icf. .th4i1tbQ bo eipcwod to; ii further'e acted/Tbataliothcr:
itY : sprue
r.I e. r&e/ il&Q,1 l-Hlt-'l if"tU'Tlwir>'llJj4j.IJl5J-0* of :ViJe Jr.VliH'iiejrs'of, .t tbejsal the iuid I. ,thffjrf twrqis a.., 'at least four,weeks. \. i .tb, .it ,oCT;*ee)henK .

A"VF L""q.l' .p .. PAUL I 6idet| i full vif,d.'"ind couiillete'poujBf'; of alt.' !y' ...' Bo Ittfurther eD.1Ctcd-d'hat : ia forcev(be::jxndab;aaai ara' -'

S ., .' ., V .C fi., th t.purpo $ -
1 I
C1f1i11'll',. $ Inserted- .. .*l.OIM- ,DolUri per'qnare", appears,}that the leUersware' obtained/. Z '1' J ... .' public I and. at. .orach"times. and : "apprirva_ ttatrf>l by.: ._ ." .... ',.
; end : M UtouMH A .",.C.\a ;i". a' '. ,- ,
"t sepu. ; ..
S = '= I .:., r. r .4Ii. ,;. r.c'..r.- .-
.\. .._v ,rsiiit$1ajkoAiioii4 "4q : 'IIIW'i u tbt1a '4 *5' ,
U : ,, ."W aid, $a.na.ib.ch was :U".J i' :disability' :t.::top ImandahL'a .., ,
1 a. Tl"arn.a.i
.: tt! uJ \ J : .. ,. _-7-1-.. *. T -
Lly-eorOed 'ip ibi if'bi. -* --.J v
.. Vkft'C. cky ipdi : .
I '1 .ih .Mcll \$ sear 'r' .... ,.- ; I ..
I'P P 6i f_ rLd/ S J I" .., : .4'..J1. ,. 'Irl-\fo. ., '. ." 'fr.o. ,.'1f' r. : : -
; ',Ir..i co.M'l "HI.;"Wj"eer' i .iIIl: ipthati.e' LA "f'',
J. "
CCo.tlVl:1'n )ni' :1- : oM
otT' d t t',, 11 bav.jeowcr.pro temp to doth'e-duti ." : tete* v- .. .
Jalnd 4' djrfioj i or t.hat "
ltr"fir ; .
J .. .i..., PttWii1.e hI'FnJ..lJ ifcere were leu..a.! !I.w of the .. ..( 1M SlaraaU., No3T< A T"Acxllp incpr : ;,Provided,however, That a L-15-. .. ,
.ti.ja ..*i d.fbr JpurpuH, PL4ciI.; '.wfco rWidaat Paris in'France l'aud also. wiib I'/eps iwO :
M'connected D
lW upon p ,.
'uisagrrements' 'Dow a .wtau3thepftwet .of attorney to the:subpcriber ; 1. Be Jt..cnact duotsi.whenever they may deem the I .
1. foundation."prtJveotinj'llidi ,
: Whd '
Ar, imervsl amcuIVM win regularly executed, and proved before a Legislative Council of the interest-requires.it, l 9d nieDUctf f.y 'Dgtanc -
.h' eouflictiajj
,_. latfU'araia'JntMf, .. ..,fur. tbe. purpose of throwingJ notary public1 Ham,\ and certified there by the' Aineric -. ,Thai lU'th: 'rreEfwhite Sec.JUJB it further',enacted. 'That t short' _lme, hliri to-th'": v ilincecse". -
( '.hia'-I.p.'rSt n. :
: theirinterest: fhos ,..*. .which .;pin* CouauL lUaixi: UajcaT, .taq': the age of'tW hty:uc'y said.chy.tiouucit shall forma i upjo' iothewh6'W' I ..:
J rsDtrly
jus H$ gUt dams are new",arr 4o th.t i{; protection Now., lilt wu.tueiauipkJ' asuuranee the part;*Srithiu tba ,sect ion S transaction busineu.* . ? -.
of Mr' UuY tinder is'now 'Ei.ts rib'hiSlik
t ; that I letters of du.iniafai aged, :
ta: .ykfcm .Hl io.c4"f itinr4; llLSSf' tu'uwc. pnei:north.of the/. &-c., 11 ;'Bq it lurtiJercnactedvThat.; it; '' '
n, fc. has Ifgai tight to imetfcre wfch the range tlf hss .
nny q rrilIe4 U. .
.:.. "." nMr..diircs smbug t tho iluty uf.th aid city ..coyijcil\ to : .. .
: in the ,, j.>
: pf Die .
& pricesJiuM tn pb.ca.the.follow* / of/iba real the late )rthquiadifuageres meridian bUI iit 4te;S'aI,: e t.tli\cUt.&S'- : \
apt ihejuluitvinf least four .
the. Treasurer, at .times
Florida arid :
1 1wu'ddseem.) rcaflybaIpomdune .I( trict of Middle. getovet I IMy snn I is notd.5.;
& i.in the uaatsw.narth.trbutnes.
r our' pettifoggers b4.'givYuto .11,. G ue. the oision' "and'remain"n'body" : ', statement ot the receipts be threatened a'llfeidea and* !
it TiII.[ : ,
'. f\Jjiia tfeim.weekly paper dur aud advice OH which lHi tuts acted against the Uw of bty le of the city ot' ; expenditures of monies,uod.oftbu ,, %ith' Laws terror** '"J. '.

aimorrfi'and.D ilyj lepers,Ten DollarswiBttf Uie Iud, |>Uinv reason,and common sense, ta this,af. porate name way sue and receipts, und. f the expenditures of' : 'of 'the' last at-. .
prt ,
July ,
f 'b"\U eue.'p.ln'lacfnllCei'.a4"1aO'; lair.: IVrhap* be' eipocU, by this tn.au.-though. Do .impleaded,..and'do all .d.of the[sUlos ,of money,due .to and rJ ( do: by Law'and 'the itegent, to :. r,.
apparently, 'it aeetn tu be 'a fraudulent! .nck' tu Ret aud to :the same'
till i. ( id corporation, \ certify -
sent the m n y" pij4w ,and purchase :
"per .may for the ,
totbe persons 1'and provide immense
.r-A ru r.'ic q'or_ lb.,."]":of she laud aod citj'loU of tbee>Uta' of the on .examination, such .
tOMs %I sonal and mixed ; iff
1 ".,an-advertiseoieiaccciipyiDg( *I Lb. .apace Al."u'w,;and.put the procvvd Uterevf.. bj h w.illegal :same for the behent property ot, the ul.d. jadmit ,orsuch certificate. ,;and. r! .Adecreewaafabrcdgi"*" r.

..WaWaif. Jtbe'a.a.ladT rtueme t' !',if csa tilt in hU private pocket;or.he(Mr..Gu,)uiay hare I bee.,2. Be.il further: ,a reporj"of stock and other prope 'condition mpa.D1.t.t e *| .monoPQlr uV'4.
( that it"would'Jin
beta '
; counMrlled of
; III' > cnts 01.Blanks,'foi.f$. the "t.urlo. ? to adopt luemure, imponition bis g :
f of the said,. .city1mmsttcd to charge\ >f '
U ,
h on she public, bv .ad"c.or'f..u, iu+ in.titm ( vernment reimburse: handredTnillioc ; -
f .1..0..or norees
costs rtt. it
.t in .tu.' sa'nte"pr.pwuii B., Advertisements **,oCtai ctlr'.jvho.had applied tojhe ajtbaciiber : city council,.composed of. &'-,,14 HeI itfdrthetenaciwljTnal; ,at.the.rater_ of flliy! millh tu. "' .-
1 ieuriopnha..ua. of the .i.lfnf grc'urnlin"ifiw'fcilyt couricilmgii. each of whom ty qt Lbe saId Jq c dant.t t .seq tb t t : .
t l l., i ODe a'ndl a half uli.**, au bhgii1't tlw"''heirt of tbAlarqlli4' that be fication'of i nc of the Council are duly"executed I'"
be'ehafgsd as 3VliereadvertWnieiittare, I being1 thepr; ; decree was sent t to Darfianwht"
;wiTh.I.Uy4pts1&Lr$4tI.Id t"Y'1, as totWi tmailtfr h1itllld itv from j>lr.Gus, .(a Ainch 1"'I&lilo. thanb have resided twelve call! a 'mcctingb! \!the.coutjcilmen, J Itatonceraucdat4ormpfop- '. '
: <* could fiom the aub crib .. the. public good it j I
r" otl'-'tMI"i""I. it-will l*e unJersiood that they fun1'lidin order,to fill opinfob," nut require assembly and:.tf'yehetnent dis-r .
Iiidw.herebj ve'due notice to the aaid Mr. Gee, before the council trim time to ;
I_. pntilUhid mmtUftrKti they will liereHRer b.uiinwed4 Sec. 3. Bit further sliajl lay I '
While that :.a. .
at the di.cr.iio. car the pnbtisbfr, anJ" ihatat won a* the linn- Jude UaoMnon arrive.'in c'ity'couucil shall have full I i .writing, such;' propositions;as Jie.rn'iy. pIa. but' 'going "
.. '>d- t.I\ cityj and eiiiera upon his nHic'ial dniiea 'If> the of the scene waspassfng' of doorav; ._ [
rfd a* rdiugtoiberegoinj rates. Legfcl 'and v.qab &&os the wqlfaro &lld.c9 ? '
,hidgo il' the ftaprriiir i Oiirt.ia'ibu i District, a.,the : to prevent: : US' et1ect'ot: :tbeyLuhad:
ihe ermnTptibhratinn is fixed shall, have !
:ieMTrofwhirh Titled .ncu ''''. of our former Judge: E+"1. turueJ 'by Hu regulate'retailers of gooda ,the,said.city;,council t .P9, ''C gn esbfhmrnanJife. .T'.. .
,Iiw .At :"1 If I. ei" "d from this F r fcutntisneto itinie. :,.
: I.Exc Uaucjr.ibe J'reiideo of the.United tilate ittto cms, to restrain or prohibit : ; :: -. 'risen'.to>an enormoua price .
.w ** pa
"rtl-advertiiirrs"nr1ysdretti.emeeIa.'wh.1iie.' tIMer .rertitlemen,., the, Goeisor of *1'errU9ry1 shall ;appy! .t .: of Juifge'UrouHin' foifan order auoulntely revoke those, amusements,;\to $ ttirid n(shall, wit&in'i five days: after bis 'l had : ,,' "
;ehMrte4 i J.A ad adowrcd iba ntace ( ip ? | r wi ryi'bur bread. It ., .' .
r i. the weekly' paper. $73 fur the ssinej'.ktteriof iiniitration, ,. Wned.' rDO'. nuiuIenuy.ioihitidMr.Gu keu,to.direct'the. II\re-" take an .uathorsilcmrs< aulrroatibn, !Iutelyi indispensable to relax a'_ 1
!t\Jbe..i.-4. UI pepev.fndJplOOfillrrmemrnt J .. weigl-trand measures uy j judge prjustice tho giace of tbU: 1 suspension" of8Decie"payments "' fJ. ,
diI! .iP. Wherethe rrmemrnt*over nil |III..not'ur.ou; ictwliih Plait!have been well known to provide and regulate ',taut n',wjll, to.the utmosTof hts power j jrf to exeb .' ; :
sums scantily
: M1IO.ed 'M e.ee.u i iI be ch._,d bvih'e) {t to Air Gu'e,when be ubinned thnie letters or lmiw-- advance,.and defend the interest, ng- 5
,lie". M j, .. use.of said city to aink 'i : .I ; The dorS; of the bank: "and: tbJ : '
iltraliba. wb theMarqWuide f uleret l 11ft Ib. :<.
: A" ditaiM-e- ""'"|t n i urdc the utTL1lahaascc ,
t-i iti the'streets I ; I pt! city ,u .
; were7
t'ai..d 81'1.1 huin{ Funcr.'he hi&dne pair pumps) ; :t Immediately thronged
<) return ro. .
pitAtP 11it't s. or a. re. fcrtable .U"'t j .ai.prep.ttoCaisy ks.diu'FIag is1.etateu ; cnxt. and. ."rcpair. ;'markct. l .arid Diligently! ischargthe; .:"duties : ng.:maltitu'de,' seekfn g cash"ibr/ _
iwo jerw .
; ni. fA'.i'. ,, ; '-" J *fct.!-; 'l. itl the said city during.bl '
,".mwi 4 .l8ellw, 1'1..+fIIt.r-. ,..tit, III' '010C. ..wifl.L vaI r" tW V JI'ori.' u lU.; ;" t :. I ndaotoJ hcwiLt: : nlitr So great was Ihe preu, ,
\ I bfflceand. that support the. ; "
'II .1.- ,
egiti ; several retifl ai'
d -
; I L; .110&-. .' = persons -
I' he shall S
.1 ., 'r.t" -' a1a'.. .- UnitdSta'es..2Ap4 ; QT'n lrrrW thit ,-.
;./fi; .. .. .. '> c..lu.I. e:: j', '_,
J : % '> ..f Da_ >-. JI N : vji UG jfya rl e S !' ..f" '
Wit *% lirJu.r"ti: -.T { "
t- ., "" rii' tn one a .. *; .' ,. *Oi **lJn.'101'111III.( ? ..- fl iT : lortoeiJlegeoTtocomet ,
:'i4'iwjsev.uiiui: ; ; newjcood*, n.JoY.I.toli.b| 8t.Auuii1sieb1cy.1$4J. -S .awhIch the said squares ) 'Cl1fth oath )r.: tlIQ. '' ; o effectjof hls-s rsttm; t'M'Si HHp .

t, _.t Us' cuncliJwt'-s 4N4 the Iik., w41 be,clittrgeti Uie .iablisb and regulate'patrols 'tha! t takeb. :by:.himself .. S of.Lawvs JID tor.ho"baCf' ,.: ,.-. ,,' "f'J-\,

tit JfMt'a w n-.It"* . .PR.QCZ.f.X.ITAO.., S of npowdec to tax. : Sec. J4 tBe >tTurther,enac ,Tl1at tho and'rain fn tioa. .' 3 -
log upoa
'. .Li A Iluc"1 tae'lie fn ftcTi rilifl.b1I4 By .JZoVr,Raymond. Reid,. (/orernor fff Florida.rM71 ,' .
and peUlars. .to .restrain "aha41, receive all .mooqyS;:due. aod '. critical: ihe bpular furjr
'' ." & u ,4afpkIcIubJI)% .*nd dtisiqiri.tti.eibei UtA: :. (Ihiwe* whn top: tWir ."ttell') wiUmut]> if *ifr'l& l, A ejro UveJ.the propeny of oue houses and lottcrrcs! ,to t mpts'wheaLeancthc Scc .
iac'np; ,*rrearaie.),h.U lie ,"Mill" f.":ilm ben- ,.'Ikhtel l llo'iirk.ul'IJBVU> County, who *a. confined. In mcntbf public schools .account ,o(t bc same;i and all st _p".. Ibfth.He. bad V--J* / .*-'-
Et of.he craft. A""h. imines 'If thev. ;lin<) i>iiti( :I fiJJ4ituf nid cuiiiity. u'"de"ebar.. ."'wf (Cape! hVnuiue .' them rest rain nnd o t;tOJ ,qt on account_of p.td. !*! J and' 'bonl.Y."t' ugbt lei- .

ttiy .n.a .t.bih! .M '". *h*U inninu'ly'.copied-, 1M i rcape. from'*aid j jfl and U imw at large: orderly persons, and she'. shall be paj4.by the ,'treasurer, on, ogliftg' tiiiorS1vci'itautM ". i.
I pwbliahedia the papers.f.esch"lier, .I F 'sow, know 1p.Ihafl; Kob,rt Itivmond RridJo. negroes afld ,pe oniof; the council, atttested'by the clerk;5pd" m.'eHo be.thc ringle rs'or hi J :

..Ia. Joe \\ ORK ,hall cnnsjilercd d as ea>!" IInd f::vemor cf Flurida' by virtiitt i ofttie authority vested in provide fortbe inierior by the InteodauU ..;* ltUoww..saW *icalthty,nrY-.

!ty.tbfnt deuiauded .n Je'jyeryexcept from ii',uUrl lice by law. du hereby offer rewnrduf ment of said cityj'auB; Sec, 15u:; Bo,itjurthcr; _enacted, That bodl".d'- p..ce 4.U.J' sotnc" ',t

'toMrr*, T 1 I TWO, HUNDRED DOLLARS t todramsWamps Intendant and councilman, shall Jbe Cthe to tb P r* '
authority u \
| pricey"f JiAs "bait.' ?,a f..Ilnws :, Criit | for the apprnlieu/ion>f the a.id fugitive;and lila safe and such' the first. 'Monday of Jaiuin each_ :hd: : akinsI'' :

p arlr 8\ er'pack' t S|>si k**''per |Mfk:over 3 iiacksSt I,I d.hvery t. llttt cu."dr of any jailor or other officer of ered remove prejudicial to the 111"'b r, and. e said election, )'shall .be; held: ,.fromedmtely l'4tb&atul obeyed of1 .1'
n was
llsnutnlU $. Eper' take'char of 5't ? #
per park; ", I'anipHlet;. $ .thti Terntory Florida, authorized to e & lId superiiitendance of tlyx
i the and without to >5 \ pc lol1. 1ico wbObadlngercdbehIndt I *' .
I It
4rue. Blank; tI..I-'C.p ainl 'Her, iT r e{; fiiiie- hnn. who"sball ba JUdiCIOUS Id.d I r Z-
:HlW iw'r' t folw post 95 per q.irt? $"<) per ream 1 The laid DILL. a/ur JACK i i. about five feet in any direction. : Provided pe oral the shall r : "*Dnt. >BRbIir,*Kived Irdni, 'itn" Sfsu. .. '
1ttr t rircaibitui; less than $5 per "t,1 high; ha lafg ''' thin yinagr,a'wc.r receive from necessary to' Ihr $ and votes DO;giym it'f1ir' y '. '
I wut as hUjh. I''0. aeeorJi jt,to sue I sent on liu.Ciieatj bU wruNdee-ly marked by liandcutj closarerwlthout the city nbiudge election shall qualified {' ;ftll :

I Fth!: The n.niesuf. "l fwmfn. and ittKer travellinginifesfional. i *.nne ear picrct-d, for-a..ring. 'a h'l /car on his a bove rccited'purpose, r'the otlicu of Intendant 6t city l Dt(t (OJ o'iilf1'. riIge.tl V. 4

. I %. ,Iara er..i) wlw. *. 50 off without psyingIbeir left Ie,,ju.t twlowjlie knee;hi color rather Ii.ht.and 'tiders :.himself) ; aggrieved." ..elig blerw'said", offices, or;itb ; waj saloted tf thicries and" /iI. :

I 4flM.D, hi'iU.; ,sbtU. be ptWd on ha black' lit, : hair'wet.borlf, hit!Jefi$ leg U/MOievvbat atiff.which" have suqlt dane: at the tune.hs.is so judgu of election'I d' l Iong"jn i' I'Cktami bq.f # .

lad, '*>uliIisHed (or the benefit .f, the.er? .fu I causes. a'timp I In hit gait. ,. .* ,' Tullabassec! : always'that l the}Intcrjiant'Jinld., flal Jn-a'terribje Tfiifeir.** T" .
I Tike$ above rVilea) .nbt'tii'anYc1 ant special exiftlin/ Given* under my'hand.and e"ilof lb.'Tciritoty. awatd'shall be' olfice shall remain: in oMTce tnti1thp 'b..d"ll'o.w..lLt his* "1t .'. a .
as they pa (17. .
this twelfth March .
the .But contracts variantfrom da'.or
LnuP.eoC .
I pzeDI1tyeiJ 'Ctio.and until their. _successors : '
I th.wiU jiti.itewed.I&o .t SAU:]: elf htern hundred .ndfutyetthe city. Iahasseejl6gethcr-with ; brn"an4stfbff. i ; 4'. 'J. .'
whoe .in summoning d' 'b" ''i in J., WIftJ 5 ,:
THe Editrr n4 r. lis>M>f..f Florida name of TalUhiWer. may.accrue .
"i.',bvrepiiKraWfeied.: % pledge themselves in honor UODEKT RAYMOND'REID.Bv : JJec.,4. ;.Bef( rtb : ) Sec. 16., Beit further enacted. That it : qjl s': 8h. 'J1 "ae : ,
ich .oto tUeuW:ta observe the forecoifir| Kalas.j.'the the Goernnr.4 : shall be summoned by a the duty pt the said Inspector or .any: corhrnunicafeil.M. 8flul... ...

mfna'genieuiof-tbe"aasinas of their different. ImM'CLCTI_; Secretary, of Florida.. \ .. PU'a wVjrVantbfany, torreceive the.votes,and to.cause.the US dLICUS1*.' .!. ; .' .
stabllsbinents. '. "' ,n"' { x _Marrh2_ ?- April 8. 4*' ed to him for that purpose i ; every"voter,/to be. taken down .and:i i n_ 1 mbnopoyf1_ prcsfit ,*-

(f..E. BARTLETT. i f IIIIE-nhfcriber, ha>in/ been' apK>inM'.bv' hw'JLJ I' as is now provided by.Jaw a book ..be'p .,for that purpose,, I ** d&.ie11t> T fol"- Ahorttie,iV5. .'

r ;.fM4p4uAtoZGsvtt&, {. 'Krwllencythe Goernoisnd Council of Flrtrf; the jury1 shall make. their ause thu poll.to,be ,b hd'atsuch place ; 1)1t1 ni( t. iFtbO 'tlingii'in! 'it- '
.JOSt'lIlr.nO K"Y. r opy two of them may think p pcr .'T '4 ... .
> aJ.1 iI ia Auriioneer.fvr.ibe county of I.Jol'II") begs leave Bald justice,upon whose : ter.< fo 'X.L-
I : : .J **.&** Courier. ,: arid cottihu .. ,from mneo'cl H ; 1"(1" ll
l j. :&:jlvKBB: : : co.f' .to.iuurw. tb". .!Jea'.lene.'allj that be.isniiw. read/. issue execution! :as.iri cases | >en ". .,' i UQnu lIeU'T<' I' '.,/ r
'article. or tuerchaiidiae-, morning xintil five m the cveniogvh -,
: .'T.Ut Sttr. to receivein pnblc or : 6ec. ((5.v Be it further 1& ,. h '
f >*nrt 'A utt ,
ftUlwntnu O _'I"4
SAM. ":. KIBLKY. privatevala:ol 'aiaai.7U,;.f.ft will attend 10'' city.council shall have : shall l be told,and then, the othep 4 '. ... :'. : .: .

