:. =- '0 Wi tats Balsam of Wild Cherry,
km-lu'SN ( the -r.t'emnn! alu! le.l
: Sew:A'd,'crll..c mc II.', (I .. g to, we \G} () rr'nl3 SI (30 A. A. ALLEN. Carbolic Acid T" ." DAYS after date I will apply t o .
r Removal of Bar roomEo Sweat. are the piM $or'ofaCa.odtr! Clock which I Trusses. Shellac. Matches it: Ac., Ac. the: lion. Judue ot Probate of Ilernando
: lie ha. twice ukni to pietc-s and in f which I shall be to for order to sell the .
Tinal Notice-Win, R", wls. put or \ t McCarty's old Stand Washington Street. All <> happy exchange County an real estate blont'in > .
BICOP.L.id (
dr.VnI.. the novel Itr.t] intriwteunaehin- Flour S lor greenbacks._ to the estate of James McClellan,
_. A Wife wnted-M&e1t.: Sugar: deu'd for distribution, S
if Mr.I CUik Bft-med be
: ._ ery ompoMne to S.: C. Hams, Butter ImpaFl\. '09' 9 h. 157 291BplSIW LOFALLEY \
'tniniliar tlic fir.( till It.. Cheete. Coffee, @ fuo WmrrJEJB3JEJLJ] 5
: Judge A. A. AiLI1 bat our thanks for a file : aspeifeciiy l'pt'nt'd 0 Guardiin of Minor lieu..,, .
late New York I it, xs if he had (I..,. n the maker. His i>kill Syrup, "Rice, Brooksville. February 5th\ 1S68. 3w.
: papers. \ \\ GOODS S
..& ful manipulations! of this wonderful clock Sugar Pilot Crackers \ \ 1) IESPECFFULLY INVITES the Pub1J .'
Butter Crackers. Soda Crackers, Bread,
See notice"of the removal of/The' Sub- have made independent of vtlmanacs Irish (Potatoes Oaioua Raisins, Sardine Candy lie to call and examine hi] Hock ofFlLL Notice.

..eriber" to bis new store enfttcf the Lou and couutiug-Lou,e calvndeis fur all limy Candles, Soap, Just Rrcclvcd.from C'l'o'k

to :March, Concentrated Lye,
: '
yre where be elands ready to serve the Condensed Milk English Mustard r & 'YINTERGOODS
I Tht Peninsular may safely n cure its! AssorlTwcntCtf Six snor.tl.safter date I will present my ae-
iWrsly public. -- i readers lhhlT neverontain MatcheiVwiim: Tobacco .\ GcuctaV and voucher as F.xecutorofthe last
:: : inm <-< mOle
-.- ---- hill I..inid. Tohaccu : will an.l testament of John Eubanks, deceased
: PERSONAL-\Ve fjuished wotkinan, or a more worthy gen : Navy Tobacco Pipes!, Cigars, WhUky, Nails.W \ cif to the lion Ju.1.;t! of Probate of Ilernando ,
: were j.U-tiwJ! meet tUmantbanMr.Glaik. Axnnre pt-rfert modtl -, j ood Screws,.'iitck', GO IDgJ
I yesterday, our old rum! nud fellow s
Mr..UEO. HEARD lie ia just from .116'! '* not to U found in South'ern Rifle Powder TUI'k.hot.: time make diMribtiiion ofsahlestate according .#'
:bama and can sy to bis young lady friends city.. Hut, if the Peninsular nny should! I'j. Klj's\ Waterproof Caps, DRY GOODS : J lu'.t received from New York, by the to the provisions of said will .

t in Tampa;tbat be is as handsome as ever mall! Pistol Caps Mur-ket Caps, Martha' .Ann I coiiiistiug of TEllilV G. WALL.
publish this tiulhful statement, let it not. Gents Pocket Combs, doc.TWrl' .
flrooksvileFeb. 6 1868. 42-flra.
- SV make known the fact that Mr. Clark is Unmated PS
the \indneu of Mr. Juhn A. MeXaI. DRY GOODS.
Through : : @(QCDdlt: ;
yet, lest leap year privileges might '
: who baa just returned from Bartow we -Such asCalicoo .-
he exercised in Ihe a.s't"fCalieoee Irish Notice.
Tampa to ( detriment o r A good LinenShetting
lay before oar. leaders the latest dipatche Tallahassee claims.Sentinel, bleached and unbleached Shirtings -'ta *, ofe"e"1" duscripioii BOOTS & SH.OE. .
received at the Telegraph office op to the time. IJlIl&nJhirtintr., Checks Vril, K'y
We> inform the Sentinel thil by"pp. ar FURNITURE. PERSONS having demands against the "
there. W. thank un!!. Fl"ni>"U. Hickory Stripes, JeLaines PenCe Cloth ALL
e>f Ls leaving heartily you ,
of Zacariahi G. Se\Vard.late of Polk
ances we think that the Tallahassee. claim: Bfd TICkil. iK'iiinis, White ate. 1-
for this favor, Mr.'McKay.It : Shirt., Calico "110\ lIid"rI.. rt., Worsteds, Bleached Domestics, S YANKEE NOTIONS, County State of Florida, deceased will prer r ,
9__ are "no" bar" to the claims of a cert ic a (O.h a ss't of COI III' TJlr."J. Sewing lr.M Goods, Domestics. sent them duly authenticated, and all persons/' \
will be seen in tie Ut dispatches from in Silk, Flat. Floss, Blm-k Mohair: Braid. BI'kAh'"cca indebted to said Estate will make immediate .
I fair one Tun: | a. Denims, Bed Ticking, < S
:.t.. W'WuhJDgton that they are baring a merry time --. .- Binding. White SerpmtitiBraid.. Hickory, Towels, ti unl.E: payment to entitled the undersigned. All creditors'the
Rubber\V Buttons, and to distribution by
'i reluwito vacate hit office, and lairl'int'.lolia persons
of it. Manton To lhe '
$ Letter Paper Note Paper Bull Indian Orchad'Sheetini', ,,'ill. are hereby notified that their claims wiU ,
Coogress baser this impeached the I'reeident- I take j'ba.'urein announcing that the) report Envelopes, White Env.t.'I.s.B&Il Marlburo ripes, v be barred at the expiration ot two years from
; 3 What this rJw will end in We are "*not able to iu circulation for some time I'a.t prejudicial Cap Paper, tiiU"ts Table Linen l>Blankets @n6 :hful o the publication of this notice unless exhibited S

uy. Lut wait in anxiety for the full particulars to the tbaracter of Dr. F BltANCH both Steel Pens, .!;c. &C. Ladit Cloaks Dress Trimmings within that time. "" S
as a gentleman and a Christian Minister is I All of which we lT..rto our friends and customers DANIEL ST.-\ FORD. f' .
which,we will lay before.. _oar readers. untrue,and without foundation, having seen at liberal! priers \ Also to his Fino and Good supply ofGi'ocei.ies Qualified Executor. .hBartow
- Ladies and Gents' Taper: and Linen Collars;
a letter written by Capt. Lanier who
citizens was For Ciiih vr Country /VvxuCf.fig' Fla. Feb. 3.1 69.
"We hear much complaint by oar charged as the originator of raid report in "' '

of their bogi. which they, allow to roam at which he disclaim all participation in thematter GIVE us A CALL. Jt3GRANT Kentucky Jeans, Umbrella, Ginghams! .

large, being killed by the U. S. troop station, and eipre*..rs hit unqualified' belief in ; & CRAFT. Notice/ %J
the :inaoctncy of the injllr"l'all\'. SUN SHADES,
ed in the Garrison. We hope that the officers W.1-: COL1IF.R.tor .U onr old stand (opposite: thr Florida Honse. .

command here will put a stop to- this out. P. H: Tjtnpa Dilrit-L Tampa Nov. ICth 167. 30-tf. Balmorals. Hoop-Skirts PERSONS HAYING DEMANDS t'ALL : '

rage, as some vf our citizens depend upon their .- ---------- --- -- -- Just Received from \.YttD Orleans. lt.. the! estate of Wm Wilder late of
Hillsborouirh county, State of Florida, de .d, ,
Look Here !
; hog for: meat and to kill them without paying CITY DIRECTORY.Tui ik JiiJ! D' will presett: them /uly authenticated without :..
: the owners for them i ic very wrong anJ Also 1rmlli Tfc C SIBI delay, and all persons indebted to said estate .

) : are requested to wake immediate payment to ii !

'", unjust. _-_ .. TEll. iiiKtticg Card- in this! Dir\c -IF YOU WANT \ the undersigne .111 creditors anti persons ., ASS
r< A Fin Lot of entitled to UUlribution are hereby notified ,,'
for .
tory ouevt-ar, |4.IIEN1)ER'ON ttjOShLCC
.f're The woit of painting Lou:>t" : fences; .h', -- \ ( t 8oimluj : / that their claims will be barred at the expira- ''" '"

. IT is s ill going.on iu our city-amo.t *very ) }:J otiinn.
I XO\.I63ot within tuvt '
1'11- one is cleaning up hi* premises. If everyone at LawaI S CS tini.ThOMAS V. WILDER. 1 "

} will! it in cleaning the sirtel.- ke'.i Notaries Public. DRY GOODS \ SSt ..Idmuiutralor.
a? up \
: 'j'/'i'.. .. -- nUOCEUIKS t GUOCEIES, Jan, 20th '67. *. *
t we will U) ble* cd will A healthy suinintr" ', II. MHVHKLL, \ tr I

11 so MV_ our "5e b"xUli! prdttclor, Dr. F.I I' Atturnry at Law and Solicitor in Equity. CALL AND EXAMINE- BrAE-D'fT\ AmIDs 1 lh. LonftJ-t Pole knocks the PcrsimmotG. I Notice. '. :'"

}I !: BRAcn.vI1l and cle; .-n the f>t>'H ect'n-jt, cr profit.11111; l-y. "bis o: advice aUo... .\LU:Attprtcjs' Jt cn.\at FT.Latr E. A. CLARKE & CO'S xe'Ovens., Frying Spiders Pans.Ho, \\ \ Spades, 14. coYM)1Y1c1l' I hereby for u'cettain forewarn note all given persons by George from; trading Wtlls '...1

4 them to remain in the s.iine cond lion atid and Solicitors in Equity- i'ea Kettle, to W, L. Co wart, for Ten threo year old Steers, 5 1
NEW STOCK Cookim Stoves t [lacing I'os fcicknt-ss. last ) ,
through tame as car F. m\:<'I'II.
: : go Pocket KniveTjble -, to knock do\\n the prices of Groceries. lusL'I .
4.: :1Ye say Lave them eunt"Cl! by all IU,: :.II. ::;urb un. Prmticirc rhyfirian, Kuiv* 11 O:::. II, WILDER. '-
4 r .. It.-.:irr in Jlr'.1: M.--dicir.e -oil : %. ... Jan. 29th. 41.If. .f
w. Spoons.Cha.n
a .: ... Store-Wa-hibglun stuet opposite ierria. Trace I ..
"Wt are infoinin! that we will soon l.ave Horse and Mule, Collars S 0
! il DRY GOODS.Calico I \ He ha 4jll4t received: from New Orleans, per S 5
1 tbe benefit of a wcokly mail from New Or I J. P. CKJCIITON.Soriet : Prints, Hsrae, .!;c., Ac., schooner }JILl, anew supply of No ice. .

'leans and Ky \\"':" TheA1tiakesIestr.- I II j >n and Practicing h3Offlt.&t ician. Girar'tllnlll, \ COIN FLOUR C
5- I ; : l hii: jcpiJti&te.A. Mti i ini... S Alas : \ 1.1. person having demands ai:\in I { chip company, bave *ecurrd' bd cotitiactjar.d 1u'ttt re I.aines, COFFnI..T: 11 of .r"m..s I. Hctrher. !late of Polk
A. ALLEN LAUD. TOBACCO them anthenti- I i ..
.lec'd. will duly ..
COUDt present
i Sw i i.Muhn, .
will boon commence rations. I It i* ....
GROCKE11Y indebtedto
Dealer Dry r. S tbe intentiuu of the! company to run a li ht "- Cir'i'rrtfiVr; -t"in Pro.liif .\ UMt'I.t': CONDENSED MILKTINWAKE. said estate are r'tested to uIkifJmeJi.- 4 .. .

I: .. '? draft i-leaiuer (rom Celhr' K"f. t.> Key I'I S. W.enrterfW5-hjn.ton A Murjfau ctrreta EJt=(.inZ4.1su.ititns. Of Every: -De it rip I t li 1 ion. \. I at.and, payment persons entitled to the 1 uaalersia.neI.to distribution i All are creditors hereby _..,ji.4 ..
S \
\ West coce a'w e..k. We "itb tiumccii. GUANT.trHAFr.Draltts ::.hurtitigs \ Si ciHl Circle Chewing Tobacco. notined that their claims will be burred at the .
:I iii Dry (Oood, Orneeri; Sheet ir.z', -'JDKit'- ( \ Candies I expiration of two year from this date unless

; IoUC-1' Grain: Hardware, Clothirp, Ac. l>rilline' *, \ Almond-., exhibited within that time. 1

Oii.oitethe( Florida! II UUr... I Mjrlboro ,t Hickory 5trrpe".IJ lIim.,Ticking WOT.LI) ? 3S, S \ Pecans, II TlIot.WILLI.lI;:;, \Jm'r. .
Lon ;' Looked forCoinc at I.n ---..-- Checks.K'y Jeans, \ Butter Nuts, I Bartow. Fla. Dec. 14th. 1S67 :3t.S. I'

; We rfCcitcsj vii Saturday 'U't, l-r CAR. i; E. .\. (:CLAKE: n'Dc C..uiieres., : l-"Illlult'll, Tubs, Pail-. Bucket, Mea.ure', Maiket Bus- And m.in: )'vother articles needed by the peo -- --

( ":ort In Dry Go'i.1.. HurlwafiFur- L5..>:u,.t. KihboiiS, Ladie; Belts, ket#, Pitiury Ba-ket. with top Beritl lie-Call tttfde.. FI..V5II SET1 EJESTS
I-KSTEK'S- Eir KEb a fine fruit cake and a Covets, Bra tit ure. WtMiJ.Vara, (:r1.e..rr., Buttons, Bn'.oionit: : S IX month after date I will preseot my ac ,

.. -S t bttle of Madeirn, "he customary (re of I: ?ai.trv! CU-tliirir.:. .!;.e.CorTer 11..1' :-l..il'l.. La wr.t', ers. Blooms, counts and vouchers the Hon. JuJge o 'l
: married Tbi I \,"'hill&ton d. '&110n "tr..t.. : La>liri and (;ieiil's lloo.icry, .!;c.. &e', 1-l.\; ? l'Y PRINTS. Probate of Hillborou; County for a fin .t..
Piintersfrom newly couples.! Glove 1 Collars Boots ] Micheal Wall d\"
r' I S Drown t>-etinjr.. settlement( the estate of \
I :.t; cake etc was sent to us witb the compliments c. L. FRIEUKLE; ;' t-hoe*. Hats, Coats, Pan. ( : )---- Keiiiuky Jenns.Bleached ceased and at the same time \\ ill ask for a discharge S...\t

'r i Dealer in Dry Gt\Ao) Clothing. Yankee vests Under A Over shirts. \ from further administration thereon. 4 1JAMESGErrlS.Adm'r ...
t and kindest regards of Mr. G.ZirPERER S Cotton. ,,
t. ., .... S ,
Notions, Hardware.I Crockery, @ ..(.":, I."' '.'''I'f'.. ..' ; ,
LADIES' BONNETS ... .., ... .... .... ::0:0.. Table Cloths. It
: And his beautiful amiaMa! aud Groceri, Pant Medicines, : 0 Tamps May Is t, 1 67. a pta. tN
Corner S \ ______ '
Washington Jt Fratiklin rr"f'ta. '. Towelling.
peerleM bride to the Peninsular Sce, for I Co-: Te.-i, Pngar. P.aoon. L:'r.l \
OF 111 E LATEST FASHION IlRr.m, Rice Undershirts.RfcfivtJfrom j iee.
yrbicb\ we return our thanks and make a I L. G. COV.U'EVICII. flour. March ::-"'up. -o.1aalttatus: Just Xeie Orleans, /frJfill @

