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, t4 \ Irau-L and leave. 4erpe l in corruption, bet institutions and U.. liberty vt let ls.*. II .unqurred tee N'rtl era pruviccr It would piwerful cituteuiporary u..uinaj that li*> .14 l iuy lathur in his old: age.
pad criiQ> ?. rctfard the 'fI".rnnl"II nf your .li. c..tU.i. refUblicaa itri bbor who ppcar that Franc) and Uw land are nut dispo* H n*far dbpwrd as over from making c mce** I J M Adieu,my -:ar31.lkgeurgealtbsiuptlrs
muntry only a* the prix, uf their< nnprinciplnl.fo j will rrceiprocaia kind office, and beneficial I'd I"saantesi s.eouur prayed "t sbsurbwg Iha:1otlbcrl .ion- in hrs extreme el.lmlu the whole of Or I I I Atil myself m ssl uuujppy. Recuvu jkuranoeul i

. s >,b tiot. Vou-/it pf pthey lank ujfcii''IS I laws. il.U b cmtit she ptramnunt duty vlIbe pruvincf.f ).' ." epHi, notith tanding be u mnstramrd In do my sincere trtend.liip. and r tf,.
.. with the mist .uprenH C4f" "pt. Vuu are United States lu a xk a bru|' llct 31ss.acbusdsa whom tu br the Senate and all that i* reasonable inAmerica. '' are able, endeavor to btt uiclul I"say
Y"Y" Ih"sulf'tt of except I.. W .wni fr *n rour can readily farufy and defeat da sit tbe depmrtuie wtfuotiood Ibeuiberday froui Alexandria Tie very complimentary and flat '-nemi 'LOUIS N.\t'UL8U.
+, s, '.RAm".1 dragged in'o Iholtf unhotr I service per. witb batulioo of board taring appreciation of Mr. Polk wind II.IM A debate ;
,, |KMu,I bickerings of an uncongenial Govern a volunteer on up : I IIII |I Very interesting ocr.u rdd.JtI
:: -*or to be taxed a IhtMJII..1 fold on tho *'Cell.. ...1. The opposite bank.nf a dream like lb. bound to the Rio Grande, wa spoken off -" admitting that his design ttflu concede Frenc Ciiamber ou tb. 2dib ulu law.
trusties or life In fill their rapacious c.ufr-rr.- lull Oravo,dividing alcrlilu tallry tt lb. worst Charleston bison tb4 Itlst !n.tIn none ol Orrgvn to England,tbrrob every ren |Then made as able end impcrUutsjitho r
What matter it lu you wh. tbr Pamir* <* ...ible U."rMlar, bctweeti nation, unless i be, Sewate. oo the 19ih Int'. Her the on to believa that be will nowise trouble. ibo reigu policy u. ',friulc.f. The': us'It
Santa Ana. ArUta. nr Ant pud in, ri.f.I.. p.n f r iliuro is affinity uf institution and .*f la we.aitiuiig morning buMucM, on imMiou tl Mr. Di*. the puce uf she world and that it.i out IIea.o Estimates ,was under debate.. M. T
to.day, err fall ajraiti to m-irruw I \\'b.IftY..r the lububitaots. The United Kutt nfio w.renm.inx bill was taken up. Mr. Dix explained him lo draw upon his Country the calamities 1"'llIIle MH *fue uppuninp i ;. the:;MiftiUtt

IOCMXXK, fHVi are rqually the. victim.Vh tbtttle .\ .ric. will iiover recede 'in I. lace of Mon. and defended piovuioo and pifnci and horrm of war. All the effect or bas et.1|t ( at dr.t its ev..wa.tirui, pnikat
tart' rrf"they rate victory (orRri ei iirrby : iln-y iuu< greet a kindred rrpublic a. ptcsul im bill in a perch *4 upward of an fort will be In retard the, pacific solu'ion wbkh 1 I t tilled lo cwntJetue t but he feud,tlpt. .I
new link in the chain that blmU'Vo-i, a>d wj.thmrn t I cruet Hid Ki* Grande,or ad'aDCU.II'I rntrrntchtbnn boor,uf wh.cl we have full rrmu| The bill wished by all who are reasonable .in Ainerl.:|! n. h.)11. Ihe empur-aad.tber aMf
1'n. Ib.t di.ttieee betWNtft the ,....&lC""III'" Ucupofi ... tugged ux|. .n4 defile ...maJclbe.J'CCMI order Wednesday next CJ, as in England.and on our Clloine.tAI bad begun well only tu wul ill. illcj
nf Mexico and the MeedtDg million ol. tbubi-nra Madrr. the meant wttica our Mr. Val baviog; utfcrrd a l.w amendment. act off In the omlaupMol the Debuts. it must seeded to trace the actions*ut France

Vpoo whu e liberties it It reared. C..ngnt< has just toted ol fifty thousand men Dovrn, Junt loth. b.t afatetl that the republican National I but prars* questions of foreign politic,!sad;
A period swmi io have arrived at la*'. wbi n and ten niilluMi of dollir. enables tbs PmU Tbe .mtbIP Cal oait. CapL k:. U. Lwt. ed 31r Pulk ; but 'aaa., I tear, doe not count,110 worst than-alL, when a ddf.s'8" a ,

."r"! |ho victim exhsustcd by unoinnHl! odfrine.. ,drat 10 dictate .b4 terse of ice in your ci pi* was iee! ...beribud4r at 1'2 clock, and ar* fur much. The almost universal .imprvsaion 'in1 owa England (i caae* ally a"tiS
#' must !lave a rmpite or eiplr Yaws military ial. mid it now re ts writs y.Niaelvc people rived at tovwbarf at ball pant one .*d* ck. this city i*. that be u an incompetent imprudent State, (a Juatfcaua/arally ct Frauee,)*J
I' : jeaiWsa lth<* rUin of y. u'cainmtrce .,.1| the*of Nurtbvro Mexico, to asvume an atthude A Liverprvil Inter says teal K.tla.d has of. man. and even many intelligent American took tba'parror Cnglaud<, rhea tW'Vw J
nnnihiUth.niiit public credit evident; Ir I fur J 1 which will pliuMyuutiriy years in aJvuooeol toyed her uicJitatbo between too United Slate Cizenl' ly condemn bun. Na one'suppose* mast she should haw dooe wa to tjav*
f"l\ dr; that a m.ire stable order of Ihl"'. i. nn r Miry'o j your +eat |H itioa, or burl you back among and Mesco. tnt a inommt that be will ever again occuj'ytbv 'eda kindly neotrality i,lu. bw typji'
| receive il\e life .'00.1. on wbich, e s ram |, ti.ao.f chitl liagmenuul ib. interior Mex The Cotton market bee been rrduad to a Prrsidential chair. enof tb tbe same+ matter, Mr.:Guisotj
riitN (.uen. Moiicais, refl'ict upset tb. 'ct.S tau to J. mid rut, perhaps. under the state uf comparative quietude. On Saturday the Drithh Ambassador guess w A*to Ihe question of:Uw'Uttrt
't 1 (f it yq,rmUcfal productfliootft idle nnly !.*. .lCnai t calm of df ]vti ; |ft xpirt under th* locuothu.ol mi jrov trn' ,jure in a lieble and altrnmted antagonism ta land <** gl lie ic abort la !tear for Florrnee, birthday.. The / mer ic.n MlouU-r J waxpreseo lu fa tba tribune.' 'Every.word"..
j,n', his Jiminih d duri.ig yu fear* of *!iril strife, from Iwenty-right tnilli Nil wurlu. if would ppnar from ntvat .. O'Cooocll dill w.tyae.It* gnat functionalk.of the stout, set that bs bad itiicliooedni2g It Nammed <
>f ilolhr. to ten than eight hundrrd ibouMinl.ftnuusllf.and But tber bone nation on'ibe Conliomt tbttlor stalest oa Moodjy.'ibat Sir It feel tsdctermin.rd and the principal aristocracy.OVERLAND ,< 'and.Bythins;cuuldtbn.JW<.

