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., -:\. .".' *.' Tiarncs. iTTi' ''- n3nothtaffburrotteripuff.balls"iLhdholl. *... -.. The officers of this"bank' 'omised last sum. PRAGUE,deeeasiJ,'that they do exhibit them,duly i -Loaf pa&'Lump, crushed Porto Rico. "seventy rev fate 'ndede 'the frorth br *
%-lov "in 1d l'eL, > s -> fneCkat\theylrwould} draN'ta January,:1840 actbenticsted. the Exectttore of aic1"Edate."ithUith. St. Crei;..White and Brown Havana New Orioana. lAd lot beloasin to 3k..Aat-n.t r,eonWd
-& i i n'i i' 3J where the cotton{carno in,and gave'certificates time prescribed by'"".- orr they will be"finally. .lOLAS8.E. .New,0rIe.1D, fpnidadBt.Croit, ng in depth,one hundred end ninety tgbt end a half
: Jt i.'i
: &
? ; of"deposite.bearing interest,and parable in ape I barred. All those in ebted'to the said Estate are reqorateJ Sugar House and Syrnp. y'- eet| on the West br a street known by abe name oi.
J : IrfT the,8enaU",,App'l'!' Gthi' the bill to/author. to make immediala'palmeat. rto'' \ Pea's Street on''ead
cie. Now when Jho.certificates became 'due COrrE&MUId-'GonrameDt .Java; Rte fit. Dmingo. moaronrtj street seventy seven
; .
*''< '4ztJi thti .resh1c P i'SW I ni.t1 S e to jibe oDChW tha:parties demaDdiDr.lpecle or'a'draft oil the April 14. 1838. I CHARLES BYRNE;Ad 'mt. .and Lagoira,green!' "* let ,;:'sod on the South by e-haosocod! lot belongfnf

: fiT hundred rrtcn io'e against the north are told 'to take it out'l hi'demanding;i"this'te .dfl""tr..t '.. ;Sale. 'TOBCCO--Caveudub; Plug, and fine cut chewing Jto Stephen Arnau, .Taaeu .the property of Morris
the the be sold tithe place of the..q.becriberonl of MrrHiner, ; Chapman &''Sargeant'a and.A.,,,8, Tucker. to satisfy JudzmcBt tad coats of suit in
., Florida Indians afler some remarks from Me*. laagaaree'.otCotpamble; lpresi WILL .
l Manufacture : 'favorlof Bailey. & Rey noldf.
Snuff 'of the
t -a s. r l firsf,Tuesdays in May and Ions next,all Campbefl'e ; and.Cigars:
t f/JtENTONtPIERCE, LINN >id PRES- '*' "" *" i F. JOS-rfl. 8ANCHEZ.' MansbaL8t.AagustiaeJan
_. a I think pyilic this the peiUbable ,nspertrb.tonped'lethe -Fatate of .OIi'1 lY. '
"Hi the j biye right to know Clive Oil .i.0i'I .41, 1840.' ,
N'wde 'be II t f"\ai'ithlrd ISAAC WELLS, ccbicb w, a LARGE ,Capere Rice.indigo
J : .. 7ca'dtn '. ',' .' .. focti:Them are merchants from here now, who 'STOCK\OF CATTLE among y loth beef and' ..Stock'CatA Blueing Gronn l'ipepperi' AtaipceCtores'aaaCinnarfoo7tn I The above sale ia postponed. till the tSlh of flank.

s son ,sayihey; ,do,not intend to tails the money pf that &Ie. _; J 4 and a Ib papern :' ?. T' The eels of tho above property' is 'postponed' by
l.'l, : 'i'I bank in future'a'n'd wish the general government 'credit_ iJUj!{ : given"ft 'niiiil die first day;of January, 't.fovei'Nntmegs, (GJuger.Pinieoto, Sa aerttnsi. order of.phintUPa au.,. until ant Monday in May

a .,.. I *.Wer i Wr therollbwing. ab'rogtintlettertttwrt would.takei/the.tonkin hana and compel it to 184 U Notes,with approfed.. .r'tl.will, be requK CaTeooe Pepper,'Pepper Sauce'Alum.; Copperas;,seat. .108.1't SANCHEZ...Marshal :.
Ida., ....'- rd 'n1'0r.th Lie ;/::I'rust pay specie,oriwind'up ; Cotton Is kept'up trio lcLdtUrID.In"r..rtODldalcl. -, +j. ''lIhotFliat.; frrcusfina CapsPoweor;Bbc; 8t.Aa .liaeted&Mueft.I9MJ- '. : '
,.. hI tw..t.1. a "r1 ., 3Ii. cent In Tallafcaasee while the'same!quality,or The Caule.will,be surd to suit pnrcbasere 1. Dt.waLi "J'i ;Mat.,,'Rai .'F'uh'S'. b .Fliei, and Hooka; .
.ta.' Cr'.DtZ" jf'JIf..a dMo : fei .C;tboe a d-Her e Broabta:Candlv Wiek ;' etr- .
.. better! | ys rt aWtJ-"i to the u bee ach':'property veld do well attend' ; i'.L .
t'1' ?" persona efaim..O other demand
oiiM ttt4tti'b1tt WOHN Costs !M L'U'IakDtaek8 nd \Vafen.
t' same .Ci PELOTE.iAdutiatstratofC.lombU ; Wrappfni
itdI +
prleem ra ( this'Sbwalnirpiaiiv-
; 4. tt!
gainst estate MIGUEL Jf A KTlftZZ,late
c. ; Twter.; Wnfte'Sir;variegatad in BaJJ.Jabd '
'lit. ttrMl1ercd"i.j to tht otthat 1 County.April 0.1B :w }4 3.Ow- Sharing
ly "depreciated paper yillainoos if.Zft.4ohMCoaatyf_. ''
Bee' HH&'8.'.Pat .t Candles, Lamp On7 ; "' wM. preeeetmwithietb.
1'1 1. 'wt 4h .,Pf Co, Yiitoando1RDawaili'g be bank,.,an,institution'that'"blights* -! j- ;*.every. thing ,' PUBLIC 1W&E:OF:JLOT8T \LlQUORS-Ourd;Sirheui sad Freacb'Biaboyr' .. preecnbedbyhiw, .,they. :

'l; 1'CO&Id, except .kill Indians." Iris' .wjthm*.* _.. 'its. **.p ere.> s ** *''. THE CITY'OF,,TALLAHASSEE Holland *end"American'.uinf*.CroU.sad, -t Cherry. be- barreoV-eiod l looee indebted,will mate pavnent to
h '. iffi l ;.j ., A Putt. Mitcuai.' I : MONDAYS tbs 4Ua day of,Way oezt,'will be Ram 7".J .
'I t ,ON red for side,, iq front of the Executive Office, wi NU''P/Sherry Madeira,:'Bfnatat,'Malaga, "
\ IHgftrataPv
Y Jk ewfjonl"; :ltd /t at heart t0 act fit UC wmD.oJIia by the Commia. ener:of:the 'Citr ofTallthueeeianomber ; 8.mol Bottled Wines of different kindc Champagne 1MJe.

,01 1u\narw.(UK arcrritary.b7 itlelt.! shall 'of valuable BUILDING LOTS ,varying in pf various brands' London--- -Brown.Stoat' and-"Ameri.. ,OTIC&the Hon.fa the.lthbTliftDi 'n b y Pre mis iota of
a tee sooeptwiand TQI.AE&.a.nrusor try: : aize from one] '.to;jteq acrea aal.afibrding I desirable .can. Porter.. ,_ -' T Judge ottlt' County' Coartiof gu

*, .. We 0hall..move in a solid, body ki.the'measure.' : : : .. sites baiUing... ,;8.m.of these late are advantage: tr .II-I'e: t Ioba.Monday, eo.al1wUl'tbo '98tk 'day' be'sold of, Mareabest at 'Pe / .Anet,' at one'!"ont .
only situated in the ;of Tallahassee.sod
A IttUdctvopefWion'onthc! part of Middle'FloriawHle4fect Jfi'ORro.lrBr. ; others" g> .and B m..lo..hot.lllId 'Court, Hooso to die Ckl'of II A.. between
this session. )Jie immediately contigooas to H"oa;, .the \VeaU, JtWJxjxet" : Sultana and Keg. / ., "
: City, ; the hour of 12 salt 1 o'eJodr of that da/, sit the right,
; 'has always opposed it, TOO kna"D.JDowolng\' 1\ f1 lJ 77JrE. of:Uape sale and ofthe iq lots the offered time, will be provided OQ the day Figs Citron EngTuh Currant. Cranberries, title sad interest of-Louts lfortofo sad u a;tract
; mean ,more particular
sUlLoppoae s6l Zg: but. Livsrxas.wwzn .11.u.'ODe of land Jyfog akooitwo.'mBee north of the said
1 pro r tnttioo can be bad attbe Commiwiooer'e.. NnUriIberta.Soft,; and Paper Shelled Al-I city. .
HM TEXT arp A if you will' join mo ttxvilliArMgUMte ; (oQrtliortbe together with tho bmUIIafs ali:joiprQfCDMatt thereon '
ia ah
parcbaae money e ; ,moods,OnD&.od Le lODl.fl' ., ,. "" *'
'.. 28-Steajner>V ro.GastonPoinactt.Patta South.eaxixn rf beia r '
tU :
snessinf'aad hat this
and the
+ : ftcl bal4ace'Ncureel by a note payable oo the fiat :
If.I. ... : .> ;Preev1aioN4t.iSHNos. SaJ'D."Je to.a forth
auta'ot 1
." J He bat ipreat'ereat1cbnfjdenceMyour. 'r. c ay Uarcb'. ,.It4l with a.9pr,eel aecurity ..,
1,2 and 3 Mackerel iD "bnl.rairel I sad
.ITfe' ;30-ScbJStephen&FrancesMageeCharlrcton. '- THOMAS DALTZ ELL interest.sod .0J'; widow's d.wer, 1? *

1 ." .JUtItynJrJlha nxmtttyet BOTH'THE.VZRY"TIIINO.i4>iv Btiwam I ,iSO-Scb-Medium Magee Savannah. i ,Get.;; C !.! T.LlcM, ..I.Pork? half, H.barrels.Smoked;Herring Beef inKege.,.Bhooldert Herring< b- boxes; ,"A. credit_ef Utyaoiitbs will bojiye*..

.S TW. wi-awtwrecT ANV THING .1'01"1'.1 I II t t .WAirrao' wmvSch. I. JDarchll_ _. April t--------- 44 __ .Sounds and Toqgoae,'Butter Larder y"{/'' r Feb.'l4rI84t( *, F..leHNOIf.Adm't.rr 4we ,

I : *IMT. '$pw, .k me! H;Ii uw'Itllutr- .. "Cordelia. Hurd.. PROCL.I. IT1Jr; ': if Soda.'Batter. Sneer.Milk sad Utica Crackeret .

i' 'Wrke jour' frtewli. 'fo"Uiddfe' Florfdi,and get By Robert,Raymond Reid;Governor, of:F1or iQ. Jlne. and coarse Salt; Floor Ac. Ac; : 1 te..811I .litjjjiter..
nhem to write hi i'and in'lest!tfean nine ,we cwawUlkaieitdoBC. ., ,. .for 'S.l. I EIlEAd, it is;made known to me,that BJI,. -1' .Hardware : ,, "OE&till4l: .'State 3m JfiBCmveafl bane erect.1. -
:. There trocu in ,W ;'Bhofe! ;;Aic. Broad Locke ed a large STEAM JTHX,.wi&'gw rnJiirgio -
ie no Ume.to 'lose of land in Florida,and on I .alias JACK a negro .slave the property of one SPADES axes, and
c= -We have shown the paucity of our _ber's,and ,CERTAIN< ; tad lots' of round io the city of 81.Ao I Daniel tlonck;of Leon County, who wu confined in ;Fanretfe Hiagee,Rnfce; Latches; 'lie,ejualitiee eawa, in are ready to fuinph'Lsunbef of super-

.oGYI8Ot be\ a. Suite, in three or*four,eats. A attiM.ttM, property oft ..heirs of, UM Uto Mtrait the J iail of laid county,'under'a charge of Uape,' baa' Spoons;FUb Hooks, ,'Bar,,Lea j. Garden Hoes.. Caa County '.( Ca Clea.anv quantityTheir Geor athe Mill stsadsintho
large majority u bow ready for Florida d. FOB jerw-M follow j 0 ': made his i escape from said jail,and it acts' :at'laros e. lore; Gimblet. ,Shoe Kntvei' Carry.Combe, Jkc.. &e. where ..15.' Setilla' Rivcrrr
it. Bl ek Cr... know Also;en aseortment. '* vecseU'dnwrag fWtof.water,e a .p
/ 1. Sis on Now yetbut1Robert,Raymond Reid Go '
Send'to '
coasonts.I. '- 1 .- .. this. ConveaUon.-',PUT'- lcm, ,2..Six thoaund ecret on Indiaa'Rln,. i vernor offlonda, bf virtue of the authority.ieated in Of) ,Tin 'Ware.eOVERED 'f ro.cb. wiibobt' '. :d&caltr: :--' .or* danger., '
j' .' ; &'Ai!Orange Grore.v. called Marine w ; : me by yaw do hereby offer a reward of} : ,Kettles, daatta.4 Pint Cape.Coffee' SatiJla..Ceatdeo: .c..G.: ; NORCRoss.AgBoi. : .
.,-, ;' :1' t "Youra.truly i -I '4.'' --Ditt:; do. Ueletpine, 12' : jTJFO ,HUNDREDDOLLARSfortbaprnbe ,. ; *h Basine.;oX Palla.Oval. PaneKoniid ,Frhu J, 1840..:-. a,9t

.. ,. .,. I',: ."' .. CLARK.. : .4. A lot it, Cbarf Street; } I >, '' naioa of the said fugitive,end h'l life Pan.;Jan>inn dig s.r Boxes.Molasses Ca'Candle t M1l Y '. -

r -*W? P.&,- ( TO"iU ooly lend a !little aid.veiJteiJf I. ;6.r2 lots, 116.,1 Miranda, .1 o.. delivery to[the euitwdr any jailor or other office f.of 8tkkaregd'Ras; sirs;;Cretan,Small'Tea Tr ys,, IX we>ke fronr fbie'date'."wit! s'ppfy'to tie Hon.

'"'k revRjX.m< ,,""" 1IItGI1" XtftWwtico i lit 7.''.r.'APlantalioBatTomoka:' \ the Territory,.of Florida,.anthorized. to take charge of Fops Tabs' .;i>:king Pane."large and'email' Brass KrtUea. -!K |be J"He';>f:jhft.C aaIJ. Court oT ST. John
'.,4EM FfsnoVUo a/au.After all your advice:will 8. Twd bifdred'ind fort,-Nvea'scres and a bait.on hiin. ; Ate. A 'Mlao. a..nel'pr.. .t. ._ _aCT 1'cW1.iue" t Adl1l&atratlcra'oa-&he. Estate or

,"remdfe 4 & onee whh.htm'thab body' the Alt..malaa.Coast of Richmond, In Georgia.A ,I ., The said. BILL eZtu JACKia; .iatJq.n'.S'r.e&; : Skt1r Gnash, Perfumery,..#c. ELISHA. SPRAGflEdtCHJid' :" : ::
f, It.,else Sr. any. fair and.!le/tal/ title; ky a regular deed of.convey.abee. high;baa big.eyes;'thin visage,a scar jcceircd froma .g ILYEA Paella Cat Glaw and Gilt-BeadaPorifdio.dk 're99164orx7: .- CIIA'aJU, .flTR1'E.( .
? ,for of'the above Uacu or lots offend, by tie cat bis bas,wrieti marked hindcuffs "
,, -"t ..' AOV on chest deeply by -t .nd,Betd PnrK, =fl.HrTwat ano, .
.. 1 inbteriberj who"bas beta'.dnlr'eutbortzed, by.en ex. .'one' pierced for a* ring"a.'.'large pear. on his Side Combs.Milk of-. :Spint to.,:Sweet Bage.AN. OkDIN.NCB'rfgoUlrtg i1-eppotahrfett ..iI
: A. nf; *; -At.'te.tlYarb Y ire fire. pn.iower*of.tiworoe ;?'frosa the beits of the Mar- left .juit below the knee;bit color rather Hcht,and Freoca Colognf' and Lavender.,Watar.:JobosouV I 1 City Marafaat Clerk of iae>Varket.''aael_ for Other

:. ;...Od Dot (CJt1.an engineer,Pierce.Yellcr nude Foofret.w"eetfall. the abu. parcel ef land.O .' hair:verv vboii; 'his 'leftbg'itpmewhatsti :which'canwsaump'io .Bear Oil. Rowland ul.do ,PaeU.rsfU.CoH.Cream. arpeu. i -, eC
.. I"v._ .&: JVnVIf.tI" toast : .. o i eppUcaiiotf to bin,'the fair.ad 1.al! titles to;ibe hlagart.;; '. *- J ", -. ;!\VjIadeqr;Faaey Soepe I Tooth Powder;;Mil- &I.rdsiadhthe Vnar-k W leVniin tV'tf*'c'

't1..itr t ir Bwhick Wr.will'not extiaguish.i r : forlaikit4.f ttsp : ( ;this'twelfth day 'of MarSi. JniislihJeInk.r .rkapdGlaalokuaoda,lery.iYlnltoi 'uiae)yew from thie date.. fit and proper pet eonitd bej f
-,.t--'f'I', : 'r rge sd..trge>.l..NI., [Siit.J' :eigbjeeii) bnndred. and forty,ei the city i 'tntaosraalt< .ICtO.DeI Sheting tkno"D" the City Menbl and.Cknk of the MaAet ,
r. ',.J'ft&?) frtwtatto .April 2A,1840. 474w. : -i I'Tala .. TCL 801'.'II. n .teeRiser SUaJ..PinIXaiy. .coaapel D glean be o.doHu Jfer tbl'aacl ;
: .H 'f.1CID'James J 'Iwbo.sdu
M therirotgaTOalli _net or Yberty lied eacoer. .tho : :YELLOW;TErER-iU Bf* the' o"K"ROBERT RAYMDNDBE1.D.', .> vie P.ow4er"'Btaalu.Ivoqtrrtts.a i. e; l: LrlltNH.bs", C.8htI_....,.. ) 1II1..aDd itsallleaealer'direetaon U"a..aaui!. ina t.-d Id;x10 ortQxstittae .

