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1S !..MIbQYO ,, ]f .... -, : .? .. vrboC ; J'r. ti'nj; a complete a.-.Moritiiftfl.I I I t1l Dkgutu ptrlirtn itu irnpQct1r % duty, f'o: 1iUi 1- -
; should' affidavit corohorated the testimony of two" v 'GLOVKS: ; Aemnplelo a sortme.ulorjaMu3 Oen- 1 ffatt ILl.1.ter .
bq thq'Apbticjint'a own by or 1 JBWELKV. lUEPUSI. write iuir ct er ring
- childr -uV, (iU.vei jorte'd rutonred -
I.ig 4 -' : interfesfcd'conVpcicnl'wHiiesscsf proof-Vhoold slate all'fhu pjihicaars( as to the I< Kid tleinenV..Iiid; pkiu'pen.vorked; mid embroidered i dill;, I.i4 Ju; A i j)IenrMn 'iii i.f Jewelry, wnrrai'ied of for tbtJ}; (iht Iudiuis) .cseep hlily these L ________

jt reTt1ert4 ttndgire the desigrtntlnn of the pnrticular quttrt j* soctton on .which it is mtide.Uniitte 'l ihrcdd,; Liiien ariirD< 'ALso'. hlick, and Vhiitwi'k diobtfsi quality ..cuini-'tins of diainoud. cIased ant i iplein 1 trirlakiy d uufliruloris. .. .

.- >( tbe-p foo f required in foregoing is.liled oa or before the dates specified iliu Appliiy j uuu of the 'iKwt dtirabtiqu.uIiry.] finger Kizjj*. jjold vt.iui.( ,brccoI4! f laijjt anil. ,1 1 .Andl? havtiIo, say/to yciur; Bxc Ilerfcy, that if .

1.r R 4 j il| forl'dt all ight, titl(5( and, claim .to Land under their Permit. j A l e.i'itiful ;-s*' rUn.fii( nl Bji.net and Cap rilu is. Vtii-nieirx l'rua and hdkf. nin-; *, g-ill '., ysjockuut I these! twolrigaieandthei ifsr1 p.riH", sloop do

.r.1 _. ._. -__----.,-.-- =--..- --.-- -- ---- s and siik Unidi of rvory variety vrrxl vS o1ur., iver! thiinbks, gold' and sdver [pehciU in great ; not reiire rioin his co ,s't we panjre.t"cc>'mnmni- _______
- I 1Ddieon cr brfort which, the 1'roofof HeiilirHenl.muti Le \\VLd.. tIey. j .attwith 'paca, VjtUer,. uufAss'jKerbvVtrje' Iromyjiur
** Towntfp._ Range JitlJ a tid thepirdcularQnarir Sect ion det crlbed. cM ai.d 104 l KcJ$ IU.TIIIO,, F/Jiniioro! ,' iuutin de NFEc'IIINty.: : & I port, large arrneojse Vb liusc the'way .
L laiuj.und Pl-iidobawU.A od arnorunent.Ladie A full i.f :'St tvrt'i refined ?ni'le4 V .
2<) tIiI.flr.linflt. by the Keys iiuucriuiitind4ai.ct.o ; more.. ... : tr
-; Tsele \ travtslliug t tt.a *, I'tllet d
Thirteen June. 29th, 18,44. cyKuri. uiu lin bynd* und collars, lineu cambric hUkU. ndjf, a"' o\er-ig. .:.. .remedy.. frtr coochs *u. ?
- Juno : f 1 j. A H f.JJt T .i fc .lra n
..1 Thirteen, 1644. & iiivVa torlinen- ?!*.--- -- '.1 *"!ftL '. consequently
4? 4 4, :to tiiet ( lirn' netdk ctd. aiittrEI '
I44 -\ *- v/- I il i' hIXC4. stand uinuet.tly thanhisg risonuti/4s "oothouicts
l- June> 29thVl814. "i"JuncsaUi A of linen cotton .ftiflEihrcftd eJginghiscitiiig
pro.itariety s, l.idiB; AM: ] 'eiuthauueii'i 'Iri'i-xint: case* ; for its .subsisieiice" th'dft' 'the _
ir Tli tt'e .v- Fourteen 1L1.j ) and, Irttf of 'il. mo-i tt'C'I style, black a ,oitl; ufait irtieI.' ci tudr hrcie) ,, .1I3b do. t-r asistaiicf -

jf.. Thirteen' Fourteen June..v'9ih, 1541; a ltd waits lifb. lace IiiJiop t.iuu, 8\i ii nuiblui* ) b tckjMinnKM; anti dim t to nd., ch. ss men, travelling and suppjieaj of pjro'vision?; (at
J FifutMi June 29tn, Itf41. > and until d.j! ICIHCI. tIt cktuLIriC. plain srjj: etl ati<2 and 1.1 1CV tiusk'.'t-", ilk piir .t%*>, foinnco'pias,- tII.i MoIiMltlci east lursix inoiiih ).whTc your 4tlency; cart _
I ) '" TAUJJU .. bar full of( black, white utd tol'd tsd in annt-d vcs cl' btcause'no'iy there is noiiieans'lfcft
Twenty Eighteen I ::30'4i ISI!. a Had ciipu. iin tin nipetz.- sulk lit td l>:tga. gilt ,
-IF :3ih 1844. ' 6ipe9 aborted, cul'd csarsiief.s, greca baize uriticij! vvatch- etai. t tnnds wish iluwfiii china \or .4. a other uva Uuble me*., 'Andjf the sup .
l'TWtithy'tv6*i1) tine "' ,- Ititto : '.': A'tig) si 30th164n1; l14lWtt& iu great variety. beautiful I a rude, Jiiielliig hot 1k9. dog cul! >. plies do not' arrive here al l' tesV bjthe( 20th of
imio : AugiM f.
,. \Yoisted cap, vvl-alobones. jet butiorn for'KJitfs, ni; ibe-'l! (loiuit'ocs, .nutf box**, iiI mid, tooth June, it appears naturttl pnseqiieiPce that this '
'(iFdleth l -' Nineteen. ;: oLt-L 1641. ,
; j. irw uiortuiFh' *"
cambric comj'lHe
: f f -: pr per cututiiou iu, a bruli, gerruan p.periiuii of rosu, kopHaijn, hearsoil (Gairison tuusl perisfi.! J 5
Sixteen, -nrNiYcteen AugUst 30th 1q14.h' of C'fiiso and fine liuehj. lin clnt'v.Yilcci; Vhavin ,
; -.r I "tfl ey negro nulitary and iMval *pnp._ jiot and toilet Which i is all that occurs tbj'.fno' ip say to .
., .inqeen ,, -, 2 ; AaguJt30iihlB ; ; Hs$M GingliHUis and.padditi dt. iljt ui4 th-< 110.111. ("olygne, huiiey, I'lii i i.la! .ad i.svi'nler 'aer.. uhoau. .cbtiVmhn'da.'I' mojt '
t .
'tgbr'eii rCthciech Auust 3)th) l8'14. ? : by velvet ; grass lined,Mark and blue, beer irni! pilot Uftntiiflcrt, unit pitwC.fr. cnrlitig! tl.id l, hiindk rclitefpSrl'imo your
"* fnfcfttri-n *'\ I" #. '*' /August cloth brown and black llDllantls.'wor-ud and entlyLrt.c1aesi with ilit mos'roi/ad(! and in. 9cae
Nineteen : 3Uth! 1844.; -VAugust.SOth. ; ; p fTfn n*? de Tiirci *ophari l o.xiinik. aronialic -
: Nineteen l' AugutlOlh 1,44. oilk'erg9.. nil clnth. carpdting, t> 4 aid 4 4 inntting ea txlrect" nntjfiti oil.Chinee roiige'withiiiany i regard,, praying (3'od mjreerve your "
Burlats and dow Ins.DRUG. other articles in the line.IIACHWAKK excdeiiey.lh uniny ? ) deuire.uaiTe .
V 1uJ cin : Vt L'wcity: () 1-j1. k'n j 5h117'iO
VWLtf August 30ih 1344.
.. ,
% Twenty I ''August )'h' 1811 "' '" A nice asorttnent put up in the best manner, and Table aid Pocket Knives in gieat vanity"and 8YLIceJi warranted ol ihebe tuaiiy. Vuur inuit nU ecIiuflat faithful'X'1.
{ per ios qiiiility; Itazira liear. -cuuuIor'. Jtutcbers. ,
1JHN ritsor* ItecLiv.r. SAM1L !{(JSELL, Ke'gii-.er/ TAILORS TK1MINGS AND AHLITAlttfARTICLED. end Shoe kliiveR.Mtee| nysivr knives,. >ea and table -- \ .5-" .-. iervat.

bc wh l>oiin?, brast i>nd irwi fire.,dog. n'luvtjl and tongj, DUN 'MANUEL MONTIANO. -- -
the settkment houh1 time n cltivaipn
to :- ; corn "
cu1tiation-th kih'o1 ';as Sewing.si1k of all color, twiit spool coliqn, osna- a: general ufsor nmtit of,Iti rsBcloihs' and *\\\ae\ bruhes.i3utt -, His Excellency,. ,, : ""
f in
5 4-.ie in4.of crp 8cres burg and cotton thread. ilk, worsted, and t ..cotfunQou. and ''ScrewV. Cut Tack, [Brad. PratsNotice. Dim JA'N; FIUNCI CO VleiGuE5ifEs'-vv'1iloacisitAs; .
trccn fl r4t tonscoThposingthe family ; discrirniLafingbktwcn adbh and children, fitnch cotton, cotton and silk cor'd. colored Nai1ii j1i and Uasip.4 of all j kinds, E-laegl Tools.D'o in tIj Letter wascncto&la Outhe -

les aid females whiles and colored. Aug. 14WHOLESALE birhiing, gold diidsiUer army lace, silyernIbruiJe- ir TriiriuicN Doer and" Clipboard Locks",'' Pad,. uIidti-ttd Dun, JyEtJt .taicato. I

_.:.__ __ .:.L_..____ -g___ -Iy'n -_ e *bu"le sword knolK t si'k nshe.. letIiu TrnnS.Till Lork, 'a fiih jrtment. izi. rhnveli by ttIRIB '
.- U_. J*. wth: pl.tl ( hrod.red; tar guild and utiadf*. ht-ok R ; / AND RETAIL/ st tEtat ht ni. uuuldr r '.Irai. B 1utII '. CliHMi Sad ''Iron, ofls! llilld. l.irgc d dunullaiz1 dtjspaichtd to your.exgejjt'ucivb'y a soldier from / j

; INOPRoVPID1L T1U. iiertnent of )tIiII3ilIgv for iriililftry and citizen ** Ir-n .and Msl ffqM< /fsr. I lrnn ten.position 11115 iarrisou and three; coast, Indians, the intormutioii. /'

coat! and p>uU.: and jr.ui. n.ni.llrrstKUp>iwd r flis!,*. .l.iidlu contained in the enclosed duplicate, /'

AT THE. OLD STAiYJ BUTTONS Gili.cnt velvet! and! common covered tiin and sliirujis, jifk: Mnoi>thing and li..or 'pUn and one ot the the Indians, reached here on

IiI e .. I Diitlcnu jin greltt Tandy lor ci.atu, vest* end and groove K"l| percussion raps mad'? in Ptris, the 4ih ol\tfiu month haying'received threo -

a :. rtIt. !si. linen and cotton tapeluad.- .. eyelti; .1 fitsl i-ite art'irlrt.'yi'sporting powdjr, try quurc4ind gun? hut wounds, intbrins, ma, thai at Gega thc
rulo. n'linolf-ts. hand OHMS, bras* buttons and
i.d l.vrn
: llumblJi.'bnckv, pftiI) and horn, tde. ivory bad murderetilw
.i lnduin.oiMay4ea Soldier
PIncer* knite-. bed ,
h telliw' drawing
Coinha iu ,; hair pins vest in i. repp
dieting Xrt.t vjrie'y '
.vird cod lin f nine iwitns. tnnle'' net twine fiih and two of his companions.; ,A'n'd Cilice 'be returned -
.P EC CtyiSG per Hchr1, .M'AUIONSda.vi fr'nncw York"n cnmpie'te aMortm*>nt >f'article.* ring*., Mjnnct.wi.e. pmulocit trip t-nvry, plated a
4 eyijftii'ekejit'!;*- f'C' t \Ve. solirit the attention ibe-trade ani.i privutiruoilusn-iotiiir Itriu >>nd ilver condia, l.-'ok nud ej tu us.idt'r nd*. boi.l lines iu gr. t! variety. &i'd twine Ac.SAUULKKY an overseer.Espiopsa vyho is at Jit.UieRO .
1 iit'i'e 'a umAeiiit. \% e 1ivpby trictteiitin lo luiBinesn'to cci'tiimo! : iho pationage Iiterally J>eli'tUi knjit'mg pins tihti ictdle-*, bodkin, '.a-H l e.\d*, : AND HARNESS. brings pews thaL'buihast! rtaDdsome

e tal>li 'hntiii) for the l Ist i'rais All ordure >haj| hhVe piomjit attention. *I'<> trie triuleitJtiii'liii'd A roinpl"t n*j9rIffl suit rtUe! hri.lhs. cart others being ,at wqrkiu.the.jwood; they -

: diWoifnt; iMf lOI rl rtoii pritfe'4 try th/j/ orl invil pickigei/ follimini; are but I CKOCKCUY GLASS .'N CHINA WAItE ar.-l wasgon liirne, martingales, saddle bsgi col% were.sui.'denly atacke3| b.y 50,Indians friendly

ft1.a' ttt'lld Afpleudid a-iit-VlniPYit 't'f every vuiety of pat- |lirs. Ac. to the English, descharijmg on.hprh\ a volley of .-

t; s7miIg fIPM ; IttI at! ).. Ci ,) ldCELiAytJUS.r| ? : ttiee. Pot.Bar y.0 Meal. tfTIt. IP8i.it" and c..nia tea and cofft p>et ', "onp nnd BOOTS AND SflOE.A musketry, hysvhicli they woun4ed a, dragoon -
tt1ninBohpii i/ra/ china -' srmiiie And' e lnd I'l-jlfy.: firft'mte ai-o'rtni'-nt of fuliiunable! ladien, gpo- soldier, an4 a negro of Espiuosa'sbutz1otwih. .
1'4bwIc AIHIII. tJu(>|) < Pipe Ciay,, JJatli 15ri ks, 5>jj 111 : sucu 1'uureI.
ttetIeCI 1iif. tt iIh&1Ivo: ; ,MtIK \i4\\ ftt.\l Icdi u: Kig Wlui;. 'LoiidVn< MIjI.'tn1 Hlluit and MiU /piititAirf.chamlipM.hJikei*. tl$. tnrt.tit utrd chititre' d'4 tuiota and -ht*.'!,ladies tiul stin,, staiudingu1 wercablitreavh, th_ Fort except

trido- (bright.;) LiquiricPu>i ; Rurii Candy; ViL,1iqaiu tI .r1siz. j.iiL' areI q.iiirI. % atr' iti tin ( lIat.'i gran in* it iid common UU.. in nMi yar>fty,4 ,4ijIJErIu, gaiier.4 of' ilie latest .iiyle and uIperiu*. one negro belonging, tHe cpi'veit) ) of Sail -

%Ve.ifndia Moscirt; { % ; .IJV ? CD t'i ). t.cuib.t. ,tii'ric>; ci-ni linoh-H, do cr.'fnna, te.n |m't*. I Lrc -I'Mmi-nt' vl' j-itfl-fr*.! qn.ilit* genlfeinen Napolnnn IIoota inpertorarlicle. Franuib'co. \vho ran info tho woojfs'and whom

COFFEK, &c -JaVa GM.-MI ; d< gioi/od'Mocha, ; Viiii.ks. ''i p'i. Ctfnuuii d>>, Nil ht )hghtf, Dour, uiui* l.anonand -wer*. plutieri. uuifj* and civerel Ja. [ al o and rnmmoii mi-i'c boot.l.rcgai.s.boot' shoes. and hoei islippers'i> atlul lip- they consider dead :'apd the Indians not haying S
Cboflojute *P.'icnssii *. do nud bmiei Uowls. Tnni-Ien! cut. prt- *>d ui d vera. buys
: it'td pIepautC4tos. n cip piiWdtr; jnnjmv icr, CatiiphoCnttile pug; succeeded capturing ariy.'oiie'"had tired. 4
*!*o, n fn'l) 8K.ottint of shoes je ,
; negro
p CAfluLES CoiuBion pern1',- and" TalloV-J arid rf 3j':.Fjihom Mis,.Giun ir. hie. UiUV.fMr4iiintr | nnuuu, Ti nil.lert and nine Idosikide lamps. gr of .thisnews.Vl *
receipt ordejs.to
%Vkk : ,1 roll Jiud flour, Miljiliur, AI<*Ah 80AP* Sbavhg; 't'whlo Deemed"Tarjp'jat] d do ; riJ rriid \ViniN6r GJJS? ()fall sizes An 1 quHliio send: out-aergv.ant inwithasurgcoa
liia dirvct fo.n New York watts
to *. themni.t i'
fjoin lnn J Liringiiithe wounded andiltsbould
"ti Crown. rTOBACCO. Whitileaddry and ill oat; CttnriiWre&s nndTelliiw, I. ahnvfl Mfet.i.ivfi rtnck of gond4! wilt replched ; to be necessary ,
:i Plu* '. 10 and I8s; QayanduhI.adiesTwiil. ; 'itw Uoiiie. Kos/e W.(Vj Piinr,0rn. all 'vizsf, fasbiouabfe good., and uf tl.el tqiulitieand tUI be ot ai.whvlale. HOd ..eU.S *.t BUILT the Wve-t pn->. to leave &iyne. men ;b-/eif force 'Ihe /
0 (' C<
laper .T6bacco, lauiboy'buniTji Scotch tW J" V::1Ce1 CqVeL.VLIueIto% ,. 1iu. i C6S.In.- iv fort, and that the sergejuu .shpUUi.return irhrne- /

perniitt) wint iprf?n, I : _ dialeiy./nJ nuLhovjngreu'raik4 mjwo days. /'
b ***'**l AIlQ CtXiilulOQ tars. (t'mtirif-wirnngiS 'arid ''Bergamo J Cinrtauion ; (Iic hOn 1 dta1Cflt'(1 a, corporal pi. prjigoons: W>th six -

FlSH.' Herring, Sardines, Salmon, )! CtMWIN end %',._ ( arbon&uo stitznj ,' ustre. da for County Court M. Joints ; men, toi.cet1afl uhatevei hud .sap.cyvfned iulhat / .

