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i ic -\ (!
ry ) ,
.: There U. a artesian well i In Indian, f'he' drfciiibtnt, l J'rinrUU A. Bmv'n. and all of Junr. !lM',7, wL..1tan will toe a (pro rata. lathe Circuit Court Southern JudicialIJittrict

ii .. which fto.:200OOO "gallon of mlphor lowing. style J : 1 persona intere te.l. will take notice>( the I, t-aymeht olveiit araoni E..lat"! the several l trrditvr. of said of }fl-iritla ia sadsir Ililisb.r.iu7A .J

Wanted ATI i intenJvd bride who it willing filinr of the Petition.in the aJwre *.ht..1"I.C" '
., The And it County' ,\
Company quit I If' further I
water a day. for Foredoanreof Mort aire; on Lot [1] ort\cixlibat\ the Administrinx ,i
thibking they had struck a vein from an to :; couimfDce, housvktfpiog in the! and four. [4) of Block .ixU: "-eight i68j[ ]one.in the dn J fAt b ,(.ire sari dar. IB thi Court A Jus.'ph :,Jiilvev, 1 ')Hill to i'J

unmentionable plac. same stile which her parents began. City ofTampa. and) Mateof rlon.in. and that luugzu true.&a to r-crfeut...i.l Inseniurrvf all the t"1ft'Ctl'bt !I tie > set aside De J.
.. ... applicvtion( .. ill tie made at 'the Spring Tern } Fata'ssGirea Francis G raH!. )
Detroit'went Twecty fatbiouable young ladies who of end Court 18H7 for juJceraent of Kor elo.. un.l rtnt' hand and seal ftheProbate >C
in <
.. .. Ac abenJ-mit.deJ man dare be sure of said iJortince. Court at Br\KJ..niU.. A Bill having' been fit...} in rny office In the 'J1
to dust brush
to a grocery for a jag j of vinegar and got seen wielding a or WHITE ALLEN this the nth Jay of Jar.uar, A. above entitled cause, and it bein'tr male to ap- .

,Jnot darning: their olLer'slocking a gentleman ol'etV fur IVtitiooer.The L. Ieb7. | *arbv affidavit, now on file l in tbi Odl .. that 't
oil. The mistake w 1
tome W 31. the Defendant re-ide beyond the limit
should foregoing i i. a true 'cor\ of a Notice nowon GRARISOX< of the
t detected: sni$his wife. poured tome of the happen to making an early file in this office. Judge of Probate. Southern Judicial Circuit of }Florida, It
morning call. .!tteel Jan. 19th. l7.NONCE ::9.m. i is hereby ordered that the defendant dtr appear -
opposed vinegar into a pot of cabbage : -- rlea.i answer demur, to the Complainant .

which was cooking on tbe Hove. Tbere Ten independent young ladies, of,'good J. J.G1VENS.ClTc .'t.OeL or INSOLVENCY. : *....tid Bill, on or If fore the tint JJoinlny 't'w t tI

was a tremendous fcattem.g of victuals families; who dare to wear lbe4r last! win- 13 66 i54ra. 1PtODlTK COCKT, *T ClUUBtBJ.,M'E1" 1. fret ill .tr-.rtl lot'vr:; the sane vial U takeo a. cvnffitiJut I'

25th. .L II.. 1S67.I .
ter'a bonnriato church fine '
for on a Sunday. I ; that publication of Lie, order bemade
after'iirJQt (
and stove furD tuo won In Chancery.In I :State of Florida! ) "
Fourteen ladies 'who : in some Xewpnycrpublilie: iathiaCir-
tooately nobody vas hurt young are anybody the Circuit Court, Southern JaJlda i HcrtanJo County, J suit once a werk for three coftMcutive n-.onth*.

.. ,' who,dare to be seen in tbe street Circuit of Florid< in and fur Jgnattt : '{rHEr.r.\'o: -rriet I). L 1bsrt.dntin?" I J. J. GIVENS, iVk G't G'r. r \ 'w

; An Irishman, addicted to telling queer weajiog shoes: with roles thick enough to County.Caroline trntnx on the Ette oft m. D O'Neil II. L MGntrptainaot.ll1.: I ,
\has this ..1afil..i in the Probate {:our i
\ stories, said be taW a man beheaded whiff keep their feet warm. F. Jernigan 1vt. t.1'said countv, a written !ujc >Uan of Into F ('rc't. I I II I

LU band_ tied. behind him, who directly! Fifty young ladi**, of sufficient age 'to V Bill for Di\orc( ,. of sail{ ::.tar. therefore Jan luih 1 1S67. 3-ro.
Aaron Jernii tic;: is hereby eiven to all pr>o?i' bavin.: I
hii bead'lied U on hi* shoulders ic dare confess : n. J I In Chancery. +
who .
.* ... picked up pot fI go company, they BILL II At'1\H BEEN FH.F.D in m\'tf.I', waist said deeea .r. Fa.ie. to );:lethe E i

in the right place.'IIa have ever made a loaf of bread or a pud- A in the attire t'ntill..1 cause, and it* >><-inimade Mine, duly: antlienticated the sick.of 1 b Trig. Cmcl'u Cotisr Sotrrnsnx: ;: Jcot- ,
aid court 011 or I..for.tJ... Vtb! day of June. r:1
ha ha !' said a IjsUnder.4How .- to appear by affidavit that that Jrfeidantre CIAL CIKCUIT OF }-'LOHItJA 1:0> AND: FOR l
ding. >i.)... t beyond: the limit of the...,'Jlh"rnJudiciat l': tJ7ih -i there will Li I n prrnt cofcld be pick bit bead up wben hit Circuit towil in the county of Bret aril l 1 an.onu the rtveral creditor of said li> oUeiil > iI -\ {

.U'OLlO.; iv GKErK.-A:; chapter of in the State ,.f Florida: It i i.. befel.y ordered 1:5t4'C..fwd: I Raniom K. MobUy. \ I i 'tI
Lauds were tied ULind him !r that the.lefandaatalt. .! it It ordered, that the AJminUtratrit: u > Bill: for Divorce. i 'i.r .
Paris i the I l.undon Herald appear, and I plrnl, onwer I .
gossip contxins do !'
tHe I
'An' sure what A purty fool ye are !' ". or desanrlo the ecripUinitntt mil, Il! cfore paid .1." in this Court a true Mary[ MobW, ) *. I
with the following tAt on or before the first M.'n.la\! in .t.ur.r' i and perf. t Invrbtory ...l..I1 the fete belot -. I bill havin: been tiled in mf office, in the r Eris
aid })..1.COu1J'n\ Le pick it up J t'a.aad K:'late.in. \ i
ink .
the ,
next abotrvntithd
the fond or nitnte Yo ill! e titXcn a cnnfr.> >t!, eau.eacd itbeingmade to
ti ta'.hfe: I To the devil l whb jet bothera .r ILUfg\bey are just now i Proei of Crock and anagrams litre is a fair in tome new.l puper, puMi.l..l in thi! CircuitonCe : ('f th."rot.nl." i'oilit M! Bnwk,* beyond tfte limit, of the Southern Judicial :
tioul'i! week GE' :', .\ile! this :5th! day. day of Jau.. .
.e a lor two cnn.rctltite month, Circuit of Florid, to wit ; in tbe county of tJ
: sample : II R-McLKOI 1 : *, ('!'k Ct. C'.. A. n., 167.Wv. >umrter in the State of: Florida. It i* hereby .. Cs

t A eonwially disposed gentleman, retiring I N apoeon.A Manatee County.. 3!. GAP.Kls-OX. ..rJcrcJ .th t the drfendaat) appear, and 5 .
H L Mitchell Sol. fur COin I''rt. Jude of Piobate plead answer or duntr to the complainant j }
l late, walked lodt-peoJeully and poletin.P Nov I7th'dd.! -2. graIn Brook",ill e Fe b., 9th. 6ta i iM bill, on or Ifore the first 3I )ndar in May 1

> omewbat noisily vp atVtr and along tbe I ::' ol ol1. ,, r 'I next or the fame will he taken a* confe**..t- I '
e '
0 1eon. Chancery. Provided, that publication of this order be t f"
hit .Why, what a noise In IlfrnantJo Circuit C lJr/. Southern I .
corridor to made in
roomy the some this .
In published
S'luthtrnJudifial f'irtuit newspaper( in ,
of FluriJa.inand -
r. you male, said} his wife, wbo beard with Leon. for the County of Jlilltbcrouyh. Judicial Circuit of }7ori Anderson l':\'tlr. "
tome anxiety. the hcvy tread. -of'- hit boot.. K on. To Spring Term 16(57.( vs Mayo, J. J. GIVENS, CrkCt Ct. I \ : .

Y 'I. How.heavily you walk' On. Jon lUu.te ) Hill Cclombu R. Alexander, } Petition to Fore- Feh. 2. 1807. S 41-3m. I! ,tr .

They tell that one of these to V to Foreclose Mortgage.JOCETH Martha Plielp*, close Mortgage..
'Well my dear, w as the gruff' response you? every Mary Abbot :

I barrel of whisky stair words is a Greek word, that their whole a8U1t., J Notice./ -1 ; J
'if you can get a up The DefendanU Colnml.u R. Alexander t;
l forms a Greek* sentence written in this or: A BILL bniogbten filed in my Office in the Phelp Mary AbtKJt. and'all 15montbeafter date the un.I.r irel AAainitrator .
with less raise, I should like. to e eyou. above entitled t'aUI.nJ it brinu made to I''r- L.. !
any .oaa intere.le.l. m ill tlce notice of the rilir. .f thy F. t.te *f Jrph: W.Browu .
do i it der, Aw/okon on o lean I ton ton apoltonpolfon appear by Affidavit that the Defendant reiiirj of the Peti ion. in the above. ttateoi for:! : JreeaHMl. will pr.-..nt tbrir-fisa! ,

I., I . ;and that the sentence means in English beyond the limit i'f the Southern Judicial I Foreclosure of Mortgage! on the r lt".it'g'P case <-> ; tfUAtaan.1 t.uteLettothe 4udk'e of Fr,+.tste I
Circuit of Florida. to-wit in Levy C uty, ; ir.ld l Ianat..wtt : v i pf Hil.tor"u!: :,' tVj;tr.. n..tiolA.\OJ ark. to ,
Tat Errscr or MILITARY GOVERSxtrr. : Napoleon being the lion of the | o- Fla. It isberrby, ordered that the'lIX..'a't i I. >" 11'.f ':.. N.'rth "h' .. r I Be .1iJ..rg.: ; ..,3! ..! */i': A.tinistraton i.::t'rI t

.:_ t'1 i[t\J" .-Tbe New :York World tays : pie, was marching on !tttroy ing the cit do arf..ar. ple.iJ.... >a'J .Bill..n.,. tr<>:,i .or,i l d""IJr...-fi.r,- the o. hr tt1-,.' .., 1 ...; : : uh:1,..L.az : sac:, A. rd, r'ra' ,:.?. I.I drti: : t.- Ur. 'F ,r-\vrn.: tI I i
0 t v a (b ;" t .
t Armed ,occupation of a great country' ies. Monday. ....in .April.' :'u:, vrthe! same wilt L'Ia; .. . -1up| 1.:: ,.Hh/ ;: i c.0" ; -.;i.r: .. '>". .\' .. i IWW} 9-:1.t: 1 1I 1I
ken 'if l.Frwidtd. .
t it i not easily or speedily ended a > i>w< u"t'I< i clean i t\ ..; H--r. i 4 .JUV 1 i"I ,' ; : .I.". !.i'sm.r ,
once begun, gtnilrmnn "LI tt.al j.ul.f.'lIt.n. of this order be .
A RAILWAY j ... --- ---- '
f ,e n"na. : J tb:* ap..e.t.vn u .: I'e' l- .' I - : '
even when the government that order tIt Cmnden nn-I t nm-lrin n-inie 1..W.i" |'ttbli.!h.,d in this! Cir:: j.Lt "-|,t" i: an..I"&. .I'O..lr. i.i ., Noticerx :) .
left PL'ilnJ Iphia OL tail nut .. kfrf ,, .. nwuth) 're7: f'rjt; !jrtueni I
little disposed to multiply the .hCIi 1\..". + con '(-cuti\e- of ro ,.....1<1 II.urc "of ...,J 31 lurty i: : \II: ,:> .\rr..u IHEO DATE n7.r..f-:
it is so 1\'. ; '
\ even J. J.
bor cars fur New Yuck. wnt much truu- GIVES S.1 I US '', I fha'!;. a* A.!.nii-itratr'x., on the F:. a'tof
.' : .which are to prevent its with i! H. L Xim.ni.; Clerk} C aTampa. LEV. E. J. Ifurt. ..levael.i. awou-M I
complements : present tny
bled! with a flea that bit him |per* : .. .l Sot for com pTt.
.. "t"rul'I l'ompi u I ceitify that ILl .'U i and ajsr. to the Jnt ot Probate, ol nil
which >ie vou
hour has come at our a true of q
''" ; drawal.. ly. The conductor passjd I ( Jaa. &th, 1S67. 2m. notice this day filed in '1)- office.s copy \ktrou;:h County, fur a tlual etilemrDt and a.'k.to .

