I Hamilton paced the winners In hitting WANT ADS/), i
w J. W. "BU lly" JONES I with a single and home run, t COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 3 I
: Paid Politic' Announcement I Janice Fowler had two hits also,
a i Jcannettc Gass, Tricia S arbcroI
Paid FnhUrul Advcrtlietftent
: !.. ) I I and Murv Reynolds shared In the I
--- --
i winners hitting
I I Merllyn' Nelson and Linda Evans i I
1 g .w. led the loners with two hits rail) ,
1 .-. while Namlou Smith, Mary Jane I' I
Tiller, Carolyn Knight. Aliff Knight
and Cathy Dopson had hits for tin !
j r u4. Utilities\ team, I
I l'
Thank You LINE: SCORE! i I II
Utilities,' < 000 008 1 1 i a91' 'II .

It : I :' ''''1: 1 ',. :'M' l". u': ft.,' .{f,11.. .. ,I Moore Bhl'i'htland: & : :, -. ,1 Dop'stinj 203; 000' Cuett x S and':17 "t : :.((1 r f\\w rte tlt y I r riJi( .M&:fi tl))1 Ex'ress of tf\\1\ J ..: : tJiI\; f) j I;' '

t .' 0' ;\ .. ".IY\'l. Thank You Reynolds l II! |I /. _; ., ':. ... ,'. ,,,\.' .. ,r. ': ,
.;.. I (
! +w I Senators Edge Jets

In Close Game; '! .


The Kiwanis Senators edged the
MAY 26r !Rotary Ji'ts, 109. In a close buttle,
i : last Tlunsd.iv night The log wiis
the tint of the nt-nsi'n for the JiU.
, Winlie, 1Illllll1bc! 'ham and Ricky to the citizensof t
1\I1'I.1118Id I shared fie! pitching; duly
for the winners all.8't.) the Jet
dnwn with 2 hits while the Senators .
HARRY POOLEYOIG collected 7, I Nassau County (for
Ladd Gordon lid (he Senitnri
r the pla'e' with 3 hits including' a
. trlnlp while Paul Schranlz, 1\1I'l>ulI.
. aid Edward Wilds and Billy Slit the sixteen tenure
: : COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 1 1I ton lint hits. Wilds' hitln'l a year

. double,
1 -.. Pete Priers and Puff Cover got
the luo Jet hi''". given me as I ,.( i

I A So Grateful To You For The 2700 Senators 1.1\1': :-SORE 240 0)0:) 10 7

Jets 040 2113 t 2

; +r Voles I Received (Only 22 Short of A First Furelra 1I111'lnbllthnm.Jton"n.lhl: : > Inveqnlst: and( J (Cover(and, Superintendent of Public :

Primary: Victory). The Chem-Cell Cubs di-leiitid the
; .
1 VithodiKt! Braves, 12-7, In n i inc. Instruction. iToo f
leering bull game List week
i I Am! So Anxious To Continue: My\\ Part AI Talblrd blasted alliinII' ,run
for (he losers tn try to keep them!
In the hill xime: but Ifonmr" VleDim.ilil -
For Good Government In Nassau County, and hit a triple Duiiklis hit I
two dIJllbl"1 and( Jimmy Pcucrik
The Second one fur the C:,ihs extra bate h.Is, I congratulate Mr. Blankenship
I Ask For Your Support Again In !Mike\ Ash had 3 hits III t loud the on
Cubs with Peaiock and Hi '(Its
w 26. gel'lng' 2. larry Gill, Stanley SII'lII't \\- f
: Primary May hats lor elected the of
_. I the and Cubs Walter, Slur tics got to position Superintendent of :

Ifo Best I). Little Steve Sh t<'bits nnd Mart
I Promise I In Return Very
Cruni.iUr; lid the HHINCS with 2
hits, aplueith' Vt.uluBivce. (lit Public Instruction.
Thai I :Have.Tbnk ling a hit fur the Users due' cfl'I'umpll'r'
: hits. wan a double.
I.INK MORE' :: I .
iiiaves" on :run; 0. 1 ; t
You Again. Yuba 311 (0:2 3 u nI I extend my best wishes to him. .
I III'c'wn!i (;rl'lI"ry and TnlbirdMiDciiiild. .
: R"ulimd and DniUis'
: Sincerely Yours
------- -
If there were three chipmunk
r + running loose In all of :North Am-
rika! they would be alxitit ancrowded
: HARRY POOLE as the star In tin lul- JOHN r. WEISNER
errs, aieoidinx( ti> the N.illomilAeronaulies
: Your County Commissioner, and Spine Vlmiiiittraliin -
i 1 Tno nearest ..il.ixlike
: owl Milky vV'iy' i to the rout spiral i
: Polo i'uhti.1, I Adtarukmeut' In Andioiiittl.i., sham 2 mlill.n Kid ,
: Poiilna Ad,1Page
. \lighalas J..a. IMU hurl!,

.' .
------ -- AA *

'. pre-Kthool children at Perk HlKhSihuol ...- \V\\! .!t'lidiT, rcmandina__ISoaih, Florida Thuifuuv! ,_May 14 1961!) Page Tar:' en

Peck High All parents concerned are
asked to comply und have their Pvt. Jackie Walker ml. H.>utc 1, \ilii. l'I"npll'lrci 1'I'n.l'I'k a IIIVP been abandoned under,! t comL .
L ant 'ond,Huns. :
child rmlsiired ," \ iruuiy: anti,I oaunHun l (
CommencementCalendar May 2.m. ..H .no dale 11 t fur the Completes CourseAt nurse May H al (In Army lie rntirid the Army hst: HC-
Junior.Scnli Prom rmlxr and completed basic Jramintf .
Oidnum( Cintir, Aberdeen 1'rov
May 27lh, Class Night, Ordnance Center m furl Jaikion, S C I
nil! Ground! Mil! Ilic uar-eld soldier si.UndidNahunu
Miy 211)1) sixth graue promotion Alxnlrin Proving, Ground, Md \\'.llk'r was trained\ t III mini ''Ca t High! School,

May 19lh and 20th has born do June May 31st 3rd, llitialaureate Commencement Service Excr.\ rJ .MUM: I'M Jackie WUI' vi'lull' amen nave nu' m dun III. tailor Archer VAalkir, live'*

signaled- as registration- period. for_ clues and close of school, her, win ml l Mi'> lilha t: Hiiwi: nut'el, doubled or mind. en clam ,in !Itoute I, :Nuliimla, tit, ..
f y

1 a d r.fK nIlrw : }

Thanks. 3 fRIENDS
a /(

I\\On.I)) J.l1TO

s!_ Tl'MfY' 10 THANK: ;



Ot'EEN: RECENT IDA RUTH II.VLL, eating: / her royal robe and crown Is! shown\\
with her court Immediately following l'oro.1Ilon: ceremonies! of 1 thc Wrl4u..ili! tr\' of i
Grateful For
THOUGH I DID the 1 First; t H.iilist\ Church held last \l'ct'k.o.Ii.: | .. :Mary ('"!'*%! "'\\ ,\ Dimtor! of the t I Am Very i

NOT WIN THE (H'. Florid Hipti-it! Convention, is shown left of t the Queen Recent 1

FlUE OF OCEAN -. -- The You Gave Me
t 30 a m, CanlMi, \'III'II'1'I1I1I\: \ > Support
HIGHWAY ,AND )TOUT AUTHORITY THE I dews, From dull l.ndir /

VISITS AND rOT.CTSI.DE:\ THE EI .'OHTwonTIIWHIU Adult ( ii' null'* ('I Ic-i, In the \rl
harm at J.lu: I pin, llink 1 hull 1 1 In The First Primary And
The Rec Center '1_Ir. .
('ill, Scant\ Oigiiil iti<'nil :Mid
nu III llu' onlddid1 Itoom at Your Vote and
I THANK \OU. \ItY SVXOY: ,,".\NDIIO\ I IIMI I p inMm I Will Greatly Appreciate Support

Tllllisim, MU lllh lime Dimniihli.ilKiii Club In IICinl : and 1111IIc'allh Club llII .,
JAMES M. BIRD I Playschool In the Gin: Konm I <'iimo llxm' al lOOt am,, I llonltli. Chili;' K,MMII, day IIIKUllllllt h The Second Primary, May 26. ..
Adult (ininiloi III the Art Itomat
Politi Pnlna.l. Advent seineot at 9:0: a m., Ciuohn NUumndo, I J.'10 pm II"'ink Sides, InMr I Adlill,11111I..11, Hillimini Pun .,

adult louder, Sr Lite s.iv Hi). (l.isi!; In the I'ou< 'Itlsu|; In the \iililuiliini /al H HOnu Thank You Much .
__ __ I Very .
m. 4011.6.(10( I p inSuilnr .. Mi: mill Mn, (.11 fUikdAllnnl .
I I lain Sjxlim tliisn In I Ih, IIbl rl. 1
fool 7'30.\1.30\ ( pm. \MnuoPliMjroinid. uprvlsid .
TO THE PEOPLE OF NASSAU COUNTYI ,Vdnltilviiiunl\ ,llll'uumalll"\ play,. 3.:111-3:3U: ( : pm, Dn) 'I ,
''l'lasl In the Aiuliliiriiim, ul R I 01 \iiniO', Inslr Louis Farres Higginbotham
I,.Iii.. Mi I,, und Mi>, Gil UtckiInsr .. .- -- --

Hum'rut';illls\ ( I the Ci mfr It mm' HI H 01 P 111 @ HELPSMOKEY Candidate For .
Senior LIli/iiiH flub In the tin
Men und Bnjn' health Dub II FOREST FIRES .
the Stealth\ Club Room, day aturnlnq fS& ..
Paid P lltlinl AdvtrtlMi tent
t"1 1 Atlantic Avenue I'laygrnmtd mionlMil ) .
a play 3.30.5,JU pin, U(u'' ----
I humbly grateful
: am \mulrp.' InsirJMDVV .
', MVY P.Mi
'- to you for the outstanding:: r' ('l1l1llwn .lunim Sdilnr Prom Ii Mr ll. r ,r r I el I' I i iAAA
I he And,Itiiiiitn ill 7:30:: |).in, 1
Sib, I'cii Chit In llu' dainv HINT' ) ) 1 1
vote and support you lit 115 pm.
l.h'l1lnd ItivH health\ Club II /
gave me in the May 5th f HIP Hculli Club lidoin day artvi /

'ninu, 1
5 nut\\! \\', MAY 16th.
(ditmldi Pouring l'11I' in IIAu 1
Hum ut H.UU ant 11.11I1; /
My office staff and I ('1'1'11 Itnnis ('IIIMI I nl I'u' Aslant 1
Avenue Tennis" Courts alI\ :III amI
t \ > I""n Culilwrll, liiHlr
shall( strive to merit ', Adult Teams' ClaMI at the Allan I
tic A\cnni TtnnlK Courts at 10J) : Big Mower. Bigger Value

t.m.. Din Caldudl\ Inslr '
confidence by giving .
your Scnlir !Ulc Saving CIISH In 0Pul ,
10 00I) m..11.nu mini 22"
continued courteous and efficient service as i in the Senior I.He Saving Class In 1111 Rotary Mower
you! Pool t ) ( p.m,
Teen dub( In the Clime Room< > ,a
past .. ,.. 7:30: p.m, with top quality 3 h.p., 4 cycle BrIggs & Stratton Engine .:
Cotillion\ Club DIIIKC In! tin Aidilurlum Finger lip
You ut 9 00 p.m. 'Chok'i.made' :
Again, Mm und li'ivs'' lliultll Club I In throttle' I
for ONLYBuy
the lleilth Cluh Room, day an control on I I ''I l ours. :
Sincerely corning, I I '. ''I I .
i : ': 44; "J : : t. StNDMV: : 17th, handle I i :'" I .' I .' .1I !
; .'.' { _
.. i EDDY Cliuitli hurting< In tliCunfrrcnce 1'1\ t1 ,
( '
McKENDREE .J.O"/'IIin// ( 'I;, } '!' "+ ",- 9 .\ Ji\\
Hournat( / H lilt a m I I '/JdBd.on i'l I d ..4 ;r,'' ;r'," $ I" "j\ 1' y. ,,",t .
Ilis'Pillul' Society 1'jHdint lit If" )1' '
lioirsit In Hit) AISlhl\lrhl"11" al 3.1. hemmertone '. n4Adjustehle w.. '
;'fh I't!Pfr'I,'i 'rill i oIli,1 It,In'l \' I/.T/ Assessor: I i, .v.. III 1'.t.1 1 1"ntI 1I
''I I. I $..' ,' 1\ 'Ij'qlt 111'' 11i1! J'r Il'' p mIOM ,, \ /
,\ >AV. ALLY IMh
( I t \ t
Pad 1'01111..11 A.\.I\m.111! \ ItujlstrullIn ., ; t
_.- iJimhm] Imiim t "" '.
tin Audit limn ul. HMO( a m '
-- -- aawsrrasuu. ('I'rmuu.Ia, ,. lauti'illi' In th cutting height
Art II Km' at 3.:10: p II).. Hun ,roml"to3i on BUDGET TERMS! i

. Sides! InstpSdiiir .
life SaIn'-1 Him' In III Rugged 14-gaujt Big 8' wheels with/ Safety guard Take all Summer to pay I'
J'niil 4 HI 6 00 p.mSi steel dick Firestone tins In gross chute
YOU'D EXPECT TO PAY A LOT MORE 'ninr I.Ifp Saving: Clara, In th '
1'001 I 170::!' 9',:.0 pm, More values from our complete YARD & GARDEN department t
Adult md Inns ('crnmlrs' In 'III, ,- .
FOR A FUlt-SIZED OlDS All I Hanoi at 7113: p m |lack! biiUi" II

InstrJjyirps' 1 i
In Die (imrennc llo.'" / 1 I I +
f al 8 01 p m :
of .5' ''r y Island !'MH.irps| ('lab| In the Au
tIl'' reran al 7.30 D m
(utilllni. (,hi II Hiuid Mi i Inn: I ii:
tin G..mc: 1 t.m:. at U.IHI p.mMm Ail-Metal Flexible

4. und !HIIVH Iliallli Club I Ii Pouring Spout 1
; r Ya the He iltli Club: Uimin day uni/

'" tvinlnitlmlie;, .Rust-reniutnnt lop i ird /
/ Avenue Phjcrounrf) sup 0 106 bottom and Inter llr
r T\lsid .plug J.JO.:3; 30 pm, Hi I INaam'v
"' InslrII .
Plaltic l1ip tap .
:Sim", MVY IHh I ,
r vent pl'rmil.IlIIt. : zj I'/'a',carol /
rhysihml: In the dame Ram ;
at 930 D m., Carolyn VUtai'rondo. easy pouring /
:Idyll\' l 11'/1<1..1'. I i '
.nrillianl rpcl and
'SI 1.1'1'11'11'18' diild; 'ard Part;
ill I Ill, Audilnrlum at H (W P II). 'uUuw enamel UaLib -- /
b..r.h"Plll'n. In the COlllclI ncr
lIuIInt, H ()4') ) p m,
(Palnlinu t'>r l. 'i>uic In the Ar Only
n'M'in al V.M p m,
Ml'nlnd \Hn i's' Ilialih (lib, I Ii EiJ.177
.he Ilialth Clul) Ilium. day am 4 /

evening Atlunlic Avenue Pla>nronnil. nip. i
models ervlHi play. 3 30 3 JO P m. Dun i i.mniv 6 6 C
less than 30 N
Yet the Jetstar 88 _costs :\" ., In .ir. Lightweight. nrxihla' :

VF'M'SI; : V\\ 20thStvinij hOMO freight! Lrigllt: LImit 2 Rolli Per Customer i
with low-price names! for Uiuinnirs In I the Ai (IIlorlum .. //lrl..n minor '1J1I- h. ,
at 2'0:; p.m. :Mao Ilnrri Alll>rnm <'iiiii"lini!", Additional 1.59 Each :
.on I lime (Uimuns'rulun. A"<'nt, "

InitruitcrItrurnld. ,
Sensational performance (lasl hues 12d4r' / .

NOWI JETSTAR 88 OFFERS YOU A CHOICE OF for everyday -owner drlvlnj! the Art, Inmr Itrum at 3.30 p m, llantSldn .

THREE GREAT NEW V-8l All-n.w 230hp. Senior Life Saving tli"! In llu BEACH ,

r.gular-8a Jetfiro Rocket V-8 Engine, optional DO n I liP Poe Adults I 14' on and.H 00 Tuni p.m. Crramii Chsiin 1 FERNANDINA ..

, at no extra COlt Adion-packed] 245-h.p. 00 DlOO the Art It .inn, at 713 p m.. .. 118 ATLANTIC AVENUE J
Hank Sides InMrs M .
Jetflr. Rocket V-fc, standard 290-h.p. hiflh- "< ni" i' Lid Sac' nu Class in t Ih 1 ', tt1l ,
at Pool 7 309.0" ( p.m tr { Your Car's Care Center" ,
J.tftr. Rocket V-8, optional WIII/Ir //lrnh/lihI/sf r I l .
compression ,
!can I I'. no Id:ciU I /lirursiil 'lathe .
for a trial run todayl! -- .. 7 ro ,
extra coif. Choose yours po Xudil rium at p m PHONE 261-4482 t
Mm: and /II iv.' Ilialih Cluh Ir :

...... he K'.iHh (lib l.iMirn. day am ifivmin I
!tits(1i111" .IN
Munn< anus jriuuniirmirrrDur runic! arau ,
......11I'11I1,tail.iiiT iniiii' '(

232 South Reynolds Motor Co. 251.3121 Phone Alliiilic, Kid: play Avenue::1'0.1 : 'lyitrnund 30 yam nupir /lv'>n. FIRESTONE Rest Today., Still Better Tomorrow !

8th Street >anirv, I I"-i> .
w. .
''1IIlI, ",U1': e..

.r 1,. ".h. a lAa. .....i'f,.. ............ 1a.; ':;::.rM.r::; : Plal'.chua; laa .ire l(u..... .L

. . .
'fI' "SsePP.r .

Fernantiina l Beach Florida I May 14 1964nu -,.-. Amounl offlrsrrgdlon
h:4l: Tweiv. lelw"iaeader, -Thurgiay, Lu'es
A. Done
.. -. I of Lend Ira Tp Rg end l'u.I.
--:.. NOTICE OF TAX SALE i Amoenl SFDeecelptbk A..I s. _

01 Land Ben Tp R.. A, Oweer Yeses I/.aeelpbng .f Land See. Tp.. a,. A. Owsel Tn..d .. SOl'TH BEACH it'D.
..nl'esu Vest -llIo.k I Lot II Morgan. Uro. W, D. 1336
M I I"'no nn-n I Arrington Catherine (1. 14 ,8
of June, Stuck I tat 7
NOTICE: U hereby liven' that on Bench the .lit County day of N iau IIIMHIII of Ho Ida, test 1 Holiday Time Sub King. C, E. Br 4 DerBs H. I N 1.01' Pt or IS In DII 184 Arrlol"r' C.lhertne 11.dl..k .

al the Courthouse. Fernando following deacrihed Inrl In t p.v tie I. I 0 1\\ 'arc 9n., "1. l\nM., C. E. Iv. a Berth HLeI 104 '41 1'18' Cn Sec.hrLlophor I Inl T lLeIi HEI 131.83
tan ccrllltcaiei will .be told on the lam" together with tie cottiot I B Holiday Tim. Sub I\n., C. E. Sr lit Hers) H. 333L : Creek OTRATIIMOSE PLUS
arrount due ,for tabs hetvln let OpPIl'U.+ I 10 11'UJ", 'l'I"e sub. King. C. K.: IIr, 1 Bcrtba H. 4 40 retaur II I III Ellis. Clarlre W. Jr I2:IOI"

ouch Late and tdvertlillni cost Amonil orT ".,'v L"f t II lf: 25 7 Ltknaw5, IN .Sarah of Land flint Lot S 47 1 II Cnk11 ISal \ Lao 13.0. U.U, I 01 NortherlY Aa). R W Violets. lay M & Alo, 'nla D. 42,73Ptork

'net, In DII 2:! P. 13w. I lot 13 Wlnd.ot'
of Land Ire Tp, R|. A Owner and Comr I Nee. 37 IN U "i Johns. A. L. 3354 Iy of I Marsh I Place. No. 1 Tawnnnd I. ... 170
Description and 80 I b II Oliver, T. W. Wife .77 ,
n. 7 COL"t
70Co. Nuln D. Ii Elmo
In 1..11 110" PI ; Ltd 7 Wlnd.or Plan No. S Khtg
per I" ON'" 21 01 J..hn.on, J. K. 62N'y n DR 131I Pg.fMD S'S Co,, Jan Out Inc 138
No I
12 Windsor Plus
41 1 II F.v..t: I1 E.: Ir. 117S .
n ,
4 5n CITY Ot'
Stork B Lots n Thru 27 4mhll Crablll: Mro Mrs,. LMlle latbe R.b. 00.8Sck Corner.t"n IU" In ba HI 1M 15 n JOhl.'IOII' I. K. 1150III ) K.II: 'PgP033 1AAI I IIfI I 25 I rn..... Prod C D. L. Sn7n I I Lot 'w'y of

sick' 14 Lull In a 17 Pg rMCa or II p. 147 Ca. Res. 110 a II Den_, Carrie D. 3118'L 1, 2 4 Oenlell Elh.1 D.

II L't', 14. 18 21Tmu flnlll: ) M.. Lnllle n. OBI Roc. IS 2N 21 ))0 Johnson J K. 553 of Lnl II In nr 3 1 'k"1 Lot WI5 of .
24 I' Thru It 1 ., : NW' IJ 1,4 U 31 JuMuun: J. K: 1011 '5. 'JO Less W 3UO I 1. I. 3 4 Sntell, tibet II. (Lens 1111:1:) PI"?,

Stark 1Lili.\ 4. 5. 27. Orohlll M... Lottle D. 311tikwk .r\ 'I') :a' c.r t''V4' .7.5. c.I.'Nond 50 I II flood.lI, A, I. Ann V. non Black I Lois 5. I. 7 II I. It"" 'e.ree 33,23

Urll', LIIa.n 'III Dew In or IU p. 338 In 2N 15 1 Mid Stole' llomes Ins 8011 or I p. 131 Ca Black tat 23 Christopher, II. W. & L. M. 1011Igack
n Lot I 13'Blra'k14lnt42 "' 0' _. PI kle' le>> 2.4 III W.fJI". W&\lIdm\ 1 Elloa e8.In .es. t9 5 251 Kelly John a. A. D. 1.71 : ::: N'4' 01 LT.
Slack: 55 Lot t WOthMf.h.h'r"J": I'. N DB 108 p. all Cn. n or 10 p. 4IU Co. II, 19. 30 111411. Charles A. Wife 40.73
: : 411 burst Lend 18 120! Hammond M. H. Myrtle T. 5051M55ICAN \
Mm P50. ,
11N t3 40 R"" ... P. J N... IK4. H10 III W Block 1 Lot H'i 01 10to
I W'= of SW'4 II 1M n 15 Polreioth Mrs. Lonos" 25 !VI 3741, I IEe. or I p. 4431) 19 IN IS 1 '.. Lo..."....... Minnie Les 1CMnOler ilEAC" Il'lI. N0 aSlo.k 14 In. Christopher. Usorge: LuIs 7261 4.13

Lol I I t3 10 Inem H M. I lit 0102In I Lot I imp 18 I II Lect.lr, Citharys: 1161 mark' 9 Lnt "i 01 I 14 Hoses. L'oarles'
('orn".n Survey 'I 21LM L. flU O.
Lot 31 Pets a Evelyn
M. 115In
Mr. Chorle0 19 IN 21 Wooden, Oils & Clara block 10 Sat 19 McNell
Nalllnn 641
32 Simmons
tat 3'J Cornwall Survey I I 21 10 14rLol rRI /fa lock 5 Lot 17 II 101 looter. WIIII.m, .
I I II 10 Ilordnn C. A Co. EII..th. 111I114 block 11 Loo I to 4. -
39 Cornw.1I Rurvev Survey II I 2.1 10 'I.n'uck' RIIO 148 tI.c. 191M 15 Melton, Clennn N. & Rheth. M, 1817 Mock 1 Lot 10 II 14 SmlIh Frank U. 14604/ II 1.2:\ 13. 34 a W III
82 CrrlNoli 6011.ot Leonard Howard I'. Pearl E. 104911nk
Menke II.n.v IN 4,7 U Merlii, Mesourl, B 115 of I 6 ,
Cornwall Survey II I n 10 n ot' IS PS 101 lock I tat 11 18 115 n.v'' Alamo 1 Pauline 1121 n. '
{.o1 N 8 C'"owall' R"rY.y U I 13 10 Krog. Herbert A T 646 21lard In or au p.. did IIIN U MIA 0l.le Homes 100. 455 'dock. 4 LnI IS 18 1 M Williams. torah. C. a P. 14331 II Let t A.kln"", T. H. Kathrtne H 2017'block

Al Cornwall I.'O"v.y II I 130\ Pulmon Jamel' II. "f ot' II Pg IU7 II 2N 11 J'mneon' I, K. & Ines J, 17570 lack I Las 41 18 I U J". .on. I'rn.1: D. Sr 1'48 II Lull 515 oIL /

43. 4D. Cornwall 06'' In SW'', 0'' OK''. ofNWIt lock. I Lot 41 U I II $10142. WIIII..m J. 114)Jr'k ) ::18 Sorensen M.. leorgo: (131st.) 00 G2.
Bouncy 121 ro OOnee I :r p N. 5's: Pl. t Lao 7. Lot 49 18 I 91 Loson. T. R. M. I. 11704 back 12 Lot N'5 at M
Cornwall Survey I $ 13 Payne: $ In. I0. 110: 34 Sub. S B. 7 t.ol 53 II I II 50)0011 Wliliom I. 7161 noulaoe(, Prod N 29.73
Lot 51 DIn5m, Theo 829:! 19 2N 15 I Johnson I. K. 30} 1lJ'n.a: Lhl.s. o 5.: i 10
4' 23 5502 II Loo. t 34 imp .
W I Aof Lot I CIII k. James 0 EI AI 65721 0:1: Lots lock: S Lot a3 II I 21 Moors. A. T. 56681MFRICAN ., a
511 II. 5311t In a Pg 100 BtCK'k 2U Lots I II PI.
In Or au p. 204
AU of. II 4 13 4 Own Unkno..n :.0. III Sub. 0'' SElof DEACII ICII. NO I of ID IBSx/2 W 515.1, .r.'II.I1.' Mary 8t C. n. t 10
All Wont of ROW 3G 4 23 1 Roogem, 11. B. 4 SO NW' 19 IN II I Johnson, I. K. 104I lack It Lot 11 II I 18 Rsu1h. Ruhw E. 14390 Illoc'k 21 Lots 14 E: 38Fl.

RE {, 4P 4 R 7r, ,I 1.011 1oo P,. 850 Cg ICK'k II Lad. 5 II 14 Rlvltro, R..,,. 10110ork I 01 II Arklns. Kalhrlne H. 810Klock

ROWS,,1nS 011 21 Pg 04 Charlotte Y. 2001 Ree, Para I ON IS Keen, 3. V 7527n 12 LOl I 18 I 18 PRV"" Alonr", Jr 50981 20 Loo 10, II Deckham Anne Clllnirto I27
1 19 14 37 Ford Thomas I. UI. cal Pg 49 : ON 22 'i Edmumtan' : Donald W. 420In lock 14 Loll It 18 I 28 Ch.almun H. L. 77 Block 24 Lot E'y of II oI."llIno, Lou 1109Iblack

.n OR .,5 Pg 3! tn Etj n. 504 !lock 14 Loll 11 14 18 I II Ttum Clorenrt 1111 au 1.11 10 1111I. Elberl L. 1 Eloise 1 e0
& Ruth
24105 E!: 01 Hwy 30 IS 24 A' INWesley E. 11 sa N.O.r'B' kC 1 lock IS Lot 10 18 110 Mltrheil Lonnis 1011 Block 34 Lol E: N B 01 1 1'.rlll. Hwy W. & 1.1811. M. .....

(L. Booths B'arvsy 10 IN II Dpal. H.vwood A. A DeulDhBloc'k 7517 lock 17 Lot 3 18 5 28 Davis. L. C. 779Iork Block III Lot N 37th Hoover. Mary Ellrabelh 1314

TORN OF CRAWfORD I 1"1. of 1.01 4 I"DII 18 Loll 10. II II I 13 Davis, AIDnoo, Jr. 17.13 Block Fl. of 40 I Lot N'i 01 4 Odum. James O. 1 Evelyn M. 1 59-

Pt of Jot \III\\: In OR 26Pg. 133 p. 48 i1K/lh. Janet EllloLt E. Jr. 0434Pt. A IERICAS liEU 740. a UNIT N0 1 I Shock 41 M'. of I 011,1110. J. M.'o, "C. 1011--

473 So 01 Old American lIerlla Homes for eo 31 survey 29 IN 25 luck I Lot I 18 I 18 Wllllnms. Rudolph V. 5050Icob Block I:::: 1''' ol Croson u. n. (lEstI 01,31Illnrk
Bwldw 111 R4 2 1ff 14 Illock I Ilralh I LIII I 18 I 28 Afro An@lc.n, Pen Our 119. .: ::1 Lnl lie, dN I

Pt 01 10110 Ft of Lot Dykes. James M. & 110..1. 7D.27 Survey 29 2N 25 I Surrenry. H. It IEst" 810In 'loch I Lot 7 18 I 21 M'larlaod Arnie Lee 1118: 8 FL. of 7 Perpeno O.. L. 3113
40 tn ti.'i K5 FA t b II IN II lad ,' 426 Co. !1,0 I Lot 1 18 I KK Munr.. Ella Z. 4111 Vnklr.wn 1,30Olork
Lola 4 GI a WI' 01 Td R. 511 Hoe.. PL 71.r'lIl 7 lock 1 Lot 10 18 I 28 Ernest D. ids L. IJ 01 I \!lock II Lot NI2. of 8
It 1N 44 U Drtitiers Unknown /N J. M. D..y Survey 20 2l'4 25 Jones, Mrs C, C Br IE.IIHInck ) 287 III..k I LUf II I'S i IA tck.on.Those a Willa Lt. 1'181 11 wi I'.. ofN T King. Nellie 5 P8

DILots:'ofto; 821 I: I N 10 =: l.nvhr:: fl. L. A w'r' .WLode 3 Lou PI nr 23 Illock I Lot S 18 I 2n Masan Myrtle 17.13 Block IU It 70 01 Lao I 3. I Dow, Llltbe (Sot I 1 43Illnrk

Lot 141M 21 Clond.nn Made L. .' I 010 DB 233 Cg. UOI c. H.Draddnckr AMEIUCAN BEACII N0 I hE'T. "N0." I \ 71 Lol So. 75 R. o' I King Billion 49 U
1101' 001 : Marks. Vernon IIJrdy 1 Mary V. 757 I
5211 2N aD 1
1 20 0340nrk
1110 .17 Ilf 14 10 I.ry..vllie TurpenllnsCorp." Sub. lock 4 Lot 3 Roos Helen 0I. 1121 Block 71 Lot 8 Is uwn000. Joseph \I
tat :
8rc.vlll. Turpentine C". 6117 black\ 3 Lt N till I't ofJ Burns. Nnra
wI 1:51 1 2.1 2:1: Ilf IN 24 K4 10 10 Ibyeevllle fUII.nlln Ca '40 Wrag.b101 OIlelo: : Sub 29 2N 25 Mhos. E. D. 1'530 luck 4 Lit 4 Rnus lIelen ti. 147Jllo..k I block I ;; Lot La N'3 t ore 'lnlhers, Rllen fE'I.1 mI

Lt'l' I IP5' rl SW'4 of74W'4 nh", k 4 Lot 4 c I5x. N Jl2H' I I Lot 2 Morton Ry'Ivener L. 5nlh'' H. ISO? Nook 74 Lots I 1 7 Howard Roy W. w Ev.I'n D. 0 lit

Thol' Pt. of L'W'4 15 3571> If Johns. Preston P. I. 4024PubflC WUoun 1 Ogilvie) 3,71to Lnl 7 Akina F/va/ Paint M.'n" K..1It J. a Judllh C. 1012 I hack 74 Lot B'II or I Lsrral. Laarks 4'791ork

::oNtfown; :( Rub 2. 2N aD Mimi, E. D. 14. .16 Cohen 71 Lot Sy of I Horne. Non 1158141cll
R'Od :3 210 14 ::15 John. Prellnn 1 p I. 7031to DII "U" P,. 15 Co. 11.2:::: Phillips. Charlie R. M. I. 670of 10 tog I Herring. T, C. 'c. ,J
Sn0i.e's r", I. huller 2 Taoiopsan Leonard 470t Willi. .. Willi. W. a flne Ann IJ JIt
"B's" Co.Rec. 11 20 14 "I"'. Points 1'1" \\Io.k! 10 lot H', or I :
DR.' 3r \ a SA 10 Janos 30 2N n 37 Johnson J. K. Mary n. or 20 P. DOU Co. Jlltc.fAAI Slack 00 Lot It Perkins I Joseph III Annie S0 BJ
In In DD ;! PI 1 W'. 0' SW'\' of NE'4 30 21f IS 20 Johnson J. K. 1131 PI. of Lol IE. O. hock 1'O Lots \,0, 17 Colt, Mm. John Y 314.Inrb
Co.Co JUc.nccInDII 13 IN 24 III. Johnion. J. K 234 IIct Black 3 LM 1 A. E. Friend Rub 31 I 28 1 tv.y, (ie010C: E. Jr Paths A. 11.72 t Inn fans 8, 8 Ilyd: Ella a nI
H ;
Ottllvle, I. M. 7.01 P324 1 Co. flee I : Hulaendotf. M.rle H.
UPI. IS3 In DI 161 061101. AOdill"n No. 130 21: aD In t DH 218 Slack 185 Lot 4
117 91 24 2N 24 I Johnson I. K tllOf.k I 1. I lOW C"?. 0'I e Ex DII 282 p. 012) ,,1c4 1.. 414 4 (Iteal
NE'44 0'' NE'4 J. M. Ogilvie Addlllnn 30 2N 25 Johnson J. K. 1 Mary D. 1944rrk E. O. Found Sub. 0 S 28 Tanner Edgar .81 JOE' Hnl.nd"rr, Mllrl. H. oe t7

'/ct NW\4\ 01 N&4: 1 5 M. In 0 011 211I P. 112 Cof.nIsIIO Block 120 tot B'; 01 I Shine, J. Mayo ill C. I 11 I
011 PI 191 :< IN 14 40 Jnhn*n, i. K ft M II. 1241 00uvie k'I I I:'; 30 IN 25 Johnson I. K. 4034 lad 341 E. 0, I tllOl'kII: Lot Sty of 4 1w. A. 1 N. 208Blo.k

'/ NW'4 of NE'% I* 2N 24 20 Johnson, J: K: 1331 b..1: Bloc'k 114. of Lit 5I : : 0 I 28 King. Joseph D. 1 M. M. 10.30 131 Lot 7 Local Union No. CIO 97,1

In Dll 98 Pg. 008 24 2N 24J JonnuH J KIn '0 0? Pl P1.; 42Nrwrnmb U\'RSIE OAK' lOll. \lock! 132 Lot EI', of I J'dmrnn Frank W. II S'de II 5'

CnBncery Order Hook ''I'll''I I blot' bib Avery Cools: I. p26: Bic'ck 138: Lit I 42 R. or t Fairly I'. Saryon 11544
IncE 211b0b0'k Tro.1 A
Mid Slat Hornet M.
II PR 114 24 2N 24 Cabinhyn 32 2N 25 Chavers. Lol I Avery Ilurnle: I. 198I.n pack 131 1.t43 Jones. N.oml 910
of SW'4 I 11 1'1' 700 FLd I S' or I Mr'IUwluueh. Leo 100111
1,r of NE'4 Crane Cleveland 510M I \ I Avery Iiurnle S. 198 Block I'J Lot .
(Ex 2', Al I 24 IN 24 11 1 Newrnmb! Sub 670 Avery. Hurnle S. IIIR stork 141 Lol N I.. 0' t McCullough Leo 115i
__ I Cartel ..0l 4
In ;U5! lYY r., Co. John.olt, I. K. 700'' Nuth t'dohnn 1nkley, An..lla 1. 400to 14.00; i Avery. ; Uurnle S. 201 Block i 146 Lot S't of 1 Cnrluhphar;;, tOld 2U
Ann 14 2N 14 10 A. 2u.n Lol 8 Huse Wand Sub. Hl0Ale. 61I11ole I Lot 4 Avery ti05158 I. t 88 block 147 Lot S. of < Williams, Sarah
In dips" P. till Co. Rae 21 IN II .85118.rails: 011 133 1'.. 3M Ca 10.71 Lot 7 Avery Rooms I. Ins block' 148 Lnt S 86rt
Btorh'31 Lots I 10 30 I Rne, U 2N II Mlms. E. D. Lot I Av.ry.luml.. I. 658 of i N 64 rt of i Wllllami. Nelaon 6179
Lola I Thru 111105 I Lnl 4 Murk 16 Klrtiey. Ester Mae 2437
Ise Block III 414 189 Avery Hurnla I. 108 Block liD Lot 19
Mill Leuraa Lot 9 '
B 27 IN II Oho, II 2N 25 W.yl'. Norman Young Agnes 627
I' Jar. Perk Sub borough 'lob'es: Lot 10 Avery 5101,15 I. IBSLM Block, IM Loll 23. 24
SOUTH BILLIARD IUILRlork'333 I IBlook'314 In or II p. 804 81 1M IS Hauls. Epoey M. II Ildn.y 39161! II Avery uurnie I. Ill Illock 196 LeU 27. 21
Oil Ilnffm.n K. D. .1! .1IIlock' In DD 109 Pit. 185 DI 21'1 21 Junes. Roherl 101 lit \.I Avery liurnls I. ISO 5't' of 20. M, 31 a ft 32Block Rlcho Sol (Fit$.) 681
Lot Hoffman R. D. .. 11 2M U Hall Nancy 841 505 166 Loll 3, 4 Heed Shirley ft Eirbirn Ann 4111.1 I I
IU 20 In Uti 109:' PM K2 Lot I IO Avery Iiurnle; I.
lots Lot 30 c.rpanl loh.nn. H.lnhold 'ou In or 00 PI. eoo, '12M a& Jordan Raymond k De10rle 4,54TI I.nII Avery Uumle I. 1111 Block 110 Lou 3, 4Illock Coiemnn. John D. & M L. 830
.tll4 Illrsrd.. M". I. E. JMlak'449 \ I Avery Ou11e I. 105 110 Loll 7. 3 Crlltb Leon a Ira Mae 1052
Lot 17
4'10 (
1 0.R.c.
4U1 Lot Dn 124 p.
Block Wllllamt. Nelson 1011\
$ L,1 I Ouupa. Lain. A. lEdl( DOHlack'4411ois 81 2M U Clark Susie 0071 Lot 18 Aver. \lumle I. 14 Block 180 Loti 6. 7 Wllllami. harlea H 6 JO

: 10 10 IS, In or 28 P,. 804 81 2N 2D 20 The Dinsmom Co lot 88 Lot 1'1 Avery Iluenlt I. 105 |Murk IKO Lot 8 Turner David ft AliceHoltnn 1(11(
10 10 CIO In.. Lelbln. I 0 C.C. ::90 I IWk'il In or 29 PI. "ID 81 2M 21 Willluma. Robes Lee 4 KL.'ln Lot Lot 21 20 Aver Avery. hurtle tiurnle I.I. SOS 101 Block Hock 181 161 Lot Lot 8'i 4 of 7 Ira. Jr. ft Wile 1052

Rtock'N41.01 II LeibinL Innla. .. L. .lee 21 Thru 27 tn or I Lot 410 Aver. Hurnl. I. 159 Block 117 Lot 7 Ilooen Herman 910
Lot 1 I :20: PI 71 I.randlcs. Ind Charlie LL 1 Doris 010
00430 tiurnur R. (51 Carver
? :? ; 0 a 0 Inc. Avery Block 186 Lot 3
: M NW'4 Add to C.II.lhan Unr. BI IN IS tot 24 181 Bruon. Robert OAyton Edith II.
R. 17815y.4EaofLoti3InOR I. a
OR W 19 1 14 10 Reed Hubert E. H.lcn Lot 31 I. p. P1.' Sub 11 1M U (n'en11ro. Angus< W. & Iylvla 101 4 41 Avery Avery tiu11s lIurnle I. 774 Block 11 Lot I I!
Aid Lot 21 lyf0f
I 2. Mark, Jam. Irons UI73in Lot I II I 15 4 H.dd..k Lot 26 Avery lIurnl. I.I 174 Stock\ 266 Lot 8 hadlIok.. L., B Eat ,
unrun I 303 Co Rec.IIn .
U P ;: 3'Ub. In nr 18 I'll Black D Lot 4 Hordee Block MB LoU E'' of 3 Dullbcrl)'. I'rank R. 82j
DR a P4. bW'c" NE'y: I
LlncoulSub. I Oak tlrnve No. l Thomp.nn. lam. W. A EI..nnr 1112tllo.k Shark\ 214 Sub N oI
Lot II : 12ofW305of14110:
E'4. ''I' I I 24 Mid IIDIa Hom. tn. 7102In 911 H Lot I tlard. of South 12 ft ot II of
Lot 1 Herrbq
n PI. 191 Lincoln Qu9ce 35 4 21 ", Joseph, Jr & floDr,. I Oak Grove No, I Peternon Willie III I N 26 ft of A ot 0522
Set!: de 1313McNeil
b01, I I II American Shell Homes\ 11031 MAnn eo.o OCEAN BREEZE gUlk II of B of 1 Morgan SyKenter ft Rulha D