>1 tbl* (ael. a\\ true, ibvugh |:luo. r- ** to bow and cr ince to.British invotcncc.' lOp f forward she ..h Coercioo llill wbca HAIL, FROM INDIA DO'testify to hi*greatooident.
t ILr b .t nyezpnentut yo-irHiclin in very thina- "1'he Unitrd State ut Parliament atcmbk. after Wbiuuotidtf thai had thataiaMMpendence
. j Angelica ex toned their r ; Tbe Overland Mail(!say last had arrived, lor country fie :
VutirenorgkM have been piralit-rtl your' prop.)" Hulrpendttnca her in tbeir IRtJOC,. and bolrday*. but brought little intelligence ol special inter*, or the Poll:71 of;?raao v; c
: jtrtr boon cohfltcticj, yojr tradi and industry ]I,iuuiiknd it to their rarly unfledged poaer.jl 1 IM P.ri4' paper, La Pressof ofkl.cb.. tat. The.Sikhs it i is said, were quiet, but not bought it, tiitingforbtr' iotere 'inaj "
', FreshsuJ 1.uaJir 'ix-** that would have weighed I j I, upun ,lli* clement on wnicb KaclanJ claimed ed '.urolfceUst! night which aooounce that ali Ged.-The !koala are cvn uhadating ibeir matter; and fn-a.question uf gnivt< .
: Jb.o..s. t4 nqi4wn'st( tun tUn"ymiratrcnctbi and eaaluuies i rul*. Now, in ta. ngur of ibeirjm urder bid b en sent bf ihe Mincer .4 Marine newr| acquired po* ey *on*.' The guns wren. had been Ibui first proclalar a poi"
. 1.r ctailclro" hart U-tmdtnioJ eventbtf rudi I' :nly CltrenClb and the full development oaj tu tSrnst l. and lo he other military harbors 10despatch detod by the Sikbs, tu thee number of ,9.S8i'badreached no person ia llutiChambenistrict i '.
|n0n'* uf odueatbn ; and ,new when Ihe.. I j I.te reiqrcss and material, gra atvr than even a number of ship lo the Gulf of Mex Delhiand were la b4t taken with great and real neutrality,aurrutwd$ f.
y.. Iu'blt't r "'tftr., wliy. If.they cvull grasp the't that ol iWland be .It lb. if It leo to force the ** .
,. bile eJr w-Kild war. air pro. squadron tJanuoed there, pomp lu Cakutta. Scinde' was tranqui Sir kind of guara'otnf. e', J'iw
u tax' the very .air you vukrd, wfll be no idle lourauae t. Rte.wUInot in consequence of the war bctwccu the United Chutes N-pferarrived Karacheeoit the l"uh '
.: reslthd-jnae K"ft uin Gfl, IIf.I..at DivUion.4fh' lad the Htikiot ,India' 10 the lrceitcn III| Stair and Mexico. of April in good' bealib. The ,wounded Twp f*- Thu. intellig tica-F,r cvii' 1'j I
>do tk ihoa.*.Jn* iq public .,+l.-ihosie men Tampico shows bow tbstcity'nMss reterrval
r ". J J'r" j I Aiiwric When nitbn nf sacla wnmrosa puw. Portugal has tees the scene '''of another ate lora the battle of Muodkee bad arrive! at Bunv
Bjrj lt U Ji pi/ric, will** u>tjr| merit ire in this ?vcientlfia and niecbtnieal tempt at dimensions and.in, coMidefwHcjplorablu
ag am. r. luliun.
change bar U bad died on
r. Je. ibit. Uiy '." sb>,'t In.d. ib"v are rapt prof'-ment. inert in rude cs/Hitiew, the world of the Kinittr,. CUUft'ClUCftl upon a jIUpe ; making for sending/lhei tile way.invalid Preparationsweie iq Eu. ( state,oTtb 'C Utla \W.iacn itZ J
11' Pisil4 .... timrvnith't taw d>mralixini; will feel the shock. Wbo cat. tw't Ima.e the ( .wttlet rrrfy.aapeiCCt wzl&tt:si
rnrkmcwul tee fieg the ate of the Mnritrj! >the Im rope. A* all the foreign officer bare t iWiobligcJ li
1tI"t &.u 'N their natural r..ul(, n<*t rupraiir roergif of a nation t>f 30 million prraswe ** tb U Sir Robert Pet i*far H .dv>ncaol H qiKtbe tNrvtcu of Lahore, CoL. Mln &Ur..riIN.u.\"efIJ.patade., 1
t pI, "11" S wrec* nf Ibe national ie'.. ., but ut intelligent freemen, with all the bit '' his cberid dw.pcf"of. p. g .. u
? sinews and j jtmiicriaU colleague, and that be i* anxious ape torn a Frnncliman;and C.ptai-i JI4r.MI do jcan # ,
'albclLA of Nor pull'KMe they Urn |I oi war whbio beretf o", iron ply to Hogar tbo free trade tara.a whoae skill iu ( held ol. thr Mex ao. *tni>.. hk'eurier eo
pliDcirln'.laicblie ciigiaeerias
; )r6< 'I tit rt-itful) "puturtt uf,rum lli-ybavej I Ioff. t f fcttnp and live-oak ; a nioriopvly of the bas extended Spaaiard.bjr. its' re.olsitioo lntueil. (.
cotton to corn. the pj erful torts"cations at Ferozehah and r to
.tl1g_t.Atnlp'Istj't ill|| wurntnifck sr f rf;"tib. rithoul which KngUod'f "ren..,. ttovld I The aaoa-l fttaietnent or the Excheqoer ts Sobraon.wem coonroctcd) had come down to fate await' blast at Ibo bands pf t sea: ,
.i Clo.i4l9l rJ.'t k Iq ratbot the featteretl t el l I.1 &It-I' and *. in a mM''and surplus given, the Bom sod our "OpI.'. Truly, his cbaftcZlo
pro compering Income with she bam at lta..me tJow the
expendiIUMT u wounded European
'n kor srovtfrum'Ant qh"ictbe| Vine of ,wrnpttMOMIU. : ; .p lobn04"... appoardHperate; fc ; "J1.T
'fIU.n' DO'UJb'o fur
of in
our current year -4. ..n'kiaIfr.* of Prussia,MWithhb -
+scwrsipt t;.rngwaiq 4If'-I4f.. Msztoal.1"w .Ih, owq number Or who can Uvbow soon liteic plus' bf two millions t>o hundred thousand attendant,hd xrrfml there on tho 13th of. ;:- ;Cna.-Su,'ripoj for, retul' t'
Irulya "t% ,gtrpresscls; tij.t j rjeyot rBrl'.11 power fade But the Increase "of ia and had ak'Patt em M'.Ver C-'dwiC u )1M "
sissy expenditure April, come on to Europe by t bos tea*
jkoora'saarpS. y. 'IOadi 1.lcl ':. j'ke f morning, mist Her law uf>rumigm|h I Wa'laraJ OrJaance Department far this year mar with the mail l Thy Prince batgnin rsmall I 4Kdotthehat.outb.it WH;i. .
p /w1. .tIer yswr Sa.rsrhig}, nit Ill.Anwrin.si.irl fllJt. IUMM tottering; Ao>and wh.o'it f-H. along only left a wrplu ol' .-.hundred and Mven experroc from ibe late caupatgn on on .oott** tire
so4 aH .
.' j 'I"h"'i wb.tgeosthsllyrdlyyegue.the BrhWh Ar. tyit tbtMwnd pound*, uf which seven lan- the Satlrj.he wit continually in tAe coin tack It al'any monMol ,upotf.fM.tt8e4w ,
"It.14 be AN fI1eM Mplct: .Hierv.j quJs wui.,I .ifioeracy.. Jrngaud,.,>faiifk ,a* ,V* appear, 4ml thousand derived from Chios. ny of ho Gomroor Central*o4 rwii ot 4be AU Sal. i '
+ ..
jles Iiy' ass
ri7 wi'hlWr mighty, lI.dI.ea4. ro>. ,* umber naeAieri r'GIII .te of
'; jet .at..f. jS"em1'flietit' '.lrN..c< : upon a ... WJtr.ft... r Ier. crusade .suer) :'' placed"atotm& U.4eilJtt i .iaavv'jr :

. "-r IPI wo .",,Imo'd Mat ..,-&rh. 1',.. Mgatnsx'RrfHibliranlsni'eii iki Caoli0"f. she iroefe had YtRNhdFa*ru l,ea yHi.. r

40 tyag M1a wirditM 1M United lli, ;eh /. :VtprQftJMfeeprlnefpl! uf Mcmarrhy attaclud Meik .,"suit .&Wd .1'8.. money /tour.kel. pf .Bombay.wbkk b .. tbe'Mlae. poIf se.ttl sir. .v ."

" Ayr I,.14S". ii 'r'prf. 1!WfflgoV' ';* ."I (ft1wf'"n veil: send !Ise'war that brj au 'Th'cking..I ee tia the 1h h Chaisbetof waa.It) k jaediate : i, .,;a...O.,U\III..i' -\'
'; 't ate t tfmbijlfecr. \: }ser i the ttlnclfon err the Teopte right (In., Aiswtkis.1ee D f>*tK ibovtd tijtt U..TbU r* bad Jon plitntspftvsiluf"'S..ac ti'p. f'' "..
r# : .n'ltstK) W.1fN. _-. fwi I. end la aiasttnreg a/d.utabliak Mt DOfte.'eA' h4.f'1AtiiecI .- He bad a-.rnift I LI LI '.dMretsria .. 1 ,"
{3 r< pvea asi'.4'IIt1tll :Ihfe 1trwt w'wi .w '!.jrtl ibrm aMu'nd the Ivf f rpirn tftretatof a.rre- wirb .'ft",1..II.0. Ie "iebte I .museb sr .I -d art".IIW
.t |tsjainfji,>yTn.:ii'ey W <")to i .fft .I II ss.4,..,.... ''he vwwU lt. too trtsiigbt.aed t0 .lnI pYtfbauphf of IW First MM iar' d .. o : i ii \
sime..lb. i .Q I.., 1".' ", i&r'NSii" &
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= .r kept Kt.....r: Tante'Ieahpe ... ...twiaei r .tW' Ier.Iu w" .' .;
'JJrrat ).M ><- . .l saris lu bo aTnct
4 |. diciated br af'Wi,i'',.,, leer lh J pnrp'VM4xtCA. : rant iiilrd If -the fiaoi t1 Cud,9 and the The Urxleans are Mid to u. fin r per baits,I wa done on the 6thTelfrt. of May,=seder she c.. la 'Visa t :i14ltrei

t.: i S t mm 1Vhepba.! l:.htnJ ,ter rdtui. iN:Vail.!.rxtcllru- at the.. AlooarcbV. gfacxnii, biderem. whkh are very. patuenuts' I m\P4 or CoL bus 0 :

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M,1"--- .- ..._ .. ___ ___ __ f

3 ;. J Ca ,. feat RiEb Id.ce toALt AFHat4 j Pec I (, Z ,..IJjr.JIa t .