I ; :. Poland and our Ireland are to be erected. cars, looking narrowly under the **a*.. and t s. \ ,tn,,,.. mr'baud ind the seal of be dipchaive'i; from thefuttheradmiutstration I tt

who tbe when they will rny office, ibis Urth dar of Nov. of the sail. estate.MAlir.AUETIlART.. I 1 :
> 'i I i. \ but can foresee day among the overcoat and talset! as if Le Notice 1S68. Admrx.'Tampa .

i be transformed back again into State of supposed one wa endeavorng usmujfgleliitn K-J.Barntt eterli. Fla. Oct 6th. 'M, 24-6m. I Ii
;;.e r' } is some, PEKSOX&havinsr: demand ;inst the By )1. C. Ieler oa Dert,
thin Union That.day purposely posu a*"
lf :
Joab I
't a n1 I II tate of Griffin late of iill.boroCu'rr S'ot' ;3Oom

poeed beyond the next Presidential elecliont after! he had l to'oJ: !! far: the f.ernjn 'perrcu. i itt"I :. '<. -..""....1. will pr..ent their claim I i f !,
I 'I" # A rUdic d 1 triumph i in that t'eciiun I wri 'In : ari'l all I.erons! ir.df'-te-l to Notice. j i. late of Tamps Florida' wa l.50lt..l oa
1\' i folooj.l> : :;o L..s frtl.d: : *'1 'idD to. "ii : !r."r .... re i ; 10 a'.i:. i
will postpone it ind! 5nhelr. .. i '. 0 : ii frnrl.? -l. creditors oar indebted to the; Then ok* .she firm are in the haadiof E ;
t 1 1';"" I r.i d ;hit :tuct ai ial. 'I jnja- f c \ All I K '*te of 11. J. <>
: :i r" 4.> "i i ;j'... ',' sU-5 t.. di>>iibitu>n lire here- perxvr.NPeoel. that x-nes <. Clarke ; and a:1! dMor and creditor are 1
admission i of ColoinJowaainffered l'r'ij b'n< fl yon a. u'ui.Ras: the tfJ! 'I trvr'rei: i sherofaim they "tne forward ut once a"vdttl cp their farwarJ for immediate *etItment. : -
h' The bill for the a. : will \*+ Parted ft a'unt" h.h be r e .u.-jtt-d to ct>me
i. .! under the Pr idenOa know what! bas t'lH<,tr.pIf i i'. Thai cant : tie f\l-.-i'i..a. ..f wa) t rat0 from tin date, un... dicers lor placed collvctioo.in th \baatjs\ .' of theIrol..r I i;
to {sail E. .. CMRKK. _
t 1.i e* r.h l.ite-1 t within that time. ... :
I Teto. The Territoij las! but 27,000 in. ,i I duc'or (.,11L.i! i', aad! put 1t off the! tai: JOH.V JAOK5J.V( AdtnV := 1Cto. ;-, .1)E"CEI',",,1am'r. I D. IIUG1IIX16th ,i!

I I. I because it didu i (t Lace: :a tick.::..' J.J.I Tam. fa. Dec. :29th! '!! 8-.. I' Oct. 6. ...tt& I I TirrpeJune '66 9fj
.' j ltabitaata- I II 1
f ti + /f'
'1. "
\; lath
i y ,., >
t I 1 !..--__ ".., J' ..'. .

: V \ .

J \ \\
1 \ .

1 1'1'.r IA**.
L : ... sa
\- .. ... t -- '-t: -
-' .,.I>- "' .
; "
*JO- S :;; -- 'If" -- .r w .0.---' ... .. _--
_- .-. "" ...... )J If
. tki "... -.,; ... ; AIl t
.... ,-'- ..,
4 ,. ".- "". -. .......-............' ...- ,:. ....-,:J!". _' II _- "< '.; l.- .... :-. :/ .:. y; "l.;. (

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: March 30, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002013373
oclc - 11286473
notis - AKK0726
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System ID: UF00079921:00275
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.,.. ". ,. -.: ', ,: .
\ .i'W-
a ,w. I'
y ...4. -. :
-..A.'s. : .,__ ....._1 "" t
_i- ... I

': -- ..-.--?--' ...... -'r'.r....- -. .. :.',. ., .-.. .... 1.-.:... :.. 7-'. ,.:,... -" \. } ft.,! ... 1 :*-...: '. .." I ,
_:. :rff .-', ,.::",.;.,'...'- -.-- .- ,.---.. -- ... '-.. ., .... --, .--' '_ '. t ," ")ba-":.,.,' ,, ''' ..... : ..' -. '" .- -/ -;-':... .1


I '. ,.. ,. 1

!i;. \ to"-" .":: .... ..': .
I ;
!' '

;, ; ':< \ y Y 1A y
r_ b
"i'I:".<'i ;
: .:. '
"' .
-. l 1 :r
:: "


.f .. .. ;. '.. _._ .' -.. --
r 't .
\ -
J' .-

t J tUtU5UiiL j SIt

.; ... {

.---! '-, ,- ===-. '
: 'r -----

r S. C. "CBAFT, Editor,' l TAMPA[ JfLA. :MA'KCH 30.1867. mroL:1NO: '49. _

; t .nr*.1K. BPICIICER. PropHetor.' ,. ,

.__,. u___ -_ -'.-- -' r .t ._ .-.,. ---------:- -:- -- ;- ', .'C' -' ;- --- .-
+' rf 1 .. ,In' the Cold., ,, .t ,t faction---I as Frank and f vice versa, v ._,,- ,Fran ,,oontiotsed t; to. .par hia rows 'to Josh BIUintiaFrisa! onto Swine. I

TIlE :'FLORlDI ;PENINSULI R.J \ '" A 5"Ia ; i' 1 sMi and Fielding wefe/accuHotned; ; to. Laws, the o tendeilyfoste ..object of iiaatlectiotia Hogs generally are quadripid.

.. .. L : "f'Co1dl. '. gtiUntryjj'nnd! '?>t tour.e, ,roust *.lajeSiUndersto and! to.him, the fairest and :fourdeaf The extreme length o* their, antiquitybaspevirbeeufnBydtseoveretlthey
.. I'CDilEaaD:ItUay, A"'Dn arT 1 .\\> lkipg down' thejfrpjen street, : -id all of it's ma'neureririgs. j, of Venus' comely daughters" She .
"' and in the sleet ) existed
In the'storm / I
K. : "' Frank, 1tI)'.(fiend. how is it you bay'ntheen was baodsonie.afld. becoming;: in her deportment .
SPENCER'I I V With While her r pallid r"'and! lips bleeding repeat) ;'feet'-,. down 'on our side of town for, the wlicu_' sinks_' decpir!f, into" the a long time before the flood, and her '

3 t'TERMS r I. In the cold: in the cold past ,iVe:a gr.our( days'-you) ) : .news;rbarp be"t._ t. .na merely! pretty face ; sod itwaslhi existed a long time since. t

toe copy-J one year; .-. .:.7 ; ; -. .13.00One' Qne, poor larab. "*utof. the.fold.> I Mriyed, swuj ) oJ long .that .I !remember-1 4 that aided to win_ dank. : I!. e* There iz a grate deal. or internal revn-
You heern.ID. : !b. in low '> )iritb to.'day.what ..- was much of A devotee to good nnejs. '
lis ''month. . t .'t;1.50rATEfF i | ; ew in aboBr; there a">nt much morewulti, +
.. copy .' ;. ', : .;; < In Utc eol4'!. : ,i- the thither! I never saw you in, Frank ngi yer hinted: bat the simple girlish -, ,ain
10. .. I There are litmfth where flresburn bright" mood.' action of waiting to becalled! (br.liad them bin bare iz'in an oyster 4T
o !I *" Tlierenre home where'Love''Jelight, such a pensivt ; ,
ADV ERTINC. .. I Broutifi tti* wintry( nicrhtUntP -, 'Ah Guy I fear, all thing! af(*. not go1- ever.! *caused.him anT uneasiness. 'L and ibeauigaed ,Even their tails, can be'workej up into !
1. U-.Vlr
I j' her there but b1iIlt.t ing! right! with rn\.' no excuse: ; or i 1 sod> maybe,! .it vrbissels. C

XoS4CarelbrevierYm; : ;' .).or. less for 1 50 'In the fold ; in the cold, .Why! what could hare given youso no more crosiied; ibeirnijnd! J "L /, boarders !l- I
first insertion. (1 One l lajnb out of Love' Wd.Intheeold h Uogs are good, quiet ; they *
pool; Ai.other christmai nottitstiny i il.
75' much uaea'iness1''I rOle. opened .
Fo, eaoiiul>w< itwertinn, -
wui what iz befote them and don'uk
eat set ,
Elute arid Legal Notice* will be charged atthe -- fill over to pay Laura ,a visit even petals to the chilly blasts_.o .winter i ,

fulluwinh: rate.<: ;8int.... yet,.bnt'don't you know' ,ing h,-(.>re last, and she waited for me to ere_the connubial nowexea of two. couples eDl.f oliah questions.

Application or Letter! : of.\.bjiihl' tra"lion l- i I That her 11'1111amI bitter:! woe, call 'lor h..r. a tiling she, never did previ more were tied, and Guy May and Frank 'They never her enny disease but the .,
,-k UOII' May yet Le her direct foe, then her demeanor erinced a sort Fielding were wedded to the girls they bad
.'' I.VeIrtbrs"for ou ly. her that bul
t.> meazols and
1oti,t to Debtor urn And ;lle11'fo. fct others po ,, they nevt one ;
"'.1. rrt .ti( !\ \, rising' : 1211n Throogh the cold.'thronch'" the cold,' of, indifierenVe-- lODg.courted and,loved. to then.
once seems satisfy
Annoucement: of Cant id4tei.: 6 tit One more lamb shut out the fold. '0, ye'I! thought you were giving women -, i ---r .
stdyElLldPra"QlI }..n.eJ in illJ!! pnbhcatjoa! not .more credit than they deserved. ,I Be True. There i ix a grate many breeds among
tlio-um: bfr <>t' iurraiui.a; to lift ,
f 't'El'ecl'JUlS fublieLed: until lorMJ aiddercetlAecurdiug1s. In tbeeoldl 1 vent ore you opine with l me now. Be true to oorselvea-true to ,each them.

MotherBrotherFathcrSonSitrrUauhtrrhere. ill i .. 'No, Guy I will not attack Laura with other-true to God. What more abhor' Seine are bill more apart, like a hem- f
;.; \ o e infidelity for many 6 time, I doubt not vice than I The .face
... Of those( biffing having'none rent deception covered lok slab.
lc arb5 I ,; ../.....m...<',. a* y havt "" "-' they use these very actions we ar" pleasedto witb smiles and the heart rotten as ,asepulchre
; professionalIII.f used heY breed in New
They to a England
,. Word. of gold although .0 old ; denote, nonchalance and 'kicks' RS mighty Tbe band first blinding your V
__ __ _-.---- --. Lead the lamb\ to the fuld. sickles with which to mow down the eyesaud then lsadiogyou to the I preci .a few years ago which they called ..p

IITGnE 1 LL. I ----- sycophant and secure favor of the warm! pice. The tongue beguiling ,your face ttie striped bog breed, this breed was. io ,

THC DOUBT1XG AND FAITH. hearted.! Changing the subjlcsom' with honied words, and sharpening its arrows high repute among the landlords!/ ; almost

"- ..&.IJf mNIDY] AT LAW .'VL. ,what have you seen Alice since we were 'to launch at your back. be used
bad which
tavern keeper one,
together at your office the other day To Oh I that iaestimble jewel of trl h- every

-. tonight and woud! like to" have manifestation of the reason. tbe Jove, ,b.pa..IODI Some are full in the face, like a town ,
Will give prompt attention to. .ll \1ulinetleDt.rult.ed. ;'Goodmorning Guy How does the your company: .
clock, and some are as long and lean as a
,to his care., world serve you IE) good fellow i' 'should be pleased, to'go with you Terrible to the heart is tbe first
.' .. Fla ApTl.. 28 th. '66. 1., I young cow .catcher, with a steal-pinled nose on At
_Tampa-- I stated Frank. You ask bow the but I clln'tlea'e. but wish you a pleasanttime. deception. She who looked! all purity all

; JOBS A. HEXDMSOX.: J. F. HENPEBSOMmmnw : worldnerves, uie., It doe well enough, .' angulic goodness, betrayed ber trust, and them.

I but Alice served me rather lady..I88t./ Gur turned and again sauntered in the left your soul desolate. Heaven only They can awl rute well; a hog that leant

j 1 & niihsos 1 night. She gave me a very tang froid direction of his office. After supper a knows through what d ptbt. of darkness rute well bas been made in vain. I

I "" ** reception. Silly girl I can't couceive manly form was seen moving in a foot- the bruised spirit struggled to light and short lied In'imal and ,
what the can be thinking of.', pace along the sandy pavement, towards joy again. But the light bas never been They area gen .

ATTORNEYS AT LAW '1 am more than sorry to'hear of it !l' Major Drummonj's 1 Alice's home. This so pleasant, tbe joy re-kiodled/ burns not erally die as soon as they git fatt. I 1'f

TAMPA-FLA. 'You knew, I guess, that thin contemptible was: the manlike figure of Guy May.Boon .- like the brighter fires of long ago. Tbe The bog ken be lernt a great many cun
r 1 little/ Tom.F Hte of D-- ws waiting bo camIn front uf a stately dwell
t tears, the sleepless/ nights tbe hours of ning things.such! as histirg! the front ga'e I
.Will r"ctieeln the Southern and Eastern on her. did you not !I't<< ing 110m\!"haL antique in appearance, and keen despair, when a baud seemed even on off the swill barrels i!
binges, tipping over
No. I WitS not aware that bad constructed on Ike Gothic order, handsomely ,
.' CircaiU of the State.t you your throat, and a dagger at your heart- I
and hole in the fence into
finding a tew git ;
*. Tampa,''May 26tb 1866": 66mo. any opponent there. shuttled on a ground plot gradually for what what would/ you live them .over 1
Well 1 have, and I believe that he will inclining towards the entrance, and enclosed !loath, would be morn welcome.We a corn field : but hare ain't envy length

r . A. ALLEN.. out; vie, me, too, for t-ioce be commenced by n picket 'fence, along: which could bear with petulenee,Imil.. at to their; memory ; it iz' awful hard for I

,, paying attention to her, lie'* turned mo- stood a row of Lombardy poplars, waving unkinJoess the assaults of harsh '
temper them to find thE same hole tew git out at
;' .ATTORNEY AT LAW, nomlln :tc. their tall beads in the balmy air. From or the moody silence of a frowning brow ; '

"\ .. You ftbouldn't, talk'tbu% Guy, about a tbt gate to the steps, on either side of the but treachery, faithlessness/ trust betrayed especially if you are ,at all anxious they '.