E 130' n. of W 400 F7.d In DD 171PI I IILl. W 1001En. Illock 214) Sub. Wif of DWI
W'4 I Lot 28 (Less
Le" I ILens IU FtLasnwut5.Pleasant 4':7:4R: : 4 2N 21 Duhe1 David R. & Carol H. of I i'f S 44 It 7.17
Woolen, C. 1.1. & Lola 62039W 2132I PI. 121 Pete
Park 1 I 24 .. tiE I : 'co. of C
'IO\B&l4o" 31'274) I I 28 7 Tyson John R. 1 Joseph R. 7.17
of S
28 13 \.kno\\. n II Rem i \ : Block 214 N 50 Ft
Lot 4Plessent 191M
315 II of Wontltn. c. M. Lola (Lass HEI) 04317 All or 28 I1ess W 180 I'llI 'hdCof4NSft.sfcd
S 2 II I 71 !
pork All cof tat 1 I or Pub. I .. DB 2M p. 127 91 4 S 42 ft, of D of 4 Mc TOWN 01' 1II1.1.IARD nd. Lose 12/\ a NI': PI.I 31 2741 I I 21 Tyson, Joohn R II Jasepos. a. BIOI'II 214 LoU I 48 ft

. Blo.k I N 128 FL ofr 316I&ainonaPiII I :F ,S IOra In DII IU p. 7 I 18 414 Grant, Maggie' E.t.( ) 4141In I \\L"I I Loss tiEl 49.01 of A ft N 6 ft. of B of 1 Mel:owcn. Elliot a: Flir. ,iliclh V M 117
Luta 1 & I "nlu'"wa o or Lot 18 In 011 24 Block 214 Sub D of I Oliver Tonimle Ue ft lac.li V. \10 IIKrglor
\ Y or : 1'q. no Ca. Pre ci. lil7 Co Ron I I 18 Tyson, Joseph R. Ida L II 11I1 Block 214 tub, N 41 ft of
54a Co. 4
\ 10 0? 310 4771'Hlak '3 DII 254Pg. : L ft Annie M 19 31
In Clog
\ 31. 28 3 t..onnon' lIonry J. .f Lot' .8 C of 9 S I It of' D ot 9
KblI LTarence D. A Yvonne B.ILclt In or 1ft Pg N9 127 C. RI. I I 2. Tyson' Jneeph R. & Ida L. '' olD
Ca. "CD. Itvl 8:8:7:: :o LI 0 'ro"n Block ( 'E'.o IEj
/7 73 lfl..
Block 39 Pt o. Lol I I A1Jlt '':'Lnu\lb.U Hallm, Harold n. lIeUy lan' 37' Pt of Lol 28 2 I 28 Twee n. Joaoenh R Ida Leg 8 27 of C nf of 10 Porter, II 11 ft R. k,;. I...I
Lot 54 I I 28 I LilLI.. Charles E. '
1100 0 0280 (EI oa IS Pg. In ftr I' r. 41 Ct. RIC!. I W. J. 20' Illcck! SM5 Sub Son M. l-'Bl
2132JUock IInNt 20.ahem neshard Samuel ft
Constance Lot 231
tllla Mae John C.
AUJUn, Drnyt n, of 1
: 1 47 2N 57 : : of II
,163 1011 Mildred S. 1022Lot I
118 10001004' n Mllchell. James I SEAL/ 411 I Lot 4 Pin. Meadow IUh. 111 Itabir. Humid D. a Block 219 Sub N' 80 ft
of Lnl I "r "R 31 P's I03 42 1M 27
;39 Pt 2.1 Rayon Terre Savage Robert L. & Dorothy 1125Lilt of 3 Loin Fuddle ft O.lena 6."JLartcr
of D
of S 50 ft
18 DD 43 P \\11 Ca
In OR Pd In ,
llIOxloJOl Dcrry John T. II Joan 070 42 ON'" It 1 Mbtchell James IK.I.I) 301'M I I R.pl.1 Itlv.rvllw Block 218 Suh C of
Co. R.e. flee Les 5 folI 141Wil
149 14 125 M.Farlan, Annie
Lots 1 thru 1 Lee
.. J S 14 ft of D of' 6
011 220 Pc. 2rn f. See. 100 Of Iwo on Ar. 200 ,
In 5E1 OR 11 P9. 44 ufot.nl M.Klnnnn, CI.y IIn.oalIIo.k I In u. E. Prln. Trod 42 aM n Chnrtes. H. K. & tiuuate Moe 210hr 4 50i I Lot Inn 4I Replal thru 4 nlv.rvllw 14 1 all Frederick, Lor.ozo I 00I Block all N" M ft. "f A

Hea.:, bnek 54 PI, 1 Lean HF' ) 9047 or .1 Pg 3"3" 41 lf 17 Tucker Dorothy E. Block 1 Lot 17 ledlerErtdes of 6 IAA in or 23 P|. 134Co. lamt, Edward ft LeannaPottcrion 1.47
:: Jeulrrlte 2 511 Atggins, Carolyn I. 4 81Sub I : Jones. n. E. 0.10 Itec'I
Bertha '
McNeil, i.r
DT Lot 5'4 01 18 i 0 fl ev ens: Block 119 Lot D ol T
Smith Mathew 4 gar11urk CharlotteLM I BIO<'k I LOl. 17. II fl eee Mary 1336
Block D8 Lot I ( Loroy 1 Darts 117 41 2N 27 1 Driver Harold Clifford a Jane M. 081I W eo Ft. 01 tat 10'' gather N I ft of C of 1 Rcthnrd. Samuel 7(11(
81 Lot 1 5 4BI's Slack' 219 Sub. A of 10
Porter I. D.
Block 7& E 113 of Lol I Kin'. C. E. tel I In DII 273 p. (26 \rl.lc.\! Block ill tub A of 2 Webb. Rotcoe C. a Inhleen 171 .
45JlloI'k 11 2. 4Sadler
S 1 Lots No.3'
Woolen, C. M. Tra\eleri Kent Lodgu
f, I ash 4 r1' elnlla i B of IIllock
75 Middle 1,3 1111 Block .119 Sub
flock 110 Senlell I' H.
11'1IIluck L, C.
North Mrs. II. Thomas 41 Ilf 17 Carter Jame. C. Estates I ft A M 51)1)
I 8evon.: Lont
00 Lot Wooclrow 110.44
VIbeIg. Auullo1 ..99IUOI'k i Lot 13 fJl. PalIrks Cove 5'ranka.
11I1 Lot as: Unknown" ..OUIlo.k .4 Mte, leak :17 p. 17 Tlmmnrty Telah 91 Luellle 4 TI I PI. of Blnck 1\\ Sub. Lot aI I Iii Sub. N't ol R..hard.ltau'\ ft: Sam 129
UI Lot 1 L. .011 ., pea 0 011 4084 In DB 153 P,. 304 Co. II of 10
Hall B. : V. L.
08 Lot 23 C..1 ..tr.1tIoclf ') I i.o: or 20 1'.. 19 310 IT Nellollft. Samuel A I I Block 219 Loti Sub Jul Ine 0621'
V..I.y of tiov6 Jan
hock OT Lot 14 Larson 5wo0Eat) 13' I '" or 10 P/. 310 t'0. Satdwln Timothy 3041 t Lot Roe'I Sub 21 I 21 I Drummond Frank Oahn1s 120Pt : A ft B of I
fJI' Lola I I ..09flirrk Rca DI I t7 I mock 223 Sub E F
110,04, 101 Lt 8 Ioral' Helen M. or "a n, .no II 31: 17 "Fresnton Elmer EI5I. M. 51111 I Black i I 10 Unknown IM
0'I n fstb.DoEX.: I M I 1051H1H
: Unknown tl"o Mitchell
bN' LM 8 DN 173 ltt 1 210( Sub O ol S
.141 In 17 PI. 2'/0/ ('D.
.' Jennie II. : : or Wlllhune, Alonla DU.71 I 22 I 11 39 Drummond Mary R. I 01 nf 8 ilzcndorf, J"unen ft E. M
In ft B
Black 114 Lot Unknown:: ; : .M'Illak Rer 01 I I 17 [ tlovt Lot I I I I Blotk 2JO: Sub A Arthur L. 11 OJIN3

lunch loll tab Lit Lat. 23 13 LVltn! H. IL ..9J "In.r.I1U 26Pit.\ 72 C. I 3 17 I'. ... .. Anll''''''' Q a J: I. I U C h 1 kDOIJI"25tt400rI ; I Black'Hack 212 2JI Lt Sub E'C' ot of 1 S Jackson

black' III Loo 21 22 Schramm Mro. :\loll. ,1lI"na .8S&ak Lot 9 P trlttln: Land DI I 17 13 R onos. Allomees. Olmmnns,60n.1Su I 11 1.111 273 \1 Sub of o 'Cof2b,80ft, PutlertonM.iry 1113
Lot 4 Mnob.. Hsmp : : :0.1: Lot I 22 I 21 17 Drummon. F.mnnu1 10.40PL of D 01 I

:: IIII Lot; 8 Osterman, F. L... ,9.1111nek II"" 1 ,,,, Acreti tt OmitructlonCompuiiy 0d u'1 TO In 71 Ism_. ..ea sal LM W' of 041LofCo11W50fl

1,7 Lat / VamNuutroud I :' cr.. ..A. :WI DI| 3 27 Nassau Engineering 0 01 in"o 'l lag 272'Co.Rev. ;: I Albert a EltOn 00 07
141 :('II 47: Lot 13 Norton, Mrs leo M. .w.Ihuek .. I Oak PI. "r Wes 4 4 I 28 Ameo. flares I F. a Jean R. 8.011 e 0 01 a Patlernon

block! MK Lol 4 I Hurl. COnr3e ,'.- 33 NIBBIIU, Arras In 54 Pg 57 Ca uoch272N4RNB 607 ,
.IAI i & Francrs
114 Lets 8 King, Her). rl A : i I No. 2 81 I 3 21 Nauuu Engineering tt Cun.lru.llonl 70' 'I flee, Rpl. of 'Lot 70 Sub. 18 fl. 04 B 01 4 Ovcdmon loon' 590Ilak
8. 001Ilkuk Inc 550th L. tI. 11':" I
: lilnl'k I Augunl F. Company 13.19 or 7
block 111 1.d 2(1( 4 I 18 Vvnnah A. L. !look 243 Lot S'. 1tO:
r5 lads 5' 1. 1 7114 Slau I Ilames Inc 113Ctfbinc4 I I LM 11 Naomi Acres Entlnoerln. irl B Ref 4805. .1 I 210 Los S't' of 9 lllrih L. II. IEsl1 7'I,

:::, I 117 41' IJ titheon c It SL .0. I No. 2 Bl. 3 |T Nassau Cunitruttlnn 9.70 ran 13 18 I 27 I Burry Nona 5.45Lot loI'k 241 Suh. B I D nl I 8m\\n. 1\1.1. 0 03
KCakle I "., C. E. .151Hhnck 4 I mipuny: Inc: Sub. A 0' O Rahinann Ann'
: : Su b, icK'k 44
Ulock\ 14'0\ t: ,13 M. MH: :,10Iibuck 1 'Lens 10 others) II I. W. Br 11.12 lIicKk, 211 Odum. Ilanlpba1 11 A Nancy. 4.J
:: 154 1 Cabe, .\H'Llrwk I 'tit r :.7 N..HLIU AtreiNo Nmiau Engineering' It Cimilructlnn ''f See Ill JO. I 28 M'BWdn tools Mae lull, CaD of 8
Rrllln Mrs I". ((1t"1) 81 3 127 Lots I ltUrl.
151 Lot II 4' 810Bl rl. of tat 7 tn 011 273 ''Huck 144 ::141114glock
,10Iloek lee. Ito\\ard J. B.
Ld 10 d/ Posl.Mre. Slgn t "f. : C Company. PI 23 Lab of se. JO 30 I 18 Ilrham Robert H. 1 WII. 1207 of S ,

;: m la' 2 F.s0nhkam. ; I ; Mt a, .90 I"Hlotk Lot 11 NIIIUU Acres Nattnu Fnnlneerlnij': tt nttrurtlon I 410.' "I Ii" I 3 0'' tat 19 256 Lol Part fit 4 Iluchan' Cordell I1c Lllllh L. t3G3
Sl 11.rl.. Gob A 3 27 Fran Lot 7
'\ 1 157 Lot I 19 ,111510th No. 2trt Inc. I 7U ,Loll ROW' guh 01 ( 01. C1Snr. 1"lIcrl U lie M.I).eie 1I.d
Illnrk 1"1 Lt" 4. Podmer" Ldwurd I. Company Sec. 30 30 I 21.1nkno\\n ..19L'ot sack 201 S'a 01 D
B. A MaiJarleILen
Im lot I Deli. W. L"t 79 N..sau Acre or 13 ILenn I: Slack 201 "I 01 4d 0 Caper
: 6'y 10.71
: ,.D1Johnk : Engineering Conitructlon IIEI
: Nttau
I;: 100 Lit :, Pe11e: H 1 a'Stinrk Na, 9 Bl, :3 I l1 Inc< Ill 03 Ft 01 1'.1 III OB 171 p.. J.n Jul In. I. re

lloq Into 21, 72. t3 I"u..n, Harold C4. M L. 8S6111mk ... Con full;pany rd. ; Eleanor A 1093Plnckley 111 Co Rltc. Bub. or R. I. 57.47in lock 183 .'. 01 7 12 InD. 1"lIwell., Jolt,, EU..b.th 14,75
Lots 2. 3 McIntosh 1 Wi'M vm< r iiit BWilliam A Julw Me 16601Wrilht sec 30 30 I II 2 Phillip. Charles Mary oak 17D Sao 14 10 71. 91
: m Iii : C, vD'nrk Sub 1.1111.. Emmett C
Lot Kneme? 0. B7Hlock I Wllla VI U Carlll. ft Thehni I 1092Mveit I 13Pg 4&55 Ca' tick 119 Lots 1. 7
112 1 Lots D, I, 7. 10 l"11n. NlchoLu 15811I".k Lot 7 Wl'It.VII t Run Vernon E. ft Able J. 1051Plncklev : .:,.r Pt, tIt tat 47 sub.of Block 110 Lola 16 21 Lillie, Emmett C. 107))
117 too 5 In 15 Ua. Unknown Lot I Lot 8 Wllla Vila Sub W A ft Julie Me ill) nl S.c. 30 30 I 28 Ellis. Fronds L. ins 84 .Its of 17 10 ao InC Rau Herbert J. n.nnor 0I'I,

17'1 Lot 7 I Icon. H. F. I 3' l I.rl II WPIO.VUIa. Hub Jamei fl.I ft holly L, 166 99 tat E'I of 4D Sub 01 Block a80 Lot I Charles 1.93Block \
Rub Inmin, turn Ellen 40 711 30 Chnch
111ak 100 L'1t. 7 a: 5 Unknown tat In Vvllli V 111 Sec. 30 30 3 28 I Parker lack 2IID Lou 55.
flock 1"1 Let t 4 811ult. W' F. .!.11IIllnrk IIIIlIu.k H !i.13 Fg () Co Meant, Everett 23d 88 Lit I Thomas Manor Crol\l.y. Alberl J. E. D.BI..k ass 302 Lots 1. 8 N 10 Le. Ur.on 5 40ISA
IP2 tot 23 So '81('. W. C. ,150B'ntk raw, 14 2 28 8 0 Lot N 11 '. Fl. I5, 01 17

1"S Loin 11 a: I' tlnknnon. 117 or 21 )',. 8rO CoJ2 8d| I Ir..r "1 II. 12 AUa VIOla W. HALL, TAX COLLECTOR
2111 1.01. 111.. 2:1: Inc N"rm"n.Nulr ROM, Huh rl, M... A. C. ..1"11:1'rk Innee 1+ 2 26 Btewart Willie ft lleatrlci No I Netllea, Dohby J. Janice E. 13.13UIEUA NAL'JAU COUNTY
Black" 1107 Ina I 2 RE8FRV\TI OV -
.011 353 Co --
PI! -
E. B. 31304:
Payne Lee
212 Lot 18 :! 13 2 II Anderion. Auto Lot 1 Wilkinson Chutes H ft tennis
That S Loin! I 20..8 Anderson Artie Lee 1249 Ruth 131lnknov.il PERSONAL TAXEI Orange Restaurant 1! 6.1fcpurumen
:pir rtN \\n 22. .
A E : of W I Ir' or of 21 2 18 26 Drummond. Mary R. I 43Drummond. Lot 17 I ten. E 300 ft ) : '.DI SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. I Motel 311)6)

of N20WofA'hAve Tn uf HI116.rd N 1.,1 E'I! N'II of E'. of SMar Miry R. 1 34 \ Block H Lot S 1111. ft. Advertising Agency 1113Arklne SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 3AJ
21 2 311 86 nf I Atlantic Highland Aikln Alllion Reitaurint) 1576
Lund F
F.vtrnded 1 JIIW ur !IIIk4. h Johnson Mri llertha Z. 11 11III000k Wath.0.Mat Ulieckeltt : till
71To. I 'i lit 4 Marsh 1 67' lIub.' F.ww.1 Man.ur J. a Zo1hl.h M. JI I 22HuUalY
17. 61. 611. 71. 13. 75. 1611In t"r'::: 22 a 28 19 Drummond, Mnry R M Lot 1 AtlanticHlKllirdu Servlc Stationi Tlmea' Moll \J6.UD
cf IIlIlInrd 1 I 4. 38 Unknown I ftl"!3. .1 A. Prlnn'aM'Cy Home Construction Co. 40 24) I Rub Ander.onl Inc Theo ft: WIN 1253 i Pure 0111) !735 Holiday Times Deitaurant 1,111IIcA

DII 121 p. 112 1"0.II. 310 21 111 Modern Lot 7 Azalea Terrace No I Jill Slue Bird Inn 47 57 Holiday Motel It M
i iThill II : tin
.. I I If IIIpp".y, Janoes InDM' .03 PI 101 I Lot a Atalea Terrace No 1 4an Jul IncArrlntmi Illu Merlin Court 1384 King Clarenc ft Yvonne II. 1 111 41
ofNWI4 : 27 2 26 S 4 Harper W. T. ft Mary 3IIMohley Fdna Illu Mon Cafe
Poiof P54! Rce, Lot 14 !tacks 141 6> Manning Sunoco Service 6114
Lying E nl The, II: I 1 1412241:1.\ In or 1 PI Beach No. I Catherine II. 187.81 Booths Da Lit* Market 64 Pin* Oaks Motel 62.16

1 Inn 0'' BIk4 44914091I : : \ :". 'HeO 31 IN 26 144 H. J. ft Futelle C. 792'leor lol 69 Bucks FdnaPi"Cof S ounce land 70.111 Tropical I Gift I Soup 47 UJ
nf t1. I Line rf Hike in'or" al, .... 201 Co I '. No. I Bartels. Jay M. A. B. 14 80' Buccaneer liakery asAlonio liarland Wad 311 Ml
40 A M In Town ofHltllnrd 'DO'' 31 S II Pope Charles I. 3 11 ? Lot I* Comm 11 3 ZII Unknaws: $34 City Ice Co Jr 47.37CoeS SCHOOL DISTRICT "NO" 3n

1 3 II Unknown It of In or I p,. In or 4 PI 187 CO. Davie
In or 22 P. 71 M, P +. I It I ZII Wilder. Frank E:. ft n R 3 II'' Ree. 5 J 211 Kennedy E. A ft Belva A. IO.TIto" Davia iFhotoriphr 7451Fernandina 61I\ Henrietta S Cook 11111II>

I Osme as or 17 1',. 1371) 1303H PLof Om't.LM1Inlee FDNA ItEACII ttfll Delux Dry Cleaneri Service 150 SI Marv Motel pay 'u'
S 3 4 Mbller C. I. R Win Janitorial SI. Marys Motel Restaurant 1351\
156 x II" .il 1114 l IEn I I' Lot I \lHK Corporation 105 Gordon Automotive & Outboari
In DR. 14 138 Co, 12 4IKII (Ex Duro SCHOOL DIITRICT NO 4
510 nr tiHK Car >ration 1304irlltin
S 14 Mack Richard. sub ol ..,. olPt Lot 3, 4 I. \ I : Sales
rnecDIII PI.O I IW' Kir 11 L. 147 Lnt 10 Hmenn, I'uiwoond JewelryTHMUM 2410> Bob Caner ,culr: Slotion I 111:1:
2 28 20 Frtnrlt
34 Ellli
\ P. 4.12 Thai t:1:1 I'' I.HK Co"r.llon, 107I Hall 2- Bob Carter 0hlue Sun""o' IYIJ\
16 20
10 : Lot dE'4Wof55 nf l ovt. Lol I 14 2 26 7 Wilder Fletcher CHIC Corptwllan 135 ft llrtll M :: I| David R. Duntuw 2234
to :II II Bar J6
Fletcher. Lol :I Honey Dripper'
H' HI I Wader
., Rd. 341 r. LiH t : I
A I of Co .r nl' loavt SS
4144In 't 5.1454 Cnrporallon 1 141 W. A. & 0 tiulhrle' 5L23Halms :
J:. Sr Leo HE) 20 12I Lot 30 Laundr.Mat
C. Thelma (
18 I II 17 King tae :34 I U Wahlln, Don *
.11 :n t.2forJcl 41 IHK: Corporallon 107 Leonard, Live, Halt Market 31Melton bull Bervlclt Station h led ,'
OR 271 P. sal fLH.tI:41 J. O. 6170 ho NN 011 IIA'I 49 ':HK Corporation 1911I Hardware Co IWfuMerle ( aSI'o\'IU.F. PFg0DNALPSOPEITY
Al 10 I I' 4 lIull.y, 1JB 110 1J5'
100 0510.
Page. James P. Ir. IIY.44 Cuemetlc Studio U
: 3 "I 114 Norman
W Lot
7 ,ILe.s IA 0,1001Burvevl 1.lnl 2 28 I Ellli, Clarence I 1443W
W 0' R W 1 W'. 704 Lou a sn 40 ''GA. FUNA. IIFACII NO. I William A. Pirrckley 103 Adler. Richard 9. 121AII.rto"
04 I Dunn Survey 18 324 A Mavn. J B. a IIt.lla M. 721Pt : Hun' t'arm* Sub 34. 18 EMU, Francli L. 18 77 Lot t8 PD'. James P. Jr. 10I\ A Plnckley ContractorI( 7 55 I Wd11. W. 111Erequelle

I.ot t 17 C.m..11I Survey 19 I 14 II Incliner, Edam J. i, "n II' or II rYo. 311m Lot 111" Arrington CatO est4 11. 111II fa' !& '{ RadIO Maude R. 171,0
of 1..1 18 0F1!': nr I Rea :9S t 28 202I Mobley H. J. ft Ettell C 113.01 Let im Th.n'plln, Arthur" 10 111 1. Hedgers TV ft ..1_. M., I. a Hubert 11 70Hawku

14'6191\ 1 In 175 P' 501 4014In I or I 1U: F|. 343 CoIrTor Lnl 248. HI Wahlin OrvUlIt a Marl"ro I. 14.11' limn 2443knell' I' Prank 1.:. Jr 113Mims
CO. Rer 20 I 24 t Reynolds. Malcolm 21 Lee, Selpln ft Inei 314 Loll 201249(\ Wahlln. a "orlo" J.i J Mann 70IIIhleU E D. .21Pnr.h
DR 284 P.. 34 Co. Clau'le :: 21 P. 41 5 25 Joints, llv.ni ft Laura It 1036 bleu 1161vdle 13. Reitaurint 23 84 I I ISinclair Marorlo L. I UTrl

2950. 21 I 24 511vem. Arthur 0: ReBnolds 11)08Oovt. ) In DB 243 PI 66 Co i I I.n34 8'nf 33 l Swap Shop 4737 I Clly Ic. DJr.yIIYvnone .. U

itec. in UB .41 HI 207 Hambyt Sub Howard, Roy W. 4 n Servlc Station Wood. Harrison II 1..Se '
Lot t PI. of 01101. Co. Rue 41 I n ''i Vim int. Rudolph V. ft O 11 I 'I 56" : Lol '63, 53 .mbY. Sub Benn.14 Mrl. Harry I. 114 Tan Mad Dnttl Shop 102

I E of tlwv No. 1In I'..... No"' T .4 I 118 wilder C t. J Block I Pt of I.ot I II Texaco Service Station 47 37
or 22 P. 551 Co. M 47 "No. 44 9 ::1\1 Wilder C F. IMpT I Pt. Out Loin 2.11 Oak
P.c. .1 I 24 41'\ II.rvln.m 1'hsrles lose. 71147In ESTl. 4, 6IS. Vnr*. | Lawn Park No a Jon Jul Inc. 153 T> ion Plumbing 70 II l
104 ::18 I 34 Mid Stats 1Il1me.' Sid, .
.n P,. 4211.431 lllvd ft or 31 I WTNROUCHhE
Cs.DR Reo. 37 I 24 14 larvld 5.: L. A Iber. 23802 I'll.Sliders y 126 as Ellli. Francis U 22 31 'I Illork\ I Lot 4 Blum '(:rant W. 2417 Club 7762

Charles .n ar lB P.. tel: Ca I Block 7 Lol 4 Blum 'iranl W. 131 city Seme. Hal Statloa V..w

s N I 21 4 Camas Inc ..01 Bli.ck 8 LoU S 23 ft. nl Clark Fruit Stand 163J
All: Seal :A : HltldayIs : *of Trurt A In or 26PI I I N' 23 ft of 2Illnrk INK: CorporationUrmame 336 f. W. Harrell 1142:

31 443 II or 7857 113 Allllutorrt'li'ck S Lila I. 3 N'| t. I.. John MM
7 j. tl'811 37 I 24179 Sing. C. E Sr. a Rerlha H.H. 435tHoliday 44 3 M Riper. Dewan 1351 I ot 3 Maurice ft JeanHarriey. 1111OLD .'. K. Johnson 11 InJ
f Sub Kmg, C. E:. K. .Ilertha H"u-l I 14
Lot I Holld.y Thn. Ilentht, H. 454> | E lUll Ft TOWN I. V. Keen ..
I Time Sub Klnl. C. 5.: sr 400A ',f 4 Wtldtrt Sub Plat William 15,1)( ) 2437S.U Jacob Lo*..y 11 74Unrena
11. .
I 3llliHk
1 Holldey Time Nub, 510)15 C. E. Sr : :Oertka : ; 414 I 44 I" Illbbe. K:. W. ft NMKy TOMIM Illock 6 Loll Moi.l 31 tl
Sub. Kmg: C.: 5.: 5r.: 05.505. H 431 30 Lol W'. of I
Holiday Tim. It 4 w Huh LdHD.A.Cook I Robertl, V. B (Eat,t Cecil Neulei IH4
TNrie 5110C.. l ertha 48 IN M I Car*. *..*.. .. AU U
i. Y t
Lol : =: 1hm5 :::: 5.0,01.:: : l4 144 Replat



tuUuilil! 1' ('iiuuiil.ua lit'u'li.' lluiUii:: UIUIHIIU,, : ?lily u, IihH 1'''}(J 'InnmuWANT



C.uID-k".V--: .C' .I.IS" ; SI FI' !. : 'I:" : A D" "SO II.1 I to for wrK"/O. tD ... G. STED@ .. l.If

-- -..- t .. .""' .n h oM ._'III.'II.'t." "'it ,. ... r ,.. i. .. ......f.-:. 'W"" ._."".t.. ___ .7! J

rw'iss JOG i LICENSES: tip if which plunges (I""' expose! lot hv rrKslnpi and ('nn'!na strips.

AD RATES FOR RENT HELP WANTED ol hmrm Ollur ihiiH! | I I' .11. '. UK tinnKtru" lie ..iif lire used'
G r \ r V \ It/othnd, ..
IAS per word .'25 minimum DID YOU KNOW sgaurc| and < !luikir! board told, 1111" and ni
' U A dg Hit'use in Geneva coots 29

Card. 01 Think. R and
and Similar Notlect
apartment Year round Large Seas, 261-5204 lit VHAT AN ENEMY MAY CHOOSE ''" '- Includes cnmpulsory third.parlyInsmmue
!per word II00 minimum vacation -- -- -.----- bites
house for summer rental TO USE AN ATTACK PATTERN THAT : In cane the dog

| Cal 261. 686 or 2 MfiS7: Furnished oceanfront Phone DOMESTIC KELP wanted. P WOULD NOT DESTROY THE CITIES- someone Pin lleenneii are morerxpinslxe LADIES. Tired of Cooking?

or ,place ad at office 2G1.4174. tfi Blnckrak! Riad Cull 2G1-526 $VFR/LL TEAS AfMIGL/ONB t. In other Swiss !areas -

before 5 pm, 2bl 5l'i5! alter 5Ml4 OF PEOPLE WITH HOW In 7nrl<.h. tie In Lausanne.
SI I Ash Street Delicious Feed 9 Boxed
(} To Gol!
---- FURNISHED APT Four rooms RADIOACTIVEFALLOUT and In Bind, $75 fee the first dog

living room two bedrooms kit. I htl' : ; license and IW:; for R second one
FOR SALE chen.dining room combination WAITRESS :MIST BE OVER 21 In other places license fees de. 7 Hot Dogs $1 i V2Fried Chicken $1.25

Private bath Adults only Apply See Mr. Eight. Surf RestaurantPh prod on the weight sire and brad

221 S. fill St tfc 261/.S711. Ml4t (el,f dig 7 Hamburgers $1 ( Family Size $2.00))

_. -- -
ORMAL GOWlike: S! -- -
new zc 12 -- ----- air *

I aqua blue $U. Mri. Ruby MiI VULEE LNFLRNISIIED: 2 bedroom PUBLIC NOTICE m.A } \. UN.\TIONS ON TIIF pnrtrnltmckllne Shrimp! $1.25

I kin,' 261.4898) after 5 p.m. M14< house, dinette area ;:- living I NOTIC'K' TO ('IIFIT"IIItLOllm' ere" In the fashion picturefor Bar-B-Que Ribs and Chicken $1.25

---- room combination. screenedbark T'1t1.tMl'f .. sii'nn' Tionnld Brooks designed -
SPINET PIANO TINE': (01 RT 0| 1II> COI''IT\ ft A tf 1Saa :
e1 M1L
porch utility room and Jt DI.K, NAMKAt' C'OIMV, H lilt tae Hint Is heart shaped the
' QUI( ( 5H1tSICE-
amour make. concert quality carport !Near; Terminal Bag IDA IV I'HOIIATI. l rr : 4wt1 Flune:>> 26L5965

I Local party with good credit cansave Phone 22T;;.5T4. IfcHRN1SHCD In rn F.ene' 01

I ever 20900 and finance entire __ __ __h__ _. __ ItRIKlDI. MARROW: Urroaed.To KOI'X. nit mired tlltm! yrnrly fir' a 70'!) Sulh Eight: ; :Slri-ct:

remaining I balance, To Inspect : I : APT Close In. Ideal All 'r.II11011 and Irruni. lUv. II'lrlulAn.t. U.noo) ( niiiiually fur a

without (bll 1I1 Inn. write I for couple Phone 261.4227. tfc log tlalmi or Demands Anlnit' H ldEitnlei 1 1 1I t widow will a child or child. ""en

Home Olflce, Joplin Piano Co. -- ---. -. You and ench nf you ore hereby The, Ini me limit for orpluns !I-

Joplin Mo. \I14p LATE MODEL 53;; ft.. two bedroom entitled and required' to present any I ? $ttmienly Inclusive of earned.

--- .--- --- furnished trailer Washing claims and demands which you. or IIK'erne. !'hc tW ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT
",u,er m you nny' have anuln the efePl '
ILL METAL UTILITY trailer machine. Pinccrcst Subdlvlsi. elate nf Gertrude. Mcrn R uxdeceaned .. hAT AS OF FEBRUARY The pcnilun Is paid If the lie

Good tires $60. Ph. 2fl.3107. Ito( ? 261-3)03!) MUp/ County late of of wild County CountyFlcrlda to tie, 1064. THfRE ARE 93.COO RADIOlOftCAlMOHlTDXiH&Ma rniicd veteran wen dlschnrKed

Amelia Dr, -- ---. .- Jude .ulh. trf I9SUE.P
M14p Is office In enurthouse under. cnndlllons other than disliiini .
rable milt hud 10 days or mars
PlnrldH within aix calendar STATIONS THBOU6HOUT THE USA
n,onlha from the tune of II first L t FACTarte.newnansrnnaenmrMany if wrvlre,. or win dhdmiKidmi 1
River Meat Packers, Vultc Ph. furnished apt) Private bath ItIlities pul licjtl m nf IhlM nillie. Tan copies, MOee our sirvlco cunitemidisilillilv (
if eui'h ilulm or dpi lIIl1nd I stimuli lip in our n Special Summer Rotc
225 5129 tfc hul water washing mil.
wrilnfj/ and chill ht.,te the (,!luce nl .- ---- .. ._ -- .
chine furnlshrd. $1125/ ;; week or rnldrme und pit attire IIdd"I"e.. if
WO FULL SIZE box spriiiRS and the cliilmunt and shall he .worn toby If \'''HI hue ,my questions| see
$40() month Completely) rcnovat. for the wldiws and orphans of CI.03 Par 8 PO2 7d3SBggcMlion
the clul' n, nt. hm rent or ill ir your vdinn'' roinly smlie tlfl ;
mattresses $,) each Also 12 ft ed ALSO BrACH: II E:"< TALS. cry and accompinied, hv a filing fee SurvivorsOf these veterans on equal basis wilh U ,
boat and motor $120 5i3 S. Met Call! W I. Mi'Crank. 2bl.4M2 fur if one dillir and such i'l.ili i ir de the pinsiins .rnntid: to World War <'tr or write In nixon. P.O. x

ilier.. 261.58i8. tic Inlormalion If nn answer cull round Thelma mt ao file H"ii I hhi KnrnAn II lie void Veterans Fail I I vdernnn uldims aid orphans) NIT, si. t'eUrHbmg! Ha \ : : Dry (lean Wash oral! Wear Kerns!

11.ROTECT ..
261.HO"?. Ifc rxerutil nl the last Will It Is no lniiRir neussary for the "
' YOUR CIIILDRr\/ : and T..tdlO,1, III have 'In Improve Theirpciranie;,
icrlrule, M.'rro" Rnux. lieCPimeil vclerin ti hid a service con
poll, lawn with our chain.link FOUR ROOM: diwnslalrs, furnished To Claim Pensions nceted disability RUBBERSTAMPS t

fcntfe, Coastal Fence Mfg. Co apt. Private entrance, Ph 261. Ford puhllrnllnn April Slrd. 1104Thni J
The pensions range from (2500 Wool To )) ?
Phone 261.4157 for free estimates 4645, tic J Shave. Jr. \ Dje SometMnr' ., :.

Direct from facory: to you KC Attorney4t 423. 14 St Petersburg, Fla, to $flfl 05 monthly (for widows. For "
Trailer 305.7 One Agitator Rasher lle md Par
; SCOTTY TRAVEL Completely T Dixon director of the Depart. each child $1500 per month I la DyeingCOOPER'S

THREE BEDROOM masonry home i equipped Sleeps: five, PUBLIC NOTICE meet! of Veterans Affairs staled added The pension for orphans In Any Size

large! lot $200 down Can range. Make your reservation, Scottj today that more than three years I $15 00 monthly The benefit may

space heater Included Call 261. Trailer Sales. Ph 261.3474. TO NOTICE MAKF': 'OF APPLICATION IVTFVTIOV niter the law was passed many be payable to the veteran child ,I Any Shape LAUNDRY

5387 after 8 p.m MHp I tOR FINAL DIM IIARt.PIIORIIIA widow' and orphans of World War or children even thnush the Inquire At
TWO BEDROOM, furnished apt
-- NTATlTFt II and the Korean tcmfllrt veter. widow Is l not rnllllcd the
LOCAL Cool Clean Private Entrance: IN 'Ot'RT C>"' TIIF COIVTVJtlllF pen NewsLeaderPhones llth & ItniXII$ STKKKTS
SMALL I I tfiUNFURNISHFD '. N'li CCMNTV. TATE inn arc unaware of their clifjbll. Stun because oho rcmirrlcd or
421 N 3rd.
luck and equipment Bargainfor ---- --- Or ILORIIIt, IN PHDI1ATK Ity to pension* paid by the vctcr. her Income or net wnilh exceeds'I

cash or terms to responsible : /IIOLSC. 3 bid In re E' "b lil,'ult. oflimurd bier. Irlihs. Fr ant administration certain limitsIncome ) Mrs Doris) Ilounrd, Manager
Call 261.44C7\ tic I 216-1R86 2C1-3087
party I rooms :' balhs Call 261.3401. llrrrlllFdTo Before July I I. IH n. widows and from oilier sources m ml 1
All Uli.mi It May CiuuirnN : .. ... a
tic children of World War It or Knr. "- .. .L.LlI'
tint WllinnI '- --- --- ---- -
< hes m hriehv lIven
CORER:; V. 18th and Highland SI '
'. Kcnrlrliki has del," !' Nut flout' report| tan cnnlllit vdrrins were entitled I ; 7:
newly redecorated stucco 3 TWO BEDROOM furnished house Almimntrjtur. of the entjte of H.iwurdSc "
bedroom home Beautiful location Call 261.4663. tic .dt Ikndritkii. Sr.. iletcibed,, thathe to pension oily If Ihe ditfaaed HOME OWNERS SPECIAL
.__ __ file I Ma p.UU..n! fr haul din had a eervlee cnnneeed dmnbllity
$13510, excellent terms. u
clmrRe midi heat he will apply to the
unfurnlfched at the! limo of his dent1 Benin; .
WO ROOM house ,
-!r *(r fr H Judge n"ruble.if Niib-l J. E. W..lh'I..d.C unty lurid I County", in fling rn tint d 'ito In' Piblld Law i '.;
j MAKE ?' '"'
.|7750 city BUYS limits 3 bedroom Cham.link home fence.outside 3 ROOM FUR; ISIIED/ garagiapuitmcnt the 211th nf lay some' nf and M fir''Yo Peal 11M.dlschuryatt for opproval 86.ill, Ccngtess provided pensions ASK US HOW TO GET THIS FAMOUS ,

Admmlstr,' tf the eiljts ilHouam
Nothing down to veteran Lent Hcndrlrki. Sr draeas
""v T5r ed on thin 2-Hli day of April IJO'I.
A ft tr SMALL ONE bedroom ulCurnlshcdhouse. /.' W .l-on F. Hen,Iru.kiAdmlnlMnl $7995 AUTOMATIC I i
.. A
r if tie e tite, if
John T. Ferreira A Son ..
II 'wind Scott ILonilrnki. Srde
Son Atlantic An. Phone 261 1571! trtr I .ejned.

