... '&.be diarU+ton market m Alit l-e toppled):: fart it, 1 trill not tuff'T tnyitff to be vnJtrtold.J HAMS. I mdR1 l lli'1-U7m1 1'd1" Wolk-( '

i with Ffcrida! beef, audtlatit! would" doubt- 1 i S. RED BROOK. COFFEE. Ij
't I June Ub, 1S67. 7 tf. fA 0 ODS .
: for to ne'l .
;. : Ins< beprofijaLu some : -, SUGAR 0'
t In this tra
meats could' l he made with the 1t''m6Ut : NewGoods To which he invites the attention of the cit% A' o good assortment of DRY GOODS AT SAVANNAH GEO : t

lo*Wp *t low rate dnrmglie: s "nrnfr'I zen of Tampa and the surrounding Country. CALL AND SEE. for Cub .
!, I He flatters himself that he made u good a selection Cheap
months-LJeefinfemaikst'tsquoredat.} A FINE LOT OFnny GOODS,JUST Produce. Circulation in the '
I and can cell as heap for Cash u the Country Largest City A County '
\ 25 a 30 ceuts pot 1 poor f, and very poor at llJL received, which I offer low for Cash orCOUNTRY cheapest. A. A.ALLEff. n

that: F'rhaap it \umM-l well for some I(I Tampa, May 18th. 4 tf. ornaAL FArO OF vex cm. '. 'r
I ills Stock eODlllta i of
: sock this I PRODUCE fr.
four larjc : owner to: give ,

Ur con*
-'- ":'7. S. .... sheeting: & FANCY DRY Z. .
HYMENIAL.braalhiOn : shirting; GOODS GROCER- TEBltI8I '

the evening: of the 20th, : Calicoes Hoop Skirls, RIES.[ HARDWARE, \WHOLESALE AND RETAIL .$10 per year: '

ie'1, ,P" -.t M, ,i "
i.L'" '. \V E Collier, Mr. Jonx G. Hot" : Dress Patterns GLASS.WARE BOOTS A SHOES, .eekly.3. tt .
Miss A. Cow ART, all of
9sr:$. GeonoiA Shawls, MASON '
city.Juu. Shirts, '
and ,his better half proveJ their Neck: Ties! INCORX Proprietor.Notice. .

.' ) generosity by sending the'printers Balmoral?, WOOD & WIL'OW WARE, '
i title to Marlboro Stripes PLAIN JAPANNED OATS,
in the days of their happiness, :
a fine Bleached A unbleached STAMPED&" PLAN- HAY BACON.
and we wish them ,all. the pleasure that Domestics, SHED TIN- POLKLARD., '
wedded life can bestow, and may tbe Gordian Ac., Ac.
kno\that bind them together unite A, A. ALLEN. WARES, FLOUR.. RICE, fnHOSE INDEBTED to Jonas Wadkin by .
28 tf COOKINGSTOVES SALT, LIe. -L note, will, Nave costa by calling on me and
and hearts then Jan 26 -
willing loving can '
two settling at once.
truthfully Corner Jakson and Water Street. H. L MITCHELL .
\of' "Come the wild weather, come sleet or come I'I I rah Helen," direct froid New York and <>( &PERFUMERY TAMPA FLA. Tampa, June 15th 1867. 8 tt ,

snow, fer for sale at the old stand of KESXII>T A.lUraixo. ..
We will stand by each ot.herbowenrit blow; for Cash only, a email, well 'assorted PAINTS AND Terrns-C. I will pay the highest mar- :,
i r, it r' Oppression and ficlne, sorrow and pain stock OILS..tc., ket price for Country produce., Notice. :

'. Shall Le true to our love a links to a chain.otice ofDRY GOODS, Horticultural and Agricultural Seeds, May IHh, 1807, jtf ., "
'ti STATIONERY CUTLER Patent Medicenes, and a choice ELOPED 10th int.tny wife Catherine Man.

I .N }"', SCHOOL BOOKS. Lot of Furniture, HERR IJ WDROD.\ field, with two small children. I hereby '

LINES & TWIXES, FISH forewarn all person from harboring them on ,
,; pEHSO S HAVING DEMANDS A. HOOKS, CHEWING TO. Sportsmen are requested to examine his SADDLER h my account as I shall not pay any debts con'traded
stork of Rifle and Shot Gnns her from this forward. -
ALL t the estate of}"ranci.lI. bMerington, LA CCO.ADAXANTINE fine by day !

j late of llernando without county delay,;deceaad all person, will indebted prepent CANDLES PERFUMERY Powder, Caps, &:e. Harness-Maker. Upholster. nth, 1867Corn-OAKET MAN3EIELD.June 8\f ... 1

them MATCHES Dealer will find it to their advantage U I Will attend to ,
... said Estate: arereunestm to. make im- I any business in this line with
I 1 to yment: to, tlie.unJewierieil: All de. to examine my tock, before purchasing elsewhere neatuej and dmpatch.. I am now prepared .
creditors mediate and l>*r'on* entitled to distribution! etc: I will sell for Cash, at the lowest mar to fix Mattresses! as cheap or cheaper Corn!
notiCe.1 that their claims will be ket price. Quick Sales and mall Profit Th< than it tan be done elsewhere I can be found 3
are Lereby at the expiration; of two years from of the quality and price which will please highest market prico paid for all kind o:f at all times at my shop on the opposite side ol I .

barred unless exhibited within that time. Give me a calL'DE'IRT' Country Produce. the street, and a little East of Mr. J. Ferri JUST'
ship date ASDEESOSaiAT, Adm'r. :' PBOSEUS. t$' Calr and See. jgjNov. Store r RECEIVED and for ute, at ,

IlrooksTille, Fla.. June 22J, 18137. 8-8wj September, UL, '66. 19-U. 10th 29-tf HERRMANN WEISSBROD SPENCER & MANN'S.


-. ,
f ..

1 .r '
a t

T >Fi
J' _


-, "1_ f". .... '. -- _. _# .. ....-i'" .............,J." ........-, ... ...- ... -- -.. --. .. 1
-,.. -* ... 111 ,-,.
II> ? : _, ". .....__;... .. _" --Y", -;: .. -- -

;.w 1- ,- ". .. ..'. ---' :.:. ... :'.'r..t: :;,... ::"{...;.. !F.,, -1' --Q--, .. 'r'--: { ""': ;..-.. :>> -, ...,.... "O.'. ..r ',' 1"'''''' ...... 11.'.'
\ : '
w. 7f-; .
w ,
trd 5 -;:: .;.


\ IS ,., T't
\ '
i 4S
\ .
I "
s,. r t

,., .,
i \

I t t' : "

., ,.; .' ',. ,
j> / ,. /1 .. _. 5 Yc
> ". -Miscellaneous.HOUSE Legal ,Advertisements Le at Advertisements..
Builf 't-f-m .4. HsiiF.=A old ,
,.. : A
: tl TllEJ.LwRla/fFDtsl ITUR.ff.J -" r J
,ff tt preac: erilS' 'estern'New'rorh,'1I'ho was notice of FINAL SB7'TL E JI E. 'T : p ,
I. Insolvency. .h
.. t beieg> pert aded by- tome of) LU ;churchtnen'during Q %\\ a c Is P.zoun'Com, AT Caucus lAS SIX months after date I will present my ae- w
"1' St sari vouchers to the Hoa. Judge 01
; the pothfcat excUemelniln ibat ,. :wIORE :and two 1 loU sitna- A. l1667., Probate of for a fini-
HQkborongh County +
.'."-.. State, last.fall,.to join the Radical. partj; 4. ted i?. a,cost desir.ble part of T'mpa. .Jm.t I State of Florida. t settlement of the N".atiof Miehtal Wall dta

Titles unquestionable ; posession .given nernand County, )j ceased and at the same time will ask ff. di.-c
I at the time of sale. charge from.further aJDinittntioli tl.r.on. +5 s
I AddrwT; -: ,Whereas Abnaharn.DAY, msntor on JAYESGEI11S.Adm", % j3Tamps.
"No brethren. 1 cannot join ,that .
,OJT r.,11.:the Estate of Amos K. Ande" /
Pr. A.. S. i'r.CHEXIVA, late of I
lit ,
_. lYAAP : .l () parfjr. Because'ilf( the Abolitionists in the 1 .. .."TloHda.. Tampa, Fit said county. deed. hM this day 1ilti in the May I' r r
... Probate Court, a .x 1i U"op? icno the Insolvency
; NoticeSIX
and Abolitionism -
I'D it
country arc ; my of said Estate'Therefore -
I\:' SATURDAY. June 2 n4.. Ut61." : MONTHS after date will apply to r' > brethren baA wonderful light -For Sale notice is hereby given to ill '
doD a Of
'fit i.. Jt A ; htrine claim against the Mid deceased'per.suns W. M. Garrison judge of Probate ttr -
harm bat hurt i and for Hernand for final settlement
the County
people. mjrtbeperdt
among Estate to file the '
t ; "SHaIIwe BecofMlze Earthly sam s duly authllt eaw.l, in '
t Friend Heaven T" an I scattered rnj flocks. It has IwRI sellcLeap the S E i *f S E the office of said Court, on or before the 5th II the and discharge from administration oa '' ,
fWtate'orCarobu bat IOI11At of said county
and broketb n4 } of X Eland S \\) '. day cf lune.18n..hen there win be a pro. t
\ Methodist church dee'd _
1 Isi: it wzon i to'wish ii f them got into the of S E}. 5e&u T. 3(1. Sofjlang 20 ralo'payment among the several creditors 'of 4LLES B.JIUXDEK admV. r < r

:lj .:,- Who Wer deartousoa earth; np. It got(_in among.the Prabyterian B & Eaitfoptainiae 1(6 acres.- Aid Io olveBt utaU. NAnd Broolaville, Feb. 9th. 1897. 42 6m. a

: I' 1 : Iieatmly'nansioiy into 60 acres! of it good Hammock. i it is ordered that the Administrator do S-s
i :ybo bay,goae.t and split them in two ; and got There ia_ .goo3log hoos on the' ,land anda
: file on or before said day, in this Court, elm NOTICE.
:\ y j" Wto surroand! a brighter.hearth t ; the Government" and boi'lIe old! Union good febo aroTuyd the field. and perfect Inventory of* all the effects belong t
Apply> lo to eats Kftate., ar.
I Is. it wTonj to moorn! their absence to piece and;my brethren, I don'tbow '" OAKEY 31AYSF1EL11Feb. ing ,Given under my bed and ices] L. ply totheJod;eof Probate<' cf HernaadoeooLty. .,.

.f f I t From the patted honae&old>and I of anjthfeg: "i* good for but to .,9th: itJ IWi& of the Probate Court at Brookt- il for a final settlement and be disc&ar- ;
Should ve cheek the'sigh of sadnesv Red from Administration on the Estate of ;
this of A.
1'1 -- .71aollih thy ie.io *better,lied J. .r" break: down. and .breakup And. if you D ville 1667.Jann 8th day January; : ,ilalhew 1'. HoweUlate'of' acid "untv. deees .." ,
t r : .' 'STOLEN.F' ed. '-7
( hare against tic.'old boy, I'adTis .
t enmity .
y LOp.1o meei theta* 19th 1867. Gm. .
; it wrong lo :MARIA JL, IIOWELL. Adm'x. ..

: Yet .upon thai, blessed shore.And you to tend Atoli{"on"ura into his dornin rom my resid&ce on the night of Cwin TMtamenio Jnnexo.Brooisvifle 1. 4.

