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MINUTE MAID FROZEN ORANGEDelightS "to :, '7' :; }\ )I :t'I" I It. : 4, ).
high and vn pin your h-pe. an ''" !
I l' ; ;li' \ \ Wt 4. } ':i'ii I
medicare that offers little when
tie! burden need really rn everv arises wage nod earner placesa 6'01,CANS 8'9 I. ,} ''I' '. 1. ,. to'" V2Ibs;. }:tJ." LB." '10" 1 Ii.;.. I

under social security PAN.REDI FROZEN BREADED : \s) rr ,J.n.;,.: I ;'
Tht'reII''' h-fpltall7ntloi, \ plnn \ ''
available at such modest( cost t (that T ::: nwt any Tilly cnn affoid! them Shrimp. 32'01. PKG. i'o': ": ,, ft .
I'pd they offer fir mere fur fir ::r;: I
l I"iis than any political!! plan pre. .
tinted to d'II.' .
Before you r<> overheard or permit .' [5XT9 EXTRA EXTRA 'l" j. 'I

ftr mir'lenrc your eoiuusBiniin as now to propound do ." O d'X, GREEN, ++.,u STAMPS,:wuw O I dy!dNLwwN GREEN STAMPS,w.wr J'f'"I: REEN2 ps. H YAMM f5i ,. I

take (lure' to secure a copy of the ONE "',..GA"O CAnON Nt flu INe. ON* tf 01, IMO. c.ye0PRORAND I
IIH&.BU OR W GRAND IReN :! i ; <. "
MM end mote know ;
what It retllv means sure. Don't vnu t take ( Ice Cream ad Ilbund Beef ( ram ytCremes .;r.' ? .
the word of hn'f baked half' CM: ; ? GDOD TH.O NOY7M.tR .TN i; N4 k 900Di TMRU i IOV refR 77N ''N Oooo T1.U Novimn TTH t I I.T

cd politician who ore concerned A.T"'NN orn I ell f Ar ANr wINN awn reI ''eft .T A MMMN7N '77 ti tir ;,' :
rely' wllh veer V"tc anti their future I
Study the prcbkm for vmir.fillf f 1 I
and he sure' V>M understand' EXTR EXTRA EXTRA T

what HIP present hill des sod .4'1...GREEN STAMPS I I J'f, GREEN STAMPS I J'f:, ,GRMN' STAMPS d'TNq tvw
+N. nwww : MwnweNw At Th4<0l Ml*IMCNMt 0ONC
dies not do before you Jump wildly ..... MAINE RUSSET :
Into an empty swimming peel t
4w White Acre Peas 4ti Meat Loaf f Bag t
A Florid: fishermen may n"t! use ;;w;' 0000 THOU NO..:. rA rm aOOD TM.U No.....7R 7TH GOOD TNRUNovfwMIIfR 7rNAT I
a bass to crtrh nn'ther bus* as ....fRerTM12: I 10 '7' Baking Potatoes t
tile law prohibits: the awe pI f has.rr ANY WNN' e 'T'NY WlHN" AT ANY W'MN' sr
pleknrrl or any part of these
fish as bill _.. .- EXTR EX"EX.TRA I

.d7( GREEN STAMPS I 1,6.,(,..., R.t STAMPS d'u C. tEEN STAMPS ;, e
airyhw ?yy 1 N NN NN WuWNwNYI '
Two I L. 1011 ONt e 1 CAN ONe Ie f. e7t
Cut Corn Canned Ham Spray Set

STAMPSAny .T ANr wiNN NN. I J AT ANr wtNM.M7,1. 1,. ...., _...... '7' .
'----- ,
Si;e .

A 1 Mows Any 4ifauirit"' "Shape Lodor The Smart Place To Go For Good Things To Eat

4. .."


_,' ,II'.' 1 A.. . .'1.. .1 . _



1 i1'UTR' RAPTiST! rm'rB ,: t r"" .U'\111"1.!\ Frl'IJIII\lnU: \ JSruch, 1'lrlll-'J'hllrpdt1Y, Mimb, 0 1dQt .ie"ve71
I I < rhtie
An Intern's Life =
Pkk Mothers CloseP.TA
At The Churches j Rev Jcrold A. Philips, Pastor !._ .

Sunday School . ., 10'00 I,m, : Hugo Leslie To tile followlrf way! Shortly after
CHURCH OF GOD f ST. MICHAFL'S PARISH Morning Worship . 11.00 am, Proves Interesting !| : Membership Governor Sets I Novemhpr (, thn fiurenu of'XWnuiid \

Cor 4th and ldir M.. I St Mlchntli Church 2nd and I Sunday Evening ..... 7:30: p.m. Survey Nassau For ::1 t'- an OK<'ncy tit the U,K, .

Rev i. J. Newmaa Faster |14th Sunday 8 a.m. let, 3id and Wednesday Prayer Meeting I 'First of a aeries of articles I Drive Tonight ;Savings Loan Week Agriculture Census Department" of Ciimnii'icof Will

|l .Uu! ..11I. _.... Morning service ,,3th Sunduyj, U a mSt ,.,?, 7,30 pm. from he( N.tMmi Cnunlv Fdiua ( I moil) census qumtiunniilies ta.Klj::
? E. Friday: Evening 7:30: p.m. 1 PC ler'* Caver Chul't'h- linn Atwrlntlon on lenrhers and I HiiKo Ix-nlie' of I Luke City has lurul I boxhullois Those requiu.
f;JO ,..... ._ Kvening !Service | 1st 3rd and 5th Sundays lam. I 81. PAUL'S LUTHERANCIIURCH Ihaehingl"interning I I II 'Tl, llnmrronm Mothers nr Perk :For November 813OIHASOO. men. nnmid a crew leader forthe I II ed to fill out the foim shiAllJ '
Phone 2B1-JH07 2nd and : NlH !School PTA will end lliclinwmMeHllp do so and hold the ( 'iic lionnalroi
I 4th Sundays, 11 a m, ; Is probnltly the mint I I 10U! : Crmin nf AicrlcnlUne( |
lO;00 a.m. ...._.., Sunday Scnool I Callahan Church 9.30 a mFvenlni I Amelia City Near InierMttlb I I Important port of training In he. a I I drive ton I R h I .'Ionm.nllwr.. Thomas W, Mt"\\'h 1I".r, lirictir until n reniut' enumeiator, ctimi <

prayer meeting Wednesday : [D<'vi'lions aII'I. MPh Ua tinchcr" snvs Mn, Laura !Sovttarter Vowmlxr 1. At thin (time n'r Farris Hi'Mini Inn' gn'..H ilmi"I of the rcirinnul fflee< of tho II!.SHun to collKt them At that tlmcj'
7110; ,m. I acli Church will be Earl E. Prtzold, Pastor of Callahin, Tins I'w moilu tell rep rt them' inIxrship the rllumerll'or'' will hdp nnuwci
p on Tuesday rx-xr tie: wik(, if Navunhtr RI1, I IMat : m of the Ciimm nt Atlimli,
'* at 730 mi 18'00 Service I knee hen offered : anti duel for their rodpi-c any qiHxllon' Hint may have pray
: ; p i a m Morning riw in ipimnun SAVINGS; AND: ioMmi: < anniuncid' buoy. The mw crew .
FIRS: IIVPILST: tltlKCII 9.00 Sthool to work with and (lo nbxmcehl'dron live rlo srs. The miilur ho hum< cd troulilpiii' .
i a a m Sunday lip In Huidi. This was Nrnli In. leaili i I U one of iiboiit I.HJ1. 11'r
., Kef. J. T. Dunnim P....u>rlTor bolero I Icsih the largest imimnl of din will The leader Is key
NOKIII |4lh STREET A tt mv llrei day bv Willlnm: 1 n. llii-spy, f'XI'f'U.live stirs tllI'ollll'hllll& the US to hectle a
blp :b.rvicii.. 8:30 Alit CHURCH or CHRIST I I Giant alnne It has afforded ma 1 I I reign a* Queen al (lie Ciirnnnll\: vice prwlrii of the rlorldn this appointment In pomluctmR, a Census.
11 'm' A M nlh or '' on Tuesday evening November 10, Aitrlpiiltiire He reprufrstrnlni 1'"J'FIn
Hth Street
a meant practical nnp'lcallin
Savings and l.oan.fnlllll\ The lender, I
Rev 8. C Bnker I the P. I new mew unp.
I at regular meeting
730:: PM Earl mitHrt. Minister for the many Idem and theories ,, cruise team of the rmimerstois, sphed\
Interim Pastor Th..rollIP\ executive slid the a censim enttntertttors "i
lunday School 11.0: A.J\t I I Sunday: Bible Study 10:00 am f have "born Mudjind In courses The moilicr who hat the hrgeilmrniborslnp their woik, review* tho
? who will\
visit all fnnm
9:45 _.. ... and
: a m Sunday School Governor Issued the proihmillon: :
raining Union . . 6:15: P.MIrayer ? Morning Worship ? 11;00 am for seven! years now," alma with the moih. innihe In \n '' of romplctel]1 farm,, and conduct:)
: 11:00 In rcrosnltlon of the roiitilhutlin naii Candy to rd
: a m Morning Worship
Service> _...? Redneedoy 6:30: p.m. .???....................... BTU I I Evening Worship ?. 7:00: pint. Mr. Carter, a member of theclasi of er parents who hi*to the Jiln liirwit the r.percentage T.\, will the siivlnns and loin n..n<'| tu"ni het 1 ( offilRl reruns '111..llo"1I81t.I'S dirricult 'intiivic\\s
7:JO P.MBIL'I.h '7:30: p.m. Evening Warship ,, Or 'II I of l'fO from Callahan Hlnh'' alto I be honored. hue made to HIP ennninv of I from fum omnitoM. hiiinmritun ] The ( it" iii of Ainlcullure,: U I
W -tr I '1:110": m Mid.Week :Servlcwi; I I CALVARY BAPTIST rmJItCI School will gradmle. In April Florldi. ( fIr nil forms: In the mint:; ,: taken every fvenrs! In years
RAPT 1ST C11URCU i I J. c. BIRD, PASTOR from Jacksonville University This Is thin fifth year Hint( the will take |,line( In Nnvenubct'" i 'I pud. nir In "t' and "I" to rather
1 lie week In which the
429 !South! 6th I>trC'etlohDD' Sunday Srnool ...??..?.. 10 AM "Perhaps wonder what interns llonuruum Mollura hive up nw. Dnlnit ( ( soul, 1'/lIIy 110"1'111111"> Inluimatlm on the nation's iiKrlpultiirnl .
L. King. Panlor FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Morning Worship __... 11 A.M. i do during you I their Internship ed iu<'h a drive, It In rxnulnltt a\lng and loin OSS"ltlIIIU1'111\: I The wnxim will bi tnlicn< In rccnuices and piodur.tlon .
be horn'red Ihp Inllrd Slates I Sav.Ings
unduy bervlcia. CIILRCH i I i Evening Servle ??., 7:SO PM.UNITED They begin, as I did, by pcllinnarqnlnted : be the most successful drive In : --- -- !Strh inf.rmstlon I. vital
I;00 AM. ??..... Sumlny School Rev John Duller Pastor vv ,0 f, i: I with their (lie homeroom Mother history, and Loin T.l'all"I' represents thrift In rial,Inn dtclilons ffooting
Church School .... ..... 9:45 A.M. PRVTKCDSTALCHURCII dtrrrtlnRI I a great mnj) rliy of thenatton'n and brine ounmhlp .
Wornhlr : MailhaOwtni
:00() A.M. _- Morning ? ?? teacher Who is a regular rhsj. llio chairmen are Mrj m my segment\ of the US ,eco.nimy .
i::80 p.m. __...__.._.. B.T.U. Worship. Service ..??_ 11 :00 A.11I. Instructor- My directing and MM Willie Ashky 8010: entitle 'nd l bun astoclnlinn Governor Ttryunt pilled upon the ( Diite cf gathered Include
Youth Meeting d n P M South 11th !Si Ph JKI47MRev. room I *, will' he h Id'lg'!" th:'Ir cllljrns cT Flnriiii: to p"oppraio In the number nod I nice of (
00 PM Men' Prayer 3t>rvicI ? ? M .
I 7:30: p.m. Evening Worship Church School ..., :..:,_ ;:30 P:M: W. W. Roland teacher. The ha children< been Mine In her Jane second A!chley FCUS! To Conduct 72nd: Aiinim' rfllll l'nlh n it Miami tbwrvance if' (this \I cik and]I lo !: and harvest of props IIrlll.1lIer.no'C' (

luaidayilOfl : Sunday School .. ...... ID..m, clans' have been Broth welcome the thousands if, snlnxs: llxestock livtriorlcs, and Infer
Worship Service \Him. fade my temp Salesman's CourseIn The G\rrnnr ndrd In his pro and ban drlrRfltcs from across the matlon farm "
; p.m. .._.??-... ... VUltatlon SPRIVr.HII BAPTIST .0 crary dais! for these nine weeks. I on equipment anif ,
I Prayer Mce'lng! Wednesday 7:30: i CHURCH I Prayer Meeting, Tuesday 7S0: p,m. '' During sohnol I began clamiiiiin Hint the Snvlnrs and nntlon who will be In Florida ilur.Inj Improvements and Income andwoe
pre planning Real' EstateA
'A' State niwiy ]A7 NasniUTllle! J Bible Study, Thursday .? 1:30: p.m to learn their names frrrn\ lonn Association const tiilc 0111 i : this pl'rlort. i| pioduilon' : cxpimtitures,

FIVE POINTS BAPTIST RAYMOND: L. GLOVER Pastor I PINK GROVE: feAPTISt CHURCH I I and flnnnchl) artlvlllix aid thnm. sod lonn league and tie 114
rHI'RCIIREV. 31, I met them late salesman who (mend to take l 1I.I\I'd< In I IHiK; for counlips, States
THOMAS HICKS Pastors Prayer 'lIme Rev. W G. Bl'fIOke" Pantbr week I observed broker's examination /ghoul I lie year have b"1a" j' number ON"n'lallollllIh ivir $:jhllllon and the nationTRADE _
Tho first er so
45 .m. _.... _. bUnl1a, school (For Men) ...?.?......?.._... 7 .' SUNDAY SERVICES mv directing( tenrhcrs mdh- mill the be stale conducted! In sixteen cities lanl source for home ron'I'( | | In BHII'Is are must aipreclallve \ .
r I Sunday School .. 9:4! 9:45 A M Sunday' School f, rltl/nm nnd hnxp nf the G \priori' pnilumnlli .
:00 Morning Worship ?? ? ? .m'l I od. our I'nl'v"r. HOMtT
: am. : : of Intrnduclnii work and rl n. throughout the elute Ix-umnlnir '
: ::
: ::
130 p.m. __.._... TrmiilTiir Union Morning Worship ">.M_ 11 am ', I II:00 A M ., Morning Worship trolling( the children In Jun,UII'y, im( >5, aged and f<] lircd tin principle fir 'n In their brlnlf AT
ISP _... I Training Cnloi, ?.?...? 6:15: p.m. (:00 P.M. Men Prayer Service '. '
Evening Worship' w'lIk'
second hen
p.m. Evening Worship ?....? 7:30: p.m. 6;:30 PM. . Training Uiih>n { m.my Tilt rouue, Rent Estate Practical I
redntsday lervlie, 7:SP certain :tie
assuming roRponsibil *
: prayer and fnmlploa, li offered
Wednesday 7;30 P.M. Evening Warship
pmIIKST. Men's Hour of Power .,.. 7 p.m, I I Wednesday Services throughout the day inch at story by Die Florida Institute for Con-

ASSEMBLY OF GOD Prayer Service ?...... 7:30 p.m. 7:30: P.M, .... ., Prayer Service Hour, art periods and being In timing Unlveisity Studies <( Rev. E. A. Lewi' Pantur' of the clam when they
I, "Who oev r w.11 may come"' tr 6 UrMEMOKIAt I charge US) and I li the only one whim
100; am _..... Sunday School were entering( and leaving tlicl I fulfills the rdurutln reo.nli, .
::00 a m. ??.._. Worship Service 1"f: -trCUtttCH CHURCH \room\ for various activities menta (or bnkirs a$ defined by "BEST FOR THE SOUTH" ,;' :"
C. A. Youth Services OF GOD OF the third week, 1 began II
6:30: p m Nelson I I'. Mojrer, Pastor 'During I i ito the Florida\ Heal tdU,e Commlnilon -

17:10 pm. EvnntrelliHe Service MH PROPHECYCor. and Date Sts 9/:45 a,m: _.__?...... bunduy School assume mprnslbility' one al( a |I Fumo & Mildew Resistant $ /9 05.. ,
cdacsday mid week sen'Ice time, for the baric sibjocts 11n h' .
Mrs Dolly Hall, Pastor (tl:00 ".11I. ?. Morning Worship read Any registered(: salesman In the GAYCO ___ : ::
siuh writing sm-lllna
'I:31I'.m: 8:30: p m. MYF Supper tit Pro. as ; ithU of \Kloiidu deHirlnir to tuke. White & Colors i'
-t.Cltl'RCH 10 00 a.m .' Sunday School tog and plionks, arithmetic I scIcnce rnrGRAN0LITE ..
I : :: i grams the course may do no by: Hubmit .
11 00 : ., Morning Worship I lifnlih and language, '
OF CHRISTOF i:00 p,m. .. .. Evening Wtohttp : Unit in enrollment coupon to the :
LATTER D\Y SAINTS 700pm: ... BlbloSludyfB.T.C.1I ( ) '* it. I 'Toward the eighth week of In. t'lor:dli Real Estate CommUnlon l For Concrete Blocks $425"
7:30 Evangelistic Service I lernshlp. I was teaching all day I I '
(Mormon I : pm I I'UJNtE: : of "l'hA: <'B for appiovHl Applicants! may & Asbestos ,:
Mission for live I dupe moir Mv dlrectinR Shingles
MlMlonarlii! 7:20: p.m. Tuesday LUTHERAN CHURCH, or I obtain coupon and other Infor. (: ;

| Elder Kemp E.dcr Datum ary and Prayer Service Donald R. Hltnmtlhtiif, tailor teacher was In sod out of matlon by wrIUnii John T Branch ,
6-0 N. Fletcher! Ave. 7:10:: p,m. Thursday Phone 201.6034 the classroom during this time to I Jr., Roll Heinle Building, C.uliRn-: & '

Ph. 261.:5G24 (I Service for Young V.L.B'I Sunday School ......w........ 0:48: t. m: give me a chance to control the. rifle 1 Florida, .

, M -- -- I Ii Worship Service ll"0l amt!! olass on and mv their own work She was ahd nit problems to Inatrurtors for the course have: INTERIOR LATEX $345 FLAT WALL
-ff TABIItStAriR BAl'TlSt !' stiy anything to the c'ass! The I been detected and improved l by>
I Itmvlia chltrtrcn" i Send A Christmas Greeting i ii Road CHURCH Phone 21.3487. other so well tint thli period wnBrnrtnrty nlsulin. All Instructors are rrit 1:
Uttered ti ft ti
Pastor t aHnf' "ctory, they co :broken who huvo attend
Hartford Peeples) operated beautifully and wire I' tl Iliiaclal: seminars: 'e )ind:if ted by .
.lun"IIY Suuuul .?>....?." 1U a.ro hire td wrtrH With thDt I began II t I.'?ICU9 Method of Instructiontnt BLUE CHIP ROLLER SET, COMPLETE 1.19
i YourHeart Into Morning Wo'shlp ?_ ? 11 ait. ) evaluation. have been ,
You Can Put Feel at though I really was thdileschet ; course ""
Evening! Worship "..__ pin.'wednedhv' '. .hI':principal feature of the emtnara TURPENTINE $1.39 Gal. Mineral Spirits 45c Gal
.. ,
, rwnrtri i: T pm: .
works ,
Twice during/ these t nine u", cal
81. I'flKltS' : '( RI'ISLOi'ALCIIURCII '( :
I, wn observed bv Mrs. Paul Me. I I Classes will be hold In the fol.
SEND Clondon, a prtfessnr from Jack.
i I rh. Rev Imnei I). Flllsor, Heetfti sonvlllb University The children I lowing Florida cities': Miami,
7:30 AM holy communloi I I I> yton. Reach, Jacksonville, Fort : w
I : were excltrd but only helpful and :
10:00 AM. Choral LcuchartsI1:15 TI' I Itttnnllv. Laudirdnle, Orlando, I.nke Worth GROCERY :
during her vlsts'Each .
I PHOTO GREETING CARDS : A.ST. ..+ Church SchoolS ''I I Monday we were regor.l I Gainesville, Tallahassee, TampnPensucola ;t. ,
:39 P,M. Episcopal YAini e I
ed tb attend a Bcmlhnr at Jack Clearwater St. Pclrrs:j 'I
I ChurchmenThis n"tJle 1Jnlvel'RlII. hcre'e Fort 211 ATLANTIC AVENUE PHONE 281-0011:
( Is the schedule of eve '], burg, Myers, Winter llav
I might discus our problem, If we Binder/ton and Enu G"tI'e,
I See Our Choice Design's }unda)' with the exception tt Its I had any In' my situation I had en / .. .. -- .-.-- .-- ---. -. -- ..
last Sunday of the month)
In Beautiful. Coloror none I Everyone helped me at'' I''
LAST SUNDAY OF TilE much and made me want la( :Irj' !I

I MONTH to da my brst We also talked
Black and White
7:30: A.M. Holy Communlor I About our nther assignment

Your Favorite Negative 10:00: A.M. Morning Prayer There were dally records to, be
From and Sermon kept of the time we spent teachIng

Each For i 11 :15 A.M. Church School and ohsrrvlnp I kept a rcfird Chevroletworkpower
Priced As Low As 1 11 1 Vic
5:00 P.M. Fplscopal Young of Incident or little problems (hat
Churchmen. occurred and placed those I la a
Black and White or 28c For Color. Dally Log( or Diary ,

i "Since we were required'' to
r BE CAREFUL write and teach a unit for nur

T. H. KING PHOTO SHOP i 0 f WITH FIRE. grade level 1 chose to study Our
C'mm"nllv Helpers with the rh'l'

CORNER ASH AND) FIFTH STREETS YOU CAN'T dren. We liarned, many fact about I

,...., out town and the people In It. t ,
Next To Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio 'AS BOY BACK want to thank everyone who holn. .r

'ij A FOREST! ed make our visit possible Wt

visited (the post office on a Hlyml : )Ai
-- -- -
---- - bus, a beauty parlor, a barbershop
: and we hid a wonderful ride I

I one afternoon on the Callahan fire
: truck When we returned from I

this ride the children Immediately
. Chit placed their newly-made fire hits

6Ctllll on their heads. Right then the fir

t drill at the,school rang loud
I 008818 l t I It frnd ill*, -With( four1 hats IWI 1 o'kr <<

t.lI h we qprtlr'falkcd! \ out\ ,I i '
of the building with the rest 'of

. i I the! school children Mr, JimcnDavl n. a.

; I feI *, the principal, commended
u* for such excellent plqitninill
: Oh dear!

I i "Next week, I will resume clas
lee at Jacksonville University

dally for nix week..
'It ha* been a wondrtlll' ''ex.
I Ii perlence and privilege to Intern I r

[CII_) In the school firm which I .gr..*<1. I IuatPd. |

i It li I Inure-lIn" to see the '
other side or the e'ln', so to speak. I :

There are several change' 1
new prlnclpil' new teachers, many I
I mere stidmls. larger:: daises, \lias ; :

I space' but eVIl, Iho name line ..n
I t IllIIeaI plrlt prevslls 1 :
''Mri. Curler Is an exceptional _
person" who has shown hcnt"irrnpable '

! now's the time sty," added nf accepting Miss Atchlry respo She R'hll.' I "walks" right over bumps and trouble ,,. w."

ai>!!roach'" aihlng t with rnth is. ..

e and lasm humor and nntrlbilrs to her 'planning' originality,"' I .Independent. front suspension takes the "truck" out of ./.".
road '
to take right
I truck ride. It smooths rough roads, protects truck, driver ,

S: GAS : Smoltey Seri : and. cargo from excessive. jolting. And on Chevrolet pickups 8 .1

heat ....
modern '
to I
I, avu urn if s a proved system with millions of miles tf user experience ,

I, FREE HEATING: SURVEY WILL GIVE Y :I! 1IN6b WeGtIMi1 W1UG t behind. it Try It out on one of Chevrolet's' great Fleetside or 'f'

YOU ALL'THE. FACTS AND FIGURES. e ." K 1 l Stepslde pickups. It's one of the big reasons that Chevrolet .