C d washing ;.JlM'ar<|, I.czuinnCnerne;, Pcpger, pftV- Comity. ..7.r ii ? Coinmii *ioi!! cf tnej persons who were plaee! : He returned 1 on thc.qexI1tfiiy siy' /

ES, LIQUOIi'S! & c. nbiidy.VOurd, DupnyA ) ;1.reJ NuTn'ie', pmv.lerfid CiiAiarnoii, Lfqnorice. IS HEERBY GIVEN, that nM Eiecn- _H.. appointed Auctioneers tue lat r ?inn cfui Ing that ht had ni.tbeeri HbUVt'q. >gacrf (he-Fort, -

Co.; dn Uurnx: Jauiniea.-&wnit4C joM ration Glue, Cprhsofnil kinfd, '8irapnritlAlC"Sp'nncB'ii. NOTICE ? (;Jnarfhn and Trustee* Leji-l-itivo Co'.incil.! hava ben UHn-iitiitt-d fp becniisiy the cwztiy haij not gfveiTjiJih the -
-* ttnmi Ajo 4 frnof r.li laiKlflniTckiedan Gin; ci 'trse atul fine ; \VhiaandHidfi Pjrj \VhituSpanoi : and vouchernlth" IMP ; n4 l '!iiv ura noijlJ' d tri C'nnn furwird and qudliTv but '.bud opportuuity '
WliukevJCulch d<*. (vnuetuflicJv: ;) Madeira win* h Unuvn, Vcn. tLiti flad l, Si it'dP'r' Pn- :ire'roqiiirfd In ex'iitnt' their ucfcOMiit! airt ta!,e1"heirt n'j .' iti ten dis fr 'tn ihin (IIR. All scattciieduOho heighhorh'n -
HowirJMnrch 4 ('n.; Hi 1lMks: nd l.i.iagH! ; mice *loneTir and'ltosin ;' Ja'pan. Copal Varnish, Jtiue:Term of this 'onit. ,All defaulter will bniealt coiniii.*iiris f>raiicti'tiifir<', <<4 wtli .tlif r otlircr*, d. As 'l baving. ent t ut'Other; -.jtcouts, none

r ,,P lt tqd brnwn Duff. Gorti.n <& Co. fcheuj ; I' 'it; Vcrmillloir! Kulion JI.V ceftnjn uifbrmfjiiori,

Cbsqjptsu lJi k Sparkling yiM8 e 163: Dir. ) ? ; 4bt'doI3; *\\l *iz e ; Biark Lead, Court. the Eirciiiieotiee .whether jh'j; fort vy.is ciiplufediby'theenemv', jitvus

ce m Vine:ar. Enndon I'orfer.tn ourrn i d pint: Jujjipe.P4'U.tPiiih.; } 5jiIzr ttis.! super carbonate of .. Judge. Si County, Jt )hns Counte.71a1ch1h AOCT.IOXRF.R'*. \ sti',1 lif''d' l by our m:,i f, ..TVhf't'JfP..C9uclud.

PICKLES. SAlCi) ,, ire. AViuiti-dju tail palla -I :5kI;. Ttrt.iric' Al'iit Oiu f..Pepptr sauce ; MacnboySnuir \M 1044. > R. j). rp>Ti iB. CHARLE* ROBIOD. JFS'K .A. ed to call a cduncll ot war (.thecspiiis and 'itw5

ur.i 4o. HI bottles : cotivrrIiish. ) "Sco'cidc; : Alr<>bpU.SlVchT. .Xi (LurireL'alUUath : .t35CHiOIIX IleoRicK, GKOKCE Cootav. F'ictsFLIlRIIaA.EDwAaD : rtoolye i !. wnd ouita.iletacimciii{ of/,300gurris :
wom CiUu Tomato," do Fish Saucft. .Jt.. otedkbdiippcr Bric.P) v.derjid.Ginref| I lot.t, Alum, jj\\ } jgfat1weki. notice reqnwite before, any acconntui MECKCIS ARTHER .M 4Et.E Izu. ; IrtU-i thc J:Ig ni '

I do' Stoufibtoii' iHyw: l. rfon SyPf'Bo live Oil in Ho'ilei and.-h.tA% '', Nntjncg; Saltpetre t i paed. ''Six inoullw notice neceisarv before B. .GOULD. >in, T.prnuopns) 1Iii r Ly4ians. aiidtit.. -

II aror Leiinngi LIUIC.jutcejrwt; 'Iildiapreani TPCKTHEK WITH irtSRliirTXlflETV"FeoinpU'te I Judge ('oiiii'y Court.St. ijI s. to becrnii4rJ'iI.byCajjn'rj JVliguel ; _
iR1 __ '' c1rnif, ;ziid 1.n gO04, tat1QIIryu1ey, % .)udVnr Johns Ccnn't.. gr de Rib'as. Don Fujgoncif, .
O1LLP1s Winrcr'Sffain d'pSrm::refined thud Vare. 1Iat. Bmts. S1ues. Nai! UNDERSIGNED' J.atfeformed a c ipart 15th i'S41. inc Alparc and Don '
hid nnte fiiieJ Whale T ri'Tram' ; UnUeid: ,p.t ;.: M-i'T1I Qrrtntent Er'Chekerv, THE under the firm of ELY & ROBERTS April Pedro I amlertuy"ih( ftmr.O teats.cne, ..Bargoai -
; : thaialeofDRV fiOODS. and "wilt Tatastock' d4| piraguas, m !laCtjOtraflportthe mEant-
mind Oli4j' wti.of: -Gr.qiti) ChlnH.-aiid common ware.Sodca for p.'n 1ice -
D* ,tlt-hd! cpnert'f CharLotte and 1'reasuiry ; tfl:' ts y.nnd tw cauuorls5 the cannQn.tfT 60 used if -
_!Antanine Match t> 'hi6ft4.. ; ''. .'/ ,. : -: STAPLE -and.FAXCY HERr.ny GIVFN. tint i < hiiiHonrrnhle o the riessryd'moIish one sd( ?and reca 'tb'oforiortor'einfurcffir'.IJ .
of Is pturo
: aid vidli la POW(1eLS : .Afres1i- ; C.nsity 'C.iirt .:'f 'CiiuIurt.i Cr.nnly,. { 'ub'b
[ 'Captains .
$ Chairs. > .giCPH.tLIC SNUFF. LiquiJp'c.ktd.) GOODS, 't tt* iicTt i9sw>nin April, fur !f.ayt'. Hi Iha f'aVHan : being

| SEAT laud Catw w JJ.ok/.nndfCpmrnon .. _._, n.aiOd.. Hair Oil.- Man Mar/Oil. Which thejf Invn-e'tlieinhAbitant* n'f St. A jptstine, .l a'.l otr;&'r pro'p-'r'y b>Joii>>in! ,lo the evwle ,intcnirwilthatthp puinbcr ,6f .the-ciiemy who _
'I JANE. Chatra aiblo conniwn; chuir*. .just fe- Tooth Powder, Steel Pen. -libleInV.. to cill a id exitnin*. I*. I-L.- LLY. %Vtfl *o ailoetfect division
e4to,4stey 4 .'.iHuA> nmi'r.: Co. ; For silt at Drjurtnd AletUrJoe Sloro, hjr ,- 'iS.ROBERTS.. bsirs. JOHN C..PELOT. Adrar. pu" detach mefitftthey1.retired bac& to ibfs' ijarn. _

.- 1.4t'ffl 1i i. : ,.. ; ''Pi ELLRR .. 13.i;: -. ft ::1' t t 1, .,: i.. : : :J&n.Oth J44. .. ::1r9! n :: ; ..j 2Ii ;' ,
4t.1 Y -
;; -.a1.( ( -- -? --
i .
/ S i
? / ( -. -

I _ :' -,, 4-- ;

I 4 :

____14 ____________________ S :: : -

______1___________ S .

-;- !, i


1 : i -

,--. ,, -U
; .,;._. -a-
-T; '-... -.- '-. ". ,'.'-- --- ..*.:.%I:..'. "'" .
.. -- ----- ; __. ,-.. eo -_ '
: ... ... --E-: '- : --
V-- -m--r- -- 0. _, : .... -1 p

f4 ; ,
Ij? V ...

h ", '-
: :: .
j I Ir-- .. .
4 .
< '


4S ,
ic ..

y I a -

_. - -.r__J__ rI d4
-- -
; the galls was boll of:me hollerln j i I: .. TREATY.:F'JR'THE ANNEXATION OF I and back, for the, purpose of keeping up taa

I : April Fool J,!" as hard us they ,! TEXAS TO Til F. UNITED: STATES. ST.; AUGUSTINE communication .. between the Brir. General -' .. JjobaS

I came' to look. I bad notbin I AST. 1. The Republic of Texas, acting in f Corod'g. the tflh," nil'1. Dep't'IDd the military. BFriC
a bundle of rags with little conformity "itlt the wishes of the people and -: ,
Tuesday 91 1844.. wiihra 1i command awTbetween -I 'Lau
ITlay these
I clothes ,
: ; j on. every. department of its Government, cedes to '.5. !
.: ] over like r bad a ager.and fell a the United Slates all its territories, to be held latter and public officers at the North ; and asa iCed
and the
i more likb cussin: than laughing. by them in full property aDd sovereignty, and Principles piople. matter convenience' and accommodation: to

: dingnation !I" sea I 1-* fun's fun ; to annexed to the said United' Stales as one. the citizens, the Has been permitted
express to
;i I blumed if there' anv fun in any I of f their Territories, subject to the same constitutional Riots in Philadelphia. tJ.ihn'
take their communications and
1 and I I. was ji gwine! lo blow outu provisions with!!! their other Territories. A fearful .riot was going on in Philadelphia. papers.as far u 'wRobe
I beard May screa .lin.for -me id ART. 2.The: citizens of Texas shall ..be"incorporated .' at.the last dates and had not then terminated. it could! bedona"without injary to: that brandrra

into, ibe Union of jtbe United State?, of the public service committed to the military Jame- _
got in the dinin room,Ihar 'ihe old as citizens of the United States. From its outbreak.on 'Monday evening the 8th F.II1
-and to accomodate the citizens as far .
I keeled over hi hor-crmir with her .ART.-3-All- lilies .and "claims. to-real estate, inst.jt continued_ increase in.powersoasto practicable S Geori_
head and a corn muffin slickin which are valid under the laws.of Texas, shall bo able to overcome the civil authorities,and to as wt"lI.u10 keep up the military 'cor.rcsponilence W.Geroj.

l Mar was lakin on at n terrible. be held to be so by; the United'States. f'f'r quire the intervention of the military forces \ ,between the public officers:: at -T ( _

could do uas,-jesJ'-to..clap her ART-. 4. Tue public land hereby ceded shall Washington and elsewhere to the north of this.., : (John!
of the .
,- Oh inolbvr'i* dyin mother' bo to the' the i county
subject laws regulating public place, with the military Posts on the. Gul&ide( of
: the baby lOb. my poor mother! lands in the other Territories of the United The origin appears to have been political ond Will
baby Slates, a-. far_ as they may be: applicable ; subject i confined to those classes, calling themselves ,the Territory.* Pas/Ojfcssunb bare been trans, .44

!! I, mid plained hull to her nnd however,:; Yo such,alterationa and changes i Native Americans and Naturalized: We finda ported, botb from this place and Palatka, tov

: poor gall; and (he galls:got al us Congresirmay: from lime to limo thank proper detailed. account of the distressing, and disgraceful Tampa, and from this last back, by'tho iUlliI i' 1ji'rIV
? : ; but it took all sorts of rubbin, to "'1kt!. the carrier _
.of which soldiersof
; i outbreak, to the latest hour in the ry Express, are da:
( usafoetida ri nnd lmptirc' and ART. 5, The United Slates assume and agree up .
I : I I burnt. ben's feathers: to bring her. sn pay tho public debt ana liabilities of Tet ax.however < last Globe but of such, length that it canunt be the 8th Regt,ot Infantry,upon public bones' -. BpheI

n she, -wouldn't slay brung.loo 'created for which the .faith or creditof I I givcnjin detail this week. It had continued in in charge of the QD1! te-master' Dept _, Boston oi

ri i Tore she'd keel over ngin. nnd her Government t may be bound at the lime progress: for near two'days, one and! the 3d It has Weft,said that the .P .t. Office ..Deparimetit '* *_ froiEg'She -
I if they hadn't brung little: Henry of the exchange of the ratifications of this I party made with the -; u
1 arrangement War
she could-fee him nnd feel him .sr. ay ; which debts and liabilities,are estimatednot other alternately getting the better of the other, I iattiati
f; I squall she never would pot her to exi: -ci-d, in the whole ten millions of dollars !-I till finally .'the fury:of excitements appear. Department for the Express ;from Palatka' to.. ; ao! -

: Shu flint 'mur 'n half sit herself to be ascertained and paid in.the manner ed to concentrate upon- the Naturalized Irish, carry the.Pp t Office mail f regularly J,1Ji"DOevidenco

; galls km do 'ihey can't make her borca fler. stated u and several I lives wen I lost, and two churches or instruction' yUa J''ijre1i nieeJ A''t b'Sinj1' -'-" =
: ; : April FCI l Business< and she j The payment of the sum of three hundred such arrangementand the Post master at P 1at.
t body else! but herself nurse the bit. j and fifty jhousnnd dollar shall, b*? made a I the and many buildings! burned,and a large ,ount bas AmrJca,
ka furnished with
: me a copt'of a letter ;thimantI "S ,.
; Treasury bf the United Stairs, within 'ninety] of property destroyetl.'I
; :: ; : I had: lime to "think a litte.tM! 1 days" after the exchange of the ratifications of from.which I give a copy as follows- ;.-.

4, )I: I glad that i it warn'l no worse I :his treaty, as follows : Two hundred and fifty 4 t The Bank of.Florida.;' 14 POST OrricE DEFACTHSNT.: '2 'IlteM

) mad with the galls. But I tell you thousar.d.dul1ar lo Frederick Dawson, of Baltimore / A CLBAA SWEET.-No admonition has there. Contract Office.30Jk I. -5 Trasq
1 rriblc.rnlhy for a few minits. I or bis executors, on the delivery of that I .4tg..l841. ..:: citeuwflt;
.i fore been successful Florida.
t J in this! April, ieoliri. Last year the amount ot ten per cent bonds of Texas ; one I I ., Always predisposed SIR : You are ins'ructed to send U{Mil] matter S -: _
I mu almost death with their non hundred) thousand dollar, ft so much be required I to gullibility the people have been: fcOd.. thepan.
j :: ; : I ; up( i the leg of my trousers horew' in lh I for Tampa, Fin., by the Government' Expresses :2 ) the anne.