I i ./rAt T.u.Aa. ,fl.nJsaae'' .' any sales in town or in thi cnnrtry;if nqtiired, lib ''be, recited ,in. the greatest number of votes .for. G nleprg4; ILc t : ;. ...
I.Tv.OULI U. ioux eij erienn in that hne.of.bn
',. .II. ..d_ fUrUm HcnU ;oJ'lhirijr' ,' arthabssr. witl. 'eitsure" him a share of. cumsta'nces'as act 'the' said having the greatest number of ot sprang up' *1tJ*yi .- 1TjE :5.

-* ". w..-.-.; '. ,I 'publia patr siage. lila stores,tt'ensive for ptorajre least burtbensome tdihe shall be declared, and th 't hey,*bas !been rato. .i" .. J "
F:.. : .,...".. 'I : .sfou4g. "JJ.s ea" 1tceJajiJustedopposiI., the th s said';Inlfodont, and Councilmen residel t was ignorantf.tL .. to .
r. '.".1. ..,'1..i'd.I.. against'the **lafa't, >fitet ('ids1&-$quare. : I/( LYOX.Jits .. tax on real estate in the < ." : .
bhah1resirdeduI4nuticu ? the tfeVhl 'bf.
ri .
'41 '\ATIIA :laTEPEXS; jasehntiGedlo Vr>fii.'Juhna auction dav will he TnMilays and Fiitfivs. ccpdon.percent ,on the whereupon :: : "
t' h ret.f GklhIrgidlii LAHgsdtiu.i-M ircel t.;I4fl.; to provide tfor.lhc ; to each of.them. r* .hurrving leinf lh F f. 'i .: 'i', .

.. .ti. "? ...uht'n'ir- withi '".)im. I. have power to nake. and Sox 17. Be it Curt tier roactcd, That it .was the:,levitylwithfSvbicJt: pwVr1 ,'.r i' .
Administrator'sWILL & ( 'of tha:said city,council, iit I trcated, at this diH.J1I.. 'f/t 5 '. .
F pfilfCHbed by Uw t and those who are in any way.in ccs'ntid: to impose &u h' bctbcduty ,'S
; .U.-4be! pkree1thea.nbscrsber.nn to the for .. 4'. .. : .', .
,"tiblni) are'rHflHlrtsltit make p.tt.- -. intrih! etncnts thereof veckspreious 't y appointed J-Ii. .J.1. .- : '"
.jrZayb 51'4O... 47.' \\\ W OATE8. firstT.d.sidM4yandJssne nest, all withi$ tu shall to tbe said tQa&p nqtth inspecwoCelection. a1"'l' { .! 1\
ll e :..ai..a.r belonging In the Fault't nropertr .
of '
aud to notifj/tb'em sucb prohibiting It ." '
c ,
le8"Ht.'Jn-rel"" i arches" ; 'initl*. 1u tn.t'. which 'H 'a 'LAIlGtiSTc sary tuj give effect and 'h'qu .. : 'w f"
&e'- [ I and to the the said inspectors hall give,, were .mtionetlitf.ariot ., -c
y .. 'rl:U mv i |->UL.<7. yiCUrCATTLK: (both5. beef.and Stock Cat. regulation .
tic 8ub,oiU .rtia.ju s f.sur.a.d'.orn Cbarlea* .IIth. .- S given and imposed to and .within- i three days thereafter,: by, all:public*place \.Tbe.J'.t t 5-

;' log with an orlinent tf 4be latiW.:(fachion 4aveic,0 ; A credit!,will be given? uutil the fit st day of January, ration br city council. any at the markti,' and.thrce'diiflerent' ordcrr.dto boWilsglfln! i .err.. ;. ,

: &- rec.Jv.J' front ihe 7 NWtb.JUid' Ucted S4I. Koietjwiih$ 'approved security. ,'will ,be requi ta tbo, contrary ', | time and'place of such"election' /' erS torbeattaeir hote iE' "-. .t "t't

.J.himself.forJhia$: ; ,niark.t.:.which1 he offers on lower. rid., drawing h.18"'Irr6' date l further that no Sec. IB. JBo it further enacted,That if. ;saddled .numher.'nf : .' .

ms,than ha purchaf d:'iq,Florida.' .', A|ioi- ?S,hfs'aiKwv .-. ..fbe.CaUki.wUIuea to suit pnreluwersv Personsw'uLinf -hot entitled to'v ol'ibe refusal l absence,'or other UWl ; where peopte'.might ca b. "-.

,itfn ut'4'-.U'r'pncL.: .r lobuyVnch.prop.-rlyfwilldo well fo attend.' persons l and ).* the Intendant.elect .hall.. with great .,t ntA" lilIIr1q ;D t, nd'ntl irrtd tt.if"wll ,yJOKN: C.: PELOT Adni5. i.trator.Colombia couhqlmen nancesand rules ihaUb; performing organizing duties of was also issued, declaring..that: -_ 5

.rl., flltil\tct. ..na. 'nr''T'I..II'I"tb' R'"t.' ....&ta L-dki.4Uutt, 1)rnp., &':r; Coimtyl April 61 I Ht. 45-Cw ont arid attested by.the : ,'it shall in'sucn' case beiho duty refuse to.take banknote th
..j-.cw an-.r.11.h.lt'u. -*irr: .. S ". '-'ce. ,1 Sec].6.. Be. it iurtber. ndant in office to cause a new ; should forfeit double. .the, a. :, '9 .f
ITA: UrW Wp>tr>f'f hM>ilverandwe*l Spectacle ALL.Mrw>'iM:.bavnx claims a"ainit thenf,4je, of city council shall have'p 1 ,by' the same Inspectors, who.shall: 5' c. -to tI'
berMan4ingtiIev "'Jn S1': : : Xi OOK*f.'K: deed., are jvereby notified tendaucu of its,members t1 giye atjeast one weeks notice uuihe and vchcmcnVitJppc ilionof; ;'- j

l.i/tocksl V.aleVa, C.... $.} .K Jiwhianri in 'jrt4nlin'hVMiiie7: o
.d f *rpn i. of CnuVty.' v SAnd the time enbed'byrU"w;> 'i .pw.. hidebted are dant,. [rand :its own ly..to.this.regulation. ,_ I' a constant soured otannoyanc* If 5- ;' -. :
|* a jrariaty of articles im hnmeroita'-to menltnn. b4ire' }absdh'se. Vr bo'Jire.inapy.; ., the .question, .r ec.l'J Be it further enacted. That butthis obstinate.fffle 'ja of bia, ,..- ". <

I7wr" ..W:,. Watcharid* Clock 1 ttpsifinfifsrr*% 'x;d.on#asfcawir >; reque'tted* : luake, I: 'immediate' payment Adlb'r subtcrh,' nays two pivey members ry.; ,.be pla and city Councilmea shall of a ootmercJal raoaoao., .. ; l ,'.
'WM. B any '
whk nr,, Tfti 4i aikrrdesnalehr TW 8 tWtt.. ber Ulamiltcn: : Co. March:: 5j If40.'BUOKE14.. .'i 'SecF7.!. Be it further' r to till vacancies in their own body,.by : :: toleraledJf lledertniaedtox" ..r 1

r Inkidipdmg a law w..tah5be.pIqTchaf.er1ni.'an44 : : .FJO. .. city/council/ shall have an electron to beheld in ,the same body.",Tio :Abbe 0o* ;1t,,
flesai:coutinqsnet Mfthe', t1tTnhati ; .' ,
[ -.j'sj 'Jnigaw 1 is for in thh act.out'of the ested laiodeiHFa* -. -
5 provided simple
n..M.; : ...1 ,.1'f";:j :QUINCY '. .' er,clerk,and such other sag a,
t -'-.'. -. ilvi& \ tt..taloj.ClfGf.U..iyi Loifh'jfsiciao rEY'R..ilt.1 city.coqncil I Q :'quatided hllt! the sank and that the piuiaruent altosefber tbcjpga; -
J. .t--. J.1 JJ1 et'- ,Lii&t.i'.i'.:us:7i14ite.iiiti..Uj* .R.LUtIbbl npayqm. I nt'and city'Councilmen"shall' In alt rorna 6fwk..UmtJt'.a' : ..
""r\ Mia1.avWtfaiMOt7; : : I'.deU:,!, : (Lte of-tho' b..c.tnq' ManoeaileV thb tQtbO4)OWers and. \ their respective' ncti as, u' ti menUothe mafcli Qf pyblica.r, : ;
to, or'lm S
|.fW.iW"f;;>f.fn :ih l>t jS0f >/WP p..pi'..) fri J,-.QUIN- .y! cocncil acfgiveri and-to t CCCIIiOrb elected! and qualified nUnsbaJ lecflnedia I lItq 1fl[': J. 'I
tf br/ifbhw Cointr: deftrl.:; Mn.Jtl40t' 47. : ; 'determine .
? Jf.tN1m.ilswof "
a.el..bdei .-.- .,. oIft bd'tbeaamo j 'Scc.;- Be it further enact 'That : upon calm rcon "j .

t ht.aHnalte>bynii'ified te<,wHfeiq to umr-'relpecti.tfca C al;*preaortbed te1 bf law rI : .. : ;. .'\ -iVJ o.Ht;. ,. two.thirds.iof \said': .oit1 1 male inhabitan'tf. isra.citizea of !he adoptPd inawnKxJfri( ;.',. -''
W" AVERY has jsitr.celvtdtrous New of:the of thB.:28th Julycaflyfia _ibo> s- 3
I**-mpi1i'| J ';aMiuteqn1* *> tMAWSft I II'AAC" ; roemb ofibe laid Muo age twenty-qeryearr ot '. .
t od.tJo r'.1 fiy Sehooaer.Reclumaeaa;.*'owplSt as. baofJrialc d : ; .rds. who's all have'resided twelve doors cI'a&portIa..JaJtIr l .

t-.. .) iJ.'i-cf.: .. rI t MI't..J14U"\t QOOfc, wkhkW'iU. : '! 'See. a':: iffyrtb r th.o.' nmi' -de ,'and ,.'b1(. .' .Jtr '."t ,. .

,w.. ..t., A 011 ...'IiJir.,A t'.1Q&.1f'rttor. ..,""..<. .low Affl for eeeh. at wbelesale aedr.tiit, f..'j i..- '-.'. S tlia duty.:dT. .(fee sd-: : .kalewi08baUha. ,resiled,. .. ;. ,'j w'. .... . -. t '" .! ..

-I. r I L :: .
S 4 '. .
'. .. -H T'r "- f
.. :: r if.\., .
4 :0" ;.2 .. c. -
., $
S 1 '-.5
. : : .. J 4', 5. :..S ;I ._ ., '., ,
'I. t ;1" '
ii' ; :
f j/ A .
.! J 't ,
'. j \ 5-
-'" ., 1'1' -5- 1 r"- ; 5
: 5
; .' : I V ;: t" : ': .. 2 ... ''-'. i- j c .
.r 1
; .. L *
v "
S 'Ojf. ... -w- -* .
.Ii ". ,
,: .. .:-) : ,
( '-..: Ifi'"I" ''A. :4' 1 fj.-tf/ ,
"Iii. ,. .T"1
-. .. ,' ._ t." .

- 1r
+ _
fI :: I

I.".'>. : 1 .

.. ": .- t.'.;.. I...> ... -Jli .t = i I' Ld J -
-I Il I" .. V.- "' ,I'.'' .. .. .- 'J'" .-.. ., < --j. .
: 0'.1 :.;. "I. 1
l\\ "
I -
'J' -S
,. ..
I "'I'f .
.. ..-. .__ .' t, .. ._., Wt SS* .- t- 11'\11 .1 --- .
-" '- ,
..: > l ._ .. .r- l : r'L ; I BjpeHoa--fi of Traps.rtbl.JohnsForUi S

\ ftn&othcrs to the houses of the various merafcer< jcncy S ,and informed,them that they were pssem.lcd 1 AUGUSTI 'f i it: accenar ral1rr '_- and .1"
finances 'a a), hatcf its) it was jpte :to them-jas much asjhcy fast Peyton Raa
who were all at first in great alarm until .!or. >! to deliberate onUhe'&tute otithtt j jIUJ '
, "c., ler from the king was put into the hands ta hmlur tlMt affairs of hVliulia Company I I.ACCOM* ," dtpisi5J _raUrJhan be e *?'f) overi iea arc to be ondoncd.and the force'remorad .

:t- ; .. themselves' at Pontoise in the! .course oft W& i:1 lr'L"1 Huus..q&)' C miMolhrUei\\ rcmdereda MFyiday,.Jniic 6, .UO thrown, they consorted and made common cause to Forts Fulton and Brown for the purpose c/'D

& d's,tl1 which place parliament wasHhus -suddenly perfectly clear statement, by j union it .lP1ihlcims and the ..Ptopk.'T ." with AsoutioMMS-vas, FANATIC ABOLITIONISTS strengthening the latter posts. ', l
: : and arbitrarily tranfcrred. appeared that lucre wore bank bills m'' ciruululuii ---- *" ,
; S Od the West all the will be
before such union, would have glcdiy outposts broken
:_; Thu despotic act, says Voltaire would at any to the amount ot two milliards seven nuadrvd Democratic Plntr rm, who
Cither time hare caused an insurrection; but one millions of Iivrcs,.wuli<>ut any'juvidcuce ',Opptwtot: National Bankvus ftaughtwith] cut'their throa's and washed their hands in their up and the troops moved to'Micanopyand the 1 ..

.' I half of tho. Partisans w( occupied by their rum, hat thiseuonnoa-i suui and bueu eiuiued Jayiriue danger to our free jnstitutionsand1hukbCrte3Otthe hcarV blood. To carry nut this bargain they other forts On the frontier.. _. .
'" : ,I J *nd the other half by their fcncift! riches,which t ot any' ordinance I'roni the general& assemblybiv poi l-, f rom i its necessarily great and I controlling to succumb'to these''miserable' .Ie.- :_-'" 'S -_ j- -__-.- 1 S "
compelled ,
; .- were'tortnttfvanish "The'presidentand"mem; theIndia1:Comphojr, 'whicu alone*,'had ttw 'power overthir general':curre.ncy-'( and were The army4 in its operation on the OckIa., _. :

.'. It- tiers of parliament*acquiesced iu the mandate right to utborisc uch emis tons. } busirwss of the couutryTOpposition to-the.present wretches, and' renounce tbe'cnndidate of their ha, came upon an Indian encampment on the .;

without murmur;they even,wen;as if on a par. S The council was astonished ttt the Bdnkihg' system, as defective' in principleand heart, their first lover for whom they had'fougbt 30th of May,' which.- from.ap raDtcS. .waVt :
..t: iy pleasure, and.made'every preparation to and loukea to the Regent fur tscl\J3ure.1 unsafe'in practice, and'requiring a radical time and again,"andtake up with the Abolition.u '

ff' ; ;,sul a Joyousjil in heir,exUe. .The rausquecr ed to the citrons, thj Regent avowed' refornVr-A total separation of the fwcnl concerns /*',c.mdiJatcVIr.. H. HARCISOX !U!! Ashamed hurriedly,andJjut, -short* *timerbefure*- J **- 1It" S ',: ., why, held SSCSl1 thapracatcd pariairicutbouse bad emitted bills to the k mount ul tw offh'.fGovernui5nt from iill I bunking institutions .ted. An Indian child abotft four years old. was : )

." ,:, a.guy,corps of fashionable yuung drcd.millidas. bcyouJ. wh.it.,uad ux-ij' ,used.byordinances ; as Uiabest guarautce.for the prescrvation f pur, otl!: tc. .njy! vCoaliljon, ,vC ,course. they :dented foumfbn lEegrotinHlileep;*a Hundredand fiftyj* ,

'I (dlo amusedilnemselvcs with making songs : and. in cbuiradictiwuu cxprc** pru- National IridepcndenceEncouragemen, and their masters the Abolitionists like.him of old acres of corn and pumpkiae contiguous: to thc J .'
I I/ 'undpasquinadesi cxpcri Q
I fcgUlators; "and at length,to pan n away time bad legalized or ratayr'covered jitw Jr a.i- with the ability and disposition all times and immaculate ; his Ethiopian skin,'contrary camp." were. ii destroyed.. ,' .' S
,' farmed themselves into mock parliament: action by decrees ordering such taiii_ ( to redeem their bills in Gold and Silver, andean pure 'v *i!

luct d their presidents,kings; ministers; and ad which dczeabhad antedated. ? j express provision in all bank charters,inquiring (ito Scripture had been eha.nged.'and he Tee- : Flat.lnfurnatiMx' .., :..

vacates; took their seats in due form;arraigned ,A',stormy scene cu.y."Cn> the Regent. ample security to be given 'to the StaU; for the bad,suddenly their hands .become-white:as ; has oJusbecnrecrh'ed in ''towar ,

a cat at their bar in place ot the Sieur Liw, and and.tha Duke dJiiouruon, iitil to tuO crulu ul. redemption rf their istiut in specie on.deman>n andthevertxtualtulyeeiionofdt the driven snow. Used to all species of joggling, that Indians. to the number, of iaOO. .'.:. are 0

fier giving affair: trial."copdemnrcr itto: be either, both, having been deeply implicated Ju:. tlci of. incsrporatton they had waved their wand, and said to his Abolitionism prowlingaboutIhei Mandarin; ,settlement.' r Mitt '
Ranged., In this mariner,pUblJc affairs and pub. lha cabal wt ic operation* of luu dystcuL in fact, to IM control t/lhe Legulatiure _
; .,' Vic institutions were lightly.turned to jest. the several' members of the council 'had I been ,S To avoid the necessity explaining principles presto and it was gone Fearful Shi lien*a'resident there,: y. .t.anbt'trail of a

As to,the exiled parliament,it lived gaily and :'amoa tiw inort venal4 oeocncurids" of thasch'Jinc I II thVFederalists whochange thcirspflcn- however, to trust to bis imbecility, (that.very body of Indians"was sciteudnginto) tbetead o(.

lj %; laxuriaaelr_ at. ,Puntoisc, at the public expense; I' and.bad interests. <,uk," Wiiicii tty daily! to NoirthcrnCco.Koco | quality being he die for which.they selected Goodlly' Lal e.f d:' dJn h :w s lC
J&A l ** v *j* rL 1 1 uind
$ f tljrarprl pfjlhe
in m i *i*< I er tha.niafMurcl many '
I =woui 1 .him) hat he might! betray himself) .they put'Lha in eigtD I of fo t Tjiisivideai1 .
iaenTTaTuieillen .
_cw 'uTthdca-t lucuucd! u tllma .&at Uttersditasiruiu paj>ers keep the above stdnding
-r-- )er.,iQ ,WB ; puatl'b, dwpoyt'tp '- wcrv-more to blame |u;n Law far th at the bc doftheir'cplumna.ltis, a good, oneandmay'bo under the guardianship of* a committee-compo' is! 'same party that,was'QlMr.'Iek s'.. Cunt

t'J=Y f. *.';vptit nijdldeliglT ;..1 effects of his' a ucia1lPro His b.Aij ,.hid profitably comm $(ed to nemq.by' Set! of NVhig.members ofCongres,and ordered they bc.caught,or 1 g on:' ,- -.Jerllta.!w'f' The!J he I !it.,been cdtfniied to iU rlg.ualjim'dp| i .b} uavc : S him to answer no questions, define no positions W **i '"

kept open hOUse to all t1iemenitis. of 'parlla.4ne.lt. I gone on pl'l\ipet y, iuul fiave :b'ceuof gruttipcucfit t, every freeman. _. and make no avowal 1 of hi'sentiment, except, S The Judge; cftbeff par or Cort'w uWaJ\'

S,:vural tables were spread every gay, ty the nation. It was un iii.1iutiuu uttui ; ordered that the books and seat of office of:the
nil furnished luxuriously and splendidly ythe r\lr.a free; country; but uuloituaaiciy> it was j FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, through them, and by_their .tidtice!11 Li such a, : Court .slnll, be delivered into the hands. '
most.:exquisite wines, and liquors, the choicest subject to the control of.a despotic government, i I man-a man who would submit to'such an ignominious County

.: fruits 'a::;d retresaraentiOf ull kinds abounded. that could at its pleasure alter tn<* value ot tho J L t._,sou TAlt UUITceI keeping ot his conscience,n sir person 'of Mr. Dumas S as Clerk elect',S forthwith.. 3.*,>,
A number'' of small ''chariots for one and two specie within i hs vaults and compel 1 ih j ino t 'I
i r Candidates .Pre11d .... to be President 01 the United States; is the man ad' Cowol '.ruined ,th :
for ,
I P;; borsci, were always a\.band, for such ladies and extravugaut expansions of: its rjapurjcirculauou.: Despair( as 'o'but'
'-p: old gchtlcntcn as wished to take an airing after; The vital& principle of_ u ban* security: In theregularity I I l 'ii) the People Florida., roan the free-minded' chivalric Floridians wish as ,old womaa said when 'her house was on

it ;1, 'dimtctt and card and billiard tables for>uch.aa of. 114 operations, ami the immcdiatu j! Knowing. as we do, the good sense of the people their ruler. Shame, honor, manhoodheavenforbid it'.'a:cold night and /may' is veil wa.aisji.j.