tig.asesat to 8M i eJwreke ef buffbo&erynnd; took O abject ** J.: 'wCait.8scritarI'of Florida ** v Ped.a Iattoait'ot.he$:.Ordioanc4ti tq colje'ctViony
\ terns {fTOirs.. T1'.;iU B. B. Guitay andJVtulia,'Sitiogs,Copver
,' HCS 4eligkt is k.' Hape iag opce to lkiot.1.t( .\,...'.fine'.Charter Hut.U"p1 .. 'Marrh24.. .If'- AprH-8.n111E : K j/d'-- st ogardeWt'TIngandj.ttitpaper. LetferMape.8taxnc ...,ainat; sad proeeente :onder.thax,'dkecttob,,'t sad
:, )ltttitt.4s1'ardnO 01 JHe.coer ir F 6 Tj7QuiNCxv. >,Piocuvhiom; Suaftaaee tuatsd .JrVoey II gort.ll'ein.tt4teC' ;ead.alea to:... .
._ ,. 'lioe ,*%/aay.-_yl" returns the" "he that M'f HJN..hoCT.;! .' fV L, _? s. JL. eabpcriber havia/-Goytrnor been,appoiated' / bv his Boxoe Fia'.ad.Pencil.;GrsMVGermaa' .Saokiac rfcargeall tbedotieeWhknbelongto.acd; %::at''
A : ExceHency fend
Coaoca of Flori
'. : iln&'ilpOilea.beatootl Pipes. .Shell Pinauhiorit.. Ple,Iii,Card*.;Braes an fed by the City ConrtaWeaBdwfeoiJiag-
"Orl'IC ut CO ZV1..CLERr. I' da, Audptie'er' for the county of,St.Jobti*,begs leave 8teIJewthari >s8oiortd.rsbids. A6o.-- I itendsau .upon 'the:.Mafftr at daJi.; .cis ho.'nay
t "x f.Ja t . I.-. .It JOHNS COUNTY.. ( to biform the ti..DI..nUy lb.iatlowrJadr.; sas .1t6t 3iW ." *" (deea jxpedien;and;shall.notify,ineeUMs'olr,Conn.eU. .
II .\.' II "V J !. HJTOTICE-U hereby given,'that the subscriber bss to'receive) any articlea merehandiaev for public or aetMNg. w ., and.a.:ia *atteBd4uee at.racaCrBieeuoft.fordiecharge -
..,. r .._j. ofthemoetmrik' 111 boett'.dalr' elected,end q..IiS.CI.rk tbo private sale.co-commission. lle'als* will attend to. \YER.Co.li.. DteasCoitc..r...! aDt.atoo.,, eoch:'other dunsa ai'ajr,be required cf bun
:p .' :' .od?that'' bo has .bis'office fat bas dw. toCtloft1 I in that line ef art A BOOTS.SHOES, HATS, CaoC'Y '
'' opened tag. long experience business :for nawardsof T 2d.. B. k/srrJti.ild tJTb l'a !ae' (-vi }el>
t political great.'To'oolntnaz.
; + dieg Street'at which 'plea be will be I.{all timer thirty years) be b pt. will'ensure,him ar hare ofpublic All of whKkKwill! dupowd; of at;Wholfsale drier*sbUbtf ctcl'8pcua'he aid Msrsba! std
; sMT asVU)Iti r .tJftS:carnvmtf element of Retail. V. rolicit i ,.the
,t In atto'edsnco,to transact th* basinose of his office: I patronage. :Hie stores are esllJllml for stomp *> au.ntioa.f purchasers" '- Ctertr'f ifae Market.1* V dUff .
i added' bffielf .. to ,. every ntogTect teqoi.red
disregard roar
HJ groatpast.rAej a .8.w of purchasing 1'Len. ., '
S PCTEaB I Haaaedoastors'i.aitnatedep'iM' the ; a r''"' 'jsaMieesisaesst'ef. jaaotiTn ahmfcicm ,; 'i1' I.IA > ; ..--*; Feb.6.1840.%.; B. E. '&'k CO. br existing. ..or f'; WhVh toay b*
{ jt n a'steady to IO-W. _, I Pabbe ltqaaro.o. I. L. LYON. ( ? CARR r _f!ra'e.d. '
'. eWy _lie ftei priraW duty,t whit r tIiftnr far His auctiondav'wiH beTaeedays -. \ ] 1
sad FSCAugnttine .
lwet!I ,. JI'tice. 3drB I ee. ., .
III.:. 1:' g.dee. wh lecrowdof; "r great. r- '1t1 c I March II, J8&O.11\ ", ; ? ? rued Clerk of.the Market before enienoy 'otien the.
...say other d.i.anda ..rh weeks after,iJatsj I win apply Co',tbe Jndge ol
I -:, Tine ".,, =iAw=/ me.h as durable tA'wJttAoeveWVgatBet. the 'oatttolotlfHIUFWKEDUAS ..'.kxar.Hire.LL' 7. SIX >Coonty Court oCSCJohneCotmtyifor Let-,,lUeetf hie ..ehall give. bond:'pavabletff "tb"pCiry'of8

tr askiig eiyie i- truth acd .JrtU & ., lateof 8t.Jobos CeuMj,'deed., "': reoea kavinr dainuajaiturtUTState( 'of, tar f'> d IeTiatjpn on the.tate of to THON. ;. AujTUtine in'the"penal Pam mf lair
i .fUI" rI Cr < 'i1! twdr are.liereby notified to fie theirrespective:demanda, 4 Jot EJT.; IN IUJUN.Iac.or uidcoaD',.4ece.Md.. .4rfcldoBan.fot1dM""Gi* hfurpWorniatco/of his
: .Wb.; ,.,1'1I. .t1it'. HOOKL'Reed.are'llenb71otc Feb. & ., duties. aceordina;: lolaw; "J. :
doty enthenticatod.within the ti roe prescribed v law rand fied present IlwtIItM.J dot, autheinlcatei; within 6. altfr. HENRf.GROVES.. Thai
,. :: 4. Anil aH etdiBKbcn
ialsbtJto --- itf&tSi" or
: r 4l ;,i&o!' lttttetl leis w 1 Other thaW 'said, .t'J";'are.re'win bo forever 1'Fer Meat";Sales-* parts cf ArdiiuOeaa eontratjMfo':tho rrnj fnftnt andnwaninc
1_. I' '
r.o' I. W .IeIa..h eat to J haired ; acI..wi are tii any'wleo indebted.'arereqaested 'mIlE'HOUSE 'DfLOlSHHItotpita tat .8trat, bit .blind the'sane
,1IatttrtlIdj .. .. pickr tjyABr pf; ordig.nee art her-
" ,1( make immediate .
16 "
1 ,payment the aabeerH the
-a of
If :.. i Mftt elect blt Admlahtt,.,., 'joining, prenriwe Hr.-Rftflertaoa.- by repeated .P.d 18th March,1840.
,, 'I) 1 Tian 'w't WM: B. HOOKER, Adm't.t .11IIlir.vr' ;J. SAMPSON WILLIAMS. :V-- t ... .F DANCY
,:-.. .- .' p''o/I pttil,tbigtdio" MtoL ..'. ., :. m11sjasdatrJietek! 1O,140. i : f "a'' ", ''1'lIiasittc Co., March :,1840r t'', :;) :v..t10J..,. .& j ... ".f T.., P.' B, 'Th7.Af. ', Clerk; of I- the flealllrn.. Mayet.

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III I I I &. i 1 Ii 4': I : I_ lilt ., ,. t.Lc.d"".. ...u I. _l'..._'IL,w ,- U1'R II r--Gt..: o. '1----n l ir :: ; t'I
1 AN ORDINANCE to r.ala"aa. i ipertoo lams I'I Eutawu .l M8T.V..
I FOR TilE'.I.. I .W.uB11lOTOII r,. tr.. .J. iOUiHEH
plj0i LCXU3 ,
vead.n or me JIooJtIM' ,111 :". 'B$3ALE OF KSAL A7STJ Ti. ." I"w' I idiIttI -
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: .1 >.uitIMMe. = hlasit+ JIM lid! "dLr4CM ,4"COUNTY. FLORIDA. ; .p _-,.t, .111.. -'A i ...1. Jt.M .. tL ". : :1 1r -

/ .Cd :ef .b /i b.fawf l6t. ay, .."IlJllrC ," f.f si? (' .- .c.w .. .. t.Jot. -.. 1aMw.r.Ad Wlhe w. --.aut; o---I-
i I or persons 10 '? An .ale ate r.- W 42EA"'JI -Itt tng to;law, HERE 1fOIbbtelipaWh1l.bf4 ut(onoven J== 'i. bog .M .' .
roodt.and wares of any description wIM.. .tt1t4 f ike Ceiaa*aed T .J.XM,emeeed for the year tTbew taw now too w.ilCnben .or tW I"''..J ,theca ef'1teAe R'auaElbe.Reratttayiiasertt4iao
."I. t6ataoe era*wbi tajM**ftC thlt f .week. .Jt it 1M.t .. pi biliab- k '
} 1 e4f get aUJot..M sad thin-nuje.. on for them probably,than for any other"paper pubBtbed.ia pmts I J
0' hu1 drlt'p"'" it;S fctrefori.wWeh, _. ... reiptaed :Ad aaidaitaalelFlntJbe Pet IUet' the United StataaicerUtalv oretkan there are;fort sate thel# .-k---"Za f" 1I++Tbetteieetoa ibst. i iabii ., '1t", -t. .. .e-
+ ceale: V fr owe Iear.aji4 r one'tplaee, Coietrof'Alacbua aloreaaid aidwberetstM.iaW in let jsper pnelitked laths,DUuieL:Thb tar, JfiTfc* weekly I.IH : UkeweWy fact.We nets ns b.batbu ,
lR t'; notlrtntferabte.and,.tkn be.J edt tbe Clerk"of Y..1I4IebeU; Ian s. 'odoaod. aid Incwmos,'tabieripibriVU conelnaive evidence and wiUcoBUla aD lb importaat mtJr of;tbs bJtec j I UtiH"withIK M M .lhj S UTi1

tbe Council.ael.dedoctioa take eflbct. from the fint day cbBtitW' ..;th itid;.eoaaij. .opoa. .."wlucb. dieter i sea be .tbeir;etefuteetai.They'are,tnT t luable.to all.who The proeeedinp of Coo alloturloeif ew,the appotaliaeey iarortBatiiia.) Bateby '* late eoatsoiy$odt ,'- 1L : .r r
Sc April next,no beiag uda la "" 4ovcrnmemt.ssd
the amount No 'eitbetbataw anharwisoadits
madet 4, fee aa teterett la the proceedinft of CooreaM 'ipI l .31 rfJvr g
Tale pmdiortbelieeRae for iounreBing time between Now.'Noiice b bercby'given;that I.Jxtti CAXTKI; otber.bu ation jivle ihem ed w.."ll aobWs3.. be.crtoptry.;cIJr..Wmk";rill.'p1 an bittqa aJectioBeTtkey a* of thfrreebenefit / .. i
,' Jthe. hill fist day of April and the date at wkfch tack Tax CoaectorVln'endbf tko'Coonty of,Abehi s.ia h it,.a4eH/tbe chetp |Mi bftcatioo' l6t.failed ...lortprie "Kljiteit_rtewiTeeirealatieO: ,tdceive41s Heeabje CJ7Jt I.94141 &*; i P ttp J. .}!..
.i :11 4tceat'b iMued. Awl for every lieenee to vena mar I the,Territory;of Florid*,"will needb to public tfle at StIte perbrp iia the world: Our poshtios3itt.the. aU..l.b4! .Cj.DaN: apslt' J} 1r".iRetlisiedil.dmu1iVi ..t !f
thtndite,goods and wares; eotlot JUtUn. be paid the Court Hoaae hid Foant'. tix month aAer the .esgbf otrerament ceablea ta print them at to low A b&: ; .. 'tl.ot more poweffattr toeael the wbek
roc the Bto d the city, together wita fee of. one>!-, date Iwnol.4ttr.itttptitJMt 6tb day or July, ia he ..',.,>AVe are compelled to pafahak the proteedngfof .ncdeu i tyti .a' paPK.. ibispygrnmeiitSaust kt$at dose ofCaJbaetri-eftd yet"it 1 lair for n.rl.1 OlUl Urned by the aaid Cbrk vear one thootandeifW'hundred and furty, all the CoBgreta la daiailt for our daily paper.'ThW 40 .; (I { be appmreatle &Lr"i'batq being ter UM e&et U orer BO debility wf ateta*aftae*!? *fc .*v..

I. {18ee. 2..Any perton or persona ouVrbg for ..aalemerchandiee right tide end IAt rett. of the aid Peter Mitchell,of, it rwqiiirei,'comptrwiv ely.'* tail adtfiiionar.exp se t'zeua' fdeal'papeta pabiia&d iD the Dutttiet. ? eed. 'iaateadet emaeraff weakseee.tke. body ker "*' ".J
1 goods and warea without first obtatainflf ia, and to,aixty tbooaand hundred and adn to&i cr Iskr7k Gkkl and ? iMs. Art
fifty aereffL toi ebaaget tbsmit.i the rOCSJ ef-The _Congrataional ;ucJ could beer an.r they k.. ]... .: ":
a Vicente for the _e.shill be Cable to a fine or doa ; for which i 1StGt'seraate: returned M lint Globe.C'AJ' &; tlf it wen not fortbe eeircun> trvlI.uTbeIitaet'INial iW er ".t iM party 000 .W tJa.. Pi&. ." V.Aaivl
; C
' : ble the amount or said liana r.o.tfred.to be collon- rate: 15,163 aerea> aeeond. rite fand 30 25 aerea third stanch;we could lretI fabliib them r.rfoartime-the asasv riff U more silted *'remarkrUiaaajoexiaal ,, If DOt e f7 '-J .r 't4 '
,-4 l ed M other Eau and (orfeitar..r.' ooQected. and beoeverthebaa rate cualityt\,the aame being aa aadi Wad part"land sum charged.-,m.|artt of.the U. iwd Statfatke 1 Dean eOaIiden.t. ..-;I. .' -, An.a'prrifieitFtbi6foiiJl6ejira'1ii&1'ilaeWi ,

, U 1 { labia for the eaid amount> of tbe licenae.' parcel of that large tract bf land kaowa M th" Arredondo white spit per 'Upon which>thet. .odu are printed, t&TbelMcfripafoluMviK: iu eomwencement enoeiforedanjbriag inset enuneoaa'diteasev. freer.bs tvezea,,, I
Patsad March 1840. *' ofifcccrt ...
" : Grant, which aid Grant contain two hundredand would aeu fof aa mack aa we charge for the pnb6a aboutiaftformia.tbe.eppelBtmaot sia il '
5r bt. .. *F. L. DANCY. Mayor}? eighty nine thoutandaeTM of ,ad. more or.ins, r.i-k : under the General> Goveraenat,beli.vicg tkatitttlVtvexpre Because; BO care b reqnlreJ when tutai- isS t t m
: t ; .,P. PCTUJ. ,Clerk of tbe Council. .. eitaated in AUchna Ooaafl.cI through a pan of hick I ,- Tbe.pproaehing.aenioo of Ctnjrctt wilt probably '.JI.awcr.UI- our"eosakyr"a and drink what yon ptaati and eats no fca* rfor !i
&'J tilt Ofaage'Lake Creek run*, bbanded the tni idgl ,icy to'bnBg; kraaa; into any ofice of ton:. eew.It 1Q
; tf iAN ORDtZY+tN..p fig.ads ..po goals,wttea j oa northbypebfic tDseven! monthaInuittmmSdiatelyprecede.i + cold water f'A*body. v4leerSaWdp ;
land*tea the east by lands and the 'whote ptlUktfltnel ads ere to the ma* rsY,
public oa election 'aU' the aw
.1' .rchaD4t..aD. .,MIa by Auctioneer., the PrefideqtU ;prominent politicaloestionr'ibieh'di tequeace altertbaa before a daw.., Thus bRIo rrrWed .4
west Unit the of which Grant 'wfack the General'Govemmeat b paiwiBf. .
; 11o it orda dij IAI Jigersad 'pobfie i centre ike the eodntrrvrif doubt be turet ; RkVwkWMeaaiw.eelde taT :d '
;::4 eraismf lie It calla for the Abebna for all the title and It'.ill/' aceiine.aad ro the bf ivqjj
: of & Argsidiu'Pbat all Big right, i fully dbeatted. Those considerations i induce nt tobabeve topiioue pei. 1 by ber1ac fee .
pod" which W".IIHft8&
'' warn intereat of the ed Fetor MitcfaeD itf ao mack tbet oof. mfedtel17 fee ar etUf; .
i' I and efecta tbat.a'CoirojicfaioiAi Close will make fire
fluB aUa, tiara ben u tball be MiffiaeBt to pay and aatfefy the.ODa'l,of 'Arrxrotx .. rortD&bcia-ot.thatz; |'ibo aoceaitf af reateriatroaroffice t-.; ,Mal". 1M riM tttatotjr.ia.esbtasn -. 1
ara.r be sold st ptibNa'aactios fa ibis be I "Qdred. .d the : ;IMt. six and I lave p :
4c.. nbMCttoadBtyqfone dote ererveaa ty, l**q ... .... .C.1 ( of cooteqaanee.men whoae telletl.ire tbetdoodtbeu. efeetialbit. at .peAMolaf'U"'e"'af*b : t ). .
Tbe7 > bode
4 Rattan.(dIe Tale at wfafeMta at.1Ih be aold. all eoaia end charges arWag' thereon\to be be sold in I The CaacKaiKX>i.,twin prude up of the daily, advene:ttboiheettbeTDetnosnxtioputfbets'tb 'medein.itberboorea airy q : 1 .. u.
!4ftsee.J. Every .aetioeeer1rhhkeir.halfq..anerl.. lot..of fitaerea etch, or lest;at the law directs. .1 prpceedinga of.lbertwp a.oot.ongreM,end,tbeapeecbei ; tbei4tilaace aao society q.ocbwae toretardManyof borne without r malr.ywheatieaw ez '
vii:.ditbi> '' JESSE CARTER iJf Jhe"meniberfcoBflented.:: The Teat and the rogressofDemocieer., ., ..4} any
a" a.,.ot.'April' ;ot itlytiad : ad. ...
"1 If *t;? 3ef Ootober, 'is..Iuael eferyjfeaiw makes wriitea4&eutra :Ttf'Orfbeter/V' AUckm Craaff.mweantTifle. !' "ye'on Wlio rtaat tiftgecij'ara'(.i1.. :It;bpab' ";.' (behrcr l +tiTeoffBiBt Watbtnatoa; City, .ii 5gabetdboasaaas wroad.
.November flpqiy 1639. Ikbecl.eeJilr. with small .la'nxteea'roral are now oeeapled.by those oppeaed.to tke AdajwMn* while Ifayareaeed ;Ttoiertayitaittftke fctfiwe
l orlb.amount of tk ,iwii Mule,1M Cit, -,._ .. type .' !- oual.topegea. : have only to we tkeee. reaMdjee wfiek'?1th.6loodbe t
I ; ,T..e "at'efseisa.iaileitslletttedto tke. ,. f rff t.K&Aa *tne 'Aueeror of T-txea w and for : .' u.'IttrltxDR'eontainl :'lt' yon/sad a oet;two thirds or 3aav nbor}inawoflitss
wdii: :: II3. ", :: the->Cl.Qty.of-.+Abfcbemira.tite. Te tot1Wirtril : *f.Tfce ] tbe tpeeebea of tau'. Had by pertooa of ike iarae opposite polHical. l aen; b.t.hem ALL a1eaieer if Nh tsar, ,f.
If anygsetiosNtiMilpe,Letortha t.or la," hat retarad',*2,488 erw", bera at fan bngm. written "out:by tbemtttve.e'end b tiaieatalv!*eaoni ileac re it ruaiiai/.eaii Uuftftuttre 'weR kaown IIIct;that every_. .:whether nthIb.brslaoviaailtest j 'rIM
kb aeeo..or per ike meaey doe by bio Jo .aaate of tbe Arredonde Gnat> tubgect printed the aame form aa the Coegreational Globe. sued 6'/11/thedd t..wwi1ka.argthe : ecaiberi whether* it bvaai .
the Cit for dada he.had forfeit and pay for the'aaeof ,sad wKereat.:the r4slisatirtpthereor {o wit the heir* .pnUnbed ea rut M.apeecbea can be prepared' leaaferjr Mttit 1MSitrepeRaa r 'ironi ward ulcer canaee or aaiaward, reducible abcett,are sU.I bcubarvHuj' <'if .are'bte1f4lr tit
.., the City tioargt flea dolttn f br every eoeb'o&e.; and eanAitU.p. eh-Arredetnda,saes' beiaC giseQ! Unally.tbere'ue I morennmbera ptinted Cot a eenten ,ItwiUcnunne.ta tfepbrtaat>i>i& U't Tatuoat ; many tonne"-graod- ) effort,aaaw.;Jj
:. to be eoHectod U other lines and for fekarea are eofoe- Ias list d their tauhle::p"n.J ia'.aieI eouatyeo.eotdiu tbontbereareweekaiait. ." againal a. NATKWUr,.]Burner any abet!banking 7.iJDpe.oI bkaa. : .wa:r _...: '
, red,'tad be nevertheless liable 6r the amoaat of'da- "taw;tbey bate sueliable to p., doable : Xaehpf) ,tbeieworka'atomplet.l1t. '!in t it aa tatiOll.at a we""rlilO for the peop ''moneyItwiCalto ;' .', ,la eoaaBaeaca' of tbe, pIeaMatoeaa' of d>ek,0p M ', aie6tebp
t 'J ties accrued to the city. i taieit for' u.-eu oa'lb d eight baaclred tad desirable ror.eyr I.bacriber q'have both i b a.1t boan aacoai pronii ngoppooent of Bank uon.ihey; are nniverttlly eel I ritedia.r i o fwide. IBM .
", 6ec. 4. All anidet ant or eotrutted to an aneUoo* -thtrtyBine t and,wbereaa the eaid oUJeiiata .. .' should be ".ft1..bi'alt'JII.l1e-Dopl of avpeichria monopolies'monopoTwa of say and'every had t'of extended eotiirtfy where they are and*bawej 4 .aroaneocer

set lor tale, and by hIm eold. whether at.aed oa'or': his)|cent in the pay meet taze/aueaaed thereon Ih i COntfPioJS&IGJob: .'oiuy deoialor: Aboiiuonitm,and poUikrtl 1 Anti-matonry--end of every sadarefaat"anpercediog-evciy.other, refeiaiioarfprnfeMedtiniilar ". ..
... private ate ahtll be liable to the duty aforetaid. ; for tbe;erid year-and bare no good and chattels:iq tcorrectnet,it bay! be removed'at onee.by,;refer- spicier fanaticism which. attenmti to connect itaelflo Unporu Upward*of loo rteea thea'eandcatea apl'raad'
See 6. AU good ..merchandbe.- and e 6'errs, aid'coanly:npoa wbkh dittreu can be made to aatbfy ring-to the speech ia the AppeaJix; ;oi ideD1ir' ,'''bilr.adr. the pofitical iattitatioaa oftbereoontryv" bate> boen'errtiEed.'eared toIey Gem the*, +
dectared tree of duty by ttatote of ibis Territorr aidUzeat '- "" Indexed to both are aent.to anbtciibert; a*toon":aa 'A crisis ha*' arisen which w to tett the two,tince tbe introduction of tbam iaM-.t1 .,. '
'\ I' p hereby declared free from the duty impoiild byebiaafdnisna. fire Now','Nolle*)kerabj It..it"/that f,Jxux Cia, theycan be, prepared after adjournment of Congreas. perpetuity oar Republican Goft ear aad it be' 8W.,thug;."blbbiaf the fret,beyond ati-d.afc,," 'r let ra
Paaaed Iltb March, 1M9. :Tar',Uollftttor, IB'and for Ute boom. of Abckaa ia r I .' .. bo yes every Democrat to bnekle oa!tbe armor or hb that the Brand reth Fillacnre the(apparently;mctt an. ; '

'. '1 F.. L. DANCY. Mtyor.: \h Terri,>'ry'oZEFlorids Will expoee to public adopt .TERV3.' c J'.'dee ee-to tbe the:arms of poIiticar'a: pore[ !tad aeatee'by'the'ole'pmPle. art of'ctnilaoajr*i.'' ;;JFwrebntc,
r': It T.at.1'. B. Dose, Cltrk or the i,Council. ; the Coast liaise id iaU County,six months after the I For one-cop of the Con;reuiocal Globe S1Qne fate,and teat,by all the meant of political ditcnatton" evacuating*boweb with them aatjl t..IRf.1 e Y ,:TPct' 1
: c. t w'u date;hereof;>';wlti' ootbe'GUi 'day of July i in the 'copy or..the-Appendix; .k"-' 91 of appeals to'the intelligence and patrkMitm of..thepeoplrandby"aproropl wavttberefare,wbaleyer L may bo"ilb\th..uu.\ .i r ..