,"j.: + f with slots M JOY.k to greet them, ions, and it will break 'hell up iuelf in tlve IM of April!, 1 8C;. a small When this toil of Uf I
.'Vt o er .. Horse' Stallion. about 9 t
bay ;( )
*ivj4* A less than lit w eb. Court b.akr" \ .
: .'.-' old ; pony bail and ha*. a small blare in his In Probate January 8fA j Notice

; : : J'--' Is. it wrong to think them darer .: ". JFon "'. d'p 1. .-. .. (.act A. I). 1867. Six months after date the 1\U3.nign..t Ad t
_, TaftrUremaAy die blest,; liberal will be State of Florida )
: & reward pvea for the de t.r.tors of the Estate of Joseph w.
r' .. Wbgto' earth wtrealaagenl : A Etoirrainox SCIKX.-A New Orleans livery-of the horse to roe' at my residence' lleroando County, f I I Brown.de
.J'...... .., .1'1 01.1I..t: "*. then U 'like. i tie'* rest to I.. >11 iJ"ve correspondent relates the following ten miles saUiofXrpokstie; (! ', or 'any infor- TTTLerea Mary F, Anders. Administratrix and voud*rp to the Judge of Probate asw
i iI t. .' '' ". = = mation in regard to him ra that I can get him. ,11. the Estate of Jaeisoa L. ,Aod.?r% deed of IJiUtboroa-b: County Florida and ask to '
I !''. a mother tip in heaven; ': Register; What Js jour name I" Twin pay f hundred Dot:a for any*, infermalioa has this day filed in the Probate Court of raid Be/dicharge
'0 And ohl 1 ten me if ye. will Freedman-""SamL" thai will convict the thief > count a written suggestion of losolvenrr of ding to law sat
I. will that mother her,ehndrei .. ""'
know, t m\\cu..
ADAL1KE VrUITTIELD. said }state.Therefore: r "
I ib1U the i recollect Iheox ntull t .Sama, maetwba.I"'r: w5 C. ) ,
$. rook5TilleAp.I' 16th 1867. 52Salt notice is hereby r" s t> all persons BP.Q" .
t "- 'Can she loot down from'OM\wtadwf "Whitt yon men; 'lab. r My 'nam'sSamil" bsving claim ag. IlI.S'ai.l deceased'a/Ee- J '1'ur.f U'.h. '1557. S: -6m. '
ft to file the aatheaticated. ia the --T- llKoice
name duly
t t On the dark anddiUn. t shore l
, K': : Works! office cf Mid Court on o"r before the Sib dar Notice. -.
*' ,1.4 ;. Will the know irhea I am coming! "Yes,I know, Lot, what is your other .( .' of Jane IS 67, when there will be a 4'ro ntopayment SIX MONTHS; AFTER THE DAtK Iit.RE- :
l Will she t at-the door ; -
m me I
a.- l among the several creditors ofc'said I shall ai Administratrix, on the Effeieof '- I ..
;, i i. name r' S
'c E.J. IIart deeease'i
: SALT Insolvent Estate.' present tay accosoU::
'.-; : 1 W'It l she clasp me to her bog "Mrnder name I (and! he studied fora furnished any quantities required And it is further ordered that the Adm Ziir. and voucher* to the Judge of Probate, of UilL I

i In Ler ecataer of joy I om. at theRocky Point Satt Works," on jOld! tratrix do file before said day,'In this Court, a borough County for a final settlement and ask ..
.: z Wul.*he ever be mj'mother I < moment, then. answered. a very uncertain Tamps Bay, or delivered ia this City at true and 'r>erfect Inventory j"f all the effects belocgiag to be -li*hanrel from the farthtra.lraiimtra\. s

L:' -- 6ha11lavtr be.. .rbolr;) :lj; ; : \ h manner.) My odder namt's Jones, I believe. reasonable! rales. to,sAid Estate. / tion of the said estate. t

." Given nndtnr hand and el of MAlrCARETnART. Ad.mr'x. .
tv"r "r' ray
And thou lo.r one, who cid'AtJeaTe cs,, r. '/ ... Apply, to the Probate Court at Drooksville. TaMps, Fla. Oct. 6th, '66, 24-;m. t

: 1K.. ,. In the mornicg; of thy bloom=- 1'M r. Jones, how long tare yon II. ALBURY, 9gcnt. I this the gth dar of Jaxuary. A. -
S :
Dea.rettaa"I'.Ia&t'Ime.tthe., Tampa, iTarch.23d, 1857. 4S:r. D. 1 y67. I'
_. resided here P
,1., When I go beyond the tomb TTii. M. GP.AP.ISOX, '
-. month from date. will present my ac- 'oft \
. .=' "wc, 'bout/orty.yesrs,'' ,. .. otiee I, Judge of Probate. SIX aid V"neher, to the JoJce *f Probate 6 '
Shall Ui tovel featCTes 1
y see ; Jan 19th, 39-6m., 'llercaado
aS67. '
: "Are Totfcertaii"that? you bare lived: Countr, for a Los settlef \
.. f ShalJ.Ilear\ 1
went of the Estate of Aaron smith late oe ::
1 Socndiog o'er DT rpiriftheartstrings. here forty year*!" "\ "r.'Ix C. -I+nardy haling purchased the Notice of Insolvency. said! County, deceased. And at tit Mme tinak I t
.r f ; Like them of bda7 ill-t atore and stock of owned I
1 good formerly to be discharged from further
; adniniatra- f r
,.. "" "Yea sar 1 jive here forty sure I : : ,. ri.r4 : -i, years .
tiY trI: and oceopitd Ly Mr. Vigil! request hi* friends : tion of said Eataie.' .
f. 1 t And ti i'm'eof; anotherE I t i kase I know"Yore d. Lord, I lire here for. and segtiaintaceeto give him a call, a* he 2itbA.D.f ISti; CALVIN ILSMITH, Admr. "k'3rootsrife

, ,.. E .'l; ., Of a darling little one ", think they can find u good- bargaics &mocc I j Mate of Florida, ) Jan. 5th, 1867. 6m. '

, t : ,Who went np among the angel, r ty yeara. ; his ..ellleI.c."J; and general assortment of)jII Hernando County f J t

If. r .. .' Ere hIafehaJ aeaicl began Well! Mr. Jones, bow old ,are you !I' II Goods ascan. Le fond elsewhere in the city.- TTTIIEREAS Harriet D. LocVhart. Admiai NOTICE.

;f".- 'i' '. Tse thirtv-four rear* od.! Give Lia: a cMI.'': om and all I 11 tratrix on the Estate of Wm. D O'Xeilt! months after date. I will apply to the-
t &
:f I long once more to see him. ,;Apn, :;,1Y6; ML .'dee'd. has this Jay filed in the Probate tour Six !e of Probate (.( HillfboiV looms fora
j 1 !i 1 And to bold him it my Arms That darker citae down just;fed, registered ot aM: couutr. a written sac:;'stion of Ic!ol final settlement and discharge frora admin ,

U '* ij t As 1 lid when .b. wu with us as a voter for tbe election delegate nvecy of t j.J [*tate. therefore ijtration on the&tae cf iL C. Bro.B, late cfsaid t 2
With histlonusdbudding charms. Notice. Notice i il hereby given to all basin< dec'd. e
form persons ; County
to a. Convention to a Republican .
j etaimsaain. f'aid dtee&eds Estate, to Lie I r
: t k
A' S. n. TODD. AAaV,
Constitution for State. !
f Ah! 'tis tra. the soul most scfifer, our LL PERSONS baring demand: ajriinst; tke I the same, duly authenticated in the lEee of De botti n .n.

I'.. .. And be boa&d with anguish down Estate oPElcLor: iUvkJate of Manateocounty i aid: court or or.wrore the 2Mb GA"3 of June Tampa Sep. 29. ',oti. *-m.

i'. t. -' .''Ere tis fitted for its-dwelling. s FLORIDA-THE'POLITICAL SmAnosi i decea ed, will present them duly an- ,: 1667,.when there will W a pro-rata payment I .
, t Ere tia ready for its crown. lhentrente'withodt delay, and all persons i iI i i' among the several creditor of said Insolvent i
It 1 1I A correspondent of tbe Cincinnati Commercial indebted to raid estate ar* requesteJ to ma,* ': tatf.J.J. Notice. ..

I f .' Bnt. ob, feast I bl.Ms.] Jens! .. 0 iI making a ,tour .of Florida, I immediatem.' !:l to,the 01 rJa'stnt-J. Allereditorv '! Si it ord*red; that the Administratrix I .
I t' do 'Io 1 l-e fore aaid in this \I
: Court, true
'\ Thou art loved without k and r-ersow ecvuld to distribution :i iarhweby day a MOXTUS from thi.lt. I shall
I rt r ). aevtt: 1t. neet niho4 wilt! sera 'B<; .I writes ,from Jacksonville- roMdeib-it their claim will be .!I: and perfect Inventory. of all the effects betocg'l SL'\" accounts and vouchers to William present M. '
, '- k .n.o..ntrite rkeitjifit Lle tle Florida! barred at the of two from tfei i iug to said Estate. ;
( of
t' y JI Politically! people are expiration year (7arri en. Jude of Probate for llenlAIllo Co- t
I .. == date utir exhibited withia! that time. uitMi under mv hand and real '
--- for final the .
a settlement: on Estate eTRttxtta.Mar
: f )' what may be called! loaf in the mcuiL. I /Z z?..... of the Probate wart, at DrotLSEAL *. :
: j : }eo. dee'd. and a;"l, 'ft be dschar; 'ed from' "'
feca1e writer 'nation .
. : tars. wauls ( A rill!?, this 2ilh day day of Jan, .
I .' + They don't Jike the reconstioclicn act, ..nd.outdo'raccept' w.III the farther imicitlrato: :<< of mid Estate.ALLE.VC. .
:. a man." The Post thinks the h'ai'tbn- V'Thr.'P,1967.. i .

:fl r" t. t., "- founded her owe personal I wants with that it if they laW any way to l : 'ra. 1. GACRISOS. 9th, H':;. MIINbENAdmr.Ftb. "2- m..

, r tt. of tbe cation. *.' avoid,it ;.but if tbey dot reorganize tbeStaletbe Notice. Judge:! of Piobat .
I ; '"_ '1 Brooksville Feb.. 9th. Cu I
, Notice.
I -
. i I
r negroes "m. and hence<< they I I
:' h addition to the ward of !2)0 offered I Ts hereby piven to all those indebted to the '
: t o re by .
t t' Wbj with a'cnrlcd tail I.ke; lie bare determined: most of them bareto Chancery.i .
Hamlet the Governor for the apprehennon of Jnr- 1 Estate! of \V. J. Spencer, dVe-i that unless

I ff.-::. ghost \Q f' Because it can a tail register; and Tote ", LcD tie proper 'lime Green, (rreedmaTi.) Mr. II. R. RC!!GI\O will i ; THE CIRCCIT Coral, Sot"TIIEr.sJeDI' they come forward at once and ..,ul. .p their

,E I l:. (t" .. '.. unfold. -. : *'. i !dvellree hundred and fifty lbs (one bale) o I CIA CIKCCIT OF FLORIDA, AD :FOR account shall be placid, ia the hand of t It

! y f, r-,- -',"r ... come."* I. do not find many_ here who i ;t I Cotton;to bo .}delivered! : 1ft November next HILJ(,SBORO' Gp. proper officers for collection. .
t U b Cair." hare of tbe I if"fai Green is in custody." Wm. SPENCER., AdraV.Oft. .
; : bope controlling .
:'; ; ;.: 1on the brave deserve\the any eegio I Ransom R. Moblev, )

" I [. .,,",,,,.'':. .' X<>.; .and. none bal tLe> brave caa live'with vote a o aa tv use it against the Republican -TAmpa.rri 2tb.1867. vs V J5H1 for Divorce 6. 25tf/. f +z'
. '- t'-::.. "':; one of them.-. :I In Mary Mobley, } I '
I. r ...'. ,... party of the Ncrlb. They take it for Chancery. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.
. .. ,I:: r ... .. I. \ bi U having been filed in mv office in the
> that tbe will rte Circuit Court. Southern .Circuit, in and months atr Jute rl will er.t ac
against pr -
granted ; /i.
';. : ': rt negroes t aoove entitled cancan it kin; may !, : : 'f*. r t. There is a pigrin Connecticut with an \ for Monroe and Dnj.c (oantlti. appear bvafadatit, that the defendant''e-ides : and voucher to the il<*"rsUe"Prrbat -- '

I'" I "," -- e J ep h.* trunk: and.single eye in thei : their old masters. Their chief consolation I Amelia Sawyer, 1 beyond the limits of the Southern Judicial Court, in and (for HilUU'roaeb Conntr.