I I' /' -:41I :- lady and inure particular one .to whom I walk!:, 1 grew; a tier of nourishing cedars, varionnly -thank God that w. have never known should. ;, I

o\\c\Vot iu Ec\uUy, you are engHged-you tpeak too rashly. shaped to p'ca'e' the caprice of the full import of those terrible words i iBe Hogs are very contrary, and seldom

TAMPA FLAW -. I reckon' 1!l I.lJe w.hc\: !, to try you and pruning shears ; while/ th. arena to the true, then, if you would be respected. drive well tbe same ,way ju are going ; bas '\

,' not eject you.. s : right or left, teemed with dandelions No power on earth can change the fiat tbat never been fully explained, but speaks volumes :.A. .
; ILL GIVE attention to all busbvIf know and does he that and shaded. here and I for the 4
', projnpt_.1 I. : 'Frank you, so I jonquils verbenas even the world gives the deceiver lie bog. .'j)
.. .. eu eolrusSeptember lit t 18116.I tot..etc V are., 106m. I love her, and when a person knows a there with the vine clad trellis or summer- may weep tears of blood but, the monuments .

thing, why .test it "I' bOll+e.May. of his own shame still stand to testify TUE BANKRUPT BILL.-Il U satisfactory / .1

CRAFT"ATTORNEY Well but it behooves A woman toUrh hulled at the gate as if loath to xgainii him. Once a liar, always a to be able to annovnce that tbe Conference )

x S. C every wall, moreover? the path of venture in, for he wist his company might liar A very child can tell where deception Committee on the bankrupt bill hare
true love i is rugg-d, and woman ii is good at not be acceptable. Courage urged !him I
conceals itself, and a casual: thought light I agreed upon a report. The bill in its essential
AT LAW.Tamyta devising pUns to sutify. berbtilt that man forward-pre>ently found 1 him..eli at the ly expressed, ferrets its from us hiding I features as passed by the Senate, ,

loves" ber. Cheer up my friend, and door-he rapped-an itnlant more the. J place.Be. will now 'Lecome a J haw It was the wish
+ Y\\, .. i time will reveal Alice'_ motive.' door and hi ravished frll
opened, ;
J eyes up true.if you would be loved. The: of i he earnest advocate he measure to / ;
Having enfrtcevl.riow: fully in the practiceof :i Flank you talk real n>>nser.i>ical. Do on the fury. form of .Alice, hi* idolized Alice heart is like an army ; bristling and harmless strike out one of the chues in the Senate / I '

_ Law. I willatundto any bu-iarss entrusted you PI"->UULthat: I'm so tlior ightcd that with ebon ringlet; Jangling around I seem the long row of bristling steel- bill. But rather than see tbe measure defeated '

to my care in the southern; Julici.l Circuit .1 cannot she that Alice bas given him her I snowy neck, while a circeau smile but every one ot those polii-hsd shafts may the thorough supporters of the bil1compromieeJ .
t < 'some encouragement lie would have played her roseate viijj, : .
die upon be used as an instrument of tortuie. .on the clause to which we I
'4 ; Office : In the X. E. I'.ooma" rear of ceM'Ld to come ere this! !, if she hadn't.: .Why howd'ye Guy!l' said) Alice 'I S ), if you deceive the heart tbat beats refer, and which reads as follows! : .'

.*'T Tampa.,npa Book, Feb'y: ao XSrd! Irue ISfir.!! Ktore.. If.: \ Well out, Guy, I am satisfied that Al. (begin to think you hal I for"aken me,' continued warmly fur your love your approbation 'And in all proceedings in bankruptcy

ice loves you better than she ever can : Alice as she seated herself on the may bi converted into a gallery of dead. commenced after one year from the time +

Tom Foote, more than that, she told me settee. and will be for the shall into
ly weapons, you responsible act go operation no dis-
S., Y. EINLEY t not mote than a fortnight ago she could i 'Well. I mint acknowledge, dear Alice the mischief that results through litVs long i I charge I shall be granted to a debtor whose > (
J never love any body a* she did you; I thought you 11.1 l forsaken me. battle. Let truth be as dear to you as the ,I assets do not pay fifty per canton of the "

ATTOUXfcY ATBROOKSVILLE< 11w. I J, 'That may b -a radical change may 'Wj.yGuy 1 Do you 1 ie nrd) me as a apple of your eye ; and when tbe blush I I claims against bis estate unless the assent I
t.e ;
i have come over her recently. It may I ( Mquelt. :''t. r all t' ,
I : not cheek when in writing a majority in number and
r FLA. Tom only declared his intcLtiuU* to her at '!Oli, no, but when! I w"+. down last, you springs falter to not your at the- unuttered your i: value of his creditors who have proved I
and Eastern the picnic the other djjY.I .\ remer'iib-r '. Foute was here. The way'y tongue I
Will Practice in the Southern
thought of deception then be sure that their claims, is filed in the caw at' before x
Judicial Circuit. I 'Ihera 1 is no changing; a woman when i you urt'-d that night, I IV-d me to opine you I time '
the of for
; neither fit for earth heaven- application discharge. A AA
June rd6 1} she loves trial) -her love is too pure and carrd little ur nothing: ; for IIi>>. I thought' you are or f t
: The bill would have
for the of been better without
society men or angels.A
| uodrfiU! I could p..r..i'r r8dir.il "i.Allc" in !
SON: Frank. I thought had ; {I -0,111"h.I.,1.; I td >dhut I .. the .Senate clause ; for if the debtor is left + sat
mlngK-d t
I :: E. It TH II I you your was peisu <
1 the mercy of a majority of hi* creditor i: rthe =
r enough in the m-iety uf ;girl' to ar.loaint I ( IK-OI-. ip ,1 nire ...C'oU' heart than Wonderful Illng. 'm.allfrlthat hang on to him after I -{

f J\U mrg> i & (Counsellor!; at &sal r )oiitv-f; | with, M riie of then frivuiitiex and one. who I lia!> f, '.1 1.\ ,.J .you, (MSMOiiHle-! i There is a story of a prince who bad a be has his discharge from his heavy liabilities I, 't

: \ (pi-lly nutl( m., but \ou are a mere tyiu.- I h'h wonderful ring which pricked biB finger -there is comparatively little in \, :)
1 didn'i know were "o There Guy, i is it ibte have Wen '
.'SD'I I ynY green pos you whenever be was doing anything wrong. other section of tbe measure. Still '
: .ii, i di- -n.leiice to I be in them- love arid it bus thus induced
I I ii" | put doubling my li was given him to help him always to it it 5! good to make!: some begining.-N.. I :
SOLICITOR CHANCERY ,, thpy'ie MH .wu able a<* the wind. I did jou tos'ay away J Do you fancy I would keep buu upright and good and he 'was Times. ; \\1- .:

FLOUID.I I hops that Ali'c:1& an exception butaU marry Tom Foote, i mtead of you t Tom lolU that so long 1'8 he wore it, he wouldplop .. I.
TU1IM. I!I / .. she like the test, giddy stud erratic.I .. is a clever, nice young man, but I would r. Al first he set great store by -- J ,.

; I "'\T' ILL prae'ioe in Mariot.umter.llernan- I munionft- s the treatment, she gave: me never consent to wed him, which' he is' this but in time he be AN UNI :MAN HrMAX.-We find the 1

1 4 \ rt, Il'l'li.; "r<>"u'i: ni..H'olL. I Iasi nighi; l involve some mystery, for I IJVHII'I It doubtless convinced of ere now. What I at ring being; so often checked began by to its pricking vexed .* following record cf a member of the Eng \ \t'i': '

'F.t,V, Hul". 1"1i4 43 6m.jllercliaut ,th.it wound j lish! Prliararnt now in session in our
ace !how she can fancy goggled did that night W not deigned to and often fr L
t so stopped >ra doing whatbe 1' t :
-' '-- ,. Iwti'ly-itliankwJ, Turn Foole.' your feelings. Far be it from me, ever to wished. One h.. late exchanges : :
.e day set his bean .
)J. P() r. ''tiu; r": yet aware
\ ,f. -. \. I d,-ut* Jtpp'ehejid .any danger. Alice always burned s.> fervently:! in my bosomfor Will wrong, and he was about to do it in 1M. 1*. from Ireland/ excited great curiosity 1

.. ......"....t.t t LAlrlv.'ttat uau .i','0."d1" \\ iildii. marry him in uiv''It11t0U. you (Guy.. suite of the warning of tbe ring but it on his first appearance iu the House,. on l..
theM jut MS aWn take\ him as an) Do (forgive me dear Alice for harl>or. him / ; the Cth instant. The honorable member "i 1
pricked so sharply that be drew it off \
'i\\ the llouso from the direction of "
oilier wsV. ing such foolish doubts in my breast Wrll I hu fiug r in a passion and threw it I ,
Su,-j; war the dinlogiMic. conversation you I Will you J Will you } I wouldI !i'jiud how that moment be fell into away bad the Speaker private apartments, stated t

d betweci. E. I]*. .
} I TAMr.\.I'I.\. .r f I.Ucks'oiie: ju.t admitted! : to the bur, rue Alice !' ways bad end. came at las: toa I i is so contrived that he can wheel himself \ I
I I he uUbefe reach.
i. attend promptly to all business n. and) hi* to..i>m fl t'cd. Frank Fielding H .y"...' Now thisU i with ease to any point to
; i : only a pleasant little story ; I of the Td'.ament. used in 'f
: i WILL I 11l'hesw The large ,
towuof copy
i ; .. '" to his care.fCousignments clerk io the tl riving little -- Now Alice, let: all thin be forgotten, \ t'
but it is
espectfully solicited jgj18U. Itll"O.ilttd meant to help u* understand a administrating the oaths to members was
two young: men were and I assure you, I wil1"be ItSllliIIJ' in the t ry>
I the word handIfd \ ,
i.- Iminsged one
August2S66. from their t 1IlYh..j up-therefore formed future.' show : great truth. We have all l of us something
j without the
I ardent. attachment for each other that unlike the conference between' Guy I I like the prince's wonderful ring wbich -by Mr. Kavanseh i'
\i DEEBM.UNVE1SSBROD.+ \\ continued IluU"'Th life. One Will a solace and comrade Frank. This meeting hadrectified i; difficulty, nn I he wrote his riiinu with as !
I checks us when do and makesus and
t otL..r attended 1 thej..me we wrong, much' quilknvM apparent.eM tn any K
the They would h.t'I \
aj to I all things, and Guy I tr
of hi fellow member uf 1'HrliamenU Thaproc
t SADDLER I f. LJol)-were cla"s.m'lt\'s-'huml tth..1f I :given aiuch i if he could recall those few i uneasy. Any one of us know quite I ,... wa* 'astullows! : The clerk handed .

;t : I i b-iarding-liouse, ar"l) when they be-- worduttered} p-' IIIRlit I)'. They Wdl'tvnhis well that if we do a thing ne know Wt to M KJt I"l&dl a with handle '
frdI lieu
i 1 -.tluker. Up 7i o Ilf c "-arne tarn <-ios\> lojlwelt in the MHHbor- convience reproiclu-d bun 'audI : do afraid of
V i jfarnesa J \\ ; ought not to and! that we are of the length. to' which he i i" neru-tumwl. ,
attend to bn*5n*'* in this\ line with unglr, that fraternal< \ a >(>uiitiouii; cherished buried his! I heart, be
( I d.p aye
Will r.-tr..t: upon
any / i being found out to hate done, we feel The Iii'Dorable lilt u.Lu cllltptd the handle i
\ iteatn.*t and dispafrh. I. amnow i I.rt. .rid; nurtured: by t Ism through! youlhjnji ; I Nlshrd that in(<>nitattfy could he expunj \
entatrd bit and
s ared t.o fix bt.urw sr., II' ,clieap or thmpfrf !lit not IHKtit in twain. There was in something within u* that makes usune..*y, between what repre arms,
> ;( gel from hivo.'nluilHr\ lie heartily re' I
und .
W dune f'l*<.' .era i -au be f I ; stfadying it by/1 )puttingtlm t end into his
j I I i! than At all it times un at my hop, on the a'.1w j !its .i.lr- or I tlivii' a cunscnulitv; of di-put-iiiou: rnrtlfobs.'tvHlIe |>er
,. the street, sad a Bill* IIa.i of Mr.I J., Ferri t in frotitex. When! Guy wa Frank and desired that bo should not rattj. guilty: This is conscience. CvoscUnc with i nguUr tlutncj and Itvadt,.
sad and dispirited, Hero was no oue to
# ,' i Stn.' sirimltAxx "I1:, r.on. j whom he could turn with so much 5.ti5."Z.1i. tion it. is like the wonJerrul ring. ( ness. .,t
,. '66 : t.., ;
"" t'r't.
\ "UI. .:
I .
i it .
t' Jt -.
:: "

