tJfraad.LEGAL ', ..... Not ul10/ riatj..u but along tbe north- ; A
ADYERTISEMESTS. lo ci.rr 'lb' '-'nt'l lir'i! II.'m come up- to his heart no matter what was

Jiutitiiaots Suit by ,ttt.eAaaitNoises ision jftrrrfcanf ..l. TI! ** V-niiwn* pi.Mi-1'y: (I.., .! 1'1.1.' | \ WJM* .Tlotviueni. eiu lOHht ot Afiiva the lack ol' mod! it geniial. her health or physical developments. One rf",.

.f the institution of .f suit by attachment, ia lu'ini m..rrlh.n li,.:'f ar riii'\! of A'l'liin i. \\\. e-r It ..1"I..d llMi II I, |pri.1.s.'i.d. acid Aicoijingio a rev-nt )letter from of the moht important rules passed was \

.... of .oa.. eot.e. shall be I'nbIi had for rul-, llfy n--\er ..i.inifmi-| 1 ilifir urgs'd (ruin, ail pAt* of tl.e countly, South 1'."., the "UIUI' r ot deaths in A.Seria that every candidate should 'pledge herself 1 .

'-_- throe moaths ia some public nowsjttper of the 19 Poydraa St., Hew Orleans.J honor l-v a nin::'.. "el of Tt>lurt>irf "uliinioion -. IIi well' .... North, thai all ttiu ...1&:1I..nl.Ie within the |I"IIL tll moir.lis Goo starvation, wiling: and even desirous of giving birth .

diatrfet.AuHtetum. M. +n. 167 1), .'o the* will! .>f the rr.nqu'>i.>r: and drlivrun1 exereda 1UOUOO. This the correspondenti to and rearing least seven children, and r
/ Soil to F.rclea. rtgg opposition to ihr Radical I I",, uni-td .
Ifotioe of.the idsUtatioa uf' suit at ooamon ram II, thrni HI la<>t. An.! n..nrof ,pars i i. uo eXuggeialton.. Iu the a.ijuinirg that she would abstain from all pleasure '-

taw to foreclose mortgage, who ps are thiv.. ..piptrtwI 1 I.ati..n..eer 'fin'1 thrustnl.nr. with and called by the nmue of the Deino- gi.Tointn. nt ot Tunis, from tbe sea .incompatible with proper care and education '/?,p ..
antitled interested ia, of redemotion J. C. FORBES & Cu ... coaaL u, the interior, there are numerous '
Loser th.q. ll em 1.v'I-it r < il-r-ir.Hil jfrrcil'ii'm .1.1.<<111 <-raiipnfiy.. The Ci-nsetvuti Couvt'u of her children. ; "
resides beyond the 'acu:." me joliedKtioa ileatrjK from starvation. Last -* 1'
of the Court ia which suit her 11,1' inf'u"II" II' n :lit, rule. -the fjhhcfi lion of 1i..iil'l'i.| ''I' M! H ft w days Siure. year complaints \ 1 : ,
1t may I 1I\lI.." '" *> n.... T < f MI inlrrnf ; of the scarcity of food were seldom I'
-i shall be ptxbtished i. aewsoaperpablsihed Commission Merciaiis.JSfcir up ilind ii. ..rf\ hi .. '
bought vit N.
say [ iu up-it i !b.'nIt. LAMENTABLE: AFFAIR.-From a reliable ,
....I| in h-1- I G..II"l ht.rd oulslde of India.
ia the district, whereto the mortgaged "'1.1 l '! -.I.{ TU.-M, by '
premises lie, ace two weeks, hI' eta', e. 1 m-M-iuin .I.itf >ri. ,, \\ ar.to .- Krsttfrd ... --- !gentleman we have leaned the particulars i-

at least! moatha before toe first day ofthe I Offl aa La. -- ..._.. _- l I.a'h alo tbil ibr iDovriiiin u nut on- u nOR ln UtTLtt's SPRCCH.Wash- of a horrible and. lamentable occurrence '
terra of the Court.AdmiUtrmin that Lappe oed near Fort Valley yesterday,
; >tt &fert.rs, or Grdit.All !>OLOVO B TfcMPLIC: F.xmilKD.The, ly "1'1".''-'';, but ..1t11l".ly urged] by tin- ing'rli r'.''e_>r>o4 '.
of ..... by Kxfcetors Admiaiscra Consignments of Cotton Lunr..u llm- pUbll'hra all ..01..1.' 'illll' Id in Uua'Itll' It ;.ar: HKtrh ran Keconstructiona f ,1
the S- ulhciriStatus. his The unfortunate
prpuiurutoh.line Wiiigt man was
a ton or Ocardiana, are reqmired by law to tbe Solicits &.C., and orders for the ter in regard t<. the discoveries at Jerusalem : ono t.filiiiioM i.*m,.iknl>le """IIIa..r the onIOn. ?
advertised some aewspeper oearett to tile purchUe ofProduce from which we select the following\ : Coukervatioui it now applied lo : Mh* vast > r<>Md In the /galleries, Dr. Jm-k'on, a brothel of tbe Jackson who i i 1

pU e where the real estate it itoated. Notice 'Tbe CvilloKstl: foundations of the Templewall the moderate of all parties, and beuce : and the titeQi attenii'iu ot Senator C'n the til'ft.\' (,,I. ElUwnrih for hauling down a 'I" I at'unfr.lrtah
W these sales mast be given la a public gazette, dig fr-'ni over hit hotel atVn. pAlexsudria
thirty days previous to the day of sale.Atele \ which are '((ones of ten cubits and forth it is proposed that only two partiesx fliH-rofthe H' UM., reminders old visitorsat first ..
the of
Groceiiea Stc. during '
DAttn aW CrM&torL-Nolice to stones of eight cubit, Uiu by Solomon or tbe capital: 01 the atteruoon when' Doug year
\ known the Democratic and Rdical.W. j
debtors and creditors of aa estate, mast be his tuccw-oM on the ibione, ere now being has, also! lie champion of the great principles the war.Dr. v\ ; .
published eight weeks.Cort : Orders from psrties not well' known to ns laid bar -t the enormous depth of agree with the Neville Gazette held iu his liu.e by n minot y ofAineiican Jackson removed Georgia during ,
or Ordir*. .Lf*.. to Sill.Notice beneath that Democratic it immediate he: revolution, und hit twen residing held I y,
must be accompanied! by a remitunce to cover ninety fret and mOle the pr..ntlurfn'e. organization an citizens, commanded and won ,!
will made the Court olOrdiaary
be to
appueatioa the estimate eo.t of articles to be pllrcb.: d. T that & nn-d all of t-ver since. The circtimMnnctrs of tho
bridge one of
for leave to sell laada, most be published is n need throughout the South. The the cyinpnthiei men weekly for thirty days.Admiii Nov. 9ib. 167. 206m.JJ' the ravine between the palace of Zion and NEWS AND HERALD proposed and has ad faith who could crowd into the Senate filling, as we ba.e them from our informant \\1,. 1

+tr. rod Grditu.-Applica- the tempi on Moriah IA now proved to chamber and listen. were these :

.b.tr..u.er. of Administration most be pub. < I b lla, o WillJill
; for dismission from Administration tins W, H' it seems the accent lo the how 1865and it i isgialiling. to us to seethe Argument employed by the :Senator and during which th" doctor is said to ''1
weekly for six months. ,.../.
have / his from hiss
% Cottou.I'actor, of the Lord which' Solomon showed to rapidly/ multiplying/ evidences that the pointedly put forward were the more decisive forcibly ejected son I \ ,,,
turned and fired
iheQuwn of Sbeba, we cannot wonder! : statements of fact that Radical Senators premiaeswho thereupon .
ii-D-AB people are beginning to 1M their ,interest bit father twice him. We '
:C that on seeing it there was no spirit in her. I oflenmoved uneasily in their seats, upon --killing I
-: --= ;; -- J rml1tbinA fi CommissionMERCHANT The pinnacle of tbe temple on which the in this respect Already) the good wok i and applause in the galleries could hardly! have not learned whether the young parricida .

I. :11..1. I .I tempter placed the Savior bus just been has begun in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia : .. be .U pre8lcJ. At times tbe speaker, had been arrested or not, but pre :\ I

1'I.-l-5ii.r' 11lt IHlf r uncovered to the base, and is found still to Alabama Miteiuippi, Aikansas, Louisiana whose voice and frame and dignity of sums so.-Macon Talc-rn- ?A.. ... ." __ _--' ; \' I

a blvd an elevation of 130 feet. The statement I manner were more faciunling than they -.- .. -
I s' 11; i and Virginia HS the only hope of
'I. L..I- c:.. I "" of 4iepbut is lher>-for) no exxggerat bad ever before been, startled the whole I HAVE!: NOT Stc UALF YET.-The New .
-- -- of the nation.It .
--- --- tbe Constitution
STREET ion. It one looked Iroru the battlementt saving
1 i" tH I 284 No 94 BAY any St'natelnto manifa admiration, :and even
i ... li' .. 1 8 .1. tl into the valley he would\ bo gid. will doubtless/ be universally subUined, when he uttered! his most stinging accusations York Express "'J"lh"t one of the Radical )

I'U 14 I a 17 u4 1x1$14101617.8 J1Tsm G .dv, while his tight could not reach to for the rt'&lIonlite, have sUledthat thereare and sarcasms again the pArty and senator in Congress, who claims to be a d ,.

; &. H'i tlIS sa 8485 It jot SI tJ a u 45 August 17th 1667. 17m. Mich an ironMu"edep' h. Sect'ons' of the two in the the men who are trying to imitate Samson regular/ "Roundhead," on being remonstrated .
$4 S7 8121 SI t9 27 8819 so si now only pirties countrythe t
I 1 ancient wall o( Ophel! have been exhumed), by razing the pillars of constitutional government with the other day in that city overthe ..Jti'.
t UaJicals 1 who ttt due
S 1'4ie7P I 4 I 6! 'Z A WM. H. TDK>.. .,11. w. oopos.TISOX showing that M .lophuH says.it WHA j j"n.J are a military his bearing was' too manly and monstrous radical and destructive leg. -

i 10,11 tsitrjii .. 15ts = 9'1011 11 I314..14it .- to the M>uih- M t angle of the Temple. poli.m, and the Democrnlt who favor a his accent too free from anything moreWftonally I

U\l1 i 18 21 1017'18 4911'' 21. & GORDON, Aqueducts cisterns, rock-hewn channels! cuntiuuauce and ptr."rvatiuo of the Union [ off..n.ilban the honest indig- illation now afflicting tbe country, coollyreplied
.1 sa if ft1 tl 88 J U 11 1A 'f1 t. :tit 'have else l been discovered
t S 81 and |I"I"' HJI under the CoDRlitution. All who nation of a patriot to cause a single Sena- : ,

I t I 4 I 8 \'I x .a I @ t ) Il1r.nG C> .i i b
Ii j 1011 It I II \741 6 1 8 91011' IS light on the. building. the arrat'gr. fear ago when the star of Radicalism was quite worthy of Robe s piers and the i
'. 91111& 17iS192'81 lIlt 16 16 17 .1819 L4aN t AIM aJLtl.pideMERCHANTS rneuto, amt the b''rvietsuf I.1 lie T"lupl"- with the DeinociHtt. In no other way in the ascendnnt would have been cone
ts U SISO .$5 i1 2'1 11 it 11 24,2' S6 Tli walk of l vary worst of the sacs caluttea of the 1 .r
Hconipl exploration
i great | can they make their influence and votes lent enough of their power to quit the .
:- Wt 19 Si 1 I 14.1 1i:8 :tv Sit 113 .it It..>< !i. nt JeriKt'atu' i< tl.u fairly and| av'ril8ble In the cowing crisps-A'eiei and chamber and pay no atttenlion to ,whatever French revolution. h

j /l/11u11 : 4067bv10 4UIik.Ii.h$ ei'nIflektrd.. TIrnplN! 'r1Unr Herald. Senator Doolittle or any other Conservative .

'_:, u IS 14 lab 11 U 11 It 11 l4ill1617 visit of the Sultan and Giatid Viz.er to ... --- might any in it, exhibited a trepida TITK: New York Commercial Advertiser : .rt
I' I *>!SI 8188 84U lIlt 2n 11 11! ta 24 bear. ,.! Q this and the r
: : : a;p. country, -pretenl _CINCINNATI. Jllnaa'r-The municipal Lion and demorilization which they have Weed the
iOMIINJ"'i Thurlow of
tA X7 2$ s 25 2t\ ;!iti 29i'' It ( ) says measures : &:
f I lo the latter by th A-hbillhop election at \Vtssulmb'a.., resulted/ in fitor not shown to such an extent at any time Congress iu rc::ttd to the South srn t
b 'rE still rontii.qe bunrM! si th. old >t&n.lBA f"II.-.J H. they bier tarn l by II\ the
24&$71I 18 I" I 6 'I \It UI' of i he UeUJoirHtt, by au average mjoityof ; during past memorable fortnight. Slates will accomplish two objects, viz : '
STREET sad offer rvicsstoike .
$ 1 II 11,11 t4 11 U I II t 10 II 121314 9s Merchaiiisaiidrianler r f our 11 it l.lsoro s-ul. i:..nt 1 fifa hundred g.ato on the prevouiyeai. ..- ,- 'Inaugurate at the South I
17 11 t' stH >.212Y 1116 I'Z 18 19 jI' s'< \VnirrD and his. *,ilinirHl! ctHff, I h,,vemixilh negro supremacy ,
f 16ti and the adji> <>ntuoties for the sale of Cotton Conservative Couv iilion InT'lu" and overthrow Radical supremacy at the t.
2f so 8123 tt l ; ,
141 293k' si.d other Produce. also for r.rri'ing aud J down Mol :m psrrjaliru, r..m"y. Amonji the lost t hy the linking cf the.testflrr North t' and it udds suggestively that ..
t 31 i2& 111 I Out-too and MerchandiiK: 1" ei l Lass l up1k.lfriofl and thus I.roubt ,
1 4. 1 Y'845 :, I Eiueral near IbIS mouth of liedline' GAIVERTOS, January ?3-The/ Conservativr 'if this be the only way of relieving the r;
L tt to m.k a literal ai1anoron .OIl' fii ,-n-nv.4t'uiri andX
11 1st 67f'91 II 12 > are prepared 1I "I'I".fluni'i. Or. llrhard t'
: 7 191 1 8.\Ur.J.y l I't. ts'rre '
on Contentis-inat from let s
H a political us
I I II <>u- scourge t
11 u G r..1e! id this Utrtrf.or I I tdinhaeasljnurn country
> H >
IS It 1.16 n 1R l$9 oounpimruU Jllufltli.n puch"as ofcunrtl! UKirf
16 17 //1 19 n o..r ; aud
u MII.J lUu hier ; ibis chatuberm-td .d. Triv esxitui .. submit it I Indeed the .7
24 :0 :tli'li 2. jl 3.:3 24 eS t6 where i'lr..c.rr..J JIM* iorwar.ini to our I "lid l'-"id-.., l.rgr 1/i/l1I1..r, IIf Art'. Ul.uf. i sou wa toiiiiy.i 'I he le-olu to paiieutly. Scrip. = ..
sue-_ 'I'' n *> 27 tI! :v a. SII>l I friends in Liverpool. ew lurk, I'hilsdclldsis] Mil UI>lCl' s |;UJj.JERSEY lion .-..lltr..1| un..bernble determination to lures teach that evil is permitted that good I
i .r.I"lv" I I.w Irain.t tht III"n,1, are ... } .
i Booton or Baits more. &- --- -.
< tntlraKe. advise theYOlt" come.
They f.
I ilaving bad fifteen years experience iu the f.:j-r: hi In rinp ot'rl ; ant! lb* *-X>-,'t CITV, J.IIU..IY 14.-A large 'pponlJro may "" .\
t lo defeat the Convention if / '
t; : JOB WORK i 1P'.iut.p I.., ..iii-"<-...aful| xj.L.>rkti< n are now I, iu"-!\ tneetiiiiT l..ok pI( !"'a- in tbi. city l last if not to fleet dtili-gKU who will possible; : J .
roU" ComaliiloB Bniiit i I Writ k:- ii night iu support of il!>. coiii"tiuliou and IIl1ffl oppose N.ArusJanuar 30. 'Yesterday even.