I i -. to from belief. that the negro ) Crenitof ; florida. for aa annual settlement oa the 1 state
. < .- centre of its forehead. seem come a ., V BIn for Divorce. Florida to.wit : in the eonniy ofSau' .
t ,.. ->her in the State of FJori.!.. It I i. : .f Thomas MiULelt4th. leeia'e.LIL
try i will in pears andscarcely ( Edward Sawyer.T J
f. :Ii 't, It is'calculated J tbat.it woa'd 1 .y quire a race die out twenty I ordered that the defendant:! Jo appear, anJ I 1. JUTCUtLI.. \.lm'r. 13fay

f{:: 1 't .. column of go'.dfiTe'tnileYand': 12 14_ of & a vestige of it be t left.** I X the APPF!rh rljr 1P.ING.on Subpana BY THE i i..ne.l.in RETURN thU OF) I p'ead! answer: or demur. it the complainaut I lSf.7. 2.1m. f

; : > :-"., milehigh"and thirteen"inches in diameter said; bill, on or I.fore the first Monday' May rT
{ tbe following Defendant
1\ .. The same correspondent gives came, aa-1 bv Siavit; that the re- Notice of Final Settlement.
nest the will be taken cocjVed
'fro tn cancel the national debt. ; : this Court and | or ame as : '
Jf of
.t\ information, wlkh. will be Dtw to s sidrsout : thejurivliotion i Provided tl.at |tuM.iatii!: >n t f this order be slX,! MONTHS (rein this date. I bal preO -
'- .. I out of the: Mae of Florida.and ia the Uni- and
j made ia *oznr''''OC'.r&r.-r J>IlLli t.e.l in ILl Olac'otJnll voaehrrstotheIIonorable -
\ '. The slave trade it brisk; at Havana I many: readers : I teJ States : j circuit orce a week. for three :saooth cot-'u. < Prohat O-artof Hilbborocib eonatv. t
," r still exists in Florida: notwithstanding !I It u tltr.tTJtrt.], on motion of Walter ti"t\- i HA., fur a final tttiement the Estate of
\ :. Tie new. Governor General is dote; a la -Slavery : : I on ,
I ? 'oti"t"'r for
E -
C. Ma1oa : Complain. '
"' r.
E qr. l J. J. GIVE Cfk Ct. Cuj CuumbuStarorJ.dee.a: eS !
t" =\ native busioesity state j ; at it. : Mi. Lincoln's procldtna'.ios"atd ant that th- sat 1 Dc! nJat.t DiTfard' sawyer: : f
Feb.C. 1667. 413m. EI.1ZABETlIT.FfOP.D.; J.m'x.Tam30 .
t. 1 tLe constitution am n.tnert. The I i do apj-. ar ar.vTt.svr.r tl.e .mr-lair.Ar.t' LH1 j : June Sth. lS03;. 1 dm.a .
on "r t>:fore the :irs: Monday; ia Ocamber: text, I I
t't'A man named Bible has just been set:. Semitole Indians, who inLabit the loner: j otherwise said bin will be taken a+ eonfe-aed.! t Xtti
r tenoed to A three year term in the Western the Stale the f It j j.Rtrer'rdere&ihat! a copy of this erader r j Bill for Divorce. niraOt 5 X O\\CC.

Pennsylvania penitentiary for stealing a portion -or : EvergUJee- be jctl-lif.l: 1 mice a week for the 'pace; rIn tit Southern! Judicial Circuil of Fri -S THIRTY DAYS:: after date, I.hall applytr. ,.
: Live held Lumber of! slave! of three r.-onlh ia :ei l
watch and IIis couldn'tA always negr& some newspaper prat ula in anl'ff' Hlllilorouyft j Probate Court of IIil! *'.ronh
good name
coat. \ County.
I aad pub i-hed is this Circuit. i, County. in tbe State of Florida, for crfer
and fall bold lb Not since a aa
C1. ocg Joseph Harn 1
him. j
: !
I PETL'It CRUSOE, Clerk. I In : t0 sell the S E "f Set 14'TRa)2 e S

t surveying party f/oia Northern Floiidawent : I' A true C'-fy litestl'ete-Crnue i LeocCtt.\n II4rri*. ) Chancery. \ and E.,beloc;iL, to the Estate Abijah J Tor-

teacher of )Indianapolis Jo il.. a these Indian*, acd: bile! Clerk I man. ...ee' "tut.l on the west side of th..
among '
A /
t young lady : __Kv._, \\.t, June ;>h. rr;. p Sra. I .A BILL bavisg been filed in mv office in Manatee Hi v.r. in the County ofManate., wee. iatt Sunday, endeavoring! to impress there a number of cegioesvereo2ertl:: for | In Chancery. j .lA--the abwve eotitled came, ant it ,kit; I j aforesaid, to par the debts of Mid Estate t

t iipoii her scholars the terrible edeeitof I sale to them:'t Tee whites told the' Indians i Southern JeJlcia !i ''a.Ie0 appearby affiJant that the defendant JOAN lJ.\r.LlSG. ..1Jn'r,

the of SebJcb: Jc zur. ,1Circuit Court 6iJH beyoad the limit of the S-outhern J u i I Mir -.:b. 1)1.. .
punishment be that slavery! bad b..en abolished\; in tb <'I!| Circuit of FlwiJa, in and for .Vans. i j dicial Circuit, to..wit-in the Mate of }[ar\ 4
told them that for ate I -
? She seven years
United Satebst! tbe'Indian, replied! thatit tee Cout.'l.I ,' latd. It i is hercly ortltre-l that tho Defen- "
Jib"co..; Just then a small I dent do Notice.
just and .
grass Julia\. 'VTUIiazt, i.vs appear plead *n wer ot demur '
boy, asked: VlHd be gift rnilkP We are I' hadn't been abolished among th-m. ancould'nt dI I: I y[ Bill for Divorcet .; U the D1J.i.inut' said bill oa or before the ,,

cot informed &s to the teachers' reply. Le, by any act of Congress first monday Dhmwr nest: or the eats. \ I.LreN<>M havitg desnaad airs: tae: la;
:Martha William J will be takes V.fe : :
I as cu ** d. Ptoridtd that-r pubKcAlion '[ A
how tats of IIiran n: Icily, Tails o; 1!1", .,,,,,,.
fr have tried to ascertain about : ) of this order
many be made in
,I : I \ BILL HAVING KEEN FILED in nyoffice some cewspwper gurney tb-eease.Ljn-lt: reieat them duly ... _
' I Hoyt.-Aftertfl'dowaigbt comfort >>: slaves tbse Seininoles have, but have cot .1 1 in the above *ot tl.-l -racse and it' beiisj: published in this Circuit for three consecutive thentteate.1 without delay ; all'persoraiadeb i :- ,
., i to r, by aSdtvit. that! the defen norths. eJ
na-e a;'p to aid Estate i
". what we are all after. There is a ('orDer'' ben sueces.ful. Ihty Lafetncugbl.oW' : dart rti.'e* bvon-l llyt lirr.i:.. of tine Njuthern ; J. J. GIVENS, Clerk.A. rae.J.ate payment are to raue.tei the uQdtn to make ini- .
l. Ail
in every heart where father and mother, ever, to'cultivate their farms acd do much: JadkiaUmoiitowit5nthA State of Alabama: A. Allen. Coroplt'sS.-L creditors td: person entitled to ditribnti.f1f< .. .
It i if hereby ordered that} the defendant d.> appear -' May. 18'h, 1 6". 4 So. .1 t are hereby notified that
lister acd brrther reside. There i, beauty 1 cf tbe hard, merit: hl.or'amotte: .- I and plead. answer or demur to the coin- the their claims will be
eiptratioa of
tarrejlat two
{. .::,; in mystery, gratifiMtton 5c noreltj-bnt t i The number .is being increased by' kitcap-! ,:i day.plainants in _1ngustrext'or'thesame aid Jill OB or before the willhe fiat takes Jlon- Fair Notice ) <1', oale'!)'" .hitite.l ithin that rear time from

: 'I>r, the micd will leave all,-and go bivk.",to the pill;., Tbe late: rebels: I am told! fre9'Jer.t.1 I w,.cQnf..J. Pr-w.ltllLat pabUcition of thisorder lies West, J&e\ITUl.;th, 1E5'M.;.DAILY Admx.9,gwNotice '

Ii i. -.,. heuthatoce'andthere_ restitMlC ly kidnap negrO and take them to the be made in some newspaper published (f hereby caution ioU
fromnTttFLayirgBelliDorebippin .
j jIndians (i
t: j i ia this Circuit once a week for three cocsecu- (i! I persons r
-. -- to whom they sell them for a trifle I live nostLs.: j I ; ;; "_ < '
r A lad .the first time she wa. kissed II! lL I:.!eLEOD cntctct. .ttle r. the r,>::o"in, :: mark and Lran.i : I II .
says in skias''or. game. The Everglades are i MaaateeCon&tr.: |II Upper and under bit ia ot. ear. and split ia

,.J she felt like a tub of roses swimming in occi pifd exclusively by the Semiuoles, and IL Mitchell, SoL for Comet j I the other-Bra=ded D, and f cure- 5: inside, be 11 LL I'EItSJNS fluin; deaanJ against tho
I io or
.6b6 lonf ? to me. John Caron. Is: or '
and, cranberries. April : Mans.
. boa,!,cologne, nutmegs are seldom visited by whites. Crop and upper slope in one ear, bole and teecounty, deceased. will present: them duly

; < She felt! as if 'something was running (e(: <" "' split in the otLu-TIr&l\.lw. M. P. autbeDLic"teJ "hJ10Ut! J rl&q and aU
; f":: Tennessee j t:73.0:: WW .f'1s Also indebted to said persons .
.. feet of diamonds The last man in who sold a :;'o : :o crop t wo splits ia each: ear-Branded* Estate Are reqo"'Ie- to make: s
: ;1 through her nerve on i M. P the property of Post Sbaaahan.Anypr immediate payment. to the!
.1'tT E HAVE IX STORE. Few All
;l' escorted by several} little cnpids in chariots negro slave at auction, and took in pay jl .on found diitnibiD;? the above mar eredton and perwn' entitled to diatribu"t _.
H "MaU of Orleans" Stoves of
,, ked are
"i and branded be" hereby notified
I cattle will prosecuted it that their claims '
i is bot
ang"sshsdoa by hotelIe:. pent therefor Confederate money, r.ow'one than before I barred
I V drawbl i a letter quality! ever cording to law at the expiration of two year frock f

," and the! t.hole -! reid wltbmelttdrainbows. of &the K.
f' :. !..... ., .' .; ,.: '- I ,.157. *\Iic
< 1 ., -.. .v--- I
oZZi. ;tjl; .;'; :, I

t .. ; .. "
: \ .
': '. I > I
\ / rA

i1 t
". .
1 "

-. -.-: -. '-:' t



1.r f


.- '" .- .. ....... "" .
.. --- -1 : '. +a .

