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The Life of Our Lord God's world

CommentIs -- -

God's plan.for" redemption Danger exists in perfectionism


your mind stagnant ? gave man: Blessed MotherGOD AN"tht old best"adage U the says enemyof that years.contemplation or One drinks or in two today later less will leisure cigarettes be.

the good The meaning Is

It be stated once and forth 11 that else them with Catholic knowledge and sent the angel Gabriel that a person who U never Father more a projected spiritually complete profitablethan abstinence

LET to Without such treatment I message to Mary, content with anything less
Priests are glad answer principles. they tow hen I'm not under
questions. Be it known also that they easily become minds spiritually scrawny a young girl of Nazareth. than perfection may end up Leo J. so much tension."

are delighted to give simple answersto and impoverished, minds that are Mary is our way of sayingthe by accomplishing little or Tress With some of us It may bea
nothing. A psychologist probably
Myrlam, also
simple questions. (Incidentally, let's starved and not in "condition." appears name as Mariam and Frank J. would rephrase the form cf) perfectionism; with

go one step further and say that no Catholics can become this way Warlamne. In the two thousand bheed'Index' t.r maxim to read, "perfection- others It may be this simple pro
crastlnatlon making of
one should ever keep from asking hima very easily: they refuse to give responses years of Jewish history lam U the enemy! of efficien future imagined greatness an

question because "Father Is too at Mass; hardly ever say the covered by the Old Testament cy"There ..... excuse for neglecting the lester -

busy." Nonsense! That's his job.) Rosary (and couldn't lead it if they the name only occurs onceMooes' who Is the fable of carved Ihe.cluptol' God tomorrow or next year but real possibilities of

But like all well-informed CatholIcs tried) ; never read a hard-covered bookon sister was Myrlam. A a fine statue,was having dissatisfied when circumstances may be the present Whichever It Is,
But it had
a great flowering
that sometimes a simple the Catholic Faith; never completedthe perfectionism or procrastination
he knows round about this time. The with his work. He made onemore more propitious
what the let alone the Old the Macchabeec, which gave we shall have made along
answer and that Is questioner New Testament, ; New Testament gives us not .cut with his chisel. This doing
Me consecrates on
the Jews their last breath of towards heaven
usually wants simply won'tdo. never read anymore than the headlineof of necessitated another cut. and step
only Mary Nazareth but Independence before Rome the little thing wblch "e can when we have learned to be
What frequently appears In the their Catholic paper; couldn't possibly Mary of Cleophas, Mary Mag swallowed them, the sons of this In turn still another. do for God today and under. content to do what we can for

simple question and the simple answer be persuaded to read an entire dalen (and Mary of Bethany, David played no conspicuous Gradually the statue diminished the C'1n-"uua In which God today and proceed to

la the tragic unawareness on the partof encyclical by the Holy Father, or the If she was not Mary Magda part. A century or so after In size until finally it be presently finds hm) *lf. do It

the Catholic questioner that he has statement of the American Bishops in len). What adds an almost this, when the Roman Em. had disappeared with notnin for Whatever the present circumstances
n.acahre touch Is that two of left but a pile of stone A good parent may say,
let slip through his fingers the once November; wouldn't even attempt Herod's ten wives and three peror Domltian ordered the fragments. example, "I wish that I had of our life maybe
had Catholic teach to their destruction of David's known we have not come to those
firm grasp he on temporarily replace eveningof others of his family bore the Whether we are carving a more time for spiritual read-
cards with two hours of discussion descendants as possible centers I sure that circumstances by accident
ings. name! statue, writing a book, arrang Ing and prayer. am
This sort of fellow is no stranger on a Catholic subject: None of these Why this sudden of revolt against Roman ing a business deal or scrubbing when my family Is raised I Unless we have Involved ourselves
least adverse
rule, some at were In an situationby
he is a good things, mind you, bind us under precept do a floor, there must comea can be a much better Chris-
In know.
In our midst. a way we not What pared because they were so our own sin we know that
Catholic goes to Mass every Sunday They could scarcely be called makes it a shade more puzzling poor and Insignificant that time when" we say, "it 1s tlan. of Is non our present status Is God'swill
and to course
good enough, get on That.
wouldn't think of eating meat on necessary matter for confession, but Is that we do not even even the tyrant could not see something else. sense. The busiest parent (andnon.par.nt for us.

Friday, goes to Communion more than! they are the termites that eat away know what the name meant them as a serious threat too) can be Justas be ,
booth at the fabric of Catholic minds. If Scholars have listed something ) Is all This principle his an. ap It cannot either from
once a year may even run a our like It very puzzling to us, good today In proportionto His viewpoint or from the
the pariah bazaar. He wouldn't dreamof our thinking is conditioned by the mat sixty guesses as to since we know that the Men plication la our spiritual his opportunities and circumstances of
the meaning bused not viewpoint our own nltl"
being anything but a Catholic and ter we pour into it, then we can hardly Hebrew words, but onlyon on alas, the expectation of Israel, U" as he can be mate beat Intercuts, an ..,.,.

he does the best he can. But what he expect even those with a good Catholic Egyptian, since the first My was to be a son of David. It U true that we never are when he begins to collect social orable environment. It Is the

doesn't realize is that he may have education to think along Catholic lines, rlam was born in Egypt. For We are told that Joseph "good enough" as far as our security. All too often we environment la which we can

long since ceased to think his thoughtsand if they allow the seeds of Catholic Catholics there is no great Wan of David's house Was spiritual growth Is concern use the promise of our future and must! grow in hoUnens.

thought there Interest In knowing what OurLady's Mary? Again, tkrlptwe .ls silent. ed. Since Jesus has set for us Imagined goodness to excuse
form his. Judgments with a Catholic once planted to die. the Ideal to "be perfect as ourselves from present effort We shall do so by makinguse

mind. As a matter of fact, Catholic The slower pace of our summertime name originallymeant heavenly Father 1s of whatever small opportunities .
your penfeet"
she made it
teachings may find little place in his living should have given many of new thing.; a totally Catholics I think, take It we never may establish of dally spirit each day. may offer.
Five minutes .
thinking at all. us the opportunity not only to realhta for granted that aha was. It a lower goal for ourselves. Hal will be more Above all we shall do so by

This is the tragic fact: that our our own mental sluggishness, but to An old tradition calls fcerparents Is true that the Jews considered However, we can and must pleasing reading to God now than the hoped accepting' whatever llmita.
.Joachim and Anns. adoption as practically learn to be content to be as tlons our state In life, our
Catholic minds can cease to Catholic plan to do something about it now, -for how twenty years
equivalent to phy.lcalenera. good as we can be today. work and responsibilities may
unless feed and fall.
we constantly exer- We know only one thing from sow
lion: the acknowledgment by Sanctity, like diplomacy Is place upon us.
about them with certainty, Joseph of Jesus as his child the art of the possible. A saintIs A periodic and fervent "My God Is well aware of all the
but this
Sacred libraries one thing outweighs would have been legally sufficient above all a realist lie does Cod, I love You" during to. limitations which surroundus.
Scripture ] of
biographical detail to make Jesus a son not waste valuable time and day's hectic rush will mean He asks only that we do

for they were the only of David. energy In dreaming of great more to Cod (and to self) for him what we can to

I father and mother In all the But the language of the things which he may do for than hypothetical hours of day.

Eternal Father's praises sung a history child conceived of mankind Immaculate.who had New Testament seems to demand .

for Our Lord somethingmore
who recites: presence of Yahweh In the What legends could possibly than a merely legal descent Pose Paul I

EVERYONE. office of the temple, and when they have gild that Her parents did not from David.In .

Church dally knows psalm 04 advanced as far as was permitted one Imagines, know for the his first great sermon, of Church definedFollowing
by heart U .U said at the boo Father r he calla out to them: chili had been conceived In St. Peter speaks of Christ Our Complex reality

ginning of every day's office, "Come, let us bow down In the ordinary way of marriage Lord as "the fruit of David's
with some very few exceptions. John 3, worship: let ui kneel before that she had sanctifyinggrace loins (Acts 2.10: ); ft Paul Is a translation reveals to us that this call demands happiness of the kingdom of

Quit appropriately It Castelotcation 1 the LORD who made us. For In her soul from the peaks of Him as "made of from the Italian of remarks ministers, those who Heaven.

is called the Invltatory for he Is Cod, and wt art the first moment of her existence the seed' of David according made by Pope Paul at a regular bear the Invitation and promote Freedom and duty are at

that Is Just what it b, a Joy. err people he shepherds, the In her mother's womb.At to the lleah" (Romans 1.3)). weekly audience this the meeting. The Gospel the ham an bal of the
ful Invitation to praise and flock he guides." the time of the Annun These would be strong terms wt refer to says the host sent (inarch ai gratuity and love
last lint of .U elation Our Lady not summer. He called for a definition hU servant to announce to
thank Cod. The verse T may for a purely legal relation are at Its divine haul.
particularly eloquent Cod .ls have known It herself: It .Is ship. We have no certain of the Church reminding those Invited the hour of the
It Is I a ringing rail to the was, but wt may tur. the creator of the universe not fanciful to think that she knowledge, but there Is the pilgrims to the tombof feast These simple considerationsmust
member of Chrltfs Mjttiral mile from the tone cf the In Ilia hands the learnt it first from the Bon assume full significanceat
depthsof attractive
art something in the
St. Peter that they were A phrase by St Ambroseerves
Body to alas the. praises of psalm that God had Just Intervened the earth, the top of the whom aha herself conceivednot l the eternal father I.... In a sulking manner only Immaculate but aUo visiting the site of the minds to understand tile
mountains; the sea, and tile ttrriotart, that St Joseph wasa urns EcclesUm Del Flliu anI. -
Come, let us sing' Joyfully threatened In some His people crisis which In ao dry land. He U God and King. vlrglnally.Hht close relation of Our Lady, ecumenical councils deliberations. 'operator In acrvulo"; Church' as a vocation, as the
And yet He lavishes on His I o that her would be first and Immense benefit
to the LORD; doing, He had demonstratedonce was belhrotbed to amas (Prior to calling the Church
let us acclaim the Rock of mort His people all the tender concern railed Joph. Of him.loo the same as his. the Son of God works throughhis which mankind receives from
supreme pow. of a shepherd for his ..hHP.Th.y believe, we hope that God. St Paul says: "And
our salvation. er and universal dominion as we know very little. Did Betrothal for the Jew of WE servant). those whom he has predestined
art the people' He
Let us greet him with Ilia tender h'. like Mary, belong la Nisnrelh that meeting with the
well ai concern day, wa not
Imply called
shepherds the flock Ht anengagement The Church I. hors of ..h.ApoIItI. them he has also ;
thanksgiving; for Israel In verse 3.11 guides at the lime of the betrothal to .."J. Pope and with many pilgrimsand .-, Is bora of the hierarchy. and those whom he has called,
i I let us joyfully sing pulma gods" art the pretended god ? Hcrlpme doe not visitors from different
coming them he has also Justified,
nut amidst all this. Joyful
to him ((1-2)). of the surrounding ..,. the couple
pagans nations here at the and those whom he has Justl.
thanksgiving there sounds a were husband and wife. Each There Is In the Church he
In lu original letting It Israel.When" note of warning that the He was a carpenter, and he continued to live at home tomb of the Apostle Peter, 'who has the mandate to call fled them he has also glort

was. a song quite obviously will the.* poor benighted psalmist calls out to the con was of the noblest blood that for a year, If the bride was a upon whom the Lord desired and he who .Is called; there fled. (Rom. g.30)).

composedforasolemnthanksgiving people' finally. realls gregation. He sees a distinct Israel had, for he was a descendant virgin for a month If she was to establish the mysterious la the Church that calls, that To belong to the Church 1s

ceremony at the that there U only one God? parallel between the present of King David Why a widow. Then came the structure of His Church, hereIn convokes the teaching a mysterious\ thing, a great
temple. situation and that of their should a man of that linen solemn entry of the bride In. this basilica that becamethe Church and there Is the thing a happy thing a decisive
The psalmist does not tell The psalmist leads the forefathers hall) of the ecumenicalcouncil thing.
procession during the Exodus have been a carpenter We to her hlltlband'i house. In Church that b gathered the
us specifically what the oc- Inloh.. mystical from Egypt know that the house of David the period between' the mar we believe and hope "congregatlo fldellum (St We must thank God for hat.

had fallen Into obscurity, and rage act would hate been that this meeting may give Thomas); together they. form Ing called: us to this dignity,

ohncurlty and poverty were unusual, perhaps, at any. rate rise In your hearts to a question the community of Christianscfr to this fortune. W* must Us

Pother Michael V. Conner practically interchangeable In Galilee; but not sinful[ For not new, however at BeUarm. De EccL: mil. ten within our own selves for

MUtltit .< Ntmbr D. DI"qRea't t rmL the couple were husband and present in more urgent need 1)). the profound grave and sweetecho
In the great revolt led by wife. of an adequate answer what of the call of our souls
.. is the Church? This root Idea of the to faithfulness for Christ and

And while all of us think Church also reveals how the Church.
chaptens in Question box membership In the Church
that we have a ready answer, We must confirm: here, at
one that catechism teaches founded on free acceptanceon the tomb of the Apostle Peter

and that our experience < the part of the faithful. called by Christ to the

lonlOa catholic presents The Church. Is
Vnsto&y doesn't bother a voluntary society
to us, all of us feel that great office of calling mankind
such an answer la. not easy ; however U results from to put together His

Chapter M and comical conclusion The correcting mm abus** that vast majority of peopleQ. and when .e try to phrase the responsible choice, supreme anddecisive Church our grateful and
of tie
1079 the pastor it St. friars entered one of the 'I&Ia. &- had crept Into Klorkla'1 *orlealastkal > II In our own .words, we find man firm answer to always wantto

Augustine. SehatUan Pena ... at night In aolmn pro life. Ht seems not Why b there .. ladev.1r.rbedd. person I would prefer that that the answer la Incomplete. who moral has obligation understood and what what hear this vole.
de la Cerda. Informed the melon. hol'llno doubt to to hue gotten along very May our spngteHc blent*g
T. wluleilenl this guidance were given meIn
Tbla beraa** It .b dlfftrnUtderinlblanrra. happy destiny did aria from exhort
that he and a "Jericho" with" well with the Franciscans' and comfort toward
governor group conquer oneelegant you
U a "'.4'1.' Catl.ue paternal manner, by way the 1011cSly1le call to theM
of secular Priests stationed dliplay nut the In- however who disputed his t.p.tled !. avail. ....*.11 .( of recommendation or warning the above

la Cuba dralrrd to go. .1 ml.. illan fled Into the scuds ten right tell Inspect them and had knowledge .f lu e..I..'"? rather than by proMt' It 1* well that we notice
Uonarlea to the (.r.)11. Indiana fined. on. of their number Fray Uon. But 1 do not feel Insulted this difficulty because then J. Murray
who Inhabited the low. When the friar repeatedh Francisco Ayeta writ a polemic A. a per. whb an .Intellect when Church law forbids RM w* begin to understand that

er Gulf aid of the Florida | performance the lint *>'" charging that FlortJa I feel |anlte4" bf Ike Me. to read a book; I don; even the dwelt b an I Immense
t_nlnaula fling the Indiana ram at was not *..n a part of theCubes that. ... man, Mar tell > feel 1 retwihoua. and rumples reattty which wtraftftot Strange but true
The year Ufort, a Franrl them with their hatchets, The dkr*... .4 her, Oh. SMK >.. ...( sot HcMt. to the term of a

ran mission to the Car* noisy visitor were strippedof For his Nut Machado eels reed. Chad' If. tobtMe* Q. If a couple are mariUdI "hasty definition. There I* ... Copyright 194. KCWC News SerW
country had com to a speedytl.Jloucb their brown robe, but ri....| th* friars for not hav Evreyoae .his a heals. *.d ib. Iliik kr: ......|Mt (berth ways aoenetMrg mar to r* .. _.-
..(,I .. .*. II. and set baa. .... ,.*,. bier ese .( them c..r d ..- M
their said
they got out with live*. II'Itftln all the Indian In referent to the
tItwtndtr on* language ai *,.* *..e... eto*** ).4smeal. b ....*m... I* rBbIM. m .. Chwtb. ..... .... soe.at
e N ..e --.IU.
A rf) r+daU tee Ik. tee*. hate to be mrrted. stale _
they "-
had been don In Pent ct.- .
Ue ....... wa .baaed laOrletor A recent Sunday's ea.-I l Il CHW"IC1IW. ;
.thll Purled la lbCathlM .
I f 1 ( ....... It dlirled lb.G.vrrne Spits. the fact that tvodlllon A. Th* InoetItnoks rot Fewbbll.n, by a r Cloth* mad us tmrWritaad how the Iwe tdts.e
In Horhia and hens sets not Se. osne5
U a relic of po.t kburlom of Cod that In the'
M Cab. t* arfe** ..... .....
at ail comparable. Finally, Nicene and Its veto A. ....... of those Invited .se -
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(1.I tat each PrbM'a Iran Macnado reroonmended' that the average CaUteMc U m Q Khlrh. perm shed we great sotyer eoreeh.dewt the 5eNOsses ,

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""" "

'- .., .u rCatholic

.... "' 4 ....