I in Savannah ws hrs.. an ext.nd.kl and lI!:enrr. :t .. the I laws."' ->|''-e.h-ii were m<*deby! promi-J nrgr.s It: in r"p'.r1..II1.l&t" 8.1 tbt-rt will l loe a Con. ing the side of Vesuvius opposite to the 'Y. .1'

al &eciuaiaL&llee whjm we refer with cooflddUC MlsccgeutstI'.sr P"utelard. 11..11111I..11. Wtilcli, Wr en'buiaU'-Mlly MppUd -" c. n'inn''allyd kl GtUr->n IO Uiiilb; John- I gate of Castello Nuevo one of the fortifications .
1' rnmpU ud icitlj 1ttltd *, .hDI&oiAP us. (t'UJ.bd.>r3iJ. TliUjjro ton
rate <-publicnn of the tumbled outward bu-
-, I Betpeetfullj ] Lt.N \\ HKbil.g ifti WH fiu...| t2 000 : .1t'"DU\II.ill// ill1 j.i.liciirv.and re't j ,
several hourot and !
WK. 1I.Ti9ON. ruing passing carriages
1.!: AT m W.... W. GU&DOY.A1Sl'ltJI cud two years' 'WjHh.lvuWt'ntf"r marrying i-on"uuctiou acts ol Cungwi* Hii'lei"img i.I' G..uerltl ITanovk proceeds! to Austin The road is filled with rocks. The number '' .
": 17 6ta- ; a white trOD1 an.. [ the course of l'resldentuhuson. without here. ii
; l"t. ". .:;'PBXIX3ITAA OFFICE. Uf1. stoppitg of killed: uoknown 4;,:

.-. ,,: f.

..... V. J/
\ .

T\\ \ ,
T3a .. .- .
.! '--.- .. -. ;-:,1 1.

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J ... \ t
-..\ .. "' -.. .,... .
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.. "- ... \ 7r
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.f --'Ce. :...4t...-.'-.- .-... \ i ii

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.., ..
-=:", -- If- -" ; V I
.. I .
-.A. _..' '., . _, '.. .,. J. . :... ;IL. -- ; ;
.. ....... t V ...--

/ 1

I ,. V .. w -- : V
: V
V..4-V > .
V -y : ; I, :,' VV : : ,"v"? L. > .
: jt -- : ; : .. ', VIs. V
jrf-'TS '
7: :.- -k V.- "- :;. ". V .
.'Jf V .
'.,,. -.- -- ,"..,........' ,1. s..", -.s,.., >:__ f/".V ..- %"5.- ',_ .F- ",j. o.1f',_ .'. '.._ -" ., '..' effr.' ..< f.'t.-,
-. ., -. V.i.- I VV T-E. jr *= f<5 ", '-. .', '.,'. ;' '' svi
'' '' "
u_ 4 .V"c. :' -.r. /I'"_ .",I'"'., > "J. \'_ : ;. .
It- :rd0 .rJ
... w.I IV' I 7 .. -
: ( '
-' 1., "F\ 'V VVLV "|

V .y, .... ,. ..f'.,,-..J" ,1' i f0
/ .1 } ,
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.' i., ; 11 ,
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4 V V ,
vl"IIi : j ',;
't c.- 1-. V V ', ; ,
V W.: : 1 .f/ r :,' -'V V V V VVMV. .'
V .
-. V :
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.p' .
: V V ,.. V ._" :. .. aAs ., ".P' _. t'
-'V V V V.,. . V. V V VV V V -V V # ,__ V V 'V 1 '1 I'
U-.. :- -.. -- -,.. .' : V : ... ..__.i --I--' hb1_ -=-- V- V .. .
V -- V- V -
k V PLORIDIV FEMM11b1R. For Ute.r ninruar.Tampa Our Itclalious with Great Britain. .V Standing Over, Volcano. JTKO l V IVASHIACTO.V.WAspisoTOjry '. :Jtotrtismtub.Sala. i iW'
I and Us tn
Surronsadlisgi.V VPAIRf
)/ ).-- I If tLd U ih bUlb Tn the i idupatuh !I Do the Radical: -iitlieis V \ .
VV V }{ Washington j of Qongresscompreliaiui V '
:: ( :?.)) / Ilocsx.
i YPUBLISIIED EVERY SATURDAY. V ..JNo the tullll of what January 31.- \
tln/Niw Yoiic 1L1'Ii11t viiey
to World
: Well l; w)o In Tampa and lave kbnn- whuhw I I i aft dm tig Do they uii pnby! it ,our Tel liic column V : :,
EiIabILhed iu1L 'ant -graj' ', the edmen's llureau. -. .
V ( leisure to inspect and report and.'beg V i into which they are bringing tha country 1 !.

r, leave to sit again.* Tampa is ituled: in there r certainly ample food for serious r. I \Ve can find. no excuse fur iLrtn.regarding treolution withdrawing the referred assent :1: caab oYtle and for a evh.wagon or t V *-V :V

Section in those few th irliult'tlti"nllld i !, forruii of Ohio i to tha J4tb section was l' r V
contained Tli we. nn !
V j > J..o will for good beef cattle.4
Latitude 27.degrtes 4QVnxnotes( ] 'Nortbt, with ordersto we raoo thegi
O to tJo.mmiitoe
somewhat emphatic manner in which} tbcorreSOndentreitQTates V V niltide (!leif!,! ."tt'.t1d: i.ndbut treasonrtM ; the/mJiciary Call an l e4nn at our store, oppos.te tied
and one is forcibly reminded of its tropic. '! f; ue .tie fa11' (to l.l'eve I lint they report on the law question involved.! Florida V House.Feb. V i" ,

"V' ; al climate by &. 4oft-.plcy. breezes of bin statements nndtfje I f I arealnogibt.r wul!tjijit t.' just. .''fgvi tion The conference report' on I he cotton tax V V V .c;flA. 1&cr.AFr.-' V V V
.; JlinualjonstLat'l1 s is from I of Condition ot licb-nlitacut. aCie? ISGT'anJ'Ibe {hnfTaftfr De'ct'mber'l, 15, 1808.( '43-21. \
the They
far-off Isles of the Gulf. Here it i i.r i. \
V .
TAMfA. FLA. the l igbt s( $sources leave but little ,room have gone ou froru.oua: act/of 'I| l8t53. Vot 106 Jo 43. V i ".
QVpre1uD \
L; i r.. the middle of January and no frost yet.i .- i I SfexATEr.Ohio's( withdrawal of her a>.
to doubt that i if the report .is a little too and l\r< nny to atloiliVr, as ifihcre were Notice.i
't.i\4 : IATVRDt7Februnry,15:1saS.. i Surely this is the land of perpetual cprirg. no probability of ]>opu'ar! resi-lJince. En-j!I sent to the constitutional Mineiidiuebt created \ .

-I = -.---- V Unmistakably this is a delightful winter ,highly c.otoredor'th intention_ *" f uf Prtsit cruathrni-iil f.tr f rro.iJ.m-nt has beoutrwda ,. a tensa'.ion.: Mr. Johnson agreed '
r 4 ; ... -I B. 1 ,. IttlTCHEH, Editor.If t'Jobno cixggi-rsted, there i is nt. l lrM st.something t1rt.tI'e-lltrlid: ; .; with others, that absent could not be withdraw / PDlKTf TAYSftftr aJ, ).M: trrtl10| t1'I
uf the .v1-
clima ,
'. &N.At (e. More beautiful weather one can IV ur people, V nun JuJ/e of Probate of ; ?
f' V --"lJ eV"- Advertisement*, never see. Surely the mOOn'shines bright ; moe than mera'scnuliooal) ru (ntniior.! after Tiol.iiiou' i>f the giujaiilie-r n. It is stated that the Chairman off couctv for Af order to. the restatta'V-J\\

;-: '-1 _ti .AppUcatio'40 sell Land. ...A Henderson. mor lying at the.bottom.of tUU important tIlt! Constitution,just as if they wtie certain f, the! Senate JudTciary'Conjrnittee advises an longing to Floj-a ,VneuJer4on. a nunor. ".Ut.'

:'.:..l V V ..iLa tI Afulaa.d Wagon for sale-Grant & er and tbe stars are more brilliant in an. declaration.. B. S," is the that thepoj !ld would sequiec'eie I I immediate report on the Supreme 7 Gourt ted in.acoaot. t VV 1)tS' 1 ; V\
same : .
7.r.. crIfL: ",. Vii any,where eke on this cooti nent. An Italian ) 1 ., ..- nny aud everything ddne l l.y them. They V bill. V,V V V _. ". \nt .- b
: ::; V re pbn Jen t, U will te remembered who A motion m\de.in the McCardlecn No'6n
!have ( was.
could) be teantiful proceeded noun usurpation .
T : : sky scarcely more tousUIP\ I Feb.,15th Vi$. Y3. t .1.1
\ Advc* from New Hampshire continue bas recently -e todiMnisB; iton the gr.ouDJa..tst, : -
figured be lion. oblivious!
V : This is the for Invalids (for with' the ) quite prominently sucMiiiugly utterly to tLo n '
I place
( KJ tn6ifcH5g"Tnc defection the fact that there is want of jurisdiction ; 2d I. that tie appeal AGENTS .WANTED.AccuU .
among fore the public as the author of several I any 8<:DseoI. iiacjendencb I I II' !
it --- !V. V Jt pubbSirO extended that I here is balmy air and.dry atmosphere of Tampa I'' or aDlo'c. of lilcriy '{nTuuinIg i)!i i.* from judgment of the Uuitcd States wante&everywhere.to caavasrfot
IJ: : ..L.lC&Iee"atloobt of Democratic tictorj.gxiaoget they wo.ld hardly realize that it.was. .winter semi-official reports from Washington on the i-itizcr.s of ihs RcpulJic. "An.l among! : !I tat { Circuit Court in ease of original juri n\w.j
r 'I'IIl l thai at all. V various inportant subjects including the least, lLoy feem about to tko the final I 'I lion, *nd not from a case in which the C.\TE ibis is I mist iiitereiling. jnstniotiv

V :. was MJ.cot for the refusing arrest of to TreasrerQoe pay- The town is situated on' Tampa ,Bay- at recent official:report of the interview between stap from fr\<* gOHlIJ'Qt lo d>rm>il) iks.pot.iln i|I't'Circuit 3d Court the held Circuit appellate Court which jurisdiction issued and I'riate blutifuJ.asige-talfon.adort roetel with quotation V

: Paul .eveJ> public but for tbe mouth of : President 'Johnson and Genera' rt'l-'uLlica governnjeul Luting already ,'lonly; *. I tie so constructed that plioto3graphs
monej refusing Hillsborougb River on a bad "' V
tetome. under their the writ of habeas corpus no Jurisdiction -V BrId&and.BriJe10m5ft *. V
of both
:.M-i __:: -. V 'to miary fed over u'cce&sOr.thebooks of bis office to bi b high dry sand btacb.. The soil U as poor Grant i in i relation to tb' Stanton Imbroglio I, nullity, as far as ten Slates: are measures concerned a I ;:; of the case or proceeding under any readily iD rtd., fit is j urokAeVlpx>,r.cbeer. -

4IrV V ilitlriTrealurer It ;is slated bold of also! that as poor can be, except occasional spots for rr and wbicb basg: nerally been accepted as They pro| ce to constitute m iodividual I laW'. The argument will be continued. fully not unly, by.the marl V, Lut V by' those .
15,000 in4rril
; got conternplatin= '
V ,\:h Mr. Jones deposited ia a banking ia ; gardening purposes. Tbe streets are very embodying tbe testimony and opinions of autocrat over those Stales, and such others KETAlLi'KICK. fUt.' V V

the President as they, or perhaps he, choose to FROM SOUTH AMERICA.. .. tbouM h.u a V
.. &alLioD in i Atlanta.! sandy and one takes exercise in this matter. On this account onty Every Clergyman doe'O
: m ._Uf__- good I add to the number. Such is the rmaningof XKW YorK. Ftb. 1. -The .steamsbi I.V I. more. $t \?i per hour reah z...J bv &ulo1o" .
V. ;; "V. V the New York Herald publishes! a list walkiog over them. The town is laid oft 1 we anemone disposed to give credence 1. the fuppem! ntary reconstruction bill!I : Henry Chauucey' ha arrived from' Aspinwa'l V who! areeogj itl in >"ilii to tii>:m. 'any .u twllmg

-I V :failures for the past four,weeksamount- in acre.blocks: with wide streets andj i it to the telegram! and we have no which has just passed one Houe of bringing $1,3000,000 specie. -, to'and ncl tcrftis as ngent.ot receipt' (will of*tilt>"i
V Tf :'to brer eight million dollars Tnen-1.dW may be said of Tampa as John Randolph doubt circumstances will have the grc., Hud of the pending judiciary, bill Con-'i i Dr. Tgnncio Gomez, Minister from'Honduras AdireMt copy ltonl-r* 10 '. I,

dire occnred in New York city which the remaining of the SupreumCeurt and Xicaursgua, is.on.board. KEl'HAUT, C'lUDEU & BUG. t
% amount- effect of j-owcr rut.f-
I said of Washington that it is of attaching more.importance to i ic .
a 'city "
/ :1: to t2, 50tOtJO> and three hundred and i i. to be rendert-d of no effect. The Istbmi! news is unimportant.News V VVj YGi.la# i V

V per jfl9/V mounting to $ ,110.000. The'assets are distances,! and it only .Deeds houses .and very certain the entire press of the country piililicanisin in America is at an end.-- Orada lias been defeated at Arequ'pi! acd I E. W CLAlKValcMakcr :, i

-t.1lrM1.ilx w, V .boat one-fourth V V the_ _amount._ people,to make a Urge CtV7. Io the fore. and, especially, the Western journali There are many, Rod tha Radical Congress- retreated to I lay. The revolution i 1s' suc-! .t.

-T- of Lave- of- late -been in men are doubtless among thew, who beIteve ce stful. Arequipa was bombarded for thir "
the denouncing
. Douglas was invited tolectore in ground picture is tbe Garrison. pretty tho nation to be in the transition I

Larken; : .rideaoDe of the most Radical towns inC known as Ft. Drouke, a most beautiful and strong terms Secretary Seward's diplomacy stage between'republicanism and ty-si1 boors. I 1 ;

V .J ithsrbeI4$ Poooeciicut Jbe and was obliged to atop at lovely rpot. Like lL ,baance! .of Tampa with Great 'Britain! concerning the er goye.nment. \Ye are not of the strong number The cholcra is severe at ChcJjitec.V Honduras \ 8c \
_ wwera leading hotel in that place over buniay. '
;V fr ] The Jandlord! however, informed- :. the Garrison buildings became much di- rights of naturalized citizens: in England, who think thus. The American people At the Blair county V(Pennsylvania)) V TAMPA FLA.DBsprCTFULLY .

: 'lini that his boarders woold not albw a l"pidateJ'lurirlg the w will their ( it call aDdnarine
event?, never permit liberties to to
_ ;
V country
,aegro to kit at the public table! and so be ground is beautifully Mi.Jed with Live so alarmed that through his vacillation be taken away and a formal despotism. a resolution was hdopted instructing their 7. liU stock vffinVuciiiw.u.l JEWEI.

E.,1 was. served with meals ia his room. Mr. O.Is. The and weakness American whether of delegates to the State (Convention to vote lie.iaaU<> prepared: to repair W.JCE.CLotS 5 V
officer, Quarters, the com missary citizenship alroad one or many to be installed' I
N Douglass! wu indignant, bat Acquiesced.ErvjBK. for the nomination! of .Gen. Ilandcock *ND JI\uI. V
: 4. and the toMirrs) tents form quit a is of no practical value, and no longer over hem. The oppressive and despotic, Presidency. O. icc-In Guu d CRAST\Store.

