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I Iruation I .. nolIASOKEI, GLOVES
official infor .
where according io I Curi/! ./. // TVcivf Blank Form
frontier, Bcs* X i. *, who hy the tame county liM ; they will be ,meT!with a cordial: AXES.SHOVELS.. SPADES.WAVS. hare fallen in 1'olk tOU..I'iIl, rejiitt td ; Ifii7 lrOiltc ion Ttcktlt, r made UNDERSHIRTS.DhAWEBS .

WetcoO I'JT the itUltrt. : sc\\'S CarL Van, on dav of irtut'r.BV : t BUll y" Laditj, $(. t f& LiU-rnl. Atlrnrice on cotton.ALSO \ .for penllemen, .
'i. : adtice DRAWING.KNIVFS FIf.I:;. orJerlV.I. TURNER.CoL I And raatt. other articled of Tariba kind, qualiti -
foil to I
Sam Hwunon ba giTen HASPS. 2-nh Hr'gt. Fla. Millitia. Kxvcuteil: niih I nn t1( !.1 Cnl'e. unMtipiA&eilj 1 **. and price. '
: (lie authentic her, and the result t.I anticipated CIII7.ELS. "f in |liV State.I "By EiprMi. a LARGE SUPPLY if The attention of pureha. r ia feipettfallr J.
will te tbd re- afcU5 hing bin a* SQUARES AUGERS j k'' inrited to our Stick, which U of the BEbT i
work mi'il-be for delivery. Dr. D'JAVNE ,O'SFAMILY
.m- I _. I (r.l\\IPA. I U11 pith on i .
$50 REWARD{ QUALITY and LATEST STYLES and w.will '
vf Goy mor. j jIt5Ulit ; : \ 48 tf sell CHEAP for CASH ,
,# ed that) the 'battle' between SC HES. REAC-HOOKS&c. t MEDICINES or Country Produce I .' t
We hare made "eon.
TTootT Wart Cut' arrangement to be taBtly .,
the two Collr.d- .. will be fotfglit on A good attortment of My ktoy. MMROIt. formerly ,JACKSON 800 Copies of applied with Good in our liae. from New
T'-xian uil. AtBon? the totes hippd le,y, Broomtf, d e.iillO .. owned l hi' Jr. F. Branch having : JOHN \ork; and gentlemen! wuhiog Drea Suits xy J il.1

Y -are 40 000 bag for ,and, 'of ano""al l L ran'away from my pl nta_. ': | Jnjrne'f Medical Alt nu b made to ordtr. in the bet manner .laleat t
: Lnndrod bOBf" and furs. .CEUIES.. ._ lion on the HilUboroueh Hiver I II tA lr.STHEEl', !ifor 18C1, to. L. distributed GRATIS! 13 lea, and of the best material can Itate theirorder t
; .:tretigth, er*l ofTVr the above rr ward,of' .' -, III .
with and
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; and MXtw-tTHuulAe bank boats BROWN Ottt !Ortlt of K. f. .Vpe* Xtx Slorf T&hlpl01". :1.186SHC. .hortoiuItDeral'o' '
ging- V OI.LARS
carta. ? Fin to any per- I satisfaction to our patron*. s- .I
for .oif Iuding e er 'l hundred oar'. cWoe CRnsiIEDSU-- on ttho \rlll return him to me, or safely .lge T.lIP.r'.OIUD.t: ; I Jy We hare jun received some FINE '. ;
r.tlVAA arid atntdonitiunI GAIt:' COFFEE, 'GREEN ,him in jail and inform me of the fact *o that SILK VELVET" >, Silk and Cloth "
trot l'o1 r Stock NEW
r 4 of ;Ifl.ii. *JongIncident cAmpAn.! BL\CK TEA ; FLOUR.:CORN. I may Nimrod get him ttmil into bu'il\my | u hATS
PORK. BACON, IIAtSUEAN. UUFTEU And, that h i of Gentlemen an.18lt1r.T COLLARS ;
* 1' &J I and tiaft 'IUB.11 a uu.I gctrctiop, ran --
a d wnra t "Qte-IJ.Q't. a ructteritig .
I at the old IUUJ.cor. Marion 4 Wahinjton .
at Pcnkaeolri. LAUD SALT-COARSE & sell lv for CASH., un he i'sirhael I : I
a !
way of fpeaLiug. lie ha a very large fnot DR. F. BRANCH
r t Street*. Tampa Fla.December .
riitDj; to 1m FINE,-ONFONSj, POTA- t hand for of I&s bein uboutfifteen t'hn''er! UN good* arc PA1I FOR. and t i 'r
and <
t. I .J. U. Unit, EIHJ:, paper.tLe' a person ate, ; i| them' PAY smallal.. 'TCPECTFULI.Y "li*forrnt the citizen of Sib t *50. "1.tf. s
; tlttx Jrrinir! mint ,
T.OES; ,DRIED or ixteen year* old. lli. color i i. that! i XV ll .lo .,andSumpterCoutttica
Ilil1! l orooh Manatee
state rnan I '
t ; Eofkula! JSfpna from Barranca, ,* of a dark inuUttoJ! : .* r.:nce on the original t-o.t. lli stock vOiUt.t i t* '_ :.l
APPLES in of
I that he i it DOW receipt
r 'the* follo.ins' incident "bkb. occmrcJtbrre S EhMUND JONES.Nor. of erenrthin lhDRY < large iupjly'ofDRUGS I J
& TEACHES : Tamrft. 17. 1R&X_- 37-tf n 'Va (G. FERRIS & SON

i : .I of the work PICKLES. SARDINES.PRESERVED -- GOODSLine. { i MEDrCiyJSS. P.lfXTS Cor. Washington & Monroe St"i ,j 4
; .1 "A man DojaJ. on. FRUITS. CAN. MR. J. P. ANDRE fJ

men at afle Xry Y*>nl. lij'p-d over Io ULES.) CANDIES. RAISINS.:TOJJACCO.SEOAUS. "r I Tampa, Fla., .' 'iI.
: HAS OPENED A 1\J well as a good pply of t .
r Fort.1'Uken*, a few nighi.:.go, anj. came SO\P. SODA, I "* \V\\o\ea\c Si tlclatlD ;

4Ysr7 near jj-tting in heGira JUt w.. li cor"trrJ. I-OTASH. T'EPl'EUPICF. : SEGAR'1 SHOP I I '; <;RO: T.RIE*. JE.\VELRY.. HARD-" \. I. EAt JR ..
; S .
lie li J 1& bun,ll (.11,rat tail fil, in' : i.Jfor. .-. .. \\AUH: HOOTS it. SHOES, I' C
; r> p k tl .wA..!.:Hit had not been for!' Tsmpa 21.. Hda .% :7.'J.. il iRough ''In the room lately-occopie.l l t' "'\fr. INi 1: i HAT? ife CAI I -IJC- S : 1

: s-'a Si!; ant hid linjj. a lantern op ?.o .is (,ee : phelt, first door l wi-t of C. I. FrirbleiA ar.l tlir' srti-1e l t.w. nunjerovJs to mention.Old J FANCY Jt STAPLE DUVCOOD I .: ,
I :
.. ; M be w*-"going in, ,the d jov>r, be woul.ljLaw store. wlire"Jio will be .liappy to accotn and new customer are i-nited t<5 sire HATS A CAf' BOOTS A SHOES. j

bJ evt-rr an .tknliq'!' twrnlr rni rtt .1 Edge moUte KI!!! those nlio aro ill ccHftii .>fGOOD him'om a catL 17. lsC ,: S7.IfA \ OIL BURNING ,FLUID UEADY-MADE CLOf UINOHARDWARE. 4.: l
.ilh'' er \ I I and aliuml! of article iallv
lie !.,-k br Slrrniwr. ; every variety u>
r*. wa* rOt j : S :"" !
p ,. be I I.e draft; with,a. h. (lid' T UMBER fur sale at U m, byU 1. *I -- -- -- -- --- keptin brugSturea. CROCKERY" ; 1
V per I tf ,
Dr.29 ISGO. 43
.tLetMJ"eJlIl Tainpi, 1- : th. of article the follow
: i: t J. D. IUYGOOI r.-_ _. -. ---" fui Fruui PLANTATION TOOTS; "'. kr "' !
nnjl.t bring' I"V '
6oi wrnli iniloirajttitn'Uift ; ,
-II -- nre cowpriebut . .l& a oKtiof. .liit li wak M uiurii! to k'' ApiillSth. 1.8'!. 61. I .- fit Barrels ,..fI 'bh01. '1.r..f..llt..; 2 hrrl, YANKEE NOTIONS, -. f i-

: !r <].prerat d. C-4. Clajtoa ent a notein -:: Sale of Town:Lot '. I i JAMES S1flLL I ,--I__ .14 O =_ -5 I ; nlrc-.1 Oil ; 1 barrel of fiuriiiiiC, luidi; 1 WOOD-WARE HOLLOWWARE* ;; ..
ihe' bhfld t4 prtrareJldllork.H p. .t barrel pirita of ,-* \\tin?. 15i; "arbo- SlllP CUANDLERY. PAINTS, .., Jke.. I. I I
a" Tllrl
--fepljt If ''irtne of art order of the Probate Courtof 0 ,
' ''. nateol I >H-
-S wbo t'-ic-brr'! Juw licrejbe: |.roinott ; j ( by ; j IlilUboroogh County. State of Florida. I I' : : > mel, Illne Mat. Morphine, O th i Cain-
**-* 4.V*ytst r : tr,f. 4jg tVOQdraunop I ,will; offrr (rot wvle te lhe1iirhe eah bidder. I i iI iI I .p4 .' ;. :. :. : : I.b"r. Quinine, BullN Sonuiparilla. PROVISIONS and FINE GROCERIES all .

;'S: I. f'i.tti.. tin,. te Lilt lOu on :Monday. tin lltk day of JfayNest. I I i c7AD rL "tr. : :. !I' II nrley'snr"apaiiI-mJonaa! .':hitj i 1of hich will L.told cheap for cah or barter. .
.i rl. rYi i" I.t )io. !4. in Blvek "i-in the Cityof ,. ; 0 .' < 1 i : : I j IIoL'* Asthma Remedy (a newl I. Liberal advances will be mad.on Cotton or ;:

t. Tampssceutding to the vurrey of 1850.( l : JJ wGl6ro'. J l. r. -J en : .i ui .t.l .- .__.lUc.li.h.cJUcl.II' .r "Q _.. other produce in )Io.n.l..r continued to our .
bMHi Nu 1.9"t.1trl..Qa..ttJg -_ __. .- r-.if .,lil_ti'.lf. ,- -- -'lIH4; -; ;: fin:; .0 t 1""* edV, n.itcTielJ Hair rrri o1J.. In New YorkN.w; Orleans CharleaUMI -
-ti-i-ii- IKi jitTTrr tI .J.t
t1t f, pjtGtilt fin ? 0 .. .
___ T1T5w !
: .-' I GitMrJisA ./tin minor CAiWrrw of O. Uraeo. I 1. .tlt, f.,4 .. '! Ityc, Cobalt! (.rrstnTar.' or Savannah. -
', r..irne..iucak p1.ee jG..t ouujd* Lie furLjjao.kcotnpuin -'- April JSth. A. I). .JS61. 6.-I i !, TosnJks, //a. I .' inr, I'uh..ril" ln January 8. "59. ...tt 5

.J !! of:Sltiime'fa want ol !. tT Vattli". (l'4.: J"wlr_\, t*.'.. rrpnir- J : ;. ; : H3 k. Uou l' rl.r), .
I. '. 5- ed in the thvi',eat tll:1\. aixl ;t niii'Ieralo iharI5tlS ; Hum AratiOpc> .l.1J'L.VISTR.-tTOR'S XOTICB.TWO "
*-poJnerln not a king tcr1! In. De'loA) R. NJiXEZ i : : : : I ::
l'a.I \-H I .
f g 'lti GIII; -hell 5 .
fu4'! &.is'* YdY ;fr.t.lt, stud OH Ioolin2 : I l'I'N'ml'l'r ,:'1. -4"tr1a11CTStOre' tLt-. :. .: I : MONTHS aftr.laU I will pwesf my I :
: btntrfffaib! un'-k'; 1un.elf.110 Bsals? ia .t.\ ::: J t -__. ______.__ ,.1-- ..J .c I.ne. nul \ and vouchers upon the Etat ff t

,;: tEsjJLhib1untmftn man, : '. a.l.syl!WILil iouy fneadj.ugh county]. t,'the Florida Ju,l eof and Prot'auk ." tit

A"fd ke -
jotJalte t a slib ,. : that my 2I Annual Settlement thereoa be auditted .
-- .S 1 Curlier "f1l"cr,1.iugt J Tp"II trtf.l C : : JII.lln; fled and allwued. ;
;': attri.tl biiMntM in l1 I ." '. ; .F : 011I1111. of all JACOB SUMMERL1N # -' I
r ; to o -
: uny 1 j
of'ib"H. -i: = 1 1. i n .1 *. l'tLr.un.I' ,
JOSETllilL : AumV Eat J_ >h Summerall.
Fui t Ct.Inrftissionlfw. I | ;i
1 ? .. : 1 1 warding: I :. I I ino l'uiiVprnrr.. Al-1.piC' Iiti I .1 ". \ j
: Al'til 58.
b } Ii4 __ ,
JI..cr..l; l Jamaica
/ Auo- for tin ale of \VheI
I t u*:.'- I Apent ITA1- NCW ON I HAMla I 't1l *Me.tduppIy : : -- ..
; (If.m t1r; t. $. \" mmtnt : Mein it \Vi! oun* CM.ntt-l S "ir'j Ma -bin.. Luf 4.. (Micr.iMUtx t I Puw.t..r. Cu'ti!! .. Notice of Sale. ... .
t I : --- S ---. f"al'.11it"( an.t innttlo l)) Nutrn.-tf, Cm- VIRTUE order from the Probate
t__* i '.n..lIl. .._ 1'i1e'IIU1'JdiI. OUt I. '*, crew T.>' ''. FI... April Gila> 1601. 5 if. I l'-.irhojr S. ":.Ir;*. = iliraoit, }1't Foslxep, letter a..1 A. }BY an :
Court of HillM! >rotiffh Florida
._ County
: -.1 ------ G' .l ( (1(1 .
; CMnfJ.
; JAW.I. .Ct. O" C8rew p..ui1kr.r Dry -- ,. 'I.iCtt ;
: 5 11: 1'III' -nf'ApntillA; 1ut.t. I will titter 'for alc, at public outcry, ia frontof
: 4 5 nini': 'AfliVn" 41.I 1d.ul,1crcrew :. $25 REWARI-]) Pr y (lift! Tin \fuff.jV...'1f nnJ 'ISljt. 13 I 0 T'i I NA r Fancy l'nl''n'J. H.ilN 1'atrnt l'ill', I''. thecuurl boutedoor in Tampa on )100.1&,. J-

35 nun: \V*,bi nrini. vn< 42 pounder, ., .lI',1 i/ (";ps. t M'lncs and, Li I Iytft'isnf liny :\\i\t (in sheets spit I fthrvdi.) .I. .-Ijnil .?".' jc ADOVE Rw r.l will 00 pni-l for the t'iiiit and Ylf-ni.h .
; .
I k .i.d tbe l Dodge cmn J tot 5 run. I>.-Mjrtj! TilE e.f mv Neitro uin. JtLeKh nil I!" 11. T.l"rro.1Iav.. II 0 ,OPING' Canicl hair IVnrilVermillion. l-, i A negro ,on..n naml ROSE. i'esti-Iurii! ( ," :
n'I" Jainc* dray, aim Styurs. Cuinlit of all \ i i. of the Estate cf James dvc'd. j
then i.. tb. tujj prIJ. ran away about tL( 11 of Jannftry.LICK j S a n .!. j part fttepheu.
pardi'.rd at U t elatt. o.I-.t.oat41 feet Ligh- iikrly, ha* an < \ HoW ; ELLE.SPIIlNF*.
1 hooWr
41 prtitod' CoWmbJwl; tlo.-ap'urrd 1 Jctcelrytlc. r..II..r.' Xirn4 E. l'Qt-\i ., li'ill-/. -.
;- I ; 1Suuti. .tacb.,is Lci"g cL.f'd tl1 aiayrr'&dlhesiesnier ;titduejgluok.is i "ery.Jujk j 'p"ken. He ill Of the al> enumerated artklc. and all I It \lens b"ri> u-td %by llic inventor for _i ill \ ear', \ !. Hsrch Adm'z E:t. Jvnestepbens. .
l.riA ot
':nn'lit Nit... one i i.tttat *ro He Le in the DtiIILoIIo.1"f .
*apxmcd to ,
| null, aiiddoc* not injure wat<'r, does Car f
fre-h ,
'* .5,*t return i it Ta wilLs oiMSof Jarn'iTrtep. upplie (per vierv tamer (oUI New '*
oncgnn.Rtdba .
l tcirtnouril"
: ipa inromptny Orlvan i not r"tn* 4iiiilcf| ; iir m U or run a, t I..r and title of Cantor ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. .
d toCbarWUon from a It n da\ 4-fiec on .> be).. irrnscl ; rii.t n* tin. or break ai Hot! *, nj ill : Oil. Cc.paini. Cu- i
All vf whirh cnn l>c hal CltlfC"t C-ath or : MONTHS after date I shall ,
) S 1..iiosIewftJ will be paid] for us i d.lr-! '. '\ SIx present m
t cheapir tli nuh jfA and
ii- "e' -r. Copaiva
t l ibe *t ivnirr .
? outittl'suIiicr.
coa ,."n j c. ] jTampa. I ( ah.l1"ou'bett the E 1
try tj me un Orange Lab. Marion county, or Fur I'I le ill }. I' (>d Uter 011 J upon tate o(
.izt'lllIt. ll*: I f n ilola F b. 1 1 ln'nl'n \ r BRANCH, nt i .ft-p William
U, 8. atramer Fiil'on. ; % ISt l. <3-ly T. Riifhinjr. late or llilltboroofheoun.
i 1& if coufincd in anr Jail ru that I can ptt wloee ( !.. 'ak m'all I J
l..l further (
ti"I' t ai irticular ,
-t : paper)
'I- tmry yanl .bile !in ordinary carrtenjknr i him. J J1fSI. PAYNE. K. lJ.I' ------ Curl In obtained.3d! | litrmomelf, 1* 1I e n t ty, Ibm ida dec\a!,l. to the lIon. Simon TrI -

4 5 32 rou mde! .. It *H1I i-ott tlfl.OOO to 'i '.i.(rton, P. O.,1.-len! Co. Fla. 'II YHGOH'S.) Niv-iitcr !, ):6.. : tf.Benioval. : Lint, (;I. s tyringes f uriulI' I man. Judge from of Probate and .k to Le dicharged *- i
; mm. I I March JIll", 1S6I. 4:4. linh l il.i'i'Funnel. Porcelain the further administration of l
eoJng )
lu-r inaeA
( _
.hwt I --_ _ _.- -- --- Female Urinals said E.tat. tE! :':1tFRIER. A"Jm.or .
PORTABLE STEAM Grauate.IMa'urc .
I F r. J. S. IIEUBROOKRAS : I j i .. ;aljie Mil : .. ml>er 24. I860. 38.8m.ADMINISTRATOR'S 5 -
1011 ci ART ? i: .' sxw l\IIJ.JL : Chloroform.. ,I'leosotc(CincliAnia, Uisfcr'Salatin' B.iUam. ColKxlian. !of- I NOTICE. .

J.j ; JUST RECEIVED and is eon..fllnl. ,. WilJ rjjerry .\\' I, co i.ia.g.t and Freh :up}.lii' of T4)W I IN FULL m.\T! TIle foliolog *-. : 1'hivlTo.il. .Vt-rniifuir* (three tinJi)) Io- ,onnt and roiuher* UIM>II the Estate of -

;: fi W N1EIq Staple A Fniicj Dry Uo<>e It:! pTiccc a! LemWr: G. 'hue of, l'ot".I, 1IJ"l'o'h"'I'I| hite of Quinine. I I AaronVhilfrfiore, lateof llilliborongh eonn
'I Hondy Made L COYACEV1C1IUA ] ] HenrV. Muctittia I >ilrule of s Shier Cc.urt.. ly Florida, J t'Uf"1. to the Hon. Pinion Fur,
i II J Ooi,d Luu l .
ltAmB f {. ) '
Erm .> >er ph m? | lit 1"1a&I..r. H 'ytial Oils (a great variety)) Kav mall Jtidf of l'ruL.I.Itl.l ask to be divchirced
I Soldiery, Ifurd Wore t.kl..I. h..... . 1 .(") ,. 'elmnprd* Incntion !lia !tore. lie lulIHrilih.oil.. Iu.tan't liniment OpoJ l. I from the further dniinUtration of, ,

.[ Plantation Tvol, Carjxnltr't I II Rouili( jFMire :. ..OOnr.l..r wilHitri-nftcrl.efound.it! the>t".r<.build due, Qu!<.L&ilvrr, Liquid Rou?,>, palJinij'i laid Eatate. '

; :t CAllO ILJNA Tar-It, Cutlery Gnat; Wood Wuie. will be 'mUlI'lly I fille-L in: fwrrnrrlyncLiipicd I.)' Mit .hel McCartvS. Glue (rare article)X Cniciblii, Mtri;\ Muriatic I I ELIZABETH 1EE Adm'x.
I Lumber lI'illle fol'd (or CASH atul fur !4tCe.aevJ >nl|.hnnc An.ll'\'fo: neoul Aeid ; Ital.am' October 2'. ISfcX .34-6m. .
Glass ft Crockery Ware Boot d 4&oa, Callt ontV J. l\11.tYU4iOI>. I '_ l' I'Aiu. SPirits j ofNitre.4 '!Oz. Pinl.f Con- ,f .