IT.ny iadw' Pt i .er A.18ft I.Nltetlb were iiiJiBiiiM CUirrnu. Finala .'UT'&
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aJ&1i&.i Ju.Is.were it the .Jt
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-. itr .JJ k fI, e Ire aU Ii'. 11 ItBftCB6ITKX to ah*afeaa af Clae aaw alert m* r..i )N ka-iaf beer avde bvf the I 1
i.5..t L4T.. .bsa d.b 'fed a.d .,
;.1..11! .N War'r'.J .(r dIsL a )' hiss >wt ttaaaa at BL tlea.IfslJit'wiw.. I" jqr ... .aI1Iwiry ..' .rat, ... .b mf

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There 6ii. sr5art+ '1'&.. La..tL..lf,r ".. Me da1$5 Mrs r ..M.a..wN.' -n-.4H'- .,.....\ttsd.BlrerM pith ,tuN.w L.. x
C.pL sat_Nr.iint .Md..se's.rs...r t r tbs. IN M'ltel' wN irN 1..r .
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t 4t N. _&'t ;, '.1."',-,.. ,at'ft..tNal ErS&F. bt&aL.Bisi tb.ais d ittlN; a Ii L "w a.,_soil. .:2 I ....'wrhlaiti i. ... .. ,.,.. .

..al ".I ,.r'e.I-nW1. ,pa' t 1M Melee' frogs thai' port ta the i* f' It... .Mati1Md. iii -.2. t-.4 ,'r; ? 1* I. .i aasosa,tt.ihi. ...'pass .eWr7j.: r
W. laam btr ot ot the N.attsgrn ..1M $.s1 "eIM bather 1't.sid.ek arr.l.aad '
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,At r.. eHbK 'wee;bell as"1t1e lata.a. panics uwa>'rt* Gen. Anastaaie Parrodi I at a,, _.. w ptIfi..Jsn>r tlian.e ai wAaik it i*ada J fuss aM _..t. aa4'fII.WaitfCAB -

of ."!cla.W.Ibrr' :Ansonia, 6 q. wt.a the hctkl,j' ajterV.. by the tade"rr,.were ia Lots the, t etna4 a dye 11I9, ia.ika)eo e'kafaoi tbs dale ipeelfillle A p j kiat..il. ,seaee..sr red pa5tw r: tililiM.e1.li.5l a.NW
r riser .. .......... ... hr c. t. 14 tba 11.- ....iI.,%
to III. of ttPPlrtiai Dele of lafaajya. :11>nao and.Baata.Aftaa; .U f .
Jr I ,
other -aawMH .wj.ripd..r. ** ,
part? W4re for antis the lo fa- ifiij
people '
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.f wur Lit F-Htat .! T..aslIII. .
ICU' Diixny JetMV MrMmd tM meet* third isaa. wit about pests A.aa and tees N H.d..rd M., .hr s3w.rt.r il.cti..#'? sod SUM. Each caavrwaj**.will_i.t-f ire Cap t y
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1 $1 and a reflation .t. .4aple4.. a PP rust K. .Nooe af the*..partievbaJ. \war 8. ThtfiythrveLMt JJy... '.i MJMarwa..aa4* ,tixtj-i-ar pnvaw/->
jet curve to a definite vodariaadfcaf. G1lte..3..t! n..r. 1M' ) Jry IW7. _. n
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There were,Tutapico elevtra totals U Iif- +b flirty J.y 11s.awe. '.u e
J. A. faufUr, .rrc ppotoiej Del. &cWM.nift Ca* J. Wel
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1. The nrctifeg f4e4f4 fetotf to a 1.sets. tr..tb TktnyTfcirtf a J.h 14.1 bs.. r
;. euppor&I 4"1a. 3 French Spanish, 1 Breeft end >..*.a B.arai TWIt 7' t-c J.lj .. 'f7.
badeadrr ib..zitt.5bw.'etba'$l.ae sa4.iP ,, "
I tilt umiDt"t.Tail.HeRe. 2Amcrkalia. 'Tha Amboritie at thai yUce. rfi..tea watt ie East J"J.. I". I'.i.
kancvivW fr ..( rha Hi.ta. A.*... r
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.ore about prohibiting tbeCarfPea from fui"tf .Tb i4v t'.h. 1 h41 .oe Jet,U M47. & '
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Precliltct.T oo hoard the A met icaa eseb, woes Cape AU 1'-'ra< p nKalaraatotJKM
r A meeting .*held .(7'ml1aaaaee OQ the traders of the aloop of war U kla f7'a,_, *?. nd.tt.pe ed.wad-.IN.r Aires ii eaW M-tb. kaJ .4 i.aaae.t..r cw4-.ra 0er af pvr. fto threMwaadr4a.Ckif: TJM 0.,"",rv<|.; .kV tpost.

fac of Itoia aent,a 1atpatcli inlonaiog the.0. ...e.arpa; +l.j iii rarlr I di.enmi..ua f b.aw.s- ..tu .., iU*.a <| r..1d. .. Sled.). .r.a."P"tb..J.IZLIINa .prn.ps f
5>ta oiL 411 which Ccn. Jon Ih:1'AL.. thuritiralbai .eL N'..d. uu.u
If there was any -detetrtioa otA. t.IZ.gi.t.r. .walt. .ai.1: fia, rya
rP daI"fI'In. tad tresry fee t>cl f*' appointed met ice* property, none utter aWld, leave tbe "J4 If.FatTAve. Re. 2 U,tia U..,.*,. rV. .
I .t.Aafwia. ".J4J.'I.INC. J. SCOTT BROOKE, .
Contention.It pork The conteropUvad older was therefore u.t ;
1I loll* withdrawn. Aljw.l.1Il ct ,erp due'Bnwrel. F.+t1. I...
I 1i M quite vivify; in{.nice tia'tO" the Be. The fort at Taaipica ltd teen watbed I 1. CIf'C111IIC.wt'tsBart. Clrc.M en..e C"'Y"SHriWt8"Ie. -1'1 I

wlcncy mating fortrird. 8l.Jobn.. Orange. bv a frrabrtC a abort lisa bt lure the Pnnceaae away I Ih.JOUler CUUKTY-' rLMua.LMe ,,WILL' BE ZULU .aTws.d.y aW' Ifck y....' Itsts w Tu "& f Ltitr.ti.airCmut.Cr.rdw....L a ,
i C.1. eI 51. .. ,
-'er ,
Culuntbia and ."lbc* Counties lusts ftiarie C. s.d.1sa4 Nsr jsntl ant Ik*U-r,a' tea..
nu'\ eailcd.Tb c.. twe a'tVxk.at ika C.r|H-at M*Ua*.tB*i.air araCE iI..i.allp.rwr bare ..11)l .
,nude their appointment and the rtIt rtr4 .three gun bau Wilt .t. 'rr York for tic .I*.C.nnay.- Rt.pi. :Caaaty a M Anat p tt.r.l; this r..i.g it.<* .... .asMas.f tI.,1 ... ANTOlClU J F.. 1TBIY.I

..Iom..r l the party will be at the Lorr So.tiernePrinds the lIela.< were lying In Ute river TIle llirs af J... C. DW / (rvata af I**!.to Miify...pay tka Tnthe .t.setJ.hsmC.oatydoedMp..ot. *! ; .
the 1> instant above Tampira. ad.- J I Jlaw Flaridafer IB* ,.,J 4. fcffc". with ell ih.MiH to ialy ane*+l. walieat aVLrtr, sad all -. ;
h and .
once Official, despatches had srrirrd aiTampito 1JPOC.J St.|tV aAhnt af 8..L. L ::1rt'aJ caato aad dwarf. af. '. >aaiat and aaiatkn ,..iiwl.Med iw Mid Latata arc reaMa4, to Hua t pt.sndiaw

tore nor political opponent. will he tha'jftMitol to Ibe cfl ct that GenArku bad been removed set Cra*.aa aCMMS ia said .f lee wits ,I re'. ;( ..IAid

I .Vlli,1I i. Sfr-i ;dt.** M &WZ/4 &o.if from cwmmaod of tbe N born Di.w.eon".1 hWUt- *. .,, fUl raaiA r.wma, I 61JMI aera *f Land eana erv ,...the D* r."w... hovels ".. t. all erodit.ta '!
lr the op .e&be Di.rd.aI.s.md ia the.M BeI.t C5wpw.t I .pi.i Q* itaawdaa. Ika hood wur .(I. ma lr t*to*.and .en* entifUd f.. .4ninMitJ. Ie ar&,.. i 1 ,
I h a small co seem.YNcta.. army awl that_ it had been grven ,rMJ.7..lW Jri JcUf awd C..fl.U IU..,. .ra t iba Maw witki. fw*fMra le M tk. pAWast..s

to Gen. Mejau wits I. MI.ta aaf flrvfMrt, iapeflMfasaf Land Miaaaly...u 1M. a-n.I. .kt will W lare,ar kamd.A.lfONIO .