V. QP7) .-Radical Journals in the South graphic picture. Co. B. 7 U. S. Infantry shields them from foreign oppression. policy of Congress baa been submitted to -
thus far because the
_ .f ''lave'Times ceased sjnce quoting Mr- from the abandoned New York commanded by M .j. COUDA is stationed cannot afford to ignore the hurnilat.ingoAct ballot io 1868 would ret people matters fell that rig ..the- FROM I ENGLAND. ; G. COVACEVIOHRESrECTFULLV V k

3&: Reconstruction Tub.Raymond Here is his tbe here, and it indeed. pleasant to know ( that there hare been several instances Bui for th.at consideration tbe usurpers XEW YORK Feb. 3.-It i is rumored here I inorr the citizens V

of,lie menageries, their work and opinion their that good feeling and pleasant' intercourse during the agitalion'of the Fenian troubles would have been, compelled to relinqtthhw at Ghnrles Francis Adams is about toithdraw I' surrounding country! .
their infamous policy long fiom England. that he has just received a fresh supply of J
'1 doom: exists between the military and the citizens. in Ireland, when American citizens .
The scheme is insisted upon. to deprive the G : C E R I E S / 4
convention in session in Virginia, On tbe eastern portion of the Garrison plat have been summarily arreUJ and cast into freemen of the United Stiles: of tbe' method RO ,
.I tbe Carolina, Georgia Louisiana Missisjtippi Tribunalbefore the Supreme consisting of V. *
Military part ,
V .ppli1 and Floridaafford! is an Indian mound of some dimensions.- prison &od their naturalization papers ridding tba country of Radical dorai lBACON' :
almost certain in Court. FLOUR. V
- MIX 'dications White a grave was being made for a roldier !- treated with perfect These nation most serious results may follow V l*
% ,. the fate that i is:. in store for the contempt. arbitrary [From the National Intelligencer.] '

V -API V whole business. It 5 i. not possible that last summer, quite a number of In., and despotic acts, too, have been I torious.tut freedom Gen.will Grant assuredly in his come oil vic The arguineuitin the Supreme Court V o UG\R, V'V'V ;; .!.V *
Aano thtae'dense masses ignorance can pro d ian relics was found such u an eartheri: p..rpc ira'to..l upon American citizen* who dictator will not. be kUtf-red to capacity march y yesterday relation to the McArdle cae, VV V : VV
All U dace at
ia.it aught and favorable the restoration of pot pipe. flinU for arrows, tow4hurk. line un-rt-Iy, f.s-r. known to svrnpailtizii n the he*d o( the army over a dishonored was brief, but impressive. The motion to : CORN. V ,V V
harmony, prosperity in the South. COFFEE.V
AdvelPI (or beads and some silver oin worn <>TI filt'' with llie tVmmi ('I'UIoo. ant Il! ill fit" rat- jet I ( institution) to Ink pos"s.ir>n of the adfnnce this cause on the docket was resisted
making constitutions there
can be fJ'o doubt that the conventions, will head. This wa doublfoM InJinn t-urj truIJ igit!! ,to Ifjjbt wheie. lLM wrong* Lave White House. 'iIie |OVII'. bavebeeu long *by the Senator; Trumbull of the and War Judge Department.Hugh V best quality.WIIISKET. V

1r I la' than ing ind of ) and .. oulTe'ing and] COILt'IUUi lo a fault:, but es, HI request Ton.\CCorlbt
worse failures. For they will wi- gro long standing serr Io been i"tlcl..J: l OS -In
u''o cur rount'yiu'-n, \<* liiHt they will not f.nIffVr. Thy know their JuJ;e Trumbull and his associate :, V

V dtn air the g1fbetwVeen the races, and in.ten* bring vividlv- to mind the ltJAttt. of that lie) BiitiMi I authorities been,nUd to produce nuliS! and knowing .1u<* nutinlata them? the motion on the ground that it was CALICOES.! *'
&t ,. distrust. with which each regards unftrlonate involved considerations. STOVE PIPES! ; SEEILESV .
race. Thtir name and nation The and jtol'uical ,
Wtutpwf the other. Tbe constitutions the lightest etnc, that anv. overt I 'proachin| will'encounter they frame has been effaced and bat a smull remnant act cr hooiite I IMJ fie". fair: and constitutional, and TLfcy pretended to claim that V V V U 4
1 the active or passi\8.oppo- remains in detnon'tratin cf any kin J, iu result submitted to l hv the l the case,was lot-" crimin tl I one, nn the far off Peace Ia.i.ts.' or
& Lion of Everglades.
: nearly the entire white bas been comm'tte .
; their SMOKING
V popula. rtI61'- t there will !Li.. Iou utm-ral nnd Ii- not, lh! 'reforcome tinder the rubs TORACCO.
ion JCl' HII
lctt and will not endure a month after the to their ashes. ..,, On the contrary these outrages tinvib >u in, ,ih \inh'aI liuu tf 1 popular: )Itbi-rU. uprising of the! court or (the act cf Congress V V Jut LEAD &C. V

trtmdo At fcayonet props shall.be. .withdrawn._ ." On the north and! east of the city is a I sanctioned'j truly t>y stupicion, the parties. and! coLStiiulion J
Florida V Radical Convention; small growth of oaks called the! 'serub.' who have suffered being intari.ibly naturalized ver winesed ou tlii. :continent.. None rt'guar'! place on the docket although they tion. 1,

k. &. 'TALLAHASSEE, Feb. 1.-A resolution I and is almost impenetrable! and serves to citizens who have in V other we My, than lat em li.hte cliosen coincide that the que-hon rested in the For Sa\c or "Bartert! .
Atf I time ntjl I> of tha Court.JuJre .
;in .l liii. retion
V .1V V .'otfered that no delegate now in the remind one' of a waleJcity. In this b eeo identified with the Fenian CItUill I will plrIHnlcS.ofr.ba inaugurated rijjht an ns I iheCorjstitution President! of the*, ;Black completely! riddled the position Country Prouct' lotryht at best .Jlarket

: .t.aD Governor Convention, Lieutenant; t* eligible Governor to the office of r scrub' the. few 'darkies' that are about ArntricA.Ye should not be urprii I Uoitelllal *. Arbitrary power and ne I of his opponent. With an eloquence price in Cash., V

4v.tn cf State, Auditor Treasurer Secretary Tampa are located and are by no mean' in Ll ten, lint rrjoica to learn tint this gO'fo tjro suprem'try rannot In subititu'fd! with I that commanJed a ueuhslika stillness

L.Vl V Public Lands; for, the space, or of Register ten of: a prosperous state.. How' many of them violation of the rules of io .rn"livu..llaw.) sinpunity t for free elections and) conslitu and a cogency that carried univer! .At lirowns WJ 1 Street .
yean that this criminal ; V
I I oual! The intend conviction was a Jtclson
.cau7. deriherWes.V front date. The resolution went over- un make a li.ing is yet unexplained.: and we may'adduiBsuling! menace to our have no l41\'l'rnUh-rlt.usurping tyrant in pope lieu of the constitutional toV case. II..refa.. a man arrested by Tampi Feb. 8th 1818. 42-tf ,

1' V A resolution offered *' Tampa is curiously built up. There is flag, in England's attempting to punish chief magistrate of the nation.In the millary authorities, and charged with

c- /1, b to'repeal the was asking Congress no main business street but stores are scattered American citizens for what she conceive view of what is going on at Wash V an alleg,'d criminal pffencs who was like!; Notice.V
cotton Laid
4.f t under.the role. ,. over over the town accordicz to the fancyor to be poitical! misdemeanors and this too i ingron it may well be said that Congress 10 06 punished by the military court ; and
I is standing over a volcano. If the bills towhil.h h 11:id applied for a writ habeas, corpus,in
Uar Tba' balance of tbe time was consumed convenience vof the builder. Usually when those act are performed on American ixr"ot.t1safterdte I will present my aeO -
we have alluded and! Grant order ti> avert a puuibrnent by a
iadebalaon th pa eonnti and a4 Kxectitorof )1aL
J n'uehfr
4. IIIit&r 1 V' of th* Committee recommittal on of tbe and reports there is a thriving bnsiuess done here but soil bejonJ! jurisdiction, and therefore l I'ro'p..'" to carry thrin out in their intention unknovrri to the J. w. Tho uniform usige will aid ta-nent of John Knbank d.cea.e
N.tb" ; pendog, which 1'rivilcges the Convention Election ad. ibe 'hard times,'tas fouad out this place not amenable to British law, is at b and :if, by such m-an he or any one of the court and I the eoactm?nt of Congress to the lon Jude of 1'robate of IlernandoConnty

.. ; 'journed.Bui u -well as others. The Cattle trade to Cuba last to be resented in a of 1m put/ is dei'hred Pretid-'Dt, in ro>i- rt'II'liuJllat such a cise should be heard nail Ex final oettlement of, and Jiehariefrom
proper spirit as iitoMiip. And wit) At the
.at.k: i in of civil In name
V liltla .order and which this ell in t empt cT the popular will the strong armor i advance\ any merely cause. time make Ji'lribuiion i of ,iidtate
dim no harmony pre upon country mainly) depends w as strict accordance with tbe established alltb. executions bke'pacc ecording-
this view might
ri" V vails.Io. freedom will a-t-uredly!! be raised to crush I to the I'roTi-ions of Iit willIElmy
b1"O the V Convention h hV bas not prospered. Consequently money laws and principles of our Govern them.-Louisville Couritr.THE under the military power authorizing G. WALL.

f"L1 VV today, the question I is scarce and bntiness dull. Rumor says ment. This report from Washington -V.-- ._. i this arrest even felonious murders ; CrookyieFel! C, 42Crjj.Notice. .
pending at adjournment WHS taken up anddisposed I Us s OF MAM'KE.-Farmers are and he wasted to know if the court would V
V f of that the ielD i-.eoekiy Wail Suamers means a great dell mere thn it bear ;
wbicb resulted in the denial aie upon apt to place too much depend"oce on man I take the resj-onsibilily) postponing a decision V

V V tiec4i of a seat to Boiler,'the delegate from lie i again to be started, and if so, this will give I its face, and i if it shall end in teaching ur<>, supposing that if I ih.y apply it insufficient for three years in a case of such T.S T.

--I A First District. A motion was carried to a new impetus to trade and business.V England that her old and iiJicuou! doctrine I- qwintily' nothing: tUe' is required transcendent: importance. :

hr postpone March. the whole nutter until the 1st of The business done in Tampa now is mostly of "once a sul.ject, always a subject," of them. Ihiserror i ii not of rourse of But.if tint authority was underntid by LL rrr ON's: ; hnvfnir .lc"nandi . A motion _1\
that ibis vote be reconsidered equ-iUy evil tcndencv'to tint of Z-iranah U. S-w. ?. lit of
no r< I' :
.i J using this court, if it even decided that for one 5tte ,
pta was made, and the motion to a barter trade ; Cotton, brought ia in the not, nn never will be recognized by I I manure at all, Ixit 1 was almost ready to half of this Republic one imperian domain Count 'rateor L1.n-i.li. ,tlt..I.1 Wlr rrf-)

-. t. V rtconsider was ordered to lie on the table.' seed and ginned, in tbe town, Hide*, Tallow the American Government ni \ni.l.i't! I,,cay that it was not very much lesi so. If ':I rivalling Europe in i its exhaualle re our'cc' i!ent them to dulr-3i.1 I j'ltleni.t". tate will I, ai.J nil I'r/f*

s.ki The excitement oo the eligibility con l la Bees-wax, Sajar and Syrup. The shall!) have a satisf.ictory mulemcnt, of the the WII! i it not properly prepared for its ,i' the provision of the Constitution requiring inJ.ttt.| to the urd..reiun..l."Iakf All Im..laldInrrent

.1a.t V tinues. No work has been do&a for which borsa.cart is a decided ioititntion of the question. Unless the important problem re(t.*pti.m. .n.1 if the nnrnird in not properly .. i iI I I a jury trial to a citizen was a dead >n* etititlel! to .l-trihnt..r er.lor.ty 11)-
the Convec\'on assembled I miidf prtxerred anJ applied it will wi. are lu-reby notifi.I '*.i lluirIv'm* will
Tit : is solved and tbat matl l letter the should! know .at the
speedily, we look I country '
: .Adjourned before noon tilj the 4Lb.V country and it i i. astonishing what drangbts may t'r little whether the manure heap resem I earliest that I at the xpirnti>>n vf two _j' .anr fr.>iuth
for moment we were living no
,' worse complication and I publienlion uf lb!< notice unU-M vsh4itcJ
t these Cuban It is said eventually serious bl-
V V Important ,I/Cfal rrccecdJn;. ponies bear. that a mountain or a mold liii). But it I l longer in a land ofIibrty.btdespotim.-' : within that time. V '
V the small horse io this trouble, such as cuhui I in cannot !expected that I should within .J
).u 'The I' dinza cf Governor Jen- des best country.By may ate It was unprecedented to res inch motion. DANIEL STANFORD,
I '
& enoticeorinjQoctioneened the way a countryman' asserts that one open bosti lilies. The facts are ugly, and the limits of one paper. give the minute Tbd Milijancase, which was precisely Qualified! utcuor.DitOW .

-; liii on general Kugtt ud OipUinsBockwall of his neighbors made a crop lau year they stare us in the,face in a most unpleasant of detail thegrrat of all points the practice is to cultivate involved. One l analogous! to thi*. had'y ben advinced I Fla.-. -T- no more
J about
tzI 'and Watson, may yet end in the with a horse fd manner, when we consider the I Wilhoutany question! being
on If l land than
clauglibaogh ; so cultivate well both it'l '
V much coveted decision of the Supreme you can as Ind though the court might be villitied,
V V Court the United States touching the the days of economy have not paiKej and 1 distracted condition .r f our country be to labor aDd manure. i it had been before. he called: upon thermo I j

o constitutionality of tbe reconstruction acts.T wonders have not ct'l&*ed. Tb llaylpo. hold the demon of (fanaticism' stalk'ng If you have moro Unl and lass money do their duty. PAYS
: I ater d\to. Twill' or-ply to
and I labor .
And wt doubt not but this is an incentive tato called 'Higbty,' is another remarkable; through the land creating division among than you can use with good effect -- -- II THIRTY. JuVa, ot 1i-ihate l wf IIeman 4
to prooeadin**. our turn n portion of the land into money -I County for an orJrr to ,.11 the- real *"'At" heonirin 'I
T The question however, take quite feature of the country they are an article people everywhere and disruption'I by selling it, and apply the proceeds to ,, OBITUARY. l ld ) to the estate of James; lcCJ.lan.ec'J ,

: V a diferent turn,and fail lto may reach the real of universal food and tale tbe pWe where unity should! and could dwell if the improvement of that .retained, and DIED.-In Tampa on the ;---I for distribution, tI.OT

of for the horse reason and justice held thus reduue the s;z4 nf farm to the capacity ALLES.uuoian
corn and
V issue wherein the motive of the suit bad i its [bread for 4e sway instead of your CniRLis F. MERAXDA, son of Mr. ( in.r
t of ltil
origin.The. VV family. They are exceedingly prolific) i intolerance_and partizansbip. It is ,a sad ,I I -instead your efficient of forcjs extend-labor and ABEL MEC\NDA, in the sixteenth year 0(1( flronkevflk. February_5t1>, J68. ".
3 power acts of is removal, aDder vested the in reconstrnction the- grow all the year and grow t<* an enormois fact that, Owiuglo the mis-legiilation i of]I stinted money forces over too trying wide a surface,your and his age. Sheriffs Sale. V '