- -. --- TWO IWM furnished apart I 41 _4 3D. _if, 2.4:2.,1: WATER' HEATER I ; ONLY

Venetian blinds. measured and U F. SAilIMAN
PHONE 261-W2I N01KP O"1 \l'r''r'\THI'II' i
Installed Wile range of colors
FOR TAX ()ta: ,;()
PORTER & 10\hQTJtiT! Cehr NOTIT: IS ir'.HEHY: IIIVEN Shut| ,
It nt Y-wir land nl M Urine,
A nice >r '
: < it' ONE UNFURNISHED! : / upstairs John T Rend the holder I nr the fil : r : ;,\
Center Phone 2rtl-10() 8 Yom larol I Me I cnl > --- .-. I apartment occinsldf. Yea I'I lowing certlflcatei has fled. laid lanndo Mnliral AMnnallonMEASLES .
cert.rkntee fir a tax deed ti be la
TWO INNERSPRING: : : mattresses. round 126 S Hotelier Phini sued Ih"r.on. The certificate' nu'n. I NOT TAKEN

$10 each R It McMillan 2301 1 1S 261.3138. tic ben and yearn of tniuime 'the deuripllni .
nf the ,prnpi'rly. and the I IIGHTLY
? Fletcher MI4c rURNISHFD efficiency apartment names In which II shun asneiHed areas
' r..llnw.: I Many parents lunk nn men DELIVERED ANDCONNECJEDJO '
AMELIA RIVER FISH CAMP on beach huno 201.4\141\ c.rc, de 1'10.' 81 Year 01 hau. f'orj cs They elii on rhielienpoxns + 3
Terms can be arranged. 2255118 after 6. tf< t'ln0Description| nf rpcrlv Block 141 I onus of thora well.kn iwnchilillumd n ;J
tic VACATION APTS. I 1..1 21: Town nr Illlllird affliction! that (heir I f '
Nan In which aHHesuil D M. Wb. child might PS well' have. and I
GEORGE I OPLMAR \CIIINE OCEANFRONT APTS ccmplctchfurnlslud sun 11,1, it over with ,
Shop lit 75 x U>. Includes all Day week or mmlh i ,'nu All itv nf nf tad N"u.nrnnerlv, 1tJ' brlr i.f (I'InrddCotus I I Ii the Measles; Is worth worrying:i ::

machinery end biiellnK: $24000 5(11( S rleteher' Ave 2.l( U 8. I ftinfuinlfihed tuih rerthflcate ir cert ft. nlmut, for in HA t rompliintnel,
.:... I I ruin Mull be redeemed' actirdinn farms. it Is ono of thus gr'Btiiitlilli / 'AN
JfiojX) down and assume: $1800(1( 1 DOWNSTAIRS:; APARTMENT to law Ihe properly dr.trlhpl In iu"r 'n end rripilers'|, oil the t9S1'i.M, I
,.,'UI'e, will be sold
Mortgage. reruftrate tI' ten MqpSllf iliilelhiicH ,
Corner 4th end .mmuni<-nhled -
to the I iKhea hi'Ii!FT at tee ut .
809, Amrlfa Drive Calhoun, across street from haute door on the Ir't M ndjy In ). In the lJ.I'I.) rntdnlri annually

SCVKX: ROOM,iiouy, ,12f500.. $100. Fcbool I .r St, Joseph's Academy, I M ntn if June I'W. which U the ht kills nuproxtmately 000 I
duwn. day nf June. I W4. pernonfi. mo4 <>f them children
I hone 211 1.4200 or 261-181)0) tf< Dated Ihla /'''h H',ly if April| lineD \ \ under, the of fvr In |>Brlef I. GAS I SERVICEcall i 4 Y
2109 Florida Ave. .. .. u_ __ O OXI.P.VI ago pod uC A' ,af'i eie
Sieitli America: Afnra
f lerk Orr-ull t" U'tNitsau
$11.000 home $.59 drwn I County I II..Hit Indiu whore "protein clefkiineynml
Homes MISCELLANEOUSBOWL 4t a 1. II. 21. 2H malnutritiin ore common
__ ____ __ _
FROM $3.300 to $3j,000, In town the death rate for mea<11'8 hUB

and on the beach, AT BUCCANEER:" LANES! PUBLIC NOTICE been lrngfrslly hiJlh.tnt'l'phalitis. "
: en Indamma- 1 qY
CONTACT PETF. INGRAM: Open all day from 10 a m. Air. I "NOTICE Or iAIBN lion of the brain is one of f Olinsrrtuus !&ti '
given thnt '
tlce II hereby purmint
A' .
Salesman conditioned 40c a game beforiS in a I Pleat Decree nf Fur-den. 'f'01llic| tionn of mca :

L. L. Bttiaitnoii Agency pm SOc after 5. M14" I ore entered In cuu. numbered a7U( ,. alea' Tin per rent of vutinw ).. ? ( SCp
13 North 4th Phone J61-3M9 'In the Circuit Com of Nassau Cnun' of mennleii neeptmlitm ,die.and .. .
tv Fl"rldi. I will 1.1' t'e pr'peityiltunted there i is I ,
"We solicit Listings on Homes and I SEWING? CALL MARYS: MAKI1 In Nassau Cnun4-. Florida I for: thaw: who j of recover ahnormulilimof : t" J ,
the KHiiiliility \
I (
Acreage" Shop, Dresses, Sportswear Ap. dei 'nl"ed uiIlcgln : -
ot the S,ulhwe - neon etc Alterations. rinpcrs.hems '. t.fL 'j'jI.
AL BED ,r--op Ins certain tract ai shown by function. I'nemmnniuieanolhrr (
NICE 3 I and tears Q tally' w,. rl iittd rinrlol In Deed bo. k J n I. frequent I1n'l I oftin I ho moil _

bath, masonry house with! IIfl'llmproof dime reasonably 261.a;l02. tfc page. .4D2 Numiiu Cnuntv, public fatal, romplicntiim cf nvaxliaMeiles '
rn,"rd for piles i r 'hegu.ungnold !
and attached K irag". diced P"Int rr lltgnnln' hclnil on eon ,bo a nerinun mitt
yard tup neighborhood! Ready financed CARPENTERING: : : riKif repair, the I dune between the East and ter for eliillnn with ttpiei.il
Immediate occupancy. palnlliiB Reasnmblc! rales Cyril West Solves if sod, fli>ill..n 1: medical [problemi nurh OB heart
thence East ul"n. the South line tuhnreuli(! a-thmn'
Byron 2(1( 4716. tic !:!
fr 'fr -tf it soil, I lands utiriiiid 8110 fret to dH'1f'p. It
0he$ thenca South :it rinht! uitt and I chronic litn.i;
THREE BEDROOM: house near a .
"LET'S GET ACQUAINTED( wily:! lea emu) feet to a 'tike. thence West ato., can lit' extremely cl, bill-
Vulee Florida Large lot. Fllnnnc. a StanlcV Hiistcss Party" Nellie III null nndea 8'RI eel to a Hike. Outing! when contracted, by
ed "*Ith HIA loon for $vO per thence North at right angles slat adult
testa 2 ,1 4415. tfc Int of .
P conALo'lrnlmilnJ
feel to'the Beginning
montlt. ran be purchased for trans .. Mi'listen vaccine! now avail .
-- --- -
fer costs of only aliout $50 No FOR HFATINU/ AND:" AIR.Condi. at the rtheirt able In haileil 1 ai a victory of t'
nr Sued c'mve ed In Dun major, proportions cnmparuhlo d
c"rrvr ) [ Aise +
down payment Honing Service call D'pI'ndablc1I'allnll ton Mitchell, by deed recorded In in many ways to ueh tl velopments -
PAIL C. BURNS and Cooling Service Co. Ol.ed Bonk 87, Puge 1'W, NdHuu as the mastery of eliph-;: rg '

Registered Rsal 'stale: Beaker Phone 261.4370 or 261.3961. tic nr County I beginning public' records lhme' a East> the" along Point the'ria and polio AulhnruDesclaim ( r'a r A 'KTj

Sit South 8th SI Phone 261.$606 the South line:; nl 'land deicrlbedIn : : the new vaccine, if ued
LET iCOHOLsA'NONY deed recorded In Deed Bonk II. [properly[ and, determinedly: j
NICE,' LARGE LOTS for nave: MOUS help with your drink. Page 102 Nassau. Cnunty public could wi'|>e out measles within.
,, ,,.
m feet more or tens tnan
Good tel One quarter mile Wits Box 218 Tee two year Parent nhnuld con-
ms. tog problem old Cour-.v Road, thence Rnutherlv .
South of Fist Points on Amello City or Phone Jan El ft-7700 along' laid eld road tew feet. milt their pItysiclanf I as to Mm i ..-. { j c" ,
.8421 Iff more or I.... to a point on the need for thi* vaccine i far their ts.j:
Rd Call 2bl limited time
fLOOH SANDING ind refinish ed aVutheant In Deed corner Itnk of HI and. .Pagu deicrlb inafnremild children .mil for further Information ::4 ] f 4 only

'51 FORD ALL Fxtris Good, cmditlon lf(. Floor tile. Paul E Hanson thence Went *0 feet White Model '
Phone 261.4953. MI4c Phone 2/1/ MHOfl. tf. mire nr .tens to the Suutheitt cnr 30S10XViJ| ;: :
roc of I...'". dc-endued' .In 'last m.n. .. .,

PROFESSION rooLTAiii'F.-- WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS the tinned East deed hero. thence nr land North deni-rlbed along NOTICE Nnm ruTiTiois: 30 Gallon Capacity [f ,,"'1.Y' 4 s Good Housekeeping

Phone 2RI.4483 or see at 107 No. I any make Stoves cleaned In laid tool' mentioned deed MOfeet NAME' LAW ,r.
the Point of Beginning eon k .:
18th St _tic Buy. sell repair used furniture fuming'to I acre. more or leuI Nntlr la hereby given. that Hi* min'dnngned Glass-Linnd
Ph. Hesters. Yulee uS.$294. tic"LET'S nublir, aal.. to th* highMt, and bent pursuant to "Fu'IlllnusName Gas Co.rfcoM I
Stutuur Hiurt Hill Ni 1179Chapter i .
TWO BEDROOM house on Rayon bidder for rtnh at the front dnnr of : I
"* N. 3MI51 law of Manila: Insulated i
Rd. Large lot Terms arranged GET ACQUAINTED with! the Naainu County i Viurthnuw. In re'nur h. :
'Ima Beach rk rlda. between II 00 IXI will 1',10111' with ( rmrli 01'/ } .
Ph 261.5421. tfc a Stanley Hostess Party." JoAnn AM and 2 DO P M. on Monday MJJTSEAU4 I the Circuit Court In and lor Njiaa' : e. ..
10 Ytar
i ountv. rlnriila upon receipt of proofnt Warranty
Schulz. 261.4246. tIe : ... ..
TWO BEDROOM house. like new. ( 'e' D n ntttVctr publication of mil ensue tin (u" :4, Yrla 225-5H4 ..
--- -- -- -- lloUl .
Asbestos siding Outside 'CIty lim. GOLDMAN. PR': JFH t LEWIS BJJJJJCAN.1.: :|| LANES f ,+ 1*! L

its $8,WO. Low down payment Notice Bv 's' Sidnee r:: .lwtaMB buUr.l.r. whuh we art engaged In M uas.
tfc I rinrldi "N-tlnn il Hank Bldg.
261.32i9. 'irk*.nvlll*. r'lor.da Wcareen gaged In S bu.ln. on
South! Street Cersuedma 111..11."I. .
---- a.14'' emit
I WILL NOT be responsible for ..
any debts Incurred by ..o'rnenlher I I II ,ont Iha enly parties, Interested isertd GLASS LINED
Trade At Home than (signed* Ivan Off Imme.s: eetrrpel.e are
myself Classifieds Pay I( erg. and H. B Lobe l C""I i
W WIIU..... MIN I 41 HI. ii, n. M'' yw

I y,


. '. . :. ':':"':'
. "
4 I


Page Fourteen News-Leader, Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday! May 14, 19C4 I Sgt. H. M. GrahamIn ,I, Buttery A. 7lh Battalion of' the 251 h I
Infantry 1)lvldon'l Illh Artillery
I Exercise At regularly stationed at SchofUd
I 1 SPRIVf.HII BAPTIST 1 1 i barracks, HIM all I entered': this
: H
At The Churches CHURCH Molokai Hawaii
State Illwsy 107 NaRRSUWm.1 Homemaker 'Army In August/ 1 1001. He was last '
at Fort Carson,
assigned Coin
Seholleld Barracks, Haw ill 'iAHTNC
I Rev. Dan E. Wade, Pastor
ST. PETERS EPISCOPAL 11RST ASSEMBLY OF GOD ) Army S4 hotbed M ,, The strgeant, son of Milton 0 IVANT ADS ''t
CHURCHThe : Rev. E. A. Lewi fantor I Pastors Prayer Time I By I Graham rcrnondma .
I 10.00 a.m, __-. Sunday School''' (Fur Men) ..... .. ............... 7 a.m. Graham, 20, whose muther, flIrt. Yulco Beach attended yawn Ij; 1
Rev. James D. Ellinor! Rector Pauline D. 1177 High School.
Carnes lives
.......... Mrs. N. Harrison
U:00 am. __._'., Won hi? Sunday School 9:45 a.m. ; Mary
1.30 A.M. Holy communion Servl"'j Ucnaudc St. Jacksonville, participated ,, Before entering the Army, he
: 8:30: C. A. Youth Morning Worship .......... 11Training a.m'l .
10:00: A.M. Choral Eucharist 7,30: p.m.p.m. Evangelistic Service Unloi. ..._..... 6:111: p.m. .r Home Demonstration Agent I as a member of the assault was employed by the Duvul Constructing .
forces In Exercise WESTWIND ,,
._..... ; Co.
11:16: AM. Church School (Thursday mid week le"lc.- Evening Worship 7:30: p.m. : .
a joint Army-Mavy-Marlne ---
-- -- -- -
5:30 P.M. Episcopal Young 7:80 p.m. Wednesday: ,
Corps amphibious operation on
Men's Hour of Power I'
ChurchmenThis PRINCE* UP ft PEACE
( Is the schedule of every Limit It AN CHURCH "Whosoever will, may come" being!! stored away and clothes I closets hove only one shelf over
Sunday with the exception of the Donald R. Himmelntan Pastor tt should be laundered or cleaned be. the clothing rod. Usually the space" Mire! than 4000 troops of the AND SUPPORT OF
last'Sunday of the month) Phone 201-6034\ PINE: GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH'I ore storing. Inserts mull UK moths, over the shell Is so high! that II Is 2>th Infantry Division were landed

Sunday School. ............ 9:45 a. m.I I Kev. W. G. Brooke, Pastor ''I roaches and silver fish attack\ the I I not practical to stack boxes or'' on from the Ishnd'> Pnpohaku Hencli BRENDA C. CRAVEY
hcllctptcra and landing ships
LAST SUNDAY OF THE Worship Service -...... 11:00: a. m.tf SINUVY! SERVICES: : soiled portions of girmintt ClothIng clo'hinu: so Unit oil the tires Is After beachhead,
MONTH I that Is hung! on banners should used. Placing a second shelf In the establishing a
r ftSI. 9.45 AM Sunday School FOR MEMI1KR OP
moved Inland conduct
be protected to prevent "hangersag" of the closet I Is matter men
top t simple
: 7.30 A.M. Communion '. PAUL'S LUTHERAN 11.00 A.M. Morning Worship : jungle and counter-Insurgency operations ; .
: Holy !I caused by the continual pull Often scrap lumber may be I HOARD OF TRUSTEES:
10:00. : A.M. Morning Prayer CHURCH 600 P.M. Mm Player Service of the fabric weight. Often when used or a building supply companywill agrlnst: 2.000 of the dlvisIcn't nmll'HRIrSIEIORIAI.! HOSPITAL
Amelia Net Intersection &:30 P M. Training Union I I who of
and Sermon City men tock the part
clothing Is hung year lound In the be glad to cut boards to the
A1A 730: PM Evening Worship I! established DISTRICT 5 (CALLAHAN)
11.15 AM. Church School guerrillas previously
: closet, discoloring may occur due desired lennih Tho COAt of these
5:00 P.M. Episcopal Young A. r'. Gerhhardt, Pastor 'Wednesday Sirvlcei:! I to I on the Island Paid Political) Adv.
to exposure light or garments extra shelves Is small If Dad keeps 1
.. Churchmen <:00 am. Morning Service 7:30 P.M. Prayer Service. I will collect dust across the shoulders evading this simple (chore M,'m Sergeant Graham, a gunner In .. ..
-------- ------ ---------------------
If garment boxes are avail. can perform the transit!Inn or lhel I
able It :Is wiser to carefully I fold thegormente teenager will be glad of the cppor.
and store them In the I (tunlty to demonstrate his skill. In''
boxes Label each box so that It Is children closets often a second
easy to locate: any Item when rod Is desirable A section of pipeor
needed I a discarded mop hindlc may be

Many, Having a problem finding a ..potI I second used for rod the Is rod.only If tl'mporarylhy It Is felt the Another First ForHOLLY

I not use two sections of rope \tied to
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH the existing rod On the bottom of
Many Thanks Rev J. T. Dunnam Pastor I ench of the* rope sections\ tic each
Worship Services 8:30 A.M end of a broom handle, forming a
11:00: AM swing like structure. The broom

I Am Grateful To You, The People a4 I 800: P.M. handle forms a temporary second HILLPREMIUM
Sunday School 946: A.M rod. Tills may be heightened or.

of Nassau County, For Giving w I Training Union ........ 643: P.M. lowered If desired
Prayer Service M.N_ Wednesday *
7.30 P.M. SUN FUN'! Summer Is near mid
Me Your Vote and Support
II frtt 1 so are those all day picnics at the
CHURCH OF CHRIST beach. Cert Tin precautions, should
Making Me High Man In The South Nth Street be kept In mind. Sunburn Is just as JERSEY MILK

Earl lltlbert. Minister dangerous as any other type burn
Race For County Commissioner, Sunday: Bible Study ...10:00: am I Precautions should be taken to
I Morning Worship .... il:00 a.m. prevent sunburn. Sun tan should be

District Number 5. Evening Worship .... 7:00: pm acquired: gradually, Increasing exposure .
fttr FIRST PRESBYTERIAN I' Many preparations are on the
CHURCH market, that contain shielding matcrlals .
To You, The People Who Had Confidence In One of Rer. John Dozier Pastor to filter out the ultra violet New Plastic

Church School..?.........., 11:411: A.M. I radiation. Creams seem to>> give the
My Opponents, Who Did Not Make The Second Primary 'Worship Service ......? 11:00: A.M. 1 i most desirable results generally
Youth Meetings _HN. 6:00: P.M. I New applications of any of the
I Now SolicitYour Vote and Ask That You Church School ........... 7.30: P.M i Sun Tan" preparations should 1 be
applied after coming out of the NO DEPOSIT
Place That Confidence In Me On The 26th of May. CHURCHH OP GOD I water or af'er brisk rubbing with

Cor. 4th and Cedar Sta. sand or a towel. Remember you
Rn. L. Marvin Johnson Pastor will burn twice as fast at the beach

PLEASE I Ask All of You To Turn Out At The Polls j i Phone 2(1-1807 a* you do at home, due to the reflective
10:00 Im. .?__._ Sunday School I factors of sand and especially GALLON JUG
and Vote. 11:00 a.m. ....... Morning Service water. Clouds do not filter out
I.?E. Friday Evening 7:30 p.m or prevent the passage of ultra violet
,,1:30: p..... ,._. ... Evening Service radiation so the danger!:: of getting hUNBI
!Prayer meeting Wednesday I I a bid sunburn on a cloudy

Vote JOHN F. (Fred). ARMSTRONG Your County I 1 I tttr -itTABERNACIE 7:30: p.m I I day day IsIS !great as It Is on a sunny

BAPTIST Remember constant exposure to EAK.\IILE SPACE SA\'EH NO LEAKCKS
And CHURCH !i the sun gives you a suntan with a
Amelia Road Phone 2S1-J4I7 bonus of dry IcatVry skin that *
Chambers Pastor i wrinkles and blotches \\rlnklcs
Rev Loyd ,
Sunday School .............-. 10 a.m. ', and blotches will not fade, producing 'k EASY porn BIG HANDLE
COUNTY. Morning Wsshlp _- 11 ..m. : an older look among ".lm
Evening Worship __ 7pmWednesday workshlpcn". Excessive exposure
? ?
Paid roim,.,,l Actv nt..m.nt : Service ........: 7pm: : to the sun also produces the risk of
skin cancers. Some sun U fine andI
ST. MICHAEL'S* CATHOLIC I I I healthy, but Ube common sense and We are proud to bring to you the milk container of the
CHURCH moderation.

Rev Leonard Duncan, Pastor I future It will soon be available at your grocery

Sunday Mass ................ 2nd, 4th i I "If you're Important what Is
Sunday __ 7.30: am. not printed In newspaper becomes market. Please ask the manager to get it for you.IT'S .
( Sunday Mass .......__NH.. 1st 8rd5th free gossip and 11'1' usually
Sunday!! 11.30: ".tn. false" Alan Proiip, Pccoa 1Tec.t)i! : II \ i

Thank You ;iT I Monday Young People 7 JIm! Independent. __ _{L j __ .. .
TUesdaY'11,, J'Jovcnal i i Services ,? 7,30, .r.--..--._. -.. ----. -- U -----H-l-
I !tl II II ),\ / : Illj *lm. I I t .J III

\\ : ;' tfj : fd iV I Iwish' I_.."._.-jL4.,4.( 8 a.ro '
t k'
:tV tf.\\f\! f i t. Daily !
.tl \ ; J .
: ;' a l|!-.4..I| Convent 'Chapel' I I TRADE N' TRAVEL TIME AT YOUR CHEVROLEr.DWE 'S'
.1 Convent
1. >:30 Cotnmunlort, In i
to express my appreciation x f ; I f i :
: CALVARY TiST1CIIURCl1 I .. .. Five different lines of cars-forty-

to the citizens of Nassau Bailey Road _.er1,0;; ri five different models to choose

II J. C. BYRD, PASTOR I Io I,, from. Come early and trade great!
Sunday School ...N..N....... 10 A M
County for electing me your Morning Worship .?......... 11 AM! M ..... ., :_, J Now I that spring's in full awing, you'll find
Evening Service .....?... 7:30: P.111.! E'' 1 new Chevrolets perfect for picking. ,

of f Public In- tftr I.mury-First, there' the big Jet-smooth
Superintendent UNITED PENTECOSTAL: .r V I C hevrolet. Sumptuous and soft riding Over
CIIIRCII __ '1 TOO sound stoppers throughout the car to
fat' :' blot noise.. Interiors
out luxuriously done
South 8th St. Ph. Zfil-170
Rev. W. W. Roland -.--.s 0, } ,;k_.._ y up in the newest and softest vinyls.
I 1 Trade what you're driving for one of
Sunday School 10 a m I
,- these, and you won't want to trade seats
li is desire the quality and Worship Prayer Meeting Service Tuesday 7:30 p.m. "' 4\ with Spirit-Next anybody, else Chevelle.on the The road.
my to help provide Bible Study, Thursday 7:30: p.m. in-between size car that combines beautifully i t email

I tftr -fir car handling oomph with big cur comfort.
of education children need and deserve. CHURCH OF GOD OF
type!! our PROI'IIECYI 1 Eleven; different models that you can
I equip with just about any extra-cost
I I II. C. Irurjr Pastor I --- option you can imagine. No place to
I look forward to servinj you in this capacity.To I 10:00 a.m. ............ Sunday Schuol l I I I j e go this summer? Get a new Chevellei -
,,,11 .. Mormmr Servut i I r you'll think of gonu-thing.
: 7:45 p.m. ........? Evening Serv; clarify the misunderstand of some who feel the 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, VLB. Sat '0 ) takes to inexpensive vacations nut u.
vice for youngpeople.. rally. It just goes and goes, and whore
schools may lose accreditation because of my recent election I MEMORIAL METHODIST .1 .0 to pick from, including 'wagons with
I would like to inform you of the recommendationsof CHURCH I enough( room to swallow up an tight-
I Nelson 1'. Moyer, Pastor r'' foot Christmas tree. (Plan ahead, wo
the Southern of and Schools. Theyare
Colleges 9:45 a.m. _.?.....?... Sunday School I i alwayaany.)
: 11:00: am. ..,.... Morning WorthlfI lun-Thcn there's Con'air. The fun
I 1'16 i".m. MYF, Supper Program. one with the engine in the rear for
I| unbelievable traition. Spring mud
Nine Hours of Administration! I .Hum. t:venuig Worshli n, I y I summer sand,inter snow-nothing

Six Hours of Curriculum tt I i f Corvette. The enthusiast's car
-----.- Sting Kay Sport Coupe and Conertible. .
Three Hours of \
SupervisionMy | CHURCH r > Mill Americas only truo
,',.4i ..m. .. .. dundny School r do for driving '

Certification shows that I have, in addition to a Mast. j tl:00 a.m. ?_. Morning Worihl)p: I shrh.o3;{ =f.. do for kids.

8:30: p.m. ?.?.... Training Union I : r J'.rlormanre-.4.nd with any new -
ers Degree : : .':30 p.m. _,... Evening< Worshli V,. Chevrolet you choose, you can
service, 7.S( J
Wednesday prayer :
Nine Hours of Administration p.... ardorextra.costhighlperforman! e

Twelve Hours of Curriculum BIBLE*BAPTIST* CHURCH* engines.Either way, whether you'vegot

Three 429 South Cth( Street t ; h some place special to go
Hours of Supervision Johnny L. King Pastor this summer or not, when
_.,,,._ you trade for
Services ?
Thereby complying with the recommendations of the : Sunday 10:00: A.M. -._...!'_ Sunday School'I one rolet'i of Chev five /

Southern Association for the office of Superintendent. 11:00: A.M. ... Morning Worshli great high.
8:30 p.m. _.__.......NH"N'H B.T.U li f ;( way per- TIUDE 1rTR1YEIe ,
7'00 P.M. Men's Prayer Servlci.I t .' formersyou'll TIME
ee.ee7la ,i. w.7f-.W. .4. -vm ;
730: pm Evening Worship c. travel!
Sincerely T:00 p.m. ..._..._.. .... Vi.lt.tlPrayer <., HiiBssH k /
) shown
THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS-1' top to bottnm: cT"SuStI, Ray, Corvalr! Ml>nz sPvdwClvy II

*!Meeting iV Wednesday A-. 1:31: _..........._..............................._.........Nova.Super. Sport!Coupe:. I .Ch I .Super.Sport,.Chevrolet. Impala Super Sport...


>:4J a.m. ?_._......_ Sumluy; School:: WOODWARD MOTOR COMPANY
11:00: am .".. Morning Worhl n
It:1C pr.j. ... ..... ..... .... l.llV.jJ
: Imo. .ullll' ta it um, > : p'.m. .. }:.v.. ......,: A'a.tUi South 8th Street Fernandina Beach, Florida Phone 2613636i
7.50:; J M. HM-WJ.U: S'\'IUI 1 I



aae'e H ,... ,. . . y. .. .

Fernandina Beach news-leader
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Creation Date: May 14, 1964
Publication Date: 1959-1980
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Nassau -- Fernandina Beach
Coordinates: 30.669444 x -81.461667 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 102, no. 11 (Sept. 24, 1959)-v. 124, no. 8 (Feb. 20, 1980).
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Over A Century 1ffiII01 II + 11J.IEmlRY Best Medium

In Nassau Of Service County Jna, eute-Hieafter] Local Advertising News I

Sine$ l 111M Abtorbfd by Purchiw, Mtrger Succonlon The Florida Newe, Ttit Easl I lorldlun. The Ptnlmuli, The rrrninaini, lourm: inr land CUV,, ffr.in.ri murrvrr, Frrnandlnn Tujtrrn. The Feinnmtina, Newt Th* llorldt Mirror The Ndmuu Count' Slur The New, The FcrnmidlM Record,
Ftinimllna Nem' Rnnrd, Naiinu Coumv Ltuilrr, The 0 II
--- -
( ; : t loo -' NUMBER;\ 35 ., I-ERNANDINA; m;ACH, FLORIDA TIltHSIJAYIAY;\ n. IOGI 14 PAlmS; : TillS i I-:;SLE; Tot I-LU); : loTv'::
-._-_- __ __ _. _u __ ___ ____ -' -- -.. .
-- -

/tlsl/famJltn I FBHS Band Again we Rates ,! Commission Gets RequestFor

I 'Superior In State ContestThe Lease Of Dock PropertyFor

HinmcliiiR Beach IllititSKM Three! numbers were plnvcd in

,111 ] | Band added another Inner' the concert Diamond Jubilee, a

to III many accomplishments last composition! of seven fnmnus Karl

The second IB \\elkl'ndll<'n It returned hum King marches: Second Street Over
primary just BI
the Florida Bandmaster Twtnlj lure, describing the pictures that
Important (is (tin first of any elec. $100,000 Restaurant
lion /toil quite often more BO On Fourth Annual Band festival with come lu mind when one reflects on

this premise 1 urge that voters retain the Mtlnn cf supirloi In comut I the cnvlrcmvunt of ones early

the spirit that carried them to sight.reading. and mOrl'hlnlThlr.. >'eors: :Mamiin Veen Dear Isle uf #' '
bands attended the festival held Man\ ," a Minx Tone Poem basedon I 11
the polls In record numbers In the ty \h'I'1I1I1I: I In 1)1.monthly session The IIIIIH| has hi'en made hv PeUisin rectntlv secured a
first primary and return again to In Tallahassee. May 7. 8, and 9, Of four !Manx folk-songs if lust I night: In (hair chamber at A, \iiulikin: who, his. plans h'l leieet Ii IIL.It"i'm tense from; HIP city for
these bands. only Fernandina, kern, The Judges for marching/ erl': s sI sI
vote for their favorite runoff candidates City hail, Die City Commission and epiiile. .. ,i rcslimnnt 1 In, I the mil'III did of the docks where
Gainesville, and Chakta'la.chl'e Intent DiN'ino,: Stark! HindsUv, I
Even though! the rallies arc Dipnnt heard ('itv MimuMr Dnvld Kale'he'1 that mea" Hie pripcilv' he IN intenslid h<' now opinlts Sportsrmn'

over candidates are waging vigor. received ilriight superior Bruce Jones. Otto Kraushaar, and (tell eif a request ho inn had for a .. In I Is i Hill. luu iieiiplid' (' InI'llirsoii \\ hal'l, a facility lir fishermen and
Paul Yocler, All rated the bund
ous campaigns and merit your as, a M r Rs leusc or eilv piipiilv' it the darks. '' I'lll'k II1Il lo hooters/ lie pi ins lo nine his
The hand played concert Fridaymorning. superior In the marching field In I
consideration ,
at the
polls picking. and retail s(' if ml husintss
The JudKis were: Olio sl>l'l'tion judge was Hubert Wag
v"t kr- i lo lint, arl'111th/ diUrgid/ and
Kraushnur from the University ol goner
How, can the path if our County Commission Hears DelegationOn | modi'MI quaiti'n,
Miami: Pruu Jones. head of the I Alter marching the binds pnill-' /
may so far Irom the origin Ancelaluw', |proposal: | rills fir his
music department of Louisiana llpated In the Missed Band, The
'il l'tlnel'pls of I the written CmKlilullin 'MH inliluK of SliKHHK) [fur Hip IPS.liniaiil .
Slate University; and Rebutvat'- numbers plnvcd were Old Fdks at Site of Agricultural Building
with SiOiHH) for UK 111I1 hi.
\ which clearly dc'finis goner Iron Atlanta llli.li SehuulAll Home: The Band Dreclo.Iarrh, :
1 Hinilt( so Ihut government> will not lu11ea rated the band us suprrher. arranged by Paul \odtr: and The hull and\ Mil DM) fur lixluus and

t become more powerful than Hit Tin sltht.redding judge wa Slur Spangled Banner, Deli' 'I1nulls t Irum bill l I Call limn posed bin Mum on the wist 1 nidi. ol idler i'iipmentAnuil.ikiu ,

purple A Con tllull< n that Is thnracleriul Paul dueler, a renown compostr, (Continued on pace two' ) and Milliard were In attendance Hi( the tiiiinlv III lioiise tin ilil ('l's III I Is enirinllv operating;
hy free enterprise the the! HKiil'ir' monthly! session of the Hip coiinlv IIKnl. I Hie home dim /a '(slain/ 'ant id Ihl'luha muter

(Cininlv Commission \ In oustr.-ilIon and other roint In liiiulouuic on V S,
right lo vcnliiie the right to yesterday agent: toiiiilvag
I house: private properly the and Harbormaster miner the thnmhiri at (HIP courthouse, ('IK'Ii's. I I. HP ban pievlonsly bun In biml

right to ou'ii. develop and cnjova : Consulting Engineer ionary Scotsman of 31, who ruled Amelia island under The tuo LJOIIPH. which filled the Tin Ilillliiid 111'11I':1': urged tin ills in (iiiliienvllle, and lake Wales

market eeoiumv the right to the Green Cross: of Florida for a .short period in I 1817. IH luimlxn (lo overllimliiK\ altimlid ('lIlI1mbah'n"I'1 In (base, I the iilluis /nml In Jenup. Rui ,

J <' xclnnLe and to print I wonder Discuss Proposed Interstate Bridge shown with his: beautiful Spanish wife, who .spoke no the hurling I to discuss' the ."n. In hat( lily wad I I Ihr tiillihan dele'- (mmlHsloner i L L, Holiannonsuuttisled

how many of these concepts Kobe English MarGreKor\ and his lovely wife will he among Kal n ii slum\ id tin( hill l'IY'ht In hiuIng ', Hi..it the (ommishion(

rt King IliL.li would Uand fur II n __ Here this week was Winston Lit. the many unforgettable characters: : portrayed in "The tin, illiees at (HIP (."alikrouudsHuit !: miet with Aimelikos to further

he bieume" your governor, As a tie'Held, repres('nlalive "f the firm Romance of Eight )Flags to he presented bv. the General : Schuiling SpeaksOn ', lisdits his piiposiit ami Gill 1'111'1

disciple' if a type liovernmtnt that John L. of Sveidrup & Parcel and Asso Duncan Lamont Clinch Historical" Smielv on the par' The iiiiisliiin of wliiM\ the, offlievwill ,snlil ho would anjiiMnuc.li: a
Is reaching further each ,
day on elates. Inc,. consulting engineers, ade grounds at )Fort Clinch on June 5-6 depicting the Little LeagueAt bo. litJldt, In an oiiluiowlli ela
Individual rights( I doubt that the A relllll'KVII! heard from John
who will be associated with the lung NIIW 1 plan by the Ciuulvtomnilssliin
fabulous history of Amelia Island.
original Constitution Is of gnat >> keclir for Hu Inslulliillon of
any Takes Office As ter-
Ocean Highway and Port Author. to erect and maintain
concern to him, lain amusement rides at the beach
i Sty on the proposed bridge from Kiwanis MeetBY county billdhms In( such' of the ,

ft i5r 'P-TA President Fcrnandma Beach to St :Mary, $5000 Invitational Golf Tournament Set more 1 populous areas of the comfy, for KeeUr the iiimmir sild that months he! operaUd IlicheOlle'sslllnl
Even though ballots arc Ga TOMMY: IIALL namely Yulu Callahan: and llil
In SI. Aiikiislliie for the
not ready, due to the possible! contesting Little'field( met with Harbormas.ttr Pete Sl'illllllnll. vice.presldint of haul The eiiiinlv oiirlhuiisc Inrcrnundlmi

ol the tlection don't forget John L, Gregory!: suns InMillod George T, 1>'1\'ls to discuss For June 4-5-6-7; 49 Entries Already In the Junior Division, and staunch Itiaih\ naliu'"illv: f"I'I iiusiin past seven had ycnis causid but him Ihnt to loan bench:his

to muke your npplicitlon If It Is as president of the Junior llig'i time( questions raised by Davis on promoter of Ihr( Lit lie Uuguc. nlshis (hi1, "iiicissaiv (|iiuilns tar) place of opeiallon

Impossible| for you to be at the F.Il'nwnlory P.TA at the last meetIng the dimensions of the! bridge across III'I'n1l'nl In reinamllna Heath county aiiditlis In IhiH aria
If entries Indlcitlon ,. of Fhuiridis ailina have said Alter some dlsiusslon on the
pulls on Slay 2li, dale of second primary of the '63.64 year. Ill'ldlay! the Amelia River and on the luca early are any pros spoke tit KhumlaiiH' on Monday, HP In this M rill's buihM the ('1'11I.
the third annual rernunitlir, > that I hI' will 'I1'Ill'llutl'I Im'lulled .miller said that liny would Hive'
) '
dculon, May 21 al S pm, is 7 In the Junior high cttfdoilum tie of the bridge wan PI'I''IIII'd (ID the flub hy pro. mlsHlon Inilmliil $,IONNI( for Hitpiogram '
Beach J'iOOO Invitational Gull f in that group Is Pile loupe, win. Ihr rtqiust further ntlcnllin and
the deadline for nuking such applicalu arch chairman, Unbelt P rtr-- illotled. fur
till Him
Other member of the heard" Installed was
the News Leader Inli KI'I'ler of Hull decision,
In a stdtment to Tournament will have an ever i Her of the Hist annual tommy i m (
n and the same hour on. are, D W Roberts vicepieshlrnt list week Davis had suggested that larger entry field than\ the 1 JillI! III) here. J, C' doislp, He'my Cnntlllo reiraTruthm, aeqiilring II site! mul eiiimlnuHiig( It was polluted out lo Kuler hurt\

!May 25 Is the deadline for returning : Bennett B, \Mlsin, tiedsurci certain I dimensions In the feasibilhv participated In last year'\ s pro. and moray other, \\ltll'ly.I.l\lIwlI\ lIull.I HIP hlslnv of I lltle Lent a building lit \iilu Till phase of HIP site he dslrs Is In (he urea
the ballot to the Supervisor ofHctlbtialion : Mrs I rranct" '* S, Dudley, Kiie In rnumllnn nom the elate Die priKUiiii: Is rHplclly' lie'HI'inn
report snhmiltul( recently by amateur event and the 170I hI> lug/ piofrssliiiialH, where till' tltv has plans for Improvements
secretary: 1IrlIa'y! Libby. puntlpal IIf its first foimillion several years complilioii anil will house a health
Wilbur Smith and Assot'lale.ero played In the tourney, Jimmy McCoy of West I'ulmrlioadi In the near future
6 of the Flcmcnliry SI'h'lol: unrealisticLitllefltld, I : ; : aura, he pointed out that many 'clinic as well us furnish a votingplace Gulclul read letters (Hint have
Ed Mattsnn head pro at Hu t winner, of 1 last 1 year's' tl (Hill
and Lmerson K. Flyer Junior High, former Little Leaguers au now for Hie Yulif piielnel! and '' .
Bud Dickinson have
may not been received from two local unions
agreed: that the vcrtleal local links, announced loriiv haul I first prize. IH also expected to be
principal, playing!! college bum'hull. and In helve. us a warehouse for cuunty
been the favored candidate In Nassau In which ruUcdiCeintlnued
I clearance In the report was nut 49 entries are alieady In with the) on hand to defend. his tuurtls a prole.tlB'
but he certainly had An Inspiring deyotioniil was given one case hi" en aceeplid In proftsslonul equlptm) Three)
County / on Page
adequate for ships of the sill that tourney still\ four weeks away Ami'nu IhoNe already c'more'el are
one young man make a strong err by 1 Den olllns.; Minister of Musicof enter the loco) harbor but pointed Matt son said also that a numbr r Skip Alexander of M. Petersburg baseball circles lie! staled. I The remainlim f12lIK, ) ) In( (the '6tbiiduel )

tort In his behalf Young DavM the First Baptist Church' alter out that It was the duly of his film -- I who made headlines a few years that we now have six Lllllu League 'U for aeiuiilng| II site and I
Bowers a Junior at Fcrnandint which.H. J. Belcher, In ptiformlngbis ( .And four Si'nlor U'uuuc teams I the necessary plans for a slmllnrphulldln Callahan Road
I his eompb"ek after ,
to dl.termlnct..lhe' fcauies( "" a tilpplni -
r 'p > !! ri" J
Beach High School, made opt of dull..r( instiling( the'bohtd, cf the bridge and the fcairufllty Smport 'Little-Miss Fiesta"Applications ( ; and, near. fatal plane crash, tnuuKid, ? la buvball. activity' In, *- In Billiard: to 'house I""M: I

the finest political presentations I Issued ',evl'ral challenges to the by Wilbur Smith and Associates Taken Bill Kennidv of !Miami. Martin J-vrnandina Brach, the of I ler i of ruiinlj, agent anilj I ; Sfafed" w' .i

heard al any of the county rallies new board and the membership1 was directed more at an origin Biekman of Savannah Ga. larry Lllfle League- had Its origin :2.1/ I home( ministration agent I In 0)e'. Projects I
Just another of the representative For Annual Contest years ago at Wllllamsporl Pa, II tuber of tills year II la planned by
Both Mrs Libby and Fizer made and destination check on tralflc I'll.kt'r. i Charlotte/ N. C. pro,
students wno keep us proud of the I |I has presently grown from a three the ('lIlI1ml( sl"n lo budtfi I the ner 17th
'! brief I expressions of their ipircclatlon for the bridge Applications are being/ accrnlu! d i who Is hitting along/ Butch Cont To Begin By
training they receive In our schools, to the outgoing: board, tho parents Davis and Llttletlcld compared for the Little( Miss Fiesta conies t ,, nell a handicap amateur I If 'team league, (to 8,000 leagues/ In I r Kssary funds for the llllllaid\ ton-

ft and to the teaches. for their nautical charts and figures and It to be held during. the 'FicsM o I' ;! A voting amateur with quite a' 1SB4 The Little League .trol'lIlIn. that the Work in two urban rood, Improvtmenl .
movementlusliliee It Is expected nccesswylards
Atlanta! splendid cooperation during this determined that the bridge Eight/ Flags and one of the high,, famous golllng' name Is already'
A recent, article in the i was Us presence In the community will hue budge lid for ('.111, projects In Callahan ut
hand, school 'year.Handsoms, .the ,largest lights( of the annual event I entered He 1 Is Ben Hogan I / Perry ol
Journal and Constitution was (to accomodate ocean through, the great benefits han In themar future as a further a total cool of IU8049& ore expect
week Mrs J C Bel- gavels which had Jreitfitdn,. would nave lei be The contest will be held Thursday ,, Winter Haven His dad, Bill Perry, \
cd us this by ? going which' are derived by the youth Inthp step In Hi* program.IContlnurd ed to be started by May 17 tho
\been Blade''inlLewia| Beans: shop' 'vertical clear evening, June 4. at 7 pm, 41 t and Brother Dill Jr. else I {, /
nett ,rand It should lie pf consldet. j I around 140 ten I IH i : Sr are I field of character building' LRe. ( on Page/ Two' ) State Road. Department announced
able Interest to many of our read elanl, were presented to both' John once, the Recreation Center Auditorium,, entered, 101'1'11 eulhaillrIn' i lift I'rlta.t' ( t today,

ctfs; :Subject of the feature( In Mike Gregory ai new prrsjclonl! end (Continued on Page 'Two) ,I All little misses between the 1 Tolirmy; ;, 'chalrmmi\ tlII"'m/) kI e m'due' 'mil"n, physical film 4 and mollelnu /. 1 I I hood<1 Hoard mi'mbi'r lulpnI'ovxrs