t There were l ut 360 Imop at Tampico at U. retra.b.aid Ia.tictak sjefdefed, aValaf ,taliaa nf tk. taw JaM J. B... Miaaiad. '.kvadwatari ALy.\KEZ..U..u.. \' '

. This 8a'cof Melba .fed,"1 inn hti d*. the I. aecounu-*T these 70 were; runaway lft"Ue 4 &aedIfine.lI.. a pp r sad sa af ..'.Cr..4 aadakaal 40_Mt. ,... dkJlaeaaiWia. Jae lkk.Irl4el. ,

nejtrort Irani the place or ...It. The. ..tt Ibe sNi .el C..,...iaa,y Ibe p.bLewes .
.red Hi lodep"ndenoe.anJ re*.trej to MMtifneurict coa litule the whole anxunt of fafctfbetwecoTampion lU .rd.r ie eeae Krwvyfwrtliva :p .LOBQ cr**et Ltad.eawnwHify kiMM.a a*SikkskTa. New Good at reduced prices. or.'

nwnfitiij.at rrgartb the war with MesA and tbe Rio Grand!. > *.*4 Cirr+h 1st U. res aT f-air MeUaa, stet..,fraat( land Mtaatad l"-wik.\.. ./,. GROCKR1DI. HARDWARE CttOCKLRV DJ., -.

iI Jdl. circular hat foueJ from the Trtr irjrHptnmni .ee la each week,.en'. aile dais kits. WQ.,. Laid .fr.tS.lls .r+.Crwre' .r JJI1ELF tiVUUIJ. itW '. -. ,; .
iIi tyaralatfeaa sad ftanart.Thtcorrrapuorttt \V.M i art on 0. .se,.it4i .d ak.ot ten Niita fta K...".'' CALL tbe .uiiii a of tha trade private., "

continuing. cmrwrcitt relation.h tat the New.wk Journal vfC fII.A..d b b fanUr raVtad.this .. o.t..4. I aid s..ed.d by.-rw..rty .wr.d ktJD."Ml ILII.Lawi F*_ ". sad.,..totka vary larg*so I,pI, A .

ft a. a nrutral State. .mitncfcee says : ant, />:ri M'rw.Y.pprs and oo w,ei ewd 84 af ..rt.7 of ,,.- 1 aftirht MMy kant ky a* ar! Abase

The orjrrt of Commander alackrnx'Vs mi. c...... ahem this FZpi.ati.a.fthis ( HIM.r.-t..I.ofsig w 'dk Hlrt.4 per dlr.10M.. F 1M,... tkv ha-.-,to ,

I Jallwce.A doll lo Havana ia to are whethrribrra is 10 be IUM W lW |*kUe.*i af OM, ac .f,a 11 D.te s. !.- .fraiaena .a MWtad wish treat eata aad parrkaaadwrh tke t c

e reroluiion bffkeoul in tbeeitjr or 0.". any privateetin against nor CfmrrxVc" ; and, pit reafM aMt W,.*. ac si. i.. I.OII +( Lad.d I...a. r.r,sbar BrIb UKta-4 !* Mm.w,... ... m*'h. i.dae. ifcapriaaa 4 !
(ts. red II.\WIJ'xzt.JdV.Aa.. -wM a tadaatk. tltif Mivt. .kla tke UN .
I ) atr ta *** ,
the 201k ..f Ma The if K. so .k mean U> it. ThiaMthei -I
ia err ass prevent
Uj 6lOaaraaf
t OruaVd u W U** eewy. Lad MM| to krtl' henry y.'p B.E. CARL A C. ,
.4',, l'M fkr il,, lie al dnrb t.. Foreign penand ....ed object. A mnaberot Cab* r, B. D....Oatk C. C..< St. JaUV Oey. .4.*t.aa UllakCit Rr .r..4. .aiid d ky La. .. '
p Ili..a." (met aoralrd it yes+ertt y, and not U any M* af.j Mta a....'. May Butter. .

creu TVfe away be al. amne secret orjecii ; CIRCUIT COURT lUtr. Ciacarr ar|'i...... 4Cu I ace ,f LMM.k 4f.a M_Ii l ad patI-pw- .* "
IIAMt; "M 0.. 0.(
bWua. r* .
I bat I donl Wl.rts that ibis p"rrlllM1a'.brw r.tIftN"5e.M. a.aflWs1m.d I two d a track.(11/.UOit Sena. ira di. Vdr,Mi' CHOICE
'rar Ik V.O. B flrffrtU t >,r. FamiU r.. .ltd. MMfar sad 1tf.
WS&u.add'd. Bore Faa.. ia .
to co-operate with ; MT sack aUiaoce with 11. at r.mda'a.d kaawa Ik* Wrvkira ar tasia:
say Crack fdT.. C..lfpae... Ha.
*r .- .
k FROM M netcoWn
Banta A.... tIt 'a. t uciM ai. dprigp.n..M LaN aww .ad by -w.I t .
Fsdr .c. 1& ,
have private cnrr*pnfcftf+ from Vera baa aUpobeen that Mack Ar d vw T.. JTlin LeY\. ysra.8irwp -
aufpnted and .&. aiticl ao*"iDI..r.4 at ,
t Irate to ih* lAth Mat being twelve lava later cmie DUL'ChANT1e.-.M4Wcaw. JIM aim af Le4 UbatiiX to J..n J 'n....
anay have bora authorised to tmrchawi taiL. 8. E. CA!M,i Co.C .
lkl..11s4 kva '... ... .
W .
U 'n 'h" .rc-Nlftt. hy 'h.I""h at Pen bka aatira mt *4 the llaJilaa UMr .aaJ La.d.dtb. .
ncnII. the Mvsican tI1ts.411. J. ).Is.c&
iii 5V.airs .cnlri, af ika ," wild.U : .N.Iv 1..J..1 *, d.IVOE Aad.
M Nit arrr>iirrt h"d v.*t ,cbe,|Ve a Crux i if : lope. Thd lMru. of M.c4efitu4i &"!>.. tusk -- ,ca..a..nl7
IM \f.LlJAM.. in. 8ft11f.Rac. ._ ..U.... UKa; oak r6. Bit.\i. tl.\Y. a.v drearjiag ,
C I the ..ttutr..! |'.,.d** t.. t ite rwnnvinditfIhe slam at sanity: ihmt.nad duPara! earn, which m Inw.std tkst...........1..ppw )..rf L*.s.iJ..kaUttf h*G.A U. P4tat.. pet Sckr. U sro Fraakliii i. fiu* order ia a aau.Uu !

army in-ar shot tan Giande. lr idnert, theN tar bcl** their value.' ardpl..dN.io.Mite.. t.W tberra..shier.WeJf I asad d.1 Spr a Crv.k. .*u**3*p.rtka*.r.. .

S .hc\I.IYMln''' ..< torn tv f.nrtKtn that it The sane writer tau emu.a Ha'etf\l'14.* iks jadtrrt .lt will U,lkr *X.HM.bit atIM st1r3.( Lna.1 Mid to kUa], ..-Wkn,*il. 0. E. t..1 R R.A Co.

,ratnr4 .1',1, wwshr r ."y rftf c ntrnrdIkrto ted "iinpuriant in.rat" in the U. 3. Senate this..a t.at tki CaeItLf. N IS& A.j.. -M4 .., ;1.w t..yras jl kaus a. J..3ft. 1446. .

. taIJ Lrrnad"nCsin.t U. tnre"l.t*. Tin for trrininati r tbi Mf kan *6a tLa a ee" Ma. ar.T!***. aai. I I W..tract.Uttl .- ..., .