1 clearly size. Congress we ire illy !'! thus CIHULIE was a good boyBy his
prepared to assert weakening them and destroying their
V bands of tbe District commander. It is V '1! amiability lie had endeared himself to all POLK COUXTV.JfoitJay .
VIATOR. our rights at this critical efficiency.i .
probable that the plaint.iff'.iII concede 10 ._. juncture and ... who knew him. His loss lo his bereaved: ] V V V -
much. Bat the immediate to yet the appointed time bas come and tbe I VV V Pirt i..VarcA.
: The Macon is irreparable he was their only
4 Messenger that Goi parents ; I
i I
be settled i iii whether the of ii says I IfConres! passes the bill 1e 13rin.- thAt( ::
by terms iupicious hour
arrived >
be1 Jenkins baa had General). Uuger r5 when we should! | child. DY ncn-r\tT110ntITYC'1T.n: ; lf .
j 'reconstruction acts the Provisional Governor I. Rockwell and Wlu the military Capts.: Ktle this question so that there be1nc I it shall} !! take two'thirds of the juJgc to I 1) l I have this dv! : levied on and
I bas lb. power to 5ane his. warrant : poi teu now holding a.on.the office .r..: can decide ar; int the!, constitutionality of one ALSO-Mrs. Ass M. AoKtssln the 2Ist trill olfe"for <"I.! in front t>f the Court house
Governor left for V
_ 4 'upoa Treasury for money with which : Secretary room further: mi>appreh'nvona : of its acts, the Suprrine Court mny aol, ; year of her age.Departed I atDartow, Fla., on th. l st Mon.Uv in March, j
1i1 pf Sate, Trea urei an'II! .'o the Jli.slt.1 intention ext, lIO nn.ch (.f th* s,. ;\ j of the X. \" .
ta defray the expenses of Constitution n- Coml'l roller of our ('vy diiji.tlrM will ,1"'i.I\ 4'14! bill uOl'oo.I'.n. nt'' $.,
General. erve l with a no'ire j and the X.V.. i of theS. w. of S. '
this life lh T.
I I on 6lh inst., j 4. tl
al Convention runout tL. t'onnl aid invalid Hut then Congress .
to in 00 rights of iLl naturaliz-.l! i R. 23 S. 1 n:
V appear Washington I the I" will .ati-f, the State
.s and
But (which is rather .I on of :1 : will rely! i'!! a'lv the) Gem ml! of Ilirtow: FU after a long anJ painful ill !
.suppose improbaHe February, as b. will oo that file citii.,4 nl.u>H'l, The *el! f' ollll.I.U''fI! ofibw upon the County t.-xir* of Dnaiel Slush fur the year
\ \!\ V
1, ) bat the plaintiff should! gain the cafe, : of injunction & Central a > \ s..H'r.w..rJ Y i : HMBV, lo uverri.iibs! I -iprnind C urt deoision. nes, EDlar IiROY. otf o.J M. k I r J.Ii'V'67.. V V 'I.
will then c. Mead *nJ and Miuiet.r J' Alhlll, l'ft : t HAVMVN. aged l eight aol .tLS? .
who ,b Governor, Mr. Jenkins General) Grant have TIll ennctni-nt ')f 'jfh a bill : V W.nlu tweclytifA :
l1 GtneraUDierJ, The power of removal served with similar, no doubt. i'rn nKo tJ"j..t.t i, J."III.) ". w'.U!) me.tIIt hut I w.riiM (.. iiitiltin:: in.r.. II'r I.,--, than! n d.-cliUHtUMi t day. I KV VIRTUE of authority vwtel in me, I '
a notic l
I admitted(which uDder the law is .undeztiable "Capt. Jones La ken parol y. this until tim.. t i i" inokr'te! to lie .\ m-reean p.<>[ie I of: bv th. \I.y'S'H'HV! .l.p) rttu-nt ltt that: V ..>:"/?je'in! tins front Jar'of!levie-1 the on. and will offer for

p / ) what authority bas Governor Jenkins first of July.! I Jo n't know the cituisofjii tlie* I all pirte, whj f "re uniifd) a. t'ttli-)Vj Dec'sity .5 i' h t lI'fH'l"l V absa'u'.e: [">*'er jn the G,>r- ltd f5V n"'nt. Jar *f t*<.h it ttiif /my-loin of, "n the 1st Moid Court ay in loti March-e )oor next.at Bartow M-

'V y.J-;, any., for more retaining than any possession other private of gentlecst. tbs.1 MW parole Capt., as it Jones wa cot yesterday.written GUI hut. alien I Umn I tor all of tljvj ifinnnil'n"hi ;luve h"p..t;fought IUI.I! |nni promotion ol>t I ueJ orr.imnt. -_,.. i I.r Jltattii.- --_._ _-_,-. ____ _-. .__. .__, ,_ __ 1 I IMASOKK3 of inn.-hof f the S.: the W, }F of. i Sc-1 of the ia.V T.W 2J J of an1 1L23 the E. w J \\
t I
V State archives and the books of the Treas.nry Nrs IlVVK' will\ itisfy the Mate nnJ County Takes of
that h< is not to leave home the citizer.hij under the tars mid .1.all.-W -TiiI I. mo- I
f And i if neither Governor Jenkins or city and who 'tiip' NOTICE. : .ruri M: .in f<)rlu< year ')7. V
without permssion: and 'em;tnd tint lh honored title cratiixl ilt i (C-'tivniti n in! uv'.ed a tiik Tuts25 '
presume that bes : l! Jtmiirv. '3. '
-It 2b1 Treasurer Jones are longer invested under dartS' un AmerkanitizeniouJ! ) nfe et Ii.I--.l| l \. (;.,\.tll.r l Ell *', |h. : 7
will uku
the too. means to prove p im Th.-rj will a thr! of IIili.1( IOBEIt'ILKISOX.!: SVriff I l
1 with authority over Treasury who test tbe legality of I port tnroujioul the civilized worlJ.-Sat' llr.dbiti: ;ni were j ptt.1 euJorsing I'rei- l.t rtg m-eting ,
JV1 V. then) i ie' Their successors of course ;- Jlcllrnrr hisV arrestCorrtupondtnt. -.. ill Republican V iJeul Johnson 4 borough Lodge, Xo. i5, F \\.\. M, held EXClUj.i.Tax Asi'r J!; Coll!,'ctor. 1

!21 and these successors, being officers of the -_ _..... I -...... ,t; at thfir Lod:.. Room: this evening at ': Darrow"FIL.l t 'C3. 4'J Ids. .i
*; "J9!! army;dare not (onder tba army regulations -I your Ileutt sympathy, but close A JAcao?., January 'J3.-JlonorabW.! o'ekskA, full attemlarceis requested.Visiting I A FINE LOT OF A '"
roan 1
,V ) fail or refjse to obey the orders ofV I it to despondency. The flower which! Cause. he scihi" on to studying Uw, be- L. :.Vliark.') E. M. V dIm 10 and Al U, \I I m"mb r of 'jjood standing :rf; in; Moves jOlt received from COOK '
I their officers. V snidhe was mth: a" Iraky little Ilnnly have been appoint to' respectfully: invited to attend. i iI New : .'
to rectire
Vd superior 'I opens the dew, shots ab"h:si rascal auJ J'L'r" ectlh : I I f '" 1)1'1"/"< r''r. hooRp Dill and f>r J
t a V Atlanta, Opinion, Slit. tai:. talent. hewantcd to Laaor bis cLef; J' mocrHic party of .Missi-sippi in the I I 0. B.\\CCr.\FrSec\ c-:. 5514*, at \YaIfifHore on the cor J'V
I IV National: Dcinociali ll.n cr.
V f V V. ; CotBCiiitce. j February 1t1J 1G8.V VV I

- 1 V J
-p- V
$t*V V .A
N 4
V .
M3v .VV V 'V V ;;

4 :
1r V I _


# #TTVE.S!,

,l ._ r.,

tl ..
V ___$, :. -.'_or-- ._ -. ; ". r .
." I- -- -V-- r # .. ._ l' _cI

__7 ,, ..J -.. ,,.'...-,. .. ,.k''', -
-- -- :
,y------T- .. .... 'A ?, .
... @ -
'iI' -
,,, :: '
: .
_. "
-. Iii Y-,.. I : : ... -
-- ""': ...." '( ;;; : > ... ;,...- -t-
-- :: ':= / 3
; ." -- ,. r'. < -. -70 j.j._
?'o : : ::; ../ ..
.. ; -- ;;
.., a"
-a- '
_ -'J.ra" .-------J-p- :
.. -- .
-. 4 _
'!" :-4 !f>o. ,- ..;:__ .-:.: _...._ -' 4ad '.
... '
t.JtfiJ .; .
..,.- : :::. ."' ..r"t' ..,. .# ; J;
.+ :; oW'r ..1.-' .'.. K!::.. -' 'r; :4i
.. : ..... -- ..
X. :-. .. .-.!. .. -'... .. .
_ & & ., -- -
: .
e-T-- .
& '
,, ., -
/l'; : .c: ti'f f : .
% _. .C' r .? .. ,
f Nr \/!! <- r' ;. .
$ : :
.. f' _, ,
:; t. .. I. "
) :
< .,. '-_ ,. v .. ;i &,i 2-l\ .: .. _
4 4 V<1V .; ,{ .., ... .. : \' ;. .
;. -: 'I '. \ .. _;' r : : "- ,
> "
y s ...
-... 2 4 -; -! '
I '
__ \ 1
:s- '
: .
:Y: "''-, ..., .. -
: I"
'il" "
.. ): '...
'it )', \ .-' '"
,Jt' ...
,f., \ .. w ... .
,." ... '.':. ;r. ._ --
: :: "' /
_____ ___ I>' :
I::... ""' -- -v. .at-- ..,_..... ..- -.. _,'- _. JoIf........ illhl iJi..._. ... _. .__ _,_ .... ... _...- ..'. ---.- \ooo__ .' -..... .. --: .. ....,'

i .... -fl'e .. _.___;..=; :
; ''U'tl.: ." : .. ; .:7-r--- \ .'... 9-
1JWFLO111$1 r l \ TR :- Jllf. ttit5 tn guttn I '(Q3olvmyREMOVAL iitO UtrfjstJRC11 -, ..__' -; '. ,'!;'ir'

," .- .." .. ., -- .
t I k /' -- r'=:r- = ;== -

.l -' ; 1 :...1 J 1. L 'OFtEiG(! !' D'& : r"" D 1\ ..GSM ti.o :: F _T .

...' .1 OFfICE % S 'U Lt R. The subscriberJha.'removed to YcCarty'olJ -Jail Received end for"tale oy-' i :

.i : ,, _- ..I.ivt....-...11 &"'Vo.to' .*,;'..., ex \ ..- und"oaTasningUn Street ,tufaf, E.. A. DR. BRANCH' A LL PERs* HAVING' DEMANDS '. I
: MwClL3 M.. DLitBkC Go's;where h* offer? for'asle Dry J Ig&inst .
-4 : I. ,- Worm Confections uate AYildf late of ;
,r ] cf WBI r \
{ I ii Goo.i. Groceries Hardware. 3oots A Shoes Fahnestbcks'
6 .. .AzD : t ll .. : ,J lsboronjh! VStaU of.Fhrida, decd. +
t : ; ,. L9 't. % t t 'I Saddles Crockery. Ac, Ac.. forsalo cheap for ( mine,) > :
11t j a aoj A cash White Note Paper, will present th\.ilf| authenticated without ,; .
country t-roduce. Culland '
MAILS -.. .-,* '.' -. "- 1'1* -.. A'A 'ALLUSV White S Cuvclopes, delay, and all Indebted to Mj; estate .J

: .; 'WechaNJapu4i Sabrd.y. >> Nov.. 167 29tf. Pain Killer, a the arreqnet: to-. jmm.- jata payment3 :
Coast U b4] W'hS\\.1\\OWi< Hops underigned.| crejjtor an4 person :
:4 on arrival of t '! When \\\ \ I. *
? e C
Orlvcnt snitE Spirits! of Turpentine, nt'lltd.ttr. lrn nro hereby notified ,' ,
and l D .
Key \ ." ., t c1um"e fa
Wells'! Pla.tew,, -aCorn tarred at emits-
I J..J. f.. & .:4.. New Arrival: I!
,p- ? '. A' :. -4 :;March tit* '. s i itcd L ion 01.t within.o that ycare tit,tMs'date, unless ei'hib.! :, ,:

r Carmine ..jCastiKs l
D .. '::0 \ "' !. :
p&'P'I Att Jitl0.-- Soap A3 WILDER. ; i;
.. I "' : .
"SOlDgtonAI\OW.rbq1. rjttntuteit.do: .A t,,'," ,. STOP STOP ,A$ UOK' IN .I /tf,t Received ly Steamer.\4 lila pce.tY' ." .Glne iforpliine, etc,, -. :, h Jan' 20th'67. .ddmini.trator.8"... ', -):J '-.

.,... .. Paste, .. :J'
,.' .._ 4 .Jujube "
: lE.:1tL."i :
iii .
1H > THIEF- -e- ,. : ;i jl .O'HTE Liref pool SoIL 'Browindsor. Soap,Pill .. T-Ne. --1; j
We:vish the; jkia 2 : Coffee, Cheese, Shalle.flpe.rgers'Ague: "
: < 'person \ Bnlli arsaparilla,
r ; ; :, Ur Bucket and Lye fyl from .. HAVE JUST RECElT A FRESII Hr01fD sugar, *Cnshed Bug.; WhitconVbe Asthma Remedy; Thereby forewarn at on5 from ira,1in :

please return tkem. a* We *t : : :'AT. .. H supply of Groceries and 4W Stock of : n our, Hams : 4)tic, : : Batchelora Uair Dye, : \ uotet\ Ly George Well:* I ,. 5

others. if te1Laeew; .tbst :' Lardf Philot6ken, ,, ,.- to W, JU Cowart, furT&eyear old Stcere,
L .. 'poison hi the pot they Dr1: Q= :; Mew Pork Seltzer Aperient, $:; due 1st Jay of All I, 1S'.he said \lilt. wa.s ,
fcof* he or ehe, may sot find '. Condenied Milk, Quinine l Io.< ; ,

k-. get a good dW,And""thai .t >& I jn nfu o. Crackers, Podophvllin, TIIO vriLDnr., I ,
Cholera Uttt 7 r J Matches, Jan. 29th.. 4 ,j
tb : ;;tbi Snail : > Ac. Ayers P"l'8oJa'nea' 41tf. ..
Ac. -
4 ,
to Coogma "We will fir: WhIch ve ropcctfully invite 'oriends to PilKWrights' '" '

till out\hefdcHe L I Pills, '. ;:
...;:', l' _t Cheap for Cath, or Country Produc "_ Notie.- .
: -L Call and Ex a .. e .' .0 -JlcLanes. Pills.Mrs .

j. ;j t: osrurrfox TUB (G3.lr fi9 Wislars: Windows Balsam Soothing of'Wild Syrup Cherry person' having ,Umaa ajnst |he .. ,
**-S km- 'tbj* b8!1"po: <. : A. A. ALLEN.it : ALL James L. '"etc'' ? .
Carbolic &Acid me of Polk .. t
*ei t<> betaken in
0 to up qUlrT I TruMts. Shellac, Matches Ac., Ac, Ac. county doc-d, will present tb'uIJ', MtU% ,nti. ... Its
Ing ter.: "Uixhitig'goid sjwatVeiiav' "xj ; Flour, Bieon ( XtCartf'i old Stand Washington street All of, which 1 shall be happy to exchange cated. without delay, and ons inacbtea '
; can etna: Lajd Sugar, .. to said e tale are requested
Circulation : tOke jmrne ii.
u.ampa for greenbacks. .
sUccalitoliW6'ogv nliou
: S. C. Hams Butter i t6-the .
payment Undersiirnellerejitor4
*UrC thici: < Fla, NOT 9th. 18R7. i 'f : .
; a pMiod : 29 tSEW
Cheese Coffee, and entitled to distnbunotihed
: ... .:idfo-vnltM* ritfi4by t&a }- @o JLo nJIJm1IDmIl1J] persons are hereby .
Syrup, that their claims will
% at the .
.-rbe Vte"Joi'leJ6a 'e '&O Sograckers, GOODS NEW\ GOODS expiration of two-years from tb1f tct uuleU .. -NIk

r ey izt THE I Butter Crackers. Soda Crackers, I Bread .' INVITES the rub- exhibited within th'at lim :>. 1 ... .