: .. +
;' ... ---, -- ---.. -'. ", .' :-:-if '::::Y+_. >- .'-. _.. __" 6-. r'- .....-. .

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: June 22, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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.- 5r' ;:: :..' ..., ..'. ;- tM
::1 ::, ... l. '. T. .
.. L : ;/
-- ---

.. '. : ".-....

\ ,
,., toi
;. ; : 1

< 1 G .

... :
i ;. 1 "'
.. i
\. .. '.' I
t o .
: .

k I,

-- .- -. -" .. -,,. ,... ..,. ... .. ", ". .' .. '
-- -
; -
-+- .,
'-' ; .
3 ,
'. .,
r' .

4 t V"I

,, "':l "
." '' .

... t .I
-- :

*:;; 1 II.'C TIt.. CHAFT. SPB.tcEll: Editor. Proprietor, t f. ) TAMPA FI'.A.s JME'- ]{ ?_'_).' 18..6'T'O'L', ---NO':" 9. \. : 9,

.. r
-- JGO
TiE Professional ((arbs. .Tile Colton Tax. ing to the freedraen on this plantation was E. '
E .. nearly six hundred dollars, enough to bare .a, ,

How OPERATES clothed mOlt ,of tbem. Sad, naked and It is little word % 1
L MITCHELL. IT os Pouccnos.1IOW .- a very and you may ..
Il '
3 PnLI'YlED SATrwuT BT t ROB8 hungry, they left this plantation! .to look _
I r IT THE FREEDMEN-IlS FOLLY have board it and said it a thousand times, t '
T. K. SPENCER. for other,bomes, little dreaming ,that the M t '
<. : AOTOBHISY( )i AT LAW. them thoughtlessly, until sorrow's hour came, {,
Government that had set free was ,
:'" An officer of the Freetlmen's'Bureau, aiDemopolii : when all ltaOlwaYellnd billows" have rolled

;.,i TEAKS OF SUBSCRIPTION : TAMPA, FLA.- Alabama; has written a letter now taking the food from their mouth%and over your own soul. God pity yon, :

t:. One copy on* year . . .'. .'3,00 to the ,Alabama Re uhf icon, in \shich ho; \ the mistaken clotLt-1'notion Com! that their it was Lacks only, under ranking the then To feel that the tears, and groans, 1
One Will attention to all business and vain longing; of this weary lifCL, are
copy six months. .. ... ..1 50o' prompt
,entrusted to his care. exposes the folly, if not wickedness, of the rebels<< PRY n. part of tbo national( debt. left, and the love, the tender sympathy

al 1 KATES-ADVERTISING- G. Tampa Fla A pi, 23 th, '60. 1yJcll.X tax put 'on cotton by Congress. his the Such'is the actual situation of f hundredsof the gentle caress-gone-forever I

,4 of who knows plantations in Alabama. Yet Bureau To wake, with a start and a 'desolate t
On testimony one whereof Le
square((12 brevier line) or lees for
A., 11 J. F. IIlNI'IESOS the .freedmen
t DEIt"01'f. officer to
are required urge dream _
Girt insertion a |1 50 writes: pang. from some sweet at midnight. ,
r For (aeliubeouentinsertion, 76 *, 1 1 to educate their children, to, save their and listen to the pattering rain drops, and 1 .a
Estate and Legal' Notices will be charged at mm 1 & E 1 DE SON 1 AN ARGUMENT: AOAI2>Sr TI1E COTTON TAX. money in order to buy stock and tool '!know that there are unbroken boinei whose I

the following rale*: DEMOPOLIS,. ALA., March 13, '18C7.- with nhich-lo farm on their own Il(ount. loving ones ,nettle close to the beloved, I

Application |600 ATTORNEYS AT LAW '
i 'otirs t .Debtor* and Creditors, 800 profits in raising cotton Las, un lot,' wbilo i it takes way ,mt'cb' of their ;, of the falling rain-that i is' to you but

r Application forisiniAfion, 12 00 TAMPA-FLA. doubtedly.: .iuJ.ll eJ Congress to impose bread and bacon. Had the freedmen themselves f the "tears of music" wailing, sailing ever r

AnnoiK.cementof Candidates, 6 00 tie tax of three cents a pound, While the been given their choice between ,the that lone word-"Gone." ; '

AdverUsesoecU handed in for publication, notspenSyiag'tL'c i! VTill practice in the Southern and Eastern I\ctuallruth'il, it is. not more profitablethan / two, I fancy they would have chosen the j!I Ii There is a broken home in yonder' low- .a sti

r published until forbid number/ aadchar&cd of insertion*, to toe t I Circuits of the btate. the cultivation of any other agricultural : atter. They cannot eat [ballots, nor wear roofed cottage, There are broken hearts *> 4
Jr. i'. ." Tampa May[ 26th, Ib6o. :56mo.A. proJuct. What male it profitable informer i ballots, and I I judge that about the firs ,I, gathered in tbo simple country church, tho _

.tl .. times was the continually increasing use they make of them will be toward removing outwardly calm. Their eyes are ever turn-

LEGAL L ALLEN. number and value of ,the slaves who ibis cotton tax, which now bearsso ing to that heavy pall that bides their i
AD\Lr.Tl EJSESTIlairiiatron.J
A. cultivated the rather than the heavily their industry. i of
} : crop, proceeds upon : household angel. The pastor peaks a
f > ATTORNEY AT LAW, of the itself for' it is well! PIERCE BCRTOJ.IVcwupapcis. : i i'
/ Suit ty Jmcnt.-\otice 1 Iof crop ; ... her patient, loving life ; of her easy, trans
the in.utaUoti vf suit by attachment, incase -:4Srr.- known that a man not owning slaves never -- I I'quil death, like a tired child,-sleeping to

of Q qou-rwident shall Lie published for could make a decent living by his own wake in heaven. How_.his voice tremble .
three! months I'D some public newspaper of the SoVicUor ui EqiTAMPA \ labor in the cotton field, and even at present What immense facilities these Jocomcslive I I RS he peaks to the sorrowing ones- '*Shaha

-district./njfi.'u/ioH f Suit to fur el one Mortgage."Notice .- FLA prices cultivation is not more profitable travellers afford the present and rising'i' < been flood/ wife a good: mother; but .

of the iJsit.uti. of suit at eommon TIT ILL GIVE prompt attention to all businl than that of many other agricultuial generation, for the acquirement general! she is gone !r' They hear little else-and "t
law to fored +mortgage, where are products which are not taxed. the -a touching, for t
persons l f entrusted to his care. : pastor prays prayer
of useful infor
entitled to, or iotererted.in.:the'equity, of redemption Sept.cmberbl.1866., 10,Cm. To illustrate : One man with a mule, inn knowledge and the spread these broken hearted., (hen, there is a 'r
; reside beyond the limit o! the jurisdiction l cotton at mation. Is there a new invention, or useful silence and the lid of the coffin is raised '
of the Court in which suit ber good season, a high average, e
brought, shall be published in any newsoaper may S C. CRAFT.A1IOMEYATLAW.. in the old cotton States, can make 2,000 improvement, in any of the ,Arta, or a and they take "that last look to coveted t

published in the district wherein the mortgaged pounds of 'cotton and corn about eno' h discovery; in the Sciences, it will bo found so 1 opeles, !!", that the human hear wit)

1 ,premises lie once everey two weetsoaileaalfonr : to feed his mule. This takes his entire described in claim on the verge of the grave.." ..
months before the first day o time graphically your newrpaper.lias threads in tbtwary
for twelve months in the year. This There are silver mingling
t the tertn of the CouiUddMtHiitreior' Fl' the will, sell for an earthquake sunk, 'or an innuda I hair smoothed from tho -
*, Jittfinrt, or GuarJ'ant.All Tama :. cotton at piesent price 8300: softly away
1 sales of land.by Ex *tor., Adminisira on which the Government tax of three cts Lion flooded, a fire ravaged, or an army pure forehead. There is a smile of gentleness :

i ton or GcnrdaM'aie! required! by law to be Having engaged: now fully in the practiceof per pound amounts to fcOO. No one man sacked, a city, town or vill go, in the wide and pi ace.on the still, white face; and' ,
advertised iu some uewa t per nearest to ih. Law. ( will attend to any business eoUus- with in Illinois six the lashes the marble i it
a team by1 working long rest lightly on
place where: the real ea ate it silu. ted. Notice ted to my care in the Southern Judicial Cir world which we inhabit, yon will find it ,
months in the make bushels cheek if in But the frozen lips 1
palsy. must year, can 2,000 ns sleep. r
of these begircn in apcblicuete\ \ : noticed and faithfully described
thirty dajc previous In the day of sale.EJor. cuit.Office : In the X. E. Room, In rear of the of corn, worth at least $800. A tax on carefully "answer not those passionate kisses; the .
Debtor fnd Crtdiiof*.-Notice; to I" ninjia! Book and Drnj; Store." this $600 worth of corn rr.ised in Illinois, there. Has speculation or scarcity: ,ad van- i heart throbs not under the thin bands, ,

Debtors and eresaa, of an estate mast be Tampa J-Vb'y 23rd 1$6. tt in proportion to that 'Imposed on the $500. ced the price, or made flattering the prospects I meekly folded until the resurrection morn. .

published ei-,ht treks worth of cotton raised by one man i.n'Ala. Gone-only the casket left. Kindly bands ,
of of the other .
C.irk OrJincrjt.. hare !e &iL-No.'leethatappliea.ion any our staples ; or on
will 1 Le made lo the Court of S. Y FINLEY bama, would lm $06, or nearly five cents hand has told the muslin tenderly over the dead
Ordinary for lene to sell laud, matt be published per bushel. But as it takes only half the over-prodaction or pressureon face, and fasten down the coffin lid ; and.

], werkljy foe;thirty. dara. A'r'rOl\NEY: I.C\. 1A W"" labor to make the corn that in requited the money,markets in the great martsof the bier moves' ODe '

Alinlxhtrelon;. and <7, or "a.i'.=Application to make'ihe cotton, the lax, on it should the world, depressed the value, or made Ah 1 it is fit that the wind should wail a \

for Jet..era of Administration must be published BROOKSVILLE FLA. be doubled, or.10 cents per bushel, in or. heavy, the sale of these productive results requiem while the coffin is lowered into
six wcels;for .efonfromAdmioie- der to equalize the business.One the open grave, and the heavy clods fall on
ration, weekly 'or six month. Will Practice in the Southern and Eastern. and promoters ot industry and labor, your "
man in Berkshire county can' provide it. "Dust to dust; th4 casket gone too !

STATE OF FLORIDA. Judicial Jane( Vrd'G6.:Circuits. Iy' for and milk twenty eons, from which newspaper is the flying- Mercury to herald They go slowly and aadly'bic lo that

be can makd 8,000 pound cheese, whicl the agreeable or unwelcome news to your low roofed cottage, to their broken home. !I
-(o) MEDICAL XOT1CE. will net $1,400 worth of cheese which house'or Hate rOb The father lingers moment on the thresh:: ;
I counting- parlor.
EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT.Governor 0 one man in Berkshire can make, in pro! your old. It seems but a day since she stood

-Hon. D. S. "Walktr; I DR. JOHN P. CRICHTON. portion to the SCO tax oti $500, worth or gained by a rise in the stocks, or lost by'a with him in that door wityf a bride ; and he t

Lieot. Gov.-\\. w. J. Kelly ; UIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES cotton which one man in Alabama can depression ip the price of some lArge'nrti- sees again the flash of j joy that light her

ISee'fy of fctete-B, F. Allen ; lon'Er.s citizens of Tampa. make;, would) be *lGO, or'two. cents pc g cle of merchandize-has: relative: ,abroad fair; young face as he whwpers,-':Our ,

Tieaiuw Comi'lroIlJlbD-C. II.'Austin Beard' ';, Office at hi.r.*i.it'ilce. ,. pound.: How would our Berk-hire farmer; died;'or a friend been mat: ried-has there home,sweet' wifs." Now,she! is gone, and'' '
G ne-ral-.1ohD Attorney ; been a duel or a dance-a shipwreck, or a
Reveler; of Public Lands-Hush! A. Corley Slate can take care of and provide for 'aloud.. The,daughter, true ,to her womanhood

Speaker lloase of liep.-J. J. VTillisjns; !1usiurs 5 Carfc.3IR. ,. sheep to produce 2,000 pounds of wool, successful speculation; taken place in hughes her own grief to soothe .: .

