c ; : F2vv g, ut'HZ l..T' 'thti CiruiUle ,' mireuTSS. 1h'S .wntteTWlffi7 :at fa ll m .' Saie of rff 'or. x :/" '. NOTES. ..,
I I't 'f< \$ .*tentJn. to.ita.objects.V Along themost, blahd and uniform temperature of the (having'staid too 19115 at the North,) yet.as'the WILL BE SOLD on Thursday the first Each sahhourJbe accompanied ti' by a tyf''fo t. .
atmosphere and there are no local to and health Junr A. D., 1849, between the boors ,
'I.M&'':,11* the situation of Physi causes spring summer approached, my signed by one or more responsible. persons, in Ac fo1IO !-
ins impede its complete on.. and constant exercise. of 10 and o'clock, at the Court House at lellonville .
.Ipt ';- for diseases'of the opcra j gradually improved, by \"npnnnf'r.viz -
& ; \ ,;j"b u >tt the City of New York, In accordance whh this general ,view of the in culfi jatini! the soil, strict attention to diet, Orange County' a sufficient! quantity of the follow- ." The uadorsi n:d guaranty that ""it

"* JMIn' r '-4U that all others, C0n" matter, the diseases pJiich generally prevail ,' and thi exhilarating intluence of the sea bree- ing taxe TracU diife the or State Grants of of Fioridj I/MV to nl I satisfy the County anl pay of Or-the his bid for carrying the, mail from to ; -

F-' **
td4: d cuaractcr in Consumption, fc" .r from irregularity of fliet. the diseases J J removed and my constitution invigorated, so I legal l cot3 and chirg to wit! r an obii jfion prior to trie first day of March 'n.extwithgoad '. :

'an'it"tt i '\' ja change of climate. Italy, not known here fire all the diseases of children, 1 that fqr.several years I have been able to re- 4IO{i) acre/ of land( fvin opposite< Merrill'! and" sufficient' sureties, to perform. the service pro-. .. -_ .

tht1 Wfrt' India 'Islands have all such as : whooping; cough, scarlet fever I sumsany official lubprs-am able to preach hlan:1:I on Indian river granted to Joj-pi! Dol'fpine on P03'd. .' '

wy'4 ,7 ; fttIOrttd .to bH': each have peculiarities' and smill pdx, intermittent and billiou fjvcr, '! three tuiks on tly- Sabbath, and often through the ninth ihy of Apr.1: one tbou'rnl eight hundretl anJ ThMsh pld! ce accompanied by the 'Certificate of a .,, I _
iiw) other that the .
tsI # !! *t to ha'f ,I' xrtraHzc4 'the advantages except when brought from the country, and : the week, and uo\V enjoy the delightful hopeof and sev.nten, by Tho SpantJ\ Go.-erura-jnt, and is now pzimaster.c. or of equivalent and testimony able' make, guarantors their.- .- : ," L -.
that re
men to good ,
f li-' itUwewL' Wrl; attested cases of the good mania a potu have never ben known among' many: years service in the blesd[ work fciippose' ,! ta belong to Michirl Lizarus. Th? above property. .f : )
:'iU A o/'f.t. 1 r> tfo climate of Florida 2000! inhabitants.. It is a remarkable fact, that which 1 seemed to bo just about closing: up ten land will be sold! on the first day o1( July 1348, to sat- guaranty.The .s 4- _
( 'UJP' "'
; : 'ft "4:or presented to my nttcl that new disease,'the dan;ua fever, after vi ;t-I 1 years RY'U. As.I do notoloubt that under God, pfy nn.l 1 pny trw taxes due the Sate of Flojida an J the proposal should be cent to the deparpnent sea'fd .; >1ft. .';. "
,1, t4 .I. enlorsd Proposals for No. in FIori- .::
i :I wath\ iziduced to try thq cx- ing thVcst lnia Islands, crossed over to the I owe aft these (li tin uishd blessings to my. County ofOranze for the years 1813 and 1846. ., : -
.ti ab1hft da"isnJ addressed to the Fiat Assistant Postmaster.. :
AW! WF1 be fold at the same time..and place, ; .
continent and tra\'clleJ f..lr north l'hihidtlphia l' residence \iu Florida 1 but feel
i.rMtrI! c.*, **, which my own.fcchnJi as t'.s cannot a strong G -neral. ,. '
: I tW Sfr .C'Mier'i d.and l with view to U ( but onitefl; to pay thji f.l\9l"ite ilic'cvcnl desire that my happy oxrjeriunce may be ben- 102.10 ncrof Ian r on the Northwest Head of J .b i *- ; .
& Inlian River J Government to For the Prohibition of bidi from combinationf -
; granted hy thSp"nih resulting -* '
of the subject I a paRsing no ic.e. Several cass c.mo; c'icial to some scorns of ministers and hun- .
iatioxi ,
{ *" ;t; .
.jIJtuga. L'aWo! Font3ni on the 2Gth. day of Jane. one tlunmndei and the terms and conditions on which the con I
'mu.-?\ >4t *{Kjplaoe! myself. lam, now from Ch:1fbsto:1, liut wihont communieatin it t dre-ls of other sum ri1r invalids at the North, : be made .;
t1 ;ht hundred! en J si'Ventt-cn, an:1 piircha-e-l by JosephD tract w to see the last annual advertisement. I >
w sntli'ld""t.-bd fU', :jtfon,that this favored land in.n, single instanc. The climate- t:1is: citvm laboring under! yiciphnt! nulmonarv and broa-: I .*!le8yln of Pablo T. Tontan- on the ith day of Bidders are notified that, agreeable to the provisions '. '.

I .,m ldmb i ( wot that; presents more adililnarian \( by found of great benefit in cases spitting dual diseases, in my of whom without a change I Mirch, 1S22, and i i" now supposed now to bt'lon to of the act of Congress of 3d March, 1845, preference I. > '
'm.r !'o rlu' v.tJ in consumptive of blood, asthma,scrofula, dyspepsia and iheumitism of chmat ,\\'iI1 in u.short time; sink and died under I Michael Lizani. This'tmct H dOGbl -t3XcJ fir the 1 U to be given: to those proposals (being acceptable in '

G&iIiih; any MJj *;OIl earth, and that this as well as in consumption!> in its dilfcr-i the s3writv of the northern Winters. Aid I I year I81f( an.l 1847, and will be.80M, or as much ''oth' repects) which shall stipulate to-deliver' the .
is the fitv oi Augustine; in the Terri- cat rietie.;. Ther nr3' a number oc.prsons I jev thosi: sufferers could now he saved, be ivstOrcd -'1 th'reof as will'satisfy and pay the"ta..xei lue the S.nt!, steamships or whips to provided for carrying'said

:; "p-wr (I'DastFWBH Convinced that by' disi.w.'U who have re il d..h'C for fix or ofchi years i t to comfortable health, to beloved friends 'I of Fl rida and. County of Orang**,'tDgeiRcr with all mails to the United States,or to'thdr proper officers,

Jtj ; a'ii w u "l: -w\th\ regard to this place, past free from attacks />f dfseane, who came : and jrooinfd! : efulnes if they would summon [ lo;rll coU>,,hd rhaigcs.Al on demaed made, for th-j purpo.e of being converted -
hfrs4ft: iiinQeJiu ti'h 'h subject. I shall be sub- originally ns invalids, the! history. of whose resolution I, overcome obstacles, break I a- I o-Will be ?od! at th< sam time and place into a vessel or vt b-of-wrir.

1 &iii* errangtl ..j, .f fjtjnanity, I Ji.ve taken hesoortvar'rlJ"n cases 'would lead m' to conclude that sornj of wav from friends and pleasant home.. at onoe, I 5JOpl) nc/cs of bail lying on, thj North -H.-a l of For the manner in which the tnn ft.'r to the govern- ,

; to you thjs circular.; with them were ,iii!i the last stage of co.isarop'ion ; ; and go early in the fall to the South, resolving Ind'nn River, and granted to Jo.-K-ph Dele!pine: on the m-ntistobe made, and oth<*.particulars, bidders are. _'. '

It; that; v> tar as convenient, you wpuldii : I others with )rlru.3c arid frt-quant ha3morrh ig (, if needful to nnkca homo: there for life, or tin I 9th day of April, 1817, and supposed to belong to referred to the advertisement of foreign mails" of the .t. .

1fltnoiac .= ": &- rhqse who within your I from the' lung*; and sunvj with rhcnnntism. til they can safely return to the North with iivi \- ..1 Michael Laziru, an 1 in d! u!I.tnx..d for the \vars 2Jst of April; 1847. C.: JOHNSON, -.:, I
1S1G ani 1317. nnJ will be soil! ttti4'vanJ p-.j'the i "
aterested in tha During t.winter there] ? arrived hereabout : cra'ted constitution It be acceptable \ ( FstxnasterGenerJ. .
lc 'I a ; bvi info/mp; lhc.lh ; s. tniy t. 4' 'I' .
: ; tues d'itE! State rf Flo.id'i; and Coiu.y of Oanj / .
8,1847. '
,1 4$ st 'r si.Uv;; invalids ofixll sort; oftl\! number only toimalids! thinking of a southern. rebiiicncc, : for the theabovc-naniKil! _
;g4 City of.ft. Aujjustinc, one of the old' f.t tfiroi died. I }have Mace; hcurd of the d'\-ilh that I should! (ljJ( thrir: consideration a few I Al':Will b. F."d.:: at thf san <* time and place, '. \

; t t11tl $ !3oattliiin; ;jt, 18 situated on 1110 At- I It'pf {five individuals: of this nuinber-sinco\ their practical sug-jestioiis hi detail, ,which have Ksulted I5OOO acres of lrn.llyin: : near Spring Hml"n, ami E'lorhla rnnd Sales '
Uit. north. The soil I return to tho.nonh. and observationat [Ijlj be offered for sale,at Auction on the 7th ; ) I
30 then review ot' from much
&ttW; rnast iIUlt.'t'lt i Taking}; a experience i 13 rupposed tu !b!jon: to fie Estitc of Pnul Dtipou, to 'V V I of ,
miles i is mixture of shell the above facts witn thi tlf"f the South. day March 48/at the County Site of '
It. 1
kt? the pte:* a together testimony : s-atWy an'1'piy th$ tcs tnrthu yenr 1817.
bray,... MIl ,04. H e hcxisssare generally built of several r.spcta1ile geatkm2I1 Whk1'e pas'eJ. 1., Let no one suppose that the southern cllnute ;- Al-o-\Vill be Jold!; at the sarji- time and p'.ire! Benton Towi ,h'p County 21: Rsnge East Florida 18, and, in several tracts 24 of land in I', :.' 4