*. '*. *** t1'A'.I. t eir*prfn.. ,doot .* ... .. ,. rich Potatoes, Oaious Kauins,Sarj Candy. o. .. t 7 RESPECTFULLY examine his stock or THOMAS F. WILtlAi. ,lm>
+ .: -.' ... .. Caudles, Soap, Ins Received tfrom.Itew York B artowFle. Dec. 14th. 1867FINAL .Sw ...... r.
;,p'i\,, c(: koL, Starch Concentrated Lye, __________ .
Condensed Milk f i- -' i SE1-TL ;;.% t "::.
Ther* Is probability Enclilnstard, ; FALL X T ,
...a toe'U.S.: atJd England, gr NS: U..L A R Matches Tobacco GeneraV\ Assortment' SIX month after Jut* I will r"'' C\\ nc L :
lOnetUeDentortbe \ ,- f : and vouchers to the Hon. ,
\ f.e
: 1

the imprisonment of > j. N Wood Tobacco Screws:; ',,TacLs Pipes, Cigars Wh, sails, 01? eID( DBJ
tba,U. S .. Pocket Knives V dt "
by England. Shot, c ceased anJ at the same time will a--k f"'la- !
Its* these.grave qu ,rioo will !; Uifle Powder, Turkey Shot:; chafge ftom fuither adimnictrslion thr d .

k ,out aa appeal .to 'turn*. malll Pistol Caps Mnslet Eh'sWatenfCapg Caps',_ DRY) GOODS : Just received from New York, by tboJfartha JAMEs' (GE1TI: AJ. '- ,..
that Tamps, May Is t, 1 4);. :i4. .
) peac tsjtbt tta Gents Pocket C i4iAc. '. : Aiz, consisting of jf

;. rnmenU.. .-A. .. \IT TO' EDny-; @ J JA 'i o DRY GOODS. Noke0 l ,#

,-' 'In* 'CRAT1Ara1r : poo.1 we't Calicoes, Irish Linen. tings -Such as.- .......
.l"111 ntIJdjor Dixie. bleached and unbleached Shirtin:>: vaJulu.d & SHOES PERSONS( having ,domar.-l against tt. 't
BketiAu orLife bs Ie ( JJe Whirling, Check* Veili,y Calicoes olciery dc" crl p Ion, ALL cf W. John Hooker late of Manatee b

tie of a'Handsome volumn,1u ; .11, ANT S. Jeans Flannels. Hickory tril] county }'IIL. deceived, will t.rrent them I";
BsonrEK.& Co.. Atlanta, G Bed Tkkitg l Denima, WLitt DeLaine*, Pant's Clo.th FURNITURE. duly authenticated, and all persons: indebtedto ,
t Th.re.u 4 cerUin portion Shirts, Calico and Hickory bhir Worsted; BIeachdiJomestics, the said estate are reque .M to make immediate t- 'I

wffl never go}5nto4he rc>gu a good a,s't of Coats' Thread Sev Dress Goods, v DomestIcs" J YANKEE NOTIONS, payment to the unI..r jlnf'.l All 1 J
eatodied in romance or j> OTHERS Silk, Flax Floss flack Mohair Brai:lkAl creditors and persons entitled to distribution > {h
'44 reapartofjt, and will. if ]
; to succeeding generationa 1& lair Pius'. India Hubbtr Coat Hutlt Hickory: Towels, 1l.\.l\.D'V .'\. E@n barred at the expiration of two jean from tbi". .J
piritol the conflict than Letter Paper "ote Paptr Buft Indian Orchad Sheeting, date, unless uhILlt.,1"IUHn that time. -.
careful narrative of event, EiiTelttpeM, White Envelop', Marlboro Stripes, I VVRIGHTCAllLTON '
be called gOMip. the fun, the : ; GOOD, Bill Cap Paper. GilleU Table Linen, Blankets, Administrator. ---I
O" ,
This illoitrate tb. Steel Pens, d Ac. 11 &00 .
t7 : :e. I ff .
Ladies Manatee Fin. Jan.10th
Cloaks Dre&i 18e; 408wEXECUTOR'S
the humor ob e aoldierj( \. Allof wliiche t'oft' rto'our ,friends and.. : Trimmings i

tnen,the Bravery: yfoied. tom .11J at liberal prices Also to his Fine and Good supply ofGroceries NOTICE. i
roe*, the romance and For Cuh or Country Produce: Laics and Cents' Taper and Linen Collars,
Ffetn the Wf jt\DlliDgolthe ; AS' PERSONS: indebted to the Estate of the
: GIn ALL .
Z1r : rs A CALL.j
b.en.ngag 4 in collecting Kentucky Jeans Umbrellas!, Ginghams JameGtttirfdeceased,will please me .
CHANT CKAHIt forward and make! CI.ety I and all. I ,
t connected with or i1Iu.ti' ti. payment; -

grouped and clarified them 1 onr old Mind oppoMtr: tLr Florida Hoi ': SUNSHADES, pel-funs Laurn; dcmaudi against:; t.ii-l Estate .' t t '

Lead, and in a very Tampa, >o\. ICfb! 167. 80'tf. :1' will present them duly authenticated to theundeisigned ""
The buoV outeiiU AGENCY qualified Executor. i.' .........
4 Balmorals.fJloop-SkirtB.
: .. .*, ,. J. F. HENDERSON.: '4.
tcout -
picket '
-. eap battlefield. with spy.thrilltne! [ f... Look: : TlThi'eIFYOU : JFclir, CQ/r& Just Received from :,.few Orleans. Tamra Fla. Dec. 21st 18&';. 35-w tl
: ,
; drellery*. comical and .,

4;. found Amubfttiieota in every paffe* well, a*M ino IAN EMPLOY. ; Also: !] m @c& IEl.9 otieee \

witt'and authentic Lulory. WANTC- :v'FALL&WINTER
Wove in this work of -- A Fine Lot oft ALL PERSONS hnrin? demand againt the _. :
L' ( I .
itisjusteueb a volume Ot & ll latt' of Jonlan Hancock, late of Polk
ciiitttj- rJ
and uch County, deceased! Are rcqn.Sitf to prijent
our purchasers just ; ,
,' a ekwir to aci..a. wok 1 : rtjl1a: CardaJn. thu Direc 'Re'sua e Cohinb.oD:1G Nov. 163ot-f. them Iuly iCithenlicated. without delay ; and r-:...r ti.....
I hereby gIve notice to all creditors legatee \C;
: U.
lUt : ;
r: their :"j _
j > .... s'I Dili"GOODS : and persons entitled la distribution, that their t
claim and d mandj.nu t b* exhiLitvd! > I,
jn4ppci141o he l HENDERSON nllOCERIES, GROCEIES, ? < > to me '
c SOl"". Law within two year* from tI.i date, or the sam t.
-CALL AN!) EXAMINE-: E .Ji'J6 wI-8 j will ,be plead in bar of their recovery; and all :
Xation t and -
.Tbe arJf.l'uLIH
.... lb) Lccgrsi: roc! knocks (the Persimmon persons indebted.to faid estate are requested
d'y'.y'j"Freemen to make immediate .
: e a.- hoes, Spades payment.JAS.T. -
that the clatch of nsur Lay, E. A. CLARKE fcCO'SiEW Oren..'SpiJers. .. 't: IlAXDCOCK.Adm'r.

c4 throat of roar Minister ( and Solicitor in Equity. Frymir Pans, L.' ('.r. COYACEVIC11 IAl TUA J. IIAXDCOCK, Adm'x. .

your ,Ue cberou cerranU, Tea Kettle, })tc. I1tb, laG, Sw. '
destroy your Con. STOCK CookiniStovci!, .. Having l\>6<\:evon! of said! Pole continueto .1v
your Chief Magistral*,*, .Lair Tucket Kni knock down the prices of Groceries. 3
T&1e1ive: % @tRceo
; ? and Solicitors }in Egnity- ;ltj : ;
rewired abpegallpg
apODj p"on a. .. \ t !
,. brfoch of four ;)". I ace Chains Horse and Mule Collars \
i.L PERSON'S: h.vinlt demands against th" >
their perfidious hinds, and Physician, DRY GOOD Barnes Ac., Ac., He hasjust received from New Orleans, per 1\ relate of Eli Adkin, late of 1lU: -I''roni.L! '
.- inolish all reitmintof in Drugs and Medicines. Calieo Prints, schooner: lU-L, a new supply of i county in the stat.. of n..ri.l.1. d' .,.,.,,,,...,1.1 wIll \' \
n ttreet opposite Ferris. Ging'iam, t'rent. them) lulv autiivntientvd. 'Orlin'l taw ., ; >
i ds troy all the dep1rt 1) :Merino% Also : CORN FLOUR, l ; ....
even Ibeir, own, and ) : Muslin TIe> Lnincft i. in.lt-I.te-i \ \ ..ft.A.
I payment
from your sovereign I Physician. w ICfIMUsIit CROCKERYof TOBACCO to the uiuVr!&' &;II.L All trrditom and ,
t.fio.te.t of* 'military Irish linen, ALE roriKii. f person* entitled to dNtiibntion are hvr>'by notified \' ;
free list ece, \ that their claims will l.. barred the '
: people of the great CONDENSED IIU11XWAHE\:, > At -
: Every D ext: rip t Ion.o" '
chains ar 'prged;. th&l i it .Jdgt'in: !! expiration of two jear,, fn>in tha .Iatn% units : ,
"' Good*. Hardware, 11l..lllUntl, 1 presentedxitlMit that time. .
were, are'&krpened; the rie*. Western! Produce Ac ::'birtingsShe.tin .""."'.. '3o- Social Circla Chewing Tobacco. ANNM J..I\-.AJmrx.\ ---1": ...j

tia ordeiVwrrtUni : MorgaajtreeU -f Candies Tampa Fla., Jln.It)., 1SCS. :v7; 8-w. \
each OD cfjroa what ml Drilling, WQ'OBWAIS] Ej? Almonds -
0' Marlboro A Hickory 8tl.il'e.Heoims Pecans,
wb.it HIt be *li".H
pertr the '; ? Goods, Gro eriel. Ch..cb.K'y Jenny, 10"l Pails Bucket Measure, Maiket Baskets Butter Nuts Notice. .i
,* And
sU yciififtwJ Casllimt're Flannels other article iucJid the
many by
Hardware Clothing, Ac. Pantry na ket.cl. with top, Berrel people _..,
Call -
bra znidnigbt.arrnt; IB Hou!e. Bonnet Kibbong Ladies Belt Covers, Bra-s WireSift-. and sco.Tampa.Jan. I
the aimed *cn Buttons Balmorals llth I! LfFANCY.PRINTS ALL persons having <'' d{
wpr'h | Skirts, ers, Brooms (.f Isaac W ..:r .lInll" a:: I..uh 'to
.en; lr\-ot1r 'ftel.1t & co.. Hoop Ladiea and Lawns Gent's. Ac., Ac; .- county in the .- ""t..rti. l..tt. \.'... t..I". ill
: tf ..
;: OD the JUvh roa S die i ) ("o0d4. Hardware Fnr- Gloves, Collars, Boots.Mioea. present the "'j 1-1 .alt'.l. .nlnll r'er- ..

drum, .e it dr\ ps .tr .*t Saddlery. Clothing Ac \esUUnder. A Over shirts. Kentucky Jeans.Bleacled make hnm(! lia",".'- ):I\'wt'nt* t") the nndr iicned. \
11ar10n .
recto. All editors entitled ditributifto
@Ir OmiC( g J Cotton. and! l'r"on to
the P1'J that yet'tt LADIES' BONNETS, Table Cloths. by the will! are ht-reby noUded! that their t
loogae.V tell you : eG Jalius will bebarre.lat. expiration t.ft\\'o .

Court is to be atriick Good Clothing. Yankee OF TilE LATEST Tea, Bugar Bacon Lard Hams, RIo Towelliag. years from this date, units c.xlubiud within ...x.,...
FASIIIOX Flour. Starch Swift, SaleratusCheeM .
Soup Undershirts '
baanciofthe) !l, Hardware, Crockery, thattluie. ...
qual from (' 4'ril't. Patent leJicioello Peaches"Cherries!. Candy Can Fruits, Just ftereired from JVirw Orleans, per PLTF.P.. PLATT. I
Jfc Franklin streets. Children's Hut schooner hill and llvtcutor. : i\
tripod: for sale by ii .
of Tomato Ca ,
that the 'III" "IL
great -
Tama. Pec. JUt IS -.. C5:: SwFrom .
t be brokda up that 1 Fine Lot of SADDLE, and BRIDLES, Pepper MustaVd, B. C. LEONARDY.: II
: 'temptes your betrayers '.tern Pro.JoPe. Groerie, Bill, Spurs, Girlh, Collars, It.II CoppttHs Oil Gincer Allspice.ero KOy.1Glb. So it.Ei1RESII STOLEN. : ,
% -en .'Uaidwara '
: ps. and groin the Gennis ..IIt D VIt E. Vs. 1'otash, Hard Breud Crackers of alldiptiuna 1 I CODFISH I
,po wrenching Y, ", Powder I j recidcnce the fi'I I
ou night '
Pocket A Table Knives Files, floor 4 PadLockr. Oolong Tea my \
a few wMrhet.drant Good Hardware, Clo .Axes, Trace Cliamg.llucii, bhovcU, oet'd ;hot. Lead, I You : Hyw Tea, 16th of April, 107, a swell 't
power loathsome with {;rO<'t'rit'% J !welrr Ac. screws A laik*, Drauitig Kuivea UatchetsGun Gun Caps,Chewing Tobacco, ,. bay Horse, (tallion.) about V ycars! ;.. J
blood nod mad with lot : Aoent. Cap Fry Pain Tea Kettles,, :boioking:; Tobacco, BlackPepper, old ; pony built and h.lia email blaze iuh, ...