'. N O ... r !.,.4.f..arl r N
u v .. --... r rz S z.
} ---b I --..,""--
.::..--:: -. ,
i. ._ .. ,_to f

-....". _.;;:<:'"'. -,,'.. y., _... '
... ..".P-- ,,, -": -... }
'- -' --- .. 'r.L7" ,.;.>-"-.. ,'. '" ; r-:: ) i

... .. ,'" t, ... _
: .
: .. ; '
.. .\', ,- .' ." .'. ., -. 7-
_. !; '} ,, : ;
'. ._ ,.t. "", : -. ..";",".".;jd-----JlI" -"-- ', : ::;; :. ,

I ,

r _
... ." r I
Y -

.. .. .
;,' r ". d

1 Iti


I '""ii a
: TIB FLORIli 1 PBNlN81JLR. at a dray tore kept by one C. R. Mob!.;, carcass, and who, if the French invaded I These art the only points, in these scurrilous nity, and art well known josh so that lie
the author of the above letter to the Timtt, the country: to-morrow would be quit as I papers, so onblushingly flaunted before bas naturally.become very odious and his
but tjtkt meeting lO'far from being public, likely to join them as they did United I the public by the Timti, we consider name a common ynonym for whatever is

was evidently deigned to be cUudtitiue, States army three or four years 'go.- worth/ of notice: ; bolt we desire to say file, ignoble ltd opprobrious. Indeed, so
; from the..fact that it ID nt bate beet known Among this worthy brotber-b od C. R. DO", "once: : for all," ibat we cat not con generally is his depravity conceded that i 'scI

f .. I to i itfpnjecton; that there b a rule well understood Mobley occupies the unenviable i pre emip- sent, in future, to dej ore our time to par be bas by common consent, bad bestowed 4
this of this knavish faction' through all the him the ,euphonious and expressive I
I : and obeerved in cooitoaoily, epee Lieh Priest. He thinks, writes and suing upon ,
i alue which retire people who desire to preserve acts for them, is then intelligence agent devious intricacies/of their personal and tovbri pit of -JcoAt IscaaiOT1 by
: TAMPA. a reputation for common decency to shapes their policy! forges their political political conduct. / To do so would requires whicn appellation he is quite as familiarly
--__ refrain from visiting the said drag store ; ideas, and in a word governs and directs to be awake too much at night, to fre. known, as by his appropriate patronymic,,
.'SATURDAY, March 39th. 1SC7 so it could Dot have been contemplated them M, a herdsman dees hit swine. Sot queot too mast places where we would aDd if the doctrine of the mettmpsycoeu-i, ';
that the public would .attend. Here we more\ than two of ibe tribe beside himself not like to be seen by our (friends in a were accredited wt could readily believe ::4

Corxmxnicattd presume was concocted this catalogue of are capable of writing half Iii page of cornet word to too/many dirty things, (such, that; the veritable Judas had reappeared I 0I
I '!-, I'. Judas, Ooe of the Twelre calumniea, the moat prominent of which U English, and the result is i1 the abort i for exampleaa affecting the society pt among us. .
Case.TAIUA.F1a.. : I that O DmoD justice U denied to Union petition and everything. of like char I the men soh /Jot up this petition.) 80 in Wt have discussed ,Mr. Mob!; and .
.. Feb. }i, 1167. I mea'on all hoods'* We are not tall) ads acter eminates from him. The others mere I order to promt the public with a just his satellites, tbos frely because we I '
BditorTride 2la... : deed u to the appHcatlon designed to be ly f tand ready to echo whatever may fall and accarau medium by) which to form aa deem it an imperative duty to inform thf "

( ., written Dear Sirs by CoL I 0.send B.'yon Bart herewith which was a intended letter mad of tbt term 'Union meD We knots'tbot from the lip of the oracle. : opinion o{/ whatevu may hereafter tmcnatt public and the authorities, who they art, .

t for a Uoi B meeting &$ this place held oa At the time jecwiion was ttcomplith- Now if by the charge that justice bas from/Moblv and his satellites, wt pur- both to prevent them from imposing themselves ,.. ...,
ill 1 J the 9th inat. As the letter was not received ell the people of this County supported aOL been fairly! distributed,.it is meant to I poet to give a short epitome of the leading upon the sympathies of those whore ......
ia time to be considered 1"b.. meeting I that measure, almost aninilnouslyand U alleged that unfair discrimination i ( accred with his history which have duty it wouNJ be : them if they r 1
I I hope you will feuds it.Col.so Bart that it may be they maintained and defended the Oonfed- has been made against any these men or their come our knowledge. He is the ora needed it, and to defend ourselves from the 9
those of
I eeea lung by regardecllaim with the highest ce aiderat.ioL nave- note nose through the long soeceding interests, the statement is so thoroughly f fugleman, the factotum of this pernicious influence of their slandrs.Wt .- ,:
it He may differ with some of his friends jean of blood, strife and disaster with unfounded and so repUtt with tbt vilest abominable "gang" their representative do not assume to dictate to the riling G
1 oa some points bat free interchange of that rigor and courage which ever characterizes spirit of mendacity that ever animated mad, and i in knowing him one becomes powers, bat ire do say, that these med
opinion is one of the blessings of a freeeota- sincere conviction of right and set of lying knaves, wt shudder at the sufficiently well acquainted with the entirefraternity have shown themselves utterly unworthy j
I most try aid points will, do have good.great CoLnan'influence with opinion those oa the pursuit of what is believed to be an marvellous depravity! [which could concoct for every *practical purpose.-, of confidence, and "', this! ali thai if any .1
who accept In rood faith the result of the war honest purpose. But since the surrenderof it. Again U i. 'uid by these Self-ctyled Wt suppose that like David Copperfi, doubt is entertained on point, their ,
t ia South Florida- also send you a copy of the Confederate armies these people "Union men," that they "have passed .he "... born" bat 00 this point we cannot claims be fairly investigated. They would
a petition,which wu gotten up at the meeting bare devoted tbemselres to tbeir peaceful scenes rf horror beyond description" tirot[ testify. We'only know that bo made bit rell he. government and its iuterests as .. I rn',

h r, :< .. lone U service Tampa,for and the signed Union by that which. whe have eaa business avocations- and their orderly deportment lb.y have. been' subjected to the most ,inhuman / advent here, some four or five years ago; readily U they would their own honor 4S
you bas been that he himself -a and would barter their slender I
publish The uncertainty of what Congress so conspicuous that lreatroenllb! t ever disgraced{ earth represented as persecuted they stockof S ,
t L will do is working great Injury to the South, crime and immorality has prevailed among or shocked high Heaven.: These swilling refugee from "bleeding Kansas" from that article for a valuable consideration f '-l?li
) I' la justice to these who receive persecution ns less than at Sue period since the settlement tenunces smack too much muc of whence be was' compelled; to decamp on as readily as the vilest Jew peddler this 9 9I 9f
c from at the ia unrepentant.. Congress is ought tot act of the country ; they have yielded the general tone of Mr. SJobley's bombastic account of his sympathy for the Sooth side of Jordan would dispose of a second :
east some way. Delay ; dangeroostoalLRespectfully. the most implicit obedience to the authorities }piatinga to be mistaken and we and well known pro-slavery proclivities, band tooth brueb at full price. Scarcelyone
C. R. MOBLY. they bare t..kt'D the oath of allegianceto him that when be perprretrated the stupenduos having rendered him very obboxions to of them (we have "Judas" bimtelf:
the Consiilutwa of the United States falsehood announced in the second : the abolition party in that State. On the now particularly in our eye) can, conscientiously i1
$ TAiu, Fu.Feb t. un and have kept that oath not I leu inviolably paragraph of the above petition and 'procured j journey he encountered unheard of perils, take the! test oath, and we trust I. y 11
I'''Hum to sAt Ctmgrtii of |A, I Uf tH&. ". than with I of which this will be '
blood and the lean the
Tir.LTe. .., D. 0- they maintained hon his co conspirators to endorse it, be nol was want of remembered when hereafter {
\ the undesigned gtOt&white Union eitiiens of or and the last sacrifices of patriotism their willfully and kcowingly lied anil that too means to defray his travelling expenses they desire' to bare ii i administered. If i
f.. hooth Florida now assembled in the city of fealty to the carte whose /all they w lately with a diabolical\ 1 malevolence of purpose : and to keep soul and body together ; from federal! patronage is to be .1 ALI ibu tcl only
s, to consult together for our eommogood o mourned. They have ever been true to which would'disbouortbe'Faber 1 of all liars i which perils be was rescued by the charity to men who have a/way teen true to the .
I beg leave to state to your honorablebody themselves, true to their hearthstone theirkindred ,' and which bus secured for/him aprt em of the class of people, be now so industriously Union let the thing U don. in an honest .
that of
to moet withdraw ui opposcdthe from the sttemptboardtate Union, yet and state, tine to'the cherished principles inenc amongacoundrels tbs 1e..' nothing maligns. Tb.t is to say be way">ven if offers nolders t"ve to be imported

'. come were forced into act of seeming hostility they .burned l in childhood from that further:! in all the wide acid/uf human vii. .: travelled as the public beoifiuiary and became from Maine or Oregon. Those of ,:
r i toward the government, but most of u* remained purest of all the sources of knowledge a : lain, fur his ambiltun to aspire to. We yieU( here as much a mendicant as the our\ ,people who committed ,themselves.: to ,
true to the old flag and served a three mother's earliest (r.ons. And these men'smothers I to him his just meed in the acknowledgement : truest of the Lazafonui of Napta. 'On the interests of lit South in the late war, l
Atan'.alidmeat iu the Union army aiding to taught thru the sacred bis arrival told bit woeful be have no avidity for these ofiice
'QPprctlthe rebellion.< obligations that our place c. /boast of him u a baYing story They i !
f 4 1 a We hate passed through scenes of hortor of honor ; it bas ever been the rail e monstrosity iu the way flying( throws was received in that generous spirit of bare pledged iberaselvvs, in ail sincerity, t
beyond description: ; we hare been subjected of their private and public CODcUCt. And all competitors from the day of Ananias to sympathy, which a rbrisitap community to the Union and they iutetd. iu good faith,
t I to the most inhuman treatment that ever disgraced by no candid: system of reasoning can the the present: ,completely in the tbxdc. ; is ever ready to exited to suffering and cut to stand by it, come what may ; they

I have borne earth aU.or shocked with high Heaven having yet confidence we conclusion be deduced from anything 4 statement: of llie truth on this point, cast humanity. lie _found good Samaritans cheerfully' yield obedience to the law and .
.5 that the Government patience would yet protect in their history lh.it they will!! now be woo is supeffluoui; bu /redo say that nut one who kindly took him by the bcd entertain no ill feeling: for any man, whose 4
I- f us, ud that the State Government would yet ting in fidelity to the pledges they have 10 hair of these men' udl bas been touched and resisted him! into tbd position from private char ictef respectable, merely because I\
t I.. fall into the hands cf Christian Union men, recently and so solemnly made. that not one dollars worth of their property which be now )fliaYI; the role ot the frozen be differed from and fought against "
and in that way .e would be restored to our But there is a class here who arrogateto ban been damaged, nor 'have they been : ddr in the fable. (Ui is first car was to them upon the great j issues' which have t
1 I { properrelationiW the General Government, tLenneJves MS an special and have it understood that be been adjusted by the stern
generally arbitrament
I notwithstanding we b.leivethie would be to peculiar oppressed in any way since the re establishluent was of .
I the iilerett of all, yet the action of Chow incharge privilege: the title and description of "Un of pro, bemuse) of their political thoroughly ". ceih," and be endeavored .battle. But while they are thus ready to
.: of the State Government. not such as ion men." Among these are men who views: ; nor wAs an, :bt done to any of them Iu confirm tile general belief in his sincerity yield obedience to law and to accord proper ) 4 4J
I to rive satisfaction to those who love.peace, were at one time the loudest mouthed in before incoQ ileul" with the rules and. usages by relating: thai be had well matuied respect lo sentiments honestly entertained -

judicial good order and and political prosperity.actions Their such legislative u to lead preaching secession and denouncing th e of war/ They may fancy llifinmrlvctoppretaed a plan by meaos of which be fell sati.5 whatever they may U, they are i
( us to SAispect them of indifference about o Union and I Ibo Government who even eared because people evince a dinposi- the conquest of Kansas could: be effected not content to sit quietly by, and see
future connection with the Government, a tered the Confederate army with A show lion to siiun{ and nvoiu: them but this is in nn f thattbeyreall' desire to crush out all sympathy of ardor which seemed to augur writ fur every i instance altnbutNlile to th.- opinion son Davis, with the very reasonable request public prints without out effort at self- ct
r '- for the Union. heir devolioi*'to a cause which their f entertained of their individual merits. It that a l huge body of troops should vindication, aril the givetopnentdupe4 by '
i taxes In ease assessed a man against i. unable him to he pay is sold all into fines slavery or tune (puny as they _err) bad ((10 some infinitesimal b: trpe wr often( Kre lliefll -Mirxk'llg about It-jitnred! Ml "his dt"po...l tor its execution. the arts of d"'g.;ing Clod deliberate vil

t until they are paid. In this way then extent) a, Mtltdtoset up ; but Y'r tarts with sort of -hang T while a* well u black may be enslaved for who when the South !begun to It"JrglrIe.: \Ineatb wl/ch ioul) >tleKi> portrays trey truthfully merit uf this plan, (for the want, we pre juggler" and.idiots who,. as little fit for
life on the smallest offence Some' are taken 'I' the terrible blows of her aJteralr! ry, ll/e: stale of heir internal M-tmliom, but turn.., of the rvqiiisito military ragcityJ) p'Hre .(udIuwrr, in point integrity, .
.r, to the aid whippiogpoet lathed bythe forthe officers noit of the trivial lew until offences when the dangers and hardship* and! miseries foe Were injj previuU'Iy aware that lhi. 1)9 j or el- wise unable to providetbti desire! ability! a 1111! all the rrqul.its. q< nl'fiatious,
i the blood suicides to their heels or thrust iu- of the war confronted them at tl.trir i s'uliarily of a act| war indu'alive of anrvtr cotimgent. At.any tale belt known this as "old Tiffr Tail" is fur t'hkf Ju",iire. ; i
to the pillory.. own door., and the Confederacy in its fearful -/ j I'fr-eni Mi|>irlifosion! uf l trying 'uff"ll. scheiu fur conquisl was never exacted Ta the Times have Iu .*y we art t
The Court have given judgement on notes I Lour of trial updated to wlinlrverf' Tiny m"y' Intn.ulird! *illi foietMMng)! of slid M,. j/M"did tubjugate Kamat. aware it U all clout,, nud us uh iimu- .