JE VCapt. T. J. LOCKWOOD, ,I Half ft C'apt, Bonntti, Iftnbrellat, N. n./ \ r rAy Ulonps to lEe M'.ll: "hid W. for. \Va\hiii'lon & Morgan SU., ere*;Jpf ing J arati ea Water, White Lead aa.11 H' NOTICE.; 1I I

.- .t''lJ leave PA.LA1KA ThnrIiiT/at 3. a. m.. flitf Groeerie tt Prntitions will do hauling of every description at then WV<- c h., will bt .-"..-l to accomtnotUtt! hit White Lime in oil. toirether with many, vtryUiny. :: ( LL PEHONS harinf demand agaiu-t the

.ht.V' i1k. at 3 IV nC; l'rr*+*Ji.*f 11 ta. : Family Mcdiri+tt. Iloookt. '. ,n1 rate .1. D H. old 'U..II..., .,..1:111 l ntnfv n xv ctif u* may ( other article, all of which ill be sollChEAt' 1 ii. UUof J tup J. tut>>nt. late of Her-
; and >a nnah. Fil-lay. ..t r''I"; m.arning.at -S J'!.. 1c.clc, /Tampa.", Fe1 2, 16;M.' 4S if tui.l it to their ililt-rcol to Ji\'< him acalt.UhMo I, : i4)ICASlL"F. 'itaiHJo County ".,deceased, will present them I

Char 'ou 'atarday W nno$. All tof which, will be old at tM Very Low/- --- .k e.TImprie.every! rtiele in the I i 11RANCH. illMMt delay, and all person indebted to I .
&:;'4. .SSAGE i !' itriees. for a consideration / Pts Crtck TacVeV Ltne.4.c JlnODS.) .; Tampa, Aug. 11. 18 Taibi' fla, Mar h 23d. '61. 3-tt payment to the nndervigneilT All cr*liters,
from P'xoTala A Palatla cl'arU ton t 1flOIE ( I, / \ II.\RD\VAII: : Notice to Stock Gatherers. and person entitled to distribntijn. are hereby t
JIM'1.uyiUe t. Cliarlcttcn. 8.(.0 .
1 QUEEX-5WARE nntineil that theirclaim and demand will be
1 4. Fna.n.Uus to S.1'.w.... .... 4.00 ..fD.1lIXISTR.1. TRI.XdTICB.. --..- .1 HOI.I.. \V WARE 'i"--4cf... m barred at the expiration of t.o'PaI'S(rum thi J
rernandic to Charleston..... 6.00 1.- / .
: late. unite* eshilit within that time.
!roni hrul..tn CEarleaton.....:.. ZoJjO SIX MONTHS and ,voucher dot. I wiM the pre-ent Estate rayceount ofi11in \\ MAKi: J RF.OULAR: .MONTHLY LitH' all. of ultkh will be vild lw-fur G.It.. lIa'iuz "lJ may entire Stock of Cattle thii W. 1). EUBANK. Admr.February. .

j>. J. 'LOR. : Itrown. bite of.tlilI.l upon- rou1b -ountFlorida. \% 1 It TIUPS' between Ft O!.len, on J',!* Creel.andTumpa The e Hood, having been ",1(<1..1 with i, slay notice i* I li.rely given to all porsons in- 23d. ISd]. 31.8w. :
I; Fernandiua.'A. touciiutj .t all; intorm -.lnc l.\ ulijiiT rare, are particularly .I..pt.1 1 to the want* oft .
Apenl of tlie And also forewarn all
Simon tcrtrtol fact to
.2fceeaol. to the Hon. Tarrnan. ;
:4 t I L. CHlaOLM.Agent ."'e of Probate within !ai} for said county, *. F(.r Freight or 1"11":1":.'n1.'hOti; li ard, hill community he "c''o'nhl'ut; and Mr. C. Hatter ,hltmolfthat *-to .; catlitrers or other pcron azaiust killina I -'iD.iJi, s"TRATOR'S! "YOTCR.Srx' .
'.t aL Ch rledoa.A and ak to be thanred frotA the fiirtlicr adminittration or tO tllAS. :c. ifUMjllY.Tampa. cnu .lIl.ur..ha" with i .Irl""!. or in aDwav interfering with MONTHS after date, I shall present my p
r S the .n.t
; ( : 0.. !7. l$1i". :Hf quantity! quality of all article in hitline
nl J.m edsti.-k of it when} and touchier AdminttrMor
;. 20. IUI of aid Ettate.March orny portion -except *. aa taI
< !> ai .tCJol! term k IItfrd..1
< USCMH tlee11.re .
-- -- -
June for the! benefit f the IIOI'k. the Estate of Sarah Benner, ileceawsl to the
: tI.\l.su A. 1$1UJIi. Ac1n I i ;
in .
S D.1lIXIS1'R.1 TOr..S SOTI(}:
W. U HOOKER. Judie of Probate of Hrmando C4uuty. fur final '.
2 tL. 1661. 4.6111. ,
.4lI;? .MONTHS from the date hereof. 1.1..11.< MONTIS! from' the W ler..f. I M.\ll lI.l.litio to th "" \. a frrmpplr! -.efGroceries O I?.ter 13th I56-X 83-tf. Mttlemeat.' and a'k to be d!'fhar:
Admikitf4.r, on aLe estate of David i I. SIX AdmTnL tralor on the F:tate-of Tit'ierC Sc the further adisinUlralion oa ai-l E tate.HENRY :
1 Row-cU, deeeued. prevent ray account and: !CARD *er. J.ru-t'l1. 'recent my aeeonnt".nnd Vro\\sions No T I CE. ENNELAd. II .

%.. .. voucher to.the,help C C Prolate of Hillibor-t, Toucher ta the 'ndfreof l'rol.ii'e of Hil''borouirh -. K 'pt utaTtly: on, hai 1., ncli n1 1 rriIIinT 11.\y< after the date hereof. I ..mprH..t. October. 18 ongh oouaty, for a final ,*ettli-tneut, aud ak to! THIS I>ATE my bninei will U .
AFTER County, f'r final ttlcnent! ailak petition ; Private! : .
be rom admtnittratioaat FIOUK.: I .a to theJud;e cr -STR k
Jirorged th further on the
aaid ,!| to be di ch*ried from the further adrninistr. hr nm.l..rour County, Flurida, praying for LI/.VI.V TOR'S NO TICK. 1
b eUteJCHARLES Adm. CASH SYSTEM !1 thin of the aid [!.tat<>. H.CIX.JJ : an ur ; RUSSELL, JOSEPH C.V on *
I hall continue to for isle a of fo the rotate ( Joseph) Siunnif rail aid land beii.j
keep topply
: AI'12ot1t..J6tJ.' 7in. ASSORTED MERCHANDISE ill\"lle.1I April 9th, 1S61. SSro.ADMl .!.'. \ two-thirdtof?.. F.Ji-f 5t.e. Si\Town.2':', PI att deceased, present my account and roachm ,

: Zbtite.1SlIEBEBVrI who want Good Bargains to call and CORY.VIJIKY.. I tnll" 22 S. and [11; the personal tjfect of :,. to the Ju< tof Prob of INrnandocounty
stock before eltewhere.FTo :xisTR liTOR.SNOTICE.\ S \ ,ai (
} *o < frora examinafny purchasing I
attfctrty45 the : fiom the further adminittratiou o(Jh.
JL date hereof I ahall, AAojitUrau 0' the! uJV "ld friend I feel under many obligation OIX MONTHS 'after date I holl 1ire'.nL my ii\, &c.. ,h.. tic. J.\om M'MMERLIS, I aid; iJtate. JOHN PLATf. Adrn.
"jUr past fV: .r<, and hall be happy to i Is and ronchert the E.te of
account -
EataUof 4eeca ed. e.ppy to upon Don't (for it October IS, ls t r :
0 ? ; ilrgan are to be hal at AJm'r ]l--t. JwMjJi rnimmcralL
ProbaU of lI. ado Coauty'' eontinbe. to upply III**n oa the bor term William nandcocVJateoflMUboroiiuli COU.1t I
the Judge rD the W
hew .
6th, lSl. 5.'
I* Q.' CO VACEY1 CII. Florida, deeoi-, to the Hltn.'im..n Tur. .iprii : '
for Uorfer la aril Lnd WarrAnt.s2, |69. ADMINISTRATORS ."NjTIC .
4 {.r.1(0 cere ia the name of Jobs E. TiMnran. '!. Taapa. January 1. 8 l.It.H.. ruan. Ju.1ir cf Prwl'aU, and vie to be belonfring to aid Ettate at.the aam.time aal j .d from the further .Jminitratu of .*id X.v. 10, ISOft. :7.Iyft D IX MONTHS after dates! I will preeat my I

t_ dAiaiaiatrU of t&. Potato of Rebceea; Mnn- Agency.IUEEEBY J. '- -. -- MrOVTAif' in Ee'I.this| i i.iJao htrtllr appointed ray \J account and roflcher upon th. Estate of .1 I
I STEPHEN T. llANnCOCK A t* Jode fProbaU Cot Jam. !. county.Florida
..4adeSU&Ithlaf\ly\ tb* appoint Gtit M NOTICE! OF AGF. G"DI.O \ j A. 31 UR AN DA.
.-, of JJent ado Oonnty for an 6M.eto: ray duly akthorized agent,darinT Feb. th, 1861. .96m. TAm ,. Dee. 1\. 1838. 40-tf. d.ui-l. to the HonSimoa Turman.
.d- .Jjn4WamstsiC.4L21L43.3t.ghty my absence from 1orid*, who will receive -. SPENCER. .:1'r. i i. hereby appoint-; I' I Judge of Probate within and for said county 1

._acra. tattn.in ti* name of Rebeeea Monde, and-receipt in my name although I were Notice of Agency. ,I my Acent, in this pUce, during. my Blanks and ask to be.di anted from the further a Um ,
5 I i ait ration .
t of laid Katate.FRANCIS .
abtence from
Ule-State. i
btcsgingtosa1dF&t&tL personally present pOI* II. V. SNELL i i. my Aeent in Tampa Of all LimU. at 1m OlUca with !
,;: A-B. MURDEN. A I1'r. :* Ure.. |I.|. P. T. TUCKER.B I IJ during my absence JOHN VT.LSH.I JOHN W. UOBARTS. printed M. I URRA CE. AdmV o :

r ;'.Aprfl, Oth U?!. 7:4w. !*' d!. Ca,
r I !
.. .

k -
0 .. .
: S -

\ .
I t '


.5 S ,- a rt4,P-.. 4 .,- -. -0l,'-4. 4 .5

.- .. :
------- I
'. 1 -. .
." .. r-
-- -- I '

: _
V.VVV.V, ;'- V -V

.V .

." .

% \ 'i



r'or ,

- : ; V
1 '

,.; :. .__._" -- V. -_. .. .1 __;_. tV..h. .,V V _,' '.' .b _.- ." .. .- .' \ 1 .:. __ ,, .. ,,_ '" < _, .- .

::_ .

: LENDARFOR1561.11t ,'i'iTTT : f- 'fr oJ. 1'0' '-1 I G M1iSE I F.. IIL1, UQn01. GROVEtt- VV BAKEWS r V -' :IL'r.SVI V

1VWcepj1iall3: isirricV : REMEDY.BHs .

I WM t; 'B. ,?M MOREIIOU &. co, V

.'L1. Impgflers and Wholesale'Dealer ia .' Dyspeptic Remedy has theIaresV
' ,' i EJig: Brandies, Wines-Ol 3iiA. Segarsr 5'-
f'tr. ; tafe of an/ medicine in the worM.I ).- .
' ::'" t 11z1 4Pri Ii t 4 4 6 CURE' Beg 'Wave to call the attention,of the ettliensof I -
.' .9 1(1111213 I the United States to tlwir Wln 'alldIJqJo" '
'Ii.t Ifl Pore a
} ," 100,000 aolj% Ja
t I IF14 IZ1 1. 18 19 20 SICK. HEADACHE; .. put up under their o..n'supervision Fkages Georgia and

Ie 2OitI 13&I21 2$ 1 t t& 2 "*' critn i: A": ; for Fatnilr and Medicinal use, in case assorted

t4.r" 27t2 I3I$1 to suit etistomers. CHubs Military and.other.public ; cVVVrNTIu I South CaroKn* in fotrrteca1 raoiltii fit\i.I

-. ., '' .' .' < ;. a 4 _P1t 2 3 PKEE70U3-HEADACHE j-> \1. bodies, who require to purchase it large I .

r ,- 9_ 4 t ; tI II CI 8 t lik; : I. nr email quantitioii, iu catisor I lioltlcs. Will be f1tUC $'TON1OVSMULA.TPECfALLYJ&gd i warranted to core, if drfscttoiw are fflo_
.. : lu 11 12i12 It 1t(4 $11! 114 1 16 l7 V libernlly' dealt xiilli. Price List sent en ap I _
.' $ ,. 17 IS lt:2l itit' II1! t2 23j OFHeadache plication. fomis 11.-- of ,the [

j U z: ::2; 2 : 3 < 1 1 OJ MtditalWtMioa'and the Family, having ed,. all case o( d/jpepv*, Hfcr Jisea?, V

I I 4 BITTERkRecommended ; superseded the so-called" Gins," Aromatic .
tj.; ., 2 4 : I2Ii4)1 I: I I' .*'"Cordial*.jMalwate-V 'ScTjoanpV etc.. I jsundice, general d'eMlity

c- } L* U l 1114 1 11 F'I1U11 21214F V by the first pliysiciain M tin. Noiseless Sowing Mac no, is now endorsed by all o! the prominent physicians palpitations

: ? Z1 lF I2ol2 i&tiifli 1t.tft21 I l best reino-ly known f..r Pyspepsia, Indices i ehem! .tsand connoisseurs as pos.-!
: G28 .By tlie ose'of thes PilU, the period!;' a!. '1 1I : lion. Debility and all !'rtfU.'Ji..dl'IS F.). FLASTFJI.* VJK. ing all of those: intrintif medicinal qualities chronic dinrrlioea. giddine3s.pirit derre"J

I tacks of JV'rrroK or Sick JJt tkt may be prevented a beveract, it is pore "holeH>nii% and ..d..liI I Y GREAT succr of the Gro ((topic' and diuretic)'which belong to an old

: 4 ; an4ifts.kenat! lLo commencement of cloth to the' taste. Sc"M l I.\ nil lmeii,!sAVM. TIE lUker. :euring tlironghont I and pure/ Gin. Put: np in quart bottles and ; ... lOSE of "ppelilt, paia [in side? ard

j :.t-t iu I12 14 G1 8 t 111111 I? I I iit attack iramediatit : fiompain nyul t>iikness t. II. ilORF.HOL'sn . will be obuiued.Tliey ., 3.t ExutigeV1net. who are led tnUeliet A. M.: BIXIXGER A CO. -
.14 1 IiiI1ki1u11 15 16 1 I 1 I if\injtothe manufl.tlr.rl. J .
: back.
F : Il i h #
: ;:.12l 1:1 24 24 2(1r. t2 2Z 24 2 26 seldom ,fail) in removing the V.\'au_ra I V V Jrs.-y CiITt X. 'e tlmt Ih..ir eud"RTor, to moke r.r.m- (Established in mff) Pole Proprietor. c
: 4 :: ? : I 12j2 29 31) 1 11T and llradatht to which fotnalos nre .> subjoot, P. i*.-The-ful.f(iiWrki i 1a tofijtH;..a f<-J'I.I. mncliine hate been aj'preeiateiL TIe pot. Ka 19 Broad, street, K. Y. V V -V V

; i tet1 : ia4 i : 1 2 ; They act geutly upon the bowels.-rviuot'iog !t aotS.. nun, n< Inl and Tri\ c.g A:ent* fur I II iI.er i ioy i>f,tlie Company will 1 nld\lgl'J Alo as For Stile by n. s. BAIUiE & CO.. \. 13 Complalitta.V .

/ i ; c os1jrrusa.ForLiftrar. I I hi" *o, to wl.i.pj liberal in.lm.THci!< w ill lltlttoCure. coda : (wlrrnnlft11 P, \ Row, New 1"or'-. S

4. ? (2 L ft UjIG,1 1. 1(' Ii l 13 Ii I 16tML JlSI..I.I... elie.itc. femak. i i lie i !:4 r-.d. i reo>' paiticulnr<, addn! :.1* ./'e. 1 1I .[ .H'r\ (|. rttt bi n rel.rPentct1 That WfinMniifacture Our long experience and faniWarityiih V | V Every inralid slould! Irr 'one ?
1 l 2 21 22j2i 2 :1I Z lb 19 211 21 2 and all persons of .,dr.itlar..la", thc\ are i I Nov. 10, 1 't"TILC.' 3 ":III. ': and sell tlie machine l host adapted the requirements of IYscwsrs and our snperior ( IIT.

'. 26 :!8 29tv't 14 27 28 2t 3) I valuable aa; LTZaiire irnlrll"illl: the <>/>}>r/i/r, I __ rI hi all the wants of the |>eo;> .or the! South can business, facilities, enftble ns to furnish

li?, ,, 11 I giving tone i-tuIrigor to Liu otgan*. I I .iTJ 1 lnCMEDICAL I he Hitc't
: 4 ;2 4 :;I I 2 1 71' l and; rrstoriiiR" natural elasticity aidstrengtli Ij ,- who 1 haethnn in daily us<>, Ild. CM1i11 family use.December .

1 'Y.I' ,".. II 12 1 1i1 11 12 1314 of the.whole system''. J AND TOILET the !theni'orlnee| of meeting' enn'Ant of 1st. JaG). 89-ly. Broadway Sew York.

-i :: = It; i !Sl9 !l 221 lb 16 l 1$ 1V2h21 t TIle CEPHALIC PltLS are the result.of !. stiuthern |peol.le. we have justntr[ 1aeedAX'JByTIRELYX'JSW -V I

:- 2.j21 2I21 2 2 2t* I13I21 2612; i8Tinjo lorg investigation and ntt'Cully.con.1I1ch..1 esvenments mm
[ 1 ] harmp I lieen in use many \ cars, during F. :
'E ItRA.NCiT. -q'V
1't' ; I
which time they have prevented and Tliis book contain JtrriftetimA lflrcIioNlfor ; V
I --: -:- -,-_-:-:: :- -:----; =-- :- -- re- i f ,- *?
: of Holding CourtsCIUCUJT. / Iie\ed a % at amount of pain and suffering making all tla't'lIIo*valuable! !f"4Iit'all'r'I"- I I :ta'hin tblr..i sew, ti'e 5nwt fulirics for Hcrrando Courty, J : Jhnultty 2ht. Lb(). V 40( ly.*

from Headache, .whether originating in the arations in use ; also K''ots.and full and explicit .. the unlltl houcIul. acd the coaro ./* Prvlatt ('vnrt-at rJfJll.tT.D.ctm1.tr

kF I -' rrroM system or from a deranged state of the directions, for ,making "fell the most popular >t goods fur the negroes field. It Hco 'of V 16t l ') .' '' .' !

> ... ,i. ::'t' } s% _S9VTflER JrVICUL tomacfi.. V t' V and useful Cosmetics 1'vrfumej n u siinplein i o:' ra tioll. that a servant ol or" VTTHEREA**. Amlervw Mayo, Alta. tii.trntnr ro lli ; rrJG.nlJ.llGo'eo C' : ?

