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tfevtrkti accomplished. pent 'htS < Wuitg, when the Soph cried fur li_". who .b,UnM pf. *nl their eUin. 'N dt..ttrh J. II. nl\NI\t NSfIIP. JVOTICK: I IS IIKtthllV: (ilVKiN.Vihe lI..i,.
1 lxj .
I\I trh CrvJitom
w ; all Ulb.,
cnMeou.d in
und allowed; to .1:1<". ririta teas r,. U>e idUoa hereof
were pa will
: They pen be .
if Com quartern the E t le of 1I1clI.ul."n. .
Sachs r.FURWABD moved that a firsts afterward barred.riTTKRCAPELU. I1F.XTAL SURREON.tKt d rca. d. thai 1 Lair
did like. aiato.ltda ul all and thought iltather er ; -
; filrtl' .
if .1Ic s. DenUl & i t my, arconnN ufrrce..t| and eiiM-nditure- of -aid '
't Le appointed. to examine the AdminiMntor.. < < < ;
dangerous tu jump out uf a t.'Uo1wfr .:.It" in the otRrw, Mf ih. J""re l of Prubain of
Dce mb r.I I?15, his rro'ttiu"II..ic.s| to the Clllzp.n of UH
lad inquire into the proceedings of al window. OflVr. Aquiline and vicinity. (*otinlrof Wit.Ju,.-. and in -itiy; dine after dale. I
"ehiraio ; to excreta corporate aTaTL or #. ( r1II1.1i- CnJ lI Ac. U,. B. can be found al all hour at the F urida will move th.! Court of ProLatv fur their ltlen.cnt
MLXICO. Coontv5TOTI'n.rt..Joh. I and allowance.':

b this State, add to report to the The Wakhingion Cornr"pondcnt of the :. Y. i if 'df .i-.n. to all peron. hating HO:M..... 25 I4 i. i\dPFR N I'APPY.Aduiini-trator.

radinociationsns require regulating Journal of C:
illJ 1114 T. .LTpitchti brought by M. Pern-it from a free nan of col. lit* .f Ei Floe- Notice. Cytale _
tuutrullinK. sea as to ,ward pro- c ids d Vd. notified to I E oTLouisa Ferreira, Dec
are In
teQre )Mexico which reached here ot S.tturd.ty, ara prnl 4me me A T tbs reqtiel of Maria It. Sairch't. the wide : l!> HKKLDY: GIVKN: the hnir.
:be interest'is of' the jn-ople, of1tItd duly .u st-d without d* ay. aodall "rn, imehi-dam NUTICt to
I'r. very important. I was m l mistaken as to tbrir reqeeotrd to make immediate And all 2m. .* and Ia. ottia'sf the last Will and Tests I !.. rr.dil".'" and sll others inte mated in

to provide by Dill or otherwise purport. Propositions are offered indirectly credit**, |rf.i., and persons cntihetf payment toJttribo* aientof Francis P. Saachea. deferred a raident I wE-tJtHf LOn.SA FEKKFIRA. Peed, that ruse

-msu. may be necessary in tho thus hlit ftiib,tantially from the Mexican Government lion who than nM present their! claims and des of )h nza., 11 the l.le of Cubs and upon i the l. dijr after' date, I will pr'!nl my u*ner.'. a* Eieditor. .

and controlling said association tortile all outran ling claims and diffi minds ritlia lire tan from the poblicaiien hereof reqee-tof the heirtof mid Sao!hex. I shall make bfiftethJn i taJmion cultlcs bewe n the two ciivcrntwnis. will be foreveraf rward birred. application six weeks from the date hereof. h. th. "r :.. John'M f x nettlein.nt anf allitwanre.
was r.JoltcJ-a Committee Judge of Probate* in an 1 for the county of at, I'KDKO: BENET, Eieculor.
As far a*can be unofficially learned,the Mcx. I PETER CAP ELM, Adam.trator.DecetnWr. .
HoUnd John, for ancillary sdniinNtration the 8rpt.n.ber23.1" 4rk 2m
it if es
probable reported on ,, 1st the withdrawalof I IP 15 upon
scan \i rnm."nt propose, ,
of P. 8 nch of Florida
& late sail Franc <
A Application for Le "rSblttml :
: the United Htatr naval forc, from Vera: fiTiric: or FtoRSS a. PEDRO: BENET.St s s

"'tflbe worthless train: nwny. and with Cruz, :,.llhu .Mrxiran coast; 201.Up'10 the c'an Cnqllt.of St,1oh a. } CiU.aMli..it Crrlilfl.Jac. Argasune (Fia )11b Nev.uib cr. Id-I 15.Nov. ory.MJ"OTICE .

: nP IW Utters of the *pritilc. *l or. pliance of the United States with this request, NOTICE M hereby iTt.. to all person,, having H Ct IS HEREBY: IJIVEN. Tlwi tii moat) s '
; diplomatic reUlion to be restored and diplomatic ". ajrairflthe Rtes. or SANCIfi L\ frt-m In*dale hereof I will apply fa* Ibe Judge

agents lo bti mutually appointed ; 3d nc DAVIS a free rasa ofenlor his rt East Flo, In the superior Court ot the r,f PrniMitt nf the County of St. John..'lot an Order .

eLts"r.re a nil will be made by tjic gotution to be entered into for the settlement da. deed, are rwtiSed It pre* ni the same U mo Eastern District of Florida nf' Distribution II' the A- tt.of the EsUteof LovtiC
,lieUoion duly aliened without delay and aV persons ia lcb I .1"11111" (D c'd.:, and for a flail dUcbarge u Eaecu t
. Bank and other rotten toss and liquidation of all difficulties between A'exi-: led are .ied I. mike immediate ST JOIIS&.OK.\Nr.r. AND ST. LUCIE COUN- tor of said Euteo

'>-*/this buiines*-but it won't do. co and the United titaics ; 4th a proper bound. ad all rrqa creditors I lef alee* and perwn parmenuA entitled/ TIES.-TO WIT TO FALL TERM. 1845. / PEDRO B Eft ET. Eiecnmr.September .

ry l line to be agreed upon between the United di.tr bmisnn. wbo IuD nM pr.sentthet elia. and George W.ColeSea.,Plaintiff,) Aa'itmp it.I 23d,1815 6m

States and Mexico ; 5th a proper and rratona. dVraaM runts rrv f*.rt (teas ihe pabbcathin hereof C. In Attachment sum
-.rd er ....tr'. ble remuneration. to be allowed to Mexico lor will be forever afWward* 'bsrrr ftwomtnSIOddautRhirl I STATE OF FLORIDA. .

rerum Middle Florida, that tbo, aprl the adjustment ol the new boundarr. 1:8TE'f.NttUU, Adlftini.cn'or. W.Tempi-man.. Deft J ages :.u. CuURT OF PROBATES. ISk
Ue..esnlrr. 11'll i. 8. fVlllC DEFENDANT: aw! all other tntorrtnlwilluke .1I John'i County. \
there arc brightening. The I notice of the institution of said stilt l b 'tHC 4nnftor 'tHC ESTATE Of PkTKR A. MlUUCT -
ODD FELLOWS. to the Morning STATE or I'tAum*. (
-al probably double that pf last -According ConnivofSt John. CaLalW..r .I CrMiM..J.c. by attachment and appear and plead to the declaration decd.
Cue News the following are among the state cxpen therein filed according hwFORWARD. the petiliouof Joseph Lnp z and Jane hi-
crop will m tko a profitable lft.1 ot t the Ordcr for the year Isll. Rent of NOTICr.F is hereby ,i..oQ. to all pr*n. hvvi.g A. AI.DRICH. ON wife, furs. account and for an order tu Say
1 .
iH arain the Estate of
lodge' and other' ronmi rind tixpotMi of cl afre ( bile Uteof
. *r. ***r good tiling lotto told weave I ins lighting and keeping lur 1/HO lodge. $iKM. j. bce'd. ar., notified man to present lh. tame Fast I.FToti-me i ida Octohr 14.I 1915.A :m... dee. their distributive share or ad! Ealite.and on".l* .
It *. ( In this .S:at** there were 5,150 initiation, ins said account hy the Adminwfmirix and pratingan
d.IIUC''edi.I..1 and
J tbit all indfb
every lxy'! coming tn Cast m:1klntutal of 10.493 contributing member delay proti Farm for Kent allowance thereof it i i. ordered lhat.vaid Admini--.
J l-d art r uJ nuke ; And
IM immeOiiteptymeal.
'title no her And rjt e FARM shout lilly aere i i. for trains do call in the Creditor. Legatees and all
rich lands. they The numScr ut members relieved at the expo all) rndit.u. l 1.fateet and pr,ns entitM lo distil A containing rent I per.
., St.Joan'a the of Man entitled to lh. distributive' -hare or said Estate
the near sons
to an river village .
work lo male lleir clearing dituro above slated wa 2.015, the number of bat MI. who htll not present heir chime and do
dann. There are boat ton acre or It endoeJ that the, be present al the taking of said account,
collard and and buildailledJ widowed female relieved was 142, the number : mand srkt law pats fmm the poUicatioa hereof I and of Auditing and Mtilioc the
turnips with a good feacn. It i i. !fir*rate land and wtll ad.pted urns before thinCowrt.
of members buried was 119. The amount dii. will be forever .n..rd, barred.E3TEVEN for S. t..C..r Cuba Tobacco. TINt iinprovementa ou Tuesday the 6th day of J.nnary next a*

I. buried for the relief of' members, mainly during ARNOU.Deceber. ,\dcni.'lttor. are a PttlllonJ bourse for a small fam 9 clock A. M.. by pub china to a Newspaper print
going to plant tobacco too and sickness was 311,181,06. To this am Ift45. it/.and corn>house and .bed. It will be rented. edinthe city ef St Aogiintine for suty day iuch

IUpplr II the world with -irara. added' the sumo sp. nt in rtdiefof widowed fame EMateefHury B Piippjr. Dec 10 a food tenant..1 sold on accommodation tarnif. live! bttr"r. the hearing of teals eaiiae.

llgMu Rive up the ship" yet. Though ilie, forth** education ofc'rphans, and for buryIng 19 HEREBY C1VE.N. to the Heirs! The situation b remarkuMr hvalthv. In wit.... wh rewf I hav hereunto leI my Baal

-w. hi* thedend' but three items; the amount is NOTICE *. Credjtors sad aU others coocetned. Apply ta Dr. CHAKLES BYRNP. thu 31 it day of October 1845.E.

.*. wperKnccd great mivfortunet swollen toso.s 9.12. lathe E aleof Maar B. PA"..dfCMMCI.tMl' can Nov K. lrlt.' Munitarin. D. GOULD.

'11 come |Ir we but give a speedy filed m,aec* au of nisi pb and rip 4irare*of aeidE AFTER DATE. I will apply to Jndje of Probate. st.John' CountNov. .

C PUll. We'll hare Ornnget too. A letter received in Boston give i an account tste. in the Offce of the Jod'e of Prvbeiee of SLXWEF.K3 of Probalee of 81 John' C.mly.f .' 4, Jd-W. .

soy "ow here we can ret them in of the nccidcnt at Arsn es,by which an officer the Coenty of Si.John'.. and that ia musty dars from ,r Letters s f Admmiitntioo on the Entate of Tilt IVellcc. .

s Corot irea. of the Army lost hi, life The N. O. papers the date hereof I win and move..the. *Ceertof.., ProbausferiberPrulemeat NEY PF.LLICER. a free man of color, Ute of A TERM or the Sopeno r Court foi the Dirtrietnf

hh'.t bc-lirve i informed us of the fact, but omitted the name GASPER '. PAPPY.Admiatstrator. East Florida &fee'd.SIICII"Er.. ANDRfU I I Fast Florida, sitting at a Coon if she U.
what we ",.take a tramp of the victim or the manner of his drain. It 8epL30, 184$. 2.. ; 8. will be held at the Coon house in 8t An....
.. Sdirum tbiuG the Susrann.y.and svemsthat his skull WM broken-by the falling D>cemh r tat 184S.SIX tine>n the 3d Monday ((8th Day) or Decembernext

.VN 1 1uabll>deep flocking along of fore topmast of the vcet. employed as a AFTER DATE I will et rlrto' WEEKS AJTF.R DATE. I will applj to I for ihe trial or antis ... aid transaction of
SIX of PinhalM .I f St. J,l n"a CoMn'y such business a* iI h properly cognisable before said
doubt lighter over the bar which struck him on the J.dce of Pr Uu* of St. Job .awy. Judge
eioma+ on foot-some roe IAtI- .< A lmini tra."... on she >tate nflMirRacehas. I Corset. n Ct.ar..r thn U. S.
bend anti CAuaoJ his death in three hours. His for Letter of A4.io. oa the gale If J haMorall re
---a; as free man of role hto Itr Fart Flmldi.eU 3 v order nr the Jad,e. ,
.ls'. .n' war, eta name WM Lieut. MtBRICK a gradual within a free man of oeWr. late of E-t Kl-od, a
di. dce'd. LLU4ARDY.December .
And farther to confirm two months from West Polut. 1st 1815. December, la I8IS.. SI. .\" wtin Nov.;22.1845. ,. ._

: r-

,- .v ,

--- L- M -
-- --- ---

ra ', ..., r+

.- .... WHOLE SALK: AND RETAIL 11( ,

l- Vaitcii Stalea' Jlall.
.. I Creek, Mandarin Jacksonville, :
I J 1 I du Jobn'a BUT.. ( dt.: Mary Bruaswkk and DaritoCarrjiof Q l

''I {'1 HA VE JUST ItECEIVCU.t. their .al,... Dry Goode and tarot, taYiaLmtct six dip rnlL New the U :::5. Mall to the bore named place D AVC Received per achr. M\UIA KLUrialOdajarr m .Nawaa Ywk a.ipttadid 4.J
/ York hI the UiC the f .ol.lr. their stock or Fall and tt rotor Coeds, Tb rrfnUr8ia rn Packet St. 5Iatibewf, P. )10- before kept ly thaoi. .J'bey.uhc1t the attention of the trade and prlYlI--a.ilitf

; Ap A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT ,, Netty, Master, bavinf been tboroaibly overhauled, extaoaiTt "ottaMal. .1 h'J hope by .:rictatreQliou to bnaioeaa to ntioBe 1M pt The lit
I t or Fall and Winter Lediea Dresses, covered Jan Biker's Platters and Hotter BowU. Mr deck.ladclbinutbailr. and handsomely (i. nieb- towed open eiublUhmcnt for the !l..;? juts All orderaahall nave prthauaaal au',,
I Cut and plain D.can'cnTambl..ad Wine Glee rd and painted t her machinery. much imputed ; aa ftcilitieiaad. diecount.od at Cbaflritoo price by the original' package*. tty.
or :SIM ClUi AND GAMBROONS e*. ...u. Egf. Lemonade and Cbaapaigne Gla*c,. Cur speed. accvfnoxHftion and corn f-rtshi cantt.(be I few of the many anictea now being received :- .
.l erety variety of style and color, cur GenilenunV Spice Jara, Tincture Bottlea, Candle dbadcs. Ump. *arpssseed by any boat on the rutI" .Thi boat will ate
C.-ati and Pania. 1 Preserve and Butter Dishes, with o any otbei article rivaatdav.nohevtry Thursday morning a..fofllh. TEAS-Youof Ilyson, old do.,Twsnkay, Guopow- SPICES -Notmet, Mace.,, C act)..
CLOTIIES AND .. der, Imperial,Bohta, Poucbon,. Soucbcm. Pimeoio.tiinger. t
\SSIMERES. 1 constituting most spWniid and complete atanrtutent. deputies of the dale tine ef :5w.tnin for Chul.-loo, per.
.. i ash', ineble Fall I 1'111 Wittitr iIIC: Fre-ich and which lea,.. eveiy eveninf. Al..., na*.wntrn wi.h- SUGAR .'-e.-Kafioed Loaf crufbed do.i Ittaeovado JI\_ YANA ESERVF.8.... I" oa J"
,.' American llrntd Clc.:'li., and Caeaimerea of every %... I JEVILRI'f.BFUIERY:: AND FANCY ins total pa"ax. in the Brig or bark line which ; (b Miquorice Paste; Rock Candy}I jars each ..smarted Guan J.tf: ''I
We* la ..-101...",*; ". I
nety, color for f.enthtnen'e, Coits and Pants ; a baulifulaioilme ARTICLE*. lesv..8staaaabevery Thursday and Saturday for honey r t.uaetlllhkll.111)YRUi'Sl.enoa
'f.linl..llcb aa plain aid figured An elegant assortment of Jewelry warranted of New York, after the arrival alike Matthews' frjujFlorida. CIIFI'EE&e.-Java Green ; do. ground : .Muihe.l! ..JI
Silk: mad tiaUn Marseilles cud Valencia' of she moat the best such ; Chocolate; and prepared Citroa. I I hCANDLESCommon ra..t. COKMUOO J.Ch' .
quality. a* Gold! Chain, \\. A Key*. t'-.
recent style and of the t et qualities. Diamond and Chased finger<< Rings. Bracelet*. La- P.*** nt r. with their baggaf will be pat en board Wick. Sperm, and Tutu' end .\CCE-TGa.lu."Uin c:.nu.:. ,Ii e