YOURS FREE WITH k first choice with pickup users from coast to coast i l :

CAS HEAT SURVEY... I Telephone your Cfrarrofet dale about!!! type of truck ;:

44 PAGE ROAD ATLAS OF THE UNITED STATES ,' I y VG ----.-..--... www..w.ww.r.w..r.-.n. wwr---.----.--.--.-- :

I .

e. 7 South 7th Street WOODWARD MOTOR COMPANYSouth j

,...., 26).3fiI ,

,:,r I1rn1 I I
Fernandina Beach, Fla. Xf UM sash UM gitvtaf rut I 8th Street Fernandina Beach, Florida Phone 261.3636 :

+- :

- -

. . 7' . I . . . . . . . ." .ro. . . .

rage Twelve News-Lender, Fcrnandinn Beach, Florida- Thursday, November 5, 1961 127 points In six games, was led Dean Heads dent-related!! events scheduled!! for
\\High School Echoes. I by the Rice twins who collected Oxley .f the college's tenth annual Home
I'I .a : a dozen tackles each. Steve Be. Homecoming EventsAt coming held Saturday October
Woolsey Urges \ BY vlllc, sophomore dcfoiulve end, 31. Ervin Williams Is chairman In
I played a fine game as he contributed LaGrange College charge!: 0(1 I alumni activities

I Care In ColdWeather many key tackles to the P1.rates' I Dean Oxley, )junior at LaGrange : Activities",y' Included class re.
cause. College was chairman of the stu- unkn crowning of the Homecoming
Because of the lopsided score, ,
I ------ Queen, parade basketball
Heating; Crash Brnnor was able to give However, i I game, art exhibit, luncheon and
the Pirates' reserves some badlycorded I 1---- be a big factor banquet for returning alumni, and
gime experience Harry a H-'mrrrmlng dunce featuring
Did; we.itliT mcpnt that home ( game tgalnst the
Mills the human dynamo of the I na'lrna'ly' known recording srtlst
h' 'd Start, b.
n"cd heat red hrat cm : i prl
Srphumore Class bucked the Co'- cad his orchestra.As .
ablY. one of the best
trouble union! ho'>si'hn'drri take teams In the ,
Fleps I In avoid the twin dangers lahan line like a veteran and slate will be FBHS's tougicst! t oppi a convenience to "Homecm.
of fire end carbon monoxide this proved himself to be a fine running ,I ,neat to date Despite this fact, ing" alumni with children a niir.scry .
wlnler according to Dr. B F. haiiback., Mike Cook wcll- an all-out effort by each Individual I was provided at the First
Woolsey, director of Nassau County KATIIY MIKE LACK R\V known for his basketball prowess, Pirate coupled with the enthusiastic Methodist Church at LaGrange.
Health Department. ILAKDEE RYLANT LATHROP ARSENAtLT gained 44 yards on only ( carries support of our Pirates' many Dean nerved is 1963 parade mar.
thus that he also
showing playa
Residents. should start thinking( IIi: the scoring when he kicked a sensational ., pretty fair game of football. loyal .fans, should make us vie- shall for Homecoming and this year
now about getting their heating( We would like to congratulateSarah ] I 24 yard field goal In tinthird I I r I Mike also gave the fans an exhibition torlous.If i Is a member of the Student Entertainment .
systems and other heat-producing Persons;: on winning second'' quarter Alvarez proved that of a revolutionary new typeof you possibly can, shew your I Committee, as well as
appliances In proper condition to I place In the dote United Daulh.I he really does have a golden tow tackle, the "wrist" tackle. loyalty to your school or to your Student Chairman..
guard against those two Imanh. I tens cf Confederacy essay con- when he converted 3 out of 4 PAT I I Coach Benner gave Callahan a town by being at Starke tills Friday i He Is the ion of Mr. and Mrs.
Most people] are well aware that tot The topic was "Medicine and attempts. The Pirates' defensive big break when he failed to un I I night I Dean Oxley, Sr. of 403 South Bill
carbon monoxide Is a serious( | Surgery in the Confederacy" squad, which has given up only i leash star fullback Richard Scho- See yu next week! St.
threat where the aulum(bile Is \ Sheila and Sharon Rue-I -- -
The above I is a scene from the technicolor movie "1'D concerned but few realize that her attended I. ufnl'L!the Christian! Life I I i

RATIIER HE RICH; This moxie stars Sandra Dee, Andy many home devices also are cap. Conference in Jacksonville: last f r s
able of generating large quantities weekend This conference Is spoil- 'i
Williams and Robert Goulet and can be seen at the Ilan
of this dangerous! gas Dr. gored each year by the HI Y and ,
Theatre, Sunday, November 8 only. I Woolsey pointed out. Trl HI Y'. clubs of Florida. ,i
Almost anything that burns fuel It seems as If the Cillahan l l / ,
to generate heat Is a potential) Ramblers made a grave mistake: !
source of dangerous amounts of when they "rambled" Into the ::
carbon monoxide. !In addition to Clly Ball park last Friday night -
this Includes I II I I I
central heating systems The Pirates could do no wrong
such appliances as water as they hiked their win-loss record I
LOANS. healers, gas refrigerators and air I to 4-1-1 by defeating Callahan ''I'II .
conditioners, space heaters fire. 37-0 However, the Rimblers, 1
I places, charcoal broilers and kitchen I who were outclassed and outsized, I
ovens made an ull-out effort throughout ;
TO BUY OR BUILD "Maintenance of all fuel! appliances the entire game. Beryl Rice set :
in lop operating condition up the Pirates first TD when he /
will go a long way toward keepingthe raced 63 yards around left end / 1 ,
carbon monoxide danger to a early In the first quarter. Quarterback w4 F ti
minimum, but no one should! rely Benny va'n bootlegged /
Whether You're Look on this measure alone" Dr. Wool..I 7 yards around right end Here's why: ( '
sey said lie suggested that householders for the score Minutes later PeeWee
At follow these National! Silc- Nobles threw a 27 yard touchdown \ "
ing Blueprints or /
ty Council recommendations: pass to Mike Pikula In the l.The Dishmobile exposes
I Appliances designed to be vented second period Nobles and Beryl fl" .
dishes to killing hot water
Homes For Sale Our germ ,
,: I should not be operated until this Rice accounted for 3 Pirate TO.. / ?/Q {
has been done | Nobles scored on a 13 yard run \I I,' far hotter than your hands couldt0J' s T-
l \\
Financing Can Help ; I Be sure that furnaces, water 1 and Rice scored twice first on ':: / stand! ;
V heaters and space heaters are Installed an olf-tackle play from the 11 and '
You Take Prompt .,, according to both the man later on a 52 yard pass Interception :@ {2. Swirling Water Action leaves I '
ufacturer's recommendations and Benny Alvarez closed out "dishes sparkling clean! '
Sound Action local regulations Often the local' I+
utility company has certain requlrements I use of fuel and reduce carbon {'I/I\\\// t\\ 3. Dishes are dried at. high (tflip

and offers many ser. I monoxide development. Space or temperature, untouched by
vices without charge. room heaters long have been a '
Let's Discuss It Before Today's tightly-sealed housescan problem, because many of them germ-saaked dishrags and
starve appliance flames andIt I are not designed for venting or ; cold-carrying dish towels. ca!?.
often Is necessary to provide been vented.
You Build RefinanceOr simply never
I 4. More vigorous dishwasher
makeup air to assure effIcient Make sure there Is plenty of ventilation
1--- --- to dilute gases If you use '::,;. detergents are safe for dishes ? r ',
BuyFernandina ./1) l l
an unventcd space heater In a r
don't have to be "hands. r fir ;
bedroom I ,
OYSTERSFried If you have an attached garage, ,;;:i safe" mild.FRIGIDAIRE. '
Federal make certain It Is completely I .
sealed off from the rest of the ,,
house. Automobile exhaust gases i

Savings & Loan Assn. Surf Restaurant have been through known kitchen t to get exhaust Into fan thehome I DISHMOBILE LIBERAL TRADE-IN '

and other sources of air current.. I

202 Atlantic Avenue Across From.Ocean Pier Make sure your kitchen exhaust'
fan doesn't draw flue gases from I
I PRIVATE DINING ROOM I the central heating or water vent WITH MAPLE I ALLOWANCES I.
I FOR I'ARTIES, CLUBS, Into the rest of the house. This '
ETC. be accomplished by isolating
Try A Classified I Ad For. Results can In walled enclosures I easy terms
quick these
J .. __ _ ---- --- outside ventilation I CHOPPING
\ or by providing BLOCK TOP
through an open window. I ;.

I Add a Phone. Add a Lot to Living damper.Allow completely fires Many In of before fireplaces today's closing furnacesare to burnout the I SAVES YOU ABOUT HALF THE TIME YOU'D NORMALLY SPEND DOING DISHES BY HAND!

capable of sucking air and
Comfort around the clock. It's all yours when you add a handyJBed-' carbon monoxide out of a fireplace I

room extension phone. Add comfort (and convenience) in other spots and through the house. A make. I FLORIDA PUBLIC UTILITIES CO.
up air duct from the outside will
; you live most. Kitchen. Workshop. Florida room. Just call your correct this

I: ::.-:: Telephone Company Business Office for details on colorful, economical -- -- --- -- --- --.--- --.--- -- -- -

extension phones.

.. .. .,.,. ...
'(' 'i"I.0 .... ,: v
.* ,, I t 1

; '. I

-.. .t 4 YES- this big, beautiful, bold .,' .,

1 '65 Mercury is still amediumprice ) ;


\ 4 : a rI ) 1 ; ) car! t :

ref f w ,

: The limousine look, the bigger, bolder line*, the elegant interiors all say "luxury car"butthe ,

price tag says medium-prica In a wonderful wayl! We've never offered so much that' new, ',
L t
;: and exciting at such a practical price!,Totally new engineering) The finest riding car in it* t ftldl(

More fine models to pick from.. More rooml! Longer wheelbase I Big new performance from): .'

r high-vigor V-8'sl! A choice of roof The
I styled finest selection of options in our history I 11 ,
.{., All this and more in our Mercury for'65 and t; ,*
.w It #, ,- we invite you to see it this week! \; <

.i. :::l

i' : '
t ,,: "H'


,4 --

11 1// -

!I .. 7.t:= == =- .r r v

I :
1 ..
i 4

,.7, .


..Serving You SINCE 1910 !'hone 261.3812

.. .
.. '


t.:, '-.....tz.:A.: .. "," r.. <.' .. . . . . . . . . -

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I .

Over A Century :' Best Medium

: Of Service 1ffernaooiniJearh News.JKea er For_ fifijjl News

In Nassau County And Advertising

Bine MM Absorbed' by fiarehaaa, llarfar or Succeiiion Th. Florida Naws. The But Florldlan The Ptnlniuli, The tamanama courltt, M.. bland City, ramaiMlna UDiarvar rernandlna Expraai, Tht Fernnndlna Nawa, Tht Florida Mirror Tha Nuiou County Star, Tha Nawa, Iba Farnundwa RFarnandlna .". ,
Nawa-Racord, Nasuu County Leader, Tha Outlook, Tha Florlda-Uaorfla' Nawa Tha Karnandlna Mawa, Tha Buccanear.
--- ------
VOLUME 107 NUMBER..._.__ _ ___u_____. .. ._ .. lOc PER COPY
-- ----"------- -- ----- --

/usl/famJlin Burns Is Top Vote-Getter At Nassau County PollsI I


I Observance of 'County Votes Republican, ,. 'st.-

Veterans Day Set

It li most unfortunate',thnt t the 3y Court HouseThe In Presidential Election

metropolitan presi, radio 'and TV following offices in the N as.. I
el red in the reporting 01''election ., tau County Court. House will Ix: I !
returns from Nassau County. No closed on Wednesday, Novcmbci P; Haydon Bums mayor of Jack the white\ backlash over Johnsl n'l I
doubt the shock was great to many 11, In observance of Veterans Day:. sonvllto and goxcrnor-clcct of the itrcnii bucking!! of the ch II right-I :
when the: news said that this coun. Board of Public Instruction, Clerk)( State (Of Florida, proved to be the bill caused the switch. Johniiiii'i,I II I
ty did not support the candidacyof Circuit Court, Tax Assessor, Tat i top vote getter In Nassau County blfwsl precinct vole! cime In ;No; ,
governor-elect Haydon Burnt. :'ollcclor, Supervisor nf Rcglstra.. as 5.141 went to the polls Tuesday 4 nhcir there .is a heavy I'un'n. I
The error has already been explained : lion, and: Sheriffs office. ,| for the general lection. 7,871 wereI tnillun of colored voters.
to Burns but unless the : I ( J. K:. I iCcnel
The County Judge's oflicc! will I I registered to vile giving a 742prfcentlgo 'dimly JudKO:
news media carries a correction remain of homer Went herloid pioved to be the lop
there will be many who_ will continue open. Burns had 3.747'Utes to 14118) > vole !Keller In counlv uflll'l'S n* \
to believe we did not sup. The Board of County Commis.' fit his Republican opponent, Char. ho dm In !%O. WI'III herfurd's to.tal .I
purl the successful candidate. Any. I sinners will hold Its regular meet.' lot It. Hollry. V.IIH 30MI() with Mierllf II. J. ,
one who concern. hlmtclf with Ing on November 11, the rcgulai '
: The next IlIrll'sl'Ule: went to' Yomignloud fdlimlnu closely al 0iv
state politics knows this can havea meeting day Congressman I D. It. 'iliillyi' Mut- If!itS.
damaging effect, I urge tht It : i i, ; The Board of Public Instruction 1 I thews who, allliouKh: umpposccl, <'l1I11I'oters. endorsed all the'
be clarified In no uncertain terms ; ,,, will hold its meeting on Thursday,, was accorded 3429 voles i prt |l'o.I'd' : amciutnu except 4 mid I
the feeling of Nassau for. Burns, November 12. Senator Spusard Holland Wad i 12. TII('II(' would hllve extended Id ;
bdh In the primaries and in the The U. S Post Oflice I will ob.. next In his sucinsful bid for re.I the )'1'/11'i 20IH the allocation of 2 i I
general election I serve Veterans Day and be closed: I I election with 3316 compared tot I Ii ccnU "M-eonil Gas Tix" to I lie
It seemed a little Ironic to me : ., 1 Charles R. Kirk, Jr | Fund, i Law: 1'0111I11111I opposed'
that t of all the 13 amendments proposed I ar/ For the first time (hut anyone this bill which favored the snullCOIIIII
Nassau voters would only JAY BROWN, chief'engineer of the;. Florida Road B Mrs. Thompson can remember Nassau County I II IC'S,I
oppose one which Is generally con. i voted Republican In Olflciul voting revulti follow
discusses the feasibility report on the proposed Fernan. a :
ceded to have favored small counties presidrn-I
I dma Beach to St. Marys Ga., bridge at the meeting here Buried MondayIn hal ek'Ction'lIh President Johnson llumphicy
such as Nassau. Doubtless Miller receiving 3.134 votes to 2.. 2701, Golduutcr, Miller 3134.
last Thursday. Listening attentively are Lonnie Pope,
the heavy pressure by the large
781 for Johnson and Humphrey. United Slates Senator Si>cs-
city news media to vote against I left assistant to the director of the Georgia Highway Bosque BelloOne It Is generally conceded that (Continued on page two)
Amendment 12 had Its effect. Unless Department, and Ralph Powers Second District memberof \
the smaller counties pay closer the Florida Road Board.Florida.Georgia' .

attention to government the day of Fcrnandina Bcach'i, Pirates Win Over Callahan By 37 To 0
may come when the racing track most loved and respected citizens, ;
monies of which almost a quar. Road Officials Here Last Mrs. Tnelms. Humphrey Thompson .
ter million Is each county's share died In a Jacksonvile hospital I Travel To Starke Friday For Next Tilt
will to the on October 31 following Illnessof ,
this year, go mainly an
larger counties. I Thursday To Discuss Proposed !Bridge one month. ''HAYDON AM) MILDRED\ BURNS
I I' Mrs. Thompson came to Fer.I f The Fcrnandina Beach Pirates Friday night the Pirates will be
handed a 37-0 shellniklng to the on the road for a tough assign- Florida's Governor.Elect
Georgia officials, as always, : Representatives of the Florida From Georgia were Lonnie Pope I nandlna Beach In June, 1938, as. I and His First Lady
outclassed Callahan Ramblers last menl attains! the undefeated Brad.
are eager for the Fernandlna' and Georgia road boards met hereon assistant to the director of the | the bride of James Beck Thomp. t _
I Friday night on the! local' gridiron.The ford High Tornadoes of Starke.
Beach to St. Mary's bridge. Unfortunately I Thmsday of last week to discuss I State Highway Department; H. H son. She was born In Balnbrldgc, I .
The blemish (the Starke
Pirates scored all points except only on
this has not been the a revised feasibility report on Huckeba, planning engineer and | Ga. on December 3, 1905, theI I
a field goal In the first half record Is a tie with the always
case with the present Florida ad. the proposed bridge from Fernan. I John Wilkcrson, designing engi I I youngest of ten children of John I Benny Alvarez scored the Initial toiigli Pulatka Maroons and last CC-UF Drive! Nears GoalPut l
ministration. However, there are dilla' Beach to St. Mary's. neer.a Trowel! and Mary Inlow Humph.
: touchdown from eight yards Ollt'j week the Tornadoes handed the
other administrations ahead and Representing Florida were Ralph Brown discussed the revised report roy She attended Georgia Stats
but failed to kick the extra point Live Oak Bulldogs! a 26-3 loss.
the work to remove the stumbling Powers of Lake City Second Dis. I which elevated the original i I Teacher's College In Valdosta Em. Pee Wee Nobles took a hand off Coach Benner Is optimistic about I BY LETA CF.NEK ?fillY drive chulrmun, reports
blocks will go on unabated by trlct member of the State Road figures from $75 million to $11,. ory University, Atlanta, Monteval. from Alvarez and fired a 25 yard I his trainees: wilh the Bradford I At press time flniil figures are a kticcesslul dl'le11th $1,11105
those who reel such a bridge will Board; Jty Brown, chief highway 750.000: Including financing lo College, Montevallo Ala., and, scoring pass to end Mike! Pikula team as he nays most of his boy I j not completed, but Bob C'enek, I In ,employee! and compiny' contrii .
be an Immeasurable boon to I Jim Brewer, district The revised taught for ten years In the public ; Chest-L'nltcd: Fund but ,
engineer; engineer report WAS compiled I for the second score. Nobles ran i will be back at full steam and he Ccmmuiilty I i Ions an increase over lust
Southeast Georgia and the coastal assistants( Jim because the original schools of Decatur I and DcKalt drive, ehalrmun .
and bis 'ftport! did nut 13 yards for the next touchdown should be ready for the Turnidoe, reports the cam- year ;,l C.. Jameson and !Put Ray
cities of Florida. Ward, Jim Plttman and Bill !i take Into consideration the ocean- Counties of Georgia Alvarez pitched out to Beryl Rice I Ion Friday night. The! Pirates. will. minI ci.mmlltat; ) has every hope I have dune a fine j job< of leading

Smithy. _..... ...(Continued engage! two) \ In Fernindlna Beach Mrs for 12 yards a score foe the\ next be out to Increase their winnings I.1 that the lit).000 goal set for thU]''the drive al their plants and thtir
Next week Is American Education ;; Thompson took a strong interetl I coring play, then Beryl raced :50 I for the season as their record now, drive wl'l 1 be reached A final cc.i excellent work ( Is Appreciated.L I ii:
Week and a good time to thinkon I In the work of sdiool, civic and I yards for the final touchdown bhe.S stimfla'/' at five wins, one loss and I port to the community should 'bo.i Many >jeoplc'> "Jn> N.uussauCutse ... .
the sy tem ,we enjoy that afford 547355.60; Beach Revetment'Slated church organizations. A. valuabk 'tote .Alvarez kicked / a' 24-Vard I one Ik/. ."- ready lot' nr,t .were"* edlUblC All"wnrltt, R4 fuMPn/ \ opportunity\ '
tree, universal, education to I member of the Parent Teachei., field goal for the final scoring of I MIll: Miller kicked; off for the, drive volunteers who have not to piirdolp) !*, i.I ClUC,cc.cr drive 'J
all\ cltlsens. A system that bas New Association for many years shi! the nljht. (Continued on Page Sin) been able to turn In their contributions .II[ in the past art contributing! this
become a source of great strength To Begin Monday By Jersey, FirmThe had an abiding Interest In youth art urged to do so at their I year The sum of all of these con.
to American democratic principles.A activities. She wts a long tlms earliest convenience, | Irlbutlons from Industry, Industry

system that pays dividends in $547,35860 beach revetment details are completed for American member and officer of the Wo.: Top Talent To Be Chosen In Annual Employed* of Container Corporation employees, businessmen, and prl-
better human relations Improved project for Amelia Island is slatedto Beach, one of (,ie cranes will I man's Club, and of the Amelia Island of America and of Term. vat Individuals should enable the
earning power personal fulfill. begin Monday with the unloadIng be moved to that location. As I[ Chapter United Daughters inal .Paper' Bag, Inc have supported .I (Continued on Page Five)
mont, good citizenship, better here of granite from railroad I other equipment arrives the work I of the Confederacy. Performance' of County Students Nov. 14 this community project
communities, national economic gondolas. at Fort Clinch will also begin. (Continued on Page ThreelS.ntell'.1 ) well, and the plants have been

growth Nassau and International County Education relations.Association Jesse A. Howland It Sons, Inc., I Scheduled completion dates are I The Nassau County Student Tal. Tile tryonts and eliminations for gcneroul In their company contributions I I Jaycees Schedule

The urges your participationin of Sea Bright, New Jersey were 200 calendar days at Fernandina UnderManagement ent Show set for November 14 Is In I the drat through fifth grades will again this year.
successful bidders on the beach Beach, 220 days at Fort Clinch I Container Corporation of Amer.( |I Motorcycle Races
their observance of this special I II of Its final stages of preparation with be held on Saturday morning at '
week I' protection work, which Is being and 60 days at American Beach. Forty-two applications submitted 1000 a m.; sixth through eighth :! lea's drive chairman, J, C, Jamo. ,
supervised by the Savannah DIstrlct The jcb consists of placing a Lucille Kitchens Involving approximately fifty stu I grades and high school at 2:00: p. :I HI!n, report' ,(hut the employee
la connection with American of the U. S. Corps of Engi rock seawall with top elevation dents. The show Is sponsored by m. EIght contestants from each and the Company! contributions at I For November 15The
Education Week here Is an ode wt neers. 11 feet above mean low water fora Mrs. Lucille Kitchens, with a the Fernandlna Beach Band Pnr. I ago group will be selected to ap. Container ,total 14.63022 a sub. I
Irom another news source: The revetment work will begin II distance of approximately 13,. background of more than 15 years I ents Association and will be held pear In the finals on Saturday slantlal Increase over last year. Fcrnnndlna Bench! Jaycees
pirated TO THE TEACHERThy at the Eastern terminus of Allan 000 feet at Fernandina Beach, experience In the restaurant bus. at the Rctrcatlon Center on Atlan evening at 7.30: o'clock Trophies Terminal. Paper Bag, Inc. through 1 arc co-opnnsorlng) motorcycle races
task, Indeed, Is great; tic Avenue and will proceed North. I 3000 feet at American Beach and I mean, has assumed management I tic Ave.Anntial. I Jill be awarded to the first, sec 1. I- nt the airport here on Sunday,
Thy cause a njble one; Equipment for handling the boulders 750 feet at Fort Clinch. of Sentell's Restaurant on Allan. VnaV and third place winners In ,I Nov. 15, In conjunction() with Iho
Rich blessing doth await has arrived here and more Is Following the destruction felt tic Ave The establishment will be eacltx roup. Kiwanians Hear Motorcycle Association of Jack.
Thy woik when ably done. en route said Howland today here from Hurricane Dora, the protective open from I a.m to 9 p,m. dally, Smorgasbord Ranger Hal of television will I sonvllle.

TbY task the mud to mould; Howland said that two cranes measures were approvedby I Mrs. Kitchens owned her own I Nedrrhg; Purchase serve as master of ceremonies at.. Hall In DiscussionOf The rrccs arc expected to i aTtract -
will be on the beach handling the the Office of Emergency Planning restaurant In Jacksonville before ;: : I II
Thy cause, men to' uplift; all three shows.) No admission will a largo/ numl)>er of road rtic.
If thou this )rower dost hold. rock and as soon as necessary i I| coming to Fcrnandina Beach In Your Tickets Now I be charged for the tryouls and diminutions ers from throughout Florida and
Thine Is a wondrous gift. -------- ---- ----- -- I 1949, one of several she had op. and the public I Is Invited Amendments tile !Soullieust.
Mary Vlnzant PerkinsDon't erated over the city during the Time Is groulng short for the to attend Tickets will be sold I Two of the most famous of the

fr & "Education Pays Dividends" Is ThemeOf I I years. She also opened the first Slxtcnth purchase of Annual your tickets Smorgnsburg to (tilts I at the llnul show only and will be Kcrniimlinn,. Death Klwimhns, I racers who are expected' to com.:
Toll House in Jacksonville
forget tho Smorgasbordon tlUO fur adults; SAle students pete here ire Al Hnllinjwworlh elf
Nov. 14 unless: you just don't Under her management Sentoll's slated for November 14 sponsor. A spoelal feature of the evening I meeting Monday night In weekly I St. AugUHtlne and George Adumuc
Ameri an Education .Week Nov. .d by the ladles of St. Peter'sEpiacopil session al !Seaside Inn heard a
care fur the flrest: In eating. The 8-141 I will continue to specialize Church. Serving will show will be the Fernandina Beach fellow Klwunlun, Thomas 0. Hall. of Jacksonville,
woman nv...__ nr.. _St.__ _Peter's_u: make this In aeafoods, chicken, steaks and begla at I.00 p.m. and continue I High School: Dance Band, under the /Hall, local attorney, reviewedthe llullink'tworth was winner of the
one of the more enjoyable annual "Education Pays Dividends" Is gree, his personal responsibility. chops. A buslnessman'a luncheon, until '.00 o'clock I direction of Jonathan Hill, per. I 13 proposed amendments on national championship race In
events. Only $2.25 for adults and the theme for the week long Am. The U. S. Office of Education and I'I with hot biscuits and cornbread, !I tormina during the Intermissions. the ballot In Tuesday's general Warren Ohio and Adamcc fin.
$1.00 for children. erican Education Week scheduledto the National Congress of Parents will be featured dally. A child's tvery succulent dish Is homo i' (Continued on page six) Ished second.
election and commented each
be observed November 8-14, and Teichers became AEW sponsors plate li offered at a special rate. <(
Mark the evening of Nov. 14 on 1964. In 1922 and 1938, respectively Deliveries are mode 3 times Vandals Break Glass The Kiwanians' Interest In the. racing cunts In Florida, most In
I amendments was attested by considerable
your calendar as a mllhty fine American Education Week was All parents and other friends of dally lo the two local mills. FfeHS Dance Band To discussion the nation) has piodiiccd miny

(Continued on page two Inaugurated In 1921 by the Nauon'I'' education are Invited to visit the Appear On TV Show At Local Businesses Hall's prcsenlutlon. following skilled riders of championship
al Education Association schools In Nassau County next Harbor quality and! local spectators will
Bids To Be Opened American Legion to call public week during the observance Dredging Midday November 12' Vanddls used Halloween night Program chairman was Jim I sec many In the Nov. 13 event.
Uush with President Bill Webb
attention to the Import tnce of I I Plans are being completed In To Begin Nov. 8 for the breaking/ a plate glass' J. C Campbell chairman if the
Tonight On Sewer education in a democracy and to I each school to welcome visitors.On The Fcrnandina Beach High f I window at Becker's Pharmacy and I conducting) the meeting.) ( Jaycee race committee, says {that
Lift StationThe remind each citizen that good( i Wednesday, November II, Savannah District Army Engineers I School 1 Dance Band, I under the direction l a truck windshield at W. E. Bar. kuh Key) mid Club Mike guests Rice were, H"nlor'It Mike PI-1|' admission, will he $123 for spi-c.
Repair "
schools are, to a very large de 'I (Continued on Page Two) advised today that the VS. ol Jonathan Hill, will up- tier Co. A brick was thrown School.. tutors with children under 12 free
City Commission will meet Hopper Dredge HYIJE will begin pear on the Middty television through Becker's window and I Kci naiiuniu/ Bench High: ..". ..". ...
tonight In special session for the dredging; the Fernandina Harbor I show Channel 4 on Thursday, November stones were used on the windilnild. -
opening of bids on a new lift station at the entrance of the St. Marys 12. at 1,00 p.m. .
and TV Inspection, cleaning I River on November 8. Harry Poolc will be spokesmanfor I On Tuesday night a told: drink
and repairs to the city sewer line The dredging scheduled to begin the group In advance advertisement boitic was thrown; through a win.
as it crosses Euan's Creek alongside around October 23 has been of the Student Talent Show dow at Aikin's Laundromat.
Atlantic Avenue. delayed due to emergency work sponsored by the Band Parents | Police Chief J. It. Parker Raid I
The work was made necessary resulting from Hurricane Dora. Assn. which Is slated for Novem-1 I that Ills department In checkingout
when Hurricane Dora Caused a /It will be working In the area her 14.The '
rupture In the line. Temporary for a period of 30 day. All vessels Dance Band will alto be'' cli'llnlle load to the calenders |
repairs were made when the break shoi'ld exercise caution when special guests at the Talent Show, and arrests are expected In the I

was detected to relieve the health passing the dredge. _but_wili not be in competition. |t next few tiny.
hazard from pollution of Egao's

,The new lift station will be con.
structcd across Atlantic Avenue
from tile recreation center.

Fernandina Beach Candidate _j j J J ..:1 ...:-. --:; ... .... .- :!- BJ J t .':"I

Weather .. 4 t ,' 1: di i" ii it- i k
t.. t! i. L .... ..= .... h 1: .... r.o 1:11: to. to!
v. S Approved Weather Station -"-- -- -- -- -- ---- -- -- -
*>,,.. 7>h Al 'Imt Street "For Preitfdent _
29 73 65 0 I "- -- -- -
Thurs Fri.. October, October 30 73 55 0 WALTER :MURPHY Director of Chil Defense for North Johnson-Humphrey'- --- -I)' 2J17 :2lW TM <027: :212 -l 141 Z'H; 147: l.m ttn; u* sa 'it -;!.! tiiiqldwatfr.Mill

Sat., October 31 72 56 T I Florida, was here taut week for the Civil Defense Conference ( ;; :: "--r- -R .1211IIlr2j- -(;- 2147 -32tt-\ -220 -:27K( _251 h 1 IH'i'' -21- 222- 82- :31211113131-* -
Sun., November 1 69 57 2_30Mon. ) I at Seaside Inn for local public officials and community For Senator'T i .

