtianTtnfiich ; ; "' It "oitaii s OO l 1 I"TIIUI'N'1 I H c-1 l.>s t'!,. I Uni. mlk" al:"r'Lt i .a of .*:iiJcttti. a"lIr.lt .
: t:- i i very intolerant a'ia.v-ttT ceremo-wl: 1, l f.y clock-work, which' 5 i. to keep trl'C '.. i-t-.L.i.':' ". '' ; -AXD : J'rlll'eil.: JvuKIt fohnjlll! nt*\.n |I-:>:. !. froTil ri.w I to (lie I'r"i"""" o's.ti-l 'Y'i.l;. :: '... : -

? V but pr;*>bit>!ri! tn'ich ,#'<'mi.tp.\the reli- ::0 wliitrh iti i" :t, ;ie.h. nstntiy rte fromJ.sFts V .. c1eet' 'r"'>T J.Ja \ 'n s'.i. .ll II" I. "lid i i 111'1/\ I C t II\. : ,\'ALL.-.. wr P

-.c .: .'gn-wlw4x-ChrEt; : tnht as !om" cf the 1. Iv 1 rgulnted. Lows npon tbo.trutfk. .' 1".;' A> "'*'..'. ../ "; IS tO-E.: LXAKER jfriivi[riately;*.ilntrae.t o.i. .!.'l! ap WI"1 w'o..J."v'r au t.l Wi'Aerit hlln,1t..t of til"n.I *. Bi.2i1! ;;?:tf"I., :: .. __ .. .__ -.Cn !. ,I; j:

nthei"t'et that bear Iii The .' .7 .
nam* Kinr; jt c.i : i .1 !! I. "' .1 : I natliMiUft mal s, \ .
,, : 'FieoiIiftti M. timi.to be. nd folr "u"lItc- Tile S*. Louil Republican 6ivs that the '_ .' ,' iADVERTISING It i lnc'y' con'meruf.l 'N\. ,11 1.arn..l a-.} :

4 j : k.oi1w.j* dt'rct.iult l ffcm.SJ'OTJIOU'! au J the memorial r fi* tlio. 'Aliwitiun'oPth; ; IVusiJint I ANA FLORII&. I eminent j!)r:>., :'aiul' tiv tho'vre' "..!IS. Notice.j.j.; I
t ; AGENCY thai I Iii i.'sc'sit) ili r1IIt IV aI lt x0 ,
.. .4 = Queen uf Shtba.-Saracnyft .Itlintiter! I feel ft'InreLthat I cir. pit up0I.'k ;
I, -', ; I ,i.., ;.: J_e .'y, fonviriled from Mi! : "
l 1)ak.> i ia mitrnitMin-iMiiv.1 wAru-ut- : L'vJ1.. | :; ( 11 .
I not sigr.td bj asi'igle! Ameiicanme' \civ ttvle'lgi> tto \ sat-t i the. es.tsstet.f "Vn.. '\ : .
.. JI Tnn CONDITION- Xorrrit GAU-UXA. : '. eJ. "Shop! in the Old "JVuixisular. .Ort'.oc.. : "' (' to" tte* :n'"j'r. <:.-1. rt*'i I I'O'jvnla'ity of r rt Ij a.:!l..1.ot irvcclr' "6iinJrMit. .of-F}.rMJ td'I I .
;- I : : .nn InMrnj-in'
i- write as lotl.j\,, uI..r Uc: If April 15: An il'iite'otcrmn!' AS THEY CAN t ojiivf.-! r:':-li--., 1.1. .ln.hl;',.:Mua foiin: .f(>'!I .Wav" >n.1 I till!! pei' oni'iJetleil: fo riM! stat J :'
in lo wM.inij trtcnlcrjomomi \i.f'; .... !II 1-A. .. i Mrt'rI''lUtf1tl''t a1Akt.lnrlt1"alto'rayMfflt to-i ;,JS
'. 1. a private Fetter tis firenl in' 1Lti.! 1" ; Til llESII: CODFISH CJ.1..ig' 1"} .r f}tir. t.u) 'n : ..
: futlfu "- .-. ._- .. : : : ; at an n lIcu1tura! tJllbIlIO:1..1trOb !, : 1 L; Ouk1s! ) Ten, rirssri bh"f type, ixxl -1'1''n.n"-r i1Ioe.tnVO I thf' .CIo.1'Nnt..L. .iu crto .li.I.NS J.. 1- "' i
I :e -cviilintU I'V maki lok tiHi.1! .tio Itl..i1 tre hertby- n tin*,l, .
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O.ir irhiC'1: -irdiiir-n'i-i: i m T'' 1,!mj is f follows! to 1 3 stirVafv :"l. Also I enter ni ,! _.1- ; > _' *-*"r'* .' : .: Younir"'Ilj: TdI, las i ir t.n! n iUoriciRnf' -ta'tive lhft;'npr('>.:olll: that, 11..i d.1\& il-bft! l.arri-t si tie hr'r I ... '
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;- I .: : than erS.tWth S-ttau: r.tMdIC< fn the btM jickass ; ,1! ani ur6lor getting I i . H 1.11 J.l'e1'r, that it f. fire liiion. To those wSoJi.sire 'hie tinn .,f two'se.r* frota tLiidalt'.UceXdto. '
is 1dl ,. |ti.; i., uwtll) I itcJ it.i t it.\ti.[ .' .
l :- a.; : i AciIt'V hle'J jU"t'il..1. :. ; curly Man.li! fnr' /
j .- : :. .- I I-.eprizV :'_ ; ; : : i ,1 1 Just Ueccircdper srl.'r Dill.'11I1.1tId IIi.It the I.-'--Ir-h work; far -fiiperior to the :muMITw1Lnic. jot f .' ". .
:. If. ,fwo rrJHt the new 'On"lltutl"n [ ve, "PEKIXSULAIIarc I American., nt .: 7i (-.'r ):e'J f. circu jtluitniftratoNotice. : ..
.- ,, .- wiLieVi41'jtn4, C OilI".lo f:1.t'JlSf! The stacyIerj'ha slarl'ing, ore, but 5 5'H 11i at.': /- 'B. C. LDOXAlllJY'b.. l.tr'qi\ II1I1I fflrircnJoO .'. :. Jan, Soli I 'C7.: 6": ?L Ii.j .

: :: i If we' accept]! we have IKldeo'ao I the rc'. i mid) to L bo true, that'San': Krancisco with Nov. 6ih: : 3o if.. &: S., \\NiOX & CO.. j -

.'-. pros CQLStilutiou .hajb'U vr.o rt-. n Im:.lc.lltn'd. t.eltrhollsmJ; : Pc.I.tlCrll.: :T ; :
-. -; : .ku.wZt '. .A>. ( .. :' .inhabit.! :; UP. H.RtF.Li: : ; :A tS: .;! ;lrce'* f'r.l.Conu.sTE'v1ics' &
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t -' ,; I for(hern.flg potuieal)! ,'pi'i'ons disfranchfv or Rct!\. \Our 11lie hope l irs, I'\) n.MO money .into the, internal % 'Q \ ,. sm \VIij'key. .1., '.*.. J :_! I .' ,. ,., .

*,+ I' of tIe Un'lVd: ] 'IIOUSE. I'LL rEIl OnS having monJj aiad ;tli.. :
:_ ; ii in the <>"II 1 ).siUucracort. b: We areitgweileM revenue Sutes thun. New Smoking ToWco'. a .
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i :; here. : Vo.k city with; iu tight hundred thou nd. & Tubo, 21,23, 25 Broadway, PI. Y. '
: County. J5l taI l*1 f Florida. d" -eaJt"tl; will pre -

Vr4 .. 4' &''.lie excttr-m' nt* .in our-* .\t.lh t utJ<: t*>l. and all permntin I II .
r"t r.; .JIIS COVAGEVICII.F OX 111E E1IOitE.N I'LAN.TIinMCVF.XS ; .!lcl).ted to W'l LoOlale i will mate iaini liat* .
tepitk1lI lJ&.I1 (
>.. \ .I Ii.5s ftt.n.kr ha* via arrtsu-d for tho roarer of an in- I pAVinent to theuhdcniirtird.. All'ctcditor* s
1 r' C "A. C\:1. an,! on tha oher: *iJ. n<-' f..ntUie) c'li' .lof hi:* o\nunrmiri Jail ,]! : HOUSE( wwfH ac.l wiM anil( cs ntitlr t. to tiftril-etiop by.;,..-i Y
: I jjro4 nre can,a5s5nj i | Tlw re ull }j.4'ou! !>tiul t 'er, nr.d tof htch I\'j: i* surpos-d to Lavotbeui ., !IXE LADIES IREJ: 'S.&UOE t travrliLg. j l.u1.ti.. Thc loci-, I "'iII. are hereby totilie.1 that their elAlni4 will '.'.\1
lion i is i ntiW' to nurchants l '
t wpciinJiy &n
vri'.li' thane iu .fIn or ,cf d''ft' tic2 ',h,- :i4e! fithcj.iulhe: tvvQa"rtf oJ S.itinet \ ; : oool'tuliJO.* 'Alsnv oi'tns rvgroes* i gin I hnvc :.jvtd i ini ciiminil irtimipy.: fcnmn Knov.l n to Men's, B.iT:.( r.rl\ 'M. hn-jir.d-s YJUoUl4 nitrn jirt;u it f the i !i.1 titj l' ye-n proximity on the t.i to b1\'ay thy'; i I; the r>nbli<'tttioa of tnu notice* uul .* eahibit<4< .
;, 'to KO avHt tho dng.'r tit ihon if the vrnro"f I ton i ip2.y.c-uj o'dj! and) tap !!veujcr aiJow. A siu\ll lot of Crockorv' of tic3tiern! ,n.1 l V.".tora travel-anil.Ijneent : within time. IIANIHL STANFORD.J s I':
Otr Gun T nj'a ; It all tli* u1Vip.LI 1aiL'oaJ IlnJ Stuattso3t Jo1.ut. t
: races begin... pet\p'c nroreckle o".rn; I fof'thub years. .. i Ji'.iCed: Executor. /
l :ana ,wi'J not ,'? toconsequence. "\e u'ltl Coiks. r.l1l'tOW', riLrcb.as. :, 'g .
I. ., Ttine a1o1o. \\ill J H\\ .' I iW.uuVft !' t'hV/'eVcry time theU.iZbt ". rtiJ' _. iIu Steven, IIOtHe.1.. liher,1 al'l'Dmmo.3li'tfo -I 'T- '
r..1' otHt"lJnf' |*-it i* well furni-hed I -
the (.sture befara! ,u'. I HU> I of Sste't -J : Clt. .' '
nohopeful Canary
I +ve gre"n l'n-r"'rCII\. mid rot f-<>* eiiory n.ol-rn inipro\i-mrnt[ fir : ,
- a fivorablen I clition? kr p'aJitI on they.l.hve -And8KKKte- Just Received, nnd for rile' C"t'! p. ut the eittititiuiienlot, iu mmnto*. The n>omme -- ,
gone h-wk |0 pro.tection nr..l wet1!! S''ulifat..l-rf'Ovi.II..1 ', '
.. C. LEON.1V.: epacioiM t.
Ildi- J\ f torC3if< ard.fou it. WtncM Nov. I ICih': wi'h gi. n\\.tvl'-th.! ilti J, -.' if I.rtnll' \ rF.J! 'ol I"ift ,ltmtl' .1. nnlnt the .1 1LT4
3-tf. : :
;. XTbe Sprin! fioKI 1 U-poWfcan! ,g'res Up pe1 ; 1812, 183::,*ISCI for.' th. .. all.1 l rr-p\.f!fill-at .1 tint.Ane i* ge.irs! ous.Iy J A *.Utcloncounry I I ,.. J..Iu Itouk.-r Ute .(.i r.nJ ,.
jr'j/i -h '
.' <% 1'/1.: J'OCi-4f't will
gro.utft.fta rrr tflly. II a."nnO ,nc j.j 1'1'm. I'I"vIIr.} with "vry" t> >io.vj of the, tciuou- 1'r'en; tIern1. t
.i tha Rt\\ic-l intention t'tng La, k*' oni: Jw.1! *ctjr! |->.r.cr/an.Jih'uVff: of. 1.SZtJ. 1 3. :# : J A FINE? LOT F Ac'Moye 1 C-I01 1 1rf' vt iiroJcru'o r.tt.. .}uly'\I ;lt1 t'r'o'. *ti.l All '1'.I1itU. in'\t. te..t'. : ';-
; 61: ). 1C. JJJA'r. A CO. tt thelo.hl etaseoro r.jnej..d I io k" iu- -j
." ho ob.c : ', 33 .ISttf te'i ]j'!;', ree..lrcl l from J ; i /
J1' u..olreJtrpi'i Yo "fY"Jh1. ,1! ISof.for tha -d. of r"de. ew iJi
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: q A : ?4Diicrtdk"Vd? n* thft/act rn*y l JI.' It i k't J : ?rlliiR N @t c no'iSnltL, *! tl'iteaima! will L,- .

pretty evident lliit tho "Irflcn '. e. toccubnawew'receniV :. IJ t sat! #, Vt ,- : t the coJorrd! raca in :be Xor'hprn Stun* will: j jf. {put ".11 tri;! ('t lro.t' tl,; jj Wo k l. -S d l11". .hm'7'1"i.t --J";" I I.I !.>!!.y :J:1r'n! .a1. ,!I" person. from f r.'j I S nIU1_ .C.\ILr\)4. ,14"._ .