, :i ; ._ .Jt1ltlu. year eiMJTthoutandL eight bandied and forty, the said I'.. Six. copies ofeiiherof, theahove'wortrs: trill be tent I retort to the ballot box, not the,criUTT*.' of tho., fBicrick: anew ,axrospDorar. AiLI.! ? ;"'Rd.3Oov'j.

> -, I f fc v S tWJfa'M 3t. Jytuthu. JS.F,' feOg.193 sera. Land claimed by 4hekein and;eer- tot $5;,twelve:copiet forS10'and: a,-rqrortionato, .|silly the f laftdiou'.ppr cbes'Of'the enemies or Da '
t '. \' ; 't ,Jilt., .|84(|. } tan anigni of Arredondo-iae aane1ieing 1bI irndlri dumber ofcop'ear or alnggi' .tiim.T { moeracy,;in the,, form ,of.monopotiet;' but the giant A. DrtndretliV. am Seorref: Fever nag ..
t, -.ffl IIErUiid Office'Jt Ikb pee being again did interact or*part of a brgetract of.laad known Paymentt may be trantmit'ed by mttl.fottigepaU. atriJet of the enemia of tbe;Union of,the.States.wbe Aguor Coctif aaeta and-ita nDHquetee" Mtfoarinf Heodva4d"'.
t'I,. "* JL.rfcr.butit>e t.tbeatlaaupoofOiote coneerned open beVJVrrodooVlo a'&lll,'.'CODt.a .1 two bnudnd itour rnk. The notea' of.any incorporated bank:in' are,hbortng for.the eeverance. of the Union by Abo* men, aDd>Il..e"-;to ip.ftlioll', (should t '
. '. I ,.c.il1 fed to, the,rollo winn-Notice: btelv (Uaneotfrom and eixriy-oine thontand..of,land more or.lete.; the; United"State*,current ia ..-.fSd Oft of country 1.ucli incendiuism ,. .. be wi'bo"lhe.m,Tn'order torooirt to .tbenaaattrroccasiooof ::
. :' IblAod'AQ'.tmtD'M Wh&iDftOri.( situated''fli "Attebn""Coaptybounded, ,ora aU idea where.the totwciiberfretide{ will be'rrcehred.: But It will ia all I !thing>,.be at i(;bas been;:inpportlngtbe iBaeaa 'No' medicine'etcrtb-' rt, i4wberrtbeyan :'; a eCYD\jtt
J' l''a... ... j q C w; 1fi'8 UU\O N8; 'lltnt" W. ;pnaclb,, uW'ta II.d'1 they aDIM (.' Aid when subscribers can procure.thenolea, 'of banks in4he ,,tau>e 'prirKiplet,suit advocating' the,taiue cante. ; Tim* Drdii8atee&e'U't4ma f. ; wiR
s-:. j'- '. C.HV. CU Lt'Riaiea..; _i Gnat nlIiac'ror" Dig'Alaebas'accordiug't..be8panb.b'aGrant Nortbera end Middle_8tatet,4hey will' pleate tend III lookato the pemocrtey and the'..Democracy,alone, provided they are,keL dry, s Geotlenioa wUl ied skis. )17 sent
. T 1 ....' '. thereof' 'and I the rarreya founded them. y.V its w n ofU: It aka aem4er'aQ'tnd. wishes pat. medicine ono that-will ea vr beaJlh to the pe'ple oa nli
-- -
( ::1 tbareors *o.mo bof the laid undivided part or To IrUarei all the:li nhrobcri.tbe anbicriptiona thonld:lifOI' 1" rom.Idn...rc.r.I their oiutea. 0 ; i 'artyTaint
.1 :, .1pn.:.ItiU. Jo*"f 1838'sotK exmrt oa> 211 parcel of.aaid Arredoado.Grant .: ahall be1 'tnfficicnt be here by the 9th of December nexU TERM S.. JtraikSretay Pill kara BomnaJly.aecarrd {Gieeds'H .
: 'I'.j\ .: ,:. :1.1840.' : u> pay end .tW,.the amount of tUtti'dne:'thereon, No attention will be paid toanr1 order linlett the : No anbaeriptiona will be teeeiTod where the money ,wberuerlhey_bate been mtrodoced,and I.CettimiaBraadretb : charibyi
,, NOTICE k;hereby 'peD.'toeaU pertAnv' having from the MM owners orcUiounta thereof together money tccompankt iL BLAIR & 'RIVES; ia not paid in-advance.'Tlii rill wWW ttria jiuUtertd ;'lIoct'oroCMediieuie;rfobefi re tWuto p*- .., -wan
I- t to:the benefit of tbe'act,of CortjrreM;ap woh all cotta and charges arising thereon Ito bo:sold Wathintton'City,'October 10.1839. __j 1 ..1N th w.nci f" ;n..''..r.r4"to." sea aB tbs proparllei I ba aliribotrd to the v: sad I '

x, .y ,--: pwved 3d Jine.If39,eBtitbd w Ao act to grant',. It Loti of fifty acrei.each or let*:at the U ve'direct.. ;S Augustine"e Select caslelw':' I .ed on any other termt-; .)- : : bye used,then nyself;;in my t riltpOlltbo'abiial.Dd..tb.1 the term far JESSE, CARTER : / i Bab*cribet'awidun, to club tegctber r for the .tekl,. .ire practice tot over,,UD year,and my aiperieac kat 4 Yes
':- .i .pir..1 lira* 'Tax Counter fir AIscAu. Costj.Newttaavile .. sin have line.eopiea tent by paying:.'4Jbr ,fully confirmed toe. his my opinioa that Wl dueaaea ca. ..willTtha
i: I 1. : lUtionoaSItt Jane oext;prior to whkb period.every ,.'November. 25th,J839.WHEREAS ., J'i i 'All"**httrtptit nmst k Ni4 I.U*::Pitt IMu f bo removed by those ramcdU"Bkb bat.;l; 'apaeiia !I- -qu.
x trcreop having claim,'b requested to prove ands make ...jlara waemtr tf>ICriW. As iaa t ig **,* oriudIf action on the orfaaa of tfao atooucb.bowed,aad a
I that '
J Vicinity the 7ib he intendt .jJ'I'
.)<. \ rpryanatter.tbestme.l : :V. nw. HOSES E.LEVY. ,i it a delinquent j on Tuesday intu. to I nmit thew fry 0ffntg"' Ct aeral action on tba ayatarn.such M m r TiBa ban. '
.+ .. .Notice ia alto given dad in ad according--law1, of tb.Co..ij I open an Academy br tbe i instruction of Young Ladies E'
where ptjoient. subaerrrberswil
: ; eaves public ,Any Pod Matter, making a remittance for Abernethy, baa clearly.prored. Jbat all loe-I ld'i. whs.ln
and Ibeboll.e rot the
:: o r Uadtaballlbe' offered at auction, a,;any time t pmrtotiHCW end Territorial ,Tut awetted for lb. year oeciipird.tiatehoolby3lrCrVean) ( present) lately* be entitled to a ..copy of the paper. for one aaa ea can be Cared by these remedies wbieb.bait a .
'. June, 1840.eve".pn.m;hn eWe to'*och pn8 hoatand eight hundred aodtbirtT-niue.on laada of-instruction "_' year free of,charge*. earatire elect alb atomica and bowels lf
,. faadf:net proved sad rp -fer before the'fint dajjofH ;'j-etarned owaed by him situated ill the County of The course com rues prlhogriphy: ref
>r .ndla.eta" sate.b,b y,1.wiroarciTki+ .'; ,1 IT ,.1tach /iiIl1'&he; :T.mary.f Florida; and wberaa*, Reading.'Penrntiwhip.: English Grammar-Eucution..' ..eII.ra. 'T. &1. fnrfrg, -q q q 1 g' r:1' J r',
:, .' .<0lt,N all:ease ber."pf... plion cWm b to land. the said Motet E. Levy baa.no ion to and chattela hayid and Compoflition," !':.Book Keeping, Geog. DRAPERS AND. TAILORS' ? 'GREAT CAtJTfUNia:. CCSffABY ': t' .eM
'r' the towwhip' fplau of which;bill not.be' el1Ted jtf county joo,which distress eaa, be:t\'made,to aathfyt I raiphyV Hwtory,end the' nte of the Gkbee,'Geometry; ,dE Sobwribera have just received AwmCbarle*. to procure Ibo genuine Onndrtth Pill,and ym can '; anti
: ti' thf hairier Land Office,;.tjoitl after the SU'of,June nd pay the amount of laid Cues t, '_ '! .Ar.bra.nd tbe! Latin and.Greek Langutget.-: ; .1'' ton per Schooner L genetel aMertfaeat f not fail to procure Uje'fcnulue if ',OG talM tba .ltowinx 'tin.
( 4lextthr rUtmant u alh wed the term of one year- ftom Now."Nodcct U haraby given,that I,Juts CAKTXB, 'Mr. Boybn' pledgee1 himtelf that every aieikod 1 CLOT r advice. '' -
c I 't;, the diu.of*Uereceipt,of the pat a.tb Lad Offica Pac Collector 1a:and fur, Coq ty ofAIaebU.iniho which' many years ezperienca ia directing the joven- 'the 18oof every dcacripUoatCOM'wangfai:j ,pmor How tabs SECURE nw*COUNTERFEITS. j

', I*.*'Iwitld'tlwbicb.gtaak., *t+ro6bisclilmbatlfaoahlaitdm Terntor1 efFlorida.'win"exaoae jto public tale atpaCoanHon I fe mind.tuge ', "I ere l1orecH be oVercd at public auction at any tine ia..J cnntyt'az months after theInteliereoC 'strength and laity of moral'sentiment,,and bab ta.I Claret JlarriaaoD'CtQ7HS. .j aare *tie.. pef>oiieartafcateef eIing kit Ie u..bo' t "to.w

.v fitbiaaocb.vutftotrishe; date of drag the townafaip to wits MI Saturday the_f&dayiof, lily, al elegance of manner' the'public; are.utured PILOT Clots.B EAYCkt. :L. iICASStiMERE8.f4el.taari.htea, J "/aiidcrbaorve'ikaabWn: ra: -'j 1 ..
; .f : plat the pre eniptfoa cklra. DIUM be proved "and paid to jbe,ear eoe thoBtaaa.tight,hundred aad. forty, I I that atiiduhy,&DCrcomp.; ?/can do, shallbr 1' ..,'.J t...++ tiNaara>RWitllMri+rake ". -.c..

' ( f for prior to.the fint day;-of incliaaetioaeale, ,Aherwbi. >< ;Nineteen tboveand two bundre I aerea or load reta, 101. d.netor".; -vhe keoofif.of" *IMoHti r't 4etmtted"u 4ib, ,,i-.t TTJNETS of.evi>dw ripUon, ', au (test".that PSU1 .w t4itsi.betd tin i ,
.a+litwi11 M testrratte: t.' .peJEbytbe pad fosse Eo Le1.o }tig( 0.1.000 :' rO'ad ,V:VE&'NG8. (tblt' C. hioa.; a.aDe.. >. .4 .*. ._ l I s
CaaaelHTa>eritMwkere delay la eaptfta acre of firttite ,3,000scma ;...rate, and,14,900sonsadtbirdtttegnalitytplaadtt r Mock(or frequent ptraiiKnientMr. B. hit ? '
'. fifing pre \ ; teIete'afteB'iynrioaa.In the education of youth by ,Craatii:8a.wk.-rodet.Hdt(.;, ;,? Mf owa t" for, .tlVeortai;w Pof Ue par* of'an
i'' >|>roofa and.! .tgHyme.thseoperaudratsllyteJ : ; i ; e aame ;: Satpeoden,'Gloves of every deaexnjtJon, : liedwmac'.tIIetI per it:..fofl erica.
directing atteouee as&jeotti_ beat..oatI a
J rbimaav< :ezpraa-pr.rbienor'9ew iu being an nadiviied iatereat or pan of that.Urge jtract I tpauch I .A '
f .. ; '; full lappll of BIIUQII'/'for CUnon .Military ., u -H JUZTIN6naEf.T '
vrl.A X. ed 'to'iM k' 'eapa'citiea..and moaJ'Coa4 nial to their ;
r'iatis UtHe f nootgriesded t.eveiyclatin: of and known aa the doad Grant which laid I Ii Coat.; Oae door .
fiom Qnoac Cbxr
i :bterYaneer ttoa. 1'3
and judicial man
.c."Oidin'1b.. lbiHlf-or. io Arredondo,Grant eoataina eighty nine,thoufod tern \
1 to tM bmsi'siacceededbetter"io"motingtbtilitetmry atedAgint.,
rorwttCand.ejraktotke+ + { LtidDftorra'TUBacua of lad, mere or lees, aituatedin the Coonlt ofAbckoa
onV and aahronablo '
.i aonply.ofithe-buett _raort I at 70 M BETING ST.J >
advancement of bit than
mutuutf wilbto'&be saoarasrrdrriliicanton : ..boonded oa all sides Briaeipafly...pa\lie pins. *- ,
after UA2'5.-- lAND REilEHBF.R '
\ Vtbo
Wt ,;.,aeeiqcthbAOOce> Thta ia;rehdarad'mre'n' ceMaryia lands,-and through*a pert of wktoh 41n1ff.>erg a by- any mode of corporal punithment.-v: ; I Thelabscribert return their Ibankttotbe placc.ja.C..tI.beri 70 Meatraf%: only '1I
,., the Oraa Lake Creek rana the 1 By meant of judgment bookanaedin this Academy, i iparea. pablie -the Uua BRAflDRETll .
r coa..or Ibejentire uncertainty aJ totbeiimeX square e. t centre of for the patronage they have beretofoe received and riLLS ,
are d of told :
'" informed the attendance l1duel : own o11ia'farrtbarre3clusive
be whit calb (cribs AlacbaotM'.m.ct .
beBlbe.pabBeiaada Big
may grant tea c ullv.elitrt a continuance af the .... i.'T
, and of their children and tame '! $. .
"v. JAHEtf .WHltCOMB, Commoat.tGeminiLaad ." ot.tbe eaid nndivided pan or InterM trh aid Motet improvement Mr. B.tr.atI&hat { P' .8&ANDRETHI.i;: D.T.
M )
m.Aogottine.NoT.21.1839. 24 3
'' .
Oaroa Fek.'ieM. fCO: E. Levy iu tha'A rredando*Grant, at wi8 becient1 taf& these bOob: will be examined every day ;And hl'8Na4war.N.1'. Ia
.' 7' ..... 1 to: 1andutG; ,'tlsi'ameuo'oftases.deethereon that iodulgenee'ar the contrary will be tiled to eachdhildncotdingu'bis'erber .-. .J4ifliiiiItrater.s" W :Bold by; :JOitN.1..IIEDRICK, .

J"U".." ,". t'. CLAI. "Tle.I !-.' from'the aid Motet &;t e/,,together with + ." ";'Jadrment _book may. "edletaen or'e4atiniltnliotl"o tlee. ...Agent fair aLAD. _
an eosti aad'chartea anting thereon.,to be sold in teem'10 required: 'Such p b.ve".n exceQenf HAVING ", ., 'f'OJ'
J9y'JKscr* f,1I"er"t '
JioymgHrt'Reid : RAYMOND A. UEff'DERSOff ; : f 1" :
.1 : "',, Iota of fifty acret ash,or..:at the bw dirrct effect It' awakens in the youthful brent,;Ae : A ,N aworttot.r.6a.
: at.-Johai CooBry, eeeeaasd aBpertont ; i
; .
I -
paationt'of rear;shame emulation' and tbna
;; : ; or renders
\! r...AERlt:1t8: !}it la'atftae known to mi that KINO, JESSE CARTER*. : much u-at-btance, the'teacben in the performance having deiaandi against Aid Ettate are beri.y >..foU."taofTabkand DewrtKnhaa>Foehee O
'Y Y' GILt+.'.bbwMBoB :f n MB Cenaty acer aelurge of'mnrder upon tbe body .Ran aaaflviHe'November Sotn 1839.., iU be under Un. Boylan'tdi- within the time'preffcribod by law,or they will. U fort ,- : ., .4 _J'W', AVERY. '1

,+WWmm'Ki/aMffgl. of Aid eountj bum 'kit UhIt8A8* the!ibaira of.1 and tffterdarnwnti rection,in...epsvtte apartment.. And ,instructed by aver barred ; and ill persons indebted* are"reeatted.to-' ,: H : :...._ 7 ;;-
teapa.from laid fall*and b now .,Urge. : make pajment without delays _= z ..1
;Y." 'jadec D O QEt.r. .CLARKE which
: are doImqqeoti4a are Et'-.I'M- per6 nq Letter .r. oatiadaud; .
--Np r koo ; tbari'Ketttfit:4tii1i'fzw. motD.fectsaUy.taEhtbymuter .. .ABRAlIAH. ONTAdmieatrata
ryf : = ;
the. of tin
*, WM.nd
payment eolofedjaaiandai B .
Goreino of Florida,by tlftea of tke aetbotitv Totted aaleasedt Dec. 12, 1839. .. wut.audW'atirLPjeminav
aadTerntorialTaxfta tbe Sir BorUn can produce the mat unexceptionableiertimoniab'pf '
County year Blaeltlnksad Blaa rkiaL "
: In
moth .
law do
.r. 'HUMORED berebyt'afar w.ot1''O one tbonnnd eight hundred and lbinynine,ea laada moral chancl.rtad literary abilities, .PLOllID4HOflS.E... Fluid" ; Ruaim mad,F-iutiek'Q iHatAt&be.8IGn of .
I )DOLLARa'for'tbe'appnhen i o ftkf and rammed Motet ahm: *om'areral'exaked'chayamcrt! in Ae uJ bfPhHadelpbb Jan.:Iff, ; ,ii3f
said tenement by i E.IATt.ated j ..AUGUSTINE.. EAST FXBIDA 18I0"'J"W'. AVER.
\ ', '' gain; aid bu nth,oVHtery to the inanity* by George I.;f, Clarke, (or ban) and oihert;ait-' ,aids moray them'from"rho: Rev., aaraoel I B. : THIS COMMODIOUS HOTEL hat ,Cattet :
i ''nay)je'dot or'etbar eteerot the,Ten_ lft.w! .o"',Florida qatod In the Cpuntr" .of Abebnaaroretaid.and wbere 'Vii.,Proreaor Laoaa,ei in the Univertity'ofPennrylrania. .{ be.n.pat .complete' repair ; new Turnitnre: +Wtxt (ltJ'It.1 R .
aathoflwdto.talrtcbstie t II\IS., : ; 'and draia EM Profeor of lW. AYYIlLUEdot04: J4tattdo.: J
"the aaid neira and eblmanta have no, ,ood. and .; Robert } bedding,&c.& and j
f I" Matt Qt ta'k about niaeteoa jexrrof age, five feet ;; .It.OP'D lot the.neep .1 C.Dta Bu.k.Beaver aod Botkui .
chattels in.nid.eoaoyr,upon' which dbtreta can be Mathematics and Natural Philoeophy in the Aid Uoiveraitjjls lion.or.vuitora,nnder.ta. .Got.Freock .
auperiatendence the '
: .
5 of ira
or eight Incbea highdark complexion,dark hair Lakes superior
made t. ** :; Cbarleiton b'ar reppeetfolly' bega'leaveto de /nedehoaptedgerbia.ek'.ol.coadaetth.estabG Kid do. jnat from. New
\ dad s1sv;efdwo klatk; evearoaiksd- ,oa.opt banf by, tke eaabtTerritory., Notia'' hereby giveai; ,That ./gMifCAx: ua. 1 refer to RihtRerr.Dr., Ea.land. Ran Mr. Forre'. went. site. secure to it a character wad to York;f'ot tale b1.... .. .. I. W. AVERT. .
c ia act'r rIb 'Abehua Rev.-Wm. Bonrke;D.4K.-WhUaker'Etq.: Martin. any, F.b.I..le. ; In Dr. Peek'a Buildtoga.Aa i
'Ghaa' olrtt. TatColbctorj1 County ort ta I Hotel 1 in the Southern .
.D"U t"l .1 ,
'E "and ia 8t. Ali nstine to& .'C. Ram Er Ordinance
t the TVrritory or Flotldaj'willeipo.etpubfosheat Roddf, gj W.JV OATES.. ; to, preraat the rnaaiag &c. of *
\ ,." ,' T lbilJ5dutal.lbJja otFebrasry.184Oast lbs ,tMCsy_ _;r_' .1 die Court.,,Hooae 1w'I aaid county.' tix a &:after pooKevJThomaa Motion*,:'Geatal f S. Saiin; Dr; .!t B.-Good StaWin> fcr 'HoraVaVail atttuJv brrast or borax tkroa*k tke atreett of SVAugattiae.r'Be.it :
:f' ......1 : '- eee.1- .ROBEfeTRAyM By Governor. ; tbe'date bereof.lo wilt oa the 6th day ofulf,.W. tke -WmIfI; Shataew;; Dr. Uht j Byrne"and Antonio Oatlen.,.Ooe.aod two bone'Carrbrit.and Saddle .rcbiae4bya..Halot'a'uUAWetmen.ot the .
j 't .. ( ,hrEID. one thousand r Jffct ktradred and Etq.. :' City:8t.Auftt laeTJuKlromeV. .
\ X HcCitTa, 8oe atag'ohbrld. year forty twenty .A1YTares. L 1 Ilortet. fur hire. ,, s ', -.net the pawing, 3.-
\r'b .' ,' thoouB acrfe'of bxad..returned byjibe Aid,,Motet 'atnet-- ,'tnidei' known,- oa *IpplicaUon, '"attbatAeailemT. .S :AD awA8jBlf8ift4d.; v' / ,.,BQ r palsta th5l/cants. jaQop.or fwa,or
'' ;j.HA.U..r..r"&LS &.LTf.ae being!of' the quality TeHowlntt'6,000: .* "" Il? .&) New,York Amerieta.; ;Nailoaal cause to f o fatter than a aiomtrot.toy bornem&reottgelding