November 2 67 M .10 leaders. On the program were left to right. Holland'f) t2T-6M: -10fl SOI): 3111'( lOll 210 181 177 214: .Ill. : ? 75 3IHI) !HOT! 333: ; riKOUt; : ADA.MKC: one of the leading road nicer in
.,. November 3 68 64 0 I Col. Walter Preston. Jr., Natwau County Director of Civil Kirk --"R-U-IIlII-f' 107 III" (H3 77 118) Bl, :! Jl In 7_ 87 :30 111:1:1': : 32JWi5- the I'nitfd Stale, will appear here on November IS in.:

Wed., November. 4 69 64 0 i iTh. Defense: Robert CuIbertMon of the Florida Institute for For_ Governor --- ---- -- motorcycle race (sponsored! jointly by the Fernandina/ ;

......th.,... '"iiwii'tm l in furnlshad,_courtesy,'n. I IFI I Continuing University Studies; Murphy; and Robert j Burns____ .. 2.18'548"20fl: '"" 6'1J7t1>;\ : 200 802 "22!' _208' / 2)10) ":"3I7JI' [ __3.V.IJ8). ----I Beach Jaycees and the Motorcycle Association of Jack.:

ul'.1.1h: at Lima Street ObMrvar 'I IUwU Kohler, aim of FICl'S. Holler R *0"220ll7 /157 title: 121: IH 12R 7ft "132---120'!... 40 144II) '! sonville. ._ _____ ,


: % .*
....... '



Paw Two News-Leader, Fernandlna tteach Florida'Thursday, November &. l'JS4 iJ9y ecs ', To Present Willie Push Rites :, Florida-Georgia

FJRNANDINA- BEACH NEWS.LEADER LETTERS TO Junior's' Essay ; Program At P.TA 'In' Georgia' Sunday I (Continued from Page ones

ill ASH! STREET PHONES 161-3M8 M1.3GIT : About the Surplus i 1 Surpluses started I long time j Meeting Tonight I 'Mfa wv'' e wits heM) !I..t' going shire that take on cargo ,n
'I *ind- at 11 a".t th- Chan*'
A John II. Perry Newspaper THE EDITOR I surplus Is when got ago About the first surplus I canremamher The Parent-Teacher Association! v the local harbor.
: tuved; : I "f 8>mnv<" Funeral He-'c In commented that the original)
Ray Caldwell, Editor and Manager much I. was $ surplus of pea I "f the Fernnmllna Beach Jutlof oitrUMi., Ga. r lac Willie Jordan I He the
ABC AUDITED PAID CIRCULATION 1810 Highland Drive know what to do with K If you I IjlUd. t>U> la India and a surplus ef people Hl-Elemealarv School will meet Ga. R 'rlal Mtlmnte was within range <'
fit. nf Adrian
Published every Thursday and entered at the Post Office Fernandina Bench, Florida you wouldn't have It. You can"t :, In China, and there still I II. enlghl at B pm. In the etfetor- I I 1 Buih. In Trcutlen tile bridge becoming a reality bu
'.'crnandlna Beach, Florida as second class mall matter November 1, 1164 give a surplus away be.enune .J knHire Is gvuiag to be a surplus of I Jam, I was In Midway Cemetery that t the revised fl nres were nr
Subitrrlptlon Rites I else have a' almost and it ) Cpvnty.Mr. as favorable a. In desirable for .
Mr. Bay Caldwell Edllor somebody might people everywhere The Ja \"CM will present theDr"lf i I
$$4 I year *2.25 6 months f 1.2S 3 Months like about It. Dab died Rnt"rdnv H an"glln project of this type.
Fernandlna Beach News-Leader surplus just yours and you i I III hard to do anything m. a film dealing with the
$4 50 a year. out of county Fernandina Beach, Florida I can't always sell It because I : When you have a surplus of people whool system of a county In Flnr. : Ga. hospital after a brIefIIIWII I Brown noted an alternate rou
Dear Mr. Caldwell: body else might not want It oat you loon get i surplus of Idea 'Id I. Ken Gay t II chairman of the which would! come across 11,

: In behalf of the members of the I maybe they wouldn't pay for It i People get to thinking up thought I Jitvfft pitiiratlonal rcmmlttec. I l Is "vlved bv th-w .I.t-PI! ( mash area west of the Inlrncom

,Veterans Day To Honor The Living, Womau's Club of Fernandtna eves If they did want It. I I 1 they think will work but they won't. Don Roberts, P-TA priRMmchnlrman Mr* Huttlo Monre. F"pnll1dln I al WaterwiV and cross the Wale

Beach, we should like to expressour I I They keep trying, first one thing urge HI member RM/-II. Mr. Morris t,. Dnrden of way beH Ravonler Incorporated
and then another and when none Interested attend. CII' lnaboro. Ga, and Mrs. H'lleOahun If-cal mill division. He suogcstri'
Reverence The Dead For PeaceBY thanks to you and the many I and those to I
Pray City Public Works nf Adrian) three ""'"- route could be construct
others of the community who so ot Item work, they want to blameIt I I II ( : that this (
I 1 1I else It dicin'tmake era John R. Bush Jr. nf Dwinn much more economically.
with Is Cited on somebody ;
graciously helped us our recent Department Motthew To Visit I'
: GERRY SHEFFIELD came ol I am the Infantry! I production "Hobo's Fare to 1 I my difference who, Just so I M Bush nf Savannah and Elm" However, local representative
.1 I
November 11, first knows as I' I u elIe'w r with the Fair". At Tampa Meeting lojig as somebody I in bandy, and I County On Monday Bush of Adrian: and "V"rlll' do nut feel! Ih-t t thin route" would

Armistice Day commemorating Concstcga and marched will of club there always Is when there Is a nieces and p"phew* IneM'ng' I, bp of the desired benefit fo 1)1) '
the end of hostilities "over there"In the pioneer across the plains The cast composed I The Public Works Department surplus of people. : Oogrci.man n. R. (Bll'y' ) Mat. Mrs. Edward Pat'wson.' Mrs MAr. downtown area and the beach arch

1918 and later to be observed as to build outposts for freedom on members, housewives, teachers I of Fernandlna received an award I II Fpr a long time we had a surplus 'I\pw In keening with' his ''Iouall shall F,'1Iwood. Mrs Dorothy Graham. it would"th4 more scenic route "

Vctcran'i Day to commemorate I the wild frontier Follow me! students and husbands were of especially their I of merit for the superior opers\l1Hl1 of farmers who couldn't makea practice Is now making visit to '1 Milton Gruham and Bobby the Nortlt. .*hlch would have an

the end of the world conflict In With Scott I went to Vera Cruz their time generous and talents giving The Rec. of Ihe local sewage living farming, so we started 1 nqnt t offices In the 8th Congressional i I Moore, all ol Fernandlna Beach. 1, anchor point on Amelia Island
plant at the 15lh annuM 1 confer
1045. battled Santa Anna In the reatlon Dept City, Mather Furniture "giving" them I living for "not" District. He plans to visit somewhere between Xd: Town ana
Armistice Day or /Veteran'sDay mountain passes and climbedthe Whltea? Outboard Sales ease of the American Waterworks I (arming and they like It so good nest offices In Baker and Nassau Fort Cllooh./ t
Association I and the Florida Pollution Education
whichever, may 'all ,Amerl- high plateau. I planted our Firestone, Telephone Co., were as I Control Association now, they won't do anything else. fxtmtlci on Monday, November Pays Power ,""!Isted (that the" gtnernori '.

cans observe this day lIy paying flag U the Plaza of Mexico City' I usucl, most co-operative. Our advertiser The larmers who know how to I 9*' I of koth stoles Involved are
tribute to our fathers, sons husband From Bull Run to Appomattox The Award Banquet held on I Baker County visit will be 'ry 5sueA' From way r>nee
*, the warm audience, theca I farm could do alright If the politicians I Education Asncclsiloa Interested in, the financing'of the
*, who so gallantly laid down blood rae red. I fought for Tuesday, was attended by Public made In the forenoon at Macclen- the Nassau County
my I II t and those who helped behind would let them alone, but I I proposed bridge and that ;lie.:.elt
live Works Director Jim Beard,, who l laccepted i ny Glen Saint Mary, Sanderson ( and the Nassau County
their lives that we may In I both the Blue and the Grey the scenes, combined to moke this I since v( have i surplus of politician Association they would dlscui the matter in
peace and freedom from oppresaion. divided la conflict, I un.tcd: In I the award on behalf of know and Olustee Nassau post office Classroom Tesrher Ihe near future. Powers siigRc'itnlthat \
for too think
a most successful project our they they
.,' peace personnel at the towage treatment i stops will be mode la the after I I will) meet la Yulef. A program officials et beth Mates
May the blood hat drenched the I II club plant. more about farming and every. noon Brycevllle, Callahan Hil- emPBMtiin* the week' theme andorofeitloaallsro rOIl-,
I the Infantry tlnue to Mscmble Information n
I Again, may we offer our thanks rhino else than the farmer, so (lard Voles, and Fernandlna It being planned.
lands where It has also been noted the j
to freely they fought by
I financing and thin
left these shores with the promise the farmers the prrjcct as to
every year
for the support your paper con- I Beach announced todav by Jane
'never" fade, to remain forever asa State Board at Health that toe It was
slaking of the Maine led the more and more so they can a meeting with the two governor""
tribute to their courage and gallantry ,I charge up Sao Juan Hill and I tlnously gives our organization of pant'! Is under consideration for get the farm vole The (good) I Matthews will also address SB ;I Atchley oresldent of the Nassau I would be ranged as soon as ponslble. .
and other civic organization Association.
for we Americans to remember 1 ought( the Moro and disease the best operated plant ward furl I farmer don't want something for early morning assembly at t ,the I County Education .

In Philippines/ Across the Rio I our community. 1905.structlon. nothing so every time the politicians Baker County High School atMacclonny Pertinent topics (for each of the j _

"For those who may be prone to I Grande chased the bandit, Villa Sincerely, I' : promise them a little more, I and will speak before seven day will provide a wonderful I'I

forget, the following tribute to I Follow mil! I Mrs L. E. Sellers, President Dint 4 Charles the farmers give the politician a the Fernandlna Beach Klwinls opportunity ((9 stimulate I tf.

the United States Infantry, which f At Claaleau.Tblerry, I went over Mrs Ben Sorensen, ChairmanMrs. Jones 2038.Member little more surplus of wheat cot. Club In Ibe'evening, community Interest In offering
Johnson, Director Watch
could also read "I. Am The Armed the top I stood like a rock on tbe'i Harry Board of .D'I ton, corn, butter, lard eggs and I diversified learning for all; to

.Service of America will not I Marne cracked the Hlnden- Humphreys Memorial everything else they can think of Ramblin'Continued

leave.. one true American devoidof burg Line and broke the back Burns Is I Dlst 2 Louis A. Ferreira 137 to raise on the farm And now the I Just help our neighbors and fellow cltl- "LIVINGWORDS"
a.fierce pride la our nun of Top tens reappraise educational pro.
I of the Hun la the Argonne. I Member Board of Trustees )I surplus has got so big that nobody
the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast ( From Page On*) grams and youth activities with
dldnt come back until It was knows what to do with U.
.Guard Marines, or any branch of (Continued from Page One) I Humphreys Memorial Hospital.; I time for some of the seafood this the Intent of Improving and upgrading .
9ver, over there Dial 4 B. C. "Bennlc" Lewis I The thing we have got the least I
our fighting service, and to those sued L. Holland 3336: Claude R area Is famous for Place, Port.er's them: to renew cooperation
At Bataan and Corrcgldor, I 2149 of and need the most, Is brains. .
who will Fifth Camp with the Sheriff'sWater teachers business
.many never again sty Kirk, Jr. 1065.Governor among parents
Fallow:: bowed briefly, licked my wounds Haydnn! Burns 3747; Member Board of Trustees I We haven't got a surplus of brains Patrol handling the details. labor and the professions'' NOVEMBER 8

Me'TPIRUTIk and vowed to return I Invaded I Charles R. lousy 1483. Humplutys Memorial Hospital, but maybe after the election we I Tickets may be purchased from to help youth and to recognize the M I thrllNOVEMBER

(Reprisal) II Tunisia on the African ihore Representative In Congress -I Dlst. } C. W, "Cliff" Brandies will find a politician who Is smart any member of the Patrol and !Increasing efforts necessary to
? dug my nails Into the sand at enough to extract the square root .
2168. proceeds will go to repairing damage maintain schools for the Increasing 13
I am the Infantry Queen of Oth Dlst. D. R (Billy) Matthews
Anzlo and bounced Into Rome I be able I
of the farm vote, and then Hurricane .
Battle! I meet the enemy face to 3429. Member ,Ocean Highway And to their club room by number of students, and to
with flower In helmet.The to tell the difference between at
a my us a
face will to will. For Iwo tea. I Justice of the Supreme Court Port Authority Group 1 Harry Dora. broaden adult level education.
I Channel and the hedgerow reddish horse
horse radish and a '
tortes, I have been the bulwark could not hold me. I pushed back Group 1 B, K. Roberts 1876. ''D. Johnson 2124. Junltr I ft Dally topics for American Education 6:55: a.m. Sundays

of. our Nation's defense lam the "Bulge" vaulted the Rhine Justice of the Supreme Court Member Ocean Highway And I Billy Graham said It once In an I Week emphasize that "Ed'i. I' and
the Infantry! Follow met! : I Group 2 E. Harris Drew 1822 I Port Authority, Group 2 Ben address to Juveniles and It goes ration Pavs Dividends In
and seized the Heartland The
Both hardship and glory, I I "Tbouaand.Year" Reich was dead. Justice of the Supreme Court I Sorensen 2191. CorrectionInadvertently i about like this: "There 1 11 nothing Better Humaa Relations In 5:39: a.m. Weekdays
: known, My bleeding feet Group 3 Richard W EniD 2116 County Surveyor George W. In the Bible! about God having aJuienlle Improved Earning Power In :
Island I
From I Island to ; hopped i'.
stained the snow al Valley Forge the Pacific hit the beaches I Judge District Court of Appeal1st. Lovesee 2129 the Dime of a win. court. You are responsible Personal Fulfillment In Good with -
:'I ifljjjrd an ear to cross the Icy | and through Appellate Dist. John T. Wigglnton i Justice of the Peace, Dist 1 her In the recent poster contentfor 1 just as any adult Is responsible Citizenship In National Economic I
.Delaware tasted: victory al and chopped Jungle.my way I kept 1087.Circuit Fclton V. Moure 1327. the P.TA Halloween Carnivalwas you don't pay the price Growth In Better Cum- REV.,, JOHN nozinir;

'YorVtown ,- and saw our Na. swamp my Court Judge 4th Judicial I Constable, Did 1 J. W. Peters mlspelled.Carmlc all et once: you pay it In Installments munitles In International Relation Prwtylerlnn
vow I did return I set Hull, 2nd place winnerIn Pastor of the First -
lion born. Circuit Tyrlc A. Boyer 1329 fob the rest of your life. *." .
Sun. | .
the Rising of the Peace, Dist S the 1st and 2nd grade division, in
Justice -
1880. I Doubtless County Judge J. E Church
I At New Orleans, I fought beyond "Education Is both t the founda-
In Pusan perimeter I gathered Frank Shatter 532. j was listed as Hall. Gcnc> Weatherford, In the face )! e' I Bench ::
.the hostile hour .< discovered STATE tlon and the unifying C of our Ferniindm.i "<

I Along the 38lh parallel .and ams Cmplrollcr'Ray, E. Green of the Peace, Dint 6 : Rummage Sale Set flr. : of our economic and i I I
II social piogress It Is the highest
world I made '
i around the my I
I. T. Blake 288 POWERFUL
2570. And then tlibre'was one ft my ,,expression of achievement In our
For St. Michael'sSt I
I stand
"" Constable, Dint 6 F. C, Gelgcr I
Commissioner Of Agriculture "soPPfrlrrs"I'ho Intimated the society, ennobling and enriching -
NOVEWIER I I Wherever brave men fight Doyle Conner 2695.' 237 other day that L was In for a bright I CHANNEL 12WFGATV
Michael's Home and School i human life. In short, 1I.is at the
i and die, for freedom, you x111flnd'me 'I Sate Treasurer J. Edwin AMENDMENTS I I future, but the heat was going to
1 Assn. will sponsor a rummagesole same time, the most profitable investment I I
1 bulwoik of
I am Larson 2357.Attorney I Amendment l\o. 1 For, 1089; I on Friday and Saturday I' be torrlllc. ,! u society can make and

Nation's defense I am alwayareedy General Earl Fair- Against, 892.Amendment. November 13 and 14.' from 9 to 5 the richest reward It can confer," Jacksonville: t
SPECIAL now, and forever I am 2 For, 997
liattlc! I cloth 2336. No each day, at a location on Atlantic Tra kIAt Home staled the late President John F.Kennedy. '
i the Infantry Q icen of State Superintendent Of Public Against, 783.Amendment. I Ave. to be announced ,' i i ; .

I Follow Mel! Instruction Ton D. Bailey No. 3 For, 1077;, -- .. -

GE STEAM IRONS I 2381. Against, 734.Amendment. I

i I Pirate "B" Team Florida Public Utilities Commlssloner I No 4 For, 808, I I

Edwin L "Ed." Mast Against, 968.Amendment. ,
To Play Camden I n 2 HO. No. 5 For, 912, j "

$1095.R.gular | County Here Tuesday Stole Attorney 4th Judicial Against, 712.Amendment.

Circuit William A. Hallowes, No. 6 For, 845' ,,

: Coach George Tyson's "B" team II | led 2307. Against 694.Amendment.

II l Pirates will play host to the Camden Public Defender, 4th Judicial No 7 For, 1107;

County (Qa.) "B" tram here Circuit Ed Austin 1902. Against, 543.Amendment.

$13.95 & '$14.95 Tuesday. I State House Of Representatives'' No 8 For, 019;

| The game will be played at City Claude E. Wlngate 2636. Against 640.Amendment. ,
I I No.9 For, 883, ,
'Bill Pork Kith kkkoff time set COUNTY .

for 7 p.m. Against, 616.Amendment. '
County Judge J E. :
HardeeBros. I "Gene"1 No. 10 For, 874; : I''
I Weathcrford 3066. I RAYONIER'S ; .
According to observations al Sheriff H. J. Against n
Marlneland of Florida baby No. 11 For, 7116;
I Clerk of the Circuit Court D I
poises, unlike most mammals, 0. Oxley 2471. Against 781.Amemlmenl. i"
1 I t No. 12 For; C22; ,.
usually born tail first. There por'l Tax Assessor Eddie McKcn-

I however been one breech dice 2737. Against, 870. vAmendment 25th ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE i .
I ; _
Atlantic Avenue ery In the great ocevnarlum Tax Collector Ira W. Hall j t No. 13 For, 1128,

and Ihe Infant porpoise survived I I Against 913. '
2715. ,
r "
h -- --
I Superintendent of Public I InstruetUn SPECIAL ELECTION< I '
Dean B. Blankenshlp I 2325Supci FOR. 237; Against, 129 "' '.
visor of RcKlatritlon III the of November 27 1964 .
r Voted on only precincts Friday, fy ,
Dorothy Jeffreys Balwli 2418 District 5, to hold a Ipeela1''' elee. .

Happy BirthdayFrom Judge of Small Claims- Court ties to create a Nassau County 'Mi. '
I E V.' Garcia 2090. Recreation and Water Conservation' 1 t.

County Commissioner, Dint I 1 and Control District No I. and thoborrowing t : },rw ,

Harry Poole 2113. of an amount not fit- '
101 Make A Note of This Date -
County Commissioner, Dlst. 3 coed $250,000 by the Board tho

Judge J. E. (Gene) Weatherford James S. "Jimmy" Stevens 24'H! ). construction and operation dt."4id W.
County Commissioner, Diet, S i
District ,4 J )l i \ .
Don't Your Birth Month Is John F. "Fred" Armstrong Sr. I, '
Forget, 2259 SHRINE BARBECUE I II ';.1 X'
Member Board of Public I .',1,. .

Time To Renew Your Driver's License ulruUIrn, Dint I Hubert In-I November 21, Jr.-HI Cafelorlum, :

Vanumt 2272.Member 300: until 8 00 pm Donations All Grown-ups (over 12 years) Are Invited To Tour the"' : :

Board of Public $1.25 adults: 75c children
---.-.--- .-- -.------ -.--- -. -- -u_. ____.____ ____ ___ __.- ----. .d ,
-- -

Mill Any Time Between 9:00: A.M. and 6:00: P.M. .''jj-:' :


---tlltl/I-/ &k\ 'p', ';." :::

) I

; Keep November 27 Open On Your Calendar and Help :


.. Us Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary In Your Community* :;.



: From filling 'er up to a Our expert, experienced

: complete car check and DEPENDABLE! SAFE, SURE! mechanics heck your

., overhaul I, tee us for When it comes t 0 car For your cake, 1 let u< cur repairs thoroughly right, at, make moderate

I service! fast and right. servicing, it pays to put your car'a wheels in coat :."

: corne to us. From minor perfect alignment '--: I II RAYONIER INCORPORATED '

repair tOil complete I .
'. 'j Stop here Reliable Service Drive in
with ease I I
,r" All Work Guaranteed for fast I
We Do The Job Right I I

and go -_ _. sen Ice!

Automatic Transmission Repairs : 9

(' -


261-3812 Your Ford Dealer Since 1910 South 8th Street M'' I MI


i Ii M



,' ", ... ,": yews-Lender, Fcrnandinn PeAch\ Florida -Thursdny, November' 5, 1961 Page\ Throe "

Christmascope __ _
'i ., ft \ FOLLOW THRU I "

., ;': ";;''ir.'r': :'>' } t > .' IrtI BY hELEN: : r.iiKn\ s I; Rev. James Dunnam
Our SlarKa/cri peer Into the
,' ; To Speak At Statei
"":" -- .... heaven* to predict vital U ahii
tin you M I lie \WONDKRLAM( : :' (I W l i I I Pastors Conference

> .' ..... ..-.. .a l'IIRIS'ntAShil'h will open i Itm.iclo
"" '>> d.xiri to the public Pecem Rev James T bunntim. p',..

,> > :: ;: ben 3. I'MWhether Inc of the Ftrxl Baptist church,

I, you're a Scorpio I.co has been asked em"nll'lth Ihl'('('

.J Aries or uhulevcr yuii'n other paslnrs from our Mate, to

laird lu find surprises, galore, fun: bring! an expository) message to
rxellrnient, delectable goodies and the Slate H.iplis-t, l>.(slur's Confer

a horde of Rifts, rnie This Confeienee will meet!
The Stnrt hn\p It that he( Com at Ihe First llnpllkt' (Church' Tam. f

mlltec-ln-Chnrge ban already com pa on Monday, November It. prior
pnseri III Invltillnns. ordered refrcshmcnts to the meeting of the Florida Bap.(1st .

BY WILLIE MATTSOX arranged fun and ( Convention on Tuesday through

Barnes sent a special wire I to I Thursday, Novemlier 10-12 'The

Santa: to have Dancer & Pram'l'r.I general Ilir-me of Ihe l'aIIIr'lIIj.\ .
In the Championship tn1l1' 1. Donder I &. Vixen, CVmi-t & ('lipidIl ferl'nce11I t be "A Pastor, mi ment Shirley Shave bed M.irKtLannon '
d Rudolph buckled Into theli Work Hev lIu11 nlIl1': s ni'essiiuc
by a score ol :3-4; Luis jet hat nl'AM1'1 for their Rpeclnl' Sridrrro'n | will be from 1'ie' first ihipu-r" ) of
cloned !'o< Herring
Casey out Nancy with tIp, precious cargo m r II Timothy and( will !lie I'Irtllll'd."Rl'n1l'mlK'r .
three up with two to so. In I lie'
gifts Mil. C'lnime 11x1: Forfeit Your (Calliim
Consolation Jean Hooper bitlleil
all shopplna sprcei. keep )'IIurpurl -- ------ -- -
Beth Beach to the sixteenth nice ..
cloned and HO
your appo.lite
7' J,4. before closing her out 42. lii'll ,
: York and Thada Bryce have mil;) until the BIG J) \Y.Whl.tllI'r NIXNKIvN: IN: TIn: I'OSTKK) ( () T.ST; for St. Mich- BeachWeather
: ::
4t :: played a Snow\ Bunny mirror, nel'n St'hooillallo\\t"'n Cnrnhal held October( 29! at St. ReportSteve
Due to entertaining next Tues. glamor teen clamdlRKcr, toddler, grccnthunvher henrlliwarmer JoM'ph'H Hall, are from left, Maryam Millsaps, :3rd !grade; Rich Observer

day Shirley Shave and Lois ('IN'Yhave bird watcher, ihum-iiirker ni Holly ewlIn1e. 51 ih grade! ; Chris Belcher, 4th grade! ; Weather Station at 2663 MjcGrrfoiBlvd.

until November ITlli to play whatever "When hearts are Ralph Kenr, 6th crude ; and Steve Mahoney, 3rd trade( .

I Champion.their 3G holes Jean to Hooper determine will meet the young and ray", the puce to go Their IUIterllert'! diH|Ila'ed> in the downtown area preceding Mix Mm RuSt

lit December li the annual (the Citrnmil. Thursday, Oil! 21!l 77 (M, 0
the winner of the Yoik-Urvec _ _
match for the Championship Consolation CHRISTMtS \ZAAR. I Friday, Oil.. 30 73: 57 0

trophy The Stars nay: Your own new Saturday Oct. 31 74M liD.13Sunday.