: ; f.: nA\1 4(, ";U C oven fjr k"rn -re (1ut''nent: most .Mt'oeVir : : ii.- : rl JX Aili.iiiletrafor.. /
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_; t ; aeao' The F"puhrOli DC\nneciJut They ,I & i it th..r.I1."j.. :! ,ark rod t.ritaa ".;[ 3111l1l\tff' n..J3n:1Otn.; llt.. '4ttS.-u' .
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1 55:1.! :hro.u hM Ii (. AY DILL. r it ffi. : '.
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: L < beyoshtl atLLbtlht-t:1&! : rk. anrti!te of ;| wwre !U j-trMu.1 am'd l.orrlUo! H.ff ,iI-, I I ,. '' t 'J. KILLER. Mastrr, j the! C'th-r- :. iU.iliJ I>, wa tire 5io.kJ*, Lt R.tkrllTOr.'J XO'Tlcj; : ; : :'

: I : : the Ipttkisi p'ry; t11:1t r. f !_Jit m" j: Tb' ('o' !u :M.wfrMAfiliUy... but the" '.' ; WILL 1'I.II J: :. .15L..\ ;LV nir.vnENJ; l.inirt'. l:ft'1..i> n upper> '. i\ti\ ] >.n' jon, 'r, Lo!! aaJ- .J!I- \ LL 1;& 9 1 .4I. t,. tt.! r.t.1L.t'h ,

_ tJtI' are etii Uri1 t.-lr. uo nm: )U\ : hI",1Tn'. ow; ; to otne I J, WithAND Lroatr3' I \I\ It,. 1'"r:. (./T","!,, 'an'l! N.'w Odum' split iu llieotl."r-Bran.H. if. 1" > III 1.1.lo. Jant (. ttl; tef"at!,Will pr cp.s'. .
: in fir cf 5 5vmro im1..x.ia '.th.it the !I J'I' legn' '-ib'! tI : I I.t1'ill Min.itPv: For fnht; : "r J>H'JIJ;a' ript ,\t"! .. cI.ptQ IJI: i 1pu'l!, ."r-Urande.1 \rLt1 a.1'm.o.1blL4.ly: pajnjent; an.l AI)

k inam.H..te: rttresti of tt-cob..trn'tioJ i;i :('T\ll ( he t'Hn.:.al at( I I tl Mr. L. (;. 'nvvc'.vicn: l&mj Ortotii II. 1*.. the jTojwftv of 'I"t :hsnan.4U ) : l'rrosftvii.t! JI'.li flasstd; Ebite"w t.I': '.
i. aj.t. pre.M'thc-il! antb rtticaUd th .j
I I d-ily to -
; ihaHlie I rot J Ji.tir.ui. the'lLbo\"e
_ liberty Ircthir of 'T' n ; Fr.lrk..1 -
his I
i. 'N .; ..r might bd j jpr.J.1; r\r forcing lId iwe i t lcc ed'wlf. ) < Cij.tr.iu; ou Lcur.KJui'22l. l ft'I.J* l-r..n.L cattle, will te rreeutu1 UI1 I".j.. .qaUf.1 l I r. ; :
-P ATlhi4j'.nctt, 1\.111 I ther'efora 'coil tin: :I, .l.ct Li':1'clcJ.; : I DISF.TCLI.c.fl I J. 2m lu 11\\0. iooding 1 -. '. Js,1tEDE19X. 'I
that the piry: pre $ 'uer.ttv!! ai'l oc'y L4 i| .' ,! A" : D.tIELsi.t.tihAY.! I 1\311.1.De ..S "n 1.. /, ..
too ready i in-va or poitjvjj e it. !I! Agfntl.nn'u tra\(-};! Illrouh C11, of lIlLL I1E.\D i Key TVWt Marth. 1st, '' 4i 6m. .

'. .Twd te.ted I. t1lij. tt'or.. 'I ihe iur.al panels of a 'certain: .. ; Jn'r.LL: ) :: FO.ISale IAFIS XfF -
tPtiiig sr rcuntv ; DILLS! : TF} LUl I.\5. ':' /f :tFaifr-N
of llidiivi!l. "n.t I 'cowitd.c fwilnys since, rode \-Notie'e. :ij.
-f ,7 SRO!% parniv i j up to ft!m h'' p ; Bt-1 IlL:':S (nr.n !

I I : ftOTr'a Rdic l J-lu-et. The KidicaU,: ) ( "n. : ".rjj tl.u I aer< e J..,:C2Io.It'' ,J"arcilln whoMaled I ELEC1IUJ TICKETS, T li r'oy rpt.lj *U not' ts. t!
ri'atTrid; give utfm % Tli '., y rEUOX hurin-i1nssvs. ftt1In8t! tile 1 trad foi rnVc J11't .
'; i' to up nr;10 ;t; \U: : tIIt \J' ALL three pn> < rj Aytc ; .'
Wi'XVW (\.t that Ratn'.tnwill upou. .top of Ito post; Hnro\\\ t ,i1lc rf EiLt4ia.l5secf! IIIll&4iruud li we nr.l pviVl, to \\ tn., Ii. I. ,.-,..
are losing. ( <\.ri so horn fLr
1.:. I lub? Jl'ftVI E&TlfijHE NnW nnwy.\\.ltltllt State of rioriJ-i.' deeaaeJ! l Juton l-o5tJcf t tIt? .
4 ; iW i l nlercVjyour; j fgo ; co-inty\ >Lf .i I wit: One < or Ifirt. 'f
: 1 all tl. Ain
; 7fI' '" bnwn -y can '[K-IH on. <, : :rhe I !!1R11! t LICENSE, I'uggris l jM-rfcvtlr! now spj irs. guoj present thfr.i .luly ftiitiieMieate.l. accar-lini* to for Four 1 luu lre.l aaJ fiitj/ItaUara m"p >. '.. -

'-: t ..' inCoee4kutn'rgro :uffrg-, Ibnl h 'hd: ,. Outg'.r r..Jii : J1'RP" 'jr-' I Lii r.tcEll'r... ruiM>ii>gotUsrli-. ij 1 tr::; :." "y* *I.: .! ;t_ law with! nt .Tl 1'4\-, aiitl all!! j crsotia jioil,.bt.il I dUr JaD43rlee 3$18OQg4.CiIJQAq44th 'J

: : 'iohe meaL was not"\\Lat wj "piincijnly! 'nt dots -there. bo-,\ ant. the cow-hed to I I : ". SJJ1ir.XX'. l'' ; I to tbepi.ptat..vflt make fmnvc'lutd parment. .' ISfrt.Dr Fonr tr 'njreJtDJd! lIft!,\J.I.i i ii ,''
J: rejected. Th4 *d'g- 'i i io/i *>f 1':1:1 5 in.t'1 cSouth" d'g: GOOD:TWO" htOP.EWAOOY. with barn to the un< ; --lu"M cre.litors ne l,1 #pecie, d'W Junnar+ "t/:1&7t. an-l snotfc! d*- ."
: : *wll..t' it6t Stwlo : J\.grve to-hlurCf. r old J.g To\\, J' :; Nnr.R. I -. *c. In c ooJ running crjler.) perM>.jentitll to ilistrib tc>n are herel Iy n i- tel June 1ltti.ntofir Hoa,'.i l'4j J: :ATA* votr in -xsuifrnjej : ; J.A
\ ,,The J"'De.l od! fool l kilted! 1'i4'f! a h'in' BLHC [r", I '(.'tlars iq nt.iep, ,l Ij; tt."Tintry.Ui* l tj633 a" 1 tVI
.: ''T _ pl.i.c! (: onJtmQtd.. ; eI'. .n r r.J. ,.j I At r""rtnat -pri'(1'- antI mo b'eea anvtmc! by culhn:; at ,>( two yc.ir: : frt>ra thi. date, u have Jv'flntj agnfort; t1.e. s'ai.!J. .V/i.liitA-P; ,
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.; ; fz4drsp.1 'r\i""U.4 "reC nstrudt"J 'i kt ,, .i. I: t. fpf S ;"B, oDe'" I I': 'i" :...\ : j* } 1 Ttithm! Ih Uimf'. tct-tb& BTKint'6f notes, "" :
jcc u1t"nl :
.. ; i : 1-'to 11'1 k "iirrre 1" ': ''.1.r.rr.l; ilc.L OIfP-"r." ".7. j'I Our fi'en 1! 'roh uu.' : 1 i' 11I r.KRA\'F.: \ :.. I w.- u : J.'r.Dn '.\tri\ .' ..WlLUA1'AJ.PElU1.\" a I I" '

"f-\' ..1:,'4... __i .- I ; .I/rdSitcIed.. h .1 I Tllcr"S"&t. 2th'. ". ..II 3sf. T.mri.l1", J:1", Uh, l G. -1 .y.ri'1'N' .t JIarc.lil2'.h.lS3, 471, I
: .. f' .
f.' T.,. ,. ; : .. -. 'i t. ': l '' -;': I' .t.jot ".I '. .H, 'J.'w4J. I '
t ;:i w.t ;; : '-', : ; # .\W' / .Uir ,.J )'; IkJ! t
- \ J,'l. ". -: ,. :...} .' .. ..,..4 ,4"11I-".. ;:, t t'l; :;" : '' '.\ V 1\,' .1 ,. I .. 'I't't ... lbi.d .; ::.L.z44; ) l & ,/ "'. r /f'-f'r

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.' V .
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.. I .'.,.. ... ,.<, / \ :
\ --- ,'. .. "''. 'r::. _.. : \ .. .....'. "T' ,
:0:, ', ...; P' .C"'',M'v: : ; ** ;
.- '' tro I'\l;. .;; + ,. -. ., -' .. $ Z '
.. e. '. : -' .- . A', '
,' : S' __
;" ; "$ -M-- '. I /
-- ----

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: May 9, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002013373
oclc - 11286473
notis - AKK0726
lccn - sn 84027568
System ID: UF00079921:00328
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'I 1 ,t : ciw.a I JI1l fl : .. "Virtue 'Economy and Intelligence are- the true elements oC National. Gteatnes : ; /

: : 1:3;: .dt *, \ .