Dealer in Weti. ClHe.-e''an lv, Tun Fruits \>
Pro-luc, Groceries;
bow.. S Children's: Hats.A 'o'7a'r' (171.( for gale by
polite Cotf ctionaries, Hardwire, Moves ..1cI I Pe-he.. theme,., \ L1. PERSON:* havirc demand against the
{ We web them a tong and happy life 1UaJI'I: CZlI,IIII, S B. l'. LEON.RDY. i1 estate cfV. John Hooker late of ilana- ';;:" flee
Fine Lot of SADDLES, and BRIDLES, leppe, tf. deceased will present them ,
Mustard. .is. lh; 3o haL ,
bA crown tbem _; countv -
>nd that prosperity may it C. LEON.IIY.Pser Liu'Spurs Girths Collar* &e. I Copperas. Ginger, \lI'1l'e. I JulnUlhenti.ateJ.. and all persons indebted : --;. ,
I' I the Printers. ia Drv Goods hardware Clo I Kt. .. .l .. make ..
t /or thus thinkingkinItyo1 i 1 I t i o-en 11.1. C.I'"II Lau : to the said estate are requested to immediate
I lhicr. Groceries, .! WicU Poinab haiti Ciackers'1 FIRES!: 11 undersigned. All r.
Jevkelry ;e.II' ii A K i> u' .\. it c. i iI ,, Biea-1, of a',1deicriptione. : CODFISH : payment to the "
miJe \ _L'II 0,011111:: l'..a.Youn creditors and persons entitled! to distributionare .. ;.,
S A cowardly attempt was by some W.; G. FEHII: < A'jent. Pocket J; Tab* Knives, Files Door A Pad' i :fchot-: l'oJ"I'. II Tea hereby fotided that their claims will be ,<

tell,deserving'fiend to firs the i/fSoes of II' Dealer in Pry (joo-I.. Hardware, Crockery ,1 Locks. Axes, Trace: CL & lucks Druwiii Kiuves llatcU- Ulackl'epper, ,I time.
screw ,
Groceries, f : '; exhibited
& !HEVDERSO : e. btuvkiiig Tobacco, date, unleSS ..
Messrs. and Ant fur Alliat.ce"!: line of Steamers, "t., Guu; Cups, Fry Puus lea Ketiles Attill. ry Matches, VlUGl1TCARLTON.Administrator.. I.
Monday morning' about 4 '.doclLi S fAtore..urner U'ji'nnirtiMi and Monroe street hun I'u'.i; BA& Ovens, Ac Ac.. Ac.: Just. Received per srl.'r Dill. anJ for said S

in store house at 11. C. LEOX \RDY'8. Manatee Fla h. II. h7. 408irEXKCUTOKS :
a a among Also I I-
1f9..illg JOHN .\Ch issortmcni
i home Iooe bay and rubbish and was bareJr -,J 1 Dealer in Dry Goods Hardware. Tin | o Nov. 6th. 30 tf. I XO 2'ICE. ''

..-4 discovered in tim to save the buildingsfrom r, "ware Notioiu. Groceries, dot",.. Tub, Piggius, Churls ieveBrooms, BrassBound : Bridles, &c. I LL PERSONS indebted U the Eitate of the \"'..'
ivp Hour; W..UliU.l..d", llortobrutLe lit' will coma
: fittw deceased please
The owners abentjfrom ,
destruction. J. :
S. :
1EIB1OOK. .t;: cuuibs, Axe llelvct iic. Also : : forward and make speedy payment; and all
tbe! city but come genieraen! s'.et-p-! j ILalerinIry Goojaflardware Pan, Pail: Platvi; Bucket*, cup, cutlee-pots U Wincey.Siiuknig i.er-ons having demand* against sai.1 rotate .
:Saddlery. Groceries .! Tobacco, authenticated. to the c\
r ;c., A Fine Lot will them duly
; I in tbe /filers were &: :ZttJ; by the I HATS Jt SIIO present S .
jog I Store. -Head of Lafay-tla Street. EARTHENWARE &c. S. it:; Tubs l undersigned, quiitiedEecUt41r. \
and a.free of water extin.niibed i Plates BrtukUrt r J. } IlENIEI.O i. r;
flames by use -lea, a Diuuei Se'.lfjt'ups"fei r.ohfor Gentlemen Just received by A;
:: II.: PRO>EUS.: A t'Ottce eel*, tkwla l'jaltlftI I'UcUetS and'Ladle tt S COVAGEVICII.FINE Tampa.Fli.. .. r.: < t 14;. 33.w
: tbe fire after mob work and trou Children and flu.ies II ..
; t Dealer in Dry Goods Hardware. Tin Ac. GU are-luiubler*, Gobblets '

ble.. WAt Stationary, Gruoerit ic S syrup Pitchers, :::-a.t Cellar, &;; _..-. ._ N@tiee.
\ :. "We hope tbe incendiary may Le brought Kennedy!: Darling's old stand. Lamps. :::Satinet !1t

and We O U 0 C E U I E S, PERSONS having demand against: the
to j juiuce punished severely. tna'yxpect I U S ? Men's ButT Brogans, ALL !I\\
.-, 1 HOOKER "'". f""o'If\:! .....-... "" o small lot of Crockery >tate of Jor.ltiu Hancock late: of Polk :I
."_ fires at any moment at.the prefect I I Proprietor "Wrsnge Grove" Hotel CLftJt, Pilot Bread, Batter, Raising, Candy, A County oe-vel are rejueste! to present ,

S stale of affairs, it is getting to ttt common 1 Sodi, Mustard Buckets, Coffee Pots 'Gun Tubes them duly authenticat without delay ansi '
Corks notice to all creditors legatees .
If' I I hereby gise
w. H.
S throughout the whole! South. We would! 1'I'I Pepper, Spire, Milk Pipe. j jI I and persons entitUd to distribution that their
Shoemaker a:11 Pans
&d rise all:1 our friends who wijfc to be on Paucy Repairer.II. Tea, (CoflTee: Measures, ta: I Canary SeeJ.i I claims nr..l demands mast be exhibited to me

safe side insure their property im,1 WEJSSI5ROD.Manufacturer( Surur, Soap, r. ,", "' ,_., .T .. INor..... !i Just ReceiveJ and for sale' Cheap. at j I II I within two y >nr from this date, or the same S
the to :. ::.
) Candle* Matches II./J p ..........., !!I will bv 1.11.4,11u bar of their recovery" ; and all ,
of Saddles and Harness 15. C. LEONARL1V'S.Nov. S
I indebted said estate
to are requested
...oedutolFICE.. /. S .. S : : Sc kin; & Chewin; Tobccto &: Kerosene Oil. 0t': (; JsAttce. IClh. 3otf. persons to make immediate! payment.JAS.T. S

S TW.. ... J. F. FLEFCIIER.BaVir :. And other article untt1J' : \NDCOCK t Adm'r. S
S j many too numerous tomen- i I
: arid dealer in ITT1AXCY CANDIES.Jj MARTHA J. HANDCOCK Adnvx.IW. .
Ccnfectionariei t j ,
tion, which invite
Oa last alnjut S o'clock: we our friend to call and I .
S Sunday i S tad Groceries. ezami ce. Arid will sell for Call aad e-xaaaine the' Good forj; yourselves -Rauins, I I Ithi, 1SG7. 8w.
\l .'fes'xl 'nceof Air. JOSIAII FEEUS was I'I I Crushed Sugar,

W. E. \\'E.1': ( ':c! A. A. ALLEN. M acc.a font, ? A FINE( LOT OF A 1 COOlfIng =
coreretl i to be in fliir.c* aud by tinulyaMUtaoce > < rL ioiteC.E. 1\ .
... i Barat.d 1U1: :LerdiToom.jJ. (It (nn.l ttj- it \ .ermiciUi.i r Stove.* just receive from New
S th., fire was aoon exiinguikhrd i' ttl'.IM! p.r schooner 1'ill and for 5.
i Cjrner ct Marhn i Just ReceiveJ snJ for Sale cheap at -
i Vt'ashi/ijton Street ..l"l.l the White :'tUrun the
.,,:;ibodt"!_ nicch: damage donetotLvbtQJ.: 'i FEWH A. CLARKE 4- CO. j D. C. LEONARDY'S. nero-5 cor-

;- i ., 1 I Jeweler.Watcb ua J*Clock Kepairer. ,Taspn: : Fla.Nor: 3'thI?6j. 32-to 1 T3:1p.tF:1.: OctJlh! .- 2 4 to

S S S 45

f't. ,

S .. l.# V
.. S ,.,.. p_

.-- ." Jr-." L,, L I"t'.;' ___ .. __ __

"I / .... .., ... .;J *- .
'f -
.. f
-- ..,.",

r A ,. ... -""' .. ..

-', ::10."';::'.: ,., -......:.,,.,..,.... .;.' Y".. ..'-.tt ;,';'" ; ;ic"O >.li_. "
: "
Ii" '
> '_ .. ....:I'c... '. \ ': .:-- "'. ,. '..t. ....f 'c ._.,.., ):;.. :. "., -q_. ..',.J.. ;
:.=... ...... !\ > .. .. ...";t

11' ". y.
: I -
Jftt V f

r ttlf .
/ "

NO ..
t J'ii
P ,


-. . .
2 -

."''':' ."''.,-, ... -" H .
M : .
..... V

.{ .. 'V V t.frg -

1 .. .

,, ..".'."..,",'j--....... (:,,,-04'' .I _. .- -;:: .- -"-- .- ; ::: V k

1 : : MB PLOWOi! JBSISS11L18.1 I JB a.- tell. 6\bllffCtw.tt.t1\ i;S fr. Llti) ,i utrtl5fmrut9.Iw.a '. Ql llotiffs.' Ii

.... __..1____ ." ___ ..__ ._______ : .-.- --. .---- .' ::
----- '--
I' .J :'o E. \I.I-n s: ''',
-- j. t.ctvat ann.; t. run UtJ'1 I
I ]1 !
.?.. '-.. ..: THEPENINSULAE : _. n :i. + 1 Notice.OLX

,,.r"cat.'t'i,. t. ,j-e I lL1.) JJ o l.. lJ.llilIDlIr TI! 1r: '.:7 ; I e. I i I ... -
.fr' "H..1-- I 1 .
01.-'!..... "'ll" '", I. O of, I shall, at Administrator the Estate i!
<;' 4; \ I COTTON FACTORS -: :- I. I V7m. Carney deceased, present mv account1 ;, "'1-.
.' ,
\\i -.. t ANDferal f I vouchers to the lion. Judge of 1'rubate, o ,.
i:1': : *.. 1 1 ; !l'olk county, for a final teuleinent and as ;
: ,,, TAMPAFLA_ ."" be discharge from the farther administra '
: I < 'Remission taijonts of the said estate. I ,
\ i
'SATURDAY. Pebruarr; CO, ]'ACS..tolorsvoorai __ ,, i"i I IB JOIN M. PEARCE, Adm'r *"

-- ..::- w..n fr ITE IINDEP.SIGNED '$ inform I! Bartow August 10th '67) It>-tim. I _
] I
A SET OF DIA MONUS.bfr. Savuuua!', -- ( co. JL the
v public that they have just received afresh
T c'_
't' r ((0)) ",upplyolwell selected. 1 Groceries Dry I < .
n t'T 5 .
E wrll 0 ,
.. -, "a physK-un Good.Headymade Clothing! Crockery Uard- \ 1., : ,
skill ia mental disoricrs, saw armeathu 7! vtsi .tr S Liberal advances made on Cocsinn: tn ware, Tiu'arc.tc., '

r gita one morning a lady who teefced Ordrrs promptly !died at lowrM market CJIlOCEItlCS.Suthcs t I SIX WEEKS AFTER PATH, will apply to 'f

.forty.years old, Although still:: young "od.1' .- rates. Baisias: Rope i Iron Ties Corn, Flour llai.Bread' Itaeon.'Ilea 'I'I Hon. Jude for' of Probate Administration of lltllslarI n -
ough County, letters .
fresh. Madame! Connies*--'was ad j side Leaf Lard Goshtn Butter CofAeSu I '
constantly on liacd. \ 'n the Estate of John Lavinus, late of ai milted within lbe-gat of sbe celebrated! : '! ; :ar, bj'ru r. iTice Tomato I '' decea.i ed. f I
August ITth; 167. .. 7-6n5. 1'eaMMtPowder'uaps :
Catsup, I
physician. Countess introduced herself i ( ROBERT WIItTCHCRST.Xov. :: f
Blueing .. ,
on the spot, and poke as a mother in Matches : .i gOth, 1867 > Siw:'
.desolation and despair ia the folIowiBg.! ; WIT. LEE APTHQRP; Ac.DRY V
term : : i : N@ti.ce.
I Locating Agent / | i .
Sir you sec a .woman a prey to the most ii j j.violent i- : I j i ,. .
i GOODS A: TUHIMIXGS.Heavy : > I! MONTHS from this daV- l.hali h' .ot < .
cbs 1 bare he is OFTanipa \ .
grin. a eon! ; wry ] SIX .
I j a'-oounts and voueter.. -to tLe- Hon.Judge'of '
Hell Tkks, Denim, Linen Checks, Linen .
.. .cear to me u.weil l as to Lus and he t tJi I
.1 ray ? ; ', Checks, Linen Drilling. Calico*, !lo..!iue, ; ; I'ruLate. cf Ma- ayes C\u< t), fur a final ,
4 aa oaly sell/ II T"J.QJ.1.1'm.!J.. Lye..a yy/u'5g Muslin Cobra l Assorted Braid for drees : i settlement on the f;tat* 'Ji -'ephen P. .. ,
Tears liko tain fell, such us AtttmisU.tbeJ PUDLISUIIED: ; binding, Pius Needles!, Coat's Thi e.id, \ |I Hooker! : dec'd.and wk ',o be dharg'l.Elam: 1 .

over tea tomb: cf M (usolous. Flax. Thread Sewing bilk, ts't'd the further adraiuiftraticn of suit l:..taie. .' !I

;' -, ...f'. -Ab.]ts.I V**_e M 6:1.. t And for some IJ I Iy Fa. colon, Flos. 1'lilortO, Elastic, I I 40IIX PAP.KEK[ sdmV.26th V j
LadienA Gent HdVlT),;; i OcL Is67 5m. ;
"horrible fairs. Us u: now at the age when -0Now --. IV I
Lames i Children's :
eA the passions deed >'!. Although we ""al.iff i i. the chance for all White. I'-lack male
;j ; g llo e, Gents \ I f
all his .] f female, to secure lIUilKS vu the NOtice.V ,
+rialiM. rnonsy liberty, et: be hose white
Public Domain.
..TiKC4 many igns/:: of decc .ation The col'd. \ t
I "For Uncle Sam is rich
; most remarkable! is that he is "}way: s talk- enough RC.AUI-M.tfE: : CLOTIIIXO, Ac- r! \ LL PERSON'S; haVbg demand ajiinit tins 1 A ;

I fog aboat j-'welry or of diamonds which be r AT To give us all a farm P Linen Coats, I } : t 11 e Cate: of William P. Rogers, late of 1'011110' j

has sod! or giran to some woman, all anintelligible. .. State Land |for Sale: at 50 Cts, an Alpaca CUl&tLineu /\, county, deceased: willJ.re nt them duly auTthenticate .

; : AVe sup;+oe' ho bits fallen! in i I acre. Look out that your Improvements Dusters, >l, ), and all perso/*

i with some! stnbatter 'I are not entered Palm Hats, In.deMe.lto said estate are undersigned.make '6'
lYom Q. perhaps, immediate payment to the All
: than she should l\o .and that be ban tnvolv-: I }Jr Leghorn ,
: .. ; L i 1/ v 1JJI from under you Canton Braid; Hat, : :: cieditors and persons entitled to distribution -
.ed hinuelC in lcrlberuom cng geinents to Also, FriTate Lands Snnrycd"and Correct Wool Huts; j are hereby notified that their claim will be .

; i .aatiify her debircs.! This sir, is but ..COJ ?* 1 1jecturc. I hirt", j barred at the expiration of two year from this, ;
ness Guaranteed unless exhibited within that time.
..... .: The father and I are lost i ir ni :::fcl.oe. date
I 6th 1867. 11Cm.ADTEETISIXC :S.: Crushes, W. R. IIOLLINGSWOItTllAdazLOUISAI'EARCEAdnfx.
: rounding. the C'SUM of tbi foly.! I. Blacking I .

''V" I 'We!!: Msdimf. bring your son here.' E\rSp.uER{ [ ACEJiCV.E. &c.. d:e. : Barlow, Jac 1st, 1308. 8w.

\ + Air lo..morrowlr.\. all means, at. -0-
o fi 1 !
: ooon. -

:+ L Tb doctor respectfully conJoctcd the / E. OVERALL & COAUTUOR1ZCD HARDWARE.. :; @tuce. ".(:

j. l&d1\lo her carringe. not fore : to scan v .. Crocker\-w are, : .-
: ;llng Knive* j.: Forl, PERSONS having demands a ain t the
oJ. tba coat of rim And the laci;tyr. AGENTS:: TOP. Spoons, I ALL ,.f Eli AdLin. late of Hilleborough ,

'I .. The neM jnornia Jj;; the Counters drove tor V: : THE Nails, (as3, \td sizes.) I county in the State of Florida, deceased, will
0 ,.. ... SOUTHERN EWSP.PEIS.Omt. : i>re*ent them duly authenticated, according: to
., a famous jeweler! and after having a long; V_ ... Gun tube Wjenche, I
\ [ r law, without and all indebted
s : time examined of diatnondswotth! y -h"t. delay persona
_j : a set 30L .
I 't'I.: to the raid estate will make Mediate '
.. she! thata.! SL .. 4 l ", -"'OWI '.r, tat i.fi.Jd "- paye
r 000 crowns, purchased < : :: I .' I merit, to the uuJersigneJ. All creditor and
'i' V
ItpegUgently! drew a purao from her reticule, .,. Increasing Circulation! tt ;J, JJ.,4, v6. : .. 'r', '' ;;;" -' A '.' ring Paptr, persons entitled to distribution are hereby notified -
Tfjuad there ten thousand frnnrg in bank 'iY ,,'\- .velopc", [ : that their claims will be barred at the .
f' niotet: and ";rred thin out; bet imme- .. 4' b I ..';' .- ... HiHetebteel Pens : i expiration of two years frota'this: date, ua-
leas eated viihm that time.
1-l'h. !r. : V .. Ink &*. Ac. l pre
'ai V
i lately gathering them op she said to the Southern 5. ., ielete V ANN M. ADKIN?, AdmVx..
't <:0AIMr. \0 .V t' lue.: :. Weii : : ,
I #,1 j jtwafer, 'You hid. bctUr send a person OF THEPENINSULAR Yoik city, on alto i.-.\ .. : Tampa. Fl\! .. Jan. 4th. ISC J._37 8-w'. ,
l' .fW".ap! my buaband will pay him ; I which w.. avit, t- : ,_ :

I.. : find l::h.re cut ths entire sum.I .' a.J .\Jhhik\. 'I (:'\ \ViHE.M.u : Notice.