CLOTHING. die** end Gems breast and hdk .. r.... Lorkcl. .f either I lin*> if leq..in-d. SOAP. quan. pins "Ld half p-nf.' tor"
r I
A full .*ortnient of ready made Clothing! ol the bilver Thimbles. Geld and Silver Pencil Cases The ..U.Te boat will leave .. followstI and Drown.Shaving; white scented variegated do; Curry Powder, Italian& &!.- tarot i
Ieteat.tile.rsJ tM.t material such a* I U' **, back andOver beautiful, Jet and Fancy Hair Pine and bead Ornament ..e IMilka. every Toe.day at 8 A M.PiCoUt celli, London rr>.t\ed\ 8au 'in 4,
'. .. .. .. .. .. TOL3.\CCO. Ping. IC..* and 13s; C..ndi.h.l.aJieli Steak Sauce;, Harvey. Per .
roal Jarktit; I'.nt. and Vr t Linen And Colton J\eckl f c* plated Sitter Combs, .11 at tg e.
Sl.trtt, Collars.$ Silk and Coiiou Drawer| I t...aatiful MiliUry Put and Toilet Soap, Cologne, IIrn!. Black Creek .' .. .. 3 P. if. Twist taper Tobacco. 3lscaboySnrfT, j ScJtch "f Anchovies Anchovy ft< I.t, '!p Jr
articled! riinpender. *, .Scarf.. Neck Tie*. Hand E-l..nde; .nJ Latender Water ndkf. P-.rfam*. Denirifice .. Jark*niBe. .. .. If II Night.r.rfr.ebterpr : i<< hranibi.do: Regalia and Principe. 3oya La Norms, and ether 5IUb'1'ARUa-bra' IIi..e..oI 111 "' .

k.-rctu rAncl| rMt'. white and brawn Litinrn lint Tui'.=et Ponder, Pamatum MtC4 ll, ....r and ; *enrera apply' tt Capt. )leN.h, enmmon.Sexam.WINES tin canUter*. butts",.; En.d.r., t '..T-1. */
and <; it" lot| Um. and Pilot 0,.,', Oil. Attaol Ri.. d e. Brandy. ()card. Dipny UEr.T OIL-Uodtonz. ,-;
.11C: 't rn>iii 1'.n".1 cr e, Rattan Hair Dye, Ae.- enboird.or Wool lA.CIern. Savannah.FF.UNANDKZ & Co. do .k
la.tfa. fur t/ver.Cat.. Backgammon and Cheep Board* and fhe-.n.ei., : A BldBEl:. JarksonvilW. f.. F. do; 1 Bordeaux:Jamaica Spirit.; ; old "IioltRnm or 12 bottles ; Florence, io l&I
Gentlemen and 1..1 l.*ja* I.em outdid and plain Linn Ttib-t GUs_., fney U"tea, Card. Needle and de The ateamer daub :pauldina run in connection : to 4 Proof; HolUml andSkiedanGin) : lea.PICKLES..
Cambric I lI.ndkcuct.ier.| > 01 beautiful) quality ..". tar Car,, Ladiea and Gentlemen; '. Drpmg Caca, with thi. Boil and no oth,*'. !.. Eaten: ,. rise on Like Wbiaiey: Scotch do. (C. tine article' :) Midair i win. .-French variety Itt
"n t;.mbriet *neKten! .'lveii'ortment ..f ailkandCvttii (Hair 4n4 Shaving Brn.br., Tra,elliift and line) M anti>e.on kindred and iwenly.fivemile. above Pa Howard. Marah A Co.; do Mar.eiHe* and Malaga: : tIout.! Anchovies, in cases !12 &foI\It,
: |' irk**( Handkerchief: .\ fine orttneni nf, Baakct. :;ilk l'.rr*, Motto tloule. (tilt Watch*, hake up ir* tft Jaha. Kiver. pale and brown Dugf.ntdondc Co. Sherry; : Port: .-New Buckwheat. JI"" ar. .
\4'hte1.r.de' ; aul31u' .liua. urh a. Bi,bot| Lawn. (Gla. flower had.. Tor Trumpet China V..e*. Jell, t tt."I 1815.Superior. Cbtmp'f.. flock plkJininr.e.. I left; Bar Crackers Ch**.. Dum LJ,
Sore<.iirtlt .ml. Jacvn-tl Mii.1ins end Camhric. conk Martle Orna'nente. Z'Ca.' B ies. Nail a.d T..*>thBrustie --- il' *ni Vinefan Lnndon Porter in qnvia and pint: Preserves Pickles Oil, frj., >$> ,Baortmentof ..
u.1 I .S M.* lltietinc.TtfVfrii JJU'-k. anJ crl in (M t variety s Blind a n**tmmmn Llr.... both figur* p.ue'll.1"",, .! I IN CHANCEKY. pints ; Bordeaux Claret Rachel!<- Brandy. in hIt opened and at retail *
e>d .&1..1 I plain Plain li.r end Striped Miictin, &e. IIAKDWARHAND CORDAGC I I.a.c C K.D4Jaa.1Id: Marg. ...t Conk-Complainanlr. pint. Delpace A ro.; Cognac anal Champatne 311 CELt. NI.OUS.-A1i1 ''.'ttJ..!

i sens 1:: AM: () F.itGiNG: Table and P. A srest v ri.;ty of CimUric' L.l K Thread. Cotton and q.i.lit ; heart,. Shoe and Oyster knit...dteeKK Sophia Hunt, late Sophia Dfl 'pi .. .nd Eleaxer P. .;.Abnynthfi' A" Pernod Fil. in rt.: e.; Kirehenwa viz: Sweet Spiced Carricest.;
a'a.I l U'isu' CchiuI.I".raibt and Lace, of the titn i *! *<., ,tK!"t. and :On...,.,1'-'a andTaWe. Sfpo n.. 11'...1. he husband andether*, heir of Jooeph. D*- I IIctpin kids *r dah Fnret Noire t Codi31.rlriou.. Plain ; p.ep..d Cocoa. Castle. f:!tJ
tf!bo"elatld) *, dee .and John I ; Gin, .r.r brand a anperior article; 80- Paste, Lime Juice, Pearl Barley F
recent f trie and be.utl'.1 q..Alili.. : Toof*, |It lra- and Iron Andiron, Bolls 31 Fonlane Administrator j ,
GLOVW A.N'II IMHIEUY.Aee .mddcreM.. |lr.*. tnd Clout' 1\.11., T.d. Urd..id .te.ofh. sail J'MCI"ph Ucle.pin-. d..r"lad.1tu. tsr..T..ta...& La N ,", ,. and other brund and Toilet Sotp Stnuthton Bji.,
: [I F'' ill. 1I'"rnr. 'anlinea.. Salmon. MnckeM. Cod. ter*. -Writing Ink and Writing j
Files. iw great varwti,, It(** ., Cart'tniert'TooN, Daorrriminc redinc. and fifing th. .1Sb.ite of Thoma I i 'ait
irtineut0rGI; niiid : UPON
l'le ** con
> e < Hosiery;
PRtlV141nN8.-Pork. Uarl. '. Oat MeI.'
r ai.!in{ ol'ij" rvnnr. vin''ty..f kind. Color and y..a1nt to sad! Lor! .. Pad and Cb.st Lock. Cup K-q: >.tirior for 4id Com tainsi.t'. anall'he. ...ei Beef. |lln.|: Flour Dotter BathBlirka.) Spanish Alum 6o"tlndifo.Cn.ptru.|'
hoard Trunk and Till Locks, Air, *' .d.. tfboteh eiKl it beirg mid* U that two of the a-iid
wJi:"i thi "Ucnii". of |purchsere. arc put cutarly direium p ppar f FnUIT.-R"i.i- boje and boxe Zante CROCKERY AMI -
Hoe fmrfuiM via and (Hook
ijd Ilincra. Dog CoUo. Chain : (R 'ILorpe and John
dad Iron HCofTec Mil41. Iron and Steel 1 tq.aare', Ors H !II Thorpe, fl'etde rVor d 0.,- j i>iri-dtftioo of this n.rrant. *: Genoa' Ci'rnn ; Dates in fiaila ; Prunes TnCRTMKN WITH A sassy 'UII7
t II.\\VI. in c"" I jars; T.n'"fln.' Shelf and Fancy good! Stationm.fWWare.
Candl ticks. Bridle Bitla Buckle Percnian C ort and f in the City of New Yo k. ,
An et'nttavet.*<.ti.."'nt.fII-h.: Red Marin. Tibet andMinnp"" 1 Ir OILS -Olivo. Sperm Catnrand F.tephant. (Hard Ware Hat. Caps. BoMi.
C- 'rutr'Jnt Powder.Trr ,," MTMtas.rDMKoanr.fttn. thai notice to
p : Square*, a neararHan
Wool MtfU'line I J. Liur. Iwb I )!Ie and Piai-l l buts Gimblet. Not. CM.. Battoca. lancer, ",.- .wreaidbil"| of complnnl be given la p said SF.GIRS.-Vrryehuicenld.; m half base, quarterhoie Hince*. &c:. AIn afull iMortmenlcnmpletd If
are and am il'!. a very 3;<*<.d e.urtnent. Knives ||or4> C.inib., and Carry Comb l/elks.a/ Se dtfeadarl, bt the pitbltcaiiort af this order in e.'m., .. ;ifhih. and tenth, of rheice qualities and sell of Granite China, and

KlUIICJNtf.AptendiJa I g.nnrral a..flmcnt .r U.LH. Is..d Card, Roland t n..wpapr printed within this Ui.. l'kt fr the spice recent imporTa: 'i'kn.St ;&ts. Ae.
.urtmcnt vf I latest tl It! B\I'fh.'in.-. October W.: IP4I. .
hits snJ.4atiaItithun". cifiiiiitg r.reverysn"-ty of. Lin" sod 11... .,. Sail T.ina.nd Cloe IJh _. w it lb frnnl tb'. ....-. ....nor.I .
color and style aim). .i fine 4*.*.rtmnt of eulvred Inane other ...1('... in the line.BIHTTAMA.TINANIl I A.0111'nrtber ot.1 lr d.UiM nnl*.atd def n J'4tee :ilk Bradea, 1 2 imp., SiU ';.td *Ve.: \. (. \\'OODr.SJU- I| app..etanden.wetthiebill complaint within one Augustine, C. Zi

STAPLC AND FANVY GOOI; ( Kpittoffit, Ta a-*d CVtJVe I'.....T Kettles, )I..uInot month rmm the etpiMiioi *>fth, time for the publi Treasurer for the first quarter commencing on the second jj

An etlt. iut 4""riirt<*nl *>f halt stne and.' Ihl1.... pupa, Lamp Feeler. Tin Jeans B..iw*. Pail,( tution *>f this *dr r 4 decree Ire as feu w ill ibe| lakt. n.laia.1 in .November 1811 and ending the second
ins i At Buckets.. FtftTiib ? them. on Monday inj
iiting rrtiM.ii Jurnnct Jkluoliu_ and I'.nl rriCasco *. Duit Par, Meaore. Wa h i
,. In oewanusWr.laiart.r.eahri.auiee- utre.. Kettle* Funitrl*. picf Boi*, Lamtt. *. Grvit.ra. Lisa GF.ORGC R. FAIRPAND3. Clerk. arj 1815.&

e.; .1..., tttack.u4 (:.l.iru) \Iplle. and Illue Vlmdvtrv thorn.. Tnmt.ler. Drainer. ., Muffin Kin:*. ll pr*f*, March 4. 1d4 I ;. r __ .___ __ __
Utuzi'le' "r the finest qn aality ; I Lujr1ih.; and :I.nin fleas .largo sal mab \V..es..n Tnb. .. Itarkat. --- -- --
C Crnrh Iuinoe. 1'lIlIttl' a nl''enJiJ j a.nrtioeni. *. P"il'.. Tr."n anr* IhiwU.tVaEtnae Kekm, Clash h PKOsPhCTUd OF Dr. Cr.
Ereach, :>t<(li.li ..u.1 l American Priniaund. (;iinftum*. and 1 Cnltmr: I Pine i Mate and Hand)* Ia.knt.. |It lraaawl TH*. Dec. 1C. I Ibtl To amount paid A. Dec. 19. 1841. By mount recited if
\,, the mutt I c..t Style' |run Wire ffeivea. ftroAma .....s'i' _p*. \\ a-h I CMTXI: : ; STATES J orn4AL.H r'p11'1'. iUrv.city \Iabhlli. $36 00 P. B. Duma City reasuter. ||
Silk! black Cud tittle black 1 ."f superb qnaitf t al-I IttarJ*. \Vhit..w.*b and Floor 0,........, with m,n, f JKrX lH>w & Co. :31). ** Apprnprhttion() Poor Fund :20 (O tl Feb. lac. 1845. .. Ilireof Beef atubt
PUid and. Stripes' balks i.l' latett Mvl (ur dre...... other article in the line,, '1' II r fir,l nomict ..f our nw paper w tl bi.i i.- Dn In CinimsentfuiiH! 20 ro stills! .4 per abstract
.eI.\ Uoniiett ;>ilk< in great variety' Iron II. sun HOOTS AND 5HOF.H. sued thus (Crl) dy of 'lm,< ). wish an entire Jan.0..I I' $i. Amount paid,.utr* M. Hire or Fish Ja.kt'Shll"'per

bltaeb.Jha tir.<<<, and Slftetuif* ; IlrJlu.ft t C.-t. L..die. fa-hitoiiaUle. Kid lippcra, Butkmt and Gait new dfe.-new type, fine white paper with 'Itl..r Gould.. ..city. printer.. I Ir.\ lUry.; 12 50 ,Cart t ..
ton and Linen Ortntbure* ; Con on. Flannel linen "n of braMtifulqqaliu. Ieatlen.en* fine Lea: ainlB I sea arlant alt.ratwn; *.nd improvement Th spat .. .-. .. Do. Fi.re tn: printing, GOO A mount of Licencea i"iaed toTrader
I lit-4 ah, *.ttmt; Urown andllteicbed !l..landis! Srli. edmh..n ..ot.and SrW* in f real -arr" ty, ; a larref e*- will I b*. dstnLd t- s fearless eipvfi.*.i ,f **-"nod .t. r.p city .cateag-r I per Abmnct.
cia*. Clltlh, r.*. Iturlapaand Howla. Canon.attd P.d. ",'In".t ,- B'y' and Mi.... Sboe., I"lirp-r. ...- I thtie ptin.-ipl.elt wiUx-.b... ijf *lafy. .. :SO: 00 Amount of Licence iiued te EVl
din:,: Negro: Cloth ; n fine a.*f.niwt i Itr riilk and 11..ntr..lletta I'bu", I IU.t, and Uu gsne m pea t I If *.>pon arb and every effort t>. ..ui,U..: M i .|... T rb :.ldt Di,. For pros. ,icr.t. ..- :air..l..r* of Spirillum Liquor per Ab.inrt {j
Tabtiy iUctf, Gri' .< I L. nen. Silk.' an4 Worsted! arnty and class ptirei Math m.Hta&'.li> b4nk did other ml chr.v. o..rj.ration. 1.*-. ..... of hf. city.Onlimncr' 1 1'1 50 Amount Licence issued! to dart
"or ".. great variety nr cn.ri- and fine Irish Lm.ni 1 AUU'llnw ANDAIL/( r-S.! end Cnnoli 1< ..,... of Wraith: vihxn >t>i>.'ert '1".3.urtr .,m..i16.'o"' '1f14 pre ahstact
;.rltfUn| ; <. 4-4 and 34 maltln:. Oil CI.rtli.Ti.iH-t -\ rlfn;1 a*.nrtarer.t of Saddle and Hndle*. Pebble lhriiiiif 1"-1-1'|iU end nrMierni'iHi the (.ith r... of .". ., I:1: ..li"bua.sl. f: 14 lirct :* ,10) ... B.Innce.ifrintintentfumdsonbaad-
ij' <*..ftSr..'t'tble t.nn.Cutt"n, end "Mura I/.sper.l'/.i4/ / .' Ii.ts.e... ManmraV.>., Collar, CurrmIri, Girt. the R>>t>**'''. t opiHTMt i pprrM.; :and ,u.h.r'I'QI.I.c.n ::;;.511 I ; ret.tteJ 2 1 pr tt. 9.:1:1: : IC! 73 ... !)".. i.f Sch.tul fund 1Uo.
j. I U..I..cu UII h.nJ. 'J.M I trt'l' ofPoorftiud. (yet N.,. 2))
.ltu i:?s. Wick and Nodding, Worsted, ("Green UriHfcn :: SllCr.l.h\xr.n =. : > *. iteht by Ui*> ti".nl t Goternment.' and nil nth* .--
--- .- tint Ked Flannel ,, A .}.I......lid anrW l *if >....r Ma**.i and ....,..h'"". .r I'rd..p.1 rltaciJ.a-; ",,,''h hi,. an ii...tilah.a. arm $-IU'' d.t .