I wiiicr-gouid. so I I'wet my shirt bi,. bills which may be circulation al Ihe time ot and unsuspicious of others their credulity has which have been established' between yondenrS
I i I : I ) when I went to drink and bend in the exchange of the ratifications this treaty. Pilaika and Tampa S _
I I !* lilt tongs! and cultm the. cow. For the payment of tho remainder of the debts been freely successfully operated upon. S friendly
: ) \ of the cheers loose so I fell through and liabilities of Texas which together with : Will the events of the past be sufficient to admonish Respectfully. ', wib Et1
I down all Rich dev. amount shall not exceedten them. All and all '. Your ob't. en I.e ,
; < 10 tet and the already specified our Bank'explotions, c ongr _
: < 1 the t>iLleses Ihersa lime for all million&! .of dollars' thn public lands herein that has heretofore been written, seemed- to be I (Signed) S. R. HO3BIB. -5 gtMon, a
; 1 think the least has do ceded and the non from the 5
n body to revenue same, are I First Asl.l'.JltU. GtntraL
dead loss but that the final end
{: a ; we hope now,
>j* at any time the better for Vm. hereby pledged. !I JAMES R.COLE :- cofd bet
sued of such Joins myself, and ART. 6. Commissioners shall be oppoinrcd has come ; and that this last fraud will be the Esq.P.M.Pilatka ..: inu4ididterlal

1 the gulls bad got ther fill, ol to ascertain! the amount of the debl9'and liabilities last one. !
ibis lime, I'd try to gil a almynack of Texas.' The Secretary of the Treasury We rejoice therefore, that the Bank favoringand 8t.Jo&n. Co, Fla. -S Parlhtdis.bu

didn't have no first day of April to issue three per cent. U. S. Stock lo the claimants Dank ridden< (rom ; pro rata, in ,case the debts and liabilities DICK. icd its'
trend, till de.th, Jos. JO EI $. exceed: : ten millions. i iABT. returning: to their senses, and have become convinced (Sighed) JOHN antnatuIheI

f I : : I in your paper other( day whar 7. ExUting' laws of Texas to remain I,|:I that these jrurclyhmctt people who gave Justice of the Prace for* St.. Johns.Co.

Ij verii&tin| eternal John Smiths has in force, nr'>d officers! of government to retain: new life to the Bank of Florida had somethingelse Pilatka Fin. '

st.me insinewalions my w ft1S their posts' until otherwise provided by law. j I{i in view than the public good. The Grand May 7tb, 1844." namtomees -
I ted it to Mary and she's been ART. 8. On the ratification of this Treaty ,1
receive Jury in session at Tallahassee have found trite This order toe Post !Master! to whom' it was
it E..versensi. She bes he's a nasty Commissioner shall proceed to Texas to ; h44ndttrorap. :
iII : to be pestcrin himself 'bou: what the transfer( of the Territory mid he shall exercise bills against James G. Graham E&trin G. Booth, addressed, was bound to'comply with, 0.. far as .

I him, and castin slurs on decent executive authority over the Territory until !|i and David S. Kennedy for causing the failure he could ; but it was nut such as to be binding cclxt? l

= ; II.she only know'd who he was, othf rwiat:: ; provided. '*I of that: worthless concern ; nnd n true bill on the comma n-kmr of the tro"p* m Florid*, or mimigtaPel
I II buminablu ugly es: Out of him. ART. 9. Treaty to be ratified within six !> is t(
against the three conspiracy, swindling&c.SboTild any officer of the .Qr. Mr's. Department. Andit
I I I wasn't no use lo try lo do thai, for months' of its date. I t tHere I ty, everfy'helr-
I )' wouldn't begin to drown all the [ is the sum and substance of the whole f: they net have found bills against those may not be amiss! to state ,its origin. :UnlessI

: shut go bv that name. I wish you treaty, il is a simple transfer: upon the, same : who encouraged the ,circulatfon! of the bills of I am greatly mistaken it was given in conse S CXL _

\ jour Pitisburg: correspondent piincipl :!. we presume recognised? by Napoleon ; Dank. quencc of a conversation'which had in Washington : i&4te Ci
dece'nt chritianYhitt1 people out when he briefly announced ".Holland is' .Prhtnier!
in the summeruf ItJU"uh the Assistant
f and he mustn't wonder if he w annexed to'Fra7cecrunpanyiflg the treaty I} I :: !!! ii)(
: : than his-jeople: who live way is n 'mt'isngtfrllln the President:, selling forth !} [FOR THE HERALD.] Post.Master General<< whoso name: It bars; wih the

i 1 fork wbar they swaller more coal the object and the stdvaiitug's! uf annexation, j The Tropical Plant of the 19th ins'( pnbU..h-! i if it was so, it was done as much if nol, more, Iwi boliUs
year than would bust a balloon and copies und extracts of letters from severnl'I for the furtherance of military correspondence, thepuW1cs
I ed at Jacksonville, E. F., contains n'n'arucK
: ...so black and dirty that it public functionaries, lending; show that Alex. '
Ic} .jx .nuutbaJ-IL'4chjn ip.inufep: 'tm! ico:. i is \\cgir lt a sava e war on Texas, which which among other things embraces the fol at that lime, than for any thing .rise and in ? Of thiqualifier

) ( lklC.a. '-J..J- ItirsfGorernrtitffjijsnouttf) oinavortcarrt-iisit' ) iftbotTinrtisl. j lowing. ..., order too, to exonerate the Post-Master who
; ) I : .' tust in Texas, and thai secrete u ItisH source of unfeigned i regret- that we hd--then v *w- recently been apjwynjetj and tie bT
\ PIG THEN I 5' 5 *- --.4'
PU PY.J ; 'f
transfer that je8
liCgCiitiOflS making to
i conn
: are again called in our public capacity whose office wa=* just established, from I the fflI-
: ; I J I : conmie.nced, preaching, an old try to England. What the late: of the treaty I upon. '- 4rybHt
I me the following story, which has may; bl- in Itu Senatexve- cannot fortset.but to notice the interference of the military with thra possibility Fending' a. United States mail by r --

\ me. It may be of u. u toothers. lo the pnli t ioiism. firmness and wisdom of that civil affairs of tin country. One ubject of any one other than a sworn mail transporter! or Wflrt

: und gone, lived an old Baptist cIs'ill: ubtl'lIltcdy. the question is left, with nn' complaint now, is the assumption by General contractor. t: Lord

t : the name of Place." lie,hud more abiding confidence: that u will do what is consistent : Worth, of the Post.Office Department on the Where there are established Post routes and be4'of a'' ___
"gift of gab and was very with the peace, honor, and interest of
I i I plea.Miig his hearers. An old broth. the United States.]-Ar. Y. Sun. I route from Palatka to Tampa By. He has is. the mails transported by the Post Office De jcchas1nbe laat.Wb_ _

,i, of Wiusor was fond of the I sued an older, through onoof his officers, to the pa rt men t, military Expresses are not mad use _

i. Elder Place and used to fetch and CLEALINESSANDTEMPERANCE. Post Master at Palalka, to open the Tampa of as ordinary means of transmitting military
I j << ) his: preaching lours.. On one oc To THE EDITOR OF THE SCN.-A bachelor relittivp and _
'* packages, take out the officer's letters and news- correspondence! when thai Department bus undersl_ _
: Place the inmate of who is .
j. came near place of (an my family now "t. ut
I ,, : !' !I| he asked brother Winsor what ry particular in his prraonil 'appearance' or papersand have them forwarded to the exclu. the ability or power to transport the mails.'none ,Pri _
I"I i )' believed v'here he was 1'0 I. with whom he associates or carouses when ab. sion of those of the cit izens." will be more ready and willing to avail of: ontd-sisal id

I ; The brother told him that it sent' from home,) OFTEN says-" whatever I read i i I I I I deny the charge-and if my letter of the them than Ihe officers of the Army whoare as' popsibliIhii *
'I t j 1 his business, but it was his duly to in Ihe SUit must be true." Therefore 'tis an inducement .
i 6th inst. to the Post Master at Pala! ka. is the much devoted to the institutions. of the country cot _
he believed himself. But Eider tl) offer these remarks and the following I j .
H' I : :: = ; : I inquiries. and found the people extracts: ,for publication in your useful and;|: evidence upon which it is founded, I desire'tbat as any other citizens. .lbert IniaI m_ _

I I I, ; I : j i Umversulists, so he preached that extensively circulated paper, believing that, i it be examined ; it is as follon*. ., THO. F. HUNT' cvfavoiab_ _

I t not burl any Universalist. On when my rjelative" sees them printed in THE DT.Q. M.CELL'S, OFTICE. Lt. Col. $ Dep. Q. 3f. On'/ .
' :j brother Winsor said to J Elder Sur they will have a tendency to cause himto St. Augustine. ) hence* S_____
; 1 tell him a short story. as (ul. reflect] and perform) "a necessary toilet"if St.. Augustine., May 6th...1844. May 20, 1844. } evty.aI': '
: I it only be-by making his absolution a lit-1 SIR : I have been informed that you stated Inter o'tiag

; i holiday a man of good property lie more frequent as I have known, him more I 1: in a letter of April 5th to M. O.Olivellti, PostMaster DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONFor

] : !i I : the nnni.sier a pig. Hi caughti : than once" to make his appearance al the at Tamp that-'Tho Post Office Dept. the nomination r ffmtr Senators rfpretent the thatiheedlbjn
t ; j i legs put him in a basket,covered breakfl.ist.sabltjust as be had atisen i from his i r made Eatlern District of Florida and for other purpose .
an \viih the War for
j I j I directed his negro boy to carry him bed he having retired to rest without unllress.ill |I arrangement Dept. *. S .
d, : r, rind tell the minister that he himself and that too-" after a nighlV de-1 I I the Express from here [Palatkn] to carry the We the undersigned voters.of the respective lotisdey'I.
j I
i : : I eatjt, or he might raise it. The bauch, with (my) his cronies, as he somt.time9I I 1. Post Officemailrpgularly.btlt I can bear witness counties, set oposite our names do recommend, ." 1tiingtIatro! ,

:; : j ;< his way slopped to see the mili- expresses: : himself., COUSIN. !!j that they have often refused to take the and request that a convention of Delegates from
soiue HINTS TO A WOBKISGMAN._...." If would!
young men wishing to you
; j I mail when offered, and now never takes more each county, 'nnd ibeir several precincts within i'nheidI1clt-
slipped, out the and in avoid the disease which workis "
: pig (put a your particular
said District.
: meet at Palatkn in he
? t :!.I boy went'la the m nis er's house i liable ta produce, attend to the following., than half I have, and more frequently not a St.Johns,on ayJuly 9ih 1844 county(that ptaee
: ( i )', und did his errand I to the inin- hints :" "Keep, if possible regular hours i quarter.' beingcopsidered the most convenient. ,when .all tlice

'! ; lint his master bad sent him n Never suppose you have done extra work when( If any arrangement.between the Post Office the counties! are taken into* consideration,) for

: I ; hu. might kill it und eat it, or he or you nine sit up in ,Jill the midnight,"and do not rise till eight and \\> Dr Departmenls was made for the military !the purpose of selecting four suitable Candidate lilt rotjJr4tIo. .

morning. Express between this for the next Senate,-also to take into con. th H
,: opening'the Basket: and sre. "' Abstain frrm! ardent spirit*, cordials and I place and Tampa to deration the
of .Division of the Ter.
q : ( he says to the boy, does your malt liquors. Let your drink be, like that of j';' transport the Post Office mail!, I am i ignorant of ritory, and for subject the effectual a -chtras'Ietder
t to insult me ? I do hot wi>hio Franklin, when he was a printer, pure water." it, having received no instructions on the subjectand of the Democratic organization ,
tbt'r d.. I ui ih loeata puppy." "B(* particular in preserving your kin cl '1m.1{. besides, if any such understanding was Robert party. 'lor[ !
looked ut the IjU ''II)'. .tun-d. and by regularly washing your hands, and face, and BrownsAndrew : ijOflg
ter.(< h*' be a pigvbe.n I started I1IlIuth'b tore each meal and ot your whole i! had, the transportation could not be performed D. Wood. \ ::10
; body ui least once a week t.and by combing II|I I with one horse, having in view the very large G. (U.. ElhX V S Columbia." S i .
)' borne lcsct'dnwnthe basket.and and brushing the hairdanY.-Journal of Hr llh.1 I! number of newspapers which accumulatd at John W. Lowe. .G COt7jctItbee
drew rff the' attention of Ihe PERSONAL CLEANLINESS.: To' wash one's 1 office If could J. Carter. : S J -I
your we got the military l letI .
I )' slipped out the puppy and put. sIt ought to hive; mueli in 're extended mean- I i Bennett M. Dell, /loapp
I : ain. When the boy got hili., ..-. his: I log than people' generally attach to the words I I i ii l tera and pa per*,that is, those for the' military Isaac B. Blanton 1' Wstbz -

f i him bow the minister liked bis i It .huuld nut consist merely in wushil g the, 'f! presume they could be very CaSiy! taken. or if Samuel R.: Piles, I i trb

boy *ayj, '' he no like it ; when 1 hnndsand: rubbing a wet tow I over the face,, ; the letter mail, both for military and citizens. Philip Dell } AIachis, I tnbj' _

turn into a puppy." The man i nnd scmt"tiolcs'lhe, nerk : the ablution ought to.: were delivered it could no doubt btf taken.The L. Aldrich, I ; : enther
: lo the pin was there.- extend over the entire surface and it is partic- John Helvestern, I r. .'" f
: Express Bill for p
l al the pig tarud: again, and I ; ularly neco-sary where often least thought of. way : some weeks past show Cbar1esL.Dl1.! .J ...: 0'SriecII

: ; if you be a pig when you mind lo, I I as at the bends <>f the limits, &c. In a tepid that every express called at and took packages W., D..Branch, r : 1ernnet
you mind to, I fetch and car. bath by the aid of a little soap and a sponge or from your a Henry E. W. Claik Marion.
( bru h, he office.Very }
!I" : bt 5
process may completely perforra- I II Respectfully, John G. Reardob I' : -' Mro'
[ w a good rebuke to ninny minis I ed with a feeling of comfort at the moment and JiflelI.gab
You b't.
: w much preaching; that is! sornn. | ot much plea| *uro afterwards. Cleanliness of James Gibbons '
jomulimes puppy' just lo suit. the j the bOIl is closer connexion with purity of (Signed) THO. F. HUNT, J, Garrnson } DeDIOP. -S
; I' miud than is generally imagined ; and bothI Lt. Col $ Dep'ty. Qr. AL Gen'L Robert D. Bradley, -t

i in. March last, n great feat of pee I OUl'htlo be associated with our ideas of personal To J, B. Cow Eq, Thomas! Kennedy, l !
and loveliness. Grecian I
\ accomplished by Lieut. Lith. beauty Tbe fiction Post-Master, E. Bird. } IIi1Jsboro' i
I 'of yenu* being ot ocean born is typical of .
65ih infal1tr '.
:! light ) A match Palatka E. !
thn,aid which is derive from F. Nathan Norton -
; i ,,' him and a corporal to walk beauty expected to jr.
: i to' Bussetere -12 miles-and i frequent abolution and batbing.-Dr. Bell, on The facts with reference to the subject are James G. Cooper }I 4- -

I corporal did U in six hours and| Baths and Mineral Waters. not known, generally-and in order to rernov Spicer C. Braddock, S N33W -fitaT.a ;

: minute*, the lieutenant i.i four. t I misrepresentations & James T. O'Neill j Jr :
: ,I 'nty.thrc minutt8,'undcr a tropi.I I, The cry of every body i is, get on get on !"( .I lit. That lhre is misapprehensions I tate: Jockso ,Tyrwr.W. Mrflfunt
the con..cqurnco was that on the, just as if the world was traveling post. How DO Office route between H. William, l ,, -
'! both corporal and lieutenant were, astonished (people will be. when they arrive an Palatka and Tampa Bay.that is, there is no mail D. Dummett, 5 1 rviiVCes

( i : graves. i heaven, to find the angels, who are so mnch transported on that route by the Post Office N. C. Scobie, 1 I.I.huusquI lOe / r

I : I : I !I II wiser than they, layjng; no schemes: to get made Department. Ambrose Co per. I JIML'yin '
I1!I i is workhouse but isI ball the -
our Heaven i archangels ;- though failures in life 2 '. That John S. p'd
: Our chief business hire should[ .. arise frompulling in the horse as he is leaping. < military express runs oncq a week. Mills eermaas. S LUc1aogiBtbeL I
i I II j treasure tktre. :: -&*6.or Gauttt I from St. Augustiae via Palatka to Tamp Ba, Bur ibam. }S-.,8t. -b.. JI

;; l

t ,
: :; -I I i ; 4"I
: ,
: / I S
i ,
: '" ,!' I I.T -
: e I IS .

: : : : .

,t r -

'I / .
-i: .. .
; ".IIi .


J a :
I r- a- l-]


; ,
". ';," ,

--- ,t, ...f.,"_ .' .,-.---. ----
':-'T" --' .. i -"' 'J l.o .
S \ .
.. .
'e-. --
-. T ,'
'' .'" .' 'H "

Ss. t: -ii

." I -1.- -

SI. ,
i .