/ r '" Judge -Tliouuu F. Kii.g; They are'entirely! vegetable in their .composition -' cuts, Hair llcstoratircs;nnd all Toilet Ai tides.If dinaryCapacity can rctJily learn to work it. l I Y on the i-'ale of Patrick Gideoa. J.or V I
.i- > --4
?". It. Solicitor-Henry L. Mitchell and may be taken at all times with yon are snflering'tiitlt any chronic dii"eaeif and keep it in orderIn,ordinary wear thd aaidtonnsy, venjeJ, h'I'i"g" this day lile-l! } This:; Great IM.. .
JV .
wish a beautiful complexion, a tinv nincliine nut of repair and should IU tI- .tnIylo.iGre
f-W. I perfect safety without making any change of yon get his written snpic!tjoa cf tbu insolvency of V VV
., ;2 : TEflr. of Ulct. and tiit. alienee of any ditagrrtalltlatlt head of Lair smouth lace, n clear skin a i lust mnazij. 'years......being constructed with es- suid Estate; it is ilivrefrre V V i

;I <,. : ,. tC$4C1Sit ran lo .ldllti.i"tr.tl! to.'didr /. luxuriant btard'or moustatho ifo" wt : I'd.i.il care* to durability. We feel every Ordered, Tint the creditor* do, within fix Cure !Uforu tho peeffc*'*. It ii ca\if7! t ufcr -* _
k "',: ;:r ..t :'TTefnando? 'P4tli Monday-in' MarcU;" ,.. 1. to know anything and {.",>r\ thing in the M.*dical I.I rotifidrnce of it giving the most eomj.leteitatLfii I months fiom the d/ite hereof tile :h.'ir1a 1." *, V V t J ;
I : '.' "Ilillsboroflgli, 2t April ; r and Toilet line you should, by all menus. tion. Thal.onr machines wilt do KtUr l with of Probatrof 'V V Vt
I5EWARE OF COUNTERFEITS I duly authenticated the Jnd/e nuj Imi .
1 ** ra. :.td!
I no u. Can
te. lf
: -.i .:
I 'Polk : ;
E : <&
41 Time geonlae hare fife signatures of Henry peruse a copy of this book. For full parifcuir ,I ewing t hal rao be done by hnnd iseviJencfJl.ynuii the v'aforesaid.:for I.runtaJ161riLu.. 3 4'4
3iv. .
!""i.; . ; V Manatee,' 1st C. Spalding on each Box. ', mid a sample of the work for V }4rutal, I testimonials, -"mnn\ we tic*. And iC U further V :-1' ,
". oi' -. JJonroe, Sd V V (free) address r-cltct and invite the attention to nfevr; a show- Ord'ted, Tint publication of this Order be l(1) mail. The full direction, around e a'It' .. r <
P.ld ;
and all !
other .
I ; by druggist Dealers !'i ,,
, T. F. CIIArr.rl.l.1ilt'r.! .. ,
-. ; FALL TEKU.2d lf ieines. ( "? made hi the Florida Peninsular a newspaper

t:: '. :, a ; JTrtaii.' Monday l in O'ctober.Hillsborough. .'* t A Box will IN sent prepaid on receipt of the 1/ 1S&V\o. 831: Broadway.36 X.Sin.Y. I WHAT SOUTH ERJC PEOrLJ S.\'r: published at Tampa Florida ttice a week fur |.ackageif complied. with, will; effect v'
M u / oY. 10, ** !JrrrKnot entsher! and during the said terin.of si jf months.Uiven :
8-1 n\\ pre '
, : I PRICE 25 CE TS.. 'omJ1.lelll I i .
p Soy ember. to n! ltakrr, nnd 1kt under my hand, thfr! iCth day of December
4 L -. 1'oIk; 1st I All orders should bt addressed to / r"\I.1 ;, cure more fpordilj antI) rm.inontl/' with I
Manatee 3dMpuroe .. z.rTo Persons out of Blllp/Qlr1Itnl.JJ:7 intajini; thlt .he lists' n ed .>.C ( tlnr..iuvhincs : A. D. 186). /, t
: w .
: I .. ,
t HENRY C. SPALDING.' It '4'i "'_" .
** December.May. for two yearn. and liiuU it still in pf>od PERRY G. WALL
: ; 24
4 i 48 Cedar Street, New York. V AGENTS WANTED c' ( '. d-e e.vih- 42. of Probate. less trouble without of time L
, T- .J11. .. .. --- : / ,'II'r.lnu1..t'l a onnIHnl"lilcI., nn Cm. Judge. or

'. ,i. .'" CHANGE OF HAIL SCHEDULE -'_ _-V_-. --- .- In eurjr County or the Diitfil Stnlrx work of any lil<"- H'Wu'witftw. D. C. V :. ,. ;. ..;1. : S

r TJIE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF rPO in the ,saU of soino of the brM 9hiave turd-one ,Grover it Iktr's l Fjmily : TAX ASSESSOR'S .SALE. cl.\nge of .iWt; ; tan! -ay; otbvr k'aoiftiliim .4
mt engage Neniujr JlacLiues fur inure tlmi three I1IL be .told at anction. in frcnf. V
public o.
GnliicsyJUc..liVn I and most tr.itcdVurl: ublishtd. Jel" ,
From r cleganth [' .
t : ;i b 4. Tampntq IP'AJ1Jjl JJ ud da not hc,it. tc to PAV thai it Pins g I' tho court.bouse1or-w:1s City of Tarn ; i Jr.1 V S_ :
1 .
'f 1\4i : : : ir. pitjraetii.n.-; mt>nimrnj ih,'m .
cheerfully on the first Mdn :t in January, A. l1801 \
Our publications ar' tif the mokt inU>r -Mingcharncter. l 1'11. y : '" V
1. 1. TAMPA-Sunday*, Ttdayi, and llirir sewing' ; V'mr'p
L : CEPHALICPILLS. I.) .lLwlo; wMi to hare wr: l. the following desciibed property, l,>-
he of ihv I'ar
to i n nuts .
adapted vilimtbo'U
! :. : C 7iirid7ys0a1'7 P } ',\Iethatuiesun.l, MoicluiM ; thex are f ub ..".1 '1likv, i1..n.-.Vra Robert UiCIHI.V wit : 1'b* X. W. t of Ilte& Eo'! and time K W.I > I'lanters, thU i, 'm..11'tv' 4t 4

F ARRIVE AT T.UlrA-JloIIJo, Jl"c-J"u.. : WILL COXVISCE ALL VT1IO SUFFER: Fron :,1..1 I in t tho'ieM MtK I lu\.11.ulhl i in'th<* moXt ". ",, II. J), C. I lraclon| J. and |rlle-. { of the X. W fraetifinnl ; V ". -V: -T .

i lid)* a JJ rlJ"$, at.II P.l. : "h.la.r..IIIc'r.'; ) nndtkit- w'I.f.III'I..et| u< "J tnk* p "iuni-ei.) m) I9. th.it: the Oiont.V J. cf Section T,2, Township 29 S'lith ;. your negroes; ,tfl'S.dlei, health and 4.oD'.

I* This 'arrangement will go into oj'rationSuiday I I.,. I il.rHI'of r\ciy lloiih !1..1.1! l in tin I-ui iJ3f" i 1'iiker ?i-"inc 1i..lli3"i.h\! Tunic 111(11 sn. linnire! 15 KB*!-containing 14 ot>liO'acresni..rs V
of Dc mlK-r. Our citi- Heajiache indu-tri" ':InfO.llIl"XI'"cnlioll.: After trying 1t1l.1 re or \\e-t letiod upon for taxes and nd- ;
d aid
on the < I 1 fu mnep!wf "nterpn*! .V sliiutk ; saves loss of InrnU-Ictire*
I. I l..i'thtICO "f tfietu( in IOU
: notice hereafter ur..iI'l r. <>j' -ra the of Eiward Maynard.ALSO .
r-ns will: therefuie take that itibiU. tlii-i bitfint-wt olTer" alt ";ipporlnnit\ lor1'loritnMe property .
will!! 'tuTu III my ilitTtreu1' |1'1.., I. an.I, aftrr f.oir1 1..lli.t'J..U : V
the hoar of tloaiog the Tampa Mails. .I'VTHAT A "IIII''l1l4'lIt] l - I.e met will. tl .
I be ut C o'cl jy:: Pi'rsa JiMniig h lo net anjintt w il' \'f'nr'o'lriI.! have n..r.I'tll..fifl'I.-j! 11. Hamutuhd. -At.the same time and {-lacp, the quick ; saves a I.Ig doctor's bill, nJ ner I II Iti
l ek..r.iu.DJtLAUX.'f 8PEEDTT AND SURE CURE. C .! ; .1' .
P. M.18GO J. .1 r t.'ive Y1"1"1'! 'h' "3* mail full ]Pdl'li..ulnlI.! i\ Senator oftntlt < "* ,\. } of the \..\\ fraction il I $. Sec. .1:. Town I lIDo 1

.. 14.d !&t 30f'TSavannah is : mux THEIR RE-ACII. t"rm.", &1'.. /I.I.tn..inl | "My \i ife h"* Irn:14"1': of G rovjr and BnkerV -hip 29 K., Cancels VI.-conlainii.p 1ft. 31-liA( t> er fails. V -r -t'11
-... f: ', : ., y MARYOTTZ! .1 Co, ]vnbii.her rn'isiit !:.-'iiig JntUin! ."' for some lime, and I IIIi Ii acre, Inure or lr.-lo\'icJ upon for taxes and I 'f
-- I
: .!t thftf/ Tccti.oNidairf-re HtiioFiillrtl No 2JIrih! I :,'' .t.lr"d.I'hil".t.JIIill.OC't. | i; uiti-le t-d i it: i i:4 ono of the I best lulxir *1,'innailiii <.< adtrrlited IK' the proj, rlv of K.I NorriVM. : V V5 -
< ly For Sale i" ) :
i"). I Morning News, V SfitDiNC. thry 2''I1 1 lisa :3S \;m. .v I lint I..i" l 1'4'-n invented. I tll1i "..Ii \ fv Sl'EXCEl: 1 Tampa 11:1 V It: -_

;" ,T .rt'IIU'IIID.IIY' Mr.,llr jiroofnf the.afford"rfficaty: ttnyn'fio of (kit -_. --- I iilciinii' ill -"iniiifiidine" It ta tile uubiie": "- SIi! .'Er rind -x,(.fficio Tax .\*'r it ('... :f F. ftUAJanuary ; CI t.I s
: ._ THCO. BLON-W. T. THOMPSON' Editor. / lICimtTic di-torrry. VV' THE NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTH i If:Jlnni ii., G"'rriitif"f finmnife.I n..III..r- I-t, 18CO. S95' I, 21!" I ISal). 40-lj.* -V 0 it-

; .. ,- T. -- /j I I ..I Like pleasure :n !n\inir that the r.rll"c' Tlie al-ov,' ta'esaittVostponcduntil the tir.t.-J _

r' IF ". .i- Largtll .JJtlll,1qrtlllll ; t& i* Iht Statt tf h'ILIt; Cox, Feb. 5, 1861.Mfe. I I.l !H'I''I' Dining( Milhiiie li.is ful\! smtnini"! Mon liivvHd: da\! ) of June next. ; Q i

-. "Georgia I / Sr tnv Tho Charleston Mercury 'uf\|!....tiition". nnd. urlCr ati riuI) of m"re I hi.. .1..lIlIlIry 19. !IMII.| V 465m JJr.o..ThllS W : .

'. Dtily .VerAi,j .Ync., ?. (J (H)'per annum in. oAtvt SIB : hm iho l.,tot a'< .1 mo't n-l14h;'. l.eoli'IIT; I: ., \t.tr. I *MI *o "pi.-m.-l! ,'il h it ihitt I tit"!. Notice to Stock Gatherers. t _j

: 'vane*. / have tried jour Cephalic Pills and / HlrArm .,.,rt.t'ilIIll.1 j."'li!'li l T-HI-T* f'lllllll |-it-! I f.-.i-Uic' ill 1t..IIII".Ii" It to ?flV friend*. 100.0 Negroes Cured Yeafij1'JLATERa. ? 'VV
d'l ./ vrpublished a',. { J/rs U*. //. liilt.eulnH-f d'eory .**, J). lI ,. ..
- ;.'o *- Tri-W -jA "<7 .n' / to ire!! flint; I, waiit)'ou to tciid 1110 lwloltnfs V Its fjH-i i.il voir<'t..I .il< fure1l.l. Vj ( ; rc !
.' -*Monday'We<1 lnesday and Friday., at" e I Ae I worth inor. .0 III(1.1. ',lil it ,1 T.I..lt..I\ ,. t ll a.wl I I I '1 Very ntwli l.t.t..1 vilh 'my 'Will p..& I w I

'.. ..' fr ""n.'. / 1'nrt Of lhr* .r,- S.i V t.hh&.n r, *" ..."" ...Mtf: m ttf.. f.,j.l. toM ..... -l l4. ninl'. f.i.J."r I _.$. _L. ". "oo1 X _,_I.1 s + :.TA.Kf JciTIC;_ r.'._' -. 14
: ". .U.tfrV.J.I,1ihe, every Ps/urday at I pave a few out of the first Lox I got f..ijor. ;">ri-t in I the 1,1 ci'i i.of I itt.'|..t.t4 .\...rrtCt4 ',,1 l I ien t tUt.4 whitt it toil IIIIt I Iii..r.-t Havmi sold my cntiro Stock of Cattle tbi. Cordial U ) !.
in tlie
; dtv notice i i. given to all guaranteed core .worstCHS
f 00 I per annum, a way* in AaY MC. : V : I I :bun r.i7..4! |itni"t '''Iuillt' 4\pl'ct"tiurlL hereby persons in-j
If.. .,/. rtnJfi, .\. (". fires'ed of the fitf: nnd aLto to forewarn alii I
TO AbYFttTTSPIc i, Scud the the rln..1' mail l. and obligej i hr .New if Hit S, Dili! : : i: -C. U CI Mock cathertrs other alCallistII! S of DYSEXTf.ItDI.lmn: -a
.. ,The large Circulation of the/Morninjr; New :j V Yourob'i. S.i '."'.?, rrrr\\ ftrul i Tho Oio\ir .t I 1.1..r: Mar'iiyhi4 ( or |I" rons '-S

It : fn both thy an I country" s (4 "p tiitll} in i i V JAMES K: \I'J"r, Hlfllon.I..tii. :I I ) '1"'P'ltl..IIII)" \1".tlI"h| ,t .. A eiy "' U11\1 ini:. iii h in. or Jim nny WAY illtcrr.'rinJ"itIL} I and FLUX. j"W :
: aid stock of when'lon -t .
'ftmi1i-tls\\ Daily circulation i l.tntr litri.i-r I. a'ly. II"" '.!..i:<"iitY 1"'I'I""t| IKliiubl -J ,'iiniiict'ti'iiv ot the ':,n'w* i*. II It M. \ or any portion it-cXeq.t V 1t \

z. Q :, 'j' \\ than that of any paper hi' the -tate-q.ni1.I rr n.,:!..,>. I'A. Fib <*. ]1..i t .t... l I" I<..iM..lioe tb""fit, nnd, ui.l TIP- :"imple i I ll,tt nniirjjio of mmnioii uiidcrrta'ni! :\ for the t".uttit of the ,:c"ck.V .SoldJ.y IruggiauintI; Mcrchints; every- .
i : all those who 'it1,. the union of the >, 1i-rn I-I lntf* i ina..i W. U. HOOKER:
: for <
.: It the best pooible I! MB. SrAU>fxo. i in:rmi! utauai* "lt.)111I has IH'CII u-cd HiIuiveh : -'! *"
..4. *. wifWlo wake their bu!inw and wants known :! Sia: V :nlaihing, their tigI.t and 4.lnlli.1il( ] | g tin.iiComity. I *y .1 ,.(;io &
t--' to the public in a war wVch will!, insure the i I I wish yon to sei'd me one mor l I">so,' oii / n'id f'l'' iie\erU'eii out of or-leiv"-/.Vr. J. J.. I IMrmlt .I/J.1IlXISrr.I TOWS I IJIX v* ,

ian.t ]ronipt and profitable ?eIUTU I C'I| babe lM-/Aivf! rfcrivrJ a graf dml <.>. IuXlereuir! '., 1 ;Maria. .tJfaurr. V, *10.f'O.. .f, {'til-m Ifjirhty, .Iiz.1 I i! I M IO NTII> after rltte. | .lr.U pfont myncronnt .For sale! in Tampa by 1V 1.J. 1.

ept.22.I8V). -i'J-t C. 1'tu't fro" the". V litVAly. ,f 1,10
Yom.r l'lin.l.r.i lit order.i (/rr t.f aefoinp |:!.ikt-r'" Fnt.iilyowmtj! Machine! : We hate!:V ihr Estate of Sarah lI.-nniT. deceased, t-) Ih..l! "
-: : ',' HOWARD\ iSSOHWIOj \ : MARY --TClJKllot-I. : I n. iiiirrjr.: : |: iiM-Jont mote tlun fit morth*, and it i is 1'111! .ludueof Piob.i'f Hernando (county for fi-j j "Ol ,. UC1.: 40 t( -1\ i. ,
;: ,. ?fi-lf : I that jij-irrprt-enttl i to be. It is not only aeonvtbiv j nal ttU'nenl, nnd nk to I lii dUcharued C. vm '

; .:: 1-11I(4\DII.I-III.\ FrtrcK Carrie.:II MINGTON fo: .. PA ) e''I'.ston. : r I ,;...', l bill y\ regard an h di p.i'ible lie- .: the further administration on lOti.J 1 Estate.HENKV : To tliVFjlcndsor 1
: IS 181.1. I V ccsitHon.. J. f: Duic l 't : cj.iZ January sorTHERar PROGP.ESS..
.tdU.l. t. 'r1ttt"'I' .
j Jirnnwevt Institution ( V
-- r Sal V j CHESTNUT GROVE !| .l/* I! October 13. ISilfi. '.'CmAD.V1XISTRA 1 J
4oot: t., ; and -- .
1pwJoiexnif.furthe Rlir.r 11. C SPALM\O. .
I I L' "I eonfo melf ,1..tidal,1ilh your scw- --- -- -- ---I II 1
lILJhfre.J. ntfidtdrrith tfrulent? and F./U.If SIB: I DE ioirs nEJ.Ib'JJ":
tit. lioje I In, ma.hiie. w liK-li h.n been in my family for i TOK'S XOTIW.IX ,
le Dieatf. riytftiallvfor the Cl1rtof Yon will i>1e *e 'end me two c.C JOMICephalic ,
.Diuaui t>f thf tSfraal Organs.TlfEDICAL ., t Pills. Send them immi.,1i.'It'1. ; ,> VV,n"n".III'JDth It has alwa\sbeeii r u.h' for i I 81 MOM US fi..m the .1..1'ie hier uf.-I hall. r' "
h I .- V Jlitv"I'I.4I{ i..in! no a.ljutint-nt, and i i-* (a ilad.ipted \ .I a* .dmnisislrstor on the E tatc vf Joshut'L I II VOLCUEXXX.ViththeJanuarynQmlterbecins. V ,
:_ : ADVICE given grotty by the I 4 Ecspectfolly your to c ciy >aiioty of sowing by i"nI lchsn I L PIattdfeea). prevent my acrount and votu-h- !! 5- -- ,' (.
'- ill Acting surgeon. to all whj af'pl"y let t JX(., SIMMONS \' :inj I the i>(HH>l4 of threid."-J/rs. I.ntii\t, \ I I fi'* to the JII. II' of ProbaUt of llcrnandu : \ the thirtieth

I tcr.;with' a description 1I.1"t4 ,.C of lifr their, ic,)londition.and iu )case age.* j'. S,-I hart mtfd our tax of your .ruts, and I W-ll trt SKY.Ilm. /. 71">i>'j'*'!>, Jjiul'riH*, j(11.:111. ':. coit:!ty. for finnl ..tlltlI eDt. and ak to be dischartreil '\ft1Un%. nr th-s monthlf, which is the only ,

oeenpa'ion furnished free i ji.dilio/zc.tknt. : \i'\lr ithiin eby far lbs Kvt in II<.. I fii'm the farther administration of f the i .I' Southern work Ihirt tfat'ever snstai e )[c,1ieiDel
o f extreme rO'r'.: t .t-ritnr of ,
pi. nid 1-.101.
I ,
::1 Ami.ll1U :
I It vnn'be.iil.ii from I lie tincct fal>ri<'' to theioiie discouragements, and which has
.' f I'- charge.VALUABLE REPORTS on Fpermalorrhcea. !. BELLE VERNOX, Out.., Jan 13, 1Sl. C1IENU1: <,!iovinivKnv: i: | t vsiuierr, mid M.WS strongfr. f."tir; I I, OttvberlS.. 1SGO. Z2-\in.V. II III f j consistently fr fifteen year exhibited the resources V V

i HEVBI C. SFALPI:C. Esq.Pl I than ... imagine. I II I : --- -- and advocated tile rights and duties vfthi t
and: other Di>ee, of the Sexual Organs, and (fne j'l.c.. ) Ilil.1eN.I ot r 11"1.) :"hllIvr Ix'ntif'iily i." run c
-. on'XEVr REMEDIES e-nplo\c3 in the Dispcn -I ,ase fiod eoclosed twenty.five cents. r.'r. ho furnished the omIu.tisitrit. l itlll..I. mine rouhl not ).( pl.u-e-1, money c-"iild! not ADMINISTRATOR'S I NOTICE. 'I section ofjTiofninp.i .