:: .c', chose' to Mrause themselves.in thixt'way' until'sup. convertibility! or its paper into coin, an.|.wuat ,of this -Territory: -their love-'for correct it. Is this the course Martin Van Bureii "_.-- ._ _. ,.-_ __ __"..,t,; .
S 'S h
: pet/ The sister and the daughter oi the firsl confidence bo repusc'd in an iiistituiion; oritipaperpruuiises pursued,even when his opponents were'denouncing S S .
did the honors of the house and he when tno couid principles, and their unsurpassed, patriotism,we Jl.E -_ WedncsJay.mornrngjaftcr proy', ,

#. freSlderit' id there with nn air,of great,ease J moment cVIItuIIle those :, urcj'gn' market at do nut fear to oddres them in the plain,unadorned him in the vilest terms fur bis noncomuiittalisml rracted ,illness Mrs As* GEIOCC.aged aboutGOffil

hiwniiality, and magnificence. Ir becathoapar and 8c 7.e'u1'OIl all the injury m f '' <3ompubory : language, of Democracy and .truth.. .Some Look at the letter to Sherrod Williams] widow of thC'J3tc JohaGeigcr.- Esq.61.Ibis- citf 1t

1.f ;j'r ; ty uf pleasure to drive from, Paris to ..Pont."Uichtwas ., measures ucd; likewut*, to foree celebrated author has stud that language was look at all his f speeches,all his inessages-the5 :- :- -..PUHeIl.e..-- _-, .'

'',(if.' "1W.,..: ali, .I leagues distant from Paris, to.uir bank notes into'currency, against the judgment given,to'man iu order to express and.expose his you will sec plainly hisseiiUmriits. lie did not In the Empire'from Charleston-4Ir ;S.1Icd
; S .which six distant fatal '
,, was leagues and par of tbo public wm lo the system ; for credit thoughts. Had that individual lived 'in 'thesedays refer those who questioned him to d committee rick, Mrs 8 A'Save lie, Mrs S SmTll,'Mi .1ti;
e '" take of the amusements and festivities of tbk' must bVfrce aiid uricoatrolled ai Ithe GInm'Inair. : ,
i, plac6 Business was openly slighted;, nothing The Regent was the e,il spiirii of the sys- and read the Whig newspapers, wc.thiuk, l who had.him. in keeping answered, himself i ; Ptnkham, Miss M Dupont Ref 'P, Mrs II Levy fcchildrri*. ; "
Hon Brbnson. RutkdgeW ;
I J..H.
: 1 was thought ofb' t amusement. The "gelfaod; tern that forced Law on to an expansion of u'u he would have altered the sentence so as to read plainly and unequivocally. Yet these very men Jones A Alvarez, J MHnur,J Rose,' Cre .fi"
S his OyerurntItwera laughed at, and made the paper currency far beyond'.what lie had c\r',' 'to conceal bis1thoughts. who have forbid Harrison's committing himself >< tmJiumua'u
language was given man I Elias Jl1I OaUinann! ,G N Pap> iV Joe
.t y ,
subject of continued pleasantries;; while the dreamed oH' lie it was that in u nunucr competled J denounced -
S and base has the ace the very ou'S. who Mr. Van Bu- --
Y '. So ignominious j .
rrvjrmou'expenses incurred by,this idle and la. the unlucky'projector deviso i all kinds .
S.. : vUh courso' of lifo more than doubled liberal of collateral cumpunies'and'moiopoiies; by BritUi Whig Party of this country become, by I ren without cause as a non-committal t' Such wimT
: ,
I %;5 4 .oumYprovidt This was the way in which the. which to raise funds tu meet the constantly iu. the corrupting influence of the BANKS that they is tho bold, impudent effrontery ,of the Britith. .' -- "

4 :S
: During all lbw tiane. the .system was gttlinftnorc wasbut, like a poor conjuror, in tab bands of a all sacrifice .
hazard and of Under '
and more)involved.: The .stock exchange potent spirit tout he has evoked, and that obliges I principle. ,.
had'some: time previously.been .removed to the uim to go on desperately and ruino wly with Ills;I 1 the guise A!' patriotism, they call thujovers, To heOwucA> of'Slave -pOILTOI'.sr. .WG(1STLV :

PlscoVcndome; but tbettzutt and noise be.' cull raUOpl.; lie only thought'at 'b- outset toraud 1':1 of their country to support their candidate ;' un. -'I We have rectivei copy of tbe document -- .

i S corrjihg 1ntolcrabe to the residents of that polite the win'd.lJuttb Regent com,nrlied'him to 'dcr that of equal rights, they invoke the aid of containing the letters and other papers oa life ABS1TXO. : -c"" .
( jurter, and:especially to the. chancellor! ,'whose rais'Ji whirlwind. ,1 Scb Empire Southwick. Charkstoa- ,
q the :|'moneyed institutions, that:have already;..brought'' iu the Departments at Washington, in! relation S
the Prince and Princess honrs.' S
hotel Carig. .
was The investigation ofthe irs o" the -." .
company '
r r flaui both deep gamblers! i in Mississippi stock, of. by.the council; resjMfed inKithing ben:licial ,',upon, the ,country. so much, distress, andJaveI I 11 charges made' against Mr. Dancy,as'superin. -Steamer Charles tyownirigv Dent,.,Sainah. '

S ter.-4 tha extensive garden of their Hotel loMoi to th 'public. The princes aiid uobtes who had', nearly subverted and overthrown ,thc 'Government .' tendant of the sea-wall dt this place.' Among S $.,,

t S 'S >sons.as a rallying place! for thu worshippers enriched 'themselves by till kinds .of juggles Itself; they call on the farmer and tiller of other letters we discover the following (ro., the IA1LtIS I.

t i of .b nmOiI. The offer was accepted.c A'num.ber anA extortion, escaped udpunished, and retained the nb.to'cul :.to their i aid,as nicuis'or io.1' present superintendent: 30-Steamjr Sf., Matthews; Fred- (:ric ,'
r of barracks were4rnjrnediatcly erected ill : the of a. via intermediate' .,
: grf8teri>art tncir spoils. Many pa Bay posts..
creasing the price their produce the stand. ST.,'AcowsTijiJE, (E. F.) May, 1839. .
.t fbe.garden, as otncen fpr the stuck brokers, and of thyddeDJy'ricb.," had from ., : 'S
who risen obscurity J '
[ e 2j 4>i .*
( .
an order was obtuinud from the Regent t. undt.1"IJ.o to a giddy'height'of imaginary prosper. l"ard the' Banks tt1 1cmJIhcs.! vc, 'Edu(4eIy !t t tt '. SIB: / *$fc%t ?,2dly. 1'wish*' to ring outondiiaioduce'lbpon.tho" .. ... .., ..IN"ADMIRALTY.f.-, .-sr. ,
:I( /*' V "A Hr "9 t w.orks while : .: -.1 "'"'
JubuTcr :
? i pretext of police rcgulal onxthauobar ahibe i !, ityi Gnd,bad indulged! in aU kuida of vugareuid. ,chargingthe present1 low price*:,to acts.of.lhb ;from fnc'lionb,. .plaif : ; "DW"'d'Dn.B' l.
S 4 yalidj unless concluded in these barljr ridiculous_excesses, uwoke, 'a.vout.joi'adnxiih..'in : succis* .' al'.. .it.D 'JJc,, ,.
: .
? A 1 minUtratiunin order. to;divcrXtheJit fully fut soinu;yea ii.. k Captaln'MansJIcId? 't"'a .! < ". .,.. .
""t 1fs."Tb ftCntO)b mTminCdfatt' h1. their original povefayrqdVlwadv more/gilUng ,fqVtwfc*- "vrri.; -xt--* .- : :" ; \. i ': '
; >
facts of the case,add to 4pftventI on the works tur the impruvenient of the Savau. .5
\-d.t a hundred,liciamoath for each,and tIe humiliating by their transioit elevation.Tho I I' ;jentioafrQ.m.the Tbe schooner Frances her tackle :

) S__: : ; wb9)o) yielded these'noble :'proprietors. the. ,igiio i weight: of hc evil however; fellon;; more,; the People's,s ting.that the depreciated ,trices ,'nah sl river,) 'ot as.,the thu laborers worthless I have kind at prvscut apparel and furniture.MIUUCL .
ble revenue,of a half millibn'uf livrcs.V .valuable classes of society ; honest tiadesmea i! of gram 'nnd. other agricultural, produce it entirely ] ( veuru of most werebn ,-being a NEWGA. Master, S
those which
the works S '
: The mania for gam,.however. ,.was now. 'at an and ftrtisinr, who had been"seduced away from'; owing to thcnis'.Tuble condition of the i portion took the whin? Respondent- '. ,
former :
S tnd, A universal ,panic,i t.-4- *'Saufetfui the '.fe' pursuits 'of'industry, 'tui I the specious'chance of' the Banks' ''' charge ; agent having contracted -, I JOSEPH S. SANCHEZ, MnrsSil (_$_
thu in
S "." wnaihe watch word. Every, one was -* of spocutution. Tnousands ot' meritorious J ctirrency,51n consequence .sutpcn- with owners such a wathat he -Eastern Dbtrict of:Florida, in pursoani
anxious to exchange failing paper for something families,alsov once opulcot, had 'been I din: specie t payments. They try disguise the,'.: ivus at liberty to do so*,'removed the grisiter'partto of she followirg do hereby citero ndziiv-!-kaallHpersons

p'S 4 5 of intrinsic ond.permanent value.::Sjnce money reducedto, iUdigence by too greut bonfidcnqe' ingovernment. fact .that the distressed' state' of the country is a public road fur which he has contracted, whutsoevcr, having.drpftceodi

;; S was'not to'be bad,jewels! precious stones;plate, .. 1 hen was n general l Derangement !;owing to the irrjmense quantify of Bahlf, paper ': leaving rue only the poorer part, which 1 havr,any right, title, interestor c1ahn.inortb
-could add to others
,' 5: porcelaiif.trinkc of gbld and,silver, all com- in the tiiiances, that long'exerted)A baneful infococe -}1 afloat, is utterly/worthless,ami which the1Banks 1 t ucith'et discharge, as no the said schooner Frances her tackle apt=
which be obtained this
can In vicinity,and owners
: mina any price in j>apor. .LiniVwas bwgtU" ,over the nati. 'prospckity ;' but the !t and furniture be and appear before J, S
J.! S ;;' ut fify3th& purchustX and lie-esteemed hih* lf most dis atroui effects.of 4he )..stel1lV upon ]1 _acknowleclge a(suchj,.by refusing to redeem of slav-s ..are'cry'unwilling W. have them at a of,our Superior Court furjhc District"

.1! < S happy wVjocoiild'gel: .cvch.nt hil'priced Mo", the morals and' manners of the Inatioi.fi'&tb The 'it,,and which.though' it'may for a 'short distance above'from Ibeiasclvea. I bdievc that the Florida'atthc. Court Huu- ,irithc Citj'! ufZ 3t
would obviate difficult
I l .. ,: qopolicsnowbecameheragciftndng'dw} noble ofengagvmnts. the'auactitr ofprorniinthe. : t time pass.from hand to handthose hold! it :'plan ticsMn future.proposed!' such C CI Au>usim\ on Tuesday, the 18th .ii1J or tf'ic.

,1' S holders of a.5 The Duke de la Force HHtight ; ifta :. uf aan cud! ,'Every'cxpeient ''will find, like a 1 lump of Ice in summer'it_ gridu.allyi4eprtci&tIes I am, sir, t. at 10 o'clock orthe forenoon ( 1t J .

:.,. 9 _. tip he&rly all toe taflogrwddoap-ptb.! ; tb.grup present protit or to evade move'it makes: ll.ut last I 'Your very most respectfully obedient, to bcirab'd by, and perform al1aDJ.li ,, *zf
:S S ,. *thetoflltjaitd spice agd oats.-i present difficulty, 'was tolerated While shdcppable every ,S servant such judicial acts aj are necessary > be doIi
; Shay t.i tile it dwindles down to' nothmg as"h.evboJ. I tbu.t H.; \V, BENHAM, and
; Foreign exchttngea were Ij1X.J.of PlncipleV rai gzur tcdn', expedited in the premises, and furtbu.
a. The debts of Dutch'and' w"paid.hi thtlN1'Wa. the cblwlry France, hatS wjh U will! find out.to his sorrow. This : Lieutenant tf ER ii r" do and receive what unto law nnd' e'.WI

S : *, I.I Jbis iou'111 ODUYaK 'the' ,,coin of.tb soiled tbeirpepnons; and, honor land glory so' Burma-Bint-:PAf TT,just like the soullesscorpotaUon ,Col. Jos. G.Torres Ckitf'Engineer. appcrtainundeithc' 'pain" of.th'law'I afldths'; '

I 'S' gtmluabavtngdls3ppearedmoney.' ,AU'bif.ire* ..Iopi'\he_ols of the %llic nobility, had bcen1 they so dearly adore, haye' no such \Vhat do the holders of slaves say to thisv contempt thereof the absence'and. contu... -
!t t 11 t&nof) deptor andiCTeiikpr:Wf reonloundtiLI ( "tunabJ' '.\' ':earth, and trampled inth Arc they willing to have:all their slaves turned of' them ,and every of.\them in"'any wiSe. '"

I c we Wiih onetiiit&t' crowns tone'.might.'pay', a ot th.stock market: S I feelings ,patriotism, philanthropy"! democracy ;'upon tbcirjiand, to cat them out of'house and withstanding. ,. : }?,
j 'lebt feightlll thou &livrea F : As'to Law the 'originator the system, ho ; these emotions ore as much: stungers to home. A line idea to JOS. S.. SANCHEZ, ,,3frzw:;
I 4 DeUegenP9thCtOOnc exulted Jri the i appears eventually to have profited but little'by ', their treftst,as'U mercy to,the sapge Scmioo- t i i truly, introduce here.a ,314i'giulineJuii' 111..1840. ; r
'S tfthjcoco,of bank paper, of>w. wrote, in aery I his schemes. IlVwas a quack,"!says Voltaire, oil lok9orwardt is."to e'mon.v- I pack of.: Northern"Abolitionists i tube employed .
5- } 4coi'jhavOofteu: wtlhedj nid sh inttr I' towhon\ the state was"giyc"n to] be cured, but ( .Ics ; 't t upon our public works ; to scatter among us' a ,rn'tod,StBtos of America, S s

,, 'h Me %.* *at Aese-bank 'note were lathe who poisoned it with his drugs and who poiso J. honestly, ,if Lhyc.iri, but at all events' to make t f band,of incendiaries, who will'ihstil thejr A'boU- DisTKicr.or. EAST. KLOWOJU, -. :.J j:,
S S.. '4dths of the 1fanul regions. :Thehave g j v- cd biiusfilf." The effects whicn ho'lcft' 'in,France, it. 'Their darling scheme is to keep up the,Banks," tion ., To the Marihal of the United Sttttetfur t
sentiments '
-- -n jny ga mute?. ;rdtitt ta&relief, Wobpdyi werelbld at A..I'Ipr ', and procecils dissipitted. -- and particularly to resuscitate their favorite,the i t; among our slaves,.and perhaps If E1Z3; Flor 'G"I'FIiId: ** -" S

" ;( # rF.raace hut. pnnny< 111..a4 .Vas. His landed. .estates were confiscated.U&carriednway BAKK or TIE:UNITED STATIS.. No one.can dou bt ;i|aid them in raising aginst their.masters.,' ;jGbn 'VAlrias'A"ibet hath 't'en 'filed in the, '
I .j .. ', 'bQ popular, dtidVines th* arrival o(1tbWcurs.' with hiih 'barely enough' to [ forbid that Lieut. BEMUM'S recpmmendationrshduld priorourt for the } atrn'Dtstrict of Ftor
Sr S :7' .i ,dLaw, .he is. Wved. mure and more, ,tot}., maintain ,.himself bis 'wif.'jdaughter! with this who wilF&ra m tri nt I look at'their,; proceedingscver be followed r" We call' the Sccre.I on the first'day"of June instant by B.8miI

S ; .. 4bwk, isses wiUJbu my:receiving letter* filledightfulthreiiand J5R1"--en YJ" TJie:' cbisf rclique 'of; ,his ;ammcnsc I since the Hero, of New. ,Orleans, ,I of the upon I proctor for Archibald H. Cole,libelanr; Dpi II!
.%.. "' "'{ speakuig him xaji'tyrant. rrtww. wns'I great 'diu: lond. whch'he "ol\S of. whose ,fame will never die,struck the second: 'I'tory Treasury Jo remove dangerous a ,the schooner called the Franccsv her tackle s?.'
d : I hawusf received one threatening him ten oblied to p wri., lIu 'was in England in : deadly blow i in defence of his country's liberties .. person ; I let some other one be her pnre1andJurn ituri Dad,-pinst MicIacI Ncllihf :;

:- .', i f't''. with potsottf When I showed S it to him he! didgbullaughV 1121, and'waresentcd tiGeurijthe First. IIc' that monster which_ '.It .is, hard ,nough'' that pur.slaves are driven the City or SL Augusiine.bw ;tvfone quat'tCTprt

-- .,. "I '. 'b't ,,..II' returned shortly'after to the continent ; shifting : by prostrating ..hydra into the city in droves, from:our plantations,1 by 01 nid: stoincr.and 'Lnndcr Purk"r- !,
time Lawwas dLitnayed bf the was sapping the foundations of our Democracy.As the iamd li th 1TSlkf,
t \a. 21t1tho mean about fro"'placo'ta'placio,and jdicd in Venice j the Indians but this place as"owtierrofretnain'de. < !
:' .. iI ,; ti f rinfrcasjftg troubles and terrified:at the lern pest in 1729. His wife and daughter, accustomed to is their usual custom they endeavor,to mislead ;' depriving us of their cm- .*quart ',orthifi.rscb Fraccesfc'j
or c ; ,jlie had'raapd. He.was not a man of real court live with the :prodigality of'prihcessey,' could all their blind votaries from thn true object ploy ment the" ",kindest,cut, off,all. Cot and all other persons t legalfy inferveaingfortSeir{;
r <" ." I' i ;' .>!is iJ'and fearful for .bU personal.safety, from not conform to their altered fortunes but "ditSi-1 I, like the of Khorassah. they jvcr their Downing ought to have been ashamed tu uphold Interest in the said schooner Frances:'statinjrv; ., |

5 : ._.. oputar tumulC or the despair i of ruined mdi viduate pated 'ant) means left to them, 'and'sank 'prophet BenlianTin. 'this. matter. legioJ.g and pfopoundingi..That hethLM.
I .. ," j" ", ,,be again; xefugednlthe palace! of the, into 'abject Poye ty. "I'saw his wife says J hideous deformity i ,with a silver veil I, in order ; lani is the true and lawful ovaetofone half part:"

S ._!__ T' :I J.et'ot.. Tha l tteras' usual. amused' himself Voltaire,at Bruxclfes,as much humiliated as she I II that their syren tones will not be palsied by the Jadge Broasoa.i- : ,' otthesaidschoonerpraocsoftheburtbeaofa.bfoify J
l .tr j-T ." '*y!tbnws, stad turned, ferynew: dwaster had been 'haughty:and triumphant at I'aris.' sight! of'the.; monstrosity; of their j features. ..Believing tonS and new lying in'the port'of St.
-u ff' I t 1itJt. bGt, ::, began to think of hi own An elder brother.of Law remamded in France,"!1! 'that the people had .not yet discovered The Judge'for .thu' ,District; arrived here. Qq' Augustine,aforesaidThat thesJid;schbonef:>.,.
a.ccurny."\t 1., 8 and'was"protected 'by the Duchess of Bourbon. bubble .Monday last ii. the Empire fromnCbartcso: ..- indebted to the said tibellant in, the sym'of

\ .. J q lnpuisuingtIiehemesofI.aw.hehad.noS 1 His dosoendents' 'had acquAtud ..themielvcsHiohonibly l their and that the ropes and wires of the tile appears to,be in tolerable! ) good,health, and teen hundred dollarsand :.upwards for monissJ, _;
.. ,S' .._. 4. .. ,. rI l i.w'earry' through his.term of' iiiiraHcMN'plrblte'employments'! ; and.'I I puppet-show, and deceptions ,of the jugglers, we. 'welcome him iis with the advanced by LibeJ ..&UI,.herusband. for,b rrepairs. 1'
among grtajc t
-S "I o nt'.IUa'eBSIC.and splendor and to en one of them Marquis Laura ton.some timaLfcutonant had continued to,be concealed, they avowed at for pay ing her seamen their wages,awalwv '
.. rich himself his connexions.',and his favorites. ; ; General aiid Peer t Frahc*., I that their their pleasure. He has commenced business with a. provbions"and other things furoWi ll''
object to
first; object was I
4 a f, and had hopedlhat the catastrophe 6f'thesyT -,__ I jsole {xeal that. promises.a sperdy relief to, the n mcr. aid Vessel-That during the a bscncQof said Lfc?
K. .-. S tCm wool!pot take place until attertho expiratibw -' DtdTKICT" EAST :FLOlUUA, I uphold theBanks, ; they"declared them the poor I S ous suitors having.matters, before him. JJudge' bellant from the'chr of St. 'Au 4ItiDt'. the mifithalfofcudsekooneri
'., of th.gency.S b i S : : : :,JCDGK'.'CH'..&.' S man's protector, the' rich,man's 'friend !-the j; : Mwhael':{elUgcnand LandeihrttlbeiJ
\ Sl.Ojistia.pai,"l'340.1TOT1ckimub Bronson we knewin former days and can assure )
V ; .lfti'no. tlaw.biampke ; that it was impossi- 5- : S to'lift the recently
that '
grand lever was this republic, to j I ,purchased faom-tbe'bt('; t.
lie'much longer to.prevent an explosion ; and : l.ye".ta.aI ."Qj. allu.d'f our rcaa'ers'heiswbatecry one of them'likes John'M.
4. .S etLawbutof 1'. ,IMIVIOC entered np Jo theddliel, or iiU.Office as highest heavens,and make its people the.nchest lldme.,the..on$ "fatJc1'
S S '-I heileterraineriJiioncuto .I|h? way, I for a Ju4e..a regular working nan.Tbe 'while aM' .
Ua of th1)D4LfICt. II flGW'peHIr'4I iu Ucnd to, was ao indebted tu libel",
the fid avowed .
and in they true ..
happiest wo the S '
tissue of ;
4 f'. S. .and then .charghim.wlththe. wbolq : the esiiniDiU'iif rijutlK'aUonwrCUimffur Ltwr aforesaid: that said MtenaeiNell eo and LA;
1rMi", 1 .: delusions"of th'U paperalchymy:: ; 'Heaccord-" occ*.rnisd ti>'UH ttodp .r tha .U< S. i in:.. 'Pieridsof issuewas BAKE or No BAXK; their'pershuht- Ollre,Braacb. dam Parker procured Uw papers rilald acbeoe '.