::'- Dlfin ar4rf" ''t' ': "ltf S-i: :;; I I. Nolf Ppisoxs.At tho' sitting' of the4adethy '. A quick Penny belter J ban' 3j I r HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND EXTRAORD.I iillege Physicians, in London,,&e.i First Aroerj. '. _

r of ScTc'ncVs of Paris, last 'month; a alow ShilliHgr.", ENTERPRISE SEVF.RALHUN-: icanlionL.the 'second Lotfdo'n 'edition", greatly! elll .<
,, '4L Fr1.I.f.' I DRED VOLUMES of New and Useful Booksnow Jarged.PrieeI2I2 cents. *
,:. paper was received from.M. bnlin. onjhaab.sorption 5U a '
W"W.DP-.DIJ "- J : 8.CRlBERbaviuljftdrtIUrnedw'ith i.i oi ON CHEAP PL.N. ,II1STOR OF A LL C H RISTIAN SECTS
,. ; ,. I TOE coarse pub'ication TIlE AND
of Ho rehtes aim following beautiful ortuieut of I '
poisons. and springand
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A11Ctkb0 J. '. '- 4 : I into the stomach .ofgrammes : iach 50 cenfi i i bouteti i i. now opening the following States. Pike in paper covers 25 cents; bound in From the Fifteenth London F.dil iotl'. Reyhied-ind .
umffietl&P. ,'h.J of Arseniou acid ml xed wJth milk Merino gauze Bilxarioes and bareges ; .2 enlarged.with the addition of .
E. $ I boards. 37 ) cents; ia cloth and gilt lettered 50 the raosfrecent alas
JQlten1 r.S.tS4 l. I ": '," ,and'he tied up'the opbiguiiTbO blood'oftroducing Balzarieii and fashiouaUa striped momn'Chll..u : 'centsJAMES-' listics j relative: to the relizious sects irnhe United'

o,1 ; .be1OU.', "J;i. ,. 'all these animals'-from' thV heart and Jarge i ivessels calieo';; tansy prints and chintz ; MO WATT & CO. Publishers.?" Broadway States, by' the Amercajn Edi'or;: Second"editi n.' <
Iubfl 1 : Welsh ant Paris atUnci&J flowers,eai'e new stvla 1 11)li
'' .Yoik, have I e in boards. 37 cent.ibuurid
Robert J.ac'h l .'. '. was put together and incinerated by, nitrate -,' Gauze Tafietea Satin and ribooM ; Wew made extensive arrangementsfor 'cl th"'taod'lilt.,.
II .. crape publishing during the rtt ,spring and summer lettered GO cents. -
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Swim,Jaconet, Cambric. and pliid ;
I"Georp Bo k in the various' of Medi Ind-iMry'd TrMimph-A"'ale for
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chyle, although way 6 4 Or2andjMoiljnnbtbbinetaud lace
I cine History. l uCIIlicn. Beile-l.tter., Pucliy anJ from ihe Freud *f Madame Eugenie"Fou-by .
Center, I. Lacy
gave no stain of arsenic., In tho fjeconflVJlper.imcnt Black llLLeie'iei f,r veils;Toil powder; .
Landau. with
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t. Romance, b the ben writer This will Cepyrigh"; an engraving.' On
W. A. Forward, ) : substituting 4-4 Irish tineas' Bird linen and cotton diapers ) nuquiec'tionbly Alvarez St., Johns.May. he-repeated the former, process,, ; eye ; form the most interesting library of Books the most interesting stories ever written rot the _
Gerontm for nrscniuuj acid double the quantity of Duniask taUe cloths. Napkins and Doyler ever published HI*t lie and tue small y'oong; 'conveving beautiful l mor'al.l Price
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::Jsof 'U. Gould 4- the dogs an hour alter having "administered the i Fancy fuatherind "pa par tins ;silk parasuls. ; as issued a very large and radii tale. The. would A WINTER GIFT FOR LADlES-Being- in. _

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Fancy silk shawls,bdkfr"cravats; _
was found in the Blood, and there was none -t all the newest and most fashionable j palu-rns .
4 4 Erilxt'in Blk.apd Curd. Gi'gham'; iJODLUN STANDARD DRAMA, 1.2 .
Puce 12 cents. ;
NwYB 7. jn the chyle. In a third experiment.on. tho Blk Marseilles ard ilk -
'f' : : 1 arid'Co1Jtimp; vesting, tlBIURT KDITIOX, TilE \DIE3 ,WORK BOXCOMPANION_ .
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jrIra1.o.,f long linniespuns ; SERGKAXT Containing instruction in all kind of canvass'work -- _
t ,cs'of emetic thnro, jras found a quantity of an. Blk. whi'e.! slate and uiixt Hosier English and t&ITKD BT EPES ,
ter from Ell JiUld.' j Containing aselection nf the' beatPla3s of Modern with thirty! new and exqnisilely: ei.gratedpatterns'This ,;
The autb concludes that them is no American.GnrjMaN .
timony. contains all the ___ _
Authors with Notes and Observations, engraving tovbc found In
; Explanatory ; anexpeo
Hibernia -which arrived In of such the vessel of the .nkreTu>; brown doinask fir table c/Jths;
''J1\Wi&a : absorption poisons by Costumes of characrer and Stage Direction ; tn be 4\e London work ja.t published, entitled & ..
have .d vices 445.4 and 64 Colrd. and white India mulling;'
) oo'Suodajr, -.v morning we. "chyle. completed 'in 50 weekly number, at 12 1-2 cents 4. Berlin Wool Work ; thd 'latent and. best of all _
all )Kind. slnUs ,-
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to she 19th fit April. _ _ umbie/las; pants ; the work tnis Price '
-; gI&nd each. on subject. of the American
'accoun1sbyIIIIbernIa' are not of ; A NEW BOAT.rrThe ,Buffalo Courier notices Linen Drill; Gauibrootist Drap D'aega'z; The series will!! bf composed principally:' such edition \'Z I -cents. ', ,
... coatipued: bund another aplendid, Steam: Dual now building ntPerrysburg Bek Camhlet lasting and Bouibazme; of TfsE NEW BALL ,ROOM. GUIDE tile! "
: .. .: ., Mooe1 .c &c. m-'dern dramas of celebrity a*, in consequence : or Eti.
Pavilion lace and 'fancy _
."rj pd.'Jl rcent. ',conipU We over:I (orthe, Lake, called the St..I* uU I An ex'iMisive atjuirltiiant gauzes; ladies soaps mnl tailors trim- j the restrictions of copyright iu Cuelauid, have nut queue of Daucingi containing'the figur iora-mb, > -

A w '". 'ottOfr'drJrnJ'O'.. 8 fur Ihe week t'-which is intcndl.dto be fiuit\bed..in a st'hof miiip', and litile uotious leO tndintis to meuliou, ill yet appeared in any collection of specimens of the favorite cotillions quadrilles, ;Ac. dan ,ed ar the I .

.,.e,1tttk'I_( 1'0 ia .t J,inftuenc..1.1tt unequalled splendour.Tbe, Courier says;- J of which will be, sold, at lowest, Charleston prices, by Biilith dramtu The dramatic eJu.1.d'r&'Tt.* of Tal- Qnecn's Ball's.A very ulMrulliule work in families "

flceotttiii bjr the Caledonia,henciC'. Insotkiinbe '..TheSl.'Limis is intended one. ardour,: first ., ILL I I'. WOOLF.ppital .. fouid,Croly,Sheil.:Mitturin, BnlwerTobiuKnowles! where dancing is practised price I2l.2eenti. .. ;

i? i.P- market' wu*. of 'eoure.fRid class boat, U about 700 tons burden and it "I COrller' and Public.tfqu .. Morton l D'Isrseli. Leigh Hunt. MilmanrJerrold THE LAIJIES' GUIDE IN 'EMBROIDERY iahrttL ", .
'i others, certainly po:es) that degree of interest, that AND *InstiJictionaJn _--' ; _
had iu Ipa expected will bo out time in August. '
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"price uodergonetio silk ,velvet uiuriin .
and dery on lace.'nieiuo; ;
: Court Itisti ict ol 22.FLORIDA. no well-selected library should vrhlna them ; Ac.-and 1. ; -
cI The cabin of the "St. louis, when finished superior < -
in with sixteen .
t bkDgt'1 yet few of these works have ever been presented to applique beeutifuIjivaad'pat.- ;.
Iooa. p ". taken by our government on the and decorated according to the design, will i the Americau public in a shtpe suitable for.preserra- terns. Dedicated to Queen Victoria. Enforcedly .

f_ rstfon bad .crtaled. considerable! ex certainly present n most imposing nod splendid In chancery. E lion. an American I ad,. Ill, 2 ci,. ,}, _
\ in ibt public mind.in England! but theiliih.4preII appearance and xcigbt be appropriately termeda Laura M, E. C. Evertsnn. bv her 1\ It is proposed in the present series to remedy this THE LADY'S HAND BOOK- OF THETOK "- -

deprecate! aol i interference on picture gallery. Mr. Smith has now forty ot next friend Juhu U. Evenuu. | Gcieocy. Ever) number will const of an entire LETTE: or the art of Beauty. A Manuafor Fashion ', f
I '
I. Report of Great Britain, oo the ground that tho panels of this'boat finished, each of which Complainant.vs. >On b II for relil r. drama, of a character to please in the closet as wellas and Health- containing receipts Tf all safe audsalutary : I
uddiiiunad is finished in itself of them on the and accompanied by introductory cosmciics. depilatories, wa.hes, powderr. I
";annexation; would give gt cat i pre- I a ,picture ; twenty Peter Skeft Smith. Theodore B. 'I| stage ointments, &c. invaluable work .
pond efanco in Iho Union to the iu tores t upon ,, are marine views, anJ tho remaining twen. Guy, Seymour Halliday, de. I remarks, hilltcricallind' critical. de- .who would increxre: or to every. Ia1y '-
The yldge-niaiks and directions, including a premtrva her personal
tblcb,'Jie/ rely Ibe'nv sl f,u n inaiiUenunce of,t ty are landscapes illustrative of Indian hfE'I fendanls. j sciipiiuu of the costumes of the <*haracier. will lie ditrms. Price \\'i I.: cents. The usual discount 1 _
4 frirtully polil'cal' and cnnimeicial relations views of the early settlement of the West "&c. APPEARING to the satisfaction of the Court given but.in ni intancit will there be a departure made to '. For ,

.vfeji .EQ&laJJd-nnmel( that of the southern ,I Muny of the paintings are original and vince that Peter Jsken Smith one of the dsfendanu, Irom the; text of tlie author The series will thn! nut office. _
,and wi'h skill and exelleul the of the abscetit from'his, Territory and that he resides in !
gttoQ growing state They regard great on part only be serviceable to iha actor, but satisfactory to : ,
-.w.r. belwrcn" the Untied Slabs and artists.:' Considering the 'roiuh navigation of I one of tie United Slates ant Iheodoro )). Guy. another the reader. J. MOW

bcland ai one of the greatest calamities that Luke Erie in certain seasons, we wonder why' ofnaid Defendants, alto "'.id", out,of tliisTerritoryand The general typography of the series will be new, hree cl1ii.Jlun ini l ; I __
in onoiher of the United States audou
e 1(1( behilt'.tbe,I wb countries. The Texan ru.swhdid Steam Ships nre -not substituted for Steam Boat !I motion of' the complainants solicitors it is ordered- and iiiiifurui ; and every number < oluori.t- a diilinct pIli! u. 1

)' i tut appear to have exercised any ma.itiepcuprnone7 AM ELEGANT Cosmrt.MEST.--One. morning" tha he snid Peter Sken Smith, aud Theodore B.' and entire work I.JUsT. in'itself..

.1 nffairs.reTuacmblid Guy, do appear and answer plead or demur, to the PUBLISHED : I
into her _
Mrs. AND
IP aithqt after E11ter! JloH. just as BillingUmwna stepping bill of complainant filed ,in this cause wi'hiu: five ; p
dip, but ibiisinos which, hits since occu. : carriage to attend SirJnshtm! Reynolds, who months from the publication of this ordei. or that the I

MeditsalieDlioQ: bu not been of u vet imp"rt- I was then putting the finishing touchs lo Ihe said till pro eonfesfto be uken against ihem; and it it Edited by Epee Sargtant. I __

Ilu: t fe. The,only discussion of any inter :well known portrait of.her as St. Cecilia, Haydn fiuVitrurdertrt, that notice of UIH order or a copi i THE .LIGHT OF THE LIGUT-I1OUSF, AND tion.declamation wiUi a

at wai thai which tool pluce in tho Hoiisw of came to put her a visit. Her engagement thereof be published four months cou* cuti ely, ac I OTHER POK&1S. college by

9r..W'se's motion for a return of wilh the painter being imperative, she proposed cording the provisions of the statute in uch cases, Now for the first true: collected! by Epea Sargeant. Vuginius

utiDMof, timonion employed in government to the gr ltt comp.*!- r that IIR should uccompahy made and provided. *i with an, illu-trafive engraving .on steel, dei'iied by odajued lo I .
persons her to Sir Joshua's-un invitation which he J.II. BBONSON,.Judge &e. J. G. Chapman.

'CI idiot!:'be"o\JtC'their\.fair.scare,being of to the1 show government that 'Irishmen pat' gladly Ilcct'ph d. Having loollCcl.tiJr sat ornt timl May. 7 1644.Superior. I t Prospectus of the Drawing Room Library. bound J t4tea.in by l I

:3Ti :'*rizs however is nn old story and will the-piciure, and with evident delight at. length Court District 01 East The werks inchiJeJ-'in this series will be either larwork
? p
'ad. said Hadyn" 1 can find but one fault in your original or such naure uoi to be procji.iJ. except at Inched to
bt ihe case so long os a Tory FLORIDA.
euBluiw in office.ir IU I. IPmiltoomur.h'ifraWof picture Sir Joshua, and that i U u great mistake : eitiavagtni prices iu any oilier shape. There i a Cb"II" mtPSP&&m'i

ministration couimury the High Church pnr. you ho v.j made." Indeed !" exclaimed Reynolds In Chancery. I ca'i ol productions, both,iu pro>e and verse, which G than C; ,
be colUd felicuies of lileialuie but which
and what that be 1" M Why, replied luuy ,
will tilltil' ; may Martha t. Reid administratrix if Robert
tr,ever 10 make such'concessions as M Mrs. ni11in .' RaymondReid their way tu the shelves iu (nr bsi>ks I 1y Ibe.IrMi people. It is only ,by the present Haydn, you havu painted deceased complainant.vs. i u they are with ihe cheap novel, whose- in six

rbltbrve .. iem that the ascendency of uState ton as listening- the anjjeU ; surely you'ought uuuie is Legiuu.lntlicuiuim eluding thi. ;
y to have shown the-angeU as'' listening to her."! Ozi '. T. Budditigton! Waterman Z. BuddinjctonJroen -
1 Cnurch'hot been miiintainctl.and until thu of a growing ta te in the public mind the inside,
i l4 In' relieve the' Irish from w ( It. Ilollmid, William S. Mitche.l; .Sannitfl S. for better thing*-lor higher s6ciniens| uf achievement papers I
hnqierj prepared u Lord! Nancy," said a girl" getting out of Mills surviving partner of Mills arid Beach Wtl- in the doiuaio of 174
thought-lor more Ulvigul sting,
that' intolerable burthen, he cannot dispensetiia the stage u ftw days since nt one of the factorKs liam RobcrlonJ. Wilson if nut mow iiulutaUlt iut lttctual niilriui.'iit, h<>:riitfj copy of

the machinery by which it has been Ktajt > in Lowell Mass. you've no idea how tickled e 1. 1;. Bull and Co, William Gf'iger. Venaticio uppear. To minister tu this t.iste-to contribute to livered to

boierd| up. Sir Robert's defence, Unit 1 bo to two you 1" f gus you, can't 'be Sanchez, Fe'er Bv Bontan. Peter B. IJomatf, the supply o'f ii* demands-Hill be the olject ul the

i ibe principle of governmeut lo uppyitit; thupuhlcsFrvan1' more licklcdei than l1 e," says Betsy, to be George Coolie, John M. Fonmne. Rafnel D. FOlltll', .. Drawing Room Library." 07

,|) not wih: reference to the places sure r ne, Philip Footane. \V IlIi.un Fontane, Frances De., By \\8) ol' preIeuitiug our credentials in entering able terms;
ef.Uwir: biilh but, with reference to their letpirie. Mattlipw Solani.inid Alary C. Solnna liiiai1eJsiries L non the Uk of editor, and out an a ..IU..le of what for the MJl .

plifkatiemll 1 is one of UIOH Hpecific general Ii!, A reverend lecturer at tho East recently took Pellicier and D'raea: his wife deirs ol Wttjniutid tn give, wo comuteuce the series wish acullectioti in the Unit

::11 bjhich e'iCl frcquunilv! covers aw.kUtt'one the ground that no man could bccomn an established Mary \\j .'IutlllIe deceased fun Roliert. Berry and JosephDowling u( our own Poein, it being ihe fiUl which ,May 14 : !
of 1
'... BCqUttllltt-d' viih the h sto. tact in syciriy," unless he got married. )I P' FIDe,1I1I nod cr'OlfoJing Rebercn Fiuexan Berry. Adtmiii.oiralruof and owlwJ: can bt laid to o.ir charge, Our other 'writings in :

"blltJAtim 'g.r1Hnent the argument will Cin lt U ralei' little turther"- he ''- : prusean ilV rs8, will, will i uppear in future numbers ) i
The 'ann goes a Wi1ThI iii Trave,. de'd, Ch rIei'B mfFmncU I B"lf'm.be ni"ouwhii,i-UMi..fcetics will lveiirili dih _
iIo"p'i'CiatedatJtcjult value. cannot hec-imc an eMablished tact," unless l he Gue:James B. Sione Bin iiiuihis E. C.rj\,.t Juhn. I 'wi xvutk'svf a ('aramt.nul intereiryvhich caonoi; -* ; "" ".