.. 'ary sent to the afflicted 'in sealed letter I If which .nd me another b>x of jour r"'l.bllie; I 1'ure.. JU-nU'iful.I mid I lux'ij-omlii-L'. at:1 I tiniiiiiu buy it..-Mr*. 1:. JlarJitt, f,uic'Jl( JCy. MONTHS after date 1 shall 1 I i In the prwrtnt times- it appeals eonfiJentTy i ,',

envelope free of charge. Two or three l'iI1t.71#.' an truly the br*( 1'i'fx 1 hart Um: oti'iiddtli, ;on* l I\'nl"; v. I It i i. inliT.lui "linli-iati.'Ti and' other ciivoniftnnri ln>-inirbi SIX and vouvhers the present Estate my i.r1 I j for a creatly enlarged circulation and f.ir. I'

Stamps for p "tace will be acceptable. 1 ',, tried. V \'.\ to ..., -away with tin- \ lie diu.'pc'l stuff 'uiighl under m\\' exami.na.. several promiiieut William T. Ru.hing. late of upon HilUborouirh county prompt payment front all ubsvribers.. .a

., Addre DR. J. PKILL1N 1IOUGHTON.Aetipg Direct A. STOVF.R, P. M.Bo'ile that ii'j.a'ni'-'l' i>tf <nait siea'l V ;

..; ) burgeon, lib ward"'Association, No.' 4Aouth I Yernon VTyanJot Co., 0.Drcnt i i' ij'li..t! to 1..1.nll.I. iniii.1 ,In ad) I with thtir moiit, *, liould iit) opinion I lie I man, Judge of Probate and ask to l" di,, fir a new; year and at Addition- jonnials are : ..

Ninth Street, r' d:1:M2 r. D v V ili'ioll the vtLifictl.rtw.t I... lie llAi VflCriveda .!.cIot.l any \atu". I w.ould:, tiot.bcsitate to I charged from the further II.Jmi..iIl'lOli! of to e-i I It into* d'seoMiniied.homechaiii subscriptions will be turn- f t .:
: order of Director I li Diploma from the STA1K: Ar.IUCULTl'U-; ': iccnrd the prefcrauce to (I rover .k.Baker's.;- I Ii Il" said Estate UF.MIY! M., PLUE!: Adm. f rl ,, :'
MM., I'ee.l1., l : SOCIETY addilionnl! testimony TPIM ha:;; r'JoR A" rl. IVTi. .:
.f I-ZR\.P. HEARTWELL PttaaI; .t. V .L a1 from J. B. aco>H itCljyt.ioal, Vtl November 21. HII'3 ::6: -. :

a-?' ;.- --- ; GEO. VA!flCUI LI). Secretary.February II. C. SrxtDitc, Es). i nn. JACKSN. of n(h'n. \10 t.f-:! HUder i I t . ,'" '-i';.. frT .. . .. . l ) {
... 23d. 1861. lit.1 ly.ADMINISTRATORS I I wish for POme circulars or large show bill oath to its absolute purity. :' 'J1nI1J mise,1 wne of (H ro".r.t Hal. <'! dewing ,I I- Vi -- -- "t' I I J i'C ... .. .r..r. . . !! VI
;. :tr--- to bring your Cephalic Pills more rUli..u'a"h'i CERTlFICAli.s.J'hiladtlphlo V Machines.for twelve month. I .!> not hei itiito i i t ADMINNnTOR'S I ( NoTICE.: I ..nupo' tr: ..-". *1.:> \*

-- NOTICE.S i co,tomers If hat anything :, to tr. s 1113- entire .iNif.utuni, with it. I All curt. ,it .i .tut. notes ri-ccivot or ord.r*
yon 161.,11
my ,
frjit. 1SJ;*. Itlias i e\erbcen otitof c.t.I.'r. and it" plaoeivoiiUl j j QJIX lI"l" th: toner (! prcson mO ) 1
of the kind send to m(. 1t I f IhO citiCS.
please i w rvi tits in LILy owis 'r
will the "p'o' VIV
IX MONTH after dale, I present my i nwotnt a \-.ti'l.crt I'ntatg: ol
rot be I rteoinmrnd it lIi..1\
One or customers, who is subject to seivere We huvc carefully te-tcd the sample ofChe its l'.,.k } ,, ort, ,. l ]
and the Estate of [ iny Vhittrd', lit,-uf mi"] 'r!, .TO *' s : t.i < sup-
:. j account ouberupon V combining% mor ad\nntage< than any 'th.> .uum-uti IlilbtlMrooglt county. fi
., '. Thomas W. Hill late of IlilUbormigu county. Sick Headache (usually laMinp; two I r. 1'lori.. .'!. .'. "-Hl.: ro tile Ho I" :ltttoii Inr I! i'U"1. V : .
I'hrhry wife of r. t'ltcltty
days) teat etirwf of an attifL in one hour lyaor and fu,1 that it tontain nono ,.f the I'.i"I.OUt I h-'i! e "..'..* f"W (t'us.lat.! Ve c"ice
I1or .la. d eaM-d, to the Hon Simon Turmsn.Judgu 1'riiitt Jfl. : nun". Jii.lje < : Fa' r..1 "k to lw .1i'i. I' ;::
... 'of Probate within auJ for said county, PUtt, which I sent her.Respectfully I Ut.IAlh. ln.\n ns Flail Oil. \huh i!tin- Urorjt County .. chirked trv.i I lit i..I'\cl'; ) 5.htUii.iatlnzL. if: .,t Ti.V! :>.'. "-t--, 4C:1"'P! 'I'C'" '"0' ('f'. !V <
V .lumlcf.ri.lie tan. injurions" ingredient of the "1 take pleasure in rerommeinlinp Grover .tBnVcrV ,. .
and ask to be discharged from the further ad t vour" saidV E tnte. .
ministration" said Estate.FRXKCW "v. D. WILKES.i II i whiske\s 1411'1'11, *t fW ini: Machine to the piil.lio.: It haii < I7ABLTH! ) K-t.:'. Ltu'xOctober JVIVV. .-... '5') .:..u ':
a I I : BOOTH!!, G.\lmET..t CAMAIAnalytical -. \-('n i'v','ry satisfaction in my famihAt.,1 I Ii I _. ___
M. DUURAXCE, Adiu'r.April 27, IS';'). Siij'i.XOTICE. .
I Ch'iitiVttc *!*. consider it mic of t lii' most rrlinble machines ,
6ih 1(41. -lno-6. : i : 1'rO"'I'E'IT( m )F 'I 1 lIE;
From the Va.Cepltalie }' '': I" not for iUsticngth but .it V :
1 r : !i Examiner.Vor/Wi Ii j jI ( Sqt. :UiIS'S. IH- only I .ill1l,1id.[ UMAtOL1I :
NOTICE. j i I Pills accomplish the. ...j.-t' for I have nnalircd ( of (' (:rove }', and not bring 1 ill ltl I. to p't out of N.d'r.- I I i

". 4Jp: a I -ADMrXISTRATORS '!I which they were made "-iz: Cure of Kavlaclie. rtctirllm! I 111,1!II. (:hailes 4llt Whait) t.ri, I(\\..til.1 ad i.e .113. .er'tm l I.. piirtlume one of: \ M. PERSONS hA'inc demands against the I mii utul(rsigne l proj-txe! .oe mm.n'fO. hit :

-; .: IX MONTHS from the data Lo-eof. I shall iD'aU it. forms. ____ _.V!! WIlkft.., lliiladvlplii. and l'i"Tiig car.fnlh- Irs. V them in pr .f.'rt-iue Lit .iI! thcis I 1'lf4jrfn."ill' ." ii. I-!:tate <>f Jrssnp J. .:.Io.u.1. I.\-< of Hrrh I I publi-ation '.f a monthly Ut'rry ''. 'ro1't

...; Adramiftrator on the EMate of Lther i I!i- .0 .L. -- ted \\t. I am .1ncth to state ttat it \is fllird\V -. ."f."I', '.fltJ..lL'. \a. "iido County Jo111. dveeavd, will present them '! per under the above title s.; jllM.'n.* a sufficient ..:

b Ca ey,' deceased present my account and. :, tr A sinelel-ottleof 1'At.IIIXr.1.1tI> i IJ free from poi!onot.;. or dcl,..-rioii!".I''nl( .. 'I I think. it ,bj f.ir tlieln-. *! patent in -e.Tlii .- !, without delay, and all r>vr
.- ? vouchers U the JuJge! of Probate of Llillsborotigli J PAttED GLUE will save ten times its coct an-1 i i'nnallJ'.A3 .: It i i- a tintiMially. pure and fine ,llmonJilv '11:1- g iiijiii ,' ('a', be I .1,-h 1 ipl.fr.m the tincst said! Instate are re<|ni>"U-d, to make iiiim.li tcpaymout the enterprise. There ama many Literary '
( final settlemetit aud a ko j North and South but none on '
; County, or ,, \khi-kcv.. leanbiieto tht-h I\"ie4 t < -i"'iu'r.. It tewgslroncvr. to the "n.l'r-icn..1. AU creditors r'1'-' perhaps
: 1 : ( be Jischarged from the further adUl1l.1l'lra'l I JAMES R. CLINTON. : f.,-lt'r. UII.IIII"t. l ntitilul. I him one and persons entitled tpdistnbiition, are herebynotified I the same plan prop <-d hy the und\'nicneoL-? V

lion' of, the aid Estate.JOSEPH. SPALDINC'S plK'ARED GLUES I .4 N4Iydfrt7l. hniat. can imiei.e. I If mine r uld! !not be i<.|.lnei>d. that their claims and demands will h.l.arrc.l I The }.arer will be devoted t to LITFRATURE: ; .
CASEY Adm'r. V f. the sole! benefit of>V M/A
: and is ditticnetl r > r'
r ; 1 B JS61. & 6 PADMINISTRATOR'S i faiiit and) hence their i-nergies should !I. exerc.iseJ -
ApriI Stb SPALDISG'S PIlEl'ARED GLUEI! \ 7 rno.1 I date, unless exhibited within that lime.
A i' I have tnido a chemical analysis. commercial : W. 1). EUBANK. Aulmr.Fehruary in its WK! ,lf. Thre..ty far such a
4 ; SOTICB, \ SPALDflG'' PREIAflET GLUE samples of Cbe!nut Grove \\li"k"llid), tike (:"nre in j I reenrnmeudinglliecr C mu- | 23d. 1861. ftl-8w. I journal in this poflioi uf FJ.'riJ. a* a Southern
..<*** -" *. *" proves t be .from the heavy Pn',il Oil. \ .t I>.ktr 'w5ni: Machine over all others I enterprise c-in l he but too upparent. How many

:'. .QIX MONTHS after date Isballpreeentniy. t tV V SAVETHEPIECES H'! and l perfectly 1.lre and th..lulCl..1 his. in u ". Mine f i. Ih4l101Ih'* one iu this \'i.llil, ;: ;i such are no. !wiiuiiu); J luxury at the..Noith.r .
r : r-. Ij nccounl* and 1'on>ben upon th* Ust&t of ECONOMY 1>I
t11 .William Hamloock. 1st* onWl borongh eouatT. TUIE8.XI A STITCH r >E TWO
2' ; Florida, decMned. to the Hon. Simon Tnr- in V I: 1 '. A. 11. HA"iK>. D.Mate .. and 'Vouchers upon the Estate ofJoep5i 1 the w4t.t ..! n prnjx-r, me-t-um thruQgh which
be discharpd Aa accidents will happen even w -II re- f j M 11m hnppy !Jo ci>. my t,noiin; favor:
and ask to
lnln.: Judge of Prohal AtMiiurr No l Ii'I. no, I.tOI:ticct. S.jijiu,r*lf.Je eaieJ. to the Ju.lieof Pro- 10 exerci'o at. 'V
desirable la' IlrtkVr'sSwine
it is to ofOrr .t
lOIll4O Mxchine nnd
e '
hated families very ,
from the further administration of said for tale 01 Florida and ak 1 is snid for the of .
C 1 1 This
) not
ly WII\tTOX. Jr. bi''e < f ItilUliorongh county, pnrr>o e aggravating -
.- eonvenknt.walf for repairing Furniture the if*ct su'icf.KMioii il'j.i"etl in .
cheap p evrry retpeit. -
Estate. !",o nt.i tl-ot :Annual Settlement thereon IM auditted an "lr""JJ"I.I".t.lct motional strife and
Crockery Lc.SPALDIXG'S l'dllc,1I 1 14 sew ncnth.. nim. ii no m.
Adm.Oth Toys by |iiM com-
STEPHEN T. UAXDCOCK i No. 1 (Wa'lutI., and allowed.JACOB. hatred now existing between the section : nor
-., -FI\ 1861. 49-. PREPARED GLUE : Dec. hI. 186";. 1Iila.MIIia 3m8'J.Tho l.hC.'nlo..t.In.11 I pnftritto all' others! 1 have- V SUMMERL1N. di"p ragin; any actual claims which Northern
meets all such emergencies, AnJ no hou.ehold) --ci--Mra Drya. tci/e. { / "r.tf.f.. Jf.lnve : Adm'r YJJo>cph .Summerall.April .- .. enterprise may have upon us for patronage at -
.. ', NOTICE. .1!I can afford t
I : *rrJur.nDA yr after tte date ''I( I wfll !| and np to the sticking point. Cuban Messenger II'<> Notice I
.f9'I J." a rietition to the Judge of Probate! -V "USEFUL EVERY JlO,5E.- V Thejirit ''tl P'f" in t.>" Knylithpublih'il La.g.v.ve ing3achiines! in our'shop for threcar! pn**. V ; ; it may be deplored that there is a secret fire ,
present and find! i it -ely eimilv in VIRTUE: an order from tho Probate bunting between the two sections which roar '
"* for 'V t Cula.pONTAIN'S pt-rf> pratieaMe. kept
llflltborooi! Florida ( l""d. BY
County, praying !
fof S.1.-A Brnsb accompanies each Bottle. t of HilUborough County, Florida blazeof and
stll of land 1 order and adapted!; tn variiwa lin.l of work t i very soon kindle into a dissolution
"tn'ordrr longing
-V p, to SummeraU said land l Price 15 cents. nnd informaJ I'I iu a tailor's .bnp.| \\'fI take plrasure'n rerom- I will offer tom sal*, at public outcry, in front I' we in forced to set vp for ourselves an inde- V
Joseph >eingtwothirJsoftheA
Estate -
to Address HENRY C. SPALIUNO, general inlfrflinl : mendinc'it i In the r L1ic.?-/ J. Lroloir ct of the court house door in Tampa, on Monday. I peudentSonthern Confederacy. In view of this
t E.f of Sec. 80 Town. 29, \ tioii about the l 144ut1! ; i it i< the
I Xo. CEDAR Street, New YOlk.I 22J. 1801.A Let should be
i the Sooth to I
Co. ColttatltH Gto. Ipil prepared develop
; :J' n;" *2 fL and E'j,tbe personal .effecU of t j most complete G mmereial paper{ pi1bi4lss4' l I,,
,i : aij Estateb.ingineuMeienttomeetis1iab11i- I '. CAUTIOX. in n..AI; It is thsbes f n.hnl"inl medium i I OFFICES OF nXIIIIIITiaX AND A'E: nrgro u i man na>*ed ROSE. The said negro at once all her resources: intellectually as writ

J : ., IJts.- for all countiits that I..n. Iu."f connec- 4*.>3 Hroii'lway. New York : 181 Italtimoie it part of the [ state of James Stephens, d.'. ', a* pecuniarily V I'tV
'.r J4conMME1u.ic I I Ascertain unprincipled are attempting Unllimore Merhnnion* Institute. Richmond' .. V Tb. paper will be of good .site in <|aartoi '
'It:;: .' i" persons I tons with Cubit ; I ILVV i inow i, iied once 'trrt.. ; It-rins I
.- to off on the uusnupectinjr public im V King Street, CliarleutonIl! ELLEN STEPHENS, i fora and will toe under tit* supervision the
". ,". .AclJn'rEa Joseph SuameralL:40AP1ilLt. palm V A wei k, but .m.lwrlh,. !'l' .ix or ei'ht ; 240 St.
r..4. iutions of PREPARED GLUt I would Mobil 11 Cam Xr Adm'x & James I best female writers in the South. Twins two
.: 1851. t ray times a month and even oftener when Nrcumisanc Franei* Wreet. ; "' Street. t. btepben f
.. 't' esotion all persons to examine before purt-ha- s require i it.. x. : Orlenn : 94 Fourth Street, Louisville ; 4 IIi!- 1100. 2i. 1 lid I. I .. i I, dollars, invariably in advance. AH KtiUrt of

-. :t '': rro-ri; CE. : J" ,.rut',*and see that the: fall name. :. 8a.6erptinis may : Or'r, %; sirnonth,'. U; | nn.' IM.>ck. l..uin Ion ; 124 North Fonith ;1 basiness addressed eonoeete.1 with tk. paper must.bi eI
the ss'V
< SPALDING-S PREP mEn GLLTJE1iison three month, (i. Advertisements st the n.ual -i -4rcet.St. Louis i : Thomas I'.stoveall.. Acntta. -V. Blanks I i to undersigaed. :
: '.-, 1 r POST Esq'i, hereby appointed ny. If I fieoriria Mrs. C. Branard. Halves- :! JA*. A. ...BIZZELL.
4. .itL.Agentin) Llai.t*. ,: the pntsMe wrapper; all o her are swindling lrnse. xAcent ,I Agent ; Of all kinds, printed at this Office, with MId4rihs.florIdah.j
in Tanips, C JAI McKr. too, \gentfor Texas Agencies will be foundi .
'A. MERASDA.U. coanterfeitv
V V .f' t rest cf the cities sH teirit ef.tbe *.enth,17 float IIC rA'tjn;!*, :-a tMl! de&1.'itbV ; A't;. = ", I U." 3.tt -V.
C' V T.l'1lr. n. J S58. ,. -I O-t! Feb. Id, 15' 1. Jy.c : U.l.I i

I 'V
: V- -
t ? "'. V V. /. -V. V .
V J\
V V -V
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.1! .
_ft. : .'j... '-
J. V
V ,,, \. .
V -V : .
.- .
V '

V 'f'.t I I J"T V t4,4:;

a, ,4S : : V ;V -- --_ ..J. ., .. __ VV .. V -
e ;- -"'- S 1" _
V I ., .
-a ; ." V I S : V.-

,_ ; .
V .
V a .
V # .
"-4. t .
_7 .
: \ -
', .. I.-- :1 "-. a

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: April 20, 1861
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002013373
oclc - 11286473
notis - AKK0726
lccn - sn 84027568
System ID: UF00079921:00227
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Full Text
.... ;-. .','....",'- K : e5 ; .. -. -

Z4 ----.r1'. ,.." .- 4 : : :' :: : '
; .
b. .
: .. .' M ..1. .. .F... .
: s -.s .' Jo' # ._ ... '". .* .r-..,,; "tkl.. ,-
1'1 .
S b\ ".,:0. X'v. "... r_?" ..' l -. ,, ; '.4 -Iri1
j. ', ,.r. "_.... 3. .. -.. .-A. -
. ,. ? j .
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.... ; t ., ; '. .- '. .''.:. _'. ,. '. ,. "" : ':
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." ,. ; ", .
.: ; ," .. .
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: .,-aI. .
:- c.--- .'. '.- "- ....; .. .. -.c: .. ,

-';-' .. "-, ... :-. '.:. ..U;:..-, ,,. _.' _.. _. .. .. '. ,

', '" .. ,. ,. .. ., "" -. '' ., .. ,. ,. "II.' ... : .."fr -",. ". .. .' .. .

.., ,._. ;,. ,. ,. 0 .. .
-J .' .1 r :
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4 THE .' -
0- *]&

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7- '--- : -
.p, w. -' t a ,
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? -' S \ .
,! - _-, ft- ,. Xt -. 1 "YirVue "Ecouotny, .ant\, lnteett" )c'ate Uie w ":: true elements of XaonaGtreatuess., 0 .. -, -Vi l

t:2------" ,' .r.3.. '., .- '.. -k: ,'i.- _- "- _._. _'_" 3" _. .-,__- -_.--_ -- --_ = = ._ ,-_.,. ',.. -- ,._"._ ._',.- _" -_ .- Jr'fj, .

: VOL. 8.. .u < Tt'lPt,, IIILLSCOKOUGIIi CO ., 'FLO lWA, A'. IIIL 90, 186 I. "_.: v, .X0. 7. .. _
.. "or _' &
r _. < ;. : **-' Co' .". j* -* f f : -

r 3A..KUGCm. ... -7.- "'... *:*-' -JUTCUKU.6ETTIS THE FLORIDA PEi\l 8UL.n..r \ L What Constitutes a True farmer .I I.' :f .- Mrs..Qalne's Suit. Maklnjj a Tailtt in a Railroad. Car- Ducks In Summer. .\ .. '. .. t C. 2'-J

c &, HITCHEL, ; I We find the followjiij.! n ntl1n.rH'pt'CI/I.. .I1i" bprtme Cniirt of ,ihc UnileJ t SutiTburydxy .AmusIn Blunder of aa America Tl.ere N no doubt of it being due}, nnd .. ;

.VV Attorneys Conmcllon at Law _- .- 'v v< SATIKDAV> '" T**> a good niliclv in the Ohio ":tlner. It::I i..we '01' a dfi-i*'.ion in favor ofI Tourist. it U.N c
. -: &xD- PcfiLISUKO-* : -EVEBT CVR t.Iing4iIotne runio 1O'411f'f'Or1' C'llni.lf ;I Sir*.:GainHi, wifd ()General Gvne", of tin Rifph E-it-l, the clever Paris? rorre- way of telling if.Aaron iJ i
pon '
XOT.tRTpLTBL-JC, Wi; J.VKICE SPENCER, to former*-scajnyf whom require to If UnitHt Stntr Anny, wlii., ii puts her in wa. H fill, strapping fellow- near b j.
f>; hce Inw.-J,}'N'alifl.Slrttlr -.. e-. **.rmk .n to" very plaintf : "p'p&c.sioi\ or n!!! t the immenMs etnt te'0(' her t dent of Nw York Err"'''. tell the fol eighteen. flvinggood looking the girls .. :

* ('orMr oj T&KrA-Fu. OF SU/JSCr.jl'T/ON:' llio scit-nre of ,ri'uftufe i i. inid_ up laih-r. lliH.lnti J I Dmirl Clark of New Or Cowing laughiM' *' story' i in! his last letter f werea.ily smitten with him. The pirl*. 1.J

tJf No*. 20tb. IS39.Wf ;- :.1" Two D Uar per AnBum- .- 1dn- t;. of a whole! group nf j>rience, wli..e ti-ou! I l.suThsic i i. i'IW of the* niont remark
e.- -- Rna application* the fimnr m 'it nuislon'jHnd.prjctice )- f. *<$ |-| )ii;(:tii>n.i in our onual*. if w' von'. :'ted( to. m...bra profeftanl 1 ey ;witnc as, o!( ev 1\ining.. Talk ot A colt f There !$: no 1"i 'J.