I, 11 The jeweler ttadc: a elgn to a :-1'" s.;, I :4;
youngmsn : : ,
evfia X. B.-Advuis.: I. :: "" '' :" .i : :
r ,jrroaJlv Ieijjhi! l..J to go: in such : ., L the "
1tijk : r- : \ : person .eman- against es .
aa eqalpa. suuu-d off with the! Madame: r once Dec. ., I Till: '. ';.-;-. (with : of Isaac Water, late of Hill\ ..boroa h ,
14th,1SG7 ;
li Conntebe de-. She drove to the ',' t'It.; -. county in the Ma"* of Uloiida: deceased, will .

doctor'1onr, ant whirred to him, 'Tlt i! t, cos--- l.i. Iht. ,. : : : ,; ;; present them duly I authenticated, and all pert -

is ray .oal K-av; hi"i with! you' Tothsyoong SIl ULD ... l'\Irc: ; Pots' t SOIl ill(t'Llc.1 to said estate are dcaired to '

CUD *he! slid,' My hnsbsn! is in his 1flf} : ,UI make mediate payment to the undersigned.
e Ly I And ,'tl.erarticlesto.) numerous to mention J'p l : All creditors soul I jttvor.s entitled to distribution
trdy--walk' in, te will ray r n u.' u I which we will sell at prices "LL'T L1VL.. ; : by the will are beech.- Mt.i e.t that their

?he own; mon: went in. Tae Count.t'f TO .. GRANTSCRAFT.Tampa: : } claims: Mill ty> barred at expiration of two
: IT '
.and the carriage dove oil.. rt: slowly! am] COMMEND Fla. \rars: from this date, unless exhibited: within :
that! tie
t s v Tir i.l.elta..11 ; soon sficr; its: horses "%.!.t na 111 3I E Sweat bavins psrchascd' thTiuII May 1th, I'M. 4-tf. c. PETER PLATT .
gallop. interest the late proprietor, of this fash- j I ;:: : I.

Ah,.well my young ran: raiJ the pbycUo MERCHANTS on able saloon, a"inonne f to his friends l anJ I j :! Turaa Fla., PiC. 2 1st 1SV7. Executor.:; i-bw; ',.
he will
the thirsty rublicthat constantly kegs'ou |
) 'yon understand the business, Isuppo hand n CuIl1urph'' of rwrvtkinp c"- # ,. Let us fee ; how do you toell lti Lat Drink tor !hot or cold, wetr drv._ taiga hira:' 1. 'i \oiiceof !!ls : Clcy.

I it going on in this }our lod! pv :: CAn and try the fir.att'iaes. Liquor, Clne.. j : PEOB.UE CottT, AT Cu.\ :!ER.*., AK.CST 6th ._
"What AND OTHERS TampA Jcfv Mb 1C7. <> tt.M. : HAVE: JUST RECEIVED: ) .\ Fresh A. I>. IhtiV. .
: iu Lead
sir XotL..
passes my
; It I State of n iidn
---- of \
.Ing except setUiag!; for Loc: ery t-\st Joel of\ t supply : Polk: County, ) .
: : : :
T Ziaaoads .
.. ) : \T7hcrca* 1 Robert Wilkison! .\Jmi.ci3tr t'r on
?6 We uniierztisa GBOCERIESAnd 1 ; l j \i the E-tato: of Simon P. Smith, late of .
all 1
that/said the doctor.!
t--75r T AS GOOD i / ) said connt\ .u<,'d, ha this Jay tiled in the
.cently paJLirg'i: ?vis the bil.!, *1 know, IJcnow. E3 g} t, ; Probate); O'Uit, a written *Qjg rtion of the Iiisohciicyot ,.
.' i 'i" ; .-\ ] other nrticUs which: we respectfully!! ( : said Estates.Ihereivre .. '
< .
1 .If :be gentleman Vnowa the nncunt invite our iii':'ud5 ai.J |..irui.s: to .::&::1! and : nudes il hereby hen to all, per- r;
\ '
... -: :- exur.ic.'e focI under. l : arms I.,ddlOh1: : nijaln! .t the #Jid dere.ted4 ,
: obligations
'zlOthin; resins: to pay: tLoc ,11.' ANADVEITISING many Estate to tilt the ..../ I
:;. *aui -, July authenticated, ia
for past patro : ?.1101! l.f;-c for a continuo 1
Indeed bd tags .' .
l. Where the o:ice ; aniV1 1 l'<.urr, .II or before the 6th .
i did yen get your diamonds ? What Las gJJIAKER' : anre cf the sime. We will: cnJc.ivor to '' tf February I*''.!, when there will br a pr>-

become cf them 1 Say: a* much :.5 you I continua to sell Ht l pineTo rato ayiiiint IUlllln..t the i-e\ci\il cicuitvrs cf
E \GEXCY5 live 'm" let Lire}' I, .uJ Insolvent l-"tat... I
V will I will listen patiently.
: FLORID. -..- : i) And it i. oi'
'The toilcm is to pay .ms thirty: thousand : I I f.rl a...ur. J tlut I.iv. |1,1 1/1'/ vrnik. thai I( file on or bv!ur.mi da\\ i" ill ." ('iurt. true S
crowns.' will plea*" th.- Inter fj-'H' :a-. \\'...rk o (: ::n tlIl:1.; : l I t and l perfect I Inventory of uU the .h"e!
!; 4 Wherefore !I' V verv ftvlidon-to .uit ,'unw< and wo'i'riit- CORN: FLOUR.' BACON :j ing to said Estate.
J 'IIJp vrherefore !' *aid iho young man, .:\ THEY CAN EMPLOY.PENINSULAR t J.'hop(; in tho Old "J'eMn-ular! Ulf.n." : I I Given under tny hand and '('1\1.. i

who began tJglisten.! : Oct. Ifth 1 G7; tf-29 LARD.UoAR: : :, SYIl"I': I' ffEf+& of.th.' I'rlll"re Cenr'. at Barf,,w, I
epee ; >?. :.I5' thl1t.
Hh,1_ ,
*' -------- y l'IT-TU: :. LICE: ;j j II"i A 1 1M.7. I
*Yv thouU I i'
4. \\hy : 1.ay you JOHN' l111"0
''u"'C'auo Madam tho Ct has DEPJU.\\ \VE1SSBROD.SADDLER i \\t": I'lEl 1 I:, IijVII 1 :: }:, N. '
,.. .CtltI. just -- -....... -- urri'KR: n.'IEI:5: Judge of 1'robate. ',
V purchased the diamonds oar eitabli-h- Aujtut 1th} 1S67.
JDt'n.' Cc1< : C/\t'KEIS/: : Cm- I

I i ) foII 3 I SODA II; :'t CIT, In Chancery.
.. 'Good here we have you Who. i" II riLor nI: :.\ U. : : 1
ibis Couatess T V I ;: In Polk Circuit Court Southern Jud;-

V / 'Your wife ;; and he pre enleu: the LUI.: I a -V me* it.J[ala r. Up ho Is t e r:: ({. c.Win SARDINES.: MILK NDENSED( : ,t cial Circuit ,

4f 'Hut, Jo you know that I have tbd honor [ attenJtoany Lasine sn this line with I Ii : 1 Eiz.Lelhpnkm1D: : 1i :
;'to bo a physician! and a widow r v I n.atn."s! and 'fispaUb. I am now preared i 'I i *"s. > Hill (.t Divorce.
c to fix M ttrpi-*, A" rlicap .)r cheaperhan I STARCH.: IAIINS.IKIMI : William
"Bere the youtigm-n Lteace transport- ; .. 'r. U\2 % it can be done elsewhere. I can !I'f' fnindit 1'OT.VIOES, ML".VKRDrSMOKING :: I : : Sparknnn )
ed, and the doctor called Lis domef lio, ar :1 all times at mv -hoi'{ on the* opporit.* si id<- <.f I I|' \ BILL having been filed in the atoOen' .

and bade them teiza him: by the hands anJ 1 1Vet i ne l'tr"t.t, tot a iul": lliAt: bf ill.! J. !IVriis AND CHEWING !! /V titled cau?4.- and it appearing that the respondent '

/ ,'bch! raisvJ} his transports to fury. turt dn ca not re'id y, lIpanl.\XX: rl':5-1n; r.OI'I he Southern Ju.licial Circnit of Florida, but
4 lie cried out t/'lldC rsurier':' but at the } We are prepared: to fill all orders fir Duval CnUltin
-- -- --- -- -- -- rrOIL.CeO I n said: State it b ordered

P*c .,nor: a cunrter vf an boar !ha calmed! I'I'lowoe1i'air'd 1 .: ". ,.........'.,..-;.... ro ._..! fS---t:" ,;.-.....,._,.1_ .I"...;..;.'.J" < that the #.i'd rf.-pondetit appear; l,.,fore said
( everything soberly! and Court and {plead, answer or demur to said Bill,
the terrible dAwn i l. .i;' CAR<, MATCHED and N.1-ON': 1l0r. on or before the l"', Monday in February nextof
light Legtn to upon: the
.he doc: r. PlainAnd ;-c, G. AY. DILL. & DLACKIN'C! I the alleiruions;. :' of said Bll will .be takcaaconfessed :

.. V ,VV & NotwitLzUnding: all the search that J. MILLER I -.J1 SOA :- I ( 1'rwidfJ. that notice be :given him by pub
be Master 1 I lication ia thFlrida Peninsular" fur
'cou J made thr.! singular! theft! so witty two
!'. '-: t poo.l selection: of DRV GOODS and jShirlicg j months from this! --lat.-
b' w original! ft oa tLe seers oft.te phy :ciaa ViriLL rLYIEGl"L.\I: LY UETWEEN ; ; W.
: TKIMMINUS, conit i tiur! 01'I B.VARN.CrkCtCX
and tee macwas' &e\' r J:&tovcreJ.Tneicjrata !. I : !
U ibo of and New Orleans Polk:
port Tarnp-i : Sheeting*. *, Count.
: I b.,i taken every caratocon' 1 MenateeFor I Bartow. rL.: Dec. st. 1C7. 33.2I1i.ST@LEN.
in freight \
trearstge; apply O'naluro". t
Hickory Stripes,
:I !
1 '
'CcA of herself.' The drivers
'i every trace: Mr. L. C. COVACEVICH Tempi! Cstpt; f Kentucky: Jean*. l Flannel., :I .
and'Uikevii< Hero &M! accomplices. TLe ,
: \D" .1 M niTitee, or to : liO MT on'iEGBL1 IJiackVvi,>', .1 l 1 Ii. ft: !f. Alpacca,
i .. carriage w.a Lir jdf and the bi*tc.r! retnu:.f I
a loouutaeut tu :Le of : i Ilitnltn;. Silk. :; !
j javclete.Aix }
memory 11 rt .' '1' ..
I .. 'rf/1 t..a c 1.. Fhx. l l F i rorkmc resi.lne; on the night of c\
+ ----- i! I
I the 13ih: oi t
ZA ,'. ':'. Speetvcles' A April la.-,7 a uI\If: ,
:; '
1 .. --A CLTt T..lcl.-\.; strangervLo p'e- :I:i / ,: tfVf ; >> i(;. '":\\1. ; "" 'nit 1.- N. ,f, -. \f-e!; lJo..... : I bay Hur.'e. (Mullion. ) about 9 years: ,' 1 },
I : r iSi ( : old .
lend 2 Iu W : :: i ; ftfny built and r haa small
.. tips, recently ippod oa the .:-., 0, .... '- .. .'. ".' ::- fQr i.'S a blaze ia hu a -n
ateI' !a frtfot cf a machinery ware-roatn, ":- '. .. .,, .. .- face.A liberal .
'near Market ', : .' :-: 'f'J : ;' :" < ; reward will I* given for the &*, ;.
Newark X. J. ,1'
I Japo ;, .M I of
the horv.-
i livery "
r '''' f : to n.e
; at
and broke; a Urge pJ'a-alas. iiidow.& T howners e JT@ "T@l1 k :. A > ..'. I j : milej j.rati! "f UrooVsvilKor any infor-
: a '
demanded paynuci, but the mu ,, :rj iit '; '; .: Bj .tioa in r nrl t.,, him. v> that can get him

5dhc( Lad no nsauay. though on being Thy !1.1 sv: ::- t !, !l 1.1 Ui: iV ;nilfT 1\ : I will pay 1 hu..Jr-l' IMlaw {uraay inforluation -
With will!
.j carchcv', a ?100 Lilt rots' awl. fount] in Lis Neatness e.-nviet! the thjrtADAL1XE

pocket Tha proprietor ALLIANf'K.PARKER : .. j .1,1' 1 .i< : !I. :7 "J'JUi ; I 1 ; { ; WHITFIELI
'" imraedulcly ,( . ; Brook! changed! his LiB, ann\.':- i : .
UD'--OtrD'' potketrnt Lira fctagg rlag on '1 l.\D D IS r ITCH.A -\XIt: : 1' .'J :: :. i. '. .M.: : > lOCK OFGroceries 3 a -1if@rks!

at Lu as) Tha Lil:! having ti..t tn t::;ul to I rot+j i i !

'.deposhcdwairetnrnei (rOri) tbd lank 5t t 11 JFL'11'illTIlQ' ) i; .'> OF[ ...
\ : .
'*'-J .... \J :.!IIi ;JJ I. < SALT : QUALITY will .
.a ; /matketi'.wutterkit'and the rno.. Lu t.otJTtinca BILL! HEIDS. -' O'LEr RY, CoaaaLderOKM I .. furnished in (
: I I any quantities requireJ
been found. Ifarrtited, it is *!raid, !!! DUD BILL p1LL .. ASEMI-M tt 1Y l 1 '\}; Ir r { .'1 at the "Kocky: I'villlall:: Works .

s' ,ibd man could noL be pro ccated: ;!, t* Lf e V BILLS PF Hn5.BUM.NESS; U t.. cluo{ at th foil.iu! i ,: ., ,...Ii I 1 .| Tampa: IaT-f{ or delivered in this on OM
/ :.did not attempt to pass the pcnots note ; rJRI( ; *-ty. "i}i : 1'cnar..!la. ApaUchi-ola.: 'v.' Mark! ),;; rei-ionablv City &;
r rste ,
I _- a.D -- ,!I ELECT IO.V TICKETS. edr uia!. Keys: TaW!14 Iii\' V>'e.t uiJ 1 Dry Tor, i I; / I Apply toil( i it

The Ciocicnitt Commercial, lLou.bar.AJiul StBPflXJS: The FLORIDA : .
.; will leave Xew Oikao* en HARDWARE, I II. 1LIlL'CYtrnt
( : JrJf; rrr.rJFJr.1 TE be 5th. and tl.i ALL VSCC u:i the 20tb f.1 \ I ICROCKKRY.VARE i ii Tain M } .
paper] baa co5 enough; l to know HAEK1ACE> LICEASE, 'self imjuth. i I ps, Lrch 23J. 1S7. 4Stf.

and toky, that 'if Coogic atutupt to 111 BECEIPrs, For Fright, J.id.m be taken at reduced : : l : !| | Information Viantcd '

force recosmoeticc wish the view cf u1.! SnlJlOSS'. AtlS, wr pai'rae5 apply to f i 0F Maria Adeline} (colored) formerly, Blare ..
IV': :W. PERKINS: : BOOTS AND SHOES of Dr. Lively nj a
IWTKRS.BL1ES: WM tan; from
taiaia: SoulLtrn ciectoral votes, there viII 1.[ Agent N..w Orlaue l during the war I by some Tampa
I colored
be tbreetotes lotin the !;rrth .Lrv there : ; if., W. H. FERRK, J i ; ) carried to 1\0: tl'.....t, J'eorle and
) Whe:1 I
} _
Eoady: 1 : hear.l
: &c. )
At from
r ,.will. !. ba C::g alted ;JB Ibc,Stfotb Ly jhe proCCt. I ZS o wurkJeliitreduntil. ra.r.neen \,1e4ei.rtHuiwtLeir ticket* Which twill soil) low fur Ca.b. tln rft:;a".hn:\41.ldut.Jla.( her will' b"fl a. Any inCorm.. /
." JI' j I pailfur.. : teure !gum,: on L .;.rd. JOHN JACKSON t i I her mother. r gladly received b YANN

J i i&S' .' .. Ciders SolJrll. Tampa: :\01" ., oiI| K lS.i'; 2t amps, Nov., 17. :SO> tf I

-1: ,,. v \ *.. t Taci'1oy., WIU.,. .'
J .

tVV \ JI. ""'"

N -
t" -
r o ,
-__. ,.. t IW'
t \000- .. )
.... .. ." ; v- A "
f P
-. .-- '- -- L L .. -... .. u _- ..........