4M rant of H.na Anna mutters 'r.1ftet In a f rrnt II ass M,. CaIh iHin>*i. avariMenl that if the r RA.X CCd "'LU t M i.Ad.*rx. t a.em d L.rdada Uk>.. .. \\"im.., FereiaM Pert0ilie l. .
.."."nt' tl. ltMriinfniK and Vrra Cruz I 1 drdar.ls.1 Ol war efailHd kirair*P Ml been -.I64G. i'IyiIRT I!.RMd..MMe*. ..ate N rtk> W"IMa4"( 'uG" THE LONDON KhfUULlCATIUN QUARTERLY UF ..
. Mie... REVIEW
hrlf rtliibrf mitif ,''fn nf .''wnn',' MItbtMrti.lint fY'ltnnnJ one,4.,. bv wouU ,have .fnrtl t TlX C lltcl r'.l'ale. I t erI"af Lard ....\\mg u Saieac! B.>t*... Till tUlNBUUGH BETIEW. .
11W'ra tlr
r.rvrsnnw n1. hnwrm .
. ibis .r. U Eftkr..,,t.i*aa.. WI*.. ''.ard N.'pts..p d TaralnUr sad McDif lfaia THE FUUF.IJN QUAK,KRLY REVIEW,
'IlIau!!'."rd the'-:.,..(.."." rn panrlnert.Mnahi"h I learn that Ur. McDufa bab*wn | \YEiTJUNdTf.JC'.EYI&W. %. ,
ta..pun apse ..VI.., ";. aeth.I1 of '.. New !! p
dI I ii war -mr,netft.b.iM' r'aorrf.. niea.u from the Cumimave tm r"rtn .\r. ,.r".M B. la w a-f ski T.W. atr. i.,6.e.s..t Land.: brat to J.ka U.l*... ANI .

br-r.umt. eaf she run,. new .nd.rt) btnd....' (.i.! in relation lo the in'aob d trtm.iatiag .. 1. lie C-t*tr ./.ft. Lucia(tbara to=. 'sad irtaud.!w**.* Indian Rir
ratd.rrarWOUntrSIrr.dsbe f anress city Klextcan war by a ,ptei>r.d/a Krfit.TheBenate c.n 11..Ie.-4 Tows-. I t ar," et La.t.I II'w CeI.Aad/w..aad I r r +
..of" !4h wr-ll nuse.ried. i* In undrrtafba tke bH aia A of 0.&ok.M. Jlf Jtj aa 0rttW ,r.. ..c..c-.t a c.a .,. l Tha akttv PcrioJrieaU ara 'prieUrdta |.. .. ,> >

'r "'.'Ir... i/ the rv>rt ofVrn CnirI wit. measures that .,1I1ea4 to prac,. t.C trae*f .. a*M wKh lUeiaf a. well pay tk. i 'S J.ert N Land 1.Iati.f to L.Id. H.E..( iataMiliaun' aa tkaur arrival ky UM UriUah liar. '>. ',! I

4S till"rM by riraM Rsri'sn and the The plan h'.4 kn.wn. but H U. stniiabtn T.s-tht.r.Lr ibs fU' t5G.parp.wt.s I"1.l.... ...ky U.O WMU New dMjr.. I i. M .*.J..I.la..rt'. ...a fin-which pp r. .4 a w >* "
ik. I'atita fcf Chartr Ua'...:deed ,-u eat GW.erM had kaafctd at a piss called Bid 9ptinp.k..s raitbd a'.." ,tb..rijiwlr-.IScaca..si Miss.al' ;' ..
s'.amer PrifteP.lnn. The latter vr*.r|II.r*pci|I. the amt that JI,. Catboud had io'aaiw, wbrti Laia tua bai .uuac.: (afMaHb af lW t diabull.41i .
th af .
mafy tWatra I Knoe of land ...... ,. .e44. ft MiU t* vrf* .'a.m.r UM i f ,
ally -erul a* a bl'. rlnnf.toeing able t. run I tie uaJa the ab>*,.-tiara I I. n.CANALtd hint$5 aN c.., af 8k Lack, ae..*. M Jh J... Rivar Uraace cw.aiy.fiiJacra .. ..1n.

t etn.n tiny aniline ctaO that may r>prnacb.Wx llrana/b'rrai. MUMlad abet If iil*. -rk"ard .' wtda..pread Um af tbri..pIadd- diI' '

rtm well with cr.rwnnd with strata R ALSO. .1. G-f... Sa Uft>at UW HJTVC dt ..-,. eab.adr* u .dlM to ay ..eD ia theb.pfsjM. r.1
lea few cnmN titan on salt water. The ehr.. A Currcapundentof ".ft 0r Thf.8awiaf uattaf k W,.*aa stack iktaf loge a.saly. A*I.Irtsry arfvaa,., rta*.d Cw iw a4t n mf any w.1 .1OG
FJirt.nrrirrd' nt anchnrareof J.Ift dr V-rd. lana Bee writes-(Juue 1:) his cootact bean win pay tka Tsa tkarta tor tke ye I" &avpp- Jour SYMPSUN. I wrk*f. auMbtr..;.,aww1 paUmk-d. whila ika ,14 .1

a the mark of tieacberr.Canalca. .. Sheriff aad aadkM T. .... t.uealarpWioa *f each u> Marked e .,
(off Yen Crux) on the 13 .
Jiro. W' vm exported to Mil af*in on the Ibe noied rbbbrr, had surrendered J.*_J. Ifvi'nrft.ta wit. ScV.a tl..snare..ta -______-_______-,r.. CMi.y.( Or s y* .r sad klnM IIC. a.t faaad ta waraa of ,
16ihor17lbfnrth "a. Tb Snn had to Col. Wilaoa, with 15 'nett. .iat titer wit airs.r&e j.tdia.f U* kLaci l. kaawaMtk3a IIUD.Q j.tl. F iD&N.nIA.AAlVTA"'I'tiauAL..Orrxc. I a pan ebaractar.Thn '
were all he hd under bit cumrnaod. lie bad > *akrae be views thaikftr fre.fpa tira, .
r ot reioraed from Camprvrbjr. The fl- ship tax n Ions time Wen tie terror of e LALSO. } :,. .-Wki(. *.'.. sad Radical.+ Dfack.w .j'
CuntbrtUnd. Commodore Conner, and the Pn wrtrra TsNaM.sse. 9Stb May,1t346. S 1 I .".i. **lJ ada .
Irceikscosimntsog drprrdatiooa JJex Tke fRawt hid(....w SMthaWt..fia WtLra Q--nriy' ara Tory I ifc- P
..Cwlliela51ed. fcrwdayflalneffmni pen upon aa was hrU .a U.a tfth : mad tha .t
caIN and Texan, and pay tka T..she,..., k. year 1SI6. eeabadntataWialWauJ WHEREAS .b.rfl Kerktw.Wkif} .w. r
always managing to ItMeX far I'.w Ofiom ikataaa '
vcoU.JettliMikMi unknown -.c.r"Radical. m r. "
) expected bf J' Wd..4. Ttssts.tawa.isaws .a Q..t
M h.isst M t..e N w. ,
escape Uxh. Wiihiatwo ntoaib be a.i..dni..asBrigade.. M. i.. sad Banal. ;
had 7lK '
literal s.d 1
the XHh IneU A 8il.ell of war ; .lnl. > prMctpatfy 1. cntKMna .
(.me Caa WSt. awtorMfaCeailiwaatal ) ,
ur I WO men under his command tho y af bids Mtkn t aid k ., .. t ky a Ivllcaava ,
oo p.
Arujo Wark.
not stated) arrived at fteet iflcUe ,an the 16+h, .fjacia, k.Cn aa tka CMMI Crs.t.A .i
Colorado 90 make *af the ..... to.ika ltttnb '/ttV
from this *
and wee boarded fmm the Princeton and en ant place sail IAUe\ r TM a,iew.4itoaUrB. S an M w'haa.s.tbird.4Iba..1 i
what chance has Irweaoed Ibis numWrMl H Tbtf.B aM-h are thai.Wi&uue. tW frcatfa) ., *. wkib .,
formed of, the erabtithmrat of the blockade.' iaf traetaf hitch._ aa tkarvaf as.ett ktalactad C-ralJ.ifcai tfemy I
j r
quits .,-,. ll. is pruverbial/or trickery. wiOpar tkTa.tWftaa IW the v*.t ISli..*+, qaaHy wcHfatMp.thay afwrd .IJ that NUaiap ,,
t hi,.. J* &v rs ItHY" Brssdwr G.. this ...,. I
and has in thia iaMaoca, d ulH chanted d1t.Ml..ts.T.4d iger Fr.llid,ud.. 1
oo iaiP- Yull.e.witTrtwIL.
.. Rt urn/Cfft.girl.. .B* gimg&**f*.)from enh' lk.tat tI,.. A. K.'AU.IOUxralaf -. Bitwi5rt ,
.Il".rr..' ol IbM CuL W. atoll" be .urprllle4 if bit boa sod arrr MMtrd ia raid Caaafy af 8l. Lao thMcaad Brifad J..u <.,.1 I 'TEK1I.: L
I l\
,...c.r.tie...re infirnHM *f the of RaoehetIM. was lo lake C..I.V.. by our law.l aaaa* /IW aad ffraaf, M.}, c..nI .r ui..a..4 Ui.iwaa tiaaszL ratauriTTwa HAoaFara AMUCK. rg
and him. Cal M MM Taaaa sbs..5 .*4.nW ss' M. paid y to trouble. The
prate pot gra-1 lira Oaaval third "
pate rrivaland Rvtiui; Rrifativr at ka Bat .
| a.Ca .
occupation of Reynosa dui .
hjr br.. the .. WILLIAM D.WARD.Vt ,,Faranylw* :. ) 5
Lfeui: c.. Wtleon. who** drfMinore no. that Gen. Ana,. attempted lu rcvolirioatz: if sad Ex UaVoa TJ CaBertor. .. Brass Bnt+ddw.Gaaanlaf r the batth. Bri...Faraaytltfva, ,, do. 7.'*. .). .