'V. HOLLAND oF i'UICEit if J0 would ii5'nnt..Y"r. .n'1t! I... f-:siC l time i it ha' bfeen onllwknir ) 'AmcrinapRecently; arrived) i in? .Frantf' such 1lo l* ala town girt turned loose ia' '

SCA.LE _. obl.I'j fof T&iott. 1I' TTnt 1n1: "f' hf6.. tin. d.JtI\.t of the. arti D."an l) l I.\ one of'tbc.''**m rw'pliIsetw.en'! the cuturry.. he.rArv_ ", jump*, climbs tn6 \ ---- 'Ji<

1L ;inouET ASD COCSSELLOR IT aw, TI N cAei by SAc ira e'fflovJa forrjr *"***- thing clioroistry, to unilernta-i.l il.vOlfni itft, ,| I!Ii. :1"1Il e"'Ki|. involved. TM| ca-depfc- N w York .nd.fI"w. t Ton't toupTT.fot) : t'rc**..MkM the wifd berrie d.wrf upon ,'. --t

ItaoOKtYILLB. hB1A$1kq04' pLA. Jtfcrtj'tion. A dttrtiiing. .. of.tllt' sail, an-1) the rnmpoatiiin n,,' ,I .t1-sii.n' ( iiso ligiiimafT.Mra.. Oain!<:I- the Mitira, ont'h'cnKJily cf theranee..3oat'u ; 'U.e. ti'ucrou* lox Uneaih her.: .. ,

I.,. < \\tTlLL I "-r' and ;* ttta ,Cutuha. Office 1 Square (' citpjinr{ the 'pace of J! Br .. ( to !1st1ng0 nllijie "I'cn'' b:. ; : !1..1> Ouifc: f-f Nw.O,108nn4t..- my J?nf:' fl"i.i4\i gentleman hijh rev"pectability in. '!knew AAronvaa taking on about'4' '-' '.," -.\ jJ

. 'u\1.cO.UIIU"yH'! : Hnei..or. !I leMon'e inrton'l Otf And frufti vrliicli do giow H. n : fit:',*. (;. tl". liii ,uintainI.wtb extra.ordinary though? unfortunately' ) .addicted May Stelton.I May mid Troup and Sue .. ".IP'M f
Jinturr tflh. IBCn. ,451v.Horuer For insertion.i.j' 60 IIn,1 moliriiH' to 'fii ,. the f of. And Poll nil out Fitday with : "
OJ <*.,* % cverv vbteqoent pJ.y.ioliJr tfi-nt "ii'l"j f.'ltfll.j. *rt a m.I'l'iAgf. In jsting. Acoording to his sl't(m nt. 11 omo : one 1'
- p. : 1 Sqnafe .8'noDlbl. .;. /.1.1.4... ri- 00. mala'welllo lienltli and M,.tn'... .nn, JAcSTM1BEE, .,".' '%: .-. ,. goo builds l-ain. lcnot,l.-d.. to hAt' sJtii i"i""li. nf 150. ThederisjfiTlrii. More '
1.' 6 .... ;., :. .. a ioti e or a rour' .after leaving the ..ltJlft r And .getting got up early atrt1aj, .morning, \ 54
. .\ & -$' lcUor-at.LRW. 1 ". "J t.year- ,....*.,.. .. .... .... ? 1200 ,; arrliilerturo' will tand, him. in C'-..-r; :t. ".l.lIf ; I I lc" I MieniiiIU: ,. fg" wi t Iler in the hi*. bagf<> thronffh the Havre custom look hu gun And went over lo his aunt'slo \ M

-, : -'D'. "2 Hf-.1, .. ..' ;. ..- .. .. .t OOJK). he lis" a t lhr .*iiini inm-hin"! fir in i'a i.r "-;'shtbtu.t Miirin-itw! by. th.lllI1.he d. Ire : hnq ., toot , : ," v". be neck som- with tl"| rj i" ti..dj j j'l i-ui I.- In lur ,:. she with lake hunt after breakfast. The road t4
.Soli J ia, ChaVcerj, 2 ." 1" .? ;;.. .. .4'' '! 2300 rtrijtiaintHnp" j f' i i 0.1 memtrlr. ; him into the car A small va- A ran 'J't
nor t.
,: : Florida. .' 4 -. ..t ".' .. ... .'.'.'. .i....... s'nToot i,, rIp e-, of snot it-i' '> "(' 'J I II ilnri t 'n 'rue fwifvrii'.|. "h.1. | ?1.'iiij crowned heV effort li'e and A copr of Mnrrv'* guide? book'for a'6 ig tbtf hank of a creek. Aaron was. '

; ., Tampa Sl. fpoilt tin o1nrnn.l '.. .. .. ..... ..J.4000- ti6n of drain*, In n>n'l "ppv! tb I If' jirinciple- Tbe ca-" ha* l.f n ori .. t IMri'I _in ration* France which from jt. dilapidated appeari in A brown atalJ,. Mcwe wa looking up \ '
; ,t5T Ojjtrt-0* Fmstcs*, j. of liydroftta'iic, and to M>mc txtn.t: fJiy. f..r.n. wf, |I.s-lj.-,,'. (.)r IIqUArtl'r.OrA century, i e- lund '!doubtleis been in t the tree tropa and among the bu hr ', \
(Tlmrt-Jtovtt, i N ,1 . ._. .. co 00 ptreSasad by : 1-
t. : draui! too.Wftgive I (J"t'lf i*. 'w.L fcuccess. yeas *.to at
some tran!atlafftie tourist And get A pop
r. ) carried
: J' 1 ". ,., .. ... .,.. .;J ) I tot
- r .,' DR.- JOHN,?* CRICHTON, D ate< .aftd i4.gaI >'otkrs t.to be charged %llie't faHs .. ilIi'trntinnof! I'e.'n cooi.l.r..tl iinpo,'iWe. The people America, where ; had. perhnp" I ken I prp> far ro game. :
fESTLY 't: ATED loTL oat raeanin:. nod not by any ni"nns n< .x. generally have sympathized. with the per- settled, to ,"(frienrf, 'the' 'Actual 'proprietor 't t'> leave the road and' go to the .

. E itAVIxb"'pERM.peetflly\ oK;n hi profeetionftfTice Abe*ameln frnvi.uttdvertlsementt, hausting what might proporty be aid ;jOf ..ev'lin'omn.. nnd will) bear of .her tucct I about I to set outon.bi: traTrlv' As soon a !licaJ of the crerk, we'll lee some game

L. .-. Tampa._to !tb. inhabitants vf the City.and sur- ,except: xotiet. of Dtmi! aion as Ad tlii matter. The trnlh ilt. the farmer needs *< with plpasure -Lou. Joura&oLr l'lt' .trAin was in'motion, Jobnathan, "I there.. -

..I.- ronnding eonulry. mtnittrator, for wbkh the charge. to be a bit of n cei''us, in aln>n.tt ov<*ty- The history in brief of this remirkablera 2ed tnlo his, guide Ix>rk. and pun, 'And they did: Let this bo dated July. .
carefulljr x
h .53f Office; first door' wet of Cuitorn Jloosc, aball be.-..-., 1000, thing if lie.would.Hand nt the head of .>.1111" follows: tmln." the part?<;'n1aM related of the !4. : .
I roni* -
* Taw pa Street :;.tr. Announcement of Candidate' *. .....-. .5 00 "uis profewon.It Zuljf' me Carrlere, benutifol French ffirl from Unite lo Ron n in PIS"II. Among. "S 11 e f'!!" hissed Moac through !hii -

Tamp \or. 2fl. 18SO. AJvprtimcnti; 1t-c in for' publication, not was not our'purposp; liowever. WM-M!! h-id' been rnlrnp: {>..'IIIr.I( <. a marriarre with) the 'r'llt( was, .of source, the information teeth. \ .i .

.1 ;f ccifyice tbe nnmbef of injcrtion to LeY we penned the bending' _of tl.is' arlirlo, tilay man,n-imed J. nine De Grnnffe who repre that the longest tunnel in Franco ill 'on ".Wlld is it 'Tasked''.'Aaron, aroused K'title. -. .
v. JIEljIGAL ." >ulJ< .Hd ttTf! forbid and charged in.accord mnch.on these grave themes.ill w.n .-.nle< .bim'lplt, to L be a Fu'n.btUL.\ On this line. A thought seemed to strike I ,

..-iT4thavi.caIei. -*. ** an humbler! I lpj J.IC"i hat ifraipt'Hl ftur. pen, icni-hing Philadelphia! ) .difmvere l. thatD the stranger. .Leaning towards '' -Ducks r _
.. ., ; .. .' .. ''. a pa!*cnger
: T
Dissolution of. CopartnersWp, ..',- -->------ I r"d wi b Jo exhort onr reader to 1'1"11I"
fflllE Ci'partnenbip. Tnert-tofwre exiting tM'vX T'O. ',., 85.. ;4,' :: well i.killcd jn nil ib* 'minor opr tr>ntvhuh ti '".r. iili<-m<* fl.-d) from' Jior a.lueer, js bo telUthe)! storyhe) | vtammeroil gentleman "I we 'em.1 A .. 1'. t
I r- tween I>M. r.ranch A Lively fearing' l>enfUae1v In aflcr.yars, whcn" roeall i,4 lie ninnujjr-mont ftr tb} forpi n.ltflTlrtI nnd !* ,"'"n- ""'i'quiinie I with Di nil_Clark.mi in A very1imited Frtnch ''Tunnel comb t ". hoot !" #, ttl
all -
3 -indebted*l!by. tsi.1 ntntnal firnvwill agreement!IJt'aae! -call on'pertoo Dr. 1 i I It :I Payi of yiiutiful" pleasure jop pa f' Invnlr, ": \\ Jlal w.'. m".vi.Mr. I \t'o ..( tin* i--nlv sctjlrn ,.f J/irsiitna: and hen defetr.p! meaning "how lonj are "The btt,)hes are in the way" said MOMS, .

r. Jirnehj and k\L1.o,1.r. c.h.; n.lc or olbu w im., i, .\nll.l.illk of thf joyoas b un that f all exmc' 'iII'.llw : :. "'II"f rAiraoiiliniiv .hu.;ine." lid andenergy. ) we in p.iwing it !l" Th otler supposed the I bringing the gun up to his shoulder."Shoot '. .q .

at tb'eir .earliest'couvr. rene f'. ,. t A. lit farmer nfl l nolJtinf'fftf. If ,This me, linjj w,, in 1802 Clark question to refer to the lime which would) ill\bo"," raid Aaron, running : } .
Are on memory' tablets! impressed, n atrllII b".ak. in a IIlIIw", li. 'u.l4 tTT1ils ,. ....it uft'rnjirtid( the )lu\nd"ome French) elapse| bcforctbe tr..inouJ.1 u'. r .
ti" iTBnASCll-l.. '!rr' hi* rr..rrl' Itcn.rmber then that long lo.t hour I to I have 'it niWnd-J 1 If '1 1.'c.. ..*..i V.i jlf i"l. I'Ut tbe tn-irii.ig" .winkept erl-ef. In tunnel, and) answered 'Jlalf I reachtbe h.m- ht's tIle gIrls in It imjnin !" ._ .
r ,?. *ioa. ervicetf Having'. theesIe:* | tlilrU". f Tam fiv.| I 3 viciuity. put j. M .illgt; ) one without ion! so !. sen..k fot it fnrit-r. IIi IN' ,. ,. >,' fi-r the biilb .f hr .. .
'tkc-pracll .,f JtsJicinr; 't'nl't.rn1lf'trlc*, : pure & lT 'n i diild. Znl!.miMctme ib -at. (rw neil it. and drew forth a were M while as the petticoat Mrewed on :
,I.t t, .I1'. treating tire .I);f'e*'rt ',.r 'W'.I..O '.".) Tbrr< lingered no donbt of tbyainct'rily- r(-p.i injrjind .In1 Iiii,.* i cup<->trr i<{ .1.! > i Hiixiuu-i to bnve li.r nvirii-i.. wil!. Change *>f lirc-n. which; ) he coolv proceedt the pebbly beach. A I long jenre.?! At .
-- tiaLJr.nhe fiMr s hsrns.dfIiiat be u juai-! -j ..' ieuiltr beart* ulta\a lilt I. t.L'11' i.uM nnM.-. (Olaituinadi! pnbtii.. 11.,1I ht, !I-f'( *"; Xtw'- .1! l last 'iJnnd '
;3 1. Who > then'tby yung .vow j very f' Inni < ( r << t I.> iiiifufd! )I. to ihe uitrnte, astoni; .h! !"nt Aaron looked slowly at. Moe j
- I fled to piv. aati"f*clioit lo crTitr tbota. -' way .. Of riidlti 1." (>, truth and 'on ltanC'I I I IrX to J.) for 'him i If !Jr,. r.nii"{ ,-v,.tI m-;,ltl i (Oil) h.'in* in iiI.i iain prfM.J sit h-r fii-i !I.u, i ./r" ib.. '..Iu..r) |.i..'tgr! ,, ,1'011or. with the meanest Port of A count.nnnce.'Mose's .- 0 !
for LU among '
.2 ucedTin4jBjij lla/ring porcbastf.l apjily an! .tlll7' iiitrti forwrlv 1 1I i more.can aught; that women nayGifc all ruth .!dor tcplir. a l I-u.k.] i h l'H<.k "l. '"k".j ljtiid'tilUinv; < Mnk. '11I"\ :1Il."j'II:] : ..i f-i ,flv 'I"'re'.rl' n<, I.ulie Tn dti<* f fee a* be returned the glance, WAI i .
r -4IJe1; l>y I Jw Uin The Th1ig t..r,. J tn''ta.L3bJei. tack the faitb 1I\ in thee, I' witbout fi U'III. ) \.. H..i., a f'r F fsrmer. ; I'Olitiim.! $ .. icM.k ;i'vint! i.r.:-nfli, r n'n.' ... '. t'55l'' 'lie; irwin "II".r.,1' tb tuno.),'ao.) tin. 1r" n'ar sheen) I )kin one. . .
: : m j .tOt't..rJ. sit mpIi, .J. lie lc.pj.. lila. 1J1I1''IO..nt"ln! jr<)tj I .-c'1I d";111011.; J t p-ty 5 J h::" ..1r..f&; ... 10Ii... ("n"to'. Ir--1, ".5 rtv '..jrlnns-d ;intrt,' Efvplian darkne '-Canthey find it out i"S -

4 :i-1M t ta.pl1 iolfcw tay* ., and atayi*0 Ver.* i ....- -I ton but' i: in XI 7 eat e.[J..n.} .. I II .1'u llh.1 flf "J.uf: ,.. (.r.1!! .ji-- ig j '. l.tIIU..I.rt: t anrK"T -.1' .-_ iiei'i" ..', alT\ ._. ". 5". .:- .. .. S-
?1 > a .: .IStn&a-4I4M a.so -.mc- .-.-(---.--. ----C: .u.-- -. .- rtI' ;('l I .-t (t.r1fII. t *+ ".r. A. .... I....-. .": .' ".f.lr'C: ,,:::' r\". 1"'illi.I.1) mi- n *112:11I." >iJ i "\I'll)l '''0 Ida T, open air, nrT1 .tehjwb UP 'tbo" t.8 .: i

r: :.r r'i-JtmJi rgctr "% -j I1 I aT titr.w' rEETT. liml'r pu\\ ,.Ja.i".I..o r" !? t All' t ili. till I.. j .i.. ;i'ii"I '!1.. ir.('< l I.| wxs I rolcti iT Ai|" i '*;oifti "jel, .,1' rm' f l.-i'i,.li'fr I..r.t from thH 11lr rt', n-e snake., Moe being -; ., i

r- .--1 1t'uUl t tb' I bi'in-' ilo(>. lim..1f. or te,i<-li \ ?ti.s' I I. iin |I"|. '11.hi.II! < <. "' I r..li I :uv.-.r.t .r ,:r" t"I.-'e; 111.0'1'1.-I the lightest, chimed fnr out on a limb" I.

1i4 mJI .. LR'DA> 1\.C\\t'E\\Y. i j One ean.e and sit beAi,1"i me I 111.K! >\ ; t I'> .1.1.! II.. can roof i Ih.'><.. : 1." \V. -l.-v 1I : I I ti un,l-r- .-.I iliMt ll" HmA oertipffd J Jn and got into: a squirrel'* nest. Aaron was .J

I t And .jlh her I oft blue rye. .f 1 1iazvd <*.'n ...|' n biiri$ !. ..( !he' i-n-i .Ii!i r n-J} tva t I (* .: r HIM n ptii1nl I h II'1.h 1'M- ''."<'''",'", I ; i I"*- ; I h, ii rsa..I wi+ liilf' an hour. not so It!&b. 5; "' p :

1 .' LV1ETTE STREET, .. ( lai' uiJly. and lo\i..ply. "fAmi ,*- :\ w. 51. l\f\ uin 5"n'-I;' slfd put n *!i. fc d! oi' .111! ( I, ii- (-'nw! s if> |i..r'li' :ij."ii"-, | ; : ,,11,i '!I. "' ? ',." /fm'n-: l '. jO r:til himelf. of the) I 'Yc' u'\"c re-ul l "IO l ht nymr>li:. .yren. &/.' .

r1- ( \.t4r lli c.r..... JfulHll. II"f.) !. t-witli, ir'title .Wi, *.* .* II.* ) in II u nzfI ".... :;" ,fi$ .r b'"d) nfm'f 'IM- .,. ", ..1. .'1' 'iiii- 'i f.I..r- v5'O'-.* t ji 555 \ f i .ni-ike -..riniti:? (-Is5t)..*'* in They couUTnt rompare. H. ir ''o\M'Tlfflatin ..f'Jo. _" 4

iir L t. *'.;iutI..t. r/.o:.//)..i.TteM .- r "Otoucb, as In'lby birp-strings. .. = |i (:r m ,I.., n III'.1..1.!IHI|"f < <>tit t>( un n'.l 4.". .1 ,-.L. iiif.'r.J I J 1t.'nIIl.lltrltjoot.C1"! .,I I I u l.x.l,. .--.. T1 .. ."in" ."..'.-l'e con'UWd) i i.
I I :-- Bread, daily < b., .I .\Ibal.o ..w--t ne".h.' I :, jib, 111 jII I I. II .., .t 1 f nl. ';'t-.l t' hi, ''k \F.... .-" ,tf ". '. ur lii'wn': : mid. t.* d|,: li;!ht of dlV fie sun.' They splashed and chatted like < .
i i ] \b If I I. ,i ... Ir'r I"* i l' b- I'l'i' .III.I "' .rn: iii-b'd iti. I inn.I women.S a _
..ecIlfcd.IUDar11 1icut, I:1,1 I t-n. if not f..r oilier*, < < r. o 1\1"I: 1f ii. Ji JI. f 4) r 1t'1' (, \ u :: Hi sit window S |l. free
1- -'" if., &e.t1E .A bonni frue':" j' Jftinl ill tl,* ;imjtr.iVrinr-ilt.- .... ..n s i ;is i \\ i'i t 11., i.1''T'-r'Hi.' I -It. III' 'i ''i I)TU tlTl.1| ;iiiil'.j.iid- tit i itiz, n wn di cover-d. I. on the tree began to shake Aaron J
; .Flour-wli l* alc! and retail.,.; .ong f hil-ition\ nllll.1"! Hjip'y W"I .v nt I I"-.i t. >, Ulti> :V .III.-.r l-t 8'n' V.: tf'Tl.d I" f I H.) \'..is r. 111I'1111..1' It 1"'' lnli,1, ) )!.i..Itf.I.i_ fiM. n tcrriM. buck ,O n.. and. doe began '
-- |I .
; : f ordttrpW! "|>J1y! attended 4o And an I Kzel! uIw j :>n hor," :i to !I.i. ..\\ \\.,ik niiKout' :iii\ ftll !.. r .-.'.1 !i. '. .R.I.! ;.nd w t..I'c., \ 'Ink, j w"'!' 1-11. fi .in ihe FI.n'h"tlnd) r"IIIi'I..I. to smoke an t burn, ( onmencing, At the S t"
._ .*tSTCountry !I We "ilr'z.' ,:. .fi ...rtjli< 'a..ij.'i.! ,'ivi''i 7.11' Itt..\!'-ri'. I .. .
*" .* :wonx Fjn.CTcjiKn. I. -Tb.metnnrii) of the i>a l- 1-iit li'tlefinil'( '. (b.ri.n4 lt M i. ci ; I a 'i'm. ye-ir fljo. nn.I".11..111.1 I; fl14.1berp .
:g.a : : '. l-<:u't1e"'IS. SI'O11y: Tlic light'nnd hado Int". I II't I it.' sis-I 1 ;p .*-. ..,f A'ln nJnrc* of liirheUrr Ilisiti.' "tic ?1- I IOn f I w.i a louder noise thaunal ..:,
rE'tr '. : ... .r i 'In ;.I.IIIIIIII""IIItt, f.ui..I.1) .. ... lilt uncnncious btoaoli.IIr..n ..* .
: -..' 1 Iron me crowlclfa4. will thcnM've! !j-f.; mid bring up Hn'i. *.!.- ir III.| 1 1.y. > ne IPr'.ph..nl..It.I bachelor *tnrnin r ninopg bathing .
T : .Wtl'C.'M'...- t tiaUO.k i. .n.l tlius aiy'spirit floated, .. t to t"m, -n \tho! will havei.m.i kill! i in v ry "-Hte l-e'rg tak,'n .her "'u .tioi : ',v. r a new !leaf.: I rfer joti to the. A sl r..I..llli.) already elongated Deck .
T. everything. Jl.uk I lec.unimin t .Mi eIy Wf Il I.v, and on I: cartLUMire. at the "A me time hitching the gun for r.