._.! : x- -a
: Y ; : j

,\ V_ '_ ti VOL 3-NO.- ,
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---_ _
-- -
-- -
i14_ -___ _=_._ --,--___-,.-- -- __1

r : nd1VCiirb5 V ( FUNERAL OBSEQUIES OF GENERAL \VA8llnoroxApril 23.-In Michigan the Southern, murder*- proi
hut them T boot-black itindiDf
LEXINGTON, KY.TI'e Democrats hare gained .upertisors V V
seventy V
V \Vhtnevei any radical fiitbran-i; Lwailenuer \wbo* stock ia trade.consisted V VV

{. ; !! L!) fjiInrdiy It L. MITCHELL3D Remain of IbcCrrni RaiderReintercd and defeated negro iufTraga by forty thou or negro is kilted or hurt in lint U he\YJO. ft dauber, ftblB.. 5 V

.I.t 'ST. 1'SPENOER at hi* old IlumrCinthcilug sand majority.A S uth lb radical pr i>s and orators of tbj er, ft duster, ft we-o\ \V V V
; 1 WX Of
3 "0 S
: :': : of Ills Old, Companion. VV D.tDocialic Recorder has been elected North make a terrible noise about it. blacking,. got the Kx. V V
S 1 ,
tr. .. _. V in Chicago by nine hundred and twenFfiOM They ring the chaa, and he.wl dy fter whom he wr.s ur to" veofanazCi:
-- 0 *d ? tMn41b iIu ( "M; V V V V VV V d.iy .iloul rebtl outrj.s, ub.1 hatred and C55t7 of *
. > .i TAMFA, FLA.gfre .- SpWial Telegram to the Cincinnati Commercial.LBXINOIOX trone thajoih V clean pair of bev>ts.ttil'icg Tb V
4 rebel muid-rers but bar noL
xve never any '
: :. Ivr April ?.-The funeral to invest the rum o \ V
: *. V V thing froii th.m coni-trnin be mnrdeiedSou'Lern for tb* _

-1. ._ .* I -. wEn prompt attention to all LciinntrustJ of General %John 11. Morgan, the faruous 1ICWJOND.Vf whites ard black outrage*. -The services tenJcred, at'd fferetI o V :

t 'r rths a.of nbcrIpIIOp to hi* eiie.V V Confederate, lovk place to day la this', Ricraioso, .April" 1SOt'tI&$1WV4M1- ; .. .ic.contq half; ; but th kuhof thy

4.4. ADVAQIl& h, '68' "" : "lyJ. V lifs old Iiomc. Hi* faring escutblon* into an ordef'thls! moming thai. Conjrssing lay. Acddenurrl.itt.ns of ih murder (if Ah price turned him

it.: "a.ltSOO V O'uio, and adjoining State during the hi* niLe! co'appt.priatioi.s to Uefrr.y the burn in Gtcrjjia, but they ay noiKin! j ers was rjuu kly ou wn Ved

)N? &i molJ'i* *L Jc'ixc; IILMpbION. F. 1Ireuiow war have nude! hi* name illustrious in this tip'-n'e* of the State election! ItV wril notlakn.pince about the wl.ue one-armed ex-ConfeJi'r- lid fcarid.nl liw I ox over lo I ,. _.-

_; : t'x',stIii.inon1bc' Ob' .i : :'l mmm & mmm! fart of'tho! country, tid thiWeunnouacercent till June 22druo'.o s an -ipprev ute soldier who was lio' tleaJ on his horse to give him a dime j IM V.VQUIIJIII'up'

._, r SitV nb *i wj1Ibrvebe CroiX) that 1m ob*.uuies noud! l-e jcrforrad -r-fUt.cn .thtUVtV'3! r.i.iJo efotu that liroo.If .- recently near S.im; i, AUbania? 'or of th* hi* old *!ioe roui.n' tt\ %

hTkOft their paper, wbich rprc* nl* tUat V iri Lexington attracted to the city hut.- the tl.clion do. s ne>t t .k place then, n otnoi four wh'ie vrn who bat* Iven mnr- lime thVlt it was well -V V VI

V ; ATTORNEYS AT LAW duds of Li* jiJmirer* and .ympatbizer,, day will be substituted kcd dui totio giv tI-red in the sam* vit.'nity 'mr, the war _____ e.jwdcr -

and first of ail a large number ot those who e-a. V and! to one m rented for these murder.. Xo \ It was fotmr V.

1tA n oP :,i1VitThflaIx r TAHPA-FLA followed hit fortunes through all their Messrs. Putzel and 'JIorMmor Cox, of we l lar nothinjj from these ratf.ca's of the V V t"'icLns

... 1 n- change; from" the time of organization," to this city, a fetn wan hi.d ntgro were d''wn numerous other mtudei! of the centered to ti'e k.i .

: Will practice in the Southern and Easterc the day or. wli.h the band was Lioten up vhl crossing tLcJ.imo ricer Ht JuJJ'a f..rTl.rcc bnitl.t-rn whuos and ou'rftc oa them in be topot* TV (

Circuits, .1 the Mate. .f VV and Us 1ea'krlaia. The majority ef the IVY. V V other lopihtif: of the S tuh. bec.uibe theteis hole* like a PEP! ftVV

VT&upaMAyV26L 1SC6. V-- V 56mo.t persons who !Jie to particijMte; iu the cercmoniot thon ind ngrocs were nJJrebet1 .very re.tsn t V believe this Ihe wo>k ot tt! a small quintity orDu V ,4Jer, of -V V
.. .. .
: ; P- I I I were in the CoufiJt-rate armyLilo.itexisteJ to-uight by llannkutt.RlCHMO V V the b'-ttk' loval l :i r*. At R pnh'ic? pro- { and on.tntcjtng V' IOOUI V V
A. A AU.BS. S. 0. CIAr.ALLEN ;
lived in1 this S'tat
0R41 sure t1 'tjevcrUne#) or 1e ur V V \\ and *, 1 Thetowwe.howcicr/dtlv AticWromQhio a mippo.
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1tMItrrIt i1Cjs4: .. .A,.<..u. s.i..att 0. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, The d uty of taG9orling .tli't remains hfm with ytltin;: aside ihclans of ir.iiiIVanVIVIcIV : d allbW.V, &rd to li-rh! w.nnt V ht 1.OflVfl J.inse' J. *ItlTYV U to h'.s: aihnoe all the old '

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take lh oith to a s1u1le' l ffn _ Vi.tgKtsrto
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L&qa,, ,- : ., >- .- < several gentlemen frcm Covirgipu, Ken Kupv IInI-LVI.Hg louioy ti1s4.littL'5! V Ttu-1 V V
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-.L i anu Creditora. < >. lucky, aiul they di-ttiarged .their Otfl.iV rajiral loalV t.tVrt.ts 14'ldV prot.LlitnVtkl V
, 4p1f&u fur fli )') I JO V lion this morning..ifcly V V tirld's apponui..al; havet', r.tlqtl l iu dUcour- who I wife of 1n': D- Ju-ld. K Ilipi't
lint frtMd ithotild
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the riv1cIt1ie ILin
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K'iiity.ia"; ] NiuiLcru .) circuit '( fQhiwvtl! ISV V t..VlrS mj'COH-Juct
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ptI $ s1TpbiI u JcLrhc4 isiii.g Ornc--aljoinin the Store of .V* A' AVTVtKc. Chri (: (K[ Uco|>:t!) Cbui h, in tl.e' >jp-r tll.itin TV.i i ti'ruck ty Ii 'ituir.g in the we I-. urpri d. ha, that h> n South" m- n'i. r.M' TIii n'e 5 ttW ('fl trial iii V V V

.1v .. . he.;* ee or both mjitsye K fsuh.1CIULJ.V nr.Oiy lowvr T buy and lurnd; *>i-tt t.1 nbi4 XeitVS ,itnh itrvt.-
put wf ihe !VV.V It, is: trdly. n -.* ) to j IVVIV: e.r"are muider< d'in t-vtM ptitot tL.- Snuli V.V%: $% ? .
.. .; LEGL'i' V VV VJ Three thon-'and! hiindrdu l cfj oniJerse!
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__ V* thai the s nctrmrwa% W1tpli ut,. Jodd i |v.v V
Mett.itl. NctieeJtti : y iti 1S. __ 1 v.'iT .iy and th tl the inurderrr'i are but airvxtid J
i fr'Mttrio* ff Svit w >n wrra'dt-Iroycxl. T.i I iafhilfa ; M. J"dd haje V r. JujdHt"liraulCty
intitnfluf *nit't ait* ff ntit; nt ru\u>ty. liie l nti-ii c v?, The yorth.rn; : fileinJn of tlttn \<\\\v\i l.nr.bit1.iri r-p-ry, *

'.: ee&t *. rwWAts, *1i\lIbeI"fTt .} (*' lad-ii! with tokenvof ffvt5n Jin iho.fontiof ; inilivn. In-urtd pfiiciptlly inLwrjK j.i en I cot to krt.w a* ?'!i5' 2 w h t-VUVtDflVVl_ Il-jnoM*. & -
lit Jeposiud | ol. After all t.ce; of futu& j lur "b 1' '" '"' n n'1 '* stilL V
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tif> su'/if-l wnn
three month in eoine pullie j J'er ; Vcun ?
... .l-oQt thitr iRV.rd.rom don! It U r'vi<
4ittJa1 -.J 1 i ; tlie tii! [ were iv/n up, iLav .MM Wi* scutlleJ! at iI "r TrMi Mf Jndd L..UV IcApf.
.- 4_ t ; in 111! e CUI..V anu r( tor, ; ? that the South nndri rndic-l rule is f,*ttLtiutrjj.Jo .Vn-r .
; scoce.firI4tIL'n AM XfiW IN' TAMJ'A FOR I uuk in tlm tttn.s. pf Tn 'lIi. JM !M'fito "aI.T -
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( ? ; Jiioob c a ts'cscsj ? V' > atr
U-v. Miij.ni.in ccuJUJ' .* vOd
O.fluuti the! perpofv.f doing any l>cr. t >! il >' nntrihy aad tu a uor ( ilie rl
-- titTtofi>relo !nfrae, > h-'r l"jtp.Hji1: .1 tni vi2> ih f.(<>pU n>ay wish.- >y rcsdiDg selection* fr..m ll.efif V V Vr V ton: ti.auS. Doa.i gj wa< t r in.is ,- on r> f-r ,
enliUUo, ar jatervte.J in. tUv-.jm *"tvof.i 1 \\tvlo\ MOI Vl.r theLallies altruir Jucllinpij teenth chaptu oflhe Second I ;rio of St. MOXTGOMPHV; ALA.. April 1 51LJ.mnV V' N. r.U.. .n its diu,' iiwl.oi>w A year.iv.e

: the ji. j (irutUuviJ! pitHeeallon me at Mr. Jo- l'. uf. A requiem as then wrp by thochor uo'ph! e-dit. ot the Tn.i'oos' i Monitor VV __ _VV _V_ V V th. % H;. w if i::: < IV.PV.y; a i1'v? V

: r; ] tcn; ofthe 9ut a.WL C1ItlflV-r *!j' yi'fris. llanrs ol bu.-iarsi from J A, M. and ufier tffering of the \\xtr of hivfn in.i ;!i kulty with ,i Vngro ia Tuse.Voo Vt XIJ: 'iiIn;; 1. > .V ..f N IVV 4 Y "k vfy, t by W a!'.* had
&p1be.1 ih I until 4 IVir. lanut.c.it.Tli. Mr. .I M' WOoud .
bntira1 i
the Church th. coflia a county, cut him wiib/a knife ar.d irt.. ;Wr-i.! : fhi n V
v :& once
:I 'AU.r I with business here I Epc'pa1 >
p 1d i.LI&e 'i1i ; | sin Ihrongh (110nht GvlsJoa Timt i mys ih-.t onJaIIJ4VwtWert ilon- She Ic-iiSt-d ihu Mr. Ju>W hin | VttiAcLgr
,; ge(1 prhiii 1e. oee trv two eLj,J *-'aat-\isit! Itirt > .: in Polk rountv which *villI cure tjlea to tho hear?
s-- ala4Ijir oz4b .wre theY r.bablj be tL Urst or mi JJle vl May.il. The proc<- -iou for>.which arwtrpjnj***!* ,z& ; .J.Kkonv.Uj and witnessed
-trn Court. dered himself to lienerd Slitplcul ; a si'jht si.Lenin,; and rerottinij "ID
--: I the y the ,
JLaa4ftaGrZ iutuv. or.Cuars. Dental urgon.Tft'n L'hitt M4rljIVll.l (r. n>ora s.th
: All sa $ of k1 hy Feui, A April Ih, 1SCS.VM. : : tee of srrangemenS voii : t5njf of M j. A.Kei'S !IH iIJ. Ho was thf-n muiititd to a 1'cpe, v.Tio wa< so foehle! from ill hv lhthiit tI'VV1L_ ( t1&fl'C lh-! Nationnl -
( tots or kr11isr.3, aCQr.1 bylaw t, the l.ts could .carrelv v'k ud the f', .how? IhnftV
IntfUi vr
"" L. military! % hhtwt jri\iego! ef 1 tail. : as n g" 'sf
A. i M.ijor
tiareit to the Maj.r > Lipi-omh, > V V
_________ \Vi ther-, Oaptain Sim pin, nud CsptuuStuilh Giner.il H.inforsr.eil him }h't l in u'l cans guards were truitduiting him to ji i'!, an n \ d.. c.intoton"iiutiaiiy! -iicce..] ta 4

-'f- S 1 b.s.e.Jtu SV14$ .ultt4 e ? z.t llowen, from /'ovinijtoti,.and sever cftjilltary :arrest th p.irt.s vonld be seelt' ed, gtey Inired mat *o ntllv'td with piraly ihe PteilAIw'. iIt- .VAV'iI3WuE1 corrs.