i '. NDOIt8EO !' "w'"Io"raplrmadema44uetx : : aerea1 of Jim rate 10,000 acres;of-aeeond raw,;;IallI.eeo. T>e foBowiog; from'. ;the pro i efUr3." -:'Welah'of' "' the. .,I trY biD.t".CIt1HMercaat,loutftat lataBigto.., Bosion tkroufk the atreeta of the city j aDd say nev
JCJa roadlfrocn,JaekeaofiHe} to .Gu '. tcretfoT thirdrate'onalitftbe itme1>ein| anaadbided Nttiia tG.z.cuel >, Courier. Charles tea vMafing I.ctUl ooivilnioii there be-
; a, Ferry, f I ; Gaortlw.and Aapak&aa,Sit;
will be received by tbs aodereigBed at tab plaet I oatil > ';aod'Tajett t ,, .the>fa,,April 180.' -. 7T. *a known aa tke."Arredondo Grant;" which std;grant Academy tPrnne ttrcet;nd mutt in juitka to rta amiable :I :two monibt,_and forword,their,aeconnta: for w;ee.1a ItIIi Ialhiu ;:..1i.e.tber hair to
"*. .e. mat put lee time rmHwj to centkrect contatni:eity'.nine'tbooaaDd.W laid. more aad competent Principal aay,thal it b worthy of an payment. .. .. : .__. the ute of the city. .'COST **,ef the vwWoa of-
'fie miieh d' ar'kit;:.boun *d on. all iidai principaUy brBubi lJ.e cot aJDI>thkbif baa:'ao generally receir _- ? this act ii iii lie.:. tkevrideiUMof tai taformeriilo .

,' -ct.a.ow--.J"ary.iiekaen' bprp,
M4 tW (*) ,.we,"''.'1fi f"dlttoagk'e?whir Groat l triftdtppSciw8"co lde Oat| bu..allallMd to, .;".ot the Conaty of,Ht John., eleiBH. to his shire or the ,JC.Uae person .itacl.
.slaw p f i airs ftw )Jeetee eaeaandai.reh ra. t'e'atttasdRthn'Oae"} ; e Craikirnns' onto end a Mict' dbapliBaHan alone eoald practice8trtetneuieitboat :- .are recJUlWfo IDIU JIalMdiaJe pa, .,, b,sq saro,a abase;.-: po!8IOIe",. .,Wenty.
: 'V t+3 "0 Bieitidjdd(ITldrd trtot pre J of tho laid teirrrity, and eyiteia.which of it- tboae buinfl t BBeaiU8at;; aid ettate,are rrqutte4 ,. ,t.' d"I, ,',. v..{,...... .'. "2' ".
;w.th.t rrtla male to lira a 'ArrtdonJa ft bt y wM bt aafieieat to jti y>ed aatia.Wr elf tavitet Ibe pnpiTa eompliane,areiparUcoUrlT 6benrable % .topneentEi..w daI1i utbe. cated..ithiQ\M'tine... : 91hby : 'n- l
tiei'sws..iniiaakeeltAew:.:AfMer".. .BMavt-oruxe4 doe'tbefeon' rot.tbo'satl there; and the happy and neceatfal ability ,prescribed bJ law or they will be forager Atrae,. I p' ': ''.J'-,

.. '! .e...' dl .:;t/te..8".,1K.. :1 .. of'.waaM7tketeoftlofetber' : wfeVail scan 'whh.wkkh kconkat; the.!auari er..lo i oiadaVwUk tke' : '/Dee..IliJ t ;WALLEN.' Adm'rr ; W.OOJlA8-.cte' ".et thICon aclL 4

'. ..'1, M..Jb..nl... .;_ ." andshieliblflItoe tobraor fifty fortitar in,',....giving the pupil a pbame ia aeknowbdgind ., .. .;" '. wor e. .. ', l'Tbe''w 1 -tee ifti"irdiauees
..r '(l?) feet RI0.} ?The dtMkeaM cilbaf jaTfe.veiutt ',. nib is_ .",1r.';,.U.I.- direct,.'- >-' the importance, .tadaatrioaa appliea* : daial. .:. tlu K L. BANCYt Mayor.
.1J' I t'I bar (.) letVwMe at'.tagt,with a ae$cVmt ,, .. __ .,
: : '1'4 JESSE CARTER,", Uea i b traly admirabUv jMr.Boybn'a abiliiiee are of Jodxeof County Court of Columbia Conaty'6fadfiaabtrjtioa "'if --- r. -.r ,
*.* to 11'J good ftaa atian-croaa ifra!. ,Td Collator f_AUduM aunty high order&in eonjooetkm with hb moral repntalion i rqtfden: the g IX',weeb altar -
: r ..dm etl harms re .', \ oa etUte. of LUKE. date.1 will ipp r k the lang., or .
: CVITwt1ft C bird render bun peculiarly eapabla. of fit ting the knataa ,7
25 JNOTICB : PARKERiats.f :
WfI&"tiI1e.ova ,. TO' 8' aeeaBOHByee ; tile Count Courtor.81 I.Country for laws
aryl c..ettd.1 ftJtCi to be.two t mind to be at once a value and ornament,to aocie* :,ColambiaCo.-Dte5.1B3a.J( JOHN ..AIEEL'mUEi'PUBUCiarempt f& 1.c. tt
'sans eb.o vii'tkaaa owbrol'lb.Qattet._iapd sot ; : (hereby .given.'to?aH "erioin fiavinj i. ty.; ,Wexisk-bim. &halMCce.whick ao excellent.a NOUCR. :: : -.t,
b t sat fillee+t ( 5)wide st'Clie.trpfm.. tow against die ettate efTbee: Better dee. preceptor deae ea.-Aalieael CkaOi.* ,.' ; sUy iDforwed that "I' .; i..1t'C.t4Au4E:
kfidjad,: hJ food BbaUnwltrid***,fiftrta(16) to pretent the aloe dnly*atteaUd witkla Ike tine pre I ..,B,-Mr..0011&a beta lava,to auure for pohlieibis tJL;Vf.Rt' CREEOAN aa tbit.dar. ncommea* .- '" .-._ -. t'Y" ...,..'"
'w.Jc.: The.dirttuoaoC'M.4 wiil be.ont bribed by law,and"all perton Indebted ,thereto, :by*the underaigoed.or some anlhorised officer,,who, required. to make. Immediate payment toria stint, resident.eu.Auiuttine. .' the'event of bit .Lorxx i inh l.i1rreee ,'ia additioo t tkoeft 'Ii._.r' l: .,u. $ItrsMvedtsntwin, : !_
; wall receive tbe road when ftntbed. or\rrjrel.taco_ 'JAMES JORDAN,: _.. ._ meeting .,itb .a icie!t patronafe.taa be highly ap* whom 'bealreadr bat under "cue'I' ,. twelve a'watss
.portioa. i.ub.rdoR! not:coo idcTaete Td>ng, to f Jai sty 0: ;ANDREW ROOD, 41.r'.. preeiate-f thetxlubrity oftheclaaaie.. .. -. .Youag.Ladiuwbo will bs -iW Je"as-.. tJOJt'AJfO "N..w I ) .J lin.lICi K 11.

,. eontrteu ... .; January Ie r :fro 2Q-r4w _. teparata frow Neat O(.We Boya, tad to wfcMaiaeanietatt LD 1.1 .aw
The road to be piI4C r1.ir. paru.accordiBX,air ..r..WO I,LOTS.'attaated" 09 eVe Watt aide(Maria att.atia wR!bat icL.J : : -- i .i ,'tJ ,A .
.. Sam-bee Creak; for.U.; to : lnn :. it zRtlJlls SIN'wSYprklYBs
the amt.aUbe}D ted and received ijtwenty W. Apply _"'ti111ATICE. CrHkNigbt School w81 beeondaeted ae beret. I"
eaBW will be:,>!eaii| dji>om eck;payment. f t the; 1.F....: 12;. ''hO.t.. r" :GEO.. :,U,' PHI LUPS. ado <.saM selling LOT on'very; ro. .,' _.5. :1 :, 'L"'I "ii. l\ .-,, '; I" h. Z.'l IAI"'Dl"VlN "
C'. _:".Tararable ternUlnthe 8t Sebeitbn.rebiro.irKKtWHATKTxa ; .St.Aapttiae..J.II.I'IN8;, wbidlbe wNov .
f+uhful fulfilmeflt of tbsi coitract:, \. J"r" ; Vifiageof x'30.Itr! t oI..p. tt"' :
For farther InformalJDa'aajJly.te Lieat.Simpton at th' .y ; -1. ...h'etIce.1r ., .. : pea the property,they -4 ":' JA"8 GR:
r' :nviUe.Ueiit..Ganpiaaa; {&. Mar,**..rj/aU' :,yr.ebidrop t'*m apply to the lodge fbn offer,r.r...,'nad DBrebaaera/are retpeetfully:invited r .r.. : : QIX.WHItS '

e.taBdtfi.bM at S.naa.__L ?, . .5i Cenaty,Court of StJohar CevBtr;for Jettaraof to xxiMtt E tntittUf TITLE eflcred to...j) GENTLEMEN'S Beaver; M-ii; :''Ofi tiNe' ll.t i1i--I.J.t"8&"JoIana r.. Hon

i ,t ; '.'.,. ,. ." ,. ,,..'.'. kIACKAY... ." .adrainUtraiion, OAr. FotatsorJUA& PUR.CRIIIAN. 'I" H; *.. > 'l.*=&&-. -t ; F n 1-"' yrtwanthYe' n' l' .- Capt. Corps Topi Fang ia v, ate'ref,Cut Florida,dtaand..1 '. ./x-.nt< a" JOHN GRAHAM; ale, bj:."/ ,? /o"-d33"'II:W4AVEaY ttfc't'' or Dii? ? Jr.ia.tJK1tN'NS: A ate J.:oghai .

.." .7.Jf.jW... ::881'1. ; Aec.3,1P39. ,(rOIC1A'MIDICIII April2d. \ l839*; ,o\t < K b1 hit Atsornfy J..I .lhO"! .n a"ih Dt:Peek'tr Bit iili.. d.e.- 'a,, ;(J'.1'Ji .';'.;H ';' lVl1 aid.'C:,MA'tEs. ounh'._ .'

r I I .
1 I p ,..
I. ) ).
:' co
f I ., .
d \" -
: :
II j .

-,----I l ;_- '. : ""'N, .,... .i .,:. c,, ,< -' .. .." ',' ': '. ..,,' : "' <. _' '. \/' :.\ \:- '- ._. .

I" : j r


IA ,

r '

--. .
-' .: I '

J .. .


< .. ,' .
... 4' fj ', ,' .
.# ; .
._ :. iI' ,1 LL. ",,'V'IUI" a.'t ... -' -".- -r. -,-,. .. ,< '>'ik .1 -J .. ., rli -" 'J
'f : I AI..y. 'd:' :.- f\ ..
.. .
....,. .
-. '. ;' :'i 7 ". ';-" -- ---- -
--.-.--. -" : '
1\10..4111'..).""..-..--- -- -- :" ::::''

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Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: May 1, 1840
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00051
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....;ft .<. .\ t. i.aIU[ .cu 1-'in I ; tit 4 '' t # r; 'N ..17'' !"
._..hl'ia W ttt atnut I! &d.t' 1' f:1o: i 1'tsi'ad', = .T2' ltd ;j'flJS4f1.. -JiI' std, J t tarn* nisi Jl'fl'11 <
t. 1utnu 1a oe Sa be iilb.J' seal astr ul' __ .
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'mf111"14a t-1 sax ," ,d .1 liar oiu4j'I i : '" "I '. ." ., ."" D' -010<1 "'I"i ".\. "

rNt dguuttltgwrn.Hn 'I"J4c .!JOH.tf! s : t fft j ti t'i .i faer \''s". ... U t;a" :tli vast .\ sa'c: ; }t. e'tiossit abl ,.

( ._. oOt..l-ioi4 ..1"01, .a'A t/ t 1-- .,' : e .',$ ;u.. ** n f1 41. :. v! 1 ,, tt : tlUI'Sltlb! :.ff'io ,
:JWkt '
.: f t -W vim. ._ I' kfJ I.t ,. AI'4'.J'" & :n r,._ ."b rtWUAt1b11. s1111haaa+t rt. n91 .0 Ww" 11' 'W .Zl6wc t I .; tM: .G-W' ". '?., ttJ ;O'.Jt 1 b/Ut '
'! .df1di. .i" i I.tJ { q ,'. tftJ
r ,. T .a w.tt..u..J,a 'lX 4i'1I J. ;" 'T" 'In'-'i.d1 !;rltG e' '
etalrrral bw 1HtUJtlwui i I 'J' t1 .u.J..; filly .. ,.j .T-1..NtJ.b.lL kt. d.tud: Knn.w b .
} .''::1 .. OOd"l t.t (;' ." -t'U: .I'i '
ou t ,'Jt'1 t m-d rdU3pUt'G.1'i'U l : ./i';: Sa,V\ :; lit#"N' I.n; ( s II'.' 'IJ t.O _rr'j'" J ', : ., m_ rr ,_l'fiI1iW ,..., .l-I,,: .',; 1'1 t :: : ..; .: '.'; i err '\l" b'iN"f! : v # ? :
._ JI.4 ,2.aat4"W anm b!...a $ T tttl' Jcl 1 ,:dry rule A\ 1 CJ.lU ut; '111'l' .r 'T/-vv t ''I.N"J"!' ":!;I .' .,,. (1 ..; t., ,. .t .:tjjUl b-1'.11t 1r.' ,
14' .. .. W 'oo'J JtJ11 { 1. "'' ; .. ., .. ; : .
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,\ t .b .4 h. .7. IO- 'a. OJ v 1 II lair-II 'i.oaf tll.1 id.rtl'Sf31" .J 1 d1 II J.j 1..r' rt.t 1 t i.4 ik /'b'rlrrh a;ak'tfisit HW .' j
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: tmrB1' iuw "J'd t ":4ff .* I'i :J11l I4al'; 4tJ 1" '.L.1If lily'i.' ; 1.. C't ,rn'\1I'f '., ,. .'t. 'li"na bf" ,;. ...; 4 lid -1 c .;,:.; :. 1"'M''A:'b "R : ":";.':".;i.n' I, : ,.ir't. !f1:'" "U' i .,t ." i.
!, n100itu'.JM.l".l ht"th.ri. { ,i-lifHU'J ', .. '' .', ", ...'. .
U'W ** 1 : + .:: "t 1 k"'L! ';:- } ,. ..wtuCo."jo.f., & ,' '. r. 1. z 't' l W
'. ,-.. .-' ,' ".' -. .- q, -.. -. .. .:-. : .

1J1t" .. "." '1 'j 'I:'. .:. ...\ ... ;,' .<: 1. .... : r .. ._.. : .. .;. "Y!. tiW \ r'_
td4i. j T. ..
A l ... .. .
--" ..1. .u' It. 0 t.l 'q. Ii. .
.,' JI, .. ,.. n., oft: r.01' ': .'; .' ; _. t .? : _. C" '1'(1 ... :. 7' t ... ,_ .. _' _' r.-. t-l _.. "t >J

I' ;. 70. ;," n '. .co ". ;.. :c. I ... ..: -J. .w r. .' ". 1t- W' 4:' -. ', ," '. ,. w4... a. .. .. S -
z'1t It ..,. ....,. ft' hKD -.. I ; ,,4 f andthat
,or .' : U U u." t10' concertingExe; Ubn'approved February'17taloan. 'of business,1 iaidBoaMoWardeodahhUkeep can eatend hgeac rincilirtuBli eta rb
ai btlt&m ;::1:1I. I ;':aPN''_".. ttiae&lft*. fy'W the-*teVeralstatutes a full and sufficient record;of te,proceeding it! If berdema iaarteeaafterBBotter; ,teaR:

.. 'l/Jf., .,,. ,I I .' : .I .1C)1ICQ.1GUTKl; of this Territory, ;coocernlng a-ounces. ;.whfch':record shall. transferred. to their plied with ofld'her aoTcnxato yyg oftraefl arc-
,I. 1"' .- I! '. ; I ,.MJgelhewrl. oy.., aildatt 17th'M' ;Je8I agars ia office time to time. not disputed,' what wasoa oa mui' can a!lava
'.,.;:....,"n..1', .'I 'imA.. '.i' ', ;Y'sweet", Jltt1e.*. t 011-, also the'4th'ctiJcru' act to"'nmend an ate i SECT.aBf.ir./BrArr; | exacted ,That said Port tobe:i dUn &r tteh>aej63!toK&ir&iij*that S i
'= ,.Mj ztUT7 {uDlT. ': I I Ir : There a no one ah"'roau. :"t'.I.' concerning executions,**approved""" February Wards IbUlb8 entitled demand and rewivethefiUowiagfoc she has not beet aaxiow n 'eftflfcr JT,;when*

t,,. rI"A_ ", -.GU'JrsJJ ,i : I .,i '' ',.MatbesuitifsdKiU! 15tb; 1 bernndtesame aioberebydeclarred yvajt *.. ,?. : -. : o teemedto'b: toairefinb pIvpeues soweHt -
1' I : to ;;extend .to aDd beef full force aDd fed, ./Fejt the first:visit to eurveyatowagetefcargoofver And now(sappose Iwveyonmws

: :;'.1'tn.r.a"ln,." ra4rgsrrulsarsP .I.aii 80&INJ1HI: "It.m aA 1laod within the limits .of' ..the Southern.._ Judicial... .., ,Dia.. ,three:dollars K $ -, j'-- t- -I h.d raw as.a.a.te. teeid txrarrert
,, "ii' ..f1r .f. I otafsIrJ'a, -' ,...,. '
:: :- ... d = tract of Florida ; : sJ8wFbVl84 Forcftch dfecritWtto: game-vessel,two dolt, 4 CRII iQLtj .
'.1. MtcraremarGrarest'.t'Ane4'' Poto-. .us,',' J.. _.0 y.ar.r. aaealal Mrf t I"1 '- pp + $ '4 1N l i krs;: .XpLox ._.' 3 e ... .. -. .,I our 8tate; i>a wdtstBiTlaoit iW.HOti