,tt1i.4i f41.. 'sicv f'.". after the old Spanish mod-.?, a wiI1t..r ia the south: of PI1i1'c:., ih Italy, and can work niirjcU-: and rtitiie :l'l.- ; :;OO) acres of Ian 1 jwf $'.** S;.iyrna, tnipo edt 21. Township Range.t\"f '. -:. 'i
:tWit! v IA the rear ; but owing la ia St. Croix, a n(1( whn! with! .o dmicnpreflr A:111t no perw.rf.ir: g >n,; with th'j consumption ) bebnj; to Cl1rkd"arf! to uli"ly and pjy the ; -

1t! .414' ': '.l ty of construction, not the flnut of St. AUgUstitoCitler! we inutconcludethatit : go to th,} Sjulli to die auioui straftgers, t 'xos fir ths y nr 1847. Marion On th? 14th day of March', at the. Court House "of'-' "- _
County, sundry tracts inTown.slup .
i their decline to I ,Al*---\Vill be soliU at the enni" \i:a* end pac! .
t6' t.itaof hs States.. :.Alarg to truss toilr* }healing qualities'cT!hls fine cli-) all the kind.srinptthE.s.and Uc.itiou-j; ofr.,1 I :,{>O acres of land, a prt of tlie ,Sibbuld Tract I IL 13, Range 23, -t

158 .5 fiff":" Wh* ''. .',' .It iatiigi_ : liM_. fi,r>p% ,. -*-J4n.L.ptjt.4'h; ,lijn-in .<\.;..h.?: _-*".l-v )ifjirvt-f! >f attT>tJ.Prttfl t IIPP()=3rd tb Lelony to a..,Mr., ._Starg... of Ni-w York-", 'to. .-.. -- '., ;' ,. '. }13. .," -"J"2f"--- _21. .' --i'-' .: -
nn.rp1Y'cic tnxt lort y&ffgr!.
i ObCUOOII that score.tj nom",u-jdor the same l:1wsnnd amtag his own this pumt, our hearts liCvofteribkd over the y Ht":'', 1/ a' -
ff.ttitn : ) .I'Y } 2. -
Al-o! Will be sold the
r at 'Fanplflce, on the 1st / 3 #
***** -It',< i3 ..,r .; lace u Catholic church, a I peoplevrith whose l Jahits and minuers he is speeuy dej p arture of invalids almo-las soon as j dy of March. A. D. 1843 SOO acre: of hnd on \ At Madison Court House, in Thursday the 23d .. -
a ; ''i'tjidW u. .w it', Vi Preisbjtcriaa) chili r ch i'lmllvir: than to transport: himself! to a foreign tney arrive Amongst us even b--iuro distant on the North i'ille.f FIoMiker: Cre -k. on Tndiin Rivfertlielopsta March : .,. _
.' in train lanJ,UlUJmr :Iranz-rs who-.c services end f-iends could arrive to sm join tie: diiij? pii- I '. l .
.." .1 ntI :l.ll. ; ,1 niaa ;ur-w iaro sympathi.s : the E'tatof; Garvn; to satisfy and pay ttbta.vstor I 'ctbn Township. Ran e. :
1uniIF1 t1.f"t't'lr ,,:('4 (Ii !i'Episcbp-il c.ttMch.ttr. Tin can be purchased only .it ovcrv sacri- low. I thyiara l ItflTt and 1847.; TheSEof 53 'IS 7J. > I

"m H "UlhcieIl varrty tf mat: lice r'rid at 11! .> risk of every thing herd most L'. l-t noue b.-ili.cou raged from going: South A!*'---At the' P.TIU- time and! p'nc! ;*, will !Iin IoU, S W i of 24 1 S 7 -

Jh ,:... 11,"(;th')uJh Hill;! of good( <11t1-!: dear."" VosJrs yes p ctfiilI v, in the wly friyrYM ot diseye! bec.iusu tliey I ..t.:1I: ) acr,'" of land ulfth..c"f'i.! .!,' of St. JoJimlli N Wi l of ) I, 7 : -

yoriEfl14b ';I '' iadltr* ii4 a>U tinii tuil.i,'and "c:u-. '. AXDIttiW: ANDKii_.OX\r. I). 1 1J :| hear el' iua'l)* individuals dying there, vliup.1st ; tr. on a Creel about f.v.:Ive in.le:! ? SC:1Ah.of L,!!vilunrz ." N E $ i'E 21. J. 1 : f t -tiThe -

4.'L f || U'fa1{ ;a id fis icqutl to any in th,Jiltwj -- '; urn' aifjvasonriblu hope! vvhe.i th-v 1 L.t: ( *, gaL! 't II| r.) An'onlo: : Hi-rti p-c.'nt owner un- j of 1 :, :
4 ,ir. >;.ImdLtt, *, intuit t, wIiiiug, craM' 7V..77? <.L.:/ I'1.'.'.11 Tvv.irADVICK ./'-. hoiu >, aid o.i/ht/; n-vr-r to have J I' t it th! 'ii' friends! kiown.: to "1'i ifv /111.1 1 pa y flit N.'JS f.ir the >,'ar 1 8 11.I '. W'i of (! ; \ 98 : :':71'- :

.'t nl .'ti.ri-.11 light i easy,yet tlOurhh- TO IXVALIJJS.TO ; when tking: into the rallilc' it i i.< i}, iaJully : I, 1\1-\t the cam" tin; : -ini pif! ;, wit !I." (*-oM! At JITlr>ouMercu Court H.i, ,!.', Oil Monday the 27t1i

,4J.t A'.n, J'jr tlnr fut..f. tij.a! !ig"tljuittie : : I "'\.tl1i FOX. THE SOUTH A? n ::IK rsicsss" trw t'lut! liiiny: suu permis! Inve (tit t.at .2.yJ2 ?-! a?.'.'* if f-.nd. on: thNorh.v.: >i UeI : ". .[."IT. .

p'rI ''I'. t Atu' n icat variety of Utchen vc- ,. A'I: that! a.rrm ):, i. will he g;v n c..r hi;* life." the.'on1! : !II, i i. i i... uinmlly: ; .tM'l'u.t' n Aull: i."dii .- ,! .f Ta liin RX-tr: i fir nf :*h Low: Gu t, .Mipji' it>d to ;, R. ;,.
&;! 1 ';.nrt T tn Lf'u.L 1 "n.1 1 SaJ.1! i'to K-ti-f; ) ud 1 jny tiifu E J of N W I of 13, J S. 5 K: .::
TJH a',Viivc and Sato would also II.i\iir: uiitl I !; Providt-ncd'avc'd 01o'lllif : > wilt go :.sjuiii cZtl.iY'nC1.1\'e gn.at IA'lklit, I \ 's Jbril'yttir li.11.. E ofHW1of lJ: J 5 "

bt A *J pIHl v.il 1] n > douljtbshoitly! intro- and inv' jor.itcd niy health ll'> a .huri.r/enc<* atiJ. 111:1:1\ ot tlienuir: ._' ji'-nn.\i'Mitiy cur d. I Ano! '-Will be O.l.1'! at t'a! ? urne thu' and I pi.ict5' -, W j of X E 1 of J.1 1 5 -1 i 1 .. '
:). ". rtHtl it itrt place 1/1 foni" rcspt not in tha south; gratitude to God; for dv-'lix-jniiici; :*. 1,'t'i pulmonary! invalid by toe aid of siju /f>') acrc of lam!. on th" Nonh;v>i Head of t 1-1 Wif.SE4of It I 5' ,

4atan ; tI U 1Jift >iiicncicrtof a large andrtoinly from all ojM-niug g'l'nfor restora'iun to mvfamilv :H-JOUS pln iciaij, to impressed with his' ilaacr I i'nn' RivLrb,l.nj.r:: >5 to'JieMat- o*" Holvrt Me.VrJy, .4' S of ::11 I -1 5 .
;!: .'.:' rot to l-c denied ; and to tho work of thrj ministry, as \vdl ia tini, bv'foraiiis-nstj has listened on his i; tu s-tLfy rn.l 1'-')' the' th--! taxes: fitI"! yir Ibl7. NLt.f 1 Ij; 2 5

:; 11110 "vil that will soon cure it- as syjnp.ithy) fr the afflicted, con>tnun me to \'itLtL! '. Let him go cadill tho. f.ill: to the I AIS.I-\viil IK !>(,!.I lit tu! t-nnje* tira"an-l! phte 50J) .. i: .i of N w j of G : 5

NI.tn tr tu though: drinkable, ij like do what I can to extend to the &.uitcringth: :! un.vpmkablc '' South as early as October and iNmvmVr, ana ,I 3'rr of hnllI-ar Nv frayrm, belonarins. ; -! tu ilu th-- ,I II TERVS.-One fourth casl--!hp balance! in three. -

: U&t l't\\ htitu'dcs, rather hard.- blessings which I have lIly>elf CMjo'eJ. iI i- L-t him nut return (if lte'dol' ; nut make !hi 5 ; -.rs'if; Am! 'o-c II'ill!!, to aotirfy an 1'pay ihtjxj>rvrj I I Ij I.cqi- :. nnnual iMnlii'niwith interest ia advance. J

: rtJt\ 'jard and lodging per wtrk is'toVn t As th" season approaches w r.'n! invalids horj there (till laU inthesi'rini: a.1 1 it-- as \1..) j Jto year IS 17. :I pf>.-, .f any nn-chnscr s-hould prifor.to piy all cash, five .

.i i vr1 dI ars. All the above cir- going 'oith; for health( >!iouhl be preparing! !; or June. \Jallin'ali.lli: l have lo>i their l lives ; Also! -l f?OOacreaof hnlljlng! :i.x mI:!in\tne\\ credit instalments.