5 The Florida Catholic, Friday, Sept 13,1901

-- --- _._-- --

Gift of God is description Pontiff Congress of exiles asserts


applies to peace sought by prayer 'vt ,1 x Reds spread atheistic hold

CASTELGANDOLFO (NC) For the second Um know events closely concerning KOKNIGSTKIN: Germany (NQ-Delegates at a recent

In his final week here Pope Paul VI spoke of peace to a that island's history arc meeting here, called the Congress of the Church in

about to mature in the declaration Need, reached the general concluaion that the situationof
crowd of thousands
gathered at his summer residence to of Its Independencefrom the Church in the communist-dominated countries was

get hia blessing.The ( Great Britain). We getting worse rather than better.

Pope said that does not wish and pray the Lord that The the of
peace concern only politicians exiles asserted that despite appearances
this great event In their history
it concerns even-one "It is not n only___, a_ political. will" not mark a change In "peaceful coexistence" the truth is that the Church has

but above all a moral "which their spiritual traditions but not Improved Its position in any Red country In the past
renounces defense
theme," be declared. when It Is necessary and renounces on the" contrary will, confirm: year and has suffered losses not concern Itself with general

"We must foster In them. in several. attacks communism
peace : the rights of a peo on (
two ways. First Is that of educating pi* and the obligations which In July Malta wan linn a Information also was given but would salute the genuine

ourselves and of reforming a people or a constituted au. constitution by the British -='....... to the congress of Catholic work, for peace don by persons

our mentalitle of thorny impose lor this d- Parliament that makes the exiles from communism that both In the East and

fashioning our minds accordIng fen<*." Catholic Church the established Guide council proceedingsIn the Soviet Union had proponed West.HoweTer.

to the desire, program and Rather his solution Is to church there but modifiesthe ) to the kite Pole John
purpose of peace. We must be "orient ones' life to that privileged position for the XXIII the establishment of th* bleat said It
goodness of of Vatican Giacomo Cardinal feats
the Agagianian
charge proceedings tkplumatlc. relation, suggesting l It Important to r*.lor* truth
the sons of the Gospel whkh: and universal Church called for In the draft
outlines charity Council's third session which began ro, Julius Cardinal Docpfner and Leo that a papal l nuncUturt sell. the runfoloa record by
our program: 'Dieed **- which the Gospel brought in- constitution presented to par
are the peacemakers.' Monday are the four moderator, Cardinal Suencna. In Mwcow would be """flt. the 'peaceful ewexUlenc**
That to the world ; llament by the Mattes gov
Th. l Ikrm .( tkj n>mm..I.e.! .
Is to say we must give to our ernment. from the left Gregory Peter Cardinal I'rot1 wa car

moda of thinking of living "W. meat .....Id.. pear rM from Nlklta' Khrushchev Two of the strongest calls

and of undertaking social and not only aa ear .w' hnmaai to the Pope by Khruahvhev for an end to minimising the

International relation, an work, bat .. U Italy Is a gift The new apostles Encyclical guides onlfrlaw. Alxel AdahuhMt Clangers to the Church ruler
evangelical orientation whichIs vf ( od. Pfar drwrad fronthravrn during the latter visit to communism were mad. by
and .....f'. the Vatican .fthuttly I brotherly, that Is to say urea good Father Wrrenfrled van Stra-
and w' obtain It work of council lire John died
human or In other words by pray. ales, U I'raem. the repreactselite
open to many solutions which, Inf. the. Pope Mid."Let Priest-prisoner valiant at Dachaubeing Monalgnur Adult Klnlrr.mann ) of former German

are not those of violence or Cardinal explainsMKMOMITV conllrw lUmtur, MM. .IUt CMnrellor Konrt Adenauer
us while -
pray we are
the of this
of killing the brothers with, In time and always, because By Gleam Ih Klitler persecuted was, of a threat to Germany any long aliens Jo news ami Father liustav; Wetter of
whom do : C"1.1'- WM Archbiahop *>f i&lIp"i I,
we not agree. the good of peace truly d*. course, common know lcdg.. ei There U IHI reawm" to uUaoI hd of the I'kntlnten Rom" .
was arrested one dayIn tog E; u g e n. Cardinal TIM
Th also u.m1n..tth.
Pup Pa.l wed h. spoke on serves this continuous vigilance HE 1 It was part of rail propaganda treat them this way erant, clean of the ('olk se ofCanMnakt archIocese vt Lov. who congress

pear bffa.It la a .ubjrrt of our Invocation 1W1. and be expectedthat that Jew were to blame loran "You will mitt your own slaking| her r-f himself WM' r.leasmt l from aSoviet ( piwIUoit of the Orthodox

which U "..alort.llat.I, |o|>leaL" l- Peace must always occupy a this would happen to the problems In the workL h.Ineas",, the |>elan mmnunUant the Vatkan, t'Mincll iire*.nl I prUon alter on* i>( the ami Ukrainian Catholicchurch.
place In him. It bad usher Into trouble with In HuMla.Hpeakers .
our spiritual Intentions was" enough that ran taM him. that Prate John XXIII "n\er few diplomatic negutUHon'

because it U a theme of he was a Catholic Pried, but the nails brtaiwe h* refusedto used the wont' Ytno>>\'attoH"* between the \'atlc." ami the reprint that both
He cited countries suffer such a great important forth what was worse for Father preach this& In hU& sermon PunishedWhen
I In Ii>e.kliMt of" the rouncll'awork USSU! In recent 1..r. 1"1'4| w.r* prnrlkally ..!
ing from "unrest which" U life of mankind, civilization Leunhard Roth was that h* It* knew that many hews Mnil rather t that r>f ..f n..tM'. today, ceder a

more than political which the Church and the "ell- refused to cooperate with the were being Imprisoned at h* would not Father bringing ui '" tint', that U, The rangrvs *. whkntkruufht ....el. sad slow l attrition .(
has turned Into warfare at being of all who IlIn nail officials In his German .lttll.r del,lritrtll .
this Itachau. but not until h* got himself wa slar\d. II waalw applying old rln<'*H' to the all religious' III. I. tile Notlttfalun
least guerrilla warfare and world," Pope Paul concluded village. Ills trial wa a farce, there himself did lie discover tn. Iii was hung' up with" present atliwlUm ant. status /rom JI ...t...... "tC'laU" .
tensions which remove > Among the crowd, and he .. frees II nation cow
precisely present expected that too. the extent of the torture Inflicted meet ht">ka through hl of tM! C'hItITh"J'I Paul VIemihadta
that tranquillity of or. was of Makes ceder tied rule, adftllnml fit\m. delegates: t from Cuba
a group The upon. them. They were wrists" for hours, until h* wu this In hit
der which 1s the definition of rope> said h* wanted to give II. was Mnlrnred to !>.<* starved. They were bf'lttl\o (Ino* to death. It* never adtlrewe and In point the rncyrllcal the kll.l That romm..1.! ... InU wr !In aittrwUne German
peace. public th ha.u Here k* ram upon h '..ear s alletetle' and. Ikrre- Lutherans wr represented
testimony to peapie They were" hung up on meat knew at what moment '.1t' Hu m',"
H. discounted the charge of Malta, ".o faithful to vmrtklag h. dM not expect. hook like butchered animals. would" l I.* thrown Into th* *'m lore lnr..Mt..llbl I. tilts ( hrl. by an official cl.l.. llon. Rue

that his solution Is pacifism. Catholic tradition because w' That the German Jews were They were, cremated. tnnu. tttpUlnlng: Ik. linlfkanr l.anlljr.. slits OrthoiKu exiles>! also had<

.f title ._)fl...... (Curilln! a iWknatlon. to the congress
-- -- Horrified heatedly
0 .\. Ik. war went .n, more TlMeranl' affirmed that IIW 1"c.- ilel. .*.jl4. made an appeal of th. church In rtenL
the officials.
complained prison
to all fhrUtums' whoh
morn and mere fainta tore
"Now that the. peopleare < ml In .n| wr revlrklIk
*\* the w"tun"r to \uil' '
|l"I'rl-| n 4 at harka More
freedom f the roinrllr'alkrrs
in prlllOn.lie said."you sad matt ('.C...1....* ..1."", set k. ....1..| that In frulern Kurt: *}* to make CLEAR WATERTOM'S
cannot them of being
Ike |>rprn e4 kf Ik, known there the testimony i>f

"'.<|..,... Esters: .:.">|1.eanroanfrtr rvnnrll are .*krrl U the apIk their faith.
h M *. In setting the tone of th*
India askedto 1',1 .f Io| .. fonfrrent-e, )1110-1'111" Km

Th. Prlert, tMIt..1 l to sen "I'eking Umt |i* rfut rinYeessr. dt-tltWlln pitted' that 11 w.w.,ti"1 SHOE
*. rha k.. to the t hum*ml*
give visasto | .. th* .'."'Ine I .*UI"Ther -
of Catholics, NH' IM was Nrbhklen. U mi difficulty al.,ul REPAIR

missioners |ie*..ful rne...'#rw* *In |pin Jell, Ka 0'...,...
T1I. Winds I. Srtlee
No>> Mae were |*rmlt!. but the |tlt* ,""mettine* frrent M between. Pact an. .1| 1m As k. pk 441111$ aalllf w".1'.
AKW; liKIJil .... I Cardinal GrarUs. Arch- Vocal a lone/
--" u. tread' for My I Cnnt- at tlftln.1| itnmlruulnn and r.... /111/11

I Installation of officers in btdhop Itomhay. ha* appealed munl n, A motet hall to aprisoner's I* making |l.elf the spike,
Tampa to the India government
he*eaUt' .nr* IWaua
to adopt a liberal' attitude toward .r |irayer* was nnush for abaptism. t>f thl, th. niuntrte fattest'r.plt.ll.t' ,
. The Altar and Rosary Society of SU er; Father Miguel Morales, moderator; foreign mUatnnarte' And "trulUni .ttht' ere flit making' THAYER DODGE

. Patrick parish in Tampa held its in- Mrs. Joseph Decker, president; In. and to grant then ,..... W |y apart from other prisoner thenwelve$ *lan. hearers HM DOOSf.CUir a.1 KO Wiry d
tallation of officers following t.be David landers+ retiring vlc-preJ.' com to tile country. wa enough prlrary for a run far It."

Communion breakfast at the Interna dent; Mnu Barbara Ware, correspond Writing on "ChrUtlanltjr .In f_","-. Offering to nun s Vwnlng Id Make fnf Ih* 10,* mJ h *r I )r..t r wtftttf

lion Inn. Pictured' from the left art ing secretary; and }(ra. Don Ander India" for the Indian anal dying patient |Tt>vkle.l the first Urn al Ih* Invlutlun' olArrhbUhop 1h.se 444.1104 (1011 Cle.J."J Sf.CLARK'S !.

Mrs. George Pryor, retiring treasurer; son vke-pmident. pointed Foreign' out Review.that the the Cardinal ml.,lonarle orcaalon fur th* ....t rites,, Miguel 1 |>*rl.i. Mlramtt -

I }In. Mary Francis Sierra guest speak' Iie.pli. the hlutlof'IHU y lumen of AI...,., Car
to com to
".,. caught at their '|4rMkMlefftirt distal Tl.<.erant ,.....tn..1| In
to serve Christian..1their
time and agaIn Many the rowirtry for 1 10 stave anilvMlel
Invitation. Th re ulc went 10 their ..,ih* In the. ftgkt *4 the Mllun* GULF SERVICE .
lion Impend by the rwrrnmefrt -
TAMPAALL Plans impress US. have Imfwled ,lie CM Other dint under l.> Jtslots.. HIICUIIS. I DIIWfHONl
lur. M..r. dhd from Harv- Th coming .( Canlin) Tvrant >
smash U tenlClwMUii 444-1719
Priest iwtatlMi **' lion met .rust vshjiiMilanafter ..* in ...*.. (his ro|_|

surveying .UjtHutWnm tit added .maiilKa uf .heed ........ in* *.ju*.iiBn *4 ittpkMMrtl r*

TYPES hlkm .M.... Mike. Mid. Y*,,r O*.,$... S.r.l4* F.* Al lawn Acid Caf en S.naXi*.
OF INSURANCE Bombay congress !!... are ,ren.r4 .. p..... I. all. a lkiMn4. rs..1. in* Holy RM wkarlt wore
..... .. Ilex.... aU... An4 SKYCREST GARDEN SUPPLY
llral a ** |1.1 l *n4 ___>>. broken all during In* go
HENRI A. MONTEAU rasantr C") Chfl" rlfc. .r lkn. '.lIa.... .,...84.. trey aawe Cash.lee Ltmee emaonl III HVIMUI" J""*' .* In rumrziis. iroicriciofs. UIM i HANTSGAftDtN

Inrn Mongn Taut Mar- In* .mM.. .4 U* IMh ores 1OOIS- rill DIIiVIAYroes.