r the given'foroegroeseinea.Emancipation Proclamation they were of made the free l'rei-by manly fortitude they may have lmn sari|N ini|>..riii| !ig etil l I.ut thr>i>\: *'e: a.ure tliinHr Like ulcer .ball's he l>egau to scent aboutof rally enteriuin. t.ut l lilt I" "yui|>allit' fur the I II
deotof the United State, which they have posed to pos-ellll. sought in diMMnllv diMilion > <- Lilt I lie windnHiiou" of their own ( plunder: and made application for svrral prostrav mid I suffer iig feomli, and liitladeiiire I
k l; worn to support, The State bu pail liabil.*- A security from the prriN they :IIIIIJ l d'I'. "' |1"1',1 l inia&:MiMtion*, the nivnaring CoiifrJeraie (>ttice". among others, fur t.r the lorallvU ol' "hattbwiiy 1 r
tie incurred by it while it was waging waragainst : tlifmelre inri.trd. They rnlrifd. tlnFedernl |,IiHiiloni-i lliHt haunt N guill\' Mtul. .111..,. llMl of Judge of the: C. S. Di ,t. Ct., fur among a diti reeled nn-1 di.\i Jed people._ 1! "
If \ the.Union." The common justice U denied lines (a* man j of llirm |bane: (-<>n niiiit iiiriil.tfr that it would \\e an un Fla. ,lie likewiMMilird| | fur admission t lo ItUlilS ((.Ii.g" Hl.'l) ... nirUeril'. tall Dot
Union mea ea all bands.: The State ha feMed: ) with a view to. liiel rejected the liberal term* ef settlement they elilleniMiU ruiidrM-elioioii 10 kick 11'1'01.' a t'IO. i if igitoiiiiny nrs! I.y pnat'ttoting -
bad a right to expect by refusing to ratify the era: careN.srat from bullets that r/uml u-.t nn.J they, air just H"+ eure fruai tnoleaialion he hail l liven iec.-:Urd, he would bUll had ill co'umii''* lo the d'M inination of \
proposed amendment to the Constitution of hare found a ]Hey in meaner: ini, iinj i itwa t M 4 A fkni'k H leH-r| slmu'd either' oft lo.like the oath Iu support he C. S. Conttituttun. faNeliOHl. It was iij'"'u jut such data! .
the United Sutes. We bed ieve we express the '_chi, when the imtiiin>'it, {I' ,,*j..-,-i cfalninr .1( Ihrw ..I''I..U. creaiuien take it into their: defited (.situ jil-l tou.11JU'ce" "a thee I.| .- .
', far wish of of the all States who lore and peace aol the We future call well- druvr! ;I..rn t" "t'tk rtb.iitrnce in lie-Kin |h' I i-ranil'llUle our olreets. Ho next notnLlf p.-rrmlln"l wa: in th thou titre njMiken' of, that iht "tollo-..l i

i you for such action u will country.enable us to have oa lhearmyfand the fearof the Ip.Itt'1 (iji >iui.lesi .|- Hut it Uiwoil i that: "Miine: are! taken to the tnilitaiy bur, and, cm ttf at the, renowned tie" loiilained in the prfHinU to ihe late 14r
jaitice by placing the State Government in anti unwarranted! H" it WH-.) |prrv'entrf: l whipping.: p..t Mini la-lied. r>y the: offi'-er battle ofyjMiiii.il luwu. Here he came 1JoIiillfY Bill;{ w... pitdirau L null an thtu ..
I**? the hand of the loyal men and in this, way; their return to the Confederate line, tlmt of the In* U"illllI l.i.J! ] ui..kle. lo their upon the field lo illuMraie in mms (he sincerity ''aii and iDuulli-pWe of calumny the
get our proper relations to and be repre*!nledta they tecime noldier! of.ilia, Uni.;n. Who herl,:' the onlrosc,I > in which whij.ping of his atfm-hm.-ni lo the cause for Timrt become asTesaory lu the huge

t' nolonger.the Congress.The way We and ark manner you to of delay giving notion u.. believes l\il\ principle tam\e a sol.tier of has been liiinuivU'd;; under a "entellce of winch be had abandoned home, friend: ci; me which ha-i at M single slrnke. des t :1
aid we .leave with you, only expressing the one of them I For their wrvices, ('|Mjktti Court in Ibis '.-'ill.uit. wa that of 'a noto-, and the. fatre prospects.Vlien valorc / SHiilrd[ a gust (HropU of their hl>rrlivsod H,
j hope that if you disfranchise any it be only of in the above petitiifti.{ ) which coiifri i..l..d! 'riau.ly infaiiiou-t cliHrai-'t-r, who I.J. nt *>uM: u.j longer avail 1111,1,I individual: l pro it mu- All-tie iu l*>e imuiurut iufaroy I
I I .those f *bo were unrepenUnt on the 4th day in the burning of a/few Jefenre! farmhouses lea- once Lrfoie hn March 1864 or inch as cannot take the oath iu
Pulk an'1
I u prescribed in th.Bilt presented tv Cungrett /Uern IIJo.ltnJ the appro [ ( HS H |inni>liiiini f*>r burglary, and or..lxi,!;tit of the: ein-inv- thiit.is i to ou Ila ]1"1 ip .UMtors.'
on the 12th day 'of December Int. by 'Mr.Stevens ,riatiun of sucii, old hats, boot and who H> whipped alter t-onvi'-ioni| >f a s< c. say at II,. Cut t'hii. ige-he r-II\'e: fl rd CITIZEN. $
the bill"for North Car"liDLIf abuts, and ladie/apparel tunj tl&or"II: as _"aslhe Nbkel l flee o 'I
on all and felony. Hit "[ uiii-l.inein, wa, of a kind when no man pur- .
voters were required to tale that oath u were ta i'J j put 16le they LilY been bountifully countenanced ieth.' III this ThvCuuimaiidiue Ucncrals. ?
by the U. i". l 1""i fioin 1770, executing rnnneuvre he : 1 \YI
would be sufficient prutection to us and the rewutJyd, and but for au inordinate and did hot occasion inure bodily .ulfeiing wa aireMrd l t by ILl: intertention of dome i IbepftSideiit L.. iu
Gederal \Ve
i Government hope you will grlediDIIIIIlJlcb! impels them to seek for I obstic'e'! .of couiumiidii'g, UeUetitls' lu the
: than ij frequently inflicted l martial law and brought to the grou-id thrnsl Military -
change the test oath for the United Mates Of I >y I lustre. .
6c.1'l1O u to make it substantially the same what they have tot lost ty contiuunlly: hr- and besidetl.a law makes it ap[ his! !head into H bunch of ptlrnettoei! leav* I la under the Ue w Iawt ;u follow : ,4 -, : :' .j .f'-f
r u the other Delay! may work hardship to "iejin5 the departments at Wa+nngion j! 1 plicable to nil elates and cutditivrs when irg his ntlhermosl! extreiniti-;'I xpo,.ed iu lu Dt.trici Urn.: CUtJFlELtJ, with his ,'". '. i. 'Pj
you of the ,:North but it iI, destruction to the with appliction for indemnity for 'Mt l found guilty of certain otferifeaud the the til'w of user HrJiuuing Federals who head quarters'. Uithinobd, Ya.Ur :.i1 ,
f Union be better people to us South.than non Any kind at all of action Remember would quantities of property which they falsely authorh, of lii! atrocious libel know it.- coining on the ,ground J. some time afterward 211, 1)1,1"CI, li"u. .;'tetttea. IIe.td.qu..r. 4 f
; that we are in t) e power of an oppressor, and hod fraudulently l aIge.!J WA sacrifice! in And thit (felv.! *o far from be ng a "lTn / disco Vi-ied him thuserreted ; Si.ized Ml Counu! >M. S C, t tI tr ti I'
k\* yon alone can help us. their devotion to the Union ; and their ion man," (the iufer-nc ttl-lently d.. ign! hiiii. sent him to Kty WtM: and fum 3d Di! Uicl, (Alabama, (;leO'gin and 1 '
H yours: At, senneleM a.l-irations for oition\. tociue! there! Flotidit.) U"a. 'lujiiAS. .
li+t I j <:J to l>i deduced from the language; of the: to Fort Lafayetie, where ibe work o f with Lead guar
which they scruple not to publish the m+it petition) IIHS no p-d licalsetilimeuftof: his reronMruifion wa, finally|| 1. ,rtcltJ.- lel'I..t MolilguiueiV, AU. :
MR. EDITOR: villainous falsehood on the great 1-otJy "of kind wh any Anon a* 4th !DulMct. tien. OKD with beadariers
itever ; ithowever MuMr t Co. peace was restored he !set t -
tup ,
I The abort delectable document are extracted our people and endeavor by every covert arc inclined to cl.tim him M, a corr.paliiut, "Uni-." man. It ,!Ii i I'lit ,.otr't nn Lira i ia iu at Vnk,l>u'g. MI.MI.5tb I ):
from the Florida Time, cf Feb. and uml'rhand contriv'iice to keep' nlire ag. they are bci'lily! weUoine to do <'. I.aroxsln but by; gradual and insidiousppitMche biatricl G n. SUERIDAS, with
s 28th ult., and were accompanied by a itation and promote diV-oiJ with the view Ili i" AiM| > alleged! that our Court have First t. hw was only! rejoiced bead-qu uter. at New Urleana, L... r I ,.
letter from Mr. O. B. HART of Jackson- r>f lernj>ling honest iix-n to. curse than rendered'iurlrannts on notes given fr i hilt he, in common wiih other rebels, WHS Uell. >CUUrlt.LO MfUllled COIIIilMIld O \lr'
4 ..; ''rille, which we are told "was intended: fora theieby lol'inJ| to exl! tbrm-dvs. 'to adegave n..!.gro"s oiixe they were: made lret by I the not to U iOl'nnl nvllrl, devoured, turn he hi. Dolrci MI Kiriiiiiumlou the 13.h, and ,' .:
Union 'Ueetio!;: at ibis place heM! or. the of ficiiiioui: 11IIp'rtanl'e ttPy| conM nor Emanripatiun:: Prw tarnation ol the Piesid'hl : w..n: into raptures over the hunHne and retained all ibe t.liceii( > Malloued tb"-
9ti! inst." "tlifiwivj! attain ; in sliurt were they not I uf the U. S." The only cnsj to ue'ernui ,H-y: xrsnounerdin! !prudent It i. IUl'PVIItfrllL U
i Vvdeem Hour duly for the vindication ..o ravenous fur p'unJer' no lh >rou,lily devoid which thus suieineot could havu allusion Johnson's Amne i} Wl-tintii.n i darn!, h" liuuc Lol. :ftfKAGCE iu vominaud: iu Flor I .
of this section, against the foul( aspersions of common honesty or repeui: for t 1It was that uf VVIUOM .s BaAKCa d: CLARE.d Wit" dinned hv the jnstkr! the p.pticiy. ida. i < i
a a I r< contained in the fiboye papers to notice I truth, so full of that poltroon malice ciled her at the. I bat FLIT term. In and tfln.tituti..n"lit/, of Mr. Jolin-on a A Wellington di'path of the '13th. ,... ii"I
them a condescension we would not otherwise I which weirs a submissive smile in th" thin case the D ("Dd"'ot filed several pre_, It."I'oll.tlllcluo; .,-1&1'10"V" n-xise.* !a". nl, iiibituciioii will Mcuoaipatiy the .. j jt
make but for the consideration: that sunlight, and aims a sub in the dark, among them one Miting up the Emnci Suit fi/niini: : as M candidx' fur S. 1I"I"r I to .lgIUUclIl of thr Gviieiuls lo llieir: ryes tvt.. '\t
the distant public may construe our silence they would finJ() more advantageous aDd patios PrurlaiQHtkn ; but Daimitfo ,ilc a LtfuUiUMM.rgmiz-il I under stir i | pr.vH. t'tII'e'vlIJu"tI.dll." LejouJ a copy of the t tI tI tr tt

.. into an acquiescence. :n the truth of these creditable employment in the managementof murred to there pleas, dnuurren were nut- ionand |hawera ::lauI..II'lh,1| | l.rwl..01,,' 1..w. Douoilul. lhLAT .
: ,I slanders, which were their authors known their appropriate business. tainted sod Defendants allowed to amend ii..n. !D-feated iu'tlii..I... gra Iu'clly VCrr a. .r- \ ;
Abroad as they are at home, would bet Bat there are others of this class, too inrta1& tr. Thereupon 1'IaintiJ claimed! a round in the. H k-of the P..di.-als, until to KEPRESC.NTATIOS; III TOK M. E.