...''frt.'tietulslitatsartioa? a.d. fV.etsifei..eb.utn.sate. . .j qui -1'I'ri'.t.t4 ". leI" 1J"i.) .M t. For eafiki.survty.or .appraisal ofJirFor diuWgetL God I lotates+esi'laer iarriwedprcapsedlrtepettaWe
'10---: .' an.i+bswrrhar' ateld I r"r =l POi I5P ," 'i1' t.Fd..act 4.toat; Williaa.A Bel to eds. otro.:.fou for.cacbfe& dct ejoles 1eIsN .
&t. ss wiu lwetlaeasas.{ Ad.e.aaui Aed tH a.J bridge and d a dry. :'lr-Jqt f.i1'WdJ. r. 1.f i.:. ..',1i turner has sosr11i1eitlaTtlhesi ,,:'. .a !' .
I 1! .isr. ;-r IJ ,:"rl io..I...E "'" I t. IN .. ; .,

,d1i.IK- 'J\ji., lt .. .
d .
." .t. .... r. ''"J. 4 t A'fI I. ; eN'0ieifseasihet
.! ".., .I' '..0. : ;
ere,h>inm.ls' '," .. st } .'f,., ., .. .
1M busses .w ih '"spoq a not ,,.Co 00.. ....wit!port teIsr\ .' :.. :.11..:. r ,_ .. ";.,7"..' ;
$asdsithb1: ..itbaw;d'sagnetusati -" ost bsiiuf.l. Ease,t I" I building a'bridccand establiahing atj'crrya; -rge.J. r .:"fti- ., Iro .: r ea r. : ";i e-wQI5 tot18ie / .. yr.
.,.> trb ie .Btf.",.'_ (.iat .n 1 xw H sic forIb. parpu..f; tlrewisg 'N..t black'ejeef; lane, .a. the enjoyment of'the right of said bridga and felt dollar and ,z t. s .,_ an*part of tlwr contested terrlt rya't' "
;s, .sad their'atetettl these lft ard. which tspfn.afree I'. 'NorVeau'JDtI'kaowJ.fia:;.of'hloe-;no Ferry t.the term of tveatTyeftr-HPrort4. .For each certificate bsued two dollars&-Pro., ,our ciril,will'aO tJi 'b Wj-. .1i'i

:3"t acraub '''iretM ..sri$0tb.i'proteci oaibt .,' .! I CsaeqaaJ year own f i, cd,'the laid Bell shall-ft,ibe" said B tided:said.Wardera shall in no cassis allowed and*we must therefore abide the-, .n'J.'
I IIi' I regaeatIssas J..5 ,bt eanleta' ,.,I .. Ferry in'odOrder'rt passage of= to charge fees,unless specially called oe. ;j81Q' threatened by Mr.,For.,What those\ .
.,....t"otMn;do> agumf fbemaelre*;to. I. '. VII t bow mI114J1n'praaee.--- and should he fiiil to do so rcrf the space of ninety .1- .;7..& further aucteJiTbat said Board cea may be.ItreraaJMfo ::theEs giisir ,

,:\+Jaa.ept tslor tbs.t.liowiasg g.ds.ssa.sgesnat.f prie s.ad la their obeerve 1 barfaeat.l the follow.., 0 <' And frolics and dance*,. I. /'days;.;all''thtf right restedby this act shall of LPort'Wardens shall within tbs county Of meat to determine, Ifth.r decide ttpet tfc>' '

., ..TMUH jtrJicMOMrTMirFor weekly papers ? ". '.-t-! cease snd be ,forfeited and,should the'said Bell Fraaklte have and exercise the duties of Cora or/orci1Jk.-.u;watrs: .W"Go1a..egwiJf
'Tif U.l ari per Desert, :'.i.wkly> : paper. SUDoIUr < S. S ,. 1\\ fail complete the said work within twelve m sioocra. Wrecks:-and.;by..virtue.thereof be universally swtained: by:tbo 1!peopkv thoJionest ,.
per.sn.oml aed D. .."per* Tea.Dollar*! And now. ,de ret. Kitty! months' after the passage of this act.then hs| :shall take chaxgo.o( aH;.wrecked.beefs, goods I resistance which it will..bo be&adto: of-,>
per annual. In all case payable in advance and 'no .Its not very pretty $5 rJgbt to'build abridge anc estabTb, a Ferry over l and.other;property stranded by Ihejdamages of er.- .i. '9 It t
yaw-JI'8"W.1e.dM till tbea.eas.r II paid 1 Indeed. U'*B ply r- the Little Bayou;shall be void.* r.. I the. ea'iv.subject qowever, to the control M; the : But Mr..FoTsyth;not oalyt,-'ana ye of
"., lilt T **i..r D.UTWI.-IJJI(ewFle; ware of : : > k.pmeb'lOrn.;!. SECT. 2. a&s further' enacted,..That\rthaaid\ I'pirncrs or,.!rigentr sadsaidWatrdessactlag cam with the ksoteal demand ofHr.;Foxy
J. i' _X;or an adtertieeBent occupying the .naceI bat chime "' ..:' Bell shall,be entitled to reccire such tot),and be a*saId commissioners.. "II bale;ppwer,an4 use but Sip8c8: turn,' d nands the withdrawal ot
tar aadeabycab'orblakpforrtheEntsasertsoa.JOO.'wordttGl'u..I..t.niMmeal; ex,* 8 Well? "
: cd e county court of Eel WJ'b lit county,and andshalifollow and &responsible:for tho eoiye teaeet whih
lor ;
.ad. T5 cent each .e DUau.tioa. Two lor more 8w" .Capid,for Hymen, .j -. t.l, Stray
r eywee ia-tbe-eaate.."..tieel' >Advertieinentcoatabtiof And, be married. tomorrowFreaille this future L gi l torcs' of the Territory, or State, observe the rules I and.regulations customary -IAthe ensue upoaarefusal comply wHh A6 de.
of Florida."* rc VnitedStatef'in'am''fe" and, .Ne shall tIIe'deckiotllOCGrea
t one and.half Minaret, and leu than wev .. see t 1oag1s l
r' ..iubeabued'1i' two, Whore adrettiMment .: f"fw&' rfccr &.Be tIl1't1erlUctel.vThntthe.ng1gien t ..":.Seer...8'j'Be'ilfa&IICT'::enacted,;Thaisaid.War- ;Britain ia:ups thtffde.t. ;If sfeo''-
I r ivat wkboot aoy, ,ppeeiali direction M to the number'ofhiierttin to said,.Bell by an act ap roved February dens"may: demand and receive as compensationfor terminslto.CG8IiOU8 her troops'uty0n .troa1 f
, S 1 'i :quad.u will be anderitood that they Ahslyosi herald TOm.JU.lT'OSQvrtOo of a race accent j., 15th, 1834.to a right to* build','a .Bridge over their services,.when' acting acenmissioners 1. there b,bat one course Milo:UaHnd Stales# to'
e, :,r<.t -tete, aIilJ.w4the, rfigkrietlsrbe I 1 feel TOUT stinsj" Bayou Grande, be so amended 'extend the of'.Wrecks;;five per cent oi.the!Value of property I adopt-the >caxwion ''amt". r irf4fc'era'isisi
a. ,..;.cantistwd *t the ,di efetion of t"\the pnblbber sad J .Y bearJ'oar.&ruw-little thing t : 'en ymendtbe right to said bridge to.the. term, rescued'or.preserved by them;;or ten dollars per 1 b t;This use l4N be

ad |I-. #HLao'wb1 darted accorffiug to the the foregtiuir reTe7pnbr rate,i Legal fixed) add Tot!.mU wed little devil yoo t, How dorrt- twenty years, from;the date,of this act,subject dailoattending, to such preservation're. bye every=ifeatioQofkonoc ted j_*iee;and' .
, will' t from this mJe.n u For you drink toy blood to quench your rtcjaf Alien f to all. the restrictions contained In said stet.Stci. cue. ig addition to the e ipeUaeaslncnrredtStcri there is no patriot ia the:kod wIio d'aet'fus- -.
,. t. bjr.Uw,' only,14 sz :aped. : Come 1)104 Ibtblocd'yon wretch! TU bard to kill. Bait/ "'CTacto ,:That thi act shall 9. Be'furtker enacted?.That np person larrtit t t'': Xl;
t '
fiO '
eluding year!.aJretti eoie mrrontra.Te -- : .
I iiy ad.ertwera wh!?r nw'ibeir aavortUenwrit, When Ms ay.wa blood am doomed. to f pffl;\ 'at ao ;tire b*'"subjected.tol..the'iunend ; JWI'1ici appointed Port Wardenforthe: Port of t, e,' )1 ; .
, t"* jf win ie charted 950) ,aad aBewed"iKe"ejMeo of four Drink deep,,and.ff the red win*till.ye.*..b nt j modincation. repeal'of any future Legislative' Apalachto ";or'perform ties.tb.a t (EFros hs'1ir.4WegrapL.l) .,;

't tdll.ih.-1Ia.; we.ttyIpaPe1na I : ., ottlu'atnI ,TiijoorU.tbeWTrall.MVuyMtrfiTrtiY. to die OQ.,' sundint the brink-- jOfdiukand )' CouncttV rf ? srr thecabantlioaewbeaeap iatmenl.ai! required I We have been favored by Judge Befrieff Wit& .:
". .t pace ia the asap!and triweekly paper*.and 9100 in'M oare got look on"'". ., .I under i ace and that au acte xitsofacts. an answer regarding the letter bt Gen Ifarraon- 41 .
, : dally p per .: Where the a3"cmtenMitt*overrnn4 Ceme..ayyear slthocaas.you* ,be ready Tot.the,wont t : No. 5'An act to Iniorporaic'the'' LaJayejlo Engintf cpfictingw4h( ,this. acty.beanduie. ; same are:J onj.the.'subject: ,of; .vey.1''' .We'tubrmtJudgirBerrien's .. ;
prayer >
t' \ r:epaco atowed.the tzcea tP be chared by the. 1 .Oaeo-t"ict-oa instant only to repent VouJ"Dk !' \\1 : and Hose Company of Key West z hereby repeafcd. 7 7 A c., \ -letter without R comment. 'Wef ar.Tanxioua
t1 idtertisemosni (rota a 4i.teoct.taastbe pc I SECT.. 1. Be,it enacted thk GoternoranJ LeitletittCoujicH ::1'A rotredFenby Id 'I84U: that ntice she M be done
otaewbere.and Ger.
I Asst iodiwiib the tnnacy, 0'. a rerpectablp town wretch!Go down. .IO .. say, sent 10. by ...or, l __ }I } every # '
of Territory tf Florida, That Ilarmon clout
i; L. Ie alit beaireae n:1BW f. elks or-an political oppo&cntan-i.
' :c All aancuraeeaMnte of a.dLdatretor offices win boDoUera AWrIII.wr1fil'.' I A. Thouron, Alexander. Patterson- Henry Nis'7Aa a for.the relief! of Joh"n!aa., ,, hope.to see the following extensively copied! bV;
'Fir, for buerUoa darin,the anw I Warren,Samuel 8. Vail t Francis A: Mabetty,' WKereatt It has been madetoaPecap this tho journalists of tawpartr.} Unavoidable ab".
' 1-- / -- Henry Williams'Benjamin H. JKerr, Gilbert Lcgislative'Council'that Aroen Bryan, wife ofJ6hn sence from-our office yesterday, aIci&tet'kept the
[f''f i. per a jareenawsdoatMMa4iMkBtloiiao'0i) ividoal.ffalr| I I Francis.McKenzic Charles 8, Finley,'.:Samuel and eloped'from the said'John her lawful I '.' __.... .. .. .-
, 1Ii-"t pd*, ,ft: MW iaTeftWn new goods.isew. tabli>h> to L, I S.Constant Robert Clark,James Duke,Stephen husband;and 6 aow.UYing"ittatdatterywih: one ,; 8AV. An,.8ihAPrr1,1'iVJX; ,
''J''r' "tIII aijdte *,aW the tike;win ho chaffed at the 1 K.Mallory, Frederick;Try,:;William Curry,' .Daniel.'Fuller; and 'whereatVjor the, est tree, : :-I :bat delayed twwenng J McMl:

? ', Ease H.teie.senb Li. eheY be: each esaabGshera. <. John. 'Sutharic,; Boo Dls' Arcaer;:'Fredencki8 ytar.la's.of. UiejadiaAtrouMes in, aJa in..your ppor.itwday,test'to enable i
.; d; .d lisp! ** .*M. toaZrtl ," Muwea,*"114er! ; >aer eo,"Jamef rtlet; ''boIi; cpl6:.lao t'a | t. _+ Jo'4accrtttia-a by:'. TiJ ''_of rajf .
;'t....1.' ataf l'IIlI.lIl I ikttf VtpertI wratbeut I find:: their assocktctsf and tbey rare:bend, iccorporated s I II tioa could be made by the said Jolp'Bryaa fora pens 1 if 1 bad prsaervcd.tb le ert wW
+' *:ta 4al.p ''I shlbi smbtt be forihe ba: I by the.lanaeand. _lie of thc La-; diY bas.been or u likely. so soon, to': be-held' ia, Jew,L,hirer:diHgrat'euclJjl'iBufbeel'J'. :'
.easwstdot! .ft.A.t .tb4'artataaof; the 4eTiefMnt* :I fayetto.Engine and,Hose,.eom of.,Key saidcomty- Columbia; "- __. able to find k..believe,therefore,'tfeat if ha* '
v .r i.vl tae ..ablisbaateat, ..B bet'i Jll.aUf copied West/* with bower to sue and be sued;lead and ;_ "Now;therefore.,,for' the relief oflhe. 'said Johnt been lost., :ilaTia ,nowcvernxpcrfi recollection ; :
I" '
'$ :."or,.Trasnoxt'or Fumroi '!Ute be irapleaded, and to ordain establish and put Bryan:' '* "/.,'*" "'. oC its content,IdonotteddfeposedtowUIi- :
: '_ ..tr'.loa"HIt'f..eouicIered u.'sub and tai. THE 'THSESSIO*,OrTRKCov '.LresiT.& wz. in execution such' .laws,rules and regulations, 1 r SICT.-1. Be'fit' enacted by&c. ffovernbrand tegislatirc hold the statement of them. T .
: h jtDcnU dcraaaded CD.d.!j {c'1'Jeet front pllt: cuu as they.may-deem necessary,:and expedient for (XurcOty Territory: of Florida, That ,The letter embraced three ppfcl:. '. '
po es TbTJriftMof tbe government of Aid company.. ; :. the said John Bryan be and he is hereby,. ]r.Gen..Harmon dented the right of Con jrcsr- ; ,
\ JAt .1I.M sac rli.wi s Card. I No tp -AN'ACT to alter a d'fiithe time of hokdingxbe 1 i' Sac?.2.Be it further;enacted. That the officers ed Iron'his said"wife,;Aroelia ;Bryan; and :that to abolish slavery in the State, or In daD District1

,'I; SuP S ckt5perpfoklipaek$3perpafkjover3paek UandiMlJi I f5. PemnhleU 94, : Superior,Courts,of Walton county.SICT. .', of said company shall consist of one'President, the said John Bryan bo.rcstored to all hb'rights, of Columbia, r ,' ,' t. i -
,. a I' ",f pet*per.. Blank footedp and.letter",.$58S per ream per- : .,,L, ,iBe it enacted bv)Ute Governor and Le one,Vico President,'a Secretary,' a Treasurer. ., as.Poly as', ,if he had 'never' been:married to his 2.. He expressed the::opiuiori that.thd Tariff' '
>M pertain I fcK*poet fft p**qaire--940jMr ... iilatire Council tfkt Territory,of Florida*That and first, second and third Directors.. ._ saidwifo,Amelia: .; compromise ought to remain'undisturbedr"f
.e ,Theatre or eiren*biH, MTer less than 95 per 114. the Spring,Term of the Sapenor Court of,Wale. SECT:'3,5 Be itfuriketenacied,, That there,shall SECt: 2. be itfur&e'eaactedt:That f the children .3.' Ho repudiated the'practice of raakteg p-
; ,,and M hitb a* 910,.ceordinf to atxevJ ton county shall be held on tho fourth Monday be an-annual election for said,, officers, on the of said John'Bryan and Amelia, herein lawful pointmcntatoothhoetheewardbfparta i let:.
'I" 4th'TBOitoames*f rirawnwn, and other tnvellinf in:April, and the Fall Term on the fourth Monday first Monday in 'May each'and every year, wedlock-,and.befora the abandonment of said A. &, *" '"
.'' pMteitienaJ.character,who jo;off wUhoat. prying in November. during the continuance'of this act : melia'of her said husband.,shall not. by this act 1fJnts was the purport cf the';letter J ; ''t did not .
t ...' naWltptlnlinf bilk.absl o p-d .. 1M black" bet, Approved the 4th'Fcbruary1840.' .'.Bier...,!;Be it fvrtlier enacted That in case of, be. rendered iUegitimata. -. '. ask Gen. Harrison's opinion/because doubted '

. w.-'Tfee-dmibnebed above two for the not benefit to:iafftet of tIM..,craft..ptCfalellltiq -. d. alarm from the burning of chimney or from I Approved,Fe..ruarf'18' it. ;Haring ;been ia Intimateifltercourw with
natraet of the Dot contract vanantfrom No 2, An Act to authorise 'John H. Miller to arising on any dwelling btwseorbuildln g with. him tor several years I knew that Wa views.werc''
, present year. establish'' River in the limits of West at which the said' sea,l13.-AriactPdeclaring; Blactwaterriveria ; with .t '
I them win ant bo renewed., a Ferry;>lctves'the'Eacarnbla Key a accordant ray t : : :
f r 'Tbo. Edlun and Pnblithcri r'S.'sho. e name I at Qwen'i Lake; Company with their Engine shall appear in'time favi'bteatrearn I 't' ; Iaarri = .
.A.+te Jb rMthta anneled., ptedje thenwelraain honor. SCCT. "K,Be enacted by the, Qotemor and Le. !. to aid in cxlinguishingohe.same, they shall, in .fait eenaeted6y'the' GoriraoiandLegailadr. ,- 5' :JNo. J'dACP ftBEKRlEN-;
:L toO.&,.**the other lo,observe the..Ibrccoioc .Bnle*. Jr Wise Council of the.Territory Florida That. every such case be entitled to and receive from Council'flt, Territory'ofFlorida.7bai: l&ck- to tho EditOr of tbo Dafly'Telegraph.....
. :w.ia,7thwa sgetns' ,n&of Ibt buitnet* of their aifiereat, John 'H.: Miller-;,.nd] he is,hereby.invested the owner of said dwelling or building. 'the sum" water river,;ia c the, county of.Escambia. be L IT We'can!asswo''our!'readers that it is not'
', '.t..bUabWntt. with the ii btr.and power establish a Ferry of. five dollars for their.services..". -' henceforth considered a navigable stream from' with reluctance we publish tho foregoing letter:
' :. LC.. E BARTLETT,1JOSEPH and charged with the duty of keeping the same r Stcrv 5. And be it further enacted, That this the mouth Panther'creek' to.the mouth. 'of. the. We are sincerely desfrous:that:tfeo position in
w ;h".,a .1M .AiGcWl4... -. in:repair,across the Escambia River at Owen's act shall be, and .continue in .force',for three said, Blackwater river.. which,General flahisoa wands should be well! '
CROSKKY.. Lake and the said John from its February.SOth 1840 defined and onderstoodV,. We do wish to '
,, 'III II.A.t.e1ic Carrier. in Escambia.Countyj; years 1 Approved *. not; act
J> 1.11k WF.BB.. ; H.-Miller:shall"continue:in the enjoyment of Approved 8th FebJlSKJl : unjustly towards man whom a krge' nwnSer oftbecit..ens'
..1 >Ue T.UA Mca SUr.SASJVb. ., said Ferry,forand during the term of twenty Fm dt'I'.4. of thb county consider as Welt qua!.
.'B1BLEY.J.Mi.UQULO .- yean It Fronted The said John IL,Miller:shall No. a An act to establish a.Board ofPort War. Tax'BotmoAir* There* seems to' be no'dto ificdfor)he high station,lo)which ho aspire*-