A warm debte also took placo in HIP House surrounded hinucll by a cloud of little witness Peck composing the firm of B. E. Carr & Co., but intuart to it a laitiug,value. vs ,: ... ,l:

,of Lord* on aVttotion for a return of the number es. and Francis I.. Dancy.defendants.' The Drawing-Room Library" will bj publulicdevery Juan Bias de Entralgo, Tharles Robioo executor ofF fl _

I of tipendtry miigUtrates appointed by tbe "-- --- week in nuuibeis, contaiuinx distinct works, M. Auu.lQl1d",JIIIiaJ.-\rredondn, Teresa M.Ar .
lot.Whir Viceroy, Earl Forttfcue. .This subject A NEW FEATOP.E.-The New Orleans Picay. I ON READING and filing the affidnvit of William at J'2 1.2 cent each. A title page anl tablo t>f can- redondo.Dorotea Saavadra.Domingo La:Ja/a,Francisco
been fruitful of irritation A. Fcrward EJlq.,aolicltol for COfttp laiualll and touts will be given when number *noub to make La Saga, Rosa M AlarUUfi.Juana F. Mart _
Hi also a source tine says : Every day brings" sginething now. on rending and filing lhereturn, of the Menihatotailie, a neat, uniform velume, ha>e appeared. But as nez Praxides C. Arredondo. Fernando Arredondo I -
tbesdroinistea'iQn; justice Ireland havih In '! popping the question, now, the stricken subpoena is ued ) htrti, and it appearing that a bill etery number viII be independent in itself tke pnr- Pa,iro M. Arr Jonde.. Joseph M. Arredondo, Mari

|bctn,'a* it is well uon.w long'pervertcd individual instead of saying, ':Mi?, will you has been daly filed herein on the part of the siid comphinanl chillier cj>n consult his own taste iu regard to those anna Arr61"ndo.lnez Arrednndo. Fernando Arts _

'wuler the:Tory regime, that no man of appn. marry mo!' exclaims, Miss' are you in favor and a subpoena dull iiied; thereon and it work whirn he includes in In* bound collection. aid diMido, Francisco Arredondo Gabina Arredondo .

_1 ito,ri clplel hava chance of,fair play. As.toon of annexation T appearing by laid affidavit that two of the mid defsn- !! mail subscribers'can: reunt for one or more number Maria Arrodondo, Man'uella Arredondo AntoniaArMaauel

M the whip came into office they n p., .-- .-_- .- dante to wit. Philip Fontane and Frances Delespine. 'I of the work III the, may desire. For One dolar: eight. Joseph Arfedondo,Catnliua Arredondo.Loa t(
1I pointed stipendiary' magistrates who were res. To all Iii h011l it may Concern. reside out of this District and at Key West in the : numbers will be ,sjut. Price V I 2 cent !i. Arr-'dondrr Isibel Arredaoda. Maria ArrsdnudoMnntiel '
and southern District of Florida and that Robert Berry U Arredoudo,Teresa M.Fatio Louisa .;. .
poosible) the Government for their 'acts, 1JOT14F: is l1tRWY GivtiN that I. Phillip BIOGRAPHICAL SERIES. _. 1 j
and other of said defendants '
Uowlillg two
of Ihe tin Cecelia Arredondo. Frederica Arrtdendo and .
counteracted the influence of the lost will (
I, corrupt ii A. Yongo. Surviving Executor reside in the Middle District of Florida. It is there To be completed in about fifty tmn.b(.t$, each n.m*>r or Fernand.1 Arredondo. defendnnU. ,. ,
lord rnaciaJt e1. Ono of the first steps of Sir and t s.axirntof John Fraewr. dcceaod have ap -
ordered that notice be given in COHbtin 130 and Published
upon by publication volume, to pagtt upwaidi. .
Robert Peel's administration was to remove al. poiulodVilliaui A Forward Era., of the city of St. AMENDED BILL IN 1 1I
some newspaper publinhediiithi* Di"trict requiring tttai monthly, at 25 coat per volume, '
Bust every stipendiary who wus supposed to be Autjstine. 'ntfie( county of St. Johns aDd Territory said persous to app>-ar aud answer ..lid complainAnts will consi of intere T HAVING been rpadeloappear by'affidavit thai Jr' _

favorable lo tbe great body of the people.- of Florid, my lI ent. Attuniey and substitute fur hill of' omplaint within two months or that said bill 'hiueriel of eminent male deeply and female*ling, such memoir a dill lias been duly filed in this cauxe and that 1 .

Heocttltttcrimony and recrimination which rue mid i in my niiae to trtnuct.1I bunnies relating will be taken pro confess agninot them, and it is further person been in furm.as subpoena hsa been duly issued and it being aliohnade '
calls forth whether tu said estate, ia said Territory of Fit/rids, to recc\eten.ice ordered! that notice be published once in each hive never hefore piesented of'am a popular to iipear that Juan BUs de Entralgo Mari M:Arr .
treryalhtsitn lathe subject 'l'h."ill all time cbaun. w nk "f fiction
of nroce**, to appear and answer to the aallle'. week for two month. possess < dundo,Ter l. M. Artedondo, Dtttttn* Saavsdra, .
id.or out of parliament.It all to act, amply and fully as 1 could with additional advantage cf Leil.: II bOo Now La .
and in thins *s Order entered and certified this Ifiih day of March Dou.ineo La Saga Francisco 9ngn. Rosa M, Mar } .
r'l 1
it generally,rumored in the political circles and'would.or aught to do, were I personally p'reseut 1844.' eady- linez. Ju\na f'. Martinrz, Prsxides C. Arred ndrt. j :
4htt'the Irish Registration Bill wILl be abandonadliY in said Territnrv. GEORGE R. FAIRBANKS, Clerk. No. 1.-THE LIFE OF MADAME D'ARBLAY.. Pedro M Arred"
ministers. This is another of the ingen.km I All persons indebted tn the said estate are hereby (formerly bliss, Burney) snithoreta of Etehua M. Arrcdondo, Mainna Arredondo, Iner Arredoado "" : ..I _

devices resorted to for the purpose of cur. forbid arid forwarded. against making any payments tc., in two volume at 25 cents each. Ferr.nndo Arredoudn, Fran .iJlco'Arredondo, Gabina! <' : .\
or etlterwifet,transacting the business of said estate No. 2.-THE LIFE OF GOETHE-Frqm Ms Arredondn. Maria Arredondo, Manuella Arredondo. : \ .\ !
the franchise Ireland and thui remov. Notice \
- felling in and the notes of his .
with other than m>'self or my said own autobiographical papers Antonio Arredondo. Joseph Arrednndo, Catalina I: ,, '
3, bf from Parliament men that Sir Robert any persons HEREBYG1VEN that two months afksr date, contemporaries in 2 volume, ot 25 cent each vol. i .
IS Arrfdondo I.OU'M Arredondo Cat- ; ,
sjent i ; \
from. .As ho once the subscriber will his accounts to .
hI' '
roost to apprehend present .
demands required to ptesent
All persinshavitig Arra
inot Ireland is his greatest the Hon., the Judge of the Ceunty Court of St. NerD Works recently by J.jldwatt & Co. idjnaArredondn.3InritArredondo.ManulM. I \ \
declared published
trophsticsUy thlt same within two years from. this date or they will dundnTeresa M. F4tio, Louisa, Fatio Cereilia Arre. p : : \' _
difficultyand as*he !has,not the. moral courage I be forever barred. PH. R. YOMF.S I' Johns, for adjustment dec.,as Administrator of tbeestat6( I 174 Broadway. dondo 'redt'rica Arredondo. and Fernondo Arredoa .,.tcll'

,16I' >ftwtheerobarrasment in the proper way he Surviving Executor' &c. of Won Murphy LAURENCE, RYAN Adtnintstrato I ANIMAL MAGNETJ )J. OR MESMERISM, omc of the said defendants reside oat of this _

'Ml'adopted his usual cautious policy ol walk.I1ond Darien (7a.. Jfo 1843.. Its[ History. Pheiiotupni, and Prtsont Condition. District, au l in the Inland of Cuba : .
it. He however hat this Regij.IratkMijBHI May6.1844. containing iiKtiuction. and the lot M discouirie ).
finds On Motion of Complainants hhcito .it order i ,
''is will mOOt with strong.ppmiiion in Iiolkitiou or C'opartnersh p. ill the science, principally derived from a e-l; that notice be given by publication in one of the :! ', .

'the. ,House of Commons, where its insidious miHE COPARTNKIISUIP heretofore existing Notice. recentwork by William Lang, with a supplement p"i'er'printed| within this Dixtiict requiring l' 1
f'sr. character has beenably exposed by the 'Irish JL, uudi-rthe firm CKNTElt: UOlJDY & CoLe WEEKS after date will apply to tie Hon. containing new and impt-aUnt facts never before said defendann to appear and answer complainants. I

leaders,, we do nonhink that be will venture this da v dissolved by mutual eminent SIX of the County Court of St.John's court puolished in the United author Stutes ot *' Fact; by i Mesmerism Rev. C auncey, bill of complaint within six months otharwitb said '.. I

to ,GEO CENTER. ty. ";r letters of Administration on the Estate of Hare 'ruwu4liiJ5 bill will be taken pro confrsso anlnst': ; them. i "
..lUorward.potMjderablo ,. '
press Price l5..e,1 .
JOHN RUDDY. PaiLir SOUNA Jr late of said county &c Order entered and certified, this 14th day of March
excitement continued to prevail A MAGEE. R. D. FONTANE. THE MODERN STANDARD DRAMA, edited 1844. I ii'

\ 4n Hmd on ihe subject of the suite prasccatfoajT'A St. A'izntine.J'n"nry 13. IP44. April 15th 134 4. by Ep.* Sergeant, author of"' Vel. lu'. a Tnaredy" GEORGE R. FAIRBANKS.Clerk. 1 I

new trial .was to be moved for by the ffl 'tlb lollowii: p r cowricted Repeaters and the writ of error was ceivcd from the Shakers and will he tvlt at WILLIAM W. L.CRIXG, ready j CUSTOM HOUSE.: 1 t fj
r called half M. H. TUCKER. No 1-ION, a Tnged/ five actsBy Thorn jo Sl.Augastine. May 11844. 5 I
r'9l>e,entered on the day they were upon price by
ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. Noon Talluurd Sfrs*mint Law. From the Author's '
be received at this office un
White ,Onion. I White L'elory. r
wifpwr for judgmieni. The general belief I : York ST. AVGUSTINE, EAST FLORIDA latest edi-ion. With stage directions, description of PROPOSALS next for keeping the TM REE I! '
/ Onion .Sets, .1 Early Cihbage. _
vutiiaitbo J
judgment bequasbrd.Tba Carrot. | .arty Sugar Loaf do., December 23d. 1843. costume, &c. 12 I. -nts. < BUOYS lately placed nn the bar of this harbour in 4 f .J
Ornge ,
dinner given I,. Mr. O'Connell by the'tAsbitants Itonnd Spinnage, j VegvUble Oyster. .' No 2-FAZIO. a Tr ..gdy, In five act*. By Rev. tbechannelshiftirig l tham: 'beneera change in '
_ of Cork, on iho.7m of April"w8s an Early Cucumber, I I Winter Drumhead ) Notice. H 11 l hnm From the Author's htesi: edition:- such channet renders iflicesimrysnesto h... ih"ni :!
800 With he .Stage L>ireclion l 12 I'2 cents 'always in the deepest water ; and fur placinz at
eothutuutjc affair. Upwards ot persons Extra Long do \ Obb pe, J ctuuaned I
against paying .
LL are hereby I
persons LADY OF LYONS. Sir Edward
3 Til B
No Dy tM of tha costractor. the whole of ehHnoy.or
the chairman Mr. Smith Winter crook neck ) I t.arg'1'msto. ) expense \
;were present' being I any money due o' to become du for lumber i l.vltnn Bulwtr', 12 I'!cents. t
such of theni/an m:1yrflJm tune to time be
VBrten, the member fur Limerick. The prin..cJpal : Squash S \I I Early Frame Pens- bought at tho TEAM SAW MILL, North City to 4-RICHEIIEU. Sir Edward / f
No By Lytton from of
i Potato do. [ I Marrowfat, i lost dcxintyed. the lit July next, to tbe Itt ,
Gov. Sweet nrge
of alluVion was of course .b .oner. : '
topic any person I Bulwer. 12 ).2 rents oCJulyt843or1816. / i
croment: ond it (formed the text ofiMr.O'Connell'sspeechr Summer Uuh do. j Eaily China Snap Iteans, J.R. EVERTSON. HONEY MOON. John Tobm. _
\ 'prosecution, I| do. do.Ruts No 5-The By A Bond with! two approved sureties:insnch form !
Fiat Dutch Turnip Purple 6 144. -
The gentle- April .
do. '" White do do. a 12 1.4ccnts. and for aucn amount the Treasury ,Department
man expressed himself confidently! to his be. Long Scarlet Biga Reddish. j I| Royal White do. do. ND 6-Tlio WIFE. By James Sheridan Knowles. may direct will be required to ensure the faithful ". -.

inl_ble.to scj aside he judgment.IJINDOOMAXINS.. | Scarlet Turnip do. j tong Musk Mellon. J!'oticc, 12 I 2 cents. performance of the contract the cqnditisns of which.

t| Dutch Per ergr ... I I Nutmeg Musk do. do hereby forbid all persons from trespas INFANT TR EATM ENT-wimh directions to will' be more fuPy explained Application to this .
WE before, during. nnd after /
mothers Self-mauagemeut. office. A.W.WALKER.
CabbngeHead Lettuce | \Vater Melon, in any manner settling on or nrvcym;
',Riches are easily acquiied and when acquir Early luipf rinl .do.. I Fape. or running any lines on or through BIG WETUMPKA prelI.ncy. Addre4rd mothers and nurses. May 4 3 Collector. // i

b ed,,! WIth exftme care preserved ; when death Early'Turnip Beat. I| Bell Pepper HAMMOCK.in township thirteen. Rang tweaty IJy Mrs Harwell, First American ediiion. revised, /

tomes' they are gone ; be not, therefore anxious '. Yellow Sugar do. I Guinea Sqnasb.i one, where"we owu thr. e thousond acres ofland.sfo enlarged and adapted to habit and climates III the .fQrl E. j/
tor wealth. !i While do. I I Okra. DktB of being piiLuheJ accord g to law. United Slates, hy. Physician of New Yerk. Under 'k.-LI4 persons hiving claims or demands againstthe i __

Tbe this world bears two March 25t b 1844. :. D. FEUiNANDEZ. the approval and recommendation.of ValenijumeMott Estate nf PAtter A. Mamicy. laCe of St. 11
poisonous tree of : in ..,, 25 Bound' '
Price cents.
THOMAS 1.EDW1TH M U. paper tI. John's County deceased. are requested to present f
fraiti Af exquisite flavor-poetry, sweet os neeUr.and Notice. I D.s.4. -I3. in cloth and gilt letters. 50 centa. them within the time required l'y law, and those indebted .. i

the society of the good. I CURTIS ON THE PRESERVATION efr SIGHT will please make! imnndin'e payment to -
demands 44
si -
i gain Henry
As is raised with labor a Persons having any ; di.u.eof the 1M nep, abuse and choiceof ,
a stone great up I ALL late 01 Columbia County Dece" ed, are NOTICE.I. -The eye MARY L.'sJANVCY, rainiitratrii.,. lt j
mnunttln,but thrown down instantly, thus are them within the time nrescriU-t' I person haing claims or deirund ngaini Speo'acles.! By Jonn harrison Curtis, Au May 6. 18-C4. < : t
tr virtue with difficulty, and out requested to nrefynt ALL of J.I.. (Palmer late o' raid Cotiniydcear stand Oculist to tar Maj j.ty. Price 12 1.2 centa.THEKMALCOM b !I
acquired Estatft
I : by Law or they will he: (.iever baned. And sill those p < JR.'l'. ole POPULAR! HINTS Coots and Shoes,-' : { I T

vices, with ease.Ut t iuilebted In ,.Vi4 estate will plts" mike immediauipaymenu I >il. t.re requested to present 'hem within lh! fz.im coughs cold and confiimptlions. Fine assortment> of( Dt1ime J''a &ad LadiesBoots I. '-. 1J _
'" tn ambassador be the king's eye :in sur.' WM.TOWriSE.ND Ezr.I time required by law, and those indebted w II please -For preservation A !
'i Wiih iufurmatioii UPOII'aome points of Germ and Shoes of the latest stvle, for sale at '
7iog ,bit dn, and vsjry other region and ic I t MARY ANNA JONES, Elfl.'J j'make immediate, payment B. E.to.CARR Administrator. man Practice in the treatment of inch 'ea... 8"lit educed ..by, itO, BUET It CO. : \