LiitaIE l.eaJod.th i ni-lilaiy Non Uicrc: to icuaiis unt 'I >i3 t'aat he hhd not Wnlkid f.r \ c.krwhhout p.tuiknt <-f thS w -vkrt: :
nl from INlltOU. < j ,
U. T! #X. VM. W. COBPOXXUVOXUIY gentlemen :
db.ors and Creauort. OCot't e to l loc&l dNohlrjj JVIV1 miistiry: C'>nnuiHion.. lie toe <>id of rutche.9, too t>utrag d In .ply ift n (]iin>ti&>n whtihcr tbeirttce -
followe UiOi
be 4 colutiui.sou were by
-btors and creJItors of an tate, must V
.. tibibeJ! fiiUt tretks. .& COTtDON.OVc,1 cornet LnuJ. V Net iu order t irae the MAson 'w t- pri'iin-td a speedy ,iuvetl' aiion by to c..t.t.i.n hitn-.ef! cried ont, "Jnlje aieth.v did not sc id with V Cha uV .

Notice V tfkfpir rou to jul \V.I! d!_n VVmV> Ii SerVtitry i.1 t that V
--,i Court of Ordinary. Leart to Stil.- nutnberiog about forty p.rs.a* pnd Ut' -t1i cOWLaiiVon.! V Vt pra1o
"V if I'd go With th.m. For this mon-(ron U.U d d not nlot: ti't' Ilereee to i-e Uiannir
: and lLo Uu.uinaiv
( ( r.t-- -.l-- v hind them tJ.rgjnK-n ot
r* v' HcTr '/ for (eare to THAnla, tuu. t.'e. ri" 'lha I&rat' t rrrV To uiteritnco n sj'dur )add n tilt i.t him with that Mr.! ChVVtqe ir,1Xt'1I !. V 4
the Go;5r ton e-ominittee.
B- / i- .. > V
rji..,. .f* fl[* niaoa-Tdtftkn. ftc4ry iI itayL ? with i'.isoiabrepluuic*, followed, sjrrounJcd V Vt V : xed Uuoi.l. Tw: cL.l! ric old! in:in Its-. "It flVVI4i intOrPi.tC t Vkr.ew ;hit .
V V Mow id a *!iuwer tf o.ulij vn tt." so'djer du ;in nvflhiuI1 ;:sVVIL1 S-VQ( \ Vt
',,ISr' Aft fortZLtrs Tubt M E RC H A N.T G by th ft ihe1 .iweeti; fur fonfrnu&i Smith, M.jVr Gicur:ilV.. I'rtcm, V Cttiip. .tu- wl.n ttrrJ away and f.fi him. IlUfiU'tuJnovt -, (rW d3V1 inI4 Mr.CThae t. rierocMblr

""* ,i t ration, weekly for ,ix nioutlie. V ;V: ?' ?; : : ISngrfdier Gen.ia.1 .A. ufoiJ, Brigder) V iimtti'ou. cor.ir up, pot the! od! g.r.ireini'n abs wmifar! to tLo e t rth V iu "the"nteilienctr. .V

% V Ve SI General J.S.ViJIlans : bugjv <..u.ai. J nut i-f town wihhn. ? [ ." V' V
: li'ljiiJ.irj.C.r.oul VV
eontiAn. luxinhrs the old
\\rCatUl at tni. '
r tistmaMers r rrfiulrea-logJvte'ftlWc'.y 1 ? iLl r STREET, and otter onr ryi.Cott ( C;. U. Hod-: Colon.! 1*. ll. Sj i nj o, V. m. [From the Durcit TiHune] V / ; LtvU'CMiint: V Jc-l.tiMn comuiauditt' V V V

r- V ;uer he s,ui.ibscrtb.r Jjta t tat hs j *. t) Xcichant* ardriaitir of i1iIhLo 1 Juris and Cjpt.inV.igon -r, 1)r.Vuj.. A week or 10 V> o tba wife of a very, V the r*'sttcnne- a o.u thi tine :iiil or V % rti-rta-1hi.: L l nroyliai V

i r.*. V per from the office; and give the reason for its an3 tlie iJjavrat cunutieo for the d'# cf Cotton V[ HatsandM'j"r S. 1C. tIs. ,0.i the re'ptjclab! tuediuiuVTLSUn; ; oTv.ilth dertil! lh. I-OJ T ?soop'il and r"std Iri.i.A .IK-OB v141iut! tha :isc ''tr .1 ii t> of that -

V Vigk$4LIItJ t4)U 4U. tL.ek 'aa3 other Produce. no for rt-eeing aidfrwAr.Ii > he wa* bfiMi cuutiucud to j-i'l ito ain d id tu U--a 1> it'!. Ho V
.- V )Q411ilag: UTlof tho hc.ite e'au* cirjjis t>.artn j *trcet; in iLi city Ufed stttr a hoii V LI-1i H great n7 g in tejioduce9 V
f the Foitroasler re1uitb1e t& the 1ubUbrVVt ci-ttnfin MerTia. curud ibe ll.uteakht uud > uid fur that 'iht
i V I thet&1 pcron.il fields e. the ;;i jicj, nnd the u-ui; Jxrr.utgMtiuuiseidl t uiiit < hs sto'y pntn.il ir.c-
* fvt ihe p.awitL V'i ela .rpti4 t tiiike U't1 this w.iLalfn with I>tt OKU cru.'ih urUil 5f the Heasltook to pit.i1vir a )Htiftacd > '
V Any p r"a who taVcs a paper regtJar1y4 on vo: ipttiitiit .t m-for 5 ale in t'li.H Murk1or /. (]ecer.eJ.1VL sunning ni r tiafx'CKueral i in idd f.r.tha funeral l *ettu.ei. O.itj cf the j toT

'r_ t- / ..V* from.tU* pot oflce: whether h13sutcrile- I v Jjvfe it u preftarlto b? t Iorwirit lo our hrin's cownau-J mai>- i_ in double.j j cty"titulcrti k.. is, at the ifiuttoi the J-n- it if as Irtjlcn oier Jan. was h'Dg| in di nn* at ( .iz. Feel

*+ 'f > e'I or rot, r.ij'obrftl-'fe. lb Vajraeat cl frwnJ.1iaLi\i.rpoollC'cw >oii I'fUaJvTr'Uu. i behinJ tlie "utut2 s--, ii_ e u.foot ai.d I I b.U.J, pr0\lvjed A.in trV VOtU luri.ictii.e Another ii bresth-n.; tha tinted atmosphere in" that the -ins of lh- (V the s ci LitJ .
V kbbI3r rpIinn.; : V '. Dt.ctyiVrVt.Jat inre.V 5c1fl1 on borVbitVkV ki ; $. reV. of the daogecn there tor even a less *|> in thtlr *on', the lil1t bigmq. to. VV

: Aiiyand ordericg biw tUol.i.brr var fl1ng1i.i rlfreMi years {"tpvntfle<> in th 4 hundred iind tLiity in al li ii lie *'' t.4jVrlV J-] iir.s v\trej'l-n. dar.il they were ct'et.sttluti ihu.Ihso V Congre and bid! /.ir to f.illo in ttia .
muit pay"all aMgor Cotton Coma 1 ? s Un' 15 u.i n c si
- : coaUuu t.
_, V Collect tlie-whole ea.oun'iwh.Lh.r its taken i in Siynmrab;, w. Lare an etten.cd and goneral -, lov.eJ.Thi. suing nielli, h.xtfcvcr, rna 'jt the wui.bei mention olh-jr tietiiiis kit tun li.htir ofTrns. was *rj Captain KiddUbio much

V V ion the offio* or VLb U V V V VV iJF I & osintance to'tth. u e ri fer vitb c onfiJcncc. V who Lid l oaiu and 1tt41 of of! .' lil! if cff.wvs these be at ail.Ciliz.n .- o, that the lVi denl" coa.s aftt-r through repoits :
The fourt have 'c'-ciJed ,*th*t Tefuclncf to V procc rret.J an4 iciv that -
rrerate-d the TUydcpaid to
the compliment
( at
.u-rend'id ane
'thd 1eqectfufly, the of the c1teo anim tion.ni.d being
4.&kuw$ piper* V ]rinupil street* oUy, -prorecdedto '
_ f V post ofic* or reei rit iao
< 4(1ari., pcv1 facie eviJeJ (joVeutii>u- : ; vkVv; COI.KI.T.Co VV mains of 3botna 1). Mftrjn JhsG! neitilN uecutd Io n;c rt.un fur hvouelf wiuih.rlthera jioleccv of a tirai licurni-'a fh.ulderMixfS .tb* would hi.- made ft ry pretty -

V V Ifranifif '.- > v .1 -. VV -V V n ; VL1I 67. :. V V brother \vho WAS killed at Let-iron: in was any prcbbiluv! of (ruthia! i *u ..hrejiofts. lutd i' oter tba i>ajnt end .loler- lawyer ft he had not had svrlu tnr

: A fiiGC.tblc r.nt xnd law alidiug citizon* cf .thaf sec for lha rcga.-h part of th* prft."
: : C AL VD.A'il Edo bk. 1803, joined the iine. OH the Mrtn lot V uppoiubity) presenttd lion. V VP
: i cf! torihc fulfii.icci.iU iur rbttne<
which i' beneath tbesJiH.taw .tff t'ie Cliv' tBi.Jb.iiPg .....e-

t IX orl Y'a cl'o VV monutnen*. a double grave V hi J )-. a dflVVI atuf-.d Ljt-ri( that siiq wa, V iVniCK To::. KOT -V.tKJttDt.-The: Tus COSFESSION OF NOVELL Very

V' 1_ tJ4 111V : r, and around it Dithered the''t-r.t'rc! vlth I .jyy nloin- tyili lh- ctrp-o'_ hj >btiuued f.'low; irg letter lroii GUbV'I MI. *vr..* lhaLH oft'n'A n vttl U mitten With U e vw-'p** Vpe

V : V : Gen Ua il I'ok, n4 thief ii >tirner." A a Ii'jVt'l l lookfg VnJ'L.it u uon (tui Cro..se L). inoi-inl, dau-d Crf .l. MaiehIfi tf tnakinz soraf burL c1e1f.revbition. '. V
V & ;
t7'nd'f..r tbe' 're'to'e cf thideati 1ltU ( t1I etLiV1. T C r Ittt 10f : fbere a'e \ otr>fo who rub into fiction
w 'prayer was < t-vUliu.-.U t-j ihiAineiif.ii>. MtnUt.: r in
I V V V I V R dge!; WHS sIng, the iTflKter iisuthefiineral 1tt ?. ciLi1clt tJe8tLUgsO }'1ureri. l I etli V _V j->-.t us tla meat.!. *"* (teak up Into diija
V 1s1 t 3 4 I j .1. 1 21Z 4I I tteg:4 i ICOtVtV1 *. l t-Ws cut ileir V lives Ji soBg.TLer .
ervioe'th M 'Vt 1 I'-Air
'; 8 91LljJ} 91CUli V .JLEttGHAST ifo- p.rform.d'th IjV.ti fuci Iit' t'n. VJ3 tJ.rj Mr. ? >. *
fV.rf..tr ;.) tu tJtih 5 13 14 1 U L* jI2I11 ) ; rites peenlm to thrtn) r.r.d tlw two I wai d lVM l.. .VOr !0 tni Vt'.I Vtly V

I192o 2t24t V Ifc. 94 BAY STREET, VV otnns W VttC loweres! in't!>"ir iAt rrj'cj.'nin anohvr T1" oii.tii.i tt.m? r.ttt'trt.t il,. znt' f tl.etrt1m *ihni> itV. to hsvd thm'e. fs conpre-
2$21u1 J227 24J&J I i the t'V !IitrulU.l ar.d %% thy n.1 >r ution -
2 li-JiPSted: 4n ; ; itbyinp aj|
VV C4.V! (VVfl the tvi InV1nr.:4: tLt tV I.tli 1t Ii ) ?4 A' I J I V
, I 1V I i 1 and she V repealed I.e. the to r_o1t against the ttribny of rLcirfrnm .
tl ''Afr* fsshi-nt1:! iifrt' .rc s's :..ndtrenths I hr ,
1w ny er,had it.. h nuf, <; ton to r V 4 2I Aent1Tth.VuG7.- V V 17 fiic.'G V ttar ; en 0ee iz tif1trIcJ&hc 'jinr** ibrtt surround them to treats V
9 12 13411.V 9 10 11.L 111 1, rd the moittr reamed to the 1 to e-aust r>y U.HJJ to It.- *t>n>*iv<. V V V ?' V V l1.bIVJ1l ;. fir tf mxlve the fancied ctrcurt&tnce*
11II7 l 12n 'I1r.' V V V :. GV \Rl3AlDI.! ."
: 2 EOBESCOclidlts ] V V ? : V ht itcoarV.o V in tht.t!* tlieir i-lraHztnl character wouM
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j33I24 ;42 It'wn% eipTt 'J l>y inir.y"persotis Out i. rh the % $ yo dui-.jp have f.i't: *ipan-ion ; an.I.the'e per *n' ofttn -

V I it-! ,*tV4l ,5 .4 .1I 2 J 4 V Coumiss toti % VI th e1 bttnat of, .(ic-B :.ti M-jrn would be % VVt4 ht; %ytth t jjIJVV'ir..fti ;:"v ,4V1 ) in red "-Jiirt r.wi h.VSrA. mak! I full eOflfV4kfl af the rTslIctm'.ly -*-
f (VVeV4V 1-t .IlMtl.tV'J i.'nnrr!
tIVtfVVri V __ ; for a vtennt, and re*. ID.HiVjliv and nn>Hti 5l lonins ofih.ir
V V ; : ti ,1t.
thVj :
Fi.i' I : kStl
: rneVtn IIII1V V
L bpjiiVol.V J. niii' Su t1t tVke ( ,xi>ervOirbiril.ti ftj '
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V1WV *.- *: P.1irs. '
a yonnj rasn, a iiuiuUjt.f the : >
2 : ; V
V.flj lli-p'ibli. btV.i;'w butttuu .
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V V J4 tj I V f VVV VtViC. r..t ftflVV! [3VJ il'td,: and prt\u-u: t > ti- i.iVIVV.
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V V Wo We, Gvoccnes ,Scc. the church or tl the f inetety, l ["liiiiorv tb.itfOt>Mbvrijtru>t:>!. U: di.r.aii 'u'ii be iftei 'er :1) tl.i--"r..> !Tr** wa unkawri.. 4nd to.