treated with that contenptuotft indiffer- inconsiderable for notice except in comparison continuance, which every: lawyer knows day ln. highest arnbiiioti( 5.j to k r o nized C btracn.-Uy a uuauimous vuie in the 4 \
'1 eaoe which the malignant effort of unprisepfed .i with ibe. rest uf their clan, man as henii;:htdo, but Defendant, being: very as I lb-apovleo lhat creed in thissic Itdluinore Couference: thin question b setlied. -
... ; intrigsere, to damage. their nnsuipeetteg destitute of mental calibre and ordinary deftirous for a hearing: profroirJ to with. i lion. Thus' has he sought for of5.-e and .. !In communicating lUis information :
fellow eiunna ravs merit and intelligence a* the most untaught varlet draw the plea, selling up the EmancipationProclamation thus has, III played for the "bauble, to the Macao Ttltgraph of the lob the ':: -1,
receive at the hands of all honorable men. in the land, who understand no more the in consideration that Plain I lion.. The latter he has secured, hut rpuu it i is l lUsv..E. II. Aljerssays : "This gives the I ., .,' j
, We do sot bow and can not state' that duties of citizens ban a IlotUntot might be I tiff \would consent to goat once to trial of a kind. that people| have won before at I I Church lay reprcfteuution. As tu 'change: I
; of triad... held here on expected! : to know of Belles Lett rewho; A Newgaie.: The former I 01! leave *
a meeting any which w < done, so tins Pioclamalion wan he stil! e-ems de name, lo out the word 'South, .J
I I bit .. bare bfta informed and have no settled principles of kind trmned, to thtru ">
Feb. is
9th. any
: not before the '>url or jury at all, and accomplish by soma mlltn'l wanting yet some few vote to carry ,
believe that tone U* or faults men: who: whatever who are re'idy: at all time to fly had nothing to do with the final ftowever: incon.istent and scandalous_ !: the measure" '!
'. claim to repreeeat the loyal element oft t to any cause that oL: r* the -prup
b its section did assemble on the flay named 1I ] temporary a Jr"\ltllge..ai\ vultures fly Jo a this statement WII refer to the" R : enacted under the Botos'cf this oorumu-.'. I ;' dafrolD.TheSt'r New Alliance Orltma.armed here .yest 'r- .,. \4

I I t .

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rj.J So:. '! '.. 1 > .
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01 ._ j ..JC-----. .i... ".....'... .----.0--" ,r,_-.:.-,.-- ..... "'. _" ------ -:; : J.'
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0.----- '! 1'--" fJfJ'" r ..., I\.t 41'::;:;"::. .. ....... h'",,"' :" _: __ .... .... : ;::1! $ Jr r 'ei

,,-' ''''' 'a' -.n b..p...a. "
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.. r' .:.-.JIJI ""... .. "'W ..... ...
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: 1 ; rt '
rI --.. }. ,

",J THE FLORIDA PEXMLif.PCBUUED.XTKCT .. by A a'few DHATIRO young. :' men CLCB'of, has thtt been city.organized I j.;I Dry Goods IE. A. CLARKE & CO.Han I. O O.:: .i1; ': ;; 4

: .. ju.t Receivtd, direct from N/w Yoi1s\ .

; ttATcuuY n PATlI.oa.-.b.re. ant quite t a number I General Assortment, forming completeaud .

T. 1 K. SPENCER.' of old women-fathers of families: and : m QC01imUImS\) \; nW On Saturday the IGth day of March nest' 1 .

bachelors-who are groining an.j. grunting STOCK OF GOODSConsisting will offer for sale to the highest bidder for

--Uf V* M OAttnon. E+q., it i our Agent at in ft style that would do credit to a Just; Received Per Steamer" : CI1.II,at my Store 98 shares of Stock in the

rooknil1e, F1... and U authorized to receive whole! front teat of mourners in an old ALLIANCE, / in part.of following articles Ifiupa IjHige Building Company-certificate* t' t"
money for for inbacriplioDa the IaIUL and advertising. and3eceipt fashioned camp.meeting. To all!such only A .1r i m
one bjo. '
piece of advice is applicable : stay >och as i. { -
'PO O at home. To those who'wish to look at FLOUR. Calico Ihr property offered for ale! u to par the ,:,.:: .::: .
FICEt TA3VLP the situation calmly we a y-be taly.- Prints, d t! U r. ut the lmn| a Lodge. No. 7. U.'tX. j.. .' '. '
BACON<< which
themembers .
We can assure yon that the offloers of the OinlC'IIIU'. of the eqacT.eeof ir .
M Muslin Lodge failing > their does .
i t Arrival and Departure ftUGAR. pay
of Mails. amy in the South have not yet received Idi.l Lai-its according to the Constitution of the Order .,.

OFFICE: HOURS:. any order with reference to CliUifDI.- SYRUP, Jaconet. o wi.i 1Mualil. C. L. FRlE ELE,Treasurer. '

From 8 A, K.. to.6, P.JL, daily. sVIDan-- They are soldier and obey onl"... t An COFFEE .. Vie. Lawns, Taps, F"b. 16th. td!. .

:o .el at t 1. K.1I drew Johnson i.'tb. Commander4a rich Linen Uaiepes, Postponed.The .

.1L9; DUE: of the armies' and navies of the United RICE Silk. Uai'dkerctiieff: ., FaD above sale is postfioned until'the
'Wec1n *dayt&Dd'Sat.rd.JI.t'' P. M. *" and his know ac. creck"irs. Editing, Insertions 131b day of .' ..
Slates subordinates April,18C7.
nothing > i. V.f'1 l ut. jjlll Trim C: .
'eoaat JUa
tu"and lath each month.UA.1LS And various other articles in the Grocery L. .
officially of any such law tits ;iSberuJI'D'biIJ.Stllr mint;*,Shirting herrings & C. FHIEBELE.

1 CLOSE fltl. line, also DIY Goods and RvaJyiuade DrillinltS-Ul..ach.J.t[ : Uiiblesch-' Tampa, March JfUli,, td..
'M S P. 1C, Wedatadayt aa d Sundays. Clothing, xhitb we will sell! cheap for ...Marlboro it: Hickory Stripe. r ; ;
JOHN Denim*.Ticking-: Check" Scotch Plaids .
J F. F1X CHEG. P' M.r \ HYMENIAL. .. Cash or Country Produce. K'y Jenn, CssBimei-e.' Flannel. Bonnet L A N"O
.T. npa, Feb. 2d. 1 887. 41 td. 4 Tafiety Kibkons, Ladies Belts, Buttons : I )
L--_ : .fuRno-At BrooksvilK the 21"inst fST "'all and Examine nor Svpplitt. IIuloral.! A Hoop Skirts, Ladies and Geo ;
Local- by the Rey. Mr. GILM. Mr. Hoaascs tl em a,,', Ho''siery. Gloves Collars Boot. F f
ems.>> HALI to Miss. IDA LIPSCOXB, all uf''ll-r("' Shoes. Hats Ac., Misses & Boys bhoes ct lists For Sale. I

nandu County: Sptirr-O;'Jun.ite the Florida IIou e. Coats, Pants vest. Under,Over.
Tin .-,', MarA* arrived hereon Thim.r search 21. 45.tf. ;
.,' t.> 40 acre tracts of land on the waters ;
fr.m Havana .
; via Key Vest Fifteen .
Bits Msrtingnle and Alafia to : 1
... fpie1bIRII5nnrnt Saddles. Bridles halters !: ; adapted .
F *, Girths, Stirrups Bras t: Mexican the production of Corn, Sugar Cane. Rice. : .
Ezi-UR1 AnOlf OJ' CCDAR.-Three ac.boon- New Goods spun, Horse Collars tc.: Ac: ,, Fruit. Ac.: Situated in a healthy portion of .i I
-r* a..- n..w h injf$ in our bin badirg with country, with good Stotk range :
Cedar fur FABER k CO., of New Yvik., $ SOO Reward.Proclamation a ffiF r. l o JESSE:: CARTER.Tampa. \t. '-

.4 4 FIXE LOT OF D1SY: GOOD; *;, JUST Pocket Table Knives. Files, .March 9th 'C?. 4w.. / 'I :

BOOTS AXDSHOIS.-\\, line inspected J ". A!. rerrlVed, illicit I offer low fur Cash! Or Dour A Pad Lock. Axes Trace :-t. -
Chains, Iloet, MioTels, an'dsciew '. .S'
tome li.K>!i. atd SboM of fir manofactore LANlJFOl1t "iiJIi.' .'J : J'
*Tacks.. Drawi'if .
of Mr. W. Ilaartkptt and find them -= COUNTRY Pit ODtCE '" !f. .
in tfCnirea. Hatchet,inn ...".' ,"' >.- .. '. ,
point of material, durability finish And C-*ps. Fry Puns. Tea.' "' -. .'I : ,

elegance of style eoual to the utmost that by the Governor Factory Thread, Kttilrs.Irou Tots Sale. I W I
beetiug, ,.
t could be desired. Bake Ovens LeAa "
can recommend Ur.t bhir.inl. :!ti

t HARMKOH to all io want pf anything inifeu tibia been made known. to me Culieeet. I offer for sale my place on the Alafia, one '-" .

) J line. WHEREAS. B. R. Hnsbiug was. mu..t cruelly llwop Skirls, WIQQB W R 1) mile and a ball from Roe's Ford containing '. I1,
.. De Lames, 120 of good laud *40 acres of it good ,' ,
41. shot and murdered while aslven in. her bed Tub, Pig Churns Sievta, Broom Brass. acres ; t
ins. :
Tat GRATI YARD; M long at Alaclna in Ihi. lJreu Patterns. ", ;; hammock with about '1,1.10 worth of Cedar t1
Waldo. State
overgrown county on Bound soy, Flour & W-ll Itavkeis; IlotseBrushes ... :
and nt-glecieJ i.l l the of the Uth ult. freedman. Bed Tickings.Shirts. on it. An excellent plsce for a Jlill.'Vite ; .' '
f firing much inipiortx] inppvarancf iiight by a nam &: coiulis. Axe halves tc.: ; I.
b bawls, Urge branch running through dividing the
ed JoIDar Oaau. and 1hd said murderer has
by of some of our not been arrested ... .lieWiA llaiumovk from the line Land. In healthy rtt.
t ; J .
Tpuojr people. There is yet roach to be Kow therefore, in behalf of U* State I do : Neck Ties, I ) region, and beautiful place for.settlemcnts. ll I
done-and the Balmorals Pans Pails, Plates; Buckets, cups, coffee-pot*, vill."U the above for cash.
we trust good work thus aupciou *- hereby offer a reward of Two Hundred Dollar cheap Apply'to ... .
4 "Iy briaR will not be discontinued. *to any person or penoas who shall arrest Marlboro Stripes D'pl'ersEARTHENWARE, MRS. JANE MARSH.:: : I t

We owe a sacred duty to the ''loed and said murderer and lodge him io any jail so that Bleached Domestics& unbleached &c. March: 16th. 1867. 47-tf :" ..: .. I' i

Joit11 which at bait requires us to he may be brought to luslioa.Dcscairnoa Plates-Tea.'Breakfast'' t Dinner Sc't Caps- ; : ..
for their! last preserve or TBS lloaoitra-Said JOYDAXOsnx .te.: Ac.: Tea 4: Coffee seta Bowls Platters PitclteisAc. \. .- :. ,
resting. place the appearance was raised in th4vicioity of Tampa A, A. ALLEN : GlI"ware-Tumble.. Gobblets, For Sale .,':;.- 1 .
of neatntsa. Bay. The upper p..of his right ear is cut Jan 26 26-tf Syrup Pitchers, Salt Cellars, & .. ::4 t 4
-. ... oS and he U said to be branded between the Kerosene Lamps. .
'1. eouT utL-We are informed by oar fellow thonldera with. the letter "S." His core is will fell cheap: the S K i of S E t III .
citizen. Mr. W. R. Caowsojr. that he bu sharp and i inclined downward and be appearsto I HAVE JUST RECEIVED per Pchr. "Sa GKOCERIES.adeem I J..an'3EufNEandSW Jr I
la his garden com Usteliog and shooting, and be slightly pitted with small pox. rah Helen" direct from New York and offer I orE I, See 9 T. SO( S of Rang 20 I ..
I 'will soon be in silk. Vhocan. beat it'-Oca/a Given under my hand and the Greet Seal of for sale at the old stand of KCXXEDY &: Cheew, Pilot Bread Butter, Rii- i S .t: East, containing: 160 acres.- 1 r ,

Bsnw'. the State of Florida at the Capitol, in DARLIXO. for Cu h only, a small well assorted sons, Almonds, Pecan, Candy, Soda, 60 acres of it good Hammock. .

Dr. Branch exhibited to us eight days agoa [L &] the City of Tallahasse March 1Mb, A. stock of Pickles Mustard Pepper, Spice, There is a good log house on -the land and -- L1,
Tassel and .ilk collected from a growing crop D. 1867. DRY GOOD's.STATIONERY. Tea Coffee, Sugar Soap Candies a good fence around the field. :.- ., 'j
twelve miles from here. Apply to .
Matches Smoking k I I'tt
of Florida OAKEY'1JASSFIELD.: i. .
Roltl err-Garrol uS JCtraordItiarw. Attest-B. F. Aunr. SCHOOL BOOKS. Chewing Tobacco, & }(;b. 9th. :J2t i
Secret ary of State Kerosene Oil. ...
Me.OiiiT II iKsricu). otherwise facetiously March 50th 186V 49 2wR HOOKS. CHEWIXG TO- AI -Perfumery, Cosmetics Combs, For Sale !' 4 .