(li) Moreland-Oliver-Monfeau! Inc. clnku..a member of the |wpalserreUrUt The ChrMlan fnmiminHr In Ital.H.. was., to a way, s nwtteroC tatty itttc...... Makes gee. 441744 Ifll >... Slr.eSARASOTA.BRADENTON_

of slat*. Mid during InrMa. the Cardinal wMrf. "en ...... The hews were UMg emi...nU bare Iwo ..*...*<|

setters veea, ; Iaadng Jeyed' rum-pM freedom towa.Mp put M d.* a visit her that h* Istmpre..ed sad Mher testiest
were Jfw.. TV HtUaaMnwr .
2n."" Rm i). Tae+ with the prepr and the Chureh I* ren.ntil
p. .M.g t .. t4li laewe
f Bishop calls for
Ionia f<* the lath Internttonal semi regardnl a* an li"*|>.ittnt Y .
they h4 M.t*. r*
Kurhrttte CungreMwhKh tarter In ruttwul) M., 'II*
Metal the ....... maiaHy by convert crusodoSMIIK .
will open' In i ecetmyIJ. ptalced th* pJlrtr t4 th* .Lee i.M"*n* row .-.*.. Urine
IaMg N &I.,.... the/. Jewl.hMI5M.ee *w AI -' > .,emtal 2* Prim M MM* N."'" In tw ( ,n -- hi.Ki.p 40..d.r ..wa... ...iaeq bees ......
r"pet swl saM h* paid Hrial limb KOM. .. Tremors el lieu hoe. =.aI r: Ir::. a:'" '-t .et -.
)1--- Mett.h..e It WM M ....**.. ofIMhertp a a bow uses J
attentk t MfeguaH UMChrUtUn .
ALTAR WINESAVAILABLE nnminrwl an tMe Ml iHr : = roe .. =
I. D.esbay with r.ikr JM. ..... I*** skusstr.isar.4 AarMa s roes.
a ) .nerl r..l- .. mmunly tHeretU ..*n .t'w.4e fnc .....* ...... .. ...... ...... af .... ....
t'-al. .
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1Wte. et// two /1A ". ,. .. ......
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TAMPA ... ... .. m f ttr far
r i* Ie. IM r n- Meet K. eel I a.tfkoaI. ass f Dl
and' U left BodeetAM. Tic l'I' ...., ,.,..,. 1ft the ...... lit
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I* U e.e f WMt
MULLEN RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES U a M* r m* to manfe tn Ill hi k... Mid UMI <*. but' tn X***.**? MMMH to I. .'1'.' hi..a4 pw to.. ..., Sal..1"ffOSUAL ,

tM Merest i4 IM |W MMlff M a/ star ...,,, f'Marl 1M J... *M| faUMW pie is .. ....... effort .... IP.O'lm"'l"

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1812 J.F. KENNEDY BLVD., TAMPA/ loU...new. "UMt race.#tn...' .... ........... *44.4Vi ',*'* to Ik** ta* ml.+
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ewes.glnl. Our pt..eomehire ........ .. .. Liberation comes FUNERAL HOME SHANNON
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.. lam MV ....'14.- to IRADENTON SARASOTA
SISTERSTEACHERSQUALITY ,ih* IM* tsj tM cnfIlf.- ei. le..f 1M n. to Leentt7. ese alai bl.Mp T/sken .w... -
J..... a tnutayi st A...It. Nth, sal" .at .* *,*es Is.* tM Mean
poor ,
TEACHING AIDS mesa N' a rst nee.M sae M***,,*.*.>II*** HM4a /YA .... toy S.ntc. For 41 I Y u fiGRIFFITHCUNE

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Kn Science Mdse. flue are 1)ry frame far ..., item .H M pwlhle .
Math PSooIei; Rtotfncj Sp $ g'e M> adee/a.g Mflea
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W. Art Here To S.nrt You ..dot Ids... .... ... ffl e.w111MMrA IM.I.IM w.p eisa4.s.I. r**.*.**. 'h* FUNERAL HOME
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School Service. .
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h. ,...... '-* t...a. ftr45Aw rtatlM 4>. ItOIOQL ..., /araaen ltd.a..M .
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"f esM d..i .., ...... ", ,.. ....
wwn fct owt tArts CATA1OG4.4 aee .. ....

--- -

", -.:::;';;!:. :. ,. ,' y ... . .

,. '
G The Florida Catholic, Friday< Sept. 18, 196-' .:- ;
\l" ",'1'{ ..
Mass guide
Pope Paul VI ". ;:i

SUNDAY. September 20

All can share in spirit. of councilFollowing Gloria 18th cost Sunday(Mass Creed after of Preface Sunday Pente-of

is a translation rei"entatl n of the nnlvernal ed they become to this. assem Trinity.)

of Pope Paul's September 1 Church, n fact which wn Mated bly-and against this. we must ic MONDAY Setptember 21
by the Council of Trent guard; and on the other hand St. Matthew, Apoxtle. (Mass
letter to Eugene Cardinal and the First Vatican Council. because the gravity of thecouncil' of least Gloria, Creed Preface
Tlsserant dean of the councilof
of Apostles)
acts and decisions I is
presidents of the ecumenical We write this to you, our Increasing as the discussionsof TUESDAY, September 22

council, asking that the venerable brother and dean the various topics suggest St. Thomas of Vlllanova.
of the Sacred College, so that (Mass of a confessor-Bishop
whole Church join In prayer ed for study and deliberationby
you whom we have confirmedIn Gloria 2nd Prayer of Sts.
and penance for the councilon that body are being
the very high office of Maurice and Companions; ,
September 23, 25 and 26. brought to conclusion.
first member of the Councilof Common Preface.)

Tim resumption of the Presidents of the Second There are two forms, pror. WEDNESDAY, September 2.1

Vatican Ecumenical : Vatican Council, may exhort. en hjr usage an in evident (Mass of Ember 'Wednesday

Council is now at hand. In our name and authority whereby the faithful. .. Individual of September 2nd

The third session, as already the conciliar Fathers to tome ** well ns the Prayer of St. Linus, Com

decided and announced, will punctually to the ecumenical Church In community can mon Preface.)

begin on September II, the synod itself, and to prepare join lrliually| In an eventof THURSDAY September 24

day which the liturgy devotes their souls for It, as for an suits religion and moral (Mats of previous Sunday

to the feast of the Exaltationof exceptional moment In the value, and contribute to Its 2nd Prayer of Our Lady of

the Holy Croas of our Lord life of the Church. kurrr-n. : jtenunre and prayer. Ransom, Common Preface

Jesus Christ The Church can hope all or, Feast of Our Lady of
By the former, man in disposed
the more to be Inspired and Ransom Mass of the Blessed
This dale for the redump to remove the obstacles
led by the Holy the Virgin Gloria Prefaceof
floe of the ronrlllar work Spirit from his soul-that Is to say
the har. the Blessed Virgin.)
more Intensely, more
MB not arrhed at by chance sin and perverse tendencies.
and the FRIDAY September 25
bat, as It were, to Indlrale more which stand In the way of his 1 ,
humbly are souls mutually (Mass of Ember Friday of
the source from whence reconciliation with God By
disposed to receive September Common Pre
spring our salvation and grace. the latter, he Is prepared to
whence the Church drawn Us Such an extraordinary moment receive the abundance of face.)
must be lived with Inner SATURDAY, September 2e
In the
trust happy outcomeof heavenly mercy.
meditation, with intense fervor (Mass of Ember Saturday
great synod-
with humble Doth are opportune to make of 2nd
piety, with September, Prayerof
to say, from the P..lon of
for the divine action of
absolute way
faithfulness North American
to Martyrs
our beloved wont Redeemer men-Hoi and mont precepts of Christ, with vigilant renewal, and each contributesto New convent in TitusvilleThe :3rd Prayer of Sts. Cyprianand

attention to the needs of that ineffable meeting, so Justin, Common Pre
We wish to give due honorto the Church and the world. to speak, of two wills: the seven SuHeraof Mercy classroom for the'school This con- back row, from the left Sister M. face.)

this great mystery, celebrating Nor should your exhortation will of man which Is purified teaching at St. Teresa School in vent building will house ten Sisters. Paul, Mother },f. Ignatius, Sister SUNDAY, September 27
Its perennial and salutary be limited to the concil when It submits Itself In humility Titusville have just moved into the Pictured in the front row, from Margaret Mary and Sister M. Im 19th Sunday After Pent.

memory, by offering to lap Fathers to celebrate the and is prompted urgently new convent leaving their previous left are Sister M. Aloyifus, Sister maculate. coKt (Mass of Sunday,

God at the opening of the great event with spiritual ful to ask and to hope; home available for an additional M Mercy and Sister Mary Patrick Gloria, Creed, Preface of
and the Will of God, which
conciliar session the Holy Sac. ne... We desire that you extend Trinity i
rlflce of the Mace which can penetrate freely the
rep.resents It also, through the pastors .
and renews in an un whom you address, to vacuum of man's heart and, Father David P. PageSpread
In that encounter Infuses and
bloody manner the work of all the faithful: to Priests
Inflames It with Love transcending .
our redemption We Intend to
first of all; to Religious men
perform this sacred rite as a and women to all the familyof nature.
first and essential act of the Catholics who aspire to We should like, therefore the St. Augustine story

ecumenical council, which is live In conscious and clone) that from your own voice,
about to assemble/ again, by Venerable Ilrother, as If It
means of a solemn concetebra- communion aim to those with afflicted the Church with; were the voice of the whole
lion by 24 conciliar Fathers disease of mind who council, the whole Catholic ous people, generous to God and Christian traditions the poor Indians the good five times the population Increase
or body
chosen from various orders Church might be exhorted to and to their fellow men then which they have helped! to newt of Christ's Redemption.It of 8 per cent. The most
are already the
joined to
and regions, and united to us. Church; and to Innocent boys some special acts of penanceand a great part of the credit pass on.Prominent. Is estimated that at onetime alarming aspect Is that more

V'. wish this for the council and girls-the joy and adorn. of prayer, not goes only to our those founding of Jamestownand fathers, among the 400th as many as :30,000( of than half of these crimes, or 1tA

so that the Infusion of hearts ment of the Church This Is oar svggestlom Plymouth Rock but also anniversary monuments these Indians In Florida alone 50.4 per cent were committed
which will embellish these were under the Church's tute by youths under eighteen
and souls 1
may more evident It Is necessary Indeed that This year, let the Ember days those of St. Augustine
to all and more efficacious which sacred grounds, 'will"lie an years of age.Society's.
each member of the Mystical tall on Heptember U Catholics and non-Catholics lage.But
In the tight of God forming Italy of Christ'. consider this. 1.1 and. II be sanctified Let alike rejoice when Informedthat illuminated Cross towering aU, how little known

"one heart and one souP singular and historic event of those who eau fat on thenedays a religious act Inaugurated 200 feet into the sky and appreciated Is the fact decayNo
(Acts 4, 32)), of all those who the dlt and let that Florida missionarieswere MementoThe
council as pertaining so, everyone American community. .Is the
are taking part In the holyassembly Beacon of FaithThe carrying on their apostolic
regard It
to himself and that ns an obligation la gold lace stole shown
We nut alas. how few and civilizing endeavors these wayward youth
wish also each of are aware
participate In the council practice some eerrl Catholics of Florida above
through It to Implore divine mortlfknllon of our tbrUtlan origin, bow 42 years before the first English from the ghetto or lowerstrata was worn by Pope
with and
an attentive and ardent penance have a noble challenge and
of society They come John XXIII when he
few settlement open
assistance for our know the Inspiring storyof at Jamestown
And let nil
fellowship. Tru. when feel It n duty to
indeed a patriotic duty to .
1"bora-that assistance which the earlier sessions of the ecumenical address the lord .|>erU! prayer ."..n4.. kIndus the crncl- make known to.others the 55 years before the Pilgrimsset Instead from the well landscaped ed the first session of the
fit .t Father l... ... thePpanUh foot on Plymouth Rock : homes of our affluent
It our supreme guide In the council,begun, an Invitation ot.explatl.n and. snpplirllen. .. f meaning and alinlflcnnr oC ..ubur'Tho good life has Vatican Council II In St.
dlore Priest, sot over two c.nturl.'ore
arduous and humble search asi Peter's Basilica on October
of this sort went out this Cross For this towering become satiated with pleasureand
tar the divine will on the Initialing oar American. com the beginning of the famous The stole .
part to the whole? Church. emblem of Christianity will boredom. 111962. was presented
And on Sunday September inanity life with the HolyMarrtflre missions of California.'
of the whole Catholic Church
However It seems wise to serve both as a beacon of to the National
27, throughout the world. In of the Ma.?
I* fart the ..r.'PDlr.1m..11 reiterate It-on the one hand gathering of the faithfu faith and as a constant reminder Cross to teach Their parents give them Shrine of the Immaculate
convened around the because people's Interest can and In ecclesiastical The heart of every true of America's religious everything except what theymoat Conception in Washington,
successor of Mt. Peter K a. diminish the more accustom- community, universal prayers American throbe with Joy beginnings. Yes, the Quadrlcentennlal need good example, D.C.

everyone knows, a true r.... should be recited for the successful and gratitude In the knowledge Twelve months from todaywe Cross of Nombre de Dios will Chrlitlan love and faith and dlwlpllne,

Beheaded outcome of the ecumenical that, within! a matter of shall be celebrating one be a constant reminder of our affection

council. This could months, there will arise onth.s. of America's moat significant heroic founders, our Christian But to young and old alike Diplomat dies

UU'HKVO MAKQUKH.Motamtliue : he accomplished II.nlrlt'anUythroulh hallowed grounds, more anniversaries.In traditions, and our nation's the towering Cross of St. Aug
DUKES.STEENFUNERAL (>C) The decapitated of V.ITICAV CITY (>c) _
| uments worthy our /ore- religious beginnings. But thatIs ustine will be
a solemn recitation order to fittingly herald a constant reminder Monnlgnor Giacomo Morelll
Ixxly of a Dutch
HOMI of the 'Our Father this not enough of the unchanging
Catholic missionary has been qnadrkentennlal year, who served In the Holy See'a
110 s., FUrUs A.,.. found near the NangoloU As everyone knows, we regard let earn of on make known The monumental CTOM. the values of the religion of Jesus diplomatic corps from 1936: to

MY 24121 LaleUflJIEACH mission In the northern part .. a happy outcome of For Honduras far and wide, the real story beacon of Faith must re-en- Christ 19M in Albania, Peru, Vene

of this Portuguese east African the council the renewal of VATH'AX PITY territory. the spirit of Jesus Christ In Father Marcel Gertn Y P u)1- true appreciation of Its religious was led to repentanceat pines Indonesia and the Dominican
Ills Church the relncorpora- Tell friends, neighbors, ant heritage and Christian the sight of his Crucified
ay of the Society of Foreign Republic, has died la
MEMORIAL The head of Father WlllUm tourists that America's founders
lion Into Its unity of the brothers Missions of Quebec has been traditions. More than at any Saviour let us pray that this Rome at the age of (1.
CHAPEL de Meets 8MM* was found who are still separatedfrom named first Ordinary of the and lint settlers were other time In Its hUtory, wandering, pleasure loving

It. ) 4s..e saw ..1.1111 later on the altar of his mis- \I'. the reawakening of newly created Prelature Nulllus Catholics of a deep and heroic America today has need of generation will In some way

SEMINOlt lEACH ion chapel No further detail the religious conscience In thewtoril of Cholutega, Hondoras.HU brand of faith. Christian discipline, religious be drawn to God's low and

MEMORIAL CHAPEL wrrr. reported. The district .. the strengthening of new jurisdiction Include Tell them that within a few faith and morality. mercy through the Instrumentality

N ldas.a. le attt administrator was Investigating justice and peace among men. almost 250.0HO 'Inhabitants It years after the historic! landIng t- During the past" five years of the Crone of Si Aug

,.. These are alms for the highet Is served by 19 Priests, 18 of of 15*% these hallowed from 1W to Hash our crime ustine.4f ALMS44t
and general rx lxl.l No one. whom are) members of the grounds became the home of
we hope will fall to share the America's first Mission. the
Canadian society, and IS Si*
Carl T. Iou chard Funeral Horn strong desire for the fulfil. ters. Mission of Norn bee W bit*. School blessed

mint of th... wishes, forwhich Horn In Rh<
1ST aCARWAUR-lARGO ROAD-LA you, venerable Ilrother May 7, lilt Fatter the dawn of our nations history LOHRKLKH C\f1 8. Cr.le-B....l U ....... pa_ A. ,."....Asri M. M

T.lt,.... 514.2111! -a proponent as authoritative Itoulay was ordtned, In swig valiant missionaries. Loyola I University's new Ambulance Serme 2Jtd A... S.. flu"- UUSOI
74-HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE as you are benevolent will After studying' In Rome for black robes and brown robes downtown school of bw was VA 4-171

certainly. be given sincere and three )e"rs he returned to went forth from this Mission\ blessed last week by James ST. AU6USTINE ST. PETERSBURGPHONE

prompt adherence by pious Canada Later he ws rectutulsuperior station and plodded their way Francis Cardinal ),fdnt,,..

1 and generous-hearted people. of the OmoxlUn nmstonarle < along the famous Santa )'. It .is designed to enroll TOU.