Ctustrcnls ho will be remembered I Chuck .tUnnlkcn retiring!! president II/I"/ of 2 and five years of( one 1 I I sayit' Hint his ommitlKS, are funclninlni I ( concur In llip conclusion thai Senior Chorus In ol Luke City sold the Nassau .
by Finer, are Invited to participate Bath'ng well\ and, I Idol I all Ilia ddails I
fro.n his school days when his 100th Year Marker : { boys who play Llllle Uague are : Spring Concert County projects Involve the
for the
Dad op,'rated t downtown restaurant I In closing, Gregory Issued\ an suits will be worn competition of the lourmy will ho virtually generally better equipped physically txlenslon of Stale Road S-113 from

j In the 100 block. Mike who !I appeal for persons lo volunteer f fur Dedication May 31 completed following a meeting/ ril- mentally( and emotionally to Friday, May 1 15 the paviinents end nurlhwest of

went on i I'om rcrnandina Beach lo ,, various thalrminshlps in particular Applications, actompaniid by a day night( face the problems of growing Callnh/ : to IYIII l Itoail, and the resin .
become a standout football player a chairman for the annual I'I At First PresbyterianThe fee of $100 and a small pholn- The (money I Is sponsored by llieFernandina \ up The Sunder Chorus of ft"man. foe'Ing of Miekler Street In Calliiliiiu .
I graph, are to be mailed to P, O, Beach Chamber of j (Continued on page two) dlna Heath (High hihool will pit' .
Jacksorvllle and later an All. : TA Hallow eon Carnival and arc. ledlcatlcn of a centennial ( between Sit S 1U8 und U S,
of 'frcsliment rhairman.Anyone Box 478, Frrnandlnu Beach Fir Commerce I i unit llnlr. iinniial spring l'IIIII'I'I't
the ,
American it University 1
marker 18i8.II58( : !) > for the FirstPrcsbvterlan
Georgia In ;946 has been named I I wishing I to serve Is askedto Church Norlh 61h further Inlormnilon( on tho con. Tickets are in salt and hnldirn : Registration For em rrlilay. May 13, 7:43;: p.m, In adiltll, and Jackson Company of 1
I test call 2613749. have addict binuscs In /IH Ing I'll. the high HI'h',1,I umlilurl, 'HurtI
assistant Dean at Hut Institution of call him at 201184, : Juikmiivllle has hen awarded the
will, tie held Sunday, 18
St at
noon Swimming May
higher Icarnln;". Mike entered thetouching nypun'a.. w ,., be found elsewhere Bible for priors at a druulnii 11 hI'I I will lie ni> ailmlsslon\ thrfrgp ut thelist tinlrail und will hove 120 wocklnij
the I
: field I after college ands IJ I Faith Baptist To !May morning 31, worship Immediately hour,following In this Inoue, I hrld on the fin il (day of the tour | At Rec Center I diys to complete| hue prc/jitt)
The conetrt will consist'' 1 of a1
J coached several high schools In nty us well as uilinlssnn< to a IMP '
Kathleen Davis Hardcedjiifhter .
I Georgia before Ills more recent I Dedicate Church Miss of Mr, andIrs! I, WHardie Lynn Joyner To Fill fish fry for Ihu golfers on rrlilay i Itetiislrullon for wimmlni" ( Its vailely hl"f n imbi'rs Ineliiding pop Fernandina Beach
duties with the Ceorgla freshman I night June S, sons for cltlz'no of r'e'i naiiillnalleaeh nliir, url, harhership, (hill songs
1 squad. Well wishes of the many At May 21 ServiceA Jr History will unveil of The the marker Churchgiven Pulpit Sunday NightAt will he held ol III tie( following a
Monday, !May Ifltli In I hi' Auditor. mire to suit anyone's Ijsle. ,
knew !Mike hero will doubtless
who : Faith II J, Jr. Clerk First Baptist District WorkshopFor
new (church Bant 1st, has by Allison mixed enstmljle will aI-III|
be forwarded to him, lum at tho /It been organized In rcrnHmhiu( and of Scssu, Lynn Joynrr. son of Mr, and !MM, Woman's Clubs year elussi will In eon NinII/ variety of number, SoloMs 71h A' Lime Siredt -
Is presently located ut 16 N. 411:, Tic!: Invocation will be given by Joe if this III! the'
Joyner city will dueled at 9, It ID 11 and II ;: 11: a, for the evening will be Llmla Mar M'n' Lain
A group of youngsteis asked me Street, Dedication service for the the pastor, Rev, John Dozier and pulpit at First b"ir, :-at Church, ( n Set Here May 20 I, m, on Monday-Wednesday and Holland Louise Kuncy Blunchc Thursday, May 7th 77 S3 urrlduv

nut too long ago for a few tips on church has been set for Thursday the benediction by Rev, Nelson Sunday evening/ !May 17, In the absence I, The District IV F, F, W, C. Tuesday.Thuraday. with training' Barber Wanda Shealey, LlniljMuggins ;I !May Bill 83 58 0

how to run a newspaper. I suggested I May 21. at 7:30 p,m, Several of Moyer, pastor of Memorial Metho of the pastor, Rev, James workshop will bo held at the Woman for Beginners Advanced Begin Steve Beckett, !Miry Saturday, May 9th 83 61 0

that they had possibly come the Invited preachers are Dr, Bob I dist Church, Dunnam. His sermon will\ be, 's Club In Fernandina Beach I flora Intermediates. and Swimmers Reynold end Marie lloblnson Sunday, May 10 88 64 0

to the wrong/ place since a few of Cray, Dr Bob Ingle and Rev. AI. The Welcome will be made by "Take Ip; Thy Cross and Follow Wednesday May 20, Registration daises will begin on June This will be the last concert atl I !Monday, May 11th 111 64 0

my subscribers professed a fart I ton Dobbs. aU of Jacksonville, Mayor E, J, Johnson, Jr"lllh Me," from the 8th Chapter of Mark will begin/ ut 9 30 am, 16th and June 0th. (this school term so I'v"ryone'' Tuesday Stay 12th 83 63 0

greater knowledge than I OJ (hei| The public is Invited to attend I music by the Girls Ensemble of Lynn, who Is preparing/ for (the Luncheon will be served at 12 I|I Adult classes will ho condnelid make a special effort to attend, Wednesday, May 131h 84 67 03

proper way one should be run. the service In which the! church tcrnandlna Beach High School ministry Is presently attending SI, noon by the 1H'J-64! !: House Cum on Saturday mornings at IU) IK) I I Mrs! Evelyn Arnold, In her last. I Tae ".,'Ih"( I. 'u.nl.hed enurlaayylr.lde .

will be formally dedicated and : List The Cherubic host from John s River Junior College at Pal. mitttc Ilh Mrs. S, L, Tarllon, a m?, beginning/ Juno 6th, year will be dlecllnthe/ thorns Lewis' Nnld Piale Conererwe. 1111111"fheroerh I.
ft ft chartered the holy City by Gaul. Linda Hoi. auks and will enter the Mississippi Chairman.

Even I though today cars tire The pastor of Faith Rapist: land and Steve Beckett will be Baptist t College at Clinton, :Mm. Itistrvutlon may be made with I

the siruxthist riding and most mothaniully Church Rev, Jerold A, Philips, I Ia Is soloists, this full graduated from rtr.nanelma Mrs, J, C, Drnnett luncheon I price.

J perfect of all time they native of northwest Iowa lie Is'' A corcll'il Invitation Is extendedto Ilifch In the class of INU' 1171, ri'1

still I) tan'I seem to keep the Jerk a graduate of Tennessee Temple: members of all churches. to attend I Lynn hat conducted several II IP- There will hi 22 Stnlor (li'bs andII ay

nut ol them, College In Chattanocga Tennessee. the service tint Student tninn revival in ,funlor Clubs presented Mrs ,a114y
--- ---- - -----
Green Cove Springs and Pilatka K.ilph I'arklsiui (IJI Jal'k.nllville I

": """ ; / | Tho public Is cordially invited lo Beach U the new Debbie) ( IV 1)1. I e

J-w the service, ret lor, .I
---- --- -- a4a
: ,,

:!'r,. f Calm Approach To Hospitalization Urged

':1' < '; 1 R 'YGNiEIlS, CRAPwAMI As National Hospital Week Is Observed''

YONICRSI 141' ,t T
r You mle.ht be one of the milli'itmof Its/ ural to feel sonii apprehenxlon .
.\ t.4' : t'I/; ;' le '; Aml'rlcsna'ho fait hospitall/a- but cciiiHldi this even if + ...

10RGANIZCltrtftf.t'v lion sometime. this year, If so, you surge'ry Is required, you l pn,bublv
..' will probably wonder what will it will be alile to return home wltliin(
;\\ fLA \. .1
.OR tr be like, particularly I If you're a a week or \tin dave and rcsiiimviir '
,_.0'1; > : : : .IIIii ::!! lint.timer," normal activities a few week ;

; ; Approximately one! persin out of later," '

eight will inter the! honpital m lx)1'! I A dative wont recommend surgery E-. tti Jjms4

}! aid many of Hum will IM conceined unless Ihires an excellent 1t
-11 ) :'f t ) But (they ulinuhln t. said Ben chance II111I considerably- bemfil .;.' i l

f. } Clarke, Administrator of Humph. you, Clirke asserts And In most 11..' ,

!Memorial Hospital. In tailing of the IH
reya ( ; cases turgvrv patient
j ;'Jt j .
.. : \ attention National: 'llmpttal Week, 'safer than he Is driving/ an autome ._;
:May 18.16."The) bile, he adds

I'KKKTINC) ; imOMKR: 1 U 1 being dune fluid week hv member! of the Southeast majer reason for tonurn Clarke his These' suggestions/ ( for Ol-IK'MtS: OF Till: WOMlVh: ('it'll installed at the 'slay meeting 1Iotfl'k are,

Pulpwood Producer l Association in I'.nnertion with a charge that Ka.v'onierr through about hospitalizatlon" I Is fear of the the \\ould.hI' patient: from left. Mr,*. J. II. \\ hit.. Jr.. l'urre"IIIlndinJ secretory" ; Mrs. I'. e, Stewart, record-'

their brokers 1 is 1 unfair to members of that Vmod.ition." Left is: John Marrow, president unknown he says, ",\ doctor re,. 1' D') not worry mil secretary ; MM.. Waller Mier/ejewkl. :I rd \ president : Mrs. S. II. DatU.: 2nd
cumnll'ndaUlln fur for example l2 i Relax
mid hU>line,,,, ii''tnt, iiml right is James Nicks" a mt''''her. Harrow charges that may upset you surxery soil (lead you '31 Try to enjoy) your slay i iI'e.prt"ldt'nl11'; : ''. 1.. K.: Sellers l. president t Mm. I'eul huh lot >'Iceprelldt'ntlr8.; : .

the picketing I3 H! tautest to the! di"(tha/ginir bj 4 bioktr uf one: ot hh unions men In exicet pain or even 'tear falJ rxcepl lor (the moat trlenjj \\aller Preston, llh \ irt'.prtlldent ; MM. W, C. Owens, treasurer; and Mrs J. C, .

pet*. __ _____ co"ullueIl. _. j I I .


. . .


middle of (lawn, i lar o black over tiia uvxt day I taut Vuuti.
News-Leader Fernandlna Beach Florida Thursday May 14 )
late called by the Latin name, for anyrntnj, except that It knee

A Florida Cracker In Europe Porte Nlgra Local rUIWnt bin i good. Many of the houses In Bern.

: FERNAMDINA BEACH NEWS-LEADER MAYOR'SPROCLAMATION their directions to any "point of In. ka tel are bum In the tame attdeas

tfiest *y Its relative location to the those In Rothenburg, let off! ty
Sit AS* ItfeEBt: <- PHONES t1s1. Mt7 (Editor's: Note: Mrs lIzabtt:1crutchlleJd : (palace is nearby but It Is urround. noted for that and t wal probablY! Pore Mgra.; We had a fast view a touch of gilt

A John H. perry Newspaper daughter of Mrs Faith: ed by a high!! stone wall so wi mining ir>methng| of other Roman ruins, the amphitheater Leaving Bernkastet and the

: Rae r.M.*ll. Editor a.J. Mmv Pearson of this city, la currently l liWclnbudcn were unable to see either the pal. Early Monday mrrnlng \I'eI'ere and the baths, al1', heft Moselle we climbed (the mountains

ABC AUDITED PAID CIRCULATION Germany with her: husband ace or the gardens, on our way again., Our route tack the city :: of the Hunsruck range and trav.
WHEREAS hospitals maintain I Major John Crutchflcld. and In order t to facilitate! the flew or us through Bastogne scene of the
i Puhllrhttl ewry Thursday tad entered at the Pont Office Our next stop was at Bernkastcl eled along the range top gut p
health! core services) for I tt read World WarI\ "Battle of thBulge.
every person family was privileged > traffic to the fairgrounds a num
Feronndmi Beach, Florida n second class mall matter In the center of the wine produc around curves so sharp Johnny
Salecrlptdoa, Bator In thin rnmmunlty on a round some of her letters home and; bcr of tunnels\ were built In the ." We stopped for a coffee tog area of the Moselle. The best said he could read our own license

; $4 t pea 12.25 6 month. $1.25 S Month the. clock-basis; and found them ao Interesting I pevailed ri'y of Brussels and In the dawn break at a cafe facing the tow known wine from here It called i I plate. We reached the abets River
WHEREAS hospitals wmk with on her to contribute similar: town area there are several wide< sq'iare Before starting down the
i W 90 i year out of county Bernkailcler Doktor because, 10 t at Blngen and continued on '* -<
other health a pnrlt'. In safeguardIng news letters t) the :Newi-Ucdor. I II 'joulcvnrds with; tunnels under the hall toward the restrorms some the story gee, It has medicinal I] Malm, our former home Hrtf"

the health of our citizens; and I hope the letters prove as InterestIng cross streets. Thoy are good In of the girls cautiously asked If they; properties which will\ cure almost! I Johnny and I left the tour and
to our readers as they are' tome < but Brussels did net elim would be the'! tame as In Brussels
NATIONAL HOSPITAL WEEK WHEREAS hospital nerve a, theory everything and there: Is no hang I Ir caught a (train lo Wiesbaden
educational Institutions for many ,) ,(note traffic lams. they were!)

: Hospitals; throughout the United States this week an typM of hospital persoiiH! 1 sad CONCLUltONi nEStlXX We went dlrec'ly' tthe hotel In the square In' the town's monu -

rr\,1Dg, National Hospital Week, an annual effort to develoj erndurt educational programs for rOUNTRIEl: TOIRThe where we mW our Belgian/ guide meal lo the Americans who' Tough ..

ttreater public understanding of hospitals and their various croups of our citizens; and customs stop at the Bclglai for a tour of the ctl': First though here bust -of a General Sherman McAullffc.link and The i a

authltles.I WHEREAS hospitals are engofled border was completed In a m C"mlcrl I
local citl7ens call their town "Ihi
all 32 ef heeded for 'the
In research for HIP prevention and cnnllmtix step no UI
of minutes
need for this understanding I h obvious. The well. ter we Nuts City" and there are sign/
I and cure nf Illness" ; and toward Brussels. The tour hut piibllr rrstrooms In the hole) Her* You Can't
being "f the hospital and Community are inseparable. The WHEREAS each member of the been planned to Include a drive l I many ef our 111'1'11"'pre Introduced poets pointing to the Sills Museum Start
containing exhibits relating! t tBa'lle
hospital could not maintain or continue to Imnrove its hrspllal mafr contribute In a spe through Antwerp but due to itv., to the so-called "French" tradition
of the Xul8tArtlnll
) and
health services without community support. And without eral detours had to bypass It of the coed res'rcom. Several
elfin way to the rare of patients: we the( go-kart racing track'
Hospital: a community would suffer serious handicaps In On the outskirts of Brussels "", of the rotip t.nrwI hat tcfexpcet
BE: IT RESOLVED that I, E, J. 7 hesitated' outside Although there Is little English!!
lite of the Itt 1! World\k in
health care. Johnson, Mayor, Fernandina Beach, passed the Into'| tbserve and we'' not dissp.pointed sptiken there, the people like Am.

The popular public concept of a hospital is of an Instl Florida hereby declare thli to be Fair where atomic the Atomlnum theme, synsbol In the reactions of the erlcans and the employees of (the
of the wes sty
where a for or treatment and NATIONAL HOSPITAL WEEK I The climax cafe we patronized could not do
tution person goes surirerv! standing. We were disappointed i newcomers to Europe I
care cf an illness or injury. One out of fight!: persons this May 10.18Memorial and salute Humphreyi. that the rest of the area had been I came when one nf the girls some enough for us. A couple of miles
far Itt contrlbittlons
year will receive care of such a nature in a hospital. Approximately to Hospital the publle welfare, for allowed to detenrlate. The royal how gel herself' Ircked In. Final. shaped outside of memorial town Is Inscribed a large star with

II,;' million persons on any given day are pa- high standards of rare, for eduea Iv: someone railed the desk clerk the the names of the states( whose r
who pushed his wnv
tijnts in hospitals in America. tlonal and research programs that crowd, cslled out, "Attention Ma. sons fought In the battle, ,

; But hospitals do more than provide patient care. Many each year raise these Blamlards to I Schuiling Speaks dum", then gave the door a mlghtv Crossing the border Into Lux.

have become the health centers of their communities, providing a higher level Continued( from Page One) wham. The girls Inside screamed I rmbourg we simply slowed down

not cnly the Inpatient care that is their major function E. J. JOHNSON.: Mayor A large number of local peonlc III the door flew open and the rest and waved at the officials, There
Is be. Anything
deal nf
but outpatient services as well. Frrnnndlna! Beach, Florida have contributed to making the pf us dliiolvcd Inti gates'! of laugh tween a great Luxembourg cooperation and Belgium YesterdayIf

All doctors and nurses receive some of their training Little League program wm k, by tcr. even to the extent of accepting
have been
iif( hospitals! as do many other paramedical personnel. HospitaUutho Letter of ThanksOn their dedicated service as sponsors, Once again settled down aboardthe each other's money. you puling oft opening a savings .
coaches managers, and volunteer bus we give ear attention to I short
\ conduct informal education programs for person- We ate lunch In Luxembourg account, you are changing yourself Regular -
In concession Many are wn, fortunately,
workers the new guide
nelt 1 wfro work behind-the-scenes! to keep hospital services City and the craziest thing hip deposits small add
behalf nf the FernandlnaI parents of Little Leaguers and oll.I spoke better English" than Henry pened at our table. When we were even ones up

funcuMilng well.Tlospitala I Beech Hlah School Band Parents''' I I en are just Interested citizens anxious hod As we rode thro'igh the streets : seated found on the table a I large I fast. Earned interest cjiows as your balanco

: also serve as preventive medicine centers I Organization I wish to express our' J to contribute their bit to a he pnln'pd out Ml the points of platter of cold cuts, a big bowl I o' You can't

teaching!!!! principles of health and hygiene. They are also I thanks to the many people who good cause. 'Interest Including' of course the salad and a plate of bread, all of!! grows. start saving yesterday but

sounttt! of help in the event of a disaster or epidemic. Theccjmnnmity's helped make our recent chicken Schuiling thanked Klwanlans\ for I statue cf the nrrmlkln without. which dlsappeired very quickly you can today! Open your account now!
I dinner such fine .. their contribution to the Little Lea. which no trip to Brussels Is com.plete I
investment in the hospital can best be renliacd a lurre was not enough to eat too
through their spon. From the too of a hilt In
: when hospitals and public health authorities work to- Special thnnls: go 10 those mem. gun program I people who'd been riding all m;rn.
worship of the Senators from the the cut section cf the city we hada
with hers and past members" h'l do.nited Inn so one of the men appropriated
medical I
gather .
profession as partners In the teachini very Inception of the program In ", arvrI111''lrlV of Its sweeping :;
t the food set the lubli
(their services and fnod; to up on
? and practice of preventive medicine and public health Fernandina Beach. boulevards, We proceeded to the .
next We had
to ours. barely finished
the Dane Band and Mr. Hill for I FLORIDA N.tlonallank
Schuiling reported that 78 boystried Grand Square with Its baroque,
our second helping when the
the ipendld music!; t t'l the memo

beri of the Junior and Senior Bands \ out for' Little 'League earlier style buildings ad'rned with gill waitresses cleared our table! and ...".....".,."..."..............
fur assisting In serving; to the lad. I I this year The selection eliminatedabout There" b"lldlna were the original served each of us half a fryer r |at Fernandina Beach

THBT'S t H t FHITW I It lea of the cafeteria staff for their 1 25.Mike guild hills the residence of the. I portion of string beam and f
fine help and cooperation; to the I Pikula and John counts who formerly ruled Brul.t' mound of french fried potatoes'
merchants of our town for their were Key Club visitors at the meet. 'I. thin city hall and a building We ate this In a silence broken hi> "'-:-" saw arou. ......-- ..ao..r..lT
ing. called! the King's Hall although! no
donations; to Ifayonler Inc for the a few embarassed glgglci.
A Klwanls-Llons Scftbil! game ,I had stayed there. The I
use of the cooker, and to the cochlrmen king ever There was not time for extensive
U scheduled for 7.30: p.m Friday. counts' residence snorted a bust sightseeing In LuxembourgCity
/ of the supper, Mrs Martha I
Bill Webb, Bert Maxwell and I rl'l All these buildingnl I
nf each "r so we had to be content witha .
( Jeanne and wife
Pnlottl. my > ''' O
Mrs. Virginia Peters. Bryan Rauschcrt were elected to date bark hundreds nf yeirs.Throushout drive through! the downtown arcr I -*"Wry 1' 3 'J!!4,ft'-t., .
en'' tyA attend the Kiwanis Intcrnatiinal this tour the guide', ; '
view of the famour
and quick
1 Ygr Many thanks to the public who a f, 'Ii, *' Mr
I Convention In San Francisco thin had trld us repeatedly that Belgian battlements I "f',
J purchased tickets. It was good to '
Is to German )1 i
summer beer superior During the afternoon we followed
see ycu, and have your support I beer so at the conclusion of the ,I the Moselle River and crossed I I 1

i : It I Is Indeed a pleasure and a sightseeing he directed our driver I Into Germany The light of the .olaSINCERE

privilege to be associated with I Consulting! Engineer to a cafe where wo could! Judge familiar green uniform made me(

.I ., such a fine organization and again for ourselves. Access the street feel that I was back home agalr ..
I nay thanks to all nf you for your (Continued from Page On..1In ) was a lace shop, open on this S,in- and even tlnush!:: we'd enjoyed "
full cooperation, Sincerely, response to other: questions by for our I
afternoon especially
day other countries
wring the we were
fslgned) II. R, Peters, President, Davis Minefield said that his firm. party, and most t cf the wolllt'nwrnt glad! to be back.In 'I1<: ij THANKS )
their sar.veys
would have to make own
t. ya } before such ques'lnni could directly there. One of the the city of Trier we stopped

I 'I satliluclUn ol clerks demonstrated the technique briefly to (leave one member o' -:
be answered to the
County I'r t [ making/ Brussels lace using a the group who was stationed near.

: MOTH/HAT URC0.WTRYCAN00ItWNN1'ASKaa/A71bt1' Continued from Pip One I all The concerned feasibility rcp-rt was picsrnted cushion Into which Dins are stuck by. This clay: the oldest In Germolly To You For
CANDOfOeXaaCOIwMY nnd thawing' the thread attachedto
r On the premise that should inch \ recently to engineers of "11'1( J was settled by the R mon'
warden bobbins ever the pins I ,
who made It their northern cap
building! be constructed at the Florida and Georgia road brniflf'at
r 1 I This was nothing new to me as ital. It Is said lo have been foundrd
J Callflhan fairgrounds and that It
tjklS fAVKXJl QUOTATION MO A PO/fMAITOf THSlATtJOMF. would also house the health clinic Both a meeting groups here of engineers slid I'd seen Sister Josephine do It In 15 8 C. A number of Inter- Your Fine''

: Kf/WfOY, APPfAKOHA tfCWtf.S. SWINGS many limes so I rejoined the men eating Roman ruins remain. Theo .
for that Health fli.I far lav.
arei County that the n'pert1111 more
6OND"1HBOU9HOUT 4 17,OENOMINATlON'.NOWCWSA/E the h'I1VI! received our
Buck at
l outstanding Is right I In the
rector Dr. B. F. Woolncy sold (thnl hud believed .It !
THfMATKW. orablc than they assignment: and what a difference ._ I
room !: II
I such a location was' not the best would be and that they vo.ild; tuke :
frrm the night b=forc! I In The First For My-
: 7/71/SATW6LWDW/LLBRaKi7NEIb711LSEQ/fSEAyVD for a clinic, It under study before f-iit'ier: di. The hotel was old, dark, and Support Primary,,

: OeMOMMATKWS: TOe/OHX CIPTbMOiV; SQHOBVYeeS I Woclspy cited that It was too fur cussion. nit our room had a good HwlthSAKBETE'
ilcomy; Patch .
COUtD PUKMSe ilea ISO AND jfOO, s/zig OFHEKfS "cmovcd frrm the residential area was agreed that after at ell view of a brink well: Ih} toilets Candidacy As Supervisor of f Registration
LAENOWtiATL1VSA6.t/LA&EACESOO and would provide a burden for the study the engineers of both slated
$5pO, Sim were down the hall, to the fightthen ;
: .
aaao jga o, Indigent or these normally cared would return hire for further din.cusslon We
clown another hall. never
for( by the health department of the proposed prrJ-ct. Nassau
: :: I find bath! The clevilor was County.
Rf )YOU did a ,
u s.SAVINGS BONO wytk! to MAN O? County Agent Gordon Ellis pre. of theit Sand Mix
"NI \ of the age
YOU*FEiLOl an Indication .
Mth'/c4NSARE. STXBT TODAY tented a representative of Florida
ANEWllUJONO.-WHEt'E I Band i hotel. It was a wmight Iren cago'mrvlng Duality Controlled For settlnj field
j of Agriculture ho FBHS t ti
: WOIlKOIl8ANK' wl'hln' a wire mesh guard lions, routing' ,,
Unable '' of
laid that the state had matching Being To Meet
) Irckc-d like a chain link ping, tic :
... ,. I Funds fee a building\ such as thnlluggcstrd Continued from Page/ fHe which : r
+ for the Callnlian fair. Two festivals are held In Flrrld'' fence. The contraption rrmlncl.'dI
1 movies, parlictilaily: Before The Second On
of some
grounds which I could house the every year on 80 LB. Primary MOl
/ I county: agent and home: demonstration I The same Judges J Judge at each whodunits, In which there was i PltChinl i

agent.It contest t and enly binds fiat: hove great chase b'-tween a man on 26 I :
I Earnestly Solicit l i i Continued
was pointed oil that such received snperii ratings at 1'is the stairs vi. me In nn elevator $1.85 your ;
I I trim cintesls are cMiiibU! In pull) of thin tyj". TV, man on the stair! !
matching me" only .
THANK YOU, : in o county fair association, and I II clpnte.that This the year Punamlina linn been the Beach I 1'ilit, ,, after always one w ride n and J hotly I in and w I why choose I Support and Efforts f f r In My"Behalf.

the County Commlssic could nf"I year .......
I been the I I waik, co'Id have starved II eunu"
1 lion
llllih School Band to we
In such matching funds.Th"s I :
participate :z'
FELLOW I I J. Slmvo I Jr altnruey fur I II only bund rated supc'i-lor In Its darn ) between liters if we'd' ridden: In ..., ,It'nn i :

; ; ; which Is hn l'C1111\ enrollment In that creaky old thing,
RCITIZENS I the! Board, ndvised that the Commission ;

v' I I with the hod fairgrounds no legal and Involvement II wa I the The high band school.also hod Individ:ial i the After Grand dinner Square we walked to see hn'kII the II.\ : LOUISE JONES WINGATE E

i I solos and ensembles which were luminathn of the biildlnm. This Nassau Building
his iindcTH'andlnH' the property, was
I rated as follows-: was a perfectly beautiful s'ght CANDIDATE; FOR ::
/ owned by the school board and the ;
' P 1 i Northeast t Florida; Fair Association I II Superior Skipper Kill. John i with: different colored flird'lahli & Supply Co.
' 4 I I provided the buildings. Puletll. and a twirling ensemble. moving slowly across the gilt, ficades. SUPERVISOR OF REGISTRATION :
Excellent Cornet trill Pent On a corner faring the
A second representative of the
I I I Department" of Agriculture urged I Prnton. I square was a huge beer hall wherewe 1129 S. 8th. I'hone 261tf48: P.III FoIlle,,' "I AlwMiwuol' :

1 NASSAUCOUNTY the County Commission In loose Good Judy Hahn, Janice were lucky enough to find a1,I ; -JI&. '
at I Sweat. table beside a window so that we ..
frrm the stale certain buildings
th" display In com
could watch
the fairgrounds were rigid.I .
I ally built' by the slate, I'm pose ol I fort Hanging from the celling In
Iud $Icgendorf
? : : : POPIYI the hill were fig ires dressed In
lease would be for e County Commission MANY THANKS
and various cos.
ancient armor
. to assume malntcniiu"
and Improvement: of) these: buildings :::; I tunics relating to the history of

the ally Pretty spooky In thai
The Commission declined until dimly lighted! room particularly

Without your loyal and spirited sup. rangement the legal aspects can he nf checked such an with ar. I: UNDERWRITE ns the attire.Walking waiters. were rind In medieval (for the excellent .

the hotel we
bark to
"' could have the Attorney General's/ office COUNTRVS ,
port we not won a placein YOUR pissed a tiny simp where bench *
In other business the C-mmls.I rf
I' : ; j! MIGHT fried potatoes,, were\ cooked and '
the second primary. den heard a plea from the Milliard I vote and support. '
I 1 Fire Pepmtment for assistance sI < sold. They smelled an good I Just l

I that they can broaden their service i hud to have sumo n we stopucd. s s
Strengthened by new supportersfrom The cook asked If I \I'Bnlt'k..l.! .
i i iI that for
chop, slaw, or maycnnalse on won me .
I Representatives of the Fire PI'I, 7 ,r
all sides and with continued when: I }
your out that them and Just shrwgwd
|I partml'nt "pointed many
and that of friends fires occur outside the city limit I 7lc refused all three while Johnny,
help ;
: your I and that fighting( such fires leaver arid by grinning As I walked reelection as Memberof

: and neighbors, we will win the noml- | Hllllard without fire protection. : down the sidewalk munching!, he
I should, time liken the
told! me
Pnole noted! that It would be ne.I

: nation. I i I| ressary to secure addttmnil I legls.i mayonnaise- because Brussels-! -Is the Board of Public

. I i lotion to permit such assistance by I
: : : ; '! 1
the county t and Inferred that he'i I

: ; Thanks again, i favored such Irilialallon.I DOZIER & GAYPAINTS Instruction District 2.
1 I IR71
Poole suggested also that Civ III Itelense j 0 a'M s.M.un" an' wr ,
1 be able to render I
i C. P. ( RUDY ) some Immediate assistance and r.. ,g .

Col. Walter Preston CD dlrectoi\ !

I''fer give Nassau his opinion County \\'is called tc FOR EVERY NEED I will continue to serve all the people of Nassau

j RUTISHAUSER After further discussion' of the n

"f matter loners with voted Preston to authorize the Commls.an ex ; 'Best For The South' County to the best of my ability.

pendttiire of $1500 by Preston' of -0Shiell's ---

Candidate, for County Commissioner lice for securing hone firefighting 1 ryh

[I units Unitk. lank and pumper for
I each unit I i. The equipment will besecured Grocery HUBERT N. VANZANT

District No. 1 1Pd I from government surplus 211 ATLANTIC AYE.

under the CD priority and w'i' be

_ ...._ ( Political Adv ) I placed at Callahan, Hllllard and I FROMKEIETNEEN PHONE 261-90.13 Paid Political Announcement.

i i Yulec. I


NTew's-Loader, Fernandina Pouch, Florida Thurrav! May 14, 1961 """' Pare Three

Downes Added To Island's History' FOLLOW THRU } Monday Benefit Bridge NightAt .

BY LINDA ('IIAFTToo Woman's Club
open tin past Is lost lo t Ihe

past, and dies with .those 4ho lied FACTSWE

It. Just because! people negl lt '1 ,\ l imIII bridge" ) will be hiMinlu '

to remember it while I hue Is M, 111 evening/ Mi18, nt I II('

( i + time belorc facts became uscurtd Mum in'N Hub building nn Jl'ali

I.Qliik llnuli\ '\iul: with I the prcudxii .

One smh piece of lilstorv Ill'. co la the dnssioom Tcul .

longs to roniHiidini, At the I 111111' era sieialion stlmlarshlp. fund, THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW

Captiln "Bob" Downts hud, he nOliI' pil/r, will bo given as a I'llas

did not siand out as unusuol bl'. trims fur hWi settlers, All wl hu

cause ol the unusual times dUl'llIg p A :57 cnibilduc| are invited lit IIlIl'lI11

which he lived ,' mid played Ills and regular\: bridge\: groups IIl'e ABOUT

trade, that of a pilot In the Arne. BV WILLIE MATTSOV:'\ urged In pnilitipulp "

w 1hf lia bay Admission Is bv a $1.00 dinilli
3 t r, When the young captain and I his mid rl'lrl'shml'nls' will be* 1Il'r\'ed.
& I The final malih In I ho 1I6t I! Hidiiap II
wife came from Georgia, Fern flay bruins nt 8 p m.
to II'rll'l1I.l.a Tournament was plived I thlH GIOIM TMMIII fwd Bib SprlnucOTA ,
dine was bef.lnnlnK\ l. / H. J. YOUNGBLOODCANDIDATE
week Jean llooet diftulid Nan(')'
| '
post Civil War boom, Itillh'umlM'ere iiunibirs, are ihnlrimn i uf
Herring I up on, the nth! hull',
\\ being rl'collolI'lIrtl'd.'IIIII'l'S the cxenlVisitors..
Nancy had Jiin thno down at t Ihl'
instructed on all axailible: IIlltl'r t
end of nine but Jian battled l1f'r
frontage. and warehouses nbuiSaillntf .
say bark Celt but Nnmv: went Ullt
vessels of all sl/rs, sunIl'
In front again on the hock nine) bill In Automobile Wreck
foreign and some dompslic arrivIng -
Join battled both to lie al the 1 enei
with cargoes of Rininl n1er.
of eighteen holes On the Brut ex. At Haxelhurst Ga.
chandise hud to be pill Ird Into thl' I
tra hole JCHH sunk her putt
harbor, through the thannel, i un. .
:' Just barmy missed! So1' i Tin Dounlng Browns, Atlanta) ;
MRS! NANCY SE1BKKT.) youngest daughter of (' plain loaded cotton,, and naval reloaded stuns, with and Iamb petphase hive a now llinduap\ Cbample I who. nnliilii a beach home Ill'rl' r
of the firo Congratulations, Jian llmpir\' and are making cue of their fa'e.
Is with a portrait
and Mrs. l Dowries, pictured from deposits newly disto I 1"'I''IVl'dI'llI'd .
11111'111llilM. jcslei
ily home which still stands; in Old Town, and a portraitof ered down stall Several members of the FUWCplived day Hill Hull granddaughter wtImolud ,

her father. The ship model) is an old I>ailinltlto! i'4el of Born on the Ore> fie'Id) (tart ol {'um. ) nt the Naval Air Station III In a wreck mar llu/i
Island In Rib, I the ion of iksoinlllt last Thursday Ada. "
the earlier da>'s.Girls' __ btrland p'IIIi., ,. hiiist (;ia,
______._ Margaret and James Dimnon, rctntlv ('. line Davis won four AS
by the Is a moid She \\'UII< Tin truntiliuililtr Mil MUIad
come frum !England; !; I Ih" coy 1aA
taptaln lived there on the Islai 10111'1' Idlest dine (wires i 011 liliv, mid a nitnd, Miss Ilin
Coronation also the dlKlr dill Iris; ,J15rd. df Ailinl.i, were l'n.
Auxiliary No 3 and 16 and t
with his family until' dirinu I II
Civil: I War when; Hieimun: Winch: 1'1'1e. Jean Hooper salt a prim f lor I null' hums idler a Bell lucre nil SHERIFFOF r .e
second low nil and Lois Cusilulid ')' I tie BrOIl its,
The Gn 11 Auxiliary of the First Princesses: : Nancy Fussell unti throuKh Georgia t hi the sea alld the Idiko-l pill Mrs ashy was tmlnjiind bill ;Et r
Suzanne Shh cr.QUl'l'nl I apparently utross a part of It 101I I '
held Coronation 1I.lI'Ihn1 aflt
Baptist Church a Miss H' hospllali/id
Hall, Cumberl ind Island! white h,' ditroyed Tuesday ui toyed. ) hinds to I I Ihe!
Belli Hall, Peggy! !
on May tenth In which Miss Ida I tin tar weal silt of t mil ml IInd
and LavoMie Shiver, or hunk< evti.Uliinn lit i ur adios Irom St, Man'*, (II. Mxiliipilis
Ruth Hall was crowned Queen He- Linda Sapp alN"tin, 'in'd,
Crown Bearers sere J ml Lit' his mm could Me of \ahie von KIUII/ In M.ir !i' Broil n ..
gent. -- ----- -
( Guest speaker for the evening slid Laura Lynn :M tluvaw, Before the raid, :Mm Diwni' lot tin lunged diixi. lo loin CII'l'y NASSAU COUNTY

was Miss Mary Copes State \U\ Ida Until Hall, Queen Regent. and her funnl>'. with a h'\I'slo.I\'s, for tlosist lo the I pn in nlm LIII\' Organizational Meet
escaped to M Marv's while 1I11'Y nit wns won by foggy! Smith 11I111
I1ll'eelorlho delivered the OA won estorted by Liitlli 1 UuBols and Set May 21 For New
Charge. Kathy How, Kelgniiu Qicini look up risidtntt James Diwni' 1 Dot Maker hid the I most liu,

TheJ'nuesslonal begun with the (,Ul'fl'Uly!I or ln on QUCIII VVilnSceplir had died some time before IIl1d: Hi me w him'isiii' lung)' Cub Scout Den Here

1 Dibble Ad Slip, nnd Cape Dealer Mt. buiiid on the Inland, rive( Kittyoik .- ihiKist to t till'
Maidens who were: attended
I with I Hit kw' I'lall' an umliiwiiy. fur Ihl' Born in 1895 in Thomas County Georgia
kins;' Dibble Brazil), Mary Julia kl Suundtrsin The family, pUS'l'S. pin, \diliiu Daxls low mShlilty ttl ,
Bicuton' Ell/ubeth Byrd, Kathy Miss! Hall, who hUll ulntidy nd 1 duns with which they hid niuc n Shall mush $'8, Man flll'l1l11llun if a nl'cull Kiniil d"11

DuBirii, Cindy Cats, Bobble Gra. vanced lo Qu 'in, and QueenUlli aged: to escape, then' sd up a rl'll. .unnois. In the' 'unlll1l11l1ly.. This lint proKram Thomas County Schools. _
Is ollirid In all buys trio
veil, Cindy Justice and Robin Lee, Scepter was !risen: a Ittval Colic dance al St. 1Idry'alllt're all bul Today several 1IIIIIl'II'l'II1! 10 -
B 11, There will be an or ;
Lucy Libby, Mary Olivia Patrltk" of Grim and Gold whiih Is rcpie- the Captain livid out their livtThe Brunswiek Country Club to play III Idea .

Sylvia Pendleton, Debbie Sims, tentative of Queen Regent In at. : St, Mary River gave BiDounei heir ladles Invitational parents ganlzal Until only,meeting on Thursday held fur evenIng th.. : Moved with family to Quitman, Georgia, In 1906 and atsp

Grade Strickland, Shirley Thorn. taming this highest step In Girl'lAuxll1alY an early opportunity l for '

ton, Mary Walhke and Debra Wallace I Ida Ruth has read many Introduction to the trade he would Hilliard FiremenSet :May 21st, In the Recreation At 8 attended school there
:Center Conference Room,
mission books, learned the locationof evenlually work In Fernandlm,

Ladies,Waiting: Mary Byrd every school and hospital on out He began steamboat piloting 810nll'' Fish Fry and p cm, cxciulK' I

Denlce Hiafnrr, Pam Kittrcll, Baptist fields, written an original the river when very young, not< Jim Si\crs. district Became Florida resident in 1915 as Superintendent of
22 will
Dance On May lit tin Boy Scrods of America, a
Monica Lancaster, Pamla Wallace, i story lor her handwork, She dres unusual In a work where so much I

Julie Lee, Janice Mellon, Shirley ed dolls representing mission coun. must be mastered to even get bAt ; The Milliard Volunteer }'Ire I je' the present smuting to (jive program a dfserlplloiif and 10 the Suwanee County Road Department. :
has completed a wot Id set approximately I In
Melton, Lisa Stone and JamieUiite tries and a date
| sponsor how a film on tub Sioutlng
stitching, This married
done In cross the 1882 Downes a
map year .
and dance Friday evening, Iay dlstukklun follow
will be '
There a
---- -- -- -- li a real challenge to Gill to local) St, Mary girl, Lucrctl
Smoltey SayarsOOGIJy go forward Mann and took her to Fern a nil into 22 Cellll'r.! al the llilllaid Communll nn (the piogram All parents an :I Joined the Florida State Road Department i in 1918 and

Mrs, Leroy McKee, G\ Director, live, Their first hume was' (Ihe I Inlvled.
Sr\lnR will hi kin al 5 pin, utiintimit }'on see asked to emit net Mnlirrv of the state -
gave the Introduction let Corona. original/: portion of II hal In no'' was engaged in road work in several areas until
HivllmmilmHii .
until dancing Kits inIt Stouffer, 201.5919! or
lion Her councilors, Mrs /DmHeafner tailed the Gouge home In Old
( ( ]aor Mrs\ L C. Sapp, :Mis S, Tiwn There they lived fir mi i "i'nay about 8 oilotk 1 Dmitioi 21151114, and real ) moving to Nassau County in 1921 to assume the dutiesof
Mil, be tl l.IiO, which Includes 11111-) .our interest In this program and
W. Savltr, Jr" Mis. H L Fusstll than 10 years, It was' lure Ihat ) held
ur, iliiiibdily on a poitahle 1 Vto I our \\llllntiniss to attind tin Road Superintendent which position he until -
Mrs, H I Stone, Jr, Diane Ltw heir three children were bun, I County ,
] 1 Is, and Mrs E. S. Wilson, re000.nind H.lxrl Jr" Mihliul, and \aiui ht given away. and dimdn"hihlidi /. I testing un May 21stDr. .

the GA's advancing In their When his son was 13, the Car I umlir 10 will li admitti I I, 1940.
l 1. I: forward steps, I laps purihaiid R large while: huu: ; Free when aitompuniid by pamis '. B. F. Woolsey

fol1l'cllonl'al! received by Rival which hid been built by a ft'Ilo\\' ( \

r/ \ : 'I'I ) ,AThbS* adiri: tmmbtrs, "' DavidBunker ,pilot, Captain James Bill, alld Music fir d'lIwlnll111 be pryldul i At State Meetings I In 1940 he was elected Sheriff of Nassau County and has

I I Jimmy Fusacll WlndltHlgglnbotham moved his family there by Terry and the Tornado Ir. B, F. Woolstv, director of IhMassau
'I'"J"" ; 11t and Tim McKee. When tin new couple had flrsl if Callahan, Otlur onlirluinim tounlv Htullh lip rlnitnrrunlly held that post continuously since that time.