ONE OF THE MORE FREQUENT VISITORS to the City Marina Is Dr. Charles HilIyer In the First Flight IlarridtcWaas rhlnlnc! shimmering WONDF.lt. Mrs. Thompson Jr. LUNCHROOM High.Elementary Nov I : 57 183

of Jacksonville shown here aboard his yacht. Dr. Hillyer, a noted sportsman, defeated Adallne P.nls :ii. LAM!<' ) OK riiniSTM\S In poor MENUSNov. : Monday, Nov. 2 (till\ ti2<; T

Mrs. Hillyer and their children have become well known and welcome figures here, and Willie Malison outran .'aH. for I the cnjojlng .- come J>1'I'rm. '('rind hued from Paw One'As MI Tuesday, Nov. 3 70 R2, 0
her 51 h. .\ Twinkling) Little Slat Monday: wscolloped' po. Wednesday, Nuv. 4 71 b.t 0
both for their visits by water and for Dr. Hilljer's participation in the annual invitational Williams 32. be for a member of Menmilil 1111"tllIdlt (1/lI'N'I.' tossed saliid field peat w/
In the First FHiihl Consolation will shining extra blight I a
golf tournament. I : Chinch, Mis. ThompHon rolls and butler October Wralher Summary
Martha Alday and Sarah Alumhaven't nperlul Old Elf: who will have slur
-- held n.mieniiis linpoilant UfII'I'A. chocolate cake, 'i pint milk This Oetiber' the nvcniKc mix.Innim '.
this event.Fur
at Rail
played. Lucille !Swcatl : billing
: Including hclnit a member (III Ihe Tuesday: Hamburger I buns, temperature was 7(1( .S; average .
won over Llbbu: Cot'don:: 4-3, (gilt nuaunobli|>, the unexpeilcd, cli until llouid, "prcHldnit( of Ihl'Wllnlllll' "lelluic' and tomato sulad, butlir. minimum Ml' 7: mean temperature
A Florida Cracker In Europe I Shirley I I Shave, Nancy Ilerrlnu"' a Icle-a-lele wltli frll'lUls guiely Society of ClulMliin
ed corn, apple cobbler, '. pint t lii H6! The highest ..wasU3 /
and Sarah Allan arc playing In for the Iliiluliiv: mood, family Servke, llntl leu:her, of the F.dna: milk on the 4lh, anil, Ihc luchl1oI
the San Jose Invitational in Jacksonville evening on the town I lie ('lu'lht.mas
S. WIII'i, !Bible Class and teacher
( Editors Note: Mrs. Elizabeth! I, and by golly we did sec her!II able to see the While Cliffs ol this week Ua/nar Is Inl! I Wednesday: Bar-b-quo spareribs 43 on the 21s1.MeuMurabl1 .
of classes In the Youth ':
Crutchficld daughter of Mrs. Faith i Although It required a great deal Dover as they appeared on the Next Tuesday we pby hostess 11"I'art.n1l'lIl I' steamed cabbage, slated rain fell on 8 ,day,
Mark thin lied lAther Day on ) of the Chinch School.
Pearson of this city Is currently! I| of rushing around. Kay, Miry and I horizon. They are truly as lovely to the ladles from Jcmip and I sweet potatoes, celery nicks and totaled 459 Indies Klluhlly
In Weisbsden, Germany with her ,I I left lor London the day after as they hive been described although 'Brunswick. Bring laml\\idles or your (lulendar bre'ik open >our At Ihe time of her deiilh she I I cornbread and butter, cocanut below normal.! The greatest 24
husband Major John Crutchficld, school was out In June. After I I didn't see any bluebirds 'piggy bank, cash. In your postal was an oil leer of Ihe Jacksonville I custard, H pint milk. hr. total was 2 SIt) on Ihe Hrh.
I Klamps draw out your t'hilstmni l Dislrlil, WSCS.!! In ,
bus In Frankfurt flying over I 10 a clans I Thursday Spaghetti w/ ground
and family. I was privileged to | bearding our tour I i : The prevailing wind direction
savings and be ready to join the .
read some of her letters home and eaily In the evening we rode As we disembarked we had to I of yoium married l'UIIIIII'sIM established beef and tomato sauce, chopped was north and! nenln ec/cs licc'UN'

found them so Interesting I prevailed north via Autobahn toward the surrender the tickets given us by Junior HiLightsBY Welcoming Ciimmlltee of thnt In the Church school I I lettuce wdressing, buttered red on 20 clays there were 14
Distance Travelerwhen I :
famous Lonu
on her to contribute similar I Belgian border! where we stopped the Belgians. Someone asked what /and sire became lit first t"1I'11I'r.whil'h peas and carrots, rolls and butter I clear days, 7 partly cloudy,' and
I I' ire Ills surprise BAG
newt letters to the News-Leader I briefly while our driver and the would happen If anyone lost hll opens position she held at her ''i apple' H pint milk. 10 cloudy. Temperatures of 90 degree .
LINDA WhITE prepared just for you and death. The clans .
hope the letters prove as Interest. tour guide took care of the de. ticket and was told "You'd probably I I was recently renamed Friday: Grilled cheese! sandwich or above occurred on 2Jayn.
and 'all!
Ing to our reader ai they are to I tails. In summer dawn comes early have to ride this ferry back Hello! I you you the Thelma Thompson Bible i' boiled potatoes In Jacket, snap There was no fog.

me.) I In Europe and by 4 a m. it was and forth the rest of your life lust I I The Pirates played a real Rood' Plan to spend a wonderful even. I Class In her honor. beam fruit cup raisin cookie 'i
the HOLIDAY INN!<' of Mrs. Is survived by
at Thompson
hour later Ing pint milk.officiated. SHRINE BARBECUE
already daylight: an like the Man Without a Country. with Ribault Junior high
We went to London to see the game CHRISTMAS SPIRIT SI. filich.urIs her husband J. B. Thompson of
we arrived at the port city of Once ashore and back I School of Jacksonville last Wednesday November 21. Jr.-Ill Cafctnrlum,
we were I
queen tn her official birthday I 1 I annual Christmas Bu/aiir. 1.I2.1:! Atlantic Av...: two daughters,
Ostcndc. We three crackers were on the bus, everyone waa settling I but were defeated 37 to 8. I Mrs. Homer Kncari ofVa hlng- assisted by Rev. J. Loy 300 until BOO p m. Donations. .
certainly glad to smell salt water I down when a British official climb. One touchdown uas scored by Scoll of the St. Marys G.. Methodlst $125 adults; 75c chlldicn." -
D. C. and Miss ..
I ton Mary Thomp. .......
again their customi re 'Mark Haddock and a touchback Church. Interment was In
ed In, explained I Iqulrementl. Rains
I Heavy Again son, a Junior at Stetson University; I
| The preliminaries for boarding then asked what < we I I by Stewart Pikula.A a brother R I.), Humphrey! of Bosque llello Cemetery with Oxloy!

I the ferry were more detailed thin I had to declare. No one had any pep rally was given In the BalnbrldKC: Ga. ; three sisters, i Mortuary In charge

any customs stop we'd previous. taxable goods but he stood for a gym seventh period Wednesday. I Force Delay of M...s. W. II. Whlddon of Bainbridge I Active I pallbearers were six I OYSTERS

Ily| encountered. We were required I II I few minutes giving us plenty of Included In the rally were two !Mrs. HiiKh 0. lirown ofClermont members of thu Thelma '

to fill out aanr:1: for the British i I time to answer Finally we were skits a pep talk by Mr. Piccho. Golf Tournament ', and Miss Anno !Hum : son Bible Class Gerald DuwlclI.1

cabthe authorities I we walked toward allowed to leave and, suddenly,, I clnskl and a lot of yelling by the I piney of Atlanta Ga,: a large/ Karris Jones, B. I U. Lynch Bert' Cocktail
I the ferry we received a everyone gasped we were riding cheerleaders and students. I I II number of nieces nml nephews, Maxwell Franz Mitchell and JohnL.

boarding ticket from the Belgians. | on the left side of the road! I The first out.of..ton game will I The heave rains of (he paMt! IncilldlnllIrs.! Jean Cover Chll- I' Smith. |

Breakfast was served as the I never overcame my feeling of be played In Green Cove on Thurs- weekend) have snub forced a dree of Fernuiidina Beach and Honorary pallbearers were An. Surf Restaurant

likt I I ferry moved away from the dock. apprehension about being on th* day The game starts at 7:00: P,MAny postponement of play In (he cur. '' Murray! Whlddon, L'mlcr Whlddon drew S. Allan, T W. Brawn, II. i

our car By that time we were starved I "wrong" side of the street. of you that can possibly make rent Club Championship lomncv\ and Mrs A, W, Kelellioeter, all V: Burgesa Gordon T Butler, Across!!! From Ocean Pier

ContlctI. and, although both girls had been A three hour drive through beautiful ,i It please come and' help support of the Fcrnandma Beach Golf' of SI Marys Ca! Stuart II. Davis, John T. Fcrrelra, PRIVATE DININC: ( ROOM

mi todaylSTATI i sure they couldn't eat a thing on country brought us to ton- I your team. \ Association I Funcial service wino held at Louis A. Fcircln. Ira W. Hall.M FOR PARTIES. CLUUS

a moving boat, we ate everything don and we went to a downtown t I An Intercom system was Installed Dun Brown, chalrmnn. sold thaI Memorial Mithodlnt, Church on : Bill King Ralph) W. Malimn, I 4 ,
1 i that was served. After we had hotel I for lunch Our meal was I last week by Mr. Johnson. All i ploy In both the semi-final/ nod! Monday November' 2. at 3 p m A. Bryan Maxwell U. U. Oxley. ETC.:
eaten we had lo visit the British Americans to made In the final round Is set up an rxtri .
that considered by announcements are I Rev Nelson P. Moyer, paxlor, S. L. Turllon and U. Ralph Wolff.
[t Bob Hawkins Immigration officer who took the week to permit play of the rained-
I I be typically ErglUtx thick soup, I I mornings over this system. - --- -- -
S N. 8th
cards we'd completed and stamped rare roast beef 'boiled potatoes.: See you next week!II. out mutches.
Phone 261.3t65
our passports.For I Some of our group remained at I. Brown also announced that on

.,." ,... the next three hours our the downtown hoter- and the rest I I.i coat rode sidesaddle looking nel.I Nov. 22 the Association will stage'

MUM A fellow passengers napped read of us were lodged In a smaller tilabllshment i Iher to the right nor to the left. a Turkey Tourney. Compectlllon
Mlflll lllltllMhlllBHnciCiaMtlfM.MN ..., or enjoyed the deck chairs while I In South Kensington. I and the Duke of will be of the mixed 2-ball variety
: ..| .;IIIHiIII ,.! the kids explored the boat. It was I Our room was on the second floor PrInce Gloucester Phillip attired In splendid and an added feature will eitherbe

a beautiful sunny day so we were overlooking a small, neat park. uniforms topped by the black a putting tourney or a hole- FREE! II
--- - -- details In
Upon Investigation we found the busby, followed the queen. In-one-coiilest Complete
: bathing facilities adequate two Our only disappointment was next week's ISRue.Costume .

rooms containing bathtubs for use In not being able to see Princess
(1areer! Oub! ( at no extra charge Of course we I Margaret. She was a part of the WinnersAt

did have to walk down a hall and I parade but rode In a cloned car St. Michael'sHallowe'en !
up a /flight of II airs. accompanied by several ladles.

Our first day In London dawn. 1 Following the parade we tour. Carnival

ed bright and clear. It was a ed the points of Interest In London
glorious day for the queen's birthday beginning! with Westminister The Home and School, Anton of I Broad Breasted r

We had a local guide who Abbey and the houses of Parliament St. Michael's School' held Its annual .

explained the traditional pomp with Big Ben and continuing Halloween Carnival Thursday .

,1 and ceremony then led us throughthe lo St. Paul's Cathedral and the October 29, at SI Joseph's
rh. crowded streets toward the tower of London. Hall

I Mall. This Is along the route taken As this was Saturday afternoon Winners In costume wore: Funnlent .
by the queen from Buckingham the streets In the old city of Lon. Deborah Blanchiird and

Palace to the parade ground where don were almost deserted This IH I Ralph Rear as Mr. and Mrs. Hobo I J
Look the birthday observance "Troop. the commercial MM.:I Ion where the I must> original Paul Snvder asa TURKEYFROM

-. inn the Color" Is held. Once we banking houses, Importers' others : I Robot prettiest, Melanie Kir-1 I

reached this area It was every etc. arc located and almost no. relra an a Spaiilnh seniinta. I IJUI

rI man for himself because althoughwe body except the mayor lives there. I, # 'I for the costumes were '
were an hour early the streets The Lord Mayor of London II'' Sister Louie Gon/aua Icier Her.mmiH .

were teeming with people. No elected for a one year term. It Is I and Clayton !Sunders. I .

amount of pushing could get us laid that there are two require.

i near enough to see but a bobby menu for this office: plenty of Ted Steger Tapped I
passing by cleared a path for money and a good digestive sy. I' YOUR WINN DIXIE STORE :

Mary and the found herself standing item. Ills principal duties ar soilal For Honorary
I on the curb right next to a entertaining and being en.rrtstncd. Scholastic Fraternity
Grcndtcr Guard where she had a I I

marvelous view. In St. Paul's Cathedral occupy. Ted Stcgrr!! son of Mr and Mrs '
As various military units and Ing a place of honor behind the 'irnodure R. Sieger, Sr. of this

; ::7t bands began: to move along the high altar Is a large book contain. city has been invited by t'nlvcr-

mull the crowd became denser Ing the names of American men illy of Florida Chapter of I'hl Kla:

and we resorted to the use of mlrrors who died defending the British igloo to join that nation: frcsh-

: f : to look over the heads of the I Isles In World War II. St. Paul's man mini. honorary scholastic
people In front of us. About this Is I the most beautiful cathedral>' rrulernity

I 1 time a Amall, slightly built man we've' seen. In Inviting Sieger( to Join the
2. : I offered, to lift Kay on his shoulder At the Tower of London which riutiimly<<' the ihupler prcsidi

rI so she could take some pictures. has not one but six towers we saw filed the oulstimling mholutlit/ -

:. As Kay was almost as big as he Ihe, guards. "Beefeaters", in their record, he has achieved to note
I 'i_ she thanked him and refused the I, radlllonal Tudor uniforms; walk. ,'

I s.J.jjtI offer but he Insisted and stooped. ed past the tower where Queen Richard W. I' with the purchase of any
down AO she could sit on his shoulder. Elizabeth I was Imprisoned: went Sapp
I 1 t== =j =r
That little man held her for Ito the small room, where the two Joins Cadet WingAt

! almost ten minutes while people Ittle princes are believed to have
! / tiflflflb7iW1WT standing near us handed their teen murdered and where Sir AF Academy

I cameras up lo her. She was able Walter Raleigh was confined be.
I U.S. Air Force Academy. Colo. Room Bed Roomor
II to get some good pictures for fore he was beheaded Rather a Living
I Cadet Richard W. Supp, son
I everyone. lory place but of primary Inter. jf Mr.; and Mrs. S. Houston Stipp ,
I From her available position, j i iQueen ell to the children in the group Drive rcinundinaIlim
IIf tit S Stanley ,
Mary took some pictures of the The tour was concluded with a mi'mblier ut the :Now,
h. a
Mother Queen Elizabethand drive through the narrow streets .

the rump of Prince Phillips I rf I the old city as our guide point. L'.S Air chant Force that Academy reentry Joinedthe freshman Room Suitefrom
$400 orse. ed out historical landmarks andtold Dining
'ud..t'lnJ completionit
( ( upon
By tie: time the royal family amusing stories about some
bll.ie cadet training.
returned to the palace the crowd of the colorful: characters that
You'll draw admiring! gl.mcci when. you wear one of had thinned out somewhat and London has produced. Cadet Supp In a member of the
tluH of CM.; His four yrars of
Truul'i New Dimension contour tapered spore Kay was able to push through What a day we'd had and there itudy at the academy; will I adto
lo join Mary on the curb. At this vas more to come on SundayS ::
shim These shirts are scientifically designed to fie a bachelor of nciencs dcpree
point I could stand on tiptoe and I were scheduled to go on an .
snugly )tt give )you freedom of movement. Availablein lee also. The Queen Mother pre. excursion to Stratford-on-Avon. und a regular second Air lieuteimnt.Force commiitHion -

a variety of authentic: ivy models. Choose youratuoLry recdod the queen. Riding In an more next woekl' an a ,
The btttlc' cadet training ws
open carriage drawn by a beautifully him morally
IculKncii to
mulched pair of horses she Scientists at Msrineland of Florda .
mentally and ,phyiiiially for thi- Mather g
scknowledged/ the murmurs of the have discovered the house n'ademy'a romprehcnuive milllaiy :of Fernandina
PARTIN'SESTABLISHED people by a slight smile and a milder of the ocean floor. A quar. and aiailemic "proiaim.

nave of the hand. She Is a perfectly ter pound Sand fish will pile up The cadet Is a irrudimttf of.Kcrnundind -
gcorgous woman; loved and I lartlcles of shell against a rock
1878 Beach Iliiih lb hush. |
idmlred: by the British people. md use. this for his home If torn 329 South 8th Streetr""I' ::

:313: Atlantic Avenue Phone 2614241 Queen Elizabeth, petite andiovcly i down by other fish, be will 1m. I

coring a brlllant red I nedlatcly rebuild. j I TRADE AT HOME


............... .'... . . it......... : 0" .a'..." '.C. .... .u'C' --.--. .. -,
pL1 .0' 25
-- -a



.<>. tool iiewg.Leauer, Fernunciina' t1sar'nFlnrlflf-ThlrF1AyNOPelfWr; 5, Iftuf; e

-.. Hostesses Fete Mrs. Sybil Haddock With Homemakers Class
i iI

I District Director Guest Speaker At Mrs. Dougherty Has "FarewellDarwin Smith On Birthday! Elects OfficersAt I PERSONALS

I Chapter Meeting A delightful Halloween party October MeetThe Mis Sherry Lang/ daughter ol t i ind Carol, left Tuesday to return

November Meeting of Woman's Club At Home TuesdayMrs. Engaged To' WedH. was enjoyed Friday evening In the Homemakers School I Mr. and Mr. H. C. Lang, and Ml*) to their home In Kllleen, Texas,
I home of Mr. and Mrs Darwin Judy Parker, daughter of Mr. and where Mr. Wilson II I with the U.

Dan Daugherty served re. W.. ReynoldsOn Smith The occailon was a iur. Class of the Five Point Baptist Mr*. J. P, Parker were I he week S. Army at Fort !Hood,
A coffee In honor of Mr OttliMrek Church held It* regular meeting
VTtK: } Fernnndlna Bench Woman wise birthday celebration for Both
during a social hour end guests of their parent
Club held the second mooting orthp"e.r and Mr. Alvin Bayer, II!. preceding the regular meeting of December 19 Mri. Smith and a surprise "fare at the home of Mr. Monroe John- are students of Daytona Belch Mr. Bemire Lowe pent last
on November 4 al t the new member, will be given at well to Hawaii" for Mrs ion on Tuesday evening at 7.30: week In Jacksonville with her bro.
St. Monica's Chapter of St Peter1 party Junior College.
club) ,.building. the home of Mrs John L Gregoryon Mr. and Mr. David S. Dinnelly Sybil Heddock. o'clock. lher-In-law and sister l Mr. and
Episcopal' Church at her hems
of Cope, South Carolina announcethe Mr Johnson read the and with other
Coffee' WAS served at 9:30: o'clockby November II. November 3. Hostesses for the occasion were scripture Mri. James T. Dunnam'i moth.er Mrs. J. C. AcosU,

Mrs: J. C. Bennett, Jr.? end The dub I II preparing for tier The itudy began with engagement of their daugh. Mrs. Darwin Smith, Mr. Nancy taken from the seventeenth chap. Mr. M. E. !Holt from Little relatives.Mr .
annual Fashion Show be held! course tor of John with Mrs. Curtis Basi Rork, Arkansas, will arrive Friday .
Mrs George T flavin. The! re.freihrnent Mrs. Howard Hammond giving the William and Mrs. Betty Bryant and Mr*. Ralph Wood, Mr*.
table was adorned with this year at the Recreation Center devotional Mr. Lin Baughnun Guests arrived In Halloween : tinning with prayer. for a two week visit with Rev James Tavlor and daughter, Miss

an" arrangement of driftwood and OIl November 14 at BOO: p.m ''ed the discussion, "On Hearing costume and were /greeted at the I la The order business by the meeting president was, wiled Mrs and Mrs. Dunnim and daughter/ Margaret: Ann Taylor, and !Mrs.
arranged by Mr. Billy Mr*. W. T. Mlertejewikl will serve door with .
erane an errle "frozen hand"shake last weekendIn
The Word, with scripture from I Jackie Guest.Mr Mr. and Mrs. Herb White were Hale Sheffield spent
FoMer" a* .general chairman assisted by I Theualonlan 2: 1-8. then ushered Into the party I .. Ban gave the treasurer' the weekend guests of the Larson Salisbury :N. C. to attend Home
Mr R. W. Galphln of the Schnl
The Thanksgiving dovrtlonal W Member present were Mr*. rooms which were appropriately report after which the new officers Boat Co. at Jekyll Island. They coming at Catiwba College with
and Mri.
was given by ficv. J. T>. F.lllsor. arshlp. Committee, !Hammond, Mr. James Bird, Mr, decorated for Halloween with or. '' for the year were elected.! previewed the 1 rector of St Potor'i A Lcunchner of the Philanthropic ange and black balloons, streamer .
EplKcnpnl Cecil Hall, Mr, Ben Snrennen, I Tie class voted to purchase new Catawba freshmen.
Church. Mm, Walter: Preston, Jr. Finance Committee Proceeds art tire BiURhmnn. Mrs. Carmen and candle, spider webs, Friends of W. H. Russell will br
dry record for the nursery. Geraldine Scott and inn,
''e Mr
of tht
led the,pledge to the nail and the used to defray the cost Slapli'ton. pumpkin, ghosti, etc. I glad to hear that he I I. recuperating
dental clinic, and for the scholar. The meeting was adjournedwith Bill!, of Daytona Beach spent last
Collect.' There will be meeting of the paper pumpkin cul-out was I at home following surgery.
ship fund no prayer by Mr Bass weekend wltb Mr. J. C. McJun-
Mrs Cliff Mclnnli, music chairman chapter In December. The Auxll. pinned on each guest a* they ar. Delicious refreshments were Friend of Mr. Charlie Sousa kin
Mr. Bennett /gave a report on rived. At the for
moment Surprise,
presented trio composed lary will have its annual Christ served by the hostess. will be glad to know he is steadily .
of Mr r; 'J. D. Elllnor, Mrs J. E. the Citation for Community 1m mss party December 10 at the s I yr guest were asked to read the Members attending were Mri. after undergoing J. K. Robert of Anchorage,
Portia, and Mrs. James Dunnam, provement! Program/ won by the Seaside hotel I message on the back, revealing Dave Golden, Mrs Bill Perry, at Baptist Memorial! Hospital Alaska arrived Wednesday by
whte sang "Over the River" and The January meeting will be at r I the surprise for the honoreei. Harold surgery plane for a visit with hi* brother.
Fernandln Beach Chapter for Iti I Mr. Bane Mrs Guest Mrs In Jacksonville last week
"Fttf the Beauty of the Earth" outstanding Leadership In Improving the home of Mrs. Cecil Hall at { A I The guest enjoyed balloon Reynolds, Mrs Ronnie Hyers, and I.I expected to return home In-law and sister, life and hire
A'\poem entitled, "Eternity" by Community Life during the Amelia. game, bobbing for apple and Mrs Leonard Nease. Mrs David noon Raymond Landress, at their humo

James Metcalfe, honoring Mri. year 1962-1964. future-mates game Prices were Hull, Mrs. Sonny Strickland, and on Amelia Rd.

Thelma Thompson, was read by There being no further buslnci, Rose Club Members I awarded to Eddie McKendree, I Mrs. Clyde Hlckox. Roy Wilson and children, Mike
Mr. L. E. Seller, Ulllaa and Haddock -- --- -- -
president the meeting was adjourned Dougherty, Sybil i ..-..........----.-- -.........w.w.M1, .-.......
Mrs. Ralph Parklson. District 4. Hear Thomas Smith In an humble and deeply grnte-
Hostesses were Mrs Exteen Cor; Icr, Sandra Agnes, to Mr Her.schcl .
Director F.F.WC. Introduced : ful wish to
wn 'Enjoyed were the antics of the -- spirit we express our
J)5.Mri, C. R. Hall, program belt Chairman, Mrs U. 3. Bal. On Flower Gardens'The Woodrow Reynolds. son of Costumed guests and the Hawaiian I appreciation for the concern and

ttfHrnwn.! at guest speaker. Her I ley, Mr. John Barntak' Mr*. H; Rose Carden Club met Mr., and Mr. Woodrow W,, ., Key.' antics of Mrs. Smith Stereo music TheGarden sympathy extended to us In the l

uSjecf was, "How Our Club Can L. Baughman, Mrs. John Beasleyl; Monday afternoon at the horn folds of this city, wa enjoyed throughout the even. \illness and passing of our belovedone t
Earn Honor*", She spoke of work.I The wedding will 'be an event of Thelma H. Thompson
Mrs n M, White, and Mrs. T. it Mri. Walter Preston' Mr* Ing. &
lhp to be conducted throughout La Saturday, December 19, at Two Basket To the hundreds of friends in
Becton I, Mabl Milton and Mr. John Bar- Mite Baptist' Church In Cope. The dining table was most at.
the year, and of the Importance I' Fernandina Beach and those across
flak lerved a* co-hostesse*. with Iti Halloween table I
community Improvement. I the nation whose letters, cards,
cloth. BY
** The ipeaker for the occasion Wrought Iron candelabra .
Sir Hospital Auxiliary Gorden Club Assn. telegrams, telephone calls, llow.en
Richard Pillman, was Mr Thomas Smith of Jack. ; holding orange and black candles

Loretta* Tholan, and Mini To Meet Nov 10 ionvllle. Mr. Smith stressed the Plans For Year At graced either tide of the crystal In our book the measure of a That popular spike flower' lark. I much, fervent during this prayers period meant we will so
JUi tlan, of the Jacksonville Mill. art that garden li punch bowl filled with delicious i !
a a great
truly good local gardener I II one spur, thrive on November plantIng always be Indebted and graielul.iOnly ,
Woman Club, and Mr, October 28
The Humphrey Memorial Hospital challenge In that It Is never fin- MeetingThe orange iherbert punch. Sandwiches, I who plan and tucceedi In hav. either the teed or the plants. during such a time can we r rI
Ward and Mrs. Ana Auxiliary will moot In the 'shed and can have Infinite vari dips, chip, chil-chala, pickles, Ing a credit+ble fall garden. It li Bundle of unhanded plant are /
know what friends
4M ell-- were also guest of the hospital dining room for the regular sty Then too, the gardner achieve Club Fernandlna Beach Garden olives, cheese, nut and bridge not done without working In the very reasonable and not hard to i I' and fully who they are. can mean,
-iclOb. monthly meeting on Tuesday a sense of and satis- Association met on October mixture completed the refreshment I resecds
peace heat of the summer, without' a handle. Larkspur readily
God blesi and be with each
ilr. ..Sellers presided at the 28 at the Recreation Center, with May
November JO at 3:30: p.m. action out of a job well done. table. strict schedule of watering faithfully Itself and as with most such plant
have such friendship
'bmlnem- session at which time Mrs. Bryan Rauschert of you. May you
Mr. E. II. Junk, president He said that now I Is an Import. The breakfast room table was I|I carried out nor without I the Rowers deteriorate each year. I I shown If need I Is
}t hj Jflflhber: heard the report of presiding. you your
of- urge all members to attend ant time for gardener. Old decorated for the honorce'i cakes. prompt attention to Insect and One li never quite satisfied with I II ever as great as ours.
ties secretary, treasurer, and The association i
voted to -
jrowths should be cleaned out participate
The table featured a white lace diseases which flourish so abundantly i iI
1\tn.\ In the Flower exhibit I the performance of the volunteer ;:: To Oxley Mortuary, we dl'l'fllyI
if the flower beds and the beds at the
CARD OF THANKSOur cloth with a centerpiece of yellow during the hot, humid wea
;Utecoenltlnn was given to Mr. should be prepared for bulb inch County Fair next year; enter an / plants and space In your garden appreciate the service and court-
JoC. Mottayaw for her effort In Heartfelt thank to all why rose and candies. A tropical I ther. Beautiful fall dahllii and I I I elY shovn us In our sorrow',
arrangement In I the St. Augustine seed
ii tulips ranunculi, hyacinths, itraw basket held Is worth buying fresh or
a pineapple chrysanthemums are particularlydependent
The J. B.
the amendment for theIpuiijufited extended comforting sympathy and Flower (signed) Thompson
Tltltifc Inf/odlls Show being held In
and narcissi. A* in eon. cake decorated with a Hawaiian on good lummer care, I plants for One can purchase the
on In the recent elec. help In our recent sorrow, For the nectlon with that 400th. blr. I I I family
ttimf-'iu the Thrift Shop Mr the beautiful service" ,, floral offeringsand Smith accompaniment showed color to his film talk of ,glow Mr. Ihday celebration; to participateIn I girl In grass skirt and Jet plane I,,10 aa you fee lovely specimens of seed In separate color but plant

hJBTf*.,in needy families In the other klndrictsc we are deep. the Arbor Day and helicopter The birthday cake these around town pay tribute to usually come o y.I in a mixture I Try A Classified Ad
'nit field of bulb In bloom. The program on l
was chocolate and decorated with a conscientious gardener. I _
and to the I ly grateful -- -- --
'cgammmtiyi' portlcl.pSTiln -
January IS and to the : !
"ommentator on the film demon. ; iponsor
candle and birthday candlei. Easier! to have than dahlia and
the Follies with a ipe.cfjl (signed/ ) Ray Wilson and children strafed the best methods of plant- 'Christmas Home Decorating and I
; note of honor to Mr*. Ben Mr, and Mr. M. W. Dunmnn 'lag, fertllltlng and caring for Lighting Contest. The hostesses presented Mrs. chrysanthemum are :late blooming I
.8ercnei Haddock with a Samsonlte train bed of red salvia] and the
producer. and family. the bulb to get the ntaxlmumnleasure In the absence of Mra."?. W.
\ case from her office co-workers, various small type marigolds I not
: from them. H* nuftrestd Oliver and Mr. A. H. II I
McArthur, along with leveral other gift from only the tiny midget of fairly recent -
that low-growing cover flow Co-Chalrmen of the Flower Show, the friends present Introduction but the French I

era luch a* baby blue eyes of Mr. J. C, Bennett, Jr.< read their Mri. Smith was the recipient of I type which bear profusely deep
... tweet alyssum be planted amusethe report. "Amelia Under Eight many nice and useful gifts, In re toned flower on neat plant a-
: .I'.i bulb to fill In and give col. Flag" will be the theme of the membranes of the occasion. round a foot high. It 1 Is only In''
the it contrast I Flower Show to be held at theWoman's late fall that blossom of various
llve The affair was I most enjoyable I I
:::: : I After a short business meetIng Club on April 10 and 11. one for the honorees and hosleisei kind In this section attain the rich