For this understanding In Cuba and seoe- Trail up through GeorgU and The Ford Motor, Co. pre

tw;Jt'tfrfl: f/: which we all share, we ex lacy of the episcopal comealoe > the Carolina and over sented $10.000 toward construction $77-7124

press our gratitude to you In of Canada for l..a': : through Alabama. .. as far a* and an anonymous
FUNERAL DIRECTORS advance, while we grant you. America In 1WJ he was raed the great ..ttwr of Waters* group of friends gave $100.000 A. P. BOZA RIVERSIDE CHAPEL<<

as well as to the universal pastor of Our Lady f For two hundred long for the echooTs audttcr. ;m. JlOt N. ARMENIA AVL
14M2II TAMPA 2174)34 these Intrepid apostles which .Is named In honor ofPmMent
Church and to the worM our Guadslup (church Tegucig. years, TAMPA FLORIDA
heneitlrtlon. Honduras. their best and often John r Kennedy 7.
apostolic! gar
_ya -- -_. -. ....-. -- ,-
5- -

__ a

J.19" C.et iu4ut .; slag: IIUDownsFord

U.. (.reef A_ et r'.mwar.
Funeral Home Inc. .. tr..e 1'.a a. .....
c_ ..... w b..rw

M The beet Senlr! Avalkble KgirdleM Y.ftI'CfMI set7elwasOs-
$.rrf' St. rVenWf FsmZea rW 43 Ye.n

T. R. Down, PftiIJtnt D. W. Ford LF.D.
JOHN S. RHODES Inc.. Funeral Directors

IMS tlk Ar "* Ne, St. PstenW' PWne- H144C1


Haigb-Black; funeral Home


T .

III'e Mass at liturgical conference, St. Louis .

T*. tint UJL wlebratloo of pat ns ct be'* tM Priests tai cecLflrr i by th. Hety *. Ses erti

JUt HOtCOMt the lUll la E a II 11 1Ia! took 05. ruts lh* UaM will be Priests tsf tie Dioc*** el St. Acfwtiat

plat' at tbt Kett AodKevfcua I N SC .to F gttek nn.f' Una Late u. ttuade4 tt* ceaTtnec*. R.VWe. IW Clent M S*.1"" A..., N .4 lil-Jtn
101 | ,-
FUNERAL DlRICTOR Laws. dwrwr the Natfcwal Lttwr. M a ct.t" !s. ...t 1"'H'fttb" b' te AU N. IWes Weal O..a. tOO .+* $ .. H*. }474|&

gkal Week bail last ..*(... Langp Bultof of tin v'MlMi State tai


.-. .. --- ,- .. .. ,- "

- -

1 The Florida Catholk. Frklay Seek 18. 19fri .41 ._ ..,..'

i"" .... .... ..A '. .4.' pc:. ,,!/ f I Asks supportfor

Priest gives impressionson \ t L R'. ', t tfr missions,

first stay in Rome -r-- October 18

KOMK (SC) Archbishop

Pietro Slglsmondl secretary
By Father John P. Donnelly Tclstar I even feel I am not g 5t I Ix of the Congregation for the

VATICAN CITY (NC) At 9 P.BL, the piazza In new here. 5 r Propagation of the Faith, his

front of St. Peter'a basilica In this tiny city-atate within There Is nothing quite like urged Catholics everywhere

the city of Rome could be any other square or plaza in being here in person though, a. Y to become familiar with the

any other city. In fact a distracted visitor might not en If I feel strange on the missions.
street and In the shops; dressed ;
even notice the huge facade of the Ice w
largest church in In a cassock rather than 0. 'khr Launching an appeal for

Christendom at one end since there are no lights on it the familiar suit of the American prayer, work and money to

this _..U. Priest; fumbling with that I.st4/ help the nl"" lon. on World

The 135-foot monument the brighter lights of the large and curious round- m. r Missies. Hay October in. thrthbUSop *
city It Is the friendly natureof .\ Pointed onti
which dominates the center ed hat which is the mark of

of the piazza a 312,ton Egyptian Over the Italian to communicate.. the Priest In Italy. "On the fact of the earth
against the 284 majestic
obelisk erected there In : Sitting at the foot of a Ber there art today about two'
ISM by Pope SUtus V, becomes surround the of Bernini which: ntntmuterplea4 feet high billion people' who do nut
piazza, olderfolk
in the dusk a leaning may be commonplace for ru know Cod as their Father,
sit cool
post for tired touricts with on the stone steps lives here, but not for me. One who do not know about the
some chatting quietly But
tired' cameras slung our Is almost afraid to sit. for fear wonderful and real life communicated
mostly they Just sit and watch
their shoulders and for re- pr marring further the aged by Christ through
others go by-.tr.n faces,',
lazing Romans who seem to famUlar stone. III. Church by which all can
find it comforting to rest faces The ptam Is. In the dim distance far and mutt call themselves and
a melting pot
there.It across the vast piazza tht .be the tons of God ( ,

might> be a street scene An American Prir"t J J..t arrived > totally familiar church standing "Every: Christian who has

In New York or San Francisco In Home for an extended over the tomb of Peter the fortune to be the son of

were it not for the surrounding > stay has many thoat.hu in looms more defined as the Gal In the house of the

*. thin. cltjrj! eontuslag thoughts, eyes adjust to darkness. Father, the Church, It In away

Bat there dOf'.... teem to distracted tbengbta.My It is a vast presence of responsible for this return
stones formed into beauty to 5. cf the distant sons"
be '
any Irreverence among the Italian Is poor, so I
house the mot magnificent Archbishop Slgltmondl laU
yonngnler Perhaps. rather head for the quiet columns of
functions of the Church, with further that the preaching of
there I* something approachIng Bernini rather than the obe
a familiarity with the dltine. lisk. in whose walls now stand the the Gospel I devolves first Oil/
thousand of tiered chairs the Pep and the Bishops.
Will I ever master this language -- -
and kneelers used by the Bishops
which everyone speak They arr mpl|"h It by
A few young sailors wander of the world during Hear
sessions lecture elementary science .
with such wild abandon? Will on mesas vl mlulonnrlr.
through the square and top of the Vatican Council.
I find the bus to the office
to talk among the groups of tomorrow morning, or per Prom the Catholicism In Joseph Picraon a rrprracntatlveof ed in Orlando recently for the diocesan he demonstrate! the need and ar- hTney are scattered all over

what teenagers to do during probably their asking night haps end up In a strange new me It ..m.on. somewhat the the D.C. Heath and Co., address- meeting; These teachers are I
the town. part of town as I did yesterday ..... r*"|>on.' ai does the td the many teachers who gather shown listening to Mr Tieraon aa
vii Eventually they world. They make u.. sit, and the hours pass. Conversation ? Did the Sister at the majesty of Washington's Capllol .- .- every means* ichoitla, Kmpl-\
guest house understand whenI and be Conrt
keeps them from Hnpreme Sets, nurseries, churches. They
told her I would like from American If
orange my btrlUfe.
asks all to enlighten whole f'opuIAtI..cIAIth
Juice for breakfast? Or thatI
would not be In for lunch? A light in a top story wln- the light of civilisation.

ORLANDO Or that I would like accessto low to the l left of the church pray for council They prepare In )twit semi'
harm Priests who art the
and overlooking the squaretells
the locked showers acrossthe
WINTER PARKJIM hall from room? me mo.... The Vicar of M.. vw sons of their people. Triwcontribute
my rtNTKLrANENl.Ft) (\O.Pop
Christ Is there. Probably he to the preparuti.'r\
The ronf..lon I* minorthontb. Is the one who Just switchedon Paul VI used his last / 1t of future leaders of nation-.

BLAKE Perhaps more than the light It is getting late weekly general audience of b bAsl Often they. experience III.ra'iotude

anywhere,, ..I.. In Europe, anA at night, but the light Is not his stay here to appeal to and expulakm: at time

OFFICE SL PLYPURNITURK .mrrcan Frl..t such a. myself in his Nxlrtmm. It Is In hit Catholics for prayers and safrlflcea they py with their live* "

f..el. at home In Rome.Many study. A man sitting nearby for success of the council Their work woukl be pars.ll *
OFFICE SUPPLIES looks over to set if 1 have and for hi mae 11. )"t If they couknot counton
MI TzejJ of the churches and spotted the light. On the n. of leaving hU the habitual collaboration

100 So. Orlando Ate, W.P. building. are familiar from lIe works late, our new summer renklence here, where of the faithful. Archbishop
countless pofttrard and travel h* hat been living since July
Klgt: m. mil salt
Pope, the ohnerves. almost .
folks St Peter's and tht man IX the TV'r>* told the thcMu-
as If he solicitous
were a
Vatican have cropped up her ands aMetniiled In the ium
BISHOP MOORE and there throughout theologytexts father worrying about a son mer audience hall "Your visit ORLANDOWINTER
"He doesn't rett"This
and history hooks In the get enough finds us, on the ev. of the
SCHOOL RINGS Is the amnion for a PARK
seminary Since the advent of r.ol.ening of the ecumenical
conversation to 1 return the
council, abeorbed' by thoughts
PRICED I observation. Ily now though
16'5 and concerns which the great .r" xr
FROIlIalU I am in a state of panic. "
event gives to.
Months, of study In Italian
..""...itSD Italian
counts have prepared me to IternUIng that ft. Ka4 .*... .M5.p..a.,, .... L.,.
Line say "Co**! day and "How do ....ly tent n l.U.r M the ............ C....,

get to the CebNueum. HUb. .f (he w...M ....*..kKacrn 5_ cos.
Ri.*.. Ur CBoshlnq" you pe Ems *...** a a. *.. ..... b
Phone GA 2-34S2 Girls A and The dog Is blM k." Noneof CnHlnal TlMeranl, Oi Jim

.._ .leysIIMH the are of much ue ,... .f the College mt Cart.I- 1
14 N. 09. Avtnu s*a 4 *4ttsS .
now. We are talking about ..K ...u., for spiritual, pen __.. AM, J
thing not In the grammar .irl,...... )I. the e..nri| by

books. What do you think all (.........*, the r... said Holy Name Rally Orlando BILL, BARDOE

SCHWEERS GULF SERVICE about Roldwater's nomination b, rescued !. aU frr .mi |b* .
w. Sptoefc.: U ? Did you know .President Mate rr..nrvlj *Mak.* a gift At/onao A. AlJbrrtl, left rrvaUrnt& rally of tht Holy Name men of the SAY ON YOUR

Motor TUNE-UPS gad MAKE WORK Kennedy? How Is the World's I. she.raatl.1 y..r eplrltsal of the Central Florida Deanery of the Central Deanrry to b. .held, at t.Janves .
In New tOfU
IEAR WHEEL ALIGNING Holy Name &det,; Father Trrtnc J. Church on ""Ic..m| *r SO. father"

Herman. Schweert 2t24 Ctrrmt Drive It is. my bspttom& of fire Mt.r railing. far prayer andacrtfVes FarreUy, pastor of Ft James pariah Karrelly has .rr..t| enthusiasm' at rv 4u.m
In lullan. Wastes" doubt
w. |
Owner Ph. 42J-JOU O .1WI. for the cvunrtltaun the and hat invltnl all\! thoM who M y. SO "
Orlando and Louis A. Jrlfflng presl. jilans
and In a strange funny accent ; ...... ....... <<
But he underitontt apparently ... the law a
else he .head i be meet Into hue for the moderator of the Deanery. u..ah..
or Is very rely, completed j4ana spiritual
ful if ywi ....M tmk k aitIniefrthm St Ch.,'".
kind. A put office Ukgraptver. .._ ..
WATKiNS for us ta. tar prayer ----- -- --- ,"' '''
pi. r. with little education.he I I
-... who fee) the enormous
comes often to sit In the Stamps noodod BARNES
weight of the revpnfttlMMy "
PAINT WAll PAPS square Just *to watch the p.o a*.l .e r....i the helpof for missions imirritr: Arno Cltllzunw::
pie go by E smite Intentsantef Out mart IMHI ne m tminiMi.' !.*. Orlando's fastestgrowing
ORLANDO WINTIR PARK "Very Isterestlng"II. .... AI.LUU\f 5.. tn1 IM t;.K MTIMITMtor : : A T 10"" 14 IANI(

has read the more glat.r Marie I... o. t', ld >. Otaac IHUM. a Causes banks

though II. kno. .t a lot about Named Bishop ilL CMsalvtheft .. I5OIIIe....5ss 0..l.ds. 3451
For 47 Y... American news and life and hat antMUfttvl UMrt NtMkfuers
he like what he reads. The I.AI+ l\t) A newNblwp + across f fromsi. J4mt
FIRST NATIONAL BANK death of I".lel'lKmtMd' ,. d Ieil rd, I.are.harehas Hump Nona I It
again s kuig aatravUMe. eaar tlM

Q: AT WINTKR PARK was a personal tragedy for t.en llMa named.Thumaa d bona I....InXovtJipnrt .' ........ I" Seesaw .fi.,. & Laundry "t .*< Ute ls> ........., .. W.*4.w *r.*k Arrest
Mm. lie <* was '
..." TM1 MPMTMCNT 7i''.,im. M; toOt wept.A I te rjr*t. sail WMr4 arteys1 sU ....... ttf ...... LM. -ND.p..4ahI. Wt hiss a a.ta* 4*.,lgn.4 l*. |**.f tautly
......tlc sad forvtgsiAH .
,..e. boat IM P.p. be speakswtth .awN fat

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8 The Florida Catholic, Friday, Sept. 18, 1961

Florida Reports

Bishops teach and sanctify ?* : st.Clearwater Cecelia

Father Robert J. Ratchf ,rd
oeoole. Pope tells session SJ celebrated hU first Solemn

High Mass at St. Cece'ia:
r Church in Clearwater on
1 M August
truth" he said calla for a leg but a formidable re.|>on.|. also reach those which are ordained at Innsbruck Austria -

clarlflcatlon: of .the doctrineof bllitjr, Christ has charged UI not represented here" on July 26, where he

the episcopacy In consonance to prmrrve, we beg them not He said the separated completed his theological\
with the papacy. to take It In bad part, but a* churches "churches that studies.

He emphasized that his position bring prompted bjr respect are so far and yet so closeto Starting this fall heIll'

as Pope "In no way defrauds and brotherly lute. us" are the churchesof Join the chemistry faculty at

you our brother 131flops his "sleepless nights." Loyola University In New
of your due authority" The Pope then asked the Finally he turned his Orleans, Louisiana.

After observing! that the observers to convey his thoughts "to the world aboutus Altar boys serving the new

Church as It extends throughout greetings to the Christian with Its own Interests also Priest were the oldest sen

the world has a greater communities they represent. with Its Indifference, perhaps of each of Father FUtthfurd

need of centralized leader. He added: even Its hostility" three brothers. The sene-i

chip, he said.
were Lawrence Ratchfcrd.
"No one should regard such Pope Paul concelebratesMass Paul Ratchford and Michael
centralization is a device put
Ratchford. Their
together by pride. It surely Sarasota parish builds school present with, their families for

will always be tempered and opening councilCardinal the Mass In Clearwater

balanced by an alert and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs' second from left, Sister LucelJa, principal will move into the new classrooms Monsignor Thomas A. Col-{

timely delegation both of (c..t....*.. ,... ,... 1) Tlsserant the graders in Sarasota look at the Sister Patrick Michael and Sister u soon as construction per. reavy, pastor welcomed, several

authority and of faculties for subdued It Immediately witha highest In precedence next to construction of their new school Eva Mary. These School Sisters of mits. Jesuit Priests present for

local pastors. decisive gesture, and beganto the Pope chanted the GospeL with their pariah Priest, Father St. Francis have begun teaching the occasion.