: V : S :jj : ; i V ,., i V VI qnal'lie; were- cot cUoli! uor vras ".ho action I 1 th.Ve circum>i L-c i it WV4VhI the uu>U a.l ref >ti' pVn nor (Lty t.I.5
V V4t .. A j 1 fuid p/jnal'y' blot-d'Vi' Slay iLve1VI
V, VVV 17118 n i 14 I h. look in tl.e war n] p'auikd11 ;itneJ but t'r i.ivertIs" T'ii jnetlP from
L92I't 22 3 ii1A11tt OMcfg fA>n trj 1 troxra'to .Vb1 L. V
21 be
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vas spoken Chrivian rnn lak .. illis htvQ.
&s a ) antLig
II2 L4IZ most t* aomrii1 by remittance co'r [ V
: & a to r ; ; :1ki 5 thiut ijhnd Iiu'ne. MVt Mi*. Girt1lsJi -
V : ; V4 31 1... 1I I 4 I ( ( 4.4.1V estimtW*vt at* j.XicIeto ie rzrhIV1. brother, an-1, a? such, ha received Laral at 1tVtt tho lotej,'! .!'. uu'kJ nut t.ikcWJ.H at ; iy to 5VU h.uld uiiii i rnj-r of this (aet.b .
: never >t!c fr a divorce t.'r jyur _____ '
IJ the of
V : qt. I cm. Lftnis CLr.'i-.iii >* pl.. V V V V
V V e i i i ..i iV I ; j VV the n 1nuJ. The corp'e dcst d &if with ( V-
V V liter run .t ratellioj preach-
: V '4t ** 'I isjicji g 1 V IOJ11 i ll l2lkUu kc4} 61 'I SI .|iIfb,11I12V | V V -w .-. -_: V !Ufltlm, e'cUi wiijal c1Vyltp andens op. V V V V V |U flrit voyage .icro s the ooHQ by *
l Cr. V
: V V V; I ai4f a f 2U127i *$}ii!>!ij4, jtiiidiliuLf&biiil.. April 13.-It his enk.tl tbJf1LI1Iy tfu-r thuoiI.VV4eah; May thy bgs! t. bar esche fina, tnt,' steam Tt**
:. .. :**- t VVV -;. V V V V VV VV V_2s124If.lJ i imi I $ *P sinr .at that the reason the j er Utentbjwi i ito ( siyt'.s of fifewer.; TO utiint.ru VV _: thatyhertil the and aroid lilek Crook. M. y you never S ri nnahin; 1813. She svwl! tmNs" ?1fv
f GttaeralSb ir.'vltha > by'UV'J wi-;.icroovij ;l-oa'1 $* "*-
V VVVVVVViV rm iaa u$ tuii'>rv grad.tti)1
receive ILtdical nomination
V : : a nor a ngc'tr \ork to Liverpool!, ai>d ibfcoe to si-- < 4'erst'Urg
: ; ; VViV Scc t<>, oa Sturic: \va lb Tdaim ) ;' tItV( fll 'VTI,1eT and Eitlly it* p1eVvbut vo'e. GafilMidi! ;, eld boy, adieu, for r-1

t V I ir.: ffjct it would Invo oa V Ortnt. 'iii dSb'mun rIrtVook VTho thee we will heave a hymn. the entire vuyi jy Oct ? ri

V V !V V V V PiriVfl1 T.ufl&z.3fa'k tVIr U7jg pTIWi1I V Vfl,1I l>et>i permit.'! V If F1"*' \voman ( pcned; upS twenty six days, and t tuTri.4iaTU : ,

; : : V PrthLTy' rccntcV % t1t 43V at41NWt ceeil.LeV wotil Imp povd th* V Grunt ( her CVeVptkU on the third, anil she, VI is Texts S cattle in btrgetituntera-are: now vovaPcItbLs_g4ttt VV sneatjonand V V

V : V 9 L? -r ( J MA I w w I CrC* j'i'tl1 the itrnnvat ot Snn Thi ;'of I a fair w iv cf recovery.. Three veil bing sent to New Oin! $, for th supply not imitated for lnnyVcr.Vrs'V
: V .
#* :* ::, :- Y,1iLW 4.A T !A dM 'fP />aj 5i ? cli regular
;: V ; tbpn J ci.taone eeere, I. b toadat.fairHnJM JVtVV IV.Jf V "rtiin' rVfVtbtVflat1V Vtc1sVto.eE.JnJV in cx\miv.i| ; thjscasohorPU ;!ijy, and i Stbln. nJa1eVtr.iiptVtrteI1 Hence by river
V VV2 V ai'z .JIVk gt'iar ? pp. ft'n 'iRo Ar.r V flnl4 Kielo r.VJ : 'Gtn-ri'l S ntt4 with VitifTt .#ir.1aI.ri'ito. Cc.rap'tted wo are Mid rail to Cirofrs.ni wh'ch pojnt they -

V ? V j f '* Liat4lI4Ii ) L'rsjo.iii I,him nil.Tvitn? e* wlosocorrcborale V prorVii. .$d fhelf ftPiltca'cfCfcioujcbncercuifr_ are distributed along the tine of the Illinofasiw. \ 1837 audt"t
V V : V V isAR 'oFnc b zVV VV Tu& J mf fc. \-.- !T V ** *
V V V ; : ; W,." V: 1V '* tUetVnr. VVVV CetaL, ikat VVVV
V V' IV; lV14oV ; V Ve : .: VVVV ;. V V V
: V VV : : V 44aV:4aV .S V V. V .
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3..I .4 !iu2X1 : o I **.* :t UV I : ? I
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V V .V: V SVV __ __: ._

V V V : 5

-*- *


",. -ol ., >.. .. ,. '. '...T ,-t' .. ..".-1 UJl 4. -i.= "-"..' _'_ .-' L1 a' : -'r':I ';, !, .---'--
-. 't'I ', -. -. ; .
; ; .: .< wr.l'r ,, & .
r.b .-,' .' .. : or' .
'" *> :' ', 4;: ,
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1- Wo. ,
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4, ;: .., .- -. .
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( : -- -- .
. i__ S c
;_ _w -
-- : '
;. ____.Jr = I, J ber.qqYid. tie; ftceptwu Aspocwwo* >u foroe .
who are at war with all tbat it .bon- ? .
RE' men Iwl'bS'iqur'a
lllLLSBO 0'CLECT10.t 5 5DIK&O d. a d' dttay. ,Wh".up r nzisittnof a detacbpiael of the Mar}!bad

TllBFLOR1ll1' ,IENINL1R. 'JVR 8. I 1'*** an>l decent p-rbarn a few too igno- '[6 1 POIi a5C:' OTf4( .$1 tie, the 14JlI1 aen .Q( tbe South are National .
.' --- -- ---.-, 4 rant lo know *bat they do., and the &pi- '. S PZ. L.c'9a KV. j i daily'"Uig ftold"red. and tbe ,counsel 1 They matched throvgb font of lht principal '

: : ; '.PuBtsu1.JnYsATU. itIAy., j L Irani* for LmTII.. 'o -groeknew* .no AXD, BpALD.J] J J.WUYi I.i I I rktO pfalttig this ca'. Ibis w\t aid eTreeU, to AKasNinguVa Ifoaomrct. 7i
OTOJI.D.C. April 20, le 68.. fj motion; ( to whi.-b JWjaJVUjfcuee-waJHI' 'cOT'r,
I the I Itxn-aa'a tbere! was a or a IjouroI Said
U>ttr and .de-en the *
of i
: ; 'r"t, .-E It.. ,.11. t. .J. 'J.8 i J. .'JllIrat .y The xtraord-nvy rclin; of the Senate I I m eat. Tbe rely uext dy the M I ,ng.rs whieb b* iMJMCtfollj aiptd. Tbt

'. -, I p.oph. who regret to see them tun willing i l.Lh eUUPai1tJJ! udo.! :.. kit! teim..vhJch : a aLLCJ to cau,' % "ilh i lh"ir fnendJ, an i ij Se'ffnt WM then conducted to lh. flow-

tooN cf the deignog: men who to easily would disprove' thIS allegat.o&s; ofjtb !j ono of Uulier'a fiiend, Senator! Ci-nnms, ofUnhfornia. a rd 110.. whre'be will reouuo dining jf

., ,;" m't; (i."tt-d htii ; tbe iwcond claw p(-, Impe.cber and justify the President I moved an *djurinu .,
i''fiji, ev"rJ cen>jr.Baity, an J a'aya, will (*forr lh ccootltr1. pi ovok"!great, 'indig Mjtiwii earlier in the dy. That lime fuller's I r'p n a repeated eallaor lb. vati 5,

this one unti! we bave a pe.niient.iar; *, t' hbiong honest and rcfl-ctir.g_ men, a' bull go
'.. ''.: 7 I I.too tU[ "!y ladicaiinpa forec/J < q onclu.)'n The f K. cOuirnt'''ii Co.-amillee were to $'raDt title 13*' the Committee faxa ,.
'. ,'" wber feloLS and criminal _caa I 1" safely 'of the final reou! The moier CI'trKgf'fU4it laUd bcH a tltill'IO night to consider ibeAiknvca liiogtanappejued upon tbe ,veranda

: t. .. TAMPA, .FLA. ** ked pt ; tLe third are osiinp''_ at tob biud-| it too. lcau the prosecution bad br Diliowed -. hut Mr. Stevens wa4'Do"Me He WM welcomed in a abort tp *?b bj G.I l,

> the \vide latitude to thenjiuuion and the t on jd- R"yl to wbicb .Captain 0 of the
4 :-" l I.y lies,aud deceived b) nusreprewnta vejl io attend matter was po | -

i: "$ATVRDY.flny9lh.-,4. TUB DFMOCRATln TICKET t'O'is, *nt *ti cow .tvtb&'ii-s of wh.t thavh of Mr. Fooler HlndgHt, cd AuA i k.n.aa will present sooia rich develop- Washington deJ..rt$ oa. jnponded on tbc

,. L-_ -EdSzor, TRIU.VPJJ-.4N1' g .la. .. h.) 1""lltirO in bi* l'U Vthtlf. I t i.et.l iS the way of voting. A lawyer, prl of be s.g *nt. Sin<-bia arrival b.i i

-- Jt. L. '.....(.UELL .--. ,- I 'e d.1n; the! :'last cl"..4 *rt acd AI.,';! "L1iin't .Iii Pr ..d'III'S M. lion' a* Ill npat I I write* from Little R ck that in many t>fUi r baa lea tb. recipient rf varinua preaeota /

"- .- / -- were, too iHcoinpt-'eiil, lootoOUlsrrpUtfcb'e atlrra-a, of dm, city.