B- tM14.ti.ON and 1 t8r t s'are no doubt of some hu for an early departure: I renu'inbcr with tie! l 1\- I luigeiing with friends too late in the fall: or j Spring Garden; supp .si"l to h-iotj to the t.< (,ftht. particular tracts cnn b* }Ind by applying ito -

urt'ince to,1 pusons;' yet to an invalid in most lively interest and gratItude: tint' eight by li.s: ening their return before the mild weather \- "i Arr-iKr.jlo! to -aU-tV anl I p-v. th : t uiKir the any of th" po-tniR-fr in D-nron or Marion County f .
of l. "this 1 loll Cincinnati; i with U the hud set in. yea' 11T. : cth"-y will be! furniJied if applied for letter : "-
Hru\'b.'W'.J\"d.k: il;tre are other things ir years ago m nth, rny spiing luKy I t I : by .,
,\ greapr: i it1tf1! ;, 401(1'jt is Iii" that St.: Au.u iamily for Now York, int 'nding to siii: for th":? ,1. Clnnt"ol';, : St.;t Austinand: Floriila generally. i i Alsj-.Will le -):'d at the:?mc time and place! 'JQflOcre <'t' Ptn.. addreed to THE STATE REGISTER: AT .t' f.1'U f. I

Wl" t1n" tafld* ithtibtdI IV uarjvaIlid-in uir in most layorable part of tiu woi-U forths L'Miclit As the lainiir., i.cts: 0:1 thi; sul'j'-ct.e.in .- -* tlf la.il; I llit':1r N"w Smrr;ia. bounded! X'!'ih i Iv 'ftLLAlaAss.i. FLORW1 :

1-1: Jt ter11. lt), tc i Ijcculiaritios and ad- of my health, \\'hi( h 4'i'1: Ibr a number of thta>ily leaine Irom ihliiMov of i'lo/ula, \ Uett/ tnj?t. -rgih'! to-> Jol.n Ual-on to witi-ry. anJI JOHN B CAR D, R.-sn>ter Public!
: th-' taxes forth' IF 17.j Lin.N for the State -
v'fa1iv. bocn d uud.-r the ol'ex- I 1viit only remirk, that nio&t ol the wiatt rs I ;piy ynr ; Florda. >
vonrs ( clini.ig: .
Jt j'rey.sti.v
eLs: t j Al o---Will be Foil l I at t! i' t-omt* time anal} pTce, I, Tallilua-re.I Nov. L347.irr .
n.tt.rina 't.t'j. mil tin I duties until l I had liocoiiie while I xvus. in M. Aagusliiv, were! so mild that
k as agreeable busting
qtul :
professional '
} Mount The t
TED ? I >'JO jiert-s of land at C) :wi.ull on the Halifax fullfwins pap.-r will please! publish the r A
BJDY1ff .'w tou& .jD tii3 tutursj of things can b'i.iiray \holly unable to prc11ch.1) contitution t had we could cultivate a good winter frnrden, have River, holoiiffin''' to ti! f-tate of Thoma* Fiuh to ao\'c' th.i.e month, and! *enJ th>ir accounts to The '
Ta I iwfrijii'jiauro Fairunic'it! for Jan- biconie \\'rcch- chronic broneiutix! with a i b"tvvoen Chri->tma.s nnd New-! I ...
t ourgrovii pjas -Hi-f} ant i piy thia! \'! f.r the y,-.ir Ivt7. STArE RFGISTER. .viThe Florida! Herald. News, .
ia Ifi2l> w1 1 Us f)1Jow.s-tl; January, pain: ,'til aud ulcerated sore throat, had greatly y !ar':, ind our ros blooming iri the garden Al-o-AVill lie.ni'l] | it ti"! game thi anil, pIaN nt J"'kcIHville. (the A-:I?. O,>an. fc'avinnah Republican ) '

: .f.rt. at? :\.'% te", ut 2 P. M. GO", at 9 1'. SI.S4 impahirdjny vocal organs so that ordinary nearly tlc! whole t-enson: anJ having seldom ad'i' I 1l2t arrt" rf l Jr.n I. a P crt of thB its tflI": /' in -tid: (;e'rjln!' t''Sft'"t'mI'rcury!' ; and Courier -

t. *. fotJebfli'it 7 A. M. 53", i1t 2 1' M. conversaton: was attended( with much difficulty ; when im invalid coul.l not take: hisexer* Ml)j;: :Tt' :WM'."p\ : t In-l.in-r.a; to the! i:.t-if? of J-.htj e !tti-! ijrh Standard and R*.Ht., and the Columbus! ,

I' : 60al *' P. M iafor; March, at 7 A. M..53"\ an.I j ulbrijig! while my lungs were brgihn'ing cis- in tlu' open air, tLe! thernjonvtcr! ran iii; II. L"\\Uti>.ati..fj .in.l pay ,h t.s f.irth: *. >,'.irl.-J7; Tin" s, (4 ora. J'J'l' I

at ': p. M. ti3'. *l ?Sf l'. 31. b.,- ; for April, at 7 to bo sympathetically alll.'ctC'tl.n r ,;'t'w'I'aU"!' lioin UJ; ile:re,'!> to 80 ile vees. The AI"H-WiI b.! t) I nt Jh.' -'I11.: I'tvanl: I }JMHV.. oat JOHN BKARD, R-gi fOr. &c. _

A. Slf, ,!3 P. M. ;54-, ut 9 P. M. CG" r In the usiu all oth'T rxjjedJentit"was evident that arcsidtnc' Mininvr'clin: :':si'e, contrary to my exnectatiansi nrri"of laB"t:11! : : of N'i.-n- Sniv\n: \\ i. near Jnn. ii.ir- _-.TalS1ia-cc-- -! Nov. -*, 1: 17'- 29-3m. '

'kf" stimwr months: it ningcs from 80- to )0J, but r ( in a moiv genial: climlH' wa-< iU\' only I i I have flJud; "'1'eOlJlti.u'lhblt.. ilr 1111. irulu--itc-: I rave', trajt, owm-J. hy Caroline :1tA'dr', to sati-ly and, tJH. ,hP, N:1h.. 1- .

i r Al- \ W;51 h nl! the! t'ie an.lI -
i. s at sain pin"*' !
.. wouli*, indicate( in more northern great, was not to l be thought ot' when life CLILIlOt Jut rq.lrlltl' lIIllIur ( lilnar( t"r 111'1:1) .R D Stntr'* District ('u.lrt for the Northern District -
I >
!64: arr.v of 1 hll I known a'< tlin Spring GardenpiaatiU'inbolo.ijrin -
|6f'J48b ou ;nut! of the (dnnes:, clevirncs;, wa at fetakc. Having mad''! enquiry as to the invalids.- in Ill) own ease, iLvMedly more to J-i-lfj.j Marion and others to of Flo-id to me directed and.-It! -!hvered, I shall on the t.
HN JtC41qU11Dt:: (tlicity of"thp atino )hcrc'. advantage.* to be l'Jli'n, i in I hilly.t S"utl1 AAyrica I ,b'nelre.i; th.ui: ev'n the winter.: Although the I -lill..t(:,. nn.J 1 the;uxcs u>r the! -ar 1817. fir-t Mon.lay in Jnuuiry n.;xt',fwtwern the hours 0110": .
r "'tide ,,iMJ I'\T i in about 10 A. JI. and soum of Franco Indies au.l florida! winters are jrenerally: mild: and pleasjint. a>- '|p'j ) A. ',{ nn.J2 P: :M. (.ftllIt! dyexpo4.t&t public isle\ -
r rn.r I oJ'* sf 4dilr'.Qtilbout daylight next marnTherr I was pl'r ultlt.tl: that SAugust ins:*. in lit tf'ul11'tl l with very I little I li.ht! frosf, ) et the i i".t- I Ali-\\ : b:'po! 'Tt th.j sasi" time aniljace' :IIDOOarr.s in front of the Court Hon-e ift the City of St. Augwctine'r' "

!,_. are iv> tarshos: if the vicinity,andthe }'lorida'a one ol'th'8; b""t points iuth wol! l lid $liould in Flo'rLia) as everyvv li* reeU v\j 'etoccasionally of hn-l at thn :Ilirl Crerk b --hns'n: tth*? i-a- the folKming nl'gro .la\r.!. io wit :-BTrv. Ditty .

fnim" i:. tucruforo generally braced dlI1.i thfprit -' for invalids of my c'iMricter' (- ru''ialla" I ,, : Midilen :unl great eil) rigs, and i -aU tIe: *:(.,.f' on.q-.irtr."I! {(.ay Ih Akin11. fix"s fir Henry th? yar V iwn 1RV7.Aii ? .ix-:.eutor to SAKGILL.. Rrt'BFv rnd STEPHEY. taken at the -
: | jaa .tatfof ( cxhiliratiou that fit l rst is9flIiingThisi should there l b. oi Amricau Foil:!, un.r my chili nn,1 l vineomlortnbi''* days : rind som ii- I -im .f George W. ArH -son Mid Brother, LS th" pro-
,. i4 no doubt the true secret own laws, in th"! i inulst of ciiri' :.tiuihurch 's, :t:.I vnliils will find the i iut.--riiir better; fnr them than I : -\y.lv.: !! so! 1 nt V inie time an I p'-ir"!; loaf. p'-rty Elf Wiihpm F 1 Ha--vl to sntWy a 3udsrm,;nt .-

'. r:1JIC: uisjuyiu'.nud. glowing iL( criptij'Ki : : surrounded vith! dri..tian fiietiJs nod cuulJ; t the v'a-boaid.. rrrf of Ian 1 nr-.r NfA.Siiyrna, Ih'un.J.d North bjM warded: ag/lin"l; !- H Rna"t J ; in tavor of iid George
t:t-hi'i Fi.jM.o.J r.;ii'ii >po* d to ftlo.T<;inij to F. W. Anderson, nnd Brother to
ilIKI "d'tJ1jsd, f llurs, that characterize all there crj >y oi: >> of the nust doli littiil cliijutt-s: I i I 5. Kxpeiis"of: 1 living isan imi '>rtanJ: a. PI, ia I L. D-tn.-yn.-nti-fy! ami piy iij th" taxe* for I" 17. .' on said suit. and- the cost accruing< on ..
; t' "I. .,v 4nte ug this country ; and while in the wo.;Id. I am hippy to add,' that: in/ experience : relation to which the invalid '
V .\;!)-WiH! b<- o'll! I at t! >sme ti.ne anil l p'ace JJ.13 ROBKRT: MYERF. Marshal.Ey '
I t$ *li: oi the) Jn-\f sources of enjoyment, for six \'ran in thht ancient and p'leas- i and I am J1:1Pl'Y t j acreof Imd &t Grltttn1tr.lp; hrlonjj.n.; ; to tv! P hi* dejiuty.' :
-Loin i t itk1t! n u
nr rbbF iAvi. aral so well. understood are other' indhi.iuals has servc-tl to confirm mylirst evperisefaki"gM-ith! th'm by s"'ttIiirr.x''ri'! :!h- year It157.: 9-h: Xov. IS r;. 4WO' -
LtH.'cfi cts of th* tn4e winJ, that i! i is s'ylcd a- convictions as to the healthful! inntidi of:t Ac., and_ having tjoodeowan-t a good; .rJn! '.
c-wn\ : b-j) *; 'd 11 tV! -nnie th.i tn.: p'ace: thein.ivisIeI The sale! of the above Negroes fa postponed li :
iong the inhaUosJi the IK ctor." that plac'e. As I wish to state facts, rtiii' tin: i the year ro tfird.* of the! Orani Gnuc p antTionon l ihc tirst Monday in Febnwy next until : '

r! s Th najism <,!' Lii!! Boil assists the operation to theorize on Ihis subject, I will here: n'p. at th? ilsh, ovstrrs, rlam<, Sc. f'i'lJlwrty: caa bj j pur- I on th.% !!?.l.fi.Jxr.' r conti.nt.ff JJ.QOO jcrcs rf land G. HUMPHRCYS. Deputy JFanhil. '
J liO&e' ;, vCopsi.xting of iclls and sand, : circuimtancos, well Known to imny: iut: Mr.: j I chased: at the lowest pric.!.*, or the r"snt of a t 'rm,iIj_ own'-J by :iri'I 1 II WiHnineTid Brthf-rs to Dec. ii, 1817. I

.itb1.: im tun) that falls very rapidly, an.I Blake, one: of the't t 1Ir.t .merch:uns "of JJoston, 1 1 comfortable house of -ix or dzht vnns$ obtaineil I s-ati. fy nn pny Ih::tc-fbi- yalj7JOHN .