"We assure you, our brothem bless the council Fathersas All 23 voices joined In the Joseph P. Moran, and teacher, grades one through four The class. Englewood
In the episcopate, that he was borne up the aisle. words of consecration with

this centralization l is. rather Pope Paul! Jem-ended from the Pope's, voice slightly predominating st. Raphael

service and a manifestation the portable throne, doffed. because the microphone Mass in Orlando Father William P. Balfe,

til the unifying and hlerinhIral his miter. and Immediately" begun was nearer to him. Views exchangedby pastor here has been welcomed .

spirit of the Church. the Mans with the pr.,- At the celebrants' Communion by St. Raphael parish.
era at the foot of the altar the 2t moved In procession 11 a.m., for HNS loners. They learned of hli
The Pope added that centralization
to the Pope and each diversified experience In the
"strengthen rather Behind him In a great semicircle took deanery rally Diocese prior to his appointment
segment of the tame
than weakens the authority of were his concelebrsnts council Fathers at Englewood. Born
Bishops whether that authority including Eugene Cardinal consecrated Host <('......*. tram ,... Uistratlons Connecticut, Father Balfe In
be considered In the Individual TUserant who as first of the The Pope distributed Communion beginning at 9 a m. ordained to the Priesthood

Bishop or in the colle- presidents of the council had to the lay auditors (c..t1..1 bra. of Burgos Spain and Archbishop This Is needed to check to- at the rectory garage adjacentto May 21, 1932 In Albany New
and pi. IIIluflno /
glallty of Bishops"The been the celebrant of the gave final blowing of Cardinal Santo. Louis Mathlas, S.D.B., day's hedonism. St. James. They urge men York. He has served In Florin -
Pope wound up his Masses which opened<< the the Mass The concelebrant.blessed Manila and Laurean of of Madras and Mylapore In Archbishop Nlcodemo In from the local area to come 1 da since 1942.

speech by greeting all dioceses previous sessions of the coun themselves but did CardinalRuambwa the name of the Bishops of early so that UN men traveling
and cil. not give the final blessing of Bukoba Tan dla.Cardinal here from the Central TallahasseeBlessed
parishes represented by an'lka.LaLln.rlte. Rufflnl laid The the Apulia region of Italy, many
the council Fathers, all Although all 21' Fathers re- with the Pope. There was no chapter's: use of Scripture la said: The chapter's title Is Florida parishes can ala Sacrament

Priests Religious, Catholic cited the prayers along with last GonpeL This omission Is Patriarch Alberto admirably generous but lamentably too long. The chapter should be registered prior to At the Women's
prescribed when Gorl O.F.M. of Guild of
laity the poor the persecuted the Pope only his unmUtak- other ceremonies Jerusalem. Imprecise. The mention hell lest the council's Mass. the Blessed Sacrament

and the suffering and especially able voice was audible over are to follow the Mass. Archbishop Enrico Nlcode- chapter lacks good structure presentation of the last thingsbe Father Terence J. Farrelly last week Mrs. Joseph parish O'Nell

"those whom the the basilica's loudnpeaklngsystem. At the end of the Mass mo of Barb Italy; Archbishop and order and therefore needs incomplete. spiritual director for this Holy gave a report on a Confraternity

lack of freedom still prevents ArchblihopPrrlde Prllrl.gen-. Justin Darmojuwana of Sem- recasting. Archbishop Darmajuwana Name deanery and pastor of of Christian Doctrine
from coming to this council" arang, Indonesia; Archbishop St. James, will be celebrant
Pope Pas!. a* I I..* customary |rral secretary of the emrnenIral Ignace Zlade of the Maronlte Cardinal Urban I said: Thethapter laid The chapter should be workshop she attended In
of the Communion
He also welcomed Mass beginning
the lay la ..1. )1..... In HI. Peter's, / (council! led the new council Rite See omitted since It says nothing Jacksonville last month. She
of Beirut, and Archbishop << 1* centrally acceptable at 11
auditors. Then he added his am.
fared Fathers In the not already common knowl explained the
nave of the church history, organization
Maxim Hermanluk.C except for the points
welcome to the Arnold Pancratz of Lake
women as yet the unnamed audi from the Altar of the ('on',,- faith which U the oath .It, of the Ukrainian Rite tloned by Cardinal HofflnU edge. Helen .vice-president of and working of the
among Ion. The entire congregation against modernlim. See of Winnipeg. Archbishop Zlade said CCD program. A school of religion
tors; "And we art delightedto Cardinal There can be mention the deanery will lead Holy
IlUhop, Prints and peoplegave Santos said. The no of will be started Immediately -
welcome among the auditors Pope Paul then launched Bishop Punt Col of Segorbe chapter the eschatology of Name men In reciting the I
and for
reaponser In Latin completes enriches our calling high school students -
our beloved daughters In and alo sang the Ordinary j Into his hour long speech Spain: Coadjutor Bishop Leon the whole schema. without mention of the Holy Dialogue Mass.A attending public high
Christ the first women In history which except for annal Elchlnger I of Strasbourg,
)1... In well.known Gregoriaa Patriarch Gorl laid The Spirit. dinner meeting follows schools.
to participate In a con- melodies )hymn the Venl Creator Splr- France, Abbot Christopher text falls to speak about the Archbishop Hermaniuk There will be
t IzJO p m. In the K of C hall welcoming
I Itus and Butler
clllar a final bless.Ins OSB of
assembly. papal ,
possibility of eternal damnation : The chapter should emphasize nt 4421 Kait Colonial Drive tea for the newcomers ef the
He said the Invitation to Father Ballestrero, the lowest concluded the openingorning' England the
In sacramental
other words the union The S2.00 lee will be accepted parish Saturday October 3,
the auditors was prompted by In precedence of the con- m ceremonies. Archbishop Segundo Garcia existence and eternity of hell. of the faithful with Christ In with additional registrations from 3 to 5 p,m. In the auditorium
his "desire to give to the celebrants chanted the Epis: -- the EucharUt. It should alo at the meeting site of the Tallahassee

Christian community an ever- tie stress the need for vigilanceIn Savings and Loan Association.

Increasing sense of harmony, awaiting the coming of Alfonso A. Allbertl deanery
collaboration and charity" Christ president will open the afternoon
He then turned to the non- Damage surveyundertaken sessions. with the program Daytona Beach

Catholic observers "with reverence Rlihop Pont Mid: The chapter theme, "Changing Customs

and esteem" He welcomed offer ?a /t glees the Charch n Iranirendeat Unchanging Faith"

them and thanked t coloring bat the Guest speakers will be John

them, and assured them of his storm lashes Fla. *$' schema sever glte a parallelevpaulon Attica of Satellite B *rh and Wtlcom* Travfri
Intention of : of rise (bBi-rh'
removing "everyobstacle : t\ William Joyce of Orlando. Furniture
every misunderstanding :' : Immanent aspect doctrinal Election Porch and Patie; SpedaWeaRattia '
(('** ...4 tram red I) 4 + B ba. cf new officers for
.5 of It* presence In the
every hit the various communitiesheld the Central Deanery of the WreoUght Iron.
He said that St. Paul's losses to a minimum.At IINS will precede the rally'smid Aluminum

words, "all things to all men" the Chancery, on Cathedral Bishop Elchlnger said.: The .afternoon solemn cloning Hi9 W'Yormond I Beiefi I IMirlry
might today be described
as"pluralism Street here, furnishingswere chapter explains the personal with Benediction of the Most

In practice.! high and dry, despite aspect of our vocation In relation Blessed Sacrament, Father
At the same time he drew
the fact that seawater surgedIn I to the last things but Farrelly announces.
attention to the same .
apostle's\ from the disturbed Allan- 1:: ks a treatment of the socidV -
exhortation to "preserve the
tic Ocean and the water was historical and cosmic PRINTING
unity of the spirit In the bond
high In the street outside at aspects of the Chr..u.n0.
of peace" because there Is high tide. cation. letter Frets sad OffotC4ckman

only "one Lord one faith, one Abbot Duller Mid: The hinting C*.
Ilaptlim, one God and Father In roMiMtnllUi where theM "v
chapter falls to mention the t. MBrrCL .._
of all." | >|>.|atlon was asked In remain r : Holy Spirit. 2-4214 131 Magnolia
He continued! : "We shall at home, school) war A
Archbishop Garcia saM: U
therefore strive In loyally 1 to closed for one i>r mute tUsUtt Is too diffuse In Its expres lon

the unity of Christ's Church, wetk.The .. -- and too thin In Its substance. In Flower
to understand better and to
.welcome all that Is winds and tides pushed 1 Keepers of Archbishop MatthUs said
genuine tradition by Florist
behalf Joseph's
and admissible (In the differ* walls of water shoreward all on of several Bishops
the way from Palm Day to that the chapter U satUfac Road! : ; For OccetiotPh.
ent Christian denominations Fernandlna Hearh. People of St Augustine ffathtrrd Mission wlQ observe the Quadricentcnnlal tory. Every

that are distinct from us. The hurricane struck St, at the Mission of Nombre de Dios to of the day when Mrnendt( came The council meeting opened 477-1144 141 W. Granada A..., Ormond leach

Mad at the Mine time we Augustine and Jacksonville attend the traditional September 8 ashore on that site to claim the territory with a Mass of the feast of

,... them to try to ..
. the r iholk> faith .ii4IK toppled 1 trees and utility Unes City and parish. Next yurt. the Ride A

better .... when we Invite and brought water damage ---- ------- -- -_ ____H ___ ___ Holy Sec signs aiIt t HONDAFrom
these (. eater. isle! Its.. as It dumped heavy raiN! upon + -

t.lUe.. *f teeth and rkarltjrTHERE'S communities In Its path Calendar of coming events accord on Hungary \" $21900Upte200M.leip ,.L

'-i tie ......... .
After It |mw.d, r..inM.al.> a M swan
Hat sale. oki convent. St nation parish hall 'aralln4a. St. _.... ,_ .
rattan* were !, rlerlrk-| Wer THey .parts Prteetburg.Women t< 11aare.
NO wa aft and burrs .( anemergency TrM. (Mtrteh. ""..vw.. I toe All\ &....w HMM r"n."., s CJwfctofcrr trwr.Jtdwll. lOt pledge* and that FOURTH GENERATION

MATCH FOR Ute itm 1..... P" $ef*'..MtiT 1% and, It rtiisirt card' natty and pni.ram. .. ......,....,.. (b lh. tidy K.. and llarrre JEWELERS SINCE 1111"Wm.

THE a m to a p.t .-. SXeinb ,.. Oeea t1e1*e, intfJarkum >M5.IMm S\ J.sepM ......... *dl..|HM4.* t. rnllB. s.godatt .. A. Ritzi &
Devastation was so seven ........ A...... Hay ...s with "."InlrnlWn. Sons
$ Ann CDA ......
MAGICTHREE to some residents tht the sanMipsrty vide Sc fseetFmr' .. p mher .nit'.r' p. tbly at a ........
ef rinattutfimM P.gil.red .
Ptald.nt of the t4l lint Avest.South. Day ss ee4
I'nlletl .
Hales I) eatd ...,. ." "
and the Governor r f FtorttaLyrxkt M. ............. Sep.temfer M. t JL-> seata!'i hnil.Tr Alt Souk CtMsrvft. .... C'r .PH..t. CL 2-2SS2 AmerkM C.e, S. :'efy 122 N. kWli Sf
It, 1.i. reed tsar yvh. ; Ore t.. It, The Holy See false
II. JohMMt SIK.1| Sjiflg........ JIfII'ttI'to announce -

rams Bryant made pen lIul lr .... rally, rnlral Tee.e.Nsar6I.aM tw lawrenr WtMng P.at Everett f am.; C88R.will Father' six rh*.gs ta tk* Hun** Irleyd J. --rr..I".,'.

toi sons) Inspection together AH 1)(',_rjr, H*|>i Ml'"r m, M.. --., dWr Pen HM Meraretiy hwlu ng the
September U of the tweetat| James psrbsh. ."La..... temtxv 1 p.ns.. svtehMsrrlk. ,hail. give eesfeawaa. .PCMtaWieMt. .*f BMwp Cnrfr D.yton Moving & Storage Co.
1\#gl..al. ..... ,.... sated..
H *. W (......
destruction m s riMtrmanf
They promt**! Il Pews ft,1..n.t, Agents ALLirO VA. LL\LSS,1.: c.
rltlsens ute and federal a* Dr..ett semi JIIt rtySt !Orpt..... Ih.arritsr Seel.I' sndDe4y AI lUlyaa* iUrliy, Day \N .HMgwton lmislaop'sw
bAtTO .
sUUrtc. "Mr n., I p M. Peter parish NtIM !... lUa 1141.UaM .. ''',t. rwtfrrrnr. .. Archbishop of bEI.U'D
P.K1sRf. .
ltp.wt.ct1Moel.r Mark 1414. 11U. III Sw ra.'u-a. S-ICM lei ... JU, .-.. iWT
Kate .
l lrf.
fse M. LM ('...tire..Ia.ir **
at ow.. )I..... 9t
Ave Maria OutM card
party. tlsslei.re 18ft .
ST. AUGUSTINE September .. a.Pel ,b..*Un.. Oresbwe A BSMttr -
C. 1 p m, l wr> .esS 1'--
+rL n01.m'
c*>.! .......! Hoar Namefr lie'4' .. d A wle" hM WILSONCRY
lea.taiyeaall'a _. dj aae&w'ri' m....
EUGENE L BARNES .... aawlar. Or1. '..rll PONTIAC II ti M.n. ..
& SON tam ..el. 1iNtMstPa /, I..... ""Nt T and LAUNDRY SERVICE
A_. a. 1 awl r..
e14i.L o.-
REALTORS I lN1uaoRSn 3. C.: ..1 M..o4er Iffi* r.d4, ..4 c..y
Ira-w ,ed
BANTA BROS Gtt Sk.el FvsiGMr. C l>e.K;.
tM a: adiy. t.ee. M. .
'. jCK
St. Awg.ahn.htehgtk.d SAN REMORESTAURANT 01 7KJIJ 7.>>41
St. ".....tN G.etaa Jltww. dh ypariah. --J'-----
.t I ItS Naiv. be t Uaw n.e 1 124 W.Gea.a.

a .. a..a w. aa. t'". ....... v.MYw Office SuppI. I lltO so. U95CWQC9)

$ : ..tse Met5v.. 4sa Ct M471

Sift and S.n-ice } ....'.,. 1'\-. .., III rUrf !.*<* s..... CL 2-1357 DAYTON
McDONALD'SDRUG' "t a she. hiss it al. \I yt'bueet ,*,


.aaa.avldq CIiIIIr t 11.. as
Morton ,, ..
to'. -- ,
."' .
card ptae0 W w .11tl. CONTACT AKT7IOA1.ms .
47 King Str..t Chevrolet Co. ...... ......., ItA r UNSU S tF SHOWROOMSRobert

CHtAP'U THAA) .eeslr. III -.._ Jra -.......- ,
AUGUSTINEVA UI *._ Ueet t.va.esl. .
....,. dlaranl Tiaaltj ws.ta L WKtt PrtuWc
.,-.. 41.oh.... ..... ,
4.I&87 > :>J A>,e>t Of

IfI'UIfIrf l *, VA .nil 1 .affil Mp.III.Mlar tK. liar. .gpsis U} HOAUWAT CX Mill OAYTCrUes slr.,....pn O.y*ae TerWsJ 1.1i


The Florida Catholic
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-- i -1-- '
... I
... --..

-' ..."'............ &O3: 'Y1J .10 uisiU .RY OF FLORIDA
1> ,
,,"" .
Bishops tLo" sanctifypeople

Ik1f 114 1 ai iu


Pope tells session

By Patrick Riley

VATICAN CITY (NC) rope Paul VI opened the

third session of the ) council with a ringing re* Y

..r. assertion of the Church's Bishops as "the TheFlor dF ORCatholic YI
teachers ruler and fCWD11 of the Christian people.1* ,

Ai If to back by a striking action he

concelebrated the ning Mass! (September 14)

r with 24 council Fathe..lnduinr! two Americans Arch

bishop Lawrence J. Shehan of Baltimore and Archbishop
John J. Krol of Philadelphia.