.. which 5,* jut the number of pounds cot which you have an interest-there theyare and comfort him. The son wanders off to ,

JfDIdAtDErAmiCST.Hon. ton which man in Alabama ,"mother's "'' There is the low couch
C1IABLESTOIIA.CE. can pro carefully noticed in its varied column',, room. .
.,C. Ir. DaPont-Chief Janice ; duce. But wool usually fells at double where she lay: and be knelt by her' side"caressing '
and spread out on desk'or table, before -.
A E. 1uw.e11.l I your
Associate Justicesforrnnv fI the price of cotton at its home market: ; i her thin hand as they talked as v
J. iL \f i
,t-Barer, ; J k,, tiI hence a tax on wool parallel with that on you hare eaten your breakfast, to 'only motherandson can commune. There t

y I (cotton should be six cents per: pound Yet quicken; your appetite, or take away its ': the lay when the death angel came, and he
Monticello, Fia,I'! now ,
JCDICIAL. cismT.JutycsJaK.ea I Or avisitto Tampa where Congress, instead of taxing wool until it zest, \VouM you see nu exhibition, in a WA kneeling by her side, clinging vainly

Sohritur-ll. L.Cettis..y Mitchell I! will spend a few week 0'1.. : I stands: on an equal footing with cotton or )painting jUtuary, of Adam and Eve, in to her hand, watching the !shadow on ber '
{the purpose of, and i j" ti< removing the tax from cotton until it Maud]* face, and the fluttering lip!, as the breath

IIILLSHUROICH- CorXTT.Jodce l'rel'Metl take pictuie in I on an equal; fo +,ing with wool, keep* a j their original slate of nudity, or Queen grew shorter; and she smiled-and was <
the latest andrnoniinpro\ed of the day.
ot Probate-fobn Darling. \ Will insert cheaply.' styles I. tax on cotton wiiich does not incrcit the ,i. Victoria, or the imperial Bonaparte : not ; for God took her.

Clerk Circuit Court-J. J. Girens.hheiiff -"otornlh.. market \'a!'ue.\n\where an J \putsa high.. their robs of Iate-Jour nrwpapcr will I It all comes back to him at be kneel41i $
-J. T. Lesley. protective duty on all imported tool, giteyou the of their exhibition, or :i there, nnd with a crushed desolate reeling .
AIM I rot spot t :
Coroner-II. M.Keen. I > ) yes which J.ugely.increases iho borne value of : he buries bis facein the pillows, and moans"Mother.motberl" ,
i :5une"or-W', C Brown. rerrotypesIn nay biportray to you such a living sketch:
the native: article. 'It iwell enough:;: to : : Bat there comes '
d \
COVMlftJ-IOVEM.- I j All\cUII..X'k..h.who with to hue c. their photogr'spL..tc protect t' Aineiican wool, but why thus oppress of the !'CCDtLILt you may see it standing : back only the wailing echo, ""Gone! gone I" t t;:

.V. Henderson on, R. Booth. J. R. Robertson. | would do well to call soon a" he cxpet!" to Ami-ricni <'otlcii t ? Is it mn;:011 n irn- out in nil its pictured or thuelUd distinct- i By and by, the grass will grow green on ':..

\,. A Lively, stay but a short while in Tampa lie will 1\1. OUt J Is U just Is iCcncouiftging: Southern ness, and enable you to pocket your quarter that grave acdlhe myrtle cover it, and .1
in the
A jt>Ticr or THE ruicr. :d. Dist. ,Ourt w'J.l'UAUA.M.a found t at his Gulle> up stairs emigration: } Is il not rather poor statesmanship half! or \\Loc! dollar: for some more 1 perchance roses bloom there ; and,at night-. ,," .,

E. A. Claile, and blind section: legislation ? all, when wearied and worn with life's '
Tim, however in not the feature useful call on jour 1 bounty. fI'cares
it.iffitTiUis5Li ? worst : and (rials, the bereaved will 'come
: L rod!..",r. Lawful: Constable. IIW of'it. This little tax of three cents per Panoramas and plays,music! and mountebank and !lay the aching head on the low mound, 1

);UTAaItJlI'TJL1(: pound on cotton ptoJuces] actual destitu-! trick, shins and shows, circuses and and in. those hours of sweet communion ',

\ J.J. A.F. Ilendeion.Henderson,. :BE1J: Ot- lion and suffering among the frecdmcn.I : .-. church l lecture, books, banks, and band grow _calm! ; feeling she is "not lost; only' ;11,
I 1 lia\o'asi. +tcd in the settlement of accounts before." !
-- -- -: :- with frretJtuen) on perhapsflty: plan: boxc, mixed up in a hettaogeneous mass, gone; "For so He giveth His beloved steep. .

JE. n5iUts .((orbi'T t&lious: \II\Ll1naJuring: the winter and stare you in the face, from the columns! of MAT PERCY '

'- -- ;,.'--.' ---'- _- I know perhaps I their condition. The fol. A newspaper, and tempt you to open your --- .-. --- .
f f, luTrni:.. i*. i. ttRCltt,4J ,, SHOE 1k-.a IA1ER lowing mtetnenl of the situation on one and draw back i On.Tl1EIUI MEN is tOE SOCTIIEBSSTATES. i t
eyes your purse-strings,
t plantation will illustrate that on hundreds and sometimes to relax the closer .;,"Wick," of the Cincinnati Cora '

I P. MITCHBL&CO.1) U : with a good;stock of of oth.rs. In the latter pint of December your heart. Occasionally stringsof menial, has been travelling! through the t
HAVIXOjurtairlved .,. for I visited about you open Southern States lately and gives the following ,
(' neeearv ma- one plantation, lying ten upon; nn article, tint swells its ventricles, -
C OTTON FACTORS j i Vine fine Hoot and hdC8. rv. pec t fully inform miles up Iombzbe; ( river, for the purpose and floods the eye, and not unfrequentlv opinion as to the treatment of '
the eititecs of Tampa and .urroan.liouo.- Northern there ,
of with the freedmen. There men :
; --A D-- he prepared to rill all(order in !settling; light upon another, that relaxed your mus
trtb.t. is now
: kh his line with neatness dl"31oe{
(Commission cPtrciJ1nts( ;! ; hoi>-First door \,('At..f Friebele'More. I } pound of cotton to the hand, and no smile, and DOW and then, renders irresiatU of the South since I started out \ '

Tampa.March 16th. If7.. tf.CIIAS.G.HASSELEF. corn. It wa an rueraje cotton crop for I ble and irrepressible, convulsion tendency three weeks ago, bud have yet to learn the ., .
75 poyelml St.. :N ew Orleans.!! I last year in thi suction of the country.Ihe .- ,I to a broad achination. And first ci: +e in which a Northern man ha .'
__ I ; as f\ stirring been lt of his politic J.. .
freedmen receive m" rested on account \
were to as wage' i
of the waters in the mind
: like
j up eicrcio -
31-POST I I their rations of corn and meal and sentiments in the section from which be
<< to the body, has a happy effect
pork, and one ("Urlhr the which sand hailed. I have made a great many inquiries -
crop useful
,1! BOOtA tendency, towards, it
: ; Q\.ua.o\t : keeping in a kind had occurred ,
1.\ of the
,,, ) .t..c r.I arc the usual cams given Ibis year. healthful condition, are we not greatly indebted and if anything ,
in the section through
They sick and recently
were fume bought soma
'. O-. clothing, a little sugar flour, fcc., trom'their for its moral to these and repositories of good things, which I have passed, I hould probably! 1.
{i Mercbaiit employer, promising their in physical sanity f Why, I have heard of it. I have not yet been 1Q'
crop payment. .
: a newspaper is, as Shakspenro of the Sumnei
says Chas or +
MAKER At the settlement it found that a city or town vh'ich
ISHOEi- was, some "the brief and ;
players, abstract
1: -TAMPALA hail overdrawn their chronicleof Wendel Phillips: might i not visit with per- I
accounts, some come I
prornfd to all bniines en- tho times, and collects the stirring and and I think
attend themselves, ,
-tTlLL out with five dollars due them, and one or feet safety to
tnnd toek care. acing remofrom Mr. IIarri'on'a estab striving movements of onr world, within much their enlightenment, respecting j
had to
loliettpd.Jl1 two RS high as thirty dollars coming to
'ConsiRriorentee; PKtfuFAugust ; .11 lifhinentto hisold'stand at the "Krauw its four pages, day by day or week by habits and manners of people whoa: ...
23, u6. lS.tLC !01 s., ," offers his serrlce' to the puhlic.1 .- them, for their year's labor. All were ragged week, and spreads them out for a world's the : without knowing. .
Work will be ezecnted: with as mnch.i eatnens, their children were naked ; ail now they denounce: .. S
amusement information and instruction. .
BUN house Painter, warbler and Bur cheapness and spatcJi as it can be done else without food and without Who -S --is-a good thing ''
many money.- therefore would not read Josh Billings lays rum '' ,
I pint.er will atLenJ to all bnslami. where. Attention jrifen to repairing. a ntw paper -, "
,: .JjoeT gy 1 Tampa April-"7tli, 1 -C7. 1 tf Yet the government: tax on cotton belong- ? in iu place and ball i is the place for it. 4>
hi .
mr a !1', May tl!b, 1867. 2 t( ,.,.',, C


s I
.. \
MI .

.. 1
.( ". J-
1 \ I' I
1 ; I
.0 ).""
3f:, .r

fc-- 1 ,.-. -:.. + w
., -
... -1 -- ..-
; ..
S -. l..H.'$-:."'" '... '-' -# '-'........- :;,._1r.l' 1 _. '-" -WLY r < -. '. .

........r.&J..... -- : ...... '1"1 -;.....", .- -- .-- j .. -.- --,
J-'C ,
." :
'. ':' 'Y' I
v '


I "

., ; ,, .. ., '. ..' -, s ',. ";'
: t '
J .- .. "
.," sYt.L t ,


: ,- f'.

-s :);J

-it i FLORIDA General Orders No. 95. cr the. Peninsular, Editor* Floridian : Una / b1Jatiscmint5. ::J

THE PEMMiR.TAMPA We would call the special attention of SOUTH FLORIDA.No. I have read with attention the communication .