I :' U ptwpiit iUe ii. and accuniulation'of va- l1Lviiigviited varijas parts of the world f for !
rUI*i n.\ouls.. tf I iK l1nhcllthy.d'compo.itiol1: the reticfof n Jmlt-hunarr ut1ction; l'tcaitlv (ni- I' $100) a verr. Tot! who HP* obliged to Oaig'Coaaty Nov :. QJ:]\ 1S47.j .. WILLIAM :. and ORA HOWARD. Etqn. J
;cT : ? "vf' tut-I Ln.ttet'4 those prolific '. ot't"rt24 I sutified that \ut-'ilslim' W.1., t1Ll't; poin! :i Itoml'Will have to juy in St. :Atistine' anJ -_ .- arc tV! agenta of the ibfrriber to tnn act all business. '-'
4iawj 'Qur own lin1l1te ; and even I Ir him, and accu-tlhd" spent thl bt o-IX or th" country around, tfnm .f'l to i! per v.-.vk i N7V G no:> i-n :D ;::i D IUCC. relating to hn and tVir int'"?!i.> during thr h .rreWILLIAM'G ;: t

(1 .a k. !}r the air ma be somewhatitu I eiY'ht winters of hi: lti.:ir that 'b', wit: cvitIL:1t for good n'r.cI1l1ndatioi:: *, and! !higher if they: j G:'J? 'jp", SZas-.Uvnre, i-'roclifry and DAVIS ,

'p 'ft J tmprenantrd with! salt fiS 1 be ;: benelit, to his healty. The It1I 'ury ch.-&).,'. i !; I"'U.A ):(:". MARY ANN DAVIS. __

., i( .*. I ;1'J fact is worthy of par- Axtell, who went >\ith hisiamily tl.-u t.> S:. Au- 6. Opportunili to do poo.rnd: ? p'chlh'! I Tl ;fTC;* :1Z.T.I the attention: ofjhr Tn !Priva'e NOV. 2T. I=47. _

; }k.: .ts Being to coi! .ump"tive pa- gu..tin about ei: ht years ago:fur a diilicully! for clergymen. IJesiJcs: rounterailin pulmonary | V '/ rarti.li": *, an I o:hc;.=. tojhe very ler: tIp'yI

nij i> lance: thi? is that'there is similar tJ my. own, by the intluenco of tlla climate disc-ases and invigorating th? health, t'r' rc I of pronn-snjoa* article 1 u-nallv! k"pt by u", now b.ingdhmr.J [ !;, :lfe of1ii'iii! w. C3nlauidec. '

.0.:a\i-: !4 'WJ in this climl ; no ordi- an.I the cultivation of thc soil, in the : is jicrhajK no't1'ltI in the South more needing : l p'r ( hC'n"! Van-latin. I WOTIC : Ii? HEREBY GIVEN to all persons '
I Th,!y. hive J I e c'n selected! .lith cr'nt car". a'1l 1 p-ir- ill intf rps>:el !in the I Il-.:te( ofj'-'n P.
) \ \ unhealthy or tLuigerous.9 .- course,of two or three rears" -:1: a bl to n Christian induences than noida'hi'h r bncvolent -- i :? HASLAM, dec. _
wih the' trk'I".t Onf't11WJ .'!1 pn-l.l .. _
UC"f'v'r eurioi's! is unquestionable, sumo las professional labors; was appointed man could hop to ?he more tiscf i'!, in 'h 1",1 :' f u; to tlv I wii: p--- -:u rt v j>r rc'.ht":! ? th' p'ti1* nsrc nhly! to thM 1 n"?. ni iVrttor rf iA; y.vi: '. b < '... Pcurt
: Prelate
iutzUtp1 't )r on tlw of tlw; U. S. and which ministers of the o--p-J ,- vr.r'cd
plainest principles. chaplain AnnyatTampi: ? ar mor : .
I \Vt* rrf.-r to o-ir several a'l' fri-"'iTnt5, an rrlinttj'.y .f t y-; !'I m' C'.isii"i! two -tL. ft.. .'date for
roi 1
S1u 't'-ltn charges from heat to has beei for several siu'e(! ;tul l-i-: cin IK- f'xt'nsi ivelv t:- ii'i.Vhv :!1'") fet-
now years I or nor : : 3Th fvf.\n /f the Tn Ic an-l[ (.!!'f" I Ii|i .1.. --'n: on i V.'; ,V7:>.- .. .,.. j n ,:', Lt.1. fonh-r
4 t crcirn J'1 :o 4 lamp. During the dayue' horers ill that ueld. Tha'Rev. Mr. Rice o.ji,> t I should: l such scores of P'i'vst::! : rs anl o'li V ..nit ;I xv'v.'iil' conlina : to crn- th" fune arc. lahioJitios! !:!'i'f'v 'a t'tll b i iv ::' ;:;I" fit .- il..t J.! .r i j: rt{ piy fur iel.

tI .t ttjrun'l ';, Vind pours steady curo year* =tae; went to 1'1 .j.it was 1 twlieved, men uiineccssarily saerin'ce their live* under and fliciittws. ad dons. bv .our lite t n:1 uj" li. II.: (*ARR :;! t-i-j of j scharr::.' frcra tht ad\, Ji.rati.01' said etiatej .
I .. h't' .;: ht roast nnJ you: retiiiMo beJOJ.r.tk.tll ,with an alarming consumption, wholly; unable- II IIt t tho pol-ir: inllit"iees of I thf:' North, bldst t time i. & 4'VU... }m. .n. CA".".to.. j'j I. RG.nLT: C. HASLASI.Admx.

C of natar? is goiivj on. illI -I, ,) prench. 1 l1eva'spon rplioi! ed by the I'alnn r hopes of. tlicir ttileaiid! gr tirtcallei!. 10 a Nov 16, 1817.! -t i N'vr.13,137. fm -

t 1 : .
1 -
: .L. .
1 / ,
( "wr''. -, -
'\. : '. : ;' : \ f \.i. :'".
r : fj' J" ,
: >
$' \ .j ':1i.; \ : : .- .\: .< I '' \\1 \ .- -. "- ;- -.... ,- : ...' ". : -J.. :,"01"!..
IV ;
:. > .: ) \ .' '.,. .. .. '." .;. ./< .,' .," : ..-1" k. ., :
-. t; : \ : '. > i. : .
.. i '
\ :
'. ... ......", .\' ....' .'. '. ", ,: : : : : \ ,-. ". ." <
: ) : '
I -ale" :; 1. r! .
; : 'J "
i :1---. "' "-,-l ..'.' 'f \ :. '' ,'t -c o ;.. ...... ..:n:.-_. ". /t--" ,".'" _J J"11' # ..;:_.,.;bf..;'-"' t''r.: .j ---. ;\1."l.I.jIo ),



\ -
-- -

-- --4 ?
;;: '
tTtr i

-rTIi; T1 L I I a '


; _v I r \ TI T-

J/f .
&, 1. : .
k -
l ,- .
I :r I I \ .
I. -
-' .' ,
S -
-_ _______ __
: --- -- -r-- __ --. -
it 1. : resident ofJlac United Notice zi __ Forula._ Armed -----------zV
IIic Occuat4th
Act of theM By
:Notice tlie 'Florida Armed Occupation
: to Applicants under \-States.. l5N of Augj842, to whom permits vore rantcd "

) .: .. : August, 1842, to >vhom permits were granted for settlement on pursuance of bw/I.JAME K. POLWP/W", land which wcrenot.surveycd at tho of q
of such i'dentof tIi United States of .America;do hereby \ such prmit&TrOTICE
land \vhich at the date permits.
f: i. were not surveyed declare and make known that public sales will be held IS 11ERI118INto the cIassf Clairnanta
fe above mentioned that the plats of tlie folloW- in*the STATK OFFU.KIPI 1in' dscrihed Townihipaliave been certified and retitined
% mrOTICE HEREBY GWEN, to the class of Claimants at tha undermentioned Land Office by. the c
I 1: Xl.'jng.described Townships have been daly certified and returned by the Surveyor tleneral to the District at the period hereinafter innntionei(!. to wit: Land Olfice'at St. AugastineiJPIorida, and that the-period of oxen year" aUawed by t1jt uii '
4 Land Office at Newnamrrille, Florida,and that the period of "one )ear" allowed by the raid Aa fur proving Ai the 'Land OfiWat ST. AUGUSTINK. com lug the fact that the settlement has been commenced, and the psrntfbr qnarter veeo- '' r

the "fact that the aettlement has been commenced, nrtTthe particular quarter pectfon upon which it is located, mcnciug en Monday the eventb day oft FebruarY located. will expire at the dates opposite the Townships described ia U* an.nezejtjjt *?

? : 4 villexpirelm the dates opposite the Townships described ia the annexed list: Those Applicants therefore, next, for the disposal of the WubHcland! within tin therefore, whose sottlunio nUi are within any of those Town-hip*, are requited fila wlk n.