'tt A quartet composed of Janis llil moved to Fernandina, Hubert IHIbiouuht Is I tu be provided during the eve. : atlindril' the Morlda Me.

burn, Dennis Mell'trup! Janice several of his mother UK. Heal Assoiiallon meeting In 1101.IIY .

Semen. and Don Collins presented slavl's'lth him. He built the Meinbirs, of the Ladies Aux ixvsd, i He is a Mason a Shriner and a member o f the Kiwanis

.II. "L Saved to Serve". a song writtenby houses on his Eagan Creek pro, iaryI III be In firnuiidlnu Heat lip; also attended the Slate Ext '

Don Collins. erty where they lived until the I in Friday, May IS, to promote tbe; alive Health Officers meeting and Club.

: Be sure your smoke and The benediction by Miss: Copes, deathi They were lovingly know sale of tltkcti j Ihp Sale Booed of Health meeting'

campflrei an out-dead out: preceded the recessional l._ _. lo the Dow net children n tncl I You do not baye to be preset high' wit In session aIh( ( !! nurnt

-1, 1 -- Don and, Lccl I*, Wllllim' ,King, an d 10 win the TV) I I 1 d et 1. ); 7IflK;$rf.riffs: 'Assbciatiot'I( :
Aunt Dorah,' I f ( I 'W.ii Q'dt5 { ,

After an apprtnllccshlp of 1 t tS 10 Me'H" ftI, )'fOhlIf !J ..r y'dnd d Past President' or'the Fernartdma Beach Shrine Club;? .

the Captain passed an ixsmJnathn ;Commission GetsIC'antlnutd I
OUR SUPER SAVINGS SPECIAL! years before Hit board of pit I cemetery Assd, '

uimmissionrrs and In 13H2 wa A ml '11II1( of Its, BIIKCIIII, Hi'II i
{ranted a license lo practice, I from I'IIJ.e i Ones I (' 'imilirv AIIK'lullon will hi Ixldt He is a member of the Hilliard Methodist Church, where

Joining the crnandina branch must! the oily PUl'l'IloI'llI1I tilehl'al t the home; of Mm, r:vi'n'It JlUz.l'lI of the
ualir system Irom rl''ildi, Board of Directors and is Chairman ,
: he the
uf pilots, numberding 10 and oritinated I on fruity, nlghl, May 13. ul 8 is on
W, Public Utilities' Co :
by Cnptiins George
/Oa ..ICriasr I .dlliam and Samuel Crihh DmIPS lie also slumd a nnmbir IIf pl11.Thuse who arc Intereilid lire In. Building Committee. ,

0 and (Iho other pilots liKed \Hull ardi that have horn received lion lied 1 1,1 ullindlayonicr '

mlllurllv with the waters ant Hums with slmilir piolesHtn ---- ,
malt to guide the ever Inircas.ng the ilisiuHshin that foll.mulayor :

nunilx'rs of ships In and oul I,. J. J"hIlMJIJr" (motet Pulp *
spatter was ate "r r the harbtrB nlll that tin city Is nm' IIl'l'll'lIIIUIIhe Sound For France

'('uusc of the geographical/ lo. proposed program\: of xitudinslin .
3Oqt. than and easy ocean access olernandna (' and purihast of the waltl Tin s. S, Shi'link, nrrlvid III Ituvmr ,

Sin Die last 1DIK)'i btturnt stem lu vaiious I"l'al KK'iipsCummlsHli ) ducks WidntHiluv md' luadid direction the Nassau County Jun- :
/0A """0 lunsluii to Under Youngblood's
17x13x131/2/ lone of the most prosptrms per m'r Den S rinsin mill. 1"10 I ltnvuf pulp :
In the of ttrmmd, ------------ --- and :
ids history recreation
beMI'Pi'd fellowship
Heidi tn+i r'r lIeleei that this pitsintalion ior Deputies were formed, providing ,
y 11\111 the pits, wire nminii! those' up so as ti hive I the Issue,
26 Soft Drink U ust binefiltinii/ hem (the truck rl'lIlIy for a rifeiindim slung wilt h Cairn! Approach fun for over 2COO Nassau Coun ty boys during the past 5V

tattle( 01 m. Ihe oily ('IIl'1'1I1 tlittiin July

IOC I0afiY/ During the I plli,'Is' heyday nilwas Ci imlssii, m'r llohunni lillII'dthut i('11111 him'd from I'. ut(' OIK I I years, '

not cilirful and rich. In Hill!! hi did not think thil the Crm:' irKuv III' Illn"ss, a pullint In hits'saiiut

ALL PURPOSE COOLER CHEST )'cllow fever struck and divaslilid ilsklon bad fully inadt n,< lull' rmully il,',esn't fm'l' nn

thus lull DC Ol, ..".'ly CMltr Chas a lull O the aria In spite of >ill Its Inluli, nlilich UH jd on all. )phasis of tin' inlort.ilik t me.."' he iinllniiedrur The Sheriffs' Water Patrol which provides rescue action and :
di ends
could '
ants at ,
0 tiling, II b In stile IIIthe
Ih. r jW' .'.. (., b..""ng, p"1'\0:1'11111.\: you
.. .. .. colas K annons burning barrels of pith. In I lielIorld kind the state and :
pot uses h. Cv p<"wait udyco"i (.ait hel I pnlntid nut Hal thi oil mist i'fill lint plan promotes water safety was the first of its in
r I.C h..d'' Truly 1 h.ndr ...f.II"m. 1 A' ,,01' using sulfur and sprIYI.| Thean'a and the only plan wlilehiiiientruUs

Ynpin.'. ,aa was quarunlinil ant the glnnl/H shire sewer the survey city has nulled injoyed! updalH tin. (' Hi total effort" lo 11I11k.hili is one of the largest and best equipped volunteer groups that:: :
mall'rn fumlqitcd as a possible .
oath I'utlellllell.
IUllrll! of InfettiinI ill ruble made growth Hi adilid score that the tinn he dilln'.t It (I ninees are, he wkly, von'II (In furnishes their own boats and uniforms. :

During: most years tlmi nil/ (;ip, 111111 believe with iddtinu. could IH IIlIlnll home within). seven or right .
10111 I) m lies like mast if the othi'r days, 1 hh Iy yours lIn)( the IIVI'r.aile .
the d if tin tlet-
sieved ilo (
lIell.palll pints, liud lilt h I his : length of: slay In a Mutul wits Sea Explorer unit of the Boy ;:
The Water Patrol also a
mils In a relatively easy life iiiAflir ItnUhy disiussiin In whitli J.I days but today I It IH Isis thanl'lIhl. sponsors
Ills diildrtn remember I<"U ofhorn (hanks luridly/ lo. midlealIvuiets
\\I was generally agreed that Hit Scouts of America for Nassau County Boys, :
and bivgin/ a numb! nl/ lerendum would probably have sew iilpniuit| and sirLeu .
null fishlnx launthts and the dlllll't hew short
\ tnut txist a ,
III bt Ind idt'd in the Nivimhir.ttion
IIrelll \ n'+'<'rrmlns! thdr father ,
the Commission, insliuitid\ YI'lIn ago/
I.rl'on his Eauans Crock! pr p. dnm nr,re
Iln have never
(;Idiot lo' iinlatt the tnMminnum : HWHEN :
erty of Smith unit nlkitpii for," aIII'W fllr p ilu'nls nnd sever lit
Out day In I'HH' Cnpliin lI11bIl't r and more tailed npoitIt IlK sissy di lodiy," hi staled.Yon .!.

out ut lived| In the pilot. bunt, was agreed huwovir that 1111'Cernl1u"ion lire In Hit hospital liciausiur
II sailing vessel called ". .ralll.111'lIlIlhcth should proietd cuhsin.bg dittir( billtvtii II Is tin bist'

: ," at tbuil A, TO 11 (the In "Im'e for )""U, Therefore, no mill
tin program pn'v10'IMly : :
1 mornlllll to beard aossrt 1I'leilake scheduled mtttliiKH IIllholhl'r II r What your (problem. y in re In
her oat \\ hill' he was OulIhal loyal groups, Ihe place where help inn tie rcnlv

t fay, the wind blew up ind the I'd and! you'II lure IH.Hi'r if you "uIyour
11111' ki I'pt rl'mg. One of the '>v irsliriliams lonpltah/ution )Into its proper
in Frrrandina history hit. can say whithir the sta or8hl'
)('Tf pn'live, ,
hud I struck ills ynunnir daughter I is are In u pi'rson t Ohadt It "To provlili tart fur our 1"w'nlM ,I I1M H. J. YOUNGBLOOD

I 7-PIECE DINETTE :'\\anl'Y. rtmtmbtrs now that Ihehlllh HI'I mid that the sea wa not onlyCaptain's the reason' fir thin hispitalu tx
livilvhmd. hut also
lull washed one family Into the 1 lence. Clarke continued, lIudIh.'rl' ,

: :lfi":\finN : \"NN %""rMST"I TOI' fallap'lar'.h: qlttr which most hll that rnjiiynunl Herhopsre are many pi'rsims In the hoal ..
N1V $68 7 7 .ibis .rtr/,1 l drowningid is some slKmfitantc( in iiII'.1'1 of
l''OIrEHEn uf those had
'T.\JIU) : 'IN1'I. I wilts; him many years
\SSOnHU 'OJ.on):; 01 pin'umnnia, Pro) nbly I,ki' '/. I that his lirandsi, W, J, ('lIur.1' I'dul'alilln. training and rxiHriemerklnx ) YOU VOTE FOR EXPERIENCE

: CIfaRS! $2 Down mam other, tlmn dnmj storms \(' Jr Jiind llu Navy at 17, "" to apple miditiil teihnlLI .

: Only \\' 'other 'he t/iplam/ just' eta' ,'ii m..k nu )it Ins ran'i'r, to dmeo'ir what ails yuu !lnd1mII'

IIn Ix"ird HIP vessel) he saw pilll t tI Su I ends a talc which c'lIIl1ul1'l'IIII to make jou htttirSo ," GAINED THROUGH 23 YEARS OF HONORABLE, EFFICIENT

; --- In mi ol the hurpor! and! lint tilt I) end while, Captain 11""nl'I'luII"l' I nlax, Clarke advises I'Yllu'rl' 1. :

al tin next M top, '*) via train art" fl (s R" mar the sea while his dauuhn ol LAW ENFORCEMENT
hllme a 11I1 I put yourself into lit care
ill( ll e / $(JiJlflJUltilrt Tie aplain k' pUulinU until n still live In K-rn.indma, and ", any skilled, and unilt'rsljmlnu

hl i diath in :March of 1'CJ. al, "hilI' people| tan still runemlitr hAnds( ,"

thlllluh the Trade fell oft IIn..rlut men like l'allaln Hill, and the --- - lad, t-ulilKiil Anno..n.1Captain

1 JO'tfcOt: "Til NTH' ::01'; 1'110\; :'hi I5::":j .hl."I1. \ tnt u" JatkauuSIii. rllI hi,, ftrikuaib' h" in. Try A Classified j
," ._ Iu n j


5' .I-.I5 0, w 5 M NN I te




f I Pi,4; Foik :,jCWII.LtIUl6l', Fn'naTiflina ]leach, Vlorili: : Thursday( May[ 14. 1904 Tn-Hi-Y; Installation Mrs. B, F. WooTsey 1 Tor Liberty and .

.. .
---- - -
-- --
Wedding Event of May 1 Ranouet Hid At installed President Light" Baptist

I "Dare To Dream" Theme of District Auxiliary Officers Five Elects I Sand Bar Tuesday j Of Rose Garden GubThe I(Circle ProgramThe

I ; Led ford Circle met
Rose Garden Club met May Shirley
Workshop Here For Woman's Clubs ( Attend Conference _' Tho Trl-lfl.Y witnvwl' a meal de 41 h at the home of Mrs. B. B. at the home of Mrs Paul Sims,

|lrlo"S dinner Tuesday evening II Wilson. Mrs Fred Gaines and Tuesday at 9.CO o'clock. Mrs Orb
The Humphreys Memorial lion. h 6f. M.N4ei I tae Snnd Bur for their annual' banstud. Hlgglnbotham opened the meetingwith
J The annual Workshop of District i ChairmanMrs.: L. E. Sellers; I Mrs, Cecil Hall were cohostesses.A
I : pltal Auxiliary held Its regula The guests for the evenlni during prayer "Be Quiet" win" thetlmnly '
Four, or the Florida Federation! of I Staging Chairman;: Mrs S, II. Da. monthly meeting Tuesday at which "'ere t.'rs.' Frolrt Bennett Mri'ub'e soelal hour was' enjoyed subject of the devotion!

Woman's Clubs, will be held May t 1 vii; Reservation Chairman: Mr,, time Mrs. E 11. Junek' was reelected / Milton, Mrs. Msrv Jan.. which refreshments were. given by Mrs L C. Sapp.
20th at the Woman I Club of Fcr. J. C. Brunch, Jr., all of Wnman'lClub served from the beautifully ap-.
I I : president for another year The i 3t t'nten. and B"bba Qualtlcbaum "Fcr Liberty and Light" was the
nandlna Beach.Registration or Fernnndlna Brach; and new slate of officers will be: Mn. our "Drrnmnoat"Mrs painted tea table Scoficld Installed the title of the program presented by
I Joe
will begin at 11:30: 1 Miss Avis Turner, North Jackson. W, A. Davis first vice-president; Milton was given a tnkei Mrs Unl. Mrs W. C Owen, Chairman and
I officers for (the coming year.
A.M. with the meeting being called \llle Woman's Club.i rf the elub's annr6l'1'llnn i for he11'Val .
Mrs J. J. G. Cooper second vice dishcloth made by Mm. T, P. Hall Mr, Jack lIam.I
to order at 10. i Registration Chairman: Mrs Ex- president: Mrs Tom Goclsbv, see, and helpful\ service d'n-'n1' quc Scrlleld\ were' presented to ride, Mrs David A. Jones, They
Thin will be a joint meeting of teen Corbel I. Woman's Club of Fcr- retary.: and\ Mrs. F F. Gaines, her elBhlcen years nr Trl-HM :Mm. she Installed. I traced the development: of Baptistswho
the twenty-two senior cluhs In the 1 nandina Bench: Mrs Horald Ward, tieasiinr "nrk. Mil Union will take her e'ich officer as was sought religious freedom

District 'ahd the eleven Junior Arlington Wnm.m's Club: and\ Mrs avw plnec next year, Oiflcers\ are as follows: preal. masked thin with theyniboli
Oil: April .10, the president first progress
am dent Mrs. B. F. Wonlscyi:
flubs, with Mrs. Ralph Parkinson. Fred H. Stelley, Lnkewood-San Su',' Sclnh: reeelved the Prt'nl.elrnl' .. of our Bapttit Jubilee!
four of her fleers, Mrs. Davis, i e vice-president, Mrs John Belts; a
Senior Director, And Mrs. W, K Jose Woman's Club Tronhy from Mrs. Bennett.
Mrs Mrs. H \H std John year.
Cooper, Rougher! t second vice-president Mrs. I
Mars, Junior Director. Publicity Chairman' : Mr. W. M. Inducted the follow..
,. Mrs J. H. White, Jr., Circle
ty and Mrs Arthur Willyoung, attended Knight secretary, Mrs. Mabel
The theme rf the Workshop will Piekren Jr., Forest-Dale\ Woman's Har.rtnp ;
the Southeastern !Hosplta Inn officers: President Kmhy Mrs Walter i Chairman welcomed Mrs D A.
Milton treasurer
be "Dare to Dream", with club ;
| Club. Vice-President. Nell Cork;:
; Theobald, a prospective new memo
Conference In Jacksonville A report PrpKlun; publicity, Mrs George I
programming being stressed. Program I Resolutions Chairman: Mrs Her. eif, the activities of auxiliaries ; Chaplain. Margaret Smith, Ulster./ Fox her, and Mrs T. P. Hall and Mri.Leroy .
( materials, supplied by Iht'Womans' bert Anders, Springfield Woman's Vranckcn.
Ian, Judy Jones who hove been 111 and
i the south made and
tall over was
One of the objectives or the
Club Service Bureau,
Club; Mrs C. W. Morton, Woman'iClub
I all members .
read at the meeting Tuesday, I present.A
Federated Garden Clubs for this
will be distributed of Palatka: and Mrs Frederick
The program Is at follows: I Taylor, Woman'i Club of Earlier In the year, the nuxlllarj Mr. Grant Hostess year Is the planting of trees. It Stewardship Boost was, given

Invocation: Mrs. Dan Smoke, i Crescent City.Luncheon presented an oxygen tent to the At picnic' Dinner was announced that the membersof I I by Mri. E. R, Bounds Prayer
Woman'i Club of Jacksonville I hospital Last month, 2 rockers District Four have planted a Partners was stressed by Mrs, X

Beach: Welcome: Mn. L. E. Sellers Chairman: Mrs.Mn T.S. W.L. were purchased for use by the For Baptist Class total of 19693 trees this year. Acollection C. Bennett Jr. Visitation rorchul't'h
Tarleton Hospitality: I
; Is the Com.
mothers In the children ward taken to help buy membership
Woman's Club or Fernandlna I was
Beach: and Response: Mrs James I Oliver both Beach of Woman'i, Club of This month they are In the process The Dorcsi Sunday School Class awards ribbons for Ralford Prison munlty Mission project for the

W. Weedon, Gateway Women'sClub I Fernandlnn of Arts of refurnishing the waiting room of the First Baptist Church, enJo) and the l club was given an awardfor month
There will be a display
-- with two new settees, lounging/ ed a delicious mesh 1 outdoors. In a donation to State Headquar Itlas announced that hits W.

Pledge to Flag: Mrs. Ivi :Nahr, I I and Crafts.: bv clubs who In this have field\hadsuccessful chalks and drapt'l.AI I the late afternoon last Thursday,, If. Sims, a former member, had

Duval County Federation of programs ) summer meetings, beginning M the home of Mrs L. S. Grant. ters.Alter the business meeting, hortlciilture I returned to her home and would

man's Club; wO'j I with June, will be held on the second I :Mr. and :Mrs.! Charles Henry fielsrer Coffee and tea were served with grown by the various .be Kind to see her friends

Speakers: Mrs. Walter S. Jonl'l'j Local Women Attend Tuesday at 10 00 a m., In the In a lovely candlelight ceremony strapless! bodice was covered with I the dishes which were prepared by members most of It' from seed, Mrs. 'W. T. Waas closed tile
President of Florid I 'I I earh member, Judged by Mrs. Joe SeoficldThe ,\
Past were meeting with special prayer for
hospital dining room
Presbyterian Synod Friday evening May 1, at the First a short Jacket of lice, closed In At the conclusion of the follow
ofWoman's Club Mrs W. K. shown Included
friends wlio
tlon ; ; specimens the members\ and are
I Presbyterian Church, Miss Julia hack with buttons, will
tiny pearl I
outside, the ladles retired to
In Ormond Beach
Moon. Junior District Director; I nasturtiums! Sultanas, larkspur 111.
Marie McKendree daughter of Mr, sleeves In 1111 I
ling tapered ending ;
Eda Stertz Circle the living room where the presi
and Mrs. Ralph Parkinson, Senior I Easier: Illllvs, Bells of Ireland Delicious rt'rreshmt'nt.l'ere scr.ed .
Evert Mrs W. A. and Mrs William I. McKendree of points over the wrist A buck ov Mrs, L A. Jones, conductedthe
Mrs Elvln
Director I dent straw flowers and
District I delphinium, the hostess to the
State.: Chairmen and Committee! Davis, Sr, Mrs. Morris Ground, Meets I In May Marianna, formerly of Fcrnnndtna crsklrt of white satin held at the< business. session wa Isonla. \members by present ,

Members appearing on program'Mri : and Mrs. Adam Millsop attendedthe With Mrs BrannonThe Bench, became the bride of Char. t 1 fitted waistline by a narrow bell I Mrs. John Klarer, class teacher, I .
Mrs. B. L. Rauschcrt, outgoing
lea Henry GelJl'r.The I with suet sntln bow In front extended
Eighteenth Annual Training a devotional "The Rose", a '
Joseph L Gray, Past President gave with
was presented see
I Iman' the Women of the FlI'IIPretlbylt'rlan Rev. John Dozier pastor, to a circular Chapel train of love taken from
School for of the Eda
Florida Federation of Wo. May meeting message eral Camellia plants by the clubIn with a profusion of flowers cut
Club; Mrs Lawrence Church. Synod of flertz; Circle was held In the homeof performed the double] ring cere Her headpiece was a while oath "Voiceless Lips. She also read of her outstanding from the Sahlmans' garden .

Hebel?;Youth Service; Mrs G'I Florida held last t week In the Co. Mrs. M. B. Brannon with ninemembers mony at seven-thirty o'clock. I crown caught with her elbow leimll the Indian's version of the twenty efforts appreciation In behalf of the club during'her '' Husbands of the members were
The bridegroom Is Ihe srn of Mr. veil of Imported silk illuslin Sin
I qulna Hotel at Ormond Beach third Psalm called "The Rope of
HorsfaU, !Stilus of Women; present.Mrs term of office asked to bring arrangements and
Frank :Jenkins, Home Life; Mrs. C. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Ground wentas i O. R. Spalnhour, circle of and this Mrs city George W, Gclgor, Sr i! a carried while a orchid white Bible corsage covered encircled with i Love" Mrs. J. A. Lee offered fr a h'ghllRht' of the I'venlnlll'al a

W. Motto,. Resolutions Commit.tee delegates from the Women ol chairman, presented the Calendarof prayer I II Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sahlman take-olf on a Flower Show, put on .
.the Church Mrs Adam Millsop I Mrs A. C. Melanin organist ,, with stcplinnntis, white satin lea Minute of the last meeting were
; Mrs. T. W. Oliver, creelt'n'l Prayer list and Mrs. John Klar.er satin I pntorOlned the members of the by George Fox
tlals; Mrs Evelyn Romer went M (Suwipnsce itiebyterhfl' or. o offered prayer for the mission. 1 1arlea. rendered a program of nodal yea and bow-knots of white I read by Mrs. Jack Hamrlck. In Rose Garden Club and their husbands

Treasurer; Mrs. Lloyd fleer for Ecumenical Minutes and music as the guests assembled, ; ribbnns Her only ornament w as a I April the class had contributed at a buffet supper at their : The bamboo which bends Is

Press land: Publicity; Relations. business session and accompanied Bob Springer as 1 1I I diamond heart necklace, gift of the I $5,00 toward purchase of new song town house on May 8th. stronger than the oak which resists.
Roger 0 Waybrlght, Thurm"nd'i There were SOS representatives, During reports I I he sing, "Because," "I Love You I II : bridegroom books for the church. They also remembered decorated Japanese Proverb
I The lovely was
made and discussed.The
were plans I
Consu' 'it. Including faculty members and Truly, and "The Lord's Prayer"as i Reception members with flowers -- -
Chalimc. of the Day; guest vpealiors In attendmoe. circle will remember a shut- the benediction\ The traditional\ ,I Immediately following the ceremony and. cards who had experienced: I

..... In couple, Mr and Mrs Ash Kelly wedding marches were used. 1 1 a reception was held In the sorrow I

In a special way tills month. Tall while baskets holding arranfiemenli Soilal Hall of the church Mrs. Grant then red some In. I

For the program, several artlc- of while gladioli J i accented I I Mrs. MiKendrce chose for her (cresting Bible facts and figures BREAKFAST BY THE SEA I-

lea were given stressing our Stew. with miniature palm fronds daughter's/ wedding, a becoming from "Leaves of Gold", .

WORRIED. ardshlp I Mrs, L, S. rend flanked the branched candelabra dress of lavender linen designed The class was dismissed with I

"Our Continuing( I I T 'nk.r one of a with lighted Cathedral tapers, castIng with a fitted bodice with rounded Mlzpah benediction I :

: series on Our Baptist t Ideals" by a soft glow, to provide a lovely neckline and softly flared skirt Miss Ruth Bryant was a guest of a. Jk; VtJllnda

ABOUT THAT SPECIAL OCCASION ? Dr. Herschel Hobbs Mrs Spain. background for the wedding featuring a deep, center front the class.
pleat. Her/ accessories were In
hour gave two articles, "Children's party I II

WE LET YOUR MIND REST AT EASE Need Hearing for God's Parental Cill" Guidance and "Take In I Miss Harolene The Attendants Murray of Way white Mrs., Colder mother of the bride. St Michael's Guild I Travelers on the Buccaneer Trail

Time to Be Holy". cross, Georgia was maid of honor groom chose a dress of delphinium Sets Annual Card 1 will find a cheery atmosphere and

WE CATER The meeting adjourned with and Miss Dorothy Gene Duggan blue crepe complemented with
prayer by Mri Spalnhour and a I II was bridesmaid. Their attire was bracelet leng'h' sleeves and rounded Party On May 19 a pleasant setting for the morning

WEDDINGS DINNERS TEAS PARTIES circle of hands I Iclt'nllcnl.11th Mist Murray wearIng neckline She wore Mme acces. I meal
complete( clasped The St. Michael's Guild Spring I .
lilac brocade taffeta and Miss sorics. Each mother wore a purple
I Mrs. Brannon served a very Card Party, to be held at the Civic SERVED FROM 5:30: A.M. TO 1000AM.:
Duncan! wearing sky blue, The de. orchid corsage.
freshing compote of (' Auditorium on Tuesday, May 19th 1
\ : I sherbet and pound cake. 1'1"1 I collate of the fitted bodice was The bride's table was covered will begin at 8 p.m. In order to allow I JUST OCEAN<: CATERING TO GOLFERSAND
covered with a short jacket closed with a handsome white damask \ for I II ANDSRHEPIER !) FISHERMEN_ .
sufficient time to register
MAnE Caterer Phone 261-5039!) The next scheduled for
\ meeting In bn'k11th self covered buttons, cloth and centered with a tiered door prizes, cards will begin \ FERNANDINA BEACH Golferi WiTI Find Our Hearty
June will be held at the home of designed. will rounded neckline, A
a wedding cuke. Two circular tiers I promptly::: at 8:15: ;p.m. GOLF COURSE Breakfasts Happy Approut'ii

- Mis. John Klarer. and elbow length sleeves The hell adorned with a miniature bride and I So that a full evening of bridge ON THE OCEAN: SIDE To The First Tee. I.
shaped skirt was street lenglli bndegroiim/ against a bickground and canasta may be enjoyed the OF S. FLETCHER AVE. Fishermen: Bring Us Your
I Morning
Their headpiece was a single Cub- satin ribbons Early
of lily-of-the-valley
I Eastern Star Club door prizes \\'11be\ awarded at QUAILBREAKFASTS We'll Prepare To Your Own
of matching hrocndc.
huge rose topped the large/ square tier I varied Intervals and last hands BY Taste
I To Hold InitiationOn I holding a bouffant veil of matchingsilk I designed whh half circles on four will be called promptly at 11 p m. RESERVATION.LEg .
tulle, Miss Murray carried) a slel!!.. Embo.sl'd11th large while and
Shorts A treasure of fifteen lovely WEITMAN' MORGAN, MannjrerPhone
Monday EveningThe
Boys of lilac and Miss
nosegay m.inn the rake
I II roses and carnations useful door prizes, each one ol 2613861Fernandina Reach, Florida
Duuan\ carried pale yellow mums stood In a pleated runic of lace. I will be given ,
I Past Matron and Past Pa. I equal value away.

Regular and Slim Iron Club of C'hnpter 55, OfCS willmeet each satin leaves Interspersed and ribbonsGeorge with. mulching I Garlands of Ivy Interspersed\ from with Tlikels at II 25' each are on sale _. ____ __ 00- ......
white ciinations. extended
8 al j by member of St. Michael'sGuild
Monday, May 18 at p.m. any '
W Geiger, Jr served as 1 1best the cake Into curves around the I
Masonic for the Initiation or may be purchased at the
Sizes 8 18 Temple | .
man for his brother and ushers crystal candelabra holding white limited i iv
of members.The door. Since tables will be
were Bobby Diinman, Roy which were used on each
tapers make advance
$ 98 membership Is urged III( attend Kemp and Charles McKcndrop. end of the table. everyone Is urged to
| $298 $398 Ihe meeting. The Bride I reservations.A I
While buckets of gladioli and choice of a variety of desserts,
Given In marriage by her father greenery were placed on each side coflee and punch will be served at
the b'IeI"'a, never lovelier
NoticeThe banked with
of the muntlo. gur- no extra goat
In her of lustrous .
than wedding
gown lands ol Ivy There will be a prize for every
Knit Shirts Edna S. Ward Bible Clans, of'he while slipper sutln and Rose i 11
and grand prize for bridge
Boys Mrs James E. Pirrlsh and \Mrs. table a
Memorial Methodist Church, point bee, designed with a floor!
'and canasta high scores.
i ms postponed their May meetlni length/ bell shaped skirt. The filled Willie Earl Rowland sisters of the Make your plans to attend now,
I .. -- Bobby I
-- bride, served cake Mrs.
Jantzen ; "ladles and !gentlemen",
1 Diinmun and Mrs. George W Gel.

$198| $298 PERSONALS ger presided at the punch bowl i Hugh Stone, III 1 yew ,

and Miss Thea Lame McKcnchee 1 1 '
Feted At Party
John W Davis of Atlanta Ga, list week-end In Tallahassee. They kept the bride's book. I

visited last week wllh Ills parents, attended the Nth Annual Bond I For their wedding trip to Miami, On 13th Birthday
Mr and Mrs. Lester Duvls. Contesl-Kcstlvul IIIhlch the Mrs Geiger wore a two-piece summer : Jr. 4
Mr. and Mrs Hugh Stone, ,
V Fcrnnmlina Brach Band participated suit of spring green, with a I honored their son, Hugh III, on
j VALUESSAlLEY'S Mr. and MM. Harrv Peters, Mr. Thry IIIMO'Ihlt'd Mis. Put.
while printed silkblouse. .
green and I hit thirteenth birthday last Thursday
and Mrs. Robert Thornton, nnd I IMr. clti's nieces and nephews. John
She wore while accessories I 7, in the rooms of
.. Harold Proton served as May game
Ann. Lisa, and Murk Mirrlsen" ,
orchid from her
and the corsage
chaperones for the Senior, IIlull children of Dr and Mrs.! I. B Har I the Recreation Center. $10.95J2misttS
!School Band on their trip to Tallahassee risen bridal bouquet I A color scheme In green and
last wrck-end 1 Mr Geiger graduated from Yulee white was carried out in decora

Mrs E. H Jumk returned! Mon High School In 12! ; and I Is employ. lions and refreshments. Party

Mr and Mrs. Clyde: Hamilton I day after spending a work In Savannah '. I ed al Fort Clinch State Park. I sandwiches, potato chips, punch

7TH AND ATLANTIC hud as guests for Mother's Day I Gn. with her grandchildren. The bride graduated (rum Fornandlna and cake were served from a a

weekend, her brother and sister while her srn-in-law and Beach High School In 13\ beautifully appointed table

.-r -. .. ._- --.- --- daughter, :Mr And Mrs. Charles and Is associated v.illi GAC Finance I Dancing and games, under the
in-law Mr and Mrs Fellon Purler
W. Tut en. nttl'ndl'Ih.\ Georgia Co. i direction of Sandy DcSandro, were
f.' and son, Allen nf Chlpley, and I Slate Junior Chamber of Com The couple will be at home to enjoyed: after which I the I honoree;

her nieces and their families Mr merer Convent Inn at Jekyll I h. friends al 1302 South 4th Street, opened his gifts.

Ilan Theatre and Mrs. Curtis Saunders of Ft. I land. Mr. Tull'n01 elected one Pinccrest. Forty five friends attended the

Lauderdale and Mr. and :Mrs !I of the :National Directors of Jay I occasion.

)Douglas Brooks of Gainesville.. I ('('('lor the State nf Georgia, Some cf the larger hospitals have SIr and Mrs. Hugh Stone, Sr,

Phone: 2IJ1.1S49 C. E. Beach Mgr Donald F. Adams, Central Of. Mr. and !Mrs Walter Spilnhour up to 200 job classifications.. .assisted In nerving
-- ---
I flee Supervisor of the North Florida -- ---- .
and family of West Palm Bench - - - -
: FRIDAY & SATURDAYMAY Telephone Co., left Tut'sel1Y : were the weu'k-end guests of Mr i I
for the Gulf cf Mexico where he
and Mrs O. H Spaiiihour. 1 OFFICIAL APPLICATION "ahtIJlJ1IllliJHhAa
: :\ 15 & 16 will spend the remainder! of Ihe I 1I
week deep sea fishing I Visiting in the home of Rev and FOR 1
:Friday 7:30;: Saturday 2iO: & 7:5:: ) Mrs. James Ouimam for several / f h /JItIJ/1I11 JME tAJtlFrom

Rev and) Mrs James 01lnnIII11It'll : weeks Is Mrs Bertha Hull, of Lit : J.rrruIISS: : FIESTA" CONTEST 11

;' "The Swordsman of Siena" Sunday afternoon ID ullenil I tie Hock, Arkansas, mother of Mis, I

the Southern Baptist Convent ))unnam. She will lie caring for I
: STEWART: GRANGERTECHNICOLOR at Atlantic City N. J, i Susan while the Diiunnms 'nttcml 1I PLACE: City Recreation Center Auditorium coast to coast, this style U "the most*

Is home the Southern Baptist Convention In TIME.:: 7:00: ( P.M.: Thursday June :
: Mrs Hugh Thlgpcn: at I It has truly become a classic: favorite among
Atlantic! City. Thl'y11I also bail
on So. Fletcher after a months I AGE LIMITS: 2 years through :5 yean! II
points of Interest while on their
:Friday 9:23: ;) Saturday t 1:25: ;) & !9:25): : stay In St. Vincent's Hospital In oration slip-on shoes. Featuring hand-sewn moccasin'
DIIESS: Halhini Suits! I
Jacksonville I scams for that extra touch of quality, it looks

: "4 For Texas"FRANK Mr. and Mrs. Guy McCulley have Mrs Jim StcrU. daughter of : {:\!Application Fee of $1.00 and the following I
Mrs. John Klnrer, who was to have I good, feels good, wear well. We invite
returned home following s. arrived this week from Germany. 1I information to: P. 0. Uo178., Fernandina
: SINATRA DEAN MARTIN weeks visit in Hot Springs Arkan. in and be fitted in
Flurid"I to come a pair.
and has piwl-iHincd her trip due to illness. I I. Heac'h.: you
: ANITA ECKDERG s.is. They also I I
friends In Atlanta Ga. o

Mrs S. R. Merrow\ Jr. and tint : Phone( 261-3749: for additional information) II ..
: SUNDAY & MONDAYMAY I Mr and Mrs. P. H. Eentzminuer: .
lly had as their recent guests her
and daughter Connie, attended the
: 17&IS Annual Band Conlcnt-Festival heldIn I I mother Mrs E. II. Bimnor of Eat I :Name' .. .. ......... ....... .. Are .. .. .. .. I -

Sunday: 2:30: & 7)0::) Monday 7:30: Tallahassee on May 7, 8. and 9. I and onion sister-in-law.Georgia and: her and Mrs brother, S. 1 I ::

Mr and Mrs. Paul Miller, 01 K.: Harmer and children of Cos'ttg. I Parent or Guardian .. ... .. ...... ....-... ....... .............,.._....... ......._ s PARTIN'SESTABLISHED

"The Prize"PAUL Greenville Tenn, flPt'ntly1'III'd Ion, Va. I I

with their niece, Mrs Darrcl Kl-: 1 Phone Number ... ..... ....... (Please Print) 1a
: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Plekclt nnd
rod and family
I II rhl1e1rrn.'Am't' anil Paillette, !lilt I 1878
TECHNICOLOR Please enclose, small photo, if available)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pulettt and I !Monday to make (their home inUivwlou I ( .

I children Bunny and Paul, tfvui I I : Alabama - - -

Kmdig ClrclrPlans .'t'l.LA'mll'I: M'llutiKllllit IHtU'll,, fldliau liluiHUrt) 611114. IUb, tagu Lat'a

Dinner Meet : Woman's Club Installs Officers tpiicopol Chapter

At Surf May 18 Lovely! I Mr. R. S Adler, past I preside i Studies "The Sun i Rev. Michael Anthony Morris' OrdainedTo Fifth and Sixth The Beards Win ..e, .'

blossoms were used Installed' the new officers, us lnJl' |I And The Umbrella"I Week Vacation "

The Selma Klmllg/ Circle of the tables at the annual "Key" ts her theme. and presc .
First Baptist Church mot April luncheon and In ed each with a key to their resptlv <'l'. I 1 Ft Olrard'i Chapter of the wOo Priesthood On May 1 11n Richmond Grades To Stage At Fort Myers : :- : .,.