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: February 29, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
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----- --- -- --,---- ------ : ,

, ,; Virtue, Econom \uVe\\\gcncc arc the true elements ol :1 aiontrcanc:, : ; .., '

I' .. ---. .-- ------- -,--- ---- .. .--- ___ _- :":7 / '


__._ _. ., .. __, _. ___. ___ I
-, -- .. --- -
---- -- --- ---- -- :::: : : :: .- --- :- ---- -- ---

1 RCX ASI1CIIOVT.. II | "Tho sooner you--r go the Letter." The irioditirnlioii of "Onler No Frwm tW New YoikllcralJ.ISuroiiHiniclfou. J
PEKISS1MR.. 'P r0 rr5si 1 iI rb5.
40 b .Huior iciiurul tleude.
loved lies A&hcrofL-wLich i is somc..i "And leave ycu to marry: whom you ) ,"UOUICI' Bill. .i,
-I:: ccnfcss will r [GENERAL: ORIH'kS0.: 22.] i
-- tbing for a proud woman to -
The Ileconstuie-iioii Gotniulltee; held along .
Published Errry Saturday, by H. Jj. MTOHBLL 17 with a depth and recklessness which hiv'l ..y'Iii," HEAD Q'RS, THIRD MtLITAnDJfmCr,, meeting this morning, uud after some :' '

I T. K. SPENCER.Tfcnai ered my heart as lightening shivers ''1 v:ill! give you a diamond necklace, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, } discussion it was agreed to report tho! following '

A IjfOJEIrn; .A LLdAL matter it touches ; but 1 would quite as' with my own Land.-; the Jay jo* lUllIn..)' Atlanta Ga., Feb.: 2.1 SOS. ) .. Hill which will Le laid before tho -. .

J. I loon have put my hand into living coals alto luaus' wife save: my 0\\ u." < Numerous applications luvinjj: been House on Monday, and. an effort made to ,

H, .; -TAM VALA- l.avo touched his lips with mine. Indeed lie drew himself up proudly, though I made to the Major: General Commanding I.i pas. it under the operation of the previous "' t

r ,it would have been better for me to could see the color flying out of his face, relative to tbe pro\'iioolll\ud: tho execution I question.

have been burned with fire than to have, and came toward Int:. of General Oidtri. No. 40 series of A-c. That in
1SCJ, I Ho it enacted, Virginia: ,j
Will give prompt attenn to all bnsines '
linked my name with hit. This is tho Goodbye, Fane ; I love ns God satisfied [
entreated to his care. you from these IlenJqu.'Uleri1, and being North Carolina: South Garoliaa: Ceorgia,
solemn truth, and yet 1 have seen moments loves truth, and I will kiss once." that .
you Texas
I from and
of snblcrlpllo Fla 28Ui '. reports representations Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana *
' Tampa, ApH, \ .jA. "
INVARIABLY IN ADVASCE. when would have sold my soul for one lIe Lent over my Lice, but I wrenched 1 in eotr.e.instances the operations of the I Florida! and Aikan.is, the civil State z gov.trnmeuts .

per Annum {3 00 Jcnx IlE.CDER 0
six poontha > .. 1 50 -- But I have seen others, when, for the the room and the Louse, without another tiled not designed when it was i issued- i not Lc recognized as valid or legal; StategovennulentseitLerby ;

f 4 i "?tire*-months, 100ST 1 1 & mnu bate (such hate as is born of love) I bore word. the intention Ila'inbeen/ to pre rent, bvptompt t/,' the t-xecutivp or Jay ....

him 1 would have put halt the world between The next morning this: note wa: scr.t to und energetic action, the use\ of : eiicial po'.ver or aulhonty: : of thu L'uitcd .
p Sabeeriberi will observe the Ctoa (s. ) us, if I could. ,
obstruct hinder and '
official to States.
thatthtrr'tem ATORNEYS A ne."I patronage ,
1 Jlark-en their of subscription paper which has represent expired, anJfovar4heauelres LAW Do you know what it is to love and hate have something. mora to say to jou delay reconstruction under the actsof Congress Section 2. He it further enacted, That

-" accordingly.'BATES TAMTA-FL. in the same breath t You would hare Fane. Listen Three months ago I -he therefore directs thai tho afore- for tho speedy: enforcement: : of the act entitled

c soon learned, had Hex Ashcroft been your should have c\ultod in the thought that said! order Lo modified to read ns fol'ows' : u An act: to provide' for a moro id- ,

!i OF ADVERTISING I I Will practice in the_Southen and Eaeterc, lover, he was mine. your love for mo would! make you a haughty I. The giving of all a'vertiMjments and, cleat goerninenl of the rebel: Status: ," pa&;- ,
Such a man as he was to woo a woman liill woinjii the rest of life.
your other official heretofore or anti the several
-r.tu&- Circuits the State. publications cd March 'J, tribe, actofcuppleuientary
Fire today and ice tomorrow ; tender as! That is what I hoped would! Le the ending hereafter Lo for Slate llu ,
P FENINStiLAl\ May 26th, 18C6. '6mo. to provided Ly or thereto! the General ,;., j ,
.. Tampa,
t an angel, now distant and severe as he who of our companionship then. I will i Municipal laws or ordinance, Ly Limo civil allay of the LVitcd: States is htrtly authorized

A. A ALLKK. 6 C. tAFT never felt or needed mercy then ; but always tell jou why. Once woman, the very officers whose duty il U lo cause such publications and required tocnjo.'n Ly fptd..1 ,

? TAMPA, FIXRIDA.re strong and daring as the wild North countenance, of youuclf in looks and ac I : to I Lo made, is prohibited to such orders upca all officers in command within i

r- (IX brerier" 'line) or leu for ALLEN & CRiT?! winds which scatter terror in their track. lions, won my heart;and throw! it away as newspaper,- ..n 1 such only ns attempt t, :. : sacral! military dipartinca'u withia \..
# ert.1on .. It 60'f .killful! teacher and alas! I would throw Juat-fiom off .
fI .Ho was a ; yoi your: I tii-gc-is. obstruct, in any !manner,tho civil) clliccr- :y.tta: tLo! performance of thu acts authorized
r subsequent insertion, learned quickly and well the lessons he When I met you, the Ming ot my utTer- l tho ollicers in thu '
906 appointed >y military Ly said several laws above recited
'I months. .
.. ATTORNEYS AT LAV before me. Fiat I feared him as ings was over, but nol the tweet hopes of
t' ..1200I put District: in the discharge e f their duties Ly and to move Ly Lib order from commandany
I 1r:4 IJ'ear,. *..2003frtf the King of Terrors; then I loved him revenge, which I had bugged; to my heart, threats of violence, cf prosecution or other or all said eooinnnders nnd detail
j *+and Legal Noti ea will be charge 1 at Tampa, F1 a.HAVING with the same mad devotion he lavished from the day when her sweet, beautiful penalty ns SOOUJI\! the military protection other officers of said army not below tho .;

"th.following rata. '., upon me, and at tin last I c
Application or Letters of Adminiitra- and hate, and fear by turns, as he himself begone. I saw that you were strong and their ulliuiiil said .
capacity I exere-isj: all the uulhoiizoJ by .
t.iG did only mine was a woman a soul, and it proud, so I said : "This woman shall duffer
II. If in of the counties in either
.Application for DUmusioo T 12 00 business eutru td to their care, either in La v was easier for mo to love than ci'.htr. hate even as I bulL-rod l long a,!efor ono of of the Stales: in this District, there Lu lui said several States may speedily' reorganize ,

Announcement Candidates 6 00 or Equity in tho Southern Judicial Circuit -<>ot fear. her Accursed rex,'aud I won you onlj to kill I' one ticw'papor published, civil cfikers, civil government, republican in form, in ...' i
All temi nt advertisement most be paid for Florida. The days, which were nlternately like you in the end. But foyer rated my powers whose duty it is to advertise iu accordance :
said several Slates: and Le restored to ; .
+ '
in eiyAl oi.; Omcc-adjoining the Store of A. A. Aux:jriumpu and torment to me, came and for, in winning you, I was won myself. j with law are authorized to advertise in' : political .
be found in the Union
vet here both ac : -
Advertisement handediaforpublieatioa, v one or may always II powers 0
.pee ifp ing the number of insertions, to bepoBCsuea consulted 'ent HS other ditjs come and go ; but The blow agony I had hoped to mako you I said paper re;ardlebS of tho provisions cf Sec. 3. I B d it further enacted, Thai the .

until forbid and charged according Tampa Fla. Jan'y 4th, 1888.\ lr3ICDICAL ey never seemed to me to l>e hours: which endure, if it comes to jou, remember also I paragraph I of this order. General of the Army U: authorized to re- .

ur ,longed to my J lira: Atall., I believed n, that it comes to WilliS v\el.!! I have known III. All uCcers in this Military J : District move or all: civil d cDicer now acting: .
NOTICE. d 1 believe that 1 received that did not mean to Lo wire ( any
SEWSPATER LAWS.P.strnuterserereqaired now, by you mj ions whether military or civil, mind all Loaids i under! the several! provisional governmentswithin
o curiouj of fortunes wlii-d what the fust. You do well Letter thanou {
to give advice by foe slip of registration, IJr other persons in the employment said several Jisorg-uiizul l States,
WtMr when'a eubeenberdctS not take h-. pspeVfrom DR. JOHN P. CRICHTON t fates prepared (or another,. Ever: ody l can Jre.tm, in adhering to (his I. ....Iulhll. arc directed to f.iprompt.. attention and others to elisehargo the duties :' .
the office! ; and give the reason for its Weed me against this man and fur that though I /I.tolli.LeJ r:t Jor 'st lh. to the enforcement of this order.- appoint : \ I
makes I : their d1i.a.uj> t
Otbeiag taken. Neglecting to ao HIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICE vc reason I clung to him tlr> inure r.tY'into Whatever I Jc), i.r.J wLeie\; ]1.... !! .tui reconstruction when !pertaining rl'r-p\lcLivlt .
to the publisher Opposition to CODdjcld si.daev ,
Jo all ., vvh'uh
ikt Postmaster responsible OFFERS : : uuy or a t4 Ly :
I may
oitizcns of "\Vlnt! f. oli to wlwll'our\, and -oh, ,. . Utiuo '
for'the payment Tampa. myself, ; tby ur'; rny : :: } i in a legiiuntte mina'ra is not tc eral ba mentioned authorized; .
yLry person who takes a paper regularly Oftiu At hili residence. thk I do not know him as \\-:111":l ill,-y I j jAI you are wh.l l v inii.KKX.<:. I i b!.i'on+idercJ nil clletice: ; List will be so La doc Ly\ihu several ccinrnau are '!lers of "r.i
Irem.the-pesto(6eg, whether he has subscribed li2..np ;greaterfoo's,; '! t,> think I c-in \'tol: f"U'1 1in : : ASH ;!;. .' T uousidorrd whim violent 'to
accompanied by : J'p.utmeouitLin soil.: Stalest
of : ;
is for the payment -- '- military Jytm
or not rwpousible hlecutche.! n< in truth lilt'r The mou'Lj: juj ; !(b '. How
ar.J uriiilos the
h. auUcriptlon. n51Ut55 ((ib-s ytrars bi.ppuJ $ incendiary threVvCuiug! and bo uuicU of said acts: or act as authorize / .'
discontinuedoast e o never mad me waver but once: and they ,wore LI into soul I need not tl! I. /
Any one ordering paper i\.iy my prioi.-rvali.iii o peace, or ) attempts : the I'le-aide'nt! to detail: military commanders
pay all arrearage, or the publisher mayatin the only for an ins'.ant.! We were standing sir ; Lullc.hhl'r.Jft: :: .and I did not meet. to obstruct civil t-Cioeis H- indicated; in : to s.r.J military departments, or to J\ -
.. t it until psynutut is made ando t. T. until F.U P. L. vrnsn >n the river on u September day and tl .
to en< O.'ten, in passing through! ; a crow Jed street, parMgruph I of this order Should ,my e-filccr: which : Le detailed /t'o.
is taken may
hethcr it tornovoauy
'torn JJect( the the office whole or amount not P.P. MITCIIEL&CI.I I t.COTTON t. walhing Iho swift waters as they swept I have. &hin'n.\ll1l.J druppeth| nay veil, fear, civil ofiicur! violate the [.io\isiotfj. of this I 11:0 herein provided, is hereby repealed.! v/ "*
toI I I by I our feet, when a horseman galloped fun thai I should catch ll.e glitter of order the will:l ho .
The courts hate decided that refusing ejesthtt CJILU: pioiuplly reported :Sec.::; 4. lij it further enacted, That .it OhhalLLe > .
lake news papers and periodicals from the. rayon the opposite bank, and at a curve I remembered! only too well ; but the lo these UeaJ'lutllels.lr. unlawful for time President of the -f ;

post office, or removing and leaving them uncalled FACTORS 10 I e river came face to face with a train dreaded and yet long looked for ino.neiil This onbr is nol to Lo construe as United Suies to: order put of the If
fraud.'for is prima facie evidence of intentional of reaching car, and was killed in An was I long in comin;. It came at I last, in away affecting! advprlUeinenU being; published army or navy of tho United Stales! to assist .'.

-: Ain :- nit.nt. ,neither of us had once dreamed of its at the dale of the order, or prior to its ro- ty force of arms the authority of "ither' r
LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS \rhat if it had been the man beside me, r
the civil ctGjcri who alLctodtheieby. '
coimug. ceipt' Ly are of said ii said '
lttiilio* /Suit ty .rfJttsfJlmrti/.-Notice : Q(Omnmision! Jltrrc ant was my first quick thought, and it sprangto I was called down: one cold wintry dayto uizjd provisional: States ;gjvornmeuU olstract '
of institution vf snit by: attachment in I Iu.M it to he..rt.It disorg : to opposo or "
lips as came
my my see a liltl.LcJ.i.1! who had insisted
Uy order of MEADE
.,f ooB-retiJenU, .ball be published for. upon I/Oj j. Gen. the authoiity t ,,1'lLII United Stiles M provided -
have been Ilex I said
tkre'e nonths in some* ruble uow'pij>er of theJisr.ret i 75 Poydras S., N ew Orleans.Jn. might you seeing Miss Fane hirers: herself.A ( It. G. DRUM, in this: act aal the acts lo which '.,

I with a sudden cry of pain.: tiny face, looking; out from a hood of( \Esr.it.Uit Adjutant General. this is supplementary: ...

'", >.." ,11I10. 01 Sit to Forclott. uPsuit rlgsgt.1liid.litut.io. .- i 167 ly. lie. turned swiftly scarlet, cud enveloped in costly! far, tact We find the t.Love, order ill that most Sec. 5. U j: it father enacted: That any ,

**7 vriW persons at commontavtoforedoecmortgage are J. G. FORBES & COCommvssm ,fou it alone would can have save taken me from me to that tall at, last.Fane- I me"Are upon the tbicshold! : of the P Hlor. excellent:: paper, the Augusta Chronicle d1Stntixcloi interference Ly any I jeisou w'uh intent to ,
Miss Fane Iltyers'she: asked
entitled, or Interested in. the o-Cf':1 ty of re you \ I'fI\"cutliy ,(urea tbo execution of tno ors
lis held mine like bin i of steel the 3th inst. which iI
dempuaaSJ! bay
: of the Court is which suit may her :IIe.t. \\\\';. nd I, remembering' only that I loved him, I answered in the allirmalivo, wondering : its j uLIicatiou: with the follow iugcom- of this act and the acts aforesaid,

brought., hall b Uh.ti iu the Merits, trbercia the mortgag ords lips which would have'
> upon my fUbcr said thai I should tell
you The fore uinmodiftoaliot.. of Order No. and Itme thereof shall
| guilty ,
Jet'lie. once evens two weeks party {: upon
ea ,prem ikd fate when he bent to kiss! me.at 3 7
11z"U 1 my that Kcx: Ashcmft has sent for
tiMUtfotir ntonth before the first dlo( = Lei rT.a you. 10) which reid) in lie Lucontitution eonvielivii: Lu lined nol cxooeJinglivolhouoannd :
moment broke the spell which \\'atbn ill' w.e : ( -
In threa
team ef the Cuart.jldtiitr minutes I was the coach Jollara! anti :
the : impiUoaud exceeding:
.>nrUrtntlorf, or Guarding Consignments of Cotton, me. I drew Lack as if from poison.: which hat cones with taw thilJ. and vsc al Convention of Georgia, Monday, we two fSoo. f

-An'..t..4 land by Cx# law thealgrtis.d
gnardiws, are required by to "And forget that love me, andrvhtsavc
yr cf"Produce you At ll.o\ery last this lUau Lad send for It the and much of d! anti .
iA some newspaper nearest to theplae. purchase !" restores' to re-pcctnLlo : > nets puts ot' acts us eon ...
where the rod estate it jtaaUd. Notice i V" me mo to canto, anti soo him die" and to take l lluclltiall'al'ch of Hcoi 'u Florida und Victor as IU im-oabisl'nl; with taw provision( -I
ought to hatepirlcd then and there, : .
{ his orphan child: heart and I homo.
sale mutt bt Siren ia a public gazette, loamy of this '
oi otM I1l.t au' hereby rejOitc-J. -
thirty day previous to the day of III 1!. Groceries Sec. b'we did not. I answcuJ him quietly Whall.ee,! to wrilealoulour tent iblu! p'u&t- .ilaLaiua: the priviVgesand i rights enjoyed Tho vote in the Committee: the bill