1 : : g whoee ettlements tire within airy of these Townships requested file with the Register and Receiver at undermentioned-tow uhiips and pajrlfl of townships Receiver at tit. Augustine Flonda.ou or before the said dates, satisfactory wof Du \i -

1 ; Newaansvilla Florida,on befomthe said dates, satisfactory proof pursuant to the requirements of law above 'iz : menu of law above mentioned. f .
I: : ._ i ; mentioned. -> jSuchproo& South of the/ Lcse line end tut$ vfjhe principal meridian Such proofs should the A pphcant'd own affidjTJVcorroborated by the tejuuionr AfJ ,

:,cg t diould be jis Applicant's own affidavit,corjboratcd; by the testimony of two or more dismterrested tere-ied competent witnesses ; which proof shouUstato all the particulars as toth ettfl'r42j' .t ifa.
-! t competent witnesssca ; which proof thonlj Btafe all the particulars as 10 the settlement and Rive the 'Fractional township- twenty of range thirtyone.Towubhiyi du-iguation of the particular quarter section on which U is made. %\ .a.jShtytttmw

I : 4 designation of.the pardcular] tract on which it In mde. fiity-m, ((except sections BIX, seven. Unless the proof teqnired'In the forosoing u filed on or before the dates specified,tLpA

; Unless! the proof required in the forgoing! is filed.on or before the dates Fpeclfied, the Ap icant will forfeit eighteen, ninetten, thirty and thirty-one,} and any fit---L all right, title and claim___to__land under_tPernjt. < .' \. *

r all right, title and claim to land under their Permits. seven; nn.l section once two, three, four, hve. six, ----------I. thituun -
.: J
.- : --- I 1)attsoor&fore which the of settle- svetI. eight, time, ten, eleven, fifteen. evinteen, Township. Range.'-
liV' proof ciShttcn. niuetean-! twenty, twenty-one. and twenty- mcntrnLisIbufi1edaJtjie.i12ul,4L* j -
a : Township.tJT. Range.'j J HK-nl must be tiled and, the particular tract tw. township fifty-eight of range thirtj-eisnt. I I -

f 1 el.'wri l.i l. TOVItli1)l! $ fifty five, fify-m (except section oneiy Fifty six Thirty eight 7 ih October I'-I' :
it twent-fuo. tweti y- FJty, seven Thirty eight 7th October Ic IT7lh '
L Te *Fourteen E 13th November 184O and fifty-perch (excopt sections -
i; .. '.Tbirty,six S .- S Scvt nteen E 20th November 1848 six. twenty-even! twentyeight.tVC1tYne. thirty. fifty eight Thirty eight October 13J77th ')
i c; ..: ?. 6iThixtyS EighteenEighteen E 20th November 1848 thurtv-orie, tliirty-two, thirty three, thirty-four, thitfy- Fifty six Thirty nine I October liit

4 drti-eevcn\S\ : E 20th November 184820thNocnccrlS43 five anti thirty-six.: *) of range thirtyr'ime. Thirty nice 7ibJctobei14 t. i$ %

1 irty. ight S f ,-s Eighteen E iocioti ones two, three, four, five, six, twelve, Fifty Fifty seven five Thirty i hie i .- -7th Octobur I4 f

'i ,Thiijy-nine.! S i s. t' Eighteen E 20th NoTcmW 1848 thirteen, twenty-four, and twenty-five. in township Forty 7th October Ib47.7th .
township fifty-six, except Fitty sixFfltyfiti. Tony October 134t : : p
fractional J
1848 and -
Nineteen 20th Novcjnber fifty-five, t -,
_._ .
I- I i-
,t four five aiid six,) on Liscwyoe Forty one_ t ciu grv -.
% 'Thirty-feren 8 4 .. Nineteen E 20th November,1848I section- two, three, \ 'w
I f ,t- Nineteen 120th November'1848 Bay," of range forty.JTractii.nal MOTE. The particulars a* to tlie set tie men t shall be: the time wften cufllvaif
townJiip fifty.fire on'LliicaYiJ3aY._ kind czcroD: cuTtvtt-ynmb'r ticrjn enltivaijn.-.th kinjLtjijueata.. -
t Twenty November 1848SQlb ; f rangeort-one. composing the! family; discriraiuating between adulw! and hiTjren, malo and femafeaH

Twenty E November 184320tK Milietand Othice at v Nr.WNANSVILLE.eotn- JCHN AI. FOSTAXE, Krceiver. W. ,
the iwentyfirstday of February St. Austwtiae, Flo. October. 10 1S47. V
IJ 'r birylgli 8 Twenty E I November 1843 mancing for on Monday the disposal, of public.Uuda Within the L- -
1 2th!) Ni 1848'NOTE. next
'l'hlrsy.nine & TwentyE winner
and of townships, -v----- -w J
1 u.Iu'truIeiItioueJ tuwiwhipf parts I -
.t '-p- 3 ------ T .&I'CJfljU& Awa1IL1e(1 MAUI3TUATE3'
.-The particulars as to the fwttlemrnt shall! be:-tlie time when cultivation was commenced-tlie viz: aIh'RIC'8'NO. .
i kind of crop cnlthrated-number of acres in cultivation-the kind of tenf-raeuts .erected-number cf persons S"Uth i>f tkelase/ line and east of the principal me- 31 R. I. ,- --------- _----
: comprising the femily-rJiscrimmating between adulu and children-males! on 1 ft-males whites and coloured. ridian.Towiibhips ORDERED. That the Count/of 5t, Joi& *

l : -.' : S Jora PARSOW.TleceiTer. SAMUEL' RUSSELL, Register. twenty IIe, and twenty-two. of lange AMERICAN! INSTITIT-THE FOR GOLD PENS.In into OKDEIIKD.three Magistrates Thdt a*Magistrate Districts DictTxtla' j _

Newnaiwville Flo. December, 1 1847. 0p nineteen. JS4IJ() Siker 1
one- -.1 Medal for Superior Gold Tens.1&4I District No. Llyini north of'* pvfat WtoawiaH
L- Townshi)3] twenty-one/ (except sections -a Diploma for Gold Pans.J3V2 on the Ocean 10 miles north of Us ci |tf St. '

CITY CQUNCIL ROOM. ) Sheriff'sY Sale.r twelve, thirteen, foiirVen. twenty-thme. twenly-'ur, -a LMplom fi.r the beit Gold Pens. tine, and running from thence weiV'ldJ&tf.on I _

j St. Augustine, Dee 27th, 1847- r;_? virtue of a writ of fieri faciai, issued from and twenty jive;) and iwenij'two.ol I.three range of twenty. 1843-a Uip>oma for the beat Gold Peni. Six Mile Creek, from iece dTattSLaml ,, '

Whereas it has been represented to the C.ty Council _j, the office of the Cleri of tb Circuit Court Townships twenty-two and twenty range 1844-a Diploma fr f?uj. rior Gold Pens* to the St.Johns River, from ttivncs 4EXbi tivj flL I:

: :. that the Glanders and other contagious diseases, pie vail rf the Favlnrn Circuit of Florida, for the County tweiiiy-ono. of I813*-a Silver! Medal fr the best Gold Pens. River, to tfie Bolluuiy Road,ar.I ftcntj; iJwnt 43

: 0 to a cortsiderable extent among Hors s wiihia the corporate of DuvI. and directed to all nnd eveiy the Sh-rilM Townships! twenty-two and- twenty-three: range lS4f5-a; Silver Medal for the best Gold Pen ing the Cellamy Roidto.tha Norwjttavi, o 4 _

limits of this city of the state uf Floiida, I will expose to ale in twenty-two. This isto coiriry. that tla. nhovei-* a true copy from ly of i ha County of St.Uohnurb.rf i* j 4
com.nicncing %
Be it therefore Resolve, Tint owners of horses'so front of the Court House i ia the City of St. Augustine At the Land .Othice at \LLAHASSrE the nconUof :Vnn-riein Institi,to.IIENRY., Rice Creek, thence dowc e&.t dV Hfc, ttrtb 8l

_ diseased shall remove them from the limits <>f the city iu St. Johns County, ou Monday the third on M{>iin. y, the Vt-venth dry of within Febnurjijxt the MEIGi. Johns Kiver, thence foltowfi-g il JCJ hi"| >Ki,tf ib

: within five daj'B after the publication of this! Resolution. day of .May next between the hours of ten and two for the Ji-bosal of the public lat.ds, w R"c. rec. of the American Institute. to the mouth'of Dee p Creekii&t JTua these* vutr, ,

I Be it further rraolml, That it shall be the duty of the of mi d\v. nil tint: c.311iIfl house and tot or parcel IIfiqiel flit 1JflORI townships did pailof townships; Amriviaii MII"PNew York, O't. 29th,, 1846. oily t3 the 10 mile post on Tao ll&tA, from-

City Manhal after the expiration of the time- specified of land m.iil lyin? anJ being m the city of til, Augu \iz: 1 thence North to the 10 mi'e pc4 tan tlv* | cotm _
witJu the South f the Vase line and weit of tie principal ru II i: COl. EtTNEL:; lE' hen-tofore exi tlne
-in the foregoing Resolution to cause anyhoree or horsee, line and bounded a- follows, 10 Road ; and from thence Nntxint'a 8ithnr bmuj* _
Church lot-Ou the West I nieridtan.Pract.oual ii. b.iween tIa..snbcribers under th thin of P. E. of n.iid Diatri .
which may be i>o tliwased to be killed and buried and Nort by the Kpiscopil dary .t Na. 1. 10 nu. frm th GoaiftI J
( all expenses accruing carrying the awe into execution by George St.tet-Onilio South by Artillery Street tolvnship two, uorthei-t of Forbes'sgrant CARR tSc . U this div di olved! by mutual consent, and the mh.ibiants'inclndod maid DlUkt jSaj -
t liinll be paid.by the owner of such horse or horse Taken in oxecution atjthe jnitof? William lltckinanigan of riin-re |ne. and B C. Carr is anthoiized settle the busies of elect three Justice* of tlw 1euco.I I -
:- 'k S PEDliO BENET, t the HouthdrnrfLif' lniiranre and Triifl FrirMin.! tifWniip! ore, northeast of Forbes the concern. B. K. CRIU NO. .' 'b

Mayor Pin Ttiu.Il Company and will b.ohI by IIIB, as the property of grant of ratine iwo. JOhN,?ECE. OanKRED. That a District b.! hM .1 ti cempq..l li

Attest, P. C. ZVLSTRI: C. C: tlie Mid Southern Life (Insuranru and Trust Coin. Fractional src linn? time four, nine, ten, fourteen The uaocrt-isnoil will continue the l.osinefs ac bend the inhabitant* lying s. ul'i of i ; -'
i ;)an> I'mperlv poinlud out by the plaiutitf St Au- and fifieon, in a fortncr li-dhn reserve, and 'ctioli'twVCIIty.evei. heretofore his own account at (he o%l stand. it the 10 mile' poet on the Totnota\ tvtO lh4Dc-t: !
iily-eil.t.' thirty-tyvo, and jhirtv* B. E. CAIIR. Eastt.i DividMtgaiiu lha ,
Matajii 1e'
gaIaItI4. .
P1QBATE. JOSEPh S.'SANCIIiZ: SherilT.fith thre' in tnvln1lio.le town-hip uvo.Wtol of I Forbes'-. rit A'ltrLine. Sept. 17. 1S17. lh Eauto the ____
St. Aupusiine, December 2IJZ, 147. ; ; ; Mire Ocean),. from tHtjjt-r" :n ___
I ., IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board Hrfli $1847. grant, and t.wn..jtiip; three, west of the f,1)&IaCbic9li the Sea Co:ist to the South Ist cyner tf.No. Dixrcv..j W _