Several times and in several! ways he said in his openIng .

address that the principal task of the third session

win be the central task of.the Second Vatican Council

Itself to round out the First Vatican Council's Incomplete .

err I Iv teaching on the nature of the Church by explaining
e ar \'oi.. XX"n. IT Florida Friday 18. 19ft lOt< '
A j f the nature and function of the Bishop as successors of Orlando September

? the apostles.The .
( First Vatican Counri I fl$6Jk-70)( ) defined only 1\Ullt take up some difficult The (conntltutUui| Idea of hut also for the teparoteilbrlhfl

the primacy and the Infallibility of the Pope. theological luue.o: the Church under "" differing ''
Th nature anti mission Eastern and West. The third sessions. *--
"The present council's( Deliberations on this subjectwill of th. l'hurt'h'. 1"."""*. nn .11'I'"I'1"llIi tral obj}*
.. certainly be what distinguishes this solemn and his. The epl" iMtr. .x 'mixnUtutlorul Th hter.irhli.il tonic synod in the memory>of future ages" Pope Paul |tri'Mi<(<(.<'I'-' lion of the t'hurth '>f the nature of the Church,*

\ declared. RUtr.\i h.. t ween the Th Pwi' tuiltl. the l'oun11, he MidTh .
Exploring the ramlfteattana : do- t tine remains to b* ewn- worM Bl-h"(>. II\.I l the imwt mik thl lad, point\ ".'nas of Catholic
+1 tt of his statement that the j. pI..Yi i i 1 in order to explain the HN I Sre ttair not iml t.. ulhollr NI'tlltll't. back pg
Church Is present her,* the nn i.' of ChHat on' th* whole
pope Aid: <>f i fu I I* Chunh and eatweMlvm
: low: If the Church U hrVher the nature' and. function of Religious beginnings
also i U the Spirit the the 'iwceaasra set lie .|.wtW*

Aihocate. whom Christ prtxmL Out. l I.. of the ikmMii| .
to HU apovtlea for the The OMtnetl hM many xn- marked
bulMing up of the Churcril) .1 (r tr ImportaM\ atf f t. treat 399 years ago

. Paul in Kw there ar*. as we knoww r ,.f hut thl on* teen* to taI <
Pope procession two factors which Christ" ha$>I, t? .h* th.* .. |..Ml SMI most marled
ST. Arfll'NTINt: The special privilege that belongs 1'1'1..1.' | ft, latta. >
For the opening of the third session Vatican's Pauline chapel Then the premfcMd and disposed In I dcik ate"fin tn the spiritual heirs of the oldest community In the first r.'mm.iiHjf art of

of Vatican Council II, the Pope, Holy Father mounted the gestatorial ways tl) continue Ills eneerUb ........'.11.... tlglus. aad Ihs.h.altlsg I.
mission Then two factor!' the land that of hearing Mass on the same spot( where Mill..
.11 this' ) will) She fleet I".t
attended by members of the College of chair and was carried down the > r t rrrUlnlyh
I royal are th* apmtolal and the dial 41.%.'.1.'."... IhUMilrma It was first celebrated here 300 years ago was exercised M.ni I I" Ik* U.<..
Cardinals, vested in the papal apart staircase to the front porch of the Va. Fnlrlt: .
aiiit klMmli\ .>i,od In again on the anniversary of founding, September' ( H,
meats above St. Peter's, and went to tican basilica. Th >U. .a at 9 o'rlurk or
adore the Blessed Sacrament in the "The** Iwo asm!*, Ik* the mrmntj of (.lees( air,* lather Ir":1.: NJgvn rv'ot (:"..Ic the 1'lt1n; ? at the Ml., TUM|>I) murnlng <4 ...., weekwas
pmtnUi. which. I. eatr..ted'to -atol' the Mar- of Our la"p'; J of Nd it HIM tin .
Pope Paul Mill the r1r. :II, n r i* hell un th"'-* v* nf a Quail
the sacred hierarchy, aMIk .. -..
LT datng\ w.It" t" u--* it' rv-': alt,:rl MlHNS 1 rlc. .nlvnnliil r.IshratiM that
"HrH' | of "'.., is htr..'
-- --- InlematlMMt sot
will draw' "
..*. the hierarchy as Its Mr*
Views 1\.lInn.1 i uuvniiMi to tin OWcvt -
exchangedby eI'.." 'U-.tr.mmt IN the 4 r Mission an4. the OKI.tI
mlal.try .f tk. word ../ tie rich
NfT......, cooperate ..111en ,. .
.. Pr n>ln nl among' the "Jlth
aaolben : inuv.r..ry mnumnt '.j

council FathersVATICAN """'mu.comptet..1. which wilt mlwltkih th* ,

the doctrine thai the FlntVatkan ts l. It.i '.M,,01. ".r the MInIon oft
Council was peeper mine tie iHm will h the
Ing to enunctat but which lit III! imiiMtoii! CITY (NC) The council Father woundup th. common patrimony of the sternal olataclea .n..1 %\ feet into th* Sky
debate the Faith. Even those who do not
on seventh chapter of the schema on the
It from defining<. except In its 4 ratter IU,M r. r..* .(
with this doculn
agree may sT
nature of the Church on the first day of deliberation
very rtrrt rivaling with the
at least recognize Ita rlchm, part feel <.r>na.i WM( gsee Its
of the third session of the Second Vatican Council The h* Mid. hmnl at the Church the 1\0- eeemns .. the. .......... .1
chapter is entitled The Eschatologtcal Nature of Our nun pontiff and his ao\*fUn the ...,..IBkt S liens IkU..
Calling." 9p.akeraA! ...on the chapter pnI'O$ 'h" .....niln' J w yew. Ie,i.awed ,the ..*...<". .| -.
t '. JmellfAIGvdl: .) ("',IspflaUegtet. IwlaiiIm'- ...... *., i
JIW" Aes .
... .
.... It bad Wn drawrTupTto ettpresn the wish the late Ik* rave aces .. ,rnMieder .
ri of 1'alerma<.pt+Iw tfiavMtwi tnfatMMjnjr'tHrltme.-
Pope John XXIl7:who Ml that a treatment of the Church 1 II//'Clsrdlna11tfrbtnl. ',U Venlor II* continued' : rf America's. rNa1'. .r v\ I.
would b ., ag I*.!*.;..
incotnplete-rith VIRWH back pe,. Th dlMCUMion .n this

out dealing with the members union of Christians. on earth .. ._. U.JI. on thl. pa*.,
with the blttfM --
In heaven -
of the Church who are Ih,,. tat U prlniMl t>t the **r.
fully united with Chrlat In of I Is a the stimulus former to to gloiifv the efforts and Pope Paul concelebratesMass Spoaks of Quadrfcontonnial; ; mon l.r Esther r... al lhihu .

heaven while still united allalsn It.pl.mt.r.-
hrt"* Coo pruvt114'l" thai Father David lag. ., vc-preabent religious biflfmlngs. In the batk- ):'III.1f' r
with the Church on earth the** efforts are In union councilVATICAN
thus forming Church. with the Church.Mkbarl opening of The fit Auituatin Foundation, tiM ground 1 can b* seen the outdoor altar tHurlng the" Ua.* utt.rsl by
the congregation at J4aa at the Itt*. and the water of the Inlet gleaming. .' a i h e r Nu'*.... lkx...anrnantfMkw
Chapter seven, oft which 'aril..1 ,,,.. Cm SC Defore the third session KmM wr
rfchate R" ( ) km of Nwnbr d. tn>.. Ft AuKuatiiM. through the cover of tree, at right MMI'
was concluded awn (I P. .f |b. He... <'.rU per.sated of the ecumenical council began, all the council Fathers Old .ky MM M.rh4r Joaeyh AswMtesy
of the
tUts of four par..pl1ta.The ik* report es the draft on Fef4""tnber 8. that the Qvsdrtrrn whet the founders et City gasp Mtry Onri

first, entitled "On our rha,." He Mkl the rkaplrrrarrt except the Cardinals members of the r-J1&I housrht id tnKl) Croaa to b* placed there would woe actor II j J, rf.f.*tort Ih* *l.g...

rill to sanliflcaUon through mahps | >.. ... ., Ik. and the 24 concelebrants of the Mass with Pope! Paul VI be a eonatant! reminder of the Ratten Alan. f..*.. al Ik. W**'

Chiiit and our call to the .t0r4. .f ('h"'t.t add! .f t1..Ip..tle. were in their plates in the nave of Bt Peter's basil ra -- .. .-. "...* raiKnl Jen J, Ilselin.
perfrcUon of holin. in hvn .. When the papal procession<< entered th* choir b fn J",*II......... 'JftCJ&If.....

," deal with the rrlijHontietween to sing the papal salute, Tu Es Prtrua" .......,,,,,\"''''" "" ,... *HM ref the It.'v......".
It a*.eru that th* union undertaken r.... .
the prevent lift and followed Damage tto w ItiMl of the
Cardinals SO of them survey
The about
eternal llf.. with th* faints dr*. not hinder h convene .'.......""*| .perish a M..| pigh$
Th. second bOtH that until the lor* of the Inured. by members of the papal household<< and then care Ole 1bs .t the $5.1, ,... .... teelay p.tl M..
the end of tim the Church Trinity but rather tasters It eoncelebrants who like the Pope Wf'tlt'" In miter after storm lashes Florida .1,5k.. Ire'. the ..s'.Iheemt.eergl.e

conalaU of tom members InhMten The chapter alma at pronwii- and red chasuble. Nen.d1et1n. rrrf"Wr .. Ik* t .11.4 ...i..

some uMergask I lug union with the repented! Only Father A.*...... IWlImtrrro tlnn. M die pwwMfctnP tl NT. AI'fil'MlIM: Taking stock .In the days that wIN no..*.. I Ie rt..*M4 *l Mass in Orlando,

purlfk-atten (In pwftJ) brethren h* aaM, pntottagrt fit the Mast Holy| & Jkhf..u. followed the hurricane which raked a m4, north Pint, I'.,,.... Not U late ......
IIId . some on RoMrjr mprtor gen .H.e owl. west./ sear Brptrmber (MO, th* Chaiwvry Kr re/acts that Church e. Mesre. r 11 a.m. for HNS
Th third utM that th* aiNa ha always been a H.lof th* Merited C.nn*> to greeting a* lilt intend' can | 4- k.* ..-....... ,
eiarepl of the Mlnti nruur. cl\arKt..UC. of the OrinUI lit*., and pnMnt. woe .hi* the poruhl thrvSM. .Ills far pregwttk. are war*dally. Intact Th "tert Cathedral l I...i*| ,1... >.Mk.... J.e1e
ages earthbound (ClirUUan In C bur-eM. Jxmt a* b* ha v miter retnatnnd! se1i of 8t AuguatNfw Mil ...*.* water damag to tn* IM.Hrseafter settle... p.*..M..l .( Ik* IN.! .. deanery rally

striving for heaven ThW ilevotb<< K* raft .U If* and Ablest IWe-v Cut < U;PI i,(tng ....... Ml hut .k. the wind blew off a few ahingtm", MI the roof Th ,..... I.I..1 help .tame
Th t tzr"a' k*.-' tM an aM th* orr"c J'; ....'n :J Pall; ahlxtt |>rntt. fJf ..%# ntrtt rui. 1M,,'" i+* chimney was damaged. on th* Cathedral nctary .....'"- sai ...... .......nt" ONI I..tHI .... Jj. "" *4iltwrrh
pI --- _r -r: r At tK. OM...t W........ the MtMi. ...n 1ft !*ssht..1. she ......, .'........ e t* s..|Mril k. .,.......P
tt Dial, the art cud bvMkigt ar. Niamf. *<.l teal mHntveIOM .f .... I. ,.. i...._ he en .t* 4 tors ryMfMr
"" WMHI. tar the 'ifwfilns' of
of ahrubbrry .wrtsbwet Maiur / IK ...&a,. L.N. swl a.ss.Y..eles.I
was .. '" Mol .
,, -- ---- -- m..fI.i I* iNf.... ....., .lit... .toMvry ...H m-i.. a***
and oils tW
were by es.. sd sIe is./aa Pas.h ..,....., lltlA day Mpenaere sa isi.b A.

raging wkwiaAM ... M. ro.reh. inn dp.aenv / 11.. two .......... ..... IJInrsdtlsl ., sh.IN. ...
m.1 ...., sell.a ...... .....
P t pcea p wb.s wore sea (My *.<.. M ... ..* 5'4 .. win )I.
....emlmasefts, ,.. burles. ......... M .Mplr. 1at14Nis. rM.4 .. kM r.|l>**.l seers i rf SM) ssMnMMr** ..,.MM ....
", .. ...... ....... .........
frt1.wVw ew .... ra.essAswsac. : leer ..'* *. Ik* l*..IN..l.l im*!i M It rVtosM l at-IIM
,. ....... at the Mf-rawi Aorta ..... Use ..,....... Is .h'.... ....... Al ftst .. as*>H ..*.
.*..*. tfuna* Sass e 1 N u..; rw k Vee 1"1" MI-s' Ma .....
\ 1.\
a e r1Mw ,..,e. .... A S.
...ff MM**** urft. <*.*. UM
.......",., Father David P. PageSpread

I e .... IuR Yrib. I Ir.tn. M...s tsars. I

Agreementreached the St. Augustine story

Ibis Slut rtw IS* .. "r .. .trMf tare w rwsl tin.. ,..M w..r .f "n. .ff fullh .Poe
.0! K M*** A tfk L j4. o Mars 'negws.t ....., .4 .Mfrs ....... .lff'.llt.> aces low ...,., *m|
Hungary wawahq. ..'.*.nn *.... NisMaii ecwicsiial. 'II" tinenhr
on atad -.ala.illl. i IM.-. gels
I ..'*N *J menses ... /1/a fit sit to .*.. .... MM, ... puraasee.a .e. htift
orTr ""nrr.., trY /ate iMeM .alas erwp ........ ,. ,
I "'- to*) IHSBUMIil i* .1wa ass ts./9Mlttg
n. Nsy ..a tine .na..rsM .. .| '
A Sky MSB** i wan .
t the IJuly tnftn fIl T IM
r 'a oe.* *>a MMIMtkrs.d *
apse II eltard en ere.rl trtMeslnl.slg .....* i. i..* sa. ... ,sou. s .. ace IMe pe..ofMIY M1.n.N.n.nstrl
I.t.Mad' N r.w r .misaesMeaMe end sip .. *s. ... ,
and ae.u.Min... .. | ..' pint alibi
r.aNseen. 1a,1. two fat *r, .t kwMf .. ..-.1( .tor IeMresl
I& ......... .
these eel lit As.... is" tin Mini dry atN
.-.-- carery 1111lwa ...tilts n _. _.. ,.....
W p .r S la's ........"141. *i* w. IK* MUM.
1' TE Its.... fill ,...., t.r.laaeiM.gy .aM.ta. .... na.ea. Neede Me4..4 at.Men. h,_ .t ...... yaw SMitoMt tMy sail

wars. s.r teen err.M ast9 IelMSt1Y .. r rtesw Mai ...---- Htf ..oir'on..ee..1 .., .... MMuff, f>MW the
v .. .. .. .,. .>..... r l' s l.gr .. -. .. ......... ar11 ..s I. new -...... 5wvo. .. ..
L. .. .. ........ ., .. ... ... ..,., pen
..e Tlr ,1 11. *. I M4 ..* .. .l** .. seed as a.puenssl. I sail
in St. Pet's";; Basilica i $ !4 .. 5 5.. Sere win SMy W Aeopssw is.. M.N/MSa/A. lac burr
Unique ceremony __ dttsv1ae t.. VA ..ae1i sad .to.s) III .*.... ris .tor. n cadge ..m f s 41MB dtlr .! Aslserw.'r Stains. brublM,
t.uaM T ..%A5tt1. v...m Nsasn ..... ..... ...... .., r- ..
sent onpenaty i.e4.sic
VI nits wft* 21 5r aabr' If. Vaa> Crmil .
te eawtrbntNt
raises Pail $ PnMi..ml At: ._ foe .sd M..a/ SSSS ISMS. to war.M Sfc..... ttmtewa** .**. eSoce .. ts.lu. .k.Mry III *e Mean
b1'i'Inakieg' pnlatn feast testy aklaaa .s frame v>v treat hib htstsP JcM J JCM tIt ". 1y _"...d"" seas a warlaw W mows news ... ..... sail M saw 't Get

atteas.. eMsel.batrt lttaa at alov' tike rwax ef Bttsisjca.ittntt bne&Ngj earl Anbbi&m. 1..1.. .,.... T3. rM7'lp''s s.1".........4N4 wt's M lSawllMlly w was .,MMIs. ......, 1sMw. M AAMrM-iM .r. s* sntmr.'
.. Qf IdseYWcalt .. 0.-. lawn ......... ..... fit ..... ....i t._ want
r_ altar at the ., 4 Mam .n. .......... ....--- --- .. rsamsM.rt. nnnw'. wile I ,_,>.rKMM. < .* a nNeirkE
-aJ CIiueI es *. AjBrk sag the 31 ,...l II.... ttsore gltM .4 .......... ate aarM w Wee Iodate/lt.e .4 me :;l1a, pie Ir