.1Xmgge Dtbt.rt aid CreJ.to"otIU t- ___ inane evasive way, and laming to other lag ? God send to us \\II.It K'omelh good until the advent of "Old Hindquarters. oa i jl

debtors ADd creditor of *a estate must Up Orders from parties i not well known toI!I sulcts, we walked) slowly home. iu his: sight, and shall! we dare complain ] It i U hid How her few sub was YE.VS: Mca- Hvu :! Bil\tatn! F.UCJ- -4'
.blil "e/l sight weeks. for each take a | crushing to ( >IS \\eI. : : .- ,
? l bv remittance to core iiut> enough yet to up T"DUoLcrc.fL is well beloved hid! -
must be a
& Notice accompany! : .
Leave to my '
tlut+.eo.n-f; applIe&tioa Ordinary.will bt made to the Court of the estimate cost o'f articles' to be |l'ua'rha8ffl.o. ihorcary way alone," I said: as,I baJohimjicu and without kllo\\ill her father's history sidizeJsca.twag: sheets pullis'uetl: iu the I worth NAYS, HuLLnrd Meesri., Stevens Itua.inu: of and 1'a.IVme.' Hrvuki : \,

OdlBMT for lean U sell lands, matt be pabluk 9th, 167., 20 Cm. at the door, and went into the sh- reverences his meIDCorn.l with her Third Military D;,trict. Tho pap which and Bed- .' 4

.4, weekly for thirty dy solilo of my own room. Tho end came little hauls clapped! ; unllii.lt.l upward, she has fed them having 1 Leeu< withdraws, their it is .
.''n" PAl tw4riai.-Applic- Mr. Stevens, stated, was decidedly
.., Adnir'tr .
3LoColton turuarilyxvnough.Ajeuj
lion for Letters AdminUtraUon must W pub- .17 iilUlsillOIlg ,I [ of iniiitt cama from Cuba to daily prays that bet heart may be made so early; demise may now' Lo linked l for.treneia .- opp'seJ to this bill, ant i during& l.e! consul. ,. t ,
six weeks for di.tni loB from Adminiix *- pure and goof that she may ono day goto
Halted ; visits Meade will J\JuLc&o: Lo denounced ration wanted aoiiiu provisions adopted by t
nod he and I while out
alin ,.e.klr for month r actor Heaven and he with her own papa again. which! this Con: rcitionil; of '
-..- -, the o after his arrival!, passed; Hex: Ashy: \\'Lat use tu break her childish faith JWe J for this act of justice, bat then! ho will Le the Southern Sinus<; \Voul.llid; l ruprc&cctaiion i.jfu..jol: to "\

FOB 1868. ContmisioaMEUCHANT. croft.I knew what would follow when I cannot tell to whom God's mercy goe I sustained, in his action by all just and hon- the cxt'lIlIf uid.-t bass: limn thai '
'C1'A:' JE; N D g It uroatMng ic : caug"lie; look: in his ejea.-n he lifted his and need ten on a : <
we not try. ural is ;; It i imoroL-LI-i
men which uaA prevail: \not .r
.. tote, and therefore I wa not sur- ..._.. ,r of'
,. I '. .'j priMJ hen that evening brought him to CJiMom -lIons nfdouli New Oile-nns This niod.fic.Mion: of I'"pe's order aua'ci that an ,LltIllJ.: .- intJj'to pass the Lilt: 't

L,.) -' '. -. L :>") :::! day { tins I i :, ,''!'J'. ', \.\, Ut 1 let: .Lu opt J"JLlv.a cl the pc- -
e:: p v:I"V ab : 0 J!\\1 hose with n requastto lied tin alone.I seized last S-i'iudny! twenty boxes of men t IOIlZI.I officers f eif Guurgiu, Fl' .- : ? ..ioU. ",; .

] 1 c 'b: i .&.. 1 i... =1? .-a we intotLe parlor with my nerves dUIII.Jize'ohirh hind been !smuggled into, df| it.d .\b! ',\lu to publish 'iheir legal: anti,1 t .1 >1" ; : ,.
:t t a .c: ;\ ) \ -
J : .c ., ; ready. the ,
;Q without duties. Among \
:>;Q :. S ; :.Q. No. 94 BAY STREET, port paying i official tdverti-eir.eiil*, ia aocord-ncw with 1 IIL/iU8-Th'f"l. r .
1284K You,d I Jove each other I believe, articles !seized were 150U small tattles HANCOCKlowing f :

raj 1284 891011.5 1 6 'l 8 91011t41 I I alT Jl D, Q he begat waiting only until had closed' ((144 ounces) 'of morphine, the original: I the laws of the State, leaving& them free to ; extr:tctrnerce :(,, .tre.lu1I I IJourma. of ter7rtt" ... f i

11 181716 :,; 12 IS 14 161617 18 August 17th, 18C7. 17-Ctc.; the door I cost of which is estimated at over .'WO-, soled such newspapers: ns, ia their judge f rom u priv.ito- I JeuSTSyi \ ':a. II..sm ( 't
.. U. UI 2U il t2 t8 3S I ,
.. 1._ 1122.1,1.,1 23 24 29 119,1.111") 9 &! \ 1 answ.d nothin::!. The duty in.1,1/: upon moiphineU: ?'2O, ; meat, \\'iIIlie"t proruoto the,interests of thu cock J I itcd at Xc. O.'ljiuJaau\ 1. ,
fl 88 29 a0 "Well will i v irv1S08 .. t
r tn, you lava me M"ou ounce, ,1.i"I make; iho whole invoice i ,
1 per '
1lrx 1a $ "..::11. U. TIM)*, '" M. W. GOO". never IcvcJio man who snl beside you amounts to 7 50. There were also seven |( parties itflecUd Ly mid legal 01 cf.K'ul: advcitistmcnt I ,,i* characUru'.u of tint J: ti.Ju.t: b. ,- 1 '
112 13141 9101112181415 TISOX&GOUDOX. and"smile-Co.Jay, if you lire that Let cases of broadcloa'.h, the original: cost of ] >. The except;,,,. is 'tuch novv>- c,1 l sulkier, and will! interest many of our. : .s r-.

11$11 7 1819202122 16171819202122 26 21 2b 9el ter. which' is cslimiti-d at $ JiOO, and with'' [papers mid tuchoiily niurnpl' to ol" : rc,,ilor, '. It his been furn .h..1 "to us: 1 Ly .

*. a24 21., 1r "I shall;ariy him neverihele-w I answered the duty added the-* oo,1" will to woith. I, all nctin any Inalintrthe: .civil: : d Lei II appoiutcd the receiver without! l! knawloJ of the I' itor. ',
lOt a: d
fi ([J O< t { T7 w flIP1!:> rJ", steely. somewhere near 7000. Tho Golect! < ;; 40 8 w
1 = I by l the i.ii'itMty! of.kers: : in tLU da; writer 1 U. to hari
1 ll 1 la 1d 6 1 8 9 1' 11 12 It lid nou'art him, Lecnusa he did not also nrddc,1 the !seizure of omo fiftcenl ut .ra can uo in PUt -_

1{ l 111819 W 21 la 14 1 b 1611 1619 -$. J"'w.o11 :>. believe il."Thai t thousand cigars; and a largo quantity, of trice in the d'lM-hargo; of their duties !Ly liahiog! U : .a' '- .." w

d !4 26 27 28 20 312248 24 2S 56 & lmothiri: to Jo with the quei Ininaico: rum bn>uLt; over from! :St.; Marks. threats! of vioii.iii.vot; : jrosocutoj) or other 'I have Jivsys objected .to beingLo- .

tl 4i 28 29 30 lion jUst now IVeplo haws, vv.nn.jJ, you I Florida. The it u FRi,), was: chipped! cd in coinuun.i htrj when! c.ln.ullcd. .,
rum !
128Q : the i ii
4J penalty assooii a; Military protection:
a4 24Z agninst roe- cJ,1;. !love !I" When, in o-L! dieiicu to orders, it became
$1011 4 5 6 + 8 910 A'liy you me I whiskey, and both the cigars l.n.1 l rum ;
r 14I1 61 1'7 19 Ii 121314 1b16 17 "If I l.'s''" c\cd JOU, i 1.lah..tffi. IOU are supposed to h ve been run ':l'>nd.iLy I withdrawn for acts performed. iu their cfli- necessary: to occupy j the position: I cal tJ.1.termiDed ..

1 u 26 16 19.0 21 2 8 >s4 S'1ol ,.J'lJ G \ O :as well: ," I at.'tred;T, stilt;!: h iJiii", ra inv t m- .iiu uf mull! roasting ->id cial capacity.: to carry out the !lawi-net to ,

El 101 25 26 27 28 29180 31 own, ; : iiiako new ones uu'!'.,'*, nsessuyau.1 only r
reshipped ';;1 -- -
t t 3 2b ; still continue bunineM at the old @tan-l, .v .ur: ll,. un Pa"1. into tin !t."7e.Irl'i I ," when civil ones ..$t.ri. I shall! :l always "
+g78 ; li $ WE 96 If A y STREET: and otter our ".,rvicettothe i I :So says the Minj;oTien' r/-.f. A SH:' LI1J CIIANCS., -The Wasirng- :
i "l I : \t.u t.1,1": } the law aciitf i iai.ld of U _'
t.f ; .oi.ouose.
nut \\,110 regard (
16 S 91011121314 : Merchant aud Planter of Hill bo l''* : lon' : ,
181411 the 24th ult. 'fhie odJs : scarehill i of the Charleston! Courier
: >' >( -
Il 1a $1 2 lb 161i 1619-n 2l..!! and the adjacent counties for the sale! of Cotton that 1 Just l i'v ijo \ .)u have; : and! 1,1\'t mo ;; j I corre-jK! ; If new laws are required;: i it u

'b li. r 2$129 E 2Y 24 25 26 2'23 j I and other Produce, also for receiving and I wait a' ... ;I.my own, I waist )'ou." i j It .>! td on bunr-l) the ::tte-'viuer Allixice nt Ii! : jnjaking l of n .'g..i roprc ll '\tionIil\Ys : for Congress tj uukd! ii-.r.j. TIiv! o ia ,

29 30s I forwarding Cot-toy Merchandise.. l5ut: \Vil'Hr; have 1 j'I Florida.: 1Cheu i "flu Satiutma Eumutive t ." force ohait in
k' 2845 t you me, quick- seine\ point outln? curt .<>j ; : 1.1)U'ntll are noiexecuto u p.irtizHii t-pir- ;
i1' 4 5A1 1 9 t011 12 i i \\0 are prepared to make liberal advance I ly nrawerud.Au the St. Mask her last ; :: their; th.S'al:. to kepi it ; ns loncjr.i I remain I v/i.i: ixucule: thosoin
111! G E i I consignment to ut for ale in this 14r"(t. I slip arrived l at I *. on u-itja; : patv.r in : I.
1811 ie 1 17 16 19U on increJuloumJlc crept into his lip.As .. fj.i. lliv.a: : ; often to'}Lou-.o between: '
be forwarded b ;
1(16171819 i or where it i. preferred to our trip from '.''u Tortugii> to New Oile.uu; doAu! n !;gTt, ) rijrL.-ritdti'i: t,nand Ifl'J j,rjiat, .
27 2u 21.2 28 21+85 26T I.I friend in Liverpool New York Philadelphia sure as thin ha be:,'. .I shall" : i tleci'ii"IIJnliillufyla.! I, uio the (or. J
f 27 "8 '3 r<' 81)) Boston ofTJalti wore -Never !1" I Collector: .Stayner: whahal been i&fjrmediLalsiujgijiisJ i till after the Pt sideu wi.il d,},-:i.JtI.- : mar, and where power! .,.t will try and '

Uarinbad fifteen years experience in tbeBnsinr "I have your sc already. TAo thatif .: ; goads: were on board, aU I They will: buy off the negro aspirants, aid : (bum.d tt. up. It the olSc.n fail I will: ups

h iOU c1.n1"! |1 tempted to seize them but was: foiled in I we 1 learu from good l a-ithor'uy that (fund I point no tones, and if n-j goal ones call
Co tton ,Conmiss s 1 shuddered inrtutarIiu was quick '' I are now being raised for this .-- W found have
some way and the vessel pat to sea. Ho purpose.Any may to resort to military .,..,
44* '. .. in Savannah, w, have an extended an.Ilen.r.: to notice it. 'I I' ; negro nominee for Congress can sell despotism. I do not believe! thtl will
lo whom refer with con "You are not so after all Fane forthwith telegraphed ID:: X\:Orleans, and j lout L chance handsome fortune
al acquaintance wit song' : s : for a COIOo- \VLtifi it does!51 may make a* ;gooda
'a' 'iIr uI atatI7 L rfatcd1 fidence. his voice growing; ujer and kind. "i uu : the result was a* atoC\ I'r.; i1 tha fact i Leciu, oven if a single negro should take despot as nay one. I ball bend! you ,

+" :f Bepcclfuly! tremble in '*pite of jirmlf." i that the hip was not mo'esled' it 5 ii: tvi- his seat, in the house prior to limo election Copies: cf my orders! which will: bhow! IIY J

1r' nIX Wu.Wst.: H.TISON.W. GOIIDON. "Neither from wt' iss nor fear," I answered I dent that ao blaoij i is: atuch to the officers. of I'retident.tho Itadual cat.dicfat6 will course cf action lo bo in coufara.5tv with '

OFFICE. Aug l'ltb.1861. lj.6m. meeting; his Ijc uflIHncLinly.It .- II certainly to defeated.:' 1 1.1rRh \":' ;
f; $
i : .
I. '
4b .
.. :;.:..
It ". -

.r i .L

,n. ,..,-


.' ... r :- +- / '"
'J .' --- "' Ia.
b1'jr! '
8 Sar _
# .
0; { "i. : a .
.. .
-, .
... .:
,, ...... '

.- .
v '
L_ ,, ". -4.4:, ,
'tN. :
: .i o._'":'. Yr& JH' w.I t -
.. -
.. .
(, -"- .-- } '-'.
: 1
.. I < .
r a.-
: :- -..- :
f *
,t o %

-:: : : -. "
i \
;..-. -, ,. .- '1
.",'. "' .t- .:. )
: ," .' : .. < -.' -
p .
,. J
i ; t 'L .'


I&- .

I C t .- !

FA\ I .;.: .- -_-- _-- : S _- ) 1
--- -- -
':; //r Y : .,. .. THE' FLOKIUA? \ l I1\IM1ill.I Fur the l\mir..u&r.Tampa.iuil. .. -.. --- ---- -- -- ---- us-Immi-! E-:
. I BY TBIJEG llAP 11.I J'1 'be Kecoti: tructK>n Acss: aro dtclnredj) I TIIEV COME I THET | W CLA11K, j

: ; Its ? SurrotUH1Jn ; I pui! i ical in their Character tbe rropricly grmh-tolltiiI5 and fubsr.l'ml settlers i
l: I : 'JUBL11EEVEVSATUliD.X. (X". 4.) 10 D"I TOW. ; \alidtty: of which no judicial: tribunal i I. are crowing into Jackon\e in swarm. V** "IIiiI

,t : : = Ifromir.ect among the surroundings of comVASIIISGTOX ] tent question, and the Supreme Lverv (boat i, loaded. 1'bbflWfl of last. si-

if' Estailislicd \ Court i is befel'V' rohibitcd from taking S3tt1dl1ni : "OnThut.iy the Dicta-
p in lS33. Feb. 23. Stant6a [
Tarn is tell! of the' hnd in
r. ; =.--- pt.: a 4 pocrest been lodging in the \Var Oep' rtmntinre jurisdiction: of any case growing out of the tot L brought "fome lirenly new.coifleT ,y tch.\l kcr s. Jcwe\e-r,
\ j. .; Florida., and yet occasional 'pt> arc to lfoun execution of raid acts in either of said tins than h.'of whom, un. I
.' 4 l', last Friday, he vra recommended to ti-s! to city more : T.tMI'A r f. A .
: 1. 'i'"r 1 1r j wliicb: are productive, but these are cour!e I by Congressmen who apprehend! .d States' until fu -i Stato shall be reprcfent- able! to find Hccoraodati'-<**rf hotel' nSSrETTFlTLLV' HEQITSTC THE CITI.It .

$ d:<' r.- .-5--. the o..es. in the d'rt.Vlsen you get tht1 attempt would bu aide to Utk *'|.,&e and} such cacs flOW pending; btforo nod boarding Louse bcirlJlI-wuo| oMi> ;ZKS-5 OfT.np.an.I: csor.try call aDd '

: ) out on the six ruHe: creek the Al.iSi, Simmon's : possession; t'f tl.o ..nie by force. Grant tl.ttt Court shall I I.e dimi'eJ. :UlJ all nets ed to coo: be up the riv-i" search of a exanresticg : ire I I'.a .fw,to. of fin* \\'UOI" .,,.l! JnrnBT. a
writ of is :'-.. 'ared to re;> .* \WArca-, Cwcu ,
J. i ye srd.iy! : dcia.led: Go! Carr.\ ir.einbvr 1 authorizn-g appeal, trror, habeas pbcf ,t j1'* tr-i .
: t : ,P : Hammock and other! points goodfarrmt.g 0'1 I|' other brin bt-for( .... ct) J EWELT. .
; Jen. % taff corpo, cr proceeding 10 *
t : : J .r4 : zirciii4i : : ; .iil'ro. Emory to remain at th"H : ('Hldt: Cr; .trr, .. t'sjirt St"r*.
f. F : .; : l.ind S i" to be lu"I. but. a* a general Otiiclrg i and the! Gun'dmv. \ bn ,f.>uUfd, ; :! al"1 Court for retiew any ca* l'iriIf An onk-ialproclamau! : l ken mado -- _

;, / -. i: tiling: the -iund is poor. With proper .1 e IIUm1..Io .f 1:1"mL.'r tf 1'ur. .i nrniiir.l arising out of the execution: or r( to d\r creating' a ne.\.niliary: d?,,i-ioii j: (n.covcEv1oIr;: \ :
TAMPA FLA. cNlt..l ui I"nmalrUctioll: of the Allatstic the Drart-- :
'.. ,ul'ure and with some ni'lii'ltni:1 thty I on Stanton tu .1 IS' o.n.! lu51fv : i.n.I j jI 5" : are hereby re- corning O
I =- -- I I 1"8It.d 'iien L4 "f tIle Lak'1" tlltI: l, rind \Vakh. ; TKH'J t.Ofl > < 1 FULLY r.r..rlu" tint! ciiu-n$ '
:1 P .. .. (_ SA Tt'l n' rrliriino.SU. I 'G-. of minure, the 'e (I >nier'*Mou w'ih: bim: tht\ k'lou.1 hun \1 t i ; Sherman it .
bi Genera' !
I I. & 4J- : j'prentylaud pOtJr ,.of the Miprnirt) .>f nil I h* rtpuloh"Jto! 11I<11I' : Trie IVevufT.t has nominated ThomaJ'Rg'itn | to I I.t cI.m'rnlit.d of' 1'ltmitlld nm.unding country

"- -- -- .- - produce good S':.i hand! cotton, and] berth t .:i p-utt' wo'iVl net us a unit ill': >; L'nr.id State' Ma bil of Sou'h Caro- I with, head.jmrt. atVa,hir<' >n.rH .- j iL.it he tn- ja-t ttCi'aii' frehli uppl/ otGROCE.RIE1 .