: NOTICE Commissioners for ,Johns County ur: 'rho ahqvu silo i'pospoiicd until the first Uon river, of range right. O1C I'h1L'; 1)ischu'g e.1 I. and froui Uieuca Wtwln tr 4 omhcrli 'i iJJI_ \. It ,........... I
.4 in j Frartinn il llir** (except the soit1vost! fI.L persons mien-rii'd in the Duteuf JAM CS _
will day July next towji-hip Easterly along tli-s liua of*3i l l> 'ittctn. 1.1& V
meet at the Court IIoue the first Mcrdiy in -
: for on O" Tim alioxesale i is pobtponed until the first Mon- fraie; of srcti.ju thirty-oiu',) and fractions: town- -J* \NSON.. *JT i-Kilare hereby notified that phieo otbginnin.nid cml Derk to .e c4k1 tI& U
the such
of business -
January next
purpose transacting dny n' Au ''isl next. ship four w( fl of Cnimu'ta Lake," (pxceplfractif.n- in 9I ix uiontiiaffcr: tIr.t. "I I wiH 'pply to the Una. the trie! No. 2. and jinhabiUi, <4IIt Distinct, i' 'i"IV'-.
;.. as may be presented for the consideration of the UT:#* The above ila !ii further postponed; until the ati'tet i91is sit. suVtfl and, thirt>-one.) of range rn io.r Court of Prohito! of St JohoA County \jdi-cnar2e eljct two Juftices of the Peaeo* F 4 ,
Board, and as may be required by law.E. twenty-three atncntyfoiir nd from the ..iiintniMt< of said estile
first -Uond.iy iu October next.Thfjabovc r.iclionilec$ions twenty-two ir liip having fully NO 3. I
4 C, GOULD, ar:: sat i p0.11)0110(1 tothe firs ..Mondajin on he iti.iin: laud, in tovnshin two at ddministereff, the amt!.. ORDERED. That the inhabitant *.4cEz; } $ e.t4'c .; %

k : Ex Officio President.Privalc November next. runfc IYCIIttXr JDUV AY.. HANSON. Administrator.AugiM the horindariesof [Di itrietl ?fj fj i\. i

: t O: 'me above i-rJ'j i i further po tpoucd until the Fractional sonions thirty-one, thirty.tv\o. thirtytlir : ,17. IS 17. _'Cm_ -titutr lJi) trirt X., 3 : anfl lh>tsh 't> t i

< .Boardiii firit tuulay of Di-coinrter! int.Tiie ; <*e pt3 tiirt! } -H xtii the in:MI; Lint1. lIp itwnhip one. .ill el:ct fo Justice* of jh*" PJ* ,
who may with to visit St. Auyjstine an until the first and fraction il! ci nine. tWiU.-fcveutci'ii. : police. I,
THOSE a.r: ri'iuv" saf U t 4i'Ii"r posiioneJ ; s*' .j that the Jenignvd? i is preparhg to acCommodate MoaJaym Fcbruiiyji xi. tVCtliV-flr. t'e ity-lvu. twerzty-4' twentyefila 7".TOTICE i htrcby'iven ry all persons Interestrd OrtDS-ur.D T'jai tiieiiih.niLt'; .. tnrta. C4nt'ity' e '
few boarders nnJ that he lurid h Lk.4 in the F.r 1* gPJO CllII[ ';JUVr. d cd.
a will nd' % ntv-nino. ill ili.i main land iu tow zisiii I%V l' ''n.irtiiof Di-itrict No<*. 1 1''k. 4. I : ; jj,
board and lodging on ns.advanageon terms ANOSIHONABLEFaSJ jlnt; I will prs.'It my account"? and vow.hers anAdtninislrati '
as any NJv of ran, u tvvcni-i eVen.FidCtioiMlt'iiviUlnp eastern. northorun and weastr toa44 Coutt*
i boarding house ia the place ; 'say fifteen ((315)) dollars afia J inic Gu! thrcf, onthe main land (ex- : r of said I'sltittSi lefire lhe\Court of cotistitute a dLitbuit t J1 _

I month. Transient persons'nrs informed that hci is prepared 33 E5CJ3ST Ce it igciii&i* I'rnlitn ofrj.hiisCo'i ii it..tQnionths afterdire. &... ,., .a-
__ -
__ & -, A : r-tk.ent nnd nlbwltv.cA. A'rl notce: i'uzthvr
to take care of man and bore lola pinglc night, 1 tv-Mjveiif) r THIS IZ.V.Ieczved direct from New ( tint in six ,moruh-i nftcr date I will # :
: or longer, if they chose to call this way in their journey Jj3.JP'AS rfchr. Van Lila exeiiivan4i >mlhAt? iase Iwe and east tf tie praiicij.aleri.1a4. 'for pve-i ni Kdiftrofbi tk, Herall with 4 eita* ..pr Uras __
Yuik pr i very 8pp / loners of tin '-Mi 35 niinini .tot ofHd .4 ) _
( off-
ing .
r.l.ir.1.iyin the Cumy .
couiplcto asViiii Mt of Staji'.o-! Fancy and Slucelancou ej _I
2 Residence fronting the Methodist Church, one door Goods adapted to the present nnd coming scnM Frutii-nal: towLi-.lis Ulit and i-iii-! ; vves.t of, the August 21, 1S47 L4rates tricu. 1

south of the Magnolia IIoui!'|>o-e a portion of the riilVrrnt i2i1 Miuiep n\pr, .pf| ninze 1'our.cen. f myOTICI Agreeably t'> tIn', a'lovc Orl-r" ( ,; dc'&

'._.. L. WHITE, Jr. varieties izAn tl"gTit S'irtmont of Ladusmd Xortk if the ta4 It.te and east if lie! ,rinci2'aZ -! is Ki-reby given it) the rr dilon. |ieirlgat above-ordaM rre trite iiJTcorrvct, a frn i'

.-' .v Dec. Ctli, 1847. iress (fflT ; trimuiitg: >>, llrond Cbitb ,Cassiniere 1 rnei idian.on .1.11 'f' ;'eiiiIIS tnti'lt-d to ili-tribution, and County UeconU nud were pasi ;
and Ve-t'u.g in t'rtrt f'e'v' ati.lcl >u'crli|' quality, i.cIil, LW, Iv. llnrI-eIi,tnrtle1), tvenly tVCny- :ill othur persons interei.ted. tint: six morris! after I.J47.s _
\ I JCstale ol" ILtiwiti Jeczes K'niocUy: ai'd Cvtion Jt-a'isFrei'ch aui rngh hMhriuoi *. iw.Mitj-UM). t vity-litee. twtity1itir. twnity- tlii- fIJttitcii JOSEPH: l P. L'T.T.EPI: $. 4 :'--- _

I JECEASED.i s. >a i'ietti. hlicetiii and hhiriiiig of every variety. 1ve; : tveiIy-evcu, twCtily 4i.Iit twtflly- County, FI.)., at such place in s id (?ounti Clerk of County _
i [NOTICE is hereby given, to all persons having any Wl(ite.uid Hi own, Linen. Kerrey and Negro 14tIl :, ihiirI.thuty-twr.. ihirty-liirrc thirt)-four, thirty nhere..id. ; Co'urtmay, thi'ii bo held!, my ac'ints' and St. ftngn'iuie, jitemhei I 2fst. 147: -

/ I 1' demands agahin the Estate of EDWIN '1'. Clo't.s cif c\crv '|iutj.'i! a lar ca rtnienti.f Wlfre *fi\e ami thirty stx.lti towuhip one ot range hvc voucher nf the
JENCKES, late of St. Johns: County, (kccad, to and, C lourcil FlaiineUiifarioiM fjuaUticH.Cbck and '1'o %iiiip olio, and sectiinstweniyMive. twenty- NANCY M. PICKETT, AdtuiuUmuii. I

%, present the same to me du'y attested without dday,nnJ ColiMircd! SillAiiifiiran, LIn'tI lish aiid French six. u\Hi ty-hcveii,; tweilty. ighit.; thirtyt-threo.\ I thirty- Tampa, Sept.1,1847.Y \ CoiyDfStJhai; : :;. Citation i' lZzi Crr'.u'r ,

: all persons indebted arc requested to make immediate' print end Ginj;!itms: in rc.it variet* ,fBomb :7iue, four. IMrty-five and thirtix, and tow\ihip two, of TOTtE H b"ieby riven. t.s 'tI M .# h 's&t .

I payment. And all creditors legatees ctr.1 pjerrona t ..utled Alp.iua. Muslinde Lizis! at very lo\\ jrrs v' ; $j 1k. raiig. six. 1y 1 Fi'csi ( e, L'ia any dennnd *a a iHt" tin' flwti nf J ft ) I' '

;. to distribution, who shall not prreent "thoir claun. Cott..n nti-1 Linen Csnil llaihikcrtliie,of e\ery NQ-th; < lie 1> M line and tce>/ of the principal cI1I.E At'I'ICLC iiiiahly kept by B. \NO1IKZ law of East Flori ,. .'ijj'l; ir r% D's

'4.1 \ within two years Loin the publication her. of vl! I t to- variety; Linon and! Cotton DriLng and O
I ever barred, HANNAH 11. JCNCKCS, Urovvn and White Ilollan!, \Vlnle aiuj Colou'redCambrics. Fraction iltowntJiip out', \v rthof"FoibtV Grant," ScI.'nier Veii.laiii.N'v. persons indebted ure reine-itei| : tp i4-iki? -

: '(., Adixiiiitiiitix. Dnrulaps Ibgptn?, nml DOAlac Canvas of rtlIz.: six. /' ), 13i; I layment. And all c/edit', <. ; aWl x.dna.. $

I Nov. 29, 1847. and Padoinc. >il:cia Nankeen. Titkiua. PlaiU and Fr:ictHMi.il, ; tinvtiahiy ()lC. north of"Forbes* Grant." _- _ _ _-_ titled to distribution, vvlio',.Ui'! noj*. peiit hin _ _
Diapers, a fullas-ortment! of fine an'IcomiuonTow- of r.iRjrts FC\BI } ( ;mccry !: :1e. damns I and demai ?< fnAiica it'cation naj p. ,.