4' .t4.T.tlshause n.n&.. so I long keep Jhe.jsnid, Ferry jn coed repairs.Provided dens"vmd Commissioners{ Wrecks for.the. British_ a influence,__t, .We' 'do not know'whether__ We::mint !confcsSw*"however,. that-:wa'wen not
"." ,; never&clett, :This act shall 1 not,operate Port of'A Iaehicoi.tit . JKngiana desires war or not,'or'whetner'as Mr. much disposed to publish the letter of John l'Berrien \
.., ._ :. tlIMJ1tIritI. nmu .' to the detriment of.any Ferry heretofore eltJ". SICT. 1. Be enacted by the Governor andLetntlatite Webster,'pretends,'her disposition Ii decidedlypoem ,.because it discloses ncWdcfoitiondf
; ;eI1ce.i, bsbed by 4W.' ,: ISE Council of the Territory:tf Florida,That / ;but it certainly' rl to'us that'_if she principles of General Harri3vaibeeaJ otho
Vv, LL" ei'M..cUim tpiatt, the estate olirATHANIEfrSTEl'CltS 2. Beit further enacted.,That it shall be from* and r'tbe passage of this ltd,the Gov-L wuaftSJouito produce collision with'Americat voatei,wfa .c.&ho"Gvw" .Toned at
' .s' A late of St. Johns ,unlawful for any person.or.pcraons toettabliih ernor bet and he is hereby authored to appoint, she could:not take course more likely to occasion tdrtout tieft n in the same ntradictory
t r'. "'"Coaatydse4 are hetebf Matted to tae tkeU retpec'Khe and keep a Ferry on the said Escambia River, with the,adulco and consent of:,the w Leosktive each a"rcsulf;than that which'she has recent, condition ihejr.wcro teforo HJ:leWof appeared.
s ; \dear..d UJy, sue, .widw'' Ihs tin wJthin.thretmif" 8 North and South of''and at Council.from among the citizens. .of Apaiachico- ly.pursued on the subject cf tho'Boundary" But the letter twill*y Jhe rounds of.the Whig
iprwcribed by Uw) sand tfcotd who are la any. way' .ia. the place,aforesaid"except'H be for his or their la", five 4i crect and,proper, persotM,"who"shall a* r'-howidonsa'tters'stand I la tho flrst pressei, and'Indefinite aa really ,MUCh will .
., W.
II M fcreha iW. 4Ti W. eATE3 tell ( "1 . ,?1Sacs. Apalachicola, and have''power''and authorityt'do of"bur territoryiof In TlofaBod .,Dot.only IM can make of the three potew embraced In the .
a. R fJ.Jrif.IniIM.t ..3.. &'itfurtker.encld, That itahaUbo' aU.eta'and thiagsr generally,done and per. ,her:, 'great: arcs tY''obit to i)1..ilf'reef tetter of General Harrison to Judge Berrien.t *
r ..... ., .. : .' the duty'of the said John H.Miller,hIS heirs and .formed Port Wardens cotnmsrciAl cite} *'2' contravention of the arrangements enteredInto lodge Berries states tteti! kit fettef 6eaeraU
br m nl ,.botjbet leaf J.nturaed from'.a. I tiaaigns''to keep tat all times a good and s, m- fixer,'a Be it further erg That,'the Port by .her,authorities tot year= iie hH,taken H4rrte d 1 ., .wish w iwertadi er.he 1&teII' 'ubios ofw I I cleat tat'or. 'eralt;.keAeieftt.illlfto'er0e8> a Wardens so appointed, shall hold their office military po>ws wav.we say,aad prepared herself .Y'e IetheStatesornt DiStrktQt CeIum.
.,iewebT&o MasaaselajIetthaat;ssuhp4 .ii-h the tali 1Vert6.4 be. o ..+ \IIIa'.' blTIoflaa, 'Among hie..a. receiM such toll as may be fixed:by the Couaty by deatbTeslgnaUoa"'or otherwise,of aey mem Ufon oar.IQi1"of the t permanent"character laralioe tadeanite;as k'isj tart hel "'D-mal-' 7eelaaclp
t ..".orttais.taf5MbendJ, y\.1.- ., ,'rtt Court of Esearabia county.'And be subject; to thee her of said Board :so;appointed,the Board sfeill '- ._ \ "* .- tiedera nrciatt-a..IJ.B.tha't'
t .,> 't J:1Rt ire. and aierpleeroru order of said.courted such larva a*maybe now be andthey..are nercby.authorbed. at all times Wht1oKa1Do'1 aatJ'eomp1a1ftici of fit,.OoePftnplled'l hJsh"l..tOJMtra; JIemeo. .
" 8- i.ted, 1 aIa--,;Fsl t@r+ :.iAcJSD" force'or ffiBr bebefcafter t passed!by AeLegtslativa to fill,such vacancy, or .vacandea,.;"b 1'the ape this gross and.-eta le oattagc,'and the National In aberrated speech delivered at Cheviot,on J
"P. istd "7ea Pp.rwas''; hadlap, Bar Council'of Florida,ia retetioa to Ferriev. pointment of,loch other propel. :persons,'as they. j Government is demanding ha irnmed fate tie 4th of July,'ISaa,he says,t&eeiA I'be ssk.edifthereisnowaybywhidttfeeGeBRrttlGo:
.4,1tDt--; wd.ait des or; .tlal.ii.. s).,$!.Clr,4.\B !' ,' tAppt.r ""1dtUtaL'Ud lied.u 8peduleprRstb ,cball at any time|be subject.Id the amendment, ,bier.,.. Be ;fur&tr; ,;enacted.'That the said British' Minister I as'if ta odd Insult-to injury,. Jemme caD aid t caBsoofeniwidpattkjc, t
..' redwadpiaa Wtot'Ct : :modification br repeal of any. future Legislature. Boardshall at its,(first meeting, appoint one of with.aimbserableAndrUnkunderd"cbrapfaunt a. answer tfeaf,hat long heea_:object near my
XJioctt and
.'' -karied.,_llA-lat at C.tIerJ,BesU, Ktr.Vwkh, : -" .a. State or Terrilorial.Approved 't" -' their bwp members to be Master Warden of the Rioinhe State orMaineTand instead of mat-l heart to see the.whole of.tos> plasfcronuuap.proprkted .
And.uramy of irc1es,.numerous 10 mention' i'' 8th Feb. 1840. Port, whole'duty}at shall bolo e that the Bye: rag.any.*araesds whatever'for the;Ja to that object. iWUh.the'--' of "
s :x.'IC Wssrh' sad Clede'teptaitinj'tarried b.4ar eusl-- f. : laws and regulaUoas of the said Board, =., ..'erhkTirta ie+i aslt TbiDabceid ',No.akt; 0 repeal the second section of an the kws of.the United Stttesorof; the withdrawal:of Maine's dtil poue:from: the, tee to.'bo aoM lflli n801i .'to to brng:
MrL $edisea.g.pletasaeee psrtshswi iall'lethsnrtet'soevee.twad 'acd entitled'att'act to'alter the time and man. the-T.tory"of. Floi ida are carried into effect, contested,rY.t''Na1':1ie' goes,far hsr.-. .'he voCstt.ttt8fl9nGO*>r ;embracing dot only The!COtOOt*
1 iiaiia..< oahm,ae* of the _rWlli -the'Coasty'Courts In Monroe' and for that purpose' he hereby'made and coot.atltuteder ikreaim trs wjtti.the most catJoa l those'tbat:i arbor" fireed
.t'h :r'J. J'tfCCY.. : .f :reoaay,surd _trJ.the aevereJ+ "'Tcapect.Ucg tia ayueedoebtlhePbece.: _"> \r less his bUt 'dsman istlith I: baft.the purcfaasd of tte freedom of otSeefct'By a
*" 7...1._. ..- ._-.u 1 &oJ ; 'I' Encattoat into and outer flip SoetfeernJu-. I .,4.DaY f nertlei' l4iettiJftat11I6111dWanIeDIt This then fa the. :'poeHiori things D'ee is tealousprosecution of the plan formed upoaihatdistaatV
.c : .tt.t1';;.8 it ll.4eC+ dickl District of Florida. before enteriag oa the datias of their quartered upon our/toil,an ,J-'ol.l; basis t.1ooktemMIG-aaaybot far
teal a.,. .t4o)a.etpte iofnL'il1LrP1lrA Saer.l.fIt1mMr end I*. ofltee,saatt MY\nJ11JII-path:iawriUfigi fee ting any intention retire;actually'demands of'u .J t when,a,Forth-A e lead Serf weoJdi not
,I;S B.AlIt,., d t Bb J obaei J.ft .era ?seed., II c..ao 2ftji ofFJwidt, That fore,the Clerk of the count...duoharge. tSek *ti withdraw our own *beDl.t'ADd.1et Jww look down 011 a Jll4re.f .He here ads its the coo*
,.' "y e' :, '2dl ctjoa:otthe tttJ ( f to alter duty'as Port Wardens; t fully., aily.and; we aroujl.tqrJtt,.WeiterjMt'England-s in. stituyoBtl powftfof C oegr ss::to abolish slavery
alpasattearsdrttitatth9aliwlip ...tr1 I *\ifM.-- n1t ehoh4legthea> X.eoertiii impartially;wi&bJBtieari t+svoror ,to tentioBsarejdl. m taaatdJ y theBaagorW by jMaaneipfttb*and porchaoe;with theossen: :
,, 'eM tbaeaf1OblliMn+1/NwanteeMifrtM .ot11'e1I8atYNa ;.'.olhe! n;pass tin btttrf tfcteskit v& ft.SECT. .. I NKUVs7t V iHff, ** Deed),,%!* !ear f.ful i.r _- _.. ofthe: slave holding States.', It is dear torn that
J.-" 'BUttlt f'1ltaiailstr'iia' f and 1886'aad approved February ft. .ilhM aYRl.U\ Jffe suppq Great Brttia,u:rcr& Mlong; ;avsh if tfce General.Governmo l,:'haCtSefiowertoermaneipate >
! A Y Adminhrster. 14th 1885 be, and the same is hsreby repealed.Btn and two other wardens Bald Board shall at "can'hard her own way do not sarithat the save appropriating to>Uwt .
it A..lIarda Id, 1840. | 3. Be ill! frtT>

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I rtity4ay

ii I 11ia1liC. TIle .. W. .stt
"Fr. sat tb ..:
'i i the;power to abolish slavery whe iss,with exlerc' whichtb be Jii tartynod. ST. AUGINEt I the
hanicl nIght the
1 Who is of 'S
I or without the consent of the holding mesa DPd __ of the .
,. j ', States. In the language a disti ': mem- sum rms of 'nolcn. age FrIda .Ma 18,18 ri man..t c his frie Is b CtIrrrrd. i.> .dt

: ; her'of the Virginia Legislature, ge 01 d ver, + to yett'MKdattce l irincipU at P !b'ma4., the the tin,| after dtumsHsc.at.

Gen. Harrison's speech,figdisc the l rnoajjndenciai the' In tey shoaMjcndea- + 1__ 'thing scan the rich.accomp hispurposes 'era! days,there was aa*uxssti ',. AM&
t ,
dreadful roof of the dipoaSbrts a 'VWl to'*** ke thcmse v** IMBiiWfQ( HM* A4Jdian .. '
> 35
DemocraticOppeStsoato Platform, with all his wealth without the me- only Whig and 3 LocoFo'whom '
of his feeUafs and principles; and presents the in every particular, which would enable a National Bank,as fraught with ., .
I' subject to the country in the most exceptionable them to play well their part when on the stage danger fo our free institutions and the liberties of chanic's labor I-and is it,not the mechanic who went there not for the .. N'1t

and alarming form. ,If it be not characterized of the'sylvan theatre. Each one should be furnished .Uwxpeoplc,from/fta necessarily 4 great makes the rich man's wealth available log their sentiments, but Jeftlill VV. r' ,:.

a r byi that fronted violence which marks the wild with a dress, similar tatfaat ct tbe fetem; .I! r oyr t be gat ieralc qc cyt 1. The rich man has money foi which he buys Tho Grand Sachem'was absest,'. '- s sa' .

I i projects infuriated fanaticism it asserts the nole. Instead, however, othatfogilnflSlegcaf'kttd .b'USiDesso" 't h e coon try.-0 RPa lti"IfIt to-the re- J.imo.aDd.aJ i1i tm sheVmecbamo t.ton &racke'Nri. ._ .__ .
constitutional power of Congress over tho subject, it is recommended that they should nave .' &. ':-: '
'"*irtd&lnasi SS6'b&yplaii r Mtwns, bliclrSltTd"tfOw"ery tsghf"Theau and in:practice, ,.as and requiring a radical upon whatever he is etoploycd. The mechanic A speech was made and '\ .6

which in the incipient,, stages of the question, would be a protection to the leg, as well as giv 'refcrni unsafe A tStalseparaiiorl of the fiscal concerns is necessary to the rich man,who lives without 1 1 seems our suggestion of last week,,:' h .. .
mdy be expected to receive the countenancejolfuajJowerfulparty.ofthepeola f it the proper cbtour.l They should wear moccasiiis and ed and the Floriduaar"Ii fl 'a C
of the Government from all banking institutionsas labor, and:who:'has his tastes, wants; appetite .i.J.
** .bottom which
\ wath.1h der .usual /
V j. % the best for the preservation of our the conpWl.rMlu.w DG* "
guarantee to gratify and must needs employ ,
.edge Berrien **&**\ n his letter}.fenerul'I would serve to preserve the foot, would tic much rld '
.M -TtoflioneXpre *the;1ii iniu&'thatthetTarip lighter tbau a uoe, and would tend,at the same 1Stipaallldde all' based)+n sound nt rinci- roechaic. If he.has houses to build, the me." meat. of.'If Ptter.4 L!._ .. # >,
to banks -V
"' e romiso'' asg ht '.rem aiatupdiurbed4eu;: : jime,. tojeccivji t tbe, caeitly' ,loagttiepatwte.f ''PI support les"ivltbit6d'ibirt" lilid'd"is"'upon ltioaat'times, .thanJc"r St t1 rT1 nltivates a farm, he -
( cral 1 "rrstaa'tdiructlyd'eniei what admitted I tho iracksr A sign should be about their dress bills in Gold and anekpress'provisioh requires therassistance;of the and, roechanicria -M ,
edcem laborer
and ,
h to their .Silver : I... ,.
y J hi to eaablu them each other from tha .
AU distinguish
to. wj>f>ort rt ia UMl eorth and:iu the wwfc i 4 & 1 _
in aU'bankehartersrequiring the rich man's vanity ;
.nwhatMiwiwiited hi. .Jn tho'languagernffci I Iadiatsa,. ,a f.; t -' short wiatevcr Some of the pond/aa tae H"
I u ;v "wri""ed .:citizerruf: Virih&.I !Alter Ihey:arc>"equipped."a14Jadiiiit."j each' le'. _iorijcflMir socamtyrio{i be given i tpecie tp;lhq'm tate/or Jerxan 4 and the ambitiooor aQ titel.prompts, him to have rather running ofl&About 18 ,
h .. hfr facer the AmerkJan'' man shoulu bcwppikdwith one of Colt's rifle; .tp \ done he is call' mechanIC and \J' 1---
't r.: t MW.; people. >1.'' -" sal .u:r..cctiono auaas. s. lion obliged to' tipjon ; 'lid e.iii di.thaa .
I&magpore a breed ol Cult'ur Cochrane's a- bowie r\
obagairwaocoaare.thao r
' : i' General pistols control ,l laborer, and therefore mechaflic IS more the
'to'lM ; ; '
*$ of 4eCcguJature.V Alachaa rad:ff andishadry.
1 catty .
_ .1 kuifc and I
sbi Jt.JIc rare his vote, a(small hatchet pocket'compass; such .H 'r- .
*, r', t ':.( r&h8.. JKfHllt.. "tat bill bf a aatiou;' other articles as propriety,!would suggest." Iti- !< ;CToayo U ncc .explaining principles friend of;lhe"rich man, than the latter is of the fAa si&jtfiitK wWiwa :

.. t.. ". ;.'J.B''J it -,.+der..... ''tW.J J.t.' stood ofusing waggons to
; ': i '+ 4a'Isddfeptflaangrieuiturali sary baggage, it u;:1! } euded'lhat'Ih"N' er'than' a '(March mud/roany' of the Northern There isiu l w eia'spendiflg:1' : money when tre'and it wasTfeserrVed as similar to tfa-j ;

:!. i i.;. ocie'.'Kpbio,J MayAV-I believe that!not pne. shuOld ;tier unej; 'pack-mule to'suyJi nutk The Loco.Foco kee the atove'creWBtahding one can.'r belp(t. 1"'TI<;I bOr'.is worthyof .Its'"afa'IHnaol:. J. tc.fl' J' '. '- awttybat'' ;
; papers
of tlierCrilewiiiolvyrep .
. ,plied from the tariff mules would be able to sutticientfohige, his ifis .- .w 1-n : '.1
.,:.:.havo MWtMd,kM fliitteesfadmit.' ass.Uaiprovisioansac.,4tortlritmergtalsst a ,at the head of. thelrJcplurnns. It is'a'good :one bran'and no frientWilPin being Aimf '-" .. .

*; 1I/'s1' 'I !Pfd(roorl k but bavO 1 ea considerable leagthoT, time,as they coald subvistin .and...Ana_1:be p ioitablT'cmntnitted.t memo. rY'1' b 1 by .ric&'manYforthe. <* ""t-l-'f fn"fetunrgels< > value i'i'i'1ofrcoltctaUh je- ; > ktis 8itrJ. aifm a,'s, .aar i.. -. f' *kUcmanwlid

>, V labfelHSJMfc SSfcU'' ."t Jasb 1 4..t 'JM Ute/toUt.'otl1bG.n-: part,on the excellent-z grass; wtucb abound* eVAI'Y- I.- freciria-.-_..-_,.... ...-\ '. ,.d,-<- .-'" ,.'..'J- eiYY apcials; owof;the thu .-<. ...... "...L7Jtu.."..."- .. -.-
i i iiHt>iuMi"-iFp ''w$ r i" III .1 ,. En here(Is'a:set of pretended :SICK'>mEr'i1bluster 'wrthatiboit1..tbquasa4ets '
t ,. .. H a e x Imh fonts,,uuTsnouui, when necessary \ C" yes
t." I' *t tc bP..Whether.under> Apt'cIriuzn J ,'construct widat I.ir.Jla ; an",Indian ; i B!! uri'O'.Ge 'w. YDi; will.I .!,assume and spuiae jezcecdingljfe l '>about ""public. plelcly'l drained..1 :Not ftlIa t V V rrelater x

I L. ..,,.U.wWwg toabofidon tho tariff lua which jvouW answer;every. prlrposr'asid the cpbjraaniof Army in FloWda/jfif soon'as spirit* ads'friefi&hipn towards mechanics; rcmalnedla ilia 1iie ', 4 ':

&K .*M'". "t .= sibs iitagrer- .would be oo-seaftocruw to.iiidittn.t Qcn 'I'e irtrtetlres'whfCb"wund.istesidrill; ,who bask'in the'a "licuicral''sunshine of the la-' .. QthcorI'/.ex"t atrot wty .
. .. t/N rfuaw This to ce should.be divided into 10 grand di- ,.'be.so5n.-' .' ofsomcVaiih Bank, and are seen about the ,.
r That"the OheITo s
:r.W COTperwi A end, mloaseJJdteoclil, division' intooubldlvisions. ena are: .lie
graft tntrfttnakernfricridMjfid > '
dbve" ---"
.; ."! no rAartMtfvrdetr produce.tad this'wate of Each grand and sub division would, of doors like pigeons'' round :a 3 cole. Theserich .'"strtams!, .wr'"h'clIih. c" ..." i
;:'T' ; '.(... c .bpdastiadtyttaced'to; :.thean;.;''i 'course,'contain oO and fitf men reajpecUvely. 'The '''PatnckNobteGovernor"o:South\Car6lina, men %are. nsrsjr'f'their rajmes.on little eotnmuniratioohave, frompents ..

-. '. '",.w'then inrtaasdy g4ve 1D1YOlCe for I 'na4Ii- grand direr should operate indifferent parts died nt hb sidc',''* Abbcriile. District. .. on pieces.paperJno bigger than.a man's hasid% removed and altoaaVfre "If .-

'1. ', i: .f t1oDO that-H oontaysaee.wauld tjde"{.TCJK J-vvea, u be usaooiasuiiJhtnk beaeficlatto ,I should ot'tbd country rind a Suitable, :'So soon place, astthe" il'nould grand''.''division lorrq a .the,7tn ofArpriL'ba.Setiatoi'}1 : r: -,' t? '. :' ; in the capital. s oclcof one J thesQ.machines arid I or'that(the ctis(o 'Ltacstono ttu, N

; ..Hugh ,Ljt White, ,of Tennessee get in return 'some.otherJUttle: pieces of paper, na.Uet it off 'The ,where'tbb .
: 1\,' 4 major.ity.oCthe; CI At ricaa people. Thin IUf. temporary depot ,Here they'should= leave the '"' spot z
:', I ,'sfiJ'r".i, wl+ac Ikbt the opinion of Gen;j l males and baggage-under tne,guard bf one of .has died.. /. ,prettily printed on,- and inCdl.by somebodycalled 'was'running'tat''apjTS'- earrd. eWfti 1 't .
" J ;. ,# Jis/risoeii> to tie viewed m regard.to 'a'protecivetoriTafld .thesub-divUuns;:each'one"performing"thb duty *-* *" MM M- MMnMMM- < M-*-MHM- President and Cashier, promising to pay -*..- -,_ .*-" --- -.t ..K'

." : I' ;,, Ike tariff coeipromisc.' 1 ; in succeWi6n> Tb9 remaining divisions' .D arrbogartliliConicfcace keepen. to somebody else'any'n'umBcr_ .of. oUm! Ali d : v '. .. 4,
. ';: t : ;: In nis letter td Judge ,&m'enu-Gen. Harrison tbould'theh 'diverge.from the'depot,each maucarryingprovision' -;ltapp rs'!thu'tliosewho.are playing the desperate now>a days a man .who.gets.hasbandsfull: of We made sundry promises lastwegfc 1 .