,. : -hidy.tookoccaskxi of the!recall. ofparliamentinOeccmbcn 4'iRJ2&: I II'J" pur..aaae.t Ib,' taw,..tlwU e4' this:.flag to, their mast heads,.jand; declared An order has MucchcS and appointed '. 'llifteij heriflIatifl',4:
; ". II" 'r .. 1720, to sQggwt to Law the policy 9 1 to-l .Ito't to any othcr'etScial bn-in.M apr 'sitita('f that h I'Wuld.figbt forever, 'tinder ; s f : ". of*1savoidiaganencounter..iththatbostiteana in th.'dtftiHi of ti,' offic*. whiclt'maV' b. CleDe at all the posts. One has 'been hoisted'on"the 'lit 1 ;
.; S i' exftipeareted'bbdy; : Law needed no.u/ging! to Cbsahir.. ....._\r_' ,, .-vt ,, '. ; .; ,their! statesmen, on the floor,;or Congress top of SL Francis' Barracks, What'the object 'rar1.to. 9 1t.a'.A OgI ,.h.it s.xu1 t Inst we his .;
the1icai HU-ortly desire .was to escape OffiCII.Man be r,. 10 A. ,MioP.M.. of thundered with eloquence,,,,that_ this iai the w ; .
:_:..,,_. S I'rU.a..r.l\S'.tempestuous..populnc" litch day| ,a%ths Chuukr. ot.ib,,Judge.in, .bii OUG9ert orthiSpla n 'bC .ct k !t 'bufwiknow press prohibHion, The said iba141r.. S
r5 (rum and ,thcir"orat lat their '
true issue publicmeetings UbcJUnt Arnferwaid further statea heidentands ia
.luiiM i iothi furt.. : ,, that that
01' Two beforathe return parliament be 'men; ; r Cilj,junlil I ( ; the Floridians hare learned mort
4 5. ditys and UCpL d.rinf' the rejnl r ,or 'p.iiat t.tern* oftbeCouna.1i.'n declared the'same, .and defied 'their than and believoi said fclligea iaifluOUScaaoL

..' ,5S .. '.'.5. took ed:hU,In.axhaiio.ddeftjuJdseeret'deHetme.bearinrthearmns of the R.it -. .. ,- the Jtndre.w.y i>. "petn,1M i tiicb.... opponents:'to,:'meet them! upon/that Issue we I dearly'boOght J n''hi: flagrahd'otlicr f' ;"Ukio charge" of said schooc.,
: I
\AC.11: BRONuN.S' : : : proclan tlanS Q \ ha : 'b"ubi'
peace. ,, tibiaf toanwfl, an 4, ..'. ...;. and' wai'ftsb6rt6dbyJilnd: ofsafeguard.f i ? 1i 8J.rfl"l6tiMr' p"'tJrt.t. accepted their: challenge-met ![them. fought "j '" .j i m t ',1 I I underha,command" ;',jhit-said ',Ubellaatsaidaher '
.. t .. :'\" tM; In theduk llverji, HisTiKt.place S ...i D.L nrI n.rio. them, :and found that:'.we, '.were: :a..Uercules.. "The Waunted'yoluntcer compshiCapts: yMickler owBCTscanBoUjjrreQastolke< '
t .
.. varan-cstaU of th6'I.c about -
: r:.'.",';.' S b '. ,'i tif j it rrjurb t'tJ ucs'fro\nPafi: ff nj'j iienc be pushed :- i.:'Kreast.J'it1fea.'I '. :npiicstapigmyhafttfebnd'poised a lance to i .I ,and .PelHceiv I ; 'wer t miatQredj. iato!the;1 meat oI.&aid-n'SIeJ.not.at: tel..na' : '
I 1 0- .uIn.. 'a"'ll etiiefngnv7 Dnxilliao tJr-& ie )DefoTe1fie ertice of-.Fioiibiiqa in any-Way 1fflti4! 1'ow'on1y
'j .". S r .,. ; : fc.r4to itteIIe ;. I 1' r.t? t i4 1 "J S 'JjCnrita' |": "TW find*,will.U rtWirdH eft1 av.ibitwjuY ..'pr aIr.btibkr1lke | jr| : : ti>eSa'by.CotR&J l waiti W.M1e.. .,

::; J \_: 4 .: ., ft"L W ., t; tW Y tbe7. .'. .. Kr .\TIIOS.8MI :.;'.,(sunj or.*-.flaker'o. .-. .now.. 'tipjin.the_.-:*leatthey. ._ ,.Van-. : Dancy;'under tK ft1{.t; '. Ji9 b..1 l _
;'\ : ''. 'iJi _'iuiri. {.WJzrcu, tif' ,:"l\Iti.',1.1 t tt,+U.M ...t- .,; f1J r.9 .**hbtc.n'* J1 *rd.fJftmo- 7 (O\t114 .r.d tit bit tp"rob. -- "- 1'* t.b- .,-,/ J t :: "> :'
., ...".4 ." ./->- .. .10 ," t .
S. '. .','.' .. ,i ......&rJ< S a ....._ S .....a,'J'" .. ,.'.. : ... '. Sf1 ',
..'', 11 S v .
;' .. \ ,10 t... .. .

k } I ; ". S. J ,.9 S. '
.,J1F \ ... ltf ; I II" '
S. : ,.
". : H' Y ., : I '. .. 'I
: tf' ,.. ji S 'T'TT
S '. aS
;, f"" I t \ *. .
i" : 4't It '
,, ..-W >5'.a \ .- ..' ".: S .. ., 1"V ". 1 .i. .. .\ '. ;*c'
.. .4 i "
.... : S -' S. -.1' .. I 'j' 'S S .
: r"" .', I .. ., .. '. ..' S. I
% -
& i.-.1' "
), S S', .. .,
, S ,Yd -
M 5' #r

Ss z + -4* *4. .t_ -.rf'r S '- *
.5S.f L: s r A.- i_' i* .
S 1-c' ,
S -
-L4 -wv'S- '
.1-S *' '

i-iI- r ; -
T t _
ii' :fr,1 \ -
I '. -U


: .. 44 '1 *. I -;;::'.J ::j' .- --"," ; \\

; ... -., .
1r I I'' .r'. : -c- ; \ ." u'_.' ; .- .. ,- ..-,..-., : \'. fUI

: a .
I, } '
;-.: ....- \.

_.__ ..." .",.J, h j".t", ... .. ..... '. ', ,..'.'.n' 'e-< .... _.. ., ... -. ...... -- __ ___I ___ : _.. : .,.- : __- - -. .w .. ."... ." \ :
-----r r i- S .. .. ::4 \ '.
-. '
-. '
: r : jy ;: 1 r" !: -' ; : : < -
fl .. ro..1I cariwN4I i..jt ; .' .The '.. : Gee iii.\ such fine, (lie defendant or.defendants maj be taken PIlOCrJ.Yld'1l; _
aa J lemmittMi to piwon until cud Gnejtoil eivt.shall Robot FunJmdim. '
C3III}D El .. "CAI\Ks CUtetM i.ituur..-. ACjW AVERY i *ja.t,beeti receiving per By Raymond. Reid, Qoitrnor'of -
d' ;'r.'ti u..f 0, ( ;, 4 I dcbno era Cornelia and Kuchambean., e matwimeo : be | aid, ar until fw...e..r they nidi b* ds.chaivd : i it M made known to me that tiLL -- -_ _
OVt 1"\'t"Pfi.l.1. "O"'UftI 1ICiO1tEMepb.ehdoC. WilEULA
order of wid U. mud AUetmen-*f exerotwo
.25 rit-'JulUa .e' rf STAPLE AND FAXM DRY bjr jnt a negro "l,vr she pi of ouo,
Court iifeue e iu*UwkTld at hooaec Fran. ddy do. : Li.levied < eny _ _
,a ay i iV e ."d she K'aoant of jadmiui UMJ Daniel'
llouckiOi Lean confined iiiehaig&oI
may .bot.
20 GOODS, well the > .na' Cotny,
baskets CbatDbagne. adapted to M a
ees Jber tackle .tpparel.und furniture, wheretojwrtwabaU hd nkde or.lhe and chattels" ut the daft
June. H4tL O., ALVAREZ. French Thibet Cleths and Cwhtnerett, Air Men'sSummer faodi f ]hit of said nU'IJ'l.IIDd.' i, ,a Itape. hmadw -
ytith tetfctaaaV and thalrthe! midland l' \ fear. n Unt or defendant.Ia' in oth.-r cavrt.K l,is
NIdba1 tN < LBanderParkcrVowneri ?:-'__Prellela... 'n.'I1'" .lI'. White airi Uruwn Linen Drillings,. ec. 2.: lie it further ordiined. That hereafter nIkeiiM Now, h.,..),,that 1, Kobvrt_ Ksvuiocd Raid 1io-' :

er"4)r tIC i ffbaJf'Ut n'.t.ebu t. 'as'a: 3 -. Lirrbi.de; j S S Crape Cnmlcts b U...., .. ibili be iMued to an/ person or person*, for vernof Florida, bt irtoe of theauthoritv'vested" .: -
__ ;fuid nIt'prpon' j i6.'I' : ''lel .'Uleaf,lir<5ainl Uiown Cottons, / the retailing of cay vinous spirituous, malt or other use' by law. do hereby wtiVr a rewr'ivf----" i&K jj _

tavw.T 'any ht.lbl\ Qr.l t"rJ'thlt: J, m.ncb 6: J.J Uoasse.forsaleby. Silk Uabrellns and Par.IO'lit' mtmkaiiu, liquor, in a !..qntaiitT than one qua t, 'tWO.HL7MDRFJ3DQLJAfl2 _
'' June 4/1840. U/ALVAREZ.' I aforesaid, untvsi be. taw, tth" be of.ftwd m 'cited to appear "b Sore fclhls 'Honorable""Court,j CZ.dfand.Gaitrr. Boots & Shoes. 4 y ror the Ippnb.D.IID 1IIr. tho sail fU:lite..nd bisaafb -
I IZ'f *an4 to shew oausq whyjbo pnesefsioa oflhc said ttineifr Ccrd 'Ilmiery',nd Glutes, character.and*h ill have given bond .hb at lent b\two the delivery to the enst >dr of any jailor or odter officer* f '. "

'achoonar should not jbedelivered V>ihoLibcUsnt" ,QR.ca.ksi ,' '.aliIUV\IClol'\ ami trimmings food and ;aa/ficient/ aecllr.tie..I. be apprised tips Territory of Floruldf.uthoiixed 'lu Like cUarxo. of
offive !dulLus. *
aM CuBncil.in andre .
5 pt-ntlsuui t> < ',
I tfwee'. 1'r" 'and Fancy articles, and everythsng .-, _ _
ta having I by means$ of.ibis-owner*bifa ofonetalfc "do.doi ili.li/s. c Il'rl conditioned for the keeping oa decent and oiderljhouse -.
her indobtednes la hiui for advances, 10 do.do. Tennri&"t' S may bn found.lldi'u Dtcesury and desiraW. .t'lI. said BILL a/ias JACK. i. aW.t! 'GroAtet J#
nntt or tub ,and ibat UM or00'kerpintthe
ip per.in .ttiiu eiVrd:
ISei Mdu. Museit I"17.IE-4U.' hILhas1argt.yes i1n'ft. M>U r" front ;
ofori rd'a'fan ferity;of interest therrin; and ; ,th U be of xid, behavior end fairhfiiiljrsupport '
ns 100 bukeu... Cerdoi's 'I same g *itt on his citvat,, h t Wrwl\lttel.J.W'\warrked by lunJ _
Hbat t1loh utt #6uld bo4 pleased to '"JO cues assorted ,da. U>,r sale by 1 S i I' .JVottce.J1X S and ol).eie die ordinances .f s.lid cit f. whJcb "tr'.lln" e<*r pi-icrd for,'si ring a (Lugrcttinsha1Lkgjudbekwihoksieehrwhurtsheehizhi.a.I4. -

'dc rc thd fwissesslon'if-the said schooner.to.be' .JD' 4, JtMtf.- G. ,AI.V AREZ. ."- weeks after date I will apply to the Hon. the are now or uujr,heieafier be of lore therein dartuf l J ______

delivered! tu h" ,UMbin|J. .and .to have said :\' 'the County Court of.flu Johns countyor the continuance. of raid .lic*>ne. bair veiy >.ori)- bit Uel\egis HfOiewhatsiiJ'wIiIclicuucs : J.

schooner;.sold, aijd- 'dut."ic: < the broceeds'thereof S -:.iRum7WhWey.. letters of admiiii.trhli tn ou the esUles JOE N. See 3. IU .it funaer ,ordained.. TUat when eDT .limp iu bis giit. ". _
that Ubeila'nt'bo paid the amount of .uchr .. k tttdJ' fie E. Him,, S UGARTEJ Mdll1i UOARTE.cmd CLORINDA person or "r.on* shall! d".ir la :uttuna iiecnsafor [ S Given 'jiudet:my .aoS.sndealaf.h<)' V -S4

your raid fichotif cs he may here'af.er .. 15'do.Whisker; fur sale. : L. MOIlE\'O. deceased. the p.rpw ix.t aCitetaid.1 iitbull'be Btcesiarfur .1'.r tlHv. ibis i twelfth .1sy' o.Maicii

ad exhibit yances proo&LtolhisJionorabJo jFor Court of bis b". J.., td40.. ALVAREZ_ May7. 1b40. U. D FO. AN"._ him. her. or tbt..'0 s.ldr"M the City Council in wriw(- (ShL.] .ei bteen hnndred. cud (ci lj'.si the city -

--S jug naming ibis aunties wb:>b fucli person or persona of TalUlws-ee. .
sing made{.K! the balance or the money arisIng ,1/I.Hr. Ie.. 'f S for Kale. propose to tire, and the loca.l: .*f tbe hoose sir shop ROBERT

from such sale be Rid to the owners of said 'k BBL .u,,; .1 ur. \ .CERTAIN lraeta'or land in Florida and one ia in whichhe, she, tbjrjr:'propo. it eomnwnre bui- .the Goier.ior RAMONDUfJP.U <
U!I7lUbagiVtff..i I and lots of in the of Si. .
schooner according to their interests therein, ground city neat..der.cb liorsue. and to kccoupaaj their application i. .M'CASTS. of Ft -
after 'payment'of !ll 'tegnl ,debts anlnst'Miidsclicxwjr '5W harfbbls tiugsj crackers, Aufustii er the property of the heirs. o(. the Iat.11ar.qnkde I with a certific.ite of alas re.peetabl. I 31reh244 :April 8. id&I, .:jf'"' _
saitivcsieI be '15 kvis ...>rtri Nails, fwt',.ale. bv Fotgeree-s! fulluws: white' inhabitanUof neighborhood in which the I "_ -
'or! thai_ prohlbltedfrom Jot t 1840. ALVAICZ.': I. Six acret on Ulaek Creek.t. .' f hlE 'ub.eriberhatinbedtf i 'ppdhistrd t,.
; tnyatand Mid house or shop i i. sifuiatedthst. parson er per. ;, b1'FYk.._ .
departing fh f WA until security. glVCA that your Six i tbJKisand acres on Indian Riven 'son" .flh'is.appljior> auch Useat isode- good JL EteeUene11h. Guiernor J Ihtd 1(Ilrlr t f ', .
4i.i1)t$1iafl. : ootThJrid'jegards t ;nb}. I ther' Ui JYottee.THEtul'tcriber .. '3. An'(Man .Grave;e.ll 4.Marines. .;. iOrattfr. r: t1at 'dI\IM ,
his athauceso .us:owncrp(,u ii iu&" .ha in4 ,Uken, out!lettf" n.ot.Ac: 4. Ditto. Clo. Delesnine. "* .citizens. .ib stheyta4w ,
104 ill Tie e.. ; t.: .. inr ofu'h lieeu..ill cvnJucft the comfort of Uwrt tajnfuriuju "generally, t iajy = -
M annexed. ia M f -'
ff- :.ttl&J1c1Jo administer such ether rcttd,AS shall IIIw4LANF.L:4Kj4lw-P1 dLJubu4 e uIPadt4Tutiit5 4.-AlotlichsrJe, | fltreev -i' &bkrheodA";lt.eh4tfl3&h_: :.... J11',; l ...
w- ,
am1.Uv"m ;tperlDinir iQo to i\1'4 t. <. r ( n -" '
4uLw ; : s| o j tuanjrsusBtieriiidcbtaiLare.,!** ,VW ,- Otf- n. ..p ft" -
emI.t atl.N lUten and Iran.'dcr I' ".''iedto come forward are and make P.iD.II1.ud *.all .' -? -<* > i $'f,io' #such Iwri* pUitaolf i ,;tnaU! .ofoth-. sDy .- .rt'Ie 'tAr. JPIt. u, ..r'q ..it.' /UJ4. _

Parkr,und all pcmns 'eogfor.theit .bubaverUiiu. ,said E will. 8. Two baudred and(fwhv-neven acres and a' half er in\ll'CalIIIJ.liqllo", (nvrA\\tw'h\\ liren..a>4 thor lung exptirsenc.uvthit. 1 I".of Vn-tin*** ta..r J rrnward
iruiae gainst tatet present
'interest for tbe said schooner Frances in costs. tuem witt.uIbe tiiu" prescribedb on the AI tnabli. Ceua'y Richmond, in Georgia.A ., ite him mr thorn. to'do s 11) in any other Louse or shop nf thirty :}ear.) tie hopes| wilt"ei.";ite hinr< ,7inre .r -
dI6l111ft.yl. .
r.ir.H I legal titlr, bjp a regular deed of eouveysnce the- of ivfcntvd ot public lli &
You thrri'fore hereby authorised, empowered tb 3iiltifruefblrra'I. '. than one its nhnnt the.eausent patronage. .eaaeeEenieMsln-a1
.are Iv.iag "y f nf the above tracts huts .fhnd bv-the uf '
.r or UM enciiod
S \ any the said Council endorsed upon Mid lieen.. KooiJs. staru: .uaiibatedepiMt. I"
nnU strictly:cnj )la ,peremptorily annexed., sub4triberjnho: ha. bent duly authorized by snexpVemi !ee..4. Be' it further oid,i ed. That all licensee Puttbe Sqmirw. i -- :I. ''I'.I.\(\. *
'anadmtiAKh all% person* whatMr.vcr, hiV cltU'j S Admm'uU. witli the;wit] : power of attorney. frtKfl 'b heh. of tbe Marquis shall be <
,.preteoding U)'ha\T; ., any, riihvtine, i interest liar !IS_-3ty_, Je FOH teres.to .etl|| all the above parcels: land. Cl rk of tie a"id .Council and shall lake.fleet from ". AUI.aiu aht t_II. 1..D. >. '. l'

'claim ,in .U:Ho Ihe; said schooner Frances, lu-r : AU MINl:'tUATOH8 KAI.t.-VVia, be sold a On sppticat in him. the fair and Nisi titles te the ,the first dny bf January or' the first d'1"r Jtall..ud ; '

tackle, apparel) 4D4furniJatt\ publicly,affixMngon ..,. .id..ce o( KICKEUVD ILtULl.MON, same nuy be. seen. JOHN KODAMN, continue in force for twel,e uiunthi then MIle ....ini: elifijtffiftfjvrror'' Sale., : ,. _

tho taa4of, soidvess';).fttr.somaUinc;atidby tin tlM second 3aiordy.: in July nest" in Ci>lninbia AIM.nd.AcirNllrp / Us and nu lontflr-and the 'rHr.on'or pert ma obt:.ioiuf WILL, bt sol J at id*.plora of,tn9 .iib.enberon" "t. _

] (leaving tbc'fC aftbcd n other.lawful-ways, mentis nnj methods died i..id->*aid a>t-e luvferty James T. Hooker( 47-4w. lkjuors.au aforesaid 'shall pay therefi-r Ih .innsof she petUhalilproperly. ; behtusuig: in tin Fitt.ISAAC.II'JLi..S' oh.

monition be mnde de ...J. S \ /'d'ottce. twenty dolUts' ,*nd .Oralicensty lit ie.p I ind at* a tmani which M '* "LAKdE* _
whatsoiVerv wkcfbyth.s may T..n-W.1teeteditiiltbefirstdsy t : i of Janusiy S -. billiard. t'ul.kor' 'Nine PiniAIlt'.1be-'perlOn STOCK OF CATTLE.(both beeland4tockCg.-. ::1 .
.most pdblic and'nbtoriouis' ;to be aud appear before next, by giving uoie bid*'.,'pr nod wieuritv on inter ALL persons hat ing claims or demands 'ssgn't sun obuinins it.shall tbaiof twentt or da'Jar p.r.*', de). ,, > S _____

the.JuJse of imr Superior Court for the Dis- ..tfrp.u ISa.,. \V.M. ,H. U4UKf.lC. f '.te of the late NA RQUH DE FOUGERES -. end fir a license el'Aud pjy.tbe ne .cart, dray, 'or A ciedit will be fired uulillhe S Gist day Jannarr; j,,, i

'tn t of'Ki'.t rioridd,at the-HCourt House in the AIuini.trstor. deceased ate hereby notified present the other eariiafp as aft re cJ.",. petson any ob 1841., Motes;with approvedTsecurity,'will. bo rr'iiit... .; "J" !