: : -. AppleM. Poaaucw, ( bCS. e'.mg'! Mll< nud Worsted Iur ea IxMiniful article of See'i-M t)iiQ. two eleven twelve, thirteen four 7) VIRTUE of a decree of tha Circuit Court hereof will !h ( >rev.-r af-wtirj.barr.l

- ri I i [In Fine Order-At Retail.] S J'. and T.il; .hv Velvet. Woolen and romm Car- teen. f.fren', j\\eni': >tr.o. twriit>-thicRtwcnt>-foiir, 3 for the County of St. Johns, mule on tho'14ih B1AUKICE dANCH1"AaiQJstrtar. btii

v' g ** BARRELS Choice AppV. P'll'i" &.C. p't.'ng.1'nbk Liiicn.Toilut and Tablfc" Cover, CraM twolit-t"e. twenty-six, i\\cnty-< -\iiaHJ the south- day of November. \. U. 135(5, in a c.;rt.iin ransa in July 7, 1347 / % ,thu

) t JL99 1 Barrel Choice Cranb*. nu25 ?, LiiieiiLiiH Al:;.) lll.u-k mid (Jolnurc! *! Crape and ea-t (fr.iotion; of KKjtion twentv-cisht in ihu foris.or: which 1 fl. E Carr & en xvt'recumpIainaiiN, ani l WH'uni -----

r Barrels Absortcd Potatoes, Lieu*, HVJICII! lid ortment of every vnrietvi'hiiadinl InuiitHuscrve.. in! ei"t fra'tion: of snctiun thirty- A. Forward and .11 try A. Forward hi- wife were I

50 HfaJa Catliijj! ." Cotti'a'ndginjs. inrtitu! << arni Lt.cef of C4im.nan tLry/ill the raui.', ..Anl.cutin thih\.fonr. tlnrt\-fivo, flefeniljtiN. fl..ill sail at jmb'ic' '*. Ie on Alonday the ? Li. 1'tSONS lNDctrE'Efl Utfcu: *ff

t :e S Dried Fruits, Raisins, poufectionory, &S .c.I and extra ipi.ditio'.Luieii C :n.lnir-of beautiful thriy-si. ill irvvnsujji one ; FCC*ions -welve t.ir-! Iir-t day! of Mardi next b iwrou the hours of 10( anl i A I IS.: fl. CAIIUt.j & Co. anrspc Hy re ."' *f

4 solicit a contiuua.iCv i.f the lib-M-i* pition i
.' tofore bestowed upon the late firm el B. E. Cti&C... cry conn-iiiig of cw.-y variety ut "c.ljur add : thirty-livu ti.d; lliiri>--.ix. in towtaiIp.tWO; and said dcfoiiJ.iuU in and lo'.Iu; f..H ,wip (](.,cribrd prctii iirunlsviil pro-tent Ill? sirnn f<*f i1trv .1'e p.ijnii ;.

) ? Nov. 1& K.:; K. cui&. .|>i'iliurif an *xtomtvi1 variety of Mijierior find corn,'*' sotto.sone: tv\o, |ii.o.: ten, eleven ana twelve, in Ises.viz : All tint tract of I lir.J lyin;; Mtutted atlhe. Pro.nti iittelititI to this n ,iic., is .

400i1 Sliiwlsan.l; Hatiii'erd>icfsTuiloisTriiJinfiug to\\u>hip three of t :tne:, cigrit.thiityxfivc lug op M Joluis Rivet Hast n. riiL, about six inilcao t A-'AUU .4

i ; ; *:; Tea, Coffee, eJhocolalr, s of ev ry va.-uty. / tecioais and tlnrty' jx', in tov\r.slipsix, the South of Picolatfi tiein no\v and formerly Sept 17. 1:3.17. I '

.- / k. : {tAt Reduced Prictt--Wrl! fei.je? ..jOtD AUoa t lino -orttreiit of- Ladies hioual-l/iJoi-; o ringe: twIvc. known by HIP name oi""Torci" being the five tlaotj.aii4 .- --

. v HTSOXferycln>icr, Rio Cultcf, mits of vtr.a quahtii1-: \irylir JlswirUiieut of I'r.icuounl umti'-hip three, west ft' Choctawatchy acre tract granted by the 5'pan'f-h Guvernuientto : U
(;IcritlciiH'iis,' J'liiJ Ho)> Hats aiul Caju of/the mos1rtwiit *' of ratigo'sixuc'u'V' Juan llnert.is and said I Iia Atithulrn .
I- t. lcf ? Ilj-MMI, '' "' ic. r\er: by ta's conveyed to WTJ7IlKREAdr: ThLa't.ixi4 p. -. r., U iis t f. o >i ,
stylo! an fi.f bfa-itiful quViti" a/full a'oc.k of Sprtiotid twenty-five, twrnty-six. tliirttVi jay ansi being the -aiie tract of land concye.1 -
I f I Gun Powder < v-l !o- twfn'y-fo.ir V, V good p.OeOfthP StaU y FMr dtty the a
I Imperial % .' ]tlt'Ia! do.Blvk every \: ritv f- D' ot-< aid Shoes of every ffraiS' ofbize and thirty-iiix, in township thr--e. of range to the said VV.-AsForwarl by Jc cph S. Saiichez thnrof all Good for the hialth. p/ Mir it y t\<\ -

._.: 4 CWola-. ijual y and pr i.c. Aiiexti'ii ivc a.-h Saddles 1i id1e.< atul lhrn<' s. ln-'k'; i andsta'ioinryP ; : Towi three iif"riu nud '. the f.rbt" North hue of
__ : Spiced Chocolate, Set Sne! CLotcbt15ikc .p g<4 thirty. fifty Jicn- on or toenjiyd-iriiithocurrnul year : i -
.Cocoa Paste, Cocoa. ifnniM and fancy arit %'es IIurh\arc and Cor'ace L.IU.U; appro.nated4-y| law fur th? ii-cof schools, saul l Griut, hiving alioiit! four thousand six hundred j Therefore U proclaimed that l'HVUb\V! ,

: Nova 18. D. C. CARR. Drugs mill Me Iicinr-:*, Crockery Gla-s and China inilitiry: i .Vsiro Ar**. vVo. / sales. Also all that l lot trr.ct or iarcel; of liti-i: containing throughout the State a- a dayPraie .. '-1

: Buckwheat Crackers AIt.g.i1i'r\ \ cotn'iliitiij! one of th*' most extensive Tut riT'rinj of the !htIItl4 \\illl b., coinm' need l on about! four hunrlrcd acrei more or le- lyit 2 anie*\' to Almighty! lad. -
; ,
V BAftRE, Choice Family! Flour j nd ln'>-elected stjfk olMisccli! ,pi>u< goods ever lh o'i\cs nppoinifJ. and piccceil'in the sai.ic onlpr inx.icj i iig Mttntcd IMI M. Jchns li'iiU; and geitenlly cillMSt. Given under my hand( ar ij ,- -
L_ .c ** ,
Baltimore ib. do. iirerfid ii: ih'n oity. Tle abov 'nI:I; wi'l' bi- kept ; they are aclvcrtis.-J. wi'ii all couvtnient *lipaich. V'iiceiitj Ferrer. A No all tint lot tr act or p-ircel "1 Eat.3 of tine Stutc. at thOC3 44j t. -

: : lo.: dj. up by importation diioct frpm New Yrrk ftom_ limn : until the thg'k! rh.'ill Lavu leiv \ ': 40 Canal > to time, ard wi I be sold at the very |lj'vt price- City sal.'s thus clo-ed. Hut no saloXshafl be kept open leSs lying and t t.ei i.ig; situit d on the blutltc road etg' W.L'At CLr -
Barrels Flour
1 b-, I 35small 45 Buckwheat, and C.Mintrj Merrluntwjlt find it forth-ir intere-t l<)n er than two wcck and no private entry of any n miles nortlj of ths Town of St AugiHtiud and oct 18 4'2 dt T _
; picknV* to call a'iJ exi'iimi* l'i' abo\o exten-ive 8tnek.and t ilo-t south of lii mile lumse." AL all! .
of iho Iinrls will be ad-intted until afier the oxpiru- ;% u n ( ? tut.tty Assored CracUesv, StuartV nip, \c. lu iwnrpd of supplied liberal UrmNoeu -. that lot of taiid ;
on aU'jiil'
may ticing ho's of the two woks.ci' tract ot parcel con.utiug six ; -+ -- i'
f : Nov.1I..j3 ll.L. CARR.
Lfl : '-* NOTiCK.CKDERSIKXJCR. lon thi* twenty>tliird day of October. Anno tiuuiiiioi' hbout (U\nnty ciIat '.its from ihe To.vjuf c-t. AugiNt'ui4. ft LL PERSONS iKtcrc-teU ifl &i s 1

c1-YnL, TAZJt4tHfLSqi. tli"'i--tml! t izht hundred ..ul tlrtv.-PveIi. : ail ofhifh ':.nd several \\t.V of h.aii4 I a.e "CkV.. AVUll\: [ ikc-3fti.l, art L r'bv, ? nt' ltr
Im'na intt'r
S TWIIE JL :\'T O< ';;(';;._I liavj to mfonii ny fru-ndd and the HY THI. I'RLSIUEVT. UlilS K 1 OLK.IIICH.MU the siii'e tr.u't-f ( .xc'.| tiug only. the :ioO; acra from :hit in six moutli after date I Iwi'fapp-:, ti> ii<5 'I. %
lessens in ( nrd.r't
DAGUCRREOTYPlNG.t 'g n 'ier.3 of jliw 'lourv, that I hate leader! i i', cnJi ) M. YOUNG, the TIICOI tract) whu:h were rotiveyrd to the saii % till Court of Prolate of St J6'''".*3 .n .*, j
t Misr.,. FULLER & RICIUKIMIN, an.t I hn il .
: ;111-4 parclu t'l ; i: -I''! .i. r&i.f-r L, co-iluct.d. I ly WILLIAM ComaitssioMr cf tlie General Land OJJicc.KOTICC A. Forward by deed (roan Jn-nyli :5. Sa ch"z, l>. S. diciiar frotii the .' dmini' trat'>fsh>p,1 ,.* t. p. ,
Mr. F.'s celebrated tScnmi i-
t. Apprrntu- 't.w jin j tired HEMINliWAY .. \\\x\ \Iti: f.r many vfnr len :.Marshal i on the 27th! ray of February A. I* liJ13. havii fully a lpiini--i r''il the san \ 2- :
to rxtvute LikrnotA-d 1:1 hiutv V a* ta 1. \* p icc curs i4 4.1J wi !'i the urst t ' of Three Dollars.! t). \VI11TL. Jr.
.- foia 'iAn Iitt! T( > I'liC-K.MFTIOX CUSIAXT.S E. 1'ohlacd S 20. 1 l47. _
rit nt'y : cnci n l in New York.n .- )n"at ajn April .
r 'xi he wsM I \cry J J'orrtaaa enti'iid to ll e risht of prc-cnptk ,. -
iutr kicpcu \c-Unt! UOKM-, r.nd spare estate 01 Ainiieim uay. l ogetli 'rwuhaliicsin''iilar -
i : O" WE hereby certify that Mr. WIITEP/! nleebons : ro ovation fir'rtj'-iM' to Mike hijpusta cornkrtHL'! fi any lind-i wit'iin'
r : i' in D.iguerreotypiujunder uc, and tint de mri'ifestedan '- : I rtioiniii'.nJ tlihou *_ to IMV fnin'H! rn.l th ur.l c. tnrt* of town-hips al.o\o ciicnioratcd! is rc'juiifil toet u iices I In the sail! pruiiiisbsbelojigmg cr in any wise FILtIlJUGAl L tp. R.-
1 uncoicmon cjMnc-rs! n 1> ztrniig tic art. \Vtt i .. THOMAS DROWN.fra \ :ibhah, the :.m.jt > tli3 sati."actinn of tho iic !istran incident or appertaining. Situated on the Atlantic Ooci-

t i :1 consider binH-a'Iy' compettnt to xaiute hi y<>od FtyK- >I fltM'ucr c.f ta.! j roper Land Oflis. aii'I! mikopavni iOEI'1I SANCHEZ. SlieriiT. iiearl tIIP of ti! reach of fr
.. .. work of that art in all itb various lmniho.L. cTz: c'rLl : 'i't ilierffor as men; practicable after stein* tint St Anziistinf. Jami iry, iS. 1347.IT > .icrt-<. ;pirlof thfJ'KH) ) gnu* 'iN A Zr