: c.anror COI1e. 10 teetiJlg.: 40 Tlujorltr Against iTie Consti to (obtain (.MtlOC. h'td WeHf" ; grt;tHf jieft-'ily, therefor to aomitvrfiub w"re pt-rp..traifj tiy tta. cegrmn voting .
&t tie O'UI; lulion { ,,'. tbeii tLt : Tb N.w Yoik 1 wbicb baa J I.
bets be r cerIrtig' \ trri.: I troiu two to tin times. Io t*>mn of the th-l"'htJ.t.
L- will a Ir3T0 .rt'UIU" uoi. tauch i ; ib,
< n ii
t 8 o'cIok p M. eccour4ga c.3< a 'aiLd tl t." accused .nd ujext ail I It'vid"nce i aIurnid.4 W'ltlS IJot. weracxt. for iheOoitotioa h. etofore been .n adherent offihief Jns :, I

: I .ose.ia thi P bfl PUrpOtM or foim ROBBERY OF THE B4LI.07W upeI by the ra-u'ts. Altog!iher a" 10 his (.vur. N"W all: that t*> e lb"n there WHI voters registered. lie Cb '*, now fayaf .5- S

S .! $atqrJay. neV'CRULI., AU opX"oed ,0 BOX. j 'ny perhaps light of them ran re d. main i. to go through certain firms lliear <> Hut it will not be a Ie ..th'r.l.wt'i.ht. in I A abort time ago. w. thought thai the '&

tig s.CQ1e1! :Y IDYilffl In the .&g''*g"'>e they pay Ux on about i an argutoenf to litua to an indignant Congiesa. The Con-uiu'-on:! givrt over r grvsestgil rhch lbi J mroal could! ..flWf 0 t\.

.Badieal! n to aUtod. I ---- 8000 with of property, m least a LnnIpd proic i from the C.uni.l l for LLv President,I ib. Slate' to the 'rii.groeiand their allies the coming '?hic.gr,'Conven'ion w. )1,.

4 : ,4ts ac.d .Creen r Corn; bare I The following i t e role in Uii.Cou&iy ,-r of tbtm. If it fchoulj v. (.hail lliii htui Will; :1"! >" up with a ft.t th\ 1111", invait'wl! ii ; tb.i <%x-urr* the favor of Ir r Cbatw'a illustrious name.V. bow bav, I
f' : WLht) to Town for ia1.! this wetk.McCctrr. on the 4tb, 6'.b au f
'; .ipvcg.' r ? \t bolt fii. of *''ti( easr. :. . ..285 tbat any tout tliould; w'lntth.p! fill\ will rtudtr iu judgment cf gnu'y, nmi 'tinounced t') tile d'Oikn-per of the .nat.- nil" aevrpt the RopuMiran noiuina'inn.em '

r GMS M uio t excellent For tb Ooa'tifution; . . 11K nature will bue'o ui*k" tbeir) X murk Andrtw Ji-bniM'n will l he I oved. II* lo.day who be .a-, <*ud altmptvd- lo obtain ,if it'wer. te d.red. We her. equal| '

.- ; ." thoicigb D-.overllt U 'eect! -l Ag-insl 1hiS Cuf4fot ituiCD . . .164r' ""J I have hastily a feco'id \ nt: to tbeirt IUHV rx..l"*.rr. ''ike the FremL Kings "Afiethe 'r cntranc la ib. S<-ntr GtlalnberThi\ I rea"H to bel.". that b. would acceptthe

- ;f -p'atar" ia Puk' COi.l ty. 1 _. ark t And tb's: IA the Republican parly dvlug" .''cc"k..pt'r ..!, ""N-.U-o a.'tni.-.\ sit.lint Dirtnociatic Def ation. if it coald f

--' Majority tgaicst ,r&'iacfclioo . 40 ..flog thieuuwy. The Jraiy "loil"! who areM Wbkt are to te the rt-ult*. imiutdu'f : S..n.iti. sad aie.uLr' of thy U-iuy." '. lendt'ted.on. a platform not inroRMarmthia :
)vto-On Si'nday a-t, ("IQI New and r mte'! If we cat tr'uat informationrleinad Atkanai then relirfi.Iu his well ,knowa ,.w of cegroAgtnts

tl a.the FcLooxAspxsitCopz, Maswitbeora QOVERVOK: .Iw? toUe'e-i by the 2OTernrnint. bave from thoM who are permitled an tbf II.sisv io-dY a resolution was uffae. _

; t&Jeli floor & ;COTT. Ikm) .. . >, . ICf.Rsid.ILid : t tj the rtfefriC- .II!l pu-l'C! work, 6:1: a'llb 'I ;nvd- %i i.:w of ibe R..li'AI! CAmp! they toe. i idsiLed Jirt-ciipif$ theFureign Affair Corn1&qilir. -

;'% .A._ .. . . .. . . 116 tl :.>k.n ra gx'l Si) ibcountrj, f'I"'c'I"" .oi, into -
; I IO i poprie.If enact*
l >iitun< hnd! beth toniro'iing; puw 1
'. ..Our patron* in the country must t lar p u lite; U.il(,-rluuiM; |1" .!pl'. if .In boiitbj 'liz 'h..1 us '.I..t"'c'i $..t.o eHil.'A $,.1.. Urni! ;b itistmtllU. ,

I T'rIll.1tnhd i that w' bnveentereUon a utwvo! )J;.-j >ilty for Scott ._ .'. . 50 er in cur mi( n. Happily: for u here, tbej Sg.v .ttrs.g yoi .?SI.re ; ngtO i... tDc U 0.1eS it=H b..l ll: txallowrd u..il -- 5

.p"1lje.. zDdmaoy are due rlf the la,\.ll1rn ,. J'of url"T.
.A .Ie a)k all] to p'y in ndrance for this vol 11. she J a o:1c >t redeTipti Ii't v.. .::01)[; 1t.l! \S b> Johnson u reooc Dem. . . . . 166 j pH '
: & d .. ,,, iju ul".lo ]. -
me. pay p'U I" Wle..O tit t w., ,1 I I lit! How-'fo -d 'o t'low the introUbCitn TUB OPPICUL HISTORY.
4 onlj t ho- .ho1' r l> their defeot -
? >
-.4. Gluson.lt.d.. : . ",. . 116Majority y ,.. lef4.1l.hOD ath
i of lu'.n !
, ssrrZJgCbL .1 h" .n uir'nj of Co rtl
LAWS Tn .-Wa were shown last -- in iiirii at 1 ibfir i funeral. ,iii, you .all kflow, fl.13.hlO. w,!i. *!MI"RuiouHruciiou l f"ant war t"V.r Odic w-k gnatdrdt ,; OF T..E WAR ;

I 4week a tornip which we will pu: against for Hall :. .. SO The cooletl with us like tbo. fight be in-an. \\ell, M,. \V.v 3FfJtfi 2 m.!. Bat it pti M>d Ion ppr.>- I ITS CAUSES. CIJARACTF.R.COSDUCT1
:_' aDl turnip ever raised in Florida a* to Iween the liou and the skunk but been i i. a fanatic-none more t,!",. U. it an priattoo for. impeachment which ,
4' ; FOR CO!'OKEiS : expanse, ANDREMJLrs.
___ 4sza aDd w igbX II weighed .18 lbs freof in which but ill-bred, rn'gar man. and delights a. much will
sre w*> iotId gain no laurels, nuoi up tventuilly a hundred thou BY HOy. .
tile top.. It was raised Friend Deran 166 ALEXANDER B. STEPHENS.A .
on the place of in showing hi. contempt of gentility Mid
lAud d
: ilr. WlLUAUa' aix mile from Tampa. U.miltla.lt.cJ.. .. ..: .11 1C *e bare b. ID strnggV: and lb. frail we rfiuemtnl as he does in bit shocking pro POTOMAC.Front UookJoruilSerSuasadaIl Partui.

'' r -- are to 'cap. Tbe corstiiuilon wilt hardly y futiity, which i is notorious In all the. habitut -- This grat work preaeats the only eomplc't :

' I JVe call tbe attention of ibe. public tithe r Majority for Fiviid. .. 50 h<* ratified. !fitiewe i will have M good l (.e ih Federal ci.y. lie is for cergoijnaiitf I impartial ana!71. of th. Cauo of :

i, notice of ibe 'X,:iooal P, 1iLinGo..' FOR ECKAroa 22dDis'r : Gor..roo. and Conservative ; be ihiuks -loyal negro cU'r; W..ahlalr'.a.Vi. the War aad vet pnolnhed. and give* thoMiaUriorlighU 1 1 f
II LegMatur 5' shadows of the eoofliet tf
great '
; at AtUnta Gin this w-LV Mr Ihu. a who is white and bat been i a* .AIBJ'OTOJl, AprlI21t is General only
known thu .
r"'ptor. |person to officer
*War 8''rnger. D m. 164 'v"to will do mjih in the ajminimration of f I J. \. high who watched the
.Stephen itt M.Scbotleld the First Mir
commanding *
eauttt, character, con' irl-L lid it for cor.fiwa'ion. lie agrewilb flfevJ-liJ of revelation from it. foontaia l'
:: .dfld md r'.iilsi.' i. a mlh vaut.i MoMcjK.d, lit; I the Si I"V to relieve uafiom >III" burdens fit Thud. Stereos thai lb: S-JUlh sbouMI ttary Ditirkt, whom tbe Presideblhas oom erring*. and which wr soaeeewiUe to Mr. t

..or No Library ,1'1 i be complete, will- 5- .niiwiM! ai..riiiija'.l Ioni ntai>onil II.ro..i-iu"* I My tbeex"-nies t-flbe lat,* civil war. Ui lu.ldd.\.n of War.Ueiietftl bt pbei>* (rum his puaitioa as second officer of I
j .001; and MMJorily: for Stringer; .. . 48Cbarlen Livell R ha, arrived from, the Confe>fracy.To :
: we li..pa. tbat tome grn-Iemeno. i< agrarian in bit ideas. What a field i. I S
tI.1 l in the ptr.>i>s o our S nslo the Hon.Dr. a public that ha Wa sarfeifed with f 1
:: :tbw pjat-e will arc-pi the agency ljdi-red J'l.'R );ErftF5gJT&TIvf.S tL" South in wbicb to "force' them imv Alokn, unJ.i tuniuons at a wttiv: for similar prvduoiion ap.
I .Stringer and tbe I1.n. ClMilei MooilUprvsniilatite parently we promise a 1
If the Publishing Co. .b boO whiles for tb-i of lb i lir deli&oe.Re fare both "
: Mvx>re. D. m., 166 vert I .grfjj < change of agreeable aad saloUrf sad i!
-*" __ \ oar eopV! will t toe uUr >.l* are the f ,bionVI. '
ar aTiQt *i | rcpruM.n t hl.dtt, aid 'cure permanent. tu'e' through p opened at an iot.iI.eiusItrstoftlsebghe.torder., The h
The Indinii 1.L 1.I.AlburyR.aJ.. . 117 .U Louis Great American War baa at la l f., ki.' '
j Scare. ; d by g.ntltraen of character Htidlanding tlie-w tD!an* for Ibe prty wbich I be faith I Mrublmg wb-re l bets are made uod a *- l .
The rumor of war with the Seraino! .. of whose record both fully tii id iiupexvhment que.tion !involving the ian worthy of it* importance and at who* ,
and represents.There
Majority for Moore, .49 public hand it will eivlhal moderate,candid and I
IP Indian final ,..sullauI! tb. in
which bave tboa andaof l ruin on > rloculoryju.
& are
Len unpardone whitl
treatment -truth
perMJU partial pad
freely circulatedof It i it with pride and feeling of intent private: they will never hive cause to bfJreul .siion tliu far. Juati.e1 1
< .
fata. torn out to in the Son b D.i you think lh*i> *> urgently demand. J '
amount to t.Lin fuif.ctiunlb.t i we announce to our fri'ndtbrougbout I- Ulll"DdJ. man and bis fi.r..Iwho are ptniittonilt N -l,>n*! speech i i. uireulIl1!ly read and Ihe intense desire t'Yer where manifested >: !

: ,Tbe difficulty originated 'oet..reon an In.' tht State that ibe old 'I5ann ..- "...king di-giad-j- your !opld. .h. n bnd .pl.It.J.! S lo obtain tb.. work. It. .Oftiria) character and, ,

,eianand" wbiu mm na led Jack Curry Ilurricniie. bis ;puty: have .l-'o'ute! pnw"r, wi1'! In the IIo-i.. foounuiwalion* wer recetvti ready pal, eombined with and 1nrteaed corntni.I'.n. '. ..
county' of Democracy is .-illtu.! to h.' wake it tile best lutail.tWlt took .
.. It Bwrmt that Curry and-tb. Indian made [From the Enfala :ew(, Idtb] not fetk to bril'& omc (if:ny of tto ir)'>ri.' (rvm the ->rtr<. 1M"a' .-jaiduii I-., ntJ'.u .Ii.he.L 4
\ trade in wbf your people! lo tot<'iign} "pun : tile detention! o.f the leutuer i *!in? atI.e one agent in KMtoa Pa. report 71 .tGbeeri- i.