TAILORS "JUIIISGXU MILITARY i L.tnp.. Trunk* lUnd ll.as| Float Bru.h .. Da.iinc fencv taJ,uoy public. pr -t/riiT. a* well 4* h"'I' n".pe..trnit Is ."".....
'j.o ARTICLHS.Illue !. I|,, lr! ..h".I'inl' r.*IL... l L""wking liUGuiUr*. VKHj dark l Mpptnr Against all turn pI.tKSldelwsun.. P. C. 'LY LS'i'I.t, CujTw,
.i : Ia! *. l4d. !. Kidir-f; \\'''' '... Cowls. ..f. .. C.*rssg. 'It abut.wat. ..+...s' gin'. "M"I" ,, I r..m''lt' end found' enrrset.FI.IN13 .
lack end
l colored Silk' nf lUut .
Sewing ri >, lUrrrt .... ThtiMlc I ur'a r asrl h. 31rthinie w bra t..t..UIL..
G; *. Sener*. Fluie
1t"Lip..lsul.k Acrpr* J.Ii''iN 31 FONTAM: :.
: quality twist Spa. l Cotton tin it..t qnah, l).n*. ..t..l| f ike !
dmii. .. ilue. It4th hrirk.lhmn. HatcUt. IL.totrap.11'Inlrbai. r '| > nti n. is iL bud in our SUP.II : J PIILLICF.rt. Crmmiffee.
.t 1 i '; .. un.av ( : Febrinrv 10. i I-"If" ,.
,,," .., ..tt..n .., : and I An sa*..rtm<.>tit or mate and 3Ie4rin I .. Pain._.nd th- .lo i t clter..rr.| nncipl....i. ./ chi v-tltlor. are tu iw
Mohair| Coat and V..t Iha! '"I. Gntd and rtilrrr.Wnratcd .,I UJ..luft"4." .1!i .kti-iwn to the public in rrqiir :any pleil', e iti' tiCnUr Tliccit\ SL; Aii' iistino in Account ( :'urrciil with Peter C. Z1
and C t th'4I puiat 'T. t... 'Idntau, (U."t...nl uU. ]
t're'e..' : Sword.Knnt.! ", hllk. $s.. .tit I Ix tl-'r I I H?J: U all'itll.-"Cf1"nt BOOKS AND .STATIONARYA f I I .1I h'tn.1:1! he de'.t' rise Ladies will p: ..I.| Tieasurcr t Ibrtho second quarter, commencing 2nd Monday inriiary.
r t. iter., wiui 1'iain*. i inurotarraUmtoiia ,.. < annwala fit I +Li. P trv.. .
AN l /
er .w run in co/u. .
w4yaSn> oar a chore*eeeti| o.i ( the'
Shoulder! Snap &c,. '''or, I no".t. tW. Fancy It ok. *. Primer>> Almanac rnrreni literature of lb" day 4* well* original rom c..... 18-15' and ending end Monday of May, 1815.
: ch..I.1Id. Itltnk (lMtk: &
Gilt cutVelvet'Isv.t,1,1 and eommun r.. dUultonv -. AlphW, Ijr4ttt
rer mom
in Ktr.tt variety, foot C..ai.ati'J Pants ..left.1 j end l I....i B....k.: |'*M4et. .Toper. letter .d.... Printing: irtbaiion Ita boi ruol.\ I.nle4rilt: of which -- "Jr.- --- --- --' -
our can
t nenl
country of Forrtgti
e ummar (:
I l4n$nand Cutluii I'4p,*. Bras.s :. Ky-icl: TlfimUV. *, i ctn 31.u.,r J.... Ins.tupe: d.? tVnppiu; d.... Note daTi. .. *..c: .llern....... will be ririr.l.e l > r.
\'e.1 ,King.. TanUlMiii Sir: .t.<. II'M.L* and i 1U 11:%**. ..... tJd.. IU.....h: d. Fahey day lard aid. Uh.| I.ahr. eunrntanda li.t tof the ; a regular. price I 1dl3.:; Amount.Feb..ni I I-SI3. A*
ut of
I I Hsnt cr,Knd": KnininI'm*. Neife!! ., Ac A-. :;. ': U ..t .i..l U'..frr., PprtrUm and Pompon fi ... lwcivenThecvnduetor cwrr pricra t
ro'.ri..inc| a comuM" a"ottmen' cif trHittnnf f:irMilitary / Naha." ,,. (lu.U.. :-1..1| {1'(.!.,. Lead and $1..1" I'."",''. | hive a're' ..,* aid 31r.. .IIJ. Paid A IViiiyoiNr nuartvi'a" salary coiiMi current
and Ciliz :n. (:oate end Pant{ I'1 I'I.t'Inl' atW Yiiti. ..' Carda. Ink 'Stand. Bl).. k an** of Uiff ieearedthe lh. and a. City 3larsll.sl.' (: ) 31 (0 May' I 12. .' hire nf Beef Market Stall. (*) *
,I ili-d I .Ink. con litaiinc ... ellt'onaae..t .r. rtt-fIJM'uli..n. a numhrr ol most ditin! '15. '-.iel i l '11to.Mi4* Hu*'ell f"r printing. (3) 2 50 I I lire, of Fish Market laUe. (IIIJ)
CROCKCRY: GLASS \1 :rVAttH.||| :. iai.b.d br.rarl' and politkit' wnreis i>flh.- dart ,
Fancy androiniiM. n ..tMH. >narf 17. P...1 l rf J cexui one gnartrrs al.irya Amt of License to Trader. (1JW
An cllt'nll.r..n'. ..(even' 'Iit' Itr ...,1..r II ,\,> AMI (. \I''. of. fant.a..nr.. .. w ill.I. IK. if*:a.l.. al the. ."rfn-j* rrnd.11'.lr Clerk ..f C..unnl. (4) 12 50 AmI. or License to Retailers of I r.>;
and "...ltr.ru.; ron.i ttiu( ..f G'.AUt' .n.1 ('hira "'htbC I A utifittanieb; "" i.f fa.h.onatie( Silk, Plush. arw 1 us it1 to i'li. our CwCun.n by at.e routnbu- Apilil. Paul A: Pjpy; one qu.ulrr'n salary qunra ((13))'
and le. S"tt. :.nap{ and S.nr,. 1..It.e.;. S1....kend Fur Hal. Cloth and Glared Cap. *, will It old arv e.i >. i>on. of rtorr4P-p..od..al. Irom ari-nad.!' U ith .this a.c..e..ce..r (.">) :30 (00 .. Amt. of Licence. to drive Clr(14)(l )
\Veei4bl. DiOi*.. UOH|I.., 1 llinnq' a.;"l T*,j tow firhe; *?\IHI.I..I..d! ( Ix-af Wool, and 0...d. brif and imp .rlanl outline' sir our plan, we very 30. PaidJ.M Gould for printing. (U) 15 511 lust of Licenses to Billiard 1'able.II( )
I'later. 1ealnts, z-ugur llrarity .,,,le. Crean' a .I'.i.. lie ; Also a few Tuscany Silk Pabi Leaf and r..p.-clr..Uy..mit: lIurr.l.timtlCl an eileome pat Paid f,r aoniiti.'ncie.. (i) !1) :3?{ A ml. of Lieeu..t to 9 pia AUtJ' ((11))
nf Pitcher, l lwrfCI: and U*...<*, Slurs and =,sr.. Bonn.. ronsreto tbe tnh. Jeriit'oi.of a ,eoerea pablc.TIIIUI'IIII.UJ ; Paul| on a.wountnf Poor fund (Cd) Ib 00

: riSK. t .?!??. Paid un aa*.unt of Ci'y improveuiiiH (9J} d4 37j2
f.t The ab<'vo etten.iie.tnck f food: I li.. !.*..n ftartKuNrh srbrtid fur this City and Country trade a*< JEdSCE. DOW) { : \ pr. et. aamui'n on S' OC 31 r !cd $6 65 I
will be rt*|teiuihed anus Iliac lu inn dir.-ct Irum New York with the moat afashionable
I'F.: beat qualitio* lioreb* hoping to ret4iu tl. liUral$ I'attuu.gr. wl.KL ha. teen c t-nded to them for the y..a t Weekly piper by th, jest $300 Uaaace: on baud -29 i 93: .

patl. :oxcr uuRT..Lo. for ail mobtba .
Oct. 23d. 154 V 9519 41 I
Sf tot Weeklf paper_ by the_year, in advance 5 OH ..
----- -- .. .. ..
-- .
IVCITBy Goods'. (':: co.l..rliillipM, far .ten than a year, 50 cents. P.Runeetfn1JYlub.ar C. ZYLdTRA.T tJEzamimed

: Sell. Gilbert HUield $10 "la a r ruin. New JUSTICE OF TIIK PF.AUE: AND NOTARY |*r month : and blond correct. .
York, w4r tJ receiving a fine ...<.I1..nt. I I3J I.- PUIILIf. Daily l.. riper.. by tic year. ii. advance 10 OC) JOHN 31. FNTANE.Comniitte..
f pack.dtt. nr.electel l ; l .n.cl.M I. It''retofarek .l'end to all...bd..inrM connected with Ih.e for k than year, $1 per month. FRANCIS J. PHLLICCU.:
*);t' by Ut, Families and nitter* "I..H"! it !1..... pntt WILL ..*.; -lie will al.o esrcbtc all wri. Sbb-rriptinn fit* In,fe lilt)than Daily four for,less than the two to theSemiWeekly Augustine.. Flo., My: 1'1.1'I < i triatt at any ..*.h.Iu,,,. ItIlCul""IC'ua.t.1 l l l Ii..:. placed in hi. bands with neatnera and correct. ... or 10 Weekly
fat 1 than ta mouth. will not he received.
way made for Cash lie**. The of M. Augustine Account Current with Peter C. ZJ
II not paidill.i... a jeer, the Daily will, b*
B. C. CAKR A Cc) Hi) .
lnneetpri these Offices will be .
nre unit..Carn
May 13 I84S.ACily. : ... I'. him a |a" nMn; s.( patrrosr*. X1'2. i be "rmi-wreHf $G. and the Wcekty' $2 50 a Treasurer for the third quarter, commencing id? Monday in rand ,

Vor ilT Hi Cacti I)*y The lat atarday In year. ending 2d of 1 IBtJ5.
l-ol Male.Alvtt every Monday August
r -= 4tlrejwatslnbe trade t* *Wr.*c*. Those who ,
!)Jfetb>. d I fret it., a cf.." .bJ., f part wf the m.th-tlhd hi. OHce( i. on the basement floor o r have not an opportunity; of paviut otherwise.. my
Mra. Lnrtllto's Ii| --
fat a private re..,k..ce, hninj on it t Jew remit by mail,at our n.k. f." .,.,* .t. The Pot Dr.
$t \ie c ii tin* : ()th March 1841 Cr.
0'I"e11.es. of auriie. 1'esr. 'M .th. and a numVrofyoanr mo.|"" certificate of such remiitaoo* shall h a sufficient
: ; tre! of two 1.ears cruwth. 'ai!/ir.n.rl Unteland *ole tcillicr. C.TlfMiiiiM' Van aSOLE raceipt therefor The notes of any specie May 19.1345. Paul S.J. Seltui for terti.ee.i.I..kn May 12. 1845. By cull on band aa per *
thrivini ... M* i.. ftrm SinJwn ir'''#'. u+tile &c. paying bank will be received i Coiincil (1)I 1250 Ut account current ,t
Welt and newly fenced it May IH, had at a h.w : I.F.ATHEU. Jun.2. Paid M.v.Cooper over-paynent August 10 Hireofb Calf kina.
Thread of Licence (2)) 6 00 Hire of Fut Mtf.el dulls (II') '
timtte t> applyinc t<. the :i"b+criber. .1.! .. 700 Police.MONTHS F f
lIand'' .
y *. Patent Thread Heal Ran, Dri.. d Paid. A. Papy services aa Clerk of iaceccea: i'sauedto'rraden l (I 13))
Acreaon the St.: John'a Diver a few miles below tl-. St.nr', Circint.. Gmh. Bin, teins C4rriate ,.,\\0 after date I will present te the market. J :37 SO i.ued to Retail* of Liqaori ((13)) g

laekouville. whip" ..tlAinf da. lashes, Brass naiU. tck*. bta..b.. J. County Court or St. Johns County HIT ae- Paid A Papy for clearing mark > leaved to drive Can,. (M) j 2

|10(). 1845. GF.OUCCL.. PIULLIPa.Mar Ac. retail U. E CAKR. & (:o.i -. at Con( THOKAS nt. \'o"cl.er..t L. Srawanr.administrator dec. fir adjastmebt of the Estate of ei.. S ((3)) <4< 67| issued to Nine. Pin Alley. (W] j t
23. Paid John M. Fontane for TransUtihg -
i i\e" Goo....
----- bieh interested win! tike due n>.tice.;
Notice, rVHin: :4uL.tnbtr.l.ne just received from New ((4)) 25 37!
HERHBYGIVr:. conorned Ji York and JAS. D. COLE Adm'r. July 21. Paid J. )'. Go-iId I qr. celery forprinting.
18 ; .to Ilpert< n aa are now Op".ihC.' new and beau!)*
April 14.1845.
c'.diIOfl.'p'c"tfte.' *>nd .ueh fie ...., I... ntiW io fula..urtn.cnl nf dumnHftoodf, wb'tcii in es nnr (5) 12 GO
fftribotinn of the L'.tale' of General JAMES! : lion with their farmer clock ntitutea a full and 1 II Gtrden fl.ed.. Tkorburna Garden 21 Paid Joa. i. Sanchez fur Transitling. .
CLARKE late nr the $pani.h Army, deceased, that complete assortment of food required for this market FIC Seed fur Kitchen ArgO awort-. (6) 8 62| I
.II claim and demand against ,aid .:at..tt. tout be to bich; thj a lection Dr their rr..e nd. aid par. meat in 6..e order, Received.purpose! 21. Paid A. Papy Ucencea aa Seavenger. -

1'S nxbihited within two year, vlh rwi.. the same will chasergenerally art iclicited. Nov. 4 IrUS. B. C. CARR & CO. ((7) 3000Pall 11
) ; IHI forever barrwd. All persona who have ant U. C. DURT A Co.Jaly8iHI645. oa account of city improvements (Cd) 13 61
8 mends af
sham witnoot) delay t and all those indebted to 'make Si. Aoemtine.. October 23. 1813 C Commission 24 pr. ct. on f-287.CT received. d)
i jimediate payment, toJOSEPH MINUTER 719. > r
) ( M uruNKNorz. NO. 35 WALL ST., NEW YORK.Jnlj' lq. IMS. LURACTFROt THE be Do. 2| per cent on 1190,16 disbur. >
Thai a policstreet opened
t Adu,inisir.tnr. -i.b the Will annud."I To n. !:. Cara RESOLVED. ,'..ia; frortJeg the Market. to Si. $''.15. 1194Balance.

St. Aofnrtine. February J I Ith.! IM.i. I* gent Cr,"eoa h$. C... St. Aocoatina fla. u-. Basin near Si Franeia Birraxka. la the width olilly 37!) b'JJ ..

I f KEn'VAI \ '1 U 1h,$..._. thi morning al. 3 o'd.I." !is .. feet. and that notice thereof be given to the 'rdl l eolEiamincd
I ." ,innn SUB CKinr.Rh** removed hi. olTim and *. New Street and was not hroiht under aJbj ronereof 101. aurhida &he aid attest may pass nbmittP4
Jf achonl to )Jr.. Pouiaud'a house on the Bay, j-rtion until) about 1 o'hook I UH day The .rW of in mat their .l j-etlaae. thereto. : and that aldaroienFAntan Respectfully ZYLST1U., ,

Vacancy for four Pupil. property esceed $5 irt0t>tJJ. The area of tha I.,..' ., peluVer, Nod. and Medicea. Let autho,.. and f.und eo"fte' P. C. ;
:.f ono.: PHILLIPS.IT )"trictrovereil "MIlt Aftea.Tli t -l l to a<*..pt sock measures a* may be i>ece tar> to sea JOHN M. FONTANC. Committee. si
r : F.nirance ihe All!) -vrompany\ by this. fire .3.5.ooo.nd art pr" afire the free ni rat the aime to the n*. of the City. FRANCIS J. PELLICER. <**
Tb l/I'A'wcr part or the' ''WI'*''. let! with \i.r.I..fi and pared to wake prompt 'wulemenl all claims agsin.i A t ae Copy 8. J. SEGUE, Clerk. ft. At1'lutid August 10. l8-l./
I ) ad. A.irn.tl. Hlft. the tiffice.! I... very repectfulli ...
Your ....'. ...*',. Notice. -
I 1 7.11.' "'*. Utnbrocnflon.FOR A LAWRENCE, PmtJeniTh Wr.F.KS arter rlie. will apply tn the Jndt Soda ajd V cidlilz ro1 'dcr SIX WEEKS after dite.v ewiLa rf
i the cnr of Ithenmati"n Font, 1.mttCIre. SIX pmUte* for the. County of 8t. Joltn'a for.rp.renf SNUFF Liquid Opodeldoc. ( the County Control St. Jo***, I
f. '. Brul**., 'Nnmnne**. Crnnn. fore 'nbecri...' will t.- r re r a red U in. po Ikies ii > A..i..I..n. on the estate of EDGAR CEPHALIC Hair Oil. Marrnor Oil. l If ;a.t,. nr Admini'tralton, on the FI'.If'r- .
t rt ThrNt. ke.. Dfiparedby Murray and FanhtuckNevr bra city .a 'UGD as arraaf emeau coo be mad. MACON laiaof Mhi, County deceased. Tooth Powder Steel Pent, Indelible ink ( LARK toot But Honda tMesMd cu'

Vttk pikes 371 ante at retail.Jaaa B. r. CARR JAMES H. GOULD. For aateat the Drug; and Medicine Store, by PETE
2$. l45. B. F- CARR Co. : Agent Ctet.a lneurance Cew icy. tft. Aopnice OxtaUr II. 1$45. DR.F.8.WCLLER.4CO. JOHN
It FI1t. 15, tit,.

.4 } I

.. .
: t'--- .
-._ ------- ...... !

,. ...11.1.

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00079918/00229
 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: December 2, 1845
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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t i J
Y '

.. -- -. -- ........ i

FLO I R 'IDA 1 'H.E R I I" ., L"0 A't ',. "C', ,'..t-,...,. .>t't .i:. C all. '>. -'.: ?a

". ..... II ..... ...".... I f"Jt'
r.' .