I t I 1 our City and County officers to this ,very 2. your last of issue.your'He correspondent iseanust, and doubt.," in Groceries ,

ja importao'and timely order, published inour less honest, in expressing his convictionsand

.. last issue. It is an important order, Climll\has always been, and wisely tendering his advice. Yet he makes A. NEW SUPPLY !(
: fromthe fact that many of our.City and too considered a most important elementin one admission which turns all his argn- .
meats against himself, and Flour Corn
County cfficer bad come to the conclusion the advantages of health and prosperity his main conclusion. This 1 ,.: ,
; ; that they had now nothing to' do; of a country. \point health and sa admission i is made i in his third paragraph.I Bacon, Syrup, f c 1

and that they were few or no official res. lubrity of climate&>nth Florida presents ,quote-"It is said, it"we" (meaning ofcourse Rice, Kerosene Oil, i ;1

7 SATURDAY.. 32nd! 186T.i ponsibilities resting upon them, that under peculiar advantages; would be very dif the majority of the white voters of HardBread, Crackers I

the State) "do not reorganize under this Crushed Sugar, :
the District Military rule all the functions ficnll htalthieYeountry '
1 I f. ur...* M.- Giunoy, Esq, it our.Agent at to find a all things bill, the negroes and loyalists will. This Brown Sugar >

.t ,: ': ,Brook>Tile..n*, and I I. authorized to receive of their offices bad been removed, I considered. The invalid\and especiallythose may be ao" &0. Ah, this may be sof- Coffee, tl u

money receipt snbteriptiont for the supe.i and advertising, and and they, consequently? relieved of responsibility. afflicted' with pulmonary! diseases May we not put the case a little stronger, Candles.
j' .
; i *1 But this order, not only recognizes may here find "the balm in Grtwd and the and say this will It tot Organization under !
,i and duties but the "Sherman-Sbellabarger" act is tn- Soap I 'ftf
New these
: Advertisements. responsibilities phykician there. Almost miraculous k
\ evitable. If"wa"do not act, -negroes andJovalllts" Starch, I' .
E ; New Groceries just received-A.. A..Allen. enforce them. It is timely, from the fact cures have been effected, as a, number of, will :act 'for ns.NV may refuse r'&e.. \L \

.; t>lat there never has been period, perhaps, I instances will testify. Life has beenxpro- to ",ole side by side with a ntgro," ,

.t SJ of Personal property-A. Mayo. ia the history of our country when it was longed, pain alleviated, new vigor imp r- but the negro will nevertheless vote A -. .t.L50 .-.' -' ,I"!;?
j Notice to Debtors nod Creditors A. State Government will be formed. A Q X 11 A :X I)
1<; 11&01'1 .Deeeuary for our County officers to ted and animation cheerfulness inspire new
Maya < 'Dn consider it "hogui; but it will,
t. 'TaaxtaTat.'eh: be upon? the alert to quell, suppress, keep ed, by the soft purr air of this delightful cotwilbsUnding may left fact. Suppose "we A Ceneral Assortment. of /v;
\1 '
Orleans ripe are down or prevent disorders; and our mu. cKmate. Como on, ye sufferers, and add do\ot participate wit! still be tskeu .nt.l DRY GOO DS, .,I fx.

on oar tall throngh.tbe kindness of Mr nicipal authorities to use all diligence in to life many days, Iresh vigor, health aDd heldSo be the act of tl e people cf the ,:
D.:L. MrrcnitL of the firm of Mitchell & have validity HARDWARE, ; l;
policeing our cities and towns in order to happiness by a home in this Itnly of f titate.Rod will practical ; I ....:
; Co., New Orleans. whit our co-cperatiou could give it. .
the of which the CROCKERY.
.__ prevention' epidemics America. :'f'
_._ ___ Ins very portlnt sense it will bs as-
We learn, from our exchanges, thst a condition of most of our'towns-by rca South Florida taken as a whole, cannot much, our government., that is, the government BOOTS i

fine draw bridge bas just been: completed I son of the present condition of much of be said t to bu a rich landed country ; the whivk shapes and controls our f % '

i I Weir Fernandina,and the work of relaying I their population, is well calculated to in pine forest or pine barrens, M they are destinies as though :',JIe"' bad made it our SHOES. r"J'

the duce, if not engender. sometimes called l predominate but selves. Under tbe\corutilutiou fo (formed itf :
j! Railroad track to the city is progress largely ? under the lawssorn'da and administered"we" &,c. .

ing n idll'! Now we do think, there is something of they are rich hammocks and swamps must Ii Ye. Adtuit that an organize' Cheap for Cn !i or Country l.rodncc. iI

; --- .. tat' -- this kind much needed at Tampa. large wbioh afford rich soil ,
ij very some ones, as lion under the act above cited, must necessarily
,.. The Tallahassee Sentinel comes There is evidently local tea A. A. ALLEN.
some temporary as can be fouud anywhere. They are ex.ceedinyly contain some objectionable
'out the Tax Collectors ofBrerard will \ot be diminished Tampa Flu.. June 22d. It.
pretty severe on cause for disease hero,which was not here productive, yielding abundantly) tures. Their number _9

I : Putnam, Dade, Dural and, Manatee "in days of From its being world by our standing aloof Stud l leaving 1 .
yore. to the hand of toil lich reward of Corn
the "ut'groes and loyalikts" to mould it a*i Corn &
counties for not making their return of renowned for its beaUbfuJncs*, and health Cotton, Cane, Tobacco Rice, Peas, Potatoes they pleate. It is! idle to insist that "we"sba'll ,

t taxes collected last year. This mattershould restoring powers, as it used to te, it i ill now vegetables! of all kinds, and the tropi : tot "adopt" the distasteful require f Flom'H

j, be remedied Immediate!- noted f
; ;, -- r.'. ---- i in any toRb ill Florida, as much fever such them and "put them into our State Constitution
ity, as cedar, juniper live "
'I cypress and laws, when all this can and AT.
; ABSXVT. We be absent whenthe
i '. expect to in proportion to population, so oak, white oak, ash, pine, mulberry, Arc will be done just effectually, without our L. G. COV ACEVIOH'S.
present and next number comes out, early in the season, as there bas been -
Nature seems to have made a most wise co operation as with it.
Y 1 t 'f, and though there may be no Editorial I already in Tampa Ibis year. Evident andadvantxgeousarrangeroenlin the interposition "D," has a great repugnance to sending lEGJL.AC' ET. i

items in our next, yet we trust, with the ly then, there is some temporary, local "test oath representatives" to Congress.But .-
interesting communications of More cause which should be removed of rich and poor !land. The hammocks will the "negrue and loyalists," if left EH33A>l SOHOOHEEG. ,
as speedilyas
; ,_ "' Anon** and the number of selections which are not generally large acd are interspersed themselves, elect any other than "test 1
possible, and it is the duty of the Incorporation
in between large bodies of pine oath mau"is the very worst wage of the
e : we hare clipped from our Exchanges, .it i to bare it done Battbe
at once. l term f There are men, (such as Gov. Marvin r
: will be found interesting to our readeis.ED. .- forest. Like an oasis in a desert they form for who take the '
officers of the Incorporation : example) can test W. DILL
may say .
.. a picture of rlre beauty and excel I ; ft ftJ.
I, I::4. "We have no funds, and therefore cannot great oath, but would gladly see !it repealed ;who, MILLEB
fence, and the eye rests upon them with if admitted to seats in Congress!, would : .
'"B."-We Invite attention to have the necessary work policing done, and for its Bat REGULARLY BETWEEN 4
f special i a peculiar pleasure and a fascination not enjoyed urge vote repast tlnegr y es WILL \'
of the florid I' and the people Are to taxed Tampa and New Orleans
correspondent tan signed"B. opposed being elsewhere. and loyalists" would not elect such men ports ,

; -' It is in reply to a correspondent of the to raise money for that purpose."-:- J I Their! appoinlers: would no doubt be men t'iu .Minatee, For freight or passage apply I

sane paper signed "D.". The arguments Very well ; if the people are opposed t to The hammocks are well distributed. In I interest!
of *B" are so (forcible, so conclusive, tha* the county of Hernando, (or i instance, i The whole argument, therefore, of "DV at Manatee, or to the Captain on ,

;E they must carry'conviction to every mind,, raisin; money for the purpose, you have south Brooksville, (the county seat) lies : second paragraph lies with tremendous board

1! C that it not entirely blinded by a reckless) the power to tax them in Labor. Call out the Garrison Hammock.about two miles force against taking his advice. Juno 22d._ 9 3m. i I i I

I prejudice, which if general l, and permitted then every man and boy in the place lid and mile wide. By taking an active, earnest part in the -
long f The Chococbata
I to prevail,would inevitably lead to the fi under the reconstruction Sale !
... compel them to work until this proceeding; act, Sale ;
... necessary
6 ,\ ; nal and.complete destruction of our oan- Hammock south east of Brooksville six b,' "we"may ameliorate our condition: 'some .

{, ". .' tr1. and desirable object is fully consnmated. three miles. The Annnlaliga Hammocknortb.north whllt.k\\ ,," may make the organizationwhich TWILL SELL AT PUBLIC I
r '
# I
. Although exempt, on many grounds, from west of Brooksville, about ( we cannot. prevent) less objectionable J. the hi h.tlt bidder, on the 16th day of July i

;t Y .' From the Religions H"rld. such laborious' public duties, jet if the ten miles long and from two to ten miles less "rotten" than it oth rwiae would I at Brook Tille, Fla., all the Personal property
....... -: be. Will of Franc! II. EJeringlon late of IIi loC0untv
I j Tropical Frntu of Florida. Incorporation will go to work and call out broad. The Joe Garrison hammock, three "w be wise in refusing to do .W,l rnan<
: I "D will
probably'ao&wer Yes.
; I i : The fruits of Florida, as they, grow i ii id I the people for this object we will most miles. The Convicting of I
by one hammock lIe
.. Wall west, seems to think that the more rotten 600
Head of
i : ; soil and good Stock Cattle.
good equal most cheerfully a weekor month in cleaning the iI
three by one 1- miles. ] the moro oppressive the new organization
n of
I county .
; in size flavor and ..
/ superior samples, abundance
up the streets and lots about the place, is, the better so "we" do not give it our Severn good Horses. .
f ,of the same fruit from the West In. Hillsborough, east of Tampa, :s the Simmons to"
n ,; We would .much rather do this, than to sanction, "It will fall to pieces" (he snys) F t
; dies the Mediterranean.
or hammock
'" about three miles long by "of its AFine Stock of Sheep,
own rottenness. But does 'D'
K: t f '* .t', : Very little attention there has been bestowed have diseases and death stalking in our one mile broad, interspersed with 'know bow long the "rottenness" is io .I';

.' .:' on the culture of fruits, but all the midst, through all the loll season and our prairie continue A Fine Stock of HOJI, ,
lakes. before the "falls .
-. : ,: Also the Itchepuckassatsa bam organization t to
r; i usual berries nuts kcn well .
grapes, < as s s ,
people out hundreds and thousands !I" Meanwhile who is Acd oilier
paying pieces endure tedious
to many things to too
t mock which men ,
t r the banana and lemon contains about 500
: will acres,
orange ties Terms
: pay made known
of dollars for Medicines and Doctor's bills the stench II on day of lale.ANDSRSO.V .
fl: f .. almost as nothing.else can. - ; The Knight, Lanier, Platte, Clarke and cannot see the aptness o>f his'i! allusion MAtO, Adm'r.
: I jo are years aver planting or rawer and beside; the fair fame of our once delightful Friebele hammocks Brookwlle. Juno 22d 18C7. 9 td*. ;
containing from 200 to Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri.-
'.. ; .Jt..f : i and lemon t'
i. selling oat orange trees one and !
: "' healthy city, entirely ruined. to 500 acres. The'AIafi creeks and ham Their situation was not precisely the tame
;. tree well situated will in mmo Wo mm&N
I i ,/ yield, year, > 14Siat9U p
We find that there is Nor I how
a ours. can State is
', no subject, upon mocks about see our
: l f }:; or more oranges or lemons.! One acre of tec miles l long, by cue to one

f I. :.-': );'' )land will bold 122 trees, and their value which, our people of Tampa are so 's nsi> and f miles broad. The Hillsborough river .. G WL t