: powertlbroujh jh l : Iron Pou, Bake O'l'ell'.l, tc. Ac.: J:e., Artillery Matches, faue. .. ; 'r.
liberties 's Goo LS Hardware Crock- Just Rccei red per ,nch'r Dill an J for ale A liberal reward will1.e {riven for the d<>, i .
te out lOUt *.<(-c. .
:ed, four Go'nstitutioD1 \ line of Steamers! Also, aiplendid i issorlmcnti 50 a fine Lot of SADDLES, at B. C. LEONARDY'S.Nor. livery ten miles of south the horse of Brooksville to rue at my or any rei.1rnce.in for. I

"puti'ho; di6lt'IYed, and ; blnl ton and Monroe streets .. Cth. 30 t(. million in regard. to him. *In that I can get him -' :
nslions for. Tubs, Piggins Churn; Meve Brooms. Brass Brid1d, &c. I will pay 1 hundred IMlars for any infur.' ..
:fd amotig Bound Flour
n> J L Writ
-S p liuvkcts, Horse matiun tliit-f. '
BARRELS that will! convict (lie \Q
Dee, tn'yoar fiery Good ru.hu.t: combs AAO Helve.d.c. .
Hardware. Tin Also: SYRUP .\}) \ WlltTFIELD.Brooksville ,f ,
r with'the lighlntng.of J>otion Groceries. Ac. Pan. Paiis% l'l4f.4Ifj. ; Buckeu, cup, cotfee-pots Whiskey, ,April 16th 1867. C2: I I'

coobinaiioo Smoking Tobacco ,
jlhja-devilish ot:
Alnc Lot of HATS SIIOES'Rothor
greed.- Shake cflC* the ) EAETHENWAEE &c. & Tubs, : '

.hich |Jays you opine in r Good Hardware F1iti.-Auii. lir.1N1. &t lJUlller-:..""" Core- Gentlemen and Ladies Just received, hyCOVAGEVICH. For Sale J .
; .
: Groceries d.c.. 1.* i /Cuitre.: Mile, BuwUl'lalUra I'tlcbvta :
:ind 1 e: "not the *un Laifayet BtreeLI &.... tiI1&8Wl1r.-TuwL1t'tIl I Gobblers, Children and Ballet.Bits "- -. .

late>bak nlhe earth ,J'rur ruchew, ::alt (;"Uarf. & 4 -
'tread.. Galber, 'ia.eyer1 ; Kt-lualuc laWj& LADIES'DRESS SI10ES, t.; _. 1t ,
: FINE i'Xji 4AFINT. .
land, from Export to A ". GoM*, Hardware, Tin ...... Satin, harness.- II. -0
.< .t G u o c i: ic i L: NEW BUGGY, without j
t li u ry, GNce!',... Ac .s, MMO'I Buff Brogans .
t11., but' : I .
up to HTa o old stand. ; y it perfectly new and in gLcd .
!:* I &Jrfun-W& A small lot of running orJur. .r'
tioo. Jhewindingthe: Cktetf, Fllol Bread, BotJrr, Raising Candy ::.1' Crockery, ,
ja:wor.D and 4ta cqlUn' $ Odol, JhtarJ.jlrJlprrl( Gun Tube, -.41,0- r. I. ;!.?
be buried f rauge Grore" HouL CoiTee Pots Corks A GOOD TWO lIOltil\VAGON.: with:har l.. :

.ytd.'.. ,' .' rirr, x l'ipes lieu, Ac.: la good runni-ig order. It :.J

-' O e Tta, tolTff Milk Pans Measures'AaDJhssi : ,! Canary Seat L 1 I The' above article I will ell cheap for Cash -4 !

t-" : Tn"'PII ; :: and Repairer. Sugar, Soap, Just Received, and for vale Cheap at I .] can ls seen at. any time by calling at .. ,I i J JI
I my hor. ,:
o1o.-TLeza.bas t'unillts.JIatthrs, (! : ffj? CJsslj" B. C. LEOX AI lJY':;;. ,
nl"nn'br.o=bua ..jb U., I of Saddles and IIarnn Smoking & Chewiu; Tobrcto i 1 K! rjvne till : Nov. I JlENrXil.tL.F. :. .
,: .. i 3vtf.FAXer Tampa: ::;"pt. 2th.. :23 If. a ;.
t it&ifL iI qpcnllh _._ .
t Ptc ft :
I i And many ether arti les too tiunif rous tomenli. nc I J 1I
UIDU.' 8 .to 10 cti. t ., ..n, ",'hich"to: invite our friend to call and\ CANDIES, Information Wanted, \ :,
I .
;1Jifr: CtolOct. *1f'r in Confectionaries I examine: At.J Ntlil. rtll for lluins, llriJ'tiui '
'..,. I i, (kind examine the Goods for yourselves I OF !, ) formerly a .
Powt, 10 to 12cls. Crushed Sugir: *.i] of l>r. Lively and was taken: from Tampa

b ,CifloKWB, :5.h 30 cfc; q&: rot. qpOUllh tiJ> Maccaron', during the war l>y come ei l
., BtnTEB 60 Ct*. ;. Toom. : : to ttoe,, //1. A. ALLEN. & Veitnicilli, carried Key VV'ert. When last heard from -
the in
wus ApalaohicoU, Ha. informatiuii
Eo6g, 25 eta per doz. Just Received, find for Sl cheap at rejrnrdiu her will be rcooived .
Cor glaJly by
E. A. CLARKE & CO. Washington A Mirhn Street
:J7ToL9l S ct. per B. C. LEONARDY'S. her mother!

; 'inLow, 8 ell per lb. !; and Clock Repairer. Tampa, Flavor; SOtb.Jl: F&;. Zj.toc. -'T3s. Tie. Octo'5th. 1ST- 4ttlc. Nov. IS'.li. og; Tanrs, ,in. ANN WELLS. -f

r \ I

\: ; / ,. ". : ,
..:.:;.. ;'

.. ,
3' '5,
4 j .


I' -, -.....
'- ---.... f
i .,;- -I--
'II. ... ., ;0.. *
.. : I .,,-. .... .. j. ,.' 2 I -.-- --
,. : ..'"' __ "'"' -- -

._ ... ._ ',;.. ,: .t"r': :.;5.M-- --.55- -- ;_.!v:5a ,. ; .-JO'o'-.v.-...,>.... .J. .

.; :: y. ,r.'i: '.T't. ,:...., "; ,- S .
.,, .... S -....t., .. ...
.: ... ..-' 1 .
... < ; ..
C. -- "\\j : ...
'- .. .... I a. I

: .r .j S .... -. -. :1 ..r.::
,if-\ ....l. tJ
4j A r; .0<- ., ".f "
II.' .' .":\,, : ... "\- 'S. -.. -. ..
;; : '' \ \ : J .. .. : I1I
# : V J
I ; '
:: 't.'t '' '
.. . .. ,, '''r, ,j'.. '
; .1r-'R'
I ., .. r .
) Y' '
"' -" .. 1' ( .; ::. 'l\
: -. t ; J : .. ,
_" :! :"T_, ; .', 1" \ ',., '"..-:_<" ) .:.. ;Ji- I' "' .
._ 'I"I "< -S 'I 1' ..r S
L ', _
7j.f. .JL .' '
; .5- '<' "ip 40. P. :
.. '
... .'f' -- 5'k 5 ., \ .
; :4r
; .. --4- -

\( /.; : ; PI4OR1Dt FM -- .

ft". SS
.. S t ".
I .1
.t .

Eitabllfi I 1 .A The C.tzfi,'.-e ....a. J.tteuys lller"wb"- ;: i Kt- i&. I ., -t' J: rt 5- --- ..1 1:_.: UQ titwrHb! I IXaLVO : nibotrtjMmtnt1.;, jfrgai S Vrtirrs.Notice.. 5-:- J -- '

count OiliforaU in your mod.estlinsteaM ; .;:..-. .. .. .........1 ..Y.DRtUOX. 18C8 !
: the flrU wheat. frowiBg; o,ai, ia V : : .

the UnioD. '"'1'b.C&IU'oraii'lwbeat'rnp ..I l .]L-JJo IItj( gP.9.'t.'lP'B _o_

1.507 did not aUjDoab short: 2U.OCO.OOO Southern Favorite )t )KTn AFTER THE DATE ..DEREeor.l
I O shall), at Administrator, on the r.atat.1or
.iI: buh4& M;, Je.Ldd, pot':in erd that PArpEs! -AND- o Wm. Csmey deceased present my f!;-

: amount and. as'jlrreli. d Lull, $;ZO. iD aoeouDofta '
: ttT1 I and vouchers to the Ben. Judge oi t
: :TAMPA PtAT -- I,gold per bushel il.fylfts lhai ". are today .-. ANn- BUEKE-STOKLY !'l'olk comity for a final settlement and M
P f.J .V >$0.000OOQ Utt.*, ttf/: .>rit A
; '"'. B &Y. 1'.10. .... the f atoi of ..OUU.UOIi gtQr.* ot w Q3titraI J ( smisiDu'J1UJ." : : .FOB BOYS AND CIRLS.BKACTIFCLLI tioit JOHN U. PEARCE Adm'rflartw ;
.. "; and and t in.n'-ual.ir ',/ .
..; rl brandt an aiu '
'" I August 10th. 67. 18- : :: .. .1"1", : <' ....: ; ,.Bp .IJ. I'IA fruit .crop, tnj yoo .bave *i>", iJe* uf the ..yR........ .. =- (." 0. :1 Ufo UNWfc.fG.'Kn' rf ofIettally Inform I ILL [ S TAT ED.Fri '

: ',-'''' J''f : Ji* realised by i Ibe la/rrmr* (>f C.Ulur .-(..) ,) .. |I.ut.s; ;Ih.1 II. *''" jai>t reesi'eI1 a .t
monty "
) I-
.e.JJeo.tr' t It.\li".h' weJ s4ed Dry Notice.
___- -- L. a-A A'I. "
.. ....
.7 .. '4. O. "- bin last year.According. > II isrsls.trc ," l Prtti to be
;V,&. ". of a fr.....t. t.JL R.i fl.r> inr.> ( Crockery \ '<>Kfr> bMlhsSoethera .
f' A blot the f .. literal drJtl't. D'Int'1fl ,
., on to the n-pori of lb. av*. / mir rf! r- I' T'I' ". ."" ,t, .. aNd talented .
w : AfvLiItb.fVIosr. tI:1"'> young ,
$ .
: t. 1'. : "last 1 lI fir Ii 'r.tt Pt1 ti f fAugui W7EK9 AFTERDATE, I will apply
Los prodocKl IIr SIX
Angtloe year r f
r "Wi :c ":",: .-. .Wbos.beutqPrv.t.noth4e1&k pDunty flfternln. I .: .. ll It jfiprririnttd ill Iii lion. Judge of Probate of HiII.bop'
,= .: ," "I 000,000 gmllons of w iy. and 100.000 gal I Bttnli.I"pr !: fr"I'r; I I I. r,("u.. IU ; (Ullulrgl oufih.County for letters of Administration

'; .,;.... 'W'O'OD' of sT1 ottar. looa of brandy ; anti ibis year I8U.OOUbnnhejs lanl- e!" ...-f1Td : i S r 5 I. ( ..,1.1 !t>. < ,.. on_ the Estate of Julie Lavinns lake of said .--

t rfJ' K. ADd fto' ;...... of 1bOOOOptbaraudI3,* ; "--.,j luirln-:. iijlUl. C 1c. '- \\\re are iiow publishing Jaruosr. laJIJL Comity,
t F &. Then lei us weu .f:our... brotJau. a-ra, l"ti1'l, : ..; 'r'i.. Uisr. 1"11"1<0 I 1 a .,- : ..I In lli;p Voting I.to"t", and deceased.ROBERT W ITEHURST.Kn. .
The annual of r" _
c. of .h. 'crop or.
; --_ Or..1r n u1him. at aU.. 000 l. -' --- S S \J.-y. tei.'t J'uidei'",, Jack 1)u/.II. or 4 'toy's itttrt its 7Vx .
sages is worth 4387.0CK, waJais 'J05.Ou WM.1EE A J 1 II 0 liP ""lit'*. 1SJu.ei one, of Fanniii inii, -i-ronoUi/ced "equ*! to
cvvr I A smflior .fri '-" \; iud ol l ioioun 185,000. Tbe average UaUhea. the I..t of JUyne lleuT Ilc>riea." We shall Notice. .'

'bl1.j j 8ospleioa calM aDd tt.d1lt utlk. of productions per acre cultivate i i. LOCating :';;-lnt5! Ac. .begin inthe, first numtier of 1898. a thrilling '

'p ..... ADd xhna orUef lDay bib&kenP1 given at $L28. Tbe Los Angtlos' New. .' story, by a ladv of Virginia"entitled "Hut
b1 'lD be&rtqt are boteit..ndi ':ryA. -0- luvrss! : A late of the H'ar which will run \ :

.. .. 1181. : -OF for several month. Notice
How ofte1.igkt.MnjU! of glAdeett 'By the passage of a abolishing tblen DRY ODS A TRIMMINGS. Among the rgnlr contribotore to BCKKK'

i .- la wort11" that we meet
To COT er*' full of ladDess. the : DrillinCali..oe&! Muslin, H. Cross; Mr Ford; Miss Mary( J. Uphser ofVa. Q IX MONTHS from this date I shall presentmy
1' /Coo aebowledce defeat. hum this city to some point oo Bay pf Muslin ea. Assorted Braid foj dress .. and other .3 accounts and vouchers to the HOB.

I ', i OOPJ San Pedro! the pr.*eni figures will le more Ta. bindinins, Needles ',Ihr'eiid! T&ulli--$2 many a year in advance; Three copies Judge of Probate of Manatee County for a final

I .ci. How oft aigh of dejection tbao quadrupled. .And toe Angelos is Tampa uired, Sewing Silk as't'd fur (5 ; Five copie for $8; Ten copies for f 15 settlement on the Estate of Stephen P. .

t. I .'. : ( T. h J from hypoentea:. breast. but a third rate county 'ir population ,and S-0- ct. Floss "al"| ''' Elastic, and Twenty-one copies for $3<) Hooker dec'dand ask to be discharged /rodthe
J trat and .8.ctionsuspicion lies n..nis Hd'k'ffs; further administration of raid Estate. S
Ir4o is tat chance for all White. Bl icV, male
i> comrmraiive?. development of ber resource Now Clergyman aud Teachers: furnished at |1 50
t to ree Israle to HOMK3 nn the acit 4; ChiiJr..n'l1I0u. JOHN PARKER. ad..r.Oct. .
Or secure
t'L\ ::: r The it most be rememheredareio : per annum. -
Public Domain. Oentoi with the lIumber.llac.k 26th. 1867 6m.
: The volume begins July *
Uo"JD L friend wehol4 "For Uncle Sam is rich enough uumbers can b., supplied from the
I .yioblest&ea>otion conceal the .A rd. PERSONS demand
btimolalcd by great uoce* our far e first and all yearly subniriu-n rrceite ALL having agsiriitthe .
\I nI ... .AD*om* the purest, siMcrwt, To give us all a farm I" may of William P. Rogers, late of Polk
/: f men are taking bold with renewed eoeigy READQ": CI. TJJI: i(}s AcCost the number for the first six month, stitchedin
hJ : MenU they caooot reveal.jvMM SUt Land for Sale at 50 Cts county, deceased will! prevent them duly au ,
Per sino this present raicy" .season has set iu.aud u : ,an Uie"ats.Aei an elegant illuminated cover.Address without .
t clods to harbor suspicion it ii cerialn thai in lees ball acre. Look out that Irnpror J. W. BURKE & CO.. thenticated delay and all person
., fc.nj J amallooM to trar..ut detects now 'we your fuHMer, JrWrn, Ceo. indebted to said estate are requested to make1

"thus j/ttrs be a noble ambition; line 1.000.OOO( aiire. in wheat alone.. ment3 are nit entered Den 1'alm Dusters Hats, Jan llth. ew4LAGENTS immediate payment to the undersigned. All .' S

: s: c r bat i* the wind that ..rnpeta.N4rkft Gtv! Itie, nvvragv n/lbiriy bushels' per acrSIMJ from under flats creditor and person entitled to distribution
-1 Leghorn
one' California yon are hereby notifitJ that their claim wiI I Le
: f of know rstunatei., I low.} lor. I UantoD Braid Hat. WANTED FOR TIlE barred at the xpiatiw.! < s'fe.o rir 1/11\ lie
noae .u oo* another Ill, MUll Land* Smmd) and form ..
theirtev. ADd: oft into errors we fall; -and wesLall have 136,000,000"- Wool Hats; Jackets.And date! unlefS u*. ..il"! .' 'r< *.;r. II 1' .t 'tinn.'V. : .
........ .lof brat. This eats Wiseoniintandplwe lets fiiifMtfed Shirts Gray .'. .'. .?.
-: '_. }beo let n* spcaar well of our brother. \ I' 1It1.I.: : : );.U'I.) V.-i
: : -' J Or speak cot about Lisa at all Clifoinia .in the front raok.of whet July 6th. 18 7. 116m. thoee. Ante they Lived Fought a ml Died'for to..iJt.tt PI" \R'fo; .....:..'X ;. Sflirt.ss.

t i pruducino$ Statwa. S. Brushes, Dixie with Incident and bkelcht, J- I t.-1 I tC':; >v 8w: _

A oatberlP CbildT. Lament REWSF1PEI 1DTERTISI56 !GE cr. Blacking in the Confet/rrary
I Our tuo crop is of small account and ic.. ste.S of Life ':,
P. c.. tb. b ily abd oat crops will, perhaps, belii 't 1-0- Comprising Narratives of I>l'IOnalJvel.tult', Not ) S

\1 '/ Mamma, th.1u1 y Christmas ere, tb..o ia. 1866. hot the aggregate, E E. 'OVEBALL4CO. Army Lilt Navy Adventure, Home Life, ( ,..