- -
-- -- - -



:3 To-.Florid Catholic Friday.Sept. 13. IDS

CatKotic lorida Reports L ;ajy s English used in sacraments

St. PetersburgSt. Court.mental In Instituting the new Titusville draws favorable reaction

Jude Mrs. Henry Cunningham St. Tetras
The Dads' and Moms' Club district deputy of the Catho A Golden Years' club for # tT f BATON ROUGE (NC) Reaction to use of English

of St. Jude parish lj sponsoring lic Daughters of America in the parish was the highlight In administration of the sacrament and sacramenUls

a dance on October 17. It St. Petersburg, will Install the of a Catholic Charities report _
has been predominantly favorable, a checkup throughoutthe
will be held at the Holiday _
following officers: given by Mrs. John D. 'AlboraJr.
Country Club from 9 pm. to diocese
Mrs. Robert Vasold, grand Baton Rouge
One Fried made a practical
to members of the Catholic
1 Tickets $3 couple
a.m. are a
Mrs. Albert Dahlnden,
baa disclosed. ggesttoa regarding confession.
Women's Club In Titusville
and musip will be provided vice regent, and these other .
by Dick Crockett und '.p U office.holders: at the first meeting of the y I r r t Although the use of English
band.,For table reservation's! Mrs. Herbert Dlckson Miss season Anyone Interested In in such rites went Into He said if the penitent U

please phone,"Joseph 7 Shea' Anna Hart, Mrs. Thomas visiting the sick or the aging effect generally throughout reciting the act of contrition

341-1812. Proceeds from the Jordan. Mrs. Charles Foulks, may arrange to do :so with the United States only on September while the Priest U giving absolution -
dance will be used to buy Mrs. William Holland, Mrs. Mrs. D'Albora, who will plan the practice was he will not hear the
sports equipment tor the John Kegley, Mrs. Allen Tul the program for the Golden comforting words of the ritual. .
echooL ley, Mrs. Henry Schiffgens Years. started In this diocese on July He suggested that the

Holy Family Miss Mary McMullen, Mrs. Father Domlnlk Gullay offered 13 through permission of act of contrition be recited

The Holy Family Women's Vincent I OHanlon, Mrs. the prayer opening the Bishop Robert E. Tracy. before the penitent enters

Guild of St. Petersburg will Ceorge Penzon Mrs Eugene meeting at which Mrs. James A sampling of some of the the confessional

hold a spaghetti dinner on Durke, Mrs. Walter Foulks, Vevera presided. Father comments Several Priests mentioned
Sunday, September 27 from and Mrs. William Deegap. James XBrlen of Wales wasa -,"J have a deeper understanding that in making sick: calls they

2 to 7 p.m. at the St. Peters St. Ann CDA guest and greater feelingof observed a greater appreciation .

burg Police Pistol Club, toO( The public is Invited to a Mrs. Henry CourtemancheIs personal participation In among the people. The

Beach Drive South East. Tick dessert garden party at which chairman of the first eventof _--._' .- ,-r r_ "" '\ .n. .. ... the ceremonies." Priests said the sick now are
ets are $1 for adults, $75:>> for cards will be played In St. the season, the annual sale -For children the mean. able to respond to the prayers
children and $3 per family Petersburg. The event will be of hats. This Is planned on Ing of religion will be somewhat in English, while the Latin
Retreat for of Eau Gallie
For renervatlons call Mn. held on September 19 at 1 September 18, 19 and 20. It women easier." version had little meaning for

hernia Calvert, B2MI2B, or p.m. at the home of Mrs. JohnJ. will be held In the former Now that I know what's them.
Mrs. Joseph Mlzzonl, 525-OW. Huber, 942 list Avenue convent building. Refreshments The Women' Guild of Ascension In Lantana. Father Charles Mallen going on, everything means A number reported that the
South. The donation of a dol. will be served while and Holy Name of Jesus parishes in C.ss.R. of Miami wu the retreat much more" new practice has made a great

Bishop BarryThe lar will aid the charities of the prospective buyers Eau Gallic sponsored a retreat bat muter Approximately 17 women at- -"My non-Catholic friends Impression upon non-Catho

mother of DUhop Catholic Daughters' Court St. browse. month at the Onacle Retreat Houseat tended. do not feel so strange now lics, now able to understand
Barry High School held their Ann. when they attend Catholic more of the Catholic cere
On October ,1, a receptionwill ,
---- --
first meeting recently In the ceremonies with me. monies.
be held for new and old
school cafeteria. The new officer Sarasota st. AndrewThe
members and October 11 a Ocala'
are as follows: president
Incarnation blood.type clinic will be set St. Andrew's Ladies Blessed Trinity
Mrs William
vice-president, Mrs. Albert; Members or the Ave Maria up at the school for all Interested Guild will give the annual tea If each of us would not
Guild of Incarnation Church, persons. on Sunday, September 27. Father .
make an effort to bringone
Fry; secretary, Mrs. A. Landry only
Sarasota, will hold after Terence J.
an Farrelly,
treasurer, Mrs. Frank of our Catholic friendsor 1 ot
; noon card party In the hall of St James Church, will
Wheeler; and general chairman Orlando neighbors with us to our (:)
Mrs George ScusseL on Tuesday, September 22, at St. Junes be guest speaker. group Mass on Holy NameSund.a .
1 p.m. All the women of the Mrs. John Forster
but be downright Insistent
On September 22 at 8 ),
p.m.In St. Elizabeth Guild of St.
pariah and their friends ,
arc .
president Invites all the women
the high school cafeteria that they Join us, our 1
a "membership tea" will be Invited. Mrs. A. A. Kublllus James Parish will hold I luau In the parish to meet the number, says Johnnie H

held for all I the freshman is chairman. on Tuesday, September 22 at officers and committee chairmen Montgomery of Jacksonville,

mothers. The main purposeof Leesburg 630; p.m. at St. James Club and to learn of the could double or triple over ,

this affair Is to greet and st., Paul Room. All members and pros Guild's many activities. The nlcht. I
welcome all freshman moth. pectlvt members are invited. tea will begin In St. Andrew lie made this comment In ',!
ere The Sunday Mass schedule Hall at 3 and continue until an address he gave as the
'will change on September 20 For Information, call GArden 6. Mrs. Ronald Livingston Is guilt of members of the Bless -
St. Raphael to 710: 0, Kr.TO: and 1110.:: -871%. chairman. exl Trinity's Holy Name In : '

St Raphael's Women' Guild .'. .' -- Orals &last Sunday morning. I. .j

at a meeting at the church Mr. Montgomery U diocesan rb a plllstl ,
aortal hall. 137(1( Snell Isle Holy Name n rahal. tic;>m Lv x L//, "Aa... wi'" 1J

Boulevard on Thursday, September The speaker lamented the
17 at 8.00 pm. will fact that despite the obvious Florida Books on displayPaul

meet all members of the fact F... growth of the Diocese within

ully of the new St. lUphaelnchoot. ', .4' i the past five years, the membership Book about Florida and it* history School Jacksonville: Beach; Mr.

represented by the were In a display at the recent diocesan Hunter, St. Paul School. Jacksonville:

Speaker will be Miss Elizabeth diocesan Union of Holy I teacher meeting held In Orlar.. Beach; Mrs. Miller. St. Matthew

Sabathe, principal on Name, he said, has not grownIn do. Mr*. Thomas J. Mickler, owner of School. Jacksonville: ; Mr. Muraski, St.
the topic, "Policies of St. Ra In
proportion. Membership
phaels school. Book Tracer, explained the service to Paul School Jacksonville: Beach; and
f the Holy: Name stood at 2243
the teachers.From Mr Mickler.Maltland .
Beton CDA in the year of 1059, he said many
Mrs. Frank Rcheldell, state k' and was still only 2300 last left: Miss Hagerman, St.
/f! ( r '
regent will make presentation F :! year.
of the charter to Court : The men have only them
HlM"ed Elisabeth Ann Seton _!tsa to blame, h* said for St. Leo
cf the Catholic Daughter of not reaching other men and St. Leo Abbey St. Mary Magdalra St. Petersburg ?

America. No. 1800, at their in. tS bringing them In to the public The West Coast Chapter of Newly elected officers of
atallatlon of officers and IA demonstration of the Faith the St. Leo Alumni Auocla the St. Mary Magdalen Holy

charter ceremonies, which 1 -- -- .,.- once a month. tlon will sponsor a dinner for Name Society were Installed
"will take place Sunday, September Every man In the parish he friends of the abbey and college at the 8;30 Mass Sunday September Edouard C. Craig
20 In Kenneth City At diocesan toachers' meeting said should respond to the at the Outrigger Inn, St. 1J by Father HubertJ. Centrattef and DimWit

lira SchcldeU wn instru diocesan appeal to Join In the Petersburg, at IM: pm. September Reason. They are William
These elementary school t.chenWf're William and John E. Driacall. all of FUhers' for
program "a drive for 27. John J. Nellly, II. Phillips, president; Charles
presented the opportunity of Holy Name School, Gulf port; Mn. souls to return the fallen program committee chairman, Cattaneo vice-president; John YiU" Metal, CerarnI

St. PetersburgHoly meeting with diocesan supervisor ata Geneva Lucy, Mrs Mary Coyle and away Into the fold" and to announced that the dinner U McUanu. secretary:; George and M.ut. T3eYI7t4fh
recent' conference held In Orlando reach thooe not committed to part of the Diamond Jubilee St. s. 347-4101
: )I,.. Joan Glenn, all of Christ the King Mclaughlin, treasurer and
Mary Lou Faith, St. Paul School, St. School In Jacksonville: any religion. celebration this. year markingthe Michael SliM, sergeant at
Fifty members were founding of St Leo
pres.ent Abbey
Name Church Petersburg. ;. Jack. Carney. .__. David C. at the Ocala breakfast Including In IHffi by the Florida Dene arms.
--- - -- -- Plans for the Layman'sSeminar
the IledempUMUt. seminary five new members. dtctlnes. to be held October "
JACKSON'SSHOES Sanford The membership drive will "All friends of Saint Leo :;;
In Kflopu: New York. Now a :3 at Camp San Pedro were ; tli. .
All Souls member of the move ahead this month when are Invited to attend the Informal .s
ALPINEThe discussed at the September
Father Richard prospective members will Join affair he sakL
Lyons, pdt at New lk
Smyrna Kh. meeting of the group. Mr.
al new N-minf Home Holy Name men of the Ocala& Guests of honor from the
DON BARDELLA tor of All Houla Church, San. he will bring to the October Phillips named as the food
foe the reset l is
N"nillt St. Leo
pariah organization .t a dinner Community will Include
ford made this announcement day of recollection hit many committee, James Cannelongo.
M.". ., Here Care. and stag party at the Abbot Marion Bowman
17417)J4S4 during the week: years of teaching )'outt\. At chairman! ; Tom Moran Wll- St. hiarsburs
Ocala Country Club! schedul 0.3B. and Father
Ml Central Are, liMItt list| Ave. Smith On Oototier 23, 'east of the time he was a seminary StephenHerrmann liars Iturgan, Robert Clasaen,
ed for .
September atScheduled 0 8 B. president of
ChrUt the King, the parish professor he often conducted St Leo College and Fred DeFUlpps. 44! tHi Street Her
high, school retreau In and
Catholic Youth Clubs of Rt
FREE.24.HOURmbulance: John Vlanney and St An around New York City. daily has At the college the faculty .
Instructor In
drew. Orlando, and All Souls The charge for the day .per VATI'ACITV JNQ It
A Service student will be 23 philosophy Paul, Seman. He- F. C.t+ocs Of PiM-Ui Ce."ney
Sanford will sponsor a day cents. has been officially announcedby fore
coming to St. Leo from
Till It' ro.M...lly arks ..ltll.., of recollection for Catholic Include milk and rolls Archbishop PerkU relict,
.. .. .._ .. .. for breakfast and hot Washington D. C. he was In Calvary Cemetery
r. ear .1..1. .1.lu."o4trr.rw Kultr Trll"l youth of high Khool age In a meal general secretary cf the ecumenical his
PHONE 342.8821 1 ....... 0',... Eg.lpl.dr.bslsae Central i1on da. ThU will for lunch. Reservation should ) (council that the the final doctorate year' of residence for Wewe-j Car
I a A.'...., wltklay take place In All Souls parUh. be In the null not later than! rwuncll will meet every day In philosophyat
St hfenburi, ('iiC 11e.llaMEMORIAL Catholic University 0 f
Sanford, from 9 am. to tau October 21. eirept Saturdays, Sundaysand America where hwu a U. $. It et M* St. He. fees" I2MUIOffie.
E. PREVATT HOME pnv P..tlaSt. t toOl) days graduate

c.+pht. Funeral Services Gee un I NI.StHiSt. N.. Father Lawrence P Everett& .. Monk a..tatanLStudy Op.. M PM 0.2I M PJ4. M SwM.yCost

Ca will live the talks, The Altar and Ruary Society Visits Lourdes readied

out of his long eiperUnr. of St. Xfoftka parUh was TIKIV Italy <\n A
J. le Merri with: young people and their prevented with an Interesting bJittt disco of Turin. Fellr OHllKTnn A weekof

problems, and will conduct program on Spain with slides. IelU. hu begun a pilgrimage theofctlcal studle on the
the question "'.'''_1. and rommeMarjr by father to the French shrine of Lourdes Institution of the feast of Free

Father Kverett: spent" 1) AIUo,\ a lutlve of or hell. accompanied by Corpus Christi will begin

lean as profeMor of theology- Spain Ms **ln.ere dog. here on September 21 The CheckingAccounts
orraakm b the seventh renter MAttttasat

orar act ary of the pip*! bull, issued an

N 11 >r00M.r. i ft ,m Orvteto. whkh ettablUhed M KMMN....

teesaa.c..eat* th feast throughout
e.... tale A.. ..N e..e. sane C the Church. It will b attended \ f Available
.,.. .. .. .... .
es v a .e e. M IIe1.0.rafts. by peohwors of dogmatic __,

theology and tcrW' .ia.tlcI THE NATIONAL BANK
history frrxn\ rotkge. and tenvtnarW
+ ..1'r *. of ST. KTtwiutG. aotirM
100 naON1Ilvt). 1 M, AVtNUf NOITH
I H .si.l..ScJ...I s..e
Hew .*U ytM fct* I. V .. a r.sJer4J. gei.i .,.,.t. 1
INUHNATlONAl ...*. Tp. e4 ft-ace, My *eeemh., tf-t 401 ReM. n..1&.ItSt. ,

fih lot. Ht ...... im.H tmye .. ..... Ike 'tNCI ,..'" ik.t ,. eb.ry
art *.. uMS9T;" It ebe .;p.4 srieA. r s.sd i i w"1 rw.Enjoy $12.C3$I SCHOOLSROSARIAN

aid .;a .1.! y.w yaw rsw.d ......... at lew celt. N. ww.It. .