I'14 .ADa> ;OWUlIIIDI: m AVQ :: N ... '

.. / '. .
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l .,
.', I' P"' "

I ';Pr1Mdpitt allied Ike Pe.pie.r ,".... .\.. +

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--- '
: ---7 \. I

t 1lq vj. (:otfJ.8. St. AsgtrK t.ei 'tllt'':aMsr, .ec. .r !,,- Itl*. :' VtVs* Bmt.-TOL. XI-If..30_ : 'If I

L __ "" i *.. '
-- 6 ._
------- --

:i; ''V' yr.iTiis.: :' Si. crtor, Ce rtt Ilutrict E. F. THE CHINA AND THE CHINESE. alld plp squealed ; the executioners yelled ; t"* r

LC \ ... 1"j" it CsiAprtar. S7t Ulja) m j1I.1i) Fragments[ KUTCMUI Wcmia't Lecture little ponies worn pulled between their nde e

laths K 'uLE, l'res. t 1M' Vh! "'E. Cart sod Johu fock. CtmfUintU.Ma &507rzp32x On "'bio.s aDd the Cuine*)" at the Tabernacle legs ; and we were all left' to reflect upon Chi

,nx'J'' ,' dobci rte New.Yurt. on evening, as oese men and manners. '
(4 Amen i. : '' IVtiaM'er : a..1r. VvVdnesdiy
"r- .dMiUmt .bliCMlcti reported the N. Y. Herald.] A CHINESE SCHOLAR. ;>. i
< ; |I' I IV.U& \\4t "r.a44.su.i1. IS rCSLUHID KVtlT TCtSDAT.ATFUCE
\ > "'. iitt,'otnd I UmCCl .: forfajsiarti.aArc.aataid Oil-ril..tit. m s ''ll.nm m. a WW i Hiving reached Canton mv first buiirr' A
"I' ,. a ""t e<<: -. loJl here, FIRST OFFICIAL VISIT. was lo find a Tartar and by the help of I 0
r a end t
> < Clint the aflidavh in this
u' II 11.1. announced to the minister that a 'letter Parker one was at I I".t procured, who minds r
;a *v, and it.b... g made to that Nertb. nrC DOLLASS AT T8K KflD uF 1HCTCAB.verttauMsrslaaerUd
/ "* "- K .V\ "* x '.LE, com I' fait' tt use t>f the defrMJaiiU,appear resides beyt wad thjmiiciido at Oa Dollar prf puce from Cute CDsog containing an Imperial edict took to Instruct us.: Ho was not a nativo Tm
| *, "> rft .' .f AM*"titrat | if Ibia Court and n the Mate or North <* rirrsKstiiB.aforUe Crrtio.erti;*..icd 7dUU.ereacbaaheeqtteat was about tu be brought to him, by four high tar, but d Chinese scholar, a tall, good! lookm..
I"*' *. witrtta *h_ Latoltni anduntntiKfnor IWlUm rrr4, 80 .... LoDIr ,.,. ...eatsia
MM. tall lownibipa, I 'icit Vaaid compUii.anta. It it ere'crctf that BO.f proportion, Kbdna on. win eoe idare41eael&aa a 1 bad! been carried on beureea the minister and l ably! of .our lIcte'lI with htm. I noticed in ..

rt .. 'nni..t.,,,. .pp.arandao...r said hill| of c Bipl.i.t UM inare. A dUceaat saade to thee. who- advcrtbe 'Ching for BOOM time, when this announcement u.e nis drat\arrival.., there was aa appearance <> ,
..4. r .. ca to 4id Martha I' Bartlett by the P u.r be Ihft '..ar. wag 'lMde. Lwrythinj was prepared lor the mystery'tod cuoctat neat. The Cninrse wh.
"- .
S order .
., i, %vaolf.atB UIM UI.. OIH<> new'pa... r p"A"dut.i.. .hielJ.. -- rrcpioa of this fln ot&cial' visit. (rom high introduced him seenj-d very anxious.. Tb."> '
iv'' I, of range i ,Consecutively trice 'urll. pate frwoj of f..r numtki.once in each wefk. OUIt LITTLE CIIUKCH. Chinese functionarit-s: and we awaited their wd a whispering and shutting of doors t and '.:
the date berrof.At
it ia further, .,mdered that onWe eaid I From the O.reaD ef Krenwacber] arrival. Alter while adUcordaut noise, ac great many injunctions, apparently and asnranees. I

r thirteen, 4i pear .nd answer thin UII..C complaint. within Manbasp one* 0, only Me bow sweetly t theta cumpained by loud crM-a at intervals was excUm it.IOQS and gettu-r.. Ho we vet .",
f I month from the eipiralion uf the time fur the publication oar little church bglcamiajc i beard and we looked from the blinds of the we sat down to our task; ul lust, and got tbrou*.i .3: J

eleven, twelve, thirteen, fuurjr I ; of this order decree frttvufttM! will be taken The gulden creuing tunthine fair verandah, to see too approach of our visitors. the alphabet. Tlie next day, agreeably to air I II IIKvrry
ensyfuur twenty.fire,.went).j. afainather. On tower and roof is sUrstninjf.Io Two looking follows, with wire caps on tbvirbe potntment' he came: again, and them way Ii' .
m)'VHight twenty.nme.lhirn* I, lieu..It. Fairbank Clerk of the Superior Court.
t. floor of, thirty-fire thirteen acd IbinI't ,do hereby certify tbe fore/j'iii.f to be a true cci-y of a Where .ball its like on truth be found with an axe in b... band-IrJ the pruceanon.- around and springing up if an) one entere.. I
; I v v en rang | ,decree entered ef retotd. Thew and.! sborr ,
fifteen ( section all aDd 4 were too exrcutiocera, who always precede : in seen a m/steriotu tir about tuwnole
o> esrept j GLd.K.FAIRUNKrt.. CUrk. Through for white a high officer. Nest ,aims a score of' thing asil I wu wen conspira'orsin' tOm .
rr ,nandeibleent I liy Fit{ANCItf rOil\V 1), ,' Cleik. green foliage and clear ,
M AItU. drrsavd I observed he .
ttiirleeu of fourteen It all poorly and Very dirty wildiers! with plot. WoW ner out and! ve
nd r.nRe S.ol Ju'r' 'Ih. IU45..Superior! ptrpt out su (gaily "
+ range fifteen ttwentvciht t; Round on our li'tlc village berg spear.., and ahidJJ..,.lId bathert .rbeD II nun much agitated, hardly able tu command; hi..ia .

,t S I- and tweutyuine, ., Court, DMricl E. F. And down through all tbe valley. ortwo ou wretc-.ed poetic*, whoevj hair luod :1 ir, and laboring evtdenly. : under Homo ve s. ,:,

c a 8. .f range MI teen ; < b CNu'ea .r. Well pleated II i.. asoon may see, out in nil!! dtrevtiuo, Mud whiwo 10.&:&,=>> and great i-xcilement. He jumped up at oy non. (_
*I c, l thou)..four, vu !t1ao c tee river, I Ie i DM ween the tlnnlhetn life InaranccandTrnrtOm: 1Vithetaunb grace aod! purity. tails were ijcnorant (>f bru h or currycomb ; us ,tnotgi he aupreheuued immicci.t dajgvr: ..
sitst pan' and George l.ield.dt, 'A.C., C.arplaiauu. then the band of mu ic, and then thu wdauca ..me mid" was ao-jut tu spring 'upo.i Quulro.benmd. ... .

,st tweniyeight and twenty ( .'u y Not alwajs docs it fart ..I', of the grr.t men tbe4u *:lvtr They Huwevur, we got through o'ur 'eas'" .
a 'f reservation at Knit Ur.*oke, i'rtsrhkru! ; Hnaitb and UIotI'31. Unman frftndtnlt so well The e
tine next he
Wen tutu in number, all large stud lookingperxx day way musing ul the apptiuftun
,, re e.thirty 'four and Unity-fit., U PUN n: ic'llij and tiling<< Ibf!..ffid..fl in ..1.c......, Vrt Whrntempests even then tbr'itile rsge.bell nd not- .., dressed:: m dgbl colored cnip** gowns, *;. 'nd tiny following ue appeared V aa: _

:, ige twenty ? and it being made tu appear that Peter okra 'T"iI.' UatuiR-d round their waists by Muo gu.sId.aIU1 with more punurbatiou man evur. He Coui.
even, twentr-eight, twenty Speaks out : lWq he quiet !
tiuritboar c.1! the dekudusitr, re.idra be and the j.uit. buckles of pruciou atones. We a t".u>i up toreceive hardly' iak. or stand. 7/u htd grown bal :1r.
**"' Though clouds luok blicic, and down ,
11*< diction ttf this Court cat : pour
and the vr I'bd.d.lpt.u .
in ) & with tor ncbi-ieae bill wuu'Iwulleq ud Nov -
,lies ai ST. AUGUSTINC conouiti.Jjir .. rain I er. our bats srn, it : eye. staring. r rlaimy
ute nf lVnn .
< ltaiiia.-and tHe righUrenth day tif August eats ) The sunshine etiquette to te covered, as a nuik ot expect was murtal fear of-something, 1 ddti! >'
/, ''It'IIr4.I'Ianr, ; for rail| comftUmanu. IvI brighter, comet again.
,.J';i* Ibe public land within the und'T* : oKtrnri, that n.tice to and an.wr cud they eamied wnn tnoir Capioii. dupluymg kuuw what, mare plainly depictrd on a mm
ta", bipi aod fracliooat t.iwiuhi p.rA uwitt Hi! CI' conipliint he Then ti appear said FVter Men nith.. their red and blue buttons and peacock's leutu* face, than on bis. He was accompanied by. U '
t /eaetu4eataJ, (&. pnttnjmt' meiidvt. I ie l It y the publication n' Ibis order IK otne. n !w.p.pet And when the organ shirrs and aounJ.'itb ., ers. Tbe button i* Uateued tu tare top ul toecap Paiker'i &&n iI&.Iaut. They entered direful'

ihirtyihree and thirty lour of range printed .*itlua thi Uivtrkt for the tpace .l/ .r P.. .ti.. \\ silver piprs all "'tmin,:. and the 'feather hangs down b bubiuii. They laud softly, closed! und fastened the dour, m.st i

I unto in each work conaeculively from the date f.rreol: How every hear, Ibrn UrilUand bounds approachedabv tbeir uwa bands .l us, uuJ sure that n>i uuu w.is in the room, and then 1 I''
.I.ttly.lrotll".ne. twentytwc.lwruf And it ia fusilier ornVrvH t that unle. said Peter *:S8mitliap And earth and heaven teem lutemng. the cbid among tbem presented Iou letter lu the friend ;m a low tone, lull ma the nature ot lu
,f tiensltuwu.hip. twenty.an. on Lake I -e<.r andanawrr Kill of c..m'i"tita., .. Such 'ftTlings in each boscm swell minister. On receiving i', lie mentioned to toemlu ca u.

1&... nose thirtyi ., nd tIeeet twenty threeol red ,i I.. one iitonth front the ..iir( .ti .n of ll,* tm.* for the but what he 'eels' too one can tell. te1Mt&te-Iaud! Ukcolf liver clp. ; wUICh.uu. Ho war afraid Uuiu; his hood 'for comi itoluacU ( :
'i )-use fet r>titnV tion fr this urJer, a decirr! ttmfiM will
jv andkeeping :
.11 He. *
serving c.irilully, our own niuvemor-s a toruigimr uncnuu. bex" *
ittmt/.of rnirgethirtytwo.ideMdT.LLAlIM&; I I tie taken if*ni.tliim. O, sec in evening's golden (lire s..ct time with us, they did. m-: 'tu recoivu Oiok my money, which libra .' ..
: i.c: I certify the f("rrf MI rrrotd'S to be a tour. copy tif the or* lie little windows gleam tig | I Oieut the luterpreters now rrad ih-. ? .eite, f .igut in hu h iginel.itdrt' sow or in m .nic-e.!
1 Jtfc be eleventh day nf A tolomfDc.l I \Witnf* my hand an.
j Ulic! hnd- within UM! .. ..f July li4*;. With u.eraandJe"ell beaming.Ays ot CUd eraatioiittscan becarrn-d br tU\:suis. thai he was on 'ih* ptnii ol* t iktn;.: potion U rm
iM.aiaitelinih" ? foinur Imlun ter>ic I I GTO.: n.r'AIUDANKS.Ork. look row t bow it glcnms and glows, I ol interpreter, und look, ,,"\'g.lI.! l*>**W uucu.Tne him of his Iruu it1. 1'nat hu oaJ eaten aa tie _

4IAI1CI..a til* Cbotahonche'ivertnwit.. : I}II Dr FHAMri.S fOKU'AKP. Pair as ale apricot or rote I tii.t civility' wa, on iben pait" asking our I I itinl. uk-n uoslrcp: since h-3 liril came. laver
aadci '
neicht lust vfii bt j jntrrat I
; m '
imwci' and in | Urp'ty Clerk :op'r.. Cwurt twmv s ; tnM inlorm..tion being jjiveu una rcciproCated j I iH-cted. every mo.ii lota HVII eight ectioit \ I
ncta*f"'JIU.. l\v..'nt\ ,,lrletut.. ...,ere and JMlv7lhlH4.V I' Wiihin; our little church shows quite- they& piuowUoU,* tu sauc a our ""'.u,,* vi I d.tm, and carried off lobe beheaded.

.,4te l .4te.n fl..1 111(1Ir'tstt.tin l ...i.n ]|I Superior Court, iIricl 12. I'. Believe me-quito at neatly ; K. wd UruUi ig U,) utkmg uui ugoa Tint, Uiwevci 1( sere wu no urs;'JHI wuhhim, uu comfu .
fife iiurtii of I The little benches, blue and white, u IIU iiidhpru i'tlc attention ; wu rerouted him und
.! "w.u..hlp rniige Ha. | IS CIIACI1C81."fn \' ting 01 as.urind; ; 'the only thing to l It
pimapal. u'-ri pupa| | 1 -d tir (law for,th, nee nf' acli,Mi1a, On iunjrfy none is empty found- our inibriiutioii. Alter u few MimuttV. couvvt* We

rt f fear,......, will be rtrluded lr' .ru ,; tI.. r....'.. fir I..e tV .\ni t..,,..d.-P..1.4.ft... Tbere'a nu suet cbaicb the wide worldlouudS MitKNi, a luucnco.1. 111 the CUiovau: at) Ic, wutauuouuctd |. loui.it two were ihoiough mora f brd,.ulunate Tartar afterward. who hwd, MI i .

i John Mean) and 'ht)1 Avry, Adumiitratora! .f tfiid *tf in tried the dining' io-.m ;
.ill.t1f'h! be kept nr..n G'r two w..b.I I kur ot, J/.indurin,:, and who r"lIIltillt"dYllh ..
.;ur.. ...uutirt dl.pl.d uf.) and !... lon i I 1 I Hill for Atrvvnt rend 1)ti!rib u tint. \i I See wbcr apinat tbe pillared wall out guou according tu CluiK, eU\I"Lle. lilt lit' long! utter all idea ot gnug to i'ckinY4' abo,., .
aI Via the K-I. wlucu, who heist: is Slid "io olDonor. '
:NI.ternri..suf IUIII 'I' 'I.t' town.|hih.., l'(>\ teailiur and CH.nc the. affidatu in ten Thc pulpit b budded pi do tied.:
U btf< M Chop stickj had been provided tot all
rswadelitrdl: emit Mfterth's& aluiratlurl( CH". .a,1 It brin; .",d" to ap.rar that 31atV I I Will caitiii and mostcrband.J i CHINESE COURTSHIP.
1.. 1)1 I Aser)' 'u.- "f the d.(rndant.. ,...tde. ....,....s thejurisdirtsuts planncil ty ol u., unJ Wtl uidtt our list exlwriusr.uls wiilittviii 1
deraY land -at th- city of 11'arhiIa' tan, u.f tu. Cvur atH in th* ta.a'f.r "..... I J I I All puli.bcd bright sod gutided. lu toe uurairalotd amuscmeiit vi our T Chinese o< *>jn nt ho u in any w.. .' ,

1"u1,4(' lav, ann. I) Hmdf,,rt/.fi,e.t ,,"ollrllor fur .....1| CoMi.Uinn... lli. ."rd,>r.d,. that They woudcr be is toot a I raid. trot a d.CKlrU taste tut Inc bur LhA..u liquors, l\utJ+ tier I'ICJillcultll'hly.' whote well known n". .
t4'.tU JAMLSK. PULIC. notice; to npj-eir and l eu'wrr ai'l Hill of co nil| it>t cnsinpogne. nod cnerry boaucc. (.\ very it.i ( re'cogusvtl, unJ (hero cuusiJereilM respectitte:
:tHtLUl.'M/ i 1'e turn to said Miry M Avery' by pnbitraiiou: Dut be stands up a beta, tbs.rc, acvd geulleuun, wh ea.ii. r7.t'f'41 L."J O vier.tTnl'Itl.Ull'TION ..r this order in WHO* ne'*.p.p.>r printed within Una Aud l I'ad. them un lu lleavrnTbtough rtqucutly, u Alantcuou "' iilar, by uauw ''Tuug who among hu neighbors i h M n lieu d.'UlCbl.'