F. FULLER -;, aii-si i'oiit.; ; notice, rn.l hcfrt tho day ?pr>*>inlpd for tii! ; 'on>- : Th .ili'ivi; sate i until I Setts and ciinfiniifcil toili-nry f>s f .1 '.
t 4 1 L. D. RICHARDSON. J1 IN the iIn'eI,1: nt-rf thl- Hotel thtuncHirm'd iiiCtjni'ifit of the publics: ile of thelandtth" iiuihracjj tho 5th: Hay f April m \i.ptLu1Ied i.Thn Monday Ilils'oronjrli! River to the westw ;ui '( \ t .. : .
l St. Augustine, 23J Dec., Ic IJ. fiiii.: i'P IM* hv.f tries cl iim-vl ; cth"r\vi such cliimvil! l for. and in xt south of the A. II-ill t't.i .-'
u- .xrtji'ns to iil-n ?; abf)ve ;ae| is turtln-r
feited. R1IM1AUU II. > t.rMponcd until the '
i'r1.Ib! He aUS !I- f V; t'iir VOUXG. UA FORU'AKL'or : > .
t ;: For Key 't'c. r0n'.Ve.VJLLIAM lIF.'XiWAYA -p! !(; pat-. CM--..Is.liutr of tiic Gtneral Land Offirc first Mondav ih, v-av ncxi. April G.O" to WM. (?. FOOi :! *r} JALSO. ." t' "
\1 fast Srhoo'nor The above sate! is postI.ovtI until (htir t Mond l it. ..
f H1HE bailing DEL NOR7C Captain .. No"ryi.t-r It. 147. > .-GO'J acres, knownn.i .
I .- Jl uill Ka\e fjr the above ilacti 2t1o2 ioir. lay PI June next. rant, uear1Ncw, Stnyrnt...jnZ1t'.a: : *> t__ ,

.* on Saturday or the Monday fvll wing, touching atSmyrna. ; -T: ). c7 Ths abcviv :jciv ant ctaim niiotm buidin-! O":: Thf-abov! silf h further postponed until of Dun V. MMIII Willia!! niaixl" I.'t %r -
,.1 i--j:: : \\-\n\ o.HnjMHe.1.! and lh'- lit Momliv j irjJtilr .UOr -
''F t For pa age apply to GOLD niSO.iCeJ. at the Hall. *The furnished has hec next. Apylyto. W. A. L't.1&VAl' ? .
I \ I B. E. CARR. t JL owner can lnit liy pr ) 'Pg f r thsaiverde-! .Jlri talwtn' l.j' the ..he.craI.er. an-i H now open f>r U" The ;a'.o\e *ultf H stponcd until the first to PHI LI PR. Y(>%; ;t j'' .

11 I ln'.nt, nn J eilluiT Lpou ISAAC, at the.Florida Iloue.Dtc. )ti3 rc..ti.I1 honor cf such permanent Co.irdfrsanJ! strangers .Monday in Atii ut next. October iJCiii; J817.LL 4. _
FF\\ 1 io1ce, ifilt.riue'c. cs tniy hi.ii yi..ha visit } h'n experience i ii O" The! a hove sale U postponed unttll the first
TJ OTICE is HEREBY GIVKN t tv t.iterinr, an i thoroogli 'Kn-jwl !lpp* of the w utu and ilicday! in Setei,5r neit.Lf" I PItSONSintee'e'I! in !.ez.- )

.1i from thwJatf, I wjllaj'py! totli Hoa. the Ju.le ; the :', giar; romforis uf a \\nll Iwpt Loj ;e. hcilr.t: rs fiaaIsoIft and :: 'I'Lenl.ve sale l-t further postponed nntill thfirt R CARU (-eased. are here) not4 .
oT Probatt of St. Jolm-j Lacustiot! !h.'it ITIVM si'iPicti, >ii. In iiuro. months ntier dite: I vihJ apply to ; .m '
Cvurty for liturof aJm.n For .. fticit-g! lomJay ill October next.id -
[ t i* tlrk.t-1)irect fr in New Yrrk.] l Iail"r r.sa-T.niirer !, of Probitw of dt. J l h" County. fi.t klb at.-- :
trationon the Et-tate: nti thaitloiiit hn\\i\\\ _
ot Joerph ht f St. Johns \ / The La.VO eile! fnrthvr
Fli.yd, ? Ii 7Jl: > ACO3f, l I'.k, Flour. Cracrj.! Sugars, S>r- l,3 but intro-lucin.( liLr-ulf M pestpou. d until the \diiiini.-ir.itor-Jiii of sa'1 '; -
Countydecd. : AXfRrT\V FLOYD. ; to : pt'nn-tM'Mit ri-fence t tir.t] Mdtidiy November -
I i 3 s.> ui>S Cigi r'. 1'acco. Coffee, Rice. Corn. Iky. I in nc/if. luiuiatcred th! ;
"t. J.
(Octob-r T1IjMAs.I -
13tli Th
1847. jj. t.ve
S ; Bile u further
Nov. 1 l.? P. i..:.. C.Rt. I Nn'erner I. 1317. poMpoti.,1 mfsl the JtIIN i.lI\NSl) M -
t !irt Mon'iiy of February! next. .. .
.- 1IJ,1.I7 .
I : ;'l.t 4 --- -
S -- : -
/ '
S : I _
: V 3, '
.4 _
Fi I
: *
Fi'r. 1.rT 1. -
1 : : .

.. e .. S V'S : .:)

.. p. H t&tJ. L-.I

a '
j.- .
4d -

l .
:_ .' ..- M-.. ... --. !i.
jf .0 : : :
DF -- -i----- __ --_ -_-_- .-.._ -- : ; --- ;:=-4.-1- *..-
L 1



Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: December 28, 1847
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057498
oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00324
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r : *!&; "''ff'Ol;* \ .JJir.h' J.l .. /f ,J, #. '.'J'; II. I'- I : : .
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I II '. -'J. '. 4 f N. .
_. .- .- .' .
-. ,. =--:7. V rfonveyinff the* nails ctbe'U..4-
'" :. : PROPOSALS from the htofManhl848ou- Per

/' iit ni WIRIDA if ships can be provided to the 30th of June,.1831, $ i iI
> } ALD the will be received at the .-
T I on following routes, contract .
LtD..1 ;i i3ts < un V 1 ), r[ office .of-the' Pow Office' Department. in 'tM'city'of' _
; mO & Washinton.until9.a.m.of.the3dol Jtnriary,-1848; '.J _
: ... : \1 (to be decided by the 5th of the same month,) in the. 1. .: .
Jrirtd TOESpTi 'I :. manner hereafter ified to wit tNo. '.; ."j ,.
'i tD :.: F'j. ;' I'
> 3534. From Indian .
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W* :, : Key- by Key, .' '
,." ,.arrJpEIL AXWM, :'.: ", .WJJm@cfJm Largo Key Biacayne or 3tiami river,'Jupiter inlet;Indian ;' v. .
m t "t;_ J1L1 ,; ., 1D s(v mmm t WQ" :'
.. river and "
; ,1T THxDo! t Musqoito inlet, Smyrna,St ,Augustine, .t :'
ii.)1i ., ; : :' : : ., .y ". ,I ,. \/ : .'' Femandiaato Chariest n,S. G.,700-mlles and.,back 1 >,'
r 4: : .,t once a month. . : I .1-3
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4 p 1:, \II.'V.rt"'J.. bo inserted at On Dot- .f- \ ----- -R-. No., 3337. From Key )West by SaiatotoTaiDpa

{041Htn 7 : : ,,;, rlor the first insertion nd1L JPrlwclp/cs and the People," BAy Cedar Keys,St Marks,Apalachicola, St.Joseph,"* ".
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.' 9 Longer ones % 't and S-Andrew%Bay,to Pensacola,600 mile and back # _
'J &4t.1\.tq11ent ODe. .
once a month. *
..4 010114x5., considered lees.tan. TOL. XXVI.] .f. $.t. .Augusifuc' Tuesday,. .December. 28, 147. J -, : [N!.. 3 Proposals New Orleans for extendng invited this service,from" Pensacola ,., : .i _

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I 1" If Lbe&e who advertise by : : Proposals will be received for* carrying the.mails on

: .'., l. stead of walk i'g at night or in the,morning, and influerice of that c climate, became a'most healthy premature grave, ,when a kind providence bids the above-named routes twice a month ; ,and proposalsomitting .
M ".f 1 4& w .. : ..- dmiizistra-' feeling the chill of the night damp, the weather f' and laborious and useful preacher for faeveral them live offers them a salubrious and balmy such places DIed' on the.above 'routes uihs. ... -j'
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'i .. i Htt. 4I4fllMiP has uniformly grown.warmer and ,milder from years, till by- another Violent disease he was | climate, where, with invigorated constitutionsand bidder may' desire ; and aJ.too proposals for portions of > (. \ ; ,..r -
/ .. 1iA. ,:L i *"So .. .. the withdrawal of the, comfortable health their said routes will be considered, and proposals carrying J .: _
.,., gradual effects of the: suddenly cut.down and carrhd td his.reward i ,they may prolong : .'.
ib ; .t; L'jiort, $45OI ; wind,which ceases entirely about daylight.In .- I might mention numerous other cases, if necessary liv sand usefulness1'0 a good old age ? "A said mails by land on jJuch portionscf.saidTpctes& in 4'l'
Floridaon which it be earned.. : .
:" ),, i,1i 'c d 810. other climates the night is almost invariably, of clergymen and others, who went to word 'to the wise is .sutli ient." P speak to may so I )' .

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1 that th6 day. In St. Augustine the reverse is affections, who have been greatly relieved 'With the) liveliest. sympathy for the afflicted, eize. rate,and description thesteamhoats. Teasels. .,

-u__-' -- -4 .-- I the case, and thus the' delicate lun .,of.a patient or'entirel}; cured. If I may for the encouragement :. P. Y. VAIL. with sufficient particularity to enablejtbe! decfcaea.** to b*v: .,1li'
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