KENNErJY & DARLING I Rn.V lIII\X ibrouub the mist of y -ar*, I I irtarc *ome fM.om lw wLt-re .
r' fit'\I mt her.
\VnOLESALE BETAILSEEniAUSCur.icr "fa whit-b w.. will! c'v ''jheV1''!'i'k !iiroprrty' to bU ''lh .r. n'M>": IVviUt : in a vine and) it went off with a deafening ,
:-f Full of bopf, aiul'itioct, fcar&nd t "lie. nnd Hicliard nf V. I Highly from It wa the climax of the adventure. .
of Tampa & H'Ai/ii I Strtr'tt. .t tor tn-ik'nglliN; ani.-len linle l lonijpr : n..1f..1""k..r" 'wfiei Important Charleston report.

tz 'TAx,4'. TL01I'. ,\ tlun; t'l1Ine fctlinps!; tiircJ rae, I. .\Ino rverv firmer' will neil l tIT | ,". .
II : flt1iii1ate wnrl
\ 4tI' .A .y" ,... We bricbt tbelail, the iiiii trlcd, lire 'o r.eu'a tiUiisff wh.-re tbr( ate skill : I'Whitney took -ti-p to evab'5 IK rI and Sally. -
.11..1. c1U'aiIJ
than! eanliuue, r tolc(;UI"#j. f(r QC A p ..l jtoct ofI Which time bad rr>old bvtxvecn : !] c.ll11.ltnui.410 1 i bo :ilie! I to f I lie pro The follow in, 1r: Zt- and respcctMly lie al ''' ,1.'I'll, i"i s-' WH* llo'l I'nll'ested., ntld, were tf>cvi\< d L'i. evening. at "eailv cnn
Mnxh.in.13te, hl! tune IVwirMill will finn o-i I Inn the bank al by tbe! of
ldcr I up gilt. eyes
i II minute
alt Who wantlieiij> luresiu lo tall. and Die foS' Here prtiiou i;. !i 1I'r"o a iCI'C? :i" to em'' :"'<> nil tb).*;.- trn1i ) '. I II .II.I| |I4.}..w ,.tsz''b n'on.j' : ,""jllh. nnf >rb li:b i'i:. in I wo .!cm it our dut_, lo t the, fidi hawk lint had) pounched
f i among
the las an.1red..1
lieb il'\
'Urrl iot There i \> I i Inlll"If'.I.Irlflrlntnn
V. a Miine it before | uSiu-U 'wc( .h"ll tmw offer roeetiii ,I i in the forr.!emj'lo\'*.l]lon lhir own giouii'1*. j, S.p i-s5.- IH'11"! 1"l .1) 4'sr "".,'on'l \ \"n. \ t I'M: .m. They are robed in A twinkling but .

- 1-; ". new *yttni.l will UJHIII ctmliVe ut lo male a very mntrial :Tie! mar.yjoyOus ", "" : I 1 lit! wi'j:'! nt<'.l some kiI! hun'hi./ *1 .'. ,n s Gii nil I (;. ill".I'II..tllII"'rc.I'Im.) | ) ; 'PImf'. Jin. 5, 18/1)/ not one 5lh her right dre s on. Aaron

I : our reduction go> *.fiom!? pric*'*. To-onrold frieu4re The partings sal again : .., :2. Surti kil' rctidnc it* p"It, *M>T. fn'tfinJvj u. '. :".,4-'it '\ iiln'ut -,....t..>. A* .a 1a.1 i in -A'l' t the bihi" in th.*.entire S mth are inI..mo& da !hed inlo ,the woods. There was A terrible -
nn.lrf .ol. jftti< n fIt r favor Vecci red cndt-nt. Tin : .. .I Mi.. (" -stTs !, 111.111in t thi ,'il l v are now employed q'
i: f l great them i inn Thothon oad petty qtiarrcl tnsfu-'Ii n 1 j II'I I ''''f'. s 'I' now : :- &aj hall l r li-pj>r loeonlirue c'irrviit 10 netwuiitlof supply I I That but closer drew the,tic, [ sent--afl- great cotnf.ut. It*. txrci-f i i. In' hi 'Ps-. i ntiica!: e lf>,e tIle UnitdJi nt tli br.'.i.t w-i>,.". i All split in different direction, and came
l1'l -TIC'o
- our Ur.If' KKNXDV onr: A: DAKI.fNG.Tampa. AYhieb) Lo\(had thrown around tic, i,
i[ to- I F1.-.. Nov 2'"II!. l!59. ,_ 2- As a soiif-tlilii!; fro:u oa hlgfi : I 3. It raft 2f<;.it IInput.t t of tim- na.! ;.: Hnjte St.thy ('onte..l. he has 1eio I I IIunilre I ) of i il.o. noblest women of South I I tier's.i a- .

_"--- -- TAYLOlf Tlie year* of wparntioi, *. I m m'y. \\-(? kn..w n m'.11 !b.. !I..t /I Ii I I "'tt*,\ it-tin i"lt'[ !I Carolini: are !1..I.in.III"! > breast-works. t i Tim l toon look a long turn into tbe :
b! "l 1)) .1.J ; timt ; Mr- -u{.' I i- in 1 fifih I 'Later Slill-Thrft; q'tarlfi of" .
The etruirplft and the gloom, ., i.I \ l.ce di) ntt'l fVi-rnl d 'liT) < nnirtisev i I : IK--: now .c. fifty year Jlilllll"--\'uumlo..r woods and diJ not get back before .night.Thev :
r': in the folloninj \\ It\ : \ p-irt '.1' I t i nj i\ <' '+". '! I...".!\ h. iinl hH> kept up her | young Indies wcruin said bad beendeer bunting And* .

rosuisaox'! 'UE1I1: ? 'ld"'P : 1 h 11.A t hons-Dnjll Id's'aj llu>poiM tomb uicut, !; t the tin rne" w.i< t:,kcn 11\\:1': I Hi'h'I.1 1 0'1.1 t. -H-| .- ;a.
:\ :- ( J' or ; I' ,i-no- h t tact and. .kill 'lo r.'i"ir i i i' -*,'illlI! i 't'lir' ytln"']''-p.'ra't- 'or'I'M niggle 'n wbihoIK !' evening and many more aw extremely. Till girls appeared believe them. .
< .
I I .. j unions to follow the self .
piire ..f reni t'r Iml'cr. li.i- I. n eniff-'. I Ih' .iht ,1 1es1iisnk sacrificing exim
E ncvin'; Sc Forwarding Agent, 'Au.l The hail lily, lie( tnarringe f&"ri1t.1f.fhrineVber ;, ,:7'. .. f f 4. It Vll developtVT: 5n mai.p"i- :I I k 1..1"- Iti- '!'" iJ.t.1i.I..r?i \ i l 1"'irit'in' I -icy.. nnd be- pie of their t I\iseu.! Shame: on the young -.I.---.I.CApiTtu.JoKs.A in- .

i'I.t'nI.i: : rl.\f I f 1.1'011 1; "lire it nown.jjVt! < un'm.. i :, e. m- 'I 1.e ;ru--'o. I'f pr.ip. rty ..t f '"iii-ne .i mm. military company
F:4: Lit i \ ( tow unto <>a ;- r Atii ( .r 'llIu1..1"n Jih'. e po.I1. !. 'I'll.4'r.. ". : n III' 1, ; ,1 ,j-r 'pil'\ I 5n (In titr fif New Or of u rfirYr.i -
(.f Sitnrr! Jjf 1JaJe.hcr lorctcr mine : : skill (u.oi."II.11.].>. fun ln, o\.f. n -I I i"us'I !.. t'u 1,1.- '"' tilt ill:; I tile .I 'rr..f', I i W 11 have jut learned from a reliable since by the SheritTof Worchesior county

: Marth2.I. 1S.'1. 52.ly.ALL The sweet uucounUj muuirnt,; the mind .f m"I1 \cu l It. uur| |l.i' 'ri- I w.llli't'| ; fir-n.n.. \\mld) (" at once ttikdl : source that the study of military tactics Md., capture a pungy which was taking)
fit IVbirh since have flown, ... I will be introduced into the femn'c' ,'ho)11II.f ) oyster* against the law. The company. in
pt'iu-d] i into a nobb- 111I.1kll11I' mr. h.mior i.-I ii" ?-tsf..vi u the .1.! f"1" I..llii"l1n.? .
'- 1ATllOI2 'll'E. As for lilt's darkest lbut'SJh.lriglal..L I' nrii-t. t .f *-.-.<'n>n do not atf.'.-t tin (',.jn.'s de tbU State, isnmnt.ljitelsrited girUdeclare battcau.. proceeded to the eont1i t. The -

, ..n I'iUMNS: in H n. .,". '. *. iiutj.etto'; would atoned I( Hut wo have said cnonjli. Giv* tin1i : ri-'on; iis ;1:1!! |iii..liner suit* in I the UnitedSia their willingness to tko charneof "rnptain of the pnngy went below it in and
._ t.;_ lr .l Jut .. are Lt'rel'.r olifir.l tbat) sail !i Ih.'s :and ,"iiN :a ,0..1| cbnni* to tMilrfv.df u : "'" C"iir', in which, residents of that: j 1 f the S,'U'h) Carolina 'infantry? wh'ch i i"I ''Mn got out a store p'pN mounting can.

C : Heat i.diri.led'itto two Dwtriet< Tiunpa and All 'these came floating uVr me, {xjwers ill.r H practical \ t} .1.uu can I State w.'re ('olc.rn\.1.' exempted from I yet lo [tte rt5.ed. 1 pI ljla t V.-r the bulwarks and itandiag;
lI&hlnIMk-W'. T. II.>Lin. Captain dtesfti'.vtet I. "The -.I) I at one nd! .ib; a big lump of charcoal
; Mothers
II in
Hmraor With I
%* the delight predict what trra uirs you will! find ,I 5ut 'rft-n tire. raeP all say
; .
t t
f the lalterr' f The moment
and Edmond Jon was
&;r: of the fonutr, Cb W e view thegolden morning I ___'.'_ I __ ---.I.--- __ th"ttll'Y.'C10IJ: rather die than sec their Iiglt
IitrieL beloved teriti-al.! with eve'T advantage on the side
1 ; will al o la\* rotiee"ilat'tb. i-pl the plnom l of night: I i Z? "\ : shall we littlw i South uhmt.:
i-aid |>t -on* -i7- Ti-ddy IV\ine. when brought lit- name stir of thecrp'a'n: : of- the pungy, who straight- ,
,,t fine for oo- rronn.DCe of duty i i. the tame 1 And I said a* thus. I poil'l, 1 fore the court in ThiadIphix! upon aI I boy !r' 'fnid) a \onnc:; wife' to her ltU bAlh1.. ) I "A report from the interior says the noL I;encd IP. at arms length prepartd: to apply .
'I A* for neglecting muster. g all the tl that be i ;.e"u ) Peter." L groes 'wear drilling but it need confirma
4 : JAMES fXr. jl r "Of. n-s I charge, uf drinking too miu-'i I ihetiijjht sin :tire match. Simultaneously! AV her thrust
F-. C_ >t / JWV J, What l>cttf rtlmu J Jhce memorieoe, f It-fore, ftcoined to deny t tin h, ; f.u-f t nnd w.i* I 0. n; I' n"-ver know nnyl>ody nam-ed t tion. Everybody is in A blaz of enthusifl i the'chunk' of fire into the tn.l of stove pipe

.; :. t February 9tb, 16CK , .s.-i --- !1 "" ('I!!, tl-en. .1111\1,; :ill !.ded! in totsequcnce."J. II. C." I .
) .
through !
lh l tik.lsirfl peter. *
'hi.1. I poktt: ,. Judjif : .loljing diving was never
'' '. A CARD) j j'I1fot !1' :.r.a. A <;rittinhu ,diugJiusue.s; OH>. be had the iii<'t)<>v to ;ny 4fthI.4Ie i, .-. -... I '-_.e- "I witnessed in the waters of Wo'chestor. It _

: DATE InblUi_ YiUfi i iJooI. }lx .u.ktn>t, yrsa jireM-ulcJ with .a beautiful )"ok\"ll up dubi ni.lv not ,--Ii-il| ; .r-r "I "i..11 I., r'lr..I..t 'orni' very OJ ti- A jolly chap at seaj having been u needless to t>dI 1 ihit, while the military

:: : ... AFTEIt'T1II3 U. j I t II.i h'lI. Ye !terduT a coujn'o 'of young 1t in- I! \..x try id ; but Ill r.' I. .11. : .._.i.d in miking; sponjji'-ca.; ." i t J..izl.,1 with ,eltlirkne."III asked how he I were under watej the captain of the pun- -

,I-t.. ono .of them numrd .Julia, LArl&cII l have. ton any prcivirtv P i .'Ve.. I b>n., c!2r. tlMt c\'t IM" l '' felt. 'Feel !' said be, anti there was an I gy hoisted' sail, and bid farewell to the watt *
.SYSTEM/ 'aten.
CASH ; 1 I, in tin, store anti of course kiu)','ns kiltmnnnd jl TtoJy-" J'roperly dijou 1 *iv I.,1"t.! I 4-<'..'t I bb...,leli; I" unmistakable earnestness ia his eye.-', rs of Maryland and that since this mar- !

711 i' ASSORTED I ."allDhau.MERCIIASDISF to keep for ;ale aodintSteallwho a .up1ijo(j tables olaa) s do cnm .ia for an iui. .' I have o 1 lw; urf.." : "Su. mVi n,. I dfy one in lie ui'Vc-l I wiy! I feel 1 as though I !have but ; nllcui.adventure the military companyaforesaid ;

."., ,want Good Bargain to call and ': incnte quantity of ciiJearnicnt and cftie I .Iu-7gUs.You tniinnk.. <>vh,! '., i it." lei tn fit t JII1' any mar-; I two ol'jcct* in life now. One is to put my for behaving so gallantly ba% :

examine ray ttoek before purchasing W where. :' Ci. t[ The oath\wi i-ow ,,lminj'I..It,1. M"\l I ''Tjiev) wont foot once more' on terra firm, nnd! the other j1ieen calUd the "Stove Pipe Invincibles." ;
lill'"r' at
: 't... To mr old friend I feel under many obligation Kb, what a sweet little Lilted. What I| Teddy) trWn nHn..1| j-tT i."".10&! t th'di) ..r i tbrn. ll iw. can ''of'm'ipurpo.mail inn*"" all i i i i" to find oiit and whip the fellow whowrote S _--... --_ _-_ :
: '" for part faron and ball be happy is its name P, 1 but "'Il."IO'I"" "\y-lbe!} ,ru.I\ .'. lJ.f. 1..1..1 l "C2. psng. 'Life"on the Ocean Wave !1' of
; mke .i
witbout tWm Take large teacupful
continue to apply th.m on the above terrai. I" you t-an l"'at !t" NIt'v YKAST.- a
4r 'It has not been cbrisUneJ him what hi* WH in, and Ttjdy i '
yet. in of
-: L G. COVACEVICIL pel.v I. f and dried put them a pint
1 t"l"'.'... ,4.' Tamp Jannary 1. 1H1. 44.t. .- '"Oh llo dear little f llt'.ng.: Do call it promptly!? n-p1tel,:' : *->
L.. Julia." ) I''the United. Stat-s, an I f ZrCClor.( 'TAL.-\I"u". ""r"'" 1 ve same 'ot at an the air place thm by .
rf" ; ,J. Agency. I fcl hboulJ l c very happy to do *0." re- the country |tot \ ._ wutA .,1. an SI x.- and kno.-k v.iir t...-, om.| .'i'h' N Freneh phrtician and being for twenty-four hour, when it hou'd havea .

T. ITERE49T appoint CoL James Getli. of I 11.liro our giHlant friend, ktut" it Ain't that I -.> shown .n", hIr'Snt.:' I"., tv MiM! "Ii .1.. !l' r l'f>uU..d wi'b the ennui happened to gupe* fine froth on the top. A single tablespoonful ;

Ta'-p*. Fte. niv dnlr authorixod agent,da- kind of a cal." : &T A C't-.tl-trtnn: corhinV; -i'i'o bli .. :"\"It"i ir. ,I 1\9..11'.111\\) .. yon t ir-.--d l fK .'r i **:,.,u-e m.. madam! siid' the cJoctor1 ) of the liquor raises one pound of > -
, nag .y abenerota.r orida- who will receive Kitty wu depoUe; I on ,the fioor-'in a ; room of tb la'e ),. Dirlon, tsiI l l"im. that .. i'irard latt-rv" jl-4-l ion did not swallow nn." flour. -

p.' l' -- '' and receipt in my name.as. though I were twinkling, nnd a couple of f joud luJic. r Mr.! Yo.rl wn dead. \ nonl.'n'i do niiffin wid) m* lnll"t.." I" -fiive; ,yntirsi'ffno rmeasiness," replied 'I a -- -
! p- persoasfl11 freinL'. J'.T.T.CXEIL were sten Jolting for a gtKxl place to I "What" wid h., "Vowel dead KThank! I -WIsvntt" ". the 1!.dy, "I 1 nm a JKWI-U snJ never tat '- .

<: ft: BTsLl3JL5.' 'pill!. H11.1; ( I. fiint. ... /:I 1 it was Dv-'ithtr u .nor ;." I I "<}? I coud! pr. "r. :it "-. ar..j rnfT!." i ihbos 1 II." rr s..kfit. Ihp? 1-:,:'},.. '...f It..,...,. .. .

. .- -L \ -
..,- ; *. ,
---k- "I. ,
: / j t- f .
I -
'. '
., C i a .
: ; \ .
,um__' ', II -
I ', a .
", a
.J .
-I- ,...:, .. .. .. II -
.. _ &_ -- -.L r-\ : .. ,- -- :. '

.O. ....-M.t..' ."r;-!;IV ",F +" ,_. -..,r. ..
., .c ..
'. .
4. ; ;'r&A.z'l ., -..>. .J,. 11.1..
." .
---- '_. "f'.t. .. ,j 'i't.. -115VS. ;
% .-- { A'. .,..... ', -t,. .. .4---:0,...P--r." .wr'dj' .'" .I


"Ii .
,- .
v .
... ., t '.'. 4 p .
-. ,".' ,- S. .. .- --. -- _-__ '1-'__ '
4 -- -fl_

:: '. ::. lUG' 1ILUIUnllE? h\8ULlR. [ccMua1cATzD.] V:, FROM CtlAKLCSTcfjf. S : f! \\yIioN. : GENERAL NEWS The Pawn.ee Called !ou.i.' 5. i. :

1 Norfolk
: pI HInj. II. L. Milcbcll.MR. Cliarlexton, April 10.11IeUptlltd NE,4. April ,B.-Te U. S. steamer
, THEsotin. Pawnee suited six '
1. THE 'r L LET FOR port at
; hosiilr fleet has not vet j"rlt'I. but i i. '.cO.J
I 1. EDITOR. :-I notice the came of our WAR AT yesterday: evening. She South
I 1t -I momentiiTily AH i i. but goes 'wih
Upt.'h..1., quiet
O .
-fl SS-
f IIo chizenII. LiCHcxa MITCHELLany o1ooubcsptiiefloaton. sealed orJ
!* ; ;
with f'
"** '* "* tbr strengthening &. thl Iwllcrie; The IdniiBhlrtlion Befntfi 1O'ECtOgnIZC
., ed amongstthe' list of Candidates : .-! :\i" A Y are in the HoadJ
. -. and munition on. "
men go** vigorous the Southern CommiisioBCrs
f5t ...'... .; '>,"'; this JudicMDistrict. 1 to-night.. )I, .' .'April 0.-'There i is great uetiti- to day, detained by the storm. They are
r- (or the office of Solicitor! of R. M, Pryor, of V*., arrived ;; j
Ovrr\\' bound N ;lh.
Yard eight mostly ,
in theNavy ,
._ Tnt :LDtoTEa" I might not have troubled you Every train bring in" military from the FORT t.JITETL4.-tD PICKfXS: TO'JA' hundred men iu .i The U. S. / &oAon/M
-AO' :.O Tn.Sno WE. bETll.t c un ry. I jELvFQR ED.. :. l are busy thv preparation It.me sailed:

., .. .f". ,rI .". ,. with, these lioesj but. from the'Tactthat oth Thu military: J leiTdera'"expect' hostilitieswill S -. .' :'.'- *. : > x South to-day ,ltu .uJn orders.