20 with Mrs. Don Lancaster !Mr, ers iif the Woman' ', orrI'! !,. Mrs. Adler prI'Sl'nIN\ men eif St. Peler'i Eplscoi ,

Ben Eller welcomed the nine mem. 8,, Mrs James / Mrs J. C. Bennett \ a pa I Church met on Monday, May 11, m alI On May 1, 14 I In Richmond, friends' and members of the clergy, Benefit ShowThe Mr and Pies Jim Beard Uttrhrl-

ben present and one visitor Mrs Invocation and I president's t pin and: 1I'I; orchid 1 co; i I ,he home of Mrs. Betty Daub,, Virginia. Reverend Mleh.icl: An at which eighty person were present ed the second annual Convention
I of the Public Works Associationheld
Dun Piper and one new member eon members enjoyed saKe>. Mrs. Sellers InrnmiiiK 111'1'1- Mrs Mildred! Bahh Rave the colnul ," Shiny Morris was ordained t" the
Mrs. Charlie Hall \' l. to the Ihr' Sib nnd Rlh Iradl'11I put In Fort Myers.' May 6 through
Sonus by a quartet, Ident received the piesldoiH's |phI pcrlninmg I Snrrcd PncRthood of The Itomnn Tin1 Rev Mcirrls end his parentscame
Roll Call was answered by verses tnnis Mrs L. E. !k> and a co/sage.; grout fe il dnvs of the I'hurl'h Catholic Church Rev Morris Is Ii In Frlnandina Play 0 as on a \'arl"I.holl Frid.iv. May Pi. 9.
of scripture referring to showers bert Glngles and Mrs. \I hit II fnllow In close sui'ccssl i iI I on from x'ill I in+ !P.'i in the Junior, High The lidlc-s "njoved several plnn.
the of Mr. sort' Mrs. Joseph ; I
Installed fur the 114'i! yes i n weekend gin-sis\ of Mr. and' Mrs.
for the theme i niidiloiinm, Doiuitlcuis will hI'II'. neil skin seeing lours- while Ilia
of the month nlkcn. at tubs lime: Ascension. Whitmi :
were: Mr, L, E Sellers, p'RI.; I i Murrls of Rli'hmond mind nephew' of \Laniinn During' 1'lI'lr'I' II, ItevMcnns .
Projects and reports were Rlvl'ntn"ether day mud! Trinity cepled, nl lhe d.H.rI. lilt prmienl 111'n11'1'1' tn InHlnes scsslun.
Following the Mrs. T. R. LnLnnon\ Jr. of Fcinnndlnn '
dent; Mrs C. R. halt 1 1st 1 vli '- hapll/ed Hie new win nfMr
with an excerpt of a let. Mr;. Hugh Stone! Jr. president; Mrs. S II. !lsovis. 2vicepresident I Mrs Ri) >hl>li> (Learv announce Beach. and Mrs Rebut' ln ram, Mrs ucilng< In, Futures For ('hll
ler from Audrey Cow Icy mission were welcomed by Mrs W T. MH that: Si, Oil-aid's' wilt:: serve : I On Sniday May' 1, Rev. Morris" Inginm IsI/ enusin of Itc'V Moirls" a mini lust "eiiunni'illnnKuliiio nluhl the drawing for HIP

ary to Cumbl Nigeria West Africa Miss Marilyn Evans zl'jl'w ski, 3rd vice-president: IIIra, hostesses: at. the Parish supper' I offered his first Si It-mil Plans of Thursday, M.iv T. the Rl'v.Iur.! Tor (Children, lute helps dour pile was held Mm Heard

Mrs Cowlcy. requested prayers tend a painting at Walter Preston 41h vice-preside! ; Wc'clnesilny, May 20. Assisting f fthiil for ThsnksktKinu at the1 Church cil HIP undci'-piivilege-d ehlldien In
ris cillered a Mass nl St Michael'sChurch HIP winner eit an out-side Bar.
and thoughts for their work. was
Federation of Mn. P. C. Slew ait, rccordnm Sl'l'. ecu-Ion will be Mrs. DornllUlalock Saint Anthony of Pad.iu', Atlanta, Knlliiwln Ihe Pleas Mi- (Vli' 'mliii, a lad in-\mprican (" 11111. ''
:Members planned to meet (on vention, and her Mrs Mildred Babli, IIfri, Cia. Local residents 111'I''nllrl't' ft-Q Console, nnd one weeks yarn
Mrs J. II. While Jr. l'lil'
May 18, will a then buRinein B. Evans I scary: and, I1's'olll111n\ enlertamc'd try vitil In the future eif the lu lion al the He Inlay Inn In Fort
were guest responding secretary and Mrs. 'W S BI'Iy,: Divls) Mrs Melda RORCI Mr and Mi*. T R, laLnnnn, Jr brrok.fast .
meeting and supper at the Surf Little Women were i C. Owens, treasurer 'and Mis, Carolyn Vi/carrondo and son L 1'tIlI1d. Mrs: Jennie friends and rc-liilivps nl a I,,111',1, SliitesSnllv Flyers' .
Restaurant at 8,43, m. at The Surf Mi"tel. Johnson, a nlx'h! grader!
j by Mini Margie Brew I
Mrs Carolyn Plmnsllcl led l tIe! Sanders
The merlin!! was dosed will president and Miss I Mrs Bennett spike briefly IInd : II \ I Following Rev Morris' first t Dining\ their visit, Rev. Morris and the daiiehicr' of Mayor flout, "Mow limes changp( Nowadayswhen '
In a discussion on the ehuC
prayer by Mrs. W n. Pi'Ice. newly elected '' thanked all members for Ilielr IInl' ter group regarding "Llphl for Chris I Mass, a breakfast was given In his and his parents were entertained Mrs, K: .1..1t hnsnn, becnme Interested the doctor, find n pal It.,11 In
support during!! her term of duet I In this movement some time condition, ho
dmvn pre.
lion'" Irom Nols Fcrrc'i "Tl honor bv HIP mcmliers of the par. at dinner bY Mrs Jennie Sanders a run
Mrs. Sellers expressed her than I ; ago mid bias 'omul ed I the Inlcrcsi 1 scribes I less guilt and l mine time
1 Sun and Ihe Umbrella". The rmalnlng I bob of Saint .\iilhonv's Church and, dllu llIlr, Miss Sarah Sandeis. pi
to the members and later adjour of others her Thin Is office Don Bloom,
/ chapters, dealing with Later a rccipliui' olld'IlInOl'r was Rllorrll: was ordained for age group il 1 the -
NEW ADDITIONAL ed the meeting I "Light for Hebrews" and! "Lin give nt the Dinkier Plain Hold Ihe diocese of Atlanta and returned promoting+ the show i iIn I Woodbine (Ua.i I Turner,

; Mrs, J. B. Thompson read a me. I for Communists and other rdC' i by Mr and Mrs Morris, for there for hi* first o, llnml'nl.! urging attendance al the show, I| -- -- -

morlal service for Mrs Net*un I ans" will be discussed at IImeeting .. Sally bout l this In say, We\ Americans [
Moyer Mrs. J. G, Suhrer and 1I11s. should children bv ntlcnding! Ihe variety
I who nee so fortimnte,
June 8, at the hon |
Berlin Wood. .i of "Ir,. Bobble+ O'Leary. Mr. s., Junior HighLightsBY rnnslder II n pilvilcge to help tluse Rh"w" .
I Mrs George T Davis and MiD. "
Wanda llaidaKer\ will be
C. Land presented a check fro
Summer I: less of the June meeting
the Thrift Shop for $I
A lovely addition to Ihl''omon'.1 i Adler an Informative and !lvl'ly!;
d'KcussInn hour, delicious refresh Hello! the Penh Tournament at Milliard

$1,09 Par 8 Pounds Club foyer the was crcdcn/a a mirror, and and a scan new. menu; were wrvett: bv (he hoi: I Saturday, Miy: Id, the Library 1 I Wedncsd iv. Those attending were:

eel over Club will all "Hl' l'h Llncl i White, Roy Childs, and AnnCarla
wrought Iron grouping dunntee'; I by, lessen, Mis Retry Davis and Plea. enjoy an day
Suggestion: : Dry Clean W.mh and1'ear member, Joyce Smith.Tcmmy. Party' Chnperrncs fur Ihe ,'vs'litwill lioni the Hcvcnlh grade
an anonymous f
Sniindcrsun, ,
be MI.s11.\ Diane Davis, .limnw
To Improve Their Appearance cllle Miss nnd 11:11'1,1lIIMUII: Irom the eighth I I 'I IL
Hall Jr.
I Edith Flood CircleAt JaniceHilhuin, grade, Rmriving awards'' for lhi

Entertains Guests :tilts \lands Fcr- sevcnlh made was I.liidi While
Willis Home
Want To Dye Something I j rclra, nnd sever- I Ihiid plan I Dime Davis and' Jimmv .
For 12 Over Weekend S.iunderson: lied for new ml
Supper May al other. parentsnnd
One Agitator Washer Reserved For '
) : place, and David Allison link

I The Edith Flood Circle) of (Ihe I A sailing party and steak coot. h 1Ihral'ylRsl"nl.teachers All. loin'III mid lillh place: from she ,!If, itillpl n ,, q'' t : Y

Memorial Methodist Church met I at nut was liosircl by Tommy Hal, eighth grade, Mr Jim Lundy accompanied '

COOPER'S LAUNDRY : the homo of Miss Mhhm! Willis on Jr., fur collc-RC friends IIIMt'l'k'j' /J', I and eoidlallv Ihclr' gursisore iii.s '; Ihe Kliiilcnls, to I 1111 hII'll.

May 12, for a covered dish Mippe, I'nd.Gll" I A bu: ,tins Hhow milled\ \ "rash-
tiled lei
Thl'roI're eleven nicin'x'rs' '" were Tcmmy's room. 114it tiCY.
& ItEECIl] piei I ,Ions. Around the W.'hl"l1I. pic- I C
Hth STREETSMrs. rot I mute, John 1'ratore ol Cllllsiel' lhe PiiTiuriiiil 1 In"! week civl I! Y

Following the social hour, thl'I I Park.i, J" and classmates, Ron elected new nfficerii fur the coming I senled!! Midiiesdiiv hv the wvcnll1' w )

: Doris Howard, :\lanrtlterAnnouncing. chairman, Mrs. W. L, Lay ralle nle Bernstein of Brooklyn, ::0.. Y. year Olllccrs' for: :the CliN:: Patral: ; 'I i grade,! lioinc-ee ;ctipailnieiit; l>'inlisludenl w t

the meeting to order Daring thc and John Pierce of Tampa. Jam are Jo Ann Nelson, Captain I and mi'ilHed! lln gainicnl sheIrid SS fux, l

business session plans were con. Lundfc.id and' Nancy Parker, clans Pat PcndUlcin, liniienai.t+ l, I I mode, this >carSi'e "
I ::: ::: :: : :
li !
pleted for serving suppers to this I mamma from Jacksonville.I j joined Six Mudc'iils" ol Jr High liltondcMl''' MIII sun

Methodist Youth Fellowship grout hem for Hit sailing on Saturday - ______nn_____ BUY DIRECT AND SAVE! ..

each Sunday evening during them: afternoon. I

I month of May The group ali I Tommy entertained his guest I

I made plans to serve as Iwstcs 10+ I IIlhe I Saturday evening with a steal I TheGarden No Down Payments Free Estimates :

Womnns' .f ) .
general Society o [ook-out at the I home par
WE ARE NOWAUTHORIZED Christian Service meeting on MJ ills.: Joining' Hum for feh evenln I .

: 25, 14, Since! the cook books I'lln. I"a Miss Linda Little, Mis Lour Basket

DEALERFOR I tatting recipes from I local+ cool\ I Mircnscn, Miss! Klainc\: Smith 011I11! PHONE 261 -4157 ;

I have been sold. another 100 book Mr. and Mrs. Hen Sorenscn. -.
THE are to be ordered. Tommy is a student at N F,J,Cit ,, BY JANE SCOF1ELD

I Mrs. Don Brown, then led Ihe.. Madison, and the son of Mr. and : .

ZIPPERLINE group In a discussion of the Ind. :Mrs T G. hull.Thompson. i The Garden Basket' orchid l 110 siren, raise nostalgic thought/ of Coastal Fence Mfg. Co. :
I vidual church memlM-r' rcsponsbillty this week to Mr. Cecil Hall wl childhood In ru\l n.up.lnd I II always

to the local church.: as chairman of Ihe floril comml a conversation piece. The .'

I The new chairman, Mrs Liielll Piano lee has done a mngnlflcanl Job or blossoms have a delicate fragrance --

OF TRAVEL TRAILERS i Dyal was Introduced and made a Students PresentedIn I supplying flowers fur the n1l'l'lInlilor also. The leaves\ lire largennd I

few remarks the Woman' Club througho > glcis-KV.. mnklnu; the vine wiry use1

AND PICKUP CAMPERS 1 It was announced that the Jim' Two Recitals I II the year hhc linn not only II'c'lI fill lor serecning purpose.. Tae Tension '

meeting Is planned to be hilt alI I Hint she requited Birungcincnweic vine rOI10 shoot 1'I'nlyl'1't I .

I the home of Mrs. Dun Drown The piano pupils eif Rolibie Leriicimpscn always supplied bill ho' und con be used| .cm. a poreh, Icnce \ Sv hi nt emu! eif nrrve li'rtslon /IIIV be clnsstfleit A* ttinp spin t

I The mN'lIn'IIS! adjourned with \ were presented In re. grown mist nf the flower used I InI post, or whatever you need lo coyer ",m.whleh are* reihimem tub most victims unit\ theme which vary .

We Have Completely 261.361"I the benediction. rll.ds em May R nod 12, at liar Metnoriul her own garden cir greenhouse, I IIII Si'c'd" nhniilil, Iis'! (ilnnlcd when rtitleri'M prrimii. r
Melliodisl: Church. I III ', vine I I. lo grow, an Ihcse plant : : '
addition to decnratlnns for I Ilhe Nlrtre nerves rrntrnl IMuse'le nrllem; bas"; m'n'rr clean hdf
Trailers For Rent Azalea Club Has The cliuri'h was' decorated wit I building, she his furnished orchl are rather Icmpermenlal ubiiiilIransplanling. there, IM' a greuler/ Ilion normal lone-, or "'nsloll, In muscles All-
lovely Brrancjements of sprint!! ic'rmliiHllnii: I is rapI ) r
I for Ihe president and other manles re still eil tcnttf nl'l'\>l'l and mum-Ion, heaelaehe arc mammon
Dinner Party At lowers.[ to wear on all Important/ lit'. I I Id, live to ten dnvs, hut II Is a good TeSslon disturbs sleep; Uierrfenr rnnsUnl llmlncss: I In tumullyprerr :
i 11 After the program In the sanrt CBBiems. Committee members hat Idea In nick the mud HI'f'I'"r' sunk .;it :upon: ,: awukenlug: \I la Ihe niurnliiff: and lends' .In subsleieleniMirurlly ,

The Surf May miy.. everyone assembled In dune their purl hulI l'IlIIh'nllln.Mn for A few hour before. planting, ax | tin activity Mir rkmilnthni.Airjielilc / ...

: I The banquet room al The SlIrfwe. sh lietnns Hill refreshments for a fellowship were hour.' l.ar'l. Hull hiss always stood i IU vii would wllli other mornlniiglory varies' ollhciimh Ufiiial'y II I I. punt Mullerlng of the

Trailer beautifully decorated for th ready to help willi ollerings f'olllIlI'r : seed, heart and "bntltr lr'" In |hi* irtmiicli'h 8S well as Niter dUmllvtiviiiitoms
the .
Scotty Lovely Kilts were presented to Hie summer flowering annuals
annual dinner party of the Azalea /garden Keep vary from prntoi lit p''''''". There are smarting icnsil- '
Garden Club held May II wit eacher by (IIII' parents and stuIcnls. I It Is not turn late lo plant i mini- such n* zinnias, marigolds, lions, tuch u, "'lnlllln,,", feeling of abnnrmul warmth rill!. _
Iii cc'losln, cir, griming vigorously "
vine. We relic lo Ihe white w.
: T C. ADKINS eighteen members present and onl'i Those In the class are: Penelope Bred climbing mcn-'wr! of 1111' fur lust qualilv blcnims. A liquid' The splendid' rrFonns nf nave tesnslein In ehlropructlc care "
i of Eat
E, II. lionner
guest, Mrs Ul'lItlln.lllrh/ / Drnmluulcr, Murli'rumpler morning .glory dan Ipnmnen our< forllll/cr Is useful lor this pllr;>'lsl', critiilnly' make It advisable to consult a chiropractor when nuffetliiK ;

2114 Belvedere Avenue Phone I inlon, Ga.club voted to unite with Ihr / Su/annc Wcntheifcud, I llflora. This five Inch IInl.ful'd( I"i enpliil nhoiil every ten da8.. It from nerve IrimlnN.

The : Amy Crumpler Lisa Stone, Anne ,, need not bo eKpcns-lve If make
tiiifi'lei you
Dealer For Scotty, Mallard and Zipper I other garden clubs. of the city Ilecorate Claudia Had.lock. flower of trumpet shape -
JI'm', Cathy Clalphin Its buds so rapidly us enrlv du. Ihe solution yourself, using a genernl Iloum .
float for the Fiesta par.
I a
Maiy Lucy Mieitcjcwskl and I fertilizer Kiich UK 66.
In June.Mrs tome' em tint one actually+ Hf'I'mSII. pinpime r"i J'i :
--- ads
--- W. If. Selbert a post presl Icily llatchtMeir: I > while beauty came: In life. Ihs'! ..6 In the priiKirlcm| of our pound of Mon. Wed., Frl. .
Gill Galphin; Barbara BruneiHlcT of the lung IlKliI. fertilizer In live gallon of walirInvest ,
dent Installed the fellow Ing!! fclatiif Hugh !Stone, ceiBiplrie! opening 912 & 26Snt. ';
/ Louise Brlllnn. now In tmplcul plunlt to
less then 1 a

1 I i ti NTHE Mrs officers. F H. for Hobcln the, president coming" ; year Mrs Jail lie Ilidlls/DuBois, .Mary Margaret Jean Farr SI nines, I.u-, ly minute folded+ Till liinU rosily lellglit luklnrf!witched to ,Mile dill pl'r.furnlOlIl'l enjoy expcnilalile until mid-November In North Hnrlcla, Theyme 1'sdLi 9.12 :

lie a
'J.[ M. Ground I lot I vice-president ;
horny l'uietll, Charles Halm, of rnsrw', but one IUIH u half yearIn 131 Kings Street s' r
Ep ilm. II. I>. Lehman! 2ndlee. r.nllise Kiinry. Kred Michael'sn- which to cnj-iy' Ilieni nl ll'llemi I r.

I president. ; Mrs S. ft Merrow.trea-Mreerelarv. .. m'tlt'lIIW'l'r8/ Kathy Allison Judy National Honor I I 10 then I l's usually sl"111| fur a Phone 729ntt! : ,

/ A1I1'1 : Mrs Marie Stress, Hllhn, Nell Conk and Susan 'or. Meets At supply of handed annual plants,
INTRODUCTORY surer: Mrs. Jr L, Armstrong, pub- nun Society Inc m the nursery Kingsland: rnrlClu: IiIIiL. L
y SAL'Er Icily chairman. will bo icmumclI Clearwater May 7 I In May there! In mill lime for air C. u. utut&EU: ; lid 1'. A. OWEN: :

I Club Ort Inner mntinws, ith; Cr 6th Grade I The anninl Kilimial.. Ifnnor Sorlety' .. when layering siting'his's imrliculnrly/ been" this Pan. ve'ai Culling 'I I

Convenllcm.. was held Clinic"Asnox'lated
camelliasnnd Chiropractic :
: may lie I akin of '
r Edna Davis Circle Fun Club News. May 7, A. and! U, (il the Jack Tallarrlsnn a/aleax In put In the nioiiug'

the lintel In Oarwator Fl'.r' Ian, ulsit e-iilllngs eif cither shrubs with Owen Chiropractic !:
,. easy
----b I Has Covered hIs. Over mss 1 mcmlwrs Irom
y l BY SALLY JOHNSON Put the Miden!, In as fair n siai! >e
.. over: Hie state ullcndid liny Aricnault Clinic of Jacksonville"f
rJete. 11 peiKKilile lH>forr< cnc-rgies aie :
III as
Luncheon May i I
f Monica Brooks.... .li Im fire: -
for the last we-allier
I We had Fun Club dulle'd by hot :
''II lOllI, aifiinpamed ra
Mild Kathy :
jury !
The Edna Davis Circle of the I 111111' Fricl.iv end we're all sorry -
by Mr and !Mrs,, Kdcnfli'ld: ,.
temorlal Methodist Church, mr'l'In ) IhalIe won't meet again until I:
represented! the Fernnnclmn 1II'III'h
Parish Hall Monday it 12:4"S for rxt foil
10 TRIP AWARDS Alltg dish luncheon The Inn. Ev has High Chapter here.
a covered eryonc
"3l The first nluhl dialled .olf. with
n r'M 'neon finest was Rev Nl'lllInInYl'r j had a gmxl time
An AVIS RENT A CAR at your commmdu loll ri iCl v, here sail t the i hung In iii,' form of a s"lI1'hParty Deeply Appreciate ;
you trivtl the USA You .I l *p. nun the- hold's !. 'In tin
iwim, pliy ,midurnow II l lumptuout HOll- ;549 Immediately following Hie lunch h I x t h cruder: al POO
DAy INNS [ eM eomplmwnti: .i'were midst of the dancing and divlninulcl _
"r-n, the regular business meetingas sorry III at-
ql SitinTond lh sass punul be heard' enmpali'n sjioeehe"' .
held Mrs Wonrirow W, Slew Intend for the last = I:
by the rllncllllill" running for stall '.
671 OTHER I sri, Jr, Chairman opened the s irry ;i lime -
welcomed Last Friday1'1''
vi'linn! with prayer and i

VALUABLE PRIZES /us t I Ih" eight members present "v j ilaycd several oral? Saturday assembly morning wa!* Hie held first flf'nc'rllbllslurn gen The Fine Support ,, :
pMit The Spiritual Life program was j lumen and he'fore .r
changes In con
MAGIC mf ,iven by Mrs. L. O. Carpenter In.Ihe + I we Il'ftIr.! \DC- !

Ouaaenn Brain Brawl wit held My
.., I It. a '
; liMOS rime title wis "Whiit Hail Thou I ve enjoyed being your Fun This quiz. Hlmlhr to Ihe TV Col. A
4iNan thaI Thou dlds't not Receive? Cilib reporter and I hope you've .
ptMTaM "The Churches in South Fast 'ilwcd reiding line Fun Clubnl'll. 1e'1I1! Bowl, Included questions on .
I. Intl OUIIII IIIMmwun lie level ef, high Khra.l. student, Candidacy For
tJ I laws east A sia" was the title of the Mission- ThaI'III until your new re. That afterm-on, discussion. groupssere
:. mid lNM ry EdJfational Pro"rRm given: hlra > Jlf'rll'r brings you UKFun Chubrws
>f Gn he'ld, The most IntercMinn'
AMEliA IA.HdTLug. tow nwsw R. B. LoikwiMHl.It next Call I
for N II
sees 'GcMiel' Projects
;..o18 : pis next was reported that eighteen vis District firganlratlon", and "NI"I'ear's State Representative
,_ mCD ", f 649 Is had been made by the memlx IN MUMOIUAM: ; I'
assns \ Brain Brawl" Manv nl'wIlIelil
II was also announced that the "
N n:1a0Swarsas In loving memory of our bus- were lot rsslun'd' l 10 hepie..
? W. S. C S. will be held In "lIrihlIall. From
lJ : Cl9'III !Monday, blip K. al I on pn blind and f.illicr Mike Tiliakos. pilled at each local chapter' ,

10lMlVU r i, Edith Flood Circle III bo I theinsie'ss who (Hissed away eleven years liroiighout the state
Irlll tea A and dunce eompiwcil'
I 8. 1VB. banquet
a an.!
1I1I1IMOI', .. riu members for the Miss Tea" ialhieen h-morlng: DaIs 'the- This day bring back sad me. lie useful event fur Friday night, Nassau CountyCONGRATULATIONS
(/i' C.,1t 'H. of the woes* of the day you went 10rl'l. .ntcrtalnment was prcmnlcd by a ,
'Jo..t"MIlito" a1RI011Jt>t will be In charge prll.I "
:Sr0lnaa I The cine! cuss think of YIIIItmlay ibulous band 'The Wlldl' and
r.rrb ;ram Sea of Giving!! Pledge Scr- i
I the who loved quartet "The 4 Isliermnn.
usnxaasespe I vlre". [ are one a u ..
best. A face love Is Saturday morning all registered
)'IIU we Rune
.. The meeting was closed with the
as.sia.rshM. voice we loved Is stilled, a place i-legiles voted In the last genral TO MY SUCCESSFUL OPPONENT ::
la .....". .... ....... m An sM.fea "' .. irde Benediction. a
Coen.5 ,,'T.'. Lan-gs Onckl, Iaay I Is i vacant In our hcirts whichever .'' session, lit he- held that alter ':

Lnnrn.MM can be filled nun, the next yeor's officer were .
u rw
...... 'signcd> Wife, Clara, Nick III he announced and installed. The

i..impi". "/saes. ..Inr1; a pelt; Mr and Mrs Robert S, Stores ol Anna, John and granelchil- hllll'1 then gave a luncheon fur all '

Port St, Joe are pleased to an. I m..mhen and sponsors. GEORGE H. DORSEY

mince the birth of a ion, David "Matrimony an institute of Everyone had a wonderful time i
Payne' Stores, nn May Witt/ weigh.: ''irning In which a man loses his and picked up new and Interesting .

NASSAU BUILDING & SUPPLY Ine Sibs. 13 oz Grandparent are chelor'f, eh'grre and his wife reject for their chaptc-r The

Mrl. :M L Griffin and Mrs. Ho.I quire! a masters" FrlcMla J. !KM\ N. II S annuil Stale ConvcnM Paid Pollllcul AnnouncemeMilSelma -:

112!) South 8th' Street!' Phone $ I IMrl: P. !Wurct'", cuts ol Shim city I jugvr, UuliiUl lUuMU I'uWacaly. : wag a !great! IUCUM!


page/ Six '"ews-Lender, Fcrnandina reach, Florida Thursday, May\ 14, 1061 I Ioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
: mud bank, where she was riddledby Washington notifies English merchant vessel Bel.

I Confederate fire With some Icy at Key West that "
the Siiwannec River can be shipped and fired a cannon shot at
twenty men killed and has
government protested
to Key West, as she was approaching Cuba
'r 5v San burn surrendered, according to stuns early last month menacingIthe I
I May 6 Acting upon Information Is ordered to "convene
'' a
I Federal
a "to Ihe
1 report prevent steamer Marigold, a
: rctelvd from relugees, the
com. further useless expenditure of human operating out of Key I ol enquiry fur the purpose
mamler of I the U S. bark Restless
:FLORIDA i life. Shortly after taking s thorough Investigation
guilty ot annoying and 1
al SI Andrews !liny has sent a de.tucliment the prized.the SolftlWiicrs destroy.
search for --- ----- -- --- - -
out lo
a Iloop.
ed her to prevent, f'M'ecaplure. Ad-
rigged bunt and its crew of ten men '|
mlral Dahlgrcn admits "I he loss
> A HUHDRED YEARS ADO mid iflUori. which supposedly ran of the Columbine will be felt must I
the blockade( at Mobile recently
Inconveniently' ; her drift was only
Conic'di'rule Brigadier General : : : See
I five or six feet, and having only
EJlteJ by SAMUEL PROCTOR I Edward: A. Perry commanding two' such steamers, the services

Florida Brigade In the Baltic of of which are'needed elsewhere Joe

OOOOO OO OOOOOOooooooooooooooo the Wilderness In Virginia, wan cannot replace her" 'I Joyner
. .. . - - - i sevcrly wounded today. His coin j ) ?
I In a letter ,"|U> .Confederate Secretary
mand has been turned over to Colnel -
Published by leaking badlv but she Is being dm.piilihed David Lang r y r of the Navy Stephen At

FLOUJin UI1IHKY AND HIS.TOIUCAL lo Key West neatlhelessMay si I Mallory, Governor R'I "
While tnnledt( 'rule troops Florida
COMMISSION 2 IW older of Admiral were ( l I
I absent on a cattle drive, Fort Milton describes Southwest Floridaas
CIVIL WAH CENTENNIAL: Bailey the U S, steamer Honduras I "
COMMITTEE his been turned over to BrlgndIcr llroukj, was attacked today andcauturid 'the principal source of meal''' LASSERREMOTOR \

:2f)3! ) Valencia Avenue CiciiiTdl; I>. !1' Wondbiiry tornntiimlliiK by a Federal invasion supply for the Confederate forces" 'I

Coral Gables rioiula 33134 I IIP Federal, District of force cnmposed of white officers This! technicolor mode, "4 For Texas! ," starring Frank j This Is a sparsely! settled area CO.
has been
and :Negro Tampa
smith Florida for his use In anexpedition Sinatra. )Dean Martin and Anita CkberK. will he shown | and Confederate deserters
!'De erh'r Pr< berms" against Confederate furcis plllueed a number of citizens arC'I army )
'Significant! Florida KvenU: fur at Tampa The schooner Ariel arrested and three were shot attempting at the Hand Theatre, Friday and Saturday, May: 15 & 10.: are here In large numbers They I And Test Drive

!May, I IStt the fJemp Kiisnlie, and RchountriStonewall to !'Rcnpe.I "' have been guilty of many dcpredations -

!May 1 According la a report and Two Sisters are also I May 7 According lo the GainI troops but the army officer In I from the miln body of his com- Including efforts to halt

Issued today by Federal Rear Admiral ,"rdc'rc'd lo I'oopc'nle11th General I I csvlllc Cotton Stales many Northern charge "unfortunately thought I that | mand. When taken they were' carrying the movement of cattle by stealing i-: The Exciting

T. Bailey commanding the Waodbut, y. loldleri have recognized the they were part of his command, soldiers from the Island or by slaughtering Stolen cat. I

East Gulf Blockading Squadron he May 3 A detachment of Cun. bravery and valor of Florida women and permitted them to gain time back to the mainland. Budd says tie are driven southward to the 1964 FORDSHORT
vessels steamers, and by the upriver road that "all of them have
has thirty fi\c federate ,amen olf the C, S SChaltaluiMhec Federals stationed at Jack- escape enjoyed Unicn stronghold at Ft. Myers
schooners sloops, barks and two ; II ; arc on an expedition; I I nonvlllo paid them tribute by declaring without molestation They were Immunity from us as citizens. where they are sold to the
commandThe pursued, but the density of the Their local makes them' Fed-I
ferry boau under hit 'aaalnst the Federals al ApalJc hi. 'that but for the Southern undergrowth knowledge eral garrison They are also
between Jupiter Inlet. and would fall. and number of paths dangerous to us and usefulto "' -
area women the South lOOn very
cola Bay <1St, George's Sound i In. to feed the families of deserters
Cape Canaveral and the mmilh 01[ eluded; ate eleven olfheri,, ; and /IIv.nine I-: 1 I I Women discipline each other with leading through the woods In all the enemy For the latter they Cattle which are slaughtered but

the Indian River Is the main uuu acumen traveling In seven I: Intolerance toward any Blacker, and directions rendered any further act as scouts spies and pilots not needed Immediately as food
under itrulllince along the Atlantic In fact their zeal for the Confcd- pursuit "unwise and futile" and and In this case they were caught for these
boats left
raiding 11t
C6ntf 1. In the Gulf area, Char. The Confederate dottuliment I crate ciiuse surpasses that of many the Federals returned to their In the act They pretend to have where they fall. groups / I I Y 1
lolle Jljrbor Tampa Bay/ the May 4 soldiers." vessels' It was learned that the been forced Into Gift's service

mouth 01( the Suwannce timer MJosephs : arrived off the; at CSS thallaliiioihee'at : Chultvhi ;:; : ''I I Tableaux, combination fairs and enemy had 100 men. Serving as I but I know them well and earnest the Governor Milton points! out that t I ,
oi MM number of deserters and dls- '
Ray, SI Andrews volunteers wltli the Confederateson ly request that they will not be
this and I festivals, have become very pop. loyal .
Cedar keys St Maiks, I the months M'\cn-thlrly morning/ In this expedition were Colonel D. permitted to return to Apalachicola Floridians are Increasing
of the OcUoc'koneellId the Culoo.sahatchec at lino lllulf shortly befoic noon I II ulur forma of entertainment P. Holland, aide to Governor John I ." He claims that the count le-i ot
commander of the U S. S. Florida and are being held through West "'Iorldalrl
The In the hands of ,
and I
Rlwn.llId Fast
Milton and E. D '
Surgeon Cherry, |
Admiral has ord.
Bailey today
out the slate, mainly for the
oflleer '
and Union deserters and
Sunflower a short
army that "a
West Pas at St. Georges Sound :: : i of funds for Ladies First Georgia Regulars Com ered Lieutenant Commander C J. says
are ret urtedfy checking I heblieniilh time ago 10.000 blankets and 6.(001)
blokadd that the Confederates
"arc / of Tampa'i tli-lcnscs inpreparutlun Aid Socle'lies. This evening the Tallahassee mander Budd nays 1 McDougall to prepare his ship pairs of shoes Intended lo supply ,
The U S. Schooner Fox capturedthe ladies held a tableauxand had planned to capturethe (the U. S. S. llendrik Hudson, to I
Confederate Blimp Oscar lueluy > for an attack on that I' raised more than $1450 According U S. S Adela and lo carry I I proceed to West Pass and East ed"troops In this state were captur IJ ti
In the Gulf of Mexico Captain plate. to a newspaper report, her cither! I Into Mobile or burn I I Pass St. George's/ Sound, to determine I Ii J i
Samuel Water admit that his May S The commander of the I I they "isolil articles of their own her. "Their boats were filled com.pletcly ( the validity of reports In -i

\esscl Is from SI. Mirk* bound lo U S. S. Sdgamore/ at Cedar Key I manufacture. : with muffled oars, paddles, I Southern pipers of the capture of I

Havana and has Confi dt'rule rcpls. needs a transport so Hint cotton I de. grapnels, and Incendiary I motor.hats. the Somerset "Should that vessel
Gainesville Cotton Suites
let and clearance ,The Oscar Is soi/id luring the last few weeks on I scribe The and band concert "The Federals captured six I have been captured ynu will pro. FERTILIZER

a supper of their boats, four prisoners a i reed to St Marks and communicate -
held by the I Indies of that community
for quantity of small arms, a thous. with the U, S S. Tahoma, I ,
I to secure funds to provide
their and rounds of ammunition, In addition and with the Tahoma and Fort i
wounded under
r to compasses, signal flags, Henry you will endeavor to effect 50 Ibs. 6.6.6

I care.May blankets, haversacks, and medical a recapture of the Somerset.
1 8 The commander of the supplies" Budd says that the A detachment of twenty-five I I

U. S S. Sunflower reports that on Confederates "abandoned every.
Confederates from Captain Dun $155|
May S "after transferring two like without
thing and ran sheep, ham's Battery, under commandof
companies of the colored troops to firing a shot\ Had It not been for Mortimer cv I t
Bates I
the bark J. L. Davis, 1 took her of the (
the unfortunate mistake
IS YOUR CAR SAFE FOR with one section of artillery, one
Into tow and towed her up to Gad.uden'a officer In command of our troops twelve.pound howitzer and one i 6.6.6 Pellets
Point" He then organized"a .
we should have captured or destroyed
DRIVING? naval party, consisting ot fifty. Napoleon gun, reported today to
NORMAL four men to land with the army the entire force Captain Dlcklson at his headquarters I $199Grotone|
May 17 A convention of the near Pahtka
and assist In the capture of
troops "Union Men of Florida" Is being I
Tampa. After getting his force May 23 The U. S Columbine,
held In Jacksonville for Ihe
find out for sure by taking this quizANSWER 1 aboard Ihe Honduras, they pro. purpose of electing dole-Rates for, Acting Ensign: Frank Sanborn, ; Pellets
the Bay as far as |I
cceded practlcablo
up he Republican Convention which was captured after a heated en.
HERE succeeded In landing. STORY "We Loan You Own"
and : -
will meet In Baltimore, June 7,; galll'ml'ntl'lIh Confederate shore : I II II
YES NO At seven a.m. the place Tampa( ) $298
1864 Union authorities are coop batteries and riflemen at Horse

o Do your brakes grab squeal, was take were possession taken and of, forty according prisoners :I crating by transporting delegatesto Landing near Palutka today Cap. I Fernandina Federal
left ? Jacksonville from St. Augustine
pull to or to the Icclerals, a few minutes lain J J. Dlcklson was the officer
e Does your brake pedal plunge all 'I after seven the Stars and Stripes and According Fernandini to reports by the convention In charge of Confederate opera- I HARDEEBROS.Atlantic Savings & Loan Assn.

the way to the floor when you were hoisted In the town by the Is dominated entirely by pili.I \I tlons, The Columbine, operating .
brakes? navy." The Confederate sloop Neptune i In support' of Union Army forces
apply .
L. D
your Ideal I opponents" Stlckney
wander ? I ands quant kty of cotton were I Men 1 like I lnOf Robinson' Buck.Iniiham ; ("Snd with soldiers embarked, lost Ave. 202 Atlantic Avenue
Does or weave
0 your car also captured steering control and ran onto a
I / Smith Juhn W Price,
Veer to left or right? s
Captain J. J Dlcklson, : .
May II John S Sammls, Phillip Frazier, -- -- ---
unbalanced wheels making Company H, 2nd FlorIda I u.L _u_
o Are commanding ana raran money, all Llneuln supporters
your tires wear fast and unevenly? Cavalry, Is presently on dutyIn I are expected to control

Volusla County observing Federal the convention, ........ ....
0 Docs your engine stutter, jerk, forces who are In the vicinity
stall? Mav 19 The U. S S. DC Solo Eiii.
falter ot of Fort Butler. He Is notified that k
seized the schooner Misslsilpplan
RATE YOUR ANSWERS/U! you answered "Yes.t another company of Confederate today la the Gulf with a cargo ,of I;
troops will'' arrive shortly to : y1
:,ANY of these questions, YOU need .>. strengthen his position cotton and. ; I
!May 12 -The comptapdcr' bf .sjtty" 20'x, wMr.f| the! presence

U. s. schooner BcauregarcJrefills' ot Federals 'at'''Welaka,, Cap- ...i "
the | \ ''
Summer;\ I'' nrllll'i ,tlnJ.i; i J. plrkiton" last I nlgbtttndnr / '.JJ.I )" ;
; I ltd onpturj* *f label I ,
<, "''r $ : ctue"hd''' .AA 'j f. "' ; .., .
C O"s "fllt'e""t..1/ i sloop Resolute oft Cape C'Btiavtrlal \ dvef tit dik-kmta* : 'r rf : ...",' -
Although there was nO cargo the, St. Johns With a !coca of sixty : :\ '. ti::'), ;
I III.Ihll,, small rowboats | fJ .' ,I.., ++a wt 1 ,
aboard, the "said sloop being) at men ?
anchor so near this coast looked 'peaching' a point about seven : .A

end seized I mites from the Union encampment -
Brake adjustment Front alignmentt suspicious Play 14, -and In was s communication Dicklscm threw out two de. L ':"

tachmcnts on the flank while ho f,:
of Ihe Nav
to U. S. Secretary
t Pull Only
front wheelsnd
''moved In center with a small
Welles, Admiral Bailey says that .
inhprrt brake

lining end 1 9 eRr\ 650 the llowcr Confederate with seventy-five steamer bales May.of detachment pickets, Dlekison Capturing"sent the In Federal a tie.1 I II ...,"<

2 Clonn, r<' commanding ; .
caul 'adjust' dtUlIIs'1 cotton captured by the U. S sup- I' mand to the other \ (
: ; 'for an unconditional surrenderwhich
wheel |ply steamer Union on January ..
complied( with It was
3 Adjust lirnkesnd ?ri.dmwhd. 14 near Tampa Ray, was within
add fluid : end Warn Mr.itu l lnolinrltilrd Ihe limit cif his scuuilnm| Bailey then sunrise, and the enemy had
1.:=:: I
asks that "an auditor be Inslrueled prepared a bountiful breakfast. l r w
to apportion to me the which, If nut mien by thc'm11111

Motor '+ amount allowed by law to the I I their usual relish was certainly a

All service Ws do all Tune.ur666', commanding officer of a squad. ; very acceptable to us and heartily I

work done I Clenn .nd adjust; run In such cases"ItVulcnint enjoved" Diekiwn enptur'drighty.eight '
6 cyl.1 I and six
Infantry eav-
mk.iuii i | '
D C Woods of the
with 2 Hi'I'lact points sass 8 l'yl.I I. I airy\ prisoners together with a
S. S. mortar brig Sea Foam
.ts 3 VI liming Any large supply of arms and equipI -
modernprecision 4, Adjust, rburetoi American I reports that this morning, while I ment.I I Ii ,?,
5 Rrplore' condenser Car sailing off the Florida coast, he [
unit rotor "fell In with a vessel water-log- i I The New York Herald describIng
All <3 Chink generator the large number of Cnnfeder.
dismasted, the English I
rk Do equipment mid voting regulator :::: Red and of her ate military and civilian refugees aiealaw 'n"1" 1 1t
7 HUH'k hallerv ..,.,. I flag flying on the stump Union .
mast I, Union down. After some who have come over to the

'FI se difficulty Mho weather being very side, says that at Depot Keys

Just say "Charge It rough), the sea making a clean there arc "some three hundred ,
e ns and children at a
cetd! In men, women
breach over her, I ate ( I
Take months to pay rescuing the crew, se\en" In a'l:\ St Marks there are sevcnl; Ism.I ; I

trod nt West Pass nearly'
Her cupluln repents' her lo be the I :

s'mp'! Anna F.IUa, with a cargo two hundred, at Charlotte II irbeir.I .

of 10.000 gallons spirits of turn I one hundred sixty, at Tampa and. ,t

Nothing saved from ,ho | on St. Andrews Sound, like num.I

f" cArErY a 1 wreck pentlnc' May,"m Commander William I I bcrs May" 21 Lieutenant Budd: of !' A No One's Left Out At Bath Time'

Y I the Somerset transmits to AdmiralBailey '
\ Budd of the U. S. S. Somerset Informs -
st Key West the names of '* I
West that
Bailey at Key on I Y
!''the four Confederate prisoners his
the niiiht cif May 12 he sent
I chart butts from his vessel and I men rl'el'nllyllllurc'd./ Three are not even the family pet, because ELECTRIC WATER

from the schooner Chambers with I i from Company\ h', Bnnatid Sire, Buddslalca Battalion HEATING provides plenty of hot water for this ,and every
One Joseph
atiA. tf f of the
a detachment" troops I I Intended to de. { other household need Now with llameless '
lioth New York \eilunletrs lo a "evidently / too quick recuer \ -

I point a few miles below the town sert, and lingered" behind for us ,, I )' water heating, you have all the water 'ou'll ever need
After landing the to capture him
of Ircuips AI'lIlm'hicola the officer in charge of ,i Commander Budd reports that I I "on tap"huKer rOll want it. That's because Reddy keeps

: the boats was Instructed to pro. he has today dispatched by the | replacing hot water as you use it. And a small, lower-priced:
JlW.1. 'Bed slowly alcng the nhorc. RO ) U, S. S. Honduras three prisoners, (

as to be In communication with Thomas McLean Anthony Murrav, t iO-gallon tank docs the job 1 :

i Ihe soldiers during Ihelr march | and James Anderson. all clllzt'ns f ,
the lOll n. of Apalachlcola These ml'nI ere
: and they approached
Ask about quick electric water heaters today !
USE OP Ol'K MliilAM() : ) LFFICIENT Taking Iwo launches. Budd las 1 "engaged In active cooperation' recovery

!7- TESTING KIJI'II'MENT that when he arrived at Apulaehieola with the I'nl'myI hc'n captured Ihev're fast, clean, silent and completely automatic, too.Knjoy .

he discovere-d a force of McLean enacted the role of a
: this wonderful modern eomenicnce in home .
between seventy or eighty Confederates scout or spy, !Mistaking our troops
attempting to embark In for those of the enemv, he gave and take another step towards the joy of Total Electric Li\"inj.