District for the apac .r far 9viktt once ia each all ibis world of sin and care- Lau,dnpuacU ol ball a duzcii tumtitcr ol bounce, wu. wuulJ d's. for u *ile.' Tim lady ineui.."
) !, CUt ANTrf.in week r .n. IIII..I I) from slue dl hrrrof. The duck his God hues one, and a Ju' of her (
given.toll Ili. uwDy IQluUlu.) Slot wuu .a u.brd givs cnption appuMje lu. t
l..u.f.d the rulit ol'p;'. ..iuption' in Aud in (,.rts"t! ..rd"rrd. th.l onteva Mid Mary
falls bit word as dew conies down the loud their ; tout area the lady. wbon 1'1"
Very tone ol voteiiuiu>t udru young
| I "itki,tlic limit, of the! In.tt'rbipt abate appear and 'u..r Uii Hill of complaint within one
: Oa a dry rncadow (Iccbtd and brown. btu jy ta bare he.nIJIlI tbe trwwtc,viy ID.ugsaid no would pitTer-MIIIIO \11"-1 Lee Nseu _
Lwng.irrd tueCtibluh lliw *>atn to the month from the eapirrti. u of ll 1"* litrnfui thcpubli;*
slhtIu, %'Ire aud rrCM'u..1 l the prnp'rj I cation iifitiK **rder a decree pre mIfl" w ill I.e !* I by tliem. As U tt a | uiut' ol politeness tueiiiity -. urNou Sewn, "lid tltscnboi the merits ol II. '
.. eu.ke p"> n.rnt 'h llfClr.! m$ soon at ken arfcinut her.I nut Ire the aUn already sinks u..c:'. glav "CII'cr' driu.tug wi.u aintuU giliunt \ >o Chuii}(. The p.irviils then, "I'In.r
till" ",,.i. a0tiu, and efure the daywsh.remmenrrmentuf J-o. K. -.hl..h. Clerk of tU So,,rior And all the vale b dulling -and tney cacti drank witu an ut n*- help terra-1gu me sciilc.neiit' : laud ihit bri*

the public ..aura'p Churl d.l i h'irpy artily .1.. frpf omg to h* a irn. Only our little spire. till blinks Uie) btcaiuv, graduall, as ekvutcU as their i, t:i\eu uway with iM great ccremoniea tan
short dt-'i,;natrd, (embracing the'" copy of a dect". rntr'.l..r rH'.ftrd. With de)'. last golden sparkling.How vuara. rrj-"icuijj5 and the iur.'iM of hn 'families w..
'i ktTwiie claim IH Tirfeiled. I ;) uch will still and sacred all around i Civilities were now ejcchjiiged with tbe great- in hJgiiuud wealthy faiiutH.n, tli
JA8 siiii i.US. ,.. FRANCIS FOKWAUD D-pl'y (,1ttrk."r..I..r Where shall church like ours be found 1 tai urb uity. One unavoidable owe wu would hu.nllntJ liMi ...t:* her lace wueu ho carets h<*

,c..iJifttof III dentrtl ld OJfitt. fu. Iwo I :5. .& -- Dare gladly dapeu eU ."h. it M the Ia niou NI Urn door nt' leis: hJi' and ailing her out ...

I'OSTPONli.MENT NOTICHIS IIIIKI.UV: : (;IVLN. That aa Dee- PEKdEVERA.NCE.: hut w,ry &,IUCU uclp bimxrlt wunbuowncuop hvr scd.iu ch .ir. Mi i>oi her vatil.

.trIfle e held! iti It.. ievenl precincta in rah At one of the recent anniversaries in New i slicks lioni May dtsn ou sue bible wbicn bu cau I I STREET BEGGI.NC IN: CHINA.
L\SD ,
PALE IN FLURIPA.ftTutictuhereby John at'l> *rcnn'1' Monday' in November
ctten, tUt the public aalea I ndt r"ra U4untynu Cornner. to net for the terra nr lao,"r. fork, a speaker concluded! his ethortation to I l\:61'U ; und when bu Icels desiruu ol otleilnga. |'1 Th, condition. of she clurr of beggar in Cm1- ,

h:dera4by procUmation uf the President from th* Cr.t Monday in Oct.M.er in.tant. Jr* being IVrseverauce, by reciting the following her lest IIIKMIUI lot paillcular& rrg-iid; ua weal aacv.* ;, Ion't woitli rmiiirking (n. They are v. '.
lBMfutN.dat.Nl the ninth day of .Mav. a tie between the two Candidate at the general election .c*. 1"-1:', he leucucsout auJ svixo suiueuung W till I wretcurd. und always objects. of pity tf.' t*'' .
,M 1 Mjittlie l l..n,1 Office at AVr..iuri/l A swallow ia the Spring a... own chup-atscks, and mo.iouiug tu tbcindr1vidual swine accident dwNjMj or deformity UIH! thwu /

...the elvtrrotb day of An.dart n"it ; if,, ..*,..tirat. At the Court Hoaae.-/lurprd n- Came to our granary, and 'ixath, tbe caves fur whom his designs the laver tu open'bts ) ol Billing living u curiou Chirm .; +
!WI Gil n fcatSt.Aara.tiae.ouitrt'eThrctatA Charles Kobiau,Ja.per J. I'append Francs I'. Fer- KatnyrU to make a peat, and! there did umuib put the ..."r.-.!, wbatvwr.: UM, uetwcxn u.. Ciiurtiaolo institutions. no Asylumor" ali. ....- I

k."uw.u, ail'iniate! in the t3TA'CCIF' reira. bs bis I '.:tb. Aslh *ji ate but particularly .IIOUM-S, and ain,ng) such a terming (populate' !*. .
Ul'I"4td rd to .hf rntf."I.d until aud 1nlrtr.. At .btt l. 'e of Edwin T. Jeitrlea.Eq 'sg their and luur. teeth .
| i oo Wet earth and straw and leave uicu m titling, : use by uu tn> n: are u. COU-MI many b"ggurs, though nso ..,
te/?*,.,"/ /""" 1 1"11..tal -/.' ctorr. IxJwm: T. Jead,... end KoutnAli'Uler mejus p= ari wu w ,old! Dave paiUom-u the ,, many as would! be supposed; not .o .. .l.}. r
: alfhsnd' at the city nl \\'..bi.a lon. I grv. :
<< I.'fl'"
j it bowetei .
muissisiuu ot Urn atleiiliuii. Was, ,. 1
she toiled. proportions. :spprl'hell.l.l as i in
: Europe. s's
Day nficrday
lilt1oful! : .
y, A. o ieri. AMrffitnlrjfA: AtthehoMteof' Jolin IJiiIt With but her work Out lu be escaped ; stltool was skit ua was ietallatiuii !I m oar larjjt cities, at their wants urn taw .
JAM Ed K PULK.ylt.uj q.-Imtpttto't. .-John L. I'tuUipa. Fraoeic Ilogero patient art rte was pI '> I
'h'p'IlJ: estt o' d I'aitolo! Matrra, E ra.t'iUtk crownrdKonie wbK.li sic IIII.u &.I..tdJ piuCllcid. Alter I viiion\ plenty, and the climate mild. Butti\ t..

d. .. At such plarr .. th.. Intp-ctnra hal! > sad mishap the tiny fabric spoiled IIU bout Ml It Uie. ol sboutiug coutvi&aliou ouIbcir 'ate b-g ;ir- enough ana they must live :u>
of I1.t Gcn'r.t Land affrt.ULWAdII tiati.-tutftrian. Franfia L. Danry, John Dick. I Aud dashed it to tbe ground. part and ol **Uu b alai bxcks. oLd wrealti- I| Chiufso' Mlci alone" Ikhcy-a: "m>Hterly' iiioc*
3r.ntcf. At such plate .. the Inspector shall ed aiuilesou uuis." wa Inset Stud nnivcd: tu tad ,.ty. very characteristic. Every IwltlC-r : ,
Paint I and Scrubbing' ftruahea' f. ,. ) Drown vcraudab, bens a new acU-=.delicate: utU'iitHMisaurptiscd with ..
t eras. .. appoint- ff"r -Virgil Dopont.Erekial She found tbe ruin wroujtht" provided some instrument that make
tr'plaotlsutatwithouthandle.ting nro h t:1'ne and Fly I and Jacob G rink F.- '.. Dut not cast down forth from the place she U... They hud! nude", w tell uur I Uivigretr.iblu: noise-two wooden clappein or .
retail.B. .
E.CAKK.&CO.final al E. U. GUULD, J.. (. of Piohatea. flew, .ge euureU wilD these c.VUeI, shaking laser small gunor at all& 'events a most villainouvoice

Oct IM. buJobna County. And with her male fresh earth and grasses ue.ti Iaodss4louour Ictl, led us wiihtbuiruwu: I I wuu any ur all of whir:h they go ulu. :

1315lifer -- In JHHtIcc' Court Columbia brought coup slicks ; HIM! uow lusty coimitcuced lu ex. the atrtnrL*, nod selecting at will a hop, em ,.
IS all is C H>Ilr< plell'HtIUUY GIVEN, that I bare filed County. sated busuiu= I.UUMt..wuuJ belt" i iI Ham lei rrcomm nds) begin to sing, or b,-;,
'* ret order fur final$ diatribe Washington. M. 1.... ) Attachment.
..**" ll>. averal an Itatate: or HICHAXC I ... >Dfl- '20 .Dd But scarce I jr tad she placed! I glove. all in turn were lusuecletl. Fuiiunute.tour I their gongs,. or b j.Matt. D. PAr rte deceased l in the OIBee Anal& Mack and Henry Fpanier. S 6W for '411.I The ta.* .ift 'ember on its ample floor : ly goodgeuiu-H Ur I'. I ker. told us ibis was I II Urn owner, and! the complete prohibition s'I

tI Lff a4i*. of St. John. County anTJ /' I I TUB DEFENDANTS end aU otbera 1..1.,...... When wkked band, or chance, again laid I Use wry acb.,.., ot I"'luu&.uaDd tu Ira luuuuvU I Inure decent customers, and bere they arc ntlowrd
from the date hereof I will move hereby notified of the rotomencetnea or wtsie, wuLoul delay.Nuthuig .: by law and custom to remain beaiii "
rtfat!H !car slid County for a final db I this an returnable to Juatic, Court be 1.14.1 And wrought ruin o'er. WM wore agreeable lo us who had I and amgmg, till IbIY'tC IYC the cash. If li e- ,
s'1' a4lbinillflli,n of Alligator on the cond Saturday lu January nest wits great patience and suavity stiuwn our huts i shopkeeper u, us mjst\ : Chinamen are bleat w. ..

-,8PElt N. I' eaidAdminutrator.. and to appear and plead to the same, But still her heart she kept. : sad sword. and costs ; and *e began tosciutm.CM tout lorlituda which is as good remedytor ev>. a
On. Given under my hand sad seal this BaJa And toiled agtio-&Dellast night hearing their dread and u.uanMQI'Va exunnned when there is uooiher, and lets them bust t.. ,
.. Sday of Oeuthet. leu.
1- their lad buttons, and peacock leathers ; they get tired they lie down before the
fATT V calls caps cotn
OF FLORIDA. ... J AMF.fl.. R088, Joatic .f the peace.October ,
COURT OF PROBVTEtf 1 14. 184.1. I looked, and lo I three linle swallows tbt-ir little; eruDrod.ered bags, waicn with I.D- er and forget their woes in sleep awhile, !*>... :
81. John's Coonry. S. slept I aue: and suulf.boxes, they nung iruui theirgirdlis then up and beat again. It is a trial of p ttionc
Itdae Wit of Maria Dolvtee BanH. A LL PCKtfUNH either by Note or Book account Within the ranb. ssde walls. their thumb hug ot agate, ibeir silken gir between the I wo.<< The beggar bolds on i -
.Ie1tn.dec'd. ind.bedtno.wippkeee! call end have lla.. dirvaiMlJeweilcd& bucKles. Out lit their., Tung : long as be: can, hoping the shopkeeper\ will. I ,

Nu 4tre+eerrJON ob /. Baneh s.' Etec tor .etGrd. tho.s. %ibo fortntrneJiat4 hrare !Jrmandaagatavtate.ent. willpreMntih What truth Is here. O Win I bus tartar,m.d'S Himself l merry with aa IWUfd aggravated tu the amount requisite ; the ...-"*
payo .
Maria. Dwlorea SDdIdec d belL He it on lo keeper siu with tbe utmost Indifi '
, 101tad I July 22. 64'U.. L'. CARR_6. C. Hath hope bPec1..iu&'dlu utterly dawnlUvrclinidt 1 bckMigins lu ooeot a* put apparent
: 'aalMitkfment ol hit .ce ...a"C __ show strutted tu let the he t
ds tart o'er dtt or bow mucn UX small U was, up once, IK-ggl1r.eu has no chain' c
'w!.IT ', it h erdefed that said Eie u.fftiTiKf ,'HIDES' Fora. Otter skins, for erbkh the hig .. f purpote.lnI.1 and afu'u show tu bis portly. figure, struck his Meanwhile beggar ia losing time, and tlshopkeeper )- .
"it.r..LI,Io wa and aU tn Co.tOf' Trade will b* paid plan
pKtroaaen. IUI bu' told ia thunder that customers. If the
and Us n voter ol snopkeeper Nat .
Have Fm aid struggle ou >pit
s di Co.
rote CARR.
slit.b.tlt.| hue of Loo Jan211845. B. E.
LZT'. SreaMii the takinff tad trettlinft of be was a alaulCfiou-.be then aeaed mv band and an early period of the visitation, he may K. ., '

..'."p this c.ert.D Tuesday be 610 I Iat Notice, The IIgdt('" Bay Cotipany hs. a settlement squeezed It, to sbuw hw """I'b. lie wa* a rid of use iadiction only to make way for u' .

:btu htlU o'clock A. M., by pobliah. IIEREHV GIVEN to the Iian.Lgstu.a about TOD miles north cf 81. } et' the pnpu I tcrtut..preadeng Tartar Ueueral. ily. own, other. IP he kwp one pretty bearable plagu- .
..h**'erii. | a N.'I"'r printed Inee IB and Creditor, of the Estate of Finch P. Dan.eh l-tloo f4 which. era.Mints to about OWO per.tflt. however, being iiiucft the largest, fur both Tartars he M secure against others, and may g"t uu-" I
fir rutty day incleaive k*- deeea.*d.. that tcil i Wr.ke ef er-dale I isle laaantrequt+tceft tbeaacult'n.gi1Chipp"wsIndsen and Chines* have remarkable small and reputation ir invincibility and stoicism ih, ,Mo'" .' '
ik4. CIa... In 'witiM'e wbetenflit .,1apply p the lion. Jodie of Prohateaof tflJa
-. uy WoV this Slat' dar r4 Octo COM My, for klierr of Arfnirimatioa. oe the uaadminiaterd wbtte man the Chippvwae have trsolvcd '0COIaIDl8C8 s4on .. be a..IICIINI"Ar" -., twu h.urt ol .in* and beggar* the one do ins; h..".) / r......:.

'JaI. i.5II. GOULD.r I Estate. of said rfrrena"d.JAMCfl hostilities apinst the settler'.-[St. Iftllectual iaiarcsjurw. of tbts tt txjr friesdf re. worst lo.&nnoy. and me other bra lost not > al
-.r PreWu .&.Julia" C.aij. .- IBIS. R. BAIL r.NtZ.BL Lo.ls 11arprk&4i, Orf. 19.i tired. !_ proctssioQ irfoitned; gong+ tDra 1 notice it. till one sir the other cine in.. > '.Io( : ''-i i ..,

J :-. ;A.geetla.1.t.1. l fit f .. : {' ; J. t a s1'ett 1 ",.. ...,.