Mrs. A.. E. T'rliw"! gsve'ap Committee chairmen I appointed I and the following guests: Mr. H. C. I Intense coloring lor mountain or,,
: = allty.Watch interesting report*

    I : q the spot breasted oriole. Thli J. C. Bennett, Jr.: Staging, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. Foster /give one a lift to lee them. We NOVEMBER 7

    bird has worked Its ,way up to Hugh Stone, Jr.; Publicity, Mr.. I Dougherty, Mr. and Mr*. Earl F. hive noticed quite a few attractive ,

    f. ; : the southern part of Florida Dan Daugherty; I Ticket, Mrs UI I I Wilson Jr., Mr.' and Mrs Eddie ) plantings of marigolds/ around
    :: with the 50 look! B. Lockwood Dismantling, Mrs.
    irom South America and I Is thriving ; McKendree, Mrs. Buster Crews town
    and Glyn Was and Mr John I '
    doing well In its Hooper
    Miss Lucy Nolan, Mr. Tom WU- A fall blooming ihrub that we
    .. ...-. found habitat. ; Snack Bar Mrs. H. S. Luke; hams and Miss Brenda Townsend i should make better use of li the
    C 1 Mr Joe Seofleld and Judges, Mr. Stan Tarlton. TENACRES
    ; announcedthat
    i : :1 ,.I.sw..... r, Confederate Rose sometimes call.
    s. St. Augustine bal extended Mrs. Rauschert announced the -
    : : 1'I\ ed Cotton Rose, and scientifically ,,
    in Invitation to the next general! meeting of the Asso. Faithful Followers
    .. [ 21Jiw" 'I'III'N' -r. Fernandina I
    e named Hibiscus muttbllls. Admit-
    ... t, x Garden Club. to participate Ir clatlon would be al the Recreation Meet Tuesday With 1
    it does have the
    tedly not shapeliness
    > -, 1>. ,t"-J.. w..+c :, their annual flower show Several Center on January 27. of growth nor III blossoms
    : :: t4''if other town which have his- I Mrs Eugene MooreThe s
    _. ; : 'r
    .M > 'orleal significance have beer EDNA DAVIS CIRCLE the delicacy of texture of the Chinese 9 P.M. 'TIL 1 A.M.
    Hibiscus that the cold of late
    .. 'Invited to participate. These entrants The Edna Davis Circle of Me. I Faithful Followers of Five
    only ha much havoc
    y- Point Baptist Church held Us years played so
    non-competitive mortal Methodist Church will meet
    with locally\ However, Its usually
    9N and Fernandinaa classification Wednesday, November II, at 10''. monthly meeting Tuesday night ,
    wi'l' be "The Golden Inks." Mrs. a.m. at the home of Mrs. K. M. The meeting opened with devotionby leggy appearance can be Improvedby MUSIC BY
    ale good 1 culture and Judicious
    Mrs. Eugene Moore who read
    Scofleld haM been selected Forehand.
    tr '
    I from II Timothy 1, 8-14. Mr. Cur. pruning, and its autumn array or'
    muke this All members
    arrangement.After are urged to at. ,
    white, pink, and rose ball of bios
    Us Bryson led In
    the meeting members tend.. prayer.
    I The business meeting nom simultaneously on the same MAX SIRMAN'S ORCHESTRA
    exchanged bulb.' which they bar1 was opened I
    plant I in really a garden picture.It .
    all the ee enatw welch brought from their garden. Thl SHRINE BARBECCE by Mr*. Travis Mullis, presi
    1eNUrnl heahelel I Is one of those plant which we
    ant, duaproob enll mqneac next meeting will be the fiis November 21, Jr..Hi Carctorlum, dent. The treasurer's report sees ,
    IIINIme read and discussion onlIlts for so often see neiflecled or even
    melmprlne Monday in December at the 8.00, until 800 Donation / '
    ; pm. appreciate I
    Smart Oln based
    atylee. :: abused that we do not
    expectant members was heard,
    home of Mrs. Harry ,, Sahlman. $1.23 adult; '?Sc children
    mw.tiilidas ilo.e! ,- I, The class sent Mrs. David Jonesa Its possibilities and beauty a* we
    card during her Illness. should. After all, four Inch rosettes $2.00 PER COUPLE
    Exotic PlntjqppU DtiMrt N w For Fall I Due to the resignation of Mrs. of white and vivid rose peeping I

    : BUDGET TERMS Franklin Townsend and Mrs. Cla- from a shrubbery border at a

    II ton Tipplns, the class elected two season when bloom Is scarce are

    1 I new of I leers, hire Bert Hickox, very desirable. Last year we wrote I

    : ROBISON JEWELRY COMPANY secretary, and bliss France I that the loveliest specimen of the Sponsored By K.A.C.

    Gent, visitation chairman. Further Confederate Rose we had even
    at the south end of thehome ,
    discussion heard the vis. seen was
    was on

    F l ""Your\Complete Jewelry Store llQtlnn already underway of Mr. and Mr I L, A, I' -- ---- --- .------.... -..,. -;-- -- --
    f. Plans for distribution of ,Thanks-l I Phelps on the corner of Soutl\ 13thl|' .
    w ATLANTIC) VENUE AT FOURTH STREET diving baskets were made and Street and the last street connect. I''

    Mrs. Jackie Davis was appointed I Ins! 14th and loth Streets Mrs.

    : chairman of the project.The Phelps say that south wall seemsto
    meeting adjourned with all give the shrub just what It Country Boys
    wants, plenty of sunshine and a
    present participating In the Lord's I
    degree of protection from winter
    Prayer. Member
    present were:
    ri Sire Jim cold. Much of the plant riles back ,
    Armstrong, Mr* Curtis
    I Bryson, Mrs. Robert Craig. Mrs. In the vlnter and each spring Go To TOWN

    Jackie Davis Mr. Bert Hlckox, they apply judicious pruning Mrs.
    keve /e yrj Mil. Tom llirks. Mri. Eugene ) Phelps lays that it has also been

    n Moore, Mrs. Travis Mullis. Mrs free of white files In the sunny

    Tommy Soaeravei, Mr*. !Henry I location, whereas one she had Charles! Drewer and Paul Burns are spending

    I F 1 Skipper, Mr*. Jerry Thomas, Mrs growing, In the shade was badly this week in Atlanta, Georgia, trying to learn

    f Cluylun Tipplns. Visitors were: I Infested vlth them The only other how to build houses profitably. We are already .

    Mrs. J. T Carter, Mri. care the shrub get Is occasional
    Ray Par. building the finest houses In our area
    y water and fertilizer. She remarked
    ker, and Miss Frances Gent. and selling We have
    i that despite being broken by them like "hotcakes.

    a' tt Dora It seems to be giving Its all three or four under construction and all of

    Open House Held I It I I. a real thing of beauty and them sold almost before we start.

    Sunday At Home well worth driving by to see '

    .. Of David Hulls I November Is planting time for I Ipopplel. We do have a large Colonial Kingslxrry Homein
    This applies to the seed
    Pirate's Cove that I is almost "sold. We could
    of the large red and rose double
    Mr. and Mrs. David Hull held varieties which cannot be bought put your name on the waiting list for this fine

    .. Open House at their home on and I II passed from /gardener to home.

    riiutffn" Grnun AIIMUUH Hitl Clinch Drive Sunday, November I I gardener seed ripening time

    .. Deniittfiil canned pineapple chunk, exotically'accented with 1. Guests called during the hours I and srmetlmc forgotten when HOWEVER when we country builders get

    rum anti ginger, art used as very iptilal topping for angel rake of Icvo-thirty and five o'clock and planting time arrives It also applies back from the bincity of Atlanta, Georgia, we
    slices In this elegant new desert B* generous with tbs plnapplt) were IIrt'I'lt'Iby\ Mrs Louis P. to those lovely and delicate
    : ..o that It cover every bit or the rake, then top with awed or tour Lablginit. Mrs J. W. Jones kept I member of the Shirley Poppy will really be building and selling in a big wav.

    But Mom Pop's just ream tllnntr-dessert at much, at you like. It* an excellent choice for a. fall t the guest resistor. clan, which can be found on all Hou e models change like car models and the

    i e Mr. and Mrs. !Hull were pre. seed racks In both double and new models are just coming out. So we'll soon
    Keep a supply 'of canned pineapple chunks tidbits, slices and I vented with lovely be he better)
    mulied on hand for lad nilniitt many tingle In many colors and produce starting on bigger and (can't ,

    into the next my Hint the simple combination dnnertl.of ire cram Many with plneoppl canned admirer crushed broncos from a gift table rcml'm'j 10 much charm In both gar. '' houses and we almost! forgot. We are supposed .

    going room pineapple maket' the best of all possible .und.... I a large arrangement of den and house In the spring Bet. to learn how to make a profit building
    mun ter result are achieved from these houses
    'jf d PINEAPPLE TROPICAL DELIGHT The refreshment table was over planting the seed, which can just

    Replace that wall furnace with a 1 ((1-pound 14.ou"CI'can) /Ji cue dark Jamale rum I laid! with an Irish linen cloth and be a matter of broadcasting the
    1: pineapple thunk.S .. 1 centered with leak' decoratedfor seed over a bed than from plants, ''

    Weathermaker Furnace for whole-houM comfort tablespoon brown lease % cup whipping cram en ; the occasion, encircled with which are rather tricky to move

    ; .It cup silvered preiervedginger dairy lour cram" Ivy. Cake was served with Rain. and seem to waste time and en. I \4L4.

    Angel. feed tr ehlffen. take I bow punch, coffee" nut and mints.Mr ergy In sulking over being dla. .

    To drained plneappl Md brown *. W. T. Harper presided at the turbed. Any puppy plant to be KINOSBERRY NOME *
    sugar ginger and runt. Cover
    I L I. Reese Plumbing & Heating Co. and let stand several hours or overnight In refrigerator. Whip tweet table and Mrs. Nell Drake poured. moved should be lifted with a .

    cream until thick enouin to mound. For each tiring put ...d.. Enjoying the occasion with then) trowel of loll and set down Intact '
    of rake on dessert plat. Top with generous scoop of pineapple honored couple, the hostesses In the new location.
    t, : "We Service Everything We Sell" mixture. Spoon on as much whipped cream or sour cream ae you Mr. W. T. hamper Mrs. Nell i I I I PAUL C. BURNS
    I' Ilk*. Make 4 or I servings. .. ,
    f Drake Mrs J. W. Jeetbi, and
    .: 1164 Booth 8th Street Phone 261.4892 Candled ginger may bt used, but th* preserved type with a' Mr. Louis Loblgang. were forty Trade At Home i 319 South 8th Street Phone 261.3606
    little of the
    syrup give* better tMM -. two other friends.


    4 j, tj

    I .' . . . .


    1 1r

    I ., \1'.1.1'111110". l"I'I'III1U\1t11t\ iil'urfli'In1'Inn-1111iretlhy, ;'tlt'wUt'r nitb4 i: ?netsNation's
    .....YVInI'W'Owv..", ."'..'. .'o.- ,
    ------ ------ -
    Club s

    PUBLIC NOTICE for 12 Ml fret tn the Point n' 'IIoat I i'
    Rhine Item shall not he tfnmt { v
    Recent wrlvajs at Humphrey) i IN THR CIRCtlT roost IV AND 7669 7) aquait, feel or (17? .'
    For The HomemakerBy x i' "' more nr !tenTOiETHER .
    Memorial Hospital: FOR n fOI 'TV FLOK.
    PTA's Ask : sits IN'' HVNCKHV. Nt) tU : WITH the fnllmO54'1
    '''RI.I"IIKN'L nf property which III located II an ,
    A daughter, Lynda Louise, born and 1.0VN ASROdtllON, a 'permanently Initalltct ta a purt'litht (
    October 19 to Mr and Mrs. Wll. rvrpnrnllnn, Improvtmtnu. nn neuter IIldfl.liei'. :7"pact : I'

    Ham Cooper, Rt 1, Bux 168C PI"In.. /'. The txpreaa enumernimn of the for .

    Mrs. Mary N. HarrisonHome Join Children KM.RFTT VI: RFT7FR and It marriedsnores. i, tun ittm ahall not bt d..m.etI,
    A ton, John William, burn October Help Ohs wife. limit nr rentrirt the applicability, .'
    another lun im.f rtenrrlhlni Iff fen
    wbose ('brluLm I. usknownI"'tvndanla
    22 to Mr and Mrs. John W Demonstration Agent ( trnl terms other property Intendeilo
    Spruill, 116 N. 4lb St. bCenter.d herrbv: \
    NI/TICS 0" 1\ ITTHL WITNESS m>' hand and the seal r.. ,
    !: IITA1 Ii l: 0. wnw") 'this Court at, Fi-rnnnrtlni Nor
    A ion. Martin Joe, born October I ..... ,. Membership Offers TO: I,'lrlrtthli 4th day nf Nn\tmht I
    22 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M I -NVV I RrrrrnRFIIPFNCr : : \D M04l '
    Williamson Clinch Dr. I THE WELL' DRESSED HOMEMAKER It looks smart on someone else. New Challenge : KNOWN' :l FALi a 'n o 0 tav Gee
    I YOU ARE: HrREllV!: NCHIIIFD that I 1A( espy nf 'She Complaint HUM ,
    AWAY FROM HOME: Face up to what you can't get ,i lull hut ben hiM itgjllliU, :ynu m herein' l Is ,ill,...red 'In tic ropy: ul etin I
    A son, born October 21 to Mr Today's homemaker spends much I away with and make your own PTA's throughout the nation |She) nbnvt .nll' ant :you ore rofulr..r nollet vvhkh. In millet In seep deran' .
    and Mrs Earl Smith St. see offering I thullenging In ,u.uU' .nk...r with tht ? whrrtnldtnrt mwrerlflc ,
    Maryi, of her time new
    "away from home", style out of what you have. ,
    ClprK nf Ihl. (nun anA I In nerve e that
    Invitation this fall membership I s at ilt nr county waRiven
    I working, traveling attending meetIngs Spend money on hiving your to copy .thereof. upon 'the ,iilnlntiff or swum atnlement filet'
    Ga.A in an organisation that H. aimrncvi. M.ihnnrv. idlnw, n Inhylhh.. pluinlirf 1 his uitnt,. en
    dress 1'
    and lilted An
    shopping, clothes Inexpensive
    ion, James LaDon, born October participating works for all children and ( hit I"h.tI) and Ad inn. liiirnrit Nanui I II
    In community activities, The more that really fits well will look youth "..nI..lIrllo) ", arkonvill* tFlj fatrney fo ,
    23 to Mr and Mrs. James education I for ItS With membership" In the PTA I .. not I later' th ,in nee J, I'M4 If vnuImi
    a woman has, the more twice what you paid ___ I IJ
    Dunmaii, Rt. J, Box 313 1 10 lit its a txtit Pro () lIr.MO I
    likely she Is to work swat/ from Don't depend on Ihe "I'tlle comes an opportunity to take Mil .ho rntrrril m.iliM,, 5 ynu for Hit

    A son, David Albert, born October 'home, and the more likely she Into black dress" for everything Men purl attack In the activities problems oVaigii that matt to I relief mil ilvinanilpd I. In rorpclimt.In the s CoinphilnlIhla niorla.i..,, .t

    24 to Mr. and Mrs V. Gel- look for better quality when ]I II hale black: It looks sad at night critically affect childnn's welfare Tht roil property !proceeded an.untl J SWAPPED FOR
    aid Dowlesi, Rt. 1, Box 323. I I shopping for clothing and It makes many women over tunny. I.
    Ail thud r.rhln 10''. )
    pleee puree
    I The importance of clothing In twenty-five look older Sayi Mrs Jennelle Moorheod nr I..'" sltuxte. tvf'g ono helne In THROUGH THE .J!
    A daughter, Kimberly Gall, born the family budget Is affected by People sometimes remember aperson president of the National Con. the Cllv o' IrrmnHim Reach if,'rm.
    October 26 to Mr. and Mrs. LarryL. I for not only by her peon of Parents and Teachers: rlv nimmd Fern lanai. I''unty if WANT ADS J'''
    womens employment as Indicated yearn The scientific, technological V N i aau and male 11 Florida And
    Bennett Yulec. I by these! facts: 1.3 of total labor personality but also by her appearance and social revolution of our 1 a known and ilcirrlhtd, nn the offlilil,\
    of said' Cltv Ian lllhncrnphtd and -
    hilt 4AIe
    : i
    s r
    A ion, Clyde Owen, born Oc- force Is women1.3 of all women I and her clothes A wo time make it more imperative learned bv 'the Fiends Railroad Cum.
    tiber 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Henry over 14 years of age work Vi man's chipped nails, uneven hemline than ever that every child receive > puny In 1M7. end tnlnrwi, r*"iwlnd ,f f
    and crooked the highest advantages In A rtliaupd bv the Florida Town
    King, 104 S. 5th St. I of working women are married hanging slip, mental and Iwprovtnirnl Com puny' I In I em and
    11 of working women are over 40 seams, or a man's wrinkled Irons physical: \, /JCJal. ', nt. 5 1 toot: ,) I na purl nf Oullnt t Nn rs and I
    A son, Jerry Lee, born October frayed cuffs III shaven fare, spiritual e -.11..1 nl rnlln". npflnnlnf at
    2-5 of women with school age ('rl Still, she notes, "nowhere, not t. I Northwest Corner 01 Oullol Nn.
    30 to Mr. and Mrs Woodrow Bar. children are working 8.10 of all and crooked tie, don't leave a flattering even in the most favored Community 'I* "A end In 8...'h.rlv along the we.terly i
    ber, nt. 1, Box 251, Callahan women 11'11'ork\ sometime In Impression. are all children servedwell ,t l u t .Ina or aid Oulliit No 11 fmI
    I II. 79 lee): tlwm t ao lit r1Il l angles
    their life. school For example, a bank president or equally well ,
    Today'i girl can nnd tmlprlv for W ftif 'In the Point
    A daughter Tammy, born October expect to work 25 found It necessary to request one Thnt's why the National PTA if, Hpninnint, : Ihrr". pnnilnut ri.|. ki
    31 to Mr and Mrs James years to return home Action Program for the coming city for I4J: fret: Ihrni' 10 at, right WE HAVE ITI!
    Parrish, 612 S. 5th St. The most essential Ingredient of his employees three years is to be plumed: ami muter unit wiuh.r.:y for tIj; 25 feet, .
    for In busll1l'R'I\ the for a change of clothing because written by PTA lenders and 'llvnrt' in ul right .0..1! unl ma's.| ..
    i person .
    rely Ire 123 fiti lh '
    the "u in III right
    A son, James Dnrrcll, Jr., born ability to get along with people, the Impression she made on monitors throughout the nation ",,01,.' and northerly tune 'Hit paslrrlv .
    public In her sheer, transparent -with counsel front loaders of rla.ni. of way Hnuth Him
    1 I and of the best fonts successful
    November 2 to Mr and Mrs one a blouse was not favorable. other organizations thnt share, Street
    | James D. Clark Callahan can have Is a pleasant -
    person A similar Instance Involved the in some measure,the PTA's concern
    personal Only a Ren- and their wel
    j appearance for children
    A daughter, Sandra Gay, born I'( ins can afford to be careless of discharge of a young airline clerk i

    [November 3 to Mr. and Mm.. Wal her personal appearance. And even whose extreme eye make-up, artificial fare.The suggestion< for PTA activity MONEY
    hair color, and figure hugging will be flexible enough' t [ ]
    do Bcaslcy) Rt 1, Yulec.ONLY. the genius Is a more useful member : kPt
    / clothes were considered too Mrs. Moorhead believes, so thnt"every !
    of society If she looks aa smart benefit
    distracting provocative, and un community can
    as she really lot!
    | by the broad experience represented
    1 SIX WAYS TO BE BETTER I businesslike. in the pnrent-teuchermovement" vision programs<< threaten chlldeco's clots, directing attention tei thn: to pay bills
    I' People In charge of employmentand moral and spiritual values needs, of children I mod atlerinQthe ,
    DRESSED: Today'i leading fashion Indicate that a' seasoned leadcuhip needul, ;-new or oldMONEY
    _. personnel offices She sees PTA's as "uniquely ? PTA: run plan survey
    authorities make these recnmmcndttions women often are not dressed appropriately qualified" to pinpoint each com of TV-v letting and movie,going to riiuuliie and Improve' semulto r
    ; for Interviews or Jobs munity's need for servkes to like' the one conduc rltef by the thane' children.
    | Buy one good dress Instead of They offer[ these comments: Your rhjldreu-und to help meet Valley Area I PTA't That's the challenge ImpliedIn
    these needs effect holy. in Ohio-a two.'eAr cffoit Involving every Invitation, "Join thePTA.
    I two cheaper ones, and buy the Is first rk
    personal appearance your Do children fare Inadequate ] neatly 6,000 parents ,
    'VOU'CANPREVENT bent ont you can afford Build a I Introduction. Do not smoke, chew school facilities? The PTA may and students in the Cincinnati It'* an Invitation being offered t r Af.'

    wardrobe for long-range performance gum, apply mnko-up. or prowl work to secure funds for newbuildings area-and make their views !this fall t by more than! 47WI( '::(
    rather than quick turnover. around the office while walling scoring like 'the par known to producers and distnb- local PTArs In the Nntmnnl
    I Don't bend with every shifting I II I II for Interview Here's a quick ent-teueher association:: i in Gaylord Congress of Parents and Tom'tiers make
    an to purchases
    Michigan' which won community children growing up In llv accepting the invitation .
    I waistline A well-cut dress
    FOREST simple review ou personal appearances: I support of a I950.0UO Ih-8.D S. toduy t have too little millions of Americans will -large or smallMONEY BIEGLER
    that carries no fashion dateline: HAIR: Clean, neat not extreme. bond: : Issue, ,respect for law and individual find many avenues of service to )
    looks smarter, lasts longer. Cloth- ly styled A conservative, easily I -Do children from deprived liberty? Tot ITA Magaslne children Through such services OIL I HOME I HEAftH'

    FIRES I es, like lile, should be kept as un- cared for style Is preferred for' families full behind In school nips parents provide the basis children benefit linmeiiBur-
    'complicated as possible. I I business 1 for lack of encouragement or fur developing self-discipline inchildren ably-in physiral aid emotinnnt with the m/ricff of
    I and undei' better health, spiritual stiennth, und
    PTA'scun I
    opportunity to study
    If you're uncertain of what to ,i MAKE-UP; carefully, applied, establish a study center like what Is Involved In sate.gunrding good citizenship SUPER"FLOOR
    5MOx rM occasion not excrlme. that formed by Chicago's Southeast Individual rights nnd "With more children, than
    : : :
    derdcess.= !I I NAILS: well manicured, with or Council of PTA's, which ibeities. And ITA's in com ever be.fort I fortablc, which Is the basis for without colored polish. If polish Is provides books and desks and munities large and small provide ," Mrs. Moorheau points out
    looking pretty. The minute a woman used It should be carefully applied even student tutors from the a forum fur bringing to- "more dedicated parents null for home ImprovementsInterior
    In dress it shows nearby University of Chicago Hither imionti, educators, ra teachers than ever "before are or exterior i HEAT !
    Is uneasy a I \ I ; the PTA.
    Do current movies or tele Iglous leaders and civic olll- needed In
    on.h face, I PERFUME: very little, If any =
    51 --- -
    j Neur something because or.b and y HEAT TUBES

    --- -- --- -- clothes desirable.a musty: use of a OI'OJoralllverY ( State of Florida Still Paying PensionsTo CC-UF'Drlve' I tl l YOU CAN MONEY J cepfwf *. < TIMES norm

    > O.A.C. FOR 9i IR0. ... VMXiLong
    I DRESS: Dross i for work, not a NOM ftp '
    party. A suit or tailored dress In Civil War WidowsBy (Continued from Pane Our) ANYTHING AND MI'I11I.IK.
    a becoming color Is always a safe Fifty-Nine I, r+ ", hating t ,
    choice. Full skirts with rulllec CC-UF lo provldo. the necessary
    petticoats should never be worn HETTIE COBB In those days were enough to disqualify support) lo the eight participating
    b}. Yt'SyANMr, (Sweaters and skirts are not appropriate Staff Writer one for a pension Later aKiiulos wliUh are the Boy Scouts CONSTRUCTIONLong .

    for an Interview) A Capitol the Legislature liberalized the law of America,. Girl Scouts of America i I lasting

    1 Aec coat should be tailored, not dressy TALLAHASSEE IAFNI The to Include owners of property valued American Red Cross, Salvation .: II

    Ever alert Clothes need i not be In the latest Civil War is said to have cOil at up lo $5.000. Army, Children Homo Society iI I PORCELAIN

    fashion, but should be clean, pressed Florida $23 million, Thats! only It'seems that the farther the of (lurlda, U,.S.O", TravelersAid I LOANS UP TO MOO :

    ) 1 to and neit White accessorial a drop In the bucket compared lo war' Between the States faded Into Sm, 'lety and the Y.M,C.A. I

    newadvances. must be spotless what the state hall paid out, and antiquity, (the clearer became the Speelnl recounltlun/ In duo Mrs CeAaCFINANCE- jjH ;

    HATS: a small tailored hat deslrablc Is still paying, In Confederate conscience IIr the Florida Legislature Marvin Sawyer who has receivedall I ; \..

    eWe especially In a largo city. pensions regarding Its debt to the contribution and pledge cards ..