I But tell me, can it bet you ,..u..*., .ill$ t. rDormooa. And yet ltUYAHE&c.oyWare 1'artisan Daring, Life in the Camp Field ",..1 .
t with the *, lb. lid. peii < ..# havi: : '''c'Uau-l' i.ia -l tho *';- .
< Together Song '
; .. / It brings smile fsee CHlitoMitN i ii but in bertarns' half ( ALL
-.J r upon your -not AUTHORIZED AOE\1 "FOR h'"s 4 .Forks Anecdotes and Humorous Ii.cidenta of the .... of Isaac Water, lateut I llI.b.'iush! 4

r .. : t I No merriment to me. nut. _. qnarter! dwrUipvu. What a future OOIIS, War f.*r Southern Independent-: coonty in the :Mate of Florida, deceased will 4pleent

:. }.' : ;!. I am weary of tbete suow-clsd hills, .I.e."'".. I lfbi,, berl! With all her drawl SOUTIIKRN NEWSI'Al'rls.Omre : Nailo, (Ms'td "ite ,) fTHIKRE is a certain poiliou of the Wtr' that them >li.imih...- ited and sll persons ;, '..

';t I If o longer would I roam l...ck-and ibrv, am m&D-.b.: if the Gun tube WreucLe*,, JL will never go into the regular histour. indebted to s..d! >. -i :ire desired to : I
; make immediate
be embodied in romance or which pymei l is Ui. uudersigned. ,#
Shot, nor poetry
t L_: \ Oh, take m| back to the orange grove, tale 1,0 live i iu after iiIl_ : 118 Cowman Adjoin- Powder, : is a very r.all'.rL of it, and will, if preserved All rreditbi and persons entitled to dislnba- .
.r.w JLl our deserted home 1 .TlercbnnDi Eirhanje UOWM.Haw Caps .. courey to succeeding generation a better idea tion by the will, art hereby notirVI that their '
ALL DIG! 10 Ihtl policy1 it jiuguraled by Writing Paper of the spirit of the conflict than many dry reports claims will bebarredal expiration of two

kta 1 Our:parlor looks so dark to-night; G-lwr.1 M.....l", ot fillia g the vaaocies ol Oirlaaim, -' J ,a.jyThe Envelopes, or careful narratives of event ana this i years from this date, unless exhibited within .

\ We have no Christmas tree;< aufh S-ni "m.r. **' tie may feel called Branch office of our Agency br I GilleU Steel Pens:: part may IMJcalled the1us.sip, the fun, the pathos that time. '.

; I ,.. > wnb military *x>alhcrt N.w' sill be in Ntor Ink fcc. tc. ,.f the war. T'is: illustrates\ the chnracter TETER I'LATT.Exevwter.. j"
Ncf 14 }\o dainties table tJlUhll. "' i rmprcmble pars| opened '
on our spread
; humor .J .
of the soldiers
of the the
leaders ,
.. .. ..\\'.. York city, on the 1st. of January 1868, to And hare have on hand a well selected
ffic- tbe M .
rn, -.OII McSMii-g MI : Tam Dee. .
!.pp .n< 11 amm a,1.ow can itbej } which we invite the attention of Publisher bLotS the derolionof women, the biavery of men, a. Fla. 21st 18S7. M 8w ">q-r .

.AU, : : I -; The graM at- home i* soft and green ; (brg t\ cats ibis farlio the aiittulton' of the slid Advertisers. the pluck of our heroes the iutnnce and hard' -t- :

loafing .woitlile niggeiand tti. cr a' TIN WARE. ships of the service.
ia ai, The skies are bright above, S Notice.
Valiant and Brave H arted the Pictnr
The < ,
wbooi ii fit to ,
tore wvrv tut call menpwhiles.
.A.d1'e ; ; And little birds sing j N. Advertising tales furnished al.ou, Su"ilk and Dramatic the and Murvel.
\ merrily Pan" e.que Witty
.. ho'ar.., Making in ibis place, soil
: Their of joy and love, Iffiee.Deo.. Milk Strsiner ous, the Tender and Pathetic, and the whole ;;:
; i .' songs -A LL rF.R"O:: hnvinc drmard against thee
SaT tnDMbtu have did
< prevent maoicipal Uth.1867. (4tf.LOUVRE Panorama of the War here
1! i Tin Bucket (with covers.) are thrillingly PO' t1 .'.. auihoiiii'S remofed. It save them Tin tr,, .t'.1 in a masterly manner; at once historical
may ,
I long to .breathe the pure fresh air, county in the Stale of )Florida deceased willprenD&
pen, iuk, paper time and probably from a -Tin Pistes. and romantic rendering it the most ample, them duly authenticated, aevordin to
To those blue skies *
see bright brilliant and readable book that the
q. Pr for Gen. Meade Coffee Pot si unique
I' proeceuiiuu forgery. to law without delay, and all "person* inoVKtedto
htt4: \ To wander o'er our garden.wall, give him his dne, seems to baY. diacuvcrod war UM called forth. tbe said estate will make imm.*] *'- parment. -
perlf I A."thVr: r'"cle,, mention Amusement as well as instruction mar be
And chare too nnmeron to
;. theb.utterflies; the alter and innate rottenness ro tLe U'-'Ieniffird. All rf-fioi' ciii
very thoroughly .h we i'l sri)) at prior to "LET L1\'L.'' found in every page! a* graphic deUil. biiJIi-:! ,, "ai..c
e.utte't .Ii..tr
I ) to h..t..b
to the tall : ne-
_: see pine tree*, petit
of the dirty creatures in Oeorgi. _* -*. 4 ant wit, and authentic liifiory. are eKiiifulit. !
OR NT & CRAFT. ti6v.1 sisaL I b..i ir claim will b! barred at the
.lor', For through their boughs to-day who lacking the ingeoniiy tq steal' au. interwoven in this work of literary art. expintion of two vestfrom this date, unless :

.\A1 J The wind is sighing m cm m fully, the courage to rob, have t-.kvn refuge in Tt/M Sweat having purchased the entire "f;; Tampa, Fla.37. Send for Circular. and see our terms and a presented, within that tim#. I
TT interest the late of this fash .
trwi proprietor 'Y4' : 4-tL full description of the work. Address
Because that 'lat-citadal: of those who are bank .. ANN M. Al>KINS, AdmVr.Tampa .
we stay away. ..$'!c saloon, stnonnpe," to his frirnds ansi JONES BROTllEItS st CO.. Atlanta, C.e.
..1 rnptio eveiyiblng .,Ux-tb.t p'ofeIo tl) t th;ry rnbliethat hr will ...>..U'itly k -epoahi"1 Jan. llth Sg-it Fix, Jan. 4th, 1868. :37 8-.. .
i' '. ily child yOur simple, artless, speech, of IUlf.OM; "lojriiltj. S full supply i.f frfrjiiH!'y fOH todri -
; -Makes tears unbidden start; If this ineiuiicnnt i .. _k for hot. or eo1w.ts.t! -ir\ Civ liirail ". x>ok Here 5
vugabond sn. "loyn.ly" :
..,.n : The light t. dim wilhin our home, in lo "p..t" u* Us 'liMiiktuI U. 5 \ T, and Jnfv trvtbe\1"fine WinV', L>q,i .re..' Gin. <<"... STEVENS HOUSE. Notice
167. 6
.vCIIIJ.41!.0.! ; i Cent out within my heart. General Mtfsnie seems ilCIi-IUJeIssU iu k.-'t.< .._mp/i. _- _. -.. r B MAVI Jt' :.
; '?, : And If across our darkened r.tla.t the bumtowis who bank on it out ..f i THIRTY DAYS AFTER PATE. 1 shall a* j
WAI5 H. IIAR.n.lS) Oj'l>* -- 1 Hope casts a trembling gleam rewards .long M paihle' ? of the Estate of Joab Griffin

poll t Tis but the phantom of a joy .._. < >N. I lIE.: EUR''IK: : \N I'LAN. deceased' apply to the lion. Piobate Court '.
CKOCKIUFS( ; i ( ) : :
.Uta ; The of drum.I A Lnnisviile Ibe glue of'tb Pd':>1KVKNS: : HOUSE i. well and widelet 0! Hillsburvuuh. Cofoty, in the State of Flor.
I' \ l'_ BBoekery a pepIMIys 'O-nt, I ,ow,. I" the traveling public. The loca- .ula, for an order to sell the following descri \

s: 1 [ tOne promise sweet raslaia toe now I Blue Grass regiuD conidri iL. brvwb (I' ,'ih .. ". .'..! : i h'" 'ri" .-rj'. ..-' a.I.], .Miitub't to mtrt-haut and bed Heal Estate, vii: 1 .
I \ I' :\ \\ n- !
refuse oflrr of The S, E, iOO
JS fl, 139
I > bocpiulityio an manugr I..l.si.ieesltsr.. i ills ill clu'o proxiuity to thy cont'n'g -83- acres.-
Ac f To suffering: ones.\is give ; It jOstsnc. ifaocasn of a\young lady wi. : \v "f I.' r j i j !IfCOI S !0 ,:M i ill d 1 r.itiiii-a< |'iirl ..fIL" ciIJ-a" o-i Ih.! liuhway The :\. W. i..e 7T. 84, kange 18.E coa- a

: 4 That they who bear the cross on earth wa vngngvd w fifty or. u, from ivcoiu. ..vr." ::1 'r' ''' lilj .i ICnllJ: "(':I..H Mti> <.fMUjt'icin: IOn I Wtntrrn Iravrl-.l! n'lj"ovntto taint isv 56-UHJacres.

j '" the i in i ml I". .. all tl. : iUiiroad Steamboat do.Ituta. TheN.EisNE i 11t: ST. 84 S, Range
,. Shall wear crown heaven Lie3IsrImUL to Biigadier, \while! Uiiiuon! SIIOB. 1LH S ?' l"r t cntltinit j i'I".t''I'| it> an 17 E.
l containing :S6 4i-loo.eree.
; One giit alone I claim a* .ounit.:1' in IbOl'.e aDd who ;: i i"i.1., %.11. ". \\'I. willtid: .-iivur t<> S
I : / was pasts, finally ma' The Stevens Ione has liberal aceomrooda- And lot* 241, Block 23, in the city of Tanvpa.
I ;: : Upon the coming morn, ned a farmer. I,' :1:11": '10 M-I..1| ..' pi'<'('. tions far over .tIa> guests!-it is well furnished according to the survey of I860, contain- linn

SI ,L J' :!: One gift from b..eD-A glorious boon- \. TAMPA F: I RIO 1U .. To Ii,., .wd let Liet? and pos'e enery modern improvement for : i acre. .

4 / I The promised Savior bo ra. THE Springfield ((Ill-noi*) Rpuo,n in I feel a**a red tht 1 I." | ir .i i,> woiV th" -0- the entertainment ot its inmate The rooms Fur the purpn of paying the eebtsof said

_c r ; onus vll itiierestwd that the 0-gro anoutbirn < will please the nn... ,,..; ;.'uiW.-rk (I ItftCIIt: I i: are spacious and well ventilated-provided drceaed and for the distribution among his gJ
1. ._ If
b will not b.s the firems. every style done to ....1. r.i< "'. qureiion OliX} FI.OUK. BACON
1 L. 'latest iroprnvrmeal in stock is n JOHN JACKSON
: .L 1 ed. Shop in the Old i".suIir Office. and respectful-and the table is generously
F pew breed of ea' in Vermont whi..h Lav* ODe to Presidenlialcleotion.. 1iiqi' : Oct. 1tb 1 87 tf 29 LAUD. PUGAK. "'sYKUJ' provided with every delicacy of the season Administrator. a
w Uila; only MO inch long. The advantage Tbe great question wbicb mu.' bond mel ,. .-.......- KICK vt moderate rates. Tampa. Fla NOT, 80th,867. 12w -65 S 1
t : .1. claim) for such tail tbxt decided 'n ibe 1It111 P.fIoideD'.i.1 cammgn CEO. K. CHASE 1
ia tbvy CO
can nut IiEF:>K
0 : etQLer, a rocking cba'tr or be stepped. > will b., the a.ljuslment( of the nation BUTTER "R.\ CJ\EH-o! aug.17-17 6m Proprietors. Notice of Insolvency. ; ),
:\ al 1 debt and the reduction of tb_, peopleslieS.
I ;- :: upon, tbal..tb..d<'Or can closed ( There will be no reconstruction SUGAUCC.XI: : KEIIS.SODA : b PaOBATC Coca, AT CuiMSECl, AVSCST 6th : I
I -quickpr when they go out. They are $ SADDLER .
HhCUIT. A. D. 1867.
'i For Sale !
from Japan. nod.r Radical rule. The whites will nevr. ,
_, > I'tKAD.SAK1)INF : State of Florida 1
"I'll.1' ,
-S ;
,"'.I ____ -_-_ submit to negro rule. Polk C

: A youth in Teias procured about a p1.. All that is settled-ibe J people arepoes.ion in Jfarnett Xaler, Uphotsterd l >MU.h. 0' >NI'ENEr: : ) Iffid for 1I"le. my Improvment of 27 Wherea. Robert County.Wi kisou Admlnistrat'r on .t- ......

< '" le corsjd in a hajidhe of ,,11th.> information they desire I Will attend to any basine in this line viI I Hcrtn lying on !lie Soulb Prong of the II" the L..tat* of Simon P. Smith, late 4. :.
:\ '()KIXI; ';" !'l Ia.' I \ :c ''lf.F.00.: .\ P.H.'INS. said
dec'd. ha
; neatnoss and I county this
: the What tL- a.n now r'
-. i. b" wbie m'"f'tinr.- upon negro issues. AUfin. Ou the plnce ira comfortable building day filed ia U*
'f1ed to. mp full; pared to iiI: Mattresses as cheap or i'int' TK.'lI :: rol.ate Court, a written suggestion of the I-.
want to kr\pw -what are
4rieft.be \ now tbt\i ) and a splendid well of Water. A
J o"r. .. n.tj'I"'t.heo than it can b! done elsewhere. I can be fou IRISH I'OTATOEMUSTARD, solvency of said Estate.
_. ,: tb" bapplDe 'Of.w._ w. ,'u ViflatinZ, : *e'o1vt-d Up'Jo-.o know what tbe Kadpropwej dt all time* at my shop on the opposite sid* good healthy place and splendid Cattle Therefore notice is hereby given to all per.