\ .,re; ;..t><);'.t r 9 pudwteehepractice Rf4c4rtbe.ti doT-partizan-wvice.Ofmaki0j appointments. We "should accompany; ';'each for 2".or-,divisun 3. daysThere,- B blood game of.Harrison against AmerJcaffLib-: these pieces, of paper, is called aric&man. By tending i to fulfil them;,but WPekr has

i 'ti& *tea:-authorit lo dis !ieve-the opinion exi [kotmd and keeper, both of whicli'sbbuldf pe uh crtyi aware that the old man' b tOO imbecile to some hociu poorer, and the viytttcism of Leg Wa. pa visa'we_ don't think.U fairin bs? i 3Vi

4 s.pressed by,Gee;Harrison: 'but we gistbe"per;, der the immediate direction ;'bf'thechfef of the 'lie ntri ited'with! mnklng an>nswertoany: 'ques. tion.these pieces ore ,made to-represent Moarr. any. .thing. We"! will..wait. till, he "' '"'* ""*

. ;" ;pitted to eiprea*the.opifllon thatIf deded Pre sub-division nThv,"men of each particular r subdivision -: lion'propounded bin,.,haye'appointcd a councilto ,With them be undertakes great schemes,.and in I j .x. .; ",: "7 41
; *! .by lielJaI8e9o oftbe' obofitloDisis'tandnorthern should within 4'-, "
l' : always keep suitabledisi-; .
r' \ receive and all scattcringthese called '
f .aboutL he .t
answer inquiries. : a "public
j .- Mwastera whl gs, bo will -take from I r t spec of each other, the chief pi 'whom, should ; SJ :r COl'rtlptT.tlcf1C4 l.IAt 1 1f.
'.J. .' ... thirkraBk B rteaibers(! of his cabiier, and all j[have an Instrument to assemble,them when n.; After this YO wonder how the people can ev. spirited man,",a "benevolent man, ," and the I, ',.

H.; I .-;,rthoa .tilwcas cwha'are tofiU-tho'offlces!teary,'Inlhis wart they should: ,scour the cbun'try f endure;ili findigriitt having such :candUdatejcveifproposed "friend of the mechanic.' Although he V has it 1 j" Piccsiocrt- ', .... .,,.A''iiJ' ,.." .;

{.'. I I ill'* ate.i1h(1b.tconl'lUllell. r He"certainly.''will'' thoughly,1; for'l&.mites' 'thclrcomroonI : fortheirsutfraThe' p., in possession i iVis"'not',hi*. ..own. =' i iJ;borrowed. '" .It. is a'pity._there-was not a rail-road Asa

'.: 'I! <. l..:1lr.ffl.ra.\he 4t prid look-to.the'--'.opponents oC,1M of owKiy: his election?{ 'to'fillr .' II 1 i I sins dapot nccetmrf;and operate tii'tresott'to in jibe somu soiree manner grand,'until'depot it, '.. ,, -,. ;. and"P-ledgeatobo jrtt-| paid- ..Perhaps,( j the verj. ;'i to St. Augustine, !that your'-old JaMfe*,

r.:": ; t '; house and materials which the'mechaniq is could Come ovcr.and.take.st trlC l i(fcMi
> .;.':'. ,, I < Wflur aderepcciallyll, es of+: Each man shoWd entitled to'say, 500 dot: Lfbcrr ': csahbo>"'UT) :i1ili. t upal bcstpmng* his* t labor, "is* i\ ( -
'. ; I the state rights party in Georgia, to anotfeer ; lars. -' .' :*Indian. : reward : t' the rfan M 1"" oi -
' !' \ '. paS- for- every 'tcalp p f This hurrah/oi th Et B nk at last. ,It has squeezed outstbertytaofunusualsizeibe the-Tmerit of this i-pubUc.pirited',,man's' bor-.j iii
:: age ofLGea iiamsoB's Cheviot speech., We1{'would erideuit y be aitim t..and wouldinauce'the I .: freaksotEutopean policy i <
rowed Is ho whdbwes all bareradictos
capital. 'and.
: more\
,, ; purportwbercof,, : : .
again adopt UioUnfUage ofaa 1 Indian. Few men ,
tingubbed WAtnnwre j : pursuit of tne .: are f; ,
, f' I'.'"-.-"nUUl.r .-. ".." If, I :t there who"will make mOch'cxurtionfor( ,the'pay .. is that the"General by courtesy**the Flork I,than. a H.he'possescS. |".Aridi"m.f!: '"Tjs easy to, ;goncr by upoo"FloridThe people; /tit"
ft!:: j ,S? I, recent'date, :inhis' heviotspeech,1. which has been heretofore&. .; li nhas, $ft,4 Peter Skch.Smith! ,spot. editor! of the hei'puuUcLSpirited'A oa4other.'PcePk9'mo ,..Vgustlne.i pr SdPchsftcolat a"i njuck'an> .-.' .*...1
;; t. ( .>4110,.adopted the most Federal iAterpfetatloa of the I 'Wouldtbe'meansrecommendedbcjustifl, ble; 'JVJrv/y/Tand,adds. its .tcstirnopy. HQW,.does> i it but is'there*'any'' merit in it I' 'Can he be the |I[plaCare'Cry\ ,di&rent.. Jour6. bar? }

;,. f I '". -,'t c 8tod ConstiH.ioa "+aintaiewf thti consttMioaality ]j is a question?whichjarises ;as':a _matter: of bow the Cuct 14 ..ni frlejn/of! the.ui cliawc. ', when;lie pay s'him.inubtfidjfpronjisa I SpanWi' streets grad he..SMIi iboasei
.. f .. ,declaring geM.apt.rt that.*)ft0astttBted aaiiWIIDCJ'tore.hiH.1ant1,M b the government!I: whom course a 1'With stricttacid a'civilized honest nationJa observance nation of among inter )We. .want no better proof of Pets Editorship, .dC topaytr'-.'-'. -- *" 1 1if 1 I r os'ther?fa'no bmldmg'stonrJaaci Tliif'

y I t I'', .. pf trio uoioa, it sppwrs:to rnf 'that tbftreUnot.t' national law prevailed;; 'when? .even n the comJrobnrulesof hah rus'own? adrnission ontajned Mr."} ison's very often so happen*.that even these pronv': are of wood and the-' greets breo 'J16.thetoiido ..

t >4be< least,denser'ofiitsencroaefeingnpori, the humanity were'obiyrvedtlbb'; course\ correspondence with him.i The publishers'ex ices to pay are'hot 'as*"plenty" as*his" % and' not appeaVtoi hHveldcre> e 1d

'.' ., *, .w And alw'hat 'The right' suggested, would:'noj be exactly the one.which planation.is.is "sot satisfactory." What proof, is he caaaot x hanged:one:for', cf ther. It.is. tthQ 1;cession, (,for.oldbot_ iai e,\#PaiafI.
o(-tats;tiniiiiriop( 'strikes tt the founds' bur '
very ,
l Government should ". But how is the i
'I.r tion of the legislative of Congress.'* Fur there thatl&fir'f'comTnunicaUons" have :not then spalabs prr: ssanlhsal'eil: dest of .his 'extremes' ,'bur it is rnuchtitled'up_ .
power case T It("Well khpwu; that the *tei have acted "-
.. St. St -
e /her,,fe$*"" '-ttodosjably true, that the fra-,: 'inora leniea! towards theSeminbles: ,,;)than been:trentedi'in"the"'same way ''before.,
{ f nJJ,speesgi'11ts,Cofisrttmlda, taternded.tacrea ,;a they ever havptowards ao other? : nation:; .We: must Ihink'tHatThcre! ; ." is.somctbing. des'ail int6esssattcrl 4Jd)ep".yP ipi? o asadw+h.asbeuconi. t4ti t.streets regxlaornad.tla1 .it., .
-i..C; tiocslJegW' t.!, ,=which should ; it -* }* I. : ',' .l"O
power have <
bopdra- .yC'YlotB\ect
te.wlab.1bem: oijy > t'W iadoeis
. tr,,. mount ,.SAiioaal:subkctt' Con any State the"tt tU' We havetreated,, "Jed with jbemgso touchy on the subject.. "'ylsoeditnd4lset'.w gelled ,. .... ." .. .. % 11 0 i,Ij .' Of u..
I. ; '__ News-, the' 'wbp _1Nii *.eea1pe1..him-td,. ,. > .. fi(
t }ws'JRJJhtf.dis J ,1-'> ll'tlte1i' ring publlshet'ab.rt. : *'" v. ?, q \OJ. .
,iaq ,-dtP i.tjfc*,ropttfettba*HWd of 1793 defend opin-1 f # ct'edaltd'peel'tfro Pled 'a .have: crent ?: ,scnce 'litif ,lost.!hea the Hf> Ato' and ;(the soJ.tl subtext.e1" ajf r.;14] will borrow t.gaphQ i streets about:6ft feet wide Ystreets ,ran i .

, L 'I t ,.,diosutuFlt*1.t #}.orassbt+ to ekvoto'Ho tho/!; kn adtantage'of such ;o xasions,1 to give:vent to Coaiariicit3'"wet0liut, > t.1., 'W'bv; p.clr".io. besure. 1 every:"dollar be can get"j7maite "..nothotacred let with'thV bay,'antrnre.cut':nt''
= %
., '-'residency- a cafididauj wao >Acknowledge 1 t j i iT.lnJuflBCBjfl.the their unrercifaland cruel ba i barit ., Wo have : V \0 : the,fund froin:whence it may'beds.n.- ,"of. ,.swailat; ".D. Jjv'-,0',,all. "gea_. .*f, '.

concerns I jifi lo mAnfigement i -:=" ?G. at.f of l political> -. ;f *.i;I Jions endeavoure4 ofdollars.9.have'bj&en.cnf rceiourrsghs by.to'accom 1;'mil-. The pop-gun in attempting to certify the correctness ; Ho cares little whether it be the patrimony of the rhcnted with handsome treesj < eamaia i .

j, ,., ;There isABotlier passage'to\which'tfie'alientwapthe '-- plish(this' bti in'TainTi expended; Wt3 have. eygrtbeeo of the: 'correspondence between: :the orphan or dower of the'vidov, or the hard earned ruiningtrom' thoirliaiPattok( + 'e 4

: ....' ":public.'should I be invited l ;4 h ive: 'the;: (upes of heir;mgratefulend.unpre' Banks and)the Cnrhrnissioners\bas\ unwittingly I savings o'f hoe,indusrrlous hard-working meehttnie .1'wide o t' ..',' \ihw' ': e -' '

'; ; ,,thus(said General Harrison' )Endeavored to explain cxdented4tr'eacher' ::and"deception: To give 'admitted i tha W'lcttcthas: lot'tecri.published or'laborer 'T hus ;.much.jfor jhepretendedricXmaitf brcadttidewasUCa'bfxwhiehtid.half, .. a;! .
to you the principles on irhich'thego. heed.'theni.to' ; 'any'more' of their, propontions It letter: 'of'i thewoufd.bePu blicis'iruted" A' Pensocola..i Liss.44r '-.t -' .)-
does not matter whether that was inw ; '
man, PPS
,. :
: of O Is teccrnmend1tqyoo. ,
/ absurd. <
r.veroment union '
| .1 Would be peffricUy 'Ter,allow them tojnonopolize r j -*> 4. -
tr ; i' )a' however,.&e Prddantatiorfeftiui Prenr. \ tba territory, nod continue their exaieibatlonsrsstillmore'abstird .portaPQ roinot. The public,.arc; the judges pa wl bragrVof: ndfi1gilh1J+ 't_ ney not of 2aroJwoo, ..thingsja recommend+1iI.1
f' Vn dent At UAed(Sto' 'issued Have; cveh the fricndsXP the mcchail x ,r ure..whol a said AWl and
'' : oo the 10th PeW .,, :Every rues- We not seen correspondence,and to gel hobart oD p ,

r'r.;, '. ,} cember In ItsCcAd Ae ipeteJx* tf-Mr:Welder,delivered 1 i jsage lately appears to bo4r tidings of soma fresh 1 1ii cannot- i say what parts:arogarbkJ; but Mr.Watson's ; 'of. ,hid awn;,from. .'ills, be-i mnlug.'.," .VV r. ,instead'of!king rit\)(.dad,."
the Senate their "
of the United 8 r
;r .- JastpcssioB.of Congress 1 ia ansirer to'the ark-'[ii and unretentingmurderofourcrtizenLWe1N'compelled, through 'telfdefence to sidopt, home :. rrrapt/jr is,unimpeachable,and we shall.be NowYor the mechanics and :laborers: Whd jrinces' 'aflcLdukei' ,and .. "bHarried ,, _.

v f t.:") ncw '.,G1i.r.jL motin,'as containing the most means ofreUeffaod'.at1Jb, }nea>iswbictfaomeofour"ssaapAgrcfasns' : I liens:himTand more especially'-when confirmed are they! Tho,'most useful classes riocieii. .' Tarraissocsations.1',- .- Z-- ;t, .,. .. ". ,

V : ;,t-clcxjueat ad 'i+torT;eat' lonstof: :\hosow !'call us have been as'he,ii by the'pop-gun.( ,' r They are the, pndUcefg, ,of aU!thcwfa llA that tick ,wbicli', P.roducoi. ,:',a'& i. '". ', .

c .. ,'cried pl i that have recently been" 'oblislaedi .- al fcady employed: As it is frequently/ necessary Peter, :no doubt, .''aded7as: :"ptuffer.aiek.n,on '.men revel in;who PAT all their debts when alive j ; ; J =)..

i f-. _. .' }. Jacks By Issuing on hen that,rddered proclamation service, 'I to"thinld his country General of' to amputate'a limb to save a person 'if ,'80 is this. .occuion.. ;. ( and when they die, -leave,something for their 1 So much for oclliesieaea; r*, '

It to : considered it
nec-toary ( I ndJioj
", t.r'rr Heda than; his splendid victory at even'in'.tho'abstract, as.unjustifiable,), ,to attain families,nea bEridandagoodlame. Their read.from ;but there ire..t r

( 1 ew 0"r I ; ; our rights'aeii; '.protect the lives of our"citizenS ladJaa.Foar ." children'are'not 1 left:Yuru'W41t1upn,.who,ns papermonecity.;;" covered. ,with.+'ataatt"palmettos .

L{ ': I : 'r, <|. Herei> then';fee :adopt tthtf principles.of.the.v ', The Justixsi of using* bloodhounds has bas Eitrid'-/j'lcitu t..u EtbIir,lied: icy;grow',to make, themselves. respecuble" ;. set n.out. (on papcrX" 'ta itjfBte-" ;.M, .,

i t \g .. rl;proclimAlkw h and force, bill i in the sen win f'hicht i :disputedby,:. .n1IO "boos .pl*,'.most t'wbom'ln' .. .1" ,3LitnKBDALE,'E.F., April 24.A ., flown and" ? tell, bow.rtsi'their father war but after all the kings and rascals that ever disp- i
Mr.: bier
by = in l" hove
: an all 1 ,
;t' ; '
n io .,# ..< eJWON'aztHIded and.repuoiatod by.Gen. dared homcltats probability'fatherfesamotherless neverx, brother;' a most provoking: and. unexpected) incident '"hard times"-'have made_ & poor:. The.'payment feed humanity ;regular JfrxTH Cm', aaaiForth.

; .1 P ,! ,,i..l..ctaooItJoIIeIr.'f: Catftany republican' ;'who a-I: s or sislerless,b the sly.and heartle! a cruelty occurred about.1alra'I. ,.iI.---r-from. ,this pst to--* t, of d some debts-i has. .. .left-- Ihem. .nothing.. J, Citgilloifi. on' it too. ""Not. a. North i. "
\ 'k+ ad WI6e .Btlniltratbfof'Andrew'Jact-1; theSomiholos.i .' :,thinly, the blood hounds day. to c : ,The mechanic'i is the.true: rschraattafterall.-; Hotel like yours=a few.piks of stone laid,
, : .teoD_ t-bocasaie. should be considered! irtVno other licht than as "r', beV. wa t era, ;,iq ,Now_., River becoming rather The for.under.pinning'and a jcargo or two of'**
.: tisxt and;-force bWevea Wheil explained in a] with'i and tail.I great :Arnierican Philosopher! ? Franklln--a
pilot. legs a ,And//of all pilots, brackish"at
m11cIer.IeIUI' times,opposite the post it has been < lumber laying on the ground, going to d :
WJUUira H/Harri- mechanic,' who hiss Town
"rf oowiapjpcArt I they JrJU UDdoub ., provq to. be the;most efficient by labor, raised, .himself.. .
<, sofl.who has adopted. principles'of the proC' necessary to ascend the" riverji short'distance; tion merely because)'it pleased a'Loco-'J.
as well as,the appropriate. -The ob to,(protid'mincnc_ Jn ha,country's history ._ .
., .Iwnalieh tad force bill with the,. strong, f'interpreWebber -;. jections'urged against> the, use of.these animals. In'order.to procure fresh:. 'Whilst ,'paftyw pf 5 said that'he.who has a, Crade,has. estate." gg 0 .HOt_;= ;.o .';wo"c-j--- Trestaarytcappomtttiaes. ?
<.ifhiatioa8lMr. : :* an; -
r ,, s s tA .. .;.. '. ."t.; .. :. :. .. ,;, 'an certain national ylounded honour on a and false dr"rOmrIJ.*J, If '.Anotioqof mess were.performing this duty in a small.boat I Nothing Is more.truethan.,thus ,Richestaketothemselveswings'and t ceiver' -. ,of Publicrn. .. y.', bust" .A, 'resrrtr.-II
P. e.were fired Indiansxbo 'c.'L. J6.
3 bysome were cb .
: "K': )' \ upon 1 leave er up \.. .
_. ."' J.J7 :It is,of course,wa.intaretttju.: well as our Ju/jr former OWQ
I : 't exterminate the re11raaantOf. the Inminoles.Fl concealed iri a mangrove scrub'the; inarshy andusually I poor+ci than i the: st snechank., The'm'echan r the palace of,San. Lorenz read Ul aaougb t'