: '." .. I 1 .5 :h. wit A .. "
It .. .
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... .. __ .....I.jot -:: .. .. -..... .,...-. _
: +I. uit tr .. -...:________ __ "" 4 ___ ... _


l -
; i;, wFrom the'I:>*- nin| I'oit.- -- -,i;ablc inmntcK, contain- millions-mere who die a.- --RRLLA.IIURRJDA i Bf- LLt. I ':4I"YJ From the Cultivator. < RECEPTION. OP MR. CALHoUNlH]

THE SrAftvcoccAcr-Dctnnt 1'IUL\lIfUaorr. lingering death (rom starvation. It i Is three that There .r s aoaK people in this country who St' (E USEFtL I1U3. I Tile t ,Bulletin of' -y LEAiNS.
I. I :Saturday |lat
-.l'be term *liri>wjcr"cy.ma) appear somewhat contain the great body of tho British starvtoc are always very uneasy about the lintloC The essential 2 SUGGESTIONl j! v. reception given to Mr. CJLHOU
.:ugutar and ludicrou toau American citizen. racy. Unhappy MucrsLU bcrood Bef land. neT fancy thAt her eye are ever are. yiboritlcs J
w ti\'e have beard much of aristocracy, demo ra, nil conception Wtat an awful tpcctaclo to Sited upon at aad thai every change to betleg.Illation ".'ylay lime,and vegetable or drranic re our est;admirers of anti'his't'citizens, was' all"

J I. .7: mobocracy and many other vcrociti; but bchold-what fei lings. it would arouse, even in tt not so much desigoed to effect her mains. Magnesia found Iron and others matters I, have desired. geaiuf and c
often blended Party distinctions
Uarveocracy baa not yet, we bclve. found its iho minds of the Hart cold and inattentive to own l interests accordtog loHw varying aspect..ofcireumsUDees are with the preceding; ten in tho .
but ia genera. they are not consnleral exercising general anxiety to we
way into uur vocabulary. Though wu assure the wants and sufferings of our race If it were' u to achfcnrtt a son of secret honor .
our readers that in Great Britain the terra raprcient (KXftiblcto witness in one view, the .umber triumph, over the policy ,uf the .AracricaoL { a 4-In for the first great time.American* mtesma-
they than _
exist more
$ a very numerous ctlf.r more num. and wretched condition of England's poor IHiarvation Now, thai her keen-sighted statesmen occasion. ordinary portUns. On ".'.
.rout titan 'b"t of aris'ocrocy ur democracy. commences with life. In infancy, ally turn their attention lab war, may be true: The presence of sand \clay Ind vegetable arriving he at Ihe Puntchart rain|
mailer In I soil is deemed cs\ntio\all Depot was met by the
"In n Ute number uf-/*'j /x wt nfieljr whrn all the nubltt 'fftcullics of the "iul 1 rrquiie Ildctd.that we have recently attracted at' con. crops; of State and Governor
and lime in some of its considered tary our Civil tail
CIl'If pn'C" find a lonp. philosophical, well food for thuir rxtanAion| as well as the body | side ratio share of her retards b more than fornhfc T* I thoritie, headed lib
written communication, bum ihu pcm,t a l I.un-I dot for its pri .lh, tho proce s.of starvation probable but that the whole time of Sir Robert indispensable tommy crops, an particularly conducted by Honor the .
to Ibo
1 Ion physician under the iinpui"iii caption of commcncrK. Thu brain the vety scat of thointellrctunl Peel b devoted to brooding over plans by to wheat. i I A 'largo carriage reserved. f(olds;
I Sand i h the most essential in tho tarthy !Ingredients number of
1 I'S/ ifofr'nl' end 1I&m ." Startle nut reader and moral nun, N absorhod Jo sup wbicb bo n ay defeat our scheme of national I the persons were o
of a soil and i must prepondtrates, Depot at tho time, to,witness
t rtietubjcci MI illustrathcuf death, b-th by a ply the requisite I quantity of carbon to unite progress it what we do not readily bclkvcGrrat .- of the th
1<,w pru+'CFI, when cawed by a derivatioti Nish the oxygen tnkco into the lung at each Britain i is an empire of too extensive a though where it exceeds 80 pct cent the soil is f he ,distinguished visitor, and fromV'l
virtually barren. Clay b next in stepped'out of the car until
: ot the nrcvwary quantity t of lood to inspiration.Yet. reach. Involved in too many troublesome concerns proportion; Iboia
condition its at home and too sadly perplex but when it greatly: preponderate, 'the scil bee appointed for the occasioVi. took ojfe
the of ,
"u"unn life, or starvation its it exist in the notwithstanding such Is true own ho
\ L r :n nattiltt, or poor houses of Great Uritam. of n bffcO portion of the English nation cd by iu numerous foreign dependencies lo be comes stubborn b hard to be worked, an{ more titude march with was greeted Of the awe gu
Theoriic2c! i if too long fur il. entire publication nn I English aristocrat is a different being very enabled to confine its policy exclusively' to counteracting or less unproductivo. lions appropriate cordial' ds e
'n our paper though we shall makes a pretty differently .ima.,. lie Mill diseoutbaum'. the designs of the United States. When an excess b discovered to exist,of sand The ol retpcct. \

.unS l'ltruct Irom it. The writer lirat describesthe thine like the following,the substance of which i Waste of the number nf thou, therefore, clay,lime or vegetable millers the fiuk may ments order of' (he procession and ih

: piocca by which Ute is sustained through I wo lutvc r>.d nom! whrrc : What a glojkiuj I who are not thrown into fi a of alarm every tim. be remedied by an admixture of the deficient for tho were occasion.in accordance irfith the p
the cdmbcionuf thu nrcosary quantity of ton! land i is num !How magnificent our progress her duck yank aro reported to show signs of element or element: Throughout, &,. .C

'.,::0 UK .t.inv ch, includii.g' the ;' ( ot nuin* nnl how incalculable 'tutor destiny The acUYit1.or tb< newspapers dwell upon| the businesslike If the crops grown upon a soil arc permuted I faction.presence ahd was hailed with leaaure'.
ion,'!locution, respiration and the ciicuUii. Mi .nc'C 'h. K und of the never.wrarying ct'glut lock of her .anwnnls. And when lo rot Upon and return toil again iu fertility on taking poasronmenu or.-

'.f ,:I iti hIOOJ all of which nrcncrcftnry tOft lull trill. f f numbcrlcKt articles of nrcrnity of ) ... Willnvr & Smitb informed' us by the b not injured but improved. Nothing b l lost t.. suite al which Ibo hid St. been Louis eng4geef' ear hie

dcu'l"';mrnl f man both mentally and pby.l c"ml, rr, and of luxury, now forming with magic last arrival Itul the big rsbips were gelling in but omeihiag gained from the fertilising influence citizens hastened to Hotel their .de
call)'. lie then write as follows : spci-d and mighty power. Our forefathers rcadtf> for MIand contracts for ihu supply ufimtjcazinr of the atmoslphere. But when the crop Mr. pay y
Tho consequence of thi insufficiency of never dreamed of the splendor of our private I and provisions were hurriedly enforced b carried off and uoibing returned, delerioraifon f have CaLUIJpersonally, we a
food that Ibe whole in .. mansions with their lawns and studding must take place-the vegetable food must in our wwiir t state, Io.k
is. system in n slate fdtgcncracy parks !, we were thrown iatu no unusual well
appreheasioits. and
I 'nderuo a continued diminutbn.; ThU is a bly appeared to b* In ft
doubt whether they
fusceptiblc of the Iht'cClufl1ry.Vell., wo
peculiarly ravap.c At nil' we went to sleep quietly, "
uf epidemic and IK'IUleuliul! disea.ni.and not did ever dream ol tho concentrated wealth acid without a dread of being wakened by the crack. lain exposition of land wearing out ; and at Picture of Pertugvet* Peasant .
ur.frrqucntly the prey 01' a train ofdiwmlers splendid man.'ntof the Bntbh' ari to':r cy.- mj of British bombshells, or impaled to abe bo same time it explains the necessity ol' apply- and' Marriage.-*\ Lusetanian clowa*?

that defy ties twn s? effort ot tnedic.il skill to Much lemtdi l the)1 ver contemplate; that slow bcd'pn ts bBriluh 10DeLl. hut what b f manures to keep up fertility. I meets his mistress respectfully '
alleviate. This is the state of things *hicb, in and lingeringstarvntion would be the dl.th that Inure: having had acvcfuJ das lo reflect upon All the elements of a good soil being present I and stand leaning some distance nimof

the present day, it is customary to gloat' otcr by a large prtrtiou; ot their descendants would die this terrific new, we are nn nearer than ever to -ill fertility and consequent profit., will in n'l stick, while she, on the other side tI q1 i<
the' .f ci/ni'i/.t/t ** A vn.t amount of wraith is IN Eng I I urc depend upon it, exception from an ex
teem rf
vague "jwrneit 'n. -- f"'dllcnJ the opinion that a hu"tel it hovering on our with her basket resting; on a wall, b L
But let us call stings by their light name, nndv I land ; nn endlcamount v c''as>s,a vailing only eta signal shatter us in. eev if waters which like fire, is a good servant, rely on the ground a senile playing/tjfc
hen "o sec nine out of every ten ol those COl. c"mtott.luxurmol life is drawn from her to little bits. ln aburt..t' lue entirtly convince but aMwid ana lcr. | every now and then turn.ng on herst
until in the Union I arils-(* !If': u- admit the roil. used Inl"icatL..J in her Inn".ucraLlemk.. uJ that the warlike preparations of England ThHyexce s may arise from spots nnd spring I sparkling glances from her bright *!,
real facts tho and, aid ro.inut'actortcs. Yet the millions burstinz up frumbcl+iwurrush surface waters effOj
of hojn
ctsv, acknowledge IhntIhry no wand his heart .
i whatever they may mean, have no special I ret : I is on "ItP.d ; ali r
The |
are half Hn vcd. Then. tire are the evils. who-e nrrcr.*nding toil produce nn abundance crcncc lo a Vf leni seizaru of Texas or Oregon, where ground is level or nearly sn. Hitting that very rarely 1 H either party ficl"I ,
nriiit, fn improper lot il-jit 'or all. tin.uff*ring .starvation at the time upcn or tcmcinu!subsoil or from waters flow. I Iinp
g m in making vrg.rmMi vrry nor yd iu the utter demolition of tho whole I have A very high opinion of iho ,
.diet itipply thu place of meat ; but *liin thfir labor IN furnuhing list incans to erect country this side the Roky .M MiuUtrv This from higher ground. Ilencs Ibe impor peasantry, but particularly' of ihe| '
tin- mlaco with their extensive tl:utcc of drninln:. We ,iln not know of any| .
r tills curtiiled in quantity, whfii, unlit us the *} gorgeous | >. r ew, we an plm inj to tus m.lntaincinnMheintrllitvnl are pow.scd ot all the amiable qllli!
'. .' diet may h they lire not ell.wd ..mei".t lottherravirgsot l'IIrl1e..1 bcau'if)' .:n lln.l.'Cr production I London currrtoiHlcil] |t of thu Gnus; fdrm crop which thrive well upon n soil that with.nYcnnjtf is. ,I adorn the sex throughout the w,..;
hunger. thtwctil U-comu oggrnvalcd t< the unpaidonablc ash which the ari-locncvnre Kihitunlly wii: cither upon itiHUrficc' or large a share of
1 r wlto.csl'cculatiunsgcncrnJly hawe seemed t.. beauty as generally]
I meadows and rice
itt tt.Vnler
t in a ten Ibid degree.! The pn a.8 .I! "*c the .inm ocracy ol basing OHiunittid.Tim well irfonacd. lie speak aJCJ ttatftur of ro.it lot of any.
still continues itich in ltis"i'anaiid says proht\by periodical flooding*, but they aro in* .
scspiratiin ; at in"pia: inn a gical Carlyle I : 1/ The courtship concluded the
I portion .1( oxycgtn admitted, which JeirumKand CJllrL".calhu indictment louqd by the l'rtk..t.1 l *There are Amcriota* in this place who still jurfxlXv habituul. .I warn*. cmony takes place, among the lower.W1.i
murt have, a portion c,1| cut horn to uniti'' ing aw-csa: ain't the uvi-orkibg fear uf Fertility depends 'of upon qunlily iho p.irish church. The priest lithe
i I entertain suns an mooed European inlefLienee
And of subsoil. 'If this b uelcclivc
with and I if iiitfutfictcitcv .I f finxl the following furciblr. rather ] properties -
an though
; < itn-tcnU quaint ': friHii lh: circuiruUiKfd thai the hands ol 'the 'loving cuuplu Ie
Its beiig derived Irom that the Loily it J" u"aC".0 mi-ccllancout. work. +'' or comes too nenr the surface its faults
source, ignoble the end of his surplice, before he
rrtateal activity exists, ul Uib mmcDt in all bc pt
I f>clf must afford the IIl1.'l'8tU)' "II--nu"l" it lug individuals: hate produced, too much :. British arsenals ; but men who have mind tn.I may to corrected. anti 'Ihc I dish tla'pcn'd| by Iiugg. Uu reads the service in latin|me'
Mjlf U burnt rntli<'r than the ,'itnll1rtm\ shouldbccxtnguishcd. We accuse! vou'f having madnabo.c two bun. I Idretl I uugh lodraw their conclusions from more than bringing it up ia m 'll portioniat n tune with tors all the time not thinking it

Fiiet+ the lat. diMipjmir, this ihotivtnd! shirts for tbe bare wc". of man one lemcnl of thought, aiid who will lake Ihe the plough, to the antcliuriting influence of the act with any great decorum ; and I.J
: coml" tiblc next ihu iiond kind. Ytnir trousers loo. which have made ; atmosphere, nnd by blending it with: the upper .
Iicininoi4| > ; *criit| you I Uuublo to combine several Caused contributing Uover they salute the br.da. nod .
mass.deposited in the pl.tcu ol tnutcnlar fibre. of lu-t.nn, nf cacsimerc, ol Scotch.pla'J, of to produce certain effects, lICe in Ihcso warlike stratum.If which shower of bun-bonr, before
lulls in easy pte\ ; find II"W ihu utiuvanccof: jacn. of nnnkeen. and of broadcloth, aro thcr prt-p4rati uf Great Urit.tn nothing but 'I a soil under proper management, does can gel out of the church. I remember
the train being c..mpo.-d pr'iicii.illy| of fatty nut manifold Of hats for the human brad,1 inmsurcsacainitan unforcsueo,precautionary but nol icturn good crops or if tho crop nrp found occasion sfoine tho officiating pries i
attacked und inndnc. nod .. ,fur tb human foul of slICII to sit annually to diminKth. it is a sure indication thai
; matter '( *, tavinginsniity KI I ? thai blinds I by ant hitting him ;in
on account, not rmpuuiblo, rupture with theeje;*
; and d ,
I MVHOThit 11..011. "I..nall| -naj wywe. France. Il H well Lnuwu, that, in p'oponionan tu the nmusmiifiil appurvntly of all M
i isMnrvntion>,tarvaiion in u rbpid jcl Thu Mur vat ion ol the poor-houv on a .luw.I ..j".I.ic.. anal] ttufft-d aola.. ll'''cn, the --and the ruler of France, vrbiac will b made iJCn mlltienct: or that there b nn iicess of clmplK'is b.lrning| to their; hiujx.(
.' scale but though blow, it i it Cooiut'-rcial lt.iZ4ar. and rnultmtJinous !lluw. uater. It i b the province of the manager' to
; by no in' ati* law by a wkich puuJo tho world ny being steer n'' in olh-r QII ietrhs
I !k'Ss, uki dies d Jaim-cr hold You hive prorcvi approoch ?enrchout the cair? u't th evil amid to applythe ,
th'MihIcssr.ipiillv cannot ball
urea Thurainucliangi-s ? place, )ou. each other their u afterwards tikinjr: pbc.I .
pcrsonnUy rcipoctiveoiuntrieji
; day by day the l Cody K l''ing I I.ru" ...-J ;-hi* that *rck* your indictment let recede trot u. c friendly unbr.ui* proper rem. slr. be it in |imc.mnnuredrain* ] ..UMO( ono of in; "ptriy. at wh:h Sr i

ground'. tMme ca'rknl 1 way, in it %vi'rr. 1 1i '|.-t'r< him look round. Mill*!* of shins and empty which t*to unites their fjtca In one.UudcrihcaK Jg't or I r ,,'r u'h.': :,i iiiarrie.l connluaru variably prssal'
aural$ to the Ihl'lllt1ntt'm3f'i"tl'tU! liuw l'iirlul'V p.iir of br,.-eh.i s hares there in judgment drain: crops nr; the groat extnu tcrs of the .
ho unk of tle"iuction ic pr.>gnsi it g ; ": I..t )'uu.'d accts'.: )eau of otcr pnJucng circum.tarxe', and with such fertility of nih, oil nccooul: ot their narrow I I THE Wes Cn!.--Tim n"'oCH,_ ,_
iiR f Mien the ub,'atieo ol' ih bruin b<;coiitcutiockcd : V'HI an rinnnully guilty of producing bright; botc| U-foru them, r.n land caonol but 'y"mof Ka*<., 1I1I.llh l ,. crest qtwiMty of nntniitcul lately' I I j pubis",tu-il this tulluwinj lru.autJcuriopuiidrnt

{ n.onihs |'fihn|J' 01 even y.r. IK foit. -'hirt., I.d.'.. hat. fch*e .Mnd .:..-r Cimu *J. arm ":, *'Ir. It would Ui jrpardonable in her Ihc extract from it to manure their :- I
:bc slat. park: if wholly cxtmguiwhrd' pn rna- its-a an frrlat'ulllt".d"cc.' statesmen ".;tu they not tx prep.uu ihenuclvrslor eJ$. I I ".N'',''hing| { upp.'ur<, 'to n calm obatfftj
tUft! tild 'Ise: and Uio'cv, render life ut onr' n Such i is ih.' imlictttvfi.the chxr,c again .b th, wor"--fn for a cullwMi with Ruiu M Ar.ctEDOT lltf.\u -A novel: occurrcncu '1.l'l j i>i ihu A'.t..ntM?, j-i i1t11I1.J'" u'U
l.uadc.11 and a t.I luiik. To the rxwhmiMM them "turvrocrary. the T.iing iiiddonn ol Or eat or lh? United State*, Out it would be absurd in IM.k pl.ic-'on Wi du. '-'.'lay last, tn ;a r.'Iitnlltial: I I eX .c-J in lie :t uoriwMii ptiIJIH,