.:\ Indian; two dotes despite tbe'machination* of ibe great gerrymaoder i >ma Uen vikitfd,, *utlt H hurrictii*. .Im..nt, I Tt.e inI1Ire5.tPft prev..l!. 1'1"r.' N.v) Vr.l hi Ni w London tor .1legeiijuJimsl lx, in thf. day*. 5'
.. c! tome Hogs. Hr an l the trick and Onu-U of hi.! I nri. sti'rin. M wep)> wv;r it on \\Vure.,.." ..1 hat tbi .ill'I. done. Tliot' A |".,li>-T. ,,il,II! pu'Mft| *nd from the Secretary d.'L One 10 iMMtoo Ma*. ICS nt* rib.n in four .i; i

t paid tbe Indian one bone but refused to Ii ieulebanUin' charge of elrctiott in ibis eon r.i;lit list. We I b.,. not braid! of U I. (,e ;inno:tfrnt.ij wl.irh ile. ,. u-ni 10 trI .f Ilio Tr>t44xry if. urd,ng hx'e'! n{ gold.t I. On. in M inph!.., T.nu 1C* ,uWrit ia !. .

: P'1Ib.( otber. Tbermpoa the Indians BO length or bre iilb, and .ni IT from one "fIC' l l..ftlr iu:.> lh, nrKt-f tfi" jn-i-jl, rf( tb I ot w"r. not ie.J.lue 6fe d.I'
has her |. .! .
patriotic mid ,
i8t'd n. 1ismfle. that tb. .ty by .one t, a.n I'i..n i of our county nor F.rt B'owdn.I Suiiih kc. whi!. it li.'d. t tlifu in .u1"!j lion 1 Uu:!..9 .then went to the Imf"'Ik'L $,'.II for (IrcnUr and .. .im, and a fall .
li DI"Lona flue citiz"n dm-nrnl; I 4' t tAI it 0 Ji. > w. r, ri h..d *otfinite! ii.t'or.o ,lion.l'iii will Ltv a corr">pon>lifig rflf-ct en tiN I. I
I I.
bad Utter l. th.
ave settlement, which I tbv m'lfit' ot tinotion i .rih.' wild lh 1'r-st!. 5Hrna.. Yxte* ba w lit ten letter &dvaii.ah..ia. tea .
: pppocfl to !i't'n eit I j. ,coital I* rj her ruxMgre, to", cuin L' it new to *) ntutii a I loliv Addrc National _

14 1 they did. Suixeqiently Mr. John M '.nd in fi?or c- ooJ' 'i.d upn;L l I I 11 tbe :ini"ntiSil) of I Llll'J rutl detail!* v''.- >n. Istlrr: any ''," l I.y .!iul'fir I' rll-& 'n' vf lll.iiou.; rtfuiing to roigu, Brood rtort.INiMfhing AtUitta Co.Ga S
i Pearce went to the Indians and .. of iL .. ; (1.ut !' h r.u\rr do hl4 .
amicably Democrats f'J' flc'iMI.! ::1, ihpreftnt "eza':! "r.tlr. If it exunii I.. Crtl rt Utr' may I.e avt'td ( pioin Mi. < to duty, \

f atltled the whole flair.Al t I J.J! .t "..ii.idriabIt' d''IH'' '. ti: .. .!ottu... If Jobiifton b,id net\n, l>rf.ir" thy drj"1biiu free !from Ibo bottling ala wl.ivb bit .
; .rh'of At tbe other election under tbe Urcortraction :5 ,"iicH'lIn I d"uv. te extremely I great, in I be would '.ue a procUmatioo of amnesiy shagged him Juwu: 1I cLaims tbat buIiuuk Look atThis! 7:

nUT. ( Ann, Ll I L..rttc1I: rf'i'tfl" "I" : ..h'ill! : fl.): oiIr tbo los,. of repsr'! bu:' I) the wliol Suih, and ''bin cbrrk I >*nn Aa b! been t'xaggtrateti.Tb S

I in the b.pf; day of peace, plenty jujQ'sl the ballot box stole'out ijmocri.i L. ibf 5"'c of i life I mate ibo d'viN in tbeir t>n:"ler de'i ijn.. >> pliraoi.. !jy of iL. nomir.ation I in ."! .'\

., and prc"p. ity, ur. >ood }eople celebta-I ic and put in tbeir plaret Rudical .ot"%, "Vr give 1"J.w. Ml Cf tb<> fuff ..rc. IVrhnj* has wlI-!| had. oe strung .p.ce ol btai.ton it reniove-l,' n >i <>to Irnoved"aa >

ted this anoivrtary, always sacrtd toigbaest nd returned .'- f"r at we bav-j livar, 1 : thiug in his iiran;e career I. tvlegrupbrd last night.Oenur L.G.;1.co'cac5EY1c11 J = ,
| s thereby H* JeIgiie.' Motleynow .
Mrp. Another .oJ irauK-d'ate result *I Sdl..f.dJ' o"'wioaUoJD ,
Miry A. Ru &! b.l \\r '0 cd. more % ol' caa cs!
)Ii of bert and g"O-l cbeur, by a Republican, then 'Rudi.M1', l.f.ire Con, ins Iond J b"ilt t 1.1.).. down, ktlling! bflS OL. n<- Mr.Vad<*'. cucoeAaion is, of ceurtl,<- various np-culaiioot! a. to the ftst out re JUST RF.OIF.VED by schooner : -

.sumptuous f.a,, and the .orronal n cf tie ..rv live, union soc h/rritel and Drria "f., who w's ;.ii a ratal aj.J tocrtll bead ofiklllcl'tal t-tleouon! ot .t.otl."r Onb:net, a* the p'e-- bnooh bd= out to tb. Coarerv live S natori HAS'.. W IU 1. rum NVw Orleans Lbs

elect Qjn o L6v and Beauty, in tl e oral, over tb. c DJ;. The second ;it tb. uonpr\.mika t*. lla largest and rbcap .:uik of h ,

Atrzolb Grov witbio oorcitv, auxiliary to wLo actually reu ied'a Oa Mr. John McNab' plantation! all bif"U ing not a day in all probability. There i i. tween Jobntoti and Grnt, but the aff.ir i. S ? .t
> majority hou, much as to who will .:ill a State Morel. Johbkon not GROCERIES. .' '
.Sabbath S.-bl t'eleLra' of tbe Methodist < e were blowc down, Iud only tberaled. -peculation compost appears >, ,
i lJftt I. i of .tbe votes can.by a vot* of 1 15 to .1-eIHnv! it. Ai yet there has been no one settled '0 ba>. consulted even the CA.>ID I about : J
and 1'pl'ul deaominalioLa in .I Ever before offered in tl.is market H*. "*. : ** :
: c 72,'and 4 thrown i ut u illrg*!. Thi* M' Hi'iiard Gbver lOSt all Li. housnand upon .* Secretary of Sive. The fOr."i the nomination.WiBUiKoros. baa, alto! received !

'Town Uill. tIme the RadiM': roted.at lem twenty part of bit dweicg.]! UK bad a hone l,oue of contention i* the Treasury. Tbr April 28 G.". Brownijvr. splendid ateormenls of ;

T The bon-vants declare that the edibles more votes than then, and still received io krj; '.n, ol 'IVnntji, lias wniieu a I letter sang Jlirdware. Dry Good Wil/ow.IN. h., "

were in briallo good tast and of innka booie, meat, corn and fodder were of New Yo L% aspires to beSocrrttry vf th* if Fowkr, Senntor' from TeD 0 tMN, .
vcrv the 'gr.gL< but one mnrt to/a tban lL"n. wept awar. Treasury. Do you doubt th.I' Look votes fur the acquittal of Johnson tb. Legitlaior wbich he invi'et bit patrons local! an?? ex .'
d ,
LIT variable g' ta*t of which we. bear fleore the L.tl1c..tl-ox was tot secured Mr. O. Dale loot the. top of bis bou e (hen, at every one of his vote duiing the will deroMnd bit reaignvt'no.Thue amine. (

willing wii; *. a t nsgit, ibis time, it was sealed and all biscnibnildingi.! trial Ho ha betu faithful wrong and I i< g"Siij lo dayuatoul a tom pro I Hi* stock of GreeeriM consists of .f

The yobful Qjetn and her bevy Df! nijht, in lbt presence of gentlemen every who I. Short and indeloite. as the account is, injustice at Butler it to tb<* de,il. 'Ob! a.ille: being wad., and only ceu-ure bvttowd 'Flour. Corn Ba on. Ilamt, Lard Western sat '\ .. 1

-t ; b&!d.mail' tns'ainfcd oar oft i it it'fall! of diiu< There are few wbo yes Morgan wants the Treasury. Bot hI'"oo't ou tb.l'r ,id"ot. It arises tuost probably Gotka Butter Pilot Bread.3w.t Cra.k. !
: t '. repented i aw.list ;it *a* well l] reaVd.acd! whose vigilnnc from the f of Stevens' era Soda and Batter ,
: Crackers. Coffee.Tea.
hire either* the time the get it, for Butler wnnuit Tbe dog* aid t delivering I ,
: or to
: 'jr boast thttnr city ex<*' d, tbe wojU, i in j in tl ti w.\t ; iii!.i i: "c uoiiritgw ouiH! ibis .prng, %nd hAnIs money cannt well re-! i only gel tbe Lone. Senator Morgan ba 'a *rx.ch tomorrow in Lich be will u... Sugar. .Cifi.Vennicilii.. Caadlea Pork. 4Mactarooi. ?- 1 1tancy !'

the bavitof lie far dainca ', .< ';&u..olu! ly ner.tn.ry to pn"n: a rfpvtitioa I hot p1red from the cronin i h pr -s..at con o'd I ini'-lf( fir n mess of j jittii2. lJut@rr' the pnrane, ""hi>M highest. puni.bmenl I.t Codth WhikrCaUlesop *- S '

t 5 \Y. l ieii tbtt>vur good friecj of tbeCatboliohurrh ; oinwbich\ diiion.If.I ',, ii 'Fr5! hury. "! 'o., ...,.] tr'b.r tflibai. fiuiaIiupcnrlimciit' VUI". Cheese, AlUpitf and .

I % I f celebra'cd' the folictuu; the .Len .. I.eir from mb-r portions of \ Itfi'e. HI Jlmrt"I' be J. Ih"' -- Pepper in. the Uraia., K>c .Xu'men Sardiaesv ":i
'1L1; in ; Wb told* one, at .L. opecnij; of tbl .Mi! cujq'y. any M.i""I 5- ii-ii-iti.. w 4111 *r, but. ba I I.* n tyrin' b tu-ti-ie. aid .&. ,'. 15iI.S, l'eeSDI, '
day magnificent ste t in a ntig)F e i" wIBU Proceedings.VAMiisorojf \
wi .I..clitn.l rvfnftfdtn" writiaj. 'he p.-"ui(n o'at .. tiiti Cur .'itz: >u< will .-r m f"r", .1 ( nli .-fvkr\' gie'. AhJI; : }. Tie RvJitvUIi".v Brandy Ptaehea, Ra hrrr. Syrup, .
r .. b rillr ."'fll'. Ovatioua to tb. bilarou- I l.euL adozon of the I and ; fur him To.. \ April 25.-In tba 8.ne.J.uu. Lemoo Syrup Msd.rktinp1
highly r spv ciblci I. L promptly n'd m reMring the 'wo' u>a n. t-t-r'>itii I wi'l Tort Win.
''i p day. .d dutrea .
-, -.' I'r' : '1 -4 '. swan is ihtr nwin ".day. Ex \'ire Pr.*Kfn.! i Gun iJ: reii'.iunt !I" 'sulieLtd by reguUr Piekl. Starch S
.;' .., .'ampa Florida. May 4ib, 18"8. t toCl to toe 'erurily l faj'tocd a' n':;''it iu THE INDIAN Han! !'u i it D.mil l for Hit Nnvy. hut Fawning reftoitert in tee usual war *a. pot'pou >*,!*. 5>tiot,