    It should go with your suit and be Even though Florida's. Confederate brave 15.000( who had gone to war from the entire county at the

    becoming soulcllcrs arc all dead and to l'lth'r die IIOOOI, be riiirliln' National Bunk, and to COnPOftATION
    GLOVES: plain and tailored II Done, left behind arc 59 widows disease f ) executive Hardee Bros.
    ((50001), erf/ a Vlrs. Jonathan Hill srrrelary lot Atlantic Avtnuarirnindfni .
    )they are light/ carry an extra pair ,I who draw 1125 each for a total ofmore return home safe and wound..d'i of the 1C.IK, who has lash, FlirlMTitiiRiie

    ,,10 exchange for the soiled ones than $7.100( a month.Since t I sound 14000)) ) lx>cn Invaluable In Iho servltc zn-iaai 2IX Atlantic Ave. :

    consistently keep abreast of all the Just before you arrive for the Interview the flint pension law was In 1921) 60 years after the war she has rt'nd"rl'cI, on this I'ar'l llIf/ItIf1Nia4elOSZIIIT
    I In a large city, gloves area after the war '
    ]latent developments In medical science and years I was over, the Legislature pulled drive
    must. Business women wear was over, 1 the slate has pulfl out out all the stops for Its ('unfed I
    product research. You can rely on in to them to protect their hands against more than $37 million In pensions,, I erale veterans and widows It removed
    : .. .
    !bring you the wonders of modern medicine, wind, rain, and especially the over 16 times the original cost of the property qunllflcallons. '.. .

    exactly as prescribed by your doctor. grime of subways and buses the war. added the home guards to the rolal'<> N

    PURSE: tailored and neat but Confederate Pension Board Sir and Increased the pension lo $420a .'

    not a suit case, Some employers, rctary W C Hoffman says he will venr I NOW OPEN i iHoward's

    STEGER DRUG CO. especially orderliness men bv ,the may appearance Judge your of 1177,000 ask the appropriation next Legislature for the for nextblennlum a: I Next $1S year million(he stale lo pnld some std 3400pensioners. a'''

    : record
    ATLANTIC AVENUE your purse when you open It to get based on the needs ol I IPaynll'nll
    a pencil or handkerchief Carry the punt two years
    I have gradually
    Phone 261.3257 an Identification card In your purse Inevitably: though, pArt of this each since, even though, \ '
    at all times In case of accident or will revert to the Kenernl died year '
    money !
    1 __ 4. _.... -- In case the purse Is lost). I tax fund as the ranks of the wivesof rally. I
    I' SHOES: alrert-wear type not I the 'mm In grey" grow thin Service Station3rd ) .
    '. e I i n< lnl.hr.tU'lj'I"lIlIflojFLORIDA < play1 kandnls 'or flashy party'shaenillo l ner. were By W dead 3 all except Confederate'Unite"soldiers'BillLimdy l

    with tailored clothes Be
    go than $22000 Will
    I Last venr more ,
    I ot Crcslvlew who had served '
    sure they arc well cared for. returned to the general fund the I -
    of the I Home
    IIOSE selected to complement I 1 I as a member
    : number of pensioners having dropped And Atlantic Avenue
    Put your Money street-wear shoes No bare legs or from m to 70 during the bicnnlum Guard lo defend end 1 Tallahassee had helped successfully against; at- I .
    bobby sucks' Carry an extra matching '
    In Ihelr late eighties
    Most are
    ; only slate
    I making It
    I Inch,
    stocking I In your purse as
    and nineties, although their,
    Where your Heart Is Insurance against a runner 'exact aces are known only by the escape capital occupation cant of the by Mississippi Union troops; to, I SERVING YOU WITH

    board The ladles are not .
    pension During this session the Le'giolg'| |
    required to give their age when ture passed a special low allow.

    they apply for a pension. Only tog Nip HOvear old veteran St l'>8

    TrooperBillsa proof that they were the wife of a a month and raised 1 widow's pay. Southern States Gas

    Confederate soldier, married menu to SNH''! a year. 2 !:

    sometime before 1917 unless Last spring. when the rosier of

    see I otherwise authorl/rd) hy a special widows had dropped from a peak -

    'act of the Legislature. 'Some are I, of 5,134 In ISIS:; lo only 70.) the I.CKIvlnlure E i
    "second and third wives, but still voted the remlining pvn- ,
    eligible risers $1.'M a year cuih, payable .
    I Last t year the! state paid out I monthly 3E

    E-afJl leliiir >.. $87607 in such funds, lowest since Since the last fiscal report of

    I'Ml's figure of S52000; But monthly Ihe Slate Pension Board, 12 names .1 LUBRICATION JOBS :: '

    payments are the highest Ilm.ethe I' hove been scratched In red pencil 3
    law was passed In IBS":; when from the list i

    the allowance was $8 a month, Due name has been settled :
    I payable quarterly. I Mrs. Minnie Taylor of Miami,

    Originally, only disabled soldiers who wasn't aware she was eligible I'' .

    and sailors were eligible for pensions for> a pension until recent months ::
    Your home ii when your heart is aed when I A year after the art was I MOTOR TUNE UPS t

    home invest in yourself. passed It was amended to Include SHRINK BARBrflF: : I
    you invest in your you Indigent veterans Several years November: 21. Jr.-lll Cafetorlum, :

    Your property values stay up if your home is later, I the wives of the disabledand 3 .Ml until lOOp m. Donations BRAKE REPAIRS ,

    end modermxed wisely A the Indigent were added $1 23 adults; 7.V: children g
    kept in good repair In the early diy widows were

    bank loan now can provide the required to disclose In some detail j
    special low cost I their dead husbands 'connection HELP MUFFLER AND TAIL PIPE INSTALLATION

    dollars you need to invest in your most cherished ra with the war, cause of his STOP 1

    possession your home! Passengers In a stopped vehicle I death One and such their applicant financial, December\worth. MALICIOUS I VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR AND SERVICE .

    of Ins wrote -i
    should always get out of WOODS
    name), who was In actual ,
    the the curb side.
    I car on I service In line of duty with the 8th .
    National. lank Drivers who have parked their regiment! In Virginia In 1864 did .

    vehicles should be especially contract a severe cold which settled 4i.A

    rru_..,.."..*" F rnandf. ach careful In opening their door on his lungs and resulted In STOP IN TODAY :
    na .
    to get out Swinging the door consumption from which he diedon .

    too widely Into oncoming traffic Sept U, 11199." She said she

    aJ-- I IIIf1 CWH a woos led' 'M"' "oal,. a hwonUM "luet) .| ROGER HOW AiD, ManaserStork ':

    dent 3.13 sill ,, and It Is not yet proven." to ,
    Possessions valued above $000

    iTTii.1 .1 l

    5. a .a, 555n .4. .' sesos. ee." T1 ....Neee......_.._."._.. _.........


    Six Ncwa.Leader, Fernandina Donch. Thurllday, November 5. l1G4!
    ,_ : 'In Air To buy this Insurance .
    ---- J Force ROTC the veteran

    Seville!, Tommy Page punted to Advanced VA Prepares For I must: Hurricanes Cut

    rii' i i ies Win Over the fcrnandlna 35 and Mills re< ProgramAt a. Have been originally eligible

    turned to the Callahan 45 Mllli Florida State Reopening of Vets for National INSUI Service Life Insurance State's' Seedling
    between October 8,
    made S, Beryl added S, Alvarez
    Continued) from Page One)
    '" 1940 and January 1., 1957.b. .
    Iratc..ln) the place of Injuredhkhard failed punt on a formation pass and but Miller ran"'t'pllulll Instead I'' : : It'1 Life InsuranceThe Have now cither no CI Insur. Production In '64
    ante or less than the $10.000 In
    Sthomas and Jerry Cra and picked up I first downon

    yj'jOok the ball on the IS and re. the Callahan 14, Barry Rice Veterans Administration I Is authorized coverage There are just 10 million pine
    Be In of the
    twnad it to the Callahan 33 when added 2 and Alvtrtz. tossed to Pi e one following
    preparing to handle next May' three trees left for sale In the three
    Jack Barnink and !Steve: Bcvllli kula for a first down on the Rambler ;: l' I II flood of applications for the reopening groups Florida Forest Service nurseries,
    I ((11 Veterans
    made the. slop Gerry Denslow i Mills ran for 2, then Alvarcz L (N'' ,\.'. f of National Service Life with service-con-. according to Forest Management
    I ceded disabilities who standards
    made a yard Cravey lost 2, then pitched out to Beryl Rice I \' Insurance as provided for In tin I of good health. meet Chief R A. Bonnlnghausen.
    hit was Incomplete amJames who went around end for the M Johnson Into
    pass q b1lPresldl'nt\ signed '
    Page punted to the Pirate touchdown but a penalty nullifiedthe 6 A' aY ,qF ; ,,1 if: law October 13, Thomas 0, Hall'I ((2)) Veterans whose aervlce-connected already More than been 44 sold million to Florida trees land.have

    ,M more Alvaret used the same de \ ;+'N Nassau County Service Officer, disabilities alone do not
    Beryl Rice made a yard before i' play again and this time it work 1'1t .. '. :, reported today. permit then to meet standards of owners this season Bonnlnghausen
    I' ".-.....",. good health. announced today The trees will
    ed with Beryl going over tor the .. I
    Barry Rice ran for 7. Alvarez Hall said that more than three be lifted from the nursery beds In
    Alvaret kicked the extra ((3)) Veterans whose nonservlce-
    /.tied to'hit on a pass and Miller score. million veterans with service-con Munson, Chlcfland and Punta Cor.
    punted to the Callahan 36 Denslow point and Fernandlna enjoyed a necled disabilities, and an unknown connected disabilities as of October da beginning November 25.

    failed to Coin, Cravey ran for (Band 27-0 score i y '.. .J. number who up to now I 13. 1964 the date the bill was The Service had planned on
    1 f191.,Robinson failed to gain I Miller kicked oft to Kenny Cra I fri' \ have not applied for service-con signed Into law prevented them
    //t'\ producing! 66 million trees this newson
    before Page punted to the Fernan. cry on the Callahan 18 and he A scent from the technicolor movie I "A DISTANT I ':f' <)" /'fY nectlon but can do BO in order t 10 I from buying commercial Insuranceat but losses due to hurricanesCleo

    diva 24 Alvarez tumbled on the returned to the M where Pikula : TRUMPET starring Troy Donahue and Suzanne Plesh- ; ..! .tfi" ;, 'j.'.; "! .' I obtain Insurance may now be the highest ratesHigher and Dora have reduced that
    first play, but Carl Anderson recovered and J. P. Allen made the stop On I :J"4' ; eligible to buy up tD MO,003 In premiums will be charged
    ,for the Pirates before I a fourth down pass, Beryl Rice ette. This movie may he seen at the Ilan Theatre, Friday < 'f rf.d permanent GI Insurance coverage those veterans In groups two figure tu

    Beryl) nice raced to the Rambler Intercepted a pass on the 50 and and Saturday, November 6 & 7. t 1 ilr""V' In addition another unknown and three. In all cases the premium The Forest Service makes an

    13. Alvarez ran for 8, Barry Rice raced all the way making the ,!f _..:.,_,..J number of veterans whose dtsibll. rates will cover admlnistra- annual estimate of the amount of
    added 2, then Alvarez fumbled score 330. Alvares faked a kick est Service's six districts by the Malcolm I L. Hendrix Is (ties are not serviceconnectedmay tlve costs at well is the policy trees Florida landowners will plant
    Rice I Nobles passed to Pikula for State Forest Fire at presentaproIlsd value. before putting down seed In the
    with Barry recovering on and U. S Weather Bureau to train la the advanced also be able to purchase up
    programof nurseries In the late
    th. CaJlahan 8. Alvarez then ran the extra point and the Pirates fire fighters in the use of the information the Air Force Reserve Officer to 110,000 In coverage. The new policies will be Issued summer
    the eight yards for the touchdown. went out In front 84-0 at the first provided. Training They may do this under terms at low non-divided premiums months. This year's sale Is run.
    Record Corps at Florida State
    His kkk attempt was blocked and half ended. Improves University. He li Cadet Admlnlstritive of the new law on or after May 1,. which will compare favorably with nine ahead of estimates and Bon.
    nlnghauscn landowners
    the score stood 6-0. Coach Benson used every available Officer with the rank of 1965 and before May 3, 1966, the the net cost of World II GI insurance urges to
    Cravcy took the ensuing Miller I player during the second Florida's forest tire record continues Top Talent Cadet Captain VA pointed out place to their orders soon If they ex.
    trees this
    kickoff on the Callahan 15 and ran half of the contest with Harry to Improve with 21 f, less The four year AFROTC program The VA Is planning before May In addition to the reopening of poet plant year

    to the. Rambler 35 before BcvlUe Mills, Buck Bibb and Mike Cook acreage'! burned by wildfires (Continued from Page One) Include a variety of academic 1 1. 1965 to mail full details and NSLI,, the new law allows\ vetcr. The Slate has been operating
    and Duane Rowland nabbed him doing the ball carrying, Cook Ing the past fiscal year dur.l. military and leadership subjects application form to all veterans ann who already hold existing nurseries for a general reforest

    Ronnie Braddock Iost3, but the making his football debut for the from,July 13 to July Following Is a list of the centesl) designed to prepare the cadets tort receiving monthly compensation I World War II or Korean Conflict- lion program since 1928. Since that

    Pirates were penalized 5 yard. aeaton during till second half, total of 8,841 fires burned 67,118 ants who will appear: Martha +etr responsibilities as Air Force I payments type term policies to convert to a date there have been 14 billion

    Kenny Cravry failed to gain then carried the ball ,six times knd acres.'of protected forest land Land Callahan; Bunny Pulctt. ,*fleers. This program Is the primary Those veterans where dls. blU. modified life plan. The one-year trees planted In the state torn
    Beryl Rice Intercepted a Cravey played 'outstanding defensive This Is only 037';?, of the 18.236. Fdna. Bib; Deanne Copley Cilia source of new Ar Force of lies arc service-connected but who time limit docs not Apply to this seedlings produced at state and
    pals and latcraled to Barry Rice game. Mills carried the ball nine 719 acres of Florida woodland now ban; Wanda Shcaley Fdna. Bch.: ficers. are not drawing! compensation will provision. The VA plans to notify private nurseries.

    who raced to the Callahan 20 At times and Bibb six" times under protection a 21%" de The Mustangs Callahan; Diana I!Cadet HcndrlK's Mr. andJRri. not be Included In this mailing all term policy holders of this new Slate nurscrtofi produced a record
    | parents
    this point the Ramblers. drew a The Pirates took the ball to the crease from' last year. Accordingto OQuInn, Callahan; Peggy Thorn. L, B. llendrlx reside at 902 For these, and for other veterans I modified plan at the time of their number of trees during the
    penalty" Hint put the ball on the I Callahan 12, but fumbled and on State Forester C. II. Coulter, ton and Glendi Edwards Fdni. Stanley Drive. who believe they may he eligible renewal. 1936-57: season one of the Soil.

    Rambler 10 yard line. Noble. went the first play. lot.: .Callahan the this/ I I. one of the better record. Bch; Kalhy Jones, Fdna. Bch.: Alter, otrtainlnu a degree In cdiiCation full explanatory material and Dp- This plan Is an Inducement to Bank years. turning out 153 mil.
    over for the score but a 15 yard Ramblers fumbled with the Plr. In the"'DIllon, Alice Faye berry, Fdna. Bch.: Cadet Hendrix will be plication forms 11'11be\ on hand I term policy holders to convert to lion fledgling trees. More than 200'

    pe0olty.nuBlfied the score then ales taking over again Whlctt set This Improvement In the state's Mark and Mahon Bean, Kdna. Bch.: commlimloned: a 2nd Lieutenant In at the St Petersham VA Region. a lifetime level premium plan before million trees were planted In .'llIr.
    Nobles ran to the Callahan 10 be. the stage\ for the field goal by fire record Is particularly note Diane Boon, Fdna. Bch:' Jim Peacock the U. S. Air Force Reserve. al Office by April 1963. the premiums on renewable Ida that year. -
    .fore. taking a handoff from Alvarez Alvarez to 'make'tire"score, '37-0, worthy In view' of Polk and' Col. I and Tom ford Fdna Bch.; No applications can be accepted I term Insurance become prohibitive The. Florida Forest Service,

    and firing a pass Into the with over_lour ,minutes remainingIn lier Counties under fire control Orle Jean Wilts, Callahan; Jud CONCERNING LIFE AND LOVE before May 1, 1965. Because of with Increasing age. which operates the nurseries, sells
    vfld zone to Mike Pikula for the the' third, period for the first time Adding more Alday. Shan Barta Connie Entzmlngcr this the VA requests that vctcr 1 the pine tree seedlings at cost =
    touchdown Alvarez kicked the Callahan worked the ball'to the than 800,000 acres to the forest and Rhonda Henry Fdna. Life Is a mystery ana do not write phone or call Some three million NSLI policyholders 14 per thousand.
    extra point and the Pirates were Fernandlna II late" U the, game, land now)! under protection Fifty Bch.: Becky Moore Fdna. Bch: It It born in angelic beauty for applications until after April allhold\ term Last year Florida led all 50
    the VA
    MM t in front 130. but could not muster _the necessary two of 87'Florid., counties ore under Jan Dickens, Fdna. Bch.! Sally; It's helpless Innocence gladdensour 1, 1065. policies reports.The states with the planting of trees
    Cravey brought the next Miller 'drive to'carrj the ball over county-wide\ fire control Johnson Fdna. Bch.;; Brenda Hes. hearts, Persons now on active duty advantage of this new modi- upon 123,000 acres of privately
    "kickoff from his 15 to his own V and the game- ended with the Pirates In 1962,. prior to fire protection ten Fdna Bch! Crystal Glass. And elicits our tender car. with the Armed Forces and certain fled plan Is that It permits conversion owned land. Georgia was second
    'More' Pikula and Mike Rice mad Callahan; Cindy Justice, Fdna. Bch It Piillllplne veterans not to permanent type Insur.ance
    IB possession on their own In PoUt! County there were eight departs are with 123,000 acres planted In trees
    IM! tackle. Denslow ran for oni, 20 yard line.. ,J J' highway/& deaths attributed: to the Jackie Drlggers Callahan To leave legacy, of sorrow eligible to take part in the Insurance at lower premium rates than ;
    Cravey made I, Denslow lost one, 'lathe dense Smoke oft highway. from Gall Fouraker Callahan; Fran! And I sense of bitter loss. reopening possible before but the face value SHRINE BARBECUE
    Kenny Cravey added one, then TwentyonePlrltes.ehnred troublesome "muck" fires. These Hunter Hilliard; Rebecca Byrd Life Is but a fleeting iiiadow Expenses of all\ medical examinations of the policy will be automatically I
    defensive work for the pvenlng! November 21, Jr. HI
    :BfadddcXiecoveqsd a tumble on fires burned deep! Into the marshy Fdna. Bch: Julie Lee, Fdna Bch: That has no abiding substance that may be required reduced by 50 per cent when the Cafetorlum
    with Barry Rice heading the-list 3:00) until 8:00
    a double reverse so James! Page '' ground of this central Florida Marcia Miller, Fdna. Bch; !Hiral 'TIs here, Tie gone must he borne by the applicant Insured reaches the age of 85. : : p.m. Donations
    with 110 tackle, Steve Beville had .23 adults 7Sc f
    $U children.
    ',putted, _tp the Fernandina 29 as and his best of the county"and obscured highwayswith Poole and Nancy White Fdna. And Bond)! can tell us whither Hall said The policyholder his the optionat ;

    ;.thejlrst t'quarter ended t season played' while" Beryl rote game had .I. smoke and smog.' Bch.; Debra and Claire Blanchard, Life It tenuous as the morning that time to reitore the full

    On-the final play in the first .Duane The Florida Forest Service with Fdna. Ech: Gall Zortea Milliard: mist amount of coverage by purchasing
    had eight
    Mike Pikula
    :,unmet Ute Pirates drew a 15 Rowland 1, Jim Young 6 and Jack rapid fire detection and using Walter Richard Tlllman. Ill, III!. That flees before the risen sun And In the final hour ordinary life Insurance without
    Hard Leslie Hogan Fdna Bch.: And leaves no trace When life Is finished medical examination.
    yard-penalty and Callahan kept heavY duty water can get ;
    Barnlak a.. Mike Cook had I, Buck pumps 4V
    thl their 44. Braddockran Debra Glass, Callahan; Jan Mil- It It music And death shall come ..
    ball on own : Bibb 4, Carl Anderson S and Ben. lo these fires early and literally
    for 8,', Cravey added 1, then Alvarez 3. Alan Cover Joe flood them out This Is a new con. len, Fdna. Bch; Martha Helen Me. That may 'quickly fade TO draw the sable curtains Local Students r
    ny Pherson Yulee Alice Class, Callahan And leave no echo of It's beauty. Of eternal night upon us,
    to ;
    Cravcy Donnie Braddock wildfires and ...
    ,1 pass J. cept In fighting pns-
    Stores Mike Mice,: Nobles, P, USF
    Enrolled At
    was knocked down by Alvarez Mike n.la- Richard Scho- Bible only with well-trained firefighting ; Mary Drew Bean FdnaBch. Without Jove life can be cruel A greater love -
    Pacettl back Allen .; Brenda Hunter Milliard,: And may drive us to take refuge The love of our Creator -
    Danny was to punt Millsand crews and the right type
    John Bunch, Harry .
    Nassau Coun
    Bias Four
    tot Callahan but was smothered the de. of equipment.A Marla Struss Fdna. Bch.; Denise In death Whose wisdom power and glory Tampa
    Billy Miller shared Without love Doth all\ the world ty students are among; a record
    lleafncr, Fdna Bch! Davis Burg compass
    by Barnlak and the Pirates tookovir itopped-up law enforcement
    on the Callahan 48. tensive work for the Pirates. ncgllgMt viola- lardt, Fdna Bch; Gary Bean and Life would feed upon Itself and A love that hath no set bounds 6,41)8) enrolled at the University (
    Friday night the Pirates will program against of South Florida this fall. I
    Beryl look off for ,33 yards' to have their work 'cut'out for them ton: of the state's lire laws wet Brant Long Fdna Bch.; Cathy) '" die Of time or circumstance EP
    Crisp and Jamie White Fdna. Bch At del tM beasts) of the juncle. Shall bear us up Enrolled are Judy Hahn ofYulee I
    13 the
    Callahan Noblet
    the ran land.bur carried on which resulted In a decrease
    hlVleS'rorn.do! FROM
    M\ 13 tor: the touchdown Altaret when they, number In the number of negligence and Gall McKendree Alice Flye< Love.hat power to ward the blows In this our darkeaMBnr' + and Fernandina Beach students 1ETW EM
    will Be IleklD1'! 'wll
    Jean Entz.mlnger Anti "-oest thrusts that life may And save us from despair. Richard DeSandro, RobertJennings
    kicked the extra point and": the PI.rates. six and OUt ,Bradford team wilt\ -type. fires. Service invcstl.gatori Derry Cheri Edenfleld I PARKED CARS
    were" 'out In front, 10.O.'wlth have to';pia)!:-...* good football along with\ local law enforcement Nettie Peters Diane offer; Herbert- Luke and William Young,
    "* Tilnutes remaining in the first to slop the Pirates In their efforts officers handled 1,630 Poole Jean Rumph Nola Lewel

    half, toward the sixth Victory.Royonler cases last year. Some.250 persons ten Dorothy Plckett Kathy Har-
    the Miller kickoff was taken by were required to pay a"penalty by dee Linda Allan. Fdna. Bch. :
    the Rambler for damages, or A listing of all the contestants. ,,
    Cravey on 15 and be arteatA payment
    returned to the Callahan 34 where Pulp suppression charges.. In addition, their sponsors, and tho judges will

    Seville> :made the atop, Denslow Goes To FrdnciiThe 1,011 written citations were Issued appear In next week. paper

    failed to gain Ronnie Braddock III negligent violators of Florida' ;
    rated for ( yards and Kenny Cra- I i 1 rreieiao0' Barbifo forest protection laws.A .
    >..radS tor a first down oa arrived at Riyonllr dock .tur. cooperative agreement with SmorgasbordContinued
    the Callahan 41. Ronnie Braddock day and begin loading operations the US.. Weather Bureau whereby COMMERCIALPRINTING

    nude 5 and a S yard penalty gave early Monday _.'. ,. I specialized fire weather fore- ( from Page One)
    the Ramblers another first down I Seven hundred ,tons of Rayonlerpulp Cast la I prepared aided greitly In
    .n the Pirate 44. Kenny Cravey were conilgpM/ to Marseilles. the control of hazardous fires.fireweather made and a specialty of each
    for this
    failed to gain and Jerry Cravey I schools were con. lady. Tickets

    wit thrown for a 13 yard loss by try ''A' Clgilfled: Ad dueled la each of the Florida For. for meal children are $223 under for 12.adults Tickets; II for.Ot

    r Children will be sold at the door,

    ... Mrs. Sam Stewart, ticket chair.
    man will be happy to have some.

    one call on you if you have not) I

    been previously approached.The .

    DID YOU KNOW ? menu will Include: Sweet
    and Sour Shrimp. Oyster Casser. ,
    ole, Deviled Crab Casserole ChicKen .
    Tetrarni,11am) Turkey Swedish .

    Meat Balls, Cod Fish Balls,.

    ". Sweet Potato Sou rile. Potato Salad,
    Deviled Eggs Shrimp Salad,
    IT IS UNLAWFUL. I. Chicken Salad Bean Salad, Fish

    Molds, Tomato Aspic Mold Wal.
    dart Salad and home-made Cakes aP Is A Specialty With Us

    For Any Person Or P.rsons1 Engage In Business Under A Fic- and TICKETS Pies ARE LIMITED PURCHASE ,

    titious Name Unless The Ndme Is Registered ,

    I Among the most serious deficiencies .