Hiily, BCAugu: W,* aTncAday the t i ixteenth hmilion! Coontv.., May 81 I. t8 (U. 151JJUsotutioii stuie to UM Untueuitcatrd' according |..law.within two busing it. sbill pay the'.ivn of five ..1 persona mi.r-il the use red. drawing interest from date. Ow. i ,. ."-c. __ __ __

.ls.l fJunc, iust4ritq 10,o'clock, in"the fore of CoJLartner8h1p. years friimU.is' date-olherwue they will be barred of said cltr, together with fee ofjwor dJllu.rur! the The Cattle will be *ild to suit purchasers 1'erspi .:.
fay limiutio+ ; tad aU das tbe said ''\',will$ ; such wildo! well .be ; .,
woon of that('da'.to'bear; abide byandptrfurm f BIllE' Co-part ner bip rittofore fexisUng :uiuier lorward and persons make without' first mentioned license/and of eat dollar fjmvrry wisLiuiglabit) property to .I'. _
please JOHN .
-all and singular such judicial ads as are neces.ary. .. JL .the irmif :Z:&.AfiUUEU.. is this day I.,. ;: FRANCISGUE,4dm'r.ftAa, payment ether de e.iptino'or !license aUoxe provided fur. !o b. Cnlnnthia- Coisnly.-April C. PELQTE.43. I4J.r4Gv" Administrator-. .

..I by law {required to be done an cipeditvd dissolved by niutaU consent. Persons,indebted to A 4 EtttU (a/a Afcreais dt Fogcnt Itc'd.i paid to the Cterk'of said Council rs a compensation. _-_ .-4 .i"Ii ;_ ,-$ -
in the premises ; and further to do and reccivc Vie said firm will pleiise make immediate paBieit; May- 7. 1!11F,41J. '" ,forh1; trouble in preparing the .INI.. I W'il.L. tit otd ou \tsuduea4sVseZt.ui)2pp. I' < ..
.P .7. u. i it fifrtbtrr ordainelTics if es. bttwHnIU" l utusof lt)iif IIA ,'cl.k 4-
: what otito Law and Justice-|appertain otherwise, their I&Ccun 4. will be placed iuthe. baudsvf e' any person : -
utider'.tho fth' l law and the contempt a ui4xioii., :: M.. T.VU LOldot' Gt"uhJuiHt.; Au#iutiii"; _
pain "
: tnalf or other i intuxkaUn liquors, 'c. tfuriiaiil.-i bel'.ugiwg 50 the Estate FJRJXCh .1 n..1 V. '&*
absence and of them andcvbrftcm P. ANUREU.I ) hereby given, thai IIrbidanyper.nn pnrchas', : I ; -- 0-s -'
contumacy 18 "
.luvVnr slaves to tonn i i'l dui.tij ,'t.{ rofllittp-irUo' mere: .frf..i wfiI : -
; andtwf1oct L. AN DUEL'. ;usg or L.adtisgGir any pnmeity't real ortr p'nsonat. termii any ; -cr '.naul rabrmt ; l_
) lit&ny J. wts n nolwithstmding, beuiz1sij: &' ("cd,I'J/.iQt/6 DE ,FOUUERES.dEcasdsueted t hi*. ber, or their pranufor': purpose 'r t I -Uuy 1-ifiii.js't. ti:uu street..t iGI.aIonifl, _
"yu-j xhall do in the -premises, .jon in FloiJ.i's,4 G ;li".. Tui nu: 'tipihng.! or to min there fur. any other purpo... ant 8.. an f 4li tarns' Kl aud" ai'juVuli.'jp'S: by pvti.-J 3

'iih11 .dplj';, crif. uutAc idge aforeuiidatihq t TOTiCt.'jtefTniori.g t Ausincas will ba' c n-, I tico M given i in consequence of John Kudtaaii .E.q ,'i iinlesi' lawfully!! ,om.!Iuved,.or stall el! or give,lu.ue& perfYlfiSe. BmgM.'r. \ : iJf. :- _____

jum<.o J p'AC .afurwatd, tog 4hf with these J.' duetts!, iu future by !the 1 1I H' ." and Le' lol lieu of this city bating ndvertWd_ ..is. a.. *. "! ve< any such !i4u..r:
"prccnt- t.'-S \* 'a share ,>f'I|>uMic'pUunsg for the heir* of the Alarqtiis de Foureres... noroel.d. I to drink! any sncli,liqunr! *In t r about his. liar,:or their 10 varws N and A. and SU'var 'E. o JV'. ,, artj.. Rl'l- # _

;ln .t um'ny vncreof the. Honblc. ISAAC H.itttti -M.iy II. teu: 5O %\. :T,A.NDREU.SIX the fullnwinx property wit:. J pr.mi'.!. the pnrty an ofTendia'i- sbatt fnrieit and pa!. Ins N. by.PeU-r Fn hi. *- -, : _

BxonaoK .bath,caused tb" seal of tbe 1. .t5i1 \bOlIUud acres of Und on,' BUck Creek.. : ror the :lisa ':of.said ritylbe um' nf.five.dollars:and Condition* Ca"h.. Pnrhaer.sop'yetp.a1 -- _

f u s-f f 'said'.Court'to be hereunto aoixcd Ibis .Y.OTICB. 2 Si* lr ufatid acrsVon Indian Kiver. shall moreover.be liabie.to bv{ his, (hi..rtb.4rii.! ,. ofnee. ;ssary ral'. ,II. :CIIAKLK5 ; ?1
first of Juno JL I). 1840. weelcs afterdate' Iwitl apply to the Ion.. I 3. An O !nie&raveah1.d Marines, A vy S", cense revoked, add any Uve .r dare so found:re- -rfoaep-: 4

11UII, day K. U, GIBBS Ch". 'vf the County Court Columbia County 4. Din. 'da. De14p1u1.! i,. 5 *. n.ailYII rIlIlW|, ilppli..dri..kiDC. as af..re
D ,- IIK 'ktu-rn of ndininistratiim' on 1" ..Iah, of ffOLL 5.A b$ >t in Charles street, \ { !=' > may be'UketjrWp. and (on conviction reof pquiihfd ,.JOSEPU FOLK _', I, .

: Fdratr, Il.JUtlRUN.I.\d ur Aid county, dec. 6. I.... 4 2ira id. ) II by hipping;on hi-or 1M r bare back,:tot exceeding .
\ in 'He, N rta tu. Wliaif ,Apply ,tor.Eo tt.I'JUI.t.i.a Cu.5t'44 )J'I.-I. 184Q.. 7. AphntationatTomoka.H. .' thirty niuntriprs '".01 iJ".I.ow."r. ibai the puibhivent Wheelwright.. Currlagr'.V krr. -
AjLMRE J i. 1'1111 &.1IS. ; sfurrsiid; be prepared t..xacuteuhlurdrris 'ntVr. bni.of an* :t
totnututeil ontb IS
.-T-vi huudied and forty seven acres and a haiti ,may : p'irnent sii ,,. UM trrj'Iat '
1ft on niss.i reasuiuahi terma
:t > rltlr..lj. ... Jojus, iiveiiuigMse to let. on the Altatjauia, county;f.ttichmord in(je.T i.. j by the ia)?".,o"."e*, eni-liiyer'or overseer. of such. mtde and rspairad with? sieaiuc't. p.t'

.t \rrtJ..tt ... ,."f'.' juuus .\k"IO the citizens A. NUiV:: .1 miujJiuustwasiurr Wu 1/5C/ corner rile ttrt\t\ ,iwu .. an/I profitw| tne,real, a. "e4l as',.slare or .tue'\lr ...aa fit of' money, not exceeding ..every. d.uscvipduu. _. : I ".. 'i > .
.t.ofU."%Mg4.''u..., lie,uiar.UXuud$ at h\s\ .f .of tit. Ue rgeiriJ'Cradle' : titoeit.. fossesUU Ute personal property,Jiaveja be applied u.the di1* ,five d"U re, nor If* than'nn,.l.|iai'rarb.oa sjiid Mayor N.' It.Uig.'I to' dire anti 'tar'"sue.. -

.4re If Carleta &Ue t.vr l'btll' >W nce iii tt.G..g'1uI1 .| 'riy u rnmeJuVtiy', Ef.ouire: of,tbe sjilwcriberliW. .tbars of:all debts that miy b< presented It'lie as fbe'* roi|.dw-m rcaaunable.t iu' (wthai '1,1h :. vest ..1paosecutln.L. tf 1840 V ."- ""'1-"" ." >...;-S'
i .tl e Mr. Pupuuti .' "J'" > :"? ,U1WAVEUY.AN ;, If "only' duly tb Estate eft be3I t __ ., May, ,' .- t. .".:0: .:J11.1"f.r: .
.f lll: lJl.e"bt :.! 1.-.1 :. .: ; q'kfie4MuiIustrstia] of < Iot.4 .. '.
.1.if 1 30 't' 'l l 'raMrfl8. .- rqujs-deFo; gtre 'witliin twi .yei> rton.'h..1__.. 8ee/6. D., .{ fuither.oritiaed. Tltal ifsiy' f'senegro' ,9.-, '; .T' otice.I .. -
IN '
III 'Ii te''es.' date. Therefore no"reltnqtii i.fttiseufnr po.se*>ioti bv" ,. ';mulatto. ;.,r <4berperson>f color shah.lounge wis.ti! (torn !thistiataflf,*a1apj ta.fh? ,.,,.,. .
& MARKET.lh '
>t \ muup: < pi or a.b.tut iiou-e where Vinous SIX .
roe at a'imiiHlrator. orth0 propVriy aforesaid.i wiUbainije any shop ,spintaPUfitniitVr Jiiilge of the Courtof tJnhsX.LVinty .
,. U1ViOJufMI. JII, i64kJwial at*:, .rdiiud bg lie Aor : .b.cn'"f 1& ttg btlifr intoxicating, liquors .be retailed '
1,11& to ilte.lieira or any persou they raay'appoiut.'a'apart tnay lot Louse nf Aiimiautratiun'oar tf" E*,art> of .; ;. ,4
: .;, tf "iMiut lai. u {. .1'., IM psbsoB '.. persona or all.of the rest .. well as "rsenal propVrif nuv I: ae ,furesaid.tui, the'-pnriroM! tlppUhjf, J .'.11 FELICIA SUMZLL4YdceeuE I .
'. A1M 1'1611. Wll or' if.r' fir aU, in, this :citf..,at.' ; such ,. .
: about
.o, AW'I utail any kremain "or bonne other
nave to be' sold by me to satisty: the debt. against die, or: .bopjuvany: May 7. IJ40. R.' D FU. -\NE. '.
tho; 't" I"ltm4 t'tjr i'vuouCf I4t1aC| ther .th3fl-thS5 Market- the fresh meat of any said,estate before tbe termination of inv admiaistraytnrship. purpose, unless lawfully, *otplore
"!. wa4 l! Ferri tuef. got. hug,'or iheep. or on. of either kind,with .. ,FUANC1S. CUE, Adnt'r.,. shall b.hiaba,6. artrst and 'punishment II y whipping Toffee.. .. f, I'.

ictstG ..Ars.ute Aromatic ilaiiaC out lUe Plum ... Uieo tir t exposed for sale in tbe May 7.1840. I 1 hoot exceeding thirty nine stripes. Provide..!, ho"eisr ALL persons having claim atainvl jfet-riurr I.r '. :

'& uptd,14oe *st soap Market M the 'p ce of uuo hour; sad no persou or that idpiniisbnieiil! mi/ be eomatuted '.oii the pay T. ,HOOKKR. att AMrel.) $. "K' '

Iip.4s4oC, flugtr,vf Lead ., prr. JII' hall ."!"! ur oflVr far sale a a)rf inch meat in I THE Subscriberin; retnrnttig my thank's!..the :I l tnunt[ cf th,' 1 1J. COn,ktel,ui jnirbsam ftr mon 1.r .. fled trtftrvsf-nl th.saiie. IrloW! : irtiieri'ierftwltbe whid . .

rri &J8$. Couaviaii .Nli ATgtM1I wither of the months! t>f April. May, Jan*.-July, An- Public for the"'ur;:liberal patronage rtreived'': for the"use. of wiJ csynit.zctdjn; ti-n dol.tar.c, nor time prescribed la"rj 'arj&tf will: beb Arv'".iY lJJ.r..II. -

ftt "tI.ct.Uri Acrt .,. ':L'atr Maic.i&" ;ut, beptetoLcr, or Ocor.! each siu eve,, year, (ru:ibem i inform them thl ill heAlth r..miu-t. me to': I less than two dollar! a.'to sid lbrnrlD1'lMm: just .trerf ; and ihe wlm ara'tn'snywUer W. "i, k4< h '

do .. d'a11ksLk .f..ce-. "Vmt" !! I'14es w.ieu'he': ana 'hall have been slaughtered stnre five Icav tha fity! HI a r..at d'Y'."I..llhal.1 have duly ap*' and'pjr'.ifgetiter\ vtlth: alf.eo,ts of prosecution. i iSee. I requested to make immerfiit pnvrnent be\s.tytbet. '. ,, ,

.U' ;I .Lentou Acul clock iu the afternoon the day la.1 preceding pmnted. t*. DOYKt Esj nty attorney. AH persons : 1,;.o; it further "f
fK.r'teUt" Eu ace Lruou1kii 1 'Ih'UIIII which it i I. Bought iutu the market. )IiHvtug any claims *tnl\ me. will pie sv hin' them' or perxonsshiilrtef! >un-tJjingin a?y itrret. lane' Co... M-irehtG. l 4il.d .. I':.. :/..

' Afl4"-D* ;nrualb uUio- ,ter I Sec. ?2. TUat the Cesu f any animal uforessid nr in imntfdutcfy ;}und all person* indebted me will I other pitb'ie place JHibi* ciy* ,,inVsttte of iutarica.tims. .1 S I_ .J'I "-, t' :J

Llr' i 1 r'd'' S1l11"1, Fun of ii.. kind kruugtil iutu lite wwket. shall bit brought please make p4)tnent to ,Sr. B je until tbe flr.t'of surb t person or porsnn siall bedeemod a,publie .in Essay > to: ,.

!4:.,. ,, : AuutiuibusTUs, ., :: .1' 1I I,...d.or," -,: *whbl. or lu qirIeriand ban remain uncut until Jute next asuit-tiifllte comiwuced against
I 1S&lId Vqici ; :: CD "Cu" \ 'irtj.ie.c.1.i.daj injected by KM Clet k of the Market; and the bead I not having settled b) that time. moo j4il or to some inlAt r rohvenient. and.... place.. ,jlnl.t frm its TKA>!m isiurr..-M) tt.IJ. ; .w.. ..

; 'Ih. '..1 .,1'gr.t.l.'a. of every ling and tbe undressed bide.. kua aid head I May 7._Iti4), :48It _GOLDSTEIN.. .vnrtil be,the.or lJI'rraball ,become sober, .sad .b... Htrobil.; (Ute Pbysieiaut.tbi :hirle-t.,., litniM. ,> :"'f $, ,:. "rIIlMIp..I.

British LustreTenca Uu'mlUueets': .(every o.her animal aforesaid abut remain exposed moreover ira w bite ,non.lie
II "o s&O.J'owlhrcd"fi. p during. aurket hours 5. and the vendor; or owner Mor, Vcw Goods* riot less than five uoilir. and nut.le than 'twenty )Iawl.ft4047. :1 J'tr .:? ', :,)It- :: :

Beaos ."t.li'itt"f'' ahall pay to the. Clerk of the Market'lifly 'cents for V3T received and for sale atlbemo reduce dnIUrs,or to imprisonnii.nl not hi than'one i day.and ?" : ,:. .' fi r "
J JYew Good .
AJSt.sIavn' ,' ?, 'noh Brushes each beef, thirty-seven and a half cents for each calf prices, at the City.Auoioa Store,at private sale, not steeedint fire Jays; >iifa n |rnjmuhltot.orother > I .: .
V.i.S.ap$ ,|ajubajtl P.." Itjo' or bog."and lwe..t);&". cents for each goat or sheep.See. the following Goods :.wJaconett colored p.rsum.whthi'r biul or free,'be pun -l.1AM' ,'V..A\"t UY;:". j\IJtiieeiy\ d( 'If'" -*t 'l"r y.. .,

'O4 Uwrgimot'PiepaledUbtlk "p|, 11 .u _. :. That any persou' persona who hall sell -, cross l';rreJ Mnslins. linen cambricIII jibed with ._lnppritg, ii'tleM,! than '.n and not,.exceeding : .L York by Schoonnr flocliambean.ortm.ns.fSUMt1ElGOOwis4L. a tunrt"I'1\'; :- .--E..4

I. Iodine or t for tel sale any tainted, nusoubd or poor m at, : d!
i'ct.tie1.i. btG11i -' fua I I.gauie tidbur.nirtlt. or any itate' or nnv*'b >U inafruit. ., lre'ses, ilk (ilo\e4. lioiery. Frenehand Eng. :*e. ) Ue it furtiicr ordained..That l.r any persoft low,fir c: Ja. wholesale,and ieta.1.iJ. .- :Airt '.. ; 4 ,V," .

'JG roaa eju.Mig' LalHMf Culciu,J Olaga. siaWu.ard : ." "ejeUb.e'or other l an.de of provision after l|.h'Calicoes, bleached and unbleached Sb eiinjrs and orperaons shall bn unity of any unnecessary-rwIK* 'p.t1l_ ": ,_ '-S .

iCjag) $"r' up., .,.. ..I.,,01" ', tti ui..j ,., dv.l1it.d1fup 't. having ''CII'"a rued by the Clerk ol the AI.arLc111\ 'Shillings.. tHrilte.| | PUids. and Checks. French andF.ulub ; injf. whoopinjt. (of makint any unussialnosr.j tnt. Elegant, "eU fjfi'r li t.. l' "ir"
) -i iliuM .' so to tid>r fir .ell. the said Clerk .h"U forthwith'cull .Merino. Ribbons Bonnets*and Hoods.with. or di-tiirliano.in any atreHJ 'Une.all.,.or otberpub _&_ .
< 1A & Ut Alt 9 1 ltOtvnG- .
.,. ;8r( .: a. : -' ",_ ChIeud. UInI'' two Citizeusto' examine the satn i with him. and according many atticles too'numerous. to mention. lie j>lice i in said city; each and evety person so o .d.i'PhIiIi .* milE" 8ub ciiberbajiislV* t*nrCdsrlesi' ) t ,7." ,,
1 *
CiusdlOws. tl >'4 .ssAdhesive lu heir Jra4mehl.balJ. allow the sale, theieuf May, 13. 1840.: -, 1..L. LYONS on'rJ.n.ietioDhereof. if a white person, be .' Ionwithan'suortmenfnttb.tfabibdsrfiowelry '''If' .