> SIMONTEditor.' hare'been' mtnUoncd in of The brig jJainoriJge, mounting 6 fjtftJ The sttarrieif from Boston
-,. .i .' erZlamea connection commence to.night, but the people The Note Preparation.: Carlbta,
& *-f: : -. with that ofllce and in the &c s&6. &c. is ready for su The creW aro raiting: for ,bound to Charleston, touched here jodayioIatid
.'e.*: .. exciting generally !think llieru will be no tempt 14MICI ... ,. .
** 'Iweol 6'0
w. .. : TAMPA, FLORIDA.SATL'ISDAV nlltill'e, ', orders y. passengers, havt&experiencad
.. : and. 6aT1 gtfmes In which we lite, the 'or Fort Sumter ( entire-fl I
\ The Southern ITif. scfow frigate Vi.ntlot1 5,200 ton, heavy gales.
has time to rendezvous oulsido of the hat rl -: WAsntOTOv April I.
. .. \'H" APlliL 20, 1801. voters of our Southern Circuit might do n ,I l toor. '. CommisMoner to-dayx received from the i iI'ep.iritnent carryinz 40 gtitit, th' side-t heel) steamsLop I The .te"me Potomac, from Charleston

grievous wrong by not* having few facts I of Stnte the to their I Sfitsifiippi, carrying 11 =uns, and bound for laltimorr! came in hero today
._ .r.: ; ..z yjLcrllerswhoie terms of sub1 The entrance to the harbor ,i ia lighted upI ; reply 1 .
\ Colorado 40j fur coal.
carrjing ,
Itrfore them. otHcial comrrlur.ication.Svward .. J the screw frigate ,
',r' receive the tonight 1 by; a (Large ciumbeof l 1oatt'"so171leed
Rcription are about expircdwill Mr. MITCHELL has been I ) dorlines t to tfiem and I j are nearly ready. The steamer Gtoryiana, from' Baltim6r?
. P ailllrular ( three week previous ifsJUcoutinuancew.itkc our Solicitor during thht the pH"*age>(.iin7 oljectwithout recognizo guns
or 1 ; is t en for Norfolk baj
refuses hold C-oinmodoreStrunghRrn expected! _not been heard from.,
.communication jfrith
to .
4.J # ..:' .- .. .J with a> opposite the last term of that office aDd during Wing seen will be an iwpo Mbility.The !! any command of the "
I I tenor of-the them o'her: than as citizens of the United Monday to take squad,. --
dopitehci received by
;.-?::: .. -- t6irnarnes.i .bis terra of, service U there one single 1 Sllltt,, ron. Warlike Preparation
us at noon yejlerday from variou .ourc e', "
II for .
i .:. t. ; ;:: .mouths.'f r:1Ur. annum. ;! instance in which .he. can be chargedwith I and which we placed! op our. hnllelm.. w,' It)is now placed! beyond doubt that the W rlington. April 11.. -General order

tS .. -. -I neglect of duty, or even luke of n charaeter to iudue the belief that a attempt win} be made by the United State Onr New York Despatched. have iUQl1 from the War. Depart: -
-41 '
--- - .-- ----'--. Goiernmcnt to throw full of \ New York, April 0.-The stertmshipIlliuoit
: ., collJMOii between the Confederate Lin n supply pro tviions irent of the of Columbia and
6 : : vrarmness in the discharge of it I lie hason Di"ric
;.1: .- .. ,.rr'trr--oo J\ .,. .n I Io ; into Fort Sumter and Pic.ken has been chartered by the United
: .. 0011' Fort Supiter w'as C. F.
: _.:' .iij- "" ""'' ('Olllorces at imminpnt :.. Maryland. Smith is the Commandant
." *' .' do ever} occasion, come boldly and square I The an.1 naval States Government her mails were taken
4. A OOD &&I10E-MAKEK and although very little 'exrttemerit wn gnat military prepir- ; and :. Talbot the Aojuant. .

_' ;. t.- ._ a lncrati Lu.ine& by e.t&bl.h., iy up to the mark, aud has dono,bis duty, manifested by our citizen, a very general ( lions row going on mean coercion. An''i out by the City of Daltimore. ( Llu .

. :-t'- Ip .ini aEbipin this City..-. I bit 'whole duty, and nothing but his duty. anxiety- was expressedto hear later an di-cuise is now thrown off. I' The ,steamship Atlantic is taking introops All.the volunteer companies, mOtertJinto
J ., For Solicitor.q---- And Mr Editor counts. (from Charleston" About,,5 o'clocka There. will be a collision in less than a at F..ft Lafayette. Thxj Povhatan service to day are at their respective
: wjibouj disparagementto
". de- rid AMerminRichecFon week. is taking aboard l : a !arg number of six armories to rrigat anJ _
N.Y.. Hot.AXII patch! was re by t.r public quarters .
: The f'kndsoT !:- those who have him in the It i is fact that of all!' the howitzers !t. used l the
f'- ; bimns : ) preceded from C- pt. lLirt tein. which n ignilTcaftt pound to by' troop rations will b 9 provided at the earliest mu- .. -

-t' announce a Slat-car.didnte office, I do"not tliiolc lhat'anyone believesthe stated that in all prob-it-ility hn tiiti! ." officer* nppointc-d to coinmtnd in the ex while effectinj their landing in biat ment. (-

. !rorthe.c.tn\8of' ) oflice ever had' worthy incum would commetx-e by eight o'clock last I pvditions no\v getting out for" the South ILls expected that all the forces will be Capt. Sherman' company of Light Artillery :
_\ : Solicitor for tho Southern Ju licial XJircnit a more .
I' not one i i4 from a wiiliem Slate. '! off on the 10th instant. Great excitement
: light. As the new ot this despatch Spread, i two ccrnpanivs of Federal Car- f-
._: -'of Florid o1"JbkO Mr. MITCHELL- see no reason 'I ,{ M. C. r.i.iil t I in the.
C-iptain Meigi city.
: )-"- ;.P:_ : men wero soon tjilherc-d in crowds on the ycsterdiythst prevails airy, are expected here in a day or two.* ;

It.iJi. ---. ._ April nth, 18Gl.-_1.l .. why he should be change] ''I have (individually street, andJhe anxiety for furlher. ntellignce I> the people! will in 'ei." than ten e.'ays! .i:11 The Atlantic sailed at 7 p. .m carrying The Niter trill purchase hones here.
-- -- -
\J'" -For-Solicitor.--- I \ ) no fears that suck) is (he will of lcMne- mtcn!e. ,-.-.-rv Mioriry- after I know all ubout the movements, which create I 500 men, a detachment of artillery with -- i

I' : l M much excitement htn 'and four gun, and a company of car airy. Confederate
} the r"orfe"buL-.acll an eteat several! other itecpatehies w!\' reeive'lh'y IAe"ht're'l Commissioners States
I : -The friends! of II. L. !MITCH. is'possiAe.
:J1' different frmn friends in Cltnrler! Lieutenant, (now Captain) The POU' .. gentlemen : Washington Home.
:: : ', ::4. -BLU, announce, him as_/& Can The office Solicitor is one in which party ton, confirming Iht of Cup Ihrl"lt.jn.- Mr. K. S. Clu-w, formerly of the State 1 The Illinois .and Perry go next. The following 5

: t I '. ,: 'd<* for reelection the .issues should Boil no place ; but, even Among them was the f.tllowinjj !1p"i"\J.h..; I D-pirinKTit, h-tl the city )'e51rrJ"yIr" Snfoimalion( relative, to tho vessel I Wahiogton, April" 11.-The Commissioners A

.:i ; office 6?. State Solicitor for tho'" Sduih'ernJodicial if the political questions of.(he day should to JI. Robberu from \\III.II\\\\"n Iii m in I Cli:irK'ston. Their departure was cffcitid I which will probably go South will be in- :. of the Confederate Slate Itfi! 1fC

:(' 1 Circuit of Florida. Charleston i iju.e'tly, (hat none here were aware of j j I terdstiflg to your readers : The Minnesota Washington this morning, via Baltimore
t ta I know wellas : -
ApriI5Th,183L lugged. this canvass,) as Charleston. April II. I it at the lime. Eterthody is puzzled as I i i. a stenm/rigate of 3200 (ron, carrying for the South. 4

:.: ? 'i 1 ._- every one eW knows that Mr. MienEM. I, tp tlio nntnre of their mifionj: but then|1 1-10 IIISh! was built in 1855. and hIt : The Adminislralioti's r-'ply? tl111eii. I Ii

,'t ", '. New Advertisements. is perfectly sound on the goOc.--" Those who otu:Tit fo know, 5:1: %': that adttnnnd i mpreMon is abroad that it is not a peace4"ul I been lying in ordinary.in .Uoston. The I last communication has not tra'n'pirrd.

; ". J r 9, Administrators' oiice-CbnlesnusseJ.1! lie is a Southerner in heart, soul and body, bus been mnd" for the surrender one.April. I, Ptrry is a bug carrying: 6 gODs and .230 '. '' 4 ,.
and to
,' of Fort Sumter. an nvcr r"'l'lifl-t I Lieutenant Talbot has arrived, tons burlhern ; sho"n fitting out at the War Fleet Spoken at Sea. i
Tor.i .
... Change! of Schedule-D. J. and he glories in it, and when L \ and till imtne'diatc-Iy, begin ( di'chiztrgt.of Brooklyn Navy
....Xotkt-\.. Munden. indicates Attack if tlio" Fort I t Baltimore, April 1 ': -.\ rent -( -
( hard knocks instead of law phrases he here nn. I of 2415 tons she
hi; duties ftS.itan Adju'ant Gcncr- A first cliss steam sloop, ;: desfRhob
','. will bo found ready wilting and able to do i is u-H Hirrendercd. i I. I carries 11 1 and i is at present attached Philadelphia says it i i. | thate
ill guns
: : : TOR'I' iT T..O 4iiii' ,! !, M l II C\ mhip South Carolina from Uontort
: \ I XvrC lL has received to tho Homo Squadron. The .!OI'.or.wnri
: l ) good service in the cause of the South. JM. The Pn?-Htt, at ,' i for Charleston, having jx.k-n the war fleel
.: While we were rI'IHP'II; tKa Jl )VO tllt sailing; o'iier*. i Cumberland is the flag ship of the (tfomcj(
In speaking thus I offer no disparagement I !|Il\t eta, thought it judicious to her"pas-
. : : 1 !'J. PUBLIC MEETING.A following despatch from our o\\TT *pocialcorrespondent t I C'.ipt. Holmes. 17. S. A., ha resigned his Squadron) and bft.l been doing duty at Vera into Norfolk.Virginia. put

!. ;: .. to his worthy competitor, but Mr. wa placed: in our inui.H. : ;Il.e'llIm .i"n ur c-onsfjuence of the coercion I Cruz. She is 1720 t tpns, burthen, and 'carries senger S
r": : Meeting f will bo: held" on Saturday, MITCHELL is my choice,.as be should be 'Y.I 5 p. M.-A demand wi' ordered I to the ,1U," mtot. U.licr officers aro talking of 24 gums. The Pocohontat is a second State '

# .. ., I i made this afternoon ,/or thf sat rii.lrr of ,I in.tl'll zrne.Viii1uTtsN.. class steam; sloop. She wa purchased by Convention: -

- II I- 20th ii.,, at- 7 p. rrt., at the COUUT err boe1}. choice. His opponent i is doubtless Fort Sutnler. I am going down h to Morris '!: \ April! 9, 10 1' M.-Gen.B.'iuirrgiid ,|I the Government in 1855, and has b'en Richmond, April 9.-In the Convention1

: --t consideration the i a man of talent-so .is Mr. MITCHELL the fiht and I She .today a resolution .
: IIOU5K: to Uke into Inland.expecting to I.;t : ye.terday received official attached to" the Home Squdion was adopted by a vot

\, -t .( nllAing men to He will probably do bis du* bat Mr. ,nil) not be np to high I.I.. i.otive from tile Federal Government; lust 1: cornea 5 guns, and i i. 694 ton burthen* i yea 128 nays affirming that the peo-

& -- : i rrC'rri..ty ( our.you rig I MITCHELL has been tried and we know he These despatches created I the I mo l in I it had, doiermiiitd, to supjdy Anderson at She is M Norfolk. The brig Dolphin i i" :Pie Virginia, hereby declare t their .'.consent -

: '. : )J leave their homes for the purpose of entering I will do his. Then chonld lens interest to hmr fiom the *en.! of ForfStim'er! fortliwith. 'an.I' that in thei j also atNorfok.! where she is 'lying in ordi to recognize the separate indeprnJemaI

t {' the. military !.etk cf the C. S. and wf:7 We vote threatened conflut at>d crowd of 'pi' rl.. event the Tend |lies funning'"' duty nary. Like the Perry, she is of light I the seceded l State} that they shall retreated .

: r :. for any other I hope, when our.October eml.l.'d! about the AVir ffilvi* an 1 JeU- \\ero t tired upon] .\lIellrlol1.wouil, open his I I draught, being but 224 ton; she carries 4 ( a* independent p iwef ,, and) that

1, ;- assisting in the defence of pWiS remote election shall come off. the ballot will show graph office BwYjtinjf'titth% ftvc i.h nnxit-ly: |..ttteri"ii, nnd the Government would sustain guns. I proper !laws should be'pn1 ed toitlecttieirseparation. )

& ''-: f.T\ co :+_- <. : fron thi*, which are at prettnt menaced, 1 I thai fidelity meets its just reward. the arrival of de"pctchc ,At the hourwe ,, him., at'every hazard.i ; "Itis i reported nnd .denied that Major .

V. ; I do not these lines Mr. Editor to write-h-df past 9 o\.llwk-no fntherde Holme commandant of Go ernor Inland I April 11.-A rc-so'uHion wa* acf.">pt (f ('. .'
) for pen Tho IfernlJ dds that. the AdminMra-
. : :. as .we'd as to concert the best means pxlche h-id retrhcJ'f. e ; op toometlrig i 1 also Major j Johnson have rrsignVd. Bar day by the Convention declaring that the
.' ::tr. < efficient !:ome protectiofl.i'ic .. spread tho fame of Mr. MITCHELL, for his bate (urtuer and definite beforewe tion bus itt bit determined to enforce the rfv, of f (Gilt Artillery i aboard: i the Atlantic. people of Virginia will *w.it any reasonable -
: afipiding
\ but in
iJ.ims/and tovdo ii !
: OiOJOh"ly. an .
name is known far and near, bet r wi1i eo to press with our evflitig edition. : 'th PoicJfitan i is ordered to Fort llarnil time to'oblain answer from ,tho other :

* -I. Hie; limes are fraught with Jauger0..and the voters. of the District to think of t the Half.pan nino o't"4k 1' M.-Tho f.d I aCT2re sive pirit Whon.Adm'nistra-! : of .ton to take troops on beard. CHpl.Meigs.( States lo pertain proposed l. arceivJrneriX* of .:;

-: : !loin< dei-piti.henlia*ju't been received byCol. Lion determineil order Airdfr ort out [ with his have f left Wa$hingtonI ; the .
-: '. -. vry palrlot should "stand by his arms.. rtct"I; bsvetuggeiteo. : SuMiter (".madavs PJJO tnev. nf.o determinedto |I company, 1- eingawAre-'of (ha embarras&mentit -
c1 ? *: f .Tho Ilolcornb from Col. CareyV. I for pub unknown. Gnngsof men are at that my tayi:(
Mp. ...; : .._0 Y ut.1'o'mtS.JInd jpaHirejjd*' .OU to h IIILLSDOUOUOI1. who to Chllrlcltton in ytstridn'yiftenrno&t Jo 11'0 on one ron'lil'on.: v-ix: That the 1 and .j procure .
went Roanokt Ptrry.fflixths000
: __ i Style, -' 1 work on t the I Wnbash J will xpct as an inJiapenLW.cADJIIOlT. .
.c 4or- ; .;, Fort d$ in it lift be
?e> lul11 not mo.
_. ; train prf\p"tly
0 : : 'a mlrnbcr .ur l long Ibis
tp.o flu
r-- .. 1. troops ii policy to. he a.Ifo""t. ,
4 : ; y I! -.Pn1Jc& u TI !t "IS't.ft".l t be' Rainier! '''WpfV,NHH,*" ,"''\fM\WilJ.&t. 1..1'. ti,,t' n-r I tt ,.,.t'I.d L.ll f 1 I1 ,. v unjiatlbe"attempt w ;
: JIr" 1t'c'l (hl ninli cleared for the' .
V atteDtl.j wC1'IIJ"'rol 'Iclli >nizos. I'lie.I made to ,ubu ct .._
.1)c? 'tion Icd.n! night.tTlie I'1..AI.h.lr.rrid: Liht, H re ngrea t to this arrangement, bat: t.I"- u 1.t.***. ...11.%**v.-
t I" HOME mOTECTI X. Polk'County on Saturday, : porteil! .-tF ,th- bar. Fun s t:1."t.:! m\nirt"CI.t n d'4po>:tiun to get po'*cs !on. The stearftsinp Illinois l.n.IeA0 on, andit .ity, nor to reinforce th j Zts--*Q, re cap: '
",' er ._- ,, 13ih; iiit, : > -i I "l2P M.-A ...'Uii'n i. honrlvexrytt. d, of th< Foit. rnd j I'rc'p.'rl therein. The ii rtpo.Itrli load with store and ; lure tbo fort now in the posession'i'.ja 'J"

The Surrender of Tort Sumtpr.By Fur"j!, o/ ProlateL j I Dff[[sii.lie* refiitd I licrt, sir.i I; that nn nt I. F"r..1! l (lovprnriPht would not 'jbmJt toi I t i I troops It ;ihl 111' PurTul/ern with 500 ,,Confederate. Stale, nor' to exact inipo U mthe"ports "

.: I W. Cornelius S will l t. unit-l to to reitiMnv, ,' any i Inimdiition.: nnd it 'iIlPu"lli\trly? I I.h'truini'l J i4roops i pac.ed bar bound out. ::: of the 'Con(4rav?
"it, .a private; I letter, received in this City 78 i\ tempt \ ;iy ,Tl.e t : nhip.usA ril1" advertised tol I .

\t4 from F rl
'I i f-" *. ter,1 that the wu nrftvN "ii! in Cornier, ir>d"JUppl!*'. him with provision III& : opinion of the Convention .
Fort Sumter IMS been assaulted g Virginia'would
'S !learn lhat For Clerk of Circuit Court rwti! the i iJoi
; and surrendered lo the Confederate, States the, me'iiiiini"prutfrt I ll,i'.Jand'i gt>f:i h..ef f\' r forthwith.A I 9tt. .1 ) regard any acton of the Federal
,. .. j (;. W. Ueiidrr 72 of Morris' I-buul. portion of ,the itoet Moriissey :JtJ. j I Government
: t rnc!. This information/ i is doubtless re1HiUe. troop on : which, sl.oti'.d! have or olb" ConWorareO.iverrment *- .
,. S S. I Z. Seward, Jr. C4 It is it-ported; thRt Gt II. B-Miteprd !1.1' -ft New York l.:*t nijht, will! roach Urlor1'fl' ni RoMou. i., tending produce a hostile colli"iou.
:: 5. 4O" -*. Long live the OM Wmetto. I Fur Sherijf: r a. made a demand for the cratuntiou if I Foil Charleston tomorrOw for that purpose.The.flet1 .- Bo-ton April 8'.-Sixty tons of cannon i I f pending the < ffortsjnuking foMhe adjust- S

v,* 1 t .... PumUr. will not "rrrf'nl-'Chnrl' with :meat.f existing difiu-ultre*. u-llOwiae and
.. -- ;, W., Durrance < OS bats! Itf the Walerlown Arsenal on Siturlday |
; .
; -' '- hosii'e! intent but in view to both she
of the Injurious
acdlh'at wo'uld
;, I. .- AI.fUThe absence cf the Editor will ao E. T. Kendrick I great night fe-r New Yoik J i i! rrgnrdsiu
: '
<' '-. i i .31. The Kent SCriipgte.We military preparation about Fort Su-nter, li action on the parrot ilher 1..a1il1j
,, '
count fur the lack of our usual amount of -- .
v : For C'oronfrI ni'l: a'!'ui..e ly! 1111\010 wage a war the supply vessels will go preprcd reply Tho I'nlnifllo ring at Forties* .|, Virginia froo to determine. her future pot;.