... known aa "Old Dud. complains BA CCO. ADAMAXTiyBCANDLES. Brushes, Pens, Papr & Ink, and ,

a tbat.wliil quietly! pursuing Lit way borne PER FU- furious other a tides.. -
wr.id. on iJuiidar fTtning. be was halted 0 HMI POISON ME RY MATCH'ES lIning just opened our Stock' we are Toe a E i of:See 14 T. 34R17S&E. lit ua
on the West side vf the Manatee River
t at the One Mil Bran.*h oo the AUfia road have just prepared and base for sale, etc.. piepxrrd to tell at as low prices a* good just above the land now owned by Campbell.t F. "

by wine gentlemen of the road who with I a large supply of'Poison for Roaches.Warranted tc. cn tie bought i in the, place. Our 'f.m4Hre Apply to the undersigned. ,

arm* p't'kDI..t), required surrender of his to kill all Roaches about ih,> of the. quality and price which will pi ..;- CASH or Country Prodnre. Cull i JOHN DARLING. .

i porket i-hnngf. tendering dim th. allerna* dwellings propely u td. Cull and try :! Give me a ea1LIC11RY and'See for Ynurtelce *'. my oM :Sinr.'l.:;. Taoipa. Feb, 8th. 1867. -42-tI t ;

Ii,.> of nv.ney or lift*." Mr MAKSFICLD it. F. BRANCH. PIIOSEIS. corner- of \Va liiiiglun fc Marion Stretl, --- ...

j io,f4. >. forpriar and agitation of the mo.. September Ut.. '66. 19tf. Tampa, Fla. Nov. 10.20 tf. Notice. 1 r I

rn>*ut dUjfrg whereupon. he was releas' fl'ha. undervignrd rer|ti-tfully informs the --- .J.... .: ,

rd and pernntteJ to mii'inu** hii j >Ujner.Tlii Salt Works! X citixeiis ot 1'mnpii nod uiroui.dinij. country persons indebted to the Estate of'Fran- 6" J !I

1 rumor w imJ-IIiDtan.1 null LOt that lit liai ju.t opeiitd a large a"J will w : C. I, FRIEBEI.E.just ALL Le...1ale! of Manatee county deceased- "

lima will 1.e loot in inveiidling;, it. sortex dock of are required to make immediate ,payment and

..?"" OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, will as just r.cei.IJ.a Large and splendid toc all petaona| i having demands Against said Estate ri
The Indians.y I futniohed} in any qu i.tiiiereqtiire.l.at of are lequired to I present their claims duly au-

I .."tn. .!Utrrr .lill niu in Florida. the."Roe-ky 1'oiht Salt Woik," wn OM' flRYUS ,FALL & 'YINTERGOODS forever theiititated bared.within two years or they will be tiI

Tt.* Indiana of the i Everglnilet have de- Tampa Bay or ,delivered in this City at KEZIA'LEE, AdmVx. \

,y I tfintiniltu! s>.-Jl"", negroes at slavet.Thf.l .- reasonable rates.AjTp'yto WaHatee.Feb. flat? 1<67.

I .l nj the! juri.diction of the law.T."t. ..- Groceries ., pt

.. i i.. .1'1..J.t"II..d." H. ALBURY, Agtnt. For Sale !

s i \VV .r'ij' ll.e *lovr from a Northern} eicliar.gf. T.mrul.fRr'h 23d. 1857. 43'f. HARDWARE I
To winch he invite the attention ofthe
*' Caps JCAU MOXTCZ DC OCA, the "ili'j I
ten of Tuinpa. and the suri.inudiu:: ,
offers for
.. i ." ,duD Air/ -sit. WMS in cour. m..to. frwdajs CABINET SHOP He flatlet himself Unit lie niad + '..o I TilE S. TV. qr ,
i CROCKERY-WARE, n a r-e- : \V. qr of S. ".T. 2:?. J:. 16, S. and t=. Y
sit>...- m-d ifo.mrd'us tlint the lodixisr. lection. and cm tell BJ: cheap for 6' .
of cl. 1"1. is
lroubl There
rpprben.irr| ConanC'ar u Furniture will Le made order. Stab BOOTS AND SIICES a good .1\\'dliDg'1.ou 1 PC
,. ,-a tif lUHior liili I hiivt Ie u-'bed iheip, a His Stock consists of' nt.d about fifty orange and other valuable 1
a1o tfl l'' Ile, MOii'd ... BurrnnsBed fruit tree: 01 the premises. his altogether \
; < "'t 'V r. quired'to Made &c. STPLE,
Ready Clothing, oieciftlie most desirable places on Old Tam. .
alet.' > 11rSMlr tIt-ir Tnd ,
.U. r r 'n AFANi Y HIJY:
Ttnus cash.
'.. g.- Whidl I Wi II "ell I I. W furions ('I' !t.. pa. Apj-lyto :
Th.. < rll ,11111 tl.rir Wnrdrobrs. CUOi'KIlP.IES. : C.
r tI.ghw.a.r quil t" HOODS : N REYNOLDS, Adm'r.'
f'O .. tt.r'eIv.-a. that \t\ h>.tr 1M...n Tele-n-ielcs. J.CK'flNf. HARDWARE.I Clear Water Fla. r-b. 2Sd::: lbJ7. tlThirty .. d
T ". Nov., 17. 30 tRECUiJ.1R I
rnt -*(lm i'ir-' 'd...',,. ImVf It:'1'li.1 their Armors. >rnp CRO. KKRY.: CHINA AND[ '.

: I halt i.", l I..ItulIJ:" 11",1 l mode .f life, arc (ul- !iura-. -- PCKET. r.L.o'S1; : E. HOOTS: iSUOE Notice; .

,. : Jv v '.i l is.l ill. .,L..ir: ,J-r"rlil ..ilu"i..n, Mud Dlvnns \ GULF : HATSi: CAI'S. REAI>Y. I'IE CLO.Tl 1

\\0 ; could not I" in
: i; Thfii i,>.->-i-inly a great aiiai hnirntv\. Also pnrtimlar 1 attention ei"en to rrp.iring THE A NO. 1 STEAMSHIP r HI:100 MS Jc PAINTED PAILS, apply to the Honorable John Darling I '.

4 twt-n .1.! ..." }loll i...* Niid iu-g>..>-" 101..1! ..n old Furniture, cleaning ,'aMli.1Iin:. .tc AUstrict <> I WOOD wnovVAKE, Judge of Probate in and for Hills borough 1 .
: ;f '..r' II ..'N'2'.I I tlir" I" s h.t'gr,: 11, 'i. "pre+. a'tentio- the -U-l'rtaUiiie." "Up. PL!.A I IN..I\1'X.E County Florida, for an order to sell the fol.. .
; ; .' 1., i. n. it.otl IM. din 11,1r./ei..I I.t 1..1.o i. lioU'erini- the .'1 ort.' n..ti<-,. nen'e m..uue. STAMPEDPLAN. Inning real estate the prl.'r.rtor Marion I
'I .* and cheapen'' rat--, for the ,:mrl' Howard a minor to-wit : ,
"- I i car-: cwt mutt in nLi'tlirr' .broil Tliey noorri-one .JiK' r *-outh ..f J .hn Jackson'' IS11Et11INIvAIIES TheN Wi of the S E Jr of sec. 15. Township I t ,

I f I... Uh\' "-n ih. Ii'.li"w l 1..It'r! fa now ...l- Store, up-stairs-eutraneV at the c.te. I 32, S., Ran e 21 East. 1t

1: .. king rapidly| il,.* !Uniilie* live (MmpMrtis J. I). IlA\'tiOOO. ALLIANCE.GEORGE COOKING[ SETH HOWARD. Guardian 1 Y-

I .vet, /end l hold l but little conimuira'.ioG, with. T.inpa. March 131. 13i'.7! 48 tf. I STOVES. SCHOOL':' Tampa March 2nd 4 --Iw. r

: I iru-ii oilier still they are quite a number STAPLES, Captain. nOOK: STATIONERY, .

j j of people scattered over a vast range of VII. H. HARRISON Will leave New Orleans on the 17thof enrh & PERFUMERY J Notice.
I 1 country many of whim woutd Uvoine. aprey .....1 h. aid Key \\*t" t on the ::nJ ofeah T FAINTS A N D .

I to the ted m ns' vcnp-nnc,: should. month! .,11 return tip I ; tnu.-hing rn'hwnv OIL S. ti-.. .. .
:BOOt of Ptnsaeu1M r"r.ons hr\vine: claim -i ninit the Estate
MI ihc |101'\1 Apnlnrhicnlnt | All !: 11 :
{ ire be d.Ye iI-iMirtiliiiriil nnJ Aitilturat S--e l b ti
Lis stain an>u*? earnestlyhop Milk, Cedar Keyr. Ta'iipd and Dry TurtuPEKKIN'5 ; < of William 11. f:1'1.tie".I"te: of the County -
.#.4 t that the proper, discretion' will loe l t,1a P.,'.-nt, Mfdi--'i,*"!, anal) a i (mice of I'olk.Mateof: l-'Kiridj. deceasear] *> notified -

used in this ma ter and that the whole -: AND :- A: HER F.Y. Lot of F 11 r it i i u r <>, to prefeuC them duly authxnticate'd. to t ( .

r, J country may cot be broken up to gratify a Agents New Orleans 'n nrr rfQnrsifil! to examine his the un.leri'inel within the time proribed by ,
A. IU1MIAM.: Sp"rMn )law or this will\ be |1I..n.I 1 in bar of their recovery taz
mere whim. SECEJBaiMAKEllTTAVIKOjnst fine stark:: of Rifer. and hot Guns aid tl.o '
* ? Ac'!l&t.'t.: Marks. e iniUbte l will come furaard 1 I rt'bt
W. G, rEPJMS: Powdrr, I'jps. it.T and ware pupn.n1 to 1', .
Sew MIUTABT LAW. Ijite" Alabama -
TH -
k ,J r Agent, Tarnp.r >,>fiW* trill fin.1 it to their lrnntac to W. w. JiHEPPAUD. Adm'r. ,
; pipr remain an important trlepraphio arrived with prtd.1 sfook f>f Febru rv2l. 1S67. 41-tf. exa'niiif tovk. Wfore ; '
a # to my pUI'dll"illll' '!1"wher. < Bartow, Feb. 2J t&!j.. 41-Sw.: ,\
i' i correspondence l-ewt- Ju.lga 11 Leather and all articles nrces-arv fur making .. I will sell fur Ci,/,. at the lowe map.ke -- --
that State and Hon John Slier.ban.U. fine Boots and ho inform I price. Sale and Notice n e
' 1'urler.ftf :: <* re l. S. Senator from Ohio in relation the citism of Tampa and furroundinsr country Fair Notice LigLert niuiV, pure i pni-1 for all kinds of : MONTHS att.r.Jate.. I will apply: to the .

. : to thiiiaiusof the civil and judicial afairs that he is now prepared to fill all! orders in Country Produco. SIX VT. M. tnrrion. Ju his line with neatness cheapness auJ di.'pLlcb. 4Thereby ?Calf and See. and for lIH"n.1 for
2 J final}
the J County a mle
I o/ the South ender new military caution all from
/ All work must be paid for on delivery.. person Nov lath o.j.tf and fi > nJniiai-trtiUon i.
: went discharge < m on .1
oJ i law. The despatches read as follows : Shop-First: door West of Friebel,'.Siore. buyinz.sellneorshipping: y the estate uf Caroline Volt i.on late of said coon .

. i To HOJT. JO>rem Su5R. .a L-Seuator. kc. : Tampa March 16th. 1867. tf. cattle Upper i i the and following under bit:: mark in one aid ear.: brands and)split: in .ldministtaturs Se tv Jr.J. : ,rLLEN r >
: 1 Can otS'rs in'lhe State. inelligible un- \ B. MUNDEN, a-lcnV. i
the other-Branded 1), and figure 5 inside, belonging '
virtu of an order the Probate Brooksvil! Feb. Slh, 151.. Ci
. I Her! the Constitutional Amendment, now Notices to me. BY Courtof 4:= tm: (
l IlernandoCounty. I will .
perform their functions under tour bill, ect.Batrl. Crop and upper slope in one ear, hole and offer for sale i NOTICE. iSix
I at public outcry, to the hieht bid-ler} before
I F. POBTER. s hnebciyen that thirty day after date \ plit Also in crop"the other-BranJeJ.)1.two *plit" in resell P.ear=BrandedM. > I IIhe Court Home door in Br'\f ok.villa; .-n tliolt month after date. I will apply t.. th
; Monday in April next two MiliturV: I.ind .!'e of Probate of Ilill.boro ec.n.tOct; .
} : will apply to the Judge of Prob.it'of Heroaiido 1'. the property "f Po-t :>h .nnhan. ;
f Warrants-NVs .U"12.t. U:' JfOlonclO'l to a rlnsl\ settlement aavl di To BEw" F. Potent : County for an order to /..II portion of Any perm found disturbing the above marked ; ,
5f f: Your State officers can still perform the Real Estate of Jultn LMay, d'c'd: to pay and branded cattle, will be prosecuted according .I the Estate of Rebecca Munden.! deceased, forth ( itratio on the Estate. of M, C. Drown Ute ..isaid II I
i debts, a1 odTr'riution.. 1 .J.
the debts of said Eotste.MARINA. payment I County (C
their fund ions until superseded by State MAY SAXON to lw. Terms made} known on dnv ..f sal!'.. S. B. TODD, AdmV. I,
GfireCBOtnU organized under the law. I Adtniiiittratrix J. L May. PAMCLSHANAIIAN.Er A. B. ML' DEN.: AdmV. De Lot.is con.Tampa. I I
JOBK SnERMAjr. Brooks-rill, March 10th, 1867. 4w. West, Mir b lit, 44 fm.t Marth 16th, 1867 -I w.I Sip. 23:, '66. 6 res.f \

.. V

i ,-, '' 0 ., l
f L > .
j "f t
( \ 'j

; .'