!I I'what Is practicablo_ and impraclica- Lancast.rC lambIa County E. F.< Jae.30.lS4i. .George! IA ,Favrs, M D., Fellow ef the Royal' Dee I*. '
eli 'J 1 AngastUth: 1843. ; I -
1 \ .
4 -
I -. : ; ;
\ _
., I
\ r. : < --c
I ; ,., I : '. :,. -. .:' .
.. ; ," .
., -, c -- ; ". .
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'''I:!WII') II' I.' -, ;: ; .'
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mllj; :l\lll'\ ",.'.i": "

_._ ,
.._ _t__ Eeaffi6SI3SSSSSS **5r .
--x' -. -. S S .
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. 4--
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__: I; -. ., 4

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_) I I

E- : : TtL # I IS

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.H 4. 0STIL5

,. SS -
-'- -

- Hr ..lln.h I '.' J t.n I : ; iUr A r \bftUG&'MED1CIE'S,.5!* Britannia, ,iia

# I. ; ---m: JOf / .. < jtesq1tIQ ; ,- .- iu'fbePttsl Office at8t-Augustine,1 4'; "- LiJI- & 55 Ware.CASTORS. ihii'{
c fj trft1t1T(1aY ; he .Council of Su.Auyifttn Ul3Ft 1R.Pmaining 'PuNT's i CD, DYE STUFFS -. -
it City I i* Florad\v tho>. 31st ilarcli,'* 1844'wliici* |k < .) Trav,} Candtf. T

'.>tuiay ; and improvement oftiaP.ubjic; tiqnareii noffaken-out tlireemonthK wiIIbe sent 1)) ZSw : Gookh !, Snuffers and .Ttaj1'c.j IIIH
1b ;kad JtJry
|Mid.<}ilv.k ii wii;! Monnmenr qn' re; *! / rI D'IWrtJTtMilirtdlty.thrt.Mayor T To Tea Pots, German! silver
0c icnhe Dead Ltr rOirice'lrr SVa.shiagtorr, D'i Si.oohiijo, ,
: u i.1 1u4'c..i: -- 'Ti ..andMdtrnii- paid 'LIV' Establishment -C Shoveb. Tong, Kmrdi and 'ir1 u
4 In &odr. ie t tity that ii !;%ni l>eU ful.4iid it.i hereby pmlnitttd i I -c. :. of 2 pieces ; ahio byipi.0 cpIMe1t

: ;; fur ihe owe i or occupier* of the Jou:htli.j the mm |. : A "' "IrwiriJohii'' : .i Co Wwfa'o tTH/'rotU'Wbs f'4kjffeLs. '" II oe ,Sad Iroii.. Cottsposii ioi'1amat1
.. them si>!e said rqnaie, to nrikp a public! f-iojwajh ..Awe1$ Li : T. \ \K! .;' SS Arritdnayenna; ? : Mace4 !- l ;: CtIery. Nail IIarnmerfl1 :

e : 2 &,top aLM. Ad4HjtjiptrfiUr,.<& uTjiiflk} utitftWfi to bettn aC the north: rcn'isf.1 <..iId'qairaaiAt'Geuigactreeti Ahdre Fiai.cis'Scn'r .'Kaple'ilrr ..' ', tAtdif i--r>: '." '.MagnecraAntimofey :,- : Slate Pencil, Common Marbles, gdth

f11 .4 noiijg i.oijntUi...g*. tjia ncertaHi running 4b uce,<*ouUi u.iitten'.fbc K&ily FW -. -- l ,**- 'C&Idifled :' *
tlhenrtfia *
: : sit -i-. > .;-,. '- >.: l feys, Gun FlinU. German Box Mills; Sv"Gtrnnn
'oecro man named Titus h.t* beiii ttiy pt Chinch ..properly. U y ; L.- Arrow lloor -J "*' ." Manna : i Locks with I.
_ % Esit4ch.ai4 to CtIflri4tettv.ut .- Bfe.tierF 'f. S Lnng/aiire-51' | Arser.ic ; ;t5 .. -- ..Musard'S 1 Hard ward, Cutlery ana German, go Goocbai ra a fi IB'1 .
ua"4 .ppraierdareuwuCJile iu Liii! Alfro.1.ttai .-Imillie Iswful, aril 4! ij.J. e'iyiper- Broker 1j.fdtitn'! '** *'*' 'Lawton'Wiflia.Tiiaiii Aqua Fortesj.-T :. > .- I'dde .. : ta.

oiita, 213 1iig tLereo(, the iai4 TnuUfln milled, fur the owners sir :i ctiip r? nfilM.kie f fitting sirr..w.Iaru'tC r M 1 icthilktoi ?' :. Apithonia- ., S .

;. 4 thii.stiuiIisri sidis oOiid tqiurr, to mak* ipia1sic S. .. Airs.I ' "' l ,,MViiiiaui '**" "" .felufyitrul ,/(>ulsalU.' I. .?; -. .*.t i. /-\ Notice.* /-'i, MLL
oie f..wiy la !tifgiti;ut the south wfei corner; f said \ 5IporeChfa D''. Borax' \/\ ;Nulmegs; / : -iJ& indebted to th5 estatVi "*i"--"
( hbW $ ? quLis and GevrzeMrrei runMing.iht'nca ucrrhjty ISr.iin.1.J : Miirth'i Susan B4b Brick'.f- : ". Nipple! Sb-elU"! ' persons
"*"' dL H anus n. are hereby caKoairp! t.
IlerIOt1IIeCIICLSLL4Ha Vooruif ": 'Masst JoJriri'! :
ruffinaUbiiSWfl& .d I3)W'enJftCk -
i'iiLfl ; frouia i ,LOW of ireein>.fniht vlB..A Baiiiiii! Cdavi _
r : .... ;Bi. nt tithe nndeisi;h d. (who iinIvI} aAhirrk{
: cJ3l4F4! lb''Mud Jf'ew. PuI* l>)l&ii'|itc $ fitttj k/dly ointiyd direcljli'he B: or Sarah McAJabdh TV j S.- 'rb : 7 Neitifnct45r'1' 40rvce _
wi 'bU41j4I \\yaodrnffio\y' othai c-.4) Hraun from the i>freaid row.of .tree* toJJo ptri Brown Ken be n ''"" Jlnr'p'nvlMiaBetsey j "i. is. AVintergreea.iPepperm'inl >ve the m noiffiedlo.) and those haiiaidoridandsixy it

I : $ .t I to barra*a bun ; And fcrroHiWaWnr fi-r1 hfntfrW i.eVnpiers ; *m 3 *-5telet! ( "Jake's 33 h tme prescribed by law,pr Ir
..lands grVatly n> [ it < Barton A ; rjLtqilid .;- : Y : "Annise i..j /i tb( f -
Uoyf ja tia tbf iAdrnirustntipri;o( ,1 of th.i nfort yaKl lot-$, on erS-KtmT/ C? 'N .*' "MJiiidn 'Nancy : ', flatemaNtdrdpi t Ollaqf Jlose,5 ,, .. ., thei S ;'iI1'be fot rbaredj '__ _
ihe.hid\ll j.j.afiir\l). Bi "**' "MftcKeil-MichafI, '
he iihere19uhpVdth ; ( it.tnibQflt'eiisry a1pthcr; sie h wcI ;. JI( 1iitPfIQiqf% 'iirns lwclJ EHIig '. BlarKh'Chnrlf' "2 Urji3IL Lure .' OpodTidoc I-_
I .pba &iuj M kt. ;iM(ftL irsiuj y. :tkt.pLtI.L. ; j" IlPeb.ii.iie /Baker siieny M& innjry! Dr. Th6tha. e .Cawplur r., 'Peirl.'BarJey. \ ; -

: :uij vIU: d for any ;IJl414:4n! ; tL; JJlvdenlnir* W. C.. .. '. 'Nen1Ihuhat/r '-2., Castor Oil C.'P e Parfuuifery a ferge i as6rt- .- :

_ I ;Iii. ,, iisrtctGe"rt .. IhiiieIdJohtFtriiar4EF 1'Cal.imel) meal of all Kinds ''. 0 I ) L;tt no'I I -'
or he in y :l ili-posid l u> $ear put ftU. / rori'lc4 : S MtrpH/Itinrf j iUobioride LiaiiiareWar Pifl1.thxe! 5QV chcaiei.- 4 zji
I bei'eb'y* "* /ib wturI4id tree* or hhrnbbery. shall b( I Boyd Johni: VJ 'BT''Ala ee''Patrick ,4tfonuvtll Seed -: Putitic tnh 5I iit I _

Otote per in inch )li.ij2 iid7 form,as !nl! hc iirccUaLy Lieut. Edward M-t ft ing I/Trios'-/ .' ( afife-ip P ini RrhI'h? : V' Alio I -AfinesoBlofuporjauplstalivji.
t '
.c : proleiKliuj!: IOV_: an CtIUI ihere ttift run 1'3 'tit I; C-: -. -Aliihrenbtirg'P" CanihaIdA : : .I.iiiaziBtui aIb'y.
iip4U.; ciA a3epr3)efOJft thiouri &o Ii9ld'n zi this .IdI3LHi "id. 1II. r t dl.ViMWofJfiiepb 'Mitchell Koifert" 'l i :i Qnicksilseri' -Ur
( < rt *f" i "M $ :
> '
4 r : .LM1d.CVIHIty.E :th ta4v > v %v : .. '*Ari'l'utfO' < '!5s U iB ** tB .v -i'l v ** tan* -/j-i iiisoaik.Fiowevi i'i'i ,"liad.Giueog ;
Ipi'ci4: A. Altos' OU-JI S, C>ruulie|] Cr.tnAbtiliaw I
: : I.1i CouwciJ I I tinnrnUfl: .iLL.ut9ct.: .2 .
I .CfclaudJdtrYC- '. ;- I ':Vuve. '- )iarl Sar* p
t I JUye a$1al.v ; :tA1! Qcihp ti. I. t>>.Uilm; LiI' P1rAnthonvCI4i Ltouri Pttiter; f,. ,(- Riiit lrituitOiieIt .f witbrn the !iu1130f the cjy,.
t -. pitc4 ..fisrtJiepir4c ku 4a ? U. J D Pijr'cI* J.1XCsttjii [ .tlci1uuar" L.IId&k& .s. I
; ) : S : ji ; .1 ii 3 S Is withi'ot f in'i for lustY rehi-f.
n : : %Le4 Ji&tOinivit qie PItIJIIC BtIikLaIgs.1uhI, 97Ie % M C -1).rry.t.typerit: Lork UiceG ngfi

:. IflSWu public ; ; [ reet5 %c&Z1I! c1y.! LGorcntisriidiulas P.Ict; John R j 'Frtir -ifir"n '., '*. Se 1.Iteitoydainedbvttieof L. .

.U Pi2bL&q iLyan1 IbiL oie. of St.B Atft..i'j. rCdinphcUAlr-% > Porltt'Joi.eph iVCI. '- ,: ;il&iaIi"; SYeflei' the CiIywC.ft.Asuitiuer 1' Liipls3 i ,1 I
and .,,b Wili.im! f .Parr-J'.hK 's ieed zI u ( 'ji'or
__ I '. : 49VI4 jhI1 ? Jf iibr/taiufdiby ttp,Mayor I -: I eafsng ___
tre aforeadLry
- I_ 1qv_ pFotInuwL kY X P .\ugii4'uie, ilia*. U/Mly "er '??? I II I 1 ( thy Edward PIiI Ch13 rIri'lQfee,1 t -. ,.. S* niii; /. .._; -. I dl
:' IeLc ; ufJl1( $41 i iae aty ciuiniflPiW'1'1 I hblcimi| ,upoii thq trj-es. ird!{;, cuiorbreak. ; #
I I vi: i / ii .luy.iimmi'i wilfulinjure! ( th tre? i..vr' : ? LCoJit* HfeAryF { R i.kpnP.\V kIIfb: k Soda.do;" two- heel pteauf earr'ie. 6T1 M1'3j *

-1 tea ub"e roriiifHdifc.C faster* in teaid CiS .h-ill! tig! up tie: soil or injure 'i 119 ,grabs''u;nv growjii "Clelai-d Maria'S : R drJ 'htTD Y-,1 ; :; :
Austlin tUil rs1.dayvOl rch A. D. 1644 hereaft < r'I. RU K U i IEpnrn1eotts Irwo d !t3V9. ;
r } <| ; | )r.ajajidiuf. or yrhich miy.be ; ;riigrovjy isuf : .
z, ,- ; v b 8 .i:. LtJLJA). un'idlii.igl'ii>lublic'M.torel{ ) or anyTie i >v.f"C// jtot.rt ki.girii Alexind.wr Pi ;i1phur_ .; .5 SRUti? fluYjhlUS.- Et ry piai:wb e1 ili4ukt'boMut
r- ..* : Rti' APx'4,4if : : : / ii Ib S : 1 j j'i ('fl4j
uotirfCounty.,- ti4lti .hJAtunitt Mrs. ;<> -
t. tIIy c.iItv grL.tit or or Ftx..ee(1, . t'n8... .
: j : ,ir.3Iy atic.c.cifs4d; city. 1.3 ir Le i J I)tt rnmrit Mrs Frances S .JUinteli( 1 VanO > -" G"w e .4-' > t I i .: ..gar&a- S 1 se.c 21a -

; Airuecopv. vtL:18lIieouuItIit or boiji. tr .: : : ; g I tOhnIu' t--; .: rid I ni p ttiif 4sseringtnd -

'. % .-. i'Tsf '. a fi'ee negro tiiuhto: i'i iTan?, fine or_iiiiriri.-omne'l i-Jt r
I : i1r.whilJp1g| | pittcuin'.n i rt iseto.'i' ifIJ1e 3I.t orinI, ) T 'II1t1fliDJIO'1II1).I..1iheJI' 1Iiilte! ; v v Sup Oarb-Soda ,; uiaii J [ ..JoliaPtl ,thtui Jatite1 { sticli-

I I: :: u. a: MAIL. ,, ,' filf, he4f ErJb I IIuwgn.rt'Ad4i'in ." ,trietids ; - ,*I | ; .< 7 '*' *- Savannah and Florida S'ncfcet 2. Be; it iriIi'.T oW-ined by ITU fi'r.riiKity'nfire Snii'h Oul P 3 .: : ;M rib SulpF Quinine co hithfl1.ft 9Y; such 1 i 1they.hhiie1faI

I I F.OU PALATKA. (CE. F.) 'iti.I!, li-il! ifaii) i.dr-oi or |iff-u s.1wli. in nis'$. ui iin.*r'irj'ir Diii.cau '1 li'imai care of Siir r. G 1H I'rJgactn.th rSirauSi SV3ter : : I o1 ad; that Uui IJ UtJtIdLIeIfl ine ( fI

r' riA D/R1EN.BRUNH'ICK.si JJMATSJ.iCA'7 -- n..atia:** *:. LFiair1kicor'-iteriitov. ;any public (: SI.'rtIn V H -, .s ezieaI .-Syruigeij II' :- I imec ihiru-iJwner YvM7dm1tton'

b BLACK c.fiEEKHCULAI'A fIAEOVK "iiip. in.trkei ;bonsu. or |'f fcriy Yv\itfin: t>t u i j eirliin'inr Er. rl .>\\Mter l> 2 -SiniibMrH.| 14sney! :. P1dater 'I ili i--ru iir iYthe1 ,
; 4 CARRV1NO T1Z C s.- iiririd PLAI KH. : tuany il.irt.ot I I iLut-.;,, U'.oKs, rccor.fs. work- r:% riti' J! irri.K 4raliIJr1h Harr t'o'UI S tafle; iti dtiiitI1 !14ft11 t9IrW1dI

i i fW HE.6w'ner' "of Uie'Ste'arJitr : T --- -1TII iW'i in: iiMils orinipW'rii-iitVor'tlie 'city, or nt'y pr .; eriywdil r.Mn-r-dt Oi'hi'e' D s'rir Ji'Vrn' ( &Piwdf'M'r I 7 !! itti.i'gtu iaivritin_ ___? ,

? JL" haie ebartereaVKteVrabtrnUo' taK j 'the .;.w-' !-u.;edoT eniployvilbj I ih Hty. nily'piiMKH'iul Kuing 'Jrjl.- 2r A PatneG' Ink ,! Cid. .. -. :. I by tlii .M jur),ih.r arneunrthe-ouodiaidjtjianeJa ,
urtfjietr Bonf'vtbilo ','unilergoins$ iepuii Tur' 'a few din or public properly nr/4tII { ri'psit hit.PHIItJ f 2 S.. "' S : 11. boriand* nod' c. -

_ tJta nn1y. 'v // VThif .' ;', \ ""- tiflhiy chiiri-Jior.scooul .'ittiiii stiAcity. or hh4r.lu,4.uynr Fail il'iiliain.! I? s- Sti'h' PffJT Sk
Boat-will leave -3aV wiahTorfbfi hlm'n mined IntiM.$ ti..tf& (t tiit IitbtPcttet1! 4.1t.4th cit .JLe. .liis I'orn-t'-r Mii n-rKiiluva ; J1n.rt -ti ;jay: *' It Vpuiiu Ked -. : hie iI1'4 of the Ciy' l.jtay .

c p\acps\ every1 SafttX f. at 4 oVIScltV P. ill. t.cmi al' ttL'\! uin.u. MIJ! : !: iirfcfi- lion or i(>ipri*<>utuorj. orboiu. (ml'in; 31 .' np iJ'1'ri I AVm Ivory U))5f Verdigtis - Cr, -4. ufintiisr untkr',. tbe provt.wz P- % iai.. ...
let tli nftiVa? of the'B nts fr.ui ClVrle": on. t>n tu.r or ircukifdxp r-oi}. tine or iuipiUu niejit! irio F. rri.V tiFontine i Stiictiti \ TTatl..r a.- VuriiiiionVfcf ; ,*.I IJijtibePasW anI.tt ;, d pvrn- haJ! w1t "eS : i I Inagice. pind

I rfltfTi WilHia-te Palatka e\r\y Tttx&itay hiorning, ':' oi buiri at the discretion of the .Msyor and. John M T Yiit.:55; j f) ILIaIZICCGU'tt iiraLiSrbislKe'tieiL (

J 1eo1itiind'ty' HI JSti'cIock. M 4hrit'n. S. G i .: S I1i&Ri: ? _. 2 Ipic c ; .. \ I'--. ; \ otursfhl; gibe'Ii '* Iilaid I3bhe
'Te? xfjtrarrivein? Savanntili ovcnty' Tmrs-iay :T5. H it t further! ",Jaliieil by thf! > i.itIorityfreniJ: Gne Frinci* L '. 'F.nil it Ri.ni.t! : Liiirou| Bnll \Vato Colon *> orlh 'Ia.

r ; in time-to coiTii'ect with the Ch'arlftftou Bints, v..In* Kienve iat'it f\\-h\ b.; ;t.m (iii.| :-us ii -litrebV luai'i* ih' sj' C'--irr.; jni MrsJooJin.ui (J ThbOtT.3. U.itH..rf LI ? IhutiL S %Viangjap.rI'n S .; t-e5! .U'riitid' Alderman rt.ye. 4j'tI

_* :. : tIio'hioenng-' nil int! ) oTio! City .M ir,!nl l in 1 tit d ty.liine. mij the ( S.inniel' Mtl CNr! 2 S .flviiingiaper! *;ri>) liiwMtall n&tetcewiibo Cb.