    In alcoholics Is the lack of Check your supply of Letterheads, Envelopes, Business

    Read This Florida Law the sufficient Florida vitamin Alcoholic supply Rehabilitation says.
    Program. Cards, Office Forms, or any other kind of printing you

    In I Loneltrdlnul! stripes on remora may require and if the quantity is low just give us a call.
    "It shall be unlawful for defined herein to engage
    any person or persons, as fishes\ like those al the Miami

    business as herein defined, under a fictitious name as herein defined, without and Sea<|iuirlum, make It appear as

    unless snid fictitious name shall be registered with the clerk: of the circuit court of I It reality they they are sUwcliiiR are swimming still while rapid.In I If f
    we have printed for you before a phone call will start
    the county where the principal place of business is, which registration shall consist: ly away, f..... .r, .

    of filing with! the clerk aforesaid an affidavit signed by all Interested persons, PUBLIC NOTICE our presses turning as we keep a complete file at our'.''

    stating under oath the name of all those Interested In the business enterprise the NOTICE: TO ('HHITORSI1 : of all '
    .OHIO\ BTATITEH'' : fingertips printing produced in our plant. ;,,,
    extent of the interest of each, and the fictitious name under which said business la IN TIIK COl RT Oh Til*. UHNt: .
    n II.t: NASHAl' (.OINTtLOII.: I:" .
    carried on. Said registration may not be made until the person or persons desiring In IDA If, IS t.IaI..1OIlNaOS PROIIATK. tlla{ i i

    to engage in business under 'a fictitious name shall have advertised his or their in* BENNETT llrrciordTo t
    AU. Creditor: lummidi mill Asabut Proun said llavlnirinlm b.. Our printers take pride in their work and you are assur
    tentlon to register said fictitious name at least once a week for four ((4).) consecutive : tales '

    Weeks in some newspaper as defined by law In the county where said registra notified You, and mid arch required of you tu: prenent are hereby any ed of a neat, clean and accurate job. : : ;'
    claims and demand which you. '.r I:
    tion is to be made, and said registration shall not be accepted by the clerk of the either of you, may have nalnd INitale '
    I of Juhnion Bennett decemed, \ "
    'circuit court except upon receiving proof of such publication.". lute u( laid County to the Couinv' "
    I Judge of Na au County Honda. Hi .
    hli office In the court hnu. ol lajd '", r 1
    County Fernandmn Beach, rlur- I. .1'I

    :,.liyou Are Engaged In Business Under Any Name Other Than I Ida the, lime' lIhr of 1 ix the calendar lint I publication month from ol :"1. '
    toll notue Two copies of each claimor PHONE '
    demand shall be In writing. and / .
    Your Own, And Have Not Had This Name Properly Advertised pout hull si..He the place. of of the residence"Ialmlnt.and and, 261.3686 :

    : .hallbeaaworn to by the claimant
    And Registered, See Your Attorney For All Necessary Informa- I his anent or attorney and accompanied or
    I by a filing" of one dullai
    I and such claim or demand not so 26i .3687 FERNANDINA BEACH NEWSLEADERlre
    tldn As To What You Should Do. filed shull IDONIA he void BENNETT, SMITHA

    i I of JOHNSON II EN N E1'T. aeca -
    I .edI ,
    'Irsl) publliutlon November ash, IM4Thomus I
    BEACH NEWS-LEADER II, HariAllarnoy
    rd.FERNANDINA for AdministratrixU '
    \ North Fourth 8t?
    i Fernandlna !Mach Florida
    41 Len 12 IS. It
    '" .a
    ' ;::r"' ", ..-''.... r.J '
    ,, ,
    i : N"
    .. ,:
    .,.. ,
    ; HIIf"r-

    .. ; .. .
    ; ', .-.w.4fafwMn'11a1. .....*" ..... y"w'. ....,.. 'i1'-----" .. ... . . . .
    NA1 m+- '

    ',' J .

    r Newe-Leader, Fernandina( nem'h, Florida Thursday November 5, 1964 Page Seven
    r II

    iiI SportsSlants -' NOG; Dove Season To I Richard W. Smith Gets Ensign's Commission

    I Yf\\tt D,_ 2G FO'1: SN feD DuR Close November 8

    _. Tallahassee IIunion nip iimlnthd >
    NeAr that they he little turn
    .. \z' SMAfIDj left in which to limit dove dm
    tog the flint phase dove season
    'J j The first phase season tones at

    (: ADULT sundown Monday, November 9,
    "j / PEItFECr The second phase will open) statewide .
    Hog 'r"ACU
    BY CURT CORDON fORM Zf3- ,. \ 7'ItACK', $ at noon, !November: II and '
    ZAO PnrrjRd N ra AdlIIII e fOuNDN .nnlim for sixteen d"v of huntIng 4tr

    The Fernandina Pliates eaily not read It anyway, so we will II. ,-J_ WOOD, BWAAI/5 The second phase clones
    .. at sundown No\cincur .. ; e
    on ::
    defeated the Callahan Ramblers say It was the first field goal .a ; lr .. 1l''lft ROAoclI
    last Friday night, 37.0,' but the I and try our bent to dodge Jak i The special hear hunt In the

    Callahan team played hard In a !and Ben ..MJiPf lI ) Apalnchlcola and Oscoola National
    game In which they were out. manned. It wat probably: a good NOB Sr6Ar .N4 I / "' the special arrhriy hunt on the
    Coach Iknner talked about ale lu "" f I
    rVl'J/( .
    t \I
    Elgin MiliUiy Reneivation doxm
    time for the for Coach /
    game 'I Ing the Pirate with the most I 1)1' 5014 .. Z.f.
    Benner Because a number of his tackles during the season some \L \I't+N ". one-half hour after sundown )No
    r vembcr 8Accoidng.
    players :were out with Injuries, kind of an award for his work. "
    therefore, he did not have to That Is the reason we are workIng I_ .o'. .. S OW'N to A. P AIIJ, h'h. dl
    press any of them Into haidnose I hard at trying to see which! n v+! MuD rector, Game and Fresh Hiiur
    Benner all shouldbe so"r.w lfNP Pith Commission the dote
    playing; says player makes the tackles during tVILP ANIMALS W NOT IflWA rS tlttf fffffCTTKACKS eitilv
    ready for the Starke game the game, His Idea seems bi season and the special hunts. foi
    there Friday night I I working because those i'o are evsr;SAND $0/L t MUP sive4tf0 DffRfwTIMORfffONS bear, and srchel'y hunt hp thus i I'rNSUOIA: rLrllTNC/ '" lie Bludied aerodynamics physics

    the Times Union of the smallest linemen I QUNN/NC/ Jt/MfWS'of 9TAHPINS f g/ff fHBI6HT -, sun if Mr IIIIj:I Mrs ttancn' smlllt .
    We stated' to probably i lion, nuxlKJtlon/ rnulnnrlnK! / load.erslil
    Of THE MMAt. fMXf A i of Itqule 1 I. \iilu'. Mi received
    last week that the'field goal Is fating covered up on a imber fV'Fft&VCf Peck "Wolves" |>. plnslcnl fitness and ulhuaubJ..rt.
    kicked 'by Benny Alvarez was of plins and should share in 0 g Sr. TCK AKt Mff tVHILf WtKtfHfM; To hue tiniinNslin Sipt 21 from tnp-
    I TRACKSFLOtlPA J. II l'ah, 1111111 t (' iue>ssiry to( the training
    I lulu omiii iiuliiu
    the first In Fernandina football more than he might be getting MUD AfTl* A XAIV 0* AIM* Pets ofMTtK
    history We might get called I credit for, but Alike loves to play\ Meet BrunswickHere Officer of Pre!.Ml.lit| School tit thi of a naval olflrerPtnaiiiila .
    down about that because we football and we doubt he slows
    didn't search any record books I down at Giving the game his best lie* was 'lll11l1tl.Minl1l'(1 Ensign/ Its Gulden Am..vrrsiiry. I Is also
    and there is a possibility Jake'I all the timer ,. Friday NightThe In the' Naval| lUscrxe upon grad.nation J| the silo if the :Naval School cif'Avlalinii
    :: ;
    I ---- --- -- -- ''
    Bunch or Ben Soiensen could < I -- ---- -- ) bona the hehuul I I Midiclnc. .

    have kicked one a few years ago, Basketball Is lust around the the Independent) Basketball, Loa Peck !Iliuh "WolvrM"I ill -- -
    but l if we had deer I coiner Was talking to Wyman I again challenge the Hi' .
    tboo'A: I true which In scheduled to ut up/ slicing mis ,
    I Hughes coach of the KAC Inde
    into the
    history d1 way around !November: 15 wick pi'even here Friday nlkht: nl!
    ing might be so faded we could pendent train, and he told us of ; etvi City Ball Park Three luo Imiin
    .. with game to be played on ,Mon.
    ---- -- -
    i| day and Wednesday nights at the have bren rlviln f for (lip list: un
    Junior High gym. Kiaft Athletic years, with (he HnmswUk; hips Buccaneer Lanes50c
    'I from the '
    I Club, Chem-Cell Oceanway i on the top The "\\eil\ra' hose
    Ilan Theatre and the Box Plant: ate the tiam brie training hard this wuksharprninii

    entcicJ In the league. Rec" CenterBY both lluir iiirnmlu
    *. 1 and dclcnslve'' ladles
    Phone 261-4&19 C. E. Beach, Mgr. Couch Bob Stover la ready t ti The 'Wolves' have bun ph PER GAME

    get going with the banketba'' gucd with Injured key mm most
    Friday Saturday Hiaiion at Feinandma High;: We I of the season but cnuih Gilyard
    Imagine with just two morn football g SANDY DESANDRO said, ''he expects tel be at full 12 NOON UNTIL CLOSING
    NOVEMBER 6 & 7 games after Friday night hole ilroiiKlh Friday nlghl" ('ondl''

    Friday 7:30: Saturday 2:10 & 7:30 slowly turning his thoughts to Gilyard Is a former member ol -
    THURSDAY, Novembrr MhPliysdhool erne Room at B 00 p m I -- '
    ward the hardwood Instead of In the Game Itoom WEDNESDAY, November 11th. the 'Wolves' squad which (d l(' fl. \ '
    the football field But moat of Art'' fcaled the Brunswick lads, and,I I Iattl.'mpllill N
    "THE LIVELY SET"JAMES 9tO.UfO.;; ; a.m., Carolyn Vl cur- Ceramics ((1214)) in the
    his squad are playing football rondo. Adult Leader. Room at 330; p,m., Hank to repeat this again OH
    DARREN PAMELA TIFFIN and will have to make the switch Adult ,Ceramics In the Art Roomat Instructor Sidl.'l'j coach, BowlingFor /;
    This will be the last
    Irom football to basketball In game
    TECHNICOLOR a 1:30: p,m., Hank Side, Instruc. Adult Ceramics In the Art fw
    hurry. game lor the wolvei' this season
    713 Dank Sides, Instructor
    tor i at ;: p m? I
    & -ktr Their next two games will
    Scoutmaateri Roundtable In the I
    Friday 9:17: Saturday 4:17: & 9:17: !' Steve Bevllle came through Conference Room at 7;SO p.m. THCRSOA1. November UlbPlayschool be played in Woodbine, Georgia

    with a fine performance last FRIDAY, 'November 6th In the Game Room, November 20 against the Mat
    DISTANT TRUMPET"TROY week. Bevllle teemed to be In I thew W Gilbert High, Family Fun
    TROYA M Birthday Party In the Came 1,30: 11:30: am, Carolyn VI*

    AIIUE SUZANNE the way of every kickoff return MI: Room at S:30 p.m. carrondo Demonstration Adult Leader Meeting In will Tho still Peck give High their marching outstanding band I ,'....); \. \
    I Home I
    I Fun Club 5th oil 6th Grades, performance during the hairtlme
    TECHNICOLOR the Conference Room at 10,00 a. I
    in the Gam. Room at 3:30 p.m., activities along with bands of the I
    OYSTERSRoasted Ii Sandy DeSandro M.C. m, Mrs. Harrison County Agent visiting learnt 717 South 8th Street Phone 261.5406
    In toe Art Room
    Sub.Teen Club la the Game Adult Ceramic I Game time 7:30: P.M. City Doll'''i

    SUNDAY ONLY I, Room at 7:15: p.m. at a:30: p.m.Citizens, Hank Club Sides in the Inst.Senior Park 'I| ." --- ...... --
    NOVEMBER 8 SATURDAY, November< 7th, Terence Room at 730; p,m. I fry
    A Classified Ad For Quick Results
    2:30 & 7:30 Cerinflci Pouring Class In the I Classifieds Pay Off 1

    Art !Room' 1:011.600: ; p,m., Hank --- -
    Surf Restaurant -- -- -
    "I'D RATHER BE RICH"SANDRA Sides Instructor AfieldJust
    Sports .
    Teen Club In. the Game Room I I 8: -- __ '.- .........aJ __,
    DEE ANDY WIILLIAMS Across From Ocean Pier at 7113: |ip.ln. j'"p \
    about the finest duck killing I:
    In the Auditorium
    i 7 SO machine there l 1M, the sneak
    at : p.m.SUNDAY
    FOR PARTIES, CLUBS, -, I ,, November. lib. box first appealed" ,, back in 1831 J DOES YOURERg .

    ETC. i Lutheran Church Service In the Iin Bainegat, New Jem',1; ,. S ,:
    - -- or- Conference. RoOm at. H;00 ..m. "A seawoithy boat was medoV ENGINE
    MONDAY, .November Mb. that would have a low sllhouettt FALTER
    C.ramlc11.111' In the art Room for epen-water shooting (the box JERK

    FERNANDINA BEACH Ii at t 1:10: p,m., Hank Sides, Inst and would also be small and Ugh STALL? M T ,
    Adult and Teen Ceramics In the enough to be poled or rowed ul| OR .
    Art Boom at .715; p.m., Hank narrow creeks and gunnies (ills,
    at Sidei, tnst. sneak)," point. out that Zacl GET A. "
    "JEWEL OF FLORIDA'S CROWN Surfers Club In the Game Room I Taylor, Boats Editor of Spoil TUNE-UP
    at 7:30: p,mHistorical Afield Magazine These charac I t
    I Society I In the Cqnfercnce torUtics had to be contained l It
    BEACHES" Room at 6:00: p,m. I an efficient hull shape for< sailing I .
    Club in the Auditorium long distances across' relatively Only
    Island Squares I
    Directory Furnished By: These Merchants and Business Men : at J:00 p.m. rough water The stub: '

    TUESDAY, November 10th.Playschool I I by round-bottomed, round.dickei I
    Suburban In the Came Room, I vehicle was the happy) result. Yi-\ W

    BE VII S E 1:30.: 11:80: ''t.m., Carolyn Vlzcar. The boats were, and are, usu I i

    T I IDE S rondo,'.Adult Leader. ,: a'ly 12.feet long with a four I fe r ....
    "Porcelainize" Propane Gas CO. .Painting for Leisure In the Art foot beam. Strictly one.man e
    Room at 7:15: p.m.Bartienhoppers vessel, they are of a dUtliutlvi 666 J
    SERVING ALL In tho Confer. !I water-melon.seed shape A sing) I car
    LASTS 3 on 4 TIMES et JETTIES YOUR NEEDS IN dagger' centerboard goes through I .
    LONGER THAN LP GAS AND i the forward, decked portion of I .Ight f
    Add ao Mlnat" Fer tackle the ,
    GAS APPLIANCES to make the on player hatch
    the hull A watertight .
    returning the ball. Bevilla I Uj I _
    mrmll rectangular cock
    LASSERRE MOTOR r.r.aai Harbor 7 South X61 St.Phon. just In the tent); grade! und pit covers amldohlpA a canvas spray i 'Parts extra If needed
    : 1 weighs 170, so ha should bo really -
    held stick,
    shield up by a servesas ,
    Coe HIGH LOW outstanding before he straduatct a shelter in rough weather ,

    T H. KIN I G from ternundina Beach The boat II I lowed fisherman I
    S. 8th St. Pia. 'Z61-311. Friday, Nov 6 High School fashion, facing forward, In calm.,

    9:24: a.m. 3:10: a.m. PHOTO SHOP and In olden days a sail propelled I WE DO ALL THIS. .
    Jonathan Hill's reinnndma ,, the boat when the wind How. |
    Going Fishing? 9'29: p.m. 3:49: p.m Wedding : Beach Band will 1 make the This was rigged on a mast that .
    Roll but I =
    Saturday, Nov 7 Preeeaalna trip to Starke, will makethe unstepped and was stowed insldi : O Clean and adjust O Check colt and
    Pert.anV1ait final road of the season boats I
    rUm game the box Today, no are
    Lie For 959: a.m. 3:47: a.m sr next week when the Pirates sailed In duck season, the mat spark plugs condenser
    Complete" I t Llna Of 10:05: p.m. 4:30: pm suopiiea '1De Avpomly travel to Orange Park, By the I gives way to a transom motor ,
    Fishing Tackle. Morose MO.a"0e.gNel.,,ea. way,. we have 'few ticket for mount and a maximum of a 3.hp" I @ Clean and .:
    Rods Reels Sunday, Nov, 8 the Jeep which the Band Parents outboard, This gives a speed O Check generator

    Outdoor Camping are giving away on December maybe 6 to 8 mph set points
    10:34 4:25
    : a.m : i a.m. Studios At 504 Aah St. and voltage
    Equpment 24. If you would like to wina The stern section IN edged witha i
    10:43: p.m 5:12: p.m Phone 261.4586 jeep for juat one dollar -- ,removable plank wall six In-1 I Set regulator

    FIR I EST 0 N E !Monday, Nov. 9 call me I might have the ches high Between this wall timing
    winning number for you. and the cockpit coaming the dc
    BEACH SUPPLY 11:14: a.m. 5:06: am. Rowland'sIII I John coys are racked at an angle, Adjust carburetor O Check battery
    Atlantle An 2'1.44'2 11:26: p.m. 5:57: p.m. UPHOLSTERY Coach Plcchoclnskl will tails In the air, breasts on the 'v -
    carry) hit Junior Hlxh football deck A good sneak box man can A::... ,-=-_ _.: _
    Tuesday Nov 10 DO yon NF.En Green Cove .
    team to Springs tonight
    dozens this and never'
    How Much Will Your 11:57: a.m. 5:50: a.m.NEW COYTo YOCoR: REPAIR (Thursday) for a return bit store tangle the lines way f ir< $ton NEW TREADS -
    tie with the Green Cove Junior
    SOCIAL SECURITY 6:46: p.m rvawntacNEW ;. Armed with hit small chip! .
    F.U COVERT High teem Piechoclnskl has some the veteran gunner can stake out I APPLIED ON SOUND TIRE BODIES OR ON YOUR OWN TIRES
    Pat You or You family' Wednesday, Nov. 11 ro u fine looking prospects coming up In open water and shoot broadbills -=
    AUTO through the ranks to become /future redhead and CHnva"backi, WHITEWALLS-ANY SIZE :

    GULF LIfE'S Planned 12:13: a.m. 6:41: am. FREE ESTIMATES Pirates over large sets of d\<'('oys Or : Narrow or Wide Design,
    Security Analysis will 12:48: p.m. 7:39: p.m We Pick Up and Deliver < fr' when points are hot, hf can grass
    Tubeless or Tubs-type
    Probably the worlds greaten 4 for
    his boat over and gun out of l i'
    help gsarantes Ih... Thursday, Nov, 12 cocktail party and Fashion Show I
    Porter b Lov.qulst sitting hitch and dry on a sandy I II II tWlIlLJII! ,
    Social Security BeniSts 1'09: a.m. 7'9: a.m. General I C on t rat t on will take place Saturday afternoon -i I beach Other times, with rollers' Our Nnt Trmdt, Utnltfti' by Mutaltion/ and ahoy mark are
    at the Gator Bowl I In Jacksonville '' 49
    1:43 or at high tide, he can move I If GUARANTEED
    Mat W. Serve You : p.m. 8:33: p.m. SPECIALTIES when the Florida Gators over the meadow* and slip eec ,, 1. AnlMt *'oete 'hi workm.nihlp and ......'1.1. durinf I If.*f I.... 4 9
    WOADWORKING and the Georgia Bulldogs get to- 1 AlilMt. norm.) read kii.nl. nnpl -I..bl. puuUn.) HUM*.
    Friday Nov 13 : I'etlInlo hidden ponds and potholes ......, .
    MrN I. PUMMW ear u. for I 12 monthi
    1'1_ In their annual .... ....... .
    BUILTCARIYETSRYLANT getner football I where mallards and wldg .M- !.otI'I w r and ewd as IM yrins eurrwea
    JAMES (Jim t ._..
    F. ) '
    I W 04J.
    2:09: a.m. 8:40: a.m CUSTOM: battle. We would bet that half of eon and dark-bodied Canadian ,
    2:43: p.m. 9:26: p.m. KITCIIEN AND BATH the: fans holding the. ,best seats black ducks wheel out of the sky 1JJ1J1'!mr',2vety ,,, JII Plu tax and 4 trade-te free
    REMODELING don't know If Hie football I
    gameor I with breathtaking beauty
    P. o. Box 89 TId.. CaunoQ Complete Showroom a horse race, but they will I be I FREE CAR SAFETY CHECK !
    Phone 261.3813 For Color Coordination Ihere yelling, The game, should I I ..
    Gulf Life Ins; Co. ce.et a OooeMUo 11Im, Phone 261.3068 be one of the best of the acainn : .
    and probably the best between the w_ I -
    two teams for the past few years $
    Both have SEC records of 3.1. :

    FUN IN THE SUN i I A tremendous 11' R.crowd*should be ANTADS FERNANDINA BEACH

    on hand Friday night at Starke .
    AT FERNANDINA BEACH : for the Fl.'rnandllll.Starke lam. Pack : -11/-

    V Fernaadln will probably have r.- '
    FISHING BOATING SHIMMING I more lap than usual to go to this 113 Atlantic AT*. Phone 261-4482
    one and .we believe the local fans
    GOLFING AND JUST PLAIN "LIVIN"" I outnumbered on road trip this j; e J

    )'CII'. 4 .

    r. ..
    !t! f

    >. << = = (!

    .. : :. f. ,

    -' {I. ( 'W" ..' J \:"' 1f: .il; ,'i', 11If



    rare Eight Newe-Leader! Fernandina Bench,norlai-Thursday,November 5, 1984 .. ...._....._...



    FAIR _,' .- ,.' n'Vfr' -
    .- e:
    .d '.... l '?i:' .
    u. ', '. LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00$ OR MORE FOOD ORDER
    ... ..dr F ; L..rrrrr.rr..wwrrr'ry
    :.-::.. --"-- : FARMER GRAY QUICK" FROZEN GRAD'A'!! I Merchants

    ,..? PRICES GOOD NOVEMBER 5 THRU THE .l: :'. B.39; G62EENSiTAMi'S' E
    ....... WEEKEND QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED ,9 "k.I; VEAL OR (Chopped form.d, Froun) t FREE EXTRA E
    :4:. : ,Z:,..)"/ BEEF CUBE STEAKS.69, ; ( ; MERCHANTS GREEN STAMPS ;

    :;; l \ FRANKS.. . . .l::69< & PORK CHOPS
    ?";;. t nor CHEESE . ; ;-;.LBCUPA2 .wrrrrrv01DA111., 11.11.64 111.1. i iA iM.
    ...Y FRESHf '



    Blue RIBBON QUAiiTr
    5 Pounds For BLUE '
    Rib End '

    E': 1 9 I RIBBON Butts Fresh ROAST ROAST Pork or ,


    : LB :,

    \'m : END ROAST
    .... \ ,. P.

    L 'j ,
    .: FRESH ,



    ... lii MI MI mm mi m.111 mm M iiiMiiimiiii nun inn ii mum 1111 iiLIBBY'S .
    : d' dm GOLDENCREAM Y active n'

    ... : STYLE CORN 6 '\.,,CANS 99
    .-.. ... : L /MPSBELL'S PUREST'BERRY

    ; PRESERVES 25c
    y ; ,,12.IJAR ,
    w i 49o1 CANS YOUR CHOICE I

    : FRUITASTE ASS'T. CARBONATED No Dtpoilt No R.lurn



    .} I CAT FOODS 8 6So1CANS! ,,00 ALL
    : I
    ; ; : r A r al'I. SIC
    .-:- F FRE SH I\ 'I'YHe.50I'T ASS'T; OlORS' ,J t :. .. GT. fKG .t 1.tL +



    NAPKINS 29c I CAKES 59C'
    3. g? ,S1 EACH

    t BONUS! : Merchmb 'I I :
    .: i5m--11 i 50 _. iI DE I ilm cA.A. 1"1 I
    I I .-.. I awalt.noI'._. 1 ar1N.YA-.1
    HUNDREDS OF FREE .I WIIn IICOVOMM *V(N Ua .. 1 W TH1HH. COUPON NB MCMJtu M 1 . -MIN.a.ro ......."....01 .
    iulLS KGS it g U. CAN-BOUNTY : 13. AEROSOL CAM RAID 1 I 14.. .
    q :
    FANCY RED SWEET GREEN.... STAMPSI '..:.":=:'WHiPPED l t;.::.:,?l::,'MARGARINE.:6.-:'::x.x//' : 0....M.OMd.'eMPM..'...'... .:: U:'\\:64"-: ; ;::.ISM.' ;..:":'::':".IN,,U..a.M1 iYx.ll.ll.d/:n.m d';::=..w/d/...< '....:';--';,..le,,';,v,::1t. :'',ww.n..Yxn11T, ,, :
    -- --------- ---- --------------- ---- ---------
    .' 3 LBS 39 :.Ei! .:.rch.l.t I II! I:;:-----------Ea-: I II! :.mm IUL.I... 11 I! i.Efi]mlPOTITOES _II! :I -- -n- hoot, -Ii-
    __ l 11' '
    aIftPlO.Mn .. oN11N.gw__ I I I j
    / ; IRlxTRA '1,., I ; PR xTRA' _, /' ; ; PRExTRA --'" r' I ; FREE 'XTRA owlN.w.
    FRESH PICKED lb. ; MEICHAt! GREEN : IAlUl fc jfc' LADY FAIR ISot SLI.I I : axIJ: : :: >"LI CELLO lAG : ARMOUR FINEST J LB J III: : :] I'LUMROS! 1 : R''' ENDELL< '''IucMxa 1

    ., .rIlj ou uBEANS 19c :....'-lID Yar.LY.nM1-IM I Qnnomen, Poitry_'.....Brtod.....';?..:. :...1TJ s.HRIMf PEILIOt,, DEVEINEO :! :i TT J CANNED..-'.'.........HAM BONELESS". ........'' .I :*..tZ1D,.Ml _..IMP..._' .c SLICED...:...__..HAM.._..Y w jitUD: .' .OR BREADED BEEF CUB VEAL.....! STE ICS'i
    rj t '"
    .ir.v .
    l': ----.11-11------' )r.M"r .II-\l-H--\ ---- -wY..n.lI.u.-- >: .......-r.uu I ....j'aJ

    +s I.=;T?' uuhuh1WI..I FIRST -FOOD I I I FAIR FIRST. FOODt I I IA

    ,.. .. "' ,....... .. ... .... .. o'_. .


    Fcrnnmlina Death, Florida! Thursday, November 5, JOG Page Nine
    .- ---. -.

    ::4n.--4e4i' /

    ; ..- f ,

    _ : -

    ....t. .., .. ,. .. <. ., "
    '11\1 "

    !i.t .' ,,i ;' I ': ,t, 1 /

    ,; '" ,(, "
    ,' "
    m0" [ 1 '
    liUD I

    i > b :

    .. .. .. .


    -- COMPLETE BEDROOM, dining MAKE PARTY PLANS now to PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE lite cost they will puv the bill and I fits that might possibly come to

    WANT AD RATES room, lamps, tables, 7-pc. din. I tend the gila dance I'ND"R HCTITKHS FiftyNineVidows\ Still Draw Civil Kindly with your momy them as a result of such a mad

    AS per word .79 minimum cIte Must be sold at once. Ap. I November 7, at Ten Acres, 9 at'l NAME LAW I They love their children and I program.

    ply 2400 S. Fletcher. N5c I. Everyone Invited Notice li hereby given that the unrlenlgned and haven't In the Why cash have freedom
    Card of Thanks RettiutloM I purauant tn "FlrllllniiRNam I 1 War Pensions From State of Florida yours a worry I we
    and Flmllar Notice Statute Huuane IPS.rhapter would about the bunion they mllZhtplAI'e NOW ? Why cant we have hospit.aliznllon .
    VICTORIAN: LOVE Seat. Excel. No. 20U&3. Laws 1IIor'jrlo .<, I
    M per word ILM minimum lent I LOST 1941, will reilKter Clerk otthe on them or wh.il inflation nursing homes and medical .
    condition. Ph. 2613854. N5c !
    Circuit Court:. rnllnJII1..r Naiinu I St. Petersburg, Flu
    Cal 26L3686 or 2613687or I County, I Florida upon receipt of proot M. T. Dixon. (if (he Florida Dop'trt.; I Too Late I their wild and reckless spending.\ shorlor work weeks' higher pay

    place ad at office FOR RENT 1 GOLD ANTIQUE EARRING In of. publication name. to of-v.lt-this, notice, the flctitioui meat! of Veterans Affairs, stilled\ I IBY They tell us the more we give, and longer paid vacations? Why

    511 Ash Street I or near the Presbyterian Church IRMAS GROCERY today that despite the mad rush To Classify tlio more we get, the mure we can't we have all the blessing the

    ------- Sunday' night $500 reward Ph. ne Under.. which I am engaged In buai' for adjourn mi'nt of Congress, ecu-' spend, the more we m.ikc: and to good Lord Intended us to have,

    5 ROOM FURNISHED APART. '' 2613117. Itc 1 am engaged In l hanine\ ,i on Bluik- forces on the veterans'\ poiiNlon I I lull with the cost of living and why rant we have all of It NOW ?
    MENT 432 No. 3rd. St. Phone rock Road Yulee. Florida I RUSSElL R.YIII
    measure ltd by Senator Russell ,
    the of reckoning. Who
    FOR SALE 261-4U45. That the only party Interested In I caiesuboiit Slop screaming, we can have It
    Noc CLASSIFIED aid business enlerprlse II Inn QDv Long of Louisiana' and Congress an I'lcclInn )'I'"r pulitirlnniBo our children or our. children's all and NOW If we listen to our
    I. mini Olin E.: Teague of Texts, managed Klark nunl. I child They spvnd
    stating TI1I'Y1111 ) en. run
    candidate. We have
    FOR RENT: :NICELY furnished 41 10 IS, 22. 29 and 11 S friendly can
    1ST LIKE NEW 35,000 BTU' beach apartment Call 261-4944 DISPLAY to secure final action on UK till you anMliliiK 1111I1 pfoinint tin-much! Into prosperity just I everything our heart desires and

    Vented Circulator Gas Heater after 2. tfc 1927 and it is now awaiting\ the I an.Mhlim In either lift In office or I like we did and lauuh ofl the hud- two dollars besides All we haveto
    with automatic blower. Attrac. ''IIIIIIIIIII the President's iliinaturc. slay In ofllcp. pet and national debt! lor what do Is vole for the right cnndl-

    live Martin V.1935 model. Phone 2 BEDROOM FURNISHED LOW. THE DlfUL CIRCUIT OP' FLORIDA COt FT.: F1H NASSAU'RTIIIJl I Dixon said that: this Is one of Di" ,poralc\ for any a 111111111'11 I i 1 they really are, a lot nf doggone date

    261-3712 after 8 p.m. or on week ER apartment on beach. Electric CHARLES M. the most fur-sweeping pieces tif that niiuht In'Iim In \ iaoss'y
    (()1INTY H.ORIDA IN (1I"\ICtR\1 I ;: :: :; i a \ citithey It Is as simple as thut, believeIt
    ends. X5 kitchen, year round rent. See after PEERS BOKtARINO and LOll K prosit Icidsliitlon;I passed bv Congress Kcifim, yell iiml tour I llii'ir little I| And the old folks, God bless I or noli!
    BOSCARINO, hl> wife,
    53 CHEVROLET, V8, R" H, 5:00: p.m. Call 2bl-3262 or COOPER MOTORs PlalnlUfi, I I In sissy years. It Is rsllmat- I SI tilt I II'/lntll' iippialH Ihoy arc for them and the laboreis. God help'

    power steering, power brakes 2615489. ftc Sales For vt- No. 2805 I cd thdt approximately 1,3.11.372 F\onllitig a'ldl1Zllnol 1I"lhllllZ.1| them, and all the rrst, theer themselves The Floilda Alcoholic Itchalillllutlon .