". : .: ', turned his winged: ......_OSc' a....... kaI!" tu do, and what the Demorrat the Itr.ct. .nd a little East of SIr. J. Fe ru'i!:f. I will sell at reasonable prices- son. having: claim against the said de easVd',

'' which h said to have very mach "aJoralI ptupuee lu do, to relieve them spe!,diU Store. SMOKING AND CHEWING Also : tstat to file the same, duly authenticatr.1. in

I of debt, taxation and HERRMANN WEISSBROP the Omef' "( said c.nrt. un sir t..f...... '!,,. "Ih
,- : ized tbe auditory. despotism tyranny. 175 head of good Stock Callle and 7hrd I f .
t" .. The EUdicala will strive in vain to TUH. ceo February, li \7. wh i. Mi-r. '" !.11.-( are.,
dodge of Good
HogsAny Mto .. .
) ,,
: I "..ni-.tft. :( .;;, ,v.,,
.' Mrs. Solgje went one day to tb. parson the real, living 5vue of the day which the .rIi A 1 SOHTONIEIS one wishing to purrbri&e: will .l., IsiS.J ,1.*. ,y- -I ;nMnti.. ere.ul.rs' 01

{ to complain of ber husbands aggravating p-qpl..re forcing upon them. :>EIARS.: MATCHES and MASONS ShOEBLACK well to call on me. And il I it ....d..f.iti..1; th.. '. .i'.:. ,..a.r i

I < tetnper,-and the abusive. cpilheta ,ba, *p. -_--.. -. .L- G. W. DILL. : I NO. Wm. L. coWART. bc: 1.is o. t... .... ,0".13'-I i. .. i Cisi t. a tit:..
.- HISTORICAL ULuLS.-Oaal was con- ': .. .. rl l! II.. !', S.
plied to ber when be was in a 'passinn':" Alafia Sept. 28t 067.( 241. Ins h. 'aid K.:.: .t. : tsl..k..g-

Tbe worthy Domino said,."joa should 0,1 qu.rrj by soldiers that went from Home, J. MILLER Vaster -ALSO- <.i. ,.
.' .tid slut} then renewed in Gaulr' ...' ls'itioti ; DRY GOODS and n | >.4..tt( I 'r.1 't'ft1 SS
ainu 5' 't. 0
in a similar attain but ;ll. I II r .
repjy nw words I" I .-'Ml.' ,._ ftu'tow'.
kindnna for lum<-d the Oi>rnpliroenla$ oooqa rt'd< '. :'*(IIM! 'Ui. ""II.I.lil'j uf Fai.Notice J ll.i.al.t:
of loriog by so doing 'von & PLY KKfiUUIU.Y flET" E y vr .\.I. t A l.) t, ..._

:! UAP coals of fire open fait hawj."* T'lair t' Hiiie.. lllong ml'1.it. be before a i WILL pon ..f Tiiiiij'' ..".i N .* Or! i Sls---ttng', Shirtings, JOI1X l.tVhltN: ,.

tis I zri R>dical C-ae-nr, hold tbe ..South by aNorthern W.; kMY Suinei, Osnaburgs.Kfotii .
aMonuhroent ( ,
.. lady to repliedTaiu'l : rut Munalt Fur r-iub'' "r ;''' ig.isp/ hereby caution all persons from Judge of Probate,

of DO QM. Dftninine ; tbe oib, arm,,"'u. all the time rei-rul ..1&1 Mr. L. G. COVACIVICH. TNnipi. (;Ji, <-ky Jtjns. Flannels, driving, buying, selling ur shipping j ITL August 1 lbs ja,;7 8m. .5

: light I poured A kettle of boiling wat",r ing dad! .'P'lll'J ibe young fellows the BRaDY .i M4n.itfr. ..r 10 it I.* C. j>ivnJurx HiRt-k' Worsted Bivd, Alpaccas, .nattle i i the following; mark and brands :

; ., CYd bii head, but itoolj made him ipad. S" u'brn r-p-nt the RomMO story in con- 1..r.l. Binding./ Silk, Upper and under bit in one I'Ir. and split in -.

,dei. I guess tLe coat of a. woaldo qttoriiif lh.| UDtimed NurtbN Y. 22J. 3n Cois; Thread Flat the other-Branded D, and figure :5 inside belonging In Chancery.

bare effect than the : Hrrold. N..csd.t' Combs &: Brushes, Spectacles & to me. In Polk Circuit Court Southern .
: Jud
:' any boiling wa. -- and slope in one hole and
,", ? ...._ Crop upper ear, dot Circuit. t.
Needles1 Hose
1 Cnne !
; .
Ur. split in! the other-Branded, M. P.
'-: r-.- ,. S ..- Ora '"u rAK, RCLIRS.. Tb! \I n..dg.'il .. REGCURThe\ GUI1l1' PACKErS Hi>op Skirt., and A good article of Men's Also t'toptwo splits in each ear-Branded ElivsbuIi Spiukrnsn. ) .

P. I -p- Tncn rn* BLACX loix How TO SoorMilwaukee \ ''b! > Union}. : p'rb.ftf.ou. ; citit,*ti8wli Shoes Which we offer for Cash or M. 1'., the property of Post Shaoahn. "*. I[ Dill for DlvorcA
,J. () liavifoirued ibr ; Anyperaon found disturbing the above -. '..
m-quai tunre of lie old stand mar
Produce oppositethe William
: '-.: in Country at our
; rejoice .bd .
/ a night s. I ked and branded Cattle, will be Sparkraan )
,: (.ffiIrns..fth. ;, WO haveb..n I Ii prosecuted acordiog
rtn1 placed Florida Ilutise.
riggers. Two dusky fired b :
pupil to law.
i pILL having len filed
in in
au l.oriij over: us by G--n-r t Mrnde, all the above e Q,
p admiration for the same loyal freedwnonI DANIEL SIUXAIUtf. XV tilled
i MUM and it
GRANT & CR1FT that
; 'auarkt. d. eacb other with *p'' nets'' and 'JI.k|, in the b'gboat pr aMtl vf their unifoim A 1 SteamshipsALLIANCE Key West}Vareb lilt, 49 em.SALT lpondent dueA rooL reside appearing within the limit the *rfr.of

.poured.outtnnch of that anguitwd fluid ki idn** ansI l gentlemanly deporimt-nt Taamp..Oct. 19ih 1867. 20-if he Southern Judicial Circ-iit ftf Florida but
", l It who base boin with them. n luviitisi&ii i h
n From said
) Ut it U
: that was popularly auppoeed to flow or.), all : Worki! : that the said. \ ; or l Salt
we r bare been before
"n '-rn. we very fortnnatct respondent appear said
in defeoM of the batons
) banner.
; Tia p Commander lourt and
PARKER plead
ia the selection made for us. WI JUST RECEIVED A FINE STOCK OF ;. answer or demur to said BilL
j whitenigsr wboruns the school ioterfer on or before the l.,. Monday
I that the -: A\D :- February next
: : ed to quell the rising clo'od of var, wbhoib am beadqnarlAM General I OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, wW or the allegtuous cf si i4 ll.'U will U taken
Roger have been Iransrerrex to this p1t.oe." 1f1LtDmHWAoO'LEARY: QQ\) ageonfrasodi. ,
: emancipated bondmen turned ... furnished in any qoM iiitie" r*qniriHT Pr'+Utd. .thai. '''. lff h ..i9l'n i him by publiostit. .

S ; .. their attention to him, and went tbroog TBS mount removed from tb- "hI' Commander, at tbe "Rocky Point Shit Wftrk ";I OP .,. ii. fie "rlori.l. 'eulD".aI.r": for two

: t him so completely that'it is doubtfulwbetb'er Treasury t.ylfr. Jones, and d'1".itert] in WILL FORM A SEMI-MONTHLY( LE Tampa Day, or delivered in ibis Cily at IlIU,.,hi ftutU this d.tte.

be will ever again lift up his voice New Yoik for Ib. of iniertsi due at the following port. ;h j i Groceries reasonable raut. W. B. YARN. CIk C't C'L
: in song or pra,..,. And lo the ninny wav vis : Pensvola. Aalhic| "la. St Mks ; Apply to Polk County.
on the bonds of G ,.
,r AV.ciA. r"'M.rt"l| l to to It KeWest sal I> Bartow. Fla! Dee. aiL 167. a
: I' Poppebeads wbo dwell in that fair daiKeys Tampa ,y >r. .1m.
city II.
hctwwn Mid four Aent.
',' three hau-lr.d 1 h : I : pith ont accord *p k* up and said);< *Th. dollar 11.." FWlllnA will 1..11..... 'ur OtIds..n HAhDWAKE, TsmpaMarch 23d, 1857. 48f. 'i- -

.. I ; L. .' colored: troops fit oobly.'-Za Crow Dejn -_.- r 1 ,the fith. end the VLLJM'L uu tbe .01 of i| S Information "Wante4, .5

L:. : "f. pent.Dcirn. FLORIDA nILlErOIUI"A'C&-11t each month. : I H' 'KElty. .
_ !
i: J it' ... I For Kiei.; 'hr. ..-tiela.wit: 1 I... taker a..Jc..d Notice Maria
Adeline colored
mOstruciion in (
now ) formerly
: SWQH 4t TntIh1 OF a slave
; So PATMCK '' .. '...
.Hcnr. '
OF A or ra't'I" VtS .I'pl of Dr. Li rely and taken
.' : \ baa pissed n rrlirf oiilituim-. pi.i..i| | |I.. F W. I'KUI'sABe I 1:1: lOT AND I PII 'ESEn was from Tampa S.
Hill Charlotte
(1- Died at Red Vtrginia dunnethewirby
county, -: the collection ( d.. ,. .. I'EtOSI1)KBEDtome some colored people aod
cs bn.! iroi' a!. a* Onr-
: u ''le =Ji '
: ; tbe 7lb of 1608 of \I.L S Key When last heard f.oni
7- on January, par enacted by the AiUnia C.... .. i. i;. f-.lII: "n, for the minor heirs ol John J. Hook r
'! ,,:i''h. I I' \fly Mjdo: Clothing Ac. : she w. in Apalachicola. FIa.
lush*. after a long and painful fllo .. .. l are hereby notified to : Any informal :
t*, bas .. .' r.stsib.fure r d ?cea e< come for
tf. ... John Henry youngest SOD of Pttrirkry lIa. .-eennt.. to General' M ..1!* wMiI 1- I'."'''' ''':1''e0'.1: ...... : .1..1..h' -r .. .l' .r., ". t. I.s <: !f>T for Cnili.} lo' !\rd ant r-eHle up. If they Io not I wilf :: her lion mother regarding her Till be gladly S received by s

; ;' in the 72d year of his age.-Enitjrgr. !iUett to i .ue a ipiliiary: order to entunrIt S going; oil Lt...i d. JOHN JACKSON.Taiu ; compelled ty rum".n"' ..nit.t I '

;'I f : I I hips, Xer" 41b 1$47 3?. J,! r.J 1OV., 17, :80 tf t S Jl.LUJSlOCKNEj Gcardia, I Tampa. SOT. ANWWEJ44_, s S

: t.t .
9> .... .I .

: < ::1\ : '

'f' ... S ,.....
c .'''. :

.; 4 ..

*- .- C-. .C! ... ,. '.
A t-w -. .5- r' .; .'IJ
--- ., S 5- .5
: *'5 "

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: February 15, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002013373
oclc - 11286473
notis - AKK0726
lccn - sn 84027568
System ID: UF00079921:00316
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Full Text
.r ..
th 4 F .r '4. : : ,X 4t .n..A.k....... : ... '.
A'Y B. : ,,.!).;i "" .....
5sSpf5a j/ 1 J
; -- '',T"t

& \ if; *. Vjr -- r .

> A .
.. r- <
t., ,'I, "- ,.
_' ..
... .' l ,. .' 'ot...:.. ". '';'
c 1
'" ''I!> Vii'a
...> r. Yrrd
? .... +
',:"t" -,_ ,. +

... .
,C' --- ---
': .C''f'' .. -- ; I'
> ..
'_ '.f1'. ,

:: y:. ,

:.. \

fftoriba euiusnIart i/Ir,:.. "' -.

,,:0: .
.... ',' .. .' .'
.. 1'

.7, M s.w', ::1.3: ; ..', "

.' '
C ... ; : 'ki

: \\ttue,. Economy auA;lute\\\yeuee', ;. arc the true elements of National Grcalnea .

I :4 -._ ., ,=.' __ .. :* .It
L '--- -- >
: ,.;;t' I .'

'iI T ; TA3IPA FLA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 151868' 43., t.

; I
_. .
--- ----- ----- ----- --- -- -------- -
: --------
m FiiiiiiETCTJ, fININ8UL11l Eiernnl RHI-a".re to XegroKulu California Mon UKCO'STECCIIOU TKOCBLE-I FROM ARKAi8.8. ; !:i iMeetlnrof
: tJr ftssimrat ( i
.. was fondly I supposed that the Supplement' flic Democrntc convention j .
-- ; A ClH-erlnjj Word from the Newly '
f.. ..Hsllted. : tatnrday,. far H. L. MITCRE-LL.AIf \VfWiikt t!.. f. a I-;.,Niig;, -xtrart from ar..1' Circled D"a". I'nlle Sentaor.UpoiMlir ary Rrconsliuctioo bill now ponding in .f'.f'j f _

K-iii', ,i,>i MI'd tlir titer chose 11. tlieRicl.riK t .( !Mi
0010'1. '1010 ta.erly ;
Te'Kr:8PENCER. Senate and which is the fourth of the ;
:... ib Linn ROCK, January. 20.-ThDemo, d
., sad| to liar UptvdSss'.S.ts'i" ', lit was ral'rd' .
liiquiii r. cratic Convention assembled
q ri s ritaat; would ta a finality It baa been todf and !
1 OJiNlY .A LAW. It is the duly of,the p'"op1** of Virginia out, and ma.ltt a lu'uf ,sjrdi, whirls lie there is a full attendance from allffta of t-
ilihcovrred. however that the regal
rutiflud'd ILIo folo!/ > : powerswhich
: take Ibi that orJ. the State. The ball it handsomely. I
TAMPA FLA.- at s.n.w to ground n' r
I' I shall ho'm at not a remote dy to are therein lonfrrml upon Qonera ated the ladies. the del. I i
by Among .(tare I ,
law' deed done the '
rr- ordinance act, or by land in the Senate of the Toiled "State-
Grant can 'A""llt away br a single breathof a large cumber of Germans and jshTIIR : I{
t Will five prompt attention to all but i net prtstnUtive: of the secret negro leagues, an "focateth. least, perhaps, in abilityof the Executive. Th* law which revived II! .

entro Ud to his eare. whether in out of Convention shall be any there, but among the very foremo -
'' '?ern... +SBbecrlpUoB. or the grade of General .I ly provide : noTTou HAIL GETIIKOAOAIX. Upta ,_ ;
Tampa, Fla A pi, 48 th. 66. 1-y for-earnestness and heartfelt kinceri- rxprrM .
heeded unless tinder .
ISYASIABLY Iff ADVANCE. obeyed respected or I ty of purpose-an advocate of the Constilu that the officer appointtd io fill that position .-The Aberdeen (Miss) Examir.

1 Per.ABBOTS y .. fsoo JOB A. 1I IDWOL J. F. BUDUIIOJr the compulsion of the fixed bayonets' of the lion, and the laws of the United States / ,, command Ib.. armies of the United says : ,

'"siz. months tarsus,- .- .-. .. e. l 100 iothree 1BNBBRSON & HENDERSON Federal t soldiery We mutt i in no way, by [ made in accordance therewith, of tbe Slates under the direction and during "It i i. with pleasure that we slate tit i i r' .
1 Slates, and of the rights of the people 'of
inference i let the i' effecta '
or implication ea is the
? Mississippi rapidly losing IL
J i1r"$ub.eribert sill observe the crow 6i) the Stales and particularly' of the. peopleof the pleasure of the Pie&ident. By this negro lj t j
the Northern mind thatwe jorily that enabled Convention to prevail
4 Marta their paper, which represeau t that ATORNEYS AT LAWTAMPIFLAB lodgment upon those States in the South now groaning I law, passed less than two years ago, the .
election./ Not train
the late
their term of sabKriptioa has expired aad e will ever submit to the role of the Le under tbe mOAt frightfulignoble i and revolting I a passes t ;
-s ftvara themselves aoco iarly.; President can at any moment designate the Mobile, and Ohio Raidroad but bet .
x gro. This crime against civilization which b..ndtge ever imposed upon a free !
I another general in Chief. The military many of them to Tennessee and Alabaun j

\ BATES OF ADVERTISING the bayonet bus been.invoked to upliolj-I, people. [[Tr menJou..pp'au.t.] AgaiD.t'Ibat oonjraiUees of the two Houses are bard aL while we learn that tbey are tearing tl ': {f

; will practice in the southern and Batten but tbe enforce. great wrong 1 shall hope to stand, countries the Missi"sippi River by ere J _
-or. vsnR nothing bayonet must : >J .
Circuit, ot theSUte.laupa.3fayieth.166S.. evr and always, if not in tbe front& work to devise some plan to meet this -

<' .L.RX'; \\ \J L.\ u.L. B4mo. Whenever that is .itdra1l'D' it is the duty i. rack, still! steady in the line of its oppo- '. new difficulty, and in a few days we may, and ry steamer the other passing Siatenof: up to the Missouri Great,Wett.Illinoi :

-:' of the white to and Dente and of the defenders of
man at once one constitutional )
,'"!. A A ALI....\. S. O. Cain in tbe language Fernando Wood expect W wish the departing blxrkft all poxsibl '
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