Tf rest one bouts teem the upper end of the them Information respecting my I

wharves. "The rapid apprcmh of force and position, In front of the

the first Krdcrnl launch caused( town on the morning of the \llth

them to abandon their proud and I instant Murray and Aneleniinwere

nircut through the town vliali al'lIl1las scouts fur dial '

BEACH SUPPLY nimcmint as luisluiul' b\ acouple (commander of f lhe I'onleiU'iati\ !!Florida! Public Utilities Co.

of nulls from "m how it. lul'l'!!"'. Kiipmn (M'll hrs, loimiumilli ,

:118 .4t1 1RtlC \teiiiie Phone 2..MH. I set'." They I M'see! .111'1. 'I ilcut' < .>. add, .UI'I'I>| hiu hi,II ,nuruv1Yiuuu .

clUuuca ... ;a iH>iiiou '. uj.iai ; sLsB. 1.0 \I aa _..cats! t

ii i

.I.1.- '.

.'. . . ---
--- -- ----



pounded' out 11 base blows to hand Newn-Lrtulcr, rnnnndimi tenet, Florida Thursdalay 11, 1001 Page Seven
Men'sSoftball Porter a 12.4 loss,

All of Porter'i runs were home I Mix 26(; The nmvcs and llornit1w

League mm scored by Sieve Thomas Alan ,II play in :May 2"i;; at five o clock
\ Cover, (hip Wood and Steve V rw Af' aw. a mil the II\ mils and !iI'nalllr111'

' BY 11RT CORDOV Bcckell Simmons, Cover, John Slants ploy on :Slay A ul live nilock
Beckett and Chip Wood collided Sports
KAC edged C'hrm-Coll. 43 and 2 hits apiece for Porters along I
The I 1:1.IlIlI'd: of the Si"'in >n Ii I ,iL
the Islindeii. billed Porlcrt Fish 1I'lh: hits by Thomas and Bcekett I ,,(' arc beginning lo hlIr..u". "
Camp, 12.4. In suflboll acllun lust Gonzales, Joe l.ocpcr and Pee BY CURT CONDON tiller' making, a line bit-lninn; ''II

Thursday. nliilil I Wee Nobles collided two hits Similar I carne IIIIY. The' "I'IU"'
In (the dose opining game (he apiece to lead die Islanders In hit. We hid more word Ibis week em .l\ oil I I Illle 11.1 kl ll'kllM' II east list' Uo In n row lastxnk "i ,hlitlileiiicl
KAC stored three runs In the first ting with one if Nobles' hill being evening Hill(, :Mclijimid Ids pmbimiball star Hi: ilue.nl. in right held thanc,1neut : Hie liima/ Miin\ lingt
to rack: up thc victory, a triple Carl Jones Nat: Smith "
1 terser Hi Jtiimy. III \e;eRne i i'Ill' if hm players In bring
Lea Purrish. Vcinun Sheppard Wayne D.itsin. Benny Alvarez and won bin first ginir of the si",ism miiiut.inn. mi 1 Ic eiiilcl kill lie J, I), DuiLjitrty "('lul'm'(1Inn(
and Pat Anderson smacked duub- .
Durrancc had hits for the Islanders jg last week which mm gars/ MIIISI' std) the box biouelit u twin. day trial" a Hip lo Lae I MiSimli ,
Irs tn luul I the winners In hl"II"
him a I''cf'l'd ol I I.\I I. In fir sound I ix'Him niih IM!. He an decided 11: ;,,itw Mexico while In and ,I i KKilnIn
with Buddy Jacobs coming through,:
LINE: SCORE: 1111111111 Mi Kii' iilleiwlns sewn In n, iii d i lilili t lull mi'ul Mini allied pirslilint of Hnrlil., I ,
Wllh, a BiiiRlo blunders 7:10:* 200 0 12 11 walked' sis nncl Rlniik out mun llu n,' .1 i
John L. Smith; Bill Cox and Jim-
Thnrnlun collected dnibln Porters 002 110 0 4 10 lie tiiAHcel n niiich better' Rime inI t In" loll I llu -n.ke. Helud 1.1 till IIIK, \Din MIX I flat Hux t hal" dol '

with my Robert Smith hitting single Powers and Nobles: J, Bitkelt I hei 1I)11'IWr| if, lite Xidmm mid losl. He> mid ''I'IIIt'11 I lo luixi hid mii 'lieililiinii| <, |) a seapni, ..aI I
and Wood bill II he' mlnum lit Ihe sumpilet ',u h c'liimr! nl iiiUnlM .
to account: for the Chim.Cell hits, Gill t if l.illlirna for yell' 11'1,1' ,,I d
In sof hill action Monday night
, Chcm.Cell 002 010 0 3 4 in rtrikioul. he ('UIIIII1,11 Lug. mickinl Dm 1 FILL: dl, MUin '
Pcrtiri Fish Camp edited Chem. set a re'i'e''id In I Ihe I'alillc10 I In. lit'limit. lilistul u b IMS 11, d
KAC .30t OlIO( x-4 3 ..iiajir' amt lie,bit'Is al), c dill, ,
Cell 8 6. In a prolesled ball game him si\cnleen fur two ganii Uekmm id tame' inn dr :M innuc';' \\ II) nt'
Cox Thornton and Lee: Jcrnl- and Burgess and Cook Truck Lines '' all I il I the hnnn folks mi pill: 11"1,,," hs| Kuk In I one! 11',"memIlen lilt;' .11,111"11111( bilun" whirlhoar ,

gun Lyons and Markham. defeated KAC 16.S, hIll for Mi Itiu' to niiike nil ixul. utter homo rusts: I for Hie XISIIIMU. .uilsbnil lax 11 i

In--the second same-the Islanders- Leon llcrrlngton led Porter lint showing In (Ihl' pro rinks: wets "" 1'1 T, Hind /stud 1111'1,1"i, mulct other ptints it mtiriM
with 2 hits while Steve Thomas lilt 1.11'1'1'! |'| ill.I Ul' l1i'io"s.: II1 Ik. "I'll.,

I I II a triple Richard Schemes and Alan Things cinie mil 1111 aid tun h.1 i tie lie: ) vkljiui linn "'1"11." '
'W hit doubles while Sim.
fine "('1'11.1I11111I' 1Iih Miiiel ion
mane Steve' B.ekelt and Travis thaws In roll i on nml in i'mh )ter:i iHe 'I llu' K\' I:iilletsMIII thi" n i' i li i shill :

Mjllls hit singles: diubl Hint the I 1'11I'' 1"11"I I: uiiiii 11' |it 151' 'ism"'' 1",11.: ikUs
r. ,vt Jimmy Gordon. led l'h'm.CI'II tiiiiiindini dllll"l I kmm Hint .Inn.i, I Ina:i, X dUll 111'11 Hue Clilis. ,iIlll '' PAGE TEN
}:; l' x:;ZZ with) two doubles Allen, Jelmsrn. than Hill aid his H mil emu bilk:' .SI. bars hate I) | hi'I'II ploy Illl
Smith and Wright had two' hits 11,3 Irom 'Full ilinsHii' lust s' 'nurdlq;, Mine' Hm h"lI!), bid' lust' cinildiil
apiece J I? Smith Boson and 8 a rs with Hull Illlh MralKhl SLI'I':lilult sum u I hut i 1111' win e..ilumii With ..lot"!

Robert Wright had singles for : oJ rat iou IrOn... tin Star Iliuel Me,'itCimgiululitliim Ihal Ln'r ol \11'1.I''' UK) hill,' ;s ,,1'i!
;' Chcm.tell' l Ii> ill\ I'n. i 1'111,111', toil, ,I lie liellble" < fn" : the "I'IIIUII"\' \ : 1 I HIRED IT

: I LINE SIOKF: I.I It win aiieither expiitid j Jib will ul the 'I'I'MII.' Ir"5' THROUGH THE
: $ Porter 001 421 0 8 8 loin \. )

Chem.Cell! 000 103 2 6 11 I',"li' siln, I du i' lull<'i ms us lhi WANT ADSREPOSSESSED

I, J. Beckett and Cover: Cox and Gil; \l/i'.iiiomui mill his t' 'nili nun 11 I ,r i, minis In 1.Illli' Li'/ILIII .tr,- .

L. ttrlpht ('.std I KOI nail. ire I nut k'nllein' i rill 'I",' u, ill' ill' I in Mix ii mid :\ ;1

I = ." In the nlcjileap! Burgess/ and Cook Pictured 1I"I\e Is the 19U City Basketball thimphns/ from rYrnindmi llviuh the which al'II crcdt In the SininiI '

I I 7i"--: = -- beat scored KAC.9 runs 16.In 5. the The fourth winners to de got team (is sponsored( bv Herb While's Outboard Sales.: Pictured\ from loft to right, in urn' if base,bull. 'fheI I lake t'an', ,

Arthur Itenshawane Tiner and King. M incline Herbhitc: if llu I'll',itcs In the Senleir" liuun
kneeling Ole : ,
t .. ... only two hits during the contest. : ; ,
t i doubles by Reynolds and Johnny Allen Kirk Glenn Kitchens John Harris: and Pun. ('aid" ell. mil although thi')' hiiunl I 1IIIIIC \' "i !
( ._ _. ( ill Minim the IIIM 111'
:; Morris! ,
smell, Oil| iHimts nut llul a to' ('.
., i ., ,......... Jehu Hull and Pal Patlersm. hud fill, line dine, would io! evil' IIIHInllildcrs
"' doubles and singles to lend* KAC at Leeper Tosses 13.0 Classic Jets Senators heads bemuse' they ate 1957 CADILLAC
with Thrill, Lei Parrl hand
the phlt'
just I oil if little I 1.1'11111bul tin
Buddy Jacobs gelling!! lilts for Win For Hornets Bowling League \Win Games With bins klip hall! ni! a"H\' unit I tilt,
the lesers
77/7? PALACFSALOOft Ililnk lluv are fcoliiu lei 11'1'1J11'' I liEW RECAPS
Eleven walks and six cosily errors 1964 TAG
i snood half In Sinlir Luuue al.
were the downfall of the K\C BY HENRY ELLIS Hornets Braves
Against RedlegsBilly Hull With thai kind if' spirit, I\('
f OLDEST team, Week of -7-64 bit thi rirntis arc gonnn be a hail.

HISTORIC KAC LINE: -0102112-57 SCORE Lerpcr tossed a neat two. Total! .JETS EDGE:l HORNETS. 3.2 team lo bcit later this season. $340
Tram Standing W L Pins
f LANDMOST I I B&C 211 03x-16 2 hitter for the Hornet as they dc. Clrse ball fames/ marked I,ittle I it
Madden Lanes 48 42 4135:
\ I Lablging and Tanner; Duncan rented the Redlegs 13.0, Lecpcr Glenn i Sinclair 56 34 420'ci league/ plav Tuesday as the Rotary Leave' It tn nod Bean to pull
and Reynolds struck out six, Jets edged the Con cora Hornets something out of the hat Red cur.

.. ------- ,.-- The big blow of the Rome was B Western t H Enterpilsci Auto 4J 37!l 41 53 3WJ 3846!! .32 Hilly Burbank hurled athree rind his players out for a lull FLORIDA[ NATIONAL BANKAT

bases-loaded home run by Al Bennett hitler for tie\ winners. game lust week and when he ar
Hornet first sacker. Bennett High Team 3CamciGlenn The Jets come from behind to rUed al the little league field he'
For Good Service blow capped a seven.run fourth i Sinclair 1431 Bcire two runs In the sixth to win lala' eat acting funny and he FERNANDINA BEACHSENSATIONAL
1 Inning for the winners. B & H Enlerprlsei 1427 the bill game promptly Investigated,, lie Iniind' u
Hacldc-n Lanes 1333
and Leepcr had two hits along with Tilde: Justice And John Cover I
High Ind, 3 Ci.imcsB ; ,
David Bcwers to share In the hit. '' led the lets 11"1'Hi two hilt. npiiecbelli '.
Dependable Products ting spotlight with Bennett while & H Sinclair Enterprises 541Glenll's 5411 1 hits. bv JII lll'eI''rr dmhles

Steve Hciulitx hit a double, Miller, while Cover hud a double and
Bobby Burton, Cosson and Wayne Madden Lanes 4111 I triple1 Hilly Itiiiliiink, Gary Love.
Viciirnndo along with Thrift gut High, Team (lamaR ciulHt t and Siiiliino shored In Hie lit

1 Lasserre Motor Co. hils for the Hornets, & II Enterprises MjOl..nn's hlllmiibtcxe.
/ I Sinclair 'il':'
Dwight Key and Bob Godwin got \ I Hendrix Dixie) Kixxers and
Lanes 511
the only lilts for the .Redlcgn. Madden Hill Mdlii" hid Ihe Ilirncl lills lor

::1 Esso!; Service LINE SCORE: I Stanley Bohanm.n High Ind, Game 214 the Anna.lleudrix.

Hornets 400 720 13 11 liissed n line limhm-
629 S. 8th Henry Ellis 210 game as he struck out 12 Jet bal.I .
Redlegs 000 000 0 2 Cecil Hodxe 1 I\lB\
5t--,I Le and Burton Clements \urn in a losing cflurl
per :
High Scratch Boa trn I
Godwin and Godwin, Avery LINE SCOliK .
Cecil Hodge 1\13-547\ :
Kleber Skidmore 1\10-3.1\ ; Jets 010 002 3 J: NEW PRICE!

i i Stanley Bohannon 214-517 Hornets 000 110 2 3
Henry Ellis 210-501 B. Burbank and J. Cover: Hen-

Doland 176-449 drlx and BurtonSENUOKS ,
\ 'Buddy Grider 174-44U\ ; EDGE BHAUSIV I

I II I'PI ik tinSi' nit'rs one extra
: : "JEWEL OF FLORIDA'S' CROWN', ; Falcons BlastRedbirds Inning li ixercinn, Inn MctliMlMiraxis jIF -

j I IIi 'liumliiy, llljoihl. 117, t1hivnatprs "

I, BEACH S" [ With pcnif\ the \twinning fun, us'HOW'
: wlili \two,, ml. In the.HilcniliTjinmy I ask lo get this

Directory Furnbhtd By These Merchants and Business! '! .Men -:- ,, Sklppir bulled) k liutni

,91 Godwin On Mound run fur the Drnvos while AI Talilid .

smashed ml Inn doubles lo ,
Suburban famous make 58995
1B llruves in lulling,, Uinnls.Illle
.' cad the
E WISE.I Two big Innings when (the 111
ind Mike' !Malone hit safely
acrounlid lo
IDE S com scored It runs ,
T I Gas Co.'I the Redbirds nr the Braves.
Propane the lopsided victory o\rr
1 "Porcelainize" 13.3. Tuesday nltc rnuon li I Ladd illrd, n. \\lnlle H.KKlnbolh automatic I gas water neater
ALL ( / /
SERVING Senior League plnv m. Ricky Mi Din:ild. Uihbv rericIra
LASTS 3 OR 4 TIMES It JETTIES YOUR NEEDS IN Lie Godwin vent the dNIunie in I Hilly Sull m mid (tubby Ilir.lamlcz I

..I LONGER THAN Add 3(1( Minutes Far GAS LP GAAPPLIANCES :the the mound Redbirds for out the Falcuns alter tin and!snout I shut I : t I! 1 Siitlon gin: lIlt\'n,:';:' tin!;; Scnutors came I ,

ORDINARY WAX JOB Inning ,, lire UK i xx llh iloubliHI .
Ff'rnandlna Harbor 7 South .
MOTOR Phone 261 I.tIi: I Mke! hleI) nail heltrd a Ion, I: I U INK: soii) : :: NOT NOT
210 I 0) 0 I 7 II
triple with the bases tided ti' nc Braves -
CO. HIGH LOW count for the six run Hi rd Inns u smut rs -- tot 301 2 fl b '

T H KIN I G by the alcont Price Poole Im'lh. I Tulblrd, Hi'own and Hioxn\ Tal. $ 95
S. 8th St. Ph. 261.3819 Friday, May:\ U ed a double for I the winners Poiili bird: HiUKlnlx Ilium. Schiiinll und $2995

11:02: n.m 5:11:();) a.m. PHOTO SHOP also had a single: Granville II ngess Ferreira/! ,
and l.c'C1 dud --- ----
5:111 I aId Kudeffrr! --
11:23 : pm.
: p.m. n..11. weddings win hit safely for the ralconn,

Going FIShing? Saturday, :May\ 16 1.'o..ln. PinnlU Steve Bevllle led the Itedbird 1edlegs Edge Cubs ,
ram rJ hitters with 1 three for three while NOW ONLY
1 Visit U. FLine or 12:04: p.m. 6:1: : a.m. I'holo Appotnimenl: Terry Rowe belted a triple i anr I i 5-SlnLittle

\,' 01 6Z0: pm 8UI'I.II. .LO.... Ullly single, Jim Corbctt, Beryl Bland : '
Complete ":' : Hung Sun" lloo shared In tin
, \ Fishing Tackle: Sunday, :May\ 17 Redbird hiding Action
A. nodM R el"
12126 7101: n.Td LINE SCORE:
: a.m. Studios At 504 Ash St.
Outdoor CampingEquipment Falcons 006 502 H 7
1:12: pm. 7:26: p.m. Phone 261.4586 Redbirds 120) 0110) 3 B The KAC liidlexi neon.d their 11 / I r

:\Ionda1lY:\ IR Gals and IladiUk;: Ucry! liite first "hloryIf the Little Iiamiiseimn I.
lust Monday: ullirnnin bv I
t Dean,
1 1:80: ant, 8107: a.m, Rowland'sBEACH "dMiiK Hie Cubs, 5.3. |II\\'I Uhl Key
SUPPLY 8:12: was on Hi' mi und lor the H ',dMs!
2:2:3: : pm. : pnt. UPHOLSTERY
In Atlantic Acs ZlI.4482 Solomon Pitches and net the Cubs dun with Just I 3 I Suburban ,
Tuesday. :\ay\! 19 no YOU NEEl1srw hits Propane
Covraiv.a" on Rt'IR:
2:87:: lI.m. 9:118!} : tt.m ,o aoin lhi HI'fn.Us ,puimli I HI IXIHC
tlll"ITLRE Stag Win his, off the Cub lithium/ alIt Key
3i: n m. 98G; I pnl. nR ,
Your J.' NEw: .F."r CIIVi-ftl leadull1l1l' wi >' with ::1 lids iniliiring y

WedneHdayIay:\ 20 ells voLaAl7a Pirates Wednesday : a Imlile ,\I cry tiillulcd 2
'ills fir the so tillers w Hi Omlwinlii.lllnii
Ad Here 8112: arm 10:: ::1I\.nt. FREE ESTIMATES a elm.bl'<' Tummy Dm'IstlemriniH ,
418': pm. 10.4:: pm. "e Pick Cp and DrliserWill Tit: Slugs Ipnimi'-il' the vm nr I Walk.in mil Hide, tier a
Pirate 14.fi Wcclnr ,lnv nUII: behind /got! hits tar tin 1I"II'q':
Thur"d.tY, May: )1 b Lovequist the Ic\'en.hll pitching!! ol Steve Mike! Ashe. lloliuy Inui.laii and
Be Seen Porter
; Solumon. Walter Sturgcs gull/ the 3 lulls for
4'9:; lI.m 10,4( :: am General Contractors The Stags tack, a 7.2 lend In Ihr :he tubs, "CPUIUCMODCI.WMKX
1.2.3 pm, 11..7: pm. !WECIAI.TIE game after four innlnai/ bit tlir LINE: S( (IIIEI .- Fr' t

By 7 SOD Friday, M09 22 \\'ClOIlWORKI; Pirates halted back with three bit' Cuhs WHI "101 3 3 BOGALIONCARACITYOLA16
Pl.ASTIC t,+l'RFACING runs In the filth to irrow, lhimarifn lkclk' s OKI 20x() -- 3 10 unto
oJ : 9a.m. 11:40: a.m Cl'STO\I CILTCAniSETS / In T.5. bit' a live run sixth Him 1 mil Mini and Douglas(| ; Call lOr IN.ULATaOtit

Readers GW: l1.m. h1T11;:EMODELING;: TH Iced I David the alien game (fur and the II'Sings iliTl: ,Tin rnI Key und (mdwinCORNEMk. : doiails... II 11505 WARRANTY

Complete Showroom I ten lid the Slam In hulling with 81 j
Fur Color Coordination tin each with oneof Thornton" CROSS ONLY "
Week! CHit a o/adab lurv.r '
Every Phone 261.3068 being i double Harry Mill u' .. SUBURBANPROPANE
hit a double. Mike Conner' and K'.
bert Johnson added singles

J. William. and He'Idler Shur ,
' led the Pirates In liitliig club

FUN IN THE SUN J ley two ptreo. HciiirVi.lHr. \.u GAS CO.
Sraunxei' and Charles lloltin' add

AT FERNANDINA BEACH inn bite fur the Hirnln
LINt SUHIF:: Ph. 2b1 I.J061: 7 S. 7th St.

FMIING: IJO,\T1NG SWIMMING Pirates lix ITO;] I 6 1 aLS ,
/Magi/ 311 2Z: x UK .
E GOLFING AND JUST PLAIN "LIVIV" Seitravei Ullllami and Adams;
!bulomon and Conner,; c


t It?



EIRhtewe--Leader, fcrnandina- Reach! Florida Thursday, May. ...-14-, 1U04...- - _. ."..'j j'AMOUSJHTERNATJOH .. -"
- ---- :
,SICYER'COMPANT'T t : r;rI ; ; '""""""""..:---W.. "-



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,l. elf 1 KNIFI ATlk.! TABLESPOONS. . . .. i .:eo. 6;',791.l
..l .L? Kiel:ITN *fs; Pltrctd Takl ltSp..n and M.at pork Combination".:.?-;'J,:,:/h 7St .
.. 0 POOD UR =.. : '
79 J Jf.c
II '-- T OrOrr Ladli and Pastry Server Comb'n' tlon..I..t: '.. ,1 '. 1
: J. ', '
J":';;: ( r .: .J




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_ J -. S
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rNOTICE I \ett',+.Len'ler. F<'rnan OF TAX SALE Bpiids one! can slop a carIt'll! ,-'- -

High School Echoes. 51 II hut M a much higher 1'Cl',1,

U .!m.ir lake MM( II. In bnnii VIHII' i" il\ i 'inur In Ihr Inltrrt States' Jut would\ rrmpir" the oral) c n.

Notlre la hereby given' 'thd "'" the IA' d"v "' June I4> at >2 111 none< car li> N ompklo slop One-Year ResearchSet mid) UK MHO rule dm nil ixiud I 11 mi Ixnutn, \ minatpi ol Ihr)
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amount dUI fur taxer herein eel opp ..lto the name" logetherIIlth the; coati Hello year at FB1IS. and I hope thai brakes shoiilil ml bo usirl on am For Detection n 11 II'' I l\ 'ill pirnims ilk' null/ MHIn Tin inuHitaallun would lmluikiliulnpiiig >

01 'urh ode .and adveriliing cost.Ulurk The Fcrntindlna Beach II;pit this article has given: you some his'iw ess HI yon artml' 'only ,I I) mi IMIH ivnr) tit easier" Inli:rm/itli'n nnlirUIur

Ameuet'd Sihuil;: Ciapter/ of the Natiiiu, idea if I the happenings at boor ha/uiij to nl hi'n. bill )'nu lire Ilk 1'h" 1 1''''lIr'lI unlit be In IMH: pi:huts" a step.bv.step pro.

Lot Oxaer and Tares cults hour Society was' rcprewn eil ai lecal high nhiuil Next jean F., IIIK) I'rhnme' in your own lili Of Mouth CancerJUksoNVllir Brut.ti' will lot) pmnte
the Hcnor S.rlelv'i Stile Cunven BUS. correspandint hal not yet 1 an uniiiife car '.ii' I'I'al Hiir.:coiiH mid 10 lathl, I'II m.,klnu -nii-nis; maintaining a

3 16 21 thru Uiru 7 25 G Ceor'a W, Clvltrpher A. Delmar 163T 12 22 lion by Monica: Brook. Kat' )' I\. txen selected, but I am Certain dotting. I -' Th" I'' s I 1/ itiHli In a Ifliiiinty' aim' nl rile on nil unii'art inhmlllod h>'

IN', ..f 27 thru 10: Charles A H ill ft Wife 4477 (lant, Ray Arwnaull and John Gre Ihit Wiucvir Is selected will do in i. Iqilpmnit < a maj"r cart It'hnspll'ts. Public unrll'uo, i : Florida/ Including Ink 11.I11t.I,. aiulo 1 .sending niiiivi, ,todtnllss
lleillb. !Sm inhtm JIM
'IN'', ol !111 thru' 14 ueorie & Lluie Chi lull phrrChrlmine IIJ I.. gory They wire accompanied b\ '"id Job, There ,,11bt'\ in ailili For example, same ty'plcal irh ipprmrrl x n\ 1111'! Hint dnillHls" In Stoic : riKurdinu/ "' inspiclril" ofptsdlht'
NI or
: ( a miiMpir rcw
"ih'W" M Clark 111 I Mr and Mrs, EdcnllcM The cmenlIon In mxt weiki' News Leader charges for now pqulpminlniiiv jut bv Hniilis' Slate Hoard,pn'oIII I'll-, ..I Rano191 llu Virthtiml caws which nnil pirlodir

10 1'1 19' of I" Lot St Chance I I'. Rogers 3082 wai held I would! like lo toke this oppoiluiillx '. be ns olInvM: Cobalt fiO bimb 'nilh; to Invcmimtf rdinhlii\v! III: Hindi Si Die Ilimpllal and ChutlihtNihif clinks and fiordinatlni omonii)
MeNell 31 87
II I ,hu 4; 31 thou 34: lay 7. 8. god 9. to with each member cf the for radiation therapy -- bit" iinVr.lKM A simplified frnn tf dl'rllnil I mih '. Slalo llcispllalVflir ,, '''all p-iitclpulmg ill-nip

in I W" 34\1' nIl" 8 Hward C ft Pearl E! Uoni 1&4 it the Jack Tar Clan of '61 I the \ery best life has am) $!",] ooa KHclrrranllo rinor In I tilt'. rmnilliHie the y'rarY ,fluting fir run Tin project) has the approval of
I loreite E
22 II" K 35' of I U Katherine H A.kini 510 (fnrll taco Hi"''id Ir u rifer and Ihank the laeu; !tfm graph $"! (Hi( find up. Operulino] pipjui) ( will he Hid 'r dlnr 'I'r, I hi' I'llult.'lInld miiwtrl null nil and 20 E', of 10 Ulna Jei.. miLibert + 'lenrwnler, H r, "iro\\'in.i mulih till' If in'('psI COIIIII'II, lluNniirli
11\11 0 Its guidance In our up Rnom lluhts -- $"i10 and up CUdmbidH \ 11 ) i l'rm'lul'l' Hip I-1"i Ida ( jncii\
21' 10 lien" if \lr'h..ii II \1".11111'. ill
L. ft Elnlke tall 320 '. 1a M: micliliul7inc MIOr\ ,' Mill If till In.l'I'stillollilln and ill
31: 11 R D Roberta 1665 my newdins )1'01'1. $35n $7O( (). \ ray nnip in ( jixrr Society -
rector of I the ho:ii d's I Hint'nil olIXnlil '
14 E 54 of | Huey W. ft Lottie M Thrift 2 2.\ were ob. $ : and up. l'I'o\l's| III WOllll II I. riilnin ut the'' thru, nut tutluiuI'uilu'

14 W nf 7 H'''race ft umle; Dm'.. Sr I 13P ,. nlmd and IIaliff' ( Hi.' ilihl 1.1I1'd| llu, unlio ruulil In1 ixundid -.- -- ., -
fai '
14 W ', 101 I llnrIce' Doe, Sr 157 l nr, DiOimp mil "I amor In HIP
37 EI ? 'rnh'rllll' i Driver Safety Is lo Ihr nniiiliukr il. tin "
u W M McRie 271101 t tin" ) Ih,' pure t1"' at Mi
36 N !7i;' nf 2 Ehubell Hoover 3t 17 van had bv all oral rn\ lIy pnnii)!>il.r* nbmil) 4 pn slat"
31 S, I arc, IlIIl'Ialle.1! f Horiili. hit itiviuhinh
K Crisp 4540 tin ul r nil mil. i SIM m tiinnr 01I'l'ry
40 N', of 4 lames O ft Evelyn M Olom 14S ...", T h e Span; >ic Promoted Farm Th" II <'omit\ area linn a pop 11" 'lour riKiH suave Hill' .
By It'lI'h' : two mu
4S E1, nIl C fl 411 PB
40 N't nl8 J, Ma\o Inffram ft C SI Ine III ,uj ,.i .u...,A, ii taking Id ire.4nd Borrowwhere tl\p fir the M" IK AIIPI'C'XIIIIIII'I: i tilt. : II i tot' 1I1t"Ut" TIKI,WO, UK 1 III'ci' Mi ": ,mill olNiiinn named Car.;

4D N'' of 8 Robert E ft R. Davis 108 annuiil trip in Jekyll Island 8,mm) diAilm niuir all II II:.11\ (Ells) mil mil ''us H 'KKI( Purl if the pin, d.. "is II'i 't ii,ii r MIIIS "hI.I ).
Sfc' "' ': N I' t"7 i,eor,e L Perpenj" 2025 thin smurrtiv II' will he on all!.dinffnlr > Bureau Course
?, 7 David RngeraRnfert 207
68 4 M rrla S70 bpglnnlrtji early Sitiirdny -------

71 S Joseph Slmmnni 412':,: AM: and Ijiilin until )lui, satin.
72 N', nf I Film uiheri; I lEit) 1000 The 1\o..nll: i (nintv Farm Bu.
74 n'' 011 harlea Carroll / day n glit.
1'/01 roan hall George A, Cnppe, Iliree.
HI" 7 pay s, Eil\n Howard 421 I Well, Iti JIM! about Hi it time
11 nf 7 CnmpSev Cmmodore 124 lor ef Si'elx Fnplneerlng\ ol
79 t. Errant ft M ugle I FammI 121 I again The 63.04 school so slnn It the lorlda ('arm Bireau Iimur you I Wish To Express

n I eon A Coleman 4 97 on Its last leg, Seniors bigln takIng ante Cempnnie. hold driver "Salety ,

79 4 Florence PrlnileVm 142 their exnmn Monday. ::11.118 dimniiHiritlins, at all .'x if the
TO 8 50' nf 5 o Josephine. Jihrrion IR P3
80 N', of S \Mllle W ft Rosa Willldlllli 4 83 and trill geed 111'1'' Mix 21. \\lIli the \rs'oll Coi'nlv; Ill.li !Schools' .
fl S'', nf 1 Jo..ph Simmons. Jr. S 40/ rest of tin student body h"Inn din get
n N'. if i eorre Smith 5 .0 The schools fuin'shrd' the dilv,
12S I'" eP3 Ella Bird' I 89 missed shortly tiitcaltcr: Ooid ficm. their' Oilxrr TI'allllllllPl'nlrams MY GRATITUDE
S 2S of N SO nf 3 : Paul C ft Annie P. Hums 3M1 olc' summer! en
129 R't' of RIK ''I J M.o j ft C, Shine 4113 iilieled by the Driver
: ) 'I. 011 'i 1.1. Fulton 182 The Tri-III.\ had their Scotia! Training liiMructois from enelisihn everyadvantage
1:17: )1..1 Inhn Nn. BIO 71.1
banquet el the Sai.djar: nmlaur
112 filf' of 6 Frank W, Johnimn ft Wife 421 ,,I parlnlpn.InaJilm .
114: 4 ft N'p' nf 5 W M ft Edna tut ont Tuesdiv iilKhl Tho gills enJojed '
: .Mdlae 1M W. p"ia>, puiidrnl B C t il 'iini 115 S4S.fl Filrlv F \r ., I a line mini/ which preceded
117: I A. 211I Alice B CnrdJaTea 2US Lt" Is, dirt! etnr. mil, Otto Abstdcr;
:I 1 ft 3 L. Thorn!"n 110 i the hmtallntion if next year's uf 'eiretary rf the Nasngii Count
141 4 Jo.lllhto Irrle Mlxon 4 M''I flceri The new officers are: Kat;)
Farm Bureau, asiloted In the pio FOR THE FINE SUPPORT
142 8', of R 'I Uo McCilloughI 1603
: Hardee. President! Nell Cork \lcc-
143 of r+ : : .
N'b 1 en MtCilloui-h 531111 I gram along wlti: Driver Trainer. .
I/1 N'' c.1 8 President ]Margaret\ Smith,
Herbert Lee Chittmnn I 190 ; Chap- !Hilliaidand t
140 N'a' of D 5'10 Tommie tee ft A. S. Olvtr1.: Ills, and Judy Vriniken. Hlstrr. Lamar Hlpglnbo ham for : RECEIVED TO PLACE
|4? S', of e gjrah Wllllama 208 Callnhan High Sehmli, ; Gory
1'7 7 i,Ivnn PirnJoniah III Ian The olliiors for Suretaiy and Fernandina repay
\ulie and
|I'R N<, of 7; Lot I Mixon 218 70 Treasurer will be selected 01 the Lplrn with ME IN THE SECOND
1'9 8 Joseph B ft W, P MullllATIV 3573 I High Sihio'i! : Chas D McCoy wlih
1,14 17 thru 20 Benjamin IFsi. ) 2438 first meeting of the B4 61 school Pine Forest II kh: School and Peck
IM IS ft II Filer Mar KirtHf) 11111'1 I term Mrs. Mabel Milton the 18 PRIMARY CLECriON ON
17 >1> ft 4 Southeast" HeiBhH. Inc II 42IA9 HlRh/ Sihnol rf }nfmdlna Beaih convenientlyUnder
3.. 4 P"irle ft Hirb,r1 A, Prod 37 86 I year TrlHl.Ipllnsur.. reslpned tc for the
1711( 3 ft 4 John D ft M L Coleman 191 leave her pURl la Mil Gary Uplen Also glxlnit! aKslstinre
101| 6', "1l David \ Alice Turner 3 72 ''She dieidid I'lot' IiiI'l'oulll, let diminslrattiin" wire the fcllowlmDiiniipnls MAY 26.I .
112 Sul R nl 2; Fuh C : n. (: rptmg: Hilllard/
A D 01 I pony Fi.her 112 same ")'oul:gl'r blood" guide tin I I
111 N 100 nf W 1K( nf 1 W. I II.) Evune 3884 club, High School, R B Johnson of the! m
lit Sub 172' of B M I: I lalhhan lllpli School, John Wilson
N 2.*' of A of I Sylvester ft Ruth Morgan 771I 88 The Senior Chcrtu of Fernandiim!
214 Sub W', of D of 3: W'i'! nf of Yulee II rt Sehool and Ray
Beach High Si ho:1 will present Ito I our flexible payment plan
6 44' nI CoIl
Fete McNeil !27 Gough of Fernandina Beach
214 N611'ofCofOS42'tor/ ; annual Spring Convert Friday Ma everything Is tailored' to suit

D of 4 rillott ft Ellnhelh McGwutVernlta 751 13 at 7:41: in the high ichiol audltorlum E. C, Williams of Pine Forest your mead speealutlons. I EARNESTLY SOLICIT YOUR
214 N 10 of S 71 of B of T Edwnrde 5051 High School I, Lillahan; and W. D, I
214 N Su'. of D nf 7 Selma ft Viola Jackson 4182 I Everyone should mike an
214 5'1 of AAN0'ofU.of all-out effort to attend this prl'hl'n. links of Peek Illuh SchOll tor LOANS UP TO $600 '
7 F.lllott A Fllz.belh Melln"en 2915 and Slu'r.llfs .
indlna Bench, Deputy
214 D of I Tommie Lee A uladla Oliver 208 tat Ion for it Ii not only an excel
214 E', of I D nf 10 Ei, nf !IIof lent musical, but Itl'iII be Mil firnlslud by Sheriff II J. G.A.C.FINANCE( CONTINUED SUPPORT IN BEHALF OF MY

of P of 10 H II. ft R. ]M PorterLocal 348 Evelyn Anold'a last night ai choral \'oun bl"od. .
215 N 21 of D of 6; 9 78
I director. The community owesa In these demmslrationi It was
of C if 7 Union No. MS .01
218 B of I Traveler. Rest Lodge No 3 great deal to this great lady lor shown\ tint the drivers react Ic

218 A ft B of I i r A A MDolphin Leo White 6406 173 I her many years of work with InhlRh : various t Imo In seconds, after seeIng CORPORATION. I CANDIDACY FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONERFROM

210 C of 3 Fdna M 1I1'rhell,' I 480! whiiol' dtiidcnlt In the twhnl) the need of an emerginev stop! 308 Atlantic/ Avenue
210 A" II of 8 J Imes ft E. M Holzendnf. SA 21 of music, Friday nlglil pie and the distance Iravl'lrdl'hlle
qucs Firnindlni Inch. Flirlii
210 A nf R Paul Llndsey 38 II
!10 E<, nf D of 10 W. II, Evani 111 icntailen will pay homage to Sirs! you are placing your fool on the Tlleph.e1261.5881VlbHH11

I 211 C of 1 Arthur L. J.icksonW 17 P3 Arnold. brake pedal and then the dlstime IllO 1 IN MCKIOHVlUI DISTRICT 3.
211 A ft D of I 1 W I H. Evans S 73 I
211 B of S \e B Evens 103 This will be my list .nigh School it takes lo Hop a car while movIng .
213 5 44 of C of 2; D of 3' A ;bcrt PntterunnC 47 M ':
142 A of .. .rnell ft Ruth BeD ijimlitv 214/ Ethers article It'i been a great al different\ speeds. Al si'me t" '
2-4 A ft nf fl A Cook It b4 I ..w -....
241 C D nf B24ft Hampton B ft N m. O.lout 6T 24
8 164 nf R J. B '", Carrie Howard 3'072 \\11t Pays To J. "Johnnie" ClAXTON
250 Part of 4: N'g of 3;
f'roe. "f 7 Cirdell ft t ills Durhnn eo! 2n
25ft S'', of 3 Wilbur A Hemlrx ft Wife, 447 WANTED!
I "., N S7I 'S' of 4 '. r 011 ptvldi RowellJin 378 I Trade At Home '. .. IM 11 Hilt.ll Al. ,
263 S', of 7 .og '. Jul Inc )9 511 1
5111 N'4 :of 7 "I 'Ul Inr 1418 .
-- -- -
261 32IoE'.0IW'ilor2)\ W M McRne 1228 _.., ___ __0I 0- __ --
2811 10 thru 14 Nick ft John Tlllikos 2201 j ( AND NEEDED MAY 26th ) -

275 Iq lhrn 111 A 8 thru 0 I ,
E 01 RR John A EII"belh Itlllllcil 1741PM I: I ,
B lie 7 P'I1nrlt: C. LI'rle 2110"
2110 9M ".rr. rt J A Renner Ryola 9 "s F ;
2ft ft 30 ChnrlM lllnchLhtton 11'3
Jui I" B; N 10 of 1 ft 7 Lee t211


D N 78',' of II ft 12 IKhliy J. ft Janice E. Nilllci 13.32 ..

II W', of 2 W A. ft Julie PlntklcyJ 008


H 8 Ml 4' of 1 1I0rtha F JvI nunn 51181 COMMERCIALPRINTING
M I Then And.raon N Wile BSIAOKINS Registered Democrat


27 9 r. C, harper 872 JAMES J. ALIASJIMMY'JAMES


A 12 thru IS .ilnp. Oats) C B. Inlam D18
A W 71 nf 21 thru Kl .imei U ft Ruth (InrilnnKitherlne 1,04.03

U Arrlnelnn' 71 I'SOS "
,I M ft A B RrleliH 1177Bp
J, ft Mary E H.I1\1IU"n 1,40
F.IA'l/M/ IIF.AOOl'lIle.lJn25A

I P4.1111111.13AdJ 1 : hnrlle M Nil ft Wife 1999) DEMOCRATICNATIONAL
I 4 Del'nan C \ II M l uext 19015" '
I 7 II C ft N L HnuthnillTirl 1'1' POI
I 8 P" e'. J,. ft Wile 2232
I 2 Norman ft Sue RloefllrrIneiih 40 :al 1
2 4 '''f ft N M Howe 10"36: ;
2 g muil I ft Kllierlr) Himllligwiuiim 2"31 I.
1(0 "J R ft Ruby Cun n 1909:
g : :
= 12 1)00060) W: k Helen Wnila 2I) WI.

12 Willie R, ft Peggy J. PIMIO' 1118 Is A Specialty With Us
IORFST 1IIIIS NO. 3 Over 12 years hard labor on

73 Jack ft I rankle D lirmlley 2006 Democratic Committee Now serving

roitll\S IFR\\\DI\A/ IIEACIk NO, I at Democratic State CommittMmanREWARD

1 "I. H K. Corp .7t
J ft 4 0 H K Corp 114

21) tir:1M: : K Corp. :,77
22 ft; 23 'k' TlllikI .042T
O.I H K Corp .17
il H K. Corp .77 Checl. supply of Letterheads Envelopes Business:
41 45 :II: IIIIP K.: Corp: :,71 Florida Democrat! ; your ,

(.EORC "'S FFRNtNDIVi/ AC'II NO., tPaul .5t.J0IOI

E. Bibb BO08 I I Cards Office Forms other kind of printing
135 3.4,0 t Nick Tlllikos TO : Paid t'IIIrU! A.lierllirmfntJ or any you
138 : --- u -
M H lierrvhlllKaiherlne 726II' ,! I
::':l u Arrlntfnn III 0IIm F. tllO' nr N''. nf 270 NI.k n ALgdulena, Tilrknr, 2007
Arthur .MA Themplln T 0 B Sf'I I I\ 'I\III\'IBIO'l// may require and if the quantity is low just give us a call.
111 Mri W TjMri 70g4q 6 21 15" 16 'Ienree: F.. A M Ir.re' Tyson 114S
E;ugene M home Cours's 14 S' 24 8 Ibu 8 tinrfe; F. a Mlr.orol Tyson 120515kTIIVRRF I
0.11.. k M.rjorle Whlln 87 b '
248 ft 54!) 'I I'Lr.