iced in our|e per of the 64 h. He met with nonppo Mexico in 1839 Canalca had a Cnlnod'a com- Jill 4. af 8k.. W*. : I I IIf I| IW ail f H f af the Ravimv. .uo" r 3-I;
which, uutrd with about SOO Trtana Cseary .' at tot.a..... lMcbrois .
>itienwfr .pnmncVi Reyooaa. nw lljr ,.U: this :form went i.'dM.h.icaDTeIi"&I tars. :.Vtilksaad Kcmci.prRSO afaX W.M.j..t MaYay.. fur B s.hwed- std the,4'kreaws, 10 OIJ. '.. '

houtee '.handnejed. The enmmawd reached whaa.unai0f the place Canalre de. ua-efs-erafAe .1.,, Tu. c.a..1 J t.I .. -.. I CUJBHING.Faar ;

tbere'ealWedow.b, 0>ornier the 10th. and tarter the Tuau.anal jwssal| the Central pert 1 .a.q.T... I.t I444 epaa tk* rar.wesrde R.tats B
amt. U Mw ..eubarh* iif the 0.-0. araia.dUll tIda.ie( she .bjed of tb. taped. ) .d..syappllia to W.A FORWARD .. U MM to eada. eae aw pavaaaai af tw*rvf aUr Mibacnptwa .- 4

Thnredar r the encampment wea rcmovre* in' litn. He basting macs bean declared. out. 1i a1 ,M 0C.A.f Wtr%}.who ft,..fcaJtt-Hfte*d wj BMto J. fuj
the Pvhtk tfqnare, the Uhabitana nff wring no Uw.and would bars hem hung erthrr bj tbaTe&aita raise lW.s.. WILLIAM D WARD. 1 .tka*. m.C.Wa l of aW TW M* II. N.Ika., .Ha L.r.LIlitH.,.att caae wnh aasa..at e.rrlydai5o.5'.a..1.t h .
Jaly4t 4a. .. Ae.bare. azpeaMa to laa .r..a.s
Ueiicaiw, could ha have .
fcioa. Oen. Cancle*. wi the SundayprrcrdiM. bees M jarafda. .
ippo .J {.-Th MMy always ka daae tkraajL Puss.s.s'or .
....1 C. B.tU Calaaal af 4lk Rtia a .
captured. b l.
had eauerd be in Muten' iy *
.In, pislli.bd leis
kaadiaf UM
u I ky Mawr! to W rrOMltod.Uaiaf .t.
.nd. orinder br lt.YParam tbe Lavbpmducrd C. C. Y ag'v Lk CaUaalaf<.. J.Lai Ui tt.,J,. k .
Krya4w&. ( which the cltlent IftIhIl'-.P Eastern CI l'ctdt.flirldal. i M. .,*.. \ *rpt sad forward**! UM S5r.ipt by e.il. t
'* were called.to their eH-fUoc, sod com a much larger ..rrf ate than waaeathnalrdbjtba Piwt anti.i_ llieMaaaT taay kaaaebaed .laalaiiar.PL J '
I. C.A caaf.Maaa ''I ".Cnkba C.VMM!of aka bh R.(iwe.t. Jafca -
nw0A>d not"to held loiercoufee er trade will t'oMUsaater Geoeral; and tab C. Levy.vs. \V.J.. C.I..el.1 4e.Y..H.C. ..,r- clenetM1.. ... ]
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tat the dHPrent places wbrre wet aappoeM will exceed the outlay ol the Dep rtmeat by a Chart* R.C.aEi...,. ...An. .aL, ja'34.. 8,Bibl.t..c..r.t Ga" a.i_.. J--t dread ky IW hta r -O Va ... M miss .. Mm/ t'

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,.r..ut ail,..VI.i ANU Hn3tIRY. Fib* .ia great varietv, CMP*.Carpaavra Tool. Door Ckaajpeg. 4o CUr try*. .. Bottle, CEDARSTREET.NEW YORK. 10 Bbla. Potatole.
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J I.r, a KlfUtiNS.I ajreeafr en rtaeat af Bra... Bd Cord Rp Per ick. ..Heta.POTATOt8. THIN THE rRCE3 Or APRIL Land Office ,Notices

I r < A legdi/. as.ottmeat ** late.'**uI. n..U.T.r aid Cod Line. poise sad Tame flat T.H.. fi hUn Lard. U.tur. If.,,,, Btd. 17 Pwch *trt it guaranteed tbt piica* -and allow ) HE' HOLDERS OF RECEIPT ..

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iil! /t.eeaa n.+1.nllniautirnlartirkalor Lsdtes K.td.a,FanacU.'Vpie* Ika .. La.,Gr.k>r Laa -- I "A..L. 1844. coating whhiwperttew Java PAKMII alai..,.

\, 'a; el-. IMae aid C.,., A'p.' ..aad lilac DIer.1. th..raa, Tumbler Unit,.*'*. Mafia Riay Dippt TIE Bill I. 1M of to 3J 8octJoa aftka Act af ISiaJoaa. April 15th. 1346. f
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. f : tech %,.eneat. Pasta aad mab.. nd Kaniac Pia..Mau aad Ha4U fU.. Braw LIFE PILLS ike.that aaikrwad bj taair pet ait; ia ,ors'ed and tht Sabtrnbrr 'b..t t

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i .J.' : _' -t.. -. '. ,7 -j '''' __ Y'L..i.' 'w+t' .., '4' r w t

1 -. .

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: July 7, 1846
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057498
oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00252
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Q a' ..

( Itt I .. _

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c L 1. 4 .1. I .'.' 0 I NE l .I III' .) ::1. ... ...1..4t'.. J.'iI .

'$t--+....ft.. 't.. ,'.., \ -,. -IP'r .' I ". ,hi .' ..' ,.. :1. 'iII, ,) .

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y' t 1 LI I : .. .,+'-,'..
I t, "Prl.efpIn ind 1At tt '
I, \ -t' if +, .

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.r iAw, N. (tAlI1L11._ at. i.gttwtlae, ..' ,. ".ly y. .... .'floss &rh-r.. I -. 111!' r,

'-- .
Gao CARRIED OFF..-A..n Maa....* TKIit From the Wavhiatiaa tT...I7dk la c a mbled,aod Mr: Pulk pfocUlmed bsopinwta "/V vecM L SfKtUtvr. ...knee tba,aiBMuf .4 a

plOd. baleegiog le tba. ..'ate of 3it''.1 I J..s Jt fm SiIjI. I A anW-'ICT. and tail intended onir* ia ah prmidentit, mea "..I.r1 radar tit th. hi waadpptja. r
aa4 c"Uld Ie th a M Bwwiaek f We Ionic tbe tpecial auentfce r f oar rudeI a if*. By the wb<' country 'it ... d *nw4moftabhiaad aie tiiaj .aI abuut oue I welts lua.&Jettbr" .
aawriageeelaf.e M by G..ri. laM
..,.,'*(t4 ia 8tata atreri,ad M balievad to have bvaaMt I.T?.. aa."a& a I en to the news Kt brih In the fonowieg art i- pair w4)c-io lurra and i In aub* by mu..rv; nf the wbole N_. JJaahjary s ;

wbe mini let hi i. 1 Mince adairabU ; and fur IBP flrt .I.ne.ha, per annum ; and atlas the allude Jepyaiii *
ia,st. Asps'tioe t>r paia a* tDsttsa tD XTKKT9AWHO 7ouT. 'opinion
', nil eaire MM f la iba aa4 treat"'.. ..4 teae 3'Z fit. .Lm. : I firemen of our oei*nbora or EnK UoJ atxl Franc the delta are eat muted to> have a inanai; iV*|<* r

o eialieb"ebeeaealpaedeb a4Jefcelaat. AH AT toot oouA.ta Faa A*.C" t* AJn'AJICE.n" servecr. .. .aWtt of mio4givelolmjodgiaeeucia and a-.odatlorM forgot lo vilely end K avely argued its ,lri njrcontnnU. uf fifty feet, and tu have been whaHyMeftniMt- i '"

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DaLLAalAT Of is sit
atYt,* rdaf MfWtart wtllbe' ...,..Ida tlta. 7 ex &JlD YI3t. weight and lafluence with all who know him.He .1 lant,and American tbrmiKh ai 4 thtnujih, dmaodnl Umal possibly lima) upon that'h)potbeae, .