,water I relr l.. p+ov." the "'''L"\tllt'' of tli. s: Uritnm. f"Nflyl 1 *li...thlIlse; indictmnnt Mann| her to provoke such n colli&imt, especially nht n landing t'rtor.Mill ih- Judge, ol th :"1"01'- with 'lccco.tI"hal .
.'. n.ulici the childish th'charge of sod! hirt it can ICrw IHI useful pus |I.tr->:, .*< it evnlc.itly : is whit; We h .itll l lointhrnrjVis
nterne'JI., inlintuiy of protna'.urrotd having ton many > a Court ii"ur un '" 1"\\:1.1 t iv r *
n;r, find! the vacant idiolo' .,1 ndvanccd n.,vrl I ou.. ;i**ptriallv a-, In aid. tlui" intrmpwatn thu cute ij 'Ie'icu, Tht KojjIUn: are }' valets! ; who wa imlictol: f'rratN: sin :J..llua:1: \Vd II.1 \ have. said over mid a .IIIJ Ihal! sat
-therein found! i rants ot inirncontaine! hundriu mil cUIIideac '-pli', when frill 'look well U-lore I .mill lilt .rsnCkrat I"It'
)ears Uimji the cud ul' nine wilt tn 'hove, Ufti Ii..1 on Thufttiy /lor IIIHIII ; lultlguia:
truth upon, Itwle eras'rtions. li',"iu o! baro back. ;" and lust in EuglatiJal they l
Hut this physical: ) nnd moral deba-M-nirnt: is <"< there ue.e t.o million of thiril** ,or ill. blf r'' they follow' the impub of their court reiuly, h'1104 uMi:iu-ii .. Uy r>p<:ci.illy I gruuntfl.' s w.u.I'.lat.uJ| h"r, ill,>
nut thu work ot a day ; u of MU:;ring and t.rinu', must t bcrnJuru.I) ue. five million. m'iri; in flee l hudc. ci-llara and g :. ., it ; y'Ire ot hunger in which is< cravings r.'t"be sum p.odncin< cla av, in tlsrIanuagr lie;.: the niiUy of n war ; without the |H>JHJ ,1| i !had suddcniy been duprivtil ui the mud mat- ally othir country fur| the hit ten j>v4
tct'erIitruti'rrifully im-d ,- of of'farllo' We inks, Iho hra a r""ltmable ret urn,they will neither tmploy a thing ji Hut but
: itpjH -) urer ul 'rn* rial witnos. fir the pr.i9>! IJ'...on. without: win e only improbable MOHn
luring, in whi<*S like the wunn thut dicth .not and cHrth :u witn*.. that we have pn.lucnl ,Idk-r nut a guinea. Tlie task, theielore: n. testimony he could not hop for n conviction; lund cannot g, to war wild i'
and tnc fire :hat is un +'cncbed' its tonnc-nts nothing at all Not bum it* proocd'his fright *4iu eofi-ur American ciivles in London, ib..l that this witness was the girl upon whom the question and for any CAU-, with set
hate fetes increasing. 'VlJut "hlltl o this c..uJd) rill) otrrpluftof fhirts In the wafts' dom4ini of I England will keep 'ibis Texas business open uutil tr.'n '' hid been cointniile>t, and thai he had rain to herself. This every bud/

have induced ihundover pauper'->iiieii |I"' crctti I! nature rirculates nu shirt or thing ot the On-g'Hi question is titled it a* puerile list her testimony by h>*rg"in<; to thv jail andmnrryinf hal sense enough to keep; out of the fit]
wwcd of all the alinUule ul' rcas-Miabtc Itcin;sto our pio :r be ready In fight hike dcniotiN tor the po*. o.i our ktautd d.r, the cruet of fair audacity at abort lin.c.ur diplomatic relations as in. being hw wile she, could not testify against of constant Cinnmutiun, because tUfnI,H
i hci ion' of a stir.,king can inn wluh the v'r,' Melton Mowbrai, thite have we I.r'ttlucat..lld ( scale as shore nf }:urope. The Texas question him! idiots choose to henJ their lens'leu

dots would hate turned limn :in di."gu.t. But they arcojviilyiidilrd* up th.,.. lie that sc' i. ,-ttlrd ; and England: h l1S no more right tu And thereupon the court looked bccomiag. with-"a war U lU vitubltJ !" If p f
here I would c> e the cosecs wet let how himsell let meddle with it, than with the intern affair of three grains ot SIK
.. po mockery uUrmpt> producing, nun ; I ly grave, and the pros*cuing; otlk-er entered: common sense they
ing to flubktitu'o' a minute allowance of baomtuiiho him namu what and ,'hcn.'e arc innocent France Grnusnybus llngland: will meddle a mute 'proscqui, and Mr. James I'uwure i ill an end to these groundless panic. *k-4
only animal lost!. Five vuno.i weekly ot producing I On the contrary, what moun- with it, Ire invite" Ler inJerlercnce by such absurd a gay bridegroom al hinge, enj'iving his hon our whole nation Intu ridiculeaoJcoato

is the honia-pathic allowance of the/ Cin-n.el taini ot thmg have wo not bad to consume !1- spcculntions. eym+wm, instead of bein.- prisoner in the dock' (Washington Journal.
t cr union ; and In r nnd a half ounce of this if Whitrvcr: edible or wearable have they nut The /tici****! E juirtr, too speaks very on hb trial' with n pro rwcl of u II'III.CII| hall
not all mny be set down B* I Jut t. and therefore disappeared. ; be*ore u* as if .c bad the talents much in the same sttaio, rjmsTho : ler. LDJ.ul&h1U 11' .vtuJ YorL-ne t

contains not .,particle .f tho element i-f nutrition ut otttritches of cormorants and a kind or die recent new frocmKnglandannouncing Singular us this occurrence .m'y-"C-m. there correspondent uf tbj Philadelphia
the of fat bein %in<* local.* that her docks were m i ui animated state. ol caries :
nitrogen ; rnjKnion ; faculty Ui no doubt ol thu honesty and virtue of the
carbon and hydrogen, and eta ubiiintioii U HIticst There i it no remedy for the tarvcocratic mil prcprtritinn.and lh.ilan additional number of girl and of the truth of' her charge against Ono seldom has time lo embellish ki
but a cruel mockery. Now,the amount of' lion., but lu cnn umc as well as to produce. I If vessels ol war were being; fitted out, has invest the prisoner' who had moreover confessed his lions of daily life with delicate sti1
food required l by nn n Me.bodied mnn.necunUnn. they will content lo do ihi.they may be able 10 cd the suljcct with new I i. tt crest-striking alarm guilt. The parties: ore huh Irwhtland the young dies' fashions ; but really the riralr+
laborious i-inploymcnt' iat ICMat Mil their fox tails their bit into the to omsot acme uud awakening a live and red, the green the yellow fr
,>d to two up on -m it a d'iors man decent in other respects and the girl a .
pounds, nt' bra nd sued I half pound of meat, itt iniiinliuii) ul Iho aristocratic I few. Let tbuovcrpiudocmg. ly curiosity in others. \\'u.b.t'l not pretend to r..ithul! domestic Under all the circumstances scarlet,the brown the azure Ibu cb ill
and this would lurni h much of assign any cause fur Ihjn iiMflial dbpUv with.each other in outraiiij and u.a.1'
| nr man. .Iu'iu: millions put some il mar turn out a happier m itch than many |
iind of though we are far trim I lieviiig that there H on good taste, and then tlluutnr: : uVc:
iSfixp > hrui iI. The daily allow. the bits. which their toil produces on their which were nvire willing in their origin.
I'( tho Cirericcvtcr union is 'fourteen ounc> hcead.,tblS .h. ("on their foot and the shins oil any rcaon to fear any ini inedwie hun'.ilitr s on This inciJ'ut seems lo revive u very old cm way. Bonnets have receded frumIbfd?

.s'ih.t. fl'oal.oue UU"C cl.e', one Ih.und i puts heir l.ieks aid the indictment will bcqicubcd. her part towards thc cour try oa account of Oregon lorn. By ihi*Jewish law, 1. Du':L ch. 2.,-23 v scuttle. shape and are nuw apprvW
i nil one pint gruel,and this gives a qtinn. or any thirg rise. % Che excited condition this crimewa.punbhed with death, incase the he sugar dipper school of oatfr'
nutrincnt equal. 'o tiltoutonotind thrw C.\mun th-j ptguants at the corn. ol Iclandsggravaiod hy fresh agtalr! >n on the damsel outraged was betrothed to another: man; amouir of ornament with which "yu
qua tors if, a |K>und ol' bund ; but a+MX rwinnds "t'U'1' nf (Z>)i ..diary in l')5-1, was the fol. part of' O'Connell,the da tress In England pro taut if iho were single and not betrothed ihun a whelmed' is positively barbarous. lira
is the quantity requsrul: it tullnwi that the diet IUWOIK fact related by llulluuhod : ducoJ by Ibu failing buy tats the dependence 01 heavy fine of filly shekels was lo be paid Iu the your lady readers uu idea of a lkid't''
of the Ciicpccster. union is |es than one third Tben hero was one Peter, a Dutchman, tart operatives upon the c* Nion fields of Amerien damsels father, and the ravisher was compelled net at this present writing. boIMCeI
that stood th. wcathercoke of I'aule's .,, aal other putt ml ca'isen will make velvet trimmed i inside with oral- J.e
of what ought to be ; und us the |oor h< u.cr( on sirr to marry her and she was to be hb wife nil the
throughout tho kingdom,Ire all rrgulatod njx-n pie London holding a streamer his hand of Ibo English Government t kliterate long beforu days of his life, withuot the power s-fdiro'ca flowers or usud of ribbon, or b8j."tip
I the aaine mo'lel, it .loll .wg that Cluutnn' Kn: s.i '. .live yard lone, and waving thereof stood omo they raise tho Aif of wfr.\ They avow that wblch the Mosaic'law gave: to the liusbarid.Ifoir. -broad satirrnhbon an IhtToutsV "'
land while.he devotes 5KI.OOU |1"ulI.l. to the time on the one fiat. and shooko the other Orrgon riof no value tot b cm-and that point [ Post. ter !flowers and a tremendous dftja
i purpose of cvangeli/.mg UMI titvaFtw and cnnni. and then knrdiM on his knees to the great uf honor, as far u they ai ro concerned, b alone surmounting all, and streaming teA J
t bat throughout tho glob,. actunlly stasv.ta to misers.| al all (p-oplir. lid bid l made two .car.I involved." THE CALCULATION ANU INGENUITY OF a pennant' a Commodore's nap;-
death Situ honest und industrious poor whom no. fold under hint DIM above Iho crotw%having On the other band. mar ty of tho wbig prints HOTEL TllIF.VhS. fashionable( u turn out" in Brasses .
t 'ce..h\ und misfortune tiny; thrown upon her I t'lrchcx and steamer* act on it and another over and_some of they pretends xl_democratic prints It seems to be impossible for human prccau. IC4tJ, &c. all "to match." *?! J
tender mercies. fur alll'lt"rl.V hllu Uiiti-hstn> the hull ot the crrn.'% likew;.i set with stream* anxious perhaps defeat the agitation of important lion to guard against the operations ol regular Irving's idea that women hart :
paths annually stream ou: hall n million of l errand torclu. which d }t pound. fur ho bencfilol l ngri e. und llultcniol > wind w"< MI great. Tlio said I'crcr had sixteen d mgcr of a war as immti tent. But for Ibo soul hotel keepers have had inside bolts in addition much as possible like a buUerilr-U
its own Industrious nnd hired uurkin ptmr KijiuN( ihinecn shillings given him! by the Ci- of u* wo can discover no more reason for this tu regular locks, placed upon their sleeping verified.
r nru shut up by thousand in the Union li.ltileisthere tiu for hit .tes and pains, and lug all his than existed lost year, or ten years ago. The cbambcts and thus set at defiance as they g.
to undergo tho loiiuring and agonizing tuffo.f" men al the bead of ibo go vernmeols of our own supposed pick-locks. But even this extra fastening ..IJaC.&NVOMEN.M..de'tocq
r ul' low wtarvation." country and of Great Brit sin are not so devoid on the door has proved no barrier lo the ing of American women, says: M M
process Who in the silent hours of meditation on the N X\'Ul'.MJKZVuUd: 1NTIIC ACIPIC. j I of reason or humanity u to plunge two great rogu-*. In one of the hotels. phu provided four I do not hesitate to avow tba, amen

Ftiffcrinj;:* (It I his fallen man can acquit the Twenty mile to Westward of the port of, nations into all the horron lot battle without doe I' room were, or Saturday: morninz discoveredto ot the United States are -
if privileged class of Greet Britain ut she dr'rp Honolulu in the bland of Oahu. ono nf the liberation and sufficient c auac. Thai both nations have been entered during the night, and the narrow circle of domestic life

,' and damning sin. of wholesale murder 1 and that Sandwich Uland is Ibehnrbororl'tuIIUer. will strenuously Intift upon their claims to some money and valuable note. to have been I I uatiouiSf in some respects one of
t' by the most awful means of starvation compare one of tho beat naval harbors in the world. Oregon b probable and i iiht ; thai there may I I stolen hum ono of the lodgers. Sometime on pendence have nowhere seen

C4t' to which thp gallows or the guillotine it UK'r.clful. Thorn are no inhabitants m the vicioily and be sorrc bluster and even Sard words on both Friday. probably when the attention of the ing a loftier position ; and if I rM1
The above extract ou.ht at leant to neu. Itb.. little .''n..n. it mar i* obtained by idea altogether Iikclvi tad we should not be household was attracted by the passing of a 1 am drawing to a close of this.
f t trails all the rc nxl which a portion| of tho the cnvernmcnl of the United SUlea as a na* 1,jaurprbcd: il ibe quarrel IE tit sufficiently high 'to I I I military campnny the catches of the bolts and I have spoken of so many tbia
"i Untied States enlcruain for that mock pbtlsn val rendezvous and as a great gathering placef induce active ptuparation. i 'lot a tight ; yet we j locks were unscrewed. and the holes in the' Americans what I be singular,

thropy which the people of Gical liriuin mani. the whale men and l India.men of our count hive so much confidence 101 the good sense ot | doorposts enlarged. The screws wero then growing strength of that pwpfriribuitd
1. fir: for tbu slick and wclUfcd nrgroo- of the ry in lime of peace or war. A steamer com the two natiun"lba aUtO t.f dispute b so inti,. I rubbed in wax, lo make them adhere and replaced should reply--to tkt"women. .
t K jnny South ; who wo think it will bo admitted inanded by United! Stales Naval officers might nifienni In itself, and the. Jifflculty of a nature I and the catches made to look all right. ... '

,Jf know as little about the ht'siology of hue.ls carry a regular mail from Chscrcs lo ibo ren.dnvr to easily settled by the m ore peaceable moans Thread was attached to the catches inside, to
gcr" astl arUtucracy of Great liriuin do. >u.; transport offlcrti and stores and at of compromise ADd .djud jcation that wo can. prevent them from falling off entirely and We learn from the Rochester
r But the extent of this wbolrwtlc murder Is not j 1 .Ihe/pamo time guard our Paciflc commerce as not force ourselves iota ai i anticipation of any making a noise on tho floor when the door the snow was so deep at Cavugs I

t. confinetf to the bastilrs. the wurk'houws, tho j cflectually at a sailing f,1.11-. We commeocrd permanent or sorkxa stale.ol active hostility, should bo pushed open by the midnight ihief. day. that the engine was UBH-***
Ii "" poor-huosi-s of Great Britain ; it l i. Dot conlinM I II thw hints lo ibe brad of the Navy Depart I .Y. Y. ,*', "-. On Saturday evening, it was discovered that train, and had to go on with "

it t 10 her million of 'paupers muiderod ,by Dritubcbsrity I j menu aDd refer him fur further particulars lo !tones of the doors in another hotel had been alone. The snow was said
r e, ; but the bowls, the ccllms, 'ho garrets 1 Wilkes Survey .f Pearl River, now 'la his Ccn. OAiQCI U among the Delegates to the prepared ma similar manner fur the easy access deep ; and all the trains Nero I'-
of the mbcrtMo abudes of their .l I mo'c mi. pott :.ionx-U.... Jour. I Memphis Convention. of tho robber.. -llnton l'as1. bind

1 .


+ ,JI:': '
this : -- -- .
-- -----
-- -" ,, ,
iIiii "
-, .- ,.


,; .

--.ar 1 _. -- ___ ___u __ -- -
wntt wo say, it would be well to teat! the follow .\ rGd,'* .1 rect.-Col. joorge Mason, offYirqioia. IN JUSTICF. COl'RT. tl TO THE HEIRS. LEGATEE CREDITOR: ? .

'log f "" made the following rtnark in h'-j A11ira'or District Slate Fit.Dstid S AND OTHKK PERSONS CONCERNED IN .
will the advic contained In them ntitutcs
[cWriAmW nf Ae Svanak R'ruWean.] valuable; all J I.a y.lhchllMnl debt sworn to b'20 00. CEASED. .
'" !1i 4 MARION Co..'C'b.) Nov 0. 1S45. legacy to young men : ,..n Jnha on. S Hind filed $&0.'rilE AR'E HEREBY REQUIRED take no.

. $v, t ', Port Kiar is now. and flu been fur a lorU "I I rccomnicod to my "tons from mr own DEFENDANT sad all othen interested YOU*,thai a petition has been filed with the H*>n

. night crowded with persons seeking lavorabloIpeations. experience in life, to prefer the happiness of take notice that the above suit has beenCIta1I1WftC' E. B. Gooki Judce of the Court of Probates ia arid

They are entirely from Alabama independence and private station to the by att>icbmeatreturnable the third Satar forth eonaiy of St. Johns, Florid, by Frat*..