.' 'on" "" .111h4t.f diJ.,.' ." h'' ", ,. i.O:liberated, will ,be'a Star which inundated.naturVqf'whicWfia; i >alWys! ic'i'art.neYeil. .='J1im.. Vith J>s'6calih' .acrd ;.accomsiio-. '.' .' ai._.aoo.f.. ...D. .._...... PI
fat's MVtiM( Mrau' '>
1 r : ; Pill wiOi *o>mrl ra, t' .1..a..
wilt.,shine vial the most da zlihg,brflliancy in laduced'the:.belief; that"no,,bumibeing:Would strength to if, the building ii. .nsoait .
iris -
si The
Asd fa armeaie b available
11't'e "I ,. 1ft ro son pet IsQ .. always : ; laborer is,, \
.4 tha'flnnatiaent ol,otir glorious Union. Ourjre- undertake to to enter it. Three of menhere -it :
,1. ever. the and uIii sad
.Being hastily
f'i'! tNtoai tiiesr Mtr"Iwadr of his ._ .
: +
!'\ i' o---- 'rd fortherepulafioh of:bur abroad, worthy hire and can always: get it? He'
country .
I <"; ,. wounded,"Jhe two unhurtSefgCHpUen s ris rotteaas die r'
: ether escaping .Ji .I.1
J'i .j r dent : riArf
ouldftttoulaiA. :e protgptahd decisive indepj of the 80' called rich "andPWSW&ik
Z A 1 1 1,1jA.; ..titt..AaNttsed e w PJii Med by,1. .,U 'respecting.this= war .._.t not thobaniKur .man.whose exemplary_bearing : a"iiclimanw man, Tbuiyou see d 0'r;r/'one/ .ft.t .
"I '.i1 'J '" t- ? ; wSf '
iMj Kr.Doa.' IMJI aot bten 'adopted. by.me >d i of ouraundcrjahi ,which has heretoforewaged' as*a soldier, has always enlisted, the T most- ,exalt* j w ofthedrewf 1 .t l. tilt : il/
I suppose it ii the iateatioa!that the save and ) Mr- l of. society,l and i is opf y.sasedsalriofa ashii.pampered :
; ,:*:err lUcfoe: of Florida M Ltjlle"lIrif.frorrrltby.diat "breccdent: before:: the' worlds, viaiba,with the such un. ? .eda..pp robationof.alli-.'- t- ..' ," "whomhaererse' .." .. : ''appetites 'and P.ions build a JVorti;(%.for.Jttr..ta.r,:.
'k ... .'succcssV.__ _beJsUiined. With.. word edt it thought to.be mortally.wounded, balls roiipt occurred :', \
r of*mi;To suggest1!the:nosC f/II -A.-u. : twp iim : JQ t t ijt. ". .
f.'IlTA' '.0. tojipcndja boarded- pc 1tS.I.J _. '
"f t
; .1 tij speed,.&xlohetp "*Mt rof accoi .Ksfeto?thisployedweuMUbe haying penetrated his body near th6 liver TheIndla' '' ... .l' .. "
South.The fore a ;:C%could,....
,Tft i foregoing ,wa sent ua frdm the txseatatiu 'pe f "
a+ia end;.tb abjeSLO(u.'fe11iC raeark& gnta -7 l .is were hbfseen an roC'th' soldiefs '. : t."
,k lhJaMi..1hat IUIT"Jn ret' r e+n'oe .. writerrcoold/1 not'have; :learned. tlt'heM i bu-if t from> -thc'iumbe."o,*- -- ... .v"tA balu 1 which* v'*.1.- IC'effect tr-t ,' v< He- is.npriendthjnech nw*.*s wholookadown t'hgJ, .1 nft-t'r ,1'M.!.J thltMDlit":" f -'t't.r.aMir. --,'tIIIt..,. ;.
e ; >? both,;glossa ?olitJc. M"blood. V nCH.-f. ,.were. .mm. f' jf:.balls-.and. 'there upon him as,-a:.;thing,, beneath'bimiin the .h 9I8r..eD "' 'L:11 i Wlfr"a.y.J1\ .;..
fo have aiih half-a-dozea. ,
(,L Th CQMitMiiofi tfeo. country. is;now in a:more I "therefore 0 ,having 0 exploded' ,:that*par f of i planahicbrceagcneads'tbeir mus been at l scale t oftj ;.' )Not'can tbatbet d friendsu Loco.Focer.'Had k_bees foe.1Ye niF ,
aailuasetOed thaw k'WaI at the i ,A ,fifteen Or P. '
,;perplexed : state iiTuntcuable party. twenty'men,under CapLDavidsonj : Brltlspeper. 1I r' bars.
a COIn t:1 fltaemeatd difficulties?Tbea the Indians use,: which, lasts onlyaon,enough to enable him to
T*ij i 'wli .i m ndl. IbJsposti resorted ; 4t
4 '. \t acted more Hke men;and veatered to show,theml :,: .Ptarcrtssi'.PoSTi.Epe"ment.bQ1ib the \seU The mechanic. nts.,ono :jfrvn fiat laido, t.towns ,en )Iwi4l th 1 W l .
bysetting.fostslwith with\\;, pro'mpfness to'the
( '
,. to lrtaattimasartdfive; uj'oattk' Then Kwas ; thetop._,endsVdbwn'they:last !4fl' ; !,, : scrub in those who respect hiss rights;rand*he j pks updo. the world, and enable feeej to t'.aH .*Jfij

s a .ifrequentiy-n+ cess', ry fait lIIt; .act entirely:;on, far longer; as they do snot so readily ,rb the jwhfch( :ihey,,were. 'concealed;Jtmt.werA,uaable him. as a teal friend.whose every aim is that the h fi it rortitf.lsM '1 110.ti!: &ttif!! !. _
the defeasive.i, Bat BOW:h n now t They'd* not: moisture' with nil unbounded zeal which such'a'deed "T "** **-'** #* '
yn ; from',the ground jwhich causes decay. \fJ\ft +- ; o i.-L II iW
> .. .\pretend attack.aay>\-thadefe elem,and A tree!is so constructed,that fhe ascends in, "could;inspire orovertakd- .the'sly1;and7rnurder.. 'of' : -' :lbbo. 2aic: rid: "e : ,;.paesiast.io'_

p .k .creai. tbeBiJtheir'dastardly objectl are+ accomi': the'.wood'and. eDd&'il.Tit b sap,and this peculiar saarraecalsther U>-,fV.1 auid'r ttieeited io 1. ":- g lira.- -;"ills,.fcj-tb*rid-..,slid. ..);.bo. ..wiJfiea'.. .e. ;b InJO ".,a t:.:J. J.
.. ,''plishtd,by.Uyingiarambwh' andwatchteg: fort <- .. ITu"Y U. iX' ,
the '
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i, r A fanruL, aafticulariy to ills sjett,:without any dif .I' "" c ; \ : -" rp throe>pa|the Varir b "W 4j
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,tU j tt ng: ,oningis ullioq h a4s dwjbled within the last twenty years. t e CusldgaNoaiieulidi'u! 1 ? .Ln t ) 'i oOntieeletlrwllh ;. D'Y3iTe! lndtat'riftTit' -i-
{l'Il' _ridjis 24 Iocia
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.tttw1tWit. '" IAT CHAMBERSORDEBED tax bra V 'leiO' .4' P. : NO ,
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.tI l 1. .. : ..Tbet lUecatwa.Advioia&alors PaCofalleftijiD&O
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..JWIIM'hIoaJ..to1'f.avi7.e.1t01; '1.2 : Itl Y.C ;Jf I ': ".toil 'M .
''f..tto eta Ima ..do render and file Clerk Of 00
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,'It ,I:.' U S1i hlSrrlP w'fJ fl1l''FfAm a po.taago.in a letter of the Ptes&ent,.I dos itt aMI con.y, ld and etmct.o..c &)2tU"'Gf.u_.. d.11ltRkflta 'n, I ,' .::. atv'c44rly-.1.11 4; .:.r1" + .,"t v>11;y j, 'I.A tIt'. ..\flII.. *
observe an idea bf branch bank of faun.ot".ida.,111".,IfII.ba".oa Ir01IL ba'ot '' 'tll.I".t I Ufe.l '
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.aaithtJ beCON fan abird oath .va" ltisa' 1rt1 : : ;
the plaited 8ta1 td fe'tr' .* This 1nIU. "tee MIlt .aJ .tW t.1'."k. ..rlit.x. "
V ,. '1t\&PI..4L' sitnng
.w0 *ib ; .rtna..rt.abo enat.CoDlt't said tLi 1IfbIII -' .i5"- I F' .
r tutioq.is one_ofihe most /1emdly 1Mtil1iui XIIU6g wCfllM",*w )$hqlDaarn "D G.n fttV :.19\ I r'II "d ..sae .""J .b x'ilf.. .
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i \ .rt 1.iV ;'tittii e' --.re transaction'of r ; \i
: facaiaeas'.appertaiaiag: .to .s 181' .
.. U i 'forthu .CoartjofOrdinaiT.i Pisa Alatkue .rJ ,tty Y. tt( X M tlI !
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. "' ,.it.!ntr." : -.. 1. $e.. ofantt t1tn.ylrt &t .. ''. .10'! i .y.'z,t ,1fI'J ew! x tof t 1 't' .
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fi' .,.:1." ; ,! .... ,l .tto Uae' at. 4liflet'oetrqa1 iAe4I11t.laitiett! of Jhe- Peace sod forsaideoanty- ) ,<;'t lZbre5 monthastXTla la tame'. t f:I <1 e. 1 > y'j.. stt
' '' < "a.. .. _.t.. .' ...r.v. iuji J i 1 .-?' tr..et .t6'.,' acrd'r.otL..Iln"'t.J UUiat,Jj can- jn ,bo iaattea ,. tI l-'t..t'lUoaln.Patroa. -.1. ..J.I.f"I ..'..* t9 i .r w" .i.'t''''''2tu
t'I by.lew.reqoired then. end/there' to ,'
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( : NlJti.f' net bat sUkea littbkwQn POSonasoviretw8otrltrdeY.IM.hooldotaatr&euAlC ** ; .
:pU\llUp daoce .for,the tnntectkn ef boiinees, ; < : : .
; county ; ; .' .. ? .
I. '. .' t.a..J&o !,( ,ma 1 1fron t :; et.l .J t.'Iii ; k Z; xr<:; $ .8.4t>j.j
1 !Tlne, -i Wt J(la 4be 'J5. i or"uieaio ent "ifeOivoao i .der'mp; haod .rhi' .!,far tigaitjirest.tt tboBaa Whig I I.HJI to bring into doubt tile tcompetenc/of: .'rjppub* of fly*'Auasuae, aha S5th.day ofApril,1840. :, tNar if.-I *,3;;.'.Heuryj.Crovea.fot; 7.t tfusethw! ,i,f!* s '.0,001 L4 : ::: '.. J j..t... ." .
I r..1fr. ruia lican'goTenmieBt to'meet:a alai grwit dan.gcr I E. B.GOULD,Judge county Court. ,11 t '; eQflBptagaeQr.7 j .tlPI ,. Art t ews't .
ttorostl laIU.-aIcIU Iut la the of ) pe
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p .$Jabas ;. ;
;or to unhinge. tbe'confldofite'of Unpeople County"The *PG+ ':z. ,- ,. .' > ltbA 00j l..lIIJV .l.J."t ,' ''
' % ./otci M t t tn.Yourpi4cepQcttull.- la: the'p bUc"fanctJ!! nari'es'tin institution like Apri125 .4e : t.O'4f f nhamDapoatfor.lhebue; JII ". i.l* ) ... ) J II\'la. .J1 : .:r$7 to

". .. \. '-I y,'prwent- ,That lhat netiutln>.u_its bt'rhea, eter ',part of. attention of the citizens is -cs 4.to tnolfoUowiag4tkdtitb ,," ,_*,IIP l.or t lone to reoncer lost li1; I..60Byra March-..,-Venanewr Sanchez fuel ** OEr'

:/I thO, t odot.N atttreflarlo.tbq Wuwasnco, River, r the;' nloP.'acu: :&$ ciMnini.rid;'abd to{phalanx, sections of an Ordinance ; "f .Dr:C. (uunedacalaua'\i. ,." 1"'s,f" 4Tiei.rtnt.'etwbatfle4'Yti5. .... t, .., ,
g ?
4rlrr ; -
.t taI vittlonijiasCjorl4tiuad between st :-ra' tno nent"upset.the Govern.tecttr cWectingaad preserving thflTcJeanllness t"uu. cI.a e'9.;ihi Jnd as \atQ.nar.v '' r :: III 14. _i\'IJ\t ." '( .f"
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11 ,.tu16:lVl'IorWalna.U'1ll eathip ? I deem no government safe which.is un;, City :) *.. ., v x ,. ,.12.. I T Andres;a.antiae atattea, tit .u00" I.' :. 1 M-'. It ., -, ..ti.'. air' ., ,
.. ttllit ,der toe constituted ,.I And it ordained li aa/Vor* .tIi Tapyor.ibeicmoTal.of .. .
_r. ;:c 1Wct'theeelTerittor.' vaasalogebTaBy B author. .Sax.4.: oc i.ri y .. dead ;, 100 100ft' .J: 1 atJ'i. : .J" .: : > ; ,
w J' )' .+ .'eeM1rriied. -tile DhW."t lit"," any authority,than thatvof the nation,;or ,iiyafmrtaid; That.U, shall be thenduty of every ,b, JI., f.PJJa.a cww-fat 1 caner. njat ;[ ,' 1,(:CJetklor C.IIJIOi1.QrJilaaatj .
,tai,"-'WS 16e ":Gb' lP1 of'tb8United :k.regular lbaction art What'' an obstruction person and persona occupy ing/or'a w for any .*'".s t /j5w; ,fJ,f.ol wm gefiih.'J8Uiilaieh;' ,,12 SOt wr\Ia'ov1enM6".ftt, .c; t+:. file ...

tf e"; 'Btatetbwbic H tlietato"'Pcit'ittrritw under cobwW this Banof tfeeUnited 8tet-el'With'-all pnrpose whateref/or bev ;charge of;antJot| ,.Andrea p'apJ.'tid&.r..f qsr l ". .31 'Of,.... rate0ersl.fJi. t J.w
I .J" .. .. : its'1 branch baoks,'befe. tIme.'of-war lti*It/.tni*ht ar piece'of'grotijU,11 within'this i ; tplt+ire and : .= i(.i ;biro to work on die Sen '. :.r .", l,.' n 'ON'.. :.t IIL.13 :.0 00
t.:t. 1. ."I1r.{ nc.1et t0 )1Ii" '
: LT .J trI I dictate to the we. lildic the and rt.tker'eol" al. ..:cb '.nu"W.f, 00
lit keep same/ Of. ,
k,' raJl, JI..at .)L+W&.t.o j jI < fJQrthii every 7 f' is r t .p.ea tablta, .. s 'n+i l' .00 4N
.1I drair filli'aiaffOt hi; tfceattp limes, In a state', pf cleaoltaesaand,: that,to.this 4.JU'l'G tteBe.ve'lorfutieralaa( ;
I Jt '''1 r t :i Raieert1ott'.M. "rIM.. .1. lo'an iB8tittfUo&r hostile 1.Now end' such" and shaU -"' :.a.otM'" .""* : '. f : 'I' 1j:: r1t.1 i. { c"I ,. .
rrowtii powerAtlt *o / ,
j' Y'2.4 "M"rf'o" Lf.' : : ,every person persons once I .T x.i7tA ..' ,,. ( &i ." ,, ..
I _.. .' ..' ,.. ".'II'l i.1., .. .', .. 'II q.Mte.l1l; Ioi. .._.c I : ;white we.aj'g strong H it the.greatost+ duty very week collect into one Imp brevet i e?Mae i tit, a a ""f ', jf4": i:**** _' ...\_; .. g ., ; ,
.. Pt" .to.theja4 9tyiQf CottotHutioo; to bring 0' tot. the>lot of Hdt-W' .' .jJ. r -.. .
M1 ;piece
'mat_: r.WT..C; we Ct" our r '' or 0 *' k;' "iitte rct\l;'1In:'tie 14 Yn 'e1' : fIt( rn.lwtjr 1" ri "'07'1'" b"... < '" .
11' ,, : -I' : .titr''l" .i : lbkpe;A b do\a J-* ( tIoa'1''.prtoasat" ;ahall least-in ttia f to 1 '" ::8 : "H au,1-4..... ;. 't : ':,>;
; l ,r I : a R';,.".L it,'O \ : t t Mr "ned its authoritieai.!:.CT But ta onSet to,meet a*gene* heel reels,and iaseohptacepIsaaa that:It may'. .1.,.1.j r. :'S'roulllu "t. iptidtwiadm : .> w ....fI'ItIR'. r y.u..L.\7. i.t'..I_........<0. .._"r.It.. ..,. .J'
'ralcombioatloi ,"- -, 'g, .1't'. .,.h""' r. ,,
.fat Of'I the bub"agi1nat'us in a be conveniently J temoved Id a'cartall I maniere, ttt"I't"bqC1 c' I .3"' 7' .
iha ,r; ;poJ of N atnw'!biwselff tu i critical erne! ,'colildwe notmake a BEGINNING dirt,filth, rubbish, and offal of1 every kind'(eta tw.. ,r bflrsr1Jvinplon'.tot' jSdaH o!'!' ; '.I." .,: [t..A' 1'.' >. .'
( 'tioii.ti.(u "disconted'kh n&wledtrifle TO YVARDS AN INDEPENDENT contents ,J y ". C" ..)011 E.!: : I p:l' r i'- rl4rictt.
the jbf prlvies'whlch :
,.J'pe', .T.-.J'I'I. apt rnay beupoqthe It j,begro, .h'tre4ta troris r'.. .:.J f t .b o Z''V' .
..91.l''fl..11' ;\ .!u.. l J USE OFOUEJOWN MONEY" towardi hot 'said.lot or piece of ground;that the said manure : i._ .'It'r h ,,. M .: t' J. .. ". '.

.!' .- ids We" knoatithat atIea.fu ding! 'ovr cwz b nk/ia! all the deposites where.it *'dirt,'filth,rubbish and offal (except before .t1 t :jiJ:: Neraaades for $. .. .'.t..... "at'tJr "iI .' I .$ .'. '1 ,

.: : ,fetaic{ yefleb/ion. ,....... tt. bed .fsteceited, Dd'wlq l tUBg"tha'treasurer. ",give his excepted'shall be by the person* aforesaid coU '. d. .,.J.aroaotitopefor"theeit; ; .'eo.. ; ., '-::" lt.. __
r < u t im'rthl' tai }; 'I..draft or note.,for i payment, i oq. any particular lected and put into the streets as is hereln.befora 1m ,eettot8atiehesoe the>toiewar' .' r\00"Ambrose ,"iI' ... ," .' ,:.. r.4 .. '
'I p t Riveraai jb e. place which,in a well ;conducted government directed at the following times't In that part of .'of'a. Couperror culvert making aerb r<, ; .,. ', ..... ;.. .' 'n ".' .

..'r t> MwB bduftdery ofBast Florida., and. l''It.was oughu to hare Miauch,credit (iaa, any',..prirate the Citynorth ofthe public Square, by o'clock i- 'v., ',tha'eanrtwaT'Dlteo on Saocbes Ck.e .10' .) rt:' '. to :r. ..,: .g1 ii'19P .,....-

., I yWnJ 'State.t .r .:: j trail or:baD ki DOte! or:!bill;and would give us A.at. on each, and every Friday and in that part .SO'Andre*Pa py forth*lain;of two 1/.': '1-1 lt-J : u 1J".
1 t'(i .H' f 'tbe"san1ellf"ci1iticl'whlch'w 'des1ret'roni. the ofthe city $ou&of the Public Square,by 8 o''. I ':-'earueaeliSldayt,-v ; ')20 .1.. 't __

a r r,n Wcoaa't,det.JMJ;, many- refused.to tignThey' banks;".ti'"f.f', ,. clock!._M'on.each and every Saturdays- .. ;For hifj>eT onali rTlct i *daring J .." .lI M.fCI. 1 .t1 J-.aeo, I'll
'',.L1heirDlt t 1mpk."( :. would not t S.daye the' -k'- -'Pai, 669614
; I Stir o. Bit furttier;ordained tyAe authority 221 on Bascbezireekcaafewiy ..... .
"T' ... 4'pflI;tc'io'; .j',!or .what't'erial 'ob..cJ'. .)' < Fnr*.du N. Ye EpiiiPat. '. .. 'aforesaid.That from and after Friday eSaruryneat ., ; ..' . ,2'l J ..'-._. .... r,Bde.': ., ., e2J. so

craued ., ,UKION,BAHK Ftoam T is ;it shall;not.bo lawful for.aoy I
i < ,1 ifgg or trea8i era or ,- ioatitot is $669 87J, a..i'dtaUl submitted by _
5 : '' .. I '. a complete trap-tb' nerthern merchants;;it docs persons to.lay or throw into, the streets of this Ijf, ) r. :, .._ j".r : P.,'8."DUMAS, a."r : rtr1 r
; City br to collect in heaps br piles thereinany T .t- .
The WemlHiUan Bank.i not pay specie,and bus not for several Years except -: .
.. dead filth, rubbish;or,'o'al,-except oil the ,rear l' -,' ,, .. .
: in sums of 920 or e.eo.'tomt"1icularCavor. WHOLESALE :A:: ,;RETAIL ;* .
J ftMwwft 'salel'
M sc.JI upon;inycstigartionv herein before the ,. w sir :.
the'dayt .
ning appointed.for
,.,-':;,\* kk seed that this lank'is a', rotten con.and' .! .lies, to'travel yil!'ln'goirig nori& / pJacing.oo epositiogtlrcTsame in the streets _. Grocery 4'JPrer n r Slor*. I BY, ';trW of asalit +rilef: fieri facias,i maed
I .. :The,discount' on their money and certificatesof c* CAdH;.co..now receiving a'fbenBE. p| -{ of&bIi"lIpe'l8flC .r.r the District of
: tkt:1lifcw: their for removal the '
by chy Inspector.
enf'1t'ft4 :directors, t. friends. deposit i 90 -r'ceAL be-- -and exchange is d,assortmeut'gt: article an'their line,. and,'East ".,and to mo directed and delivered,I will
' 'Iu1T'I inrea a1i the inaney. I. not to DC hS d at raJlolu'eeeeat.20 per cen .pre. F. L.JDANCY, ,, .Mayor.. p t'icaIarJYI01ifi.purchasers to examine artwlee'nowi1 expoee at public l& tA.rhe Citf of 8U Aagvetine,infront

... 1AUthoirtraderkiihatamcoerttrtittecwasap.' mium on Nqw.aayablt : ]ork-but for tl Dotes made City coanciTRoom;S't'AUPtIDC' ,. received .by.Sck;,UDdiDe,'g.being of.tho'choicest1 ,of the Court!Hone e.oa aattrtfty 16*22d day ,

', nlC'toeiiemf ; '.. fa !there,with the current rate of exchange, April ,14th ,, description,having been selected in New,York,with[jof Febroary Den betweeo ihe heart of 10 clock A.
--vor vasto'heWmdt 184aJY&ttCC. the for this market. 'Oar stock M and o chick P.M.of that ljj-aHlboHglit,titter
"' : hey+ collect only v5 per cent,'*thereby defrauding ., greatest care,' connate
b 1.O .t"J. fla .IJter1'i1""h'bank, .or .. n.JSorthcm'de ler" in that section ia part tit: -Ii t'EABll7von' '- kad interest of Morris 11.-Toeker1 na certain House
f .: -ut.of I Starchy. given to ell" petsone having !emiads nil SkiD .Yoanand Old" land Lotri'nated ia the City'af 8t.:'gnUn on the
that banks with the best ,
full 20 25
rcstigattoBprove/ even or ;per cent. of their money. J :\ Ae.,.agau}