*% H. if lodged '.C..rle.ai1. A ..hn k ra* .f tfMrtJtawal iaMrt4 tOMD.*Urpr quart t b no Mated whoem,when be givw hit teat/- and ctinrd frum ,iaaio'. hifhrttautrameo qu red lor the depueniun of IMU wooU. +-

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fr.*itea.... .co..iCldia Brekar who toef bt ertarh aibaraMtotaa.. LanftraJrarti e.tai. supporter of General fiarriaoo for the Prraideocy. t' Iia calm but manly declarations upon lime would fill a ant o5U ft iki..Mar '.
praportiaa, aa4.. .. will b.caaaUarcd ItM tka.a .
, --4'"f.. Amos.JOBCRT. he withdrew from the whig pulp .bit nSir. tb i Ore A ,
.qsn. 4I1eeea.t ik vrka alt
E. CUTTON. T'..... la a en a
became i id candidate and ia the repeat Ume. famwtxd in lbe
b? tho ..,. Clay ; Inpnfant item IIU' r
Par B. F. HUNT. Attaiiray.jiaatry MrucgW which munched M Mr. Polk' elect. boioea both.f EngUnJ and the United dutea; lognjlueldtdt Afirtorr4rrttrT6r;i s
-- -
201846._3_ THE GUILDS QUIRT.. be look oo active p*rL He WM thus lt a condition wfeilit i its difaiflad and .triune piedkntbina nait exerted jpun'tba Maguelie T.. I. s'rrI

Hew and fatfclottafcle ar .u. BitTMOCOHCW.E to render a. partial verdict at all lie Helices iKdocedaa b e read Ii.our brntber of by ibe atnvMtptirric el I
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and MuBiBicr trt>e>tl.. and BalDmerv and \\.m lut a fill
** rairof Mr.Polk'a if & (
I ab uld not likalo die t'trdan.poa the f ti/Ba M, possible, to ct 'N well governed bou*' into .
ft BURT A CO, bave just received fraa ; admiaffrtkx; Oar readett will ubrvetbealref rand order. Such was the l thaitnraafv hwun tuwarl the clan uf the day.:'Tbo, I.- :..:
Althouirm they tell worlJt rvcvptton i>
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op was any breach in ibe line*. Tn tr iga n' .
But. dicial tone-with which he tpeakf. I commemorate wiut the right American feeling .
..Maibkv (t. BUR &c.W.t moiberiQlbatdUiant Uo4 the CaleJoniii .
.. 640. For Ait borne abould We publish thh article at the prewnt time ia which It was conceived and promulgated.But .- by WM telegraphed through ) : .
pine twern New York ami thin and] hums '.. '.*
with city \
I For little children bare n' thereA the more pleasure because the present Heareoiarihtaeotiinenta'and right con. Baltimore ,
To Reat. father kmJ at mioe.Jra ." seems the fit moment lot a retrospect upon the duct** ..1 lp tho that bclp thmh lvr .** .Indipkimacy and Washington at an curly hour ":.,
L\RGP. AND doing of the admio'Mratioo. shoe Ur. Great day ; and a Urge biHiutn* otherwise Wire d-. ,- -
IIIC HOUSE j., my child the helpless loves I or war, the ru''. will hukl. Our yet
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'ikt Mb.crib.r. P.... .. gyp'. .mdilr1vl Within one cherished fold. annexatKM ef Texa -tin Oregon contro- it on the tf'la' and 0 h of tba |list minin. bound.* all hind kohl I.I ,., 'lnr-rr"' } ii \

.h"terwt tt 18641.apply ta V. $SANCH Come read that book ol Holy Word tear brought by a pew policy to a ckwe-the The FrraiJent and Secretary of hate hive bed buchintvrruptiouenrunol trt juvnf.'outtliare i. .

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Llfe'a ignobly abets In tbe rfutt; Gag for r>a rri iUkan iodepcodence and pairi.ntwm. aid; of Kavy: Crying because be aaw ooth d"I|*nUri e uf .yuc....'and. its 'diaryetanc iiI.
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Dark his cabinet; be took cry a thus tor our ir R-tpohlic. It ,i intended .
DAYS FROM NEW YORK. IUCHAaD o N. btbe> orne/, but travel we roucL lhtn from senators and I run members uf Con tended retroipect of the course uf the
BBI.B.. U? B ac.,tO ..5C'Mts li great--good pUce where to find them-andfrompnaiiionaofrtnine&ceintbecouoiry. Moch tlcett ; at Nrver
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L A. CLEVELAND DENTIST.REMAIN Weeping let criefi your that reason tkU the rule with the members of lbs preaeotcabinet. army have lately taken in band ; and w. have from the present lim-.if nit"brforr,iber would .
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up. try and bus_honest_alma far ,IU go 4. TheSrciet 1 Youcaran vessel. at Campmchy UP fur' t hi -
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RICHARD R CRUMIa punaaaoaoflaMMiyaeartaiaJaagaMBtaf Compeer of anfoU and Heav oaiaherHor'Thiak Secretary tar Navy b..DOC about the atone at GaWva, 1669 issues abuse the = '
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of the N Us'. l ,n nmeat tor Itve Ilse anvo.4'uf jubsea et uolvcr.sl' freedom if 1' : 8TL.1 CALF The l Utur from Luubi NpofeofjfftrHi "
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f .. I tit, th a", w nub u"ssJva"4yrauodrinn K*thea. citaoo of T*.amip4 New Th money. It I"" Lo T' tL P.,. ,1f5 a very tarn t
m r. ) rai" cud .htatt epesupttaeg't, Crow' coahuita aDd ChiboaHaM s.Sbake oaf the 30ih .u1'r., UowJ. ere t t tcula,W remarkable t*.
JttrUBLlC OF THE Hf GRANDE. drawn frttm tb-.retu-a ref bcrgrsmssa, and fur be lethargy in wbich rot aavesJoroberd since KYTb rte settlement the cape ttuMI .; e.g:
To sat'tnfLif or TAiuclirA*, COAKTUO. which .tto remunerated b*r4lf ialbe luttl free 1919 aid reanimate the rvpoblie ot-RH tbi j
, Xtw Lao, aod (,grams! t-The prfteenceof or Jour toods with heavy tourer" secured Unode. You then appealed to III.COftfDflldtof ; r.e der4l, Ibet.oll. SW, made me
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M pronnent may
, jknAjTOtfrioAn army In Mtamia' and, (head) U| oq your.puVlic domain, tt merely nontioaJ Teiai Io aid 1fIU ass jour wu against cea terminated by t*.."w'sMsj"fTtfnrtWwT*Jtir Ie! l.t! .T"..( ,r
jpiJMPVrwhittf site Rio Gratis. ,Ii iKV rmhtf r'o4 ; i in the pawning ..f your custom hare,, "oppression and tapacity ; sod her g.Hantroluotevr that Ibo committee> of Spaatsh Amercanboodholder rr4snr.m ._ on I
el the .wiekl"'l"elt node fnlly <.f tlm <;.ir"rn'p and in the Mionopolf ot till the remnant of fl kni to your ataatfard aM won true bare sent ootaf notice callinga) put Ilya a't tfttasr as,4. ugt.e, fur i wet
meat tit Mrxiru The mllitarr Jr pnl wbo MO'irunci rt-Miii.lii'igtrndc Ir u any C.. baulr la your cause thai .u*bt to be remem with ide. determined not tuVulguClo the ridicule t.-
now hold tb tnrrltnry' ilm theatre of war. for tin kiv-w |t|I" nul c...1.y urn couutry fru ti wbom she icj lias eaves jrtrrf vT *ut .Mi4wioo uooervad jour sign which of the proposing Actirn some boodbotderwtUtak stew term CCoruinj* 90per d""'.'ll". .-:.IkI. a failure 1 could' not b fa.

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of th. river, wivjl.l t. 1.I U<,wrtl UMHI| ,yi ur ,-J Jfa :I .ne nujht ut least" tin icntrrrt "UUJb tu Kiwinorre was then M 5anU .too tutu I ceo rrtae.'Actlve, stock;le'etcbingtl let their per bre* JPI.- af ;:=u .",_ i -..'
D'UjbUi Mbeb 1-uPO'1 the 1u" ..r nnmtw'rsI' Tess .dvicn, ia.ted ut inAking tux the Are you not daily tbrwlrorl with the scuritk was
sent notice
r4i our am ill b.'I.Ii'llI'un in tht he rr. | ',..1.. h>r .wn vmdiciitvu policy, g.int a ut else tyal kacUrd. by the junta at the cap fere tbuaewsof had arrived itpJ men, who lurntsaed daily60 sold' tens; plWtd-t*
+ r.J1'rlf'er prnvokins liotil ii***. nd r wiv.psjr1du p u .le whAiii %h b.tr* |>f the who
1 I'i Iag awe uignis. d.titata. this ",,'r,I. .f 'h" i lit.I,.;jw4 h:t in ttie c iror ui'it luteuull.ru.ptt. bat tbb ta rooeic mbnartaion 1 II )va do bear dined we DOW find that Ibe p4rtie new urn** are oowidrt. cipal gate i.(Ibsi prioo wan gyardrd by Ibo.
tf. Government rnrrnt wili, .Nit raven ) It you deserve to be swept Irons th. earth you support ether ited tens, two of Mown wars cu:mly on duty' "
!f t/tiff/ ilatVtn liar the Mrurity tu f yrtnr prnpityprtbeafctr alas ctrl, b.wiro of the rni.Jiuur apprsiscbesn1' peliute with your craven presence-aye I and to pond the to abandon clrcurmiance Ibm, at alia*; teas L- w u peoeaMry: :Out I should fcW rtude thafrilanc r ;