::1 5. .editorial matter this! week. i I SdasMe-Le'danJ 48 promptly to any_resistance of a wirlikeclnracter Monroe.XorfJk. i T. -'. *
5 Northern enemies. Hut it will I
upon ( ;
I ( i\hich rivty u bo offered to their .._ .
J. I). Smith 10. April 4.-We hive reports hero -
.. flnitallont1uicr. be a war of ,political economy-. and commercial p a"eftil approneh t to Fort Sumter.! this evening of a-disturbance I I

r.&. -,. ;: All persons in tho Comities of Manatee, J"". Whidden ; 31 I policy. Tho"irr" pn',**ibe! conflict" j!I ',Thn'statemtnt i is generally credited! in workmen at Fortress Monroe. among They tIll are .T : l r 1l IE: :

I For Surf.tfOri' I ; j *"
lv. BilUborough an.ll.olk. subject to military County must be rou tlt' Ol\t. But u'.its! on import \Va hinjr'on 'ire K-*. : :illo have raised the 1..lulufll under -o-

." : 1 W. B. Vain 76 1 The HerntJ r.f thi ;.r' rnoon has aspi'ei'itl Ion; use w.Vls outside J : The flsg finally IIJOI"' J by the Soul her 12'
\ i. 6ntr, will bear in mind that Saturday, the will be the (fie?! of batlto, r.nd there d an d.-yed alJien to !
? : spitch' from Charleston i. inndti
Louis Lamer I stains inlcfcrc. Congress as 'I.r..nlcll 1-eldt.! _
:i 1. -.' -. 20lh .inst, is the day appointed for the -, 3 will the oaU, of battle! toe turret). Tie lh"t A flee.1 of seven C'Mernment ve !els I I'Three stripen, (he first red, the nest wliit 1 .

L1 ; : Bittalion Muster, to be held! in Tampa. j. John McAuley! 9 I Norjhern Gojernnunt may end, for lmrll hire (been reported l off the bar: Anderson :' In'U.Tho an I the third red. In the extreme left hand
; Mobile Alctrtiser alluded 'to the
.. For C'oionlrJ'j : d ,
County sijnnU i
.. eHeI'I"e during the iiis-lit, tint all I corner of tIlt fl.ig. at the blue
and consult .engineer*. 'Jhey .tnd.prori lop, on a
may seizure of San
TJic 5 n.I." cck1r tcn,. \, S. Harris ", 81"I .ibe military the city were put under reported Domingo by Spain ground, are nen while stars in a circle ? '
r I ions, and] t troop, and mortar, and : .
,, 1 1.01 n5 says
tirm at tnidnignt hl:nnd that
-: i ,, We have received tho fin>t- Xo. of the J. Hambleton :" ,'" 74Isnac i I gun. and, t bombshell* and hot to fca.- Ta'bot had left Washington: having Cnpt. i:i! "And Fiance is to gel luck. her Hiyti

\t, St-mi.Wtt-k1 News, poWishcd in Tallahas- Walters C4 '1, been d, nied the of ;: and avenge the names of her slaughtered! -
nil nlwut
oxter privilege tack
; ; They m y 'irely. going toSurtilef. : :
,. i '
children tho -
1 ''Th 1; Rari foot Editor and 1 Proprkator. Joseph Mizell &0 i on degraded descendants 0'1' I A" 'IiED. S
i-- : ue. .' J. : Fort Pie'krnll, Ky '. anti Torll1ClIs! the insurrection! S ,
.' 0 :.- Henry Mansfield 40 'I lti i not do-il!tJ hero t tht! a 1 Urga I II ;!, by giving tlrr m: I I
Terms $3 f
I .. per annum. ther mar cruise about the Gulf.and u-m. I lion of ,the porj : tcrs-o
; ,.. The Ar if* :U to be a trictfy inJfptn. 1.I Z. G.Seward '' 50 I hue'the IlrittMi., French and,SpnnUh tWu. j! New York are troops destined recently for ertba'rked Texas, nhik\ at useful to lhcm-elvis. jnd the world. \\ ,. I; .

V sot looking alone to any F. A. Hendry 40I i. wonder Sounder( mcli renewed regime thehc'rsoflhe .
dUlt'l1eW'r"ptr I But their Toyngei are vain an-t ffectivc. : thin arentt-r portion ..f 11,1" tl-et is destined i I WIIITK.BCU. )

fart!or cliqne (support, but one that will !J Ja'lrd I Sol. Godwin .. 53Wm. The r m't of the ttruccI J bctwem the' for Forts Sumter and Pitkens.WASHINGTON. ', : expelled or slaughtered French I a 'ItI
.- : planters in lUyli can put in their ___ __ .
S ')[tTtt'o. an1 1 under alcrcumstunce! ,I < .Ccllougli t S'orth and South 1,1 m! be ldl..r, 'i..o d et..r. April 10.-Tho. wholeOcfimtecr tor then* would if mlained l. supply owner l1iml. I ..; .,' -i-r. .

". and> side '(air i t I I. John Mac. Milx-IUnd) 0Jhin min l. The m'iIIt''It' railed out for inspedfon the I .
each every a showing; that > South has th tl'ii: moming, (lie obj"cl being tidrMft > I I I t.5 ,
will! in allow itself to l le restrained I Futch i position and can "achiev \i. but a stolen! libe-rly. France recognized
:. DO rave an en"v Morv ( into ili* 'I'fil' cf (lit, I ..
.; teL of from for Couty SitS ,- i!1 governmonttho Ibo independence of Ilnyti in but .
40 by any man or men, giving : The protective lofUI1.L Hitfot'lh.! N"i'tilrKn full regiment. There is intense excite 182. I .
.1 nulm viti :
ltd ) i tithes toluvN 1 .
.' Utterance to it ts own views upon any and ,< (. 0, Town-ship 29 Range 2< 71 1 1I i I to meet a iNrenu: Tariff of Confeilrrtlatc ment fier. .hHf. and: tho pr dcscend.irrt j jrty of sltves { 5 ':

13S: .: p all! fubjects di,cns-5on, .ud: thAt will I I S. ": -. of Sco. 29,T. 9. 80, !H. 23 10 I 111\t !. Already! Kalev dl"('itctl the 1 An exprrns !trrcnr 'laUs' tint the new This would be 1 likely prele'xl'Cor rr.iikin -5-- ., ''oj;, .

$ .," takejlic proper fteps .to giv > ,the public 'I Herrien 50 I-a.\ upon EnrojVHn; naliori', -id: yt they :btenm lug V'jnlfa aicd! from New York, the blacks men, and lliiyli is worthtionglit : ,
S I :Mud L\ke- as ignorant' nn<] m-iuU 1111 prejudu on Mciti.lsv c"l'ninwith *e, lcd order*.- unless .
1 to
tie latent iitUibgence, from abroad thuy ars.!
;I against the ( the jN'tifth.Ci The Yanfcre i is av, -l of about 100 ( : :
II j iu It" jwopKj <' .- < ton Fion : i. '
I ew
.0 Center of York. .
L&. and at home. Countylsther'a I >min, r,'inl and mMtiuftduiin: ; illltTU.liluvt burden, and :carried with her n largeqmnlity New

5- If the N'o. j is of those I Dranels- 1 .developed the of and York, Murch S.-Wlr preparation*
present a sample. friendly 1'eJinli no !oontnnniftMrd. I provisions 150 federal on a hare scale conlmne unabnted.
S .
4 5 to follow, w predict an. abundant success to -- !' And nlun, in addition\ to t hits ;, tioop. The Harriet' Lane .has sailed sealed

t THE ErrEcr i* BALTIMORE. despatch exaction jC.lu'i..II.lIgrf.'lthly mo,Israte, trim : WA.SI'I '. The viI
GTOS. April 11. ;
the Editor in his laudible enterprise. We public orders. The Illinois and ( ore taking -
: I Irom Baltimore to the Montgomery Adrtr all ihe.! rt' .t cf the wtrld lh.. Ci nf '
<-d 'rultSlalc I biiildinc* and! atenue of h a'
every appro to a heavy armament, including
ixttnd Mr. 13. he of
cordially ( ZT liter I
says : '* i
'S fellowship, and.:! incerely hope that our pre'S -I The sraHike preparations have canced an from our unfriendly DHghbvr for whjcli there u yet no assignable !hundred mano.wn troops. I I '

dicticcj will) Ic 'more Lan verified. I increasing excitement here. The reeling north of f".nlline) Iixon's) Lin, the l'AII'(. The frigate Roanole has floated'I : "

'rt! S opposition to coercion i ill growing intense. name converting ;in'.l.ifn ui il!| .int"li ,! The mustering into service of the militia out. i is said tint he goes ben IVkens I \

: .. f Many army and navy officers threaten to !h itvslf l i Ji tBo mind* aid heart c>f the 5 ill pro:re*.inj.I | )thence to Texas to assist tn
lou "
IU\toJUTJO" or -
resign if war is commenced against the : foreigners near at we Late l l-ebeld work'ng'; I Thp Kvidine: R.-pnbiicans here now ,. in 11m event of civil wsC.
;; .. Washington: p. ''b say : Governors OUIr\i under any circumstance | upon tho* afar off. I'il r:1IoIl' prtniiijTi i a"erl that the whofi. and ,
: of Indiana Dennison of military naval The Itallic s ied! at seven o'clock, accompnnied :
Morion ,
-L4 Ohio Lieut. Howard, of Maryland, has already i interest will ourcome ti'iMmct llnoritui : outfit with which the Lincoln governmentha ) by a sleamlng.
Wahbuvne of Maine, and Cnrtin of Pennyvanii t resigned and South to offer his about African ,
: gone service privilege*; wdlrnwoth down been occupied for several dav past is The steamers /'irroorwand Yankee have
T1 ) were to President Davfs. It is rumored that j ruftl-d arrogance and cool een the fieryde .lespnrd? to operate in tho ne'ghbohood of I, been chartered by the Government for a .:

,si for two !hours yulerday, ud came to f Col. Lee also purposes resigning.i "ire for a war of' ann, if it ni"t! t y}. I In Charleston. ,I I short = Fort ." -

1 an nndertanding to place the militia of Enlistments for the Soaih are increasing I Iwo years from thn time the Xorthorrv I Lir.-1hi 1 Siimter.Lieut.voyngo.. They probably go to ::21I
I" mu'tennfIlo mvu-o ofthe
each State'upon a war Tooting. Governor I
.f I rapidly. for itfeif uiid r the disrtrou i ftet'ts rf tin I
I Volunteers Rircxcur Fourth
lett for Hu (0the call of the Lincoln ArtiPefy, U. S. I
CoulD sbur-
: on Saturdayn'glit. ,
i Gentlemen from .Virginia say she will war of rolihilh not only! mu.t Irir.; government is only pnrtiilly: succ . the -
V. i to prepare a rnet*.ge tu send.to certainly; secede i if any blood is spilled. j. k'into sharp competition with the sUrxingi Nnml-ers fearful of : 10.- here all
nre being called papers
Monday Tie
L-sVatore recommending th! away agree
i'niWtliaie There i is a decidedly incrc-asing prejudice i I.il>or, abounding capital and great cnterpri to fiiht, while. others are unwillingly to that the war ships are for Charleston bar. .
; i j a !le-pii&n of measures to orgnithe @ /
against allowing Republicans to )hold e of Eurojv.in! uation, but act willy : take the ofttfr bor. 1 reach .
.. militia t>f the Commonwealth, Apd to requires! apprehensive tbiti hey arc expected to there I thisevening.
office;and toilenco is threatened 2in"t put it at a pc>Miiie and insuperable Ji'adf bo I ,
they ru y compelled to Cjht against /1
President LincoJfl. i
tcnJcr its to
l S : set them in case of Ille'attempt being raide. f "'antae-the :orth! will be glad to gtun and The Tribune
; Maryland Virginia i in case those States :\OTCt war and justifies /
--:-' the attitude of a fritnlly by l
I power lkinlo secede.! il.I /
.Ioi' ARMS FOR rUE SOCTH. the Cin- U-' A. B. Dicknv; the Minister : It .
with the
I ; term Conf.- -rato State: W. 1
ap- i. The with 200 and Tu .;Tstef
( Illlnolt oar State
6 cir.DI\li i Gazette of Friday slates that the i pointed by Lincoln i --- lali Georgia, belongs tie
to is '
t Nicaragua, liie i only fear that !some of them will not be I'! with sailed; last
t1' rpmenls rur an srtilery! company ;inclu, )eenileman who thanktd God, in the New I content not to embrace u*. It will I.o un i i" BLANK I .c trop*, evening. They I konor of having presented a flag under

three pit es In.rAn ordnance were York Slat Senate somo since that : rtAIJI.S FOR LOST /IRSb"S, carry .1 signal roce1 !]! which the
ijjng &: year neCl'IlIiUY; to fifk Philadelphia! ew'ok I The intense j gallant Southron will assert his
i i
( that for the! ; he had never been to school I S.4LF. lOt the:"Florida! aiuMihr" "c.I mol previsj j jI ,
t shipped on fhuivlsy rorn port for threeS i and Boston with Southern EOR
S i !troop. IIDJ [be here and lock rights and defend hs; honor. It
with d
4 nre was
i tumbling .
; I war- .
Wtf IP his l'A.\ '
o' "C".f.iIi':; : I !"ld ll c'i' "'r'r" (?'irk'tcii' Mtrrtr.., .' .ficc.rrI.; .,. I, .Ii ,:: .
.. .. t.t: ,e ; f".l"'I\ .r: ;1 l.r a ''n t, "1'm ,O :'1'U T1S 11.

e C *.
-. *
; ", m .. ;
*% .
> 'S ." ; S

', .- .''III .
: : '; .' -
to ".

\ : .. S


4 .
'i. pF ',. -.. .- .. .
,. -
; ,
\ -
AJ. : .-. -jJr. -
4'.J'. :., : -_ -' .: ..".". .._ .__: .:.: : r".1' .' .. '-- A .3 -

._ ... ., :.. _... 0. v' .
)....s.J..._. '.".."'-' _.-. -. .. ;"_. .. 'r"r. '> 1
J' -
5 ----,- -- U _.....-,.,." .- '_. .. ,.', -.. ,-- i'S 4 -
.-1.. .. ... -. a' .
.', :

.. '

I"5 -, :


'J' / S T

.. -

.L .. ,
--- '

.11 jir S.- -i:_. _0. FTuLw.Wz? .&.'10 .c iiJz W. CBsmva. ,, ,
:: '_ IT; SEW\ ORliBISS S & M WEST JUST JECEIYED i New York. X y w..L. Tampa. .I

ii? .:J;; t > I Ic AJ1.JU CLARKE &;,CO.4,r 'LL : ',GEKTLEMlTS

to.receipt of U- eir rellielecl.NS5jppu- < ... ) U. S., MAIL STEAMERS. c. L. 'F B I E BEL.E .. -

( O ]li, _, T-Z fe THE !UEGCLRSemiMonthly ; i .
wa 4 ( soW RECEIVING: by UjVsikvonerS.
FROM.L lQ 9Q RY: 1bGoInf1'A&. .()Ltzsu.. : >' ,.Ie' Orteanc* jj. : Pttttr 'direct from Sew T.vrE and 1 1l FltRNISHIN.G. .
: 4 ,) ", U, ,.IAi1{ ;$ t .
.Eiii" l Itis
ptOlfcn r-r' ; of 1'oJoDJ ) I .!ic&Qi.arts'; trltl r.,,'; jl. 3 : : :% t-eafl1JipS, G A LVEliiTOV' 01.eklng j ,'

: MoBlgoratrj. Confederate .j : .Tap4c5n4L; JI.r./e ,& 1561. j "'" .\GUIID.\. (1000 WELL-SELECTED STOCK 't J STOREIF- -
-.-- : I le.-r. fromvU,BoYdtr.SuW nd 0.0. COUNTIES of 1st'.t*... I Ifll.'wirunI., t"ti..11); ) ) wiU'eall! a* all the tutennediate or'f t

SLaW! continue! to poor in-. out ;: THE. P l.m: e n be jU'tm-p; -jl, point on the Gulf. : FALL & \V.IXTERGOODS: .
* 7000 from ttTe former; an4 3 from theYer.i : ,-A .-, .- ,t.., .'tr., 7 I IOa command w/Iiieli/ will \\n lU"i i;. uvd 'to Ueur T'arriv,? at Tampa. from e\C' Ortt'll"*. onth 1 .

about 2000 Ja Qncirt, From tie Con. : li: 1i' itr; :following aI1jt:141,71' CoI>Juhn Tariff. ,:.: i iTW lth and V.h orJth init.; departame ..111I> WHITE CUKE & BROWN -
: -- Counties of LCTT anj IleroYndo will Toarnveat Tampa.from' Havana and) Key ,
f Sl t "trot" ftf8 orerwbelday- rlfy 'o" .O.D. ,
derat.e %
: compose a Battslionihecommand of which Wwt on the 13th ard 27tL lutlt.! depart 1 C

t. ua : ;* ; ..Browa BleachShirtine; and Sheeting*- ifine it .MicttfJ to Maj.. Jamer McKar. I: .(.iine day*. onm cffc '
, : The CaUnetbasb. D i'aeui i D sit 44 eoarH.-Kentucky ,Jean.. '' '. .Br Order \\ I. TURNER, For(u.rth..r informfttion. freiel't or I'u.e PRY GOODS .

on tlw atreogth otLe nes from \V sb- Caimer7 Tweed*. Casonett. Col,'anii Rgt r. M. ( Tioz escillent aeeommodatw>n..)apply to HARD-WAKE -. t.
4Ington. c tW. II 1.onHjr eipcctfd Fanner* and Mechanics'Cuime.lr1borO -1- 17. G.rtu1u: 4 J-OJJ, j"- CUTI.ERY t tSA
Important -
RrciutMAL Oabcc. o.4..* I _1I "CI'Xaiiipa. \ ,

from, Wellington,.and;, a Uu U pcn-:. Hickory and Chac- A Dattalion will be held in Hern&ndo Co, |, cf.l. .v :. 1SGO '. 40-tf DDLFS & :

I **cola it *antieirMtfrl oon. I ta1w } t2lpes, nL. at Rrookirille. on tlc K-couJ ,Sat urdtv, _r, RUIDLES Clothing; ,

; dotll.ieb wss1ovgt'.tWs.mornng -Denim- .' the Utli of April 1S61 With a superior; lot of .

Let Wfa E. ;J.BanVN iUor of the Cofed. # : -L.ta"y ,..< ",>. In Uill.borou-h Count)', at Tampa, '.. onSa'nrday :r-! PENINSULAR .
and Coiu'b
(ratio and J. T. Wo**, corrrtjwt.d-.nl of .. ., 2 lIiL I April: ,

th* cbaruton" y vit. .*' iimicslAjr d- S._ 1iltht.o.D&JQ In Polx, at the Coonlv" Pita, on Saturday* jj'OBOFFICE! At price that willASTONISh HATS-
r the 27th April.
IL' jOtted after :oal :
rarties; ..1\jartd;: cray. Hue. Red 4itiiped ml'te atb.. variotu Battalion muster j ttmlison Street, Tampn, Fin. i z.ir Call and set for yourselres.27PROYIIONS I .
i.. .Boots Shoes
I The Comm fl oDfn.al'Ma' to t. impress Flanneli, white andcolored grbunJx at 11tI.' lod' of the Jay previous toI I .
:'Catabricki, ilo.lin pe I to te drilled the Battalion Cora1 I .
now muster by
lbit .JhCli uzwdition : All orders forPLAIN i
f- rw! .iIi ttlrlicikf ,
lain*. Alpaca*; Merino of c V filtioe oat !5".principaUf; }inf
nt l1ig.nl Army and Na"J' offi.r. are of ll.t.Cap Bonnet-Mi ,e & Ladie*Flat, 2Wh R'-gt, F. M. HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SEW SCP- .

S the opinion that the Ulktf t the New York BOOTS gHOES-of all d description; .. i I of 4--' tf.S .

EipJiuon i i. Jestidf'i( TrXM, to operate large ataortment of Rr..oU'EUU Ointn No. K. COATS, VESTS, PANTALOONS, : r

S on the frontier ngiinit Mf* can' and I lodiiu IIARD-tfARE.. CUTLERTj FARUINOUTENSILS. Tl'm mbvr, of Bat X o. .. 'IIiIMiorouiti will be filleil nutneu.'CbUrfl(15( antidirpitchsudi I or ASUPEHIOIl Gtntletnen'a sad Ladies' .' '; :-'
residence in IIilWroitl M ,I JifiOES. GAITERS. nosE lc.:
the Brato,' Fort County nliOJf are -
and .
re-occupy QUALITY
to ; i will ECK-TlE.S. COLLARS *
untlcr'tlie div-son. -
I newrountr rtr"rCur I .
! Hro n. and .Uo the fort i I on tli. Indian eon.i..tin ofI .l the l uf(-. 7/rtn-/ 1/1,. Butlntts Cart*. \1tilny; All of which will N soil f