I. giiNe floffi PaIatI'* I'in1.tta uid I3lad Cre'4c, Patrol al isr lit, 10 alrc-t >' 'iy ofT-n-JiT at'.dasi tlis ( Taj lor C M K Lr1tztack; 'Whii'tf' wax ,' S tint aiJ firm8 ..Jib.j.ltvifcd, innunnaiaa .

$15 1'9r Fiflglit o; .iiilinaiire and brine bun or bernp ti foit$ ; tlio .M yorIIIH (hIutchircn Jno L.lioii'tiin Timw-rS \ 3 Lrncits S "YePuw Ocre fute.provtdedj. M. Ii ; i : .iiI ii(' it1tec

I .I ih appj' to M cNetv.bn Lumrd,4r to 'io tin i..sht t .itcior.iing to liii; tt.tit..ti' : and it $ Gen. II.H I. Tah.! tMinKV 2tbicairOi1 4 Bo. ; fiitt1er.odaiw4 :, 4 tznhe

- .. "JA$: 8. tOI4I % ?tg1t. 1'sain! ; Hit suti.r of the (i'ttrt.! or :li' City .1 rh.tl!, b.ill .tl!
I 1 A? COLLINS.nd Aeii B5r.ck Creek; Unn.'br b'-reot. t' c<\\rholit J PinkneyHurley % .iEIIink A. V iihaii f mall qnriinittes: to stilt purtrhaspr l I'v is4i/. "" .E.iied uw x i 'X'r' rJ2

I ; > FERNANDEZ A b *i'i* .i rre! 'ei'jr rHjoitcil llwy j (iH suffer finminnipri i.isii! $ Va,, P.ii'entr.II' : Dec;4.. 5- G B1JRT. & CO. I, ; W.A/FORWARD.Maji'r1. ; Ilitd
II t, iT Agent JrkititivviHe. < iuiiie t .11 |ihit l (4t-CM'ioii of tinMiyir J unit A':.!ernutr. IIIii-IDI, I hsrsry lflaiIfla Cat4hInt S : P. n. DU.MA ."cn.-rtf. : ; -v M!

I ; GEORGE HAAS. Asdit S P.i-sto in To'inci!. J itniHrv U'/lHM, llarrUV '.!ui'ii_ S Van Patten Amelia CI S ST4TIO4El5Y. 1 -

I '. WAI. \. FuitWAltD, M3nr. I I llatth (:'hniiii<-cy L. W An assortment of Blank.booka add s'iatiofsary just S.' NotkeS thik

-I__ ;V OEO.' KURT, fe Co.tffejUST Attest. P. B DU'IAS Cl-ikof; ;il.e CniincU. lIi.ftflhI \Vrij-lit: Fl U'illMin Crsellet! received -jnd for sile by, { jpyren.TtetTWO; MONTHS'
t tiiilliI4n Dr.'}': s. WF.M.ER; & Co.iOKGR .ff hereby ; a
ward I
k- : REaiJVEp: per Schr. Ilupe, TheST.AUHL'STl.NP.EAST Vutci" oti1 < j_ the snbxciitej 'a? AdlnntFtIr bf t! 1.4kt'J11
9 B ( esiraIaIIt&utrnt.u4. Ueibert GM.t 8. \'bIk-iih,) 2 Gudr.d'1 *
: jifciby, a Siri: 'Tcf() 'HUERTAeiu.4 -.
( FLOKIDA I llemlrick VI4tn % Ipphi Jtinek 3
STAPLE AND FANCY : IJUUT & C have received h'ch.Jlnrion Wcffurti* tn the IHnorabi.YJndge of tt> Cdiitfjpi
I Ih'htwiv G.n \Vor l lU %VtrvuIIiIVhaiii per
t ... &. 1'III: js'r: ; [ 1.ISihIIJ', IIiire'i% ju I < "-s direct from-New York dt'airable. as- i t>iirt'for ;i }j isttrifjnt.fui;| notice U .hereby/fa&Vet{ -
; II. \Vliiti J HWaltnu
the, iy. oiijjiliiy xlnalc-loii n\oif ibe prinwttliln auica .. i xtvcD-.ihaV&IXAalONTIIS nfwr.die J1i itviiiDtf (*tiJunrS
Good* juiftfiiiig (
jfliiiUt i/l'-isiriiip ,
S r, ...!r.pJIz. ct'iil; trtiaJ ; a Hiw yml uf'he flisiion ( eoro Chauucey Jlnslins U1J1VI1 disnhi5I.a t hS riii.I dJIij41fatUT .4 r4d1
A ftiMai 'ul variety ol'printed: Ixiwnaand for
Mr \.Vath.n! Elint .
I'ub'ic ifqu.nre.'tnd oi-a' th 'p oiijcn.ide of the "SeaViniavtnJ"tJ Houston Gorge- perioa4intrPitrd wtil pZei tnt.ikeiioct.. .am
ING o- /
I -cow'sa'r L, uA J Vt'hitigton Col LatIit s DrB.-f : SCi'ni
hqu-'i' \ en nJicM'np at pr at rpctie's tii'w(1iIi r 5 : JOHN M. I
4 icpntffIWari : of the !lau-st 'fe .
.4'- tj sty ;
J-r-ki'i Jarurs IIJfitScin P. -
for thc! of-vi iior.-. ;
I roc .ptioi: 1 !L.t |uopri''lnrhas j-- I f
: Pink and White Tatltnir: MUSLINS : Oral, Vtc. mer io, a'nda'iTiie article! of bJack'cloth'for
: USCJ every dtli; *nce MI rainier hi< *.->IULiien.st ? l."wiJOMC \vhittn: Joseph W > .:____4___ __..- I
; { Cotton Msdrat and LineiH'umhric IPDKFSr >tletnei> coats and : S
; : .VfreJ U .VIt.fI g'i > pan's
free from liic 5 of b i-'iic a$ in'i.i n pub'ic >ii-e: si* po Notice -. I .
t.'Cifton OSE: GLOVES; Sntm UIU BO\S ; \\Vi>di7ir7 Joseph, ( .iiznerenst antbroons ; I ,
nnd to. iixcfvcry ui-cotninod.nion and comfort$ (!. : x ;
IUSPENDERS : Anrt'd l C\IPS; t pekIand4IiIe IineridiIiu! ; IfEREB-YVENthttthe' tabsftirW efafolan
i- ircrd.4.; .Hn tius's tint in h t PETER C. ZYLaTilA, Ps. tmater. *- ; ; i Bar
I .t34wuijS1L1C; ; a bniMiiFariic1eifltU1S*. country will receive nmrh of he c.M's.miici', <) ( Mar h Ist,11. Tweed cloth ; Black.iiid tuw! saiinat, nbeatuifulsortiueiil a- IS ir.ierfrt bIorthird in 'ear' hof tbe'fMljaiBjI

L iVWormcd CAPS'aud L.\CE ; conii' ne to a.p { public p.ilruiiage of latent. tyjeyeptinzs; : >ls itruiud n iN'orth :city and disiriwtfd.m tiht.pl'iri'thereof if4W
inv :
of Ii U tjHt.nabnlii !
< > andr.u.gvr#, 't s biin So '
I 1 i .tlMLitien SHEETING : BLANKET : $.aiihc: low prico at whir|, he* li.it \entirrd; laetiU'rinin i / BirugsaufI; ,T1cdciue!' S Liiieit c4tnbricIJdkfs ; Cravats ; / < m.iduby.J.imoH M*. Ga'iII.! SUeyr( abiti'
I ntCRAPES of all klcniuble colon ; Oil SILKBleMb'd ; il.tuiThe table: i* i" S. wE1iIR: & .). anllu.I1ii.e Ladies blaclcand cold red glove* ; a nd 4. 5. 7,8, tIO 1.-. pip

4 I I Brown-SHIRTlNG(, : ihu ch.icI: firih tin ] same, rO.a.tar.Iy with \\hi--l.bup'.kd'ft1i our \L -. B V to t.'io! [n'.i-'l'iutitn' : of.St. AugnsiiuL anSI Also, s'il'i! and Lislo tljfed'J gl h ves ;, :.1:1G: I ; 39. 2k. .
t/Brown IILLANDSiwiJIIJI.IN ; Jrniiet ni.Iirags, hirtiiig, : ; t 'Iiii.u interest L i derived x' a.,deiee
l<>rd arid t.;-'fi1 r.boiste'I l,4nd n< pnins .vill hi ;piiIrt.reniler J H* HfUtiiy bat they lii e open sil a Drug and iiie.IiiIL. F ? to ass
I ivLinfea DLPEflt.Carpet BINDING: ; tlii r.f who favor it )U thu cy; ( ri & (:()'?4. ahoetng; : i'of hi* Fatlrrr Dr S. H 1 PeirS; lau'of.St.. .,, Jil,
u.i-n with
__ ,. .- iTtthtr'iitb, an anni'nciif< f jiimhlr*. Needles lh"ir : s-iay*. rontf mlil,' and may skLaIuI. TiC! BnrroniH'ctcrl t.thti'IIfUIit, aui il'-it liixv (havt* on bind a general! cssoilmeiit Coarse 'and Site Irfeh Linens. Ofnabur '.V. whale County, dr'ceaffd. who 8C' uir6d.th<* same bf phrjicbt.ie !
Hooks and Eyes. Writing Paper. Perfumery, pition ijr [ bones ride nmi back conififi.'cottou and ..ik! bo.iisry Peter Smith aha
i t with the >:.il5ulin'rit 5* >lud v'nli | of Drii !*, Mvilitmej Ptrfurot- y. tVc.I f>inrt Gen. S. a'rpersoMirh
, I e iJlUxipnms; bJ rope, PIbyiug! rard Bridles, aud tie cboicust SViues and Liquors of 8iipi de* criilioi. I I '1 hfJ bij;: ltve: lii ass-.iirij llvt public intlhcir! >tock ALO,-A fine aricla of bout? of Uia.laVst styl .* cautioned againstjjnrchisiMgT nyfofiiid 'LW viitil 1ug

4 many other articles! which) in, addition la our former The price*uf board are ftiodeiate.every ( I of s.od lsi\ fr.>h. ha been selected with gjem.care Togethui with many, other article in their line to outth cons-Pt'ot tbejubscrit/er.- "t. '' i levI ';
stock corrsUttr eRaQjtap4qlcr 'assortment of all Kin Npfjgpods'reqntrea very which the- attention of.their friends and the public I : JOHN Ei-PECKi '
: Jan If;. H44 1 j in ihe'ciiy of New York, and will! be cunstantijf re- : ; v- ;
Ihr_ 1)t this market and will! ba solJaS I it.ni-heI. are respectfully i2ibitid.S Feb3.1. !1844. -> urtr +1

L t tcc1 ) (iitthe'irnes. ( co. l. lbIlIIIjiw, : The attention of- punters and- BCUIPM S is i 'esptctifuUj A beantHul vaneiyjoi printed Lawns and wriiuis I ; r. SI

,. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND NOTAllYPUBLIC. : iuviiedln liiisestabusluiicnt. which iUsprc uiu- for ladies dress1* ; I i\O nc'I -4 .s'lnled
: cdfhcyvill5nJ uiaitcr of convcuienca an3.aiivanz'g. Calicoes cf the latest st v le. i : tba.KJ
: / S ,t'c: wneki date willtppjy to .
tfiireon .
) : iiierIrn. GHO. BURT. & Co.
.:- afcivl to all iMiftnos connected u jib tl.*t.j : fJiidgenf th Con ntv. >urto> )t'uiqiiioiv> m;
:J- :"K"/ECTUlJlLbonlfUra.UniverttiI.iu{ ] liJlJ > Rev.tJ WILL ioi -He will nlfO x, cn| > al! wrl- On' band it vanity of the ffandard; patent nieJiuiotc St. Angti<> e.M3rehI 18th J844.fB ty for letter? of administration on the estate.of Joe;

[ A, VVils-M* AlcChirr, Fourth. Edition, cu1apJ. tings placed 1:1: hisjiai.ds with inMtntf nnrl ccrrect- cne. ; which are the fi>h1owiig. Keeii.t'.xte.oC.said c'uuty flab"I:
L ]t. c appearance of a fourth edu ion u Icc- ii4. ; Lee4 i1i:1: : (;Qdffe i ( i.rdi3l 1hifFT1CEOrThIE SULtVEYOR-GENF. I ; MARE.z (

U ittres.li.a fnatt r of hig ratwfaction to n as vi a uoiilfJXoiH IIi'ltitig e'cii.n r> In tlirOfiicpi will be t'rust* IJ Uij'.s i Carniiraiive.v. 1'ho.pvr'i ,JL: -ItALtJF FDOI41l&vitt. in otsiiInvr.tiI an ,..5 /JAMEJ; DOUGtA5i

I >vili to lhV ,Cbri tjan public* They arc Hiey *eecir: T'i luio.i portion < f j p.trciL3gn.( : ,,' British )1. ThniipnnffjeV.iter; : l xucntiye older, and r the hand of.the.President ol'tlVr Ah1gttor Oit. 1 llthl: 4.t. -

pQ4cJ.t of3kUfld rewI, (JIscli$1)iiaiig itdJ JD Jii* Conn liiy-The |.ii Salnrrhy in ||-ir.i.'ti Oil.) ; Opndfl.fcc. Lttitod Htates, dated the 6th H.iy of OcOboi 1843. its
J I preception ofiIie liidiejI tno&.th-in4 hi* OfTiv-e U on tl.e bnscmeiU'"fljor every Hrtaiui'i.i'iiijacj?; ** S'MH n.tt.-yrup of wild hud conformity with suggestion* roni aLd 'I'iieanthu LiiHiitPiit. ''clifrVrv.' comtuuiiica'.ioii from the! coiim-usicner of the Getter- tcT
r I DU', repwBraorsat1re u Loaz&s I1siu.e. 1 Hay's 1 -
: __ i : niasUr: of bis subject, ,and grapple* it with Mrbt.. Aiig'Jttina Wih' .Match% 1644. Pit-i,t.Ji thi'.i l'ilU.! ?.?i.r,j.ft9 p.i.'i ;!U.V'BaTMnv ill l/i'd Dfliee of rfwlO
I I .Perfect ;rrfD inc shkc cue \\ho ,3 confident in t'.e : ( : McJIiinnV Elixer 'of o- fnii I'rtllflrms-veP$ ti) Si. Aiijfi tioe and. oil lh I FIfVER JIJiiitCL"TC- I