OA.Stanteyiadeen appointed Jud;oof m'jjbt i bc'made: valuib'e! if the proper in. bo'h hou-ws, tutIIhat iinp'icLuuntniiigura'ed l'nl. and'} JohnV.' MiDjnougU Posttn* -| Th} l'sIt't.t: ordettitnt to 1:1111.(0 no I I

I -; ar; tie Western District: of Florida to flu 1 t t I\t' > -M"uml fur the- Iiuion i
'r 1\1 rni r.enl
dcs anJ l4 Airi!' there n uld be 4. I I" : ..
1i I tty energy was anplud.! The *< c.> ro".ioj"i ; iu put of,
[ !
-- tha > the his of MiMourt Grant ned'Sheiidan to the ,
r vacancy occasioned bv the resignation flhHin ultillhu : !ren-i >Sherman MV GeflTil !
p : mutter wi !
ac u in this southern completed. FLOUK.F.ACON':
latitude I
\ I;, tA : Judge llob. r.lt are sornewlut After, t L.impeachment njlutii I t.rot her. "ill) not rcrpt either!, the Ilrevet temporary : ;f that D.vU.oo.;; ;j

t I W t inclined to the "i 1 i Sg lazy" nnd} are not like paes appointment, or the command of the nw ..w I II ; .
) : ti SiNDtoti will .
morrow I home
i "
I Mr. S., >*ys the F70riJ ian. i is an Illinois: go : his. GASNOT FORT.-They told me I aUGAR.
,Ir to be over indctrioo! TIlt misfortuneof frit-mi think ; after tlu il'cvtnt the 1'ei 'I DcpHi'.ment'[ and! if the I're ident decline I 1'OKK.

lawver.&nJ wa a captain of the! U. S. Cavalry the is dent will '\enture he ;; to relieve him (iou the latter ha will I "should! cease: tov him-that! tiir.e "
indoUnc on
country Stvck au lit) apsre meai' I COr. .
.J' 't : during. the war and WAS admitted t topractice saris every thing anJ: con.e Uenty? the ure*. It i ii ascertained: : lb.it Grant and,, : promptly tender! }his resignation.l : wouldcliangn! ine: Sit has ; I irn changed t COFFEE.

:., : C.'5'. .- iu' the V\\s.era circuit since the supplies! of the people! Lave to]bo bought Kniory: th-; hater cotr.mitding Ie l i I 1 ATL\NTA F LJuHy1: .- A'ircn Alreo-.1 !, indeed My I vcn tree with which WHISKED, .
i-1 I
\ ; '' '. war. and fioin pirtm nt, wIt oley no order of the l're-j j jiJint ria Ur-tiJIev (i.egro) was U a unanimous 1 i hi* fingers U.tl11'Oj't are sadly I streaked 1 Ton V CCO 0'C the belt qualitf.fcTuVi .
l elsewhere.}
brou.jS : A naMjrls ldMnt tha 1 1fi I I
I :t : : : conflict: with the It'r.urIf of-1 .
; Hash 1 Ins 1 ,
: : : .' Jndje returned to tho practice 1 J. fur insults ctlered with Is like; the wither l lflower 05"nVIfi"; -
vote expelled to : l-Jty
,, that ,- cl.ins the y gross grey; my -
,. .' something near twenty t.lOUi'i or cxIr.4'eul l will of the ><>n > F c.u.ucui.
:11 "' 1iJ cf law at Marianni. :It i h.is ; !the! C u.ention.ll"Gl' whiirh l H-hine. and d ,' [, -S. and do'lats!! worth of corn anti! tiler ar ate not transpired!, however, tliil I : PIPES, -

: { ;: 2 .J the I'r'sidtnt' has .'Uu-i'!. or in'en! *.* i""uinginnr more revive fp) Imc* of sorrow pencil '
ri ." .J JRSosu.-hj.. Gen. Mea! !", cotaraandcg t'.cles cf (,:oi were roJ.in! Tampa last yet 1- s-ifh (:11tr. Iu I the whue! mitter! Februuy 14.-A spoml! Ma- I .
i nJ sunken
; ; :: once tit b-T -> my tye* ).
M the 3d Military D'etrict: arrive,1 There can le no permanent pro.ptiitynbilo fir.lhe 1'ie-i'lrnt h;\ C""lItinj i-d! hirneif'corted : :' telf-irram dvtd !Ucrn'. Fel-nwy! ISlh! my SMOKING TOBACCO.B.ILEAD&c.

; V 1 / 1. in this city y tfJay. lie was acecmp\' I thi, siateof tiling xi'\t!. Thre i ii I ":Ti.t; ht I.j'il J',.. 't'in.n.:: IUHI haI1fV) : ays : "Kx Comptroller G nt'fil'! 15'irnsto "3" ece rn ever swirling with forbidden tear; I ,

< L nieJ by J. A. Darin aaJ Co!! Meade! of a l Urge emigration to this country and tlwtto morrow IIn aIp'e1t: (>fi be m".i. ''\rl"1-lt'I't; day by order! of G,'nerrfl! Me.rlf i I I but the !hean'p lo\', Tiiu ha n.il and 'articles .
J : !too to
Dam 'OUI men-
t -' a:4: _. !. ".r l is Staff. In the afternoon the Genera'' emi r"nts vuht to be apprid, hit their: I 1 to the (;,'Urt tor :, qw wirrant t Hg-ijnst I ; "u d) i ts n<>** ei'nfiiK. l in tie ISirrifk; : tt."rc1a* ., neJaiJiL s' hc lorg, long .\cai .If I lion.many -

: I -. Sa: 't'n. Th- I'/r-.tiVnt! has ttominitrd'! : : r..tU.Ih'' l., ileliver the record cf his: Cilice.! separatiotiica auaihshtcd! : when I think

q. was waited uj on, at the Got crnor** c fii.-<>, supplier nre to L be bought; I.t-h' at a h hprice. 1b vnss I K. 5n):. "I* Giro: 'tirttarV of \\'M.I ; Fur 5 -\\e or TSatlet

.1 : it" ,' Vt a number of cit".zen: ., an.! by Col. Flint The country (1.-! not mil):, antthing I j "1 fk! .'esc'!"'!)" ni '4I d!' IIH l bftnr" >-'i!, but I N'AIIJVULE(, Felruuy: J,6.-.cd Tho resolution Oonser'unvttufon cf I.itr.. Country Product bought at tilt ltarid

., .v afcj the cfficfr of thi po"t. The me m. IiI. n sappy; ;rd 1"i..i"'I" I.KV.- II t ) e*" Jll ll .. IJI d.! .II- pr-.:!... Mftil th.:* Vi!tt.ti'kjHj"it"It't'i*, lli. I ihoion;h or pa auizitioii cf the' Some *k Ie if I ever loved. .\110I price in Ca,".

ben of tho"Courl.mnrti.il! now int' i I V\'<.ti fj** *'. 'i*' *i N ..ifi| .** 4l I. i\ i- 'II \ I has: Jot J I I'eply ; but wonder} ,when I II
5ont come from the w. Th "', r ItiitT t th'hullt the Slate, f&dorMllgJ '
t u. ftt ",1'1 I j jbe : I5I( ( :- yjflVkV l
HI, ir t l P.rn.. .';, fl'' 1lii' of Gnii:ft'.. :; 1 I hear th how often thy have loved ?W WU oiJutUi ffi'**
: including Generals J Hill luiva and devl/uiui) that ( ; ,' tite jAt
I 11' :. an l!*o an 1 a d.tT-rtriit; M !.u't: wi.uM lm Itt'.in ; : a 0' (IIIUrI j
:T paid Vjeirafpcct I \j jtd Sw .r I a1..I.l 'I.i \ j'i'uiii "> nj->'rai! .li. ,'.1 !Ie. 4 "ll\b'I") !'e\1111 pii J.Cl 1''lIlh'o1lr' 1 1 _it.1nJ'.Ilt'. for nsounl that comes Rrovn't Corner on Jolcl"ora. .tt,
: if the ubj-rt w "n.il..r II"tI.1 'IIfL.1! i,. .1" 'u.1u3.' ..
II" p''pry : 'h'.nu.1 t 1II\'t-illllllt"- the! \vhit T.tmptf ii
J# do I k. 'shall I '
: : Tbe General! i.i lie gui it of G,,. Walker !1. The j ower of th ."" 11I110.1! I l. lli,. lei-r '' H': 1 x,., Ilii "!!I"b I ,t'\'luJ. .. .t.1 I I j I"I :.... : ,\ '.ti..i.I: I Ii. ".. atliuite8'-d! ; II"I! not, IIi .*" I\, never -- f' .

"r his r, 1".1. I. '"' it*. I"It..1.) !tI.1' \\ hI" : uivv! I
d.uriDg stay. Floridian. to turn |'ul.lie opiriion, aId ru.re tp.-.-iii i .1.I ;. t ; '4TIO IIIS."II' tl e k! .. &lhJlI of the 1 1J Salaj<
u --j-- :- -- I !..n..u. t t'HUIHHO l1Io.nt'l I I ark tie young and gir, and! heir
I !! action this 'C !I'll y. I .
The ly pub* on Mil I kindred Mibject .
UIIH.'lIlIou-I.:1Ir F. '. 4. < :J.
,mp-t( __'.--'- I tLe-a1Iver! ilist'ours- of IIJvtt- mine was I 1 :
.We ?. The 'l'o II.U/.lr we aie ""-ineJ': < <'' **'?*' ;* .t.' "'."'> :i. N., ':. .
understand that this mornirjj l-oth ll'I J' ; .tlu'' i\trtMiic: Iladicals va't-mer .vlJ in word ; they s* ,- I ,. H.. wingof the Convention .__ )hv done much, and i j" tiI! a |II/u! j jVar ink \ 'j'V .n i i.\ ',"" j. :lasnie! t f1" Irul'u" I .1 can b* bought cheap for ewh orwe h
are in sessionIba !} | ,nndtohtve n') tn aiing when he look- : !Je ,wnl l beef
will tra them for cattle.'
a <'> II' "'r IT.! a j1. .: "T '''1. TilI I- T t1- ur r..Jth &.)'ino. id-a ofh .\\Ia I p
-'\_ -i. I majority in the Representative Ihl.,; .I"a:entfjr. qoo-1. The d itv' paper i is awa: .\s I j I u1",us- i. .1..I.rtin: Iw IIlIp"'hUit'fll) ro-o'! i "11 1t111' winof; tho; lU'Iical: in tLi j i'i t,! me auJ mied! ; anJ when he-at. bef ;' Cull\I and exaor.in.e at our store, opposite Ulc .

t : %. .-, _. with 27 members-the minority in the; an index of current cvtfnt*, the enterprise Ilu'O:1. it* }I.t..rI.r.: j ill !t'i.I! re;Hr-Jt-d} I'* twi r- r--ue prp *, wt) will! 1I1'lIi..n.10m'. (;- J i 8Ji me, I fe.ircd to speik let I tlunild I I I' 1 for Ja lloae. G BANT- A CRAFT.

.. i Senate Chamber with: 19 or 20 members of merchant and business i men, and the ; .\' 10 3d ifit- m'rtl1l1' 0<>n.Tli.in i. j I thjwm' proiiituctit fe.itur cf the Constitutionj.a i! ] the 'piI and dis>ip.\te my lii* .ful F abj5IS69. 438LSheriff

I 'I. ; .- four of whom have been expelled! by the tide cf progress. In this \lt-w I T I I S'an'on! t t'.e and} J"III' l sntrd ; : !I Il am. Perhaps it wj hut a dream, for ;
othei \ v.ie rmt1is' kIIth3t ti.i.: win.'.. know.j JI I I
cities of f
-t : : compares 3.vora.ty'ith j | I
majority, leavinJ.Ltlero"'witb only about 16 I the mill. Stintoii! a; I n. rtfo-cd. G.(; i. -ii the "Ui;lIu.tp t-rowd," or as sumo call il'l .enihr now, whco I am as.eep, he comes Sale.
I who are legally entitled} tote its. F lori la. On a lisitto i the Ptninsuliir 0)'fTl! .
I on: went to tho Adju'ant: GeneraiI i "iiule team. : I'
I U J smiles! the and hs
i on me ante, lays
J It is said that Gen. Meade insists that: fie. the observer l-ehoh's! a neat, well irjOlHc!t **, l lilt i-iitd n
7 ;: r tbe two wings must come together and ranged and well rainnged office and i isj I as vet, ha* i i" ud 1 any .o.r.! \ Iri..h r-a't tI I !I who are di'qii,ilificd! from holJinj ovicc *o g ntly on mj' bro.vasif to smooth 1IILLSDOROUGH CO USTY...

: : onilitJn bv the other '' ayi ia wrinkles! an] its sorrows toe, uatil -
; commence vork where they !left (.tTtbe3J j soon convinced that the occupants eat BOis quires* H: Depart-i! I ty ih1 .nwar.1 Amendment/ Every i in,
I ment. :.o.lr Morton, of In,11'II"i ttl l lly kn I : befrefrom lint J/onJay M4IrCA.V .
: i:eat pe|? 'n >'* that tint amen ] my enraptured spirit, strtigg'ing to
.t February -both Presidents iJI"! bread. The Fubl-'aFier! f-is I Li j
4 "' rC'3igning. upon 1 o iti\ r jI pjfTr I fetters awakens
: enthly: : 1113 to .
virtue of vested in m.bi Tw
-: ID! the lody thus united beginning Je ( tripod!, wilh his compeers at their pi-ice! : I tv. con!'! nut Und, the preure, and 11t:4l': 'i t-itlur under the ,United, Sntes or a:j I the iuf:1t i B I bav this authority day levied upon and will offer.

HJPO. I busy and very expert In throwing togethl'j'! present feeling and p'irpcs..s[ d the'Mt tlltll-h ,ll"!< not di-fiancJtite inJ I r: realitv. I I i for ule; 11\ the Court Hou>e ia Tampa Ua! .. .a

: ;. : It is reported that tie B'.IHngs: wing wil! er lho e little things cae.} letters (type' ) t}1 llTi- cou'd n&, *o much ot th..

SEW YOSK. Frb. ? t.-Tb fo'lynin: d [ the following IIt..ckl of cattle! irood*. chattels A*.
j i g | nj ht \ ou; ;. The Uillings:;; wing, consime .dross of our moral nature:
4 \,7. ) .
consjnt to of into words and thence I
notl.tl.bort form
: Mate'and
,;. a recognition are' | m will rat.fy the coanly taiM.
docuiiient i is
i ilahars in ,
i receiving ; lli their Com-lituti i (
a ti! '
beyond ibe inner
that which sh"l! '
: of their tool for go recctrut.lKn being, ne"e r : oi st aJ rs for the r 67. of the
r 1'resiJent ; while the o ha s {x>!he as any occasion may J maDd.- city: xpen y p.r-
I ; il.t4. nnd di.-f.rnnchi-c a- well \: old! live where Ci will 6 D< herein named! -to wit :
er .:de, who are the mvoiity, declare that j'Oa ILc wall is (-pendcd a fully deelc II). I "ThlJ inder.igned -He drsm:5 of forming Ji isOjU il.fy those prescribed by the "I1ow. grov may rnity I K tate (.r J"ott'[ h Howcll- attle.Howvll .

t L- ,I "." they will not be rn lei sach ed a s'rw -of A'socia'.ions in support iof AuieBd'Uent.! .1" rf ct what Time cannot destroy.Hutch I I 3rah -iuttld.VVaer .
by a tyrant: t, Sug*r Cane T. ?*cl, and the condu,:cu I J
I J Andrew Johnson nnl .ire 911.r to Second. ,r.1 JI.JIJ.iM. S I.'IS, -eattle.
J re orj% !
not ti!
; They only and i'l: t
not in a Convention with is inevitable !
son-i lh.it this is the land for Su I Lam Gross colored Ibl
I ;:tr ( )-} sogar aod oni.ttL .
: : : .toO nrnH to rcpmNIft'rtm.1u.inarv! !: : ttff-Inpt.I u'mU I ;iin -. directly! \' It'rt' crite.jluda Ii Ii "_ ", I rte
-- ; resct.i saJ non \oter We nil in ire w akn.: lieliaLJe: information'sta't-s thaithe 'I' the of he C, : : \ 4
part ( irgrt-s to "*itir"\v ; ie:"t- >:>th a* to prncliraP.y! tp-f'r.inchi.-e v. e m.ikc the following cottcn cuotalio !II f3f; SiarlstrdEraaJs! of cattle gnu oa .

their 1u:1 1. nJ wish them success. :ls t ti Sugar Cane gio\s to full maturity audis the !Ijvttul Ifl I C"'H'IlU'IIUI.thoriv/ of *run:, wiilioui 'rej;.,rd} to hi i ir.t c' Ji t h > from oar: txchacges.SATASNAH Ja, "f talc.!