., \\i,f .i. -11Thr..oard of Rtjlit'allon of JIHU! th. prCWI'Q04 or two D-n.neia'*, and onl* Lt ArZI: Foin-y want it, bat h* can't get U, td until Mji.d.y.CliaH & \ Clove. .S .5..
Jt. ,_ e lotrlfliut" i when ; \ a *)( "'jt* that ihf i nrdnvd tb. prcecution Parl-r 11fh.,.
rQlJl County Flo' roii.rIy .fd"rt041.to, Aj>.ik.Le Itidun atiUk.1 rot ""n wtib the ni of"to 1 iw > pit p"". to pro- S

\{! i -T- Tbe iaj.rigne a then :"
:{ :i c' I o Ui'ifrr.L j Po iuiH.t-jf Geneiai:, }but lbt r. i il m'r.pro pro aterproof Cap r-
that .crt
whereaMJJ. the ,
county *'"clfuly ut)(nit. atteipprtOrtmp 'lit king tru."t.t'd! if ': ... j ,.
lr.r anti Groflclc i i.
up't "lIIr "
',. will!| b. \Vetrn tp ftking. BatL..1.i '
the hility u giveu to a (
; G.M".d. whole drov
,Cv'iifnnding 3d MiIIL and !| .
7 on Monday "Ytntl'II'I'| hun iedly do! .iug kit..ff two of the Sumner I5rPe'l l two additional rule!
Di"trict.A,'h ; herder*.. Th.t i man. M41 Carp nier, of \\'i..ou.in. to : ;
granted ercd. .
;. -.: d.pa1.hof24Lh. ult. .p-nniMUin-F. R. Gotten per tbs poll and leaning off at a "donn1* Vnl Ltl.tlrur" .lioQ'nl'eed* in t-i. Nm unknown oibtf than an ,'Iuru.,' ('SrMi. F'rst(, that \hU4J shall ..k eiKli Senator. DRY GOODS .
to fo"inspector any sIC .
ilh, '
,lh comu d in tie i"r- 'Ut.wfJojoo vot 1 lend he .
qo-ck" tlI9lOIbUthrVwej. iov. i I >tauloii in thu McCardlx 'a- replv Bed
lroujblba 7'lekD!
o(co-jating to b r There arv Csllenre,1 .
present aaeahng no troop* in the vir:ni : ; ntotky Jeans OtcaUom
: : jf bi'.lot toi-* a: nijjlit and t'j! 'k. and tha operation p.ifU |0vut\ I and there i i. a g"!er*! for I lierguiiHrii iy Mr. 0. ic prokrml l->r. Anorney <;t-rlor.l! ; lir> 'not guihy.: Sevood.tbat ion| t..fKt *.pan* 1..
c"t.victioo hall
0111\1 it b. this
t .f > the Of .. will tuil them ; be can furni-b a law opm-1 duty of the priiirj hltoee, S
Op4Col1 moruinjj during the procr a* it was, was kifully!! and: Jlfvr.ihy! Arizrrn |OIteers H krd for t'ffii'or to order the ;
( ., ion 1 lo meet Nfl f desired e.'a. Etc Ussr. convict's'teinov- w .
of th. G .
c "n rl Election in thiSIIIt! fy vptivir M.-Cortni.k .
petfoimed. It WAI an, amu'iuj i iDCi\J J and the vi..r"! j I Bu wbo bextin (. ( MI foiibwtih. Obpftion 'p
We rn.etrulty ak'ibal ibe said 'Ju- I..uc1lh I. ure. Governor Crtit,nd,, > k'righam, w.II r ii* ernorcf ; being rhited the

c tort of c"IIDtior I tje cbo -n, *, ..ul.: ; <.*e who wiL! ,tkHl 1:, wl| rem-mber 1I ,,' I(.,awiry' went in puru n:, of wiib 11.II..ti..n.! a <-ompanv 'I Countiout lan year by En; ;*!:. id lUstIer Seral j gws ever till Monday. lI.eRD U-.tRE .Ie., ,

I ..' bnsible iht I for a bug time the agitation acd :.xt oiber ra'k'lof I for the I Inti-rior I iKparttuent.j i Senators maid points thai thwen Put-es '
t'rn accordance lbreCbarle teFidclion -$ | >u* outr-g. llltDlion-d I Lae Wish Pots, Nails bed"" .
ji: : wlll'l.I the I, TLi* i Ic lb' "Sltte," a* now made upu'i' w i&'u.s would come into th. Senate, Cotlias' AKee. Ax. .
the .
of Iletfet Tl War S
r'.ed u"tl'kln..J
I man imp to Jo the the ,
whh.VVf4 dirty wl.hn! ; aaj
; d. ijrct chm.ges bowevrr. For it.slmne if: wheri! IU) iDtetrcii.abIdebate Woliid H > alloe 8uJ'ssDp Tia '
i are &0" &c. """jtd their seliUrJ I eup. Co.f. P't< .
ir work in this county, when be found that f .Igbt Pavey! prup rty. The l I'Duller dto nt go into the CV>!nt, Mr'I >l, p>*ip.iniif! | IbM r..glt. ir.d.filut..ly. Milk Par, a.b I'IIU,&\" "
John A: De-M4.'SOZJ. Moore, : AOJ quite'UUIber of In I Cbavj Bruom PNktt, ITniv. .. .,... S
I the game wa np ; he tnSuritU-d, and the t JI'O. I Sumner will boo tendered the po-ition off I ordered the argument to oruc.rd. -- --. v-- -
: WDRlln.Jop1! (Jo.V.. Well, I .lIPa pitied. SjVrial, _rH,_,,_!..,,_,._ ....... or*. Filhtoob*\ and -
n Sicret of Staie.: I jTb pr"lc-Cul not r"o.ti, .GOt'I ,'kI
box I much \
I: John A. Knoi-h Jolinxin was aeae I. after the war that I bornc' ry Lines. Uamraere A .
1f.'K"l' i A de Extraordinnry tfft continue 1I.t' eomnen.'vd| bi< arzum-nt. U. made Hach.ts Market
old ftubmi'.i'to ptcb frcn I < a Baketi. S
r Ansel \ C. G. an vogue breeding that Omiht Fine Clothe* Baa- -
."I- t.'o Simmon, sj slatei: that the
bold the Ooiii I tll''I.iC the .
latent al":10UOtJ road 0 rtalv" 'rulllir. n 'Iulth'nt on v*rio. point kate. Bucket Ac.
.: t.y J. L. L.> Lart John Jak the know that ro't L.'"mi. iht tb, urg.d 5
'on.E. public tx 'ItU
may can not .
: Senator ib bir work. I, : liy t'nprosecution II Allot
Peace nunll'iooer" up to < ft-rn, jvii teld the fljot which will b. ,141 *Ch.
for Caah.Country .
c hate
4ns h.'Icc
W. '
.-.- : nry CI.\fk. tr ted. As soon ** it became g nerallr to (*r. The ChTnue4,2.,1 "ful j I lions, [p rMinal; appnU ate m-".!ta to tti-iri.! iliad gallery. p..l.U! >\utid. and clowd by ProJut '
J- \V UJrifctns, F. Branch, E of terd boiyll at kit JI.ld
-, I i known that tbe military aatboriti were '.y* the romm.ioners.. u, ye v Said a prtimmmt C. n4r'f'n>tn. to H *s,'nor exj re4 'i.! In ccrfidence in the fluI l rult, 7\, ,
C.iBrown K. im
T. price
' i: ) .J. f., flendrsn. Spenoer, determined that the election 'boud! t. Lit and thirty warriar on \"n sent Spotted ,: "Sir, I tbH''.u.. W u;. Ii pr-fmtrd tfi.*, rid t' lIr"cleriz..J tbt preceJooU of convction Call. S .

to rcroter tb; expidifton j art&e i* Coo.IIi. ,!! W.I 1 yiu ",..nvkt r.feiied to by tht maanp M rather S
F _Tampa Fa.May 4lh 1848., fairly done, radical stock wtDl down, office Ked l. "ud'a Uid p.perty litwl." \I oUr D.ubu'y v.m- ct. ;I Jo1.r.O c.lConil' tii", HriIJUt".E!: I IwLii'm 1.1\\10. t*.rou 1-jjbU of ;>ruiug th_a tzarupUt i ]I8I dl1WTlIm\\crdl .
t: Tb: B wtat Lid' f iornmbeitU ,e en.frtaind OCfillr,1 Rouu for -. .
aiot ling guJeiice.
., Box bt ben Ie.lt'd'a cur >r ; can-li. : whether apvthlnj! will I tu (carwd 'nr 10 I .
L- ly fc prea nc. of the Sborilf,and wHim oI dat t crawled! off. di'oowfi.d n.1 i c-rtam p"i:.be.l bfor: Spotted Tails return* C- see Stnal or ttrtuit-a. The. *x m.-mt. hd V.'AS'iiNortv*, April 28.-Brownlow baa At Brov, Contr an Jatktom Strrwi. f

.--y.i 'vj) oputilitbeeveDiogothe 0th iost.n0 i \lest his curpt bag, containing c'umt-nh I writun M 1-tter saving that if F. TatarW'I .
; \IIPf 0( defeat, the co'ou-d! trooj. "wbo. f,''ght! j wr vottt t.i 68. itt
-, ef* orcfSeial inUraolioos bare.L..eh We ondnsuni '.0 tI diir..red 10 as-uator. "Whet w, rftrb" ,i f,r jrqcitul.' tlti! LrfgtoUture, will demand .
: : a ;j1 bra%tly" retire,! !ncoaso: :, aal the I tiat the U. S. B.rracl his ---- -a-- '- 4
J D i tbii subject except General i w\i 'at lbi purp'> r, fcakt ( ,iI1H'.. (.VnneI1imj re gti4tioa.Sergeant .
.' :: are UttL ,**._"ead 1U1rten. sj .Mi'ilaiy i: was "taft op.-n ta th<* iD.em'! *nt .td r;. ,i l1iir.p'* are to U thoroughly raja'red: !j- "r"iJ express the tntiuiet-'of low -- Pott onto Nolle :-.

j S specuhJi voters of ibe ..county who ratne I' or rcf The woik to < 'ID.nfn t at iou Twp-.ic'itrjtnt: qtif lion.'* fcTo b-Il Ba..IU..re_ OFF1CZii

V '. I. : ,' 'WMAPTflRP. of tbe once. Tbir| .:. like we are to Lave a with your -Jo.-nmsnU,'* said Grim-*. "Ij 1 I Ea.h..la.llc 8 UR$. -4'
mait.ilIvftia'Iparti arCl"p" at. to .
country ...
up will ", P.
: :. .i r I. <'fd of W>i.trtioa.. p.'rouneot gsrricoo.C dtcKJt this e.rjik on Us tneriu, and acccrding j I unwoal. Mo t *xe2ptSnnd$7$1 :
; ,. t"fa JIBJ I utrd '0. man as.naL the whole of' totay own convene..." Gnnt'll Monday April 20._ M1It.CL0sE. "
: .
:: lY'b1tkJh* I er.rllul l on tbe lurt tbeir infanoiu toni nrci "DJ I aot I lee ;iofta .. left. A cUrgym.a writes frt'tanlio, AUnt' 3.000 Dttrsoni awmb'.d' at \Vnsh ponw. fcUmaa UD, Wnnan. :

: i.' : :.tf'tIi.; .&rd .f tVglstrtrt= comply 'witb L .'men.Kioety rtf'i .l T ""p.rl.1' litle of St. PcdQ* i nd of that mal (Jouoson) and "otm"'r"get j{i lugion Depot, to w'eloooH 'Sergtaat! B.iaan WedaetdaI' and S ..tsy.. 8 r. at
; t'u. U a delta's coaiprrneni. P"d'.otl& (toe- IbIS I tb.omdutLet wbo a>' i., MA1LH DUE.
-.'. "oJ f ..;it2. rrq1iaL! o1.ft. ; t1'ideJct. of tb/lie rAdl.ut.] were color l iog tLt. fir.t mo-nan who shJufcd .ibeApostlet Tb.pmyer.Mnciiuontoai of Use riiurcb old ate with yon."I,I from the capital. The party ornp arrUiabo!* him.l, Wadae day, eat Patardaya a .Vlo P. M.:r .

l : \r ir Joa' e<3;: the- rwnoJaiw >ar, Irt trQOrnt.t .i? ill dsyt of Csdi: ; .. I I Mr. Bi.ojarrio Bat!!.r bypoorite.Mt'ftii; t o,I I half DUI nine o'clock aDd when5 tfll &,. oast II aiLoa OrlianapdK.YWML arrival of steamers mKew 4 S

t S. 'gtant appeared b. met with ,
IB tDlhai--
: .
11 I
< .
.t .I ; S S. -' .. S JT.. :. rM-xiMI :
; ;- J. I S
r S.
", I'i.- / l lf

\ .
l. : : -
; '
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