..pf to (.,.... ik> ....> f..r .f Ae.d sg '"..tA .J .less y..
forget H CV>t it. N. e4 Ut*>| bws.d ..... yw" H sal sad AUTOMATICnc ACADEMY

it. J Mt wt y*.x tWm*.t.t et a i.mp.rstw. tl.t Is g.,..,..... r > u
sue tar ye.. .*J f-).t N. i w tf late I'set. Ged.e... M ,..r.,. Fwlrg ehesx"" Sew

aifrt B-atMtegv. JUI sf-irtt.. ..Mr. ..... dre sew t* **! (7
u..t meat f.I ctwU eel .M" .. d is spt L1. 1 .
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sow .
-*** W ftc De..... .., ettuJwMrM *>.....
HM. TV* e..t Ie aada.i.. Ctn V.* t-.ct4 .ed. y.e eas Gather after conferencesAt .... KMUKUX .ACiDKMT. WlJit r\l3t ftaUCN
thaw" 'yaw rw. .4. e..,.,... fer e.ly few flIttt t..atl, n Istw.1ltll 111 :
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I,Cl vew fee ** ahmis .U. tke ...(W UOWEN'S ..,. ..4 M the dioceua teexhtrt a+erting butt Mr. Mary' R. Byrw. Mr. a....

..N., ..... ee14 ..tW c..... bell .In OrtaaJa recently. the. teacher act Rodgers al 5Utrr M, hslaexalt. r ,. /'O4 Academy Of The Holy N an $

fathered" after lh* scene Wctur .. all fit /JUcrrd linn IVrhooI' .....i ...J 4., acJo..I f- ,.... G... w 0. ........ Mfrt

I FUEL Oil' SERVICE t. diwuM various methods MU. .la hw&u r.u4: lUbert J. Aktil a. a-W .",f .w,5,4. "?e" en .....,. '" "" ..4 f......

ether ehnoU: from the left KettoeOlBfcma k Jaeg &hol, St. Fe4enbwrg. MRNILLU' .. ..**. *-W ....a Gd.d.d ; of r.. HaIr
i PHONE 862.2450 Nwe, Sllt ....... .
L.aa.- St. Joseph Sctwol, St IMera- stirs .. T. .., Hvt/..


-- -

, ,..

8 The Florida Catholic. Friday Sept 18. 196-&

Sharing our treasure

Composer discusses complicationsof

Vocation is Priesthood on

revised Church music in English

conversion from BuddhismDID

By Joseph D. 31'ulJaA The Church needs composers

BOSTON (NC) Suiranlnjr up the current Church who are aware that Bar you ever hear of an t

music situation C. Alexander Peloquin observed; "For tok existed," he said "We abready nvxklhlut be- f.{t,

I the people in the vernacular movement the battle is won; know have Puccini.quite We a few need who to 1i coming not only a Catholic :b

for us musicians its just beginning." experiment and to find new but also a Palest* Irobobly Father

Peloquin, noted teacher composer and conductor Interrupted forms. We need less 'approv- R4i __ not Yet that N the unueual John .\.

one of the busiest schedules borne by. any. ed'' music and more Interest. experience of Father Fran

musician on this continent Ing music.ll'e need music that cU Tasuku S'akagawa S.Nf O'Hrlrnthe

for a brief interview here. rvtoqali ball already bees will speak to our country and of \Valluku, Haw-alt now the

a..krd la adapt kl.. moot popular our generation In its ownlanguage head of the theology l depart
With the advent of the ment of Chamina Con.. .
MAM. the MMI_ ChrtMKRr just as the new
Mass( In English (an event \; for as .:..U"h text bat liturgy does and we need In Honolulu !lUwalls. only! school Influenced me pro

that Peloquin' music usher wonder whether It will act Church composers who are Calh,11e.ur'.rNr coeducational foundly. The imposing figureof
ed in resoundingly at the i
recent seed too many rhrs. not afraid to learn from thesecular college. the historical Christ contrasted
Liturgical Week in St. "
Louis), musicians face an This does not mean that musicians of our timeas I 1'' Ill cite..suN$ hnw.. thepowrrl.l with the mythical:
well as the religious musicians I HihWra and drew me irresu
l Intturnre i>( gistesarpl.
overwhelming task. Briefly, English is an unslngable language
everything has to be done ," Peloquin said, "merelythat of the p-vst" | and the. rrllloii' .!. tINy!" to .Ills.. Church

over again made new. Not it must be sung In Its One result of the explora. .. 11" ., \. .' .'"ph.ce .. a ('..Ih..lleac' "Without telling the Brothers

only must music be made for own way. Nobody can tell me tion now beginning should be hoof I. I went to St. Anthony's
the development of At San Jose Jacksonville rectory and asked fur Instruction
new liturgical language that Shakespeare's languageIs a distinctly -I'm the second l young .t.*
but Its forms must be revised unmusical. American Church: music Pelo -, whkh the pastor gladly
Father .1'.1'1('UIn a
to accommodate a new eltmentthe The vistas opened for composers quin said-a music will have Navan Sister of Mercy and Theresa, left principal and Sister M. family of nine children. Moth gave Int'

participating con by the new English -the flexibility of Gregorian Father Mortimer Danaher again thlaYtU' deMontfort: back row from the left of my parents. came front Japan "At tMpttan I took the

gregation.AU Chant the strength and general welcomed children in kindergarten Sister M. name Francis, choosing St.Francis .
liturgy are almost unbound. Augustine Sister M. Ends. oter SO years ago to settle .
of a sudden, diction becomes ed. he noted. ) appeal" of our popular and Grades 1-8 in San Jose School Sister M. Brifid and Slater M. Colum. In h awash All eight of my Innary Xaler.of Japan. the as great ml .

an overwhelming music Jacksonville: foreground Mother M. banua.Changes brothers ant .sisters my pot-
concern "With a Latin liturgy, there gnMuetnl tron My heart wu title with

not only to the choir was not much room for new from public arn>_.. I Joy at the thought of being
but to the composer because awttchetl 1 from elementary .
compositions-an occasional 1 a puNk .
member of
a the
the liturgy will be In the motet and of Masses. Legion of decency ('O"'U"LT "'. UIT announced in Kbnol to St. An-
language course. ....... .. ,". ....,"" WS two Study of ChrM. Each morning
of the people. A But now, there Is room for thttny's Catholic school at the
-****-* then I atlentled the six o'clock
false accent a lengthening of everything the Propers' rates new movies Z&SST'a t5. e.eottl Is.I.p1..b. beginning of the fourth M... and received| our Eucharlstlc -

the wrong syllable, a musical for example" Peloquin said. < .. It. IMIt wry cease major Sisters'groups ,raI.. Lonl. )How wonderful

line that does not really suit The growing participation of Moraly unobjectionable, for adufa Why? Chiefly brrauee my that Christ I bleated, me

the sense of the words a congregations In the Mass ASs H...... Ak*" Pr1.., Th* CINCINNATI (NC)-ny-laws for t new' committee to clu. **t friends were goingthere. with a vocation la the holy

muddling of parts that obscures reached an epitome at the AtMrir Coot Amtrir BUD 4 HuMtr.H-llflr lab Tk. ranArrer.4 KMM **4 Ht/ guide the work of the National Sister Formation Confer My( ,parents .r..1. l to iTleelnwxl

the text might have Liturgical Week where Mr. B-..t In ... FrvMk Style I 5r.1hIt., once were promulgated here. toy. the nt..fi,hly tuition berauoe -
been borne in Latin because Peloquin conducted choirof BMlllin Story ..m..*. Tk. Kmiklnc klBlkl4 .... n. the arlu. ".1 P had highaeeletnle ".\11., gia most people In the congregation 400 and a .... la..lllk>. t* ..*_ *t Tl..... The new regulations' were announced' during a meet kUniUnk, and hush IIC hood | told| 4..| that. I
a congregation of Play Llr U."niklr .._ *.4Brrkrt4 ..ohs pas
were not quite sure what 12,Xt0 In the first Latin Rite At KU**. for Mf S.MH ..... ing of the executive' : committee of the National Confer ode sx>Ke highly| of the Itroth l>Un.*>." for 'lb. IMH
was being( sung. Now with Tltfsa,'s reddest Stntt. .hrk.tes4lhs nee of Major Superior of Women voluntarY ,HUl. In .Mifml. >*
a nli of
Mass( sung In English in the nrp.. .. era Mary wN conduct It.
teemed Tti. T.... II... Sk.. MI.. ----- ---
English texts these things United States. CkHlktL Tk L*.. Wltk Ik. Tartans.t.rtn.rh. lion of heads of United I took the cuuri In rellgbiti "He stunned. I
will stand out like a sore ...... Str*.tr TtiHi M/ IJ** States Sisterhoods. vlncul superior of the province anti studied the Baltimore was My whole
thumb. The On. thlag that this Mars TI,. to T.r..no. Tklr4. s.er.t Tk. of family could raft understand.
new liturgy will Washington
In of the t'atn hUm."It .
CI..s.U. Isak.k )+. ,- Tkrw .. 5 Spr** new officers why would
force an Improvement in proTrd. b* ..Id. U that con* c.m. ..........., I.'tfIHat Ilusw ".".,.. ., 11nI... were elected for the confer Sisters of the Holy Name of anyone want toM
Church music he said. trillion tai be ta.ghl to CMo..a4. Marl.Ord.r. II..A* T* H.4 *r NlWk Ie ... Jesus amt! Mary. ".* all sew la a lt.t-t4hUt a school leather without
C .......... ., .. .. rnre of superiors new offl- Spokane.
+ AIt. )I. T .
OMMMl; rki4 a
wlary or
.. forego
but .. ..
Music rttten for one language jots In the musk of the Man*. .ark Tit. Wilk Torp51. 115' rib. of the Sister \nrmatk vice-chairmen; and Mother M ry wf J .

can be accommodated to ht !;. OMirt, A *lt: i/. TwIliiM. *f lfni Conference Mary Outer, mother i...*,. III lir. seat 4*.,lk ..n the the right to marry Whenevert
another The effect in sight and PM m..e kit*'* "."rtl. Sport Tw. An O.IM were appointed l land of ere fur the. rdm. il...ii .. brought. l p the tublrct.rtuHKef .
but it usually "feels the m...,. of "
the of badly of
sound was Indescribable Er If us/. J. s. kit ml. T1t. Wm tM pod exeeuthe' secretary was on the
n. .... Mount tM .II area made a steal 11'1'.1| l verge
wrong ir, M.sy, Vlnir*. TMh of the conference of Joseph here, who
Peloquin. These vast ,. U Ik* mil. Mo*r TIP,'.. Is.rant. continues .. M*. ,
canyons of humanity hurlingto VM. 0r r> rn*. W'MI 5N. Slr uiwrktn hrrame ....nt. as secretary trtaaurer. Finally>> I family council'
r,.. ''I Mrs Athlf' klrtJ Wb.n 1..* Hu The .
heaven a joyous sound reelrwtlflg of the fM* "I I pt the high graces In ,
P'u lit A...... $."'4 KIM rlmi. which Inllwdel. all my mar
Administrator with a great degree of precision o1nW Afftlr Kl4klinr. tat Ik* ... Wmii *f Sir** let JWm.aUon Ccmftrence, Staler Bale IXivnlnle.", clean r.4tgU, ,,,, sHemled the HteJentrttreais .....1 Mothers, elates and
," Qrea war, Tk. On Firs On Wt Wk w hkh since 1944 has ..IM1vwngel of the gvadwt..ch.511 of ed* and heIott Msae. and their ...
uee was calteit.
CHARUMTOVDVon:: 0- TIM {.tt 4 T.ws ia. n- wwhlsl rt.osknlhl ..
The Inspiration( of Ow Part. l stronger pre serviceInd cation t>f the Maters e f Cherliy envied" the buya wh were Leeds
signer Joseph L. Bernardlnwas a congregation tl Wkm It Suit Twins Les.r*. ner. my plea, then was sk
elected last week administrator singing< with all Its ...rk. ... P..slss.l.711.' ( Sot In-eervlre training of Sla of l.avnworth.. was privilege l till receive HolyCommunion. I e as
of the diocese of heart, enjoying and makingIt MeraKy ekectio{ table in part for .1Atrh..INu..t lets establish a cummlllee named l In replace. 9Mer Annette I .male l vWt top they agreed that I

Charleston by the diocesan a prayer does not just happen ...U7. K.w Kk>4 ., t...., A IItJofU of 12 to direct the formation Walters as irvtiilv the ntt.l .Itteaext .Hecrament.nilllvatvil WM ,UH young to l--Me on a

board of course. It Is the result T>. JST "N" ......... 515NImeI v.nup.Six secretary of the XUier F<>rnMikm a tlevwlli tit the StIcking commitment to the
of consultors. He will SMilk Of H...* hale(. et'arp.tt.u.cw members of the .
committee '
UleMed and
administer the diocese left of hard work by a computerwho Tk. r.lm ........ ......*. Confvrenre. Staler Joan Virgin< reHted the lYIeelhtoMl. eel woe asked| to
has produced a melodic nests' JKLM r.T.*v. .. JKM will I.. major su|>erUiraelected profeMiir of English at Trl onaery In her ""111I'. Nu watt, a jw r It WM a keenls.appdntm.nt -
vacant the
by transfer of line c-.lr ef T_. "-**... rr JKb by the n"r.t1nct sty College, Washington, was Itrother or student lrU| baa
learned but but
easily attractive I umler
lUshop Francis F. Rh to thepost rJu..14.< Tk. Mmr.t. MU superlura. and alx will belet
and Cn.tear named to stkvedSister Ill' tbtul the Cetholk reltgUmnn IlI.1I1 the '
capable of development "**Mk news MSTV xrenUl anal family
of rector of the North And Or ., Hitl H ... ... Ik. eye .$54 JKUIT M| from a U.'ly of nperll and mary a' Utnr of the formation me."Their. love
this U which
American College In Horn. only portof ('w..*( Ik. U.t*. C.ru. ST MIMM (w..4 t 5 .. n nmili nu by the .I'un.t eumptol! the (W*
Consignor BernartUa a native It, for the.congregatlonand 1"1" II IUMI In Ik* tarn. A *" omferenre'a publlcatlun: *aiu4 example andIn tlaiun. '. 1ItI
, Its music must be integrated (sl1.N Tit TM tmm4mm1. um n WrM *rrMT t fornutlAxi tunf.reneee. the Water IWmatJon Jlullelln.ETV .* reilgloue alnmipnere vt
of Columbia WM ordained f.r '1'...* ....,. !_ Tk. ICLMH tats ..
with other elements Inan .. ... Tk. r .. .- .... jeer th.g r sae.led. >
In 1932. He has been chancellor p. awls with t S.Miw M l*. Malt sew rvMwlll e tefiUre > .
for the past eight years.JACKSONVILLE. effective form-the choir 0.. H..... Tk. .tA._ mi .uiuw. M1RM a Bli. *-...fcr. c.*e4)). :

celebrant and accompanimentmust : H. IU4M.TH IMI S.t.a.lw.*4r M. Kr TMt.es.rt.tn. Twk 117 ....... satie.al! I .....111.. Thai was 13 years ate

all contribute to a total Hartw .f r.ny HMkKl.. Tkr.. r.k.. *f L#.. fur* kf Ik. $'.tn I'MMlrrrr *- last .summer after oMafning' ,
effect Heave U IMI 5 H_, A ill "... TkHI !!... ('.. !. I Mi. the d art orate In lheo/n/
Ire L D*.r JKM '1'.. rtt w .. My TOT y In
Besides structure naturally Jkr. Tk* .'.....* A.. ST rer Js rVme I ctlehrate! my> first
11u"""",,,,,,,,, there I Is the pror.lem of It_.' <*-.. JK Vir. ... Vk-t ST The new grtiup will retain' "h*>'neromlng' Mas. In .c. AnImxiy's
KM. ass WW. KMT The U. Vt.* the Statue of (he earlier testy. -
oH"'//11" quality. It must be good L.4r k> Ik. CM. W*s .f M_ rI .If) the presence of all
as a aecthm of the college ant l lwnhereMy
music, attractive both to the ...4. "'.It. W Ik* T_4.r.. my family, all/ tot one helnMMiCatneike.
u.. SUIT TV wki a wy i. v ST depertmefil. of the
performer and to the listener. LMkta.. !_. KM '. TMs summer.
piTTIS l