1 Sir Lucius: G'Tnggrr saiJ 1 "It i is avry a profitable cr. Sartly,. it -t b. th* Chitif Executive. of thc nr.ioo.Vs5Ht 'color} who ht< not \ cl. lost hisd(( "hLti3 "i/th t>Feb. "651. -
T : mu Feb. 17. '.'. lb.
: 11 r J. T. II>LEV. Sheriff!
; pretty fight as it Eland'." Florilian. : '(':. SUrrltl"c ;\! } wLtn i iI i- I
1" ( a
ten both ciina! > anJ soil It SEuierl4 IsLA 1'iices ti'rii -It *
',' combine n'it. >t>S- ; ;"fl! Jem..fId. his t!L. laxji.. ai.d CoLYtlt.
1 a -. IS I I Ly oath b.nJtnj; th.-cooscen- .
t ---jI full detek'prjK-r.f. f.jj: fhU* c.t 6 lzs at 6t, 1 ai Toe, 11 221. 411-!.
c ::
; rr.nn lie Convention H1II... : <.H IUl.l.r..IID.bt of \oter.

; --htr =- : .. TALLAHASSEE, February 12.-In Contention TLc r l:1'ation of fruit 5 ii attractingmuch \ >ci ?i. ?* *>. 14 --;>rQ&fi'. biiq; 1'hii-.l.'. 'They fco gertj man !er tha ?t,"'p.\\. ,XEW\ lI.t YORH.G0v\4 Fjb.at 55.eoltonActhe, u at 5-J. Jt.i.hr J-- p tULll( AUMSCHY f-flri I

AST.tJf ; twenty-tine deli-gat-! preet.t. attention jt Sn;b Fori.and .i Un va. inr+.,Jut't-l 10 +1,,\ ..' d I r-f>rr' to ibe1! in apportioning it'p .ruia'oi.:: M to ; "(" l. ..,, .

.. I '( ,,. A resolution! asking C\5ngrtf s to rejtej.1 the '!:ned 1 to IM HI imp rtl&nt clem' ..f'. ,I lut"'i:1r, (; i\mrnb : 11 i'l M (.,iln : i, to it'fn tUi1tt1 the Cofur.l of both hou- '"" ,. ; sa. 1,_VJ 1ft' *, tt --)! toa e.1 t'i rCE.TaIt.ibsrer. t1iIi

:, Cotton Tax was adopted.Tlie :n t "'Wlh.'..s illpv} p:e _>! ti! <- M/t % of 'W T.Q.-ittUe.J J It ;it n f.ift.tlnit! : t\I. Ntw Unue A N '-l'Itunctivt nuJ t firifUarv I. 136S.

.. Sersant.At.\ rw ws tllrfc'fH to i.oromerce. The Oran;-5 ;rown h".c ?. 111, -ama b'** *B trnt C'rut-'jiH-e! \uo\j'l' .1"l; tUIrI.' ItNlQrtflm: III..lhe t.ouniP" r:Ird'; xndding" ; 2.t:: ,04)L.. T. tA' S'fr'ft ,ihTax d lUctort of _

) 1 notify the minority lu.u.l"i* tli.it ;I.ti O> Upelur in KZJ and flit'or. to the Cuba Or I i fiflli ectu-n of the act of M rdi 2.. 1807. J.'k-'Jii', (;'t..n. Lt'n, J tJ"-rn, M,y'ha e Jti"'ttL. Hro.v, February 17 -Ootlon op a. I theState : ,, 1J"6

fErtion"u in rfin'jir ion I ..1I'i'It.0! tt.,? l'l\ :!,. "'vfl? "tt..ntittl? U e-ijle-l to th .
'uu. sev> MI.] th!irJresence *n'. I'j fact in t of lie "otJp31 fru i iflH i- net. to pr "i.j! for tb i 100ri % dt.X 'itedand thl", :U a: of ?ff!
WA s rt'lurN.Ooh' ri-h hsre. "Ihsie i k 1 .nt Ttivrrr>rn-tU of the I reb-l .f'Li'-: ,.. :thetn .i :n:joii'y oth in the S 'nte; and! i inn .itltuccdof 1<;. to 1J 1 : fc'siur! ; aales'r i _L u..t Mi : i \ a* *,1taiam.l) IU (teurrml Order. _
I !h >; Iri. hfr. 'Lilt. It
.ollle'y o .
-4- c three of the m'noiity: Lave t*Lei tndj j for f tr*tied liy a tontvntum t f deiegate inj I ithellnu-iel! riuapporiiuniiientof: ? ou 1'JoO. bahnnd.i.iu. 22,]. .i\i.JC I'x-oIWt: "the rn that J 1I .
tv th I ir a.a. I -om trees in Tainpt.YC: 'p*. IIIIJtum.\ i itlie : j ivei tfjat faction the : control r 'Y Mate Taies.
t'oaipl'tno with .,;.1 It/'r, :arid \< h" ie a*Jt 1 ", &riap'i* ;-; = : -:= ---- -- itn C. U. .l"-11X. *t..t.
t .' c _Since the' rC"*'n cf th) m"j'>ri'r it i is otSd j I Or-ii gc < iro,e Hotel hts le*utfu! tre-- I ""iII Coii-litu'Jott !h li t.' 11 ratified\ t-\ a I\! th. L"-4iI l ture, Jut think: of it :ei i 1': mpa Jlarl$, .' Truaun.

%;I. -- t t xl O.ftt General M, M Je ] '.\. II it! C ', .i-.d Hcifn! .! frut.: It 5 is a malt r or"r.t' e I l li m"j rritj of. the /j-n'sfie'. .1 per-voti* vatin: on. j j *'u' IitLr* o'it of thirty thrro art' to l lu"Cott.r ( u.vi0 i.. ,jH-r tb. -I. 1IElQl3 I II UT.latiT.! .

R I &ULj4Ct of 5jjibilty! !: to the (')J\\uti.n. !i surjiriMj that heretofore *o tit I" I\r..otiur: I I Ir 11 I )w'. *IU *MK II rtf ralittJHiion I and I.'ii J';L)11. I I'I : hand* tho !L
'I A re..olution:1i adopted! ) calling '10 inTesligation IIn r -tiituiuii iont4in- II'l tie jj'ai': :'?: U'- re-i J nut bcrau-c y fcu'iiia a tn'>jritj o( a. lIlI) ::. d ld )IU cts. / \, .. G*. J.a. 3. '73 .

; .1 \ c ( the c( n,!in-t of cotoi e.l delegatP l. 1 bycu Ufcto-.vwl on fruit cu tl.lre. I U 5, '1IIir... liv a .iI I&ct ; lherd'l; j I''II: "ptilttii! >n. !but t>rc.iU.', B llio)' are lerguotilirf. llr.tr. 0 iu 1 10 H*. t (h:. nltllr1tl. N.". ,IS.

4 r chirped! with funking nn' in< -iifli.rvpeerb no' otiy! prwGukl but mot Uucfiuten i t ID' ill'llfd uzI JvrZtr.1 !uy I/ic S 'J4 i r : in-I ar". tiit'refore ". t>".
-j. .} at a mass me&if gon the 8.h. %V.H-I| hi ScU ami it.flu'nee.ltieLpaufl J'IHt MUof 1. ami Jfvti. of Iirj>rtiitahttt IM., &'C.j!, ,'u IIlt1' il".t, .'t<,,f. of B.Hmg"? and totnptntrtF. I 'IIU-K.. .'.? t. 30 at,, 01 I ..I.r" "f 1-.111. iw in 'eo>ion .L Tal.

i 2 : encou'II.J rit'us j 1r e"'eJ;,! ,;:in.i 1:1Iwnr! nod 't in.lj fur Ui* ci Hiil: ihoSutu of f Aittiiiut i ill .1'iitiiied to':'i ,. .I llvufi. *v /111..1* tD'4Il"".)) t .ntt... i:, .t. I Ib.'d. .t..1t.L"" 11..1\" t 1..1 tutu r"\VI":''it ..,..1."0 iuf, Ja..uar1. *3

three !JeU': goo" :doll of fruit i* nn .ibidtt. r'I" ;rv *. : Zi t'' pr .*':. /i ) dII'&Jar II. l eti.f ftJ tI.. ,
abent' rnaj)iity.and proposing tir anti I ; -"; 75 "-!"I'.rl'I\f.; I 1 fl'iTI'll.i.vih i.to "CCP .j

: featl.. I n. i h srl .ii.l.. ? ,*'pl.| of Itorj.!. !i.

:- _" secret rsii>n to consider the matter.' (i.v- ', :ItprrOxim\lioti to 1i. plovmen! an>l' to ed l I! I lfI.IQ'; '. (.tt'.mrtnLI.( beillfor
; : trnorVktr! and JuJgo Jat.J.11't! I nthudo! of oir l l'r"t 1 I'.t'enii left (u tu.tn.er : at!. \ii't, I I tll1'I ..:::ylcIIIJ'J1ily.. thoy fix -:1 IIt1. f,>' IIto. _m" __... j tnt 1.a! f..i f.1 lily I.I-r..nlf!! fll'IOtr1t'f'! fOr! oilier. u .h.Hec.t! It law.

b leen called uIbe I *. tit.rI.! rH tliVrrD.r ? I.fllur of th. UU
't'u'"t I
.-u' ns \\'itntl' I the dool.! tin <.f rut'i! bv nAftmt4 lIou..t. :fr i I 1.h:1I1I; iUlr..JIt.t ,.1 lh'l. ("'I I II.JI' e ; IIItI wit lira! vtwrlBe t tl 1I'II"j..r .x.'Cuti..n or th..r legal t
bomc ol the minoil) siy they! ;intardrnettins i t tI1.4u thoH'nit j O. wlik-h ntuoiint :n th s gJa e _- in ttiia'at.. "uty teal pro''
41 rtf..rruJ ti : -- r'r..r'1.( or perions
oil S iudxy IIt'xt. tid) rofuininjjpursumt : I |1e.*!it .j j urn, :1li..u.J 'IIV ,au: ," h.I CHIII/Illri.... Bn"i '" tht- nl'hitle; sum uf i35,50t No an.1 !)\ M' i.a f n. I.Iall tM nil:% .n't Yoid. .
: : to their j to thi) .ii [ i>ii- < (( (be tt n to ruCti..i .OO 'iovalT- "flint ib.eu.R..cttnn: t.f alii..
adjournment, but it *i s I no'considifd ,\ piensHiit I ". .f I II.11'1.., tIm Immeiubrneu .\ iiecv\ ,. is mI.athaflJ 'uk tODD.
i- t !
.:,-. I t U'tTtntj rity nVlt : ,I t1 M'i'uiri1al'| aluall t.. ,
; 1: ItUlium. L'vwri: their l..m r.O'" u-rndeJ.
u k kely. I will IKith! !pa! ..iit and) pn f fitible. :i i\' tf lit ill t.!l-.. H 'i !l.''", .,'11' tilt ..VllIVliru II? : l..r atlnlf ;i '111,1 nil j'mtn. now in conliDlmnt .
.f"'II "I. i. tich. tt'HS: I fo,
TALL4tILtcFet.rUaty_ H. Tl : in..rt 1111I11 I th. .
excitCni"Ct ,
.r ..
I : : .rv, IHJ1;. Vf'r- '..e !itir (e..lI.t "Ii"IJ'! I .un'r""t; ti han u forthwith
siconj dcit-gMU* here Las \belli j 1 1S I'rflt! of !tLi." I tuin.i< i III 'o !1111'v *<>0 Il r*:.*-*.1. ..,d iystau .tUo
intense the fr l '.1.\1'01 I '!: [I".t| ljth" 4Um. Ill -II .f Hit' JIf.'o'II. \ ., ..rib.1tIUJ'.ut G.n.rt! AnJ : r. / i.. Ie". "u.." ,JJeruiz now fn "r rtfutiogto r-
J-asl >ur "uriird! there i iM -a.s._ i.f ill" ".'..U' .1 A ;ill! 114 .*',1! J 3c' I :.r hi'l' ,li coofio ro(ot shall be
>rioiM apprehension of -Ili-i.n I '. ; i I ull In tin red i f the i co-n 1.; It" ) .1 M.,, \'. ant I'Je
a < l/ctween I IhIH" l f,.l.' ., TI. l''lS j \\ l."ii'4.. ., ,Iltlfl.. .ulilii'i Ii ii|' Mt-, !i. rli.ip .r. j r ('r..11 us. .t .IIII..II'.lIt) 10 lteaJ t
: the Uitlinjj' faction nt.d tuG 11'11 11 ,i/n t'f th.t ."hllit-J l i-i i !o. fu tht '' tbtr..fur I.
In"jt j ritv 1\ : :5\ lPu4t
To I \\V IILCU'ut1tQttJ
'lit'J" "I'laai \\se\ui\v.\v1
J t. 11I.1 I'r"l'ut'lr 1./1' It n i .nltl} ::'a ii-liH'tl h''u!*". : I ,i.
'I I'ro ordinaDNe
the C f Ku: ,v. i Jldll'I\I.j !11'I..r un.
n"tnuou1t j .rnver !held a ri* <" i '"r -e < > I IT tAtlu. .r "f .
t :: ; to.nibt'J but "i'il AlaI IUiIIII;jrorneetin ,. I !)" ,u"l.r. 11"1 I t'J i.t. I" ."/f' '.' T'II",."' '_ I ",Ui.;.f '"M. lt rrtn In .14.r"i.1! ii' .Ii I' "It' : ,'Iud It' Ia.. J.uuJ..4: t.f f !., ":llm' 411.(I I: \,\I '/* ". 11" H r1'I1i hi1 pairorl .u, ? Ih. I'"'' I fii.t, :' .lilt I.ort.ibm |."'I'h'M ututN. 1,1 all.thi.! all law. eo.- I
tt t.t-t', f of .1.
:1. I'f erdioaae
; f : i > t 11 / lie *
: ( r :* > t'' j i.Hrr.IIlllt: lit. hn r.n"I hI'
J Itt
; ry au\Lo,Lil.lll. r" : '0cah tl.i C"Ji I.1 -lIAfth;: j:1.t: ..tutu; .11 hit "r ... ill t'1"' CHI.'. t'ou. -let' t U $62 .VMJ I _. h'rd.y iti'ti.l..l Hilt nothing ill thu, j.
.: .1" Stt.. : .o Uai | -r!/ ,1: I. Li* iew tn'.l ii'ir, il.jor t' ui1! "f In* ,iJil..C' .. ,! *!: h, tot) ( ot '
rom.the po s. .) erly'lent dunon ,j, TeVjr.pli! OlH w .it thU I 11""fn| .! t '. i' 1'I or f..ia1.! in n 111Ii a "u'I ,ctami nnl h <* ill 1..1. tV"l ) I r turu of toD.lrue.l. as to |>rT.at U.
p'a it *
Y : < rin ltJ. liMr "I"', (P witi***",1.! !/a', I I'n; !j>:C : ipj.lv .JTOJ .rt v t. 'a* netful!
stralion. r.-/ I.rl -1 !HiI.t'; a fuj.fa!'".,: 1, av of /u'clio' c W.H. i.r.r.n, *i tiinfi ]1* ftiI owner npoa.
.1 I all
fUr) *
i I.1'ju"r"
i"V J44 n 'i
Mr. i.I'IIF. |1""f'I'H. !
N'txis l tiudif
1''fi.I..1 I
the. .
: : I : intci't! "uni! crtt'lfnimi! ; timL l .tl.- < '> i oil*' ''it4' ),i | that tl.lt ordmane
In C.iWJ U4* *- -lY twentytightpresent ( r .II HttiHi'tito Jj-ld fur immi.ion, \tJ'jf t..1 r e.'oliny! drltik for II.e I )Itircty puUhe .which: J aay ,l"m1'.i' tlrein -h.il or \