5'iItit. iuc Cs.4osi-01 &dopro.. vr eaunt'the lI&.elo be. taken away, liaMe. to a fine of not'less than five nor more' ban -, Ac. received frnmtiW N'/rtln UTI- etl4. ,
.r..L 1E..aitAf \ t (BU. Jlc ecaIL' burnt otbtrwUldcltr. at the of tbe twenty dollars, or to not less .
or cxpen. ( imprisonment than oneorm by bimsolf f*r ihi tnYrkff. .wliicli he.olferiToii t'tuu', >
Li.pWtek I H.sier.ItaemsV .J owner. S re than thise dlll. and if a n"gro. mntattnor i in fl Ma.. Ri.ui' b. ... : & -
than -
terms be.pnrcha. t .
is that the ul' criUr his
E&tb1Je :. Jut .t 4 :, "" .*' UrepsBear's .11.. :Sec. '4. That no person perloD..b.n sell or offer NOTICE hereby given, other colored person. whether bond .r. free, be part- sort mvnt wi i!| he faond.y r' ; i\ .i .
I .l and Clerk of the -
elected qualified, .
*JikJsI- I h lf **TJaiara' w\ for MI") an) kind rim, fat.'dead fowl or fame.;at thellarkrt. jibed by v hippjn//not lesi'thao\ nor more,than r.uler.Sd.\qIain.. hyet-,. 'th1' ellou1 :. :, .
Connty !
oIt. Jolms. ? :
of the law.
COIIU according "
i Ii > ..
Pewdef -
.c.'J1 r until fifteen minutes after daybreak,which thirty nine Uihes.See. &
4.)4L' *....1. < .4'; .,H '?iI, C.rb Lini \ '. : time,tbe.market bell shall be run?!' and that ,be has opened his office at liMdwelline. in 1 .,0. De it farther- ordained That if i 'Y poison 'IGnu.wlIrkettanlo silver 'Tahl. aud.Tei UraataW.!,fti"JI,1j.r.9r"JW. t.cf'3' "i .: ..; -i:. Jl'.W''

ligquar..4aibu. cJW1 Wir ,.. :0Itad $ uts.'. '. ':ee, S 'Thittbecahatt! tie Clerk ol '''the Market Charlotte Street at which .plica he will bad hit offteS all times. or person or persons within lbs limits of this e-tr, Kmveand tkr articles_ of ewenilsl us/rf _, .It. .,... '

tat4W' : I ., Jd4J .' .li.U! ..dd bis ,office during' the pleasure of the in,attendance' transact' UIM PETER business DUMAS.of .. having i nb ll naod. or who may heresfter obtain a' Ii' Alar'.pplf; .i.y..jlferaud' nie t, pect, c>_ 7.' ; ) '

".. .u&.si*, I. City Council', and h4tl 'receive such*saUry as they cease to retail sinnus*, sp irho'o'as. malt or other'In.e.uors. with: euhtred and plain glames, I' fI'"p

: IMLc '" ,( Ra!" Genii;ie-nC pea, direct'giving ,nds iu sufficient security for the .Aprit28IBlfl. to Keep Billiard la'lito'or shall allow disorderly CJoeks. Watches. CbAi.' .de."". and.Kti"l-?'*- *. ..f..r r
a* c$ ; 'ta1.AI2Pat, ..eUaAlbaOUvailum proper performance of Ins du'''. He >hai|>teryinTirning COUNTY COURT-ST. JOhNS' COUNTY.AT I or improper conduct _Car within the p'ace where varied sasxrtmeut of Cntl !iy& '. >' ,: &. !
flbek ...,.; '., ,: .1 ahrfm, '. annmince;. rl* opening! vf market by tinting CHAMBERS.ORDEIVED be. she or 'lhetM.II| keep or have aueH $i.so,.' for And variety ufarft: o.souInmein'I in ntentUin-. "

nIjILw4I ,. '1 flft44)Vi35, ,',- -. S uell! ; aJiall cxntuine the weichts and'.ea..re.-tlle That [seelllor.. Administrators and' sale nr retaior| such' Billiard table or Nine Pm'Al. N. B- Watch and Clock.rrpaMiiig r rrfed.iini atnsttfctwithpr'Mnptneeand '. 'it

'Qi ; : 'I' ? '.l.OI.Jl.1ceiai, all diput'.'a.i, it i'ig'"out'': .rI.U"' same and coo that do render and file Jn the Clerks Uf 1y. for'pnbiie "..'it shall, be*law fat for the Mayoi deajwitefc. ThPui 1 .. ..,
tf part c1*.. I the law i.f the Market b" duly observed: he.btiIlI, ]t fiee said count),. ,.11.0" tltCC4tflnh: of all es. and Aldermen this city upon dne proof rhwoTi1" bet intends. ...ltipg.e wiistanrtda be'p1t" *.#d'ht1a "'.;. ;,:.-, .. t
nofa.lofSt.. ,. .'.. 1 -e.fttti ah O.IllentoniQ attend trf tbe eleatiliness'jnf, : mirk t|.,shsll. diti tate.of w hich they rosy ieveraUy have con trout.on'or \. *re7.jy.ft or r.raon.hi.. brt*thir. li,' and solicits, a'coatiannmtre' i '. "*. ,? .!Z..r
,Ldja. "T.UlUI'.Uia..Di .all* **JWi sJL,*nni rii4tin 'IU, '> WCiiy Ttiwtit notice ;
\ 4 I I.t ; ( wuie -a snarhTavedDn( oTiacit.uge nlll l. na. -
\\ 'Abus 1'1' M&cudI.Oal$ '<*at of this ordmance," and sball pay over the Term of the county CJourt of said county, ,for tbe and gaiii> Mat ice T
her them to answer m.Ser ;
Ter"i&uf : Treasurer. : each' .ular day or the Coart of or an opportunity : *
.c..r\-\ s ;
; 1f.frbtr ,'f'a .\,.....Ir of Bard the shall record in a book kept i .. 10.; Be ,it f..rtheurd.i..Th"I.1I6. 4-, ALLritv.wl. Wins I\.ol ajy flllI"J.f .8t -4 i
AttJoe' pining! tbe rdinarr. ..' ..eed Rdaorjhianrdin.u.e.lhe collection of.wbida.. oav.rr4gafnsTtrV It/.ir l"IIIILI'"i/ :: -
..t't'JlJh I .Iudllo'.r" ft.;,tlifi e.the'c.eIlptiol.color,nd spot or ibehiie.'skin i And tbe3ustcei of thl.saee id and for nidVounffare otherwise collected .. h. ,., ,
Nu.V..ca and head pr each animal.Xaugb'eredwith .. and to be ia attendance not ( specidU3provnkd for may 1TEEDSiA&! W..l4ieef titfA ?* Cnsy.driL:
C.i.iens' : by law, tt'tbe..i there ; .
collectionof t Hd!
ia the is for the de
f Mat A.la".i; Ef:.n*' tmt.crown LsncaurUtnlhambLattcUs the roatks and brands thereon : he abel be under thediieei'mu for the traa that si-eased see
WINue'D.ikIa :. ,,of the boaid for the 'maaagement of the Given under my hand at the Court House in the any may ,under 'inly autbentie4tad.1whbisVtntiraf! r.w-1I"Ji -J ,- *
lion of this ordinance and an fines collected
id U.tbe -V.sieoiit. J ') .; tnttiati ,Mirktt and i's affairs, and no person may molest'er City. of St. Anzni'ino.. th. 25th day April. 1840. this ordinance gush b*paid into the city treasury; lad thus inJebtrd fa sjdsd. ts,1rbqusredtOik1iwaidutc ... .p:-45 S 4 $

Wrho ..iqb N1MasJtJ4Ii4 Interrupt htm, or any pet under his direction, E.' B GOULD,Judge county Court. See. II. D* it ;Oirtltsr ordained. That the2nd and JIMVtVEEDfM&PS'aent ,Jatti..itl"t 'x' '- -

ha&. ....i"*.. ; fin. 3 Saap ,, while' employed in ibe discbsrge cl 'hi. duty. April S3 St. Johns County i I4>b aeetHWfa ef" ac ordinance te provide for rawinga P111UP.WEDflAMm1t.tttT: 4- -
Zwnadrp1e" .Bbaving CakesWrfmifeges Sec, 6.:Tnt the Clerk'.of the Market or other
ha la* ) refuse te AN ORDINANCE to regulate the mode *f granting revenue far the use of the' City ofiSt. Ancastiae. 8U Anguine. \1rch' !. If 4 n. : -- S S /
1bstTjsse. teo'Waren person'who'may.violate, pe eject, or comply and tbeeultectinn' thereof pss'sed 9th Match. 1833. :_ _. _-y -i.;_LiJ -4-
lice fat the retailing of spwilnow :_ '' _
ordinance shall fotfait and a. '
citriei 3|th ,rrqutremrut of,this weing : : 4 -
vr -
of'ordinances, '
and all ether ordinance anti parts JVetlte ,___,
Lanti sabor.1 XJ Ctentoi,adif t" ,;.Xjel a>er the sum five dollars fur each oftVnc one half vinous, and other intoxicating liquors .withia be and 4 r- -
the nf this ordinance 'iui.illt.dltlllt4&
cominjwhtbin purview : .
.10'tAl of St. Auusftn.ind for other S givevi I. all peison ; -
purposes. hereby
ether moiety
: ther-oftotlie complainant- .
a x..ssr.MkauitarIitsrP ,
ibis ordinance shall I :
the ii,1U'1
l'i1tl' .\..niN ri&; Common ynonga, fiae,dccf6 ChI.'8 bi..c we.d'' with .t. front tbf dehlnqinut.or Be it ordained by the Mayer. Alderman ef the 11Im. are hfteby rep.sia4.and Ac axatutft lhe 1statoorth Isle, _
be in fare* fie..ad after its hlo4ilfcni Wfanlb :
\ > City rSt. A..gdn.Tht; Jt shall not ba lawful mrpy.pv passsge.Passed &PRAGUE. rfeeease-li that theyd any
of magistrate
a4J 11J ir4'. Lund it..piUa wMter thsdelis4aeat.; befort.an '
Jane 83d. *"
d ald '
; Uwj
limits of said she E. r
City. or parpiwthin the city. 1836.F. nticatrd. to rller.
,1t..tdh'-1i. .m.'I.\a"VLo..1." or "
." the Siiine nf th Corporation .: Usyer.Fifty .. ., will he- ""*"*,
iif See7.. That'oiditi nee.;or startdr..din.noes. in any a..Mr. to 'sell"$ .or.tberwe, 4'fpose. for.purposes tho tine pr. eribed In/.laX *>*. .
.JI ? .. t .ib aail r4 indebted l >
I' : 'ihis htMl| >e and the"same of '!ID. any vinous. :spirituous .malt;or --- twrrrd. Alt these .
..i CJi.IIi; "'fill na j pt': & ordinance, \ ., _. .. .I immHia11n'P.ltt. ,. ;
iiI* I -4 aN % : p..ecI.y ID. 'IIUO. .stber intoicstinllqqora. toany petson or persons q..d.lct .nsks
9Ffl. : h.r.byr.jaa-d. .A4'rStCamSIWe0t .
ft.f.C ,. -
... i-, .- .. .. r r 'D&NCY-XIOf.' ', wkbJn the limits of the City'of St. Angnstinelm! a,less _."ar. _.NI : AulI4.lttt, CilARi.F.i* hiYtt ,
_n .. '
-". ". ." t 4 ., than or to have or keep foruse. 'above reward iU'p$ tj ro .the appre
& ) ;1.rQIU. 4. .\ S any BiUhud Table*Nine Pin Alley :or any and delivery' tn me'.or any-orm.1.d.p.. h4eev'b IJ S 1
lit 'WIlt"I" rik..brn.Jf Ctpt '. -. ". L- C.rt. Dray or other:C"nisg': for,'hirear.reward. l.:..,at $t. 'Aogqstins: of t CiT/S PfllVO. who nada T U i Ked SJilUI IuJlt -, JIll'(,.,Ih put gennds1ii ..- -

3pcrICU3p1O7f ". : 'AdISca11TIS TMOJSJE1ZJSO: j.Ur& within l the limits ,rid city, without{ha ;ai fiistnbtaiQ' > his escape from Jail'on ibS:4d nfMarcA last.Pnvo kvgrfU .s" U M..V II. ---r : -

t EIgt'c:. .' ;:a lirenia thartfnr from the ("onnfil of said:eiryj S i fA v. ; & JCOUNSEllOR Ay.'UWfY fl1tjvi4bpt.i: ;
.ATTORNEY'' ; ,inst the foregoing ; qu.rai i in.usiqIinWY. -
Jin : )
,. '1. 'U. :, and anv person or peions offen < a< complexionspeaks. aaMa"attd. Engliah and. iftr. $ -
tt': 1 1 iDltt 'h "IIIIII. or'te' suriHaiitoTOT.orTHEtntJTS.: > atHAi ? provide ofU>isordipSAce.'Ih."ro!each and says. he is a iutive of the Wind of Coha. ''Ha kw a CMftt,,of Camdeu. G9gU -pti14> t-- .i S S

,..- 't I 11i.J .opened .n office In tb) City of ST.'Awoi. every, soeb:..8' forfeit and pay ta the use;of said mOtbAr and.tit nsi4iopt svinnhG.o.tewb5sb. to-"W.,.. rewHig *Ut"sj' -o.s i J 01f"J'A. '- --

;- _' ., It. of tbs. twaty doUars.to b.,oYer"-action of dab< ptecmb.ieodoibttryt.mb.biswsv. ,__ 'MufdJ.CtIItT.rl. .. -
G01. isia4 will rac40*.in all the Coflits j citi. IJ.iU UItJS ;. .; _*_ -
..1 ., ? >rr" Mayer of tbe aforesaid, OfaDJ'.Ialtie..r 'I f':1. .. :
n7v. rtI&E8.. & Eutena.DIII1ict.; ,.. before tbe t\y JO'.; f. 8AlCHt. ftt.ch.C.r.J: 't"'. t1 .- '; S
1 V'f" tIIr. May'1184 th P.s" tbst*!e. nd "'11..o>. T ytseatcf'eay 'r.'l.1 4h. ..r.i *. p.'np: '! S

.'4! T S
4S ,

.J //i. ,
,: 11' .' ; i' \
J 0"
..' 't'If .,. .' : : .- ) ., '. J ''._.\\l' t, _. \? :' /J ..
,t, S '. .,. : c. I ':"', I .it".0; ,;'. --S ; S ..".e.t. -, .,:;,I. L--: .t'' -S <" .s < ,.
S, ... .. : .- i',
t. .
v -7- S 1 ,"" "-3' '_,f'J/,:! -- -J!." .:" : : : ;,. ." >

> i I II / Ie.4 -'--
I .
;j .'- S ;. 4:iS

i ; .- -

3 ,. ,"
-S 2

, : 4 _
4 5. S :


-- -


: : .* ? !*

4z -

r : : : s. .' *<

, 7 ..

- .
:. : ( : -

I '1 4

1 \V* LE!*A LE?
/ Grocery frKrovteioH Sterc.yS to Tender of ,merchandise good* and wares COLLECTORS HALE OF REAL ESTAT PBO3PECTUFORJIE Dr. a zJ aaks!
fit it las tw&J6fcrteB e'rta.riife ;,. AI.4HWCDUMTYftOHIO4r4U7tJKIA cgrmsaiieai i
CAL &.OWi 1o* ecIn s enl'taeisf Afajrw t
e 'did assortment or article* in thek hiwy a. diriculariy / SIJ 4ugmsUee-Ytiat( it ,.hahmii b kvfu for any ,, PKTfrt ,MITUUKLL, : Jppendtx. :* TbewrPaB aw made KVTUL&LV.eT efeta&I/ -
solicit purcluweri te examine art icier now p.r.ou-w perous to Differ for, safe- nferxharijuet .,V 4.4iuq'sent iii ibi psyrnrl i"coidinglo lm'v. work have been published us for se tract;;known/lofiffeipeneaee toperscty'insistceut

reeked bftich. lJndiBe, '&i bttog of the choicest (food* ami wares ol' any desyrrijMiaii vrha'.aoeverv of the. County arid UVrjito/.al Taxes, t r wwd/or the THESE *. There are now"ntora ubciiberi ;aad yet of triore pvwea*av purguv.;ordeM*
k.crpLioub.iw been selected in New York, with iu place! whisti'aeverwikssi th j I limits ofUiis'cut.with"ou year one t l.o maul eight htns4red jipd tIed.y.flhIH. on fur them, 1..uuablv, than for any other paper published Mr,f the alimentary enaIUun any cthei auedkine. -
j i greatest care; for tbbJ uurkeU Oar stock consists | (uVuia first blamed license therefor) ifaichlr land cbiined au-i returned by.the ui Petit M[tlcl |lJ, In ilw Uuitecl tiiatH* ; certaiiJy more than there are for Their efet ba the syltesu iato easy 4jhat.it lire,'
M part vizi: '. *"' -i cense shill! be fiirone year, and funm'yone' pUre% p'ttuateJ in thiCourty of AiacliiM! 4fi iesjid. aa lwhtfrea any olhtir pajier pub1isbeJiiihIi i DwtiieU 'This large narkabi act hat UM samentaf b*fivea> to nor ina ,

A /IHEAS .'Hyroo Skin, Young and OldHyson! [' ; end not trnferauHuaud hll bd signed bit the Clerk *, the i *iJ V\f\ Jlilrbell J ns M u'vda Wudcbitiels aid iirrn ft cnncru ve"evideuc ; adult withoUt the pu.ssbikty4dujng any
iL Stfocbottifinptperajlmp rtei;Gunpowder. c* of,the Conncil, and nbMll l4keeifii4w.s n first jay iu.iJ totiniy upnu .vrbicu duit t can he Vf ibeir u.dljiIas. Tuey.are' invaluable to sjl 'whofeean but pa the uutisty gomd. herere. osti ie...

'.y S UURS Lvar ULriiripr eruifuedj Potto *tleo. of,April next, rKideJuetioii beini nid In the aWUtit millet .2 4 : intere-t in the proceedings of Congress NVthcr iberha! huat b rotherwiie. rn tsii, FneEsan -

-,'i0'1' WwtoWfi BroWn liavanaV N V!.Orleans .to be paid fur the licettaa for Intervening time tetweeu Now, Notice is hereby ieu. lUt I.Jxua CART I pulilpation giv .s ibeui so roil, not 6. Jfsu cheap. all biJioiiaireIiana, Ibel szeth jtettesL'p. ..tblw ,
M JlASSES-Neer. Or1ii .. Trinidad, $t.'Croix, firstday Apnlaud the'date'at which .och Tax Coijectur in and for Uw Coiiity nf AUclu. in It U, iiHieetir the cb.apeM| publicitioo the 'UuUed terwfit.By I.- I .
4 $uirJo j'.aDd' SyrnpV lice nie U luuei. An4'f every license to vend nier the Territory of Florid wil I expo. to publics M! at States perhaps 'in?the.world. Uurpiuiirn at theseat 'inerestrrrjfthe doe snmcientY.! earrW m V

I___ '. COFFErOldGovernment Rie. $t. Dom cbandi, goods and wares,tttefte drtltn anal!be paid the Court iloiire in said coutir.siz inonih after the of Government ecnbl us to prrri* them at ao low more powerfully( effect the whol franW. thaft the

J nga. and l *gulra,green do.TUBCCOrCavendisb. Tof the USM of UM city- together with a feenf- ooedol'_ date hereof to wit : on the 6ih diyut July iulvear the a rate. We are compelled 'pwblisb the proceeding largest dose of Catooiei. -and yet ia few'hour after
Flog and fineeniebewvujof Jar for every license uvned by the amid Clerk one UioutanJ eiaht hundred and cr'J' all! the of Consress in detail, for our daily paper. This done, the effect over;no'debitor aleTt ia experienced.

MM Miller! Cbapnau At Sargeant's end 'A. See2, Any person erper.ona-efT..rh.g-fdr eale rf bt title and iulere fof the smid Peter* Mri iCinj sf. it rel'iiieseoinp4ra'i iaiiv. a siiull addUioual'eipeuaein .: ln.tead oLcauaiuaj weaknessthe-body i.stzeug

;,. Campbell's Mannfctoro5 Snuffand Cigar wf the merctiaiKiiae-* and wares, without fi*.t obtaining ; ,and xt3rthO'iMnd; >ix\hnndred and 6fty'r! change them tn the dries of iw ..Congressionalfilobe er. and could bear more fatigue afjer they have been
duett quality. a license for the KINIH. shall be'liable to a (m* of donbl ol Land : of wh'jch !l5l&24.-areIturneJa, t1! and Appendix If U were ontfor these circuevslaRcr used., JVherabeBrandrBUiPui)- -rBkj owbCaIouitFiiuotnset ,

Olives,Capets, Olive Oil, SweHOil. Rice, InJijto.Blueing. *;the amouiit of Mid licence required be eollecfed "rats f 15,16.{acre* second rite { and 3t). acres hird *. we'cunld hot puWi li them rftiiir liioes tie __ ) \ -* f -- -
Ground Pepper, Alsipcfy Chives auaCinnamaa as other fiaen add fiirfeiinren are collected, and be rate qriiiluyyihesam? being an XHII* Lltd tpart and liiiu ch'K tl.In anuM parts of tlie.Ua iled dtoteathe As -a urIoPihi. blood! .they are mc>( invaluable.;
In & and 4Jb papers,; *' nuvertbeles liable fur tho sf land knowi, as *h m4. rr white paper' iipbrt'"whierT ihe'e wi.rttI a"rV pijn'edwi..ild Ill all. cutaa'6us dieas t from whatever eause "arKi"naN
l ..
Clove*, Nutmegs, GingerPiminto.Seictu.jCaveMne.Pepi Passed Ith March, 1840, donuUEea -, -
> < F. -Li:; DAXCY,> Mayor. and ..f 'and. inure orflrs'l when ing them. 'Eat-i--'
er, Pepper SauceA1nrn. Coppera eighty/ niiwthfMisand acre 110:11. c-' BeCaiKe noeare Vretjuiied u
Snot, Fliiitw, Percussion Caps, Poweer, BlnOiin t Test, P. B. PPM A*.'Clerk t>f tU CoutMr'.j.AN itij* iu\\ficliia; C'nViry.'and jhrongh ajirt of*f hich The approacWnjt ffJMau of.Cattrea w1 probibljCoiitintl'r ititil drink wh t'yeu pU>4* and k vw iio'leatf cuKl.xo'r -'

Pip.*. M*t ICopc. Fjih SeirtM-Flie*] and I looks; :OXDINAN.CE iod tie! Orange l 'tkt Creek rum; b 'tud Hl I on the north by seven ,month tant>f itjrnmedMtely precedes mid'water* UM body i ii* pAt&iveiy fc-s liable:l cod
; lading duty
ClMlK/Bbbeand HOM Bmohes, Candle Wick, iu.rctu,4i..nd e8.scasold a bvjistIioniety.upon g< *. war a, piiblicUud* | ou lite ea'.t by pi'h'ic' ,,U'i'dand oi> lhew'ett 'the' 'Presidential) election, all,.the prominent ppliiieal ifietThan helms a'dose.. '3 hose hunioiaLcing rewiy-: -