1I4.MBV KIIIDIMSION/" 5 A 7 a N 128' f ArtJ ROW Jay M "A D Rantet IIlbSOLTII ,
Harry J, Bennett 14363
S3 ft 85 RESERVATIONi BEII Bl'tthlVISION (H have printed for before a phone call will start
AMELIA Lll IITIIOt SB I 12 IV D 1\I'"con '037I we you ,
Chnrln k Lennie Wllklnson1 05 7 rot"erine II, A""elnn' I ISO "lita
7 W 5f. k Edna McRae 4045! 4 W B. A Ileul"h, M Gans 36111L'NPLITTFD

M VRSMLANDtImtn AREA our presses turning as we keep a complete file at our

N ol Inks 223 ft 2VI ft Oullota i P.r.f..1n OR .8n Pnae ::3w J"hn D A Arhll" Kelly 1751' ..
11 ft. 26 k S nf Frans, Cork, nil ofMirihlandi S 3.20' mar,
N of I Ilk. 250: Exiepl In lot 37. Cerrrru'a, : font.'I: w'' on evt
okay Robert Dow net 2/1 I 9 line for l90': N ow: F 100': 8 5,1', III,.. Jack Kensndy 7 08 fingertips of all printing produced in our plant.
In !Se 0329 ReCta 01 NW Inr 1..1 21.
MIRAMAR llEAfll Robert ft Melna WhIUker 7.74' l P.errem4'5 nFl., fa Imo 1 for '
94OAK : Ito S 53'; 11x1': 'N.50' Poll A" B 1.lIo\l'oy: 'QTER
Robert P. 1'errelraSinfor 53ft I I
4 I 10OIK 32 Ii port nl 3t k 3.1 Nit k A John Till .knu lot 11I1
LAWN PARK NO 4 Port, 0' a3 A Sol Nick" 3..hn Till..k" 71 0' Our printers take pride in their work and you arc assured
8 18 Mrs Leon L D,iimhortvJun 1193': PLACE I
: :: en ft H Duncnn ;t4blI
Larry J. ft' Elennnr D Flint i ii 3141: : I 1'1) F To"'n.end 111! of clean and accurate job.
20 2 12 Jan Jul Inc 741 : = a neat,
OCEAN CITY NORTH 2 2J Nylon D K n. k. W'f. 331M : I
i rjnt: W Blum 11 I J TLAYTOV SANDERS .
8 4 r, R Shurley I 01: j' TAX I Ol'.LFtTORFFFNANDIVA
t M.iunte ft Jean Vrmanee 116 CITY 0. BEACH. FIORDAfXl
of 3
9 2 ft N .
--- -
Th3d I Jr k V 1\1 Lee 521 4 PFRSONAL/ TAXF1' delinquent peraonil property tax, PHONE
21 0OCEAN 1I.vld p. lie Janrose Tln.ley 11 J SOTI( F. Ol' tMMID: / FLI'l/Ql and the amount if I...., in
udln the cost r.1 ,Ivertlam an'
a 261.3686
L J, ft B. H Munich, J,. 2109 ,saunas fiiouIII <
B I ? A< appro\'ned bv Chapter 20723 HIM-m
OLD TOWN cl I'"Ml'' 11/01"/ la hereby liven Amounl t I or
D A, 4 ) ,. R-.iib laundries V. fit I
T tanaible pennnol properly (axes
3, 4, e ft Annie
3 D A ft. Conk 15 I ert I 'r 1'tti.1 I are t iw delinquent' I 1)24 261-3687
3 10, 13 ft 14 William ft Velma IlJlr 407 I twgnmnt 'thnrll I auih ..... Lwk FHh House a I II lij! FERNANDINA BEACH NEWS-LEADER
S L 1 I ft S Robert II. ft U C Md';uirt, 31i II tire rlravk inn Intorfttt nllr./per nl"pen"f; I ro'',', Ceron In II I ,\\j
27 1 ft 4 I I linn In pilot tie |.,i|>itrtjunnle co> ........ il 10. M .hlne Shop al St .
OlTLOTSW 35 b4 I pubtining Ihll nupca..Intas .>ul lI.n."n 110: y
RIchard A. Crumples l t
inn nf F '')2' "f N IM nl H2 an unit net o"|>r>"'aiie" ouch name e"ree W HiihcmkI Ilij :t '
AZALEA TERRACE!: (NO I fun ire paid I before" the lit I iliem lui>| Ian Jul fno. 148I June l'oM I ,varrantu will be .. R. C'" TV 21 9 J I
1 Jan Jul Inc. 14 a. there I dlrertml, lew upon und Made Dr.-. Rh.pPCBMtMAI. 481
ese "4 the tnneiMe "p r.nn.l "' I
01TLOTS rf the ," ", ,>er f''>r unpAid tunes. .. Kdtherlne II, Arrmt.'n 5301 ,,

Part, OdJUa of 22S o' Puk part ;//0,1't II, Blkt Jan JuI, 111I:, Ito) odllel ,.nd "lIuIIOII"1 "....11. TIN acmes Laude L ft Shirley Ruiktr 10 Y I



Elstht 1ew!-Leader, Fcrimndina\ Beach, FloridaThursday, May. 14, 11)1)1)) .. M 'J-).., ,
---- - ---, ,
-- ---- FAMOUSJNTERNAT10NAIrSttYeJltOMPWn" : > ',p1; ,ii;'. """. "' -" 1, J'
...... .. ,,1)) '
... : '"
: .. :

V I ,,
/ i 79<
: 4 ICE DRINK OtdS.j'//1. "
'n"N I .' ;: .,r "2,;'
"? r'11i "-:' .4 SOUP SPOONS. i"4. *!? .
:J : ,' 79&
\" 6tf KNIFI A't 'Mils 2 TABLESPOONS.//.11..1 / '." 4 !

.I, :.,: .h79.. : ; ...,.,. .j
-- eo ray, Ladlt and Putty Server Combination/ ). :t.iu.iul.1, / \'
'-_ __ t \ ['I' .
II .. rtV *o..J,
.. "r- 7U"'r. F. I



1 .. r Merchants E SPARE SAVE S6/* !RiiIRMs Las Sl19 ;. LEGS OR BREASTS '

: i R AM! 1 FLA. OR CA. GRADE ''A'FRESH.SAVI 44, .i
1 FREE s :'
:: I A t 21 E SAVE 46..CROUND '
1 I
1 I
HES1AMtSY,, 20 64.r
B IN eepIT ON l O D AFt 5 .
Boneless Chuck Roost LB69 Ground Beef 5 ul"
Better Homes COOK BOOKS
if and Garden Boneless Beef Stew LE59c Sliced Pork Loin48'.



i a limited time only! B Homcs BLUE Beef RIBBON Rib QUALITY Steaks .75C Smoked Sausage LB 49t

: Beef Short Ribs u29c Meaty ShrimpVAN L8 BAG 49

;. 125 tested recipes fun to cook CAMP'S .LIMIT-3: WITH S.OO OR MORE FOOD ORDER
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.. Offer ends when ,
$139 i is
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: IHr Fa; Homes & Gardens new Creative 46..
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I TISSUE 4 39c
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r k t RICE 3 .39c
a' IIIIN1E Ni SO-GOOD MEALS t tIA CAN- Hygrade Potato Chips 49c
pLtI111tT10; .

:: .. :?.I J k .iMEALS WITH A FOREIGN FLAIR 2 79 Ice Milk I H GALLON 39ci

r. r .
:' ; MIf11N1I1. ''1 1; .......... I.1= LADY FAIR FRESH BAKED 49.VALUE 6 FANCY GOLDEN BANTAM '
:- i IIIi:.I.b .-'I! I -- i PEACH PIE 1", 39<
RRlt UT" ""III.T"" .
: ; :I} t:.';.*i I., I ; 1 :;I J BUG C HOT SHOT i Buns I 23e EARS
: \\.h"...."....DtviLd. .,II....".520.61..1. .=!!: \.::?.."....."...."....11...5.20.64.-.BOMB.."/1...............,24.'! Hamburger OF! ..

I i ."'" .1 I i I .. ---L...!..... ,,01' i I -... 11"1 EACH 5,, TEEN I
-l" | I I P"H EXTRA / ;
jrf V *M(ml COWON AMD HiK>**M O* XT' V *"*""**OW**'4M* HKH**<** 1Y1 Sc
flN '"'".G.-.y.. ; n:V n "kCTM. FOOD FAIR. .1 BONUS! ; Q 1 1 LADY" PAIR GOLDEN ', CELERY JUtIIlSO H)C
: i '* I ; CAKE
:.- .11._Ivyfl/J..unn....r ..Jf COMBINATION..V,....Yn1.,,,:'.,D'6r........,PKG...........as 11; .11.VV.VLX....'I..'7.....BUTTER.....YNI....1-'!.20..".6/...................".24 Y o., :.........'.....rrYlv.nrelnlY...OI VIII S'2D'6cj /..-.:'........117...:.1, STALK "


..... -, [ __ i.kYr.irnI- .. IN I 64- PLUS FREE MERCHANTS GREEN STAMPSPAIle

I .. I .tl... .

-- ,-Lon'1er. FTnamlmn Bench FlotHi Thur NOTICE OF TAX SALE I 6ptcds one can\ slop -- -. .
High School Echoes. :S J) It hut at It much |
U .may lake :VKI; II. to ,,1'i ''it' i mrr'" "' 11Ihe Lnltrd! Stolen Jut' would crmpirf) the oral can.

Notlr. !II hereby !lvtn ""' OT the '1.1 day of June 11164. ot 12tMI:: noon car to i complitc! slop Research and Hi, ,.iiu rote dins nut ixuid "ni" run! biiuitn' miniitts/ \ 01 the
al the 'Itv Hill ternandlna Beach. County" N..iu Stato of' riorid. BT6U TYSON "n ,pit,. i'PHI. In Florida. npimxl. pl'l\llll' drnlllo.The .
tux. c.rtlllcat.II he mid on the olloxinj drucr bed .r.J' tn P.Y the ( ititliinil KIM (I (I
amount due for taxt herein ttt app| wltc the n01ll1 10..llIorllIh\ the ebta Hello, year at FBIIS\ and I hope that brakes should\ ml be For Detection its i ,,1,1, Iv Ml I pirmniH die each year InviMlaitinn! would Include

w nuclt ml* and adverlniiii' 1'0.1. The Fcrnandlna Death With this aillrle" has given: you Some hlRiwavN' HS )1111 nn IIIInl i MH I ivi I'r (or canur( ilivelnpliig, liiturmill! ,' mattrlnlu

Amount DtlIIo..k Sihml: Ciapler! of the \aliuu. idra rf the happenings at >mn ha/urd to ulhut but 1'1t" usiHrt1 would be, In run, ]i,iii: 'nu. n Hie?.bv-stcp proidirt .

Lot Taxrs III nor Society was rcpresn ed ai kcal l high school Next years F- liiu a1' chance In ( Mouth Cancer rrulon, ails IRi) pronto itmliHli.li (. fir paitklpatlng) dtnllsts
0. and
nor costs
the llcnor Society: 'i Stile Conven. BUS\ correspondent hal not ul dilvlng, an unnafe car n') t u,'al sin'1,1'tun and 10 pith: i iI n m,.kinmeaii. niaiiilalninu! a

I 9 I thru 7 George A Dplmnr $x137 tlon by Mpnica Brooks, Kathy Hv. been selected but I am t't'rlatn'' < I i.. malt In a Id.ciunly' aim, nt' file nilIll/ smears submitted by
\0 SMlir' 1 Th" lJ I s
3 .
thru 25 u W Chrlitopher 1732 -
8 NI, of It Ihru 10 Charm A Hill ft Kit 44tiwri lash Ray Arst-nault and Jchn Gie., th.a wm ever Is selected will do a 11: |"ilpnit\ 'nl .4" t lltiilth smlie, has JIM: '11> IIn'II.I'I.1. : Hurlda Imludlng .Ink pdihnlitint: o wilding n tic-en til
I N', of 10 thru 14 ft Lime Chiutiphcr 8J 811 gory They Refs accompinlrrt b\ n,.(d Job Ihire will be in allele Fur example s nvllli' and dintlxti" In Mill denllns: .iigaidinu luspictrd or
hrspillls 'h
I NI of. 87 thru 20: N'a' rf Leader | a nneveir ( en'( pi I'iKiii ol ItiHiiid l. the Niirlli<'u'l lHoriili which netd
weeks News : pirloiUech
E17 Mr and Mrs Eden:tcld. The con In next 1111..11\1' easti
of su Christine M Clark 170 rat charges" / for new by Florida's sta:o 11 ?'. 01 i w 3* Charles I'. Rogtri 30 52 cntlon was held I would like to take this oppmlunlh '. may he as follows' to InvcMlirttc rillnhlitvv oi Slate llmpllal and C'hul "ik and coordmailon( among
10 !,0 Tate McNeil 94 87II n lion' ''In'o State Hospital, ,
fay 7. 8, anII.: l to wish eath member of the for r radiation therapy all piiticlpaling groups
i thru 4: 31 Ihru 34: >lIfled frl'O'f d I<'I( "ctlnii! cai
W 113' of 0 a. 8 Howard C. & Pearl E. Tnmrd .84 11 it iho Jack Tartar Clog of 81 the very best t life has: k25KM( and I'MWW!! 1 '(' In the mouth. \ftir, the vears' testing 'for can flu pollen has the approval of
19 I ft. 14 I lorefc, E Little 370 ,' 73i \ ) ltrll IMcl ir the taeu!tfoi nr. Ihe ""MIIII8! would IK revltvviri r'gl4nil and stale dental societies:
and thank '
u u rlfcr graph foo! ( and
22 14 E!: -
ft IS nf |U Kjtherm II A>klniLllii 918 piojut \\ 11h\ ,' under, direr
20 E', of 16 Jei...oniLibert I 1811! learwater Fl r. Its guidance In our growing u;>" HIIIII1IlRhill -- IVlfl:;, and I,< nudity I 1 the proiediirc mienuniv the r'In Ida C.nuir (numll the(
f Or I lovd II Hi\ dl
21' 10 L ft. Elolh 1:11I: 3:11/: fa. IK.d Io $30:; $7110. \. Camp Ur) i li'('nmp said If Iho InviDlludiin \nuriein ("ani ,'r S,'clitv and II 11 R D. Roberts 16 63 years nf the hoi: i'd i Unix'nil 01
34 E 54' of I Huey W ft Lottie M Thrift 22.1 'd'lIalert! ohaliud inuor and up. Iliallh provi Ils vtonh it Inlond ol f I'K' three Institution! *

34 W'I.OMof H...... ft tUIOI.: Dm. Sr. 132a 4 and aa | I II lu> MTV he eiuld! hi* i'<. -- -- ------ -
/ S !!""r.'c. Dor*. Sr 187 Is I3"('1mp tout "(nmer In the tin '
r'80' m Driver timlid! la the rimnlnlir ol "
37 EL W M McRi $7.4 04)) .I'rnlll'rrlli "f m f Safety I'lidwv. the lnrp.I| at Ma.
) oft Mjrv Ellsibelh Hoover 44 47 Itv "I1I11Irtol'llhlllll 4 Pet st tale
g: ::7f ta. had hv nl:
:, ; 4 K. C Crisp 4519 of all inillciunl tunnin. 01 tun'I:mil "if Florid I has 1118(11Mrlh '
40 N''.I of 4 'imeiO i Evelyn M Olom, 245 ". The !Span!nh Promoted Farm live nidi) piiiinl4: Un .1It. Ih IIi iniiiilv area has a 15'p.| 11 hnv' rakes, ..11It't'I'\! I.

4S 40 N'E''I of n.8 8 C.J Moo"B Inv.m C 81 /In* 40P8 811 \-u.4a uI'.11.,1'.0: "is taking<< Its sec By ( fir live vein ..\Dpnxinil' : i Ini! t: 1\i nl' ah.'ul( TiKi")0i' ; ; the tuninit Mi' ,r i" rrrtu ollvpilng) named dir.

49 N', ofpoA"8 Robert E ft R Devil 203 .' .eo'l'. L PcrpenaDivld 2023 thIs Smurdiv It will ho an all!.d3y Bureau CourseThe
| Rogers 207
Robert M trio) 270 affiir beginning<< ('arlynlurday!\ -- ----

71 9 Joseph S n mom 4 52'' A.M!. and IdtUni unlll Uiit bitin where
72 N', of I Elton uiheri) lEit" 10 aft NiMnii County Farm Burcnn .
74 *' of s i harlei Carroll 1'101 day nlll1t.W.iI. ( liml George A. Cnnpe. Dine
71 1 8'" 1 Roy ft E" el\n) Howard 121 u III JIIM about tint time
,7 N''. of Cimphev C'mmodnr. 124 I lor rf Siretj and Engineering ot Wish
78 : Ernest ft Milijle FuKnn 421 I I again: The 83.C4 school i 1 sc lon it the Florida Farm B'reaii liiKiir you ; I To ExpressGRATITUDE

71 Leon A. C"lemnn 107 en Its last log 1 Seniors bouln inkIng ame Cimpmiir. held Orh'rrltl'/ ( I

70 4 Florence Prlnile 2.3 their exams Mnndiv. :AI.iv 18 itimnnxtriilim, at all six' of the
ro s 50' of i V\m A Jmophine JihifionVIIHe 5)103) ty
80 N'', of 9P2 \ W ft. Ron WlluiniJ 183 and will gnidiaic/ liar '1 wall thr NPSMU) Cm'ntHli.li !Si Moil*.
|', of I wpph Simmon; Jr. 2 'R rest t nf the mltnl: bud) b"in* dismissed get
n N'J' it i i eorpe Smith 540 The schools fuin'slird' the diien \'
125 I 9 Ella B rd 889 shortly tieienltcr' / Good ficm torte Oliver Tialning MY
1 PS 8 25' of N :SO (if 3 Paul C. ft Annie P. Hums 340( olc summer'!
120 8'. of 8 J. Mayo ft C Shin 421ID Programs. silictrd by the( Driver
: "o of 1 lew, Falcon 182 The Trl-lli had tin) Ir annua''! Training Iiulructori from enihsi every Home'e
HI: 7 ortt t'nli n No. 610 7hiID banquet at the SawJjnr Rrstatir
: RI, of ein Frank W Ji'hnunn Wife 421 'hoi) partlclpniiim
4 A NIr': 8 W M ft Fdna Mi Hi* I 111 I0 ant Tur (hy n (hi. Tlu this: enJ John W. P-.e. puslrlrnt B. C > ....
119 g 42 it 1 Filrlv F. StvronAlice 3771 I J(1)'cd J( a line nualhith pim' 1:17: I A I B Cud 208I I Lents. director mil Otto Abher.:
the Installation f
I 139: I" 3 Ja..e. L. ThorntnJntlih 118 ( next y'ear's v( secretary cf the :Nassau Count\ ,
141) 4 0. brie Mixon 4 P5I flccn The new officers a'e Mat ;5 FINE SUPPORT
Farm Bureau aisled In the pio FOR THE
142 0'y of 8 Lo MrCilloufhTo 1603
Prcslt'enl Nell! k
I 1 Hardee : Co Vice ,
143 N'1 of 1 9' Ien Mt C"Ilouvh 5308 I gram along will' : Driver TrnlmrLnmar .
1'3 N ', lit Herbert Lee Ch..lmnn I'40 Prcslden'!: Margaret Smith Chap. Hilllaid. t :; "
for !
140 N'', of 8 -, ,. Iwo ft A. S. O:Iver 110 liln! and Judy Vrantkin lllitrr. 1IIII/II1bn'ham! : RECEIVED 10 PLACE ,
W ,., 018 Sarah William 221\05 and Callihnn High/ Schoils, : Gory j
107 7 i.)Ivnn Pros 61 II Ian The officers for Seirdaiy mid Millie nod FernanduiMIlillh repay
I'D N'', of 7: Lot 8 Jo.luh M,>onJoieph 2181 70 I Treasurer will be selected at the I;pirn ME IN THE SECOND .. t
Pl 9 B ft W P. MullliATIV 3575! II / Sihto'i! ; (has. I). McCoy wlih
114 17 thru 20 Benjamin (Fstt 24 !3d I first meeting of the 6165 school Pine Forest l J1j kh) Schoil and Peckllioh .
1M 15"8' Rater Mae, Kin f)' 101 tt'1 term Mrs !Mabel Milton the 18year Beach PRIMARY ELECTION ON (
117 3 ft 4 utneant HNglts l Inc II I IJ1I 42 Trl.HI.Y reslrwd tr School rf Hrnpmllna I '
161 3 ft. 4 8Hre ft "b"r'' A peed .0 I sponsor assistaiipe fir the
170 3 ft 4 John D. "M L C"'lennn, 331; (cave her pUll| to Mrs Gary I pirn Also glvlim MAY 26.
HI: 8', of 7 Divld A Alice Turner 372 She dicidid Hat ..il'olild leterne rti'mi('list ration wire the fellow'In j
112' Sub A ft 4)o02' : Pull C mlndpnls: ft. K: fiitiim:) Hilllaril I
blood" tin
ft. D of 8HI lienrv Fisher fl'32 jouigcr auld
N 100' ot W 100 of 1 W II, Evan 381 U club High School R. B Johnson of the
21* Sub 8 72' of B nf I: Callahan( lllph School. John \\'110011oC
N 2*' of A of 1 Sylvester ft Ruth Morfnn 7788 The Sealer Chcrui of Fernandinn
214 tub W, of D of 3: W'i' ot Beach High School will prrwnt Its Yulee II./rh Si'hntil end Ray Under our fusible .
S 44 of C of 2 Pet McNeilPlllntt In \ Cough of Fernuiullna Beach .. .
214 N 9fl/ of C of 4: 8 42' of annual Spring Concert Friday May everything li
D of 4 : ft Xllriheth McConeif 781 15 at 7:45: In the high ichiol and!. E C. Ullllami of Pine Forest your enact I EARNESTLY SOLICIT YOUR
214 N '0' rf' 8 7H of B of 7 Verona Ertunrdi 54 31 High Si'hue,I. Uilluhan; and W. n
214 N Sir. of D of 7 Selma ft Viola JirknonH 4182 torlum E\'cry one should mike an !
21414"5 of A&N0'ofDof I all.out effort to attend this prewn links of Peck Illall Scholl er LOANS UP TO
7 Pl1Intt: F1Iuh.lh Mell".n 281 18 I nindlna Bench. and I Deputy Slur
21* D of 8 Tommie lee lladb Oliver 2149 tatlon for It Is not only an excellent
214 E'', of Dnf10'E'aof1114' musical but It will be Mil llfs fi'rnMiid by Sheriff H J. : CONTINUED SUPPORT IN BEHALF OF MY

of <- of 10 II. ft R. M Porter 34A E\elyn Arnold'i last night as choral V'oun ,blood. I
219 N 21' of D of 6: !9 79 It II
I In these demonstrations I
o. C N 7 Loral Union No. A05 601 director. The community owes
215 B of 6 Traveler. Rest Lodge No 3 a great den| to this great lady lorI shown tint the drivers react to I
) AT A MDolphui 673 work tor tome In seconds, after seeIng FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONERFROM
21B A" B of S Lee {Whit) B.06 I her many years of with I various\ C.o R 0 A I CANDIDACY
210 C of 3 Edna M M,trhell) 40 high school student In the techniques the need of an pl11l'rRrneyall'I't i 308 Atlantic

210 A" II of 6 J imei ft E. M Holzonil i ( SA rl of music Friday nigh! i pie mid the ilstamc, traveled while Firninillni Inch
210 A of S Paul Llnd y 36 l II
210 E', of D of 10 W II Evani 4111, 1 stntait wll pay homage! to Mrs you are placing your\ foot on the Ttl,ptiint 261.
211 C of I Arthur L ickion 171 P3 Arnold brake pedal and then the dindmfIt XTlTTiVI dffldl IN- DISTRICT 3.
211 A ft D of 9 W II I Evans : 73 I
211 B of 8 ?. W B Evans 01 This will be my list ,High School takes to stop a car while may
212 1 44 of C 0.1: D of 9l A bert Pitternon 47 45
'<2 A of 1 ,. k Conch ft Ruth Benjimlitn 284 Fihoes article Its been a gnat Ing at different speeds Al sane fa;
2'1\ A ft..lIn'O( A Cok 1110. 1- .n -to-
245 C" D rf 9 Hampton B ft N mcv O loin 67 24 l
248 S 164 of a J. B. At Carrie Huuardtin 3972 ;li i It Pays J. F. Johnnie" ClAXTON
230 Part of 4: N'4 of 3:
Irne "f 7 C1t ell & 11111h) Bu'h"n 8'12"
296 S', of 3 Wllhur A H.ndr' S. Wife, 4"T WANT !
>.1 N S71 S'D' 4 C"ell S 'vldJ 1I0"eU)) 3' i Trade At MM" t'olltlt AlvJ,)
.. 711
203 S of 7 ; Jut I. Inc :
201 N', of T :'-,1111, tar 141 .
28. 32 ft. E', of W', nf 211'! W. M McRn 12203 -... ----- --.- --- _. -- -
28 10 thru 14 Nick ft John Tllhkoi 550 : : ( AND NEEDED MAY Z6thJ)

27S 14 thru ?2 ft 9 thru 0
E of RR John ft Ellnholh StIIUellPnmclt 114'"q '
II 7 C. title 2" ne <
290 9 ]l<-rl<"ft J ft Rennrr tty: InIlibby 3 1
298 20 ft. 30 'hAlo (1lnrh 3"6 I "' ''1 W.
:to2 I" 8; N 10' of > ft 7 Limon Lee 42 7+. .... I II

D N 78',' of It ft 12 J. ft Jinlre E. Nclllcn) 13.32 '. .
I 4

II W', of 2 W A.. ft Julie Plncklcy 008


H 8 681 4' of 1 lIotha Z In.n.on K' y7 COMMERCIALPRINTING
M I Theo Anderson III Wife' 584AAKINS Registered Democrat


27 9 ". C. Ifarper 872 JAMES J. ALlAS'JIMMY'


A 12 thru II 'Mnp. Onh'C. ) B. Intrum 5110
A W 79 of 25 thru 30 Jtmes V.1ulh Uordon 1..4.n3 I JAMSOUTSTANDING

nt'CK'8lEAt'1I NO i
.14 Katherine Arrlnqton 71 "5
69 .t M Ct A B Ro'ncls! 1777
all H. J. i Mirv E 1f.lll1l11nn]) 6740
Et.AVR! 1F.Alln\\

P4. lrt: Cu 1 Ilsn: .nm hirlle M H II lit Wife lol'1!
I 4 Urlmay' C .k II M. :00.1: 14N'"
I 7 I II) C. A N L,. 8outhiTirF ,'II 19 0"
I R P'rher. Jr. ft Wife 225JI
2 Normnn ft Sue StoefllrrInieph 44) :IIIJ I
2 ft N M Boo, 2": :;::
2 : f' niuel' & K'0erue, H.mill.tWllllim 2"3) COMMITTEEMAN 1.
2 10 -12 ) R ft Huhv Du' cmilcorge 1917 7
; : ;: ::;:
2 12 W: ft Helen Will :019 I

12IORF8T Willie R ft PCKRV J. Payne, 1111I I I Is A Specialty With Us
Over 12 years hard labor on
73 Jack ft rankle D. lirnilleyNO ) 5007 Democratic Committees' Now serving

.EOIII.I.\8 irrtv\ni/ IIEACIo III a* Democratic Slat CommitteemanREWARD

I H K. Corp. .'1
3 4 O H K Corp .4'4

20 22 & 23 il r:1: M1fk.CT "ikoi :.7.4'1

27 II. H K. Corp. ..1

30 41 :II II:: H H K K: Corp Corp: .7 7 1 of BETTER Florid REPRESENTATION Democrats! for ALL Checl your supply of Letterheads, Envelopes, Business:
.7 T
49 II. H K. Corp
f.EORr.It* FFIIVlNOm llFAdl': NO I

111 Paul K:. Blhb 600))I'I '' Paid t. .lltlri AKerlhcmentF Cards, Office Forms, or any other kind of printing you
'Of I
John Nick Tlllikoi
133 ---- -- --- -
1117 M H Hero'hill 7241IS!I
Katherine II Arrlntton III : tno of N't rf "10SRVVI : Nlok n Mnadulene Tnlkna, 2007
I"R> Arthur M Tnemplm 1 (MI'JI I : n IIDIVIKIOV may require and if the quantity is low just give us a call.
Mrs W. A Tuten 70ueen. 4 21 k 10 5:,' cc Minor (M
8+0 ': Jennie, CourtoitOrvlll. I 14!6 t 24 15l r a Imrf.: : ..lit. Marearrt Il ':nnIBTRTII'IflRY. 12S
). ft Marlorle Wihlm 174 I III
84S A 2411 PI.SEa :

%MBY'I BlliniMSIONS3 .. ft 7 ft N 12 5' il M> ROW Jay M ft A D nirtcls 15.n
t, u Mrs. Harry J. Bennett 14383 sot Til UP.Vdl SlIlDIVIslON/
AMELIA LllllTIIOtSE RrsERVATlOV I I 12 \Y D atnrean 037 if we have printed for you before, a phone call will start

I Charles 4 Lennie Wllkin.on 4107, ''I 7 F,1'''erlne Ii Arr'nfon' IH ,4'.
7 W. M. & Etna McRae 4047[, 8 4 W R S I.ul"h: M Gus 210LNPL.TTFD

M \RMILANDSImm I AREA our presses turning as we keep a complete file at our

N of Ilk) 981 2S1 Outlnti I p'.rf eIng OR .8fI Page.P J..hn. n S Abll.e Kelly 375'
(I'l *. 26 \ S of ft.,nt Creek oil of OW ear.I'I .
Mirnhlunda N of' ink iW: Except Ui 27' rerrrira'a R.nlun W en eat
Lakes Robert Downei 241 19110.,, f"r: 190'. N 54' ; F 1)6': a Ike, Mr/ Jack Kennedy 701 fingertips of all printing produced in our plant.
IIFAfll In 911 329 ne'n' HI NW rar tut' 2'1.I .
Robert Melba Whitaker, 7.7.OAK .I Perrelri a Rrult, on I'I I line for
94 Ion. C 87'. E 100': N. POH A" B Gnllaoay; 701I
Hohert P. 1 I'erreiro 63 I I
4 10 32 .v port of 31 S 3.\ Nuk lit John TIII.lkoa 101 00
OVK LAWN PARK NO Pr' 0' :a3 A :w Nick S J"hn Tillkua n InI Our printers take pride in their work and you arc assured
= L Moore 'I 1 ", III 38 A 41
10 51onfmA: t ; : ;3" palof D. A C'k 3. alNIn'ant ;
: U ri D 'u eh.ny 1IIH: PLACE I
& I'. H Duncan' 1.15
Jar Is .
: 14 Larry J. A Fleam O Flirt 344: :I I I I.+ J F Taunrend 1719 ti of a neat clean and accurate job.
20 2 (12 Jan Jui 'Inc 717, ,
OCEAN Cm NOKTIII 2 2J NolAn D K n. A Will" 13(1I rffj'
1 Gran: W. Blum I If"Id J C"LAYT' .ANUER5 ", :

r. I N', of 3 ria urn R Shurley* fc;Jean Vrmanee US::: .t. CITY or n H 'tl 'iTOF.ACH. nORDA

--- -- ----- --
OCEAN CITY gtTil( ',
.. V. M Leo 6241 PHONE
15 S Thod II Jr 1'1<<] PFRSOVAl TAU: delinquent personal property tat-
21 S UJ\ld p. iii Janrose Tln.ley 87a NOTII E OP tvpun DFLIVQI and the imount rf laxelludlnir 10.
FSTtTEl Ihe coot nf advertising! IrfJ 261-3686
OIA"'IEW L. J. ft B H Muileh Jr 2< 09 TAM.lnlE PROPERTY are .. SI'nur'
S Ai appro\o d b\ Chapter\ :2072.1 lit al\IRA
OLD TOWNS of iwi' N."III, U hereby ven Am..nt or
3. 4. 8 8 D A. Cook 421 t.inBibr, |I"'no.1 property t j>*. aied ." Ren'h I.aundrles VIII
1 10 13 ft. 14 D A. ft. Annie, Cook 19 74 I r I'*1 are 1M rMmguent 1024 261-3687 FERNANDINA BEACH NEWSLEADERr
t 1,155 William It Velma II.ilr 407Hbbert tocnnni; "Ih .\p,11/ <1. wih. .u t.k; rt.h House 110 :i
II. ft. U C. Mil;ulrt 31VI i prn"I .', 11/1/
27 3&4Ol'TLOTI ore drauiim' intot ,.t "''I V rent rn'' C..ff 'ca ..
I i onth) i Iiu the pripurtjwi. ....% .,,,..' u 4 K M.Rhine Chip al 41 i
39 M puhlitnintf, this n,itic*. t;nl.ss ... II.n..n. 110 I
A Crumpler
W ton of F 21S' of N IM of 141 Richard an urtt wi app.mb each name .",r.e W HI,'ho..'q I In 1 1I
AZALEA TtKHACK NO I Irv.: : ire paid' before: tae Ul da I il lmrls !Hupplv Co II
7 Ian Jul ins 34144 June 1.t6t.I varranU .,1he/ I. ,'., R, .era TV 21 93
I Jan Jul Inc 1404 trere u diroilirn lvv upon and Mdd D". Shop 481
OlTLOTi en of the ,.n.,"" peru5ud "" "", PF.RIIt.IlfAL I
.. Kalhrrlne a. A"mll"n (507Uaud.
fI' the '. .' ver lor unpaid t. >ei
Par, Okl4 nf 221 a' !Bark Mo of ,lot I ]'. Blkf 1 ill Jd 1 I:, 1 011 altos and aJda0ell tUllIa. TII. nam.s ; 1. & Shirley flu"ar II/''

1V 1VI I

Ten News-Leader! Fernandinn Beach, Florida Thursday! May 14, 1961 I STAGS-REDBIRDS \, Little League'Standings
Stags Win Two J. P Allen tossed the Stags to a '
Bit Senior League win over the!
!Kiwanis{ and Lions Redbirds as he struck out 14 In
Games With Sapp Allen wnlked TEAM WON 1./"r
I posting the vlcloiy Jelsl: 6/ I

Set For Softball only four SenatorsHornets II I
Dear Friends : Allen On MoundThe A big fourth Inning by the Slant { 3 ;
I when they scored S runs Iced (the Cubs 3 4
Game FridayThe Stag belled out 10 base hits game over the Redbirds, I Braves 1Redlega
to hand (he young Pirates a 8.01 I David Walters Mike Conner, t'u
Senior League loss last Friday afternoon Robert Thurntin and Rcbeit" Johnson .
KiwanU Club and the Lions
Senior League
I wish Club will meet Friday night In a u Mike Sapp did the pitching led the Stag attack with two I
mill ball game at City Ball Park at for the winners and did not allow hits apiece. One of Thornton hits Standings
the Pirates but one hit, a single was a double Hank Bailey came
i to thank 7pm by W, Beckham In the fourth Inn. through' with a slnKlc for the Stags, 1 Slags II 'I I
The lint time the two civic clubs In*, i : HeitbliulFaleons 5
mi I ai miflbill the game ended in Hank Bailey and Sieve Carver also.Terry Rowe with a double and I I t. 2 I
; all lie anil birth clubs claim that
you a were the top hitters for the Slags single'! tad Beryl Rice with twc Pirates 0 'I,
<< they "ill bate l no doubt an to their with 2 hits apiece while J, p, Allen singles led the Redbird hiders :i. Denotes Tie, ,
ti|>rcmicy/ In thin game Robert Thornton, Steve Solomon while Ricky Oliver hid one hit
I :
; for thesplendid .. Huh tram manager, Herb Robert Johnson and Cuss got LINE SCOREIStags I Payroll expenses account tjr lit,
\ Whle fir" the Kiwanis and Dick hits for the winners, 030 510 0-89 I
Hi..nne:I l for the Lions, claim their ti+w LINE I Redbirds 100 (CO 0 4 5 largest expenditure In the doers.
vote lion of hospitals accounting if
lineup Is studded with stars andthey
; I Pirates 000 000 0-0 1 Allen and Conner; Harris, Rowe nearly 67 per cent of the total bud,
cinch to win
lire a
9 Stags 002 121 2-8 10 i and Barry Rice.Trade I get. Since 1952 the average) "IIBU
Just: in ase the stars are not In 1 .
: you gave me both Scagraves, Williams and Adams; roll cxponne! for each employe! ,IQ'a
their' muni( void shape managers
; hive said they will have a I Sapp, and R, Johnson, At Home hospital 1 has risen 58. per tent,

: onMay piuxllv, supply. of oxygen and llnl- /'I'.f/: ,*o"nmcr UII" "UII! ."'"".", ." In a mvio/rom "7/m "'" .11."
mint cn hiiiiilAdmlssldii rainhintng/ rontnnreand
Itli .Gol"o"n' /
/ J Is free and the publicIs M''P'08P eel n""//08' a ,.,,.. ,../,../. of .Si.1'"/f.rinbfl l'eiaearrar.I'
1 5. Invited Refreshments will be ilmril In I'unai. f.iim. and Mi.Inn,tilttr, Ihr story rrrattt' '
..&:: available lit the field i cold drink ii/i.,/ ,id a twin.* .iinrriiuii' ; nnnliil, tilia" conir, Siorffhofm' InK.'lnl FOR JIMMYMAY
. stands, if $;otniii i>rls.. anil I ."./fInlit/ miinfi-roiM danger and PULL
fill unlii'iiiliilfd/ 'lute affair ft tun diecJeel"l Mark Kotnon
-- -
Sho! inir; at the Han Theatre, Sunday and :Monday, :May

: I am very grateful. t>OY6U.KNOW ? I 17 and 1t3. 26 i. .
-- -- -- -- -- -- :

THE teJCJ.JaTRY, !FLORIDA((3 TOURIST WORTH Women'sSoftball I Falcons Win Over SO JIMMY CAN :
I .000 AND 14
LflROERTHftN LeagueBY Pirates 11-1 With -
; -
:: ..
THE t fj

1 1 1a Paid, res eat Advcrtlt.cn \I\CIT( RUS I I'r.p..a'lJ 1\'1i I Moore Softball tlRT: team GORDON racked up Godwin Pitching PULL FOR YOU "l

; two Softball victories on Widiies- tee Godwin tossed a three-hitler
. -- ,- -- -- -- day night as they defeated liar- for the Ford Falcons last Thuis. AS COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 3 i
. dec's In the opening game, 10.9, day alternmin as the Falcons de. .
,1 I and won over Public Utilities In the fealcd the Pirates, 11-1 -- --_. ,
. nightcap, 5.1. Granville 1:
Burgess was the leading 1f. "
To The Voters Of Moore's pounded out 14 hid to hitter for the bull game ai he 1- .. H .

1 _. I win game over with Rhonda Hardee's Guest In and(the Mary first smashed In fine out a single, double and / "tzt Jtf (lj) (}( ttH 5i"rI&te.. :
tripe trips to the plate for ;i;

L Nassau County 'I Reynolds Guest also blasting had two singles home, Janice runs leclcd the winners two Ingles, David with Johnson Mike Me.col. \, .=- 1'1f't'/'t1' 2'c tf.,N!ill(Ier -.r:

Fowler collected 3 hits, Reynoldshad Donald, Jim Burns, Mark Haddockand '
2, Marsha Hamilton 2, Jean. Lee Godwin getting hits for roar r/7 ft.'!'r !c 'gj ?o,{' euj
.._ I Sincerely Thank My Friends I nctte Gass, Sue Silva, Elaine Row the Falcons, I I .

: ... For The Vote and Support Given each land, and Iris Mullls had one hit Fred Adams, Van Scnpravcs and ) t /H"'i", 'IS ?: 1g4/N TAE ?cq
1' Me In My Unsuccessful Campaign Elclse Minton clobbered a home William Borkhnm got the three a
hits for the Pirates, $
: :. t For Member Board of I run singles for, while Hunters Mary along Futch with two hit LINE: SCORE! I I (

: Trustees Humphreys Memorial 'three singles, Ann Hcrrlngtcm and Falcons 102 000 2 11 10 1 9 ; rHf1 1
Emily Flegc collected two hits Pirates 0110 010 0 1 3
:: Hospital, District II. with June Rowland, Carrie AI. Godwin find Haddock; Lehman
varcz and Lois Ward hitting safely and
: Although I Lost The Election, I once, Adams ,

: Feel I Have Won A Host of New Hirdeei LINE-: 000 SCORE 060 3: fl U -- I.

Friends. Moons lOi 040 x 10 14
: Alvarez, Smith and Henderson, I SWAPPED FOR I
j\ |1 Guest and Reynold Elect JAMES S. (Jimmy) STEVENS!
: Thanks Again, In the nliih'inp! Moire's won over IT THROUGH THE
Public Utilities, 5.1, as M