.1 IT.mtt, The lidl of lights; WI,' ,! 1r Orra'ori t)5lt! the K.... UW.er hoe: .!!J rtf .\.m.: t.n"u- d t Jl (1116 t' !p'tcl! ,\\'Iu. 4111 cflmu "U1I.n u. .III I ItIf.W I : II f' It h,"- if'\'ii-ot to eirtrie nri>iind with !*? Ca-h mil I l 1..t.11 i.1 I JcbU di*. 01 to beeom.iu not pr.r.nt, 'be eol-
; of ".,1! 111m! ,. '. irftv f: lli. f .- M wag_
'' : h .VII ilO pre; 1 I. > by '" .t i i Mii' lTM. 'Iilillor.l! TkbSt; i is in J Ju r > nat UUr
-c fopted, ircorpontinfj tho i oftheilii male an tiiro I 11;,,ling- ->7 / in nit j-rf-rme hy Lou.
prousions arrangvmeit .with the ; ; wilJ r"i; 1 t ; any fl.14
of order far
:. Agent ,'dtroftht Umvd! ) v'at tt.. M.t'v:: Cum I ; the *!j'ortinpuMic.. (" othrr la Hrr ; hat th j..
>ouri (on titution;find the :S\ 1' on tha': would: dtbrvy: :i indosliv 'Jt" <> I.latll" shall, be \
ding .
p'ov romp my to receive dariy Tehgr! *rns: ( of : maud! nt within .Hidat 1 of1..1'11:1, ; I W. 1 SVIT.T. 4 w'f.\\.r..1 I. ":Itr. aiD"nl or abolish thia
for the election! P1iri1joIa. orOina -
'. of jaditial! and I Iu9I .
officer ic in Its .liOo
-' county aj;, tie| import aB! rm; news !. Hfid tll State t ; ; epecianalJ 1 1I.-111.rtl..tr. :
: a ,. ".''. the*Governor and confirmed to Le apj the> S ,' 'I. that from \Ya Ln': lon. *lj51' it : i,; t..li3Iatlll..j't til- 1 1IIII..lIlt, IIlIi..I 1 d the 1 ,! The Springfield---------a-: M'! '-II-jKicaa' Wifo V/antcd, f I.'v .* \r.at-t t.y tiu.. l.v r"c"lIotr'lltiun! a irtu of t},.r.t..na'1! O'? \
u )
by (
says .
( ettl8i : .tei.a.f|
4 ; iiw ot ch- Chu :
; : j alr"JIII'! tu of fj Contiiutu.n of the Uni : \ ? to vi C' \ r..cter and in fa rfrem i th. \
..j4'z. It _' >s follow! *: Secretary of State Attorney: 'is cow, dIr, beconrng more and more; in1 1 j I'.1 M Iatt'', I'r"ItO) l-y th Thirt\.ninth: : ., lllt'l! i is no C t J-( of i e..rtAfie; Al.tb.im-4: cin-uiirttiiioes uonl-i tike tu corn"{"">nil; Military I l'i-Jri.C.nlU..nJiult I. ",1.1| fir; I O.n.ral I.. U., .f the Ikwi
t.- general, omptroler! cf Trc*'urv, I ; wit h ayoiin; la.l!) With vi, "'* of Ma'rinm-v.olde the ,Hrarr r.Ii.,
Surveyor ten'ety exciting. The people of tbs: ] Congr., stid the .l1tli.Lrn..nt!: I curl-ltuti D Lit Ltet: deJc.i:e It fiaTh \ : 1'I".lo..t| t. ri.11a.
:. I'llc 01"11 e by iuut b usuih nnl! .
; Gllnerl( Superintendent of Elue itioa. > : J'_7.- Adjutant Gener.d! and Commissioner of! have mle nrr..ngemens! to get thoso! Tel j .: law, uf tinjurti'i: LITrt4e ,,niiin s.iil 'tRim' : progrev[ 'of the e's'dtion: u developed'H i l "yf'1', ti'tt ftt tii.!. "tj.! wvuli atvut .Iam excej.t whut u <-...I..i".,all| i ii,of II),.ak.|,wordaTba| W.jRUC ?

I ; I Education.The: j. egram* taken; down a< ibey pi'" this office' ': a* au hurz..ll'r! j'-ivl Oyi.tiriitoi:: of :' | i merit Painlfto! : I !MIIM, the sid ? 'Hte s1. t1!! IH- H.lrnill l' trt liD. alki'-I .'m.ll.c\1 : ':a'.c Lv.oLia-1 vul 1 Jo M 1D i"'l'al. h.ll 1 W *
.u I bill! declares complete loyalty .othe aiJ th: Peraor: I-ropose to fjrcih Item *I el:"c h.s or could! ,)lie reSboo'by the cc n- :r.,e.l to a'i It' ta r.\,'K', Jut> I.. .lrrjil tu l.avotiVtn m.f.juir.X'; _and from tat*
in tn Con iut t thI ni ffet
rep'eentatK =rt: s .. in
I ji. Union; and for : i \the tituionou.rhtActt a-id! &d whv Care f Pet.:irsular Oilier.. "Ut, *, aa.i shall continue aid
.;; t& provides a uniform ]eg ... people cf T.IOIJ-H, through! the PI.II. 'w'' >tate av-cordtncu xh the !;tA"> 01 ) .k : j in lull fore aad .&- I,

: : tion and equal taxation. lJutler wa- admitted .1 in afor, or other-! at twentv fire do1itr'ut !-' ; the United latl"s:' 'the 'prt*tnt cyOrse of rtcoitMotion: ought : i said itv Con ur.til vnu'on ih! {hail"n#tutioa hue been to Le framed by '

a delepjit* (roC tie! Filat 1 D : :, !i 1.us per' rsontli.! Cannot rich'an j Mr.I >urjnier pr" ertC'l n p-tit'f-n ('n.tn to Stop.Lol [ 7 Notice cording to law to the people of submitted ao-
and arracjeaZ _ Florida and
Walker .
George wa defbredHe Ii* Citizens .i fcAli! fer.v U-in
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because more k
he was a jadg-j cf electionIn: or Icsj .lion of tue! IVeside-jtiai: ', h, J.19d' t;'
:-: '"- the case of Bat!,, the Gonventicn: : declared; I 1ntEtSIe.1 in tho preut citing 'Dov(. I: Oa to the repuuKMr -. i' t'\)(_ i,6 .et ,h de! Uw ord) or:nuiriiig the'hy t! O I of, 1' hall.: A< .Jznistr.e'r.; on tl.e Letnte .'_rt"i.1.1 published from th*.. H*.

thv. ;it !l.s j (jil plenary: p j'era. *ud i-i abe "- m"nt f "ur% ;'\"orclD.nt. The fee! ram5t TrumblcV' !I.I.!! it.'ro,1-ic.ed U>.. l".t.V&'uum:I..f New rlenu. '16: tbfsi I of EI .aAor IialIcv'l 1 .j-rfafRt niv ac...ut WV q 1"art,8<* *hu'aId;!r.l.lig.tioB' cad ci| tbi. order tho

t : ) --" fietf30E fOiale: ; and tf fcoprtn.e:ti; tnab ill j1cigz. : ; the quaii- 'I't referred to. will: co-arneuce their: trttn..ft. 'I'fi"'"; ihe J1II'i..lic'i'IO! i ..f t'nwJ S tate. Jbuikt.ikes. UrLIOO- :, n.J.teo. : ;j 1-Mj-sate 1 J' vAUvker* co'nty* to.the for a lion.final l.cult JuL'c! menl Probate:in, .J ,a-k, of .slj'M1,1.; .,1> wa-titution lontLiuttoll.e Uadopted rJMt by .th.p But. >

+ : : 'f over tbe wire this e\enin". Coins, i. in tffert &, f.-ilows : : ; rap:" ( fltrllll.raLt t.!! U\'i thu latter to be .l!:* :
Th* minority gcaerillr:! abrect tl-eio-" Is i It provide (Iiftl all:! courts of btt Uritt /r"rYokes< 1itn.rJtr! he ('ocock) must r.ii t tlulo a uf thp sulii estate. r.onlttl"tlua .lya have, Urn submitted COD

I. : --- .- s,!wes frora the piixrcttdm; aud it is unoerstood I s'ras Star.tol's re-r"mo'at'. his *:ired. "h311!l be Imtiud by tlie ..wsf\ (Lh.nos: ( t bo nliev\-d: ftom. tho-'Otuiu.iaJ gf iheFiKh Wm P.AWLS. A.lmV, f ew.' i-r inir.itiwi; Antl'rrroval. u providIforinsA.dR .

.. herti lua! ib !re n> lut itle: 1 cootidncc up an 1 i tenG: *d things about \Va5 Maiia'sITrh. 2'Ih 'd -t -rf'mm' : tr'lt'ioltfel.; .. and until
: :ngpolit'ca;: : qiKtioiis.. and that! u rest with MiKlai Itriet 4 totttr, ni.th3.:1; Lye p
t. in It.r'fO jiect C'.{ ai acfvfvanca vther \rl tor Thepiace pre r.I.! tie near proxmiiv ) cQUgre..i 10 d.terrntnc wbat.Oovetnrny nt i* -_.- oon.lit'j;? ,
,.. ..' :. -Contention by Gciteral.._Mesde.A wa V Jcaao. U\'ery one i is < r the etUbihe.! oc t Ui anv :Mai: /<. it iscllniutcUrvd :' There t% no trutU ?he st-'oincnt ttla-! Notice. I It I" -TI.s! orJ*r I I" tot to U cocstrueJ MIS-
: : -' MU craati-jc. : th.sl no tvil >ta"Vtrui! lO'nl"X \ 'l'berl from \\ 1i..hOm' city thit S<.;'I 1 F1ce eorJ:;.:' 'W.h 41? llf the u*. "ftt>It 'lI.te: ol

wjiirEa in Soalb C ro TUAVELEiK. : ror't'I'ti'.ra D,\YS ar. 4a'e. 1 will ; t. r "la "" '. .
r ;
ut1 of'laxta.
t .* .1'aner6fbo: cmp'utid! ;o'tv hiyetr till J:t .. 1 lnd nO'1\'J.-Jd.eJ t"vil S"h ( '' '.'rnm''flt' of the 1O2.()"yO in !.)'J now Il. Jud -1 uf Pf'of.at ly tot. l. ,rb\ :. ::' J. J.i"a: "t'' .l.: '
.. no whir f bit t.t'tsid L.iTLey ia *-i-i :trti** 'i' be I tuc .',tfur th-Trra* Tho j< a *uffieH!! tit i. i. h rtkrt 1n eoft.tru-4
.-. K'Ulu U&IZ&t.Iey !$ :t X. V. :: r-n';/.AJ iry. supply '.11 :y. foe an rJer to nil: thd teat! jt-&t. t.; Uh tll"! *,'. .LiIlA..r th. I..u of

are tiikn, and a-.J wi C ev.r tJ *'. 1)emrati 1Ia.or II'II' tn1.uri'tJoI'uay;,; in 3 13--1 ll)9 E\ "I'V" vr J'l ;i'tid; i ,j.reN: 0(. ih. i-f currency to Inn J.'t'ali.1. and it.i IU'J g.'>tf' to. F.u.4! -. lleuder oa, a minor,' situaM ?.'..'It.t tht tutt a-hlll I.'QIII.a. ,'ill. ..* o,' officer, .mt.!.).. j.

tempt to rally, a/reih blvwrt l tkf /f. t : ,"O tt-t.n .1e.'lftj Lne UtiI.i UUlt lt.t.aH lint:' c" "Y 4's' :11 &t1i) If'd > IIU .Jdill.t of the S*>t ry u> kaep 1\ tart.& ID. d co"ai CIr ,. tr" 'IiI4'l Il.e 1i\Y, either )1&tt

WJliJtl' i/itm ti tic JI"O*I & Itti \ears. .. uf ):ajlOl" General 1

,W' j I 1.J C-uPg: .: ; ,.' .. / : \J. .l.t.i. .1 I i. ch .Jk,upon g< l ld .cuiulwts. I .c'.. tv.l.! 73. -13-L Jhan.la.. : I', r.L.iSfII' lJl t.ftp Ut! MLDI..tJj"1 GtA\

:-. _) ,
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-:'.. .,..... ..I ;;p --t: ; .. _
,"'-t; '',''.,< : .' i p
/ .:,.;;- I.
-..,: S
......... ..-- \ *' ..,. ; I
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-... .
__ ,#r4 .f'1 ; I
T ? ,,:l ... .
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::1- : "" 'S ..
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,... ;I S : 'tr-- ... _'
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r-t 1- ...... 4'v' -
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'Y,:.', -. ... .
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1t": : .- -_ -...._. J I ,
.. ---"---.-- '::'-- ::: :: -- --- -- r'S
: --- j1thS ; ; '; ..
; f- f ( b1Jttrti5rmtnt5 (!: ; I Oi) bUtrti5tmcUi5 f:cgoi l tioti t5.
: ,: THE PLOKlDi PBSINSflU'R.I \ By passengers per steamer Florida we Citi) :. .
which has beenin ___ '
J learn the Convention -
that -

:i Published Every Saturday, br"l' session (or some time at Tallahassee .has LOOK FOR TIlE CARS\ REMOVAL !i DIU'J cr s r D ItJ G S'1 Sheriffs Sale. S \.. I:

adjourned. We will lay before our readers -Just Received 4llifor sale ly_ ; .
-: ; -. T. K. SPENCER. i II Lbd Constitution they framed, at as eaily The subscriber i hasreraoved to McCarty II roLKcouTy. \.
DR. F.
east of E. A. BRANCH
old land Washington :Street ---- 55 ,

Post 'Office a day as possible. ., Ct.ASRKEt Co's, where he offers fur sale Dry. I 'ahneatoeks Worm Confection., tint JlQrIJ :! iBY 1& J/.r(1. t'
rJottco.q .
: ----- Hardware. Hoot A Shoe*. SSL. Iodine
Goods, Groceries; (byjthe: ounce.)
MARRIED, ntI5artow, Fla., on the l7tb & Saddles Crockery. Ac.. Ac.. for sale cheap for White NotePaper, .' VIRTUE OF AUTHORITY VESTED IX .jI
:" fP Cull and see. White I .. by Law have this day levied oi and
: just, bj I Rev. J. M. Hay man Mr. SEABORS cash or country produce. Note Envelopes:: ,
OFFICE nouns.8 A. A. ALLEN. Pain Killer will offer for sale in front of the! Court House
G. UATMAK: and Mi EDSIA DESHONO. 29tf.Arrival atDartow.l-'l.t., on tho 1st Monday in )
;: I' f.rch.
W# A. IL to C P. ir., except Sundays.iLllLS !'ov. 9. 1G7 hops,
; ... next. so much of j -
'. "NV\usV\c Pows Spirit of Turpentine. ; the S. W. J of the X. W. ,
CI.o R. Anived at Ib port on yesterday morning \V\\cuU\c I Wells' Plasters, S ana the X. \v. j Of theS. W. j of 1k1. '1' S7 Il

4' TfotTn, PAFIEM AV) "WrfirKK. from New Orleans, the stramdiip Florida, iN ev Coru Starch S S *. 23 S. All, ns will:: ati-fy: the State and v
S taxes of }IlllioiIUI"l fur the ;
Carmice, Bounty year
wean Iayi Baiter. Departed to-day for Key (
ntISunti3-t, S r. 1l. O'Leary 7
CaatileSoap, //A.
e.t. :
'- 3IAILSItJE. ...
,.r t'; '.' W...1l1f 'aYI ar.dS.tur-lay n oeok, ? M. Th<> "t-atnj- !' Lavora- -arrivi-d-in the Bay STQP STOP ):AND LOOK IN Just ncceiftJ ly Steamer "Alliance.( Jujube Glue Ac:Paste. have.this day levied cf authority on. and vested,will in vfft 1I1t'.for I -I-Itow

-C ast 31 ail ounrrv.Lnt steamers from i sale, in front. of the Court lions Door .
, ;.i.. \ ew on Wr-dneMUy ItH fn ni ht'Y"t., andleparted I Brown Windsor Soap, at Bar- .
,.: .Oil rat.s .nd Kr W rIOt.I on the let Monday in Mareh :
i .t .. y ,1 Un Thursday for New Orleans and I .0'" Liverpool Salt. Shall -nberper* Ague Till, of the E. next soT )
of tIle N"w llaoj
the '
; J. FLETCHER. rt'Et.lIa.tt-r. S Coffee, Cheese Hulls! arsaparilhi, E. i -

J Intel mediate-; ports.--.----...... _-_ Br.wn Sugar, Crubhed Sugar, Whileombs Asthma Remedy, he satisfy S. ''w'.1 the of State$ee. 1 in T. 21* of R. 23 aswill S jl f ,

rAin: NOTice.: NEW JEWELLI.K.Mr. E. \1. Clark ofTIIIII"t."s. VtrC. hAVE JUST RECEIVED A FRFJSIII K ur. KM, Hatchelors Hair Dye, ...Ifonl Sloan for the al1\1'67.County Tues of \
:L Jtter the 10th day of Match we will noA ? suH'ly of Groceries aud. Mew :block: oj Ham, Lard, riulotokeo year
ray This
-.. irriveij her on the l IM-t %etra- January, 'CS. .?
.; attention-to transient advertiseaienia sent : ,;' Mess Pork,. :Seltzer: .A['eritnt. i S
v .... for publication without the c .s-h accompanies cr and will s non be ready to rep.iir Wath ..7 3::...;. Condensed Milk, Quinine, lOIEP.Tlr.lI: : OS. Sheriff, >' _

.. them. ll h imposs.b'c to .buns now on fI' (;!oek.., Jewelry fcc. Mr. Clark has Pr-1... ,...,...... _... 11.,,.., Crackers, l'uJ.)f'lq'lin) \ Ex-officio Tax Asw'r Coll.ctor.,. S I
-. the credit .nt .ln. We wish all those liviug the rtcc-maicudaliou of being a g'IJqJ woik- 0 0.. ._........- ..j oJ Matches, Ayers '1'.11'11. Bartow.Feb.: l!It '68. 42-lds. ,
.&ta distance will bear this in mind. Ac.: .t: c., Jayne* Pills, T

j -L-.-. ____ ._._ ._ man.We Which we respectfully invite onr friends to Wrights' Pill. i
copy the above from the Tampa Cash or Country Produce McLanes Pill. Notice

.. LOCAL JOTTINGS, Ptllin*ul