I ,if vnur II"". The Vsc'n KMH ar. a Kufornnitftii, wb. iu bet olicy ua* .bowhce ye will be it jsj arc thus ,recreant for in the present *. Itrrward. inter, ,Ibe i>W 'court, be. ''
ny fti ws the Km Urnvn. ami bins; p*'rwin. nr ,'rty-withwat nirinf th ' _, grip at Mtttta .M1. 'I uncr'nprq'ti.1Iv "r..IO'\ ktJCU..J.tfRI.t4. bet cuiinu trc*-who clams EioGrao-lel AUodviu the Meiicao valturw Government by the sale uf new bond. the *rranjcrroeni lo pees by a gate wbich wal'guarded'; by' aol*
t R' Its .wt-urbe. The Am*ric' (i (tcn"ral Galt site mbolol with existing creditor being merelya d.>i. .iT7'-7 ,
( tne p- licJ inj ripi alas t &I( Hit **as. thit taat prey upon your vital*-4he fitting a y
I'. f" 7rNir h"'l'i'al. mid tdw..m"tftY.I{ |-it whhddir m I" 4tsru! aU weaker pu*<*r. (,. nib. great a etniaenllbal has DO deeper cwmmu* step, toward that end. The pot-ibility of Not w tilling tocommunicate. my deatfg, to
, V i. U.n ," < -, which his rrery bail.1'q hlpcbway uf4ti.."'i, miJ iMurp tbi carr) lagtsaju atlult fjr your vudWiOK that the voraciou* thus rauicg i money have. ceased-fof.''no onethink icy one it'was necessary; lo' disg vise myself .
' "cell to ttls, ircnT't-i' : th" a 11i1\r.J&Ii,1':1",1 t<. .tt.tnd lh.m. Th jlrop.ertr JlIIMtt |pru.. ?JJ( JJJJJJ of Irish C4ibolic at base writhes in his Uak Aj.cnble jour delegate the war COGi,rues-the whole scheme fell i* occupied were undergoing' repairs,,it was hi
i I.w 4',, ii llti lit nits nl >JJ""mn'.1 vitii law that alntw t! ...! .CJ! ""', in VUltmira., N.tM. nil the fund Ibu.r of M *ml ; while abroad ne bold out site hyp visional gureramentatonce, and declare juurindepencence for partie sacrificing their capital (contrary l', good aDd faithful valet,Coarle Thclinped .
ir.IHnpplki'd1r., th i pr.>tial c wnl..M nf .*:l itic it banner ..f universal .m.nci|>atH>iiwb lo me Sierra Madre, AI jour all precedent) was the belief th it they would a 9"? ck frock and a pair of-sabots (ToialunhOK
'ihoo wretched vicliin itf their es.ir.tr7'rhea'I .* 'MU-d ih,s African Uve trade ta her Col* Insure jo can delate a axuluution, and arrange thus put the debt in a mute practical shape for *.) Mil after"sharing Q 'ny'm4u.tacJnoee,I
.Dh.. The w.usti. of our toldi** are ip' u ray ii,.a ihi. Continent and Her the bad the details ul your government. Bid the Republic lu discharge, and obtain' the *ecurity took n plank on my hnufd r*. to .
plied bf fair pnrchti fioni Hut i.hi'.nt.1 won titir ...s..JellC4llruan lift untuhing* jour ocw republic uf that h>**id iucubu, lh* of an additional revoaue. Now, Mexico bin OnMenday morning 1 saw the 'workaijt
.':, The m rknt ra'e, and trades ii n'uiin-d with .1 ly dart ...'u.* ih in lor an aril wbkb .be here Mexican .,; which ba ruined bet treasury a Hate of war.she will stand In need of all enter.ai bail put tf .clock. Charles look u.
&-.it fonewnd ontllJun Th, SiU iib rnU) round i Hf n ( J ,nl tb<*Cath:>Uutf{ nf tJu American' nrntr. lire tier tol Mikt{ torn with rapackiu band fromKvrrf and trade Holy with all the w cld. Gel the her parting{ with a single branch of revenue, of them oa my :;& lie was also tots*

;..} vt woriMp n. lh ir |'l***e under inir Cavern itaiioitand( every ton 1011', a,niMe lellbeir aisle arms. and m.irchuti tlio u iug* ty tMM. e.r bo Ring ol Sp m ut his world rut buyerGet what yew want lo buy now t t +., l. ntfiwr in the Cntbtnlml. where rour, b,1.1 l a JC100 bond tether than ono fur I bad out ol
< r an ilty : day ol' |wlmy rapate. that .betuuueverccs*. at She cbrapeat rates by bavmg the world for scarcely got m, loom before f*
kneel amung MM hnnVil! ',,t nrnUiwl the shrine n' to.tiiiie on bcr dominion*." .11d. Educate jour children. Protect the JAU .,.. and wait to MM what next turn up. accoslrd by a workman, who look me 'forfti

tier cumm"n Siviur. Ta<**e sire the rvmu ttfhe l. Out if ).. .t. the armrest netjctiUtr of the liberty uf the citizen and the right* ul prop* Th Dublin correspondent of th* Wornlnstbrunlle of bwcomrade*,and at the bottom of'tkettatji
lew da *, and tlxry are with; I meal ha I fiH nJ myself iu front of tho te
I pud ) prinnt < a4 R-puhlse. falling bfbiud tee rptrh crty. Ally jour.elve* tar the great iuotbvruf says: The use of Indian > per. Forta
s piilrnt manning ref Ih* fu'nra Thnj. prove in of the age, ilepatr or .oore*. in her attempt republicand Imitate ibo* qulitir which |e now b'comequite gum.rnllhreughoutlhecoon. stately placed the plank I was carrying be**,
YOU thut tin bru'al liHt uf cnnt; .. ,ag"natM at .:"government and yk IJ. buraelf a willing Lave iu d. bet great. Do Ini. and I" will ef I try, and the people prefer it lo the potato, the IDT f+wce. and succeeded In reaching to. jaX
i UIM .nntr-that wd week In wtr Mily "ill. the pny M the .,.arch Ms who tirri exbau.tnj treat Iud happy joursclte*-fail, sOd )our enotmou price( which, for,ft monthi p... \V liwj'er I passed a sentinel| orany'other flat.,
tnyrmi i +neff\" at he U stirs ; and thai v.ur .livmandpjr Jam'it bven the first duty ol' the Untie live ibe United Stair of America I cla.r*. Oo good effccl uf this change in the Paving before ibu firt si.'Iirwl. 11e1
d .rty-)'our wires .nddauhti>'*,"a..j ynur State Ui her m.tituiioas.' ant will. caJse or Long live the Republic of ltt Grand lowi uf the humbler classes N a reduction in plank fall and slopped W pick u'p the bijSL
I IS ..0.*. In M goods, lire vafu unoor Ibo pru1t tin l I human frcvklunt. to her I the prici uf potatoes, both fur seed and fur im. There I met the officer on duty but, it breading .
.urthlAm'ricusn flat.d guaranty t.rriinry Gets Arinooar.lioaturof tbe U.Sat Lit. mnJ..teeotUum tion." I a letter he did not pay atleutlo.I I ae"int.the eacruarnmtnts nf monarchy. lI..eI
The Jticin G sutra neat p'rI.nd.In mile I AlC'lic.I.rc dibt. war no England a. ibo has erpout.cjuvt uvcr in IM U tsat Western with />. lit Rropm* Tfau Tbe .'tldier..1 lb. guard house, appealed sr.
air f-.r tits intogrity u flier territory' .that .n the United litatea that rapscioos power I special despatches fnmi Mr.M 1/iue lu this gofetnmttit Account have been brooch by this Algiers prlied at my draw,' sad a drummer Ivovi
I t Cur .the recovery of Tfxti; but (*4if .. i-'I wontd have asked no tieiter xnA fur con. and is 01. berg I learn taat be piper of the 24ih oil Mating that Abrf-IKa.dr round several time to I..uk l at me. 1 pUce Mk'. *
i Toxt during 'lie ln brought imputtant advice in rcUtiou to 11M Or. plank before lit, lace, but they appeared*iso
r Art rectinq'i 7rSrr .
, qu-ringth! whole l country, a< sits did India, had ordeied bo massacred in cold bland
jtnriieiHtraiMexw'ettC'*, bnw Quixotic{ ter under. gnu treaty It appear tint toe nffer sude So curious that I thought should a.v
Slut it British .
converting in o a 0'1'0 pay the 300 pt".I.b. had fallen into his hnJ.
, Ink h. wh Mi bf bur recent act .if annr i* 'he eSl""atcf uf war. With Ibe United State Use UoitcU Stale sty be Urhi-Ji Government. Tbe reason sguvd? fur this horrible' act i.ihat I them until heard them cry, UhL
li i.M., T"uII It U4tamrd bv me whole 'c..r It differ: ''. Sbe can mk no addition via a pp'usr4 by a nujiiy uf ualy nee roles iaIke the Morocco troop were advancing on all side I' rat
theAm.rtcanUnion. No! H was not trays, but the of Pnvy Council, Sir lUbert Peel hnmclf .... *'s.uce outside walked' quickly towardsl,
k h -r ptipulatioa by voluntary act atain.l the Deira and that be for the '
|*trH uc ob]' cl. bnwevpr chimtriicnt. ihl the iz n.bip. Knowinjc her owarichu.. and cit.1 ling m the ncx_tive. Mr.M'Laoti utn further or committing lo hi cause the Al reiiix purpose' tribe raid ot SL Q wutur. Charles wno the day*
.|iii40ttt dynasty of Mexico b**.iin ihi ..f. It Ji-i theta from sills I Uut If tbe sews 4>T the Mexican war bud beta fire 'eugaged u wrists shortly.1 uvesew HBJ|
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