Coffee Mnls,4iik.$ Black thud, Wafers.'WrappingVfjue 'B it vtdtMt the Ms by> public! .Ujulii.thn centre of, which\Griiii' .questions which ditide the co it wjJtntt.Inllv daub* be -i11iyjJw:: Yilswblcheimivesculd. auJci.ugtia.or
& Manor
White B r} Variegated irt BalUHtid Bb.vn.grinlKHull IJL4eg.aiiasL'MI* jf all giioJ.find ,luertlwnui* f City calls'or..tlie .Bij AKCDU4t ojrailtiie right i.titw,'and dimcu.'cd. Those :cnn.id.rratloii indwee'.n* to whkli, by iir uiub iiRgtL |>loodprryeiitit ieeUing
A. Hou'a PauolCaodle O l ; wares interest of I ihoVa Peier'Mitch'cll i" so ulucb1hreif I GtoiK will unk five
Lamp and effoct* whatsoever, which shall at rtime here believe lliutrh* CosGRfsio them. Uul '$-Pilta remove aU iucnntbranc* truur-
LUa\UORS-HUrdEineUeaud FreAclTBtandyll after.be COld aactinn in thi any shall lie btll be sul&cieut t<> pty and sati.fy the nmouiit .of hiindreJ and ArrKsun, heneeu lUand seven tie bla iheirVrTnlin thk partKuTar w .tTf Vvieiit..
city, fax** due from the saidj'eter. Mitchell. ,tog stl er with hundred niyatquartu paf e Wjaieafalany: time that'j>odr requires'
"i '. _i. bti *... m i, .u ,., .. r *** *- -- *abj ct ta a duty of oue dolUr for v ery eas-Meircd v 'rivj 4y
the saue'sbalL be1..oldSec.2. iL9s; fa' .udchigiaiWn: ; thereon!: ; to be brfoiJ in'lot The Cooawio1aL"uu'ir !la made: top of the dai'y mdeia.ihei before frirfte* weat wr.t'u out oathuu.IwUbbidaD7
'1J'.Jl M"Bfl-r rUMrnr;1 Eey..sictneeriu i4ciihall iirtvl'. of 'filf acies.eicb.or"less.a.tbe laW direct- proceediiigViif the two h.musea'o.ongrei.;md the inconvenience IejsijereovvL| :' '
Imon Bottled Wines OCife1tt4. Chages. ., -v 'iI8SLCAItTEIt.It | speeches of the menibat.conJeiised.Tbe yea andnavs'on And ; thaijio nutigtiant iieae' ejir i'i'wbile aI' 4.
iV,r t L*. _..i A t* *VaV < -ftAlrflNdBunch *;'ii? ild&y of-Jr is and AlackiitleSU. a certaintf :
: l.Ar eWieri. 'Ic !* andvyfeffirns.k. 4TdiCgltct4i.fcr: Cos* Unportant uhj ctire'giv.n."It'ispubli.hcdweeklj. tlteyaro BM lhu e.tabhshirg Je> (iitt thox -:
.D tetiirtj oNtS aIlndUt.uW.1l aylihtVity. b, 25tti, 4 with small tpe.. In sixte n royal quarto we hive wnly to'4.e thnsremedW* : lucb.V1JMii

7sK. Treaauier.thrt atuVuut of c6uiitiu juu accrued tovthe : HERE8 the ASMMOV of Tixes i.i. .od- fri pnges Lh 'bld. to befrefuiLALLCdiaeeisesiiJiu uw.
and Blooir, in whole, 4 and | City on audi sa'etC! 4 ilieCvuutv of. Alachua in the Territnryor '11.0 A Pt Dix. contains the speeches of the rnewber a well kttowu'faCI, that'every disease wlitther. if bftil1
boiesSultaiia Keg. $,Ic. 3. If a y-- auctioneer shall neglect orrefuceto Florida his returned 21)2.I9dlciei) of land by the'I sat full lungthrwritteir' out by iheinielves. and i a' Ihw brain or me4O.,*t'member; whether be. t aafs

Fif i, Citr n.Enfliah Cfirranta Crauberriei, render bit account or py tlw money du t by him u name ;of the Arrednudo Grant, subject to Tizrtiuii.aimd prii.td in thesauie'foiiiiiis tlierCongresxibnal Gltbe. ward ulcer: inward slicei..are <
Mace.Cajruwy.EngIiih Mustard, the City (dut.cs. he shall A> fait and pay for the use whereas; th .(Uiinant< thereof. wit: tlw heir it is pul.li'h'rt a* fast us toe apeechea can be prepared. Erotu snanycawses1i educible to one;naod shut imamui.V. .
4 1 Frf. Nuts Filberts, Soft and 1'tpet .Shelled Altuondt of the Citjr Itctmlg Jin Litter fur every such offenor.In au-eertrina *igus iif.Arredondn. not having given usually there tint mor numbers punted fur a seiion iinJMirity i'lf blood.IiiciUMeqneiiceof. i

,Oranges and LemonsFlSINo be colVicted ai other fine and forfeitures a re colic* in a list tl tlwiriaxtbUr property iu ,.id cniiitty. itcordiiic -. I' thin theism are weeks in it.. the pleasantness of their opera
..4 law hive beennie likbltto double rXh of these woiks w complete in itself. Bi t it isdisirnbltf iu
ii pay ued .
ir6r1st.Ns. >dandl: e neverihetessliaolef? ; >rthe amomu of|du* diey lion; they are iiniVerially iberyirctiunotffii.wid
I *. 1.3 and 3 Mvkerelt; in wh1i'an4 accrued-Jo; the city.. **r. : taxes for l he"year one thousand eiaht huodied .aridtliirty fur atery'sib.cniberui have both i bec-iusv.if extended coulirjr wbera they are-tnode. knawi r-

I *; Herring jn &egs. Herring to boxeK |* #ec,-4i. All arCidve sent or entrusted. to ao auctioneer .uine ; amti whereas.tie nidcljiajiuis are d*. tbeie *h 4 J'orkUama.mokd Beef, Shoulders; "- tS lir sale.and l him *4l. whebezat auction or liuqiieiit in the payment, of: the tue* assecsod, thereon a.eeeh| in the Congiea-ional.Gl l..b.,or any prte.'aed| siinihr jmpon.- Upwards fourteen:thou-;
'' for the maid -and have no goods and chattels iu'said its [correctness it way removed at once by tefer- have certified how
rtnd aud Toiifue*. Button Lard; pti rate cab. auaU be liable to this duty aforesaid.' year land ca es been a.curaivekly their
8odai.'Biiner.Sugar, Mllk'and Unru'Crackers; v- ; 18ecrl>r.AH giodsware<, Jnerclmndis aad e fleet*, County iqrnr which ditres can' be made fo satufysairl :1 ring to the speech in the Apt>*i>*lii. ue, ince the introduciioii of.them into the .t'pib:

.1 Fine mird coarse $aIt. I'i.ss.k&&e- '* ifedarad 'rrsJ.V'ditty.by statute of thia Territorj arebebydorlr.&r.i. laxe* t Index to both are sPlit iasubciiber ..aasoon ask 8ttai.thu. eat.b1ishmiugtbe fel, beyood all doub',
I Now. N jtlce' is hnrebr given that I,JCSSK CARTr.it, they can be prepared after the adjuurutnsul of Congrvs '
Hardware. from Hicduiv, iinpoMfd by thi* that the Brandrtth Pill cure the(apparently twit oi| -
<* t T-x Joll.etor iuat1 l f rl the County of Alacbua'iiitheTeftii *.
Ijicki udw.ie. I'amJ Ihh AlirrtrTlM pcniled oeaWa by the one siinple ift. of cvnunually
FhoWIs Axes. Broad axes ,
SPADES. : F.L1)NCY.U4yor. irv of Florida will exp 4c I Faurett'a Hinge*. Uules.'Latche*. : the Cniiti llouie in suit County, iiz months' after the For one nvpy of the CnnzreMiocal GUiLe SIOn '
$poD$. Fib Hook*.. Bar Lend, G; rdeu'lioe*. Ci. Tilt. DDueu.Ckrk of.heeunc4. date,'herrof.'to wits on the titli! day of July, in the .t copy of.the 'Appendix .91 lb' iefore.of whatever' the n ayb said of 'the'THXUtT, F
|or*, Qiuibtel*, SuoeKnivei, Contls, &.C..C.Al tliie above works will be sert iheVTiurr raucTicK t* new axivsp AIL
tr: T
anaisuftment, ,I LA** Qffict*tSt. Ag* tit4 E.-F.- IfVlllE 02l9d are of Land ciahedby the heir and certai for f5, twelve copies'for 810, and a 'proportionate; As Ura dreth'.- -I'ilts.mUre. gcurvef' Fever aadA -
Of Tin Wre undivided number of for larger sum. I
.4 assiisofArredond-ii; ( the same being an copies i .
its (
Cosivenea'and fon i cw,
1, KettlesUnaitand Pint CupsCou I intofest or part of a large tract of laijd known Payments'may be trans inifed by rntil.pottage faiJ.at jue, rqu f;
I Land Office attlii being again II uavellera shoukt
COVERED place opett men, and f la fureigti r gions, Hue
_ ; .bBain Piifl..Ov Patii.RouiKl : as the Arre )
JLi pfibone 'Concerned
fur business.) tbe.aUenUoii lio'wi'boiit them, iu order to rrsbrt tn*,thew.i e I
| ij,
fiisispaian..dIuprBozes Candle nio'iVor le'ss.siluatfld. the United States current in the section ntvenurHryw
MolaisesCups, eiiTly-iiiiirt lli-1'iiand acreYof land ,
4 I is called to, the.bllIiik Nnlic*, l.ite|< Usued.froui occatiun of illness. medicine cttct
.No w ;ire vared! ,
; c j Miic: .. Bre j fla.k.isCratur., Small Tea, Trayi at Whinjtoiuw"W. in AUtliua (L'oiinty : b liinded oi all lides the i suj ,'ctiher .residj*. will be rtefivrd. But 'ifm ; a.1
j the Lai'd..Department where they or.cliiuatv eflVcl! theist .
FUJI 1 obs iJ .tiiig Paii*.large and small BraKettie's. H. dtliUN'Iqidcr priiiVa'IV| by iiut>'ic xMud t tie"centre if the aid Vb n niii) cri!>ersrdit procure the tt 'ir s of hunks mth arr ] not; '

: .Vte, rc. Also. a.variety of ., ,G'.j W. COLE. Rcceiru.pjtostw.f22JJiiac Gr'ut.illtng, for thc, Ilia: Alachna'-irro'i iiie'm-ih*' I Nurtlierii anJ Mid lie'Slates, they will please ,end |I irovided(iiiodicine they t iue that are.will ket dry euure,. "GeuUeuten hwaltb'to tLe Vyilfiud!|ieoile',lii.*/. ciw
hetr-Geoas, P ruDiery .I ftpauinlGraniJhrfeof.: and thin riirvet i founded 'lheei.i.To estates' -
L Pencils.-CotniaMand Gilt Beads; Port. IhereoY; '.ir *oniu< liof the siid undivided p-ut or insure all the number, the subscriptions should their Hraudreth's Fills ,bnve universally secured friend" on
4 1r. SILVER 8dk and Bead Purses, SheU. Twut and 1838, wilt' tzpirin. 21* parcel of id 'Arreiloi'idoGrant as sU! < ll b> i suflHontto be bere by the9li| >i* Uet-eH-ber ii1*. Ji Inuehre'n intraducedandl. :
r Kidq Combs, Milk of ltMeaIJgint do .tiweel.Bjjs, .3 : : Jaa ; i84 pay and atishy the amount of laxW dse thereon, I i N'u aiieuii'Mi will bo paid to any order unless them wh.ieirerthry Umtur Medicine do BenjiwiaBrandreth c.,
French Cologne and Lnfe.ider Water* Johusun's 1IqTlCC Ujieteby liven to all per ohi having ffou'rtlie'' *ni<| owner 'or ttiiiuahts*thcreii f, |tigitl.er ney *cvonip4iiifs it. BLAIK'& RIVES. ties Relieve llivmtaptH clVI
to llie iMHitfitof the act of Cnpgier.'approved to be 'oil Washington City,October.10.St. IbJ9 seas alt tb*proper I.ae at'.ributrd to them rand I
tvtfeaf ,Uenland'a s MecasMt do Ptor'i do.| Cold j.cl.lin With all c have ed luau
them and
r >..ejiiiViiidspr FRJICI 8oap4$; Tooth.Povfd rJ ili.. 22d.Jiiue, 1ctJi, eIiIiIleiP'AnactLgint pre.euiption iii Lots of fifty acres each;'or le sfaifihel.iw directs. u myself my family extea by
I .ybngo.p.; 4> Gitlots Patent Metalie! 'Pens, right ou the"pnblir land*," jht thiS t rui for '.. *"- JES.SE HAKTER.THI dugustiie'Sel .ct Jcadernfj, live practice for over in ten years,and my experience|has i

* I n I.e[ removed which
: r italioV H iiiiii. lie xt.'prior to w paMbd. -N .Veuifret 'Join Iftg by those bate a specuT J Jiction WI-
tk..1voIy Vowiuo 8nuTobscco andb.blngtto | on hjoh ev.rypev ; ; II. BfV L.VN; ukes leave re-ptctfullvto .
the organ's of the stmnacb and
*. Iturs je& 1ae*: $triii1; Kiilvea1'i''Je ii having claliii, jeqiiCded' to ; rove. and make JAMES. ihejiitlMbtuuU of tft. Angiutme and its ott bnwebvan4af.jenera f'lIh
Flakct JIrTooth ?Ji1 Clothed iid IiaI payment fur the '*juni ,V : JYoticc. vicinity, th it o-i Tne,lay, the ?ih irut.. be intends to, iction on th.yreir, such is my Pit's! have. : IIPIf
d g Brvsbet, Ivory Fine and Djera C6oib, 8be1! ;* Notice isalak gIeUIhI.iU all ef"where public SIX weeks after date I will tpp'y' to jibe Judge of op n liii Acadeuiv Air tie instruction of Young Ladi>-sand Mr. Aberuetfcy Wcl aily profedjharall foyildf i iiea ;-: ,

4 V |>odie* H Lieu hvr fsurutive $he
erp.perLeuer.titnpa; aid2AlJuueil840veyery pre.euipjron clniiilo, such t.r. /idmiuiatsitIuu on the kutate -ANTHONY occupied as a school hy Mr. Creegan, elfect on the stomach 1 anJjowelj. -

? w tliim4a.! Pincushiou*, Suntlasrei, Paint and Faneyil land* ,not prpy'ed and'paid for'btfure thefiriid' jr "of IItYDifltIN. lute of said cu-dreead The CHurse b&intruciion coraprUea OiihographyUeailiufT 9lo COII ,

11 __ Eeiflne Lead Pencils'Graees, GermanSiqokinr of such auction sale.1 by ] w'roarciT p. : :: Febi4. : 1IENRY'O1LOVES Peuuianrbip. English Graiiimar; Elocution rel

: : ?- ;es'Shell/ Piuetuliionr, Playi'ir Card/Bras,, |an3i But in all ca s Where jye.empti. ucUiin !* to land : .#I'orRiHtor.: Sale. : arnfCotnpotioit-Atit7o ic.'Ouok Keepi. Geo;, procure- he g.rnni e Ursndrethz- P1I! and .mr

4Iep.hitps,8uspiiders.Licti. Also; *T frt the towIihptatafwhlcb! *n Unnt't>e reeeiv dtiheitktt.in4 .. LI I. HoUSK ,A? DLOT; in lloJfaital Street raphyVHistiiry, nnJ the use of the Globe, tltpmetry, hot failitf procure the tnulu if you take the t'J'.w. t-- cfoi
: t9Thhl ? 14OVER Officeriintil: nWtn" Zlti of JuneAexCthexUTiuauiis -e .'j9ibioX.theprImr4'a" of Mr- Uo'iertso'i. Aljttbra.audiha'ljatinahit Gree* LanuimTLtlr. ,: iu;advice. -* '* -
> all iwed th teruiuf ibiie y iir finnVheidife SAMPSON. WJLLLt311.i BuIais jledxehiiuiilfthat.everyinethnd llow br SFCITUE rCOUTERFEIT5.
: CoaUj Drei", Coiiv'Vett*, Pantafbonsi Ii.qnie .' : > TO
.. Flannel Veils Drawers, Suspendurs, < rtherec; ii tof; the pi it at We L'ind Officwiihiu . which) many years experience, iu directing the j'JVeu* Never tATporchae Brandretb 1'iil'. wisb q,
A e. BOOTS. SHOES, HATS, CROCKEJlYfAQ >vh5cli tamaLe rood bi*cliiui i but if' such Unds -- -- - I lie min ban ngxe P-d,hall be employed to invulcjila pcwitively sure Ui*t the per.ui. acHing bias an 6H t kertific4teof

of wbhich will be. duposed of aV Wholesale and are ordered jo bw otCired at public curium ni.any,tim.withiosIchyOr.r .VdmiHlxtrator's &ule. 1 strength and nufiiy ufuioralaentiweut', and habi'u.I : agency, nud 07 obnerve M hal berr-tej-'- mein
; : $C t4. We rolint ihe'altention) of parchaaera'prev fiom'theq.te of filing she township NOTICE Uhbf given. That permission" of I al elegance ot manners; and Uw public are assured ww.d ; no certificate being dow giiarast a1iertwel, Ninontlu
; 4 h 4wHaTWaywToyy fu'rpotu the nrt day! vfaucbnjzeqnsae.othcwiieit | County; wtl! he 'soW at Public Anctoii! onMoj be iilone for the benefit of those couiuiiued to his ''-' -f. Alien754mb
I _, : Feb.6,1810.ftE.CRft_ _Will lkriiarll1tD >d\y...tlie, 2Wih .daj oC March |next, at the charge,1 : :
ti f>j f9 .Le. ,*, ,< -- Case* have arUen where delay jrj filing pre emotion Court Hnu e.in'lhe City of'St.Auguitinp. between Much fur1 frequent punishment. B. lip found My own .111cc Cir the 'certain unpjljr of the nqri'*' \ '

virtue of an.alia *ritof fieri (iCaIj 4 tune prduf* and completing pay meni ha*operated TataHy ip the hours of 12 and lo'cl'rkofthaLmJa ail the ril t.itUan .- u.eleu, of. it ixjuriou* in tbi? education ut youtli; l by 3edicmnea.2cts.per. 7U box. with dircctiom.U'- ***, .tfitr. ..
BY n' of .Superior-Court for the) District.of the; ewVuiant,;>uiid r express truvwiuu,ntlaw,3t. | >l inierel iJouj* L. Mnrse.'iii snd to a tract directing attei.tiou to such subj<*ct* as were best ilifle a ; MCETJMJ STUEtrr *'
jut Florid,and to inejdirected and delivered, I will it i*'tlier' f r specUllv tecoinniended le every clarn of laud h ing ahottitwa* iuiles north of! the'wid tit r.togeiher.ttitb ed in their capacuies and niOst coiigeii4mo their OnedoorrtonsQ.eer.Chaks'po., anrl4i
at pubricsleLtiI1EpiI7 of St. Au*uatine, int'runt an qeairuvi'of. oiJshg the ponihility of lo**, in caAi tbe bujWui.. aid irnirovemeiit (hereon tal uU-by n careful observance sad judk-nl man.agemeut ID" Drugia.are; ii vr ppt>inied Aji-niJ, iberetiy'"
spne nf lint Court '114EJ114 datarday rho 22d.d y. foryiard'and '"enable! thoJjind Officers TO DXCIDK bting.rinle ol the passion*, be luu iqcceeuet! letter- i>i purchase obly at 70 ilEfl l\fj ST.AMJ Y pay
.r Febtwaiy xtr between the hours of Vclock-A uiictAtif, wthiub siioMTiiT roiaLK.rcRMD after sutjeci? In mortgage for the sit m of $l5OOandiiterestii.d promoting the l.terary ailvancauient .*f I'M pupils than KKJItSJCr.U ?il Meeting, 1. tho/na14 : CU4'TJ||
thil noti e., This f*-rendered.inr re to tS' widuw's dower place i in Char hi* 'win-re the tine II1IAIJWrF1P -1
*: M and 2 P. M.of that dyall righttitle, aeejng necesnry by'aoy uuwJe ofji.rjM| pnia aiii;iii.BV pack
oflbe eblire uncertainty the time A credit of li.uioutif'willlM'i'iv'enJM.F. I'JLLS are sold, my owW tfice f T jhirAiclmhu.
in Academy
and internet of Morris'H. tker in a certain House coineqnenrn means j-idffinrul bn ks us din dos "
laiiOs be pioclaimed. I : JtUIN ON, Adm'r. ale.l B. BUANUKLTII.XII. l>. ,92 I
the piiWie uuluct
4 .,nd Lotvi uated4n>*thc CitjofSt.Atipitn.onrh when inay patent are dmisytn1iiriiied; of the nttendanco, c 4i r .
West side of St. George's.StreV fronting on aatdftreet c"r": :IJAMES'WIHTCOUB;' CunniluMMr.; F K. 14. 1840. 37-4*. and iutprnveuKut f Uieir children.and Mr. U. Inmate .IMI ur .ar.' N.Y:' //-2: ;

veaty four feet ; bounded on the NorthJbr.liiiose 4) > ;leam-Stnccrt JLuwber. that they books will be examined every Jay And golJhyJOIINj; : IIEDKICK. The p.