: 1 / f..1 will be for'one tree 500 each. live that of taxation .
:, ::41 oranges or as or voluntary contains about thousand sman. disfranchises "rebelt" lbo
twenty acreof I : tome -
.r '.; ::: t5 ; one acre $919. Those trees are about contribution for public, beneficient objects. hammock in "dPgroes and loyalists," if left to themselves
large and small bodies
same trouble and it
f''J' apple or
i expense And is it 50' from the fact I will probatly disfranolme all TAMPA FLA. :
( peach trees. They will bear well for twen- why Simply and so of the counties of Sumter, Brcvard, How -
i i five or thirty as they acknowledge themselves, that they are pe"to r'gainpower, when shutout faJ just received and
.I' years. Polk and Manatee. Tbi! ;are l lauds of by our State Con'tiution from / for tale
,1par- .
"\. r The Sicily raised in Florida is have been often leeched and hum
so .
orange superior quality and truly:: inviting} to the ticplt'.i.n in the control of local or cation-,: i' Mr; Viu*!ow'J' Soothing !Syrup.T'hiKtoic ,
\ to and commands ,
superior the
: any bugged. The moneymade being f'
ir t. .' highest price i n markets. : up band of industry, and will yield a rich reward al fff.iirs' I | :! or Wo-mu*. Freud,
squandered in some viiionary chimera, or "!) that "to J fert our frieul i :is ;
f. I I'" There is an orange tree ,on the east' for the labor bestowed. All the pine> tays;' i Jaj'n( (*, \VMil.ts,; it ilcl-ean's ri'.U.: t t i
I binkof the Lawrence river Columbia sunk into the "safety fund" of some one's iufamcu. True, l'm i is it uct oi vMi:: ", I j .
at land ;is I
in breeches Now not poor, now and then you fin I tLat if we !take idaJ.etl! ; ;: Mini "lo t.oth i Browns }as ice Jlu.i.a linger
_, : full sight of the can,that is now 21 pocket. whatsoever may r
",6 i : old, and has borne, in single Benson,years over have been the facts of this heretofore, we parcels, of good productive land t' the pine I ing" lewd the: \\hJc! \ mutter of framing 1[I'F nt.r Soar, Seiiilit PowJers, : t

; 4,000 fine oranges. It ii still in good have the of land generally! furnishes good pasturage and administering GUI Sut Govercincct'' flop, Service.
pledge assurance to make to to I'n.1 l *' "de j Xutmeg*. Ma,t. \
r bearing condition, but is altogether too for cattle and thus! bacomcs valuable.I It negroe, w! trt" no: |
I the for the Whenever Spirits of Turpentine. Tooth
public "friend
: money only e ur ourselvca I Soap
f ,. far north, as its branches are often crippled was truly wise arrangement of Provident I I

f ;; by frost. is made up for nay public enterprise to dot the country with rich hammock for .... ... B. Greys Ointment Chloroform I,
! .' 4 f .. The seeds planted will bring trees, bearing and placed in the bands of anybody-let I the agriculturist And abundant Col. T- W. Osborne, of Tallahassee has ChrystalizldStrychnine, *Castor Oil, !

i i f .:: ia seven years from the time of plant him be who it may-if lie does not strictly I pasturagefor been nominated by Jnslice Cinnamon ,. ,
tie Mod Chase Linked Oil
1 :, i i ,! ,' 1 account for it, and ,we are still at the raiser. Abundant are the Register, under the as Varniih Brushes, Lubin .
last .
Bankrupt for Extracts
1 : year, I860, oranges were worth helm of tie, Peninsular we promiseto'get provisions of Providence to the iudn&tri- ,the State of Florida It t i

: ;1. .. ; '.- : two or more ce.pt: each up the St. John's after him with our pop gun, and keep after oas: and the diligent, and nowhere does two Rpgisters would! be appointed was expected but that" Concentrated Lye, I I t
I't t 1 I I. ,. river on the trees, and they can be profitably him until we make him so tick of it, the fact appear more conspicuous than understand that Col. Osborne will act for we : Sash Tools, Castile Soap .' .
f i raised at of a cent in that he will be
: l one quarter any compelled! to disgorge. the whole Slate. I
i > t .., I quantity. If raised in the Southern part As Gen. Orders, No. 25;, makes the Mil-! here. Much good laud abundant jas- .. Black, Blue: Green Paint 1\\

: : .. i- -, .- .of the State, the trees will seldom fail to itary.commanderof the pod here a super turage.agwd range, rivers creeks, ponds, REFUSED 1 EG15TRUIOA Richmond Catnip Sage, '.

;t : t bear wellOranges visor of the conduct of all our civil officers.to Ukes and springs furnishing a good supplyof merchant, who escaped tie Confederate A few boxes of Water Colors, t 1,
r .
f should be dug up wild in the I see that tbey are faithful in all things; water and abounding in fish of service by furnishing substitutehas And (; f
+ i an ex I been variety o other Articles.
; ; woods and are sour, transplanted and the here is ; l
f ( they very ) as garrison equally inures I refused registration.. Considerable \ ..
i '\ in fie proper place, the tops cut off, ted, iQ the health of lLo place a* the citi eellentquality. Some of these lakes and and much dUatist'action excitement Tampa, Jane 8th 186';. ;tf ',:

(.. j and as the new sprouts grow to the Proper zen lucrative!*, we comiotnd this suSjeot spring! are a* clear as ciystal, margined no trouble is apprehended. prevails, but ,

I size; they should be budded with the kind to his attention. i i'e I hy a rich foliage of evergreens, forms a --r HEAL THE SlCKiT! ;
'1- ; of fruit desired. will then to \\
begiu close the
I They piesent, our mimic j like The
j picture In IIAYE
scene a fairy tale. two points on which the of JUST RECEIVED.
I opinion 'UE A FEW
". i I ; J bear the second year. upon the subject, by inviting attention to Attorney General ES OFEine CA- Ii
I. :. The banana is propagated: by suckers. the following extract on the tame MORE ANON Sanberry i in yet to le Old f.. ,
announced JloxongahelaWhiakv
k. are first who shall i
.: ; 'It is 12 to 14 months from the time of set. from the Taaabaee: Sentinel : .- to the office entitled Old lire Whu-ky. .

.: ; ting till the fruit is ripe. But the stalk "\t e honestly believe that tbree-fourthi A 'asbvilhepaper of last Wednesday ,aud duties the; second, wbat Commanders.are the powers Blackberry Bran.lj, I
i and sprouts come op from the stump, and of the sickness! of every city' results froma says : "One of the most unique and attractive I. --- .-.. Ginger Brandy, :
j, ; bear again in" to 6 months.Goodrich's marriages we have wen took Mint Julep! *. '. .
g. want of cleanliness. Health officers area pUce in Attorney General: Staobmy i is rapid !'101e :'h..rr'i ... .
j.i ,. Encylopedia says : "Thirty. blessing to the community in which they Dr. Baird's church, last night, between ly preparing a supplement to his opinionon OU Port Wine
i j [ three pounds of wheat,. 99 pounds of potatoes are vigilant and faithful in the discharge Mr. It. R.Freeman and Miss Alice McQuid- the reconstruction law;, in which the Leinuif Syrup

: .1 t ; or 4,000 pounds plantain (a species of their responsible duties. dy. Th3 bride and groom kneLt and jion. powers of district commanders to remove Which forMSic.l: Tltll"
: t of will we will keep and sell ,
:: ,. f ananaJ.). grow on 1,000 square feet We know of one lot in this town that ed hands from opposite sides of a talk in State and municipal officers-win be discus- | ]pose Also por
j' S ot tana me : is therefore! ,
plantain to
sed. .
potatoes BOW contaius filth enough to cholera '
as 44 to 1, and to wheat as 133 to generate the middle of the alter, on which was an ... ... Dr Jayue's Carminative Balsam '
fever and chills \
, ,. yellow and fevers, in.
s # l.'t open Bible, covered with wreath The Devil he never seed sich And small
numerable. The officers will find it i if they a of flow- says wet assortment of Kutnecs. Scotch
It is about the same work to raise bananas weather and he is afraid if it does Snuff Tobacco '
are not Pipes Marbles Ac
will get on a certain street and just follow was suspended over their heads from stop : 4
For sale
as sunflowers. W. W. KEEP. their olfactorut.' the ceiling.." raininghe will not have a dry shirt for Sun by
".. ;;, day. ORAXT 4 CRAFT-
'L Tampa, June 1st, 1887. ti
,",,' ., ;
: ,'f _
'.: I
:: '
; I : !
: J
: ,
.ti ,/ .
I p
> S
.f .. '!
f ... /1 '-
.. '
r _
... "

.f. f fI. .

... .p

1i ... ..... .
I y .AsK;.. ______ '
". ..... .. ._ ... -. ... .
...... .;:.. ..! # ".'.. "" -', -- .. ..:-" ::; .'' .r.;: -
,2' '" .. --- .
'-- -
v-- -4- "
0 : -oW
> '
-- ..-.. .. ..... : -:

-.'-.-,..'\>.'; ifi'':;..J.. ...- iifJ j ii "t;?' :=--r : *__-"" .. fr"" '}. J .Jlfl:. -, t -'

.. ) .. ; jr
\ -- ; '
:,. ,- a- > ".! ,..,.,, W.4d46 ,
I ,', q

( ..

"'.. I
t : I i t -1

,,.. .
'If.'""'. '.

; II .
1 1. ; .
I Ia a
1- 4


,1 i THE FLORIDA PENINSULAR. City Advertisements.i !. TiCityAdvertisements. City Advertisements City_ _Advertis_-mont_. : ,

; t T. K. SPENCERPOST ; Have just Received, direct from New York' t Q'
= ;. ;- 0 0 S I, General Assortment, forming complete \\, 'l\\ .
t 0
-: :- .". ':-:I ::IC and newSTOCK ; ..
0 .
T.IYa O F5 r .
,% \ \ ; OF GOODS. Groceries .
I : '- :t' :
7 6 a ... o eoF& :' DQs m ; ,
J ,
Arrival and Departure of Mails UNDERSIGNED inform .
TIlE respectfully rn p. Consisting in part of the following articles '
OFFICE HOURS: public that they haTe just received a i.1IiI HARDWARE '

From 8 A.,M, to 5 r. M., daily. SUSDA fresh supply of well elected_ Groceries, Dry :,m:5. AgD ] ff f>. '" W Q) t { <, 1

e Ole at 9 A. M. ,. Good, Readymade Clothing Crockery Hard : .. Io I-d ....... CROCKERY-WARE ,,' /
Tin Lc.GROCERIES., Such M ,
ware, ware, B :. ,
MAILS DUE; ..- Calico
CI 3 ,... .11. Z
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 P.3!. clear .32. Ie.0 =" V..l Prints, BOOTS AND SHOES -. J I >V f
Cout 1fail-6tl.: and 25th each month. Such as Corn, Flour. Hard Bread. Bacon -.C3 L..of Ginghams, I
; : *. 4, aides. Leaf Lard,-tJoshen Butter, Cot C3 a 0 !!::_ itfl" a Merinos,Muslin i I
CLOSE IeeSugarSyrup.RiceTomatoCatsup ;J Ready Made Clothing &c. 'I I i. .
."1e 1.3II' De Laines, ,
"j. 8 P. JL, VVe.?Beilay, and !Sunday. Y cut Powders, It' ; l'0 : H3W Jaconets, 8 I ias. I
= ., w Which I wi\\ toll low for Cub. ,
JOHN F. FLI P-'M. { Soaps, Blueing s9
;TJlE( I I: p;. .. :: Muslin, Vie. Lawns, ,
Matches, !' C
., TawpxFob.2I,1FC7.' .u td) Ac. :-"a 09 HHB Silk.Irish Handkerchiefs Linen,.Bareges Fan, JOHN JACKSON, .