Jc- j.pnwrof4tru.thud hi* own resources. with.nutfug Notice. I i !,r 's iJ l 'ireil Slag- 'piinn, 24ii! if!a* nf Ffbmary. 1644. at which! f.lafe it ttiti b. pantriug
and eiatitg-ItJ.t! ouii n.. tl>.rarclivesciti bt -* ANO SAFECURB LOICH
/>f.tha reserved timidity betrayed by.uvmy coitroversalisfe :- SUflSCICIUEItS tIepj4. 'SiIHh' trinspocteJ
1' !hva former! a et -p.irlinryliip -
L i who qever.do batr/So un ess a free rttreMt in'the .rtf'i i6n of Law, diid will -- T DrlV) -lli'r!! will plihr perif ual attanii'n to to tbfir proper Iebtifl1ti'III-! ; AND FhVEUi IN ALL IT3COM (PK U.A1S
S _
be open JoJlbem ia case olemergeticy. Wa firmly 1114 ii t"! sit ii..drj i e. S V-Y.-C43NWAY--- ; ;R1S> ALSO AN
io the VPT.I1! Cnuri* of thOi'lrict :; '! "
F be1lcvo that Do'roan lias.ever followed, Kim in hi< dclineaiiohs of F'6rdi.: lo wjj, hi tl.e eountlef rff. t. .tii.tii; Nii' '27th h'-I.' Marcb'3. '. ireybGencra!. .A LL THE YAR'lED'.FuA'Ud OF IStZflVE (sly.
5-- -- REJUT'
: become universalisl afierwerds.I IIac
a -
John'! ''I;ii.tlitri., Duval, Nas.ui; Alarhua. I Hil'stioonih. FoScvrrnl i iaL1 .
stois RecidcF.'t : For Sale.A _
k'; : iin.l ('.41 nih.i, tsnJ in ifa I'OVXNT'T Coumsof irnct ;1 The'iron'jf is' fatally'cutting j, every stroke dr w3 ELEGANT paief wail ibroke MUIJiS.n. .- CERTIFICATES.
JjlinrAI .
1 St. cbna. and Columbia. LcStfM! or .
.,: tbS nre'-bloqc} The lectures, are reruarlcalily 'well! E.i FI. riiJnnr tr''rt-d> forKalo by thftsnliscri.lrr. i The ownerJiavinz no further n-c lot them, they ( afflsctei VtfS*
IMMIII -4 beSi.hl
direct = ThVv :m' eligibly siiuntcd jtnd'wj!! if .
sustahzed'throthdigt1iang'va e M t. racy: sihI be sold a bargain. Enqnir
cr t'lU ,\Mrich, Nt wrianvil; 1', i r i"I cbilh and f'ivf r, wfucli! continued for sqrw" tiiae-.whfil
'idiOrtiatic, and'pfiinVed.* Nolone inirid iriuhnnrlrtd I Fin wjnl! ?ut'l A'lilric'i, at either pUrr HIr-irli2.1.ccJII- a linriraitt ; For terms ;and pafticula'rs Cnqjini.f March- JOII.NJ.' :' IIF.DUIRK.fiortcr I'I.I pr..cViredft-Bor of D//Gfor ;iii 'AsnrPilhfc, 1H'arrested ;

I.- could hare.produced*" just such.' i work.Portland I ti'!rrt to eiiht-r "i'l l ifveix.t'tbeaitfititionof l 6lh. ; JOhN* HEDRICK, the chiilsaiif'f' 'er'irjniMbdFJtely.-rt| CrstinMirbr. '. December MIS W.I K ;vc-iul I v I!iiil.h'; houses und hits in thi-i city ; Ale.Cider, \& iiie"b ; jief ffctlv- joo'd lieahh >i e 'Uiat titoi. 3!'*|

N .This w orkj* na, of jthe keenest, and m.'Maliicsi togic3l.1t I \VILLI.\M A. 1 FilltWARDi : 1ar.';; I 1f i l-iw, enquire of JOHN, J. HEDRICKJan. I'dik: *. UisLpitiion Porer, rfo1 n'y'fiierI4 and rnigt.erhac.i l iiieietPIttad1

1t _. f, r\-Ofl.m U.ke'rsalismt4ter issued. from jbe. i_ I.OtIS: ALDKICH.i'o 15 S'S _c Lit) Pi*** du. do. in5 thanme uianzat4.b Id dc-
; I __.eIigIp press.." _jve doubt whettitr.n! ,, woik j 3 'di). :Qu, Scotland Ale. ncd the aflie ijI1t Jndieveryhppie
fwas evpr pnbU ,hedJn tin* coiityrjr! ,. which jii* I PPH a J F / al ) ivltoin ii; may t'oiiccrn.SSL 'Notice. 12 Baskets, Huchnur Champagne at nlai'', i effect.., nllrajcs a aue'hae

JBourcjof jf in ci[ ojoniScati'in/ai'd -xirjcablelin-i SAN Ml IY t UP/I V. A.m.iiu! irairix; of te; o?. s C- B. E.CAftRCo. by uic f.isugh fc* B. x.of. the A'gbe 'P i1rSIPI I \ oxhe
] I ,aa Lness Jo the.UiuverVsli.; :s, os these L'cniii.: \\.c <' i.f AlidttW AtUnii-oo, iif : >a<)-f|. ilithoifl.y IsII GIVEN. That itt tho next'lrr'm of St. Atigu&line.Sd April!, 1844. : fore hntn a'per ocbe.etfnlly 'no4lrgo oP th-fr eB 1eCt. Ii;
tlio subscriber aiitvvit
1&dii&tho; bo Iven.t.Mdth.si.4.ti'iI theib. si' c >UTICK lhii .t the >iuiiii' ol" CiMintv C-nut! nlib Cu.inty cat rtt

: .. -. elves oftha, fust opportunity -Zion' Ihr.'IJ' I Coniny, !it!' :>t. Jnliiiii. L. F. in I e !eM at jf>n diiufciiuuatiir of the Krtat* of THOMAS FILCH, 1taii1AIJsonIs, & i ia: rccominend.thVra'as theb Ajie est'nd.tse-'teme'dj

t1L CTl present edili uwjucli: M ti! loisrth, u. ;.-u'J&hed. ''Co'irt I Ilou-.iii ;lrr'jy: f Si,. Aniiinc., on the first dc will ore'nt h'n accnpnH to :he Judge of the 0) half Boxes Riusiru. *. -. 1'my inowferrgiforthe''turcof Itv. GKORGCiP HE'1tICK' 4S

jBuy.H a id re.4t ; au l if y"n 1 iv ?. CnivctMlut ,J a.'II'4 t'i >o
; nyighbor* ' t Durluni.O".7.'Ae .
a candid fisn, that itie wail 1,,, i;. st it.' .fiIs'I I tinml I <'jUI' ,*V Ca-iii.( 01 ('tildr. prr- ;im LI4tr.li! fur: n final <]i
I t atiJ iBCOiuUtfUcy c-C )K'w i own d.crca.; /< \Mh,! tfi 1 tht1i", n( Ordir.nr> fr my tiiliargt; fioinr.tv % all p*r-i)ii* inrcro-ted will pl -ae to take no- 5 Basket Belt/ Sweet Oil. S F ahmt 'flc2tR4CO. ,
Medlci'nefor.sa1bg ?
- For sale by 5 do, Marseilles Oil?, just received,

t .." '. ,...j G.; imLr. & ti. t U.NqJuutIY, J..n I44.- & B. E. CAEUI. & Ca. _. '

: i atL 5th_ I44. ., .. t I A'I.iz. .f th'l.tdIi. nf. ale l.easn or Rent St. Augn>tke.g'J -April. 13U. -- : '- : ; .
I Heady Made iCjotttlngr
Auirew Aikniion. Liec.Mt'3d ;
; Ye IL
I fc- < }' !-if+ ; :Notice '; :; l4.I. ALTOGETHER. OR, IN PARTS TO "suit S rt Oshcn Bi11 \ D KSIRA-BLf/.tpartrairt ofrdy; n3dCb0tt 11

APPLICANTS.- S g jO\P, Lard. Hau*, Cracker.-.. Sugar," CotTee.t f: inz forest ring and Mtiinmer Use, ionrri. I"4tI
IS HEREBY GIVEN. Tb-t TWO MONTHS I. tflhrni'a1 Shaving Cream.i ''rBill.\'TProperty c. ikd L POINT HOPE, .formerJL t 9,, Flour, &c &c. The above.Ir&ore in. fine or.Ider. ;i. Jackfj I>ntsf We>N. Jilk! ,. Line.n'aofi? 'CdttbhIrt.jItstre'c -
after aateritre u cijbe as A imini |raior oP be A artie-1 I *
i superior I i l3 !'onI M.re5tnilhiy, B. p..CARK.'Cb.;; j iedmn4I for'e'ale'ny.
Estate ARTOSh flrtft.'keeeI. will prosf nt lnact5nntitV i -ORUIS TOOTH PASTE. fe't { : ' ?*%'E&BUT.&CI. I I.Iarch
f It'coij i I the Hon. JaSpj'b the Comity liisrL for iorci.r: ic&elkie, ibtiriIic f'rcani! ,,, 1ott-1iy lr4 in depib rntii'j't: ix rn-.tn*; a ?'. ueii'd t'rOune Fahcy articles Ac.I'LlTyelTow 13th 1834. : ifo Ma

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teilMrm apply for a final 1 the beatIi-ftr *a'e by, 12 ; a' oo1 Ov..r er ll.'ustf ; /Jew and Hr rjar soipf.r1atutyW'niteharbr ns ., S S .Y : -
1 foBalMsaidAamiriistrato.r & which all perotIl *' Dr. P. | aiuIenedllruwit _
fdif ; y 5.\VELLER A Co. satii.: !
.intc/e'4ed iolrt/timice." 1 May G. 1844. fence anOr\nss ; aiid. white VVlndt fojp; '' ,' _A lit. peMonsbavtrf* claim or demsn'Isdeestat"of'john
: jill please :. .. : Th'r. ? acn if Lin dun'der '
I Y I. HJI u : / ; ANN MICKLtR. Admin'r; Grove wilh nb:,nt3: 10 trf.4." r Palai. rose. almond a; -
: L. :2Uii4J Hams Dried Jlecf,'L"ard.4t&e. Th tide cn not er.croach'upon ths UnJ 'which is I i >I>jvnei 1r5h.e.auhi J I'lori.l;! w-ater l StiJ"tihDec: ; d".are req.itred topN"PTI4
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.. : : .i> Oflfl..bs Firaif-ew Hnms, r tn.rlsihli for sJlNiPiIy !
Uote1 W piVr-TJ dreil Beef. I (;old rream. 1'i.ri1nd.M.ietaroij.: otherwise they will he forever harred-afldL pir
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estate are _
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i. .; .4:jt_ tKflf-SBmUiW.'receive and fnterlam botjdtr- ; Surufru Sc. : '" ""ItC(1IYF.Du'i for ak at the Drug an ]I : RosW3tcr i iup oripg uwOrWattYVfIartiCie t1I S : : r yENNCiO 4.fi11 .* '*
.; ; reduced rates, suited to the times. A (bar* of pat il : GW U ,' Nrji : I ; wifl B
I .' h1dF..CAflR..Cc. Mcdiciue *tureby i > :- lit the neatest style, at retail. .--r .J A.irnimstraior/wilh-tBe i ;
solicited. :
S. 4 : 'ronate May 6 is, $1844.respectfully. i t Atigistin.1 QJ April 1SI4. I DrF/S. WELLER & CO. : Oct. 8,1843. B. E. CARR. & Co. 3t. Aajnitia E.F.DteI8th 1641-


I V .. : '

\ -
I 4 I : 1 : :4 : : ; I'S 1



I .- bt


a -

____ t .


t I.

L S:: -
-- p

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00079918/00189
 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: May 21, 1844
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057498
oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00189
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$- a 1EV S1R1iG GOODS tj t .t : '

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befits tbebbli 4q te, the rtquir )nerit $ JZIIJ aLM4eusted1'b nv to .s1iieIu thoattItin; ,r liev'fridrjs' 9lfflf thpuht1e zenh1Iy n A'rn'n uItur1EAu.. --

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-'_ _-I 1I __ ___ $ -__.___ __-_-_ -.--_-_- r-_i-I--r_ -_ _--._-_-- ,rf Inlh. Ftcnh.an'd' American tPoad'juI.T.| jifWarve.and. buuerdi?, vyith enajyutheartijs: by thq ;!QJ. Ii ., ti..ttp : .' ,
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.rnM- 73 Benjamin >lej 1SothrsL tii'g.' 'dlpprs .np : aitabet adel>y the British t'rqbpa and vessels under comWe'fchaUfjrom -
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;.' p lu 1 r I; zI iu. 1/ (flt j .b $ B'rf-iyrrnnM/t'iiP la'ttrf jiy l> Freu'chTiigAmeritu kritI 1 e'c., HATS AND CAPS; o'clock A. AK the time a rpoJnieil' fdf!the'sailingjj'f

jri the settlement hoiIdb1iq 9 HiT4li9Juv JrrtT ; the GaleotJ menlrpm' Ma fcos' : _
: :lh1nd! "iH ijit*. c iurid .fjiribruorm and sloop, arrived -
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-atlect ''4 *1.0 t4'ct9ft 4)rqacse.i in CIiItit1o1L-1 the Kind of tenement eretttd-nuitjLcr oii3tth oritID.-dhswaiv \tirt lashii-naWc hat* andcap this with fhe infnYmatibh thafthuEnglish _
( t.cl1nIhlick $ & at place
hfl.i.i&teiu 'ron comaIing the Iazxgiiy-d isciniin l>elwe !i !kiJd'cfiiKire'ri rnafe-i 'aKfjrtfinaN '-'Vhltcsutisfactarj *, ilk mid phwh) h'tty'/i iminVl ariicfe. alx palm? \ _
- .nj I A rpleiuJed usiorunnut of rili .tr4.. ,ilk! > of : who had ptured our sloop hodman. ': \
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____ _r __-_- _-_- v ; culoor .inj.j>jittr,f.fl; p ?', fijur; ;. Cor.i c cJaih uird Hf>iiii. - #1 iIac. _4I--J-4-- = stud it-4u a Ivy yr.ceti.u ouie fin.i ilyle. I ,the lewardof Penon Bar, so near to the land '

: ::# Noli eto applictzis It7cr 11w. Floda Armed Occupalioii aclof 1/ic t ., :. ,:L,: : ; rUANY Stravjr.Silk Bnd% Palm- .thut during thri stillness of. the night.they could .

oib1thii ITS fore11ttuz.enL On Uck; azud Itie .1ck ik! jnIearucs1uith.f LjiiiL3iiiuuttt.ithe litl style ju-t received. / ,hear the sound .of,the-yoicea onboard oX' her.
.4: ; -- 1 BOOKS AND s-TrtTloNKKV$ Upo.i this ifirurrnation, i'liuve stopped'the j sail a _ _
Lqn4sn'Ek iJ' gt1/e'ila"etitsuc1i Permits n'sii iii vlsi. ihill rivI! lilu- silk.- : ; ,
: :. trupI .111 a.
thUktVEVED ANNUAL f.-r f ut'Ahe Galeot, and have sent paniard and
Ix' ..thdWid'djidue..w" ? Itf44.,-Poetry i 1'iowe'r* Scho"l lijddksv' tug
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-eiI : Gnera1 to the Iitrict L3n4'OfflzSc.! t ]f.and tt'uErsi niu-Hi> in r ctttrIetI Fii.Ia Citp di; l.et! :rdo; 1'riuiinK I'D; iliuvlopdn: ; I .ng ihu coui whence it is easyi
niow.J! ;\vt.fiij ;r4vlngU. :"tzL tttIflhe ILabco COflfl1eflCeif, I 1iO } AIiitI ai* db4lrflbo.I'siuttlIPILOh: >adieC'ullou1 ->* .Mnn.c cit.1 ; 'I'i.s-ui art-I i :.nultitig! d' ; aNo, Urge and ludi.ms; to piss; the str.njl canoe' through the :

$I4L4 cn'ih ptrticuf1tr'qiiiiru'r rC1iOTl1p 'ti& it i wtxprr! dftii 'pist1e te I. 11thurri] <>', >M irio, siM' ( li.. -,! li.ack rti.d snmMViaipin! { ilo. biark uud while I eahnVex hoals.so that on arriving( at Key Bisca> ne or "

7P1H f :Jiliips dcf4d' i' 'tYihckfd tir., ictnt ; 1tfl'fflr winto; tubwii, Msm. aiiK,.ld"ii J fc'aitCIUHUIU.' .),, ciiilf.Jr and Wafers, (itiilh; Sel' Pens! Slat***. Liif itd| i Alatacuiiibe.t'iyj! may takejidvjtji ag jot'.a fish- d
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Piiejlc. ? i.nhrrIftrrd d inL
''til rht&1nwnhip. acr to bL'NLVNASS.ihatI4' Ahil' Cuttuiitllu L aU lull lio/t>, csiiU cut ) uig ru.. a ued ve.isel .
- .. v'r r pueket ariI j tug to cruss-over joiouf"portahdin'the; t j1 j1i
qt I proof pursuant louijpM' ui law ton, an3 Laiub'd Wool, -i grtt v-uicty ,ol' tje| ai.ic ii-U| t |il