I and l lt belonging"to Airs. Ann Geigsr'roitin. &&// aMiltIMyh4Perct. tlrnt indulgence or the contrary will; be ued }o' each m_Agent fur at. Aor.mti e. 1-: and i

4i lug in depQi one bjiiidred aiid tetye1jbr; rid nHhalff PROLAATON I- THE a large 6'IEAIt At JX L,%'iti gnrahd ,iigle >* child according as hi., or her judgment ..book inaysteut CsUeru e--t & 5tliIS ,

4 ujt HI the We t tiy a street kneww by the :iname ofPauV W'Rebert .Raymond Reid, aw.aum. are ready-*forni-h Lmnber of super' to require. ;Such procedure will hive an/ex* 4 A Na'.ortmeatorfiue Cll'1 LKRV, con.Uting() profe

i Street' mosiwnng on'raid ft reel ..ei'enti'nI :GOVIRNO1LOEEWUlUA/ IDa qualities in anv qiniitity. Their V''* "''"d* '" th cellent e1.ct. it awakens in inn youthful lre.stth /ft. full .eu ot Table andleiert Kniv e aad Foiki/ their
fft-t*} and on the Booth by4ahnu.ehii4lot belongiiifto'riiapnrn it is wad* known M u>e that KING County :Camdeu, Georgia" 'on thV SatUla River, |m.siou< ut( fear shame, or emulation aad thtuVendnrs hIaz irs, Jack and l'en.Kn-es. ibr a.lel.r' s and a
I Afr&u.- Taken a* the property of Morris WHEREAS was conWd in the Jail of Jack to- where VCS4PIiI drtwinf>I5 f tuf water can ap- tooth as Utattce to the teacher in the per urw. / i. w. AY.FRV.f,, Th

I / 11.; Tuck.r. toMtUfyjudnmtnt and coda of' soil in lost County under charge of murder upon the body 'preach wiibont difficulty or mad his Theonn Untie will be under Mr. Boylansdi! ,
baa >
; fa'vjtrioCBailey V Reyuold* of irdlMm At/eaoar/r said county, r J.; NtHU'HOS'-Agen' # i1i. 4 I
I : \ .- f :jO8..RANCIIELMirshsI. ; e'ca|>e from said Jail, end is now a{ |Ltri. i 8atilla. Can.dan Co., Ceo.. Feh. I. $8411. apOAN ; rcction.in separate apartuieiii. And iu/tnicted by"air. E XTtLA8iip white e Letter' Paper Ptisi6i$ Thi
s" ". r RKIU..Governoi B. iu UMMIII branches of education which" bluViind eoN-wd Inataod; 8hing'wE-
I 8t.Angu tjneJan.23.1840. NJW know yi.t.tL UaamT.' KAVMOIID ORDINANCE regulating the appnitsttsieit of are hi' ale-b.-

4 : The t .r above sale r i is_ ,poi_ rj4>ened_ -fill. > the-r-23lh pf jj March' ** Florida. byviiiuof|h aiillwritv vv.te l lHo. City,.Mw-hjl, Clerk of the Market, and for other -uiont elT.-ctusllytaught by masters.Mr and Piiitd Wafew.; Kn..i Prtmiuia ind tujli-h Black ille.Ink. and At hi1uW _.4 each t
1 The sale of the above 'properly i* postponed, byf .HIM by law .do hereby, off t a. wardof TW4J *. .. B Jau.16A4O. i : '
far she Krpnse testimonial of moral character ,and literary .abilities, .
rdcr of plaiutilTa au. until ihe 6rt Monday iu May HUNDRED COLLARS apprrhenvion d&ytkeMqorsid AZEerciift. City ealabfiEmera
the.said fugitive cud his iSe. to the euttody from several exalujd characters.in :.the, citybf Pbilardelphia.aiiiliinonx -
t uexu J4)8..LNC1IEZ.Maxitial.. delivery ef? Str; .iayestias ,,That.'lltere shall e appointed for ; '
J1 Aujtitine,28ih Mareb.l&40ff I Iji any jailor oroiherot5o. r of :he Teriilory ,uf Florida 'one>eat from this date,a fit and proper pei son,iq be them (rum the Rev. Samuel B" v V. LUE ikuand- Black do.Genta.Bnrk 4iv
authorised ralksbasgsfhisn. -knewu as the City,Mamlml and CUtjk'of the Market; Wjlie. PrcfeaorpfLauguagea in the Vniversity'ofI'ennsylvisiiia Beavert>and'HntkiA Clove s1
Kuo Giu. i* abowtninnteen >eara of. age five feet hoscowpen.atinnihilIbion dnlUr |per day-..aridwliose and Rfbert Adrain. EtK{ Professor ,Ladies' superior French Kid d.-jasf fomNV)

4 4- STAUGeS1iNF.EArgTFLOttIDA COMMQWOU8 HOTELf has seven br eight inches hiZbd47k compliiiun. dark hair, 'diii j,it shall be, uniler direction of the Mayor, Matlieniatica and Naturist Philosophy in the .aH Univerih ifork. for safe br \ ', 7 I/W.AYEWY. J4
THIS and.. bUfk evea.miiked ou etie hanu by the i partial uTexuinine; into aiid leport all ,nuit nee ,'and ill do.Ltioqs ; 'm Charlen'ton be. respectfully, tegs' I leave \v Feb. 6. IcW un Pr P ehra BoJfcH*.
new furniture
; *.$9 oeVn'pUt in complete repinn lops rf uvo fingers! *. j, > (.f the.CF Ordinance. *' to* cr4kct t'stimny. refer to Right-JRev Dr. England.. Rev, Mr. Torres An Ordinance '
g li .heddivg&i&c.; and.h 'open for t 'W receii. Giten ,und r my hand,-and ,aea| of thia Territory, dirtetion of said Rev. -AVm. Bourke.: J). K. Wl.itiker, Eq Martin horse preyetitMl.e ICj5
: the agaiataudprnieci&te unmfrr'thej or hornea thron b the of 14t.AjdfltC4r
4a&, &' lion oiiitorsunder Hipeiintendencnef liimwlf conduct the on.iler thia 15th day of February, )1840. at the CityafTaU.bu.es. Mi.yor.all'vff.n&s agidnit hi" Cu7, u.t ala. india. |oddvr Esq.; and in,St. Angu iine to GewrarT.'S.Siiiith Bejt orditnedby tbetfavot streets and AldenieasCJ *
I igued, who pledges so to e* .
'tlty Dr-.NViu. ( .Srmuions.Dr. ( B/rne
duties wbieh belong in d andis hirgred.by : ; *
the .
charge all City of $t. Auu t fioo anet tbe
: 4 tatili hment. as'to secure to tta character equal la any REID. iine/That or paSItUt
AntoniAiAlvareXi Ea 4-
.. howl in th* Southern Country.' < the Citf..Constalile; and wlJo .hull jive. his at | /T J of thu act. iio>pef> in shair canter, zalop. r J. of FJoridav nud kn.iwn at
UcCfirs. Secretary Tt-rm moderate, oa application
'ha .
., *W.iV-OATEL tondauce upon the Maynrat.url.iiiueau, may to o-faster than slew trot any honei ware, cf I LI.

v- N, B-.G6od 'Stablmg n r' Uinae.i'naitietitW.; : SEALED dftetn expedjent, and shall notify.rnfetinfi of'Coun* the Th Acsileniy.. i. fiom ofifr.. / Welsh- of-the geldinz through -ste.is'o( this city; laid any per# -
ill.iwing < the
'Oueandtwoborestazriar.and Saddle ciUajtd, be iinatteud.ii.ee, at such n>eeiing ID di pn rou wUtii.g thi* BetyhaH hpon conviction thefe| i'r Vuu0ty
: j1kile. | NDOKdED Proposals t charge 'such other dude as.uia) t.e reqisireduf him fore Uw f be flail titl ire derprescj
of the
E justice *
.dl raeiorhIva. mayor pence
rev road (ruin Jackion villa tu (hre'*.Fctr.uudeuizevd uu *tiM* lc. 7 ait' i.s.. j im+i rvL.tl. cl. .r j.u >iiMnHr>Htand uul l in junice W i'samis'' ii.. nm'of UHtetty,' vim4tGr
&F ; z er lVlitnct >u T'ity JPfercaniys'JournaL/Boarnn; lara alsahlftieiwpnsud njwn the said City. Msr h il and bhtand. competent Princip4L,tbs di wprtdj ol>IIUM iN comiviclioft nfL ib. |
oiust the time ofbsiaG'nS.
Proposal* state required lo censtnicte this act i is to be bad die evid.nee[ hitch
Conri .Charleston, Geouian, Hd Republican. Sa. Ork of Ui4Jla encomium MhicU it npo
ket.fr of
1 r. ... riNui- and > every neglect ,dutr r qiu hiu ;ao generaijy rece\v B'
-* T f **1 .M ; IMH uucbper-.antte'.it.iiapro.pe' in lone. uiileM.he. ffeyioiuly relinquishes in lheeitf)
-w *. ... Ted .'Miim by the eiiiting ordinance*, whivh may be his phn if inatnictiouiS e mnovlruc& U fHTiiiaer mgUJi>ckMiritJeV This claim to hut share of bw line |f the eVkr
''week foir ei.vnhsndrword accvaiiu bieef.er' ..
: $ two ntcir. p.sa.J- z1;, i: L34Ln4 alone have'rfttuaed to.an
"' (dad Un be'a petted thirty (30) frtidvedsndio be zI.rebeshaU rteetire not lhanf IWI&
v more
f-, !!Vm.nt. tan** o(.at lea*! kiiteM) feet f;ea. *red on each\side : i'farMer. .rJaias4.Thj the City Blarshal 1 a''strict dieuuinarijin alone could prsctj i-. nor bu Jhin tia IHh.fl- ',ri
*nd Clerk of.the ftUrUt Strtrtnes withonC iHtvfritaud of it. I
betreqteu4 the toeIrT
T. aide from;the Centre,aUot utpa aol roots ta be grabbed > upon ?aid zWNov 7. .- -4 \
duties :> elanyie coinpliaijc.are'
cf.bUiiffice.'iiihalluivij heJuviI'is rtiutirIynbmvablo
Umdiajatjle to 'rte p ,
mittnirM incUej V>U w the .aurfaeav Wherever' m- ; a: 1
4 DR41JR34ND; T4SLQR3. t > City jnfiSt .Aog'tsiiwi" in.tb* |jetisl l anrn.of f.uir the4, and the. happy and HCcisifiil iliiy; by JstnLt ,
n Subcribera bnve received frmn the water aettles the rind is be raised.at:ka t.t wo P.'DiDUMAC1erk n
IlI jiMrt .Charles ,
huts d.rd-mtohara.tnr the-faithful performance "of his with wlikb/ue.niiiies the :suaviter iii inoJn' with;tbiftrtiter : h4
'i >ral aomnuient I rat.b.*. she terel of tUe water and waft be eight. The city anthoritieswin nfobe-nrdiIess44.
L simper Uchooher'Ef re; gen .
dntis aceordipf f n |.im-. bo ,-thus giving; shin pupil a pteasure fnc'kiravvjiiilgind -'itment
CLOTHS .f eery4. cripiJu. eouiitning in p'rt ien (I*) feet wide.* tThe'dilciHM en rittt.r slde.omsr -4."A4UitfurdtcTOrJaiatdVkl all onltnanres 1 1'par thq impurt iicii mit indiuir'fius applicH"itutiitruly I.. L. DANtWUiyorr '* !
-x' ba taut four wide wrHhoieuffitivnt r A1a
4jfctl at ,
4 nfhsr.ll..wiii : stJtirr"B 'L. ; inj :,:f.orditiiinrea contiary to|the.true intent and I aduu'rajila. Mr ltoUn>( hiriie'areo(. .ri Ilones, w
I irekrlraV In'ibl4mn,*Bottle Gceon.Cbret berne to tnsare n good fourvlatioM-cro.a drain to feeioade : Iib fciu withhi'uiora : 8ilyer
itwaniny of Ibis ordinance, be and the same are here I order coojunctiou )reputitmi; Ix WerkiaDerdat.iwi1lapplitothe.Ja4rI -
andIlarrintton CLOTHS, at intervals carry off the water. tCaunewavs repealed.. Paawd Ifiih'' M areh. 1 4(1. ,rude hSni;pecnlurU! capal PILOfCInt, BEAVER Cbth. are .to U con trncied wher.,ver requited,-| ba,two
< be value! and
FJ L. DANCV. .Mayer.T .*/ lo atonca a anprmiaiienttmIocjeI ; of Admmuu4rnqu0 Ibest3tsOU large
CASIlE1D8qttlieIat.sz f-ahion, fe8TTINETSefeverrdeseripL feet above tbe.point to which the,water rises and Mbe We wUhihim ths "Ith
I 'st. P.;rB. Denis. Clerk wfiih CounciL4 */ 6eceM-which so exce.ilenva K.fraaed Color
at least fifleun, IS) wide at Tb.streams.t. '"
n, ( top* Aaiinnif Ciittte .
dearies.- .T < ,
preceptor 2U.lS3'
4 j 114-. YE4TING8 of the Uie.t f.shlei leare 'lo'aMure tfie pnblux ov a- s- .JibiV .. tled

Stark*, Pocket K3kf ,wide; :'dmnlo1U>f tie road will hit pointed out weeks; afierjdate.I will apply to 'the JiMg* of that itis, hifi edi detcrinination lorbeeooie iTpe'' KM A '%- ,

'- 'Se1MbdrGlbVU| : of.everv description.4 : ,' by the undersigned, or son* anthorixeJ officer, who tb4.COnety ConrtofSuJohui'CofjntVy orkttertoC nantresideutot. AugutineJo *.t 3 _* 'I"Ii-siibKribe: ,' jut-reciivd (siwt WI1
Bnttona for Citixea witl-tecen.-tberviad-wb.w orponion a/fmTniitragon.'nn"tbe' E ate.( bt 'JWAN "PU& '
: 1' A n"supplrof and.Mniury nieeiinr wiiii utfldeit timttitijZC, a he hirhfyip .L wayskehend) S.
4 -- Coatt, '_ 0 > { t' !ofjita.*he oesaiot1con* der.axccording toCOltfCk. CHEMW.late of- Eas| FIrJaclaeeajd.; iate iheaslubi hyof tbecliniase;' (41J0RS .Nfl-Wtt.ie'.F be,"! pd
"1o1apaasr'CAr8r ---- ; ; ;; -.X 1)Ac3.1)., AJTYi.y'MEPICIs .Ianusry2. S -OLD.. COG"(4 CA ND Y. $ and
p A full'ejapply w 'the litest and toostashUnahlef 'Fhernad tobjitror in tnree parts,accordingaa
;it ATS; r5>- fi. ?rvT1ieobaMtbera'retaniv the,same shall ho inspected and rpeeh ed,j i w nty per, : : ? xerte -.- idA

4.4 thelr thanka to'the poMic cent will bertain4 from e h 'pavment..Tor' *the' IS hereby, fiven'U >UepeiBflnahavlnf; ; < rmd rmi He nnderaigne.1 still,selling-LOTS on very- OLTY44DEI3,4)VJ.iI.
7 fr'tha pat1o sh.y bud beretnf. neoeiv.dnd faithful 1uLlrneit orthe' coiitra etr :- &e:,-againstthe, Estate, of the'l te 'E'LISHd, JL", av rahlH tMn JhWYjinise pf8t.Sefc tianApxUW which ; : 4NovJ3& -: ;tL ip

I, f, T For 111**?!Ioorrnato9( : Prlj> Lent Simpson at 5P/UCfC; .rieceaf.. thaItheydo .xbThithemdaly: There is %o LlUWfl47gvz poathe: rpityherQfeTAQr I4 4 ci. fl What

'8Aspu.Noi2H1.Y JackoM niev Lient. GtinnWo.at B I, Mary',. orthe, aatbenticated.to t hExcusonIdaaid; statelwithin ar respectfully '
% aay %VEEKSaR.V I I.e
4. wi4 hereby
r- Ddejsi2tdU Savannah.. . Wj l' f 1 ?> *' .K'fijfally swscTiiicaZZy A4 TITLE o ihgj S-th.
f-- -- ; lily
iuT4 pftI at itC
np WO LOTS,sitoated o*lU. Wet 4 8nh.-Crek.kr $:4h: App)' t" c C4pt.CorN Topt.Ecg'n. qoested.to;'m aTft immadjata Tiwm t"f, 1 r.t. County. : jz
Fab-l$; GEL IIIiJr3 : 15. I' -/OU a O ?Vj 'nwn .n,. 163V 4 .-

-Il :: ,t 1. :- cII't" -4 I, -- hiLkeju p

1' 4. _,
_'-_ --. -
4-: '
; -.1. .
I t.-\ -
4 -- --
:: ; ; -
-p--- ; { tt -
,Y$ ; '1 I k- ..14j ': -f. *;.;,' : t-T--: .. I % : .- 1-
-- --- 8 ;A'----I I -
", v

Ir1 S ; .!

-4 -


t-_ -, : t. I
:l -

i p

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00079918/00056
 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: June 5, 1840
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057498
oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00056
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'vg '. -- ." .- -, _. -. -
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'4: ". t ? .

'i 1 I .
\ I', >' .
r J ; .
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,,Ff.; .
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,I .t. ''\ '. .. .

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"" .: t. & ...I-f I".n" pjt.." :: : '. 1r"I" ; : .n'i iff.D 'r', ../ ", ..1 t'.r. .1-Y -%.." ..

:: '.; ..'' 't'-r'j.nfr! : ": R'ypo'E' : r '. ,. : .... .. .. ,"i. .J;< W._*4. .

.. ...; ..../
t 'iZf i. Itt .u, fI. .n" ? .. : L. :t 1'--: (
.t 1. : .. .. __ : ; ', ';, .fJ 't.: '
,! .. ,' (' ,. "Ii :
.... 4 .. .
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'JI .
\ ..ii1 I." 3 .. ', .. ', .
,I ... p \ r I'f ':. ,. ;, I.,, .
.I c J>". lJI". V. .. ; J i; AND 1 I ,-f'ft.01'. :,,. : "

., ".''.' '4 ._.. I...*, 41M' .." .."';. ... "if ,'". V' I ,7 .._- .. '. I ,. /,, 0.. .... :" -t':. .,..'. I '. ..'
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'.f.; 'Jj'j 1'" ,: 't'tJIiJ.u kt"f" : .. ... ;'h:1'. :; 4.I, .j dI1". '. I,, ': '..it., 'If ..Si1VW1.n-! '. t", 111.ft.m'A.m Q .' '-_, ..J i., .'. "., .' ",.,. .. '., .. '.... ., ,t.' I. ., .- 'i.r. ..r.-r. ; : :',;, .;-!- "q,' .

!I .. .. I. Ii' .ii'I"I ",. S4ri.i-. ':,.'. .f.. Q'. .'i.J: L. ,: ',. 'or .. . .1. .,. u. ., <"H..a .,*"; ,,p >, t. ... '' I. ".' ,\ :, _'." .. .'trV : W '

. . .. . ,
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"' .tlt&-HI'f.oiAn"" ..: ; ,' .. "_ . .. .
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.J1r. ,I. ,.j.4. # II. t .
,, I : ; .11..ttt..j.: .i.-'h : i..r.1.JIl. ; l: 'I
.44' ....; to. z.f. '1 t4:t.:.' ",; l;.A.iI. .;; ,' l' ,:)..-,' H ..i 0 I., $ ''1's. -" .,.. r ,f u-'" .," '_. ..,A .-." .. ."' '.i ..: : ., "PrincipYra. ... de.. People.. : I I ,v.' ,' .". .. I..: H .' ,. _(I .. 'l'!., ..." ., ''/;.,>

I' _. .... ----I. : r .. .' -.S ; !; ..i .
v' ., .. ,_ .-. .. .. .. .
I ." '
J. .
J ;,. ; .. .j H' J' < ,-- .1 : "" "J.
/f..4t &tT. 2' '. .. .Julio 1&40.. j .NEW. sEsY9J. i., .fIl .
> : : : 't.\&B.tf1U.e,. Friday, $ "
\ r I : .. 'i .J
.. .; I"t.,., . "I. I t. < .
"'t"I '' '. .1. .. .. ,. .
'" .
"'J' .
d.. 'f h i _,_! ____ ,, ____ ._ .. ... . .'. .
_.. .. .. .... .. .. -. '.n. ,. n. ."
; ;:; : 5- '. 7. J- : ; : i :' t : ., i- '." *" ;* * ""- ; :' \! ," ." .. "'. '-
; .i : :HiI' : : : *
,-, .' ..( -, .. NrPSFu'CI1.: Cug:. Jkl : : t. records oftheitproceedlngs,a J cou&y: -fzI-Maix.',

& Ui21J mmA 1 ::fa ,.to it jaUWli'r.1J'l4Noe4t. :Whi clipprs4 rule and tegtilatidnsand bf7a>tab83fee.an3siaHMtf: 5 -

I ,- "--'' __--- I .)I jIJisr1 LA1.;I4uS; ii tA..Ai.. .; .,promulgate iiheir'orditence**. .a&eseedba:hua.bjf-- the :

t$ .:. f'' r d4issia1.jofj&4 J" ,I&tJ 'l; "J jdelay.bylposting! the-same at tho ,shall be.entitled to,'&(of,In.' /f'.'.
gQiiftiU LIKEd,"dVc"ea Y<|. ._ ? market ,oran for the -said [ .
place, ttwcapital ; ; corpora
p 1 -\VA* >Wd : .
I reftUy Vurp >:>* this'pobilc.itiohJrotii tho council room ;or: kiuny.newspap' 't -
.!!" HlP'V 1KJ.JS"4'j.. a g niemau