, 1 e

6 -' -.'-- 4 -' v
.... : ,
l '(.,
; r ..... -
r. f I 1 .:. \ )' -
.. 'fi1J"I
",'"- ... .. !".
., i. I .... .', '--,..,__ 4' __ -- .- .. ...- ---' -. / /

.,. ........... ----._ .. -..... .' .. .
a-u, ," ': .. .. ,
.V -" -..... :;;'o "' t. -' ---<-.:::.' .- -".',, ...... Y.fOio...1

\ .
1e !t }
.' ;....: ", .' .. S.k
;;: = "- .,. :, t.i
.w' r **r v X& ..... ,' \"r ::::...... -1iI' : .. '

rt & 4-4 .- .;........*>.-....l...* '. ".' > ....... -=-;:-. ......LA" .. ....."'> J."eo ......It.q ..

-" i "" 1.. '0 $;.'4---.". 1.; ..'rt I 1

1 .. ..... .tt..
.. ... .
.. 'I. ,
..... ....
i .. .'. .. .. 'II .
: ; -
...'. fr"0: ,. .5.. .a ra .
'. .
:. '.
.... .1 .r "
t '. 'j;
1 .
: v
J,. .
... -

t t,1. i
7 :


For hoarse Dirvrtlon.Fill STATE OF fLORIDA )L L l l. 4 l. .tl.exaaanll J
: 1T "
?[ +
/ a wide mouth glass jar water, -I -(oi )---- : .

I ADd covering" it over with a piece of'foun EXECUTIVE DEPA RTMOT.Governor : : Notice of Insolvency t

f dation,' (the ladies 3| will onderttand this,) -Hon. D. S. :Walter : Is PmoSAis: COOT, AT CHAXBU, JjurtaaT Sth Notice. k 4

it Jjeot. Gov.-W. W; J. Kelly ; A. D. 1867. s
: cover that whb a layer of peas, prming
Se XT of State-B: F. Allen; ,personsbatiogdemand.against the El
i down that tbe. will lie in the wa. l Joha Beard State of Florida ) ALL
to peas Comptroller- ; Ilernando of Geor Stafford, late of Heraaado

ter Tbey.Ciilhtben-swell' and ?'% the Trea.o-r-C.'H. Austin ; Cwnnty, f county, deceased J, will present them duly aU4theolieated S
I ,Attorney Central-John Galbraith ; Whereas Abraham Hay, Adminutrator on I without delay ; all indebted
TAMPA. roots growing down into tbe water their Remitter of Public Land*-Uneh A. Corley ; Estate of Amos K- Anders late oC ;, ,to Mid EUU are reqneaua persons to make ioa-

fibers a beautiful\ .- I Speaker House ofKrp.-J. J. William*; i said county deed, baa tbia day filed, in the< :I mediate payment to'aadenitfiied.. All
appearance.Set 1
SAT D"T. :uarc'b 3Oth, 1&6". Probate Court, a written suggeatiwn of the la creditor and'perfoa entitled to hrribolio 1
r this in a window, and vine will grow I 7rDCIAL DUAKTWE solvency of' aid Estate. are hartbotJ6tJ that their claim will b< .t

BAT IS DO E. j Therefore/notice is hereby given to all per barred: "the expiration .T two from ,
which can be.conducted to the 111'1.1.1.- Hon. C. P. DuPont--Chieflustee! ; yeara
up S/HW hating claims against the said deceased'Etute this unless exhibited
A. E. MaxweL I date within that time. ..
: .
r. )T H. v. LOtG1CLLOw.r The whole is rerj handsome. J. M. Baker, C Associate Justicess.srTacpr to nW- the pane, duly authenticated in W*. D. EUBASK Executor,
'. th office of aid Court before the ell
> on or J".2ith. 1861.. 38 6w.
'. "The day i* done And the darkne If an acorn be impended by a piece of day. ,({Jupev 1567, wb n there will be a pro- -

Fall from the vice of Night thread to within half an inch of'some water rrDrc1Ai ciimr, rawp.vmett'poog the aeversl creditors of Notice.. I

1 AI a wafted dv-wnward contained in and Judge--Jame. Gettl. 1 said Itiwlveot u.t months from date, I will prefect ac
it a hyacinth glass, to SIX my
From &O.Ang..eljn bit flight bohator-H. L.. Mitchell, .. And if ii ordered that the Administrator do< and Vouchee to the Judge of I'ro-
t permitted to remain without being dittutb file
E-: ... I seethe lights of the Tillage dit will in a few months burst aud mLa8CIao\'GH' -tonT.1 and perfect Inventory of all UK effect bvluagibg cf the Estate of Aaron Smith, late of ,
# ?Gleam tbL the run and tbe mist, JudlZe ol Pifbate-John Darin! w..illaate- -, >.," .. > .. .. 5 -.w"'.>.,-w aid County, d.cw* L And at the fame time II :
i 'lir lad a feeling of sadness Ames o'er tue throw a root down into tbe water, and Cierk Circuit Cfurl-J. J. Given Given under pad baud and seal a..U to be d.a: hartftd from further administration Jt tf

.. That my oul cannot resist; shoot its turn with beautiful Slieriff J.T. E .lt\. of the Probate (unn, at Brooks of taid Etate.CALVIK: .
upward taptrtng Coroner-H. M. Keen. .uaP Tills, this.8th day of January, \. IL s imi, Adcrr.Brooksville t f

t :, '_'" A feeling of .adnes* and loo gag.. little green leave A young oak tree, Surveyor\V\C, Brown.GOMXIttlONUM.. D 1867. 'Jan. &Ih. 1667._ Cm.f .*_

;: nat U oat akin to pain, mantle shelf of Jan. 10 ili SG7. 6m T
J 'r s sorrow '. growing this way on a a ,11 -,,
." And resembles only w
Aa the mist resembles raJA. room is a ?ery.interesting"object j !
(f' W. B. Henderson. It- Booth. J. R. Kobertton.V. Songs of Notice .
Insolvency. ,. i
.", r -= \ A Lively '? "
Come read to me tome poem It What Hope Did.It I h Probate Cl lIrrrt-G1 CAoMiera Ottoixr 2ndA. .
Some and heartfelt lay I JTMItrSOF THE PAC; 2d. Dist : f
staple D.State. Ill- O'\"TI1Sfrom tbisdate. I ,shall presentmy fI
That shall ooth! this rrttleM feeling stole! on its pinions to the bed of dit- E. A. 'Clarke, .: of Florida account and voucher to William. M. ,?
And t.ani-b the thoughts of dy. f \ Garn on. Judge of Probate for II manJo Co.
.-ase the tufToer's frojro became a ttailv- ,' .
Hernanda County, ) ,
L Bellr,lawful Contabl: "' for a final ttlejnent on the Mate:: of UrlceMui. .
I I.. :Cot from the grand old natters. the emblem of peace and 'love. ot.uu 1'ILte.. Whereas.. Mary Anderson, '\Admiristnum: I ..Wi.. d.,eM. a', f ask tot. di.eh.rzed from
;\ Not from the bard ublrae It went to the house of mourning, and J. A. Henderson, Ut* of l'b.rl.n.1fr..ll late '" the further adnoni! i..iraMon of said] rj.av

WhOM distant JboUtej* echoThrough from the lips, of f sorrow there . .
:. the corridor of Time. and cheerful filed in the Probate Court of aid O-cu:. 1 Feb. :nth, 1 .. 42B. .
song witten.igrstirw of the Ini'Oh\uc l vi said .
4'3 It laid its bead tbe act of the \J d'c I S .
upon \t \ tb rrfrev '
7or.lik.etraiaotmartial atuie.Tkeir :--.. ( ",, ;.,,'" nI.: J e-tate 4." .
> thought poor, which strvched forth at the command C- : fee! i* I'r.\! ; to. 0'1t.*t.. std i i r"tfi)1a having \'fIO" a4"IW.iSteatt.r f
mighty suggest
Life' endleet toil and tndeuor; ofuuboly :tDpuUet and sated him from I In r.-tit daamsaIbauf: JJl ElUK: ,, toftl: ; tV -. '-'_ .t -- ...,...-.. ,..
And I for telL disgrace and rain.U t Clrtttit t'linit S'luthtru J.ta.n-IIt mala.v tiaihe.t!! :c'itJ. ... .!>... t>:S.'e ...f *s.{ In.Clta..cer .
to-night long '
-' Circuit / FlfiJ-t tna-d for H dneti like a living tbiug in the to ja. C"HhtUpriutf there ..itl 1-.. ; 'I{ .. 1ef
lrQa a i.I'.r.a&ytll'm arra bk fgJe
Head from Lambler poet ( : ( : I. !:4- "' '' .r. asst t e.di(te#
t some kit heart om of the mother, buM sun tarried lung the ".,.el.1 l c.ton oftb ...i.J lu.o\\"elt\ F2 .. I Il
Whose wags gushed from \* ; ..tm. lh6T.KRAVUE ';td/Mik 1 Iraf.j, _
.... e showers from the clouds of rammer after the proinutd time of his tromiog. and I ate. .,
i 'tll'l"hm..nl Given is Bill: fur tEvorce.JIA&T : .
evelW saved her from desolation and the ucfler ray lead *n-l "I..d..fL
Or lears.from the start; 'I\re
/ thnt .killeth.l T. > Am'i -worn tolIOO.OO. {{. N J the Probate CVnrt, at Brvjk ,'ill. *. Ghana f

Who, through long d.n"oC labor It hovered about v'T tb'e! head of the jou'li' "uxur'E LJUCH, } Hml l fiUnl; for 350OO ll.ii:DJ J\\\"of. M.tetuler GAR&tul\! it a7. : IT apl-raring 1"b... return of the Sheriff t

And nigota devoid of ease, who had become tbe Klin'of! Mlcith'. Tbe Fefriidarit and all other interested are Judge of I'l'\'hat... oa -the ,uti"f>lIa ifturd in this ease
.. a. Still heard in his soul the musie and batiidavit., that the defendant id...
hereby of the commencement "f thus t- vu
and led) Lim L'i.. I Oct.
ou to oikt "Lach ewe. 22, HCG.! 26-4m
wonderCul1Jlelodi"keb of the'juriixlieUoo of this
Of I Suit by Attachment' and that they are reqnirnl .. Court and out of the
enemies p iaed. tn apr -3r and t-lra<1 to the eclaraion} riled :Mate of Florida, and in the United State*-

soig have power to quiet It snnicbed the innkJtrj (rem the j jaws of in raid! e.if.i>, at the raid term of uuS; CircuitOoort. NOd 3 GIF Iba.Ji\7? riv; It i i. therefore ordered, on motion of W. O <:
death add wr.L He Maloney, Jr. Eq.. solicitor for .complainant.. l
Th resile pulse of care. went au od! inn to \' In Probate Court I
And eome like the benediction en. j H. LMtTinctt.I i .1. 1>. ls-07. ,,at I'Aflwkr, Janvary Stt that the fiU.l JtfJ'l ilarv Gibbons dw appear 1a
I'U;utitftUirnrv.. aJ:! ann.tlbe coinplmimoU bill on before
V That follow. after piayer. So hop.11y ;:ooJ! KrotLt: Have ith..p t I Mate' of Florida. I I.bt' first or t
Monday of otherwisetbe
\ At-rjl_next. or
ah ashou. S1reeth with J I Turr.pa, Di-c. :29: !I. I 1CG SC 3.mo. j tmlen' I
to lernarpfo
.. Then read from the treasured volume ltf I ,, Cvui.ty, bill will be for ew treee.l.It I
----- ----
The poem of my choice, it, that It t;)-.v |.(J: litjuri.! It may repay! .SIn [ \\a her.a* Mary F. Andert. -\Jmlni.lratnx 01 i farther ordered that a eupr of this urn .

:1 .ADd lend to tbe rhyme of the poet .ti>urpain.i Litf, \ .i.rtru tuougbx atbrat< ; I Chancery. t I' the rotate .,f".rA 1."JD L Anders de d. Jet l>e publithedcnce a r ek for tai pace r4 ,

,1'p' The beauty of thy coke.i but te) ..!b&:. ;tend } .jj ovcr it. tut'sot in In fltlik"r. Dew'pap"r printed ."1publiobed .
; I 1 f7..iJtt. a written sugrsiun of lu. in thi irenit: tPE1EUCUVSOK
L-v "f
.nd uiii.\ou J .,' 1'ott
nut :- -
And the nig&tfhall be filled with music Lkridve.tt itfoq. *. \\. Tod, A.Itu r, d* i".m. } a bpd! Ltate.Therefore. I Clerk. '. '1
And the rare that infect the day ? with nit thy hope.., r...!!. of Mi jah 0. Brown.. I Petition to notice j is hereby r: '* t.) a11)! j J'f'r. I A true MrY. :
\. Shall fold theiruota! like the Aral, --.s..._-__ d...'.-a...d. V foreclose ilorlvt. Sons liarinp.Uiiu against said. dt' '" And kilently steal away. T1J( Hunt! SuUlufilir: : prate a3.the! h biODll..lclIi'4 I I i g;.ge. tate,'" file the sane duly authentic,.ted, in the I :ArVVrt, ]>rc.. 17th,_ 6''". SA Sni. 4 i.

., v of t'ue .ni 0 in tL fop! Pr'niiU: .\. ISniwn. J yjSce' .,f sail; (,' curt, on