= =-. -.I --, -- -0- Tamp Nto,l., 7. 30 t .
: =-===-: =::: iota 'y Neck Insertions .
) c:: i e? Ties Edgehgs,
The Post OGrt F(. : 0 lot ,
formerly at TayloriasLcen DRT GOODS & TRIJIMINGS. 4 0.. Velvet GimpTrim
/ : \:iw fd and an Office eatallishe.1 Heavy Bed Ticks, Denims, Linen Checks, Line I: tcF*: GAsP : mings,Shirtings. Sheetings, t 'Q% 4. ;

at BrooUvilk} -Mrs. Amanda !Mann, Post'Wistrws. Check.. Linen Drilling. Calicoes, Mn lin., go. go s -I Drillings-Bleach'd & Unbleachd -. ?

i.iI Muslin Robes, Assorted Braid for drew :-2-; ot3 -Marlboro &" Hickory .

't .. .-V..- I binding, Pins, Needles, Coat's Thread .. r !:;' ? he-........ Denims,Ticking,Checks Scotch Plaids /f''
We re'ders' Flax Thread Sawing Silk aa't'd l-' --I KV' Jeans, Cassimeres, Flannels,Bonnet .
ate happy to inf'Mm our : color, Floss. Taj**. Elastic. B !:. A Taffety Ribbons, Ladies Belts, Buttons,
t .that ifce St'r ..1Iara'i1., which was supposed Ladies A" Cant Ud'k'rT*, mIt o> .. Balmoral., A Hoop Skirts,Ladies and Gen AFiu'e ': I
,_, I, to,be lost arrived saf.ly l at Honduras. Ladies Children's. ":!.:c b c; p O fcs Z Jeman'a Hoosiery, Gloves, Collars, Boots )( wAN o.1 j
--'.'r--' _. Hose, Gents $ .. .. :t "' :s *ft* I Shoes Hats &0., Misses A Boys Shoes A Hats,
,' Arrived }here on tlo JOth fioin Key hoe,white ;. :. t'r PIO Coats, Pants,vests Under Over A L B shirts. WIl'EEL STEAMER.OUITED E I

'. )Ytft, Si'r fountain, with a party of la. ACOl'd.READYMADE .doob.qK p rap!; gCP -- I} 1t '
-0- !: > ''
digit and trtl<'rt\.u. Lritres to day for'C4 : ;: .1' F FOR THE CATTLE TRADE, and j
Bridles .
CLOTHING, Ac. ... Saddles Bite Halters, Martin. O hnndred head !
a can easily Two of steer, I
I I'k
$ tfjis."c 3p"p'a InaR carry
. *: wi!L them )
a pleasant gale, Stirrups, Bran M Mexican '
and .draw
Linen Coate.Alracca ) feet long, and 25 feet beam,
: trip- Coat, ,*. ;0.: t:. 'IJ'. r b. :Oil; spun, Horse Collars &0.,' Ac,, 5114s loaded. 8 | feet water. Said Steamer I '
: '-. Linen Dusters, a ". :t' t"" 0 I & & can be bought for less than any Teasel ever j r I
rise 1 luis !-It Las been raining eve. Palm lists, g, C.0. a ". tftIi r> before brought Florida. {
this horn Hats, !!:II: .., Pocket A Table Knives, Files For farther
s-J-.M wtt'k.ltud it Hems alt if we are Leg .. t:' particulars. ; i
t 1 a 0 Door A Pad Looks,Axes Trace r f,
to have another flood. While write it'I Canton Braid Hat, ; ;; J r/1 Apply to -
we Wool Hat; Chains Hoes,Shovels, ..,'J H. ALBURT. \ ,
t 5 j.pouring down in torrents. We fear that it Shirts, : __ screws A Tacks,Drawi'g Tampa.. Fla. .

'; ) will injure the cotton crops in the country Show, ; Knives Hatchets,Gun r Jane. 8th 1867. 7. U '
.-- ...!--- S. .Brushes, S. fiJiijjJj Caps, Fry Pans, TeaKettles .
'I :-_' The Tampa Debating .Society have Blacking : .... ,Iron Pots, '

concluded to throw open their doors, to Ac.. A.. z = COtr UJtI PCi Bake Ovens., ,AeAc. REGULAR GIF PACKET.. I

, night to the public. We to all who -- p ; ".. .. ,
faY 'A '
are able;, go,yon will be repaid. The sub -. t C: '" 8a
ject for to-night's debate i i.*. :..:.i'Was the Crockery-Ware Knives A" Fork, ,. v, :...n 90.8- ttlF ;t Tubs, Pipfins, Churns, Sieves, Broom BrassBound ,
assassination of Caesar justifiable." .wD" l O Toy Flour A Well Buckets, Horse
."; Spoons, ; -'It .. ::I r W.tr Brushes A" combs -
: Axe Helves Ac \
Nail, (ass'tdtizes.) z.
;[ :: .
Quarantine am have been passed Z by Gun tube Wrenches =;. : n \oottIf 448 me 1 8g81n .
the C- Dncil. It would' troubleif Shot t'
City > : rave Powder 4 Pans, Pails! Plates; Bucket, cups., coffae-pot ;
j nor boatmen would call at the Mayors S. J PI l .. pF'CA7 :: -<, Z Dippers, .
Caps, 4
1: .ph7 _
office and read, and govern themselves ncf Writing Paper i"... *; 4 EARTHENWARE &c- GEORGE STAPLES, Captain. ( -j t ,;

cordingly. Our honorable Mayor will Envelope, ;:.03a A e: fia .- a New Orleans on the1'ltliol each .
prove to be "the right man in the right Gillets Steel Pens: I .". :B! : y s oo Plates Ten, Breakfast&Dinner Se'.1s:Cups- 'ITillleave and Key Wet on the 2nd of ,
place and has shown by this, that ho is Ink Ac., Ac I ;'"g.,,. !1:0 O Tea A Coffee sets, Bowls Platters Pitchers: each month on return trip; touching each .
I -c s. zsrr ,Ac Glasware-Tumblers, Gobbleta,
D"oJ' :
-0- i at the of Pensacola, Apalachicola,
f d tj way ports
after the health of .
looking Tampa.I A "
Syrup Pitchers, Salt Cellars, '
And we have have on hand a well selectedlot ;! I St.Maiks Cedar Keys, Tampa aud Dry Tortu* .
I : IP
oooIooo4 Kerosene
-- -- Lamps. :cc
of o. g' tSjj. R
: We are under, ml'-oy thanks to the young TIN WARE.Such '-4.:.;'_IJQ.. 55. 2 -".., rrI0 gas. PERKINS A UERSET, { f
I Miss for the fine piece of cake cent us.t .- as- e g.sa J' 2. m''eeO 1iII I GROCERIES.ackers Agents New Orleans, e
go k
" I Some one else had better try and then we Milk Pans : \.01'I A. DENHAM, ( ;
: can tell who makes the best. Our Imp" Milk Strainers, _as as 1:1.3': Cheese Pilot Bread Batter,Rai- Agent St. ,Marks. ';,i .

, f says he gels cake occasionally from the Tin Bucket*, (with covers.) i-' .. .. "rIJCo Suns Almonds Pecans, Candy, Soda, W. G. FERRIS .
Tin Cups :; : Pickles, Mustard Pepper Spice, Agent Tampa.Passengers '
young ladies; Look out girls or some one Tin Plates, 2 c SIS .... p'=..-. I yt'ait Z Tea Coffee Sugar, Soap,Candles are requested to procure their ,
ticket previons going on board. .
the Devil-
.. will catch, Coffee Pots, ; 3"
I ;? Matches Smoking k V
.. February, 1867. 41-tI ;
And other articles too numerous to mention 0 '" doKerosene ,
Chewing Tobacco
Inform merchants which we will tell at prices to "LET LIVE.', Sfr1- ,
We to our
are happy cPes Oil.AlsoPerfumery '
Cj I
_ I and the citizens generally" ,that Capl,E. II. .' GRANT; CRAFT jr 00nffr e CABINET SHOP '
;:; : c:: Cosmetics, Combat
y from New Orleans a- tc
will out ga
1- MORROW bring ...:s : ....,.. .... Brushes Pens, Papr & Ink, and OF .t.
t a fine new schooner to, ply between thin 11 Tampa, Fla. .J" .". o a 2 pr' ... JUST OPENED. WHERE ALL KINDS

I place and tbe'ibove port. IIo is due here I May 18th. 1867.. 4 tf. J I 'i 0'!:. ] s:' e- iiiiI: various other, a r tides.! Bureaus ure will be made to order. Such A ,,

on the SOtbpf July. The Captain deserves .4:; 0 tIt: Hating just opened our Stock we are .
: o. ranch credit (or this undertaking and our T he'Vet j Last 1":1 prepared to sell at as low.prices as goods Bedsteads, '
....... .
; = ; .
I = 1
: 00
I merchants should assist him as much IIc. ,3.a. ...,. can be bought in tbe place.) Our Terms Wardrobes .
a'i 7 .. -: o are CASH or Country Produce. Call Tctc-n-iete
f I : i possible. % \ p''" ,
, H! -. -- -- -- ;.. Tn t' I g: y= Q 1 3 and See for Yourselves, at my old Stand, Armors, j x

,: :! k fC\\! Goods ilexv Goods. I OF FIH CORN AND FLOUR AND "'A .II:. r CP boO a 0 ';;Z "wi """' corner of Washington & Marion Street, !Sofa, I ,. ;

r ; By reference to the new adveitiAemrnt general!: aMortment of' Provision, togetherwith Co." = s. ; Tampa Fla. Nov. 10.20-tf. Divans S't
fine assortment of P f! s o :? o
a .. C.. p1 ..
; of Mr. A. A. ALLEY, in to days issue it 1:1: Iii !! 1
: \ ; trill be seen that 'he has just received anew Dry Goods, Hardware Hoot & : i"Cl'1;asst;z e*a i 1:1 d ,ilh.> / Ac. .88
Hat do Shoes -
; Cap \\'" Q'"
supply of Groceries,.l lry Goods Arc., badJlery. Family Medicines, 4s"'I: I" / H old Also Furniture pirtieularattention, cleaning Tarnishing given to, Ac.repairing Also .

I t The Judge bells his goods as cheap, as the Tobacco-:' Wnnff, att.l'ic:1rIl'I 2: C. ? JST RECEIVEDWHITE 1 strict attention to the "Unr.ertakiDg."Up thoiliterlng.

t. cheapest, and they go quick. Why is it! :Mu,Urd.Catsup J ."at the sh ortet?:>tiee, neatest man .

.. because b. believes in Using Printers Ink. PSauce.Pepper, Spice. SPENCER: & MATSC. CORN, uer and cheapest rates, for the timer .

lie knows that if )'o'u.u'o the Printer be s Tea Coffee, YELLOW CORN, Rooms- ppoite J. Fern Store, t .ft'

will work to( your advantage. If he Sugar Matches, J. D. HAYGOOD.
i j' Oil L. FRIEBELE. Tampa March 23.!, 1S67 48 tf. ,
Kerosene ,
:' I reives a paper of pics cr a hoop & re'l ,; *- BACON, \
it i i. adveriid and the i* Perfumery, \
.. !f' consequence. Comb Brushes dc.. TJa*just received a Large and splendid Sloe TOBACCO. THE SAVANNAH.
-" Jiit coon tmpty.HESF -
; '' I I And a great m any articles! to numerous to 0 MATCHES, '
-- -s.- mention all of I will sell at greatly reduced CAN FRUITS NJE\Wr a 1BDEillAJIJID. .

: OATIU:.-Thlu.ly .V