J.r will preach the ado| South Carolina-hardy, intelligent looking trouble and vexations ot public \ but ,Jay ia Janaa/v Kit I ld4U. aDd plead thereto accord Jones (formerly Frances Hunter) and Andrew 111.
.. if ei'hrr their own Inclinations or tho necessL tty i."o eaw. JOHN DAY DSON. Constable.Agisator Jones her hatband prating flat \M.Dower of la.>
4 r"tl. Dew Methodist Epi. people aDd wen! behaved ;-mo :ly they arc of the time, should engage them in public I Flo., Oct 9th, It5. Mid Franeee n'-.ID the Estate ."UhVh the Ant

"up.tiDe 00 Sabbath the farmer*- but there is a due proportion ot doctors affairs I charge .them on a lather's blctlog, I Inever Joepl. Hunter died seized nay Le N' apart to 1 rpomunlto

'Y'x and lawyers. Some have already moo! to let the motive of private interest or Florida and Savannah Steam the statute in such case mado and p u-
bet.rf purchases< and t mint nbrrt are determined to Packet vhled. and that an application for tint pnrpoe will I h.
ambition induce them to betray, nor tho terrors
do so. i if powjblc. This 1s a very inviting arc- made tn the Mid Judge,al hii olHce, in the city.( Bit
aiuimu.The Commlfsronsof tion of cof ntry. There arc around this place, of poverty and dinner, or of death deter fVl IIn ire:_Ur Steam r.adu.1Ven. G ,'un..'al" Augustine in -H| Crusty on the second Momfayoireceii '

t C of tbit Couuf/ were ro- *Uhina radius of ten miles fine bodies of land them from asserting the liberty of their cnuntrv JL r. Perk will arrive Picvhla every Friday >ter next I being the eighth/ dy ef Dvceni*
.J! rI Ult and endeavor transmit to their posterity morning at 9 Ar' M. on each week, and will leave at be,. I l"t:. FRANCES JONE".
lbo 29th &pat.1e
,J' Probates .* | of producing in jwfcctimi the moil those sacred rights to which themwltes were 4PM for Savannah via 3".J.1,".Jvclunmville. ANDREW M. JONES.:

seal I or the IIJI1DJUfp'lOr certain and| profitabln staples in the 'orld-Sa. burn' SU Mirj...1 all other iutrrruedule larfliiigt. and Si. Aninlinrov.. .. II4.I
) par and T.bac o.Irr:1dy the nnpnrtttiin nl arrive ia tfav-innah aly.a Sunday MMtrningt. P*< I yMarshal's

.l5tCtftarr. nndpwfkxjuentlrpt Sugar into this county hat ceased ; it ii no long .1 Paris.--l band of Moorish dancer have: enrr. f"r thak.u.n C.'h leave at 8w\lwck in theeveniof Salc.

sd. the following; to wit: cr a Dilmtdc nrticle--cvcrr farmer' making l'JIt mi.io ttt':appearance at \be Cirq'JC Olim in the d.ily line of Steamer '

f u. SMriff.f : more than lie consumes t and i I am smoking dcligbtfu pique. Tim caravan of singers and dnnoe Tbe Gaston rnn in e" .ttiun with Mer I Wahbtirsj Ii'of\II., Dntntlnf. of a Decree. uf the Superior Court I
a. and E" l Florida. I will otter fur
Wiklet'e Hri i line of rcLcth, New
that have hcen out of the consists of 17 sttenanl women. Th'ir cmtuncs ;
egars .
Surveyor.Ii Yoikof wnich site in (suit of ih Court !louse in the City nf !*t.
f I cnunlrf. Ur.H.J. IIoue and Mr. John Scott are novel and rich. One (;mate h borne on one ksavesevery Mondty morning.Tbe
'u6Gt. i Anfuiline. atpnbl'tcasctann i on the first in
r.'Clt611 fa.tin .-. not return to Black' Creek on her Monday
; have raised l&X or 2.0lb... a piece of Tobacco a palanquin the others tcp*ne on cu.hkm ; to SivantMh. Ueceinl neat between the hour of tell A. M 1 .1''il

r!r'//r.l County Cornmittion that is as good as the bed Havana. ands nil at Ot. % at the sound of their mart and ting.iog way NAMES OF PACKKTrf.The two P. M. the fuilowing property viz : i

.; 1 f ( '". that will yield these staple, will not lie idle which ii rcry rxtraordm-iry, they COOT ve*competing thi Line will hereafter be All thai certain hou_ and lot iu aid cily.. bound--tl

long, aid in I MU than two yrarn, every acre of means their national dance, that partakes of des atcbeJ retuUrly tv ry Monday, II follow*t on the Fast br SI. Geoige Street, on the jNortl hy It

.ar)' of I terns good lafd lln this nei;hbothnnJ will be ccupied. the energy of the Spanish with the graceful I.rig CLI. T-l.T, Lvon. )1..". inns 1C. lotfnnnrl/| the pinperty of Anna fjei,rr. uii llw

"J'JiJ.i//). WettcoU Senator I HIn I. The Ri Vr Oclawahi will atfurj iw facilities for n-t of the French ji. Several the Juua"utun Brig AUGUST,\..\. 31. Sherwood M..ur.Juue SVe.l bll'.ul;;beet,' U Coring the .ain" lot mid aMnmveyed

re"chln"-muk which few portions of the in* are reu the grratrr paitof 3. bv Water, Smith to Dolly Mcfoan, an,t '
the very I
[ i Idt for Washington on now occnpird by M I II. Tneker. "
New (lark June30.Rrlf ,
,. VF.RV.IElle" ,
tensor '
of VI'or id* can have and arrangements them as lair ar a Parisian, and their Hgures s
M for this river individual ( SA V.\:N.\1I ,.\. H wtey. Ma all
making navigable by slightly embonpoint, are plea ag. They are tinning al the Sooth EM corner ef the fatl.olir bu- :
the: ling EXACT.. John nn. )list.,. July' 14. -r
eentadve Elect
+ by cntcrpri. are now on foot. : the hue at will doubt
iWilfcpre rage procnuland no vis. Rug EXCEL C. B. Smith. Ma-ter.July 91. ring grnund. reining thence along' th line of in.-
sjoesi,also left un that day .for it London. Thus vessel are commanded by men of much es* same to the MUM'ih n'e.1 corner Ui.nceWe t t.. th*>

p C -Eleven thoutand four hundred and perience,who will ne every exertion to render Pa Western huiindnry. thnire N.:.rth &c. the various I.
The Secretary ol the Navy it is said bu course to the beint iaac.
the four arrests have been made by the police of ensure U comfortable a* possible
it. i.11 sons at he New York during the past three months. ordered the immediate discontinuance of the They will nil punctually above.and to a'l' cases JOHN BEARD U. F. llar/lwl.. .

ii"eJ.J 01 Prolate' ftf-I. ct"d! Here is a profit*Me butincs, and shows as Naval apprentice .tan. The cau. of bit be tow" In sea by a Steam Boat. Si. Augustine' October 27 ih Ie.:. 4Marshal's "'

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tj much as any thing can show that the wottdiigoverned lie i:. CARR. Agent. I Sale.B .

.. ui much. Upon an examination of --- -- St. Aagostine. JeYj 15. 1945.f Y VIRTUE a writ of Fieri F.ci1l1l1 .hillof-

Jordan will bo avrI the individual cases of crime that have taken OIUTUARY. hna r..ID' fer for .aU in Grant .r the Court lloune in "
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f'Cd4deu toliasit Crrdiifert *tUllCC SI. '\ur..lin. rwiweeo the hour of III amt: o elo-tan .
1i <*. of the Southern Circuit. Wefkcsrilf up the attention of the Police of New York we 1JicJ..uJll.mlr. in this city oo bo lihh---I C"'lor 51 Joh" the hr.t in Upember neil the route ai.illutoccnpi
J, Mrs. MARIA S. II. CLILAMD i all 3'n."Itr..
Contort hereby given to penon having isrl..
think that vast amount of them that occur an- ( K ibi" on Charlotte Slrerl
accept. C.Cleland. .:. 1 any demand af4imt the K:Ute of DllMI.V JOHN
c.r.IJur l will ta appointed U.SGoverniTnt anually, will be ..uncl tu be M trifling, us not 10,1.0 death of this aniUbl aril gifted lady GU I) \V13. a free man of color Ute of C-t flu Anr"tin (Victor'/7th |c"4.;. d- J1ar.hal.8t 4 |.

&Jlhat the have cm. scarcely to deserve the name ol crime.." and not only has her imni .liate 'family sustained a ills d'e'd. are notified to present the time to medal.1 ICT The above sale\ i< po"|.onrd limit 1ft Mini I
) without End aU indebted
'. b* termed almost cnbl and which few I Irnt, the magnitude of whICh no language could dfL.y. pe.on. .! J J
qaid thu //ucJMeyOritit.PcUicet may a are regretted la mike.irame.l 4te P 'IU""I ,\nd.U lay 'Du.iry neat at the seine time and place.

J\ltiyrl. Kunctl and OJ kind words would do more toii, entitled todi.trihuti n. r
by in our community which cannot soon Per Drip Sen Flower.
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burs of tenditni.
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be filled and be felt. .
mutt long poignantly tria-'i.taN ipn from the publication hereof will be NCWBUCKWm.ATtt.Hir.ladian u J. If)
Of the arrests above spoken of 1 was fof are It is ever a melancholy othce lo record the re. forever an..rd"ed.. ..putatnr.. I
son ; ,:)U n"iultand battrry ; 1343 divirdcrly moral from the scene of } srthof a fellow be. STCVKN AHNUU.HmJhI.traior.. eabhaH, o"iltn..n.. a run orluivul IMW t.eiur '

1usclcs .11e conduct ; 70 grand larceny ; Ul gambling ; 14 inghnwi cr bumble hh position or moderately December l.t 1315. B received in fire order at lenil.I .
( ntgc.5uv fur i 3 JU5 intoxication 5? >et.x,1815. D. r.. CARll & Co. 1RmW
I highway robbery ; ; fitted to contribute to the g sod or mlimtcr U the
1tJ' cur indebtedness' tuour kind 21 CO counter- SF.. C.o Butter Lard Ihm. Pork. I
perjury pick
of nwrtali
passing such
; pockets; I happiness of society-to cases CHEr : '
Mackervll. C.ti h. Herring. Salmon and
|k onopot d 'iit 'lor a copy cit the (vutmoncy3 (l iictit litccny ; fl'.W vagrant ; I ty bowcvrr in view of the unavoidable decree ** nd rsri-lr*ul dwt.,.-cl>oic UrarJ of T hai- E.c(W WT.

.anne eter the 1 l/-ji laturc. It was and 1'0'.1 I Iwt chi)lJr.rn hivi been picked up in that it is appointed for all men, once to die" cit in fare Uoits. Fn hTea* of late imperial. G tU.: UUitTiV CO have jim recriwu dimes I

ote4 CQ the ItJth-is lengthy and the streets nnJ rM I. If the law of Lindners: wax exercised to a because to the world tbo deprivation is compare Uct,2ath,1d43. 11. C. CAKK ft Co. ipply of Full andVu terd. Cuiiiiel, e% -
alll.her 10 our nett I rv vnrH-tj vf fancy and 'ti .U article (
ativrly small ; but where as in the instance | required us
M1 liken Governor MOSKLCT. tlo greater degree we arc of oitini.sn. from some which it is our nirnful province now to an. Public otlct.. 'hr* mak.t.I* an el'gaiita experience, diore rral and substantial good DF.EN DECIUKD: that ;HettW ( Dress used nf the most recent n\l I.*
wltL but be must be more particular. flounce the dtttnjtr snatches from the social I T 11.\( \.Sf nn- and in .
cre l variety.atse.. China. Cla-a and .
would be accomplished.than has resulted born derlbeActof IthAagast. 1342. coming within Crotkert.war
in endowments of mind and ;
circle rich
'.-ita; the COII.mil' f
f the 31 Section of he Art )I5ihJune.
hu of ticci! .- in the of New York heart to exereij wholdotna and the pr-it m n
army city qualified a wire, hardware and Cordage.&.ddlf"and Harnf-4.
.hebafc got to send them back I l-1I. ainen'Jia thereof may ent I the tract np. a .
who upon nit i>ccasims stand ready al the beck benign moral toflMOca iu life and impart Ui its MI which lieu baaiion !N 'erected where it.. oth.r Uont and dhoe. Uata and Caps. Uonnell. Jewrlr' >

of the May'..r to do his bidding. Citu-N however mjtlrme41' a r*flitJ and elevated tone the thin thai eipbr*.tl by their permit l i. auive,rd *ttd and Fancy Articles. D..oksavid Stationary CwnlV"
,-- -- ** event itself ..! the Usk of announcing it, become arosT.red.at time prior In (be dayor public denary '..a'ery and Tojin great variety, all ..,
[rife Tliouin* !)uttla; ". t acing"ill ..rt., where corrupt O ixiU tn iocxprowbly more painful', and the an. yet Ml*.-ta guard afaint soy it. btnf then soil, proof isb which have beer. carefully red .Ipe..ly for tki*

Y masse, will not with towns and nllapwf with it increasedight midi the and sit) and country trade. They Uku tJ..opportunity lo
[i M!ratification to in to learn that tint conipan mi octal ion carr C" an infiiiitdy *> b-rr iih ach where incentives to crime: arc not w re.t- of importance, as the heralding of a |>fore the eoniruocemnt uf the sake, eipreti bestowed u the' public for the libeialpm*
MI mxi+ umjuitlilicd nppro.P'ccani.kr range u p'.I1."" for the year paM and lHirt
returned If not entered with
well bee .Itewin the Tract es |
heavyieas ac Irrcpualde private ;
where and rant a*e much 1m known nwrila eontmiunci of .,
penury \t anden.i.d
the timony' that appears mcnt. It is nut the rurJ'O01 the writerof in three manih'afW I the PuM lrrrt date.thit right! lt>en* : Mine. City *

'rtIudIt/1tvt.at: the toon *alltnctfMiMttnru'in Cut! err t..hl" the (ifiitciplc will hold gnus all rrtt"thisbasty and imufflcknt sketch (who forminr t.r KhTret wilt not only be forfeited,but that tcm- amore try d "Ito'IIIt'e their stock p-iiticubrlj 1t4 the' requo-ted are n..w in rail and es.*
.. IOMI.ply
als ireparm
: frrvn m"re fancy. ti. e11'1'rihtlwoIJ' tl.atii isg' rrrntd 'N ". yore enjoyed the acquaintance of theca "need The *by.U their of the permit Town.hipa proclaimed tit be offered them on the n*"i mivaiiMteoui term*, and to all
Wot think th.t'critngs .uen"'IIIW 1fHI."Jact..z"1 n.' Yrhtre she wasknow I their fin nee, (,i.c"'.and have .
N lfk oe-iL.t' I law 10 If/r'Ut 11.f fdeety.z'aue n'itch n teatime would be wholly toper 1$6. Citx-d are now nprti for m.|n-ctimi and will be frelel .
', to b lI1. H i well aaluiiow. : crmjn'.ry o' usclrrt. Icr best rotary H betok "uY. gr.td t.f de C.emisne acr |>n..wd and.,>.ld allhe v.ry lowest ",ieu..

nllprtks chat we h.ivti the >";txa A 1"at<,imx.-Sn4c of OK dignita* ritual hr toe deep shunt that pervade the *oti* S.\MLRUSdCLUUefuter.. \uC".line Oct. xt I. lg'45.

,1,1..111.&t the lec l r..!tiuie will confirm it..,it' th.jtj.tioni *re Class in "Id Y4le. scan rtr of which she was an endeared and bright Laos om:. al iewn.n.ir" F. t iVolicc.4LI. .

i wltttll of the Ciovrrr./r by a large ma ttf Hf th. late ii4-mt.lflT? tf ib,* .tu |Irnu. un ornament, and in the intrnvf hcnrtfch sorrow Septembers, l4.a. "nnn in
.111 s wit1 information from the scat ol teitot ik to inilu'tj M I'--hunl. in otn'3 of the which h< r death has caused lo a widely extend Estate OC:1I1'1 Jlulbcrf- -jr..dec.--- t ) iN DKVHIIALK are regretted to lu.k.

m.t.-e ol tit Ch.."l t,y ibt nuciriit process cd circle of relatives and friend G. pavnHnt. without dflay.Andallcreditir .
A .l| In the Ktte of the later
r -.m. ot .mokinr. Tor this |IH.rltf.e the of them vi-itetl LI.personind.M I\.MF.L IIULBERTJr. .. I. al.*.. and person entitled h
air rCtlllnl"d to
-- the inoinol( n young Fre,hiiMii with pipes :4f&f .r 1'Wtitohna' .. distribution, hivintany clAim. or demand ajriin.t
Territorial Charter. c.'Ir I Itcr sit i.a -Gm+!Crrltrr.d e male lt .r. without delay'.1nd ail Pirate are hereby nonfi d that lh. ,
in their mu irfltr.l.'ure' hid this work to Jotoirap time aitoin'ing tUu but *to,'c with ayato* OTIC. I.hrreby given. to all ,t"MlI. Ivrin: d.'i..tinn. hating any tliisau I or d... .d. .(.in.t funs|>rc!nted. 'legally\ nuilienticatrd. within To fears :
1' rfrmvad|I. r ainvl 'M c.UM ef A lilt.. the dalw herrul.' the will I* forever t*rr.d.
iia. As CotnpliiiKnt bad bii pa cd, Klohyvery aid E.Ute art hereby notinVI that th** *anv> nmt b*>
i f D. k the scores
statute I.
rum our M> MAM IIOCIIO. A tress tarn <4c.W U. ofrUrvlt. Fast DRY:IMLK. Executru.
walked of the turtMnlthckry ... kgapyasthentreate.ly within Two Year
out dour r>re *
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: by our profligate assn get met .
from the date hereof 'r the will be r.alP-We, Sirred.J .
land left the MRokera to enjoy the Ira Aiuuatine. J.ttv
attested with Hald .ttctaU 14. I IdgTi. 8
'urn,ad that it to be done in the short ninth had created. Alter an hour duty li/ pfCenare iwIcAV4 .\\.:: 11ULBERT: Adn.r.ne. -- L. _
fiance they ,. HteJ to make immrd.t? p4?nnt.creditors And all ; Oct 11. I,-;. 9 Ly t.rte Or .1Iil.
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mrvk k from the Itith Nov. and we or turn Pr hy called 'o inquire how they had ("** *** and per*