    Extra clean only $350 for quick ---- SIDNEY HARRIS, vetcransllduws and dependents\ unless It hnppi'iH to bo the can.did.itp hoarse and throw all reason, I maintains a 64-bed Inpatlent .

    sale. Phone Shirley MiKendrce ONE: FURNISHED BEACH COT. ValiantBarracuda IVfendunt. of Woi'Id War I. World War II and j t Hint uppoHm' Ilicni, i iThoy imrt common sense to the winds treatment cvnted In Avon
    NOTICE Of HI IT ; :: : ;:: j
    261.3695 TAGE available November 2. THE STATE OF FIORIUA the Kust can Conflict will belief!) love the tutu Mki. Cixll| ai they see only the per*...mil. heue- Park

    Also other beach rentals. For In. To: SIDNEY. HARRIS under the provisions of the now blo>s 'nil our noble Keillor rllU I| --- -

    VRMV UTILITY TRAILER formation call W, I. McCranie Addreai Unknown tegi Slat tuft. toiH niiiki-s no dlllcroiuo whether I
    Plymouth You are hereby notified thai n null
    sideboards, spare wheel and tire. 261.4642. tfc Ito. been flied aolnol you, SlDNk.YHARH1S ; The bill passed the House of Representatives they live In a $251100 a year apart '

    $50.00. 411 So. 5th St. N5, 12p -LARGE-FURNISHED----APART.- Chrysler and that. you In tht art uhove hereby cnlnled required('au..tn,'. on August/ II, by unanimous I blot or me beRKinu. (limp fura

    flit y oacanawerw 55 the Clerk of this v"to" and passed the Senate cutis| (if coffee on nklil row. They LOOKING FOR A GOOD
    . NEW COUCH, $40.00; Used MENT. Near tovvn. $3000 month. I 5 Year or 50,000 Court and S neervearuupv therent on Ortiihrr 3, mid now awaits\ (loserviniuthins wo do fur thorn
    ly. Call 2614976. upon the plaintiff or plulniilf'i, utturmy
    single poster bed complete! $13. nc Mile Warranty whole Dam nnd address la, the President's( signature and a lot more. I

    .00; 1 used baby bed and mattress FURNISHED COTTAGE, 3 rooms BEECH & 14th ST. I MAHON 10S Bajrmar& STRATFOIID.Illllldinj I Specifically I all veterans now They love labor, provided! It be. CLEAN, LATE MODEL

    1000. Can be seen at and. bath. Electrically equipped. Phono 261-30(13 ;'ack>anvllle, Florida 32202 drawing pension are entitled t to a limns to a union,, whclher' II mukos

    . Stratton', Trailer Camp on Am. Lone Oaks. Call Dotliter thai 17th day of November ten percent- exclusion of any retirement $2 or $10 an hour and want the ,
    2615066. tIc
    I Will Trade Boats AD 1M4
    ella Road anytime. NL 12c I -- -- If you r.I1'lo do so, decree pro con. Income aside from their working man to get a break. They USED CAR?

    FOUR ROOM downstairs, furnUh- Trailers or For Almost folio will be entered efalrtit you for II veteran pension In computing annual sit proudly on the rlKht hand of-'
    fHAIN LINK FENCE.4 ft. high, the relief demanded In the complaint
    with ed apartment. Phone Anything! ; That ,Doesn't Till nature of laid suit being fat Income. the labor busop and scream for
    top rail. Istalled. ".58c 261.4645.tfc
    per Suit for Declaratory Decree Justice and fair play. They smirk
    Under the of the House
    ft. Teimlnal posts, gates extra.First Eat.MUST. WITNESS my hand and the .eal of provisions at the television cameraS and yelp. SEE US FOR A SPECIAL
    IBId Court at Fernandlna Beach Bill a veteran need not have
    payment March, 1965. UPPER DECK APTS. >>>>-: >-: : : : Florida this 81h day of October, AD. of Into microphones to make their
    shown any diitree disability or
    Coastal Fence Co. Ph. 261-5063. TWO PRIVATE ROOMS IotA position clear HIGH.TRADE ON ONE OF OUR
    private (SEAL) D O OXLEY, any uncmplnyubility" In order to
    tic entrance and bath. Two apart. GOCOMPLETE Clerk of Circuit Court have qualified for pension provided They love America, the land of
    I --- meals with TV and utilities fur. 4t-______ 10'18, M. 29, lit the free und I the home of the
    Brick Home In Pirates Cove 5 he has readied aw 65. This was 1 1965 FORD TRADE-INS !
    nlshcd. brave. the untIlthl'lr
    Reasonable until May They wave flog
    HREE BEDROOMS, two full PUBLIC NOTICECALL eliminated by the conferees alterIt 1
    15. tfc ROOMS arms al'lll', Thoy are fur
    baths, large sunken living 'room Furniture & Apnllancet FOR IIIDS met objectives from the Bureauof - -
    with fireplace, birch paneled i DUE TO FAMILY Dll !ICULTIES I Sealed bids will b received Ii by The the Budget. prrpardnesi, for defense! for free 1963 Falcon I EXTRA SPECIAL
    Vacation Aptl.I MUST LET MY FURNITURE itO! Board of Public Inilructlnn ol Nai- dom and Ihoy will H|>oml our ilul-,
    Florida room, dining room, 'kit- OCEANFRONT APTS. Completely TO WHO SOME RESPONSIBLE FAMILY colt County. Florida, at the office ol i. Also added at the Instonce of Ian to the lust penny to Insure ((3 In a Tree) !j jHtlck '
    chen, garage and storage area. furnished. week IS WILLINd Day, month
    I or CREDIT & ASSUME PAYMENIi them. Our dollais, not Iholrs shift
    Ion In lernandlna Beach Florida, ,
    Glass sliding doors from Flor. 584 S. Fletcher Ave. Phone 2615878. ON' THIS BEAUTIFUL tIROUP to 11 00 A.M., E 8 T, Thuriday November up- 'veterans to re-npply fur national some of the camlidulos have plenty Radio & heater $1295u\! trans.! radio .
    Ida room and dining room onto lie the living room there li a 2 life insurance, fur
    tfc pc 12, 1064 at which time and service a period .
    much In fuel thut they hire &
    lofa heater
    bed so
    luite: 7 ft. tola ft ,
    matching all received d will be
    large covered patio. Wall to wall pub- ,
    choir, t end table with matching Blue. opened and read aloud for lurnlirilni of cne year. The provision Applies audltois to try to hide their wealth 1961 FordStation WHW tirex. I'er- $1695 I
    carpet In living room and bed- I NICELY FURNISHED DOWN. coiktall: table (walnut wIth Mat gui. all material and labor and only to those who have a service I

    rooms. Central gas heat kitchen STAIRS apartment. Desirable III.eye..topi averhade l, a tall .decorator. a beautIful lamps with 8xla constructing the following achool connected disability and a limited with talk mixed up lames and double BusAlready I feet condition.
    b t In Nanau
    with all built-in equipment. This location. Garage. 2614227. ito a nr h.d County i connected! Allowance
    rues lamp, plua ROOM BU1IDINCJ AUDITION group of non service They knnw all the answers, and )Lexa Special For
    Is not a pre-cut home. See at 17" Port IV It Stand TO who rated\ :' con
    veterans are Your Trade-in
    Garage Apartment Th. bedroom tulle li Danika tan MILLIARD SCHOOL 'can I Iron out all difficulties whelh.I vet'tpd to
    2657 McGregor Blvd. or phone it hat a Mr. & Mrt uninsurable or who can obtiln cllmp. $1195 _
    Furnished or Unfurnished dretter with HILLIARD, FLORIDA I as I they occur In Viet' Nasa, Cults, I I
    261.5222, :i50 tIltIng mlrrr cheat on .he.1 si bid I er Complete
    Any received after the ipeclfled Insurance nt sub-standard rates. ,
    I Africa 2 1962 FoirlaneSCO's I
    -trtr dbl bookcase bed with slIding pan. time, and dale Kill not be considered RiiHsia llerlin Darkest or ,
    Two furnished el for .your clock rddln 1 I'., the kid t f Epoh bid mast be accompanied bya It I I" estimated that approximately, in ciilcr Hpaee. All they ask tsyour with table, HvatH und Bcd
    FLEXALUM room apartment. ; '
    CUSTOM MADE bedrm. liter I li a beiutlful, will-I certified check caahler'a check or 3,300,000 service connected veterans Good Condition.
    I Venetian blinds measured and cared for sot of bunk beds. Th. din. bid bond In the amount of five percent conporulion. luid suppoit, In -
    for tills Insurance -
    Inn rm. "0.. a "Ig* 30 x 60 t.iuli with of the bass bid are eligible short votc Give It and you
    I Installed. Wide rang of colon H. F. Sahlman :leaf I. I I ai guarantee your One with air.conditioning. .
    It I foam
    1 padded chain The that the bidder. If warded the contract while the number of non service rest assured no matter what 1962 FordEconoline
    PORTER A LOVEQUIST Color 261-3365 kitchen I li eqpt wlh: 16 race,' In sill within ten consecutive connected veterans who may apply I can $1295
    Center.: Phona 2613068. gleaming while finish with oven calendar davi after written nouns Van
    tit .
    I roll out broiler plus i itorage draw. being given of each award, enter Into li unknown. 1-- ----rr----- EACH
    ,. Admiral refrig with cron-top a wrlllen contract with Tao Hoard Low -. -
    II ICE, LARGE LOTS for i ae. Help Wanted r racier, meat keeper, crliper' tihelvei of Public Instruction of Nassau County MODIFIED INSURANCE! : The bill bJUed upon that mileage! ,

    Good teims. Ont quarter mile In door: Admiral upright Florida, I In accordance with theaccepted Senate also added the foim of mo. wherever there In ha) widow entitled excellent condi- $1195 1 1960 Ford Galaxie

    South of Five Point. on Amelia I BOYS WITH BICYCLES wanted Miami freezer I In pmti excel 13 cond wk Orlg with: cost,no mossy 11167 bond latlifactory bid and gb to contract laid Board 5 aurefv In an tufted life Insurance which waa'' to pension, the administrator shall tlon. For low Air-Cond. radio

    I Rd. Call 261-5421 tfc down on pri" hii nce of only amount equal i to one hundred percent passed by the House In HR 220 In I pay to hue child or children of each cost delivery or a contrac. & heater auto.
    for Times Union paper routes of the contract price. session of the 88th Con. $995
    --- $397Ask the first veteran of World War I, toe
    I from downtown to beach. Ph No bidder may withdraw hU bid trans. ONLY
    RICK, 3 BEDROOM, one bath. for Lon,'. fun.lure In itorage for a period of thirty duyi after the Kress. This proposal WAS offered I War II or the Korcin Conflict, __ _
    I Oversized lot. $13,250, with $400 2615968. M5c .t dale nt for the opening thereof In an effort to prevent World WAr who meet the service reiilromeul| 'Chevrolet i 10- -;
    All work Shall be done In aciordance
    down MALE AND FEMALE to help ui NATIONALFURNITURE with plans, ipeclflcatloni and II policy Im'ders,,' form having la I or who at Ihe. time of, his death Fairlane 500Vff

    . -tf oCt enjoy big dance Saturday, Nov. WAREHOUSE contract document relative thereto. pAy higher term rates tor the'; advanced was receIving ''orr entitled to re. I. ,' "' 4-LVof'' V- "

    MODERN, SPLIT LEVEL, near ember 7, 9 til 1 at Ten Acres J82J I1FACH'33: .2961 IILVD a.cnltecta prepared, Gainesville by Moore Florida and May. Plans.apeeiticotiuuos Ar., ages or face the probability I eelve compensation\ or retirement t rra'ri8; ., $395 $695'

    ' Five Points Three bedrooms. Everyone Invited. ItcNEEDED Open dally N.Y, Sat 96, Sun. and contract ducu. 1 I of losing their Insurance. This see. pay for a service connected disability .

    ' baths, den $14,000 with FH\ T lAX. I LA menu of'may the be Superintendent examined at of the Public office tlon was ai
    terms ONCEFull or part) Nile Initructlon. F ernan din.- Beach.- Flor. : II | cf $ROO; for one child and $1300for If You Haven't Already Seen The New 1963 Ford,
    fttr time man or woman to serve Ida.; orat" the office of Moore" and I DRUGS FURNISHED: : The now eal'h additional child
    PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE May Architects Galmivllli. Florida ,I I Why Not Stop Uy This Weekend
    200.00 down, $37 month buys ma. Watkins customers In Fernan. FOR BIDS One ant of plane and contract doru.menti 'I law also provides tluit any veteran\ I| Dlxi snvgcKtit that all vcternni,

    sonary, three bedroom home dlna Beach Good Income. Nc Th> City uf f-trnandtna Itaach. and forma for bidding may b.1 of World War I. World War II rr their widows and dependents watth
    Investment. Set your own .\iurs I l"lurltts. will receive sealed kids at aetured by lencral I contractor only or I SEE CHARLES GENE OR CURT
    frtf .1.. from the office of the architects by the Korean Conflict who I Is reielv-j their nouKiKipcTt' for thus nluniim/ ,
    City Hall until 730 PM, Clock,
    John T. F>rrrira A Son Write C. R. Rube! Dcpt. 02. P. Vovember 05. 1'164 fur th. furnlamn depoiltlng therewith 110 00 per set.Tb. Ing pension and Is In need' of r<'MI I this bill by the, PrcMiU'iit of the

    Broker 0. Box No. 2447, Memphis, Tens Jf two (12)) IUCS model automobllea. depoilt from general I contractor! I 1, ular aid and attendance may be United Stales, becjnsp with his
    Details and will I be refunded upon eubmlulnn I ofa AtLASSERRE
    iOR Athntle An. Phone 21-U7' O29|'> obtained from the ipenricallona slime ol the may City b. bona fide bid and return of paid furnished, bv the government, I slxnature will clime many chunKcs -

    .I TWO BEDROOM house Blrla mint be staled condition within ten da yastter date
    on Ray. and plainly
    , MISCELLANEOUSTURKEY narked "IMPORTANT SEAL ant for the opening of kid. If the Ion ol a duly licensed physician .
    ,n Rd. Large lot Terms arranged. ED BID FOR THE FURNISHINil- OF general I conraitori deilre more than I I II IXxnn sllllqrHt| | th'it. interested MOTOR CO.
    Ph 2615421. ftc TWO < one let ,if sack artS ipeclfka' I
    ((21 1 )6J MODFL
    AUTOMO. cno't : ATTENDANT-: Aim tlvlr lecil
    AID AND reads should cinlHrt"
    fllLES TO BE OPENED linn I ', these may by pav I
    -- -- -- ON NOVEMBER
    957 MERCtRY-: GOOD conditIon mOOT each Friday! : 25, 11164. at 7 3D PM". .nlI not cost be refundable.of: duplication, which pro*'Ided Is an Increase In the rates readers slio-ild eonlnit their local OR CALL 261.3819

    $173.00 cash. .Call 2235434. N3r and Saturday nlqht at the Teepee right Th. to City reject Comminloi/any,or reserve all bid.. hue to Subcontractors and material sup- for a veteran who is In need <>' veterans county, wrvlec tilflctr, or
    Tavern on Highway 17 at Yulee alve lechnlialltlei and Informalltleiind pliers may purchave drawing and regular( aid and attendmi, to $100- burg for further Information.
    04 Stanley Drive. Three bedroom Get your turkey dead or alive to accept the bid which In the specifications from the architect by 00( per month Instead cf the pen.lion --.. - --- --. -- .- ---- -------.--
    paying the cost duplication at the
    brick home. 400.00, down, no Ph. 225.5129. tfc ,pinion the beat of said Interest City of Commission laid city ol lam rate of lao per sheet for drawlngiarrd rite of $70 00 monthly If the

    closlll.' ccsti. F ernon dma lleach Flr-rlda. MSO per let for ipeclflcatloni, veteran has a disability rated a*

    PPORTUNITY: Wanted ambitiouf DAVID M. GATCHELCity plan handling qualifications chargeeBidders' malt be sat. permanent and total, and has ad-

    0 I ACREtln Chcstcr-Crandall. area. men with transportation whr City: or Auditor I'err.jndina and Clerk lleach, I"Inrtfi2t .. (factory to The Hoard of Public Instruction diUrnal disability or dlsabPltlei' Independently SPECIAL | Heat 5 Rooms I
    vlsh to earn $10,00000 a year n-9. 12 of Naiiau County. Florida .
    $150.00 per acre ratable at sixty percent
    The Hoard of Public I Initructlnn ofNanau
    -tr and up. This Is a new and grow. County, Florida, reiervea the I or mere, and (permanently
    Ing operation) with tremendous PUBLIC NOTICE right S waive inforsn'.ii'ies i In >nv hM
    of Florida Avenue ane'Wo1lr
    rrner house-bound, but dues nut qualify
    advancement possibilities for the NOTICE!: TO (RFUITORIt and to accept any bid which they
    Street. 2 bedroom house ILOKIDA STATITM coniilder tn lie In the bent public lit- for the additional, aid /find, otl.<>ndamp Beautiful Thermolaire

    Frame vilh asbestos shingles. aggressive men we seek. This IN THE!: clH'HT' OF Tilt t'OCVTYJLIM lere.t T'Hn to rrlect any, ana nil'' bli.x the rile payable to him shall
    Is you opportunity to learnI .F, NASSAU BOARD Dl' PURUC IN I Ih
    , $3.230 with $1,423 down. NASSAU be $Jj 110 under the new" law.
    ' IDA, IV PROIIATE. ;W.O"-I.g-
    and fascinating business I
    EnCaSe of Ned itt list
    5 l rr- Anol ncr Important ion
    t'12 So. Fletcher Ave. 1 story Ru Send name, address and prcv fl.IUllt'rli: ; '; MIL""' Drrnfifi lury.It BYDean, lilankcnthlp, &,>(.re'J new bill provides tint, in sit, tt'u'svs I RC-40 Gas Heater
    lous experience to: P. O Boo ro All ( rrditnn ned I'rnuiii llavlni .
    plea 1336 sq. ft., life-time roof OS, Ocopnway, Jacksonville Claim or Demand Alaisat Said E. OM VI N5 I tiling annual I'' Income;' whin, a vitmm 0 '

    $13,500 I a'" Is living with his KDOIIM. id'' _
    Florida 32218. Our company representative You; and each of you are hereby no. PUBLIC NOTICE __
    apartment furnished. wli'ch t ii ,
    will contact fut I Ifled and required to present any I Income of the spojse rea "' ,
    tr 'tl i'e you ,i ilalmi: o"vt"u dcmunda' which you, rJllher 11'1' THE flitetiT rOI'IIT, f'Ol'RTJI Hinnbly avail.hit' to or fir the vit
    an appointment at your craven : man buns against the Jl'lllt'IAL' ('llIll'IT Ot' 11.1111111".
    19 100 x 140 buildinq InH with lence. N3, Vi! ',l.ite of Ellzibpth Nnldn., dereaaed iw AND largo; :: shnde trees. 3 Blocks from ate nf laid County, to the County I inc NlIV.N EASE VltZ'Jt; I II tl2iH or the total,, earncc1 Installed

    ocean. Sacrifice at $600 each. JONT .MISS TilE MUSIC of Max '.la urine i office of In Nmau the court County house Florida nf ,aid at I JOYCE TUftlt PSE5'LEUPIatUnitg.: I Illume ef the spouse shall ho ten

    Sirmans Band Saturday, Nov. bounty at F.roan dim leach Florida. sldtrcd AO the met me cf the vit

    Furnished apartments for rent. 923 ember 7, 9 till 1 at Ten Acres.DOBBS ill.in III| calendar monthi from the fREDERicK OL'AN PEEPLCI I I eran un"'" in the Judgment of tin
    lois of We tint publication of thIs Opf.ndonl.I
    No. Fletcher Ave 2 bedrooms Settee Two C"plci of each claim or NOTiCE!: OP silT Administrator to tin so would wcr1 With Gas
    new through-out. $70 per month TREE SERVICE. 16 yesn demand hall be In wrltln). and ihell.tale THE STATE OF FLORIDA I a hardship upon' the veteran Th' r
    experience. Licensed and Insur the pUce of ...C enc.an d post TO FREDERICK OLAN PEEPLES ,
    & ,(fir. .ddr... 01 the cI.lm.1Tt, and P. 0 Box SH8Kininlarxl previous law provided only an exrlu'liin ,
    McConnell apartments, 3013 So. ed. Call collect 355.2435. NJc hall be sworn In by the claimant. his i.eorfla: I of I he first $1200. of,' tholPOU'C' ; I' 0;, \I
    dec 'gent' nattorrevan 'comouaotedS You are hereby; nntlfled that a lull, I 11" I \
    Fletcher Ave. Four newly FLOOR SANDING; and refinlihIng a flllnl fee of one dnlla'r andtuch Mae been filed you the I/Home. "

    orated furnished. 2 bedroom apartmcnts. Floor tile. Paul E. Hanson. void.. "I' or demand nvl 10 filed shall b. above are: hereby entitled required eiune.n.l.n to file) haln your you an | ;; \.L.l.: \ \. Just

    Phone 261-4609. tfc I.ucy T Nolan I awer with the Clerk of this Cour' J "rC\: ':
    Ai executor of the Last Will I and tn serve a copy thereof upon the
    CONTACT PETE INGRAM I and Teitamenl olFUlnheth Plaintiff or PI.lnllfr'. Allorn.y DOZIER&GAY .
    WILL by day
    Salesman : Nolan, llereaied whose name and addre.. I.: t -.I-: .

    L. L. BohannonReg. or fenced week.yard Experienced.with play gym.Large Ph. 41 First_ publication October_ 1015.. I I1'h.82 29 11164, J .5IT I Thoma Attorney. II at 0 Hall Law : t-_. .,L;;'= $7500

    Real Estate Broker II North 4th Street PAINTSFOR ...JHL.X. _
    11 North ltd Phone-ttl.HM: 2613989. tfc Dilpi I NOTICE Fernandma Beach Florida :' .
    ---- and not Idler than the 91 day of .. 'I", """'"
    ' "He solicit Listings on Humes, NOTJc'E W HFRFBY IVEM that November 1'164 EVERY NEED /
    Acreage and Rental an order dated. Oitobor ;13 i'isd has I If you fall to do tn Decree Pr ; : :i COMPLETE: WITH TAX
    and refrigerator repairs. Call he.n issued bv the undermined auth. fonr.MO will he entered afnlnit yni> -- E; .
    '": AVENVE: business I after 7 no p m. to 7.30 am. 2235244 nrntnC I henoneufthe Oil Here for; the relief demanded In the Coin, vN'sLL;
    10 ATLANTIC Milliard1 I DOLORES BELLE M official, number plaint. 'Best For The South'Shiell's 'mm. .
    Call during day at The nature of laid lull finWITVCSP 225-5146
    properly old brick building on 2U70MI no nets by EIJISOM CASEY of I twine; Phone
    Liberal terms.ATLANTIC 845.3835.:) Ito I Khl'h Fernamlma, Beach. I Ila. I Ii ther. d.vo.o. I -Sb- ;
    Lot 37'j x 100 I r. -. irt. to be changed to CHUCK my harM and Ire leal'
    -- ---
    HIGHLANDS nix bid A of laid Court at ernandlna "..,'h I
    136':) each.These LET ALCOHOLICS : LUCKTHOMAS! II. HALL. Nj..au County Florida, this lit day '
    residential lots, 134 x ANO'l'1 of Octoher. A D., IM4 Grocery
    MOUS help with ) Deputy Collector of Cunlomllernandlna Good Housekeeping Gas Co.
    lots could be subdivided. leach FloridaJO (SEAL D O OXIFV
    Terms. By owner, Mizell. 200j I in? problem fat* Box 2.18.1'I 41 U. M, 2a, fl.' CIERK OF CIRCUIT COURT
    i Phone El 6-7700.
    Citj or
    Law Exchange Bids, :Jickson-1 Attorney for Plaintiff. I Yulee Florida L. P. Gas The Perfect FuelNewsLeader
    PHONE( 261.9033 ,
    Trade II North fourth
    ville, Fla. Telephone At Home
    355.2623.NIOc i Try A Classified Ad Fernindlna Leach: Florida
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    WUlinri! II Riitlidiro, Jr., nan of q f r
    M.< nd Mr<. W. H. Rutlnluo of
    1431 South ric-tclicr Avenue, iliai.
    mutinied (the position of |trrjunticl
    ,services officer with the 70' ir
    Roth: Combat Support Wing ql
    U8iiu.tpln; AB, Germany. 1 '
    Coptnin! KjtledffO served with a ,11 There's a Harvest of Best Brands on Sole now ct your friendly Wlnn-Dixle. You'll save more d
    .qAtr Force Re+"rve Of rico I'Tr.lnhur J during the Big $1; Sale on Thrifty Maid and Astor Canned Goods. You'll save on the freshest nup! E EOI i l, 1/

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    ("'101 1(10( State University prior
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    State Air foircs in Europe rain- '
    QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERvED-PRICES GOOD THRU NOVEMBER 7TH u/uw.uw/! uuEuuunuhuuuunwwluuElliumu!; ; Ilil'tiiiUf!
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    Cans M 8 $1 1.
    Reg 27< Thrifty Maid AppleJuice .
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